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File: 1674607457075.jpg (2.05 MB, 3560x3560, themanyemotionsofanons.jpg)

No. 1480934

No venting, confessing or stupid questions. You know the deal dumbass!
Previous dumbassary thread: >>>/ot/1470519

No. 1480943

first hehe

No. 1480945

Joel Spolksy has an 8 head

No. 1480946

File: 1674609304317.jpg (67.48 KB, 735x731, c79be74c485ba1a5f6564cb5143a6d…)

No. 1480947

File: 1674609403363.jpg (77.27 KB, 736x1145, ac2161ef532966cf4cec445a1fafca…)

No. 1480949

File: 1674609528763.jpg (57.75 KB, 735x529, 98606a175efa98c30a7dd8391396db…)

No. 1480953

Nooooo I keep losing first

No. 1480954

File: 1674609962157.jpg (83.19 KB, 791x538, 546fp8ht5hi61.jpg)

They are very similar now that Eminem doesn't bleach his hair and has a beard. I tried to find one normal pic of him however he keeps posing along with a hat which masks his features. Both baby faced however I get a sense of uncanniness from Eminem because how neat he keeps his hair and beard.

No. 1480955

File: 1674610108922.png (81.49 KB, 251x231, bearlain.png)

No. 1480963

File: 1674610627923.jpg (179.05 KB, 736x1033, 60849e1f86f6bf2baa177c048ab610…)

I told myself that I wasn't gonna eat cereal again unless it's granola that I make myself, but I really want mini wheats or Cheerios.

No. 1480964

Is eminem a manlet too?

No. 1480965

Mini wheat is hard to resist. My local store brand has a version with extra frosting on it ugh

No. 1480967

mini wheats always scrape the roof of my mouth i hate them

No. 1480980

File: 1674612897625.jpg (1.51 MB, 3175x1933, Friends.jpg)

I have to share this old drawing. How was I not a fujoshi when I was younger? I came across this as I was charging my old iPod. Deidara and Tobi are friends! Friends that are happily blushing and have a heart in the background. I'll never forget that art is an explosion.

No. 1481000

Every single nonny is either 28 or 22-24. It's uncanny. Did we all get collectively brainwashed by the internet gods into using lolcow?

No. 1481001

I'm 31

No. 1481002

File: 1674614148131.jpg (89.97 KB, 476x340, 1495334812076.jpg)

No. 1481003

File: 1674614173384.gif (925.99 KB, 300x300, frog-80081285.gif)

No. 1481004

File: 1674614176505.jpeg (29.24 KB, 219x230, 153123CD-4C05-4E19-B42B-537E44…)

I’m honestly shocked that there isn’t more horny fan content out there about this cunnilingus hands mf

No. 1481005

File: 1674614181855.jpg (154.51 KB, 1080x1201, download (28).jpg)

I really want pani puri. Never had it but it really looks delectable, I don't even know what's in it.

No. 1481008

I'm 26

No. 1481011

File: 1674614786856.gif (49.63 KB, 116x128, 1674088119439.gif)

Just scrote-shamed my boyfriend out of watching Wolf of Wall Street. Reminder to never tolerate scrotal media in your home.

No. 1481015

How did you do it? What did you say? Taking notes for future reference.

No. 1481016

File: 1674615301655.jpeg (14.86 KB, 206x275, 2906E8C0-CAD0-414F-97D7-8E84EA…)

i discovered my old ereri art where i drew levi with a thought bubble that said “swiggity swaeger im gonna f*ck eren jaeger” probably should’ve just killed myself then

No. 1481020

File: 1674615496991.gif (4.28 MB, 498x280, shake-it-freak-out.gif)

Turning 29 and idgaf the scrotes can whinge about my eggs while they jerk themselves raw and never feel the tender touch of a biological female KEK

No. 1481025

Oh God, I'm reminded that the most lewd artwork I saw of Deidara was him with his hands kissing each other. It was a different time back then. I thought that image was so dirty.

No. 1481031

Nta but mock the corniness and say things like "whoaa" sarcastically at parts that are trying ti be cool. You know when the scrotal media has like a montages or slowmo moment or an ebic fight scene or fake moan during a sex scene.

No. 1481034

I'm 36, I might be the oldest one here kek. There are other anons in their mid 30s too

No. 1481036

File: 1674616266242.gif (2.13 MB, 720x720, 1670114056417.gif)

I'm so thankful for all the nonnas who keep warning on all boards when we're being spammed. You're the equivalent of that one soldier catching flying knifes and protecting sleeping person meme, bless you

No. 1481037

kek, based. I knew I'd hate that fucking movie and I saw it and was right. Men deserve to be embarrassed

No. 1481038

ok this is hilarious though

No. 1481039

>swiggity swaeger im gonna f*ck eren jaeger
That line alone tells me that this is a masterpiece without even needing to see it. Be proud of your art, nona.

No. 1481041

Kek this is how I reacted to Cyberpunk Edgerunners. “Woahhhh gore!! Woooahhh it’s sex again omg!!! Woahhhh she has like a stupid outfit on!!! Epiiiiic this is so deep”

No. 1481045

I overheard some scrotal dialogue from the next room and asked him what the fuck he was watching, which translates to 'turn that shit off'. I also shouted SCROTE several times but that's just our little joke, kek

No. 1481046

File: 1674616808013.gif (22.75 KB, 220x220, press-f-to-pay-respect.gif)

You're welcome. We are proud to serve.

No. 1481049

File: 1674616992882.jpg (249.99 KB, 1246x546, hooks.jpg)

I found an etsy shop with some cool as fuck crochet hooks but I know these would be a pain in the ass to use

No. 1481050

File: 1674617083932.png (764.02 KB, 616x504, hook.PNG)

Like, ergonomic my ass. This is not practical. Looks nice though.

No. 1481053

File: 1674617418410.jpeg (83.21 KB, 1300x866, 461BF87F-ACDD-4207-AE34-655BAE…)

ahaha noo dont encourage me stooooppp

No. 1481061

Contemplating buying a few nice hair clips and hair ties for work…

No. 1481066

this should have been the threadpic

No. 1481067

Guess where I am
You know it
The crapper

No. 1481072

late but god I hate this shit too. it feels like everyone on the internet forgot the difference between introversion, social awkwardness, and autism

No. 1481088

"No thanks" does not sound like proper English yet it is

No. 1481091

Still doesn't sound right

No. 1481101

Asking da real questions

No. 1481110

i have never heard anyone say it like that

No. 1481111

File: 1674626802005.gif (876.13 KB, 220x331, this-could-be-us.gif)

why stop at tonight? why not every night?

No. 1481135

Listening to the FDS podcast for the first time after hearing terrible things about it and I’m shocked about how normal and honestly middle of the road it is. Retards online made it sound like it was BPDchan gold digger central but it’s literally just common sense.

No. 1481136

I hate that I lost my measuring tape just when I really need it to track my body measurements. I'm gonna buy like 5 backup measuring tape because I lose them all the time.

No. 1481172

I posted about finding a box in the bottom of my bf's closet full of pics and notes from a previous relationship. I found it kinda cute since he was so young and it was so long ago but a nonnie said I opened Pandora's box. Kek maybe she was right because my bf's ex messaged him saying she had a dream about him, literally the first time she's contacted him since they broke up more than a decade ago.

No. 1481178

I have a problem saying no to the people who come knocking on your door selling stuff so now I'm signed up for an overpriced milk and egg weekly delivery. What is wrong with me

No. 1481194

one time in middle school i had a substitute teacher refer to the restrooms as "the tinklebox," i've never heard it in any other context but i've referred to restrooms by the name ever since. also when you asked to use the toilet he would ask if you had "visitation rights." As in, "do you have visitation rights to use the tinklebox?"

No. 1481211

This makes me so mad this is exactly why I had door to door services. They are predatory they only exist because they prey on people like you. I'm rude as fuck to people who come door to door especially if it's late evening. Like you came to MY house and rang MY doorbell you will get whatever fucking response I want to give you. Don't want rudeness then don't knock on random people's doors for a living when they are in their pajamas relaxed for the night

No. 1481212

Penguins would make terrible strippers because their flippers couldn't grasp the pole and their tiny legs couldn't spin around the pole.

No. 1481214

File: 1674649975929.jpg (50.16 KB, 661x536, 1674367791210.jpeg.jpg)

How my ape ancestors see me when I post on lolcow.

No. 1481233

You're right it was quite rude and sudden. They just tell you what to do to sign up and I blindly followed because I was desparate to get rid of them. All these new companies make it incredibly difficult to cancel the subsriptions, I may just have to go through my bank. A few weeks ago I had a guy from a "young offenders program" knocking to sell some overpriced household stuff. I must have pulled a face because he started walking away before even finishing his pitch. All I was thinking of was the rate of re-offending.

No. 1481239

File: 1674652655017.jpg (34.52 KB, 374x288, oof.jpg)

looking like a drag queen lol

No. 1481242

Aw this gif is sad

No. 1481246

unrelated but how would you tip strippers in Canada? Since they don’t have dollar bills, do you just hand them coins or what? I know in movies and stuff they always throw money at strippers but I feel like it’d be painful to throw coins at them, but then the next highest Canadian dollar is $5 and that seems like a lot to tip

No. 1481254

You use 5 dollars. Moids can spend hundreds in these places so 5 dollars is nothing. Some moids throw coins and try to hit the women because what do you expect from a bunch of rape apes

No. 1481262

Yeah, he's 5'8"

No. 1481266

I have floaters in my eyes which I was told was normal unless they get too bad or I see lights and shit but they come up when I look at white stuff like a screen or the sky and it's my job looking at a screen IT'S SO ANNOYING

No. 1481268

that's so fucking pathetic.

No. 1481270

saw a drummer from an old band that at some point had this type of beard and thought "that monkey" look lmao. he was kinda rocking it tbh

No. 1481273

he looks fucking huge. i kek that he still has relationship issues to this day. also i hate this disgusting moid for popularizing drag makeup and marketing it towards women.

No. 1481281

Tangential but if you’re actually interested in having a weekly basket of groceries you should go see if your local farmers market does something like that, they usually don’t overprice and the stuff is local

No. 1481297

Cerbmin is a stupid nickname.

No. 1481313

Kek, that is hilarious. No need of being ashamed, everyone has some weird quirks. Yours is composing crass couplets. Own it.

No. 1481317

I WAS JUST GOING TO SAY THIS, it feels so forced. Same with ”janina” and ”admina”

No. 1481319

whats funny is I was begging for the Shaynatoruim (Still am) and I got banned a 11hours and I mistyped "Janny" while sucking clit hoping they'd have mercy on me and gave us our Shaynatoruim for Shaytourism

No. 1481320

At least those two flow better and are within the realm of nonnie nicknames. Cerbmin is awkward as fuck to say outloud. Sounds like anons in meta are making fun of the admins for being from Serbia kek.

No. 1481321

I feel you so bad. I used to work as a secretary at the front desk at a place with stark white walls and giant windows that my boss insisted had to be wide open with the slots facing directly in my eyes. So I'd be seeing floaters literally all day. Bright light makes them sooo much worse

No. 1481322

Janina is a legit girl name in my language

No. 1481385

want dutch bros so bad but i get so nervous every time even though they're completely normal at the one by my house

No. 1481408

File: 1674665407392.jpg (16.33 KB, 496x237, Screenshot_2021-05-19 My eBay …)

Told dog I'd give him a treat, but decided to change tampon and pad first and my dumbass left the bathroom door open. Mistake. After putting the used tampon down my stupid dog ran in and snatched the tampon! Fortunately I managed to catch the string before he ran out with it, but it was so gross.

No. 1481409

i just noticed that Blaire only really hangs with men/gay men and normally gay men and even HSTS usually hang with a mixture of other gay men/troons, never just gay men. I wonder if he does it because he knows he would pass left if he hung with more women, plus his hate for women in general

No. 1481411

don't the admins have names? I think they should color code their names, I think one is named Aimee or something, sorry I was drunk when i finally looked at that thread

No. 1481416

File: 1674666094807.gif (1.99 MB, 368x467, 1673703772843158.gif)

No. 1481419

File: 1674666195390.png (298.49 KB, 539x400, 21412341353215235.png)


No. 1481420

thats ugly name

No. 1481421

it's the same as shaymin

No. 1481422

kek that's cool a cowber or calfber

No. 1481423

File: 1674666414508.jpg (38.76 KB, 500x375, 84288bebc6bf601d783c2009605254…)

Did you draw this? I love it nonny, I'd draw one myself but I'm by no means a drawfag and I don't want to insult them with a badly drawn cerb

No. 1481426

This is so autistic stop fangirling the mods

No. 1481440

File: 1674667861105.jpg (196.45 KB, 1000x1000, fb5168bd-d352-41a8-9394-568fb3…)

Bought picrel and plan on assembling it when I'm finished with my course in uni and finally take a long break from my career as graduation "gift" to myself, can't hep but feel like I'm becoming a consoomer ever since I got a well paying job a few years back I've been slowly buying things that interested me instead of things that I needed at the time or saving up more moneyþ

No. 1481467

File: 1674669828933.webm (2.41 MB, 320x568, ttAVE5jEodUkFSTr.webm)

Wokeoids and Troons are spreading this video of kindergarten teacher announcing her engagement to her students, the accusation being made against is her is that this perpetuates a double standards, cause "queer teachers"(i.e groomers and pedophiles) get more scrutiny

No. 1481471

Kek the forced "yaay…" from the kids

No. 1481484

She shouldn't have done that. It's weird to announce your engagement at your work.

No. 1481492

Would love to work at a jazz cafe. Anywhere that’d let me listen to jazz all day long really.

No. 1481514

That's so freakin cute. I just left my last job, so I am looking for one with similar pay, but oh man, it does feel good to buy things with extra income. Just try to do a budget and write down your expensives, including savings. It helps keep track. Happy building, fellow moomin fan.

No. 1481516

She's a weirdo for announcing her personal engagement to a literal room full of children, but that's all. wokies and troons need to shut the fuck up.

No. 1481520

idc if someone is gay or straight. Keep this cringey shit out of the classroom.

No. 1481525

Innapropriate. Also hated when teachers wouldn't shut the fuck up about their babies or their personal life. No math teacher I don't want to watch a slideshow of you and your husband looking at ice sculptures. No earth science teacher I don't give a flying FUCK about your baby. Holy shit

No. 1481536

File: 1674673778122.jpg (227.76 KB, 2560x2560, 71Zw5uHa83L.jpg)

I was being retarded and bought myself new headphones. Did I need new ones? No. Did I want new ones? Yeah. I switched from the wired earbuds that came with my phone to overear and wireless headphones 2-3 years ago and aside from the earcups being old and the pleather starting to come apart, those headphones still work great. They were $60 and I'm not an audiophile so they work well enough for me, an extremely average consumer. But I just got it in my head recently that I wanted new headphones.

I ordered picrel after months of waiting. I purposely bought them refurbished because even though these aren't the most expensive ones on the market, $300 is a stupid expensive for a pair of headphones for me. I got lucky and the color I wanted happened to become available as a refurbished model! I'm not sure how I will feel about the lack of buttons and mostly depending on touch controls, plus I did read issues about the firmware through the app (but I think it's been resolved). I might end up returning them and sticking to my good old faithful ones. We'll see. I am very excited to get them though, they're arriving today.

No. 1481538

While I get people saying that don't care about their teachers personal life, I don't think it's that weird to mention you're getting married either? If you're a teacher, it's likely you're a woman and you'll change your last name, so students will have to call you something different. I knew several teachers that did this. Nothing weird about it.

No. 1481545

Kek this is so dramatic. She's not weird, but it is unnecessary since the kids most likely don't care.

No. 1481548

>earth science teacher
Lol, did you also have a mars science teacher?

No. 1481551

For some headphones you can just get new cushions if the pleather coming apart bothers you. I recently got new cushions for my JBL headphones. If you decide to return the expensive ones you might wanna look into if you headphones have parts sold somewhere, heck even if you don't return the new ones you might want to replace the cushions so they last a little longer.

No. 1481552

NTA but did you not have an earth science class in school?

No. 1481555

I had a earth science teacher as well, why you mocking nonnie?

No. 1481558

File: 1674674675846.jpg (48.55 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p2o7o8Kqx31uoqu3po1_540…)

Where the fuck do I buy wallets, I went to like four different clothing stores and I found bags but no wallets

No. 1481559

leather shop

No. 1481563

This was probably unnecessary but I don't find it weird for teachers to tell their students some things since they can become really close. This video is really cringe and feels over the top, but I remember my elementary school teacher inviting us to her wedding if we wanted to go. We all knew she was engaged because she did mention it here and there, and I remember after her wedding she talked about it with us and showed us photos too. I remember she used to also LOVE American Idol so she would give us extra credit if we watched it and discussed our thoughts the next day kek. This teacher's kids are really unenthused though.

No. 1481564

I feel it's fine for teachers of young children because of the name change

No. 1481566

No. 1481567

they are trying to suck the moisture out of eachother to survive and you are filming it

No. 1481568

As a non american I think sharing personal life details like this is weird. Not the act of telling them, but making such a show out of it. Like I can't imagine a teacher expecting me to be super excited for her for getting engaged.
Our teachers never shared personal details in this way, and if they did it was just a side note and not a main topic of conversation. Americans are too self centered imo.

No. 1481569

What's that

No. 1481570

I saw a earcup replacement video recently but didn't think they made them for my headphones, but I just looked and they do! I probably will replace them. I really like these headphones and will delegate one to keep at the office/home and one for commuting.

No. 1481571

As a non american I don't think it's weird.

No. 1481574

Where people buy leather gloves, bags, etc. Look up leather shop in your native language.

No. 1481575

File: 1674675357465.jpg (355.47 KB, 747x561, george_michael_ap.jpg)

No. 1481595

How come every year or couple of years we see something about how someone found a cure for cancer and then we never hear about them again

No. 1481606


No. 1481607


No. 1481610

A bag shop? They always carry wallets.

No. 1481623

File: 1674678025126.jpeg (39.76 KB, 500x800, _ (22).jpeg)

One moment I'm fine and the next I'm imagining myself with his last name.

No. 1481628

still mad that Creepshow didn't bring in the new year saying she was Non-binary and/or a man and attempting to apologize but explaining away everything as, "Gender Disporia" or something.

No. 1481629

Oh no she perpetuated the norm, the horror, the audacity! Shut the fuck up!

No. 1481634

not OP but where do you guys live that even have specific shops like that. where i'm at all leather and bags stay in one store with clothes

No. 1481642

File: 1674678816461.gif (498.72 KB, 425x320, AgreeableHeartyAndalusianhorse…)

I want to rewatch ATLA again.
Also, whenever people are talking about cartoon food they want to eat (like the bugs from The Lion King, or ratatouille, or a Reptar bar, or the Beignets from Princess and The Frog) no one ever brings up cactus juice, but that's what I want. I really want a sip of refreshing cactus juice straight from the earth kingdom.

No. 1481653

File: 1674679732163.jpg (172.31 KB, 946x2048, FnPbMpJaYAAQk8n.jpg)

one of things i respect about china is they don’t play with the death sentence, also if your stupid enough to openly advertise his sex trafficking in China you deserve this

No. 1481656

You don't buy wallets, they're gifts from your family members and friends that didn't know what to get you for your birthday or Christmas, they went to a magical place for last time gifts that are practical or mindful (the portal opens on its own when the person is searching for a gift) and then the store disappears with such things like tasteful keychains, nice pencil cases, cute toiletries bags, cute post it blocks, practical notebooks, perfect pens, wallets and hair ties.

No. 1481657

Opinion on marshall headphones? I love the look of them but are they worth the price

No. 1481658

Can bald and bankrupt be next please?

No. 1481661

File: 1674680159627.png (714.24 KB, 720x546, dt.png)

No. 1481664

Eastern EU but I've seen them all throughout Europe? Where are YOU from? They're usually small boutiques with varied price points, from low end to luxury. It's also where you buy luggage, umbrellas and other bag adjacent accessories.

No. 1481668

No one should ever be allowed to forget that KFC tried to turn colonel sanders into a tumblrsexyman on multiple occasions

No. 1481669

No. 1481671

No. 1481674

File: 1674681253357.jpg (217.8 KB, 734x812, lol.jpg)

See the hat, and talk to the hand

No. 1481681

File: 1674681847830.jpeg (24.7 KB, 461x282, cTZT37mo.jpeg)

I was lying in bed feeling like shit and crying when I heard something behind me, so I turned around and saw my kitten lying on his back staring at me like I was the most beautiful thing and purring as loudly as he could. What did I do to deserve this little angel I love him so much

No. 1481683

>tfw you will never own a moomin house
why even live

No. 1481687

I did some really dumbass shit
>Eating a grilled cheese
>Put too much cheese inside
>At first it was good, but then on the second to last bite I suddenly felt sick by the amount of cheese
>Impulsively squeezes out most of the MOLTEN HOT cheese and wipes it on the back of my hand because I didn't get a plate
>Furiously chewing the last of my grilled cheese and screaming inside from the pain
>Gets up to wash hands
>Cheese refuses to unstick from my hands for a good 15 seconds
>Now have a small burn on my hand
I feel like a dumb 5 year old.

No. 1481688

adding peanut butter would've stopped this in it's tracks

No. 1481689

just get a napkin next time lol

No. 1481692


No. 1481693

You should be awarded the death penalty for this post

No. 1481694

File: 1674682862312.jpg (88.23 KB, 736x981, 105d0e90d0e87a605ec59ea8e436b2…)

What exactly are you implying here, anon?

