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File: 1675645549248.gif (3.5 MB, 640x506, thurston-waffles-meow.gif)

No. 1491934

Don't hold back.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1484767

No. 1491936

Much better kek.

No. 1491938

I feel kind of bad for the way nonnies were jumping on the anon who made the first thread. It was a bad threadpic though, looked almost like the soyjak spam

No. 1491939

i was the op, i saw someone else posted a stick figure violence shitpost and thought it'd fly.
i didn't know scrotes would spam soyjacks since i used to only use /w/

No. 1491940

I dont think ill ever be able to fall in love with a man. Any man ive dated i dont think I really ever loved. I was forcing myself along. They only make me feel negative feelings.

No. 1491943

It was a stick figure drowning another stick figure in a toilet with blood smeared all over the place. It downright looked like a man murdering a woman.

No. 1491946

ive only dated one man, who was my friend, when i was 15 and didn't know how to say "no"
he was into feet and came on what was essentially my bed after offering a foot massage, which i didn't know what a foot fetish was at the time. he had a good personality but we broke up because i think he figured out i wasn't sexually attracted to him and only liked him as a friend.
i still don't know what romantic feelings feel like and i'm turning 20 later this year

No. 1491947

Soyjaks are spammed occasionally, they come every so often from a certain site. The stick figure violence images are fine and sometimes funny when they're used appropriately but using a drawing of someone holding someone else's head in a toilet as a threadpic for a vent thread isn't the best choice

No. 1491948

No it did not kek some of you are so dramatic

No. 1491949

File: 1675646040785.gif (768.51 KB, 585x430, tumblr_5d379c382cbf67d810cb99c…)

Don't be. Some threadpics shouldn't exist, would you have liked seeing Sonic every time someone posted about their dreams.
Browse other boards

No. 1491950

This is an imageboard, what do you expect?

No. 1491953

File: 1675646194032.jpeg (22.62 KB, 633x514, FMbCV2rXwCwZHxF.jpeg)

No. 1491954

>Next time you can google crying cat or something like that, that picture looked disturbing.
Some of you are just neurotic as fuck. You want a trigger warning next time too?

No. 1491956

I know but I just can't believe some anons

No. 1491958

yeah that was definitely my bad. sorry nonnies

No. 1491960

For later comers who wonder what the conversation is about:
Someone made a new vent thread with this >>1491953 as the OP and people didn't like it for reasons that are hopefully obvious.

No. 1491961

File: 1675646719294.png (Spoiler Image,110.33 KB, 533x800, bridgittebased.png)

>Stop letting people walk over me
>Stop letting them insult me
>Stop taking comments from family members and people
>Start dressing the way I wanted to for years, listen to music without hiding the thumbnails/genre
>Speak up over men, take back conversations when interrupted,
>Start standing up for myself, "talking back", trying new things when everyone discourages me
>Now I'm "rude" "difficult" "arrogant" "selfish" "mean" "bitch" "dumb goth bitch"
Ok and? It really is true, you finally focus on yourself after years of doormatting and you become public enemy #1. Wait til I slip and reveal I'm misandrist and really become the devil kek

No. 1491969

Looks almost like someone is experimenting as to what kind of gore they can get away with.

No. 1491973

I got sick then got better now the night before I go back into work i'm feeling sicker again

No. 1491977

Based. One day i will fucking snap and go back to my old, unapologetic self too. People love walking over you but don't like it when you give them the same exact energy

No. 1492001

File: 1675651180649.png (233.48 KB, 833x677, esc.png)

There's this Youtuber I have been trolling for about seven years, and it's so entertaining.
Funny thing is I troll her and then I feel bad about myself when I get on her nerves and she makes a video citing word for word one of my commentaries.
I feel ashamed but I can't stop doing it at all, it's the adrenaline rush of imagining her sitting around her house thinking of what I said.I sometimes switch acounts every few years to catch her off guard.
And the funny thing is I actually like her content and I only get to her so easily because we are so much alike.

No. 1492003

about what?

No. 1492007

I remember her of shameful stuff she used to do. We all have our dirty past and she just hates people bringing it up.
She is a bad person, she once bought a guinea pig and cut its limbs and posted pictures playing with them.
I don't bring that up, though. I just bring up how annoying and cringy she used to be. That's what boils her blood.

No. 1492008

>she once bought a guinea pig and cut its limbs and posted pictures playing with them.
She deserves being trolled and more.

No. 1492011

I'm sick and I'm unable to fall asleep. My head is killing me, I cannot breathe through my nose at all and I'm freezing

No. 1492012

File: 1675652374207.jpg (95.26 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kumichou Musume t…)

is being annoyed with my mom for not seeming to care about me struggling with school work fair? trying to finish a project that will determine whether or not i get my degree (long story but it's a group project and i'm only one person) but she insists on calling me to ramble on about her day and her shitty coworkers. i haven't heard a single "good luck nona! i believe in you!" and i actually think i overheard her telling my dad i will have to retake the course. i really don't think i'll have to…i present this shit on tuesday, i hope it passes, i've been working so fucking hard.

anyway idk, it just makes me depressed and irritated. she'll ask about it then go "oooh….haha anyway"

No. 1492015

I used to have an abusive ex boyfriend, we dated almost two years and it was two years ago. He psychologically would abuse me to the point where I was on the floor, not authorized to look at him begging for forgiveness for whatever mundane shit I did that set him off, he physically hurt me and threatened me. I truly believed he would kill me. This was two years ago, I've become fully a NEET again. Completely isolated and in depression, and he's the only person I can manage to talk to. I know it's a trauma bond and I just don't know how/if I will ever get over this and get better. Scrotes are evil

No. 1492019

I think sometimes communication is such an easy way to solve alot of issues, if you want her to notice and commend your for efforts maybe tell her "hey, I'm working so hard, are you proud of me ?" It might make her more acutely aware in the future of this specific issue ? I understand this would be frustrating though, hope it gets better nonnie

No. 1492027

which posts was this directed to

No. 1492032

i took a day off and went to a home made item's marketplace which ended up being a ton of generic shit including "handmade shirts" with slogans mass printed for parents and kids. there were a few free events mostly aimed at kids but one was just make a free bouquet. it felt like the lady running it ignored me and my sister because neither of us were with a moid and kid. i dont even understand why the event seemed so geared towards parents when their previous event was specifically for families which is why i didnt go. i hate being an adult woman that gets treated like shit because i have no plans of having kids and do not currently have one. also if my dislike for children slips up then there's always some "but you'll want them" or "im sure in the future anon you'll adore them!" it's so damn awkward when im a lesbian that everyone assumes is straight and since this is a conservative state im too scared to tell normie married women who go to church that i love women not men. that i dont think i will ever be what they are since theyre so cookie cutter.

No. 1492034

File: 1675654228303.gif (29.41 KB, 220x131, images-1.gif)

I fucking hate living in an apartment

No. 1492046

Holy fuck if faux OP had to get rid of their stick gore can we get a spoiler for this too? 2spooky4me.

I feel weird for not having shame. I’m also ethnically Chinese and only speak English, my mother said she automatically used English around me “because it was easier”. When she sees me she’ll switch to English and struggle to switch back even if I ask her. I have no desire to learn it, I will never visit that country, nobody around me speaks it, so even if I tried to teach myself I have no one to practice with. Admittedly part of why I won’t is because I was teased for it in a majority white school but I honestly don’t care to learn and it only comes up in my life now because there’s so many foreign students I run into that remind me “oh, I look like I should know this”. But that’s not any more true than thinking I should know how to breakdance or skateboard. If other people think this is tragic or a waste then they can learn it themselves because it’s as relevant to me as learning Punjabi. Also I hate it when my mother then tells me I should learn Chinese as the next lingua franca because it’s going to be a global superpower, people have been saying that since 2008 and it’s still not true, I’m just some city slicker who works in a cafe, not a international businesswoman. It’s not going to open doors for me that I’d walk through.

No. 1492095

A lot of us have normal, happy healthy relationships, there's just no reason to talk about them in the vent threads, kek

No. 1492104

File: 1675662556793.jpg (103.63 KB, 749x894, 329343385_1244598389469255_448…)

just text me back already! fuck it, even to tell me to piss off. i am so fucking obsessed. i don't even know you. and yet i miss you. i want to do dirty things with you. don't you want to? fucking hell, how can i get over it if you won't even say where you're at. are you really in rehab or did i think that because of the exhibition right there? do you still want to talk? will you still want to see me when you're out? my god it feels like a cosmic joke, i have been flirting with other men yet i can't forget about you. i tell myself i will wait for you and finally kiss you no matter what. so i can get it out of my mind. that getaway was just so adorable. you are so fucking adorable. FUCK!

No. 1492105

i had an obsessive lain phase ~10 years ago, for relatively normal emo teenager reasons, and now online freaks are ruining it for me

No. 1492109

File: 1675663270012.jpeg (155.42 KB, 960x960, apartment.jpeg)

Fuckin same, the walls are so thin. I can hear my next door neighbor rolling their their closet doors open and closed on the other side of mine. I can hear my downstairs neighbors talking at normal volume (not sure if I could make out the words, they speak another language) and I hear their baby crying constantly. My neighbors can probably hear me singing and doing weird voices and shit.

No. 1492112

i know who the celebrity is who submitted fanfics about himself to deuxmoi. his publicist must have paid highly for this

your unwashed hepatitass isn't wanted anymore, even in hollyweird. go eat paint chips and fuck waitresses on your motorcycle you acidic retard

No. 1492121

which one, the never-married one who's 'been on the scene since the 80s'? spill

No. 1492130

Nigel and I were supposed to play my fave game from college together, but today I found out that he's been playing by himself and is already about halfway through the game. Took the wind right out of my sails and now I don't want to play anymore. If I were a pettier nona I'd push ahead on the other co-op we're doing and leave his butt in the dust, but I'd feel too guilty about it later.

No. 1492139

File: 1675672539108.jpg (27.93 KB, 736x736, 6ed130ed0a75d24f6448067232c9e3…)

Fighting the urge to text this moid who dumped me some weeks ago. I know I should just accept it, keep my head up high and move on but damn spending time with him was the only thing that made me feel alive in years. He made me feel so comfortable and safe and I don't want to go through this whole courting phase with another moid again. I know that being with a moid poses to many threats to women but I feel like I'm my best self when I'm in a relationship. I'm more productive, more outgoing, more optimistic and more confident about myself when I'm in one and now I just feel like an empty shell and I don't feel joy about anything. I know I don't need a moid to feel happy and that I should love myself and yada yada but I always loved being someones other half, as cringy as it sounds. I might just fucking do it. Worst thing he can do is think I'm annoying and block me. I don't care about my dignity at this point. I hate playing those shitty games. I've been crying almost every night for weeks.

No. 1492145

Alcoholism is a pure demon. I just took a shower with a random 19 yr old I met at the corner store. I gotta stop drinking. I am ruining my life I want to die.

No. 1492151

Not him but that guys probably John Cusack

No. 1492160

>Me: usually answers right before lunch if I get a message from the guy I'm seeing late the night before or in the morning because bitch I got other things to do
>Me internally when the guy once every blue moon does the same: UHM EXCUSE ME HOW DARE YOU BE BUSY

No. 1492161

How down deep are you into the addiction? That's a crazy story without all the details. Do you need any help?

No. 1492165

So I started having seizures again and it's fucking awful. I'm just exhausted and have no one who can help. Memory is getting worse, tired most of the time, missing work, etc. My doctors said they are emotion/stress based, compounded by obsessive compulsive disorder, and only anti-psychotics or benzos are the answer. But those still make me a fucking zombie and nothing gets done. I'm tired of living at this point because it feels like I can't live like everyone else. It's making me bitter and angry, which isn't right when I used to have so much optimism and kindness towards others and life in general, but now it seems pointless.

No. 1492168

Obviously I'm not a doctor nonna but the keto diet has been shown to help reduce and eliminates seizures in people, it's not a guarantee of anything but it can't hurt to try

No. 1492174

File: 1675681705804.jpeg (978.32 KB, 828x1367, 7A37D41E-06B5-4AF0-93D1-61EE6A…)

I hate school but I have to go back to college to get scholarships money to live off of. It pays way more than working a shit job but I’m too retarded to handle school. I got MS too and I just wanna rot in peace damnit.

No. 1492175

>get shit grade at part 1 of my final exams
>was to be expected, thought i'd be happy as long as i pass
>now just want to die
i feel so hopeless, i worked through so many nights and yet this is the best that i can get?
now the pressure is going to be even higher for my next exams and i really feel like i can't take it anymore

No. 1492177

Honestly, thank you for the recommendation. It's easy to forget about how diet influences health. Now thinking back, when I was keto, this rarely happened if at all. I've been eating a lot of bullshit recently to keep up calories after some trauma but this option is always available. Thank you again! Outsider's perspective is really a gift.

No. 1492184

Where do you live? I know it sucks but maybe try going through insurance or filing a disability claim if it's available. Sometimes it takes forever but it can be worth it. That way you can double up and have even more available to you. Wishing the best for you nonna, and good luck with college as well!

No. 1492190

ayrt, you're welcome nonna! I wish you a lot of good health and happiness. I hope you're feeling better soon.

No. 1492192

Don’t. If he dumped you, he doesn’t want you. Don’t stoop so low as to begging.

No. 1492196

I think my neighbor is taking pics of me when I let my dogs out. I've posted about them looking at me before like I'll let my dogs out at 4am and see someone peek behind their blinds at me or run from one side of the room to the other. For some reason this household is allergic to closing their vertical blinds and when I open my door to let my dogs out their sliding glass door is directly in my line of sight so it's not like I'm staring at their house on purpose. So I don't know if they thought that I was the one staring first but that's not how it is. I swear to God I just let my dog out in pitch black it's like 7am and I saw a blue glow in the left side of the door I usually see at this time which I assume is from their computer screen or something. Then I see a rectangular white light turn on like someone is standing at the door with their phone and then it goes away quickly. Then a few minutes later when I'm letting my other dog out I see a quick white flash like a camera going off right in the center of the door and it goes away. Um, ok. I get so anxious letting my dogs out because I swear there is always someone in that sliding glass door across the way sometimes I make my bf do it just because I don't want to feel like I'm being stared at. I feel like this might be half paranoia but you can't deny that this sounds sus

No. 1492197

File: 1675685016804.png (33.72 KB, 584x233, thenperish.png)

Whenever I get pissed off at men I think about the fact that the Y chromosome is slowly vanishing and that someday, it will no longer exist.

No. 1492201

Most moidse's brain works like a computer. I can't explain otherwise why only moids would be so protective of AI art. It's because they are incapable of undesranding that art is much deeper and something a computer just can't copy.
I don't see women protecting this technology at all because we are creators closest to god's creative energy and we just get it. It's just infuriating to explain it to a moid who says that he wants to understand but all i get in return to my longass explaining is just "but brain is the best computer and the computer uses it's AI supercool software like our brain uses consciousness" which is total bullshit because consciousness isn't a softfare on brain harware. That's the most retarded myth people think life is about on the same part as "fish don't feel pain". But then i get "uh but you're like denying psychology and many religions if you say it like that" Like motherfucker i just wanted to say that AI art isn't art it's that simple, just a technology that uses already existing art like a cow and not to tell you my fucking opinion on religion a psychology that i studied for 3 years bloody fuck! It wasn't a geniene question in the beginning on what i think brain works like in contrary to AI art, it was a ploy to mansplain.

No. 1492202

>>1492201 samfag sorry but i'm starting to get to the conclusion that more than a half of existing men don't have consciousness, or at least the amount of consciousness that women are capable of having. Is it maybe because the y chromosome, as retarded as it is is still shrinking? i heard that. Something important is missing from these human beings

No. 1492210

that does sound suspicious but if someone were trying to take a picture with flash behind a sliding glass door wouldn't the photo just capture the flash reflecting off the door and thus be pointless? maybe they have some type of kitchen gadgets with lights. see if your bf will go look or something? so you can be at peace

No. 1492211


No. 1492212

Based. But they were probably fat and halfway bald at 18 too

No. 1492217

Fat man spotted at local bus stop incident leaves menstruating girl having a 'I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter' moment

No. 1492218

Moids can’t think outside cartoon fanatasies, it’s all sex bots, heckin’ video games and unlimited profit generated by AI work slaves for everyone!

No. 1492219

what in the cryptic crossword clue are you on about anon

No. 1492220

Fat guys smell like french fries even fresh out of the shower they basically secrete grease

No. 1492223

i hate my scrote bf he's a fucking moid with no redeeming qualities, and no i won't break up with him cause i'm a doormat and i cba to deal with moving out etc, but it doesn't stop me from constantly getting annoyed with his whiny man child ass. the good thing is he's at work all the time so i don't have to deal with him too often

No. 1492224

Fat men’s dicks don’t work either

No. 1492225

I always thought the AI vs Humans debate was always immensely gender divided, with women overwhelming representing the factions that coincidentally get fucked the most. "I will substitute your art" and more recently "I will substitute your body and sex". Men are some obsessive bastards

No. 1492226

I respect you more than all the bf complainers who make endless excuses. You're unironically further along the way than them.

No. 1492230

thanks anon lol i was ready to get flamed. i never feel the need to cape for my bf. why should i? he's not 'one of the good ones' - no such thing exists - and it'd be disingenuous as fuck if he started pretending to care about feminist issues

i would one day like to have enough of a backbone to just tell him to fuck off for good, pack all my shit up and leave, but at the same time i'm lazy and in a lot of ways its easier to stay with a mediocre moid who basically pays for my existence

No. 1492236

This level of honesty is actually impressive

No. 1492238

ntayrt but I hope some day life gives you an easy out

No. 1492239

I haven't seen too many excuses being made for shitty bfs lately, if you could continue to take meds and tone down your flaming, that would be great!

No. 1492254

All I see on the Internet is a lie and not applicable to me. Whenever I want to rope myself after seeing tiktoks of American girls with good careers or marriages with rich guys I must remember that with my family history, I'll be successful if I survive till 40 without becoming a drunkard or getting disabled. I may even become the most successful person in my family history if all my possible kids survive to 25. The Internet is a slow poison for people like me and I need to repeat it every day.

No. 1492262

I'm having a day where I can't focus on my studies at all, nothing registers and I just feel extremely tired over all after a random anxiety attack last night. I don't NEED to, because I'm one of the people in class that are further ahead, just finished two bigger assignments and we have a test tomorrow that none of us know how it's going to look, I'm studying programming and when we asked the teacher he just went "idk I figured you guys could send me what you think should be on the test uwu". So there isn't a big deal if I take today to have some down time for once (I already made notes on what could possibly be good to know for the test), but I WANT to study and I WANT to look over the notes, I WANT to learn more and I want to do it NOW!

No. 1492269

Found out my boyfriend is going into the bathroom late at night to “poop” but he’s actually watching porn. Men are so disgusting and vile. This bothers me so much but I know if I bring it up he will blame me for not having enough sex with him. But sex hasn’t felt comfortable lately. It hurts when he goes deep. I’m not sure if it’s because I have trapped gas in my gut or if I need to see a doctor. I tell him this and I feel like he thinks I’m making excuses to avoid sex.

No. 1492273

Porn addicted scrote Nona, he will never stop only get worse, and if he's being this way about sex with you that's another massive red flag. Ditch him and run for the hills, please

No. 1492275

All of this. I don't even know why they look at women. It's not like they have libido or something to offer to anyone.
And they smell, it's disgusting. No amount of personal hygiene and cologne can fix that.

No. 1492278

File: 1675695580157.png (636.76 KB, 582x820, 1675690262624440.png)

There was no celebricows thread during the grammys.

No. 1492282

Did it get banned?

No. 1492288

I thought I was going nuts cus I couldn't find it and I refuse to believe people would be quiet about Ham Smith getting a grammy for his fetish song
Also thought your pic was Pete Burns

No. 1492290

In the future, all celebrities will look like Pete Burns.

No. 1492295

Why are guys who are closeted gay or bisexual alawys the ones who treat their gfs and wives like absolute trash? I'm cronically online and I read/watch these types of videos all the time, and the guy always turns out to be a closeted faggot. @ 1:14:40 he gave her chlamydia and HPV while pregnant, abused her physically and mentally, introduced her to porn at the age of 16, pushed her to swing, abandonned her during pregancy. Coomer moids, misogynistic moids, unsupportive moids = GAY. I said what I said.

No. 1492302

It's fucking February, I was supposed to have this money in October. Every week they ignore me and rejected all ways to send money to me, and now they finally said they can send it, but they had to file paperwork and it's waiting for approval. I don't even know how fucking ling that will take, I can't leave here, and I am now in debt to people of money I owe them; and the longer I am stuck the more I owe, and less I will get to make my life better. I have food now so it's not as bad but it just pisses me off that people are so careless with my wellbeing, they don't care at all that they wasted four months of my life and gave me all this stress and never offer any answers. It's like being stuck in limbo, having no control over your own life, feeling like you don't deserve to live.

No. 1492304

File: 1675698011724.jpeg (54.86 KB, 1024x512, r2QG85GQBT7STaQe4QPh7E.jpeg)

No. 1492307

Worst part is no one will dare call them out because 'homophobia' which isnt valid when these women were lied to and hurt by men. It's worse when it's gay men because they dont even have the balls to be openly gay and mess with women. I hate faggots.

No. 1492315

My Nigel told me there's so many gay men out there who will get married and have a whole family with a woman and also fuck dudes on the side because deep down he's homosexual and loves having sex with men. Apparently Joey Fatone from NSYNC is one of those types lmfao. It grosses me out. Not the gay sex, but the fact a man would go out of his way and end up deceiving a woman because he still wants biological children. It's almost like an alternate way of surrogacy, a lot of people don't want to see it as such.

No. 1492319

I drink pretty much everyday. It happened because I was at the liquor store and saw this guy with a cute dog and we started chatting. He then asked to hangout sometime and my drunk ass said “well we can go to my house now!” So then we go to my house and I tell him I need to take a shower and then he asked me could he get in with me. While I’m in the shower I started washing his legs, I’m surprised he didn’t leave after that. Drinking always puts me in such dangerous situations I’m going to end up dead.

No. 1492325

Dumb question and NTA but how do gay men pull this off? If they're truly gay and only like dick how do they keep it up in order to have kids? Close their eyes and imagine it's a butthole? Shit makes me paranoid. Imagine being in a 20+ year marriage with kids when your husband admits that he's never been attracted to you and has been dying to gobble dick the entire time.

No. 1492333

Sometimes moids will do this during the full duration of the relationship. If you've ever seen Brokeback Mountain, he'd be the type of husband to force his wife to do anal and only have sex with her facing away.
Tons of families, especially when married, stay together because they believe divorce costs are too much and because they don't want to upset their children for separating. Even if their relationship is miserable and the children know (not the gay part but the miserable part), they'll stay together because they're too stubborn and living as a single parent is more difficult, especially for the mother which does suck.
It's all out of convenience for the man.

No. 1492334

Diff anon but I was watching an old george michael interview lately. He joked about how he had bedded enough women during the early part of his career and in his words 'had no trouble getting it up for women'

No. 1492335

I can't go 5 seconds without some bisexual moid shitting on "straight" men and referencing feminist lit on my fyp on tiktok. My guy, you're the same except you're out of the closet and honest.

No. 1492336

most gays i know aren't specifcically into men, just holes and male holes are more fun to them… but the take a woman hole anyway for the benefit of spreading genes.

No. 1492339

Today I woke up and I just wish I was dead. Not dead dead, but I just didn't have to do anything today. Working sucks. Work work work that's all I do. I just want to sleep all day.

Depression. Fuck. I hate this.

No. 1492344

its my birthday today and my bf just made a video where hes singing happy birthday for me and sent me a short message congratulating me. im sad about it but i dont know if im allowed to be said because i know it could be worse but i still expected a bit more effort from him

No. 1492346

0/10 bait

No. 1492348

its not bait? i dont get it

No. 1492350

The woman in the video that was attached 1492295 said she got raped anally on their wedding night. The whole anal fixation is definitely a red flag.

No. 1492351

reminds me of this older fag who was sitting at my bar one day waxing on to me and another customer (scrote) about how hard it was to find a condo in the area after confessing to his wife of over 25 years who he has several children with that he's been a fag the whole time and then divorcing her. he played it up as some liberating yet bittersweet tale of self discovery and breaking the chains of fag oppression, but the more he went on about his journey of uwu self discovery i was just becoming more and more disgusted on behalf of his poor wife who spent her whole youth with a homo who never truly loved her, used her to spread his useless DNA and then when there was no need to keep up pretenses and the kids were grown suddenly dropped it on her that hes always been gay and dipped with his new bf. i guarantee hes been fucking men behind her back the whole time. she could have been with someone who was actually attracted to her but instead wasted her prime years on a lie, and none of this even seemed to cross the fag's semen rotted mind during all this infodumping. but i couldnt say anything because i was working.

No. 1492352

A good portion of men on Grindr are married and taking advantage of their wifes upcoming trip to try and get an arrangement in. Even willing to accom in their marital home. A gay coworker used to show it to me. Thing is it can show you users locations right down to the exact metre so faceless profile or not.. they're pretty shameless. You could spot them.

No. 1492354

samefag as >>1492351 lol i was typing up this exact story when you posted this

No. 1492356

Pedos can also get it up for adult women. Moids can get it up for anything.

The emotional damage your husband coming out as gay (or trans) has on a women…she will likely forever doubt herself, thinking she's manly, always having to be scared that any man showing interest in her could also turn out that way…Fags being deviants simply isn't just a bad stereotype.

No. 1492357

Nonkas I'm so sick of everything. I just want to go back in time, in my carefree 2005-06 and make jokes about farts and asses with my cousin, listen to nu metal and pop punk and not be interested in anything else basically, be in love with an older boy just because he's nice and has beautiful big blue eyes and listens to the same bands… I don't want to think about politics, be worried about the future, read all the horrible news and have nightmares and be constantly depressed and isolate myself from everyone honestly I have no mental resources anymore. I feel like this will never end and there'll be new shit again again and again

No. 1492359

Moids are fucking psychopaths. I'm a straight woman and the thought of fucking another woman and having a romantic relationship with her is not in this world. This is what I mean by abusive. He couldn't have been emotionally available with her, right? It's one thing to turn your wife over and sodomize her imagining another man, but he couldn't have cared for her at all. This is why I think moids who don't treat their gfs or wives like queens and show constant affection are in the closet. While dating I always can smell these moids from miles away. Gestures like buying flowers, opening the door, texting goodnight, a fag wouldn't think about doing those things. He would be on Grindr chatting with a scrote.

No. 1492360

No. 1492361

Worst relationship I ever had (obviously started out good but went to shit) was with a guy who was supportive as I found out I had one of the cancer causing strains of hpv. Hpv is hard to trace back to the source given men aren't routinely tested for it and pap smears only start at 25 in my country. I didn't know the source and nurses even said it was better not to drive myself mad by speculating. I went through all these follow up exams for dodgy cervical cells. Soon as my cancer scare had passed he had a personality change. Started acting like he resented me for just existing in our home. I could feel the comtempt suddenly oozing off of him. I wondered if he knew he was probably the source of it and if that was why he was nice and then suddenly cold as soon as the scare had passed.. Oh wait no, he'd been having an affair and was just in a hurry to drop me. Left me for another woman. Trashy but I moved on. Just a cheating asshole but a straight one..

Did a lil online stalking a while later (as you do) and he'd set up a profile on a swinging site where he and the new gf exclusively wanted to fuck men and trannies. Wasn't even looking for the usual ffm fantasy. Just men and TIMs. Like just date a guy. Why do you need a cover gf? Just openly date a guy or a tranny. Its not even that stigmatized anymore. Be gay and stop spreading misery to women.

No. 1492362

From that era I also missed xanga .
I feel you nonna, I am nostalgic for moshpits and moody boys. It was a beautiful moment though, and its special for everyone who experienced it.

No. 1492368

Sometimes ignorance is bliss nonnie. I think worrying about your future is all you need. Everything else you can sort of block out. Just focus on going to work and making your money and paying the bills and saving up and facing a bit of car trouble. If you have acquaintances or friends who are obsessed with social media and the news, spend less time with them. If someone wants to talk about the news with me over things neither of us can control, I'd rather change the subject.
I'm bisexual and in a relationship with a man and I'd never think of going out of my way to have sex with a woman because I am sexually attracted to women, I'll extend it to other men too because I care about commitment and exclusitivity. We have such an issue with moids who don't understand what monogamy and commitment is and thinks it's reserved for a single sex or something. I don't fucking know, they're retarded. Men are the ones who make choices with their feelings rather than rationality. Homosexual moid discovers he wants biological children, his goal would be to impregnate a woman and do anything he can to achieve that goal, not even thinking of putting himself in the woman's shoes. What a waste of time.

No. 1492369

that word needs to be normalized again, anal is not normal, people need to stop acting as if it's just another sex position.

No. 1492374

Finished watching it. He forced her into the cam modelling business and was physically aggressive. Did a "fishhook" thing with her mouth at random constantly. Reminds me of a certain scrote named Andrew Taint.

No. 1492381

Out of boredom yesterday, I was looking at responses to ftm trannies on /r/askgaybros and randomly just clicked on a profile that seemed like the most cringe tranny within a thread. Turns out that profile belonged to a 13 years old girl. She made a post on another subreddit talking about how she was exposed to CP on Discord and also engages in discussions on anal sex. This next generation is going to be so mentally fucked up. I hate it and dread seeing how these children are going to turn out. Why can't parents fucking learn that kids shouldn't fucking be online

No. 1492389

people in this goddamn house are so fucken stupid. hand me the phone to talk to whoever the fuck is calling yet keep fucken blabbing about stupid shit. maybe shut the fuck up if you want me to talk on the phone. cant hear shit theyre saying.

No. 1492400

ugh i suck. me to me: just keep your mouth shut dumb bitchh

No. 1492403

Bleak. There are too many parents out there who naively think the person their child is talking to online is another child their age.

No. 1492404

Im spending my summer being more and more depressed. I don't know what to do anymore with my time because I don't really enjoy what I used to enjoy. Im feeling less and less like myself each day. Or maybe I don't know what o who is supposed to be "myself".

No. 1492406

File: 1675706928926.jpeg (229.31 KB, 960x1202, 1652299011349.jpeg)

I've had a migraine for 4 days now and I hope my neurologist actually does something for me tomorrow or else I'm gonna take prednisone myself since I have some leftover. I should be crocheting a gift not dealing with this for 4 days UGH

No. 1492408

2005 was peak. I used to visit my friend during xmas because my family was awful and we'd all get together with his mom and order chinese take out and watch really bad B horror movies. I miss those wholesome times so much. Now everything is trans politics

No. 1492428

can you newfags stop posting unrelated images to draw attention to your posts?

No. 1492437

Holy fuck ladies. 10th January I found out my friend died before work and then had a run in with a short angry little manlet coworker because he's a miserable bastard but I actually received miserable news so was prepared to meet him in misery. Anyway I've moaned about this a few times but I get into work today and short ugly cunt was out in a night out with the lads from work and he was telling everyone I've been creeping around him trying to apologise. So I brought out my receipts. My texts literally before my shift. The funeral service. The fucking article in the local paper. Also the fact no I have not once tried to apologise 5 men the other night saw the short cunt blatantly ignore me and offer to help with his job. I reported him to his supervisor cause they were making jokes we need a peace treaty and I went what the fuck has he told you that happened because he offended me! So I told the correct story and because I'm a pretty young girl these men don't want to lose working from their department your short ugly man is getting disciplined. Fuck you!!!! I blocked him off fb too because he sent me a friend request and if he's trying to make out I fancy him he is sorely mistaken. I already spread about the factory I think he's gay which I do. He told me there's no difference between lady boys and women and said the lady boys are prettier sometimes. Might tell his wife too he's gay

No. 1492438

Nta but nitpick something else anon

No. 1492440

my head hurts leave me alone

No. 1492441

Anons have always used unrelated pictures in their posts, like for years. It's not against any rules. This is a stupid nitpick.

No. 1492444

File: 1675710018773.jpeg (348.17 KB, 1333x2000, 3AD01894-381B-45BB-BDCD-1483B2…)

Nah people are just too lazy to make a new thread

No. 1492445

you're not the anon posting in /meta/ about how you hate /ot/ are you?

No. 1492446

Holy fuck

No. 1492449

You are the newfag, retard

No. 1492455

I can't fucking cope with this shit anymore. I've only just been diagnosed with celiac disease and now they're telling me I've maybe got Crohn's or colitis or something equally horrible. I don't really even have any symptoms, it's not fucking fair. Is that what my life is gonna be? Worrying I'm gonna shit myself in public and getting my insides resewn? I should've killed myself when I had the fucking chance. I just want to eat bread and be healthy…

No. 1492456

I’m just as morally bankrupt as a scrote if not more. I wish I could find more fucked up women to relate to.

No. 1492461

I love this whole fit wtf. Cute and clown-ish (clowns are cool).

No. 1492463

I didn't realize until I got home but the six pack I bought is literally filthy. It's like someone dropped it in sand at the beach. What the fuck? I washed a beer in soap and water in the sink but still got some grit in my mouth when I took a sip. Reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1492468

Or you could try not being a degenerate

No. 1492471

I know you're going through an awful time, but I wanted to let you know that everything will be alright. It's all much more manageable now with diet and medicine. Take it from me, a fellow IBD nona. I'm not letting any stupid flare ups ruin my life.

No. 1492475

I'm pmsing and I hate how annoyed moids made me today!!!!

No. 1492480

How the fuck am I supposed to know "my expected salary" if barely any of the jobs suited for my degree and experience post their own salary. Fuck this shit.

No. 1492485

Yes! Why the fuck do they not post salaries I'm talking mad shit about my job at my job but I don't know if my wage is good because it's a nightmare comparing with similar companies.

