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No. 1406489

Discuss what you hate about zoomers, their current trends, shitty behaviours, predictions on their future, etc.

Previous thread: >>1066254

No. 1406528

Gen Z truly lacks critical thinking and is purely black and white especially when it comes to what they think is "politics." I know every generation is guilty of this but it's especially strong in Gen Z.
Maybe I'm biased but millennials and xoomers don't have the specific sort of wording that Gen Z does. It's just the sort of typing that is a dead giveaway they're a pretentious, insecure asshole behind their screen.

No. 1406587

they have new slang and different cadence and I'm not a part of it, I hate children for being young when I'm not young anymore, they should have stopped making new people after my generation, culture should not shift per generation, we should all always be the same as my generation, trends should not ebb and flow over time, everyone before me was wrong and the ones after me are dumb, boooo zoomers, booooooo

No. 1406598


Take the stick out of your ass, zoomer

No. 1406604

I can almost guarantee that I'm older than you, millenial

No. 1406619

old at heart doesn't count.

No. 1406628


We’re talking to the crypt keeper be careful

No. 1406635

File: 1668277686543.gif (1.21 MB, 410x308, 1615405229285.gif)

>old at heart
ok man

No. 1406637

Zoomers are just baby boomers with anime figures.

No. 1406647

god no i wish we were more like boomers KEK (despite how annoying boomers can be), at least they had good taste in music.


No. 1406656

>Trans, Nonbinary, FTM, MTF, Ace, Enby
>Started encountering them at work and online
>Most are early 20's or younger

hmmmm, is playing around with sexuality/gender zoomers emo/goth/punk phase instead ?

I wonder what will happen to all those terms and users ten years from now

No. 1406662

>good taste in music
every boomer I know is obsessed with Schlager and it makes me want to remove my ears. They grew up with good music, but all collectively decided that these sounds from hell are the shit.

No. 1406665

i guess i should say that they USED to have good taste in music kek

No. 1406691

I think that's unfair to zoomers since the planet is literally falling apart because of boomers and their hair spray im joking somewhat

No. 1406730

So what's the predictions for generation alpha? I personally think they're going to be in the age of artificalness, not just pertaining to looks but everything is staged now, fake happiness all over Instagram, cheaply made products everywhere. I feel like it's going to give them a weird complex

No. 1406741

They will change. I very clearly remember the word “genderqueer” being the most popular gender thing back in like 2015 nowadays it’s nonbinary. When that one gets old another one will come out

No. 1406818

They’re going to be worked to death because of the aging population. I think they’re going to be very nostalgic because of their parents and I hope it turns into a nostalgia for unions. Millennials got fucked over and I hope gen alpha will carry that bitterness in a constructive way.

No. 1406870

learn how to recognise satire or irony first.

No. 1406878

File: 1668288793403.jpg (114.36 KB, 720x854, zoomers.jpg)

Zoomers are insufferable

No. 1406880

Would you rather have a misogynistic, "women coffee" online incel, Andrew Tate stan son or a genderspecial non-binary dyed hair "exercising is fatphobic" daughter

No. 1406882

late term abortion

No. 1406884

abortion in both cases

No. 1406885

>women coffee

No. 1406889

They think they can't say retarded. They think it's just as bad as "the n word."
It is not.

No. 1406890

File: 1668289422209.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x1998, 88C83209-6161-4A41-909C-15D9C7…)

I’m glad all my embarrassing bpd movements won’t be online forever unlike zoomers

No. 1406891

someone told me once that they could see the future of z and alpha and that it’s just a 30-year-old wiping a 90-year-old’s ass forever.

No. 1406893

File: 1668289488612.png (15.34 KB, 525x159, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 13-44…)

No. 1406894

File: 1668289580021.png (393.71 KB, 918x1158, women.png)

picrel, shitty zoomer moid meme that basically translates to "hmph, women stupid". often used in comment sections of videos of women failing at something/falling/giving hot takes to say 'femoidz st00pid'.

No. 1406902

In literally any question between son or daughter I would always pick daughter

No. 1406928

Rather have the daughter 100%. I genuinely don't know what I would do if I ended up with a son like that, maybe "accidentally" carbon monoxide poison the house while me and husband are gone on vacation kek

No. 1406930

Why do zoomers go to a thrift shop, buy up old abercrombie clothes, and then resell them on depop for like $100+??? Genuinely one of the weirdest things I've seen zoomers do and so many of them do it kek. Also this one personally pisses me off, buying up old Juicy Couture purses to resell them for over $300 even though the purse is dirty as fuck and falling apart. Any zoomers wanna explain to me why you guys do this? Those bags used to be resold for $50 at most before 2020.

No. 1406947

I think it's only other zoomers that buy this shit and it's purely for "nostalgia". I'd like to know why too because I see this shit done with basic ass shirts and it being called "twilightcore", "fairycore", or some other core crap.

No. 1407010

2000s fashion resurgence on tiktok except its being done in the shittiest way with aliexpress and shein clothing. instead of having their own personal style they have to put themselves into boxes by adding -core to every single damn thing

No. 1407065

They don’t even have the nostalgia. They call it and think something from 2000 onward is vintage. Maybe in ten years.

No. 1407120

The 2 people I know irl who claim to be asexual are ugly and fat, I always assumed it was just a cope kek

No. 1407187

A while ago I saw a tiktok that was a compilation of youtube videos posted by high schoolers in the early 2010s. Like clips of teenagers at school just goofing around. The comments were all kids saying they wish that could be them. They're already nostalgic for the early 2010s.

No. 1407203

Social media puts pressure on people to act a certain way to get acceptance. It's why words are so important to zoomers, they're what make a post; more than audience or circumstance. Zoomers who aren't on social media don't act like they're being watched all the time.Some zoomers grew up with social media since they were 10. It's ingrained in their brain now and a part of their subconscious. Teenagers and children growing up having social media will have detrimental effects for generations to come.

No. 1407231

when will this horrific emo goth faggy e-boy anime drain enby y2k tacky goth girl style come to an end? they all look repulsive and make me throw up.

No. 1407279

I mean, a kid like that would end up carbon monoxide poisoning YOU if you didn't do that first kek.

No. 1407288

samefag but these subhuman scrotes will literally comment it on like a news video of a toddler getting raped or something. I know trolling like this isn't new on the internet but I want to genuinely put something in those moids' skulls sometimes.

No. 1407353

Some zoomers are in their early 20s, so they would’ve seen some teenagers or even their siblings walking around wearing Abercrombie and similar clothing in y2k.
But also, you’ll hear all the time about kids who weren’t even born at the time feeling “nostalgic” about it.

No. 1407411

this enrages me but I can't help but think "damn that's smart, get that bag" sometimes kek

No. 1407522

I had social media since I was 5 (my mother made my accounts and gave me free reign). It really does rot your brain, and you put it perfectly as in acting as though you're being watched all the time. I do have hope though, since quitting socials for about 2 years I feel more sane, and I have a few friends who also quit entirely. The state of this generation is depressing though and I can see it in my little sister too, I'm really worried for generations to come. Sage for blog.

No. 1407631

It also makes you feel like you're obligated to be part of, to control in some conforming way, too many people. A number that you wouldn't be able to comprehend in real life. It's overwhelming to your brain, especially if you spend time doomscrolling through hundreds of people's opinions and internalised it.

No. 1407652

I don't hate them, but don't get them either. They have this weird view of things that their opinion/experience only matters, via internet. Just my opinion though.

No. 1407658

I feel the same way, everything is in black and white and in absolutes. What happened to free thinking?

No. 1407677

Really, with zoomers it feels like a hivemind. Their opinions change all the time (for example, saying “amab/afab” used to be acceptable to them, but now you can’t use it anymore because it’s “transphobic”), and if you’re not keeping up with what’s the latest correct thinking, you’re the most horrible person to exist. It really is black and white. If you don’t support all the “right” things, you’re a nazi or a terf. Conform or be cancelled.

No. 1407685


that's what is is, a hivemind. Guess that's what happens when your parents shove a screen in your face from an early age. That's really sad.

No. 1407687

Get off my yard, you whipper snappers!

No. 1407688

Being a zoomer makes me feel really lonely, i wonder if other zoomers feel like this.

No. 1407691

Why are you on a zoomer hate thread, what're not here to validate you.

No. 1407693

All the time nonna. I take comfort in the fact that there are probably many others like me who feel the same way, like you.

No. 1407694

The daughter, I'd haul her fat ass to the gym and docter before she got diabetes, then dye her hair a normie colour.

No. 1407697

File: 1668324569046.jpg (45.24 KB, 640x422, 1665082464233.jpg)

I hate zoomers too, their fakeness personally affects me. I was a preteen during the time when anime/comics/videogames was shifting from ''that thing weird people like'' to becoming cool and i suffered the most for it, people that used to bully me in school have tiktoks making anime dances now. People that used to make fun of me for reading comics in school now are the biggest Marvel shills thanks to Disney adapting comics for mainstream audiences.
I used to think this site was filled with failed zoomes but i think it's mostly millenials. Still, feels nice there is another nonna like me out there.

No. 1407700

If anything I feel like the most vocal people on this thread should be other zoomers, we're forced to live/interact with each other on a daily basis. I totally agree about the anime thing, I had a similar experience growing up and it completely turned me off of "nerd culture", it's all corporate bullshit now. I wonder what the big cultural movements of our generation will be, and if there will even be any.

No. 1407714

I don't hate zoomers per se but I really hate how coddled most of them are. not to sound like one of those boomers who are like "oh you kids have it so easy these days, I had to walk up hill in the snow for 5 miles every morning just to go to school blah blah blah" but I'm a millennial and growing up I was constantly presented with a "tough shit" attitude about literally everything. like when I was 11 and was taking tae kwon do lessons they'd push me so hard that I would feel like I was dying, I would be almost vomiting and on the verge of tears the teachers would just keep implying I was lazy etc. meanwhile my zoomer coworker who always talks about her "bestie" says he can't touch microfiber because he doesn't like the texture (the way she described this made it sound like he had some kind of serious disability). like man if I admitted something like that to anyone when I was younger I probably would have been laughed into outer space. not to mention pronoun pins and shit like that.

No. 1407725

Fair enough. I'm sorry you were bullied in school, that's rough.

No. 1407740

>would you rather have a subhuman knuckle dragging homunculi potential rapist as a lifetime pet that will be statistically more likely to rape and kill you than a stranger off of the street, or a daughter?

No. 1407763

this seems gay to be honest

No. 1407768

>subhuman knuckle dragging homunculi potential rapist as a lifetime pet
made my day thanks nonna

No. 1407771

I'm a zoomer and I hate other zoomers for how anti-fujo they are

No. 1407779

I'm a zoomer and I'm enraged at how there's no zoomer lesbian/female bisexual spaces. At least real ones…either they have to be "transbian" inclusive or full of nonbinaries dating nonbinaries because apparently lesbian means "non man loving non man" now and not woman loving woman. The insanity is real.

No. 1407780

I get the impression that zoomers are really attached to their youth. Mainly because they adopted pedopandering anime into their culture and the fact they use their youth to sneer at millennials. If millennials are in an aging crisis I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when zoomers start turning 30.

No. 1407781

They are. They have "minor" in their bios (like are you 10, or are you 17?) and cling to that identity for as long as they can, desperately using it as an uno reverse card for whenever they get called out for any shitty behaviour. TikTok kids will literally mock you for being an old age ugly hag when you're like…20.
I can't wait until they all turn into adults and actually have to face the consequences of their actions for once.

No. 1407782

I'm sorry for that anon. I'm bisexual too and I also struggle with finding spaces where I feel welcome. Lolcow is one of the only places I've found on the internet that welcomes fujos. Here and fujochan is where I feel safe.

No. 1407783

same and i just fit into the category of zoomer. maybe it's because of my country. but when i was learning ballet, the teachers would just grab our legs and force them into splits until we screamed and cried. we were what like 5-8 years old. my parents made me eat things i was allergic to untill my teen years because they thought i was only being picky. now a zoomer sees a video about autism and assumes they have it because it's the new quirky thing, along with adhd, and exaggerate everything in their life to fit a brand new box. zoomers can't just exist and deal with their shit on their own, they somehow have to make it into a personality trait to experience anything, everything is a core and vibe.

No. 1407785

jeez that's so much abuse, sorry to hear that anon.

No. 1407787

oh no you might be right. I don't want to see this. this sounds so sad for zoomers

No. 1407824

Nta but I wish fujochan didn't have 50 different boards when 50 people use the site in total. It is also an eyesore on mobile. I like it as a concept, just wish it were more active. It is chill though.

No. 1407828

I hate to agree with a boomer
comic but this is funny

No. 1407833

crystal cafe is another more visually appealing alternative but that place has apparently been infested with troons recently. pity, I'm madly in love with their little terf mascot.

No. 1407840

File: 1668340826738.jpg (44.62 KB, 736x408, 88dec4ecbae6e464ae26462d0b1d9c…)

That's the sad part of zoomies to me, I was in high school 13 years ago and time flies. Like if 2016 or whatever felt like a moment ago to you, that feeling is only going to accelerate… you'll be like wtf 2030 is around the corner. You have to look forward to life and not despair that your teens are behind you. Personally they were my saddest years. No respect, no money, immature and just terribly insecure. I think of aging as a new season of life now, with some things much easier and new challenges arising. For me personally one example of that is I have much more creature comforts now and can afford things I only dreamt of before, and I was a hopeless NEET at 20.

I also think because zoomies are such an "aesthetic" based culture, they perceive aging way too sensitively… some really cannot grasp that yes you can still look hot even if you look older than 25.

Plus I think dating is already a cesspool with millennials… I can't imagine how Gen z males are towards women irl, especially with the accessibility of manosphere content to make them combative and miserable.

No. 1407841

nonna, i've been lurking cc for 3 years and it always had some random men LARPing as women and throw /pol/ baits…

No. 1407851

I'm sorry but this is hilarious considering millennials were the participation trophy generation.

No. 1407857

zoomers can already be 26+ iirc, I think people forget that genz already starts at like 96 and the older ones can't relate to 99% of the shit nonnas are saying about zoomers. Not saying this to go all "not like the other zoomers", but there is a big difference between the cuspers who are closer to millennials, the ones in the middle and the ones closer to gen alpha. Especially with how fast trends change and the difference between growing up with the internet or not matters.

No. 1407858

I only discovered that site this year so idk but damn it to hear that, now where the hell do I go.
Oh well, stan bio-chan though.
I feel bad for zoomer straight women, stuck with those subhuman things called men. The goddess should have blessed them with lesbianism or at least bisexuality kek

No. 1407863

As if being a lesbian zoomer is any easier, with having no lesbian spaces anymore. Plus age differences hit so fucking hard, even women just one or two years younger than me feels more like a decade difference. Everyone does feel more shallow and you get selected based on your aesthetic and whether you look nice on their instagram or tiktok.

No. 1407870

True. I hope as time passes on the "years blend together" like they say, since being younger makes slight age differences mean a lot, but by then we'll probably be going through a midlife crisis or something kek.

No. 1407879

It's not just because of being younger, though that's a large part of it. It can be the difference between having access to the internet as a teen vs preteen or even earlier and how you grew up. Things move on the internet so fast that as an elder zoomer I already get treated as obsolete and out of touch for having different meme culture and sense of humor. I feel less difference between milennials who are 2 or 3ish years older than me, than zoomers 1 year younger than me, if that makes sense.

No. 1407950

Yes! I remember when I was in high school (mid 2000s) we all wanted people to think we were older. I remember wanting to look like Britney or Carmen Electra, kek. It’s so weird now seeing 17 year olds saying “I’m LITERALLY a CHIOLD!” and “I’m baby, uwu”

No. 1407951

This. Not a tradthot but it seems like every alpha kid has been either born to parents that are way too old and parents who aren't financially stable nor in stable relationships, especially with the normalization of large age gaps and scrotes getting freshly 18 yr olds pregnant and having kids with a ton of issues. These kids are either going to grow up with fucked up views on relationships or have to take care of their geriatric parents when they're supposed to be focused on college. Instead of college funds they'll have to work to pay for their dad's retirement home.

No. 1407953

It's such a stupid defense mechanism kek but I also blame older generations, usually control freak parents, for infantizing them as well. I know so many gen z adults who are given a long list of restrictions by their parents and even get tracked via phone, have their bank account purchases cons checked, etc well into their 20s. I can only imagine how the current teenagers are basically treated like overgrown retarded toddlers by their parents.