No. 1481700

File: 1674683539222.png (66.52 KB, 862x360, Untitled.png)

No. 1481701

Why did you draw a diagram of how to shit in someone's grilled cheese?

No. 1481703

When humans eventually go extinct (because of the earth becoming uninhabitable) do you think another species like us will pop up? Like not monkeys but a species that can speak and has a brain like ours.

No. 1481704

Stop this. Stop it now!

No. 1481705

can't believe im sharing a board with a peanutbutter and cheese sandwitch hater, yikes!

No. 1481706

you wanted to know what I meant and how to make this delicous treat and stop burns, peanut butter naturally stablizes cheese

No. 1481707

File: 1674683886962.jpg (28.53 KB, 400x400, 51024.jpg)


No. 1481710

File: 1674684006332.png (862.47 KB, 712x447, Capture.PNG)

so if your husbando or wifu or whatever comes up like, "nonnie look what I made for you" you not eating it? it's delicious

No. 1481712

It doesn't look like peanut butter to me.

No. 1481714

File: 1674684137147.png (453.89 KB, 979x971, 1551415311455.png)

Why are you doing this to us? Are you some sort of peanut butter cheese sadist or something?

No. 1481717

My husbando would never make something like this. In fact, we would judge PB&Cheese eaters together

No. 1481718

I think I perfectly explained and drew what I meant, clean your glasses and/or eyeballs nonnie.

No. 1481719

File: 1674684269742.gif (2.18 MB, 900x900, tumblr_e9e98468433b5f36a569e88…)

I'm legit slightly annoyed that for months I had to deal with a dinky lil humidifier that finally died today.
Then I realized… a tea pot is the best humidifier. Better than anything you can buy. I filled it with flowers and herbs and bam, it smells amazing and the humidity is at a nice 40%

I know some of you will tell me "anon, this is something people have done for centuries"
Mercy please. I'm learning slowly you don't need tech for everything. Imma enjoy my nice smelling teapot now

No. 1481720

No I thought you were poopchan also posting not peanutbuttersadist anon.

No. 1481721

>why are you exposing us to a new way of thinking and a salty, sweet, nutty and crunchy new treat to share with the masses? Stop please!

No. 1481722

I wish I knew this before buying a humidifier kek. It's so hard to get the one I have to dry completely on the inside

No. 1481723

im legit so depressed and out of fucks to give I might make a video making a Cheese and Peanut butter sandwitch and dump it on youtube somewhere. It's really good, I don't know why people think it's gross or weird, a lot of people eat it

No. 1481724

Do it with you full name as the YouTube channel name, I'll give you plenty of attention.

No. 1481727

no retard, I'm not going to do it, just had a moment of clarity and annoyence. Basically I fele people should try things before they knock it but whatever. More cheese and peanut butter for me and the people who like it.

No. 1481728

Write a tutorial RIGHT NOW

No. 1481730

I hated my humifier cuz it took forever to get the humidity up and the filter changes and the price
Also leaving my door open while I shower also increases the humidity. That and having a teapot is just… cuter. I even started hanging my herbs cuz it looks cute and it's practical.

I'm spreading the word. Kitchen witches apparently knew all this already

No. 1481731

Oh, well that's too bad I thought we could see you make all types of culinary innovations for the masses.

No. 1481733

I drew one it's simple
>Toast bread (lightly)
>Put peanut butter on one slice
>Cheese on the other (Cheap yellow cheese)
>Grease up a pan
>Put the bread with the cheese in the pan
>Cook until the cheese slightly melts
>Take off, put slices of bread togeather
>Sip with apple juice w/vodka and a pickle on the side

No. 1481734

>(Cheap yellow cheese)
>vodka and a pickle on the side
This is getting worse and worse

No. 1481736

>cheap yellow cheese
Is there any real cheese alternative?

No. 1481738

Im creating a proper tutorial

No. 1481740

File: 1674685060406.png (9.4 KB, 287x241, milk and egg minder.PNG)

nonnie I have a unique software opportunity that might interest you…

No. 1481745

You're fully unhinged and nobody can stop you!

No. 1481749

nta but real cheese doesnt belong on grilled cheese just as much as peanut butter doesnt belong. its only good if its the cheap singles

No. 1481750

>real cheese doesn't belong on grilled cheese
This has to be bait

No. 1481752

File: 1674685718692.png (310.11 KB, 876x512, ingridents.PNG)

This is basically what you need, follow instructions >>1481733 and you'll see what I mean

No. 1481753

im sorry i might be controversial on this one but the only good way to eat grilled cheese is with seedy multigrain bread, margarine and plastic cheese slices

No. 1481756

YES, why the fuck would you waste real cheese on grilled cheese? no, i'm a poorfag, plus I LIKE the taste of cheap fake cheese on certain foods. Just slap a light layer of peanut butter on the cheese sandwitch and it's fucking literally and physically gold. Now where I draw the line is people putting sliced fake cheese in Mac n Cheese. My mom did that once and I vomitted I was so disgusted

No. 1481757

Ladies this might be a hot take but I like my grilled cheese with human hair in it, but not uncooked hair it needs to be crispy.
Add a side of bacon and it's a useful snack on the go.

No. 1481758

fake cheese and bacon is disgusting.

No. 1481760

I use real cheese either pepper jack for spicy hair or cheddar for nonspicy hair.

No. 1481761

honestly grilled cheese depends on my mood. If I'm sad, crying and can barely adult, give me that cheap oil based yellow plastic cheese. If I make a fine tomato soup imma need a fine grilled cheese with two types of real cheese. Maybe even some fresh basil

No. 1481762

>My mom did that once and I vomitted I was so disgusted
Wait you are, like, able to feel disgust?

No. 1481763

>like the taste
>just slap a light layer of peanut bu-
Of course the pb&cfag thinks real cheese is a waste on grilled cheese. The whole point of the meal is the FUCKING CHEESE.

No. 1481764

File: 1674686290054.jpg (11.07 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

there's certain foods I don't like to eat because I once threw them up. I didn't eat vienna sausages (these kind) for years because I once threw them up. Then when I ate them I noticed they changed the ingredients. It also gave me diarahera because I was drunk and eating them by the can.
Another food I hate but eat is popcorn, it smells better then it tastes

No. 1481765

American cheese is the best cheese for things like grilled cheese and burgers, but PB should never go near a grilled cheese.

No. 1481767

you know nonnies here are so stuck up, only eat the finest of aged cheese on while using cheap ass corner store bread to feel better.
Meanwhile i'm living life with a lightly toasted PB&C and only spent like $7 and I can make multiple

No. 1481768

i tested this a few weeks ago for me. i bought fluffy white bread and made a fancy grilled cheese with real cheddar and then i made a seedy bread, plastic cheese grilled cheese and then ate both with my tomato soup. the fancy one was gross to me and i didnt like it.
im all about the cheap plastic cheese if its grilled on seedy bread with margarine. and with onions inside is even better. and its nice and thin so its easy to dip in soup

No. 1481770

You're supposed to eat food that's good for you not just things you can ingest without vomiting back up
Swiss or provolone, mixed with mozzarella.
>lightly toasted
I hate you

No. 1481771

? I get my fine tastes from my parent

No. 1481779

File: 1674686929022.jpg (50.79 KB, 900x1125, Stack-of-cheeseburgers.jpg)

>Swiss or provolone, mixed with mozzarella
No. Anons, let's stop pretending. You can use American and real cheese at the same time, but the American cheese is a necessity.

No. 1481780

sometimes I feel like it's 10 nonas on lolcow and you are the one thats always insulting people for the smallest of shit, such as dietary choice

No. 1481781

I love how the random topic of the hour is… grilled cheese
You guys are cute and I'm sure some of you are feral but I appreciate it

No. 1481782

Needs syrup to dip

No. 1481784

File: 1674687084566.jpeg (30.21 KB, 622x622, 3CBCF692-A6D2-4FE4-BF9B-DEB40A…)

I’m a lifetime manlet lover but today I was the first to notice my 29 year old Nigel is starting to lose his hair. If he was 6’2” and I couldn’t see the top of his head there would have been more time…

No. 1481785

did you draw this? it's cute

No. 1481787


No. 1481789

No it's really NOT

No. 1481790

I was told I was unrealistic to not like men who bald before 40. Everyone ages, sometimes faster than others. But if I didn't love that man I wouldn't wanna be with someone who ages like milk

No. 1481793

happy to find another sister, are you 28 as well? We should make a club of 28 year old nonnies who enjoy the finer things of life

No. 1481796

If it’s any consolation, height wouldn’t help. My ex was a 6’4 giant but I noticed he was balding whenever he was sitting/laying down.

No. 1481799

File: 1674688182886.png (192.69 KB, 528x619, Sonicchu.png)

I would only ever be with a man who at least cleanses and moisturizers his face. With the hair if he was to start getting hairloss then I would make him wash his scalp twice with shampoo, condition the hair, hair moisturizer and castor oil on the scalp when the hair is dry and a scalp massage. I don't ever want to be with a baldie Mark Strong is the only exception pic unrel

No. 1481801

Unrelated, but can I just say that a lot of tall men only depend on their height to get laid/date. Not all of them but most. Like insta hoes with fake titts

No. 1481804

I appreciate reading this. A lot of people shame women for just having physical standards. It's like shaming someone for their food preference

No. 1481810

sometimes i wonder if other anons notice my typing style and recognize me. worrying about it is silly though 'cause even if i type like a retard and can't help from sharing too much personal information (i think? i think i'm also paranoid) i might be inconsistent enough to throw folks off. someone did in fact recognize me in a cc bunker thread recently, but that's absolutely totally ok 'cause i was like "y'all wanna see the clothes i made for my calico critters" so yeah, i'm that anon, that one, the one who is posting their tiny little handmade cardigans on their little animals every now and then but minding enough not to shit up a board. otherwise though, i just…. got this feeling someone is watching me.

No. 1481811

are you also troon kanye anon

No. 1481814

no, fortunately my deranged spirit has not garnered that level of fame.

No. 1481815

who is troon Kanye anon, sounds right up my alley, I'm always interested in new theories

No. 1481816

Sorry I meant drake

No. 1481817

lol my brain corrected it to drake without noticing. >>1481815 she pops into celebcows now and again

No. 1481819

I am drake chan and I thought you were talking about another interesting theory about Kanye west

No. 1481820

ah, greetings drakechan. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

No. 1481821

So I was right? You're Drakechan?

No. 1481822

No this >>1481810 is another amazingly talented anon, not me

No. 1481824

im interested in Kanye Troon theroies, Tyga is on hormones but that'll come out soon enough

No. 1481825

Go to the tinfoil thread instead >>>/ot/1478839

No. 1481826

No. 1481833

Whats with famous black men being trannies. First was aubrey graham, then kanye.. whats up with that

No. 1481840

It's not famous ones in general, it's the rappers. A lot of them are attracted to women who are heavily cosmetically enhanced to the point that the women in question cannot be distinguished from trannies. Some of them have been caught sleeping with trannies like tyga. Oftentimes a lot of chasers usually end up trooning out themselves. With drake an anon thinks he is a ftm so.

No. 1481850

Nta but I fully understand why the Drake poster thinks like that. Drake is the rap version of Cave Town or whoever that little faggot is who wrote the "if you're mean to bugs I'll beat you up" lyric that FtMs go crazy for. Drake writes music like an imaginary boyfriend someone would make up and then troon themselves into

No. 1481854

Drake is a woman and I don't want to derail but it's a fucking fact. I know people be like
>But what about this?
>What about his dick print (Packer)
>How did he have a kid
no, "he" is a "She" I'm sick of agruing about it and I've been researching this for a while now. I don't want to derail anymore though. You are on the right track nona

No. 1481858

File: 1674693477494.png (72.98 KB, 215x354, manpoo.png)

How some hygiene products have MEN on the labels letting men know it's okay for them to use. It's literally the same shampoo. Scrotes are so fragile.

No. 1481860

And they're always a dark colour which makes them look like a crappy ripoff brand because moids can't handle using something that doesn't have their shallow idea of MALE MALE MALE written all over it. But now that I think about it, if it wasn't pandering to them they'd probably not clean themselves at all.

No. 1481861

I nearly died anon! I spilt perfectly good vodka all over myself. It's wasted now…

No. 1481870

Using oil instead of butter, blegh.

No. 1481872

someone in this building keeps taking a huge dump and not flushing. it's not that hard please im tired of seeing your shit

No. 1481899

File: 1674695628666.jpg (51.66 KB, 720x490, full-metal-jacket-19872443.jpg)

Communal toilet?

No. 1481905

My local supermarket puts the men's shaving cream up one end of the toiletry aisle, then segregates the women's shaving stuff on the opposite side waaaay up the other end so i have to traipse all the way up just to compare prices because I don't way to pay a pink tax.

No. 1481912

I know right
>keeping smelly men far away from women and likely their children

No. 1481922

a few anons claim they can but they constantly get it wrong. reminds me of that one retard who thought anyone with the typical iphone filename was all one person

No. 1481953

Hmm I wonder if this movie is why I keep having dreams about public toilets with no stalls

No. 1481961

women's shaving stuff isn't actually subject to the pink tax. i hate the meme that it is. shitty pink women's 2 blade bic razors are the same price as the men's black 2 blade ones. i for one need all the lotion and crap for my sensitive skin.

No. 1481978

File: 1674699295406.jpg (91.51 KB, 600x857, d823889d7c55fb9473a7fa36ce0d27…)

I just had a corn dog and now I really want more fair food. Churros, cotton candy, boiled peanuts, candy apples, lemonade. Ugh, it all sounds so good right now.

No. 1481982

Plucking my eyebrows makes me sneeze uncontrollably

No. 1481991

File: 1674699843605.jpg (18.97 KB, 562x343, chillin.jpg)

Gregor Samsa & me

No. 1481997

this is cute

No. 1482004

File: 1674700486745.jpeg (58.8 KB, 426x679, main-qimg-7eb881d408438099da4c…)

Thought you meant picrel (Gregor Clegane) for a second until I realized you're talking about the roach.

No. 1482013

File: 1674700784158.jpg (22.03 KB, 505x320, ohellyeah.JPG)

Attitude Era

No. 1482042

File: 1674703209311.jpeg (79.89 KB, 765x401, images (6).jpeg)

Why am I suddenly so attracted to men in ghillie suits? Do i just want to fuck the ground? Is the idea of men having to hide themselves it? Am I becoming the female taliban? I also like beards. Fuck I am the taliban.

No. 1482063

DO NOT let anon around stalagmites unattended, she cannot be held accountable for what may happen

No. 1482073

>Fuck I am the taliban.
You just got ten times more based.

No. 1482136

File: 1674709878096.gif (1.96 MB, 540x960, 4fea807770.gif)

We are really, truly lucky that justin roiland has absolutely 0 rizz. If he had been able to hold a conversation with anyone but himself, we would be sifting through pages upon pages of the most disgusting RP chatlogs you can possibly imagine right now.
If he had any game whatsoever, he could have had his choice of the most depraved teenagers on ao3.
This is the good end. In infinite other dimensions right now, he is sexting whitetrash pubescents calling himself "daddy Rick"

No. 1482141

what does 'rizz' mean?

No. 1482144

File: 1674710361478.png (5.21 KB, 641x61, zoomzoom.PNG)

No. 1482209

i hate that word with a burning passion. it's in the same level as slay.

No. 1482224

File: 1674715451696.jpg (27.19 KB, 449x449, cat (22).jpg)

Me thinking about the times where a stranger complimented something I made and I just said "Thanks." instead of "Thanks, I made it".

No. 1482311

Why did you dislike this movie? It shows how the guy ruins his life by being greedy and how his romantic and family life sucked after he left his long-time supportive gf for some hotter barbie. It's been a while since I've seen it but I'm pretty sure the movie shows his shitty life he ended up with was the consequences of his actions.

No. 1482317

slang for charisma

No. 1482330

I ordered something from a non-ESL webstore and the confirmation email had the following text:

>Hello, we hope you’re having a wonderful day!

>We are running to the warehouse to prepare your shipment and it will soon be at your door.

I kekked, I know it's an automatic email but I pictured a guy furiously typing this email on his laptop while running to the warehouse haha

No. 1482348

Don't worry, nonishka, we can laugh at the quaalude driving scene together while everyone else gets mad and calls us scrotes.

No. 1482362

File: 1674729773593.jpg (9.36 KB, 185x56, 8544566.JPG)

reading anons try and spell shaytorium/shaynatorium has been one of my favourite things to do on here lately

No. 1482412

Please for the love of god go back to tiktok.

No. 1482417

I finally understand why boomers mocked us for using weird slang when we were teenagers.

No. 1482421

Spoken like a true rizzless femcel.

No. 1482428

idk if its millennials or zoomers bringing back songs from the 2000s on tiktok and making them trend again but either way i am grateful. i just heard this again everywhere and it's so nostalgic

No. 1482444

I'm headphones nona from above and I think I'm just too retarded for good quality headphones. There's an app for the headphones you can download and you can play around with equalizer settings and I watched a video explaining it and how to do it to best suit your own preferences, but when I play around with the settings it feels like there's no difference. I can't tell if these headphones are just slightly faulty (I did buy them refurbished) but there are some tech things where I can't tell if they're meant to do XYZ thing or not, and I don't know if I just can't hear the difference or if this shit just isn't really working.

No. 1482445

File: 1674743553261.jpg (16.75 KB, 259x320, 277e4066aee4d6222e32d43f83a777…)

bump for cp

No. 1482454

File: 1674744328637.gif (7.22 MB, 500x500, c.gif)


No. 1482467

File: 1674745417791.jpg (73.3 KB, 736x706, c7vtwaqft0b51.jpg)

>cp gone in less then 20 minutes
I love these new admins so much

No. 1482473

This made me realize they actually deleted all those spammy Josh raid posts that got pushed down into the catalog! Thank you new admins!

No. 1482475

Moid I'm seeing loves wearing the most gaudy earrings and I'm debating on whether it's a dealbreaker or not. I've seen him wear one pair I liked, maybe I should just compliment him every time he wears them and hope he gets the hint kek.

No. 1482485

Why not be an adult and actually be upfront that you think his earrings are fugly

No. 1482510

I wish the tifs would try to get into the freemasons or some other weirdo male only group

No. 1482512

I want to see a tif don a zz top beard and try to join the bbq pit boys

No. 1482514

Can anyone else identify their coworkers by their footsteps?

No. 1482517

>loves wearing the most gaudy earrings
See you in the vent thread when he troons out

No. 1482541

File: 1674752095898.jpeg (68.76 KB, 622x614, 149DDC60-C469-4E6D-B5BD-7B0A9F…)

My boss just told me we’re gonna have an intern in a week. I asked what their job is, and he said it’s whatever I tell them to do. Am I being replaced

No. 1482547

I love training interns. It takes time out of your day, but you know you're training them right so they won't do a shitass job on their own. Plus, you get to make them your little bitch boy and they have to run all the stupid little errands that you don't feel like getting out of your chair to do.

No. 1482556

The thing is I’m already just on my phone a lot at my desk. I like getting up and moving but most days, don’t have much reason to. I’d like to have more responsibilities, not less! Idk where their desk would even go, mine is small as shit as it is. I sit alone and don’t want that to change. I shudder at the thought of it being a man too…..

No. 1482570

File: 1674754192110.jpg (28.68 KB, 337x335, 5ece9e5edb606d1155f4c9a6d6c502…)

My fiancee knows I have radfem views and we met when we both were TRAs so he was kinda confused when I first started talking about the GC shit. He was a but judgy, but open. He would occasionally look at my Tumblr dashboard for the memes when he was bored, but I follow a lot of rad content so he'd see that too. Now, most recently, he saw something about "trans kids" as young as 9 having access hormones and he was very shocked, saying that kids shouldn't be worried about gender and if they're basing their gender issues on like toys and colors, they are just reaffirming gender roles, kids barely know what career they want (and that's okay) are very impressionable and that the adults should be held accountable.

Yes… The peaking is near… Everything going according to keikaku…

No. 1482590

good for you but you shouldn't really call these "radfem views" these are simply rational views that anyone who isn't insane would agree with

No. 1482592

Honestly I'm afraid that he might kek. I should just ditch him.

No. 1482595

Aah Thursday night. The one night i can sit back pop two sleeping pills and sleep for 13 uninterrupted hours

No. 1482662

forgot the apple juice and vodka

No. 1482670

not good enough. your trauma will only be healed when you add apple juice and vodka to the image

No. 1482673

File: 1674762496574.png (38.75 KB, 140x552, k.PNG)

>talking shit and being hateful about PB&C's
>filling my cart up to make a family sized amount of them for my folks
and I'm going to make some eggs

No. 1482680

Sorry i only do snapple and vodka

No. 1482693

And just what are you going to do with those ice cream cones? You can't keep getting away with this.

No. 1482697

eat them, I like to eat regular cones but I never seen these one before. So imma munch on them

No. 1482705

Your confidence is really starting to win me over.

No. 1482708

I don't want to be special. I'm just me and I like what I like. Im sure everyone has some weird things they like to eat

No. 1482709

File: 1674763893586.jpg (77.53 KB, 640x715, ex1zb6hoedq81.jpg)

this is just getting worse and worse

No. 1482716

I eat tacos like corn on the cob. I respect your way of life.

No. 1482719

I put tacos shells in my chili which is pretty normal, very tasty and easy on my stomach

No. 1482723

Ooh sounds delicious. I put tortilla chips sometimes.
What crawled up your taco nonna? Kek

No. 1482731

First we had genderspecials now we have tastespecials, why can't everyone be like me and repress anything that isn't expressed by the majority?

