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No. 686468

Last thread was locked. Please use this thread to contain your distaste for canine creatures.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/288706

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457

No. 686474

Shit thread

No. 686513

Where's the cat hate thread anon?

No. 706212

My grandmother (who is seriously ill rn) bought me some really nice slippers for christmas and my mom's new dog (which I did not want but have to take care of anyway) just chewed through & ruined them. I'm pissed off. I really liked those slippers and they were from my granny.(necro)

No. 758476

There's a street I have to cross every time I go to buy the groceries at the supermarket that's full of dog shit. All the shit comes from the same dog, some asshole just leaves the mutt to run around freely and use it as his toilet, I've never seen him or his dog but I've heard about it from people who have. I'm talking big, steamy shits that no one cleans and after a few days they fuse with the pavement.

No. 758746

Ever since my family dog died, my health improved.

No. 759011

I'm curious, was it stressful for you to have a dog? Usually they say they improve your health.

No. 759487

Waiting for my bf's dog to die so I can get some relaxation before he forces us to get another one.

No. 759502

Just make sure he gets a normal dog and not a 'misunderstood' breed.

No. 759514

Gonna try but it's unlikely, he favors retarded and unruly breeds.

No. 759524

I thought I was safe from my immediate neighbors on either side getting obnoxious dogs as one family is hardcore Muslim and the other neighbors recently moved here from China but nope they both got obnoxious dogs during lockdown.

My city has a big problem with terrible dog owners in general, ugh I hate it. I totally understand that not everyone likes cats but at least my indoor cats don’t disturb the peace or maul toddlers and elderly people.

Currently I most prominently hear a screaming yipping little dog and a loud, low woof woof that just won’t stopppp ahhhh

No. 759556

File: 1615517116164.jpg (37.23 KB, 460x320, 33553563.jpg)

My neighborhood has a "loose" pit bull. Physically disabled guy thought it was a good idea to get a big ass pit bull when he's to weak to control it and his house is to small to contain it. The dog has escaped multiple times and I've met it that way. I about to go for a walk, but then I saw a giant pit charge at me. I was lucky I was able to lock my self inside until it left. The thing only gets out once a month, but I'm a bit paranoid to go out because of it. The things giant and still a puppy too.
And yes the dog has been reported to the police and animal control multiple times by the dudes neighbors who get freaked the fuck out by a random pitbull roaming around. Not sure if they've done anything, but they must have threaten him because I don't see the dog half as much.
Also super weird of the owner to let it roam because we live in the south were 'trigger safety' is considered optional. The dogs gonna bite kid and get put down or scare a hick and get shot

No. 759577

I feel bad because I wanted to give these dogs a chance. My uncle had gotten one a couple years back and it ended up biting my dad for no fucking reason. The pit was still a puppy luckily but even as a puppy this thing did some real damage to my dad’s thigh and he had to get stitches. After seeing the bite in person I then understood why people are so anxious around these dogs.

No. 759616

i heard that in germany you have to prove your ability to handle certain types of dog, and the dog has to pass a behaviour test as well. if we're so sure the cause is bad owners, then the pibble/no leash/"he's only playing" people should agree to a system like that.

No. 759619

I don't know why every dog owner is ok with their pet losing its shit every time they answer the door. Am I just expected to stand there and let your dog bark its head off and lick and jump on me for 5 minutes? it's embarassing. just, how can you live like that and have any self-respect

No. 759666

I like dogs well enough but I really hate how retarded they are about greeting people. Always with the trying to lick my face. Disgusting.

No. 761901

Dog euthanasia if a dog is aggressive will always be okay, I bet our ancestors did it too

No. 761916

Recently I cycled past someone's house and their dog attacked me out of nowhere. It ran under the fence, jumped over the ditch and bit me in the butt WHILE I was cycling. I literally did nothing to provoke it, I didn't even see it before it charged at me, I just heard it bark. I had to get a tetanus shot and my butt was blue and purple for 2 more weeks. Dogs like that need to be put down, who knows what would've happened if that was not me but a young child or elderly.

I don't hate dogs but I do hate owners that deliberately own agressive dogs, putting the community at risk.

No. 761964

I have a scar on my lip from where a border collie puppy bit me when I was 16 when I picked her up. The thing is that I actually feel bad about it like it was my fault for not understanding the puppy or something.

No. 762042

Dogs are not toys or stuffed animals and yeah, they will bite sometimes. Not sure why now people think that dogs are or should be some harmless motionless thing you can pick up and carry around as you wish. Not your or the dog's fault though.

No. 762071

This was in 2012 and I know better now but ngl I still feel guilty when I think about it cause it was a family dog. She also snapped at people who walked near her when she was eating.

No. 762099

Seriously, you don't need to feel guilty. Sometimes dogs growl and bark when you get close to them when they eat, it's a thing they do even if they're not aggressive or it's just a result of people treating them like babies too much. Did the dog get put down?

No. 762106

No, she didn’t get put down. My parents sent her back to the breeder but now I think about it it was always a little sus, she was the only one left in the litter at 9 weeks and they let my parents take her the first time they visited. I don’t hate dogs at all but this particular experience always made me feel like crap. I actually work in a vets now and whenever I feel like changing my career I tell myself I’d be letting that stupid dog down if I did.

No. 762113

>Sometimes dogs growl and bark when you get close to them when they eat
This reminded me of the times a shitty bf's dog would growl and attempt to bite me when I put down my own food to sit down and eat because he taught and reinforced to it that it was higher on the hierarchy than me.

No. 762130

In my apartment complex "dangerous breeds" are not allowed. However there is a new guy that has a sherperd-mixed dog that wear a "DO NOT PET" harness. I have a toddler, and I absolute freak out when I see them. There is a canal nearby that I like to walk with my baby, and one day I saw the owner walking with his unleashed beast. I have already reported to the apartment management, and obviously nothing was done. I just hate how dog owners are absolutely selfish and completely obtuse about their surroundings.

No. 762137

Maybe he's not reactive to children?

Either way, people that have any kind of reactive dog and don't have them on a leash should have the dog take away.

No. 762172

Ngl that's bittersweet anon. You did what you could, you work at a vets, I'm sure that dog would be proud no matter what you do now.

Somehow the owners that go on and on about heriarchy as if they themselves were alpha wolfes tend to be the worst ones. Most of them try so hard to appear though by getting big and scary/dangerous dogs they can't educate or control.

No. 762174

File: 1615840036268.png (Spoiler Image, 411.06 KB, 665x489, 64573204532945329542.png)

No matter how clever they are, dogs will always be nasty and stupid. My relative has a labrador, she can do a bunch of tricks like sit, stay, lay down, retrieve (obviously), heel and all that. Sweet animal ngl. But holy fuck is she gross. There was a pail with plant debris left outside that had then collected rain water, and this shit smelled rank. It had been left to coagulate for over a week and the unholy mixture transformed into a stomach-churning, fetid bog water that literally made me dry heave a few times. I went to empty it in a somewhat secluded part of the yard and not two minutes later this dumb fuck is over in the corner licking and eating the grass that had been coated in bacteria-infested moldy rot juice. Shrieked at her to get away which she only reluctantly did. Seeing her eat that shit made me want to vomit all over again. Also, one of my friends regularly has to shoo his dog away from its dookie otherwise the retard literally eats his own shit. What is WRONG with these creatures.

No. 762178

>literally eats his own shit
Lol wtf I've never seen that, are they getting enough to eat? There's something up with your families dogs for sure

I hated how my dog liked to roll in fox poo but that's ingrained hunting behaviour at least

No. 762207

Yeah, the one that eats shit is still a puppy and apparently it's "actually quite normal" (https://www.petmd.com/dog/puppycenter/health/evr_dg_why_do_puppies_eat_poop). They keep redirecting and are just hoping he grows out of it. There's been some reduction in the behavior but they're not over the hump yet. With the lab, she's getting older and I don't know wtf is going on with her. They take her to the vet regularly and give her what I assume to be balanced meals, not only dry and wet canned foods but with extras like pumpkin which is supposed to be good for digestion. I've heard of dogs eating grass to get fiber but with the pumpkin I'd be surprised if that's it. Maybe I just have the misfortune of being around exceptionally gross dogs but it's so obnoxious haha. God I would go crazy having to bathe poop off my pet, you're a good and patient owner!

No. 762208

This is like that fucking disgusting post about some dude leaving his cum sock out and his dog ended up eating it
Fucking scrotes

No. 762211

Come to think of it, I actually know someone who has this issue too! Not as nasty as your example but a couple I know has a dog that's repeatedly eaten their socks, child's toys and even underwear. It has specifically gone into their bedroom and nudged at their dresser to open drawers to get at clothes (not dirty). He's required surgery a couple times due to this and they've had to get super obsessive about picking up literally everything and installing locks on their furniture. Dogs seem exhausting

No. 762217

How many cat lovers are there itt? Not joking, I love cats

No. 762220

If this ever happens to you again, please file a police report. Dangerous dogs are often allowed to attack again and again because they're not reported. It's fucking maddening once you're aware of just how much violence dogs are allowed to get away with, at least in the USA.

No. 762222

My mom was telling me she wants to get a dog but my little sister hates them lol

No. 762224

Me. I adore cats and their self sufficient little selves. And I don't actually hate dogs, I don't wish them harm or anything, I just find them generally annoying and offputting.

No. 762348

IIRC dog breeds like pugs will eat their own shit no matter what you do and no matter how well fed they are.

No. 762374

Im not a complete dog hater but like everyone here I fucking despise pitbulls/staffies and their owners with a passion.
Last week I was walking my dog, hes elderly and on his last legs. Always keep him on the lead for safety, this stupid fucking junky has his 2 pitbulls off lead and they try to attack every dog they come into contact with. One tried to bite my dog in the neck so I responded by kicking it in its nasty face. Then the owner comes by off his head on smack telling me im a bitch and his dogs would never attack and in fact it was MY dog that bit his. I was and still am shaken up by it. I live in a shitty part of Scotland and every other person owns these shits, the typical studded collar metal chain type. Clearly for show, they get off on their dogs being a threat to everyone.

No. 762392

Pitbulls aren't legal in Scotland or anywhere in the UK, look up the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

No. 762406

Pitbull genocide, best day of my life.

No. 762436

Im aware, doesn't stop people from owning them here tho

No. 762488

Probably a Staffie or some other type that's only popular for looking like Pitbulls

No. 763832

File: 1616030688814.jpg (283.86 KB, 1280x720, 1615663405243.jpg)

Pitbulls got another revival, called "exotic breeds", where people try to breed them to be as muscular as they can. It's super unhealthy, but people love these cyberpunk freaks

No. 763860

Next time file a police report and demand a rabies test. The only way to find out if a dog is rabid is to do an autopsy, so it will be necessarily put down. Obviously think about the ramifications that might have with your community, but it's an available option.

No. 763870

This is just plain cruelty. Quintessentially American too.

No. 763873

Finally, a thread just for me

No. 763882

why can’t you faggots ever sage

No. 763922

My grandparents run a trailer park and so many dumb fuckers get fucking pitbulls. One time I was walking around with my grandpa handing out notices and after a tenant opened the door this pitbull came running out. There's a strict rule that there's no big dogs in the park and it's been like that for 20 years. My grandpa told her "hey is that a pitbull" and she hesitated and said "no that's a mix breed dog" I then piped up saying "we're not stupid I know what a pitbull looks like" she grabbed the dog and shoved him back in the trailer. Kek.

No. 763933

I had a traumatic experience with dogs when I was very young (2-3 years old) and I was fucking terrified of them for years until I became a teen. Now that I'm no longer scared of them (as long they're leashed) I can live and let live. I don't hate dogs but holy fuck, their owners. No, I don't want your dog shoving his nose up my asshole. No, I don't want to walk in your dog's shit. No, I don't want to get barked at every fucking time I walk down the street.

No. 763999

File: 1616057686826.jpeg (146.05 KB, 700x599, 21CF4221-20D1-4D0E-B0AF-D2BDCA…)

There’s no way “wolfdogs” should be legal anywhere or fucking exist as a bred pet. Fuck everyone who goes out of their way to encourage the existence of this unfair monstrosity and fuck all the sociopathic freakshows in the past who brought it into reality. Tibetan mastiffs too.

May all the breeders and buyers of both these breeds suffer a fate befitting of their actions.

No. 797703

I saw this video the other day of a pitbull getting owned by a horse. It was taken from CCTV so no humans where available to intervine. The pit jumped over the fence, ran over and launched an attack against the horse completely unprovoked. The horse was tied to a trailer eating hay, and couldn’t run away. it spun round and kicked out with both back legs, sending the pitbull flying. It never got up again and I think it got kicked right in the head and perhaps died instantly. God it was so satisfying. I hate those little pikey cunts.

No. 797704

i don't hate dogs but i have a specific hate for shitbulls and german shepherds so good for the horse

No. 797712

I actually love German Shepard’s KEK. One of my favourite breeds. How come you don’t like them? Just out of interest. All the ones I have met have been very good dogs, except for one that came from an abusive home and was wary of people. However, shitbulls are completely fucking foul. I love it when they get what’s coming to them.
They are remarkably tough dogs, I’ll give them that. They have an extremely high pain tolerance and are too fucking stupid to recognise danger.
A German shep is no match for them sadly.

No. 797713

German Shepards have the most disgusting natural smell wafting off of them. It's so fucking gross, wish they bred that disgusting smell out of them.

No. 797717

>disgusting smell wafting off of them
Isn’t that just all dogs? I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t stink. Little wirey terriers are the worst IMO.
I also hate dachshunds. Not only because they look fucking stupid but they have horrible temperaments. I was actually bitten by one. I walked past it down a narrow country lane and it just lunged at my ankles and sank it’s teeth in. Owner didn’t apologise or even acknowledge me, just yanked its lead away.

No. 797721

the only ones i've ever been around have just given off like a really aggressive energy. i just associate them with being like police/attack dogs i guess.

No. 797735

Has anyone else here been bitten by a dog? What breed? What set it off? If anything.
I have also been bitten by a jack Russel as a kid but tbh it was just tied up outside on a lead, alone and I touched it without consent, so I don’t blame it.

No. 797744

My cousins lab bit my eye when I was about 4. I was sitting on a stool eating a toffee my aunt gave me and the dog wouldn't leave me alone. No one thought to move the dog and 4 year old me thought pushing his face with my hand would work but the dog lunged at my face. I wasn't badly biy or scarred and it never made me hate dogs or anything, just made me think my aunt was a retard.

No. 797769

Friend of mine got his nose bitten off by a dog. Dogs are horrible.

No. 797781

got bit by a shih tzu when I was 4 or 5. It was a little demon dog, I don't know why they had it as they were also a family with young children. I bent down to pat it and it just launched itself and grabbed hold of my chin. I stood up and it hung on so I pulled it off my face. It left a small scar along my jawline. Dog ran away some years later, they never found it, and replaced it with a shih tzu that was basically a breathing throw pillow it was so unbothered by the world.

No. 797820

A shitbull in someone's yard went crazy as I was passing by. It managed to get out and bite my leg but luckily some old men in a neighboring yard saw and managed to beat it up enough to let go. I must've been nine or so and I had to go to the hospital to get a rabies shot and stitches.
I have a big ugly scar on my shin now and have to wear pants in 40 degrees celsius, I also hate people who own large dogs and I hate it even more when people say it "wasn't the breed's fault". Well whose the fuck is it? I like small and quiet dogs still but ones that bark all the time scare me.

No. 797861

Yep. It was by someone's yapperdoodle mutt on the loose that bit my ankle. Literally did nothing to provoke it. It happened when I was walking down the street doing my own errands. I passed by this house, I heard the dog yammering, I stepped aside to avoid it and the damn thing still went at me. It bit the fleshy part of my ankle hard enough to break through the skin. I'm pretty sure it wast in full view of its possible owner because I made eye contact with one of the individual from the house that that dog came from. He didn't apologize or even call his dog back. I remember the the whole day the wound felt like a giant pulsating bruise. It took somehere around two weeks and I'm just thankfull that my foot didn't get infected or that the mongrel didn't carry anything particulary nasty.
Besides that I can only remember a close call with an unsocilized german shepard. Saw it snarl at a couple of passerbys. It was unmuzzled dispite its clear aggression and when it came to pass me by snapped jaw at me within arms length. Can still recall the owner used a heavy chain to restrain it.
Seriously, fuck anyone gets dogs just for the hell of it without considering if there will be enough time dedicated to train it. They may be companions but they're still animals. Also fuck anybody who gets dogs as a clear fashion statement/because it looks cool. I live in an area where it gets massively hot and I've seen way too many huskies being walked outside with a full coat.

No. 797903

I understand your rage towards this situation but could you explain what's so fucked up about this breed and it's creators?

No. 797914

Not that anon but wolves and dogs are hundred of years apart as species, heck, is not even clear if dogs are wolf descendants or if they both come from a common ancestor.

No. 797947

File: 1620074948732.png (25.73 KB, 1177x179, noway.PNG)

Based heavy.com writer making sure to include this in their article about some pedo rapist scrote that abducted and assaulted a little girl. He was letting his shitbulls bite her in his basement. Fuck males, fuck the mauler dog breeds they brought into this world, and fuck all the idiots who defend their existence.

No. 797954

Post link to the article pls?

No. 797974

Right, duh. Even more disturbing is that he may be a person of interest in the Delphi murders, but that's been said for other rapist scrotes before him. Regardless, I hope he gets literally torn to shreds some day.

No. 798005

File: 1620076994092.jpeg (166.83 KB, 1200x900, DF839B6D-1371-4684-AD78-7F04E8…)

Feed him and his shitbull to the mares of diomedes.
Also surprise surprise he repeatedly stans for pornhub.

No. 798043

yeah I wish, unfortunately some sociopath pibble worshippers will probably 'rescue' the dog from justice. Google Mickey the pitbull if you want to be really, really angry for the rest of the day, or perhaps your life.

No. 798077

How comes they can have pits killing people out here and that's fine but I can't have a bobcat??

No. 798150

i fucking hate pitbulls, fuck them. Never found them beautiful or funny.

No. 798178

File: 1620088719499.jpg (7.75 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

C'mon this would never hurt anybody

No. 798391

File: 1620111216545.jpeg (330.68 KB, 620x791, F43AF2B7-37DA-49E8-AEA6-453785…)

These people deserve to be mauled tbh.
Mickey should be killed, minced up and fed to other animals.

No. 798396


Tibatan mastiffs vary wildly based on their gene pools, I've met more then one living in NYC that had the personality of a lazy slow moving sta bernard. I think the Chinese red variant are the ones who are more aggressive and wild.

No. 798406

This dog should've just been euthanized. Painfree and freeing him from his neglected existence. Jailtime sentences exists for prevention and punishment for actions, nothing a dog would understand. What judge in her right mind would put a dog in jail? What the fuck

No. 798410

This, seriously.

Dogs that are simply too reactive or aggressive should be put down. It's the best for both human and animal.

No. 798544

Not bitten, but my aunt had a female Boxer and while I was at her house one day, I picked up a fake toy mouse (like, the one you see cats play with) and sat on a chair, then the dog noticed it, jumped at me and almost clawed out my eye. I was afraid of dogs for a long time after that, then I got over it by getting a lovely Border Collie.
Maybe it's just me, but I noticed that the most dumb dogs (that tend to get impulsive and aggressive) are the ones that have their faces smashed in and small dogs. Maybe because they're treated like babies too much? I've rarely ever seen an aggressive big or regular sized dog with a normal muzzle. Those seem chill most of the time.

No. 798568

It's the inbreeding. People who breed and purchase those mutants should be punished by law. It's animal cruelty for them to exist and a nuisance for society.

No. 798579

This reads like an Onion article. The jailed dog, the dog's lawyer, the petition to release him with 70k signatures, the absolutely insane author of the article… This story really has it all and more

No. 798600

My elderly neighbor has a white boxer that is a fucking menace. She has admitted to me that it has pulled her off her feet on walks, before, and kids had to help her get it back (she told me this like it was a funny story when she first moved in). Yet she still walks it by herself. In the summer, she sits in a chair with the dog right next to the sidewalk. When I had guests visiting before she actually told them to walk around/wait for her to get control of her dog when they were just trying to walk down the sidewalk to my front door and they complained about it to me. I walk around naturally through the parking lot just because I am afraid of it. Her dog barks at people all day and lunges at her storm door. If I'm in my backyard it barks at me and my (quiet well behaved) dogs.
I hope she dies in her home and the dog eats her face

No. 798835

File: 1620154839039.jpg (63.46 KB, 640x540, Mickey-The-Pit-Bull-Licking-Sh…)

kek I typically only read about dog attacks on sites that are advocating for victims, so that article made me feel like I was reading some dark web shit or something. These people are so unfathomably twisted. Imagine letting a dog lick your face when you know it once crushed a little boy's face with it's teeth. Absolutely fucking sickening. The people who shill for murder dogs (I can't believe the lawyer's name is actually Schill) are the people that Qanon types should be obsessed with. They're straight up demon worshippers who happily hand babies over to Moloch and then give him kisses when he 'accidentally' disfigures or kills them, always placing blame on the innocent child instead of the dog breed created by fucking psychopaths. This shit goes so deep that it actually makes me wonder if we're living in hell sometimes. Six kids have been killed by dogs in the US this year alone and you barely hear about them outside of local news stations. A 3 yr old boy in Cateret NJ got mauled to death by a neighbor's shitbulls last month, they broke through a fence just to kill him in his own yard. His mom was hospitalized trying to save him and his siblings saw it happen through the kitchen window. No charges filed against the dog owner. Fuck America.

No. 798928

This dog is fucking lucky he is still alive. Life in prison is an incredibly generous, but of course the idiot dog simp writing the article thinks he is being mistreated. He disfigured a child! Would she feel as sorry for an adult human that did that?

No. 799476

I always smile when I see these people getting mauled by their own dogs. They deserve it so much.

No. 799483

File: 1620213691755.jpeg (233.53 KB, 640x877, 54F550E3-A9FB-4BA5-A468-8483B5…)

Anyone who defends these dogs and expects other people to be subjected to them deserves everything they get, from stitches, to missing noses, to murder and manslaughter charges.
WARNING: graphic images. Victims of pitbull attacks

Article of pic related.
What kind of dog mauls it’s owner when they’re on the ground fitting? They aren’t right in the head, pitbulls. They’re all completely chemically imbalanced. They attack without warning for seemingly no reason, and they don’t give up until the victim is dead.

No. 799511

Pitbulls are the reason I'm terrified to go walking in my neighborhood

No. 799518

I'm so glad pitbulls aren't a popular breed here, hope that stays that way and isn't another thing that blows over.

No. 799523

Couldn't scroll through the the first link. Truly horrifying. Also when I search for pit bull on Google, one of the first statistics that came up was this:
>Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they're responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982
They should go extinct as a breed
Yep, cats are the best tbh

No. 799546

Pitbulls and bulldogs aren't the same or are they? I don't like dogs and I can never remember breed characteristics.

No. 799570

File: 1620225915727.jpg (249.64 KB, 1920x1278, AdobeStock_36032210.jpg)

Pitbulls are usually the beady eyed ones (like the one with the beautiful smile above), suspiciously muscular and medium to large sized. Bulldogs (picrel) are the ones that are short, full of wrinkles, often the lower jaw is bigger than the upper, very short muzzle and they're so imbred that many females can't naturally give birth. They can be aggressive too, though most of the time they can't even run properly so I guess it's harder to maul someone.
Also, Pitbulls are often similar or the same as Staffordshire bull terriers and Amstaffs, they may be called differently in different countries.

No. 799625

Less about dogs themselves and more about the shit their owners do but, I've had a handful of men with dogs pass by me in the last few years and make a big fuss like "oh don't worry about the dog!" making out like I'm intimidated when I'm just not.

They're usually not even the worst breeds, they're always on a leash because it's strict here. If your dog bites someone here.. that dog is dead. So I'm not nervous of dogs in general. I'm certainly never acting nervous when they make out like I am. I mean do they reassure every passing stranger or is it just women? I really think these guys wish they had some intimidating breed and lots of women quaking at the sight of them.

No. 799626

I think they just want to make up an excuse to talk to women, just move along

No. 799637

No. 799657

Bit by an Australian shepherd while working as a pizza delivery driver. Regular customer had an aggressive dog that was constantly trying to bite or attacking our drivers cars, and management kept telling this customer they HAD to have their dog kenneled or in the house or we wouldn't deliver anymore,but they never listened and kept the dog out and not on a leash, until eventually I gave the customer their pizza, halfway turned to get back to my car while trying not to fully turn my back on the dog, and it just lunged and grabbed me around my ankle. Great job idiots who ordered food 4 times a week, now your address is permanently blacklisted from being allowed to order pizza.

No. 800700


Pitbulls are very stubborn but they aren’t naturally aggressive. Pittbulls were originally trained to pull things (bulls specifically) not to actively attack. Many men I know have pet bulldogs (their pig headness and sloppiness makes them endearing to men I guess) and they are the dumbest dogs I’ve ever seen, but not really aggressive, even towards their toys being taken or anything. But they really don’t listen to authority and I’ve seen them literally lay down on the street, refuse to move because they decided they no longer wish to continue walking forcing the dude who owns them to carry them the rest of the way home

No. 800701

>pitbulls are very stubborn but they aren’t naturally aggressive
I hope you get some sense mauled into you soon. They where selectively bread as fighting dogs and attack disproportionately more than any other breed.

No. 800721

I think what scares me about pitbulls is that, unlike other breeds, they could get triggered over the smallest things. My cousin almost died by a pitbull, what set it off? well, he sneezed, my cousin just sneezed near it and that thing went apeshit. And no, it wasn't an abused dog.

No. 803404

Someone in the neighbourhood got a dog a month ago and I swear to god, no exaggeration, it starts barking at 2 pm every fucking day like it's got a schedule. Even worse, it's got a really high pitched loud bark, and this could go on and off for about an hour. It's been driving me absolutely insane. To make matters worse another fucking dog a few houses down responds by whining really low which is an even more irritating sound. Please kill me anons. These ADHD-riddled beasts will be the end of my sanity

No. 803492

File: 1620662853966.jpeg (83.99 KB, 432x576, 0C033FEC-BF7A-4DE3-97BD-A943CB…)

remembering how one of my relatives let her disgusting fucking naked mole rat dog (literally looks like pic related) run free in my parents’ house and it proceeded to shit and puke on the floor, tear up furniture and jump on the table and snatch food off someone’s plate (among other things)
not only that but she treats the thing like a human child and refuses to discipline it

No. 803559

Dying bc I can picture the dog from the picrel picture

No. 803642

Only good dog breeds are samoyeds and mamluke

No. 803698

No, if they have a shit owner they're going to be horrible dogs as well. They don't easily obey either.

No. 803709

But they are less aggressive and also they are cute

No. 803749

Well, nearly every dog is less aggressive than a pitbull, so yeah. At least they're more beautiful.

No. 803928

Many breeds and mutts are more agressive than a shitbull but they are either to small and/or weak to do serious damage or they bite but not maul.
The thing is any dog can bite since is in their nature after all but a normal dog would bite once as a warning will shitbulls don't let go until you kill them.

No. 803963

I hate the gigantic piles of shit left by dogs on the walking trail I use, larger breeds like huskies are becoming popular and the owners never clean up after their dogs

No. 803989

Was walking and minding my own business when this deranged little pomeranian started going apeshit on me from the window of a car. Disgusting thing was so inbred he had Pete Davidson butthole eyes. It was hot and the windows were all up so I hope the miserable creature died in there.

No. 804536

God I hate it when those tiny dogs have freakishly large bug eyes. It's like they're suppose to be cute because of their size but once you look at the face it's like their eyes are too large and are about to fall out of their face. Just creepy tbh.

No. 806425

People living on the next street over have a dog that has always been a bit of a barker. It's a smallish dog but seems to go nuts at people coming and going from their street. Thinks its guarding things I guess. It's always been a daily annoyance but now the house right next to theirs is having major work done on it and there's workmen coming and going all day. The dog is non stop going nuts and nobody thinks to bring the dog indoors or address it in any way?

I work from home currently. I'm losing my mind. Two streets, probably more..are all stuck listening to this one pet go nuts from 8am to late evening. How does it not occur to them to do something? I'd die of embarrassment if I had a pet constantly losing it for everyone to hear.

I don't want to rock the boat and go over there because they have a lot of family in the area so shit could get real awkward for me living here. But how are they so seemingly oblivious to the issue?

No. 806439

Maybe they're not at home? Or can't hear it because of the work done?

I mean I have a dog that barks at cats and after maybe 1-2 minutes tops I can't stand that shit anymore. Idk how you do it.

Wonder if you'd be able to call the police or something with a noise complaint? Or get some ear plugs if you can use them despite working?

No. 806451

Put an anonymous note in their letterbox

No. 806466

if u live in america just shoot it before it maims a toddler

No. 806467

innit, i always find that really disconcerting. fuck dogs

No. 806468

what country are you in, anon?

i'm sorry, that's awful.

No. 806470

they get so offended when you tell them their nasty pittie is illegal. They have another name for it 'staffie' so they can bypass dog laws.

Dated a bloke with 2 'staffie' pitbulls. gross and used to shit on the floor

No. 806473

IK its illegal here, but you should try to manufacture and carry pepper spray, anon. I'd have blasted his junkie face and legged it

No. 806474


No. 806475

File: 1620994472367.jpg (115.52 KB, 640x566, africanis.jpg)

My landlord's wife got bit by a dog this weekend, it took a chunk off her nose and she had to go for skin graft surgery yesterday. She insists it was her fault because she was leaning over it and petting its head, but they're dog lovers so they'll make any excuse. No consequences for the dog who is apparently reaaally friendly apart from tearing people's noses off. Picrel of the type of dog, its a common breed where I live.

No. 806476


No other breeds behave like that.

No. 806730

These are those weird trashy dogs, hope her nose will be mended right

No. 811007

What a retarded thread
Dog facing consequences?
Do you want it to go to dog jaill?
Do you people realize we live on earth .. right? Nature just doing it’s thing.

No. 811010

Seriously I grew up in TX strays where everywhere I had a dog trample me when I was 5, but of course I had real life issues since then so I don’t make a dog attacking me the bane of my identity, and I don’t hyperfocus on any animal, lol. if you want to kill an animal just say it. Why do you have go through mental gymnastics to convince yourself you want to kill every dog you encounter. Weird bitches

No. 811014

Dogs are literally in every neighborhood and in most homes so you might have to move on with this weird issue or realize you individually might have a problem. I hope I scare one of you by just walking my dog next to you lol. That’s all it takes.

No. 811024

File: 1621459641562.jpg (44.56 KB, 595x360, demons.jpg)

The latest in American dog cult degeneracy: two freakishly ugly shitbull type dogs killed a 7 year old girl and hospitalized her mother while they were dog-sitting for neighbors. Said neighbors are now attempting to bring the inexplicably still alive dogs back home, to live in the same neighborhood as the traumatized family they destroyed. There is a likelihood that they will succeed, due to the total inadequacy of state laws regarding dog attacks.


