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File: 1645622601804.jpg (41.73 KB, 640x956, zoom.jpg)

No. 1066254

Seen a lot of zoomer-hate on multiple threads on /snow/ so here's a thread for the discussion of the up-and-coming generation, the fortnite-dancing, tiktok-browsing, irony-poisioned Der Ewige Zoomer.

No. 1066264

File: 1645623783551.jpg (68.07 KB, 736x921, cce737fd67850997e0d5dbbb54d23a…)


No. 1066265

leave zoomers ALONE

No. 1066268

File: 1645624518630.png (124.06 KB, 847x801, zoomer narc.PNG)

I was bored googling the other day and was reading about generational names over the last 100+ years to learn more about Great Depression era.
The article was written by a zoomer and of course when talking about her own generation she was saying how amazing it and progressive they are while with buzzwords rampant. Narcissism off the charts

No. 1066278

>Zoomers taking credit for the sjw retardation of young millennials on Tumblr

worst generation by far. It's like they're baby boomers on crack

No. 1066280

File: 1645625291277.webm (2.01 MB, 720x1280, retarded cope.webm)

I'm 98 zoomer and yet I truly believe that Gen Z is the most narc and self masturbatory gen. Have cringe first world country woe is me tiktok. We need a fucking world war ASAP

No. 1066284

no, they’re just millennials but worse

No. 1066285

They're a fusion of boomers and millennials

No. 1066286

I don't see anything wrong about this? Everything she has written is correct and the tone seems fairly neutral to me.

No. 1066287

I agree with the boomer comparaison. I'm sure the most left leaning zoomies will do a complete shift and end up becoming trad nutcases too, pretty much like most boomers who had an hippie phase. Also same CONSOOM and entitled attitude as boomers

No. 1066288

* Millennials and Gen X

No. 1066289

>we need a world war
Keep your eyes peeled on Ukraine and Russia, it may happen soon.

No. 1066291

I know people often lump boomers and Gen X together, but what's the difference in your own assessment? I was under the impression boomers were worse in terms of entitlement. Though most Gen X'ers I've met were the borderline millennials born in the late 70s/early 80s so maybe they don't fit the bill vs someone born in the 60s.

No. 1066294

I’m also a zoomer and it’s so embarrassing to hear other zoomers saying shit like “I can’t believe I have to live through a historical event/catastrophe” like they’re the first generation to live through hardship. Yeah, every gen lived through history that’s how this works. For most people COVID wasn’t even that bad

No. 1066298

Its the older generations having their mid life crisis because they’re no longer socially relevant and need someone to seethe at

No. 1066302

Older generations always hate on the younger ones

No. 1066305

Kek I'm a millennial and I don't care about relevancy. We suck too. Zoomers are just awful in their own unique way, like us but stupider

No. 1066306

the cycle of life, as it should be

No. 1066310

I wonder how old this article is now that millennials are fucked even harder thanks to the pandemic

No. 1066311

No. 1066316

Yes, unironically. I see no significant difference between millenials and zoomers, except that millenials aren't popular anymore lol

No. 1066317

File: 1645627114459.png (293.13 KB, 821x565, stop killing people.png)

Why are so many of them mental illness larping? It's always either EDs, autism, tourette or the "multiple personality disorder" for the edgier weebs kek

No. 1066320

This has always been a thing. In my time it was bipolar, depression, anorexia and cutting. Guess these things aren't so cool anymore. It definitely feels worse now because these kids go justifying their shitty behaviour with "hmm… i'm neurodivergent????" And you can't even call them retards anymore

No. 1066325

97 zoolennial here. My god, what a fucking first world faggot. I want to slap him senseless to see if he feels anything.
The dissapearance of la chancla and its consequences have been a disaster for humanity.

No. 1066330

File: 1645627781080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.65 KB, 350x327, 2021_12$largeimg_477526597.jpg)

Zoomer jumpscare
Will never forget the wannarexia wave that Skins brought

No. 1066331

>omg what aesthetic is this?

No. 1066337

>my zoomer ass shifting to a tranny free reality

No. 1066340

The way I see it, it's the same shit we did as kids online except they'll victimize themselves if you call them out. We would hardcore rp on gaia and maplestory, they now have did so they can rp even more, we'd call ourselves xXxSaSuKexXx they'd say they're actually fronting as sasuke because they're delusional and you're not allowed to say anything about it or they'll have a breakdown and call you an ableist. We would say we're depressed emo vampires, they'd say they're nonhuman blood/bloodself irl vampires and ridiculing that is transphobia.
As for larping mental illnesses, that's always been a fad. For me personally it was anxiety and insomnia when I was 12 kek.

No. 1066341

They get mutual support, it's a circlejerking thing on tiktok

What I hate the most about zoomers is that they "cosplay" eras, they don't have their own.
E-girl is a bastardization of the scene fashion, cottagecore is just horsegirl fashion, y2k style is literally what we wore when we were kids. Zoomers aren't living in their generation, making up their own shit. We you say shit like 2000s, 90s, 80s etc you can exactly pinpoint the fashion, the trends etc, but with zoomers? They don't have anything, their wardrobe is just shein shit that mimics other fashions, except we were hardcore on it. In my days, calling yourself "emo" would be considered being a fake emo or a poser, because other people had to see you as emo, not yourself lol
We had some sort of shit rules, but thats where it was fun.
Now alt fashion is just "I don't wear skinny jeans and white tshirts"

No. 1066343

Why do zoomers go through trends so fucking fast? It's like they go through 3 a month.

No. 1066344

social media + capitalism

No. 1066351

It's too early for me to hate zoomers, the majority isn't even out of their teens yet. I'll judge again when they've settled down and entered the work force. I far more hate the generations before us considering how they've fucking ruined the world for late millenials and on. (Am a late millenial myself not a zoomer)

No. 1066352

We're diverse, we're more educated, we're activists, and we're uwu depressed and it's not our fault. I mean, say what you will about boomers (There's a lot to say) but a lot of them we're activists as young adults, I don't ubderstand why zoomers think they're some "new breed."
This is my concern, that millennials had silly LARPs that didn't typically go beyond the internet, but zoomers are so impressionable they take the LARP offline and demand you validate it. All the mental illness claiming this generation does is really gettingout of hand.

No. 1066353

hard to have any kind of style elitism with fast fashion, so it switches rapidly
>inb4 the new trending body type is super skinny like in the 90's

No. 1066358

Are you joking, anon? The new body type is heroin chic right now.

No. 1066359

>inb4 the new trending body type is super skinny like in the 90's
isn't it already going there?

No. 1066362

Nigga, most zoomers don't take that shit seriously and those who commit to such LARPs inevitably grow out of it.

>E-girl is a bastardization of the scene fashion, cottagecore is just horsegirl fashion, y2k style is literally what we wore when we were kids
How are trends and subcultures made? There is almost always an element of taking inspiration from previous generations and subcultures, relitigating their narratives and cultural output and translating these bygone cultural moments into new subcultures that have a fresh and youthful character, the likes of which is developed and added to over time. By the purity standard that millennials here subject zoomers to, millennials haven't created anything either because "millennial" subcultures have also reimagined or borrowed elements from previous generations, or were technically started by generation X and were simply maintained by millennials.

