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No. 1426262

A thread to discuss the disdain around dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457

Previous thread: >>>/ot/686468

No. 1426300

>protect your puppy from your other dog
>get arrested
I fucking hate Americans and their desire to choke on pitbull dick.

No. 1426327

File: 1669765172636.jpg (129.08 KB, 1000x925, 1e79a01fdc4e463c1bb10ace69171d…)

My nigels sisters all have really retarded small designer dogs and whenever there is a family event it's full of these stupid little dogs. One of them is some sort of spaniel with a bulging massive skull and lopsided eyes it literally looks disabled and can't even run for 10 seconds without getting out of breath.
Another one is a pomeranian idk one of those tiny fluffy orange things that never shut the fuck up and are like the size of a teacup thanks to disgusting breeding.
Naturally because his sisters are also retards, none of these dogs are from a rescue or shelter.

The only small dogs I like are jack Russell's and deer head chihuahuas. They're the only smart small dogs I've met and jack russells are pretty athletic and good for catching pests. No idea why these retards keep buying retard dogs from breeders when you can get a good Jack Russell or a mutt from a rescue and it won't be half as disabled as whatever shit Hecking Dongo Teacup Toy Inbred Pupper breed you can get.
I miss when dogs were bred for a purpose and not just so they can sit on a yummy mummy of three's crushed velvet couch and become obese within a year and then die at 6 years old. Picrel for what a dog should actually look like, not some steroid freak velvet hippo or a fat wrinkly pug.

I instantly think less of people who buy pets from breeders too. Don't care what excuses they have for it, there are so many good dogs and cats that you can get from rescues. Strangely enough, every person I know who has bought a dog from a breeder is also very unintelligent, lazy and generally selfish. I guess that makes sense.

No. 1426330

>The only small dogs I like are jack Russell's and deer head chihuahuas.
absolutely based

No. 1426345

I hear the dogs on my street going off for the hundredth time and it's so irritating. I hate that I can't even go on a walk or ride my bike in my own damn neighborhood because these dog owners are so irresponsible and let their dogs loose, and they're often big and aggressive pitbulls.

No. 1426396

I love chihuahuas so much, the only dog i would ever own.

No. 1426678

i like all small dogs. the only dogs i truly hate are shitbulls and everything under that umbrella.

No. 1426832

Why the hell do people have these animals? I don't see how all the 'gOoD tRaiNiNg' in the world will overcome an animal that you can't even physically control.

No. 1426912

File: 1669810575649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.62 KB, 615x409, 2_wexford-pitbull-attack.jpg)

The spoilered pic is pretty graphic.

>The older brother of a nine-year-old boy who was viciously mauled by a pitbull revealed his family’s devastation and told us: “He will never be the same again.”

>Alejandro’s face was ripped apart, with his bottom lip and each of his cheeks torn off, with extensive damage near his left eye. He also suffered serious leg injuries in the attack.
>The family gave us pictures of Alejandro and permission to use them which show what damage such dogs can do and the extent of Sunday’s incident.
>The sustained attack by the unmuzzled pitbull - which was roaming the estate freely - was only interrupted when a heroic family who are neighbours with Alejandro’s stopped as they drove by.


The same dog attacked another child 4 days earlier with lesser injuries that time.

No. 1426925

Pitbulls are banned on my country, yet, a dumbass was casually walking a pitbull yesterday, that thing was massive. We don't really have laws in here and most people are mentally ill, the moment that thing kills a dog or even worst, a child, is fucking over

No. 1427210

Holy mother of god. That is absolutely appalling.

No. 1428053

File: 1669877772225.jpeg (59.89 KB, 595x360, 9951644E-5F5F-428E-B3C1-7806BF…)

This was posted by the guy who’s dogs killed his two kids and mauled his wife a couple of months ago.

No. 1428057

those poor kids

No. 1428082

Guarantee it was his idea to get those ugly dogs in the first place. Hope he gets ball cancer.

No. 1428095

I love small dogs. I have a puppy chihuahua and he's so sweet and playful I love having him chase me.

No. 1428098

Literally considering walking around with a gun incase one of these fuckers comes near a kid and I'm around.

No. 1428115

File: 1669881978701.jpg (124.9 KB, 1200x740, double-fatal-pit-bull-attack-d…)

Probably. Here's another. Apparently, they were designer pitbulls from a famous bloodline called "King Lion" or something, and that line has had other dogs that have mauled people. They were bought for thousands of dollars as puppies, so you can't blame trauma or upbringing. They supposedly had never shown any aggression in their 8 years, but I'd take that with a grain of salt. In pic related, you can see two comments that make the dogs out as being less than friendly. Maybe the owners counted this as "good guarding" rather than potentially dangerous behavior. Either way, they might have shown no aggression in a child-free household for 5 years, but the owners had only recently had their first child 2 years ago. I don't really know what's worse: if they were always obviously aggressive dogs and the owners just denied it, or if they really were good until they weren't and snapped, which you hear as a recurring theme in many of these pitbull attacks. Either way, it's awful.

No. 1428179

I don't get what causes this borderline religious devotion to this breed in particular.
>they might have shown no aggression in a child-free household for 5 years, but the owners had only recently had their first child 2 years ago
I have a feeling that dogs being natural hunters is the reason they become so aggressive all of a sudden towards kids. The way dogs deal with boredom is barking at shit and chasing people and cars, the way they deal with stress is destroying stuff. That's because their instinct is to hunt and kill, and obviously this is seen more clearly in pitbulls. It really is like having "house lions", they shouldn't even own them in the first place for their own family's safety.
>They were bought for thousands of dollars as puppies, so you can't blame trauma or upbringing
IMO that doesn't really mean they don't have trauma or were mistreated. A lot of people buy expensive animals as pets only to neglect them. But I agree that this probably isn't a case of bad upbringing. In my opinion, the dogs saw the kids as prey. I wonder if dogs also get jealous of babies because they get all the attention

No. 1428200

Yeah I just mean they don't have the "he was a rescue so he was probably abused and triggered because of past trauma" excuse. To me, it seems like it's something even beyond a typical predatory hunting instinct. Like the posters in the previous thread were talking about, pits seem to just go into "kill mode" where they will latch on and not let go even if they are being mortally wounded themselves. This isn't seen in even the fiercest wild predators out there. It's this horrifying behavior we selected for in fighting breeds. It seems even distinct from guard breeds. Like say a German Shepard or even a Rottweiler, they will usually display typical signs of aggression like growling, snarling, etc. before attacking. Pits, though, I have seen countless videos of them running up before attacking with tongues lolling, tails wagging. I've seen a video of a pit latched onto a cow being beaten over the head with a cinderblock, wagging its tail until it was dead. There is just something seriously, seriously wrong with them.

No. 1428212

I love chihuahuas, I don't like when owners treat them like babies because they're actually really funny and smart when they're not constantly coddled. I went to spain recently and saw so many smart nice chihuahuas who didn't yap or act like schizo babies. One even came up to me and gave me a tennis ball he had, what a nice dog. I have no idea why people will shill for muh pibble killing machine and then act as if chihuahuas are disgusting. Only one of those dogs are snacking on baby heads and it's not the latter.

No. 1428250

So this thread isn't actually dog hate, it's pit bull hate from Chihuahua fans.

No. 1428261

agreed. fuck chihuahas. i hate all dogs

No. 1428270

I am not a fan of chihuahuas either. I don't like the way they look and they are usually super yappy and annoying.

No. 1428300

> They supposedly had never shown any aggression in their 8 years, but I'd take that with a grain of salt.
honestly lot of so called dog lovers have no understanding of dogs or their body language at all so i doubt most of these "but he never showed any sign of aggression!" cases

No. 1428337

The bark of a dog like a chihuahua gives me a migraine almost immediately. The bark of a large dog does not. Obviously a large dog can rip you to shreds but the bark of a little dog is a unique kind of psychological evil that will rob you of your sanity.

No. 1428488

They become desensitized to the behavior and kind of act like battered wives. "The dog didn't mean to hurt you he doesn't know his own strength!" My bf's mom has a pitbull she basically lets run her house and control her life. When it was younger/when I'd go over there it actually bit me a couple times. Would she lock it in the basement or upstairs during gatherings? Nope, it was allowed to just run around barking full volume so loud we couldn't even talk, jumping on the counters to steal food while we were all sat down to eat, stealing guests shoes and running around the house with them, offering toys then choking up the toy and biting your fucking hand if you tried to play back. Terrible fucking dog but "he's her baby!" Well I haven't been over there in years because quite frankly I hate her fucking dog and I think she's retarded for owning it. She also has it on an invisible fence outside that doesn't even work the thing is so retarded it just lets itself get shocked

No. 1428615

I will align with dog haters to shit on pits.

No. 1428917

Pit bulls are evil and cringe

No. 1428925

> pit bull hate from Chihuahua fans
I don’t like dogs. But at least a chihuahua can’t rip your face off and literally disfigure you

No. 1428928

mutual moid friend has an expensive pit bull puppy he bought, never trained, and keeps in an apartment. dude had the audacity to be surprised when it mauled a fluffy white dog in the complex to death during a dog fight at their dog park. so dumb

No. 1428932

I love animals. On the same hand, I would happily put a bullet into any stray mutt that shows aggression towards me or livestock. I grew up in a family that would string out coyotes, no difference really. Dogs are not comparable at all to children.

No. 1428945

yes they can lol, the only difference is that they cant kill you or seriously injure you like a pitbull.
There was a women who was getting her lashes done and a chihuahua literally bit half of her eyelid off……

No. 1429069

Look you'd have to be retarded to willingly put your eyelids that close to the face of an animal that's in distress. If a chihuahua can seriously harm you then so can a cat, a bird, a rabbit or a fucking turtle. You can't compare a Pitbull that's bred to fight to a small lap dog that can barely walk without shaking. Let's hate most animals because they have the ability to rip your eyes or your lips if you stand very close to them when they're angry like bitch stand the fuck up it can't fucking reach you

No. 1429161

anon stfu that woman was getting her eyelashes done by a eyelash technician and the dog JUMPED on her while she was getting her eyelashes done and bit apart of her eyelids off. How is that her fault?
are you seriously using the same victim blame logic that pitbull owners use?? hm not so different i guess mutt lovers are all the same.

No. 1429172

I know a lot of chihuahua owners who think this way. They think that chihuahuas are harmless so that means they don’t have to train them at all. Even IF that were true (it’s not), they still need to be trained in order to not be annoying little shitheads.

No. 1429240

Why the fuck AREN'T these dogs banned anyway?
Whenever there is a discussion about bans there is always at least a good pro-argument to be found somewhere. There fucking is none here. There is no fucking reason in this world for why someone needs a pitbull. If they want a dog they can get a billion different breeds, this breed literally only exists so that hools can brag with them.
>Pitbulls are banned on my country
Based. Maybe someone will tell the police about that other guy and something happens.
People who are anti for the sake of being anti are the most retarded cultic form of complete idiots you will ever find. The more the rest of society is proven right the more these nutcases will double down on their shit because they really want to be in the right.

Dear no I don't hate Chihuahuas but they are ugly as shit imo lol

No. 1429671

Thinking Chihuahua's are harmless does not mean I don't think they should be trained. All pets should be trained if they can be, but saying that Chihuahuas or other lap dog breeds are dangerous is plain wrong.
I don't know the story of the woman that had her eyelashes bit off but I highly doubt that the dog just jumped up out of nowhere and decided to bite her. Most likely it was already showing signs of aggression or nervousness, was not trained, was allowed to jump up and then bit her. Only Pitbulls and other fighting dogs snap out of nowhere and only big dogs really have the power to take down an adult human.

Stop throwing "victim blame!!" around. Let's be real, it's always people's fault because dogs are animals and can't know better. Even Pitbull were bred that way by humans and it's the breeder's fault. If the Chihuahua in question was the technician's then it's their fault, if it was hers then it's her fault. But obviously the dog was allowed to bite by someone.

No. 1429704

Anon you're actually, truly low intelligence.

No. 1429757

>Why the fuck AREN'T these dogs banned anyway?
They aren't banned in my country but in an update to the story today. These people were living in 'local authority housing' idk what other countries call it but free government housing or very low cost housing where the goverment foots most of the bill. All tenants there have signed an agreement saying that 10 breeds of dog are banned from there. Pitbulls obvs being one of them. The owner has now left the building and is probably being housed somewhere else. For free of course. Away from any anger he might get from locals.

Years ago I lived in apartment buildings where maybe half the tenants were under some sort of free rent scheme. It was always those people who had pitbulls in a building that doesn't allow them there. I'll forever associate pitbulls with the scummiest insecure manly men who see dogs as a macho status thing. Because that is the average pitbull owner where I live. Losers who take hand outs but can't even respect a single rule in return for their free ride. They don't care about nextdoors kids or the risk posed. The appeal of the breed for them is that fear and in their twisted minds the 'respect' they get from walking around with a dangerous breed.

No. 1430876

File: 1670068363748.jpg (302.88 KB, 1003x1020, Champion_Charlie_Muscles_(2).j…)

They are banned in the UK thank goodness, but that doesn't stop people getting them bred illegally, or having pit mixes. There are still many other bully breeds that aren't banned that are still killing people to this day. Recently in Liverpool a poor little girl got savagely killed by an XL Bully. Picrel is the type of dog that killed her. I think they are worse than pitbulls. It made national news and I think it opened up more discussion about how dogs in general are fucking awful animals and shouldn't be anywhere near children. Here's a link to the news article about it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-60939022#:~:text=Bella%2DRae%20Birch%2C%20who%20was,the%20American%20Bully%20XL%20dog.