No. 1407956

Daughter cause at least we can have a blast going to some 7 course dinner with some insane dessert like bacon covered pralines with lavender honey creme brulee where as Andrew tate motherfucker would probably want to go eat unseasoned chicken and beer and then we will ultimately get kicked out of the restaurant because of him harassing the waitresses

No. 1407964

I honestly can’t recall a single one of us actually wanting a trophy or ribbon just for participating. We all knew that was the “bad” award and it meant you hadn’t actually earned it. Yet boomers would hand them to us and go “LOOK! YOUR GENERATION EXPECTS TROPHIES FOR EVERYTHING
Boomers are so weird.

No. 1407970

Lol it was because they had to pay for us to be in sports and if we didn't win they still wanted a trophy "to show for it." Trophies are only ever given to children to make their parents happy. Children don't care about stuff like that unless they've been trained to believe winning is the only way they can get love.

No. 1407971

Yeah. I will never not hate boomers and gen x for literally blaming zoomers for how they raised
>Muh participation trophies
Who gave us those?
>Muh tablet/smart phone kids
From my experience it's usually parents who buy their kids the latest phone or whatever to flex, then encourage them to use it then wonder why they live online/get groomed
>Muh makeup/slutty clothes/fake hair, nails and push up bras at 12!!
Usually parents fault as well, children don't have money or cars to go buy those revealing clothing and +3 cups push up bras and thongs or expensive makeup.
>Muh anti social behavior
Well maybe dont villianize your kids for having sleep overs and act like them going down the street will result in them being brutally murdered

No. 1407977

Growing up in the 90s I remember the boomer thing of parents/teachers trying to raise you with tough love was still very much a thing. If you had some sort of mild learning/mental/developmental disability it was still a time where they tried to train you out of it via hard work. I saw it happening to friends of mine who looking back had good reasons for their difficulties. Its just weird how we flipped from being too harsh to too soft in no time. Was there ever a good balance?

No. 1407986

You just gave me flashbacks to crying at the kitchen table while my dad screamed and yelled at me for having trouble with my math homework, kek

No. 1407989

even when they were harsh, they lacked care where it mattered. Many parents dont want to be uncomfortable or emotionally open to have difficult conversations, so their kids follow suit. You have to be both firm yet understanding

No. 1407996

My dad did that too and I'm a zoomer. Constantly yelling and screaming how I'm going to have to be a prostitute because of being slow at math. I think the being too soft thing was only applied to people born in the 2000's or later in specific cultures. Even my inhaler was regularly confiscated by PE teachers, asthma was seen as just being a weak crybaby. If anyone ever found out you had trouble with anything, they decided to be harsher on you than to those who could hide their problems better. Including retarded shit like making left handed people do everything right handed, which only would cause more problems and learning disabilities, which you'd also then get shit for.

No. 1408000

They're also projecting the fact that everyone previously was brainwashed into thinking if they aren't genetically perfect there's something wrong with them and they aren't worthy enough for relationships and families, they just carried it generation and generation. I'm slightly mute and have trouble speaking due to lung issues so my boyfriend usually translates for me when we go out but when we first started dating his family was against me because "I have problems and wouldn't be a good mother because of the genes I'll pass" but they deny their own mental health issues among the family because they know they'd be hypocrites by admitting mental issues but expecting genetic perfection of anyone else

Of course boomers don't apply this when they get dementia, Alzheimer's or PTSD (only for military men though! Not even for military women)

No. 1408004

You're allowed to listen to good music at any age, unless you mean contemporary music; in that case, just do not listen to the radio.

Anyway, reading this thread and the criticisms of zoomers, it's clear that a lot of zoomer behavior is inorganic and just conditioning from older people/social media/corpos/social engineering, etc. I think zoomers would be normal without social media. I really think that's the crux of everything going wrong with younger people.

No. 1408013

i think that when people say this they mean that they want to be part of a 'scene'. sure you could just listen to older bands but humans are social creatures and want to be around other like-minded individuals, especially musicians and music fans.

>it's clear that a lot of zoomer behavior is inorganic and just conditioning from older people/social media/corpos/social engineering

i 100% agree, zoomers are way too influenced by older people (hence the constant reboots) and have no confidence in their ability to create their own artistic movements/scenes so they just rehash old shit or go for easy corporate garbage.

No. 1408018

I think the influence you're thinking of is also due to social media. Zoomers can't really create anything yet, at least not most zoomers since the oldest zoomers are 25(?), media aimed towards zoomers are still being made by millennials. I do think more zoomers should be getting into actually creating music and being in bands. I know a few people who always talk about being in a band and making music and they never do anything.
I wonder if zoomer literature, and I mean literature not shitty fanfic and Y/A shit, will be written in a nihilistic way, or with a certain malaise and misery.

No. 1408025

Every subculture wasn't completely standalone and original, but was built on top of prior ones and evolved over time. The difference now is that the aesthetic has been completely removed from the music. It used to be something that accompanied the music and how you identified others who liked the same things you do. You knew what to expect when trying to find other punks, emos, goths, whatever. Now your average alt looking egirl or eboy probably doesn't even listen to any music which would be considered alternative. Everything is separated, so you don't really have organic movements or scenes anymore.
>I know a few people who always talk about being in a band and making music and they never do anything.
Being in a band is lots of drama, but also it has sort of become obsolete. The popular thing is the one man/woman band, where you just produce everything yourself and upload it online. Nobody does shows anymore and a lot of the places where you could even start out doing shows have gone bankrupt and disappeared.

No. 1408028

>I know a few people who always talk about being in a band and making music and they never do anything
this is probably due to dopamine overload and overstimulation from social media, but maybe we will see some new genres and such emerge with zoomers getting older

No. 1408032

Well I prefer live music and real instruments over digital one-man projects anyway
Yeah people rather play vidya than their guitar I think

No. 1408034

I'd start a misandrist (ska) punk band if I could actually find other misandrist women who played instruments besides just guitar. Everyone just learns guitar because it's popular, I remember back in the day being the bassist in 4 bands at once, just because of how unpopular the instrument was. Never mind finding drummers.
Yeah a lot of people prefer that, but it's not that easy to start a band or keep it going. It's a shit ton of drama. The best is if you can have an all female one, but that is easier said than done.

No. 1408035

Need a piano player? I can also learn the drums maybe, I like banging on shit.

No. 1408044

>misandrist (ska) punk band
holy based i can play guitar (badly)
>Being in a band is lots of drama, but also it has sort of become obsolete
disagree, even within electronic music there are lots of groups and duos, i'd prefer to be in a band because it's much easier to come up with good ideas when there's a pool of different ideas and perspectives to choose from, even if that entails a lot of bitching and fighting.

No. 1408055

shit, my parents did the same thing, except we were on vacation and somehow schoolbooks got put into my luggage and my dad screamed at me to do back homework in the hotel room before we went out for the day.

No. 1408205

Yeah. Nepotism is strong AF with everything that's created. If you don't know someone who knows someone you're not going to get any bigger than SoundCloud

No. 1408208

>it's much easier to come up with good ideas when there's a pool of different ideas and perspectives to choose from, even if that entails a lot of bitching and fighting.
That's not the kind of drama I'm referring to. Any mixed gender band basically ends up with one of the scrotes trying to fuck one of the women, whether either is in a relationship or not. I could've gone on tour and actually make it if I didn't have a problem dealing with the scrotes, instead of having to get into a boring soul-sucking field. Then there's also arguing about when to practice, everyone now having jobs, responsibilities and never having the time to come together, living further away etc. Having to find a place to practice, the more instruments the more room you need etc. It becomes a lot easier to do it alone in your room, than to find a place where you can actually jam, especially in this economy. Having a garage is a luxury. Then there's also the issue of >>1408205 what this nonna talks about. Kinda missed the boat by this point and there's no way to make it anymore unless there's nepotism involved. It would be nice to have the ideal band and we all live close together and have the room to practice and can actually get gigs like before, but I don't see that happening.

No. 1408228

My music taste is worse than that of boomers I listen to 200 years old war songs.
I think so. I believed to be a condemned spirit of an alien that was forced into a corpse of the person my body originally belonged to when I was a kid and teen so it's probably something like that.

No. 1408229

Glad someone agrees. The internet is full of people that either want both or hate both

No. 1408230

Do any other zoomers hate how there's like no normies anymore and every zoomer is some form of "core" or aesthetic? Blog but I go on fragrantica and there's always some obvious zoomer who posts a thread like "What would she wear" followed by a bunch of "core" specific photos like why can't you just test perfumes yourself and come to your own conclusions rather than limiting yourself to a box of what you can/can't like. It almost feels like a psyop by men to make women constrain ourselves into boxes so that actual women fit their porn categories.

No. 1408232

I cannot relate to them either.
To me hiding weaknesses, trying to overcome issues and weak points, adoring strength and all that was always an inherently human trait. I wouldn't say it's bad showing it but they did a 180° turn and call it good now. Everybody competes in the victim olympics, everybody feels proud being a victim, being incapable, being mentally ill, they brag with traumas I don't even believe they have and they start fighting over who is the biggest, most oppressed victim.

To me it looks like a shitshow from kids that want to infantilize themselves and be treated as unstable snowflake toddlers by the rest of the world.

No. 1408239

>It almost feels like a psyop by men to make women constrain ourselves into boxes so that actual women fit their porn categories
Over women saying what aesthetic a perfume matches? You can't be serious. It's time to touch grass anons, moids don't have the mental capacity to appreciate a good aesthetic unless it involves retardly proportioned ass and tits.

No. 1408249

>It would be nice to have the ideal band and we all live close together and have the room to practice and can actually get gigs like before, but I don't see that happening.
We need to bring back the days where bands get famous by going to small festivals, word of mouth, and then getting discovered. Now record labels and such don't even bother since they're sold some medicore shit by some rich person's kid and just edit and auto tune the shit out of it because they realized they can manufacture basically anything and people will buy it

No. 1408274

7ish years ago you could still pull some local strings and work your way up. Like try to get on a local radio show, do local shows, then a local festival, eventually a small continent tour, then go to a different continent etc. Communities were tight knit enough that you had a chance for word of mouth to still get your foot in the door. Even YouTube was viable, because you could put your kinda cringe video clip which you just filmed in some random warehouse on there and still get thousands of views. Now you just get drowned out by the amount of content and the pandemic has killed the small places you could get gigs at before. No battle of the bands to get your name out. It's not like you got really "discovered", eventually fan pressure just gets enough that it becomes worth it for a label to pick you up. I'm not sure whether we can go back since like you said, they can also make money with the nepo kids. I don't think there's going to be much good gen z music which will actually be known of, we have no motivation and the ones who do stay obscure due to aforementioned reasons.

No. 1408363

it's the fault of the listeners/consumers, if people listen to corporate garbage like doja cat and other tiktok shilled "pop stars", then they will invest money in that direction. it's up to the listeners to make an effort to discover new bands and not just listen to old records if they want those days to come back. also like >>1408274 said, the sheer amount of content online drowns out most cool acts, we have to find a way to do this shit irl or through alternative networks online because social media is not the answer.

No. 1408378

2015 is not long ago. All the genderqueer fluid shit got pushed around the hillary Clinton campaign. I'm almost certain the Democrats have done a psyops to transition people to dem voters. I'm almost certain people opposed to the tranny movement votes for the likes of trump over the party pushing all this mental shit. Zoomers lap that shit up they love to think they're grassrooting a movement because they have zero authentic experiences. They're the first permanently online generation

No. 1408389

tears drip twice on the paper

No. 1408439

We generally need an alternative would without the modern internet or like two internets separated by PC and phone usage because most of the terrible shit is phone related and done by done phone users and I want my angelfire fan shrines back.

No. 1408441

which is kind of funny while they're salivating over older men and women, fetishizing age gaps and commenting "mommy"

No. 1408446

File: 1668387740785.jpg (134.05 KB, 786x786, My-Hero-Academia-Team-Boku-No-…)

my disappointment with the younger zoomers was when anime was becoming popular they still only watched the most popular, newest shows. while i eagerly recommended older non-coomer anime they were "wtf uhm ok that's like so old" or "ooh i should watch it" but then never finding the time. and modern anime is harmful in that it reflects coomerish porn beauty standards, infantilizes and stereotypes female characters and is usually harem or shounenshit with barely any depth. at least some of them like nana.

No. 1408463

I can't believe there are people on lolcow of all places who think that there was some sort of effort to push gender nonsense in the early-mid 2010s. If you spent any amount of time off of boomer internet back then, it would be clear to you that it was originally a bottom-up movement that built a lore upon relatively milquetoast concepts from freshman sociology courses and eventually spread them to intelligentsia via twitter, where they became more extreme. ffs half of the language used to talk about gender today was coined on tumblr and roleplaying forums and shit.

No. 1408477

I love milfs. Mommy? Sorry, mommy? Sorry, mommy? Sorry, mommy?

No. 1408514

File: 1668391618056.jpeg (61.75 KB, 800x450, 153456788854.jpeg)

>Mommy? Sorry, mommy? Sorry, mommy? Sorry, mommy?

No. 1408537

when I was using Tumblr in early high school (2012-2014) gender was definitely discussed in the same way you'd discuss fandom stuff. it's been really weird seeing the same stuff I saw on Tumblr back then now being at the forefront of a social justice movement. I genuinely thought this stuff would die out around 2015/2016 when it became popular to make fun of "cringe" stuff on websites like Reddit (CringeAnarchy/TumblrInAction), but I guess not. I think the spread of all this shit to Twitter really accelerated it because Tumblr had a much more specific userbase than Twitter (and now all those 2015/16 "making fun of cringe" stuff is now seen as cringe too).

No. 1408580

No, I mean over women trying to define themselves by aesthetics or "core". I've seen girls trying to constrain their hobbies, routines, and mannerisms to fit certain aesthetics. It's insane.
Ideally, people should just try perfumes and see which ones they like–not overlook their own preferences because it doesn't fit their aesthetic.

No. 1408606

Gotta be "on brand" or else

No. 1408799

Troons. Need I say less?

No. 1408951

The thing that is disappointing now is that there are still smaller events and gigs like that happening, but zoomers as a whole aren't passionate enough about anything in general to keep them afloat. Like what was discussed before, everything is about aesthetics and whatever "core" is trending. The only way that anyone in this age group has gotten to the position of keeping a small venue running is with rich parents, but since most are so coddled they can't keep anything going and would rather give up when the opportunities have already been handed to them. And of course it's never been easy, but I have personally seen so many zoomers fucking ignore every piece of help that's been given to them that allows them to start being passionate about something. I've seen whole groups of people pitch in money to keep venues alive, and instead it's all been wasted on personal items because they can't manage anything for shit and have absolutely no social skills. They will ghost you instead of trying to work out an agreement on anything. Then if it's not run by zoomers, it's run by older adults who couldn't care less about anything as long as they're making their money, and of course nobody wants to put the time and effort into making anything work, they'd rather give up after a few months so nothing ever sticks. There will be kids who have tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and are too scared to leave their town to play a gig anyways. I've known people who have had their parents buy them a fucking van to tour and a garage to practice in but they've never even driven outside of their town even though they are in their early twenties. And good luck finding anyone who doesn't just want to copy aesthetics of genres and actually stay committed to making music together. I am just really sick of people giving up so easily on everything. Something that I've noticed too is that putting in effort into anything is deemed as cringe, but after all the time spent wearing their costumes of Kurt Cobain they could have been building their own identity and practicing together even just for the fun of it. It's really isolating, and of course it gets worse when you're a woman since you're always going to be seen as the potential fuck. Then another thing is I think they just like the idea of being in a band and glorify it like any other aesthetic. The main thing is no longer about music, but about getting any bit of attention and getting high then posting about it on social media. I wish it wasn't this way and I hope I will find genuine people who really want to make art together for fun and have a close friend group instead of whatever is happening now. I've been put off from going to anything local now because of the narcissistic attitude that most have. I'm sure it's not the case everywhere and it's not like such things haven't happened in previous generations but the spirit just doesn't seem to be there in the same way it used to be. I really thing social media killed us. Nothing is done as a hobby unless it's for attention in general. It's like everyone is a zombie walking around for a dopamine rush and if they don't get it instantly, then forget about it. I agree that there needs to be some sort of way to spread things around by word of mouth again without too much social media, it's just finding enough people to make it happen is hard especially when they are so quick to quit. Sorry this is so long and I probably sound like an arrogant boomer but I really can't stand how much things have changed in so little time.

