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File: 1664730690180.jpg (122.09 KB, 1300x956, young-hispanic-artist-women-pa…)

No. 1361298

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
Just the same old salt

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


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No. 1361307

Pls no more ai sperging

No. 1361312

I second this until actual big things happen with it

No. 1361355

Honestly the Alke simp seemed pretty baity. Kept complaining about his/her crush being a disgusting pedo but still posting many pictures from him that no one gave a fuck about. He's literally a pedo Ilya.

No. 1361358

I suspect a troll

No. 1361440

File: 1664736742150.png (1.03 MB, 896x892, poopfeeling.png)

why does the artist thread always have the least visually appealing, most literal and representational thread pics

No. 1361490

Kek right? They always assault my eye when scrolling past

No. 1361532


Anyone else hate Marc Brunet's work? He's been shilling it out on /ic/ lately. And god. I just hate his tutorials and how he draws women so much. DON'T MAKE THESE MISTAKES!! Gotta make 'em pander to pornbrained males right?

No. 1361573

i remember posting him like 10 threads ago, i'm not surprised he hasnt' changed a bit. yeah, he has a good grasp on lights and shadow but his coombrain seeps into every work he makes. sad, really

No. 1361593

I don't like his character designs, but his actual videos have a lot of great information. He uses clickbait titles but the content of his art instructional videos helped me improve a lot. He genuinely has great fundamentals but I do agree it's wasted on generic coom fantasy girls.

No. 1361641

Damn then you can make the thread next time

No. 1361656

lol so why waste time with a clown like marc then? why not study living masters that teach? marcs a shortcut artist at best.

No. 1361663

His art seems weird like every woman has the body of widowmaker or mercy from overwatch. He draws all these fantasy women but they feel like nothing burger stuff. There's no meaningful interaction between the characters it's just "sexy elf standing, sitting, fighting, laying down in skin clad clothing" the lines on the torso also feel so excessive like they're all dehydrated or something, theres just no softness.

No. 1361664

I don't really participate in this thread, it was a drive-by observation. I didn't think it would hurt OP feelings since it was a stock photo not an image you created. Sorry

No. 1361693

>study living masters that teach
If their content is free then give me some recs. I don't study his actual art per se, I just follow his tips. His videos about the science of studying are basically just 15 minutes of distilled advice that help learn basically anything and I found them useful when I started taking my art studies more seriously.
>marcs a shortcut artist at best.
I mean, yeah. That's kinda the point. Why spend money and hours when I could spend 10 minutes for free and still get some useful tips? This is ofc just in reference to his youtube content, people who spend money on his actual courses are another beast entirely.

No. 1361743

>If their content is free then give me some recs.
This is why people here aren't gonna make it. Vilppu is a great example of a master that's got free content all around the internet. He has paid courses as well. If you want a great instructional demo then sign up to New Masters Academy's 7 day free trial. It's the best resource online currently. Hell
they have content from Huston as well which is fantastic.
>I don't study his actual art per se, I just follow his tips. His videos about the science of studying are basically just 15 minutes of distilled advice that help learn basically anything and I found them useful when I started taking my art studies more seriously.
His advice about art tangent things generally isn't bad. His advice to practice less and study smarter is retarded. You need to practice more AND study smarter. Obviously if you end up getting something quicker you won't spend as much time trying to grasp something, but even masters spend time revisiting
fundamentals. That's what Marc fails to understand. His videos about anatomy, lighting, and construction are pretty shit. Decent advice mixed with preference at best.

>I mean, yeah. That's kinda the point.

His point is to provide short tips, some good some bad, to lure you into his "art school". His entire channel is one big marketing ploy.

>Why spend money and hours when I could spend 10 minutes for free and still get some useful tips?

Maybe read Loomis and you wouldn't need these tips.

>This is ofc just in reference to his youtube content, people who spend money on his actual courses are another beast entirely.

People that pay Brunet are hacks.

No. 1361771

I hate the art style cartoons have taken since 2010 and while it was fun when it began, adventure time is probably the worst thing to ever happen to animation in general.
Ok last ai related post from me.
Technology is advancing very fast and I hope one day real artisr can coexist with tech bros.

No. 1361785

>adventure time is probably the worst thing to ever happen to animation in general

That award goes to Steven universe, I think of tumblr whenever I see someone draw in that style

No. 1361791

Steven universe was only green lit because Adventure time was a smashing success.

No. 1361810

so it's like the twilight of animation. spawned demon offspring.

No. 1361840

>read Loomis

No. 1361841

Nta anon but what's wrong with Loomis

No. 1361845

Show me one person who actually touts "read Loomis" and has good art. Loomis is fine, wahhing at people on the internet about "ngmi" because they didn't read enough Loomis is /ic/ moid behavior.

No. 1361851

Oh i see… I've taken several art classes where his books were actually mentioned to read so it's definitely not a bad resource but I think a lot of people have trouble learning art just from reading. I think videos demonstrating something are probably more valuable if they break it down in a comprehensive way like Micheal Hampton does

No. 1361887

I dont follow a lot of art youtubers but James gurney is a real good artist who posts informational videos on YouTube

No. 1361888

>I think a lot of people have trouble learning art just from reading.
ntayrt but honestly i had this problem when reading fun with a pencil idk why but i got so lost all the time. probably because im retarded but in the end it did help a lot with my anatomy so i can't complain

No. 1361892

The way I like to use those sorts of books is more as a reference like for me it's not a great replacement for just sitting down and drawing and doing practical application but if there's something in particular I'm struggling with I might go through a couple books and read about artists different approaches.

I thinking using the books as an end all be all is a mistake they're supplemental at best.

No. 1361894

I also think it's worth mentioning that there's not one artist where their approach is 100 percent the right way to do everything I think you just kind of have to pick and chose what you find useful. But I do think you may need basic fundamentals to get to that point.

Sorry for sperging just my thoughts on the whole debacle

No. 1361949

This is more of an art vent but I didn't know where to post it

But why the fuck can't men understand that you can make a female character attractive or eve sexy without having her tits out or exposing a bunch of skin… Why is their taste so basic and annoying. Tired of shitty titty armor female characters

No. 1361962

nonna you are a retard even japanese artists use loomis, basically every ''how to draw head'' method is derived from Loomis. If you do the cross thing in the face, sorry to inform you, but you are using loomis.

No. 1361981

Loomis is decent but he kinda doesn't convey a lot of info well imo, especially in his figure drawing book (his drawing the head book is pretty good). I'll awlays reccomend Hampton figure drawing for less experienced artists trying to get a good grasp of forms.

No. 1362027

There used to be twitter threads about the image sizes for your art and the way twitter cropping works. Does anyone still have them

No. 1362090

It changes all the time, threads from few months ago are most likely not accurate anymore, best just google it and use the most recent result

No. 1362318

4:5 and 1:1(square) images don't get cropped in the previews on twitter. basically instagram sizes.

16:9 or any wide screen horizontal images look great on twitter preview, but look shitty on phones imo. but most people are quickly scrolling twitter on their phone and don't bother clicking through to the full size anyway, so it works.

No. 1362345

I need examples of these fully clothed sexy women.

No. 1362442

File: 1664817963547.jpg (107.89 KB, 700x1244, a989f7ace8a604d5b5417112de46fe…)

Nta but

No. 1362445

This looks really cool.

No. 1362446

isn't that the Dancer of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3?

No. 1362456

This 100%, one artist’s method may not be right for everybody.
Personally, I don’t think a person should trace an image, at all, not to break down the shapes because I think there will be less movement/the artist will become too reliant on those shapes and not figure it out theirselves by just looking at an image. Same with colour pickers- but apparently it all works well for other artists out there

No. 1362462

File: 1664819066336.jpeg (683.88 KB, 1170x1119, A37B9DEC-B6E3-4542-B66F-1EAB62…)

Ok that’s it AI art should be illegal

No. 1362465

If this was regular human hunks, I wouldn't be mad at this at all.

No. 1362471

This, those chest and abs are juicy… I dabble in monsterfuckery but the dog heads and shit are a major turn off. That and the fact that I imagine all furry characters smell like dog pics and dander kek

No. 1362472

Everyone was suspecting that this would be the most likely conclusion of AI art, that coomers would be using to make weird porn

No. 1362474

tony the tiger is next

No. 1362475

Kek, the art community is so oversaturated with porn and fetish art that if this is going to be a quick and easy for just about anyone to create ai furry porn, the internet is going to explode. If I have to see it everywhere I might as well be happy it looks nicely rendered.

No. 1362480

File: 1664820922108.gif (3.89 MB, 275x220, 1664795046003.gif)

I thought you were referring to picel.

No. 1362483

I have heard that the stable diffusion furry trained model is probably the most advanced at making anatomy, I have heard from real Ai users that the furry model so far is the only model capable of depicting sex acts.
Gotta say that out of all the autism that gets combined on the internet, I never expect the furries to be masterminds of porn.

No. 1362489

anon come on furries have a reputation for porn, degeneracy, pedos, zoophile or zoosadism of course they would instantly go for 6 pacs or huge tit fur characters in every imaginable pose. next will be vore, preg, and inflation.

No. 1362528

File: 1664823131183.jpg (171.58 KB, 1131x1600, 18.jpg)

How do I draw backgrounds like picrel?
When i discovered alke I thought he drew storybook-centered drawings but then I realized he is a pedophilic fucking retard.
Anyways, what I liked was the composition of his drawings. how does he do it? with a 3d program or something?

No. 1362534

Stop posting this pedo please

No. 1362536

This type of rendering is so easy to do, just use a blur tool.

No. 1362539

There's literally nothing interesting or special about this background, is that a scrote just looking for an excuse to post this pedo-leaning art and argue it was a legitimate post that doesn't deserve a ban?

No. 1362545

remember, don't reply, don't engage, report and ignore

No. 1362557

he uploads speed paints, his canvas look HUGE so i wonder if that's how he can manage to make it so soft looking

No. 1362748

File: 1664834368408.png (4.28 KB, 401x100, thisiswhatimtalkingabout.png)

Does anyone know if you can turn off the base stabilization in CSP? I like to do cross hatching in traditional but that minimum stabilization is so cancer. I've read you can do it with lazy nezumi, but I have to pay for that or pirate it. Is there any other way?
If not, uhhh, shill me a program I guess.

No. 1362815

Not sure how to do it in CSP, there's probably a way to but ngl when I do use CSP I barely notice there's any sort of stabilisation so it may be a traditional to digital learning curve. But anyways, I know you can get fully 0 stabilisation on Paint Tool SAI 1 & 2, it's a lot less confusing than CSP too

No. 1362888

Try going into settings, change the stabilizer to the slider option and there you’d be able to set it to zero.

No. 1362922

hatching digitally is an exercise in futility. It will always be 100x harder and look 100x worse. Better just to scan it in from traditional imo.

No. 1362926

get a stronger sense of contrast and learn how light affects colors.

No. 1362928

File: 1664849483626.jpg (65.56 KB, 640x635, tumblr_3300d8bd282db2aad83490d…)

No. 1363000

Isn't that just the drummer girl from Scott pilgrim

No. 1363020

Stop obsessing over pedo scrotes and maybe your art will improve

No. 1363148

Is that the lesbian from confessions of a teenage drama queen

No. 1363150

just report them anon there's not point arguing with them they just shit up the thread

No. 1363154

If you like renaissance art you support pedos too tbh

No. 1363198

I have an online friend in a discord community unrelated to art, but it has an art channel for creative members to post their stuff in. She recently had to stop posting her art there because one or the retard mods told her that her art was discouraging younger, less talented members from posting their stuff. They assumed since her art was higher quality that she had a big following already and didn't need to take up space in a small discord server. Truth is that she barely get people interacting with her stuff at all. She doesn't have Twitter or Instagram either. The mods don't know that, but I have a feeling there's some jealousy going on.

No. 1363218

No. 1363261

File: 1664882556496.png (2.7 MB, 2048x1536, 226CDC34-7EBD-4664-B233-FA88E5…)

I’ve gotten multiple AI bros sponsored on my timeline today that I could spot immediately. Everything here is AI generated and they’re trying to pass it off as real art and asking for “commissions.” This shit is actually despicable, I don’t know how it’s not glaringly obvious to everyone that it’s a scam.

No. 1363288

shouldn't it be like a copyright problem to sell these? Ai is just taking other people's images and mixim them together. i guess we need a law for that.

No. 1363293

It's way too many things mixed together to link it to any specific artist and have copyright laws apply

No. 1363301

Yes but it's stealing anyways. It's like the ikea meme where you keep calling them you'we got a piece missing all the time untill you build a whole furniture out of all those pieces they sent you… and on top of it you sell that furniture. It's such an annyoing fucking of the system.

No. 1363304

Collage artists have existed for a long time

No. 1363310

i guess but meh i always looked at it as a lesser thing and it's not something that sells much, at least from what i've seen. The collage artists that were famous for example in my country did the collages from their own photos mainly i belive which makes sence…

No. 1363317

File: 1664886294494.png (3.74 MB, 1463x1718, stalenhag.PNG)

Legally speaking, it's not stealing, at least not in these cases you show. Picrel is a case where I'd imagine an argument is to be made considering how closely it reproduces all unique elements of Stalenhag's illustration, but in case of usual AI mergers there's just too many sources, that ultimately, whether we like it or not, create a completely new artwork. Now, why would anyone want to comission and pay for something they could make by themselves in a few attempts, that's another thing.

No. 1363328

Why would you post that you want to steal someones job so smugly is like he wants artists to despise AI? On top of that the end result looks awful and he's displaying it as a gotcha?

No. 1363329

So, when is AI learning composition?

No. 1363344

For attention of course, and I saw that tweet a lot on my wall the day was posted so the guy succedeed. He retweets insults he's getting, calls himself a professional artist in the bio to trigger people even more; I wonder if he's just a troll with waaaay to much time or has some different hidden goal

No. 1363417

>Now, why would anyone want to comission and pay for something they could make by themselves in a few attempts, that's another thing.
Ease or ignorance about how make it? We can all make a coffee or a sandwhich at home yet bussinesses trive on selling coffee and sandwhiches, I don't see AI art being any different. People pay for convenience.

No. 1363454

Not only are the image sources stolen but they're fed to an algorithm they didn't create. Code also falls under copyright usage and I doubt any of these hawkers created their own machine learning AI system but instead just typed a prompt (that someone else probably wrote too kek) in a system someone else created and decided to sell it. It's only one step above straight out art theft.

No. 1363474

>Now, why would anyone want to comission and pay for something they could make by themselves in a few attempts, that's another thing.
i imagine commissions of ocs and niche characters are going to thrive, there is always a weird fucker that wants to commission porn of the singing animated shoe from a 60's commercial or the degenerate that can only get off to characters dressed as 1950's car dealers. Gonna suck for the artists, though.

No. 1363554

So basically he's making fan art, and hoping it'll take over the actual artist kek. I kind of get it, here's a seemingly no effort fast track route to being an artist and shilling your photobash fanart to unsuspecting normies. Except he's delusional if he thinks it'll be anything above photobash fanart.

No. 1363555

Samfefag to add its basically free advertising for the artist since he's dropping the @ too

No. 1363663

File: 1664904775563.jpeg (486.51 KB, 1170x1136, A3E18834-2C91-43E5-88D2-CE4C00…)

I stg every argentinian moids’ art looks exactly the same

No. 1363669

I really like this style besides the coomery tits

No. 1363681

File: 1664905049731.jpg (483.35 KB, 1280x1626, Lunivers_de_Juan_Gimenez_Page_…)

you clearly dont know much then

No. 1363685

I’m talking newgrounds coomers, not professional illustrators. Are you an argentinian moid?

No. 1363705

File: 1664905535944.png (380.8 KB, 745x742, Big Titty AI art.PNG)

No. 1363713

Was it really an own, though? Techbros and coomer artists are two-sides of the same coin.

No. 1363736

File: 1664906906066.png (75.55 KB, 542x520, FMd2MonXsAMIs18.png)

no, not everyone you dislike is the boogeyman i just like a lot of argentinian artists. pic rel is a faggy furry from argentina i like as well

No. 1363780

File: 1664909091335.jpeg (558.95 KB, 750x1030, A47B41A8-9BB9-40FA-A426-6F6ED3…)

Op, can’t tell if the guy is a troll or not because most of these technobros normally end up being the most misogynistic

No. 1363906

this guy gets zero pussy irl kek

No. 1363949

>faggy furry
go back

No. 1363952

is there a husbando equivalent of this

No. 1363973

Tips for studying fundamentals while still drawing what I love weebshit ? I want to improve my drawing skills but Im just a hobbyist. I don't want it to feel like a chore.

No. 1363978

open a book, anyone, and do the exercises and then apply it to your work, it's not that complicated

No. 1363980

Do a little bit every day but never too long. You can plan it, daily or weekly, something like "this week I'll practice figure studies for 30 minutes every day". If you don't crunch on it too much it won't feel so much of a chore.

No. 1364050

I mean it just reminds me of over the garden wall

No. 1364053

It might know what tween virgin boys want in women, yeah. Trouble is most moids are still running tween virgin boy OS as they age. Sure this might be a troll of that mindset but I know males who think like this so I'm on the fence

No. 1364084

submitted my film to a number of festivals and I'm starting to get some emails back… wish me luck artsy fartsy nonnies because I'm unironically screaming crying and throwing up about it

No. 1364095

Good for you nonnie, don't forget to get all your shit out, literally, releasing all your poop helps a lot with nerves.

No. 1364116

So I guess this didn't work lol

No. 1364131

Looking at this makes me so glad I was born to have small B-cup tits, men naturally stay the fuck away me. Big booby anons so sorry for you, stay safe out there!

No. 1364132

File: 1664933600854.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, 1664920785380250.gif)

>soys and twitter artists were wailing for years that truck driving and oil drilling chuds will be the first ones to experience mass unemployment due to machine learning and AI taking over most of their tasks
>turns out it is the opposite

No. 1364142

Go back

No. 1364175

thank you

No. 1364182

I'm sorry but if you think ai is genuinely going to take over concept art jobs I think you're genuinely stupid and clearly have no idea how those jobs even work to begin with.

Last bit of sperging I hope we can put this topic behind us

No. 1364195

What do I have to do to understand composition? I like doing studies but the second I go back to drawing from my head all I can shit out is pretty girl busts. How do I force myself to make things more dynamic?

No. 1364220

Men's heads are so fucking ugly

No. 1364233

I've been saying this and yet my boyfriend keeps denying it will happen. However, he is over here using it to make backgrounds for his works and shit. Where does it start dawning on these artists that this stuff isn't a crutch or just a helpful tool if they are using it to fully render things they don't have to do or tweak? It's lazy and not art at all.

No. 1364250

It's funny because a lot of what goes into concept art is actually problem solving and coming up with iterations and ideas it's not just about making a pretty picture lol. Altho it's debatable whether ai is actually pretty when it looks so fucked up if you start looking at it closely

No. 1364388

feel like tim really articulates how I feel about the whole loomis debate. I also in general like his videos although his process videos tend to be on the longer side since he goes over in real time how he works

No. 1364459

Why go back to drawing from your head? Use references and apply what you've learned to these.

No. 1364485

I dont understand the whole "this method, that method" debate, if people stopped fighting about which method they use and focused on picking up a book and studying they would get better at drawing, the fundamentals are the same it doesnt matter who teaches them.

No. 1364505

Studying from reference is good, since you're using references I assume you have developed an eye for the compositions you like and know in your head what you want to do. Your issue is execution. To help with that:

1. Thumbnail. If you don't know what this means, it's to draw a small general plan and sketch of a composition. This should be small and should not take more than a couple minutes, they can often take less than a minute to do. Just enough that you can feel out the shapes, forms, and silhouettes. Do several until you make one you like. Starting on a blank full size page will make it more difficult to execute a solid composition, planning on a smaller scale will help.

2. Stop starting from the head. Start from the torso instead. And don't do a basic rectangle for the whole torso, make sure to define both the rib cage and the pelvis. This way you can attach the head and appendages more easily to create dynamic poses. It's more difficult to attach a dynamically posed body to a head. Starting from the head is what makes it so easy to make a pretty girl bust.

3. Start loose with a light hand. Draw big gestural strokes to start. Make sure to work the whole piece at once and not hyper focus on the details of one aspect. Have some restraint and prioritize the composition above all.

4. Continue to study from reference and collect images of compositions you like. There's nothing wrong with drawing from your head, I think it's a valuable skill to practice concurrently with reference studies. However, even when you're not studying, don't shy away from using a reference for specifically complex parts, like a hand pose for example. If you're worried about copyright you can learn to take your own photos of yourself for reference, there are also libraries of free to use reference images out there if you look.

No. 1364520

im going to add that i found create.vista.com which has tons of stock photos. flickr has tons of unedited photos but they will be scrote gaze leaning.

No. 1364530

File: 1664967749274.png (291.81 KB, 1080x1245, kjg.png)

He was an amazing artist, this is awful, and so unexpected…

No. 1364532

No fucking way I am devastated

No. 1364536

i cant believe Vilppu outlived Kim jung

No. 1364538

Didn't he draw all sorts of gross moid porn and let his kids look through it?

No. 1364540

he stopped drawing coomer stuff when his daughters were born actually

No. 1364549

Damn that's pretty tragic

No. 1364561


What type of artist gives a fuck about the trucking and oil drilling industry you 4chan ai dwelling sewer creature.

No. 1364562

Don't take the bait nona that's what he wants just report

No. 1364563

File: 1664971792112.jpeg (467 KB, 1170x1724, 7E95EB47-F779-436C-B43F-5DD73B…)

I can’t be the only one who finds the whole hyper realistic lips and noses on black edits of very stylized so jarring. Especially the noses. It’s just so ugly, and then half the time none of these edit artists can color darker skin tones other than the multiply tool. I truly wonder if black creators with actual skill in drawing find it just as off putting.

No. 1364574

File: 1664972537880.png (633.38 KB, 1403x550, 1643420370456.png)

at this point i am convinced this is a fetish, just like those moid transformation fetishes but with race

No. 1364586

FINALLY, a transformation fetish image for me

Btw the second to last one looks like a Finnish nationalist politician

No. 1364587

Spoiler this jumpscare

No. 1364589

File: 1664973579539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 443.12 KB, 880x1187, 09151004-60D6-4C5A-A770-1F8CE7…)

So sorry nona

No. 1364595

Damn his hairline is fighting for it's life

No. 1364600

totally unexcepted, his art made me go back to brushpens and brushes ngl. RIP legend, despite that you were a massive coomer
/ic/ anons now speculate what akshually killed him.

No. 1364611

File: 1664974384682.jpeg (135.37 KB, 675x1200, 79ECA436-F0AC-4D44-B82A-4C08E9…)

>Venezuelan Bennet
I mean, the mix of Venezuelans and Germans have existed for a long time, but come on, that person just looked for an obscure latam country to slap on a shitty edit.
I get you, these edits are kind of shitty most of the times, specially because of how the colors just clash with each other, it's like all of them got this specific color palette that they use and never try to go for other skin tones, which at least the desi editor tries to play around with.
I don't mind these edits sometimes, they can be cute when the editors do different manga panels because then there's no color clashing and the lips and nose aren't too exaggerated.

No. 1364627

mestaritification fetish imagery is the only transformation fetish imagery i can accept from now on.

No. 1364658

he looks straight out of a tom and jerry cartoon, like tom accidentally mowed his hair

No. 1364684

File: 1664979582787.jpg (132.05 KB, 563x818, 310d8ea055c01afaca1f7f8e49681d…)

Nonas, is there a good web course about how to draw your own comics/graphic novels? I want something by a professional. Came across this but it's so expensive: https://www.proko.com/course/creating-a-comic-page/overview

No. 1364688

check online courses (.) club if you arent american or know how to use a vpn

No. 1364692

Thank you! Do you have to join telegram to follow their links?

No. 1364693

No. 1364717

Thank you anon, this is really helpful!!

No. 1364723

NTA but
I almost died laughing nonna and I almost wish this was a thing

No. 1364749

Thanks nona

No. 1364765

yes and he drew women having sex with animals. and none of his art was appealing regardless.

No. 1364820

File: 1664987328407.png (435.48 KB, 605x450, hallis2.PNG)

anon you're making me blush

No. 1364839

It sucks he's dead but I cant feel anything for him after I watched an interview where he unabashedly admitted to masturbating alot. He seemed like an incredibly porn sick person.

No. 1364917

File: 1664992707582.png (711.91 KB, 668x747, rain.png)

What kinds of husbandos do you want nonna? I've gotten into this thing lately, it's not going to replace actual artists IMO but it's fun and impressive

No. 1364919

how did you get him, what did you type into the ai?

