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File: 1673533372813.png (77.59 KB, 324x315, 1660060867080.png)

No. 1470519

Let's get retarded in here
Last thread: >>>/ot/1460310

No. 1470529

I love how savage nonnas in the grimes/elon threads are, opening the thread always makes me cackle. Same used to go for the celebricows thread, until too much infighting ruined the fun.

No. 1470542

Im glad i dont have to look at crash anymore. Shitty ugly character

No. 1470551

File: 1673535202736.png (25.25 KB, 858x130, same.png)

picrel is not me but i feel similarly! i made a twitch account just to follow her and get notifications when she's live lol (which I have missed 100% of because I was working, much to my disappointment)

No. 1470588

me too kek i even commented on her livestreams before she's not as bad in real time. i do think she is intelligent just mentally distressed and heavily affected by the internet

No. 1470615

fuck you nonnina you're a shitty ugly character

No. 1470628

I don't get "hate watch" culture, why would you watch something you will hate? Wtf is the point? I don't mean watching something to"give it a chance" but something that is universally hated like son of the mask, jack & Jill or that new Velma show that's apparently a self insert fantasy where the producer makes fun of her college bullies or some dumb shit.
I don't get it.

No. 1470643

Anger and annoyance are just another state of emotional arousal. It's risk-free stimulus for lazy cynics

No. 1470646

File: 1673540877036.gif (274.74 KB, 220x164, what-why.gif)

how could you say this on lolcow of all places?

No. 1470650

File: 1673541009651.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1539127890718.jpg)

how's your day been anons? I'm shepherding tech illiterate coworkers all afternoon, very tired. one just stopped responding hours ago.

No. 1470662

I've got absolutely nothing to do at work today and my boss is out so I'm just gonna watch skillshare tutorials or read an e-book

No. 1470680

i ate raw meat i might die, but if i dont i am preparing myself to stream tonight

No. 1470684

I feel like a good mix of someone who is woke and someone who is critical of woke stuff

No. 1470686

watching things that are universally hated is understandable imo, it's easier to clown on them and get some fun out of how terrible they are especially if you watch with friends. what i don't get is watching things you know you'll dislike. it's a pretty popular attitude in any community surrounding film/tv, sitting through things you personally won't even like so you can be part of "the know" and have an opinion on it, or to get through some canon of "the greatest films blah blah". like someone who calls anything artsy/unconventional "pretentious" but still sits through many nouvelle vague films and hates them every time, or someone who hates mainstream cinema but watches marvel films to keep up with things (and hates them every time).

No. 1470687

I like to hate things and to criticize things

No. 1470688

File: 1673544494884.jpg (70.37 KB, 540x388, 1599279599636.jpg)

I cycled to work today in the pouring rain. It's a 45 minute trip and it usually doesn't bother me but I didn't have my raincoat so I was absolutely soaked and freezing when I arrived. By the time I had to cycle back home it was still pouring but somehow at this point I had come to accept and even embrace the rain, so I actually ended up enjoying the trip back quite a lot.

No. 1470690

I love watching the office but hate Jim. Does that make sense?
Also fuck jim, he ruined pams life and I hate that smug look he has when he looks in the camera when something is up. All he did was play with her feelings whenever she tried to pursue something of her own interest or would dick around with her feelings- pretending that he's cheating on his wife but then it comes out that he's a "nice guy" and would never cheat on his wife because he's so loyal but had no problems dicking around with Karen and then also dropping Karen when he realized he could do better. I also didn't forget when he also took out a loan for his shitty company against Pam's permission. Fucking awful.

No. 1470695

the office is such a shitty show, i hold it dear to my heart because it was the first show i watched in English and without subs and it helped me a lot with my english, but christ what a boring, unfunny show. At least now i can better shows, like It's Always Sunny, thanks to it.

No. 1470696

The things you mentioned seem more like watching something that's so bad it's good and therefore it goes full circle and becomes enjoyable.
I definitely watched things a couple of times in my life just to be able to shit on them properly, sometimes I'm just so baffled by peoples opinions I can't help myself. But that's really rare.

No. 1470711

I wish I were this elephant.

No. 1470728

File: 1673546583319.png (146.98 KB, 518x728, original.png)

I hate Jim too kek he's so smug and he always looks greasy and like he smells a little bit. Pam is also boring but tbh nothing remarkably hateful about her, but I have no idea why people love Jim so much. The fact that he was considered good-looking is also crazy to me - he's ugly as shit, with sweaty bloated features.

No. 1470747

Do people really find him attractive? If he worked at any office I've been at, I wouldnt have given him a second glance.

No. 1470749

the more i stare at this picture the more he looks like a mass shooter

No. 1470761

I am a frequent peeer and I can't tell if it's because my pussy muscles are weak or if I have diabetes. Maybe I'm just one of those people who pees a lot, but this can't be normal.

No. 1470773

I know people who pee once per hour and they have no known health issues. I myself only pee 4-6 times per day. I should probably drink more water.

No. 1470776

I drink a lot of water. When I worked in an office, i took a pee break every hour.

No. 1470777

I had to lock away some of my plants in the guest room because my cat just won't stop having boxing matches with them, and now he's acting like HE is the one most upset about it. He keeps going to where the plants used to be an squeak for them, little dude my plants need therapy after the way you treat them

No. 1470778

I randomly remembered that collage someone made of timothee something in neovagina clothes, I hope you guys remember that too. Good day.

No. 1470780

Anons don't get how badly they expose themselves. If you notice an anon has been infighting over something for multiple occasions it's probably because you were involved in the infight yourself on multiple occasions just obsessing over the other side. Have self awareness folks please.

No. 1470782

having a cat is so fucking cool i just have an animal in my house right now doin' her thing. incredible

No. 1470791

>it's probably because you were involved in the infight yourself on multiple occasions just obsessing over the other side
No, it's called lurking and leaving 100 tabs open.

No. 1470795

Why is photoshop so needlessly hard. I remember doing most of this video last year and i can't remember anything about it now, PS is no uninstinctive

No. 1470796

File: 1673550059866.jpg (16.76 KB, 720x530, 564654.jpg)

Sometimes when I play Resident Evil 2, I walk around injured and don't heal because it's cute watching Leon limp around and gasp in pain.

No. 1470797

It’s so cold in my house. Come over nonnies

No. 1470798

Lurkers don't give that much of a shit about infights and would put in the effort to "call them out". It's just funny when morons think they're making a point by claiming one anon is another anon they fought years ago when in reality they're just exposing how obsessed they truly are rather than the other person. My second favorite infighting tactic is the "sperging for hours" ones and then when you pull up the fight the anon only made two posts and disappeared

No. 1470801

The magic of micro panthers. I like the all black long haired ones.

No. 1470802

i do this too in some games, i think doomguy has the cutest pain moans

No. 1470810

Based. Watching Leon hurt turns me on. They did a good job with his model in REmake2.

No. 1470811

You might enjoy this.

No. 1470812

>It's just funny when morons think they're making a point by claiming one anon is another anon they fought years ago
Oh I don't do shit like this tho, I just memorize or cap what I see if I thought it was funny.

No. 1470814

File: 1673550659014.jpg (101.15 KB, 728x1023, mobile-suit-gundam-the-witch-f…)

i'm in love with her, nonnies.

No. 1470815

mine is a mostly-black shorthair with some white parts, mostly her neck/lower jaw and her paws. she has this triangular white spot above her mouth near her nose so when she has her mouth closed it looks like she has one big lower tooth always sticking out kek

No. 1470818

nta but I just wanna join in on the cat conversation, because I'm obsessed with my kitty. He's a white semi-long haired with grey spots on top of his head, and the cutest little pink nose. I always wanted a black cat but I ended up with this little menace instead.

No. 1470821

i want to be a semi-popular streamer. Having enough chatters to have a conversation with but not jerma-speed. Having people to talk with while playing vidya sounds comfy.

No. 1470822

that fur color combo sounds really cute! plz give ur cat a headpat for me nonna

No. 1470823

Will do! He's currently sleeping next to me like he pays rent after being a little terrorist all evening, I'll make sure to give him some forehead kisses too when he wakes up!

No. 1470833

I low-key miss the late 2000's era when everyone was so unapologetically cringe, there was no self-awareness but at the same time people didn't give a shit and just did whatever they felt like even if others were gonna make fun of them

No. 1470842

thinking about the Target nonny, I love the idea that anytime I go to Target one of the cashiers could be a fellow farmer

No. 1470845

I also miss the late 2000s, that bullshit was so fun

No. 1470848

File: 1673552672190.gif (57.53 KB, 468x453, 1672195282308.gif)

same, its impossible to be truly cringe and free nowadays, and i hate how some zoomers made beingy cringy ''ironically'' a fad, it feels so fake. I really want to go back to the late 00's or early 10's, i used to make invader zim yaoi amvs.

No. 1470849

god same, i'd take this over the "2cool4u, everything i liked 3 months ago is cringe now because it's not a unique interest anymore" thing that people online are doing nowadays

No. 1470852

i think people just grew up. It's harder to be a cringe weeb when you have responsabilities, 12 years old today are still cringe don't worry
and are nonnies really surprised it's harder to be cringe nowdays when we have 2 boards dedicated to making fun of it ?

No. 1470854

samefag but it's just so painfull how many times i wrote cringe

No. 1470855

why does caffeine have to put me through gastrointestinal hell. i just wanna go fast

No. 1470856

12yo arent cringe anymore, they all grow up being super self aware weirdly enough

No. 1470860

File: 1673553284415.jpg (12.87 KB, 234x255, 9b9c993b99339c544f0372408f4936…)

i feel like this cat all the time

No. 1470861

File: 1673553455060.jpg (370.55 KB, 950x616, eva cupboard cut out.jpg)

i will never be her

No. 1470865

You can't really be cringey in public the same way you used to, you'll never know when someone might be filming you for clout on tiktok or instagram. At least before people could only take shitty pics with their digital cameras and share with their friends on msn or skype.

No. 1470869

well i can't argue, you're right
but tbh most cringe stuff we got in the 2000s were posted by the cringy people themself

No. 1470871

this is true. this morning i saw a video of some middle schooler doing a kpop dance in front of her class and everyone was filming her and all the comments were like "this is why bullying is okay". and like yeah it's cringe but the kid was probably like 12, every 12 year old does stupid shit and they don't necessarily have to be bullied online by thousands of people in order to realize it was weird later on.

No. 1470872

don't show empathy to kpop stans on here

No. 1470879

>Place that I was making ceramics at tells me that if I don't retrieve my piece soon enough it will be put up for grabs
>Every time I go to retrieve my piece it hasn't even been fired
Wtf. I contacted them about it, if next time I go and it hasn't been fired I'm just going to take it home and spray over it with acrylic spray.

No. 1470881

nah sorry i'm gonna be empathetic to socially awkward children regardless of their shitty interests kek. she looked to be around the age where she'll probably move onto a new thing in a few months anyways.

No. 1470890

Shit talk them to everyone you know. Are there other places you could fire it at?

No. 1470899

The shame they’ll feel thinking back about their middle school antics is punishment enough (I did the caramelldansen dance in front of my whole middle school class)

No. 1470906

nonny im pretty sure she was warning you as a joke

No. 1470910

A couple of years ago I was at a mall and a group of girls who looked 10-12 years old started doing a kpop choreography and a security guy approached them and asked them to stop, so they did. But what really made me cringe was the woman who was next to me who started laughing at them and pulled her phone to record their "embarrassment", she looked 30 and the entire thing lasted for literally less than 2 minutes.

No. 1470915

No, it's frustrating but it honestly may have been partially my fault. It's too confusing to explain without some context but all of my other stuff got fired, just not that specific one. The way they label the areas for where you're supposed to put unfired work and pick up your fired stuff is confusing.

No. 1470919

What is the best European cousine in you opinion? I feel like it's so much of the same ingredients but a lot of differences in preparation. Dutch food is by far the worst although it's nostalgic to me. Czech food is something else though and can't forget Italian, delicious.

No. 1470996

Send them an email.
> I am contacting you about an item of mine that has not been processed. As per your verbal warning that if I did not pick up my stuff it would be given away, I came to your location and found that my piece has not been fired. My piece has been waiting to be fired since [date]. If you could please give me an estimate of when it will be actually fired, I will be more than happy to pick it up. Thanks, [name].
Email starts a trail and makes them reliable.

No. 1470998

File: 1673557198317.jpeg (11.13 KB, 225x225, RSi8Ry8c.jpeg)

>me desperately keeping myself from booping my sleeping cat on the nose

No. 1471000

kek ur prob right, sorry im tism'd

No. 1471061

Ever since I first heard it I wondered what song Willows babababa ba baba ba ba baba ba baba part in psychofreak reminded me of, and it finally dawned on me that it's the entirety of Smooth McGrooves acapella arranges. I'm thinking it might be specifically vidrel, but I'm not too confident yet, so I'm using this as an excuse to go on an nostalgia trip with his videos.

No. 1471064

I got a little plastic case to keep my social security card in. Don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

No. 1471100

What's the difference between cat (16).jpg and cat (18).jpg?

No. 1471102

File: 1673563240941.jpg (20.15 KB, 540x465, cat (16).jpg)

Ovulation is coming.

No. 1471103

I meant to choose the other pic but I can't tell the difference between two black cat pics without my glasses kek

No. 1471106

Oh man, I used to love Smooth mcgroove's stuff so much. I got to meet him at magfest 2016 or something and he was a really chill guy. I appreciated all the work he did for these videos.

No. 1471118

boss makes a dollar i make a dime that's why i lolcow on company time

No. 1471126

File: 1673564343530.jpg (32.34 KB, 1280x640, proxy-image.jpg)

batten down the hatches. we will all weather this recurrent storm, together

No. 1471144

>best european cuisine
>doesn't mentionned France even tho cuisine is a french word
rookie mistake

No. 1471167

German. I tried German food for the first time ever and actually overate. It was delicious. Very savory food. They have surprisingly good wine too.

No. 1471175

I went to this old lady's house to buy a table I saw on FB for $70 and I told her it was going to be my dining table for my first house and she gave it to me for freeeee I almost started crying. I still insisted to pay but she said it was a gift. Thank you stranger lady

No. 1471178

anxiety can make you pee more because it stimulates your body and when you go into flight or fight mode it tries to empty everything out. then if you start hyperfocusing on it it gets worse so try to avoid doing that because i ended up in some nightmare realm where i was imagining i had to pee every like 20 minutes but then i went back on my psych meds and i peed like usual

No. 1471182

That's adorable and wholesome.

No. 1471185

i love polish food, it's so comfy and warming

No. 1471186

sauerkraut is godtier

No. 1471187

Any of them with copious amounts of very savoury very well made bread products

No. 1471188

nta but all the times I had to piss more was when I was feeling calm and not thinking about anything at all weirdly enough. it mostly happens right when i'm about to fall asleep or during sleep

No. 1471192

i guess that sort of makes sense since your muscles are more relaxed so the pee can be expelled more easily? sorry i really didn't plan on talking so much about piss tonight but i like thinking about biology lol

No. 1471204

Alvin and the Chipmunks 5 is here!

No. 1471206

File: 1673567762532.jpg (10.31 KB, 224x225, moon.jpg)

sometimes the stream of water from the shower hits my nip nips at just the right angle
picrel is my reaction to that feeling

No. 1471214

File: 1673568274352.jpg (220.09 KB, 1197x1197, Klaus-Schulze.jpg)

i get my hair all soggy with hot water and then i arrange it on my boobs so it feels like someone's warm hands are holding them

No. 1471215

the city i live in is known for its massive amount of restaurants but theres only 1 korean restaurant and they overcharge so much and make you pay for banchan (one small side of kimchi is $6, i could buy a whole jar for that amount kek) because they try to come off as a "fine dining" establishment so that WASP-y middle aged people who are afraid of asian food will go there but i just want some tteokbokki and pajeon nonnas idc about fancy food…. i should just learn how to make korean food at this point lol

No. 1471217

File: 1673568542070.jpg (24.2 KB, 224x225, moon.jpg)

no homo but i could do that for you

No. 1471223

File: 1673568652503.png (870.09 KB, 527x735, eldenmononoke.png)

dudes have gleefully shown me their elden ring fits for ages with pride but they're always just some armor set. here i present my princess mononoke forest spirit inspired outfit, i love her and thank you for your time

No. 1471224

If it's easy and not too expensive for you to find the ingredients I can say from experience I went from never having tried anything Korean to being able to make a lot of Korean food in but a month. It's an easy cuisine to replicate with the correct ingredients.

No. 1471225

File: 1673568694208.jpg (254.83 KB, 800x1090, Anthony_Frederick_Sandys_-_Que…)


No. 1471227

wow thats fuckin sick

No. 1471229

File: 1673568790553.png (105.03 KB, 256x256, undertime.png)

moon anon dis you?

i love undertime slopper

No. 1471237

yeah i'll have to try it out, i have some experience with making japanese food so maybe it'll be kind of similar. luckily there are many asian grocery stores nearby so it wouldn't be too hard to find ingredients, i really wanna try making soondubu jjigae in my dolsot

No. 1471240

File: 1673569423897.jpg (25.24 KB, 224x225, moon.jpg)

anon delete that i was having a bad day when that was taken i swear

No. 1471242

I just watched Defunctland's Fastpass video. Never watched his videos before. I didn't really completely understand it because I was listening while doing something else but it was cool

No. 1471249

i don't care about disney/theme parks at all but his recent videos are so well made so i watch them anyways. his video on the disney channel theme song is really good too, i recommend it if u haven't seen it already

No. 1471251

okay how can i watch romanianon's stream??

No. 1471267

seconded, im interested. also she's cute and im intrigued by unconventional/controversial characters

No. 1471272

I'm watching the disney theme song vid right now. I'm enjoying it more than the fastpass vid.

No. 1471312

File: 1673574543366.jpg (140.33 KB, 1024x896, amazon_guy_by_arias87_d7mww29-…)

this could be us

No. 1471321

Family Guy's style is so incredibly simple, how could this guy fuck it up this badly? Have some pride in your horniness.

No. 1471326

fucked up horny family guy deviantart photos are one of the last forms of true outsider art

No. 1471327

File: 1673574999350.jpg (177.76 KB, 1024x1229, space_troubles_by_arias87_d6xs…)

No. 1471333

File: 1673575181018.jpg (73.68 KB, 600x750, meg_a_meg_by_arias87_d5vxzeg-f…)

No. 1471346

…what do you mean by that nonnie? wink
I think you’ve outretarded me. You’ve earned my respect.
The men creating such media clearly weren’t held enough by their mothers as children or have a buried fear of emasculation due to the progress of industrial society. One could say, indeed, this Family Guy fetish Deviantart is the zeitgeist of our times.
>peter griffin writing with quill jpeg

No. 1471349

we could be huge, epic, and rule over the land together nonnie. cheers.

No. 1471359

yes family guy fetish art is the human equivalent of the stream of toxic runoff that a factory next to a preschool that has been covered up for years but is exposed as having caused birth defects and developmental disabilities. It's like microplastic of art, the particulate matter you are forced to inhale because of some demonic machinations of capital

No. 1471373

The way they draw brian is endearing to me for some reason

No. 1471378

File: 1673576790807.jpg (120.8 KB, 600x561, R-1604258-1231609262.jpg)

are there any active threads dedicated to (non-kpop) music on this site?

No. 1471379

There's tons on /m/

No. 1471394

I want to fuck the Defunctland guy.

No. 1471409

theres a somewhat active music thread on /m/ nonny! and another thread where people post topsters charts of their top albums, lots of the anons in that thread have really good taste

No. 1471413

Oh i found it, thank you!

No. 1471478

legit, i looked up family guy on ao3 once and its like a special breed of horny autistry. aidens writing a/b/o mpreg haikyuu fics are nothing compared to the absolute coomers sitting there writing out the most horrifically detailed sexual fantasies about family guy characters, of all things.

No. 1471494

i think it's partly because of the simple character design that's easy for them to digest and then attempt to recreate and manipulate in their art. family guy humor also has like a lot of levels to it, honestly the way it's used in post-ironic memes the characters serve as like greco-roman god/goddess archetypes or commedia dell'arte characters. Like the characters take on new meanings after having been used in so many memes over the years, yet the characters and what they represent is still so instantly recognizable. It really has a universal quality to it and because of that retards can easily latch onto the most surface level machinations of what goes on in the show and be intrigued solely by that while other jokes go over their head. It's a lot of funny colorful blobs moving around in ways that sometimes make me horny, what could be better than that? he thinks to himself

No. 1471495

I'm really dumb at math so I took all my math based college courses at community college in between semesters.
Thankfully I'm not dumb when it comes to efficiency. Math sucks

No. 1471497

i love getting kinda tipsy and talking to nonnas on here. it's my virtual version of chatting with other women in the bar bathroom about random shit kek

No. 1471499

yee i only post when im at least slightly intoxicated. love my amorphous blob of virtual friends

No. 1471503

File: 1673583883566.jpeg (143.94 KB, 600x1200, CFDCBA30-E2E3-4C9B-AE40-973C0E…)

on this episode of am i not into moids, is everyone ugly or am i simply too much of an autist

No. 1471504

same, we need to bring the drunk thread back to life

No. 1471508

bottom row is cute to me but i'm known for having shit taste

No. 1471509

i do not understand the female gaze meme or why nerd looking moid celebrities are always cited as "the female gaze". honestly i doubt that the people who post tiktoks referencing it understand it either lol

No. 1471514

maybe youre a lesbian anon.
then again a lot of 'female gaze' (god im starting to hate that term) men are just straight up uggos. see: adam driver, kevin i.e that guy from tiktok that everyone hyped up as THE female gaze and he now spends his time acting like a manchild on tiktok live. revolting.

No. 1471516

I think, speaking only for myself, a nerdier dumbass lookjng dude will always make me look better/like he’s punching above his weight. Dont want a handsome guy making me look like shit.

No. 1471525

No all these guys are revolting

No. 1471527

Some dudes song came on while I was listening to music so I googled him because I thought his voice was really hot, and he's fucking ugly. Now his voice even sounds less hot.

