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No. 1708225

A thread to discuss the dislike of dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please don't come here to defend your pooch. see this thread >>>/ot/686457

please follow board rules, no infighting, don't reply to bait.
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No. 1708276

Nonita, report that motherfucker. Not just because the dog is aggressive but because he is breaking the law by having it in the first place. Hopefully it will be seized and destroyed before it snaps at another dog, cat, human, etc.

No. 1708834

Thanks for the new thread nonnie
Anyway this video popped up on tiktok for me. It's kinda old but jesus the amount of hits to the skull this "bully breed" dog takes is insane.
One interesting thing is they said there were "no signs" this would happen other than the dog pulled on the leash. Why do dog owners think that behavior is ok? It's played off as harmless or the dog is excited, but to me it's just proof you haven't trained your dog.

No. 1708847

I saw this yesterday! I love horses, it made me so angry. I’m glad the horse got a few good kicks in, shame the ugly shitbeast didn’t get stomped to death but at least it had to be put down

No. 1708953

It's fucking crazy how even after the last really hard kick the pitbull took, it was still going in for more. The pitbull only stopped when it's owners finally tackled it to the ground. "Tucker" was having the time of his life.

Also, lol at his shrimpdick owner swatting at him with a spatula. Yeah, that'll totally do what all those kicks to the head didn't.

No. 1709101

File: 1695881990758.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2281, IMG_0050.jpeg)

No. 1709115

A dog pulling on the leash isn't always aggression. The thing is that the owner (and every dog owner) should study and know dogs's body language, because a dog lunging in and aggressive way is very different from a dog that's pulling because it wants to play or is excited (and in this case it's pretty rare for a dog to straight up lunge at a horse for play, a non-aggressive dog would look from afar or approach slowly). These dunb fuckers probably think tail wag = dog happy when that couldn't be more wrong.

No. 1709120

There are some black americans who do have pitbulls, this culture(like a lot of culture that have Africans Americans have) originated from poor english descended white people who they lived in close proximity with, its mostly still a white trash activity.

No. 1709146

That woman was so fucking stupid that entire time. 0 situational awareness, poor decision making, just a total disaster from start to finish.

No. 1709166

I swear to goddess in every single damn instance of a shitbull being shot by a cop or a civilian in self defence it’s owners/other low IQ dogfaggots will say shit like “Luna was wagging her tail, she just wanted to play!” while there’s footage of the dog actively biting or trying to bite. I mean just look at all the footage of actual maulings, those fucking demonic monstrosities have their tails wagging the entire fucking time they’re ripping someone or something’s throat out

No. 1709268

people don't realize tail wagging doesn't just mean the dog is happy, it can mean the dog is excited and not always in happy way but aggressive way too

No. 1709296

That’s my point, these retards will insist that tail wagging is a positive thing even when it very clearly isn’t. It’s like people who say that cats only move their tails when they’re unhappy, there are certain tail movements that indicate the opposite. A lot of people just have no understanding of their pets and shouldn’t have them to begin with

No. 1709487

A dog that pulls on the leash isn't trained and doesn't respect its owner. Don't white knight dog owners

No. 1709849

Nta but she clearly wasn't white knighting dog owners, she said not knowing dog body language is a fault of the owner. Obviously an owner that doesn't even know dog body language is also not going to train their dog very well

No. 1709871

File: 1695949486120.png (981.48 KB, 1125x1832, huskycreepy.png)

I understand the need for these dogs for work in snowy areas but they are so damn creepy. Also fuck everyone in my hood who has one. We live in a fucking desert and these retards act so surprised when their $2,000 snow dogs die in the extreme heat. Just fucking adopt already.

No. 1709937

No. 1709942

File: 1695955230392.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x2160, wp2647519.jpg)

Holy shit, not even an actual wolf snarling looks that disturbing.

No. 1709983

That's pretty bad if OP's other dogs are freaked the fuck out. Shit sounds like something straight out of a creepypasta.

No. 1709992

Humans are a stupid species for breeding a predator to have specifically aggressive traits and then treating them like they're not an aggressive predator

No. 1710032

It's clearly a meme anon

No. 1710119

Huskies are horrible, horrible dogs to have as pets. In the video it literally savagely hunts and kills a small dog for no reason, for fun. In the link, the husky that was a trained sled dog went out of its way to kill a newborn baby in her stroller. They’re creepy and they never shut the fuck up. They have a high prey drive and they will hunt and kill for fun, unlike retarded pitbulls they’re actually smart. Just peep the dog in the video, checking for human witnesses before it savagely mauls the smaller dog.


No. 1710125

100%. They’re fucking awful pets. My idiot cousin has three of them (I know, absolutely retarded) and I hate them so much that I refuse to go to her house. They’re boisterous and untrained and really badly behaved. They jump all over literally anyone they come into contact with (I needn’t point out the problem with that), scream for hours on end and destroy anything they can get their gross paws on. We’re middle eastern so her stupidity is frowned upon by the whole family. You wouldn’t think these mutts are smart because they act like spastic toddlers. I fucking hate them.

No. 1711000

File: 1696041508821.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2275, IMG_0056.jpeg)

Even though the government has called for an amnesty, I really hope they legislate that all these repulsive creatures are to be culled https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-66957827

No. 1711004

>train dog youve owned for six years to maul your baby
>no murder charge

No. 1711026

Mental illness (reposting because the embed didn’t work even though TikTok links are supposed to be supported) https://www.tiktok.com/@seekahlytess/video/7282866750520085793

No. 1711043

I get that a lot of people fell for husky dogs because of mascots and tv shows but it weirds me out people want them as pets. One of my coworkers had parents who would dog sled race and they had some kind of stable set up for all the huskies to live in and they had to be exercised all the time. But now you see people trying to keep them in apartments that get ripped apart or have them run in 90F degree weather like it’s totally fine

No. 1711164

Pit-faggot tears are so tiresome. He knows damn well what his pitbull is capable of and will do given the chance. He's just mad that he'll have less chances to jerk off to his dog tearing apart somebody else's pet or child.

No. 1711264

And the moid wasn’t? She obviously made mistakes but it’s weird you left out the moids stupidity and irresponsibility

No. 1711312

My sister and I live in a duplex and we have cats and dogs that our parents left behind (no they're not dead). We're poor, we can't afford to buy food and we have to go to the church food pantries to eat. Not only that, but my side of the duplex needs a lot of repairing and there's holes and cracks in the ceiling that let rats and cockroaches come in. I don't have money to fix this as I am in school and work parttime to pay some of the bills. I get very distraught seeing how filthy and disgusting my place is. No matter how much I try, I still manage to find rat and cockroach droppings. I'm going insane living in this place and want to graduate to find a clean home with no filthy pests or animals. I hate the animals. I'm home more often than she is and she dumps her flea infested dogs on my place so I could watch them. I have a flea infestation now. I hate dogs and cats. They smell bad, they have fleas, they leave furr everywhere, and overall, they're an inconvenience. I would much rather prefer the company of children over filthy animals

No. 1711674

You need to surrender those nasty ass creatures immediately, nona. Sorry to hear about your circumstances, you need to put yourself first, pets are a fucking sinkhole. I hope things get better for you soon ♥

No. 1713382

I have all my windows and doors closed and I can still hear this dumb mutt howling at nothing from the other side of the house jfc

No. 1713388

File: 1696248073200.png (1.66 MB, 828x1792, IMG_5789.png)

Shitbulls are cowards that pick on the weak and defenceless (toddlers)

No. 1713395

Yeah. Obviously the scrote owner is at fault, but I'd have gotten my child out of harms way before worrying about the dog honestly

No. 1713413

Pasted from vent thread but this happened again.
Dogs with abandonment and anxiety issues. Problematic dogs shouldn't be adoptable nor available, if they can be reeducated good but then they should be put down out of misery.
In the last year I've seen my friend in like, 3 times? Because she got a problematic, anxious dog. She said that the dog is loving and affectionate but I call bullshit, like of course it is when you fed and cuddle it but every fucking time now, that we have to go out, she asks if the place is dog friendly and the scenarios are:
1) if it isnt, she isnt coming.
2) if it is, then we cannot enjoy our time because she has to constantly restraint it, check on it, make sure It doesnt randomly start to cry and such. Nightmarish.
She cannot come to my house because I have a cat and that dog doesnt like cats and she can come only if her boyfriend is at home with the dog. Self made slave.
The reason why they don't leave the Little shit alone at home and don't get it used to loneliness its because It would bark and cry and SHIT all over the house.
One time, the boyfriend took the dog out to shit and piss, left it at home to get out for groceries and the dog shat all over the house like it had a second intestine where it stored an absurd amount of shit, because it was afraid that he never came back.
I hate this. I hate all of this. Obviously it's their choices but fuck shelters Who take in a let people adopt problematic dogs without training them. I know It would take a shitload of money in between each trainer but at least there were less useless creatures around.
Went out with her this weekend, we were in a bar having fun and this piece of shit just barked at everyone and then after barking, it hid under the table because it gets scared if people/other dogs react. Just how stupid can it be??
Plus it never, NEVER stops barking in general, do they never get a sore throat? Do they never get tired? They should get their vocal chords removed if they act like that, just like people sterilize them.
I used to love dogs because I never had one, now I can see why I would absolutely lose my cool with them.

No. 1714080

People who bring their dogs to bars are beyond insufferable. I work in bars so my job is constantly being made more difficult because of these ridiculous creatures. They are constantly running under my feet when I'm going around collecting glasses. On quiet days I have to listen to them panting and eating. Fucking vile. I used to be indifferent to dogs but because of these losers who insist on bringing them everywhere I absolutely despise these creatures now.

No. 1714094

File: 1696297444607.jpg (142.49 KB, 800x814, Champion_Charlie_Muscles_(2).j…)

Someone I know whose kids live in the same area as me, has found out that their next door neighbours who just moved in have 2 of the fucking shitbeasts that are about to be banned in the UK. The kids are only 5 and 6. I also feel uneasy myself that I live near these things. They're left unattended in the garden constantly and one day, when he was looking at the owner and the dogs in disgust, the owner went onto to cause a verbal altercation with him and threatening him. These are the types of people who get these dogs. They know how dangerous they are, they know that people are uncomfortable around them (because most people have self-preservation instincts). These owners ENJOY that. They are psychopaths.

No. 1714109

Why do all pitbulls look like they just escaped maximum security prison?

No. 1714184

Was on the bus the other day and two dogs would have violently attacked each other (and probably people around them) if the wouldn't have been on a leach. On the bus back home a girl got into the bus with her dog not on a leach and got aggressive as the bus driver told her that she has to put him on a leach or she can walk. I honestly don't understand people with dogs, just have them on a leach if you are close to people, you can't control your dog if it gets triggered by some shit and it's not even allowed to let your dog run free except you passed a test before. But it's oh so funny if the dog jumps at strangers or runs after their feet barking and trying to bite the shoes.

Some other news, an American Staffordshire Terrier killed a jogger and injured the owner in Austria on Monday, but they are all so cute and only want to play.

They mostly look like their owners in my city, where they are prohibited to own, but every time I see one, the owner is a Neonazi, having the same expression as their dog.

No. 1714383

File: 1696320851152.jpg (120.01 KB, 1080x1080, 383206748_311203971556159_3883…)

No. 1714391

If it's "all about the owner, not the breed" then why do so many dog nutters get so apprehensive when you say that owners should get life in prison if their dog attacks and kills someone?

No. 1714400

Because their degenerate breeders crop their ears and tails to make them look more aggressive.

No. 1714408

They’re muscular as hell especially on the upper body. Like they’ve been in jail with nothing to do but work out and avoid being shanked. Except they haven’t, that’s just their natural strength.

No. 1714412

Pitbull owners often feed them raw meat only too, I honestly think that's also why they look so muscular. I remember watching a video of a guy doing a mukbang with his pitbull dogs and there wwere a bunch of meat, organs and seafood and the dog looked fucking miserable. I see a lot of owners going the raw meat way when feeding their dogs because "It's their natural diet like wolves" but dogs are DOGS, not wolves, and have evolved to eat other things beside raw meat. Not to mention that wolves end up eating digested vegetables/grass too because they eat the (full) organs of their prey.

That looks like a cane corso or a presa canario/fila brasileiro which are far more dangerous than pitbulls because they're gigantic and at some point were bred to take down humans. Pitbulls are dangerous but I wish people would realize that many other breeds are dangerous too and should be banned as well.

No. 1714429

Dog owners that have the money to shell out for the raw meat and supplement diet do it so their dogs can live longer and not have as much medical issues. But I have seen people with pitbulls that only eat kibble and just letting them run around, sometimes chained to tires to drag them as exercise, makes them big. I have to deal with a young female pitbull at a relatives house and despite only being 5 months and not being fed well, the dog has a huge upper body and already has a bad habit of biting and not letting go, no one teaches her to jump and attack either it’s all instinct

No. 1714443

File: 1696331376138.png (157.98 KB, 668x854, IMG_1255.png)

My building manager gave me $80 (two bags) worth of dog kibble last week. Is this a good brand? My dog is super picky when it comes to dog food and seems to like this stuff.

No. 1714460

This isn’t a dog advice thread anon, but yeah. I’m sure it’s fine.

No. 1714479

my neighbors got an ugly pitbull and the thing gets put out on the balcony and sits there barking for hours. if it sees another dog it starts SCREAMING and freaking out at it. what would animal control do if i called them?

No. 1714487

Animal control would probably tell the owners to do something about their dog, to train it and maybe give them a ticket that they will have to pay for the noise complaint. But I think that a real consequence would be doing a noise complaint at the police.

No. 1714488

In my country (and several others) presa canarios, fila brasilieras, cane corsos, dogo argentinos and tosa inus are banned alongside pit bulls. I think most if not all countries that have banned pit bulls have banned or at least heavily restricted all those breeds, you just never hear about them because pit bulls are far more popular, illegally bred and mentioned in the media for mauling people
Just looking at these fucking hideous shitbeasts makes me want to a log, why the fuck would anyone want to own a creature this hideous with no redeeming qualities whatsoever?

No. 1714492

Yeah, I say call the cops and animal control. Get that piece of shit and its piece of shit owners dealt with

No. 1714517

File: 1696340401067.jpg (57.89 KB, 845x450, Top-10-dog-breeds-for-protecti…)

My brother-in-law was attacked by a dog when he was 9 years old. He had just gone outside to go to his friend's house, and his aunt was visiting with an attack dog (he wasn't aware of the specific breed, it was just some attack dog that according to him looked a bit like picrel). The dog went after him and bit his head. His friend's dad came out and repeatedly hit the dog with a stick to make it let go. Thankfully, he doesn't have any long-term damage, but he does have some slightly noticeable scars that are visible on his right forehead. He said that it was the most terrifying experience of his life, and I believe him.

No. 1715165

Why do people even want aggressive dogs in the first place? Are they trying to compensate for their masculinity?

No. 1715281

I hate these ugly mutts. Literal nazi dogs. My mom told me she had two that had to be out to sleep because apparently they are common to brain swelling. They become more aggressive with age. Ofc her moid boyfriend at the time gifted her the dogs as a 'guard' dog for her without her consent.

No. 1715433

I hate how basically every pub/restaurant/cafe etc is dog friendly now. I don’t want peoples disgusting smelly mutts near me while I’m eating. And I absolutely hate the pedestal dogs are put on nowadays, places doing things like “puppachinos” and bullshit like that, pure mental illness.

No. 1715460

My roommate neglects his dog so it camps out in my bathroom for the 2 seconds of attention I give him when I go to pee. The other day he farted and basically hotboxed my bathroom and I literally was gagging and choking while trying to pee as quickly as possible. Dogs are blah and gross but I hate dog owners even more. Every single one I’ve known has been negligent. I don’t think this dog has been to the vet once in the 5 years I’ve lived here.

No. 1715467

everyday I dream about punting any one of my parents 10 incest bred unhoused trained chihuahuas. I want them to all die. every inch of the house is soaked in piss and shit and the stench is so bad I eat outside in the backyard often. I tried eating dinner with my parents last night and my dad fed half his plate to the dogs, causing them to murder each other over it. they wonder why my brother moved out and doesn't talk to them anymore.

No. 1715476

Most if not all aggressive dog breeds were created by ugly alcoholic misogynistic moids into animal fights, so yeah it's all an elaborate way to feel more masculine and dangerous. It's not a coincidence that most pitbull owners are small-dicked soy manlets obsessed with dog balls and dicks who want to seem tougher by owning a big dog they can't control. Tail docking and ear cropping are practices that were initially "needed" in dog fighting (and sometimes seen of guardian shepherd dogs) to avoid rival dogs tearing away the ears and tail and make the animal die of blood loss. As dog fighting was banned it remained as a breed standard and a way to make the animal look more aggressive/scary, because floppy ears make the dog look "softer" in the moid's head.

No. 1715486

File: 1696421668631.jpg (59.17 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-d4550da6969b121f671b…)

and the only way they look that way is by people shredding them apart by cutting off their tails and ears kek otherwise they just look like normal boring ass dogs and many people wouldn't care about them at all

No. 1715545

File: 1696427543809.png (734.31 KB, 640x1138, 5062uv6ud6sb1.png)

i think pitbull owners should be gassed

No. 1715550

>"aggression isn't breed specific"
>"chihuahuas are little cunts though"
Dog-owner logic lol

No. 1715563

if chihuahua's weren't so stereotyped with likes of paris hilton etc as this vapid white girl dogs they wouldn't get as much hate as they do. there are tons of other annoying yappy dogs but it's only chihuahuas that get the bad rep.

No. 1715586

People hate all types of "yappers" and "ankle biters" not just chihuahuas, pitfags just deflect on to chihuahuas because they're the smallest and most pathetic. Show a pitfag a fluffy little white dog getting mauled by a pit and they'll jump thru hoops to make it somehow the small dog's fault. Dog people who hate small dogs are a special kind of defective, it's the same animal.

No. 1715592

small lap dogs like chihuahuas, pomeranians, poodles, etc get the same amount of hate as cats because guess what lol of course its misogyny, they're seen as dogs for women.

No. 1715619

Disagree. Chihuahuas just take less shit and are more aggressive compared to maltese, shih tzu, or even a schnauzer. They will fight you. Dachshunds used to be way more aggressive, but either I'm having a really good run, or else they're way less so than they were fifteen years ago.
Having worked with dogs for super long, my concern breeds when I see the chart are
1)Pit bulls (and all the fake pit bulls that people claim are separate breeds)
2)Rottweilers (either fine and submissive or out of control aggressive lunatics)
3)Chow chow (because they're mad you're touching them and biting you will make you stop)
4)Cane Corso and Perro de Presa Canario (thank god so few people have these breeds, they're so big they're a nightmare)
5)German Shepherd (they've all gone insane because owners don't give them enough work and so all have stranger danger anxiety)

I dislike working with biting chihuahuas, but I can muzzle and hold them down one hundred percent of the time.

No. 1715697

File: 1696437407199.mp4 (10.8 MB, 1080x1920, yourdogsfavoriteuncle_20230920…)

Wtf is this, has killed 2 other dogs and hasn't been put down?

No. 1716577

I notice that a lot of people who hate small dogs say that they don't understand why people get small dogs when they can just get a cat. Do these people not understand that they are two different animals? They also claim that small dogs are not "real dogs."

No. 1716681

Whoever ends up with this dog is going to be a massive retard. Any and all training will be forgotten within a matter of days. Why even bother?

No. 1716697

kinda funny - i assume you're from Austria or Germany and I can absolutely confirm that round here either neonazis or (ironically?) arab clan gansters own this kind of dog.
No sane person wants those shitbeasts.

No. 1717132

>sitting in my living room with front door open
>See 7-13 year old group of kids on scooters outside
>one of them has a giant shitbull on the leash
>realize that the kid would have 0 control over it if it went off
>Hide in house
I don't get how there are laws about what knives we can carry in public, but I'm allowed to have an unpredictable killing machine? Then again, this is the same country that has more tigers in captivity in backyards than are in the wild.