No. 1364927

I made it like two days ago and didn't save the exact prompt but the first few tags were something like
>((extremely beautiful)) man (androgynous) (((long wavy hair))) ((flat chest)) in snow, wet, shirtless, ((highly detailed)), painting, concept art, 8k
and so on. Also, artists like Greg Rutkowski, Albert Mucha and William-Adolphe Bouguereau are good for getting pretty results

No. 1364929

nta but what program did you use and is it free, please tell me

No. 1364932

all artists are coomers who cares

No. 1364935

Maybe AI art ain't so bad after all…

No. 1364938

File: 1664993989416.jpg (50.26 KB, 870x870, 1651284317861.jpg)

weak bitches, i bet you would be the first ones to bend down to the robot overlords as long as they have anime heads

No. 1364941

He looks like the fucking eunuch sister art though

No. 1364953

File: 1664994514225.png (607.91 KB, 738x652, prince.png)

Stable Diffusion, yeah it's free! I used this guide:
If your GPU isn't 2-4GB VRAM, you can use this to set it up instead:
If you can't be bothered downloading things, I think there are also some sites you can use, like Dezgo (though the quality of the results might vary a lot more)

No. 1364960

>the face of a kpop singer on a model with a filter
ew, take that shit out of here

No. 1364962

I love you nonnies

No. 1364965

File: 1664995150550.jpg (85.64 KB, 720x838, 1664332163781.jpg)

here's the thing I don't get about all these race specific autists who demand such and such ethnic group be drawn a certain way, unless an art style is trying to be hyper realistic most 2d drawn characters don't look like actual human beings, especially characters in anime whose skull shape is more closer to something like a cat, but we suspend our disbelief and can accept that the characters being shown in screen are human beings, like picrel can be conveyed as a black person without having to draw him with big lips and detailed racial characteristics

No. 1364966

Can a nonnie make a boy like Griffith or Kakyoin please

No. 1364971

Maybe I'm too unevolved but he doesn't look black at all to me.

No. 1364973

File: 1664995623361.png (747.54 KB, 507x826, elsieattempt.png)

You can make different styles tbf (especially depending on the models you use), I just personally prefer effeminate guys and a more painterly look

No. 1364975

It certainly is good, but it's all just a mash-up of existing good art. And while some results look fine, others clearly look AI made and you wouldn't be able to get anything good with specific details (say, if you were to make a commission with AI, I doubt it would be able to correctly draw a hyper-detailed character). It's fun if you want a husbando or if you need ideas.

No. 1364976

>generic artstyle from the same anime artist who has a sameface syndrome

No. 1364978

hoyl shit it stills has the original artist signature, kek

No. 1364982

Even worse/better, it's actually a mix of different artist signatures when that happens.

No. 1364983

i cant wait until the troon devs 41%, must be depressing working on AI development

No. 1364996

Yeah, that's how I feel too. I think techbros cooming themselves over how it'll "replace artists" are retarded, but I also think it can help artists and all sorts of creatives with their stuff. I can see some artists on a time limit churning out commissions or generic work faster if they train their own art with this sort of thing. It's an interesting tool with its own drawbacks and strengths
Also, idc about the tranny devs as long as I can keep making husbandos kek

No. 1365001

>Also, idc about the tranny devs as long as I can keep making husbandos kek
just draw them yourself, all the ai is going to give you is generic kpop boys

No. 1365019

File: 1664998016697.png (498.67 KB, 512x640, grug.png)

I've gotten bears and many other types of moids before because of all the general/furry art pumped into it. What it actually struggles with is hands and feet.
Ngl, I kind of see it in a similar way to Picrews, but more advanced. It's kind of funny how scrotes immediately try to turn it into a competition and wreck people's livelihoods with it. As time goes on, if this becomes a "problem", I'm sure software made to detect AI-generated content will be developed

No. 1365024

this looks super generic if you want to draw some moid donut steel just make your own, i am glad that a lot of sites are banning AI stuff, artists are already known for being lazy fucks.

No. 1365055

>Ngl, I kind of see it in a similar way to Picrews, but more advanced.
I honestly think if AI art was presented this way it would be more accepted, lol. Or kind of like a novelAI thing in which you just have an eternal 24/7 roleplay friend that knows your exact preferences. Did that kill roleplaying or writing? Right now it's just cringe techbros posturing and crying that artists are gatekeeping talent… or something. You're supposed to draw for enjoyment, not as a cringe hustle. That's why it almost always filters people who don't want to train for 5-10 years.
AI vs AI, nice.

No. 1365078

I failed in making my actual husbando in an AI generator, so I'm back to say that I completely agree and I am sorry for my moment of weakness. I won't let the techbros get me again, no matter how many sexy man photos they generate.

Also, funnily enough I found using AI sites more confusing than just drawing what I want to see.

No. 1365090

File: 1665000656854.jpg (113.62 KB, 693x716, tumblr_ng1dtleWFo1qdihvyo1_128…)

just remember that any time you let some moid generated by AI cloud your mind you become no different than moids themselves. ok but joke over, i hope it inspires more women to draw hot men there are only 2 artists that draw men that i like.

No. 1365107

File: 1665001682892.png (739.27 KB, 640x768, FeA99ozUoAAV1KD.png)

hes using waifu diffusion trained on danbooru images that includes guys. its a combination of anime inspired portraits and whatever you get from sd, so it can generate both manly men and cute faces. picrel is the only man i found on that gross boob account

i agree that moids who try to make prompting an art and conflate sd with nft/crypto are annoying as fuck, but i still have fun with sd regularly and add my own (badly made) characters to it

No. 1365120

File: 1665002273570.png (694.43 KB, 617x738, 3190.png)

I tried nonnie, it's not exact but I hope you like!!

No. 1365123

File: 1665002448046.png (532.46 KB, 497x633, grfth.png)

Tried again/more realistic one after tweaking the prompt a bit

No. 1365128

make your own shitty AI thread on /m/, i though we agreed not to talk about this shit anymore

No. 1365135

ntayrt, there already is one but i cant get anyone posting about ai about here to use it

No. 1365138

File: 1665003017567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.86 KB, 450x602, Plaything-1.jpg)

i love this anon, can you make a ai one that looks like this one in picrel?

No. 1365142

maybe make a sd specific thread, the others are inactive and made for old image generators

No. 1365143

maybe because its ugly as shit and only moids like it because they get off from thinking they are better than people that actually put effort into learning a skill

No. 1365148

NTA but it's kind of not ugly, by definition, kek. It's not "better than people" (and it can't be, no matter what loser moids think). It's literally just a tool that's good for both casual hobbyists, and that can help actual artists as well. Getting mad about it is pointless

No. 1365150

Jesus nonnie take a chill pill.

No. 1365154

are you shitting me people in these threads defend the glorified photobashing machine but shit on kjg and other artists for drawing ugly stuff? fuck off, you only like it because you are a lazy artist and a coomer like moids that see booba and dont take a microsecond to analyze and see they shitty hands, nonsensical fols and the blurry background.

No. 1365155

Anon, this is almost like raging about the use of microwaves because actual chefs exist

No. 1365156

no, straight women should be punished for simping for 2D AI moids just like men

No. 1365158

microwaves dont steal chef's recipes

No. 1365170

NTA, the comparison is spot on.
t. Worked as a cook

No. 1365172

You can Google a recipe for anything, but making it at home with a microwave won't be the same as a professional chef's work

No. 1365175

who cares if you agree? is not the same thing

No. 1365176

If she is thirsting for these bland as fuck ai husbandos like what’s been posted so far then yes she should be

No. 1365177

Everyone else is siding against you is why you should care including those with actual experience in the subjects you 'debate'.

No. 1365180

fir all i know it could all be samefagging or techbros so i don't care

No. 1365185

Then stop infighting.

No. 1365187

stop posting your shitty AI creations then

No. 1365194

anon if youre here can you please do a ai version of this >>1365138

No. 1365195

I'm not lmfao, not everyone is the same person on this site, stop being such a schizo and just relax a bit before coming to /ot/. Idk why anyone is ever looking for a fight here of all places, you can go literally anywhere else

No. 1365212

Nonnie pls make a thread so I can request too.

No. 1365215

I was wondering earlier how and why could anyone want an AI comission, but now I see it can be a legitimate source of income

No. 1365226

yeah for indiands and other people living in shitholes, you arent going to get much from it

No. 1365249

I liked his art, other than his women. They were generally typical moid coomer shit. Still, RIP.

No. 1365284

Literally all of these women requesting their bland 2D husbandos could just ask a real artist and pay for a commission, or even just look for the kind of art they want. If you know you want Griffith, just look for Griffith fanart. This is retarded. It really is the shitty microwave meal of the art world.

No. 1365288

This AI discussion made me realize that I'm glad to have at least a sense of style. I choose to ignore the existence of AI instead of seething and you can do the same. It shouldn't be depressing or scary or be seen as a potential replacement for artists. I don't care about it because I know that everyone who does is a retard with no taste.

No. 1365290

You're assuming people have money to commission good artists or that their character is popular enough to have a lot of fanart.

Anyway I was messing around with that Dezgo site because my computer is too shit to locally run, and it was interesting, but even with img to img it couldn't get the hair right and it kept flip flopping between ok and trash without much change in keywords.

No. 1365291

if the character isnt popular enough then there wont be enough art to feed an AI anyways and commissions arent expensive unless you think 100 usd fortailor-made art is expensive. Or, you knouw, you could just draw it yourself, but that requires effort.

No. 1365296

i made the thread >>>/m/245124

No. 1365298

>there wont be enough art to feed an AI anyways
They could just make a ai that has the similar features of that character then so whats your point.

No. 1365300

its easier to learn how to draw at that point, you are looking for shortcuts when at the end you are just going to get some generic anime boy in 3/4 with crippled hands

No. 1365302

I drew my img to img example, but seeing how AI actually interprets it reinforced the fact that it's no good as a replacement for me just getting better.

No. 1365305

File: 1665010007838.png (615.25 KB, 611x702, ye.png)

Here you go anon, sorry for the delay! I had to go run some errands. There are like two more, but I'll post them in the >>1365296 /m/ thread instead to prevent any further infighting

No. 1365319

thanks anon, not trying to offend you but it looks nothing like him, his body looks like a 13 year old anorexic boy. Meanwhile >>1365138 is bulkier.
I understand its hard navigating with Ai ao dont take it the wrong way <3

No. 1365324

>there are only 2 artists that draw men that i like

No. 1365329

File: 1665011814678.png (869 KB, 600x783, worry.png)

rae and kaneoya sachiko, i am really picky and i like very detailed stuff

No. 1365333

No worries, it's very hit/miss by nature! ♥ I did get some more muscular results by adding things like "broad shoulders" and "very muscular" to the prompt, but the AI kept giving him much shorter hair for some reason, so I didn't keep those. It's a fun little learning experience

No. 1365341

I don't think anyone here sees AI as depressing or scary. It's just that people all over the internet (including here) keep trying to convince actual artists that AI will replace them, that AI is better, and just being really obnoxious so it keeps coming up.

No. 1365349

Ayrt, I usually draw women since I don't really care for art with men, but this has definitely inspired me to try to actually draw my husbando and other characters I like.

No. 1365361

at this point i have accepted that its too early to tell, but i doubt there are good intentions behind this technology

No. 1365428

>Kekkai Sensen
>average black man

No. 1365496

when did this thread become ai hell jfc

No. 1365618

yeah, stop with the AI pls. It's outright autistic

No. 1365659

what programs are they using for this ?

No. 1365660

Can we ban it next thread or make a containment thread? I'm tired of actual milk getting posted over with the same arguments repeated x100

No. 1365662

File: 1665037502360.gif (564.42 KB, 800x430, GoldKek.gif)

I for one welcome this new technology. The entitlement of small artists will be GRAND when they insist that they are now an oppressed class thanks to all the AI spam in the hashtags.

No. 1365664

there are 3 ai art threads in /m/ now (not including the husbando/waifu generator thread) so there is really no excuse

No. 1365680

go back

No. 1365683

are mods afk I swear there's been so much more baiting and trolling in the threads lately

No. 1365690

>tranny tier pic
Join the 41% and make it 42%.

No. 1365784

anons sperging about ugly kitsch anime/dutch fusion art so much that nobody even mentioned kim jung gi died

No. 1365785

Some anons mentioned that he died earlier in this thread.

No. 1365787

He also drew a self-portrait of himself in a middle of a classroom full of high schoolers fucking each other.

As a Korean, I don't know how he managed to draw a bunch of porn and not thrown in jail. (Making porn is illegal in Korea.)

No. 1365792

Drawing porn automatically cancels out any appreciation-worthy skill then?

No. 1365794

Drawing normal porn, no. Drawing degenerate coomer porn, yes.

No. 1365802

His technical skill is unmatched, I don't think any other artist is capable of drawing from imagination like he did, no sketch, no composition or perspective planning, huge formats… I do get your point; these drawings are disgusting but it's still a huge loss for the art community

No. 1365808

Get a life that's pathetic

No. 1365809

Literally who cares? There is no point to getting into art anymore unless you want to draw your coomer fantasies, there is a reason why the best artists are always degens

No. 1365847

I can't help but read this whole situation as autistic techbros gloating now that they finally feel they've got a win over us annoying liberal art majors.
A lot of these types of moids hate artists and feel like we are lazy good for nothings and want to punish us and mock us. Seriously I've met a lot of moids like this and these AI bros are the exact type. Obsessed with logic, maths, efficiency, and consuming product. They're like hyper autists with low IQ pretending to be the kings of facts and logic.

No. 1365892

exactly this

No. 1365899

Nonnies am I impatient or is Loomis just boring to read? The books feel really wordy and I don't know if I can force myself to read through it all.

No. 1365902

I personally have no read the whole thing. I would focus on areas where you think you might be lacking and just try to reference those rather than just read the whole thing. I feel like info dumps can be daunting. Study bits at a time that you think might help you

No. 1365924

i found them less wordy than hampton, maybe you are like me and very anxious and just want to get right into drawing.

No. 1365925

samefag which book are you reading

No. 1365927

Figure drawing for all it's worth

No. 1365932

have you tried other figure drawing books?

No. 1365957

You don't understand art at all. Spoken like a true moid.

No. 1365958

Nah, I've been trying to read more artbooks lately so I haven't explored a whole lot yet. I really just grabbed whatever is in the list in the OP as a starting point. Not sure if I wanna read the Hampton one if it's supposedly more wordy than Loomis.

No. 1365961

File: 1665067053130.jpg (213.28 KB, 642x900, 3da23eb7294d9a3eda0a30570aed43…)

female artists do it to, the best ones always draw hot guys

No. 1365965

>There is no point to getting into art anymore unless you want to draw your coomer fantasies
This is stupid.

No. 1365967

You're genuinely stupid if you think the best artists are always heterosexual and also sexually depraved. It shows you don't follow art outside of social media trends. Also that piece is disgusting. The fucl's wrong with his muscles? Is he extremely dehydrated and dying?

No. 1365968

/ic/els fucking leave or kill yourselves, you stick out like a sore thumb

No. 1365970

File: 1665068010999.jpg (695.23 KB, 1098x1694, 03.jpg)

the funniest thing about this is that realistic drawing that gets ethnic features right was created by those nefarious :dead white guys" who are the boogeymento wokeoid artists, these are people who genuinely seem to think that a historical progression of technique and style has a racist component because it mostly occured in europe and is taught that way.

No. 1365977

feel free to post artists that dont follow those rules then, it's sad but most people that get into art nowadays do it through anime to draw cute girls/boys.

No. 1365978

This guy's masturbatory comics trigger me a bit cause his art is kinda shit.

No. 1365980

Pfft, no. You probably don't know anything about art and the fact that themes other than degenerate shit exist. The inital reasons for getting into art aren't becoming meaningless just like that. And theres really much more to art aside from the mainstream.

No. 1365981

>still no examples
all artists are degenerates, and the modern use of social media only made it worse

No. 1365984

File: 1665069006398.jpg (234.75 KB, 679x693, jeIVmTprKOfbQcBo.jpg)

>masturbatory comics
yeah that's exactly what they are

No. 1365988

Damn this pisses me off.

No. 1365990

Hampton's book is wordy, but I had an easier time understanding figure drawing after reading through it. Loomis and Hampton have very different approaches and it helps to practice both even if you end up favoring one method over another.

No. 1365991

i find it creepy how the little girl is depicted as cute but the boy looks more like the usual style

No. 1366006

I've been taking commissions for a few years now and all I can say is that making art you're not really interested in is soul-sucking and not worth it. I'm also paid below minimum wage. Fuck this shit.

Please go back, this isn't your space.

No. 1366009

>Please go back, this isn't your space.
who are you to tell me that, lol

No. 1366021

NTA but clearly a farmer who understands what art is. Go coomer sperg elsewhere.

No. 1366022


No. 1366051

How we've hurt asian women more like with all the depictions of rape in there, but of course he wouldn't care about that

No. 1366070

>social media
Not only did it make it worse, the modern idea of art is fucked because of it, perfect example would be someone like you
Art existed before social media, bother looking into that and broaden your understanding.

No. 1366072

you mean the older artists that all had child sex slaves as students and were fags in denial? lol

No. 1366081

This, /ic/els legitimately kill yourselves or die in a war like men should. They keep shitting up the thread with sperging about AI art being superior and gamergate level whining about "woke" artists while caping for literal pedos and coomers. Reading this thread alone is a huge fucking blackpill on scrotes.

No. 1366088

Josh Luna is what Elliot Rodger would've been if he directed his hapa insecurity to identity politics rather than inceldom but he's actually right about this one, broken clocks etc. As clichéd as it sounds, "classical art", the kind treated as the foundation of art, revolves around dead, socially connected and privileged white guys and art schools only exist to keep their white moid legacy going, especially the part about preying on your younger students.

No. 1366113

If you want to learn realistic art that managed to capture actual human proportions, then yeah Europeans were the only one's doing it and you have to learn from dead white guys(the horror)

No. 1366161

i thought the same fucking thing nonita wtf

No. 1366169

Are you from twitter? The number of times I've heard artists want to throw the baby out with the bathwater because of identity politics is bordering on delusional at this point. Nobody's saying you have to stick with classical art as your final style but if you want to draw representational art that looks like shit we see and observe in real life these guys did establish the foundations of this sort of study. The comic artist referenced in the previous posts still had to use the fundamentals taught by dead white guys to get the style he has because I sure as fuck don't see any guo hua or other such influence on any of his shit. Learn the fundamentals from anywhere you can so that you can teach yourself without being reliant on anyone else, dead or alive.

No. 1366270

File: 1665089075668.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1773, 4F93EDD6-12D6-4830-B611-27EF5E…)

I don’t go there but
>fair pink skin

No. 1366273

wait didnt they made draculaura asian in the reboot? why not go with the wolf chick if you want to draw a black character

No. 1366281

I’m surprise nobody said anything in qrt that she looks white. Is she suppose to be mixed?

No. 1366283

Maybe it just refers to herself as a black artist? I'm not on twitter though so I wouldn't know

No. 1366292

Blacktober is all about taking existing characters and race-swapping black.

No. 1366299

I thought it's called blacktober to highlight black artists

No. 1366304

I'm pretty sure it's both for black artists and for drawings of black characters (or racebent characters). Just depends on the artist I think.

No. 1366306

File: 1665091649509.jpg (100.08 KB, 900x707, 1656792368519.jpg)

but why? why not highlight obscure black characters instead? it seems so petty

No. 1366414

because that won't get them as many likes

No. 1366431

I thought that, but didn’t say anything lol

No. 1366512

Is that supposed to be Sincerely Nymphy?

No. 1366514


Waifu Diffusion AI for anons asking.

No. 1366550

is poipiku any good for posting anime art to? it just seems that it's just a site for twitter artists to post their hentai.

No. 1366564

The purpose of poipiku is to post anything freely without worrying about likes or who is seeing it

No. 1366891

He looks likes someone I know

No. 1367152

This is why a lot of black artists I've seen don't participate: if you don't draw black characters, like if you draw animals or any fantasy characters, it excludes you without explicitly saying so. It's vague whether or not you can tweet as a black artist if drawing racebent fanart is not your subject.

No. 1367161

Can someone explain to me like I'm a retarded 5 year old what tangent lines are and why they are bad? Of course when I try to look them up I get math related things

No. 1367165

File: 1665178715251.jpg (54.23 KB, 400x254, 6284596016_c31de83d69_o.jpg)


It's when your line art bumps up against one another and it jumbles the composition.
Like if you had a person standing in the foreground and a line for their hair is the exact same line that leads into the edge of a window behind them. It messes with the flow.

No. 1367167

tangent lines are when the lines of a character interact with the lines in the background. they can make the art confusing to look at because you dont know where one thing starts and one thing ends

No. 1367168

Samefag, but for future reference type"tangent lines art" into Google and you'll get more examples and how/why to avoid them.

No. 1367169


samefag, that anon responded first and explained it better

No. 1367180

AYRT ok so does this only have to do with separate objects in the foreground and background? I saw it mentioned while doing lineart and I seriously do not know how to avoid it. I hate lineart enough as is but adding another rule i need to abide by just makes me more nervous and I'm not entirely sure whether I am doing it or not?

No. 1367353


Not necessarily. You just have to develop an eye for it. To do that, you need to break up your elements in a scene, making sure that there's no continuous line that may confuse the eye.
It's a lot like reading a run-on sentence with no punctuation. The more examples you see of tangents, the more you'll be able to catch them in your own work. Just be patient with yourself and don't obsess over it. It still happens with professionals.

No. 1367358

Samefag yet again because I'm feeling generous! This is where visual hierarchy and line weight comes into play. Work from big to small shapes, thumbnail out your work. You can avoid a lot of tangent lines if you break elements up in the sketch phase. I hate line art too but this makes it bearable. Hope this helps.

No. 1367675

File: 1665234396604.png (247.05 KB, 640x640, 21af541ccab447f1721cd851b8e817…)

No. 1367854

as someone who wants to get into this industry, AI art is making me feel suicidal and hopeless. i don't want to reach a point where AI art will be indistinguishable from the one made by actual artists, cause then everyone will lose their jobs
i guess in that case fine arts will get a revival at least?

No. 1367971

Maybe consider switching over to 3D modeling and rigging.

No. 1368137


I feel, genuinely sooner or later it’s going to horrifically crash and burn because it’s training so much stuff on massive hordes of uncredited and without permission artworks often for profit. It’s also my entire issue with ai, rather then being replaced since there’s always a market for our art.

No. 1368142

lmao there is already an AI that does that for 3D

No. 1368159

Do you really think people will buy shit that was created by a push of a button? I know I wouldn't. The "AI overthrowing traditional art" is a techbro wet dream that will never come true. There are already multiple similar attempts at trying to overthrow an artisan craft and it always ends up the same, a cheap novelty that wears off fast. The main clientele for AI art are the people who just want to scroll and consoom pretty pictures on their smartphones all day, not companies who want a strict control over their graphical assets, full legal custody over them and a group of people to evaluate them. I could absolutely not imagine a graphic artist just being replaced by someone inputting prompts in an AI algorithm via trial and error to get a piece stitched together from someone else's drawings, that sounds idiotic.

No. 1368160

anyone still keeping up with any art channels?

holly posted this vlog where she says she's been in the psych ward becuse she had an episode and self harmed pretty badly.
i know holly used to have a thread here, but it's been dead like baylee's

No. 1368176

That's horrible, I hope she recovers even with her family stuff going on. Her leather patches are p cool.

No. 1368185

I used to follow holly's thread for the lolz but I genuinely did want to see her get better, I was happy when she seemed like she was on a good path finding jobs, going outside more etc. Holly is one cow I could never hate because we share some of the same experiences we even probably could have been friends I hope she starts feeling better in her new situation

No. 1368259

File: 1665282601744.jpg (269.67 KB, 1137x1500, 214815471.jpg)

anons should i delete the files of old drawing but keep the pngs? i'd like to but honestly i'm not sure, my sketches or the process behind it were nothing impressive and honestly they were kind of shit but maybe id like to know what other artist do with their original files because it feels like everytime they lose a drawing they have no backup file for some reason

No. 1368291

Pls stop bringing this shit up every couple of posts. Learn more about entertainment art industry

No. 1368294

Also these techbros are the prime example of nightmare clients anyway and they're not worth your time.

No. 1368309

File: 1665287383724.png (9.35 KB, 320x297, LOL.png)

Honestly feeling a bit of schadenfreude from those /ic/ males that constantly complained about not being able to draw a woman without having to taking a break to jack off, kek. Maybe AI was the big permabeg pleb filter we needed.
>pic related
Why are you so angry bro? I'm still getting money by "playing with my pencils". I might fuck around and get my pencil to make me even richer. I did not know all this time while I was drawing I had every incel permabeg in a chokehold.
I delete them. I don't know why, but I'm more inclined to do so if they were older/non public pieces. I don't recommend deleting commission files ever but that's just me. I hate file bloat but I know some people personally that have decades of files spanning back to high school or middle school, it scares me.

No. 1368316

I don't think the end goal is to overthrow traditional art, but to become the new middle-man so to speak. If they can get people to spend their money on that might've otherwise been spent on commissioning an actual artist on their monthly subs, that's fine by them.

Then there's people who'll use it to con unsuspecting people into buying their shit because "it looks good enough".

No. 1368332

I hate idiots like this so much. They are killing the last bits of optimism I had left for people as a whole.

No. 1368349


How would this even play out in a legal battle of the issue using thousands of unpaid for art to train the ai? It’s insane, like as a artist I’m curious about when the whole thing bursts how’s the no doubt hideous mess going to get cleaned?

No. 1368350

“Draw as well as Kim could,” LMAOOO… the tech bros are so lacking in self awareness.

No. 1368382

Ikr, I can't decide what's funnier, them thinking that making an AI photobash Gi's work is the same as drawing, or how obvious it is from their gloating that they're jealous of those who can draw and are desperate to one up them

No. 1368688

She has some interesting designs but doesnt know how to market herself, she mentioned only getting a few orders.
I kinda wish she got closer to baylee instead of that fat friend, baylee has a more successful shop and couldve helped her a bit

No. 1368695

Sadly she's going to go live with her mom who is a 65 year old hoarder so there's no way that's going to turn out well for her. It's sad really. Just about anything that doesn't involve drawing characters actually looks pretty neat so she has potential to be better both on a personal level and a artistic level. She's been dealt a pretty shitty hand in life that only seems to be getting shittier and it's pretty clear she has no idea what to do about it.