(reposting because I felt bad telling people to burn in hell even though they do deserve it)

retard alert

No. 811052

This retard made you change your post

No. 811070

kek actually my personal standards made me change my post, but you can flatter yourself in whatever retarded way you want. By the way, there's nothing more 'natural' than culling human aggressive dogs from the gene pool. Sorry you can't cope with 'nature doing it's thing' when it comes to heckin good puppers.

No. 811081

Made no sense what so ever.

No. 811135

Check pets4homes or gumtree for American bullies, they're shitbulls and all over the UK

No. 811276

Meanwhile, cats are somehow the perfect beings, because we're in kindergarten and we've turned this into a cat vs dog thing. They also very lovingly vomit on your bed and walk on your counter with their piss stained paws.

No. 811284

Come back when they’re mauling the face off a toddler for sneezing, or mauling their beloved owner for having a seizure, or leaping over fences and mauling people in their own gardens, or breaking off their leads and mauling smaller dogs in front of their terrified and helpless owners.
I actually hate people like you more than the dogs. The dogs are just doing what they’re selectively bread to do, so I don’t blame them personally. It’s people like you who are responsible. I’m not scared of pits or any dogs, because I know how to fight them. If any dog of yours tries to harm me or a loved one I will gouge out it’s beady little eyes.
Also I smile to myself every time one of you shitbull owners gets what is coming to you. You’re the only ones that deserve to get mauled.
Which is just nature doing it’s thing, incidentally.

No. 811287

File: 1621498111250.gif (78.26 KB, 220x179, tenor (1).gif)

>I’m not scared of pits or any dogs, because I know how to fight them. If any dog of yours tries to harm me or a loved one I will gouge out it’s beady little eyes.

Lmao alright miss badass

No. 811297

Are you the one who said this?
> I hope I scare one of you by just walking my dog next to you lol. That’s all it takes

Aren’t you the miss badass with her ugly ghetto dog? You probably look similar. You’re mad that people know how to defend themselves against shitbulls?

No. 811309

babe for fucks sake please sage. This is already an unpopular thread. I know it's hard not to argue with these retards when they do shit like, bring up cats walking on laptops in a discussion about fatal dog attacks (lmao), but it's not worth it. They're literally too retarded for words.

No. 811311

kek I just realized I read counters as computers in the galaxy brained cat post, but the point still stands. I'd rather a thousand piss soaked cats walk on my fucking counter if it meant not learning of a new dog-on-child fatality every two weeks.

No. 811313

I haven't posted before in this thread, I just posted to laugh at your delusions. Grown men get mauled by pits, but a weak neet anon is gonna fistfight a pit and win. I don't even own a dog or care about cats or whatever, I just read your post and laughed bc we all know you'd get mauled

No. 811333

Lmao no different person I’m the Texas retard, but I made you look more retarded miss badass

No. 811343

File: 1621509297751.jpeg (221.48 KB, 1200x800, CF3F102E-8A94-4CE2-838D-349CA3…)

Dog owners remind me of police officers, they just want something that mimics a human child with no free will and was bred to be obedient and unwavering towards the owners. Police officers think people and animals are incapable of being nuanced and should be controlled and talked down to, police think we are dogs. The two worst undesirables in this world: police officers and dog owners (lol oh wait picrel proves that they’re practically the same!)

Seriously look at this filthy picture. The most common dog owner believe it or not are power-hungry scrotes. Look at this filthy bastard (not the dog, I’ll give the dog some mercy) mimicking dominance. God it makes me sick anons

No. 811344


Better yet the dog should be put down.

No. 811361

I mean, my cat has scratched me multiple times for no reason (I am just standing there looking for something and then out of nowhere my cat jumps out from under the bed to scratch or bite me) while none of my dogs do the same. Though, if you want dog hate, I really hate it when my dog (more like my mom's dog) barks. Its ear bleedingly loud and my mom encourages and rewards it. Also, its boatantoy obvious that my mom is using her dog as a substitute for a child because her kids are too old to be mindlessly obedient to her, and she's too old to have another kid, so a dog is perfect because it's a permanent state of being a toddler incapable or saying no without any of the crying or growing up to be an actual person. She does this God awful baby talk which is a mix of traditional babytalk and a redneck accent. Its insufferable.

No. 811382

>I really hate it when my dog (more like my mom's dog) barks. Its ear bleedingly loud and my mom encourages and rewards it.
My mom does the same! Drives me fucking nuts. I’m ready to throw both of them out.

No. 811473

Feed it poison treats.
There’s no rules about saging on OT
Read up the thread, there’s plenty of things you can do to fight off a pitbull, another thing you can do is ram your fist down it’s throat to choke it. Plenty of people have fought off pitbulls when they know how to actually defend themselves. Pitbull haters can’t accept this, because they are fucked in the head. They like the fact that other people are threatened by them and their shitty dog.

Shitbull lovers are psycho, I swear they secretly love it when people get mauled. They feel a sense of power. Little do they know their dumb little shits are more likely to maul their own owners to death, because they are one of the least intelligent dogs on the planet.
>you want the dog facing consequences?
No, we want the dog put down. We want the OWNER facing consequences.

No. 811475

Pitbull lovers hate this* sorry

No. 811478

I hate the dominance theory when people use it to train their dogs. Cesar Milan is a pinhead. Yeah, you need to be firm with dogs but above all you need to be consistent, they are bred to be trainable and you can train a dog out of almost any annoying behavior with positive reinforcement over an extended period of time. People that don't are just lazy, they don't give a fuck. My dog knows 8 tricks and has great recall and I've never laid a hand on him or play dominance games because I am not a retard

No. 811480

I find most females who own pitbulls are repulsively ugly. Anyone else? I’ve never seen a good looking person walking a pitbull, staff, boxer, bulldog or any shit dog like that. Never seen a good looking man with one either, but pitbull loving women literally LOOK like pitbulls.

No. 811485

In America, killer dogs often get the same leniency as killer cops. When they snap and brutalize someone, the fan club is there to insist that the victim must have done something to deserve it, or that the cop didn't mean to kill, but he was scared! How dare you suggest that a police officer could be anything less than a literal angel? There's a cop in my family and he is the sweetest guy ever. I think there's more to this story than what the media is telling us. Cops don't just kill people for no reason! But I hope a cop kills you, as punishment for having a negative opinion about cops. No charges.

Just replace 'cop' with 'pittie' and it's the exact same script, kek.

No. 811494

Great comparison. Also they both like to DARVO and blame other dogs/people
>that black teenager has a record for marijuana possession, he is just as bad/worse!
>I got nipped on the ankle by a chihuahua once! They’re just as bad!
>the cop only made one mistake! The black teenager has a life of petty crimes!
>the pitbull has only attacked once! So what if it meant a child lost half of its face? It was only one time!

No. 811499

File: 1621525745899.jpg (37.7 KB, 640x291, vp5xzdao5yk51.jpg)

Reminded me of this comment on a page dedicated to saving a dog that ripped an elderly wheelchair-bound woman’s throat out. I don't understand why a dog even should be given chances once it has attacked and/or killed a person, humans should take priority every time or you have a mental problem.

No. 811502

These people are simply misanthropes. Notice how no human EVER gets the benefit of the doubt, not children, not toddlers, not even a crippled old lady stuck in a wheelchair.

No. 811541

Please, plenty of dogs are excellent, clean, intelligent and help in saving lives or making them better. You're all talking like every dog is just there waiting to rip your throat out. I don't know where you live, but in many countries it is rare to see dogs mauling people. Maybe it happens a lot in america because of people like Cesar Millan being popular and making people think that they can be an "alpha" dog by being strong and dominant (and it's all based on a bullshit debunked theory too). Unless this is really a Pitbull and owner hating thread? I can't tell.

I agree that that's annoying, but moms use cats as substitute babies as well and many cats are bred to be mindlessly obedient or doll-like. People are just retarded.

No. 811706

I actually like most dogs, but after working at a grooming place I can safely say that the world would be a better place if all of the Chihuahuas and Shitbulls disappeared overnight.

No. 811874

FUCK I did not mean to bump this thread, sorry jannies I'll get off lolcow for the day now I promise. Everyone just look away and the mean nasty dog hate thread will go away on it's own.

No. 811902

I'm a border collie owner and they are aggro little shits when they are puppies. It's called the baby raptor stage. Not your fault anon, but whoever the owner or caretaker was really should have warned you.

No. 811955

Do those electronic dog whistles on Amazon actually do anything?
Not to stop an angry dog really, but to freak out or annoy a really loud barking dog every time it barks as I walk by?

No. 812009

I'm a border collie owner too and that's just untrue, unless you're raising it like shit. They tend to play bite a lot but they're not aggressive.

No. 812184

The USA has a huge surplus of aggressive and powerful bull terrier dogs in it's shelters which do lead to more dog attacks, not the lack of training. It's not the dogs fault for being born it's morons in society's fault for recklessly breeding so many and lying to people about the danger

No. 816403

i hate dogs their poop smells

No. 820391

Anyone who legit hates dogs is fucking psychopathic and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. Some of the shit said in the last thread was fucking vile, seriously reconsider your existence if you want to harm an innocent animal over some petty, misogynistic "dogs are for boys and cats are for girls" debate or would tie one up outside for "protection" (despite hating them) instead of just getting an alarm system.

No. 822545

File: 1622792157002.jpeg (314.55 KB, 621x902, B7417811-E0CC-4FC3-B52D-3E5CDE…)

When will people learn….
“The night before she died, Ms Ladlow told her brother she felt Gucci was going to bite her, but Mr Barrett said he put it down to his sister perhaps not taking her medication and had seen nothing to think that would happen.”
"I've always protected her… I feel responsible even though there was nothing I could have done that day," Mr Barrett added.

No. 822549

Booohoooo muh pibbleeeez

No. 822550

Every single bulldog breed should be illegal to keep, period. When will people realize that it doesn't matter how well trained a bulldog is, aggression is in their fucking blood

No. 822553

Luckily the stupid ugly mutt was immediately put down. If it was America there would already be a gofundme with a goal of $100,000, a team of attorneys willing to work for free, and Barbara Streisand would donate one of her mansions to it and hire an entire staff of underpaid illegal immigrants to indulge its every whim.

No. 822554

>"I've always protected her… I feel responsible even though there was nothing I could have done that day," Mr Barrett added.

no, you were responsible because you bought her the dog, retard

No. 822558

I was wondering why he didn’t get a smaller, weaker dog to improve his sister’s mental health but read the article and saw
> Mr Barrett rehomed Gucci in October after learning she was being given away because she had previously bitten one of the owner's other dogs.
So yeah, completely responsible.

No. 822567

yeah he could have gotten her a small dog or even a cat, but no he had to get a pit who he knew had attacked another animal

No. 822572

Tinfoil maybe he just wanted her dead? If I hated someone and they wanted a dog I would defo get them a bullbreed kek.

No. 877858

I feel really bad about that dog even though I never hit her, didn’t yell at her, didn’t stress her out on purpose and tried to train her. How exactly did I raise her like shit? I’m sure the breeder never felt any guilt about it even though breeders are notorious for putting profit over welfare and tbh if it was me I wouldn’t have bred again after that experience. Thinking back I kind of hate that breeder and the dog even though she’s just a fucking dog, I just feel really guilty even though I suppose I’ve “redeemed” myself by working full time in a vets and was only a teenager when it happened, meanwhile that breeder afaik is still a breeder. Am I wrong to feel so bad about it?

No. 877867

File: 1628605041737.jpg (76.18 KB, 747x747, 15.jpg)

So I'm like most people here, I don't hate dogs at all but I do believe certain breeds shouldn't exist, mostly pitbulls, I personally think its moronic and inhumane to let these dogs exist, they are a danger to themselves and people(especially children) Pitbulls wouldn't exist without Humans, if they were let loose in the streets they would either starve, get mauled by other packs of dogs or killed by a human and simply die off

No. 877878

By "you", I didn't really mean you you. It's good that you tried your best, but if the breeder is irresponsible and raised her badly even for a few weeks while she was a puppy, she may have developed habits that you just can't correct later in life. Most behavioural issues (fears, aggression towards humans or other dogs, nervousness, anxiety) in dogs take shape during the first months, when by law they should still be with their mothers and the breeder. You can't do anything about the breeder's way of breeding and raising the puppies, you can only choose someone who is responsible. And yeah, we get it, you feel guilty, you've redeemed yourself so just let it go.

No. 877880

The whole "Alpha" Dominance theory with dogs and other canines has been disproven for decades now, The alpha/omega concept came about from the misunderstanding of one researcher
see Wolf and dog packs are an extended family groups, most commonly led by a breeding pair of wolves. Basically wolf packs are mom, dad and kids and sometimes younger inexperienced aunts and uncles wolves working together to survive.
The typical wolf pack then should be viewed as a family with the adult parents guiding the activities of the group and sharing group leadership in a sort of division-of-labor system.

Most wolves who lead packs achieved their position simply by finding their mate and producing pups, which then became their pack. In other words they are just parents and their kids, with pets this mentality this still carries over, our Dogs don't see as Alphas see they literally see us as their parents or guardians(both dogs and cats)

No. 877912

That would happen to literally any domestic dog, dumb ass. Do you think pugs, chihuahuas, dachshunds and oh I don't know, almost every domestic breed of dog would be here if it weren't for human interference with breeding? Are you fucking dumb? An animal is a byproduct of how its raised, a dog doesn't become more or less vicious based on its muscle structure. These dogs were bred to fight one another, but they can be raised to be angels and if you actually knew any fucking dogs you wouldn't say such stupid shit. The people in this thread don't know anything about dogs. No one gives a fuck that you don't like this innocent animal, it has nothing to do with the animal, its about people and they way they mistreat animals and can't be bothered to learn or understand anything about them. It's selfishness, it's ugly, and you're a bitch. Neck yourself.(calm down spaz)

No. 877955

nta but pitbulls are genuinely fucked in the head due to people yes, that doesn't make them any less fucked in the head.

No. 878026

chihuahua or pug bite wont fucking kill you you moron

No. 878028

based unexpected post. i will keep this thread hidden like i did with the previous one, but im glad I saw this before

No. 878444

File: 1628664353279.jpeg (18.05 KB, 265x190, 220A93E2-D9C5-44F3-BDF6-6DB7B7…)

>muh PIBBLE is a wickle angel

No. 878445

what is this, a chart for ants?

No. 878451

File: 1628664950121.jpeg (217.66 KB, 640x1185, 7362FFA6-C06F-453F-A6B2-4E3CB2…)

>Sometimes that pibble, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. And, you know, the thing about a pibble… he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'.

No. 878455

File: 1628665540811.jpeg (181.05 KB, 714x794, C0E38878-57ED-44A2-9945-8D509C…)

The only crime in euthanising all pibble is that they don’t lethally inject the owners along with them.

No. 878458

Mm, this post smells very male.

No. 878463

Shitbull genocide, best day of my life

No. 878506

So the majority of labradors and goldens love water because they were bred to swim and get prey, sheperd dogs tend to obey a lot and "herd" children or toys because they were bred to help with herding animals, bloodhounds will sniff food a mile away, dachshunds and jack russels have strong temperaments because they were bred to get into dens and go face to face with wild animals, but somehow dogs who were bred to fight other dogs and kill small animals don't have any killing instinct?

No. 878524

…if their own pitbull hasn't killed them already

No. 878532

File: 1628675908456.jpg (166.59 KB, 779x551, Screenshot_4.jpg)

This is just one case of an 'angelic' and 'innocent' pitbull killing their owner for no apparent reason

No. 878557

The older I get the more dogs straight up disgust me, especially the smell. They smell like gone off kidney pies, this steaming rotten organ smell, and that smell gets on everything - I can barely stop myself making a face getting in a dog owner's car because they always have a rank smelling blanket in the back. Their furniture is worse, like it's saturated in dog slobber and even if it looks clean, it's got those spiky wiry dog hairs embedded in it.
I guess dogs can't help it, but dog owners are so obnoxious assuming everyone will love their slobbery animals. Even when they notice I'm uncomfortable, they assume I'm scared of dogs and say it's okay, he's friendly. I'm not scared, but I don't want its wet stinking mouth on my hands or in my crotch and they always try to jump on me, just put it away or take the time to train it to behave instead of making it my problem. I'm not here for Fear Factor exposure therapy, you're just numb to how gross this thing is, like an episode of hoarders where people get used to having packets of piss and shit lying around their house.

No. 878559

Also agree pitbulls and other fighting breeds should be sterilized out of existence

No. 878594

This is a blogpost of whatever. So some months ago me and some other anons were sperging about dogs in the things we hate or unpopular opinion thread (i don’t remember which one). Then dogfags accuse me of wanting to have sex with dogs and other nasty stuff bc I expressed my disgust for them. Then another dogfag anon said that she enjoyed smelling her dogs foot fungus bc it smelled like Doritos and nobody commented on that and thought it was weird. I was banned for obvious reasons so I couldn’t call her out. I just think it’s weird how dogfags accuse me of gross stuff like that when we have other weirdo dognutters that admits to having a creepy dog foot fetish. Also dogfags crazy obsessive cult like behaviour reminds me a lot of trannies cultlike behaviour, just that they are obsessed with dogs.

No. 878600

FUCKING KEK nonny sorry you got dogpiled while foot sniffer extraordinaire is vindicated

No. 878603

KEK I was probably doritofeet doganon. Sorry about your bad time, dogfucker anon. I'm chuckling irl

No. 878606

I am in a bad mood but this gave me a good chuckle. Kek anon

No. 878610

You can either like kids or pitbulls.

No. 878620

what if i like neither

No. 878623

No. 878884

File: 1628712212170.jpg (302.88 KB, 1003x1020, fme.jpg)

I honestly don't understand this hatred on pitbulls.
All dogs get can get aggressive, act out and bite this can happen to chiwawa or golden retrievers as well. It is largely due to misinformation that people assume this is just a pitbull-thing.
Studies have actually shown that these dogs are the least aggressive out there and that most of their supposed aggressive behavior is due to provocation and discrimination by other dogs and humans.
It is also wrong to say that pitbulls aren't intelligent, some may be a bit more stubborn and impulsive than other breeds but if you give them enough time they can become just as smart and well behaved.
I've owned my pitbull terrier for over a year now, you wouldn't believe how kind and loyal they are, he'd never hurt me. I hardly ever had to restraint him and since this month we even go out without a leash, because he's improved so much.
He helped me a lot getting over a bad breakup and now we are inseparable, I even got a tattoo of him.
Seeing all this baseless hatred towards my beautiful little doggy makes me really angry. You all need help.

No. 878888

Excellent bait

No. 878889

The men of the animal world, constantly begging for attention, yet do nothing but shit and piss on the floor as thanks.

No. 878890

They are bred to be killers, lmao.

No. 878895


No. 878921

Dogfag narcissism exhibit A. No one gives a fuck about you or your shitbull's feelings.

No. 878931

I do not like big dogs. I do not want to pet them, I am afraid of their teeth and how loud and intimidating they are when they bark. There is just no point in having one unless you are a hunter or own a farm. The most annoying people have the biggest dogs so they can feel like having big balls and the dog will most likely attack someone because the owner made it into a hostile death machine. If you have a dog that is taller than knee-length you most likely have an ego problem.

No. 878936

I hate people that make liking and having a dog their entire personality.

No. 878937

I dont care how 'loyal, sweet and kind' your dog is, you leash them when you go out. It's to protect yourself and others in case they run off. i hate people who walk dogs outside without leashes

No. 878939

kek this bait is almost flawless but you took it too far with the boyfriend and tattoo bit. Also nobody unironically calls their dog 'my beautiful little doggy', come on.

No. 878941

Pitbulls literally look like demons to me and i will never get over anyone openly defending them to be good bois when they have killed so many people (esp kids and seniors) and other small animals so openly. They really do need to be bred out of existence. There is no need for them.

No. 879234

All of the people I've met who like pitbulls are morons with something to prove.

No. 879247

I'm so glad my bf is allergic to dogs because I fucking hate them so much. Every dog owner stinks, and their house does too. Fucking gross.

No. 879309

my ex boyfriend had a large dog and there were hairs everywhere even in the food and the towels since he and his family wouldn't wash their hands after touching the dog. I still remember seeing multiple large dark hairs in my salad for the first time. Fucking disgusting. After I called him out on hit he acted super hurt and said that "the dog is part of the family". Like yeah but it is still an animal and you need to wash your hands after touching it. His mother even let the dog lick her face and ears - the same dog that licked it's own butt and genitals, rolls in shit and puts it's nose into other dogs feces. It makes me want to barf.

No. 879326

You're right, but the spergs and budding Bella Jankes clones ITT hate it.

No. 879353

>looking through animal shelters for a decent animal to adopt but it's all shitbulls
Wow, I'm so glad resources and spaces are being sunk into ugly attack animals that no one wants!

No. 879395

They stink because they're lazy pieces of shit who don't take the time to wash their dogs. Also, some breeds stink more than others. And what they eat and the state of their teeth also affects smell, since many house dogs are allowed to lick everything. I remember when my father's friend wanted to go on a vacation and asked my father if he could keep his dog while he was gone. Turns out I had to care for it and I couldn't breathe every damn time it opened it's mouth, it literally had black rotting teeth and it's fur felt greasy. It was completely uneducated too, it barely responded to it's own name and I had to chase it around the yard to catch it and put it in it's enclosure. And I have my own dog that can smell when it's very hot and humid or when it rolls around, but god damn it that was fucking unbearable.

No. 879468

>bella janke
ngl the only good thing she's done is allegedly shoot a pitbull. It probably deserved it.

No. 879549

I haven’t met on single dog or owner that didn’t smell of filth. All dogs naturally smell like damp basement and they transfer that smell onto everything they touch and every room they encounter. The doglovers out here talking uwu my precious doggo doesn’t smell are just so disgusting that they’ve gotten noseblind to it.
One time one of my ex friends brought her puppy to my home, even though I told her not to bring it. I couldn’t tell her to leave ofc bc she was from another city and came all the way here. I told her to keep the dog in the kitchen and the mutant managed to stink up the whole kitchen after just some hours, I gagged every time I went in there.

No. 879586

You must be sensitive to smells anon, or you only know dirty people. Every animal (people too, actually) has a natural smell, but it's usually not so bad that it makes you gag. If a dog smells bad, it's usually piss, shit, gunk they rolled in or some disgusting food that didn't get cleaned off. Even before I had a dog, I couldn't really smell them unless they had some desease or were dirty. Every pet will smell rotten if you don't clean them properly.

No. 883889

I don't have a problem with dogs in general but people shouldn't keep dogs in the cities at all. Dogs should stay in rural areas where they can have enough space to run and pee. The streets of Prague for example all smell of dogpiss in the summer. Even tho there are parks, it's never enough for so many dogs. All the concrete living areas are disgusting smelling because of annoying people who think they must always have a dog to enjoy their life.

as for dogs stinking in general, yeah most of them are stinky. Big dogs smell like a wet dog even when they are dry, and little dogs smell like shit. I had a shiba inu tho, who was spayed and she didn't smell at all until she was old and smelled like an old dog. For 10 years she had amlost no smell.

No. 883974

Retrievers may stink but they are very sweet animals and don't deserve any hate here. Posts about hating all dogs because of how they smell reek of cat piss and litter box.

No. 884023

Kek I literally just came here to post this.

I’m convinced shitbull simps are the way they are as a cope for the fact that’s all there was left for them at the shelter. I swear any time I check out shelters and rescue dog sites it like 88% pits or pit mixes, 10% labs (cause they’re basic as fuck), and like 2% every other breed.

No. 884695

>Sweet animals
No dogs are “sweet” or whatever, they have no personality, they are controlled by instinct. You can’t get along with other people, so you seek out attention from a filthy disgusting shit eating piss drinking carcass scavenger. How sad and desperate is that. And you interpret that attention as love because you a literal retard and are to brain damage to see that they only care about food. And you’re so delusional that you accuse everyone who hate dogs of being cat nutters. Fuck cats, but they’re not close to being as filthy and DANGEROUS as dogs. Go and stroke your nasty reeking mutant. You abomination. You filth. You sick child endangering killer.

No. 884846

Dog owners are definitely pathetic. They got themselves a creature so genetically programmed to 'love' them it will sometimes literally die if you leave it/die yourself.

No. 885788

I hate when somebody's dog is offleash and harassing you and they don't give a fuck about it. Or they get angry at YOU for being scared or upset. My dog has been attacked by large dogs MULTIPLE TIMES and NONE OF THE TIMES were the other owners apologetic in any way. I had to threaten small claims to get my dog's $1k+ vet bills covered in the worst one. Some guy's black lab jumped on me at the park the other day and when I yelled at him to get his dog under control he got sarcastic and pissy with me. My camping trip was recently ruined because another campsite's dog kept getting loose. It pinned my dog out of nowhere and later that night it wandered over to our campsite unattended as well. I was trying to relax and suddenly this giant white dog lumbers out of the dark and I jump out of my fucking skin and SHOUT for them to retrieve their dog and they didn't, it merely wandered back. Then one of the piss-drunk scrotes stumbled over to us and tried to explain that the "dog is just a lover" and "I hope I'm not ruining your night" and I'm like, please go. And he left not without sneering at me because clearly I'm a stuck up bitch. I didn't report them to the park because I was scared of the hillbillies retaliating or doing something but I should have

No. 885790

I bet people wouldn't think you're so retarded and ugly if you weren't so disgustingly hateful and unreasonable. I can't imagine being this awful.

No. 885898

Dog fucker pls go

No. 886339

You genuinely need to seek help. Praying that you find peace soon

No. 886986

this is the previous poster's mom. i'm sorry to say she was mauled to death by my 3 pitbulls and 1 chihuauhua shortly after making this post.

No. 887500

how do you know she's white

No. 891477

Different anon, but really? Dog smell is downright horrible. And even dogs that I had known to be bathed regularly still had that smell. I think comparing a dirty litter box to dog smell is like comparing apples to oranges because the smell of the litter box is typically confined to a small space, whereas dog smell permeates the dog's entire dwelling.

No. 905480

File: 1631214057206.jpeg (181 KB, 640x725, 57C6FDF0-A4C2-411A-B86B-45BA4F…)

I fucking hate dog owners. Luckily the boy only suffered minor injuries but how much of a fucking sociopath do you need to be to laugh while a child is terrified? And even though they weren’t hospital worthy ANY injury is too much. The boy did nothing to this dog. It had no fucking right to play with him!

No. 905481

No. 905510

Yeah, really. Dog smell shouldn't be horrible and a lot of breeds don't stink. If they do, it's most likely dirt and diet, and if things around you stink you probably don't fucking clean. That's just how it is, if you hate dogs so much that you need to make up that they literally always reek then that's your problem. Then I'm going to say that cats smell rotten and like piss because I've been around cats who smelled like desease, and they also shed their disgusting fur everywhere and they're retarded so you can't even teach them to stay off of things because they just won't understand.

Get a grip, you sound retarded. Every pet stays with you because of food. I get it if you're talking about shitbulls because those are actually bred to attack, but do you really think that every dog is out to kill toddlers? Most dogs end up biting no one, a lot of them can be trained to be excellent companions. They're also one of the few animals capable of helping humans with complex work.

No. 905536

stinky wet dogs have to be taken be washed like a car that shits. Cats don't need to be washed usually but if they do you get to win a prize (the prize is bleeding)

No. 905638

File: 1631226898888.jpg (357.46 KB, 1080x1425, IMG_20210910_003325.jpg)

No. 928035

File: 1633130129774.jpg (56.93 KB, 906x509, 78ptgsfeddfh638dkkzya5p3y.jpg)

Can we turn this into a dog haters hate thread?

No. 928071

File: 1633136268947.jpg (97.99 KB, 720x540, gr ch airplane.jpg)

I can appreciate dogs in concept as beautiful animals who were carefully bred to serve a purpose (even shitbulls) or evolved to adapt to unnatural conditions like village dogs but in reality they're just so gross and obnoxious; I don't understand how so many people can actively choose to live with them.
>smell like shit
>pungent drool and shedding all over their habitat
>require extensive training just to be not annoying
>slurp slurp slurp
>require hours of extensive and specialized stimulation unless the dog is doing what it was actually bred to do (which means that most dog owners don't give their pets the attention they need to thrive)
>jump on you and sniff you inappropriately
>hump things even if they're neutered
>exploding anal glands
>eat things that even cockroaches won't touch
>lick you after eating said questionable things
As for some dog/owner stories:
>live in small and expensive apartment
>spend extensive amount of time working from home after injury
>upstairs neighbor has 6-8 small yappy dogs and no apparent job
>these dogs are crammed into a 800sqft apartment at best
>speaks to everyone the way she would a small child or dog
>have to avoid leaving the building whenever she comes and goes because it takes at least 5 mins to wrangle her dogs into the building and up the stairs even if there are no dog crises she needs to address
>moves out abruptly, screams at her mom in her nasal dog-lady voice about how unfair it is that the landlord is keeping the deposit
Shitbull antics-
>move to more working-class part of town
>area is family-oriented and doesn't have machismo culture so most of the dogs are small and/or very and proudly well-trained
>COVID hits and every lonely single in the area gets a dog from the shelter, including a woman in my building (surprise-all the dogs were pitbulls!)
>hear dogs tearing into each other at least once a week
>slowly see the new neighborhood dogs get accessorized with harnesses and muzzles as they continue to act as they were bred to
>hear neighbor with fat beagle chatting at women with a pitbull - 'yeah, i love pitbulls, they're so misunderstood, it's just how you raise them. [my building] had a beautiful red nose pitbull, and she was the nicest dog, but one day there was another dog barking…'
>over time the neighborhood has once more became nearly shitbull free
>beagle has mysteriously disappeared

No. 928073

File: 1633137570758.gif (3.41 MB, 480x272, 17B8ECB9-81B5-4056-8710-C61ABA…)

‘ate dogs, lurv cats, simple as

No. 928074

File: 1633137822625.gif (2.64 MB, 320x253, DFB0F8C6-47F0-42F3-8A1F-B495B9…)

I’m cackling, this is so true anon. Cats truly are the superior animals, cats are equivalent to human females, they are independent, smart, and self-cleaning while dogs are annoying, want to hump everything, take up resources and mindlessly attack little children and women like shitbulls

No. 928076

File: 1633138036485.png (600.34 KB, 770x1192, 1633104743911.png)

I know it's not gonna happen but sometimes I wonder if psycho dog owners could provide enough material for their own thread. They're rife with key cow traits like narcissism, delusion, victim complexes, sociopathy, etc. Picrel, these freaks owned two gargoyle dogs that ended up killing their seven year old neighbor. They lobbied to have the dogs returned to them and were able to drag the case out for months until a judge finally ordered the dogs be destroyed, commenting that it was the most baffling and self-centered case he had ever presided over. Again, they wanted to continue caring for two dogs that mauled a little girl death, a little girl they knew personally. Here they are with their new gripper, because there is actually no justice in this world. Mauler breeds unquestionably attract the lowest forms of human life.