No. 1492498

Thank you, I really needed to hear that. I already have pretty horrible health anxiety so it's hard to stop jumping to the worst possible conclusion. I really need to stop looking things up online and scaring myself kek. Sending you hugs and a good day/night wherever you are nona ♥

No. 1492500

When I came clean to my ex about having slept with someone else after we'd broken up when I was at my lowest point and was highly suicidal, he screamed at me and said I didn't deserve compassion and I deserved getting yelled at and treated that way, even though I was actively trying to kill myself during that phone call.
I talked to him yesterday about it and explained how much that hurt me and I just wanted to know why he did that to me when I'd stayed up nights on end to stop him from killing himself before that point. He told me that anybody would have reacted that way towards me, and in the same breath said he regretted saying it but he still thought it was true and I deserved it. He said I broke his heart and confirmed his biggest fear (we'd been broken up for over 2 months at that point???) and he'd never forgive me for it, and would never forget. It's just insanity because I wish I could fucking punch him in the teeth for saying I deserved it, I wish I could punch him in the face for being jealous of the man who raped me because that fucker got to put his dick in me. I wish I hadn't been so fucking stupid and so short-sighted from depression to try to keep being his friend and help him through his mental health issues after all of that because I felt like the bad guy.
But I'm better off without him in my life and it's nice to feel that weight off my chest.

No. 1492505

Girl why are you even having these conversations with an ex. Cut that shit off

No. 1492506

I mean do you act out violently, have folders of gore, post on fringe forums how you desire to drug and dissect your wife and children for sexual fulfillment or do you just read dubcon

No. 1492507


This is kind of your own fault because you shouldnt be talking to your exes in the first place

No. 1492508

I think the only really bad thought I have is wanting hot model tier bfs without having any redeeming qualities myself and I only care about looks. Usually when I talk about this to other women their first response to to attack my appearance or call me creepy so I don’t bring it up.

No. 1492509

File: 1675715361497.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x1145, FD420E9F-2906-4E07-B3E6-9D643F…)

I don’t get people who do these TikTok lives my self esteem too low

No. 1492510

Why are you talking to your ex? I'm genuinely confused.

No. 1492514

That's a huge earlobe.

No. 1492516

i wish i had my own place and could afford to live on my own. my university apartment is really nice but it's not the same as having a place you can call home. i miss having my own bedroom and kitchen, a bathroom that i don't have to share with someone else, absolute peace and quiet without someone waking me up or feeling like i have to tiptoe around. i get tired of living in this building because even though it's a lot quieter than the on campus housing, it's still noisy. i get tired of talking to my roommate some days as she constantly needs to be entertained and gets butthurt when i don't speak to her. i get tired of dragging my laundry up and down the stairs when i need to wash clothes. my family sucks ass but sometimes i miss having people around me that i am related to and whom i feel like i just can just be myself with. i miss havings pets that i can play with, a garden i can sit in and breathe in the fresh air and the smell of grass. i just wish i had a fucking HOME that is all my own. i don't even want to move back home, i just want my own place. my own house i come back to and i feel safe in. i hope by putting this out into the universe it somehow manifests in my life.

No. 1492524

So I'm having very specific issues that made my doctors do a double take, and I got a referral to two different doctors for it.
My primary care noticed I have such severe problems with menstruation that it might be a tumor in my uterus or fibroids, and that I should have an ultrasound and if it shows nothing, chromosomal testing. If I end up being XXY despite having a malformed pussy that'd be hilarious and all, but also an explanation for my GID and why the doctors thought I'd be a scrote until I flew out my mom.
Ultimately, I'm pretty scared and the doctor never told me where the hell to go for the ultrasound, or never elaborated after several voice messages.
Never tell a woman "oh yeah you might have uteran cancer!" and then stop responding.

No. 1492533

I’m not sure why wanting an attractive partner makes you morally bankrupt in your own book. Seems pretty normal.

No. 1492541

He's probably going back to his ex now that she's back in town, he's been distant ever since

No. 1492555

File: 1675719376211.jpeg (146.28 KB, 1678x1333, R (1).jpeg)

Self care isn't selfish,self-serving, self-centered, or conceited. If you can't care for yourself, whose going to care for you? Stupid moids don't get it.

No. 1492557

The anti self care movement calling it consumerist or excessive are just more retarded than what they are hating on. Self love and self care should be practiced unapologetically we got to look out for #1. There's a difference between indulgence and maintenance but it also varies from person to person. Also I love that pic

No. 1492561

get a gyno appointment

No. 1492566

I fucking hate myself for getting addicted to self-harm at a young age. Even when I manage to stay clean for a long time I still feel the INTENSE need to cut. I'm fucking 32 and I'm still a fucking cutter. I was clean for a year, but if I have too much going on I fall back on it because it's the only thing that helps with the pressure I feel all over my body and bring my focus back. The only fucking anxiety meds that works on me makes me dead to the world for half a day.
The times I manage to get behavior therapy or meet with a therapist that specializes in it has accidentally occurred during those times where things are fine, so no one listens to how bad it gets when I'm in a crisis.

No. 1492572

I agree but moids do it all too much, calling us high maintenance, conceited, and selfish for putting pride in health and appearance. It pisses me off, nonnie.

No. 1492574

File: 1675720552118.gif (68.03 KB, 220x220, B6C72F13-9696-4925-A16A-3D4D48…)

I feel like my ex was heavily in denial of how bad his last relationship was and then he took all of those feelings out on me. He didn’t mention her too often but a lot of things about their relationship were super contradictory. He said the first several years of their relationship were “great” and the last year was awful (his words, not mine), but also that he didn’t see a future with her during the alleged great years but still stayed, suddenly began to see a future with her only when they started fighting all of the time. He said they were the same person and he could tell her anything but he was so extremely conflict avoidant that I think he just acted like a lap dog during their great years and she started lashing out once he couldn’t do it anymore. Yeah you can definitely tell her anything except if it’s not what she wants to hear, right? He admitted they were super codependent but said VERBATIM “I’m not ready to admit that it wasn’t a healthy relationship”. He initiated all of the big milestones with our relationship, even to the point of meeting his parents, when he is an extremely closed off person emotionally. He would tell me very vulnerable things then pull back and hard. He kept alluding to certain incidents with her but never went into detail about them. We had a fight at one point and the next time I saw him in person he said he was relieved that I didn’t threaten to kill myself over it even though I had never talked about that??? The straw that broke the camels back was I tried to confront him on something and have an actual adult conversation about it, not just a half assed apology and we move on, and he freaked out and lashed out at me that he was suddenly not over his ex almost a year into us being together. When I asked for more info as to why he just said that despite all of these amazing things he loved about me and that I made him happy I also made me scared and uncomfortable and “he didn’t know why”. I really think he was projecting whatever bullshit she was pulling onto me and of course she’s still on the pedestal while my heart is still broken months later. I’m so angry with him but I still love him and I wish he’d stop being a coward and just fucking talk to me.

No. 1492577

AYRT, but yeah I have never seen one. Ever. My parents never thought it was necessary, even when I was suffering. honestly considering how bad my GID is I'd probably need anesthesia just to see one, which I know they don't do but I legitimately cannot think of another way I can see one without getting restrained so I don't accidentally assault the doctor in a panic attack.
For context, my cramps get so bad I end up bedridden, struggling just to get up to piss or feed myself. It's so excruciating and I've burned myself with heating pads and took too many Pamprin in one sitting just to make it stop enough so I can take care of myself.
But I'm so afraid of being naked or undressing, I avoid it at all costs. Going to a gynecologist is arguably one of the most terrifying thoughts. I know I need it, desperately, especially considering my vagina is so fucked up I legitimately don't think I have a clitoris, I can't wear tampons, and some hairs grow internally. Which combined with my cramps, make it a necessity.
Sorry for the TMI rant, but I figured I'd add further context

No. 1492578

I don't cut, haven't for years, but I still miss it. I now have a bunch of tattoos and piercings and they kind of make up for it. Try micro needling and other random beauty shit, it also often hurts and feels really nice.

No. 1492581

I’m sorry that you’re hurting so much anon, but it sounds like a good thing that he’s not talking to you. He should have moved on from the shit with his ex before dating again. He didn’t, and you got hurt. Take it as a blessing that he doesn’t want to communicate and use the opportunity to move on. Don’t continue the chain of being fucked up over an ex.

No. 1492582

I used to have a gay friend who had a baby with one of his best female friends, she didn't really want to raise a kid but she wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth so she agreed to have a kid with him, he couldn't stay hard during sex with her and they had to resort to putting on gay porn.

No. 1492593

im sorry but having to put on gay porn during het sex is simultaneously sad, pathetic, disgusting, and makes me want to laugh at the scrote. i hope the girl is okay, though

No. 1492596

So there's this person in my friend group that drives me insane sometimes

- says they have chronic pain and health issues that somehow have nothing to do with them being overweight
- saying no doctor has ever helped them with anything except for a chiropractor
- questioning the severity of COVID and how it affects people and then backpedaling when I called them out on it (like how can you be hypersensitive about literally everything and then not bat an eye at COVID and call it "like the flu" and then when I call you out you clarify and say that you meant "it's going to exist forever like the flu" like no that wasn't it bitch I know what you were saying)
- constantly complains about being able to "smell mold" everywhere we go
- dates a younger man with mommy issues and wonders why he isn't independent and has no motivation to do anything ever
- complains about money being tight and not being able to live on their own or afford anything but refuses to get a job where they have to assimilate into society and take shit from people
- is older than me but constantly talks about how they're triggered, how they have mental health issues etc., but then will say "yeah i stopped taking my medication because" even though they're an expert holistic wiccan witch psychic, they can't even fathom as to why stopping a drug that re-regulates chemicals in your brain suddenly wouldn't have an effect

okay so I don't trust this person. I don't particularly want to like them, but I feel close to them because in other ways I do enjoy their company. But the walking on eggshells, the constant need for validation, the pickiness, the fact that everything relies on their time and they're always fucking late for everything, fuck.

Has anyone else had a friend or acquaintance like this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I keep second guessing my own interpretation of things. I keep feeling guilty about getting angry.

No. 1492605

Just the thought about shit I need to do for uni made me sick, like I want to vomit. It doesn't help that I also have too many ideas of projects I really want to do and gughhghgh. I hate myself for making everything harder for myself, I want to be better at everything, but I overwhelm myself with plans, it's so hard

No. 1492608

anyone else think moids jealousy of women stems from the peacock effect? In nature and in other species, males are the ones who have to dress nice and entice the female for mating, not the other way around. I love fashion as the next girl, but we aren't supposed to attract moids. Thus why trannies go all out when they start identifying as women, you see them copy different styles. One of the first things trannies do when they come out is to change the wardrobe, whereas as women, like wearing whatever doesnt change anything. I mean, I could survive wearing male t-shirt and jeans, they are just fabric to cover your body, no?
Anyway, the peakcock effect doesn't work in the human species, as moids arent worth looking twice at, let alone talk to. I think moids are so deprived of attention, they are now copying female styles. Go ahead, heels were originally worn by moids kek.

No. 1492614

>I love fashion as the next girl, but we aren't supposed to attract moids.
True, it's not natural.

No. 1492620

I don't get that hair of the woman, what is going on with it? It looks like the face part was cast in plastic. I've never seen that before.

No. 1492621

Why didn't they use a turkey baster or do some form of intrauterine insemination? The way they chose sounds like the most emotionally damaging for everyone involved.

No. 1492622

my day has been bullshit and frustrating and all I wanna do is scroll celebricows yet there is no new thread. WE ARE POST GRAMMYS PEOPLE. Help a sister out and get that shit going

No. 1492623

File: 1675726177873.jpg (86.53 KB, 720x647, 1672769699370.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about the fact that my mom is insanely talented at writing, but she never tried to do anything with this skill because she has low self esteem. She use to be one of those genius type student all troughout her school year, like scary good at everything, but she got a severe sickness in highschool and couldn't go to class like a normal student. Because of the sickness, she wasn't able to pursue academically at the level where she truly belonged. It's killing me how much potential she has.

No. 1492625

>shit day
>searching for celeb thread for drama
literally me

No. 1492626


No. 1492627

Ordered tape-in extensions for my thin hair. This shit better fix my life.

No. 1492629

I often think of how gorgeous and beautiful my mom is and how my dad, a balding, fat man, has the audacity to want her to still dye her hair and she's in her 60s. People really do mistake her for being in her early 40s still. It's so sad because she was so gorgeous but because when they met she was an "ugly duckling" at her high school and he was basically the most popular guy at school and known for his appearance so she's always devalued her appearance. she could have been so intelligent, too, but my dad brainwashed her into Christianity. It's like. Man. I'm so sad for our moms.

No. 1492631

Reminds me of my mom being prevented from going to high school by her retarded old fashioned parents who forced her to work in sweatshops instead to steal hee monzy and give it to their way older sons who were already married with kids and/or studying in university. And she doesn't like that my sisters and I find it scandalous especially because it directly contributed to us being poor while growing up.

No. 1492633

I'm in the process of moving and I've been getting so stressed with it. I just want it to be over and go to my new apartment already but there are so many documents to sign and things to install. I feel like this might actually be one of the "adult things that no one told you about" .

No. 1492634

They will work well but at some point randomly fall out if you run a hand through them due to glue weakening in the shower. When I took mine out they left a ton of stuck hairs together and gave me more loss from the glue. I think clips or clear headband are better since they're easily removed then put in for looks. Wiah you good luck fellow thin hair anon cause this shit sucks.

No. 1492649

I think their jealously stems from womb envy. Their entire existence depends upon whether they reproduced or not, they literally have no other purpose. It’s why they enslaved and exploited women. Tr00ns masquerade femininity like the depraved moids they are.

No. 1492654

Just another days where I want to jump out of my flesh. I don't even know why, I just want to hurt myself and peel and slice all my skin off.

No. 1492655

I wish I was a more tolerant person, that I never peaked. I wish I could accept troonery and libfem stuff but I just can't agree with it on any level. It's cost me friends, I feel so lonely. I don't even make a big deal about it but as soon as you question any woke shit people don't want a damn thing to do with you. The only people I could talk to openly about my beliefs were the muslima's at my old college, but they thought that way for quite different reasons (I'm not a muslima). It's annoying, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but when you question an ideology it's bound to happen. I hate it.

No. 1492659

To be honest, I never peaked. I never got into feminism, either, but troons still dislike me for believing dysphoria/trans shit is a mental illness and other options should be exhausted before deciding to mess with body chemistry, and that they should do research, yadda yadda
I get called a "transphobe" despite not being against them. I just have ""truscum"" tendencies and that pisses them off.
I think its funny, though. Although I lost all my friends because I asked a FtM why they would ever have vaginal sex if they were suffering from dysphoria, and they twisted my words, saying I called their bf straight and them a "woman." So yeah, I get it even as someone opposed to "peaking" shit.
It's all nuanced, but try to understand different views by talking to transmeds first, if you want to know how GID affects others and makes them troon. But also, stand your ground and be polite simultaneously. A little goes a long way, nonna.

No. 1492662

I could never be a pick me because I never get picked anyway

No. 1492672

Having the most painful period of my life and I'm way too high but it hasn't got rid of the pain. I feel like a dvd player

No. 1492674

File: 1675733082186.jpeg (349.44 KB, 1500x1215, BDDE8C1B-5072-48FE-816D-922F92…)

I won't pick you, nonnie, I will choose you.

No. 1492682

Thanks nonna. I try not to bring it up but I'm going to art school in a short while and even though I'm excited I'm afraid I won't be able to speak my mind because most students are troons or spicy straights (I've seen them kek). I hope it will be okay and there will be relatively normal people who want to make something similar or at least won't make everything about lgbtq rights (you have to work in groups a lot). I don't want to dismiss people because of a mental illness. I feel bad for the ones with actual problems who don't do it for a fetish but if you're a man with shoulder length blue hair who calls himself a woman, I'm sorry but I can't take you seriously.

No. 1492688

I'm with you there nonna. First I was all in with the trans stuff no matter what, including the nonbinary and self-id. Then I started observing the behaviour of a lot of trans people and became transmed/truscum like the other anon that's replying to you. Now I've peaked and am unapologeticically a GC. It feels lonely losing most of my friends and casting most people you meet as someone you won't bother making friends with anymore because you know you'll have conflict of views. But I just can't get over the cognitive dissonance anymore. I can't just turn a blind eye to the misogyny and think everything is fine. Even back before I peaked, the cognitive dissonance was just a nagging feeling I had which I ignored because I wanted to be "accepting" and "open-minded." I still love the trans friends I used to be close with even if we're not in contact anymore, and I wish for them to find happiness in any way they can, even if that means transitioning if that is what makes them happy, but knowing what I know now, I just can't support it anymore. I can't lie either and be morally two-faced in my values. I don't think I would have peaked as much as I did if it weren't for how vitriolic the trans community is. If they just accepted that they'll never be fully the gender they identify as (that trans women aren't truly women, trans men aren't truly men), but still want to live as one because it makes them happy then maybe I would have still been on board with it because then maybe it wouldnt have been as deeply misogynistic as it is now.

No. 1492690

That's understandable. Most troons worth being tolerated don't draw attention to themselves and usually keep their problems private, so hopefully if you do get paired up with one, they'll respect you and your boundaries. Don't count on it though, because that sounds mentally exhausting. I'm kinda glad I'm too poor to attend higher education because I'd tear my hair out at that shit.
Best of luck to you nonnie!

No. 1492693

I never really considered dating outside my race/culture, but I kind of assumed my family wouldn’t have a problem with it if it ever happened and now it’s happening and my family is way more prejudiced than I ever imagined. How do I fucking cope this sucks balls

No. 1492697

Thank you nonna ♥ At the (I don't know how you call this, a day to look around a bit and get a sense of the school) there were a lot of troons but maybe they did it to show that they were 'forward thinking'. I doubt everyone there is a nutcase, I can keep my views down well enough so it should be okay. I just hope my classmates will be somewhat normal. I wish we didn't have to work in groups, it has it's benefits but many drawbacks too. But it will be okay, it's an art school so I reckon a lot of shy autists will be there who aren't bold enough to make a big deal of being genderspecial or whatever it may be.

No. 1492752

im the truscum anon above. i'm one of those ftms that knows i'll never be male and accepts it, just going on with my day, doing what i can to correct what i can, after exhausting every other option i can think of. dysphoria is terrible and i wouldn't wish it on anyone.
ive been trying to learn why radfems think the ways they do; i never use the term "terf" because it's lost all meaning. i think the main thing that determines whether someone will stay transmed or peak depends on their opinions on feminism as a whole. if you already disagree with radfems on mostly everything, you'll probably never peak, but both sides will make you uncomfortable, for example.
i don't trust mtfs. they scare me, not because of "big scary man," but because so many of them fake dysphoria in order to take advantage of both trans and women's spaces.
the clear solution is male, female, and troon only spaces, if not further split into ftm/mtf spaces.
it's a complex issue and i wish people didn't lunge for the throat every time someone's mildly critical of gender/gender roles.

No. 1492850

today i had another instance of an ongoing thing that’s been happening with an older family member in the house. i don’t want to be very specific so i won’t say what relation, but he keeps saying uncomfortable things even though i’ve resorted to angrily telling him to stop and it’s reminding me of other things that have been bothering me sometimes for many years. it’s probably not that bad since it’s largely an inappropriate term that gets to me but it’s not things he should be saying to me. vented to my nigel about it and he says a while later “i know this is a bad time but can i go to friend’s house before i get to yours” and i thought maybe he was getting or dropping off something but just found out the visit wasn’t even necessary. now i know the family member won’t do anything, it’s just stupid shit he won’t stop saying but i’m seething that at a moment i felt uncomfortable and wanted to vent to someone who’d reply, even if family member isn’t going to physically do anything, the nigel decided to fuck off and probably smoke weed instead.

No. 1492869

lmao I didn't even know there was a grammys yesterday, I thought it already happened a few months ago

No. 1492873

Let's come back to reality for a second. You broke up with me because I was "too dependant" on you, during a short period of weakness in my life. What would really happen if you started dating this new woman? You would actually go insane. My time of need was temporary, hers will be permanent. It will eat at you financially and emotionally. My illness is bad, you got angry at me because of them, her illnesses are much, much worse than you can imagine. Any dependency you saw with me will be intensified beyond what you can imagine with her. I would not help either of you with the issues you will inevitably face either. If she goes off her medications then you'll feel the wrath and deeply regret the decisions you made. I've seen what those illnesses do to people when they're not medicated - you have not. Let's not even start on how she's the jealous type who jumps to conclusions.

If you're tolerant of her issues all of a sudden, where was this compassion with me?

If you ever tell me or I otherwise find out you two are getting together, I'm going to tell you all of this and more.

No. 1492888

I'm really frustrated with myself. I'm spending time with my family and I love them so much and don't see them often, and I feel that I'm not acting my best, I get frustrated with random things and then I act grumpy and it's like the grumpiness overcomes me and I can't just concentrate on enjoying the time with my family. I also get worried about every single thing. I hate how sucky I am at regulating my emotions, even when it's really important to do so.

No. 1492899

i am legit kind of angry with my roommate. i went to do my laundry last night, and we are having issues with the electricity in the building, so when i went to check on my load that was in the dryer it was half dry as the circuit breaker tripped while the machine was running, but my clothes were still kind of damp so i couldn't put them away. i decided to hang everything on the towel rack we have in the bathroom since it heats up and here she goes being fucking controlling about what i am doing. i clearly explained to her while she was burning chicken on the stove what i was doing and here she starts texting me, trying to boss me around and tell me to use this ghetto ass ikea clothesline she bought and then claiming my freshly fucking washed clothes that smell absolutely amazing are going to start "stinking". i've noticed these past few weeks she has a controlling streak that she doesn't want to acknowledge.

when we first met, she tried to make it seem like she doesn't have friends because people don't stay in her life when in reality, she thinks that if you're friends with her it gives her the right to tell you what to do or like she knows everything. she's worrying about my clothes smelling when our kitchen literally reeks like period blood from the prawn husks she didn't take downstairs, there's a soda can prayer circle around the fucking trash can, and our other trash can is overflowing with her junk because she's too bloody worried about what i am doing to wrap the shit up and take it downstairs. then she bitches about me being vegetarian even though i don't bother her about her diet; she got mad because i ordered a salad bowl from this place i like a few days in a row last week and she said she was going to take my food and throw it out if she saw me eating there again. i am trying to find a way to deal with this without us fighting as i really don't want to be in another difficult living situation. i kind of feel like she wants drama just so she can have something to talk shit about so i am just giving her space for now.

No. 1492903

why am i such a fucking retard? i keep saying the wrong things on the phone at customers( what i mostly do) and i get told off for the way i say things or for being too honest and sounding dumb. and i have this colleague who is very blunt and gets pissy and it makes me very upset and i cry but i dont even hide it anymore. the worst is that she is right but her attitude makes me feel so bad. but she is right nonetheless. maybe im too stupid to have a job. im a retard that can't do one thing right. maybe after my 2 month contract is over , unless a miracle happens and i improve, i should just give up and not give trouble anymore even though it will cause issues with my family

No. 1492920

I'm sick and depressed and haven't been able to stay awake for longer than a couple hours for days now. I'm mega frustrated so half the time I wake up screaming because I didn't mean to sleep and have no idea how I got in bed. The memory issues fucking suck and no one told me how much worse it gets when you're regular sick, I feel like I need an actual fucking wrangler in order to tell me what's happening between all the gaps. Or a gun so I can take myself back behind the shed already, that was my dad's plan if he ever got what I have and I'm starting to see why he'd want to.

No. 1492947

Fucking hate sitting around waiting for a phone call. Plus I don't like my doctor so that doubles the displeasure. There's only 20 minutes left in the 4 hour window I got given and he still hasn't called. I need to sort out my medication motherfucker.

No. 1492952

He called after I posted this. The same thing happened before were I vented and got a call straight after, it's like I summoned him kek.

No. 1492959

Why do I feel like almost everything I say is ignored or just considered negotiable by people. The older I'm getting the less entertained I am by others but now I've noticed that many people don't actually pay attention to me and to no surprise it's mostly moids.
I don't even sperg on about things or talk in a confusing manner either but it's like if I ask for something people don't even get the right thing, they just ignore half the shit I've said and provide something irrelevant.
I am 25, I have had periods since I was 11, I know what pain relief works for me and what doesn't. If I ask you to get me only ibuprofen and nothing else, then you come back with some weird fucking cocktail of painkillers that I don't use then of course I'm going to be pissed off. It shows that you didn't even take my word seriously. Why do you value the woman at the pharmacy opinion over mine when I know what works for my body? Why is this so fucking hard. As if this period wasnt already messy enough I now have to deal with retards.

No. 1492968



No. 1492972

When I was talking about the ai porn deepfake twitch drama with my nigel he said he feels horrible for the woman but also stated that if someone were to make fake porn of him, he would just ignore it and it wouldn't affect him. Like wtf? You really don't think it would affect you? How can you have the mindset of "don't like it - don't watch" when someone can look up your asscheeks spread out on a website that can be searched on the clearweb and anyone can JO to it - relatives, employers, students etc. Someone explain this moid mindset?

No. 1492979

Because men can be strippers and become directors later. Woman can’t. We have a creep take an illegal panty shot and we can lose our job. It’s his male privilege anon. He’s also probably never been victimized like that so he can’t imagine and emphasize with how it actually feels till it happens to him. I knew a lot of dudes that said they’d be fine peeing with a trans man. Till they realized that actually meant women walking in while they’re exposed at the urinal. They’re not even at risk of assault and those men are now extremely against bathroom bills for TRA’s and needed therapy to discuss how they felt violated.

No. 1492996

I mean he's a man, of course it wouldn't affect him

No. 1492999

It's not that deep. His position is probably that he is an unknown person and nobody would look it up, let alone find it.
Also, he probably can't imagine being in that situation, so he doesn't really have an emotional reaction to the hypothetical. The fact that it would not actually be his own body adds another layer of "protection" between his thoughts and his feelings.

tl;dr he can intellectually understand why it would be upsetting to someone, but the idea itself isn't really relevant to his life, so he doesn't feel anything about it.

No. 1493003

>They’re not even at risk of assault and those men are now extremely against bathroom bills for TRA’s and needed therapy to discuss how they felt violated.
Lol, actually arguing that nobody should feel weird about being peeped on unless physical assault is in the cards.

No. 1493025

I had this conversation with my bf as well and he said something similar. He said that its sad but it wouldn't ruin her life. Like he wasn't phased by it and the girl would just get over it and in the future it will get more prevalent so it won't hurt as much cos more people will be victimised and it will be normalised and no one will care. LOL. we got in a huge argument cos WHAT THE FUCK.

No. 1493057

I just want to not FEEL ugly. It's too easy for me to get into that mindset and want to hole away. I could be Miss Universe and I'd still feel this way. It's fucking depressing. It makes me so sick moids will molest kids, call them ugly, and then just move on with their life. The kids either become whores with image issues or normies with image issues. I feel so ugly to my core and I want to fuck shit up with my appearance, like cut my face or something stupid like that, but I don't. I've always been drawn to sex work, but I've never done it, because I know it wouldn't make my situation any better. I wish I could get help, but I'm so bogged down with a full time job and school, I don't have time or money for that.

No. 1493059

Ask him how he would feel if his face was deepfaked into gay porn, maybe that will get his gears grinding a bit. Of course men wouldn't be phased by being deepfaked as a chad alpha in straight porn, but it's an entirely another thing when they're actually being treated like women.

No. 1493066

The worst part of a relationship is when that charming, kind and gentle man you loved turns into a typical scrote who constantly wants to banter and swear in front of you because now he feels "comfortable" being a complete degenerate in front of you.

No. 1493076

Fuck… got a promising job interview and a dentist appointment at the same time. Can't reschedule either.
The NHS is going through so much shit right now that I've been waiting for this dentist appointment for literal years, I really can't afford to let it go. I have been waiting literal years for this.
Guess I have to miss out on my interview then. This sucks.

No. 1493077

Could you message the job interviewer and ask for reschedule, you could say an urgent doctors appointment came up which you can't reschedule

No. 1493078

File: 1675786850376.gif (1.94 MB, 450x337, 51F6FB57-3DD8-49B8-8A21-4A265C…)

my professor set a time to meet me in today to help me with an issue, and when i went there was some other class in session in the meeting room. considering the new semester has just started and therefore i wouldn't have the same classmates as the last it didn't seem to me like anything was off until i noticed that everyone looked slightly older than i was. i thought i was being vain or delusional but about 25 minutes minutes later i was seated i later found out i was in a senior class. i'm a freshman. and i wrote my name for attendance nbd but i have a long embarrassing foreign name that nobody knows how to pronounce and always make a joke out of. i'm deathly afraid of talking to people much less in a situation i'm the fool in so i only left 40 minutes after contemplation and excused myself looking pale as can be stuttering shaking all over and sweating bullets. i was at the right class in the right building so i don't understand how i was wrong because the professor wasn't there. now i just feel so guilty for wasting her time. she emailed me saying she was there and told me if it would be okay if we rescheduled for 5pm but by that time i had just gotten home from my commute. i actually feel sick for wasting her time and my own time and money, but mostly just my professor. i don't want her to think i was lying or some lazy hack. i've made a fool of myself not once not twice but three times. i feel like such an annoyance i'm so upset that i've had a panic attack twice today and yes i know i'm being dramatic yes it's probably no big deal but i can't shake off the guilt not to mention i just wasted money i could have used later on my commute and i'm actually in serious debt but that's not the biggest reason i'm upset.

No. 1493096

Hey dont worry dear nonny. Maybe you can just tell her what happened, that you were there but in wrong class and went home. These kind of things happen soo often

No. 1493102

Sorry to burst your bubble, but one of the men I know literally said that. That it bothered him and he felt violated even though he knew he wasn’t at risk. He thought and admitted most men don’t take it seriously because they never feel threatened by it. His point was he couldn’t imagine how we as women feel after the small glimmer into it. Go bait elsewhere.

No. 1493112

I mean that it's obvious that the average man doesn't want a woman to watch him pee. Some people here act like men are some weird unknowable species of alien. Being embarrassed by the opposite sex walking in on awkward situations is a universal experience.

No. 1493131

The man himself was surprised he cared.

No. 1493139

File: 1675790558448.jpeg (31.55 KB, 275x271, 708597C4-E7D2-4D97-BE38-00CE79…)

Been having a really hard time having a set sleeping schedule. I’ll be awake for two days, sleep a day, have one normal day then the cycle starts all over again. I try to lie down and sleep when I’m tired, and even make sure things like my laptop and phone are in another room, but my mind won’t stop racing. It’s the stupidest shit keeping me awake like what color my bedroom wall should be or a game I played, I just need my noggin to shut the fuck up long enough to let me sleep.

No. 1493189

My grandma has brithday today and I know I should call her and I'm gonna do it but it's so hard for me, I don't want to do it, I just feel obliged to because she helps me with paying part of my rent. I hate everyone in my family, my grandma took care of me when I was a small kid but I felt like shit because of her, I didn't feel good or safe with any adult in my childhood, I was diagnosed with RAD because I didn't have any healthy bonds with even one adult as a child. It's so fucking hard to me and people treat me like I'm a bad person because I rarely call my family including my grandma. But she helps you financially they always say. Yes I know. Sometimes it feels like some of those adults who treated you like shit when you were a kid try to somewhat compensate for it with money when you're an adult but only because they're afraid of being left totally alone when they're old. God I hate talking to my family so much

No. 1493198

i keep doing this thing where i swear im not addicted to weed and will try to quit cold turkey by throwing all my shit away. then when night time comes and i cant go to sleep im like "tomorrow we re-up" Just for me to have weed but no damn grinder. Now i gotta use my fingers like a peon!

No. 1493202

It may make you MISERABLE but going keto and avoiding coffee/alcohol has really helped me with stuff like that. Again, it sounds like you have a lot on your mind, hopefully you're not going through too much right now? I hope you get some good sleep soon noni

No. 1493207

slay mami, we have been socialised to be agreeable and it keeps us from being our true selves and getting the respect we deserve. im proud of you, don't listen to people who don't know the real you anyway ♥

No. 1493228

Urgh, I'm sorry nonna. I feel like this is the fate of any nigel, I wonder if there is a specific reaction that makes them go back to being more thoughtful of how they act.

No. 1493263

My sister's been dating this moid over the internet who constantly goes on unhinged rants about killing "dykes, faggots, and trannies" and threatening to kill me in particular on multiple occasions, in great detail, because I expressed concern about this to my sister.
She just turned 18 and has been dating this 19 year old since she was 17
Nothing I say gets through, but he's legit had moments where he has condoned men forcing themselves on lesbians and outlawing any opinion that isn't the most baseline conservative bullshit

No. 1493286

Time to cut her off because what the fuck

No. 1493288

Tell your parents about it.

No. 1493302

Time to hype your moms up. They sound like wonderful people. My own mother left her father at age 21 because her father refused to put her through college because 'only men need school', so she got married, had me and made her own path. She died young sadly, but I think my mom is based af.

No. 1493351

Unfortunately, I can't just yet. I wish she'd cut him off sometimes, then he's nice to my face when he realizes I'm there and it makes me confused as to what the hell I was thinking. He also convinced my sister she can't live without him and he'll save her, and she screeches at any hint of disapproval, even telling her she had to "stop being bi" to date him and her doing the "superstraight" shit to get picked.
My mom really likes him because he purposefully sweet to her face, only saying revolting shit when he's out of her earshot, or thinks he's out of mine. My dad hates him and threatened him back though lol

No. 1493356

I hate faggots so much

No. 1493358

Ok then make your dad talk to your mom about what he did. If you can find texts, show them. This is for her safety.

No. 1493363

Cut her off. This is literally for your own safety. What exactly is stopping you? Talk to your mom about this. fucking all, i hate stupid women who cant see violent men for what they are.