No. 1409072

Is it correct saying that most tranny handmaidens are zoomers? I’ve noticed that it’s zoomer enbies/tifs that will cape hard for troons, far beyond the “TWAW” chant. They will make art, pick battles online for them, make ridiculous “all twanswahman are bootyful” posts, kiss their asses online and offline, etc.
I’ll see the occasional millennial do that stuff, but I feel that most say they support trannies to be “politically correct”, and don’t jump through so many hoops.

No. 1409088

No. 1409158

File: 1668459683524.jpg (1.55 MB, 2509x2509, Picsart_22-11-14_15-44-11-239.…)

tangentially related to the "core" or "-goth" thing…it's annoying as an oldfag when a semi underground style movement becomes ripped off and sold by corporations…for example picrel, there's been a quiet movement for years of sustainable garment crafters who sew with scraps, upcycle, use old fabric from other textiles, etc in a sustainability effort and desire to evade trends and fast fashion. usually the garments are charmingly shabby, patchwork, etc. and now retailers like urban outfitters are mass producing the shein quality version of the style to zoomers who then turn it into a "core" on tiktok and now you're involuntarily lumped in with them. this cycle happens with a lot of lesser known "styles" and usually the originators went thru a period of being made fun of/negative attention until all of a sudden its cool and now people compliment you. i went thru years of being called grandma, librarian, babushka, other backhanded descriptions by people who still wore jorts and Doc 1460s for wearing long skirts, baggy sweaters, satin and lace, nightgown, whatever. and now it's called "whimsigoth" ?? (barf) and is trending on tiktok and Instagram. same shit with "fairycore" aka millenials who grew up loving Amy Brown fairies and emilie autumn types and sewed dresses out of old doilies…the charm is extinguished every time this happens. the styles rise and burn out faster and faster and people will now always associate you with some bygone "core"…

No. 1409173

School in the 2010s was hell on earth, why would they want that? I can't imagine one of the younger zoomers (i'm a 2000 baby so zillenial/older zoomer I guess?) with a thousand genders and faked tourettes surving more than a day in my shitty north of england secondary school. They'd be bullied into the psych ward within a month.

No. 1409226

There's not an epidemic of women killing themselves to fit and aesthetic (except maybe anorexics and bimbos who get plastic surgery) but hobbies and scents are the least of the concern and it's not some weird operation from moids. Moids don't care about our hobbies and perfumes. I don't see an issue with women doing hobbies, using perfumes or anything else to be an aesthetic or style

No. 1409231

I can't wait until those zoomers get a hard taste of predatory reality, because that's what all trannys are.

No. 1409234

slightly ot, but I worked at Urban Outfitters for a couple of years and can confirm the quality of in-house brands is mostly horrible. especially Out From Under, their lounge/undies brand. then there was one pair of pants I recall very well. every pair on the rack had a busted zipper. a girl came into the fitting room to try them on and asked if we had any with an intact zipper in the back or if she should order them online, and I quietly told her that if every other pair on the rack had a busted zipper I couldn't recommend buying them at all. they'd all be shit quality. I frequently watched garments be destroyed before they ever left the store.
their jeans are pretty okay if you don't buy them at full price though.

No. 1409243

the bands I know with decent success 7 years ago were also zoomers. Zoomers are older than many realize, they're not just fresh 18 year olds, they can be 26+. Of course it's not just about le art. Performing is fun, being on a stage is exhilarating and the ego boost is intoxicating. If you're purely in it for the art, you wouldn't perform. It was the only time as a gnc lesbian I got to feel attractive for once

No. 1409246

I just can't imagine having a Tiktok and going on it everyday and making it part of your routine and life. Just bizarre.

No. 1409259

i am just waiting for this to fizzle out too so if it hasn't fallen apart by then i can buy it actually secondhand instead of overpriced if i just wait a few months lol. zoomers are so unoriginal. i am technically a zoomer but i saw these things already exist, adults wearing these styles that now got -core renaming as if zoomers invented them. this patchwork style was used to be called boho, gypsy, hippie, free spirit, recycled. it has nothing to do with goth, which is a music based subculture. zoomers larp aesthetics and lives >>1408580 yet can't search for the history of a single thing to make comprehensible claims. goth is music based, gothic is the style. >>1408951 there are young people (older zoomers) at my local scene but they are so shy and sensitive that there is no scene really. events are organized and people at most compliment the artists but then split. maybe it's my fault for not wearing a pronoun badge. but i wouldn't even care if some of the new goths, metalheads were a little bit cringy, as long as we liked the same music and could share our finds and crack some jokes it would all be alright. thing is the average young zoomer shits pants as soon as you talk to them.

No. 1409268

You're so spot on. I don't even know why anyone older than 99/98 is considered a zoomer officially. Everyone born in the 90s grew up on millenial, gen x, and boomer pop culture since well….that was all we had. The internet wasn't mainstream until the early or mid 2010s when smartphones took hold of the world. If you were online before this, it was considered very nerdy and weird like there was something wrong with you. I agree that there's a huge difference between a 25 year old zoomer and even a 21 year old one, let alone teenagers. They're not really relatable to each other especially in such a historical time where technology and globalization evolved heavily and quickly.

Following the thread of replies, I'm 24 and I remember everyone wearing Abercrombie in middle school. I had the same reaction when I saw it being sold for crazy amounts online, questioning why anyone would think that shit is cute or "aesthetic".

No. 1409271

kek same. a slow slow death for your braincells

No. 1409275

I've never downloaded it. I don't know why so many grown adults have it or what about it appeals to them. The few times I've came across videos online, the people in them look really uncannily gross like they are eyefucking themselves or trying to make themselves appear hot very desperately. I think younger gen z has some sort of obsession with not wanting to look human.

No. 1409280

File: 1668467416643.gif (417.43 KB, 480x270, killthisworld.gif)

>really uncannily gross like they are eyefucking themselves or trying to make themselves appear hot very desperately.
>go to grocery store in middle of november
>young girl giggling with friend
>looks 12-15 years old at most
>wears a crop top and short shorts
>friend asks, "are you making content"
>dressed for summer girl runs ahead and starts flailing her arms and swaying her nonexistent hips
>she raises her arms while making an ahegao face
>next arm movements look like she is grabbing something and moving it towards her face
>opens her mouth and rolls her eyes while keep flailing her arms above and towards her face
i want this earth to perish.

No. 1409285

I would say this is rather specific, but the Gen Z obsession with believing and supporting liars. And not just falling for their lies, but it's seen as this act of radical kindness or whatever to support someone's delusions even if they are a self-admitted liar, even if there's proof they are lying, even if it's just so damn obvious they are lying, it's seen as this damaging thing to call someone out on being a liar about their identity or whatever. Guess what? People fucking lie, they cheat, and that's just human nature. People have bat intentions and we should be allowed to openly point it out.

Take for example, people demanding you use the preferred pronouns of pedos and predators and even people who are open about their identity being a fetish or a grift to prey on women. When you point that out, even in the most non-combative way, people accuse you of being "transphobic". Or another example, where people say it's "ableist" to call people out on faking disabilities or disorders. Yes, it's rude to just accuse anyone and everyone of faking, but them claiming that we should believe even admitted fakers and people who are proven liars just because it's ableist not to? Sorry, but what part about not allowing nondisabled people to bully disabled people in their own spaces is ableist? You see it a lot from self-diagnosed autists, who are just doing it as a fetish or to be quirky or to excuse their narc behavior.

I guess it kinda irks me in particular, but it's just so idiotic that they think this idea is not only acceptable, but should be the norm. They're openly and knowingly defending liars, predators and bullies just so they can virtue signal. The zoomer obsession with their backwards and extreme morality culture that just ends up silencing minorities and servicing predators, bullies, and men is insane and I can't wait until it finally blows over and we can just laugh at it.

Another one would be the fixation on using tone tags, if you don't know what those are, it's the /srs /s /j /nm, etc. You often see them on twitter or whatever and they're seen as being inclusive to autistic people when they obviously don't really do anything. I think it's kinda stupid for me to be mad about this because it's not really harming me as long as they're not demanding I use tone tags, which, thankfully, they do not. But I just hate the kinda condescending and robotic feel it has, like it takes out whatever personality they have and just replaces it with this robotic copypasta bs. If I need to clarify my tone over text, and sometimes I do, I say "this is a legitimate question btw" or, "I'm not upset with you" because it feels so much more respectful towards the other person you are talking to.

No. 1409287

>calling it content
This is all very blackpilling.
I think this comes from extreme anti-bullying campaigns and how you can't even call someone a dummy without having to create a written apology.

No. 1409289

I leave zoomer teenagehood tomorrow…the big double decades hitting me hard

No. 1409290

normies do all this retarded shit now but shamed me for doing hare hare yukai

sage because I'm referring to the older normie bitches not just zoomers who are also making dumbass faces and dancing on tiktok

No. 1409291

Boo hoo.

No. 1409292

I was a cringy emo teen, so then it was weird to see younger zoomers lament about how they missed the boat. I'm nostalgic too, but more because I didn't have responsibilities yet and missing the music, community and ego boost from flirting (even though the bicurious craze had mostly downsides, my ego liked it). It feels weird how all the cringe shit I got made fun of is now seen as cool on eboys and egirls, meanwhile they'd see me as a normie now.

No. 1409295

Not to be nitpicky but if gen Z starts at 1996 then only the very oldest zoomers are 26. The youngest are still finishing high school. But I honestly think the only nonas mistakenly complaining about gen alpha in this thread are zoomers and millennial moms.
There was a very similar phenomenon when "90s kid" was the more popular term for millennial (when old millennials entered their 20s), except gen z wasn't a popular term yet. Now that the whole millennial generation is in-or-around their 30s the cultural differences between someone born in 1982 and someone born in 1992 are not nearly as noticeable.

No. 1409297

Wasn’t mentioning it in a bad way kek I’m actually pretty excited, I know it sounds dumb because 20 isn’t old at all but I’m happy I made it this far

No. 1409298

blackpilled to hell and back. they are unknowingly (?) making content for pedophiles.

No. 1409310

Gen z goes up until 2012. The youngest ones are 11-12.

No. 1409313

1995 is also sometimes considered the start, so 27. The generations span about 15 years and you have to admit that the internet has a unique effect on culture and upbringing, causing bigger intergenerational differences than seen in prior gens.

No. 1409314

The internet made me realise that a lot of people are dumb and will piss their pants in laughter watching some shitty video in which someone over-reacts and shouts some bullshit as if it was the funniest shit ever.
Nobody has ever once linked me a single youtube video that wasn't an official documentary that wasn't fucking shit. There are no exceptions. Good youtubers don't exist it's all stupid shit and 80% of the videos are just blah blah, shitty insert jokes and self-shilling. The other 20% are summaries of things you already knew.

No. 1409318

>Zoomers can be as old as 26
Uhhh idk bout this I ain’t no zoomer and I’m 24

No. 1409321

You are a zoomer. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

No. 1409325

There’s no official cut off for zoomer/millennial, I’ve seen it placed anywhere between 1995-1997

No. 1409327

Most common definition is 1997-2012 but I have seen 1995 as a starting point too.

No. 1409328

I've usually seen 1996 but informally I'd go with (a) no clear memory of 9/11 or (b) too young to have had a MySpace

No. 1409332

What if several people were born in the same year but only some remember 9/11 and some don't?

No. 1409334

Yep, I was an emo kid too, actually a scene kid. Feels weird that younger gen z is trying to replicate it while still keeping their instagram makeup. I've also been seeing a lot of "I wasn't old enough to be a 2014 tumblr teen" memes and I just can't relate. Pretty crazy that people who were 2011 tumblr teens are getting lumped in as a generation with kids who are saying they weren't old enough. People who are in their early to mid 20s right now should have their own short span of generation. I've heard of us being called zillenials. I also feel like I'm not young enough to get most things going on right now. Pinterest becoming the app for 13 year old aesthetic core girls or whatever when Pinterest used to be the ultimate grandma app still baffles me. Anime was also definitely not popular or cool and would get you hardcore bullied when I was in high school.

No. 1409341

Too young to have had Myspace is a better metric, I remember 9/11 but I was still only 4. I didn't get to experience myspace though I knew of it because I was so little.

No. 1409342

Idk, "old" millennials are technically 38-39 and I feel like they barely qualify as millennial and are much more like gen x. They are a lot different than say a 28 year old millennial. It just is how generations are.

No. 1409344

Guys, guys, there's a simple solution to this quandry.
If Shrek was on everything when you were growing up, you're a millenial
If Minions were on everything when you were growing up, you're a zoomer

No. 1409345

I think everyone here has witnessed both.

No. 1409346

I never seen any of this but I didn'T even know harry potter till part 3 or something of the movie. Fandoms aren't a thing with the people I know.

No. 1409351

If you ever ate a shrek toaster strudle, you are a millennial.
If you ever ate a Minions twinky, you are a zoomer.

I'm gonna be real with you, I don't understand what that has to do with what I said

No. 1409352

Actually I think the internet specifically has the opposite effect in a lot of ways. For example with the 90s kid thing, a lot of millennials who were born in the 90s and couldn't possibly remember much more than NYE99 "remembered" the 90s through internet memes and TV re-runs. Maybe that's because "90s kid" became a cool identity you could easily claim and use for relating to other kids?
Anyway what I see is less "rapid changes in internet culture -> smaller generational culture time-spans" and more "the internet never forgets -> longer generational culture time-spans." Certain elements of culture, like fashion trends and slang and internet memes, are changing more rapidly than ever (or at least it feels that way) but those don't define generations. If anything, living in a world where trends change this fast is something we can use to put the oldest and youngest zoomers together into a single cultural unit.

No. 1409353

same experience here, i used to be weird for liking soul eater, now its quirky and cool to like shit anime like MHA?

No. 1409355

samefag, i should have said "growing up in" not "living in" in the last sentence

No. 1409356

Late but I can almost guarantee almost all zoomers that are anti-fujo were fujos when they were younger. I'm tired of them being on their high horse because they grew out of it (which is fine, it's a free country). But damn I cannot tell you how fast I wanted to beat the shit out of my friend for shaming me about it just because she switched pronouns. So for now I silently make fun of her having an existential crisis because gay men won't have sex with her.

No. 1409363

I started to see scrotes using this shit on instagram. I swear tiktok infects every platform now a days.

No. 1409369

But everyone growing up loved Shrek and didn't give a shit about minions, and I'm a zoomer. I don't think anyone actually likes minions who isn't 5 or 50

No. 1409370

No one said zoomers liked minions.

No. 1409373

>Muh makeup/slutty clothes/fake hair, nails and push up bras at 12!!
this is the most wild to me. My niece is 12 now and her mother (my sister) is okay with letting her wear fake nails, makeup and make tiktoks online publicly. she has 'followers' on IG.

No. 1409377

Not sure why people are arguing with what is obviously a joke

No. 1409380

ntayrt but despicable me came out when I was fourteen or so. I think if you were at least in your teens when minions appeared then it doesn't really count as a dominant part of your childhood, therefore the minions/shrek thing does still work

No. 1409383

This, simple as

No. 1409386

>I'm gonna be real with you, I don't understand what that has to do with what I said
I mean that I never saw any Shrek or Minions stuff anywhere. I am a millennial from the late 80s though. Maybe I was already too old know any people that might watch Shrek when it was released.

No. 1409389

This is for people who are straddling the border/unsure of which they are.
Obviously if neither haunted your childhood, you're a millennial.
Or older.

No. 1409395

No. 1409396

You're not old, but maybe out of touch? I was born in the mid 80s and remember shrek from my late teenage to early 20s years. It was hugely popular and then minions came out years later. that was only popular with children or 50 year old moms

No. 1409406

Minion merchandise plagued my teen years
I just wanted normal tic tacs and my grocery store only had minion ones fir like a solid year, they were fucking everywhere

No. 1409475

Kek, when the shrek and minions joke nona made becomes a little too lengthy in discussion. Never change, nonas.

No. 1409517

I mean it's not wrong though

No. 1409560

I was born in 1995, too young for MySpace however I have very clear memory of 9/11 even though I was in kindergarten because I lived in NY and it was very scary kek

No. 1409594

huh i was born in 96, also lived in ny while being in kindergarten yet have no memory of 9/11. i guess one year really does make a difference kek

No. 1409618

God I'm so glad that I was born in 1998 and got my ass handed to me on dumb kids websites in the 2000s, making me lose all confidence and eventually become a turbo anon that never ties my real identity to my accounts. The millennials over on Stardoll were absolutely brutal and yet I wanted to be so much like them so bad kek.

No. 1409638

>what if
Well, nothing? The generations are a very broad, slightly arbitrary (over)generalization of large groups of people, nothing more.