No. 1482737

Honestly based. I also love snacking on things that aren't meant to be snacks. Like cereal or cornflakes kek

No. 1482740

ritz crackers and hotsauce, try it out nonnie it'd blow your mind. Dried spagetti noodles with garlic powder

No. 1482743

Thank you for the crazy recs nonnie, me personally, I love pasta with jam. It was my "mom can't cook today" food during childhood and it stayed with me.

No. 1482746

File: 1674764915170.jpg (261.12 KB, 855x1092, pickle.jpg)

Get with the times grandma

No. 1482747

I can't believe i don't have to pay for this entertainment

No. 1482749

But you pay for internet, so technically lolcow is a subscription service

No. 1482759

i like green beans with ketchup and scrambled eggs with sugar on top

No. 1482762

sounds delicious, i also eat my green beans with a little sugar, Garlic & onion powder and I put a little water. Boil them then GENTLY fry them. Very delcious

No. 1482763


No. 1482765

Ketchup and Eggs is a very old childish taste, greenbeans are often paired with eggs via omlets. I put sugar in my greenbeans (Very little), it's not odd at all, I fully believe that Nonnie eat that.

No. 1482772

When people eat green beans do they eat the beans and skin or just the small small beans inside

No. 1482774

Noo nonnie, she's an amazing cook and I'm not half bad nowadays either, but we were allowed to have fun every once in a while.
Experimenting with food and breaking food taboos is really entertaining, because why not, we have the free will to do so kek

No. 1482781

You eat the whole thing. So the first time I tried edamame I also ate the skin too because I didn't know you're not supposed to eat it…

No. 1482792

Lately I forget to relax on lc… thank you for bringing the fun back

No. 1482793

>Cheetos on rice crispys
Oh, you're worse than PB&C-chan. At least they weren't hot cheetos, I guess.

No. 1482795

i put ketchup on my arepas

No. 1482799

That's not too bad tbh.

No. 1482804

File: 1674766339572.jpg (22.24 KB, 563x324, 0d8eb529ed6e93bd84eba4e4068ecd…)

No. 1482808

File: 1674766404984.jpg (208.08 KB, 900x1200, me.jpg)

Thank you much appreciated

No. 1482818

File: 1674766706301.jpg (54.46 KB, 736x736, 154adeef5138ff9e6f2b521951733b…)

I might have some shit called aerobic vaginitis. And it has no home remedy. So I have to take a test. And then I have to go to a gyno. Again. I have to see a gyno again. For a third time.

No. 1482821

>aerobic vaginitis
I should take my meds, now i'm hallucinating crazy ass posts

No. 1482827

mmhmm reminds me of the time I dipped my cheeto in hotsauce while eating my neckbones, which were drenched in hotsauce. Cooked in a crock pot, falling off the one. I lightly seasoned it with Onion powder, salt and a drowned it in hotsauce with a side of yellow rice, peas and sugar soaked onions

No. 1482829

File: 1674766935878.jpg (71.79 KB, 800x600, characteristics-of-aerobic-vag…)

It's literally real.

No. 1482840

File: 1674767867078.jpeg (52.43 KB, 463x582, 091.jpeg)

>i like to mix shit with my piss and blood, then strongly fry a plate of toenails, followed by a pinch of nipple cheese

No. 1482841

Once I went to a beautiful city and I sat at a bench, there was a lovely water feature nearby and I had an edible that had kicked in.

Than I heard this sort of scraping/tapping sound and I looked down and I saw this crow, massive and black and it was moving weird, just a couple meters away from me. Then I realise it was missing 3/4 of its top beak and its face looked mangled. It was trying to eat crumbs, abundant crumbs off the ground but of course nothing would go into its mouth. Maybe if it tried another technique but it wasn't adapting. Just fruitlessly trying to peck with the top beak absent. I'm not sure why but the imagery filled me with dread. The eyes looked so blank as it tried to peck away and as it came closer to me on the bench I listed my legs up and crossed them because I wanted no part of me to touch any part of it. I didn't want it to exist. Like die or survive and thrive, it shouldn't be the living dead. The animal world is filled with such horrors sometimes it's difficult to even think about.

No. 1482847

Just saw a thread about this guy punching another for burning a koran and all the comments are about how the guy punching him is an idiot because he took the bait and proved him right or whatever. There was only one comment criticizing islam and it only mentioned how the koran is homophobic…….

No. 1482849

Im not her. I just have weird tastes because i used to be anachan for a long time and some of the habits linger over. Like making pancakes out of spinach and egg or eating celery dipped in bbq sauce.

No. 1482850

This lawyer lady told me she thinks I’m smart. I’m cheesing so hard still, I’m a literal retard kek

No. 1482864

No. 1482891

No. 1482898


No. 1482904

My mouses' drag and highlight is not working, I've never realized how important it was until it started glitching out.

No. 1482912

I want to watch Oceans 8 but I really do not want to see Cate BlandShit and her little evil face.

No. 1482915

when Nate stopped sucking/fucking Jeffree Star and they broke up, their relationship dying marked the "true death" of the beauty youtubers/their huge presence on youtube and the drama.
Think about it. It was some drama sure but I remembered every other week was some bullshit.
Also I love Emma chamberlin I can watch her and get drunk for hours. I don't know I just really like her

No. 1483000

File: 1674783314979.jpeg (132.08 KB, 1601x1601, 5A4FF31C-82CA-41D4-B338-F17ABC…)

I just saw some tutorials for making bouncy balls, now I want a bouncy ball.

No. 1483001

I like watching the Sanic Totem sass anons out in his thread

No. 1483008

tf did cate do to you

No. 1483019

I loved youtube beauty drama so much, but it definitely ran its course. Eventually it got really boring after the bye bye sister era. At least it all ended with a bang. And yet i'd still trust all those beauty gurus over the tiktok ones any day of the week. Tiktok beauty drama just makes me fucking angry because they are a bunch of boring scamming bitches, no seasoning what so ever. Bland.

No. 1483027

She's a Roman Polanski champion.

No. 1483032

Have you ever had a fart that felt like a wad of dry crumpled construction paper that hurtled out of your butthole at mach 3 speed?

No. 1483033

Noooooooo not my beautiful Cate don't say that…

No. 1483040

I have no proof but I strongly suspect that majoritiy of the tardthot and the leftcow threads are used by mostly filled with bunkertrannies, there's a moid energy that comes from those threads

No. 1483050

I always go to Lidl like "oh I'm gonna get some little foreign European snacks!" and then I just get the same shit I always get. I like Lidl though.

No. 1483087

File: 1674795133769.jpg (28.05 KB, 300x417, 71459b660413946bc15414b76618bd…)


No. 1483089

File: 1674795295278.jpg (46.43 KB, 573x544, GbcXoLV.jpg)

love you, nonna, have been searching for that bnuuy stuff for ages, couldn't remember how bnuuy was written, so couldn't find it, you saved my day

No. 1483096

File: 1674796050445.jpg (29.25 KB, 361x300, 0f2a727da0aa2c00c0b5f238f8090f…)

bnoor (you're welcome)

No. 1483117

File: 1674800229443.png (144.99 KB, 372x399, 11AEFBBD-06BB-4F91-87F2-8962F9…)

Some conspiracy theorists would hate me because my life would debunk several current popular conspiracies

No. 1483118

File: 1674800568606.jpeg (55.87 KB, 1200x800, fielder.jpeg)

>Daddy Daddy, come over now. Save my life, you made a vow

No. 1483119

Which ones? If you "can't say" then you are stupid and gay for baiting my desperate ass during this dry af day on lolcow!

No. 1483121

The GATE/“gifted” programs conspiracy is my favorite one because it’s literally “um I was in a gifted program in kindergarten and don’t remember it. What did they do to us??” Like bitch hardly anyone remembers much of kindergarten. I was in GATE and went to a school “for gifted and talented children”…. They didn’t do anything to us. I work in the aerospace sector now and it’s not what people think it is. Like at all kek I like a good conspiracy but so many are really just people not understanding/comprehending the thing they’re talking about.

No. 1483124

I bet your life couldn't debunk ftm aubrey graham nor melissa vandella nor the fact the brazillian government traded an alien with the americans for spy towers which are being surveilled by the men in black.

No. 1483125

Gifted program was just the autism containment class lol

No. 1483129

The ones that did testing once or twice probably were Autistic which would explain why said conspiracies exist today but not everyone in them had Autism.

No. 1483130

Can’t speak for other programs but GATE really did seem like a way to weed out speds vs actually intelligent kids lol

No. 1483142

gifted is for spergs and people who "learn differently" because schools used to think all those kids would end up as savants.

No. 1483149

Given that anon is now working in aerospace, it worked. Not everyone is a tard.

No. 1483150

Depends on the program. Gifted education programs are not all the same.

No. 1483151

Taking full deep belly breaths hits so good I can feel my brain inflating back to life with every inhale.

No. 1483152

I was breaking out and couldnt figure out why, well, turns out the flavored syrup I bought has milk fat. Dairy really messes with my skin, damn.

No. 1483154

Speaking of conspiracies… The people that were dead set on Walt Disney coming back to life December 2021 hopefully are all getting the help they need now.

No. 1483161

Being sick and not having much to do this past week, I kept browsing random pages on net, social media, youtube comment sections and so on..
I noticed there is tons of people shitting on women over 30. Be it young zoomer girls who are afraid of aging or just incel moids justifying their pedophilia. Still it is weird how it is basically everywhere, on totally unrelated videos about cooking or news articles about war in Ukraine for example.

No. 1483185

File: 1674810362385.jpeg (352.96 KB, 1170x643, 327EB579-B488-4F79-A1A3-CBB766…)

Goodnight girlies
(This is what I imagine everyone here looks like tbh)

No. 1483190

Goodnight rapist glasses-chan

No. 1483219

sometimes i wish i could post a picture of my face so that nonnies could tell me i look like a frog but that would be a terrible idea.

No. 1483226

Knowing how anons usually respond (calling you a retard for posting your face aside) I'm pretty sure they would tell you you look perfectly fine

No. 1483228

lolcow has me in the habit of appending "-fag" to the end of words. i wonder how long it'll be before this gets me in trouble.

No. 1483229

File: 1674816924629.gif (573.5 KB, 498x280, CB8FA17C-69FC-4E67-AF8A-6F3170…)

Don’t know if I should put this here or the confession thread but my boyfriend does these really good Beavis and Butthead impressions and I kinda want to ask him to do one of them when we’re doing it sometime. It sounds like a joke and I know it’s like fully fucking stupid and he’d probably say no anyways but something about it just seems really appealing to me.

No. 1483234

What would you have him say?

No. 1483239

Well he joked once about doing the Butthead laugh in the middle of sex and saying “woah, I’m totally scoring” and that’s kind of what started the fascination with it for me. He’s pretty good at improvising when he’s just messing around but if he used some of the classic/frequent lines during it too I wouldn’t mind. But if he were to be doing Beavis I’d like to hear a lot of that laugh while he’s thrusting into me.

No. 1483251

I invited a coworker over this weekend and I realized I don't know if she can fit in my bathroom. If this sounds like weird bait I'm sorry kek but my bathroom is really small in the stupidest way and you gotta shimmy sideways to get between the wall and the vanity in order to access the toilet. Most people can fit fine but she is big. I really like hanging with her but we're not close enough for me to bring up something like this comfortably. Maybe I'll just make plans for somewhere else. I feel like an ass for thinking about this at all but here we are.

No. 1483293

File: 1674823137650.png (51.75 KB, 1200x600, Fire_the_Lazer.svg.png)

>go on wiki article for new zealand meme flag
>see creator's bio
>Lucy Gray, now an audio-visual technician, designed the flag
"oh, a woman with a great sense of humor and working in my dream field designed this flag? Cool!"
>She was a member of the youth wing of ACT New Zealand and stood in the 2014 general election in the New Plymouth electorate under her birth name
"she had a political career too? damn shes all over the place. birth name thing seems redundant, but whatever. man i wish i was a bit more like her"
>Gray is transgender and transitioned after her ACT candidacy
"…oh. of course."
This happens all the fucking time.

No. 1483342

Make plans for somewhere else… just throw a repair excuse out there and dont add to many details. Kind of you to find an alternative!

No. 1483355

File: 1674830548122.jpeg (146.11 KB, 2000x2000, 4C3EB368-F226-4EC7-A98B-BDEB52…)

Luv me nonnies
Luv farmin
Luv cows
‘Ate moids
‘Ate troons
Simpo as really luv

No. 1483385

I probably won't ever read this but I love that this exists and is an official piece of DC media, cause its literally a03 highschool AU
>WHO WILL SELINA KYLE CHOOSE?! Will she choose the rich and sexy Bruce Wayne, or will she choose the humorous bad boy Jack Napier? AND THE PROM'S TOMORROW!

No. 1483389

its awful but in an almost endearing way, like Bruce Wayne is half Jewish and Quarter Chinese in this book and Alfred instead of being the Wayne family's butler is Bruce's step-father and also gay and dating Lucius Fox

No. 1483398

I have a confession that is just so fucking retarded that I cannot even post it here even with the shield of anonymity. I didn't do anything bad and it's not really the one of the worse things ever posted, it's so mundane, but it is just SO FUCKING RETARDED that I cringe even just thinking about it. I know posting this doesn't help but I just want you all to know that I am a retard who cannot be saved.

No. 1483401

It can’t be that bad, what is it?

No. 1483406

I am a Batfag and I would read that just because it sounds like a goofy shoujo…

No. 1483414

Honestly, I get the appeal

No. 1483418

Oh come on nona you can’t just drop that nuclear bomb of curiosity and not explain what it is

No. 1483419

File: 1674836727185.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, 300px-Crying_Cat_screaming.jpg)

Ok once I was walking my friend to the bus stop at night but a stray kitten appeared and followed us. She sent me into the nearby super market to get food for it and I bought sushi instead of cat food because I thought cat = fish. I am sorry nonas I don't know what came over me. I can't even blame foreign language (since this happened abroad) because I lived near and went to that supermarket frequently. I just thought cat = fish so I went to get fish. It's ok if I get bullied for this I deserve it for being so fucking retarded.

No. 1483422

I'm not poopchan but I do get disappointed when I poop quickly because pooping, to me, is like a nice little vacation/break so I always want to be sitting in the bathroom for like five minutes. What's the point if I poop in like three seconds. I was so ready to read a wikipedia article and now I have to wipe and flush and wash my hands. Just miserable. I can't ever catch a break.

No. 1483425

File: 1674837055967.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1539127890718.jpg)

literally who are any of the names mentioned in /meta/, what are the screenshots even supposed to mean, why are the posts up?

No. 1483428

right i don't know any of those people and the moment you ask somebody replies with incomprehensible crap or screenshots without context like you're meant to just know. at this point idgaf i wish they'd all get banned

No. 1483430

It's some retarded schizo trying to convince anons that new admins are TOTALLY THE OLD ADMIN WHO WAS ALSO TOTALLY THE OLDER ADMIN it's a mentally challenged gayop for some reason. The schizo tranny will post on crystal cafe sometimes about how he's EPICALLY PWNING the anons here and how it's ALL PART OF HIS EPIC EVIL ANIME VILLAIN PLAN (smug anime reaction image). He's retarded and also a pedophile. Ignore any random name drops and any discord screenshots.

No. 1483432

Literally no one but the spamming schizo tranny knows kek. The names he keeps mentioning (Rachel, Spoopybones, Elaine, Angrycanadian) are all either snow threads where he is also spamming and samefagging in to the point where he got redtexted or people involved in his kiwifarms thread.

No. 1483433

You can always tell it's the tranny throwing tinfoils because he just posts random unrelated discord screencaps and a few sentences of cryptic word salad and you have to read 10 times to get a shaky understanding of

No. 1483434

File: 1674837459225.jpeg (45.58 KB, 305x438, 30669F8C-8C2A-4C26-AC34-055A3D…)


I just thought you ought to know faints

No. 1483438

i'm sick of the word gayop at this point

No. 1483440

Don't forget the
I wonder how fried his brain is by now.

No. 1483446

KEK i love these memes

No. 1483447

File: 1674837846863.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, CF4E22D4-523D-4CAC-9543-E5C363…)

No. 1483451

Imagine how miserable and small his life is. He spends every single day here spamming his schizo theories for people who don't give a shit (and can't even decipher his walls of text) and just want him gone. For his own health he needs to go to the psych ward again, long term.

No. 1483452

He's such a retarded faggot. It's like he genuinely believes that he can manipulate anons into thinking Shaymin is actually a giant pedophile get off of lolcow because pedophiles run it uhhhh yeah she's the one who posted child porn!!!!! He thinks he's some machiavellian anime antagonist and will post his faggoty anime pictures on the lolcow threads on CC like his evil plan is working mwahahaha it's alllll part of his plan. He's so fucking mentally ill. Blanie Gaven Ross from Wisconsin is a mentally ill faggot who posts child porn to a women's anonymous imageboard because he's a misogynist pedophile. Blaine Gaven Ross from Wisconsin is a mentally ill male who wishes he was a woman so bad but unfortunately will never be one, ever, as long as he lives. Blaine Gaven Ross from Wisconsin should do the world a favor and kill himself now.

No. 1483456

thanks anons thought I was really lost/out of the loop. still don't really get why posts made by Der Troon have been kept up for weeks now

No. 1483460

I only feel bad for whoever he is leeching off of to be this terminally online.

Preach, it's getting quite annoying. Hopefully he either overdoses or kills himself soon.

No. 1483474

wait, what happens with giving cats sushi ?

No. 1483499

KEK ok that is retarded but funny, was the cat ok?

I think she just meant instead of buying, you know, actual cat food she bought a thing of sushi for humans instead and felt retarded for not thinking about it

No. 1483503

File: 1674840995360.jpg (60.81 KB, 1000x1000, 74HAGE0014_1jJkfywIbES0cM_1280…)

Every week I buy groceries and every week I stand right next to this. You'd think it'd stop being funny after some time, but the fact that it doesn't makes it funnier just all the more.
>Pro quality. Pro nature. Profagus.

No. 1483505

My brother lived the Pb&c I made yesterday

No. 1483506

*loved but he did live it, it's an experience to live for sure

No. 1483514

anyone posting in support of pb&c deserves to be permabanned on sight

No. 1483517

you wont
Why can't you eat a normal sandwich?

No. 1483523

The kitten wasn't interested in it (obviously kek) and neither of us could take it home since we lived in dorms. It wasn't super cold out but I think it was a little bit chilly, so my friend took off her scarf and loosely wrapped the kitten in it and we just left it in the corner. The next morning I went to go past the spot and both the kitten and scarf were gone.

No. 1483525

Isn't Angrycanadian some kiwifarms user

No. 1483532

And the head admin of kengles onion farms so it's likely him saying nobody knows him. He posts here a lot and doesn't hide that fact.

No. 1483616

I just know it's the person who started the tranny's kiwifarm thread.

blaine no one knows all the retards you're talking about, this isn't kiwifarms.

No. 1483618

I'm literally shaking as I type this it's been 15 mintues my computer Is so laggy I have 108gb mods in my cc folder. The house fire has been going on and it won't fucking stop. I keep calling the fire department they came didn't do shit and started dancing to the fucking radio. I really don't know what to do and I feel like crying

No. 1483621

Can't you just quit the game? When's the last time you saved?

No. 1483624

I keep mistaking this as vent or get off your chest thread because of the op pic. Please, choose a dumber one next time.

No. 1483625

I don't know, my game is paused, I'm crying and I've been playing for hours. It's not fucking far, it stops and keeps going. I wanna fixking pinch something I'm so mad right now

No. 1483627

post screenshots, how big is the fire?

No. 1483629

Kengle is the owner of onionfarms, which is the kiwifarms clone Elaine, Blaine, Angry Canadian, Naught, and their orbiters hide in. Also that's not blaine. Blaine is very easy to spot and that nonny isn't him. It's exhausting how every anon is so paranoid about blaine. He doesn't post as much as you think he does.

No. 1483633

File: 1674848643511.png (90.7 KB, 189x330, ugly pedo groomer tranny.png)

>Kengle is the owner of onionfarms, which is the kiwifarms clone Elaine, Blaine, Angry Canadian, Naught, and their orbiters hide in. Also that's not blaine. Blaine is very easy to spot and that nonny isn't him. It's exhausting how every anon is so paranoid about blaine. He doesn't post as much as you think he does.

No. 1483636

I'm so fucking tired I can't even save it just keeps going

No. 1483638

I thought you were talking about irl for a second and almost got a heart attack. What game is cc? A sims version?

No. 1483642

This is good story building, though. I'm sorry it's still going but I'd love it if a giant fire happened on one of my family's lots so they can all move into a different town for a new beginning.

No. 1483644

I just exited to main menu I'm so fucking pissed

No. 1483646

I'm literally crying like I just felt sick, I want toneat my comfort food and just dixkjg lay in a hole. I lost all my progress, the fire department came back and stood in front of the house. My mom, daughters and her retardrf boyfriend still in the house jumping around. The mom and daughter were trying but the boyfriend literally asked my mom could he be her best friend. Nigga it's a fucking fire. I thought I was being cute having my teen cook for the toddler she started the fire. Now it's in the past I'm so mad

No. 1483647

It's because of things like this that I dont play the sims.

No. 1483648

File: 1674849217056.png (25.99 KB, 657x415, 1652086824534.png)

bump, rachel posting literal shit

No. 1483650

Who is rachel

No. 1483652

Here is her latest thread.

No. 1483678

i closed my game, I don't want to play anymore

No. 1483691

Wtf is that a bug or intended that the fire department doesn't do anything?