No. 1717312

If I were a dogfighter, I'd be seeing dollar signs. Normies don't understand that the entire point of warehousing dangerous, unadoptable pitbulls is to keep dogfighting alive and profitable.

If pitbulls and all the bullshit mixes were eradicated tomorrow, that alone would be a devastating blow to dog culture as we know it.

No. 1717330

File: 1696546029494.jpg (177.86 KB, 719x1277, Screenshot_20231005-190541_Chr…)

Pit lovers being predictable and jumping to the defense of these beasts after an XL bully mauled another man to death recently. I hate shitbulls, but I hate their brain dead owners and lobbyists even more.

No. 1717333

File: 1696546184151.jpg (53.58 KB, 720x303, Screenshot_20231005-190548_Chr…)

Samefag, but there's nothing in media or in police statements that says this man broke into a house and a bully just happened to defend its property. People love to pull things out of their arseholes.

No. 1718515

I really hate small dogs, especially chihuahuas, hideous, useless piece of shit creatures. This >>1715467 sounds like my worst fucking nightmare, praying you can get out soon nonita. I’d say I hate chihuahuas as much as I hate shitbulls but then chihuahuas don’t maul other animals or people so shitbulls are number one on my shitlist, kek.

No. 1718518

I despise Dobermans, my uncle had one, within weeks of bringing it home my gigastacy aunt who hates dogs and never agreed to having the ugly ass mutt left him over it (based aunt tbh). They have a genetic condition wherein their brain continues to grow but their skull doesn’t so the pressure ends up driving them insane and that’s when they become especially vicious.

No. 1718523

Fucking tell me about it nona, the bar where my workmates and I often go drinking at is “dog friendly” and although shitbulls are banned here a lot of people have equally as hideous and retarded Staffordshire terriers and yesterday there was one in the bar. The last thing I want after a long day at work is having to look at some ugly stinking mutt and have it come up to me looking for attention (which some of my workmates encourage because uwu doggo pupper heckin cute uwu). It was obviously socialised and trained but I still wouldn’t trust it as far as I could kick it purely on the basis of the breed. I’m an autist and I have OCD that manifests mainly as germophobia/fear of contamination and I really cannot handle having this filthy, smelly beasts in my personal space, especially when there’s food and drink around

No. 1718683

That's insane, I had no idea a condition like that could even exist. Is that a result of shitty breeding practices like pugs or have they always been fucked up?

No. 1718699

I should have said “apparently” because there’s contention as to whether that’s actually true, as I don’t know if it’s been scientifically proven. I know King Charles cavalier spaniels have been proven to have something similar, I can’t remember the specifics but it’s a horrible neurological degenerative condition caused by excessive inbreeding. As much as I hate most dogs including that particular breed because they’re ugly and stupid and annoying the breeding practices are barbaric and inhumane and should be outlawed

No. 1718849

Such problems are the result of inbreeding, which is why boxers also suffer from epilepsy, schnauzers have skin issues, throat issues and heart issues, Dalmatians are literally insane and so on.
And you may think “well, just don’t inbreed them anymore! Mix and match the breeds!” And nope, that’s not a solution because their health issues are so ingrained in their DNAs that mixing them will only make the newer dogs turn into russian roulettes where you won’t know what trait the dog has from which breed until it’s too late. And sure, you can try to keep only the healthiest animals from each breed, but you will have to play the game and hope for the animal to not get sick by the time to find another animal that isn’t sick.
This is also a problem with designer cats from specific breeds.

No. 1718863

>why boxers also suffer from epilepsy
That reminds me of one of my aunt and uncle's boxers that was the result of mother/son breeding (because they were retarded and didn't think of either spaying the female or fixing the male once the latter reached adulthood and shared the house with the intact female). It was a female that was very aggressive, at one point she broke through her fence because she had seen a piece of bread on the other side and years later died in a miserable way because she had a bad seizure-like episode. I actually felt sorry for her because she would only hang her head on one side and barely move/stumble around for a few days before passing. It may be unpopular here but as much as I dislike certain breeds like boxers and pitbulls, when I see them helplessly suffer because of issues created by their shitty retarded breeders I just feel pity… after all the dogs are just dogs, they don't know why they do things, they don't know why certain things happen to them.
Retarded aunt also lost the brother/father of that dog after literal years of starving it, and has now gotten a pug (of course) that has its eyes, nose and ears permanently dirty with gunk and sits still for 23 hours a day every fucking day because no one cares for it.

No. 1719120

WTF you can embed TikTok videos on here now???
Sorry but this gave me a very hearty kek

No. 1719359

A few years ago I saw a Labrador Retriever kill a German Shepherd. There were people at the scene so I couldn't really do anything but be a spectator but I haven't felt normal since then. I think I have PTSD from it because I'll remember it suddenly and start to disassociate.

I've always loved cats more than dogs but after witnessing that it makes me distrust dogs. Like it's one thing that they're smelly and shit everywhere but to see a Labrador Retriever, which I assumed was a "friendly" breed, kill another dog completely freaks me out. I wish they had never been domesticated.

No. 1719459

he talks like sebastian from little mermaid?

No. 1719479

It’s so fucking ugly lmao

No. 1719651

>Labrador kill a German shepherd
I’m surprised.

No. 1719732

A service animal gets to travel in the passenger compartment and is never separated from the owner.
Seems like this person played by the rules and lost her dog as a result. I'm not surprised people lie about service animals to fly with their dogs, instead of giving them up as luggage. Airlines lose and destroy luggage all the time.

No. 1719752

there's a growing problem in sweden with dumbasses importing wolf dogs, aka wolf/dog hybrids. thing is, it is illegal to breed or own any sort of wild animal hybrid according to wild life protection laws, but the law is basically never enforced because the dogs are imported and also the laws define a hybrid according to how many generations separate the dog from it's wild origins, not how much procentage/"content" of wolf DNA it contains. so bureaucracy stands in the way of these retards getting punished and having their animals taken away.

this issue was discussed in a recent radio series and oh my god, i was so infuriated. for example, one american wolfdog had attacked a woman and her four dogs while they were out for a walk, killed one of them, viciously ripping it apart, and bit the owner in the face and arm. after the incident, the only repercussion for the owner was he was forced to have the dog in a leash and muzzle outside afterwards. there had been other incidents as well but people barely dare to call the cops on the owner in fear of retribution from him.

another wolfdog owner who was interviewed in the radio series was bitching about how people in the area where she lives are uwu bullying her and her super speshul lifestyle because they discuss her and warn each other about the wolfdogs in facebook groups, shit talk her irl, report her to the police etc. ofc she's some "off grid" (literally lives just outside of a big suburban city) survivalist trve viking larper who is infamous in her town because she and her animals have terrorized the neighbors ever since she moved there. the wolf dogs escape from their enclosement all the time, run into people's gardens, surround people and charge at them, attack and kill other local pets, farm animals, etc, and people literally don't dare to walk on the local trails anymore because of them. and basically nothing is being done about it. vidrel is her youtube channel, she's a huge austist and a cow. since the radio show aired she's posted to her blog about how media is totes lying and how she's going to tell her side of the story soon.

if any swedish nonnas are interested, this is her blog: https://nouw.com/varganess
and this is the radio series: https://sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/den-vilda-aveln-mer-varg-an-hund-sallskapsdjuren-mitt-ibland-oss

No. 1719768

Just like shitbulls, we risk the lives of (usually) women and children for the sake of some retard having a TOUGH, DANGEROUS, EDGY dog.

Rip to that kid

No. 1720580

File: 1696831692839.jpeg (397.21 KB, 828x1221, IMG_0090.jpeg)

No. 1720586

That thing has no respect for her. She doesn’t even get room to sleep in her own bed because it’s fat hog body is taking up the whole bed. She’s trying to push it to move it over but she can’t.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than sharing a bed with a dog. They literally stink and fart all night. Pitbulls smell even worse than regular dogs and have digestion issues. Feel so bad for this little girl.

No. 1720602

Challenge: tell me you don't care about your child without saying you don't care about your child.
>let the little girl sleep in the same bed with a dangerous, unhygienic, smelly, annoying animal.

No. 1720657

Same thing is happening here in Finland, though I think the police is cracking down on these retards harder than in Sweden since importing wolfdogs is also illegal. Cue retard wolfdog owners crying about being oppressed. I've seen screencaps of their facebook group posts where they brag about as high as possible "wolf percentages". I'm pretty sure every wolfdog owner is either a wannabe off-grid nut, Neo Nazi military nut or a degenerate furry.

No. 1720692

Having any animal in the house is fucking disgusting but a fucking shitbull in a child’s bed??!! Goddess give me the strength to not a-log both the parents and that fugly mutt
There’s a pretty big overlap with neo nazis and off-grid trve viking fuckwits (case in point: Varg and his wife)

No. 1720737

>I'm pretty sure every wolfdog owner is either a wannabe off-grid nut, Neo Nazi military nut or a degenerate furry.
yep. i feel like they're similar to pitbull owners cause they use their dogs as a weapon to terrorize and strike fear in people around them. it's also extremely funny to me when these wolfdogs owners see themselves as animal friends (which they often do) and like they're steve irwin or something and have a ~connection~ to wild animals. when in fact the wolfdog importing/breeding is very damaging to wild wolves because it creates a demand for them to be captured, bought and sold etc (illegally), and they're already pretty much extinct here.

No. 1721097

File: 1696872737095.mp4 (6.13 MB, 480x852, jI-HKxmzo-agk215.mp4)

Utterly disgusting, pibbie dog worship and absolute consumerism. boasting that you can afford this much time & money to pamper your attack hound in luxury.

No. 1721098

you ever look at the banpitbull sub and feel like most arguments could be made against MTF and men in general. i once saw a troon that said it used to be in the pibble cult and is now anti-pitbull. so how long will it take to get out of the other one kek

No. 1721804

It's really terrible that other countries are adopting this Disneyfied policy of not gassing dogs after they attack humans.

No. 1722030

This is probably the only pibble in the world that doesn’t stink. Pitbulls and Staffies smell worse than other dogs, they all have a similar scent I think it has to do with how short, thin and fine their coats are and how dry their skin gets. Dogs in general stink but not that bad.

No. 1725121

File: 1697211859614.jpeg (154.59 KB, 1024x1024, m00.jpeg)

Lethal injection and bill the owner.

No. 1725124

I laughed at her seasoning the steak for the dumbass fucking mutt, also just topping all the fresh food over the ground up hooves kibble anyways. Dumbass dog owner doing way too much what a stupid life

No. 1725138

I think even she knows that, its obviously more about "flexxing" her wealth.

No. 1725192

I'm sorry but this is straight up hilarious

No. 1725227


Shitbeast attacks 2 alpaca and murders a cat. Released back to owners to terrorize neighborhood.

No. 1725324

God pitbulls are so fucking ugly and disgusting. I could ALMOST understand pit nutters if there were some aesthetic or personality appeal, like if it were a cute dog that was known to be "difficult", or they're sweet but hard to train, etc but these things are the ugliest, grossest, most violent dogs I've ever seen in my life and I just don't fucking get it.

No. 1725331

I wish I hadn't clicked on this. I love cats so much, it breaks my heart thinking of this happening to a poor kitty.
Also, wtf

>Animal control says the owners of the two dogs now classified as “dangerous” also have to do a list of other measures, including:

>Fixing the hole in the fence where the dogs escaped

Give me a fucking break. These are monsters that will literally break down thick wooden front doors and throw themselves through glass windows and keep running like it's nothing. You think fixing a hole in their shitty fence will do anything? Please.

No. 1725364

That thing is looking at her like she is the meal.

No. 1725685

I dislike cats and it upsets me too, no animal deserves that. I hate these fucking abominations more than anything else on earth. As soon as they attack another animal or a human, even if it’s not fatal, they need a bullet between the eyes. No mercy.
I feel exactly the same way. They’re so fucking hideous, everything about them is repulsive. No other breed has such nasty beady little eyes. Their appearance is a reflection of their temperament.

No. 1725878

I don’t like pit bulls but people who knee-jerk post these pics are so weird.

No. 1725880

AI art sucks

No. 1725891

Dead baby art a little autistic rn

No. 1725894

Jesus christ these pics are so disturbing, I hate pitbulls as much as any normal person but the person who got these done has some serious emotional issues. Sometimes I feel like scrotes just revel in the fact that pitbulls kill children and get off on it but mask it as concern.

No. 1725897

No you articulated it perfectly. The way people post about it almost voyeuristically.

No. 1725917

Graphic dead baby jokes coming from the same people calling everyone pedophiles

No. 1725944

This isn’t funny or clever, it’s fucking scrote-tier retarded and gross

No. 1725945

As an autist I don’t claim anyone who makes/posts this deranged shit

No. 1726055

XL Bully is put down after the out-of-control animal savaged 'mother and daughter' who had to be rushed to hospital
>https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12629219/XL-Bully-control-animal-savaged-mother-daughter-rushed-hospital.html(screenshots needed whenever you post a link)

No. 1726155

I’m not super hateful of dogs but my parents are currently dog sitting for my sibling, idk if it’s separation anxiety but I dislike how the dog has a constant need for attention. This happened when I dogsat for someone else and the dog wanted to follow me into every room, constantly whined, and I had to sleep with it on the bed. I received the same response about both dogs to just ignore them and it’ll stop. It’s easier with cats because they just want to do their own thing most of the day but dogs constantly want companionship.

No. 1726169

Please fucking spoil things like this.

No. 1726176

You sure like to make and spread dead baby "art" huh

No. 1726182

Of all the autistic things on this site, that picture (and by proxy this thread) takes the entire cake.

No. 1726311

File: 1697291713566.jpeg (123.49 KB, 1024x1024, diet.jpeg)

It's not real.

No. 1726399

The posting of unspoilered AI gore art in this thread is getting excessive. Calm it down.

No. 1726418

Thanks farmhand, it was very disturbing to see.

No. 1726555

the images were stupid but no offense what kind of senile facebook moms post here

No. 1727118

File: 1697356295005.jpg (132.04 KB, 799x244, ds.jpg)

No. 1727132

honestly what could even an adult even do in this situation? it would be horrifying.

No. 1727189

>even the american dogs are committing school attacks on children


No. 1727821

These posts also didn't break any site rules https://lolcow.farm/rules, yet they were deleted. This place is becoming Reddit 2, or some other safe space for people offended by everything.

No. 1727836

Are you the same anon that thought they were so hilarious for spamming the BL thread with Palestinian x Israeli AI art?

No. 1727841

Anon, some of the pictures were disgusting and there's at least one moid posting here confirmed long ago. It's fair if farmhands delete this shit because of how many gore raids we have had before.

No. 1727843

If it was only one and with a spoiler trust me no one would had cared that much, but that anon kept obsessively spamming that shit unspoilered, we already see pitbull attacks irl all the time, we're disgusted by it, we don't need more disgusting graphic depictions of it if real life already has so many.

No. 1727974

>be american, go to school, get–ACK!
what now, england? your kids go to school and get eaten by a dog. what now?
let's face it, shitbulls are basically wild bears that we import and release into our neighborhoods to virtue signal. all that work to kill the wolves and lions and some pitmommies gotta bring them right back in. some real third world shit to go to school and get eaten by a wild animal. exotic pets of dangerous species are banned for this reason, that one nutcase's "right" to own a pet tiger does not supersede the rights of the other residents to not be eaten by a tiger. bongs need a loicense to own a teaspoon but anyone can buy a set of teeth on legs.
nta but those are legitimately funny.

No. 1728018

File: 1697418786037.jpeg (204.73 KB, 1170x450, IMG_3567.jpeg)

I’m guessing he’s the owner.

No. 1728053

they didn't even look real but more like some dumbass edgy amateur (male) artist's paintings you could find on deviantart or something

No. 1728251

They just banned these fucking things a month ago, and still have an attack more often than once a week. lmao at one of the attacks taking place in the actual Staffordshire, though.

No. 1728270

Worst types of people In the UK
>XL bully owners
>staffy owners
>French bulldog owners

No. 1731239

File: 1697735405191.jpg (27.22 KB, 321x228, kill dogs.jpg)

No. 1731379

>(screenshots needed whenever you post a link)
There is no such a rule? This is /ot/, not a cow board. Integrate, underage mod.

No. 1731383

also people don't wanna see pitbull ripping apart a child.

No. 1731402

I cannot bear dog smell. Why the fuck do they reek so bad, and every dog owners house I’ve entered always has the same musty nasty stench. I feel like the owners just can’t smell it because they’re used to it but it’s just rank. Also why do dog owners refer to their mutts as their children, or baby? It’s just fucking weird, it’s an animal and it should be treat like one

No. 1731570

Because they’re dirty, unhygienic retards just like their shitbeasts, nona

No. 1731584

Anon you're on an imageboard, the janny is right lol

No. 1732019

You're a retard and plainly wrong. Posting links is fine, there is nowhere in the rules that says you need to include a pic.

No. 1732242

Hair on all over my clothes. Hair on the stove. Hair on my plate. Hair in every corner of my house even after I've thouroughly swept and mopped the floor. Hair on the INSIDE OF MY FUCKING UNDERWEAR. How is it getting there?! How?!

I say it again. I don't actually hate our dogs, but I will not be sad when they die. (No, getting rid of the dogs isn't an option.)

No. 1732275

My roommates dog sheds SO much like there will literally be tumbleweeds of hair floating around the flat and she still refuses to get the thing groomed properly and won't clean it up unless I start nagging her about it. I feel your pain, I get so annoyed when my stuff/clothes are covered in hair or when she lets the dog up on the furniture and doesn't clean up the hair after. It also always somehow manages to get in whatever I'm drinking, it's so gross and irritating.

No. 1732310

Either get them groomed or tell your moid to brush them frequently. You're the anon with huskies, right? They're one of the worst breeds when it comes to shedding fur, they have three layers of coat and need to be brushed a lot or you will see fur floating in the air.

No. 1738353

Why do most dog owners seem to have some non treated emocional issues? At least the ones who act like dogs must recieve human-like treatment and anything beyond is dog abuse.

No. 1738552

Dogs are loyal, love their owners no matter how much they're abused, and do as they're told. You can beat and starve them and they'll come crawling back. The most deranged owners choose dangerous breeds because they get off on the feeling of control over an animal that can tear them limb from limb but doesn't because it's been bred for obedience. I know this is the dog hate thread but it fucking pains me that so many dogs are abused by their owners to satisfy their owner's ego. Sure, this backfires when Mr Macho's 50-strong pibble pack decides to use him as a chew toy, but mostly the dogs attack anyone who isn't their owner.

No. 1739995

File: 1698349317078.png (822.11 KB, 1080x738, IMG_7355.png)

I don’t hate dogs more than I hate irresponsible owners and breeders. I can see why certain breeds exist, such as livestock guardians, herding breeds, sled dogs, they’re useful in some parts of the world. But some breeds…just should not exist. This doesn’t come from a hatred of dogs, but empathy for the animal that is fated to suffer or be aggressive.

Even with said breeds that I’m okay with, they are working dogs who need to work. That’s what they’re bred for. Do you think that this husky, who is meant to haul supplies across the Siberian snow is going to be content being a normal dog in a suburban area? This dog needs to be doing what it’s bred to do, or else it’s going to act out in aggression or destruction. Same with cattle dogs and livestock guardians. These dogs are meant to nip at sheep to herd them into a gate, and you put them in an environment with children and expect them not to be bit? You give a livestock guardian no livestock to guard with no threats, and you’re surprised when it mauls someone? This meant to fight wolves to keep sheep safe, and you put it in a fucking apartment!

I do not hate these dogs for what they are, they have no choice in their existence. I do hate the people who buy these working dogs and put them in places where they’re never going to work, then act surprised when they act out because of their breed. Ultimately, these dogs are meant to do a job, and they can actually be very useful animals if provided with a job to do. I have friends with sled dogs who have never bitten, attacked, or destroyed property. I have family with a Great Pyrenees who protects my aunts farm from wolves and coyotes, it’s never attacked a human. They’re fulfilled dogs, they have no reason to lash out at humans, they have no reason to destroy property. They’re genetically inclined to do certain things, and if they are able to do those things, these dogs are surprisingly tolerable, even if you don’t like them. They’ll leave you alone if they are handled by a responsible owner.