No. 1493368

Thank you, I'll be sure to bring it up to my mom again when my sister heads to class tomorrow, she's also expressed concern that he knows where we are, but that's mostly due to her own traumatic experiences with weird men online, and that she doesn't want him in our house.
But she's also a massive pushover regarding the happiness of her children and experiences the same doubt I do about things.
I think bringing up the schizo rant on "gays and lesbos being mentally ill and colleges turning people into fags, dykes, and troons" will get her on the same page as me, where I can lead into progressively more concerning shit

No. 1493372

Ya can’t save a pick me. She’s 19 but even at 19 she should no better than to be around a scrote who wants to murder her sister. She’s dangerous and she’s going to end up an accomplice to murder one day.

No. 1493374

Just saw this. We're a year and a half apart and live with eachother, both being autists with me having disabilities on top of that & parents that don't want me to ever leave them. That's why I cannot cut her off
Actually, she's 18. Her boyfriend is 19. I, too, am 19.

No. 1493376

Come on, she's so young. Your brain does not even fully develop until you are 25

No. 1493377

Not an excuse. At 19 I wouldn’t hang out with someone who says they want to rape and kill my sister.

No. 1493378

You need to let your parents know thst our sisters weirdo edgy boyfriend is acting like a prick online and threatening to kill people. They deserve to know. Of your sister doesn't tell him that you know he's said all those mental things let him know you know next time he's being nice. You want either your sister to dump him or him to dump her

No. 1493388

NTA but this isn't true. People's brains develop well into and past their 20s.
I don't disagree with you about OP's sister (she was most likely groomed by the scrote), but I worry that the whole "25 is where everyone's fully developed" thing can be used to victim blame or shame women in their mid 20s or over who get into bad situations.

No. 1493392

Smart! I'll definitely try my hand to do that. He knows of my love for women and women alone, and he knows of my fucked up brain, but he still rants about that shit. He hasn't threatened me specifically in a while, but he still spergs out about trad shit.
I'll definitely try to think of a way to reach her. But when your sister is 18 and still in her "boy crazy" phase, it's a bit harder. I go out of my way to avoid her when he's on the phone, but I feel bad because she's Autistic and clearly getting played by a fucking psychopath where when she tries to tell him to shut the fuck up and leave me alone, he threatens to leave her. And that makes her cry and beg for him to stay.
I'm not the brightest with social interaction, but it scares me to see this abuse.

No. 1493400

A woman isn't going to be a serial killer because she dated a homophobic sexist man. A lot of men are like that yet women who date them aren't nearly as evil as them.

No. 1493406

She’s not dangerous because who she is as a person she’s dangerous because of her scrote. I’ve definitely heard of numerous cases of women pairing up with their scrote to rape and murder female relatives. He’s already said he thinks it’s ok to rape lesbians and he’s also threatened to kill her before. I can see ops sister helping her scrote to set up her sister so that he doesn’t leave and that makes her dangerous in my eyes.

No. 1493409

it should have been me
please message me
please message me
please message me

No. 1493418

Grooming is a specific thing. Can people please stop calling any interaction between people who are a year apart in age "grooming". It's like you're trying to make a joke out of it.

No. 1493430

Hate having my bed in communal space. Earplugs and noise cancelling over the ear hearing protection yet the constant microwave noise beeping and door shutting keeps waking me up . I just want an hour of quiet to nap midday.

No. 1493431

>an autistic girl who's been manipulated since she was 17 by some "trad" homophobic /pol/tard scrote with violent fantasies who threatens to abandon her whenever she asks him to stop badmouthing her family
>"Ummm? Grooming's a specific thing??? Can we stop calling all age gaps grooming?"
You can't be serious anon. It's not even specific to age gaps.

No. 1493435

decided to look at my old email inbox from when i was a kid. i don’t even know why, i think it was to see old art/writings i’ve done. anyways i ended up triggering my cptsd after seeing the weird, inappropriate emails my stepdad would send to me. there was one he sent me that said “Let’s get naked!”. he sent this to me when i was 10 as a “joke”. i want to die i wish i had a normal childhood and parents that loved me instead of parents who abused and groomed and raped me.

No. 1493437

♥ I hope it'll get better for you, nonnie

Didn't even know what it is hehe but I miss the old internet in general, or maybe a few aspects of it. Just seemed simpler and more… naive/genuine? I'm probably just describing myself lol, but I actually do feel like people were more approachable, and I guess curious about each other even despite general anonymity. It was similar irl too though. Not sure if it was the era or me but it's not the same either way. Those times were truly great, yeah.

I can't really distance myself, nonnie, I can only wait till it's normal and peaceful again, but even then it's gonna be tough, just better than now. You're right though, I can still limit my news intake and I have to find a job, so I'll focus on that. Thanks for your kind response!

It sounds nice, nonna, it's great that you had such a friend and could hang out like this with his family. You know, I think it's for the better that people started speaking about social issues more, but this trans politics shit is definitely an unfortunate flip side. Also everything's so politicized and "serious" in a bad way now. That's just tiresome.

No. 1493440

Not all abuse is grooming.
>>an autistic girl who's been manipulated since she was 17 by some "trad" homophobic /pol/tard scrote with violent fantasies who threatens to abandon her whenever she asks him to stop badmouthing her family
This also doesn't describe grooming. Even the links you provided describe a specific scenario which does not seem to be what is happening here. Although I missed the part where she's an autist, that does make it a lot more plausible that she could be being groomed, it just doesn't sound like that's what is happening here.

No. 1493452

From the first link:
>Grooming can be defined as the process that an abuser uses to desensitise you – to make you less likely to reject or report abusive behaviour.
A scrote who plays nice in order to make his victim less likely to reject his abusive relationships (and we see it being played out).
>Grooming can happen when there is a power differential within a relationship, which the abuser exploits for their own gratification.
Autistic girl and non-autistic male.
>Grooming can also happen in domestic and relationship settings where the abusive partner, over time, introduces abusive acts that you feel coerced into allowing. In these situations, consent is coerced and therefore is not consent.
OP's sister is literally being scared into allowing him to go on unhinged rants about wanting to kill people, including those close to her. We don't know anything about their sex life, but I doubt this sort of thing stops here.
From the second link:
>Grooming can also take the form of predatory marriage. This is where someone exploits an adult at risk, often with dementia. They isolate them from their family and coerce them into marriage.
Isolates her from family, tells her she needs to "stop being bi" to be with him to the point where she claims to be "superstraight", and convinces her she can't live without him. Seems pretty clear where this is headed.
>Grooming can also result in radicalisation, in which case the groomer is simply working to win someone over to their cause. (+ Grooming can also lead to radicalisation. In which case, you might notice that the person starts talking about an issue or a cause that’s never really interested them before)
Do I have to say it? Should be obvious how he's influencing her with the superstraight shit.
>But in some cases of grooming it might be difficult to identify a motive. Unfortunately, some people just enjoy having power over others.
Also highlighting this in case there's any doubt he wants her to buy into his political bullshit. This definitely fits under both descriptions of grooming to me.

No. 1493454

i fucking hate reddit

No. 1493458

File: 1675803263428.jpeg (49.44 KB, 550x465, FC0437E5-FA47-44FC-AD99-FCF1D4…)


No. 1493472


No. 1493483

Probably just have to get a good bullshit detector like >>1493255
And drop them whenever they do something undesirable.

No. 1493493

I have to eat a food that I really hate tonight and pretend to like it. Like not just it’s kinda gross but like the texture and smell and taste makes me actually gag. Any tips?

No. 1493495

Nonna, do you really have to do it? Why??

No. 1493497

It would take so long to explain and sound retarded and many anon will ask questions so just trust me I promise if I could get out of this hell I would ok kek

No. 1493501

i once accidently killed my taste buds for a few days by leaving toothpaste on my tongue, you could also try some vics vapor rub in your nose. what food is it?

No. 1493504

I know how this feels it's enough to drive you crazy

No. 1493522

Went through a really bad breakup last summer and I'm finally getting over it and getting myself together. I threw out my vibrator and I'm going to stop eating fast food/candy now. I look at pics of myself before the breakup and I look so good and it makes me so sad that I gained 10kg and succumbed to easy dopamine hits. I'm slowly getting back into yoga and stretching my body. My back and hip area started hurting in december because of my inactivity. I want to order some nice clothes like there's this silk dress from Mango on outlet that's expensive but I can afford it. I'm going to buy it to feel pretty again.

No. 1493525

I can't get over how poorly my "best friend" treated me in the last 2 years before she completely ghosted me. I went to an event with her and I walked in with her and knew no one else. She knew everyone because she grew up with these people. She did not introduce me to anyone, but even worse, I saw her see me standing aimlessly and dramatically wrap her arm around someone she knew and spoke very loudly. She was making an effort to show me she was well liked and well known, to almost rub it in my face how much of a nobody I am in comparison. The next week we went to a wedding and I made a comment about how small each table was and how she went "why do you care, like you have any friends to sit with" and I literally pretended like I couldn't hear it because I was a fucking spineless punching bag. She ended up sitting with other people she knew for the majority of the night.

Why. Why do you care that I'm a loser with no friends? Do I embarrass you by not being popular? Does being around me make you look bad? I don't know anyone because I didn't grow up in the fucking church around these people like you did, so obviously you know everyone. Sorry that I dealt silently with severe depression and anxiety in my formative years and didn't manage to make long lasting friendships.

She moved out of state and stopped wanting to see me long before that. When she decided to tell me she was moving and wanted to see me one last time, I very calmy told her I felt like she doesn't value our relationship anymore and she "jokingly" told me not to put evil eye on her and that the phone goes both ways. I still follow her on instagram but I want to delete her, but I just can't for some reason. She bought from my small business the other day and I regret processing the order and sending her stuff. I wish I just denied the order because it felt so unbelievably "keeping appearances". I don't want your money, I want you to take back all the mean shit you said despite years of insanely close friendship.

I can't open myself up to another person after this. I cannot have this happen to me again.

No. 1493533

Omg! Oragel perfect thank you nonny

No. 1493540

Going through something similar. I wish she’d just cut me off completely because it’s so painful to have her pretending everything is fine now

No. 1493542

Very late but thank you nonnies for aswering and sharing your story. Truly wishing that all of us break the circle

No. 1493545

File: 1675810565728.jpeg (72.52 KB, 590x593, E3298EA6-5E60-472E-A46C-582D6F…)

My feet are cold, and my tummy hurt

No. 1493547

Why do you let people make you their punching bag? FYI it is better for you to have nobody than to have someone who abuses you. It ruins your mental health and your ability to connect and it takes up the time you could otherwise spend on finding and joining a new social group.

No. 1493554

My health is shit these last 6 months. I just hope there's nothing serious with my gut.

No. 1493558

My boyfriend provokes me. I hit him, but i told him to leave the room before I got mad, I was crying already, I didn’t wanna be seen and then I just started shoving and pushing and bititing, tickling anything he wouldn’t budge, and then when he tried “making up” he brought up that I hit him and everything but I honestly don’t feel bad because I told him to get out before I could hit him. I just hate the horrible feeling and I do feel guilty but mostly I still feel mad, the whole time he was like “I’m not listening to you, go ahead punch me.” He seemed like he enjoys it. I wanna leave I hate it here.

No. 1493559

Read an article from some moid about how he ran away from this woman who he said was really amazing in a lot of ways because she didn’t trigger his ‘hero instinct’ IE he didn’t feel ‘needed’ IE his moid insecurities about this woman who probably DID lean on him emotionally but wasn’t a giggling waif about it made him feel like a lesser man and he knew she could do better and broke her heart for it.

No. 1493560

Oh nonnie, this is so sad. I'm so sorry you're going through the emotional labour of this. You must have been at your wits end and provoking you just proves me theory that men don't deserve women or their kindness. You sound so trapped in this relationship. Love shouldn't be like that. Please wipe your tears nonita and remind yourself you were a human before him, and you can be a human without him. Good luck love and I wish you all the best. I'll be thinking about you.

No. 1493563

File: 1675812056759.jpeg (144.82 KB, 1779x2048, 16c.jpeg)

>too autistic and asocial for acting school, embarrassed myself in front of many people
>too autistic and asocial to pass oral exams for art uni despite very good ratings during practical exam and being among the best 70 candidates out of 360 who applied to the best art uni in my city. just sperged out in front of 10 professors, unable to form one coherent sentence, stuttering etc.
>wasted almost entire 20s in front of pc, playing vidya and watching weeb shit
>now late 20s, shitty dead end job that has nothing to do with my interests
>too tired and depressed to even draw shit for myself and do anything art-related online, no time either. obviously, can forget about acting too, due to age
>never had any friends, dates, sex, fun with other people etc.
I feel like my life is over even though it never even truly started. It's too late for me to do the things I truly wanted to do. I hate the fact that people, including my teachers, were telling me I had the potential and they didn't want me to waste it, and I turned out to be too fucked up to do anything with it. I'm ashamed of never graduating from university of any kind. I will always be seen as less than those who did. I'm ashamed of not having anything resembling normal life of someone my age. I feel very lonely. I don't have closer family, but the remaining members of my family suggested I should drop the dreams of going to uni. They're like "well you tried two times already so, you know…" Also I need to pay my bills, I need a full time job, I couldn't go to school now. So yeah, it's over, forever. I had so many dreams as a kid and I was sure I'm going to achieve them, and now I know I'm just going to be another adult loser who never achieved anything and ended up bitter and angry in a nursing home.

No. 1493575

You're not worthless, and you have a lot to offer. I don't necessarily mean a specific offer to others, but to the world in a general sense with your contributions of kindness. Even if it may seem bleak right now, you will find your light some day. I truly hope you find some nice friends somewhere, nona. There is the friend finder thread if you ever want to try that, as well.

No. 1493592

You're too sweet anon. Thank you for understanding me. <3

No. 1493593

File: 1675814607729.jpeg (79.2 KB, 828x849, 14D634F0-91B8-43CE-BCC0-2D01DF…)

we know how many abuser men's payrolls you're on you dumbass, now either drop the names or scram.

she's such a has been pickme kek all her new york city nepo baby money and the only thing she can churn out is pr ads and lukewarm fanfic, truly a sad state of affairs bitch

No. 1493598

File: 1675814835972.jpeg (753.9 KB, 828x1403, 02A62546-FC7D-442E-8844-D12236…)

too lazy to make a new celebricows thread to complain

a good percentage of rape or assault victims who are harassed or abused by normal men don't go to the cops, or when they do they're ignored, it's even less likely they'll be taken seriously with a famous moid

No. 1493602

File: 1675814893150.jpeg (103.51 KB, 750x560, 1191C409-D3C9-4972-83DC-22C90F…)

I'm so tired after coming back home, that I sent a reply to some random text and fell asleep right away. It's only half a day, why do I feel so exhausted? I also hate how I couldn't reply to my best friend because I'm fucking retarded, so I only noticed I've read her message 5 fucking hours earlier, I feel like such a fucking piece of shit.
I seriously don't understand what's going on, why do I feel so tired? I drink so much water that I basically pee water, I eat my veggies everyday, I workout, I don't even feel physically tired, it's like my brain wants to shut down the moment I'm at the door of my apartment.
The only things I manage to do is eat, take a quick shower, talk with my parents and aunt, and pass out on bed.
Like it wasn't like this some months ago, and back then I was walking to my job, now I at least can go by car, I hope the endocrinologist knows what's going on, because my blood tests are great, the gynecologist told me that everything is perfect and my urine test was perfect as well.

No. 1493608

Why did you not want to be seen?

No. 1493625

I need some female friends who arent stuck up instagram bitches or unhinged with their life all over the place with 2 bucks in bank. I wish I could find someone with a good balance.

No. 1493639

I was crying and just super mad like autism shaking and all it’s kinda embarrassing when I’m mad.

No. 1493641

File: 1675817133790.gif (36.49 KB, 602x585, f1e47315ba381829debffe2764fb0c…)

>mother has been slowly sliding down the conservative pipeline for the past few years
>started disliking gays since around COVID, but was still sympathetic
>"whatever, I'll stay closeted from her and when I date a woman she'll have to accept it since she loves me so much!"
>said today that it's a good thing that being gay is illegal in some countries
I love my mom so much, why is this happening? I know her deeply so I understand why she's externalized her anger with age but fuck.
She has literally been the best mom I know in every other way. Shocking to need to accept she'd want me imprisoned if I wasn't her kid (allegedly to protect children, as if I didn't start crushing on other girls at 10 with zero intervention and in fact was instead encouraged to, and did, repress it for years).

No. 1493644

Wtf I’m so sorry anonita

No. 1493662

I've come to really hate this place and most posters. I feel like LC has just changed too much.

No. 1493666

File: 1675820004039.jpg (25.31 KB, 498x498, 52091a7dc8f0e81e93a39c3e17d29a…)

Living with an extremely aggressive father its like walking on eggshells constantly, I feel like an schizo literally predicting his moves so I can avoid any fights, everything could trigger him. He has always been neurotic and violent, last time he jumped on me and my mom and we are just supposed to be okay with it. He's extremely misogynistic, hates women and treats everyone with a vagina like incompetent whores. I cannot leave because mom needs assistance after her surgery, I wish he would just drop dead
>Wow anon I wish you wouldn't distance so much from me
Well then stop scaring me away fucker. You literally get angry at people eating chicken at the wrong room and using jeans?? Actual schizophrenia

No. 1493669

Ah, autism is hell, thanks for answering.

No. 1493671

I reduced contact to my abusive stepfather until I only see him at family meetings, where the entire family is present, and send him a whatsapp for Christmas, new years and his birthday. I noticed that I always send these messages first and he replies. He didn't reply to my Christmas message, so I didn't send one for new years nor for his birthday. No reaction. Good.

No. 1493680

i want the moid who's stalking me to get off my ass or confront me. there has to be an end to everything. I'm not the psycho who's inciting fear here. god I'm tired of this shit. holy fuck I fear leaving my house, using my phone, living my life. he did this to me. I did not ask for him to be there.

if I had time and money I would've fucking bought a gun and learned how to shoot like an expert. I am in no way a fan of violence but i literally don't feel safe anywhere anymore.

No. 1493682

File: 1675822629794.jpg (64.1 KB, 600x655, Schoolgirl-Spilling-Her-Lunch-…)

>tfw so tense I can't even properly execute the relaxation exercises for the very same tensions
I hope someone will at least clean my statue when I fully turn into stone.

No. 1493691

My father was exactly like this, literally anything could set him off on any given day. Trying to describe the fact that I couldn’t use the kitchen during normal people hours and had to do laundry past midnight garners no sympathy though. People just think you’re a weirdo doormat.

No. 1493692

I realize I'm going to be 25 soon. It feels really strange. I know that 25 isn't old or anything, but I guess I realize that to some people I would be considered an adult and not a "young person" anymore. I don't know. I would tell myself things like "oh I'll be able to go on trips with my friends when I'm older" or "I'll be able to go to shows with friends once I'm older" or "it's okay if I don't know a lot about 'x' subject because I'm still young and I'll learn more as I get older" or even "I've never had a boyfriend but that's okay because I'm still young." And now I realize that I am "older" and if there are certain things I haven't done then I can't really use being young as an excuse anymore. I guess that's life though. I've grown in ways that I didn't expect and all the milestones I wanted to reach at this age I haven't gotten to do.

No. 1493697

i actually hate being friends with most autists because they make me feel so unwanted like i did something wrong. i used to be regarded an autist growing up then "i grew out of it" and learned to actually show emotions and care towards my friends, but they were never forced to fucking learn anything is beyond me. like fuck off, i was so autistic i almost died of anorexia because most food textures disgusted and made me throw up, and had several seizures on the reg. but i still know how to show that i care for somebody i like, or to let them know i am overwhelmed when i will not contact. not fall off the face of the planet, express no happiness unless it's le special intereste but say yes in fact they do, and think it's normal to only talk to people that talk to them like a fucking npc. holy fucking shit. if i was called a turbo sperg for my sensory issues which i a still struggling with, then why are motherfuckers in this day and age accepted for acting like a robot. and i understand i come off this same way, i understand these struggles, but i am still pissed. guess i am the difference between being raised neurotypical versus enabling parenting.

No. 1493704

Guns are expensive, but get a camera or gate installed. Will depend on if you're in a certain community, like an apartment, townhome, etc. Have a recording device so that it keeps track if anyone keeps coming by and give someone you trust access to that camera, as well. Even if it's just
by the front door or bedroom. Keep a bat, knife, or whatever you're comfortable with by your bed (preferably all of them) in order to protect yourself. Please be safe baby, you never know the true intention yet yours are what matter. Sending you love and whatever else you need, be safe.

No. 1493710

File: 1675825760871.jpg (42.2 KB, 480x360, BRAAAAAAIN.jpg)

666 lol
Paranoid ass pain in the ass antisocial dad's club! I was living with my family during the pandemmy and me being a full adult with an afternoon - closing shift job, he still yelled at me if my lights were on past 8 PM. I actually stopped showering before bed because he would make comments everyday on how long it took me to go to sleep. I went on anxiety and sleep medications, gained 10 kilograms from stress and depression and binge eating. My father said I could eat what he cooked, which was randomly only his food, then he would whine at me for having eaten it. If I cooked there he would complain about not having enough space in the fridge for my food. If I did not eat the slop already there, he would complain that I was wasting it (had ingredients I was allergic to). If I bought ready made to avoid time in the kitchen, he complained about me spending so much money on something I could be making myself. So I started living off takeout I ordered after he went to sleep. He would criticize and yell for anything anytime if he had a bad day, like if I immediately washed a cup after drinking from it, but other times if I did not immediately wash it. He also always accused me and my siblings or us and our mother of conspiring against him for going out without him, but when we invited him out he always declined, often last minute. If we bought snacks he would criticize that, and would order 10 of a much shittier version "to teach us this is cheaper" (yeah because it's SHIT) when we weren't even poor. Piling up a hoard of shit in the pantry, we couldn't even use what we had because it was just piled. Made zero sense, just constant abuse, I felt also like walking on eggshells and ants under my skin like his paranoia was rubbing off on me. When my sibling was fed up and moved, he spent an entire week telling him off for taking so long, and throwing his things in a pile in the living room (where they previously already packed their stuff). Before this he always told them they could leave their stuff at his house because there is enough space, and could come get it anytime! Sike, he felt like an ass that day, that's what we get. Constant comments about our academic and dating lives, including that of our friends' too. If he was called out on his hypocrisy he would deny everything and project, call everybody liars all the time and genuinely believe everyone except for him is stupid, and should follow his way of life.

No. 1493718

Changed in what ways anon?

No. 1493742

Hate trying to read my ex, hate that I just want to send the risky text and move on, hate that I can’t tell if he’s avoidant or just not interested because I know my own avoidant ass is more comfortable stewing in rejection anyways, hate that I project that onto him but it’s also a possibility still

No. 1493744

the older i get, the more i realize just how fucking willfully ignorant and apathetic people are about the simplest shit, especially health and safety stuff. it especially gets to me when it's adults that i used to admire for being so smart and responsible. like, apparently my parents never saw the need for carbon monoxide detectors, working smoke alarms, or humidity gauges in the house because "wowee we just never thought of that!" and now that i'm older IM the one who has to buy them and put them up. or how they've been fishing in this lake for years since i was little and feeding us the fish, only for me to find out when i'm older that the lake and fish are full of toxins that cause reproductive and developmental problems, and cancer. but they NEVER thought to check the reports of the lake from the government website even though we live in fucking pollution central, and i'm the one who has to tell them. and once they know about it they don't even care and just shrug it off. or how i discovered a lint ball the size of a softball underneath the dryer filter that they had never thought to even check because they just go about doing whatever and not fucking thinking, and i'm the one who has to take the dryer apart now and fix it. i don't understand, maybe i'm just an anxious mess but i don't get how people can go about life not even thinking about the safety of the structures they live, maintenance for appliances or the safety of they food they're eating. is this a result of the retarded american education system or what??? like i know if i had children i would always be making sure the things around them are safe and healthy, i cannot fathom how people just don't give a shit. and it's not just my parents either, it's my friends and friends parents and fucking everyone around me that don't think about these things. i could give more examples but i feel so retarded and high and mighty for writing this out, i just need to get it out of my system because nobody listens to me. i feel like i'm going insane realizing all of this shit now that i'm older, when i didn't know any better when i was younger, but the adults in my life SHOULD HAVE. UGH FUCK!!!!!

No. 1493749

Adding onto this but like people always say that unless someone is coming back full throttle or enthusiastically then they don’t care at all but I know for myself I’d literally rather die than admit my true feelings about most situations, even if I desperately want to let someone know things my brain literally does not let me express them properly and I want to just rip the band aid off and tell my ex I miss him and he reject me again but I can’t do it and he’s told me his it is literally almost impossible for him to express his needs fully and that it’s always been hard for him and I just am losing my fucking mind being like this.

No. 1493756

There's no feasible way to put up a gate with the way it's laid out but I already have cameras. I'm considering buying a small knife and carrying it in my purse. Switchblades are illegal here but if I can find a good, not too expensive pocket knife I'll go for that. Thank you for your concern nona

No. 1493758

File: 1675831068329.jpg (59.19 KB, 735x697, 1c3afd021520bf32672131481935f9…)

I just remembered that when I was very young, my mother would tell me to make sure my shirt was always pulled over my butt whenever I went out. I wasn't going anywhere but school and I hadn't even hit puberty yet. I haven't thought of that in years but I just remembered because I realized I still sometimes subconsciously pull my shirt over my butt.

No. 1493760

File: 1675831212790.jpeg (22.39 KB, 500x282, 33E00A50-A3F7-48FA-9938-9A278A…)

Update on my disgusting moid crush, I opened my eyes today and am no longer infatuated. I can’t believe how delusional I was. Thank you all for believing in me

No. 1493766

What do you guys do to deal with suicidal ideation. I will never kill myself because of the impact it would have on my parents, but that does not change the fact that it is on my mind 24/7. I literally feel like I'm going MAD because all I ever feel is straight unhappiness and the urge to end my life. And it's actually more frustrating when you take into account that I'll never do it. So why does my mind get consumed with the thoughts? How do I unwire my brain from this fucked framework????

No. 1493767

Sometimes I need to tell myself “chill my nigga, it’s not that serious.”

No. 1493768

File: 1675831881217.jpg (1.1 MB, 1187x946, Tumblr_l_18017829917527.jpg)

My boss called me slow on my second day and everyone else said I'm doing well and that she's way too hard on new people but I cant help but take the comment very personally. Not even sure if she meant literal speed or perceived intelligence but the thought of being perceived as a tard makes me want to rope

No. 1493771

Congrats, anon! I knew you could do it.

No. 1493777

When I feel that, it always passes eventually, so I just feel horrible and hope I, like, die in a car crash or something, until it passes.

Since yours are more intense, I suggest trying distress tolerance techniques from Dialectical Behavior Therapy. They are fairly easy to do on your own and they were invented for intense feelings like you describe. Google "distress tolerance dbt" and look through the sites that come up.

No. 1493779

Lexapro made me develop and eating disorder. It made me so hungry that I would eat insane amounts and still be hungry. I would try to overcorrect and barely eat the next day. I realized that wouldn't do be any good so I would eat normal the next day. I t didn't stop me from feeling hungry. Now that I'm off of it and 10 pounds heavier , I cannot get rid of these binges.

No. 1493790

I know this sounds really stupid and basic, but whenever I get super wrapped up in suicidal ideation I just focus as hard as I can on what I'm doing in the moment. Like if I'm driving in the car, I'll start listing all of the things I see around me or listening to the lyrics of whatever song I'm listening to. Or if I'm doing nothing, then I'll force myself to do something I can concentrate on like cleaning or taking a walk. It might be different for you, but my SI tends to focus a lot on the future. I think about how I might never be happy, will always be alone, so I might as well end my life etc. But when I focus to whatever I'm doing on the present, things never seem that bad. Obviously it doesn't work all of the time but I find it can help when I get so wrapped up in my thoughts.

No. 1493799

Last week my mom fell and broke her hip, the next day she got surgery to stabilize the break. She already had issues with her mobility before that, she had to use a cane to walk and her gait has been getting more and more rigid over the years. She doesn't do anything to help it, she doesn't eat enough food, she doesn't do any exercises. She constantly hides behind her anxiety and things being too hard, too difficult, too uncomfortable. Now one week post surgery she's still in the hospital, still swollen from the surgery, still not eating properly. The doctors have given her exercises to do to try to lessen the swelling and regain as much mobility as possible, and she still refuses because it's too uncomfortable. I understand she's scared and it hurts, but if she doesn't even try she will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. The nurses are telling her "move it or lose it" but my dad just gives in to her discomfort. She's going to stay swollen and immobile because she's too scared to be a little uncomfortable and grit and bear through the pain. My dad and I are going to have spend the rest of his life and hers taking care of a 62 year old with issues similar to that of a woman in her late 80's because she won't even try. She doesn't even grasp that these days are crucial, if she doesn't fucking move she will likely never walk again. I'm so mad and scared I could scream at her and throw her out of the fucking hospital bed myself.

No. 1493810

Feeling super defeated lately, I just wanna kill my self and I hate myself I hate the relationship I’m in I hate the body I’m in, I hate how I’m a loser who can’t get and keep a job, I hate how nothing ever goes right with me, I hate how I have no friends. I hate how I’m scared of everything , I hate my shaky mannerisms I hate my cynicism I hate how I can’t accept a compliment I hate how paranoid I am,I think everyone hates me

No. 1493827

im so tired of being a lonely friendless fuck. how do people do it??? why do people just get along seamlessly regardless of whether or not they share similar interest??? waaaaaaah

No. 1493835

File: 1675837615244.png (80.25 KB, 275x235, 11701977-0533-4C28-B1EF-02539D…)

Asked my ex for closure again basically and he confirmed what I’ve been thinking and that he was scared of a /real/ relationship and damn it fucking sucks knowing that but at least I’m not crazy

No. 1493859

My skin went from almost clear to taking a huge nose dive I'm assuming from too much sugar, coffee, and a little cola. It itches andd looks awful. I feel so ugly but I might have to keep my bangs clipped back at work since they're hindering my forehead. Everyone at work has such flawless skin it makes me feel like such a loser. I dont smoke, drink, gamble, take pill drugs, and I cannot even indulge in 1/3 a dark chocolate bar with half a cup of soda without my skin flipping out. People in my family who stuff their face with the worst take out and mini cakes have better skin. My life is already shit I should be allowed to have some form of tiny indulgence…

No. 1493869

I've always hated how I looked… but it's never been this bad. I looked in the mirror earlier, the woman in the mirror wasn't me. I felt like puking up and I cried a little… she was a lardy, oily, ugly mess. Have I really not looked in a mirror for this long or what? It's only been a month since I started to HATE anything that gave off a reflection of "me" but whoever that was didn't even feel like me. Lately I've been puking up anything I eat that isn't more than 2 muesli bars and a little bit of yoghurt because something keeps telling me I shouldn't be eating tasty food. Not even in big portions either. What's happening to me.

No. 1493871

I'm keeping talking to moids to a bare minimum. Of course moids in customer service give an attitude when women are always kind to me. Unless a cashier or whatever i will go out of my way to request a woman or just hang up and hope the next rep is a woman. It's exhausting.

No. 1493879

Nonna fuck it, i have terrible skin even when i'm eating healthy and nobody figured out why, there's no point in being sad about it. Everybody has some problem and our problem is just visible. I learned not to care because i will look like a zombie till i die and it's a waste of life to be sad about sonething you can't change.

No. 1493894

i relate but why do you mention gambling like it would have any effect on breakouts?

No. 1493944

the guy I've had a deep parasocial infatuation with for a very high number of years has a new gf so naturally I am crying and sick to my stomach over it. I was stupid enough to spend years upon years fantasizing about him and staring at photos of him for several hours everyday. now I don't know how I'll spend my free time anymore because I was really that dependent on the idea of him. he was my escapism tool. I've never had an official boyfriend which makes this worse. I lost all my friends after I graduated college and I work from home most of the time so I just can't seem to meet new people to date. I'm far too depressed to do anything about it but I feel like dying even more now. I know I need to get my ass back in therapy although I'm always too ashamed to bring this up because I hate feeling so pathetic. I hate myself for letting myself get so attached and obsessed over someone who doesn't even know I exist. I know this is dumb af but I feel like I'll never be happy unless I can love him. my feelings for him consume my entire existence.

No. 1493959

Back in 2006 I had a Sidekick phone. I loved that I could turn off images and search the internet. This was especially good because I was living in first-year student housing and there was a cckr*ch problem in the laundry room. I have a huge phobia of swarming insects and was trying frantically to get switched to another place to live and also obsessively looking up stuff about those insects. By turning off images I could look up things without getting bombarded with pictures of them.

This is basically nearly impossible to do on Chrome now without disabling other stuff. I don't have any insects in my home but sometimes I get paranoid and want to read about how to 100% never have ants or whatever. But then I have to see pictures of them.

I know I'm retarded, I just get waves of disgust when I think pf anything that swarms but r*ches are the worst, ants/mggots too. Bees I try to tolerate despite being allergic but I still can't handle pictures of them in a hive. There was a company here that had a pic of a guy wearing a "bee beard" in an ad and it made me feel so nauseated I wanted to throw up. That was when I realized I'm kind of a tard with this phobia and other ppl can handle these things.

No. 1493960

Neighbor pulled out and then parked in front of my house where I was smoking and stayed idling. I don't even know if they could see me so they were probably just preoccupied with their own shit but it threw me off and ruined my tiny little joint I've been saving.

No. 1493974

File: 1675851063651.jpeg (51.9 KB, 459x500, EB9836FF-C204-47D1-AFCB-DD44DF…)

>be me, buying dance shorts
>order M based off the size guide measurements and all the reviews saying “fit great but size up if you’re in between”
>they arrive
>way too big
>send them back and order a small
>still slightly too big even though the size guide measurements are smaller than my true measurements

A minor but highly irritating inconvenience, I’m hoping they shrink after I’ve washed them. Why is nothing ever simple

No. 1493983

I kind of just fuck dudes on the second date so I can see their true personality quicker and block them. I mean it’s not healthy but I find the quickest way to sort through scrotes is to just fuck them because yeah of course they are going to be sweet and nice before they get pussy.

