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File: 1687930830967.jpg (66.98 KB, 720x575, 14402990_20210410-165048.jpg)

No. 1619287

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
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No. 1619291

I dislike the color pink

No. 1619310

File: 1687934238997.png (966.4 KB, 656x2592, CAPTURE.png)

I hate surrogacy but I despite seeing gay men make almost these mocking attempts of trying to replicate women caring for their children, its disgusting.

No. 1619338

I hate it when one asks for (for example) podcast recommendations and you just get a list of them without further commentary. Like, I saw a reddit thread asking for people's favorite true crime podcasts and every damn response is just a list of names. Okay, but what, specifically, are they about? What do you like about them, why are they your favorites, you could even recommend a damn episode to start with if they're long-running

No. 1619361

File: 1687940213923.jpg (5.18 KB, 209x208, 81c8ed6cbeb1f48c82f8ed8901ab6c…)

>Picture of a full grown man
>comment section is
>He is so babygirl
>it's my wife
>my daughter

I get it, but I still hate it.

No. 1619367

Why are they shirtless in the pictures?? And imagine being the man who's bought this child and uterus, imagine being there, the child has just been born and it cries and it wants to be fed and held by its mother but instead you have the gall to pick it up, steal it from its tired mother, (badly) cradle it in front of her while its still screaming for her and take "wholesome" pictures where you and your faggot boyfriend with a blown-out asshole kiss (and the baby still needs the mom) and for some reason you're also shirtless (it's not a fetish!! They're not grooming it!!). And they you just leave and tell the mother to fuck off. Imagine the emotional and psychological damage the child has from being taken away from its mother and being put in the arms of two shirtless faggots.

No. 1619369

File: 1687941285415.jpeg (37.63 KB, 640x455, 145AA63B-A6D1-4BB3-A164-47BFD6…)

I hate it those too anon. Especially on Pinterest. I hate the “blonde men are women to me” one especially. It attracts ftms like crazy and they of course have to bring up if they’re still valid men if they’re blonde etc

I hate it. I wish I could delete the pics and users off places like Pinterest.

No. 1619375

I hate that one too.
Twitter and Pinterest are filled with shit like that. I already thought the barking comments were retarded, but these take the cake.

No. 1619384

It’s dystopic as fuck

No. 1619387

File: 1687943684732.jpeg (120.04 KB, 923x923, F9B78770-0D8D-4F69-8FA9-13491B…)

I can’t believe this shit is legal. I also hate when faggots taking pics like that as if they were the ones suffering through the pregnancy and birth. Fuck right off.

No. 1619389

The Al qaeda was right about faggots

No. 1619391

I hate the economy (US). Anyone else kind of feel like most working class people are hanging on to sanity by a thread? Like every time you go to buy a little treat and remember when it was 20% cheaper 3 years ago a piece of you dies inside. Let’s not even talk about rent. I think even if my income doubled id still be depressed because it feels bad to see the state of things. Quality of so many things is worse now due to corporations constantly cutting corners to increase profit, shrinkflation, etc. I try to distract myself in my personal life but it’s hard not to be reminded

No. 1619393

This girl I went to hs with just did surrogacy for a gay couple in NY.. she lives in a small town in a southern state so I have no idea how present they even are through the pregnancy. She also is extremely trashy and low IQ so I was surprised, but I guess they don’t care too much about the surrogate as long as they have an egg donor with desirable genes.

No. 1619398

That sounds so utterly blizzare, I remember my time in Denmark and the men were absolutely massive, I can't imagine being so utterlly out of touch with reality that you think men with light colored hair are the same as 5"3 aydens with noodle arms

No. 1619401

>blonde men are women to me
Which is funny because the tallest countries in the world, and therefore the tallest men, are predominantly blonde kek

No. 1619410

It's not so much about if they actually look like women or not, it's more about >>1619361, they are attracted to the guy and keep saying female adjectives for some reason. A mix of of delusion and retardation.

No. 1619412

>they are attracted to the guy and keep saying female adjectives for some reason.
but why. I can usually wrap my head around retarded online twitter speak but this one I don't get

No. 1619419

Maybe its because of BL as well,
? I notice that in a lot of Yaoi covers, the Uke's tend to look like young blonde children most of the time, while the seme looks more like a Japanese man

No. 1619428

it's just funny. that's it. there's no big reason kek it's like when people were calling those spn dudes smol beans in like 2014 the juxtaposition is silly that's all, we live in an age of irony so it's only logical

No. 1619434

A youtuber I like said "we're pregnant" ughhh, I know it's a bit of a pet peeve but man she's pregnant not you. You're both having a baby but she's like birthing it. It's dumb I know.

Use 'blond' otherwise you're feeding it.

No. 1619438

oh I fucking hate it when people say that, it's not just dumb youtubers.

No. 1619448

I hate airports. I know most people who travel probably do but let me say it again: I HATE AIRPORTS!
American airports are especially the worse I've been to.

No. 1619456

add to your hate of airports to say I hate flying. economy class anyway. in highschool I dated a furry who was obsessed with planes. took me years to realize I didn’t have to act like planes are cool anymore. it’s not really a fear of flying, even. it’s the way you’re squeezed into such a tight space with so many people and no option to just leave and to top it off there’s so many germs. I’m sure I’ll get on a plane again one day but I’ll do whatever I can to make sure it’s not a 10 hour long flight. Usually “fat activists” are cringe and stupid but I agree with them on airplane seats.

No. 1619461

File: 1687952238879.png (898.38 KB, 641x2111, Screenshot 3.png)

I discussed this with a mutual of mine, I think that many young women and girls who spend a lot of time online and lack real-life experiences, think that the only way sexualize men is to use what they think are derogatory terms typically used for women(I'm not insinuating that moids don't use misogynistic terms to sexualize women, but no one uses shit like babygirl outside a03). For instance, some on Kpop Twitter refer to men as "my wife/gf" or comment "she's so cute"(on a pic of a kpop star showing his fit body). In reality, I suspect that 99% of girls who engage in such behavior are likely virgins and have not even touched or ad a full conversation with a man in their entire lives.

No. 1619467

They're really aggressive in the US.

No. 1619486

This…the same people also call M/F couples lesbian

No. 1619534

File: 1687959825629.jpg (185.61 KB, 1200x900, gottschalk.jpg)

Big package sizes. I have no self-control, stop selling me 300g packs of gummibärchlis.

No. 1619539

Same, not very fond of it either as I do t like bright colors like orange or yellow.
>inb4 some pink pinkfag comes out of the woodwork to say we have internalized misogyny

No. 1619540

I actually really like airports, it’s flying that I hate. Airports have a cool liminal vibe.

No. 1619542

I'm actually surprised she hasn't been called an NLOG yet kek

No. 1619554

When people take their phones with them to the bathroom and stay there for hours

No. 1619563

Well excuse me, some of us need time to give ourselves hemorrhoids

No. 1619568

You mean men jerking off in the bathroom for hours. It's always men.

No. 1619570

I just can’t get up from the toilet when my period strikes, I always feel like I want to keep pooping or peeing, maybe even both, so I stay until the sensation stops, it takes me an hour and a half most of the time to stop feeling like that during my period.

No. 1619584

Me too nonnie but just be careful cause I literally just gave myself a hemmorhoid doing this a couple days ago when my period started and I was bleeding from both ends

No. 1619585

My mom takes her phone with her when she shits and I think it's fucking gross. You're getting shit germs all over your phone.

No. 1619598

Is she shitting on her phone?

No. 1619599

I also take my phone with me to poop. Sometimes I get bored and lonely in there

No. 1619605

yup and i'm getting my filthy paws on my phone and spreading those poopy germs eeeeeverywhere. you'll be contaminated too

No. 1619635

Only animals do this.

No. 1619664

File: 1687971471657.png (718.84 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BZTIyZTJhOTctY2Q1Yy00NTJiLW…)

I hate movies that have a blue, green or yellow filter for their entire runtime

No. 1619685

Yeah, there needs to be a survival guide for American airports.

No. 1619692

File: 1687974038762.png (60.47 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-140472118-612x612-…)

And you will suffer for it.

No. 1619709

My mom was a gold digger SAHM and I seriously DESPISE women who try to advocate for gold digging and being a SAHM. These naive idiots have no idea what is coming to them. The things I have seen have shown me that engaging with moids is a death sentence. Despite my mom’s reliance on moids, she o always told me to get an education and to have money lined up to leave a man. I think the most infuriating thing is that every time I tell stories of my mom and other countless women that I have seen get scammed and killed, the women I try to warn always tell me that they’re special and it won’t happen to them because they are too smart to let it happen. As if those women who got killed or were used by the moids were stupid or it was their fault! FUCK YOU. I feel bad for saying it but the arrogance really makes me hope that they learn their fucking lesson the hard way then, absolute pieces of shit. Go fuck yourselves.

No. 1619752

File: 1687980039573.jpg (133.1 KB, 859x931, you_ready___fnf_fanart__by_ney…)

>inb4 who cares about this autistic newgrounds rhythm game

I just watched an iceberg on FNF drama and the worst ones were of course cases of grooming. Every single one of the groomers had she/her pronouns and of course every single one was a confirmed tranny. I hate that all of them also got defended just because they were trannies. I also hate that the only people that see through this facade are edgy males and its so hard to find women who do.

I also hate having non normie interests because there are troons EVERYWHERE and they always get coddled. I'm so fucking tired

No. 1619885

I hate when anons go into the vent thread and then act surprised when venting anons are a little mean to them. I understand the bitchy attitude on this site is tiring, but you're literally in a thread where people are talking about sensitive shit that upsets them.

No. 1619987

Someone the other day made a post that said 'nothing will happen because nothing ever happens' and I replied 'until it does' literally three words and a random anon immediately came in with 'nta but dont be a dick' ????? Some of you are genuinely just retarded and we can't stand it

No. 1619991

This is something different than what I'm talking about.

No. 1619996

I hate glitter more than anything else in the world, especially cheap costume glitter that gets on everything! My sister visited with a horrid green glittery dress that rubbed off on everything! My couch, carpets (luckily they are the small roll up kind), socks are all covered. It even stuck to my hard wood floors and I found some trailed on my bed! It took me an hour to try to clean it all up and I'm still finding little specks of it!!

No. 1620034

The disdain men have for women they don't feel attracted to, and the way they feel entitled to ignore and mistreat them.

No. 1620085

When I realized men are only ever nice because they want something from you (sex, attention, money) I started being entitled and ignoring them back kek. They say this about us but women will literally be nice to anyone for no reason. Men aren't developed enough to understand not everything is about getting laid.

No. 1620119

File: 1688017216311.png (129.61 KB, 2136x672, Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 11.3…)

No. 1620147

Based post.
>I think the most infuriating thing is that every time I tell stories of my mom and other countless women that I have seen get scammed and killed, the women I try to warn always tell me that they’re special and it won’t happen to them because they are too smart to let it happen
This. I have never seen a case that didn't end up with the wife being miserable in the end. Being a gold digging SAHM is literally being a parasite and intentionally making you dependent on men who despise you. The kind of men who take them in are also the kind who will end up cheating on them and divorcing when they start losing their youth and you'll be left with literally nothing, rotting away with no qualifying professional skills, money or anything to rebuild your life on. And even when they won't outright leave, they'll most likely use you as a punching bag either physically or emotionally while your only purpose in life is to be a maid for him. It's beyond incomprehensible how it's being framed as some epic dark triad stacey girlboss manoeuvre to prostitute yourself to your husband for money, I would literally rather die than live out of a man's pocket waiting for my expiration date.

No. 1620161

To add onto this, calling every guy a fruity little twink with bottom energy or whatever. Idg why some fangirls, the ones who actually want to have sex with those men not the shipping fans, want their crushes to be gay so badly. Since it would be sexually incompatible and all that. It feels like they don't understand how people irl behave so they start thinking that breathing is gay.

No. 1620177

I get why people find it offensive due to the gendered derogatory language being highly tilted towards feminine terms but I still think demeaning men like this is based and if someone has to be called an embarrassing term like babygirl it should be a man instead of a woman. It's not worth seething over and language policing like this always ends up taking attention and resources away from the core discussion to the semantics. Sometimes it feels like anons getting so up in arms about this are just mad about their husbando being sissyfied.

No. 1620227

>Sometimes it feels like anons getting so up in arms about this are just mad about their husbando being sissyfied.
This is 100% the case kek. Like who the fuck cares if someone calls a male "babygirl"? At most it's going to be demeaning to him (if he's a real person) and that's always based. No one gives a shit if your poor man is getting berated by being called a babygirl, get over it.

No. 1620240

For me Its the equivalent of calling men cunt, Men belittle and demean each other with "emasculating" insults on a daily basis. It par for the course for them to do so. Although I am not particularly concerned about the lives of celebrity men, I dislike these terms being used on a principal level.

No. 1620251

Well if a woman uses feminine insults to "demean" a man she is just demeaning herself too. You can belittle men without owning yourself and your entire sex in the process.

No. 1620253

Why not call him babyboy though?

No. 1620265

To me it's the same, telling a grown man he's something tiny (either a babygirl or a babyboy) is insulting for him.

I don't think a woman is demeaning herself too. Women know these terms are things men can't stand if applied to themselves, so they simply use them as an insult (for men). By itself "babygirl" isn't really demeaning, but men think of it as such, so imo it's fine to use it against them.

No. 1620267

I get where it's coming from, but it just seems like a non-issue. Maybe because I'm ESL and don't really "get" the connotation in English since it's not my first language but going on tirades about how women calling their favourite male characters or idols "babygirl" is actually devastating to women as a gender and selling out your entire sex is being unnecessarily hypervigilant. It's entirely understandable to be annoyed by it or think it's cringe but beyond that it's just a waste of time to get so worked up about young girls using a silly term ironically to the point you're writing tinfoils about "young women being terminally online and never having talked to men before in their lives like the femcels they are!!!!!!" which sounds suspiciously moidbrained taking the issue so personally like one of the posts above is so fucking goofy it makes me laugh.

No. 1620272

>never having talked to men before in their lives
Lucky them. I don't know why that should even be considered an insult, kek.
>unnecessarily hypervigilant
Personally I think it's another one of those things that's casually misogynistic, and nobody ever points it out. After a while it gets annoying because you see this shit everywhere.

No. 1620284

I believe that context matters in this case. If it's young women taking back some of the power from men by using demeaning terms that they know purposefully emasculate them, then that's fine by me. "Baby boy" is just a cutesy term men don't feel threatened by, so it doesn't carry the same impact. Picking apart every facet of our lives to see casual misogyny and flogging ourselves over it does nothing, it's good to acknowledge it and be aware of it but attacking other women for such an innocuous thing is nefarious and I won't negotiate on this. And yes at times it definitely does sound like some people being just mad that their alpha male is being sissyfied.

No. 1620285

i hate weebs. they're cringe and embarrassing

No. 1620353

>And yes at times it definitely does sound like some people being just mad that their alpha male is being sissyfied
Sissification is misogynist, you can insult males in other ways without using sexist terms

No. 1620362

>"baby boy" is just a cutesy term men don't feel threatened by
says literally who? I've never even heard "baby boy" being used to refer to adult men, I feel like its usually used for like, a pet or something. I think it actually would shake things up to start endearingly calling men "boys". Grown women are very regularly called girls but the reverse is not true. In fact the most common scenario I've seen of a grown man getting called boy is another grown man trying to demean him. Anyway, misogyny IS genuinely everywhere, and while I am certainly very pro-demeaning and sexualizing men, it feels misguided to do so by calling them blatantly feminine things. IMO it only perpetuates the idea that being sexualized is inherently female in some way, its slightly subversive but ultimately upholds patriarchal ideals. In a similar vein, I fucking hate the term malewife. The meaning seems to be like, a submissive man or a househusband, which, I don't see how it doesn't feel insanely sexist to directly make the implication that wife = submissive homemaker. These kinds of things being "progressive" only works if you're using gendie logic

No. 1620363

I completely agree with you. Don't try to demean men by comparing them to girls, it's just sexist against girls and what misogynist men are already doing.

No. 1620364

Its the equivalet of seeing gay adult men(and faghag women) calling other grown women "mother" its just cringe, like really cringe and also what >>1620362 stated

No. 1620409

File: 1688057620334.jpg (274.36 KB, 1023x2206, f1f4f0b1892b0b374bf3484611f819…)

Don't watch Traffic (2000)

No. 1620423

I hate the phrase "taking back power". You're not taking back or reclaiming anything, you're just making it okay to say slurs. It doesn't make anyone rethink anything, no one fucking cares.

No. 1620488

>It's entirely understandable to be annoyed by it or think it's cringe
I'm OP and that's how I felt. I just cringe and find it idiotic. I see it repeated a million times, which prompted me to post it in the first place. I haven't thought that deeply about it before other nonnas started discussing it, to be quite honest.
I feel >>1620362 explained it really well, and I agree with it. Though I don't necessarily think most if not all young women who are using these terms are consciously saying it to make a huge standpoint. I doubt they believe they are taking power back or that they are demeaning female terms, I feel they are probably just saying it because they find it funny and I don't personally hold it against them. I would never go picking up fights or thinking less of them for that, but I still hate it regardless.

No. 1620493

I fucking hate that movie.

No. 1620521

Who said anything about "femcels"? Was this about my post getting annoyed by the "fruity gay bottom" thing? It just doesn't make sense to me, half of those men are doing regular things and the other half are blatant hetero predators. Sorry if I misunderstood something

No. 1620651

I've always hated when I see a fanfic that's basically the entire plot of it's source material but with the reader inserted in. I could literally just go rewatch the actual series.

No. 1620750

I know I'm just being a bitch but I hate the notion that all reading is good and should be praised. If you're a grown adult who solely reads YA or whatever it's basically the equivalent to 20+ year olds who only watch kids' cartoons. Nothing wrong with reading for pleasure but it gets grating when people act like they're special or smarter just because their medium of choice is books and not movies or video games.

No. 1620759

I agree. I also really hate when I see people arguing that reading fanfiction is as legitimate and high brow as published literature because mostly women write it. women have made literature with merit, but it sure as fuck isnt the 96% of fanfics that are just sex pollen shared bed coffee shop AUs about dean winchester getting danny phantom pregnant. but they wouldn't know that, because their tiktok fried attention span is too short to read anything that isn't a mishmash of tropes and fandoms.

No. 1620781

I normally hate soft white underbelly, but i had to click because of the title and of course i related with this woman a lot aside from the sexual assault thankfully. The one thing that made me mad was that she mentions she had been called a femcel for being a virgin at 30. Are we seriously about to go down this route as a society? I have a special hatred for that world because i feel like the word femcel is slowly becoming a new slur for any woman who is autistic or just out of the norm and I hate it so much.

No. 1620799

Femcels are not real. A woman's reasoning for being celibate is entirely different from a mans. A woman could go out and fuck it she wanted to, that's not what the issue is.

No. 1620802

you should know by now that any woman who chooses not to have kids or be in a relationship gets treated like the plague. The insults used to be cat lady, then feminists(which is compliment tbh), now i guess it's femcel

No. 1620826

Because women are insulted for everything, if you aren't a baby incubator then why do you exist? You aren't allowed to be average, you aren't allowed to not care about your appearance, you arent allowed to show any psychological trauma, you aren't allowed to be vocal about csa or rape, you're a karen, you're an annoying bitch, women are inferior by default (because they take men from other men or wont sleep with me) etc etc. You know how it is.

No. 1620831

i fucking hate fat bitches who complain about modern clothing sizes being ‘too small’ when it’s absolutely the opposite they just don’t want to admit they’re not a size medium like they were in high school. Vanity sizing is absolutely out of control to the point where I’m a size 6 measurement wise and borderline overweight on the bmi scale and size 00 jeans at Target are too fucking big, all so major hambeasts can feel better about themselves when they see a smaller number on a tag.

No. 1620847

i feel like no matter how i word this it sounds like boomer ‘kids these days’ nonsense but it’s genuinely shocking how so many people my age (22) or older just absolutely cannot stay at a job for the life of them. Like these are entry level positions like retail or even office work and they either get fired because they call in once a week every week or claim that the work environment is ‘toxic’. I had never had a job before my current one and now I’m a location manager (not flexing everyone is desperate to hire and it’s a shitty retail chain) and I’ve had multiple applications where they have 3-5 previous employers listed and their reason for leaving every single one is ‘toxic environment’/‘discrimination’. These people think every time they’re asked to do a task it’s a personal attack, and it just makes no sense because a lot of these jobs are extremely easy and/or genuinely a fun environment, literally you just have to be friendly and click buttons on a register.

No. 1620858

I remember trying to find a pair of pants at Old Navy several years back, and I literally realized they didn't have any pants in the whole store that would fit me, because their size 0 was still a size too big for me (a very average weight person, usually a size 6, or 26 in. waist) I was in disbelief.

No. 1620859

File: 1688103040407.png (Spoiler Image,476.23 KB, 1400x1800, 87739782_p6.png)

I'm the OP, I never used the word "femcels". I only implied that most of the girls making these comments are likely inexperienced, not just physically but socially as well. However, I will say that with regards to all the "bara tiddies" posts and art, it is very obvious that they are by virgins who have never touched a man.

No. 1620861

I'm willing to bet there are more women in need of legitimate comfortable sizing as opposed to those like you bitching that a size 00 is 'too big.' You sound like a literal child and anachans are a minority. Sorry.

No. 1620863

she could literally just buy anything from china since they're children sized. that said, vanity sizing are out of control and I wish it was illegal to mislabel sizes.

No. 1620865

reminds me of some nonna here insisting that society doesn't treat you like shit if you choose to not have kids or get married. like there are slurs for women who don't do these things even if they are hurting nobody but go off.

No. 1620866

I hate cicadas they're so damn loud.

No. 1620877

Who gives a fuck. Like 100% of hentai is made by men who have never talked to a woman. It's bad in both cases, but just like with the twitter mobs going after random artists, it's only ever a discussion when women do something. When men draw tits so big that the girl they are on can't even see, you can simply say that it's awful and move on, when women call some guy their wife there's suddenly a need to discuss and psychoanalyze.

No. 1620890

File: 1688105903971.jpg (190.49 KB, 720x1002, Mosaic Icon - Portrait Of Virg…)

I hate antinatalist weirdos, especially the ones who insist on how much a woman is going to be damaged and digusting post birth, you're claiming mothers have been brainwashed by the patriarchy yet your main argument is that giving birth is gonna make you uglier ? "I want to keep my tight vagina and not get my insides blown out by pushing out a fuck trophy", their langage is so violently misogynistic. Not everyone should be a parents, but if you're a feminist, you should be fighting for the rights and protection of ALL women, yes even the "mombies" who disgust you so much.

No. 1620891

Why are you so weirdly defensive over this?(infighting)

No. 1620892

I don't 100% agree but yeah way some people talk about pregnancy as a monstrosity and unnatural does somewhat irk me.

No. 1620903

Why are you so weirdly annoyed by this? Were the other anons right about your husbando getting feminized?(infighting)

No. 1620913

>you're claiming mothers have been brainwashed by the patriarchy yet your main argument is that giving birth is gonna make you uglier ?
I'm not big on pregnancy and absolutely hate the thought of women being reduced to their ability to give birth, but this bothers me so much. There are so many other risks to pregnancy and childbirth and having saggy tits or "loose pussy" is not on the top of the priority list and it's disgusting to claim you're antinatalist for feminist reasons yet focus so much on how a woman doesn't conform to patriarchal beauty standards postbirth.

No. 1620915

i hate onlyfans thots who promote themselves on tiktok. it’s literally inescapable and I scroll past them as quickly as I can, like I’m a lesbian but its never attractive to me because they’re all just obviously pandering to degenerate males and making retarded kiddie faces it just puts me in a pissed off mood every time

No. 1620918

You can be aware of how much motherhood is romanticized and pressured on women, the health risks being mostly ignored and how much women suffer obstetric violence when pregnant and also not treat women and children like shit. Actually, if you want to be a feminist who includes mothers, you HAVE to be aware of these things, otherwise you're just delusional and basically a cath tradthot to ignore the bad parts of it while propping up as the best thing that can happen to a woman.

No. 1620921

Like >>1620877 said, who gives a fuck? That bara titty trend is so ridiculously tame compared to like 10% of what moid hentai artists create. And are you implying that once you have sex you're only attracted to super realistic depictions of bodies and sexual situations because I would actually claim otherwise, IRL sex is an awful experience for a lot of women and most people like to fantasize about it being more exciting and better.

No. 1620922

it's funny because bara tiddy and extreme sized tits are both product of plastic surgery and unobtainable irl unless you're a degenerate coomer obsessed with your self image in order to aim for such extremes.

No. 1620930

This looks like shit and I will immediately assume anyone defending it itt gets off on this type of stuff
You ain't fooling no one, coomer

No. 1620931

Kek it's almost like there's a clear separation between reality and fiction

No. 1620940

You're right, but those people just want to shit on mothers because they hate women to begin with. Antinatalists (men) are really aggressive about it but will strangely never lecture men for not getting vasectomies, there aren't any talking points mentioning skyrocketing birth defects in babies born from crypt keeper sperm etc. Women who agree with them just parrot the same talking points.
I do have a problem with 'mombies' because most of my friends have lost themselves after becoming mothers and all they talk about is baby this or baby that. But that's not really their fault, it's one of the few things acceptable for mothers to like and if they spent money on their hobbies people would say they're taking away from their baby.

In general, motherhood sounds fucking depressing to me. Most men I've spoken to including my dad see kids as another stamp in their manhood achievement collection, not something they actually want - and worst of all they see it as their right even though most of them won't do shit to take care of them once they're born. They also tend to order kids like it's a McDonald's menu: I want 4 kids! I want 6 kids! Then they'll let the mom birth them in the hospital while he's eating snacks and playing video games when she's in labor. They will maybe change a diaper once and then they'll say they're "working hard and bringing the money home" and expect praise and a blowjob while the mother does the exact same thing, but also has to take care of the kids. But dad gets to be the 'fun' parent!
No, I don't like motherhood. It's a shit deal for women.

No. 1620942

Theres a specific icon that seems to be promoting porn/one camgirl all over youtube. It's a blond woman laying down boobs in picture with a 18 sign over the nipples. It could be on any type of video but multiple accounts seem to be using it. They always have 1k upvotes too so the icon is very visible. I hate it I'm sick of seeing women sexualized and giving little girls an insight into sex work when they could be watching some video game play or a movie trailer.

No. 1620943

>Maybe because I'm ESL
I hate when ESLs act like their opinion on the English language matters.

No. 1620969

Kinda related but I’m so disgusted with how many meme pages have gay porn spliced into their tik toks. I’ve been recommend several and one was of some dude jerking off but he’s mostly covered by meme images. It’s fucking weird.

No. 1620980

Relax. You are seething so much just because some mean femcel online put your favorite fictional man into a cow bikini and gets off to it and you can't.

No. 1620983

Kids clothes are really cute and cheap I just got a Justice dress from Wally World for $6

No. 1620984

I am not even skinny and a small is way too big now, used to fit perfectly

No. 1620985

Normalize calling out of work at least once a week

No. 1620988

I’m kind of having the opposite issue but with panties specifically. All my old VS pink panties from 2010 in size XS fit great, the few that have survived. But all the new undies I’m getting no matter where they’re from the thigh holes are way too tight. Even a size L from Hanes the thigh holes were too tight. By too tight I mean I can feel them on my thighs. I am autistic and that is too much sensory bullshit for me. The only undies that fit me right are the size 14/16 girls underwear.