No. 1431674

File: 1670117625451.jpeg (196.18 KB, 717x1004, EC95F10C-781A-4CE1-ACCD-58A9C6…)

No. 1431688

File: 1670118069723.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

>wolf mix
Oh my fucking god no.

No. 1431690

That dog looks awful

No. 1431698

>wolf genes
Literally untrainable. This thing has the worst genes on both sides.

No. 1431704

File: 1670118869868.jpeg (238.09 KB, 1500x1000, 1524487478624-ChicoMahnwache-5…)

In my country there was a huge uproar happening years ago after a dog killed two people, it was a Staffordshire-Terrier mix and I had honestly never even heard about that breed before.

Look at this shit:
>A Staffordshire Terrier named "Chico" has been euthanized by Hanover authorities after killing its owner and her son. A petition calling for authorities to stay the execution had received nearly 290,000 signatures.

300.000 people that are legit brain dead. Sometimes I hope these trash dogs attack all of their owners. They protested for months, held funeral marches for that creature after it was killed and they were wearing Chico-badges and avatars on facebook. The rest of the country made fun of them which was just another confirmation to them that the world was mean to them.
Everytime you saw them on TV it was the most degenerated people you could imagine. Neo-nazis and their wives, alcoholics, crazy fat and unkempt screechers etc., the more normal looking people were actually esoteric shizos and anti-vaxxers and so on.

All of them calling the press liars because "dogs can do no wrong, humans evil, hehe, me very smart". It's largely the same fucking trash that throws a party whenever they see a whole refugee family drown in the ocean.

No. 1431710

File: 1670119152212.jpeg (526.24 KB, 828x1349, 5EFA841B-C6FE-4A98-8525-95C464…)

this happened the other day not to far from where i live and it’s just so sad. apparently the owner had a dangerous dog sign up in front of the property but it just sucks because it’s this guys job to go on properties and read the electricity meter. apparently the dogs responsible were a Bandog Bullmastiff and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. i know people want to protect themselves and their homes but i don’t know why you need deadly aggressive dogs in the city. just a horrible way to go


No. 1431711

File: 1670119172694.jpeg (106.39 KB, 640x555, CE559F41-7437-47F4-A332-495A6C…)

This is apparently what an adult version looks like lol

No. 1431719

They are pure trash, if someone comes to you you have to keep that best away. Again, such fucking breads need to be banned, and the people visiting such places should be obliged to only do it with a gun and come back scot-free if they choose to shoot because I surely would if this thing came close to me.

No. 1431727

File: 1670119924293.jpeg (65.15 KB, 535x533, 6D09A46E-9C9D-4591-BB6F-534059…)

I love how activists try to use this as a gotcha. They claim “pit bull” is a made up term that has no basis and people label any dog they don’t like as a pit bull. When in actuality, we understand very well that “pit bull” isn’t one specific breed, but a colloquial term for a collection of related breeds with common origin and purpose in the bulldog and bull and terrier groups. Your AST is a pit. Your APBT is a pit. Your bully is a pit. Your SBT is a pit. Yes they are all different breeds. Yes they are all still pits. Yes they are all dangerous breeds.

No. 1431729

I genuinely believe that some dogs are mentally ill and cannot be trained.
When I was a kid my friend got a yorkshire-terrier. She was a fucking piece of shit. Sometimes everybody was just sitting there, doing NOTHING and all of a sudden she would propel THROUGH THE ROOM while making some hysterical noises and attack you.

I am not even lying that shit FLEW through the room withing a micro-second, right at you to bite you and it screamed some "URWAWUWAUAUWAUDALWD" shit. Thankfully because of the little breed nothing ever happened but one day my father was invited and he witnessed this and slapped it away when it was jumping towards us again. Thank god the mother of my friend didn't see it. He openly told me later he would have killed it if it had bitten my or my mother.

I don't get what's wrong with them. Not all dogs are like this, but some are and their owners are always fine with it. That little shit was adopted at the right time so it wasn't taken away from her mother too soon and neither did it have any traumatising past. It was literally just mentally ill.

The father of my friend always hated dogs with a passion, but he died when we were 6 and the first thing the mother did was buying a dog. The sister of my friend also became one of the worst (and most racist) people I have met and she lives with SIX dogs now and has no job. Well she had six last time I checked, she got like one new one every year.

No. 1431741

I agree. Just like how some people are fucked up beyond help, so are individuals animals of other species. Some dogs are bad dogs, regardless of how perfectly you treat them and try to train them. It’s still the owner’s responsibility to recognize their dog is fucked up though, and to keep it from hurting people and other animals.

No. 1431750

It looks like someone specifically designed a dog to look evil and mean for a game/movie

No. 1431756

Yeah exactly. The issue is that they always stan them, you cannot even complain about getting attacked or something. Their lashouts are rarely ever predictable either, I never met a single cat like this. There are some more aggressive cats, but basically don't try to pet them and nothing happens to you, or that's at least my experience.

No. 1431759

I know mauling is a more serious topic, but regarding daily life what I hate the most about dogs is how many of them want to sniffle people's nether regions.

It drives me insane, there are some dogs that won't stop even if you shove them away. They are all chill and such, I am not afraid but holy hell do I hate it because it's always embarrassing and it makes me uncomfortable lol why are these animals so damn weird? It's all so easy with a rabbit, a rat or a cat.

No. 1431765

I’ll never understand people who record their dogs doing that. Especially if they’re sniffing a woman, scrotes love jumping on that shit either to insult the woman or make sex jokes. And don’t get me started on those weird fuckers that let their dogs lick the inside of their mouths. Dog people can be so fucking weird

No. 1431767

Ikr? And the jumping up. And the licking and drooling. And the stink and the hair. And the loud barking. There’s no way to really escape an interaction with a dog “unscathed” lol. I don’t even dislike dogs, but I hate how they have become integrated into all facets of human life. I don’t like how it’s just expected that you have to interact with them when going to people’s houses, on hiking trails, or even in stores and restaurants now. It’s so weird. I don’t really remember it being like that when I was younger. Sure maybe you’d have that one dog-crazy family member and you’d know to wear clothes you don’t care about when going to visit them because they will be covered in dog hair, drool, and dirt by the end of the day, but now that’s just everywhere and everyone’s house.

No. 1431768

the clipped ears are so ugly. dog breeders are retarded and have horrible taste in making all these gross nasty dogs

No. 1431774

Agree, I am so happy dogs are uncommon as hell here nowadays because most people are singles or live in small apartments and nobody has the nerve to rise an hour earlier than needed to walk the dog and walk it again right after coming home and being dead tired and hungry at 6PM and maybe even pay a babysitter because most dogs won't shut up if they are left alone.
Everybody buys cats now. We already have 22000000 cats here now and that's only those that are registered already.

No. 1431778

Really? They have become less popular where you live now? When I was a kid it was like
>single people rarely own dogs
>decent amount of families with kids own dogs, but they are mostly outside or trained to behave inside by staying off couches, beds, etc.
>maybe only one person you know has a ton of dogs that rule the house, but they are an outlier
>people keep their dogs on their property and walk them around their neighborhood daily, but that’s the extent of where they go
>most popular breeds are like labs and golden retrievers
Now it’s like:
>everyone by default own dogs, even young people in apartments
>families have packs
>people treat them like children, taking them everywhere, even in strollers
>you sleep with your dog, you eat with your dog, you travel with your dog
>most popular breeds are pit bulls

No. 1431800

>most popular breeds are pit bulls
Wow damn. But not gonna lie I think the earlier points would be similar here if it wasn't for the little apartments and lack of family ties here. People who are away from home all day cannot take care of a dog and they usually make trouble when they are alone (and it's also torture since they are social animals). Other reasons might be that they have to register them here and pay a tax and they are also forced to pick up their dog's shit when they take a dump outside or else the owners might get a fine of hundreds of euro.

All this helped, so cities in particular are almost devoid of dogs and those that still get them are almost solely Dwarf Spitz- and Chihuaha fans since these breeds are so small that everybody can always carry them with them.
My cat is like three times the size of some Spitzs I see lmao

No. 1431814

Funny how I never hear of a wolf hybrid ever mauling people but we do with pitbulls every week or so. I have no idea what to expect from a pitbull/wolf hybrid though it's likely not good.

No. 1431817

I think maybe that has to do with how rare wolfdogs are in comparison to pit bulls.

No. 1431937

And it’s named “chungus” kek. This is the most Reddit thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 1431941

Jesus almost every one killed was exclusively a child.

No. 1431990

It’s scary how many of them were sleeping children. Like it’s straight out of the dark folktales of the past.

No. 1432243

ach du Schande lmfao

No. 1432305

File: 1670176745246.jpg (39.54 KB, 1120x520, 2019-dog-bite-fatality-chart@2…)

read em and weep

No. 1432335

When I was like 7-8 years old I got chased by an enormous German shepherd that must have gotten loose from someone's backyard. It didn't get me thankfully, but it easily could have because I didn't know any better and thought I could outrun a fucking dog. It just materialized out of nowhere and started barking and running after me, so all I could think to do was run away. When I tried to tell my parents and other adults about it, they just gave me some bullshit about how the dog just wanted to play and I must have excited it by running. Unless its idea of play was mauling a child, that thing sure as shit did not want to play. I don't get why people in neighbourhoods with lots of kids get large, aggressive dog breeds like that and then blame kids for acting like kids around them.

No. 1432356

I understand small to medium sized dogs but why does anyone need a large or aggressive dog breed? I'm glad you got away. That's terrifying. Most dog people have brain worms and think all dogs are 'good boys.' I wish for a future where dogs are not the norm.

No. 1432365

File: 1670179609076.jpg (135.46 KB, 720x960, Wolf mastiff.jpg)

wolf hybrids remain predatory even toward humans(they should never be considered pets) but wolves have self-preservation instincts though and natural waryness towards people, I do wonder what a behavior a pitbull wolf mix would display, whether the nature of the two would cancel each other out or somehow become even worse
picrel is a wolf mastiff

No. 1432373

You just know what the 13% mixed breed and 4% unknown are

No. 1432396

>and 4% unknown are
probably chihuahuas.

No. 1432407

Nearly the same thing happened to me when a neighbor’s GSD cornered me while I was jogging. It was terrifying because no one else was around while this dog was snapping its teeth and circling around me. They never kept it fenced or leashed and it would chase people’s cars, but the owners told my parents ooooh nooo it just wanted to play with her!

No. 1432413

>'hE'S A LaB mIx!!!!1"

No. 1432418

I have no clue why anyone gets German Shepards. They are completely incompatible with the average person’s life style. Every single GSD I’ve met has been totally neurotic and out of its mind. They need constant work to do and affirmation for their work or else they go crazy and either waste away or put all their energy into “guarding” by chasing and biting things. I guess that’s the power of a meme breed.

No. 1432456

I’ve met some really nice German shepherds that where well behaved, friendly, intelligent and great to be around. I’ve met other German shepherds that where complete fucking hellbeasts. They can also be one of the most dangerous dogs ever. People forget this because they’re so common and are easy to train but they have a violent, killing instinct. Not a dog to be taken lightly.

No. 1432958

I’ve also met good ones and bad ones. I have a coworker right now who trains GSDs to be service dogs, and hers are incredibly well behaved. But at my old workplace an employee bought one as a puppy and it had to be euthanized after it attacked a mailman. I feel like GSD’s just don’t work as family dogs.

No. 1433099

My girlfriend's dog is an ancient mess that does nothing but shit and vomit on the floor and I lowkey cannot wait for it to die.

Dogs in general are just too much work. I hope I never have one again.

No. 1433425

>dad threatens to kill little dog
Psycho, just leave their house. Scrotes always take shit too far

No. 1433526

If a dog bit my kid I think I'd probably want to kill it too.

No. 1434009

I work at a wildlife reserve and people are constantly bringing their dogs there even though there are signs everywhere saying no dogs. Today, a man with two dogs in the reserve (AND they were off leash) tried reporting me to a ranger for having my car in the reserve (which I need to do my job). The ranger explained I worked there and that his dogs aren’t allowed. Thankfully they weren’t shitbulls, they were pretty cute basset hounds, but they had absolutely no recall at all. The guy stood there calling and yelling at them to come for like 5 minutes before he just gave up and had to physically go get them.

Later on, a group of 3 professional dog walkers with 5 dogs each came by. I get that the reserve is connected to a park that does allow dogs so maybe people get confused and just assume it’s all the same but come on. A couple of months ago, an off-leash husky killed one of the ducks trying to sleep on the lakeshore. The presence of dogs disturbs the wildlife, especially ones trying to raise young. And dog poop can introduce diseases. It’s just not the place for them and I wish the rule was enforced better.

No. 1434016

dog owners are entitled. I dont know why they think they should bring their dogs everywhere and other people have to deal with it. I live in an okay area, but there are a lot of dogs here, so it's commonplace to found piles of shit in random grassy areas, even though we have dog areas with poop bags and trash cans for them. Lazy dog owners should be put down

No. 1434017

>shitty husky kills duck
I hate that so much. And so many dog owners are just like 'well that's how they are.'
I hate dogs so much.

No. 1434019

Oh and I forgot, last week I was trying to go down one of the trails, and the off-leash dog of a guy walking ahead of me starting barking and menacing at a couple coming the opposite direction (they had two leashed dogs and one in like a baby carrier). The guy couldn’t get his dog to listen and come back to him, so I was just stuck waiting behind them all for this dog standoff to resolve as there was no way to get around them on the trail and I was sure as heck not going to try walking through a potential dog fight.