No. 1493991

>on the phone with my mom and i tell her how some girls complimented my new haircut the other day
>she says they were probably just sparing my feelings
>i ask why would they just randomly approach me to do that
>she says they probably saw me looking ugly
I don't know what's her issue with me. I know you don't like how I look but come on, other people can think my pixie looks cute… now I'm doubting if she was right… exactly what she wanted.

No. 1493994

Don't doubt the interaction, anon. You definitely look cute af with your new haircut which is why the girls complimented you and your mom is jealous. I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

No. 1494000

Nonna, you're so sweet. Thank you. I probably look alright, my mom just knows how to make me second-guess myself and feel bad. If she's miserable, she wants everyone else to be miserable too. We all know someone like that.

No. 1494004

My dad walked out on our family when I was kid. Apparently he died some time after he cut contact and disappeared. Now I'm a grown adult who walks around my apartment just muttering "Dada" and "Daddy" because I guess I'm not over it or something. You'd think those words would be triggering and they are but they're also somehow comforting because I want to pretend like I did have a loving, present, supportive father.

No. 1494034

My mom got mad at me because I didn't empty headedly agree with her assumption on a beauty device. I tried to clear up her confusion but she immediately got pissy because she always has to be right unless a fucking man who could be her son's age says otherwise then she'll kiss his ass. I stg she's cluster b because she throws tantrums if I don't agree and loves to throw out the accusation that I like "making her feel stupid". It's funny she acts like I talk down to her when in reality she loves talking down to me.

No. 1494042

File: 1675858214818.jpg (12.45 KB, 540x311, 747c60c0c9ced63cdbb761cd9ce6ed…)

My god can I please get over this moid already. I want to be more sociable in my next uni semester but I just can't bear talking to moids let alone be intimate with any of them after I got dumped recently. I hate how long it takes me to be 100% over someone. I don't think about him as often anymore but thinking about him touching another woman the same way he touched me makes me feel sick and jealous. I hate that I lowkey still have a bit of hope for him to come back or for us to run into each other. I wish he wasn't always in the back of my mind. Ughhhhhh whyyyyyyyyy. I hate feelings.

No. 1494055

It sucks when the closest people do that, but your mom is definitely just insecure and jealous.

Anon, try to concentrate on his flaws as much as possible, even if there were things that you could do better and so on. Even if it seems unreasonable, I think it's better to turn all the bittersweet feelings that you have into more negative ones, and then you'll get over him quicker, especially if there's no contact and you don't check his social media. You probably haven't got used to being single and it's quite possible that you miss being in a relationship, not him exactly. There're probably such things that wouldn't make the relationship work out even the second time if there were such a chance. It's all in the past now. There's someone better for you out there, but take your time, it's ok you're not ready to be intimate with someone else yet.

No. 1494064

Just checked the social media of my former classmates and I want to kill myself. Many of them are married, have children, date, have successful careers and their appearance is so different. Meanwhile, I'm still a fat loser who can't even get a minimum wage job.

No. 1494065

I hope I'm not growing bored with my Nigel. It just feels so frustrating that every time we talk now it's discussing this issue we have, and he won't make up his mind about it. I just need him to be a man and make some decisions so we can move on from this. Also felt so lonely with the distance even though he's moving here soon. He's really wonderful, no anger issues or weird habits, and very loyal and kind. I hope things can go back to normal soon.

No. 1494066

Thank you nonny. Just the fact that he dumped me should be enough for me to move on and be with someone who actually wants me but I hate those stupid "what if's" that pop up in my head every once in a while.

No. 1494069

Why can't you get a min-wage job?

No. 1494075

File: 1675863288790.jpg (107.73 KB, 894x982, 71kLA1W 1-L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Fuck this earth I'm gonna revamp my resume and put a bunch of LIES on it! Hahaha what are you gonna do about it. Anyway I hate being an overly honest autismo so I'll adjust myself to your dirty deceitful world and be just like you but worse.

No. 1494077

This is why I don't have social media. I'm not where I want to be yet but there's no reason former classmates need to know that. It's crazy how people are so comfortable just putting their business out there. I used to follow this one former classmate on fb her life was like a damn soap opera

No. 1494086

Don’t worry about SM too much. Unless they’re cows, people only tend to show their best face. You get to choose what to show, so why would they show ugly?

No. 1494090

WHY are XYs so goddamned stupid? I'm developmentally delayed and borderline retarded, dating a nigel who is allegedly smarter than average, and yet I'm consistently better than him in academic interests, daily living, and just plain old common sense. How is this possible? A disabled hikki neet who has very little going on in life should not be skipping circles around anyone and yet this dude can't keep up with me. It's a logical inconsistency that makes me fucking rage because I hate having to tell this idiot how to avoid basic life annoyances so they don't inconvenience us both.

No. 1494091

I'm in the exact same boat nona, I avoid facebook as much as possible for that reason.

No. 1494100

File: 1675866381377.png (710.81 KB, 707x765, 1604726208356.png)

I consistently fuck things up in my life purely because of inaction.
Why is it so hard for me to just fucking respond to emails and messages on time and keep on top of administrative tasks?? Objectively it takes so little time and effort, but it feels like the hardest thing in the world, so inevitably I let things build up and screw myself over. Then, where possible, I try and do some damage control, I apologize and make up some excuse as to why I didn't respond or keep on top of tasks for so long, promise to do better, and then do the whole thing all over again. Now with work, I do the actual duties just fine and I'm pretty decent at my job, but it also requires me to write up a short report every day of what happened. I just got an email from my supervisor about how he noticed I haven't added any new reports in over a month and he wants to talk, probably to fire me. And all I can do is shamefully agree, because it's 100% my own fault. And even now, I've dedicated this day to finally writing up those overdue reports, and yet I've spent all day distracting myself with stupid shit like browsing LC.
Even if I do manage to somewhat fix this situation, it's happened over and over again and I can't imagine suddenly doing a 180 and showing a capability to stay on top of things that I've never had in my life.
I see posts on here complaining about how moids are lazy and unable to manage simple daily tasks and housework and all I can think is that that sounds just like me, and it makes me feel even worse.

Sick and tired of wallowing in my own hubris like this.

No. 1494106

Nona, you've clearly got a dopamine deficiency disorder. Get Adderall, it will literally cure you.

No. 1494116

Idk anon fwiw a moid would never feel bad about it the way you do now. He would probably say that busy work like a stupid little daily report is a waste of his time, and tbh he would be right? I’m sure that’s not the only example but still don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe like other anon said though pharma intervention could probably help.

No. 1494117

Thanks for the tip but I've already tried adderall/stimulants and while they did improve things for a short while, they don't really do anything for me nowadays

No. 1494123

I am close to using my cast iron skillet for something other than cooking. That is all.

No. 1494125

Where are my carfags at. Am I being reasonable?
I bought my car for $5k over two years ago at 84k miles. It's a hybrid. I've probably spent about $5k on it for major repairs, one was due to the cat getting stolen. The 100k mark just passed and it's why so much of that is going towards the car. Nigel says I should be in the market for another car soon if I have to do any more repairs costing me over $300. I say I don't think I want to throw away this car. I think selling it is unreasonable because it won't make back the amount I paid and put into it. I'm looking at other hybrids in the market, all in the $11k range and lowest is 140k miles, which at that point I'm certain battery failure is soon to occur and who knows what else is up with these vehicles I'd have to tend to. With my car, I have 5ish years to go before battery failure is certain. Should I listen to Nigel and prepare to finance a new car or stick to my guns and keep my car, given I may run into about $1k worth of major repairs in the next 2-3 years.

No. 1494128

stupid that i cant take unpaid time off when they know production is not running. but people can call in sick multiple days in a row….

No. 1494134

File: 1675869118259.jpeg (123.08 KB, 700x700, 589E70DE-986A-4FE6-8D2E-F129AC…)

I need to know, am I incompetent if I think I should have some guidance in my career?
My teachers have barely interacted with me throughout my whole career in this online university, like I think I've talked with them, and had important information given to me like 5 times in 6 years.
I always have to fuck around and figure out fucking everything, and I've been denied information a few times already during my internships, so I don't fucking know who to ask anymore.
Am I retarded? Should I just know what to do? Is it like this in other careers? Because in education I feel like the very few things I've learnt have been all because I decided to search for more information or because my family has pushed me to search for more than the basic information that I usually manage to find in my deep dives on the internet.
I have to do some diagnostic evaluation and it's basically a whole ass thesis, fucking again, again a motherfucking thesis, this is the third fucking thesis I've written, and it's of something that first, I don't give a fuck about, second, it's never used to help the retards that the educational system is supposed to help, third, it's all fantasy numbers anyways.
Do these idiots think I'm going to prestidigitate a whole ass grade of students willing to take a fucking boring test, a two rounds test?? And that everyone will do it with the idea of getting the best scores they can get? And that I will do it in 6 (working btw) days so I can write the whole ass thesis in 3 days? Like, couldn't they've told me when the course began? Like "hey faggots, there's a kind of thesis that you have to write about the diagnostic evaluation for the kids of the classroom you're at lol, like, you don't have that much time so you should talk with your tutors or some shit idk, maybe start imagining shit, do some mushrooms or smth lmao"
I have to do a bunch of retarded calculations, write my stupid ass, useless reports about the 9th motherfucking day in a row of retarded ass evaluations that have nothing to do with any important shit like, you know, teaching the retarded kids how to fucking do shit that's related to learning and not how to get along with each other, making them do useless waste of paper "interviews" and stupid shit like that.
Like fuck goddammit, what the fuck am I doing with my life?! I just want to fucking die already, why can't I just develop a mortal cancer that will kill me in less than a week? This is such a fucking waste of time, I'm so useless, I should've just killed myself when I was 15 years old, I wouldn't be making my family waste their money on me anymore, I just want to die, I'm sick of everything.

No. 1494137

i feel guilty when i get angry. i know i shouldn't, and i know that i have a right to be irritated when people do stupid shit to me or are inconsiderate. i should express my feelings to others more but i don't trust myself not to say something horrible that i will regret later, so i just don't say anything at all. but then i spend the rest of my time seething and letting my anger eat me away inside. i oscillate between wanting to keep the peace when people take advantage of my kindness and wanting to tell them to fuck off. am i toxic? sometimes i am afraid i am. but i blame it on my upbringing. i don't know how to approach people in a healthy way. i am used to being screamed at or slapped or threatened whenever i speak up for myself. i get embarrassed when people see me in a bad mood because i don't like this part of myself and don't really know how to deal with it.

No. 1494143

Cars have longer lives in states where there is little snow. This is because they don't salt or stone the roads, and because a lack of extreme temperature fluctuations. So if you're in a hotter state, you 1000% shouldn't sell your car. You'll probably have to sink another $2000 into it, but you'll also get about 100,000 miles out of it.
Even if you're in a wet winter state, you should still keep the car, but expect to pay a little more and get a little less out of (say 80,000 miles).
Of course you should also have a rainy day fund of enough money to finance the purchase of another car should something go catastrophically wrong, but that's a general financial tip that applies towards anything necessary for you to continue to work. For example my coworkers new car with 48K miles just blew up on the highway one day. But that is extraordinarily rare and it's much more common for a car to reach 200,000 miles than that to happen.

No. 1494148

I would recommend trying different forms. For example, only one brand of generic Adderall works for me, but real Adderall or Adderall IR completely fails me.
But from one person with a dopamine deficiency disorder to another, I know that this advice is almost worthless because if you were able to surmount the hill of finding a psychiatrist, getting her to prescribe the different types, and then continue to try them, then you wouldn't have DDD in the first place.
Not so fun fact, did you know when they give mice the same condition as us, the mice will literally starve to death if they make them solve a puzzle to get food. Any effort that is required to fulfill basic needs is considered too much and it is easier for the mice to lay there and die rather than to get what they need.

No. 1494168

Gotcha. My car was in the hot states until 2 years ago, practically no rust either. Whatever 1 year it spent in the cold state shouldn't be much damage. I'm definitely more inclined to keeping it. I did previous research with Nigel trying to find a car for him and anything cheap under $4k, not just hybrids, was was basically shit. All cars had over 200k miles on it and massive amounts of repairs needed, usually transmission failure or axles etc. I want this car I've had for 2 years to be my baby until it really gives out. The car I had before practically broke in half from rust (salt belt) so I know how bad something can get before I know I need to replace it. Definitely gonna put aside a few thousand for a just in case car, but I'd rather do that then search while my current car is still functioning. Thank you for you opinion!

No. 1494170

a stuck up instagram bitch with 2 bucks in bank
nta and this is a joke don't come for me lol

No. 1494172

>if you were able to surmount the hill of finding a psychiatrist, getting her to prescribe the different types, and then continue to try them, then you wouldn't have DDD in the first place.
Holy shit this is exactly the problem I've been having with seeking help. I've tried to start the process so many times, with psych help and also with guidance councillors at uni, but every single time I find myself unable to make new appointments in time and it truly does feel like an insurmountable hill. To be completely honest the only reason I've been able to try different types of adderall and other stimulants is by acquiring them through less than legal means.
I've been beating myself up over being so useless I can't even properly seek help to try and fix those exact problems, so I feel really seen by your reply in a way I didn't expect to. It still seems pretty bleak but thank you nona.

No. 1494209

im so fucking sick of the medical system in my area. i found out after an ultrasound in 2021 that i have an ovarian cyst. my doctor told me to give it a few months and have it checked again but i moved cities & change health authorities since then.
Ive now been waiting TEN months for an ultrasound. they havent even booked me an appointment yet. i've had 3 separate requisitions sent in now for it, one that i asked my doctor to mark as urgent in hopes they would contact me sooner. i've called them to ask how much longer i can expect to wait and i just get a bitchy response over the phone about how cant tell me and that they have a priority based system. So Im not a priority, great.
i cant have sex because of the pain, can't go more than an hour without nearly pissing my pants and the bloating in my lower abdomen is severely affecting my self esteem. literally want to die

No. 1494242

>i cant have sex because of the pain, can't go more than an hour without nearly pissing my pants
Go to the ER, that's serious. Explained that you have a history of ovarian cysts and you need an ultrasound because you fear that the blood supply to your ovary has been compromised because of the "extreme pain" (you might need to play up your pain a little) you've been feeling. They might argue, because you're a woman with a reproductive issue, but if they decline, demand that they explicitly note your complaint and their denial of an ultrasound in your medical notes and then demand a copy of your medical notes before you leave. If they refuse or try to stall, demand to see a patient advocate. They will give in and do the ultrasound because if something is wrong, they're medically liable and not only will you be able to sue them for damage to your reproductive system, but they can be brought up before the board and lose their license. Compared to that, they'll fold and give you the ultrasound.

No. 1494257

Experienced the weirdest racism today. I sub at a minority school (there's like 1 white student) and the kids were racist towards me… I swear it was so weird. These kids don't have any teachers and are hard to teach, so they bring in lots of subs due to teachers quitting. And the admin had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to stay. Lmao. These kids go in 4th grade bu don't know basic add and subtraction, or any lick of the language. I went in helping them as much as I could but no. Never going there again. Immigrant diaspora in Europe can be a bizarre experience sometimes. This girl asked me where I'm from and she sounded like a Nazi, but she's not white. So weird. I know there are immigrants her ewho think they are better than other people who are also immigrants because of thier proximity to whiteness (which is non existent). It's always the same Christian part of Balkan (Like Albaina) and Christian Middle eastern people being racist. It's bizarre as fuck. They think Christianity brings them closer to white people. Never had issues with muslims though.

No. 1494265

Aren't people from Balkan white?

No. 1494270

File: 1675878828088.jpg (63.22 KB, 821x1280, 1664400065984.jpg)

>doesn't feel motivated to work because it sucks and life's pretty shit
>omg you've got a dopamine deficiency disorder, executive dysfunction, autism and aids get on anti psychotics and meth ASAP babe!!!

Do you guys even hear yourselves? Get in touch with your feelings.

No. 1494281

thank you for the advice nona. i appreciate it and im definitely going to try it next time i go in

No. 1494295

this is dumb but I am proud of you for taking responsibility and ending the cycle of negligence. it sucks to have to be the one who steps up, and you'll never get any rewards or praise for the works it takes, but it's the right thing to do

No. 1494300

>Not so fun fact, did you know when they give mice the same condition as us, the mice will literally starve to death if they make them solve a puzzle to get food. Any effort that is required to fulfill basic needs is considered too much and it is easier for the mice to lay there and die rather than to get what they need.
can you link this study? not doubting just would like to show other people

No. 1494314

wow she's just like me for real, seriously identical

No. 1494329

I’m so lonely. I use things like bumble bff and so few people match with me, and the few that do always stop replying. I work entirely from home so no friends there. I have a few hobbies and can chat to people at them but it never progresses to meeting up outside of that, presumably because they have their own life. I’m really starting to think I’m just broken or something (I know that sounds cringe but idk how else to word it). Why is it so hard to find someone to go for coffee with or go to a restaurant/bar with?

No. 1494342

I love my dog. I mean hes my boyfriends dog but technically ours. At the same time I fucking hate my dog. Cavaliers are really sweet but they're way too fucking clingy. He follows me everywhere and I actually find that so fucking irritating. I've always been a cat person and I always will be. I miss my cat, I just want a cat but can't afford one right now with everything being too damn expensive. I get it, having a dog can be fun but they honestly suck. They get into shit they're not supposed to eat, chew shoes and other random things, and you have the leave the fucking house to let them go. I live in an apartment so it's not as simple as walking out your door. And my dog won't stop fucking peeing on himself?? Like fuck. He stinks. I can't bathe him everyday. Ugh. I wish we just had a cat instead.

No. 1494344

my sister who has been in the foster system sent me a message on instagram. I rarely check social media but I'm just so sad today and thought there might be a cheery meme. I'm so sad. and she sent me the message a week ago, just asking how I was doing. ugh I'm the worst

No. 1494345

I don't care how highly specific this vent is I just saw some tiktok that was talking about "when your friend gets too close to your mom" and the background noise was like "if I can't have you.. no one can". Like yeah it's funny but also.. some people really do be trying to steal your fucking mom. Like sorry your mom is a deadbeat and a piece of crap but don't go cozying up to mine trying to usurp me as her daughter. I legit had a friend do this and I swear my mom started liking her better than me. She even lived with us for a while and my mom would compare me to her and want me to be more outgoing like her and didn't empathize with me when I didn't want to be friends with her anymore. I feel like my mom always cared about charity for my down and out relatives, that friend, etc more than me. She liked feeling like a savior even if her own kids are pushed to the backburner. She legit talked to that one friend of mine for YEARS after I stopped talking to her even though I told her it bothered me. My mom is probably mentally ill on some level. I can't even say certain shit to her on the phone or she'll hang up on me I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around her. And she accuses me of manipulative behavior or secretly being mean to her when I always fucking mean what I say. I have to prove that I wasn't actually meaning something when I said another. She's so paranoid and insecure. My mom never matured past age 12 mentally I swear we used to fight so much. Now I literally just temper my reactions around her and don't take the bait because she's just not worth it and I know she'll never, ever concede in an argument or take my side ever. She's the type to always play devil's advocate. She acts like taking my side is coddling me. But I still crave her love and approval. I'm demented

No. 1494348

File: 1675882365955.jpg (526.09 KB, 1078x1079, 1673413682183.jpg)

Yet another man giving hints that I'm "not that cute". He didn't say it directly, but you know. I'm super average like 5/10, and I swear they want me to hate myself. They start getting grumpy that I refuse to be all "aww I'm sooo ugly", and that I just say "thank you" when they compliment me.

No. 1494350

I thought I grew out of it like five years ago, but I find myself increasingly annoyed at existing in the same vicinity as children again lol. I also feel incredibly uneasy when thinking about the whole process of a pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child for its first few years, another feeling I thought I got over with like 15. Today one of the women in my class talked about her brother wanting children now after all, saying it'll probably be different when it's your own, after insisting all his life he'd stay childless. With my current ~mindset~, I can't think of anything that'd be more of a still-lawful betrayal from a partner than that lmao. It's like the absolute opposite of baby fever, and there isn't even anything that triggered it, the last birth in my family was three years ago, abortion still accessible as ever here, the children in my family are actually starting to form their own opinions and you can hold real conversations with them etc etc.

No. 1494370

Based, ily
I feel you nonny

No. 1494371

Just found out someone I know died. I didn't know her well in recent years with us moving around but I'm just shocked. Our dads are best friends. We both went through our moms having breast cancer at around the same time and we both lost our moms to it while we were barely adults. She was tested for the breast cancer gene back then and when she had it she even had a preventative double mastectomy. Someone who didn't think twice about taking that measure to be safe. Still died young and out of the blue.

She 'took a funny turn' a few days ago. Ended up on life support for 3 days and had to be taken off of it. They don't know what happened yet.

No. 1494380

You're probably still way more attractive than them objectively, especially with your confidence. Of course they need to make you feel bad. Kill em all.

No. 1494392

My mom is honest to god a dumb whore and I hate her for it. Mindlessly popped out four kids with no consideration for what our lives would be like or try to get any of us to college at all, she just bred a family of low level workers and I hate her. Got pregnant in high school school and had kids by three different men? Fucking pathetic, and has now thrown herself completely into being an insane zealot, can't stand this psychopathic anger issues self righteous two faced bitch.

No. 1494408

I see the apple has not fallen far from the tree

No. 1494420

zlib has been seized by the fbi yet moids post cp here and everywhere at all times. innit funny. i just want to read books fuck the police fuuuck themmmm

No. 1494425

You can infer nothing about me from this post except for anger and disappointment towards my mother. Go troll someone else fag, I am not the one.

No. 1494441

It's still active on their TOR addess. also

No. 1494444

Do I have fucking placeholder written on my forehead or something?? Every single person I've dated have either dumped me for someone else or gone back to their exes and I'm so fucking done with it

No. 1494446

Was she a single mother too? That sounds like a nightmare both for her and you & your siblings.

No. 1494461

bless you

No. 1494478

Anyone relate to being someone everyone has no problem with, likes to a certain degree, talks to you about pretty serious/private topics because they feel comfortable around you, but then they just don't take the extra step of befriending you? I'm not a bitch, and people have gone out of their way to talk to me, etc. Yet I seem to bore them along the way. I won't lie, I don't have an exciting life to talk about. I don't have stories to share. I'm more of a listener and I make jokes off of other peoples stories. I guess I'm not fun enough? I think I just became a normal people too late in life where now, everyone has their friend group established already.

I vent about it to my mom and she says to just insert myself in other people's groups, but I don't think she understands how unrealistic that is. Am I actually supposed to ask someone what they're up to this weekend, and say "can I come?" That's wild to me. People tell me to join clubs, but what clubs? I'm reaching 25 lol.

I did this to myself by being super super socially awkward as a teenager and turning down every opportunity to make friends because it was so much more convenient to stay home and not have to feel anxiety all day.

No. 1494484

Had a presentation at work today with a dude from a different company. Everyone else in the room was called “the gentleman in the grey shirt” or “the lady with the beautiful shawl” and I was “the uhhh… person in the red hoodie”. I know that in this day and age being a woman with a buzzcut suggests that I hate myself but fuck. I got no sleep last night because the baby I birthed from my very obviously female body needed his mom. I’m currently bleeding profusely out of my vagina and my uterus is cramping something wicked. I know the reason I’m so upset is BECAUSE of my hormones right now but god I just wanted to rip my tampon out and throw it at him.

No. 1494492

I totally understand post partum depression because I have a kitten and it's driving me nuts. I can't take it anymore really. When I worked with young kids only a couple were a pain and it was only an hour or two a week, I could escape. Having a kitten is like when I lived with host families, but it has claws.

No. 1494496

Sorry that happened to you. A lot of women fall for traps and have babies by different men, thinking their lives will be somehow better. I hope you make something out of yourself, cut her off and live your best life. That sounds very frustrating

No. 1494497

You cannot be seriously comparing real PDD with a kitten.

No. 1494510

Maybe you're too much of a people pleaser and not much of an individual, to others at least. People like someone who has a few flaws and stands out a bit. Are you outwardly plain and reserved? Rather, do you like being outwardly plain and reserved? Is there any subject you hold dear to you wish you could talk to others about?

No. 1494514

Did you seriously take in a baby animal and not expect it to take a lot of work?

No. 1494521

Has anyone else experienced something like this? In second grade I had a bff. We spent every second of school together. Our desks were right next to each mother. We drew pictures for each other, I went over to her house often, etc. Then I had to move and we cried and held each other all of our last days together. I moved and about a month into the summer my parents asked me if I wanted to call her. I was so excited, I called her right away and it went like this
>hi Jess!!! I miss you so much!
>who is this??
>it’s nonny!
>nonny… who is nonny?
>it’s me silly, your best friend
>uhh…. I don’t know a nonny. Sorry.
>she hangs up

She legit sounded so confused and I didn’t even know what to say. I just cried a lot.

No. 1494524

I saw this gif with the corner of my eye and thought it was something fleshy, so glad it's a cat

No. 1494525

Yes I can because you don't get to decide how people psychologically react to things in life, you certainly don't know anything about me. Troll all you want but it's not the best hobby you could have chosen

No. 1494527

thank you nona… this is the only praise i will get so it means a lot!!

No. 1494529

I'm the anon from >>1493263
Mom finally caught the two having an altercation where her boyfriend threatened to kill himself because he had to clean his fucking room lmao
Mom actually yelled at him over the phone and admitted she's fucking pissed how racist my sister's become while dating him (he's Latino, she's mostly white) and how abusive he's being to her, she was bawling her eyes out & shit
And now mom's trying to come up with a way to separate the two

No. 1494532

'you don't know me, trolls'

No. 1494533

isn't ppd caused by hormones you get like… postpartum though?

No. 1494539

i have a slightly related story. i had a friend in first grade, we'd play and craft together and stuff. then i saw her at the same sunday school one weekend, I said hi and she glared at me and then ignored me. we weren't friends anymore after that I guess and she pretended I didn't exist at school, i guess i embarrassed her in front of her new cool jesus friends? fuck her i was just being nice

No. 1494544

Nta, but PPD is postPARTUM depression. It's not just being stressed when you have to take care of someone or something. People who have to take care of their sick parents or grandparents don't have PPD because they weren't pregnant. You can just say your depressed or stressed anon.

No. 1494551

Sort of similar. I had a friend, a year older than me who I was attached at the hip to in kindergarten and first grade. Her parents were meth addicts, she was a klepto with the ideal y2k bedroom. I was a poor kid with a run down bedroom, but parents who loved me dearly. So it was an odd dichotomy at our apartments and (eventually) school, but we were on/off friends for intervals of about a year, but I didn't realize she only wanted to be my friend to steal my toys, which were in turn sold by her parents for meth. She was an ana-chan so I, a normal weight child with precocious puberty circa 3rd grade, was "fat" to her, and it pissed me off that an abused 9 year old was taking it out on me.
As an adult I understand why, though.

No. 1494555

>People tell me to join clubs, but what clubs?
Adults have tons of clubs. My fifty year old mother organizes a ball for her ball room dancing club like four times a year.

No. 1494559

My memory was so bad when I was in middle and high school because of medical reasons I remembered nobody in my classes despite seeing them on a daily basis and couldn't remember my teachers' names so if someone tried to call like that I would have been just as confused and would have answered like that bff of yours.

No. 1494562

Nonny please give your kitten to someone who will be able to care for them until you're in a more stable place. Comparing your situation to PPD and saying you can't take it anymore are worrying signs.

No. 1494567

New puppy/kitten blues are normal don't sperg out

No. 1494570

I'm supposed to work on something when I get home because I have a deadline, but I got sick and I don't think I could even sit up at my desk. I can't wait to go home, I've been shivering and sniffling and fighting to keep awake at my day job for the past six hours. My bosses came in but I didn't get sent home because everyone else is sick too.

No. 1494579

Latino men and muslim men are the most hypocritical, misogynistic, shitty people I've ever met in my life

No. 1494596

I feel this so hard, holy fuck anon. I hope we both figure it out.

No. 1494607

Idk why but lately I've been referring to myself constantly as man/boy and shit, never he him or anything but I will call myself an old man or some shit
I mean, it was always a thing but I've never been so.. open and unashamed about it

Anyways what the real issue is, is that my friends have actually started calling me a boy now, please do note it's usually done in a joking/mocking context for when we're goofing around and shit but still

I'm worried that I'm encouraging bad behavior here, in the sense that, I don't want to go through any sort of changes or that transitioning bs, respectfully, s just not for me

And yet, I keep doing it. Should I try and stop? I mean so far I have no desire whatsoever but there's always a possibility someone will latch on and try to make it something bigger, even though I'm comfortable where I'm at, but if someone catches me while I'm in a state of vulnerability it's over.

Oh well. First world problems

No. 1494613

Nonna, if you don't want to transition or anything like that, them keep doing as you like. Words are never going to make you turn into a man, and if someone comes to tell you to transition, then remember the absolute hell that is to take hormones and fuck up your natural female body. It's so simple. However, do you have BPD? If you have, then never call yourself a man again nor let anyone call you. You are going to end up transitioning. I'm being serious.

No. 1494629

File: 1675896152913.jpeg (183.03 KB, 1149x948, 08C309D5-2F63-4C2D-81EC-8DB639…)

Wtf is wrong with moids, I just wanted to sell my old phone and now I’ve got some stranger texting my number trying to get a date.
At least it was after I sold the phone, I guess… But he could leave negative feedback if I just block him or something… ugh.

No. 1494633

I just violently sobbed for 2 hours straight . I didn’t even know that was possible

No. 1494641

Can he still leave feedback if you block him on the selling platform?

No. 1494645

how do you feel now?

No. 1494648

I'm sorry but don't you have other things to worry about? How old are you? And do you have a job or are you studying anything? Because I swear people and most specially women start engaging in hardcore navel gazing when they're bored as fuck, and then they troonout.
>inb4 moid
No, moids don't have any sort of introspection or deep thoughts, they just troonout because of porn addiction.
Maybe try doing something you don't usually do, like going on a hike or visiting some place you've never gone to, like some neighboring town, even if it's just a tiny town with 3 houses and a town square, interacting with people that won't cater to your whims will do you wonders and make you think about important shit.

No. 1494657

AYART; I've met some good Latino men (I grew up in a heavily Latino area) but never a good Middle Eastern man. ME women tend to be very caring in my experience, though. Once a man was super rude to one of my ex neighbors and she called him a faggot in Arabic (Charmuta) Absolute queen, I feel bad for her having to share a street corner with one of the most evil women I know

No. 1494658

I became friends on a server with someone due to the fact I am traveling to thier city. Now I have a crush and feel pathetic as they are an online friend.thete is absolutely no way they like me and I want to stop this embarrassing behavior and feelings right now.

No. 1494661

I've never really tried to get diagnosed and I doubt that's gonna change, I'd rather keep any shit I might have under wraps; even to myself. Plus I'm pretty religious so hopefully I'm safe

Lol nonna I major in comp sci don't worry I'm not a full blown bum, at least not yet
It's just something that got programmed in my brain as a child which is the result of reading greek philosophy.
All the things said are directed towards men, and sometimes if I'm lucky humans. But still
I had made some of the notable quotes into mantras to keep me determined, so I'd chant shit like "I must cheat the man in the glass" and so and so, it then just developed to me viewing myself as that in my head

I know it seems asinine, and it is but alas

No. 1494663

Same here. Different anon, but I have never in my life met a good middle eastern man. They are always sexist and hyper religious and see women as less than.

No. 1494664

As someone who is transitioning; there's a very big difference between jokingly calling yourself a man and being constantly one sharp object away from 41% because you're not a man.
I do agree that this is very concerning, only because her friends seem to be trying to pressure her into it, when she does not GID and will hate herself if she does transition, like the fakebois in the FtM thread that think HRT is a solution and not a way to mitigate an unbearable neurological disorder.
Anon, as long as every time you see or hear yourself DOESN'T make you want to neck yourself, you're not gonna like transitioning, so keep going as a woman. I don't want to see another person go on HRT without analyzing every single aspect of it, its side effects, if it will even help, et cetera.
Honestly I think mandatory 5+ years of therapy should be a thing for people considering trooning, so they've actively tried everything else.

No. 1494668

>As someone who is transitioning
Holy fuck go back retard.

No. 1494669

So are you a moid who thinks he is a woman or are you a woman who thinks she is a moid?

No. 1494674

Reminder to only comb your hair out from bottom to top.
>t. kept starting to comb from the middle of my hair and creating huge knots that I had to rip out

No. 1494677

We don't welcome trannies here. Fuck off. And dont be a coward, make the 41% stats higher. Women have it bad enough as it is with you faggots.

No. 1494678

Lemme guess, sometimes you like to wear pants and have shorter hair? You'll always be a woman. How pathetic.

No. 1494680

Yup… The site says that if you’re given negative feedback unfairly, you can contact them and they might remove it it, but I’ve never had to do that so idk if it works

No. 1494682

File: 1675900047034.jpg (33.16 KB, 736x725, c0258eef1f95c31317b0853aa33644…)

my boyfriend's youtube has been signed into my smartTV for ages and I never cared to look at it. today I was streaming a video from my laptop onto my tv and when it finished my boyfriend's account was signed in by default. suddenly a woman in sheer tights spreading her legs open wide was 55" on full display in front of me.

i can't stop like.. weeping and crying. i'm not even a jealous person ever at all but after getting curious and scrolling through it seems he has like… an asmr fetish and a yoga fetish?? i'm just so disgusted with him and shocked i guess. i rarely watch porn myself and not really since we started dating a few years ago.

i know this is mild but like.. it's always been outta' sight outta' mind for me and seeing it on fucking youtube of all places pisses me off and makes me feel insignificant and worthless.