People shouldn't be putting so much value on the generations. Millenials thissss Zoomers thatttt wah wah retarded bullshit.

No. 1409664

This video and the comments annoyed me so much and just doesn't make any sense. They're complaining about living through all the difficulties of life and scary events of the last 20 years. So, then, didn't everyone on earth experience this? And at older ages/actually alive when they would be more emotionally impacted by them, and for longer? I know millennials not shutting up about 9/11 is a fucking meme, but seeing people in the comments saying "I was traumatized by learning about 9/11 in school" pissed me off. We watched it live on TV and some of us wondered if our family members were dead or alive. We wondered for days/weeks afterwards if another attack was coming. I know this is Oppression Olympics talk, but it's so annoying. Was it disturbing to learn about WWII and the Holocaust? Yes. Did it traumatize me? No.

No. 1409671

File: 1668492437830.png (8.33 KB, 591x80, bridge.png)

samefagging, but had to post this comment from the video.

No. 1409678

File: 1668493167430.jpeg (142.58 KB, 1280x720, EA3EFD27-97AD-4BC7-A09A-9745A7…)

>fandom discord w mostly zoomies (18+)
>sex channel filled with stories about zoomerfujos sucking off trannies, eating man ass, etc
Jfc y’all. Yeah, us grannyfujoshits have rape fic and yaoi hands but I don’t remember literally licking dirty male anus being a thing.

They even get normie girls to do it now. Zoomie farmers friends don’t let friends play with troon shitters.

No. 1409680

My favourite thing about tonetags is that they do the exact opposite of the tone they're supposed to convey usually.
Especially the not mad - /nm and not being rude - /nbr. Every time someone puts those at the end of the sentence there's a 99% guarantee they're being a passive-aggressive asshole.

No. 1409682

Harry Potter was my childhood, my entire bedroom was themed after it. Still a zoomer, just a cusper who has a lot in common with millenials over other zoomers. Honestly feels weird to have other zoomers just a couple years younger scream terf at you over it already, because they don't understand having grown up with it and the nostalgia. At most they got into fanfic waaay later in their teens and get upset if you have any sentimentality towards the source material or movies.

No. 1409683

Oh man fucking jump then you pathetic weaklings

No. 1409687

It's just another way that they try to control others' perception of them and their words. No room for interpretation, nuance, or ambivalence.

No. 1409688

This is so fucking dramatic jesus christ. And they had the audacity to write in when some gen z have literal trauma like child abuse or bullying. That being said i do think most trauma pertaining to gen z has nothing to do with their age but it's just them being born into unfortunate circumstances. I don't like the idea of whiney lazy cunts trying to take that trauma as their own, it's actually disgusting. Why is it so hard for them to admit their own privilege?

No. 1409689

I think it's less about 'zomg they're trying to control my perception' and more about how it being a joke or sarcasm can be the one thing standing in between you being cancelled. So you have to indicate you're joking clearly enough or other wise some autist is going to start their crusade.

No. 1409699

Millennials wanna pretend like we all don't remember their cringe emo phases and the fact they practically started the romanticization of depression and that almost any social media had sections of emo kids saying similar but cringier shit

No. 1409715

You're right. A lot of this gen z cringe fest we are seeing was just them picking up where millenials left off.

No. 1409722

No they don't? Millennials nostalgiafag over the emo years constantly. Still wasn't as bad as it is now. No one gave you fire and told you to burn yourself.

No. 1409826

>started the romanticization of depression
Don't blame emos blame the goths. No wait blame the punks. No wait blame the beatniks. No wait-

No. 1409832

File: 1668508797591.png (207.59 KB, 1080x1080, POC_Album-Cover2022.png)

As a middle easterner I despise this increasingly american zoomer classification as a ‘person of colour’. I am indeed tan but we only classify animals by skin tones not humans. this is an American disease that some of uber-westernized colleagues have adopted as well

No. 1409833

Mashallah….so many colors

No. 1409834

I thought zoomers hated fujos

No. 1409838

I get the need for talking about racism in america, but the constant chanting of "we are different, they are different, we are NOT the same" is honestly hurting people more than helping the way it's done. It's like before if you were tan, you were just a tan person. But now you're an oppressed minority whose ethnicity has to be on full display at all times, and you and everyone else must see how different that is from others and that it makes you a constant victim. It's very othering and creates more segregation rather than less.

No. 1409843

It was almost as bad though. I'm at the very end of millenial / beginning of gen z and all the older cOol eDgY teens and young adults I followed were quite literally glamourizing self-harm and depression. The only difference now is social media is so big and purposely mind numbing that it affects people on an even greater scale and creates even more depression.

No. 1409847

It's dumb because it re-inforces a dichotomy between those who have color and those who "don't", even though pale skin is also a skin color. Not only that, but it's an ineffective and confusing way to talk about ethnicity/skin color because a lot of people from "ethnic" countries have white skin, but there are also places where people of the same skin color genocide each other. Whenever I see someone use the words "poc" or "woc" it makes me roll my eyes back into my head because it's such a regressive and stupid way of saying "minority", which is what people used to say before twitter.

No. 1409851

idk why it's seen as an American thing when every German or Dutch boomer complains about muh auslander and allochtonen whenever they see anyone who isn't pale. Racism wasn't invented by muricans. The trying to be positive about it is only in reaction to the unhinged racism of the early 2000's. Same thing with muh polarization, when there are only far right parties on the extremist side. The troon shit comes from neolibs and socdems. Actual 'extremist' leftist parties aren't even allowed thanks to RAF. The ones screeching about how anti racism reinforces racism are too young to remember that every southern european with a tan got also blamed for terrorism and assassinations, because racists don't differentiate between arab and Greek. That's why the positivity shit is so weird and seems regressive, but it didn't come out of nowhere.

No. 1409880

>idk why it's seen as an American thing when every German or Dutch boomer complains about muh auslander and allochtonen
yeah but the point that you're missing is that that's the term boomers use, it's weird to see young "progressive" people be like that.
>the unhinged racism of the early 2000's
kek i feel like i've seen this post before

No. 1409884

>because racists don't differentiate between arab and Greek
Wrong, they know the difference, they still hate both for seprarate reasons

No. 1409891

Agreed but what do we call them then? I find people who use the terms pretentious as fuck but I sometimes use them myself because it's easy to refer to, I suppose

No. 1409895

"Mental health awareness" TikTokers making the most low effort videos titled "Symptoms of xyz disorder you DIDN'T know about!" and they're just the most surface level criteria you could find on Google, each point being a side-glance thirst trap shot of their face trying to be sexy. The cringe is immeasurable and then you have hordes of middle schoolers saying "omg, me <3" in the comments like it's a flex.

No. 1409899

Tbh this doesn't bother me that much but in all fairness I was bullied a lot for my skin and features and I'm also from a MENA country (still am) so I do relate and share experiences with other 'poc' around the world in a way the whole tumblr poc thing was very comforting years ago to me.
What does bother me is Americans lumping everyone together especially when they share nothing in common. I'm not the same as the Middle Easterner diaspora in the US and it's hilarious seeing upper class MENA people claim the same oppression points (despite being light skinned) like it doesn't work that way.

No. 1409900

in my country extremally racially and ethnically diverse country, we use ethnic terms first and foremost for but for color we have 4 terms, one that means black skinned, wheatish skin(most common expression for brown or tanned people), a term for light skinned people and wazari(for people who are light skinned and have colored hair)
I mean there's a billion things wrong with my shithole my country, but the expressions and rhetorical method we use to talk about race seems way more functional

No. 1409901

>idk why it's seen as an American thing when every German or Dutch boomer complains about muh auslander and allochtonen whenever they see anyone who isn't pale.
Because it isn't broadcasted at all on the internet which is absolutely dominated by all things American.

No. 1409905

I know Greek women who were spat on because they were confused for Arabs and if you try to explain to boomers what the difference is they say 'who cares, they're all outsiders and don't belong here, eigen volk first'

No. 1409920

No kidding. I was in high school when 9/11 happened and living in nyc. My mother and immediately family were working in that area of chamber street, trapped on the subway. Kinda boggles my mind when people try to complain they remember 9/11 when they born in 99 or 2000 and it didn't affect their memories.

No. 1409929

Good for you. I think most normal people don't give a shit about jk being a based terf. There are still huge lines to queue for her HP stores in nyc and California. And most fans openly wear the colors or merch from their house.
This generation of zoomers are seriously looking for any reason to be mad and will have a big reality check once they are working real jobs and not just Starbucks.

No. 1409942

File: 1668519075187.png (151.83 KB, 400x300, tumblr_7b57a868cc11842382ff351…)

Lol absolutely disagree. I remember following myspace and Facebook pages with cringey poetry, quotes or whatever made in MS paint with some emo kid or black and white picture being posted regularly, especially in regards to romanticizing cutting. Hell don't you remember Ohio is for lovers? Or any other song about cutting or depression emo kids loved? Millennials wanna act like their cringe wasn't trackable as if they didn't start the trend of living chronically online.it was absolutely worse back then. Gen z is trying too hard to normalize mental illness for sure but millennials treated depression like some dark edgy cool things that no one else understands, there was even competitions on who is a "real" cutter. Millennials are just showing their memory loss because romanticization of mental illness was an extremely active and real thing of the 2000s

No. 1409946

Millennial and gen x handmaidens are what allowed trans women to push through. You seriously think zoomers are the reason trans issues are so accepted now? Have you ever lived in a large city? All my female millennial and gen x coworkers pushed for trans rights so hard for woke points. I feel like you must live in a place that is remote and sparse comparatively to have that opinion.

No. 1410038

am i the only person who doesn't give a shit if mental illness is romanticised? if people are dumb enough to cut themselves because they wanna be cool online then they already hate themselves anyway, why should i care? it's just another thing people screech about when there's a tv show/movie/piece of media that talks about darker topics. honestly the whole debate about romanticisation in general is retarded, it's just what humans do when bad shit happens and they can't rationalise it.

No. 1410047

Maybe it's because we're not from the same countries then.

No. 1410057

Nah. Zoomers are enabling a lot of the tranny shit. When the trans issues came up with millennials, a lot of the rhetoric pushed was “they’re just like the rest of LGB, they were born this way! they’re a female brain trapped in a man’s body!”. A lot of the support was to humanize them, “let them pee”, etc. The degeneracy and what we know them to be, AGPs, wasn't really talked about yet. There was also still a distinction between “sex and gender”, where there was still acknowledgement of sex, but a decision to choose gender (MTF or FTM). Someone could still have “genital preferences” and not be too horribly criticized.
A lot of gen x supporters were fag hags and didn’t realize that TIMS weren’t “just gay men”. They didn’t realize how many are transbians. More gen x is getting peaked with recent events though (like trannies joining womens sports, or Dylan speaking for Ulta).
The goalposts keep moving and a lot of Zoomers have been supportive of it. Most of the extreme shit (calling lesbians “non-men loving non-men”, saying tranwahmen are “no different than cis women”, “dick can be female and vagina can be male”, calling any lesbian that doesn’t want to touch “girldick” a terf) is being spewed by naive zoomers that refuse to grasp how predatory TIMS are. A lot of female Zoomers ARE trannies (TIFS and Enbies), because it’s “what’s in” now. Zoomers are perpetuating it.

No. 1410058

No. 1410064

You know when you put it like that I agree actually. And perhaps this "romanticization" is more so a product of mental health being less stigmatized than it used to be, therefore it's becoming more normalized as time goes on and people talk about it more. I wouldn't be surprised if most people have mental problems of some sort, especially when trying to function in a disfunctional society .

No. 1410076

the aidens get a little butthurt over fujos, but not sure what the general consensus is.

No. 1410133

Er is een NL draadje he

No. 1410187

I don't care if it's romanticised, the issue is when people start border grooming children into thinking they have every disorder known to man.

No. 1410625

>go on tumblr for nostalgia
>look for new blogs to follow
>click on different peoples blogs when i search through tags
>nobody has their own blog set up except for older blogs
>every time i click to look at someones blog, it leads to the same new default looking phone app tab
>i know it's zoomers because of the obvious trends and ages in their description
Jesus fucking christ are zoomers so lazy and stupid that they can't even be creative enough to set up their page? That's like 90% of the fun of tumblr.

No. 1410644

It's because they're using the app only. Under 18s probably aren't even aware they can go beyond changing title color kek

No. 1410657

Nah, it's shit because people with real issues feel even worse about coming forward for help, or they get turned down because of it. Women already have enough issues getting anything diagnosed.

No. 1410658


No. 1410715

That's so sad. I love looking at other peoples' blogs on Tumblr and seeing what they've done with their page. I also see a lot of posts about pinterest. They should have just stayed on there if they don't want to customize anything because what's the difference at that point.

No. 1410720

File: 1668567108159.jpg (406.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221116-135013.jpg)

I don't even hate this girl, or American/Arabic names for that matter but
>Be zoomer American
>Unironically repost meme from account called percosexual with a MLP profile picture
>American names have zero meaning and are recycled
>Quick google search would've informed you the meanings do exist and are Greek/German/Celtic
>Literally 150 million + people out there named Muhammad
I swear sometimes zoomers just fart shit onto the internet without any prior knowledge or thought because shitting on themselves culturally is seen as based by twitterfags. I genuinely feel sorry for the average burger at this point.

No. 1410927

Shitting on anything "western" is guaranteed clout for zoomers of all ethnicities. You can tell whoever made this image has no idea what the fuck they're talking about because two out of the four western names aren't even real names, they're nicknames. kek.

No. 1410937

Legit kek. They went to the effort of finding the meanings for multiple word Arabic names but specifically chose to use two nicknames for the American examples. Disingenuous as fuck.

No. 1411065

Idk if this is zoomer specific, but it seems much higher than when millennials did it. 18 year old zoomers seem to be obsessed with chasing after people in their fucking 30s and will never listen when they get told it's predatory on the other side. Knew an 18 year old who said she would happily love to date a 30 year old and she yelled at me and said really passive aggressively "well SORRY you went through such bad experiences" when I said that no normal 30 year old is going to go after an 18 year old without predatory/power imbalance intentions.
Perhaps this is harsh but I have no sympathy for those retards.
What's funny is how zoomers also simultaneously call anything grooming just for the victim complex. Like an 18 year old dating a 17 year old is somehow grooming to them. I'll never get it.

No. 1411067

>Literally 150 million + people out there named Muhammad
that's an understatement, both of my brothers, 3 of my uncles and god knows how many cousins have the first name Muhammad, however we only use their middle names to talk to them

No. 1411069

Honest question, what does "ethnic" even mean? Is it "English"? White? "Not used in the US/UK"? Because my extremely white European name doesn't exist in English and everyone struggles with it outside of my country, and there isn't a single person named Tyler or Kyle here as those aren't even names here.

No. 1411071

Arabic names are so beautiful that everyone has the same 5 names lol.

No. 1411072

yeah for most, maybe its not done anymore but everyone is named mohammed as a first name by default, sometimes not on paper. in my country if you want to call an XY and you dont know their name you call out "hey mohammed" kek. like my grandpa on his certificates have "mohammed son of mohammed son of mohammed" KEK. but yeah obviously every name has a meaning to a degree. its really retarded and honestly kind of offensive towards those they think they're kissing the feet of, like calling them "exotic" and therefore Other. every name is beautiful if you look into its history and where it derives from. you're just used to those names.

No. 1411073

Apparently the name Tyler literally means “bricklayer” and the name “Kyle” means “straight” lmao, I actually think this is kind of funny and perhaps there’s truth in it. The meme itself is a joke but people have to start getting all smug about it. Who cares that we are all swamp dwellers named “bricklayer” I think it’s funny.

No. 1411074

I do have an uncle who will Muhammad but we say it the way our grandparents dialect, so it comes out as mum-edh, I don't know about Arabs but my people butcher the Arabic language in ways you can't imagine

No. 1411078

I hate it when people say things like that. If i say anything remotely radfem people say to me in a really condescending and spiteful tone “sorry about your dad” or “sorry about your bad experiences” and then don’t believe me when I tell them actually he’s not so bad and I’ve been lucky with my experiences due to being sheltered by family and privilege. I think it’s designed to guilt me into shutting up because they have no way to disprove what I’m saying. My world view isn’t entirely shaped by my own personal experiences and I’m sure neither is yours.

No. 1411106

Zoomers are max at age 26. This is a pretty ridiculous take considering that, most of the trans influencers ARE millennials, most teachers are millennials or gen xers who are shilling this to zoomers. A lot of the BS articles, thinkpieces, etc. written on gender/trans shit that actually influences society at large on not just a zoomer level IS millennials and gen x. They influence both spheres, the younger generation and older generation. It's just weird how you can blame a bunch of high schoolers for something that's clearly a continuation of something started from before them. The weird forced kids being trans are from millennials and gen x parents.