Some kf user that the cp/gore/scat/porn spamming tranny named blaine (pictured above) has beef with, so he blames his spam on those, this time "Rachel". Other times he blames his spam on random scrote imageboards, random imageboard admins, kf admin, our farmhands, our admins or more literal who forum users he has beef with.

No. 1483705

my game is laggy, so I assume it's my computer sucking, please all the mods, lag and everything else. My sims game runs like shit tbh

No. 1483710

I gave myself a really bad haircut accidentally(out of necessity, I had really bad breakage), I'm tired of having ugly helmet head hair so I said fuck it and ordered a nice wig off aliexpress, never been a wig person because I'm kinda tomboyish but I want to look pretty. I can't wait for it to get here!!

No. 1483717

File: 1674852244929.jpg (116.03 KB, 600x900, Toasted-Peanut-Butter-and-Jell…)

I want a buttery toasted PB&J. Unpopular opinion, PB&Js aren't worth eating unless they're toasted. Actually, untoasted PB&Js are the worst sandwich.

No. 1483719

>Raspberry Jelly instead of Blackberry Jam
Why even bother.

No. 1483750

File: 1674854163221.jpg (111.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Whenever I have to type out lolcow.farm my first impulse is to type lolcow.org

No. 1483754

File: 1674854241645.jpg (84.14 KB, 630x577, pride bratz.JPG)

Should I unbox these? I kinda want to just so I can hide the "queer" sign, but it will ruin the resale value

No. 1483756

Why buy them if you know they have an embarrassing sign that screams "I'm permanently online"?

No. 1483758

I had a crush on one of them as a kid kek

No. 1483761

Maybe you should get an external harddrive to save your mods on.

No. 1483764

vomiting at the moid in the beginning of this thread

No. 1483765

omg I've never even thought to try this but it sounds really good actually

No. 1483766

File: 1674854923890.jpeg (86 KB, 557x767, iwamttokill.jpeg)

happy friday

No. 1483768

Replace the queer sign with one that has a terfy slogan like "Lesbians don't like penises" or something lol

No. 1483773

Currently chilling at my study group instead of working lol. Recently I've been getting into mischief theatre but I've watched literally all of their work that I can find online so now I'm sad.

No. 1483774

It gives me the shits, but toasted PB&J is top tier.

No. 1483775

oh fuck, we should actually have a new vocaroo thread, i think it would be fun

No. 1483787

No we should not.

No. 1483791

i want to chat to nonnies and hear what they sound like. It’s still anon, you don’t have to participate

No. 1483792

yeah that's a really bad idea. Unless you enjoy having moids masturbate to your voice.

No. 1483797

i'm assuming this is fanmade, how'd the creator make the box like that?

No. 1483798

This is so newfaggy. If you want to chat with other anons then go to any of the other community spaces that are on here. Posting your voice is not anonymous and doesn't go with the spirit of this site.

No. 1483800

Oh no it's a real product MGA (the company that makes Bratz) sells

No. 1483806

nta but i disagree. voices don't revoke anonymity. and imageboards have had vocaroo threads since vocaroo's existence.

No. 1483808

huh i thought they stopped making new ones. and thought companies making things for kids usually avoided gay pride products in case parents got upset but ig they don't care anymore? (i remember when jojo siwa came out just a few years ago she stopped getting invited to the kids choice awards)

No. 1483812

The main demographic for the new Bratz and the new remade Bratz are teens and adults, not really for kids anymore. But it is really stupid imo, why did they need to say queer. They really could have just removed the protest signs (top fucking kek) and have the rainbow theme and have something about them being going on a date on the back of the box or something. Just cringe.

No. 1483824

File: 1674858440639.jpg (38.29 KB, 640x480, gerfsr.jpg)

I'm looking into buying a tablet and that world is so confusing to me. What do you mean, "with ads"? Why are there apps preinstalled? Why does the tablet want to talk to me? Why can't I find one without a camera function? Do I understand it correctly that I need a specific tablet breed to download certain apps? I just wanna watch doramas on it and play those shitty mobile otome games that I have seen so many screenshots of, why make everything so complicated?

No. 1483825


No. 1483829

File: 1674858898837.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

No. 1483834

File: 1674859326542.jpg (9.68 KB, 500x374, 43f.jpg)

No. 1483835

different anon but personally I'm paranoid that someone i know irl uses this site and will find out which voice is mine

No. 1483850

Did this site used to be man friendly?

No. 1483859

We used to poop outside too but times change

No. 1483876

when i was a kid i thought that marriage was an old fashioned idea and that couples these days didn't get married unless they were super religious or something. bc my parents aren't married, and it seemed dumb to me. and honestly it still does. it's crazy to me that modern women agree to get married and have kids with some moid, and they'll drop all their savings on wedding expenses. wtf

No. 1483880

iirc it didnt used to be so open with the man hating. my early memories of lc are as an offshoot of /cgl/, and i wouldnt be so surprised if there were male cosplayers posting here back then. its absolutely wild going back to early threads here and seeing people being openly male though

No. 1483883

File: 1674864134036.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x1569, 1F685E87-E9DF-4B69-BC59-2F498A…)

Happy friday nonas, I made this just for you

No. 1483892

She looks like a chill lesbian or a really annoying straight hippie girl.

No. 1483894

Thanks for the gift nonita.
Also check out Patricia's gums kekkkkk she's gummy.

No. 1483896

File: 1674865125797.jpg (89.38 KB, 720x1280, little duck.jpg)

The weeks over anon and you know how you should spend your weekend? You should start learning how to crochet. Don't question it, just go to the store and buy some yarn and a hook. Just trust me. Do it, anon. Look at this little duck. You too could have your own little duck if you learn to crochet. Don't even think too hard about it. Actually, don't think about it at all. Do it now. You'll thank me.

No. 1483897

Wtf nona I was just thinking about how I wanted to learn to crochet. I have no idea how and I had a terrible time when I tried to learn to knit, what’s your favorite beginners resource?

No. 1483902

It's a bit weird how crochet is such a huge trend now

No. 1483904

>what’s your favorite beginners resource
Youtube, there are hundreds of beginner tutorials. I used vidrel's channel when I was first starting out. She has a playlist of tutorials for normal people and for left-handed people.

No. 1483906

I couldn't knit either but I'm a crochet god. I've always heard it joked that you can do one or the other. People who can do both are bistitchual.

No. 1483908

File: 1674866024716.jpeg (650.75 KB, 1380x1454, 424FA457-B64B-46F4-84BE-FFA1BC…)

Are you trying to tell me that I could easily learn how to make this cute water bottle holder if I go to the store and buy some yarn and a hook??

No. 1483909

Indeed, anon. That one looks like a really good and easy beginner project too.

No. 1483910

Well fuck, anon, you convinced me, I'm going to buy some yarn and an ergonomic hook, I will also buy more yarn for my best friend.

No. 1483914

Make sure you get the right size of yarn and hook. I looked and that pattern calls for a 5mm hook and medium/worsted yarn. Have fun nonny.

No. 1483916

Crocheter nonnies, does the "sweater curse" also affects the crocheters?

No. 1483940

Is there like some sort of a guide to help you choose hook and yarn?

No. 1483943

File: 1674869859423.jpg (164.1 KB, 1024x1024, Red-Heart-Super-Saver-Brushed-…)

Just look on the wrapper of your yarn and it will tell you what size it is and what hook is most suitable for it. If you're following a pattern then it should tell you what hook and yarn you should use in the beginning of the pattern.

No. 1483957

I have never made a sweater for anyone. I made a scarf, drawing glove, and shy guy figure for a guy though and I haven't left him.

No. 1484012

I'm pretty sure my bosses can tell I am unhappy with all the new changes at work. But it doesn't really matter if I am dour as long as I do my job. What I think doesn't matter at all, after all it's their business, not mine so I never voice my opinion.

No. 1484127

Saw a pic of a newborn kitty and now i feel nauseous

No. 1484537

File: 1674937823154.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 770x729, Capture.PNG)

are we are heading towards a high tech neopatriarchal hellscape?

No. 1484552

>almost all hands hidden

No. 1484564

Thank you girlies,thanks to your teaching i now hate men. I just saw the title of this video and knew i didn't care. Juste babies going ouin ouin f you

No. 1484565

File: 1674941596323.jpg (94.9 KB, 720x540, f19bf2fab6eb556e69d7bf6ff37f58…)

I am really, really considering sending a scholarship research proposal about my favorite manga, but make it academic. Tbf, not exactly about the manga itself but its themes and other mangas with similar themed that are related to my degree field. I swear I'm not autistic but I've been obsessed with this series for over an year now since I first read it

No. 1484572

Babies go waa waa in english nonette

No. 1484577

File: 1674943313151.gif (1.22 MB, 480x270, 1671752909442.gif)

>Juste babies going ouin ouin f you

No. 1484580

i can't handle embarrassment, i'm killing myself tonight

No. 1484592

Don’t, I laughed and it made my day better

No. 1484606

i wonder if lolcor was a thing when amy winehouse was still alive if nonnies would have made fun of her on celebricows

No. 1484613


No. 1484624

I hate when I'm talking to someone and my voice goes up a few octaves. Stupid bitch..

No. 1484630

Been watching a small youtuber lately because of a topic she covers. She's mentioned that she has a gf before. Today she uploads a more personal vid. The 'gf' is just a dude wearing fake lashes. As she's talking about losing a dear friend of 10 years because of their now 'conflicting views' I hit the unsub button

No. 1484641

>ouin ouin
lmao what the actual fuck

No. 1484663

I normally stay away from celebricows but the Sam Smith hate in there is hilarious

No. 1484689

i'm in the process of designing characters for my story and I already want to fuck like 5 guys, i'm afraid i'm way too powerful. ah yes, now just give them tragic deaths to make them hotter

No. 1484695

File: 1674954130828.gif (63.5 KB, 112x112, 1549310454_3x (1).gif)

>go out to bar with bf and bf's friend
>after a bit the friend loudly says he has to poop and might shit himself and really has to go and can feel it coming etc
>speak to him like a child and ask if he'd like to go wait in the car for us to pay (no), if he'd like a tum (no), then finally told him to just go use the bathroom (he was being loud and embarrassing us)
>he went and left us waiting inside the bar for like 20 minutes
>finally he comes back we pay and go to the car
>he starts whining that he is going to shit himself
>tell him to go back in the bar and use the bathroom and we'll wait in the car
>he goes back inside and we wait like 15 or 20 more minutes for him to come back out
>he proceeds to act like he's a woman in labor the entire drive back to our place, lamaze-style breathing and whimpering like a little girl and moaning OH MY GOD HURRY UP I'M GONNA POOP MY PANTS sorry guys in advance if I poop my pants!!1
>we get home and he uses our bathroom for like a half hour
>leaves the bathroom and talks more about how he might shit himself on the way home and that he should wear a diaper
>deadpan stare at him and tell him goodbye
I almost started recording him in the car/laughing it was literally insane

No. 1484696

I like how some people pronounce dino as dee-no

No. 1484701

my mom never allowed male pets in the house and she has been very straightforward with the fact that she is forever grateful to only have daughters, love that for us

No. 1484703

Based male hater mom

No. 1484705

No. 1484706

I'm hoping he has some existing condition like crohns, that you both don't wake up tomorrow having caught norovirus off of him

No. 1484714

File: 1674956011676.jpg (122.62 KB, 1024x768, Tumblr_l_80930042308575.jpg)

I moved my pc from my computer desk to my nightstand so I can play the sims in bed. I was having a good time but then I smoked delta 8 using some cut charging cable plugged into my puter and now I am sleepy and struggling not to sleep. This wasn't an issue at my computer desk. I hope those jobs I applied to get back to me. I feel like my NEETdom is going to make me fucking insane. Like for real lose my mind.

No. 1484715

I forget how to spell my middle name sometimes.

No. 1484725

Watching a vid about kids who have murdered. People in comments are debating whether kids should get long sentences. One guy spamming
> females be having sex at 13 years old now, who is to say what an adult is?
> girls be having sex with grown adults
> if girls and adults can have sex then kids are pretty much adults
> more and more shit about feeemale kids and how they have sex with adults
You okay man. They're talking about murder and you're just picturing kids having sex

No. 1484736

WTF that's so creepy. Sometimes I get the vibe that some people aren't trolling and are legit freaks IRL and I'd bet my money the guy commenting that shit is unhinged.

No. 1484737

I just found out that Lucinda's still anorexic. Wtf.

No. 1484739

Which sims are you playing?

No. 1484746

You say it like she is an old ass cow. It's more shocking to find out luna is still fat

No. 1484749

Yeah but it's been like a year I thought she would've cut that shit out by now.

No. 1484756

File: 1674962911083.gif (4.62 MB, 498x498, oh.gif)

I just realized elsie is called elsie because it sounds like "lc" oh my gosh all this time

No. 1484759

File: 1674963285019.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1017, marzanna.png)

The sims 4. Here's a screenshot of my current legacy heir. She's a spellcaster with the ancient bloodline trait and the father winter's baby trait. As you can see she's got the candy cane colors going on (she is santa claus's progeny after all). Her husband's a mermaid and her first two children are mermaids and I'm hoping that the baby she just had is going to be a spellcaster for added story telling flavor.

No. 1484763

anachans take forever to recover

No. 1484779

File: 1674964550010.jpg (74.02 KB, 750x1000, little fried chicken dog with …)

I hate that I always have baby fever. I'm not in a position to have a child right now, I'm still too mentally ill, I'm not married and I'm not financially ready. I wonder if getting a pet would cure this.

No. 1484782

Look into getting a kitten. I got my cat as a kitten and taking care of him was kind of like being a mom (except not as physically/emotionally/financially taxing of course kek). You might really enjoy that. If not a cat person, a little dog could do the trick.

No. 1484786

My dog was basically my baby and pets will really have you running around for them like you would for a child (I was changing my dog's diaper multiple times a day, making her juices/soups to encourage drinking, wiping down irritated spots, applying ointment to places, etc etc) so probably kek. My dog would cry sometimes and I'd just also fucking cry from the stress of it all (she was old). I follow some people who do lots of classes and pet bonding activities too.

There's something even called "puppy blues" that some dog owners go through. The only downside is their lifespans are so much shorter than humans, although I think cats tend to have a longer life span.

No. 1484789

Have those shitty games gone on sale yet for a quarter of the price? I can't bring myself to pay full price for anything Sims 4 but sometimes I get the overwhelming urge to make a sim/house and never play it.

No. 1484796

Ayrt, who pays for the sims kek just download and install the anadius crack if you want to see if you'd like it.

No. 1484797

I think I'm going to get a credit card cover with my husbando on it

No. 1484809

I keep eating 2-4 (small) cookies when I come home because it's the only thing I have to cope with my shitty jobs. Don't want to drink or do weed. This small bit of sugar in 10k-20k steps a day is all I have!

No. 1484812

I wish I had baby fever. I kept hearing that it'll just 'kick in' and it never has, even though I'm in my 30s now. My fiancé wants to have kids and I'm worried I'll just have no maternal instinct and be a bad mother because of it. I always assumed people were just being polite when they ooh and aww over babies, but no, apparently people legitimately think they're amazing and cute. I just feel nothing or 'neutral' I guess when I see a baby, they're just kinda there. I absolutely love cats and kittens though, I just imagine that's how people feel about babies. Also kek that filename

No. 1484813

a couple of drunk guys came into the pub my bf works at and ended up basically laughing at him for not wanting to ask my sister and i to have a threesome with him…why, just WHY? the fact that it wasn't just one isolated freak is so disconcerting…

No. 1484858

I finally switched over to EA app for Sims, and it's pissing me off because this update has downloaded like 3 different things and it's still not done. And my internet is being fucky so I have to stay up to make sure it downloads properly. I just want to go back to playing a drug dealer.

No. 1484869

Only a matter of time before he cheats on you sorry nonna

No. 1484876

Big brain moment… how do you set it up tho

No. 1484879

File: 1674979221479.png (959.81 KB, 880x1182, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 11.5…)

I forgot about Happy Bunny!! I loved Happy Bunny, I remember it always made the moids seethe in school kek

No. 1484881

File: 1674979807706.jpg (59.27 KB, 800x800, based.jpg)

KEK this reminded me that I used to wear a shirt that had pic related on it to elementary school. Even then I was pink pilled

No. 1484926

I just had to do an emergency pussy shave.
Also, I suck at shaving my vagina. It's too meaty or something.

No. 1484930

These posts made my heart melt, aw. I definitely do want to get a little kitten sometime within in the next few months. I would love to have a senior cat or dog too, but I doubt that would be a good choice considering I've never had a pet like that before.
Don't feel bad about it anon. Some people just naturally don't have the desire to have children and that's perfectly fine. If you really don't feel like your heart's in it then I would say don't have kids but of course it's your life, and I know it must be more of a difficult decision when you're in a relationship. Regardless, if you don't feel like parenthood is for you I hope you won't let anyone pressure you into having children.

No. 1484931

Nonna wdym emergency …

No. 1484955

UPDATE: I asked him and he said he think he could do it. It’s a maybe leaning towards yes right now.

No. 1484967

Spontaneously started crying over the thought of my cat dying. He's not even 6 months old, healthy as can be and is an indoor cat, he's most likely going to be fine for hopefully another 20 years. But the thought itself is still heartbreaking, especially for me that is still getting used to having my very first own pet and having bonded really hard with him.

No. 1485020

she would have had her own thread here. her life was an absolute mess and she had a ton of lolcow tendencies, most notably of all her eating disorder and her whole sad girl persona. plus i feel like there would be people who knew her personally who would drop in to talk about all her drug issues and whatever else was going on in her life before she died.

No. 1485077

I remembered when I almost started going out with a guy who uses the word "foid" and a vein in my neck started bulging I just want to forget I just want to forget

No. 1485083

You should have gone out on a date with him and after kicked him squarely in the dick.

No. 1485169

I got a wound and wanted to make sure I was bald to clean it properly.

No. 1485174

i'm like this just before i get my period. everything makes me cry. i just had a dream i had sex with a vacuum cleaner and it doesn't make sense. anyway, i'm glad your cat has such a loving owner. you will have many lovely years together, don't worry

No. 1485177

File: 1675014801817.jpg (731 B, 16x16, 1625543711200.jpg)

Is it worth getting up two hours earlier and attending an unnecessary class so I can be around my moid crush? Or do I stay at home instead?

No. 1485184

Losing sleep for a moid? Pickme behavior.

No. 1485192

No anon don't do it, just stay at home and relax
That's not what pickme means you dumbass

No. 1485222

Only if you take creepshots and maybe show us, or just keep them for your own pleasure

No. 1485260

File: 1675019703276.gif (249.1 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

I have styled my home in a very cabin/industrial esque style with a lot of plants, I love it but somehow I can't feel happy with my kitchen no matter what I do so I'm considering just saying fuck it and going full weeb in there with only sickly cute kitchen items.

No. 1485289

I can't fuck with reddit, I think I am redditphobic

No. 1485317

File: 1675024005338.jpg (70.58 KB, 720x868, b4ac66e70dec0724f0de359fb6ce62…)

just adding this gem i saw on pinterest

No. 1485322

I will stay at home. He is not creepshot-worthy sadly

No. 1485376

File: 1675027258509.jpg (83.33 KB, 900x506, tExNAshZABDmAAG-1600x900-noPad…)

I wish I could play barbiegirls again.

No. 1485392

File: 1675028092833.jpg (102.38 KB, 470x842, dofdfhe.jpg)

I like the google doodle it made me want bubble tea

No. 1485416

No. 1485421


No. 1485425

File: 1675029888171.jpg (125.49 KB, 982x641, EbMrpatWoAEJHm-.jpg)

No. 1485430

This reminds me of virtual magic kingdom but way cuter. I am sorry for your loss

No. 1485436

braindead bimbo games yawn boring.

No. 1485446

Aw virtual magic kingdom looked so fun! And thank you nonita. There's actually a bunch of people working on remaking barbiegirls. their last update video says they're 80% done with the dress up game. I hope it can come out relatively soon

No. 1485452

I have been eyeing a scarf for a few weeks, wasn't sure if I should buy it but my grandma convinced me today, I showed her and she said it was lovely and how practical it could be. I love her ♥

No. 1485454


No. 1485463

File: 1675032280052.jpg (891.82 KB, 1698x1315, Tree_runks.jpg)

I'm not an apple pie gal, but picrel is really inspiring me to make one.

No. 1485464

No. 1485483

lmao we're just saying random shit now? ok shizo pullfag romanianon shayhead poopchan tuckerfag

No. 1485499

I'm terrible at keeping a diary, from now on I'll just right stupid lists in my diary. Right now I'm planning a trip to Japan so I'm listing the places I want to visit, the food I want to eat there, etc. After that I'll make lists for destinations I already went to or I want to go to next.

No. 1485512

File: 1675037332408.png (70.34 KB, 640x480, 09.png)

wish I could play games on the early 2000's official Beatles website again

No. 1485524

I'm totally obsessed with mission impossible and I wish I was Ilsa. She's so cool

No. 1485526

oh god this just makes me miss the oldest versionsof habbo hotel

No. 1485535

>hii gurlzz today we will shop and shop and shop, oooh look at these sparkly stripper outfits so cuteee, no you will apply two tons of makeup on me, ooh now your done now its time to get my ken boyfriend, ah boy boys boys. Dating and shopping bla bla bla


No. 1485536

Go sperg on /2X/ about it. That's what it's there for.

No. 1485539

File: 1675040183601.png (1.63 MB, 2530x1242, 1668464938260.png)

No. 1485541

Show me on the doll where the straw man in your head touched you.