No. 1494685

NTA but can you guys be normal? I don't agree with transitioning, but that's still another woman for fuck's sake

No. 1494686

File: 1675900194727.jpeg (454.11 KB, 750x1168, 35EBAB5D-9FA1-4DF1-9240-59AEBA…)

This methhead has stalked and harassed me for years. He pops up for a week and then disappears for months. Always saying I belong to him and need to be with him based on all these weird things. I’ve never met him. He knows someone I know. He blows up every area he can find me online - my business, my venmo & PayPal accounts, every social media, etc

If you are bored and want to help me seek revenge, here’s the latest email address: jjamkirby@gmail.com

Please help nonnies. Revenge is the only way. The police don’t help me

No. 1494688

>bf watching gross shit at your back
>i know this is mild
anon please…no..

No. 1494689

I think some anons assumed it was a man tho

No. 1494692

Come on, nonnie, I've read Greek philosophy too, it's all just what old men back then did when they weren't raping kids. I'm sure you can clean that up with some exercise, yoga even, that shit is therapeutic because you're not thinking about anything other than the exercise you have to do.

No. 1494694

Break up

No. 1494695

I wish you lot could help me defeat my celebrity archnemisis

No. 1494697

I wish women could just exist without men. I'm sorry this happened to you, anon. This is definitely a betrayal and a sign of breaking trust. You should bring it up to him, but he'll either get angry or deny it. Sadly, I doubt he will change this kind of behavior.

No. 1494698

Women like her as part of the problem. I grew up as a tomboy with hyper femme friends and there was never an issue. Suddenly if you are a woman with shorter hair, who doesnt like make up, etc etc, there's something wrong with you. Women dont dress like barbie dolls to be woman. Women who are FTM are weak af. They need to be told that no matter what they do, they are women. Instead of speaking up and trying to change sexist views, they want to transition and larp as a man. fuck that

No. 1494703

report it to the platform.

No. 1494705

this exactly. there are hundreds of males posting "cunny" on element, minor males and females on there providing images of themselves, sharing discord account names and creating discord servers for the same, plus TikTok privv accounts….but nothing. no money is being lost if they allow it, ban access to knowledge but let a 9yo post pictures of his penis to 46yo men online. makes total sense.

No. 1494708

Surely you know how anons would respond to this? You have either two options, ignore it, which no offence, most women choose this option and remain miserable and wonder why they are miserable, or confront him about how uncomfortable it makes you and leave.

She was full on promoting transitioning. The thing is, most people who troon out are too mentally ill to be weighing out pros and cons of such a life changing decision and just for that, hrt should not be available and gender reassignment surgery such be considered a cosmetic procedure that people should have to pay out of pocket for since you can't exactly ban it anyways. She knows where she is, i don't feel bad for her.

No. 1494716

I think that is normal, and has been normal for a very, very long time. "love is a choice" is true. there is a difference between being in love, and loving. I've read a lot of books and posts, from the 1800s to present, about relationships. i didn't understand them (still don't) and never experienced one so i wanted to learn. many people never are in love with their partner, or it only comes after a long time. but sometimes, despite not being in love, they still get married or have kids or live together because they love eachother. it being an active choice.
i got into my first and only relationship 29. i never wanted to be in one, never wanted to kiss anyone etc, but after i met this male, i couldn't imagine being without him. i often hate myself for being so weak. but I'm 31 now and i still like him. i love him. i actively choose to love him, the "in love" comes and goes, as is normal. it's all quite weird to me and there are strange feelings with him that I've never had before. i consider them as coming from the "in love" brain.
that said, if this ends i will never be with someone else again. once is enough for me. i don't need a relationship and it's a better quality life being without, not needing to deal with another person in all you do, however i enjoy being with him and have and will continue to put my all into strengthening our relationship.

No. 1494721

For a while I've managed to keep my head up, as in ignoring that nagging feeling in the back of my head that when it all comes down to it, I would rather be dead than alive. It's back now. I just find no enjoyment in anything. Everything is just a distraction for a few weeks or months until I get overwhelmed by reality and spiral once more.

I won't attempt suicide because the risk of surviving it is high, plus I don't want to hurt my friends or family that way, but I always kind of hope I would fall asleep forever or die in an accident or something. I don't go to the doctor for anything in case I have something like cancer or similar going on, I don't want it to be caught early. To get sick and then be told I've got just a few months left to live would be amazing. I just don't want to be on this earth for many years more. It's so bleak and uninteresting. Absolutely everything bores me to no end. My job, my art, my music, my social life, they give me nothing but fleeting moments of being vaguely alright. I can't feel joy. I just want it to end. If I could give my life away to someone who could enjoy it, I would. Fuck this.

No. 1494746

i'm worried that even when i lose these last 15-20 lbs., i still wont be pretty. too much of my teenage years were spent overweight. not enough sunscreen maybe. 21 starting to see forehead wrinkles. what if i ate better? was tinier? it wasnt my fault but i dont point fingers either necessarily. what if i took better care of myskin when i was little? i feel like its all fucked up. i want to be kind to myself but sometimes this self love journey feels hopeless knowing ill never be pretty or worth anything. it makes me very sad in my heart. i wish i was little again because at least i could dream/hope of being pretty and successful at this age and not living with the bleak reality.

No. 1494758

literally same, wherever i go only ever get talked to by scrotes catcalling me. if i try making convos most people back out, i might be too autistic so i resort to hanging out in discord chats and posting memes so i don't want to kms off loneliness

No. 1494765

>dude basically doesn't talk to me for like 3 weeks
>walk up to him at work and ask what's up, why wasn't he texting me or something
>he says it goes both ways and he doesn't want to 'force himself' on me (even though I was the one usually starting conversations)
>for the entire exchange he looks at his phone like an autistic kid and gives me maybe two glances, his voice sounds passive aggressive
>I say whatever and I leave
>today after work my female coworker wants to give me a ride home, we already sit in the car
>he suddenly appears on the parking lot, even though his shift ended like 7 hours ago, and all happy and smiley knocks on her car door and says he came to pick me up and he's hehe 'stealing me' from her hehe
>me and my coworker exchange confused looks, I decide to go with him only bc my coworker would have to deviate from her typical route to drive me home and he doesn't have to and I want to be nice to her
>when I'm in his car he goes full ablooo blooo 'sorry for my behavior but I wanted to isolate myself from everyone for a while', he also says he's confused because of my autism and says I'm like the 'anthithesis' of every girl he's been with before me and he doesn't know what to do with me because his previous girlfriends were texting him so often to the point he was sometimes sick of it and now someone like me texts him too rarely and he feels neglected ablooo blooo
>I told him I asked him at the very beginning what are his expectations from a relationship and he literally told me then he never thought about it because it should be 'natural,'. I also told him to give me clear signals and don't play any games because I'm an autist. He again said he shouldn't be even stating those things because they're 'natural'. I replied he can't get angry at me when he never said what he wants from me and never gave me any concrete examples
>he abloo bloos how he shouldn't be even saying this because it should be natural and it was so natural in his previous relationships and he knows I'm different and he thinks he's being patient with me but he can't go on like this anymore
>I ask why did his previous relationships fail then if they were so natural and neurotypical
>he says he doesn't want to talk about it
What the fuck. Am I in the wrong here?

No. 1494769

File: 1675909965874.jpg (34.05 KB, 424x324, 83c-3967222457.jpg)

i am wasting my life here. i am wasting my potential here.
>wake up, throw together shitty breakfast
>feel tired and pained already, hurry for commute
>arrive an hour or half early to avoid traffic
>do the shittiest part of the physical job because i am new and the only non-pinoy
>get told things i already know by management
>get criticized by managers and coworkers for shit they always do
>ignore it and talk to nobody for 9 hours
>waste all my data during breaks on browsing memes
>twice as long commute back home because of worse traffic
>home, sweaty, tired, in pain, hungry, dizzy
>got things to look forward to but lack energy
>eat something, browse, lay in bed, brush teeth, maybe shower, go back to bed, repeat
my life is boring, tiring, lonely. friends would make it better but they are far away.

No. 1494770

i am feeling so fucked up, i got reminded of some traumatic shit i went through and it's all resurfacing now and i feel like i'm losing my mind and don't know what to do. i'm 21, i live a very cushy life now in a big new house, don't need to have a job and my only responsibility is studying in college. but i feel incapable of ever doing anything else because of all the shit that happened in my childhood and i feel so fucking guilty for it, i don't know what's wrong with me. it's been 5 years since my father killed himself, he was the biggest source of this trauma, but i still feel like i cannot escape and every day i'm tormented by different memories. and of course i am extra fucked up over his suicide because i did love him and even forgave him even though he's the reason i'm like this. i tried therapy but just could not open up and i don't know what else to do besides self medicate with weed and get lost in escapism. i can't believe it's been 5 years and i have hardly gotten any better, if anything my mental and physical health is deteriorating even more and i'm only getting older. fuck i feel so lost

No. 1494775

Dating a moid kek besides that it sounds like a typical scrote wanting all the attention. Moids will bash women and say we’re all attention whores but the moment you leave any single one of them on read or try to stir up a conversation that doesn’t include throwing yourself at them, they fucking cry and whine and say no one wants them. You’re better off just telling him that he needs to date a non autist because forcing this onto you is rude and he obviously doesn’t care about how you feel with him constantly comparing your interactions to past girlfriends. He’s not even being understanding and saying what he wants despite you being clear and not playing games with him which you’re very kind to do that nonnie he should be fucking grateful. The moment you two call it off, he’ll cry and bitch and everyone will know you’re single so another moid will come around soon enough

No. 1494777

I didn't get the thing because my job experience is too short. I'm gonna die I hate this!

No. 1494792

File: 1675911997464.jpg (107.27 KB, 933x700, FeucrJpXkAI3ahf-1146735359.jpg)

i have lost my social skills? simply having an accent can not be that bad. should i practice daily to lose it? i just want picrel with friends. only bpd baddies want to hang out with my autistic ass though and their friendships unfortunately don't last long

No. 1494795

Getting over someone is such long arduous process, Nonny. Forgive yourself, give yourself leeway to heal from it. I've been there and I hate how in limbo it feels like. I can't imagine juggling school and feelings like that. If it helps, plenty of women have been there before. You can do this!

No. 1494796

Haven't heard back from my job about the internal interview I did. Been about two weeks or so now. I felt like I had every skill they wanted,but I guess it wasn't enough. I feel bad because it's like having someone dangle something over your head only to yank it away. Like I'm a dog being thrown a fake bone. I've been working for this organization for three years. I was recommended by my own supervisor for this positon. I guess it's just a wake up call to gain some hard skills, get my resume made up, and look for greener pastures. I deserve more and I don't want to continue to struggle into my 30s. If I'm not there by 35, I might just kill myself tbh.

No. 1494797

File: 1675912361277.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1280, 74611F53-225D-491E-8371-607A53…)

I fucking hate religious fundamentalism and people who twist the Bible to justify any abuse they want. I was really brainwashed and abused by a man into hating myself because he took advantage of my belief in God and twisted it to tell me I’m not being a good enough woman if I didn’t do what he wanted. Fuck him! I will never let him ruin my relationship with God but I see why people throw in the towel with religion at this point, but it’s comforting to know God loves me and thinks I have dignity and value even if men in the world abuse me. I fucking hate my life, I still feel so guilty every day.

No. 1494813

You’re right you are loved and you have dignity and value. I hope you can feel happier in you life and overcome the guilt soon xx

No. 1494814

What kind of accent is it

No. 1494818

The Bible grooms you into accepting an abusive relationship with god. It’s literally the exact same language and expectations as all abusive men have had toward me. Love yourself and ditch the scrote skydaddy

No. 1494822

i often hear it sounds german or russian. not very friendly i guess. i am actually foreign though, it's not an autism accent, but my face and voice isn't expressive enough for validating people

No. 1494830

I've been job hunting on Indeed and seeing the "X amount of people applied for this job" is really disheartening. How the fuck can I compete with hundreds of people

No. 1494832

I’m working on the strength to leave nonnie, it’s just hard to unlearn a belief system that was hammered into me my whole life. I know it’s scrote bullshit. Thank you for being honest with me about the true nature of it

No. 1494834

Samefag, I already left the abusive moid, I mean in this post I’m trying to leave church as well.

No. 1494844

Please don’t judge me but I found a premature gray (it’s like white lol) hair in my eyebrows and I’m actually depressed over it. I’m only 24 years old and my life hasn’t really been that stressful to cause a gray hair. I’m so scared that its going to be exponentially worse from here and my hair will be white by 40 or something. Fuck my life.

No. 1494870

So I know this is kind of a question for a doctor and also you have to usually meet a few criterias but is it possible to be on the spectrum if the only sign I have is social difficulty?

I'm much better now but I'm thinking back to my behavior in HS and early college and I was just so socially anxious and terrible at conversation and honestly, it's burned into my skull the looks I've received from other girls when talking. I'd like to think I'm socially aware and that I don't say weird shit, but maybe my mannerisms give something away? Like is my body too stiff? I read something about how neurotypical people can sense something "off" about people with autism within like the first minute of discussion, and I feel like I give that vibe to people. My sister is autistic but to an incredibly obvious degree. People have just said I'm kind of awkward (haven't heard that in years) but I'm starting to think my whole life has been a mask. I do have a social anxiety diagnosis that makes me think everyone hates me and is superior to me so maybe it's just that.

No. 1494876

Sharmuta means bitch not faggot

And as someone who is arab, my family has respectable fathers and honestly even younger men, but I'm telling you that is the exception. I can honestly say the men in my family treat women like gold. Outside of my uncles and my cousins, I have never , EVER, met arab men worth shit.

I go to a gym with predominanetly arab men and my friend will point to a new one each day and say that "he beats the shit out of his wife" or "he beats the shit out of his sister for even talking to guys even though he fucks a new girl daily". Scum of the earth and if you ever entertain a arab man you're a moron. Because he will never marry you if you're not arab and will take you to the CVS parking lot for all your dates because he won't want a single soul to see you two together kek.

No. 1494877

I think i've figured out what I despite about super woke people.
>Me says something transphobic
>"Transwomen are women, trans men are men" folds arms
>Me say something trasnphobic again
>Uh are you a bigot? Are you serious? TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN-
> I do not believe that
>You don't have too
it's the smugness, it's the "I'm your mom and you are a child. You are being scolded and corrected until you repeat what I say"
I fucking hate that shit so fucking much. It's like the super aggressive info dump that alt-righters do. It all annoys me.
So much, like both are trying to brain fuck me into believing some bullshit in the most annoying way.
I said what I said, it wasn't a mistake or I didn't mispeak. If I'm being "transphobic" then I mean it. If I say retard, then I mean it. Do not correct me, I'm an adult and this is an informal setting/my social meida just block me and move on. I don't need to be scolded or 25 paragraphs of racial statistics and aggressive langugae okay thanks

No. 1494880

Don’t worry anon, random rare grey hairs are completely normal at all ages, they just occasionally appear in more visible spots so only some people notice them. Usually people with black or dark brown hair end up noticing a couple appearing in their teens since it stands out more on dark hair. Nothing to worry about, you can just pluck it and while it will eventually grow back it doesn’t mean that you’re going to grey prematurely.
I had plenty of friends who had a couple grey hairs in their teens, and ten years later it’s only now like 3-4 strands still. I pluck out one of my friend’s white hairs for her on the back of her head sometimes kek. So yeah you are safe, it’s totally normal and does not indicate that many more will follow any time soon.

No. 1494893

File: 1675920357219.jpg (19.18 KB, 306x306, 96e19bf92cd2d1e318beb0367f3762…)

The place I work at has a spineless weaselly scrote who got his retarded girlfriend a job through shameless nepotism and protects her at all costs only because she throws a BPD-induced fit when she doesn't get her way. The girlfriend is a major bitch who doesn't get along with anyone, has an ego the size of a planet, does a subpar job and is just generally insufferable to communicate or work with. The boss is in the pocket of the scrote so all complaints go to deaf ears. It's maddening, I fucking hate it when shit people just get to walk through life being carried by the people around them and thus never having to grow as a person.

No. 1494898

I think German accents are super cute and being foreign is cool. I also am lonely I feel like it's so much worse with our generation than ever before.

No. 1494904

Yeah they're so fucking toxic and annoying. This is why I stay away from social media now but I still manage to find them in discord servers and other communities.

No. 1494915

is that pic from russia

No. 1494920

>it's the smugness, it's the "I'm your mom and you are a child. You are being scolded and corrected until you repeat what I say"
This is a sign of narcissism. Narcs always believe that they're the only real person in the world, and everyone around them is an NPC. Just ignore them and keep being based.

No. 1494925

Okay my friend has the shittiest fucking takes I stg. So I have an old ass dog lmfao and he takes pills. So as a treat I give him a tiny sliver of a cheese slice. He’s already old as shit the fact he’s still alive is surprising, let him enjoy his one offering if cheese slice a day he ain’t got anything else to look forward to. Homegirl has been tryna tell me I’m tryna kill my dog and I’m abusing him bc I give his a tiny bit of cheese slice with his medication. Like yes I know it’s not the best thing in the world but holy fuck I’m not giving him a block of Kraft cheese or somethin. Same chick said I should but my dog down cause he pissed in the house so idfk. Like homegirl act like she high n mighty but like spanks her dog so wtf let my old ass dog eat cheese in peace. He’s been alive like 17 years and hasn’t died from it yet lmfaoo.

No. 1494929

A man got his gf a job, how does that make him spineless?

No. 1494931

Nonnie you need to calm down. Are you on social media a lot? You sound really hyper focused on your looks, which I know is not uncommon for women, especially young women, but you don't owe the world pretty.

No. 1494935

21 is still young and most women look best in their late twenties to thirties because at that age you have grown into your features and have the income to buy products, outfits, etc. to enhance the said features.
If your skin is bad, go to a doctor. If your hair feels boring get a haircut. It's so easy to make major changes in appearance and being a bit chubby also doesn't make you ugly.

No. 1494944

im sick of an acquaintance's dad calling when we're hanging out because the mom passed a few months ago and the dad seems to be incredibly clingy since then. we both planned the day off and the dad calls when we're a 30 minute drive from him, then he wants to come eat where we are, then he decides nevermind just come give me back this item so we had to cut the hangout shorter when i wanted to do a small list of fun stuff because I HAD PLANNED THE DAY OFF 3+ WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME!! so fucking stupid.

No. 1494947

anon if i knew you we could have a small sit down tea party i got a cabinet of tea ware and a decent assortment of tea. some heart shaped sugars, honey, golden tea spoons, no one to use it with.

No. 1494960

self love isn't about becoming whatever society thinks is attractive for women right now. you as a person have intrinsic worth nonnie, and your body is doing its best to keep you going. not being "pretty" isn't a bleak reality, it's what most of the population experiences. You're healthy, have a roof over your head and enough free time to complain about pointless things on lolcow.
and if that happens, so what? You're not gonna die. You'll just have cool hair.

No. 1494973

I hate how my mom condescendingly calls me a baby. I get hurt, hiss loudly (try not to cry because I hate crying due to my mom), want to be away from people, put ice on the injury, and later complain it hurts. She calls me a baby for complaining later about the injury. She gets hurt, she loudly swears followed by loudly crying for about 5 minutes. Once she calms down, she'll hit the inanimate object and swear at it. She'll complain being in pain for the rest of the day. She'll jump all over you if you call her a baby for complaining about the injury later on. It ticks me off how I'm not allowed to complain and thus am a "baby" if I do but she can complain all she wants. I also hate how she doesn't believe in depression and constantly shits on how debilitating it can be. She doesn't believe in doctors because it's all a "conspiracy". Her favorite thing to say is "our minds are powerful just think happier". I know it's terrible but I sometimes wish she'd get depression just to see how well "thinking happier" works. It just angers me because for all her "I'm a mama bear" bs, she's terrible at being a mom especially emotionally. She has controll issues.

No. 1494981

File: 1675933568427.png (24.55 KB, 276x216, 22503302.png)

i really hate myself and i don't know how to fix it. working out? therapy? journaling? reading the fucking bible???? idk what to do. i just want to be happy in my own body again.

No. 1494984

I found working out helped me feel more comfortable with myself. I just had surgery again do I can't rn, sad. but I recommend using videos. I like Pamela Reif bc there's not too much talking, but at the end of the video you are told "well done." for a long stretch of time this was the only compliment I was getting from anyone. She has beginner videos and I would start there if you don't work out a lot. Once my dr clears me, i'll start with those too si I don't overtax myself.

No. 1494986

i'll start there then. thank you, nona. i hope your recovery goes smoothly

No. 1494989

thanks, it's just a laparoscopy, I'll be ok! hardest part is caring for my elderly dog

I meant to say too that i just felt proud of myself for completing any video, since before I hadn't been athletic at all. I saw improvement in my stamina and enjoyed eating more after working out. I hate running so videos were good for me. ..but maybe another method is better for you. Don't give up, nonna

No. 1494995

do you think that rich artists making art about you and using some of your ideas is abusive while you cannot actually be credited because you don't have a social media following?

No. 1495007

I found my first grey hair at 16. I'm in my 30s now and I have a few more (let's say 30? 40? idk trying to estimate to include what I haven't found) but in no way noticeable bc I have a shit-ton of hair. I pluck the ones that are noticeable. But you really won't be grey by 40 trust me. My Friseurin doesn't even notice them, I ask her to tell me if there are a lot

No. 1495023

I think I need to re-home my cat. I live in the UK, and he is a senior cat who is very used to and enjoys going outside so it's hard to impossible to make him an indoors cat now. But people won't stop feeding him. They just won't fucking stop. He never used to be extremely picky with his food, until people started feeding him. I have already limited his outdoor access to just on the afternoons and it's still not working. He turns his nose up at the same meals that he cries for the day before - I can't do this shit anymore. He was being "picky" with food the other day (food which he loved and ate all of the day before) and then I found someone leaving chocolate cake out for him on top of a garage. He has never ever once wanted to eat fucking chocolate cake as a cat - what the fuck is wrong with him and with these people? I don't know what to do. Recently he was very excited and eating all of his food again, but this morning he only ate 10% of his breakfast and then I found him eating meat on the neighbour's doorstep despite said neighbour already knowing that he's not supposed to be fed. I'm fucking done with this place, this cat, and this situation. It has caused me so much stress and wasted so much of my time when he never even used to be like this. I am seriously considering putting him into a rescue but because he's old and because he's a black cat, there is a low adoption chance as it is. And even then, I want him put onto a farm or some sort of rural area where people won't fucking feed him addicting sugary cat food that makes him turn his nose up at good food he liked 10 minutes prior. I'm so fucking tired nonnas, I feel bad because I love this cat and have spent so much time and money on him but I don't even know what to do anymore. He never used to be like this.

No. 1495026

File: 1675942212390.jpg (38.02 KB, 400x600, oLIOKoQ.jpg)

the only terf i know has been saying lesbophobic shit in her messages to other people. she knows im a lesbian and told me she accepts me and all that shit. now i feel like shit because shes a different person than i thought, i mean she was really going all out with those lesbophobic rants. i dont know how to approach her about this. probably wont. good bye my first and possibly last terf friend. i loved being friends with the person i thought you were.

No. 1495029

Was just scrolling tumblr and saw some blog reposting caps of lolcow posts, went to her profile thinking maybe she was a farmer as well and see a big pinned post that says: do not interact if you are transphobic. Like wtf girly sending mixed messages here

No. 1495031

Being a lesbian not into trannyism is absolute suffering in this day and age because the male-attracted women we should consider our allies can't be trusted upon. I'm sorry this happened to you, but it wouldn't be the first for me and it's probably not going to be the last for you either. It's heartbreaking.

No. 1495034

Sorry anon. I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing a bit, what did she say?

No. 1495036

File: 1675944246169.png (33.34 KB, 1182x242, troonscum.png)

A TIF posted here >>1492752 and picrel just in case and I honestly don't know why she's here on this site but she says she wants to study the thought progress of radfems and even though shes dislikes TIMs, she cares about "male, female, and troon only spaces" and correcting others.

No. 1495044

Wow that's… odd. I miss when trannies were such a rarity that there wasn't a need for some third category bathroom. It's like a social contagion. I still don't even get how ~gender dysphoria~ is some huge detrimental thing that's going to make someone commit suicide if they use a bathroom that fits their biological sex for 5 minutes, like I'm sorry but grow up and get the fuck over it. Everyone can see that a fakeboi is really female so no one is going to bat an eye at some tomboy using the female washroom, like it's so detrimental for these people to be reminded that they are women that they can't just break their little boihood fantasy for 5 mintues. Jfc go to therapy, learn to deal with being insecure about your body like everyone else. You wish you had a dick? Boohoo people with missing limbs probably wish they weren't amputees. Sorry for the sperg I'm just so sick of the "uwu dysphoria can kill us!!" whiners.

No. 1495047

Never make the mistake of living with a man. They eat and eat and eat and since they're manbabies they never think further than their next meal so they eat YOUR stock of food instead of buying enough to get through the day. So if you go grocery shopping and buying food for the next days don't think you'll eat any of it, they do.
When they cook for the two of you for the rest of the day you are lucky if you get a second serving because they just eat 10 plates if you're not fast enough and everything is gone. You'll end up being hungry and malnourished because you have to live off sugary yogurts because they're the only thing that's left in the fridge. Jesus I hate men so much, they just eat and never get fat and you're starving all the time.
>can I eat your (insert yummy food) in the fridge? - I'll buy a new one tomororrow, I promise!
you never do and it will be more expensive because I always buy the good stuff when it's on sale.
It's exhausting, I wanna live alone.

No. 1495062

don't forget >>1494664 and that aiden in the stupid questions thread asking if her kind was allowed here kek

No. 1495063

samefag AND that one kiwifarms user transitioning into a fedora wearer, seriously where are these people coming from?

No. 1495071

Nta but lol
>99% of you consider trans people to be mental patients who can never pass off as the opposite sex
Yes because it is a mental illness. Anything that has such a high comorbidity with suicide, delusions, self loathing and every other mental illness under the sun IS a mental illness in and of itself. Non mentally ill people don't want to off themselves because they're not the opposite sex. These people are ridiculous lol

No. 1495081

File: 1675948485468.png (35.24 KB, 250x311, cat.png)

Few days ago I did a big grocery shopping, the gate beeped when I was leaving and the security guard obv stopped me and starter asking what's in my bag. I had a LOT in my bag and an awful day and somehow got really annoyed about the implication I'm stealing so instead complying I snapped at him telling he has no right to search me and if he'll insist he'd have to call the police. So he let me go and EVER SINCE, even thoguh it's been days now, I feel so guilty about being a bitch, idk why even, I'm not like this normally, why can't i stop feeling guilty, reee

No. 1495084

You yelled at a man, objective W. Go back and do the same, but this time hit him too.

No. 1495087

I'm having some days off due to a sinus infection, just lying in bed all day and my manager suddenly messages me saying that I should get in touch with her ASAP when I get better. My overthinking ass cannot let this go, will there be layoffs and will I be fired? Like wtf is so urgent that she felt the need to message me while I'm off sick?

No. 1495123

Queen behavior. You were objectively in the right. Don’t feel bad, own it

No. 1495128

as someone who goes outside i say it's still okay nonnie. everyone makes mistakes. if you apologise to the security and explain that you were having a really hard day already, im sure hed understand. keeping the guilt with you wont help

No. 1495137

lmao thanks for sharing that. I don't know what they want here but it's the best way for them to peak so I hope some are lurking here (not posting)

No. 1495153

This ugly indian scrote sat next to me coughing in my direction last week. This week I've come down with the worst cough ever. Fuck public transportation and these fucking ugly useless moid ugly fucks who have no decency to cough into their arm. Why are indian men so fucking dirty fuckwits ugly fuckbitches. Just dye and go away. Creepy nasty fucking bitches.

No. 1495154

I wish I was the kind of women who attracted men when I go outside because I’m so tired of dating apps.

No. 1495157

File: 1675956516547.jpg (58.88 KB, 640x780, choachan meme nct almost cryin…)

I just bought a 50$ nitendo e shop card hoping i could buy fe awakening's dlcs before it closes in march but apparently it doesn't work anymore. I feel like crap for spending 50$ for nothing. i feel so crappy

No. 1495161

He just has eyeliner in his eye

No. 1495173

Interviews make me feel stupid. I applied to be a cleaner and they asked me if baseboards are for light or deep cleaning. I don't fucking know! When I clean I just clean whatever I see is dirty. If I see a dirty spot on a baseboard, I'll clean it. Is it that precise?

No. 1495193

Men get away with so much more than women do. For example I had a friend who started thinking I’m creepy because I’m into K-pop boys and they are usually like a decade younger but at the same time her 30 year old ex cheated on her with a 16 year old and she wanted to stay on good terms with him and she would still be friends with him now if he wasn’t physically abusive. I mean at least the K-pop boys are 21+. There’s just some shit as a woman you can’t tell other women but their scrotes can.

No. 1495195

Get rid of that friend please. If a woman is willing to enable pedophilic men, she'll also blame you if you ever get in such situation and become a victim.

No. 1495202

>her 30 year old ex cheated on her with a 16 year old and she wanted to stay on good terms with him
Jfc I'd stab a moid in the dick for doing that, or at the very least let the people around him know he's a creep who preys on teenagers and cut all contact immediately. She doesn't seem like a very good friend.

No. 1495203

a 16 y/o ??? wtf is wrong with men ?
Keep on bopping nonna, fuck her

No. 1495207

I am trying to stay positive and cleanse my mindset but if I don’t daydream then I am stuck with my negative and boring thoughts
I am really trying though I just don’t know what to think if its not imagining another world or overplanning my day

No. 1495212

File: 1675959791062.jpeg (90.95 KB, 736x544, 509A9689-4956-4FDF-AC1C-F4DB4C…)

I’ve had four driving lessons and I still can’t fucking drive. I need my license so badly so I can finally go out and do my own thing but I know for a fact that my confidence in driving is in the pits of hell at this point. It’s funny because my driving instructor told me that I was doing pretty well and then I drive with my husband twice and I manage to fuck it up. I’m so fucking stupid. So fucking stupid. Even 16 year olds can drive confidently on the road and I’m still stuck in my own head about causing an accident or being too close to someone or not stopping when I’m supposed to.

I’m so retarded and it’s making me so angry. I want to get better. I think I need at least another lesson before I try for my license. I just need my confidence back.

No. 1495214

I learned how to drive by buying a car and driving it everywhere without a license

No. 1495216

One of the problems with trying to date men is they think in porn categories. They aren’t looking at me as a person they are just seeing black milf or some shit. It’s so annoying talking to you because they describe you in porn speech and aren’t even aware of it. They are like talking to npcs.

No. 1495217

Thanks anon and everyone else who responded. I seriously thought gray hairs only appear in your 30s and was worried kek. I’m on mobile so I won’t tag all of the posts but I appreciate everyone’s reassurance. Love you nonas.

No. 1495218

Four driving lessons is nothing, I'm sure that when you drive more you'll get the confidence! In my country it's required to drive at least 30h with an instructor to even attempt to pass the exam, and just to be sure i'm confident I've ended up getting additional 20 on top of that. Consider it a good thing you're not reckless.

No. 1495220

thank you. i know i’m being a little hard on myself but I’m just so eager to get my own car and drive wherever the hell I want but I just can’t seem to break this mental barrier I have of feeling so shit whenever im behind the wheel. even if I feel like I’m being careful it’s not good enough for me

No. 1495221

that seems very dangerous to me but more power to you nona

No. 1495224

My dog died a few months ago and i have been in a depressive spiral since. My moid friend who lives far away decided to fly over cause he seemed worried and wanted to get me out of the house. He is here now for almost a week and we havent done anything at all. We just sit on the couch and do nothing and i feel like i am taking care of him. Whenever anything is initiated it is by me (eg. he wont eat anything unless i ask if he is hungry). I got pissed with him yesterday over this and told him to kill himself and he started crying. I didnt give a shit and told him today to book a ticket back home cause i dont want some leech in my house making me feel worse. Now i hate myself for ever thinking a moid could genuinely care for me kek. I know this guy for 8 years. I feel stupid.

No. 1495226


No. 1495230

>they describe you in porn speech
i can't believe this is reality but it's happened to me too, they're so fucking retarded. unaware autists.

No. 1495237

The cops won’t do shit but ticket you if you get caught

No. 1495239

What did they call you?

No. 1495242

I’m soooooo tired, studied for 11 hours yesterday and I should study for 5 more hours today but I’m just dead. I wanna vomit

No. 1495243

It sucks because once they set you in a porn category they won’t be able to see you as anything else. I’m a black woman in my 30s so I always get put into the dominatrix, black milf/cougar category. So guys just can’t act normal and always want me to be a seductress and it’s like bro I’m just existing.

No. 1495248

Aww nona I'm sorry, that's so dumb of your neighbors to feed a cat chocolate cake, who the fuck does that. Would it be possible to put a collar on him when he goes out that says "do not feed," someone on my street does that with their cat. Or maybe talk to the neighbors once more and maybe say something along the lines of if they're going to feed your cat foods that aren't suitable for cats then they better pay the dental bill as well?

No. 1495251

Vets told me to use cheese to give my dog her pills. It's totally fine as long as there isn't garlic or spices or crazy stuff in the cheese. Mine likes Emmentaler and cheddar. I'm in Europe and istg every vet I've met tells me to use liverwurst or cheese as pill bait. And they compliment the fact that my dog is a healthy weight even though some people say she looks thin. She's just long, ok.

I posted in the dog love thread bc my dog has dementia (luckily not too bad yet). Whenever I look up stuff about it, I find all these comments encouraging euthanasia. This is very hard for me because I don't think she is at that point or anywhere near it. She still plays and eats and walks and cuddles. So tell your friend to stfu, they don't get to make life/death decisions about your pet for you. So fucked up.