No. 1471528

This always happens to me with old pop songs it'll be some bald guy proudly crouching on the album cover. Like who gave you the right to sing such sensual lyrics

No. 1471532

The whole "female gaze" thing is starting to feel like brainwash for women to have low standards than to actually focus on the female gaze. The few women I've seen do it seem to have this whole handmaiden-y vibe, "I only like basement dwelling uggos and low muscle mass geeks, uwu" type shit. Like it feels like a total settle.
I dont know exactly what constitutes the female gaze and while I do agree it focuses less on looks its bc it's about men appealing to women in a multitude of ways not just looks. It especially extends to emotion in men, finding men who actually care and appeal to women on an emotional basis hot instead of a roid raging chad.
Basically physically they would be men but emotionally/mentally they would be more on par with women with how they act.
The men (that I like) that i find to be feminine gaze-y would be like the elves in LOTR and aragorn in lotr as well. Also nuada from hellboy the golden army. But I am a woman with shit taste and dont have many real life men that I find attractive.

No. 1471539

Female gaze used to be %100 about looks before incels and handmaidens took over. Liking young, fit beautiful looking men used to be "female gaze".

No. 1471600

I'm 32 and I'm triggered when people call me middle aged. Bitch I'm young. 32 is half way to 64 and I ain't dying then I'm going to live forever

No. 1471601

I'm having a midlife crisis that my bf is 7 years older than me (don't worry we met in our 30s) and I might outlive him. Like it's great he'll retire first because he's really useful to have around I think I need to learn to make nutritious meals. Tomatoes. I think tomatoes are the key here. I must elimante all free radicals

No. 1471603

Female gaze is the gentleman trope and men showing emotions I think. Although heathcliff fits into this somewhere too.

No. 1471605

female gaze is when a man's ankles peek from his trousers. where's the quote from that japanese artist who draws that one guy, she got it right

No. 1471608

File: 1673597554087.jpg (99.32 KB, 770x1035, 3173431-HSC00001-7.jpg)

>it comes for us all

No. 1471609

You are 100% correct. The other day online I was told the female gaze is a dad-bod. I was internally screaming, fuck NO it is not.

No. 1471610

File: 1673597795681.jpeg (546.68 KB, 1536x2048, FIMAF1bXIAcLrNx.jpeg)

>…Absolute Territory of a young man, then? For instance, it is the space between the rolled-up shirtsleeve of a salaryman and his wristwatch. Or the glimpse of a wrist between the cuff of workclothes and work glove. Perhaps the flash of ankle that shows when a man seated on a train or something casually crosses his leg and the cuff of his slacks rides above his socks. The wrist that peeks from between gloves or mittens and cuff of jakects. Perhaps even the flash of neck beneath the chinstrap of a helmet or military cap. You may only see a little, but because of that tantalizing peek, you watch during thise casual movements, seeking territory of those few inches of skin that you cannot escape thinking of. That is, perhaps, the Absolute Territory of the "onii-san" -Kaneoya Sachiko

No. 1471612

Oh wow I love this

No. 1471613

My iq just levelled up reading this

No. 1471620

File: 1673599612106.png (795.52 KB, 674x967, 1625905759749.png)

That's freakin sweet Lois

No. 1471638

This is 100% a LARP, either don't get into any potential BS for the sake of your own life, just get contact with both subhumans

No. 1471639

How did you find out?

No. 1471662

HELL no, i find it so disgusting and repulsive when i see a man's ankles, even worse feet. it reduces them to animals lower than swine in my eyes. not only is it indicative of ill fitting trousers but you know their ankles are ashy as fuck. it shows weakness and vulnerability, like i'll be able to swiftly take them down with one kick to the ankles. plus it's weird and feminine, and that is NOT what i am into unless it's in the face.

No. 1471665

No. 1471668

File: 1673609875883.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3069x4096, 19616CA9-05ED-4557-B582-89D487…)

This is the female gaze

No. 1471697

you sound like you have mental problems.

No. 1471704

File: 1673616712579.jpg (167.06 KB, 627x767, l.jpg)

Finally someone who understands

No. 1471705

File: 1673616723351.png (720.55 KB, 697x917, cre.png)

Men are so fucking ugly, it makes me want to vomit. How are we living in a world where this is normal?

No. 1471707

File: 1673616778354.jpg (221.37 KB, 1289x960, k8uT9cse6abxZW.jpg)

can't it just be that some people are attracted to different types of men, like some women will prefer the guy on the left and some the guy on the right, both are hot though

No. 1471709

Tbh both men you posted should be the fucking basic standard for how males are expected to look. I'm tired of living in a world of hideous men being the average, and the most pickmecious straight women acting like all of this makes sense, while they do everything in their power to be "pretty". Like fuck off

No. 1471720

I swear to god, it's like Sachiko has gone through my brain, I wish I could send her flowers.

No. 1471727

you are right, i wish all men looked like the left one until their 40s and then just get some grey hair and fine agelines that look graceful until they die

No. 1471733

File: 1673619404963.jpg (73.38 KB, 590x788, PATSY-556866.jpg)

This is so true. The bar is on the floor for men when it comes to taking care of their appearance. Even if they did take care of themselves 90% of them just naturally have a grotesque ogreish facial structure with lumpy features.
Honestly even with men I've dated that I was attracted to irl, most of the time when I saw a photo of their face I'd kind of cringe almost? It's like in pictures I could objectively see they didn't look very good whereas irl it's easier to overlook.
Obviously there are exceptions and some men are genuinely beautiful but the vast majority of them just aren't. It's crazy to compare this to women because imo something like 3/4ths of women are at least somewhat pretty or cute. Beautiful women seem pretty common and I rarely ever see a woman that I straight up think is ugly. Sure, part of this is because they put more effort into looking nice, but another part is that men just genetically tend to look more unfortunate.

No. 1471762

She's the best. I'm seriously considering buying her art book, at least if I can find one somewhere that doesn't require me to pay 50+ euros in shipping and customs.

No. 1471769

Totally agree. I'll be the first to admit my Nigel ain't bringing home first prize in a beauty pageant, however he is a very strong and well built man (I like the strongman build) with great character. He also knows he's not an Adonis and doesn't act as if he's owed anything. His humility and kind nature help soften his appearance, if these ugly ass moids practiced an OUNCE of that they would almost be tolerable to look at. Hilarious that they think they're in control when all they can do is thirst after women 24/7. Assholes like Andrew Tate have these goons convinced they can pull any woman they want, further inflating their monolithic egos. Laughable and repulsive all at once. >>1471705 This fucking creature is just a train wreck. If he has a female partner he should worship the ground she walks upon as she's doing him a great favor merely tolerating his presence, nevermind engaging in coitus. Genetically speaking moids are fucked in the aesthetics department but the fact they largely don't fully appreciate that fact is what really chaps my ass. Know your fucking non-existent worth, scrotal failures. Sperg over.

No. 1471815

File: 1673625632750.png (32.05 KB, 240x300, 0AE1EDD4-06D1-4DED-A7BD-0FA216…)

Once or twice a year I check back on my gaiaonline account.

No. 1471820

Kek anon ily, this is exactly how my thoughts sound. Not to add to your worries but on top of the 7 year gap women live longer than men on average

No. 1471821

Women marry men who look like this and are okay with it. Cant be me. Men need to be ridiculed for their baldness and fatness. A fat man is a waste of space. they can lose weight and gain muscles so easily.

No. 1471824

only stupid zoomers think 32 means you are old and cant do anything fun. I think someone posted here if they could wear skirts after 29. Like bitch wtf. I'm in my 30s too and loving it, not giving a fuck about 21 year olds crying about their fine lines.

No. 1471826

The female gaze for these coping retards reminds me of when women were hyping up fat men for the 'dad bod' meme. Like, sis, love yourself.

No. 1471828

I miss the days of Gaiaonline so much. Such a simpler time.

No. 1471830

Lolcow gaiaonline meetup when?

No. 1471834

The fact that women live longer than males is the reason why even as a kid I always thought it's bullshit he should be the older one

No. 1471841

File: 1673627677036.png (107.73 KB, 500x299, 1621965375061.png)

Not that anon but my relationship also has a 7 year age gap. Luckily he lives an extremely healthy lifestyle while I have a ton of unhealthy habits, so that should solve the problem and close the gap. If everything goes according to plan by the time we're in our sixties he'll look tight and a decade younger whereas I'll rock the haggard witch look. Playing the long game here.

No. 1471842

>wtf silly shit in my dumbass shit thread? it must be mental illness because unlike that poster, I am actually extremely mature and unbothered (autistic and insufferable)

No. 1471844

Midlife crisis anon here, I've dated younger men than me and they're a nightmare in my experience. Or maybe just men in their 20s are or who have just turned 30 and are acting out lol

No. 1471845

Does anybody else get head aches when you hold your pee for too long? I googled but I couldn't find anyone describing the same lmao

No. 1471860

File: 1673629369913.gif (3.85 MB, 600x380, 1644904144026.gif)

i think the tiktok is kinda right, otherwise tumblr sexy man wouldn't be a thing. Women just have more varied taste than men, men's ''waifus'' dont go beyond big tits and ass, women ''husbandos'' tend to be well written characters, that's why so many gay moids husbandofag marvel beefcakes while women tend to husbandofag the characters with ''deep'' personalities like riddler.

No. 1471861

I have so much stuff to do today and i am not sure my AHDH low IQ brain can handle the anxiety

No. 1471866

It pisses me off when brands give their products out to randoms on social media. Like oh ok cool, you can give your products away for free, just not to me. Anyone else?

No. 1471871

File: 1673629850300.gif (935.97 KB, 200x190, rage.gif)

when tampon companies give them to tranniesm at least give them to female trannies, holy shit

No. 1471879

femgaze discussions always lead me to "women are individuals, men are single-minded simpletons"

No. 1471886

File: 1673630485716.png (63.5 KB, 420x294, 6c413236e2ea69c9e4833ebe2f0161…)

More cp uuughhh

No. 1471887

File: 1673630540338.jpg (2.67 MB, 4000x3000, 20230109_170521.jpg)

Im sorry i dont have more pictures to spam.. cp front page…

No. 1471889

File: 1673630584493.jpg (609.66 KB, 960x960, Tumblr_l_197597308656131.jpg)

No. 1471893

File: 1673630602506.jpeg (89.33 KB, 640x640, A3975827-9997-4607-8930-FDA288…)


No. 1471894

File: 1673630668813.jpeg (27 KB, 378x200, 40F3435D-0665-492A-9CF5-BD1B8A…)

No. 1471897

I think this is correct, along with a thought process similar to >>1471516 that seems to play a part. Personality is important and guys who stand out are appealing, but I feel like a lot of women also go for guys who are cute but flawed in some way, or at least seem unconventional. My theory is that it's because we think about how the dynamic would be from both sides. It should feel at least within the realm of possibility that the guy also wants me, otherwise I just can't get into the fantasy. I don't see the appeal in some perfect looking chad type because I can't fathom someone confident and outgoing with tons of options going for me. It feels like relinquishing control. It's an insecurity thing really, I want a cute skinny awkward nerd who is unaware of his own attractiveness to worship me.
Tumblr sexymen are imo essentially that same insecurity-fueled principle taken to a greater extreme.

To some extent it's the same thing as moids going for the nerdy/'alternative' but still hot chick as opposed to the stereotypical Stacy, eg preferring the Velma type over Daphne, but since they're scrotes their attraction is much more superficial and coomery so both options still boil down to the same tits & ass waifu.

No. 1471904

I want to see the sims playing the sims.

No. 1471916

File: 1673632528405.jpeg (35.87 KB, 300x300, C5E478BC-F37B-4A49-9BDB-105EFB…)

Is the cp gone yet? I wanna scroll the catalog but I don't want to see it

No. 1471950

I wish I could go back to 30 seconds ago before I read this

No. 1471962

File: 1673635116710.jpg (606.56 KB, 2700x2500, FHGbfs5aQAIXAM9.jpg)

i am so angry that i seem to be the only woman(women supposedly have better color receptors) that cant grasp good color combinatios and color theory. I jsut wanna draw cute simple pics like pic rel, reeeee

No. 1471993

You can do it anon! You just need practice. It's not like anyone automatically can do stuff like this effortlessly. Drawing something that is universally seen as cute can be deceptively hard. Try studying pieces and artists you like and imitate what aspects you like until you get the hang of it and start developing your own style. Happy drawing anon!

No. 1472004

I didn't fully grasp color theory until I took a class on it and started mixing colors myself with actual paints

No. 1472009

File: 1673636676066.png (82.32 KB, 904x772, 1667353616531.png)

thank you!!
i was actually taking some youtube graphic design courses, graphic designers have a really strong color theory grasp and i am hoping it helps. I love these type of graphic-esque drawings, they look so good for buttons, a shame most japanese artists dont sell their stuff outside of conventions

No. 1472010

January 13th, 2017. Today is the 6th anniversary of the day the earth stood still. The day that love died.

Thats right. The amberlynn/destiny breakup

No. 1472012

I love this color palette nona. I want to buy art with these lovely colors for my apartment someday.

No. 1472013

good, becky is the best amberverse sidecharacter

No. 1472015

Never heard of that but maybe it’s from anxiety or something?

No. 1472016

I love Patty. The Bouvier sisters are icons.

No. 1472017

File: 1673636882834.gif (672.59 KB, 220x151, 1714408D-7086-4E6C-AD1C-7469BA…)

Kek you made me wheeze

No. 1472024

File: 1673636998276.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1135x1656, 1667379690701.jpeg)

westaboos have such pretty color choices
they are!

No. 1472029

File: 1673637179546.jpeg (630.97 KB, 1536x2304, 00F34705-A302-4327-A4A4-19FB02…)

Is this even good? There’s not much contrast it all kinda blends together. Anyway you can just fake it by picking one color and then googling “[chosen color] color palette”

No. 1472031

My kitten is very upset that he's now too big to completely stretch out over my chest without sliding off, he takes it as a personal slight from the universe whenever he tries.

No. 1472035

File: 1673637412890.jpg (773.95 KB, 2700x2820, FHGbhnPaAAQWuWA.jpg)

Is this even good? There’s not much contrast it all kinda blends together
i really like it, i am not a fan of dull color palettes

No. 1472037

That gif reminds me that someone I know is nearly her size (from that gif, idk if she gained even more weight), it's so obvious when she puts the bottles down. Now I'm horrified.

No. 1472047

Solution. Gain weight until you're this size >>1472017

No. 1472049

File: 1673637725386.jpeg (60.8 KB, 900x900, 345201A5-404A-4EFA-9D83-CCB4AF…)

There’s so many combos on google that look good I just chose a random color and scrolled to find one with more contrast. I like the pic you just posted a lot better

No. 1472065

I frequently have nightmares, get paranoid at night, and my mind imagines a lot of scary images at night so I came up with a solution. Whenever something bad pops up in my mind, I just make it/them dance to a pop song. Last night it was Single Ladies by Beyonce, they did the full choreography. I don't think I have enough control over my dreams to make them do it there though.

No. 1472079

Whenever I get scared going to the bathroom at night I just think to myself "if you're hiding, just come out and kill me you pussy". And then when I don't die I'm just like YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I FUCKING THOUGHT. I will try out your solution when my brain won't stop generating creepy faces/creatures.

No. 1472090

Nta, but seems good enough for me, it is just sober, it all depends what you are going for. You should just look into the basics of colour theory, but there are also some tools online that can help you like adobe colour wheel.

No. 1472144

File: 1673640764145.jpg (20.79 KB, 568x307, 7555323.jpg)

I guess that explains most driver-fags, like he's the the best they can expect

No. 1472157

>in good shape
>not balding
He's better than most moids than a lot of women cap for.

No. 1472161

People really be like
>UGH! why aren’t kids going outside and playing together IRL, all they do is sit on their computers!
And then in the same breath
>HARUMPH, why are these kids being so CRINGE and annoying in public near me! Have some decency!

No. 1472177

Damn, those girls sound awesome. Shame security had to be a funsink and phone lady was a jerk. At 30 she should know better, she grew up during the flash mob age.

No. 1472185

File: 1673642412001.jpeg (104.89 KB, 640x918, 2352F748-8FF1-4FD9-BDEA-DECCEC…)

The fact that I know what this means makes me feel taken aback

No. 1472190

Why the fuck do I know what that means

No. 1472194

Amber hasn't been the same since. Sometimes I see an obese boy at Walmart and think of Destiny and feel sad

No. 1472198

Explain it beyond defining the word salad

No. 1472204

ayrt and
>it shows weakness and vulnerability, like i'll be able to swiftly take them down with one kick to the ankles. plus it's weird and feminine
that's why i like it, that's the whole appeal kek

No. 1472224

Whenever I have unconventional crushes I don't think about any of this stuff at all, I just find that some weird features look cute. Pussy wants what it wants. Some "chad" features just look ugly or bland to me.

No. 1472238

Took half a sleepy pill hopefully it works

No. 1472250

I have a blind pimple above my lip that is throbbing. I squeezed it last night to make it come to a head.

No. 1472252

It evokes the mental image of a classic fairytale witch making a potion and combines it with concepts that have very modern and "trendy youth" connotations, presenting the whole thing in a rhyme that makes you imagine exactly how she says it. The juxtaposition is kind of funny. The same goes for the idea of a tiny unsettling looking fantasy creature acting and dressing like a party girl. The picture aids the imagination there and idk it's just a funny looking little thing.

No. 1472256

It's not hard to understand though. It's a drunk witch creating a homonculus and those are all of the ingredients. The thot homonculus is vibing.

No. 1472283

File: 1673647092364.jpg (124.61 KB, 715x1200, cat (19).jpg)

I really admire other short girls that are good at dressing and choosing flattering clothes. I'm closer to average height but I look shorter, I think because of my waist line. Makes it hard to know what will look good. I also feel like a lot of fashion advice puts an emphasis on dressing as your opposite. Like if you're short "wear this to make yourself look taller!". If you're curvy, "wear this to hide your curves!". I'm fine with how my body look, I don't want to look curve-less or taller I just want to know how to look good.

No. 1472295

I feel this too. My mom keeps nagging at me to not wear long or “chunky” clothes because it’ll make me look short and fatter lol. She wants me to wear more skimpy outfits and I like wearing modest clothing

No. 1472304

I feel like "edging" for women is a myth. I don't know. I swear to god I always orgasm every time I stop masturbating to try and prolong the session and intensify the orgasm. Every time I take my hands away, boom orgasm. Like ohohoho you fucking THOUGHT huh!

No. 1472308

hit with the sudden urge to rewatch princess tutu

No. 1472313

I wanna feel major pain like a stabbing or broken bone, being shot or some high pressure situation because im risk averse and bored and i feel like i need something drastic to feel a jolt of energy but id probably just freeze and die
I hate feeling pain
I dunno

No. 1472316

that's def just a you thing, nonnie, maybe your thoughts trigger it and send you over the edge

No. 1472323

I'm watching Chainsaw Man right now because I thought Pochita is cute, andhe literally just died in the first episode. Ffs. And now I want to cry.

No. 1472333

File: 1673649535872.jpg (35.15 KB, 564x526, b685a991f229ec6145660f8a7f26c7…)

feeling so awesome and cool finding pirated shows website

No. 1472339

my company (mostly men in their 50s kek) is having some sort of diversity seminar about accepting different gender identities or something. although i live in a very liberal country, i know that most of the people in my company do not give a fuck about troon stuff kek. the seminar is voluntary and i'm one of very few people who is going (because my coworker asked me to join her).

nonnas, do you have ideas for innocent questions i can ask the people hosting the seminar? they are from a culty ~trans~ organization i think (kinda like mermaids in the uk).

No. 1472344

File: 1673649911704.jpg (29.37 KB, 550x550, 998e2e284af76907570bbcc88ec5b0…)

wtf im ovulating right now we are all synced up nonningtons

No. 1472352

File: 1673650165441.jpg (42.74 KB, 500x633, 8cc1c9c25333cb2533e2e47da764ef…)

Samefag, I hate Aki's stiff fucking ponytail. And that scene of Denji barking for Makima

No. 1472375

File: 1673651346296.jpg (47 KB, 473x631, bcdd68b4c10b71e3362f8a6a6a15d9…)

Me and the tinfoil thread nonners playing dark night scaries

No. 1472429

Ovulating with you too. I am actually honoured to be synced with farmers.

No. 1472461

File: 1673655660297.png (407.29 KB, 483x367, Capture.PNG)

whats your traits nonnies? (3 or 4), Me, Lazy, Clumsy, Family Oriented and Loner

No. 1472473

Bookworm, Geek, Slob. I'm really messy, mostly just out of forgetfulness.

No. 1472477

creative, gloomy, insane.

No. 1472483

loner, geek, perfectionist

No. 1472490

File: 1673657187596.jpg (145.78 KB, 768x960, 271542922_4735332986560179_524…)

i am crying and having a panic attack while listening to city pop ad it helped me calm down. Thank you city pop

No. 1472491

It's so weird to think where I'll be in 10 years, like I can't picture it. Maybe I'll still be a cashier kek or I become rich for some reason. Life is weird man. It takes all those unexpected twists and turns like a river.
Good for you nonna!
Creative, music lover, slob

No. 1472496

Goofball, hot-headed, non-committal.

No. 1472513

File: 1673659131157.png (137.81 KB, 500x250, d8jrwkvv5hw91.png)

Another gore(?) post, report and ignore nonnies

No. 1472516

its AI porn , confirming the AI sperg on the art salt threads was unsurprisingly a moid.

No. 1472517

File: 1673659673394.png (249.59 KB, 415x357, Capture.PNG)

thanks for telling me before I left the thread nonnie. Anyway, tag yourself

No. 1472521

I'm the sparkling cardboard box

No. 1472522

File: 1673660622427.jpg (21.23 KB, 564x486, 1671753188101.jpg)

why is a shoebox with a bathroom so fucking expensive nonnies even with a job i wouldnt be able to afford it and my family is driving me crazy the only way out seems to be sudoku

No. 1472527

i need your attitude. i’m anxious and depressed because i flunked out of college, have to take a cashier job or something equivalent and have no idea what to do next. even worse, i feel incapable of doing any job and i don’t even want to imagine anything. i’m probably even too retarded to work as a cashier and if not, i won’t be able to show up every day for more than three weeks, because i could never do that with any full time occupation. it’s not just a worry, i genuinely believe it and barely get up in the morning, i am useless with no real skills, no discipline and i don’t manage to bring myself to learn anything consistently either. i’m not even sure if i have finished one single book in the last decade. needless to say, i’m also mentally ill, therapy hasn’t worked in 11 years (i switched my therapist 5 times, two hours a weak for 5 years now i can only take 1) blablahblahhhblahblah i forgot this is not a venting thread but i’m not going to delete this, this was so much effort

No. 1472529

i’m seriously contemplating if i shouldn’t go for a rich moid since looks and charisma were the only things i really had going for me when i still left the house. so far i only went for irrational infatuations i had for random losers that made my life more miserable. maybe it would be worth it to swap that honeymoon xtc feeling for someone who gives me stability and i like as a person and who makes my life easier.

what would you do nonnas?