No. 1411114

Gen z loves sucking tranny dick. Every mtf or ftm I had the unfortunate experience of working with was under 25. There are tranny men out there 30+ but a ton are zoomers. They're the ones attacking lesbians and women in general

No. 1411116

Dylan is 25, Nikita Dragun 26, overall most popular and vocal trannies rn are early to mid twenties, so, you know… by your definition they’re zoomers.

No. 1411131

>Dylan is 25
no way, holy shit he aged like crap i though he was 30

No. 1411153

They both look so older Holy shit

No. 1411159

nta but I'd argue that someone like Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox has had more of an impact on this topic and they both aren't zoomers. While Dylan and Nikita are scum, I don't think they are as well-known. Cox literally played a troon in a woman's prison ffs. And that was back in what, 2013? A lot of the people who write these storylines and support gender shit in academia are often older as well. GenX and Millenials created this climate, Zoomers happily endorse it. It's a shitty situation either way.

No. 1411174

I agree with your sentiment but idk about who has more impact, I think no one really listened to the two you listed, they were just celebrities and mostly seen as gays but zoomers form parasocial relationships with TikTok zoomer troons and they get invited to represent actual women to podcasts and sports. I agree that it’s been created by the last gen and zoomer gen embraced it. Now troon stuff is to zoomers what emo and goth was to millennials but it’s more harmful than scene kids were. Millennials had a problem with rape jokes, antiSJW fedora commentators, SJWs and edgy shit, zoomers have troons, gender ideology, cancel culture and communism kek

No. 1411177

>Zoomers are max at age 26.
>It's just weird how you can blame a bunch of high schoolers
Except most people over 18 aren’t “a bunch of high schoolers”? Kek. You’re pulling a lot out of your ass. Yeah there’s some millenials that defend the tranny stuff, but zoomers are just as much responsible for this madness. Even if millennials/gen x initially fought for more transgender acceptance, zoomers are happily listening to troons further demands and pushing it to the extremes. I believe Millienials and Gen X didn’t intend to create this aggressive rhetoric against lesbians and all of this misogyny (non-men, birth-giving people, etc) when they began supporting trans rights.
Now you have Hunter Schafer playing a tranny in Euphoria, which IS a popular show. He’s 23, so zoomer age by your definition.

No. 1411183

Not to mention the main audience for euphoria is sadly zoomers. I worked with 21 and under when I was at Starbucks and they all watched euphoria. Something tells me anon is a zoomer fag trying to be like "not all zoomers" on a zoomer hate thread.

No. 1411184

No one gives a shit about Laverne or Caitlin. They're irrelevant fags. Zoomers are pressing on the laws that reduce lesbians to non men and yaaas queen trannys.

No. 1411187

File: 1668616260996.jpg (33.91 KB, 252x316, IMG_20221117_032902.jpg)

Zoomer moids love to laugh about beating their girlfriends, raping children and calling being raped a "skill issue" (is that what the meme is called?) while they all look something like this, kek

No. 1411231

What's with some zoomers and all of them describing their political views as "anarchy destroy the government grrr"? It's obvious they've never been actually disadvantaged in their lives and grew up in a happy middle class family.
They think the solution to society is to abolish all systems, as if society doesn't move smoothly without every type of job working together. Like who is going to sell and manufacture your medicine when you get sick, kid?
It's usually just kids being trolls because they haven't developed their brains yet and never will. Though you could've spoilered that…thing, kek.

No. 1411233

I’ve mostly seen communist zoomers and being from a post commie country it makes me wanna bang my head into a wall repeatedly

No. 1411239

they think communism is when we all hold hands and have ~equality~ like sure let's dump you into actual communism where no jobs like doctors or lawyers exist because nobody wants to become one because of the equal pay you love so much.

No. 1411244

samefag but we need to cut the zoomer age range into two separate ones. The ones that are 12-18 right now, and chronically on Twitter and TikTok with their genderspecial shit calling everything racist, and the 18-25 range who are borderline millennials and usually more decent lol

No. 1411256

No. 18-25 has much more in common with 14-18 than with 30-40. 25-30 are the only gray area.

No. 1411258

Kek, no, all the cringiest leftwingers and biggest tranny-fellators are in that 18-25 age group and the scary thing is they're voting and worse having kids of their own. Zoomers were a mistake.

No. 1411270

It's a mental illness and that's what it's always been. They would never treat women with body dysmorphia with encouraging her to change her hormonal makeup, get plastic surgeries galore and everything else. It's all about "being happy in your body" then they wonder why troons can never be happy with themselves after encouraging them to fix anything they don't like about themselves with surgery

No. 1411271

I'd say depends on who you ask. I know 24 yr olds with families and careers and some 34 yr olds are lost and in on and off situationships with no job that makes more than 40k a year and the maturity of a high schooler. Once you're past 21 there's no way to really define who you are by your age

No. 1411273

these are generalizations though and life stage has little to do with sociopolitical views.

No. 1411279

Wait, that's because they're app only?? How did I never make the connection, I always thought it was some weird side-blog feature kek

No. 1411283

What do you think "something in common" mean?

No. 1411284

Maybe it's just my country then kek.
On web you can turn your blog into well, an actual blog. Customise where all your text goes and indent and align shit, it's fun.

No. 1411291

more in common and something in common aren't the same, esl-chan. no one is talking about where people are in life, they're talking about personalities and beliefs. a 25 year old with a job is going to still care about the same shit as her 25 year old jobless friends.

No. 1411299

Idk why some anons are fricking rude. I hope your birthday was great yesterday and great adventures come your way this chapter. Don’t let anyone define you but yourself, and great job on making it this far! ♥

No. 1411309

A 24 year old with a family has more in common with a 24 year old NEET than a 34 year old with or without a family.
Life stages are a thing people can have in common, but no one uses them to define generational groups because everybody moves through several of them.
Generational groups are better defined by things like major events and trends in parenting and education, because the things that happened in the world and the way your parents raised you will never change.

No. 1411341

Yeah but 24 is vastly more similar to a 30 year old person than to a 18 yo. If you are friend with different age groups it’s very easy to see this. 18 year olds are kids, from 23 on the people finally grow a brain and it gets really hard to tell the ages apart, you can’t tell who’s 23 and who’s 33. Especially with moids because they start balding in early twenties and they talk exactly the same and about the same things as the older ones.

No. 1411350

Nat but nah, a jobless student is not going to care about the same thing as a housewife with 2 children or a doctor even though they’re both 25. They will have more in common and worry about similar things as a different age group that’s in a similar setting or life stage. That’s quite logical. If you’re around 18/19 or so I get why age seems more important to you than it actually is though.

No. 1411677


No. 1411839

File: 1668668020676.jpg (66.07 KB, 720x963, 6fd40166390303213d6b3f7525ac3c…)

Zoomies larping as 00's emos while being genderspecial blm lgbtbrap+ supporters is so funny to be. The original cringelords of the 00's were super fucking edgy and there are several cases of these nutjobs ''joking'' about murdering someone then actually killing them. Zoomies would probably shit and piss their pants if they were to meet face to face with an emo teen from the 00's, the emos would probably call them faggots, drop the nword several times just because they think its funny, defend hitler and then show them their self harm scars then proceed to ask them if they ship ZaDr or ZaGr and stab them if they dont like the answer. Zoomers are unhinged but in a lame pathetic way where they break down and cry if someone says something mean, they would lose to the skinniest emo faggot of the 00's without even starting the fight.

No. 1411841

for the last time, we're talking about how they think about things, not their day to day opinions. the stuff you're talking about is fringe anyway. plus you're wrong. a 30 year old and a 24 year old will raise their kids very differently from eachother because of how they grew up, which depends on age.

No. 1411854


Every 18-25 I know starts preaching about political correctness when I call them a retard so no, they are not basically millennials

No. 1411858

Maybe I'm just not exposed to the most obnoxious subset of zoomers, but I don't really feel any animosity toward them. I feel like it's easier to hate boomers because their voting habits over years of elections have well and truly fucked things up royally, but zoomers haven't been around long enough to vote in any Reagans or Nixons. Zoomers come across as retarded politically because every terminally-online kid that age is shit at politics and some shade of extremist, black-and-white thinker (which is not helped by the environment at college campuses and in nerd spaces.)

No. 1411870

Kek. Imagining zoomers being around for the Stickam days with Kiki and Dakota saying the n-word and calling people faggots, they’d lose their minds

No. 1411874

How old are you? People are seriously not much different after 23. 25 year olds don’t think any differently from 33 year olds at all.

No. 1411881

35. god you're so out of touch. do you not have friends or known people in real life?

No. 1411888

On the contrary, I have many friend groups that are different age and the people aren’t any different after mid twenties. Literally identical worries and way of thinking. And it has a biological basis too, your frontal lobe matures around that time. What a weird obsession with age you have.

No. 1411897

oh, you're that retarded boomer. if you're not interested in actually having a conversation fuck off.

No. 1411946

Both of them are purely retarded and pathetic, just a different flavour. Zoomers are no different tbh when it comes to the general gist.

No. 1411950

Nonnas I shiver thinking about the future of gen alpha

No. 1411953


No. 1412003

What? I’m 28 and I have no idea who you’re talking about, schizochan. And I’m not even the same person you were arguing with before.

No. 1413903

Sometimes the shit they say is so embarrassingly moralistic, it's like they're competing to win some nonexistent Goodest Citizen prize. Is this a product of their being brought up under more surveillance than other generations?

No. 1414230

Probably. Arguably millennials have had a factor in it too, the SJWism and shit. Alternatively, it's just societal black and white thinking; a lot of them have extremist parents or something and hence they turned out to be extremist too but just on the other side of the spectrum.

No. 1414779

Their extreme laziness and constant moralfagging about people who have any amount of money more than them. The ones that unironically want to bring back communism baffle me truly.
There's a difference between being like Musk or Bezos and simply just trying to earn a lot of money so you can live and eat because that's a basic biological instinct to survive.
It's hilarious seeing them cope about some random happy old person they decided to make their daily victim who worked their entire life to where they are now.
Sorry they won't give you their money and that you don't have any talents or are too lazy to do something with your life.
Secondly, why do they always bring up the exploitation issue in the industry? It is a true and serious problem but they're too lazy to do something about it so they attack normal people as if we're responsible personally for it.

No. 1414783

I'd say it's a result of being addicted to social media. I don't even see it just with zoomers though, i've even seen some gen x who are like this.

No. 1414877

which industry? there's not much an ordinary person can do about hollywood type of industries besides boycotting/pirating

No. 1414882

literally working in any industry will get zoomers on your ass saying you're exploiting one type of person or another kek

No. 1414895

Person: Spends or invests money
Zoomers: What a piece of shit!
Person: Gives away money
Zoomers: What a piece of shit!
Hurr durr capitalism minimum wage wah wah

No. 1414962

As someone who was groomed at 24 by a 30 year old man who took advantage of me, this is just…..not true. He had so much more experience with life than I did. The trauma still haunts me today. Sage for blogpost sorry

No. 1415068

You're a fucking adult at 24. You weren't "groomed," you were manipulated.

No. 1415401

File: 1668954301533.jpg (335.06 KB, 1440x1700, IMG_20221121_011935.jpg)

Zoomer moid "jokes" about a five year old girl who got raped so badly she got paralysed. I'm so close to a-logging the same fate upon them.

No. 1415408

I can’t stand when they use the word “core”
I also can’t stand that they correct every comment they see when someone “misgenders” someone even if that post is about a rapist or someone awful.
they come off as violent when someone calls them something else but if that person says one small thing back or calls them by their gender its like you’re attacking them.
Also, How can someone consider themselves both transgender and nonbinary doesn’t that cancel out being transgender?

No. 1415415

"transgender" is supposed to mean you're not the gender you were born with, if you're nonbinary then that counts as a form of transgender I guess.

No. 1415437

Nona sorry but that’s ridiculous, you remind me of that “I’m literally a minor, only 24 years old teenage girl” memes kek you barely had an age gap with that guy

No. 1415534

You were not groomed at age 24 you fucking retard.

No. 1415705

and there was also alot of pedophilia and sexism with the 00's emos too. There is a reason why emo's back then used to be hated and made fun of by everyone.
Lol imagine defending early emos who gut bullied/hated by normies, i guess thats the only noteworthy thing you did huh.
even back then that was considered bad, do you remember the pull threads about them that called them out.
there is no difference between them and the millennial men of 4chan and reddit.

No. 1415706

Nta and calling it "grooming" is indeed stupid, she was rather manipulated, but still a 6 year age gap is not "barely" an age gap

No. 1415712

this reminds me of the age-gap when i was 15 and a 21 year old guy was interested in dating me. Everyone around me was okay with it though. I was creeped out and didnt date him so he moved onto some 16 year old girl (who also bullied me).
Idk i dont see what happened to me as grooming since most people around me were okay with it, no one cared at all that grown uni men were dating freshmen.

No. 1415713

>groomed at 24 by a 30 year old man
are you an adult with the agency needed for making choices related to sexuality? yes or no question

No. 1415717

I'm starting to see more liberal parents somehow turning out puritanical kids. The kids spend way too much time online that they find extremist internet cultures and hierarchies to attach to since their parents believe anything goes, it's just a phase.

No. 1415726

That is grooming because you were a minor, he was an adult. It's not the age gap itself.

No. 1415728


ah it looks like the zoomers are here, just say underage you retard. We are not on tiktok.

No. 1415749

I'm 30 and ESL, never used TikTok in my life

No. 1415756

Grooming is a specific thing, it's not just any sexual interaction between an adult and someone underage kek.

No. 1415808

They're so much more open about it though. I guess moid behaviour never changes, does it?

No. 1415837

Some Zoomers were talking about some drama unfolding at work: a former co-worker called the police on her abusive boyfriend. However, since all the Zoomers know the boyfriend is genderspecial, they used "they/them" pronouns throughout the entire fucking conversation when referring to the heinous shit he did to her. Clown world.

No. 1415855

God this pisses me off so much as well.
German here, it doesn't help that classifying people by "race" (as in, the word "race") is racist here. If anything you name the nationality (Iraqi, Italian etc.) or the ethnicity or region if you know that, but you cannot say race and the fucking skin color is such a dumb shit like to them there are only three people in this world, the whites, the black people and the Asians or something which erases all cultures and conflicts that shouldn't be allowed to be ignored.

There is no "white culture" as there is no "black culture" and I hate seeing this shit everywhere online. It's even worse when progressive people use it and see no issue with this. But they can probably not even name more than 10 countries so they start arguments about whether a Bosnian or Italian is "white" or not, whatever the fuck white even means to them.

Those are literally the racists that do it, "Ausländer" isn't even correct since most people they whine about have German IDs.
My beef with this is that it's used by progressive people too and it came from the US even though woke Europeans are starting with this shit as well now.

No. 1415861

Yep, it's like there's an invisible camera watching them at all times, surveillance has everything to do with it.

No. 1415907

It’s not surveillance, just the constant fear of being cancelled and the moralistic environment the internet is in right now since the 2010s
Even redditors and 4channers are weirdly moralistic at times.

No. 1415927

the cancelled thing is also part of surveillance imo, it's the idea of other people keeping each other 'in line' regarding meaningless bullshit.

No. 1415939

File: 1668987259948.png (37.25 KB, 982x343, Capture.PNG)

Is millennial the new boomer?

No. 1416002

Ah I see the males lurking here with their victim blaming. Thinking a 30 year old should be with someone in her early to mid 20s is gross as fuck.

No. 1416044

No. 1416053

none of those anons but no one except the first post implied that, all they said was it wasn't grooming. anyone can be taken advantage of but grooming has a very specific definition.

No. 1416066

File: 1668992410487.png (245.79 KB, 945x903, Screenshot_20221120-175745.png)

This is the kind of behavior I find most zoomerish: believing some extremely common term of phrase was invented by zoomers and comes from tiktok

No. 1416081

I laughed when I saw that. It's such a basic english word. Anon is probably esl and only started hearing the word "minor" when it became overused online.

No. 1416101

Thanks for calling me a scrote, but try again. Grooming is something specific. Anon was abused and manipulated, but using "grooming" is wrong and should be used correctly. Get over yourself.

No. 1416123

You're wrong, accept some responsibility.