The only breed I actively despise are pit bulls, just because they are meant to kill and nothing else. Even guard dogs like Rottweilers, Doberman, and German Shepards will stop fighting if you hit it hard or give it enough pain, they’ll back down from a fight they know they can’t win. I know not everyone who has a guard dog is smart enough to do it, but with proper training, a guard dog will stop attacking when the owner gives a command for it to do so. Pitbulls do not stop fighting until they are physically unable to, or dead. That’s what they’re bred for, and there’s no fixing those genetics. It doesn’t matter how good the owner is, it doesn’t matter how much you train it, you cannot train what is ingrained into the dogs breed.

Have you seen the picture of a Rottweiler who was attacked by a porcupine, got poked in the face, then stopped because it hurt? Normal guard dogs do not fight to the death, the dog got hurt so it backed off. Pitbulls do not do that. The pitbull who got attacked by a porcupine had hundreds of spikes in its face, because they’re bred not to feel pain when fighting, they are meant to fight until they physically can’t anymore. You can’t train that out of a pitbull.

No. 1740005

File: 1698349754935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,9.44 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Toy French bulldog with a faceful of porcupine quills. In addition to being lapdogs, they must also apparently be designed to fight to the death!

No. 1740008

Wow anonny your cherrypicked image totally disproves the fact that bully breeds were literally bred with an out of whack prey drive to keep attacking and not respond to pain even when multiple adults are beating the shit out of it and stomping on its spine and fingering its asshole.

No. 1740013

My thoughts exactly, I really don't hate pitbulls for existing, just the insane retards who breed them.

No. 1740029

The dog on the left looks like some pibble mix too, dogs of this type are so ugly.

No. 1740043

That dog is a rottweiler

No. 1740067


This is actually very interesting, because I have never seen this pic before. I am kinda surprised, but also not? I think I should’ve said bullies in general rather than pitbull specifically.

This just adds to the bad genetics pool, honestly. There are so many lapdogs in the world who act tough, but run away in the face of danger or pain cause they’re outmatched. I’ve seen it happen in person. I never expected a lapdog to be one of the insane unable to feel pain ones, so I did some digging

Most lap dog breeds are not that way from the beginning of time; they’re selectively bred to be that way. Yorkies, for example, are from the extinct Scottish Terrier, Skye, and Dandie Dinnont. Some are ratting dogs, but ultimately not built to fight or harm anything bigger than a rat. Same with Maltese, Shitzu, and other lap dog breeds, they’re made of extinct breeds that are not particularly dangerous or aggressive.

French Bulldogs though, are bred from toy bulldogs. Toy bulldogs are small bullldogs. Bulldogs are bred for bullbaiting, they’re fighting dogs. They are meant to fight bulls, and just like pitbulls, they’re meant to fight to the death and not ignore pain. So while these Frenchies are bred for being small, they kept their “I will fight until I am actually dead” trait, which people largely ignore cause a French bulldog can’t really do as much damage as it’s ancestors or cousins.

Thanks for the pic, I actually did research cause of it

No. 1740080


Same, I kinda feel out of place in this thread cause I’m not frothing at the mouth in rage at every single dog to ever exist, I just hate the shitty owners and “fur baby” culture

No. 1740101

I swear it's like the smell get ingrained in them. My brother used to live with two 'indoor pit bulls' with his ex-wife a year ago. Now, whichever area of our home he's in winds up reeking of a nauseating and weird dog smell. We actually have to leave the window in these room open for hours to get the smell out.

No. 1740260

I was just clowning on the meme, not your whole post

No. 1740266

Also when it comes to porcupines specifically, French Bulldogs were crossbred with mousers, so the breed standard has a stronger prey instinct. Going after a porcupine isn't that different from chasing a squirrel or rabbit.

No. 1740267

Not discounting what you're saying because certain smells definitely tend to linger, but maybe your brother hasn't been as diligent with his hygiene since his wife left him. Single men tend not to take good care of themselves.

No. 1740340

File: 1698380841471.jpeg (1016.89 KB, 1170x1981, IMG_3609.jpeg)

She’s back with another highly annoying video where she shows off her fancy expensive useless tools.

No. 1740343

They’re bullbreeds, idiot.

No. 1740346

No, they get off on how the dog affects other people. Either they revel in how intimidating it is, or they use other peoples righteous fear of their dog as fuel for their persecution/martyr complex. Waaa people gather up their kids and cross the road around me! I’m so persecuted because of my CHOICE in dog it’s basically racism/classism!

No. 1741830

File: 1698491824518.jpg (95.64 KB, 646x607, xl.jpg)

No. 1745979

File: 1698765814703.jpeg (505.94 KB, 1170x1359, IMG_3633.jpeg)

No. 1746996

that woman is mentally ill. There’s another video where she shows herself cooking steak and shit like that for that thing. I personally think doting on any dog like that is insane but the idea of doing it for a fucking pitbull that will probably attack either you or a local child one day is pure retardation

No. 1758284

In nearly every single shelter across America, pitbulls and thier mixes are in most of the cages. Usually all. They are bred in ghetto areas with no care and eventually end up in shelters. The dog food and product industry is worth billions and does NOT want consumer spending to slow down just because people may be adverse to adopting this growing percentage of dogs, and their defense force is hellbent on promoting them as everyone likes a poor little underdog (kek).

Eventually purebred dogs will be so severely looked down upon and the propaganda will be so strong that it won't be a matter of owning a pitbull but rather how much pitbull DNA does your dog have.

No. 1758365

My theory is that they want to attract the "mommy/stan" personality that tends to flock towards kpop and pittie fandoms. You know, the type to defend grown ass men and killer machines by babyfying them? that one, they tend to be pretty loyal so they're trying to appeal to their easily fooled empathy senses

No. 1758447

Why are pitbull fags so adamant about risking their own and other people's life by playing or provoking their shitty dogs to prove how super peaceful they are? Is this about dominance? Like you feel badass for owning a killer animal that you believe you could control? Like certain people in Russia that own tigers and such.

There was a show in Italy a few weeks ago where they elect the best animal every week, with three candidates. One of them was a pitbull owner that even dressed the dog up and showed photos where he put it in front of his own baby to show how super peaceful it is. It pissed me off.
Thank god the rest probably thought the same because the large majority voted for some big cat, a few voted for the woman with the pig and probably nobody for that guy. But really. Fuck that.

He pretended it wasn't a pitbull but something he called "american bull", is this a difference? I never heard about this but it literally looked like a generic pitbull.

Also just TWO days later a different pitbull in Italy has killed two people.

No. 1758570

>the large majority voted for some big cat, a few voted for the woman with the pig and probably nobody for that guy.
peak entertainment

No. 1764384

I believe it's moral duty to shoot strays or dispose of them in other manners.(calm down)

No. 1764405

File: 1699634671853.png (184.56 KB, 746x748, pets.png)

Not really a dog hater, but didn't want to start infighting in the reddit hate thread so I'll post this here. This poor woman posted in the r/Pets subreddit about her two "labs" (have my doubts, probably lab mixes AKA pitbulls mixes) breaking into the enclosure they made for their 18-year old, blind, deaf, cat and killing it brutally. The comments are exactly what you'd expect from dog worshipping redditors. They're really trying to gaslight her by saying "w-well the cat must've done something to set them off. and besides, how can you even know for certain that the dogs killed it if you weren't even home to see it happen??" and saying she's an animal abuser by providing basic care for the dogs but nothing else other than that. Absolutely insane, I like well trained dogs and find them cute but why are most owners so retarded/brainwashed? They can't possibly fathom that a heckin doggo can do bad things.

No. 1764414

Even being put down after this would be too good for them. Should suffer the same fate and be thrown into a wolf enclosure. Hate shitbulls so much it’s unreal

No. 1764417

I wish it were legal everywhere. How many people have been killed by strays?

No. 1764418

They really using kpop fags and celebs popular with gen z too. I hope gen z doesnt fall for this

No. 1764420

Tom holland is such a faggot. I dont know what Zendaya sees in him. 'nonsense?' More like there are tons of articles and witnesses to back up pitbulls going insane and killing people and pets. Why does one need to spread nonsense when there is evidence?

No. 1764424

The dog nutters have serious broken reasoning for the whole

"you/your baby/ your blind old cat set the dog off therefore it's uncontrollable for the dog"


"it's not the dogs instincts/genes it's the owner, its all controllable"

Basically if it's your/a friends dog it's the victims fault, if it's a strangers dog doing the mauling we blame them for not ""training"" them kek.

No. 1764436

This is exactly why all those "funny pet videos" of cats interacting with pits or stealing their sleep place etc. always rub me the wrong way. These dogs are unpredictable.

No. 1764447

I've had a few dogs in my life and I also liked to keep smaller pets like parakeets and some rodents sometimes. This reminds me of one of my exes always suggesting I should let my dog and the small pets to play with each other, or at least put like a hamster in biting distance of the dog so we can "see how it reacts", and thinking I'm too uptight and untrusting of my dogs, after I told him the family dog in my childhood killed the family cat just because it got overly excited when we returned from a multiple day outing.
These are fucking animals, one thing in the others behaviour might set them off and they'll destroy one another before you can even react to that shit.

No. 1764625

>called "american bull", is this a difference?
No. A sleeper started calling Pitbulls "American Staffordshire Terriers" in an effort to get them adopted, so now people trying to be fancy will call them that.

No. 1764721

This statement has been repeated so many times but I feel so annoyed by pitbulls. Why are they always foaming at the mouth like they have rabies

No. 1765963

People who think keeping different animals (especially if one's a predator and the other is a prey) together so they can "be friends" are fucking retarded. They're animals and they're not going to become friends unless you're really lucky and they were raised together (and even then most of the time you have to separate them). You should't do this even between two "prey" animals btw. I had budgies for some time and my father told me to put them together with his finches since the cage was large. Result: one day the budgies chewed the head off of the baby finches.

No. 1766663

I have some traumatic memories from my childhood and one of them is about dogs, I was like 6 years old, back then I used to only play with two kids that lived next door, there was like a garden between our houses but it was close enough that out parents allowed us to hang out without supervision as long as we were around the house/garden area. One time when we parted ways and I was going back home, a pack of stray dogs appeared literally out of nowhere and they started to chase me. I started running for my life and I was lucky there was a high fence nearby, I jumped on it, climbed at the top and sticked to it, I was so pumped with adrenaline and I knew that that was my only chance to survive this. The mutts were right below me, trying
to jump to get me and barking so loudly and aggressively this sound was ingrained in my brain for years. I don't know how long it lasted, and to make it worse there was no adult around, it felt like eternity. Eventually the mutts got bored and left. I got home and I found out I pissed myself from fear and my mom was angry at me. It still makes me weird thinking that I could've been severely mutiliated or even killed that day if that fence wasn't there. I was also lucky those mutts weren't able to climb the fence like shitbulls for example

No. 1768432

I love dogs but most people who have them are too retarded to own them. I feel like you should need a permit or something to have one over like 40 pounds but the people administering them would probably also be too retarded to be trusted. I have a neighbor with a massive 200 pound dog and they seem to revel in the fact that it’s aggressive and dangerous.

No. 1768485

If most people are too retarded to own them, then all dogs should be banned. Having a bunch of beasts that you have to train not to rip off your face and attack everyone they see walking around the streets, is dancing with death and putting peoples lives in danger.

No. 1768634

Honestly I'm so sick and tired of reading/hearing about pitbulls ripping apart and mauling small dogs, cats and even kids to death, If you're stupid enough to fall for the propaganda that should be your one and only pet at the moment, no cats no birds no hamsters, not even a small dog. Honestly wish the breed was extinct but knowing moids they would just breed another killer dog.

No. 1772127

More attention should be on this, it's not just a weird conspiracy theory. Pet food manufacturers want "shelters" to warehouse large breed dogs, because each one eats several dollars worth of food every single day. It's GREAT for them if your local community dumps a million dollars into building an additional dog warehouse. The amount of money and care that has to go into each individual large breed dog is just insane when you consider that most of them are just worthless shitbulls that already ate a cat or sofa, which is why they're at the shelter.

No. 1773146

Sage for blog. But I recently went to a culture festival and I'm forever amazed by the amount of people that bring their dogs out to these crowded events. Your dog doesn't want to be here, it's a bunch of noise, hot, and is essentially a walking hazard. People carting them around in those baby carriages, holding them or on leashes. It was so gross because it's around areas that serve food. Leave him at home in the backyard or some shit. It's like the owners want some return on investment of showing off their animals to the world when we don't want to deal with them either.

No. 1774387

Who else finds it fucking weird when dogfags are walking their dogs out it public and speaking to them. It’s hilarious to me how people sit and have full blown conversations with a literal animal, thinking it understands when it’s proven that dogs don’t understand human language.

No. 1774921

File: 1700176957281.gif (581.62 KB, 498x385, smile-excited.gif)

I don't feel hate for dogs but I hate these glorified wolves so much
Everytime my neighbor would take her labradoodle to the dog park she would always complain to me about huskies or 'wolf looking dogs' trying to fight her dog and other people's dogs

No. 1774939

Yes we kill tons of chicks and chickens for pet food (it's not all human consumption by-product as they want you to believe).

The truth is so many people are memed into having an expensive and laborious pet like large dogs and then they pay, pay, pay with money and stress for the boarding, sitters, walkers, food… whether they're living paycheck to paycheck or they're richfags who are never in town. There is a ton of industry behind this.

No. 1775310

Dogs only understand isolated words. They can understand up to 500 of them but that’s only the smartest dogs like collies and sheepdogs. Plus they like to be talked to. Some people just seem performative in the way that they do it though. Like we get it he’s your best (only) friend but he’s pissing up a lamppost rn he doesn’t care.

No. 1775313

Still retarded having conversations with an animal that can’t respond

No. 1775315

>It's like the owners want some return on investment of showing off their animals to the world
This is exactly what they want. I live in a rural seaside town and a lot of rich cunts come here on holiday. Walking around sometimes it’s like crufts. There’s all these elaborate, expensive purebreds like neopoliton mastiff, saluki, Pekingese, afghan hound or there will be a scotty dog with one of those perfectly shiny groomed coats down to the floor or a poodle with a stupid fucking haircut. They are showing off their wealth. Then there’s the other type of rich cunt that likes to show off their compassion by rescuing a dog (often from abroad, and if not from abroad then it is staffy or pibble) and then spoiling the shit out of it by buying it an expensive coat and waffling on to anyone who will listen how they saved their dog from poverty. They let their dogs piss all over the place, including on signs that people put outside of shops. One time one of my colleague had a go at these people because their dog pissed all over his car tyre and they just absolutely mocked him for it, as if it’s incomprehensible to not want their dogs piss soaked all over their things. When it gets hot, you wouldn’t believe how badly the place reeks. The scent of piss emanates from every square inch of pavement.

No. 1775321

Huskies are labour dogs. People shouldn't get them unless they are extremely outdoorsy and I also don't think huskies are appropriate for urban places. People who have them where I live are the kinda people who live for hiking, do dog sleighing etc.
I've heard when GoT became popular a lot of Americans started adopting huskies because they resemble the direwolves, without having researched what type of breed they are.

No. 1779666

>When it gets hot, you wouldn’t believe how badly the place reeks.
I believe it. In my hometown there's a single parking garage that all the bums piss in for some reason, and I can smell it from all the way down the street on humid, breezy days.

No. 1784007

It's funny because Tom apparently hates cats because he thinks they're "mean" but can somehow forgive Pitbulls even though they literally kill children.

No. 1785181

File: 1700750076511.jpeg (127.9 KB, 719x630, stupid1.jpeg)

You won't guess the reason!

No. 1785183

File: 1700750144981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.27 KB, 719x358, stupid2.jpeg)

The cowards can't even directly say it.

No. 1785249

They don't usually return them just because they growl at the cats. Cats are always at the bottom of the totem pole for household importance especially with pets. Often it's after the pitty already shook one to death.

Also kek at >finding harmony
As if the creature is a soulful, meditative being who told them "I just can't in this low vibrational household"

No. 1785253

I mean, you have a point, in which big dogs should be banned, most reasonable countries don't allow people to own lions, tigers or bears so I don't see why there should be an exception for dogs when even the most domesticated ones are clearly still driven by their instinct and hunting drive.

No. 1785544

They need to put down every pit in shelters and clear up space for real dogs to be adopted.

No. 1786486

File: 1700814099166.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x2137, IMG_4280.jpeg)

I’ve never seen anything so disgusting in my life. What a fucking hideous and deformed creature.
Of course the 2nd woman is complaining about the way the first woman is treating it because she’s playing with it and not sucking it’s dick and feeding it peeled grapes on a chaise lounge.


No. 1786487

File: 1700814290298.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2140, IMG_4282.jpeg)

No. 1786491

>the dog failed to find harmony with the cats
This is incredible marketing. They must employ top sales representatives and politicians to work in dog shelters because what the fuck is this?

No. 1786494

Literally Satanic gargoyle looking beast, fucking hell.

No. 1786636

Excuse my blogpost but I went to a shelter last week to look at the dogs there - we are looking for a dog, so I obviously don't hate all dogs, but… - and, holy hell.
My toddler was with me and we walked along the cages and it was literally:
pitbull, pitbull, 15 year old blind/deaf dog, pitbull, German shepherd (mixed with pitbull).
Um, no. Not what we were looking for.

One pibble in particular really freaked the fuck out as we walked by its (large outdoor) cage - beady little eyes firmly fixated on my toddler, snarling and jumping up on the fence. I'm not a skittish person but I grabbed my kids hand and walked away FAST. I do not understand for the life of me why such a pos dog is not put down. Who should adopt this thing?? Even a jobless, childless moid could not guarantee that this thing doesn't slip out of it's collar or takes advantage of an open door….and there will always be an unlucky kid that gets mauled in consequence.

Over here all shelters are no kill shelters and some of these dogs hold up space for years - while halfway decent dogs that have to leave their familiy face uncertain futures because shelters are always full and can't take more dogs in. It is such a shit show and I'm halfway convinced I'd rather get a cat

No. 1786714

These dogs are chimeric abominations and their mouth and bite size genuinely should make them illegal everywhere. That dog could literally hold a toddlers head in its mouth. People want to be unique so bad this looks like something from a nightmare.

No. 1789059

File: 1700981203078.jpeg (451.44 KB, 1242x1143, IMG_1229.jpeg)

imagine feeling the need to one up someone who rescued a kitten “WELL MY RETARD SHIT DOG (that eats it’s own siblings, offspring and toddlers) COULD EAT THAT!” shitbull owners are obsessed with having a dick measuring contest with literally anyone

No. 1790832

File: 1701078434989.jpeg (160.59 KB, 713x401, dogs.jpeg)

I realize that animal hoarders are insane in the first place, but dog hoarders are a special kind of batshit, because dogs take so much work, and are so dirty and destructive. Here's a news video about 40 dogs getting rescued from one property, and the crazy thing is you can clearly see that the dogs have destroyed the exterior walls to the house/trailer.
I know somebody could say that we don't have proof that the dogs killed the walls, but if the dogs weren't eating the walls, I think the walls would have been repaired because people enjoy having walls in the winter.

No. 1790834

Pitbull owners are mentally retarded.

No. 1790838

I had to go get my dogs new licenses at animal control and I was extremely uncomfortable with how many pitbulls were around. Walking from my car to the main entrance I had to walk past 2 volunteers (early 20's women of course) walking giant pitbulls pulling on their leashes in the parking lot. And the adoption book in the lobby was 99% pitbulls except for a geriatric collie with special needs. I was clenched so hard on the walk inside and back to my car I really need to start remembering to carry my knife. I've been attacked by dogs way too many times

No. 1790868

I’m sorry you had to deal with that bullshit nonna. Pit bulls aren’t normal dogs. It’s like if people acted like tigers were perfectly good pets and just like house cats.