No. 1472533

File: 1673661753762.png (503.45 KB, 1000x938, ---.png)

What if this life is actually just my personal hell where I have to live through the horrors of males before I can finally reach salvation? What if moids aren't even real and just a demonic manifestation of evil?

No. 1472536

then why is the majority of them so fucking ugly

No. 1472539

Because they are demons.

No. 1472547

File: 1673662899329.jpg (7.48 KB, 236x208, 1622998867133.jpg)

>feel fat
>no longer feel fat

No. 1472591

A homeless Tim used the women's restroom at my work and now I don't want to go in there. He seemed harmless but after what I've seen on the mtf thread I think I'll just hold it.

No. 1472593

>seems harmless
It's a homeless moid. Come on.

No. 1472594

File: 1673667392243.gif (15.15 MB, 600x600, dbb398761a.gif)

i have never dated in my life and probably never will but if i do i refuse to date anyone more attractive than me. only i'm allowed to be the pretty one.

No. 1472605

I just heard of a British food named "bubble and squeak" and the name disgusts me so much. Sounds like a euphemism for shitting.

No. 1472607

wait til you hear about spotted dick

No. 1472610

They just say things over there, and none of it means a thing.

No. 1472623

Samefag, I just googled it and apparently it's called that because it makes a bubbling and squeaking sound when fried. A bubbling sound I could believe, but am I really supposed to believe potatoes and vegetables make a squeaking sound when fried? If they wanted to call it something retarded then they can just say that.

No. 1472659

I sing the english dub sailor moon theme song.

No. 1472662

No. 1472665

perfectionist, good, insane, neat

No. 1472666

I'm the shiny cardboard box

No. 1472668

influencers are the dumbest fucking thing

Look I made mundane things look interesting
This totally unedited photo in this vacation place!
Look at my ass in the swiss alps and cancun
I am so rich I fly private jet and live in a mansion

Nah you rent out those places with 20 other people splitting rent, maybe less bc you are upper middle class, you'll say anything to get that marketing check, you don't give a shit about where you go or your future, and it's just fucking fake. Here rent out your private jet dream https://dynamic-attendants.nl/mock-up/

And that's all these people do, use anyone and anyway to get noticed hoping for a quick buck. Yeah I get it jobs are modern day slavery, but this shit is just a bunch of people all doing the same thing as each other for clout and a short lived high income. And it's funneled into every idiots brain with all these apps. It's nauseating.

No. 1472671


No. 1472674

I’m excited over talking to a man, a feeling I have not felt in literal years, and I do not know what to do with myself

No. 1472703

File: 1673682877338.jpeg (57.46 KB, 612x612, 97EB3FFC-C83F-4B65-B5A4-BE2462…)

Only Now Do I Understand, Why They Are Called Crackers. It Is Because They Are Addictive, Like CRACK!!

No. 1472705

>soul purpose
>other why's
i see you ESL-chan heh

No. 1472706

You'll Cowards Don't Even Eat Crackers

No. 1472715

Consider: tent and bucket

No. 1472741

In closing, Family Guy is essentially a never-ending Sophocles play for which the chorus is a hoard of retarded Deviantart fetish artists

No. 1472831

The DeLonghi manual espresso machine must truly be for retards. I cannot believe there is a disclaimer on the product page warning that your steamed milk froth will vary depending on the type of milk you use kek.

No. 1472837

File: 1673694245378.gif (1010.28 KB, 498x374, anime-kawaii-ass-bitch.gif)

A good friend of mine is living some sort of shoujo manga life, and I find quite charming lmao
>grew up in the rich part of the city
>loser nerd in high school
>goes to japan for a few years after graduation
>has a glow up (note: she was already really pretty before imo)
>comes back and makes a career as a comic artist
>the popular guy notices her at the class reunion and they start dating
inb4 anyone calls me jealous, I just find it amazing and really funny. I love her and I'm happy for her, and I hope she continues to live her irl shoujo manga dreams

No. 1472849

Good for her

No. 1472853

You're so sweet, anon. I hope you live the romance of your dreams too.

No. 1472866

As long as her life isn't like in Hana Yori Dango and her bf isn't as garbage as Tsukasa, it's a good thing.

No. 1472870

Ayrt, sorry you feel this way nonna. I flunked out of college too which is why I have this job now, I don't love it but I don't hate it. Retail is not as bad as people say, it's not that fun but it could be worse and you get good at it if you do it for a month or 2. The future will be okay nonnie, you don't know where you'll be, that's the fun of life ♥

No. 1472886

i forgot that i had texted my mom at 3 am a single word: donuts. i live in europe now and she was probably laughing wondering why i was up so early in the morning talking about donuts. she’s supposed to come see me in february during my break so i am going to see if she can bring me some sidecar donuts.

No. 1472890

I was at the gas station and an old man told me to smile. He was in line in front of me. Without missing a beat I just looked at him and said “no” while maintaining my natural frown and antipsychotic induced 10,000 yard stare. he seemed almost scared after that

No. 1472893

but why did you text donuts at 3am

No. 1472912

Anon I flunked out the first time. My wagie job led me to connections that got me my actual big adult job out of school once I went back. I knew a lot of people who had several degrees and had flunked out a time and kept changing their mind on what they wanted to do every 7-10 years. As long as you keep working at something and rolling with the punches you can do this. ♥ life is hard and like. Jenga tower that gets knocked down over and over again. You just have to rebuild a little stronger each time. Also 56% of honor students flunk out their first year of college in burgerland kek
Don’t let your self hate push you into a shame spiral where you punish yourself okay? Reflecting and accountability so next time you can accomplish what you need to whatever it is? Awesome. Beating yourself up and self sabotaging because you deserve to be punished? Not okay and will make your life a lot harder.
As for stuff like reading, have you tried taking a book and dividing it into smaller goals so it’s less overwhelming. Think one book a month. 120 pages is only 4 a day. You like it? Keep going. Don’t it’s only four pages. You could even read it on the train or in the bathroom. Wherever you have to sit or stand for a minute.

No. 1472949

File: 1673709144284.jpeg (77.98 KB, 750x373, BFAD94EE-47DB-47F3-80C3-76E6BA…)

Morning nonnies

No. 1472959

I'm thinking about creating a reddit and going into random Trans selfish threads and simply writing lol. Maybe even comparing them to Harry Potter characters as a "compliment". Like, "oh my God you are so pretty, you look just like "blank" from Harry Potter".
Feeling angry at moids.

No. 1472962

*selfie but selfish works

No. 1472973

File: 1673710616998.jpeg (156.47 KB, 750x678, 6DBF92B2-293D-4D37-B554-FFC8A9…)

Wait wtf

No. 1473013

Throw the whole moid away. Ewwww

No. 1473050

File: 1673716606986.jpg (270.06 KB, 776x1254, rs_634x1024-230112092423-634-M…)

I don't pay attention to this stuff, but all of the women in this years Miss Universe have been so beautiful. Everytime I see a video from the pageant I'm like wow

No. 1473085

I hate the week before I get my period, I barely have the strength and energy to do anything. I can usually run 4km without an issue, but on my period? I can hardly make it to 1km and I’m already almost passed out and throwing up.
I just went to carry a microwave that probably weights not even 10kg and I almost dropped it because it was too heavy. It’s so frustrating and it makes me feel useless.

No. 1473089

>mfw this has happened to me
call me gross or whatever, but neither of us was too grossed out about it kek we just laughed about it

No. 1473095

I tried popping a stubborn blackhead on my cheek last night. Realized I could stick the needle in and like, dig it out. Tried to use pressure after lancing it to squeeze it out. Sounded like a glowstick cracking. Realized it is much deeper than I thought. Realized it is not a blackhead it is one of those deep cysts with a huge hard sack thing not an acne cyst or blackhead. Troed pulling it out with tweezers. Got 4 or 5 pieces. Cant get the rest now there is a literal hole in my skin and it is bruised- looks like a pepperoni with a hole in the middle stuck to my face. Now I get to wear a bandaid over it indefinitely. Hot. I think I will throw my extraction tools out. I should have quit when I realized it was an actual cyst and not acne. Regret.

No. 1473113

Anyone notice that a lot of zoomer boys are starting to look like ftm despite being biologically male? What’s that about?

No. 1473122

you know doing that will give you staph right?

No. 1473123

File: 1673724187050.jpg (89.84 KB, 600x800, njhbgvcfxd6.jpg)

the plastic surgery thread puts me off, even as someone who isn't 100% against surgery itself (just forced, restrictive beauty standards). the way some posters who defend PS go after other women's looks first thing if they don't support it with the whole "you must be ugly reeee" thing is gross. it's like they're hoping those women will indeed be unattractive, and even if they're not, that saying those things will play on whatever insecurities they have so they'll eventually crack and go for PS and become "like them". i don't know how to put it into words, it just seems insidious.
there are also anti-PS anons that are nasty and make unwarranted, deranged personal attacks, don't get me wrong, but aside from being assholes, i feel like they just further emboldened actually mentally ill anons who think not supporting PS is the same as attacking all women who've had it. it's insane to me.

No. 1473131

I do now

No. 1473141

File: 1673726298758.jpg (1.4 MB, 3000x2999, bunny.jpg)

I pass a lot of my time by going on Pinterest and planning out stuff for my future children. I like sketching plushies, hats, dresses I would like to make for them, imagining how I would decorate their nursery or bedroom, and saving products I would buy for myself as a mom. I'm not anywhere near close to having kids though.

No. 1473170

Ha Ha! This post sure has Cracked me up!

No. 1473177

another reason for me to stay celibate thanks

No. 1473180

File: 1673729695973.jpg (29.97 KB, 720x960, funny cat.jpg)

I was thinking it was anxiety too since I have more of an urge when I'm anxious, but I've been eating less sugar and now I'm peeing less. Moral of the story, sugar addiction is bad.

No. 1473185

I wish YouTube would stop showing me shorts like this. Why is she so mad though? https://youtube.com/shorts/aTHnOY29UeE?feature=share

No. 1473191

File: 1673730644996.png (Spoiler Image,668.31 KB, 1200x1200, 0D809385-D9ED-47CD-BC2A-626F58…)

I want to be a stacy.

No. 1473193

I also like to think about things to make for my future kids. I like crafts a lot but could never do them as a kid so I hope I will be able to do cute projects with my kids in the future.

No. 1473197

Having everyone tell me they getting their drivers’ license was super easy and that they barely put any effort into passing the theory test, are just making me feel fucking dumb. If it’s so easy why have I been doing tests since september and I’m still not ready to do the exam? I have so many errors still, no matter how many tests I do

No. 1473199

My advantage and demise is that I want to try, learn, and do everything. I get overwhelmed.

No. 1473200

The exam was easy for me, the driving was scary because I have a phobia and I almost failed it. I think I almost ran a stop sign and slammed my brakes but can't remember, terrifying. I hate driving in busy areas like highways, and I can only do well in small cars

No. 1473202

ayrt, the driving part isn’t scary to me and I’m excited to finally start driving a car, I don’t know if I’ll be good at it or not, but at least it doesn’t scare me.
Everyone I know passed the exams at the 1st try, so that just adds a little bit more of pressure. I just want to get it done already and forget about it, I don’t even have the money for a car kek

No. 1473208

It's ok if you don't get it on the first try. For written exams I find what helps is pretending as if I'm out on the road while reading the questions. When I first started driving it was difficult for me to remember what was in the manuals until I actually started driving, experience is the best teacher. I know it's frustrating, but take it easy and take your time.

No. 1473211

did you try practice exams? see what you are missing. also after I passed I loved driving, had some sense of freedom. but I didn't have a car I could use anytime. actually my license has long since expired so I need to do this all over again.

No. 1473212

My grandmother sent me a message asking me to open the door for her because she was peeing herself and forgot her key, i ignored it because i dislike her. She can go pee at the mcdonalds.

No. 1473214

I want a loving sexless relationship with a nonnie.

No. 1473219

I find that writing down the questions I get wrong helps me to memorise the right answer. Everyone tells me the same too, that they learnt most of the driving rules when they actually started driving, not while studying for the tests (more reasons to get frustrated that’s taking me so long to get confident enough to take the exam kek)
Yep, I must’ve taken over 200 practice tests at this point.
I have ADHD, and I’ve realised that a lot of the questions I get wrong are the ones that are written in a confusing or misleading way.
I mostly want a license to be able to apply for jobs because 1. I live in bumfuck, nowhere and public transport is complete shit and 2. most places nowadays require you to have it

No. 1473221

I wish YouTube would show me shorts like that

No. 1473234

I want Taco Bell for dinner but I also know I have leftover soup which i should eat. But..cheesy gordita crunch

No. 1473238

Go get the taco bell anon!!

No. 1473252

asking sanic things and deleting them when I don’t like the answer so I’m not accidentally manifesting it

No. 1473254

We are one and the same, nonny.

No. 1473255

it never gives me the answer I’m looking for, i hate that fucking thing but I keep coming back to it

No. 1473264

I'm biased because I don't like spicy food but I'm so tired of seeing red pepper flakes in everything.

No. 1473312

File: 1673746581787.jpeg (289.13 KB, 1170x643, 349D83F7-7512-42FE-9FEB-9B9902…)

They should just replace Justin Roiland with Michael Cusack (the Australian guy behind this and Smiling Friends) and pretend nothing has changed. Keep the Australian accent and everything and just never mention it

No. 1473328

How did I not realize the ciggie butt brain guy became a legit animator? Bless him for his accurate and respectful depictions of aussie culture.

No. 1473329

Shame that Roiland was kinda the only reason R&M was kinda good for a while. Cusack is also in a better show.

No. 1473340

sometimes when my cat is sleeping i'll pet her on the tummy/chest and she'll grab my arm with her paws and won't let go, it's the cutest thing in the world
i hope she knows how much i love her, she's the best. even though she acts absolutely insane sometimes and has a thing for sticking her paw in my water and contaminating it kek

No. 1473352

File: 1673751549470.jpg (56.96 KB, 1080x1053, Tumblr_l_353172650702878.jpg)

i want some veggie broth with pasta

No. 1473367

File: 1673754955518.jpg (430 KB, 1330x810, jaws-party-hat.jpg)

Some of you are afraid of sharks, and it shows……

No. 1473416

Leaving voicemails feels so humiliating, especially when it's to someone or somewhere that doesn't like to ANSWER THEIR FUCKING PHONE!

No. 1473425

I love this picture, literally me. I love soup and broth so much

No. 1473431

mmm ramen broth

No. 1473433

File: 1673763395555.jpg (24.95 KB, 640x360, dtgrjvx1ri971.jpg)

It's this fool's fault. That shit was traumatising. At least Clanker was nicer, but fuck.

No. 1473438

File: 1673764487644.png (217.08 KB, 540x554, 283E6AFA-68F2-4398-9C57-2DC1D6…)

911 i am crying laughing WJO DID THIS

No. 1473442

File: 1673764967833.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.5 KB, 793x487, Capture.JPG)

caption this image

No. 1473444

2 men and a half

No. 1473455

10 facts about Japan's largest gay orgy will surprise you!

No. 1473464

when you scroll through instagram/facebook and see that stupid bitches from high school are fat now. yes it’s been 7 years since i’ve graduated and yes i’m aware that this is a toxic mindset

No. 1473467

Why in the hell would I pay $16 for some eggs

No. 1473478

File: 1673773233751.jpeg (62.84 KB, 1129x1129, D570340A-D20D-4A6D-8E2A-575E77…)

Do you think we get much fedposting here, if any at all?

No. 1473480

Depends, have they figured out women are people yet?

No. 1473481

Real shit. The egg people have lost their minds

No. 1473483

File: 1673773607842.jpeg (11.49 KB, 225x225, EC6BD74B-896C-4579-BD13-B30225…)

>egg people

No. 1473484

I don't think feds would be interested in lolcow's userbase. We don't have any reputation for shootings, trolling, or hatespeech stuff like 4chan and other imageboards do. If feds were on lolcow the only thing they'd probably be interested in would be the cp and that's not being posted by actual users.

No. 1473488

If feds are browsing I hope they get some fucking perspective and reflect.

No. 1473541

The corona and tinfoil thread 100% has/had them.

No. 1473543

this post made me kek so hard

I wish 80s/90s action hero type men would be a thing again

No. 1473551

File: 1673791547374.jpeg (880.92 KB, 1644x1709, D029208B-0490-424E-87C0-0AFA8F…)

No. 1473590

I really need to start on deciding whether I'm going to rant about this or that to either my friends or lolcow because the paranoia of them not responding to it for hours until right after I posted it on here is too annyoing to deal with.

No. 1473592

Slot?? I’ve always heard/called it flathead

No. 1473596

Same and I have only heard six-lobe being called a Torx screw

No. 1473603

My kitten loves to push his face against people's faces, especially nose against nose. And by that I don't mean pushing lightly to stroke his chin against you, no he fucking smooshes his ENTIRE little face against yours as hard as he can. Idk why he does it but I hope he never stops.

No. 1473608

File: 1673799222959.jpg (76.64 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

would you?

No. 1473612

Sure, they'll make their little 4loko ripoff but won't make a non-caffeinated version of their ultra drinks so that I can drink them forever, constantly, and not die of cardiac arrest. Shaking my fucking head.

No. 1473616

File: 1673800514722.jpg (31.86 KB, 500x500, b12ae400.jpg)

ive had a song stuck in my head for days now but i can't stand listening to it for real, like i just wanna hear it inside my head

No. 1473619

6% what? Alcohol?

No. 1473625

In the supermarkets in my country they do sell a caffeine free ultra off-brand version.

No. 1473627

I'm jealous. Have you tried it? Do they come in similar flavors to the ultra monster drinks?? I'm so intrigued.

No. 1473630

I should have bit more people as a child.

No. 1473633

File: 1673802703236.jpeg (17.3 KB, 135x222, 300586C2-836C-487E-B1F1-E12A94…)

I just want some joggers, like around 4 pairs of joggers so I can run my errands comfortably, but I don't even know where to find some in my country, clothing stores are shit and ridiculously expensive for stores that sell bootleg stuff.

No. 1473637

Thrift, damn it. I hate it when people are like "omg fashion these days!!", "stores only have crop tops" etc. My local thrift stores are shit, I have to look online. You can find literally any style you want to from any decade. For cheap.

No. 1473639

I should have thrown more sand on people as a child.

No. 1473643

I hate how someone can call you, but if you miss it and call back 2 seconds later they suddenly act like they don't want to talk. Pick up the phone hoe!

No. 1473717

File: 1673810539961.png (1.53 KB, 40x233, now.PNG)

does everyone post thing say "Now" regardless of how long ago it was posted?

No. 1473801

what would you guys do if you met an alien irl?
like a typical grey alien

No. 1473808

No. 1473820

Maybe I already have..

No. 1473826

No. 1473843

So I just found an old poster board my Mom kept from when I was a lil kid & lmaoooooo its hilarious. I had an assignment in 3rd grade about your idea to "Save The World" and I did NOT understand the assignment. I was so proud of my idea, everyone else had "don't pollute the ocean/reduce,reuse,recylce/no more fossil fuels" but my idea?

In the Bible it says "No man shall know the hour or the day" for the end of the world. So! We come together, the entire world, and every single person take turns genuinely believing the world is going to end. I would take the first day, you the next, then so on & so forth. With 7 billion people on the planet thats 7 billion days the world CANNOT end or begin to end. & 7 billion days into 365 is something like 17 million years! I definitely remember my teacher telling me how interesting of an idea it was & even after everyone presented I was still so proud of my idea. Lmao, my Mom kept the poster board because she thought it was really cute how I thought I had cracked the code.

No. 1473845

I've never had anxiety but I feel like I'm the only one. I just don't get stressed, I don't know what it is. Guess I'm just very lucky kek

I'd ask what they eat on their planet

No. 1473855

File: 1673818558795.jpg (148.58 KB, 750x812, Tumblr_l_275297389470343.jpg)

>like a comedian
>buy and read their autobiography
>weird, I did a lot of this stuff
>weird, I experienced a lot of this stuff
>weird, I felt the same way about a lot of that stuff
>weird, I relate deeply to these people and I know that my friends could not say the same
Don't tell me that the whole point of autobiographies is to be relatable, I want to live in my madly delusional fantasy world where I am just naturally more attuned and attracted to people who feel and think the same as me, even without knowing beforehand.

No. 1473864


No. 1473867

File: 1673819198599.jpg (98.2 KB, 550x827, UNI_7089.jpg)

Whenever the Miss Universe contestants have to wear a ridiculous outfit, I wonder how they must feel. Picrel still looks beautiful but wtf.

No. 1473868

File: 1673819251588.jpg (14.81 KB, 263x378, Mtv_moon_man.jpg)

Samefag, she literally looks like the MTV moon man

No. 1473872

Reminds me of Hunger Games lol

No. 1473876

I'm so averse to work, maybe I should just become an influencer.

No. 1473877

Miss Universe is so presumptuous, why is it Miss UNIVERSE when we don't include any other space species to compete???? It's like the Baseball World Championships but only America plays or whatever. Hella weird and the name is a misnomer. I demand moon cell organisms get their representation!!!

No. 1473902

is picrew down for anyone else right now? it's not letting me access it similarly to the original lolcor url…

No. 1473903

File: 1673821587321.jpg (59.61 KB, 911x960, smoke.jpg)

One of the sites I use to watch shows has been down for a day

No. 1473905

is it fmovies? because me too…

No. 1473907

No, it's 9anime. Seems a lot of places are down right now

No. 1473908

Getting dizzy thinking about an earthquake happening, why am I like this

No. 1473910

That’s so cute nonna. Reminds me of when I made a comic book as a kid based on ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ And I drew god blessing the world with a fully formed chicken on the 8th day. I wasn’t even religious, no one I knew was religious but I thought it was so funny to imagine the clouds parting with a beam of light and just a chicken descending down kek

No. 1473911

Im on the original url…

No. 1473912

i dont trust moids anymore enough to be in a relationship with them but i approached some guy i thought is attractive to fuck because nothing to lose right? but now he's like in love with me, tf?