No. 928078

ugh i agree with everything you said. i’ve always been bothered with the way dogs smell, even freshly bathed dogs and ive never understood why people are okay with having their dogs sleep on their beds/couches or are okay cuddling with their dogs. my family has four dogs and i always put on old clothes before i do anything with them. if i’m actually dressed nicely i avoid them because i’m paranoid their scent will get on me.
thankfully my family keeps all our dogs outside so much of the behaviour you listed i don’t witness first hand (like humping things.. i’ve never seen my dogs do that). a while ago i saw some people on the internet say that keeping your dog outside and not letting them on the furniture is animal abuse and i just had to laugh. 3/4 of our dogs are big farm dogs and would destroy our house if they were let in. our other dog is quite old and because he’s never been house trained when he let him in the house he just pees on our carpet. i think our dogs are all healthy and happy and i refuse to believe that they are abused in any way by staying outside. it’s where they would live in the wild.

No. 928079

Certain dog owners should just be outted as white supremacists honestly, only white supremacists own these kinds of dogs and let them loose because of “muh natural selection”. Please, I want a dog owner thread in /snow/

No. 928080


Cats shit in your house and walk their shit paws all over your counters get off your high horse lol

No. 928084

File: 1633139260206.gif (4.06 MB, 498x278, DDD82F56-F8E3-48A3-9A48-02D971…)

your shitbull pays your own bills that’s how sigma male it is

No. 928093

>only white supremacists own pitbulls
This is almost the most retarded thing I've read all day.

No. 928101

>Cats shit in your house
t. your average dog owner unable to even comprehend the principle of litter boxes

No. 928106

why even expect any logic from dog owners, they can’t even be asked to pick up their own dog’s shit off the grass to prevent diseases from spreading, they are the most incompetent animal caretakers

No. 928107

Toilet habits are the absolute last thing you should try to dunk on cats for lmao, it's one of their strong points. They generally need zero toilet training and naturally use litterboxes or bury their poo in dirt, and are clean af without needing baths.

There are advantages to dogs over cats but that ain't one of them.

No. 928111

>off the grass
I go to a paved walking trail and the dog owners let their pets shit all over it without cleaning up after them. It’s always giant piles of poo because everyone’s into buying huskies and hunting dogs

No. 928112

File: 1633140931509.jpg (87.99 KB, 960x640, dalmatian-5753306_960_720.jpg)

No. 928117

>it’s one of their strong points

why are you talking about cats like they’re vehicle wtf

look at how ugly it is, the only valid dog is a labrador

No. 928119

File: 1633141518343.jpg (400.84 KB, 767x657, Serena_REFON.jpg)

No. 928138

File: 1633143582053.jpeg (5.03 KB, 234x215, melting.jpeg)

Nooooo not pictures of heckin good puppers! This thread is powerless against an epic troll such as yourself! Aaaarrrgh anyways dogs have killed something like 30 people this year in the US alone, mostly small children and the elderly. You're actually retarded if you think anonymous posts calling dogs stinky on the internet is a bigger issue than the increasingly frequent cases of children being torn apart by dogs in a supposedly developed country.

No. 928144

look at it just huffing oxygen

No. 928182

File: 1633149136028.jpeg (35.47 KB, 590x478, BFAA2E84-A44F-4A93-BF26-7528C9…)

Everyone knows that the worst dog breed is the human male

No. 928196

No. 928199

Daily affirmations to whip your nigels not for scrote sex appeal but to make him feel pain, men should never smile and feel any sense of joy

No. 928417

Yes, most aren't even cute and loyal, and many suffer from some form of rabies.

No. 928422

I love the guys expression though, I love seeing bored and plain and expressions of men

No. 928509

I thought that was MattPatt for a second lol Almost looks like him.

No. 928833

File: 1633224606940.png (388.35 KB, 508x494, male.PNG)

No. 928835


No. 928846

>>928833 kekeke, Nonnita this belongs in the femdom thread

No. 929673

>t. someone who's never owned or met a dane
literally the definition of gentle giant.

No. 931076

you can't judge the insanity from the size, i agree. Hell pitbulls aren't even that big.

No. 931234

Yeah, most people itt and those who claim something like a pitbull is "big" have never had an actual big dog like a dane or newfoundland. Dane's are like the biggest pussies of all dog breeds, they're like the awkward tall kid who just hit puberty If anything, smaller dog breeds tend to be a lot more aggressive because people tend to baby the fuck out of them, or think that because their bites don't hurt and their barks aren't as loud or deep as a big dog's that it's fine for them to do it. Whereas most large dog breed owners know the stigma that comes with them and try to curb shit like barking and biting because they know their dog'll get taken away if they don't.

Thread made me nostalgic for my newfoundland who loved it whenever the local kids would hop up on his back and ride him like a horse in the snow during christmas time

No. 933725

File: 1633694510250.jpg (153.86 KB, 768x896, 6a00d8341d8fe453ef0120a9292680…)

If owning dogs cannot be forbidden and punishable under the law, people should at least be forced to cover their dogs disgusting buttholes. You can be walking on the street, just minding your business, when you see that disgusting sight. That's fucking sick, why am I forced to see animal anuses? I cannot believe that it's considered normal in this society. A true sign of end times, if you ask me.

No. 933730

Nobodys forcing you to look down and zero in on their buttholes every time you see a dog outside.

No. 933731

They are in my pole of vision, though. And what about the children? Nobody deserves to see unwanted anuses

No. 933732

I thought these were assplugs for dogs kek

No. 933736

lmfao anon what

No. 933737

There's been so many loose dogs in my neighborhood this week. I'm scared to go out for walks now

No. 933738

I owned a St. Bernard as a kid, still think pitbulls are dangerous. They aren't as big as great danes obviously, physically, holy shit duh, but the raw muscle and aggressive tenacity is what separates them from the rest. If I see a pitbull I 180 to safety in a calm manner. I'm not letting my dog get attacked again by giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Also, large dog owners are more likely to let their dogs walk off leash, just something I've noticed. No use talking to them, either. I just call animal control. Haha.

No. 933742

Anon is a zoophile who wants to suppress her sexual needs by making others cover their dogs’ assholes.

No. 933745

I don't hate dogs, but when I lived in the boonies I had two pitbulls off their leash run up to my front of my car while I was driving and start barking wildly. I slammed the breaks, assuming they'd fuck off when they realized how close I was to hitting them, but they STILL kept following me for several blocks. I had to go super slow because I was afraid I was going to run over them. I can't help but think recently, if they're that aggressive towards a giant metal contraption that could kill them, then how many actual people have they terrorized? Should I have slammed the gas and hit them? I'd be traumatized from it, but they've probably hurt or will hurt actual people. Fuck.

No. 933748

Lmao, thanks for making this shit thread worth it, anon

No. 933750

This thread is really full of psychos. You guys are crazy crazy, ty for confirming for me

No. 933752

I never thought about this before but yes generally speaking animal anuses are unpleasant to look at.

No. 933754

Normal people dont really overthink it tho, animals need to poop too

No. 933757

Dogs and cats really are gross. I get people that don't want them in their space. It's pretty disgusting servant-like to pick up another creature's shit and let it shed it's hair and dander all over your living space in return for? Affection? It's self-indulgent. Pet owners are just desensitized to constantly staring down their pet's brown eye waiting for the next turd to pick up

No. 933782

I mean…in the olden days there were arguably more animal anuses out and about than there are the present day.

No. 933792

These people wouldn't last a day in a farm and I dont even mean working, just being there

No. 933793

Farms are disgusting I won't even go to the 4H because of the smell. Some animals are better experienced through pictures

No. 933798

>Also, large dog owners are more likely to let their dogs walk off leash, just something I've noticed.
Really? Where I live it's the complete opposite. Little bastards roaming around and regularly pissing on my fence.

No. 933819

As much as I love my cat, I hate all the hair he leaves around and how fucking terrible his litter box smells, it has a case and it still stinks. I don’t think I’m getting another animal after this because it’s so hard to keep everything clean with them around. Not to mention pricey.

Also I wish the dogs in my neighborhood would shut up holy shit. Can’t take a walk around here without setting all of them off.

No. 933839

>smell of the litter box is typically confined to a small space

it really isn't we can smell you cat owners in the buss

No. 933842

but cats still have shit paws they walk all over you and your stuff

No. 933881

They sit their assholes on literally everything of yours too, I wouldn't be able to handle that.

>But they clean themselves!!

All they do is lick their piss and shit-stained genitals and then proceed to put their faces on your sheets. And sometimes they vomit fur. Also, "they don't smell" because you're used to the stench and you can't feel it anymore. Others can.

No. 934020

I once saw cctv of a pitbull attacking a mule and the pitbull only stopped once the mule eventually kicked it to death.

No. 934144

Cat people getting so defensive in this thread kek, enjoy your toxoplasmosis

No. 934331

>we can smell you cat owners on busses
KEK you wish, dogcell.

No. 934333

Dog people crying because we don’t want to puppysit their repulsive, needy mutts. Not everyone likes your shitass dog and it’s loud ass barking. Shut it up before it gets a poison sausage.

No. 934336

Enjoy your
-canine parvovirus
And if you’re a pitbull owner
-your savage mailing, missing lip, and plastic surgery recovery
-your dead children

No. 934339

Do you have their names or a link to their accounts? I want to look them up

No. 934343


There you are, too easy

No. 934830

I'm neutral towards dogs but I find it interesting how they're seen as saintly creatures who can do no wrong when, as a species, they cause the 4th largest amount of human deaths among all animals each year (3rd if you don't count humans killing other humans). Granted, most of that is due to spreading disease, not direct attacks, but still. Rats are stereotypically known as filthy, germ-spreading animals but in modern times their body count is nothing compared to dogs, who kill 20,000 - 30,000 people annually (no, I'm not a ratfag either and I know where the stereotype came from, although the claim that rats were the main culprits in Black Death outbreaks is disputed). Universally feared predators like wolves or sharks usually don't even reach double digits. I guess people are willing to forgive a lot if an animal in question can be percieved as useful and conditioned to express "love". Or maybe they can mentally seperate their yappy labradoodles from rabid street dogs in India to the point of seeing them as an entirely different species. Idk, it's just something I wonder about sometimes.

No. 934837

So you’ve never met a stray cat, huh…(dog hate thread)

No. 934852

I hate how people think small furry breeds are docile. My family has a shitzu who gets skittish if a stranger tries to touch him, and there were so many times when a parent encourages their kid to pet him without even talking to me or even when I'm not looking?? Like what the fuck do you expect from a dog in a leash close to their owner minding his own business. Even when they ask if they can pet him and I say he's aggressive, it's like they think I'm lying and still try to pet them. I honestly hope every kid that got scared when he growled never do this again with any other animal.

No. 934858

The animal shelter I live near must have had a run in with a Pit breeder because they have almost a dozen of them listed. They put “boxer mix, beagle mix” in the bios but the photos of their ugly egg heads don’t lie.

No. 934866

Fuck all pets losers. They all stink and are weird.

No. 934920

No she's right only retards own certain kinds of dogs
First right wing supremacists (color isn't necessary) own dogs like shit bulls and terriers and the likes
Left wing retards own yappy yap dogs who never shut up and basically set free to do whatever they want because muh furbabies

Shits and terriors are popular among mafia types and cartels literally for a reason

No. 934932

Eh, maybe 10-15 years ago it used to be like that. These days being obsessed with "saving" pibbles, dressing them up in flower crowns and calling them misunderstood nanny dogs are things that pretty much all basic lefties do. The truth is that shitbulls became a magnet for retards of all political views.

No. 934933

How do I convince my idiot brother not to get a Staffordshire bull terrier? He apparently thinks they’re really nice dogs but I thank he’s honestly just virtue signalling like most people who get the Shitbull Lite (TM) his gf doesn’t want one but he just bulldozes over her and everything he says. We all have cats too. I can’t stand the way Staffies smell. They all smell like they’ve been dunked in piss. Idk why. Even when they’ve been shampooed and bathed they stink of piss. Other dogs don’t have this fundamental piss stench but staffies do. I tell him if he gets one he won’t be allowed in my house but he doesn’t believe me.

No. 934935

Dogs are fucking disgusting. Pitbulls are the worst breed to exist. When I see pics of one I get sick to my stomach seeing that They probably have bitten someone already. How can you let someone in your house that mauls people? Don’t get me started on breeders who breed fucked up dogs like French bulldogs. Every white girl has a French bulldog. Those fuckers can’t even breath through their nose and the side profile is atrocious. Tell me why you support breeding a species that was never meant to exist? I’m crying…not really but it’s not that serious. Farm animals > mutt because at least they have use to them

No. 934938

Keep you pet cat's ass in your own house before I purposely run the fucker over. So many cats are allowed to just enter other people's property (muh cat's freedom and hunting instinct!!), if it were a dog you would be putting it down already.

No. 934944

Dog owners are psychopaths thanks for proving our point.

No. 934953

>he doesn't believe me
Whatever, he'll see. What will most likely happen is he'll adopt one then surrender it at 2-3 years in when its true adult behavior starts to shine. The shelters are full of surrenders that were adopted with good intentions until their owners realized the horrible dangerous mistake they made. And instead of putting down their brain-damaged, aggressive mutts they feel sowwy fow it and foist it into a shelter that will just lie about it's bite history to stick it with some random family. People like your brother infuriate me, god forbid they adopt a normal fucking dog like a lab or a spaniel, oh nonono they need the one bred to bait fucking bulls

No. 934955

This is what I keep trying to tell him. He wants a fucking rescue staffie!!!! I’ve told him I will essentially disown him if he gets one but I think he’s not taking me seriously.

No. 934956

Maybe because left and right are the same people with power tripping fantasies

No. 934960

Shitbull and his owner in their natural behavior(don't post gore)

No. 934968

Saw part of this before it was removed and I couldn't bare to watch the whole thing. I would celebrate if the entire breed was exterminated. One of my friends lost a cat to a "nice" pit bull, cat was just sitting near a door and once the dog rounded the corner and saw it rushed over and broke its neck in seconds. The amount of times these dogs have even severely injured or murdered humans when they've had "no history of violence" is insane. They're useless, nothing but bombs waiting to go off. Get rid of them.

No. 934979

My dog was attacked and almost killed by a pitbull on a walk before. It's crazy how fast it happens, we were on the other side of the street and suddenly the dog bolted over and had my dog in its jaws like a toy. I barely remembering beating on it and pulling my dog free. Even though I reported them to the cops and animal control the dog wasn't put down because of the laws, here. Could've easily been a child and might be next time. Nope, doggy woggy gets to live

No. 934992

Cat owners/dog haters
>I wish your pet would get poisoned and die, even if it behaves well
also cat owners/dog haters
>OMG You're literally a psychopath for not wanting my stinky pet in your garden and fucking in the streets I'm literally crying and shaking right now!!

No. 935053

File: 1633870534576.jpg (214.31 KB, 960x960, edgar-maya.jpg)

Pewdiepie has two retarded pugs aka the dogs so fucked that their breeding is often regarded as a form of animal abuse.
In one of his vid, I remember him ranting about how he thought it was stupid how people get scared of Edgar when he let him loose and ran to them. "What do you want a tiny dog like him to do?" well, as if tiny dogs couldn't bite and as if you wanted a random uggo dog to jump all over you in the first place

No. 935055


No. 935057

File: 1633870885106.jpeg (129.66 KB, 393x347, 6037C061-1D66-46EC-88AA-0D5B34…)

>“end my suffering eurofags end it pls”

No. 935060

The stinkin, filthy, retarded looking, stupid mutant mutts you like carry many diseases transmissible to humans. Dogs are a major reservoir for zoonotic infections. They transmit several viral and bacterial diseases to humans. Rabies, Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Giardiasis, Echinococcosis, Ehrlichiosis, Blastomycosis, Pulicosis just to name a few. Don't forget about the roundworm, ringworm, mange and tapeworm they carry. Cope and seethe harder you stupid mutt loving retarded cunt. I would love to smash that stinkin' mutt of yours into a bloody mush of retarded mutt meat with a sledgehammer right in front of your face. I want to curbstomp your stupid fucking mutt and after i'm done with that, round up a bunch of other mutts and curbstomp them right in front of you one by one. Fuck you and fuck your stinkin' disease carrying, shit eating, piss drinking, baby eating, child killing, retarded mutant mutts. Stinkin' stupid mutts, they smell of piss, shit, jism, like rotten curdled foreskin, like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit-house.
Mutt lovers are always irresponsible owners and their mutts run out and attack people, kill people and kill children. It's sickening how much harm these stinkin' mutts and these fucking idiot, deranged mutt lovers cause. Only stupid people like dogs. Stupid narcissists love these mutated beasts especially. Mutts are like sacred cows for narcissists and these deranged people consider a mutt having more value than a human because it's easy for the narcissist to get narcissitic supply from a mutt. It will always be dependent on the narcissist for food so the idiot with narcissistic personality disorder feels validated, powerful and in control.
I mean how the fuck could anyone decent with an intelligence level above 50, find a sloberring, shit eating, piss drinking, smelly dumb mutant beast as retarded as the mutt, how could they find that appealing? Only retards themselves. Like attracts like. And just know, your mutt isn't loyal to you. They just care about one thing and that's food. They are food obsessed eaters on four legs and their brains are wired to be food obsessed. They'll gorge on anything and consume everything. Garbage disposal on four legs will even eat your shit. Mutts aren't even real animals you dog nut mutt lovers they aren't even closely related to wolves or foxes. They're closely related to seals. A spliced fucking fucked up mutant creature. They are a slobbering mouth on four legs, a weapon made to kill babies, children and people. They should have never existed.

Cats will even look at mutts and judge them like the mutt is retarded which it is.

No. 935061

>lets dog off leash
Scum. Also, owning a pug is hell. People flock to me because they think I want attention for my meme dog. He's 9, I got him on a whim, and he doesn't want your disgusting fat hands on him. Back the fuck off, keep your hands to yourself, cretins. I basically only like my dogs other dog owners don't understand basic manners and let their dog constantly bark, beg, jump. My bf's friend's dog is so violent I can't even go over there anymore, but his friend blames me for "riling it up". My bf's mom's dog is a pit mix and, again, I do not visit her because of how rough and violent it is. It has injured me on multiple occasions and they minimize it. If my dog injured somebody I would be fucking mortified.

No. 935062

People who buy pugs should just be universally regarded as terrible people.

No. 935068

they look just as mentally challenged as the dog so yeah very true!

No. 935069

I feel so bad for Maya

No. 935074

File: 1633873207504.png (187.71 KB, 540x316, tenor.png)

>I got him on a whim
Yeah I remember it being a big trend, previous to the pug one was the french bulldog, then after the pug one it was the shiba one. I don't really care if people get a tiny dog on a whim as long as they take good care of them, but it doesn't seem to be the case of Marzia and Felix at all.
I do feel bad for her too, kinda sad how pugs live super long lives despite a lot of them clearly being in perma suffering mode. Marzia is your typical trendy animal hoarder who wants to get whatever is trendy (I remember her getting an axololt and then giving it up) while Felix is your typical cat hating scrote who only swears by his inbred pugs despite not even being able to trim their nails correctly because "muuh it hurts them" and leaves them behind for weeks in order to live their weeb fantasy in glorious nippon

No. 935075

I'm so sick of people referring to them as babies

Its fucking creepy

No. 935077

They truly aren't suffering and in constant pain. Only some have issues with their soft-palette. My pug only suffers when it's really hot, otherwise he's fine.
>it hurts them
Pugs are drama queens about nail trimming it's a thing with them. They are very intelligent and willful dogs, Felis doesn't have the patience. He's just a retard. I trained mine to bear it with a routine we do, vets can't do it, only me. Nobody wants to take the time to connect with their dogs. They will take them to groomers that will let them fry in full-body dryers

No. 935078

my fucking sides that thumbnail holy

No. 935088

The stinkin, filthy, retarded looking, stupid mutant mutts you like carry many diseases transmissible to humans. Dogs are a major reservoir for zoonotic infections. They transmit several viral and bacterial diseases to humans. Rabies, Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Giardiasis, Echinococcosis, Ehrlichiosis, Blastomycosis, Pulicosis just to name a few. Don't forget about the roundworm, ringworm, mange and tapeworm they carry. Cope and seethe harder you stupid mutt loving retarded cunt. I would love to smash that stinkin' mutt of yours into a bloody mush of retarded mutt meat with a sledgehammer right in front of your face. I want to curbstomp your stupid fucking mutt and after i'm done with that, round up a bunch of other mutts and curbstomp them right in front of you one by one. Fuck you and fuck your stinkin' disease carrying, shit eating, piss drinking, baby eating, child killing, retarded mutant mutts. Stinkin' stupid mutts, they smell of piss, shit, jism, like rotten curdled foreskin, like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit-house.
Mutt lovers are always irresponsible owners and their mutts run out and attack people, kill people and kill children. It's sickening how much harm these stinkin' mutts and these fucking idiot, deranged mutt lovers cause. Only stupid people like dogs. Stupid narcissists love these mutated beasts especially. Mutts are like sacred cows for narcissists and these deranged people consider a mutt having more value than a human because it's easy for the narcissist to get narcissitic supply from a mutt. It will always be dependent on the narcissist for food so the idiot with narcissistic personality disorder feels validated, powerful and in control.
I mean how the fuck could anyone decent with an intelligence level above 50, find a sloberring, shit eating, piss drinking, smelly dumb mutant beast as retarded as the mutt, how could they find that appealing? Only retards themselves. Like attracts like. And just know, your mutt isn't loyal to you. They just care about one thing and that's food. They are food obsessed eaters on four legs and their brains are wired to be food obsessed. They'll gorge on anything and consume everything. Garbage disposal on four legs will even eat your shit. Mutts aren't even real animals you dog nut mutt lovers they aren't even closely related to wolves or foxes. They're closely related to seals. A spliced fucking fucked up mutant creature. They are a slobbering mouth on four legs, a weapon made to kill babies, children and people. They should have never existed.

Cats will even look at mutts and judge them like the mutt is retarded which it is.

No. 935089

File: 1633875866099.jpg (678.25 KB, 1080x1920, 20211010_162230.jpg)

>puppy kisses
Why are dogfags like this?

No. 935101

I have to help care for the "family dog" that my idiot brother just adopted one day. It's been hell ever since. I want to suicide every day due to the dog. I need to try and move out ASAP.

No. 935107

mentally ill moment

No. 935108

What a sperg kek, I bet your house smells like cat piss. You're as socially stunted as your retarded cat.

Imagine wanting to kill yourself for a dog, grow up you autist.

No. 935112

cat owners enable retard cats to kill all the small animals and birds in the area for no reason because they're fed until they're obese, but yeah, dog owners are the psychopath, ur bitch ass cat wouldnt hurt a fly.

No. 935113

Sing your truth nonna

No. 935115

>cats kill small animals and birds

almost like they’re just the domesticated counterparts of wildcats? just because they’re domesticated doesn’t mean it’ll get rid of their instincts, birds had it coming but the young kid playing in the street didn’t when some pittie named precious maimed them

No. 935117

Yes but it's a problem for the safety of wild life. It's not the cats fault of course, blaming the animal is retarded

No. 935119

Why wait when you could just do it now? kys

No. 935121

refuse to help, what they gonna do, kick you out?

No. 935124

I think those are the same couple (Joseph and Amanda White) talked about upthread >>811024

No. 935126

Do you literally think every damn dog is a pittie that mauls childwen in the park? Schizo. Keep your houcat where it belongs, in your fucking house.

Do you also call your family "narcissists" when they complain that you don't do chores while living with them?

No. 935129

Why does this thread exist? How does it affect your life what other pets people own? You guys sound like those people on YouTube who want to smash baby monkeys against rocks, it's a level of menthol illness that I'll never be able to comprehend. I can't see myself ever owning a bird or rabbit because I don't vibe with them, but I'd never wish death on them or want to harm them jesus fucking christ.(rule 7)

No. 935133

Inb4: anons repeating ad-nauseum about how dogs are literally cold-blooded murderers from the smallest tea-cup poodle to the biggest tibetan mastiff.
But tbh, the thread was created because dog-hater anons were too autistic in other threads and needed their own containment thread.

No. 935139

Idk if you're new here, but if this thread offends you, you can hide it. I don't like dogs a ton but I would never hurt one, pretty sure it's the case for most people posting in this thread who just find them stupid, ugly, stinky. A lot of nonnies already mentioned that the dog owners are the true cancer, not really the dogs themselves. Edgy tards like >>935088 offer quality shitpost, if you're taking it that seriously then I'd recommend you stop browsing imageboards and other tism nest

No. 935143

>How does it affect your life what other pets people own?
Going by the 1400sh posts in these threads, I’d assume that plenty of poorly trained pets negatively effect the lives of people around them

No. 935146

But they did kept shitting up other threads anyway

No. 935152

I’m honestly surprised by how they don’t get as banned as they should whenever they sperg in other threads.

No. 935183

I don't like dogs and I shit on them on the internet but I still donate money to help them because they're still sentient creatures (be it stupid) that were put in shitty situations by humans. They had no choice. I fostered a dog too.

No. 935186

File: 1633886211334.png (115.32 KB, 1800x1578, ca1.png)

No. 935188

Other anons wouldn’t come here if you retards stopped sperging in other threads though.

No. 935190

For example? I only saw one thread where that happened in the past month and it wasn't even proper dog hate.

No. 935192


No. 935195

Sorry not everyone likes your shit machines but you will have to cope with it, dumb infighting attempts only underline anons points.

No. 935196

How much you want to bet that the seething retard is definitely a dog-loving scrote?

No. 935197

Post again about all the dog anuses you can't help but stare at nonny

No. 935200

They don't sound like scrotes to me, but getting angry over people disliking things you like sounds very fitting for people who own stupidly devoted pets with close to no own agency.


No. 935201

No. 935205

kek, based. If dogs would be mandated to wear pants maybe then their owners would finally clean up after them.

No. 935208

Based if you're a latent dogfucker, yeah

No. 935212

The first time I saw these on facebook I thought they're buttplugs for dogs and I was terrified

No. 935214

Where the hell did that came from? Make your own thread you disgusting degenerate.

No. 935217

File: 1633888224518.jpg (25.87 KB, 601x900, cat-looking-computer-screen-no…)

No. 935219

your choice of 'pet' can have literal deadly consequences for the people and animals around you. Aggressively despising all dogs is somewhat retarded but everyone should have the right to live in safety from their neighbor's animals. Maybe if you experienced something like, your kid not coming back from checking the mail because white trash pitbull breeders lived nearby, or seeing your cat torn apart in your own living room by home invading maulers, you'd develop a clue as to why people are so pissed off about other people's 'choice of pet.'

No. 935221

File: 1633888628694.jpg (181.63 KB, 750x660, HTB1nu_WeIbI8KJjy1zdq6ze1VXah.…)

thoughts of these bags nonnie?

No. 935228

It came from your obvious, nasty fixation, pls get therapy

No. 935232

??? All I said was that dog owners should clean up after their dogs. You're the one pulling some weird sodomy shit out of that.

No. 935233

Tbh the only use of dogs I see is that certain breeds can help people with blindness or autism

No. 935235

>i-its about cleaning!!

No. 935238

Yes, like I said.

No. 935248

This thread is constantly hilarious. Dog fascists are so predictable.

No. 935264

Are dog fascists the pro-dogs or the anti-dogs?

No. 935268

File: 1633893235798.jpeg (129.85 KB, 726x747, CB31B72F-F175-4D97-B8CB-4009EA…)

I don't think that having huskies or any other dogs that suit winter better should be allowed in Texas. It gets really hot here I don't understand why you'd put them through that. Especially having them in an apartment. Aren't huskies really energetic? My moid neighbors have a white one and I never heard him bark or howl at all which is weird but good, I guess. I don't know how they're keeping him quiet, but anyway he's almost bitten my dad twice out of the time they've been living here. Whenever we go outside and my neighbors are about to come out with him to take him on a walk they have to wait until we're downstairs to bring him out. I wonder if him being in a small space is what makes him cranky.
I also know someone who's a lazy fat fuck. I visited her place (which is an apartment) with a family member and her big dog had to pee. Like five minutes passed by and she was just sitting on her phone watching TikToks. The dog wasn't whining or anything which makes me think he's used to holding it in or something. Another five went by and she still wouldn't get up and was still on her stupid phone after saying she would. Fucking 15 minutes went by when she finally got her fat ass up to go take him outside yet this dog is her "pride and joy". She has the worst sleep schedule, too. I do as well, but at least get your shit together for your dog.

No. 935270

Ugh, I live in the south and I know this guy who has two huskies that live in an apartment and he pays people to come pick their shit up from the floor when hes at work. I feel bad for them for having to live in a hot climate in an apartment shitting on the floor all day long. I feel like they should be somewhere colder where they can run around if they want to.

No. 935294

Moid dog owners are something else, man.

Also I’ve heard of too many cases here of people having bulldogs that die because of how hot it gets here. Those things already have enough trouble breathing.

No. 935308

kek, look at this video. why would you have a not friendly dog in a neighborhood then you fucking idiotic scrote?



No. 935366

tbf the biggest idiot here is the one with their dog off leash, but people who walk aggressive dogs with no muzzle should be slapped in the face every day of their life. I can almost guarantee that this dipshit gets off on barking 'not friendly!' at every unsuspecting person who dares to approach his Super Ultra Bad Ass Dog. I've seen these guys on r*ddit bemoaning how people in public spaces won't give a wide enough berth to their 'reactive' dogs, as if they have a sacred right to bring dangerous animals wherever the fuck they want, and it's actually other people's responsibility to protect themselves, their kids, and their own well behaved dogs from Kyle's stupid fucking mongrel. Ironically the dog in this video doesn't even seem that aggressive. It's almost like the owner is hoping his dog will launch into psycho attack mode by screaming at it. Compounded with his piss poor attempts to pull the dog away, I'd say that in his heart this guy just wants to see a dog fight, and all the better if he can blame the other person for it afterwards. Granted that in this instance, it really is the fault of the person letting their dog wander around with no leash. But I know these same types will bring their biters to the park and then shout NOT FRIENDLY at everything that comes near them, leashed or not. God forbid that they ever muzzle their dog to prevent something from happening though. Eau de Sociopath.

No. 935396

based anon, it’s always weird ass moids too who think they’re an alpha male for having an angry and aggressive dog that can’t coexists and be friendly with other dogs, it’s sad

No. 935420

>Stinkin' stupid mutts, they smell of piss, shit, jism, like rotten curdled foreskin, like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit-house.
Holy fuck I'm dying KEK

No. 935456

As a big dog owner, I whole-heartedly agree that it's the owner's responsibility to keep their dog in-check but, for the love of god do not muzzle your big dog.

No. 935461

No. 935478

Can you explain why not? I understand if you're a woman walking a large dog as a scrote deterrent, a muzzle may seem counterintuitive. Is there another reason why someone shouldn't for the love of GOD muzzle their large dog, specifically one with a history of dog aggression?

No. 935548

This just reminded me how disgusting dog balls are. At least cat balls are completely covered in fur and aren’t as dangly.

No. 935549

I can just tell you go on Reddit more than this place because you just give off obnoxious vibes. Fuck off with your obnoxious, oxygen-wasting canine, I hate dogs.

No. 935628

We get it, you want to fuck your cat.

No. 935654

>you're talking about body parts so you must want to fuck them!
Please keep your fetishes to yourself already, instead of projecting them into every second anon. I know the majority of furries are dogfags, but you should still keep it to yourself.