No. 1621015

I hate it when fat people get praise for doing something just because they’re fat even if they’re doing the thing really badly. I saw this video on reddit of a fatty dancing at a performance and it was so bad, she just looked like she was flailing and wobbling around, nothing was engaged, no technique, nothing looked how it was supposed to. And of course all the comments were like “looks great!!” and “slayyy” etc. If I were fat and trying to do something it would piss me off to get pity points like that

No. 1621027

You're gross

No. 1621034

File: 1688121798573.jpeg (95.26 KB, 913x1078, 8BE453DF-0771-4F1C-8FF6-917423…)

I hate retards. Like actual people with downs. Nobody has it better off than retards. Neurotypicals love retards and will bend over backwards to be nice to and accommodate them while simultaneously being ableist towards regular people with mental health/developmental issues like adhd. The government also coddles tards and they’re set for life on that aspect. They add nothing to society and only take away. I seriously wish it was mandatory to abort all downs babies. We don’t need literal retards as models or doing anything. I hate having to interact with these troglodytes.

No. 1621036

it probably sucks to be able to only speak one language so I will let you seethe in peace.

No. 1621038

kek true. for most fat women being fat is their personality. and with this generation saying yas queen slay love urself queen mommy to literally every fat woman on social media, I'm surprised the world is just not full of fatties

No. 1621044

It reminds me of when you had the diagnosed retard at school being praised for doing less than the bare minimum and for disrupting the class slightly less often than usual by teachers because "they have it bad", it's poorly disguised pity in both cases.

No. 1621045

Isn't there a country with way less downs people than usual in Europe because women choose to get abortions most of the time because it's easily accessible and there's no religious stigma? I don't remember which one it was, probably Iceland? I don't know but anyway I wish that were the case all over the world, ngl.

No. 1621047

Iceland. Sucks how the same people who hate you for moving your hands a certain way will pay taxes so retards in intensive care can be kept alive just to suffer

No. 1621053

At least I don’t have to look at or interact with the tards in intensive care. The worst tards are the ones who have all their bills paid and live in group homes and are given jobs at grocery stores where I then am forced to interact with them bagging my groceries. I don’t want tards touching my groceries and I don’t want to make small talk with a literal retard.

No. 1621080

People who wear a ton of perfume. Im at the bus stop and a woman who is standing 5 m away from me is overpowering me with her synthetic perfume. I shouldn't be able to taste your perfume 5 m away from me in the open air wtf.

Also goes for my brother who is at the age of dousing himself and the house stinks even with all the windows open for hours. No point in telling him that less is more too, he wont listen.

No. 1621083

It always give me a headache, I hate it too

No. 1621098

"Bake" used as a noun. You didn't do a bake, you just baked something.

No. 1621115

why do you keep mentioning femcels

No. 1621118

NTA but it's mocking the poster who claimed that only girls with no experience interacting with men draw them sexualized or with exaggerated features.

No. 1621124

nta but its not a big stretch to say anyone who draws anything like >>1620859 has not had any sexual experience with a man.

No. 1621194

I hate when people use travel stress as an excuse to be mean to others. I understand that vacations are stressful but you chose to do it and now you're choosing to be a miserable jerk to everyone around you. Please stop.

No. 1621203

Love how this is the only argument ESLs ever have
t. also ESL

No. 1621341

OCs, self-insert OCs, OC x Canon, Self-insert OCs x Canon, and when artists shoehorn thier OCs without any actual reasoning. I hate it so much it is actually unreal.

No. 1621348

I understand when kids do it (harmless fun and all that) but when I see adults doing it I give them the side-eye. Obviously it's still harmless fun and I shouldn't care but it seems…sad? To still be that invested in media and characters

No. 1621350

>has not had any sexual experience with a man.
Good for her. Also I get that the drawing looks silly because of the balloon tits but I've seen anons here seething about drawings of impossibly pretty boys as if it was a bad thing that women decide to create their ideal man in fiction. I'm sorry but real men are fucking ugly, women are always right and based when they create their own perfect man, even if it may look stupid for some people.

No. 1621352

I don't really mind if someone is invested in media. Everyone needs their escapes and so long as it doesn't breech mentally ill terminally online induced pyschosis it's all good. I think I just hate OCs, self insert OCs, etc because without fail 99.5% of it all looks so out of place in the canon. These people never take into account the aesthetics and rules of the universe they put their self-inserts/OCs in, they never look like they fit in next to the canon characters at all.

No. 1621362

I hate seeing my drivers license photo and passport photo for the first time. Without fail I think I look like shit and I hate it at first. Then a year or two goes by and it looks fine. I hate that I hate it.

No. 1621369

I hate seeing extremely obvious disordered eating being excused because the woman in question is skinny and pretty enough. The amount of misinformation makes me go insane too.
No, that girl pretending to eat 10k calories a day doesn't just have fast metabolism. No, eating 800 calories max isn't healthy just because they claim to have a small appetite. Any of these extremes can only potentially happen if the person in question has a significant medical disorder.

No. 1621370

I hate the feeling of being watched. Growing up my mother would go through every one of my things and I could not do anything without her knowing and now I'm afraid that somehow every little thing I write or say can be seen or heard by other people. I'm afraid that my private things are not private and my relatives or other people I know will discover them.

No. 1621382

Same, except it was my dad. He used to go through my room while I was at school, searched through my trash, and installed a key logger on the computer. I still have terrible anxiety and paranoia over being watched to this day.

No. 1621522

I think you just need to stop shopping in target and walmart if you are skinny. They literally don't cater for your size and literally whenever somebody complains about sizing i know straight away they are talking about those stores. I also have to agree about how bullshit the claim that there is no clothing for fat people. This depends on the country, but my mother and my sister are fat and they literally have hoards of clothing, they even find high end stuff in their size so i never understood where this complain came from, especially in the modern era where almost every store has a plus size section that has a a lot of trendy clothing in there.

No. 1621540

>implying pretty women aren't as equally asspatted for low performance and talent

Hate to 'we live in a society,' yet people are just going to naturally notice who stands out more.
It's average talented folk who stand to lose for not falling in line of either extreme.

No. 1621840

All moids who lurk on this site, even if it’s harmless curiosity, should blow their brains out.

No. 1621843

File: 1688200575281.jpeg (85.44 KB, 600x600, 5d2f624366ddf.jpeg)

Every time a man posts to out himself it's always "male here and I know you didn't ask my opinion but ackchyually you're totally wrong and here's why". Like if you're going to cop a ban at least make it entertaining and not prove the point that XYs are retards.

No. 1621882

Anyone who doesn’t meet this type of post with extreme hostility (besides ignoring) needs to stop. These are lost reddit faggots invading one of the few tiny corners of the internet that’s made for women to discuss things freely. Don’t be fucking cordial to them, tell them to die slowly while choking on their own cum and report

No. 1621919

This. The "ugh I can LITERALLY never find clothes smol enough for my little skinny body! Everything is made for fatties!!! (i.e. medium sized people)" claim sounds like a retarded ana-chan humblebrag about how petite they are, when my girlfriend was like size xxs and 5ft tall she could find adult clothes just fine despite all the vanity sizing.

No. 1622013

Not to mention just as there's plus size brands, there's brands just for petite women too, or even just ordering online from taobao or anything.
It's so obvious how they always have to humblebrag when they complain. You aren't actually worried about clothing, you just want to brag you're the tiniest person in the room.

No. 1622087

People like you who take this site way too seriously, is something I hate. Close the browser, go outside, and touch grass.

No. 1622092

Nta, take your own advice. Imagine hating fun.

No. 1622094

You sound pressed as hell, pathetic

No. 1622105

File: 1688231924815.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 4sgWlUVj76bzk-Kd.webm)

How radlibs have just completely demonized JK Rowling and now view her and her work as offensive when it obviously isn't. God I wouldn't blame her if she shifted towards the right-wing after this.

No. 1622107

It's the way how they have to add that little "all the clothes are just for fat people now, muh vanity sizing" at the end that makes it so catty and ana-chan-esque, they know most clothes are for the average body size which is within a completely healthy weight yet they act like any size bigger than 0 is for fatties only. Especially embarrassing when girls who aren't even petite but remain slightly skinnier at a normal height side pretend to be oppressed because a store is carrying medium to large sizes as they identify as a petite IRL loli.

No. 1622111

I completely defend JK but I actually chuckled at this bit, it was clever satire and I have to admit it. I believe that JK is smart enough not to turn "hurr libshit lefties bad only rightoids will save the western civilization and women now" just because troons boolied her, she's not a weak minded tradthot in her 20's but one of the most successful female authors with a gigantic worldwide legacy.

No. 1622118

Ntayrt, your reaction is very bizarre. Were you the OP originally complaining about the clothing sizes?

No. 1622121

she's a domestic violence victim and lead to creation of a support service for victims called Beira's Place, she'd never go rightoid because she understands the dangers of male violence and supremacy.

No. 1622131

Why do literally all men suck at microwaving if they know how to use one at all what is so hard about mixing halfway through?

No. 1622208

when men call vaginas "holes." like nothing else just "holes." it makes my skin crawl ffs.

No. 1622231

>clever satire
Bitch where? It's literally nothing but "wand woman bigot"

No. 1622240

Quiet quitting. When I first heard the term I assumed it meant ghosting your job without letting anyone know beforehand, just quitting for better things on short notice and leaving it behind. But it’s just doing the bare minimum at your job - that’s still working!! You get paid the same and work the same hours, so why is it called quitting?

No. 1622249

i hate when i can hear someone standing outside my room because of the floor slightly creaking with every small movement they make and they just stand around there for ages it makes me so paranoid

No. 1622277

Because it's capitalist propaganda. It's a desperate and uncreative attempt to demonize prioritizing your well-being over corporate profit. It's trying to encourage the already present animosity of boomers and wealthy people toward young and lower classes of people, for being counter-culture and unethical/immoral. Protestant work ethic shit is insanely primitive and needs to die.

No. 1622369

Calling doing your job "quiet quitting" is some of the worst late stage capitalism shit I've heard in my life. If they consider it "doing the bare minimum" then I guess they're also paying you the bare minimum because you're just doing what you're supposed to. I've worked at a place where you were constantly expected to go above and beyond and sacrifice your entire life to your already pretty demanding job and I suffered through a severe burnout because I couldn't keep the work/life balance anymore, and this is considered the norm to the point someone came up with this retarded term to shame people who don't want to dedicate their one life on this earth to corporate greed that wouldn't do the same for you. We get tools to help us with our tasks to be more efficient yet we as workers never see any of the benefits of it because we're only "rewarded" with more work to be done so that some rich bastard can become even richer.

No. 1622392

People have speculated that it could be inspired by the Chinese concept of “lying flat”. Basically you still work but never over-achieve, and be content with making a very mediocre paycheck to survive.

No. 1622430

Whenever I see those WIEIAD videos from ortho types all of the comments are like "It's always body positivity until it's a skinny girl huh????? STOP SKINNY SHAMING!!!" and maybe 1 or 2 people actually complaining about the undereating kek. These tards don't realize that "body positivity" does not exist IRL and fat women are just as reviled as they were 20 years ago

No. 1622433

NTA but come on the "ASASS" bit was chuckle worthy

No. 1622469

File: 1688259666377.jpg (29.87 KB, 500x658, tumblr_inline_nvydpwSK8d1sk9e3…)

>Let's do it without paying mind to our scores/placements, the most important thing is to have fun after all ♥
I hate all of you non-commital fucks, I'll pwn you all, eat my dirty dust reeeeee

No. 1622548

Me for real.

No. 1622676

I hate when people ask dumb questions. Even on here, especially in the vent thread. It's like everywhere I go someone is asking me some stupid shit…

No. 1622679

What's the vent thread?

No. 1622680

Bitch you can't just say you did something nasty with your pussy with a tone of dread and ominiousness and expect people to not ask what you been stewing up there

No. 1622683

Ok fatty I just wiped back to front, damn.

No. 1622684

Can't believe I monitored the thread for this, smh

No. 1622688

I don't even let hot dogs enter my mouth nonna. A hot dog in my most sacred orifice? Never.

No. 1622692

Calling me fatty when you have dookie particles in your snusnu? Okay cunt

No. 1622698

File: 1688280041728.png (1.27 KB, 217x136, Tubbs_Sprite.png)

I could have blowflies in my pussy and I would still be right.

No. 1622710

Flicks your vagina

No. 1622712

File: 1688281541890.gif (2.75 MB, 424x239, 1687753105858169.gif)

You literally can't even wipe your ass properly, so delusion is not a surprising trait for you to have little miss dingleberry

No. 1622735

link the thread about nonny talking about her poppy vegana i need to read

No. 1622753

File: 1688287621457.png (279.3 KB, 940x788, crying-kid.png)

When a child is doing something extremely annoying and disruptive and a horde of total strangers come into the child's defense when you criticize its behavior.
Obviously I know the kid isn't doing it on purpose! I know it's "just a kid"! I have eyes, I can see that! But am I so terribly wrong in assuming that child has parents, who should maybe teach it how to behave and talk to it so that it can learn how to regulate emotions properly instead of wailing and thrashing about on the floor in a public space for 10 minutes while being totally ignored?

No. 1622758

It's literally nothing but me saying I am worried about getting a UTI. Idk why that anon made it such a thing, actually.

No. 1622764

I swear sometimes I think that the fat positivity movement is just a psyop to increase hatred against fat women specifically. Most fat men are still allowed to exist, but if it's a woman..

No. 1622773

fat positivity movement has always been about hating fat women, it was started by a feeder

No. 1622929

I hate parents who ignore their children. Like I'm sorry I get that kids are hard, but if they're distressed enough to cry out loud their parents need to drop what they're doing and remove them from the situation until the kid's needs are met and they're calm enough to handle public space again.

No. 1622983

I hate seeing comments on some skincare video where some influencer doesn't recommend a certain product or ingredient and people go
>i-i was using that product, guess I'll stop
>ughhh you can't use anything?
How hard is it to think for yourself and pay attention what works for your skin? They have one skincare product that works well for them and a literal who tiktoker will disapprove and they don't know what to think. Helpless bunch.

No. 1622985

People like this usually would benefit from leaving their skin the fuck alone, too. They don't realize that you don't NEED to slather product all over your skin.

No. 1622995

Online skincare communities are weird as fuck, they completely lack common sense, like having "routines for newbies to skin care" which is a bizarre concept, not to mention some people waste so much money on a thousand products that they could just go to a dermatologist even if it's expensive.

No. 1623008

I don’t care if this sounds ungrateful but I hate when people do things without asking and then you wind up being the bad person for not wanting or liking what they did.

No. 1623038

I hate congratulating people on their birthdays and holidays like Mother's Day, the obligation to do this is very exhausting, every time I need to squeeze out the words. And this doesn't mean that I hate these people, I love them very much, and the more I love them, the harder it becomes to congratulate them. Can't I just express my feelings whenever I want? Can't I give presents when I feel like it? Why must I be forsed?

No. 1623044

Well, do you express your love and gift often? If you do then you shouldn’t feel obligated.

No. 1623062

I do show my love a lot, yet whenever it comes to those special days my head fills with "What if they don't notice how happy I am about their existence until I express it on this particular day". Stupid brain.

No. 1623064

I used to browse dumb meme pages on reddit sometimes and every now and then there would be a post with a cutesy picture saying some shit like "hello traveller, you must have scrolled through a lot of memes to find me! this is your reminder to hydrate and take a little break before continuing your journey" and it was so annoying. Like fuck off and don't tell me what to do. I hate that wholesome Reddit bullshit with a passion, and Reddit in general, this is just a very specific example.

No. 1623179

air conditioning

I'm from a place that doesn't need it, and everytime I travel somewhere hot the constant cycling of "hot af" outside and "completely air conditioned" inside makes me sick and ruins my trip. even worse if it's a humid place and the constant cycling of "hot humid" and "cold dry" destroys my sinuses

No. 1623185

personally, I feel like birthday wishes are faker than when you show love on a random day. it's the day when people you haven't talked to in a year (the last time they said happy birthday) popup like they care…

No. 1623261

File: 1688340793975.png (37.41 KB, 778x498, pedo.png)

Just stumbled upon this shit opinion and I fucking hate it. What's with these women who think it's okay with being a pedo? Fuck off, you're just as much of a pedo as a male lolifag is.

No. 1623291

Could also be the unattainability of a gay man, and the fangirls believing they're the ~special one~ who will make him straight but only for her and no one else because she's that special. They for some reason think he won't go back to men or something if he's actually gay? Or maybe they believe they'll make him so straight for them only that he'd lose his gayness but also never be attracted to other women

No. 1623302

This but disabilities and mental illness in general

No. 1623317

'it's not for you' that's literally the target audience for lolishit…. i hope op doesn't think that loli is made for actual little girls to be watching holy shit

No. 1623327

It was a joke. Like, posting. For fun. Like what this site is for.

No. 1623504

This is one of those sanctimonious pedo fanfiction bitches, isn't it? I fucking hate them. Everyone should have gone with their gut feeling and shamed these sick fucks into oblivion instead of letting them control internet discourse for over 20 years. Culture would be less of a hypersexual wasteland full of "queer" groomers today.

No. 1623519

File: 1688369403192.jpeg (92.36 KB, 828x818, 93C44A13-F2E7-467D-BBFF-D21116…)

>catch glimpse of some hentai tags
>first result is abortion

I hate jp scrotes so much. Even the gay ones make the most disgusting and bizarre shit. I remember finding one that drew a bunch of men on an island that could impregnate the young boys they had on it. It’s genuinely why I have so much trouble trusting fags because they can’t seem to keep their degeneracy in check.

No. 1623535

Passport bro sexpest in my third-world country. They are literally everywhere and i hate them so much. These fat ugly incel kiddie-diddling fucks need to be genocided. Taking advantage of the poor economic situation here for such a selfish reason, and then they all go: "Boo hoo woe is me Western women are so selfish and bitchy because they're college-educated hyper independent meanie feminazis blah blah". Fucking retards, poor women here will literally kill to have that kind of life. I hope they all get scammed, stabbed, or killed here by the petty criminals.

No. 1623540

Amen (applause)

No. 1623556

I hate fireworks and the fires they cause.

No. 1623576

I love air conditioning since I’m from a tropical place and would literally be dead without it (trust me you wouldn’t be able to deal with 96 degrees and 80% humidity either).

However I hate heating. It never gets cold enough here to need a heater. I love the winter when my house is regularly in the mid 50s and hate for my peaceful cold to be ruined by artificially heated air. Also the one time I traveled somewhere cold during the winter I was disgusted by the heated air inside everywhere and constantly having to take off all my coats the second I walk into a building lest I overheat. At least when it’s hot outside you need the same amount of clothes (none) to be able to deal with the outside temp as you do the air conditioned inside temp which is usually a balmy 74-76 and is still too warm. Before you say I’m fat I’m not I’m closer to an underweight BMI than overweight. I was just born with extremely hot blood. People are often surprised at how hot my skin is. I’m a polar bear cub.

No. 1623578

I hate fireworks with a passion and called the cops on my neighbors for shooting them off last night cause my city actually has laws against fireworks going off other than ON THE ACTUAL FOURTH.

No. 1623627

The people that keep calling everyone else midwit, hylic, normie or whatever despective term they have for an average person. Ironically most of the people who use these terms are quite average themselves. It's almost a red flag for me at this point.

No. 1623630

AYRT, I don't mind heat and humidity, as long as I have moving air. So a fan is enough for me. Air conditioning is too much. But I hate rapid temp cycling in general. So I also hate going from cold af outside to hot af inside, like you.

I'm from somewhere with consistent temps most of time.

No. 1623654

I'm from somewhere where heating is a must in the winter (no joke, -40 degrees celsius is not unheard of) but I don't understand why people feel the need to have every building heated to nearly tropical temperatures in the winter. I hate it when I go to someone's home and suddenly it's 24 degrees C with a fireplace going and they go "lol I need to be able to be naked inside!" or when I go to a mall and have to take all my coats off and then drag them around all day. A surprisingly large amount of people from my country are pussies who can't stand a little cold and they always get mad when I tell them that kek

No. 1623686

I really hate the new wave of trends that are rooted in misogyny (coquette, tradwife, y2k to an extent, heroin chic) i felt like the "woke/body posi" wave of the 2010s had some rly positive effects like teens having less body image issues and girls feeling more empowered and it feels like that's sorta just come undone in the past 2 years and idk why

No. 1623693

Its like we can't have a good balance for any amount of time before it just tips over from one extreme to the other. The haes/just eat yourself into a wheelchair and cry fatphobia crowd turned body posi stuff into a mockery pretty fast.

No. 1623705

Nayrt but the temp cycling… its awful. Im in Texas and it gets hot. Real hot. Strains the power grid they ask us to keep it at 78 inside. Nah bitch you get 74 because thats where I am comfortable. But say if I need to go to the store, I venture out in 110 degree heat the second I walk into a walmart the artic blast of 66 degrees hits me so hard moisture condenses on my skin like I am a glass of ice water left in the sun. It hurt. It makes my throat hurt, my back hurts from involuntary clenching and shivering. I bring a jacket tied around my waist everywhere and people make fun of me because its hot but damn indoors anywhere is so frigid itmakes me feel sick. Then to go back to 110 after freezing for an hour getting groceries, its like the heat is now 2x as hot feeling because I am no longer acclimated to it. I wish so bad that big businesses had to follow the rules for electricity conservation, if not for the health of the grid and better for environment then please for the health of the people….we arent meant to cycle temps like that its awful. 90 degrees isnt so bad if you have time to adjust, and 80 can feel like a cool breeze. But all the unnatural psuedo winter just really fucks with me. I get nose bleeds sometimes if I have to stay in a cold building for long periods of time. Its crazy.

No. 1623729

9/10 these people have nothing going for them irl and are complete bores themselves who happen to be terminally online, they think by larping as pseudo-intellectuals and speaking from this semi authoritative pov where they act as if they’re speaking some sort of objective truth that they’re genuinely unique and better than everyone else but they’re really not. Most of these are just socially maladjusted autists who feel personally offended bc they don’t “fit in” with the rest of society.

No. 1623776

exactly…i think being somewhat overweight is pretty normal in the modern world esp post-pandemic bc of how sedentary things tend to be, and being mildly overweight isn't much of a health risk esp with modern medicine. that shouldn't be shamed imo since it's becoming the "default" body for non gymrats/health nuts. underweight/proana and HAES/obesity are much bigger problems and i think body posi should've never delved into HAES infinifat stuff and instead focused on shit like disabilities, acne, braces, skin tones, body hair, etc.

No. 1623792

Surprised this didn't get more replies considering the sheer amount of anons calling anyone they dislike 'normie' kek

No. 1623793

Overweight populations are definitely a larger problem than niche disordered eating communities.

No. 1623794

Same, if someone unironically says normies I just know they're annoying as fuck

No. 1623801

File: 1688407562047.jpeg (56.43 KB, 750x913, IMG_3319.jpeg)

Edits of social media screenshots/memes with fictional characters are so corny.

No. 1623808

the fact that they stole this interaction off tumblr kek

No. 1623826

overweight as in 25-29 BMI not obese.. health risks for that arent zero but they're pretty low. not talking about burgerland here cuz that's a whole other issue and i definitely think they have a massive problem w their food manufacturing industry

No. 1623868

The aroace spectrum. I'm actually trying not to get triggered by it, because it's retarded (like…be real, who fucking cares at the end of the day) but it makes me roll my eyes so hard whenever someone calls themselves "aceflux" or "demiromantic". Like…you want to be special so fucking bad. You want to be kweer™ so bad don't you. I hate this minor Aroace community. Idk why it makes me seethe so much, it just does. It's a pet peeve of mine, if you will. I have less hatred for people who are "just" aro and/or ace. But the ace sEx PoSiTiVe weirdos who constantly hornypost annoy the shit out of me.

No. 1623884

I hate the whole "I'm ace but I'm the most perverted individual of my friend group lol" thing they have going on. Or people who claim to be ace, but have kinks and fetishes for some reason. If you're going to make up an identity around having no or low libido, at least have some ground rules.

No. 1623887

You can blame TikTok for literally all of that shit

No. 1624032

yep. tiktok really taps directly under the surface into some primitive thought processes and feeds into the idea of "i want this so i will get this" paired with constant labelling of everything. it's the best friend of consumerism. the stylistic choices people make on there stem from "i want to emulate this" rather than "i am this". the fashion stems from the need to mimic and copy a specific set of outfits rather than setting a style themselves. there has been an extreme amount of awareness surrounding fashion eras and styles lately which has made shopping and even just browsing exhausting sometimes

No. 1624044

It’s because scrotes and pickmes would go on YouTube, pick the same 5 examples of fatties saying they won’t work out because “body positivity” and ran with it.

No. 1624056

Don't worry nonnie, it makes me seethe too kek. I hate the whole "I'm aro/ace so I'm not only VALID and KWEER, but also soooo oppressed by those EVIL gay/lesbian perverts- I mean allosexuals!!1!" spiel. Idgaf if you're ace/aro, but it doesn't compare in the slightest to being attracted to the same sex and having homophobes who despise you everywhere, from the street you live down to in high-ranking political spaces where they actively try to delegislate your protections (if they even existed in the first place). If anything, homophobes would prefer if we were asexual than to be attracted to the same sex.
If you saw me post this three times no you didn't, I'm retarded

No. 1624063

I hate my asexual ex bf who would still fuck me with the most soulless eyes I've ever seen. He would fuck clothed half the time, and we'd usually go from making out to having him robotically flip me onto all fours and fuck me like a broodmare. He'd barely ever cum, and even though I've experienced genuine sexual assault the way he treated me in bed stuck with me in a way I can't shake.

No. 1624064

He shouldn’t be considered asexual

No. 1624069

how is y2k misogynist? unless you mean the ugly bimbo bling bling aesthetic, which isnt y2k

No. 1624076

I bet 90% of lc users would love this video tho

No. 1624518

I hate hearing these AI covers that's trending on YouTube. it's a stuttering, soulless mess and you got drones getting impressed over it.

No. 1624523

I just think its funny hearing plankton sing heavy metal music.

No. 1624534

File: 1688490618406.jpg (146.34 KB, 852x1320, doorofperceptionmagritte.jpg)

I hate police, military and other such hall monitor types. People who prioritize fallowing orders/rules/laws over their conscience are automatons, they are more akin to a blind force of nature rather than conscious living beings.
Pic unrelated.

No. 1624607

I hate the vast majority of crybaby type characters because they are self pitying, infantile retards and I find them repulsive. What I hate more is their self inserters praise them because of muh realism and that everyone who looks down on them are emotionally constipated and wants everyone to be giga stoic.

No. 1624667

I hate that the spots right outside my unit are for wheelchair parking only. They're way far away from the other units which makes them semi useless when we have assigned parking to be closest to the unit. They take up some of the only free guest spots and when I moved here I was hoping family or friends could park there. It should've been in the middle not the very end. Now everyone has to find parking way away if someone comes over.

No. 1624668

File: 1688503567239.png (652.66 KB, 618x1283, Screenshot.png)

There are ever increasing moments when I hate leftist moids more than any other group, simply because of their absolutely hypocritical consumerist nature. They believe their progressiveness and "wokeness" somehow excuse their abhorrent misogyny, which they think is fine as long as its directed towards women from the "wrong side" of their political beliefs

No. 1624669

Yea many lefties are grossly sexist but let’s not pretend right wing spheres are any less misogynistic nona. At least lefties aren’t trying to burn women at the stake for refusing to be a man’s baby factory and bangmaid.

No. 1624670

Its the hypocrisy that offends me more then anything.

No. 1624676

File: 1688504181314.jpg (64.42 KB, 1083x1029, F0Jo4paXoAEyGYY.jpg)

look like a turbo coomenr who will probably troon out in a few months.

No. 1624679

I hate rightoid women but she’s pretty. Men don’t know how to criticize women without turning it into degradation based on sex and looks. I agree with >>1624676 he looks like a pre-troon and he’s probably jealous and daydreaming about wearing her skin.