No. 1473914

Congratulations, you earned 1 (one) new stalker. You can cash in this card at your local psychiatrist’s office for a free therapy session.

No. 1473915

Welcome to the stage where you realize fucking them isn't worth it either.

No. 1473940

who? i wish i could be like this again, but seeing so many comedians exposed for doing fucked up shit has blackpilled me hard.

No. 1473942

I keep seeing posts scaremongering about anorexia / heroin chic returning and thin is in now omg but I see no actual change in the body shapes I'm seeing on my social media feed, it almost feels like people are making it up or willing it to come back in because everyone's aware of the timing of trend cycles and just feel obliged

No. 1473971

MIL brought over a bunch of bras she bought from another country (so she can't return them) but didn't fit her and sadly they don't fit me either. I've never really thought a bra beautiful before but these are sooooo nice.

No. 1473973

File: 1673827071471.jpg (47.52 KB, 563x545, 02ef0e6e6ddb01ac248b0a164affb9…)

What is the origin of the most mysterious song on the internet?
Who is celebrity number six?
Where is the original JTK image?

No. 1473976

Being super skinny and ana shit has and will never go out of trend. In fact, it can coexist with the bbl body just fine because at the end of the day both trends still value having tiny waists. Just because kim kardashian got a reduction it doesn't mean cultures where having a big ass is valued will all of a sudden change either. Btw this is just a long winded way of saying i agree lmao.

No. 1473996

I'm so torn between getting a bunch of tattoos or just keeping my skin bare. It's like one or the other for me, I love tattoos but I'm scared I'll one day completely turn around and want everything to be gone. It's whatever, I'll wait.

No. 1474046

You were right he was a degenerate

No. 1474051

Similar to what >>1473976 said about the ideals coexisting, I think we might be at a point where culture varies so widely between media outlets since a lot of them are appealing to more niche demographics or subcultures than everyone, but I've been seeing more proana content than I was a few years ago. I think it's partially because people have gotten sick of having to be body positive when they really aren't, partially trend cycles, and partially the result of pandemic weight gain and people's increased anxiety around their weight, but I will see videos like "How I stay so skinny!!!" etc that probably would have been relentlessly criticized if they came out a few years before. I definitely agree that the two ideals can coexist, but I've personally been seeing less obvious BBL content since it's been mocked or criticized more and more across the board (like from groups as varied as normie women, Youtube misogynists, and of course radfems)

No. 1474060

I saw someone on twitter claim that saying you shouldn't have kids if you're poor is eugenics, kek what.

No. 1474076

Nta but thrift stores near my area are expensive

No. 1474107

File: 1673837371338.png (10.29 KB, 120x120, oh no.png)

What's your favorite emoji?

No. 1474110

she must be a really big fan of that kubrick movie

No. 1474111

dress it like my favourite animu character

No. 1474136

On my last day on lolcow i'm going to slowly close every thread on the first 5 pages and cry as I do it

No. 1474139

my local thrift stores either have polygamy dresses or they have shein garbage

No. 1474140

be besties

No. 1474147

i want to drink a coffee but the sanic totem said no

No. 1474234

I'm sure it's just the royal family genes but Prince Harry is so unsettling. There's never any emotion in his eyes. He doesn't deserve Meghan, she's too good for him.

No. 1474240


No. 1474260


No. 1474264

eh I'd prolly fuck it and then teach it how to play smash bros (melee)

No. 1474266

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nonny whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 1474268

i feel this, i don't really like the cranberries music but her vocals are infectious as fuck

No. 1474269


No. 1474272

every time i see a ProZD video he somehow looks even fatter and uglier. feel bad for his wife tbh

No. 1474273

what's in yoo hayyd
in yoo hayyyyed

No. 1474298

And older. I still wonder how a guy like that was able to get a wife.

No. 1474305

I had one of those mini bowls of fruit loops in my pantry so I cracked it open, ate it, and when I went to throw it out about an hour later yeah I had a bowl sitting around for an hour, sue me the leftover fruit loops pieces had all turned brown like an apple. Since when do they do that? Wtf did I put in my body.

No. 1474307

lolwut thats lowkey horrifying
honestly i would stay away from cereal it's full of so much bullshit and added sugar/sweeteners

No. 1474316

You're right and usually cereal isn't my thing but it just seemed good today.

No. 1474317

His attempt at pretending he's not balding is rough

No. 1474320

It's up nonnie just try different domains. .id and .gs works

No. 1474349

File: 1673862822164.jpg (76.19 KB, 600x900, 232980312140.jpg)

I've been thinking about Bette porter and I just love her suit/pant suspenders ughhhh

No. 1474351

I know moids tend to age like milk anyway, but I bet he could have avoided aging so soon if he dropped all that weight, he's 32 but looks 45 it's actually concerning

No. 1474371

Bette is the hottest character and had the best wardrobe.

No. 1474442

Nonitas i am watching the office too!! I am on season 7 and honest to god, i can't stand Jim and Pam. They are the least interesting characters to me and its bluntly obvious that they are the writers favorite. They have everything so "uwu perfect" and nothing interesting ever happens to them. I also cannot stand how they both love bullying the shit out of Dwight despite him being a cow, it always seemed extremely childish. Christmas episode when Jim is finally getting shit he deserves really made me happy at least.
I am honestly a lot more interested in background characters than Jim and Pam, Michael is an idiot too. I prefer watching Angela and Dwight be crazy instead of spending 40 minutes on another JimPamAction episode. I also don't like how we still dont know anything about Meredith. We pretty much know at least the basics about everyone when she is still being used only for nothing but gross, dirty jokes. 'I want somebody to say a quick sex joke XD lets use Meredith!!" Even the two new characters managed to get a lot of screentime and we got to know them, but nobody gives a fuck about Meredith. I would be curious if she had some kind of backstory or redemption arc. Feels like a wasted character.

No. 1474473

Half my coworkers aren’t here including my bosses but no one told us we had the day off for MLK day. I guess I’ll just wait to see if more people come in?? Lol?

No. 1474495

File: 1673880972148.png (139.08 KB, 320x320, cho-sungwon-image.png)

Fr. What's his excuse for not losing weight? He seems like a nice dude but he's so fat that he looks like a literal manbearpig. And yikes he really is only 32

No. 1474496

Just go home and enjoy your day, nonnie

No. 1474498

Maybe he likes looking like a fat little boy like Andy Milonakis

No. 1474503

I felt my period start in the middle of the night but I didn't even have to get up or turn on the light to put on a pad because I had put cloth ones in my bedside table drawer. Very convenient would recommend

No. 1474504

Because he doesn't need an excuse to slim down unfortunately. He's successful, has a job, has a wife and is generally well liked in his community.

No. 1474515

Is the site literally backwards for anyone else, straight up mirrored

No. 1474518

File: 1673883544028.jpg (28.37 KB, 467x204, newmin.JPG)

no need to use farmcow.lol anymore

No. 1474519

what even is the purpose of farmcow

No. 1474521

backup site in case shit happens to the main one

No. 1474522

Its where people get sent when they get permabanned

No. 1474524

File: 1673883983763.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20230116-094418.png)

I feel like he purposely gains weight. This photo he had of his wife and him when they first started dating he looked pretty slim, but his lips look puffy. Is he doing it to even out the appearance of his lips with all the fat on his face? It's odd.

No. 1474527

i sometimes think about posting a selfie on those rate me subs, i wanna know if i am pretty or not

No. 1474528

Don’t do it anon, its like posting pictures of yourself to 4chan. All you’re going to get is a bunch of moids calling you a 2 or mid and then describing in full detail why they think you deserve to suffer for being an ugly woman while they get to be fat slobs

No. 1474531

If you ask me he’s just a typical moid, they rarely practice self care and try to keep themselves looking good for society or their wives. It was only his young age that helped him at all and his zero effort is catching up with him.

No. 1474532

File: 1673884897673.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

bumping cp off front page

No. 1474533

File: 1673884906409.jpeg (44.09 KB, 600x450, EC723549-EB1B-41F2-8142-A4ABB0…)

No. 1474534

File: 1673884931280.jpeg (39.6 KB, 600x489, 5642FFD9-7074-4ED4-B4D1-02E4BE…)

cleaning frontpage

No. 1474539

I love this image so much

No. 1474545

No, it is for when someone gets permabanned. They are redirected to farmcow.

No. 1474546

Not farmcow

No. 1474550

i know, but i just looked at a photo of me and i look so hideous wtf do i have such a moonface

No. 1474556

File: 1673887472493.jpeg (16.36 KB, 778x76, 3DD83DB8-40B4-4200-8342-F10921…)

No. 1474559

Am I the only one who things nibling sounds like a racist slur?

No. 1474562

To me it sounds like a snack.

No. 1474569

Yes I shared it because of that! It sounds so hilarious

No. 1474583

File: 1673890657846.png (629.86 KB, 640x611, 1773349974961.png)

>blocks your path and try to lecture on why sex work is totes empowering and how their porn usage is natural and shouldn't be judged
how do you respond

No. 1474584

String them up by their feet like swine and drain the blood from their neck

No. 1474586

File: 1673891146455.jpg (30.6 KB, 680x392, 1648852880156.jpg)

No. 1474588

faint from the unwashed balls smell

No. 1474589

isn't 'siblings' already neutral by default? what's the point of "niblings" kek

No. 1474590

Weird Al wouldn't do that, I refuse to believe. The other two I will continue to ignore so business as usual.

No. 1474593

Taylor Kitsch for celebrity no. 6 if you believe the recent comparison on the sub reddit ! Did your post summon the answer?? I go and check on this like every few months & am giddy now

No. 1474601

Niblings is nieces and nephews

No. 1474636

A good thing about the inflation is that expensive things didn't seem to get more expensive, which means I can try them out without feeling guilty now because the inexpensive things are starting to reach their prices, anyways. Gonna buy myself some Fiji water tomorrow.

No. 1474661

File: 1673896662517.png (332.69 KB, 456x469, Screenshot 2023-01-16 200444.p…)


No. 1474666

File: 1673897547361.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, 1670935692202.png)

i just had a mcdonalds burger and i am still hungry but it was all i could afford

No. 1474671

every thread and image loads so slowly now like i'm on dial-up internet in the 2000s

No. 1474674

oh i thought i was the only one kek

No. 1474677

omg same i hate it

No. 1474682

I would buy you a 10 piece nuggies if I could nona stay strong

No. 1474691

Is anyone else having trouble seeing movie previews and thinking that they look good? I swear every movie preview I see it's like it's all shit to me. And then it comes out and it's critically acclaimed. They all look like shit and they all get crazy good reviews?? I'm losing touch.

No. 1474692

Same. I’m pissed cause lolcow is slow as fuck and farmcow is now mirrored. It wasnt mirrored last night

No. 1474705

File: 1673900762301.jpg (122.69 KB, 1163x1165, 61ZKxlc-OXL.jpg)

Indomie is good, but I really wish it came with more seasoning. It's so hard to get the ratio of ingredients right so that it actually has enough flavor, and it doesn't come with that many noodles so you can't remove any to fix the noodle-to-seasoning ratio. It's such a hit or miss, either basically flavorless or perfect. If it was more common in America, I'm sure they would have more.

No. 1474708

Nona…are you sure you're draining all the water out? Sometimes I don't even use the entire spicy sauce packet because the flavor is so overpowering.

No. 1474710

Yes, I never like instant ramen with water. Which spicy packet do you mean, the red stuff? I have a very low spice tolerance but imo it's not very spicy at all.

No. 1474717

File: 1673901544131.gif (1.31 MB, 320x240, 858.gif)

He and a few others are meant to be the "indiana 9, a california 6" joke where they're hot for where they are. No idea how it caught on with the audience though. He's all doofy and annoying.

No. 1474718

how does shaving your head help for charity

No. 1474720

In the packet with all of the liquid sauces, the red chili sauce is way too spicy for me sometimes and I usually like spicy food. I wonder if some of the packages randomly have less seasonings in them? But I swear every time I've eaten that brand of noodles I've felt like I've overdosed on salt and spice.

No. 1474722

Your gif makes me vastly uncomfortable

No. 1474736

Some nerd moid (probably ugly) putting on pants and a shirt and pretending to act sexy and "dominant" while gesturing to the camera alone in his parents' basement. Incredibly cringy.

No. 1474739

File: 1673903011532.png (289.53 KB, 463x624, 74d.png)

back in the day there were tumblrinas who unironically found him hot

No. 1474741

Are we being hacked? Or im i the only one dealing with the site being reversed? Everything is backwards! Sorry for any typos…

No. 1474742

There is a new admin who fixed lolcow.farm farmcow is back to it's old state

No. 1474746

Anon, etis desrever eht ni er'uoy

No. 1474752

Thanks nonnies. Havent been on all day.

No. 1474762

>new admin
Shaymin's still on board for the time being. New admin hasn't revealed herself and hasn't taken over yet.

No. 1474766

File: 1673904668215.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, 1662819464079.jpg)

Shaymin managed to fix it herself? I'm honestly surprised.

No. 1474770

File: 1673905105297.gif (293.52 KB, 200x133, fetchimage.gif)

There are he who are spectator or spectacle in this world.

No. 1474771

Spoiler that shit

No. 1474773

This is making me kek cause you can't actually read it on farmcow

No. 1474774

I'll never forget about all the anons who were unfairly treated and harshly judged. Discharge-chan…Driverfags…hamster-chan…they never deserved the hate.

No. 1474777

File: 1673905825843.jpeg (37.58 KB, 631x350, man.jpeg)

and now they're gone..like dust in the wind

No. 1474778

oh no, not the thin soyboy wannabe tumblr dom! anon delete this gif it's long over

No. 1474779

Damn the standards were low… also who the fuck unironically bites their lips when they're aroused? I've only ever seen it in movies and I just guessed moids just liked women retardedly biting their lips.

No. 1474780

What? Did I miss something?

No. 1474784

We were inside the mirror all along

No. 1474786

hamster chan was so cute and sweet. i hope she still browses

No. 1474787

wasn't the anti-hamster-chan posting mostly a schizotroon psy-op anyway?

No. 1474788

I only agree on hamster-chan, pretending to be an animal online should be normalized

No. 1474790

has anyone else tried to open images on lc and have it take like 3 full minutes? truly dial up level. idk if it's the site or just my bad internet

No. 1474793

yeah >>1474671
and i have good internet so it's definitely something with the site

No. 1474795

yep same here
webms are basically unwatchable too

No. 1474802

what chan's do you hate the most nonnies? I hate Sand Chan

No. 1474806

was just about to ask
the site is very slow for me rn
i hate all attention whores

No. 1474807

who? also can someone PLEASE explain who is horse chan, i never got an answer

No. 1474808

Sand-chan active around 2020-2021, told a story about having sex on the beach with some small dicked scrote, said that while they were sexxin he managed to somehow get sand in her vagina. She claimed she could never get it out and did not stop him and that she liked it a lot. Then asked if it was okay to have this fetish and would it turn to glass. I told her she was gross and we went back and forth for 5 hours. I do not remember what thread this was or what happened to the thread. In this thread she revealed that she eats sand

No. 1474811

File: 1673909209424.png (117.64 KB, 458x460, 54e-167903256.png)

damn reading this was quite a ride

No. 1474813

I hate her

No. 1474816

I don't hate any -chans in general (I actually like a lot of them) but I do hate this one anon who judged me for not making my own pie crust about a year ago.

No. 1474820


No. 1474821

File: 1674053141940.gif (1.19 MB, 220x220, GI.gif)


No. 1474822

File: 1674053178944.png (592.2 KB, 674x640, pov5mndudhc51.png)

I missed you lolcow my life has been so empty and flavorless like 0 calorie peanut butter

No. 1474823

File: 1674053194215.jpg (296.77 KB, 1884x2048, 1666400123112.jpg)

Hi nonitas! I love you all

No. 1474824

lolcor thank god i missed you all

No. 1474825


No. 1474826

I missed everyone so much, I'm so glad we are back.

No. 1474827

File: 1674053659901.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 1671648219422.png)

Wait, does lolcor being back mean we have a new admin now? I hope we get an introduction post soon

No. 1474828

File: 1674053698008.gif (694.1 KB, 400x180, giphy.gif)

yesss we're back

No. 1474829

yes staff in discord said there will be introductions soon

No. 1474830

post caps NOW. please

No. 1474831

File: 1674053809882.jpeg (56.78 KB, 828x164, 46BB8ED1-13BE-4C9F-B367-4DDDB7…)

No. 1474832

File: 1674053871608.jpeg (14.27 KB, 612x418, A17-4E44I45.jpeg)


No. 1474847

i love my retard cat she is so lovely

No. 1474852

hello my sisters i love you all very very much

No. 1474859

File: 1674055708587.jpg (32.52 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nxjdfg4Sif1u0q3xpo1_500…)

blease use this as the next Things You Hate threadpic

No. 1474863

every things you hate threadpic should be a borzoi reference that gets progressively more obscure

No. 1474865

i wish lolcow had one of those counters like on old websites where you could see which parts of the world users were posting from. and also a counter for current active users, that would be so cool

No. 1474870

then finally we'd know when paki chan posts

No. 1474871

nucow will run lynxchan which has a posts per hour and user counter. not sure how the user counter works

No. 1474872

everynonny and her gran would accuse each other of being pakichan

No. 1474875

new admins going ahead with the website overhaul?
i vaguely remember seeing a post counter when shaymin revealed the new lolcow site that quickly got shelved but i can't remember what that looked like exactly

No. 1474877

Omg we are so fucking back. I missed you all….
excited to meet new admin?!? I hope they are not rarted

No. 1474880

File: 1674057342451.jpeg (46.3 KB, 1223x751, 3145915E-C4BC-45FB-81C2-7DB464…)

No. 1474882

yep, the update has been in progress for years now. oldmin started it and shaymin's continued her work, now new admin (whoever she is) is going through with it as well. Iirc shaymin said in the discord that the update will happen even if there's a new admin. alogs.space and anon.cafe run lynxchan, it has a lot more features than tinyboard like multiple images, custom css, thread watching… but personally I'll miss lolcow and I'll accept nucow reluctantly.

No. 1474883

personally i don't even care as long as no threads are lost anymore

No. 1474884


No. 1474888

File: 1674058049335.png (120.98 KB, 1439x479, 1671786014103.png)

she said old threads from the cow boards will be moved over, off topic boards as well if there's enough demand. picrel is a cap from the nucow from the failed update a month ago

No. 1474889

How are those two other sites? Female only? Active?

No. 1474890

The tranny at work (we work in a stem industry) keeps trying to talk to me about the merits of psychology but my background is a masters in molecular biology and my undergradate was focused on genomonics and genome editing. I explicitly know that transsexualism is bullshit please do not make me say it in the workplace.

No. 1474892

Ask them about their relationship with their dad and how it affected them, they will stfu

No. 1474893

>Female only
oh lord don't even try, alogs.space is male lolcow haven. if you tried to make a thread on a female lolcow it'd be swamped with porn and shit immediately. all the threads are slow as fuck except for the ibs thread. anon.cafe is slow and male as well but a bit more comfy.

No. 1474894

well I demand the non-cow boards too. I don't want ANOTHER /m/pocalypse.

No. 1474895

I never asked but they told me their parents don't like them since they're trans. He overheard me talking about dolls with a coworker the other day and he turned the whole conversation into how he never got to experience that growing up. I said weird my brother use to play house with me and my dolls. Then another older coworker spoke about action men and I was like yeah I use to play with my brothers toys too. Like fuck up tranny, gendered toys don't change your biology stfu

No. 1474896

I feel for you nonna. Thankfully he will probably commit suicide

No. 1474897

File: 1674058704218.jpeg (22.43 KB, 255x237, E399A6AD-DAC8-48EB-8064-300A9D…)

Saw a nonny being sad on lc about her mousey hair and I just wanted to let her know that if she was a cat she would be like this beautiful one right here

No. 1474899

I do feel bad. When they first came they were full of theirself and loved to be contrary to literally any topic going but now they don't even sit in the canteen and keep to theirself more. Like aside from the gender nonesone he's a nice guy. He's 10 years younger than me and if he was at highschool when I was I can just see him fitting in with like some nerd group or something. First day I met him he waxed lyrical about hilary Clinton and shit. He would have had his early Internet years dominated by the hilary Clinton's election campaign and identity issues. And he wants to talk about psychology and how the answer to everything is transitioning. Shut up!!

No. 1474902

File: 1674059643108.jpeg (725.45 KB, 828x889, 2BBAB4EC-C1E2-4B62-83DD-083960…)

June the Junkyard Cat missed all the nonnas. She says prrrr prr prrrrr

No. 1474913

that's already the case

No. 1474914

he sounds mega autistic if he's talking about hilary clinton and transitioning to his coworkers at work who most likely do not give a single shit and just want to get on with their job in peace

No. 1474915

>I said weird my brother use to play house with me and my dolls.
kek I love this dig at him. Hope you get more opportunities but I hope even more that he leaves.

No. 1474917

One of my favorite stories ever told was when my friend was at a bar counter in a club in Japan, and she suddenly noted that the girls were each after another jumping and looking uncomfortable. My friend leaned back to see what's going on and noted that a guy was pinching everyone's butts as he was walking by so she put her hand down around that level, waiting for him to pass by her. When he reached for her ass she managed to grab his thumb and pushed it back until she heard a whine and noted him skimpering away in the corner of her eye.
Had it been someone else I would have called bullshit, but she used to be a real badass until she got burnt out and sadly had her personality do a 180.

No. 1474924

soon to be 41% anyway
love u 2 girlie

No. 1474963

I hate how meek and beta japanese women are. Reminds me of the train incel who was colliding with women every day and no one checked him.

No. 1474965

I haven't had a period this painful in a long time, I want to die from the pain

No. 1474966

I wanted to post my MASSIVE blood clot but the site was down now i lost my momentum.

Can’t wait for spring. I embraced winter during the first snow flurry mid December and was completely over it by Christmas. I’m going to will spring into coming earlier so you’re all welcome.

No. 1474981

>I wanted to post my MASSIVE blood clot
Excuse m- WHAT??

No. 1474982

File: 1674067419125.jpeg (470.42 KB, 2048x1536, 1673976489058.jpeg)

So glad we're back, anononas

No. 1474983


No. 1474986

100% is

No. 1474988

Can't believe this anon just started talking about spring right after mentioning that shit

No. 1474991

Well fucking post it, my morbid curiosity is piqued. Also, is u gonna die?