No. 1790881

i hope the retarded owner will become a meal for his pitbull

No. 1790917

average ugly scrotoid. men always have weird complexes around cats.
christ, these things should not exist. holy dysgenics
youre being tarded nonnie, if you want a dog so bad get one from a licensed breeder you can background check who temperament and health tests every litter. research breeds that suit your lifestyle, especially with a small child. if you cant afford this (time cost or money cost) you cant afford to own a dog responsibly, period.
shelters are fucked up and corrupt when it comes to profit, dont fall for their tearjerker propaganda.

No. 1790919

Dog hoarders have a similar mental illness to munchies. I know this intrinsically. I cant explain it.

No. 1790930

I agree with the first anon, the shelter may not be the best idea. I know it's painful to see all the (normal) dogs in the ads that want a home, but I've seen so many cases of shelter straight up lying to people about illnesses, temperament and behavioural issues of the dogs just so they can dump them to someone who will eventually have to give it back because the dog is simply not compatible. Shelters will try to make you adopt a "labrador" when it's almost fully a pitbull, they'll tell you that the dog is sweet and perfect for your home but it's traumatized and scared of literally everything, they'll lie about the age or health. Breeders get a bad reputation but the licensed ones screen their dogs for illnesses and will make sure to breed the ones with the best attitude.

No. 1790961

Agreed. People love to bully people into "adopting not shopping" but imo there's no good reason to go to the shelter when you have specific needs to be met and the safety of your small child needs to be secured..

No. 1791008

File: 1701097962234.png (1.07 MB, 1452x1742, justwhytho.png)

>not neutered
>previously abused
>just defending himself!
>only eight months old
Just fucking put it down already. Why are people so retarded when it comes to aggressive violent dogs? There are thousands of better dogs that would benefit more from your time and money, but these people have to save the worst examples of their species instead? Sheer retardation.

No. 1791015

He "heard" that the dog has its first round of vaccinations, but it belonged to a homeless addict. JFC these people need to shut up and stop lying about everything.

No. 1791021

Literally half an hour ago I saw a shelter ad on tv about a "sweet, cuddly and intelligent dog who needs a home". Then it went on to say the dog is a small sized pitbull mix (looked like a regular full pitbull), not good with other dogs (aggressive) and needs a "rehabilitation journey to teach her to socialize" aka it's an aggressive unsocialized pitbull and the family picking her up will have to spend money on a course to try and fix the behavioural issues so they'll be able to take her on a walk without her lashing out at everything. How do shelters expect people to put so much effort into a dog that most likely will never be fixed because it's in its nature to be aggressive to other animals and people? I hate how they guilt trip you if you don't feel like having a problematic dog in your home.

No. 1791035

He’s such a feeble manlet, I’d love to see him shaken around like a chew toy. Then I wouldn’t have to see his repulsive malformed face in any more movies.

No. 1791613

One of my local news stations runs these shelter ads every day, and 9/10 of the dogs are just pitbulls mislabeled as "mixes" or labs. I'm surprised when it isn't a pitbull.

No. 1791909

File: 1701165310985.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1965, IMG_4472.jpeg)

aggressive chav just like all XL bully owners.

No. 1791928

I feel bad for UK nonnies who cant carry a gun to shoot these things

No. 1791929

There are people whom for some reason want to 'try to save' every aggressive dog for brownie points.They have the saint syndrome or whatever that is called

No. 1791930

wtf this has to be illegal. this is a monster

No. 1791950

It's a nightmare for other dog owners too. There's a lady I know who has a small shepherd-like dog (it's pretty cute and well-behaved) and she often tells me that she's scared of another lady in town who lets her big ass rottweiler off leash and the dog keeps coming up to her during walks. She's scared because if that dog decides it wants to maul the smaller dog there's nothing that can be done, it's big, heavy and unrestrained and its owner is often a few feet behind it so she can't physically block it.

No. 1792018

My neighbor's dog is starting to scare me. He's always been kinda aggressive (he barks anytime someone is near him and his owner, even if he's inside the apartment and he hears you out in the hallway he'll bark non-stop). He snarls and jumps at people in close proximity and my neighbor has to struggle to hold his leash and control him; it doesn't help that he's a huge dog and she's very petite, he also never listens to her.

A couple months ago I was walking past her and the dog on the stairs to exit my building and he jumped up and bite my arm. Luckily my shirt got most of it so I didn't react much but I was concerned he did that unprovoked. Whatever I let it go. This morning again we crossed paths and the dog went nuts and proceeded to bite my coat and try to pull me down. My neighbor looked horrified and embarrassed as she tried to pull him off me. Eventually he let go and I just accepted her apology and continued on my way, but what the fuck.

I don't want to be mean but I don't know if I should file some type of complaint or something. She's nice but needs to control her animal, he lunges and tries to attack everyone to the point she can't have him around anyone. It's not him being playful either, it's just aggression. That can't be normal. My bf has mentioned that he doesn't think she should have that dog and she hasn't trained it properly, and now I think he's right. Fuck that dog, he's awful and I hope someone in her life takes it from her

No. 1792030

>I don't want to be mean but I don't know if I should file some type of complaint or something.
NONNIE, WHAT? Hon, you have to start making complaints. Ideally, if you're in the USA, you should report this to start a paper trail. You should call animal control and your apartment complex. You should write down what happened and what dates. I don't think you're realizing how easy it is to be killed by a dog. How many pounds does he weigh?

No. 1792180

You should have filed AS soon as the dog bit you. Someone is going to get hurt or killed. Do something and dont be a coward.

No. 1792182

You're right Anon, I should at least report it to managment. I just feel bad because she really is nice and seemed remorseful, she even left a note saying sorry again and offering to pay for my coat (although she also said he was trying to be "protective"…I hope she sees he's still dangerous). Plus she'd most likely know it was me who reported something (don't know if he's attacked our other neighbors too) and I'd feel like a jackass. But the dog has potential to really hurt someone. I'm not good with dog breeds but he looks like the size of a full grown Great Dane, so probably close to 100 pounds. Definitely "take down a human" size.

No. 1792186

She isnt going to do shit unless you report the dog. People like that see their dogs as fur babies and wont stop them, even if they hurt someone. Get that dog taken care of by filing and getting paper trails.

No. 1792905

File: 1701219752146.png (2.94 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2591.png)

I really hate dog moms. They creep me out and are obviously challenged people. You know, the people who say shit like “dogs are better than people”, “if my dog hates you is cus ur evil”, “dogs will love you unconditionally while people dont”, and more. They are basically telling the world that they are filthy narc autist(and probably zoophiles kek) that can only get validation and acceptance from an animal that was bred to be obsequious. What i find even weirder is how they always seeth about how much they hate kids and dont want them but then they buy 10 dogs and treat them like human children and not adult animals kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1792906

Dog moms are the WORST. They go on and on about their 'furbaby' like it's a human and go off about how much they hate children. They are the same types who let their dogs lick their mouths and feed them at the dinner table. I hate dog moms so much. they are mentally challenged.

No. 1792932

I’m that dog mom and I live a free life.

No. 1792939

Not that I unagree that child hate is particularly immature, but if these are narcissistic and autistic people who truly cannot get along with other humans then it is infinitely better that they channeled whatever nurturing they possess into an animal that does not know better versus neglecting and traumatizing a child.
Reproducing isn't and shouldn't be the end all to every individual's existence and clearly, it's a good thing.

No. 1792958

I don’t have a problem with people being child free. I just find it retarded how people who don’t want kids buy dogs to treat them like kids. Dogs were not bred to be human children they were bred to be working animals. I myself don’t want kids so i don’t understand why these people treat their animals like kids. I have chickens but i don’t let them inside my house to shit everywhere, feeding them 5 star meals, contracting diseases by kissing and cuddling with them and calling them my “egg babies”.

No. 1792965

Not here to defend dog people but you're blatantly wrong. Many dogs were bred specifically for companionship and have been used as "fur babies" for centuries. And don't try to pull the "why don't they just have human babies" shit when giving birth costs thousands of dollars and baybeez grow into adult humans who kill and rape people. It's not hard to understand why someone would want to cute parts of motherhood without the life wrecking ones. You just hate dogs and that's ok me too but be fr for a second

No. 1793009

you’re right about the dogs bred for companionship sorry for the retardness kek. But obviously caring for a human is a bigger deal than a dog. I’m just weirded out by people treating dogs like children instead of like dogs, especially retard pitbulll owners acting like these dogs weren’t bred to kill bulls and eachother.

No. 1793078

There’s nothing wrong with using dogs as companions I love mine kek but there’s definitely a genre of too involved dog person who likes having extremely malleable things to control. One of the biggest bpdchans I know is now a semi successful dog influencer who is constantly doing dog training sports and shit. Considering how she treats people it makes sense she needs things to abuse who can’t fight back kek.

No. 1793147

>And zoophiles kek
Not liking dog in strollers is understandable but you really had to parrot the moid take that women who like dogs must be fucking them. >All those nasty women with pets are actually just fucking them!! Fuck me instead and have kids!!

No. 1793174

The same kind of people also expect you to coo at their dog and let it drool all over you and lick your face with a tongue that has just touched its asshole seconds earlier, while going on about how gross children are. I don't want either kids or dogs, I just don't see this logic.

No. 1793189

Agree with everything but you lost me at
>probably zoophiles
YOU are probably a moid. How about that? It’s moids who do disgusting things like fuck animals and most the women in the beastiality porn that moids (you) watch features trafficked women who are forced to do it against their will. They will even force children to have sex with dogs. Then you turn around and project it on to women just because living with a man is statistically the most dangerous thing anyone can do.

If these dog mums increase rates of male loneliness and male suicide then they’re a good thing, as annoying as we all think they are.

No. 1793203

Fucking moids is zoophilia. I think "furbaby" owners are ridiculous but I love how they make moids seethe.

No. 1793259

Some reddit scrote who hates dogs has posted in the thread before. I assume it's him projecting the male bestiality rate on to women since men make up the majority of the crime but are the sex of avoiding accountability for their actions because they don't identify as the degenerates that in reality they are.

No. 1793261

>If these dog mums increase rates of male loneliness and male suicide then they’re a good thing

No. 1793713

Just found out this guy I really like has a pitbull and another big dog breed, i'm absolutely heartbroken. I'm terrified of big dogs and the pitbull is only 2 years old so it's not like it would die soon.

No. 1798045

File: 1701611718410.png (67.83 KB, 1001x386, Screenshot 2023-12-03 085604.p…)

retarded ass parents got their newborn killed by a wolfdog. those retarded hybrid "pets". the parents should be jailed and sentenced to death by wolfdog. no doubt retarded dog people are fawning over the poor wittle dog instead https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/sheriff-3-month-old-killed-by-familys-pet-wolf-hybrid-alabama/LRSO4ZEBCZBTBPPKGC3CCUKPDY/

No. 1799098

File: 1701698036443.jpeg (973.77 KB, 1170x1750, IMG_4784.jpeg)

This way only the fucking idiots who choose to get them will suffer instead of innocent bystanders on the street.

No. 1799113

>He said large, muscular dogs such as the cane corso and the presa canario could become the next status dogs.
So ban them too? Why is this such a hard concept to understand, if an animal is too dangerous to be exposed to the public, it's too dangerous for some untrained idiot to own.
Like, oh noooo, my pet lion might attack me now that I can't take him to children's playgrounds so that he can get his energy out. No, don't ask why I bought a lion without having the space for it, this is entirely how you want to hurt me by confining me into an apartment with a dangerous predator. Why are you so hate filled that you would want to hurt me so badly? Besides, if you ban lions, I'm just going to buy a tiger.

No. 1799115

3 months old. that is so freakin sad. that poor child… I'm so exhausted hearing dogs killing babies. When are we going to make laws about certain breeds? people want to be 'different' and get wolfdogs but dont get those are ticking time bombs. Dogs and infants do not mix half the time. I hope they are sent to jail for neglect and reckless endangerment, and whatever the least severe type of murder is. They murdered that baby

No. 1799116

These dogs look like literal demons to me. Why do people get them? why arent they banned?

No. 1799296

They… are banned. That's what the article you're replying to is about.

No. 1799835

It’s not fully in place yet and it’s going to be a very ineffectual ban. Basically people will still get to keep them but they might have to muzzle them in public places. Which is making all the chavs get off their crushed velvet sofas and marching in the streets.

No. 1803121

I grew up in Alaska and I have met MANY huskies who are super chill because they spend hours every day pulling sleds and getting their energy out in healthy ways. I am always shocked to see people in urban areas complaining about their huskies and how they’re misbehaving and I just think about how this dog is meant to be hauling sleds through the snow for hours on end, and that it’s stuck in an apartment where it’s being expected to act like a lapdog. Then, the owners claim that their family and friends are toxic for not liking their misbehaved dog, no shit dude, this dog is not meant to be with you at all. They also act surprised when the dog attacks another smaller dog, of course it will, this dog has an incredibly high prey drive, why the hell would you bring it around other smaller animals???

I don’t hate huskies under the right conditions, but I hate people who purposefully create a dog that will likely act out then act surprised when it bites.

No. 1803818

Omg I saw this horrific video once. It was CCTV from a dog cafe and the idiot left 3 small dogs alone with a husky. The husky literally stalked and hunted one of the dogs like a wolf before killing it completely unprovoked, and THEN it walked off and hid before the moronic human in charge came back. Most chilling thing I’ve ever seen, it was so intelligent and cunning in the way it did it. They are not normal dogs at all.

I’ll post the video for anyone curious since it’s on YouTube but my advice is don’t watch it. I’ve basically told you what happens.

No. 1803828

>most chilling thing I've ever seen
Are you retarded

No. 1803856

Nta but it's a video of an allegedly domesticated animal "preying" on another dog just to attack him seconds later in the middle of a "safe" facility, it is somewhat frightening

No. 1803873

>getting triggered over obvious hyperbole
Are YOU?
And yeah, it probably is, because I’m not one of those freaks that watches gore and beheading videos.

No. 1803916

I wouldn't call 3 words "triggered" unless you're an actual sped

No. 1803922

KEK you’re definitely triggered because you’re an edgy cunt who watches gore or some shit and you’re mad that other people still have a shred of humanity left.

No. 1803933

File: 1702044457567.jpg (51.24 KB, 504x451, 1910chow.jpg)

Remind me of what happened to the chow chow, originally used by nomadic northern peoples in china as hunting and herding dogs, but in the modern day they get bred for their apparent cuteness rather then functionality, so now they have coats that are too big for them and actually block their vision and mess with their eyesight, constantly in risk of overheating again cause of their unnaturally developed thick coats and legs too small to support their massive bodies

No. 1803934

File: 1702044510356.jpg (647.04 KB, 1909x768, chow chow evolution.jpg)

No. 1804048

Dogs have gone through so much cross breading in the last 30-40 years. It's basically pointless to have them around, especially due to most dog's temperament. Now wolfdogs and wolf hybrids are trendy. I really wish we had more designated NO DOGS ALLOWED areas in america, but this country loves dogs over people.

No. 1804733

File: 1702101876700.jpg (40.71 KB, 564x863, 39a0f7a28b85d3af8270d83762e097…)

that's the thing, if they truly loved dogs, they wouldn't have them to become these monstrosities in constant pain and discomfort.

No. 1804734

Thinking about Christmas and how it’s always ruined by family dogs. Can’t stop barking. Have to be the center of attention. Hosts constantly getting up to let them outside only to let them back in 5 minutes later because they can’t stand to be where everyone else isn’t. Conversations and sitting arrangements revolving around them. And the staring at food if they aren’t trained.

No. 1804916

This is one of the big reasons I'll never have dogs. Don't forget the part where they will snatch a brand new expensive toy from a little kid and tear it to pieces in less than 30 seconds. The stealth object theft and destruction is a big reason for me. I don't want to have to live like an on duty jail warden 24/7 in my own fucking home, and keep every single thing except the furniture locked up as tight as weapons. And the first time you turn away for 20 seconds to check an alarm, the fucking dog grabs your mouse or headphones and utterly destroys them in three bites. No "love" from an animal could possibly be worth that.

No. 1805941

File: 1702181447789.png (1.12 MB, 947x872, waste.PNG)

What a sucker. As if buying expensive steak just for a dog wasn't wasteful enough, buying it for a dog that's about to die is straight up retarded.

No. 1806396

Holyshit, I never knew they looked like that before insane breeding. Horrible and sad. I honestly feel bad for these dogs.

No. 1806400

>first time trying prime
What an actual loser.

No. 1806897

Wisp is living proof that cat breeders hate cats as well. It shouldn't be legal to breed these hideously deformed animals that can't even move and function normally.

No. 1806929

File: 1702250612877.png (1.49 MB, 804x1080, 1696531734412.png)

>"I don't like dogs"
>incoming butthurt, seething retard crying about how everyone who doesn't worship and smooch dogs are stupid psychopaths who will never be happy, should never get to talk about why they don't like dogs, and should be banned from all areas in society
This also goes out to that one particular anon who called me a "psychopath" and told me to "stay in the containment thread", and I hope you're reading this too: Shut the fuck up with your doggie asshole-kissing gummy lips, miss numb nuts. I don't like dogs that much because they always stink, they spaz out over anything that slightly moves, their kibble-based shit never gets picked up (which kills grass and other plant-life) as well as contaminating water, besides bats and foxes, dogs are the number one animal to pass rabies onto humans, and they always attack people for no fucking reason (women and children being the most common victims). Doggy dipshits like you are the first to jump up and brag about how dogs are soooooo "innocent" and "don't know any better", yet these animals have a "hunt the prey" instinct like any other fucking predator. Dogs rape and kill other dogs and puppies for dominance when they're left to their own devices, but oh these creatures are just so fucking innocent and "furbabies", right? Dumbass doghags will make the claim that their dogs always know when a person is "secretly up to somrthing", yet dogs and especially shitbulls make it a game to maul the life out of random children (including BABIES), unprovoked. Such a great idol for morals, huh? "Dogs are the best because they love you no matter what and never disagree with you" excuses can fuck off there. Imagine being so shit at getting along with your own species that you can only be happy with an intellectually stunted creature that's biologically engineered to feel attachment towards you from the get-go. That's not a flex, that's fucking sad and if your dog suddenly gained the sapient of the human, it would probably bully you just like the rest of the "SoCiEtY" you think you're better than. And speaking of "I love dogs because humans suck", can we talk about the amount of dog-autists who brag about shit like rathering to save a dog in a fire than a human baby? These worthless low-lives talk big game about how much they hate humans, hate society, and hate the world for anything to do with humans, yet gladly live in their comfy little suburban homes with their overfed lapdogs. Funny how doghags are always whining, pitching, and antagonizing their entire species for being "filled with psychopaths", even though these same "I would rather save a dog than a baby" motherfuckers are the same psychopaths they live to complain about. And if you hate humans so much, get the fuck out of the human world, get the fuck out of the internet (a human invention), and go live in the fucking woods where you and your mutt belong then. Then the doghags will try to equivalate their pets to human children, and equivalate their pet ownership to being like a parent. Every. Single. One of the doghags who do this are just straight up retarded. Raising a child is not the same as raising a dog. Children are more complex than dogs. Children hold more potential to society than dogs. Children generally have a higher intelligence than dogs. Children have more complex personalities and growth than dogs. Children have a more precious snd complex set of standards for raising them than dogs. For fucks sakes, dogs aren't even the same species. If you genuinely believe that children and dogs are basically the same, it's clear that you've never interacted with enough children or dogs before, and I'm going to believe you are genuinely retarded. Being a parent is objectively a lot more serious than being a pet-owner, and doghags need to get over themselves to accept it already. They need to stop mooching off of the glory of actual parenthood just because they want to feel like bottle feeding a shitzu is the same as raising a future human adult, because the equivalence is just an enormous cope to feel like they're doing anything serious with their lives. So I'll continue to dislike dogs and talk about why I don't really like them and annoying dogowners whenever and wherever the fuck I want. It doesn't make me a psychopath, it just means I'm tired of this western psyop to shill the fuck out of owning dogs as pets.