No. 1066367

Wait, really? I stay away from social media so I had no idea. Oh well. It's a bit surprising though, aren't a lot of twitterfag zoomers super into "do not fat shame" and "omg you're only finding that outfit cute because it's on a skinny girl"?

No. 1066369

Since when? Not samefag, I don't use social media either. Is slim thicc out and heroin chic in for real?

No. 1066373

In the past the different subcultures were based around music, certain beliefs and practices, community, etc. Now their subcultures are basically just playing dress up for Tiktok and Instagram. I'm hoping zoomers can come up with more original ideas and material as they grow older.

No. 1066377

Yes. A lot of them like it both ways. They'll give the most attention to these skinny girls and worship them as fashion icons but the second the unspoken rule of "respect the overweight (as well as minorities, trannies, etc) because of the sjw rules" is broken, they all gang up on whoever said they don't like fat people or think fat people are ugly to teach them a lesson. Usually this will bring in a shit ton of attention and positivity to a fat tiktok user who is then forgotten when the arguing stops.

No. 1066388

they’re full of shit, instathot is still the ideal

what are you even talking about

>subcultures based on music are somehow more legitimate
retarded. the music is just an extension of aesthetic anyway. a lot of the zoomer fashion has music types tied to it as well. and a lot also have community and ideals common between people who are into it. like cottagecore has a lot of mindfulness and slow living stuff

No. 1066389

File: 1645631155539.png (37.49 KB, 875x385, ad.png)

>Nigga, most zoomers don't take that shit seriously and those who commit to such LARPs inevitably grow out of it.
Online spaces with a majority zoomer population seriously have these people, I'm really not joking. The zoomer equivalent of a terminally online gaifag definitely is going to act like that. They are a minority not even denying that, but online their presence is loud.

No. 1066392

I just get annoyed that zoomers act like torrenting or pirating or even unzipping a file was something they had to be taught, never search for the answer on their own for their very common question on forums and they always make a new thread to get some small thrill of attention. My Silent Gen grandparents are more tech savvy than zoomers.

No. 1066395

They cannot use computers for shit. They only know iphones kek

No. 1066397

Or the zoomers who are too scared to torrent. I'm a 21 year old zoomer and when I was caught in the tiktoktrap, I would see so many zoomers in the comments of videos about torrenting that said stuff like "but it's sooooo scary!!! I'm afraid" like motherfucker what. It's one of the simplest things in the fucking world. There's a lot of learned helplessness among zoomers, I feel.

No. 1066398

Zoomers haven't even finished developing their brains yet, since the brain fully develops when you reach 25, allegedly, so I can't hate. Everyone will grow up.
This is true though, the tech illiteracy is really surprising. They don't know how to work simple PCs, it's really sad. Or paying for services online that you can easily get for free, it's pathetic.

No. 1066404

Everything is an aesthetic to them or a mood. They don't make anything for the sake of having fun or creating, everything is about status or fostering their brand. Also I hate the culture of recording everything for videos especially when they are recording strangers or harassing them. If some tiktok zoomer got in my face I'd scare the shit out of them, I have "no chill" no cap 100 fam.

No. 1066408

>There is almost always an element of taking inspiration from previous generations and subcultures
Zoomers don't take "reference" they straight up copy almost all their trends, and is such a exact replica that i can put on my old 00s clothes and it will be an "aesthetic" or some shit

No. 1066411

I would disagree. I don't think they copy previous trends exactly, they copy previous trends and make them more conventionally attractive. They all have to have a full face of zoomer tiktok makeup when they're dressed as early 00's scene kids or as cottagecore milkmaids or mid 90's waif chic, etc. It's so disingenuous and pornified and it's sad to see.

No. 1066435

Good lord, YES.
The porny face is what sells zoomer fashion.
80's were all black liner and mascara, 90's was shiny and glitter eyeshadow, shiny gloss lined with a dark lip pencil, 00s were the year of emos with no lips, no eyebrows and raccoon eyes.
Was it shitty? Yes. But was it uncanny and porny? Heck no. In fact, that wasn't for enhancing feature or being attractive, it was for having fun. Sex Work Culture fried a lot of zoomer brains, thinking they're sexually liberated when they're just young and its creepy

No. 1066437

>If some tiktok zoomer got in my face I'd scare the shit out of them
Kek reminds me of the whole Sam Smith tiktok incident. I don't like the guy, but the dumbass girl defo deserved it. She was running after him like a retard while filming a tiktok and got told to shut the fuck up

No. 1066441

File: 1645636411306.jpg (641.13 KB, 1987x3000, charmed.jpg)

>But was it uncanny and porny? Heck no.
I'm sorry nonna but we remember the 90's and early 2000's REALLY differently then

No. 1066444

I also think it's because of Nikki Tutorials and his drag queen influence on the makeup of modern women. Zoomers can make fun of the late 2010's instagram makeup all they want but they are doing the same pointless techniques to their own faces, techniques for drag queens, aka men, that they do not need because they are female. Very clownified, and again porny, and sad…

No. 1066445

File: 1645636472782.jpg (99.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

God it looks so bland and boring

No. 1066450

That's some mom ass fits wew

No. 1066451

Instead of criticizing zoomers for legitimate things, they have to make up some bullshit about how everyone was so based in the past. Teens have always felt the pressure to look hypersexualized, “sexy” just looks different now than then.

No. 1066453

File: 1645636807257.jpg (11.72 KB, 191x242, please come back.jpg)

I'm talking about the average makeup in fashions back then. Of fucking course shows and celebrities were pornified, I'm talking about the normies like us.

No. 1066455

Instathot is out of fashion and you're late to it as expected. Look at any - core outfits, they're always on skinny girls.

No. 1066457

As if Zoomers had "legitimate things" to criticize other than their tiktok culture, goblincore aesthetics, small businesses, larping multiple personalities and tourette, genderspecials rants and cancel culture.
Find me a zoomer who isn't totally braindead by these things, pseudo intellectual cryptobros don't count

No. 1066459

Only 24/7 online people who use tiktok all the time are like that. You shouldn't judge a group of people by the things you see online imo.

No. 1066460

more than half of those are millennial shit kek

No. 1066462

>You shouldn't judge a group of people by the things you see online imo.
Do you know where you are? Anyway this is the zoomer hate thread, not the convince us that zoomers are actually alright thread.
Zoomers are cancerous except for zoomer TERFS. They're based and I hope they can make an actual change. Most other zoomers are brain dead.

No. 1066464


No. 1066468

File: 1645637978283.jpeg (29.38 KB, 499x238, EAF10206-B4B5-48C5-9BA5-2EA44C…)

Zoomers vs millennials from my POV I was born 1995

No. 1066470

>top pic
white hipster gentrifiers
>bottom pic

what is this image trying to say

No. 1066475

Yeah it was the wrong thread pic. It should have been a compilation of zoomer carrds and twitter bios imo since that's the zoomer demographic most anons itt are complaining about.