No. 1624681

porn is this kind of lefty moid's sacred cow you aren't allowed to criticize yet he's making fun of women by saying they look like pornstars…curious

No. 1624686

she's so pretty i thought she was ai generated

No. 1624688

I find it funny how problematic men who are attractive can still be seen as attractive, but problematic women who are objectively attractive can't be seen as attractive or men/women will try to convince everyone they are just so ugly or "mid". >>1624668 is attractive.
is ugly as hell, and probably over compliments any troon he sees, or actually isn't even attracted to women at all. Right wing/left wing scrotes are all equally sexiest, misogynstic and fucked up if they are extreme with it. Shit even the one's who aren't. Neither side gives a SHIT about women outside their narratives.
Left wing men don't even try to pretend to be "male feminist" anymore. They'll cape for troons be misogysntic as fuck towards women, and still expect us to date them/pat them on the back.
While a lot of conserative male, just hate gay men/ugly troons, because they are homophobic. Yet they'll have Blaire white on their platform or use him as the "See? Troons can be attractive and sane".

No. 1624689

She’s super pretty. The moid critizing her is ugly and looks gay imo

No. 1624720

Why did he have sex with you if he was asexual?

No. 1624789

Sounds like a repressing gay rather than an actual asexual

No. 1624836

I hate when a post in the mundane shit thread isn't actually mundane shit. I want to hear about the things in your life, bitch!

No. 1625085

File: 1688546973030.jpg (144.91 KB, 1280x960, emdCnxU.jpg)

I hate all the americentric hate for millenials that defines them from the US perspective that leaks into the entirety of the western hemisphere. In my country millenials suffered through the worst depression of our modern history with the economy borderline crashing down in their childhood so a lot of us had to deal with alcoholic parents, poverty, broken homes, public services being shut down etc. Around 1/4 of us have some sort of a diagnosed mental illness and we were raised by parents who were born directly into or after WW2 with our country in near shambles, carrying the generational trauma. And not to mention when we became adults another market crash hit in 2008. Shut the fuck up with this "millenials being self absorbed disney adults am I right" bit. Also fuck zoomers for sucking Gen X dick trying to cause some retarded cultural war against millenials just to peddle some retarded Y2K culture wares and to divert attention away from bezos, musk and others like them.

No. 1625087

File: 1688547148058.jpeg (212.36 KB, 818x1303, D123ABA8-8E72-4054-AA57-AC666A…)

Wtf is this shit? Lmao
This looks like a whole ass woman so I guess they got that right

No. 1625088

Why can't they just let Tom boys be Tom boys? It's so obnoxious

No. 1625091

Isn't this that canonically "nonbinary" character from Noelle Stevenson's new show?

No. 1625104

Actually the troon is right, the movie was based on a comic by "demiboy" in the Noelle Stevenson, I watched the movie and Nimona outright states "I'm not a girl, I'm Nimona"

No. 1625118

I hate weddings, more specifically western wedding culture, where people throw thousands of dollars away for some fake forced awkward bullshit. Even invited you are required to give them a card with an absurd amount of money or something off their registry that they couldn’t afford in the first place.

No. 1625119

File: 1688553820088.jpg (8.55 KB, 300x168, perkele.jpg)

No. 1625194

File: 1688565130883.jpeg (78.51 KB, 1170x580, E3572BF4-7EDF-4AAD-8148-0FAC43…)

>Noelle Stevenson

Ah that explains it. I miss before she trooned out and made genuinely cute art.

No. 1625210

I love how nonny actually recognized the country kek, truly a collective trauma

No. 1625281

File: 1688576534080.jpg (573.75 KB, 2160x1850, image - 2023-07-05T110251.169.…)

Nothing spells corruption like being banned for 2 different reasons (with none of them being the truth) :D(:D)

No. 1625284

I hate that Yume Nikki vomit reaction pic because it's obviously a fetish image yet I see it used constantly.

No. 1625293

of course the troons will latch on to that kek

No. 1625298

the style reminds me of Kate Beaton's art, wonder if Noelle was a fan of Kate's webcomics.

No. 1625299

I like reading good fanfiction. But what I hate is reading good fanfiction and stumbling onto an author's note sucking troon dick when it has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Was reading a ao3 fic that had mentions of a girl having her first period and it included explaining about male/female biology and differences, and the author still felt the need to pander to troonery >"just because my character is spouting gender eSSenTIalisM, and doesn't understand the unique aspects of various genders, doesn't mean I mean it too!!!11 anyways fuck off transphobes"

This sort of desperate troon cocksucking always makes me suspect that the author is a troon themselves/edgy themby or a terminally online handmaiden. Why can't fanfiction writers be either normal people or better yet, based terfs (of which I encountered only once)?

No. 1625382

My father's driving, and men treating driving like some fucking chimpanzee fight. I can't even express this to him, because even him and his brother stopped talking for life over criticizing each other's driving (I'm not kidding, these are two 40+ men). It's one thing that he bitches whenever someone doesn't drive at the maximum legal speed limit for the road, like who fucking cares, go around them. But on highways he constantly plays this shit of "checking" people. When he could easily switch to the inner lane to take over someone, he'd still rather use those 500 meters to drive right up their fucking ass to scare them, and only then does he switch to the inner lane. It's such fucking confusing behaviour.

I have a driver's license but have barely got to use it, and at this point I don't want to drive just because of all the male apes on the road.

No. 1625392

You probably got an already banned dynamic ip. Back when that used to happen to me when I posted on 4chan I'd just send them an email how it's a dynamic ip and they'd unban me.

No. 1625715

File: 1688605192421.jpg (208.79 KB, 1280x1280, Artist, Historian, Certified N…)

When I'm reading a crochet pattern and they tell me to make a gauge swatch. I do not wish to do that.

No. 1625781

File: 1688610931212.jpg (492.29 KB, 2500x1667, 230210154814-03-gender-affirmi…)

i hate the phrase "trans kids". i'm not even a burger but i keep seeing it brought up as a talking point by every lgbt group in my country. i can't tell if it's referring to 14 year old tif victims of social contagion or really young children under 10. i hate it either way. i'm a childless bi woman in my late 20s, why would i ever be so focussed on children when i want to meet other gay and bi people?

No. 1625792

The sriracha shortage. I bought Tobasco brand sriracha cause it was all the store had and thought it would do the trick. It's awful, nonas. I hate tobasco sriracha too.

No. 1625793

It's them wanting to do sex stuff but being ashamed of it and thinking "sex bad and stupid" even though they secretly like it. That's why they had to come up with this bullshit. Also, most asexuals who claim it's "lack of sexual attraction" do things out of sexual attraction like kissing and having sex so that's a telltale sign they're lying about that.

No. 1625977

File: 1688628170748.jpg (26.62 KB, 540x392, 1624050548639.jpg)

The trend in yaoi manga (probably just the translations, I HOPE) of having the guys yell shit like "Get pregnant" and "Breed me" and "bussy". Seriously, if that's just the scanlation groups doing that shit, then whatever. I'll read the original scans. But if that kind of writing is in the original to begin with, then the authors should consider glassing themselves. I'm so sick of the womb envy from them. I want to read about two dudes fucking. Two men. 'Kay?

No. 1625991

File: 1688629863855.gif (607.22 KB, 500x360, sigh.gif)

When all the icecream in the freezer is melted despite it working properly

No. 1626034

Kek I don't really read bl with lots of porn but I definitely can see that happening in ero bl. Ass-pussy/bussy most definitely happens.

No. 1626065

belive it or not many irl gay moids do say shit like this and I guess scanlators (probably gayaboo aidens) wanted to make it more "realistic gay representation"

No. 1626073

Not sure what type of BL you're reading but I've seen some trap shit mentioning pussies and getting pregnant a lot and it's always kinda gross. Or maybe you're reading omegaverse, in that case it's just regular omegaverse.

Unless they use meme terms like "bussy" I don't think it's the translator's fault, some authors really just include extremely cringy and disgusting dialogue.

No. 1626077

I don't remember as many mentionings of pregnancy in hentai during the 2000s

No. 1626078

trapfags appropiating fujo culture has to be the worst thing that happened to us

No. 1626090

Listening to so many ambience audios has made me hate the sound of rain. I still enjoy real rain though.

No. 1626092

Samefag, and I hate fire crackling too. Again not irl but they are in most ambience and relaxation videos and I hate it and I'm tired of it

No. 1626097

isn't there significant overlap between the two nowadays?

No. 1626125

Not really.

No. 1626134

File: 1688649886202.jpeg (94.48 KB, 519x465, FCEB8698-F711-4B2E-870D-80AE1C…)

I hate breakfast, it’s absolutely the worst meal of the day and the most annoying to prepare. I made pancakes this morning to treat myself and the amount of cleanup afterwards is a pain in the ass. If I’m not doing something special I just eat a glob of yogurt or oatmeal because I’m sick of sugary cereal. After a while I realized that my dad puts so much effort in cooking breakfasts for himself because he just leaves everything on the counter and makes my mother clean it all up.

No. 1626183

This so much, I'll just drink a glass of fortified milk. I wake up in terrible mood in the morning, having to cook in a rush doesn't help.

No. 1626192

I read one and got a few pages in and started feeling nauseous. I hate omegaverse so, so much. Even more than the stupid-ass "get pregnant" shit.

No. 1626269

I've always hated when anons are like "but men do it too!". If you know men are terrible, why would you even want to replicate their behavior? When has that ever been the goal? It just makes it sound like some anons aren't mad that men do bad things, they're mad that they're the only ones who do it. And that kind of defense never works on me anyway because whatever the woman is doing, I probably hate it a 100x more when a man is doing it. That doesn't mean I'm gonna be ok with a woman killing a whole family and the pet goldfish or some shit though. It's just a shotty defense and I think you have to be mentally deficient to think otherwise.

No. 1626286

Not the same thing, imo. It's the fact that people are so quick to silence women compared to men when doing anything.
If a woman wants to exploit moids by making money off of the moids being purely sexualized, that's based. You will likely see 10x more backlash against her though, with a "but its still wrong!!!" attitude.

No. 1626425

When I have a wound and the blood won't fucking clot so it can stop bleeding. Happens too often.

No. 1626472

>blonde men are women to me
yeah same

No. 1626555

>>1626192 omegaverse is so fucking disgusting and can be even more misogynistic than regular trash yaoi. When I see hot fictional guys and find out they're from an omegaverse that's when my attraction fade instantly. Some of its writers and enjoyers (from my experience) tend to be annoying idiots who argue on Twitter about shipping and the most braindead porn addict ever.

No. 1626567

You need to add a line break after the post number, nonna

No. 1626605

I hate flies so much, they're like the NEETs of the animal kingdom. Annoying, contribute nothing, and leech off of everything. Literal parasites.

No. 1626624

File: 1688689147751.jpeg (710.45 KB, 2778x1974, 33960DBE-7507-4C20-9E09-9D0EED…)

they were made to be eaten by frogs

No. 1626640

They're a very important part of the ecosystem though. They eat dead stuff. I guess I'm lucky the ones around my house aren't the kind that bite.

No. 1626642

That kind that what?

No. 1626644

Do you not have biting flies where you live? They use their mouth parts to slice your skin and then drink your blood. And they're huge.

No. 1626645

File: 1688690844068.jpg (262.54 KB, 1022x1080, download (2).jpg)


No. 1626658

File: 1688691616345.jpg (91.95 KB, 563x750, 40537569.jpg)

I didn't know there were any places without them. I'm jealous.

No. 1626659

are you in Australia or some part of Asia?

No. 1626661

looks like a horse fly. them little shits can get stomped on.

No. 1626663

I want you to know that my body literally shook upon seeing this image. What the actual fuck is that

No. 1626676

File: 1688692816143.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.69 KB, 732x549, shutterstock_1057275197_thumb-…)

It's a horse fly. They're big blood sucking flies and their mouths are razors. Their bites hurt like hell and if you're unlucky enough, they look like this.

No. 1626685

is that a wasp?

No. 1626694

There are biting flies all over the USA, it’s not just an Australian thing. We called them horse flies where I grew up. I think there are technically several types but I don’t know of a colloquial name other than horse fly. Haven’t bothered looking into what other countries have them, I just assume they might be anywhere when it’s warm out.

No. 1626705

File: 1688694141724.jpeg (695.98 KB, 1179x1199, IMG_0213.jpeg)

That’s probably not horsefly bites, or maybe it is since type of insect isn’t specified and it’s a stick image, but they’re just labeled as infected bites. it does show up in google images when you search horsefly bite but it’s just the computer being stupid, the image is from a separate article on the same website as a horsefly article

No. 1626707

>telling people to blow their brains out over using a site

Nah, you need to take a breather. It's never that serious.

No. 1626710


No. 1626730

Nona 50% of the userbase is men and I’m tired of pretending it’s not. Just look around.

No. 1626757

I hate people who tell me what to wear. I'll wear what i want

No. 1626765

File: 1688698270186.jpg (94.48 KB, 773x542, Throwing away the garbage.jpg)

No. 1626798

File: 1688700830367.jpg (203.84 KB, 1024x683, istockphoto-939342626-1024x102…)

what if the demographics of every anonymous website are the same, and it's just the same people changing their attitudes and personalities to conform to the different sites. All the screencaps of reddit moids are actually self-posts, and these two posters are actually the same person who is also me

No. 1626911

I'd wager 30% or 1/4th, they are very noticeable in the celebciows and tradthot threads.

No. 1626921

Clicking on a banner for one of the items in it and it doesn't even link you to it. Aka seeing a nice dress on a website only for it to lead no where. Except it happens with tons of things.

No. 1626944

watermarks on 0 effort memes

No. 1626955

File: 1688716476649.jpg (99.02 KB, 1080x471, IMG_20230707_095332.jpg)

Found this comment on a video of some lady talking about her lawn claiming the grass she's using is native to where she lives. I hate this dumb shit, I'm so close to posting an eyeroll emoji

No. 1626958

File: 1688716899713.jpg (60.38 KB, 500x654, romanstyles.jpg)

White women who police other white women unnecessarily about "cultural appropriation". I was looking at the instagram of an animal rescue and the founder was depressed over a fox pup who had been injured. But comments were full of idiots talking about her braided hair instead and how it's stolen from black women like she literally ripped it off their heads. I really don't think braids are copyrighted, and hairstyles with intricate braids have been part of european culture for millenia. It's like they were just power tripping because they could smell weakness.

No. 1626965

File: 1688718288442.jpg (42.67 KB, 640x477, EVf4KRxWoAAtksi.jpg)

I hate people who still shoot off fireworks like 1 in morning even after the 4th of July. They should be fined for that for being a public disturbance to those who needed rest to work on the following day.

No. 1626968

Wait they were upset that a fox was taken by Animal Rescue? I mean why though its not a pet.

No. 1626975

Its very obvious with posts like >>1626472 either lurking moid, troon(which is the worst type of moid) or fakeboi

No. 1626983

File: 1688720702693.png (402.27 KB, 697x617, saveafox1.png)

No they were scolding a woman who rescues foxes from fur farms because wears her hair in tiny braids like rasta style, while being white. This is misogynoir and disrespect apparantly.

No. 1626984

File: 1688720727036.png (21.59 KB, 488x259, saveafox2.png)

No. 1626985

And that pisses me off because at least one of these people is a white Swede, so I think it's just wanting to scold someone while they feel down.

No. 1626988

I hate when people think "white people food" or whatever that means is yucky and bland while any other culture has wonderful savoury food. White people have plenty of savoury traditional foods but I don't expect the average twitterfag to know that. No, your dish made out of cheap meat drowned in a shitton of random spices hardly counts as indian food, and you'd retch at actual traditional foods that aren't trendy for turists. This shit always comes from americans who eat shit fast food, processed crap and 10 soda cans/drinks a day who feel superior because they tasted sushi from a chinese restaurant once.

I thought you were talking about Mikayla. It's so petty because this woman does a lot for foxes and other rescues animals but nope, gotta scold the nasty white woman because she wears tiny braids because she clearly enjoys the style. I guess black women aren't allowed to have straight hair because it's a "white women thing" then. I hate that you can be as misogynistic as you like if it's a white woman.

No. 1626990

This, both my parents are "brown" by American standards, but my father's people is rich in meat and dairy and there's not much spices, cause they live in a cold region while my mother's people food is more spice rich but not much in protein.

No. 1626991

>at least one of these people is a white Swede,
Not surprising considering terminally online Americans bully everyone and everything into following their politics regardless where they're from.

No. 1626999

Mikayla works so damn hard to help those foxes and other animals, it's ironic how the social media commenters focuses on her looks negatively instead of her work and the animals she cares for. The usual sexism, but make it woke.
I know, I'm sick of it.

No. 1627004

Its even worse when those Americanized people(who are sadly over resented in upper class) try to export American woke concept in our nations, like trying to export "white privellge" as "Punjabi privellge" as both are the majorities but it doesn't work cause vast majority of Punjabis are feudal farmers. its utterly retarded. its why liberals cannot be relevant no matter how much resources they have, cause their disconnected from their own population.

No. 1627010

Exporting the concept of white privilege from the context of USA which was a land colonized by white people to Europe is also ridiculous. White people in Europe are the natives, not colonizers.

No. 1627011

in the MTF Threads a Polish nonna occasionally vents how completely retarded the liberal parties in her country are, the right-wing parties don't have to do anything, they just have to let the other side lose on their own.

No. 1627014

This is sadly happening in a lot of European countries. Americanized wokeness is fuelling the right-wing parties.

No. 1627016

Its happening in Asia and Africa as well, out last liberal government literally allowed a 'third gender" category along with a lot of other crap that the public hated, it was a party completely made-up of urban upper-class liberals who talked about how the Muslim word was so progressive once and how backwards Europe was, needlessly to say that party didn't even complete its full term, and a worse corrupt party took power, their only benefit was that they weren't Idiots and knew what to say to not offend the average person.

No. 1627019

call me a tinfoiler but I'm sure it's an intentional psy-op

No. 1627021

It's extra shitty because she's obviously going through a bad time because of the accident with the fox and these people really felt the need to comment on her hair.

No. 1627024

It's not a tinfoil; it's a well-documented fact that the CIA provided funding and essentially shilled retards such as Foucault and members of the Frankfurt School. The intention behind this funding was to redirect the attention of young leftists away from actual communism toward more ineffectual academic pursuits. While someone who believes in Stalinism or Marxist-Leninism might represent a potential threat to the state, those who are only reading works by Idiots like Judith Butler or Adorno are unlikely to pose any real danger to any government.

No. 1627416

he doesn't sound asexual, he just doesn't seem to be into you all that much.

No. 1627665

File: 1688772134645.jpg (949.97 KB, 2048x1536, toll.jpg)

I hate toll roads! They're nothing but a legal way to scam drivers especially for those who went in by accident. Plus they take up highway space that could've a been better use for the public.
t. Nonna who went in a toll road by accident last night

No. 1627673

>it's a well-documented fact
No, it's not. Can you provide documents of this fact kek?

No. 1627698

Source: it came to me in a vision

No. 1627699

I never understood the concept of tollways because why do we have to pay to drive on certain highways

No. 1627740

My family only used these to go faster past everyone on road trips home. Still crazy that you're paying to have a fast pass on a public road instead of some park.

No. 1627775

File: 1688785737428.png (46.52 KB, 200x200, 17604571.png)

i want to strangle annoying faggots on discord who backseat mod
always jumping in and trying to tell you what to do like they're reliving their glory days as the school hall monitor

No. 1627802

mixing up my homonyms in an otherwise coherent sentence

No. 1627813

File: 1688788374493.png (328.97 KB, 1195x596, IMG_0727.png)

Not that anon but it’s here
There’s more shit if you Google it and find the official report

No. 1627864

I literally forgot these things exist because there is none where I live.

No. 1627913

I despise dating apps and people who use them, they're like animals in heat.

No. 1628043

I'm wary of women who purposefully marry military men, that includes my parents.

No. 1628052

I hate when people write 'didn't used to' instead of 'didn't use to'.

No. 1628057

This but with some of the minimoddng mfs on lolcow

No. 1628059

or "should/could/would of" instead of "should/could/would have"

No. 1628061

New Right ideas such as de Benoist and his metapolitical approach drawing on Foucault's power-knowledge discourses are among the most serious intellectual threats to the hegemony of liberalism though

No. 1628063

0 effort memes in general

No. 1628070

kek, you really believe that? all these assholes only exist because of liberalism, they are pretenciiious pedophiles who would be put into labor camps in any just society.

No. 1628084

No. 1628089

I hate this so much that I even hate typing the thing. I hate the phrasing of “stolen innocence” when it comes to children, typically girls, being abused. How on earth is someone who was raped as a child no longer innocent? That makes no fucking sense.

No. 1628127

Because sex = dirty and men are dirt that ruins "innocent women" (by male logic, idk why they can't see that this logic makes males seem like the evil). You don't see anyone shaming men for being "no longer innocent"

No. 1628193

I hate zoomers so much. When my fandoms get popular with them the quality goes down by like 80%. The art gets worse, the fanfics get worse, and the fandoms become much more hostile and vapid for lack of a better word. Everyone is talking about whose autistic and trans instead of the themes of the book or character dynamics. I've also noticed that the more trannies into something the more beastiality and extreme underage fics get posted. I didn't see that shit before these books got popular with zoomers.

No. 1628197

there are only two kinds of aiden fanfics
>absolute boring shite where everyone is trans and gay and ~neurodivergent~ and nothing actually happens
>absolute degeneracy that makes you wonder why the author is not being locked into an asylum

No. 1628199

Same. I was just recently lookin for fics after years of not reading anything, and every character is suddenly a tranny and fics have multiple versions with different pronouns.

No. 1628216

NTA but you are exactly right. It's how women are shamed for wearing certain outfits and victim blamed when men will literally assault women wearing ANYTHING. So obviously clothing is not the issue. It's men and how they are taught to view women as property.
It's like the whole bullshit of virginity being 'sacred' for women but no one cares about men fucking 10 women at a time.

No. 1628228

I thought it meant that the child had their innocence about the world and people taken from them. That the child has now learned that there are cruel and abusive men out there.

No. 1628291

the phrase "creative juices flowing". feels so disgusting

No. 1628328

Being practically begged to explain an inside joke between you and a friend, just to be told That's… not really funny, is it? afterwards. No shit, dimwit, that's why you don't explain jokes, and especially not these where you had to be there.

No. 1628361

File: 1688845727235.png (5.55 KB, 200x200, 6250754.png)

I saw a moid yesterday at the discount grocery store wearing a fucking Ethereum t-shirt. Y'know, Ethereum, the cryptocoin. And on the back of the shirt it said "We're all gonna make it." He was buying shitty factory farm-brand chicken when I saw it, too.

No. 1628401

narc bitches who think that just because they disagree with something they can play the victim, spam report, throw a tantrum and have people take their side. oh another woman disagrees with you? who gives a shit

No. 1628508

kek which thread did you get banned in

No. 1628522

I fucking hate when people insist to know what made me laugh because I just know they won't find it funny and it'll be awkward.

No. 1628556

At least it's not something stupid like dogecoin or animefartcoin.

No. 1628589

File: 1688862064799.jpeg (233.79 KB, 2048x2048, 1EB450A1-3420-4F18-A0FD-F3961C…)

Those weird single mom jokes. It’s even worse watching women trying to make them only to get made fun of by scrotes. I don’t know what pickmes expect.

No. 1628590

File: 1688862090979.jpg (302.66 KB, 1280x1195, d28868_4675500c_1280.jpg)

Seen the word faggette here and there on here, truly uninspired and in the same vein of bluette, pinkette, yellownette don't ask and just reminds me of spaghetti. Highly certain that it's the same person using the word based on vocabulary and typing style, hoping it would catch on or wanting to fit in a female-centric imageboard after getting molded by male one. Loser

No. 1628597

Yeah men always try too hard and think too hard about it. It's so funny because they're posts are always super obvious, you can spot male autism in sentence structure alone. Along with the fact that they're generally weirdly hypersexual or think johnny depp tier brap jokes are funny, very male. Real women would just say faggot.

No. 1628610

File: 1688863586308.png (26.48 KB, 478x243, Capture.PNG)

This shit from grown "men" online. I don't know if he's being real or not but I hate it.

No. 1628663

oh no i didn't get banned but the narc bitch sure did try. luckily for her i obeyed site rules, this was off site however.

No. 1628668

Yessss i tought i was the only one who noticed and felt demented kek, anyway they're always seething about something when they use faggette so it probably is the same person

No. 1628673

You guys will call anons men for the dumbest shit

No. 1628722

And do. So?

No. 1628771

Honestly think it's either rancefag or a bitter anon that got banned

No. 1628824

for once he's right, painting my nails did stop me from biting them kek

No. 1629129

File: 1688916485445.jpeg (148.68 KB, 1062x1336, B02737D2-FEFC-4733-9E4C-D1099F…)

I hate this shit, I wish anyone who jokes about shit like this gets a vest with bombs tied to their bodies so they can experience the fear that many children and women have to go through.

No. 1629157

Moids will fetishize anything but also, this is obviously a lame attempt to copy that one moid who drew the girl in the trenchcoat with the bombs kek

No. 1629175

File: 1688920424649.jpg (337.56 KB, 1464x2048, [21-12-15] 1471116554423185410…)

how do you people survive on the internet?

No. 1629179

NTA but psychopathic edgelord moid "humor" isn't funny, sorry

No. 1629209

File: 1688923467685.jpeg (150.13 KB, 720x960, IMG_0889.jpeg)

I hate this and whatever this embodies (late stage capitalism? Idk)

No. 1629213

NTA and I don't mind "edgy" humor but I hate degen moid-isms and that absolutely is

No. 1629216

What the fuck

No. 1629221

I’m guessing this is from a state without an open door policy?

No. 1629240

isn't that illegal? at least in certain states

No. 1629243

not enforceable, just preying on naive people who don't know any better, if it's even real.

No. 1629256

File: 1688927166654.jpg (221.48 KB, 1352x751, Untitled.jpg)

always hated her. felt like content for neets and incels

No. 1629259

KEK I’d bet $100 this is a sign in a literal right to work state

No. 1629260

It was hilarious that anyone was surprised when they “discovered” how busted she really looks, as if it isn’t obvious in all her videos from before the “reveal”

No. 1629263

who is she?

No. 1629268

i really get put off when i find out a guy plays games like fortnite or overwatch. i kinda get it if it's an older game like wow or tf2, i think it's almost endearing when they play it here and there and find it nostalgic the same way i sometimes play dress up games i liked as a kid (but if they go full tard rage over them it's very gross, i don't know how anyone can take a man like that seriously). but with newer games like those it's just so unattractive for some reason. i wish i could explain it.

No. 1629269

File: 1688927796226.jpg (128.76 KB, 939x421, Untitled.jpg)

yeah looking at her insta now the only hanger-ons really are just pathetic tradcels

No. 1629274


I think it's because a lot of these games have shit communities or the game itself has some sexism/misogyny in it

No. 1629291

she was kinda like an early Poppy

No. 1629294

Kek I always liked her. Just hated the moids she would a attract like the one commenting here >>1629269

No. 1629306

Why tf do you still care

No. 1629330

File: 1688932400705.gif (1.72 MB, 405x316, therockeyebrowthing.gif)

When my anti-tranny memes get taken down but other people's homophobic and woman hating memes stay up

No. 1629376

Dry shampoo, I feel like it just feels so disgusting and I would rather my hair look slightly oily and just tie it up than have to tolerate the feeling of dry shampoo

No. 1629534

I hate how everything is sexualized these days. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of things considered sexual even in the past, but nowadays, it's gotten ridiculous. For example, when I was a little girl I remember being obsessed with school outfits and dress up games. I used to always play those games and save super cool outfits because I thought they were cute. I thought everyone else liked those outfits and things for innocent reasons, and then growing older and finding out that men jerk off to school girl outfits and shit like that. It's so frustrating. Maybe it's because I don't have a very sexual mind (I guess?), but I just saw a video where this girl was wearing a velvet dress, and while I don't know her 'intentions' wearing the dress, the comments were insanely sexual, insisting this girl was wearing it to show off. Now don't get me wrong, I know a lot of videos and tiktoks are made to be overtly sexual, but there are also a lot of other ones that are not IMO. I also just recently saw a post where it was a stock photo of women bullying another women, and the top comments were ALL talking about how this reminded them of porn.
I just feel like if you're a woman, no matter what you do, it will be sexualized. whether it's dressing up, or eating chicken wings, or just bending over to pick something up, people will think it's sexual. I definitely think porn has made it worse in recent years. I swear the internet didn't used to be this bad….