No. 1806930

This is such an innocent post what the hell is wrong with you

No. 1806937

Tell em, Queen.

No. 1806943

>Raising a child is not the same as raising a dog. Children are more complex than dogs. Children hold more potential to society than dogs. Children generally have a higher intelligence than dogs. Children have more complex personalities and growth than dogs. Children have a more precious and complex set of standards for raising them than dogs. For fucks sakes, dogs aren't even the same species. If you genuinely believe that children and dogs are basically the same, it's clear that you've never interacted with enough children or dogs before, and I'm going to believe you are genuinely retarded. Being a parent is objectively a lot more serious than being a pet-owner, and doghags need to get over themselves to accept it already. They need to stop mooching off of the glory of actual parenthood just because they want to feel like bottle feeding a shitzu is the same as raising a future human adult, because the equivalence is just an enormous cope to feel like they're doing anything serious with their lives
It is utterly insane to me when dog fags call themselves 'dog moms' and treat their dogs as children. Or worse when you have kids and a dog mom posts like "omg, but look, I dressed up my little mutt too for halloween." How are they not embarased? They are picking up shit 3 times a day for 12-15 years. Kids grow up and potty train and learn to read, write, etc etc. You dont even have to like or want kids to know anyone who makes such a comparison has worms for brains. I hate dog owners so much. Especially the ones that think their little mutt can do no wrong, even when they jump on you with their dirty ass frito paws or heaven forbid, actually bite you. I'm sorry this is a bit unhinged, but literally fuck off doghags. I am so sick of my country catering to dogs so much, and the excuses people make for when kids get hurt by them. They always blame the kids and never the viscious dog.

No. 1806955

It doesn’t look very good? It looks kind of like bacon. That puppy was probably pissed as hell before he got the shovel

No. 1807492

Dogs eat literal shit, what kind of retard would spend all that time cooking and seasoning steak when they could just throw it to the dog raw and bloody and it would have the exact same effect

No. 1808040

>if your dog suddenly gained the sapient of the human, it would probably bully you just like the rest of the "SoCiEtY" you think you're better than

No. 1808120

File: 1702340220534.png (806.56 KB, 740x555, Two-Australian-Cattle-Dogs.png)

i'm not into dogs in general, but my grandpa had cattle dogs on his farm that basically acted as guard dogs and herders, and holy shit it was amazing to watch them work. they weren't aggressive, but not friendly at all, and he mostly just kept them outside 24/7. because they were tools. they had jobs. they weren't pets.
i honestly appreciate dogs with jobs. they get insane and neurotic without them.

No. 1809268

File: 1702408790894.png (504.87 KB, 468x832, gfgfgrrrry.png)

When scrotes do this with their dogs I wanna puke and here's this one bragging about his "ritual" with his mutt
My dad used to do it with our st bernard it's some weird male sexual dominance thing I swear to god. Men especially dog loving men are demented

No. 1809272

This this the wrong thread. No one cares about your grandpa's mutts.

No. 1809273

Men love dogs because they can dominate them and demand total obedience. I dont trust anyone obsessed with dogs.

No. 1809429

They’ve overcooked the fuck out of it. What they scared their dying dog is gonna contract mad cow disease? Poor thing was probably relieved to go.

No. 1810422

What are you talking about? Dogs often do this because they want you to scratch their butt/tail area. I don't see the issue with this because nothing about it is meant to be sexual, I'm sorry you're so hurt that you see it in everything lol

No. 1811113

File: 1702498537786.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2058, IMG_4902.jpeg)

I hate dog owners. What the fuck is she spazzing out for? This woman has lower IQ than her dog and obviously didn’t elaborate what the ANIMAL did to make her have a tard meltdown like this. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0ismrkuIqm/?igshid=ODhhZWM5NmIwOQ==

No. 1811123

File: 1702498833643.jpeg (234.07 KB, 1170x691, IMG_4903.jpeg)

No, you do not get a congratulations for NOT hitting the dumb animal that lives under you in utter subservience, that you milk for fucking tiktok views, that you CHOSE to get to entertain YOU and your pathetic emotional needs. That you treat like a human child and expect it to meet your needs the way a human would, to the point you’re tard-smashing buttons when it can’t give you what you want.

No. 1811130

Lol she's talking about this dog like she's fighting with her boyfriend

No. 1811145

This is retarded and fake, she’s humanizing her dog too much, the dog doesn’t know what it just said with the buttons it just wants to hang out with her and not have her be angry, same as all dogs.

No. 1811271

This woman is such a fucking idiot. Imagine being a grown woman and getting into an actual fight, throwing a temper tantrum at a damn dog. I feel bad for the dog.
Also what is up with people getting these buttons for their pets? I see these all the time with cats too. Like… do they understand what they're pressing? I guess things like "toy name", "walk" or "treat" make sense because you can teach a pet to associate these things with words, but how can you properly "explain" some abstract concept like "confused" and "love you" (which she interprets by the pov of the dog btw, she couldn't be more wrong because the dog most likely associates "love you" with her saying it to him rather than it being him telling her he loves her)? I think the owners are all just reaching hard.

No. 1811279

>so many would have hit their dogs

What!!! These people can’t be serious the dog literally has no idea what’s going on jfc

No. 1811455

I hate when people humanize dogs, these button videos are so retarded. Reminds me of the "cute" videos of dogs being "protective" of babies, where the dog is always acting super weird like ears pulled back, side-eyeing, and licking its mouth every 5 seconds. It's so obvious something is off and everyone is so oblivious. If you're gonna get a big dog which has the power to seriously injure/kill someone including your own child the least you could do is fucking humble yourself and read about dog body language.

No. 1811538

I remember this video and it makes me rage so hard. Any other animal would have fucked this dog's shit backwards for trying to take possession of their young. How in the fuck did humans become so fucking retarded?

No. 1811628

I guess my maternal instincts are still working because I wanted to inflict violence on this fucking dog so badly. Who the fuck do you think you are mutt?

No. 1811805

This is so spot on. People project what they want to see on to dogs and by doing so, put their children and other people and themselves in danger. They do this with behaviour and body language.

No. 1811811

No. 1811832

File: 1702559789180.png (927.75 KB, 735x671, Y0NVc7T.png)

I'd argue it's even worse, cause you have to so much fucked up breeding for generations to create that level of messed up.

No. 1811853

This is only a century's worth of breeding? I knew dog breed changed a lot over time but I had no idea it was in this little time.

No. 1811923

There really needs to me more education out there on children and dogs. Hugging the dogs neck (i.e choking) is an extremely threatening gesture to dogs and if the dog snaps, it's jaw is right next to the childs face.
Children also have no ability to understand the dogs body language, children under 6 even tend to interpet a dogs snarl as a smile.

No. 1811956

people commonly post here about hating dogs except for ones that do work for humans as dogs are intended to do. lurk more newfaggot.

No. 1812333

And then there's the other issue of dog fuckers being unwilling or unable to accept that certain breeds of dogs weren't intended for companionship or to be kept as a housepet at all. I would love to go back in time and ensure Mrs. Lillian Rant never had the chance to tell the NYT that pitbulls are "Nursemaid dogs" now that dogfighting had become illegal in the US.

No. 1816542

File: 1702833188514.mp4 (10.2 MB, MgBoApKEFvf1.mp4)

This is honestly so frightening. Like you could not pay me enough to deal with a mad dog running after me.

No. 1816573

You gotta do what the guy with the yellow van and that UPS guy did: stand your ground and scream, like you would a bear. Hit out with any objects and kick out with your legs. Running activates their predatory instinct and they’re more likely to bite.

No. 1816588

lmfao the one at 1:50, that's just mean come on now. I used to deliver the mail and dogs were a huge workplace hazard, it's really not a joke but this video is cracking me up kek

No. 1816591

the guys who walked up even though they saw the dog are stupid you're not supposed to do that you're supposed to withhold the package and keep driving.

No. 1816603

He looked like he saw the funny side but honestly, not to sound like a snowflake but that could potentially trigger a heart attack.

No. 1816608

My parents told me from a young age never to smile at a dog with my teeth and I’ve stuck to that religiously.

No. 1816619

maybe that would work on a small dog.

No. 1816635

Some of that works ok on big dogs. Not sure about the screaming part I never felt like they cared but it gets the owner to show up sometimes so it's not a bad idea. You shouldn't turn and run it's true (except for that first dog that jumped through the fucking window, that's scary as shit I wouldn't be standing my ground against that) but you also shouldn't kick out with your legs because they can grab your foot and you'll go off balance and fall over which is really bad, or they just bite your leg of course. They way some of those people shove the package and scanner in the dogs face while they back away towards their truck is good, then the dog bites the package and not you. The UPS guy who grabbed the box as a barrier was doing good until he threw it like he was donkey kong lmao

No. 1817137

That might work with normal dogs. In the case of a pitbull psychotic to the point it breaks through glass just to maul somebody, it's prey drive has already been "activated". That's when you just shoot that motherfucker. Shame postal workers can't carry a gun.

No. 1829747

my coworker with the two mixed race kids and a pitbull thats had the cops called on it multiple times is screaming about how much she hates cats. these people are all the same i swear(racebait)

No. 1829766

Lmao I love seeing moids scream like dorky bitches.

No. 1831773

lets pretend not to notice pitbull owners fall into certain behavior patterns

No. 1835735

Tbf, I think anyone who worships pitbulls, but despises cats is a sociopath.

No. 1835768

Bringing race into it IS racebait, mixed race kids aren't bad decisions by default, what the fuck nonna. Shitbulls are exclusively owned by retards with zero functioning braincells who're destined to die by pibble nibble, drug overdose or liver failure. Your IQ needs to be in the single digits to even consider owning one of these hellbeasts. There's enough wrong with these freaks without having to bring their kids into it.

No. 1835974

Went out yesterday to see manatees because they are migrating to a local spring. Dogs everywhere of course. So naturally the manatees are sticking to the other side of the riverbed because many of them are barking. People were even bringing dogs onto the viewing docks as if they weren't crowded enough. Yes, choose to bring your dog here but make it everyone else's problem. Not even at least keeping them away from the water so it's not scaring off the sea cows. I hate dog people so much. They view the entire world as a dog park at this point.

No. 1835994

It’s so selfish for people to take up room with their dogs who half the time don’t even want to be there. Dogs should just not be allowed most places unless they’re essential guide dogs. I was at the aquarium the other day and it was so crowded yet these idiots had 2 massive Newfoundland looking dogs. There are kids here that want to look at the goddamn fish and your dog who doesn’t even recognise it’s own reflection is in the fucking way. Piss off. Or taking them into a pub that serves food. I was sitting outside a place eating and this obese woman had 3 overweight dogs and she kept throwing food from her plate under the table for them and the dogs kept fighting. She’d pull them away from each other, yell at them and then carry on. Like what the fuck are you doing? Why do you even have more than one dog in the first place?

No. 1836155

File: 1704134032589.gif (81.72 KB, 200x200, IMG_3036.gif)

I fucking hate labs. Perhaps the one I live next to is especially inbred, but they are so goddamn annoying. Instead of barking when it sees me, it starts yelping REALLY loudly and it drives me mad. It also likes the hop the fence because if it wasn’t obvious already my neighbors are retarded. When it hops the fence it always runs up to me and tries to jump on me and i have to push it off to avoid getting scratched and shit all over me. I’ve called Animal control several times and the retard owners still have not stopped it from jumping the fence.

No. 1836167

File: 1704135199264.jpeg (95.58 KB, 768x768, day-1-of-uk-ban-these-people-i…)

So Britfag nonas, how are we feeling about the XL Bully restrictions on TERF Island? I personally couldn't be happier that the hellbeasts have the bare minimum imposed on them eg muzzling and neutering. Already pitnutters over here are being obnoxious and took their hounds out for their "last unmuzzled walk" yesterday as if the Gov was actually rounding them up and killing them.

No. 1836542

Pour one out for all the chavs who're going to be eaten by Princess Pibbles in the next couple weeks, half of them can't even put a leash on their evolutionary mistake without losing a hand, let alone a muzzle.

No. 1836545

People who own pitbulls always think their pitbull is part of the exception. My neighbor for example has a pitbull. The thing is pretty big and when they take it for walks, it lunges and growls at people, even other dogs. The neighbor laughs it off and acts as if it'll never harm anyone, but I find nothing humorous about that thing and how it behaves. What's worse is that it does nothing but bark when they're not there. Every time someone moves in their apartment or enters the building it barks for hours at most. While it hasn't attacked anyone, the fact that it's this aggressive and territorial concerns me. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually harmed it's owner or someone else.

No. 1836652

File: 1704176293074.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1916, IMG_5269.jpeg)

Why the fuck would someone need a dog for POTS? Fakest shit ever. People with fake service dogs are fucking vermin.

No. 1836655

File: 1704176378649.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1971, IMG_5270.jpeg)

Probably a staged video for attention but even so, get him the fuck out of there, he is not a service dog and doesn’t need to be there. Also get this creature away from this demented woman. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1ir47-M1qx/?igsh=bzg0d3Bmcmp0dnVo

No. 1836877

>Service dog
>It lays down during "work" and doesn't look alert
Not a service dog, or a horrible trained one who shouldn't be qualified as a service dog. Also who the fuck needs a service dog for pots, why does she look like she's dying or having a seizure while she's just having some fast heartbeats for like 4 seconds?

No. 1837143

File: 1704223303140.jpg (107.79 KB, 674x605, Screenshot_20240102_141835_Ope…)

seeing anti dog sentiment catch on more from twitter normies

No. 1837150

This is so based.

No. 1837158

Both of these videos are clearly staged. That doesn't mean she's a faker, just cringe for making video content about it and making it her who personality (then again she probably can't work a normal job so this is like her "job" I guess, maybe she makes money off it). Service dog for POTS is a real thing. She trained it herself which is allowed and explains why it doesn't seem as professional as some service dogs.

No. 1837170

>service dogs for POTS are a real thing
They shouldn’t be. This dog should not be considered a service dog. It isn’t essential and it isn’t properly trained. It should not be where dogs are not allowed.

No. 1837463

literally what does a service dog for POTS do???? dogs cannot psychically tell a person's heart rate, how could they alert to that? even if they could, the patterns of tachycardia are pretty predictable in POTS, its in the name of the syndrome kek. if the idea is that they somehow break falls during syncope thats stupid, just added danger to the person and to the dog. i know there's a bracing task sds allegedly do, but this is a lightweight sheepdog of some sort and if she is using it to brace her weight during syncope she is undoubtably doing damage to its leg joints and spine. if its task is supposed to be alerting to falls by laying on her when she's on the ground (my money's on this one because it's the easiest fucking thing to train a dog to do, a person on the floor will always interest a dog and they'll want to get all over you) that seems pointless because anyone with eyes will see a person unconscious on the floor and know something is wrong, the dog just gets in the way again. i literally dont understand how dragging a dog everywhere is supposed to help her manage her POTS in any real sense.

on that note, the whole service dog craze is retarded to me. seeing eye dogs make sense and generally have to be professionally trained/accredited, and that's pretty much all that i can take seriously. like seriously if an anon can name one other type of service dog task that can't be accomplished significantly more easily and safely using extant technology or human intervention i'd be happy to reassess my view on this, but i seriously doubt it. even those blood glucose sniffing dogs are highly inaccurate and just seem completely unnecessary when you can easily monitor your blood glucose on an app nowadays.

No. 1837956

File: 1704314705295.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1290x2262, IMG_0321.jpeg)

Applying this retarded adopt don’t shop mindset on shelter cats or bunnies is one thing. Sure it’s obnoxious to hear if you want a certain breed but whatever, at least not much harm is being done.
But when you apply „adopt don’t shop“ to dogs it’s actually fucking dangerous.
Majority of shelter dogs are aggressive fighting breeds. Even if they’re not fighting breeds and full blooded Golden Retrievers or something they’re usually still mentally ill or aggressive.
They’re literally guilt tripping innocent women into adopting fucking Pitbull mutts that’ll leave them traumatized as a result. These shelters disgust me for putting dangerous dogs up for adoption in the first place. Have lost all my respect for animal rescues and shelters after realizing this. Seriously why are women supposed to fix aggressive dogs just bc other people fucked up by breeding or training them? How are other people’s fuck ups their responsibility?

No. 1837958

And why are all animals rights activists strictly against breeding and breeders except when it comes to Pitbulls? They will cry and throw up over perfectly healthy Ragdoll catterys but defend the breeding of Pitbulls with their entire chest like how retarded can you actually be?

No. 1837967

I've volunteered in urban shelters in 3 major cities I've lived in, and 90% of the cages were filled with pits and pit mixes. If adopt dont shop is something people follow for real, within 100 years people will be lamenting why we let all the cool dog breeds die out.

No. 1837978

Reminds of a medium sized dog I saw jumping on people in a plaza I visited in L.A. it was clearly not a service dog despite wearing a vest. Some shops changed their signs from "service dogs welcomed" to "only seeing eyed dogs allowed " because of these asshole fakers.

No. 1837981

Most dog people are pieces of shits, and just want an excuse to take their smelly mutts everywhere because of anxiety. I wish more laws would forbid dogs in most places except seeing eye dogs. I hope this changes soon. Too many people are bringing giant dogs into food places and even on planes now. They are not service dogs.

No. 1837991

most people who have dogs shouldn’t have them
i own 2 BSH cats aged 6 and 4
i got them both when they were kittens from two separate breeders
none of our play sessions end with any scratches because they retract their claws as soon as they feel the touch of human skin
the weirdest thing? ive never put any effort into disciplining and training them as kittens.
the breeders just somehow managed to breed them with perfect tempers
i wouldn’t have been able to get away with that had they been dogs. matter how good dogs genes are they still need a shit ton of effort put into their training to act right. the average person is too stupid to provide a dog with such training and therefore dogs make shit pets for most people but they don’t want to hear it.

No. 1838682

Super late but people who think this way are so delusional, the comment she's responding too not the woman speaking. Dogs see kids as tiny prey-like things that bother them and make loud noises, most dogs are friendly to kids I'm sure but there are dogs who see kids the same way a cat sees a mouse. It's just tiny and alive, they're not like "omg a vulnerable small human, I must protect." And it's so dumb to think so. Same with cats, they just see tiny nuisances kek, some might be nice to them but at the same time they don't have the same human instincts to see children as vulnerable and needing protection.

No. 1838685

Late again and double posting but I actually follow this account and I think they're both really sweet. The little stomp thing is this dance they made up where she stands under his legs and stomps back and forth and he does this silly sing song voice and she goes to the beat. She does it in a lot of videos and he'll even be trying to tie his shoes or something and she'll try to shove herself under his legs to stomp kek. One video he tried to do it without the song thing he does just to see what happens and she didn't really stomp and just kept looking to him to start the song. He seems really gentle with her and she seems very happy with him. I could be completely wrong about this and I don't doubt at all that there are men who are creepy with their dogs but I don't think this situation is sexual or creepy at all. I hope I'm not wrong.

No. 1842171

i hate that the unpopular opinions threads now have hideous ass dog threadpics. they used to have funny op pics now it's just some unfunny forced meme because dogfags have to spam their ugly mutts everywhere.

No. 1846080

File: 1704856042148.png (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 1280x968, 1280px-Shar-Pei_bone_mouth.png)

That kind of sharpei is also riddled with health issues. It's rare for one to make it past 10. Their face wrinkles are so extreme that their fur can rub their own cornea off, so they're blind. They can also have awful breathing issues. I've seen some that need facelifts because of the excess wrinkles. If you go look at the old sharpeis from China, they are so much more normal looking. And they don't have 10,000 health issues. Picrel, spoilered for dog.

People who like dogs don't seem to really care about their health at all. It's really bizarre. It's the same thing with those disgusting pug dogs that can barely live and are just furry potatoes. They're "cute" so who cares if it's going to spend the whole rest of its life gasping for air. So gruesome.