No. 1485551

bait, satire, or radblr refugee

No. 1485565

post what online games you played in your childhood right fukken now

No. 1485568

>shopping in a game
>sparkly outfits in a game
>can even buy makeup in the game
>harem of men in the game
Sounds like a really fun game, with all of the shopping I bet there are fun minigames to get money!

No. 1485569

File: 1675042328760.png (566.33 KB, 637x636, 1667681148363.png)

literally my first thought. Pearlclutch-chan in the wild

No. 1485579

File: 1675043408880.jpeg (32.24 KB, 359x359, E6D8639F-D59C-44B6-BEDC-956121…)

she probably liked minesweeper…

No. 1485612

>trisha paytas reaction meme

Oh i was wrong….you are not a libfem…you are a FAGGOT.

No. 1485615

File: 1675046527426.png (147.07 KB, 659x616, 1663034231270.png)

Calm down pearlclutch-chan

No. 1485623

You should relax, maybe try shopping for some unisex clothes

No. 1485633

Why do you only post on this site when you're hangry?

No. 1485641

My cat loves any sort of twist tie. She is obsessed. She will awake from any slumber to play with one, stop eating treats, even choose one over her favorite brush. I only let her play with them supervised cause I'm worried she'll accidentally eat it (though she's never even come close) so to fix this I twisted multiple twist ties together and then braided those twisted ones together to make a massive twist tie. She loves it!

No. 1485656

i rarely eat, im not a fat pig like you.

No. 1485659

>i rarely eat
you should try it, it might calm you down.

No. 1485661

Ok anachan

No. 1485662

Have a peanut butter cheese sandwich and come back, you'll think clearer

No. 1485665

Please I implies you listen to the prophet of peanut butter >>1485662 while my body weight isn't clear, your mood is and you're just not you when you're hungry.™

No. 1485679

File: 1675055978015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.82 KB, 500x500, aedd79c30482f2eba227afb94ad019…)

imagine owning this in your house

No. 1485682

men are built for labor and service

No. 1485693

Was talking to a moid today and he was telling me about how wars have started over pussy and that women themselves hold power over men that men could never know, nonnies I think I've found him.

No. 1485716

I just identified a bug I saw in my house like 2 months ago! I saw a vid of a stinkbug and they look exactly like the one I saw. Something in me feels very satisfied right now.

No. 1485729

File: 1675067391665.png (408.75 KB, 512x472, l.png)

cp bump

No. 1485730

File: 1675067462661.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

samefag, bump

No. 1485736

when you're watching some vid about gamers and of course any 'female' gamer mentioned is a troon

No. 1485782

File: 1675078780065.png (Spoiler Image, 4.19 MB, 1661x1600, Eren_and_the_Colossus_Titans_a…)

I feel like I missed something because I genuinely don't get why the whole rumbling thing in Attack on Titan was such a big deal. I mean, if I was an Eldian I would probably be glad that the nations that subjected us to being terrorized by big ass monsters were being destroyed.

No. 1485818

File: 1675085297280.png (180.55 KB, 860x1124, peakingsim.png)

i love my peaking simulator

No. 1485830

I realized something: I like posting here because real people get to interact with me. That's why I hate social media nowadays, as an artist and a person, I would prefer to post my creations and thoughts here and no other place, I don't even care for validation cause everything here is anonymous I will never get to say "THIS POST IS MINE, MY NAME IS X AND I DID THIS" and that's great, that's the point: sharing just because, for the hell of it. If there are like 8 people max each thread, I know those people are real, even if I got 2000000k likes on any other app those ain't real and if they were, they all would probably kill me over saying something "transphobic". Even when my posts or vents receive hate sometimes, or anons call me out, I still accept it because I know those are real people with actual opinions, not bots stirring shit

Maybe is not a lot, but is real, I know some anons feel bad that this place is kinda small but to be honest, I think that's what makes it special. I don't know you or how you look like, or if we fought in other thread, but thanks for everything

No. 1485835

i think im retarded

No. 1485839

The hands always give it away

No. 1485842

I'm surprised the utubetrollpolice is still around, I thought it died out in like 2012. I wonder how it's doing without purplehelmetavenger and tommy parky and the old ones. It's probably discord based now like everything else so the fun is ruined

No. 1485853

This is exactly why I post here

No. 1485868

Wtf I must have been in a coma these past few years. There are TWO pixie hollow private servers!!!!! I know what I'm doing with my day!

No. 1485897

File: 1675094986488.jpg (45.3 KB, 720x960, ec8f9049f641a41f142072a23ec2c9…)

I'm an introvert, but I'm not shy at all, it's just that interacting too much with people, even people o l like, really drains me. But since I'm not shy, have good intonation, a bit of charisma and I'm "casually funny" (or so I was told) and I'm multilingual, I keep landing on extrovert people's jobs. It's like a curse. But the career growth aspect of it is so good…. Well, maybe I can get an international trip out of this, at least.

No. 1485912

I remember there being nonnies who were 40, 53, and 70+, so you're still young!

No. 1485935

File: 1675098656778.jpg (66.1 KB, 600x599, AgJoEfeCIAEOPHO.jpg)

i'm finally watching the latest season of handmaids tale and jesus fucking christ somebody needs to tell the producers there are other ways to portray a woman experiencing trauma than having elizabeth moss in a close up kubrick staring at the camera for half the episode. And I know this is a common complaint since season 1 which makes it even more infuarting how they still keep doing it!!

No. 1486052

File: 1675108819627.jpeg (64.41 KB, 500x500, 92A544B1-1318-4D73-B5F2-FA6B55…)

Update: I made out with him. Manifestation a powerful thing I tell you.

No. 1486070

U just made someone seethe, congrats

No. 1486074

I am very sorry

No. 1486088

I don't care about JKR and I don't really see why anons worship her so much. I liked the Harry Potter books and I get that she's an open TERF but she's still just some billionaire lady. Also, if the thing about her gifting Marilyn Manson is true, then well..

No. 1486095

People loooooooove to cancel women for EVERYTHING. One wrong move and they're done. But their little moid blorbos and little moid meow meows could have flown to Epstein's island and supported Roman Polanski and etc etc and they'll still stan him like it's their last day on earth. JK is flawed and she's probably done dumb shit but IDC I'm so happy to have a woman who is saying no to trannies and making them seethe.

No. 1486098

This is lolcow, no one is cancelling anyone and the only moid I "stan" is fictional. I am going to look down on her if she's claiming to be for women while rubbing up with Marilyn Manson and Depp.

No. 1486099

I like HP, but what I love more is how mad JKR is making all of the degenerate crybabies. I remember reading about some guy on Twitter saying how he likes the books and keeps them on his bookshelf but takes them down whenever he's on a zoom work call because he's afraid it might trigger some tranny coworker of his. I burst out laughing when I read that, like can you imagine the power of this woman kek

No. 1486100

fucking thank you. some anons are so quick to defend women for all kinds of shit

No. 1486113

I wasn't talking about you weirdo I was talking about general society.

No. 1486116

File: 1675114393402.jpg (29.58 KB, 319x480, happy-cat.jpg)

Congratulations nonna.

No. 1486130

I legit look like the Riley Kilo troon (maybe with a slightly softer jaw) and I'm not sure how I can cope with it kek I'm vomit inducing. I'm already a neet so I guess I'll never get into any kind of social situation ever and I'll just take walks alone. Being this ugly sucks.

No. 1486206

I just had a Snickers for the first time in forever and holy fuck I didn't remember them being so sweet.

No. 1486246

File: 1675122123630.jpg (607.83 KB, 2400x1800, belowdeck.jpg)

loving this shit ladies, loving my new pile of reality trash

No. 1486276

Bumping to get gore spam off front page

No. 1486283

File: 1675123317116.gif (590.91 KB, 220x220, sof-cat-cute.gif)

No. 1486289

I like Below Deck Med with the lesbian captain

No. 1486291

File: 1675123594609.gif (2.44 MB, 206x275, 1648873702385.gif)

No. 1486302

Oh what is private sever?

No. 1486305

Just enjoyed a big bowl of mashed potatoes, delicious

No. 1486310

i get so excited for night sometimes because of the spicy scenarios i come up with while trying to fall asleep

No. 1486327

I feel super bad when a cashier is trying to make small talk but I just can't muster up anything to say but "mhm" and nodding my head. Sometimes I'm just tired and I have anxiety, but I know they must be tired too. Maybe I'm just overthinking it and they don't actually give a fuck but I feel like an asshole anyway.

No. 1486328

Not sure if private server is the right term but I meant that there are two pixie hollow remakes. I could only get wethepixies to work though and that one is still in development I think but you can still create a fairy and get a good pixie hollow experience!

No. 1486332

Does anyone know how to get rid of that cold feeling in your chest when you did something you really regret? Seriously I hate this so much

No. 1486334

Anon, obviously I'm going to think it's directed towards me when you reply to my post and start talking about people cancelling JKR.

No. 1486336

File: 1675125269052.jpg (85.49 KB, 1400x1000, do it for him.jpg)

mgs anons in the tinfoil thread inspired me to make this at work

No. 1486350

File: 1675125860304.jpg (4.45 KB, 255x198, tfw.jpg)

This is very relatable! I feel this every single day of my life as the weight of my actions is unbearable, frantically repenting every 30 minutes to inspire God to forgive me for what I've done is the way i cope with it, the demons always come back but it kinda helps to ease my consciousness and escape the dark, disturbing void that is my decaying mind

No. 1486353

Does anyone know how to get rid of that cold feeling in your chest when you did something you really regret? Seriously I hate this so much

No. 1486357

File: 1675126519237.jpeg (138.74 KB, 1252x1252, 3BC3C389-E29C-4261-9C3D-CFDFD7…)

Come ‘ere

No. 1486358

File: 1675126526018.gif (803.08 KB, 112x112, 874cfd90-9c32-440a-b2e2-747bdd…)

VERY GAY SPERG I KNOW THIS IS THE DUMB ASS SHIT THREAD BUT TO BE FAIR IT IS KIND OF DUMB AS SHIT!!! BUT YIPPEEE!!! I HAVEN'T PICKED MY SKIN IN THREE DAYS!!! WAHOOO!!!! Everything's looking so much clearer. Still a ways away from looking completely healed though. Yahooo!!! I hope I can keep it up, though I know breaking a 10+ year habit will be hard. My goal is to be comfortable wearing shirts that show off my shoulders without wanting to kms due to being incredibly anxious of people seeing my picked acne and judging me. I know it shouldn't matter but unfortunately it matters so much that I have nightmares about people seeing me naked.

No. 1486363

I just had the bestest day of my life

No. 1486373

>be me
>be drunk asf
>make two (2) Peanut Butter and white (fake) cheese sandwitch
>with a 3 beers
>currently feeling like I have to shit but I don't
I feel horrible nonas, must've been the pizza

No. 1486374

sa e amnon and the saddies thing is i'm still ficking hungry

No. 1486375

File: 1675127453001.jpg (24.56 KB, 500x663, ed44272843e2e6ec044893e49ef773…)

happy for you nonnie, bfrbs get wrecked

No. 1486376

File: 1675127464637.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x499, 1664662810055.jpg)

>must have been the pizza

No. 1486378

? im confused? th epizza is reallyh greasy., everything else tasted great and was warm. I think it's the pizza, I'm currenly druking water

No. 1486381

That dammed sandwich is poisoning your brain and altering you DNA as we speak

No. 1486394

Babies and old people are fucking hilarious cause they have no teeth KEK

No. 1486468

Unghh the guy with his hair down in this video is so hot and is so is the singers voice…

No. 1486487

You must always specify how someone is an NLOG if you're talking about personal cows or venting about someone. You can never just be like "this bitch is an NLOG, take my word for it" because many anons will be against you right away just from that since NLOG is thrown around like how transphobe is kek.

No. 1486488

All these data leaks that websites deal with nowadays probably wouldn't be as big of a deal if we weren't all forced to make accounts for everything.

No. 1486492

I've already ranted about this multiple times but I'm so fucking tired of how NLOG is misused/overused, I wish it never got to the main stream. It's just become a way to shame women for not conforming to societal expectations even though that wasn't the original meaning.

No. 1486504

It's maddening. I wanted to pick up a pizza for lunch once and they require you to make an account to order. Ended up just skipping lunch. It's all so they can track you and sell to you more easily.

No. 1486509



WAKE UP!!!!!

No. 1486515

have no idea what this was but im playing it rn, thanks nonnikins

No. 1486517

Five more minutes zzzzzz

No. 1486535

File: 1675147491914.jpeg (12.35 KB, 300x250, ZTV-yFO8.jpeg)

I dreamed I accidentally posted a selfie here and anons were convinced I was a troon, so everyone started making fun of me and attempted to dox while somehow posting my old selfies from 2014 as "undeniable proof"

No. 1486543

File: 1675148619443.webm (1.11 MB, 320x320, bhwsLnKqGteVLIWK.webm)

Do boy moms really ?

No. 1486547

I’m going to be single and friendless forever

No. 1486552

try the friend finder on lc

No. 1486557

I have morning and evening nausea (without vomiting) and today U woke up to black discharge. am I pregnant? Can I just throw myself off the stairs?

No. 1486558

File: 1675149706633.png (2.18 MB, 1010x1340, Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 11.2…)

I'm such a fatass right now but I can't stop eating these fucking truffle chips from Trader Joe's. I never even eat potato chips, but ever since I tried these I can't put them down. Jesus these things are addicting

No. 1486559

I woke up to black discharge* hopefully you nonnies didn't wake up to black discharge because it ruined my white panties

No. 1486633

I'm looking forward to the new season of You so much. It looks so dumb and I love talking shit about Joe.

No. 1486641

I was playing a coke dealer scenario in Sims 4, but I just realized the scenario bar is completely gone so I can't see my progress, wtf. I've made it so far already too and I don't want to restart.

No. 1486645

File: 1675158345108.jpg (53.43 KB, 768x768, 1675132571567.jpeg.jpg)

Stealing from the animation cows thread but just LOOK at what they did to Harriet Tubman in the new Clone High reboot

No. 1486648

File: 1675159415681.jpeg (20.48 KB, 525x490, dcc.jpeg)

No. 1486652

File: 1675160127394.jpeg (24.35 KB, 250x442, FDDF767E-5E70-46C3-AB60-195A29…)

I was so confused I saw this on the front page and thought it was meant to be black Laganga Estranga

No. 1486654

Well girls i finally did it, i hallucinated a boyfriend to sleep with, it was comfy. His dialogue was completely unexpected and he was cute. I can only do it when half asleep though. It was jarring i could even feel the feeling of someone lying next to me and the warmth. Obviously i can’t touch him though

No. 1486657

So when is Brandon Rogers going to troon out

No. 1486663

nonnies i just woke up from a nightmare where someone attempted to break into my apartment while i was home and now i feel bad and on edge… pls post cute pics

No. 1486669

File: 1675163806566.jpg (82.24 KB, 612x359, 1665992120246.jpg)


be careful nonny, my friend's place was broken into this morning and he dreamed about it as well before it happened, this might be a sign

No. 1486670

File: 1675164066336.jpg (30.23 KB, 362x554, FnvB9lfXEAsDqnh.jpg)

what's weird is that Harriet Tubman was a background character in the first season of Clone High and her design was way better

No. 1486686

File: 1675167196534.jpg (92.78 KB, 1024x577, 20200914_111859-1-scaled.jpg)

I find it weird that Walmart sells hot dogs in their hot food/deli section. Like just a plain ass, dry hot dog.

No. 1486690

File: 1675167953397.png (187.32 KB, 598x801, 1pzfl793qi851.png)

No. 1486697

Nonny is it black, like deep red/brown, or black like dark gray? Because one of those is a sign of bacterial vaginosis. Also just get a pregnancy test if you're worried

Anyway does anyone else get really gassy when stressed

No. 1486708

Dunno which thread to put this in but I'm proud of myself for finally getting over a scrote I was super hung up on for forever. He invited me over for no strings attached sex and I declined. I didn't even feel tempted. I'm at home watching shitty reality tv and eating chips and I feel like a girlboss. Fuck that guy.

No. 1486712

If you decide to wake up early to finish an essay due that same day, the devil already won

No. 1486732

Who is that supposed to be?

No. 1486735

If you get gassy when you're stressed, you should look into IBS. My poor friend had crippling anxiety and IBS was a side symptom- causing gas and irritable stomach when anxious. Which caused more anxiety. Good luck nonita

No. 1486736

I like watching a youtube channel about fundies and the last video is about a couple “paul and morgan” that’s the most tragic excuse of a marriage I’ve ever seen. They are both miserable fucks with horrible views on everything but the guy is such an asshole (she’s too but he’s like a world champion asshole) i can’t stand them i wanna alog i wanna fix her i want that guy to have an embarrassing death and her to start a hippie life far away from fundies
Anyway they vlog and they’ve said publicity that shes doesn’t come when they have sex why are women staying in these relationships fucking morgan you’re so stupid i can’t even form a coherent thought

No. 1486758

You made me finish the essay with this post, thank you

No. 1486761

File: 1675176481548.jpg (70.93 KB, 680x478, 57c.jpg)

No. 1486772

That's deep nonnie

No. 1486857

File: 1675180771427.jpg (221.24 KB, 960x706, idiot.jpg)

Posts like this piss me off because it feels like bait but deep down I know some 4chan twits really think this way like they are the enlightened ones but can't figure out why they are so miserable. You politically alienated yourself men don't fucking care about you and you have demonized other women so you're adrift

No. 1486884

>men's rights and equality
Kek. It's sad she spent so long caring about memes like 'men's rights' and 'men's equality' just to realize that men are fucking annoying and rude

No. 1486924

Oh I did feel like I had seen him before.

No. 1486955

File: 1675186041840.jpg (2.86 MB, 2848x2136, Nata_de_coco.JPG)

I love nata de coco so much, but I feel like the owner of the shop where I get those shitty overpriced puddings from is judging me not only for the frequency I buy them, but for the quantity, too.

No. 1486963

I can believe women like these exist because pick mes are a dime a dozen. And I don't feel bad for her one bit. She'll either wake up or continue to wallow in her self imposed misery. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1486997

nonnioe that looks like puke, What does it taste like? Very weird looking food, I tried bacon, cheese and peanut butter on Texas toast and it was very good, i'm willing to try that. Is it cold?

No. 1487013

They're chewy, juicy, and sweet. I love when bubble tea shops have them as a sinker. One of my favorite treats to have during Summer!

No. 1487029

File: 1675190956748.png (690.49 KB, 754x423, Capture.PNG)

fighting the urge to post this on tumblr like
>or lol
>Why is he in women's clothes? \
and then when people say, "uh it's obviously a she", I'll be like,
>No thats a man
Over and over again, but I want and I already said it here,kek. This is the picture for the free update for binders/top scars and "Shape Wear", of course the troon is wearing the shape wear.
I don't want to be all "Think of the kids" but it does bother me how fucking tame Sims 4 is, how lacking it is in basic shit (like a way to lock accesories to every outfit/Make up still don't have that! and cars).
But they always throw a tranny bone.

No. 1487048

Fucking ew, what is this from?? Blease tell me the sims 4 team isn't coming out with fucking tit chop scars? Also cute butch lesbian on the right; fuck trannies.

No. 1487051

The fact that you can tell which ones are supposed to be TIF or TIM in the pic. Hilarious.

No. 1487055

yes it's a free update, it comes with other things like non-functional hearing aids and Insulin patch thingys. But also Binders, Chest chop scars and shape wear.

No. 1487062

has anyone here watched physical100. I like it so far.

No. 1487072

>throw the tranny a bone
I love lolcow ♥

No. 1487074

lmao the way that looks like a agp, if i was a troon i would be offended at ea kek.

No. 1487080

File: 1675192950527.jpg (68.55 KB, 736x736, 1dd7c2ae4e8cd0a5c0cf91583c8c61…)

I thought that was a wire clothes hanger on it's head for a cheeky abortion tattoo

No. 1487084

EA's pandering hard for tumblr and twittard NEET bux. Also it's timed just as Hogwarts legacy releases to extract maximum coinage.

The game already allows you to make frighteningly accurate depictions of trannies. Male body, feminine clothing, male body hair, five o'clock shadow and a male voice. The game also dresses them up randomly in the most hideous unflattering outfits.

No. 1487086

>cheeky abortion tattoo
I’m logging off

No. 1487103

File: 1675193402837.jpg (29.24 KB, 640x640, 1655457149915.jpg)

I accidently looked up my favorite comfort youtubers face and was left severely disappointed

No. 1487105

>dream fan

No. 1487109

Would’ve been my guess too luv xx

No. 1487111

File: 1675193716767.jpg (167.75 KB, 1152x2048, AnyConv.com__C3NOIOgUMAAVKOt.j…)

no, it was manlybadasshero

No. 1487121

he looks like bad bunny

No. 1487125

oh fuck nonna i thought i was the only one i think it’s cute now, and that voice…

No. 1487127

File: 1675194364028.jpg (238.75 KB, 474x597, EpZoB7BXYAAiGN_.jpg)

he was actually somewhat cute when he was younger

No. 1487129

At least he isn't a piece of shit. Right?

No. 1487134

I think he's kind of cute nonny

No. 1487146

since m/ is inactive can we please talk about the show physical 100 here?

No. 1487151

also the women seem so cool. Who is youre fave so far?

No. 1487152

No. 1487158

Make it active again nona

No. 1487161

the tv show thread is not a active one, ppl rarely post in it.

No. 1487170

I want to smooch Raskolnikov from Crime And Punishment so bad

No. 1487172

it’s such a shame i was rooting for the eyecandy farmer

No. 1487173


No. 1487177

The guys at 13:24 look exactly like the gangsters you see in those mafia movies kek. They're def roided up infact i think almost everyone on that show is on stereoids except for 4 people.