No. 1368780


Oh god. I hope she's doing well. I know that they had some issues going on behind the scenes, but that's still a terrible experience to go through. Wishing her the best.


Similar to crypto bros, AI tech bros are their own worst enemy. Whatever goodwill or interesting ideas these communities have about how the tech can be used are immediately usurped by the loudest vocal minority starting shit for no reason.

Most people are going to think that immediately feeding an artist's work to AI conveniently after their death to make money is in poor taste. It's like they can't understand that maybe it's a LITTLE fucked up when the body isn't even cold yet.

No. 1368791

Art Anonettes, do anyone of you know where I can send to manufacture some mousepads with boob ergonomic thing? I am not planning on making a “boob” design but a joke one, it’s complicated. Anyways, I don’t know where to start looking for get it done

No. 1368837

It's just sad because people did almost the same thing with Qinni's art.

No. 1368969

Does anybody know what happened to witchpaws aka the creator of sushi dogs and the one who really popularized the whole closed species thing? I remember she made bank with the designs, then she got a few issues, left DeviantArt, stopped drawing the sushi dogs and then disappeared. Is she still in the industry somehow? She was kind of a cow while she was on DeviantArt but I have no idea what she's doing now.

No. 1369083

I think Vograce lets you print them out, no idea on the minimum quantity you'd have to order though.

No. 1369215

2D Disney is overrated, chicken little is underrated.

No. 1369267

No idea what's going on in her personal life these days, but she has a social media presence and merch shop under the name "blushsprout" now.

No. 1369628

Late but I’ve read Loomis but would like to find more on the Reilly rhythms method. That’s been hard to understand. There’s a lot more rules to follow when constructing the head.
As an aside I thought we didn’t have to sage in this thread but I did just in case

No. 1369749

I bought from her a few times. Didn’t know it was her. She certainly has a system because she can pump out multiple pin designs on Patreon. That’s probably why you haven’t heard much of her online apart from using that as her main site.

No. 1370250

File: 1665443248099.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2462x914, BD5217FF-1554-4D22-AD9A-E30B64…)

tracked down an old (circa 2010) mutual of mine. she used to have a generic tumblr artstyle but at least it was better than the thinly-veiled tranny fetish art she’s drawing now.

No. 1370260

>thinly veiled

No. 1370353

File: 1665452845984.png (163.11 KB, 289x199, 1afdb8d63c6830d1954fabdb45c0c8…)

what on earth

No. 1370356

I keep them so that way I have proof I drew my art

No. 1370357

Could putting your art behind a spoiler like here or on twitter prevent the images from being grabbed by search engines? And if so, would that prevent most AI algorithms from finding your work when they crawl through the internet? I don't want my work to be involved in any way with this trend and if it means I can't post anything online then I'll accept that, but I feel like there has to be workarounds. I haven't heard much discussion on this specific topic yet.

No. 1370468


vograce lets you print them but it's a minimum quantity of three per order. you can also take a risk and go through aliexpress, just seek 'custom 3d mouse pad'.

No. 1370730

Gonna vent. I don't participate in any of them, but all the -tober events and prompts that start this month are so annoying. Everywhere you look, people are coming up with stupid self imposed month long bullshit challenges no one gives a shit about. It's made this season so fucking exhausting and I dread it every time because it's unavoidable. I blame inktober for spreading such a shitty trend. Nobody has to do these "challenges" of course. It's just so annoying to me that artists feel obligated to participate in something in hopes of getting a crumb of attention. It's so played out and oversaturated.

No. 1370772

I like those challenges because they help me to be constant and I always try to think about something I need to improve on before starting so I get something out of it (for example, this year I'm drawing simple backgrounds/scenery). The little clout gets me going all month and it's probably the time I improve the most because the rest of the year I'm too lazy to draw more than once a week lmao.
But it's true that there are too many of these now, every fandom account I follow thought of their own -tober; and it sucks that lots of artists feel pressured to participare on one.

No. 1370778

I like the challenges. I just can't pump out 31 days worth of work personally.

No. 1370832

I made my own list of themed prompts, but I don't have the time to do them daily. I don't want to rush on them, either, and wouldn't mind using them for a silly zine. I decided to use the list as a focal point and just enjoy creating.

I think the original point of inktober was just do stick to small stuff and get practice in ink, anyway. People using it for social clout and wanting to ride the tag while missing the point of it is what ruined it.

No. 1370836

I prefer the weekly prompts over the daily ones, at least it's less annoying because you have 7 days to think of an idea.

No. 1370857

Same. Especially when you don’t get the prompt list ahead of the month. They can be fun but there is a lot of pressure. It would be nice if there were more prompts aside from MerMay and Inktober. There used to be Huevember for Nov but that seemed to die off rather fast.

No. 1371090

I fucking hate it and I can immediately clock it as AI art. Even pregnant Sonic deviantart images are better than this

No. 1371594

File: 1665548564281.png (31.38 KB, 620x310, retard scrote.png)

Imagine existing in the current year and still unironically thinking that digital art isn't real art and that the tools make the artist. From a coomer scrote arguing on a hentai account no less

No. 1371629

>aerosol cans
Maybe it wasn't a serious post

No. 1371640

File: 1665552117931.jpg (5.88 MB, 4096x6144, GridArt_20221011_221826771.jpg)

Moids with booths at art conventions always have this really watered down, sanitized "cute" art style that I dislike so much. I'm sure I'll see some at Lightbox this weekend

No. 1371670

No it was serious. He followed up a few more times implying he was a graffiti artist and mastered it. Also sensed a bit of tism because someone called him a boomer and he said he wasn't old

No. 1371672

File: 1665555260906.png (505.06 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221011-204236.png)

The audacity

No. 1371676

It's amazing how much normies adore and think as art this adventure time artstyle, just draw a poo and slap two eyes and a line under them and they will buy it.

No. 1371747

lmfao reminds me of when I was lurking there back in the day and some permabeg i/n/cel became obsessed with mastering ruan jias rendering technique. no need to mention being incredibly salty and delusional af about it. seriously why do these losers even get into art when their only motivation is getting rich or one-upping artists they are jelly of? with such a mindset you’re only capable of producing worthless crap anyway.
ew this looks like funko pops.

No. 1371768

File: 1665563219623.jpg (67.04 KB, 1200x1200, unnamed-2-3.jpg)

Arent dumpster fires figures first, and not just this art? My friend has one and it looks really cute on display with other figures around, producing such thing is not that easy so if he doesn't just draw them it's not bad. Ultimately I'd rather have plain vector cute art moids at conventions than coomers

No. 1371781

these look so ugly

No. 1371795

This is so true, artists are always either degenerates or schizos, normies don't count.

No. 1371962

File: 1665578703861.jpeg (239.59 KB, 2120x2096, sOQTWp9.jpeg)

KEK this is how my parents described those littlest pet shop toys i was obsessed with
picrel an amazing custom i found

No. 1372013

I've noticed so many art shops crop up with this exact same style. For some reason they especially love drawing frogs and mushrooms and other generic bullshit and slap cutesy faces on them. I can't tell one artist from another but I guess that wouldn't matter to a normie who eats up generic cute shit like this.

No. 1372016


Then they cry and bitch about how their manufacturers bootlegged their plushie and enamel pin designs, when it wasn't unique enough in the first place.

No. 1372058

I mean that's still shitty even if their ideas are unoriginal I think some company stealing a design and mass producing off of a small artist still sucks.

No. 1372237

I'm kind of disappointed by how generic her style became. Good for her though.

No. 1372527

File: 1665615558961.png (2.57 MB, 1170x2532, F120247C-75C7-45F4-B280-E393B7…)

So in the latest saga of shitty tech bros, apparently this one went straight into a artist life stream, took a screenshot of the wip in progress, and then ran it through the AI and posted it as theirs if I’m reading all of this correctly, and then came after the actual artist.

No. 1372531

tbh that tweet just reads like the average troll. that's just a troll who wants attention.

No. 1372576

This is an actual nightmare because even if the person is trolling, i can see more ai artists actually doing this or going onto artists patreon stealing work that way

No. 1372577

is that…kenma from haikyu

No. 1372689

These types always gravitate towards him.

No. 1372841

This doesn't look that bad

No. 1372844

thought these were a toaster on fire when i saw them at a store

No. 1372865

Same. Also these AI algorithms more than never reminds us of the lack of consent that is at the core of our modern web experience. Nobody consented to have their art fed to these algorithms. I'm hoping to a change of legislation. Maybe this AI art is what we needed to finally make visible for all the lack of user consent that is inherent to our modern web experience, and why is it deeply unethical.

No. 1372981

So they agree? Theyre not true artists?

No. 1372997

this sucks bro. i blame normies for ruining the internet, and they'll ruin online art communities too by giving attention to ai art

No. 1373069

File: 1665676788240.jpeg (250.43 KB, 1125x1273, 622FA84E-2E8D-4A90-88F5-B8C043…)

>Nonnas, watch me go +250,000 in the likes economy
Nice throw Musaish. It’s a shame that Twitter needs an activation condition to “support real art” instead of always doing that.

No. 1373077

File: 1665677196918.png (14.79 KB, 622x603, Musaishh.PNG)

Looks like no one bought his bullshit and he ran off.

No. 1373099

This was recommended to me and while I get wanting to use these types of comments for content, I think it’s a bad move to give these comments more attention. With that said some of them sound like /ic/ crabs which makes it all the more annoying

No. 1373193

I had this recommended to me earlier as well, and it reminded me of why I hate these "reading my hate comments" type videos. People commenting whatever pops into their head, rude or not, is just part of being online. It's unavoidable. Also, for every one "hate comment" you can pull up, there are hundreds complimenting, supporting, and enabling you every day.

She also mentioned reading these comments in the voice of an abusive person in her personal life. I think she needs to step back from the internet and get into therapy if she isn't already. If she wants to stay online (I'm pretty sure this is her job), the least she can do for herself is only read the top comments and never sort by new, as "hate comments" never reach the top unless you've either messed up badly or your audience actually hates you lol.

No. 1373207

I thought this was Sara Tepes and got confused

No. 1373232

people who interact with these kind of comments just do more harm than good. if the comments are trolling, they're not worth your time and if they're genuine, the commenter is an idiot and also not worth your time. no one ever does videos with positive comments…

No. 1373291


I stopped watching her videos and had YouTube stop recommending her to me because none of the videos she makes are really all that useful or new information.

All she did was wiggle her way into the 'art business advice' niche and stayed there. She has mentioned that shes stuck now making those types of vids and not making art videos because they don't get views, but that's kind of her own making. If she drew or painted something more than generic illustrator's slop there'd be more substance to the 'advice' vids she makes…

There's a sort of arrogance and disingenuous vibe I pick up from her as well that I don't like but maybe that's just me.

No. 1373614

these type of videos are so annoying, who cares that someone called you ugly?? black and brown creators have to deal with racism, lgbt creators have to deal with homophobia. the majority of the art community is straight white female, it's about the safest place for a content creator that looks like her. get over it.

No. 1373617

the actuality of being on the internet is that you have to block, mute and ignore negative comments. It does no good to really bring attention to them.

on the other side, I do enjoy hearing creators talk about it because in a way it does remind me that just because it is to be expected doesn't mean it should be considered acceptable. Helps keep my own self in check

No. 1374270

Same. I first found her videos because yt recommended them and I thought the thumbnails were pleasing to look at. Going through her videos I realized it's basic advice and she technically wasn't making money with her art, rather the business advice she was giving. I wanted to investigate further and her art and the only thing she has on her store are templates (which i frankly think are overpriced). I also got similar vibes when watching her videos so you're not alone anon.

Regardless of my biases, the comments appear to be one off rude comments that I honestly never encountered when I watched her videos. I think if you're a creator online, especially on youtube, you have to expect these kinds of comments every now and then unfortunately. No matter how you present yourself, someone is always gonna throw some rude/mean comment for no reason other than just because. It's the internet.

No. 1374318

AYRT. It's funny you mention the thumbnails because hers always looked obnoxious to me. I'd always roll my eyes when I saw her face, I don't know what it was about them. Nothing about her seems genuine.

No. 1374351

I wish I knew how to stop cringing at my own work. I hate promoting myself because it feels humiliating to basically beg people to look at my stuff, especially when I'm not 100% happy with it or my product photos but I really need the money.

No. 1374397

Not sure this is the right place but an artist I used to follow passed away recently and I’m bummed out

No. 1374450

Exposure therapy, like listening to your own voice, it gets better with time.

No. 1374511

there was a post about how putting noise filter on your art messes up ai recognition so you could try that too

No. 1374550

Gonna put my tinfoil here: mabgraves spends the whole year working on her drawlloween pieces and then pretends she's doing them daily while most eyes are on her page. She's basically inactive for the rest of the year yet somehow manages to make multiple pieces a day during drawlloween, things that would be logistically impossible to complete in a day like her needlefelted hedgehog with apple ornaments today.
Or the bones headpiece, her story about conveniently finding the bones she needed on a morning walk, somehow preparing/cleaning them sufficiently to work with in a few hours, and taking the photos, and making something for her miniature museum on the same day.
All this stuff takes longer than is physically possible in a day. It's smart advertising so I don't blame her but as an artist who does related crafts, it's literally not possible to complete things in the speed she is posting she is. I think the yupo drawings or paintings may be genuinely daily work since that is possible, but the larger or more complex pieces, like the full colour illustration with a bunch of cats in different poses, the needlefelted hedgehog, the bones headpiece, they all take longer even if you're really fast.
There's also been a miniature house from a ghibli movie, a furry werewolf doll, three full colour lake monster paintings already printed/prepared for pennants, and a painting and drawing, both of which had a timelapse unlike the above more complex projects which just appeared. Plus a couple of redraws of kids drawings which are obviously new.
It's a good hustle but it almost seems like an unconvincing one, unless you aren't an artist and don't realise how long these things actually take

No. 1374574

Are you me, I stopped promoting commissions and my patreon because I always feel dirty about it.

No. 1374620

That has very little effect and it's only been spreading around because Twitter users never fact check anything.

No. 1374621

I don’t follow her but I found out a few years ago a similar artist already did all her work before the prompt list was out. I was a bit upset but seeing that the list was out two months before the official event it made more sense how some artist seemingly create a finished product in a day. To other artists it’s quite discouraging but once I found that out, I felt relieved. A lot of artist will content batch but if you’re not aware I can see how it would put off artists not wanting to participate because they don’t feel like they can keep up. The weekly prompts are what I like better though they don’t seem as popular.

No. 1374641

That's interesting to know, so it's probably a common thing a lot of artists do during October drawing tag time. Mab has actually said in interview she preprepares Instagram posts along several themes, though she hasn't admitted to these ones being preprepared and is commited to the bit. It's smart but also discouraging I bet, if a new artist is looking at this and thinking it's actually possible to do.

No. 1374661

Imagine starting Halloween and Fall prompts in July/August, I don't know, maybe I just have better shit to do. People call it 'smart' but it sounds like being another content slave.

No. 1374863

I mean how else can people make money from generic art

No. 1375111

bloody hell if my content was as reccomended as hers i wouldn't complain.

No. 1375666

File: 1665863325244.jpeg (535.71 KB, 1008x1250, 61808011-83D9-4359-B1CF-793DED…)

I can’t stand male artists sometimes - why insert a random whore with glasses in what would have been an amazing fantasy illustration.

No. 1375681

>makes title more clickbaity than usual
>proceeds to make a boring original character that sucks

Bravo, LavenderTowne.

No. 1375683

Do men know how to draw women in anything that isn't bikini chainmail??

No. 1375685

There should be a proper name for this shitty "I slapped a .u. face on it" cancer because for a while it was just labeled as "kawaii" art.

No, it's entirely deserved when they bawww about why their .u. face ice cream design is ""stolen"" when the only original part is they drew a generic-ass clipart ice cream. It's such low effort art and easily replicated.

No. 1375693

because whores in glasses are part of the fantasy worlds for them. i found my dad's old fantasy magazines from the 80s and it's just softcore porn.

No. 1375713

I understand frazetta shit but this is just some generic booth babe. Does no one care for immersion?

No. 1375716

>caring for immersion if it's even at the tiniest expense of coom
I think you know the answer to that nonnie.

No. 1375978

Her advice isn't terrible for if you were starting out but her example is so bland

No. 1375985

So tired of moids drawing women. They act like they're creating something with meaning too

No. 1376022

>Her advice isn't terrible
Yes it is.

No. 1376024

>wip in progress
RIP in peace.

No. 1376201

I have murder urges.

No. 1376209

File: 1665908470766.jpeg (128.06 KB, 1200x515, FB1765D6-560D-44DF-BA33-29F006…)

It’s so distracting when a artist who does detailed photo bashing like this and doesn’t blend it into the background. I’ve noticed that in some of their posts, otherwise it’s really good, the only thing that saves it from being glaringly distracting is that they’re skilled in composition and that’s what makes it less but the difference it has in some of their paintings throws me off.

No. 1376210

File: 1665908583003.jpeg (142.58 KB, 1200x515, C37C15D5-AC51-442A-B251-664AA0…)


Actually, holy shit zooming in on this is just, painful, do they get thousands of likes just quickly painting over models?

No. 1376215

are you trolling? 2/10

No. 1376217

Calm down, Nonna. There’s a glass.
Also, it was paid by an oil company to make leftist look stupid.

No. 1376235

Hey, it's cool. Tomatoes have antioxidant properties

No. 1376236

It got a lot of attention so a lot of people actually think it was a good activist stunt since widespread coverage is the goal; not like environmentalists are not mocked no matter what they do anyway. Ultimately they got both mocked and praised so no one wins lmao

No. 1376247

I’m genuinely not, just surprised since aether has a literal deformed infant hand in the second one. I’d wonder why they didn’t fix it

No. 1376309

this is so obviously traced from CSP 3D dolls and other materials, but damn if i didn't wish i could polish a turd like this

No. 1376362

Honestly, same. I can’t for the life of me begin how to learn rendering, makes me honestly impressed with artists who don’t use 3D like this so sloppily and create complicated illustrations like it.

No. 1376532

File: 1665938205841.jpeg (29.49 KB, 748x269, 3DA083C5-8EAC-45CE-96E0-EDF827…)

Nonnas, is algorithm invisibility real? How do I get myself off the blacklist?
I’m able to get so and so’s Retweet by having a list of birthdays but relativity says I’m not doing so well.

No. 1376795

For her teen audience who just wanna make donut steels it's fine, no?

No. 1376827

File: 1665955054867.png (453.54 KB, 724x602, 4C816393-ACF2-411B-BA50-C144C4…)

It’s not so much character design but rather your art sucking ass, Haley.

No. 1376928

mayb i’m overestimating my art skills but does any one else feel like their traditional art (whether that’s painting or just pencil) is way better than their digital work? nothing has stressed me out more than digital art which is embarrassing because i’ve been at it for years kek

No. 1376997

The left pic doesn't even look inherently boring to me. Just looks like the character is a normal young girl. Not a bad design at all depending on the character. Lots of iconic characters have very simple designs and would look "boring" next to the rainbow creature girls she normally draws

No. 1377023

Simple characters with maybe one or two quirky features are usually how you want to go if you want a memorable character others will latch on too. Blank slate and all that.

No. 1377082

Apparently this was staged. But people have done stuff like this before so I'd say if this was real I understand you need to do weird shit for people to look up from their phones, but if you leave it at the dumb stunt all the attention will focus there instead of at your cause. Especially if the stunt is nothing to do with the cause. I thought the same about people burning buildings "for" George Floyd (inb4 white, I'm not)

No. 1377249

lot of people nowadays overdesign characters, they either look like gachashit rejects or shitty nyc art school kids (i hate bastardized "y2k" revival) than actual people. these overdesigned characters are hell to draw in any other pose that static standing, i know people who take commissions who rejected people who only had these types of characters because it's just too annoying to draw all of these details because if you miss some these dumb kids might harass you.

No. 1377358

Idk anything about this youtuber but there are super popular ocs that fall into the left and right category, her art is just ugly

No. 1377464

What website is good for posting my work? I mostly draw my husbandos, but they are… uhhh, let's say I don't want people shit on me for liking unconventional characters or weird ass obscure husbandos and just post my shit in peace. I don't care about exposure all that much, I know that my fan art will be liked by my fellow husbandofags who will go out their way to find my web page and will appreciate my work. I'm thinking about pixiv but it seems like mostly a Japanese site, so idk if I will fit in. I would like give tumblr a chance but I don't care about social part of the site and don't want unwanted people bothering me. Twitter seems popular too, but I hate Twitter with all my soul. Thoughts?

No. 1377513

I’d just say post on whatever website you want, even multiple, because no matter what you’ll get shit for what you want to draw. For some reason everyone has something to say even when you’re not hurting anybody or not wanting to interact with anybody

No. 1377550

I'll take anything over accessorized Vtuber looking shit

No. 1377564

You can say the Riddler it’s ok

No. 1377577

It's not the Riddler, kek. Although my husbando is from a comic book, so close enough.

No. 1377615

File: 1666034218648.jpeg (716.63 KB, 1170x872, 8856B543-6D1D-4B8C-8748-CB36EC…)

Ah lavendertowne. I’m surprised she never got her own thread.

No. 1377619

i would have made a thread on her, but I’m unsure if there’s enough milk to sustain a thread

No. 1377742

I don't think so. She doesn't really get into any actual drama as far as I know. I don't think you can sustain a thread just on "this girl gives bad advice and is very uninspired".
I think the closes thing to drama was when people got mad at her for saying not all TERFs are evil because she had a cool TERF classmate (supposedly she didn't actually know what TERF meant), and sometimes people ree on twitter and tumblr because they think she whitewashes characters/sucks at colouring black skin, but she never really aknowledges any of that so you can't call that milk.

No. 1377751

File: 1666043340429.png (89.35 KB, 720x525, Screenshot_20221017-144715-059…)

No. 1377759

isn't she aware of lolcow? I wonder if there is some self posting

No. 1377761

File: 1666043723065.png (120.12 KB, 585x349, colors.PNG)

Literally first "callout" from the thread… what other colors they want in the picrew? How to even please people at this point? lmao

No. 1377764

a lot of this is just a great example of "Chronic Twitter User Syndrome." The callout poster is more cringe than Lavendertowne.

No. 1377795

Lmfao all of these examples are so retarded. I wish I didn't have any real problems like these people

No. 1377800

File: 1666045960352.jpeg (22.06 KB, 236x494, 3E41D7F2-5192-4432-A4A2-ED60FC…)

I think those colors are okay? I don't get it, I don't really like her art style or whatever because she's as boring as drinking a flavorless glass of water, but what do the Twitter crew wants? Pic related? And it's funny because most kweertard picrews have literally the same colors that she put there, if not even less than those.
This is just yet another season of "I'm jealous because my art is shit and I don't want this relatively popular artist to get the spotlight for their talented shit or safe shit that keeps them with a constant influx of likes and asspats"

No. 1377880

File: 1666052029895.jpeg (251.49 KB, 750x681, 866FE5BF-9119-42A2-8042-34C0ED…)


Side note, but These types of people are actually evil. Like, they make a post directing it to how horrible said person is, exaggerating because they want said person to be humiliated/ruined. The fact that there’s more and more call out posts for the most mundane shit is why im too scared to post my art

No. 1377903

>Pretty much admits they're only doing it for attention and because she makes them seethe
I wonder how long it'll take for them to cry about being harassed

No. 1377918

File: 1666053886560.png (104.14 KB, 297x259, tumblr_static_spiky_haired_guy…)

anoyone else just utter dogshit at cartoons and anime? I have a decent semi-realism style but my cartoon/anime faces look like bowls of alphabet soup with the features floating around. For some reason I cant figure out, I have no trouble setting and balancing facial features if it's semi/realism, but as soon as it gets to the abstract lines of anime shit, my stuff comes out looking like a 7th grader did it at lunch break. I thought that since I'd mastered the fundamentals, it'd translate easily into "simpler" styles but I guess fucking not. Banging my head on my desk.

No. 1377923

File: 1666054327165.jpeg (55.75 KB, 679x658, FfQfZ6pXwAMAcnd.jpeg)

Damn, lavendertowne based? Also I don't like her art but those are really retarded reasons to cancel someone

No. 1377925

Holy shit, this is me. I can't paint realism well, but ask me to do some anime shit/simplistic and it's cringe city. I don't know what it is.

No. 1377930

i'm assuming you meant to type "can" nonni? but yes wtf i hate it so much. What the fuck is our problem? I can paint the god damn mona lisa but i can't draw anime fan art? what is the point in living?

No. 1377932

Shit, yeah I did mean to type 'can'.

No. 1377978

Lmao, they're just mad because her art is ugly but she still managed to get popular. What a similar mindset to some anons in these threads.

No. 1378023

Lmao, I’ve noticed this with some of my personal fav realism artists who also can’t draw anime.
I’m beginning to think that it’s a mindset thing because you learn realism based on rules/structure in our world- Compare that to stylized art which “breaks” or simplifies shapes.

No. 1378055

Wtf i love lavendertowne now

No. 1378154

Wow her art sucks but this is based as fuck. Is LT the reverse Creepshowart?

No. 1378213

I've always suspected that she regularly self-posted her videos here, because there used to be an "anon" who would post each of her videos as they dropped without typing anything in the post, and most of the videos were completely non-milky (same thing creepshow did). Even now, I think she's boring as hell and I don't understand why someone would want a thread on her when the most she does is make a cringy thumbnail/cringe art that doesn't garner much more reaction than "wow that's stupid". Her art style for her comic was cute imo but she's badly stagnated if not regressed after she started getting big views on youtube and focusing solely on that.