No. 935656

Accusing someone of wanting to fuck something as a counter argument is such a nasty scrote logic. Not a good look on an all female board. But then again, you're a dogfag, so…

No. 935696

File: 1633951795382.jpeg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024, 49125A91-94F9-4F3E-93FE-C843B0…)

He has no teeth and he cries too much and he is a nonce, he’s been jumping our other
dog who he has known since she was a puppy. He is 8.

No. 935697

File: 1633952160885.png (33.33 KB, 250x155, Jesse-herberts-dog1-0.png)

Disgusting pedo mutt

No. 935708

Kek this is the funniest sperg-out I've seen in a while thank you for the laughs anon me and my 2 mutts enjoyed it

No. 935718

File: 1633955967268.gif (1.32 MB, 220x296, 34862B62-7966-4E7B-B537-2363DF…)

The moid fears the inferior doggy because it’s constant pissing and shitting, toxic smells and urge to hump even a small little snail on the sidewalk reminds them of themselves. Women who enjoy dogs are entirely different.

No. 935825

I'm saying anon wants to fuck a cat because she called cat genitalia better than dog genitalia, you fucking retard. Anyone so fixated with animal balls and anuses is a furry zoophile.

No. 935831

Umm, you're clearly the weird one for not having strong emotions over animals genitals?

No. 935835

It's just animal body parts, not humans. If you think anons need to act cosher about that or something because it makes you think about sexual shit, seek help.

No. 935838

Jfc, his poor wife.

No. 935852

>>935825 ayrt and you are a retard, other people here were talking about dog and cat anuses and how it’s gross that they’re in your face, do they wanna peg those animals? They clearly do bc why else would they bring that up? Retard.

No. 935867

Does anyone know if there are any games I can play where I can smash mutts into a bloody mush of retarded mutt meat with a sledgehammer or baseball bat?

No. 935872


No. 935877

never get into another internet argument again because you just make yourself look retarded

No. 935882

File: 1633973947960.gif (2.58 MB, 220x226, 607A3F4D-5820-4BC4-95D8-6C11F5…)

I mean…

No. 935886

File: 1633974259590.jpeg (101.03 KB, 640x713, 88030E40-FC6C-43D1-928A-7DC3FB…)

>crazy tranny or peanut butter balls scrote larps as an unhinged doghater to make it seem like the genuine dog haters in this thread want to kill dogs

mm, yeah okay <3(infighting)

No. 935938

I said a game you fucking retard. Games aren't real life. I want to throw a mutt around a room in some stupid mutt game, why shouldn't I? I hate mutts and I hate mutt lovers. There are worse games out there and you can shoot up and blow people up with bombs, knife them to death and stab them but I don't understand why there's no game you can smash whimpering, whiny mutts into mutt meat with a sledgehammer and get points for being the most savage mutt hater. There should be a mutt hating game like that and you can compete with other mutt haters to be the best mutt hater, getting points for smashing stinkin smelly nasty mutant mutts into stinkin mutt meat. Throwing them mutts in the air and hitting them with a baseball bat like they were a ball, see how far the mutt can fly.(take your meds)

No. 935940

File: 1633979523814.jpeg (37.84 KB, 400x400, 8AEB7986-D1DF-46D4-BC74-2F7E04…)


No. 935941

File: 1633979534869.jpg (125.25 KB, 720x679, JUST.jpg)

this is 100% certified moid rage

No. 935944

You can actually throw those mutts around using the toy rope as it grabs onto it with its nasty slobbering mutt mouth, the stupid nintendo mutt whimpers after lol
Shame you can't just curbstomp them.

No. 935946

Accurate scrote mentality kek

No. 935947

Ok retards, comparing animal genitals and being obsessed by how they look is totally not deviant behaviour. Take your meds, creepy autists. And don't fuck your pets.

No. 935949

File: 1633980282190.gif (592.25 KB, 275x155, DF973010-52CC-4E94-B0A8-1C166D…)

No. 936018

It really sounds like the dogs aren't properly looked after

No. 936086

>talking about animal physics is not deviant behaviour
Yes because they're animals. Literally no one here sees it as sexual but you freak.(let it go)

No. 937632

I'm sick and tired of people gaslighting me for taking dog aggression seriously.
I've been stalked by dogs on walks twice and had them slam into the fence while barking wildly and snarling at me.

everyone just acts like this is normal.

No. 937672

If a dog without a leash (and no owner in sight) is stalking you aggressively (that is, it's snarling and pointing at you with it's head) then you have every right to defend yourself. You have no reason to worry about some dog barking at you from the fence of it's home though, they can't touch you if the fence is solid and they're kinda doing their job. Also a lot of non-pitbull dogs who bark behind a fence won't do so without it.

No. 937681

Yeah about the fence thing they're just alerting their family that someone is near their territory. They can't see you and don't know if you're a threat, so they may try to scare you away by acting more fearsome than they really are. Hence the phrase all bark and no bite. It is normal and you're in no danger if the fence is secure, even if the dog is jumping against the fence or being really loud.

No. 937693

Some dog breeds like pit bulls are very good at climbing fences

No. 937699

File: 1634155852201.jpg (55.51 KB, 680x598, 3-fullbody.jpg)

Not annoyed at the dog but obviously the owners. A dog like pic has been roaming around my town solo every day for at least 6 months now. I first saw it in a stores car park. Other times I've seen it on the main street or taking itself to the park.. it just roams. He's big, he's wild looking (needs to be groomed and looked after better) and its not a breed you see often here. Massive dog when you're up close. Ngl I nearly shit myself on my first encounter with him. I now know he doesn't do shit but every person first meeting him has to be scared for a moment. His unkempt wild and matted look makes you assume the worst. You wouldn't need a fear of dogs to feel uneasy with his free roaming.

I'm not a fb user but I checked my towns news page on there lately and someone had photographed the dog. She was walking with her newborn in the park and had panicked when she stumbled across him and was afraid to move. She froze in place worrying he'd approach the pram. They were trying to find out who the owner is whose letting him just walk himself. Lots of people chimed in with stories of their dog/kid/granny being scared to go certain places now, mostly that park. Then one commenter demanded to know the name of the 'busybody anonymous person' who sent in the pic.. Scum. No responsibility taken, gets straight to threatening people.

No. 937771

Neighbor got a husky, leaves it alone in her apartment every day while it desperately whines and claws at the door, swears she never leaves for more than half an hour, has it in a thunder vest basically at all times too for the anxiety she's clearly causing it. Stresses me the fuck out too

No. 937846

I had no idea until I watched a video ad for coyote rollers. Even hefty dogs can be surprisingly lithe. They use leverage to get over the fence.
Got to say I hate how there are some routes I can't take without people's dogs freaking out at me through their fences. But also, I am quick, I'm past their yard in like 20 seconds.

No. 937860

I absolutely don't hate dogs, in fact I love them and would describe my self as a dog-person but fuck certain dog breeds shouldn't be allowed to exist
Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dalmatians e.t.c these are all either guard dogs, hunting dogs and in the case of the pitbull fighting dogs
On a genetic level they can't work as normal house pets nor they should be allowed in urban spaces

I don't get how any person with a single braincell would choose to keep these walking hazards or allow them around people

No. 937868

Wait, really? Why? I know I asked my dad once since he’s a veterinarian but he only told me that they’re crazy, are they crazy?

No. 937882

Idk about crazy but they are hunting dogs, they are also on average severely inbred, so they often suffer from deafness(1/10 suffering), Hyperuricemia and other minor health issues

No. 937940

What's with people getting a big dog when they live in an apartment? Mental illness?

No. 937989

theyre not doing their job. i wasnt near their territory and therye just violent retards

thats the other thing, dogs are fucking idiots

No. 938019

ive heard that great danes are actually good apartment dogs because they are so huge they use up all their energy in one short walk and then they just want to sleep

but i'm a cat person and would not be a good dog owner so ymmv

No. 938031

you can have a big dog in an apartment just fine if you take care of them and make sure they exercise. Huskies are REALLY energetic dogs so those owners are probably neglecting them.

No. 938176

I was looking for nature videos of capybaras and Jaguars to show how they survive in the wild and I came across this shit.
The thing that infuriates me is all the pieces of shit in the comments, gleeful about the capybaras being harmed and how strong the pitty is, and people commenting about how their own dogs could kill them. Pitbull owners deserve to be drowned by a giant rodent.

No. 938182

Also I didn’t actually watch the video with audio so idk what’s being said. People who bring unleashed dogs around wild animals (or farm animals) deserve to be locked up. Or executed.

No. 938204

>ive heard that great danes are actually good apartment dogs because they are so huge they use up all their energy in one short walk and then they just want to sleep
that's another thing, so many aesthetic purebreed dogs are inbred health hazards and the rest are mainly hunting/farmstead dogs that don't belong in houses and urban spaces

No. 938228

Untrained chow chows are dangerous. Piece of shit owner really, the dog should be taken away from them. Not to mention matted fur on long hair hurts them like a bitch, letting it happen and not doing anything about it is borderline abuse
Same thing for this story. I think people who can't properly take care of a dog should never be allowed to have children

No. 940132

>what'a being said

Brazilian Karen screeching 'Cala' or whatever in their ugly language.

No. 940799

File: 1634453099934.png (381.03 KB, 691x468, nmplol cooking stream.png)

>"Are you okay with dogs?"
>"Do you wanna meet them real quick?"
>"We only have one rule"
>"So we have this dog called Buddy, he's a German Shepard, just don't move"
>"Don't touch his face. Number one rule don't touch his face…"
>"He's cool but just don't move"
>"Just don't reach for him"
Wtf if I was her I would've changed my mind on meeting it lmfao
It wouldn't let me embed the video with timestamp.

No. 940819

That's also true for greyhounds, they get all their energy out in short bursts and laze around the rest of the time.

No. 940923

Fuck off with this bait.

It's cool that it doesn't do anything, but Chow Chows do tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and animals.

No. 941139

cyr really looks like the 50 year old phd I fucked in my early 20s. he aged quick

No. 941141

oh he turned around and still has a baby face nvm he looked like a fat dad bod mfer

No. 941246

Listen here motherfucker, nobody cares about the health of these slobbering, shit-eating, bloodthirsty, violent, child mauling beasts. Gtfo of our thread, take your dog sympathising bullshit to the doglove thread.(a-logging)

No. 941333

Listen you little tranny cunt, not everyone here is a bitch psycopath who just wants to kill all dogs on sight. Some have complaints about their owners, about how they're trained (which is often the one and only problem) and about some breeds and you're going to stfu because you don't decide what type of hate goes into this thread. You're gonna get mad and go post gore on the other thread now? Stupid fuck.

No. 942037

Years ago I got messaged by some random profile where the guy had dog pics up, a german shepard. He asked me if I'm 'into k9' and I had no idea what he meant by that. So dog fuckers like em too I guess.

No. 942045

My mom told me a story from her childhood once and it was about how she liked to go ice skating in the winter but in order to get to the pond, she had to walk in front of a house that never tied up their dog. Every time she walked past, this huge German Shepard would charge her and chase her. She got sick as fuck of it so one day when the dog came running and snarling, she whipped around and bashed it in the face with the blades of her ice skates. She said the dog never left it's porch again when she walk by.

No. 942544

File: 1634609184137.jpeg (45.65 KB, 524x960, FB2ePLjX0Ag8u2k.jpeg)

An anon already posted this in the absolutely retarded shitposting thread but the comments gave me an utter aneurysm. From treating it like a fun moment, to subtly bashing and blaming the kid, to getting mad over grapes apparently being poisonous for the beast, but of course not about the well-being of the kid.

No. 942547

My dumbass redneck neighbors are like this, and southern anons know exactly how shitty rednecks are at caring for animals, specifically dogs. I swear to god rednecks pets average a lifespan of 3 yrs from how badly they take care of them.

Anyway they had a bunch of pitbulls and anytime i rode my bike they would chase me and start biting my legs and feet, I just karened them and got them taken away though. I can't bring it to myself to hurt animals but holy fuck do I hate a lot of owners

srs - whats the point of having a dog if you don't bother doing basic animal care?

No. 942561

Just went on a walk through my neighborhood and saw 3 pit bulls. Why does every asshole own a pit

No. 942587

Hate going to my boyfriend's mom's because of one of the dogs. She's heavy enough that she can knock me over if she runs into me fast enough and is always always always nipping. Fuck it's so stressful and they don't do anything about it.

No. 942600

It's the same here. I blame covid and social media.

No. 942609

that's so freaky, I had a dream I shoved a bunch of grapes in a dogs mouth and then realized they were poisonous and then the dream shifted. don't hate dogs but such a weird coinky dink

No. 943646

People that let their dogs jump and bite on people are the fucking worst. My boyfriend's mom owns a pit mix and I won't go to her house anymore, it bit me and she laughed it off. I think she's a retard

No. 944120

isnt dog hatred amongst women just an extension of their hatred of men and/or hatred of anything tangential to masculinity? i've noticed many women resent dogs because their demeanor reminds them of men… inconsiderate, loud, sometimes dangerous, full of insipid desires. in other words, a burden. very much like children or babies. so it's no wonder that women statistically murder babies the most out of all demographics.

No. 944122

baby hate thread when?

No. 944123

I dislike dogs because they are dangerous and dirty and their owners are delusional about it. I don't mind children or babies because they can be taught to do otherwise and don't have deadly instincts.

No. 944137

ah well excuse me for saying so but i think your aversion to dogs is colored moreso by a hatred of any imposing manners in a general sense, because otherwise you'd know intuitively that dogs aren't more dangerous or dirty or unteachable than humans. i think it's more probable that you hate everything not as helpless and victimized as you. you don't mind children or babies so long as their impending manhood can be suppressed and controlled because otherwise they would become those nasty things known as men. along these lines, i think if you had a child you would probably do everything in your power to prevent that child from reaching maturity.(autism)

No. 944141

Exactly. A misbehaving child is an annoyance, but an unruly dog is a danger. Armchair psych anon, that's what it boils down to, sorry

No. 944145

No 1 cares

No. 944180

I'm sorry but the dog=man and cat=woman comparison I see often is the most retarded shit.

No. 944209

I have that opinion because it is my direct experience. Instead of baiting for the 1000th time and writing whole fanfics of those who dare to dislike your heckin fluffers, you could go back to your doggo thread and be happy there.

No. 944233

>It’s no wonder that women statistically murder babies more than any other demographic
Ok family annihilator.(off-topic infighting)

No. 944312

Women clearly spray and scream when horny. It's like you've never met one.(derailing)

No. 946380

I think it's very telling that dogs are said to be man's best friend. Dogs smell bad, they eat their own shit and vomit, they're dirty in general, they're loud and obnoxious, they can be very dangerous and unhinged and unpredictable, they wreck your furniture, they're not very smart and they have a myriad of health issues from decades of inbreeding. Why exactly would a dog being a man's best friend be a good thing lol. I've always wondered this. And on the other hand there's the saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend - regality, classiness, maturity, wealth, beauty. No complaints from me about that

No. 946422

Ok tradwife

No. 946429

What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 946485

lmao cats have been proven to be dumber, dirtier and more aggressive than dogs, anyone who denies this is brain damaged from all that toxoplasmosis(wrong thread, retard)

No. 946503

Nta I have never seen a case of someone being mauled to death by a cat. However countless times adults and children have been killed by vicious dogs. But ok anon

No. 946505

>comparing men to gross and dangerous dogs

No. 946549

I never saw a cat eating shit

No. 964750

Welsh chav's smiling facebook pibble goes full nanny dog on 10 year old.


No. 964788

Praying for the terf island to succeed in their efforts to eliminate pibble mix dogs

No. 964831

i fucking hate pitbulls. every stupid coworker at my job loves them. and this one dumb bitch hates cats, but love pitbulls. But of course they ignore all statistics. Poor child

No. 964872

File: 1636555650458.jpeg (82.57 KB, 470x924, 626B832C-5966-4884-8276-A1BFBA…)

What a disgusting looking creature. Look at those soulless, glassy eyes. I actually love dogs and seeing them makes me wanna go aawwwww. Seeing this fills me with discomfort and horror. You can just tell it’s totally fucked up at a single glance.

No. 964874

I completely agree, it looks uncanny and disgusting with those big jaws too and the muscular body with short fur. Not pet material. I feel sorry for the boy who had to witness this creature bite his friend to death too. Ban these dogs.

No. 964902

But pitfags will look at this thing and tell you it's "smiling". Deranged.

No. 965798

I hate small yappy dogs. Why have a dog if it looks like a rat, sounds like breaking glass and won't shut the fuck up?

People who have small dogs but don't train them or teach them any manners "because it's so small and harmless and cute!!" are their very own brand of retarded.

No. 968420

File: 1636938814820.jpg (582.56 KB, 1920x959, 1545912184065.jpg)

I'm a man from a rural area, and to me walking near a man with a rifle or whatever on his back is far less scary than walking near a man with a dog. At least the rifle can't decide to shoot you on its own, and every rifle owner knows their rifle can potentially kill someone.
But a dog can decide to attack you on its own, and people like to imagine their dogs as heccin harmless good boyes.
And you can't trust the owner to be on your side, since to them the dog is a member of their family, and you're just some stranger.
It could have it's teeth in your leg, and you could try to strike it, and the owner would still imagine you as the bad guy.
It's like all of society is trying to gaslight us into ignoring that dogs are just wolves but with human-induced mental illnesses that makes them more dangerous than wolves.

When I go walking inawoods and hear or see a wolfe/coyote/coywolf/wolfyote/whatever I'm not scared at all though. I've never had a close encounter with a wild animal, probably since even though I'm usually unarmed and so would probably lose, they understand as a general rule that humans are dangerous. Farmers don't have to shoot them to protect themselves or their family, but to protect their livestock. But dogs (and wild-animals that become accustomed to humans, such as by people feeding them) don't have that fear. Ironically, their socialization with humans makes them more dangerous.

No. 968424

Holy fuck spoiler that shit

No. 968429

>I'm a man
Excuse me?

No. 968433

why are you male?

No. 968439

opinion disregarded

No. 968454

>I’m a man
Sad!(instead of engaging, just report his posts)

No. 968462

File: 1636943157975.jpeg (66.68 KB, 748x421, 2E84F99B-FE61-418B-B61A-0F35FB…)

>Having a whole ass thread that attracts males and makes them feel welcomed enough to write idiotic paragraphs supporting your ideas.

No. 968468

Most men love dogs you fucking retard

No. 968479

File: 1636944488206.jpeg (51.43 KB, 856x480, 75BA8EE0-E12F-4C1B-8F45-71F564…)

>Well, if you're asking me if I like wild animals slobbering all over me, then, yeah, I guess I'm not really a… not really a dog lover then.
>There are plenty of us out there, okay, trust me. We're just afraid to admit it because we feel like we're gonna be judged by people like you.
>You know what? Actually, I'm not done. Uh, are you a vegetarian by any chance? No. Oh, so you're a hypocrite. Yeah. See, I find that most people that are whining about dog fights are actually the same people going to football games and UFC fights, watching human beings beat the ever-loving shit out of each other while eating, uh, fried chicken.
>I mean, if you can eat fried chicken, then I should be able to eat me some fried dog.
All I'm saying is, look, let's just, you know, let's be consistent.

was he based?

No. 968507

I mean uhhhhh
I am definitely a woman and a fujo or whatever, love yaoi, and have an inferiority complex. Oh and periods, have those.

Ok yeah you have a point

Yes and yes.
Despite the white-women-fuck-dogs-meme, men do it like 12x as often, assuming both are correctly charged at the same rate.

Cope and seethe.
I will leave soon though, it's just that whenever I hear about a chan I've never been to I like to spend a day on it and experience the c u l t u r e.(male)

No. 968510

File: 1636946787001.gif (212.25 KB, 498x329, 74D49A9F-A099-4210-8686-47B704…)

the fact that you thought we would comfort you for being scared of other men and dogs is laughable. be fucking terrified of your life, read the rules and realize you don’t belong here and simply die

No. 968518

So this is maybe the second open scrote that comes to these threads. Not surprising at all

No. 968520

Just the dogs actually, the men part is you projecting.
Also no I will not read the rules, no I will not eat the bugs, and yes I will likely get banned.(shoo)

No. 972702

File: 1637350011878.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 501.23 KB, 807x1047, F407208E-144B-4895-88B6-B743F8…)

What do anons think of the Romanian dog crisis? The stray dogs are dangerous and maul people and they are aggressive and overpopulated

No. 972704

No. 972722

Wtf happened to that dog's snout? this is horrifying, call me pussy but i think you should spoiler this one

No. 972751

Mass euthanize streetdogs, I know this is a controverial opinion with animal lovers but imo it's the most realistic, animal-friendly thing really (and safest for the citizens of Romania). Saving all the dogs is an ideal that's simply not possible, especially in a country where a lot of people live in poverty. Trap, sterilize and return would be better in the long run, but a poor country like Romania probably can't afford that.

I'm from a country that's officially "stray dog-free" and it's common practice to import dogs from kill stations and the streets from eastern and southern Euro countries because there's (supposedly) not enough animals in pounds. Stray dog-free is possible but I don't see it happening in Romania, especially not without mass euthanizing.

No. 972756

>Litters of puppies have been found wrapped in blankets and set on fire, while a dog roaming the streets had its jaw hacked off
>Cats have also had their spines snapped before being dumped at the bottom of an apartment block
And i thought my country was a hellhole

No. 972763

Unironically we should eat them, at least they die making good for someone

No. 972814

It's kinda retarded to eat an animal that's been roaming the dirty streets, eating literal trash and that may carry deseases.

Just fucking catch them and mass sterilize them ffs.

No. 972929

Swan costumes for the stray dogs = Romanians would eat them.

No. 974280

I hate dog owners that act blase about their dog jumping on you or biting you. Or they blame you for "riling the dog up" or acting wrong around it. Control your fucking dog or put it down. Examples: My boyfriend's mom has a pit mix that she allowed to bite me, jump on me, snap at me, and she never apologized. They also let it run free at family events, steal food off the counters, steal people's shoes, and bark loudly. Why they didn't just shut the dog in the basement or a bedroom I will never fucking know. His parents divorced so I basically never have to see the dog again so that rocks. Also, my bf's retarded friend has a large bulldog that is completely untrained and once randomly jumped on me and bit my ear. Again, I was blamed for "riling the dog up" (sitting and doing nothing). I simply refuse to go around the dog or that man anymore. I hope it mauls him to death

No. 974286

going to piggyback off of this. I'm a delivery driver for a restaurant, I don't even hate dogs but so many dog owners are extremely fucking irresponsible. some experiences I've had

>went behind a gate to get to the front door (there was no beware of dog sign anywhere) unleashed rottweiler comes walking out from behind the house, barks and snarls at me, following me, I barely make it out of the fence in time and it almost bit my hand

>guy is letting his unleashed dog poop outside, dog sees me and immediately chases me (and this was an apartment building with lots of other people walking around) guy goes "oh he's never done that before he's usually a good boy"
>go to a house, ring the doorbell, 2 little kids answer the doorbell. big dog barking at me. it is clearly angry. 1 little kid is getting the food, other little kid is trying to hold the door back (sorry I don't trust your 8 year old to hold back an angry aggressive dog that is twice this kid's size)
>I ring the doorbell. I immediately hear a german shepherd barking. they open the door (it's a couple) the woman takes the food and the man stands there just trying to keep the dog calm being like "good boy" as it stares at me, he's not even holding it back just trying to keep it calm
>get back to store after midnight. I see my coworker, also a driver, outside the store (we're in a strip mall). 2 big bulldogs (not huge but big enough to do damage) are jumping up on him, biting at his arms and growling. I genuinely couldn't tell if they were being aggressive or playful. another coworker drove off honking his horn and got the dogs to chase it away. I went in the store and told the other coworkers. I said I was getting my pepper spray out for when I had to eventually go back out to my care incase I had to spray one of the dogs in self defense and my coworker goes "that's so fucked up". we never found out where the fuck those dogs came from.

and the one that happens the most

>ring the doorbell. hear a dog barking. person cracks the door open and tries to get the food from me while their dog is going absolutely apeshit and they're trying not to let their dog bolt out at me. sometimes I will see the dog standing in between their legs and I guess the dog doesn't realize it could actually fit through there. and yes, people do this with pitbulls.

that is, if they even do that. sometimes they just leave the door wide open while their dog goes apeshit, and just yell at their dog to "stop" and "shut up". like no your dog might not attack me right away but it gets progressively more and more upset the longer we stand here. also, where I live, if your dog bites someone it will probably have to be put down, even if it doesn't have rabies. it's fucking stupid to act like this, for the person delivering food and for the dog.

No. 974287

File: 1637488103398.png (1.14 MB, 1308x732, akita.png)

>Grandad lost both legs to dog that killed his brother-in-law on day of his funeral.
>Both grandad’s legs had to be amputated after his dog bit him and caused sepsis – a month after killing his brother-in-law the same way.
>Mark Day, 62, took in American akita Ted after brother-in-law Barry Harris died of a cardiac arrest.
>He had no idea a bite from the dog had killed Barry, 46.
>He suffered multiple organ failure. Blood tests confirmed the sepsis had been caused by bacteria from Ted.
>The dog was put down that day, on a doctor’s orders.

No. 974289

You are brave, I quit my census job because of that crap. Your employer supports you using pepper spray if necessary right? I hope it never comes to that.

No. 974290

article doesn't mention it, but as you can see he lost his fingers and part of his nose also.

No. 974295

me either. like I don't actually want to spray a dog or person but I will if I have to. I don't know if they're okay with it because I never asked because I was afraid they would say no lol. but I have had it on my keychain for a few months now and no one has said anything and I feel like they would have noticed it by now.

No. 974370

File: 1637501657989.jpg (28.16 KB, 816x565, 1612327831909(1).jpg)

Dogs are disgustingly dirty and septic. People refuse to look at the huge uptick in likelihood of owning a dog and catching many diseases, especially coronavirus.

When they parade them through hospitals, they have to give them a "bath" every half hour. They just radiate filth at that level. They were never meant to be kept inside let alone sitting on your pillows, licking your mouth, and shitting on your living room floor. It's an uphill battle getting people to begrudgingly admit their life would be way easier without one. I always pity those who have been maimed or killed, even though infection, but when they're the owner I only hope that they've gotten an opportunity to see through the programming. There is a multi billion dollar industry hoping you'll keep buying meat processing waste to feed your tard on 4 legs.

No. 974399

>Dogs are disgustingly dirty and septic
100% true. Why are people so determined to ignore the fact that dogs are the third animal species (after mosquitoes and snakes) to cause most human deaths, mainly via spreading germs?
Blog time but my bf's mom, who all her life was insanely strict about keeping her house clean and tidy, has recently bought a little yappy dog as her first ever pet. Anyway, the thing has caught gardiasis from eating shit outside for the THIRD time this year and now the whole family has to get checked for parasites because of that. My bf is so bitter about her going "aww poor baby" over the dog having bloody diarrhea on the floor, when in the past she would throw full-on tantrums if any of her own kids made a mess, and I can't blame him one bit. The dog also pisses itself from excitement when it sees someone enter the house but she refuses to stop fawning over it every time she comes home as if she hasn't seen it for days, even though a dog trainer warned her that it reinforces that kind of behavior. People rattle on about cats and toxoplasmosis but you can't convince me that dog-induced derangement syndrome does not exist.

No. 974419

toxoplasmosis makes you based. it's the opposite of a disease

No. 974598

My neighbors next door have no actual backyard and no actual front yard and have 5 dogs, all big dogs too. They never get walked and never do anything but bark at each other all fucking day, lay around on the driveway and go to our lawn and shit and piss on it. My dad will shovel the shit and throw it onto their cement pavement.
The only good thing is I know when there’s a stranger in our circle because they’ll all bark like fucking crazy in a distinct pitch and I can go investigate if there’s a crackhead or something.
Also, I had a scrote friend who had a government job where he had to go door to door. He told this family to lock their dogs in the house while he was there and they said they did. He goes around through the gate and a huge terrier or pit bites him in the face and leaves a gigantic scar. I’ll admit the scar looks cool and I didn’t really care about his pain, but he did end up sewing the state and the owners and got like 60,000 dollars. Hope the dog got put down too, we never found out

No. 974599

Was going to post in confession thread but I am so tired of my friend's dogs. Not really potty trained AND she doesn't really clean her floors- i spent the night having forgotten to bring some flip flops and dfjaskldf;sadj somehow the floor was greasy???? to walk on from the fucking old piss that was just wiped. i didnt see my friend once in the time i spent with her. she's become an animal hoarder pls help

No. 974600

Samefag, **suing I’m tired I swear I’m not retarded lol

No. 974604

Necro reply but fuck it, it is literally impossible to live in a “big” apartment and have a dog like a husky that needs to be walked like 5-6 times a day to burn off their energy, stimulate them and keep them from chewing up your shit, when the average person has to work 40 hours a week to afford your average big enough place for a dog. And nobody working that much during a week has time to walk a high energy dog like a husky. I’ll never cape for a moid but women clearly have an issue buying dogs for the aesthetic and for Instagram and YouTube views without giving a fuck about the animal and it’s needs whatsoever. My friends sister is 28, lives at home and has a husky and she’s lazy and overweight and the dog is lucky to get a walk once a week by her. The mom picks up the dog shit and walks her when she can and even then it’s not nearly enough for what she needs. They have a house and a yard and everything, the sister is just lazy and doesn’t actually give a shit about her animal, she just has no friends and wants unconditional affection.
I don’t necessarily hate dogs myself, but I absolutely hate dog owners, they are shit owners until proven innocent.

No. 979215

So my friend’s retarded, untrained, aggressive (or “reactive,” as he pathetically says) dog killed his new kitten. First of all, he’s fucking stupid for getting a kitten to “keep the dog company!” when he has already acknowledged that the dog is anxious and snippy. He didn’t want to get another dog to keep it company, but sure, a KITTEN.
Anyways, this dude is stupid as fuck for giving them treats next to each other with that thing’s personality in the first place. Basically it snapped what was “supposed to be a warning snap” at the kitten but “accidentally” caught its neck.” The kitten died in less than a minute. He’s not going to put the dog down because of course not. It’s not even a pit either. What a violent piece of filth animal and pathetic owner. He feels genuinely guilty, but that doesn’t fix his mistake or bring that kitten back to life.

No. 979231

Im starting to think that training dogs should be a law enforced regulation. One, to keep retards like this from owning dogs because of the extra work and money required. Two, to reduce the number of dogs who act aggressively.

No. 979279

Training does nothing against aggression. And maybe 1 in 100 dog owners even attemp it. Most are too lazy/busy to even walk them properly.

No. 979290

I live in apartment complex where literally all the retards let their pit bulls run free with zero supervision. When I went outside to check my mail I ended up getting attacked by one of the pits. The owner proceeded to tell me it had to be MY fault because his precious little dog would never attack a human. I ended up calling animal control and now those people at every turn I make are butthurt I got them in trouble. I mean I guess it's all about them and not me for getting attacked. I especially hate pit owners now. Luckily the dude hasnt brought the dog around but it pisses me off how someone had to get attacked just so retards will watch their dog

No. 979301

My IRL friend likes to post pics of her dogs in our whatsapp chat constantly and I couldn't care less. Sorry friend. I would never say this to her though, I know her dogs are precious to her and I'm not that heartless. She also likes to bring her dogs EVERYWHERE and one of them is the barking kind. Annoying as hell.