No. 1434024

How fucking entitled! They have acres to walk their dogs but insist on going on land where they are not allowed with ample signage. That scrote is a fucking moron, he's with dogs in a area that they're not allowed in and tries to snitch on you.

I'm also over people bringing their dogs to breweries. I rarely go but last week I went to say goodbye party for coworker and a dog wouldn't stop yapping and crying.

No. 1434040

Once when I was 11, I was riding my bike down a hill and suddenly this German Shepherd was running after me and caught up to me. I was so paniced I fell off my bike and accepted the fact I was about to get mauled. Instead it just kept stepping on me and immediately an animal control guy pulled up, got out and was cursing under his breath and pulled the dog into his van and left. Never even acknowledged me. I was totally embarrassed and didn't play outside alone ever again kek.

No. 1434042

Why tf do so many suburban Americans have multiple braying hounds in their houses like they're fucking drug kingpins from the 80s? No one is breaking into your house for your 50 inch Sony TV asswipe, you don't need three huge mutts 'guarding' the shit. I hate all dogs over 20 lbs, and dislike dogs under 20 lbs.

No. 1434049


You can tell which owners get a dog, decide to vaguely train it then completely give up. It's embarrassing when you see their dog turn around when they're called but continue to give 0 shit. And they have the audacity to keep them off leash (just because your dog decides to hang around out of his own free will doesn't mean he won't bolt out if he has 0 recall)

So many of my friends have dogs and all of them are poorly trained. Some dogs are pretty chill but that's entirely because of their own personality.

They're fucking impossible to take anywhere because you introduce the tiniest new distraction to them and they'll go off. Cue my friends acting all shocked like it's the first time it ever happens.

Dog owners are either the most delusional or hypocritical people I've ever met in my life. I've seen dogs start seriously attacking my friends' dog in parks and the other owners will be like "oh no they weren't serious they were just play fighting! They're just kinda rowdy like that but they're friendly".
Or I'll petsit for them and notify them about their dog being aggressive towards my own neighbours and they'll act shocked or tell me that never happens at home. Well it does happens at mine so why is it hard to accept that concept? At least cat owners will be like "My cat is a fucking asshole but i love him. Don't let your toes wiggle outside the blanket if you sleep over, he'll attack them tho"

And I don't even hate dogs, they're just animals doing what they were bred to do, but I'm fucking tired of seeing 100lbs chicks get a pit or pit mix cause it was trendy and they were working from home during the pandemic. Great, now your puppy is half your weight and got twice the amount of muscle, how do you plan to restrain it if it gets loose?

No. 1434109

Men are so fucking useless and stupid. "ignorance is no excuse wahh wahh." Yeah it is ignorance, ignorance of the owners who have shitbulls around their young children. Hope he falls into a deep depression and does the world a favor and blows his fucking brains out. The only good thing about men is they have such high suicide rates.

No. 1434137

File: 1670299496367.png (562.59 KB, 1126x790, jkhgbvcfdghjk.png)

Holy shit this fucking pisses me off, they have a gofundme that raised almost 120 thousand dollars to help these two retards "get back on their feet." Sorry if I sound like cynical cold bitch but they fucking did this to themselves, they killed their children with their stupidity. The people donating should be giving their money to those who deserve it. There's gofundme's for women with cancer that can't even get 1/100th of their medical bills covered but these two dumbasses get 120 thousand? Two kids are dead because of them and I hope they blame themselves for it for the rest of their lives.

No. 1434308

Because stupid moids have convinced themselves they need "a real dog that does work and not a stupid princess dog" so they go and get a large yappy dog they can't be bothered to train and did no research on even though the most work they do is a 9-5 and waiting for their Volvo to warm up before getting Starbucks and coming back and then the dog is even more aggressive because their yard is a tiny square

Seriously though why the hell do moids go dog shopping as if they're either drug lords or farmers with 20 acres of land? In reality they're either in the burbs or live in some tiny box apartment at best and are as basic as possible. and ofc they don't want to get a small low maintenance dog because it's a girly dog even though realistically a shih tzu would fit their lifestyle tons better than a whole ass German shepherd

No. 1434339

They need to start being heavily fined. Bring a dog in a place they aren't allowed? $100 fine on the spot.

No. 1434374

Imagine they eventually spend it on more designer pit bulls

No. 1434494

That’s the thing, they do! They can be amazing family dogs…sometimes. Other times they aren’t safe to be around anyone. I don’t know what it is about the breeds that produce these all or nothing personalities.

No. 1434519

My aunt had a german Shepard that was an absolute sweetheart, never barked at anything and honestly kind of a weenie, she even foster momed some baby bunnies. I believe they got her from a reputable breeder though and she didn't have the awful sloped back like the show breed ones do. I have also met 2 instances of yellow labs of all things that were unstable and aggressive. One had to be sent away after randomly biting an old woman and making her bleed that wasn't even bothering her. I goes to show any breed of dog can have a bad personality, but it's especially dangerous for large dogs

No. 1434913

>what causes borderline religious devotion to this breed in particular
Just how the hatred of cats is tied to the hatred of women, the worship of pitbulls and violent dogs is tied to the worship of men. Women who own pitbulls sound like boymoms when they defend their shitty dogs.

No. 1434919

that's a nice mortgage payment to pay off my house. Why do they need over 100k!?

No. 1434929

Apparently the cap was originally at 10k but people just kept donating so they kept moving the goal. Probably other shitbull enthusiasts trying to support their "community."

No. 1435530

I wish there was a usable cat hate thread because I'm a bird/wild animal person so I have shit to say about both.

No. 1435560

Make one then?

No. 1436265

One of my friends at work just had her chin ripped open by her friend's dog. The were watching a movie on the couch and the dog was sitting next to her and it just decided to stand up really fast and lock its teeth around her chin. You know what's almost worse than stitches and a scar? Someone else I work with started on that bullshit where the dog sensed her negative energy and fear and attacked her because of that. Why are dog people allowed to go around victim blaming for dog attacks?

No. 1436358

They better put that dog down. Holyshit, I hope your friend is okay. that's so terrifying that dogs can just snap out of nowhere.
I stopped being friends with someone because whenever I would visit her, her dog would HAVE to sit on the couch. It was a small loveseat and she was a huge black lab that would force her way into my area and growl if i got too close. I'm glad that dog is dead now, and I still dont talk to my friend even though she reached out to me. She never trained the dog and i confronted her about it and she got angry at me, so fuck em both.

No. 1436364

I'm glad it wasn't worse.. I can't imagine just trying to watch a movie and I'm suddenly attacked by a dog in someone's home.
>Someone else I work with started on that bullshit where the dog sensed her negative energy and fear and attacked her because of that. Why are dog people allowed to go around victim blaming for dog attacks?
I bet you that person also claims to be an empath. Why do people have more empathy for dogs than women getting hurt??

No. 1436385

I'm a bird woman and I have argued with so many retarded cat owners that LOVE letting their crusty animals roam unsupervised. They sent me death threats because I told someone it was legal to kill unsupervised cats and dogs if they try to eat your chickens or other animals. Plus they destroy the fucking ecosystem, make the thread! I'll gladly be a hater of both cats and dogs kek.

No. 1436431

Omg nona that is so horrible I am so sorry. This is why I won't be anywhere near dogs, I refuse to hang out at someone's house when they have one. Can't take these risks. I hope your friend recovers well. I would sue the shit out of that owner.

No. 1436440

>it just decided

I know it's the hate thread, but that's obviously absolutely nowhere near normal, but if an animal does this out of the blue, chances are it's sick (like a brain tumor etc), which is really sad for both parties

No. 1436465

Not where I live is it isn't. You go to jail if you start killing pets like that. I get hating animals but some of you are just plain weird animal haters. Gross

No. 1438035

Alright >>>/ot/1438031
Please come rant nonna, I will listen.

No. 1438166

Why do most pit bulls seem so emotionless? Like so often I see "cute" videos people post of their pit bulls and they are just staring at them. No playful energy, no happy look.

No. 1442291

I fucking loathe all dogs. Yes, I hate your pit, I hate your chihuahua, I hate your shiba inu, I hate your labrador, I hate your samoyed, and I hate your golden retriever. I wish I could magically make all these worthless 'pets' disappear off the face of the earth and leave the owners whimpering and bawwing because they don't have precious Luna/Blue/Bella/Zeus around anymore. The only ones worth keeping around are service dogs but they should be kept strictly out of public unless performing their job. Dogs are the shittiest 'pet' you could possibly own and I automatically think you're a trashy human being if you own one. Sorry not everyone enjoys or wants to interact with your retarded, slobbering, stinking, greasy, jumping, barking, biting, child mauling piece of shit you call a pet while it goes off killing actual, worthwhile pets and shitting on your floor. Sorry you're so insecure that you need an animal to listen to your every asinine command and worship your feet in order to think it loves you. Hey dipshit, it only likes the fact that you feed it, not you as a person. Fucking hideous disgusting worthless creatures (that goes for both the dogs and the dog owners).

No. 1442793

File: 1670866698697.webm (6.57 MB, 576x1024, twitter_20221212_111052.webm)

Truly my worst nightmare

No. 1442819

Um nonnie this is actually pretty serious. This pibble is suffering from a rare disease caused by a fault in the genetics of the pitbull. The gene responsible for this is called the Tesla-Babby gene. It makes pitbulls look at Tesla cars and go "hey this looks like a newborn infant's soft squishy head" and they start chewing that shit like no tomorrow.

No. 1442827

I would have rolled up the window with its head in it

No. 1442838

Based. People who own dogs are worthless. Aside from service dogs and dogs they use at hospices to help dying patients, or ones that work on farms. Dogs make all areas worse with their barking, shitting and pissing everywhere.
Even if you never stepped in dog shit, I bet you were kept up at night or woken up in the morning by loud barking.
Dogs shed everywhere, jump on you and lick your face even though they took a nice bath with their genitals. Dogs are filthy creatures no matter how many times you bathe them.

No. 1442844

I was high while reading this and thought this post was serious and i got scared.

No. 1442850

I swear by god, we are the most dog-crazy country on earth. Money spent on dog >>>>>>>>>> money spent on kids.
People here literally can't comprehend that somebody does NOT love their uwu babies. Saying No when getting sniffed/jumped or even I'm scared/allergic to fur means nothing to them.
Is it allowed in other countries to take your dogs in shops and restaurants? Here they take them absolutely everywhere.

No. 1443226

Yes and all these psychos saying they have dogs because they can't afford a child, yet from what i can see they spend far more on their yeast ridden shit beast than they ever would on a human child. Most people in my area pay insurance on their fucking dogs like it's a car or some shit it's crazy. They pay for doggy daycares and dog sitters like they would a child. I want to a log every time I see a dog commercial trying to tug on my heart strings whether it's a charity begging for money or an ad for expensive refrigerated dog food in a tube. It's a fucking DOG ffs.

No. 1443304

File: 1670880675144.jpg (146.63 KB, 1083x720, germanshepherd.jpg)

I hate my mom's dog, she has picrel. It recently killed one of her rabbits and she of course was more worried about me blaming her than the fact that one of her pets died. It was her fault tho. She lets them all free roam. I hate it. The dog jumps on me and has smelly paws and she never walks it and it's an unfixed male to boot. He behaves pretty well when I take him for walks and doesn't get aggressive during play, decent enough recall, I know she took it to a couple training classes as a puppy but obviously nothing since then and he lunges when he sees other dogs/people at a distance. Zero socialization outside the home. I'm worried about something happening to my siblings while I'm not around so I try to be involved when I am there, try to get some of that energy out through long walks and heavy play. Reality is, it's a working animal with nothing to do. Shit's dangerous. Any advice, anons? I've been trying to point out the obvious (needs rehoming asap) but she's a pretty volatile person in general and doesn't listen to me most days anyway.

No. 1443361

Nta but it's not her fault, it's the eyelash technicians fault for having her Chihuahua around clients.

No. 1443395

I am always shocked by the amount of damage dogs do to the inside of homes, and how the owners don't seem to care. I'm talking like destroyed doors and floors. Stuff that will reduce your property value. Shit's crazy.

No. 1444250

People who own dogs in apartments, houses, condos should pay astronomical fees. I hate those shit bags so much. All they do is stink up and dirty the neighborhood, bark all night, etc

No. 1444301

File: 1670959553114.jpg (156.87 KB, 605x601, hot-doctor-husky-mike-12.jpg)

You just know…

No. 1444302

White boy with da dog… hopefully there are no veterinarians around to inspects it for anal tears!

No. 1444303

Me when I have no strong maternal presence

No. 1444306

Yup and she's based for it.

No. 1444332

No you're just fucking weird

No. 1444406

KEK why is it always those names too? Dog owners have no originality. Every fucking dog I see is called Luna or Zeus now and they're all bully XL roided freak dogs bred by chavs who can't be arsed to get real jobs so they think they're pro dog breeders instead. Like if you're going to be that much of a retard at least come up with an original name. It's like they don't even try anymore.

No. 1444423

Scrote energy post. Only men have paraphilias to do with animal abuse.

No. 1444585

You know what, you're absolutely right. There's such an overlap in personalities, it's weird. The Boymom/self-described "Mama Bear" type are always the ones posting about their ugly "nanny dogs" with flower crowns and shit

No. 1449046

Seriously, is there nothing people can do in a situation like this? I read somewhere that attackimg the pitbull would only cause it to bite harder. What if you tried to attack its eyes? Would a pepper spray do anything? Like, how the fuck do you behave in this situation? Before I was just curious, but now I want to know this for my own safety.
I see shitbulls quite often and it's shocking to me that people never put a muzzle on them. When I see a person with a shitbull, I prefer to just walk to the other side of the road, just in case. This thing could attack me for no reason and I know the owner wouldn't be able to do SHIT to stop it. They would just stand there like retards.