No. 1066477

What a pussy. Try entering the job market or keeping your small business afloat literally as soon as the pandemic starts, then we'll talk. Most generations all over the planet went through some equally crazy shit.

No. 1066480

I’ve seen zoomers try to sell these old free people shirts on depop for $100 because of twilight or vampire diaries. They should have depreciated in value but even with holes they sell.

No. 1066484

No. 1066490

I've had some teenager once asking me to stop walking because he wanted to do or ask me something for a tiktok video, I'm really sick of younger people not getting that not everyone wants to be filmed and photographed by strangers for the internet.

No. 1066493

I'm a '99 zoomer so my peers aren't quite as terminally online as the kids still in high school, but in my experience, as long as a zoomer isn't living on social media and doesn't have consoomer tendencies they're alright. It really is the narcissism and compulsion to constantly consume things that rots most zoomer brains.

No. 1066510

Zoomers seem to have really bad shopping addictions, more than other generations. Skincare addicts that hoard product because fear of age and wanting to show off their collections on tiktok, zoomers collecting everything and anything “aesthetic” including things from the past (y2k for example) to be more ‘authentic’, etc.
I think it’s due to consumerist culture, trends that constant change and you need to keep buying product to remain “in”, tiktok, and the ease of internet shopping.

No. 1066524

Very unpleasant people, difficult to communicate with and brain damaged by TikTok and twitch streamers or whatever it is they get up to. And zoomer terfs suck, it's just another aesthetic to them

No. 1066583

It makes sense, nowadays you could live in some deserted shithole and you'd still be able to order a lot of things online. When I was a teenager Amazon was definitely a thing but it wasn't used nearly as often as it is now and my parents and many people of their generation treated it like some kind of potential scam because of rare cases of people's money being stolen online. I remember that my country's equivalent to craigslist was almost only used to buy and sell things to people face to face back then but now it's easier to buy things online on that website and it's way more functional than before. A lot of shops now have the option of letting you order what you want online so you can pick up your order in their physical stores. And a lot of online shops were created these past few years. Basically there are more options now than ever and you only need an electronic device and an internet connection to have access to thousands of stores from all over the world instead of just having to go to the mall, and zoomers are more used to this than older people who got used to the internet way past adulthood.

No. 1066594

I have a zoomer coworker and I can't talk music with her at all. She always talks about fandom aspect and how she stopped being a fan because of toxicity online and its like, you don't listen to music for the music. She also doesn't listen to albums. Same with a couple other zoomer ones, they didn't know what an lp vs ep vs record is. Can't name albums. They follow formulas and reject songs they once liked because it's outdated. I do not get it.

No. 1066612

where's the lie tho

No. 1066613

Zoomer fandom/consoomer obsession is so tacky and bland. All stores now are practically just fandom box stores. This really disappointed me with hot topic since you use to be able to walk in and find awesome edgy alternative clothes, now it's like 90% fandom and bright, fluffy, sequence, it's almost like a Claire's or Justice. Or how many zoomers are like 14-17 and making kinks a personality trait. I've also noticed gen z had a huge wave of people claiming they're vampires, witches, etc. This definitely happened with teens before but what's going on? It's like they took all the cringey parts of the previous generations and amped it

I don't even care about cottagecore, egirls, etc. I know it's not their fault though since they just eat whatever they're fed which ofc is just consoom, fandom, you're totally a mythical creature/practicing witchcraft, ddlg/kink and the bizarre divide between gen z being bullied into having extreme body proportions or else they're flat/underdeveloped but also being talked into gender dysphoria and having to flatten everything down. You can't find an in-between anymore

No. 1066614

A couple of my friends are early zoomer gen, and they told me they feel they can't just enjoy things for the sake of it or take anything at face value because there is so much pressure from their peers that E V E R Y T H I N G needs to have a political statement to it. Any other zoomers itt feel this way?

No. 1066618

Probably due to streaming. Then because of how people consume music on streaming, artists start putting less focus on the concept of the album as a whole and focus more on individual songs, further reinforcing this.

No. 1066619

Just in media, especially when they start forcing everything but then start making everything a political statement. I noticed this in the sequel to the craft. It was very fake edgy, fake political. Constant forcing of trans characters and producers having to tiptoe so everything is just bland and carefully made and the same. I can almost predict everything that's about to happen in newer books, shows and movies

No. 1066620

I'm gen z and I noticed this growing up. Once 2016ish hit it was impossible to hang out with most of my female friends without them pulling out their phone and face timing someone, recording everything for Snapchat, etc

No. 1066626

Huh, I kind of get it though? Enjoying music through engaging with a fandom is just a hobby in itself. Also listening to singles is pretty easily explained: Spotify. No one buys physical albums anymore which more or less force you to listen to the thing as a whole.

No. 1066632

I'm so happy I'm retarded and ugly because it meant I never wanted to be filmed and felt no need to document myself. Still it's frustrating to be the weird one among my zoomer peers because I don't have an instagram or Snapchat or whatever. t. born in 2000

No. 1066641

File: 1645646110462.png (994.74 KB, 683x1024, image_2022-02-23_145506.png)

This! People made fun of emos and goths for having phases but those phases stuck for a good couple of years and by the time they were done they made the slow transition to whatever their adult style ended up being. At least they made some money selling their old shit or whatever, with zoomers they are pretty much stuck with worthless garbage after they get tired of their little trends. Even the normies didn't cycle through shit at such an insane rate.

yes and no. I think the super skinny trend doesn't extend beyond a couple of people, but really the megan fox or kourney kardashian body seems to be in right now because everyone is reducing their bbls.

No. 1066645

Zoomers are so hard to talk to because they literally cannot stop documenting it online. They lose their fucking shit if they have to look away from their screen or they can't mine whatever you're doing for content. At least when millennials wanted to be extremely online they were chained to a "computer room" everyone had to share. Now they can tune you out halfway through a conversation anytime, anywhere because they got distracted by their phones. I mean, it's Gen X and Millennial parent's fault for raising them all as phone games/ipad children.

No. 1066648

tbf rarely anybody listens to albums even prior to streaming. The fandom shit is fucking retarded though.

I feel like is us millennials had access to all the shit zoomers had such as shein, aliexpress ect we would be just as bad. It's not like most of us have the privilege to waste money on cheap shit largely because there was no cheap shit to buy.

I do hope a lot of zoomers will grow out of a lot of this bullshit. They don't understand that they have essentially immortalised every essence of their cringey ways. At least a lot of us has no means of posting ourselves or were born in a time where people were more cautious of posting their identities. Not to be an old lady, but seriously NOBODY seems to have taught zooomers the importance of internet safety, they just post their whole entire identity online and don't think anything bad will happen and that they don't make themselves easy to dox.

No. 1066649

I hate how a lot of zoomers axt Y2K or scene but without the edginess of those subcultures, they can’t say nigger or fag and I hate how hypr woke everyone is.