No. 1629589

I know exactly what you mean. It didn’t used to be this bad and I truly believe it is because of porn.
My friend recently had a visit from CPS because her eleven year old son sent explicit texts and pictures to a girl in his class. Until recently this kind of behaviour was almost exclusively a result of childhood sexual abuse. He got the ideas from TikTok.
I hate how normalised porn is. I don’t get how it became something that’s just totally acceptable to talk and joke about in public, especially with stuff like Blacked, incest porn, and cuck shit. It’s gross and I’m really worried about what the future holds.

No. 1629608

Fuck off, it’s retarded, fetishizing and making fun of shit that happens to people irl. Not only that, most of the people sharing those pictures are like “lol cute little girl wearing le funny vest with bombs lmao lol” when they don’t even understand where are those things coming from.
It’s of such bad taste, I don’t give a fuck if you laugh at people getting honor killed and if you masturbate thinking about getting put in a situation like that, but I will complain and tell the people sending that shit to me or to the online spaces I am, that it’s fucked up, I will explain where the funny lol bomb vests are coming from and what are the people wearing those things thinking about.
Because laughing at people getting used for suicide missions is at the same level as laughing at kids getting raped or murdered.
Like “lol look at this cute little anime girl getting raped by her uncle, how can you survive on the internet? What a snowflake” maybe log off and read a book for once.

No. 1629611

I don't even understand what the joke is supposed to be. "Haha cute anime girl that's about to kill you"? I don't get it. Is it just supposed to be that it's unexpected? Confusion.

No. 1629613

I'm so glad I'm not having children so they won't grow up in this fucked up pornified dystopia, but sadly that doesn't prevent me from worrying about my loved ones' children.

No. 1629618

Can't stand zeuhl

No. 1629623

The original pic comes in two parts, she only reveals the bomb in the second panel. It was supposed to be a joke about opening one's coat and flashing strangers, but the twist is that she's actually carrying a bomb.
The cheap copy is more fetishy and depressive-suicidal than funny. It's more waifu moeshit art rather than an edgy joke.
>Like “lol look at this cute little anime girl getting raped by her uncle, how can you survive on the internet? What a snowflake” maybe log off and read a book for once.
Yeah this, I hate edgelords who act like you have to worship fucked up moid "humor" and degeneracy to not be considered zoomer SJW snowflakes. They never realize that a lot of imageboard oldfags have grown up and even though they tolerated or even liked that bullshit when they were young and edgy, they now realize it's not healthy or correct to support those kinds of things and that we're allowed to criticize it. I have seen the worst shit imaginable on the internet both fictional and real and have come to the conclusion that such things are horribly morally wrong and anyone who is proud of that being their "culture" has mental issues and shouldn't be listened to.

No. 1629646

Holy shit this plus the retarded infighting increases by 90%, Im so glad to be in fandoms that zoomers aren't interested in for the most part. Individual zoomers are fine but when there's a pack of them? They get mad over the stupidest shit. And when you can tell a fic is written by a preachy zoomer it's the absolute worst.

No. 1629656

File: 1688952568965.jpeg (573.31 KB, 800x1169, A8CCDF30-F6F6-473D-AE11-25A517…)

This one? It's actually funny, imagine if it happened in real life and suddenly the flashers would be afraid to flash random women (or at least Muslim women).

No. 1629676

Kek no, I was talking about this picture >>1629175 there's a first part before she reveals the bomb. That's the joke.

No. 1629696

No. 1629707

File: 1688955672509.jpeg (161.31 KB, 749x1060, 7A4CED45-1289-423F-8998-43C2B6…)

>absolute degeneracy that makes you wonder why the author is not being locked into an asylum
The moomins only have fanfics like those, I hate them all, I just wanted to read cute stories about the Joxter and Mymble.

No. 1629708

File: 1688955679079.jpg (Spoiler Image,310.49 KB, 1500x2250, dua-lipa-barbie-premiere-7cc78…)

Don't hate this but the trend of wearing lingerie and calling it high fashion is boring and looks tacky (to me) most of the time.

No. 1629710

I hate it and it's ugly and lazy

No. 1629724

Nona that isn't lingerie.

No. 1629730

File: 1688957069202.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.59 KB, 980x1470, florence-pugh-see-through-lila…)

they're not that different to me. another example i present is this dress that Florence Pugh wore recently. there are ways to wear sheer dresses but draping it over yourself and highlighting your underwear or body is lazy and unimaginative.

No. 1629731

Rhianna did this and also Rose McGowan did this but it’s not lingerie

No. 1629733

“Sheer” is not lingerie sorry they’re different things

No. 1629738

File: 1688958085637.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.21 KB, 1000x1000, rihanna.jpg)

Nta but I think it was great when Rihanna did it. I think you need to have a certain presence or aura to pull it off. Although their dresses aren't the same, Dua Lipa in that photo looks uncomfortable and like she's fighting the urge to pull up her arms and cover herself. The way she's posing makes it look as if she wasn't 100% sure about the dress. Plus something about the panties (the shape maybe?) look awkward.

Also, strange choice for a Barbie carpet. I know the new movie isn't really for children so I guess that explains why she's so bare but at least be on theme. When did Barbie ever wear a sheer dress with her nipples out?

No. 1629741

Samefag, but I also think that it feels different because of the images that they have. Rihanna's image is of a "bad girl" and a fashionista. Although she's in the fashion world, Dua Lipa's image, to me, is more of a retro pop singer.

No. 1629821

I live in a third world country and I hate how my college classmates are so bitchy and always sound like jealous sore losers every time someone in my class manages to get a cool acheivement (like a scholarship in a first-world country or a very high tier job offer). Instead of congratulating them or being merely happy for them they just act catty and bitchy for no reason.

I don't understand why third world people get so salty when someone they know manages to get a cool opportunity in life like that. Melting out of jealousy and self sabotaging like that won't improve your own life but making and supporting good friends who managed to go far could open up a chance for someone to get you a cool job in the future.

No. 1629846

I don't appreciate it when someone makes a post saying stuff like "good post", "dangerously based", "well said", "underrated" and then, when i check the post they are referring to it turns out to be worthy of severe condemnation.

No. 1629850

Iirc my state has a policy that women cannot abort without coming into the clinic and them attempting to guilt trip you into keeping it then you have 24 or 48 hours until the actual decision. Just another way to make those in a terrible situation feel even worse by preaching at them. I hate that. It's like saying your decisions is the incorrect one.

No. 1629856

Kek zeuhl was the last thing I was expecting to see on this thread (and I love it so whatever).

No. 1629890

if he's into overwatch he's definitely a coomer

No. 1629891

I have noticed that the more adult-oriented the source material is the more you see of the former and the more family-friendly it is (like Moomins as you said) the more you see of the latter.

No. 1629892

moids responding to moid degeneracy

No. 1629938

> They never realize that a lot of imageboard oldfags have grown up and even though they tolerated or even liked that bullshit when they were young and edgy, they now realize it's not healthy or correct to support those kinds of things
This was really isolating for me as a teenager, I remember specifically my friends looking at pictures of the Boston bombing and me trying to express to them that that shit isn’t good for your brain and those are people with lives. They were like “oh it doesn’t bother me” trying to act hard. I fall somewhere more moderate now, but after trying to desensitize myself to everything by seeking out the most intense gore I swung way back the other way and thought nothing of the sort should be viewed by others.

No. 1629940

Nona why

No. 1629979

Lingerie is underwear, you wear it underneath your clothes or to bed. What you are posting isn't lingerie.

No. 1629995

Oh i wish, but i don't frequent 4chan where that's indeed the case.

No. 1630027

Oh god I'm having flashbacks of how that bomber received tons of fangirls on twitter defending him and claiming that he didn't do the attack just because they found him attractive.

No. 1630033

Use cornstarch baby powder instead it’s way better

No. 1630048

I just like how unhinged and batshit it is.

No. 1630055

please tell me you're at least listening to something like Magma and not fucking Koenjihyakkei

No. 1630071

Yes, Magma is actually my favorite band and not all zeuhl bands are good as they tend to do Magma worship (Koenji Hyakkei is so fucking exhausting lol), I like more chill things like Weidorj or Univers Zéro.

No. 1630072

when I click report instead of delete kek

No. 1630073

on my own posts, sorry I clicked new replay before saying that

No. 1630075

I do it like half the time I want to delete a post, I'm always so scared to get banned for some reason.

No. 1630081

Oh ok then. I hate Koenjihyakkei too, can't believe they're from the same country as the genre of japanoise.
Univers Zéro can be interesting but they're way too melodic

No. 1630124

i don't like the trend of how nowadays most pop songs have rapping in it that don't even match with the rest of the song. if i want to listen to rap, i'll pick a rapper. if i want pop i want just pop. i hate kpop because you'll listen to a pretty good banger only for the song to get ruined by some korean with passable english and the shittiest beat possible rapping for a portion of the song that you can't even edit out.

No. 1630158

Farmers forming parasocial relationships with cows will never not be the most pathetic and annoying thing I've ever seen. Like, go be a friendless loser on /g/

No. 1630197

File: 1689018547559.jpg (14.01 KB, 295x216, 141540e04033718933fe29b73adce6…)

When there's a drama in my fandom and a lot of people who had never even touched the media in question suddendly come out to sperg about it. You can give your opinion, you can be firm about what you believe, I don't even care much about the whole "fake fan" thing or newcomers, but don't spam everywhere about it as if you were an authority in the fandom when just a few days ago you probably didn't care or know about this piece of media.

No. 1630221

Don't care about muh progressive islam. Hate it.

No. 1630291

I hate when people, younger people specifically will go “i redesigned the characters from “x”” and every characters silhouette is a stiff geometric shape because girl characters having curves is bad. Also they redress them like they’re going to Sears on a Sunday in the 80s. Thats all. It just bothers me.
… like you can not like a show because you dont like the clothes or the character designs but when your take away from it is “its sexy and therefore bad” its just like wow who busted your knuckles with a ruler?

No. 1630303

File: 1689025944874.jpeg (157.44 KB, 1200x799, IMG_2555.jpeg)

What is the point of a handbag so tiny. Why would someone buy them? Just for shits and giggles?

They make me irrationally angry.

(I accidentally posted this in the stupid question thread and didn't notice until now, I meant to post it here, oops, my bad)

No. 1630478

Exclusionary status symbol because poor people can’t waste thousands on an extremely impractical bag.

No. 1630626

Nta and I see your point but the bag in picrel is not that expensive, I've never even seen anybody use it as a purse, more like a coin purse or a card holder.

No. 1630633

Looks silly.

Strikes me as vain and impractical, a person who sacrifices comfort for perceived status points must feel quite insecure in their status. I'm somewhat well off and i don't feel a need to signal my wealth, on the contrary, i try to hide it.

No. 1630848

Zoomers/Newfags thinking being a degnerate on your alt account is milk/cow behavoir.

No. 1630851

It is though, coomers are embarrassing.

No. 1630909

I like seeing people being called out for being denenerates, especially if they’re pedos working on children’s cartoons…

No. 1630926

It is if you work in children’s media, and you’ve been the only person in the art and animation threads trying to downplay how fucked up it is.

No. 1630954

It's fucked up but shouldn't be in the cow threads

No. 1630967

People dismissing others with "You're just jealous/insecure." Great job broadcasting your shallow thinking and that your emotional development was stunted in middle school.

No. 1631551

File: 1689154214664.png (234.41 KB, 600x337, IMG_0628.PNG)

all the retarded individuals on social media who keep copy & pasting each other's long winded completely INANE posts like demented tech illiterate boomers instead of just sharing normally making the keyword search function damn near unusable

No. 1631575

I hate working on Mac computers so much, everything is so unintuitive, anytime I have to edit a document or a pic I have to search how you do it whereas it takes me 2 seconds on Windows.

No. 1631582

when people post comments asking something they could easily google and then get mad when they're not given a straightforward or accurate answer

No. 1631608

I hate when people put on a full face of makeup whilst pretending like they haven't a clue what any of the products are meant for. Oh sure, try to make everyone believe you don't know what neon pink eyeliner is despite wearing it for the last twenty years.

No. 1631620

Weeb moids. Literally had one tell me that Japan isn't a misogynistic hell hole and that the fact that the phones over there being unable to be silenced due to the rampant amount of sexual harassment isn't indictive of how misogynistic that country is. I hate them all.

No. 1631632

I hate when some advertisement is like "you won't believe this is 100% plant based" and it's just like pasta with a pile of green vegetables on it. yeah no shit it's plant based. advertisements are so insulting somehow, like do they think I've never seen a vegetable? that the only spaghetti I know is covered in cheese and meatballs??

No. 1631637

File: 1689163889241.jpeg (57.68 KB, 540x360, IMG_4793.jpeg)

I FUCKING HATE JUNKIES. I live in a shit area with a lot of junkies and alcoholics, and now that it’s summer you can’t go outside without running into hordes of them. They are a nuisance to passerbys, and I feel it’s genuinely unsafe sometimes. Cars and bikes get broken and stolen, there’s graffiti everywhere. Junkie groups sit in the forest patch behind my house, listen to rave music loud as fuck and shoot drugs. A mother living here was walking with her 4 year old kid and some lowlives shouted at the kid how nice her moms ass is and how much they want to fuck her. She said she’s moving out as soon as possible. I fucking hate it here, I wish I never moved here.

No. 1631643

Sort of unrelated but I’ve been meaning to post this somewhere because I was, and still am, feeling queasy about it. I was browsing Mandarake, a japanese used goods shop, and there is literally photobooks and dvds of “junior idols” and they’re so sexualized and just, ugh wtf it’s fucking disgusting, how is that allowed?? they looked younger than 14, wtf is wrong with them I hate how so many people idolize Japan and their culture

No. 1631645

You're not wrong but that specific issue with the phones is just Japan being retarded in a specific way. This is the same country that removed almost all public garbage bins because of the terrorist attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995 in which some cult members put deadly gas in public garbage cans outside. Instead of directly tackling the issue of crazy cults which resulted in Shinzo Abe getting shot in the middle of some street after a speech because his killer's mother got scammed by one. They never directly try to tackle any big issue so you also have weird shit like soaplands right next to a koban/small police station like in the middle of Shibuya. iirc Korea is the same, phones there make that sound when you take pictures with them but that doesn't prevent men from finding different means to film women against their consent. Despite all of this I still feel way safer as a woman in Japan because nobody tried to rob or stab me when I took public transport. I doubt the average male weeb would know or notice any of this though.

No. 1631646

male junkies deserve the rope

No. 1631648

To be honest the female ones are not much better. They are loud and aggressive too.

No. 1631738

Fuck junkies and anyone abusing mind-altering substances. I have patience and compassion for people with a mental illness or disability causing them to act weird and/or slow but someone who willingly chose that is fucking infuriating.
>rave music
Of course they're ravefags. Can't fucking stand dance music and dance music culture because of breeding and encouraging junkies.

No. 1631741

>I have patience and compassion for people with a mental illness or disability causing them to act weird and/or slow
People who end up homeless and on drugs invariably do have a very severe mental illness/trauma history. I understand hating them but idk why you would base it on them not being mentally ill or disabled when they are normally about as mentally ill or disadvantaged as you can get.

No. 1631760

Prostitutes and sex workers and strippers who are delusional about the power men hold over you in those situations. I hate that now those "careers" are truly on the list for little girls.

No. 1631779

I hate discords for subreddits and such, i post a question or whatever and I just get completely ignored lol what why, how tf am i supposed to join to community or whatever, i hate how the internet is so weird right now, you have to create so many accounts and have to need a certain amount of “karma” or presence just to ask a damn question

No. 1631900

File: 1689186804349.jpeg (108.98 KB, 750x533, IMG_2126.jpeg)

>looking for new distro
>see that arch is very performant and not trying to be mac
>kinda wanna try it
>look up more info
>everyone using it is a faggot ass weeb pogtard dank memer
>looking for a new text editor
>huh maybe it’s time to get into vim
>nah I don’t want to memorize all that shit
>oh look neovim looks very cool
>watch their tour video
>it’s full of memes
What the fuck I will never use this shit now. Why is tech so full of retards and why are all of the most retarded ones using these? I wonder what percentage of arch and neovim users are trannies

No. 1631913

trannies and weebs are extremely pervasive in tech. If you don't use something just because trannies talk about it you'll end up not doing anything. Neovim and Arch are completely fine, just try to ignore those types. I use neovim and I honestly had no idea about the meme shit related to it. Might help to just read documentation instead.

No. 1631926

To me there’s a difference between trannies just using something and the popular config terminal built into the editor printing fucking NvChad in ascii. I don’t want to deal with these retards every time I look up some community support and I don’t want to have to tell someone what I use and then associate me with them kek

No. 1632047

File: 1689193353093.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.22 KB, 1135x618, coolsculpting-belly-fat-before…)

>"it's not fat, it your UtErUs!!1"

No bitch it's fucking fat and unless you are pregnant or have some kind of condition it's never going to be your fucking uterus. I go into tard rage mode whenever I see a woman post this shit, HOW do you NOT know where your fucking uterus is???

No. 1632068

>tfw skinny and still have this
i want to die

No. 1632129

File: 1689197767767.png (7.07 MB, 2048x2048, D880EE88-A0A9-4AB6-9786-BFA9A2…)

Artists that copy other people’s photos without credit, like this. To me it’s on the same level as AI art. The only person I’ve seen get shit on for doing it was some euro painter that copied a photograph of straycatj, which J’s owner recognized and called him out for.

No. 1632136

Can be caused by an interior tilt problem too, especially if you're skinny

No. 1632146

Do you all really not see how strange those lipo’d bellies look on women? I can clock people and celebrities who have had this done instantly because it looks so unnatural. Almost all women except for extremely trained athletes have this pad of fat on the lower abdomen. Believe it or not your body does have areas of fat that do not need to be removed. An animal without fat is unwell, it’s the same for humans. Inb4
>no, being fat isn’t healthy!!!1!
I am not saying being fat is healthy. I’m saying that when you are a healthy weight with healthy diet and exercise, women still have fat in certain places and it is natural. It’s a female secondary sex characteristic. It is honestly depressing to see women become so neurotic that they think completely natural and healthy features of their body need to be removed. It’s actually creepy to me.

No. 1632150

The image on the right looks so creepy, you're weird for thinking it's normal.

No. 1632159

What did they do to her bellybutton

No. 1632166

It's not the uterus, but it's the protective layer of fat meant to protect your uterus and provide it insulation. It's an actual thing. So shut the fuck up, removing it is actually removing something that has a real function in our biology. People claiming that you shouldn't have it are trying to sell you either their workout program, diet food or lipo.

No. 1632168

I hate it when I happen to change sidewalks when a black guy just happens to be in the sidewalk I’m leaving and he looks at me like I’m racist or something.
Like dude I’m just crossing because I need to turn left on the next block, you are not the center of the world.

No. 1632173

I had something similar happen to me. I was at college sitting in a bench waiting for my ride, browsing on my phone. A black dude walks up to me and I put my phone up and he says, “what? Is it cause i’m black and you think i’m gonna steal your phone?” Wth ? He walked off and I dunno what was his first reason for walking up to me was anyway. I put my phone back was because I was looking at something nsfw.

No. 1632184

Influencer gatekeeping. I don't know what to call it but that thing where they obviously don't want to say what they did to their face or where they got their outfit, but instead of just ignoring the question they lie.

Usually it's a pretty, thin woman wearing a basic outfit and people ask where she got her top or pants from, as if that's why she looks nice. Or she'll post a selfie and people ask about her skincare routine. The answer will always be
>it was a gift/I thrifted it
>I drink a lot of water, teehee! Staying hydrated is SO important!
Just shut the fuck up.

No. 1632193

That's how i feel about most natural makeup tutorials.

No. 1632195

Nta but that's what my bellybutton looks like when my stomach is toned

No. 1632211

breasts and ass are the only fat people accept. They’re even coming for our cheeks (bucal fat). I cry. Leave my fat deposits alone!

No. 1632277

I actually think gatekeeping is great. People who openly give outfit deets are angels of course, but people aren't entitled to know what work women get done to their body or face and sometimes when people ask for where they got something from, they could've just easily googled it.
I personally hate that so many people seem to be incapable of googling stuff, although tbh Google has gotten noticably worse this year.

No. 1632279

Samefag, but I only think it's wrong if they got work done but condemn plastic surgery or build their internet persona on loving yourself naturally.

No. 1632301

i hate fandom nowadays. too much wank. too much wokepandering. days were good when you could just post your ships or your fanart and have people being like "hell yeah art of my favorite characters!" instead of them going "my BLORBOS uwuwuwu my beebees omg (character on the left) is totally genderfluid demiromantic quasiplatonic asexual and uses nya/nyan pronouns and (character on the right) is disabled black transmasc!!" like christ shut up. just shut up. it's even worse if you still like engaging in fandom roleplay. being autistic with interests in media makes me want to die because these are the people i am more or less forced to share my spaces with.

No. 1632354

> too much wank
what was it like to be part of old early internet fandoms?

No. 1632358

Nta but it was much better. The amount of bizarre, entitled, parasocial microcosms that exist solely to tear people down and look for faults in everyone is exhaustive. You ignored weirdos and you stuck with your people, there were no weird political angles, and most of all people didn't try to monetize everything they did or peddled so that alone made it better and more sincere. Mundane is the best word to describe it, it was viewing and sharing the way viewing and sharing was meant to be before everything became a cashcow to be milked with frenzied desperation. You could argue that more predators could hide in plain sight or whatever but the simple truth is that there are more predators than ever and people don't care about real predators, they care about calling out and belittling people they don't like.

No. 1632376

atyrt and >>1632358 has it down to a tee. things were more blunt, communities were more rigid and functional and less rife with divisive conflict. we didn't have proship antiship bullshit discourse we just didn't talk to people that liked things we didn't like. labels were stupid but made relative sense (lemon for straight on nsfw and lime for light nsfw for a lame but relative example) and "DON'T LIKE DON'T READ" was common doctrine like normal folks. you kept to your people and your people only and, most importantly, you weren't subjected by absolute bullshit MOGAI-tier ridicule by people who've never heard of nuance or developed critical thinking skills.
call me an old fandom fogey (even tho i'm just cusping 30 LOL) but i consider it the golden years and i don't really care if that makes me some cringy zilennial geek or whatever. i miss it and i want it back.

No. 1632379

I just don't participate in fandom anymore period. It's guaranteed to ruin my enjoyment of the media I like, whether because of the porn, or the shit tranny takes, or the annoying zoomer language with which they treat characters. Fandom is impossible to enjoy now unless you find an ultra obscure niche community of people that act passionate but normal.

No. 1632383

i also removed myself from fandom for the exact same reasons you listed. i still long for the community i once had though, amongst people that never took this shit nearly so seriously. let's all singlehandedly revive livejournal or something.

No. 1632398

I'd argue that fandoms were never good. When i enjoy media i don't give a fuck about how anybody else but myself thinks of it. I only appreciate fan art and that's it.

No. 1632417

Actually I kind of think the same. I think fandoms are definitely worse now, but there were always issues. Ship wars and drama have always existed, for example.

No. 1632430

the way she pronounced Laneige was CRAZY

No. 1632434

I tend to skip fandoms and just get my friends into whatever I'm into, and get into whatever they're into. Way easier when everyone's already on the same page, no shit takes and no getting cancelled for having the wrong opinion on a cartoon character or whatever. It only sucks when I'm hardcore into something that they aren't into, I hate talking on social media so I have to suffer in silence. And people treat fandom like it's a fucking job now. I've even heard of drama over "stealing someone's headcanon". I just want to talk about shit that's too nerdy for IRLs, why does it have to be like this.
>let's all singlehandedly revive livejournal or something.
Please anon. With all the social media sites crashing and burning a small old web, old fandom revival might be possible. I've heard dreamwidth is a good LJ clone but can't say much about the community, it's always seemed a little dead when I've looked around there.

No. 1632448

My point was that it's not your organ sticking out, nor did I mention anywhere that fat is bad. The image was just an illustration to show which part I meant, jeez

No. 1632487

Welcome to fandoms for the past ten years. The biggest mistake was canon ever validating these people, so now its no longer just fandom wank, its often literal canon.

No. 1632546

I don't mind gatekeeping itself either, but I mean more the obvious shitty lies. Isn't it much easier to just ignore the questions than give bullshit answers?

No. 1632738

I hate that Ryan Gosling was casted as Ken in the Barbie movie. I hate it. Why couldn't they get someone actually attractive and cute? Why did they pick someone washed out and schlubby?

No. 1632742

Same, anon, it's putting me off from watching the movie. Margot looks so cute and like an actual doll, meanwhile he's just any old bloke. I feel bad for her a little bit for having to be in this movie with him.

No. 1632743

File: 1689263750932.jpg (884.62 KB, 4096x3586, 20230713_115621.jpg)

Idolmantises on twitter, a 'trans gay' (aka straight… but is a lesbian????) 'artist' that's obsessed with bugs and… sexualizing them? Yes, she somehow sexualizes bugs. Her trans characters piss me the fuck off. It'll just be a regular ass looking female and she slaps the label trans male on her, or the opposite way around. For example, her shitass devil x angel 'lesbian' ocs, which is… literally just a straight couple as the angel literally just. Isn't a woman??? It fucking pisses me off, way to taint the lesbian couple name and stretch its meaning so trannies can appropriate it more. And the devil girl is hilariously pornified to the male gaze. She's a sex worker too, so take it as you will. Lesbian doesn't even mean anything anymore on twitter I guess. Anyway, picrel is insane to me. He/they lesbian… what???? Yes, they're bugs, but these things are so obviously female. Trans people don't even try to pass and expect everyone to bow down to them.

No. 1632749

Same. I am going to go watch the movie with my mother but I don't know how much I will actually enjoy it. I'm annoyed that it's hard to find movies with actual attractive male leads and not schlubby mid-40s dad bod blobs. I'm even more annoyed that they applied this sordid curse to Barbie of all things. I love Barbie so it feels like a punch in the gut to see it treated so poorly. Every one is a doll right? So everyone should look doll-like, pretty and perfect. Why the fuck are the male characters exempt from this? I feel bad too, it's like seeing a gross weed next to a pretty flower.

No. 1632750

Kek people try so hard to be unique.

No. 1632751

honestly this is kinda good in roundabout way if you're worried about the medical industry preying on autistic girls and chopping their tits off. if it's normal in retarded niche online communities to have a huge rack and be a he/him perhaps the urge to alter themselves physically with go away.
excuse my stoner-level logic. sorry, it's hard to take this stuff seriously.