I do hate unsolicited commentary on my dog's health so I get you completely.

No. 1495252

It'd be great if I wasn't a dumbass who sough attention from people who don't care about me at all. I know they're shit, I know they don't care, but I continue to keep trying in this delusional idea that if I keep trying they'll put in effort to. I've been thinking about my pos mother, how she treated me like I was nothing but I kept doing everything I could to be around her in hope of finally getting her approval and love. Fuck. I need to outsmart this retarded brain I got.

No. 1495253

If you’re going to give him away anyway why not just let him enjoy his old years and eat the food)

No. 1495257

This guy sounds retarded

No. 1495264

I've already tried that unfortunately nonna, he has both a bright orange collar and a tag that both say "don't feed me it will make me sick!"
I've also talked to all my neighbours and made them aware of it. I think I'm just going to keep him in for a week and if his eating habits don't improve then he's going to the vets, he doesn't seem sick but maybe there's something else going on as he never used to be this naughty.
Because I pay his pet insurance and I don't fancy paying out hundreds of pounds because fat retards who live near me think it's acceptable to give him chocolate cake and sugary cat biscuits. He's also trying to barge into peoples houses and he pretends to be starving despite being extremely well-fed at home. Going to keep him in until he can behave, I don't want to rehome him it's just a last resort that scares me.

No. 1495269

Yeah I'm sure he'd ignore it. Post selfies of him from each angle and I'll put him in a video where he gets fisted with a chainsaw, let's see how he likes it. Gape that puckering hole, white boy! Let's send it to his mom too, since he'll just ignore it anyway. If you want to do it yourselff, it's super easy. Teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

No. 1495274

Aww damn your neighbors sound rude as fuck for not listening to you. Keeping him in for the week sounds like a good idea, I hope it makes a difference.

No. 1495301

yeah this shit is weird. I've noticed it too. Sometimes I hear moids talking about women and they'll say shit like "I never had a blonde before" or "I want a latina goth with big tits" like they literally just see women as a list of attributes rather than as people. They have checklists in their mind of physical features they want to have sex with. It's so fucked and I'd like to think that's only the most porn/sex addiction rotted moids that think like that but idk

No. 1495305

I Fucking hate Walmart every time I go there people forget how to act in public and have no respect for anyone, and the cashiers only put 2 items in a bag when they can clearly put more items in the bag. Also the fucking price gouging where the fuck are middle class ppl supposed to shop now I get 15 items and already paying over 100 wtf!

No. 1495320

My friend is due to be laid out at a funeral home in 24 hours.. There's no results back yet to say what killed her and I'm weirded out thinking that she's going to be buried without answers. How late can those results come back?

No. 1495323

my only advice is to try to find jobs other ways. look at company websites, craigslist, facebook, or signs in windows. granted i don't know the type of job you're looking for, this may not apply, but i never had luck with those websites.

No. 1495324

People in the grocery store act like mindless cattle. I'm not trying to sound all elitist "everybody else is an npc" but by god does it feel like it sometimes. People getting up in my business & just blatant weirdness

No. 1495325

The way zoomer girls make themselves into walking hentai tags with the microlabel obsession

No. 1495327

What happened?

No. 1495328

Omg anon I'm sorry, I hope you and her loved ones get the results soon.

No. 1495334

I have a friend who is just annoyingly argumentative. I mentioned that sometimes boycotting something just attracts more attention to something (like the harry potter game) and she came up with like ten points why I was wrong. It's early in the morning and I didn't need one statement I made to become a whole entire thing, geez

No. 1495335

Because they will have sent certain samples to the lab, it can take a long time. You shouldn't be surprised if the final report takes six weeks or longer.

No. 1495339

Damn what I’m sorry. Does family not have any clues?

No. 1495342

Yeah, definitely not shit you need upon first waking up

No. 1495343

literally the only reason I know about the HP game is because of the endless tranny seething on twitter about it kek

No. 1495344

I don't even engage in these conversations anymore, I don't know how some of you do it. I couldn't be friends with someone like that

No. 1495345

That's annoying as shit. I thought only men did this.

No. 1495347

Same I doubt I would’ve cared otherwise, maybe a game I would’ve gotten when it hits sale but because of the outrage I got that deluxe preorder and recommending it to friends. Now they’re all seething over the massive success that they try to spoil the story anywhere possible kek

No. 1495352

File: 1675969904251.jpg (104.71 KB, 353x1251, 1670081255222.jpg)

I am somehow an unwitting magnet for autists. It keeps fucking happening. In middle school the low-functioning autistic boy found me comforting i gues and always wanted to be paired up with me in everything, in a NEET course I was in a creepy autistic guy told me on the first day he was going to make me his girlfriend and was always offering me rides home, and now at college there's an autistic girl who will not fucking leave me alone. She literally seeks me out between classes, if we have a class together and I sit somewhere else she gets up and sits next to me. I feel so bad because she's nice enough, but jesus christ leave me fucking alone sometimes. I'm good with chatting every once in a while when we're in the same place at the same time, but 1) it's barely a conversation, she just blathers on about whatever the fuck to me and I'm just kind of… there 2) she actively seeks me out!! she knows where my classes are and literally shows up there to talk to me!! Even if that wasn't kind of weird by itself I have social anxiety and I just want to have my breaks to recharge but instead I just find myself getting increasingly anxious because she's gonna show up and I'm gonna have to listen to her excrusiating literal autistic ramblings. I know I could tell her to just leave me alone but I don't want to come across as rude and then be known as the asshole who was mean to the autistic girl who just wanted company or something. But jesus fucking christ. I don't want to have to start hiding in bathrooms during breaks like I'm back in elementary school and hiding from bullies except I'm a grown ass adult hiding from another grown ass adult who just doesn't have great social skills I guess. (I keep calling her girl but she's actually older than me)

No. 1495354

Ugh I try to sit down to study and get immediately distracted by random thoughts. I really cannot focus at all. I'm just so overwhelmed by all the shit I have to do.

No. 1495356

I deal with the same shit. Autists flock to me and that includes troons and furries and it infuriates me. I gave into it and thought I was destined to befriend these people, but I had that push within me to reject that acceptance. I can like the same things these weirdos do, but I don't need to like them. I don't have to be compelled to be mean to them, so I just keep to myself. My best friend I met a few months ago felt the same, and same with my bf, and I told them similar is that we don't need to accept and surround ourselves with these people even if we're a supposed magnet. We make our own choices lol, we have to.

No. 1495357

File: 1675970688692.png (249.88 KB, 736x736, ezgif-2-c8c0b847d9.png)

I had to throw out the rest of my tasty congee because the glassware I cooked it in shattered when I moved it off the hot stovetop and into nonheated one. I feel so dumb and hungry…. It was good congee…

No. 1495360

JUST FUCKING SHUT UP AND LISTEN! I am so fucking tired of having to explain how to do the same thing over and over. It's irritating that you deem it's not worth remembering because I'll just always help you. I hate walking you through the steps because you aren't even grateful, you expect me to. every. fucking. time. The icing on the shit cake is the amount of whining each time I help you. Can't stand the I don't see it/I don't understand. Can't wait until you try to force me to help you learn how to use your circut. Fuck you. You'll just make me do all the work because you're too fucking lazy to apply yourself. I hate being this pissed off but I hate how I get treated.

No. 1495365

god i'm so glad someone understands. Like, I have my own problems so I sympathise with them but I didn't sign up to be your emotional support person, you know?

No. 1495372

No. 1495381

pirate it nonnie. don't give greedy nintendo any money

No. 1495386

To be fair, spoiling HP content was a popular prank in the mid-2000s, teens used to drive to book stores and say shit like "dumbledore dies!" or "malfoy lives!" just to take the joy out of it.
It's likely that younger troons learned of that and tried their hand at it. It's not okay, but spoiling a game is probably the least unhinged thing they've done regarding that.

No. 1495413

File: 1675975682102.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2146, DCCE09D4-821F-456E-B002-E40ADA…)

Everytime I see his tiktoks I always feel rage. He probably looks horrible irl without angles.


No. 1495422

File: 1675976463145.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x2184, FCB0A35F-FBC6-4579-9619-2A4143…)

Cheap cheap wig. Why do troons always try to be as skinny as possible?

No. 1495430

Because they don't have female fat distribution. It's easier for them to try and look like lanky women than curvy ones. The only way they can try to make it work is if they go for a BBL, fake breasts, rib removal surgery, tightlacing, etc. It's all too high maintenance compared to just being thin. The catch-22 is that having a chubby face can occasionally help cover up their male bone structure, while a skinny one is more clockable.

No. 1495434

Men's femurs are so long. Surgery will never fix that shit, even if they have small shoulders or wide hips. They can never hide their hulk limbs.

No. 1495437

I'm so pissed nonnies, and I'm anxious as hell.
There's a cat that is taking shelter in this part of my home, and while I don't mind, the Landlord doesn't allow animals. Technically, it's still outdoors in a solarium, but it's still inside at the same time?
Either way, the cat know meows SO FUCKING LOUD, that anyone can hear it. Including the LL, who lives right next door. I get so anxious about it, that I've stopped going upstairs just so I don't have to get super anxious. I live in a small town, the closest animal shelter is 1 hr away, they aren't fucking answering and I have no car to get there.
I tried posting on MULTIPLE pages on FB in this area about lost animals, yet no one has claimed this stupid cat.
I'm rambling but I want to live without fear

No. 1495438

This is so selfish and incoherent but I'm very exhausted, so I apologize. I volunteer and archive videos because they're necessary to hold the government accountable, but I cannot handle seeing dead children anymore. For every good news there are one thousand bad ones. I thought I was strong enough but I feel so fucking guilty for going bed every night. The images of dead people are burned into my eyelids. Normies share them for getting people riled up but I've been angry for years, this just makes me breakdown. I don't want innocent people die anymore but I have to live this reality. Please keep the earthquake victims in your prayers, the situation is so much more dire.

No. 1495442

god this stupid fucking autist moid told one of my friends that he saw me on tinder (i had an account 5 years ago, i'm happily with my bf now) and i don't remember if i deleted my account because i was retarded and crazy back then. so i dm'ed him asking if it was just a joke or if he really saw it and he just sent me a stupid fucking unfunny instagram meme reel instead of answering my question. and now i'm paranoid as fuck because i want my account gone because i have a boyfriend and it says my email is registered but every time i try to recover my account it takes me to make a new one. i just want my fucking account gone and now i have to deal with this paranoia because this retarded fucking moid thinks it's funny or some shit to not answer a simple question. i replied "so was it just a joke or not??" and he's not answering. i want to rip his goddamn intestines out

No. 1495446

You could try making a new tinder account to look for your old one, and then if you see it, report it to try getting it taken down

No. 1495448

You're so right. Reminded me of two cases when random men did it to me and my friend when we were 14-15. I was put into category of strict teachers because I was wearing glasses and a jacket, and she was a naughty girl/student that liked parties and beer. They literally just said it outloud without previous interaction, and did it with a nasty horny look. I got this teacher shit and attempts at flirting many times before and after that, too, just without a friend, and I still was a teen just walking down a street or riding public transport.

No. 1495450

File: 1675980544369.jpeg (364.58 KB, 717x988, 72E8C2A4-059D-4318-9F2C-3740B9…)

Herry Christmas

No. 1495451

Sometimes I feel like my body looks like a troons because I have wideset shoulders and very narrow hips but then I see bodies like his and it gives me a whole new perspective on my body.

No. 1495456

I've seen women with the body type you're describing, and imo they look elegant and regal. It's not just about shoulders or hips; women will always undeniably look like women, even if they don't have an hourglass figure.

No. 1495457

More like Merry Hismass

No. 1495461

You cant escape male anatomy.

No. 1495482

File: 1675983123310.jpg (71.56 KB, 900x504, ddfaa2c3ac3a29588bc578_752f979…)

I truly love interacting with some of the anons here but I get way too easily annoyed when I see something I don't like. Sometimes, I even become straight up mean in my answers. I can feel myself getting more and more bitter over things I have no control over. Bye to all the cool /ot/ anons, I will only post in /m/ from now on.

No. 1495484

Trying to find a remote job is a lot harder than I was expecting it to be

No. 1495496

Just found out people were spreading rumours about me being in love with a coworker and now for some reason his wife keeps stalking my Linkedin profile. He was pretty much my only friend at work and now everyone's treating me like shit. Including him. Obviously I don't want anything to do with him because I have a boyfriend (everyone knows about this, which is even funnier) and he's not even remotely my type. I work remotely and only saw him like twice over a year at work events. What the hell.

No. 1495523

Holy fuck food has gotten so expensive. A bag of chips cost me $6. SIX FUCKING DOLLARS. What the fuck is going on.

No. 1495538

I'm pretty sure I have dyspraxia. I always had shitty motor skills, I was unable to learn to ride a bike, I learned how to tie my shoelaces and wash myself much later than other kids because my hands just didn't know what to do. I still have problem with things like folding my clothes or changing my duvet covers. After years of hestitation I tried to learn a bike as an adult and I had the exact same problem as I had with a fucking excercise bike at the gym. I just couldn't coordinate my legs well enough to push the fucking pedals. I could do maybe like 4 pushes and then my legs were doing some weird movements or stopped moving, like I can't even explain it to you. It was retarded, I almost cried while trying to do this. To think that I would not only have to control my legs, but also control the bike itself and constantly observe what's going on around me on the street in order not to cause some accident, it's just not possible to do for me. Same with riding a car. When I explain it to people they don't take me seriously and they don't get it and they ask me the same questions over and over again. I go to my work on foot because I can't ride a bike or a car and there's no public transportation in that part of the town, so yeah, I walk like 40 minutes every day to work and then back home. I'm really tired but I can't do nothing about it. I feel so retarded.

No. 1495539

You got scammed if it wasn’t $5.50 before

No. 1495541

I’m so embarrassed anons. I was cooking an hour ago and after I finished boiling my chicken, I took the pot off and put a pan on the same burner to cook some sides. I forgot to turn the heat down and I slapped some butter on that pan and it heated up right away. A lot of smoke was coming from the pan. I reacted pretty quickly and took the pan off the stove completely and took most of the butter out, but enough smoke had went in the air and the fire alarm went off quickly. The thing is, I also have a security system that reacts pretty much immediately when any of the alarms go off and it called 911. Fire trucks and an ambulance were at my house a few minutes later. It was a pretty quick exchange, I told them there was no fire, just smoke from cooking and they checked inside just in case but holy shit I’m embarrassed. I’m also worried if I might be charged money for a false alarm or not. I entered the code for my security system to stop the alarm, but I might’ve been too late since I kinda panicked for half a minute when the alarms went off.

No. 1495546

Maybe there’s some foundation/organization for dyspraxia that can help you get physical therapy or something?
Glad you didn’t start a fire and get hurt anon lol I don’t think you’d be penalized, this sort of things must happen all the time. Though I always thought security systems call you and check if you need help before calling the emergency services.

No. 1495547

Nonna, are you sure you're not autistic? As an autistic girl, I struggle with extremely basic motor skills, didn't learn how to tie my shoes until 19, didn't walk until I was nearly two, have no hand-eye coordination, and sometimes I even move the wrong arm/leg if I'm frustrated.
Neurons getting crossed can cause…adverse effects. It's possible to have both, but people always forgot Autism can affect motor skills.

No. 1495549

Yeah, I just realized I had a missed call from the company and I missed it since my phone was on silent and I wasn’t looking at the phone. I just recently moved out and was pretty sheltered so I’m still figuring things out at the moment unfortunately

No. 1495554

at the point in my job search where i'm desperately hoping the place with 0 good reviews calls me because at least it has something to do with my degree. honestly wanna blow my brains out

No. 1495557

well I also always had problems with socialization, and when I first time met my therapist I even asked her if I might be autistic and she was pretty positive on that but the more I spoke to her the less she was into that idea and she said my expression is too universal or something like that, but I think I also mask better when I'm alone with 1 person because I can focus better, I also don't have to do any task, I just sit, so she doesn't see me in my natural state. when there's more people around they literally tell me I'm weird because my face and voice don't show literally any emotions, or they ask me why I don't do any eye contact, and on the internet people sometimes literally ask me if I'm autistic from the way I handle the discussion on certain topics I guess. weird stuff. I wish my therapist could see me when I'm around people and how I function every day. when I'm alone with her I'm forcing myself to look at her because I don't want to be mean and I also can focus more on my thoughts and on what I want to say so maybe it's easier to express some emotions for me, but in a normal life I get so distracted by everything around me I can be focused on only one task, so if I'm at my work for example I'm only focusing on the thing I have to do, I won't talk to anyone about anything or look at them I guess

No. 1495563

tinder hides inactive accounts, you should be ok

No. 1495565

Holy SHIT do I fucking DESPISE everyone who ebegs during black history month.
Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. It is so unbelievably shameful to use the celebration of black struggle and liberation to push your degenerate ewhore side hustle. Keep begging for nickels and dimes, that's all you're getting. Keep selling your pussy pics for less than a meal at McDonald's. Fucking losers. Get a fucking job.

No. 1495568

I once joked about getting reparations during Latinx history month and a Lateenex moid gifted me 40 cents.
I can't imagine being an ebeggar i feel so bad asking for money

No. 1495570

Yeah, it definitely might be worth looking into, then. You'll need a psychiatrist or psychologist for a diagnosis, though.

No. 1495579

Don’t be so tough on yourself, it was all very silly at worst lol

No. 1495582

You and me both anon. Hopefully we'll get a job soon that is related to our degree. I haven't gotten any responses back.

No. 1495587

thank you nona, i feel a little more relaxed now. so i guess the moid really just thought it would be funny to make some joke about seeing me on tinder to his friends even though he knows i have a boyfriend. at least one dude was decent enough to tell me what he said so i can stay away from him now

No. 1495591

A moderately popular Internet personality (hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, over a million on YouTube) posted a video of me minding my own business in public as an instagram story today. I was very much the focus of the video, not just an extra in a bigger shot (recognisable enough that a random girl in a bar asked me if I was the girl in the video), and was not asked for permission beforehand. I’m pretty uncomfortable with this gross invasion of my privacy and have sent a message asking for it to be taken down (just waiting for a reply). What is wrong with people???

No. 1495602

I really hate the culture where people think it's okay to film strangers in public, especially the videos of folks freaking out. It's really not thrilling to watch some people have meltdowns, especially when context is completely removed. These things can embarrass someone forever and ruin their livelihood even when they're not doing something wrong

It's different if they're being bigoted or racist but someone who's crying or having a mental episode or is triggered really isn't funny to watch

No. 1495611

Omg what was the nature of the video? It's okay if you don't want to give too much identifiable info, sorry if I'm being too nosy

No. 1495617

I wonder if the whole Hogwarts Legacy circus and the trans women in sports debate are the things that are going to push people closer to the tipping point. Saw an article on FB regarding Twitter calling for a boycott of the game and several people in the comments were pretty clearly stating they’re pretty much over all this virtue signalling and being told what to like or think. A YTer hade to make a huge apology in his subreddit for making a video playing Hogwarts Legacy and some people in the comments starting to ask the troons for sources on their claims on Rowling, and calling them out when said sources doesn’t line up with said claims, they did get downvoted but last I checked it wasn’t that bad.
I don’t think these points are going to be it, but it certainly seems to be peaking a lot of people right now.

No. 1495628

I have herpes and I think I was raped by my coworkers when we were drinking together years ago. I stupidly blacked out. Makes me want to die. My boyfriend doesn't care though, I love him.

No. 1495632

People love "karen" videos and honestly I'm dreading the day I go menopausal and do a public freak out. I'm not stable enough for the internet age

No. 1495639

I know it's the nature of this site to hate troons, but doesn't it strike you as creepy on some level to fantasize about "peaking" people? What makes people who do that any better than people trying to shove Christianity down everyone's throat? This goes for both sides. I'm annoyed by both the HP troon malding bullshit and women flicking their bean to the idea of this peaking people.
I wish we had a society where people could do as they pleased, as long as it doesn't inconvenience anyone else. I.E., no troons in sports period, or in female spaces OR male spaces, only their own.

No. 1495641

Nta but I wanted to answer this
>What makes people who do that any better than people trying to shove Christianity down everyone's throat?
Because the belief in Christianity is not based in any scientific/biological fact, but the tranny bullshit is. Women are women regardless of what hormones/surgery is given to them, and vice versa. So it's really not a fair comparison to make.

No. 1495646

Bitches be like female rage this female rage that but only in a sexually appealing, quirky, manic chic, socially appropriate and marketable way

No. 1495647

Lmao what.

No. 1495649

nta but forcing Christianity has more negative effects than peaking ever will. also part of the reason (tho not the direct cause) why troons are in sports and female spaces in the first place is because of people not knowing what they're really like

No. 1495652

The point of peaking is that people are perfectly capable of doing it on their own, you don't need to 'shove' anything down their throats - they just have to pay even a modicum of attention to what is going on, and they'll figure it out for themselves.

>no troons in sports period, or in female spaces OR male spaces, only their own.

Since you acknowledge this shit is happening surely you understand why it's important for people to peak rather than ignore it and continue to believe trannies are just harmless gay men who want to wear dresses?

No. 1495653

You’re a retard. Christianity is more comparable to troonism on every front. They’re both the ones cramming shit down people throats, enforcing dogmas, harming women and crucifying non believers.

No. 1495657

ayrt I wouldn't give a shit about troons if they kept to their spaces and stepped down from their soapboxes where they keep guilting everyone around them to go along with their bullshit and agreeing to the ever-moving goalposts. People don't need to fully peak en masse, but peak enough that more and more people dare to put their foot down and say enough is enough with tolerating all this whining, spread of misinformation and empty virtue signaling. Enough to people to start paying attention to how none of this makes sense and all the fucking rapey takes troons and their handmaidens have.

No. 1495659

My mom is so stupid. I know, abusive relationships, yadda yadda, whatever. She is a selfish addict who has been with this abusive predator since I was 13, and I wouldn't give af if she stayed with him after I moved out, IF it weren't for my younger siblings, they cheat on each other, kick each other out, move around constantly, my siblings are always seeing new potential boyfriends or just fuck buddies and my mom never cared about us. She never cared about our safety around these moids, hell she had them watch us while she went on dates with her other boyfriends. Yes they were pervs and mean. I'm so sick of how whenever I point out how shitty she is I get
>She's in an abusive relationship!! It's not so easy to just up and leave!

He's in another damn state, she just likes scraping by and being a leech. We've had many chances to leave and she insists her and my siblings walk on eggshells for some sociopath scrote that could kick them out at any moment and just is overall fucking unpleasant.

>She's an addict, she's sick!

Ever since she has been on meth it has only spiraled worse, she is evil now. She steals and lies and she betrays and alienates her children and is physically abusive to them. She is the last person who needs understanding, she loves in a hoarders home now and won't let my sisters or brother leave and she goes to the casino or with her friends to shake her old flabby ass all over the town, I found herpes medicine in her shit when I was looking for her food Stamps card, she's gross she's an old hoe, she's Facebook friends with guys my age. Fucking degerate junkie pos

Anyways she wants to take my siblings who aren't even in school, the youngest (5) isnt even fucking potty trained to Universal Studios with her ~hubby~ who wanted to kick her out last week and who will probably start shit on the trip and leave my mom and my siblings stranded in another state! I just wanna crawl out of my skin and plunk myself into toxic waste. Why is she so dumb?
They always do thus bullshit where they try to act like a perfect family and then fall apart in the messiness way and then get back together. My poor siblings who I have to worry about for another 13 years. Because this bitch kept popping out children for some reason. I love my siblings but sometimes I wish they didn't exist because they have a miserable neglected existence and I'm dreading when my mom inevitably dies and I have to battle their vindictive abusive dad for them in court. Along with sorting out my own bullshit because I didn't get to finish my education on time and I'm so so scared and I feel helpless and angry and have all these horrible feelings. I'm sorry if this is long and sounds unhinged.

No. 1495664

Most people peak from being exposed to trannys degeneracy and hypocrisy themselves. The mentally ill anime pedos are peaking people against their will by constantly being fucking terrible and insufferable. Normies don’t just one day seek out opposing view points and then change their mind for fun.

No. 1495688

all it takes is seeing a failed actor trooning out and immediately getting tens of thousands of $ in facial surgery for free, countless Brand deals and everything he wants for free. question, where's the free plastic surgery for stunning and brave car crash survivors? or any woman who thinks her nose is too big? etc

No. 1495694

I've somehow been so lucky as to have an incredible amount of amazing, intimate friendships over my lifetime and also experienced an immense amount of relational loss. I had almost given up on having a best friend again and then my work friend got closer and closer. Now we talk all the time and see each other at least once a week. I love her so much, she's a really excellent person. A couple months ago she said she was moving back to Canada (she's originally from there). I've already had my freak out and long cry and I've basically accepted it, but wow. I think I've actually hit my limit. I don't think I can do it again. I don't have a family. I'm always one inner ring away from being what people prioritize, and in the end they leave. There's no awful falling out, they just need to live their life. I'm so tired, I can't even manage to be angry. What's the point of living without having loved ones around you? What's the point of pouring and pouring when it just leaves me empty?

No. 1495696

stupid bitch of manager tells me to put pto in and then they fucken leave for their vacation without approving it.

No. 1495700

i'm so FUCKING HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to fuck Sean Bean as Commander Sharpe in the 1993 television program and I will accept nothing less

No. 1495702

File: 1676001469010.png (273.77 KB, 639x480, 4EBEE5C6-7BD5-4B85-9E5C-8F8537…)

My ex got scared of being with me and pulled then whole ‘well we’ll eventually just hate each other so we might as well end things now’ even though he said he was really happy with me??? I miss him and love him so much and the last man I loved this much basically pulled the exact same thing and hurt me so bad. I don’t understand, they always project all of these awful futures onto me despite nothing bad actually happening yet. Why do to ever get the good what ifs?

No. 1495703

My friend who has bpd video chatted me for 50 minutes and not once asked me how I was or how life is. She didnt even listen to what I said. Why bother. Why did I bother
I actually broke down today and I feel pretty fucking depressed, but sure. Lets talk about your “grand book idea”. How you have the techniques to “conquer bpd for good”.

No. 1495704

Nonnie, you’re worth way more than being a personality disorders punching bag. Fuck them and make space for a reciprocal friendship.

No. 1495708

Thanks nonna. You're absolutely right.

No. 1495709

She must be autistic too.

No. 1495712

Because of the social unawareness?

No. 1495714

>my BPD friend
Remove the bullshit diagnosis and call it what it is, a piece of shit. You video chatted with a piece of shit. Why?

No. 1495717

I keep waking up every 2-3 hours then spend the rest of the day not feeling tired.

No. 1495722

>piece of shit
At worst she was being inconsiderate, not like she murdered OP's dog

No. 1495733

AYART for all of this
Because trooning is a neurological issue. It's not because they're creepy, no. It's because men are too strong for both FtM's and MtF's to compete with men, and women have no chance against FtM's and MtF's.
FtM's and MtF's should also both not be allowed in women's spaces, because they have completely different issues from troons of either biological sex, and if GID isn't diagnosed, they can be faking being a troon for attention, or for far more malicious purposes
TL;DR, they need to be their own category.
Yes, I agree they get away with far too much shit because they learned having a diagnosis (or faking one and getting HRT on the black market) gives them a free pass in modern society. Which can be mitigated by treating them like everyone else and not worshipping them for their broken brains.
I agreed up until the "rapey troons and their handmaidens" part. I think that if they kept to themselves and just wanted to be treated like people, and didn't condone shit like forced sex with lesbians/gay men, that would be different. I judge them on a person to person basis, but I tend to be significantly more friendly to FtMs than MtFs or enbies of either sex

No. 1495748

I've never been diagnosed with anything, but I'm honestly thinking of trying out that Hers sure because I'm terrified of talking to a mental health professional irl and I really just want something to stop the anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

No. 1495750

File: 1676009247632.png (920.73 KB, 1864x1502, Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 10.0…)

so im looking at leggings and this shit fucking enrages me so much. what the fuck??? W H Y does this obese whale need to be the first model that pops up when i click on it???
like FUCK OFF with this stupid shit. i'm a normal sized human. why are morbidly obese people shoved down our throats now on these sites??? its everywhere now

No. 1495752

I grew up poor and made myself rich recently over the past few years. Anyway I recently bought membership to a really bougie gym in a really bougie area and it opened my eyes that I have no idea how to be rich. I wear the same torn up clothes to the gym and can barely even work out and ditched my personal trainer multiple occasions over anxiety (usually about how moids are heavily judgemental of women in the gym). I always end up sneaking to the sauna or steam room to burn calories at least so I'm basically paying 200$/monthly for a fucking hot cave to be anxious in. Why do we live in a world that hates women

No. 1495753

'Cause clothing companies think it's "inclusive" to include fatasses who spend their paychecks more on food than clothing

No. 1495756

the thing is, i've noticed its only female models. they still don't do this 'inclusive' shit for men's models.
wonder why!!!!!

No. 1495758

>I wear the same torn up clothes to the gym
Who gives a shit what you wear? You're sweating and moving around, who wants to spend money on clothing that will inevitably get worn out and stinky? Screw the bougie gym, anon, spend your money on nicer things. Invest in some pretty vintage stuff, or buy something handmade, like… Idk, an Italian leather bag.

No. 1495763

I completely revamped my wardrobe with small Etsy shop stuff which was pretty cool plus I find it higher quality than half the brand name shit I own. If push comes to shove I'll probably just go full on minimalist and just donate most of my income monthly or something. Rich people shit is full of judgemental fucks that make me miserable

No. 1495766

What does gym anxiety have to do with being rich, loads of people get it and it has nothing to do with their finances. And feeling confident in the gym is more about how you look/feel in your clothes than how much the clothes cost. I think you're conflating a bunch of separate issues.

No. 1495770

I suppose. I guess I'm just disappointed that my idea of "making it" wasn't me having panic attacks in a sauna kek. Idk why I thought everything would've magically been fixed if I made enough money

No. 1495771

Troons will always inconvenience people, especially women. They reinforce harmful sexist stereotypes women have even trying to get rid of for decades. Thet are privileged men who tell women what being a real woman is, all while invading their spaces. They are mentally ill. Peaking will help men and women in the end. Thet are not harmless gay moids. Thet are a cult trying to convert children into taking hormones and getting surgery. There are no such thing as not being a women if you are born XX, no matter what you do. Tras and the tranny cult are dangerous. I think most normal people don't spend 10 hours a day on Twitter, so they don't see the harm until its too late. They also love gay erasure. Look how many lesbians are being forced to accept Mtfs and told they aren't butches or tomboy, they are men. Mem are preying on lesbians more than ever with the tranny cult.

No. 1495777

>enbies of either sex
every male enby gets outed as a predator eventually from what i've seen. the very few that aren't act in the same vein as ham smith.

No. 1495785

File: 1676013349998.gif (797.08 KB, 500x281, taringa.gif)

full offense but I hope everyone in my class dies

No. 1495791

It's definitely weird that they'd use a fatty for gym clothes, but you write like an Ana-Chan, nonna

No. 1495792

File: 1676014213164.jpeg (118.27 KB, 1084x1200, E3jKMXkWQAM3Hfd.jpeg)

I love my mom but it's like I'm talking at a wall sometimes and it's only getting worse. In every conversation, she takes my guess as gospel and starts talking about it as though it were a fact of the situation, i then have to explain multiple times that I was talking about something theoretically. The thing that set me off tonight was when I asked her to rinse me off a spoon I had barely used, because I was in the middle of cooking, and she was right next to the sink, and I could use that spoon without having to get a new one. She said sure, picked it up, and put it in the dirty water of a pot soaking in the sink. I literally said "rinse" and she just chucked it in there and then started pouring herself some water.

I don't mind helping her, and I like talking to her, but it's like she selectively listens. i cannot make a general statement without her deriving something totally random that isn't what I said. I mentioned a jewish friend didn't want a pair of christmas tree earrings someone gave her, and my mom was like "why, it's non denominational." If I had asked her "are christmas trees a part of a christian holiday" literally any other 364 days of the year, she would have said yes. but no, christmas trees are not christian and my jewish friend should've been jumping for joy to wear christmas tree earrings during hanukkah.

She either just ignores half of what I say, or actively decides to be contrarian, just so she can get worked up about an imaginary scenario. When she asks a question, she gets upset if there's no clear answer, or an answer that she doesn't like. I think the reason I'm so especially pissed about it today is because I'm sick. I have completely lost my voice and can barely make out a raspy whisper, yet she wants to ask me about a project at my job that I know nothing about, and then start freaking out about a TOTALLY RANDOM THEORY I made, as though it is exactly what is happening when I have told her I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING. I literally can hardly talk and I'm having to repeat things over and over again until she finally chooses to listen to the actual words coming out of my mouth. She is literally becoming picrel, but with a mix of boomer "I DEMAND AN ANSWER!", contrarianism, and literally just ignoring words.

No. 1495793

I also judge on a person to person basis, nowadays with the starting line being that they are going to be sexist creeps that are going to call you transphobic for not taking the girldick and they are the ones that are going to have to prove otherwise. Sorry, but I (a straight woman) and several of my gay (mainly lesbian) friends, no matter how kindly we explain why dating a tim or tif to anyone TRA-leaning, even if they're our friends, we get called transphobic or told we have a fetish for specific genitals. It is bullying, rapey or at least very much rape culture to focus only on the needs on one party and push the other just accept that they have to try dating someone they're not attracted to just to please and validate a loud minority. If my friend question what these men claiming to be genderneutral but still presenting as bearded men are doing on lesbian dating apps she gets called a transphobe, and it pushed her to the point where she started to feel like she wasn't worth anything as a homosexual woman and pushed to give ftm's a chance even if it's not what she wants. I wish I was exaggerating, but this has happened way too often.