No. 1066651

>eople consume music on streaming, artists start putting less focus on the concept of the album as a whole and focus more on individual songs

>At least when millennials wanted to be extremely online they were chained to a "computer room" everyone had to share.
War flashbacks of me carefully scrolling through my tumblr dashboard while the fam was around.

No. 1066653

Same here anon, although I’m glad I was still an awkward kid when everyone was barely getting into instagram and snapchat back in 2011. The only setback I see from not being an overly online zoomer is the fact alot of people network through social medias or even making friends is hard when you have to explain that you dont have instagram, snapchat, etc.

No. 1066658

You're definitely right but zoomers don't take any sort of criticism seriously because they get criticized over everything. Being a minimalist, collecting items, most hobbies, etc. This is why a lot of them reference a "different time" like the 2000s, 80s, 50s, whatever because even they're sick of consoomerism being shoved down their throat and going back to a previous time before that honestly seems like heaven when you can actually watch things or go places without being bombarded with ads and fandom

No. 1066663

File: 1645647839991.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1426455836186.png)

I love all the seething zoomers in this thread trying to sound level headed and "rational" while doing their hardest to defend their clownery KEK

No. 1066666

Why so much obsession and exoticism over one generation younger by a couple of years that’s populating the same shared online terrain as you? Shit’s weird. They’re not anymore speshul or different than any generation before or after, you guys are just going through the natural cycle of shitting over the youngins. I bet zoomers will be seething at post 2010 gen for not knowing what a “Club Penguin” is and that gen will be seething at artificial womb children for not having been begotten naturally. PIV generation rise UP

No. 1066671

the amount of NLOZs here is kinda funny

No. 1066672

hey i came up with that term give me a hug nonna

No. 1066673

>you guys are just going through the natural cycle of shitting over the youngins.
This. This thread is embarassing. t. milennial

No. 1066681

I'm an NLOZ, and since you're posting here chances are you're not like the others millenials kek. Unless you count the tranny cope that all terfs are wine drinking, rose gold loving millenials, of course

No. 1066683

the difference is that you, zoomer, ridicule yourselves over the internet on a daily basis. That's what you get.
If we wanted to shit on ourselves, we had to get a digital camera and a SD card, pop that shit into that camera, snap, take out the card, put it in a computer and upload. Around half in the process and you would get bored so we didn't so many stupid shit as you, or at least, it was kept in anonymous forums where we could larp and not getting fired because we didn't put our prononous on our resume or some shit like that. Seethe

No. 1066684

File: 1645648581636.jpeg (419.22 KB, 990x750, F8E85344-5FDE-4DDB-B765-C661CF…)

> This is why a lot of them reference a "different time" like the 2000s, 80s, 50s, whatever because even they're sick of consoomerism being shoved down their throat and going back to a previous time before that honestly seems like heaven when you can actually watch things or go places without being bombarded with ads and fandom

Ahh yes, the 00s/80s/50s, back before consumerism existed, when ads weren’t everywhere and people weren’t fans of things.

(Picrel is Marie Antoinette’s personal, immaculately-maintained hamlet where she would pretend to live the beautiful, peaceful life she thought peasants living outside Versailles had.)

No. 1066688

> and since you're posting here chances are you're not like the others millenials kek.
You do know who this website was made by and for, right?

No. 1066691

>you would get bored so we didn't so many stupid shit as you, or at least, it was kept in anonymous forums
Someone never experienced the joy of a myspace or vampirefreaks account

No. 1066696

You’ve been doing that for me quite well, thank you

No. 1066697

Meh, nonna, how many people on myspace on vfreaks were putting their real name, info and such? Plus they had literal zero ad value and revenue, unless you had a musical or modeling project on myspace, people larped over the internet and that's it, they didnt get hyped and then cried about the real world like zoomers who expect everything to go like in those pov tiktoks

No. 1066698

And that is why this place can’t a piece of sting code together for almost a week but let me guess this millennial-made website is technologically superior? You’re bitter as fuck take this bullshit to reddit where it belongs

No. 1066700

At least we’re capable of deleting typos off a comment before posting it.

No. 1066701

>literal zero ad value and revenue
And that’s why it shut down kek, MySpace is shit. Millennials are about as embarrassing as the gen they keep talking and obsessing about when both millennials and zoomers nearly grew up on the same things.

No. 1066702

Are you implying that lolcow is representative of the average millenial woman? Kek, I wish. Unless your friend group are all cgl gulls or something

No. 1066703

I think zoomers and (90s born) millennials are about the same amount of intense when it comes to SJW topics. I’m on the cusp of the zoomer gen and the friends I have who are 5+ years older are way more annoying about SJW things than my fellow early zoomers.
I will say though that Zoomers are AWFUL when it comes to using computers. They are way worse than my boomer mom at just using Word to type an essay. Ive had to show my 13 year old cousin how to copy and paste a URL multiple times. Idk if it’s just because a lot of them are ipad kids so computers are foreign to them but it’s perplexing. Even the artsy ones who use photoshop or procreate are fucking awful at using the UI.

No. 1066704

Damn I knew Disney was a cornerstone of millennial culture but not so much that you guys start monologuing unprovoked AND then automatically appropriate the tone of your favorite Disney villian while doing it too

No. 1066707

I wish skinny was the trend instead of instathot/your pic. It's way more achievable and many people are naturally skinny. Almost no one is slim like that but have a huge boobs and super shaped butt. But I guess they wouldn't have enough plastic procedures to sell if the ideal was natural.

No. 1066709

File: 1645649317032.jpeg (79.9 KB, 1280x720, D21329B7-6724-4103-85E8-C2D65C…)

This comment is cringe

No. 1066710

My little zoomy, they didn't shut down per se, but we grew up. We didn't get two cents from the site, but rather we were contacted by actual companies. These sites, not having ad and revenue value, didn't make us continusly posting just for cents and crumbles. Once tiktok loses some userbase, all of these famous nobodies will return to dust. That's why modern websites are shit: they """monetize""" your content so you're forced to post. A nightmare.

No. 1066711

Even the girls in the pic look millennial too kek. 2009 physiognomy

No. 1066712

I thought tiktok didn't monetize shit

No. 1066716

Tiktok does monetize content but iirc they give you literal pennies.

No. 1066717

Leave us be. And get off my lawn!!!

No. 1066720

It does. Plus it has a "pretty face filter"

Zoomers are selling their datas and faces and then try to outsmart millennials like lmao k

No. 1066727

No. 1066731

Everything zoomers do is so CRINGE they don’t have like, subcultures man. Every group from when I was growing up was actually super deep with based world views and real world action, like emo and scene. No one ever romanticized dumb shit like mental illness or drugs and none of it was sexual, especially not whale tails or bondage inspired stuff. Everyone DIYed all of their clothes and Hot Topic didn’t sell any fandom stuff, it was an anticapitalist hub for counterculture meetups and then we would hit the mall food court to fuel up for browsing the other 50 shops. Like, imagine wanting to dress like a gothic nerd and not even tying it to music that I personally find acceptable? peak cringe!

btw has anyone noticed that zoomers are so obsessed with what’s cringe? They can’t just like things.