No. 1632755

unrelated but you type just like the friends i had on tumblr in 2014

No. 1632785

I used to lurk on her tumblr blog ages ago. She had good art but she used to be involved in the dumbest drama. Some of the drama where people unfairly attacking her, other drama where her baiting people and then trying to gather pity points when people took the bait. She got chased of tumblr for stuff I vaguely remember. I didn't know she was still on the internet and making art though. She has been a nonbinary he/him lesbian for as long as I remember so I'm sureprised she still sticks to that. Tbh I do remember her non-coomer art being appealing and creative

No. 1632797

Being autistic but not caring for gendershit in general is hell. Cant get along with normies irl can't get along with nerds online

No. 1632812

Being an artist is suffering. I hate it when people comment on my art because it's always some stupid shit like this. Even dumb doodles and memes have to be so carefully curated as to not offend anyone and I swear this is the reason that zoomer humor just isn't funny and rehashes the same stuff over and over, because they're all too afraid of taking a chance or making a mistake.

No. 1632818

Looks like she’s farting

No. 1632820

I think Mental Outlaw uses those uguu animus ”ironically” for the tech trannies that watch him idk

No. 1632839

Mental Outlaw is closer to a "based weeb" /pol/tard than a tranny. Some of his videos I watched are okay, but the one about the guy who got locked out of his smarthome because some delivery guy thought it called him a slur really shows his /pol/tardedness. Its fully of XD so funny wahmen stay at home and do all the housework, if it was like the good old days with wahmen at home, we wouldn't need smarthomes "jokes".

No. 1632844

File: 1689272611655.jpeg (64.52 KB, 643x226, IMG_4757.jpeg)

i hate when people argue about a point i agree with so badly that it makes me want to "switch sides". it's really outstanding how thick in the head and obtuse people can be. sometimes anons on here truly remind me of fox news "litter box in school bathrooms for students identifying as cats" levels of feigning outrage to confirm their own bias, like do you not fact check or even think on your own about things seriously before you feign outrage? be real for a second. or when they painfully misconstrue the opposing argument. there are countless examples both online and in real life and it just drives me up the wall like not only do i feel unbearable amounts of second hand embarrassment but you're making me ( and others with the same view ) look as retarded as you are. they're always the absolute loudest too. i mean i appreciate the sentiment but leave it to people who weigh their words and know what they're taking about. PLEASE STOP blog but it takes me back to when i would get defended by the girls in my class or teachers against those who bullied me and the way they did it made me seem and feel like such a lowly pitiful worm that i wished they had never been involved. just made me feel even worse despite knowing that they meant well. probably stung even more due to the fact tbh

No. 1632874

I hate that men burn calories faster and yet say they have unrealistic beauty standards like women.

No. 1632890

oh kek i remember when she got called out for drawing angry birds porn or something like that. her art is so boring.

No. 1632895

>boobs on non-mammalian creatures
This pisses me off so much. I get that it's fantasy, but it always makes the design worse

No. 1632900

Do you have some examples

No. 1632925

They burn calories faster, gain muscle faster and with less the work that a woman would put in, plus can eat more calories per day without gaining weight as quickly. It makes you hate fat men and their laziness all the more. Roundhouse kick a fat man into the concrete.

No. 1632943

him being too washed out and ugly to be ken is the joke

No. 1632968

i hate this so much too. just makes it clear they were put in order to sexualise a character and make it male gaze.

No. 1633038

I hate the way fluoride varnish from a dental cleaning feels. It's super sticky and then it makes your teeth gritty instead of perfect and smooth. I still choose to get it though.

No. 1633060

I hate fireworks and I don't get what's so controversial about that.

No. 1633063

Cause dumbass troglodytes like war noises and wish they were at war

No. 1633067

an incredibly talented artist i follow on pixiv, who drew a lot of edgy but harmless kink stuff i was into, just posted baby rape. like they drew spiderman being "corrupted" and raping actual babies in their crib. someone paid them for it so they drew it. i'm so viscerally fucking disgusted i hate the internet.

No. 1633069

>porn addict denegerate artist who draws edgy kink shit drew some edgy kink shit I didn't like
Oh no who could've seen this coming. It's as if these porn addicts had loose morals or something.

No. 1633072

kill yourself moralfag no one deserves to see baby rape for wanting to look at stuff beyond vanilla

No. 1633083

Kek you really think your amputee torture porn or whatever really is morally superior.
Sorry nonna this is what happens when you follow fucked up people, they get progressively more fucked up. This is a sign to stop being a weirdo.

No. 1633090

Going to pinterest to look at some alt fashion and it's all very young "he/xe" girls wearing "masc" outfits aka pants + band shirt, short hair and more makeup than any feminine girl you'd see on the street. Shit is so retarded, it's masc cus you can't see tits and have short hair? The fuck. And when it's not that or oversexualized goth crap you have women with literal clown makeup wearing shit kindergarden kids would find cool except it's also oversexualized. Also how the comments go they/themming any short haired woman in the pics, girl, you fucking know that's woman the same way I know you are a woman without even having to see your face or click on your profile. Why is pinterest so full of this shit when it's mostly women there anyway? I hate this.

No. 1633097

File: 1689291833240.png (325.3 KB, 843x476, Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 16-43…)

The bee reminds me of this fucking abomination (her boobs bounce in this frame too eww) from Vinesauce's ad-watching stream. It's so obvious that the male who animated this commercial is an internet coomer

No. 1633098

if you paid for their art they wouldnt need to do this heinous shit to make ends meet. when you're an artist trying to make money you will eventually have to draw either beastiality or pedophilia. most people pick beastiality, most.

No. 1633099

Edgy kink shit is not normal no matter how much you cry about moralfags. Perhaps you should think hard about why you like those things and why you think """vanilla""" is a bad thing and doesn't get you off.

No. 1633100

I hate that I saw this on the front page and immediately knew that you'd picked it from the Vinesauce video kek. I didn't even watch that one, I only saw the thumbnail with that stupid fucking bee.

No. 1633107

I hate cicadas. thought this year there wouldnt be any but some little shit is buzzing close to my place. I WAS ENJOYING THE PEACE!

No. 1633108

i've wanted something like this for a while nona. i love old web shit, and even have my own domain and handmade website and everything, but it just isn't the same without a community of people. and unfortunately a lot of old web revival content is troon-infested. we really do need a specific place for fandomshit and cool hobbies that isn't an imageboard but also isn't overrun with genderspecials and programmer sock LARPers

No. 1633112

PLEASE post an example i laughed out loud when i read this kek

No. 1633194

kek I only watched a bit of that video, I was so fucking disgusted at the thumbnail.

No. 1633282

People who put a picture of themselves as their phone’s lock screen, bonus if it’s a filtered selfie. Gotta be the weirdest shit ever, like do you also have a framed glamor shot of yourself above your bed?? I always want to make some snarky ass comment but I refrain kek.

No. 1633421

I hate it when one of the VPNs I use catches a ban from someone else, especially when it's for something absolutely retarded like racebaiting, a-logging or just generic unintegrated sperging. Now the mods think I'm the one who wrote that shit.

No. 1633434

I was at the hairdresser yesterday and I hate it when someone at a customer service job doesn’t even talk to you and only talks to their coworker. I hate small talk as the next person but it feels very middle school.

No. 1633456

I kinda hate single songs like Flowers or Single Ladies because it's mostly enjoyed by women in relationships or women "taking a break from dating" (aka waiting for like 3 months) before inevitably going back to finding a Nigel. Where are my true volcel anthems?

No. 1633611

That's funny that reminds me of a cartoon character with themselves on their tshirt

No. 1633733

File: 1689362232929.png (270.68 KB, 325x407, Capture.PNG)

I know it's the nature of tiktok, but I LOATHE people who make super crazy faces like all the time. I constantly get this chick on youtube shorts, every single thing is being half hispanic which is whatever, but the way she moves her mouth, it's all so dramatic. From her accent, from her constant faces she pulls. I think this is why i don't get tiktokers. Maybe I'm just too Shay-pilled but when I see these girls making these crazy faces i'm reminded of the retared faces shayna makes.

No. 1633734

and when I say, "From her accent" I mean the accent seems super dramatic and put on for tiktok reasons, I wasn't picking at her accent.

No. 1633843

she's so annoying. all she posts about is how she's soo shockingly a LATINA despite her fake dyed orange hair not even being naturally light

No. 1633859

I even saw a old clip of her i hs talking about how she looks white but she's really not. I know her mom is a latina but it seems so comical and legit kinda offensive. I wonder if she even has real friends in that culture. I also heard she's really fucking rich but because her dad is just boring white she doesn't speak on him much vs. constantly bringing up her mom because..well we know why. I just find her so odd. The faces, the eye fucking, no other personality besides that. If it's true she's rich she could'nt come up with anything else to get attention but this?
Makes me feel like she's really annoying in real life. All that said, maybe she's a sweet girl and i'm just drunk and annoyed right now lol.

No. 1633969

I dont like her and the reason why a lot of people don't like her is because she has made her entire personality being a white Irish looking Latin and nothing else. She tries really hard and goes OTT to the point its no wonder people think she's just trying to be Sophia Sheeran-Vergara

No. 1633970

i'm sober and her repetitive schtick is annoying

No. 1634031

glad i'm not the only one who finds it odd, I felt bad for thinking it, one of her newest videos, she talks in what I'm sure is her normal voice, then when jumps into spanish it's fucking LOUD aggressive, every single word is emphasized to the max, she starts making her faces extra retarded. It's so weird to see her normal voice vs. the "I'm a latina" voice. Again, it comes off like a joke. She just comes off like a pretty woman who doesn't have much to talk about or be about, so she makes it about being half latina, having red long hair and being pretty. I'm going to find a way to make sure she doesn't show up in my youtube shorts, cause I often go down the rabbithole of "IS there more?" with her and I just wanna see cats and cakes kek.

No. 1634040

She's trying too hard to exoticize herself because she has nothing else

No. 1634045

I hate louis ck for being a creep and I also hate charlie sheen, but it's like people forget that "white" looking mestizos or white fully hispanic people exist kek, I thought both those guys were fully white

No. 1634073

Men with little dicks are worse than short men as far as being creepy and angry goes. A short dicked man is the modern castrato, he lives only for obsessing over women (regardless of sexuality) and taking his insecurities and simultaneous superiority complex out on everybody else. The most manipulative and angry individuals alive when they don't choose the left fork in the path where they just enjoy dick humiliation and submission. They either become a sissy slave or the worst retard alive

No. 1634140

People who ask for relationship advice and then get mad at you for telling them their relationship sucks and they should break up like they don't want advice they want you to feed their delusion that things will be ok, NO THEY WILL NOT

No. 1634237

I hate that French "Dominic/Dominique" song. It used to be all over American Horror Story.

No. 1634244

Samefag, this song here. I hate it.

No. 1634341

Pitbull and Guillermo del Toro are also literally white. Latinos can be literally any race anyway and burgers are retarded.

No. 1634480

Streamers and YouTubers who pride themselves on constantly working and being on the grind, telling their viewers how they're "always" working on making content and how that's just how good their work ethic is. Bonus hate for them taking one week off and coming back complaining about how they hated it because "all I wanna do is work, you know? I will totally give myself a burnout one day". I also hate people in general who treat a future burnout like a joke, as if it doesn't fuck you over if you're already in a poor working situation. It's so nasty and out of touch.

No. 1634482

youtube and streaming should have never been considered "jobs" in the first place.

No. 1634506

Yeah like how is playing video games and doing what everyone else considers relaxing free time a job just because you speak your thoughts and say some jokes to an audience. Even editing isn’t that bad, it’s not some high stress job that some content creators bitch about for asspats. They probably need the cope of grinding because they’re aware their lifestyle is treated as a joke and to most people the process would be a welcome hobby.

No. 1634515

To add onto this, I hate when youtubers throw fits about not making money off of ads and proceeding to beg their audience to sub to their patreon or buy merch right after they have a sponsor on their vid. Like holy shit dude nobody owes you money just because you chose such an unstable source of income.

No. 1634532

Those chicanos who go on about how white or pasty they are even tho they are latino as if that was something special are just outing themselves as detached and completely americanized, imagine being latin american and not knowing it isn't a race.

No. 1634541

the only youtuber who i have seen talk like this is scott the woz, and i can get him because his content has actual effort put into it. If any of those crappy reaction channels ike moist critical said something similar then, yeah, that would be dumb.

No. 1634647

>Character/reader fic
>see tags
>canon divergent
>character acting ooc

Just write about your OCs already, what's the fucking point.

No. 1634705

File: 1689456923409.jpeg (162.84 KB, 1181x1181, DD36DD88-EF2B-42CE-90F2-F2B1F1…)

I hate this sticker but I can’t pin point why

No. 1634714

That's funny, I just saw it on Twitter too. Is it because an adult woman is infantilizing herself? I can understand feeling young/immature and overwhelmed with responsibilities, but to call yourself a teenage girl is cringey. I hope that helps you pinpoint your feelings too.

No. 1634725

I think it's the wording. Teenagehood is just a state in life but society is really fucking weird about it specially when it comes to teenage girls. Teenage girl has become synonymous with an archetype of someone who is "tehe cute" and giggles like a school girl while also being a nymphomaniac, someone who is dorky and awkward but also extremely wise and insightful etc. The art reminds me of adult women who participate in JK culture. I don't think there are any sexual intentions or undertones, but at the same time I think teen girls deserve a break. Society is so weird toward them and treat them like an aesthetic instead of people with emotions

No. 1634728

I think we should go back to calling teenagers children. "teenager" is a marketing term (no really, it was invented in the 1940s by a marketing firm)

No. 1634732

it's a relatable sentiment that has had its authenticity flattened out into a sticker that specifies "25+ y/o" so it feels much less personal and a lot more meant for the public. i do think that phrasing that's been going around (i'm a 20something teenage girl) is pretty interesting in terms of how so many women are feeling like they aren't matching up to the expectations of what "woman" is and still relate heavily to their teenage selves. it's an apt way of putting it. it's just annoying when it's written out like this though, again and again. it's also the "just" part that annoys me, it minimises herself in a way that is supposed to be quirky. this kind of extends to the way people jokingly refer to themselves a lot these days (i'm just a silly little goblin guy!)

No. 1634736

Teenager is a stupid word but they were more commonly referred to as "young people", not children.

No. 1634792

I enjoy the yters who flat out admit that the job is the easiest ones in the world and extremely privileged to be able to monetize, I wish I could remember what big yter pointed that out in a recent vid because it made me respect them more.

No. 1634825

Calling teenagers "children" will only make the retards who take the term "minor" as a get-out-of-jail card even more insufferable.

No. 1634918

I get soooo annoyed when I see a video for a vegan recipe of a meat substitute and people in the comments/replies are like "but why are you calling it a meatball! You can't call it that! Call it an chickpea ball!". Like are you clinically diagnosed with stupidity? It's called that because it's emulating a meat dish and the name is already prefaced with "vegan" anyway, so what other clarification do you even need to know it's not real meat? It's like complaining that dino nuggets shouldn't be called that because they're not made of dinosaurs.

No. 1634934

I think she's just calling herself a womanchild who doesn't have a lot of experience with adult responsibilities such as taxes despite being at an age where she should know how to do all those things. She's calling herself immature for her age in a self-deprecating humorous manner.
Maybe you find it annoying in the same way young millennial adults saying "adulting is hard" is cringey. They're trying to make their immaturity sound quirky, relatable, and funny.

No. 1634936

One of my old friends posted something like this and she listens to Melanie Martinez and Lana del Rey so I think she’s lowkey a DDLG freak who has a complex about aging. It seems sad.

No. 1634939

I get it. When less and less young people are able to move out of their parents home at this day and age then yeah there are a lot of zoomers who haven't learned essential life skills that you can only gain if you live on your own.

No. 1634955

File: 1689483368816.png (99.06 KB, 625x1179, Sigh.png)

Autistic rant incoming:
I hate it when dumbasses can't tell when something is obviously moidgaze and mistakenly shill it as "female oriented".

I was reading some otome game blogs and came across this blog post. The screenshots this girl shared make it obvious that this game is for pedo scrotes but she calls it a game for girls just because it has a cute aesthetic. She told the one commenter (who has more than one braincell and immediately recognized it's a game for moids) that "Sailor Moon has fanservice too like every anime" (bullshit, plus nudity is not inherently sexual or fanservice), and the protagonists are girls, so this game is totally for girls. Ugh. Like girl, have you ever watched more than one magical girl anime? I bet she would call something like Prisma Ilya an anime for girls because it's about "cute" magical girls even though there's constant lolishit fanservice in it (from what an ex-friend who was a fan told me). It couldn't be more obvious that this game is for perverted male nerds. Some western weeb women are so blind. Shit like this game, Prisma Ilya, etc. are part of a sub-genre of magical girls targeted at males and it's literally a corruption of the original concept of magical girls that were targeted at a female audience like Sailor Moon. This is basic shit.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if some women enjoy scroteshit and are able to look past the obvious problems that kind of media has. I do have some moidpandering guilty pleasures of my own, too. What I hate is when someone is so naive, or ignorant, or disingenuous, as to recommend this shit to women, lying about it being for girls because they can't tell the difference, defending the obvious degeneracy, etc. It reminds me of this other game that's on Steam, I think it was Little Witch Nobeta, about a little girl who's a witch that you play as, and there were people in the forums asking if it was a pedo game or safe, or female-friendly, but a lot of people replied it's completely innocent. Even though the devs had literally tweeted softcore porn of the main character. Just looking at the game's header image should tell you everything you need to know, but a lot of people who aren't very familiar with how Japanese creators cater to different audiences/Japanese anime art styles, would not be able to notice until there's literal porn being released by the creators themselves.

There's a reason they segregate stuff by gender demographic in Japan, women and moids know what's made for them and what's made for the opposite sex, usually they can tell just by art style alone. But in the west, this distinction is only beginning to be acknowledged and most people still can't distinguish between shoujo (female-oriented stories about girls) and bishoujo (moid-oriented, sexualized "cute" girls), to give an example. And of course the most affected are girls because they're pushed to consume anime media with supposedly cute and relatable girls, but they're not prepared for the tits and ass and pantyshots everywhere, or the retarded waifushit characters made by moids who can't relate to women at all, and they're forced to endure it because it's what the whole anime ""community"" is watching, and they can't criticize it either because they'll be told it's just the way le Japanese culture is and you're a cringe prude SJW for not liking it.

We need to bring the sex-segregating part of Japanese otaku culture here. The problem is that due to tranny ideology that would be very hard to achieve.

No. 1635205

I don't know if I'm just a cynical bitch but I cannot stand inspirational speakers, they're so saccharine to me and come off as kind of fake.

No. 1635208

File: 1689517902293.jpeg (57.44 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

This is the game the posters are discussing about. Very ~~femgazey~~ indeed, kek.

No. 1635215

>beachside puppies
fuck, I hate men so much.

No. 1635216

Damn nonnie I hate you for mentioning Little Witch Nobeta. My monkey brain was curious and now I want to pour bleach onto my eyes. Disgoosting.

No. 1635220

Didn't notice the title at first, but now that I did everything about it is 100% worse.

No. 1635235

Blue Reflection is really fucking weird. I think the story is something that women would absolutely love and relate to, while scrotes would find too boring because they can't empathize with women. I could go into more detail but I know the screenshots are really offputting. I wish I could recommend it to more women, but it's hard to with the creepy panning shots of high school girls' bodies, their overly revealing and skimpy outfits, and some side female characters who were clearly written by perverted moids. It's like the story and plot itself and friendships are very female-centric. But they added fanservice because they know moids wouldn't be able to relate or care and just wanted to ogle the girls. I fucking hate it.

No. 1635241

I have these feelings about most anime. I can't for the life of me believe any woman would enjoy some of the scrote tier shit out there. Maybe if she is a pick me but even so she must know the truth deep inside.

No. 1635304

File: 1689524377152.jpg (98.46 KB, 564x832, 3921ce710ec7d3eb217ca9209a76c5…)

I hate this style and I hate the trend of making anime characters with the same face, with only slight variations to the eye and hair. This only worked with sailor moon because they had vastly different hairstyles and colors, besides having more of an nonrealistic style. When I see these drawings with realistic shading and features plastered with these moeblob faces it pisses me off.

No. 1635311

I don't understand how women could possibly find this shit relatable or speaking to them whatsoever. It's the exact same vaguely-underaged body-type attached under barely-varied anime girl heads. I feel like I'm looking at a poster of a kissless Japanese moid's wall.

No. 1635320

>person posts obviously super filtered/edited selfie
>comments are all 99% praise
>”you have the prettiest eyes!”
>”wow your skin is perfect!”
So annoying

No. 1635447

i hate the modern youtube i hate twitch thots i hate egirls i hate twitch i hate tiktok i hate twatter i hate all these retarded shit ass memes that last one day that came from fagtok i hate modern 4chan i hate corporations i hate simplified logos i hate the modern websites layout i hate coomers i hate stupid women that larp as hentai girls for retards i hate the kim kardashian makeup i hate these beauty standards i hate sjw i hate trannies i hate funko pops i hate the societal pressure for a woman over a certain age to have kids i hate tumblr i hate genderspecials i hate kids i hate emojis i hate furries i hate bronies i hate infighting on lolcow i hate men that invade womens only spaces i hate redditors i hate discord and discord mods i hate how everyone is so tiktok brainrotted i hate how now you're expected to use only 5 mainstream social networks i hate censorship i hate facebook i hate not having your own opinion i hate wojaks i hate mullets on men i hate instagram filters i hate youtube kids i hate neglectful parents who give their kids phones because they're too lazy to even care about them i hate tiktok dances i hate basic ass bitches i hate the weird broccoli hair some teen boys have i hate people that get their personalities from tiktok i hate neopronouns i hate the lgbt indocrination did i say i hate coomers? well i do. i hate hookups i hate frat bros i hate gymbros i hate jocks i hate pick mes i hate tiktok lingo/slang
and lastly, i miss forums and having fun on the internet. had to get this off my chest, i'll maybe add later kek

No. 1635522


This reminds me how writer of Fate Stay Night originally wanted to make a story about a girl mage who summons King Arthur who fights for her but then had to gender bend them into moid male character and uwu female King Arthur so moids would buy it. But even that wasn't enough, they had to incorporate porn to be intergral to the plot, because otherwise moids might not be interested.

No. 1635991

No. 1635995

I love broccoli so much that I'll eat it in any form, but I hate that so many people overcook the shit out of their broccoli. Broccoli shouldn't be melt-in-your-mouth mushy. It should still have a little bite, a little snap, a little crunch. And the color should be vibrant green too, not dull green or brown.

No. 1636081

amen sister

No. 1636092

spoke right out of my soul, amen.

No. 1636104

You're so right nonnie. I noticed younger girls/women (like aged 13 to 20) into anime struggle a lot with this concept. I can't even count the amount of times I've seen girls collect obvious sexualized and moid pandering loli anime merch and figurines but it's okay because the lolis are acting dumb and relatable. If you dare to point it out it'll be turned into the "you're just jealous, well actually YOU'RE the one that's sexualizing them" shtick. Some of them also tend to verge on this weird brand of pickmeism in which they signal to moids that they love moid pandering media and will gladly listen to them sexualize the characters, which clearly implies they know what kind of media that is, while scowling at women that call a spade a spade.

No. 1636108

No. 1636145

I'm reminded of straight up arguments I've gotten into with dumbasses on manga sites for calling out incorrect tagging of scrote porn as "shoujo" or "josei", like holy shit, open your eyes, "well I'm a girl and I liked this!" don't care, stfu. This is also maybe a bit of a spicy take, but I also feel like the emphasis on gendie shit and "queerness" as a cool thing online amongst girls who are also into anime has led a lot of them to not really care, or even swear up and down that they like all this anime high school girl sexualization. My teen sister and her group of weeb friends (who are almost all they/thems) who love to gush over anime boy fanfics and talk about their irl crushes on boys will also watch anime together full of boob-jiggling fanservice because "we're bi and like boobs too!" which fine, maybe so, I'm just a little suspicious that that's also what every weeb 16 y/o they/them I've ever seen on the internet is saying. Idk, it feels like a weird protective cope like "no no, I'm not bothered by all the scrotey tit and ass shots everywhere because I like those too! This isn't just for men!"

No. 1636154

This reminds me of all those times when people thought anime, manga and games featuring beautiful, attractive male characters were targeted towards scrotes because they "had male protagonists". The complete level of obliviousness kills me, would they consider BTS and other male k-pop groups "male music" because they're male only bands too or is this some weird occurrence of gaslighting?

>"well I'm a girl and I liked this!"
I hate this so much, especially when these people accuse you of internalized misogyny and NLOGism when you don't enjoy female characters obviously made to cater to men, I don't know if they're just playing dumb about it or genuinely intellectually challenged to not realize how fucking stupid they sound, or maybe they're just coping hard in their denial of most media being made for coombrained men like you suggested. Yeah she might have a pretty outfit you find cute as a woman or you memed yourself into slobbering for mommy milker anime tiddy trash but that doesn't change the fact that she's entirely made for moidgaze and their enjoyment and any woman is completely justified in not appreciating it.

No. 1636164

the amount of mental gymnastics the animecore kiddies do to try to convince themselves and their animecore kiddie tranny friends that collecting moetan figurines is totes okay will never not be hilarious.

No. 1636207

When straight women talk all mushy uwu to their moids.

No. 1636212

Other women just existing makes you seethe, doesn't it?

No. 1636223

Mommydoms, or anything adjacent to that. The woman has to take care of everything because the guy is incompetent, selfish, and lazy except they try to spin it as something for the woman to be proud of. The worst part is in this type of dynamic, the woman doesn't only have to be an emotional and sexual slave for her moid, but also do all the courting and pay for everything as well. It's seriously one of the most pathetic dynamics ever. Girls and women shouldn't ever be taught to nurture moids, because this is the result. They turn into pathetic doormats.

No. 1636233

No I just hate when straight women talk in that high pitch tone to their moids.

No. 1636239

What tone are you talking about

No. 1636241

Same, but extend this to people talking to their pets that way, too kek

No. 1636247

This trend of interrupting yourself in text. Does this come from tiktok?
>And I–
>But I've–
What, you? Type it out, retard.

No. 1636248

that's meant to convey they see no point in continuing

No. 1636251

I didn't know that. Tiktok zoomers are weird.

No. 1636252

I know, doesn't change that it's stupid because it's literally text and there's no one there to interrupt them.

No. 1636253

I hate when salespeople talk this way. Idk their sexual orientation, but makes me feel mistaken for a baby. I give them a strange look and pity them in my mind for having to act like a retard.

No. 1636254

Exactly. It's text. So you have find a way to convey specific tones and emotions.

No. 1636255

You don't have to if you don't want to.

No. 1636257

When people think emotions can be conveyed through text.

No. 1636260

That there isnt support for children of autistc parents. There is support for parents with autistic children, for parents with autism, but us poor fucks having to grow up with sperg parents have nothing. Is it bc its "ableist" to talk about how horrible it is to grow up with aspie parents?

No. 1636541

I hate the bullshit Disney is making with old IPs. I just saw pictures of "Snow White", and a short clip of the Cuban actress (yes, Cuban, playing German folklore Snow White) talking about the role and the supposed "agency" Snow White is going to get in that lukewarm remake and I feel gutted because it'll be just another "X/Y/Z female character doesn't need no man nor love to thrive".
Snow white and the seven dwarves is the first animated movie Disney ever made and it's almost a cornerstone of modern cinema.
Them taking that to put it into a live action and remove any trace of the source material like they did to the Little Mermaid (which the original version is not my favorite Disney ever but it was beautiful hand drawn animation still) is tone deaf. Those remakes will never be better than the originals which had passion and a soul in all of them.

No. 1636545

>Cuban actress (yes, Cuban, playing German folklore Snow White)
Oh no, the horror kek

No. 1636553

Nta but it's not terribly bad, it's just fucking retarded and it's cheap pandering. Instead of taking old characters and making them "black" without it making any sense, Disney should focus on making a genuine story with dark-skinned characters that doesn't suck ass. But they can't, and they don't want to do it, so they just take old well-established characters and change those up instead for some quick cash.