I just think dogs are filthy animals and I would never let one sleep in my bed. They're not even cute.

No. 979389

jesus, this made me so sad. that poor kitten.

No. 979400

Proper training and breeding do a lot for aggression. Pits aside, every problematic behaviour in dogs originates when they are puppies and get encouraged if they have no training. People shouldn't be allowed to have untrained dogs and they shouldn't be able to make them breed without some kind of certificate that says they are being kept in proper conditions. Backyard breeders are usually the ones who give away puppies born from problematic parents that get taken away from them too early, creating behavioural issues. Also, breeding is good, because the law imposes breeders to keep up certain standards and to produce dogs with good behaviour for the sake of their image.

No. 1049804

girl you did the world a disservice by not slamming the accelerator. i wouldnt have given a FUCK, not gonna be late for work to spare the life of an inbred mutt

No. 1049821

There's a chav in my neighbourhood who has a massive tattoo across her forehead whose dog is never leashed and she screamed at paramedics who were treating a gravely injured man in a stretcher to move out of her dogs way, absolutely stunning how tone deaf and fucking retarded you can be.

Same dog tried to attack me while I was riding my e-scooter, started barking at me and chasing me. She didn't attempt to wrangle it until I started crying.

I can't stand these tax-suckling grifters who sit on their arse smoking weed all day and feeding their shitbulls on my dollar, welfare in this country is a joke.


the blatant warping of the background from here she shooped her face is sending me.

No. 1213445

File: 1654483671714.jpg (44.93 KB, 540x403, eugh.jpg)

I'm not a dog hater and I've vented here before, but I can't stand shedding from my bf's brother's dog. I was helping my bf with his laundry (this is the only time I've done it) while he was cooking downstairs and I found a ball of the dog's fur in his clean laundry. Maybe it was already in the laundry basket, but it really is everywhere. I guess his brother and bf never take the time to groom him. Why even have a pet if you're just going to play League during your free time or sit around like a slob and getting drunk. They also still haven't trained him, so they have to check to make sure no other pet owner is out with their dog.

No. 1213469

Wow what a catch you have anon. Remind future you not to reproduce with him.

No. 1214181

I’m gay

No. 1214183

wrong thread anon lol

No. 1214188

>I found a ball of the dog's fur in his clean laundry. Maybe it was already in the laundry basket,
The fur that collects on his clothing, bunches together in the washer/dryer.

No. 1214218

Maybe she’s gay AND hates dogs. This is an inclusive dog-hating thread, after all.

No. 1214703

im still coming back to this post to giggle kek

No. 1215203

I think dog people forget how disgusting their dogs are. their noses and mouths get everywhere, they sniff other dogs shit and pee and then people let their dogs lick their faces and hands. I always cringe when I see people let their dogs lick their faces, even around their mouths. that's just disgusting. they say it's because the dog loves and that they're showing they love them but I don't care. I've been around people's houses and had their dogs lick my hands and then been offered food and am worried they'll be offended if I ask to wash my hands first. I know I have dog slobber on my hands and now I'm about to eat cookies? gross

I've also people's dogs get excited and jump up on me and leave dirty paw marks on my trousers and it's so fucking annoying, especially if they're on clean. they apologise and I don't wanna be a bitch but it pisses me off.

I don't hate dogs but they are dirty creatures.

No. 1215219

I’m doing a poo poo

No. 1215220


No. 1215222

a dog posted this, guaranteed

No. 1215224

I mean, the mouth thing happens with nearly every pet. People just shouldn't kiss or let themselves be kissed by their pets. I wouldn't be able to stand an animal walking and sitting its ass literally everywhere, especially on the bed or on my table.

No. 1215228

File: 1654616391791.gif (1.58 MB, 220x220, 56BEA7CE-EF27-43AC-B015-A2DB36…)

Wibble Wobble
Wobble Wib
Wibble Wobble Wibble Wib
Wobble Wibble Wobble Wib
Wobbly Wibbly Wobbly Wib

No. 1215308

File: 1654620751745.jpeg (263.33 KB, 524x443, 8AE5134F-AF7B-475C-A893-E1B22F…)

No. 1215311

fucking kek

No. 1215325

I despise dogs, if you own one I will not visit you, ever, idgaf if "it's harmless" dogs are a hazard. I'm a doctor and I've seen multiple patients with big wounds caused by dogs, the worst one, a woman who got her nose chewed off and had to get multiple surgeries to look ok again

No. 1215356

No. 1215365

My relationship with my family has been ruined by dogs and my childhood home is now an actual cesspool for dog piss and shit because my family assumes dogs can take care of themselves like cats. They impulse bought a puppy and were too lazy to train it, it smelled my sister's dog's piss on things, and countered it with its own piss. So it's a literal pissing contest. My cats don't like the dog so they're all trapped in one room and it's borderline abusive. I no longer live there and I've actually tried to pull a Chris-chan on reporting my house for unsanitary conditions but it didn't go anywhere.
I don't outright hate all dogs but I hate dog owners and dog culture. But so far well-behaved dogs who aren't obnoxious are hard to find. Probably met one or two in my whole life.

No. 1217191

i have two dogs rn, one is the dog i grew up with, hes super old but i love him so much because he grew up in the right social environment and is super intelligent. have never had a single problem with him. i just sometimes think his life would have been happier on a farm or something because he's a herding dog.

anyway, the other dog, i absolutely despise, its my parents dog and they got her right around the end of my time in high school. my mom got her from some random people at her job. i liked the dog for a few weeks but then started hating it. but i also just hate the way my dad treats the dog. first off, it never got the same kind of attention my childhood dog got. it was never socialized properly, rarely went to the dog park and when i went away for college my dad started overfeeding her. and i remember when i got back after my sophomore year i noticed how obese the dog got. my dad just said, no she's just "solid." and then i saw what he was feeding them it was literally like carbs, bread and cheese, and the bowls were always filled to the brim.
and obviously, this dog has 0 control, and so it just kept getting fatter and fatter. and since my dad never took her to dog parks after i left for college, she got super fat. literally the dog just sits on the couch all day. and now she has arthritis in her legs and despite not being that old, is basically a geriatric dog. pisses everywhere bc she was never properly potty trained. shes going blind and bumps into shit constantly and generally is just stupid as fuck. like, it's night and day between my two dogs–one is so smart and the other is just stupid. is that a breed thing? or a genetic thing? idk. when i take her on walks, long walks, like 3-4 miles, she comes back panting out of breathe but is too stupid to go and drink water. even when we're on walks i try to give her water and shes so dumb she doesn't drink it.

also i fucking hate how my dad claims all the time that he knows how to raise a dog bc hes raised them for years before me, but the dogs were literally obese and not getting any exercise bc he was too lazy to take them to the park.
he always gets defensive when i bring up how unhealthy they are. anyway, he just took the dog to the vet the other day and they told him she was obese. so now all of a sudden he realizes.
also of course the dog also has massive separation anxiety over my dad, like she'll freak out if my dad isn't around and constantly needs to be near him.

its so crazy to me bc these two dogs turned out so different despite living in the same environment. but obviously this one didn't get the correct socialization it should have in its formative years.
honestly, it seems like she might die before my childhood dog (who is much older btw) just because of all the health issues she has, somehow she seems older than him.

No. 1217195

File: 1654736887280.jpeg (30.95 KB, 500x333, BADFAA2B-142B-432D-ADD3-81B943…)

I’m sure this exact post has been said before, but I don’t care I fucking hate these white dogs. Yet everyone has them and the people who own them think they’re so cute. I’m disgusted.

No. 1217236

I might find them kinda cute, but deep down I agree with you. When I see one I always think that they must be covered in their own piss because of their hair, yet people let them sleep on the sofa or hold them in their arms. That's gross. They also smell horrible but that could just be all dogs in general. I don't know, they look perpetually dirty too.

When I was a kid and my (first pet) cat gave birth, two of the kittens survived. So a friend of my mum's who has family in a rural area asked my mum if her family could "borrow" one of the kittens (who were already about 6 months old) to hunt mice (lmao typical). So my parents, not knowing any better because we had never had pets before, "lent" her my kitty and guess what happened? It was soon killed by the farm dogs.
Because obviously a kitten that wasn't even a year old, hadn't properly developed her hunting skills and was born and raised in the city inside our house, wasn't going to survive very long with so many big dogs around in a fucking farm. People are so fucking retarded, I swear.

No. 1217246

Im tired of dog owners not picking up their dog's shit. Its the only apartment complex in the area that allows bigger dogs and it reeks like shit. Most of the bad reviews is how the grass in riddled in dog shit. Constant barking that goes for hours till the late nights. Why would you even want to trap a big ass dog in a tiny apartment room? Fuck dog owners. 99% of them are the equivalent of their dog's shit.

No. 1217262

I'm dying laughing, my dog looks exactly like this. It could be a photo of her. She always looks gross around her eyes and mouth because of staining and no amount of cleaning gets rid of it. She's also fucking psycho.

No. 1217268

yeah why do they get the brown gross shit all over their face?? my cat is covered in fur and he doesnt leak tar from his face ugh

No. 1217302

>the crust is caused by dried up tears and mucus that builds up on the fur around their eyes. The tears also cause red-brown tear stains that are extremely visible on white dogs. Here's the science behind it: porphyrin molecules, found in dog tears, are rich in iron.

No. 1217314

Thank you whenever I'm iron deficient I will lick my dog's eyes

No. 1217538

Many breeds of dog are a fine animal that have lots of potential to be trained to be very useful to humans. Instead, they get brought into a house, dragged outside to shit and piss on the nearest patch of grass twice a day, sit alone all day, and sleep in a cage. Some are also chained to a doghouse outside all day. These dogs don't get the enrichment they need after the first few months of ownership and spend the remainder of their lives receiving the bare minimum. Maybe it's no wonder they're mauling kids and eating shit.

No. 1217638

an asshole who lives in my neighborhood keeps putting her dog's shit in my trashcan. it just piles up because my garbage company doesn't collect it due to not being in an actual garbage can in the bag, and the smell is so offensive that i literally puke trying to take out my trash.

No. 1223194

File: 1655073110175.jpeg (63.89 KB, 450x300, EB2BCB2A-38E9-4322-A5AF-3D1981…)


No. 1223205

Anon didn't deserve that

No. 1223222

But why tho kek

No. 1223229

That was unintentionally hilarious

No. 1223239

When mods are more serious about banning dogfags than deleting CP and scrote spam

No. 1223262

I guess cause anon posted a dog pic in the doghate thread, but it was a cute picture.

No. 1223282

Literally all of the biggest psychos I ever met were ardent dog lovers. I guess it‘s because dogs will never judge them. It has reached the point where gushing about dogs a lot throws up a red flag for me.

But then I know one or two dog haters and they aren‘t great people either lol

No. 1223284

No. 1223422

>one is so smart and the other is just stupid. is that a breed thing? or a genetic thing?
yes, yes, but in this case, probably neglect
Your dad's dog is depleted of life much like a suburban housewife of a moromon sociapth, trapped her with 4 kids and gaslit or threatened for calling her parents for help. Most dogs are meant to eat a moderated diet of meat and run gleefully through grass. If your dog was overstuffed and hidden in the dark corners of a room for the entirety of their life, well, they're in the same circumstances as a basement incel neet that pretends to be a woman on these forums.

No. 1224242

File: 1655152676274.gif (7.72 MB, 358x640, 0EE208F4-71C8-43F2-B3A3-F7CB9B…)


No. 1224245

File: 1655152834328.gif (1.76 MB, 270x498, dog-eating-corn-really-fast-m-…)


(don't do this my dog stole one and swallowed it whole he had to go to the vet and get emetics)

No. 1224247

oh no this is the dog hate thread i thought it was the dog love thread please don't be happy my dog choked on corn you bastard whores(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224249


No. 1224251

>bastard whores
kys moid

No. 1224265

No. 1224270

Men who dislike cats and looove dogs make me run for the hills. They’re scrotes who want a woman at home they can control and be gross and shitty to without complaints. They hate cats and women because their affection and trust needs to be earned

No. 1224272

Aren’t tomatoes bad for dogs?

No. 1224274

I hate how dogs smell.
My family has three large dogs that shed a ton. They could be more well behaved, but most of the time they're fine. However, our house smells like Dog.
The blankets smells like Dog. The couch smells like Dog. The rooms smell like Dog. It's inescapable. Most of the time I'm noseblind to it, but when I leave for a few days and come back, I can smell it. I've been afraid to bring friends over because I know how obnoxious it smells.
Recently, my family has moved into a bigger house, so I'm hoping the Dog smell won't be as bad.

No. 1224279

>B-Blame the t-training!
I'm surprised that the youtube comments aren't total cancer.

No. 1224302

File: 1655156491300.jpeg (89.15 KB, 720x1121, dwxsuwzctrk01.jpeg)

Based horse. God I hate pitbulls. As puppies, they will literally bite their brothers and sisters and not let go even when they scream out in pain.
I always knew they were horrible, but I saw that picture of pitbull puppies who killed their littermate AND ATE HIS ENTIRE BODY and there was just a decapitated puppy head left on the floor. Absolutely fucking horrifying.

No. 1224317

what do you mean? shouldn't you be glad there's one less pit bull in the world? suddenly you feel sorry for it?

No. 1224361

This reminds me, I always get nervous when I see "funny" pet videos of pitbulls or other big dogs and cats together in one household. I remember two videos from the Daily Dose of Internet channel, one where the cat was "stealing" the sleeping place of the dog and it seemed upset about it, possibly creating aggression issues for the future and the other video was a cat ruining a dining room because she tried her hardest to get into a different room while avoid the pit laying on the floor.

No. 1224363

Non-psychopaths usually don't like to look at brutally murdered animals, even if they dislike them.

No. 1224378

Yeah men hating cats is a huge red flag. It almost always means they don’t respect boundaries because they don’t get how cats prefer to be treated. If he’s not going to respect an animal how is he going to respect me? Also, for some reason cats are always seen as a more “feminine” animal, therefore men just seem to have less empathy for them. Kittens have frequently been abused and killed by men who went on to commit murder. I really do judge men based on how they talk about or treat cats.

No. 1224408

I visited a dog forum a long time ago to look up something about a breed and some people were happy this particular breed also kills cats because of their hunting instincts. It was so disturbing.

No. 1224443

I hate flesh colored dogs and I hate seeing their balls,

No. 1224484

My uncle hates cats and bragged about his dog that killed neighbors' cats and he raised a bunch of asshole wife beating moids for sons. I do not feel comfortable around him and whenever he was over I worried he'd hurt my cats.
The disrespect of boundaries is a good point because ardent cat haters always seem to take great offense they don't worship the ground they walk on like dogs. Imagine getting that insecure about a fucking animal kek. I say this as someone who doesn't outright hate dogs either but prefers cats to them 100 percent

No. 1224808

Dogs are vile and disgusting creatures. Even at their baseline, they are disgusting and need copious amounts of training just to make them stop doing the disgusting things that just come naturally for dogs..things like eating poop, sniffing and rolling around in poop, sniffing crotches, eating their vomit, masturbating themselves in front of you by zealously licking their genitals, lapping up the noxious liquid oozing from their anal glands etc. Dog owners are equally disgusting and you can't convince me they don't have parasites/intestinal worms from sharing their food and beds with these barking assault weapons. Dogs are not only carriers, but super spreaders, of a plethora of zoonotic diseases. Even the EPA recognizes that they are not only an environmental hazard, but a biohazard to their surroundings in nature yet dog owners still ignore the signs in national forests/hiking trails and litter the place with dog feces. People are so grossly attached to their dogs that they are 'too dog nutter to function' without them. Bringing them into grocery stores, restaurants etc….even in this thread (or anywhere else people congregate to vent about them) they will come bombard you with their shitbeasts. They say dogs are good judges of characters despite some of the worst people being avid dog lovers and cat haters…Hitler is one that comes to mind. If you ask a nutter why they love dogs so much you're likely to get some spiel about how loyal and non judgmental they are. Dogs are only loyal to their food supply. Its a shame these people don't know how to foster and maintain connections with their own species. You've got to be a wickedly awful and narcisstic person if the only thing you can bond with is a DOG because it doesn't judge your nasty personality. Says a lot about them as a person. Dogs stink and their owners stink. I gag when I see nutters talking about the delicious "frito feet" smell emanating from their dogs paws…they are so stupid they don't realize that's the smell of YEAST and BACTERIA in their mutts paws and skin. Mmm yummy yeast infections my favorite.. Dog owners typically have a lower standard of living and don't care about living in squalor. Its IMPOSSIBLE to have a clean house with dogs. Dogs are glorified farm animals you may as well be inviting a cow or sheep into your home. Read the studies, they'll tell you that having a dog will make your house more "diverse" in terms of germs, their skin flakes and dander creates copious amounts of DUST that coats everything in one's house and ends up slathering your air ducts in a thick dusty hairy moldy mess that not only makes you sick but makes your house smell too. The dander of a dog dander under a microscope is jagged and tends to stick to a lot of surfaces especially on things like your mattress, couch, and even your lungs so any nutters reading this should keep that in mind next time you act like you can't function in public without your dog, some people are actually allergic, not everything is about you and your emotions ("esa" owners looking at you) and your dogs skin cells stick to everything more so than other germs. Dogs are perpetual toddlers that never grow up and always need assistance to shit or piss even if thats just opening the back door to let them out. The moment you wake up every day your life will revolve around these little shits. You cannot even take a piss in the morning without those whiney Fuckers begging to go out. And that's another thing the whining and begging..its so manipulative, especially the whining. Dogs started whining to mimic human babies for attention, same with a cats meow but at least I find meowing much more tolerable than a begging whining hell hound. Hearing a dog whine is enough to send me into a fit of rage i loathe it so much.. They kill plants and trees with their urine and kill wild animals in their natural habitat. They ruin the houses their owners live in too I would NEVER buy a house from a nutter you just know that carpet and probably subflooring is ruined not to mention youd have to get the ducts clean to get rid of the smell and dander , also any yard the dog pissed and shitted in are going to be contaminated for quite some time afterwards. Theres a chance the yard and carpets will be infested with fleas too. These days you cant even roll out a blanket and relax at the park because owners let their dogs turn the land into a giant toilet. Dogs are not natural, they have no place in nature and they are a bastardized abomination by man. I think the UK and USA are grossly obsessed with dogs

No. 1224827

How much do you want to bet this was written by someone with toxoplasmosis gondii and scratches up and down their arms whose whole house strongly smells of cat piss, litter pebbles and dingleberries

No. 1224829

These type of males don't even love dogs. Their """love""" consists of keeping the poor dog on a prong collar at all times and roleplaying being an "strong alpha wolf" who dominates the obedient happy submissive (abused) dog. They then proceed to "lovingly" alpha roll or taze a puppy because it stepped on their feet, and that's an unforgivable sign that the puppy totally wants to be the alpha and dominate you.
The truth is that a lot of dogs aren't good at obeying silly human commands and prefer to do things their way like cats do, they eat, shit, sleep, play and love you. But some people want a fucking soldier instead of a dog and end up abusing it when it doesn't reach their delusional expectations.

No. 1224831

Cope, seethe, and get mutilated by a shitbull dogfag

No. 1224850

Ayrt. I don't own any animals because its gross to live with another species in a confined space like that but go off kek. Cats are gross too for reasons i wont get into because this is a DOG hate thread…but if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to live with one of these animals , you can bet your sweet ass i choose the cat without a second thought. Enjoying your hookworms, nutter? Your house is likely covered in drool, parasites, piss, shit ,and dog skin/dust. Go lick your dog in the mouth or something. Like I said, you can't even vent about dogs without the dog fetishists coming out of the woodwork to shove their dogs in your face with their stupid pictures nobody cares about or rebuttals nobody asked for and that's another thing,dog nutters completely lack self awareness. You know how nobody actually cares to see pictures and hear stories about random peoples kids? Majority of people (with the exception of your fellow nutter) feel the same way about your dog and have zero interest in cooing over your shitbeast. Dog owners are completely unhinged i don't know if I hate them or their dogs more tbh

No. 1224959

Imagine being this unhinged, it's like cow territory levels of insane to type this crap out. Take your meds.

No. 1225336

You say that but everything in The post is true. Must have struck a nerve kek

No. 1225441

I have a dog and I agree with you, kek @ the butthurt replies. I feel sorry for the animals, as they were bred as accessories despite being living creatures with at least some cognition of their existence. I care for rehabilitated strays simply because I empathize and I live with parents who are animal people anyway, so might as well. In my new home, I will not get another. Cleanliness is an issue, and I do have an allergy, but my parents never gave a FUCK. Pet owners can be very selfish people.

Every dog I had was spayed/neutered and trained. I absolutely do not get why other owners do not do the same. The concept of breeders, especially producing "pure-breeds" for the sake of putting them on a box to win a plastic golden cup has to be one of the most psychopathic things I've ever heard and disturbed the shit out of me as a child. There are millions of animals that will be bred to slung in a purse, get maimed on the streets, or be put to sleep by a shelter. Poverty and "genocide," but it's not considered cruel because they're animals and thereby considered lesser, and uwu they're cw00t. Humans are fucking disgusting.

No. 1226179

Not a dogfag and not ayrt but households without pets are also covered in parasites, dead skin, spit, dust, and shit. Keeping a house sterile is not really possible, as well as unhealthy
The way a dog stinks up a house is something else tho

No. 1227557

I spent so much time watching and reading redpills on dogs and I haven't interacted with a dog for a few months and when I was sitting on a bench in the mall and a guy with a black cocker spaniel pup on the leash was passing by, and the pup approached me waging its tail, my first instinct was still to pet it and I gave him a few pats. Maybe I only genuinely hate shitbulls? When I see a shitbull on the street, and more and more people buy shitbulls these days, I have a genuine YIKES reaction and I go on the other side of the sidewalk. Even though I don't like other dogs, a pup still evokes a sense of mercy and sympathy in me, it's not the dog's fault it's retarded, it's not the pup's fault some retarded breeder imposed existence upon it. I wish it haven't been born but I have no melicious intent towards it

No. 1227562

>The concept of breeders, especially producing "pure-breeds"
>for the sake of putting them on a box to win a plastic golden cup
They breed the dogs to get money, I doubt anyone cares that much about dog shows

No. 1227673

I don't understand though why people fixate on dogs when talking about bad breeders and owners (not talking about you anon).
Every "popular" pet has designer breeds. There are pugs and shitbulls, there are retarded siamese cats who die because of mutations, cat shows where rich people like to show off their gigantic mutated cat, there are people breeding different species of birds together to make sterile hybrids, rabbits with floppy ears and "cute" ponies that can barely walk. It isn't only a dog problem. And as >>1226179 every house is covered in dead skin and hair and every pet brings home parasites and dirt. If you don't want dirt in your house and on your things, don't get a pet.

No. 1227877

File: 1655401235534.jpeg (501.62 KB, 1640x2360, 984EC152-9E8C-4618-8F63-DB9C79…)

The last thing a toddler sees

No. 1227878

Jeff the killer's dog sidekick.

No. 1227882

Jeff the killer’s true form

No. 1227896

Holy shit spoil this shit

No. 1227952

I'm a dog lover generally speaking but I hate pits so goddamn much. Everyone who keeps breeding them ought to be put on trial, same with the shelters who give them out to clueless families and then act shocked when it mauls their child to death. My local shelter is chock full of pit propaganda and the lady looked at me like I was literally the devil when I went there and asked if they had any other breeds. Then she showed me a "lab mix" that was literally just a pit and whined when I pointed out it's obvious pit features. Only when I insisted did she show me this sweet little dachshund that wasn't given nearly the kind of push for adoption as the pits were. God forbid a family adopt a dog that isn't going to snap and rip their other pets and possibly children to shreds.

No. 1227959

honestly i still think it's cute. i'm not a dogfag at all, tbh, i kind of dislike dogs, but i have sympathy for pitts. they should not be bred and need to be taken out of the hands of irresponsible owners though. i feel bad for them, there's a lot of dogfighting and dogfighting culture especially in areas where they are running rampant in numbers. the breeders and fighters deserve to be locked away forever, if not worse.

No. 1227969

I know this probably isn’t the right place for a question like this kek but I really want a guard dog. I think I can be a responsible owner and I have a lot of space/all of my time is free. I’m not allowed to bear arms so I have to compensate for it somehow for my own safety. Is the smell really that bad? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Is it worth it? I’m really good with animals and I think I could be friends with a nice, well trained girl dog but I have so little experience. I plan on adopting a strong stray puppy. Do you people have any horror stories that start like this or will I be OK?

No. 1227972

Yeah you being that retarded did strike a nerve. Again, meds. pronto.

No. 1227976

File: 1655406596490.jpg (450.49 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20220616-151117_Chr…)

Every pit nutter says there's all these dog fighting rings but I've never seen one or heard of one, even in the news in my 30+ years of living I've only heard of one dog fighting news story, and I live in the craziest, trashiest,pit loving state in my country. The last time I heard of dog fighting was the Michael vick thing years and years ago. Its really not as common as pit lobbyists claim kek.
>"iM nOt a DoGfAg"
>shills for pits
The dog lovers really cannot help themselves kek
>>1226179 if you clean your house there will be no parasites, piss, or shit not that dog owners would know anything about keeping a tidy home. Scientific studies prove dog owners have nasty houses and spread diseases. Theres a plethora of pubmed studies on it heres one for example


No. 1227982

File: 1655406859146.jpg (2.74 MB, 3072x4096, Toonuttertofunction.jpg)

No. 1227990

I think the people that died or got injured were some of the nasty ones that don't wash their hands after touching the dog. You should always wash your hands after touching any animal. I know a girl who lets her dog lick her face and never washes her hands after petting him. Disgusting. I once made the mistake to eat dinner at her house and SURPRISE there were fucking dog hairs in the salad. WASH YOUR HANDS

No. 1227993

uh, what state do you live in? i'm in the state best known for dogfighting, so… i'm not even remotely a dogfag. you can just do a simple google and learn about how common dogfighting is, especially in certain states.

No. 1227997

I too, have brain damage.

No. 1228000

because i feel bad for them and think they're cute? they're cute dogs. they are a weapon though, which is why i said breeders and fighters need to be put away forever, and irresponsible owners need to have them taken from them. the issue is that it's trendy to own them because people feel badass for having them. it's horrible.

No. 1228008

Inb4 "its the owners not the breeeeed"
>>1227993 what state do YOU live in? Kek pitbull lobbyists love playing that teensy tiny violin dont they? Those barking assault weapons kill so many humans per year, not that dog nutters care about their own species….

No. 1228010

there are a lot of dogowners who literally treat dogs like they're humans and do all kinds of jerky movements, get far too close to the dog, taunt them with treats, etc. they're dogs with instincts and fear. it's a lot like having a wild animal. really, very few dog owners should have a dog, and almost 0 people that are owners of notoriously "vicious breeds" should own them.

No. 1228013

No, because "they" look at a pic of an aggressive shitbull about to maul someone and think it's cute because hurr durr it smiles.

No. 1228017

it's both. if you know anything about dogfighting, you'd be able to figure what state i'm talking about, but you've done apparently 0 research on dogfighting and dogfighting rings.
i said it's cute. i didn't say that's a smile or that it indicates happiness. i think the dog is cute. you type really weird, like a redditor, btw.

No. 1228019

And I said you must also have brain damage to look at an animal making the most aggressive gesture and think it's cute.

No. 1228027

I have this super long dark padded coat and for some reason all dogs HATE it. They always bark like crazy

No. 1228028

once again, i've only said the dog is cute. i never meant that the gesture was cute. when i said "it's still cute" i meant that even with the editing, i still think the dog is kinda cute. pitbull owners should not have them in almost all cases. almost certainly, the type of person that would be qualified to own a pitbull or aggressive breed would likely decide not to end up getting one, or would be extremely, extremely cautious in getting one. as i said, they're like wild animals and dogs in general are prone to snapping and are far more muscular and stronger bite forces than cats, so you run a high risk with a dog in general.

No. 1228031

This is the dog hating thread. Fucking dog nutters can't stand when people don't lo0o0o0ve dogs as much as them. They can't stand when people point out how problematic them and their shitbeasts are. Even in spaces meant for other animals (not just cats) there's always some nutter trying to shill their dog. Even on posts where their own species have been maimed by these animals they shill for the dogs. A toddler will be ripped to shreds by a dog (most likely pit) and stupid nutters will be in the comments asking if the hell hound is ok or if they can foster the poor little pibble he is a GOOD PUPPER. Dog owners are the WORST type of pet owners most of them deserve to have their dogs turn on them. They are a nuisance to nature and society

No. 1228032

A stray mutt won't make a good guard dog. There are very specific breeds that excel at guarding and obedience (which is essential for proper guard dogs), such as shepherds and working dogs like Dobermanns and Rottweilers. You can't predict the tendencies and temperament of a mutt (what if it's insecure or shy?). Keep in mind that diy guard training can easily backfire and you can end up with an aggressive and dangerous dog. Actual guard dogs have to be medium to big in size, so you'll have to be able to handle a strong active dog that can drag you through the ground. That said, trained female dogs are WAY better.
Despite all the sperging, the smell isn't that bad if you keep the dog and its environment clean instead of being a dirty neet.

Toxoplasmosis, bird flu, salmonella, covid, swine influenza, lyme desease. Surprise surprise, dirty animals spread illnesses. Everyone is shocked.

No. 1228037

dogs don't like dark figures/shadowy things. i don't know how dog people deal with the barking. in general dogs are pretty annoying to have around all of the time. i don't get the attraction. sometimes they're cute, but to have around all of the time? it's way too much
i don't even largely disagree with you but you keep typing like a reddit tier loon. i said one comment about it being cute and then went on to say in the same post, that they're dangerous and should not be bred. what is your problem? you can't feel any sympathy for animals or else you're a dogfag? i don't have an affinity towards dogs, i just feel bad for them because they should not be as popular as pets as they are, especially with a largely irresponsible populace, and dogs should not be trained and bred to be increasingly more dangerous. your average dog still has a good shot at snapping on you or someone else, or someone else's animal, and that is 1000x worse when these dogs are bred to magnify those awful behaviors and instincts. grow up.

No. 1228051

>comes to the dog hating thread
Dog lovers truly have no self control kek

No. 1228165

Pibbles look like dinosaurs they legit trigger a fight or flight response and anyone who has is evolutionarily backwards

No. 1228220

Thanks. I don't want to give money to breeders at all, and I’m definitely not going to attempt training my dog like that (I know it’s dangerous) but I think a dog that’s simply large, regardless of personality would deter most moids from approaching me. I would actually like a timid character over a barky agressive one. I doubt I’ll be in a situation where she will have to chimp out for me, I’m just paranoid.
I’ve heard of male guard dogs simply leaving in stressful situations lol. They really dgafff

No. 1228221

File: 1655416652488.jpg (35.44 KB, 555x552, 2473575645435.jpg)

Cute, really?

No. 1228239

that's an even further modified sub-breed. not the same and you know it.

No. 1228302

I'll never forget when one of my cats was killed by a housemate's pit. Everytime I look at those mongrels I'm just filled with disgust. I've never been a fan of dogs in general but I don't mind them usually, I just don't trust the owners/training. However pits are a whole nother story, they're so inbred and mentally retarded that it's cruel to keep breeding these dangerous, mutated landsharks. They disgust me, same goes to their usually trashy ass owners.