No. 1416255

This has got to be the most retarded bait I've ever seen. Women have said much worse in regards to age gaps and such publically, saying a 24 yr old can't be groomed is literally nothing, and that's just by definition. Id explain that everyone here still thinks a 30 yr old manipulating a 24 yr old is bad but you'd probably ignore it all and scream about how we're pedos just like every other anons who use strawmans

No. 1416270

File: 1669006885778.jpg (14.02 KB, 275x206, 1660240217335.jpg)

not any of those nonas but honestly at this point the topic is so deeply retarded because, like…ok. the older men are usually on a wildly different wavelength and are almost exclusively dating her because she's young. Then the topic always goes to the lib fem type fixation on the choice of the younger party to enter into the arrangement. For example, >>1415713 was judgmental. That nonny didn't go into details, who knows–maybe she overstates the age gap contributing but adult grooming (like wtf it's a thing what are you guys on?) exists regardless with some unique signs involved - and can be worse depending on the individual and the abuser - and some nonnies are getting weirdly blamey about her experience, insulting her, etc, even though they don't know the full story. It's like the idea that she could be vulnerable at her age angered them or something.

No. 1416285

I’m catching up on this thread but I wanna point out that 20-21 and 30 is iffy but 24-25 and 30 is fine. You’re seriously trying to act like “mid 20s” is the same as a 20 year old, it’s not. You’re a lot more mature by 25 than you were at 20.

No. 1416286

File: 1669008780639.png (12.64 KB, 668x201, what is grooming.PNG)

No. 1416289

you're definitely a scrote if you're implying that's the same anon who wrote that she was sexually assaulted

you seem to be the only anon in here with a brain. i'm appalled at the response on this site out of all places. this is why the age of consent should not be as low as it is because this is the type of response women who come out as being sexually assaulted get after they turn 18. older men can still prey on young women even if they're no longer 17.

a 24 year old who's brain hasn't finished developing is a bad match for a 30 year old man who's been done with college for 6-7 years. you're insane

No. 1416293

I’m an old zoomer and I have a question: do zoomer children not actually go through a phase where they say purposefully offensive edgy shit to be funny, or are they lying about not going through such a phase? whenever people get cancelled for stuff they said as high schoolers I’ve seen other Gen Zs claim that they never went through an edgy phase of saying wildly offensive stuff. I was born in 1998 and I definitely went through this phase as I hung around boys who were heavily into video game culture. I really don’t believe that such wouldn’t exist in regards to preteen/teen boys and girls who hang around them, since video game culture is stronger than ever and this >>1415401 is like the 2022 equivalent of how my male “friends” at 14 would joke around but probably worse tbh.
So do edgy jokes and saying ignorant/offensive things still exist for kids? Because Gen Z wants us to think so but I don’t buy it as another Gen Z myself. It seems like they’re all pretending to be above it, I’ve heard that they probably have texts or private accounts where they behaved like the people they cancelled. I really cannot fathom how a 11-17 year old kid is so wise that they somehow have managed to avoid saying anything cancellable. Lord knows I would never have a job if they found my now deleted Facebook and dug through it to find me trying to be ~not like the other girls~ at 12 laughing along with shitty male “friends” misogynistic, racist, ableist, homophobic, twansphobic jokes. Most of the jokes back then do make me cringe but I will never feel bad for laughing at trannies so…

No. 1416294

samefag, you know what, maybe definitions don't matter. maybe "being groomed" is just a feeling that people of any age can identify with.

No. 1416303

>caring this much about laws created by old scrotes so they can fuck literal teenagers and get away with it
reminds me of the moids who pull out the different countries have different legal ages card

No. 1416313

I'm 19 and went through that phase (so did the boys in my class back in HS), I think cancel culture became a thing when I was like 16 and by that I was already over it. Must be weird to be really young growing up like this.

No. 1416319

so you think google is the harbinger and judge of whether or not something exists and defines everything? There's different definitions of it; this one doesn't at all refer to relationships…."preparing a child for a meeting".
what an amazing definition.

No. 1416323

That google definition is really shit considering grooming is not exclusive to the internet and happens irl. No actual physical contact ever actually has to happen and we all know this.

Thank god the cancel culture police excuses people who makes offenses as a child at the very least so it seems. Tbh a lot of children don't ever have the edgy phase no matter what era they are born into. I remember being uncomfortable about a lot of edgy humor when i was a child, i never really found vulgar humor funny in general, but i would never voice this or else i'd be considered sensitive. For reference i am a very old gen z or a young millennial depending on who you ask.

No. 1416324

File: 1669011892225.jpg (116.43 KB, 720x841, Grooming.jpg)

Grooming can be done to anyone regardless of age; however, you can face both state and federal offenses if someone underage is groomed (I think this applies big time if under 16 in the US). Usually referred to as child grooming when talking about someone underage.

No. 1416330

Tired of that "age 25 brain development" shit. You're still an adult at 24. This isn't an 18 year old out of high school. You should already be in the workforce and graduated uni by that age. No one is denying nonnie got abused, but she's a fucking adult at 24

No. 1416333

tbh, someone can make the argument as to whether or not the psychologists and organizations talking about "adult grooming" and how it can apply to certain cults or specific abuse situations shouldn't do so but I've yet to see someone try, go figures.

No. 1416335

idk raising the aoc in the 20s range would just result in grown men getting away with fucking highschoolers unless the law gets raised just for women specifically

No. 1416338

>I identify as being groomed
Peak postmodern zoomie idiocy and ignorance

No. 1416340

Wake up babe, new gender just dropped

No. 1416341

>Thank god the cancel culture police excuses people who makes offenses as a child at the very least so it seems
Lmfao they do not. Especially zoomer police, they will purposely dig up shit you did fifteen years ago when you were twelve and claim absolutely batshit takes such as "racism doesn't expire", common one I've seen, like what on earth

No. 1416345

NTA, but what's the difference between grooming and manipulating? aren't they basically the same concept?

No. 1416350

There's research on sexual grooming that involves looking at adults, though. If you genuinely believe "adult grooming" cheapens the concept of grooming, then say why because plenty of researchers and domestic abuse experts don't have the same opinion. After all, there can be huge power gaps in adult relationships. If one of the main parts of grooming isn't a huge power gap, especially one that was apparent early in the relationship and how it's leveraged to monopolize - usually in a coordinated way - the weaker partner over a long period of time, what is, then?

No. 1416353

Isn't manipulating more open-ended? Someone can manipulate someone without necessarily abusing them or grooming them, even if it's really shitty and often is used in abuse. And someone can abuse someone without manipulating them, or grooming them. Some abusers are just chimps, some are more calculated, but even a retard with 0 manipulation skills can groom a child.
Sorry, not really a good definition but I wouldn't use the three terms interchangeably. Only a small # of abuse situations follow the usual signs of grooming.

No. 1416359

I was referring to the use of “identify” in the context of being groomed.

No. 1416373

It gets sticky. I've seen grooming be called a form of manipulation and a form of abuse. I can see manipulation and abuse being umbrella words and there being overlapping. Then there's also conditioning someone to respond a certain way.

No. 1416421

Honestly I feel like a lot of early-mid twenties zoomers cling on being minors-by-proxy because they desperately want to be under the “wall” of 25 because that’s what they made fun of and bullied millennials for the longest time. They’re now ~old~ by their own standards so they desperately try to argue that early and late twenties are totally different age groups, only they are young and have no responsibility for their actions when compared to the absolutely geriatric 25-30 age group. Hah I bet they’re gonna say the same thing when they hit 25-30 in two years, they’re gonna be totally different from the 30-35 grandmas.

Just fyi the brain is already finished with the very minor development it undergoes in your twenties by 23 to 25. It’s hardly comparable to the development during puberty though, people misinterpret this. Your brain undergoes changes comparable to the frontal lobe development during your twenties through your whole life, or even bigger changes. Zoomers in their almost mid twenties are proper adults, not still developing kids.

No. 1416423

Grooming is typically used for children/teens. I'm sure some people use it differently but I think the baseline is adults who should be teaching/raising the kid doing so for their own malicious purposes, typically sexual. Either way it's a long term plan of continued manipulation for future purposes, not just a one time thing. Grooming is always bad.
Manipulation is just getting someone to do what you want (often making them think it was their own idea), meaning a child crying on purpose to get another lollipop manipulated their parent, but they weren't malicious in doing so. Can be bad, can be not bad. Can happen once or several times.

I think when it comes to severely mentally ill people or people with mental disabilities being manipulated into doing something it could also be called grooming, such as the whole trans movement. Your average trans person wasn't groomed, but the clearly autistic ones were.

No. 1416581

She never said she was a zoomer. She said when she was 24 when it happened which means she most likely isn't a zoomer. It doesn't even matter if her brain was finished developing or not considering this dude was out of her age range, period. Learn to read.

Caping this much for a moid who couldn't go for a woman his age is embarrassing. A 30 year old isn't in the same stage of life as a 24 year old and can absolutely have a lot of power over her. So much libfem logic here or either 18 year olds who are too young to understand that 30 and 24 are worlds apart so they just victim blame the woman. I don't understand why act like 24 is some all knowing wise age when people in their 20s are dumb as fuck and learning a lot of things for the first time. Grooming could be the wrong word but nonnas blaming her for being assaulted need a severe mental health check.

No. 1416699

I frequent a dressup game with a fairly huge child population and kids definitely do go through edgy phases, but they keep it in the dms. Every so often you'll have the wokest and most performative users get "exposed" by their "friends" who they had a private slapfight with, and yes they're always edgy little shits that don't practice what they preach on the forums. It's really interesting to see, it reminds me of right wing men and their relationship with porn almost kek

No. 1416713

there might be people who are victim blaming here, but >>1416330 wasn't doing it. she was just saying 24 and 30 isn't wild.

and honestly, how many things are 24 year olds learning for the first time? if we're talking about the average 24 year old, they've got their own job, their own place, they've had time to build up their social life. what else is there to learn?

No. 1416729

Now that the average age for having your first child in many countries is often above 30, a 24yo and a 30yo aren't even in different stages of their life. They both finished university, got a job, got an apartment and are maybe engaged. Maybe start building a house. Physically they're at the same level, they're both likely to no longer party as much as a teen and the rest ist down to personal preferences and hobbies.

No. 1417006

If you think a literal 24 year old child is an adult then that's extremely problematic. Zoomies can't identify as adults until they're in their 40s at least.

No. 1417012

I just saw this old post >>202276 with Jenny Nicholson's brother, it annoyed me, and I didn't want to litter that thread, this one seems more fitting since the video is about zoomers and comparison of generations.
It just reminded me of something I was recently thinking about.
First of all, god it irks me he doesn't even specify that he talks about generations in the USA. Or am I just being boring and it's something that's implied and everyone is supposed to understand that? It's just funny to hear about "innocent and carefree" 90s when I, as a slav, am used to completely different epithets. Didn't it cross his mind that people from other countries might've had another experience?
Secondly, I "love" the incredible depth of this analysis that basically implies cartoons and other media is the only thing that affects a person growing up. Oh so you watched your silly Angry Beavers, huh… what could you possibly know about trauma? I watched Gravity Falls and read creepypastas, I'm ridden with mental illnesses and existential dread! "Most challenging childhood in the history" my ass.
And ok, even if the media were the only thing that matters. It's so unbelievably shallow. Every millennial I know was allowed to watch pretty much anything as a child, not only something meant for children. But even the things meant for children, either from the 90s or previous decades (btw another astonishing revelation: people can consume older media as well. and one more: millennials were born not only in 90s but in 80s, too), weren't as carefree as he describes. And that is what I was thinking about. I might be wrong about it, I don't follow newer children's media closely, but from what I saw, that's what seems to me as something really straightforward and simple, not to say primitive, in terms of emotions (both demonstrated and induced), while many things I remember from childhood were genuinely depressing and anxiety-inducing at times (which is not necessarry to make something "complex" or even good, I mentioned it to dispute the "carefree" bullshit). I could've been too sensitive, but even Toy Story and Rugrats (that he shows there in the vid btw) could make me feel uncomfortable, kek. Not to mention freaking All Dogs Go to Heaven or Brave Little Toaster or Once Upon a Forest (I don't even remember this one that good but I memorized it specifically as depressing lol). And it's just a few examples off the top of my head. I also feel like every animated tv show would criticize society or some cultural phenomena etc. in that way or another, while showing the psychology of human behavior and relationships, and darker side of things. Like wowie, even then people could criticize capitalism and consoomerism, who would've thought. As to movies, family movies in particular, there were also just too many, and I'm pretty sure I've already forgot some good examples I'd recalled earlier but, for example, The Witches was fucking scary to me, The Neverending Story wasn't that lighthearted in overall, and the same can be told about pretty much any movie about animals although it might be subjective (Beethoven made me anxious kek). And, as I said earlier, it wasn't even limited to family-friendly media, and there was other stuff as well, like games, music even, anything.
I feel like older media was more soulful actually, and it made you feel many things at a time. Most of it didn't treat you like a mindless child. Do I sound like a grandma already? It just seems to me newer stuff lacks nuance and depth tbh. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1417025

oops forgot to change the link >>>/m/202276

No. 1417032

I posted someone online and this zoomer had to nerve to comment 'omg, this man is born in 91. I can't believe he's so young looking! I thought he was only 25.'
Why do zoomers think hitting 30 means we turn to dust and die? It's so insufferable.

No. 1417035

This is the same generation that doesn't want to work and get participation trophys.

No. 1417078

>what else is there to learn?
completely unrelated to dating or grooming and i’m pretty sure the female brain stops developing around early 20s so no, you can’t be groomed by a 30 year old when you’re 24. but having a family, managing employees/a business, and basically just life are things people in their 30s-40s usually have much more experience with than someone in their 20s.

most women who have kids do so in their late 20s, and most upper management types are older. you also can’t have 10+ years work experience at 24.

on average a 34 year old knows more about jobs, relationships, friendships, education, etc than a 24 year old. unless that 34 year old has been a friendless unemployed single neet for 10 years. you could replace 24 and 34 with any ages, honestly, it’s not just a zoomer v millennial thing.

No. 1417100

Empty egg carton/hitting the wall memes are mostly at fault for this. They'll realize they were being stupid when they themselves get to that age.

I hate seeing teenagers walking around in as much Wish-tier polyester neon clothing as they can get away with. Every single one looks like a walking red flag of annoying bullshit. It's only going to get worse if they bring back the cartoon character backpacks that were "in" in 2008.

No. 1417105

Once upon a forest is one of my faves tbh. Was basically ferngully but not about a scrote annoying a fairy minding her business. But yea movies had more depth and morals back then. The corporate intentions in animated movies is more palatable now.

No. 1417108

zoomers are fucking stupid and literally believe my over 30 ass is 22.

No. 1417135

They're more passive aggressive about their behaviors now. What you're describing with non-zoomers was more directly aggressive. Now it's seriously emulating behaviors of stuff like the mean girls movie (both boys and girls doing it equally), and bad teen movies of the 90s and early 2000s. It's why people mistakenly say all the time, oh children are so much nicer now. No they're still the garbage they used to be the behavior set has just changed, and older generations don't know how to see it. Easiest way to describe it, is zoomer 1 fake compliments zoomer 2, zoomer 2 calls them out on it, and then zoomer 1 starts crying about how they didn't mean it like that why does everyone hate them. Young millennials and older zoomers do this too, but the children are obviously the worst for it.

No. 1417155

I swore brains in general stop developing at 30. Either way, a woman can be manipulated by a man in her 20s. Men are sneaky pieces of shits. this is a lot of victim blaming going back and forth.

No. 1417189

Again, there's researchers and psychologists that have went into "adult grooming" or "sexual grooming" as it relates to adults. There's specific situations where an adult might be particularly vulnerable to someone that wants to trap, change, and monopolize someone; i.e., very mentally ill, autistic, etc. Is there some reason why "grooming" must be solely defined by whether or not someone takes advantage of whether or not someone's brain is still changing?

No. 1417204

What is the victim blaming? No one is saying a 24 year old can't be abused by a 30 year old, just that it's not grooming or inherently abuse because of the age gap.

No. 1417208

I'm a zoomer (over 18 though so I guess I'm an older zoomer) and I had an edgy phase, those people are just boring or lying kek. A lot of my friends also made edgy jokes, but I will say it was much less common with the girls I knew, girls seem to police each other much more than boys do.

No. 1417217

I feel like idiots have been doing this forever though? I’m an ancient millennial and I remember hearing these sort of comments when I was a teenager about anyone remotely older. This one woman I worked with was 25 or so and everyone thought she was a teenager just because she dressed trendy and had a bit of a babyface, a 25 year can’t look cute after all (kek). Even at the time I thought it was dumb but it seems normal for most youngins to think we’re relics because we’re like ~7 years older.