No. 1449201

Fuck that was hard to watch. They tried grabbing its balls and even that didn't stop it, I don't know what could. Shitbulls are the fucking worst, the statistics speak for themselves, and yet people STILL froth at the mouth defending them. I don't care about the million and one excuses they have for why it's not really poor furbabby's fault, it's not worth someone losing their fucking face over. People abuse and mistreat dogs all the time, but one breed consistently turns out fucking monsters above and beyond all the others. Just stop breeding them, I don't get why that's a controversial take.

No. 1449218

From what I read choking them is the best option when you want to pull them away from a person or an animal, you just have to cut their air supply with a belt or a leash etc. It gest way more complicated when you're the one who's being attacked. I found some posts from people who managed to defend themselves or even kill a pitbull who was attacking them, and looks like the best option is to carry a knife. But you would have to sacrifice your non dominant arm, just to give it something to bite on, other than your face or neck. And then just stab it as hard and as fast as you can in the face and neck, especially in the space behind their ears (carotid artery) and in the eyes.

No. 1449280

For the last time, you don't have to embed these awful ass videos, just post the link in the comment field next time. I know your intend, but some nonnas would rather not even see that thumbnail.

No. 1449339

File: 1671251629568.gif (62.26 KB, 600x389, hickorybreaksmall_orig.gif)

They have a device specifically made to unlatch pit bulls called a "break stick" that works by forcing the dog to instead bite down on the stick so whatever was originally in their mouth can escape. It's crazy. I don't think people should have these dogs, but if they do, they should always have a break stick on hand and know how to use it.

No. 1449355

The break sticks don’t even work. I’ve heard of people trying to use them during an attack and they are ineffective.

No. 1449357

Nta but shut the fuck up newfag. How can you be an armchair admin and you’ve never even read the goddamn rules?

No. 1449358

I can believe that. It just blows my mind you need a specialized tool to stop a pitbull attack (and that it isn't even guaranteed). Crazy that people own these breeds like it's nothing.

No. 1449359

Ive always heard about cats being assholes, but i havent seen much examples. I dont have a cat, but my cousins did, and she was just so sweet.

The association of cats with women is kind of weird too. Masculine and feminine traits can be ascribed to both cats and dogs. So why women?

No. 1449374

Trying to find more about this attack, I came across no less than 3 almost identical attacks (woman owner can't control pit and it attacks golden retriever and golden's owner):

Here is more on the attack in the video:
Apparently, the owner posted about it to r/reactivedogs. This took place in Berkeley (should have guessed by half the people in the video wearing cringe tshirts and girl thinking it would be so cute to take pitty to the cafe with them). The pit was being walked by a roommate and not the owner. It was eventually gotten off of the retriever by the broomstick being wedged in its mouth. The retriever had serious muscle and tendon damage but didn't lose its leg (probably). The pit was deemed a vicious and dangerous dog by the city but was not euthanized. I'll just let the screenshots of the pit owner's reaction speak for themselves.

Also, found this retarded article giving contradictory "advice" of what should have been done, including that the dog wouldn't stop attacking because the crowd was too excited, but also to stop a dog attack you should make loud sounds and yell at the dog. Also, pick the dog up, but also don't get involved silly!

No. 1449386

do people actually associate cats with women other than women who like cats? or weird socially isolated anons?

No. 1449446

The term "cat lady" comes to mind.

No. 1449470

>armchair admin
I've been here longer than you and those words don't mean what you think they mean. Posting gore is obviously against the rules and common sense not to directly post it, this includes mauled animals. I get that anon posted it to talk about it, but nonnas shouldn't be forced to look at hurt animals while they're scrolling.

The people who call them asshole usually went out of their way to ignore cat's body language or don't give them any space/respect and then get mad when the cat becomes aggressive in return.

And I think that anon means portrayal of cats can be stereotypically "female" in general media, like in some old child cartoons for starters.

No. 1449531

My friends who are literally a reddit couple got a huge german shepherd to live with them in their tiny 2 bedroom house. They named it after a Harry Potter character which seems to confuse it as it's name is too long for it's retarded attention span for it to remember.
The thing is disgusting, untrained and slobbers everywhere. They both have depression uwu so they never really take it on long walks or allow it to exercise so it just thrashes around their kitchen and tiny back yard like a dangerous predatory spergastic child.
Just like, into the yard, which has been trodden into deep mud, and into the kitchen where it wipes all the mud off on every surface there is.
Last time I came around it jumped on me like the retarded beast she is and ripped my tights + scratched my legs so I had three deep gashes on both of my legs for the next month. They never reprimanded the stupid dog they are just like 'oh sorry lol she's a dog'.
I know she is a dog you fucking retard. This is why I don't come over anymore.

No. 1449606

why do all dog owners let their dogs walk without a leash in areas where there are rules against it, and then proceed to get extremely defensive and rude once you ask them to put the leash on? seriously there's something wrong with most dog owners. one encounter in particular that comes to mind is a year or so ago, when i was on a walk in a nature reserve with pasture grounds for sheep. literally on the gate to the enclosure there were several signs asking people to please leash their dogs because multiple sheep had been killed due to people walking their dogs there without leashing them. there was even a printed picture of one of the dead sheep who had been mauled by a dog! what happens the second i go through the gate? a moid with an unleashed german shepherd jogs past. i straight up ask him if he hasn't seen the big signs on the gate, and to leash his dog since this is a pasture, and he of course refuses and proceeds to get rude and defensive. he tells me "he's lived here for 25 years" so he can do whatever he wants, apparently. i told him it wasn't his farm so that's not true and asked him to show some fucking respect and leash his dog. i don't understand what compels these people to always take their dogs to nature reserves with wild and/or farm animals and strict leash rules, and just let them run free all over the place and cause destruction. i've seen it so many more times than i've ever seen people unleash their dogs in, say, a park or something.

No. 1449647

File: 1671278487852.jpg (75.61 KB, 465x742, lovecat.jpg)

It's really weird given the fact that cats are quite autistic (which I love), and many men are autistic, they should love cats, right? But well, most men just love slave traits too much and dogs have slave mentality so they usually prefer dogs. Women respect each other's space and a cat needs its space respected, so women and cats get along better. I think there's also some cultural association between cats and women because of witches and how society treated them back them.
It's still funny how cats have asshole reputation when dogs did so much more damage. I had people telling me bullshit like 'a bloo bloo a cat scratched me when I was a kid and that's why I hate cats'. But have you ever heard about a cat mauling a child? Or bitting its owner's face off? Meanwhile you have people who lost parts of their bodies because of dogs and they're like 'I still love doggos, don't blame the doggos, it was probably my fault or some other human's fault for provoking the poor doggo to bite my penis off!'. I genuinely believe those people are mentally ill.

No. 1449747

Don't warn them just takes video of the dog off leash and call animal control

No. 1449837

A cat lady is a woman who specifically likes cats though, not just a random woman.

No. 1450011

Me and my dog were attacked once by a giant fuckknowswhat-sepherd, he latched onto my small dog, but fortunately his thick fur protected him and the other dog did not try to get a different grasp on him or anything. The owner catched up to us after like a minute, tried to help me pull it off, then just told me to punch the dog in the eyes and nose, and for some reason my first thought was still that she's gonna be fucking angry if I manage to break a bone. When I managed to free my dog, she just said "he never acted like this before" and pretty much ran off before I regained any presence of mind to tell her off or get some info on them or anything. This was like a 50kg massive black beast that attacked us from 600meters away without me even realizing he left his owner's side. I fucking hate anyone that walks giant dogs without a leash, sure they don't ever "act like this" before the day they go off and eat a kid.

No. 1450183

Cats in fiction, especially animation, are seen as more feminine. Cats are often portrayed as graceful and submissive, which is funny because cats are literally killing machines. The average cat most likely has a higher kill success rate than the average dog.

No. 1450324

I'm sorry nonna. I'm glad your dog wasn't badly hurt. I can't believe she even made you be the one to have to punch her dog to stop it. Did she just sit back and do nothing at all?

No. 1450376

okay so it is just a weird nonna thing then.

No. 1450398

Thanks, ever since it happened I've been nervous to walk anywhere near that part of the road, which sucks because it's right nearby my home. The woman lifted the dogs hind legs into the air, but it gave zero fucks about that, so she let go and told me to start punching. Before she arrived I was just shouting and clapping at the dog trying to get it to flinch or jump back, fortunately he just kinda held my dog down and didn't try to shred him to pieces.

No. 1450413

Do you enjoy being so annoying?

No. 1450712

>Be one day
>Walking with Bf and his mother's dog
>Some dumb-as-shit cavalier
>But is great on walks. Stopped at intersections. Stopped when we'd stop.
>Some stupid as fuck bloodhound comes waltzing off his front porch
>Not harnessed and owners nowhere in sight
>Lowers its fat ass head towards MIL's dog and starts grunting and growling at her
>MIL's dog freaks and hides behind me
>I freak out cause this thing clearly wants to fuck her up
>Bf steps in, sticks his hand out and says
>"Go away"
>It does just that lol

TLDR, what is up with dog owners and letting their stupid beasts just wander unsupervised? It behaves in the house so they think that will apply to it on their own?

Oh and male dogs. It's always male dogs that are the most aggressive. I used to deliver papers as a kid and all the dogs that were hyper-aggressive were male. One was female and the nicest fucking thing. The male dogs would often be unchained and growl at anyone who dared looked in their direction.

No. 1450825

Testosterone is a disease no matter the animal

No. 1451208

and the dog still didn't get put down

No. 1452719

File: 1671459104178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.22 KB, 735x889, d3201ea775781b368f524f579ed2e9…)

Do dog owners think this kind of thing is cute wtf

No. 1452723

yes. they also love the smell of their dogs fungus (frito paws)

No. 1452732

File: 1671459990361.jpg (52.69 KB, 746x235, Capture.JPG)

the pictures are really bad. reminder that many pitbull attack statistics only count the incident if you died and not these disfigurements.

No. 1452818

the last part made me laugh, glad its getting hurt. fucker

No. 1453495

they are literal monsters

No. 1453513

He respects cats but names his cat that

No. 1453515

dog's ears smell better than most men after a shower

No. 1453517

That poor child!! Why doesnt this shit peak people!? Shitbulls are monsters. they are barely dogs anymore. I truly hope that baby is alright.. fuck. this just hurts so much to read.

No. 1453519

>dogs killing sheep
I hate dogs so much and i hate faggots who dont leash their dogs. it isnt cute. If I stab it, it will be the dogs fault for coming near me.

No. 1453521

No they dont. Both men and dirty ass mutts have a smell that doesnt seem to wash out.

No. 1453537

Why are you complaining about dogs being gross when the majority of freaks on zooville are transexuals or gays that drink dog piss?

No. 1453542

They compare Pitbulls to African Americans.
Deducing that dogs are all the same and the environment is to blame……..

No. 1453585

It depends on the dog, its fur and overall healthiness tho

No. 1454367

This is so inconceivably offensive to black people, people weren’t bred by captors like these beasts.

No. 1454368

Omg I posted about it in the other thread but there’s a young couple with a baby and a pit bull that’s already bitten two small kids and I don’t even know why they still have him he’s like a ticking time bomb. Their baby is so small too..

No. 1454433

When I was about 5 years old I was mauled by a Jack Russell which was left tied up outside a shop unprovoked. I had to go to a special children’s hospital and needed stitches on my hand and arm and I lost a lot of blood. I hate seeing people excuse smaller breeds because I find them to be much more aggressive than big dogs (staffies excluded).

No. 1454495

Who is they you mean white people? I’m not no damn pit bull and it’s mainly suburban white moms that be having pit bulls trust me I lived with one who was obsessed with that demon thst but everything and everyone (not me though he respected me cuz I respect dogs) but this is gross don’t compare black people to dogs wtf is wrong with some of you devils

No. 1454496

You’re disgusting for even posting this drivel most black people are afraid of dogs do to devils sicking dogs on us during peaceful protests in the 60s and hell further back. This is beyond gross and tells me all I need to know about how society really views black people. I’m really disgusted that I’m forced to live on this rock with sickos like you

No. 1454500

Thats how I felt when I saw that posted

No. 1454502

You realise the anon you’re replying to was saying it was a bad thing? There’s really no need to get worked up. White shitbull owners act like not wanting a bull baiting dog around their kids is some sort of dog racism and it’s retarded as fuck.