No. 1378323

File: 1666095555029.jpg (263.76 KB, 1334x1037, IMG_20221018_100452.jpg)

the current situation on pixiv

No. 1378327

Is this ai art spam?

No. 1378328

Kek I want to see examples of this

No. 1378331

the moids discovered a source for infinite coom and it’s cooking their brains like soft boiled eggs. Imagine them sitting there in front of the computer hitting refresh on the AI this many times just to see the same pin up posed anime girl kek.

No. 1378333

They are using the AI to make realistic CP. I hate men so fucking much it's unreal. We need another war for them to die in en masse.

No. 1378334

It's honestly scary to think about. So unnatural and degenerate. Anime girls were already pretty far removed from reality but now with AI it's even more dystopian.

No. 1378336

>remembering that one radfem post that shows the steps of normalizing pedophilia
hell world

No. 1378338

NAYRT but which post is that?

No. 1378344

No. 1378350

File: 1666098644074.png (359.44 KB, 506x2920, 1647667479900.png)

we are at step 3 not btw

No. 1378353

As a mother this makes me feel so incredibly nauseous. I don't share pictures of my daughter online, but it will become harder and harder to protect kids from male predators. I really really hate men.

No. 1378356

Derail but this was already happening a bit with a YouTube channel where this 60 something yr old man crudely edited and put together creepy videos of young girls in what seems to be audition tapes and green screened them into videos. Burn the earth

No. 1378362

That happens to me too, though my traditional art is not better by much. I wonder if getting a display tablet or a bigger tablet would improve my digital art skills.

My only problem with this theory is that this person doesn't seem to know what "extreme leftism" is and conflates it with neoliberalism which is fucking retarded since they are fundamentally opposed to each other. Also, I don't see how tradfags AKA right-wingers wouldn't push for the return of legalized child marriage in their own way if something like this were to happen.

No. 1378407

throw all AI 'artists' into the sun

No. 1378692

Wait what? Source?

No. 1378700

NTA but i found that kind of shit on pixiv myself sorting by recent when i wanted to see how bad the state of it was. No straight up nudity but ai generated bikini images of indian little girls, as in deepfake photographies, not anime. You will have to take my word for it for obvious reasons.

No. 1378701

Steps 7 and 8 are occurring already in general, just not as strongly related to deepfakes

No. 1378714

File: 1666120329227.jpg (236.79 KB, 1080x890, Capture_20221018.jpg)

Moids don't need it to be normalised when you can get things like this just by googling but they'd definitely embrace it if it happened

No. 1378726

gonna barf

No. 1378740

Most of the stuff about her, looking at >>1377761 is absolutely psychotic. I don't know who this girl is, but from an art perspective, as someone who is looking at it without twitter SJW goggles, a lot of this seems massively embarrassing to call controversy. Cringe, but I'm mostly so over the complaints of 'whitewashing' when the character doesn't look white in the least, including fanart of a real person. Someone's interpretation doesn't equal racism when it's obvious that their style and their color ranges differ in tone, but for their style, the tone fits for the race. It's the pastel issues all over again and it comes down to the people making these threads wanting hyper saturated obvious race colors and it's such a tired and art stifling complaint.

No. 1378744

Going to stop right there, no one who is interested in kids is going to deepfake a kid's face onto an adult, legal body. That doesn't make any sense and kind of seems to defeat the point. Lol

No. 1378750

This isn't the conspiracy you think it is, men instinctually know that younger women are more fertile. The ones that wanna fuck prepubescent kids are just fucked in the heads though. But the recent notion of girls in their 20's being children is infantalizing and a sign your brain is rotten from too much Twitter.

No. 1378766

Did someone in this thread claim women in their 20s are children? Or are you actually trying to whine about the criticism that is of much older men going for women in their 20s? Because that's the times where I see "infantizing" being brought up the most as a blanket statement to use against all criticism of such things. IDK. I just find it…fascinating you jumped from little girls to women in their 20s.

No. 1378776

Pick whichever platform you like
Worst case scenario is 4chan/LC/CC

No. 1378799

Jesus, you can see it here and there within the sea of countless AI anime porn. Actual ai generated photorealistic scantily clad children. Hell world that needs to burn.

No. 1378801

degen moid spotted

No. 1378802

samefag, this is on pixiv

No. 1378809

I would not call >>1378323 CP. You have girls with tits here, like big tits.

No. 1378812

How come people who bring up this "but their fertility" thing a lot never want to want to acknowledge that men in their 30s/40s/50s with aged, poor-quality sperm have absolutely no business trying to impregnate women in their 20s, or any age/state within "peak" fertility? More unhealthy, delayed children would be bad for everyone. It's likely for the good of society that those older men are shamed, plus no one thinks it's creepy for men in their 20s to be attracted to women who are the same age.

No. 1378817

No, I'm saying there is literal ai art on pixiv that uses photorealistic pictures of children instead of anime that can be seen when you search "ai" on pixiv. It's scattered here and there because there is so many of the anime ai coomer art.

No. 1378823

File: 1666126692373.jpg (161.72 KB, 885x960, joe-pingleton-wombocombo15.jpg)

samefag, like how these look realistic, theres pictures on pixiv that show realistic scantily-clad children. That's what I meant. It's still uploaded on Pixiv and that's what the nonny saying there was AI cp meant.

No. 1378833

they'd probably intentionally choose the smallest youngest-passing supposedly adult women they can find, this is already a thing in mainstream porn.

No. 1378835

..I don't even know if this is even on topic with art anymore, but you might as well also be saying that women in their 50s shouldn't have sex for the same reason of 'dusty eggs'. In general, both sexes, are attracted to the ages 20s-30s. It's not a secret, it's not just men. Some of the AI that exists right now, can't get close to real CP. I don't considering drawn/generated art as CP and it needs to not be labeled that because it's absolutely confusing and even the FBI has said to stop reporting drawings as it wasters down real CP.

I don't see someone going through the effort of taking a photo of a kids face and superimposing it onto an adult's body, regardless of how under-developed the woman is, and using that to create fake CP. Also, fake CP. Do some of you anons not realize that >>1378350 an adult with a face of a kid isn't going to cause any legal trouble to begin with? You can't criminalize someone getting off to adults just because of the face. If that were the case, then you would have a lot of Instagram models and OF models who use face tracking FaceTune type apps and the like, be criminalized for dishing out CP.

There are SO many loopholes to this radfem anti-AI manifesto. Also the fact that she basically says adult women are strapping men down to be groomed to become pedophiles and that it gets to a point where because adult women are doing this, that there is no space for CP and violence in porn. Not to mention completely disregarding male gender in both child and adult format being sexualized. It makes no sense and CP race related porn and hentai is the number one porn searches, not fake 'daddy/daughter' and 'incest'. A Google search could have told you that.

Legally, nothing is being broken though, even if someone is using NovelAi and using the WaifuDiffusion to creates lolicon. it uses places like Danbooru and stuff. There's actual CP on pixiv that people just throw bevel filters over and post those. AI generate CP doesn't exist to this conspiracy level the way anons think it is because real CP, as you can see from the raids we get from scrotes on LC, is accessible. Doesn't make it right or okay, but they won't go through all these extra steps and then if the extra steps involves altering an adult, that's not CP in the least.

No. 1378837

Pedos aren't using adults as a scapegoat to their attraction, anon. They will go right to googling the source if they want CP.

No. 1378840

I think it's more likely they'd use ai-generated art than deepfakes (for images). Ai is advancing quickly, we already have scrotes generating their own art porn.

No. 1378868

The best thing artists have going for them against these assholes, is the fact that they cannot legally copyright these images, so if anyone wants to copy/paste this or any image an AI bro makes into their own storefront or use it to post on their own patreon, they can. The Ai generator doesn't have copyright.Open Source isn't copyrightable.

No. 1378907

The problem is, they'd have to admit to it being AI generated first. Plus, if they've edited an image to a certain point by themselves after generation, they can probably copyright it.

No. 1378908

>..I don't even know if this is even on topic with art anymore, but you might as well also be saying that women in their 50s shouldn't have sex for the same reason of 'dusty eggs'.
Are women in their 50s creeping on young men en masse? No, no they aren't. If they were, though, it wouldn't be wrong to say the same thing.
Also, you're wrong on the AI art thing, at least re: superimposing faces. Examples can inadvertently be found very easily, and that's why all this shit is dodgy. I'm undecided on what stance to take on the matter of AI art in general (I support it as a creative tool, but am wary of the bad things it could be used for), but that radfem post is not the least bit as infeasible as we'd all like it to be. That's all I have to say.

No. 1378932

File: 1666131101325.jpg (51.42 KB, 735x686, Tumblr_l_14828159499817.jpg)

I'm kind of confused right now so I came to your aid.
Some weeks ago a client came telling me they wanted some drawings of 20 different characters, all in individual canvases.
I started doing one, he paid for one, no problemo so far. When I was working on drawing number 6 dude tells me that it's actually for a videogame he's making. I felt like I was being used like a retard (which I am) so I instantly said to him that commercial use must be paid for each drawing, the ones that I've made and the future ones.
He told me that it was alright and proceeded to give me the next reference, he paid and I told him he could paid the commercial rights once I'm done with all of the drawings.
I proceed to finish the drawing he requested, he told me that he liked it so I naturally waited for him to send me the next reference but nothing. I wait three days and send him a reminder in case if he still wants the remaining drawings and he tells me that he forgot to reply, so I wait for the rest of the message but again, nothing. And that was like four days ago.
Should I send a reminder again or let it go? it's a really indie project so he's probably not making and income from my drawings but still lol

No. 1378950

if he paid for all the drawings you did, there's no problem here. if he wants to drop the project that's his business. don't do any other work for him until he replies.

in the future, you should definitely ask clients what the project is/sign a contract if they're asking for multiple drawings.

No. 1379013

I guess you are right, when I saw so many characters I thought it was for some dnd campaign or something. Still, before I start any commission I make the person read my tos which I guess he did, and decided to ignore the part where I state that commissions for commercial usage need to be addressed beforehand. Maybe he felt bad after some drawings and told me it was for a game thinking I would shrug it off and when I didn't he stopped replying. OR maybe I'm making up a whole story

No. 1379086

Stable diffusion contains CP and abuse material in the dataset though. If you search terms like "loli" in haveibeentrained.com you'll find it even though they've added a nsfw filter on this site.

No. 1379128

lmao thankfully the world isn't as crazy, the child sex dolls were banned even if there was a push by certain people to say they were a ''no harm scape''. I don't think pedophilia will ever become accepted again.

No. 1379147

ntayrt but when it comes to large scale projects I wouldn't hesitate to whip out a contract. TOS is cool and all but that persons proved that not everyone is going to either fully read it or abide by that. Contracts are neat tho bc you can put clauses in them that state specific things like how many free revisions a client can get before you start charging them. Plus with a signed contract you cant have asshole clients claim that they didn't know something because you'll have proof that they acknowledge your terms, before you even start a single sketch. It's more so for your safety as an artist so that you don't get screwed out of your time, money, and work.
Other than that, if they've already paid for the work you've done and decide to ghost you now, let them. It's not your job to chase after a client. But it does seem kind of fishy they've dropped it. My immediate fear is they've contacted another artist and are using the piece you've made as example art so they can complete their project but at a possibly cheaper price.

No. 1379150

ugh just spent like my only hour of free time today reporting actual CP on pixiv. There are a lot of users who are straight up filtering or tracing real child sexual abuse photos on there and they get like 20,000 likes and are somehow still up. And that's not even counting the photorealistic 3d models of small children being abused from 700 angles. Pixiv needs to get this fucking under control.

No. 1379156

ot fucK this was so nasty to read and now I'm spiraling… Female billionaire to lobby against all men, and castrate them, when?

No. 1379172

They are better off just creating 3D models with Real engines.

No. 1379183

No, but you do have women who do want to use AI for shota type art. These women do exist and acting like they don't and it's only a young girl vs adult male dynamic, is really retarded.

No. 1379184

Female billionaires also participate in human trafficking. I swear to become a billionaire a woman has to be as psychopathic as a moid.

No. 1379186

No. 1379189

Yeah, you don't think these people will be able to access a massive part of the web to create these? Thats why it's all open source so people can flag this stuff. It takes things from pintrest and that's a massive harbored for CP and not just drawn lolicon CP I mean. It depends on the AI you are using, but just like how people are able to use pintrest to host CP in their galleries under the guise of other forms of art or boards, people will do that with anything they can get their hands on as long as it can host real versions of things. Thats why this idea that conflicting drawn lolicon to real CP is such a fucking issue. We need to stop focusing on the drawn aspect and a small niche who like kids like lolicon. General pedos don't give a fuck about proxy and care about the IRL kids only.

The same way I mentioned how people put bevel filters over real CP and post it to pixiv and because it's edited, it looks like it's 'drawn' when it's not.

Literally just like this anons says, it's sucks to go to these art sites and all you see if real CP shit everywhere under these edited filters to pass off as 'art' when it's obviously not.

No. 1379192

Those two posts have nothing to do with each other

No. 1379572

I'm gnashing my teeth at having to join a Discord for a Zine. I know why it makes it easier for the organizers but I hate it. Trying to tell myself I don't have to talk in it at all. I tried to be involved in the last Zine I was in and some drama happened and the project completely fell apart (unrelated to anything I did). Hopefully this one will remain chill since the last one I was in was for a series that is known for its insane fanbase.

No. 1379609

Steven universe? Genshit?

No. 1379666

Nope to both of those.

No. 1380002

discord is the easiest way to communicate with a huge bunch of people, but mods should definitely make an effort to communicate through email for people who aren't comfortable with discord

No. 1380752

wait is there something about Discord we should know about?

No. 1381061

Just that it's not always the best for communicating, is overwhelming, easy to get drowned out in, especially if you're not active in servers frequently, and a pain in the ass, piss poor substitution for archiving any type of information?

No. 1381333

dumb question, but nsfw artists, does using the hashtag get you shadowbanned?

No. 1381420

File: 1666318790311.png (162.57 KB, 535x811, _Untitled.png)

Discord is a popularity wank where 1 or 2 people flood the #art-chat channel and 80% of the time, the server's owner isn't around for chit-chat. As an artist, you know who's pressing RT and "the art supporters" there sure aren't doing it.

No. 1381476

File: 1666326906984.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2100, A4272475-3940-4BC1-BEC8-FBA7E0…)

Can someone explain why some people are mad at this I’m stupid

No. 1381483

File: 1666327481879.png (709.99 KB, 615x529, gross pedo shit aint cute or f…)

It took me forever, and I hate that I know what it is. It's a well-known loli guro gif that they are referencing.

No. 1381485

It's a reference to a pedo gore gif named Fukouna Shoujo, in which a girl stands in the middle of a machine before she gets tortured and murdered. You know, just normal people things.

No. 1381491

I've been on the internet for far too long to be able to recognize that in a second…
I hate mainstream twitter art

No. 1381492

samefag but I find it hilarious that they didn't even bother to draw the details on the box, or even blur it, and straight up ripped it from like google photos.

No. 1381493

is it cookie run related? kek

No. 1381499

I just looked this up and it's insane how there's an upload on YouTube of the full gif.

No. 1381532


They’re so corny, the whole, “It’s edgey… laugh!!!!” Is just repulsive, but even apparently worse they did a art piece on Chris Chan, which from my knowledge isn’t that the dude who like, raped his mom. They’re as insufferable as the duck riders under their post saying it’s “dark humor,”

No. 1381556

>which from my knowledge isn’t that the dude who like, raped his mom.
Not that I disagree with you, and no offense either, but how new are you nonna…

No. 1381561

I’ve never kept up with the Chris Chan saga, lmaoo.

No. 1381598

I fucking hate that gif so much. Imagine animating a complex and VERY detailed gif of a young girl character getting slowly and realistically sliced by a machine. Imagine taking the time to make that and finding it funny. Dark humor my ass, it's just so specific and time-consuming to make that it's more than an edgy dark joke. I'm starting to think that every moid into "dark humor" and gore these days are actual criminals and need to be put on a list.

No. 1381601

Is it a weird thing that I prefer basic bitch printer paper for pencil sketches? Everybody loves sketchbooks, but honestly I hate them because of their small size and the binding rubs me the wrong way. I prefer printer paper cause it's cheap as fuck and honestly I don't care about the quality of the paper cause you can draw on anything with a pencil. If I have a particularly good sketch, I just put it away in a folder and I can easily throw away shit I don't like. Scanning it is easier too. Am I weird or what? Everyone is kind of a snob when it comes to paper it seems and people mostly hype up sketchbooks.

No. 1381602

Sketchbooks are just good for when bringing them with you on the go. if you're just sketching at home just use cheap paper

No. 1381605

I've always wanted to be part of a fandom zine but I never get accepted even though my art is decent, which I always assume is fair because many people are better so obviously they'd get picked before me. But then they announce people who got in and some are literal newbies with terrible skills way below mine and I'm starting to think I've been secretly blacklisted or something. Is it because I don't have pronouns listed in my bio?

No. 1381622

People probably just take in friends and friends of friends, don't get discouraged! Have you looked into your local zine scene? Less likely to be as autistic as some online only ones. Otherwise though, just keep trying, eventually you'll get your work somewhere and it will get easier from that point most likely

No. 1381628

I’ve always used $1 unlined scratchpads for sketching

No. 1381645

You can start with charity or free zines to pad your "resume" for future applications, those are easier to get into. I think zine mods like to see proof that you've delivered on past projects. But I also had the same experience with applying to for-profit zines and being rejected every time, then seeing people with kinda poor skills that were accepted. Like other anon said, it's not a reflection of you or your abilities, it's often because they pick their friends or people with more followers to get the zine more exposure. Sometimes they simply get a ton of applicants and have to make tough choices. The other thing could be if your portfolio doesn't have many pieces with the completion level that they're looking for (e.g. full pieces with backgrounds instead of just character portraits, even if those are really good). That was another reason that motivated me to do some free zines, to have more full-bg pieces in my portfolio. But I got super burnt out from it and now would only do a zine if there was guaranteed pay kek. Good luck nonna!

No. 1381656

Drawing is such a complex process for me. I don't know how other people can shit out a fully rendered piece in two days. I need weeks for a drawing. I need to check mistakes, fix it, color it, find mistakes again, fix it, rinse and repeat until everything looks like a mess and I'm tired of working on it. I feel like I'm not made to make art but I keep doing it (and failing).

No. 1381694

Discord art servers or just discord servers in general tend to attract people with 0 communication skills who usually just spam gifs and emojis. The format itself isn’t bad but the user base is so casual since it’s for gaming.
So for a project I could see why OP is annoyed even if it’s as casual as a zine it’s just not professional.

No. 1381752


I keep joining art servers thinking "this time it'll be different", and it never is. Same shit, every time. How people even keep recommending discord as a good, viable solution for an art community baffles me, but then again that's probably all they know.

No. 1381805

File: 1666363600502.png (93.82 KB, 267x151, one weird reference.PNG)

what is this type of painterly artstyle called? i want to look more into it but not sure what to search for

No. 1381874

No, it's not.

No. 1381948

I had to look it up through Know Your Meme and this comes from someone who's been online chronically since '92. I don't think the reference is as mainstream as you think.

No. 1381951

I cannot be the only one who's gotten tired of this weirdo. I physically recoiled when I saw her shitty concept art. And I'm sorry but it feels racialized? Like there's weird stereotypes and body features that make the designs really gross to me, the hoop earrings, the big hips, the facial features.. I immediately felt like she's very obviously using gross racial hentai conventions. I don't feel like I'm reaching and I can't be the only one that finds this pornified shit gross. It's funny at the end she says some shit like "I looked up many Latin, Persian, and sumerian names but couldn't find the perfect fit".

No. 1381957

Because it's purple is coded too I bet? All these details go on onis, jhins, succubus/subbubi.. These are pretty staple "adult" accessories for fictional monsters like this, so I'm not sure where the racial part is coming in to play.

No. 1381981

It's not because it's purple, obviously it's a monster. But I stated the examples pointing towards a racialized design, you have to kinda raise an eyebrow as to why she's specifically choosing to use those cultures names in conjunction to this body design among other things. I felt as though she was touching on this idea of these names and body types as ethnic and exotic, which is just creepy and gross

No. 1381983

Because those cultures tend to have names that go with lore… Of these monsters…

No. 1382003

File: 1666377639306.png (597.73 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20221021-143914.png)

You're retarded if you think this is what they looked like in those cultures or that it even has origins in them specifically. She just said she was choosing from ancient names, it's completely random. this is just her messy attempt of making a hentai monster girl but tying random shit together that have nothing to do with each other. But oh well, I just wanted to vent about her shitty art

No. 1382014

Given that it's a succubus I think having her look sexualised seems fine and I don't see how it feels racialized at all. Granted I don't think it's her most successful design but she's just given birth semi recently so having a less elaborate design makes sense to me. It feels kind of odd to be like teehee cum stealer on her self proclaimed family friendly channel

No. 1382018

I don't watch her anymore but her designs have always seemed fine to me but I'm shocked to see her do something like this. Her previous succubus was risque at best but still cute. I agree this does seem coomerish and lazy. When I saw the concept art below I had to do a double take because I didn't even think it was hers
Was going to say this too.

No. 1382025

Exactly, just feels like anon wants to be offended for the sake of being offended. The clothing, name, and jewelry, nothing seems racial.

No. 1382073

I truly agree,fucking sick to waste hours making something like that. Give them the rope.

No. 1382115

So if it wasn't a lolicon-esque character, it would be fine? Nothing even lewd was happening in the gif either. Nvm, not going to derail about old gore gifs. I found it hilarious.

No. 1382162

Neck yourself, sick fucker. No one even said anything about the fact that it's loli shit on top of the disgusting concept. If you find that shit hilarious you should cut your dick off and never reproduce, retard.

No. 1382176

its literally just cel shading with some gradients for ambient lighting.

No. 1382180

this is not a painterly style at all. it's simple cell-shading with a soft brush set on a layer mode (prob overlay/hard light) used to dab some color on the shaded part.

No. 1382185

You need to calm down and someone did mention loli >>1381485 since they said 'pedo'.

No. 1382204

Yes, but no one said that the problem was only the pedo aspect. >>1382115 was implying that we were saying that it would have been fine if it wasn't a pedo gif and nothing is lewd anyway uwu (it is). And I am calm, it's just that moids who think that depictions of female children getting dismembered alive are funny need to neck themselves, simple as that.

No. 1382206

I don't think this is painterly.

No. 1382209

Nta, but that anon didn't say it was only bad because there's loli in the gif. They just said it was sick. I don't even know why you're making random assumptions to try and defend it. Also, very strange to find stuff like that "hilarious".

No. 1382339

File: 1666394145712.jpeg (765.53 KB, 1170x1636, 4052A86A-854B-49FD-83A6-907352…)

I don’t know anything about Genshit but why are people attacking the artist for this? It’s just an angsty AU.

No. 1382357

>>1382339 because genshin people are insane and just wait for any opportunity to shit themselves over perceived racism

No. 1382362

Exactly, the gif, just like anything gore related, is fucking disgusting.
Since you think it's "hilarious"
>I found it hilarious
Remember that this is a reference to gore, which is getting put in the fanart of an anime that's popular as fuck, if you think that's hilarious then get some fucking taste already and stop hanging out with moids. That reference is the equivalent of putting censored porn or gore pictures amongst cute pictures of cats and dogs, a bunch of people who are normies or kids will look it up and it's not "haha funnee" it's fucked up and retarded.

No. 1382365

File: 1666396699856.png (343.96 KB, 533x913, sunuuki1.PNG)

Looks like the crazies got to him. Posted this just two minutes ago: https://twitter.com/sunuuki1/status/1583607504369381376

No. 1382368

Not into genshin but slavery is a sensitive subject. It still exists in some places of the world and some people have generational trauma surrendering it

No. 1382371

Slavery AU is in extremely poor taste, I’m not surprised people are angry. You can make melodramatic animu angst without being so callous.

No. 1382382

Slavery is disgusting especially when children are involved, but it’s not like the artist drew graphic rape depictions or anything. The backlash is rather uncalled for.

No. 1382383

i always wonder how these people function in real life, how do you even enjoy any form of media that's not cattered at toddlers

No. 1382386

People in real life don’t have to project themselves onto anime characters dealing with slavery just to feel something. I’m sick of Twitter having an aneurysm over anything slightly problematic but this is a retarted hill to die on kek.

No. 1382394

its so stupid though, if it was porny i could get it for sexualizing it, but gettig mad at an edgy AU isnt gonna solve slavery specially when the game is inspired by medieval fantasy

No. 1382449

>People in real life don’t have to project themselves onto anime characters dealing with slavery just to feel something. I’m sick of Twitter having an aneurysm over anything slightly problematic but this is a retarted hill to die on kek.
NTA but a lot of media features slavery, especially if it's set in the past or in a fantasy world, and no one complains about that (the vast majority of those examples do not present it as something good, quite the opposite). I really don't see the problem here unless the slavery aspect of this AU is fetishized or appeals to pedos or something like that. It's like saying you can never write about rape or abuse in fiction because there are real people who are raped and abused; as long as it's not written in a fetishistic way I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

No. 1382450

Aryt, sorry my complaint of contemporary twitter was more in line with the fact that someone would even draw and reference loli guro shit with a child character doing an activity that is normally associated with children. It’s especially twisted and sick.