No. 1487181

TOP KEKKK NOT THE CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORS WHAT THE FUCK. So fucking cringe. I hate the sims 4 team. Literally the most pathetically soy sims team thus far. Remember when those faggots were guilt tripping players because IF YOU DON'T BUY THE SHITTY PACKS THERE'LL BE NO MORE SIMS!!!! What losers. I can't WAIT to see how shitty sims 5 is going to be. I hope trannies get btfo'd in multiplayer.

No. 1487187

the way most of the female competitors are the same height or taller than the male ones….just goes to show more that gym guys are manlets

No. 1487196

he’s a moid so, also in a video he mentioned pomf i still want to cuddle snd kiss him so bad

No. 1487201

File: 1675197004141.gif (91.07 KB, 55x90, 1671752866012.gif)

chimp anzy

No. 1487203

i deleted the streaming link, let me know if you want me to repost it.

No. 1487205

Where should I get food from? I can't decide. A pizza sounds nice right now..

No. 1487234


i thought trannies wanted to larp they are cute animu girls girlier than real women?

a hulking man with breast plates, hip pads and a wig reminds them of reality lmao

Dunno about FtMs, I thought they would hate to be reminded they have curvy or/and doughy bodies that clock them but some of them do not mind and fetishize binders/scars

No. 1487235

samenona but that troon in the middle has AGP stare too LMAO

No. 1487236

I CRAVE SUSHI. Idk if i should wait and go to a really nice sushi resturant at the end of the week or settle for grocery store sushi. Decicions, decisions.

No. 1487240

I love it, they are just making TIMS how they really look kek. They don't even pretend they aren't men in dresses, or it could be a drag queen. However, there's an option you can give scrotes a female frame, it looks weird but you can make it look somewhat feminine, more then this kek.

No. 1487256

Heard King Of the Hell is coming back, how do you think they'll fuck it up?
>Make Bill a TIM skin walking his ex wife and calling Hank a terf for telling him to stop doing that shit when he was doing it before, because he actually is trans not a creepy depressed weirdly.
>Connie- A liberal feminist who makes retarded one liners, accusing everyone of being racists/TRA for Bill
>Hank- Conserative and hated
>Peggy- Liberal and constantly trying to get hank on her side
>Dale- Alt right conspircy theroist who everyone hates and isn't protrayed as a retarded goofball but actually played up to be super fucking serious and dangerous.
>Bobbie is Blobbie a genderfluid colored hair softboy, hank hates him so much
>Luanne Bimbo onlyfans sex postitive character, may make her "Smart" but only about sexualizing herself.
>John redcorn- constantly whining about Dale, trying to get him locked up because he's alt-right and to get his son.
>nancy- traumatized wife trying to get away from Dale, using John as a way to get out
>Joesph- The same dumb jock
>Boomhauer- Only fans buyer, very liberal, dates troons now and defends them
>Connie's family- Remain the same

Or nothing will happen and it'll remain great and my husbando dale with his 9 inch dick, will continue to be the man of my dreams

No. 1487257

omg nonna I had grocery store sushi yesterday and fancy restaurant sushi today and all I'm saying is that if you can do both… get both (but if only one then def wait for the fancy sushi, you won't regret it).

No. 1487265

DoN't WiPe AgGrEsSiVeLy
Ok but how the fuck else am I supposed to wipe literal shit off of my body? Time for a bidet….

No. 1487270

File: 1675201850312.jpg (2.13 MB, 3264x2448, img_0607.jpg)

When I first started crocheting I said I couldn't understand how people let their stashes get to the point of picrel, but now? Oh I understand. I've been buying yarn faster than I can use it, I buy yarn not even knowing what I would use it for. Buying yarn is genuinely half of this hobby.

No. 1487271

I just made a pro-women anti-trans comment on a social media platform and was feeling very nervous about it until I saw this discussion and others like it while scrolling. I've been a farmer and radfeemy for a long time, this was not my first time seeing these discussions by a long shot, but right now it's giving me some strength to raise my voice. Thank you nonnies

No. 1487281

I just saw a video of a loa loa (parasite that goes in the human eye). Think I'll kill myself now.

No. 1487291

I have bedbugs and was forced to throw out my yarn stash. I am still very upset about it.

No. 1487292

Every time I am reminded that it's normal to have a callus on your middle finger and not your ring finger I feel like a retard all over again for writing/drawing "wrong" but when I do it the correct way it feels like I have no control and is extremely uncomfortable.

No. 1487295

My lifting straps came in the mail! I got cute pastel pink ones! Pink is my favorite color but I also think the contrast of heavy weight lifting with cute pink straps is so funny. I will still be trying to train my grip strength and using my bare hands as much as I can but my grip gives out so much faster than the rest of my body. I'm genuinely soooooooo excited to see how much more I'll be able to do with these. I love weight lifting, I love this little bit of power I get to feel.

No. 1487303

File: 1675205531083.gif (297.29 KB, 500x500, LUZ.gif)

Greetings in the four quadrants of the Divine Universe which takes place in and out of each one of you.
I come to explain about the energetic changes.

Dear nonnies,

I come here tonight to enlighten you about the dizziness and the changes of energy that Lightworkers
are experiencing. Do not be fret. Do not be afraid. This is a energy shift that is occurring inside and
outside of you.

Mother Gaia has been going through such change since 1950 and is now more evident. Never fear
when you feel your energetic bodies different,this is the change that is qualifying in your personal
coefficient of light climbing a step in your vibration, do not fear when you feel your energy bodies different.

You need to vibrate higher so you can capture the opening of the portal that connects this earth of 3D to one
earth of 4D or 5D. Going to the 5D will depend only on the vibrational quality of each nona. Therefore,
we ask you to do the decrees, that you concentrated in the Light.

The change will not be easy, but the Father / Mother is supporting each one of you.

As for your visions, do not worry about,when you receive always send Violet Flame. You have the power to easy, to
allay the natural disasters. Many who are incarnated on earth today chose to pass sharp and painful and others like
you not, so focus , do the decrees to and trust.

Do not doubt, because doubt hinders and condenses the energy of low vibration. Do not open holes for the negative
influences, but do not forget to see the truth.

I am Adonai Ashtar Sheran and I leave you in peace and love of the Father/Mother.

Peace be with us now. Just for today we are in Peace and Light.

Trust seeds of stars of Light, for thou you are Light in Action,do not fear children , Daughters of Light, because
this is the time to leave behind the fear. He was never a part of you. He is going away and you are back to waking up
to the Light.

Trust, fear not, because the truth is everywhere.

There is no end but the beginning. Rebirth. This year is a preparation for 2012.

You now this year will increase your coefficient of Light , what happens is that you still do not feel ready to shine,
but this is the time.

Many will have to wake up to Light. Trust. Leave the fear will be something natural. Trust in you.

This is the year of huge changes inside and out. For you to support the new frequency of Light, you have to
begin this year, the change of rotation of your chakras .

TRUST. Never fear. When you feel weak remember who you are.

You are feeling the symptoms of the ascencion, what will change is the regaining of faith in you. Trust, ask and

You are the Light, Children of Light. We love you Children of Light. We are here with you. Connect with
your mentor or angels as you wish. He is now with you with their hands over your heads. Close your eyes and
see your Friend of Light. He is there with you. We have never been so close to you.

This dizziness has to do with our approximation of the electromagnetic field of the earth. We are thousands of nonnies.
A Nonnyhood of Light.

Intergalactic Fleet.

Channeling of the Group We are Light in Action
source: https://web.archive.org/web/20100509205545/http://lightworkers.org/channeling/104613/channeling-group-we-are-light-action-ashtar-sheran-and-intergalactic-fleet pls don't ban me.

No. 1487307

This is the kind of shit my boomer mom who's obsessed with instagram health gurus would post. Kys.

No. 1487310

Bless yourself nonna.

No. 1487314

Do people actually get pinkeye

No. 1487315

You just need to vibrate higher, nona

No. 1487316

very interesting Nona, i'm into alternative ways of thinking and being. Ignore the haters I've been known to be very insetic

No. 1487320

Years ago I saw a pic of what I thought was pinkeye. It was chlamydia, in some womans eyes.

No. 1487321

Being in a coomer chat is like constantly blackpilling myself, making myself sure that I will never pretend that there's any sort of Nigels out there.

No. 1487348

aw yea fuck it up nona. get those gains

No. 1487389

File: 1675211647891.png (442.45 KB, 1324x662, ZHEydg34GRhGjz.png)

shay noonas act like Chrischan wtf ??

No. 1487395

Nonna was going through a mental episode, the sonichu medallion was made with genuine, enthusiastic autism. Shayfags are autistic about shayna but it's due to their unstable mental inshaynity and not their potent autism. Shayfags are made, sonichu autists are born.

No. 1487402

kek that's genius

No. 1487403

im craving crispy chicken skin, i know thats a fatass thing to say but idc. chicken skin is delicious. so is salmon skin. izakayas have the right idea serving it as bar food id literally gobble down a whole tray of chicken skin rn

No. 1487414

Oh yeahhh…when it’s greasy and snaps in your mouth mhm

No. 1487416

File: 1675214129206.jpg (12.1 KB, 300x439, 34235132.jpg)

PLS anon stop its 1am here, there is nothing i can do to satisfy this craving. i must sit here and suffer my lack of chicken skin

No. 1487420

salmons dont have skin but chicken skin is great

No. 1487422

File: 1675215332713.jpg (78.84 KB, 610x457, Crispy-Salmon-Skin-1.jpg)

>salmons dont have skin

No. 1487424

thats bone nona, hate to break your brain. Salmons don't have skin and they are created fish, not natural in the wild

No. 1487425

Okay next you're going to tell me cheese belongs on a pb sandwich

No. 1487426

it does

No. 1487428

pbc nonna please try adding salmon skin bone to your sandwiches and post results, i want to see

No. 1487431

It is and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

No. 1487432

fish and peanut butter is a horrid mix, seriously

No. 1487433

thank you nonna, happy to see another enjoyer

No. 1487435

PB&C anon thinks fish skin is bone…I seriously think she's delusional at this point.

No. 1487436

She also said salmon don't occur naturally

No. 1487442

I may be a little drunk but i know what I'm talking about, not all fish just Salmons who are apart of the justfuish family, who don't have skin. They have a soft outer shell similar to a roach

No. 1487445

im so fucking sick of being bullied the only place I feel safe is the shaynatourim I don't get bullied or picked at what the fuck

No. 1487447

Are you playing semantics, PB&C-chan?

No. 1487450

what the fuck is a semantic? Are you accusing me of something? i really dn't have the brain power right now, driunk and drinking too much coffie. I don't want to be insulting but i said what I said, have a good night nonnie

No. 1487451

Kek, never change.

No. 1487454

Not all fish just salmons who are part of the justfish family? Get out of dodge.

No. 1487460

please stop mockin me, i need to calm down, i'll be back

No. 1487464

File: 1675218479388.jpg (62.61 KB, 540x532, 1665101309627.jpg)


No. 1487481

maybe a few but not all, I mean the bodybuilders definitely are but its possible to have those physiques without steroids, see vidrel
tbf asian men tend to be rather short

No. 1487482

I have this reoccurring whitehead in my ear canal. I consider it a friend. It's not very painful and I can take a qtip and do a sweeping press and it pops out, no problem. Instant dopamine. I let myself engage in this because it's not like I'm spending hours picking my shoulders with tweezers in my bathroom so I consider it a nice replacement. It's kind of like methadone for a heroin addict in a way.

No. 1487488


No. 1487506

I used to be vegetarian so I would usually get veggie only subs, but today I decided to get a sub with some meat and it was so bland. And I get hella dressings and sauce on my subs.

No. 1487511

just caught myself getting angry at the things moids say thread. again. my brain can't register that it's supposed to be satire

No. 1487533

Got a new phone and it's absurd I cannot uninstall netflix, only deactivate it. I'll never be paying for that shit!!! I buy pirate dvds and watch them on my ps2! They cannot force me to get netflix!!!!

No. 1487536

File: 1675228800913.png (854.53 KB, 872x782, Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 9.13…)


No. 1487537

Kek, same, even though i contributed to it. Remembering that it's probably just a nonita turned my agitation in laughter. Moids truly are NPCS if they are that easy to impersonate.

No. 1487549

Samefag, I ended up deleting the save of the sim I was playing so I could start over just to realize that, the scenarios from basemental drugs are rotational! Meaning that I'll only be able to play the scenario I was doing if it's in the next update. This fucking sucks. If the basemental drug devs are reading this, you guys are just as bad as EA. I'm starting over anyway and doing the same shit I did before, but I'm sad about this.

No. 1487551

nona are you talking about catfish? and how they dont have SCALES?

No. 1487561

When I was a tween I was super into Fall Out Boy and I did ship Peterick but I always mentally recast them with more attractive versions of themselves whenever I read fanfiction because while I was a cringey loser tween that read fanfiction of two real life males sucking and buttfucking eachother, I was not blind.

No. 1487576

maybe i am secretly a lizard person since i love very hot showers, baths, and could sit in front of a heater for hours. 65-95F is the best temperature range. yes i was born in a desert.

No. 1487584

me too. i also get sleepy in the cold/snow. i want to sleep in snow but i'll die.

No. 1487670

When I lived in the tropic I would take sunbaths whenever I could. I hate the cold and am cold all the time. I often get called a lizard.

No. 1487682

I just scraped my finger and, instead of waiting for the blood to clot, I tried to wash my hands right after. I'm so silly.

No. 1487722

File: 1675257366015.png (109.27 KB, 275x272, 1648964330067.png)

Time for me to get a grip.

No. 1487836

Is it all larping? I thought it was a lot of shitty moid comments copied and pasted from other sites. Really goes to show you how brainless men are kek.

No. 1487857

I made earrings I was really proud of but I lost one of them in a club waah

No. 1487939

Were they beaded? I am good at beads i will make you new ones

No. 1488010

File: 1675284794654.png (943.45 KB, 1102x1020, badcrop.png)

cont from celebricows i didn't want to fill up the thread with unrelated posts
>I pointed this out a few months ago and an anon told me no. I wonder if that anon was THE Silly or Poo
yeah i'm thinking it's them. silly or poo i don't know but even the style of humor is similar

No. 1488012

sameanon soz4 my shite comp and cropping job

No. 1488019

yeah the art is really similiar but its not surprising considering we have the art-salt thread so of course there would be some artists here.

No. 1488040

File: 1675286238168.png (146.51 KB, 1070x538, angry tif.PNG)

angry troon whining on kiwifarms of all places about transphobia, this is a TIF btw

No. 1488044

>I'm extremely active in the Vocaloid thread.
Well, no wonder they're retarded.

No. 1488049

File: 1675286597141.png (338.53 KB, 783x943, image.png)

you forgot the other funny moment, nonnie

No. 1488052

they supposedly have a thread but I cannot find it she's having a meltdown kek

No. 1488054

File: 1675286653122.gif (1.45 MB, 288x198, 1402875737963.gif)

The tifs that overcompensate by whining about feminazis are adorable

No. 1488058

she also started drama on the kiwifarms telegram, I believe she's banned.

No. 1488060

>that last sentence
kek she's really telling on herself here, along with everything else

No. 1488062

Check the vocaloid thread! There's a few.

No. 1488063

So she definitely needs her own thread. I could go through the vocaloid thread and kiwifarms posts to and try to make it myself but frankly I don't know enough about vocaloid and the vocaloid community. Someone who uses the vocaloid thread should make one, there's a lot of potential for milk here

No. 1488066

File: 1675287184658.png (966.79 KB, 1000x750, 1650336871045.png)

this is her (got from the kiwifarms thread)

No. 1488083

kek that's hilarious

No. 1488086

dont make a thread on another obese kiwifarms attention whore who will bring her kiwifarms scrotes and troons here. Have you retards not learned what happened with the rachel thread and the shit it brought this site.

No. 1488101

File: 1675289642789.jpg (52.25 KB, 480x431, 1660122312982.jpg)

TIL that "I'm thinking of ending things" by Iain Reid and "It ends with us" by Colleen Hoover are not the same book

No. 1488124

women have superior music taste, fashion sense, intellect, beauty, reading comprehension, manual dexterity, olfactory ability, and genetics to men. men smell bad and a lot of them have a poor grasp of logic, and also they lack empathy.

No. 1488128

I tried a chicken salad (the one with mayo, not a salad with chicken) and it was gross. Im not upset I bought it however, when I have a craving for something I think it's best to just eat it even if it's nasty to satisfy the craving.

No. 1488138

gonna take my test in a couple of minuets aaaaaaa

No. 1488147

cats are so adorable and smart i love them so much. you mean to tell me there's an animal that cute and people don't like them? for shame.

No. 1488159

When I comment on a small YouTubers video, especially something thoughtful and nice and they don’t reply. I’m like bitch you got 5 comments a week max you can talk me. Then I’m like fuck you and unsubscribe kek. But sometimes I still watch a video if it pops up I’m recommended. Resentfully.

No. 1488162

I've never heard of this/these people but the comic on the bottom made me kek

No. 1488172

I'm realizing that the reason I don't like sushi is because it's so cold.

No. 1488188

WHAT THE FUCK FEMALE NECKBEARD (doesn't have the neckbeard though)

No. 1488193

I have a side of soup with it

No. 1488211

File: 1675300415807.jpg (120.33 KB, 1080x1416, 20230201_161005.jpg)

She's gotten 40+ lbs heavier, too. How many stone or KG is 260?

No. 1488213

File: 1675300515369.png (411.31 KB, 447x690, sip.png)


And here I thought they didn't exist. Not once did I ever think TiFs would go for a neckbeard LARP but here we are

No. 1488219

every time ive seen this cow mentioned im really surprised at the cognitive dissonance between someone being full edgelord yelling nigger everywhere on kf, and somehow being involved in the vocaloid community which is chock full of gen z gendies who are like the exact opposite

No. 1488221

Discuss her here >>>/w/195091 don't want to deprive the dumbass shit nonnies of their dumbass shit (although this cow is very much dumbass shit)

No. 1488224

I love Gyaru and Dinosaur so much.

No. 1488256

File: 1675306858515.jpg (143.05 KB, 1170x1170, 20230124_104513.jpg)

not sure if relevant but i think of this a lot

No. 1488260

Time to post my Dailey drunk post shilling pb& c to the masses , it's 10:10pm and imma make a wish nonas

No. 1488275

>would sooner beat every feminist to death with my bare hands than call myself a woman, not that I'm capable of that, I'm morbidly obese.

No. 1488279

if there are any other recolor.me users on lc who are reading this just know that i fucking hate the majority of gd and rec in general, the site is dead and a shithole and y'all are constantly fighting and being hostile. it's an avatar site ffs, not twitter. i respect the handful of good users and internet friends ive made there over the years but god if that place isn't just a complete radioactive wasteland these days

No. 1488297

File: 1675311094098.jpg (6.14 KB, 225x225, pepe really.jpg)

manager asked me if I could come in earlier. over my dead body!!!!!!!

No. 1488343

I feel bad for her. Do you ever think if we could just reset to 15 years ago then retards like her could just dye their hair blue and cut themselves a little to get the attention they need and call it a life? There’s no counterculture anymore and suburban weirdos are pushed to increasingly perverse extremes just to distinguish themselves from the “normies” - including medically transitioning into an actual 4chins neckbeard. Where did those 2002 fat blue-haired sorts end up anyway? Librarians? Idk.

No. 1488358

fucking kek why is this making me laugh so hard right now

No. 1488366

File: 1675317170745.png (640.38 KB, 833x1563, cow tipping.png)

I was looking for images of cows typing and I came across this absurd article about cow tipping. Not the lolcow sort of cow tipping, but tipping (shoving) literal cows. https://www.niecyisms.com/2012/10/friday-fact-or-fiction-no-tipping-please.html Imagine the article is talking about lolcow cowtippers. This is cracking me up
>Cow Tipping, who does that? I can give no logical answer as to who first decided to go cow tipping
Also this one, kek, how did whoever wrote the article come up with this?
>These serene looking cows stand idly by on their frail, little legs unable to stand their ground against the brave tipper that sneaks upon them in the darkness.

No. 1488369

Moids are good for tough, back breaking manual labor and killing each other In gladiator-like combat.

No. 1488378

I don't think this one would have turned out any different 15 years ago. She'd probably still turn out a tranny, just using 4Chan instead of Kiwi.
I would say she'd probably end up closer to Buck Angel in views, had she been born that much earlier, though.

No. 1488383

isn't cowtipping a myth ?

No. 1488384

File: 1675320031774.jpg (612.46 KB, 1920x1454, 20130903-store-cows-5.jpg)

But they did it in the sims, it can't be fake.

No. 1488385

That cow is laying the exact same way my cat lays in front of the door whenever I come home.

No. 1488388

File: 1675321278757.png (97.58 KB, 895x673, peaking.png)

i saw this and wanted to have a try kek

No. 1488390

File: 1675321560199.jpg (58 KB, 640x640, 1672012675310.jpg)


No. 1488398

I've been staying at my bfs the past like 2 weeks and came home today after a horrendous nightshift and smoked a few js to destress and I've walked into my bedroom. Dumbass me must have thought it was so slick to strip my bed of all covers to give it some air but here I am tired as fuck and just want to lay down also I'm high as shit and my feet hurt I can barely stand I can't believe I have to put sheets on

No. 1488400

felt this, my dumbass will strip the bed to wash and have clean sheets then forget to put them in the drier after hobby crafting, and its late after a shift all i want is the sheets immediately dry to lay in. somedays i give up and put 2 duvets one as the bottom one as top sheet for sleeping.