No. 1454517

Glad this thread is back because during the downtime I went to my inlaws, and they have three dogs (and 3 cats). I spent so much time trying to find an outfit that would be simultaneously nice-looking, but also claw-proof and one that I would be okay with getting covered in hair and slobber. We were all trying to watch a movie as a family and I felt like I couldn't make any sudden movement or laugh too loudly or else the dogs would think I was signaling them to come over for attention. It was hard to pay attention because every couple of minutes someone would be yelling and snapping their fingers at one of the dogs to go lay back down. Oh and I was reminded of one of the main reasons I can't stand dogs: the disgusting licking and chewing noises they do. It makes me so out-of-my-mind bonkers, it must be misophonia or something. That sound they make when they are licking their leg or chewing their paws makes me panic to the point where I feel like I need to physically leave the room. I had to put my fingers in my ears. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

No. 1454531

File: 1671883373095.webm (2.94 MB, 528x720, you - an unattended toddler - …)


No. 1454552

Their dogs sound like they have anxiety and/or infected paws. Understimulated dogs chew their feet and paws when they are in distress. Since they have three poorly trained dogs I'm guessing that's what it is. I don't understand why people get 2-4 dogs when they don't have the time to even properly take care of one? Nobody was holding them at gunpoint and forcing them to adopt all those dogs
Also I hate visiting someone and their dog becomes the star of the show. My dogs do greet people when they come over (no jumping) then they go to their spots and sleep unless my guests continue to interact with them. Meanwhile I've been at people's houses where they let their dogs jump and claw and bite me (then they blame me for riling the dog up when I was literally just sitting there), or the dog barks so loud we can't hear each other talk, or it jumps on the tables and steals food. At that point it's like, why don't you crate it in closed room? Why are you acting like you are in an abusive relationship with your dogs

No. 1454587

I noticed the people who have more than 2 dogs that are severely undertrained are people that use them as their emotional anchor rather than members of their household. Its actually sick. Yes, domestic animals are great and especially helpful for people with anxiety and loneliness but only when it's healthy. These people have such an unhealthy emotional obsession with their dogs and want them to love up on them but refuse to actually take care of the thing. It's like they treat them as love machines then tell them to fuck off when it's time for the vet, proper training etc. I will never trust anyone who's dogs are awfully undertrained but call them their "baby". You go into their house and it's all hair, dog smell, shit on the floor, pawprints on the table and all.

No. 1454670

Chewing and licking on paws is one of the worst ones, yes, but for me it’s any dog mouth noises. Whether they be licking their crotch (or another dog’s crotch), chewing for fleas, eating, licking a bone, just doing that mouth smacking noise they do when they are resting. It drives me absolutely insane. I go into fight or flight mode and can feel myself wanting to jump out of my skin. I don’t know what it is about the wet slorping gnashing noises but I can’t deal.

No. 1454738

File: 1671926796115.png (453.26 KB, 1920x1920, oq4ccctjq7e51.png)

My parents just came home with a dog. It's over. I really need to move out. It's a German Shepherd mix too. Why.

No. 1454746

Amazing compilation of demonic shitbulls maulig everything that moves

No. 1454777

It says a lot about how retarded pit bulls are when even people who can tolerate chihuahuas hate them

No. 1454832

File: 1671952122051.jpg (241.27 KB, 1600x1131, Boston-Terrier-dog.jpg)

not really full on hate but why did every american celebrity get this super ugly dog? it's seriously such an unappealing dog and yet dull that i can't grasp its popularity for a long while

No. 1454959

My dad loves these dogs kek. He thinks they're super sharp looking.

No. 1455393

There is literally nothing behind that creature's eyes and not even in an endearing way

No. 1455908

What get me are the normal body proportions attached to a small squished head. They look so weird from the side.

No. 1456282

Not sure if this goes on vent or dog hate. I really hate dogs. Everyone knows I hate dogs. Yet, my family got me dog pajamas for christmas. Not even as a joke. Like why- I've never asked them to return a gift before, but I just had to with this.

No. 1456581

I wouldn't have one (they're pitbulls after all), but they're one of the few normal-looking bulls out there imo. At least it looks like a dog, but the difference between the bug-eyed face and adult-ish body is jarring though.

No. 1456594

That woman has no control over that dog; look how it drags her along. Shit animal with a shit owner.
I thought you were wrong, but nope. That dog truly has nothing behind its eyes.

No. 1456596

A Boston terrier isn't a pitbull, though there have been cross breeds before.

No. 1456602

Can someone explain to me how a Boston terrier is part of this group? My best friend has one and he is so small and chill I don't see the connection, even if there is a distant one

No. 1456606

anon is retarded, they're in the bulldog family but bulldogs and pitbulls are different. americans give pitbulls and pitbull hybrids cutesy names though so maybe she got confused?

No. 1456608

This is unfortunately so true and relatable. My mom has always had a difficult time being emotionally present. Whether she wants to or not, she is a selfish and dysfunctional caretaker for others. She cannot take care of a household properly. Her emotional problems are too severe and she refuses to acknowledge the consequences of her actions. So when she announced she wanted a puppy, I was shocked and protested it. How could she take care of a dog when she still had a dysfunctional relationship with a daughter (I was still a teenager at the time, so I was forced to live with my mom) who desperately wanted it to heal? She obviously didn't listen to me, and now we have had our dog for years. I love him to death, but she does not train him properly and I do not have the capacity right now to take up the task with my own responsibilities. I tell her all the time that our dog is seriously depressed and his health complications stem from his treatment. He does not go outside enough, he has no enrichment, he eats poorly. When he whines so my mom will finally take him out to pee and walk for five minutes, she ignores him for maybe multiple hours. I alert her of this and try to give her resources. How doesn't she see that she is a common denominator in the living beings that are reliant on her for their survival all developing serious depression and health complications?

No. 1456618

Nothing wrong with big dogs, except… They need to be outside, preferably on a farm to protect the animals, if that is what their breed is for. They need to be outside and have a place outside to sleep and play safely, not inside. They need to be able to hunt, if it is part of their breed, without there being a risk of accidentally killing someone's pet bird or bunny. On a local farm they have a huge dog of basically 160cm, I don't know the weight. He was gigantic, but so so gentle toward me. He didn't run up to me or bother me. When I pet him, he didn't become overly excited, he was very focused. When the sheep got loose, he ran over to them and made sure they all stayed put. It was very amazing to see, and that's what dogs are for. I don't like small dogs, honestly. I like the one my grandparents have because I grew up with it, but I don't support the breeding of them. Dogs are supposed to be in their natural habitat (as far as is possible considering they're domesticated) and nothing more. My boyfriend has small dogs and although I pretend to like them, I really don't. They're retarded, ugly, worthless. They seriously can't do anything and they are smelly. I would never tell him this and it's easy for me to pretend the opposite, but ugh it kind of bothers me he and his family pretend they're cute and whatever. They're so boring and retarded looking seriously. They're weird Pomeranian chihuahua whatever dogs.

No. 1456629

Boston terriers are bred from thenold "bull and terrier" type dog like all of the other types in that picture. They share common ancestry as recently as 200 years ago.

No. 1456682

That chart is just propaganda made up by pitbull lovers. That's why they lumped boxers and boston terriers in there, to make people think it's all one big group. Bull terriers also have pretty different personalities and prey instincts from the rest of the pitbulls, however in light of them sharing many of the same genetic disorders and being from such a recent common ancestor, they do belong on that chart.

No. 1456701

again the issue with pitbulls isn't that they are bull or terrier dogs.

No. 1456777

I hate dogs with curly hair. I hate them. I hate that people with nasty little poodles will insist they're the cutest dogs ever and make me pet them and then my fingers always feel weirdly greasy and smelly. What's the point of having a dog that needs to be brought to the groomer all the time if they're still gonna leave a gross film on everyone that touches them?

No. 1456816

Lmao that literally is the issue. They are the result terriers crossed with bull baiting dogs. That leads to a tenacious, highly driven, strong, enduring dog. That also had nothing to do with my post, which was explaining why Boston terriers are included with that group.

No. 1456873

but you're missing the point that the chart is propaganda.

No. 1456927

Damn that's a horrifying video. This shit with women owning dogs like this, it's a "one of the boys" thing, isn't it? I just refuse to believe any woman would naturally be drawn to such an ugly and monstrous looking animal. Also we generally have greater survival instincts, one look into that thing's dead eyes tells me to run the fuck away.

No. 1457032

>c-chihuahuas are meaner than pit bulls!!1
The difference is that chihuahuas aren't strong enough to kill, idiot. I hate shit bull owners so much.

No. 1457117

Kek chihuahuas are based

No. 1457158

I have family like this, and it's why I'll never own a dog. It's fucking terrible. Everything stinks, everything is dirty. I remember one time when a grown ass 50+ pound dog walked into the house, and just a few minutes later casually dumped a ton of piss right on the carpeted floor. It was like a garden hose going off in the house. Fucking horrible. What good is all that "love" if you have to live in fucking filth, and everything in your house is ruined or destroyed ASAP in one way or another?

No. 1457164

Remember that anon who brought up some random case of a chihuahua ripping some lady's eyelid off? Dafuq that's like 1 case ever as opposed to a shitbull mauling a child every 5 minutes across the US

No. 1457165

Samefag if a chihuahua attacked me I could throw it across the room anyone who loses a battle to a chihuahua is a straight troglodyte

No. 1457174

They shed a small amount of hair year-round. This is probably the biggest factor. Dealing with dog hair is awful.

No. 1457383

Kek that's what I was saying. You'd have to be really stupid to get seriously hurt by a chihuahua. And you can literally grab an entire chihuahua with one hand. A fucking cat is bigger than a chihuahua.

No. 1457682

>they are all dangerous breeds
>boxer is a literal clown of a dog world

No. 1457931

I hate it when people let their dogs terrorize their cats. Why would you keep a small animal in the same place as a large animal that might kill it?Fucking idiots.

No. 1457962

I was at my therapist’s waiting area the other day when all of a sudden two unleashed dogs came up to me and started sniffing me wagging their tails. Another therapist has them as therapy dogs and was smiling happily at me while I stared at her with my brows raised, frozen and not paying any attention to the dogs. I told her ”do you mind? This is not okay at all”, she got all huffy and pulled the dogs off me and said they won’t do me any harm. I told her some people especially in this office are afraid of dogs, she just replied ”WELL OBVIOUSLY” and took her dogs into another room like I had just insulted their ancestors. Even my own therapist kind of laughed it off when I told her what happened, that they’re nice dogs and they’re used to help people treat their phobia of dogs. What, by siccing them unto people without a warning? I like some dogs and think they’re cute, but I’ve been attacked by dogs twice completely out of the blue, so I’m wary of the ones I don’t know.

No. 1457963

I fucking hate this that I’m some sort of a lunatic because I don’t want a dog touching me or my stuff, sniffing my crotch or barking non stop next door to my house. Why is it normal for one animal to be allowed to terrorize entire neighborhoods with their incessant barking and wailing and shitting and pissing? Post covid people have started taking them to grocery stores, malls, cafes and even bars. I can’t imagine what this is like to people who are actually phobic or allergic to dogs. I have cats but I could never imagine shoving them in other people’s faces like this and making them feel like the bad guy if they told me they don’t want to get clawed and pissed in their face and blaming them for it for not having the right ”vibe”

No. 1458302

report them

No. 1458526

File: 1672427224069.jpeg (41 KB, 448x500, 82FC9022-4769-4661-805D-A2CB26…)

I’m kinda sad — I really love sharing food with my cat, but I moved in with my boyfriend who has a dog. Before I would share something from every meal with my cat, especially as I hardly ever eat meat I would try to get unseasoned so I can give it to him. It was so cute and sometimes we would turn it into a game. But now the dog gets jealous and territorial. He was always a chill dog and never begged for food until he saw me feed my cat. it’s actively making my boyfriends dog a worse person, so I have to stop.

No. 1458536

Just save what you would give to the cat and give it after the meal where the dog can't see. It's gross to feed animals at the table while people are eating anyway.

No. 1458569

I don’t feed him at the table kek it’s a tiny apartment the dog is always up my ass

No. 1458626

If the dog doesn't have a kong already you should get it one it's like a binky for dogs it makes them shut up for like 30 minutes. Or a lick mat. I hate animals that beg that shit has to be nipped in the bud or it can snowball. They should have their own shit and not want human food
This pissed me off so much. I hate how entitled some people are with their dogs. Like I have two dogs and newsflash I don't want your fucking mutt jumping on me or getting in my grill. It's just bad manners to let your dogs run up on somebody even if they are friendly. I've been involved in multiple dog attacks and it gets my adrenaline pumping I understand how you feel. I don't think I'm in the wrong for being uncomfortable when someone's dog runs up on me the other person just needs to not be so self centered. I don't know you OR YOUR MUTT from adam

No. 1460425

File: 1672612799919.jpg (104.41 KB, 720x457, Screenshot_20230101-153855_Gal…)

White boy wit da dog, I hope there are no vetenarians around to check for anal tears!

No. 1460544

This happens to me as well and is the number one reason why I don't like dogs. The gross sounds they make drives me up the wall.

No. 1460634

>Poor pitties, they always get abused that's why they're so dangerous humans won't let them alone :(
Yknow what could help with such a sad situation? Stop breeding pitbulls, they get abused because they're quite literally the max predator of their own species, they we're engineered to kill, their mere existence is wrong and that's why it attracts so many criminals, ain't nobody getting a golden to win dog fights

If you want pittbulls to stop suffering, at least fucking breed their deadly traits out…but you won't, right? because then it wouldn't be a pittbull anymore it would be a ~villified~ breed, just a normal dog and you won't like that, you need to "protect the beast" instead of actually helping this miserable dog and fixing their fucked up ancestry.

Your pittie will kill one day and then will get inevitably put down, and you know it, you know that poor dog will eventually act on its twisted instincts and get itself killed but you don't care, as long as it gives you validation

No. 1460651

Just saw a Facebook post from someone who was worried that their sweet smaller dog got out and never came back home. Turns out it got ripped apart by their neighbors pitbulls, and the neighbors dumped the dogs body elsewhere without telling them. I hate pit bulls and their owners so much

No. 1460672

This shit enrages me so much. Dog owners will talk about how “look, see, the cat is the real boss here and hits my dog every day!” meanwhile their cat is stressed to all hell and desperately trying to set boundaries with a gigantic creature that is actively in hunting mode and likely to turn the cat into a chew toy if the cat doesn’t attack.
There are so many times owners let this slide because the cat always fends off the dog and escapes by being more nimble, but one day the dog corners the cat and bites.
Even if it was “safe” the cat deserves to live in peace.