No. 1636555

The Snow White actress isn't even black or darkskinned, just tan.

No. 1636574

I hate moid covers of women's songs. Some ugly voiced scrote's cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" is all over the radio lately and I hate it so much. The original song had tragedy when it's about a woman who tries to take care of her alcoholic dad long enough to run away with her deadbeat boyfriend, only to end up in the same situation her mom did with her dad years later. It's cheapened by a modern male trying to co-opt it because that kind of life experience is completely foreign to most of them.

No. 1636577

That’s even worse plus Cubans suck in general. There’s a reason all other Latino and latinas hate them kek

No. 1636608

The point is that the character is literally described as having snow-white skin. That's why she's called Snow White. It doesn't make sense, it's a poor casting choice. Apparently the dwarves aren't even dwarves anymore, at this point just make up another story or something.

No. 1636609

I especially hate the whole "it's better because she's a strong, independent woman now" argument they have pulled since Beauty and the Beast. I grew up watching Disney movies and at no point did I get brainwashed into thinking I had to hold in my period until a handsome prince whisked me away and showed me how to be a woman. I wanted the cute dresses, to talk to animals and go on adventures. It's not like a lot of Disney princesses are helpless damsels either, so to see all these remakes turn charming characters into bland, feminist girl bosses just adds to how soulless these movies are.

No. 1636610

And my point was that post was wrong about the actress being black or having dark-skin.

No. 1636616

this is Snow White. not Snow Tan. or Snow Brown

No. 1636618

Anon, are you stupid? I didn't say the they shouldn't have picked a pale actress, I was responding to the parts about Disney making Snow White black and darkskinned.

No. 1636619

it is funny because black twitter celebrated and gloated when Ariel was changed to black. but if you think about it, they are just changing white characters to black, rather than giving black characters their own story… kinda sad kek

No. 1636628

I never really watched the Disney movies (always hated Disney for some reasons, can't even explain why), but I read the original fairy tales a lot as a child and this
>I wanted the cute dresses, to talk to animals and go on adventures
is what I also always wanted, not waiting for a prince, not waiting to be rescued, being independent on my own adventure and speaking with animals.

Kek, Snow Tan, we should call that movie Snow Tan in the future

It would be so nice if they would just look up folklore or fairy tales from other cultures and make movies about that. Why change the skin colour of a long known character if you can just look into the stories of other cultures and make amazing movies out of that.

No. 1636630

You do realize Disney only does this because they don't have to pay screenwriters for a new idea and to renew interest in and to extend the sales of the original movie by casting PoC actresses to create controversy and ragebait so people will sperg online about how Disney is selling an evil NWO agenda to destroy the western society and racist conservatoids will use that to their advantage? Congrats on buying into it.

No. 1636673

maybe this is a dumb opinion, but if they wanted to cast a POC, why not an East Asian? Many naturally have pale skin and black hair (obviously, not all do). I wouldn't have minded something like that. I also didn't mind Ariel being black (the original had a lot of Caribbean influence in the music anyway) but I didn't see the movie because it looks lame as hell. I just can't deal with what they took out of the plot (not spoiling it for others here).

No. 1636686

>It would be so nice if they would just look up folklore or fairy tales from other cultures and make movies about that. Why change the skin colour of a long known character if you can just look into the stories of other cultures and make amazing movies out of that.

samefag but I completely agree with you. I work on folklore and folktales a little bit (not my main field but I'm interested in those elements of storytelling). There are so many awesome folk/fairytales that could be adapted from all different cultures. There's no reason to make these retarded live-action films (yes I know it's about IP) or badly thought out stories (for example, Frozen I and II were full of plot holes and II made no sense at all). There's a treasure trove of African, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. stories that would be so neat to see put in the mainstream view. And a bunch from Europe too: Frau Holle (German), Cupid & Psyche (Roman), The King of Love (Italian), Kate Crackernuts (English), etc.

No. 1636698

Heck the oldest iteration of what we know as Cinderella is Chinese, they could do a Yeh-Shen movie

No. 1636721

Even if that did happen, let's be honest, people would still bitch and moan.

No. 1636728

This. Even if they made a movie about a story from a non-white region to feature non-white actors people would still accuse them of le leftist brainwashing or whatever and bitch about "SJW agenda" ruining modern media. Even in media where people deliberately create new characters with racial/sexual minority identity people still whine about it despite not even watching it. I get being annoyed at disney commodifying race but who the fuck cares, the original still exists unaltered.

No. 1636853

Reminds me of the Finn and Rose fiasco from Star Wars. They were completely original characters that weren't derivative of someone else yet people still complained about their existence. Wonder why…

No. 1636934

I didn't like the movie, the girl was annoying and so was everyone else.
Also this version of the song is dogshit and sounds so boring and pitch corrected for some reason? Like the scatting at the last part sounds weird

No. 1636984

>some nonna posts an on-topic interest in like 2 threads max

No. 1637164

Overdramatic reactions to basically anything from darker topics to pretty innocent criticism
>OMG people in the middle-east don't have X
>people in Africa die from X omg so insensitive
>omg are you saying my x is invalid
I hate to sound like a boomer, but I'm slowly at the point of screaming that you can't fucking say anything nowadays because of snowflakes

No. 1637185

Over the top exaggerated accents, doesn't if it's a bad British, Southern US, or New York accent, I genuinely skip movies or TV shows that have them because sometimes it physically pains me to listen to them. For instance, a few weeks ago, when I was watching Birds of Prey with my friends, I found Margot Robbie's Brooklyn so accent just intolerable, and I had to stop watching it, myfriends made fun of me for this for weeks, but I stand by my position. If you can't do an accent or impression, just don't do it, or try to make it subtle.

No. 1637217

Kek I ain't buying into shit cuz I don't have money to waste to go to see any new movies.
I haven't seen a Disney movie in the cinema since Moana, which had at least the merit of being original and not just taking an IP and race switching characters cuz it's "new and original".
I could make the same critique about any race switching in an IP to be original in any type of media, it's bland af.
Even worse with the new "women don't need no man to have agency" trope of the last 15 years.
There are tropes in every form of story telling, sure, but I would rather watch a campy B horror/comedy/romcom movie with the tropiest of all the horror/comedy/romcom tropes instead. At the very least people working behind the camera of those movies don't take themselves so seriously they think they're more clever than their audience.

No. 1637330

this is not normal

No. 1637611

nta but what? who bitched about moana, coco, encanto, etc? the only recent non-white fairytale that flopped was raya. people were going apeshit for all the rest of them.

No. 1637635

I hate watching a short video on how to make a recipe where the end cuts to the cook staring into the camera with psycho eyes while taking a bite out of what they just made. Just show the fucking food, I don't want to see your ugly mug devour it. Even worse if they have the camera really close so you can see those spit-trails when they open their mouth to take a bite. Just film the fucking food, idiot.

No. 1637648

I hate how Lolcow has become increasingly more conservative and right wing for the past year. I'm not sure if it's just undercover scrotes posting an infinite amount of racism, homophobia, whining about muh SJWs and feminists, now even complaining about abortion or if it's really female anons who got over their mean radfem stage and moved on to tradthottery like the pipeline seems to go these days. Either way it's sucked the last bits of fun out of this website and I hate how the mods seem to have no problem with it. Been here since 2015, maybe I became progressively more liberal with age and have less tolerance for amazingly petty crap like "anyone else hate how disney has PoC/gay characters?!?!? literal brainwashing!!" and generally being a hateful little piece of shit. I stick to maybe 3 threads now because venturing outside of them just ruins my mood for the rest of the day for good.

No. 1637650

While there are women with those views there are actual womanhating incels posting here, like right now in the black pill thread. They have a bazillion other sites to post on but nooo must post on the female gossip board. I hope cerbmin can do something about keeping them out.

No. 1637658

I don't understand why the mods allow the blackpill thread to stay up, it's just misogyny general at this point. I checked it out since anons were talking about it the other day and I can actually believe the posts are made by women because they sound like that certain brand of homeschooled always online femcels with no friends mad at imaginary staceys taking all the equally imaginary good men, but some of them have a distinctively male incel tone to them.

No. 1637670

"I am my husband's number 1 fan!"

No. 1637704

File: 1689762574441.jpeg (436.38 KB, 1125x1875, 058A813D-D082-41B7-AB50-A57FB2…)

Hate this scrote and the faghags thinking he totally wasn’t getting off to it
As if any grown ass adult needs someone to show them how to put cream on their asshole

No. 1637706

No. 1637711

i actually started watching that fag's videos and learned a lot about gay moid sex, it sounds horrifying like you have to learn and force yourself to like getting raped in the ass if you are a fag, wtf

No. 1637713

>why you need to SHART after he BREEDS you!
Thank God the Y chromosome is dying out

No. 1637718

>How My Stepdad's Adult Videos Made Me…
Holy shit males were a mistake. Why tf are you looking at porn of your stepdad!?

No. 1637719

do all gay men have a shit fetish? I can't imagine they would be doing anal if they didn't have it. It seems all so centered about shit. Even like eating ass? Why would they want to eat somethign that tastes like shit?

No. 1637721

He has other videos titled “Masturbation after Rape and Molestation…” and “My CSA Story” so…

No. 1637731

kek love when scrotes demonstrate the stereotype that gay moids reproduce through pedoshit

No. 1637747

he's filling a weird niche and it has nothing to do with women so I don't care

No. 1637875

Are you sure it’s a stereotype nonny?

No. 1637904

I hate how “breeding” has become such a normalized word to refer to unprotected sex. It’s fucking gross and dehumanizing to me, just reading it makes me cringe in disgust but for some reason it’s a popular term now and I regularly see it. It’s such a fucking unsexy word.

No. 1637919

Fandom fetishizing it has normalized it.

No. 1637923

Yeah I fully agree, that's a term that is used about animals, not humans.
It's a porn effect. Whoever is using it is coombrained.

No. 1637952

That modern men think women should pay for 50% of the household and do 100% of the chores too. Wtf and they honestly think thats fair and the womans duty. Worse it that a lot even think women should pay the bills and do all the chores too. And then they complain no woman wants to be their second mommy

No. 1638415

File: 1689816659485.png (2.12 KB, 66x76, murder.png)

This shit. Whatever that "honest game trailers" shit on autoplay is I'm not going to watch any of these videos. Horrifyingly retarded.

No. 1638554

I fucking hate this too because I always accidentally click on it when I’m trying to search for videos and there’s never a video, besides those auto play ads

No. 1638558

File: 1689834442259.jpg (59.63 KB, 736x989, cillian murphy.jpg)

Ugly plastic surgery monster siberian husky bitch. Donatella Versace has had less fillers and botox than this.

No. 1638565

I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way.
100% true.

No. 1638567

File: 1689835476587.jpeg (593.9 KB, 1051x1103, 652D8B47-96B4-401A-9AC8-12A51F…)

No. 1638568

I hate lolicons! I don't care if its a drawing you pedo, it still says a lot about you.

No. 1638569

i thought he was naturally this weird lookin

No. 1638572

>I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way.
there are way more anons who find him unattractive than those who do tbh

No. 1638578

Based nona

No. 1638585

I think it's a mixture of both.

No. 1638749

I hate cutesy fandom speak. It used to be kind of fun and even endearing at the start, but it has dragged on too long. If I see anyone talk about their sopping wet kitten babygirl poor little disaster chaotic bi energy blorbo that they want to feed nuts out of their palms to I lose all interest in ever interacting with them. It's always just some guy. It's such a cringy way of worshipping males. Why can't they just objectify them in silence the way I do, why does there always have to be this weird layer of, I don't even know, shyness? Maybe it has to do with them being hetero irl and not being able to make a full distinction between fiction and reality

No. 1638797

File: 1689861261809.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, socialized to feel.png)

I hate when people babify teen men. I understand people want to see the best in everyone, but there have been more cases of teen moids raping women and getting away/getting really light sentences for being teens than actual women abusing teen boys. It does nothing but justify teen scrotes being disgusting human beings, for what? the one in a century case of a woman raping a teen boy, the literal non-existent case of a woman raping and murdering a teen boy? I think more women should be wary of teen scrotes, instead of trusting them because ''they are just kids!'' no, retard, that ''kid'' can and definitely will crack your skull open with a hammer if you lower your guard. And guess what? after raping and murdering you the baby boy is going to get a light/nothing sentece, he's just a baby uwu tiny smol boy! Always remember that Junko Furuta's rapists, torturers and and killers didnt get jail time for being minors. Teen boys arent equal to teen girls, they are physically stronger, more mentally unhinged, angrier and nowadays addicted to pornography.

No. 1638804

File: 1689862414007.jpg (70.29 KB, 975x576, literallyfromwikipedia.jpg)

What? Anon, I know you're worked up, but that isn't true. See picrel of the sentencing for Junko's rapists/torturers/killers

No. 1638812

Samefag, my greentext got lost. I don't care about the rest of it, i was specifically talking about
>Always remember that Junko Furuta's rapists, torturers and and killers didnt get jail time for being minors.

No. 1638814

motherfuckers got 8 fucking years for torturing a girl to death just because they were 1 year younger than her, how obtuse can you be? they are all free and roaming the streets thanks to being perceived as uwu baby childs for being minors. They also raped a 19yo woman prior to raping junko, but i guess she's the abuser since they were minors.

No. 1638827

also, just to add, the age of criminal responsability is only a thing to aid teen scrotes.

No. 1638833

Japan has some bizarre laws regarding teen offenders, I remember reading once case where some Japanese guy literally murdered his dad and only got two years.

No. 1638838

that's pretty much everywhere. I remember there was a case that marked me forever, of a teen scrote who kidnapped, assaulted and almost killed a girl, thankfully she escaped and he got arrested BUT since he was a minor they let him go, and guess what? he went and ended up murdering the poor girl. In my country there is at least one case every year where a teen boy kills someone and gets away with it for being a minor.

No. 1638849

I already said I wasn't commenting on the rest of what you wrote. Posting blatantly untrue things makes you look like a gc sperg who is too retarded to read a Wikipedia page, especially if you fly into a rage when someone notices you're lying kek
You sound hangry, eat some chocolate.

No. 1638859

5 to 9 years for torturing a girl to death is barely a jail sentence, people have gotten more time in jail for lesser crimes(elizabeth holmes got 11 years for fraud). You getting hooked on me making a small mistake over those fuckers getting a slap on the wrist over murdering a woman just for being minors shows how much the world coddles scrotes just for being under 18.

No. 1638870

Kek again, I didn't say I agreed or disagreed with what you posted. I just corrected one thing you said that was blatantly untrue (and is immediately visible on the Wikipedia page), and you're having some kind of tard meltdown about it.

No. 1638873

because you are being a sperg over it, do you have legit autism?

No. 1638879

>Elizabeth Holmes
Funny you mention her cause about a week ago there were reports that her sentence may be reduced by 2 years

No. 1638882

good for her honestly

No. 1638925

All the wikis worth anything have already moved to self-hosting, Miraheze or other platforms. Fandom is for 13 year old gen alpha retards.
Wikia (the previous iteration of Fandom) was okayish though.

No. 1638979

You know, you can go to /2X/ if people failing to respond with enough enthusiasm is getting to you

No. 1639334

Jessie Plemons face. I'm sure he's an okay enough actor in main roles, I just can't watch anything where he's the main role because I find his face mind bogglingly punchable to look at. It bothers me because he's been the main character in series and movies I actually find interesting conceptually but I can't watch them because he fills me with such autistic annoyance

No. 1639355

Honestly kind of hate the "smart people wear glasses" stereotype, as I wear glasses myself and it seems people legitimately think I know this and that even though I don't. Like people think I'm some coding wiz when I'm here struggling to know the difference between a method and function—they have this expectation of me and I can't fulfill it can really put pressure on me. Aaaaaaah.

No. 1639360

>difference between a method and a function
loool it depends on the language, there is no difference. it's purely descriptive. some languages call it a procedure. people argue over this shit all the time but these terms all mean the same thing.

No. 1639385

The way shayfags talk about women’s bodies. I know this is a site dedicated to making fun of women, but the way they do it is particularly vile. I know they justify it by her being a terrible person, but it has the same energy as twitter moids being misogynistic but making it ok by saying white women instead of all women.

No. 1639414

That's because half of them are gross, mentally ill pickmes, and the other half are coomer scrotes. Shayfags are honestly the worst.

No. 1639419

The constant nitpicking is why the cow boards are dead. I and most people don't give a shit about someone being fat or care to nitpick someones pussy colour. I often wonder if lolcow imposed a policy to censor nudity on the cow boards how it would affect nitpicking. We need more stuff like the face reveal of corpse husband, not reeing about waistbands.

No. 1639434

Im a retard because I wear glasses and I have no idea what any of this means

No. 1639442

File: 1689916619696.jpg (21.89 KB, 564x808, tfw.jpg)

I hate those "why are you, as a man, doing x thing? for other men?" memes, because it doesn't feel like manhating/making fun of men to me. It feels like something some quirky retard girl would post to tease her boyfriend who she thinks is gay because she's a they/them idk

No. 1639457

I hate it when moids invade our spaces.

No. 1639460

Actually I like them tbh, cause it uses male logic against them "men are providers and protectors" okay then get off twitter and provide and protect asshole

No. 1639518

I like them and find them funny because they're used in the female anime fandom to emasculate male characters and it pisses off scrotes.

No. 1639536

the DJ feature of spotify doesn't do shit for me. for a solid week I finally got some new songs. then it just started pushing pop artists I don't listen to at all. I hate how whatever music interests me seems to be niche and erratic to find me good matches. Youtube and spotify just end up giving me songs I found again, again, again…

No. 1639544

File: 1689932829283.jpeg (380.27 KB, 594x1149, 5713DE39-27A0-4CF1-BC6B-0E62A8…)

I hate this man on tiktok and yt shorts that comments on women’s diets. All he does is seethe every time a woman eats 1400 calories and says they’re promoting anorexia to children, especially if they start the video with a body shot. He will go on about how body checking is so bad. If a curvy or chubby girl has a body shot, he won’t say anything though. He is so fucking annoying, idk why this shlubby little man feels qualified to comment on women’s diets anyway. He just has the most annoying voice and mannerisms too.

No. 1639560

Spotify DJ announced that it's gonna play my favourite artist and proceeded to play a song I had never heard before. It endlessly plays the same ~10 artists for me too, it's so shit.

No. 1639656

I hate that every chair and couch in North America, except metsl folding chairs, are so unbelievably uncomfortable. No wonder everyone has awful posture problems. Everything is too deep and soft, so you sink in and cant put your feet on the ground. It forces youe back into a "C" shape. Instead of back support, its either a big fluffy soft back that you also sink into but somehow get forced forward some at the upper back/neck, or straight up tilted back like a lounge chair. Bucket seats in all the cars and it sucks so back for posture. Ive never been able to 'sit properly' in a chair, used to get scolded a lot. But damn trying to sit proper in these abominations is just self torture. I need to tuck my legs under me to get any form of firm surface to sit on so my spine isnt folding in on itself. It isnt me that is wrong, its the sitting furniture that is wrong and the reason why so many people have back pain/hunchbacks/neck humps! That, and phones. I finally switched to a straight up folding chair and am so much happier sitting at a desk.

No. 1639726

I have this complaint about my couch. Sitting on it gives me horrible lower back pain. I try to sit in seiza instead, whether on it or on my floor cushions. I think it's because everyone here is fat. Beds here also give me back pain. They act like their obese flabby butts are precious soft bananas that need 20 layers of cushioning. I prefer furniture that isn't spongecake.

I'm also fed up that everyone drives cars everywhere. You aren't stuck in traffic–you ARE the traffic. Cars are outrageously loud and I'm tired of constant car drone noise. I wish I could shoot their tires out. I just want to fill the arterial road with cement barriers and stop these fucking cars for good.

No. 1639820

I hate how twitterfags and YouTubefags ruin any potential cows and come here with their sperging and moralfagging. Also how desperate people are to label someone a lolcow over the most mundane thing. The milk is so dry now it’s powdered.

No. 1639821

What the fuck is a "youtubefag"

No. 1639823

YouTubers you retard

No. 1639826

Literally who calls youtubers youtubefags? I thought you were trying to say people who use youtube which also doesn't make any sense

No. 1639831

I hated Reservoir Dogs and The Hateful Eight. To me they were the worst of quentin tarantinos movies.

No. 1639832

I hate KF because so many threads are hard to read because the spergs on there shit it up threads with their irrelevant posts. The only thing Kiwi can be good for is archiving and discussing people that aren’t discussed here. Also a little bit easier to archive things.

No. 1639863

People who are too into specific youtube content creators/influencers cmon it's not that hard

No. 1639892

Ayrt fuck yeah, someone who gets it! My couch is terrible. It was okay when it was new actually because despite the couch being sooo deep, with the back rest too far back, the bottom/seat part was nice and firm. It was a sort of lesser cushioned couch, not quite as plush as a 'standard' one which I liked a lot. It has started to sag some which eliminated all support. The back never had much to begin with. I guess I also hate how cheaply made everything is too. Agree with you on cars too. I want so, so badly to be able to hop on a bus or train to run my errands, but I unfortunately dont have that option…people drive so fucking aggressive here too I know it is a matter of time before I am in an accident. There was a road rage shooting here this morning….again. People speed thru my neighborhood for fun. I am shocked a child hasnt been killed. Almost got hit head on today because a speeding car took a turn towards me on the wrong side of the road because of how many cars everyone has they just park in the streets. I get it…there isnt really an option here otherwise than to have a vehicle…but I absolutely hate it.

No. 1639951

Idk I find metal folding chairs the most uncomfortable and I'm not even fat. I hate feeling my spine and butt bones on hard surface, it hurts.

No. 1639957

File: 1689971196751.jpeg (176.56 KB, 1440x810, E3AF6102-EA22-4888-BD45-EDA74B…)

That hyena laugh loser dude bros make when the least funny shit ever happens.

No. 1640458

this, innocence means candour here, not guilt

No. 1640544

File: 1690029988257.jpeg (238.64 KB, 1600x900, IMG_0831.jpeg)

I’m so exhausted from Barbie marketing. It’s convinced me to pirate the movie at this point.

No. 1640548

It is too much, my recommendations get filled with interviews with the cast too even though I've never watched anything similiar. What I hate the most about it now though is how they use feminist guilt-tripping into making people watch it, like "wooow, theatres full of WOMEN in PINK, finally women can embrace their hobbies, SISTERHOOD, feminine energy is HEALING" type of posts filling everything. If there's one thing that won't change society it's watching the Barbie movie

No. 1640549

The funniest thing is that the marketing is better than the fucking movie itself

No. 1640557

The entire thing is literally just a huge ad campaign for Mattel. They are trying to expand their customerbase to people that are too old to buy toys so they now do collabs with other companies to produce items a regular adult would use, just with the barbie logo on them. The movie probably made them enough money already, pirating should be the only choice

No. 1640597

File: 1690035481820.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1567, IMG_1161.jpeg)

Patricia Polacco. Her books are not only unenjoyable as both a child and an adult, but who the fuck allows this to be illustrated in a book with their name on it? The drawings are horrendous and the way their faces bend in the split of the book is pissing me off so bad. I can’t wait until she dies

No. 1640613

Holy fuck this is genuinely funny

No. 1640651

This can't be real.

No. 1640673

File: 1690039349284.png (930.86 KB, 1000x500, 83709A9F-DE17-4757-9E13-37BE2F…)

Studytube. I hate that most youtubers have no personality outside of aesthetics. Before I bought an iPad, I had done some research about useful note taking and drawing apps but all I could find was “how to take pretty notes”. EVERY unboxing featured girls with acrylic nails, oversized sleeves covering their hands and everything was white and kawaii and shinning. Ugh. Also the ASMR plus the consoomerism gets on my nerves every time. Seemed like I was watching the same video over and over again because I couldn't tell them apart.

No. 1640680

I've seen a couple of shorts about this but it all seems so elaborate and honestly not that efficient. Kinda like the bullet journaling trend that was supposed to help you be productive but instead they would just spend hours on making pretty pages

No. 1640698

>it all seems so elaborate and honestly not that efficient
That's exactly how I feel. I'm in college and looking for ways to improve my learning, however, I just feel like these sort of notes are a waste of time.

No. 1640745

>Kinda like the bullet journaling trend that was supposed to help you be productive but instead they would just spend hours on making pretty pages
nta but if I'm not mistaking the guy who invented bullet journalling has spoken up about how bastardized it has become.
It just depressing how everything has become an industry now. A new method meant to help people organise? Let's sell a bunch of decorative items for notebooks and pay people on social media to promote them! Bullet journaling was never about organisation, silly it's about making pretty pages you can show of on social media!
Reminds me of art hoes. it may had started with passion for art but then it just became about owning starry night prints and hoarding art supplies. To be fair though many art hoes do paint but they spend so much time taking photos of their oil paints so they can get the most clout instead of just painting because they enjoy it. Social media ruins everything

No. 1640787

>incels are convinced that unless someone looks like a male model, no woman will desire him,
Which is funny because the majority of women settles for a guy uglier than them and they don't even consider it settling because it's the default. The cope is massive.

No. 1640788

File: 1690044372052.png (548.2 KB, 628x953, Screenshot.png)

So many Incels are so fucking obessded with men's looks that they they come across as gay, The guy on the right is actually kinda cute, and yet incels are convinced that unless someone looks like a male model, no woman will desire him, cause of maybe previous negative experiences combined with cognitive biases towards blackpill internet forums, they assume all women want Ken doll and self-deceive when it’s unlikely. Their perspective is so divorced from reality.

No. 1640851

Blackpillers are so funny. They'll lock themselves inside for the rest of their lives just because they're under 6'0 or have a jaw that's slightly too skinny or some other stupid shit. They're so out of touch with reality, it's insane.

No. 1640935

File: 1690054667487.png (92.68 KB, 648x725, tc.png)

I hate twitter commies so much(I'm saying this as a socialist) imagine being so disconnected from reality you think that tens of millions of people losing their jobs is a "good thing" cause it will cause civil strife and a possible communist revolution.

No. 1640943

Guy on the left looks horrifying and AI generated. Guy on the right looks like someone who would have a thread dedicated to him on here. When men get insecure about looks I have to laugh because they don’t even experience a fraction of the conditioning or shaming we do.

No. 1640948

>roasties won't fuck me even though I'm gymmaxxing! what do?
>you should also shower regularly
>no I won't do that, that's just cope, muh 2 bone millimeterinos of jaw!

No. 1640951

I'm pretty sure like 3/4 of them are gay or bisexual, I once was briefly in a discord server with an incel and he posted gay porn gifs "as a joke".

No. 1640972

>The guy on the right is actually kinda cute
i hate caping takes like this. women are so conditioned to always kiss moid ass, that they even gas up the egos of uggo incels. dude looks like sid's down syndrome brother, let him know that.

No. 1640975

I remember during the start of the pandemic leftists and commies were celebrating how the "economy is falling apart" and being gleeful about it and shit. Even though it was in a scary and uncertain time when people were in danger of losing their homes, jobs, and being out in the streets. Must be nice to be privileged enough to wish for those things because of the possibility of muh world revolution.

No. 1640977

>incels are convinced that unless someone looks like a male model, no woman will desire him
That's because they only chase women who look like models

No. 1640978

They're both unattractive. Right just looks slimey and right is the type 4channer die to suck the cock off, but I haven't seen any actual woman seek out

No. 1640980

I hate checking news sites for where I live, seeing which pervert, CP haver, child groomer etc is in court today and then getting to the part where it describes them being accompanied by their wife to court. Aww.. all as they plead guilty to some of the most horrific shit you can do to a child. Putting on a united front against the haters are you? Hold his hand a lil tighter so he feels supported.