No. 1382570

I can't stop deleting and starting new art twitter accounts even though I know it's stupid. I'll start one, find it hard to gain a following, eventually gain some and then delete it when I feel like too many pronouns in bios are following me

No. 1382579

If anything this is more like a comic style, linework is done with high contrast blacks + coloured with cell shading

No. 1382597

You sound like you are doing this to yourself.

No. 1382622

Nonna, don't do that to yourself, you know Twitter is full of future statistics and weirdos that would simp for any girl they see on the platform, you are better off deleting your account and move on with your art.

No. 1382826

What's your endgoal with having your art out there? IDK why be afraid of pronouns, if you want to freelance with commissions in the future, money is money, no matter whose pocket it comes from

No. 1382847

This is exactly why I mute, not block all the users with trans flags in their name. You can buy from me, but I don't want to see you. Heh.

No. 1382971

That's the thing: they don't, kek.

No. 1383007

>today I learned that using this kind of theme to express yourself, that in no way means you support slavery, will only backfire on you

Yep welcome to twitter. Sensitive themes are depicted in media all the time, and many of them are in poor taste yes, but twittards especially of the genshit variety don't know or care about how these topics can be handled less poorly. Like not supporting slavery and depicting it as an issue, like this artist is claiming they did, and exploring how a world set in a past era like genshit would have slavery. Nope you are bad and evil forever for daring to depict it reeee. If they're indiscriminately triggers all the time I wonder why they keep playing it and interacting with fan made stuff, do they like the pain kek

No. 1383010

same fag triggered not triggers

No. 1383049

that's because the fandom is made up of teenagers, the worst age for humans. ego through the roof, lack of empathy, no real world experience, think they're smarter and more cultured than adults, full of jealousy and insecurity which turns them cruel.

No. 1383057

Nonas having trouble turning drawing into a habit, feeling uninspired, or feeling burnout, watch this. Came across this randomly yesterday and it was really helpful

No. 1383062

>the crazies
Depictions of slavery should be gatekept. Also why the fuck would you put it in fanfiction.

No. 1383074

where do so many twittertards come from? Everytime you gatekeep a controversial topic some moid makes 30 fanfictions about it to trigger retards like you

No. 1383098

oh no, people are writing fanfic you don't have to read, however will you cope

No. 1383144

I think you’re assigning some sort of attachment to the subject that I don’t have. It’s just true. It’d be the same shit if someone was writing fic about concentration camps. Same argument could be why do you care that people care?

No. 1383176

File: 1666460740630.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4458x2048, BD51851D-9561-41E2-9B27-9098D7…)

This artist got (arguably rightfully) upset that someone was heavily referencing her works. Still people are attacking her saying it’s not a big deal.

No. 1383180

Because you are retarded, it's not uncommon for a fantasy setting to have slavery and its not under the same circumstances as real life slavery. If you care so much about real life slavery maybe do something about it instead of getting mad at one of the oldest fantasy tropes.

No. 1383185

These people are the same that color pick some artist pastel art of a black character and compare it to official art but then get mad when someone """""steals"""" their colors? Lmao

No. 1383206

Try using a chain blocker with chain muting when the first instance of a tranny follows you. It helped me avoid whole circles of them.
I use this one.

No. 1383267

this art is so generic looking I can't tell who is copying who kek

No. 1383271

File: 1666468268687.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1321x1915, 55CF0D10-312D-45B0-85E3-C39DF8…)


I have so much hate in my heart for this coom bait character but a dating sim? Most low effort game one can make, really thought this trend was dying out in the indie scene but I guess not.

No. 1383284

>ikea shark
this is made by a tranny isn’t it

No. 1383313

People are always going to write about dark subject matter(rape,slavery) etc. Stop crying about it. You're the same as those idiots that want to ban children's books

No. 1383361

No. 1383395

Combining Genshit and slavery is weird, sorry.

No. 1383398

I'm not defending the backlash. I'm just explaining why people might have an issue with it.
In general I think it's hard to write a good story without having sensitive elements in them.
But I'm not really defending the artist either. I haven't seen this AU so I have no idea how the subject is handled. I don't have an opinion on this specific controversy

No. 1383422

iirc she has posted photos of herself before and it was a girl with extremely low self-esteem. she was discussed already in a past thread

No. 1383454

What are they copying? The color pallets? If so that’s a really embarrassing thing to be upset about

No. 1383474

It’s been noted that as long as you don’t involve yourself TOO much with the fans/followers you should be fine.
Like >>1382826 said what is your end goal. I you want to get into industry then you’re better off paying attention and interacting with the really dry parts of the industry but if you want to make commissions don’t be too overtly involved with politics on your art account and don’t put your life on your account.

No. 1383489

It’s not just the colors it’s the composition. I can understand why they be weirded out but I find it unnecessary to make it public when they could have spoken to artist in private. It feels their callout is just them wanting clout and wanting pity points.

No. 1383493

Oh, I forgot about HealthyGamerGG. I stopped watching his videos because they're too long for my easily distracted brain kek. Thank you for this, I watched it whole, it really helped to see my habit problems from a new perspective.

No. 1383498

File: 1666485022250.jpg (142.8 KB, 777x765, 052.jpg)

I think people are upset about something else kek

No. 1383591

Always thought virtual novels were fun and easy to make- still hoping that the trend of creators asking for $5,000+ to make their 2 day project because of the amount of “effort” they put into it, dies off

No. 1383637

File: 1666499494141.png (Spoiler Image, 659.65 KB, 828x1443, EIB7fQTUcAAG1ag.png)

Read through the thread and it looks like they're a coomer shotacon with a tranny fetish.

Don't worry anon. People like that are willfully oblivious to why people would be "sensitive" to "sensitive" subjects. People who are sensitive to these subjects just play it up on Twitter, in real life, they're not as severe. You'd think it'd be obvious to get that.

No. 1383678

There's always some twist ending in these callouts kek

No. 1383848

Anyone know the @ of the artist accused of theft? I actually saw their account earlier today because their art got retweeted onto my tl. I didn't find it anything special so imagine my surprise seeing a callout for them like 10 minutes later

No. 1383849

Boofuckinghoo, blacks dont have the monopoly on slavery,or slavery depictions in fiction. Slavery is a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of man. If you cant separate fiction from reality, thats no one else's problem except yours.

No. 1383873

don’t listen to any advice given in this thread, 99.99% of the time anons are pretty retarded and never know what they are talking about, their brains are built for speculation and tinfoils only, except listen to me. it’s not the right time to make an account, it’s not the moment, and don’t force it, this is what people are never telling people who want to get some success on online platforms or even some sip of actual tangible success, there is no opportunity you can seize right now or in the foreseeable future because the online art market is already over saturated and honestly over abundant in its value. lots of people who have lots of success fulfill a niche like drawing porn, teaching normies on how to draw, making art commentary, putting vlogs surrounding their art. normies do not give a fuck or understand the organic value of your drawings, they need something to attach to it, some bullshit or fantasy to make them want to care which is why people over share and foster parasocial relationships with their fans now, they are online personalities. art itself is no longer what people are seeking, there is always strings attached. you can try now, and maybe it will work but trust me it will not fulfill you or give you what you want, social media fucking sucks

No. 1383932

Not my husbando Dave…

No. 1383960

Tbh, I know a lot of cosplayers who literally live like this and in trash unless someone comes over and then they clean. The amount of cows even outside of cosplay that live like this should be enough evidence that this isn't just coom bait. I'm probably going to play it, looks like it would be fun, the art isn't atrocious to me. What's your problem with it though? I wouldn't really call it' coomer material either. There are countless stories and hentai's, even the cosplay dress-up anime, that goes out of it's way to sexualize 'normal and pretty' looking girls all the time. Someone who actually looks like they would be in to it, makes way more sense.

No. 1383965

I just noticed, but this fucker literally color drew, then BLENDED them when they met to make it look like "hurr durr it's the same color". What a fucking pos.

No. 1383970

File: 1666542554593.png (2.89 MB, 2900x1555, IMG_5486.png)

Samefag, but not only that, the starting points are completely different. Going up, the main circle matches the one on the right identically in sperate spots I checked, then as the line moves, the colors are shift, so what the fuck did this asshole think they were on just because things look similar? How has no one done this with codes yet to prove him wrong?

No. 1383974

File: 1666542813667.jpg (21.37 KB, 412x423, FfuYz1JXoAIhyLI (1).jpg)

Sorry again, but just to add, going through the QRTs, this is apparently also a pose in game that the chick is complaining about

No. 1384039

File: 1666546781405.png (17.91 KB, 776x475, roukiiou.png)

Their twitter and tumblr username is kaeirou. But most of their artwork is gone.

I think it's interesting though how they also had an NSFW pixiv, and purged all of their artwork. Makes you think maybe they were hiding something after they saw the other splatoon artist got called out for NSFW as well.

No. 1384049

The Chronokos page on Twitter is still theirs though, right?

No. 1384050

Anon, giving tips like pandering to fandom isn't useless and does, unfortunately, help build base. Over time your own OCs can get recognition too and I see this happen a whole hell of a lot, the biggest one being Zone-Tan as a massive example.

No. 1384068

was meant for

My bad anon. Kaeirou is the accused and Chronokos was the accuser.

No. 1384122

am I having a stroke, wtf is that

No. 1384125

This shouldve been spoilered

No. 1384127

File: 1666552850566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.13 KB, 2500x2500, FehA-3fVEAAr-Rq.jpg)

I apologize nonnie; here it is spoilered.

No. 1384131

I hate mindless violence in porn. This shirt really irks me and these men actually think being nice after fixes it all the same way a mom abuses her daughter with her narc behavior and then gaslights the fuck out of the kid. It's just senseless to be senseless. I would never trust a scrote who draws violence towards women or kids, money in the equation or not.

No. 1384142

Men don't love women, all moids should die

No. 1384158

“Animecore” moids are some of the worst. Female weabs should draw male characters being gored as revenge.

No. 1384186

>Haha I still don't know how to draw
>Just some doodles
>Maybe I'll learn how to draw one day
>Hm I don't know anything about this current subject I'm drawing but let me post this drawing showing that I clearly do
>Still don't have any formal training in this subject
Can people just stop fucking saying these things? It's humble bragging, plain and simple. Especially if it comes from a man. I refuse to believe it's a defense mechanism to protect yourself from criticism. You sound obnoxious, just post art and shut the fuck up with no additional comment.

No. 1384207

File: 1666558661719.jpeg (949.61 KB, 1242x2021, E14C0ACC-241F-4419-8207-D9F0D6…)

The irony, coming from an artist that has sameface syndrom on every damn work she pulls off. All of her takes scream entitled and annoying.

No. 1384237

how does that invalidates his criticism though, fuck AI shills go back to twitter

No. 1384249

She's literally right wtf, techbros and companies already underpay artists from all types of media they would LOVE to actually replace them. No artist benefits from this

No. 1384326

AI will never replace artists with actual unique styles

No. 1384334

you know that as long as that artist has a portfolio AI can copy their style, rght? it doesn't matter how quirky your style is, AI will steal it

No. 1384344

you know that as long as that artist has a portfolio AI can copy their style, rght? it doesn't matter how quirky your style is, AI will steal it

No. 1384355

If you believe that you clearly haven't been following what AI can actually do.

No. 1384361

ntayrt but i personally stopped because his community is literally full of incels. not his fault but it does get tiring when scrotes start to get too comfortable with their incel comments

No. 1384401

AYRT, I always avoided reading the comments and the chat doesn't usually appear on the video anyway, so I had no idea how bad his followers can get until you said it. That's too bad, I hate incel scrotes so much

No. 1384429

File: 1666574735045.png (19.12 KB, 490x230, _Untitled.png)

Seeing as how Danbooru is the hotspot for AI routines, I'm betting that December is the (un)lucky month where we see bootleg clones of existing people.
Having diligent fans is gonna be a detriment.

No. 1384457

Honestly sick of the AI talk. I'm not a big enough artist that anyone would crawl my art, nor am I a doomer about it, although I do think it sucks how weak willed artists generally are about this kind of shit. But it also does make me want to stop uploading publicly for a bit. Not because I'm afraid of AI, but because I'm sick of the general disrespect towards artists.i know I'm in the minority when I say this because artists have mouths to feed and not uploading/being harder to find isn't going to pay the bills. I just wished we didn't bend over so easily and submit our work to these social media sites everyone seems so desperate to be dependent on now. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it's hard to double back to form solidarity and resist in some way.
That's all I'll say on the issue.

No. 1384515

File: 1666582137529.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, 7E1146E9-B24B-4F8A-A723-B13521…)

I hate seeing artist thinking there followers equal good art. This art looks like it’s done by a middle schooler and the entitlement to a job many spend years getting a masters or bachelors on is insane

No. 1384518

File: 1666582176146.png (5.69 MB, 1242x2208, B66807D6-DDCA-4A78-A2B6-2DBA85…)

No. 1384568

Fuck AI. Seriously.

No. 1384572

Do artists like these not realize there are 2000 other artists with the same tumblr-esque look? They really need to develope thier own techniques and line weights, use different textures.. Even if you keep the same style, you need to learn how to flex everything else to make yourself stand out. No wonder an art studio doesn't want that, there's no creativity in just fanart and same-face flat colors.

No. 1384645

Is this from merryweather media?

No. 1384673

No. 1384687

That was drawn by an actual person nonny

No. 1384690

I kinda wish "reverse ryona" was more popular among women tbh but I guess women just aren't as violent or primitive as scrotes

No. 1384717

Ai is only as creative as the monkey who plugs in the tags

No. 1384719

Then artists should harness the technology and put out less effort to those tech bros and save their creative energy for more important shit. This shit isn’t gonna go away and actual artists have an advantage with this technology because of their own vast visual libraries in their heads will make them come up with superior images than some scrote who is only capable of producing pretty Instagram girl faces with this tech.

No. 1384727

Lol, these types are competition, and a threat to no one. Lots of followers doesnt equal good work, or an art related job, especially now with the industry getting gutted. Twitter and tumblr are both flooded with these types. Unremarkable style, same line up posing, heavy line weights, same style of paint tool sai, pastel bullshit coloring, and so on. No studio is looking for that mess. Most art on Twitter are the samey, unremarkable, mainstream garbage. Very few artist are real standouts.

No. 1384736

Only because women are mass-brainwashed into being the target of violence instead.

No. 1384812

File: 1666626480924.jpeg (557.03 KB, 1170x1142, 1ECE4AE3-69A7-4C28-98B5-EE2FD4…)

I had to look up that term. Men are disgusting.

No. 1384818

>I'm not two years old, I know that this shit isn't ever appropriate in real life.
Ahh, yes, two year olds… those who think that jerking off to violent images of woman is appropriate.

No. 1384820

File: 1666626959234.jpeg (205.17 KB, 1387x1041, 3C3F79CD-32D2-4233-BFBE-7D7671…)


I’m not worried when it churns out shit like this, I’m more deeply annoyed by the unpaid unauthorized training on artists and then reaping profits, that’s the biggest and most scummy issue. It’s straight up exploiting artists.

No. 1384823

File: 1666627033947.jpeg (177.78 KB, 1536x1536, 0FDF881C-2662-4B60-8E8C-AA4A33…)


If this is what’s going to replace artists, then good luck.

No. 1384826

NTA but this is the state of AI right now. Imagine what it'll be like in just a few years? AI is taking off. Of course, I work in tech so it won't really hurt me (yet) but it's foolish to think this won't go anywhere.

No. 1384827

More like that’s the state of publicly released AI art. Apparently there’s a bunch of programs that are still hush-hush that put these to shame.

No. 1384831

>I work in tech so there’s no short-term risk of AI affecting my job
Nonnie, every tech company of significant size has a department dedicated to working on automating the programmers’/employees’ jobs.

No. 1384832

File: 1666627708362.jpg (99.67 KB, 892x900, FdYoMAqUcAAvrEM.jpg)

it's stuff like this that worries me. i have technical training as a writer, but most people are retards who only read at a fourth or fifth grade level. (This is the reading level general circulation newspapers publish at.)

No. 1384842

If you work in tech you should know that AI ain’t shit and that “AI is about to take off” has been being said for the last 40 years

No. 1384847

Again, I truly wonder what’s the huge explosion of legal battles that are boiling under all this ai art trained on copyrighted work from artists going to look like once it erupts. Especially considering many works of archive sites like danbooru are leaked paid content, fanboxes, patreons etc what would the programs even do?

No. 1384852

We didn’t have the hardware capabilities for useful deep learning 40 years ago. This is like someone in 1790 ranting about how steam engines had existed for 200 years and hadn’t achieved widespread application yet, so obviously they were going nowhere and people should stop talking about it.

No. 1384854

Is it even fun being an online creator anymore? I don't care much about AI art because I don't do art as a profession, but all the other stuff currently happening.

Twitter is a hellhole. Tumblr speaks for itself. DeviantArt is full of fetish stuff. Most people's art sucks. People don't create interesting stories, they just have a bunch of OCs with fancy pronouns and nothing more to them. No one's interested in anyone else's art (and who can blame them, most stuff is extremely generic and boring). Every online community I've been a part of was eventually taken over by zoomers and their ugly OC art. Every creator I used to follow stopped drawing or is not online anymore because they felt like there was no space for them to just enjoy making art and stories anymore. I swear things used to be a lot different back when DeviantArt first got popular and the internet wasn't completely ruined by social media yet.

No. 1384859

I kind of feel like this. It's not fun to be a part of the community anymore. You have to have genderspecial /troon ocs or you're going to be burned at the stake. If you draw in a realistic art style you're seen as some snobbish artist that thinks they're better than everyone else. Ugly / immature art is accepted and theres no need to improve. Stale art memes and reels feel souless because they are made for the sole purpose of getting likes and views. It really does suck

No. 1384864

Nonny it’s still not that good. You ever build stuff with the libraries you’ll see how basic most of it is. My friends who work in AI/ML directly know this too.

No. 1384865

It doesn’t seem like it’s been fun for a good 10 years.
Note: boredom and overstimulation punctuated by quick, addiction-like dopamine pulses does not count as fun.

No. 1384869

Why did he have to construct a fake argument for him to win in this definition, what a weirdo.

No. 1384885

Art is a hobby if you have a boring job and you blitz through games too fast.
Does Twitter encourage drawing the same character 30 times, yes. Is mutual culture mastabatory and uninterested in new people, yes. Are memes like >>1381476 obnoxious, yes. Are skimpy girls popular, yes. Should you care about any of these? No.

No. 1384886

NTA, but fixing a few tweaks and these people being baked geniuses, is still a problem

No. 1384909

File: 1666633946297.jpg (157.88 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20221024-184833_Ope…)

Sigh they're at it again, but it's ironic to trash a landscape painting in the name of climate change, isn't the natural landscape what we want to preserve? Trash paintings of factories or something. If you want attention via stunts do stunts related to your activism, or the idiots who think climate change isn't real will think you're the idiots.

No. 1384935

My fav part is how they are preaching to the choir. Every random person on the street either gets it now or is never going to listen.
If they truly wanted to change anything they’d go after corporations and the leaders of those corporations. Why don’t they trash corporate property or logos, deface their advertisements?
My cynical take is that they’re just trying to drum up funding for their activist organization that’s just laundering it or pocketing it. This type of shit doesn’t cause change, it just destroys history and culture which is probably also a bonus to these idiots.
Why don’t they go and plant a communal garden in a golf course? Why don’t they plant trees on corporate land? I’m not even a fucking activist and I can think of better more impactful activities! Why is going after historical paintings the go to now? I want to see their working because it just seems bratty and performative with no substance or thought.

No. 1384955

I'm still having fun but I also block anyone who seems even vaguely obnoxious and only interact with other women in their late 20's or 30's. Sometimes they post annoying stuff but for the most part they're chill and fun. Just avoid anywhere that has zoomers.

No. 1385021

In my experience a lot of women in their late 20's or 30's get into shipping discourse and performative activism too. Still I’ll take them over annoying zoomers and pornsick moids.

No. 1385139

These actions are not supposed to bring the change, they're supposed to start a discussion and get at least a little bit of the spotlight on the subject matter. Anything lesser than that or targeting something everyone doesnt care for anyway (like advertisements) goes by with minimal or zero coverage. The very fact everyone is talking about van Gogh and now this for weeks now proves these are the best activism stunts in a long while; regardless of whether you agree with the method chosen or not.

No. 1385429

File: 1666664482470.jpg (195.18 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20221024-213513_Ins…)

Kayozia, a "notable" arcylic charm maker for 5 years has gone on a full meltdown because the hole she dug for herself and marketing to an obviously SWFW market and pandering to things that attract children dislike her "new direction" in making a slightly nsfw boob mouse pad. She only lost 200 followers (out of her 26.6 Thousand followers) and obvious bootlickers and white knights who'd buy literally anything she makes.
What possesses an artist to get so in their heads and think they can 180 their career because it was stressing them out? Nobody was forcing them, especially concidering she had a very devoted fan base.
She admited to her 26.6k follower base on public stories that she has bipolar and is full manic rn and went on to say she tried to grt herself hospitalized last year simply because she felt like she could make anything other than her charms. Yet.. She's obviously made more than charms and were atleast mostly successful in selling..
I'd love to see her delete these stories at least it's blatant pity begging

No. 1385456

But people are talking about Van Gogh and how they like Van Gogh or how stupid the people are for throwing tomato soup at it, not really about the climate or environment. I agree with that anon about it being for money laundering/pocketing.

No. 1385531

I also think it could be a ploy to encourage hate for green groups but honestly I’m kind of done with the lot it. They can bitch and moan all that want, I can’t do shit about it. I’m not the government or a mega corporation. I can reduce my waste all I want it’s not going to touch what Hollywood spends on a single actors private jet or any of the rest of it. It makes defacing priceless works of art irrelevant, they may as well dance around with their feet in buckets of marbles for all the relevance it has or change it can effect.

No. 1385535

Just sounds like fans or old buyers throwing fits because they want the artist to remain uwu wholesome their own creative life and never grow up, and if she makes cute boob shit, good, I how the people who still follow will buy it.

I can also understand with making a public post about people complaining about the direction a shop is going. Not a meltdown, but addressing it. There could be others who feel the same way but aren't vocal or didn't unfiltered who might want clarity. Some just don't want to see advertised boob charms on their TL.

In general, both seem dumb, but addressing it is good. Just.. not the meltdown and fans neeeeeed to stop harassing artists for drawing NSFW or other things they don't normally do like horror or a horror artist drawing uwu stuff.

No. 1385619

I've suggested this and someone countered with "scrotes like that, too. There's no winning." From experience, scrotes like literally any kind of female attention. They missed the point, which is to stop caring about what the scrotes think. Plenty of scrotes get whiny about reverse ryona, and it's fun seeing them cry while you double down.
Ryona-loving dudes are always like this. They KNOW they're disgusting for liking this and try to sound like a machoor intellekshual about their tastes when they can't confront their violent tendencies towards women (or whine about the law not letting them get away with it completely). Meanwhile, I'm a sadistic woman who likes seeing men in discomfort. My entire reason for learning how to draw was to draw things that fuck with scrotes. I make no excuses. Men are fucking weak.

No. 1385627

If the internet weren't dominated by social media on the level of Twitter, it would be fun again. deviantArt and even Myspace were much better. Personal websites, niche forums, art communities.
Women in this bracket can be better or worse depending on where you find them. Pay attention to who they're friends with. If you're making the mistake of doing this on Twitter, the late 20s-30s women who have a lot of zoomers as friends are ones to avoid. They tend to use those as their personal armies.

No. 1385679

Second renaissance of traditional incoming me hopes.
Leave the screens! Return to the fingerpaints!

No. 1385755

File: 1666694174688.jpg (41.19 KB, 680x656, unironically me.jpg)

>If the internet weren't dominated by social media on the level of Twitter, it would be fun again. deviantArt and even Myspace were much better. Personal websites, niche forums, art communities.
Feel like pure shit I just want her back

No. 1385757

Kek. Sometimes I go check on the profiles of my old DeviantArt friends. Half of them are deactivated, the rest posted their last piece of art in 2013 - 2014. Heartbreaking. I miss them so much.

We were like 20 people in all who shared art, did art trades, roleplayed, wrote personal stories or worked on stories together. I remember rushing home from school just so I could get online and start creating. I met some of them irl and we posted pictures of our meetups in Scraps and talked about it for ages. The nostalgia, man.

No. 1385761

Yah the whole stunt was stupid and a failure imo. The only people who think it was "effective" because it made them think about the environment were the group who would be dumb enough to pull the stunt who already believed in their cause 110%. But now the group has lost all credibility and if I had to donate money to save the environment I would avoid anything those people are associated with because I don't want my money to be connected to destroying art. As the cringe quote goes "Earth without art is just eh".

No. 1385861

Unfortunately we abandoned her, she's not coming back. I wished there were spaces that weren't eventually overrun with literal children, that's my issue. There's cohost and pillowfort but those places aren't conductive to community, they feel dead.
Sharing art online really isn't fun anymore if the only place you post is social media though. You really do just have to do it because you yourself think it's fun and share with people you trust. That's why so many artists break off into smaller private discord servers and spaces inaccessible to the general public. Discord sucks for a lot of reasons but that really is one of the solutions. It makes the internet as a whole kind of a husk outside of the big social platforms.

No. 1385888

Anon you nearly made me tear up, this brings back so many memories…

No. 1385912

Are you purposely not using longer and more intricate tags and brackets.. etc? That's why you are getting this ugly shit through waifu diffusion.