No. 1460699

File: 1672640088042.png (846.17 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20230102-011345-682…)

It's crazy how some of you think that the breed is bad with pits but bc you see cute videos of other aggressive, related breeds you think they're fine. Pic rel.

No. 1460744

Your cropping attempt gave me cancer

No. 1462430

It's like looking at two subspecies of Orcs.

No. 1462468

that's freakin awful. I hope the owner gets that dog put down. what the fuck is wrong with pitbull owners. they are like a new type of human with zero empathy for anyone.

No. 1462473

>dating a man with a shit dog and then moving in with it
Did you really not stop to think putting a dog and cat together suddenly wasnt a bad idea?

No. 1462489

Apparently, shitbull lovers now are using Chihuahuas and their attitudes as their scapegoat everytime someone mentions how violent pitbulls are. Well, let's compare those kill counts then you retards, I bet the tiny, slim jawed Chihuahuas have 100k babies killed a month lmao

No. 1462507

Also, they always say pitbulls have better temperaments and that other breeds bite a lot more than them but they fail to realize something: is not the temperament but their jaws
>5 daily bites from an usually angry Chihuahua: you will survive, easily
>1 bite from an usually laidback pitbull that never attacked: death

No. 1464278

File: 1672948994834.jpeg (651.26 KB, 640x974, 7EB89550-0322-47C2-B3AF-F09C51…)

No. 1464289

Just last night I got home after a two week trip, and as soon I got out of a car, I noticed a pit bull wandering around in my neighbor’s yard. He noticed me and kept trying to follow me into the house. Today, I noticed the dog outside again, pacing around our house. Luckily he wasn’t aggressive, but it’s so irresponsible of the owners to just have the dog unleashed outside, allowed to wander wherever he wants. And I know he’s not just a wandering stray because he has a collar with tags on it. I don’t know if I should just let it be or go Karen mode and contact the owners about their unleashed dog. Big dogs have always made me feel uncomfortable, and it being pit bull makes me even more nervous that I might get attacked one day when I’m just trying to get to my car.

No. 1464310

girl, it's a stray shitbull. call animal control because it kills another pet, or even worse, a kid.

No. 1464312

>I don’t know if I should just let it be or go Karen mode and contact the owners about their unleashed dog
Why is this some kind of gen z meme? You arent a 'karen' for calling out a dog wandering around unleashed. I swear karen is just another way to call women bitches for doing something logical because men wont do it.

No. 1464561

This bitch is everything wrong with current idiot culture. Give a lecture on history pulled out of your ass, especially since you were just born last week. Just fucking make shit up and lie about racism, that couldn't possibly cause a bad outcome.

No. 1464633

Shoot the fucking thing it’s on your property.

No. 1468477

File: 1673335926957.png (2.79 MB, 1522x1448, Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 11.3…)

And here we are again. Poor little girl.

No. 1469180

File: 1673400530680.png (821.6 KB, 964x970, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 5.26…)

"awww look, he's smiling!!"

No. 1469335

File: 1673419123055.png (Spoiler Image, 66.92 KB, 354x266, Untitled.png)

one a day

No. 1469348

This shit is deliberate at this point, not even shitholes have this many pitbull attacks you would think first worlders would know better by now. Kids and babies are dying every day from these beasts yet barely anyone gives a fuck despite how disturbing the maulings are, I don't get it

No. 1469361

They're ugly status dogs for the uglies of society. They're also counterculture now that you'll get faggots defending them just to be contrary. They're obviously dangerous and inhumane and should not be bred anymore. We need to genocide pitbulls

No. 1469366

they even maul the shit out of other dogs but no one cares. we cant get any legislature to even be talked about without everyone screeching. I've seen the leftovers of many street cats and even some dogs growing up in the hood where 80% of dogs were pits or pit mixes. I spotted one pit roaming by my front door as a kid walking home from the bus stop and I went around to the backdoor and looked through the window to see the fucker was approaching while I was fumbling for the keys and I didnt even notice. I was so scared for my mom to come home I called her and made her wait in the car and run inside when I checked all the windows. Shes terrified of dogs but no one respects that and insists on breaking that boundary down.

always hear something about chihuahuas being "more aggressive", "owner not the breed". most people cant train their dogs to not shit on the carpet, as if theres random people all over america training their dogs to kill things after a long shift at dairy queen. its just a ugly ass shit breed and I'd rather face 2000 raging chihuahuas than ever interact with a pitbull or someone who owns them

No. 1469453

File: 1673443056572.jpeg (62.57 KB, 720x532, D87C645A-9184-407A-AE78-E1E345…)

I have never seen a black person use this argument it’s always the woke white retards. (Also fat white bitches saying “fat phobia is rooted in anti-blackness”) what’s with them? Do they think that they sound smart for comparing apples to oranges? Hating violent dangerous beasts that kill kids every day isn’t comparable to racism at all. If anything saying that sounds more racist to me than someone saying they don’t like pit bulls. People are people, yes we come from different areas so we have different physical attributes, but that isn’t comparable to being selectively bred for the purpose of aggression. And the idiots in the comments like “ I know a pibble and he’s so sweet! He wouldn’t hurt a fly.” I am gonna carry a gun for the purpose of killing any dangerous males I come across or any dangerous disgusting pibble that even so much as comes within a yard of me because it’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1469496

Nonnas…The other day I was walking in the woods with my bf when we met a man walking his dog on the same trail, coming in the opposite direction. The dog was some doodle type, totally harmless looking, but it started to huff and bark/growl lowly around 20ft from us. The owner started to yell at it to come back to him (it was moving around him, around 5-10ft away, always facing and watching us, barking and posturing). Naturally, it was unleashed and had no recall. I froze bc I'm terrified of being bit by a dog. Eventually, the owner wrangled it into being leashed, but everyone I've told this story to has made me feel SO stupid…"you should've just walked past" (my fave) or "it wasn't aggressive!!". Even my bf seemed embarrassed that I froze. The owner didn't say anything as we walked past. Did I react stupidly? I didn't want to get bit by some stupid fucking dog!!!

No. 1469569

File: 1673454834737.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 976x1290, pitbull horror.png)


Pitbulls will bite, maul and kill their own siblings, it's horrifying. I've seen videos of them latching on to each other and they won't let go even when the other puppy is screaming and crying.

I almost wish I hadn't seen this picture, of a litter of 9-week-old pitbull puppies who had not only killed 3 of their siblings, but ATE THEM DOWN TO THE HEAD even though they had a a feeder still full of kibble. In the photo there's nothing left of one puppy besides some blood on the floor and the puppy's grimacing, decapitated head. Absolutely fucking harrowing.

No. 1469599

I didn't even look at the picture but just reading the description ruined my fucking day.

No. 1469661


Jesus christ, wish I hadnt unspoilered. You did warn me!

No. 1469662

My boyfriend used to have a pit mix and he fawns over it being the best dog he's ever had and pitbulls are not terrible, it's usually the owners, but I don't think he understands he had a positive experience with his dog because he wasn't a fullbred pitbull. Even if it looked like one, there's a total difference.
Breeders let you know exactly how their litters act because they don't want to sell the dog to the wrong person. If you get a "pure" pit from the adoption center, there's a high chance it's a pit mix and those other people praising pitbulls for being gentle giants have only interacted with mixes and not the real deal. I don't get how some people don't understand that.

No. 1470161

I cannot fucking believe it, I've never seen a dog do shit like this. These things are absolutely, utterly diabolical and people who like them are SEVERELY mentally ill, delusional

No. 1470173

i was at the pet store with my scrote today and some tard was there with his full bred unneutered pitbull. i looked up and the disgusting beast was pissing on the merchandise. god i fucking hate dog owners

No. 1470180

God, I hate irresponsible dog owners so much, my neighbor lives in a very small house since they don't have the space to raise the dog they literally let their dog loose and it shit everywhere. Imagine waking up in the morning and there's a big steaming pile of dog shit right in front of your house.
It's one thing if they are strays but they have OWNERS. Fuck, i hate them so much.

No. 1470294

If your bf didnt even try to protect you, he aint shit. You did nothing wrong and your reaction was perfectly valid facing an unleashed dog. Always carry a knife or mace on you.

No. 1470328

It's going to have to get worse before it gets better. Shitbulls are basically the only kind of dog poor people get anymore. It wasn't always this way. I never even saw one in person until about 2005, when a friend bought one to breed. I know. Nobody keeps them, they buy them and dump them at 4 months~2 years. And then the idiots probably go out and buy another.

No. 1470437

>It's going to have to get worse before it gets better
They already maul and kill adults, kids, other dogs and even ate their own, daily, over and over again, the statistics are insane. I cannot even imagine a worst case scenario, this thing is already at its peak

No. 1470477

Shitbulls are dangerous of course but personally I'm very wary of Akitas and Chow Chows too. Near where I live there's a japanese Akita and it's so fucking aggressive, it barks like a lunatic at everyone passing by and today I saw him roaming around without it's owner (it probably jumped the fence or his owner didn't close the gate to his house). They're infamous for being shitty and aggressive with other animals and they're BIG, why would you want to get something like that?

No. 1470486

I'm sorry is this fucking real? I just can't imagine literal puppies having the strenght and drive to fucking eat another puppy down to the head? How did this even happen and how did anyone let this happen? Was the mother of the puppies not present (she should have been if this is the whole litter) to stop them? Didn't the owner HEAR the screams of THREE puppies getting gored?? This could have been due to teething or something but by that time puppies are supposed to be socialized with each other already and they tipically understand how to play without hurting. I don't know, the person in the post seems rightfully horrified but then they mention the pups are part of their line… plus the big WORDS almost look like they're showing them off as this savage strong puppies… I'm just in disbelief anons and I hope I'm wrong.

No. 1470512

Akiras and chowschows are very fucking dangerous of course, the difference is that nobody's denying it or being delusional about their power unlike pittie lovers.

I bet pitbulls wouldn't be as hated or kill as much as they do if they were recognized for what they're: a dog-fighter, not a baby, then only licensed trainers would have them and maybe you would see a pitbull like 3 times in your life at most
Apparently they were on another person's yard, that's why the owner couldn't hear them

No. 1470554

It's just how dog worshipping culture is. If you didn't get attacked, you're a dumbass overexaggerating. If you did get attacked, you provoked it.

Either way, it all just adds another factor onto the pile of why taking a simple walk can make us nervous.

No. 1470563

It's real because they have a urge stronger than sex to taste blood and not let go. When people say pitbulls "snap" it's really more like a "snapping out of it" and going back to their natural state instead of acting like a "family dog". You cannot wash out a dog's instinct for what it was bred for easily, and with pitbulls people don't even want to. They like the aggression, even though most attacks that happen disfigure or kill the owner or their family and not some stranger like people assume.

No. 1470591

File: 1673536960515.png (581.44 KB, 960x921, shitbull-apologist.png)

Poor, uneducated idiots defend shitbulls and then we have big name celebs like Patrick Stewart from Star trek advocating for them, which is a big slap to the face for any victims of these attacks. I had to unfollow him on social media because he went on a big 'these dogs just want love like other kinds of dogs. they're misunderstood' bullshit rant and he even fostered them. If he would have gotten mauled, I wouldn't have even been mad at this point, just disappointed as a TNG fan.


No. 1470668

…and why would a litter of dogs be anywhere but inside their owner's house? And anyway, how did no one hear the hellish screeching? Do people really leave a bunch of puppies unsupervised and without crates? It's insane to me.

>Akiras and chowschows are very fucking dangerous of course, the difference is that nobody's denying it

That's definitely true for chowchows, but I've seen people talk about Akitas as these noble hunters that are almost more intelligent and responsible than normal dogs when in reality they can be as retarded and dangerous as any other dog.

No. 1472214

>…and why would a litter of dogs be anywhere but inside their owner's house? And anyway, how did no one hear the hellish screeching? Do people really leave a bunch of puppies unsupervised and without crates?
excluding the wealthier dumbasses like Stewart, the typical pitbull owner is as trashy as you can imagine. ghetto trash, trailer trash, people that barely properly care for their kids much less animals. still personally hate that so many of these kinds of people are pushed as the "average pitbull owner" when there's plenty of middle class retards touting the same shit too though.

No. 1473206

File: 1673731895837.png (10 MB, 4520x1848, how to open a dog's mouth.png)

There's plenty of nonas here that have asked what to do to make a dog let go or how to open a dog's mouth in case of an attack. I have a piece of shit dog that I'm waiting to finally kick the bucket (which hopefully will be sooner than later) and she has to take pills every time we want to travel. Because of that I learned how to open a dog's mouth quickly and without a fail, I'm going to share in case any of you will ever need that for whatever reason. Good thing is that it will work for any breed, shitbulls included. It can however break bones on small dogs so be careful with those.

What you want to do is put your index finger on one side of the dog's skull and your thumb on the other side, preferably from bellow the dog's head. Then you push both fingers into the spot I marked in picrel, it's a small 'gap' that pretty much all mammals have. You push your fingers into that spot until the dog lets go. Works like a charm, just be careful to not get your fingers bitten if the animal is aggressive.

No. 1473382

File: 1673755798502.jpg (105.17 KB, 756x534, Capture.JPG)

woman who worked as dogwalker gets mauled to death by 7 dogs and immediately the DoG BehAviorALisTs start caping

>Horrified sources have recalled the sheer terror of the dog walker, 28, who tried to keep onlookers away even as the animals - who were 'like a pack of wolves' - attacked her in the remote beauty spot Gravelly Hill in Caterham at 2.45pm on Thursday. 