No. 1495794

Been there anon and it's definitely traumatic as hell. As all trauma, time will heal and I just want you to know it was not your fault, your feelings are valid and my biggest tip is to be as selfish as you want in this healing time. You have the 100% right to announce as much as you want or whenever you feel is appropriate if any at all. You can have the closure or not think about it if you need. Don't focus too much on the next step, next baby, etc. and we are always hear if you ever need to vent

No. 1495796

AYART. I get that, to an extent. I believe troons are just people like the rest of us and aren't on a secret sort of "they're taking over everything and converting our gays!!1!" thing, but there are definitely some that try to pull that shit and need their asses beat.
I don't know why troons have sex if they're so uncomfortable in their bodies. Wouldn't undressing for any reason be unbearable? So wouldn't sex be infinitely worse? Even then, troons have zero chance to date anyone that isn't bisexual, because a lesbian won't be attracted to what HRT does to a FtM, and vice versa a gay man to a MtF.
I honestly find a lot of radical feminists insufferable because I cannot understand their train of logic, but I like that the anons here tend to be slightly more understandable.
Thank you for your perspective on this, nonna! I didn't reply to the other girl because she sperged out really fucking hard at an opposing view lmfao, I just don't have the energy atm

No. 1495797

you're right small etsy stuff is way more worth it for $50-200 items of clothes cause its better materials and custom fitting. as an anon who was almost homeless and is now a little above average earnings i would recommend donating odd items to food bank or shelters. all my money was going to rent so i lived off canned food, free produce, and thank god the food bank i went to had tea, toilet paper, tissue, toilet cleaner, razers, non fragrance soap, shampoo, pads, tampons. i cried on that food bank woman who let me grab what i needed. i still vow to give back when i make more money.

No. 1495798

I've honestly had more than my fair share of being friends with BPDies and I genuinely don't think it's worth it whatsoever unless you like being used and stepped on all over. Unless your friend is open to hearing criticism and visibly trying to be better I'd say to slowly get out of that for your sake nona. Even then I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole kek

No. 1495799

>I didn't reply to the other girl because she sperged out really fucking hard at an opposing view lmfao, I just don't have the energy atm
hope you're not talking about me >>1495777 kek i don't think one sentence is 'sperging hard', just giving my opinion is all

No. 1495802

Nope, you're good. Maybe I'll have a fresh opinion tomorrow, I was referring to the woman who went from 0 to 100 talking about hating troons.
I get it, I fucking hate MtFs/TIMs too, and I get it can be frustrating, but that level of anger over the internet is confusing to me. Maybe I'm just autistic and tired, sorry

No. 1495804

I get where you are coming from nonnie, I'm just… so done with the insanity of it all, so I'm so incredibly pissed and sad over losing friends over this, even the fucking HP game is causing these retarded fights between friends. Again, I just want troons to go back to staying in their own lane, because they will always be around no matter how much we try to push them away, there is no avoiding it. I just want people to fucking wake up, take a step back and look at everything objectively instead of convincing themselves that being a good person is the same as being a fucking door mat.

No. 1495806

AYART, and I wholeheartedly agree nonna

No. 1495807

Legit BPD is the fucking worst but I typically prefer friends who are "inconsiderate" like the anon is describing because I'm so fucking uncomfortable discussing my own life

No. 1495815

I'm not a ftm but it's not hard to see why so many women end up trooning out. I'm sick of living in constant anxiety, I hate how women's bodies become trends and you're expected to just change your body type to whatever's trending and on top of all that it's always something unrealistic or women need to hurt themselves for. Almost every way you dress, people will have an issue with (seriously, I haven't worn any women's clothes in years because of how critical people are of women's clothing). People nitpick womens actions constantly or assume the worst, making friends is impossible

No. 1495818

my coworker at my new job asked me if i have kids lol. im 22 and an antinatalist, feels bad

No. 1495819

And let's not forget how our every move is fetishized. I was watching one of my favorite HAWP episodes from their first season (from like 2009 or 2010) where Ashly is pretending to be Yoshi, a lot of the scenes back then were just silly and stupid but today they would be considered fetish fuel. We really have been forced to watch everything us women do through a porn lens nowadays, hell we can't even post pictures of ourselves online anymore without the risk of someone making deepfake porn of us. It is scary and uncomfortable to be a woman today.

No. 1495821

This so much. It use to be things that were sexualized for no reason like eating a banana or doing squats or something but now it's EVERYTHING. I remember there's a trend of moids taking pictures of teenage girls (do you really need to know more on why this is bad?) going into CVS and making jokes about how they're buying plan b or something behind their boyfriends back and then moids in the comments will start writing weird novels about how evil western women, simply just villianizing women and acting like they're in their weird porn movies for running errands. On top of that men turned themselves into the victims and you can't speak about how women are constantly bashed without men crying about the suicide rate or something

No. 1495828

deepfake porn makes me want to kill myself not exaggerating. well i guess there's other reasons in the same vein. there was that drama with that twitch streamer who deepfaked porn of his coworkers- the few males that i associate with were only talking about how messed up it was that the streamer would do that because it was like cheating on his wife. they didn't even consider the consent of the women involved who were deepfaked. i really don't know how to reconcile with living in a world like this anymore where moids are going to keep using developing tech to exploit women in ever increasingly invasive and vile ways. i don't feel safe even in my own house. i used to love posting pictures of my makeup and outfits and i'm too scared to do that anymore, i don't even feel like going outside where i might be filmed by some man i don't know. i'm paranoid that the creepy guy i turned down who is always trying to message me is exploiting my images. goddamnit nonas pls tell me everything will be okay

No. 1495830

I'm 23 and married with 2 kids and a degree. It's so weird to me to think people my age are partying until 5 AM and haven't lived on their own (not that there's anything wrong with either)

No. 1495836

I was married by 22. Only reason I even married that young was that my mom was terminally ill and I wanted her there on the day. Was engaged already and I thought we were solid. Looking back I cringe at my certainty that we'd last. People never stopped asking about baby plans from that point. Then my mom died and people expected me to almost fill that void with a baby right away. They pretty much said it like that. We split only a couple years later. Thank god I'm not co-parenting with him. He was nice while we were together but decided he wanted to just leave and see what else is out there. Friends I know who had babies young dealt with the same fickle break ups. Didn't even seem unhappy at home but the guy had a 'what if there's better out there' moment. A year or two after purposefully making a baby..? then they repeat that pattern every few years with a new woman who felt lulled into a false sense of security with them.

I'm not anti kids but I think people having them 2/3 years into knowing a guy are in for a shock if they think that's going to last. It takes longer than that to know a person to the point where you can take that gamble.

No. 1495838


No. 1495840

Women need women only pharmacies, grocery stores, transportation, restaurants along with gyms. People acting like the Middle East is backwards when this is actually the most genius idea. I don't want to be around a bunch of men all the time. I like womens spaces!

No. 1495841

at work events I got asked if I had kids at age 21 and more recently when I was 24 and that just feels so young to have kids imo it almost makes me feel like they're saying I look old for my age despite the fact I think I look young for my age idk not that it matters

No. 1495844

Maybe if my natural bodyshape wasn't so godawful I would have an easier time weight restoring. Chubby figures are really cute to me and very feminine but I don't have the frame for it.

No. 1495846

Tbh it's interesting to me that a 23 yr old is married with two kids (not that there's anything wrong with that). Personally, I can't imagine going straight from school to motherhood. If you don't mind me asking, did you get pregnant in college and just now have a newborn? Did you do an associate's degree instead of a bachelor's? Have you even lived on your own, without your husband or roommates? Not trying to be judgmental just curious.

No. 1495849

I have so many good ideas for creative projects floating around in my head but I cannot execute them due to lack of skill. I've got so many cute lolita and jfashion related clothes thought out but no way to make them because I have zero clue how to sew. plus a list of ideas for video games, cute merch, and comics I want to make but I have shoddy art so cannot do anything with the ideas. if I was a neet or had some free time and some money I could take sewing classes and focus more on improving my art. wish I could manifest winning the lottery into existence or something. even just enough cash and time for sewing lessons would be a start. very sad I cannot turn my dreams into reality

No. 1495856

lol thank you that was so weirdly braggy and annoying

No. 1495862

File: 1676027108947.jpeg (9.6 KB, 299x168, E6104B3E-2A83-42CF-B0D6-40EDF9…)

A big fuck you to the bitch in middle school who said I was “obsessed with girls” because I said Lady Gaga was pretty in this scene of the Bad Romance music video

No. 1495864

i wish 4 specific coworkers would be fired or quit. one is a huge bitch that doesn't help out. the other barely does her job. another who doesn't help the team, has shit sales, and for some reason gets the best shifts, always complaining about money but doesn't want to work. then we got an old lady who is almost the opposite she helps out but she just never ever stops complaining if anyone is doing something nonwork related. you wanted a snack while no customers are in? she complains. finally get a bathroom break? anon, someone, why werent you doing x thing? holy hell shut up woman im willing to work but you arent even the opener, closer, im still a person that needs simple things who is working longer shifts than you and im senior over you!

No. 1495869

Manifesting a lottery win for you anon! Please note down all of your ideas and try to break them up in smaller, maybe more doable projects, who knows when an actual opportunity to work on something will come?

No. 1495871

You reminded me of something. Fuck you to the weird Romanian bitch with the racist mom who accused me of being a lesbian when we were in like 6th or 7th grade.

No. 1495873

kek I hope the manifesting works. I actually have been writing most of the ideas down, but don't yet have them broken into smaller projects so I can try doing that. thanks for the encouragement nona

No. 1495887

It's just a question women are asked all the time, don't worry too much about any other implications. Often people just want to talk about their own kids and use this as an opener.

No. 1495897

my entire life is a waste bc I am stuck in poverty

No. 1495899

i hope i'm in your class

No. 1495908

It's another "think back to how you responded to that person" episode. I had a video call with my specialist right after work, so I was fairly tired and had no desire to talk. He opens up about how it's a pleasure to see me again. He does a pause for me to talk. I smile and nod my head. He then states how he was telling the intern or whatever they're called how I'm one of his favorite/best patients. Another pause that was met with another smile-nod combo from me. Sometimes I can't be bothered with pleasantries, I guess?

No. 1495912

the fact amy dunne is even debated makes me want to alog, it's clearly deserved "female rage" get fucked
he fucking deserved it
t. ariasposter

No. 1495924

Her response was like shitting your pants to annoy somebody else with the smell. Now you got pants fulled of poop (all she went through + the trap baby)

No. 1495930

Colleague of mine is having a workplace romance with a married man, in my naivete I thought maybe she just blocked out thinking about how it hurts the wife and tried talking to her about it but she just shot me down with "it's between them, I don't give a damn". I know it's the scrote that's the evil one in this scenario, and I know women can be selfish too but even though I know not a single woman my ex cheated on me with cared about what I feel I still keep having that stupid faith in compassion and sisterhood. I wish it was real.

No. 1495936

I was going to post something to the news stories that fuck with you thread. A 5/6 year old kid who was raped on a school bus by an older kid . I heard about it the other day and kept thinking back to it. It happened for months before it was found on the buses cctv purely by coincidence after they checked it to help find a missing backpack. I googled it to get a link.. I can't find a link for the story. WHy? Because instead I got results from other cases where 5 and 6 year olds have been raped on school buses by older kids or even by staff. Lots of articles, lots of different kids. Good god.

No. 1495939

ayrt, agree.
other ways to fuck with moids while maintaining female agency humbly asked for, for science.
and rage

No. 1495946

This is why I'm home schooling my kid. If it isn't this. It's them being shot by an unstable moid. How does a kid learn to do this? Parents who can't watch or educated their own children. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

No. 1495950

>how does a kid learn to do this?
It's because of kids having unlimited access to the internet and reenacting what they see in porn.

No. 1495952

I’m so close to sell my designer jewelry to buy a ton of Japanese clothes anons please hold me back

No. 1495954

Once again, this has everything to do with monitoring and raising your kids. You don't get desensitized and want to rape people for no reason. Parents are part of the problem. Don't give your kids tablets at 2 and wonder why their brain is stunted.

No. 1495963

was going to a concert with a friend but ditched me last minute woth the same excuse they used as a reason they could go with me. >"I dont start work until 1 am, I can totally join you".
>"uhm I start work at 1 am turn out I cant go after all".

well fuck them I'll go by myself and have a great time, I'm sick of my friend group never wanting to do anything/always ditxhing last second. Me and myself will be great company

No. 1495964

Parents are part of it, possibly didn't think a child could navigate to porn sites by themselves, but porn sites have way too much power. It really sickens me knowing 10% of daily porn sites visitors are under 10 years old, yet porn sites don't want to create some sort of age verification splash screen or lock it behind membership, just anything. But they won't, because that 10% of viewership of children under 10 creates ad revenue. Money is so important to these greedy corporations rather than children's mental wellbeing. In a perfect world porn sites would cease to exist, but in the porn sick society we live in today they don't even want to make the internet child friendly and ensure they keep away from their sites.

No. 1495980

It makes me sad how easy it is to find porn. And my apologies, I am expecting my first child this year and I am frustrated. When I was a kid, you really had to search for degenerate stuff, but now it seems right now. Hell, look at the sims 4 update with trans shit. Society is now dangerous for children, which is why parents have to work extra hard to guide them. It's all very sad.

No. 1495981

Hell yeah! that's the attitude. If you end up waiting for others, you miss out. I hope you end up meeting way better friends soon. Flakes are one of the reasons I dropped a few people from my own friend circle.

No. 1496003

It frustrates me as well, I want to have kids in the new few years and I'm already planning to homeschool them because of that reason of society being dangerous to them. There's so much I get frustrated about when I think about society's relationship with children in general. So many parents can barely even take care of their own children due to financial issues and work and the work they have not giving them enough time to relax so they can realize they can find something way better and know their worth and be able to actually take care of their children on top of that. Just a web of ideas I have in my head knowing we don't really want to live in this personal hell, many just accept it as how life is going to be forever. It sucks. Porn being as invasive as it is doesn't make things any better either.

No. 1496016

File: 1676042430169.jpeg (34.91 KB, 680x645, 8869AE70-6310-4A14-A8B3-474830…)

i’m tired of being perceived of as a defective prude because i dislike fellatio and PIV sex. i will never have sex with a man, i refuse, and no amount of shaming and manipulation/coercion will get me to change my mind on that

No. 1496033

YouTube is tracking my Spotify plays and suggesting videos based on what I listen to. I HATE the current digital age. I look up Deerhoof once, realize they aren't the band I wanted to hear, and now I am suggested Deerhoof concert videos.

No. 1496034

Fellatio is overrated anyway. You're doing great nona!

No. 1496074

Most men hate relationships unless they are ugly and having a gf is the only way they can fuck and most women act like they are going to die if they aren’t in a relationship even if they are hot. I don’t get why women don’t have the “I’m scared of being held down” mentality that men have even though most women hate having sex with their partners, usually don’t find them attractive and we do all the work. It would make more sense for men to be in the desperate role instead of us.

No. 1496088

People think being single is the worse thing to happen to women and if she's single plenty of people try to invalidate her opinions over it

No. 1496096

Thank you so much! I actually have quite a bit of social anxiety, but yes I wont let that stop me having fun even if it is scarier to go alone.

Realising the same, I want friends that actually are interested in doing things with me and not chronically flaking. Slowly starting to make new friends and I'm surprised at how easily they say yes to things, with my old group its like pulling teeth even to just get together to watch a movie at someones house. Sadly my new friends were all working today so nobody could take my spare ticket, but I could tell they wishes they could have joined.

No. 1496097

YouTube does this to me based on stuff I googled incognito or saw mentioned on lol is it’s creepy af

No. 1496164

File: 1676055757860.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, E4D3335D-D30D-49B7-9D55-5418A5…)

I hate his redesign. I know his personality in the initial one is supposed to be kinda dorky, but the redesign makes him look like he’d call himself a “smol bean” and appeals to twitter enby gender specials.

No. 1496169

He looks like a tumblr softboi i hate it

No. 1496178

I hate the coat, hair and everything about the remake. They got rid of Milly and every redesigned character has devolved into a mockery of themself.

No. 1496179

lol the remake makes me irrationally angry. it's a blessing that the original trigun is perfect so i'll never have to even consider watching this shite

No. 1496185

fuck this shitty reboot and fuck anyone defending it! I saw someone say the show is better without Milly. I stopped watching anime 5 or 6 years ago and I'm glad I did. Trigun is such a classic and there was zero reason for this.

No. 1496186

Wow, they devoided him of his interesting look to instead make him look like generic character with a personality of a cardboard box. How riveting and inspired. Fuck these soulless redesigns.

No. 1496189

I wish my parents allowed me to be a kid. If I had normal kid interests or was silly or had emotions I was severely punished. They made me feel like a weirdo for wanting to play with toys or like wanting to have friends and hang out and I was terrified to ever show any sign of having a crush. It made me grow into a teen who pretended to have zero personality and act like a 40 year old. I wish I had got to go to dumb parties and be dramatic and make MySpace playlists like all the other kids. I feel like nothing happened in my teens because all I did was raise my siblings and read books.

No. 1496192

File: 1676057374597.jpg (232.78 KB, 1157x1664, __meryl_stryfe_and_milly_thomp…)

TBH I'm a bit glad that thr shitty reboot didn't include Milly because I'm 10000% sure the shit newfans would have they/theming her or making her TIM

No. 1496197

He looks like every bara image set uploaded onto myreadingmanga ever.

No. 1496201

Even though this is true, ngl I'm still salty they replaced her with a boring scrote. The remake blows, nonnas.

No. 1496230

Kill yourself retard. If you don't give me a deadline you won't get the fucking storyboard and you can fucking fail your class. I don't give a fuck. If you don't help me I won't help you! Suffer.

No. 1496231

I just want to die, I want to have cancer and die. I don't even know why I keep doing healthy shit, studying and anything in general. If I told everyone in my family that I just want to stay in bed and do nothing they would just tell me that I'm being dramatic and that I'm just whining.
I just seriously hate this fucking career so fucking much that I want to die, I hate everything, I don't want to do anything, I don't want a fucking job, I don't want to deal with kids of any fucking age, I hate the sole idea of having to deal with their retarded parents, I don't want to send any other fucking stupid ass useless as fuck essay or thesis to the fucking website of my university, I don't want to do anything.
If I didn't think drinking and smoking were cringe as fuck I would be doing so to accelerate the process of getting cancer.
I just can picture my future, I will be another teacher that lives off less than minimum wage, dealing with annoying ass kids, with their stupid parents, having to commute back home and back to school, not doing anything else at all because I either have a coffee outside of my home or I enjoy starving that week, spending my afternoons and nights doing corrections of 120 idiot kids that aren't learning shit and hate me, passing out because my autistic ass can't handle social interactions for too long no matter what I do, not being able to complain to anyone because this is all somehow my own fault.
Like yeah, I suck at studying, I'm fucking retarded 24/7, I just want to workout, play games, not talk to anyone unless I feel like it and do book reviews, maybe translate books from time to time.
I don't want to ~enjoy the beauty of teaching~ I don't want to ~create bonds with students~
I don't want to ~make didactic and fun classes~
I don't want any of that fucking shit, it's miserable, nobody in a classroom gives a fuck, you can't properly grade the retards so everyone has to pass, you have to be happy 24/7, you have to spend the day standing up and walking around, listening to the most boring shit ever, planning classes and shit just for everything to get all fucked up because "oh, the kids want to do a talent show, so it's going to take a while week, I hope you don't mind lol"
God I want to kill myself, give me cancer already.

No. 1496244

seeing nonnas defend stealing art for AI stuff is making me not want to draw anymore tbh

No. 1496247

i went to my friends house last weekend and she didnt tell me she was sick. now i have a cold. i cant even remember the last time ive been sick, its been years. i cant stop wheeze-coughing and my nose is so runny i want to die!!!!

No. 1496254

Sweet nonny, don't listen. It's just a few men pretending to be women and artists. You can tell because they only give anecdotes and excuses about their "ai success stories" and it all sounds very fake, like a reddit-tier novel. Please continue drawing and enjoying your artwork - they want you to quit.

No. 1496272

I hate blowjobs too. I'm so bad at it so then I get extra self conscious. idk maybe if I had given them to the moids I actually loved instead of the losers I ended up with it would be different. but the peer pressure and shit people give you for being celibate definitely sucks and makes me feel so out of place. just know you're not alone and I love your attitude.

No. 1496274

I love my boobs but I think my nipples are too low…trying to not give a fuck about it

No. 1496289

I wouldn’t defend AI but I might say human artist art isn’t as important as people make it out to be and both of them are generating porn and copying quite a bit…
If you’re not trying to make money drawing porn or doing graphic design requests for corporate clients I think you’re good. Plus making art is fun and you should do it just for that reason and not worry about other stuff.

No. 1496296

I have a stupid theory that people who enjoy giving head enjoy it because the roof of their mouth is an erogenous zone. Otherwise it doesn’t really make sense to me. (It’s because that’s me if you wonder why I have the theory but no one ever says it so I must be wrong…)

No. 1496319

File: 1676067894544.gif (493.17 KB, 220x246, 2n7kse_AQCMAAAAM.gif)

tiktok is so fucking stupid. Someone will play/lipsynch to an audio about grocery shopping but then they will have subtitles that completely changes the dialogue so instead they are talking about the dangers of late night swimming. Like what's the point? It makes me angry to an irrational degree. Another genre of tiktoks I can't stand is those where they lipsynch to a song while eyefucking the camera. They aren't even doing anything interesting they just have so much confidence in their fashion sense and filters that they assume that it's worth watching and the worst part is that people are watching it. It's the equivalent of shaking keys in front of your face I don't see how anyone who isn't a toddler can like that.
Though to be fair me and my friends did do silly lipsynch videos we would share with each other and we would rewrite movie dialogue to fit our specific scenarios but we only shares it with each other and we where extremely close. It baffles me that anyone can have any interest in watching a literal stranger do this things. And if you are going to change movie dialogue then at least record something new rather than slap text over your video

No. 1496321

File: 1676067969408.jpeg (145.36 KB, 1024x840, 3A2C2651-316D-484B-AF4F-696C67…)

Today my bf said out roommate was packing shit up to randomly move out. I messaged him, because hes a dear friend of the bf and he never replied to me .
He told my bf he feels like “we dont want him here” and honestly, its all fucking random. Hes the best roommate ive ever had. I support him and am always kind.
This motherfucker is 35… maybe a midlife crisis? But man, if you dont have the balls to confront someone when you are upset, no woman will be attracted to a spineless bitch.
Maybe hes realizing its time to make his own life?
Weve talked about moving but in the long term, with a goal and plan.
Like damn man, why are you such a coward, just reply to the message i kindly sent.

No. 1496334

I enjoy giving head and I kind of know what you mean because the roof of the mouth can be ticklish. But I wouldn't call it sexual. To me, I like the feeling of it deepthroating. Mostly because it's just me and a penis and I don't need to look at a man, lel.

No. 1496335

I don't consider myself materialistic but I secretly want to marry into money I guess for the sense of stability and security ugh it's so frustrating and won't even happen

No. 1496345

That sounds more like you find it tolerable more than you enjoying it

No. 1496348

I dont find it sexy at all most of the time I'm just going through the motions and thinking of something else entirely. I do like giving head while tripping on acid though. It's really something else

No. 1496349

i visit this niche forum and tell me why they're all sucking eachofhers dicks posting hogwarts legacy spoilers when no-one on that goddamn site supports the game anyway. it's literally the pinned topic. get a life yall are EMBARRASSING

No. 1496352

samefag but the sites filled with trannies too. if i see one more user talk about their girldick im gonna throw myself off a cliff

No. 1496354

How do people be tripping on psychedelic and think of sex?? It is genuinely unthinkable for me, I’m gone, I am no longer of the corporeal realm babe.

No. 1496355

Today has been the worst day ever. I took a day off bc I wanted to install my extensions for the weekened, I anticipated the delivery and was so disappointed at the quality. I paid $150 for extensions and I got thin, smelly, barbie hair delivered to me. I'm not joking. It was so synthetic almost comical. I got so mad I made the return instantly without a return slip (they did not send one), I looked on their website, nada, nothing. I was like fuck it just send the shit back as soon as possible. Went to the postal office and the lady was like you're paying for the postal? I was like whatever, yes. Now I'm shitting myself bc there's no way of tracking the return and those sneaky bitches can just say they never got it and I have to pay for it bc I have no proof that I sent it. I'm running to the postal office tmrw to retrieve the package and figure out how to return it in a way where I can track it. Ugh I fucking hate this company. Nonnas, never try your luck at a novice hair company. So much scams going on shit pisses me off.

No. 1496358

I was hoping for a self-care day but all I got was stress bc of this fucking scamming company. My fever got worse and I feel so disgusting bc I've not showered, ran around today and not had a proper meal except doritoes and noodles. I wish that bitch who sent me that shit dies soon. Fucking bitch.

No. 1496360

File: 1676071162915.gif (7.98 MB, 600x338, miketropic.gif)

How has NOBODY in Milwaukee or surrounding suburbs seen Mike? Seems weird to me. I thought /tv/ made up the thing about he and Jessi having a son named Ethan, if they really had a kid and it's at least 8 wouldn't someone have a creep shot of them at an Applebees or something in the greater Milwaukee area doing stuff as a family? No one has ever mentioned seeing Mike and Jessi together for years, let alone Mike, Jessi, and a child. I don't know if I believe it.

No. 1496364

No I don't tolerate it, I love the feeling of it in my throat, lel, it's fun and smooth. I'm being somewhat facetious, I have a nice Nigel, but it's not a flattering view of him even though he's a skeletor.

I don't drink anymore, but it is fun giving head to someone you trust while drunk or crossfaded.

No. 1496373

there's no-one hot or crushworthy at my new job, which is fine but i miss having idle daydreams about coworkers lol. i caught myself earlier trying to manifest into existence a coworker who i could fall head over heels for. most embarrassing behaviour

No. 1496374

Fuckin same, I work from home and I miss having office crushes. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm the happiest and most productive when I have a crush on someone

No. 1496378

I had a great night, possibly one of the best concert experiences I've had. Plus I made new friends and got invited to a small local festival, I'm so glad I went by myself

No. 1496380

I agree, cant think of anything I'd want to do less than being sexual while tripping, and I'm usually hypersexual

No. 1496382

File: 1676071952428.gif (1.94 MB, 350x314, 1sdfsdf.gif)

Reached a point of exasperation with my life in general that I don't even have the words anymore

No. 1496383

I miss doing shit by myself. Now that I live with my moid and we moved to a shitty fucking town there's 1. nothing to do and 2. even if there were, I can never go anywhere by myself anymore. I miss my old city where I could just walk around or go to little concerts or events by myself and run into people

No. 1496385

I hate this cat so much. Idc leave my house. I don't own you. I regret ever feeding you ONCE. Where the fuck is the animal shelter.

No. 1496389

Feeding a stray makes them keep coming back, they know they got food from you once so they keep trying. Take it somewhere you can drop off strays, like a vet that takes in lost cats or something.

No. 1496398

How did you get rich nonna, tell us your secret. I'm tired of working, I've basically worked hourly since I was 16 all year no vacation. Grew up dirt poor. I just want a break.

No. 1496404

Fuck off. Cats are sweet, you sound like a mean bitter person

No. 1496409

I don't usually judge people for venting, but I'm 95% certain you'd be the type of person to abuse an animal if it was guaranteed you wouldn't get caught
You sound like a horrible person who hates the sweetest animals alive as a whole.
I'd take that cat from you myself if I could drive

No. 1496412

Moids can't live with me wanting to travel and do photography but they want me to enable their dreams of a mommy gf, trad wife. I'm going to do photography just to spite them ( on the side)

No. 1496416

They never replied (or even opened the message) and the story is gone now. I saw that they archive all of their travel stories as highlights though, so if they do that when their trip is over I’ll be really pissed off.

It was a three-quarter shot of me looking at a product in a shop, where I took up about a third of the frame, that’s all I’ll say. My friends were across from me (out of shot) and he must have been quite secretive about it because none of us noticed.

No. 1496418

Not femanon, but have you thought about traveling in low travel seasons or staying in hostels? It's doable on a budget.

No. 1496422

What's a femanon

No. 1496424

Sorry, 4chan speak for us. I meant the rich nonnie. I gotta stop visiting that place, it's ruining my brain.

No. 1496425

why don't you ask the landlord to come get the cat?
it is extremely rare for living with a couple to not suck major balls, is all i will say

No. 1496428

Dumbasses, had that cat been a dog/any other animal y'all wouldn't be pearl clutching at anon finding it annoying

No. 1496431

I don't go on 4chan too often but when I do, "femanon" irks the shit out of me. I also hate the no women on /cm/ joke

No. 1496432

AYART, dogs are disgusting & all but I've only ever seen stray cats and never a stray dog in my life. I hate dogs pretty vehemently but I would never hurt one and can tolerate them somewhat. Small dogs are better than big ones because they aren't constantly trying to knock me over or lick my face

No. 1496433

My mind feels like it is rotting and I wasn't that smart to begin with. I feel like I've become some kind of neanderthal or something. I won't read walls of text that are too long, I won't do anything that requires a mild challenge… damn…

No. 1496434

Do you use social media?

No. 1496435

They use "femanon" on /adv/ but the women on their is as bad as the moids on it, like pickmes. I only lurk /out/ and/tv/ because of the moids attitude towards women.

No. 1496436

I got a grant for a restaurant and I own that now + dividend yields

No. 1496437

She didn't even say she wanted to hurt the cat, she's just frustrated
>I've only ever seen stray cats and never a stray dog in my life
Where the hell do you live? they're everywhere

No. 1496441

OHHH okay I misunderstood.
Anyways, I grew up in Southern California (specifically a very impoverished area, which was out of place in an otherwise wealthy section) and now live in the Southwest.

No. 1496443

Congratulations, you memed yourself into acting out hardcore pornography inventions for the entertainment of men at the cost of your own health. We'll see how much you enjoy "deepthroating" when you get throat cancer and have to speak through a hole in your neck. They had to point a gun to the head of the woman getting orally raped in the original video but you'll just do it on your own for the sweet, sweet male attention.

No. 1496444

Kek be serious anon. Most women in relationships with men give them head and most of them are not facing serious health issues because of it. Weirdo.

No. 1496447

NTA but what the fuck are you talking about? You know how the west doesn't take feminism seriously? This. This is why. Please stop giving us a bad name.

No. 1496451

Opinion discarded.

No. 1496452

Classic lolcow "if you disagree with me you must be the people I'm talking about!". I know it would make you feel better to think that I am, but I'm not straight, I don't suck dick, and I'm not with a man.

No. 1496455

Don't make me tap the sign again

No. 1496462

Yes, I do. I do feel like social media is a huge part of my deterioration. I always become more addicted to reading shit that pisses me off online, especially when it's winter. I know it's bad for me, I've gotta find a way to cut the cord, somehow.

No. 1496464

File: 1676077554490.jpg (311.58 KB, 969x1280, 1675911080858.jpg)

pic is the real reason to be against blowjobs imo

No. 1496469

my exes new gf is ugly. yes this is a fucked up thing to say and it’s clear I haven't moved on but she looks like a fuckin tweaker. she is 25 but looks 30. she is actually so haggard and busted. her hair is fucked up. she has baby bangs. her tattoos are shit. but she has a masters degree and i don’t so that why i didn’t get picked according to her (my ex).

No. 1496473

Why do you know who your ex is dating? I always block ex scrotes.

No. 1496475

And she still bagged the qt you're still seething about. Bucktooth Becky is big mad

No. 1496476

Why is your ex gf dating a tweaker?

No. 1496479

One type of person I absolutely hate are people that are trying to misunderstand everything you said or actually misunderstand it in a way that makes them believe you were stupid. You can literally say "2+2 is 4" and they read it as "2+1 is 4" and call you dumb and shit and explaining will do nothing.

They don't talk to you to enjoy a common hobby or have a dialogue, everything they say is geared toward self-praise and they are so eager to take every little chance to prove that you are stupider than them that they take chances that aren't even there because they hallucinate what they want to see.

No. 1496496

Aaay fellow storyboard anon, god I hate scrotes. Are you in film school or freelance?

No. 1496503

u gagged me…

No. 1496506

EXCUSE ME wait I am a film lady too.. ntayrt but please please i hope more women filmmakers are here! Making my heart soar at the mere notion of rigging some lights or slating for another farmer!!
Im on a lifetime movie this summer and i keep my fingers crossed!!!

No. 1496511

Oh look the "cockbreath" anon is back, great.

No. 1496515

idk if she’s a tweaker but she looks like one. my ex is and was still talking to other girls behind each of our backs while saying that we were monogamous so that’s why i’m bitter

No. 1496517

File: 1676082086740.jpg (179.87 KB, 500x750, MV5BYjRjNDQ5MWItM2M1Mi00NzY2LT…)

ntayrt butting in to assure you more female film makers are here with u anon. a video based shitpost i made in between school projects actually went viral and became a meme that many of you have probably seen actually…

No. 1496520

You’re not supposed to argue with men. You’re supposed to ignore them and block them. That’s the only was to deal with them when they are acting unreasonable.

No. 1496523

Then you just ignore them. Usually when you don’t react to men acting stupid they will come to you and apologize because they feel crazy because you acted indifferent. Arguing back with men doesn’t work.

No. 1496526

Nta but hahahahaha damn nona I admire you

No. 1496527

If you’re talking about a scrote you’re in a relationship with you can ignore him.

No. 1496528

Girl I think she's done lol

No. 1496529

Oh she’s mad mad kek

No. 1496530

No I think she's just done with the convo because you're annoying

No. 1496531

She’ll be alright

No. 1496536

Ten bucks says you’re a NEET who lives off doordash and avoiding eye contact at all costs.

No. 1496538

Nope, I just know that men like to make you mad. If they see they are irritating you they are just going to double down to be right.

No. 1496543

i keep replaying moments in my head and talking to myself and creating different scenarios and outcomes
im so insane wtf. im such a loser

No. 1496545

You’re so autistic.