No. 1385916

Anon, I've been thinking of starting up a subscription, but I want to make it accessible to normies too due to the NSFW aspect of it. I don't see many artists using it, usually it's Fanbox or Subscribestar, but has any artists or do any anons know of artists, who have used OnlyFans?

Most people who buy in to NSFW content probably has subbed to a free or paid OF account of some thot at some point, so probably a good chunk of people seeing my work would have an existing account, but I was thinking I could make it free and charge for alts through there for like.. $5 or something since it's basically a paid Twitter [which is why Twitter started implementing the whole tip functions to compete].

No. 1385987


I've seen some artists use OF, but usually they have pinup photos of themselves alongside the art, I can't say I've ever seen an art-only one, but I don't really know what goes on over there.

No. 1386006

>I'm a sadistic woman who likes seeing men in discomfort. My entire reason for learning how to draw was to draw things that fuck with scrotes. I make no excuses. Men are fucking weak.

No. 1386161

feeling this. social media sucks.

No. 1386330


All of its ugly shit if I’m being honest.

No. 1386488

So you aren't even trying.. Im not a fan of AI And I absolutely agree it's actually gonna completely mess up a lot of the art community in regards to possible jobs, but at the same time you can't post something and complain it's bad when you're purposely not using the technology accurately or to the fullest. Cheap cop-out.

No. 1386533

>Muh fertility
>Defending lolicon/simulated CP
>Hates radfems
>Nooo think of the poor male children
>Uhm ackshually it's legal
/ic/ cretins onlt have one script. Kill yourself. Btw you're wrong. There are pedos training AI on cp and sharing prompts on how to create the most realistic cp. There's already a thread on KF discussing it.

No. 1386536

Maybe you didn't read everything. I am not defending people using AI to create CP or hyper realistic 3D CP to pass.

No. 1386537

So many dolltubers are libfem pickmes pandering to scrotes. It makes no sense because their entire audience is young women and girls.
Serious question.. are there any dolltubers who aren't pickmes or campy gay men?

No. 1386538

NTA, but the MH dolls are already unrealistically sexualized anyway.

No. 1386540

It's very obvious you're a /ic/ chYmp.

No. 1386541

Even the bjd customizers are the same.

No. 1386543

I'm a woman and I don't even know wtf board that even is or which fucking site, anon. Legally, what AI creates can't really be taken to court because it's not real, even if real kids from pintrest, like I mentioned, are being used because the software still applies 3D, unreal, effects. If this were something illegal, 3D models, a lot of them, wouldv'e had guys arrested already. You don't need to call people scrotes just because they are talking about the legality of this shit. You just sound stupid, accusatory, and literally can't see the difference in what the courts would give a fuck about or what laws exist where these unfortunately can't be dealt with. Unless new laws pass where these AIs aren't allowed to feed real people at all, nothing will change. For these scrotes, it's barely passing material, but enough for them, but you have people with photos of feet of just kids and they get off to that on pintrest. No one is pretending the issue doesn't exist and I feel sick knowing they can access outside IRL photos for these, but until the programs can also only use real photos and not churn out mashed 2D and 3D because of it, it won't be considered CSEM. It'll just boil down to 'creeps use 3D tech to make CP that's not CP, but almost CP'.

I don't know what answer you want, anon. the outrage over it is understandable, but discussing why these losers won't get in trouble, is also important. It leads to how laws can figure out HOW to get them in trouble.

No. 1386544

Just to add in, samefag, but it's more likely people will take AI programs to court over feeding existing artist's works to recreate those works than it is for fake CP to go to courts first. There's already talks about this from artists looking to pursue legal action.

No. 1386548

Stop pretending like I had a problem with your post only because your autistic dissection of the legality of generated cp.

No. 1386549

It's not just lolicon and 3dcg. It's literal pictures of real children. If you don't believe me then go read the KF threads.

No. 1386550

Then what else was the issue? There are women and men who feed male children into these too. Why even greentext that and pretend it isn't happening? They are victims too.

Yes, the radfem who wrote that is absolutely on some dumbass shit, describing a dystopian furture where women have voluntarily fored men to watch CP and then suffer from their own demise they created [the fuck logic is this shit? Did you even read the Tumblr screenshot anon, posted and not realize the backwards idealization of how this so-called future they see coming is coming from the hands of women according to them?] That Tumblr post basically blamed women for men being how they are towards the end, lol.

And yeah, it's statistically accurate that most ages are attracted to the average 20-30 range when it comes to what they deem 'attractive'.

What exactly if you complaint? You can't even verbally put it out, instead you greentext ad expect people to understand context when you can't even actually articulate what you're complaint is.

No. 1386551

Did you miss where I said that I know some use spaces like Pintrest to feed real children into the AI programs? The same way Waifu Diffusion using Danbooru? I swear anons are purposely misreading.

No. 1386555

Samefag, Let me redirect you for more context >>1379189

not a single anon in this whole thread said that real CP isn't being fed to these AIs.

No. 1386557

File: 1666759505252.png (317.72 KB, 543x593, asdsadasdasd.png)

>There's already talks about this from artists looking to pursue legal action.
i am really curious about this. NovelAI is very obvious about it to the point where you can get random generated characters and very obviously pinpoint where the hair/eyes are from, pic related hair is very obviously from a kemono friends fanart.

No. 1386560

Your insistence that old female pedos training AI on little boys is
as big of an issue as men doing the same is very male.
This is almost exclusively a moid issue.

I read the post, I don't see anywhere where she describes women tricking men into watching CP and getting them arrested. Sounds like your male persecution complex jumping out, are you also paranoid of false rape accusations? LMAO. It's other exhibitionist men who flood online spaces with their fetish material. Maybe you wouldn't be so blind to it if you weren't marinading in it all day long.
I am missing your deduction that transformative CP is no longer cp because it's so ghoulish.

No. 1386564

Tumblr post did, please read it all the way through. Literally my friend and I were laughing because of how ridiculous the whole 0-60 thing was. Became women writing their own daughters into it willingly.

And I didn't say it was goulish. Gotta stop adding extra context when it wasn't there to begin with. I'm saying, because it's not a whole child, basically still 'art' unfortunately, the law wouldn't care. The LAW wouldn't step in unless it was because illustrated art, even AI, is under freedom of speech. If it was a single child being used, straight up photos, no mish-mash of other kids to create anything and it wasn't through an AI, then it could probably be taken as real CP by the FBI. I know you want to talk hypotheticals, but I'm not doing that. I'm talking about how it can be taken legally now, not in the future of what could be. I'm as outraged about this as well, but I'm also not on some other plain of reality like you.

Tags. Open source means access to the tags used and a lot of artists are seeing themselves in prompts. They can also easily use websites to look up if their names have been fed into these systems.

No. 1386572

While lolicon doesn't, realistic art and photobashing of children does fall under CP in most countries, read up on the law. You're dumb as rocks.

No. 1386576

>And I didn't say it was goulish
You didn't, I did. It's ghoulish to say that photobashed CP is "art". I don't care if you're trying to blackpill me. And you're probably not, since you're most likely a concern-trolling moid.

Photorealistic 3dcg/illustrated child porn is already illegal, why are you so hellbent on saying ai CP collages (using real images of real children) are "art" and will be protected by the law?

You're on another plane of fucking reality because you started out finger wagging about us insane radfems fretting over AI CP because it "doesn't exist". Well it does and you're backtracking because you're retarded and embarrassing.

No. 1386592

Not in all countries though. This isn't an all or nothing thing, anon.

It's art because of the way it's gone through a program, anon. By proxy it's called art even when it's not art. Same way artists doing this with SFW stuff like trees and cars are still calling their stuff art. Unfortunately, that's the description on top of saying it's CP. Photography is also art, not drawn, but okay.

No. 1386601

Kys male, make it quick.

No. 1386608

nonny can you go in depth how you became this based and what you like to draw? i want to do this too but am a coward and scared of the darkness in my heart.

No. 1386610

Stay mad that right now nothing can be done legally except be able to get people to stop using real people in general in 3D programs. Still not male just because you don't like that nothing can be done right now. You act like I endorse this when it's clear if you read anything I have been saying, I don't.

No. 1386615

>Stay mad that CP isn't banned in every country feminanzi!!
You started this conversation claiming that it didn't even exist and now it's like you're reveling in the fact that it does and you think nothing can be done about it.
You diminish the problem, damage control, and blame women for taking an equal part (lmao) and when proven wrong you dig in your heels over semantics.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh yeah you're a scrote.

No. 1386618

>Stay mad that right now nothing can be done legally except be able to get people to stop using real people in general in 3D programs.
Ah yes, we simply cannot make AI generated CP illegal. Just like how we can't make filmed CP illegal while other pornographic films with adults exist. A very logical and rational assessment.

No. 1386635

I didn't say it didn't exist.

No one said that either. Its at a point where legally no one will do anything. It's still new in that aspect.

No. 1386692

The last time you had this argument, your only response was "W-Well women might make shota too", you were mad that it was pointed out that old men have useless, toxic sperm and shouldn't be reproducing with young/healthy fertile women, and now it's some weird "Well women will totally trick the poor men into watching CP, so it's not men's fault, btw it's ackchcually art so it's not illegal. Stop thinking about the future femoid, even though the whole conversation is about the future! Only think about now!". Do you have autism or something? Can't you go chop off your dick?(derailing)

No. 1386698

File: 1666775348750.png (Spoiler Image, 768.72 KB, 1610x1262, Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 8.09…)

(picrel is sfw, the guy is just bleeding from the mouth and i know some people don't like seeing stuff like this)
Nta but im an artist who also likes drawing men bloodied and distressed, and my gateway was getting into psychological horror and just normal horror medias, have a look at the cuties with ouchies thread maybe for some inspo on what medias are popular with this type of stuff!

No. 1386705

>I'm not a misogynist, I swear!! It's just an abstract fantasy detached from reality!
>So what if I get off to women and girls being brutalized you dumb cunt
male moment

No. 1386713

>scroll past art salt
>see word shota
Every time

No. 1386716

reverse ryona is underrated, wish there was more of it i personally like anything that has to do with bullying

No. 1386964

Yeah.. I'm not gonna have this conversation anymore because you're just blowing through talking points that I didn't in bring up. I'd love to actually discuss with people on these threads about the dangers of AI currently but not when anons are purposely ignoring the discussion and think it's about enabling.

Isn't this just superhero comics then? No women is in this photo beating him up. Just looks like a chauffeur who got his ass kicked by a gang.

No. 1386987

You're such an autistic, annoying, weaslley man. Please please please kill yourself.

No. 1387114

This is going to be a blogpost.
w/o powerleveling too much, I came from a state in the USA that used to be #1 for femicide. It's still in the top #5, and I think that's only from an influx of people out-of-state padding out the numbers.

I learned from a very early age, from my mother and female relatives, to put myself and women first, to tolerate nothing from men, and to be wary of handmaidens. Men in my state would get minor sentences on crimes of passion for killing out of jealousy. I have a scrote from my dad's(who I am in the process of dealing with for mistreating my stepmother) side who is free because he shot my friend's mom when she spotted him with another man in the car. Other man turned out to be her brother.

Only conflict I ever had was when I'd have handmaidens for teachers who would tell me how I should behave, or friends who had handmaiden/NLOG tendencies who'd say things to put me in my place. Fortunately, shit got fixed once I got home. It was either due to my relatives talking about shit people got into, which stemmed from a men; or going online, talking to males, and realizing their vapid, disposable nature.

The combination of my matron's devotion to a sexist religion confused me, but only told me that women are better for shaping religion and culture, not men.

I don't hate men because it takes effort. I find them useless unless they answer to a woman who isn't an NLOG.

What I like to draw: I like drawing cool, sexy women and cute, docile men who have strong bodies (not grotesquely buff, but defined and fit) and pretty faces.
If I'm drawing a picture of a woman, it's usually her being comfy, in her element, maybe with pinup elements or soft nudity.

If I'm drawing a picture of a man, I draw him to look like a treat for a woman. He's either the viewer's accessory, or the accessory of the woman in the picture. I also want to draw more things like >>1386698 with the implication that the man is up against an actual proper opponent and putting his naturally violent tendencies to good use. Maybe he's going fisticuffs with a monster or just won a 1 vs 10 fight against a bunch of lesser scrotes.

I like drawing yuri and het. I may draw yaoi for a friend, but I'd prefer for a woman to be in that mix. My het always has femdom elements, even if it's just by posturing, or the stares.

My reverse ryona will have the woman looking cool. Maybe she's frilly. Maybe she's sexy. Maybe she's slick-haired GNC type who's shy until it's time to catch hands. Maybe she's a wild woman who embraces fashion that just so happens to scare men. And the man? Who knows wtf he got into. He looks good because all of the ugly and useless men are already dead in my world. He's being beaten because he needs to be reminded of why he's allowed to exist.

You need outlets, nonna. Even if no one ever sees the pictures you draw (although the space needs more of them; I'm in the process of trying to go public), you need that outlet. Running away from your shadow isn't healthy, especially when you have a creative outlet for it. Your muse will love it.

No. 1387224

Nonna you're so based. Ilysm.

No. 1387360

this is so much more disingenuous to anyone who listens to her garbage 'make art don't starve' podcast with lilstarnerd. her acting like she 'didn't want to release this video' and just did it on an emotional whim is clearly looking for sympathy and pity points when not even a week prior on her podcast talking about hate comments she mentioned how she had already decided she was going to make a video about her influx of "hate comments" - most of which are just genuine valid criticism of how most of her $ doesn't come from "making art" like how she frames it, but by convincing young dumb amateurs that she makes money from her art so they'll buy her BS overpriced Notion templates "for artists". she's a grifter and it fucking shows and there is no doubt in my mind she lurks here/obsessively searches her name because she is that much of an obvious narc.

No. 1387451

File: 1666821187917.jpg (1.07 MB, 3313x2995, CollageMaker_20221026_23062687…)

sorry for bad screenshots and collage, graphic art is my passion
I was browsing old LJ communities as one do and saw this very short discussion about social media platforms from 2012.
These comments are over 10 years old but I still agree with them.
I think it's really odd that there never really came a community-geared social media site after LJ. There is Reddit, which has the perfect layout for discussion but most fandom oriented subs seems more interested in reposting art, and there is dreamwidth, which no one uses.
It just seems like the general public has no interests in community based social media anymore and would rather just get things as fast as possible before the go over to the next thing. I think the third comment is spot on when they call it short-form content distribution.
Sorry if this got odd topic but my point is that this may have affected the online art community too

No. 1387560

horror can be such a misogynistic genre i've avoided getting too much into it, i wish there were more female horror artists and creators. i check out that thread occasionally but now i will study it closely!
thank you. i really do feel mentally blocked from seriously dedicating myself to art. you sound based as hell.
>If I'm drawing a picture of a man, I draw him to look like a treat for a woman. He's either the viewer's accessory, or the accessory of the woman in the picture.
exactly what i'm interested in exploring, i want to contribute to the amount of images out there of men sexualized in a way to mirror how men sexualize women (though the obvious truth is women don't dehumanize men in art like men do when drawing women).

No. 1387703

Wasn’t there an art salt bingo? Lol we should bring it back.
I got second hand cringe from this post. I was going to say it’s off topic until you talked about drawing.

No. 1387737

i will unironically become your patreon simp if you do this. please also draw "real" looking mid moids getting horribly mutilated and beaten

No. 1387782

just seeing the thumbnail triggers me. i fucking hate this greasy bitch so much. i'm tired of seeing her unshowered ass in my feed all the damn time. this video was nothing but her fishing for compliments to feed her narcissistic supply. the comment she showed that tore into her about her lack of experience as a working artist was right. she's not an artist, she's a video editor and needs to use some of that $6k or whatever she claims to make per month to buy some goddamn shampoo.

No. 1387807

Hey, not as based as you.
I love horror, but I felt this sentiment, too. Also, you're right. With some exceptions, women tend to reduce men to something like pets or accessories in most cases. Men go into full hate mode and act persecuted if someone calls it out.
Your post reminded me of someone I knew. Great artist and loved seeing guys in desperate situations short of full-blown guro. However, she went into full handmaiden mode if you joked about men, even if it was just some comment like 'yeah they're terrible drivers.' Came to the conclusion that she was addicted to male approval and was ashamed of her tastes. That's why it's good to have self-awareness about yourself when you take on these topics as an artist.
she asked, I answered. cringe all you like, but learn when to sage
> please also draw "real" looking mid moids getting horribly mutilated and beaten
Will do. Next year's resolution is to improve my male anatomy. I just wanted to stick to drawing good-looking men, but you've given me a reason to expand. The idea alone feels cathartic.

No. 1387811

I miss these days. They're right. The art communities on LJ were better than what we have now, and LJ still wasn't good for art aside from webcomics.
I really want to advocate for artists to consider learning how to make their own websites as an outlet. Static hosting is cheap, if not free. If they must use social media, use it to post updates and drive traffic.
>There is Reddit, which has the perfect layout for discussion but most fandom oriented subs seems more interested in reposting art
This is something I've noticed throughout several social media platforms that's often lamented over and joked about: the reposter getting more praise than the original creator. It could work so well for free advertising if the reposters would bother citing the source. Some do, many won't. Reverse image search works, but I feel like the unwillingness to put in the extra effort to at least drop the account name makes it worse.

No. 1387815

your posts actually remind me of a post i saw on /ic/ wherein a moid was acting shocked an appalled about a girl who has a sketchbook full of mutilated ballsacks, and concluded that she might be some kind of a future serial killer. i asked him how he feels about men who fap to ryona, rape or gore and his response was something along the lines of "it's different reeeee, men can compartmentalize but if a woman does it she hates men!"

No. 1387817

>"it's different reeeee, men can compartmentalize but if a woman does it she hates men!"
kek. Yeah sure, we all know that drawing men being tortured turns women into serial killers, unlike incels who fap to women being tortured, because they're so well-known for their ability to compartmentalize and not become mass shooters

No. 1387850

I feel like reddit is a pretty poor website for fandom discussions, but it's more of a chicken and egg problem. What came first: reddit poor layout or its terrible community? People tend to karma whore, you can't have any spicy takes cause they will be down voted to he'll and you can't properly navigate it to see past discussions like in forums. Also, for some reason, there was never a proper art community like you see on twt or tumblr, at most you will see some weirdo redrawing a movie poster on canvas.

No. 1387897


She's even got Adam duff in her comments sucking her dick, it's so stupid the amount of interviews and professionals she's got in her corner for doing absolutely nothing but spewing the same dreck about 'being a full time artist'.. she's a full time 'Content Creator', which has nothing to do with the bit of art she squirts out every so often. I'm sick of her greasy ass too and I'm glad I never see her recommended to me anymore. I wished I could block her when I go to search YouTube though because her thumbnails still rear their ugly heads when what I searched has nothing to do with her shitty content.

No. 1387904

she's the reason i now always check people's portfolios before bothering watching any art advice video. at this point i only want your advice if you make a lot of finished pieces AND they're technically good AND they're varied and interesting. Otherwise why are you putting yourself in the teacher role if you're struggling with quality or quantity or both?

>consider learning how to make their own websites as an outlet
i feel a little silly asking this but what kind of features do you think are useful in a personal art website? i have one but it's just a gallery with a few links and an email form and i feel like i'm not utilizing it very well

No. 1387953

File: 1666860137113.jpg (2.9 MB, 2749x2190, abbystea.jpg)

name a bigger cow

No. 1387959

this smells like vendetta

No. 1387967

you can search about her if you don't believe me… i didn't make that image

No. 1387980

>Otherwise why are you putting yourself in the teacher role if you're struggling with quality or quantity or both?
TBH I had some really good teachers who were - technically, portfolio-wise - not as good as their students but were REALLY good at giving feedback and promoting individual development without pressuring their own aesthetics on anyone; so it's always worth hearing someone out first

No. 1387997

Teachers are able to see the students work and what they need to develop their skills, and being a good teacher is a skill on its own that they learn from studying and over years of working with art students. A youtuber has little to no connection to any other artists workflow and can't give you personalized advice. So if a youtubers art is bad they probably simply have nothing to offer you in terms of art advice.

No. 1388004

>what kind of features do you think are useful in a personal art website

I personally want to know the date a piece was made and a title or description or reason for creation. Too many portfolios are just an image dump without any accompanying text, and it just makes your gallery look like a scroll through google images, instead of a personal showcase.

No. 1388223

>no context
I'm not reading that

No. 1388233

They project so much onto women, it's hysterical. I saw metric fucktons of that when I used to be a hentai artist.

I really wish the pre-social media gallery websites were still around to provide a wider variety of examples, though there are some lying around.
The "less is more" approach for a website that mainly serves as your art gallery holds true. You want to make sure your layout compliments your art. I've seen it to where people would even style pages around a piece, but this is really only a good idea if you're also trying to showcase your markup and web design skills, or it's just fun for you to do so. I've seen these work well in the past, but they worked better for illustrators who were also multimedia artists, or people pushing a character brand.
Like >>1388004 said, having some text that talks about your art is important, at least with title and date. An "About Me" page is a good idea if you don't have one that talks about your process or chosen tools, whatever you want to share.

No. 1388417

File: 1666892415563.jpeg (821.84 KB, 1170x1600, 2033D863-0B7E-435C-8EE2-40366E…)

>1 like
I’m tired of artists throwing fits over obvious trolls. No one knew what was going on until you posted it. tinfoil the artist herself made that bait acc for pity points

No. 1388422

100% agree because twitter artists and vtubers started faking crap like hate DMs to get traction.

No. 1388467

From what I've seen from her channel, it's nothing but her ranting over middle school-tier art drama while drawing a vacant stare pretty girl head. I had to wonder how can you encounter this much shit on this level so frequently on social media? We know a lot of shit goes down, but this is suspiciously frequent.

No. 1388581

1. you're a retard

2. no one said anything about american slavery specifically. Slavery still exist in Africa and in modern Arab countries

No. 1388838

yeah, this is sus. the person whitewashing only has one like, how would this popular artist come across this tiktok??

her youtube career took off because she was actually targeted by racists for drawing black kiki from kiki's delivery service, but that was years ago. i doubt trolls are still targeting her

No. 1388914

I haven't bothered to look, but I wonder if we'll see a surge in twitter artists making threads about threatening to leave (and failing to do so) since Elon's official now.

No. 1388929

File: 1666921113016.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1884, 34CA4B5A-7129-4481-A2E0-4B32A9…)

Is this true? If so that’s really messed up.

No. 1388933

God i hate that artstyle when will it die

No. 1388964

wtf. subject matter aside, this comic/graphic looks like shit. why would kickstarter promo this

No. 1388971

A little off topic but I’ve noticed that a lot of “serial killer ocs” that have been popping up look just like the ‘guy’ above, and it makes me so uncomfortable

No. 1389050

File: 1666931293917.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1288x1578, 4ECB19BA-AF4F-4BF6-929A-9B26F5…)

The accuser is literally an unhinged furry…

No. 1389088


It's already happening. Tumblr is already trending. The shitshow never goes away it just redistributes by smearing everywhere.

No. 1389177

File: 1666946727081.png (123.5 KB, 695x708, Screenshot_20221028-012450-625…)

All because she said it was weird to sexualize a pony cartoon for kids.

No. 1389233

She was way too kind, even. Bronies are absolute trash.

No. 1389355

based as fuck if true.

No. 1389371

Nonnie I don't know if you know this about the artist whose work you posted but she has a nsfw twitter full of trans shit and specifically of the character you posted drawn as trans to be put through dubcon/noncon-looking shit, breeding kink, and in general when she draws characters as trans it's to put them through sexualized violence of some kind (sometimes with a vague racist undertone of "uwu soft white upperclass woman trans man being raped engaging in rough sex with the tough savage indigenous men" (character is from a game with indigenous characters and that doesn't treat the racism they're put through in-game particularly well)).
Tldr this artist sees the character you posted as a woman trans guy and draws her him being sexually brutalized. Like she's very much an un-based misogynistic degen.

No. 1389382

sage for samefagging but even if she rationalizes it as "oh it's not dubcon/noncon/racist I'm just inspired by tacky erotica" (even though tacky erotica is ripe with rape/sexualized violence/racism because of course it is) people have eyes we can see how they look (I'm unfortunate enough to orbit the fandoms she's in and I see her nsfw art too much for my liking).

Also most drawings of this character (Pathologic's Bachelor Dankovsky) being beaten/bloodied/bruised come from TiF coomers who see him as trans and put him through sexual/sexualized violence in ways they wouldn't the characters they headcanon as male. Chances are it's just bad.

No. 1389412

KEK, the amount of wannabe “that’s me!!!” Reminds me of the seraphine person a while back

No. 1389428

>her youtube career took off because she was actually targeted by racists
So she keeps milking art race discourse because that exactly the thing people know her for. She's basically just "the art race discourse youtuber", so it makes sense for her to keep milking the race stuff if clout is what she wants

No. 1389437

I don't think anything is inherently wrong with creating serial killer OCs (Yoshikage Kira and Johan Liebert can be considered as such and imho are interesting characters). However, I think there is an issue when you heavily base either their appearances or specific characteristics on very real serial killers. Hell, I remember seeing a lot of edge killer OCs back on deviantart but they were usually just edgy kids making an anime girl hold a knife splattered with blood.

I recently found a young artist on youtube whose art style I liked but noticed they have OCs that are Very reminiscent of Dahmer and potentially Bundy. I dug a little deeper at their older art and they also made fanart for the film My Friend Dahmer. You can say it's movie fanart all you want kid but we know. They even stated that somebody commented on their art asking if art of their OCs were shipping art of Bundy and Dahmer and they were like "guys i would never draw ship art of that".