>There was no barking – just her screaming. She was being attacked, she was trying to sit up, but with the dogs around her and going for her arms she couldn't do it. It was a frenzy.
>She was reportedly walking up to seven dogs at the time and was attempting to wrangle the animals after one lunged at a woman and her smaller dog who were also in the park. 

No. 1473415

Gee whiz I wonder what type of dogs they were!

No. 1473420

File: 1673761685976.jpeg (75.96 KB, 532x512, pitowners.jpeg)

kek, it's true. The only thing missing from this picture is a pitbull named Luna.

No. 1473430

Is it just me or are they implying she abused them or something? Getting some "what did you do to make your husband beat you" vibes here

No. 1473469

File: 1673771799732.jpeg (499.56 KB, 828x1269, 62015666-3586-4B9D-B65B-BAD684…)

ofc it is a troon said this. other replies to this tweet are also just as sick wishing death on a toddler as if he was even aware of what he was doing and should’ve been watched by his parents. And the fact that people are acting this way after a 6 year old got mauled to death not more than a week ago by those shitbags is disgusting.

No. 1473471

I don't understand why not a single person didn't either take the bottle the kid was hitting the dog with, or move the kid

No. 1473557

Here is the full video https://worldstar.com/videos/wshh3D340v4u4SizDpXP/this-is-why-parents-need-to-watch-their-kids-pit-bull-snaps-and-almost-attacks-little-boy-who-kept-hitting-him-with-a-bottle

It seems that the kid was with his older brother? You can see them running away at the end of the video. Sure kids shouldn't be shitting animals in general, but why the fuck didn't the owner step in? And why is a shitbull not muzzled in a public place with lots of people? I just don't understand why you would take a chance on a child getting bitten by YOUR dog.

Kids do dumb things all the time but it is on adults to watch them and stop them before they get hurt. I'm just baffled that the owner let that happen, did the want the boy to get hurt?

No. 1473559

*hitting not shitting kek

No. 1473718

File: 1673810571785.png (79.46 KB, 474x851, wtf.PNG)

The worst thing I've read today. Dunno if I should spoil it 'cause it's just text, but I need others to suffer with me. Links are just the sources.



No. 1473732

the fact that over 20 people wanted to adopt it is fucking foul, put it down

No. 1473759

Just when I thought nothing on the internet could shock me anymore

No. 1473815

When I was 14 and my little sister was 7, we were at a family friends and they had a giant roided retard pit bull and it tried mounting my little sister but I stopped it and he had his gross wiener out I was thinking I hope she doesn’t know what he was trying to do. The dog was like bigger than her I still feel so bad. I hope he is ok now. I feel sick after reading that.

No. 1473841

File: 1673818024599.jpg (21.5 KB, 275x240, 1657828678516.jpg)

Every time i open this thread a pitbull does something increasingly fucked up, last time it was puppies eating their own brothers now this absolute bullshit, these dogs are committed to traumatizing people as much a possible

No. 1473854


Another day where I regret not having hid this thread. Not only is it still alive, but 20 people want to adopt it? It should already be dead.

No. 1473857

What the fuck is wrong with pitbulls

No. 1473858

When I was 12 I was visiting one of my sister's friends with her and she had an un-neutered beagle who tried to mount me for 10 minutes. And all they did (including the friend's mother!) during that time was to laugh at me.
I used to love dogs but I have been scared of them since that time, why can't dog owners act normal? That thing was as tall as me when he stood on two legs, I had never been so scared.

No. 1473888

They’re filming it for content instead of intevining because we are living through a human made apozalyose and humanity has fallen beyond retribution

No. 1473897

is it bad that I have no faith in humanity and I'm thinking the worst? That some of these sick fucks just want the dog because it knows how to do this?
Who would seriously want to adopt a shitbull that did this other for that reason?

No. 1473904

What? How? Worldview changed significantly

No. 1473920

Neither people who own pitbulls, nor people who allow little kids around them are the brightest of the bunch.

No. 1473950

Idk what is it about them but pitbulls look straight up demonic. Not even scary like a typical guard dog, they look like actual mindless brutes. Even when I watch videos of them wagging their tails and playing around something about them is still fucking weird, like their happiness is not genuine, it feels so fake. It's not like a regular dog where I can at least feel the love towards their owner, they seem to lack any real emotion. A regular guard dog will still be lovable with their owner and they can be properly trained, but pitbulls are seriously unstable. Just a killing machine ready to snap at any moment

No. 1473955

I forgot to add but there is something about them that makes them more dangerous than wolves. For instance a wolf expert can read their body language, can even become part of the pack and they're actually very loyal, but with this demon you can't even read his actions. Because of their breeding they'll be wagging their tail one moment and then snap at you the next moment

No. 1474131

Its cause wolves have self preservation instincts, if your bleeding in the forest somewhere then a wolf will klll you cause your an easy meal but most wolves are cautious and generally run away from humans and anything bigger then them, pitbulls only exist cause humans allow them to exist, pits have zero self-preservation instincts. here's a pit that gets kicked by a horse numerous times and only stops attacking when it's literally in the process of dying. not even an apex predator would be this persistent with the risk permanent injury

No. 1474188

Genuinely miserable that people keep ignorantly and insistently breeding these retarded vicious dogs that attack, inflict egregious pointless suffering and suffer pointlessly themselves as a result as well. The way this dog even wags its tail in sheer excitement while trying to maul the random horse and getting its head kicked in is so horrible and pathetic. I constantly think of how these dogs mauled a little kid I know and have tried to kill me on multiple occasions too for no reason and the owners break down crying “I can’t believe Khaleesi did this!”

No. 1474221

I don't even hate the pits themselves because they literally can't help it, its the breeders who should be punished for allowing these things to procreate

No. 1474229

Hell you have a better chance with a fucking bear(an apex predator) then a pitbull

No. 1474251

The article suggests dogs have to be trained to do that, it's probably a quality a lot of perverts who deserve execution want in a dog.

No. 1474287

I'm going to be fucking sick
>left her two year old unattended with a shitbull
I hope she lives with guilt for the rest of her life and is put in prison and forbidden from ever owning another animal. Literally shaking screming vomiting right now, what the fuck

No. 1474290

Saw the vidrel a few days ago, it's honestly a great example as to why shitbulls should be banned. Any other dog, maybe aside from a Kangal, would let go and scurry away. These dogs are so impulsive they're straight up demonic, I just hope the horse got a lot of treats and head pats

No. 1474329

This husky just straight up murders this poodle for no reason. It doesn’t happen in a rage or anything, it literally executed it with the calmness and precision of an assassin. Doesn’t even try to eat it afterwards, just walks off and lurks around a corner. The dumbass scrote does nothing to protect the other small dogs, that tried to help and comfort the dying poodle, from further attack, even angrily shoves one out the way while it was trying to comfort its buddy in its dying moments, the culprit lurking round the corner. People just have no idea what they’re dealing with, they get dogs because they like the way it looks and then don’t bother to learn anything about it, and it’s smaller animals and children that pay the price, the ones they’re supposed to be protecting. They have no say on the other animals brought around them, you’re trapping them in a life with a potential killer that they have no hope of defending themselves from.

No. 1474338

Not someone putting a blanket over the dog like it deserves any decency.

No. 1474341

File: 1673861933629.png (329.27 KB, 597x753, dog bites by breed stats.PNG)

Saw this video shortly after this happened but nonna please give a warning to others before posting, this is graphic. I like small dogs but large dogs should be treated as beasts they are with no exceptions. Huskies especially, they're the biggest cunts in the dog world in terms of temperament. This poor poodle was just minding his own business and got killed for nothing. Knowing how intelligent and cute poodles are the poor thing must have been so confused. I hope the dumb piece of shit husky gets put down and that the business goes under, how can you put a notoriously batshit insane breed in with small lapdogs??

No. 1474344

Vidrel is an even more clear irrefutable example(NSFW), the pitbull decides to attack the work horse/mule for whatever reason, even though its being beaten from all sides it still latches on to the horse's neck and would rather die or risk permanent injury just to kill its intended prey
that's not normal behavior for any animal, It can't be taught, it's not even primal or found in nature, this is unironically a man made horror beyond comprehension

No. 1474348

Shit like these are why I will only ever own female dogs, and only certain sheperd breeds (not German Sheperds) or small breeds. Remember that when you get a male animal (dog, cat, rabbit, whatever) you're not getting the real animal but an inferior, dumber and grosser rape parasite that only looks like it.

No. 1474366

This has to be fake.

No. 1474376

>please give a warning!!!
What, like the in depth description about exactly what happens? Including that a dog kills another dog?

No. 1474392

Yes retard.

No. 1474395

File: 1673869760928.jpeg (368.48 KB, 497x854, 4962C2F2-F636-408F-84D6-A6C590…)

What more of a warning could you need?

No. 1474399

Nta but just don't embed it. I don't know why you're so hellbent on forcing anons to see animal gore.

No. 1474401

no one is forcing you to open anything you absolute retard. literally what did you expect to see in a clip from this thread?

No. 1474404

Are you stupid?

No. 1474406

File: 1673870806253.jpeg (142.37 KB, 366x366, dale.jpeg)

So true, I always felt like a schizo for thinking this but those souless, beady eyes render you entirely unable to 'read' them. Huskies at least look like dogs, pitbulls are practically hairless and are way too strong for their own good.

No. 1474407

That doesn't help when the thumbnail is already gore like several videos above.

Why are you name-calling over anons not wanting to see animal gore unprompted, especially when just scrolling and not even entering the thread?

No. 1474410

File: 1673871371599.png (143.15 KB, 553x378, tw animal gore.png)

wtf are you talking about lmao. if there's any gore in this thread it's spoilered. god you're annoying, just hide the thread.

No. 1474417

this is horrible, huskies are notoriously very difficult to handle and you need to focus and give them attention all time to avoid them acting like unhinged schizos. working dogs should be treated as working dogs, not pets. huskies shouldn't even live in a warm climate in the first place, they're sled dogs for fucks sake. not just the owners but breeders should also be way more responsible and only sell puppies to people who already have experience and to not promote them based on their looks (cause we all know people usually like huskies just because they have blue eyes lmao). remember what happened to the dalmatian craze, an ill tempered working dog owned by clueless people just because of the 101 dalmatians hype

No. 1474547

Does anyone else think the pitbull problem has a bit of a reverse causality issue as well since shitty people are attracted to owning pitbulls? I’m a burgerfag and pitbull owners tend to be either huge bleeding heart pitbull apologists or just plain trashy people like Shane Pierre Sonnier in Shayna’s thread. The former is always trying to prove how sweet their dog is before anything else and the latter is negligent and stupid.

No. 1474557

Yeah. Bleeding heart pitdaddies/mommies are all like "IT'S THE OWNER WHO'S AT FAULT, NOT THE DOG!!!" but at the same time it's like… so what? Are we going to impose pitbulls bans for certain people? How would that work? That could be incredibly problematic because y'know, like how would that even be enforced? Just ban the fucking breed. No matter how much they screech about MUH PRECIOUS PITS, the people who they say are the reason for these pit attacks aren't going to bend to their pleas and cries.

No. 1474580

That's why they got banned in my country. Besides being incredibly dangerous, pitbull infested areas where always "red zones" coincidentally, police started catching criminals just by tracking their dogs, pitbulls are seen as weapons not dogs. Also, people here take no shit, potential "bleeding heart" pitbull owners got scared of what would happen to their dog (or themselves) if it killed someone so most people just get poodles, easier to maintain and wouldn't bring you lawsuits and tragedy, most dog owners here simply don't have the money to front a pitbull related lawsuit/attack unlike Americans

No. 1476505

there's literally articles linked from the local news stations but ok

No. 1477872

File: 1674262917344.png (23.83 KB, 600x568, 1514743701298.png)

No. 1479131

I was going to put this in the tinfoil thread but I don't have enough solid info it's more just my feelings. I think anti BSL groups are satanic. The rise of pitbulls in animal shelters and the increasing resistance against behavioral euthanasia are deliberate factors set in motion for social destruction. The anti bsl rhetoric divides communities- no normal people would defend or want to adopt a dangerous dog. But you have dogs with a bite history with gofundmes and people trying to defend a dog against human victims. I know multiple people involved in dog attacks including myself through no fault of our own and I feel like it's getting worse. It's like these anti-bsl groups brainwash people to be completely antisocial and uncaring towards their fellow citizen. If you try to even share your experience with violence you will get shouted down nowadays and people just want you to shut the fuck up. I don't know it's just so fucking insidious that there are groups shilling these creatures so clearly harmful and damaging, repealing bsl hurts communities but they just don't give a fuck about their fellow humans. I think even at this point if a big celebrity like Patrick Stewart were mauled by a pitbull they'd find a way to cover it up. There are undoubtedly deep pockets in these organizations but I truly wonder WHY

No. 1479191

dog nonces. they might not literally fuck the dogs but they get off sexually on the violence or something. they boast about how their doggo could rip someone's throat out if it wanted to.

No. 1479192

Saged because I'm replying to such an old post but it might've been a Dogo Argentino. Pitbulls are pretty small and dogos look a lot like pitbulls but they're huge. Pitbulls are banned here too but for some reason dogos aren't even though those fuckers are just as violent.