No. 1474992

I remember years ago stumbling across a mommy message board where women had posted clots/tissue they passed after losing a pregnancy. Last moneth I passed something bigger than anything I saw on there. Dunno what that says about my health.

No. 1474997

Give a size reference. I passed a few clots between quarter and ping pong ball sized and the docs didn't flip out or anything. The bleeding didn't pick up and the clots stopped after 24 hours. I seem to remember the nurse saying as long as it wasn't around the size of a tennis ball I was fine kek

No. 1475021

Your dream job position just opened and you can have it. Lots of benefits you won’t have elsewhere.
Your desk neighbor has to be either a furry or a troon.
Which one you choose?

No. 1475023

Furry, 100%, most of the times they try to hide being furries, and they're not protected by society or the law.

No. 1475030

Komaeda chan I truly wish you would stop posting these

No. 1475035

Looks like two fat twins where one of them is lifting the other up

No. 1475040


girl wtf did Komaeda do to you

No. 1475044

File: 1674071367882.jpg (14.61 KB, 356x411, 1456735467245.JPG)


No. 1475050

Wtf when did we come back? I didn't even see anyone on Crystalcafe say anything…

No. 1475052

it was posted in le discord

No. 1475054

You don't have to pretend to think he's a real dog or whatever

No. 1475056

Same, I’d rather have a female furry or even a fucking male brony than a tranny

No. 1475058

furry but has to be an actual bio female, even if tif

No. 1475062

File: 1674071854776.jpg (54.97 KB, 736x736, Canadian Hairless-Sphynx-cloth…)

gonna finally start listening to mitski and marina so I can figure out what AO3 authors on tumblr mean when they compare a character dynamic to one of their songs

No. 1475069

Out of respect for you I deleted it nona.

But I do wonder if it’s normal. I’m fit and in my late 20s, never pregnant etc and I’m not sure if i’m being gaslit into thinking it’s fine by all the doctors I asked, especially because sometimes my period onset makes me vomit and faint.

No. 1475072

annoyed because my adhd is so bad but i can't take meds for it because my heart goes wicked fast and they make me feel insane. can't believe someone prescribed me these things when i was like 9 they make me feel like im on crack even in small doses

No. 1475073

That’s definitely not fine I’m so sorry nonita

No. 1475091

I'm leaving my job in news but I have this really cool press badge to this one place and I want to keep it as a nifty souvenir but I know I'll have to return it… I don't even think it'd be a security risk because my badge literally expires at the end of this month anyway and I'm just not renewing it since I'm leaving my job.

No. 1475095

I chatted with AI Psychologist on character.AI site and how the fuck does it understand my crazy rambles. It somewhat feels like a real human wtf wtf

No. 1475099

My dream job has to offer remote or work from home benefit so

No. 1475105

I think I want to pursue an information science degree. Unfortunately the only 4 year university close to me does not offer information science.

No. 1475108

I was thinking about how nice it would be to have farm animals but I just remembered something…
Sometimes when it's summer in the country and you walk/drive by farm animals there will be this VILE smell from their poop baking in the sun and I cannot imagine how much stronger it must be when you actually live by the animals

No. 1475118

File: 1674074719930.jpg (57.91 KB, 976x850, 1560588541472.jpg)

Why do only black people react to music on Youtube? Are white music reaction channels not allowed?

No. 1475119

What interests you about it? It seems to be a pretty outdated degree in most of the world, and masters for inf science in my country branch of into informatics/archiving/librarianship
It's pretty easy though I'll give you that, and I learned some basics in programming/web design and graphic design which was useful
t. getting a bachelors in inf science

No. 1475121

Brad Taste in Music.

No. 1475128

because black people react to white performers. White people cannot react to black performers because reasons, and white people cannot react to white performers because cultural appropriation from black people reacting to white performers.

No. 1475129

I second brad taste in music, but it's probably because you only listen to rap and pop music tbh.

No. 1475130

AYRT, like you said, it's easy. IDK, nothing else really interests me. Computer science is beyond me, the state of library science is pitiful, etc. I thought about getting a degree in business but, again, I'm unsure. I want a stable career that pays well. I also like school. I am also a bit retarded kek.

No. 1475134

In that case it's the right way to go. Most of my uni buddies that finished before me and didn't continue with masters found a job with their bachelors degree, so you should be fine. It's definitely one of the easier stem degrees which is why I went for it as well kek

No. 1475162

File: 1674075563691.gif (7.6 KB, 172x93, 32163c792233d1f2.gif)

nonnie nonnie nonnie nonnie nonnie goddamn I missed saying it

No. 1475195

I didn't even know music was a thing til I was 32. I'm getting into it now. Not too bad!

No. 1475294

Patiently waiting for the tranny to notice that spamming is useless since this isn't 4chan and nothing gets bumped off.

No. 1475391

I'm in a rural-ish town and my walk to work every morning is bad. Vehicles are moving lifestock and leaving a trail of shitty pisswater behind them. When the shit and the piss mix into one its foul.

No. 1475721

Listened to a few songs. Marina is too corny for my tastes sorry. Love Mitski though, but from what I read a lot of her ‘fans’ tend to undermine the value of her art so it can fit into an aesthetic/search term like labeling it ‘female manipulator sad girl’ music

No. 1476406

kek which songs?

No. 1476411

Mitski reminds me too much of lana del rey, I don't like her.

No. 1476454

GAH sometimes i have to make a conscious effort not to minimod

No. 1476458

File: 1674093896957.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.11 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20230119_015825_You…)

I'm sorry WHAT? I was looking for quorn recipes.

No. 1476465

I just saw a middle school boy on tinder. Stupid ass had his lanyard with his middle school name in the photo. Reported him of course.

No. 1476468

Why's he gotta touch it like that….

No. 1476529

I remember seeing a youtube vid like this a few years ago.

No. 1476570

damn i missed the clot posting. was it bigger than the other clot-chan's?

No. 1476571

File: 1674114190867.jpeg (38.2 KB, 274x230, 735A0D83-A5E3-4660-9AA4-402EA4…)

Bump for disgusting images

No. 1476572

I think it was THE clot chan (also known as komaeda chan, who likes to eat her discharge)

No. 1476573

File: 1674114275451.jpeg (57.95 KB, 736x734, 0BB060F2-CF8E-46B9-B127-EF9DFE…)

No. 1476574

File: 1674114354544.jpeg (41.61 KB, 720x754, B134F5B6-26ED-4FE1-9313-E8C450…)

No. 1476595

File: 1674117799116.jpg (31.03 KB, 546x412, ohgawd.jpg)

velma is getting a season 2, this your fault.

No. 1476611

Feel like shit just want my hypomania cycle back

No. 1476622

How tf do you de-bone a can of salmon? I bought 2 cans tryna be bougee instead of tuna bc ima weird seafood hoe let me live. But holy fuck all I wanna do is spread it on some crackers and I have no idea how to debone this shit lmao. any chefs in here or smthn?

No. 1476624

File: 1674120976455.jpg (55.93 KB, 564x789, 29a62f6c25031d7dcbfdc6dabf8326…)

i want vanilla cake…

No. 1476631

Looking for a nonner to be horrendously codependent with. We can live in any european city you want. Let’s be a childless two income household. We can have geckos and chinchillas

No. 1476633

Afaik ppl do it by hand, they put the salmon in a bowl and just kinda get their hands in there and start picking the bones out

No. 1476634

File: 1674122327136.jpg (240.83 KB, 1600x1065, DSC02128.jpg)

I miss the whole foods lemon cake. I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. It was the best cake I've ever had

No. 1476637

Kek this episode of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has an old crossdresser hoarder moid who wears diapers

No. 1476646

mutually obsessive relationships are the tits, and I always wanted a chinchilla. I'd prefer living somewhere not too cold though

No. 1476666

File: 1674128324154.png (100.46 KB, 233x349, slb.png)

my nonnie lies over the ocean, my nonnie lies over the seaaaaa

No. 1476672

>those digits
satan sings

No. 1476675

god me too

No. 1476680

Everyone who works in the medical field needs an immediate pay cut. They’re insufferable and have overinflated egos

No. 1476684

Did you mean to post in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 1476702

>Implying most people don't dislike or fear medical staff

No. 1476717

no, just dentists (shudder)

No. 1476784

No shit. It's funny every time I go to the doctor and tell them my problem they are like "ok I'll uh.. be right back" and they come back after a hasty google with printed out info from some random webpage about my problem and give me the barebones advice I already read online. That's after they made me wait 2 hours past my appointment time in the waiting room and waited a half hour after the nurse saw me for the actual doctor. Then I pay a bunch of money. The doctor is just a place I go where I need meds I wish more shit was over the counter I usually know what I need

No. 1476790

Maybe try calling out your doctor for using Google because what the fuck

No. 1476798

I wonder if my ex fiances wife browses this site. Considering what a bitch she was I wouldn't be surprised. Petra if you're reading this, fuck you & he already cheated while you were engaged

No. 1476810

This >>657925 got me thinking, if you had a wikipedia page made after your death of all the people you fucked, would it be less cringy for it to be super long or empty?

No. 1476822

nonas help me.
i havent taken nudes in years because all of the terf content ive been consuming but also because i got out of shape, i have some old nudes from when i used to take them and i feel thirsty for attention enough to have thought of posting them anonymously because they do look nice… talk me out of it?

No. 1476824

Moids will say anything to keep pics coming even if they consider the body atrocious. Im not saying yours is, but the opinion of men and what they think of you is genuinely worthless. There’s nothing in it for you.

No. 1476826

Posting them will make you unhinged. Moids will not appreciate them in the same way as you do. They'll forget about your nudes seconds after they comment on them to move onto the next nude like they're going down an aisle to pick and choose from. You don't even know what they are thinking. What if they assume it's revenge porn and get off to the idea, regardless of you stating they're old?

No. 1476828

Do you want your shit ending up posted on 4chan or on some weird photoshop transformation forum where they make you obese or look like you're shitting and farting everywhere? Because scrotes play with nudes like they're dolls and trade them like pokemon cards. Do you really want some redditor to imagine choking you out while he touches his micropenis? Don't do it.

No. 1476831

File: 1674147319854.jpg (53.77 KB, 720x722, 95909681_609189116611644_71006…)

My thermodynamics homework is making me wanna kms
None of this is intuitive to me at all

No. 1476833

Seek therapy

No. 1476834

Kek I changed my major because I hated thermodynamics so much. The professor was a horrible, aggressive moid though, with a diff professor I passed the course.

No. 1476852

It's used a lot more than people realize. Some hospitals just straight up use Google though most networks have an intranet that takes links from Google kek

No. 1476859

Yeah people need to realize that their doctor has a super basic knowledge in one field of expertise and knows nothing of anything else. Having a doctor that uses Google is far, far better than one who goes "well that wasn't in my studies at school 10 years ago so you're a liar, bye!"

No. 1476864

Exactly! It's also why getting referred to specialists early on is so important if applicable though that's usually out of the patient's control which fucking sucks

No. 1476870

File: 1674149767140.webm (1.39 MB, 320x568, VKX0lmKcdSYlKXD2.webm)

An American sexpat youtuber living in Brazil. who termed himself a "passport bro" recently got doxxed and almost attacked by Brazilians cause he was promoting sex tourism in Brazil and talking about how Brazilian women were all beautiful and traditional, unlike nosy western women

No. 1476871

Soylent green is the best movie ever made

No. 1476888

I saw a french anon refer to herself as a “nonnette” in the french thread a while ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s so cute. Now I’m curious what the “nonnie” equivalents in all the different nationality/language threads are. In Irish it would be something like noinín (non-een)!

No. 1476894

That one’s cute! I’ve seen nonichka a few times and I think that might be my personal favourite.

No. 1476899

am i the only one who makes "Bets" with myself
>If I look outside and the mail truck is out there X, will happen
>If I can make this in the garbage X will happen
>If I look at the clock and it's 9, then I'll have Y by tommorrow

No. 1476903

Why does Anthony Kiedis have to be a pedophile because he do being making some good BOPS

No. 1476907

Maybe nonchen in German?

No. 1476908

I ask myself this question every day

No. 1476915


No. 1476927

I used to do that a lot when I was a teen and I'm glad I stopped because it was very weird and stressful

No. 1476930

Im crampin
Im moody
im bleeding toDEATH

No. 1476939

This is a confession but the thread is full so,
Sometimes when I'm on my period I get scared that other people can smell my blood.

No. 1476941

I used to know a creepy guy that insisted he could "always smell it no matter what" lol

No. 1476943

just change your pad and bathe

No. 1476945

Same and I hate when some pads come with perfumes because it mixes with blood and gives that weird stinky smell and sometimes I can smell it so it makes me think other people can too.

No. 1476950

Two things so many just do not do

No. 1476985

File: 1674160023289.jpg (11.76 KB, 248x254, 95e9671b7504f0b3e427c2371358f5…)

No. 1476990

File: 1674160137495.jpg (40.89 KB, 800x450, tamal-ajolote-145649-800x450.j…)

would you eat him?????

No. 1476991

Nonny came from Miami, F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shit her pants then played with the log
She says, "Hey, babe
Take a walk on the wild side"
Said, "Hey, honey
Take a walk on the wild side"

No. 1476993

File: 1674160208798.jpg (21.75 KB, 350x378, f562907943f3427ad91d7916104529…)

No. 1477001

I'm so tired of people misusing the term "ick". Someone having road rage or being misogynistic is not an ick, it's a red flag. Being too clingy or having a bad sense of style is not an ick, it's a turn-off. Icks are funny because they're irrational An ick is like if you go in their bathroom and are inexplicably disgusted to find they use berry-flavored toothpaste. Or you saw them run to catch their bus and can never look at them the same. My favorite ick I've heard of was a girl getting disgusted when she found out her boyfriend got mugged.

No. 1477014

File: 1674161513231.jpg (109.04 KB, 857x1071, 914cc990c7bd0ba5d8b775ebe4426f…)

I told the guy who asked me out on a date that the only man I can feel genuine attraction to is Big Boss, and I showed him his photos, and the look on his face was so hopeless

No. 1477021

I get the ick when guys drink mango IPAs

No. 1477023

You did the right thing

No. 1477031

File: 1674162949437.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, 2D8A9BDE-181D-438E-9743-811138…)

KEK did the same whenever a moid would ask about my type of men to see if I would give ugly moids a chance and all I needed to do is show them my beef cake husbandos to watch their face crumble. Men cannot handle seeing women actually have an answer past “just be nice and funny! Thats my type!” they seethe so much.

No. 1477079

File: 1674166523008.png (442.84 KB, 640x393, sims 3.png)

I want to buy the Sims 4 nifty knitting pack so I can play with it with my apoloclypse mod and visualize my "crocheter in a zombie apolocypse/post apocalyptic dystopian world" fantasies better, but I refuse to spend anymore money on such a boring game. It does make me very sad though. If only Sims 3 ran better on my computer and there was a knitting/crochet mod exactly like nifty knitting..
The fairy in picrel is me right now.

No. 1477081

Just pirate it

No. 1477082

I would have to pirate the entire game, not just that pack, and I'm just not going to do that.

No. 1477085

Then suffer

No. 1477099

the Polish thread uses nonek, which translates to nonki for some reason, which I find adorable. nonki nonki nonki

No. 1477112

we have nyymi/nyymiseni/nyymitär

No. 1477123

Nonnies are all talking about psychedelics in the Shay thread and it made me wanna hear yalls stories lol. What was the craziest trip you've had on lsd or shrooms?

Last time I did shrooms I felt like a literal baby. I remember thinking to myself "no wonder babies are so fussy/cry so much. This shit is a lot to take on. Leaving your nice, warm, zero gravity sack to actual life like damn. It's too much". Everything was cool while I was in my bed just staring at the ceiling with my other friend who was tripping too. I had the hardest time talking, my mouth just became straight up retarded. But after some time I got up to go say hey to my other two friends who weren't tripping in the living room and my friend says he wants to show me a video that "people say is really weird when youre tripping". The video he puts on, and I'm not joking, was a fucking baby sensory video. With little dancing strawberries and singing bananas. His boyfriend started looking at me and then the screen, he was clapping his hands and laughing like how you try to interact with a baby. I got so freaked in that moment that I looked at my hands and asked "Am I a baby right now??" To which the two of them laughed. I asked again but all freaked out "Am I a baby right now?! Can you understand me or am I just saying googoo gaga!!?" They looked at me so concerned before being like "no yeah we understand you" and turned the video off. I ended up spending the rest of my trip in a warm shower, return to womb lmao. They didnt get why I freaked out until I sobered up and could explain what was going on. Not super enlightening but I TOTALLY understand where babies are coming from now

No. 1477144

Worst medical experience I've ever had was getting dental work and being able to smell the smell of my teeth being drilled. Like all the little particles of dust or whatever from my teeth. It's not awful or anything worse than stinky breath but it's just weird because, well, that's the smell of my ducking bones.

No. 1477146

File: 1674173263804.png (397.82 KB, 960x540, 1d3784e6-c62b-4093-beb2-992a2f…)

nooooooooooooo i forgot to rinse my kettle last night and I've just realised I cooked my pasta with water from my hot water bag

No. 1477152

File: 1674173808453.jpg (132.22 KB, 1280x960, 33.jpg)

god it feels good to be a hater. feels like i've been cleansed, i can finally relax.

No. 1477157

File: 1674174523463.gif (338.43 KB, 538x572, 1647911532776.gif)

>Am I a baby right now?! Can you understand me or am I just saying googoo gaga!!?
nonny that just make me kek so much

No. 1477196

I was jokingly (but also half seriously) telling my dad that he and my mom were getting Costco caskets because funeral shit is just too expensive and also they fucking love Costco so win-win for everyone kek. Then I asked him that if I happen to die early, to have me cremated and have my ashes interred in our family dog's grave (we had her buried at a pet cemetery). After I said that he said, "Oh, we can do that?" and I said yes, because I had seen articles about it and then looked into it for myself. I don't believe they charge a fee anymore, but the fee used to be like $200-300 which is still fucking cheaper than doing anything with a human after they die. My dog's grave has all been paid for, I already paid the lump sum to maintain her grave in perpetuity. I want to be interred with her partly because it would be the least financially straining thing to do, but also because I want to be with her in death. My dad thinks this is a great idea and now wants this done for him too kek. I don't know what my mom wants, but if she wants to be buried then that's cool but she's gotta know the rest of us will be with the dog KEKKK. I'm actually gonna ask her soon. My parents aren't super old but they do have health issues and funeral shit has always stressed me out because I'd like to at least honor whatever wishes they have/make sure they sort shit out in terms of graves/caskets/money for all of it.

No. 1477203

File: 1674181279619.jpg (12.54 KB, 400x400, 1672588587428.jpg)

My kitty is curled up on my chest right now and he's purring

No. 1477206

File: 1674181590127.png (40.6 KB, 129x132, 1416.png)

Bought an electric heat pad for my hemorrhoids omg my ass feels sooooooo go right now

No. 1477212

I'm happy for you tbh

No. 1477214

do you suppose justin roiland kept doing the voice like schmorky

No. 1477221

Hey, hey, what do you say?
Fuck the patriarchy.
That's all I got.

No. 1477227

File: 1674184707578.jpg (27.63 KB, 640x625, 1531881118155.jpg)

>mentioning Shmorky just as I was preparing to share my long held tinfoil about him lurking here and being one of the main tranny spammers

No. 1477230

Music keeps inserting itself into my head. It’s really weird. Another person floating on my sea of consciousness and demanding to be seen. Did it think me up or did I think it up? I can’t tell, but it’s creepy. The ‘me’ is scared, and the watcher, the no one, the real me is nonchalant. Such is fear, it wants you to remember who you are. So who are you all, these separate entities? I think you’re real. The fearful ego me says that you’re not real, draws up the veil. But the veil is thin, which is why I can hear from you all. I can’t control what you say, or how you appear. Dreams are your real self. You all are my dream in waking hours, so you are the real feelings that I can’t address. Humming your boredom beside me or crying, or standing outside. I think you’re all a part of me that I would struggle to access or understand otherwise. So I don’t want you to be my enemy. I want to understand you all. I won’t follow your instructions, but I’ll accept your commentary, and understand it. You tell me what I fear and therefore care about, the real me, outside of ‘my’ commentary. So I will listen, and not be afraid. And then I can remember that I’m no one through your lessons. Anti-love. It tells me that love is real. And I can feel your hate. Hate as a corruption of love validates love. I accept it all, not fanning the flames with ‘fear’. Thank you for your lessons. I am not real. We are real.

No. 1477239

To any burger nonnies who are thinking about one day dating a guy from outside the US- just prepare to get fucking humbled. That is all.

No. 1477242


No. 1477243

I tipsy parallel parked tonight and it was a pretty big space and it took me 4 times but I did it.

No. 1477244

File: 1674186478233.jpeg (29.36 KB, 225x225, 1E327A9A-B33F-4FAD-89E0-82404C…)

Honestly not that interesting- in the talking stage with a Turkish guy and he’s definitely questioning my intelligence through a fucking mile high language barrier and it does not feel nice. Kind of makes me miss dating American guys where you say a four syllable word and they think you’re a genius of some sort.

No. 1477246

Holy shit, please share

No. 1477251

nahna (us) or nawna (southern us)

months ago I had to take a long-ish drive with no bluetooth – the local rock station was playing nothing but RHCP and I just assumed that mf died. Nah, they were just coming to town. But the combo of getting to listen to a ton of RHCP bangers + thinking Anthony Kiedis was dead was a sweet combo while it lasted

No. 1477255

turkish scrotes are disgusting, get help

No. 1477258

File: 1674189197872.jpeg (47.54 KB, 355x500, 76CED132-BE04-492A-A3D4-D3FF7D…)

After watching Blood+ again since 15 years ago, I was inspired by Diva to (re)dye my hair black and grow it out

No. 1477259

>blood +
Based taste. I need to rewatch that series again. As well as Witch Hunter Robin.

No. 1477274

oh my god you just unlocked that memory for me, of that audio file of Shmorky yelling at his girlfriend and he's putting on a muppet voice on purpose kek

No. 1477277

Found it, holy shit. I misremembered, she was having a schizo meltdown and he knew he was being recorded so he was acting calm but holy shit that fucking voice, kek

No. 1477319

You can pirate individual packs, the sims 4 thread on /m/ has links for it somewhere.