No. 1488429

i got mistaken for a men at school today. Guess it was because i was behind a computer, you could only see the top of my head
How do i cope ?

No. 1488431

File: 1675330093215.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 1671648219422.png)

I still get flashbacks seeing this image. It was only like a week of downtime but it's scarred my soul. I will never forget the number of times I refreshed lolcow only to see the gatekeeper denying me entry

No. 1488432

File: 1675330454089.jpg (16.41 KB, 500x334, 8488843h.jpg)

i was playing sims 4 and i wanted to create myself. loner, slobby, internet addicted autist etc. i made her pee standing up in the hopes that she would piss herself everytime she went to the bathroom. didn't work. 3/10 game.

No. 1488441

You succeeded nonna …well except the uh…piss part.you became a internet autist

No. 1488447

people are dumb. i used to get called sir at work when people were talking to me from behind bc they could only see the back of my head, despite the fact i had feminine uniform on. some people just see short hair and immediately assume you're a guy i wouldnt take it too personally

i forever associate this with lolcow now. he's like our second mascot almost, someone should make a banner of it

No. 1488449

When I'm "working" from home I do less than the bare minimum. I don't give a fuck anymore because the reason why we're still stuck in our current project is because of my retarded coworkers. I did what I could and was more efficient than most of them even when taking into account all the time I lost training the new hired guys and when I had surgery to prevent breast cancer and need nearly 2 weeks to recover. I should be getting some rest by now so that@
's what I'm doing and nobody will ever know because I'll catch up at the office in front of everyone and look serious and hard working.

No. 1488476

Ive started this new workout regime where I wake up in the middle of hthe night from my sleep to take a walk to prepare myself for the rest of the day. It is currently 4am and I have completed my night time walk. Fitness!

No. 1488477

Now I am heading back to sleep. Goodnight nonnies

No. 1488479

File: 1675339026032.jpeg (73.89 KB, 632x835, 7vzhpyR.jpeg)

rare wholesome reddit moment.

No. 1488481

File: 1675339308673.jpg (103.61 KB, 1284x1388, njyxfoe2km4a1.jpg)

good reddit moment

No. 1488520

I wouldn't even feel guilty in his place.

No. 1488542

is it too early for a eurovision 2023 thread ? i can't wait !!!!! i hope this gets chosen to represent czechia, the chorus is amazing.

No. 1488553

File: 1675348120199.jpg (8.16 KB, 400x400, e1c4cb8d997caed74ee3e3f0ece1bb…)

hurried home from work bc i wanted to masturbate but i forgot where i put my vibrator and now i can't find it in any of the usual places. pain and suffering on planet earth.

No. 1488559

File: 1675348648724.jpeg (49.51 KB, 480x360, 408A89E4-55A8-41A2-9687-485181…)


No. 1488565

i picked up the phone at work and immediately after hanging up i already forgot who it was and what they said.

No. 1488568

No. 1488569

I don't understand this video, I have watched some of these shows/mvoies where clips are from and most of them contextually have nothing to do with each other, hell all the women(and men used for comparison) are giving vastly differences, its like forcefully trying to create an "aesthetic" over a complex human emotion

No. 1488599

File: 1675351424128.jpg (381.44 KB, 1402x1414, tumblr_2271b61d11b83de2191267b…)

I think the coffeehouse crime guy is misogynistic. The vibes are strong when he delights in covering female killers and calling them "treacherous snakes" and on the flipside he excuses incel killers by saying that society failed to get them the psychological help they needed.

No. 1488626

I got a stronger feeling that he really doesn't care is just reading the lines without any set of emotion

No. 1488628

there should be an asian women general here like the desi one. i know there's been multiple southeast asian and quite a few chinese nonnies here just a few days ago, so i don't doubt there's more of us from other countries in the continent lurking about. i'm not good with making well put together threads so i'm hoping somebody else does my dirty work kek

No. 1488630

we coudl really do with a return of /int/, imo

No. 1488632

I don't think any of these race specific threads are appropriate but go off

No. 1488634

maybe not race specific but region one(like a east and south east asian thread)

No. 1488641

Some people found my friend's and her old friends' old fanloids and this is the most dumbass shit that had happened in my life. Like, they had this rp of how these characters hangout and these people are making video recreation of that and draw fanart. It's not anything mean, just wholesome honestly.Peak early 2010s and I'm not complaining

No. 1488649

Made one

No. 1488719

who said you can't? >>>/g/199512

No. 1488778

Thats a thread for black girl problems, not one that discusses different things postitive/negative cultures etc. I feel I'd get banned if I tried to make one. I also would'nt do it right.

No. 1488783

The darkest timeline is if Lillie Jean started doing sex work, she'd literally become the new shayna. I feel sick thinking about the sentence
"Lillie Jean has started a onlyfans"

No. 1488878

it's for discussions and questions too.

No. 1488879

Somenonny with a cute pic make a new stupid question thread pls?

No. 1488882

Am I the only one who thinks British food always looks like play food

No. 1488892

File: 1675364668103.jpeg (94.27 KB, 1200x949, 1628344818810.jpeg)

I wanna play Animal Crossing but I'm scared of starting the game because I haven't played in like two years. I'm scared to see my town, I'm scared to see who's moved out lol.

No. 1488899

which one are you playing?

No. 1488907

New Leaf

No. 1488917

I've played every game, but haven't touched any much in years, the exception being New Horizons. In ACNH, the villagers do not move out unless you agree they should (or kick them out iirc)
In ACNL, I think it's the same but I could be wrong.
I don't remember anything about being able to control villagers staying in ACCF, ACWW, or ACGC.

No. 1488926

File: 1675366295282.png (42.72 KB, 256x256, npcnmlcbr17.png)

It's pretty similar to ACWW and ACLGttC, they'll tell you a date some time and you can convince them to stay if you talk at them long enough, but if you miss them you're out of luck lol. don't leave me punchy, not like tammy did…

No. 1488930

File: 1675366570141.jpg (117.6 KB, 643x1013, Screenshot_20230202-143557_Chr…)

No. 1488931

It says wind thread but when I click it says, "vent thread" why?

No. 1489003

Hey that's Rupert from [s4s]! He's doing a tour of all boards by the way, he's got his own thread on [s4s]

No. 1489008

File: 1675370795337.jpg (271.42 KB, 1214x593, iq.jpg)

Nonna, you are probably smarter than you think you are.
Have a nice day.

No. 1489011

Muy basado nonita, much appreciated! Thank you.

No. 1489013

The only way to make up for this is to be as cocky as possible. I'm literally a genius compared to any man to ever live. I'm mogging them with my superior genetics. I'm female therefore more beautiful than any man. I'm inherently worthy. Never stop the grind sisters

No. 1489014

Thanks for posting Tammy, she and tia are my favorite villagers and the don't get enough love.

No. 1489033

God I hate my parents for always calling my brother a genius and me a dumb blonde. But he ended up being a NEET living with my father and not even cleaning his own room. Have fun with your baby genius kek.

No. 1489041

Men’s entire existence is one big cope, literally all they have is tard strength, use that to suppress everyone else so they can control the narrative and pull shit out of their ass about how they’re better at everything. lol you wish.

No. 1489153

i had a dream last night that a child tried to steal my hamster so i killed him without hesitation. dont speak to me or my daughter ever again

No. 1489183

>parents think their sons are brighter than their daughters
The fucked up part is that they will always acknowledge their daughters are smarter in practice, by giving them more responsibilities and punishing them more harshly for mistakes.

No. 1489195

and the ones without sons bitch and moan about not having sons. when the father likely had low t and produced more x-sperm than y-sperm

No. 1489205

have you ever replied to your own post pretending to be a different anon? be honest.

No. 1489212

Oh my mum would do this. Also my brother would be brought home by the police a lot and was a public nuisance. I sometimes would ask her why she hits me and not him and she would say you're a girl or her favourite, you're worse than him in sneaky ways. I'm 32 and still don't know what she meant by that

No. 1489220

Gross, never.

No. 1489231

I thought if a man produced daughters, he's healthier

No. 1489241

Of course not I would never samefag, it’s against the rules you know.
Maybe in her twisted logic like “I care more to discipline you more, whereas I give up on him”. It’s fucked up and sexist regardless. Sorry anon.

No. 1489254

No, I don't want the mods to make fun of me.

No. 1489295

The fact I'll never know what pussy feels like for men is pissing me off.

No. 1489309

The taste of this bottled water just brought me back to my p6 classroom.

No. 1489320

I'm having a stupid amount of fun with the confetti effect on kiwifarms

No. 1489354

Hey so uh… trying to lose 10 pounds in 26 days and I'm not sure how possible it is at my current weight? I weigh 143.5 and trying to get to 134 before this event because that's my "I'm being to be this size" weight and I ate way too much last year and gained 10 pounds.

All the nutrition calculators are saying anywhere between 800-1000 but like…. 800 sounds more realistic but 1000 sounds tastier. which one is it exactly. I'm 5'4 if that matters.

No. 1489355

"I'm meant to be this size"

No. 1489360

I don’t understand the concept/point of the moid roleplay thread and think its gross and don’t like it . I dont know what nonas get out of posting there

No. 1489363

>between 800-1000
Nonny… take it from a former anachan rattle rattle you do not want to eat below 1200. You'll feel like utter shit. It's pretty hard to maintain a low calorie limit like that. Unless you want to be under constant stress mentally and physically you should stay 1200 and above. I get that you want to lose weight quickly but 800-1000 isn't an ideal goal if you want to function normally.

No. 1489364

I thought it was funny at first but really quickly hid it. I don't need any additional reminders of how deranged moids can be

No. 1489366

File: 1675408009792.jpg (26.21 KB, 406x400, 3a4cd1c89cb54dfb225ac2b8a1ad71…)


No. 1489369

pretty nice yea

No. 1489376

he ate my cables so he stays in the baby cage

No. 1489380

Lots of thoughts on this.

First off, why is prey so cute? Leporidae and rodents are sooo cute, why are they designed to be SO cute? I get having big eyes to see prey, fur to keep them warm, big cute ears to hear (i'm also thinking of deer, so cute). And their behaviour even, popcorning when they're happy? Come on.

Secondly, it reminds me of humans lack of concern for the consequences of anything but the human race. I was reading about myxomatosis yesterday after remembering the traumatic film I watched as a kid, watership down, and in my country (UK) it wiped out 99% of the wild rabbit population. The pictures were so upsetting I had to stop looking into it.

No. 1489384

big flumpy feets very good

No. 1489385


Absolute unit

No. 1489386

I wanna pet the feet

No. 1489387

I wouldn't say they're "designed to be cute" as animals do not inherently exist for humans but just that their proportions, features and behaviour happen to match human standards of cuteness.

No. 1489429

Grocery prices are kicking my fucking ass. Should not cost over $100 for not that much food and one person! And for anyone who might tell me that I need to budget better and get cheaper shit, fuck off.

No. 1489442

So do you think it's just a coincidence that their design coincides with what humans think are cute? Apparently their features remind us of human babies a bit, but was their any evolutionary reason outwith humans? Or is it like dogs developing floppy ears through breeding or cats meowing at a babies frequency because they know it makes humans look after them?

No. 1489449

How do I make my gymbro moid gain weight I dont want him to be fit should I like break his legs or something? i encourage him to stop working out and distract him and get him to eat more, not a feeder i just hate gymbros

No. 1489451

love how all the money saving tips assume that you have the heating on permanently all winter, run a bath every day, and eat steak every night. what's there to do if you've already been living frugally but your costs still doubled?

No. 1489458

leave him for a fat retard

No. 1489459

Even cheaper meals (beans, legumes, rice, organ meat or unwanted cuts, fat instead of oil), discount hunting, buying in bulk, foodbanks, sometimes you can get produce/dairy/chickens/eggs directly from farmers for cheaper if you live in the right area, minimal heating (those huge blanket hoodies are a godsend). There's not much to do if you don't have many stores close around you or time to sift through deals and coupons.

No. 1489464

Exactly! The cheap stuff isn't cheap anymore. It's hard to be frugal and save money when the costs of everything are rising. But people will still insist that it's a problem with the individual person.

No. 1489469

thank you for the advice anon, but you kinda did exactly what I complained about originally. I already do most of what you said but I don't think people should be eating organs or only the cheapest things on the shelf because what will happen when costs go up again? what will we need to eat then? my home country already went through a time where people made soup out of grass just to survive and not die of starvation. I hate to think of that happening again. also, I wish we had coupons like in america, I'm amazed to see how much people can save over there. in europe it's either full price or nothing.
endless greed for profit has caused this but no, you should start taking navy showers instead. and do exercise instead of heating your house.

No. 1489470

>So do you think it's just a coincidence that their design coincides with what humans think are cute?
Of course.
>Apparently their features remind us of human babies a bit, but was their any evolutionary reason outwith humans?
Rabbits are not really domestic animals so yes, in fact you literally said so yourself.
>having big eyes to see predators
>fur to keep them warm
>big ears to hear

>Or is it like dogs developing floppy ears through breeding

Many dog breeds would literally not exist if it weren't for humans in-breeding dogs to make certain mutations more common for the sake of human standards of cuteness. Though we can argue this happens to a lesser extent with rabbits too, as pet rabbits generally tend to look typically cuter than wild rabbits.

No. 1489474

I want to because I got the scots version of the philosophers stone and want to read it out loud. I'm Scottish and grew up saying a lot of those words but never seeing them written down, so it's nice to learn but weird as hell to read it out loud to myself.

No. 1489486

What the hell, I saw two ppl talking about castrati here yesterday, now I got a recommendation about them on youtube

No. 1489487

I was on the Pretty Pastel Please thread earlier, checked out a vlog where she was basically shopping and she found these bagged pickles. next time I opened instagram I had ads for the exact same fucking bagged pickles. it's too weird and obscure, cause I remember her not even saying anything about them because I was fast-forwarding through and just glanced at them.

one time when I worked at a tattoo studio a client was waiting for their appointment, chilling with me at reception and we tested this theory. we just said something absolutely obscure we'd never bought/looked up etc., said it into our phone mics and refreshed our social media. boom, the exact products.
I know this is pretty well known by now but it doesn't feel any better knowing we are all perpetually stalked.

No. 1489502

My bf and I have the same crooked front tooth and tomorrow he's starting Invisalign and I'm sad we won't have matching smiles anymore

No. 1489512

Males can't be trusted to understand the message in these types of movies. He will instead idolize and take on the horrible behavior, rationalize it as being "sigma and based like the main character, he just like me fr" without any self-awareness. Even worse is he might encourage other males to think this behavior is "how to be a man", thus getting other scrotes to be influenced by a fictional man from a movie none of them understand.

No. 1489515

Kind of like men missed the point of the character patrick bateman. He was an insecure, materialistic loser but scrotes didn’t get it.

No. 1489517

Go to meat markets for meat, Asian super markets and get comfortable with shopping at the dollar store.

No. 1489520

are the only options in this hellworld really just gymbro and lardass

No. 1489523

i don't think any moid has ever taken this away from the film anon. i have literally only ever seen them glorify the guy and his degeneracy. you only need to suffer through a few conversations with male business/economics students to recognise what they really love about it. they are retarded, plain and simple.

No. 1489540

nona you're replying to seems more feedery than she lets on

hating a gymbro, try and feed him more, ends up going to gym more cause weight, nona seethes more because #gymbro maybe he wants to be in shape for his health and being attractive to you? stop wasting both your time and dump him jfc
are you a fridge or rattler because being this focused on someone else's weight for literally no reason is bizarre.

No. 1489544

File: 1675436043598.jpg (32.13 KB, 676x525, 29e104e34ddf19548dc68dccf1fe6a…)

when you try to be nice to the weird girl at work and invite her to the discord that you and your work friends made but she keeps inviting her faggot genderspecial outside friends to the server

No. 1489556

ew the fuck, they fucking seep into everything. like mold

(rose is amazing and I love her t. tlcfag)

No. 1489560

is it reasonable to tell her you're not okay with that? or try to explain you hate troons?
or will that risk your job?

No. 1489561

I get hit on by lots of women. My guy friends are jealous of me because they always think I will steal their girlfriends.
I couldn’t be happier about this, but I am also a massive autist in front of girls. Like, I like being around girls so much I always end up doing or saying retarded shit I am almost sure drives off potential romantic interest.
All my life I was an autistic tomboy with almost no female friends and the ones I thought were friends were just bullying me, making me a stupid 29 year old that still gets sweaty palms talking to women while trying to act as cool and easygoing as possible. Female attention is still the best.

No. 1489569

File: 1675437180309.jpeg (264.87 KB, 1080x1080, 334712BD-9E6C-43AB-BF9A-1A8420…)

Why do people hate cat pics in here so much

No. 1489571

File: 1675437255275.jpg (90.79 KB, 550x940, 1645369658335.jpg)

Never seen anyone here hate on cat pics? Tons of anons use them.

No. 1489573

no lol this woman has no filter and will 100% start shit with me about it

if there isn't a way to shadowban people on discord we could make a another server and not tell them about it lol

No. 1489575

A lot of trannies and other mentally ill people (men and women) seethe about cats, rabbits, etc because they have little to no empathy and are jealous that people love animals more than them.

No. 1489576

This, moids love suffering the consequences of their own actions because it lets them feel like a victim and attention whore lmao. They also think their suffering is “so bad no1 understand” even though they chose to leave their loving or supportive girlfriend/wife for some hotter younger thing. Of course they’ll glorify the party days/cheating what not. Moids are truly helpless, and somehow it’s our fault too

No. 1489577

Man, I can’t wait for mine to go back to the gym. He got a hand injury and had to take it easy a couple months. I feel like he’s losing titty mass as we speak. Plus he’s a bit like a puppy which is cute but then I could have a little more time to do my hobbies without being looked at.

No. 1489578

Samefag, I think it’s absolutely hilarious when moids go through trauma and think it’s the worst thing ever that nobody will understand and that allows them to treat people like shit when other people can go through the same thing and heal and live a healthy and happy life. I also think it’s hilarious when moids think only they get those “violent intrusive thoughts” and stuff. They really think they’re super deep and mysterious that no women will understand them.

No. 1489579

Sense8 is terrible. And I'll keep watching that shit to see max riemelt's dangly cock. Le sigh

No. 1489580

And balls btw

No. 1489581

There’s been some talk on /meta/ about nonnies seething about people using cat pics to bump when we have raids. I think it’s the “cowboard onlys” though who think /ot/ and cutesy shit is dumb

No. 1489664

KEK I keep getting recommended those sigma male film character edits because I recently watched a few of them and now my algorithm is fucked up but the comments are always moids getting upvotes because they say shit like “wow this is truly the struggle of being a male we are so misunderstood and lonely” as if women can’t also relate to those characters? It’s so retarded how seriously they take these movies and how they worship some made up person who’s literally shown to be an evil psycho that does terrible things. I mean, I might like the joker because he’s a fun character in a movie I enjoy but these guys see themselves as him and internalize his trauma to justify why he’s a murderer or some shit. Not surprising since you see moids sympathize with irl murderers all the time too. It’s silly how men think they’re so badass for obsessing over a movie character like a teenage girl.

No. 1489708

Can you read?

No. 1489829

Its crazy to me that some people just know where to go with no directions. Like you give them an address and they already what's up and what to do. I can't do that. I need a GPS if I need to go more than two steps out of my house. I try to remember directions, I really do.

Also, the doctor who gave me my most recent glasses prescription really fucked up. Been wearing them for a few months and my eyes can't focus on anything far away. Gotta use my old glasses, get another appointment and THEN wait like two weeks for another pair. When you watch videos of glasses being made it really doesn't make sense how they take so long to come in.

No. 1489837

i want to listen to this nonny read so badly

No. 1489869

taking a break from cutting my split ends because i somehow got motion sickness

No. 1489898

This is exactly why I hate hearing men's opinions about fictional characters because they can't be normal about them. It doesn't take half a brain cell to separate fiction from reality and enjoy a dickhead character because they're written well, but instead men go ahead and idolize them as pillars of masculinity.

I tried to get into Attack on Titan since my friend loves it. Men's obsession with Eren Yeager is pathetic. Go to any YouTube video or clip from the anime, and the comment section is full of men writing sob stories of how they relate so much to Eren because they too have endured oppression and horror in their lives. Revenge plots and unhinged character arcs should be for women only.

No. 1489922

we at the hotel motel holiday inn

No. 1489923

I know Trader Joe's employees are required to compliment one of your items, but are they also required to ask you a silly question? Today a cashier asked me what sea creature I would be if I could be one kek. I don't remember them doing that before.

No. 1489925

File: 1675464680994.jpg (63.95 KB, 475x832, 6a0120a668211b970c0133f4e652d3…)

I found an unopened pack of these while moving. Made me smile.

No. 1489934

File: 1675466426472.jpeg (80.63 KB, 882x666, image.jpeg)

I don't know street names, I don't know where anything is, it really boggles my mind that people can remember all of that. Driving is just way too stressful for me overall.

No. 1489935

i witnessed a pedestrian hit and run and helped call for an ambulance. the phone operator made me feel so fucking stupid, excuse me i've never had to read directions on the side of a road before im sorry i dont know the exact coords the fuck

the person survived btw

No. 1489939

Has there ever actually been a scrote with two dicks? I remember years ago there was a reddit thread about a scrote with two dicks but it was fake

No. 1489948

File: 1675468053219.jpg (468.61 KB, 1280x960, header-lux-pascal.jpg)

Today I found out that Pedro Pascal has a sister and she's a tranny

No. 1489950

No. 1489952

No wonder he is so pro-troon, his sibling plays pretend.