No. 1417285

Everything is so monitored now there's almost no room for zoomers to make mistakes and ones who do basically go into early onset doomer mode. Everyone is just void of personality for this reason because they're too scared to do something out of what other stupid kids are doing

No. 1417354

>it's not abuse because of the age gap
Nta but that's why you're calling it an age gap and not just a relationship. FFS some of you bitches are dumb. He clearly wanted that young fresh pussy instead of dating a 30 year old or someone in her late twenties. Man couldn't even go for a girl in her late mid twenties, just had to go lower.

No. 1417490

The issue with an age gap of more than a few years is that the older partner has a cognitive advantage that the younger person usually won't even perceive att.. til they themselves are that older age and are able to reflect on it. That's the trap. It relies on that level of naivety still being present in young adults. Other factors play into some women being more vulnerable to it too. LC is full of posts from nonnies who've been there and learnt this the hard way.

Plenty of women will date a 30 something year old man while they're in their twenties but then when they themselves reach their thirties they'd never dream of dating a younger man with the exact same age gap.

People who date younger are ultimately taking advantage of that blind spot the younger person has.. while they still have it. They want you to feel like you're not far behind them. That you're mature for your age and that magically makes you equals. Adults fall for that trap all the time. It's still an issue for women in their early to mid twenties. They live and learn.

No. 1418564

File: 1669176214475.jpg (73.94 KB, 600x600, cougars gonna coug.jpg)

>when they themselves reach their thirties they'd never dream of dating a younger man
speak for yourself. when i reach my thirties, i'm gonna drop the guys with receding hairlines for the guys in their twenties that still have a full head of hair.

No. 1418570

File: 1669176710499.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, 1660010581361.gif)

No. 1418574

I’m in my 30s but I’m not going to turn down a nice and cute guy because he’s 21. I’m way too lonely and desperate for that.

No. 1418612

you reminded me of that one nonnie venting about a cousin of her's, the cousin was in her her 40's who perpetually had a sting of short term relationships with men in their 20's, honestly she seemed based asf

No. 1418615

Decent scrotes are rare. If a young one likes me for some reason I’ll take him if he’s good to me. He just needs to be 18+.

No. 1418618

File: 1669182096258.png (36.16 KB, 1402x355, CAPTURE.png)

found the post

No. 1418633

No. 1418790

Troonery. Enough said.

No. 1419528

>Plenty of women will date a 30 something year old man while they're in their twenties but then when they themselves reach their thirties they'd never dream of dating a younger man with the exact same age gap.
Wait until you're in your 30s before you talk kek.

No. 1419687

I don't get why zoomies are obesseded with ships and ship dynamics, we used to bully obsessed anime shippers off web forums back in my day. None of this allowing them to fester on social media and run cancellation gayops on you because you point out that their headcanon gay ship of two heterosexual characters isn't real.

No. 1419697

kek all that video is just variations of ''opposed attracts''. Its like gender shit, why do they need to make a million variations of it?

No. 1419799

Adult grooming would usually apply to someone who has a disability usually. As in someone with very low functioning autism, Down’s syndrome, or brain damage etc. Essentially when an adult has a condition resulting in a low iq that makes them childlike mentally. Grooming can apply in other situations too, but legally that’s the big one for ‘adult grooming’.

No. 1419858

It took me a while to finish that video because his tranny voice was so grating. As for his statement about trauma not existing until after 9/11 occurred, it is an indictment of America's educational system. During the 90s in the States there were a slew of terrorist attacks (one of which was the Oklahoma City Bombing), the Rodney King Riots, Columbine, Waco, the crack epidemic, the start of the heroin epidemic, etc. Every generation during every decade in every part of the world had to go through some horrible bullshit of varying degrees because that's just life, unfortunately. Just because they didn't put it into cartoons for children meant to sell toys and display advertisements doesn't mean it wasn't happening and didn't affect the way people developed. The reason zoomers are so "traumatized" is due to so many of them not understanding how to have basic human interactions and developing narcissism from growing up on the internet in the social media age, not from any event or media they read/watched.

Late and ntayrt, but cc didn't have that problem until spoony got banned from there causing her to throw a shitfit and post about cc to pol and r9k incels so they could raid the place. I still like cc, but before the moid and tranny infiltration started it was the chillest place.

No. 1420436

Their constant shitting on other generations for stuff like Facebook, and positive comments online, everything is "cringe" to them because they can't find any happiness in themselves or others. That's why so many of them troll shield.

No. 1420501

i find it strange that a lot of zoomers will tag themselves as 'minor' online. Other than many zoomers using it as a way to dodge responsibility/act like they're brainless babies, are there other reasons they advertise minor status?
Used to be (in my experience), teens would lie that they were much older than what they actually were.

No. 1420669

Full of these medicals bitches got several she eat the dick up like it’s an edible
I mean wouldn’t it be more strange to lie about your age than to just say “minor”? Also some kids are embarrassed to say that they’re 12 and minor can literally be anywhere from like 7 to 18, so they have all the wiggle room they want without having to really be honest about their age

No. 1420690

File: 1669342601953.jpeg (86.1 KB, 1024x570, 653298.jpeg)

>Full of these medicals bitches got several she eat the dick up like it’s an edible
is the AI acting up again

No. 1420698

I felt like it was some gross rap lyric and I was right, by the weeknd when I googled it. NTA, I don't know the context of her post

No. 1420700

This, they want to cancel everything that triggers them. They don't get that the older generations are actually more focused on their own lives then them. Maybe it makes them seethe.

No. 1421035

Their weird parasocial stan culture where they devote their lives to people who will never know them or care about them. Then there's zoomers who think they're so morally superior by being against this, but ending up just as bad or arguably even worse.
I cannot express how embarrassing it is to unironically call yourself an "anti" of someone or something, and make constant tinfoiling analyses of why they are supposedly such a horrible evil Nazi person that we have to hold "aCcOuNtAbLe". I'd rather take a thousand fancams and stans saying the weirdest sexual shit online than this.
Like what worth or value will that ever hold outside in reality?

No. 1422052

An entire generation of woke spastics.

No. 1422141

It’s really shocking how many zoomers will brag about losing their virginity to someone and be telling everyone about what happened and how it happened and be flexing their stupid little fetish test results (fucking why?), and then one day they’ll try to claim that that person actually raped them KEK. Like…you showed me a video of you getting back shots from him and then peeing everywhere. Everyone knows what actually happened. You are not a victim of assault or abuse. Why the fuck are there young women who desire that kind of trauma? Has television, film, and music all really glamorized rape/CSA that much? To the extent where people will happily lie about it? Fucking go fuck yourself if you try to respond to me defending these types of people. Yes real victims exist but there is a blatant, noticeable difference between a real victim of sexual abuse trauma and someone who’s trying to gain attention/empathy.

No. 1422142

Also samefag before anyone else tries to come at my throat and call me a dying boomer I am a zoomer myself.

No. 1422150

Facebook came out in what? 2004? but I dont remember people starting to use it until around 2005 or 2006. They love to shit on 'older people' for using fb, meanwhile it was one of our first real social media platforms. I was old enough to use myspace, but felt it was easier to connect with friends and family through early FB. They're mad because they missed the boat on the very beginning of technology and have nothing new to offer.

No. 1422153

woke, but extremely uneducated at the same time. It's a very dangerous combination to think you know what's right without any real research or facts to back your claim up.
They also all support sex work, which is the lowest way to degrade a woman.

No. 1422166

this. that's why they cling to tiktok so much.

No. 1422176

they're also extremely racist.

No. 1422188

>flexing their stupid little fetish test results (fucking why?)
Zoomers didn't start this, millennials popularized it and created it, it's from fucking 2014. I remember when it were millennials and gen x-ers pushing bdsm shit on everyone through cosmopolitan articles, buzzfeed, vice, tumblr, vampirefreaks, myspace etc. Yet everyone now acts like this is a new trend. Next people are going to act like zoomers invented 50 shades of grey.
>They also all support sex work, which is the lowest way to degrade a woman.
Zoomers are more extremist in general, characterized by polarization, meanwhile millennials are more likely to be centrist neolibs. There are probably just as many anti sex work zoomers as there are pro sex work, if you look further than cringe compilations.

No. 1422189

zoomers can be 26 years old, anon.

No. 1422194

I should’ve prefaced this by saying I’m an older zoomer…
>if you look further than cringe compilations
Honeygirl you would be surprised at how the average/normal zoomers also have GMO fruit snackpack pudding frosted animal crackers mush brain. Many of them are pro simply because they are retarded and think supporting womens personal choice = inherently right decision to make

No. 1422196

Facebook was originally only for people with a college Email address. No one else could sign up. It‘s how you planned and found parties back in the day.

Every shitty thing about Zoomers just sounds like every other generation when they were young, except every other generation couldn’t be told they were super special 24/7 so it was harder to go full retard for any real length of time before being brought back down to size. But social media really will be all of our downfalls because now you have millennials going along with some of the dumb Zoomer shit because they’re terrified of growing up. It’s internet plus millennials that is the real villain in my eyes. We’re the first generation to grow up with it and the long term effects look bleak as hell. My prediction is Gen Z will be worse and Gen Alpha or whatever the hell they‘re called may begin to pick up the pieces.

No. 1422197

also samefagging to say
>It’s from fucking 2014
yes and almost 9 years later I recently saw my 11 year old cousin post hers.

No. 1422201

Yeah I know, I'm an older zoomer and I remember that it were mostly millennials into bdsm libfem shit and every other zoomer was watching cringe compilations about it and thought sex work and libfem shit is cringe. The demographic for 50 shades was mostly gen x women. I sincerely doubt it was a 15 year old zoomer who created the kink test.
>Many of them are pro simply because they are retarded and think supporting womens personal choice = inherently right decision to make
You're not going to get any honest answers from zoomers anymore, because everyone is aware you get cancelled if you give a different opinion and could get fired or kicked out of college, but back when I was 15/16 I was openly anti sex work and anti trans shit and it wasn't that difficult to find other zoomers who agreed with me.
Is it the fault of gen alpha and zoomers that there has been a constant barrage of bdsm shit online by boomers, gen x and millennials before any of them became of age?

No. 1422205

nta but actually my theory for pro-sex culture that zoomers have is they're trying to recreate how sexed up the 90s and 00s celebtities were. hollywood was all sex tapes porn stars and slutty anachans. though the average person just gawked at all the drama. now they can live that life themselves on tiktok. even though many of them seem sex repulsed. they do online 'sex work' safely behind the screen.

No. 1422210

millenials gave zoomers the tools, but zoomers created the world how they wanted it.

No. 1422212

Ok you’re allowed to think that it was older millennials too I really don’t care, but I’m talking about the zoomers who participate in the gross bdsm obsession and constantly post about it. Which is still actively happening and has been for the last decade, which you can see for yourself on TikTok. If you want a place to complain about millennials make a millennial thread. Also, I’m an anti-sex work zoomer who’s honest about it when someone asks me because who in their right mind is gonna fire an employee over thinking that it’s gross to sell your pussy for cash? I don’t know what world you’re living in where you’re getting fired for thinking that Tim Stokely’s new gen of prostitutes is predatory and unnecessary, but Lord it sounds like Hell on earth.
Ok but it’s not the 90’s and early 2000’s. Anyone who tries to put themselves in this kind of mental bubble is retarded and obviously doesn’t function in society.

No. 1422215

Instant access to porn and depraved shit at that will do that to you.

No. 1422220

Parents giving their kids ipads at age 2 and not monitoring any of their internet usage.

No. 1422226

You’re not wrong but it‘s still just undeveloped brains and unnatural dopamine rushes. I wonder if 20 years from now when they’re all around middle age if a good majority speak up about how screwed up it was or if they double down like it seems many millennials have.

No. 1422227

ya of course, but it makes sense why they're so obsessed with it. anyway zoomers suck because they're regurgitating the internet, which has had a short lifetime. that's why they have this obsession with things only one or two generations away from them. they live on the internet and only time period chronicled on the internet was the 00s, you have to actually research to find other things. and older zoomers have boomers for parents, so it's not like millenials are to blame.

No. 1422230

the dopamine rushes are the thing they have that is different. my niece can't sit through a 10 minute youtube video now because of tiktok's short form shit ruining her attention span.

No. 1422234

>millenials gave zoomers the tools, but zoomers created the world how they wanted it.
The world already existed and was already created by the generations prior and every later generation has less and less influence.
>I don’t know what world you’re living in where you’re getting fired for thinking that Tim Stokely’s new gen of prostitutes is predatory and unnecessary, but Lord it sounds like Hell on earth.
A place where prostitution is legal, plus sex work also includes call centers and shit like that, it's not just "sell your pussy for cash". A place where sex is considered a right and where disability allowance can be spent on prostitutes. The funny thing is that I can find zoomers who will hear my fairly nuanced opinion out, even without them being from religious areas. Meanwhile millennials and genx are the first to pearl clutch, because they are centrist neoliberal and will always defend the status quo.
Wouldn't it be that zoomers have genx for parents? Plus most of the content for older zoomers at the time we went online was made by millennials. It was the buzzfeed libfem vs misogynist nu-atheist YouTube era. If we would've been bombarded with radfem gen xers or boomers, probably would've turned out different, no?

No. 1422235

what the fuck are you talking about? younger generations have more influence than ever thanks to globalization and technology.

No. 1422237

I hate when zoomers complain about how lonely they are but simultaneously will cut anyone out of their life who makes the slightest thought infraction, even family they only had to tolerate twice a year anyway. You put 'DNI' lists a mile long on all your socials and wonder why no one wants to be real friends with you.

No. 1422243

We're not the ones making the algorithm or running companies, having high positions within companies, being in PR positions, writing articles in media which get pushed more than your average blogpost. Like others have said, all zoomers do is regurgitate things from previous generations. There is nothing new that is being done or created, it's just repeating what is shoved in front of everyone ad nauseam. None of the trends complained about are new or something that actually started with zoomers. Zoomers are largely mindless consumers saying yes and amen to whatever is put in front of them (which is often influenced and created, originally invented etc. by non-zoomers), but actually influencing anything or changing anything isn't happening.

No. 1422250

Exactly. Every generation is told when they are young that they have power. It’s all manipulation. That’s what makes young people dumb, they never fail to think it’s somehow different for them. Zoomers just have the ability to be louder about their stupidity.

No. 1422252

File: 1669493896214.jpeg (369.91 KB, 1170x610, DCBB01FC-CE3F-407D-801F-3D89A3…)

Prime example of zoomers being weak little bitches. If you’re scared of a dickgirl saying he’s gonna kill you, why don’t you just defend yourself instead of feeding his egotistical delusions of grandiosity and power over women? Seriously. Go back to killing and dismembering these trannies.

No. 1422254


No. 1422255

If zoomers didn't create anything, then where did all this anti-fujo shit come from? Are they just regurgitating this shit from Tumblr?

No. 1422256

what? OP was a zoomer, not this post.

No. 1422261

you're the ones consuming it without being critical of anything. your generation is the least critical of facts, you just believe anything that some fake doctor says on a tiktok video. and you are the ones controlling the algorithm because all those big execs create things based on the responses they get. you're just bitter you're buying what they're selling when you don't have to and acting like it's everyone else's fault you didn't read what you signed. society is a give and take, but everyone has a choice. i can't believe you're victimzing yourself so much on lolcow of all places, where so many of us refuse to be what society expects us to.

No. 1422263

anon is just an idiot. zoomers love to blame everyone for their bad decisions and cry "i'm baby" when they're held accountable. she's literally saying you have no choice but to regurgitate media.

No. 1422273

>you're the ones consuming it without being critical of anything.
yeah that is what I said
>Zoomers are largely mindless consumers saying yes and amen to whatever is put in front of them (which is often influenced and created, originally invented etc. by non-zoomers), but actually influencing anything or changing anything isn't happening.

No. 1422274

i saw you in the vent thread also. you honestly need to calm down. maybe you should figure out that the average woman (who works a job, who has friends who perhaps do not share the same ideological perspective as her) doesn't want to incur the drama and vitriol that comes with "stirring the pot". and litigiousness against troons/troon-enablers isn't exactly a method that most women who are just trying to get by want to employ. stop punching down. i'd say that i'm pretty outspoken myself, but the risks that i expose myself to by being so are not risks that most women would feel comfortable taking (and i wouldn't want my friends to take them either, if i knew that it would negatively affect their livelihood/reputation in a critical way). and also, we're on an anonymous imageboard. you've got no idea about the circumstances of the women posting here.