No. 1477325

I reconnected with a friend. We lost touch when his gf made him break ties with basically everyone he knew. He got dumped and it turns out she made him get an onlyfans and kept most the money. This is really surreal lmao i almost wanna say girlboss but this dude is straight up broken now

No. 1477333

dark triad stacy energy

No. 1477340

This might be fake but what would a male onlyfans offer, was he showing pictures of his dirty asshole and pits to gay moids

No. 1477341

i fucking hate henry cavill i just had a dream where he tried putting his hands on my waist and was going "wow you're a tiny girl" and i was running away from him but he wouldn't FUCK OFF i hate him and i woke up stressed and pissed off

No. 1477347

that's kind of hot… i want an OF boyfriend

No. 1477354

Well idk i said onlyfans but it might’ve been another site, bottom line is he did porn and she was managing him

No. 1477365

i've realised my taste in men always falls into one or more of these categories:
- male version of me
- looks like he could've been an arthurian knight
- dark hair, dark eyes, greasy and tired looking with a big nose

No. 1477387

>wow you're a tiny girl
Given how small his hands actually are, I'm guessing the Henry Cavill you saw in your dream was shaped like a seme from a 2000s yaoi.

No. 1477417

I had an ancestor who was born and raised in Austria. And he when he was around 16, his father came to him and said, "You are a man now, it's time to leave." And he did this because the family was so large that the father could not raise enough crops to feed all the other children that were still young, so he was kicking out the oldest who still lived there. He writes to his oldest sister, who had moved to America and married, and she sends him enough money that he can take a boat to America. But when he gets here, he has used 100% of his money, so he then lives in a cave down by the river in the city that my father was born in. I have no idea how he went from cave dweller to owned a house and had a wife, but it must have happened at some point.
It's crazy how you could just do anything back then. Makes me feel bad for Zoomers. We get more screwed each generation and they're just the latest.

No. 1477436

I mean true, my ancestor had 3 wives before he was 17 and had killed a man when he was 14, my granddad named my younger brother after him

No. 1477442

Ah,the good old days when we lived in caves and killed people
Zoomers could never

No. 1477464

How do I even start looking for a dude who is/was a camboy? Maybe I should go to sites and check by country and hit them up? That's kind of weird though, but I can't think of another way. Maybe trawl through specific twitter accounts? This is tougher than I imagined…

No. 1477489

hot, same

I think about this a lot, too. I have a great-grandparent from Italy who just sailed on over to the US and just…kinda chilled, and worked in shops and somehow got married and bought a house with a single income and gave birth to my grandparent. On my other side I have ancestors who came over, traveled west and were able to pick a plot of frontier land for a homestead. So they just settled there, built a house, and ended up running a very successful homestead, where eventually travelers through the area could come through and stay like a bed and breakfast. It must have been incredibly back-breaking work so I hesitate to romanticize the idea, but god that sounds so satisfying to just have your own house and live off of your own land, with a nearby community available to help when you need it. I hate living in this cramped apartment where I hardly even know my neighbors who live 50 feet away.

No. 1477504

File: 1674233179309.png (783.92 KB, 1920x954, Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 16-45…)

cow wallpaper

No. 1477515

File: 1674234648896.png (166.57 KB, 500x356, makeup_henshin.png)

I don't care what others think or say anymore, make up is fun and I like it!!! btw anyone know any good fashion and makeup online magazines that focus on more "soft and cute" styles?

No. 1477523

File: 1674234980452.gif (640.09 KB, 498x448, 1669726129428.gif)

bump for cp

No. 1477535

this gif is so cute

No. 1477584

File: 1674239680505.jpg (339.84 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_19cdc7bc44f660a69f6be98…)

This does not look like icing.

No. 1477586

I oiled my hair yesterday and didn't wash it out well enough so one side is gross and greasy and the other side is fine, guess I'll wear it in a bun the coming days and not be a dumbass the next time smh

No. 1477590

it does if you're pure of heart

No. 1477597

I want to go back in time.. to a time before I heard about zoophiles.

No. 1477621

It looks like clay. I've never seen a frosting sculpture like this, pretty cool.

No. 1477628

nonner (canada)

No. 1477633

If God could read my lolcow posts history he would laugh and send me straight to hell

No. 1477637

File: 1674242550274.jpg (110.74 KB, 1080x898, 1672595436627867.jpg)

I believe the whole thing is made of plastic, but the white stuff on top was supposed to look like icing or snow.

That ship has sailed, though her sisters remain in port.

No. 1477733

File: 1674250251936.jpeg (303.45 KB, 795x585, CF5A89A6-9F6B-414F-9C59-F61D41…)

You see this lurching towards you at 3AM. What is your plan of action?

No. 1477737

kill it with fire.

No. 1477738

Stab it with my pocket knife

No. 1477745

Someone tell me its all gonna be okay and its all gonna work out. That things will work out for me. That this week will be better.

No. 1477753

That French hot chocolate actually looks super gross. It seems more like a sauce than a drink and…bleh.

No. 1477756

File: 1674253646477.jpg (230.03 KB, 1500x1500, disneys-ratatouille-ddmfs-1x1-…)

Samefag also on the topic of European food, that Rat movie made picrel seem like the most delicious thing on earth but irl I would probably just bored by it.

No. 1477768

yeah i think the point was that it wasn't actually a high end michelin star tier restaurant but a homely one that reminded the critic one of his mother's cooking or whatever

No. 1477769

>It's crazy how you could just do anything back then. Makes me feel bad for Zoomers. We get more screwed each generation and they're just the latest.
I dunno, reading that story makes me feel grateful for living in modern times

No. 1477789

Of course it's going to work out. Everything will be fine, not only this week, but all of next month too. You'll see and then feel silly for how worried you were.

No. 1477820

You know that story of a man who said he thought his wife ws cheating on him because they had "ugly babies". He figured he was attractive and she was attractive so she had to cheat for them to have ugly kids. Then he found out that she had a lot of surgeries?

The story is fake, but it made me wonder, what celebrities have kids who don't even LOOK like them anymore due to surgery? How "Common" Do you think it'd be in the industry where heavy plastic surgery is so common with famous people that there's going to be a LOT of kids who barely look like their parents.

No. 1477824

Like it's kind of creepy. Imagine being Jane FamousParent, daughter of James and Janet Famous Person.
They both had so much surgery, different nose, mom has a ponytail face life, got her lip life, Dorito chin, dad got an chin implant, lip lift, nose job etc.
Then you are just a mixture of their old features/or maybe even favor one parent's old face more. It's got to be weird.

No. 1477825

They get surgery to look like their parents

No. 1477833

why does my dad's dog have to be jet black but with a florescent pink asshole
just a silver dollar-sized completely bald circle of neon pink skin around her anus
what a tragically designed dog

No. 1477846

lol, use henna to dye her butthole.

No. 1477850

good idea, I was gonna try to get her to sit in some paint

No. 1477853

Or just leave her butthole alone.

No. 1477855

literally the dumbass shit thread, nona

No. 1477856

It's the trade off with a short hair dog- less brushing and no dingleberries in the fur but you have to stare at their butthole and vagina. My chi mix has a lot going on back there I wish she were longhaired it's unnerving. At least she barely sheds

No. 1477867

That story was actually fake, made up to go with a photoshopped image with another story about how it's an ad from China, when the original photo was just a normal ad with models posing as a family. The internet makes up so much shit and people just eat it up like it's truth, because they're lives aren't interesting enough.

Even before the internet, tell me how many of you know someone whose cousin's friend's aunt had a pet snake that would lie straight next to them every night, and when they asked an animal expert about it they would be told "He'a sizing you up to see if he can eat you!"

How many of you still think we all eat 8 spiders in our sleep each year?

No. 1477874

>The story is fake
I literally said the story is fake, I have no idea why you are saying all this.

No. 1477876

kek they got so excited to correct you that they just immediately stopped reading your post

No. 1477877

Just wanted to humble brag about her cousin's friend cool ass pet snake who'd lie straight next to them every night and how it was trying to eat them.
Typical lolcow farmer

No. 1477879

nta but I noticed that too and it made me lol, I love this thread

No. 1477883

I'll info dump too it's funny how the model actually faced real life career issues because of that fabricated story. People are THAT stupid

No. 1477886

ok wait i have a good one: what are some dumb things you've heard about snakes? or other scary animals
I watched an episodic cop drama TV show once that featured an anaconda as the killer (I think? idk I can't remember if it was guilty or not) and the cops knew an anaconda had been there because it left a trail of slime, obviously. that's probably the funniest wrong thing I've seen about snakes but there must be more.

No. 1477887

the reason I brought it up was because I was watching a video about the fake story and then the fake ad they attached the story too. I wanted to talk about how it's weird that some shit like that can actually happen, because, some celebrities get so much surgery, their childern literally won't look like their new faces.
But then I got "Actually'd"

No. 1477890

and yeah, the model did get real life bullshit from that ad/story, I feel horrible for her.

No. 1477893

People are so weird about snakes I encountered a rattler while hiking (it was sunning itself on the grassy trail) and I just wanted for it to slither away then continued. I told my parents and they wanted me to report it. For what living in it's home?

No. 1477902

File: 1674267493238.jpg (30.26 KB, 612x612, gettyimages-stk127130rke-612x6…)

>Hello, police? We got snakes out here.

No. 1477910

I knew a guy (or I knew of him through a friend of mine) who did snake field research and he needed to go on people's private property to catch and research and release rattle snakes so sometimes he had to talk to the landowner and they would ask him if he was there to remove/kill them and he just said "yes" every time lmao –he was not killing them lol he loved snakes he was just researching them but technically he did remove some (and then release them)

No. 1477913

File: 1674268698703.jpg (54.42 KB, 720x480, MSB_S2_E12_225.jpg)

remember this episode of hte magic schoolbus? it kinda fucked me up

No. 1477914

Excuse you it was my cousin's friend's aunt!

No but really I heard it in elementary school from an art history teacher, and around that time Anaconda was a thing so I was like "this sounds suspicious"

No. 1477920

hot tip if an anaconda wraps itself around you just walk to the nearest sink and run cold or hot water on it, it will let go immediately lol

No. 1477922

hot tip an anaconda won't attack you if you have a flat ass

No. 1477923

No. 1477925

then I'm in danger

No. 1477929

>Thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-six
>Ha ha, only if she's 5'3
this line used to piss me off but like in a really stupid way I laughed at myself for because I am 5'3" and that was close to my measurements the first time I heard it but I was always off by an inch or tow on one of them and I would be (not really) frustrated I couldn't match the stupid song lyrics, it was like a video game level I couldn't beat or something lol

No. 1477930

My friend and her husband are swingers (I don't agree with it but it's whatever). Anyway so obviously they have random men and women coming in and out of their apartment and some Andrew Tate fanboy went to friends husband and ofc pulled the whole "your wife is cheating on you" type deal while also crying about women and all women are cheaters etc., He just laughed it off and explained the situation but it was just cringey all together. It's so weird to me out of all the situations you can think of men going in others apartments for you immediately start villianizing the woman. I hate moids

No. 1477934

File: 1674270810174.jpeg (638.03 KB, 828x1177, FC9C0D78-9AD0-4C83-9D56-265F19…)

I hate how normalized it is for men to be “intimidated” or “afraid” of women because they’re probably addicted to porn or some other modern vice. It’s really ridiculous and disgusting.

No. 1477936

I just overheard my brother talk to a male friend about a mutual female friend getting an onlyfans then the friend asked him if he’s gonna pay and he was like “fuck no I don’t wanna see that”

No. 1477939

What does that mean? 36-24-36 is perfect but only if she's short?

No. 1477984

I get your point and you’re right but it’s kind of hot in a pathetic way

No. 1477986

Nah, he's saying that's too skinny unless you're so short it looks disproportionately curvy on your frame.

No. 1477989

Murphy's law is hitting me so hard

No. 1478012

File: 1674280383312.png (436.6 KB, 546x680, B1958C1B-092B-4307-96E5-CFBD07…)

goodnight nonnies!!

No. 1478020

do you ever read a fic and immediately regret it

No. 1478022

i seriously feel bad for any woman who spent a significant amount of time on 4chan in their youth. i only went on there occasionally when i was younger but i cannot imagine the psychic damage that frequent 4chan usage does to a teenage girl. praying 4 them

No. 1478026

File: 1674283015579.gif (3.82 MB, 498x297, 1671123023571.gif)

its me, im that woman. i got nothing out of it except useless internet lore knowledge

No. 1478027

Ah I fucked up. I bought Fire Emblem digitally on release just to have my brother text and offer to buy it for me. I wanna be rude and ask if he can buy me Hogwarts Legacy instead but I think he hates JK R

No. 1478047

I was already a weird loner that didn't have friends and I never used the problematic boards like /b/.

No. 1478052

I discovered it when I was 12. At least I knew better than to post and remained a lurker well into adulthood.

No. 1478067

I spent a tonne of time on there in my late teens, witnessed the advent of r9k and incels even. But luckily it just turned me into the man hating radfem I am today, I spent so much time arguing with moids that my opinions became solidified and nobody will ever be able to convince me that men are redeemable. Seeing how they talk about women behind our backs is kinda life changing.

It could've gone either way though, I definitely had pickme moments of weakness where I'd hold myself to their standards and feel like shit if I fell short. But in the end I had enough self esteem to move on and stop caring. Thank fuck I found lolcow because at that point all I wanted was an imageboard for women.

No. 1478070

I spent a lot of time on 4chan during my high school years between 2009-2012. It was mostly boards like /a/ and /v/. Yeah it does a turn on your psyche and you believe scrote bullshit, lowering your self esteem etc.

I guess the only "good" thing is that during the time I browsed, /pol/ did not exist and when it got made it was not as influential. So boards still held onto their own culture and memes that were tied to the theme of the board.

From what I see every board now is /pol/ with a flavor. Every board has an "incels complaining about women" thread, then "incels complaining about western degeneracy" thread, then "incels complaining about men having it hard" thread.
Every single board.

No. 1478072

Now imagine if that board was r9k

No. 1478110

do any anons remember the remote control car pyramid video from like ten years ago? maybe I'm just dumb but I can't find it anymore, just stills, someone help pls

No. 1478115

There's this thing called lasagna love in some places where you can sign up and somebody will bring you lasagna. Weird and I wouldn't trust that. Also I've heard complaints like somebody got a lasagna with fucking broccoli in it. It reminds me of the giant omelette from neopets it's so random

No. 1478116

Broccoli in lasagna doesn't sound bad if it's chopped up and in the tomato sauce. I feel like you can put all types of veggies in 'sagna.

No. 1478123

Since this is a stupid question can someone tell me why are other anon boards are so hated here on lc? I understand why they hate 4chan and 2chan for the shit they do and unhinged stuff they post . But sometimes there's some cool stuff there too(I'm a figure customs Manic so I sometimes discover obscure Japanese garage kit makers and modellers since its really hard to find in the western sphere). I'm not into the know what 2chan has done so I thought it was just a weird anon board. What kind of lore does lc has with them?

No. 1478124

i mean lc at least in the past had a huge overlap with /cgl/, it's not like people here don't have experience with other imageboards. for me at least, after spending so much time here its hard to go back to somewhere like 4chan and witness the sheer moidery going on. like i remember even in /cgl/ which had a high female userbsss compared to other boards, you still had gross cosplayer males shitting up threads constantly. i imagine most anons just prefer the woman only culture lc has cultivated and find other imageboardz unpalatable because of it

No. 1478126

I feel like moid dominated imageboards have gone to shit. Like yeah they have always had misogyny, but they were more equally hateful towards everyone and there was also fun and interesting threads. Now it is just misogyny, racism and incel self loathing. Maybe I was just blind to it when I used to lurk in my edgy nlog phase.

No. 1478127

I keep hearing about cgl and I always thought they meant crystal cafe? I'm not very intune with image board culture since most of them are banned in my country except lc(I'm glad it isnt).

No. 1478128

>i remember even in /cgl/ which had a high female userbsss compared to other boards, you still had gross cosplayer males shitting up threads constantly.
god i we used to have that issue here on /pt/ lmao. and /cgl/ is the worst dumpster fire ever now. every female body part has it's own coomer thread, big boobs, small boobs, thin legs, thick legs, asses, feet. it's impossible to use. it's also full of tras and sjws because cosplay is full of them.

No. 1478129

it's a 4chan board and stands for Cosplay and Gothic lolita

No. 1478130

God that's horrifying. I've heard horror stories about 4chan being degenerate..but I didn't know they were that much of one ..perhaps I shouldn't go on any figure making forum..

No. 1478131

please be careful if you have weeb interests. if you mean like anime figures, don't ever interact with weeb men into that shit. best bet is to watch tutorials on youtube. both the anime boards on 4chan are incels and trannies as well.

No. 1478133

its no wonder why so many nonas thought the phos bjd was a coomer doll i found her on a 2 chan anime board (i dont speak Japanese btw)..i guess im still pretty naïve to these things. thank you nonas! ill stick to youtube and some forums .

No. 1478135

just out of curiosity what bjd are you referring to?

No. 1478136

It's in m in the papercraft thread . I'm not very comfortable seeing it now I know what it is.. its a shame I thought it was cool bjd mod. Moids really gross me out

No. 1478137

File: 1674301921834.jpeg (222 KB, 1170x1162, 2C56EBAF-6062-467D-9CCA-E790DB…)

Being dragged to a trans rights rally today because of the 1 Troon in my friend group pls pray for me nonnies

No. 1478139

Because this is a website for women and you keep posting about a hobby that is primarily for men, who are 90% of the time neckbeards that don’t like women

No. 1478140

You are a tragic embarrassment to us all

No. 1478141

I used to browse /a/ but very quickly became disgusted and nauseated with how many and olen pedos there were, honestly put me off anime

No. 1478142

actually, anons are incorrect in that thread. not all vinyl seamless dolls have vaginas and stuff, not sure if the ones posted do, but that's a generalization. don't let men ruin your hobbies!

No. 1478147

there are some who are in the same hobby i mean Leona workshop is a woman who primarily posts about garage kits .i wanted to find a forum where there were some women in the same craft , thankfully i found lc but its seems some scrotes still try to ruin it . all of the tutorials are about how to make a figure sexy whereas i only wanted to know how to make a lolita dress on a figure . although i admit its male oriented hobby i wish there were more female sculptors

No. 1478150

no, it's because lolcow has become somewhat anti-weeb in the past few years. atleast on the non-drama boards. there's a huge disconnect between the userbase because of it.

No. 1478151

I find it fascinating how trannies managed to invade 4chan, you have racist mysoginist scrotes drawing the line at trannies. Its amazing how troons managed to ruin the internet in the span of a decade or less

No. 1478153

Speaking of troon(yeah, i know, sorry) i stopped comming to site and started using social media for the first time because i need to as an online creator, and WOW it got so much worse… i feel like i am walking on egg shells everytime i say something, it's also painfully unfunny and cabt go one second without seeing the dreaded, ugly troon flag…ew

No. 1478154

Oh is that so.. perhaps I'll stop posting here then..although I'll heed nonas advice on staying away from 4chan and 2chan. Hopefully there will be a more friendly forum somewhere else

No. 1478155

Please dont leave, i know you(tenma anon?) And you are one of my fav posters. Screw the retsrded wannabe terf larping as "stacys", lolvow belongs to us, weeby women.

No. 1478156

Continue posting pls, I enjoy seeing your posts nonnie.

No. 1478157

because men are really fucking gay. don't forget the old "trap" obsession, trannies are a logical evolution of traps. there are also a lot of sjws and trannies invading lolita fashion, which is confusing considering most lolitas are borderline radfems or tradthots both of which who hate trannies in every way.

No. 1478163

i think weebshit should be more popular here but it just attracts a certain kind of poster. likeb>>1478155 who is a tranny.

No. 1478164

Sorry nonny

No. 1478165

if you're going to stay, and are that /m/ poster please for all that is holy lurk and integrate more

No. 1478168

I hate tiktok femcels, they don't understand what femcels are

No. 1478169

You replied to me and I am a weeb, just an old one. I personally feel like from being around male communities for so long it feels like a disappointment because guys don’t take most women seriously in their hobbies or just think they’re there to get male attention (aka the NLOG or Anime Club Princess joke). Guys get weird and practically territorial when there are no women. If the anon trying to get into garage kits really is a girl than whatever, but I think they’re pretty naïve or should go to the doll thread on /toy/ where there are more women posters

No. 1478170

no one on tiktok understands what anything is.

No. 1478173

'Femcel' isn't a thing

No. 1478174

i'm also an old weeb and totally feel this. i also said what i said before because /ot/ used to be extremely weeby, but now anons have a very stereotyped view of anime. doesn't help that most modern anime is garbage, but many anons also hold a view that you can't like something and also have critical opinions and thoughts about it. most things are not one way or the other, but then the site is full of autists.

No. 1478176

"Femcel" is just an aesthetic/identity at this point. The new emo and just as edgy and larping.

No. 1478177

It is. I am one, I'm 27 and I haven't kissed a guy in my life

No. 1478178

That doesn't make you a femcel nonnie.

No. 1478180

what I mean is, women are not like incels just because they didn't kiss or have sex or whatever

No. 1478181

I'll try to! That's why I asked why saying noona meant so much trouble(I was dumb I admit it I though it was lc slang. Didn't know it was actually nonna) I still don't know why many nonnas think I'm trans? Maybe westerners nonas type differently?.Thank you for advice tho!

No. 1478182

nta but femcels can exist as a self-imposed term. incels aren't even involuntarily celibate, they just think they deserve super models. pathetic pickmes would fuck them. and yet the choose to wallow in their own shit. why can't women use self-imposed terms too?

No. 1478183

it's probably because you're interacting with a tranny poster in that /m/ thread who posted that nail polish doll…thing…

No. 1478187

I just don't like the incel association, it sounds kinda lowly idk. and because of that annoying journalist that came here last year, Tiffany whatsherface.

No. 1478188

kek that was the same level of skill as sanic

No. 1478189

You are the cancer killing lc. I dont like troons either but the wannabe terf(becausw real terfs open up women shelters instead of shitposting and ruining female spaces) who call everyone a troon and call certain hobbies "moidish" are pure cancer and should go back to twitter

No. 1478190

File: 1674305826871.jpg (161.2 KB, 770x578, 9a17595cfe.jpg)

why were siblings Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical desperately trying to get the parts of romantic leads in the high school musical
They also played the leads in every musical up to the first HSM so they like most definitely had to smooch on stage? East High was weird.