No. 1228312

I'm so sorry anon, that is vile. May your kitty rest in peace. I would never forgive that housemate and I would have wanted that disgusting creature put down

No. 1228328

Similar experience. I scooped up my cats bloody remains off the sidewalk as a 9 year old as the neighbors laughed.

No. 1228353

Christ Noni you just reminded me of my father’s boxer that used to find baby Jack rabbits and behead them. My fucked up parents used to make me clean their heads up at 11 off the drive way.
I ran out in the middle of the night one time in the rain and clawed one of them out of her mouth because I could hear her torturing the poor thing through my bedroom wall.

No. 1229155

File: 1655494127222.jpeg (34.42 KB, 584x395, 52B1ABD8-33D9-4C34-B393-CC9A7F…)

this made me so sad, i’m so sorry sweet nonnies that you lost your pets like this. my heart goes out to you

No. 1229168

i dislike when people name their dogs emotionally charged names like Lucifer or stupid ones like Poot or Stinker because i swear it just makes the dog extra retarded and they take on those name qualities. Lucifer would be a cute black cat name though.

No. 1229266

Pit apologists are the worst. Fuck shelters that push them onto families. More people should be more research on the breeds they adopt, but you know they wont. ugh fucking hate pits.

No. 1229815

I don't mean to be an asshole, but why do you allow your cats outdoors? You literally set them up to be prey to dogs, coyotes, disease ridden raccoons, and not enough water/food of its a place with bad weather etc etc

No. 1229921

depends on your location and having a yard. they can still get run over.

No. 1246376

File: 1656610125154.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1640x1834, 22C1FD76-C164-45D9-9EF4-56B47A…)


No. 1246378

File: 1656610223284.jpeg (899.97 KB, 1640x1283, E05569C7-3BD3-4B96-BD61-CA3A95…)

No. 1246381

I never thought the purse dog thing was cute it's nasty

No. 1246394

Even if it's mean the truth is that they're just fucking retarded. They expect everyone else to be okay with their cat walking on their property and most of all, they expect other predators (could be dogs, coyotes, other cats and in some areas even big rodents) to just sit quietly and be friends with another unknown animal in their territory. The problem is not the dog mauling the cat while it's in its own (the dog's) yard, it's yours for allowing your housecat that's not street smart to wander around roads and other people's property and expecting it to come back just fine. My neighbour does this with their cat and I can always hear them calling their cat out loud because they don't know where the fuck it went. One day they're going to see it dead on the road, extremely wounded or poisoned by some asshole (and I'm not trying to be mean, I used to keep cats and I speak from experience).
Why do they even allow it to go outside? It has food and water hopefully, so it doesn't need to hunt. Maybe it's because they genuinely believe their pet cats are completely independent and they can't be arsed to entertain them themselves.

No. 1246404

NTA but if your dog attacks another person’s animal on their property it’s out of control and is liable to be put down. It should be on a leash. Anon above was 9, way to lecture someone for something horrible that happened to them and their pet at 9.

No. 1246454

You sound dumb, those dogs shouldn’t be mailing animals anyways. I knew a pitbull who was all huge and roided looking and flesh colored too so he looked disgusting and scary and he mauled some goats for fun. He didn’t even eat them, he just ran in there and killed them because that’s what they do for fun

No. 1246460

This reminded me of the time some neighborhood pits jumped the fence in my neighbors yard to maul their dog to death, it was brutal and horrifying. there's no reason to own dogs like that unless you're fighting them and that's illegal for a reason. this happened 20 years ago and I won't forget it. the fact that pits are so numerous and fucking everywhere is still insane to me.

No. 1246510

>go for walk around city on beautiful summer day
>just smells like straight up dogshit everywhere
>only things to view are people's dogs taking a piss or dump everywhere
wow uh. I'd rather have vibrant healthy thriving plants everywhere than look at people's dogs shitting whenever i go outside. the concentration of dog urine even kills the few plants we do have. imagine the businessowners trying to keep plants outside to make their place look nice and brighten up the neighborhood. and there are so many fucking dogs packed into the city that the unrelenting urine streams just kill all the plants. people with dogs should have to pay a $5000 a year local tax for the destruction to plantlife, per animal. so fucking gross.
I'm terrified of pitbulls. My aunt was bitten by pitbulls twice, different dogs and owners. there is something wrong with that breed. the only dog that has ever growled at me and given me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach was a shitbull. other dogs are gross, but shitbulls are actually dangerous.

No. 1246539

kind of triggering. about 12 years ago i was maybe 10 and went to a family member's house. the entire house was covered in dogshit and urine and fur and other trash, like one of those hoarding shows, and my awful parents made me go inside the house and they were all acting like it was normal. the house couldn't be sold and had to be completely gutted, i think they may have demolished it but not sure. the coating of dogshit/piss disintigrated the flooring and what had been carpet, it just saturated the entire interior and even gave it structural damage. why the FUCK would you take your child into a house like that. they also had an inground pool that was full of skanky stagnant water, leaves, slime, trash, and dead bugs, which the dog drank from. probably it was the city who made them finally clean it up. some people just live in squalor of their own choosing. i think a person's surroundings/house reflects their state of mind. sure there are a lot of flavors of slob, but the dog-owning slobs are the absolute worst. also there was a child living in that house and he grew up into a fat autistic incel. unsurprisingly. it was going to be bad either way but the dog endlessly generated piles of poop daily that built up. the entire yard was a shit minefield and you could smell the stench from across the street.

sorry disgusting etc. part of the reason i refuse to ever get pets. "oooh they're so cuuuuteee" when all i see is a walking shit factory that will barf and piss and shed all over.

No. 1246543

I can't use the washers and dryers in my building because they're always covered in dogfur from the other residents' pets. massive inconvenience for my life that they dont even think about. i wish i lived in a pet-free building, or they forced the dog owners to pay a fee to have the machines cleaned out every time they use it. doghair on my clothing and bedding makes me want to puke.

No. 1246549

That's not what I'm talking about though. If you let your cat walk inside the enclosure of a pitbull or any other predator animal, you can't say shit and it is your responsibility because you let out your own pet. The animal is already caged up in its owner's property. In my country someone can literally take your pet and run it over on purpose and you can't tell them anything, because your pet shouldn't be free in the streets anyway.
It wasn't anon's fault because she was 9, but it was her parents' responsibility 100% (and the retarded pitt's owners if it wasn't on a leash or they couldn't control it). I do agree that pitbulls shouldn't be bred anymore, they've been bred to the point that their aggression and biting instinct is completely defective.

No. 1246558

When the dogshit dries, it becomes dust and you're literally breathing dogshit. Ain't that cool. I really hope dogfags would clean after their useless mutts.

No. 1246565

BARK BARK BARK eats poop mauls a child

No. 1246569

File: 1656621506848.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.45 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-211011061024-634-C…)

Im so dumb and I don't want to look it up in fear of gore, but one of the Dance Mom girls, is a lesbian and she's dating a young woman who was maled by a pitbull, a skateboarder. I don't know if it was talked about before. Her name is Brooklinn Khoury.

No. 1246576

File: 1656621735576.png (Spoiler Image, 639.86 KB, 752x450, Capture.PNG)

Heres what happened to her-
Brooklinn Koury, a professional skateboarder and model, was asked to visit her cousin in Gilbert, Arizona, in early November 2020 for a pleasant trip packed with girl time and pool time.

So the cousins got their nails done and went some errands on Nov. 3 of last year. They were driving home when Khoury took a selfie. She clipped her lip out of the picture because she was self-conscious about a small pimple near her mouth.

Khoury was standing in the kitchen at her cousin’s house when she went to pet her cousin’s dog, an 8-year-old blue-nose pitbull named Diesel, whom she had previously met.
“I was like, ‘You’re such a good boy,'” she recalls. In the most recent edition of Landscapeinsight, she describes how he “actually leapt from a sitting position into my face.” “I was standing, and he was seated, and he immediately leapt up.” And he was basically hanging from my mouth, arms and legs. “Oh my God, get on the ground with him, hold his head, go wherever he goes,” I said.

She moved with him whenever he yanked. “Finally, I felt a sense of relief.” “And then something soared and collided with the wall,” she recalls.

“I looked down and my whole shirt was just blood — like blood, blood, blood everywhere,” she adds.

She noticed a pink lump on the floor and covered it in a napkin, recognising it was her lip due to the presence of the zit she’d just edited off her shot.

Despite their prompt action, the surgeons were unable to salvage Khoury’s upper lip.

She later posted a selfie from her hospital bed, writing, “hug somebody you love,” later that week. She opted to film every step of her recovery because she always portrayed the good and the bad in her skateboarding posts, including falls.

She says, “Life isn’t flawless.” “People can mask who they truly are on Instagram.
“The first time I saw my face after the procedure was horrifying,” Khoury says. “But I was like, ‘OK, time to love this new version of myself for now,'” she continues. I want folks to know they aren’t alone if they are going through something similar.”
Heres the link for anyone interested.

No. 1246582

File: 1656621972344.png (266.57 KB, 412x247, Capture.PNG)

she's been getting work done for it, so it looks a lot better right here. I'm happy she's still living life after being brutually attacked like that.

No. 1246594

There’s a paved walking trail I’ve been going to for years and post-pandemic all the new dog owners let their pets shit all over it without cleaning up after them. People are constantly dodging piles of turds when they’re running or rollerblading, it’s gross

No. 1246634

Holy shit how horrifying. She is genuinely so strong to have that attitude.

No. 1246761

I'm glad she's recovering, but that is so fucking terrifying. pitts are always snapping completely unprovoked. I'm always hyper aware when I am walking in the street and one is near. I hate those mongrels more than any dog. they need to be breed out of existence.

No. 1246762

They really do need to put heavier taxes on dog owners. I used to try to educate friends who had dogs about how vile their urine is and how all dogs tend to piss in the same spot because they sell other dog's piss. It kills plant life and it's disgusting. Whenever I see dog shit, I try to put a stick near it (sticking up in grass) so no one else will step in it by accident.

No. 1249745

Anyone else pissed off about the myth dognutters spread about "CaTs HaRmInG WiLdLife"? Lol literally the wildest case of projection: https://scopeweb.mit.edu/dogs-responsible-for-wildlife-predation-and-extinctions-53ac25664134. Dogs basically exterminated 10 species of animals and threaten the existence of more than 100. Meanwhile cats can hunt only… what? Small birds? Rodents? This is ridiculous, not only they are not harmful enough to be the giga threat they are portrayed to be, but also they can be simply kept in the house, that way they wouldn't be able to harm anyone. Meanwhile retarded mutts need to go out to shit, so they are naturally threatening to both wildlife and human life. It's such an obvious smear campaign against another popular domestic animal by dogfuckers, they take every attempt to justify preferential treatment of their shitbeasts.

No. 1249751

no? cats need to be kept inside or taken outside on harnesses. harming any animals isn't good, but it's extremely dangerous for the cats also to be outside. they go about trying to persuade people to stop letting cats outside by painting the cats as negative because people are too stupid to listen. please keep your cats safe inside.

No. 1249752

Also to add: a study that debunks this myth https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2021.731689/full. What's worth noting it's this excerpt from conclusion:
>Our results suggest that the substantial attention and blame directed at domestic cats for their hunting behavior is disproportionately large compared to that directed toward domestic dogs, given that our results show that of dogs and cats that catch prey, dogs are more likely to catch native species. Although our study was not designed to determine the proportion of pet dogs and cats that catch prey, there are 34% more pet dogs in Australia than pet cats (36, 72) and more pet cats than pet dogs are confined solely indoors.


No. 1249754

Learn to read. I didn't deny that cats harm wildlife. They just do it less than dogs and it's easier to stop them.

No. 1249756

you learn to read, i am pointing out this isn't dog propaganda, it's trying to convince shitheads to keep their cats inside so they don't die.

No. 1249809

You really think that its dog people actively making campaigns and spreading misinformation to shame cats as some kind of dog people vs cat people war? Take your meds.

No. 1249833

Literally just keep them both inside

No. 1249834

I'm in an area where people are trying to let the swallow population thrive again after years of it dwindling down, we're being told not to disturb nests if you find them on your property, in your sheds etc. But then there's a population of cats where it's hard to tell who owns them if anyone does. Some people don't collar them. Similar to dogs only being okay under the care of very responsible owners.. cats are only a non-problem if people similarly act responsible for them.

It's not one versus the other. Both are a problem that exist independantly to each other. Making it a competition is useless.

No. 1249838

>They just do it less than dogs and it's easier to stop them.

No. 1249857

fucking this. thank you.

No. 1249858

File: 1656871932817.jpeg (357.96 KB, 763x551, 4C4E3187-234A-4D03-828F-9DE8CF…)

Maybe the people on the other side of the world were on to something all along. I think to make everyone and other wildlife happy.. healthy but unwanted dogs/cats should just be eaten or turned into something practical and useful. Obviously I don't want them to get boiled or skinned alive, the shelters kill them anyway, but since it's an issue what else can you do? There's so many fucking stray cats here that starve. Tons of people are too tard and lazy to properly take care of a pet anyway and the constant "BECUM A HERO! TAKE THIS BABY, ITS LONELY, LOOK AT ITS SAD EYES! TAKE IT HOME NOW! WE'RE FULL" doesn't help. Sociopaths, narcissists, & lonely people with a hole in their heart come out of their sewers and pig pen homes because finally for once they have a victim/someone to depend on them. Then you get cases of animal abuse, neglect, pets dropped off in the country side or a grocery store parking lot. Or even worse, left alone in their home confused because its owner decided to be a retard and kill themself and now it's gotta get dumped on someone in the family if the tard even has one. I'm open to hearing what other alternatives there could be. I know nothing is going to change anyway, but I like to imagine.

No. 1249914

Something I can't stand is how people say is stupid shit like "We don't deserve such perfect creatures as dogs." Yeah, animals that make incessant noise, stink, shit all over yards and don't bury it, slobber all over people, and sometimes attack people and other animals are perfect. Sure, Jan.

And to those who complain how cats can be noisy, I've never heard one go meowmeowmeowmeow like how a lot of dogs go woofwoofwoofwoofwoof to the point that they don't sound like they're even breathing between each bark. And I'm saying this as someone who doesn't outright hate dogs, just finds them annoying.

No. 1249921

for 12 fucking years from the beggining of my education i had to walk on top of this hill-tunnel idk how to decribe it but it's very secluded and the people living there had giant loud security dogs that would freak out every time they saw me. also my grandma got her knee almost bitten off by a dog. so suffice to say i am very afraid of those spawns of Beelzebub. But the Lord in the Heavens above cannot allow me peace and He must make dog owners in my life be as patronising and personally offended when i express my distaste in dogs. and they must defend the breeding shit like their life depends on it whenever i criticise it.
the worst offender was this motherfucker who said all the cats in the neighbourhood should be castrated, but when i said the same of dogs he became so defensive. that scrote's dog pissed in my lap when i was hanging out at his place also. suffice to say contact was cut.

No. 1250471

File: 1656927144959.webm (2.12 MB, 720x1280, have you ever seen the rain.we…)

>"We don't deserve such perfect creatures as dogs."
The creature in question.

No. 1250760

Today I witnessed a french bulldog “barking” and I have never been so disturbed in my life. Can you even call it a dog at this point?

No. 1250765

Dogfags: don’t bring children to weddings! They cry and ruin everything!!! Muh child free!
Also dogfags:

(Yes I know imageboard but how tf do I embed YouTube shorts?)

No. 1250768

File: 1656954652394.jpeg (81.44 KB, 600x600, 070DF51D-DF83-4DFF-8520-CE80EC…)

GET YOURSELF A GOOD CHRISTIN DOG THAT LOVES GOD AND JESUS IN YOUR HEART WE PRAY TO THE LORD LEVITICUS “please don’t devour my newborns” to ward off the EVIL pitbulls from the SAINTLY christin dog. On July 4th we say amen…

No. 1250769

i hate people who walk dogs in cities. i also hate people who pretend their shitty emotional support dog is a trained service animal to trick restaurants into letting them inside.

No. 1250774

Hope this woman gets every single feature of her face chewed off beyond recognition.

No. 1250790

The “mutt” sperg is back. I don’t even care if you’re a scrote tbh you’re an unhinged icon

No. 1250824

what the fuck i want to cry i dont care if this is bait it made me cry as my cat is on the sofa in front of me all snuggled up asleep. thank god he is an indoor cat

No. 1250827

thank god

No. 1250881

What gets me is in the first video, you have those assholes who are like "But dogs like to chase cats! They were just playing." I always thought it was dickish that people think it's funny to let mutts chase cats to begin with, even if the dogs don't intend to kill the cats.

And it sounds as if the woman in that video never went back to the house without her dogs to take responsibility. No wonder why a lot of cat people hate dog owners.

No. 1250932

It's strange that they couldn't just ask around neighbours and quickly find out which family in the neighbourhood has two pits. It made me wonder if she was dog sitting for someone else and that's how they got away with it. Usually you'd know what dogs are in the area, esp big breeds.

No. 1251000

I hope it died.

No. 1251312

That’s why I said she should have her face chewed off. It’s simply a taste of her own medicine.

No. 1251395

I was thinking the same about her being a petsitter bringing dogs into an unfamiliar neighborhood. You often learn quickly which neighbors of yours have dogs.

No. 1251561

This made my blood run cold. I hate those fucking dogs so much.
(Also according to the person who posted the video, the cat survived)

No. 1251565

File: 1657000039605.webm (2.65 MB, 270x480, 1656996183690.webm)


No. 1251611

I’m so god damn sick of people showing me pictures of their ugly mutts. They don’t even ask me if I want to see it. Out of nowhere they’ll get their phone out and show me their ugly shitbeast, and then get mad at me for not going ‘awwwww’! Why would I? Those things are hideous. I literally just look at it and go “yep”. I had someone recently show me a picture of their Rottweiler. How am I supposed to find something known for killing children and mauling adults cute? I find them intimidating and scary because that is what they are. Sage for blogpost.

No. 1251646

A month ago my neighbour's pitbull mix escaped and was roaming free on the road. A lady with three dogs arrived and the pitbull mix went straight for the smallest dog and bit him (the pit's head was as big as half of the other dog's body), luckily the lady was fit enough to grab the pit and pin it to the ground until the owner arrived. The small dog survived but the pit is still there because in my state there isn't really a law that says you have to put down a violent dog. What will it do the next time it escapes from its house I wonder.

Why is it always overweight people who can't even fucking run keeping these types of dogs? Get a chihuahua or a jack russel or something, not two large pitbulls with a leash as long as the whole fucking street.

No. 1251650

Frog anons, is Paris really covered in dog shit? Do you hate dogs?

No. 1251663

File: 1657009846239.jpeg (32.23 KB, 252x276, 202AF4FF-E0DC-41F5-8BD7-F83BC2…)

UGH I had just forgotten about this video
for the love of god keep your mutt on a leash and also have the ability to control them. I’ve seen so many similar cases like this where even the owners will egg their dogs into attacking someone’s cat who is just chilling near their house. This shit is genuinely so upsetting because these dogs clamp and don’t let go. Cats’ thin little bodies don’t stand a chance

No. 1251746

Paris is covered in more than shit, rats and litter, and everything disgusting. So much for the city of love and lights.

No. 1251749

Nobody should be able to own pit bulls or any kind of big dog known to be aggressive. I watch a lot of vet programmes and the amount of small dogs and cats attacked by pit balls is awful.

I had a fear of dogs from around 3 when I was walking beside my mum and sister (who was in her pram) and jumped up and knocked over by a dog. I was almost ruled by my fear for my whole childhood and would cry for my parents to pick me up when a dog would come bounding over without a lead. The worst thing is when their ignorant owners say the dog is just playing. I literally got over my fear when I was about 20.. I always avoided parks and paths where dogs would likely be without leads and stuff.

No. 1267904

File: 1658205511739.png (1.31 MB, 1374x1348, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 2.38…)

the dog over my back fence barks all fucking day. I think it is a bully breed. The owners never seem to be home, but I assume when they take it inside at night it stops barking.

I finally filed a noise complaint recently, and remembered I had kept a bark diary for a few weeks. I went and found it on my PC and it was from fucking 2020. I have been listening to this dog all through covid.

What is really digging into my brain is the tone of the bark. Always the same ROOH ROOH ROOH noise. 3 slightly different descending notes of this loud, aggressive, dumb bark. All day.

I fucking hate it. It is super super cold where I am, one of these days I'm going to spray it with the hose over the fence. In the morning. When it's frosty. Maybe I'll spray it every day. If I'm miserable it fucken should be extra miserable.

WHY have a dog if you NEVER take care of it?! They are WORSE than useless. I have no problem telling nutters this either. They usually just laugh nervously… Fucking grow a spine and try to justify it fuckwits.

I can appreciate a cool dog. A well trained one, working dogs. I would never own one because they are disgusting and I don't want my person and belongings to be covered in dog muck.

No. 1270855

this is such a psychopathic response to someone who shared a traumatic childhood memory of scooping their cats corpse off the ground while being mocked by adults kek read the room

No. 1271477

It honestly reminds me of the "if you don't want to get harassed, don't show any skin" mindset. God forbid dog owners are held responsible.

No. 1271506

Neighbors near me have a smallish dog that's a barker. Shes an outdoor dog and the weird layout of the area means the garden she stays in is out the front of their property rather than at the back. She barks at every person, animal, car that comes or goes from the whole street. She barks at her own owners coming home? She barks at small animals throughout the night. It always sounds like the bark a guard dog would give off. Even though she's not big. The one time I was up close with her the owner informed me that she bites.. she said it so casually too?

I moved here 5 years ago. I'm an outsider, from the city. Everyone else here has been here all their lives and they're all pals and cousins and sisters in law and connected in lots of ways. I cannot report the noise without it coming back to bite me on the ass. Its that kind of town. They're a well connected family. I thought the dog was older when I first moved in and maybe she had a couple years left in her (she limps) but she's still going strong. I don't hate her but I pray to god that when she does pass one day that they don't do the same shit again and get a puppy and just dump it out the front untrained. I've had moments where I've regretted the purchase of my home over it. I think they even believe that it's doing us all a service by 'guarding' the street.

No. 1271515

Samefag to add I don't know if the dog must feel stressed in herself too. I always think small dogs with big barks are just a ball of nerves underneath all that.

No. 1271594

I don't actually hate dogs but I'm so fucking tired of people acting like they're not dangerous and acting like all breeds are the same and have the same levels of aggression. Personally I've had more issues with rottweilers than pitbulls but pitbulls were literally bred to be dogfighting dogs (they're called PIT bulls for a reason).

No. 1271627

I've seen cases like this where the dogs owners never reach out and they just go into protection mode where they follow a lawyers advice and pretend like someone isn't in the ICU over them or having their face stitched back on.. They carry on with life pretending it never happened. They don't want to find out whether you died afterwards, whether your surgery worked. They snub your family. I'll never understand. You're going to get sued either way and you'll pay out your ass for it. You might as well not lose your humanity in the process.

How much harder would you want to sue someone if they snub you after a life changing attack like that? If they insist it's your own fault in statements to news outlets. Not a drop of empathy to be found

No. 1271718

Throw some chocolate laced treats over the fence. My neighbor has a large dog (pittmix) who barks during the afternoon when the owners are at work.

No. 1275066

At this point, I automatically hate all dog owners. If you own a dog, you have to prove to me that you aren’t an asshole and a shitty owner or I will treat you like the nuisance that you are. I’m sick of dog owners’ sense of entitlement thinking that dogs are the only animals that should be allowed to be outside, that dogs have a right to be anywhere and everywhere, that they have a right to invade other’s space, that you need to cater to them when you’re just minding your own business and if something happens it’s your fault. You’re evil for so much as mentioning to them that they’re doing something dangerous. God damn dog owners remind of boymoms. Fuck every one of those lazy fucks who thinks it’s cruel or unfair to expect dogs to be leashed. I don’t give a fuck if he’s “just” in your front yard, kids deserve to exist outside without getting jumped and hurt. It takes two seconds to clip a leash you worthless ass pieces of SHIT

No. 1275080

I fucking hate dogs I really fucking do, sick to death of people saying "oh it's how you train them" while they simultaneously scream at their dog to stop barking. I hate their nasty panting constantly with their hot dog breath. I was attacked by a pitbull as a teenager and I am so, so lucky there were other people in the room, otherwise I'm very certain that thing would have killed me. It was sitting on the couch beside me and immediately went for my throat. I rolled off the couch with my arms up and was lucky to get only a bad bite to my hand and a gash across my scalp from where his teeth grazed my head. It took two people to even get the thing off me and trap it in the garage (I wish they'd taken it to the pound and let it die so it didn't hurt anyone else but I'm pretty sure it just got rehomed). For ten years every time I explain why I don't like dogs to people it's always "oh but not MY dog" yes your fucking dog! Every dog I encounter, when it knows I don't trust it, it gets mean, like it's a challenge. If it isn't a Chihuahua or something I can punt I want it the fuck away from me.

No. 1275105

The fact that these gun-wielding cops waited 40 minutes outside the house because they were scared of the dogs while the girl bled out on the floor makes me crazy.

No. 1275122

the issue i have with pitbulls is the amount of people equating hating dog breeds to racism. like what? dog breeding is purposeful, it's not just some pitbulls, it's all. they are literally bred and were for hundreds of years, to be a specific way. they're physically dangerous because of how much muscle they have and how their jaw works. and their temperament is a result of breeding, not isolated animals. if you breed them any differently they're not pitbulls. this whole "don't blame the breed" shit is ignorance at best.

No. 1275135

Every week there's a news story in my local paper about another person being mauled to death or escaping death by a pit bull and yet every time you read the comments there's always around 40% of people screeching "Bad owners yet again. They don't train them properly and abuse them. My Pibbles is the most lovable dog and I leave him alone with my 1 year old ALL the time." I don't understand how you can be so deranged. When I was 8 I came home from school with my older brother and mother and parked outside our enclosed yard. As we were walking towards our gate, a pitbull fucking charged out of a neighbour's yard straight at us, got distracted by another neighour's cat and mauled it to death in front of us. Lucky for us and unlucky for the poor cat. My bf's cat was mauled to death as well by his neighbour's pitbull, and his cocker spaniel was also nearly killed a month later when the same creature got in their yard through a gap in the fence. A shit ton of vet bills later and one dead pet, and you do you think the neighbour's offered to help at all with the bills or get rid of the creature? Even when animal welfare stepped in and asked them to put the thing down they refused. Luckily I think that dog was poisoned by a local. I'm not a fan of dogs because they're gross but if I ever have one I'll get something small and harmless like a dumb shih tzu. Cats and free roaming rabbits are far superior pets, they're loving, are clean, easily litter trained and just as smart or smarter than dogs.

No. 1275141

get a japanese chin. they're basically cats and they were bred by and for women so they're really great and essentially not dogs.

No. 1275142

Nta but Japanese chins have the same health problems that dogs/cats like pugs have. Wouldn't recommend.

No. 1275145

Literal psychopath moid thinking. Don't harm the dog, harm the owners. The dog is just a fucking dog, if it isn't trained it can't understand that it doesn't have to bark. You're literally unhinged. Some people here think that it's such a crazy unthinkable thing to tell people to keep their fucking cats inside their houses for their own safety and then turn around and suggest poisoning other people's pets.

You're absolutely retarded. It's not some sort of victim blaming to keep your cat indoors so that it doesn't get mauled by some wild animal or run over by cars. You're right if the dog is unleashed and going around while not controlled. If you whine because your kitty couldn't calmly take a shit on someone else's lawn without getting bitten by their dog, then you're a fucking idiot.

No, they're dogs and they still behave like dogs. They're just generally well-behaved.

No. 1275146

File: 1658646107529.png (199.71 KB, 640x517, FW_aba8XwAA5kC3.png)

one solution

No. 1275155

Based borzoi

No. 1275306

sounds fake unless it was some senile old pitbull

No. 1275366

Thank you for saying this, anon. I reported the dog killer sperg, not sure if mods will do shit but it's insane how fucked up some of the people using this thread are.

No. 1275650

Get the fuck out of the dog hate thread you retards. I should be able to walk my cat or hang out with my cat in my yard without getting mauled by your “pet”. Any dog that will maul should not be outside period. Fuck you for thinking dogs should own the entire outside world. What, next your gonna tell parents they shouldn’t take their kids outside to play? kys

No. 1275669

>waaah waaah muh pitties, it's not the dog's fault you had to scratch the remains of your cat from the street
Oh my god just fuck off to your thread and get a grip.

No. 1275707

Happened to my Yorkie too. Dont wanna describe the details because its very upsetting as she did not survive. They harassed me after and blamed me, I was too overwhelmed and didn't wanna deal with them to file a report, just moved out asap.

No. 1275710

Not only are pitbulls vicious monsters but they're ugly as sin. You have to be fucked in the head to look at them and think aww what a cutie patootie pitty witty. Absolute nutters.

No. 1275717

Sorry to paranoid delete post it's because I've told my story a lot and was scared of being recognized. I am so sorry about your yorkie and the following harassment you suffered. I understand you not wanting to deal with a report and just cutting your losses especially since you were grieving. It's so infuriating I just don't understand how they lack so much empathy when their dog gets violent

No. 1275741

Why don’t YOU keep your fucking dogs inside? You dog owners think you have the right to bring those bastards wherever you please and everyone else can just leave their pet at home. Fuck off. My cat likes to sit out on the street and socialise with people walking past but oh no! Someone with their disgusting unmuzzled mutt, that they can’t even control on a lead because they’re most likely a helpless fatty or a manlet, might want to walk past and of course, dogs own the entire fucking world! Of course! Fuck off.
I’ve heard dog owners getting pissy at people riding their horses in public because they can’t control their fucking dogs who autistically run over and try to grab the horses tail. Or they walk their dog into a field of livestock when they KNOW they fucking shouldn’t and then don’t care when they get chased into walls or off cliffs. As long as their uwu precious fur baby gets to have whatever they want! I don’t hate dogs I hate dog owners. Especially owners of any form of shibble.

No. 1275880

This is so funny

No. 1275912

Borzoi were bred to keep away wolves, sharp thinking and long limbs to out maneuver. it’s possible it could put up a fight.
Dog owners need to remember that dogs are literally genetically manipulated tools so selectively bred it altered human development. It’s a tool. Breeds absolutely have traits. It literally their purpose. Train it accordingly and don’t be surprised when a breed thats bred to bite faces bites your face. Cats need to scratch, redirect its need to scratch to a scratching post instead of your couch?? The most trained Pitt still has the urge to bite. It’s bred that way. A German shepherd is trained to guard and Shepard sheep and people into acting accordingly. Train it to guard your house, busy it with mental tricks, he’ll Shepard a can be taught to protect your child like a sheep and they do well because they were bred to be semi smart about not killing the sheep they guard. It’s always going to crave to uphold it’s purpose. It really is people babying animals and not understanding they’re not play things or babies. It’s an animal and tool.