No. 1422278

your reading comprehension is bad. zoomers influence the media they consume because that's how media works. it's a two way street. if they didn't like what was being directed at them, they wouldn't consume it and therefore it would change. you can't blame the media for giving you what you want.

No. 1422282

ignore them, they are writting fanfiction about how they ''stand up'' and taze troons ans they are so cool unlike us who are weak pussies, kek. It's either the troon larping or a newfag who needs to lurk for 10 years before posting.

No. 1422284

you're right. i shouldn't have responded to obvious bait.

No. 1422285

If you really think that women are incapable of defending ourselves against men, that just says what it needs to about how you feel towards yourself and other women.

No. 1422288

File: 1669495556077.png (54.73 KB, 625x330, 1667334406623.png)

reposting because you are annoying and need to fuck off back to /tttt/

No. 1422297

I don’t know what thread that is because I only use lolcow and crystal, but same thing as what I said in the other thread. Cry into your pillow over your victim complex. Jannies can see my years of post history and know that I’m a fucking grown woman. Get over yourself and buy a weapon to defend yourself with.

No. 1422300

Then what are you implying about women who aren't able to fight back in a situation?

No. 1422304

That you need to learn how to defend yourself. Period. And if you don’t want to do that, then oh well. You either protect yourself or choose not to.(derailing and shitting up multiple threads)

No. 1422305

not everyone lives in america where you can buy an AK47 in a walmart

No. 1422308

You can get overpowered by a man though despite fighting back. They can kill us so easily and have shown that. Women who get killed haven't died not fighting back

No. 1422313

just stop arguing with this nuisance. they are shitting up at least 3 threads with this garbage and have no brain. they just keep parroting "lul skill issue, i'm built different, people are only victims because they choose to be, there is no other scenario that my tiny mind can understand!"

No. 1422314

why do we as women have to always be on fight or flight mode? this would be easily avoided if the goverment didnt let men into our spaces. Also, i guess the 12yo who wants to pee in peace and gets molested by the 40yo troon(this has happened btw) is at fault for not carrying a taser gun with her.

No. 1422317

god anon, the 12 year old simply should have phased through the wall to escape!

No. 1422319

Most women are shorter than males. Which means you have access to plenty of arteries/sensitive organs that are stabbed/shot/shocked will easily incapacitate them. Knife in the sternum? Done. Charged tazer to the ribcage? Dropped to the floor. It’s not as dramatic or complicated as movies or TV make it out to be kek…real life is absurdly simple, and you realize this when you get off the liberal bubble inside the internet.

No. 1422320

I didn’t say you need to “always be on fight or flight mode”…do you think your fight or flight isn’t activated when someone comes at you?

No. 1422321

Didn't you just get banned

No. 1422323

I’ve been a victim myself, and I learned how to defend myself in order to not be victimized by men ever again. Not sure why this is hard to understand I’ve said it multiple times.

No. 1422325

turning off the wifi on your iPhone and moving into a different corner of your room, It changes your IP(retard level : admitting to ban evasion)

No. 1422326

>skill issue durdurdur

No. 1422327

yeah zoomers paid for all the ads and boosted posts, not like lots of zoomers are leaving social media as a result of everything being corporatized. If you're a zoomer constantly complaining about other zoomers on TikTok, you can just quit social media like the rest of the sane ones already have. There's legit criticisms to be had, but there's no point when everyone thinks that whatever happens on TikTok represents all zoomers instead of the companies who pay big bucks for visibility. The anarchic wild west internet where regular users had any influence is long dead and everything is dictated by companies, governments and retards with too much money. Algorithms aren't exactly equal opportunity.

No. 1422328

When did I say children were at fault? I literally said in an earlier post that the only victims I feel bad for are children(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1422330

>the only victims I feel bad for are children
holy shit you are actually schizo. to the shadow ban realm you go

No. 1422331

Shit tier weapon. Might as well stop being a faggot at that point and buy a gun.

No. 1422337

I’m pretty sure you’re the one going
because you’re incapable of pushing a button on a charged minuscule electric box. Do you have special needs?

No. 1422340

People on this thread need to stop hating on younger kids; it’s a sign that you’ve become your parents. But goddamit do I hate the smugness with which kids treat older people these days. You’ll get older, and it’ll happen faster than you think, and that “thing” you wait for thinking that will magically appear at adulthood and make you that one person - it won’t appear. You’ll be the person that you are now.

No. 1422341

I do have a gun but they’re also louder and draw way more attention than a 10 sec buzz that makes him just fall down and seize

No. 1422343

I’m not diagnosed with any mental illnesses. I’m a normal functional member of society who pays her taxes. I’m better for my behavior.

No. 1422348

20 somethings aren't kids, anon.

No. 1422349

OT but I can't lie anons, I've never met a gun owner who wasn't weird as hell.

No. 1422350

They act like it, lol. And a big chunk of them are still teens, I’m talking post-2000 here.

No. 1422352

>they are still larping
ywnb Lara Croft, you probably cant even get your fat ass to take a shower.
Also, considering they are a zoomie, does anyone else feel like zoomers are super aggresive?

No. 1422353

You’re not gonna feel this way when you’re 50

No. 1422354

Take this to 2x or different thread because this convo is derailing this thread kek (srry for minimodding but also since banevaderschizochan might come back at least do it in a different thread)

No. 1422479


It’s the hall monitor ass personality so many of them have. They are conformist as fuck and different opinions, no matter how trivial, make them lose their marbles.

No. 1422503

Not diagnosed doesn't mean you don't have them sweetie.
>normal functional member of society
Robot detected?

No. 1422770

File: 1669525545824.png (143.07 KB, 1404x519, cute emotes_the kids are not a…)

>the fixation on using tone tags
I haaate tone tags. I'm probably overreacting. It's hard to keep myself from mocking them when they're always attributed to sentences that do not need clarification… I got banned from a couple servers for saying stuff like "That sentence is clearly positive/negative, why did you add /pos? /neg?"
Kids are too sensitive online. I can't imagine they're like this in real life, trying to control everyone so they don't have a meltdown.

No. 1423323

None of these stupid bitches are ever going to keep a job.

No. 1424985

Their weird enlightened centrist leftist shit where they try to be inductive but end up sounding fucking retarded. Examples include thinking someone who made an edgy joke 10 years ago is akin to Hitler, or that insulting/a-logging someone who abused you makes you just as bad as them, or telling some pedo scrote to kill himself is oh so bad because telling anyone to kill themselves is evil uwu.

No. 1427092

File: 1669826809802.jpeg (98.44 KB, 935x960, 1587561933390.jpeg)

Do zoomers have outcasts like we did? I mean, now that that the line between real life and online is virtually non-existent, and the fact that many, if not all, "safe spaces" and hobbies are occupied by the cool kids and corporations looking to make bank off of formerly maligned hobbies, have the outcasts been folded in the monoculture or have they been cast away into dark corners or what?

No. 1427115

Off the top of my head I think the only outcasts that haven't really had major corporations invading and commodifying them are radicalizing spaces.

No. 1427131

Sometimes I wonder if boomers felt this kind of horror when millennials started in the work force. Even though we felt entitled and had ugly dangerhair most of us worked relatively hard. My company is older demographic now and we don't have zoomers in the office, I wonder if they are really having meltdowns over tone tags ans shit in real life, or if those are just the terminally online ones.

No. 1427136

this is why i love lc. i can get called an autistic faggot for an opinion on strawberries or smth and it feels like the only place online where people don't handle each other with kid gloves

No. 1427187

Yes, its actually more severe now (the bullying) in the zoomer generation than in previous generation.

Im a zoomer and the weird people get either ignored, bullied or discriminated against by everyone in school, University, work etc.

No. 1427217

Yes that’s why we’re here

No. 1427224

> Im a zoomer and the weird people get either ignored, bullied or discriminated against by everyone in school, University, work etc.

How is that different than before? As a boomer I'd say there's less bullying than before. I base this off the interactions I've had with zoomers at workplace, specifically, they expect asspats constantly and complain if you don't praise them when they do an average job. That was literally the complaint about the manager from multiple zoomies. That he gave no positive feedback, to what were very average workers. In my boomer days you were happy if managers weren't fucking assholes. Nobody gives a shit about you zoomies, nobody gives a shit about anybody, suck it up.

No. 1427226

nta but you sure give a shit to be seething like this.

No. 1427231

>im a boomer
someone come get your grandma, she is infighting on imageboards over zoomers.

No. 1427243

I mean it's a job of the manager to give the feedback workers need. I'm just a millenial, but it feels like "be happy he doesn't drink, gamble or beat you" bullshit. "Life's unfair, kiddo"

No. 1427245

she is a boomer anon, she is literally older than both gen x and millennials. Back in her day i bet she also complained about gen x and millennials when they used to be young kek.

Kinda funny for boomers to complain about other generations considering how shitty and bad they are, literally the most hated generation.

No. 1427292

exactly, those tiktok and twiter comment sections are fucking ruthless.

No. 1427298

yes but those outcasts usually go online to be coddled I.E gender special kids. They are still treated weirdly in real life.

No. 1427310

You're either early millennial or late gen x, no way you're an actual boomer.

I don't know, imageboards seem to have been dying a long drawn out death over a numbr of years. I'm almost certain 4chan is at least half bots and shills.

Mind expanding on that? I don't go out much so I don't know any zoomers besides some zoomer co-workers.

No. 1427314

The comeback of big chunky headphones is so fucking funny to me. Back then we had to wear those because they were the only kind of headphones on the market at the time. You’re choosing to use shitty quality headphones for the aesthetic instead of just using modern day headphones that have way better sound quality

No. 1427322

yeah im a zoomer and i got bullied constantly at school and i still get bullied in uni now. i dont have online friends either its actually gotten much harder since normies started occupying spaces more often. and now on top of getting physically and verbally harrassed people record me being weird to share and laugh at. i mean its not a zoomer exclusive thing millennials have lived through the same its nothing new but now with tiktok views are so easy to get and so much more impactful because it gets around so quick and fast more than ever before with youtube/facebook etc. its really humiliating and like so many have mentioned in the last thread you cant even be seen genuinely having fun even as a normie in case somebody records and makes fun of you. everything is performative for this fear and reason, at least i think so. i wish i knew a different life kek but i'll see if there's a change in the future and i hope there is.

No. 1427332

do you mean these? i think they look cool but they bleed music like crazy so i'd never get them. though i think sacrificing actual quality/comfort for an aesthetic is dumb in general

No. 1427333

File: 1669838740435.jpg (65.98 KB, 1200x1200, 61nr81h4eKL._SL1200_.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 1427335

as someone who is between the cut-off millennial age and the zoomer age (old enough to be a millennial but also young enough to be a older-zoomer)
i agree with you. Atleast in the past most fandoms were niche, obscure and made up by weirdos for weirdos and atleast the weirdos had the benefits of having privacy, now you have no privacy and could get posted to tiktok just for looking weird or ugly with thousands ofc comments making fun of you, and now modern fandoms are filled with normies who thrive on drama, fighting and bullying.

So there is no place for new-gen weirdos to have their escapism, i feel sorry for you. Im glad i was around fandoms when they used to be obscure.

No. 1427337

I don’t think the zoomies buy a specific brand, just whatever cheap plastic early 2000s pair they find at the thrift store that will match their outfit or whatever

No. 1427342

This is the correct way

No. 1427346

>i still get bullied in uni now

In uni? What?

No. 1427354

My niece is 13 and according to my sister, she spends her lunches sitting alone. She's really witty, speaks only in irony, has dyed hair and dresses in goth-like baggy clothes so it's weird to me that she's an outcast with no friends. The only thing is that she's not allowed on social media. Is that really all it takes? Or just something more going on with her that I don't know?
Also she's petrified of being seen cringe so she avoids things like writing and drawing. I think that's really unfortunate especially when you're a preteen and no one cares in the long run

No. 1427355

I mean, outcasts have always existed and always will tbh

No. 1427356

yeah, its even worse because its different people every day, so they know they wont remember me, and treat me as such. or i get targeted and tormented by the same people moids and girls to the point where i have to hide and leave uni as fast as possible. and now we're all adults. the professors and staff are a lot less help than they were at any point of school because like you said its something implausible but it happens, and they only have so many hours of the day and so many students to deal with within those hours. i don't go to a uni with a dormitory btw my family and i are too poor and i am a diagnosed retard so its not like i would have been accepted anyway kek so its probably not like this everywhere. like i said if you're genuinely weird and offputting you're at risk of both in person torment and being recorded, there's so much pressure to be normal and if you aren't that's what you get.

No. 1427358

Come on anon, earbuds hurt my ears, those are way more comfortable to me. I don't use shitty ones though and modern headphones are poor quality too if they're cheap.

No. 1427361


I am an old zoomer/young millennial and I have a similar experience to you. I was also kind of bullied in university too and tbh i kind of have people be very hostile towards me no matter where i go likely because of being ugly + weird. I always tried to get into fandoms and engage in communities but i could never fit in no matter what i did and i had no friends including internet friends until i found lolcow. I feel like nowadays there is a lot of normies in these spaces and trend hoppers, people are are actually outcasts funnily enough tend to be exiled from these environments because they don't fit the vibe. I'd also imagine having radfem views would also isolate you from a lot of other zoomers. There really is nowhere for actually outcasts to go anymore. Thinking that they would all go off and become trannies is just a gross generalisation because it suggests most of them are interested in assimilating as opposed to finding people similar to themselves.

in earbuds are so fucking uncomfortable, it's not exactly a trend for a most people. Plus most of the headphones are expensive as fuck.

No. 1427368

tbh in universitys the professors are typically the ones doing the bullying. Im surprised students are bullying you.
Do you go to a sorority by any chance because i typically see uni bullying done in sorority's or other culty religious/nationality colleges.

No. 1427375

Getting bullied in college is wild, wtf kinda school are you going too? My experience was everyone was either too stressed or high to really give a shit about you

No. 1427378

What kind of weird ass hostile unis did you kids go to? I had no friends at uni and I went through uni like a ghost.

No. 1427379

im wondering if anon goes to a sorority bcus thats mainly the place where bullying happens.

No. 1427405

im the zoomer anon so i cant speak for her
but don't sororities require some kind of recruiting and application ? i remember seeing some weird entry requirements way back when i was still in high school where the "leaders" would purposely put the newbies into psychological torment in order to get it. there is just no way i could ever step foot near anywhere like that im very far from even normie adjacent so even if i had the confidence i could never in a million years be accepted into one. and besides im a thirdie so they dont exist here

No. 1427413

Not all. Are you in a small university or something because the even at my community college that was crawling with weird unwashed weebs, no one really got bullied.

No. 1427439

im not, i get its pretty unbelieavable but i go to one of if not the biggest public university in my city. like i said people dont care how they treat others they know they probably wont see again since the campus has so many students so they probably wont see them again. im just really ugly and weird, plus everyone's constantly looking for the next thing to make fun of and laugh at because theyre always on their toes about themselves being "individual" in just the right ways careful not to be cringe. things aren't like they used to be its really hard to be sincerely not normal or average and people still get a kick out of making fun of you. plus im a lit student so there isn't much stress to be had, really. my major is the one even the dumbest people ( like me ) who pick so as to escape unemployment because literally anyone goes and as such the meanest worst people enroll to pass the time

No. 1427479

nta but this thing about earbuds is surprising to read because I always found earbuds to be the only comfortable type of headphones. big chunky headphones, including the old fashion ones always hurt my head and ears, i hate them.

No. 1427497

anons probably get bullied for a reason. most people aren't getting bullied for fun in uni.

No. 1427509

yeah the reason for me is im ugly retarded and most importantly im foreign asian in a non asian country nowhere near that continent, in the third world kek they're relentless but what can you do when most are like that including the people working for the state funded university

No. 1427518

proshippers are the zoomer outcasts

No. 1427531

Why don’t you do a make over on yourself to get bullied less?

No. 1427548

what 2000s movie did you bend and snap out of

No. 1427807

kek, this

No. 1427827

No. 1428466

File: 1669906471767.jpg (4.64 KB, 346x146, download.jpg)

I like earbuds (right), but I hate in ear earbuds (left). Earbuds will hurt after a few hours of wear, but in ear earbuds are so insanely uncomfortable for me right off the bat. I know earbuds still exist but 90% of what I see when I walk into a target is all in ear, so I just opt for over the ear ones now even though they're big and clunky. I like having ANC without having something shoved into my ear.

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