No. 1066739

I mostly agree with your post but people definitely romanticized mental illness and drugs kek. Also Hot topic is not anticapitalist by way of being a retail chain.

No. 1066741


No. 1066744

>2009 physiognomy

No. 1066745

Ain't nobody exocitizing your oatmeal ass KEK

No. 1066746

kek anon

No. 1066748

I went from portable CD players, to mp3 players, to ipods, to iphone, then to android and using streaming services. I have never noticed the lack of albums or why people would just focus on singles unless they just get hooked on marketing. All my favourite artists still put out complete bodies of works. Pop artists or shit artists I get produce albums that are just a collection of songs selected for them. I still have a massive music library and play songs off shuffle but I enjoy listening to the complete bodies of works, there's artistry to how they're put together. It seems weird that people don't seem to value the actual content but would more rather focus on trends and numbers. I've noticed a lot of these people get their music through video games or superhero shite.

No. 1066749

I stopped liking weebshit like 2 years ago but I hate how anime has gained popularity among younger zoomers. Seeing kids in ahaego hoodies is coomerish. Part of it is not wanting these kids to end up as mentally damaged as I have from my weeb years but the other half is that anime is cringe by design so the mainstream trying to adapt and market it to zoomers is a huge no

No. 1066750

Sorry I wont do it again

No. 1066759

No. 1066774

Gender bending and pronouns is literally what I think of when I think of zoomers. That's their unique thing. All their fashion is rehash of precious decades. Non binary is zoomer culture and putting so much emphasis on appearances that lip fillers and botox are new normals. Maybe it's a product of fast access to porn. There's a scale or sexless to oversexed. Millenials saw homosexuality become normalised and steps towards equality and now current day has an abundance of sexual and gender identities. The youth went from wanting to save the planet to self obsession.

No. 1066779

File: 1645652005652.jpeg (26.38 KB, 300x300, 70E4E62D-6BE7-42DF-9B8A-EE064D…)

Nonnie I am not laughing there was absolutely nothing sexual about playboy or Victoria’s Secret

No. 1066812

Same. Used to be, you didn’t tell anyone you watched anime or advertised it by wearing pins or shirts, because you would get ridiculed. On one hand it’s great anime isn’t as stigmatized, but the anime that’s out nowadays is more coomerish, and no one seems ashamed of showing their degeneracy anymore. If someone wore an ahegao shirt back then, they would be ostracized and bullied. Nowadays it’s “cool”, and it disgusts me seeing people wear that shit in public.

Ironically, back then there were some people that misunderstood that all anime was hentai and would think watchers were creeps. Now all anime is very pornified and it seems no one actually has a problem with that, it’s actually “aesthetic” to have ahegao and sexualization.

No. 1066842

the increased pornification as a whole of culture thanks to zoomers is annoying. not even just the sexualized songs, they've been around since forever, the obsession with euphoria which is basically just porn + addiction. the sex doesn't even correlate to the plot and i wish the turbo zoomers who keep defending the show would stop insisting it does. except for the plots that are inherently degen like them shoving barbie ferreiras character into the camgirl role. euphoria really has no need for the grotesque and graphic sex scenes regardless

No. 1066859

I think shows like Euphoria are purposefully trying to make zoomers, most who are minors, more sexual. Sperg, but this trend of objectifying bodies and sexualization really only benefits males, and gives them the benefits. You don’t see the majority of boys making ahegao or objectifying themselves. By having shows like Euphoria “normalize” risky behavior, the more teens are going to think that’s just how it is. There’s a creepy agenda being pushed.

I wanna add that sexualization is probably one of the quickest ways a girl or woman can get attention. It has always been like this. However, it seems no one has taught (or wants to teach) zoomers why this attention can be negative or where it stems from. It’s constantly pushed by media, and reinforced by places like tiktok.

No. 1066862

Honestly I support this, we need less uwu I'm super sexy trends and more normie looking ones like this.

No. 1066864

Love you too nonny, kek.

No. 1066866

10/10, I fucking kekked


No. 1066872

Are there more “sex workers” among gen z? Or do zoomers just advertise it more freely, making it appear that way? I’ve seen way too many girls that as soon as they turn 18, start an OnlyFans, as if it was some sort of age passage. It can’t be all monetary related, the reasons for joining. The pay is apparently pennies since the market is over saturated. Is it for validation and attention? Do they think it makes them a “cool girl”? They aren’t thinking of the consequences it could have on future jobs.

No. 1066874

File: 1645656182996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.83 KB, 300x450, b35e7b8c1fa046d3542dc833ef7663…)

>thanks to zoomers
Yeah, millenials definitely weren't the ones who fostered a pornographic culture. Check out this piece of zoomer culture from 2005. Why can't we just go back to the pure days of Paris Hilton and thongs riding up every woman's ass?

No. 1066881

>Non binary is zoomer culture
Bullshit, millennials popularized it on Tumblr back in the early 10s, they were the first and major demographic of fakebois, enbis and most tranny types, zoomers just got infected by them
>Putting so much emphasis on appearances that lip fillers and botox are new normals. Maybe it's a product of fast access to porn.
This been happening since early 10s, when most cultural icons were Millennials, they created the influencer culture and bbl/ surgery trends that permeate social media (Kim K and the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, etc, all millennials)

No. 1066884

This. I dont understand anons, I guess they weren't on Tumblr back then.

No. 1066890

Kek this, porn was introduced to the masses in the 00s, this "mainstream porn culture" thing is not recent at all, millennials suffer from severe pornsickness from the misogynistic, gross content that the media shilled back then, it just got even worse, if that was even possible

No. 1066891

I read somewhere that the gender BS on Tumblr even stemmed from people in fandoms doing it on Livejournal in the past lmao. I don't know what it is about people who enjoy media becoming obsessed with gender

No. 1066895

This will only end when they go through every core and end up with "corecore". That is when this nightmare will be put to rest.

No. 1066899

>millennial couples

A pretty clear typo of "polyamorous couples"

No. 1066900

some millennials simply refuse to acknowledge their complicity in the creation of zoomer culture

No. 1066901

>Why don't zoomers know what grunge is kek
To be fair Grunge died with Kurt Cobain back in the 90s

No. 1066904

It all came out around the same time as mass internet usage did. The 2mm thin eyebrows and massive bolt-on boob jobs were already becoming a popular thing in the mid 90s though. Millenials were groomed into everything too.