Saw one yesterday where obviously it takes time for this stuff to actually enter court but the mans wife had a baby with him in the period of time between his crimes being discovered and him going to court now. Did the math. Mere months after you find out your darling hubby abused kids.. sex life still nice and active. Dudes pleading guilty to both irl sex crimes against kids and having some of the worst CP in his possession too. Why the fuck did you sentance some poor child to having that for a father. How'd you get down with that. He'd no kids previously but hey now that we know he's a pedo lets get knocked up before daddy has to go serve his time! Day in, day out. Pedos and their faithful wives go to court hand in hand. What the fuck is wrong with you and how the fuck is this so common. They're not even isolated weirdos. They're men with wives who for god knows what reason.. would seemingly take a fucking bullet for them and still smile about it. Tell me how is anyone so charming that being a pedo isn't even a dealbreaker in your marriage.

No. 1640981

NTA but I've never met a self-proclaimed commie or socialist or Marxbrothersist or w/e who wasn't middle class and university educated. Even online they always turn out to be spoiled lil shits born with a silver spoon up their ass. I'm sure there's working class ones out there, but it does say a lot when the majority are pampered brats.

No. 1640983

the right could've been cute if he grew out his hair and didn't go to the gym and got into alternative shit. i hope these two aren't actually incels and are just normal guys who go to the gym that retards use to talk about incel ideology

No. 1641024

>ncels are convinced that unless someone looks like a male model, no woman will desire him
i wish this was true, women have such low standars thats why men are so fucking ugly nowadays. that guy on the right is ugly and should be ashamed of so

No. 1641249


No. 1641253

The same wives will turn a blind eye to any sexual abuse their children suffer at his hands. Pickmeism is a malignancy.

No. 1641254

Reading the comments on this is blowing my mind honestly. Did I watch the same video as those fucks?

No. 1641259

I'm surprised that you're surprised at this. Did you think that if someone is "charming" they couldn't be a bad person lol
There are countless examples of psychopaths who have had good reputations and you got fooled so bad.

No. 1641351

My best friend was showing me her into the spider verse artbook and why she casually dropped the bomb That Gwen Stacey is MTF trans actually that IRKS ME. I’m gonna peak. It’s bad enough that every movie with a black lead they almost always have to have a white love interest but to also make her TRANS!? FOR WHAT! this literally just peaked me which is crazy cuz I consider myself a trans ally but it’s annoying they put all this shit in blaxk movies. White SPIDERMAN would never date a MTF Gwen so why does YOU KNOW WHAT NVM

No. 1641352

What makes me most mad is why does the one spider girl have to be a man actually

No. 1641355

it's all headcanon shit the fanbase ran with, the movie doesn't actually confirm it (there is a tranny flag in the background tho)

No. 1641367

God I am so sick of all this tranny pandering in media. Spiderman, Barbie, everywhere, and from everyone. I cannot wait for the day that this trans fad finally passes and the world can finally stop giving a shit about these mentally ill freaks.

No. 1641373

I genuinely think he's cute though, I would think he's cute regardless of context

No. 1641381

What's their fucking point lmao, that people of differing appearances exist? Do they think any random fit woman looks amazing next to a victoria's secret model? Everyone gets mogged by better looking people once in a while, it doesn't mean they're doomed to be alone and there's no point in improving your looks or seeking a relationship.

But ofc, the incel's only goal in working out is to get a 10/10 perfect stacey gf. Seeing a pic like this reminds them that won't happen because there's 10 perfect chad men dating those women instead, and they can't cope.

No. 1641405

nta but its cause a very small selection of isolated freaks and degens run Hollywood and will put issues they care about front in center, they think "trans genocide" is real and so a film include themes troon content, its why I really don't give a shit when the writers strike fails.

No. 1641461

>Idk, it feels like a weird protective cope like "no no, I'm not bothered by all the scrotey tit and ass shots everywhere because I like those too! This isn't just for men!"
Yes, it really is a cope, I used to do it too. It's a way to cope with both not having anything that panders to you (having to choose between moid media or unbearably girly media made to brainwash you), and learning about the degenerate, woman-hating nature of moids who constantly create and enjoy depictions of women as nothing but sexual objects. So instead of fighting it, you accept it and then meme yourself into liking it, but you're still just pretending to be the "cool girl" because deep down you hate it and would love an alternative that is actually made for you. It's definitely a way to cope with the massive disappointment that results from it all.

Now you're just wrong. No other Latin American I've ever talked to hated Cubans, in fact I've heard the opposite. Maybe you mean Cuban-Americans?

No. 1641530

This actually happened in Germany. The Communists and Marxists saw the civil strife and economic issues and cheered as it was happening, claiming that they were very close to a glorious communist revolution. However, it turns out they were not popular with the general public and constantly splintered into smaller groups. As a result, the party that was better organized and had more positions in government(The Nazis) prevailed, which was bound to happen. This is a common issue with Western Marxists, as they are completely blind to their own nation's situation.

No. 1641557

When sensitive people take harmless banter between two different countries super seriously, and you can tell that they are actually really mad about whatever is being said. It sucks the fun out of it, and I just want to shake their shoulders and tell them to chill the fuck out and to stop ruining everyone else’s fun. It’s especially bad when it’s between countries with historical rivalries like UK vs USA or France vs UK.

No. 1641576

Nta but they should be 'tubers', but we call them potatoes instead. But I know 'potatoes' usually reference children with an unfortunate disability, usually due to their parents' dumbassery, but still. Would make me kek a lil.

No. 1641607

Many things have happened in the world since 2015 and I don't see how they could have made me "more liberal".

No. 1641610

Same for "creampie" and all that shit.

No. 1641619

I swear it's undercover scrotes, been lurking since 2017-2018 and posting on and off since 2018 and never remember the site having a surge in hateful, argumentative tradthotty anons. went on hiatus, came back, and it's worse? Can't post about tinfoils or celebrities or anything without Granny Gertrude shoveling her two cents of garbage into my mouth

No. 1641630

I was just about to say, what the fuck happened to the amerifag thread

No. 1641646

Ah yes the banning of abortion was such an eyeopener to how being conservative is the way of the future and beneficial to all women

No. 1641656

I don't like conservatives, much less religious ones. But liberals can't even say what a woman is nowadays, something which would have been considered a joke in 2015. Are there only two ways?

No. 1641675

I remember reading these books! They were included in those big ass hard reader books, that had all kinds of stories in them, I loved those books. Isn't the the story about them eating Chicken? I actually like this ugly ass style. It looks like a kid who can kinda draw drew this.

No. 1641680

This. I hate most male laughter in general.

No. 1641682

In the literature and fanfic space the modern trend is short, choppy sentences with micro-sized paragraphs because everyone is a phonereading ADHD tiktok-addict and I hate it. I have to suffer because everyone else burned their attention spans out with social media addiction. A book written entirely with short sentences, most of which are not even grammatically correct (not even joking, walk into a bookstore and everything on the shelf is full of sentence fragments) sends me into a rage. I hate reading that shit, it isn't relaxing, it's like listening to a motormouth spewing retarded bullshit at 90 mph or the babbling of a 10 year old, and they can't form any complex ideas using paragraphs of 3 sentences of 6 words each so it bores me to tears.

It's to the point that normal length paragraphs are being lambasted as "blocks of text". These fuckwits have screwed themselves up so much they can't even read a real book anymore and are demanding all writing cater to their oatmeal brains. I hate the modern literary sphere. If these idiots can't read a real book anymore they should stick to comic books and See Spot Run, not come after the rest of us who aren't retards.

No. 1641692

File: 1690128040255.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20230722-210714_(1)…)

I hate whatever shit this is. Female mangaka with terminal malebrained coomerism draws unga bunga honking tiddies. Never mind the fact that it's obviously made to appeal to a male demographic anyways. So feminism!!! Such a gay lesbian!!!

No. 1641697

The japanese already received divine retribution for their coomerism. Their birth rate is like 0.78 and dropping. Imagine breeding with a moid who looks at huge tiddy animoo softcore all day every day. And the female mangaka who do this shit are just pickmes. It's especially hilarious because the average Japanese woman is like a b-cup but all the anime drawings have tits bigger than their heads. meanwhile the males are featureless skinny blobs.

She knows the only reason anyone buys a manga about mahjong is to stare at the comically large tits. This manga has a huge male following and none of them care about mahjong.

No. 1641705

I fucking hate booktok culture and what literature has devolved into thanks to barely literate zoomers. I can't stand their whining about "walls of text" "use paragraph breaks!!" when a long paragraph according to them is 3 sentences.

No. 1641776

File: 1690137452426.jpg (328.56 KB, 1170x1033, IMG_7028.jpg)

i found out about the "underground subliminal community" through the personal cows thread & this is honestly one of the most retarded & pathetic things i've ever seen. i refuse to believe anybody over the age of 15 is actually watching/listening to these. also "federal agent beauty" kek.

No. 1641781

>be heavily sexualised as one of their goals
>not knowing that women are constantly heavily sexualised every single time we go outside

No. 1641783

"the cotton ceiling"
I knew it was gonna be something stupid but wooooow

No. 1641792

Pickme is thrown around entirely too much here. It's rarely pickme, it's fanservice because nobody would buy their stuff if they didn't. Also Japanese women are raised and an extremely misogynistic society where they are basically brainwashed into acting the way they do, so reducing it to some sort of collective pickmeism is crude and reductive.

No. 1641821

As someone who used to make subliminals (I was super delusional and off my meds) I can personally attest to the fact that a majority of the “underground” sub makers are in middle school. Most of them are trying to be 2edgy4you but there is a lot of online grooming/social isolation that goes on. Most grow out of it by 16

No. 1641844

File: 1690141984271.png (240.89 KB, 640x640, 1689986546132952.png)

zoomers trying to emulate 00s styles while either completly butchering it by adding tranny garbage or thinking slapping a 200x stamp will fool anyone. I specially hate this thing, the author didnt even try to make it look like faux anime of the 00s or hell, even dl flash and try it to realize that type of lineart quality was impossible in the program.

No. 1641851

wait, does this have tranny pandering?

No. 1641856

It looks more like it's trying to emulate friday night funkin than 2000s girlsgogames. Especially with that dogshit color palette. Even the font looks modern

No. 1641863

seeing zoomers (poorly) trying to imitate the era i grew up in is surreal. now i know how my parents felt when i went trough an 80s phase kek

No. 1641874

The fact that the Barbie movie had the most milquetoast libfem take on the patriarchy and men still seethed about it

No. 1641881

Is this a trend with books in general or just stuff like YA?Genuine question cause I don't remember when I last read a book written past the 90s.

No. 1641912

I mean, they already couldn't stop seething over Turning Red a few months ago because of the period joke. Men cannot stand it when something isn't being pandered to them, even if that thing is for little girls. They are really like overgrown babies.

No. 1641920

I'm still convinced that the anons who couldn't fucking quit bashing Turning Red during its release (for example in the western animation thread which already is just an extension of /co/ autism) were moids on suicide watch raging about how a Disney movie mentioning periods is a SJW woke agenda and how it's racist against whiteys because it featured an Asian main character. Men just hate everything that women relate to and they can't understand because they're so used to every single piece of media catering to their needs.

No. 1641925

the western animation thread is a mess. john k is a pedo moid but its okay because muh nostalgia but a woman draws bean mouth and its the fall of western civilization

No. 1641927

Yeah I meant Cuban-Americans, but apparently Cubans in Cuba suck too and even Cuban-Americans will attest to that. Like literally nobody will do anything for anyone without expecting payment (I’m talking really simple neighborly favors).

No. 1641933

Smells like scrote in this post

No. 1641941

The latin americans that I know who hate Cubans are brazilian right wing retards who hate them because communism, I'm not sure if it's something particular to Brazil or if right wing idiots are like that all over latam. The thing about expecting to be paid for any favours, I never heard anyone resenting them for it cause they are just trying to get by.

No. 1641948

I hate browsing youtube, clicking on a video that seems kinda interesting and then finding out the video is just a moid spewing "reee the feminists!!! Women are so evilll they won't let me fuck them and they want rights reeee" and the comments are some 14 year olds saying the patriarchy doesn't exist and "females" (the always use this term while using men or guys for males) aren't oppressed in any way. God can these faggots just make a video without insulting the people they desperetely crave every two seconds? I just wanted to watch some videos about movies and scams but I always have to come accross hordes of deeply insecure males who can't stop shitting themselves over women.

No. 1641954

The reason most Latinx people I know hate Cuban Americans is because the Cubans here vote red and see themselves as white people, even the extremely brownish gray colored ones who only speak Spanish and have never left miami.

No. 1641969

What were its takes?

No. 1642002

i don't recall anyone in that thread complaining about the period references, they just said the art style was ugly

No. 1642005

Patriarchy bad and this speech that America Ferrera's character delivers to Margot Barbie who's having a crisis, "You have to be thin, but not too thin. And you can never say you want to be thin. You have to say you want to be healthy, but also you have to be thin. You have to have money, but you can’t ask for money because that’s crass. You have to be a boss, but you can’t be mean. You have to lead, but you can’t squash other people’s ideas. You’re supposed to love being a mother, but don’t talk about your kids all the damn time. You have to be a career woman, but also always be looking out for other people. You have to answer for men’s bad behavior, which is insane, but if you point that out, you’re accused of complaining. You’re supposed to stay pretty for men, but not so pretty that you tempt them too much or that you threaten other women because you’re supposed to be a part of the sisterhood. But always stand out and always be grateful. But never forget that the system is rigged. So find a way to acknowledge that but also always be grateful. You have to never get old, never be rude, never show off, never be selfish, never fall down, never fail, never show fear, never get out of line. It’s too hard! It’s too contradictory and nobody gives you a medal or says thank you! And it turns out in fact that not only are you doing everything wrong, but also everything is your fault."
Yeah, I only remember complaints about the artstyle.

No. 1642015

this sounds like an extremely watered down version of the gone girl monologue

No. 1642018

>It’s too contradictory and nobody gives you a medal or says thank you! And it turns out in fact that not only are you doing everything wrong, but also everything is your fault.
I actually started sobbing in the theater at this line because I don't think I've ever watched a big budget movie saying this very basic fucking thing and it's so sad. I know people applaud the Gone Girl monologue but this rant and specifically America Ferrera's delivery was on par with it and anons being cynical about it can go back to the blackpill thread or wherever they like to complain about other women.

No. 1642031

and the twerk scene lol

No. 1642046

File: 1690151215668.jpg (14.01 KB, 275x265, 54.jpg)


No. 1642084

I bought spicy dill pickle flavoured corn tortilla chips and they have BARELY ANY DILL PICKLE FLAVOURING

No. 1642100

File: 1690153985047.png (660.99 KB, 805x516, diana.PNG)

I'm watching The Crown right now and the actress for young Diana is very good, but I hate when she does this Dreamworks smirk

No. 1642123

File: 1690155062058.png (133.56 KB, 288x297, 1577282674551.png)

Vtubers are the new furries and I'm tired of pretending they're not
>trying to search fanart of my favorite series on twitter because it's the hotspot for artists
>1/2 of my results are contaminated with vtubers announcing their streams and fanart of the vtuber being self-inserted into the game
This is the same reason why I hate twitch/e-celeb culture in general because the discussion revolves around this fucking loser nobody and only uses the game, anime, whatever media to cling onto their coat-tails and nothing more.
Streamers are glorified NEETs with zero talent or skill. At least Hollywood celebrities actually have to work and have to put in effort into acting and singing. The only purpose an e-celeb serves in my eyes is being a laughing stock when they inevitably fuck up.

No. 1642167

Idk who he is but from this shot alone he looks fat, so ofcourse he won't say anything about fellow fatties and would criticize pretty thin women who'd never be with him kek. Another possibility is he probably doesn't want to get canceled for "fatphobia". Also, doesn't he know that people's calorie count can vary depending on height and weight? A short light weight woman needs less calories than a tall athletic woman obviously, how is that promoting anaroxia to kids? Do kids even need 1400 calories a day? I'm short and thin and I only need 1200 calories, this guy would lose his mind if he sees my skinny fat body kek

No. 1642175

If I'm not mistaken, guy on left is a fitness influencer and model or something like that, his name is Jeff something but I forgot and can't bother to check. So you're right he's probably not an actual incel and those moids are using his image with what seems to be a client to prove their point. I don't think it's impossible for someone's looks to improve after working out and changing style, like Igor Opeshansky improved a lot face wise after starting body building and eating healthy, since a bad diet can definitely affects facial features, especially as a developing child/teenagers/young adult. But they're never gonna be a 10 if they're original a 5, maybe a 6 or 7 at max but never a 10, that's delusional. They should just get plastic surgery if they're so desperate to be good looking as they claim.

No. 1642177


No. 1642183

Half smiles are completely unnatural in the way that lip biting is and exist only because people continue writing the actions into fiction. Nobody half smiles unless they have palsey, you have to purposely use only one side of your face and actively make yourself do so, its fake as fuck and looks stupid. Lip biting is just as bad, its so fun to make fun of but when you see it unironically in writing and cinema it makes no sense. People only do it because they've read a hundred dumb books that are like "he bit his lip in trepedation" no he fucking didn't.

No. 1642202

I do both of those naturally and it’s definitely not due to reading too much. Dyslexic.

No. 1642218

Bitch nobody does that over exaggerate Lin Manuel Miranda lip biting thing naturally stop lying

No. 1642227

NTA but I think people with overbites might do it naturally, they're usually the ones I see doing it the most

No. 1642259

File: 1690168129400.png (291.6 KB, 852x458, 1681464469230.png)

The story was fine, I just really fucking hated the art-style.
Literally one posted defended him and they were immediately called out for it.

No. 1642260

Rami Malik and others overlapping their front teeth with their bottom lip like a goat isn't doing a random lip bite because it's just their face

No. 1642262

Latinx is not a word. It's latino

No. 1642272


No. 1642303

the fuck is a latinks? its latina or latino i fucking hate when americans nose their way into other cultures

No. 1642314

Lateenex like kleenex

No. 1642399

File: 1690186822688.jpg (124.48 KB, 990x653, moid.jpg)

Anons in that thread were going "I hated how Turning Red was clearly a PERSONAL!!!11 story which means I don't get it and it makes me angry!!" which is exactly what men say about movies mainly directed towards women but when they have to remain tact about it. They feel threatened when they can't relate to a movie because everything is a zero sum game to them. I'm not Chinese and don't live in Canada yet I was fully immersed in the portrayal of those feelings and moments experienced by a young girl in her early teens because as a woman I went through similar, universal experiences and because I'm also capable of basic human empathy and understanding the distress the characters go through.

Also anons got really weird about the period thing. It's as if they were trying to lowkey call the movie creepy and pedophilic for saying that girls have periods and that it's a life changing event. The "ackshually the mom was in the right for protecting her daughter from becoming a slut" angle cemented the fact that the thread is dripping with autistic scrotes just like the artist salt thread and celebricow thread. Picrel, if this wasn't written by a man then I don't know what is.

No. 1642415

Holy shit I remember seeing this post in real time in the Western Animation thread. You can tell by this poster's schizo rant that they did not watch the movie or barely payed attention to it.

No. 1642421

That's how I feel about most "reviews" concerning the Barbie movie tbh, a lot of them are just literal angry screeching noises from people who were so overwhelmed by the feminist agenda that they didn't pay attention to the rest of the movie or just skipped through some shitty phone camera screen recording they found online to feel justified in their outrage. The seething anons dropping "libfem" at it like the term was a stand in for "roastie" are being suspicious as fuck.

No. 1642745

most of the atrociously bad online content is made by people under 20. I think no one under 21 should be allowed to post anything online. It would eliminate 80% of andrew tate fans, 90% of bad fanfiction, 99% of bad art, and save discussion based communities from hordes of retards posting retardation. all the klance drama wouldn't have happened and voltron wouldn't have been killed if only you had to be 21 to make a post. let's be perfectly clear: idiotic 13 year olds are running amok ruining everything we love and churning out cringe so bad it's actually traumatizing.

No. 1644062

File: 1690318005283.jpg (295.98 KB, 1080x920, IMG_20230725_224647.jpg)

I am fucking mad, anons. Project Moon, a Korean game company fired a female artist because she once tweeted against creepshots in women's bathrooms. Reddit is saying that she wanted fo abort male fetuses and 4chan is being reasonable? Fuck this world

No. 1644097

Even if she said that, it should be completely understandable why. This whole situation is so fucked up, I wonder if PM can do anything to salvage it anymore. It's not like her art was a small part, so giving her up because of this shit is just pathetic and cowardly. And then they only released the statement in korean, hoping that no one else would notice. Embarrassing.

No. 1644166

How the fuck is creepshots comparable to male castration? One is blantant invasion of privacy besides men should be south Korea has to be one of the most misogynistic Asian country next to China. They literally had a docu series of how big the industry is. Fucking gross The poor artist she was def scapegoated

No. 1644168

the reply comparing these two was sarcastic

No. 1644200

File: 1690325963256.jpg (180.94 KB, 1080x1469, Fyer9qeX0AA5Ig-.jpg)

>she once tweeted against creepshots in women's bathrooms
A female vocaloid producer (Hitoshizuku) recently got cancelled by the western fanbase for saying the same exact thing. God I hate them. I hope women only continue to speak out against this shit.

No. 1644359

I hate that cringy genderspecial moid who thinks his opinions on winx club matter and tries to rewrite the entire series by race swapping the character because he's angry 3 out of 6 (or 8) of the girls are white when he's white himself, and tries to make the male characters more important when the show is for girls, and tries to change their sexualities as well and would probably make one or two of them troon out next just like him. I hope the fandom realizes how men like him are ruining the famdom and cancel him or something rightfully.

No. 1644412

When there is clearly a moid that posts a vague ass statement that can be safely assumed that it was written by a moid but then the same moid who wrote the post comes back, and says omg I'm just kidding!! Like no. You are not.

No. 1644424

Is this about the stupid questions thread? I don't see anything moidy there.

No. 1644435

Shut the fuck you have said this in like five threads in the past hour

No. 1644439

Are you the anon from the vent thread who also complained about moids? Where are these moid posts?

No. 1644612

Yes, the sarcasm is on the side of the artist.

No. 1645258

I cannot stand the Pinterest app and the fact that when looking through boards, even a tiny accidental downwards swipe of the finger will close the whole thing and you'd have to start all over and scroll all the way back down. If it's even worth it at that point. They also got rid of the feature on desktop that let you click on posts from your viewing history if you forgot to save them and want to look at them again, which was basically the only thing the desktop was good for.

No. 1645274

Tried looking up porn land on Goodreads but the book wouldn’t show up in searches until I specified Gail dines, despite there being other porny books without that name showing up

No. 1645291

File: 1690395453255.jpeg (699.36 KB, 1242x1421, IMG_2437.jpeg)

So the other day in the celeb thread I saw someone mention something weird about Jane Birkin’s daughter… I just googled it and it was hard to find anything but finally was led to this. What in the ever living fuck lol. The whole Wikipedia article is just everyone in the world downplaying it and saying it’s harmless and innocent. What is this clown world

No. 1645296

File: 1690395589302.jpeg (264.27 KB, 1242x429, IMG_2439.jpeg)


No. 1645329

The excuse for this kind of shit is usually "it's 2deep4u you wouldn't get it, it's art", I hate this. Serge Gainsbourg was a disgusting piece of shit with everyone, not just his daughter and even though it was seen as funny and quirky, like when he told Whitney Houston he wanted to fuck her in English on French TV. Keep in mind that he comes from the same shithole that has a rapist minister that directly controls the police and that protects Roman Polanski and gives him plenty of job opportunities.

No. 1645343

everyone writing eight paragraphs about the barbie move. I hope they're all paid shills, this movie is not interesting enough to talk about for free.

No. 1645349

File: 1690398666812.png (279.66 KB, 1984x1606, Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 15.13…)

No. 1645355

What the fuck.

No. 1645358

"délicieuse enfant" doesn't mean "delightful child", unless delightful in that context can be used in English to say something pedophilic. And the title is a pun on "a zest/peel of lemon" so I think Serge Gainsbourg thought he was being smart when writing this on top of being disgusting. And of course he makes his daughter say the worst lyrics of the song.

No. 1645369

I barfed in my mouth. Jesus fucking Christ I hate men

No. 1645409

To say the least

No. 1645452

I hate when people say they don't know how something happened but how it happened is obvious. "I don't know how this got unlocked" because one of you unlocked it, duh…

No. 1645475

I hate it when men complain about suits being too uncomfortable or hot. Shut the fuck up and be eye candy for me.

No. 1645492


Kek are you talking about >>1645429

No. 1645523

File: 1690407982394.gif (869.22 KB, 500x378, cosmicbrownies.gif)

Big dogs who are untrained. I watched a dog for my friend for the day and Jesus Christ. Literally gets in your face and shoves his face at your food, shoving him back does not work to the point I had to eat standing. Tries to climb onto my lap despite being a full grown Dalmatian and once again shoving his face into my face. I tried to lie on the couch and he immediately tried to climb on me and once again shoved his huge head at me literally wiggling around to try and get up to the point of head butting me. I’m extra crabby because I have scoliosis and general joint issues so I’m in pain every day, and having to push him off killed my back. My friend definitely doesn’t exercise him enough and definitely didn’t train him properly. I blame myself for taking him on and he obviously doesn’t know any better but girl train your dog to at least not jump on people damn I’m going to have to recover for a few days.

No. 1645570

Wow what an amazing picmix whoever made that must be really cool

No. 1645626

Only as an example because it made it come to mind, but apparently my post was too mean.

No. 1645695

Retard barista just spelled my extremely common three-letter first name. I even fucking spelled it out loud for her beforehand. Then the other barista who made my drink was a tranny, vomit. Why the fuck do I come to this restaurant.

No. 1645698

This is why I generally prefer small or elderly dogs. I don't dislike big dogs, but they can be very overwhelming for me.

No. 1645707

I've heard they are encouraged to spell your name wrong so that you post it on social media and give them free advertising

No. 1645814

i refuse to use cafes where the barista shouts your name. its just awkward specially since my name is kinda uncommon

No. 1645836

there's a barista at my local starbucks who always puts a similar sounding male name on my cup even though my name is a very normal common female name and the male name is very odd, old fashioned, and not at all unisex
not gonna doxx myself but it's like if a girl was named lena and you went out of your way to write "leonard" on her cup
it's not like i look like a tif or anything

No. 1645842

Now this is some actual, legitimate Karen shit. Get the fuck over yourself.

No. 1645847

>the other barista who made my drink was a tranny, vomit
I'd be throwing that drink out if I were you…

No. 1645851

you could tell them a different, common name when they ask for it, that's what i always do

No. 1645854

I really don't like dogs, and I'm badly allergic, and I wish less people would have them. Lots of women– only women, why?– have service dogs and stuff. Not like, real ones for blind people, but for anxiety or "ptsd" or whatever. There's half a dozen on campus and I try my best to dodge them during the semester. There was a psychiatric service dog in one of my uni classes and I skipped all the time BC I didn't feel like pregaming my calculus class with benadryl. I told my prof and he just shrugged. OK cool. Glad Kai's ADA accommodations are being respected.
They're also just really badly behaved animals and really gross. The service dog I mentioned spent all class licking it's junk, every day. Idk how people deal. It's like if I grabbed one of my geese and brought her around on campus and in class. Oh she's loud and shits everywhere? Well same with the dogs. She bit someone? You must have spooked her. I'll let her off leash and when she charges at someone I'll just shout "she's friendly!"
Lots of the women I know have dogs "for protection" and "to feel safe" or because they want a furbaby. But their whole lives are run by the dog. And it's nearly always a large breed and they don't train it. It's constantly "oh Diesel has separation anxiety so I can't leave the house longer than 2 minutes or he'll obliterate everything in sight." Or "Daenerys is reactive so I have to walk her after the moon sets. At least 40 miles." "Bluto is allergic to everything except Dodo meat, which sucks because they're extinct. So I need to work overtime to afford lab grown dodo." Like what the hell. Why do you want to live a life like that? For it's whole life you want to be beholden to this animal? Can there really be joy there?
Idgi. I guess it'd be nicer if they didn't affect my life so much. People bring them into grocery stores, bars, hiking, camping, etc. Even if I say I'm allergic. Plus, I live rurally and people dump dogs here every once in a while. Then they chase and / or kill some of my livestock. I'm really tired of it.(take it to the dog hate thread)

No. 1645873

The dogs name is Daenerys?