No. 1478191

a small price to pay for fame

No. 1478192

No no that was me . I'm a very beginner at sculpting so it's kind of cursed sorry if it jumpscared you. I usually just stick to premade figures so I tired some sculpting myself. Hopefully I'll reach a level that is good enough

No. 1478194

what? are you okay? i have never done that. if anon isn't a male, they're underage because no one has dragonmaid merch. i'm not calling randos trannies.

No. 1478195

Nonnies were super mean to you for no reason. I honestly wish there was a better alternative for lc but cc is dead and also invaded by trannies and raids because the mods are fucking dead. It sucks.

No. 1478196

File: 1674306125834.png (2.46 MB, 988x1136, Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 5.34.…)

i have been meaning to go to the salon to get my hair done for a while now, and i keep either canceling or pushing my appointments back and i realized it's because i honestly don't know what to do with my hair. i like it right now but i am just bored with it as it is. it's gotten really long and healthy, and i have a balayage i grew out that i want to maybe change from blonde to something different as i am tired of the blonde. i thought about doing red but i don't think it would go well with my skintone or eye color, so i am thinking of maybe trying something totally different and asking for pink/rose gold highlights or an ombre. i know at least when it fades it will be platinum and that was one of my favorite looks on myself. i just want to do something totally different from either my natural brunette or blonde highlights and get outside my comfort zone. i also think it would look pretty with my current length and it will make my curls more interesting when i don't straighten my hair.

No. 1478197

anon, are you underage? you can't post here if you're not 18.

No. 1478198

>for no reason
it's because she sticks out like a sore thumb, the typing style, and dragonloli stickers

No. 1478199

Nonny I think you should stop identifying yourself and spacing before periods and punctuation. It de-anonymizes you. I can tell who you are in both /meta/, here, papercrafts thread, and the bad art thread.

No. 1478200

no. anons were in the right for calling her out. she posted an abomination and has pedo anime stickers. you need to kys back to twitter.

No. 1478201

the idiot wking her in every thread she's told to integrate in also sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1478206

God forbid a woman sticks out like a sore thumb, we are all a hivemind here. Retards attacking her over anime stickers are stupid, dragon maid is like one of the most popular animes, i even remember the "downt lewd the dragon loli" memes. I am tired of retards here gatekeeping anime, all anime is inherently unethical, who cares, let her enjoy shit. I actually admire her attitude of not sperging out and just saying "lol lmao" and moving on. I swear to hod every fucking thread here gets derrailed over "anon is a troon" "that is scroteish behaviour" "pick me" like jesus, its becoming 4chan levels of shit here.
>fuck off to twitter
More like you need to go to twitter, this is an imageboard and it will have anime and unhknged weird, out of the norm women who stick out like a sore thumb. Go play stacy somewhere else.

No. 1478208

I'm not.but like the other nonas have said it's true that I have problematic merch.ill try to discard it if I find it.I only know now that what the kobayashi maid author has done since I was a only anime watcher(I was a early animecore trendie so I didn't look into stuff as critically).as for the customs searching I'll only stick with YouTube.I'll try to improve my sculpting so it won't cause jumpscares but for the mean time I'll stop posting my crafts.

No. 1478212

This is how to use punctuation: example text. example text
Not example text.example text or example text . example text.
Because if you don't integrate and type normally in a way nonnies can't identify you with what's the point of posting on an anonymous imageboard?

No. 1478214

>God forbid a woman sticks out like a sore thumb
Do you not understand the purpose of an anonymous imageboard? It's literally in the rules to not have typing styles that stand out, it's not about "playing stacy"

No. 1478215

I actually have been seeing a lot more reddit spacing, so I believe it's more than one person.
Write fucking normally.

No. 1478216

>this is an imageboard and it will have anime and unhknged weird, out of the norm women who stick out like a sore thumb. Go play stacy somewhere else
Absolutely this, fucking sick if them and I'm not even a weeb. "Stick out like a sore thumb" lmao just because we don't follow their hyper strict social rules or politics, they're actually killing this website

No. 1478217

>just because we don't follow their hyper strict social rules or politics
again, anonymous imageboard. read the site rules. at that point she might as well namefag

No. 1478218

Sorry for sticking out so much!.I'll try to write as fellow anons.thank you for helping

No. 1478222

lrn2integrate, retard.
don't listen to anything the freak who is white knighting you is saying. >>1478206 this poster is a total moron.
also dragonmaid isn't some twitterfag problematic anime, it's got real lolicon and shotacon content (like kanna's child friend and her playing sexually charged twister where men are clearly meant to self-insert as a child). it's OK if you didn't know, and learning how to use imageboards is slightly difficult, but it's all tough love. you seem like you'll fit in once you get it though. and maybe we can help bring back tranny free weebshit to the site!

No. 1478223

i implore you to go get hit by a car. one of you is the same idiot arguing on /meta/ and complaining about integration there.

No. 1478224

They always sperg about "muh imageboard rulez we are anonymauz" too, lmao. Seriously who the hell is up for the job to move all the good boards out of this site to a new imageboard without spergs?

No. 1478225

are you the anon who said on /ot/ you're asian? what's your first language since you seem esl, and like you're using a non-english keyboard?

No. 1478228

yes.english is not my first language i learnt through the internet(well atleast the slang)so its sometimes difficult.

No. 1478229

>tranny free anime
Stop with this retarded bullshit, you cannot let troons dictate what you like otherwise everything would be troon shit. Women are allowed to have shit taste too and when dragon maid was popular like fucking 5 years ago no one gave a shit. You will nitpick everyfucking anime as moidshit or trannyshit, i would rather have women with shit taste than wannabe snobs like you.

No. 1478230

Punctuation isn't difficult though, you still can't get it.

No. 1478232

like i said,ill try to learn it.

No. 1478234

>implore you to go get hit by a car
Go take your meds schizo, I ain't doing shit

No. 1478235

I'm convinced there's an anon who sticks to ot and just reads posts finding something to respond rudely too or nitpick.

No. 1478236

I think any social media site is more suited for your kind.

No. 1478237

File: 1674308618454.png (356.66 KB, 1920x2164, New-users.png)

I will spoonfeed just this once.

No. 1478238

adults are talking now, grow up and maybe you'll understand what we're talking.
well what is your first language? also, you'll figure it out eventually, anons are just bitchy. especially since some unhinged anon is following you around defending you even though you're pretty open to reasonable suggestions.

No. 1478242

thank you so much ill integrate so i wont cause any infighting much appreciative of the spoonful

No. 1478243

just to let you know, there's an annoying anon from /meta/ here reeing about us wanting integration who is a lolicon defender. their handler needs to come get them off the computer.

No. 1478247

im same as paki chan kek although mine is arabic. i learned urdu afterwards and english after it.i speak 4 languages so typing English can be tricky

No. 1478248

>adults are talking now
Christ how cringe, reads like something you would read on a twitter call out post

No. 1478249

you spend a lot of time on twitter, so you must know!

No. 1478250

>adults are talking now, grow up and maybe you'll understand what we're talking
Nta but this is a very weird, patronizing reply

No. 1478251

Wow so quirky and funneh here is your upvote

No. 1478252

>you cannot let troons dictate what you like otherwise everything would be troon shit. Women are allowed to have shit taste too
This is all true and IMO women and girls shouldn’t have to be stuck with getting into moid shit that’s harmful/derogatory to women because men and the male audience run the anime industry. I would assume this is why so many women just stick with manga and doujinshi circles in JPN instead of hanging out on chan board.

No. 1478254

the anon i'm responding to has been following me from /ot/ to accuse me of being twitterfag, i will patronize her all i like.

No. 1478256

*chan boards

No. 1478259

just to warn you that anon is a lolicon defender. she's arguing against a post i made warning an esl(etl) anon that dragonmaid has lolicon in it.

No. 1478262

Dragonmaid could have been non-garbage with it's premise, but moids ruin everything they touch.

No. 1478266

If you google the filename that one specifically has one. I know because I saw it on /toy/ when I used to frequent the fashion doll threads before trannies infested that too. I once peeked into their coomer doll thread as curiousity got the better of me and jesus christ, those moids make elaborate dioramas of anime girl figures pissing on each other (complete with acrylic piss as everything). Even in the /jp/ BJD threads they talk about inserting fleshlights into the dolls. I hate moids so much it’s unreal. Why can’t they enjoy anything without coom

No. 1478269

well it was made by a degenerate. i had a friend who like it recommend it to me saying it's great if you ignore the lolicon and fanservice even though that stuff is prominently featured. just watch non non biyori.

No. 1478271

>complains about people not integrating
>thinks everyone is the same person, on a fucking anonymous site

No. 1478273

I googled what this weab shit "Dragonmaid" is out of curiosity and damn, why would any self respecting woman defend this sad pedophile shit?

>i even remember the "downt lewd the dragon loli" memes. I am tired of retards here gatekeeping anime, all anime is inherently unethical, who cares, let her enjoy shit

lel fucking gross. Nah lets all gatekeep. When it comes to child abuse gatekeeping is alright in my book.

No. 1478274

god thats disgusting sorry you had to see that i feel as if i dodged a bullet is there a bjd thread on lc which i can see for modding?

No. 1478275

eugh, awful. i really like anime dolls conceptually. i have some really old dolls that were made as japanese fashion dolls that became marketed to men more and it made me sad.

No. 1478276

Nah my post was telling you that everyone and their mom watched dragonmaid when it aired, it was flavour of the month bullshit and you turned it into me defending lolicon somehow

No. 1478278

dragonmaid is really disappointing bc it has a great style and kobayashi as a protagonist is genuinely refreshing, the show doesn't really sexualise her despite being a woman and she's not made to be hyperfeminine, plus she's allowed to have her own hobbies and interests. but god - the constant yuri bait, giant tits for ever other character and the sheer level of in your face loli and shota content makes it a really difficult watch. watching some of the stuff with kanna and her friend feels borderline illegal.
& it sort of feels like the show was designed for women and then they just decided to add in a bunch of shit for moids.
i wish i could take kobayashi from the show and transplant her into a better series tbh she deserves more

No. 1478279

that's because wk anon can't integrate and is extremely obvious. how is it my fault she's obvious?

No. 1478280

no one is talking to you.

No. 1478281

If i am extremely obvious how didnt you know you were responding to me?

No. 1478283

you're a real retard, huh?

No. 1478284

Yeah, but speaking strictly of the premise, I could easily see it as a cute comfy slice of life josei with fantasy elements or a tasteful seinen, instead of lolicon there would be well drawn panels of food and detailed descriptions of what they're eating.

No. 1478285

only the anime gives that impression. the manga is much raunchier immediately. and kobayashi's character is just a plot device, that's the only reason she's not sexualized like everyone else.

No. 1478286

File: 1674310051750.jpg (18.03 KB, 328x400, get out.jpg)

gatekeeping anime (and lc) is good. i'm glad that one tiktoker on /meta/ got banned kek

No. 1478288

agreed here. i really wanted to like it but there's nothing more disgusting than establishing a child character who does children's activities and then sexualizing her. this is why i recommended non non biyori. the only somewhat suspect character is the brother, but he doesn't do anything the entire time. the entire anime is wholesome.

No. 1478289

File: 1674310298398.png (108.72 KB, 511x742, pedoshit.png)

What are you talking about?

>and the sheer level of in your face loli and shota content makes it a really difficult watch

Yes, I too am disgusted by pedophilia.

>watching some of the stuff with kanna and her friend feels borderline illegal.

yet your defending it saying it has a great style despite it looking like all pedophilic mass produced weab shit.

No. 1478292

anon pls calm down what the hell. i personally think it has nice animation and art, and i like the openings. im not talking about the dogshit character designs; i think we can all agree they're horrible

No. 1478293

Christ you are dense the animr was made by kyoani who is well know for animating beautiful moeshit

No. 1478295

you'd probably like beelzebubjou no okinimesu mama.

No. 1478297

nah, I don't like supporting pedophile shit the character designs seem to be the tip of the pedo iceberg with this shitty weab show.

I don't watch weabshit but this looks pretty generic to me lel

No. 1478302


No. 1478303

>doesnt watch weebshit but complains anyways because she HEARD its bad
Christ, twitter puppet behaviour. Please get an opinion of your own.

No. 1478309

Stop watching pedoshit

No. 1478313

No its not because I heard its bad, its bad because it is bad anon.

You may have no problem with pedophilia in the content you consume and obsessed with Twitter fags but I'd say in this thread most seem to be agreeing with you that the animated pedophile show is fine like >>1478293 >>1478292.

No. 1478315

I also didn't go to Twitter nor do I use Twitter to find this, it was on Google when I searched for the pedophile show.

No. 1478316

Not meaning to defend creepy anime, but there are cases in which a character is obviously designed as a child, but otherwise do not come off at all like one. Then there are cases like dragon maid in which they go head on, make everything about the character childish, not just their looks, but personality and everything they do, sometimes even infantilizing them further than their supposed age. If you have been around weeb spaces enough, you can notice that typical children things become fetish accessories, one of the most obvious being the randoseru (a specific design of backpack that is used by kids, you don't even see highschoolers with it). So yeah, it's on that level that they get off to objects and abstract concepts related to childhood.

No. 1478318

God i hate black and white mentality, people explained to you that the animation was fluid and you responded "idk i dont watch weabshit i am such a stacy i just repeat opinions from twitter". The pedo shit is miniscule on the anime, and compared to most anime lolicon pandering is even tame. You seriously have to be trolling or something i refuse tl believe slmeone this retarded exists.

No. 1478319

shame on me for responding to obvious bait but no-one youre responding to is defending pedophilia OR the show, you absolute brainlet

No. 1478321

I like black and white mentality when it comes to pedophilia lel

>"idk i dont watch weabshit i am such a stacy i just repeat opinions from twitter".

Oh no I wasn't trying to shit on anyone for watching anime, there are probably some decent ones that aren't about pedophilia. You're very obsessed with Twitter too.

>"bait is calling out pedophilia".
Watching this shit is in essence defending pedophilia.

No. 1478323

no i agree with you. i think that character designs have nothing to do with age since anime is very shallow artistically(even in dragonmaid a child character has huge breasts). what makes something pedoshit is establishing a character as a child in a sexual situation either with an adult or in an oblivious manner. i'd honestly argue that high schoolers with other high schoolers isn't even a big deal, because the characters are consenting and with other characters their own age. also randoseru are only for elementary students and no other age. i agree with basically everything you said.

No. 1478335

You cannot be serious. ”Oh this pedophile content is not as bad as other ones, that makes it fine”. Also, being against pedo freaks is not a twitter only thing what are you smoking.

No. 1478339

LC has some anti-weeb nonnies but even the weeb ones hate generic anime and coomershit that you keep including in your posts kek

No. 1478340

> i'd honestly argue that high schoolers with other high schoolers isn't even a big deal, because the characters are consenting and with other characters their own age. also randoseru are only for elementary students and no other age.

I agree, this is a good point in media, I don't have much against teenagers boinking other teenagers (as long as shit isn't too fetishistic) because teenagers do this in real life, but most of pedoshit in anime that crops up is never this and if it were I'd be greatly skeptical of the presentation seeing as most anime seems to be written by decrepit old Japanese moids.

Twitterfag obsessed pedo-apologist anon seems to think anyone wanting to keep out of anime is anti-anime because of some made up shit in their head that "I think I'm better than them" and just a 'Twitterfag stacy' lel, but If anime had more women behind the conception of it and it wasn't just a thinly veiled pedophile outlet for moids, I'd probably actually give it the time of day because the idea of anime sounds great on paper.

No. 1478343

Its incredibly lowly and self-defeatist. "Femcels" don't exist, you are your own person and your problems are not unique to yourself, many women have been there. Loneliness is typical now in the era of literal social isolation.

Imagine basing your worth on moid-logic.

No. 1478347

A woman started the incel movement including the name as well. Not that I necessarily agree with her or the movement in the slightest but it's not exclusively moid-logic to feel depressed at the fact that you can't find a partner and then wallow in self-hate that just makes you spiral more, although men are certainly better at that kek

No. 1478348

yes basically everything you said. anime is almost always by men, for men, by men for women, or horny shit by women for horny women. i've resorted to watching children's shows. though i heard the new gundam is good. but i don't even know anymore.

No. 1478349

some people are comforted by labels, anon. also you better stop using the term moid because incels started that.

No. 1478350

I don't watch anime (I used to when I was a teenage weeb) and I do not have issues on people who watch it generally. But pedo shit like that is where I draw the line, and not even "just a little bit of lolis" is acceptable to me. And no, I do not use twitter nor do I need to.

I would actually watch more anime, but the sexualization of women and minors is really icky and anime is full of that. Also, I always do stuff while I watch anything and basically just listen, and I can't speak Japanese. Dubs are not an option kek

No. 1478351

Don't be daft you know exactly the point I was making. Most anime is made by old men and by in large outnumbers any other demographic, women having a small niche does not undo the swaths of pedophilic fucked up content that exists.

>Also, I always do stuff while I watch anything and basically just listen, and I can't speak Japanese. Dubs are not an option kek
What? are you not 'doing stuff and listening' to your pedophilic dehumanizing shit? Do you think you're being cutting edge watching typical moid shit advocating that women stoop down to the pathetic level of pedophiliac males? Read some of the comments on pages like this hyperlink >>1478315 and tell me how your opinion differs from there's.

No. 1478353

Nonna I said I do not watch anime precisely because of the sexualization of minors is awful

No. 1478354

File: 1674314004698.jpg (3.03 MB, 1920x1200, magic k8-ball.jpg)

all this "femcel" talk…have my nonnitas learned nothing?

No. 1478366

What femcel talk? And I have no idea what that image says because bigger size won't load.

No. 1478368

meant the convo going on earlier i'm too lazy to quote it all

No. 1478372

samefag the pic was a kaitlyn tiffany meme. the lady who came here to learn about 'femcels' or some shit and we turned it into a shitposting thread. nobody remembers? maybe her article really did bring in new users

No. 1478375

Went outside to sit and drink coffee this morning. My neighbors, husband and wife, were having a clearly audible discussion. The woman expressed her concerns about the marriage and gave him a divorce ultimatum. Felt like I was intruding but I mean they are across the street and I was in my garage… Idk what the issue is but she indicated she had been keeping her wedding ring off and that if he promised 'not to break her heart again' she would put it back on but if he fucked up again she is filing for divorce. I am kinda proud of how she firmly yet calmly stood up for herself and set a proper boundary. If the thing the guy did was cheat on her, as whatever he does has happened before, then I am disappointed she gave him another chance. Idk what the outcome will be. I actually know the guy, he happens to be the mechanic at a shop I take my vehicle to sometimes kek. I really want to know the deets but that would be intruding. Feels weird that I accidentally heard the divorce conversation as I think that was the first time it had been mentioned- not a typical threat to get him to behave but a genuine and real decision she had just let him know for the first time she was considering. I hope things work the way they need to. Also thank goodness I am lucky enough to never had that type of convo with any man.

No. 1478382

Whoever made that, I love you

No. 1478397

im so nosy i need to know more

No. 1478400

Maybe I'm a newfag but that really sounds like something I'd label as scrote on sight and go right past by.

No. 1478422

File: 1674320493231.png (736.09 KB, 1080x6494, Screenshot_20230121-175547.png)

Dear prudence from slate is always a great place for a peep into the mind of degens. I hope the beast gets crushed during a feeding session and the parents can finally let out a sigh of relief.

No. 1478426

File: 1674321034302.jpeg (127.89 KB, 750x734, 1651547223166.jpeg)

i miss her

No. 1478443

>practicing this kink safely and ethically
there is nothing safe nor ethical about feederism lmao but at the very least im glad its not a woman on the receiving end of this

No. 1478450

i want to be outside but idk where to go

No. 1478474

Kek me too I wish I knew deets. She said she would go to her parents house to stay if he didnt fix things, said 'basically I would be moving from one hell hole to another but at least I wouldn't be treated (inaudible, she had cried a little and was sniffly)'. I wfh and in my garage so I keep it open and can see the street. Everyday around noon the wife arrives home for her lunch break, and the husband arrives for his about 10 mins later. Always thought that was cute. They depart again appx 30 mins later. They both work pretty close by but idk what she does. Noticed yesterday that he didnt come home for lunch, but she did. Thought it was odd but Fridays are probably busy for a mechanic. Now I know there was probably a situation and he did not want to come home. There are two other boys/men that live there and one I suspect is their kid the other might be young adult relative of some sort. So I was thinking about how the kid is gonna have to deal with this if they divorce…poor guy. About 1 year ago I called the police on the man because he was drunk in the street yelling almost like he was having a bad acid trip at 2am…I know he used to drink but for some reason I feel like he had been sober/cleaned up his act quite a bit the past year. Maybe not then, idk. When being given a ride home from mechanic once as a courtesy, his coworker mentioned he was a good guy who makes bad decisions sometimes, but has a good heart. Did not press him on it, kek.
That is basically all I know.

No. 1478489

My upstairs neigbors (brother and sister in their thirties) get drunk every night after midnight and loudly gossip about everyone they encountered that day. They're so fucking negative and snooty, this woman bothers them because of this, that man bothers them because of that, what an idiot, what a jerk etc.
It's no wonder they live together and don't have spouses, nobody else would tolerate their shit. But they have each other and I can tell they're happy in their drunk little nighttime tantrums.

No. 1478497

found out about r/gooncaves. men need every right stripped from them asap

No. 1478503

File: 1674328003113.gif (573.59 KB, 250x250, ConfusedTenderHairstreakbutter…)

I'm an anti inflammatory/fertility diet and good gawd this meal plan is fucking delicious. I just made mocha buckwheat banana bread, yummy in my fuckin tummy.

No. 1478511

Lolcow doesn’t work for me, again

No. 1478514

Nonny that gif is bringing back so many memories…

No. 1478518

wdym, you're posting right now. unless you mean the slow loading, then it's like that for everyone because the null spam isn't deleted

No. 1478554

You're welcome nonny.

No. 1478559

I just want my cycle to be over but I'm still in the brown sludge period.