No. 1066907

In the future, people will be tagging their shit as "2020score" and using "-core" at the end of things not as a way to categorize their aesthetics, but in an ironic, nostalgic way to bring back the "innocence" of the 2020s' obsession with "cores"
People will say doomer wojaks, femboys and e-girls had "soul", while whatever iteration of depressed men, casual goth/alt fashion and effeminate male subculture there will be is "soulless"

No. 1066922

Porn and consoomerism was shoved down gen zs throat by gen x and millennials, it wasn't until now that gen z were the first ones to acknowledge how fucked up porn is, how unrealistic porn bodies are and how it gives people and a fucked up mentality for sex and relationships. I only ever see Gen Z calling out porn. The ones who obsess over kink/plastic surgery are the ones still brainwashed

No. 1066926

Can't take zoomers seriously not bc of how cringe they are, but bc of how easy they sell themselves (data to chin company) just for some entertainment. They'll probably normalize selling their eggs or surrogacy, depraved richies will have a field day with endless sources of human cattle. From body parts to babies to outright selling sex (all that bossbitch prostitue grooming happening with gen z girls). They're being raised like disposable products and it's scary to see.

No. 1066935

I don't understand zoomers, i barely understand millennials to begin with but zoomers are just an enigma, they are literally aliens to me, and I'm a zoomer. I'm not saying I'm not like other zoomers, but all the witch-hunts, gender obsession, pornsickness, political debates, tranny worship…jfc, i just don't vibe with them at all, they're way too aggressive but spineless at the same time?

No. 1066936

I'm gonna say tumblr. I saw it a lot on there before I saw it on tiktok. I could be wrong though.

No. 1066937

My favorite zoomer music interaction
>Go to music festival
>Hop on an elevator with a group of zoomers all dressed up obviously ready to party
>Ask them if they're going to the festival too
>Yes they're super hyped literally can't wait have been looking forward to this forever!
>Awesome, what artists are you guys hoping to see
>You know, bands, musicians, musical acts, singers, whatever, who are you excited to see
>"Uh, I don't know anyone on the lineup, do you, (one of her friends)?"
>Friend shrugs
>Oh. What kind of music are you guys into?
>"Yeah I don't know, none of us really listen to any music. We just came to clown and snap some pics"
>Huh. Ok. Have fun and stay safe
>End up in line behind said clowning zoomers
>They all have panic attacks when their poorly hidden Juuls are taken away
>One of them whines to his friends "man if only there was some way to bring drugs in here, that would be so cool"
>At a fucking music festival

No. 1066940

TikTok porn panderers are still the corrupt ones, but millennial women are definitely guilty of pedaling porn as well kek. It was millennial women who pedalled things like "I'm a COOL girl I'm totally okay with porn and playboy infact I like it too heehee", they also shamed other women for not allowing their boyfriends to go to strip clubs and stuff. Not to mention Gen X women encouraged hookup culture and sex clubs and stuff in the 80s.

No. 1066948

This actually worries me. The amount of couples who exclusively do anal but only do vaginal "to procreate". The amount of couples on Reddit who use the turkey baster method because they're too porn addicted to fuck their own wives. This is gonna fuck the kids up a LOT. No one is going to know what love is anymore outside of painful sex

No. 1066950

Zoomer style hilariously described by a zoomer himself. I couldn't embed with the timestamp but forward it to 4:15. How accurate would you guys say this is?

No. 1066955

Can confirm, I've seen it myself, there were livejournal communities talking about those concepts in the 2000s. But the genderqueer and nonbinary stuff actually started in academic journals in the 90s but remained obscure for a while. The livejournal people were probably gender/queer studies students who learned it in their classes, brought it to livejournal and then spread it to tumblr when they migrated.

No. 1066956

It's the 100s of online cults that snap them up young

No. 1066958

Not to mention the tons of health issues of babies being born from turkey basting.

No. 1066959

Why do healthy couples keep turkey basting or only doing anal anyway? It almost seems like a joke or some weird form of population control brainwashing

No. 1066961

Millennials were a lot more willing to just call themselves bi or pans. But with zoomers they just always reduce it down to queer.

No. 1066964

People were fans and consoomed for sure, the issue with today's consoomerism is that EVERYTHING is all about fandom or buying stuff. You can't even go about your normal life without getting bombarded for store credit cards, Amazon shit, and everything is so fucking ugly and covered with anime shit/fandoms/whatever

No. 1066966

Can you tag the "seething zoomers"? Every zoomer posting here hates other zoomers too kek

No. 1066977

The thing I’ve noticed the most about burger zoomers is just how bad they are at history. I think it may have to do with SJW culture and the “America bad” mindset but holy hell they will believe anything a tweet tells them about a historical event. I have had some fellow zoomers basically tell me that they hated History as a subject in school because it’s all fake bullshit written by old white men and there’s nothing to learn from it. And then these will be the same ones who sperg about “I NEVER LEARNED THIS IN HISTORY CLASS!!!” when they read a tweet about something as simple as imperialist expansionism in the late 1800s and 9.8/10 times it is something taught in school.

No. 1066984

I hate the zoomer victim complex, where they start shit with you online and then go 'b-but I'm a minor!!!' if you say anything back. I know it started with younger millennials and they learned it from us but jesus christ the zoomers are unhinged. Also the weird vendetta they have against adults existing on the internet in general, if you're 25+ in an online space (even if you're there to connect with other adults and are making a concentrated effort to avoid interacting with kids) get ready for them to feel 'unsafe' and try to cry-bully you off the platform. It's weaponized weakness and it's so fucking annoying, if I'm a big scary predatory hag and you're a uwu little baby bean maybe just block me? You're terrified of seeing my posts while you scroll a tag but brave enough to directly message me to tell me how unsafe you feel? Fuck off. Also I love the double standard where men/troons are allowed to be genuinely predatory in fandom spaces and no one cares but a 30 year old woman accidentally reblogging a post by a 17 year old who has "adults DNI" somewhere in their bio is literal child abuse.

Also fuck the entire concept of DNI lists. Again I understand that young millennials started it but zoomers take it to another level. I am not digging through the carrd of a user to see if I have permission to like the cat picture they posted in a public tag on a public website. Take responsibility for your internet experience and block people you don't want to interact with.

No. 1066998

>I'm a COOL girl I'm totally okay with porn and playboy infact I like it too heehee

So…exactly what's happening with zoomers right now? I haven't seen any millenial girls back then say "oh yeah I love playboy" it was more "ew". Zoomers are trying to bring playboy back and are into the anime pedopandering. They are way more guilty of feeding males.

No. 1067000

People in general are horrible at history everywhere. Minority burgers seem to be the worst at it.

No. 1067002

The fucking DNI lists! They are so fucking funny. Especially the really long ones because wow how ADHD exclusionary of them kek. At first the DNI shit was like nazis and racists, which is still dumb because they'll rb your shit anyway, but, okay, at least it's understandable. But now it's like mile long fandom shit."Don't follow if you think X character from X manga is a scorpio rising, aquarius sun, and taurus moon. Also do not follow if you don't think they're trans. If you don't think they're trans, I will send you a message telling you to kill yourself and you are not allowed to report me. If you follow me, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions." like holy fuck, autism. They're really funny sometimes.