No. 1645877

Tell them your name is Daenerys.

No. 1645886

Imagine having to plan your life schedule around an animal’s bowels. Imagine your yard being an animal’s toilet. Fuck dogs and especially fuck pitbulls and their sympathizers nonna I’m with you.

No. 1645887

Yeah a lady at work has a pit mix who's aggressive named daenerys, like GOT. She has to jump through hoops every day to make sure the dog doesn't attack someone.

I think starbucksanon should say her name is Sephiroth.

No. 1645898

Go back to Reddit, retard.

No. 1645900

I hate faggots who can't stay in their containment thread

No. 1645908

I understand where you're coming from, but PTSD dogs are a very real thing and real PTSD dogs are specially bred and trained for that purpose. They're not ESAs (which is probably what you're thinking of) they're actual service animals. I personally know a veteran who has a legit one.

If a purported PTSD dog is distracted by human beings other than its owner, it's probably not a legitimate service animal. Real PTSD dogs are trained to be completely calm and focused entirely on their owner.

No. 1645909

Like the dog haters in this case? Lmao

No. 1645928

Jane Birkin was his handmaiden wife who defended everything he did and raised their daughters to do the same. This was long after she also admitted that he beat her. Thankfully, she died two days ago. Nothing of value was lost, fucking enabling doormat. Women who enable men like this make me fucking sick.

No. 1646003

File: 1690448172798.jpg (1.84 MB, 2240x3360, IMG_0279.jpg)

It looks like mustard poured on a carpet

No. 1646091

when a girl online seems cool and has similar obscure interests to you but brushes you off in favor of male attention. it's almost worse when they act nice to you but secretly see you as some sort of threat and would rather have you gone. i just want more girl friends who like the things i do

No. 1646159

where's the mustard?

No. 1646161

THIS!! ffs it happened to me once and i was really sad for the whole day kek. speaking of niche obsucre interests, what are yours?

No. 1646165

these people really dont give a shit about women. ffs

No. 1646207

File: 1690468663321.png (342.97 KB, 434x504, ddfxtu0-ab023a6c-e524-4e8f-93d…)

Now I wanna know about all of your interests

No. 1646262

>what's up
I hate when people who don't have anything interesting to say text me.

No. 1646274

Stop fucking asking "how are you" if you're not even going to respond back. I hate this stupid Americanism. No one actually cares about how you're doing so I don't know why they ask.

No. 1646285

this is lonely me trying to hold onto my very few still existing maybe-friends

No. 1646388

>>1646091 what kinds of obscure interests?

No. 1646413

this is so sick
no need for subtitles

No. 1646439

People using the words "patriarchy" and "matriarchy" to discuss the Barbie movie, when none of those dolls have children and those words specifically mean rule of the father/mother. I get what people mean but I wish we had better terminology for these concepts.

No. 1646454

Don't the characters in the movie literally say those words though

No. 1646591

File: 1690491717804.jpg (213.78 KB, 1050x480, How-Plums-become-Prunes-1050x4…)

My name is Prunella and I hate it. Stupidest and worst name. But I feel like It's too late to change it.

I don't have a middle name so I usually go by Ella and try my best to hide my full name from people. Most people think that Ella is short for Eleanor or Isabella, and I always feel shame whenever people find out it's….Prunella.

I hate my life.

No. 1646594

I like your name nonnie

No. 1646595

can someone please explain.

No. 1646600

Aw nona, your name was my alias on instagram for years. I've always loved it.

No. 1646617

change ur name if it would make you happy. Change it to ella plum or something haha

No. 1646621

I agree that name sucks but it's your name so rock it. My whole life everyone has mostly called me by my nickname so I feel more connected to it than my real name.

No. 1646625

aw I like that name. I see where you're coming from because I used to not like my own name either (it's not even something you can make a nickname out of). and Ella is nice. my first cat was named Ella.

No. 1646689

like very old & experimental films, cartoons that have been lost to time, & rare ds/other handheld console games. not really that obscure or strange but it is still damn hard to find other women with a keen interest in these things! i've luckily made friends with a few but am always looking for more

No. 1646700

I hate when a fish has little silver-y pieces. I always pick around it.

No. 1646884

Lol trying to find actual girls into old DS games and cartoons that aren’t trannies, I am so sorry

No. 1647051

Like… scales? If you cook the fish properly, the skin should slough right off.

No. 1647053

I know some people who do this. Sometimes they're just more passive types who want to talk to you, but prefer not to be the one to initiate the actual discussion. I had a friend irl who did this and that's basically what she said when I asked her about it.

No. 1647055

File: 1690522303677.jpg (50.22 KB, 367x364, 223029.jpg)

I have no clue who she is and maybe she is fine as a person, but this girl is always suggested to me on Instagram (even though I've never clicked on her videos) and I cannot stand her ugly sunburn blush the dumbass smirk she always does!!!!

No. 1647064

File: 1690522986446.jpeg (29.77 KB, 480x360, E1984097-EED4-4D56-B3A4-632B9F…)

Nooooo I have never ever ever met anyone with that name and it immediately made me think of her, Prunella sounds cool

No. 1647108

i hate her makeup so much . god. giving 2020 danganronpa cosplayer realness

No. 1647109

reminds me of priscilla , its pretty!

No. 1647236

Its fine and also original. One day you'll love it.

She looks cute.

No. 1647243

I'm also getting flooded with her content on Instagram despite not being into cosplay or weebshit. She does that word chewing thing that tiktok creators do, talking like the corners of their mouth are super glued. I find it really repulsive.

No. 1647255

I thought zoomer influencers doing that retarded smirk was a meme but holy shit it's real.

No. 1647314

Not the most controversial thing but I can’t stand being near any kind of lunch meat. I want to gag and move to a different place every time I see it. It smells horrible too.

No. 1647338

>28 minutes long
Damn. Nonnie can you just give us a tiny summary or at least tell what was sick about it?

No. 1647348

Sex as a right for disabled men. (I don’t speak German and I’m not going to watch it all but nonna seemed to imply the gist could be gotten almost immediately.)
Don’t forget, if sex is a right then refusing to have sex with them will become a violation of their rights, not yours! If sex work is work then sexual harassment is just a misunderstanding of the goods and services you provide. If sex work is work then rape is just theft. If sex work is work then a boss sexually assaulting his staff is ok because it’s part of their job. If sex work is work then the government is allowed to pimp you out before giving you access to social support networks.
Rape is not a right.

No. 1647351

Low hanging fruit but I loathe people who don't take care of their animals. People who let their dogs bark at everything and don't care that their dogs are anxious asf, people who don't clean their 3x ferret cage and let them stink to high heaven, people who don't take their cat to the vet for routine checkups and miss obvious health problems… all of them. I hate them all.
I also hate spider bp breeders and can't say anything more without risking a ban for a-log.

No. 1647355

>Sex as a right for disabled men
>right for disabled men
Strange how they never seem to mention disabled women in these things. Probably because if they tried to consider us they'd have to consider the astronomical sex abuse rates disabled women face for the first time in their lives and settle the cognitive dissonance with their prerogative.

No. 1647357

Ah, thanks! That's indeed disgusting, anon was right for calling it sick. If sex is a 'right' for moids then they should just fuck each other and die from aids.

No. 1647407

sorry for posting and then leaving, i kinda thought you'd immediately see what it is about when she goes to his bed
on the one hand it's disgusting how prostitution is pushed as something normie in germany but in this case i actually find the prostitute creepier/in the wrong. and the parents/caretakers hiring her…now words. the guy in the video is a total vegetable, so how can she claim that he wants sex, that he wants her to do this to him? even some german comments pointed out, how the fuck can somebody like this consent in any way?

the later part of the video is about a retard couple. this is also something i hate, yes these people should be able to live life as normally as possible but thinking about letting them have children or even having sex is retarded.
i especially hate that in those cases the woman is often much more disabled than the moid (e.g. he has just autism), so it just feels very wrong. i once interned in a school for disabled kids and young adults and while those who had down syndrome definitely can reach a good level of independence, they nevertheless stay extremely gullible, e.g. the teacher tested them by telling them they made a mistake while baking and instead of questioning her because they read and followed the recipe, they immediately said oh ok - meaning men too could tell them anything and they'd immediately believe it and go along with it.

No. 1647437

If they men get that I want my own Henry Cavill in his 20s looking government assigned husband right fucking now. I've healed over a decade ago from my health issues but they still indirectly have a negative impact on my social life so I should get to choose.

No. 1647466

I think she would be cute with decent makeup and a normal facial expression, it's the ridiculous makeup and the DreamWorks smirk that drives me up the wall

This is the perfect description and why I hate it

I feel like a boomer when I watch videos of Tiktokers speaking like this, it's very irritating and I'm not sure why anyone enjoys watching it. Guess she won the algorithm jackpot with it though

No. 1647511

This is a really weird thing to complain about but hentai from two decades ago was so much more tame and it was watchable to women as well, I actually liked a lot of the hentai that I read and watched and the girl characters often had pretty interesting and spunky personalities too. Now you literally can't find shit without fetish level inflated breasts, grotesque x-ray shots, extreme monster cock penetration, cervix penetration, urethra penetration, nipple penetration, lactation, anal gaping, violence, blood, dismemberment and so forth, the girls are like dead sex dolls personality wise or one note dommy mommies. And the straight porn made for women isn't any better, it's an ugly douchebag you're supposed to consider attractive raping a self insert void of personality. I miss all the edgy dystopian animes that just happened to have sex scenes and the silly high fantasy porn comics.

No. 1647532

The x-ray shit and cervix penetration are most disgusting trends yet. I can't believe anyone finds that shit erotic. Men are so retarded with how so many of them find vaginas with visible labia disgusting, yet will jerk off to x-ray shots of vaginal/anal sex or anal gaping where you can see their rectum poking out. I feel disgusting even typing that out. I need a shower.

No. 1647601

File: 1690574800673.png (11.06 MB, 2990x3444, frwhy.png)

I'm watching this youtuber and I hate how often she checks herself out in the camera. Picrel is her staring open-mouthed in silence, like she does multiple times in every vlog. The comments say she looks like a pinterest girl but she genuinely just looks retarded doing this? Also kek someone even called her out for it in one vlog and she decided to keep that in.

No. 1647605

Men. Every day I find so much evidence of how they suck. No matter who they are, even family. Men really are the lesser; no wonder they want to be women. They will never be female. Women truly are the best. I thank God every day for being a woman and not a brainless lifeform.

No. 1647608

Actors/actresses with obvious plastic surgery and fillers playing historical dramas/medieval settings. It gived me whiplash every time I see filler lips in a fil set in year 1000.

No. 1647613

>A Dane puts the quran on fire in Sweden because he wants to provoke muslims and show how irrational and violent they are
>muslims in Sweden riot
>An Iraqi man also burns the quran Sweden
>Iraqi moids: Go insane and burn down the Swedish embassy
>Current terrorist threat level in Sweden from muslims: Higher
>Police on high alert
>I feel anxious when out in public
>All this because retarded muslim scrotes wanted to prove the Dane right
>At the same time, muslims go waah waah Sweden is oppressing us waah islamophobia on social media while not caring about the actual violent threats we are reciving
Fuck I hate this.

No. 1647633

I feel very bad for you guys, really. It seems everything crashed down the moment those people came to Europe, it used to be a chill area but now it's literally on shambles and it happened so fast. Violence, rape, crime, chaos, I can't believe I'm actually glad I'm not living there atm, at least our people would be allowed to fight back if that ever happened to us, but it seems you guys are expected to just shut up and take it which is extremely infuriating. I'm very sorry, I hope your people find a way to recover what those lowlifes destroyed, they didn't deserve your hospitality. Very tragic

No. 1647637

Who thought it was a great idea to allow men who shit up their home countries into our countries, fuck I hate muslim men.

No. 1647647

I hate scrotes shitting every threads on this board with random stories about muh muslim men destroying Europe. You know who I truly hate? Fucking weak minded moids from my own country reading/watching shit content from the US who make them believe that going outside and killing their own people with guns is a fucking fantastic idea. Fuck you US American moids. I hate all moids.

No. 1647654

Ignore this bait nonnas, it ain't worth it

No. 1647656

>I hate scrotes shitting every threads on this board with random stories about muh muslim men destroying Europe.
Are you for fucking real? Right after I posted about being anxious about terrorists threatening my country? Fuck off.
Thank you. They really don't, and people are waking up fast about it. Which country are you from nona?

No. 1647657

so hating massive amounts of misogyny and the absence of basic women's rights in islamic countries is scrotey?

No. 1647660

But anon Islam is a religion of peace uwu
I also have so much hate for them. Men are all bastards but the way muslim men act is just so much worse, they worship a literal pedophile and expect everyone to follow their shit religion and they will kill and rape anyone who doesn't agree with them or dares to make jokes about them. They're okay with honor killinga ffs, why are they even allowed to exist? Is "muh religion and culture" really a good excuse for murder, rape, abuse and subjugation of thousands of women and children?

No. 1647669

A thread in /ot/ literally can't go for 2 hours without a new racebaiting post now and the mods have stopped caring. I swear I open this goddamn board and half of the threads in page 0 are infighting about black people or muslims. I wish kiwifags went back where they came from, null needs to get his fat ass up and bring it back to surface web to round up his special ed kids who are too dumb to use tor.

No. 1647670

>Fucking weak minded moids from my own country reading/watching shit content from the US who make them believe that going outside and killing their own people with guns is a fucking fantastic idea.
where is this happening? even in euro shitholes shootings are extremely rare

No. 1647675

How about you point exactly what the "racebait" is here.

No. 1647686

I can't stand this. Or when a YouTuber takes more than 10 secs to talk about why she looks gross. Idgaf what you look like, stupidhead. Get "ready" before you hit record then if you're uncomfortable to be bare. It feels like every female vlogger on there does this yet the balding males move on like nothing.

No. 1647709

Strong agree. I see a woman wearing anachronic makeup in a historical piece and think about how she should be fired and the directors should be shot. Stop being cowards you cowards. Show her with accurate makeup or nothing at all.
Thanks for the advice nona, she got me until you brought me back down. It's such a shame though. As an exchange student, my friend and I got drunk at 18 and rode our bikes back home in Stuttgart at 2:00 am. I would have never done that in America, yet back then it was still safe enough to do that in Germany. On our ride we saw mothers pushing babies in strollers and an off duty police officer walking his dog who greeted us.

No. 1647711

As a muslin ( or kinda ) that’s really true muslims keep having those retarded ideas about anything no wonder why all these of teens have complicated relationships with god meh

No. 1647732

I hate how many first worlders (mainly americans) assume every third worlder wants to move there like no I dont

No. 1647739

#I hate when old people complain about their problems like they are the only ones who suffer
# I hate it when hot food gains a weird layer on top of it

No. 1647742

I hate aphids and spider mites. piece of shit parasite bugs! All I want is to grow myself some nice herbs for cooking, tea, and a few small flowers. I'll probably have to buy neem oil and ladybugs to help kill them off.

No. 1647780

wearing bras

If I had smaller tits and didn't worry about them sagging I would gladly be freeing my nipples on a daily basis

No. 1648000

File: 1690618485335.png (226.09 KB, 461x547, retarded hunchback.png)

>Woman athlete films some moid lookin like a dumbass while he's working out. She had a chuckle about it
>She didn't even show his face
>People seethe because how dare a woman laugh at him!!!1!
>A gross roided up gym influencer uses this as an oppurtunity to get asspats from the internet, mansplaining how she ~shouldve showed him the correct way~ instead.
>seething males (and pick mes) circle jerking continues
Please, If it was a moid making fun of a woman doing the same thing, they'd just comment same the cringy "women coffee cup emoji" like they always do. They'd even go "Does she see anyone else doing it like that?" etc. But poor wittle moid, amirite? He's just starting out, cut him some slack! Bad woman!
She should never apologize (as she should). If it was a moid making fun of a woman looking stupid in a gym, it wouldn't even get this much attention.

video: https://fb.watch/m4vmzLCzBl/
tried to convert it to webm but it's too large apparently

No. 1648178

Meh, you shouldn't film anybody without their knowledge and post it online.

No. 1648209

Yeah, it's not cool, although if this was a guy that filmed a girl looking stupid at the gym the response would be quite different.

No. 1648264

I fucking hate uni and studying for exams more than anything else in this world. I just fucking hate school.

No. 1648271

There’s no good reason for her to have done that. When I first started at the gym and did stupid shit other people there showed me how to do things correctly or in ways that would accommodate my size. I hope she gets banned from the gym like the one who thought it was funny to film an old lady changing in the locker room.

No. 1648282

he looks like a kid tbh. but i don't understand what is there to rage about when his face isn't shown. there's tons of videos like this of people doing unhinged exercises and it's somehow fine even though you can see their faces there.

No. 1648359

Not related to anything that happened recently, but I hate when anons are infighting, the thread fills up, someone makes a new one, and they continue the infight in the new thread. It should be a part of basic lolcow etiquette at this point that if a thread gets full while you're fighting, leave it there. But it's not and that's why I'm glad it takes days for new celebcow threads to be made.

No. 1648376

Related to this. I hate that shittok made it acceptable to film randos without their knowledge and blast them online. Why aren't the recorders seen as the creeps they are? it's unhinged.

No. 1648389

kweer ID'd bisexuals in fandoms annoy me so much. They think everyone is bi like them and they change the culture of niche fandom spaces as soon as they enter since no one can challenge inclusive dogma. Stop "feeling queer" about your husbando and go lick pussy for once in your life

No. 1648468

It's mostly men doing it to women who are freaking out… so it shouldn't be acceptable period? Even if people take those videos for their own sake, why do they have to post them online? People have bad days, does it have to be forever memorialized by the internet and lead to them getting doxed and harassed especially when it's taken out of context? Remember the "Bike Karen" who was actually the one being harassed but the posters framed it like it was the opposite?

No. 1648550

This legit looks like a child.

No. 1648925

Vegans that have meat-eating pets. I’m not a vegan, but it’s always struck me as hypocritical, especially when those vegans go on and on about how you shouldn’t buy meat because ‘the meat industry causes climate change’ and then go out and buy chicken for Fido. What’s the difference? You’re still buying meat and creating demand for the meat industry, that meat came from an animal that was slaughtered in a factory just like all the other meat on the shelf was. Or all of that fine now because you’re not eating it your pet is? I wish they would just get a fucking rabbit or a hamster instead.

No. 1648946

File: 1690713323543.png (51.74 KB, 798x253, whatthefuck.PNG)

troon infestation on spacehey. the fuck is this

No. 1648949

File: 1690713590603.png (62.18 KB, 321x299, lol.PNG)

samefag, why would you put all this in the about me like nobody gives a crap that you're "gay as fuck". poor girl. shes 16 too

No. 1648962

the most straight and girly blinkie collection of all

No. 1648991

No. 1649156

Her recording is pretty funny though, and I agree that if it wasn't posted by some famous influencer and used by feel-good, here-in-my-car, dropped-your-crown-my-king brofluencers, it'd just be a random funny clip people would laugh at without feeling any guilt or thinking about "why'd would you film this??"

No. 1649207

NLOG types who hate on the color pink like it's their personality. You're not quirky or edgy, Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven way.

No. 1649257

I've been seeing the opposite lately, people on sns making it seem like you're the weird nlog one for not being obsessed with pink

No. 1649265

This is a phenomena irl too. Like okay we get it miss 2edge.

You'll see any sort of opinion about anything that doesn't make sense if you spend enough time online

No. 1649280

i've also been seeing the opposite too, actual nlogs died out in 2010 while people who misuse the term are way more common

No. 1649335

Not liking pink doesn’t make you a NLOG. That term refers to women that throw other women under the bus for male attention, not women that don’t like feminine things.

No. 1649339

>while people who misuse the term are way more common
God I hate those people, they are worse than the most pretentious, actual nlog. Same clowns who call women with non-feminine interests pick-me's and shit.

No. 1649364

literally who does this? i agree with >>1649257 most of the time you cant call out feminine shit without being called an nlog. Pink is an ugly color anyways, it's like blue where it has been so commecialized it seems plastic and boring. Green is the best color ever.

No. 1649370

shrugs I just don't like bright colors in general, besides don't you post this opinion in every thread?

No. 1649447

We have these two threads they could take it to, but they barely get used:

No. 1649454

The idea that women need to be attractive on top of being smart and succesful, most girls nowadays seem to value looks so much that being smart it's just reduced to "looking smart" and some sort of aesthetic to larp inteligent hard working girl while their real focus is in their appearances and how attractive they seem

No. 1649486

I think it’s a cute and pretty name, and I don’t think “prune” when I hear it.

No. 1649585

When I have to sneeze with food in my mouth. Literally have to fight against my instinct to open my mouth.

No. 1649613

File: 1690773005535.jpg (19.24 KB, 501x300, WHUPTEEDOO.jpg)

I hate how fucking filthy green onions are! It's like they dont even rinse them off! Every one is impacted with soil! Every time!

No. 1649637

Lol I hate leeks for the same reason. It's because of the way they push up through the dirt as they grow. If you cut them lengthways they're easier to rinse out and then you can chop them up.

No. 1649725

Oh I know I just hate having to take all that time splitting/rinsing them just to have a sprinkling of onion on my dang potato. Thank you though nonnie, someday I will finally eat a leek and think of you.

No. 1649918

File: 1690792160219.jpg (163.69 KB, 977x827, Screenshot_20230315_130736_Chr…)

People who type like that, reread yourself before posting.

No. 1650032

I hate the barbenheimer meme and I'm very glad Japanese people found it on twitter and are offended, I hope it'll make it so irrelevant I'll never see it again.

No. 1650037

why are they offended

No. 1650038


No. 1650039

Same, hate it too. And I just don't see how it was meant to be funny. Like, at first I thought both movies shared a theme or referenced each other which would have been crazy. But no, it's literally just because they came out on the same day. You know how many movies come out on the same day? That's the joke?!

No. 1650040

so what if they are offended? people are insulted (which is dumb) by the monstrosities their country did in history all the time. I’m glad animeland is offended

No. 1650042

Don't anon me, I've seen neither film and don't really know what they're about. I was just wondering what about a meme could set Japanese people off when it's usually Western people who're offended about everything.

No. 1650043

If there was any hope in this world, we'd all the offended by such gross astroturfing.

No. 1650045

All be*

No. 1650047

Oppenheimer invented the nuclear bomb. Do you know what happened to Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

No. 1650049

Barbie and Oppenheimer got released at the same time. One is a comedy about a plastic doll that tons of girls and women love, then other is a biography of the guy who made the atomic bomb. The contrast seemed funny to some people and they made some crossover photoshopped posters of that, the Barbie movie official account replied to some tweets about that with dumb shit like "it's going to be a memorable summer uwu" and just yesterday a lot of Japanese accounts quotes and replied to these tweets telling them to fuck off and to stop joking about the atomic bomb because their parents and grandparents were direct victims and they themselves are probably more at risk of various cancers than average as a result. Some of them are posting edits of the twin towers with bright pink smoke kek as a result.

No. 1650051

> Some of them are posting edits of the twin towers with bright pink smoke kek as a result.
Kek that’s hilarious

No. 1650052

File: 1690807323450.jpg (248.12 KB, 1136x2048, 20230731_144419.jpg)

samefag but pic related.

No. 1650054

please please post the twin towers edit

No. 1650055

File: 1690807563943.jpg (250.26 KB, 1080x1920, 20230731_144813.jpg)

There's more with #NoBarbenheimer

No. 1650056

>Some of them are posting edits of the twin towers with bright pink smoke kek as a result.
Insanely based

No. 1650057

Oh I see. I thought Oppenheimer was a generic WWII movie going by the German title, I didn't realize it was about the atomic bombs specifically.

>Some of them are posting edits of the twin towers with bright pink smoke


No. 1650058

File: 1690807706371.jpg (111.88 KB, 1170x1115, 20230731_145002.jpg)

Yeah it's the inventor's family name more specifically. I had no clue until I heard about the movie. And here's more.

No. 1650061

Hate that celebricows gets constantly bumped with decade old news

No. 1650062

LMAO thank you

No. 1650064

what did you learn at school? Didn't they teach you anything about the Manhattan Project project? Anything about all the tests they did, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I don't mean to attack you, hope you don't read it like that, I'm just curious what you learned in school, as in my school education it was a huge subject and it might just be cultural differences as my school wasn't that great.

No. 1650068

I'm >>1650058 for context. I know about the events as much as most people. I don't have details like the names of specific scientists in mind because I didn't learn them and since I'm not American we didn't focus on this kind of details in class. In high school I chose options that allowed me to have 4h of history and geography class per week instead of 2h like the other options so we really went into details for Europe since my country was directly involved in the war, and we also really went to details when it comes to the direct and indirect consequences of the war in my country, in Europe and in the world. America only became really relevant in the second half of WW2 in comparison on top of that.

No. 1650069

I've learned about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the broad sense, not down to whoever made the atomic bomb. I've never heard of the Manhattan Project before. History class predominantely focused on my own country's history/development and (Western) Europe's history in the centuries before WWII happened. Napoleon, Habsburgers, Spanish war, French revolution, naval battles etc. The world wars were just a small part.

No. 1650087

thanks for answering my question. I'm German, so not American myself, but I did learn all of that including all the names. Maybe it's more a generation thing or my school just had a special focus on everything revolving around WWII and sure, the main focus was on my own country, but everything else surrounding it was still mentioned and looked into. It's nice that a movie might spark some interest for the history of atomic bombs and all that.

No. 1650096

I'm not surprised by that. I chose to learn German in middle and high school and miserably failed and during class we almost only talked about WW1, WW2, Germany being separated in 2 and the destruction of the wall in Berlin, and food and beer obviously. English classes had more diverse topics on the other hand. Maybe it's because Germany as we know it is a recent country? We never talked about Switzerland or Austria though for some reason. Meanwhile here in France WW2 had direct and indirect consequences on most of France's ex colonies and there were a lot of things we studied but there wasn't enough time to learn details like individual names of people who weren't politicians or highly graded soldiers. I have no clue how Americans studied it in their schools, I wouldn't be surprised if they also mostly focused on the role of their own country in WW2 instead of talking about everything because there's so much you could talk about.

No. 1650111

I thought it was kinda tasteless too.

No. 1650116

kek, I would say beer is the most important thing to talk about when you have to learn something about Germany. We only talked about Austria in relation to WWI in my history class, never talked about Switzerland. France, Great Britain, Japan and USA in mostly in relation to WWII, while we would still discuss the Roman Empire and the French Revolution in full length. Only thing in history class concerning USA we talked about was the discovery of the new world and slave trading. Other things about USA were more a topic in my English class, like presidents, wars, etc. We never really talked about most Asian countries, Australia, Africa or South America, sure, history is a huge topic but would have been nice to just get away from all the talk about WWI, WWII, cold war and Germany for a while. It probably because WWII is one of the biggest historical events that happend not even 100 years ago and they somehow hope that if we learn enough about it we won't repeat it.

And to get back to the "things you hate" topic of this thread. Stupid me avoided learning French in school, thought Latin would fit me better. Today I regret it as you French people never put English subtitles on Japanese movies and therefore I can't buy French blu-rays or dvds and now I'm torn between learning Japanese or French to enjoy things that will never be released in my country.

No. 1650120