No. 1489953

>take one caffeine pill
>my brain

No. 1489954

File: 1675468777319.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)


No. 1489956

Give me a break nonnas, you know I didn't mean it.

No. 1489958

Seeing an almost passing tranny is so uncanny. At first glance you might think it's a woman but as you look closer there's something that doesn't look quite right and then you notice his obvious masculine facial structure and male skull shape. It's like seeing a midget who had limb lengthening surgery.

No. 1489959

I had chicken Tikka masala for the first time and it was okay,but fuck is it usually spicy?

No. 1489972

I think he's faaaar from passing. Vidrel is very visually passing imo, but then there's the voice kek

No. 1489980

That is not a man. That’s a ftm that detransitioned

No. 1489984

File: 1675470668256.jpeg (39.11 KB, 640x804, cauldron lit.jpeg)

Happy friday nonas! May this be all of us this weekend

No. 1489987

File: 1675470901970.jpg (29.31 KB, 564x564, don.jpg)

tfw i have an assignment where i have to code but never had a class on coding and no programmer that i know knows the language i have to use

No. 1489997

Wit dat satanic shit? Getouttahere

No. 1490064

what language nona?

No. 1490074

I got an emergency car jumper and power generator a few months ago for my birthday and tonight I'm charging it for the first time because I'm going on a long drive tomorrow. I hope I never have to use it but I love being so prepared in case I do. I also keep a sleeping bag and toilet paper in my trunk because you never know.

No. 1490080

File: 1675478743740.png (134.13 KB, 257x196, 2D6B9C02-ACDE-4EBE-BF79-7FAA87…)

Whenever I wanna laugh at something retarded I read the tinfoil thread.

No. 1490093

File: 1675479537662.gif (839.92 KB, 280x273, D679FF1D-1DB0-4B45-9AEC-E6DCD8…)

Are you the soul of the party if everyone dances like you regardless of how retarded are your dance moves?

No. 1490099

File: 1675479760376.jpg (470.7 KB, 1536x2048, egg.jpg)

No. 1490100

I try and support women but those bitches dumb.

No. 1490101

Life imitates art

No. 1490108

File: 1675480030969.gif (1.12 MB, 613x613, tearsbye.gif)

No. 1490109

Why's he looking at me like that

No. 1490112

The tinfoil thread just makes me angry honestly

No. 1490114

nta but that's an over reaction

No. 1490119

No. 1490121

My dumbass bought stuff to make gyros but not any veggies because I was soooo convonced that I had them at home. Oh well. I'll just use avocado.

No. 1490127

File: 1675481349257.jpg (42 KB, 335x333, egg.jpg)

No. 1490131

VBA (visual basic for application)
We need to use it specifically

No. 1490160

My friend has started sending me terf shit and I made a new radfem terf friend, 2023 is off to a weirdly positive start

No. 1490164

File: 1675484543375.jpg (127.53 KB, 675x535, bonnet.jpg)

I really want to decorate one of my bonnets like a mushroom because I think I look like a mushroom when I have one on

No. 1490194

That's adorable. I realized I've only had black bonnets for a while and I want a pretty one.

No. 1490195

File: 1675487657050.jpeg (955.83 KB, 1170x1137, FD6366EE-813A-43EE-979E-C8CB60…)

If Sharon Tate was around nowadays the anachans in the celebricows thread would be calling her fat

No. 1490208

They'd say she has a fridge body and fat arms and nasolabial folds.

No. 1490262

I was just revisiting the band Lush and forgot how much I loved them. Ladykillers is one of my favorite songs of theirs, when I went to study in London I used to joke about it with my friends “Here we go I’m hanging out in Camden, drinking with my girlfriends on a Saturday night” and it might be one their most based songs. They make fun of the annoying men that pester you, including the weird men trying to triangulate you with their girlfriends, the sniveling “nice guy” male feminists and the just straight-up narcissists and how none of them are worth it Kek. Lush is great, also their lead singer Miki is gorgeous and I just love them

No. 1490269

damn the lead singer is so pretty. good sharing noni

No. 1490304

File: 1675499478626.gif (1.85 MB, 400x222, 52003003903c4cb7fe98e18ac00989…)

I've been feeling so pretty and confident in my appearance these days. Idk if it's the new sunscreen I've been using or weight loss or what. I wish I could kiss myself. Mwwwaahhh.

No. 1490313

My cat decided it was cuddle time and jumped in my lap while im on the toilet. Lucky for him kinda constipated this morning

No. 1490316

What sunscreen nonnie?

No. 1490318

I wish I had enough free time to read the whole fat acceptance thread on kf but it's so long.

No. 1490321

File: 1675502060162.jpg (58.24 KB, 1250x1950, 51JiEjtCEhL (1).jpg)

I use the Apieu pure block one. I'm a black girl and it leaves absolutely no white cast, super moisturizing, makes you look glowy and plus it smells citrusy! It's super lightweight too. I have yet to buy UV stickers to see how well they actually block sun though.

No. 1490369

Was reading the Lords book for the first time and got genuinely hyped when Jacob and Esau reunited this YA twist feeling

No. 1490416

I'm bored out of my mind with absolutely nothing to do, so I'm watching cartoons on Disney Channel, and all of it is so fast-paced, I feel like I'm giving myself ADHD.

No. 1490564

File: 1675524279227.jpg (189.54 KB, 1200x900, ROV_film_top-1.jpg)

Sometimes I fantasize about creating an all encompassing female otaku image board, I've even thought of a title; Ojou-Chan, and a few boards I would make.
>/csi/-cosplay, shrine, ita-bag
>/fand/-fandom discussion
>/dwdc/-derivative work discussion & creation
I would have no non-fandom board other than a page for site updates and such. Any discussion related to politcs or irl males (still debating this one), and non fandom related blog posting, would be a bannable offense, and being an obnoxious newfag a bannable offense as well. There would be no discord. I'd want the board-tans to be princess themed to fit the whole 'ojou-chan' thing, aside from /csi/-tan who would wear a suit and act as a body guard. I would even set up 'ojou-chan events' on pictsquare yearly as the board's version of a comic-market for /dwdc/.

No. 1490570

samefag but I would have the sites motto be 'dont like? don't look' and posting outside of the dedicated board would also a bannable offense (ex: don't post yuri on /fu/). NSFW is allowed but NSFW images must be spoilered.

No. 1490582

This sounds like a fun idea. I would love to have a board for talking about yuri with other women.

No. 1490589

Thanks, I feel said fantasy comes from a place of dissatisfaction with finding a core hot-spot for fandom discussion. It feels with how much the internet has expanded it's hard to find a proper place for such discussion. I would have an all gas no brakes policy, so to speak. On /fand/ any anon can make a thread for their fandom for dedicated general discussion about the media but can go to one of the main three for more 'character centric' discussion.

No. 1490631

that sounds so fun. its like a mix of here, /cgl/ and fujochan. i was going to say something like there would be too much infighting, but then i realised i'm just judging it based on lc's userbase- i feel like you'd be able to cultivate a userbase thats a lot more chill and happy to just stick to their own boards

No. 1490644

If one fandom has both fujo and yume fans would there be separate threads on multiple boards for it?

No. 1490674

Nuts to think that if I wanted to I could lose a bunch of weight and be fit, and it wouldn't even take that long, like 6 months? In all my 31 years I haven't maintained enough self control to exercise daily and eat well for 6 consecutive months. I'm 70kg, I could be maybe about 55 by…June or July if I started now, right now! I get pleasure from eating and my exercise has only been when I wanted to. When I got a gym membership and was unemployed I dropped down to 60kg after a month because I just liked going (then gained some due to muscles). If I gain any weight I'll starve myself out of self hatred.

It's all based on impulses and feeling, and I fucking love chocolate and cheese. But like, I can muster the will to get up early, go to and stay in work every damn day. I can break up with the men i'm seeing though I don't want to but it's for the best. I won't cancel a social plan last minute despite anxiety because I know in the long run I'll benefit. So why the fuck have I not managed to try this yet?

No. 1490687

File: 1675531033700.png (1.43 MB, 1553x670, B7OXcWrPgC.png)

Why would youtube recommend me this men's rights bullshit. Probably because I watch some video game channels

No. 1490693

ignoring that, can i just say you have really good taste in videos?

No. 1490696

That is correct, though it would probably be something like this. In this case let's take the fandom…Persona. There would be four threads across the site.
Persona Chara General
Persona BL General
Persona GL General
>/fand/-fandom discussion
Persona General
However, if the fandom is something abstract like Kirby, FNAF or Sonic The Hedgehog, it would go into /n/

No. 1490699

Thank you nonita, my absolute favourite is the potato fairy channel

No. 1490703

Do himejo have that much presence? Maybe I am wrong about the definition but I barely see them online

No. 1490704

Not much, but either way I'd still want the himejoshi to have their own space as well.

No. 1490708

File: 1675531896817.jpg (52.24 KB, 576x768, baby.jpg)

I just found out that Sphynx cats are Canadian, my whole life is a lie.

No. 1490710

There are plenty of Sonic fujos, yumes and even himes though.

No. 1490715

Shit, good point. I suppose /n/ would be for fandoms that are too small or fall under categories that may not be conventional.

No. 1490716

I assume there would also be containment threads for the more popular and/or controversial ships/husbandos/waifus if needed?

No. 1490717

Yeah, that's primarily what /n/ would be for.

No. 1490725

Hell, we might even get both Shadowfagging AND Sonadow containment threads kek

No. 1490731

Do the fandoms all have to be some kind of weeby-adjacent? Or all animated? What kind of media would be acceptable?

No. 1490737

No they do not have to be weeby adjacent and they don't have to be animated, on /fand/ you could see a Yakuza general right next to the DC Super Hero general which is next to the BnHA general. All media is accepted, really what matters is if others will contribute to the the thread.

No. 1490742

So live action stuff such as Supernatural general (for example) would also be allowed if there are constructive contributors to the threads, right? Still at least in my opinion any IRL shipping/husbando/waifufagging should be banned.

No. 1490746

Exactly. Really, anything would be allowed. Novels, light novels, tv shows, plays, anime, comics, manga etc. as long as it has a fandom surrounding it and people contribute it will be allowed. However, if a thread is created and it continues to stay dead for a long time, it would be subject to deletion so as not to clog up the board.

No. 1490751

How long is "a long time"? In this case I'd strongly advise implementing some kind of archiving, especially if threads go dead because of hiatuses in releases or something, so nothing actually gets lost.

No. 1490756

Oh, I'd put it at a year and three months before a thread is deleted and it would be archived and announced before deletion.

No. 1490862

File: 1675540395476.png (165.78 KB, 906x228, bb.png)

it seems like bad karma to use someone who's still alive in your celebration of life powerpoint tutorial

No. 1490930

File: 1675544771319.png (443.2 KB, 1140x644, deleting instantly.png)

No. 1490943

how the hell do you fuck tsunderplane?

No. 1490944

It happened, it finally happened, it happened like I always told myself it'll happen, I double-clicked the email field to autofill in sage and accidentally clicked on an actual email. I'm so glad it was only a randomly generated throwaway mail lmao.

No. 1490950

File: 1675545625835.png (85.19 KB, 1130x175, smash.PNG)

No. 1490968

File: 1675547617943.jpg (934.06 KB, 2479x2066, 1183847.jpg)

can't believe both of you passed Undyne, this feels like a crime!

No. 1490988

This is why I browse LC in incognito mode

No. 1490990

Recorded myself saying a bunch of random shit and god, I'll never get over how different my voice sounds in real life to how it sounds in my head.

No. 1491001

she's hot but too intimidating

No. 1491002

I blow on food that I'm hesitant to eat to make myself feel better. I just blew on yogurt and fruit because I'm iffy about dairy lol. Psychologically, it's think it's some thing where my brain associates blowing to make dangerous food turn to safe food.

No. 1491009

File: 1675550708906.png (445.84 KB, 668x735, low social credit.png)

I hate Geno Samuel so much, I'm just glad he moved to China and lives in a compound now.

No. 1491016

I just know him as the guy who made a documentary on chris-chan. What's up with him?

No. 1491023

What did he do? Out of every character in Chris Chans story he's one that's very blatant in what his goal is
> reading kiwifarms threads on Chris chan and making videos/money from it
>isn't trying to "teach" Chris a message by fucking with him
And as calling Chris a she/her I don't think he believes he's a womanjust he's to to not get hate. Is there more to know about him?

No. 1491025

He is just annoying and always photoshops himself then giggles when people fall for it, livestreams himself singing and it's so bad, makes okay-ish music, lies about his age for no reason, has a weird fangirl on Twitter whose tweets he always likes and reblogs or comments, he tends to retweet random hate that has like 8 likes, now he lives in China for some reason. Japan to China, with his Chinese soon to be wife that he met in Japan. She took him back to her country with him lol, good for her I guess. He's also hitting the wall. He also hates Steve Howe. His Discord got infiltrated by trannies recently too because he began sharing the link on his Chris-Chan videos when it used to be for fans of his music. I think he enjoys the tranny attention.

No. 1491035

Fuck me I just reported someone from the scrote larp thread because I’m a dumbass KEK

No. 1491038

I have little "quirks" that seem to coincide with OCD, and one of the things that impact me most is that I have repeated, compulsive thoughts that need to have a certain order. To combat this, instead of actually thinking words I just think in gibberish. It satisfies my anxiety and I doesn't trigger me more. Half of my thoughts in the day are now gobbledygook. Very nice.

No. 1491041

Nonnie, she was able to love and forgive weirdo looser weeb Alphys, she would accept and cherish you too!

No. 1491050

I just burnt the bread for my pb&c along with the cheese and I don't have anymore left. Beef noodles with pickles I guess, even if I ate that last night. Ugh. So annoyed I heard my Sim screaming and thought there was a fire

No. 1491053

>I just burnt the bread for my pb&c along with the cheese and I don't have anymore left.
And that was a blessing from God himself! Beef noodles and pickles sounds good though, enjoy nonna.

No. 1491056

I'm between making canned soup for dinner or ordering some heavy as fuck shit like sushi or a burger.

No. 1491058

If you have the cash to spend I say order food.

No. 1491063

Lol it looks like hell

No. 1491065

how is sushi heavy? You order that american crap thats full of mayo?

No. 1491067

UV stickers! I hadn’t even heard of that before, that’s a great idea

No. 1491075

>tfw they have mayo on sushi in japan also

No. 1491077

My stomach is shit and retarded, most foods feel heavy to me at night, specially after having a shitty day with food like today in which I had a big brunch, then, instead of a decent lunch with plenty of veggies, I shared a small tray with cured meat and cheese, and then I had churros with my friend.
Plus most of the sushi that's on sale has stuff like cream cheese, plantains and tempura stuff, so it's quite a bad idea to have something like that.

No. 1491082

There should be a YouTube view inflation calculator. How many views are 2012 40k views in 2023? How many views would todays 23mio be in 2008?

No. 1491106

File: 1675558234795.png (114.31 KB, 400x367, D7A4F64B-BEE4-4527-8BA6-E1E632…)

Ive had an awful fucking migraine for 24+hours and I caved in and ate a shroom chocolate to stop the pain but now im a little weird feeling and I just want blueberry pancakes but my head hurts so fucking much.
Owe owe owe

No. 1491110

Update I like the taste of pancake batter. Ok nonnas change of plans; sea salt caramel pancakes are on the menu. Who wants some

No. 1491123

And I failed myself by heavy handing the caramel chips. Too sweet. It was worth trying. goodnight nonnas, I go hide in the datk until the migraine stops

No. 1491231

File: 1675568601112.jpg (231.45 KB, 2400x2400, 71fznp98IyL.jpg)

They're actually meant to tell you when you need to reapply, but I believe they would also work to tell you if your sunscreen is working.

No. 1491241

God I need to meet some new people. A friend of a friend said it makes her uncomfortable when an anime v-tuber turns out to be white kek

No. 1491242

I'm sad because I have short nails right now, but I'm in the middle of doing my hair and it would be hard to do it with long nails.

No. 1491251

I have to wear what's basically a communal hat at work until my own hat comes in and the hat smells like dirty hair and makes my own hair gross. Worst of all is the fact I have a hair texture that I can't wash every day so I have to live with this disgustingness on my head

No. 1491256

File: 1675571057947.png (174.43 KB, 375x447, 1674782115487.png)

What the fuck, that sounds literally like a nightmare.

No. 1491257

Ewwwww the fuck? That shit ain't sanitary

No. 1491274

File: 1675572340314.png (888.02 KB, 567x818, sandwich man.PNG)

need me a man like this

No. 1491287

Maybe I'm just being too cheap,but since when have foam boards been so expensive? I expected them to be $3-5 at the most but I've seen them for $10+. The ones specifically made for what I need them for are $14. What the hell. I'm just going to look and see if I can find any in old boxes and packages.

No. 1491288

Ask local stores when they receive shipments and see if you can get the packing foam from their shipments. Not every place uses foam nowadays but hunting it down is worth it if you refuse to pay for it (like me kek, i do this for boxes and bubble wrap too)

No. 1491300

I felt like crying thinking about the world we could have had co-existing with dinosaurs. Fuck that stupid asteroid for stealing that from us. It's not fair

No. 1491301

simpler times

No. 1491302

Aah you're a genius anon! I'll ask next time I go out. I feel like local, smaller stores would definitely be willing to hand some over.
Kek, you just dredged up this forgetton memory for me.

No. 1491304

I don't understand the Ohio meme but everytime I see it I burst out laughing

No. 1491306

Last Christmas a relative got me some socks that are slippers but they're not slippers and they're kinda socks but they're also not socks but they're like a sock slipper fusion and they're soooo comfortable and nice. I've been wearing them since I got them. I think I'm gonna buy more.

No. 1491334

its very weird and almost frightening to imagine what it would have been like if i never found lolcow. i started browsing when i was 16 and posting when i turned 18 (was too scared to post before then) and i am certain that this place pulled me out of many nlog ways of thinking much earlier than all of the youtube video essays on nlogism did. i was definitely too online when i was younger and there's a lot here that i probably shouldn't have seen, but i am very grateful i found this site at the age i did. i think a lot of women just don't have a space where lots of women can think and speak freely without repercussions, without thought policing

No. 1491340

Why are the people in the comment sections of YouTube shorts always so unfunny and retarded? It's always the most dumb or bigoted shit

No. 1491343

My cat was pissed at me because I was working on something out in the garage. She decided to zoom around the house screaming at me. My closet has sliding mirror doors. She raced into my room, she saw herself pissed off, stared deeply at her reflection, then acted like she was going to hit her reflection before high tailing it out of my room. It was hysterical. She's better now and snuggling against my leg.

No. 1491344

I was supposed to get off work at 8pm today so I booked a dick appointment with my fwb but turns out I got extra work and I don't get off until 10.30pm. But I realized that I'm not even bummed about it. Ya girl's not as pressed for dick as she thought she was. Feels strangely liberating.

No. 1491349

Stretch marks are gross. I'm not saying they're not natural and expected or that I haven't had them, but they are just gross and the weird movement around it is annoying. Why did I walk into ulta and there were two giant posters one a close up of cellulite and one of stretch marks. I get it but stop. Don't force me to find it attractive.

No. 1491350

Are they from Acorn?

No. 1491351

File: 1675588455740.jpg (64.53 KB, 935x720, 1473352401847.jpg)

>Ya girl's not as pressed for dick as she thought she was
>Ya girl

No. 1491352

i hate how they up the contrast on photos of that stuff so they're extra visible. just show how real people look but don't make it look weird and stilted.

No. 1491362

I've been re-watching Adventure Time and damn somehow I did not remember how wild and a little evil Tree Trunks was…and how much she creeped on Finn lmao. I guess characters that don't fit the expectations of their tropes is kind of the theme of this show though.

No. 1491377

Cellulite is a female characteristic and is incredibly common and it's not just a fatty thing either so IDK get over it or keep seething about seeing a woman's natural body kek.

No. 1491386

I know what you mean and I love them just be wary, I've totally fallen while wearing those on wooden floors before.

No. 1491392

NTA, but Adam's apples are a male characteristic and I'm grossed out when I see those too. Some body parts are less attractive than others.

No. 1491397

And I find autism to be unattractive as well and yet here you two are, 'spedding up the place. Don't force me to find autism attractive. Ew.

No. 1491402

But is the average man expected to get a tracheal shave because of that?

No. 1491406

You should find autism unattractive, it's quite weird.

No one mentioned the women having to get surgery to remove cellulite, only that she didn't want giant pictures of it shoved in her face when walking into a store. It's not the end of the world if every single person on earth isn't personally attracted to you.

No. 1491411

It's not about being unattractive to somebody, it's just a natural part of the human body and nobody is "forcing" her to find it attractive. Just weird autistic hangups about this. It blows my mind that media and society can influence people to feel disgust for a natural and normal part of the body. Especially a woman's body. I am sperging about this because this is my lolcor and we're already all bitter femcels or whatever I don't personally want to see posts about how a woman's natural and normal body part is gross! And anons will say I'm seething because I must have cellulite. It just makes me seethe when people bitch about cellulite. Calls to mind pop culture magazines printing giant pap pics of famous women's asses at the beach and the headline is something horrible and derogatory because oh nooooo a woman has some dimples on her buttcheeks how fucking horrible and disgusting and repulsive fuck they should just all kill themselves they've all HIT THE WALL. Just sucks shit to see women be treated like that. Anyway END SPERG.

No. 1491422

Normal people and even normal men(who aren't virgins that only saw womens bodies through filtered videos) aren't THAT hung up on this stuff. That user was obviously baiting, please don't let yourself get needlessly upset over a troll.