No. 1067006

Zoomers are way more into the bimbo thing than millennials at least, saying this as an early zoomer

No. 1067014

This lol
Are you joking? 90% of the plastic surgeried up ig thots are millennial women. Millennial women were also known for starting the whole "plastic surgery when you're a teenager" trend. It carried over to the zoomers, millennial and zoomers are both extremely guilty of this. Zoomer women are guilty of promoting extreme proportions though, it's usually the younger millennials or older zoomers who wear several bras, get waist trainers and break their back arching it

No. 1067030

I will always remember zoomers as the aliexpress/alibaba/cheap amazon shit coomsumers. Nothing they own is quality and never will be.

No. 1067041

Literally. The one legitimate complaint people have about zoomers is that they're painfully unoriginal. Like the SJW shit people wanna whine about when it comes to zoomers literally started on fucking Tumblr in the early 2010s. Sex positivity and glamorizing of sex work also happened around that time. The oldest zoomer is 22/23/24 depending on where you want to put the cutoff at, you think these retards who would have been 14 year olds when this shit really picked up steam are the ones who started this shit?

No. 1067058

It's not necessarily their fault because you get the same exact shit at department stores. The issue is that everything is rapidly decreasing in quality nowadays but inflation in insane so it's cheaper to cut out the middle man and just buy things from wholesale sites

No. 1067068

Whoa, that pouch(not the design) is a throw←———–back! I think I had a disney princess one? Lasted me years.

No. 1067281

File: 1645678586868.png (551.39 KB, 806x740, 094853293295.png)

bren-ded jennerayshun

No. 1067287

I will never join the metaverse fuck you muck ZUCK I hate the antichrist

No. 1067305

Most couples don't do it, it's just a middle class thing. If anything they're doing anal for his bday or something. If he can even get it up anymore after pornuse.

No. 1067332

Anal requires a man to be very hard the entire time, if he's the type to lose an erection as soon as something isn't just like porn he won't be able to do anal. this includes the "I lost an erection because we switched positions/you corrected me/this is taking too long/etc" men. I don't see why porn addicts keep pushing for anal when they'll lose their boner as soon as they have to put their money where their mouth is

There is a lot of sex issues with normies though, good, mutually pleasing and fun sex is just a distant fantasy with most men. They all have erection issues and take too long to finish

No. 1067450

We talked about mental illness larping but I also remember nationality larping being a huge thing
terminally online millenials:
>wanted to be Japanese or British
terminally online zoomers:
>want to be French or Russian

No. 1067451

>French or Russian

No. 1067456

Nta but because of their culture and how it's romanticized. Also helps that both countries are said to have good looking people with French girl and Russian girl ""aesthetic"" getting popular almost like how weebs or koreaboos used to larp as those races.

No. 1067474

Based thread, hopefully it won't devolve into self-flagellating not like other zoomers and vice versa zoomers crying and yelling at how it's actually millenials who ruined the world with zero understanding of recent history.

As a millenial from late 80's, I remember a lot of people flaunting their mental illnesses in the early 00's as well so it's not a recent thing. Young people have always been overdramatic but how I see it it's become a mean of escaping responsibility and gaining authority rather than just seeking for attention.

Basically. Subcultures have disappeared as they've been reduced into aesthetics to wear as a costume, not a lifestyle you believe in. It's intertwined with >>1066343 , social media and late stage capitalism has made it so that it's seen as old-fashioned to dedicate yourself to something bourgeoise like an alternative style that brings you a sense of belonging instead of filling that void with activism. Before you could get your sense of purpose from being a part of the local goth scene and contributing to that, now it's about outrage over human rights. A cause that has been equally commercialized in the form of pride flags and stickers you can buy at hot topic.

I don't even blame zoomers themselves for this, it's been mentioned in other threads but it's Gen X that took what millenials started and monetized its aesthetics to peddle for the younger generation. I know retarded gen zrs accuse millenials of starting the tranny trend for example but any one of us can tell you that that shit was directly leaking down from degenerate Gen X coomers. All of the big troon influencers and millionaires funding the lobbying are Gen X and some legitimate boomers. Millenials don't own shit, we have no authority or power to conduct any big illuminati scams.

>zoomer terfs suck, it's just another aesthetic to them
Agree. A lot of the spergiest and most unreasonable "radfems" on this site are obvious zoomers who are only into it because of the based manhating girlboss aesthetic. I don't trust them because they're the kind of people to make a complete 180 when a perfect Nigel gives them crumbs of attention.

No. 1067483

I've only seen hatred towards France and the french on social media though. It makes sense when it comes from people from my country (even though it's mostly memes) because of history and the fact that we're really close geographically, but when it comes from Americans????

No. 1067486

You didn't see the popular kids sporting emo/scene fashion in the 2000s. Emos were only seen as cool by other emos. When I think about the 2000s, I think about very thin eyebrows and orange skin.

No. 1067510

File: 1645697127660.jpg (77.09 KB, 454x647, 041f8a522c85043a95bd58683b684f…)

Same, I think of jersey shore kind of look. Emos were seen as creepy losers outside of the online scene
Typing this is going to make me loose all of my braincells, but Pinterest girls are having a field day right now pretending to speak french and posting skinny girls smoking. A nonna said that the heroine chic thing is back and yes it is. It's not even a small scale thing anymore, with the rise of uuur duur balletcore and coquette

No. 1067556

This was literally the worst era in fashion and i really REALLY don't want it to come back.

No. 1067586

If those shirts with camisoles underneath them come back I will start executing women in public

No. 1067603

>I know retarded gen zrs accuse millenials of starting the tranny trend
>Millenials don't own shit, we have no authority or power to conduct any big illuminati scams
Kek millennials were no impressionable teenagers anymore when the ~illuminaty~ started introducing tranny shit, unlike zoomers. You guys just followed like sheeple and never questioned how wrong it was, and now we are here, take some responsibility ffs

No. 1067608

They never will take responsibility because they're all man/womanchildren. They're hanging out on apps meant for children and teens like tiktok and complaining about children not dressing the way they used to.

No. 1067612

>zoomers say while 25% of their own kind identify as trannies and the rest are either handmaidens or mentally all altright neo-nazis, all of them refusing to grow up and keep pushing the "21-year old minor" meme

No. 1067628

Do the maths: 21 years old zoomers were 15 when tranny propaganda infected Tumblr and went mainstream, they were groomed young into this by older people, who were already adults that should have know better

No. 1067632

>instead of going to a natural aesthetic after the bbl trend, they go yet to another extreme and unhealthy aesthetic (heroin chic)

Convinced women just enjoy torturing themselves and others and think self inflicted misogyny is empowering at this point.

No. 1067636

Yeah, I'm noticing that too, i think normies just love unreasonable standards for some reason, like, they really love what they cannot get

No. 1067637

Now they've only really been like that since the 60s when youth culture was created by capitalist media

No. 1067639

>Skinny communist french Russian smoker
This is retarded as fuck.

No. 1067642

Even non normies are like that tbh. I was hoping athletic thin like the 70s or 80s would come back (since it's actually a sexy aesthetic to me while the late 90s/00s style looks hideous imo) but they just go with the path of least resistance by rehashing a recent trend but also of course being frail and skinny are always the two the same things in their black and white minds amirite?