No. 1479204

Sage for blog but when I was really little, maybe around 3 or 4 and my sister was about 8 we were at a park with my parents and this massive unleashed dog came running up to us, and me and my sister being young just thought "oh big fluffy doggy" and started petting it. My mom came over quick and looked to the owner and said something like "that's not a dog?" And the owner said "no she's about 80% wolf." Completely casual, as if it's totally normal to let your fucking wolf-dog run around leashless at a childrens park. My parents kinda ushered us away quickly and he seemed offended and I didn't really realize what was going on because I was so young. That was literally like over 20 years ago and I had never even heard of wolf/dog hybrids again until now. Anyway sorry for my long as blog it's just weird seeing that the wolf hybrids got some semi popularity and are now causing deaths and attacks. Dog breeders seriously need to be put down.

No. 1479822

I hate old boomers that think it's ok to let their dog run up on you. I don't care that it's friendly it has teeth doesn't it? I'm walking through my neighborhood not working at a doggy daycare keep your fucking dog away from me. I'm always super fucking mean, I will swear at people and tell them to "leash your fucking dog" and call them names and they get so fucking offended and shocked that someone doesn't want fluffy jumping on them

No. 1480670

I was on a morning jog and a husky taller than the fence was snarling and jumping at me, I sprinted across the street. I hate dogs

No. 1483868

This video randomly popped up on my recommend (its very graphic) this 22yo girl got her face ripped off by two "dogs". 800 bites, she barely survived. All the "thoughts and prayers" comments yet not a single person pointing out which breed did this to her, everyone's all "every dog could do this" and we know what that means…

She later pointed out on her insta that the dogs were pitbulls, of fucking course

No. 1483872

If she was mauled by a tiger, everyone would comment how reckless it was for someone to own a tiger as a pet. And yet, if it's a pitbull, you will be deformed for life with everyone caping for your attackers

No. 1483921

>Every dog could do this
Yes, every dog COULD, but which DO? I think the video of the pit attacking the golden retriever is actually more effective at peaking people. These mouth breathers have more pity for animals that humans, and it shows that even while in a situation where no one would fault the Goldie for getting aggressive it remains gentle in stark contrast to the frothing monster beside it.

No. 1483968

>Yes, every dog COULD, but which DO?
Very good point, there's a notorious contrast between pitbulls and other dogs, hell, there are 15 fight breeds and none of them register as much attacks as Pitbulls
>even while in a situation where no one would fault the Goldie for getting aggressive it remains gentle in stark contrast to the frothing monster beside it
This is a direct consequence of their breeding. Goldens are literally not designed (physically or mentally) to fight nor kill optimally, but pitbulls are, their bodies and even psyches correspond to those of a fighting, powerful breed

No. 1484072

It's so frustrating when people say every dog has sharp teeth and is therefore an equal threat, or that pits are more likely to be mistreated and that's what turns them aggressive. It's just outright denial of reality. Pits aren't the only dogs that are abused, yet they seem to be the only ones that tear people's faces off on a regular basis.

No. 1486835

This is insane, that poor girl. I hope those owners get all that they deserve for keeping those disgusting beasts, there is no way they could’ve not known their dogs were aggressive like that. blog but this person I used to know had some kind of aggressive mongrel and it would lose its shit whenever anyone other than his family went into his house. The flimsy cage he kept it in did not make you feel safer, I literally only went to his house once for this reason, it blows my mind that his children were around this dog all the time, he and his wife saw nothing wrong with it….. These sorts of dogs should just be euthanised imo. Maybe shelters wouldn’t be so overrun if they were more liberal with that

No. 1487377

File: 1675210760825.jpeg (157.08 KB, 640x690, 0E8C5CF8-F4F2-46DA-86BB-C6F85C…)

Someone posted this on Twitter and the dog fags are absolutely pissing and shitting all over the fucking carpet and howling about it.

No. 1487383

File: 1675211322707.jpeg (418.65 KB, 640x913, E8F41FA1-B4DF-434F-BD9A-94164A…)

As hideous and malformed as his owner by the looks of things.

No. 1487384

File: 1675211350047.jpeg (325.42 KB, 640x974, 444C89E9-F8AF-4F6A-86F2-928593…)

No. 1487391

File: 1675212168924.png (31.1 KB, 466x237, ratio.png)

Interesting that it's mostly scrotes screaming at her about it
Also she's right, I don't understand this need to bring your dogs everywhere. The trader Joe's I use to shop at had to put up no dogs signs because people's damn dogs kept shitting/pissing in the store.

No. 1487397

>Yeah who gives a shit about getting dog slobber, snot, fur, smell, piss, and shit all over items in a store! Who cares about dogs sniffing strangers crotches and humping their legs! Let's not forget about the barking and whining!
Christ is right.

No. 1487455

Lots of people are allergic and have dog phobia though. Also, we know for a fact having a dog near food is a health hazard. fuck dog owners

No. 1487458

Based. Look at the likes she has too.

No. 1487580

one of my friends has a dog that's "a smart breed" (idk what one but she kinda looks like a mix of a black lab and a german shepherd. very generic dog" that tears up literally anything you leave out. one time i left my brand new coin purse on their counter forgetting about it (it was basically a cat plushie but a purse) and that little shit tore it all up in like the 10 minutes we weren't looking. yeah it probably just thought it was a toy but god I hate how dogs tear up and destroy everything

No. 1490132

When I was younger and played in my grandma's backyard her neighbour had a big dog that would constantly fucking bark at me. One time it got so angry and ferocious it kept trying to hop over the fence and it was so strong and heavy it was almost knocking it over. I was so terrified I ran up into the playhouse and hid. It got so close to getting over the fence I legit thought it was gonna come and kill me and I was screaming for help. Luckily the owner came out and dragged it inside but I never went outside while the dog was there ever again.

No. 1490172

My boyfriend told me about how he knew a girl who had half her face torn off because a dog on the loose in the neighborhood attacked her while her parents were away for a few minutes as she played outside. I fucking hate dogs nonnas, that and they are ugly and fucking disgusting.

No. 1490201

Had to call animal control on my stupid trump supporter neighbors because he left his ugly dogs during a snowstorm outside and they were so cold and aggressive, climbing over the super low fences. They were also barking nonstop for hours and hours I was waking up multiple times at night and this shithead won’t open the door when I knock because I’m an ugly dirty immigrant ew. Anyway So I reported his ass saying he is abusing his dogs for leaving them out in the cold also making me feel unsafe with those super low fences. He hasn’t let his dogs ever since the police and the animal control showed up on his house kek.

No. 1490210

i should also mention that i couldn’t go to campus that day because my car was parked right next to the fence and it was completely covered in ice and i needed to scrape it etc but i couldn’t since they were taller than the fence barking and growling at me. right at face level. and i missed out on some important lectures. fuck dogs. fuck my neighbor.

No. 1490721

Why are dog owners so insistent on having everyone fawn over their pets? I’ve had owners give me dirty looks for being frightened when the dog they’re walking jumps up at me and starts barking, and one time the owner said, he doesn’t bite in a really condescending voice. I don’t even hate dogs but it’s really unnerving for me. It’s almost like they get offended that you don’t nye on start worshipping the dog and start fussing over it saying ‘GOOD DOGGO GOOD DOGGO’. My god it gets on my nerves lmfao

No. 1491048

File: 1675553017929.jpeg (57.49 KB, 743x645, 09C6EFD7-98C6-45C8-8CBE-46C9DC…)

Reminder that these babies are endangered now because “leash your mutt” was apparently too much to ask.

No. 1491087

I swear we had the same neighbor. Mine had two large shepherd dogs that would bark day and night at the fence and he would egg them on like the retarded scrote he was. One day the dogs got into our yard and killed one of our chickens, so I reported him and his dumb dogs and he kept them inside forever after. He did a lot of other stuff like encouraging his kids to throw rocks at our chickens too. Dog people are selfish as fuck usually.

No. 1491228

Oh no anon, I'm so sorry about your chicken.

No. 1491261

Should have thrown chocolate at his dog. So sorry about your chicken. Dog owners are psychotic.

No. 1491325

thats so heartbreaking… Ive seen a dog murder ducklings before with glee and no one at the park gave a fuck. yes it had a collar

No. 1491332

this shit happens often enough that i saw a case on judge judy(don't judge me she's funny sometimes and hates pitbulls like a reasonable human being)where some dog killed a pet chicken. the piece of shit owner offered $1 because "it was just a chicken". so she called him out and berated him and gave the plantiff extra money.

No. 1491769

Judge Judy is so based. No judgement needed to watch her.

No. 1493068

Love dogs hate shitbulls simple as

No. 1493098

I hate all dogs, especially huskies. Screechy fucks and they leave hair everywhere.

No. 1493268

The dog and owner look like they eat each other's shit

Imagine needing a walking, barking and shit-smelling beast with you 24/7? Just get a man, it's the same damn thing.

And the owners NEVER offer to pay you back for what the dog did.

the most undisciplined people acquire these dogs I swear. And catch them living in a place where it never snows. Borderline animal abuse (neglect?) to have a dog, made to live in blizzards and run all day, be chained to a stick in some backyard of Arizona. Huskies require so much fucking work because all those dogs wanna do is work. They want to run 8 hours a day, eating the shit of the dog running in front of them. They get fucking bored if not pulling and running. but because they look 'cool', mainly scrotes, have to have them. the dumbest fucking dogs for the dumbest fucking people.

Had a neighbour who owned this big and stupid german shepherd he kept chained in his small ass yard for a couple of hours a day. He kicked the cat out because she had fleas but the dog could stick around? That thing would bark so fucking loud to anyone walking by and if not chained up and behind a fence, I have no doubt it would have attacked.
Another neighbour would let his poor old cat, who had a sinus infection and was frail as hell, wander around in all types of weather but keep his mean-ass cocker spaniel thing inside, safe and warm. I wish I could have done something for you, Buster. I had no money and the city's cat shelters were at full capacity and lacked financial aid themselves.

No. 1493276

I probably blogposted about this on here before but my aunt and uncle byb huskies for years and then kept like a dozen of them. They kept the dogs outside in a shed with a run but a few were allowed to be in the house. As a child I was so scared of them with their icy blue eyes and how creepy they acted (stalking, not relaxing and being friendly like normal dogs). Also their entire house reeked of dog piss. But they got like over 1500 per puppy so that's why they kept doing it

No. 1493361

I used to have two TIF roommates who had a husky they would cage up in the basement a majority of the time.
I also recently had neighbors who had two German shepherds that lived outside, in the rain sleet and snow. There were no exceptions. Last i remember before i moved out was the dogs screaming for their dear lives more often than before.
So many dog owners are unruly.

No. 1493548

File: 1675810691443.jpeg (40.4 KB, 500x500, 5274c7c3-3177-4483-a00f-d60f17…)

Thank God I can vent about how much I hate dogs and their owners. Dogs are filthy, needy, loud and large dogs can be dangerous. Dog people are entitled and inconsiderate as fuck since they bring their beasts where they aren't allowed like national parks or beaches. Thanks assholes for spreading Ecoli and disrupting natural wildlife with your mutants. I especially hate big dogs since the worst people (usually pathetic moids) own Shitbulls and German Shepards, Akitas and Huskeys.

I've never been to one home where a dog lived that didn't smell like rotting corn chips or putrid eggs. Dog people must have some form of narcissism that makes them want an animal that worships them. They always say how they prefer the company of dogs over people and it says a lot about you when only an animal as dim witted as a dog can stand your ass.

No. 1493557

>Thanks assholes for spreading Ecoli and disrupting natural wildlife with your mutants
I hope you're not a cat lover because this statement would be very ironic

No. 1493567

Dog people love using cats as a scapegoats. Both animals have negative impacts on the environment but since people cape so hard for the "heckin pupperinos" they don't call them out on their bullshit too. At least I don't have to deal with cats or rabbits or whatever other pet trying to sniff my crotch when I'm on a trail.

No. 1493576

I didn't say dogs weren't dangerous, I own a cat myself I just thought it was an ironic statement

No. 1493654

File: 1675818645063.jpeg (16.99 KB, 225x224, 6ED47368-3C72-46AC-B25B-636FC3…)

One time I was walking with my sister’s family , and my son and a pitbull in a shirt burst out of a yard with a gate, RAN to us, and just started jumping at us, it was so scary, we had small kids with us.
Also one time a pitbull bit my calf when I was 13 wtf

No. 1493681

File: 1675822565662.jpeg (105.51 KB, 720x960, 4A5E46E2-D979-40B3-AB9C-5EF22E…)

My roommate’s dog is so shit. I like a lot of dogs, but this one just sucks. He smells like shit and is always farting, we have a doggy door so he’s constantly tracking mud in from outside. Picrel is from 4 years ago when he ate my Bijou plush that I had from childhood

No. 1493694

Reminds me of the photo of that dead syrian child laying on the beach

No. 1493769

I don't really hate dogs but when exactly did it become acceptable to just bring them in anywhere? Prob been discussed already but it's really bizarre. I see them at the store I work at almost every day. Just walking around (on a leash thank God), no service vest or anything, ppl don't even try to pretend they serve a purpose. Big and small ones. And we're supposed to be a nice store, it's not Walmart. Coffee shops too. When did this happen? And why?

Woman came up to the counter and a guy has his dog with him. I couldn't see it until she was visibly startled/afraid."she's very friendly" he says. Ok but you should back up and not scare this woman I'm serving. And some people are allergic. I'm kind of just waiting until a dog fight breaks out or one shits on the floor and they have to make it crystal clear no dogs are allowed. It feels inevitable to me. But who knows…

No. 1493772

No. 1493792

File: 1675833549519.jpg (35.37 KB, 498x400, IMG_0664.JPG)

>t.dog defender

No. 1493853

I feel bad for laughing but KEK.

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