My semester is about to start again, last semester I had to drop a class because there were two service dogs in it. And I'm allergic to dogs. There are no accommodations for allergies, they just expect me to take medicines. Well, I don't want to. It makes me drowsy and I don't always remember that I need to take it before my class.

I don't think people have really caught up with the fact that service dog requirements are extremely loose. All you need to have a service dog is a "disability". Even something common like depression and anxiety falls under that. Then all you need is a dog that is "trained" in two tasks that address that "disability". If you have "depression" those tasks can be normal dog behaviors like being a warm body that can't leave your clutches, and licking you.

That is all the ADA requires for a dog to be considered a service animal. They are literally everywhere on my campus, it is so frustrating for me.

I have gone back and forth with our accessibility office and there's just no solution except telling me to take online courses. But there aren't online courses for my degree plan, so I'm at the mercy of munchies with "service" dogs.

There have also been two parvo outbreaks in the dorms bc people have gotten puppies as ESAs. There was a flea problem in one of them too. So glad I rent off campus.

No. 1846762

I agree anon. This thread makes good points but some anons post the most schizo takes sometimes. Yeah the moid is annoying and plays it up but the dog most likely just learned a silly thing, many dogs learn something similar even with female owners.

No. 1849122

File: 1705037293633.png (89.06 KB, 742x712, chrome_Kd9K3T0wK1.png)

the shitbull propaganda even makes its way into chatgpt training data. how is this even a rule for a bot kek 'don't discriminate against the ugly as fuck killing machines because people will be discouraged against adopting an animal that maims adults and kills children'

feel good social media bullshit just as bad as tranny propaganda

No. 1849147

This reads like a tumblr post

No. 1849666

I used to be such a strong believer in adopt, dont shop for all dogs, until I found out most shelters are filled with pitbulls and pitbull mixes. Let them all die there. I only feel for the dogs who arent in that category, but at this point, I cant even judge people for buying the breed they want. Shitbulls have ruined it for so many.

No. 1849667

So sorry you have to deal with that. We desperately need laws regarding service dogs vs ESA dogs. ESA dogs are always for retards with anxiety and validation issues. I hate that most places even allow them. They should accommodate to people with allergies, because you cant help that.

No. 1850717

File: 1705116959321.jpeg (715.68 KB, 1170x1702, IMG_0682.jpeg)

British short hairs are wonderful cats, they’re so cute and they have a great temperament
There are no words in the English language that can adequately convey how much I hate these hideous shitbeasts. This video has enraged me https://x.com/cheerfulclips/status/1745264268340043805?s=46

No. 1850894

File: 1705124688247.png (1.07 MB, 640x640, iap_640x640.png)

Service dogs are just as bad. Has anyone seen these stupid atrocious attention seeking vests? There's a whole cottage industry of these ugly sparkledog tier "service dog" vests selling for $100+ then all the stupid patches they throw on everything.

No. 1850905

File: 1705125001814.png (1.13 MB, 1363x885, image-9.png)

Then all the stupid tacky crap that munchies tack onto everything. Maybe I need to start an etsy store if it's this easy to take money off them.

No. 1850935

>my dog has a new sibling!!!!
jesus christ. people who insist their pet is just like their human children are always completeky batshit. and usually treat humans like shit

No. 1850980

spawn camping

No. 1850986

He's excited for his next meal to be born. But I joke, in all honesty, these Beasts should be put down once a baby enters the scene. I always feel awful for the kids

No. 1850988

Pin fags are so annoying

No. 1850997

Luckily a lot of women wake up from the pitbull psychosis when they actually have the kid. It's like their actual maternal instincts kick in. Like oh my God what am I doing with this awful Bloodsport dog in my house with my child. Then it's in a shelter somewhere with a sob story.

Of course, you also have the idiots who put the dog right next to the baby for cute little Instagram pictures. Checkmate atheist, my bloodsport dog has a flower crown on. Oh no now there's a blood bath. How could I know this would happen!

No. 1851008

I think it would be best if we got rid of psychiatric service dogs and esa's. Even most of the non-psychiatric service dog tasks can be done with machines or other solutions. The blind people I know also don't use dogs. Most of them just have canes. I don't think there's really any other valid reason someone needs a dog with them 24/7 besides being blind. I am so tired of psychiatric service dogs being everywhere…

No. 1851012

Would be nice honestly. My mom refused to get a dog in her later years when she lost her sight. She used a cane as well. She didn't want to have to deal with the extra responsibility of walking a dog.
Did they ever prove those insulin dogs work? Or seizure dogs? I swear it's all a giant scam

No. 1851145

This pisses me off so much. People who ascribe human emotions to animals are fucked in the head.
Seriously though. That and/or resource guarding. Your precious Luna/Zeus isn’t being cute uwu, it’s being a smooth brained killing machine

No. 1853507

Literally no proof in either case that they're effective. Huge scam

No. 1853541

Should every single Pitbull be euthanized? serious

Maybe we should even extend it to the owners. Most intrinsically vicious dog paired with the most retarded people on planet earth as owners.

No. 1853732

They're always screeching it's the owner, not the breed. Let's take their word for it. If you get a pit, or one of the 300 other pitbull types, you should just be sterilized.

I guess the dog itself would kinda make sure of that too kek

No. 1853754

I hate people who treat and even call their dogs their "children". That kind of people who take hours at the vet because they constantly come up with more things to buy, or they want to weight the dog or something unnecessary at the moment. They think boundaries are mean so they let the dog sleep at their bed and couch. The dog probably thinks of the owners as peasants. Also, there is a publicly known man here who is deeply misogynistic and overall nasty. He has big dogs and treats them like his babies and it is infuriating.

No. 1853815

What's this meme I see lately that we "co-evolved" with dogs? Wtf does that even mean? Do the people who bleat it really think that human evolution depended on some useless slobbermutt?

No. 1853823

We did domesticate them and evolve into more complex societies at the same time, dunno about "co evolving" though

No. 1853824

I think society would be better without dogs or at least way less dogs. I'm tired of shitty owners letting their dogs bark all hours of the day and night, not picking up their shit etc

No. 1853826

A new neighbor in my area has a very loud and barky german shepherd and a half pitbull half something else dog. Both of them get triggered if you dare walk in front of their gate.

Color me surprised when I saw the shitbull mix walking unsupervised with no collar outside my house. This dog is going to bite someone and this area is full of old ladies and some kids.

No. 1853829

Do you guys have leash laws? Usually in neighborhoods full of elderly and children, dogs must be leashed unless they're in a dog park.

No. 1853842

Nope, we don't.

I also have another neighbor whose dog escaped and got run by a car. Not too long after, they got a puppy even though the wife of the house owner was adamant about not wanting any pets anymore and ever since, this dog has been the most annoying dog I've ever had the displeasure of hearing. He doesn't bark. No, instead he grabs his metal plate and swings it around unprovoked all day everyday and at odd hours. 7 am, 10 am, 9 pm, 5 am, it's all fait game to this loud creature. It sounds like a big metal pipe being thrown around again and again right outside my window. The owners do nothing because they can't even hear it or ignore it very well. This dog isn't trained, they keep yelling and berating him but that's not really helping, specially not because they have the ugliest high pitched faggot voice imaginable, him and his adult sons do. The way they clean the poop and hair is unhygienic as well, they simply hose down all remnants onto the street.

No. 1853862

Well, if you dont have leash laws, you gotta have noise laws. For where I live, any noise before 7am you can call in and any noise after 10pm, such as loud music, loud neighbors, etc. If you keep calling in complaints about this particular neighbor, it will create a paper trail and they might get the dog taken away. Godspeed

No. 1853863

We did though? We co-evolved with a lot of shit, like wheat, cows, and certain arachnids. Are you honestly so retarded that you think that we didn't affect and be affected by then just because you don't like dogs?

No. 1853869

No one needs dogs to survive. especially in modern day. What purpose do they serve? Maybe seeing eye and bomb sniffing dogs. How long until those jobs are obsolete for dogs. Most dogs were bred over time by the extreme wealthy as a show of wealth. Look at the shitty dog shows where everyone overbreeds and inbreeds dogs to look a certain way.
I'll argue that farmers with huge properties and acres can have dogs to protect their farm, but they are completely useless in most other places. Only certain breeds make sense like shepard types. What service do pugs provide today? French bulldogs?

No. 1853911

So we co-evolved with every living thing by this definition, then why single dogs out? Why are you even in this thread, isn't there a pitbull out there to feed kids to?

No. 1853917

Omg it drives me nuts when they just keep screaming at their untrained dogs like the dog is gonna understand them. Do they think the dog is really just a little human?

The coevolving thing pisses me off bc it seems to come packaged with the "man's best friend" thing or this idea of some hunter sitting by a fire with his loyal wolf sitting next to him as they brave the dark forest in ancient europe. So larpy! as though dogs have always been beloved pets across the globe. Not like 50 years ago there was literally a job to go round up pest dogs from cities and euthanize them, dogcatchers.

Like, sorry, they were pest animals / emergency rations in my culture so idk, I don't think a whole lot of "co-evolving" happened while we ate them and called them shit-animals.

No. 1853919

Dogs serve as great guards, most people around the world are poor and dogs help them scare off intruders while living in dangerous areas. Very useful to keep the moids away

No. 1853922

Honestly, dogs are just pests are this point. What reason do people get them? Some people get them for companionship, some for control, other for disability services, but there's such a minority (the disability one) compared to people getting a dog because society says dogs are 'man's best friend.' Yet they dont train their shit stain dogs at all. I want to live in a dog free community, where I dont have to worry about seeing so many shit dogs when I go jogging in the morning, or accidentally stepping on their shit. I also want less places to allow dogs because it's really unhygienic and unsanitary.

No. 1853923

>they were pest animals / emergency rations in my culture
>we ate them and called them shit-animals
What hellhole do you came from??

No. 1853924

If you train them, but that's a small minority. Don't come here if you're gonna defend dogs though. This isnt the thread for it.

No. 1853925

I'm just saying tho, guardian dogs are also the most dangerous of all breeds so I'm not a fan

No. 1853926

America, kek. That's how dogs were treated in pre-colonial times. Sorry we hadn't been educated by the white man yet

No. 1853935

Pitbulls are awful guardian dogs, they are just too stupid and a liability, they are more likely to kill someone innocent.

No. 1853977

The guard dog meme is also fake, there's plenty of studies showing that they're useless. There's also that vid of that woman with a dog who got attacked by that same dog when she was robbed by some moid. That's why I hate hearing from other women that they get these giant vicious dogs to protect against moids. It's like burning your house down to prevent a flood.

Have you seen those pits they're trying to use as police dogs lol. Complete failures. Can we all just accept that they're only "good" for bloodsport. Even the people who say they want to use them for "boar hunting" just want to put three of their murder dogs in a cage with a boar. Sound like bullbaiting? It's the same thing.

No. 1853989

>Can we all just accept that they're only "good" for bloodsport
Absolutely, a dog you can't even control is worth dick as a guardian or hunter. They'd sooner kill you or the neighbor's kid than a robber or a boar.

No. 1853995

It's funny when a numbskulls pitbull gets loose and attacks and during them trying to wrangle it in it attacks its own owner. No loyalty. I was witness to it in real life the lady was bleeding all over and had 0 control over it

No. 1854009

File: 1705250226372.mp4 (Spoiler Image,8.8 MB, 720x1188, 5333526-a290d6eafc010ec241985c…)

Muh Nanny Dog

No. 1854026

What's the story behind this were they his dogs? Why is it just a group of old guys? Did the victim survive? Seeing him so helpless and bloody while the pits just go to town is scary!

No. 1854027

I could probably live in peace with any other kind of dog and just swallow how disgusting I think they are, or how gross doggy culture is. But the pitbull people are just so nuts and insane, I can't understand it.

And it's super irritating when they say stupid crap like "It's actually not a pibble, it's a staffie / amstaff / ambully / bandogge / bully terrier / bull mastiff / bully xxl / Oldee Englishe Bulldoggee / lab mix"

Ok, so it's a bloodsport dog with an asscrack on it's head that's anywhere from 30lbs to 130lbs? I seriously don't care if I didn't pick whichever stupid bullshit name you're using so you can slip it past the bans. I hate it when they pretend all these "breeds" aren't literally the same dog over and over again.

No. 1854033

She's literally just stating a fact, no need to be so aggressive. It's true that dogs evolved together with us while also living with us basically. They were very useful in earlier societies because of their abilities with hunting (faster and able to sniff prey better than humans) and farming (conductor type shepherd dogs). It's true this didn't happen in all societies but it happened in a lot of them (and this happened with other animals too). There are african tribes who are able to hunt with the aid of dogs to this day. I live in a rural area where dogs are still extremely useful for farming, herding and guarding livestock from wild animals (however it's true they are dangerous for humans).
This is a fact and it doesn't invalidate the points other anons are making about dogs and dog owners today. Pitbulls and similar breeds especially were never useful, they were bred by shit violent men to fight with other dogs for entertainment, and no one needs that now.

>accidentally stepping on their shit
Words cannot describe how much I hate owners leaving big ass shits on the road where everyone walks.

No. 1854039

from what i remember reading those weren't his dogs but a neighbor's and he died.

No. 1854043

>So we co-evolved with every living thing by this definition, then why single dogs out?
Thanks for the blog but didn't answer the question. We don't end every sentence about cows by saying we co-evolved with them.

No. 1854050

Wagging their tails too. Pitbulls are mutants that could only be invented by moids.

No. 1854188

No one needs the internet to survive either, yet here we are. That's a nothing argument.
I mean, you could expand the defintion of "co-evolve" to claim that we co-evolved with everything, but I meant my statement more factually. For example, we co-evolved with cows because people who kept cows developed lactose tolerance within their populations to more efficiently absorb a new source of calories. On their end, cows became more docile so that their descendants could handle being in close proximity to a "predator." Meanwhile, you can't claim that we co-evolved with hawks, because there was no mutual adaptions on both ends. And no, my culture doesn't tolerate pitbulls because we're not retarded.

No. 1854202

Maybe so, but I've unfortunately seen too many women defend pitbulls even when their own dogs are endangering their children. Some women genuinely are obsessed with "powerful" dogs probably wanting to fuck them. Like, can't you just be a horse girl like a normal person?

That said, pit moids are get obsessed with their mutants' balls.(bait)

No. 1854231

I have literally only ever seen men claim that women love dogs because they're secretly fucking them. Either you need to go outside and touch grass, or else your moid hands don't belong here. Besides, you realize that men think horse girls fuck their horses too, right?

No. 1854293

You're had your answer like three times already, maybe learn to read idk. You can hate dogs and still recognize this basic fact about human evolution. And a sentence isn't a blogpost, pissy miss.

>Hurrdurr women fuck dogs!!
I can tell you're typing with only one hand, and it's a big fat male hand.

No. 1854304

tbf there's men aligned women who'll support everything scrotes do no matter what.

What sentence, there's a whole science article from factual-redditor nonna. I'm saying domestication does not mean co-evolution if you need it spelled out in plain english lmao. Humans were literally already evolved as modern humans when dogs were domesticated. Cows have a better argument of being "co-evolved" bc of the lactose digestion, but dogs have not left a lasting change on any existing human population and you're nuts if you think they have. "We used them for hunting" is such cope bc women gatherers literally fed our asses back in the days, not stinky moids and their doggos.

No. 1854489

I like to go for walks and I hate this one house I live by because there are 3 snarling dogs, two shit bulls and husky jumping on a flimsy wire gate that is like not that much taller than them and just barking really loud and terrorizing me , huge muscley beasts, they look like bears, they see me and I’m just a lady, walking by. I live by an elementary school I feel bad for the kids who walk past the house because you just know those hellhounds are like a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. They follow you and jump on the gate I swear sometimes they look like they’re gonna jump out. Dog owners act like they protect their owners and property but they just snarl at innocent animals and children for instance they like to attack chickens and then not eat them they just do it for fun.

No. 1854503

>Neither dogs nor hunting contributed to human evolution
That's quite the take.

No. 1854637

I think nona has to step outside for a bit and spend less time reading shit on imageboards. Maybe watch some documentaries, read a couple of books.

No. 1854671

Genetcally modern humans were doing these things, oh my god. What aren't you understanding here about what evolution means? We weren't homo habilis in the fucking Pleistocene. We were homo sapiens.

No. 1854733

File: 1705271491466.png (1.01 MB, 1008x1553, Screenshot_20240114-152330.png)

Shut up about co-evolving who cares. Dogs were domesticated for a reason just like every other domesticated animal. Even if they're useless now, they probably helped, idk, pull sleds from Siberia or something. Attributing the whole of society to them is also dumb though. Ok, now let's all hug it out x.

What do nonnies think about these type of articles beginning to come out of the UK? I really don't understand how these people didn't realize that bully xl breeders (and most other breeders tbh) don't give a shit about the dogs and just want to make money. It seems like everyone is just complaining about the ban instead of thinking, "hey these breeders are super fucked up. Maybe breeding any dog should be regulated for the benefit of society and dog health." BYB are bad for everyone.

No. 1855285

File: 1705309640501.jpeg (242.69 KB, 1162x659, IMG_5346.jpeg)

I hate XL bully owners so fucking bad.

No. 1855290

Reminds me of my Mom and Dad. Their pitbull bit my brother's face when he was really young, scolded my brother for getting to close to him, and despite this my brother is a huge champion and whiteknight for heckin doggos including pitbulls.

No. 1855306

File: 1705313103147.jpg (8.93 KB, 232x217, asdsd.jpg)

literally pic related but with Murderdogs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855319

I also remember getting scolded as a child when my grandfathers dog bit me. It was a small dog so not that dangerous but still dumb. If the dog cant behave keep it away from people, and dogs like bullies should not be in the same house as children at all. If it goes insane at least the owners should be the ones getting mauled.

No. 1855362

The amount of vids I've seen from the US where it takes either cops with guns or someone nearby with a gun to put an end to certain breeds once they go attack mode on someone. Owners don't step in. No-one risks getting near it when shit gets real. Its step back and scream and gawk at maulsville til a bullet enters into the picture. With it often being the second or third shot before it stops. Then people cry that the person was already a goner, shoulda just let the dog tire itself out chewing on their corpse? Then it would've went back to being a sweet lil cutie pie and it's all fine.

Not in the UK but seeing that shit and living in a 'everything you might wanna carry to protect yourself, even the small ass shit is illegal' I don't get how tf anyone is meant to accept these breeds. Its an extra level of fucked to fight to own an animal that dangerous and fight to keep on breeding em when anything else seen as even a lil dangerous is banned just in case you misuse it instead of using it in self defense. What a combo. You can take a risk on owning a killer dog and nobody stands a chance if it does

No. 1855372

Come on dude, multiple people in this thread are making fun of your opinions on evolution at this point. Surely at some point you have to reevaluate your assumptions and go read a book.
Damn, almost like the type of person who breeds a dog that regularly kills people is sociopathic enough to kill the dog when it is no longer a source of money. Who could have seen this coming?
Also, everyone in that photo looks like the definition of white trash. I never understood the word chav before looking at this picture.

No. 1855443

File: 1705322610600.jpg (129.92 KB, 640x814, 49e9113e1b0a3492d69f174569_369…)


No. 1855498

Making fun of both of you, actually. Idk how many more posts you need to make before you feel like you won the internet fight, but I'm praying this is the last one.

No. 1855502

I regret watching this. It reminds me of nature documentaries when lions hold down and tear apart a wildebeest. You can see this guy slowly dying of blood loss while everyone around him gingerly pokes at the the beasts with sticks

No. 1855503

It's horrific. But the breeders who literally steal pet pitbulls from parks and people's gardens to breed them to death are not animal welfare champions. Given how vicious bully breeds are a lot of these breeders probably had massive grudges against certain dogs, the more violent the parents are the better the puppies sell after all, now they're out of a 'job' and finally have a chance to take their anger out on the dogs that probably mauled them a few times so they're going all out. Plus, these dogs are inbred to fuck, do the bleeding heart pibble champions think that this doesn't happen anyway with puppies too deformed to sell or dogs too old to breed?
I don't doubt that some of these seriously vile killings were carried out by neighbors who'd lost pets and had property damaged or kids terrorized by pitbulls. Living next door to an uncontrollable killing machine really brings out the psychopath in otherwise normal people.
The plus side is that the shelters overflowing with shitbulls finally have a reason to put those mistakes out of their misery. I know they're awful creatures but I feel so bad for them, those dogs should never have been bred in the first place and they're the ones languishing in tiny cages while their brainlet chav owners buy yet another shitbull and hope that this one won't eat them.