No. 1389477

File: 1666968944563.jpg (373.57 KB, 981x991, Screenshot_20221028_155428.jpg)

Literally what are they accomplishing, glue your head to the building of a company with high emissions or something

No. 1389581

This shit just screams big oil plant

No. 1389591

this is so sussy, its weird that there are so many incidents normally they get beat up by security and fuck off

No. 1389595

Please stop posting these kind of things. It’s a psych-op.

No. 1389597


I have had the same suspicion for a while now, it's so publicised and the 'protests' are very unorganised and sporadic. Also I remember reading that Just Stop Oil received a very large donation from the heiress of an oil family or something, overall very sus.

No. 1389643

File: 1666975019346.jpeg (41.87 KB, 320x320, A6E1787A-BB16-42DE-9015-6E7AC6…)

Does anyone actually care about protestors ‘defacing’ famous artworks (aka the glass covering the painted replicas of the original, whilst the original stays in storage to be preserved)? Nothing is going on. I bet the pearl earing protestors just thought ‘hey, these guys did that and it got a lot of coverage for no real reason, I should do too’. It isn’t some grand psy-op or whatever

No. 1389653

I fucking hate when "activists" use real art as a prop for their useless protests.
You want some good protest material that will shock people? Cut your dick off in the middle of the street and throw it at some oil magnates. Maybe swim in the middle of an oil spill and do some dying seagull noises. But of course they never do shit like that because they will get sent to the ER or murdered, it's easier to do something retarded and then leave instead of doing something actually impactful.

No. 1389671

I think it's absolutely unrealistic to think that kids aren't gonna stumble upon this stuff because it's the Internet perit's the Internet. Most parents don't block stuff off and a kid can go straight to Google to find any of this. People who complain and say their childhood was ruined because they found something online or absolutely still childish and want to be coddled. It's easy to seperate yourself from others in a fandom.

No. 1389680

Not really. Most of these are protected behind glass anyway and not even like the Box of glass, but the glass frame front plus protective coating. The fact that they're doing this to paintings which has nothing to do with their concern, completely delude the whole point of these activists. They're not getting their point across because they're doing things that are just pissing people off versus getting the point. People took the scientists chained to whatever building it was last year this last year in New York or wherever it was More seriously than these aren't defacers.

No. 1389768

People who left Tumblr for Twitter need to stay on Twitter, through thick and thin, till death do they part, etc.

No. 1389804

I always wonder about TIF artists who resort to this. Even if the transman is presented as "totally in control," he always being in a raped and degraded position. I guess the internalized misogyny is THAT pervasive.

That's sad. Her kitschy style has a lot of potential, and some of her work would look good on merch. But she may have dug herself into too deep of a hole w/this kind of branding.

The only people who'd care about van goghs and wax sculptures of charles iii getting trashed are the same people who don't think climate change is real, AND who think "The Swing" by Jean-Honoré Fragonard is a family-friendly painting. These feel more like big oil trust fund babies out slumming.

No. 1390317

Nah, some people just like classical art man.

No. 1390333

This doesn't make sense. Why would fans of art not believe in global warming? Also "The Swing" is family friendly because no kid is going to get it.

No. 1390496

File: 1667018354645.png (49.1 KB, 640x400, 8d8de6fcab0158e2b1a971e76f866f…)

how do you learn how to copy a style? i really like the 90's/pc98 anime style and i would like to become able to recreate it

No. 1390517

NTA but I want both children to be banned from the internet and scrotes to be banned from posting pornographic material

No. 1390527


where are there safe spaces online for minors to participate in fandom? trick question, there are none.

i agree that parents need to be more involved in their children's internet usage, but let's not pretend as if the male fans infesting the MLP fandom with their pornsickness was a neutral event

No. 1390532

There's a certain group that I had in mind when I wrote this, but I have no idea where to start when it comes to describing them. It's not simply "people who like classic art," but a particular group who embrace classical art as "the only real art" because they see it as a bastion against the rest of the world in terms of culture. While the rest of us think the "protest" is ridiculous, they likely gobbled it up as a genuine attack on culture.

The tl;dr of my tinfoil is that we all know this is staged, but it's done to validate the opinions of this particular group and not change minds.
I've just gone with the theory that anyone doing these kinds of protests for any amount of money aren't exactly bright, either.

No. 1390542

Pixel art this style can be made with brushes w/o anti-aliasing in just about any art program you can find, but some are better than others. What program do you use?

No. 1390571

wait pc98 art is pixel art? always though it was compression of the image lol

No. 1390692

just stop oil is funded by the establishment, one of gettys fucking funds it. don't even look at dazed, nona. they always had shit journalism since very start in the 90s.

i think pc-98 games had illustrations done traditionally and then digitized, at least from what i saw in 4chan threads about it.

No. 1390753

File: 1667047268397.png (55.26 KB, 640x400, PhotoGenic_02.png)

>i think pc-98 games had illustrations done traditionally and then digitized, at least from what i saw in 4chan threads about it.
yeah that, dunno if its trad though, i have seen some that are digital. I am really interested in imitating the 90s anime look, there is something so charming about it in comparison to the more ayylmao shovel look they go for now

No. 1390894

this makes me nostalgic and it's cute

No. 1391053

The majority of old pixel art was made either by scanning the art onto the computer (which, at the time, had limited pallets and tons of dithering), or created on the machine itself. The digitized art still had to be cleaned up.

If you want to do PC98 style, you can create a large image at a low resolution, scale it down using hard edges, and use modern pixel art techniques to push it further and touch it up. That's why I asked which software >>1390496 used so that I could break it down or suggest tools that I have had experience with.

While it is in a different family, this is a valid technique for pixel art, as pixel placement and limited color pallets still make the picture look stronger. There are also a number of pixel artists who use digitizing as a starting point to emulate old win98/pc98 looks.

No. 1391114

I read both sides of the threads. And the furry is really making a stretch. imagine being so bored that you think everything is about you from middle school

No. 1391118

who's the artist, nonita?

No. 1391121

how do i sell mediocre paintings about creatures to rich old ppl? im thinking 200 a PIECE

No. 1391162

>the more ayylmao shovel look they go for now
lol this. I really hate the super flat nacho face style that developed from cheap looking porn games.

No. 1391183

Making activists look retarded is big oil prop 101, they throw so much money around. If you know wether someone is a good activist or not take a look at how fast they become felons aka actual threats that must be dealt with like all those actual scientists that have conveniently disappeared right after their own protests. Funny thing is that it clearly works since you see all these retards taking the bait and taking stuff like this seriously even in this goddamn thread

No. 1391190

Thomas Kincade is the style you’ll want if you want to appeal to Rich WASPS

No. 1391237

This. Go for his style, tap into traditional themes to the market you're selling for. If you can blend in subtle religious cues with just enough exaggeration to make them feel cultured(lol) without making them think, even better.

>ayylmao shovel look
please I need to see examples of this so I can have this wonderful phrase properly defined and appreciate my own love of the pc98 style even more

No. 1391252

I hate how she made another damn succubus. She already made the red demon lady and she makes another but purple?
Shes such a damn people pleaser you can tell. Its upsetting she tries new techniques and spends so much time on a doll that's literally just a mythological creature of a man's wet dream.
Theres so many interesting Halloween ideas she could've done and she chose this.

No. 1391261

Even if its gatekept it doesn't mean people won't jump the fence

No. 1391273

Seconding the ayylmao shovel thing
Also even though this art is very well done and looks a hundred times better than your average modern bishōjo art, I can't help but think that it's creepy because it's a teen girl drawn for coomers. It's a shame because otherwise I'd love this 100%

No. 1391317

Did you not watch the video at all? Like.. seriously? You'd know why if you did.

No. 1391319

Pixel art is amazing, you realize how little color you need to create believable 3d dimension and form.

No. 1391624

File: 1667102895125.png (5.3 MB, 2905x1546, bring back anime noses 2022.pn…)

thanks, sorry for not answering i work with CSP. I think the limited color palete might be the hardest thing to imitate without hardware limits.
for me its the lack of detail in modern anime, i used modern game cgs to contrast compared to their pc98 counterpart
sadly yeah, all of the cool pc98 art is for porn VNs targeted atotakus, but so is anime

No. 1391631

File: 1667103337469.png (48.81 KB, 640x400, 01903.png)

also, i miss crazy anime hairstyles

No. 1391651

Let's be real, even 90s anime girls didn't have a nose when compared to the way males were drawn back then. This new trend of dot noses or even no nose is just the natural conclusion of that.

No. 1391658

File: 1667105126931.png (43.68 KB, 640x400, Shangrila2_37_01.png)

they were more detailed for sure though, there even used to a distinction between larger nose for bolder characters and smaller buttong noses for younger, shy characters. Modern anime designs lack so much personality ''>'' nose> ''.'' nose

No. 1391688

File: 1667108107061.png (2.44 MB, 1754x2971, 4WmijF2.png)

I definitely agree with that though. I think a lot of 90s anime hairstyles were straight up retarded, and anime girl anatomy sometimes made them look like plastic dolls, but aside from that, I love the detail put into it (plus, ironically, body proportions used to be more realistic). Modern bishoujo art looks so low effort. I've never read it (and don't plan to) but compare the art in the original YU-NO vs the remake. SOVLESS.

No. 1391691

jesus what a fucking downgrade

No. 1391694

god they just lost all personality in the remake

No. 1391696

the female characters all have the same face

No. 1391698


they got the same bug eyed face yeah but their pose and overall disposition are way way better and tell me a lot more about their characters than in the remake. in the remake they're just standing there and that's it.

No. 1391699

i cant believe they made the boobs smaller though, kek

No. 1391703

Well, they also removed the sex scenes

No. 1391706

Dang they ruined that femme Fatale cigarette lady. Modern anime just can't handle that much cool factor. It literally can't support non-basic auras.

No. 1391722

I see exactly what you mean. To me it comes across and very cheap and mass produced. Like in the before there was style and thought put into it, but now it's so cookie cutter no thought to it at all. No personality or care.

Ugh you're so right. The remake makes her look like the weirdo girl in class hiding behind her hair but still trying to be "sexy".

No. 1391839

artist is yolkqu on twitter, i didnt credit her initially because she draws a lot of tranny shit, which i make a conscious decision to ignore bc i really like her art lmao… she's also a deranged coomer but she only really posts it on her nsfw which i forget the @ for

No. 1391918

Tying in with >>1389371 and >>1391839 all she draws is covert trans shit. One of the main male characters she draws she headcanons as "nonbinary transfemme" (just some guy in canon) and the other that she draws bloody/wounded/hurt in some way she headcanons as a woman– sorry, a trans guy (she almost never draws the one she thinks has a dick bloody/wounded/sexually assaulted on her nsfw twitter. How curious! I wonder why…). She doesn't talk about it overtly outside of specific posts and mostly her nsfw account (where most of her posts are about the one she headcanons as trans being put through what >>1389371 and >>1389382 describe) but once you know it, it feels very pointed. She can't post an OC once on main without 7 coom posts on the side. She keeps most of her bloody art on her nsfw but it's not fucking worth it sister.

No. 1391928

Current anime aesthetic can't handle creating a woman that would actually look like an adult, I hate it.

No. 1391992

oh my god nonnie this conversation made me go find her nsfw account again and i forgot how truly heinous it truly is, about this time last year i had just downloaded a bunch of the beaten up men (that were not tranny) and never touched that acc after…. Maybe I’ll just post a few in cuties with ouchies because it truly is not worth it,, I know I shouldn’t be bc. Trannies but im still surprised at how intensely coomer it is
I wish the pathologic fandom was more normal. I blame hbomberguy

No. 1392308

Thanks for clarifying!
The retro shots look much more distinct. Even if the women on the bottom can look samey to someone who isn't used to seeing anime, I can tell they're by different artists.
The top one is so homogenized, I can only tell they're by different artists by the weird amount of pointless deco is used on the sameface blobs.

jfc the only improvement is giving the generic hentai protag eyes. God this is so sad.

No. 1392312

starting to think this is what happens when they start taking T. The shit that they make is too wild even for the craziest femcoomer.

No. 1392773

File: 1667178189406.png (637.16 KB, 1024x626, Krita_5.0.0_screenshot.png)

Anyone here uses Krita? Can you recommend me some brushes pls?

No. 1393067

I use krita, and tbh I’m basic and go with only 3 brushes in the standard set (the airbrush, soft brush, and charcoal). Tho most the time I just use the soft brush and lower/up the opacity when colouring or rendering

I’m surprised that krita isn’t used by more artists. It’s such an easy program to use with good textured brushes, and you can animate in the program itself

No. 1393106

God the differences in styles are damn near painful to look at. I so miss this era of anime aesthetic. Characters cant even emote now. The bottom is so expressive and full of actual personality, it makes me actually want to check it out. This hyper obession with moe and cuteness, has ruined anime, and has severely stunted it's growth.

No. 1393118

File: 1667215174765.png (113.66 KB, 504x800, PHOTO_GENIC_A_main_cg_1032.png)

i honestly find older anime cuter and more moe. Photogenic, one of my fav looking PC98 galges, has the cutest style i have ever seen in anime, it almost look shojo-like

No. 1393119

File: 1667215283730.png (37.63 KB, 640x400, PHOTO_GENIC_A_main_cg_1037.png)

i mean like at the detail of the eyes, the cute lipstick, its so adorable in comparison to generic moeblobs with no detail

No. 1393144

>it almost look shojo-like
it's because early moe characters and the bishoujo aesthetic is directly inspired from shoujo. Male artists noticed how cute and detailed women drew girls and decided to do the same when making dating Sims/harem/anything that involves a large female cast targeted men.
Anyway I'm going to echo what everyone else has said and say that this style is great and much better than modern moe characters. It's wild how modern characters can be so overdesigned yet still lack any details and look so boring

No. 1393149

Yeah what this nonna said >>1393144
Scrotes stole the art style from shoujo and Osamu Tezuka (especially for lolicon) and sexualized it, that's how they came up with moe/bishoujo art style

No. 1393150

>It's wild how modern characters can be so overdesigned yet still lack any details and look so boring
They also look so fucking flat most of the time, too, not three-dimensional like in older styles

No. 1393185

File: 1667221613276.jpg (144.85 KB, 1080x711, image.jpg)

this follower/engagement ratio coupled with the quality seems sus to me, why do people feel the need to do this? like your art is obviously subpar and purchased followers won't change that. so done with ig suppressing actually talented artists but this gets on my fyp.

No. 1393186

They're delusional and coping. However, other subpar artists have gotten business just from sheer number of followers and the amount of exposure they can get from it so I can't blame them too much for buying followers. Those ones are usually at least a bit more skilled than this guy though.

No. 1393197


Honestly, not a huge fan of how big the eyes were in this older anime style. The one thing about modern anime styles I like it that the eyes are more proportionate to the face.

If anime retained this overall style and detail (especially drawing adults like adults and not this moe-shit) and just shrunk the eyes, it'd be perfect.

No. 1393208

I've read a lot of people who start T say they feel an increased sex drive.

>I wish the pathologic fandom was more normal. I blame hbomberguy
Fucking same. I love the OG game (100%'d on steam) and I know there's no way all these people even bothered to play the either game because it's not an easy one to get into (as the creators intended). Even Pathologic 2 is difficult since they had to patch in an easier mode since people were complaining about the difficulty. These people just wanted a quick way to be able to justify drawing characters fucking each other. I don't mind shipping personally but I think there are a lot more interesting things going on in that game that people don't bother even addressing.

No. 1393432

>and I know there's no way all these people even bothered to play the either game […]
I don't know if that has been my experience because a number of people who do draw coomer shit of it did play it, a number of them even did finish it, and are very proud of that, but they're just too coombrained and porn-rotted to indulge in fanart without making it a porn-addict's fever dream. Even if they've played the games, their yaoi(and I mean it with no offense to normal fujos)-riddled brains are completely incapable of seeing the male characters as they are and instead box them into stereotypically "uke" and stereotypically "seme" roles and then push the degeneracy further, making the smallest/less """tough""" male character get all sorts of weird shit like >>1391992 >>1391918 and >>1389371 mention regardless of how he really is in canon.
TLDR from what I've seen a number of the coombrains of the fandom (including artist of the post that started this whole discussion, I'm so sorry nonna I assume you didn't expect to open that Pandora's box…) actually having played the game but The Coom(tm) corrupts them. More lethal illness than the Plague itself!

No. 1393537

Sadly, I did know about this artist's coomer drawings and their nsfw twitter disgusted me. I really liked their style but seeing them depict Daniil with a female body and getting essentially raped was the last straw for me personally. TBH I'm a fujo myself but I can't handle the coomer artists in the fandom who as you stated and mentioned in here >>1389371 that disregard what the characters are actually like. I've seen this happen in so many niche series I like it's inescapable

No. 1393628

File: 1667254354397.png (3.1 MB, 1396x1952, url.png)

this is so embarrassing. Modern computers can display more colours and details than the computers from the 90's. Yet the modern art looks so flat lifeless.
I don't know anything about this game so I can't sy much about it but judging by the sprites here I assume the OG game went for a very detailed and 3 dimensional style. So why did the remake go for something so flat looking? I get that the point of a remake is tovhave it's own identity but It should still somewhat align with the OGs vision. They could easily have gotten an artist whose specialized in detailed art with lots of shading and rendering. The remakes art legit reminds me of those commission sheets made by teenagers that I sometimes see on my twitter feed, not bad but not something you want to see in a published game.

Speaking of anime style evolution, is it me or did King from Art of Fighting and KoF become more feminine trough the years? Her thing is that she is gnc

No. 1393639

Did a professional do these redraws? Like, was this a professional in the industry cause it's giving baby's first visual novel on DA. I love the 90s anime art, nonas. Really inspiring me to watch and read the older stuff and draw something fun!

No. 1393647

it's not just you, looking at your image my first thought was "butch lesbian transitioning to femme lesbian timeline" kek. She looks better with the boy haircut and no makeup.

No. 1393652

scrotes complain about how feminism ruined videogames but videogame companies have been catering to them for years, the tranny shota is a big example, he went from very obviously looking like a boy in drag to big thighs and basically ''draw a girl call it a boy''. The metal slug characters also used to look cartoony but then they turned all the girls into plastic dolls to appease the moid fans

No. 1393674

Hate to see what they've done with her.

Even some of the earlier yet more "feminine" examples still have her characters essence but these latter ones are awful.

No. 1393680

The state of the fandom is A Mess (you (or another anon?) mentioned hbomberguy and I stand by the conviction that his video was a curse for the game) but it warms my hardened coomerhater heart to know they are other nonnas (I am losing count of how many of us are in this discussion because I can't tell whose message is whose) in the fandom who hate the state of it and the porn-addicted brainrot that runs rampant, making characters into stereotyped coomerified shells of their selves… Maybe we've met each other in other places, at other times, and it makes me smile to know that even in the spiral of dumbshittery our fandom throws at us we exist like lighthouses through the fog to be found across the tumultuous seas, like ships crossing the same storm and raising our sails at each other, passing by… May we revel in knowing we, at the very least, exist in the same places and the same time, loving the same thing :,)

No. 1393800

I totally agree. The eyes got disproportionately big in the 90s. They were cuter and full of life for sure but still too big. Plus that particular pic (the Photo Genic one) borders on pedoshit (the implied youth on the face and the way the hand is drawn, unlike that of an adult woman, I can't help feeling it's a bit creepy)

I don't know anything about the artist but the art quality definitely doesn't match the developer's (MAGES.) legacy

Scrotes can't jack off to actual butch women, that's why every female character has to look feminine and be sexualized even if the point of her design is that she's androgynous and wearing men's clothes.

No. 1394340

File: 1667298952100.jpg (502.8 KB, 1200x800, HowToStartWithDigitalArt.jpg)

Which Ipad is the best for art?
All of the paid websites are trying to shill me the 12-inch iPad Pro.
I draw
>vtuber models
>basic anime artworks
I can't use my desk table as much anymore, usually spending time in bed. Never had a screen tablet either (if that helps), only have a small wacom CTL and Wacom Pro L.
What are the pros and cons of each size/whatever of iPad? I want a tablet screen just for art and so I could also draw when I am away.
While we are at it, I also wonder what apps are worth using. I use CSP, so i guess i could also keep using it on my future iPad too…?
I am thinking about it delicately as I know the ridicilous price of iPad Pro 12-inch is just…too much for me, but I will save up for it if it's 'that good'.

No. 1394342

If you're in uni, master degree or similar, try looking into apple's student discounts. I don't draw, but my sister does and she got a chunk off her ipad thanks to the discount, maybe some of them are still elegible for it, you can reduce your pool that way.

No. 1394349

Don't get the regular Ipad nor the mini, if you only draw the Ipaid Air does the job just fine it's between the regular and the pro for a middle price. If you intend to do video editing and more complex stuff like 3d and extensive Photoshop then the Pro might be better because it's basically a computer in a form of a tablet (according to reviews).

Wacom and other brands offer tablets that don't need a computer but honestly get an Ipad by this point lol.

No. 1394350

samefag and regardless of your choice you'd want to get the option with more memory it's worth the extra cost (esp since you will be drawing)! But people said that the price of the Air with more memory is nearly the price of a Pro tho. Basically when it comes to Ipad it's Air vs Pro, the rest is up to you.

No. 1394450

Thank you nonny, i will look into Air. I want to use Clip Studio Paint or something similar and it's not like i am an actual 'pro', art still is a freelance hobby of mine. I was wondering if i need to get more RAM if i would somehow want to stream it on twitch? Probably.
Sounds fair! I do hope that there is a good cloud system where i can easily drop already finished works on a different device. thanks.

No. 1394486

>fandom I'm in has a new drawing challenge going around
>it's literally redraw your favorite character into a scene where the character is punching a woman (it's okay she's a terf)
I thought drawing challenges were supposed to be fun and interesting and not politically disgusting. I hate how much this shit has seeped into fandoms.

No. 1394529

Holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with these people?
>mfw you know they'd never have the guts to do this do this for violent males instead of THE TERVES for reasons too long to list

No. 1394576

File: 1667318185693.jpg (69.85 KB, 804x458, FcU3LGEXEAEAq_v.jpg)

Don't worry nonna, even though we sometimes feel alone in detesting the coomerfication of fandoms, it warms my heart knowing others are out there hating this stuff too. It does make me upset that we can't be public about this in said fandoms and have to bitch here but alas. Venting here and finding out a lot of others felt similar has been cathartic.

No. 1394649

NTA but I think what bothers me the most about the coomerfication is that so much of it is wrapped up in politics. Fandoms were one of the last places where it didn't matter. Unfortunately, lot of the older fans who used to do things like attack fujoshi for having their own websites (even with a fucking warning up) are now the 30,40,and 50 yr old coomer groomers we see today, and it's spread to younger fans.

No. 1394811

File: 1667332887169.png (35.78 KB, 1124x401, FgZhVicWYAUzkI7.png)

You guys aren't going to like this:


>You may be wondering why Plus_NM deleted their Twitter account. Why would someone with 12.1K followers suddenly vanish? They were recently found out about grooming a minor. They were asking for nudes and enjoying the fact they were underage. Evidence in the next thread.

No. 1394836

I don't know or care about this artist but it's hilarious how too many people say incriminating shit on discord and act like it won't ever be screenshot and shared kek

No. 1394880

literally who

No. 1394899


I’m morbidly curious, do you have a link to it ?

No. 1394927

File: 1667338809212.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, F187C23A-E39A-4151-A2A5-4C3A2A…)

I have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th generation. It’s nice and is never laggy but if you don’t mind a little bit of a tinier screen I’d say go for the iPad Pro 11 inch. It also has the advantage of being much lighter too if you want to draw while sitting on the couch or if you wanna draw outside etc. The iPad Pro 11 inch is just so much cheaper than the 12.9 inch. I do like the pro overall though and wouldn’t buy a regular iPad. Haven’t tried the air models yet so can’t comment on them

No. 1394933

Samefag but I also want to remind you that getting an IPad Air with a good amount of GB becomes almost the same price as a IPad Pro with more GB already as the most cheapest alternative. Art needs lots of GB so the Pro would be more worth your money. Also, in my country I could price match at the apple store if you feel like the student discount isn’t enough. I just showed the dude at the Genius Bar a lower price from another website (some sketchy ass website I would never buy from kek) and he priced matched me. Got a huge discount.

No. 1395169

The biggest issue I've been running into using tablets for drawing is less about size of screen/hardware and more about input device. I have a pretty hard time with the apple pencil because I work mainly in lineart, and I don't really like using heavy stabilization. The tip of the pencil feels too big/clumsy in comparison to wacom nibs. If you're more of a lineartist > painter I'd really recommend testing the different pen inputs available for things like ipad vs surface vs samsung tab+ and using that as the basis of your choice rather than the sum average of working styles that may not be compatible with yours.

No. 1395441

I need to know the context behind this pic

No. 1395442

I've been using Krita recently but it's starting to crash a lot, especially if I have some other program open (can't even open my browser to find help for Krita online) or have many layers. I suppose 4GB RAM isn't enough. I didn't have this problem with Clip Studio Paint on another 4GB RAM computer I had. Should've just pirated that, I guess.

No. 1395485

I use a 12.9 inch and it's nice. Idk what generation it is, maybe 3rd or 4th, its the one from 2018 before they made them square and it still has the home button. My friends have 10 or 11 inch ones and they work great for on the go, but 12.9 is really nice if you do use it as your primary drawing tool.