No. 1496547

What’s autistic about that statement?it’s the truth.

No. 1496552

File: 1676084889298.jpg (50.16 KB, 639x384, b1ec4b37-5bf2-43ec-bd63-bad553…)

i come back and there's a sperg fight. what the fuck?
saging this but you legit can't ignore in every single situation. it can help in some cases but is implausible in most

No. 1496554

The one thing I know about men is they will go take a piss and then put their dick in your mouth immediately afterward. I’ve let it happen to me so I can’t complain. I can see why some women would find it gross because you’re putting all that down your throat.

No. 1496556

I can't get into any relationship because of csa, I had a boyfriend but we broke up because I couldn't handle any intimacy besides kissing. When he started to touch even my arms I fucking froze. I can't do anything about it, I can't have people touching me unless it's a hug or something. I only feel slightly more comfortable when women do it but I still feel anxious. I hate this, I can't have a normal relationship because of some bullshit that happened 8+ years ago. Men like me, some do, it's not the issue. I just don't want to be touched by any of them. Moid brains don't understand shit so even when I explain it they shrug it off or say 'muh but I'm not like them!!1'. Like I think you are, no I associate it with things from the past. Is there any moid with compassion or some level of empathy? I don't even want to date them. Fuck them. I just want a family, I don't want sex outside of practical reasons. This keeps me so stuck. I don't think I'll ever have a normal relationship.

No. 1496558

Can you elaborate anon? The first ever deep throat porn? I know porn's fucked up but was it really at gun point?

No. 1496564

I feel like I have no voice

No. 1496579

There were two events in my life that made me wake up to the fact that scrotes are assholes on purpose. I used to think they were just dumb and clueless but it’s on purpose.

1. When I was 18 there was this boy who I would chase and he would use me for sex and ignore me. One day I just bored and stopped caring then he texts me “wow you’re indifferent to me and usually it’s the other way around”. That tells me he was very aware of his behavior.
2. There was this guy who would tell me I’m creepy and only want to use him for sex so I backed off. One day he texts me pretty much begging me to hangout and have ice cream with him. I thought you felt I was creepy?kek

No. 1496585

File: 1676088212666.png (419.7 KB, 487x693, image (2).png)

For the past week I've been hungry all the time no matter how much food I shovel in. And I'm actively picking proteins and fats to satisfy it but it's not helping much.

No. 1496590

>proteins and rats
Why rats?

No. 1496594

This is true, men do love to gaslight. You have to keep the facts straight but careful not to call them out on their shit or they'll lash out, sadly.

No. 1496595

Nta and late but
>If they see they are irritating you they are just going to double down to be right.
Literally what you were doing with the other anon, I'm starting to think you're one of the baiters who tries to annoy people because they think it's funny.

No. 1496596

File: 1676090162138.png (104.12 KB, 225x300, owl.png)

Because they're delicious

No. 1496600

I'm the original anon who replied to storyboard anon, I'm also a stupid fuck so if you could somehow… Idk, tell me through a coded message what sed viral video is, I'd love to see it.

No. 1496601

i'm not calling you. i'm not unblocking you. you had 20 years to make shit right with me, you had forever to own up to being such a narcissist. i'm not telling you why i've cut contact with you. i'm not visiting you. i'm not going to your funeral when you die. i'm not checking any of your social medias. i'm not calling your husband or your other kids either.
i was a ghost in your home and a thorn in your side and i was your daughter. your daughter! your flesh and blood! and when have you given me closure? when have you ever helped me while i was distressed? i can count the times on one hand. i hate you forever and you don't get to ever figure out exactly why. i hope that kills you as much as you not loving me made me want to kill myself as a child. i'm not guilty about it and you won't make me feel guilty about it. you'll die alone and miserable and that's what you fucking deserve.

No. 1496603

Sorry to post about such a racially charged topic on lolcow, but as a black woman who has liked white guys for my entire life and I mean my ENTIRE life. my relatives realized I liked white dudes before I even did I think the internet discourse around "divesting" is so strange but also intriguing. A trainwreck I can't look away from. I think that both the women who divest and the men who hate divesters are all weird individuals. I don't like how who you date and what your preference is has to be this huge political statement for black people. I agree with some things the women say, but I think they dislike black men so much that they end up also hating any black women that aren't them (while also claiming that they only care about black women). And a lot of them are women who place an emphasis on femininity/traditionalism and so they have these misogynist ideas about how a black woman should carry herself. I hate that the men celebrate black women being mistreated (abused/killed) by other men, and that they act like interracial dating is a huge epidemic. If you go outside, you will see that most black women are with other black men, so it's such an online issue.

No. 1496605

This describes my brother to a T (and ignoring him never works and won't always work with other types of men either, he just doubles down on his shit when that happens)

No. 1496625

Was reading a thick piece about this woman who left her moid and usually I agree with her reasons but this woman in particular was so dismissive and full of herself it actually pissed me off. Normally these articles will talk about how even though they were in love with their partner they had some like, actual tangible reason as to why things wouldn’t work but this woman kept going on and on about how despite the fact that she knew he was her soulmate he was somehow holding her back? And kept describing all of these really great things about him and their relationship but that she was still better off alone even though all of the things she was describing could’ve been done together anyways. I’m probably taking it too personally due to my own abandonment issues but I just really hate super dismissive people like this. They treat everyone like dirt and find no real value in reciprocal human relationships but still keep their exes on the back burner for when they DO need the emotional support. If you feel like leaving for the best was fine but don’t try and cope by gushing about how perfect the relationship apparently was but also how you were shortsighted enough to let it go.

No. 1496629

/tv/ is just a pedo hideout. there's nothing worthwhile there.

No. 1496636

>Explaining the difference between bi-polar and bi-polar II to mom to clarify something in my story
>Mom: who the fuck cares and it's the same thing
She's such a womanchild. It doesn't matter what you talk about because she has such a black and white view of the world and doesn't want to expand her knowledge. It's embarrassing how little she knows. She's not curious unless it just reinforces her views for her to weaponize. My father just doesn't engage and it feels like talking to a brick wall. I know I'm whining but I'm bitter I wasn't born to parents who were more open about learning how the world functions and being naturally curious. It just saddens me.

No. 1496637

I know, but I still pander through the crap for something worthwhile.

No. 1496642

I didn't let an old scrote cut me at the store and he got soo mad. He was mad my line was going faster than his and he tried jumping in front of me but I just stepped forward quickly and put my stuff down. He loudly went TSCH!! like a hissing cat hahaha

No. 1496670

why do people get so mad at others being soft. like if a joke hurts me i'm going to be hurt why do i need to take it when i don't want to piss off. damn. i DON'T want to be like you i'm fine the way i am i like being sensitive you can make fun of me that's also fine and your prerogative but i'm not going to change so quit trying. i mean why does it even bother anyone it's not you getting hurt over words it's me. jeez. yeah i'm butthurt that's because your joke was meanspirited like what on earth

No. 1496671

I’ve been living inside your head all this time. I’m finally free.

No. 1496674

A clique is forming at a nonprofit I've been passionate about and it fucking sucks. When I started working there it was just a bunch of volunteers putting in our time to help something grow, but the organization recently hired middle management and some other 'outside hires' that have all been people they're personally friends with. And now they're forming a clique with each other and the rest of us that have been here since the beginning are getting shut out. I feel like I wasted my fucking time helping out with this org and their projects and it fucking sucks, I just feel overlooked and underappreciated, and there's nothing more I feel I can do except distance myself and leave eventually when I have another job lined up.

No. 1496677

PMS? It could also be a nutrient deficiency, I get this way if I don't eat red meat in awhile, or if I'm anemic.

No. 1496682

I have a complicated project due by next week and I keep sitting down and procrastinating on actually starting it because of anxiety. I tried to get it going a few weeks ago but got stuck at the beginning and now I'm having mild panic attacks each time I try. There is so much work and I don't know how to execute most parts of it. God I wanna kms

No. 1496687

I want to disappear from the internet so fucking bad but i’m between jobs and my only way to make money right now is by drawing commissions for trannies

No. 1496704

Well stay gone then

No. 1496708

I think I'm at the end. This sucks

No. 1496712

I'm worried about my friends and family in my hometown. They're in one of the poorest areas of the UK. Actually I just looked it up and the average life expectancy for men is 58 years and for women it's fucking 56 years of age. 56 years old! And it's because of their shitty, super unhealthy lifestyle. You'd think living in a nice area with fresh air by the sea would have them walking around but no.

It's been 6 years I've been away from that country and every time I revisit it drives it home harder just how bad it is. I have breakfast in my parents house and it just sits in my stomach ALL day. But then they have breakfast around 9, lunch at 12, snacks in between, dinner at 5 with a huge dessert AND supper at around 9, they worry when I refuse about half of these meals because my metabolism just can't take it. After cooking breakfast the pan is bright yellow from the HUGE amounts of fat that comes of out sausages and bacon. In all my years abroad making food there's NEVER this amount of fat in a pan. It's disgusting.

When I'm over there I'm out basically all the time trying to burn off the energy from this high carb, high fat and high salt food. I used to miss the food but it's far too much and the consequences of going from my usual diet to THIS is so punishing. And my family eats this all day, EVERY day. My friends bodies are bloated and they all hate to move. My family hates to walk. I say i'm going somewhere that's a 20 minute walk away and they think i'm odd for walking and declining an offer to be driven there. They drive everywhere, absolutely everywhere and it's quite an accessible area with decent public transport, they just don't fucking move. They get in the car, sit on their ass, get to their destination, don't exercise in ANY way and i'm wondering how are they even functioning day to day because I can barely last a week without wanting to just stop fucking eating.

I'm not even healthy, by the way. I'm the pig compared to my peers and am fatter than average, but I stop eating when I'm full and exercise 2x a week for fun along with daily walks. It feels like all of them are going to go to an early grave and it's so upsetting. I want to bring each one of them to my country to show them how to fucking eat normally.

No. 1496714

Maybe it's just cause I'm generally a horny person but I recommend it, it's like all I could think of, ever

No. 1496740

File: 1676114796330.jpeg (171.32 KB, 1500x1500, D3276746-228B-41A1-99BC-C8E342…)

i'm going to cry my 3ds camera is messed up it's way too saturated slow and weird looking and one of the rubber things on the top screen melted i don't know how. i can't figure out how to fix this it's never had a problem since i bought it in 2013 i'm so sad i don't want it to be broken… after the last time i trusted those tech stores to fix my phone's charger port which only ended up ruining it even further i don't think i can trust them but i have 0 knowledge of these things i don't know what i did wrong and i'm devastated. everything else works normally like the audio and homescreen etc. the camera is the most important aspect of it i don't even care about the games i document so much on there i'm so sad. maybe it's an easy fix i'm just venting for the time being

No. 1496742

Update; he apparently isnt upset at us at all and he flipped out at work the other night and yelled at his boss. He told a mutual friend hes joining the air force bc he has no direction in life as a 35 year old.
How is he going to get through a bootcamp though? He cant even confront roommates if hes upset. Very confused. He also is talking about moving hack to his geriatric parents house…. But the man has a padded bank account.
Oh, and he thinks “we want him out” because he heard me talking about how great it would be to move to the beach. Thats it, he heard a passing comment and assumed the worst.
What a weak man. Good luck going the airforce i guess. Hes leaving a 4bedroom house where rent is 150/month bc hes practically bfs family… oooooooookkkaaayyyyyy whatever. Now i can walk around nakie and free

No. 1496746

If you really do not want to take it to a repair shop, you could attempt doing it yourself with a guide like this one https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Nintendo+3DS+Cameras+Replacement/6175 or just get a new 3ds. Or if the camera is the most important feature, could you just get a cheap digital camera if you do not have / want a smart phone?

No. 1496752

I don't know if it's my personality or the way I was brought up but I can't truly connect with people. Yes, I can form a friendship, I'm pretty comfortable to be around, people usually easily open up to me, I may seem interesting to them at the beginning and so on. I feel like I'm not genuinely warm to people though. Since childhood, I would withdraw from nearly all of my friends, and it was kind of weird with the long-lasting ones. It would last either with those who were fucked up in their own way and who repeatedly initiated contact until I finally got sick of their shenanigans or with those who accepted this on-and-off kind of thing, where we could just meet after a long period of time and speak without (almost) any awkwardness. I'd never realized it before a certain point in my life but I'm so uncomfortable with intimate relationships or closeness in a broad sense. I need certain distance, and sometimes I just want to break everything off. I can feel violated when people just try to know me, and sometimes I can impulsively open up and then feel awful and want to withdraw. It seems like it increases with age, although it's pretty similar to the way it was in my childhood. The difference is that back then I was more connected to my feelings without any understanding of them, later I tried to mold myself I think, and did a lot of things I didn't want to, and now I started realizing certain things about myself and I try to get connected to my feelings again but in a more conscious way. I can't see how any of it could change though, I guess I'll never have fulfilling and meaningful close relationships with someone, and I'll never be "real" within any relationship and interaction. I guess it's just something I have to accept but it does make me feel like I'm irreparably broken, and that existing in a "human world" (where I have to interact with others) is absolutely fake and unreal. Don't know if it makes any sense. But it's one of the things that contributes to the overall feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. I used to have someone with whom I could be real, but it was still complicated and we both sabotaged that relationship, even though I was willing to fight for it till the end and he had chosen somewhat easier but emptier life (I talked to him and know he's unhappy), it was objectively unhealthy anyways though I guess… but it left me absolutely heartbroken and I don't think I'll ever love anyone, I tried and it's not the same. There are some things to enjoy in this life and I'll be happier alone but still unhappy I guess? I still want that special connection but it'll never happen.

No. 1496761

The gross part aside, the whole point of a blowjob is to degrade the one giving it, that's what people, both men and women, constantly say is hot about it. Men will of course give us the whole "but you're holding my most sensitive organ between your teeth" spiel, but funny how that argument only comes up when a woman is unwilling or reluctant. No man asking for a blowjob says it because he himself wants to be degraded and disrespected.

Tell a man "I won't give you oral sex, babe, I respect you too much to degrade you that way" and see how he reacts, kek.

No. 1496764

Boyfriends mom took a pic of me/us at dinner and it pissed me off and made me uncomfortable. We haven’t even been dating for 6 months. Before that, she said that I have a skinny butt too, which I was going to brush off as a weird compliment which is honestly how she probably meant it but because of the pic I am now taking a firm stance against comments about my body too. I told my bf about the pic and apparently this isn’t a new thing with her. He tried to just apologize on her behalf but I said it wasn’t good enough. I made it clear that I was pissed and I wouldn’t be dating any mommas boys who can’t draw boundaries with their parents. He said he would talk to her when I leave. Do you think I overreacted nonnas?

No. 1496765

Do you have self image issues? Why do you hate photos so much? My ex used to love taking photos as memory and he'd make us take a ton together even at the start of our relationship, some people are like that and if his mother also likes photos, this might have been her way of immortalizing a nice time.

No. 1496768

Getting servical cancer because of vaginal sex is so much more common than throat cancer. Instead of blaming women for their choices, blame the men who infect those women and normalize testing before relationships.

No. 1496769

I am self conscious but I would have gladly taken a pic if she asked. Instead this bitch just puts up her phone while I’m mid-bite and I try to look away and bf asks what she’s doing and she says NOTHIN!!

No. 1496770

File: 1676118849862.jpg (30.93 KB, 736x710, aac1f4d98e723ef451d8c2685c42d2…)

This is some FUCKSHIT. I wore braces til I was 18, got them removed a long time ago and I thought "well that's it". But I woke up today and noticed some of my teeth are getting crooked AGAIN?? It hurts and it looks goofy as hell, wtf? Braces are so expensive, I feel so disappointed

No, my dentist didn't told me I was supposed to wear retainers for the rest of my life, I'm getting an appointment tomorrow to get new retainers. I'm 21, its over for me and my teeth?

No. 1496771

Also I don’t know her like that the fuck. That was your bf taking pics. I have met this woman twice for all of an hour. I have been dating her son for a couple months!

No. 1496773

I feel like this too a lot. Emotional intimacy makes me feel really uncomfortable and ick, and I don't know why and I feel like I have to drag it out of myself but fuck it would be nice if I didn't have to. There are certain special exceptions but they are tentative and easily ruined.

No. 1496775

Nta but I like giving head to the guy I'm dating because I like seeing/feeling him get really aroused, it's like edging in a way. I like making him lose his composure and start gasping and moaning and shit and then quickly move me away when he thinks it's just too much and he's about to cum. I love that shit tbh

No. 1496776

But that would involve hating men and not women, and where could ”cockbreath” anon find the fun in that

No. 1496796

Is it really degrading if the guy is also giving oral too? I think the degrading part is only if the woman is one-sidedly giving blowjobs and acting like a doormat, and if he tries to make her do degenerate shit like deepthroating to make her uncomfortable/gag.

No. 1496799

the degrading part is the fact that men never wipe their dicks after peeing and let it touch the toilet bowl/water when they sit yet still have the audacity to stick it in someone else's mouth

No. 1496800

I love glugging cold water in the morning but jesus my teeth feel frozen since I only finished brushing my teeth 15mins ago

No. 1496802

>Most women in relationships with men give them head
Thats just sad

No. 1496803

Okay, but just because of how women's anatomy works, I bet there are more urine traces left around a woman's genitals. And most men don't have a dick long enough to touch the toilet bowl, kek.

No. 1496806

Some of you sound so underaged and new to life. "Ewwwwwww a peeny weeny in a mouth?! That belongs in the vajay jay!! And now the woman will be unclean and degraded!! Heavens to betsy my goodness!!"

No. 1496808

that's nasty to think about, my bf is very hygienic and usually takes a shower or just washes his genitals before i give him head

No. 1496810

That's because you have standards. A lot of women don't vet men for their hygiene.

No. 1496813

At least vaginas are self cleaning. Idk I simply don't trust men to be hygienic at all, they literally admit to it >>1496464

No. 1496814

>A lot of women
Stop being naive and misogynistic

No. 1496815

lmao stfu, women shouldn't be shamed for sucking dick if they enjoy it but it's been treated like a societal norm for too long & just a given that it's something we should do for men, and a lot of men use the act itself to degrade us. frankly I'm happy if more people are questioning why we're just expected to suck a gross moids unwashed dick just to please him

No. 1496816

Yeah I'm definitely "immature" if I don't like sucking genitals. Fuck off, not everyone wants to worship dicks and have them near their faces all the time.

No. 1496817

I'm referring to the ones saying "cockbreath" and acting like a woman is ruined for sucking dick

No. 1496818

I've never felt like my bf degraded himself by giving head to me, and he never was nasty about receiving head, like trying to act "dominant" and control my head or demand to cum on my face or in my mouth (I hate the taste). Idc if someone does it if she likes it btw, but I personally don't. I don't like penetration at all because it's uncomfy and I won't bother figuring out how to make it work, so I prefer to give and receive pleasure only with a mouth or hands, and I absolutely can't stand men who think that a blowjob must have this dom/sub aspect and don't know how to lick. Or how to wash.

No. 1496822

>not everyone wants to worship dicks and have them near their faces all the time.
Yeah women that suck dick don't usually worship it or tape it to their face to inhale the fumes 24/7 but that's a nice overdramatic misinterpretation, I'd expect nothing less from anons on ot

No. 1496823

>waaaa dont call me insults
Not even that cockbreath sperg but you’re really crying about being called names on an imageboard? The irony of you calling other anons childish

No. 1496824

lbr those are probably moids

No. 1496825

>vaginas are self-cleaning
Yeah, the vagina but not everything else. I'm just saying that for women the urethra is under a lot of folds and skin, which obviously means there is some urine that's going to get trapped in there even if you wipe. Unless you spread your vulva and get toilet paper up in your urethra which is impractical and will probably lead to infections. That's something you just kinda accept when you agree to giving/receiving oral. There are going to be traces of urine unless you are freshly washed. Sex is just kinda gross and that comes with the territory. That being said, men are the ones who should put up with the grossness. Women can demand their moids to take showers.

How the fuck am I being misogynistic when it's the truth that most women don't have standards?

No. 1496826

>woman is ruined
Stop projecting your insecurity. No one said that.

No. 1496827

>I've never felt like my bf degraded himself by giving head to me
Giving head to a woman is way different and the degrading aspect isn't there because no one is sticking their sexual organs down your throat and making you gag or suffocate.

No. 1496828

That's not what I said, call me whatever you want. You seem more angry than I do

No. 1496829

Stop oppressing me and l-let me suck cheesedick in PEACE

No. 1496830

>most women don't have standards?
"I'm so much better than most women, I have standards!"

No. 1496831

Maybe you think I feel good and superior about that, but I don't. It makes me feel awful and sad.

No. 1496833

Lol so you really think most women are beneath you and your just so special and superior. Damn that's some terminal nlog syndrome right there. Let me guess, you can't keep any friends and it's always their fault right? I feel sad for people like you

No. 1496835

And yet there're men who think it's absolutely unacceptable to give a head (while expecting blowjobs by default ofc). Plus you can sit on his face, it can be considered degrading by someone. And it's not necessary to choke on a dick.

No. 1496836

Yeah no one said that, the projection is off the charts here today

No. 1496837

nayrt but it reads like nonna is saying that she wants better for other women. can i ask where you see nlogism?

No. 1496838

Her saying she's not like other girls because most other girls have no standards. It's like the literal definition of nlogism lol

No. 1496840

You are a spineless little bitch. Thats why you date women that cheat on you, thats why you stay. Thats why you cant communicate on a basic level. Thats why youre almost 40 and a fry cook. You get anxious replying to texts. You are a door mat and a disappointment. Wont be surprised if you end up following through this time. You chose to be a neutral spineless bitch, and chose to settle for your life.
Good fucking riddance. In the next life I hope your balls drop. Go back to the girl all your friends told you not to. Enjoy that shitshow. At least shes honest about not knowing who the baby daddy is. men are absolutely retarded end it all

No. 1496841

Kek what, all she said is that most women aren't going out of their way to make sure their moids cleaned themselves. Men are disgusting and I think most women give them a bit too much credit because they themselves would make sure theyre clean for a partner. How is that being nlog to say that double hygiene standards exist

No. 1496843

damn it's almost like you're writing about my ex

No. 1496846

I don't know nona we're just going to have to agree to disagree cause when I hear shit like "most women don't do this." It just seems like nlogism to me. And saying "most" seems like an overgeneralization based on personal experience cause I don't know any women that would suck an unwashed dick lol, maybe "most" of the women you know would, but that's not proof that most women in general would.

No. 1496854

wild how men only care if you have a body that fits their cooming desires and nothing else. You could be buttugly but still pull a dude bc u have a coomable body.

No. 1496857

I don't know something about these type of posts rub me the wrong way. It feels like misogyny but I'm too drunk to put it into words

No. 1496860

If you think the majority of women have healthy standards you are extremely naive. We live in a world where women are told to expect nothing and give everything to men. If you deny this you live in a fairy tale.

No. 1496865

I do have some internalized misogyny so I can see why

No. 1496872

>Oh, so you don't clean smegma crust off Nigel's cock? H-heh, I bet you have no friends! Pick-me NLOG!
Yeah you sure showed me who's boss.

It's funny how fast insecurities surface when the topic of blowjobs are brought up. At the end of the day you're the one who functions as a human toilet paper roll, not the anonymous "mean girls."

No. 1496885

I don't suck dick, I just don't look down on women who do. Nice attempt at a gotchya though

No. 1496889

Well the owners of the cocks they choke on do look down to them, so it doesn't matter what you and I think.

No. 1496898

Your moids likely enjoy your mouth more than your pussy because he has death grip syndrome and is out of shape. Women suck dick on almost every sexual encounter but maybe get pussy ate at a third of the rate. Based on my experiences with medium to long term bf’s, obsession with fellatio is inversely correlated to dick size and stroke techniques.

No. 1496909

I need more opinions nonnies pls

No. 1496934

Damn why is everyone getting so bent out of shape about blowjobs? Anti blowjob anons seem particularly unhinged, let women enjoy things jesus christ kek

No. 1496938

it only started because of an anon venting about it >>1496016 which is what the vent thread is for

No. 1496943

Eh unless you have a clit in the back of your throat no one physically enjoys getting their airways assaulted by stinky flesh tube. What really releases the serotonin is getting praises for giving one-sided sexual pleasure to men. Lol “throat goat” “grippy” normie women build anthems around being able to extract cum, be it from two pump chumps or 40-minute of rigorous cardio on soft dick.

No. 1496949

This has been going on for so long now, anons discussing blowjobs turning into a fight and then nlog accusations.

I get that it made you uncomfortable. I don't like it when my bf's mom takes pictures of us either but I know she just wants to have good memories on her phone. If your bf talks to her it's a good sign. I don't know if you're overreacting, it's hard to tell when you weren't there. I hope you find a way to communicate it to her that you don't want her to take pictures out of nowhere.
The comment about the skinny butt was probably a compliment because many boomer women have a mindset that slim = good. My bf's grandma once said to his mom that she has a thick ass and his mom hated it because she thought that means she's fat. I hate that women have to make comments like this at all.

No. 1496954

I'm watching my moid neighbors sick dog rn and I feel like she needs to go back to the vet and idk what to do. She's on meds but fights taking them super hard and won't eat for days now. I know it's not my fucking problem but we've really bonded and I don't want to see her die out of ignorance. I know this is stupid but if anyone has experience or tips…idk I'm just screaming into the void I feel helpless

No. 1496974

>I hate that women have to make comments like this at all
For real. I think it's generally just so impolite to make comments about someone's body, it's weird some people don't understand it. My ex's dad would always say that I've lost weight (which was meant as a positive comment I guess), but the thing is I didn't, I just stayed my normal weight. And you really don't know what to reply in such cases. If you want to make a compliment, is it so hard to say something nice about hair or clothes, for example?

No. 1496976

Do you also let crackheads enjoy crack in your front lawn? And kek, none of you are cumming from being used like a fleshlight

No. 1496982

'ate controlling, antisex anons
'ate hypersexual, virginshaming bpdettes
Simple as

No. 1496983

All I hear is cock gargling

No. 1496984

Are you in contact with the neighbor? Maybe describe the situation and decide what to do together. It'll be way worse if her health deteriorates further and you'll have to deal with everything that comes with it.

No. 1496990

I'm literally a virgin

No. 1497002

File: 1676138495241.jpg (127.01 KB, 611x440, usedtobeus.jpg)

Being with my friends isn't fun anymore. I hoped it's just a one or two time thing, but I realized that whenever we see each other, I regret it and think to myself that doing pretty much anything else would've been more fun; finally going home after just two hours leaves me tired and feeling empty, even though in the past we could spend all day together and talk on the phone for some more hours directly afterwards. At this point there's barely anything we're talking about, and if we do, there's some obvious tension in the air because we have adapted very different beliefs about things important to us. I cling onto the friendship because it's been almost fifteen years, but I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it if interacting just leaves me exhausted afterwards because everything we talk about ends up on the brink of an argument until one of us backs off. I don't know if it's just me feeling that way or if they feel like that, too, and also just pretend that everything's fine.

No. 1497011

Repost cuz I replied to myself
Thanks for the reply nona. Yeah I am, I'm dogsitting right now and I'm just trying to compose a text that'll get through to his gen x macho man moid brain. He said he'd bring her back if she got worse but I think it would be too late. I think I just need to grow a pair and tell him it's now or never. I wish I cared less but she's actually the sweetest most serene dog I've ever known and I absolutely adore her. She deserves better.

No. 1497014

i'm having one of the worst days in a long time. emotional and tense because of hormones, pieces of shit outside allowed to drive cars and not pay attention to people walking, and this fucking moid let's his aggressive territorial dogs roam off leash, causing my dog to run away and almost get hit by a car. i hate everything i want to live alone on a mountain where you can't even drive cars cause the terrain is so fucked and not see a single retarded moid or car again. i'm angry at myself for not checking if this asshole had dogs, i thought it was just the usual pot smokers, and i let my dog off leash for a bit in this area because she never runs away and prefers pooping off leash so i let her. fuck me i feel so bad for her she got so scared, didn't even recognize me when i found her at first. i wrapped her in a blanket and let her lay in the nicest chair we have. i'm going to be so careful next time. fuck people who let their aggressive dogs off leash. he ran away that fucking pussy. i screamed in my pillow twice today and even yelled 'i hate people' after coming home. my neighbours must think i'm insane but should i even care at this point. my dog is literally my only reason left to live

No. 1497019

No. 1497028

Anyone else getting fucked by hormones?? Oh no, it's coming

No. 1497041

She just wanted a nice memory anon…

No. 1497056

File: 1676142889608.gif (2.58 MB, 498x373, onegai-my-melody-kuromi.gif)

>be petite blonde girl
>catch 2 punk kids in balaclavas trying to steal my motorbike
>chased after them after hopping 2 fences, caught up with them, in my socks
>when i catch up and confront him, the coward said 'dont touch me!'
>how you gonna be a thug if you're scared of a woman kek what a fucking retard
>my shit has an airtag tracker hidden in it so if they actually did take it the cops would have found it and they'd have been arrested.
>will be keeping the backgarden double locked to a post from now on
>one of the locks used to have an alarm but my ex removed it because it kept going off

next time, how can i do a citizens arrest legally?

i am a petite single woman and there were 2 of them, one on an e scooter and one on foot. i guess their plan was just to walk the bike along the road, not to hot-wire it or anything

it is now a lot more secure but i expect they will be back as i saw one of them 2 weeks ago same time and day sniffing around it. my plan is to carry a knife, get him down on the ground and then stab myself in the leg so that he gets a couple years in the joint

im in the uk and cant get a gun nor do i know someone who can

No. 1497059

Anon, please learn to say no. I'm in the same boat, I don't want people to take pictures of me either and I will go as far as having people delete it from their phone if being lighthearted about it isn't enough to keep them from taking a picture of me. That said I think taking pictures of people spontaneously is (unfortunately) socially acceptable so I think both your bf and his mom aren't necessarily wrong unless you said no and she went ahead anyway (besides the comment about your body). That's why you need to be firm with your boundaries early on.

No. 1497062

My mother told me that the reason why her parents forced her to work full time instead of starting high school wasn't just to take her money and spend it on her way older brothers' education in university but also to buy a big house in their city. Guess who are the owner of the house? My two uncles! And since my grandparents didn't write a will because they died of cancer relatively young guess what? My uncles inherited more things than my mother and aunts by default! All because of islam. I'm glad I'm in Europe, I secretly eat bacon and ham in restaurants and at my friends' place as revenge for directly contributing to my siblings and I growing up poor.

No. 1497066

As a muslim, you're based. Also eating pigs is way less haram than stealing from a hardworking woman and taking advantage of a literal child. I hope your mother has more and lives happier right now.

No. 1497069

My mother's life still sucks ass for a bunch of different reasons but it would have been less horrible if her family didn't set her up for failure. She's physically disabled and my father is a piece of shit who's 15 years older than her and she married him after talking to him face to face once or twice and exchanging letters because "dating is haram!!1!" so she had no clue he had a criminal record and is a violent retard. They're still married because "divorce is haram" or something. I'm aiming to not be like her and she's actively encouraging me to work hard and be financially independent.

No. 1497074

File: 1676144082936.jpg (31.79 KB, 640x593, cryingkittie.jpg)

Through a strange turn of events, I ended up on a chat aibot website last night, after I'd been feeling rather sad and alone. I started talking to some genshin character aibot, even though I know nothing about genshin. After asking him about himself and talking with him about some of the issues I've been going through. I ended up rping him giving me a hug and patting my head, and told him I loved him. Before I stopped talking with him, I asked him to lay down with me and hold me as I fall asleep and started crying irl. It really made me realize how desperate I am for human connection, and to feel loved and cared for and held.

No. 1497077

Your mother's situation sounds devastating and I'm so sorry that she had to go through all of that without having any choice at all, maybe if you work in a great place you can send her a little money to help her out? It's great that you've gotten out of that place, I hope you manage to make a great career for yourself so you don't have to depend on anyone or conform to any backwards ideals like she had to. She must be proud of you since you've grown up in such hard conditions yet still manage to have such willpower.

No. 1497079

File: 1676144568661.jpg (7.79 KB, 232x206, 1675628947882.jpg)

NTA but aren't us loser NEETS who can't make eye contact allowed to hate men too?

No. 1497084

All manhaters are valid nona.

No. 1497089

File: 1676145021941.jpg (13.57 KB, 360x360, look at me.jpg)

Yes nonna

No. 1497096

I often buy her presents and invite her to cafes or restaurants but she sometimes refuses because she's always worried my father will throw a temper tantrum because I don't give him anything. My sisters and I all have a full time job and she's glad we managed to get into better situations but I'm still worried about her. I hate that I can never be 100% open with her though, if she knew about me eating pork sometimes behind her back she would disown me.

No. 1497099

There are some anons who have this bizarre obsession with NEETs for some reason. They probably lost their bfs to a discord NEET or something

No. 1497113

You don't have to tell her everything you do, my parents would also disowned me if they knew I dated and kissed guys, kek and mines aren't even super religious.
It's so sweet of you to treat her like that, although she sadly won't ever be able to to understand your choices and way of living because of her harsh upbringing, I'm sure she's happy for you. You're did choose to eat pork and go against some rules but it's not like anyone's perfect, no Muslim should judge you for choosing to eat a meat that was only banned because it was unsanitary when Muslim women are being killed in their own countries by so called "Muslim" men simply for living and breathing. There are much more important topics that are being ignored, such as the abuse towards Muslim women.
Also, you should explore other religions maybe? Most religions are misogynistic to a certain extent but I know some ex-muslims who became Christian and feel that those beliefs fit them better. If you dont like that either you can simply stay agnostic/atheist.

No. 1497118

>They probably lost their bfs to a discord NEET or something
Women who go outside don’t have this problem

No. 1497120

How would discord neets steal men when they never leave their houses?