No. 1855536

This article kinda rubs me the wrong way, can't really put my finger on it. It just seems really weird that people who bred these animals to sell them are now just beating them in the street. I know pits and other aggressive dogs especially attract sociopaths (literally studies on this), but this really sounds more like these dogs were involved with dog fighting, and The Sun is just using them as clickbait for the Bully XL ban controversy.

Like, let's just assume you breed dogs solely for profit. Ok, now your dog breed got banned by the government. Do you:

a) Pay the £92.40 for each dog's exemption, get a muzzle for each one as well (£60+ for one that fits, £20 for one that doesn't, we know which one they're picking kek)
b) Surrender the dogs to the government for destruction (£0)
c) Pay to euthanize them yourself (£???)
d) Set them on fire in the street? Beat them until they have broken bones? Cut an ear off?

I just don't see anyone picking d. I know I'm assuming a lot here about the ability for pit breeders to think logically, but I think they can also do the math here. The article makes it sound like paying for the exception is the only option, but you can literally just hand them over to the government for destruction for free if you're just motivated by money.

No. 1855544

tbh I had to stop watching vids like that specifically for that reason, had to go touch grass and get away from it to recalibrate, get normaller. What also drove me nuts is that pitiots can watch those vids and then go say something dumb as hell like "stick a finger up it's butt" or "throw water on them" to break up the fight?? like what the fuck? You're watching a pit still attack a horse after being smacked the fuck out of with a 2x4 several times ma'am, do you really think a finger up his backsie is gonna do a whole lot??

There's also a vid where some dude is being attacked by these dogs, and he's begging the cops to shoot them, and when the cops DO shoot them, he starts bawling his eyes out over the dogs that were literally in the middle of eating him to death! Everyone talks about toxoplasmosis making people like cats, but whatever dogs have going for them is way worse.

No. 1855614

It is 7 degrees F outside and somebody's mutt has been outside barking it's lungs out for liken 25 minutes straight. It's owners must be the most heartless people on earth druggies or both to make it suffer like this. I'm fucking disgusted. If I knew whose house it was I'd call animal control and report neglect

No. 1855624

"But did you know Chihuahuas are more agressive and science proves it?????"

This is the level shitbull defenders operate on.

No. 1855638

File: 1705336972904.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1413, IMG_5348.jpeg)

Chihuahuas are defensive, not aggressive. They always do plenty of demonic snarling before biting and make it very very clear when they’re unhappy because they don’t actually want to bite. They want to be left alone. Shitbulls and XL bullies don’t. They maul people like a lurcher does to a hare and they do it with a wagging tail.

No. 1855651

Even if it bites you a Chihuahua won't rip your neck open. Pitbulls can do more damage playing than a Chihuahua attacking

No. 1855686

I've always felt bad for little dogs, because there are so many people who think it's cute to antagonize them, just like cats. I know doghate thread and all, but isn't it sad that little dogs like chihuahuas have no agency at all, and their aggression is just a joke, and no one respects them saying "no". Like, sorry, this 5lb animal with glass bones has a poor temper because you treat it like disposable garbage. Not because they are literally bred to kill other dogs for entertainment. I hate it when they bring up chihuahuas.

No. 1855717

I agree with you. They literally have to be nasty and nippy otherwise nobody would respect their boundaries at all and would treat them like a toy more than they already do. A Labrador can be manhandled by children all day and survive but a chihuahua could get a broken bone or even be accidentally killed.

No. 1855911


This is just one example and that's as far as I care yo go. Stereotypes exist for a reason. All religions have certain patterns and rules they follow. I'm not going to be lectured about touching grass on a website dedicated to talking shit about women who make decisions ranging from hilariously bad to utterly horrific. If that's the standard, everyone here is either a moid or moud-aligned.(retarded derailing)

No. 1855931

Can we please not do this in literally every dog hate thread. Are you autistic? Can you not read the room? Can you keep it to yourself?

No. 1858488

File: 1705493524033.jpeg (872.7 KB, 1170x1426, IMG_5367.jpeg)

People do this with dogs all the time. I’ve worked in shops, sometimes throughout the day you will just come across a puddle of piss or a lump of shit.

No. 1858502

Designated apple stores. Based.

No. 1858590

File: 1705503103943.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1763, IMG_5370.jpeg)

Dog bites security guard and is seized by police as a result. British public absolutely hysterical.

No. 1858736

File: 1705510612327.jpg (399.88 KB, 1440x1118, Screenshot_20240117_085312_Fir…)

Imagine losing your arm and still defending the creature. At least it was an owner getting mauled and not an innocent. The crazy thing about dog worshipping is how easily everyone reconciled their urge to eat with killing all sorts of other animals, yet the same people view themselves as nothing compared to the life of a stray dog. And yes it was a pit mix.

No. 1859081

Old but what breed is this? This is the type of mutt that attacked me at 5 years old. Redneck trash behind my house had one of these and either 1 or 2 shitbulls too. It was tall enough to stand on its back legs and peek over our fence at me and I remember it doing so for a little while before jumping into our yard at me. I'll never forget playing by the fence and suddenly demonic eyes looking right at me. It tormented me before finally attacking me whatever amount of days or weeks later. Thankfully it was so old it couldn't do much but scratch/bite my legs while I was balled up before I escaped (think the owners were screaming at it) and ran in, but it's face suddenly popping up by me will never leave my head. Especially cause I was much smaller than the fence at the time.
I think the dog was put down, the other two dogs were then brought inside and I don't think ever left the house afterwards. I'd heard they'd been attacking the mail deliverers so the owners solution was basically to never let them out. They'd have been better off being put down. There was nothing worth stealing in their (or any of our) houses anyways. Literally 0 thefts on our street cause nothing worth taking. And rumours were these people placed newspapers on the ground for the dogs inside so at that point why suffer for the sake of keeping these mutts alive?
I can never understand dog owners acting like buying a dog means they're somehow capable of training it perfectly. If you train something aggressive and then don't keep 24/7 watch on it and give it lots of playtime to get the energy out, obviously it's going to build up on aggression and feel a need to take it out. And in the case of that dog it clearly was thinking about having it's fun with me before attacking. Shit I'd argue it enjoyed me being scared shitless every time it popped up to see me

No. 1859085

Old but what breed is this? This is the type of mutt that attacked me at 5 years old. Redneck trash behind my house had one of these and either 1 or 2 shitbulls too. It was tall enough to stand on its back legs and peek over our fence at me and I remember it doing so for a little while before jumping into our yard at me. I'll never forget playing by the fence and suddenly demonic eyes looking right at me. It tormented me before finally attacking me whatever amount of days or weeks later. Thankfully it was so old it couldn't do much but scratch/bite my legs while I was balled up before I escaped (think the owners were screaming at it) and ran in, but it's face suddenly popping up by me will never leave my head. Especially cause I was much smaller than the fence at the time.
I think the dog was put down, the other two dogs were then brought inside and I don't think ever left the house afterwards. I'd heard they'd been attacking the mail deliverers so the owners solution was basically to never let them out. They'd have been better off being put down. There was nothing worth stealing in their (or any of our) houses anyways. Literally 0 thefts on our street cause nothing worth taking. And rumours were these people placed newspapers on the ground for the dogs inside so at that point why suffer for the sake of keeping these mutts alive?
I can never understand dog owners acting like buying a dog means they're somehow capable of training it perfectly. If you train something aggressive and then don't keep 24/7 watch on it and give it lots of playtime to get the energy out, obviously it's going to build up on aggression and feel a need to take it out. And in the case of that dog it clearly was thinking about having it's fun with me before attacking. Shit I'd argue it enjoyed me being scared shitless every time it popped up to see me

No. 1859092

It's a doberman

No. 1859887

As a dog owner I 1000% agree that most people are not equipped to have dogs, especially large breeds. You have to train them and actually be able to handle them and if you won't/can't you shouldn't have one at all.

My friend's wife uses one of her dogs as a "support dog" and brings it into restaurants and it pisses me off so bad. It's also so embarrassing since it's not common in my area to do that. Plus the dog is super stressed the whole time.

I guess I'm a dogfag since I obviously love mine but I agree with a lot of points made itt.

No. 1859993

I swear shitbull owners are even lazier than the average dog owner. On my way home, I ran into a guy who only just stepped outside his apartment door to allow his three unleashed pitbulls to shit right near a busy sidewalk. He was also stepping on their toes until they yelped to “discipline” them. I’ve only ever seen shitbull owners punish their dogs this way

No. 1860005

Once I went to watch a movie with a friend and their trashy fat roommates came back, opened their room and their fucking pitbull BURST OUT OF THERE and RAN towards me. Scared the shit out of me. I hate pitbulls. At the same time it's like holy FUCK are you a demented sociopath RETARD for keeping any animal confined within a shitty, small room for literally the entore day (it was nighttime during). The typical dog owner just doesn't give a fuck. Can't dogs literally go insane from being confined in one space or some shit? Like holy fuck. And retards will cry about how the poor poors can't ever own a dog because wahhhh they don't have the time/money to care and we shouldn't judge because POORPHOBIA or some shit.
If you are keeping a large and aggressive breed confined in a tiny space like that all day I genuinely think you need to have some rights taken away. Because clearly these people cannot be trusted with any ounce of responsibility. That dog is an accident waiting to happen.

No. 1860963

“Support animals” are sheer bollocks. Unless you’re blind you don’t need need a fucking service dog. There’s a tonne of videos on TikTok of ~chronically ill~ fat fucks (they’re always fat) who delight in being cunts to children who try to pat their “service dog” while it’s “working” and the comments are full of faggots cheering them on. I don’t like children but this is psychotic behaviour. I hate these retards almost as much as their stinking mutts.

No. 1861046

Dog owners often don’t seem to give a fuck about their animal other than what it can do for them. That’s why they don’t bother to give it proper walks, and instead drag it to a bar or restaurant or just let it tag along with them in the supermarket. They can’t be bothered to arrange daycare for them so leave it alone for 8+ hours while they work. I’be heard of dog owners saying they just lock their dogs in the bathroom all day so if it pisses or shits it’s easier to clean up. I dislike dogs but I’d never dream of putting them through the discomfort that a lot of dog “lovers” do on a daily basis. The living creature is an accessory for them or a toy for their kids.

No. 1861379

File: 1705698269653.jpg (33.79 KB, 400x351, $_1.JPG)

>be me
>5 years old
>spend night at best friends house to play my little ponies
>older brother has a pitbull, instantly scared of that thing even though I loved animals and was never scared of them
>whatever, it's on a chain away from us
>go home next day
>favorite my little pony missing
>best friends parents call our house
>ugly fucking shitbull mutt took my toy from my stuff, my mom didn't realize and we left without it
>favorite pony absolutely chewed to bits by shitbull
>be devastated
>resolve to hate pitbulls forever and ever

And I still do. Would smoke a shitbull anytime

No. 1861421

Damn this reminded me of the time I went to my friend's house as a little kid and we all had to sneak into her neighbor's yard to play because her retarded mom had an aggressive shitpull tied up in their backyard and it would RUSH up to you and bark and try to jump up on you. Fuck pitbulls.

No. 1863031

Not really dog hate but this is a thing I notice with many dog trainers, they often have a dog to demonstrate how trained they are but they always look scared, stressed and on edge (whale eyes, low head, licking lips, looking away). I believe even dog trainers can't correctly read dog behaviour sometimes.

No. 1863160

File: 1705843926203.jpg (151.31 KB, 1350x1015, starcatcher.jpg)

almost exact same thing happened to me but with my aunts filthy (literally they were always disgusting and ungroomed) little shitzus while on holiday with family. aunt didnt even replace the pony or offer to.

No. 1863287

You can rest easy knowing he deserves the fate every pibble owner faces. Piece of shit moid. I hate shitbulls as much as everyone else in this thread but goddamn I hate their owners more.

No. 1876042

Horrible experience dating a guy with a dog recently. It kept trying to hump me and then when we were back at his, it started to get jealous and growl at me. He’s like joined at the hip to this ugly shitty little dog and I want nothing more to do with either of them.

No. 1876228

I hate walking to the grocery store and seeing dog shit on the side of the road. It's so gross, why can't these fucking people pick up after their mutts, especially because it's in the law? Imagine how much diseases and worms and whatnot could be found from those turds.
It's disgustang to see yellow snow as well, because the shitbeasts piss liters of piss every day. I dread spring already.

No. 1876916

He literally spat water up his dogs anus.

No. 1876918

File: 1707033042453.jpeg (351.46 KB, 1170x1232, IMG_5857.jpeg)

I’m literally not even exaggerating.

No. 1876923

i actually peed

No. 1876924

Oh god I feel sorry for the dogs. Just why… if the dogs get dirty just carry a wipe with you and wipe them down, or maybe stop feeding it stupid stuff so it won't shit itself constantly. Or a water bottle and some dry shampoo and a glove? Why did he even think spitting water on his dog's ass would be funny or even appropriate to film? Fucking moid.

No. 1876931

This moid is definitely fucking his dog what the fuck. who spits water up a dogs ass when you can just buy pet wipes and keep a plastic bag on hand to throw it in or better yet groom the dogs fur with functionality in mind instead of aesthetics

No. 1876959

Does he know that spray bottles are a dollar? There is literally no need for this fucking weird spitting. Wtf is wrong with this moid

No. 1876960

Unironically this made me hate men even more than I already do; something I thought was spiritually impossible. I feel bad for the lady filming that. I bet she'll need therapy after their relationship ends.
He definitely does know that but the spray bottle would rob him of the obvious sexual pleasure he gains out of staring his dog's shitty anus in the face and breathing in its shit particles.

No. 1876962

She probably thinks it’s adorable and he’s just being a “dog dad”.
He should put it down because it’s a disgusting, defective creature that shouldn’t even exist due to how inbred it is.

No. 1877049

He should put himself down first.

No. 1877141

File: 1707056806160.jpeg (417.66 KB, 828x758, IMG_1913.jpeg)

Jaywick is a very anti social area so not surprised this happened. What a tragedy for this woman and her family. Terrible. Rest in peace lady.

No. 1877189

Will anything be done about this? Any more info? was it a stray? a family pet?

No. 1878362

"dog trainer" is a title that feels about as legitimate as medium or chiropractor. i see alleged dog trainers on tiktok all the time and they're always obvious larpers or grifters who have no idea wtf they're doing.

No. 1882855

File: 1707499895506.jpeg (361.49 KB, 1170x1134, IMG_5913.jpeg)

No. 1882862

File: 1707500220970.jpeg (419.31 KB, 2048x1436, IMG_5916.jpeg)

No. 1882868

I hate it when dog owners dogs bark at you and they do nothing except "don't worry she's all bark no bite!" Or simply just let their dog bark at you like wtf. I was just outside and this woman was on her cellphone and just let her dog bark at me while I was working and she just stood there and didn't even scold it, it was disgusting. I think she wanted me to pet it or think it was cute and quirky but idk

No. 1883091

I'll never understand why these things are allowed to keep their kids. It's a pity that the girl was mauled and not the boyfriend, but I'm sure the other XL bully he has will sort him out when it runs out of furniture to destroy.

No. 1883096

This woman was going to let a young girl bleed out and die. That's actually sick and disgusted my spirit. Why are all dog-owners like this? They would rather their mutant killer-dog eat someone to death than admit that their dog is a problem. What goes on in their twisted minds? I think dogs should be regulated.

No. 1883137

This is so accurate, and they always put a bunch of colourful pins and decorations on the dogs vest so it attracts very young children to it and then throw a fit when some toddler starts petting it. And it’s always for something like pots or chronic fainting so it’s not as if the service dog needs to be on high alert all the time like with epilepsy, learn to sit down when you feel light headed kek

No. 1883482

XL bullies only maul children, smaller animals, women, frail and the elderly. They’re too cowardly and pathetic to turn on their owner even when being abused. Everyone else suffers, never the owners.

No. 1883572

Spring is the worst, because lazy shitheads somehow think they don't need to pick up their heckin doggo's shits when they can kick some snow on top of it, as if the snow doesn't melt away revealing all the shit that was buried underneath. Dog owners are some of the laziest retards out there. One spring I saw an article that said someone had bought a bag of tiny paper flags of our country meant for decoration and such and stuck a little flag to each pile of shit that had been revealed from underneath the melting snow. Poetic. I'm thinking of doing the same, because at least it could trigger some crazy nationalist to clean up the mess.

No. 1883753

I hate the dogs I live with. They eat everything they see, and the moid dog hates me and attacks me because I take things away from him that would either kill him or land us with a surgery bill. I want to beat him up because of him attacking me, but nooooo that's abuse. He vomited his snack of sticks, leaves, and grass yesterday, and I tried moving him away from it so I could clean it up and he bit my face for it.
Maybe I should just let him kill himself.

No. 1883807

All the families in my neighborhood are getting pit bulls all of a sudden. The little short ones, the normal ones, mixes. What the fuck? I live in a thoroughly middle class part of town, why are all these soccer moms bringing home these menaces?
Also, I went out to eat with three coworkers last week and it was revealed ALL THREE of them had pit bulls and ALL THREE of the pit bulls had problems with attacking their other dogs unprovoked. They laughed about it like it was funny. And these 3 coworkers are all from completely different race, age, and gender demographics. What the fuck is going on?

No. 1883829

I hate shitbulls I hate bully breeds. I wish those shit dgs would all be culled.

No. 1891111

It’s now woke to own a bloodsport dog. Yet another thing for people to pat themselves on the back for, because they are so compassionate and can see past what they perceive to be dog racism. But at the same time, brag about how scary and intimidating the dog is.

No. 1892226

God i am so sick of my families fucking retriever dog. It is so energetic, obnoxious, loud and ever SHUTS UP. It also does not respect my personal space. It does not matter how many times i kick the fucking thing in the face because it still does not get it and tries to jump on me and lick me. I once kicked him so hard that its nose bled once and it seems to have forgotten and still runs up to me exicted and jumping on me and knocking me over. What the fuck is wrong with these creates and dog tards. I try to oester my family to get rid of iy but they seem to be deaf retards who find his obnoxious antics like whimpering and barking all day and pissing on out shoes cute. I want to move out asap before i fucking kill this thing in a tard rage

No. 1892339

get a dog whistle and blow that shit whenever he gets close to you. he will linken the bad sound to you and not want to get near you ever again.

No. 1893881

>I once kicked him so hard that its nose bled
Actual animal abusers in this thread, who would have thought? Also you sound retarded tbh

No. 1894090

Those are used to call dogs, not hurt them.

Nice reading comprehension. It's self defense. Dogs hurt me all the time. People think it's funny or ok, but it isn't. Anyone who lets a dog jump up on someone is an asshole. I'm tired of getting knocked down, bitten, or bruised by people's overactive dogs.

No. 1908153

File: 1709330851246.jpeg (88.74 KB, 924x853, IMG_0203.jpeg)

when i took out the trash a fucking unleashed pit ran straight up to me and got really close because it was obsessively smelling the trash bag i was holding in my hand. its owners, a group of moids, apparently just let it roam around unleashed and were like 15 meters away from me and the dog. this happened right outside of the door and a lot of my neighbors have cats who they regularly spend time with outside (on a leash). i can’t imagine what could happen to my cat or theirs if we were to have them on a trip outside and that thing comes running. i saw a poor lady who was out with her two small dogs visibly be scared and try to move away from the moid gang and their demonic dog without gaining its attention, like she stood completely still and waited for them to walk away before she dared to continue on her walk.

No. 1908155

I second this. Dog whistles work best for this kind of unruly behavior.