No. 1276169

your stupid cat kills wildlife for fun and leaves carcasses lying around everywhere, keep that shit inside too

No. 1276192

Not the OP of this and sorry to derail but I have to agree. I love cats but they should be kept inside. Obviously people should control their landsharks too but cats kill so much wildlife and are prone to dying in horrible ways other than dogs. So many people hate cats, they far outweigh dog haters, especially in the west and I've heard horror stories of what psychos do to them because they're especially vulnerable.
Keeping your kitty in your line of sight in a safe neighborhood or yard? That's your right and they should be ideally be safe, but life isn't that perfect. Thinking about the poor anon whose cat got run over right in front of her in her neighborhood recently.
tl;dr just keep pets inside where they're safe and can't kill or get killed

No. 1276196

I'm sorry nonna, that's terrible. any dog that attacks an innocent human should be put down instantly. i'm sick of pits, they all need to die. it's a fucking landshark and i'm sick of them being everywhere. they're always owned by the worst fucking people too, inattentive jackasses who think it's a cute widdle fucking baby and dress it in fairy wings.

pit owners want to think they are special and better than other people and their touch can magically tame a feral vicious animal with no effort, just by virtue of their special glittering sunshine aura. it's narcissism and sociopathy. they could just adopt a decent dog like a shiba or a corgi which has never mauled anyone. but they are so arrogant and self centered they are willing to risk the safety and lives of everyone around them, every child they pass on the street, every friend they have, every relative, every stranger, to pursue this main character syndrome delusion of theirs. they're sick people. pits and their owners both need extermination.

No. 1276381

Your stupid dog also kills wildlife and also other pets, little children and people.

No. 1276384

It's funny because none of you have the mental capacity to understand a simple post.
And it's also funny that you think dogs are the ones "owning the outside world" when in most cases dogs are leashed, fenced and muzzled and controlled. You're actually the ones who expect people, other people's pets, cars and wild animals to bend over backwards so your cat can "socialise" with people waking past and you can stop caring for it for the rest of the day. Reminder that your kitty can get its throat slashed by another cat, it can fall to its death or get stratled causing it to get run over by a car. Since you think you own the world, it can also get into other people's houses to shit and piss all it wants, it can hunt other people's pets like rabbits and reptiles and it can decimate bird populations. If its not fixed it will mate and increase the numbers of stray cats. Many dog owners are idiots but so are the people who think their pet has the right to fuck around however it pleases.

No. 1276735

>most dogs
You’re so full of shit. In the less than one year I’ve lived in my neighborhood, I’ve been jumped 3 times by different unleashed dogs, seen a kid get jumped by another, and just the other day someone opened the door to let their dog out unleashed and alone while I had my cat on a harness in my own damn yard and that fucker sprinted over and tried to kill it. Numerous times watching cars have to stop for retarded dogs in the street. Meanwhile, what issues have cats caused here? NONE. Where I used to live there were cats but what was it that killed rabbits and all of our chickens? NEIGHBORS FUCKING DOGS. Shitty dog owners are more common than people even owning cats at all here, let alone having outside cats.

And all the time at the park I see aggressive dogs trying to get at each other. You stupid fucks ain’t controlling shit

No. 1276749

Thank you for telling it like it is. Dogs are the moids of the animal world and soany make excuses for them or flat our ignore the way they impact neighborhoods.

T. Nightshift nonny who can't get any fucking sleep because neighbors dogs barking all day (which they deny happening as they don't hear it when they're at work, funny paradox)

No. 1276776

Must be a burger thing (or a made up one) because in civilized countries dogs must be leashed by law and muzzled if they're on public transportation. Where I live I almost never see a dog loose, and when I do see one it's some tiny ass chihuahua who can't bite anyone. Still, idiot americans not being in control of their dogs doesn't give retard cat owners the right to let their cat roam around literally everywhere (especially if they're going to cry if something eventually happens to it). Cats killing tons of birds and tiny animals is a documented issue and it doesn't disappear just because you personally don't give a shit about anything other than your cat. The fact that a cat can't kill a kid doesn't mean it can just fuck around however it pleases. Would you be fine with a bunch of small dogs loitering around? Stop being an autist and keep your own damn animals inside your house.

No. 1276789

Just recently people on ot were calling burger dog-haters retarded because in their country dogs are always unleashed and little angels kek

Anyways shut the fuck up literally no one was saying cats should free roam but anons cat was murdered in her yard. People shouldn’t let their cats kill but I bet you dogs kill more wildlife than cats but no one will even look into it because you’re all a bunch of boymoms. If cats should be inside at all times then dogs absolutely should. Again, kys.

No. 1276794

That's pretty much how it is in the US, and you get called a karen or hear "my dog is sooooo friendly it just wants to play with you" when you speak up to the owner. The latter happened to me when an unleashed german shepherd cornered me on a street I was jogging down

No. 1276797

>because you’re all a bunch of boymoms
nta but holy shit this made me kek

No. 1276806

Oh it's such an apt way of putting it! It just made me laugh while I was scrolling by. It's perfect.

No. 1276812

I would like to add that if a cat kills a mouse outside you just have to keep it inside or harnessed outside with you, you don’t have to worry that it will escalate whereas if a dog kills a cat, another dog, or hurts a person you have to be concerned since dogs are social pack animals killing other animals that can be considered in their social group is a huge issue and often escalates to biting or maiming people

No. 1276840

>you’re all a bunch of boymoms
You're assuming I'm fine with dogs being allowed to roam free just because I criticized cat owners' behaviour, even though I made multiple posts saying that dog owners are also fucking idiots? Are you like, actually autistic?
I wasn't even talking about anon's cat, why are you bringing that up now? And people above WERE saying they should be allowed to let their cats free roam for "hunting" and "socializing uwu" so you either can't read or are purposely ignoring them.

>I bet you dogs kill more wildlife than cats
Yeah sure, dogs have the agility to kill birds and quick small animals, that's true because you say so.
You sound just like the boymoms you're shitting on. Shut the fuck up and kys, fucking autist.(ok calm down)

No. 1276855

File: 1658771425969.jpeg (155.71 KB, 640x709, 7C440AE8-FBCB-4430-93CE-0C6FEA…)

If anyone is an autist it’s clearly you, argument about cats being inside was centered around anons murdered cat, and I also referenced my cat being attacked in my own yard. Where did anyone say their cat should free roam to hunt? A cat sitting at the sidewalk of their own fucking yard to socialize is not free roaming, retard.

>Yeah sure, dogs have the agility to kill birds and quick small animals, that's true because you say so.


No. 1276868

File: 1658772294370.jpeg (128.13 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20220725-195932~2.j…)

The discussion was centered around anon's cat at first, but clearly moved away afterwards to free-roaming cats and how it was dangerous to the cat itself too. That one anon did not specify if her cat was socializing on her yard, she said on the street, which would be free-roaming if you assume that by "street" she meant the public street.

And oop. That study refers to both domestic and wild dogs, btw.


No, I don't like pitbulls schizo-chan.

No. 1276876

Seems at least in some places, domestic dogs kill more. It’s hard to know a lot of things because I’m not about to hunt down and read 50 papers to find out the ratio of dogs to cats owned and shit like that but either way
>Yeah sure, dogs have the agility to kill birds and quick small animals, that's true because you say so
You out here lookin like a dumb bitch. I mean honestly how retarded would you have to be kek, many dogs were literally bred to help hunting.

No. 1276877

neither dogs or pigs are carnivores kek

No. 1276879

File: 1658772960589.jpeg (264.53 KB, 640x1002, 554F7BEA-8BA9-484E-9A4A-53923C…)

dropped pic

No. 1276883

they should. their breed is designed to be dangerous. nothing more. if you breed them to not be, they're not pitbulls.

No. 1276886

File: 1658773728434.webm (528.92 KB, 320x316, Shitbull.webm)

No. 1276890

Dogs and cats both kill wildlife, in some places it's cats who do it the most and in some it's dogs. It's a good reason to keep both under control.

>You out here lookin like a dumb bitch. I mean honestly how retarded would you have to be kek, many dogs were literally bred to help hunting.

No, not really. Most domestic dogs aren't agile, strong or trained enough to kill a huge amount of wildlife. Not to mention that in a lot of places, people actually keep their dogs on a leash. Dogs were bred to hunt yes, but as a support to humans who are usually the ones doing the actual killing (there are a few breeds who can do that on their own, but they're not that popular). Definitely not as good as cats, who can hunt alone just fine even when they're domestic and untrained. Shitbulls are something else, of course.

No. 1276892

As a cat lover, this sounds like terrible study design. Dogs can kill larger prey and larger prey is more likely to be noticed by humans. Animal control will be called out to dispose of a dead Tasmanian devil, not a dead songbird. Few people would take an injured field mouse to wildlife rehab but they would take an injured wombat in an instant. Of course the government has to deal with larger (dog-killed) animals more often.

No. 1277136

Dogs are not that complex. They bark because they have no brain

No. 1277138

I’d rather harm a brainless animal than another human being wtf

No. 1277195

Dogs are just live weapons. I dont know when we will just make more laws to forbid them. In my country, dogs need to be registered and on a leash at all times. If you own a shitbull, it needs documents or can be taken away and put down by default. they dont allow the selling of shitbulls either. Dogs can harm easily. Cats are not even in the same caliber. People think it's funny when giant dogs knock over small children and over dogs, but that is just a sign your dog isnt trained and can attack unprovoked.

No. 1277410

humans are a mortal threat to human lives tbh

No. 1277551

Dogs obviously have a brain and are able to think, when even fish and lizards are able to think. So congratulations on being violent AND dumb selfish human. You are no better than the dog lovers you hate, just on the opposite spectrum cow.

No. 1279414

File: 1658939136258.jpeg (394.77 KB, 828x1217, 34E0E69C-B362-4535-BFB8-0C3423…)

No. 1279733

Congratulations on being a dumb ass dog nutter posting in a dog hate thread. I swear nutters can never control themselves kek

No. 1279747

why are they all so smelly and dirty/greasy? if a dog lives in a house every furniture and surface is filthy. that's why americans get sick all the time.

No. 1279850

>the kid provoked the huskies to tear his arm off
I wish people like this would actually be put into a pit with violent pitbulls and get ripped apart. People who take dogs sides over a child are horrible.

No. 1280108

you act like a retarded middle aged auntie

No. 1281320

>having a fire with my bf at his dad's tonight (he's housesitting)
>his dad's dog Baxter is sitting beside us, leashed and silent
>hear BRUNO NO~! and suddenly the neighbors pitbull is latched onto Baxter's jowels
>my bf is trying to pull Baxter away while I beat on the pitbull and try and pull it off
>the owner runs over and grabs the collar hollering NOOO BRUUUNOOO
>shove my finger past the second knuckle up Bruno's ass because I heard that works and it doesn't even care
>bash it's head with full strength
>shove my fingers up its nose
>step on its spine with my full bodyweight and start stomping it and blowing on its face
>we finally get it released from my bf's dad's dog
>bf's hand is bleeding and the pitbull owner's hand is literally gushing blood and she screeches IM BLEEDING but I'm unscathed
>bf barely gets his dad's dog inside and I rush behind him and I hear another NOOO just as we shut the door the dog broke free of the lady again but it missed us
>she gets the dog again and they go back to their house
>we assess bf's dad's dog's injuries and he is fine despite being covered in blood, just a slightly torn gum that stops bleeding
>this is the second time this pitbull has attacked Baxter in his own yard
>bf calls dad and he just goes "oh is Baxter ok? Whatever then"
So if Baxter had been inside what would have happened? Would it have gone for one of us? I'm so shaken, this is the second time I've had to save a dog from a pitbull attack. I can't deal with this anymore. I am tired of these fucking HORRID BEASTS!

No. 1281352

That pitbull will absolutely kill baxter or possibly a person if it gets the chance. A lot of pitbulls are just insane for some reason and one thing people involved in pitbull attacks always say is once it latches on, they do NOT let go for anything, which is basically what you experienced. If there are any children in the neighborhood they are in very real danger. Hopefully that owner will wake up now that she got her own hand all fucked up by her crazy dog. But knowing pitbull owners… she very well may not. I'm sorry that happened to you and poor baxter.

No. 1281372

Scrote tier

No. 1281701

Right. I don’t get why they’re always here. All the time some dogfag yard comes to this thread to say some shit like “I do like dogs, I have one of my own and I love that cute pupper, but chihuahuas are filthy and nasty I don’t get why anyone would own them” ect. Take that stuff to the vent thread or sometihing, this is the dog HATER thread go away if you like dogs.

No. 1282828

I suggest purchasing bear spray or have some hot sauce in a spray bottle next to you when you're out there again for both the owner and dog. Why get a dog if you're not even going to put in the time and effort to make sure shit like this doesn't happen. Sorry that happened.
Probably not because it's her furbaby or whatever she calls it.

No. 1284536

File: 1659290658842.jpeg (444.67 KB, 1615x985, 7A24AFAF-1FD2-437A-8AA0-29D2A4…)

1 dog love thread
2 dog hate threads

No. 1284543

The pitbull moid is still back in action

No. 1284546

Infight troon has returned go back under ur bridge ugly

No. 1285180

We’ll it’s not my fault a poor granny got mauled by a pinhole

No. 1285200

File: 1659327949915.jpg (362.02 KB, 1080x989, 20220731_232530.jpg)

Friendly reminder that shitbulls are the worst animal on the planet and should go extinct.

No. 1285246

Just remembered the time my friend's brother brought his shitbull over their house. I was encouraged to pet it but was obviously nervous and didn't want to. When I tried, it turned its ugly fatass head and snapped at me. I pulled my hand away in time thankfully. Then, I was blamed because "it could sense my fear" and I was told I needed to be less nervous next time.
End all shitbulls and shitbull owners.

No. 1285252


this happened in utah. the child may or may not have been supervised (the story changed overtime) and stuck his arm under the fence, which one or both of the huskies grabbed and tore off. his hand was never recovered.

it was a fucking disaster, the entire local animal welfare community and public were in an uproar. you'd think this would be one of the only times everyone could agree calls for behavioral euthanasia. intentional or not, these dogs irreversibly mutilated a child.

but no, the two dogs were sent to an undisclosed rescue out of state. they will live out their lives at the rescue, never to be adopted.

1000s of dollars wasted on securing the health and care of these two beasts when there are thousands of animals nationwide who haven't mauled a child.

best friends is a scourge on utah and the whole damn country.

local news article: https://www.ksl.com/article/46519452/officials-dogs-involved-in-layton-bite-incident-turned-over-to-county-charges-to-be-dropped

No. 1285336

Hope it kills one of its owners. Anyone who brings one of those dogs into peoples lives deserves it.

No. 1292571

I was always on the fence about dogs, I loved tiny dogs like Chihuahuas and especially Pomeranians. Recently my neighbor's girlfriend moved in and brought her dog with her and oh my God it's a fucking nightmare. It never, ever stops barking and they do almost nothing to stop it, and when they leave they leave the dog outside and it barks and barks and barks to be let back in, it's so damn grating.

I also grew to dislike dogs because of their slobbery shit-eating nature. They're incredibly gross.

No. 1293593

Every time I hear a moid hating on cats it’s always a shitbull owner or another one of those ugly violent breeds. Some of them even see a dog killing cats or any other small animal as sign their garbage dog is well trained.

No. 1293823

File: 1659931830451.png (357.93 KB, 676x686, pit mauling schoolgirl.png)

>aw, mommy, lookit the cute–

No. 1295727

I fucking hate scrotes that walk their mongrels on 15ft leashes and let it control the whole path so I have to take a huge detour around them. Idiocy

No. 1296781

congrats to not being able to understand written text like a slobbering retard

No. 1302072

File: 1660448265150.jpg (136.08 KB, 1200x900, 61341687-11107541-image-a-17_1…)

Bumping for the dogsperg(s) who can't cope with
dislike for their shit machines.

>Ian 'Wiggy' Symes, 34, was walking a customer’s dog at a recreation ground in Fareham, Hampshire, when he was attacked on Hilson Drive this Wednesday. Locals claimed that Mr Symes may have collapsed and had a seizure before the dog he was with ‘ate’ part of his face.


No. 1302894

I wish dumbass shitbull owners would stop constantly pushing the whole “it’s all about how well-trained the dog is! How they are treated is what matters!” nonsense.

Dogs are bred to lose, retain and develope different traits and natures of their breed. They have been bred to have an overly developed jaw that is absolutely unnecessary for any fucking pet to have and it takes years and years to breed something like that out. Animals, in general, are unpredictable and do not think or comprehend on the same level as a human being. Animals do not have a sense of moral. It’s like those idiots that buy lions, tigers and other big cats from illegal breeders/sellers and act surprised when it kills someone as if it being raised in captivity or around humans is going to make it into a house cat.

No. 1302904

Big cats aren't let outside of cages because they are animals capable of killing. That's the logic.

Pitbulls are capable of killing and do so constantly but are allowed to exist in freedom and still bred because this culture is completely hypocritical and the thousands who are disfigured (not counted in death statistics) do not matter. Mostly women and children too, and ironically usually the owner or their family. So much for nanny dogs and "training". Most people can't even train their dog not to shit on the carpet but we put human lives in their hands because we think the moid yelling "SIT" will make the pit bull stop ripping the flesh off a victim.

No. 1303081

File: 1660523066045.png (231.25 KB, 1218x308, Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 5.24…)

No. 1303102

nta can you get me stats on my boxer, shes a fucking psycho and trained the same as all my other dogs of varied breeds. Love her though. Will get another, sorry.

No. 1303103

not saying I dont hate her also though so dont ban me for wrongposting

No. 1303108

The biggest victims of shitbulls are other pets; they kill at least tens of thousands of cats and dogs every year in the US alone. Shitbull owners are anti-dog and anti-pet.

No. 1303172

File: 1660532697657.jpeg (111.24 KB, 750x884, BC0D41F3-F7DF-44A0-B45D-6B9E8C…)

Men are the worst breed of dog

No. 1303316

Holy shit i watched This vid and suddenly remembered this almost happened to me a couple of years ago I just didn't realise how dangerous it was at the time. I was walking home late night/early morning and a pitbull came running out of nowhere and tried to run me down over and over, luckily I'm used to dogs and Something in my gut told me to pretend I wasn't scared and to like keep my stance wide as not to fall/look bigger idk but like PowerPose Ig. The dog was running back and forth trying to knock me down for several minutes until finally the owner came, grabbed his dog and disappeared into the darkness without saying a word I stg that shit left me shaking but I had no idea how bad it could have turned out fuckkkk

No. 1306025

File: 1660741444320.jpg (159.99 KB, 734x772, Untitled.jpg)

the only dogs i really hate are shitbulls and their dumbass owners

No. 1306034

Like shitbulls, but with even more child mauling and rape.

No. 1306036

yeah at least shitbulls dont rape everything with a pulse

No. 1306041

And without! Did you know that male nurses can’t transport bodies to morgues alone in certain hospitals all across the globe?

No. 1306052

File: 1660743197860.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3364x2480, CDF7F6AF-0774-4DC9-83AA-BCA498…)

This proves absolutely nothing. Why do they always do this? Like yes, he’s lying down. All animals have to lie down at some point. Look at this supposedly aggressive hyena omg.

No. 1306057

She ironically looks cuter and more approachable than the dog kek

No. 1306073

File: 1660743957831.jpeg (289.51 KB, 1170x1165, 812036ED-1670-42C3-84C4-0003EA…)

No. 1306089

You can't convince me that owners and breeders into these dogs are also NOT zoophiliacs.

No. 1306092

one thing that makes shitbull owners so much worse than any other kind of dog owner is other owners of large, dangerous dogs generally acknowledge their dog is large and dangerous and treat them as such. someone who owns a bull mastiff, for example, wouldn't expect me to be comfortable approaching it or petting it. whereas shitbull owners expect everyone to pretend their pibble babyyyyy a toy poodle.

No. 1306093

My neighbor has a smashed dog (not this smashed, just a little) and it’s weirdly compelling… like it looks like if it bit you you’re losing a limb 100% but it also looks like it’s going to die under its own weight any second and seems braindead

No. 1306643

It's a pitbull when it's like this and it's not a pitbull when it's ripping the arm off of someone's grandma

No. 1306647

My work is outside so I see a lot of dogs and I have yet to come across a happy and healthy pug. They're always breathing heavy with saliva coming out of their mouths and hop with two back legs because of their mobility issues. Sad.

No. 1306818

so true
whenever a pit kills something people go "actually that was a mix" or "it was a lab" or something delusional

No. 1306924

Like the hoodie and sneaker brand?
I wonder how accurate those stats are, and how the date range skews them. At least by anecdote, most shelters these days are >90% pit mixes, like pitbulls have totally monopolized backyard breading in the last 15 years.

No. 1311323

File: 1661121926062.jpg (84.94 KB, 1024x985, 1660312200940.jpg)

my mom went out of town for two agonizingly long weeks and stuck me with minding her retarded little yapper.
he's Maltese x poodle and not hideous, he's actually pretty cute- but he's literally useless in every other way and so FUCKING NEEDY, like he needs to be taken out on many small walks instead of one or two long ones since he has no stamina, he needs like three different special things added to his food including literal human BENADRYL because this dysgenic fucking creature is ALLERGIC. TO. GRASS. and will get rashes if he doesn't get it. my mom also gives him pureed pumpkin for his digestion but that was making him shit like 20 times a day these tiny, runny little shits and so I stopped giving it to him and now his shit looks normal.
but I really didn't want to have to go outside and clean up feces 3x a day when it's over 100 degrees F outside.
plus he's fucking antisocial and will lunge and bark at literally every other dog, person, or animal he comes across on the walks. so it becomes a game of avoiding the 900 dogs these suburban retards around us insist on owning.
I have a new love interest and I haven't been able to go sleep over w him because I'm bound like a prisoner to the task of toddling around with this useless shit mutt day and night.
nothing on earth has ever cramped my style to this extent and I'd literally rather care for an actual human child at this point because they at least can appreciate a cartoon movie and make macaroni art or whatever the fuck.

at least I can finally have some quality time with the showerhead kek

No. 1315190

File: 1661386912151.jpg (297.64 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20220824-192217_Fir…)

Guess the breed.

No. 1315196

She was killed by 5 dogs. "Animal control officials had visited the dogs' home at least twice in the last three years." They were "running wild in the neighborhood for weeks". The owners need to go to PRISON, full stop. No fines, prison. A woman fucking died because of them

No. 1315721

I moved back to my parents to take care of my dad, and my slob sister lives here with a dog she barely attends to (dad got her the dog cause "she's depressed") and I have to put the trash from my cat litter box separate, cause the fucking dog will literally eat my cat feces.
Dogs are fucking dirty istg. The mutt shits all over the place, keeps destroying my clothes, jumps on people that enter the house, doesn't follow intructions, and is one of those dogs whose breed is "dog owners do not neuter their pets cause they project on them and will let them fuck basically anithyng, and then let then bring god's mistakes into the world", so the dog is also pretty fugly, and my sister insists on saying "it has part shitzu".
Adding to the anona that mentioned a dog eating a cumsock, I know a guy who almost has to take his dog to the hospital, cause it tried to eat a used condom. Seriously, fuck dogs (most dogs tho, some dogs are cool ngl)

No. 1315726

Ugh this. I remember one dog documentary that says scrotes specifically refuse to neuter their dogs, no matter how badly they behave, because they project on them.
And let's not start with the retards that refer to their dogs as "kids"

No. 1315735

This fucking video gave me so much fucking existential dread it's unreal. I can't believe people keep these as pets or near children. And I can't believe they especifically breed these abominations into existence so they can maul and kill people in the most violent way possible. There's no way these could be the "sweet good boys" people expect out of every dog. Anyone who is denial about certain dogs being absolute killers are wrong. The comments are braindead too.

And no I don't care if people think these blood thirsty dogs are needed for certain security jobs, I really think these are the creations of psychopatic moids and could only be enjoyed by the mentally ill.

No. 1315742

File: 1661415761986.png (32.19 KB, 782x324, ew.png)

>hahaha so wholesome, he's just a cuddley boy that can maim you to shreds!

No. 1315745

File: 1661415930544.png (31.98 KB, 762x244, no.png)

>how DARE those ~dumb females~ want cute and loving dogs? they must SHUT UP and learn to appreciate an overpowering killing machine instead!!

No. 1315757

my mother has 11 chihuahuas. none are house trained, spayed/neutered, never see a vet, ect. She keeps allowing them to produce incest puppies, claims she will sell them and then never does because they are her precious little fur babies and the world is out to get her dogs. both of my parents will favor dogs depending on how small they are, feed them human food, carry them around 24/7, then are shocked and surprised to find the larger dogs attempting to rip the throats out of the runts. I cannot leave my room without ear plugs because the sound of 11 little high pitched shit monsters going insane hurts my ears. everyday I step in either shit or piss, or both and have to eat every meal I have at home while one pisses or worse on the floor next to the table. there are days the smell of the house is so bad I have no appetite at all. dog mom thinks screaming at the dogs to "go outside" is training and also refuses to let them outside for more than 20 minutes because a hawk might steal her precious children or the neighbors will call animal control on us. To say I hate dogs is an understatement kek

No. 1315766

Have you tried calling animal control on your own irresponsible mother?

No. 1315774

I forgot to mention the time I told my mother that checking on her latest batch of mother-son incest puppies resulted in the bitch biting me, so she forced me to try and pet the dog to prove the dog "likes me" and knows I am "part of the family" and I got bit again, as I fully expected. then she insisted that is because I am not talking to the dog positively and to try again while telling her she is a good dog. I refused because I like having my fucking hand. another milky story is the time one died of old age and my mother told me it was worse than her mother dying of cancer. allegedly this dog had "the same look in her eyes" as my grandma slowly and horribly dying of breast cancer. it is amazing a grown woman can be this retarded

No. 1315780

I came from a similar situation and feel your pain anon. Retarded dog parent family members of toy breeds who didn't bother training and refuse to let them out because of risk of hawks. Can't say there were 11 though, that is awful and inhumane and I hope you can take some kind of action towards this

No. 1315830

Holy shit, my parents are the same. I cut them out because of it. Animal control did not do anything, as they walk them two/three times a day so nothings wrong uwu

No. 1316673

I would literally shoot that beast

No. 1316711

File: 1661471842419.jpg (33.71 KB, 834x960, FB_IMG_1661471761413.jpg)

I hate dogs so much that's what I think when I wake up

No. 1316762

I got a bit sad for a second because it looks like a St Bernard a bit, one of my favorite breeds, or my old chow mix. I am usually a dog disliker but I have a soft spot for wrinkly droop faces. But after watching the video it just goes to show that the violent ones aren't always necessarily the bully terrier types. Makes me nervous because I guess you never know whether some breeds you walk by might be violent retards or trained to be violent retards.

No. 1322922

life was good until new neighbors moved in, their awful dogs screech whenever a car goes by. or when i'm in the driveway. i finally lost it and confronted the owner and her response was "it's what dogs do"

No. 1322955

My bf's mom's pitbull mix looks exactly like this. It's do goddamned ugly and also untrained as hell. At holidays she would let him run wild and he'd ALWAYS without fail jump onto the counter and steal some of the main course and also bark at the top of his lungs so loud our ears would ring while we were trying to enjoy Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas and for some reason his mom would never lock the dog upstairs or in the basement or crate it or fucking anything? Haven't been over there in a long while honestly

No. 1322999

The only thing worse than shitbulls is their owners

No. 1323478

anybody kept up with the layla case?
a court in Astoria, WA ruled twice that this shitbull who killed a cat that was relaxing in his own yard was to be put down yet enough crazy pitbull people harassed city officials until they gave him the dog back

No. 1323487

>it is laughable, bad, and dumb to value companionship over service

No. 1341218

File: 1663279119375.png (642.13 KB, 483x1076, hmmmm.png)

I hate seeing a cute puppy video and then seeing someone insert their stupid wild beast in the replies.

No. 1341255

I don't understand why in my country you need a license and training to own a weapon but any retard can get an untrained 100lbs killing machine and let it loose on the neighborhood with no repercussions. My neighbor used to have an angry pitbull and I couldn't even sit outside because they let it run loose all over both of our yards. It also used to trap me in my car if I pulled in while it was out. If an animal is strong enough to kill a person it should be restricted, it's a public hazard. Animal control won't do shit here until someone is actually mauled and by then it's too late.

No. 1341322

lmao at this dumbass crying

No. 1341879

My apartment complex has its mailboxes at the front of the neighborhood. It's about a 10 minute walk so I like to walk there everyday to get the mail. There is a dog park on the way and every time some obnoxious retarded dog always runs up to the fence and starts barking SO LOUD at me. It's so annoying and awkward. The owners always do nothing or just call their name. I hate walking past these fucking angry loud creatures who want to attack everything for no reason. I hate the way they smell. I hate how they shit all over the place. I hate how dog people act and how defensive they get about their stupid hEcKiN PuPpEr!!

Every time I go to someone's house who has a dog, it jumps all over me, sticks its nose into my crotch and tried to lick all over me with its disgusting slobber. Either that or it just barks and growls at me like it wants to kill me. Whenever I walk past a dog all I can think is how much I want to kick it into the atmosphere just so it shuts up.

Ok rant over I feel better now.

No. 1341886

In my college program years ago a girl was scrolling through news articles on her phone and came to an article that said someone in our area was recently killed by a dog.

I made a comment that it was probably a pitbull. Oh, the hell I had just unleashed.

I was attacked like a lamb in the presence of starving wolves by these bitches. Everything from having photos shoved in my face of their pitbull sleeping with their baby to "facts" that pitbulls were originally bred to "be friends with children."

They started antagonizing and dog piling me (no pun intended) when I tried to respond with statistics and facts.

It was one of the most uncomfortable situations I've been in, trapped in a classroom with retarded pitbrains. Looking back, all those women were huge cunts and sour old hens. Most of them were divorced or had an actively cheating partner and children who hated them. After that none of them wanted to talk to me, which is fine because I never want to contact those bitches again.

No. 1346427

Awww I'm sorry nonna. I would have stood up for you if I was there. I hate pitballs and all dogs.

No. 1346548

anyone else notice that more lefties have pit bulls? I think it's to collect more woke points personally

No. 1354757

File: 1664312274361.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1994, 8300C136-6DE9-4C3A-A023-D9E1F3…)

I’m fucking crying this is so funny I love cats they’re hilarious go kitty goo get that baby killer


No. 1354775

I was walking downtown the other day and someone's shitbull lunged at me to try to bite me. Middle of downtown, super busy, and this asshole has a red-blooded alligator on a leash. Why is this shit legal. Kill all shitbulls. If its leash hadn't been too short to get its way I would have been mauled.

No. 1354948

That’s horrible can you report the incident?They shouldn’t dismiss aggressive behavior like that just because that pit is on a leash, the owner could very easily lose control and the dog ends up mauling someone
Pitbulls are illegal in my country but if you’re american get a gun and shoot the dog if he comes close to you again you’d be doing the world a favor

No. 1355182

File: 1664340766896.gif (35.77 KB, 295x46, eye stroll.gif)

While driving I saw some middle age scrote walking three big ass ugly doodles, all barking and jumping at the old dog on the other side of the street who couldn't care less. Blared my horn as I drove by and the stupid mutts shut up. If you can't train one dog not to fucking bark, why get two more?

No. 1355211

>omg im literally cryiiinngg why did they want me to leaveee my poor pitbull!!!!