No. 1395714

It was one of those twitter poll showdowns for yaoi ships and some genshin ship defeated Charmuro (Char x Amuro from the OG Gundam series). Basically the Gundam fandom tried to come together only to lose in the end lol

No. 1395733

>The tip of the pencil feels too big/clumsy in comparison to wacom nibs.

The pen is the Most Important thing when it comes to a drawing tablet; not how big it is, not the sensitivity, not the screen. The pen is what you draw with, it has to feel good in your hands, it has to mimic the feel of a real pen/pencil as much as possible.

The apple pencil is trash, it feels like drawing with a heavy crayon. I hate how skinny it is too, very uncomfortable to hold.

No. 1395916

This has been on my mind for awhile but I didn't want to post it here because it's kind of off topic but this is the only place I feel I can post it. I realized that all my relationships have been with people that I guess have put me on a pedestal for being an artist- were very intrigued with my mindset and how I see things and then towards the end of the relationship annoyed with my creativity and who I am. Have you guys dealt with this and if so how did you change this pattern?

No. 1396206

>You guys aren't going to like this
>moid who drew underage tranny porn of kids shows outed as pedo
Actually, quite vindicating. Absolutely horrible for the kid though, those messages are vile, honestly hope the parents get involved and press charges, this is easily courtroom material.

No. 1396362

Date people who like and respect you for the entirety of who you are rather than just that one aspect, and who also can bring some of their own creativity to the table. Current guy didn't even know what my art looked like until we were dating for a few months.

Strongly recommend against dating other artists though.

No. 1396742

its all personal preference, i love the apple pencil because it feels like an actual pencil instead of a huge stylus that is nothing like a real pencil.

No. 1396816

File: 1667491368921.png (436.78 KB, 1246x770, 1db55cd43dc7e1147243b595adafb3…)

Okay so I know we've talked about this before, but can I just rant about how much I hate art that just traces 3D models. I can tell, like, 80% of the time when art has been directly traced or 'refereneced' from 3D models, and I feel like some artists just don't know how obvious it is.
For example, I'm a weeb and I see project diva/vocaloid artists trace the models from the game all the time. It's like? Do you serious think we can't tell? It's the exact same shape with no artistic creativity whatsoever. Genshon impact artists seem to have similar problems but I don't play that game so idk, but it just seems more and more common.
I don't consider myself a great artist, but I'm forever grateful I grew up in a time where I only had access to human photos for references and not 3D models. I think part of the problem that inexperienced artists don't get is that the 3D model they're tracing from doesn't look 'correct' in the first place. Like I've never seen a 3D model that looks as flexible as humans do in real life- which makes sense- but in that case, why are new artists acting like this is the end all and be all of art resources?? No it's not, it makes your anatomy look stiff, your lines look like they have too much of the same thickness, and your style is copy and paste BORING. I'd rather look at anatomically incorrect art than this stuff. Pic somewhat rel.

No. 1396856

Could you go into more detail as to what gives it away when something is traced from a 3d model? Looking at your pic I couldn't really tell, apart from the way the arms are in the pose, noone stands like that irl but 3d characters normally idle that way. Or do you just mean traced from source media?

No. 1396879

I can tell from source media easier but you can tell from generic 3D models too. Usually what gives it away could be a variety of things, stuff poses like you mentioned is one of them. Another example is when an inexperienced artist has 'weak' lines but are following a set curve that I don't think they created themselves (i.e., following the curve of the model but not have the 'hand' of the artists).
Another example is not knowing where to trace, and how many lines to add. In the picture I added the artist added the little flare that comes from the ribcage under the models breasts, which is normally fine to add, but they didn't really added any other details and it sticks out to me. like, the image is just an outline and that's fine, but adding a fine detail like ribage flare seems odd here when there's not that much elsewhere. I know it seems nitpicky, and it's not the worst thing in the world but you can tell when the artist made this from the model, they didn't know what details to add.
Another thing about the model itself is the breasts are undetailed (like they are covered with a shirt) but the stomach is bare and detailed. It comes off as kind of strange in the final rendering imo. Like, the anatomy is correct but it's not translating to 2D art well. It's a skill to trace (genuinely), and with unpracticed artists it can show through.

No. 1396884

Thanks anon, that makes sense. Had another think about it and realised sometimes people will trace a body but have no idea how to add clothes to it and match the curves/perspective.

No. 1396886

put into words quite nicely

No. 1396919

I think a lot can come from rendering, tbh. I don't mind 3D models, but the people who can use them and draw over them/exaggerate and make it not look anatomically accurate, so that it's cartoony, are the best ones who utilize these.

No. 1397410

Yeah same. Maybe my hands are really small but I had a bunch of Wacom products before and I never got used to handling the pen. I was convinced digital art wasn't for me until I actually tried the Pencil with Procreate at a store once and it was the most natural thing in the world.

No. 1397644

>be a part of a decent small art discord
>There's 3 ladies that always fellate each other but never comment (critique or criticize) anyone else
Is it wrong this bothers me? It doesn't help they say shit like "gafjhdg so good, I'm dying crying emoji" and other obnoxious shit

No. 1397663

Yeah just sounds like performative compliments like when your friends spam heart emojis on your insta posts, but if the problem is self contained ignoring them would be best

No. 1397724

Stupid question for artists- I'm commissioning someone and I plan to send a tip too. Should I send the tip with my regular full payment, or should I send it after I get the finished piece? What's the best way to send it (minimal fees so the artist will get the most/all of the tip money)? Would sending it through friends and family on paypal be ok? Or kofi? Or should I just send money on paypal and put it under the goods and services option?

No. 1397728

if you're already tipping, couldn't you just send the tip with the regular full payment and add the fee % on top? so they don't lose $ from the fee.

No. 1397729

My boyfriend [who does commissions for 3+ years] said it doesn't matter. It's a nice surprise either way, but he said upfront might make someone feel more obligated to give extra attention even if they aren't first in line with someone's commission line-up.

Personally, I would send it after. I don't do commissions, but I did do work where I've sold stuff before and getting it after just feels nicer, like.. Personally makes me feel like they cared a little more about how they feel about the final product. Same way with customer service, getting the tip after the fact feels extra good for some reason.

No. 1397734

Maybe they're just friends with each other? I'm one of those people and I never feel comfortable saying that sort of stuff to people I don't know, so I just leave a heart emoji or generic compliment instead. I think you might be reading too much into it.

No. 1397747

>For example, I'm a weeb and I see project diva/vocaloid artists trace the models from the game all the time
Do you have any examples to post?

No. 1397748

i believe the best brushes are on krita's forums. theres just a huge masterlist of them. i like the chains and the fabric texture ones. i don't think they're as good as CSP brushes, but they are pretty good.

No. 1397792

File: 1667549236032.gif (2.95 KB, 80x80, faeriepntbrush.gif)

While we are talking about brushes, what are your favourite ones for CSP?

No. 1397824

A comic related question nonnas. When reading manga/graphic novels/comic books/whatever what "motivates" you to continue reading it other than the story or art? The composition of the panels? How the speech bubbles are placed? Some other graphic conventions?

No. 1397825

The profile pic itself just screams child groomer kek

No. 1397844

>what "motivates" you to continue reading it other than the story or art
I don’t think I’d follow a series if the story wasn’t interesting

No. 1397846

Hi nonnies, this is more of a classical art question but do you have any artist recommendations for existentialism like Bacon or Munch? I need some artists that suffer from mental illness and depict it for a project (specifically suicidal tendencies and depression)

No. 1397869

Are there any ressources or tutorials on how korean webtoons are made? Like what sort of shortcuts they use or how they plan out their stories?

No. 1397891

I have a fuck ton of brushes because of my digital hoarding habits, yet I mostly use the hard round lol
The most popular ones on CSP assets are almost always really good, I specially like that oil paint one

No. 1397928

Can I submit an art master study as part of my portfolio?

No. 1397932

Depends, what do you need portfolio for specifically? If a job, what kind of job?

No. 1397933


No. 1397935

Then absolutely, of course side by side with the original. Most likely you'll have to do master studies in the uni later as well so that will show you already have an understanding of both importance of it and how to do it.

No. 1397936

Thank you

No. 1397937

File: 1667567910525.jpg (3.63 MB, 3051x982, La_romería_de_San_Isidro.jpg)

First one to come to mind is Francisco Goya. I remember reading his works inspired Bacon if that helps. Take a look at his Black Paintings series as they were created to express his fear and panic. I believe they were never meant to be seen outside of his home. Good luck on your project nonna

No. 1397973

Bosh, but it’s not really fair to claim mental illness from the past when all they depict is the horror of being alive back then and the social control of eternal punishment weighing on the minds of everyone.

No. 1398364


Speaking of that, a really good round brush is Mirre's Favourites, the smooth round feels the most comfortable and in my opinion closest to photoshop’s hard round. As much as others dislike photoshop, the basic round opacity brush is just so buttery smooth and it has such a nice range of values by default.

No. 1398373

The apple pencil is just so horribly unergonomic being so thin and heavy, coupled with the small screen of the iPad. My wrist issues have gotten so much better since I had to stop using mine, there's a reason why most professionals who draw long hours come back to wacom tablets eventually.

No. 1398483

Nta but I have a grip holder on mine and I like it. That being said I hate how fast the tips wear down. I have a heavy hand when writing and drawing and I go through them so fast. Idk if it’s the same for other pencils or styluses because I don’t use any others as often.

No. 1398509

Is it better to paint traditionally and learn painting fundamentals before going digital?

No. 1398542

What are the differences you noticed between NSFW art made by men and women? Some things I've noticed:
>1st POV
>Faceless/hidden/ugly male character
>Ahegao and pain facial expressions
>3rd POV
>male character looks cute and has a personality
>characters have emotional intimacy
>sensual facial expressions

No. 1398543

you forgot to add the fact women are most likely to fall into the stupid 'uke/seme' trope and fetishize gay relationships/gay characters to hell and back. nice try but when it comes to internet porn both genders are disgusting.

No. 1398546


No. 1398548

File: 1667607737640.gif (727.62 KB, 220x220, m(1).gif)

>pain facial expressions
yuck. sometimes I remember that some men get their sexual pleasure from women's discomfort

No. 1398561

File: 1667609739852.png (Spoiler Image, 747.25 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20221027-004759-260…)

Why is their an abundance of porn on ig? I thought you weren't allowed to post that.

Who's that?

No. 1398562

You already mentioned it, but I fucking hate men's NSFW art and the facial expressions they draw. Even when they draw gay art it's all gritted teeth, screaming and people looking uncomfortable. No sensuality, just violence.

No. 1398570

Your list rings true

No. 1398573

Male porn is honestly just… grotesque. That's the only way I can put it. Everything is so over the top that it loses any kind of sensuality to me and I'm constantly baffled by how low their standards are for what artists they'll coom to.

By grotesque I'm also mostly talking about how over detailed and exaggerated everything is. A lot of them will over render or draw too much detail on things like muscles and things like genitals and breasts will always be huge and in your face with jizz and sweat and drool everywhere too. Plus a lot of them you can tell haven't learned anatomy at all and simply copy whatever's trendy in coomer circles right now so you'll often get weird uncanny anatomy and expressions (the style I hate most is when it's really toony but then whatever the artist has a boner for will be over rendered).

On top of everything you already mentioned I hate all the memes and fetishes and nasty porn scenarios. I really hate moid sexuality.

No. 1398581

Wouldn’t it be your own algorithm causing stuff like this to appear?

No. 1398615

I fucking hate the ugly bastard kink. It’s so unappealing.

No. 1398654

I've had women request that though, so I don't know..

No. 1398660

It's all to maximize their appeal to their baser instincts which are not nuanced in any sense. All they do us consume and coom up anything that remotely appeals to them, they have no sense of restraint and don't edit themselves. There's just no accounting for taste, here because there's none to be found. It's a fucking cum covered wasteland.

No. 1398692

Did you make this post after seeing mine? If so you forgot that women draw female characters more like normal people with normal body parts, instead of like sex objects made of a pair of overly detailed and exaggerated boobs, an ass and a vagina and with child-like features
>>Ahegao and pain facial expressions
Sadly there are some female artists who make popular yandere TL manga that draw the girl's expressions like that. I wonder if they're just imitating moid art thinking that's gonna make their art hotter or if they've started to find it hot due to seeing it everywhere

NTA but it's internalized male gaze. I'v had it happen to me, too, when I was addicted to hentai. If a woman spends all her time looking at that crap made for males, she's obviously going to end up tricking her brain into having the same fetishes as moids (i.e. gets off to women being degraded).

No. 1399053

>or if they've started to find it hot due to seeing it everywhere

No one talks about this, but the things women are expected to enjoy in sex (sucking d, getting pounded into without any care, pain in general) is always shown in male porn as enjoyable for the woman. There's no research on this done, but I do think a lot of straight women are influenced by the sexuality of straight men, instead of ever exploring what really turns them on. The brain is really receptive to conditioning and propaganda.

No. 1399055

File: 1667666675092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1000.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot.jpg)

That is just not true, I follow a pretty lolita model and I saw her second account on her bio and turns out she draws hentai on the side and her style is fully like a scrote's kek. Including crying ahegao, gigantic titties and getting destroyed by ugly mfs. You'd be surprised

No. 1399076

Sure it’s not totally impossible for women to genuinely be into that sort stuff but it’s like anons said that these women’s taste are more often influence by what they’re exposed to and scrote stuff is widespread.

No. 1399079

I personally think those two are very different in terms of mechanics but no, you don't have to learn to paint traditionally before going digital. However, learning fundamentals traditionally can aid you a lot with your learning process.

No. 1399083

File: 1667668445003.jpg (1.85 MB, 970x1331, tumblr_or6gm0Wh8a1rx5ri3o5_128…)

Does anyone know what kind of coloring style this is? I felt like it can be a mix between painting and cell shading.

No. 1399089

copic marker

No. 1399091

>1st POV
This is actually something I wish female artists would do more. It's more personal and hot.

No. 1399095

Agree. I personally hate the bald faceless type of yoomer art

No. 1399103


I second anon's >>1399089 take. Looks like Copic markers. Look up Copic marker artwork by Takeshi Obata or Akihiko Yoshida.

No. 1399122

it's just digital painting..? i don't get the obsession with finding out what a style is called. It's just an anime style where they use a combination of hard and soft shading. What kind of benefit does it bring to know a name for it? Just look at the picture and emulate it if you like it.

No. 1399128

That's so retarded and unhelpful.

No. 1399129

>fetichize gay
>>>both genders
get out

No. 1399133

looks like copics and gouache

No. 1399170

>won't somebody think about the poor gay moids who are being literally killed by horny fujos!!
>~fetishizing mlm~ is just as bad as pedo rape moid porn
Go back

No. 1399184

A lot of women who draw porn for males have had to learn to draw that way when they initially had a different, more female-gazey art-style by default. They have to learn how to perfectly emulate male art style. Even some of these female hentai artists (not this one specifically, of course) still have a subtly different art style as described here >>1398542 and you can usually tell by the way the male characters are drawn.

No. 1399187

posting a picture and asking "what is this style" is retarded. i don't get what you're trying to find out here

No. 1399218

Nta, but anon is probably just trying to find similar artists or more about whatever techniques that artist may have used. Don't have to be so rude about it, you could have just ignored the post.

No. 1399250

what's the matter with you

No. 1399277

i'm annoyed because i keep seeing posts like that on tiktok and other sites as well and it's just annoying because it's so nonsensical. also its fun being mad at stupid things, you should give it a try nonna

No. 1399314

Does anyone have any tips on how to draw the correct proportions for humans? I think I'm pretty good with anatomy now but I struggle with proportions and I genuinely can't tell if something's off. Sometimes I won't be able to tell if the legs are too short or long, if the head's too big or small, if the arms are too long or the torso too small/short and it's frustrating. Most of the time I can tell something looks off (or I imagine it, idk) but I can't tell what it is and what needs to be fixed.

No. 1399469

My best recommendation if you're doing this as a hobby is to leave the picture alone and not look at it for like a week. When you come back with "new" eyes you start to notice when shit is off. It helps even more to be a creepy people watcher during that week.

No. 1399502

Two biggest losses of modern anime art: noses are a line or non-existent and hair is flat/lacking volume

No. 1399589

If you're talking about pure academic drawing, proportions are typically measured by number of heads. Not to meme, but Loomis does actually have a decent diagram explaining how this works - you just have to keep in mind that his explanation is for idealized/model proportions. It's useful for initially training your eye to become familiar with what's "right", but other anon is right that observation will be more helpful to drawing more realistic proportions in the long run.

No. 1399626

2 things:
>Get off tiktok
>Take your anger elsewhere pissychan
Lets hope you never get the help you need when you ask for it anymore.

No. 1400078

File: 1667753133350.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1854, D142AA48-6FB0-4404-B9B6-EA42F4…)

Did Anatola Howard troon out? I’ve seen women grow facial hair due to PCOS but not to this extent.

No. 1400083


she wears shadow the hedgehog bean
ofc she trooned out

No. 1400255

bloated face and weight gain with sparse facial hair, common look for women on testosterone

No. 1400264

her weight didnt change.

No. 1400279

Either trooned or definitely has a hormone issue. I’ve seen PCOS women like myself kek have some amazing facial hair growth. For her line of “work” or hobby it’s pretty obvious what the actual answer is anyways, they all troon out

No. 1400286

So fucking sad. I love her art but I could tell some troonism was leaking into it.

No. 1400287

Samefag, whenever artists troon out their art quality just dies so fast. It’s always
>I hate being a woman
>tit scars on everything

No. 1400303

I consider crochet (especially when just following patterns) more of a "craft" than an "art" but this is the most fitting thread so I'll post my autistic rant here lol.
Chenille/plush yarn and its consequences have been a disaster for crocheters. I keep seeing girls on instagram and tiktok trying to sell their plush for like, 60 dollars and up for what are VERY low skill/time/beginner projects. Fluffy plush yarn makes your end project bigger (obviously) and bad stitches are very well hidden so it makes their work look much bigger and more impressive than it really is. I'm tired of seeing beginners trying to sell baby's first amigurumi for like 60 dollars and then make constant tiktoks about how hard it is to live as a full time artist and get orders and such. On some level I get that plush yarn IS more expensive but they just keep stubbornly insisting that they aren't overcharging for their work when they definitely are. I know how to crochet (so I know what I'm talking about when I call their stuff beginner) and I've used chenille yarn myself. It does make a tempting "cheat" to make things bigger more quickly but the end result will never look as good.

No. 1400314

File: 1667766788364.jpg (1021.8 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221105-191537_Ins…)

Becoming a pet peeve of mine when I find a cool artist and turns out she's a tif, happened three times now. All three times their main stuff wasn't typical ugly tit chop art so I didn't know at first, and finding out hasn't stopped me from liking their main stuff ofc, but yeah just annoying when stuff like picrel pops up

No. 1400363

Comment "hmmm kinda terfy" to make her delete and gently peak the lurkers. Somewhat related though, I went to an art convention thing and there were so many female artists selling stuff, doing cool things and some were industry pros. Afterwards, I'd look up the ones I really liked up and they were all tifs and enbies even though they looked like average normie women irl. Not even gnc. Sad!

No. 1400394

imo story is always most important. For example, Mob Psycho 100 has an extremely impactful story despite the art looking like it was drawn by ONE's non-dominant hand, and because the story is good the simplicity of the art kind of adds to the charm. There are also a million manga out there with beautiful art that have lame as shit stories and get cancelled after one volume.

Outside of story though, I think bad panel composition definitely can take away from a story. If every panel is just a bust shot of someone talking with no emotion from the same angles, then it becomes boring to look at. I also personally hate it when there is an establishing shot of a room or environment and it's the most boring ass basic traced 3D model room ever, no details or non-generic furniture. It makes the world feel desolate as fuck. I notice this a lot in quickly made webtoons where the artist just grabbed some premade shit. Also, if a character is showing strong emotion, don't be afraid to make them look a little ugly to really sell the feeling. Some artists can only draw very cute or pretty faces and it looks weird when they can't draw real emotion during intense story moments; the characters end up looking creepily perfect.

Also as the most basic rule of making comics readable, don't put your speech bubbles out of order. Make sure everything is properly placed left-to-right (or right-to-left if you're japanese lmao). It sounds simple but I've read a lot of amateur comics where people don't consider the speech bubbles enough and it becomes hard to read. Preplan and make sure you're considering speech bubbles as part of the composition from your earliest drafts.

No. 1400449

tbf i consider 90% of the type of art posted in this thread to be more of a craft than an art

>then make constant tiktoks about how hard it is to live as a full time artist and get orders and such

it's always the biggest amateurs who have the most shit to talk about art and being an artist and they always manage to infantilize themselves in the process. it's so embarrassing.

Have you looked at the prices of crochet plushies that are impressive to you? That's all I would focus on.

No. 1400450

Well, I'm not really planning to sell anything of my own in the future because any price I charge would be completely unfair either to me or the buyer. I think the only way to actually monetize the hobby is to design and sell patterns (which I'm not opposed to someday but not really that interested in it either)

No. 1400551

Look up webtoon tutorials especially anything made on csp.


Is a good start, csp have a lot of guides. If you really wanted shortcuts look up csp webtoon videos on youtube and tiktok

No. 1400554

I end up predicting whether an artist is a gendie or not based on the art. Is becoming a gendie the equivalent of selling your soul to the devil?

No. 1400659

Mini vent, but I’ve noticed a lot more younger artists coming onto the platform and bragging about how great their art is and how surprised others are by their age- yet whenever I look at their page, their art is literally only being saved by their “rendering” (used VERY loosely because it looks all muddy). Their proportions are so far off, I’m convinced that people think something is good if it looks slightly 3d

No. 1400860


Are there any female artist today that DONT have this art style? Ive seen it a million times. Its tired and trite.

No. 1401020

Speech bubble placement, typesetting, etc. are extremely important to be able to comprehend the dialogue and flow. If it's done badly it gets frustrating very easily

Also kind of unrelated I think bad/shitty/lazy art can be charming and if the story/humor is good then it doesnt'a matter that the art is technically bad. But some webcomics like CAD and those troon webcomics, I don't think even a good story or jokes would save the extremely generic, soulless art.

No. 1401032

this shit is so ugly.

No. 1401085

A tif/enby artist I like just had her uterus removed, absolute moron ruining her own body like that. I know she's not even aware of the billions of health problems she's signed up for. It pisses me off that I have to watch people self-harm and pretend I'm not against it at all, that I'm actually cheering it on. Why do I have to support and celebrate this extreme hatred of the female body?

No. 1401126

Would love some fine art industry cows, I feel like that entire sphere is milky. Galleries and assistants and nepotism and egos - it's all a shitshow with insane amounts of money being played around with. No anime drawing tif could compare.

No. 1401190

I know I’m late, but if you need mentally ill artists for your project, look into art brut. The best source is book by Hans Prinzhorn.

No. 1401195

Despite not agreeing with tranny nonsense I don't mind if an artist is an FTM but more often than not it leaks over to everything they do. I've lost so many interesting artists to this shit because their work goes from genuinely fascinating or entertaining to just tit scars, muh gender dysphoria and trans flag. For some reason they also start charging money to view their (now completely troon-infested) work and their social medias are just filled with only advertisements for their paywalled, self-indulgent products.

No. 1401213

Why do tifs have the urge to put tit scars and limp sausage dicks in everything they do? Who cares if they mutilate themselves? Like >>1401195 said they often go from interesting and diverse art to gory shit with zippertits and weirdly sexual vibes.
Reminds me of an artist I followed called TurnipStewdios (draws mlp and warriors stuff) who turned out to be a tif and felt the need to announce to everyone that she was about to chop her tits off. She sounded so excited about it too, but why the need to tell everyone on the account you take commissions on?

No. 1401291

File: 1667834849121.png (158.07 KB, 580x680, FghcklnXwAApmvQ.png)

Can I genuinely ask why so many people threw a fit over this. Was it coomers and no effort memey comic makers getting pissy that this a genuine sentiment shared by a lot of users? I've seen so many similar comics like this over the years and never saw people mocking those others as much as this one.

No. 1401297

No one cares about your OC, especially if your art is as subpar as the poster. If you want people to pay attention to your work, you need to appeal to them somehow. Art is a job, and figuring how to get hypeis a part of it in this age.
If you quit whenever your feefees are hurt you'll never get anywhere. Simple as that. Typical testerical mindset.

No. 1401319

Clearly the person who drew the comic didn't quit though, they drew a comic about feeling like quitting.

No. 1401333

Honestly I usually don't follow OC posters and will most likely unfollow of someone whose art I like starts posting OCs because I have no connection to them and in 99% of the cases OCs are either just lazy clones of characters they like or black queer lesbians.

If someone wants others to care about their OCs they should make STORIES about them so that I can read it and engage and like them as I do with existing characters I like.

Nobody will ever care about a DeviantArt OC with boring text that lists their hobbies and their favorite flavor of coffee, everybody can do this and most likely they would be able to do it better, if they want me to care make a comic maybe I will read it then.

No. 1401370

I actually like seeing OCs and mostly post original content myself but I also understand that I'm probably in the minority and that the biggest masses are interested in seeing things they already know and love. Being this bothered about it is honestly childish and Dobson-esque.

No. 1401375

>99% of the cases OCs are either just lazy clones of characters they like or black queer lesbians

Kek, as a OC artist who mainly draws black girl OCs I feel so attacked. But I like drawing them a lot and recently I've been getting more attention on the clock app, so it's fun. They're all meant to be characters for a show/comic I will eventually make though.

Idgi these comics. Draw