No. 1908156

Carry bear mace. it works better than regular mace, and it isnt illegal. You shoot the dog in the face, then shoot the owners if they try to mess with you. i hate shitbull owners

No. 1911010

My sister and her boyfriend are getting some rescue pit mix from Mexico in a few weeks, she already has a very sweet and small cat whose around 5. They've never met the dog because we live in Canada, the website could be a complete scam, the dog could be aggressive, they have no idea what the dog is going to be like around cats. The website says the dog is friendly with cats but that could be a lie just to sell a rescue dog to some dumbass bleeding heart Canadians. I don't understand her reasoning, she just wants a dog really bad and doesn't want to wait until her cat passes away naturally, which could be like 15 years but like why get a cat in the first place if you're just going to impulse buy a dog? And if she is going to get a dog why not get a rescue dog in our city so she can vet it out first and see how he interacts with people and cats and return him if necessary, and why a fucking pit mix? Her boyfriend is one of those "it's the owner not the breed" retards who thinks pits are just as dangerous as a chihuahua. She's even said she never has time to play with her cat and now she's adding a dog into the mix, her poor cat is going to be completely ignored. Some of the decisions she makes are so fucking dumb I just don't understand, I'm really sad for her cat. They don't own a house they rent so if they're landlord ever gives them the boot they're going to have a tough time finding a new place with both a cat and a dog, not to mention once they breakup who's going to take the dog? She works all day she can't leave a dog alone with her cat for like 10 to 12 hours that's so unsafe and unfair for her cat and the dog will be bored out of his mind. And I haven't told her yet but I'm not going to hangout at her house with that pit mix there, I'm not trying to sound like a fussy uptight bitch, I understand the risk of it attacking is very low but the fact the risk is there at all is enough for me to feel extremely nervous around dogs like that. I'm not going to be able to chill out watching a movie while wondering if the dog is suddenly going to bite a chunk of my face off if he senses my nervous energy and panics. She can't bring him over to our parents house either, we have a cat and my mom uses a walker and doesn't want a big dog running into her and knocking her over. She's seriously retarded and I feel so bad for her cat and the rescue dog that's probably going to eventually be somewhat ignored like her poor cat. I'm just so mad at her and I know I sound dramatic but I really care about her cat and I want to spend time with her and hangout at her place but with a pit in the mix I just can't get past that, I hope she's okay with us not hanging out much for the next decade or so because I'm not a dog person and if it's a big pit I'm not taking the risk even if it is very low. Sometimes I wonder how she got so fucking retarded honestly

No. 1911020

I know she's your sister but this shit pissed me off so bad.
>Lives in Canada but is importing a pitbull from Mexico
Retarded. You'd think if her and her scrote wanted a killing machine, they'd just take one from a shelter near you instead of trying to import a living creature from 4000km away.
>Her scrote says "it's the owner not the breed!"
I can tell he's a moron. We've all seen the thousands of articles where the shitbulls eat a baby and the shitbull WKs all claim that same exact line. The majority of scrotes get shitbulls just because they think owning one makes them look "tough" and "gangster" when really everyone is thinking "damn he must be dumb as fuck."
>She doesn't have enough time for her kitty and she works 10-12 hours a day.
I'm honestly worried for your sister's cat. I hope she plans to keep the cat in a different room separated from the demon dog. Your sister is going to get slapped with a full dose of reality really soon when she has to clean huge chunks of dog shit every day after her long shifts and her FAS scrote refuses to take it for walks or give it any attention. Shitbulls get more aggressive and violent the more bored they are.
>I don't want to be a fussy uptight bitch, and I know the risk of attack is low.
You are not sounding like a fussy uptight bitch. You are sounding like a reasonable, sound-of-mind, adult: the complete opposite of your sister. Do not engage with shitbulls. Do not be near shitbulls. Your gut instinct is correct: stay away from that dog. Every story is the same: innocent victim is killed/mauled/disfigured by retarded shitbull while owners try to finger its ass unsuccessfully. It's not worth it. Don't trust that thing around your seemingly-frail mother either.
>I hope she's okay with us not hanging out much for the next decade.
Again, sorry if this post comes off rude because I know she's your sister, but she seems like a person I wouldn't want to be around. You two can always hang out without the dog.

No. 1911044

I know she's my sister too and I love her but I agree with you 100% Nonna, some of her choices just seem so poorly thought out and retarded to me.

>I hope she plans to keep the cat in a different room separated from the demon dog.

She said she's going to keep them separate for the first few weeks and then introduce them, which worries me so much, the dog is going to freak out when he first sees the cat and realizes he's been there the whole time. And the cat is going to freak out when he sees the dog, he's never had to share his space with a dog before so I'm not sure how he'll react but I can't imagine it's going to be positive.

>Your sister is going to get slapped with a full dose of reality really soon when she has to clean huge chunks of dog shit every day after her long shifts and her FAS scrote refuses to take it for walks or give it any attention. Shitbulls get more aggressive and violent the more bored they are.

That's also a worry of mine, her boyfriend works from home so she says he'll be able to care for it during the day but he works on his computer so I'm pretty sure he's sitting at his desk all day, he's not going to have time to entertain the dog either. And in the past she's always said how her lifestyle isn't compatible with a dog because she works so much, requires a full nights sleep and parties a lot. She said she can just take the dog with her when she goes to festivals and concerts but that is so unrealistic, as if she's going to want too or be able to care for a dog when she's shitfaced drunk and doing shrooms in the woods at a festival.

>Don't trust that thing around your seemingly-frail mother either.

I won't, I'm going to tell her this weekend when I see her next that my mom doesn't want him coming in the house at all. And I'm going to make sure she knows if she brings him over to hangout outside he has to be on a leash at all times. I'm not risking my parents safety or my cats at all, she'll probably be mad about that but I don't care, my parents are too worried to put their foot down with her but I'm not and I'm not going to compromise when it comes to my parents and my cats safety. Her boyfriend is definitely going to think I'm a "Karen" or whatever but I couldn't care less.

>Again, sorry if this post comes off rude because I know she's your sister, but she seems like a person I wouldn't want to be around. You two can always hang out without the dog.

No it's not rude at all, I appreciate you telling me how it is and the reassurance that I'm not overreacting about not wanting to be around the dog. I'm sure she has suspicions that I won't want to hangout with her dog much but I'm going to be more blunt the next time I see her and tell her that it's just not going to happen.

No. 1911240

>She said she can just take the dog with her when she goes to festivals and concerts
Ugh. So she's going to become one of those people.

No. 1911673

Oh wow, keeping a cat in the house with a dog that's bred to kill smaller animals for 10-12 hours and the dog is going to be really fucking stressed and bored. Nothing in her head told her that mayybe that's a bad idea? Like, really? A Pitbull mix alone in a house with a cat it's not familiar with? Might as well add a hamster to the mix, they're going to be best friends for sure. Your sister is a fucking moron. And she's going to bring the dog to concerts? It'll just love the loud ass music and drunk people towering over him, that won't make him even angrier at all.

I know this is old but bear spray is a very bad advice. You have to know how to handle and use bear spray. If there's a bit of wind or you're too agitated and run towards it you're going to get it into your nose and eyes, and bear spray is VERY painful. You genuinely have a good chance at incapacitating yourself if you're not used to handle bear spray.

No. 1911711

I think she has this very romanticized hippy view of how this is going to be, like the dog and cat will be best friends, that her dog will be a friendly free spirit that likes music and people. I have no idea how this is going to work. Honestly the best case scenario is if the dog is too difficult and time consuming and she can rehome it as quickly as possible. I feel bad for the dog but I’m sure he would go to a good home, my sister and her boyfriend have so many friends that love dogs that could maybe take him in or find someone who can.

>Nothing in her head told her that mayybe that's a bad idea? Like, really? A Pitbull mix alone in a house with a cat it's not familiar with?

Well he at least won’t be alone with the cat unless she and her moid breakup, which is probably going to happen in the next couple years but at that point I would hope she’d just let him take the dog. I’m really hoping she’s not retarded enough to leave the dog cooped up in a house all day with her cat, if that ever happens I’m going to find someway to step in and really get my point across that that’s not safe or fair to both animals. She has the same mindset that most dog lovers and pit people have, that no dogs are bad dogs and every time a dog attacks a person or animal it’s because the dog was abused, and her moid believes that too. It’s so naive I just can’t even begin to wrap my head around it, I tried explaining to her once that not all of the pits that attack have been abused and that’s extremely unlikely and if it were because of owners abusing them then other dogs would be just as likely to attack as pits because other dogs are probably mistreated just as much as pits. And that even if it were only because of abuse that doesn’t change the fact that when a pit attacks it can be fatal, but she completely ignored me. I don’t understand why that’s so controversial to people, I’m not saying to euthanize all pits or that pits are evil but people act as if that’s what everyone is saying. Me and her have been around cats our whole life and she knows they just sometimes attack or scratch unprovoked, their animals and animals can be weird and angry for no reason or some reason unknown to people like just being in their personal bubble too long kek. I don’t know why she thinks dogs are so different. When a bear or cougar attacks someone no one starts shouting that it must have been abused because everyone understands that it’s an animal, it doesn’t have the same morals or reasoning that humans have. It honestly drives me nuts that people think dogs are somehow exempt from that.

No. 1921903

a year or so ago an acquaintance of mine imported a rescue dog that's some kind of amstaff mutt from the literal streets of spain to sweden. it was obviously a bad idea and the dog was super emotionally disturbed as expected, not to mention completely incompatible with the owners' lifestyle since they're a couple of borderline alcoholics and host house parties every weekend and live in a super tiny apartment with a cat already. but because her and her boyfriend are the epitome of white trash they ofc think that's all just fine when it's clearly an unstable pet and the decision to get a random homeless dog from another country was completely irrational especially in their situation. i used to attend parties at their house and the dog would cower in the corner and under tables as the owners' friends blasted music, yelled and were all around being chaotically drunk kek. i hate ugly aggressive dog breeds and dgaf what happens to their dog but it was literally animal abuse, and i don't understand how people like them can't realize that and even consider themselves to be super amazing "furparents" and animal lovers on top of it all.

No. 1922327

I'm just amazed that not only can you ship and import these retarded animals across countries, but it's also apparently more common than I'd assume. I seriously don't get the point of something like that.

No. 1925814

I’m with you nona, it’s self defence and this should be normalised for unsolicited interaction.
Absolutely. I hate them more than anything else on earth.

No. 1926476

File: 1710531513041.png (421.14 KB, 658x665, 4352GA.png)

That poor baby

No. 1926488

Fucking horrible. Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even rehome the velvet hippo abomination of life. Deserves a bullet.

No. 1926494

There was a scrote whose shitbull mauled his mom to death and he kept the shitbull and defended it publicly. Can’t find it readily on google cause apparently it happens often enough that the case I’m thinking of isn’t popping up but I think the scrote in question was from like Saudi Arabia or Jordan or some country around those parts.

No. 1926497

Why did they have to put the dog's breed like that? Couldn't they mention he was an aspiring barker?(racebait)

No. 1926528

File: 1710532878654.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.72 KB, 634x951, IMG_0623.jpeg)

“ Father whose toddler son, 2, had 12 surgeries after pitbull ripped off his face warns pet owners: 'When you own a dangerous dog you're putting everyone at risk' “


Newfag, not sure if this was posted here before, probably its a few months old. A group of siblings playing in their front yard attacked by the neighbor’s multiple dogs within minutes. A dog took half of the youngest child’s face.

This story blew up on TikTok. Majority siding with the dogs…

Image is NOT graphic. Shows the boy in healing recovery.

No. 1926535

File: 1710533157807.png (810.81 KB, 1000x667, L5Vj8MJ.png)

from a similar country as those two and rich retards also buy large aggressive dogs here, now the dogs themselves are not a problem. What happens is that large European dogs go out and mate with smaller native Pye dogs resulting in larger and aggressive hybrids.

No. 1926912

“Majority siding with the dogs” Gen-z is fucked. I wish their schools got shot up more.(a-logging)

No. 1926918

I’m not a psychopath, but something about my family’s dog makes me want to fucking torture it to death. We have two and i love the intelligent and quiet Shepard and would never hurt her and she deserves all the love, but the lab pisses me off like nothing ever has before. I would not hesitate to put it inside a dog sized blender and revel in every second of its screams of agony. I fantasize about it every time it starts barking at fucking nothing. If my family wasn’t so retarded I would have sold that thing to some faggots who actually think 24/7 whining and barking is cute, but no.

No. 1926921

This is what hurts me the most when toddlers are literally just playing in their own yard when they are attacked. My heart go out to them. When are we going to make real laws against aggressive dogs? Leash laws, muzzle requirements? Gen z siding with dog owners get fucked. The have brain rot and hate people so much, but no one deserves to get mauled by a dog. I hate this generation

No. 1926924

Why do pits love killing children so much? Rip to that poor baby. I wish people would wake up already to the evils of pitfalls. It's exhausting

No. 1926953

geez I thought this was going to be about the other kid that just got mauled to death by a pit/dalmatian mix

No. 1927170

No anon it’s out of character! the poor pittie just got sooo scared when the baby cried! He was trying to nanny the baby pls believe me bro!

No. 1927203

To be fair, it was a lot of lead paint stares saying retarded shit like, "Why are you not watching your children??? I would watch my children."

Gen Z are just such fucking edgelords there was definitely some as well.

No. 1927231

File: 1710578601342.jpeg (503.96 KB, 1170x1004, IMG_0632.jpeg)

Look at its stupid fucking face I would snap

No. 1927313

They probably feed it a shit load of human junk food that it shouldn’t be eating and then get flabbergasted when it projectile shits everywhere. Also why have it on your bed in the first place? Get some fucking boundaries and get that dog a decent diet.

No. 1927315

This needed a spoiler also I would drive the dog to another city and never speak again

No. 1927847

File: 1710622734632.jpg (31.48 KB, 662x439, Canaan-Dog.jpg)

I hate dogs with pointy ears idk why maybe because most of them look like wolves and I don't like wolves.

No. 1929488

File: 1710742641159.jpg (25.05 KB, 500x455, just-being-a-cat.jpg)

They're totally the same thing amirite guys?? It's not like they're completely different animals right? It's not like an aggressive dog could literally kill a person.

No. 1929496

The only compassion would be if an Ocelot attacked a person.

No. 1929497

I don't give a shit if it's a hamster attacking a person, it'll never be cute and it can cause infections. Of course dogs are more dangerous but no need to be such a catfag either.

No. 1929506

I went to a cafe with my mum the other day and we took our cat in her bag and sat down for tea. Almost 5 minutes in, some french bulldog starts barking at the top of its lungs at another dog and the owner barely does anything to stop this. The barking between the 3 dogs continues for almost 20 minutes intermittently. Then when I got my food, the dog behind me with its mouth covered in milk froth comes lunging at my food. And any random off the leash dogs are constantly running up to my cat.
I really can't stand the lack of patience in dogs and the overall loud, aggressive nature (yes I know not all dogs but most dogs) and the fact that they lack so much independence especially emotionally.

No. 1929513

God i fucking hate French bulldogs I actually want to genocide them all

No. 1929524

never seen a cat maul someone to death

No. 1929532

Please leave a review nona, it's the only way these business owners will actually start enforcing boundaries. It's also good to leave a review so other people who don't want to eat at a doggy daycare cafe can avoid it too.

No. 1931447

Seconding this, leave a review. Mention the dogs as the sole reason you're not coming back. It encourages others who have issues with dogs hanging out in cafes to speak up too.
I would never bring any pet near my food. It's a business, it needs to have hygiene standards, and dogs pissing and shitting and drooling all over the floor and tables isn't going to help the cafe maintain whatever cleanliness rating it managed to get.

No. 1931456

I hate dogs, but i hate shitty dog owners even more. I live across the street from someone who lets their ugly mutt bark at anything and everything that walks by. I am in need for bear mace because you never knew when a dog will come up to your now a days. I wish dogs were not allowed in cafes. it's insane

No. 1931458

I agree with other anons. Leave a review and bring up the dogs and how it makes you feel unhygienic there.

No. 1936496

File: 1711225062092.jpg (88.34 KB, 1280x431, bully max.jpg)

My friend was looking up videos of pitbull attacks then gets this fucking ad. Love to know that we have a fucked up subculture that spends money on juicing up and breeding these monstrosities.

No. 1946540

I was looking out my window and saw 2 deer in the area behind my house and across from this small complex area. They looked frightened and were staring at something out of view from my window, then I see some woman come walking towards them angrily waving her arms, they just sort of stood there confused. She then got a leash from her car and returned with a husky and approached the deer again. The dog lunged at the deer and they fled in fear, she sort of jolted against the tug but then smirked smugly to herself. Like what the fuck is wrong with dog people, are you really proud of yourself for one upping 2 mammals with another mammal? How small is your life? And what are you mad at deer for? They just live here that's not their fault they have to share a city with us, if they're eating your garden get a mesh fence, they don't know any better they're animals. What a miserable retard.

No. 1948180

Late reply but I fucking HATE that stupid "puppucino" or "pup cup" bullshit where Starbucks and other coffee places will give dogs free whipped cream in a little cup. It's such a fucking waste of not only a disposable cup but also of good food product, it makes me both cringe and feel a deep, deep, autistic rage.

No. 1948589

File: 1712144346950.png (71.06 KB, 679x418, Screenshot 2024-04-03 12.37.15…)

Mumsnet is 50% awful women and 50% hilarious, empathetic based women.

No. 1950032

File: 1712229363806.png (2.85 MB, 2060x1737, koirs.png)

Was browsing the dog adoption pages of some local shelters because I was curious to see if the trend here is the same as in the USA etc. with pitbulls, that they are being sold as family pets and uwu-fied in their descriptions. Surely not here, I thought, but sadly, yes.
What kind of fucking lunatic mixes pitbulls and huskies anyway? And when ''Mulan'' in picrel is a mix of two crazy breeds, as wells as has ''such a strong game drive'' that she had to be returned to the shelter once already, why is the dog not considered a special adoption? At least one other shelter was responsible enough to put pitmixes into a challenging category by default where they will only be adopted out to people with both experience and resources to keep them from mauling anyone.
Also the last highlighted part is really fucking gross. The mutt ''feels great joy in its chest'' when it sees a small animal under its nose, before ''realizing no one else is having fun.'' In other words it will dismember for example a cat without hesitation. What a goofball, just like a funny lady with bad sense of humor! What the fuck?

thankfully shitbulls are not so common here, other breeds are a headache already, every now and then some hick will be caught breeding wolfdogs and in one large city there is a spanish moid who will not leash his alleged wolfdog, he's in the news whining about it every once in a while.

No. 1956564

i asked an acquaintance why his dog isn't castrated and he deadass told me he tried to put himself in the dog's shoes or whatever and that his dick is important to him so how could he put his dog through that etc. needless to say the guy's a fucking retard but at the same time he has one of the most well behaved dogs i've met. just goes to show even the "good" dog owners are, at best, completely unhinged

No. 1965808

FUCK me too, nonita. Actual unbridled rage. I am an actual autist so that might have something to do with it but if makes me fucking fume. I have an irrationally hatred of the words “pup”, “pupper” et al too.

No. 1965809

>another staff member lived in the neighbouring cafe
What the fuck? I hope this is a typo. Christ these shitbeasts are so fucking unremittingly hideous on top of being abominations temperament-wise

No. 1965810

>gorgeous sable colored blue eyed and bubbly
This fugly piece of shit mutant looks like a literal demon lmao

No. 1972220

we really did make every single dog uglier.

No. 1972229

Lol nta so there’s three of us. something about “pupcup” really makes it one of the worst words I’ve ever heard.

No. 1972629

I hate to side with a moid but castrating dogs can lead to health complications for the dog such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Humping is as much of a behavioral issue as a hormonal one so if the dog is well trained it shouldn't matter.
Having said that, what the fuck, he's an absolute retard at best or a dog fucker at worst. There are many reasons not to castrate a dog and that is not one of them.

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