No. 1478567

Does anyone else notice there is a huge difference between how men express their feelings vs women? I used to have an MtF friend and of course this one is in tune with his ~feminine feelings~ or whatever so he would constantly vent to me about his life, even when I'm tired and not in the mood to hear it. Like how he hates life, how he hates his parents, how he hates his body, etc. It's all so whiny. Meanwhile when my female friends vent to me they almost seem like they're being a burden but and sometimes they try to find some way to help their situation better. Idk how to describe other than that men are just so whiny and over dramatic.

No. 1478572

Rasputia was an icon tbh

No. 1478585

Thought too hard about dead languages, slates full of languages we cannot figure out and had a little cry. All these people gone and their languages too.

No. 1478586

From what I've noticed, amongst women venting, it's usually ranting that usually leads up to problem solving. You are aware that you're possibly burdening your friend but you're also kinda offering them an opportunity to help you sort out feelings and you show that you appreciate their thoughts, opinions and time, it's you two working together because you feel safe enough to bring your worries to this friend, you're taking but also kinda giving? With men and women, no matter how much of a troon, the men usually just pile on the whining, they don't really care if you have anything to say, no need or want to problem solve or hear anything critical of them, they just take your time and it's almost like they want a wall shaped like a friend.

No. 1478587

Their languages aren't gone, they just evolved into more languages.

No. 1478602

My new favorite asmr is this random old schizo creep who uses crystals to summon numerology angels to protect his subscribers. he said he’s gonna make a video about how to astral project and i can’t wait

No. 1478604

drop the name

No. 1478620

Crystal Cafe is insufferably serious. All topics are some moralizing shit about this or that issue. Where's the fun?

No. 1478621

This is so fucking true. Moids always make excuses on why they can't fix situations making them unhappy
>I can't get a trade to get a better job because uhhh it's hard
>I can't move out because uhhh my roommate likes me
>I can't remove toxic people from my life because uhhh I need friends
Weirdly enough they only take advice from other people telling them to dump women (usually coming from men trying to fuck their girlfriend) but women typically don't leave when they need because they think loyalty is more important than their happiness

No. 1478629

File: 1674341312373.jpeg (455.67 KB, 2048x2048, 20F33C0F-11C5-4555-99F2-BE07FF…)

Hey girlies, see any good movies lately?

No. 1478630

weird creepy manchildren want hot punk rock gfs but not the strongly held, actually alternative, political beliefs that aren't just mainstream left-wing sentiments like 'socialism is good'

No. 1478634

idk what potential people saw in dragonmaid. Maybe it's because I have no tolerrance for fanservice and not too much of a weeb. From the beginning, I thought it looked like a standard male gaze yuri show, especially the way Tohru looks. Don't go to Japan to find decent lesbian romance, anything decent is few and far between

No. 1478637

why does fem!rich (richael?) look like a fucking fetus

No. 1478659

kekk did anyone else see the cuckquean thread? What possessed that nonny to think that was needed on the catalog? I searched in the confession thread and there was only one post about cucking 2 weeks ago and all the replies were telling that anon to get help

No. 1478667

I wonder if she's getting off to the fact we're admonishing her. Seriously needs help.

No. 1478669

I want a stacy horror fan gf who looks half her age.

No. 1478671

File: 1674345399035.jpg (95.28 KB, 821x868, 1670006847293.jpg)

So, what IS a "femcel"?

No. 1478682

I miss the bebe

No. 1478684

a femcel is a celibate woman, i guess?

No. 1478685

Jesus Christ lolcow is so full of twitter normies nowadays, go be annoying somewhere else. I bet you're one of those retards who think liking a male anime character who is 18 is "literally pedophilia!!".

No. 1478686

if you mean lolcor bebe it lives only in the bunkers. its legs are too short and it cannot cross the turbulent river into lolcow land

No. 1478687

omg poor bebe

No. 1478691

So an incel is a person who is involuntary celibate, usually due to looks or personality. And women started calling themselves femcels, but this made men mad because they claim that since men are such whores that they'll sleep with any women, no matter how repulsive, that there's no such thing as a woman who is truly unfuckable. Which doesn't make sense to me, because men call themselves incels yet could still get gay men to sleep with them, so doesn't that mean that they're not incels either?
Anyways, those men have just started calling any women who expresses hatred towards men as femcels, no matter how justified.

No. 1478692

dragon maid has underage children in elementary school in sexual situations, anon. it's not twitterfag shit to think it's pedo.

No. 1478693

Exactly! I really liked the characters, especially since it's all women, but the part where the adult takes a lust potion and then has to stop herself from raping the child? That's fucking weird pedo shit.

No. 1478694

Sorry i just get angry when people tell others what they can't or can't watch, i agree that it's pedoshit but that nona was being annoying and rude.

No. 1478696

Simply the female version of an incel, a woman who claims to be involuntarily celibate. It's just something normies and libfems made up to appeal to the "women do it toooo!!" crowd who desperately want to prove that women are somehow as violent and entitled as males are. Mostly, it's just used on any woman who doesn't care about males and refuses to coddle males or shows any signs of standards when dating.

No. 1478697

i was part of that conversation earlier and many of those posts defending dragonmaid are blaine so i think anons were more on edge. my main issue was that anons were saying it was fine to watch because it was normalized, when we really shouldn't be normalizing pedoshit.

No. 1478698

I am talking about like, stuff like rongorongo which is proper dead and unknown

No. 1478700

I'm so obsessed with mission impossible right now, thank you xenu

No. 1478701

>It's just something normies and libfems made up to appeal to the "women do it toooo!!" crowd
If i'm not mistaken, femcels were a thing back then along incels, of course, before violent males infiltrated the movement

No. 1478703

God you are a huge loser. How did it go?

No. 1478706

nta but this is correct. anons probably don't actually know incel origins or anything. some anons even discussed it upthread.

No. 1478709

So true, they always make excuses instead of trying to fix their situation. I have a moid friend who has a weight problem and wants to lose weight because his fatness is a source of depression and unhappiness for him. But instead of actually doing something about it he just whines and blames other things in his life
>I can't lose weight because my mommy provides my diet for me and my parents always eat unhealthy. Also I hate cooking because I'm too depressed to cook my own food and would rather use that time to play muh viddy games
Funny thing is he had an exercise heavy job so all he had to do was to have some self control and not stuff his face with food. Men are the whiniest biggest bitches fr

No. 1478711

Excuse me what

No. 1478713

Where would you consider the term and identifying with it first started? I was on /r9k/ when the term first reached the board, and the men there adopted it pretty quickly. The word femcel didn't appear until years later.

No. 1478722

Oh yeah. So it's about a dragon who can transform into human shape, and she pledges her allegiance to a human woman and in order to pay her back, the dragon acts like her maid. And the dragon is always trying to sleep with the human (I forget why) and one day she slips a lust potion into her food/drink. And while the human is under its effects, the child dragon (she's totally a thousand years old guys! Ignore her seven year old body!) comes into the human's room and the human has to fight herself to firmly put the kid outside.

No. 1478725

Sometimes I get confused when I see videos of people bringing in wild animals and keeping them as pets, but the whole outdoor vs. indoor cat/dog thing is still a debate so I think some people just don't really understand domestication.

No. 1478729

File: 1674349509471.jpeg (22.31 KB, 253x275, 1648854004289.jpeg)

I was about to tell you to just take a random walk outside and watch the sky or something but then i remembered that we are all women here and it's late.

No. 1478749

File: 1674350914961.jpg (24.95 KB, 334x513, 7d29e68e2a8d0b7c522f9c363b0798…)

Deflated businessman

No. 1478750

File: 1674350943915.jpg (34.17 KB, 600x493, 421c7be34305337821847f4381d3e9…)

Horny Businessman

No. 1478751

File: 1674350966097.jpg (40.37 KB, 736x540, 8a17623f0529c088c886e5e7a5321a…)

Hungry businessman

No. 1478753

Are humans even "domesticated"?
Take it easy on your pet.

No. 1478754

I want to make him cry

No. 1478755

kek! because he already looks like a giant baby

No. 1478756


No. 1478758

File: 1674351418091.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, 1605540996078.jpg)

just a couple of hungry bois

No. 1478761

File: 1674351860147.jpg (35.02 KB, 734x452, 129cfbf68967fd2e63f6e845e45189…)

inshallah spongebob got they vachina on they floorboards

No. 1478763

Ok, I was just trying to say something to make you feel better.

No. 1478766

This really does something for me and idk why

No. 1478775

File: 1674352120908.jpeg (104.56 KB, 699x635, EF7BC692-AE6F-486A-8645-98DB6D…)

I’m sorry I can’t be her nonas

No. 1478785

same, no idea why. he looks legitimately humiliated, not in a fake porn-y way

No. 1478789

Everytime the site goes down I realise how much I would miss Lolcow. As much as I hate you all some times I'd genuinely be so sad. Where else could I post my most embarrassing and controversial thought.

No. 1478792

File: 1674352916739.jpg (38.64 KB, 563x505, 1671744774390.jpg)

I know even the spergiest of infighters feel the same as you nonny. lolcow is our home

No. 1478797

nta but yeah idgi either, not having sex isn't really a big deal. what would a movement even do lol

No. 1478828

I have two piercings on each ear that I don't even use because I don't like earrings

No. 1478830

File: 1674355788353.jpeg (38.71 KB, 600x338, fukkensaved.jpeg)

No. 1478845

File: 1674356795919.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.65 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_49617699215270.jpg)

Me after drinking half a bottle of raspberry vodka and eating a bunch of undercooked chicken

No. 1478877

Joan of Arc should be an idol to all kids thinking about therapy today.
You're not right in the head, you hear voices? So did she!
Did she go whine to her therapist about it, fuck no, she went and beat the greatest European power in battle.
Be like Joan.

No. 1478901

Every once in a while when browsing old threads I see a reply that feels familiar and then I get a jolt when I remember that I wrote it

No. 1478907

one of my favorite images of all time

No. 1478926

I'd say he looks more mildly irritated, like he reacts with such little surprise that you have to wonder if this is a common occurrence for him

No. 1478928

Incels are more than just involuntarily celibate men at this point because of the traits they've cultivated around a group identity. It means they embrace being lonely, and wallowing in their collective misery with intense resentment towards the women that have rejected them. The primary factor that makes them unattractive is their pessimistic attitude, lack of empathy, and destructiveness. So is there a female equivalent to this? No, because women are not men, and the issues incels deal with are mainly unique to being male. The dynamic women and men have does not allow for women to be so actively aggressive, and fixated on rejection like incels. Even "unattractive" women will have some amount of men willing to date, and have sex with them. Everyone knows that men are willing to fuck nearly anything, men are often the pursuers, with women being more selective. Women have to be to protect themselves, and society has maintained this because men are always risky to deal with no matter how many protective measures we develop. Women also aren't prone to external resentment, and destructiveness like men. We aren't stalking, and harassing men who reject us at the same rate as men. Why would we do that when men could easily kill us if we provoke them? It just doesn't make sense for there to be femcels, because there isn't a female equivalent to the special kind of degeneracy men develop.

No. 1478929

File: 1674362691677.jpg (136.21 KB, 800x600, 8338936283.jpg)

I just ate 2 bananas (in a row)

No. 1478933

Reminds me of a story when my brother was apparently underage drinking and they were using kool-aid as a mixer or something so when he started puking red the other dumb kids started freaking out that it was blood.

No. 1478938

If I take a painkiller every month when my period comes will I die?

No. 1478939

No. 1478941

what painkiller?

No. 1478948

You ever remember something that you did that was so cringe that you just have to sit there for a moment and sigh.

No. 1478958

Honestly I wish my life was that fun, I didn't get sick from the chicken and the vodka kinda sucked too.

No. 1478963

vomiting isn't fun nonny

No. 1478982

File: 1674367791210.jpeg (50.16 KB, 661x536, 694FC45D-EE2E-444D-BBD8-A89D24…)

No. 1478983

File: 1674367843572.jpeg (142.24 KB, 719x1016, 8B84B27B-AD01-4D60-8293-F2519C…)

Cleaning front page

No. 1478985

File: 1674367875184.jpeg (66.43 KB, 480x480, E93CEC87-CD27-42F6-9194-B937E7…)

No. 1478991

File: 1674368187637.jpg (40.6 KB, 357x356, yanwow.jpg)

honest to god thought this was Mr. Yan

No. 1479001

where bananones?

No. 1479008

File: 1674368807988.jpg (234.89 KB, 1500x900, Cube Steak copy-9-24-2020,12_0…)

I have beef cube steak I have to eat by tomorrow and I have no idea what to do with it. It looks super weird…

No. 1479038

chicken fried steak? It's just a cheap cut of beef that got slammed with a tenderizer mallet.

No. 1479113

What the fuck do men even get for their wedding rings? It's always just a thin band. You would think they would care more about how the jewelry they're supposed to wear for the rest of their lives looked. But honestly, if I ever get married I wouldn't want my husband's ring to outshine mine so maybe it's good that male rings are so basic.

No. 1479116

Just make a burger out of it. Use a cast-iron pan.

No. 1479123

File: 1674377835578.jpg (23.43 KB, 1600x1156, rings.jpg)

Aren't wedding rings usually the same looking? I inherited my grandparents wedding rings and they both look like this

No. 1479132

Women only want one thing and it’s disgusting

No. 1479175

A butch leasbian and her gf looked at me disgusted at the train station just now, I wondered why and I realized I have a big keychain that looks like a blåhaj kekkk, maybe they thought I was a troon

No. 1479178

did you throw up midpost

No. 1479182

File: 1674390367359.jpeg (52.14 KB, 600x600, 7271C5C7-AEA7-420F-BA41-38822E…)

Lmao nonny. No, it’s Swedish for ”blue shark”, it’s this stuffed animal from Ikea the troons have claimed for themselves. https://www.newsweek.com/how-ikea-shark-became-trans-icon-1753400

Maybe I should stop using it

No. 1479185

girl no one who isn't incredibly terminally online knows or gives a fuck about this bs, hell, i had no idea and i consider myself terminally online

No. 1479190

Many normie straights have blåhaj, it is not just a troon thing.

No. 1479197

If so I bet they're farmers.

No. 1479200

File: 1674393318997.jpg (41.01 KB, 436x436, 1931baec5c635200184461122b9e5b…)

i'm so glad i went to an all girls secondary school. it had its cons for sure, i really struggled and still do struggle this day when it comes to talking to men, but also they're men so it doesn't matter too much. it was really nice to only have girls around (besides the male teachers, a few of whom were obvious creeps that enjoyed being around so many teen girls way too much) and it made it so clear to me how much nicer it is to only be in the company of women. when i was in college and then uni, every time we got put into groups and there was a moid/moids, the project would fucking suck and they'd try to take charge with their stupid ideas and there'd be so much conflict because they'd bring such a bad feeling overall but whenever i was fortunate enough to be in a group of only women, the work would go way smoother and we'd all joke around. i do miss high school a lot to be honest, not for the schooling itself, that sucked, but having somewhere to go every day with lots of my girl friends who i'd mess around with during breaks and talk about all sorts of things and act however we wanted without the judging eyes of boys.
i used to be jealous of women who went to normal schools and got to be friends with boys since i thought they were more "normal" than me and i felt sad over men being such alien creatures to me, but i am grateful for my experiences now. i miss walking into the canteen in the morning and saying hi to my friends while we waited for the bell. i miss the ways female teachers would joke around with us in ways only women could. i miss lunchtimes where my friends and i would hang out on the field and roll down the small hills, or i would bring my DS and show my friends my games. or we'd go on the computer and take silly quizzes together. i miss sharing our wattpad accounts with each other and taking the piss out of each other's libraries. i miss talking about our futures with each other. there's a lot about all of it that sucked. i felt emotionally horrible during all of it, but secondary school was the best time i had at school and i think i would've liked it a lot less if there were boys around. and if myself then saw myself now, i think she would cry from happiness over how well i turned out, and how i am still close with a few friends from then to this day.

No. 1479207

I'm jealous, I hated boys so much that at one point I started begging my parents to send me to an all girls school too, but the only one was some catholic private school at the other end of the city, about an hour away. When I got older, I started to look into women's universities, but they apparently aren't even a thing here, as in, the entire country, anymore.

No. 1479211

god this brings me back.
i don't miss much about /cgl/ but i sure do miss the shitposting about mr.yan

No. 1479214

did anyone hear about the latest burger shooting

No. 1479215

File: 1674396306061.jpg (17.38 KB, 320x330, 239659599_378628086954085_2547…)

Ran into some freaks yesterday. The girl had striped thigh high socks, a fluffy lolita type skirt. The guy had a top hat. I was walking into the store with my bf and they almost bumped into us. I had to like step quickly away from them and out of their path they like did a 180 and cut us off. Also pet peeve but I hate people that get soo close like that for no reason when there's a giant area to walk in. Gives me "pickpocket" vibes. Why are you rubbing on on me you carny ita lookin' ass. Pic related them on the right

No. 1479217

File: 1674396622749.jpg (41.57 KB, 266x590, Belgium.full.1087516.jpg)

I went to a co-ed school but my teachers liked to experiment with different teaching methods so in 7 grade they decided to devide class after gender for a short while. Being in an all-girl class was such a bliss. I was more comfortable talking to the girls whom I normally wouldn't talk to because I didn't have to worry about what dumb comments the boys they normally hung out with made. Many of the shy girls became more active during lessons. We could openly talk about girls stuff and there was just a really supportive atmosphere. I felt like I learned so much during that period. I was so sad that that experiment stopped and we went back to co-ed classes. I have always hated boys and that experience made me realise how I really wanted to attend an all girls school lol I never did ask my parents to transfer me to another school though but I was tempted to do it

No. 1479218

I didn't care about my male classmates, but in the unlikely scnario that I have kids, and it's a girl, I'd like to send her to an all girls school, but i don't think that they are at all a thing in my country anymore. If I had a boy, I wouldn't have the heart to send him to an all boys school tho.

No. 1479239

Holy fuck I'm supposed to be headed to LA in a few hours to check out China Town and enjoy the Lunar New year festivities. What the fuck man. It might have been a hate crime. I hate this world

No. 1479272

I was standing in line once and left a big gap in front of the people before me, because covid and it's rude anyway. then three kids got behind me, right on top of me and i had to kick my heels back to jab them in the shin. Why are you so close? It's a massive peeve of mine too when people walk super close. You dont have to be on top of me!!

No. 1479277

I meant having friends and having a freakout over something retarded

No. 1479295

As a career anachan i disagree

No. 1479300

Green arrow is super lame

No. 1479419

Might've just been what your grandparents decided to do or the trend where you live. I think most couples get different rings, but some do get matching rings.

No. 1479444

Nonas i cannot highly recommend enough those foot peeling masks. Not just a foot mask, it will literally make you shed the upper layer of all the skin on your feet. I’m typing this between peeling huge chunks of skin off the sole of my foot, but it sheds naturally if you’re patient. I’m not even really interested in the aesthetic aspect of it, i just want to peel off some skin. This and those instant dry nail varnish drops have to be the greatest advancements in beauty shit for the past decade or so.

No. 1479447

i have no idea what to eat tonight, Ilike to eat good food while drunk and I don't wanna eat leftover Ziti

No. 1479450

I don't want to sell my work. I don't want to sell my work. I don't want to sell my work. Stop telling me to sell my work. I don't want to work all the time. I want to have my recreation. You don't need to profit from everything you do. I do not have to work 24/7.

No. 1479458

started being active in a discord server and the girl users there are extremely disturbingly horny in a way where i'd assume they were troons if i hadn't seen pics and heard them speak. like absolute scrote-tier humour and constantly talking about wanting gross shit done to them. it all made sense when they mentioned watching porn and talked about linking each other porn videos. i'm so used to talking to women who don't watch porn, it's so jarring. they're all over 18 but still fairly young, i hope they get over their obvious addiction

No. 1479464

Tell me more, what brands or specific products would you recommend? I only ever tried one sephora mask to hydrate the skin once or twice so that's very different from what you're talking about

No. 1479477

File: 1674417786155.png (Spoiler Image,186.06 KB, 391x380, Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 21.00…)

The specific ones I got are from Germany, called plantifique, but anything specifically described as a foot peel (not 'peeling', which can be another word for scrub). Pic related, it takes a few days to start and can feel weird as hell initally but so good in the process and not harmful at all.

No. 1479478

Bologna is fucking disgusting

No. 1479481

>being "friends" with moid and female classmate for years
>Moid tells me about his ex being into drawing
>He was also into drawing
>He gets new crushes and they're into gamedev
>He gets into gamedev
>New girlfriend is into photography
>Moid drops everything, including his short carreer into gamedev after years of school and projects, to buy expensive cameras and equipment and begin studying photography at a local school
>Female friend was a weeb
>Her best friend was a weeb
>Female friend meets discord coomer
>Female friend gets into lame and pornt games (even joking to me about futas)
>Discord moid (now her bf) is a programmer
>She now starts learning programming while showing absolutely no interest in the past, even hating math and complicated things like programming
Why are some people like this? I get that being influenced is normal but some people literally chance their entire lives when they start sayinge their current bf/gf. It's ridiculous to me, because they never had those interests but now they're a big part of their lives but it's clear that they get into that shit to please their partners. Do they not have any personality on their own? What happens when they leave their current partner, will they throw their carreers and studies into the trash and change their lives again?

No. 1479483

I used to have a go-to snack that i don't know why I don't eat more often. Depends on your version of good though

I'd buy a pack of edam, some luncheon meat or bacon bits, puff pastry and some spicy vegetable mix. I'd envelop the ingredients in a rectangle of puff pastry (making 2 big ones) and add in mustard or whatever I like. Put it in the oven and it's a full, easy delicious meal or big snack if I eat half. I could eat it for a week straight without feeling sick and it was cheap as fuck.

No. 1479487

Tragic that some nonnies are dating smelly moids right NOW when they could be dating me instead (smells like pine trees, charismatic, great at shoulder rubs)

No. 1479491

File: 1674419366259.jpg (24.19 KB, 712x243, mommyissues.jpg)

me and my mother diagnosing each other with mental illnessess

No. 1479495

Hmm…do you lift? A combination of pine-tree scent and muscles could make you like a sexy lumberjack lady.

No. 1479499

Because they're weak-willed and probably never faced real challenges, or people with strong opinions who challenged their own. When you live life as a boring, middle-class gray blob, you're malleable and impressionable.

No. 1479500

File: 1674420914758.jpeg (38.73 KB, 322x490, 55CF9F88-2B25-4738-A346-75F2E0…)