No. 1356352

File: 1664408004629.jpg (11.68 KB, 206x245, images.jpg)

My friend sprung getting a new retarded dog on me right before a road trip and there was no way I was going to back out so I just had to deal with another fucking dog in the car. Anyway, she wanted it to get used to a leash but it's a puppy so it doesn't understand a leash and was biting it because it was dangling above it's head so she casually dropped the leash but the retarded dog saw the movement on the ground and thought it was a snake or something and took off down a forest trail doing that characteristic "Arrrr arrrr arrrr" squeal in sheer terror and it really warmed my heart to see and hear. Then she had to chase it because it would have kept running I suppose forever and her chasing it made it scream even louder because it was even more afraid. I had the leash of the other dog while she wrangled this stupid puppy and the older dog and I were like "bruh for real?"

No. 1356893

File: 1664430285600.jpeg (188.38 KB, 459x661, 47C1B4C1-5686-47C7-B71C-DA60F1…)

That doesn’t look like a goofy grin it looks like the last thing you see before you get your nose and philtrum ripped off within the blink of an eye… it literally looks scary and hellish too like a gargoyle

No. 1356943

In elementary school I got bitten by my best friends shar-pei out of nowhere. It went directly for my face and tore through my arms. Every time I hear a dog or see a dog (especially off leash) I go into fight or flight
I wish there were no-dog parks where I could just walk without being afraid.

No. 1357108

>Have an online friend
>She's from the south
>She mentions this wild dog in the neighbourhood
>Says no one will take him in
>And the shelters are overflowing
>She and her family can't afford to take him either
>Mentions he is 'bitey' but 'very playful', especially with her own dog
>Know then and there it's a shitbull
If they won't tell you what breed it is, it's 99.99% a shitbull

know another person online, an Aiden type, who when she posts pics of her dog, its nails are way too fucking long, showing that it's clearly fucking neglected. That bit isn't so much dog hate but hate for dog owners.

Wtf is up with lazy sobs getting dogs? They already neglect their own mental and physical health but they wanna pour energy into another living creature?
>"But he/she loves me no matter what. I need something in this world"
Fuck off. Dogs are driven by food. that 'sweet baby' would turn feral if on its own.

And fuck "Adopt don't shop" cunts. That should apply to cats. Not the Pitbulls in every fucking shelter across North America. And catch the adopt don't shop cunts buying a new puppy. I know a disabled genderqueer (she's straight) who'd tell everyone to adopt don't shop but got a baby kitten and gave it away. And she bought a damn puppy.

No. 1357140

i see the same phenomenon. TONS of people who are the biggest, neglectful, inconsiderate messes i've ever seen, yet they choose to get literal weapons for pets or extremely high maintenence dogs like samoyeds or huskies. it's unbelievable. most dog owners are fucking horrible people honestly and have no clue how to be dog parents.

No. 1359314

The fate of Zeus, a 15-month-old German Shepherd, is being determined in a legal dispute between his owner and the Elk Grove animal control services that planned to have him euthanized this month.

Zeus reportedly bit two people this year. The first person was an adult stranger who was outside his home in May, and the second one was an Elk Grove police officer who was attacked in July when the dog’s owner escorted him to an animal services truck after the city deemed him to be a danger to the public.

“My Zeus is like my child – he is like my son, I don’t have kids, I’m not married,” Kabir emotionally told the Council. “He’s an amazing, kind, compassionate soul that doesn’t deserve to die and deserves to live.”
“Significantly, Zeus is in tune with the emotions and sensitivities of Ms. Kabir,” Kelly said.

The stranger “shocked” Kabir, which caused her dog to protect her, she wrote.

No. 1359474

Typical vicious dog owner, minimizing the victims injuries and making it all about emotion.
>her lawsuit alleges the victim suffered "very minor superficial abrasion and no puncture wounds"
>in reality the guy had multiple puncture wounds and was bitten so badly on both legs he had to go to the ER
For no reason it was just some guy walking past her house. But she's like "my dog was being protective he was just shocked!" Well if your dog is that easily shocked maybe it shouldn't be allowed in public. Or allowed period

No. 1359582

No. 1359602

Screenshot your shit, I can't even read the fill article because I'm in the EU

No. 1359612

I hate when people who try to rehome their cat because they own both a dog and cat that don't get along. Why is it your cat that has to suffer through a shelter? It's way easier to rehome a dog as long as it isn't a shitbull.

No. 1359735

serious question - why do dog owners not vaccuum up the hair all over their furniture and stair carpeting? where i used to live dogs never live indoors, but in north america they do, and i don't want to touch a greasy and hairy couch

No. 1359878

>what are archive links

No. 1360179

File: 1664660044759.jpeg (282.48 KB, 748x1097, F890E2E9-08B4-4AB0-8649-25B7CB…)

No. 1360192

Not even factoring the aggressiveness, pitbulls are by far the most ugly looking dogs to exist. I fucking hate their soulless grin

No. 1360212

Fr. Ugly, ugly fucking dogs. Beady eyes, cropped ears and a giant mouth. They look like demons.

No. 1360353

Went for a walk and had some snarling beasts ruin the scenery and sounds…

No. 1360366

It has its eyes on kids on both sides of the street

No. 1360469

I'm this >>1357108 anon, specifically about the disabled woman who gave away her cat but then bought a puppy. She most likely did it because her husband wanted a dog instead. They got rid of a cat so her husband could get a german shepherd like the one he had to leave with his parents.
I swear it's always a man behind the "Gotta get rid of scrambles! he's a loving 2-year-old kitty but my pupper needs to be the only one home!" what they leave out is "My boyfriend has always hated the cat and wants me to get rid of it for the new dog he just brought home. He's doing this to see how much I will give up for him."
Or maybe He/She lacks impulse control and realizes they can't afford both and the new pet thrill has worn off. They often end up with another dog after giving away the cat.

No. 1360784

it's usually the first one. men don't like cats because they aren't a source of narcissistic supply/compensation for their pathetic dicks/aren't deadly weapons

No. 1365729

Guess what last night my bf's dad texted him. Baxter was attacked by that pitbull again and had to go to the vet last night. My bf told his dad to report that dog to animal control but I bet you any money that he won't.
Now I understand why his dad got divorced from his mom last year he's a massive fucking coward that can't even protect his own dog. I look down on him. When my dog got attacked was it easy to make a police report and work with animal control and get the owner to pay my vet bills no but I did the right thing for my dog. My bf's dad should just take his dog back to the pound if he can't keep him safe, just saying. He just got him less than a year ago and the dog is young. Let it be with a better owner that actually cares about him

No. 1365936

File: 1665064366692.png (477.93 KB, 588x628, Screenshot_1.png)

2 kids dead. guess the breed?

at this point I just personally despise anyone who defends these ugly awful dogs

No. 1365943

I keep seeing vids on insta where people show their very young kids interacting with large breeds or ones with a bad reputation. The clip will be the kid poking the dogs face or putting their hand in the dogs mouth. Bragging about how the kid isn't getting mauled. I swear dog accounts post this shit purely because it always gets alot of comments (pro and against) so they just love the engagement it brings. The gloatng nature of these people is sickening when shit like this is in the news all the time.

No. 1365944

This is almost "funny"(sorry I know its fucked up). Because I was arguing with someone about pitbulls and they were telling me how great they were with kids. This was like a half hour before this story was posted on twitter

No. 1365952

why do people even adopt these shit ugly breeds? there are so many cute dogs that harm no one and they decide to get the ugliest most violent of dog breeds

No. 1365955

the ugliest, dumbest, most violent. even when theyre not killing something they're destructive and spastic. I have heard so many stories of these dogs choking themselves to death on their leashes while trying to run and maul something

No. 1365963

we really should just rename this to the pitbull hate thread at this point, like I have no problem with dogs but pitbulls should not exist, I have been accused of eugenicist cause I said we should allow them to be bred out

No. 1365966

My neighbors shepherd and husky dogs go absolutely fucking nuts every time I walk outside IN MY OWN YARD. I told them to get their dogs to stfu and the owner responded with "its what dogs do" and "they only bark when youre in the driveway"

Dogs are loud, aggressive and smell bad and have entitled, mentally ill owner to boot, They're terrible. It's just that pitbulls reach the height of how terrible a dog can be.

No. 1365972

I don't get how people think this thread is unhinged, everything anons say itt is pretty understandable and reasonable. Oh, you don't like giant hulking animals with an insane bite force that were literally bred to be aggressive? And you don't want little kids, who are naive and unpredictable in nature, to be kept around them? You're mentally unwell! Like come on.

No. 1365982

my grandparents had this big mutt dog on their farm, the dog wasn't a shitbull and was super friendly and playful but my grandparents never allowed my siblings to play with him, cause they knew he might accidently hurt them, meanwhile pitbull do shit like this

No. 1365985

The whole "adopt don't shop" probably doesn't help when shelters are full of these things

No. 1365992

my mom and her friends pet a german shepherd farm dog one time and it snapped for no fucking reason and took a chunk out of her arm. a lot of people that hate pits act like all other dogs are angels.
A lot of the animal rescue people are severely mentally ill and think dogs are on the same level as people. If I ever wanted a dog(not gonna happen), I would buy it from a breeder just to spite them and their savior complexes

No. 1365996

>my mom and her friends pet a german shepherd farm dog one time and it snapped for no fucking reason and took a chunk out of her arm. a lot of people that hate pits act like all other dogs are angels.
that's exactly what my grandparents wanted to avoid, that dog of theirs was very friendly to me but it was still a large carnivore

No. 1366278

File: 1665089861523.jpg (105.26 KB, 962x435, 63190703-11287359-image-a-64_1…)

No. 1366297

there's a dude at my Walmart always trying to pass off his shitty doberman as a service dog even with a fucking pinch collar on it and the cropped ears. i hate him and i hate dobermans. keep them in your junkyards and police academies, not in my fucking grocery store.

No. 1366776

tbh I just hate how smelly they get so fast. I've never owned one but family and friends have. maybe I'll come over and it goes like
>I just gave my doggie a bath!
>dog smells normal
>oh hold on he needs to go outside!
>dog comes back smelling like shit in .01 seconds
why do they stink so fast? I can't stand that dog smell.

No. 1368311

File: 1665287690798.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2113, Screenshot_20221008_225256.jpg)

Hope it was worth the ego boost. Now your dogs are dead and so are your kids. Idiots.

No. 1368336

I don't understand the pushing for people to adopt pets. Not everyone is finically stable or emotionally stable to have one. What's their plan when people get too poor to adopt or keep up with their pets when prices keep raising?

No. 1368511

They really care more about shitbulls than people. It makes them more upset that something that’s happened is disrupting their narrative than the fact that a baby and a toddler where eaten alive.

No. 1368756

Oh no those two poor babies…I can't stand hearing about such young kids getting hurt, and now reading the article and seeing the cute photos of them my heart breaks

No. 1368766

File: 1665331432739.png (207.58 KB, 680x1185, sb.png)

shitbull owners, stop comparing people being wary of your literal attack dog to actual racism challenge(impossible)

No. 1368773

>why does this have to be publicized??
ffs two very young children being killed in an attack is going to be on the news. Whether its a dog attack or a different type of attack.

No. 1369523

File: 1665383585770.jpg (277.17 KB, 720x868, 20221010_012431.jpg)

I dont hate dogs but i hate chihuahas.They look like big ass rats elfs and are annoying. I still dont know the purpose of that breed, all they do is bark and be ugly. My friend has a few of them and i have to pretend they are cute. Btw one of them bite me and didnt even hurted. Useless breed of dog, they have to go extinct.

No. 1369526

File: 1665383963356.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.41 KB, 1080x2340, C092BFD9-85AA-4A7C-8987-7E828D…)

Unfathomably hideous.

No. 1369527

Don't care for them either, but I'm going to confess that I really enjoyed the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Jamie Lee Curtis when I was a child.

No. 1369542

File: 1665386590203.jpg (14.7 KB, 326x500, dog.jpg)

>I still dont know the purpose of that breed
they were bred to be eaten by the royals of mesoamerica
>conquistadors who explored the region in the 1500s noted that several tribes raised “little dogs” which they kept very fat in order to eat. Apparently this food was reserved for the elites of the towns.
>Early Scholars apparently thought the Spanish accounts couldn’t be trusted and suggested the animals referred to as “little dogs” were more likely oppossums. Yet a similar custom of elites eating fattened dogs was common in Northern Mexico. The breed usually eaten was the Techichi which was a mute dog that the modern Chihuahua is thought to be derived from. The dog pots in Colima in west Mexico show fattened Techichis which provide visual evidence for this practice. The dog pots in the southeastern U.S. show fattened Chihuahuas which suggest this tradition was also practiced in the southeast.


No. 1369544

Watching The Simple Life when I was like 12 made me want a chihuahua and a yorkie so bad. I once had an ex who's sisters had both and then they had babies. Chihuahua crossed with a yorkie is the cutest fucking thing and I want one. She had one called Foxy and it was the cutest fucking little lady. I realise this is the dog hate thread and I'm sorry but eugenics improved the chihuahua in that household lol

No. 1369552

That's funny my dog is half chihuahua and I feel like it's a curse. She's a lap dog but her screeches could shatter glass and she's so neurotic I've considered putting her on meds. Also nobody in real life likes her everybody prefers my other dog haha

No. 1369563

that's a dumb dog but I think chihauhaus are so cute

No. 1369598

Chihuahuas are pretty cute sometimes and they can be very gentle if they're trained right. The problem is that most Chihuahua owners treat the dog as a fucking baby and the dog can't stand it so it becomes nervous and pampered.

No. 1369619

have any experience? how do you not treat it like a baby? I wouldn't dress up a chihuahua or anything

No. 1369857

don't hold them constantly or pick them up often. it's one thing toy dog owners do a lot that seems to make them nervous/neurotic in my exp working with dogs. chihuahuas can be really cool, they got potential.

No. 1369962

NTA but do they like wearing clothes though? Idk they seem like gay little dogs that genuinely like clothes or at the worst are indifferent to them. I feel like the little dogs’ ONLY evolutionary advantage is being adorable so they’re cute on purpose, otherwise they would’ve died out long ago because they’re useless.

Neighbors have a teacup maltipoo who is so fucking cute I lose my mind when I’m over there even though I can’t stand little dogs. He smells like shit but he looks at me with his stupid adorable little face asking to be picked up and I always end up holding his smelly ass for the rest of the night. I would defend this useless creature with my life and for what?

No. 1369967

File: 1665429528542.jpg (39.46 KB, 739x1323, 1656855705998.jpg)

idk honestly i think bigger dogs are cuter when compared to smaller dogs, but no dog will ever be as cute as a cat. in terms of both personality and appearance.

No. 1369978

Trying to take a nice peaceful walk today on Columbus day (burger) was a mistake. Literally every person I went by had their shitty mutt with them. Piles of turds marked the trail. Why does every single person in the world own a dog?

No. 1370005

this is more of the owners fault though and sadlyyy alot of dog owners are garbage who never scoop out their dogs poop unless they are around the polic

No. 1370006

Propaganda from movies, being guilt tripped by packed shelters to take their dogs off their hands, ASPCA commercials, unstable people wanting the feeling of being loved back to fill the empty void they have from childhood/young adulthood, and people who get one for beastilaty purposes. I only understand why someone would need one if they live out in the country.

No. 1370057

Nta but very rarely dogs love wearing clothes. They're fucking dogs, they're got their coat already, why would they like clothes? They can tolerate clothes if they're designed to be comfortable for them, but even then they might not like the sensation of something wrapping around them. I guarantee you that dogs don't give a shit about the sparkly collar or the little colorful ribbon and shoes. They might get excited by clothes because they might associate them with other actual fun activities (like going out) or the owner's praise and attention.

No. 1370428

File: 1665465912697.jpg (96.89 KB, 678x357, header-farmdog.jpg)

I don't hate dogs, In fact I grew up playing with my grandparnet's farm dogs when I was younger but certain dog breeds shouldn't be allowed to exist, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Dalmatians e.t.c these are all either guard dogs, hunting dogs and in the case of the pitbull fighting dogs
On a genetic level they can't work as normal house pets nor they should be allowed in urban spaces, I don't get how any person with a single braincell would choose to keep these walking hazards or allow them around people, especially children

No. 1370432

Couldn’t imagine having a pissy little ankle biter. I know so many people who’ve been attacked by dogs, including multiple immediate family members. Cats are bitchy and require a bunch of attention but dogs will maul a child or rip your cousins lip off if you’re not looking. Including chihuahuas.

No. 1370434

Samefag I feel like it’s important to mention I’ve known people who’ve been badly bitten/attacked by every kind of dog from a corgi to a great dane.

No. 1370448

I'm so sick of beautiful grass parks being used as dog parks with large breeds off the leash, no gate around the perimeter to stop them. Some people just want to enjoy being outside in nature without a ticking time bomb nearby. The culture of taking your dog everywhere is cancer too. It's just another way to uplift dogs so that people will spend insane amounts of money on their dog with products. It's weird that so many dog owners will scoff at any other long term pet dying or an owner spending money on vet help but expect everyone to cry with them when their dog passes away at 9-15 years old. Nevermind people who have super old parrots or tortoise, not a dog, doesnt matter.

No. 1370607

Anon come on now, there's no way a Chihuahua can seriously damage you. You mentioned corgis in your other post and those are two very different breeds kek. Chihuahuas are just too tiny and weak, you probably have more risk to get harmed by handling scissors by yourself.

No. 1370614

nta and not a dog hater in general, but there was a case of a woman who had her eyelid (I believe?) ripped off by a chihuahua. So if they bite your face, there could be serious damage.

No. 1370620

This is what I hate the most. I’m expected to eat in a restaurant while I have the combined stink of 5 different mutts people feel entitled to bring into a place with food. And restaurants allow this!! I can’t enjoy a nice day in the park without having some shitbeast running up to me, and I get the most awful looks when I ask them to keep their hideous dog away from me.

No. 1370824

This was written by someone who’s never had a chihuahua latch onto them with their teeth

No. 1370843

How about not getting unprovokedly bitten at all?


kys defected xy chromosomoid

No. 1370851

>The culture of taking your dog everywhere is cancer too.
Fucking amen. My mother always takes her dog with her if we visit restaurants/eat out and it's always insufferable to the point I just reject it for years now, even for birthdays. And I'm not even talking about her picking up food with her fingers, sucking off the sauce of food and then feeding it to her dog over and over again. You can't even have a proper conversation for longer than two minutes without the dog interfering.

No. 1371232

In honor of all the sperging that this thread causes i'm going to unsage my post.
My neighbor/landlord unruly dogs are ruining our life.
They have 2 (a puppy and an adult dog) border collies in a tiny yard that is connected to out yard too.
Back in the day it was bad but we used to tolerate it. It was always a far too smail yard for a border collie and they never truly knew how to take care of it. The adult dog is a neurotic mess that even had ectopic pregnancies and always was a barker. Never exercised properly but my landlord used to at least try to make the dog run a few kilometres or so every week. The coexistence got worse because the dog doesn't like our cat (she came frist and we moved with our cat) that's why she became an indoor cat after years of having a yard for herself. An horrible decision i know but we were retarded back then and we used to believe that the family would take care of their dog and it only needed some time to adapt. Turns out that the dog doesn't like us either (again both us and the cat came frist than the dog) and hang clothes in the yard always ends on incessant barking/legit aggression. Their only answer was to try to cover where we hang the clothes so the dog couldnt see us (A non-solution that shows that they never cared) again it was bad but we could tolerate it.
Fast forward 2022 my landlord gets divorced on bad terms and because he doesn't want to live with their ex nor leave, so his solution was to make another house where their garage used to be. This removes the place where their dog used to sleep (it was never allowed on the house) and making the already tiny yard even smaller. Now the dog is 24/7 in a place that's smaller than my room and has no indoor place to sleep. According to him the dog is his ex-wife and kids responsibility but it was always clear that it was his dog, and now he doesn't even takes the dog out for a walk so i don't know if the dog is being walked at all, i feel the dog is here all the time thought.
The yard is absolutely trashed and the neurosis of the dog skyrocket. We don't even hang our clothes on the yard anymore, we can't open the windows, move furniture to clean or talk too loud without the dog going balistic (in fact right now it's barking because she heared that my dad is cooking INSIDE OUR HOUSE btw) And for balistic i mean it would bark for hours and hours nonstop without anyone doing anything because the ex wife don't know how to handle it and my landlord doesn't want to do so.
To add salt to the injury my landlord bought another dog to live with him in his new single room home, another border collie puppy. It's cared better than the other older dog sure (Both are visibly neglected but the differences in fur are obvious) but still spends most of the time either on the single room house or in the yard, with the other dog. So sometimes both end up barking for hours and it's unbearable.
The summer is coming where i live and i truly hope the old dies soon. Either because a heat wave or because the new dog kills it, because i already hear them fighting. The puppy is an unfixed male (and if i know my landlord a bit, he's not going to fix it either. They only fixed the other dog after ectopic pregnancy, because the veterinary forced them) going territorial on an already reduced space. This could only end badly and i can't wait for it to end nonnies. I feel zero sympathy for the dog, it always maked our lives miserable and now is just getting worse and worse.

No. 1371268

god how come people who hate dogs just don't want a greasy loud muddy thing at the restaurant where they're EATING, but people who hate cats want to fucking KILL cats? i don't care if you have a dog but it can't come in my car or into my bakery. cat-haters will buy an airsoft rifle and get up at 3am to shoot one for being 20 feet away from a birdfeeder.

No. 1371307

where i live there's a huge culture of taking your dogs to bars/breweries. i just dont fucking get it. your dog doesnt wanna lay on hard gravel stuck in one spot at a stupid loud bar all night and there's literally zero purpose or benefit to you bringing them. they even take them to the restaurant i work at and sit on the patio with them. the last city i lived in the rich part of town was obsessed with bringing their obviously not service animal dogs to THE GROCERY STORE. seriously i have 2 dogs and zero desire to take them to any of these places ever. it would be an unnecessary hassle for me and others. maybe it's because i only ever had cats until 2 yrs ago when i moved in w a dog-owning Nigel? what the absolute fuck is wrong with dog owners???

No. 1371438

oh no really? the noise is so bad for them. they must hate it. i can't believe people who supposedly love those animals take them to shitty places like that.

No. 1371553

I dont find small dogs cute tbh. Mainly it's just the fact that owners babify them and treat them like accesories. i think that's disgusting and ridiculous.

Anon, It doesn't matter how small the dog is or how much it hurts. A dog bite could be dangerous you can catch diseases or an infection.

No. 1371556

cant take them inside but yes they are obsessed. i went to an outdoor beer garden recently and it was loaded with dogs. there's nowhere comfy for them to sit and nothing for them to do. they're in everyone's way sniffing shit etc. it's so retarded and selfish.

No. 1371574

1. Cats are small and more vulnerable. Easier for sociopaths and moids (read: moids) to overpower
2. Cats represent femininity. Invokes an inherent urge for sociopaths and moids (read: moids to overpower)
3. I'm convinced that past religious nuttery of the west is still ingrained in its culture that makes most automatic passionate cat haters. Seriously impossible to encounter someone on a day to day in the west who will not vocally talk about how much they want to kill cats, I agree

No. 1371596

They literally evolved by eating shit

>Every camp group had dogs, and they were connoisseurs of fresh human dung. Toddlers would run around naked, and when they got the urge, they simply squatted and defecated. Dogs would run over to the feces and “gobble it up within seconds.” And they would sometimes lick the child’s bottom.


No. 1371598

Ewwww I know they still do this to their own shit… and the people who make out with their dogs think im exaggerating when they make me throw up. stop letting the dog lick your lips

No. 1371621

Animals are disgusting. Some are cute but all are still pretty nasty. Dogs in particular. Dog smell makes me gag.

No. 1371653

everything living is disgusting but when ppl elect to care for/be responsible for truly instinct-driven animals (dogs), and fall short bcus they're too stupid/lazy to train them properly to fit within whatever situations apply to them, those ppl should not only be banned from having pets of any kind, but children as well.

No. 1371748

I used to stay with a friend who'd wash her cocker spaniel's and beagle's dog bowls in the kitchen sink with the same sponge we'd use to wash our own dishes and even thinking about it now makes me gag a bit.

No. 1371813

Yeah, but pigs are notorious for doing this. In some still rural areas of the world, they use pigs to eat human shit. This is why a lot of people do not eat pork. It is considered dirty.

No. 1371825

>A dog bite could be dangerous you can catch diseases or an infection.
You could get an infection by getting hurt with literally anything that's not sanitized. A small dog will not be able to bite you in any significant way unless you're retarded and you literally put your face inches away a nervous/angry dog. You can lift a whole chihuahua with one hand ffs.

Chickens also often eat shit and rotten food. So many female animals will lick up the shit and piss of their newborns. Animals are just dirty.

No. 1371857

>people who hate dogs just don't want a greasy loud muddy thing at the restaurant where they're EATING, but people who hate cats want to fucking KILL cats
Weren't people talking about poisoning dogs and wanting to kick puppies above?

No. 1371957

File: 1665578310525.jpg (88.63 KB, 602x500, labrador-retriever.jpg)


>This happens to be the world's very first partial face transplant.

Isabelle Dinoire overdosed on sleeping pills in a suicide attempt. While she was passed out, her Labrador retriever gnawed away half of her face.

send this next time someone goes on about dogs being more loyal than cats

No. 1371963

Lol cats will eat you too fuck all pets

No. 1371984

Damn but why he'd do it? Because he was hungry? Very interesting.

No. 1371988

I am so sick of dog nutters telling me that dogs are perfectly safe yet will furiously sperg that it’s the owner’s fault a dog attacked/killed someone because it wasn’t trained. So if dogs are left to exist as they naturally are, and are untrained, which makes them more likely to attack or kill someone, why on earth am I supposed to be convinced that these are safe animals? It doesn’t make any sense and I’m so fucking fed up of these dog nuts gaslighting me just because I care more about the women and children who get disfigured and killed by these hideous animals each year than I do about their dogs and their feelings.

No. 1371996

cats and dogs eating your dead body isn't the same as EATING YOUR FACE OFF AFTER PASSING OUT lmao. there has never been a case of cats eating your unconscious body

No. 1371998

File: 1665580423023.png (806.34 KB, 640x1022, ey6el81ozes91.png)

shitbull nutters are the worst for this

No. 1372006

Ugh I was thinking of this exact case when I made my post. Absolutely heartbreaking. There are so many animals that are banned to have as pets because of how dangerous they are. It only took one chimp to rip off a woman’s face for those to be banned yet when dogs do it, it’s a-ok? When dogs do it, it’s the 5 month old baby that’s literally immobile’s fault, somehow? How can dog nuts acknowledge that certain breeds are designed with certain traits that come innately to them, but when it’s pit bulls, who were ENGINEERED to be fighting dogs thus more aggressive, it falls on deaf ears?

No. 1372010

Since anon thought it would be a great idea to not give a warning, there's a gory picture of the woman's face as soon as you click on the link.

No. 1372026

I actually like dogs in general but I HATE pitbulls.
They should not be pets. In fact they shouldn't even exist.

No. 1372072

If you click on a link about a dog eating someone’s face and don’t expect to see something fucked up that’s on you

No. 1372184

if anything, cats make a lot of effort to wake up your unconscious body because they want you to feed them that fancy ass canned food instead of your face.

No. 1372185

those posts were not very welcome tbh. just keep dogs away from me is the prevailing non-scrote opinion

No. 1372198

yah this is weird - in japan or dubai, the other two places i have lived, cats were considered pretty cool even by gross lonely old men. like the crappiest mean old muslim guy will still be like "oh neat, a kitty" - so maybe you're right that the weird judeochristian morality (which i think is very deep in the culture of traditionally christian or jewish countries) leads males to hate cats

No. 1372235

I'm a normal person so I expected to see an article with maybe a partially censored picture at the end, not a big ass picture where you can see her big mauled face up close. If you're too comfortable with gore that's on you.

No. 1372737

That is not gore. That is after her face had healed and that is how she looked and had to look at herself. It is not even half as bad as anons were making it out to be. So much nitpicking

No. 1372750

Yeah, she has no lips or nose but that’s not gore, just sad.

No. 1372756

File: 1665638182872.gif (1.18 MB, 306x200, DD2F2DA3-F042-4B21-95E8-8606B2…)

Me going ahead and blaming the breed anyways

No. 1372780

>dogs are known as being very loyal
>you have to train it to listen to your commands with food so it doesn't kill you, your family, your other pets, or strangers
>it ends up killing them anyway
>still marketed as a family pet
Don't know why dogs are so worshipped in the U.S. We don't see them as a god or anything like other countries see cows and whatnot. So why? What's the goal?

No. 1372876

I'm not american but I think that your own culture that creates this. The "customer is always right" lets people bring their dogs into all stores, the culture you have of not offending others and not being offended doesn't let you accept that your opinion over pits is wrong. "Blame the owner not the breed" sounds like the same cope you have over black crime. Also a lot of religious based "niceness" that tells you to be the bigger person, and not call out people for doing dumb shit (like owning a pit) in person.(Retarded racebait)

No. 1373101

File: 1665679209219.jpg (88.78 KB, 1140x641, c832be1f-0f23-4438-b4cc-f40e6e…)

UPDATE: She's threatened to kill herself and got put on an involuntary 2 week psych hold.

Elk Grove police placed Faryal Kabir on a 72-hour hold on Thursday after she said she would kill herself if her dog was killed, and she later was placed on a second hold after officials determined she still was a threat to harm herself, according to attorney Andrew Shalaby, who represents Kabir’s sister, Ghesal, who co-owns the dog. “The police determined the presence of a threat of suicide and placed her under a 5150 hold,” Shalaby wrote in a complaint dated Monday as part of an ongoing lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court. “However, post-hospitalization evaluation of Faryal Kabir by the hospital resulted in a determination that Faryal Kabir still presented a serious likelihood that she would commit suicide if released, and therefore are now holding her for intensive care and treatment on a ‘5250’ hold (a hold of up to 14 days). “At this time, Faryal Kabir is on a 5250 suicide prevention hold, and her suicidal state stems from the unlawful taking of her dog Zeus by Elk Grove Animal Services on July 15, 2022, and threat to kill the dog.”


No. 1373125

How is it racebait to point out a crime statistic. I'm not even talking about the blacks, I'm talking about Americans being dumb.(ban evasion)

No. 1373703

File: 1665717107358.jpg (340.84 KB, 1808x622, Untitled.jpg)

pibble owners get mad and start childishly spamming their ugly dogs in the /r/aww sub after a shitbull thread got a lot of deserved hate

No. 1373706

God these dog's grins are deranged. I don't understand how anyone can find it cute

No. 1373711

>anti-pitbull nazi
Kim, there's people that are dying. Literally.

No. 1373718

in the worst way possible too, imagine delivering mail or minding your business toddlering and being fucking eaten alive by a monster. fucking idiots at least it statistically usually attacks its own owners too when they snap

No. 1373754

These things will never be cute. They are the ugliest dog breed. They literally look like beasts out of the gates of hell

No. 1373854

Words cannot explain how much I HATE THAT BREED! I hate them even more now after a coworker told me that a pitbull recently ripped her niece’s lips and the skin of her nose off,very heartbreaking to hear,they need to be banned!