No. 1067645

*Two same things in their black and white thinking mind

No. 1067647

Really? I'll take this over
>Aztec/tribal prints
>Oversized thick rimmed glasses
>"I mustache you a question" tier quirky shirts
>Galaxy prints
>Thick rimmed oversized hipster glasses
>…and more!
of the 2010's

No. 1067648

Then how about you take responsibility for once for buying into tranny meme instead of blaming everyone else? If millenials "were adults when tranny propaganda hit the mainstream and should've known better" then zoomers by now should break out of it, most of you are adults now. Or maybe just admit it's a movement that had the ball rolling even pre-2010s and was already in the works since the 90's and wasn't just birthed by a niche social media site in 2015?

No. 1067661

Stop being this retarded. Tranny stuff was already out there since before the 90s. We didn't fucking invented it, how can we fucking "know better". It got stronger after the 2000s something, but it didn't came out of nowhere and suddenly became mainstream. So think for a moment that gen Y could've very much also been groomed into it. Cmon, do the maths. I was a teen around 2000s when I was exposed to tranny bullshit.
If you guys wanna play that game of pointing fingers we could do that too and play the victims.
Zoomers never want to assume responsibility for their own actions. No, it's never my fault, it's my parents, my grandparents, the gen before me, I did nothing wrong, hmm, I'm literally a minor????? Give me a break.

No. 1067668

i thought it was agreed upon that millennials were the most depressed generation

No. 1067670

It's only now that tranny agenda is becoming normalized and a lot of people are allowed to transition even as children aged as young as 6. At your time trannies were delusional gay men you maybe came across once a year when you were late out and they were looking for customers but now they're everywhere, especially online and groom young kids into the gender agenda. It's not wise to blame a generation for this when it's much deeper. Also doesn't help that most men and some women who support this and groom the zoomers are gen x or y coomers.

No. 1067673

File: 1645709602752.jpg (36.59 KB, 640x372, a6eyyj3ypnj81.jpg)

god, this, idk how anyone can argue otherwise unless they aren't paying attention to any current events. a lot of people are peaking on trannyism but look at this for instance. it's become extremely normalized on the left to the point they think you're a conservative who wants to LiTerALLy kILL tRaNs fOLks if you don't enthusiastically nod along

No. 1067730

>zoomers by now should break out of it
Kek how?
Its too late, you know damn well there's no way to push back to the tranny movement without ruining your life, specially when a good portion of trannies are older and more powerful than the average zoomer, they're fucked

No. 1067749

>gen z is the biggest driver of this tranny bullshit
>huge pile on about what insufferable snowflakes gen z is and how they won’t take responsibility
>actually, trans popularity boomed with millennials coming into adulthood

No. 1067794

I just really wonder how zoomers will explain or handle the sudden boom of health complications down the road when all the twans people start to have cancer or whatever because of the toxic shit they have done to their body. And let's do not forget about the kids from today that will prob kill their parents for turning them into literal monsters. But at this point it will be too late and nobody who applauds the tranny shit today will give single fuck about any of that I guess.

No. 1067964

Most zoomers are still underage, this year or next year more will be adults than not though.

No. 1067982

funny you mention this word, its popularity raised in the 10s cause it was used to bully millenials, i still remember those "nonbinary snowflake compilations" back in 2016, good times

No. 1067988

Samefag, but as >>1067964 said, most zoomers are still underage, i don't understand how they're supposed to "take responsibility"

No. 1067990

I feel like most, but not all of the complaints about Gen Z we're caused by millennials or just things that were shoved down their throat
>Tranny shit, being told they are trans over every little thing, or just having to make up some sort of special sexuality or else they're just boring
>SJW shit was always pushed to Gen Z by millennials (Laci green for example)
This also explains why the main leftie cows who always push troon sjw shit are almost always millennials
>Porn addiction, sex work, sex positivity, etc
This was heavily pushed by millennials and Gen X. Gen X dads always pushed their sons to sleep around and watch porn, older generations were often the ones grooming young girls into sex work and the kink community as well as actively praising and glorifying girls who acted as sexual as possible regardless of age. Now they're lying to girls claiming they'll make millions from onlyfans just to get cheap nudes from any girl they choose and those girls are scraping pennies. I also remember porn addiction being encouraged as funny and quirky
Gen Z does not run corporations, it's not their fault everything is rapidly detoriaring in quality and corporations are now exclusively shilling fan merch and nothing is original anymore
>Extreme body proportions, Photoshop everywhere, constant body altering being the norm whether it be through padding, Photoshop or plastic surgery
Gen Z was bullied since before they got their first period if they didn't have massive tits and ass while remaining skinny. It's hard to tell who's to blame in this situation but millennials encouraged this behavior as well. Millennial men are definitely guilty of pushing this on Gen Z girl

The only valid complaints are TikTok nonsense, phone addictions, and "-core". "Cores" aren't even that big of a deal imo. Even then that could be debatable due to the fact it was millennials and Gen X who decided to push everything to be online to the point where you would have to have a Facebook or something in order to be considered normal, not to mention school, career, etc is becoming very social media involved too. I remember when I was applying for colleges in 2015 a lot of the essays asked for things based around social media like "what hashtag are you" and I was also told that have a popular and clean social media account looked good to colleges and employers. Are you going to tell me Gen Z, who were all 15-18 at the time, did this?

No. 1067993

Plenty of Gen Z are breaking out of it but the millennials often "cancel" them and they get attacked relentlessly if you have any sort of discrimination. It was millennials who started demanding people get doxxed, fired, kicked out of housing, etc if they didn't agree with someone. Perhaps there's a lot more anti troon gen z than we like to admit but everyone is forced to shut up and stay in a shell

No. 1068009

This, millenials need to stop denying their cultural influence, which is decades stronger than genz. Music, artists, media, trends, influencers, the whole tranny agenda has a big machine behind its back, but that machine used and stills uses millennials to sustain itself, genz are just the newest slave.

If genz wants to distance themselves from gendershit they have to fight a whole generation behind them, which has greater numbers, influence and political power

No. 1068017

I hate this thread, why is it even allowed to exist? It's infighting central.

No. 1068019

People who let children transition are millennials and once the zoomer trans kids that were force transed when they were below 13 because pharma wanted money or mommy wanted a son get cancer, it'll fall apart. The people forcing anf grooming tranny stuff own big corporations and are all millennials.

No. 1068021

Then hide it, retard.

No. 1068027

Based. Millennials are the worst, they're blaming little children for the things they themselves have been advocating for their whole lives. They normalized porn and transgenderism, sexualisation of the youth and "sex ed" by using movies and series depicting clearly underage girls engaging in dangerous acts to be cool.

No. 1068031

This is really the main thing I dislike about zoomers. Capitalism combined with social media has rotted their brains. Social media has become so much more about ourselves than it is our shared interests, they've become their own product and sell themselves to get clout. Our brains can't process more than 1000 or so people as their own individual persons, let alone tens of thousands of people viewing you on the internet and reacting to you. That's got to do some damage to the developing brains of teenagers and I don't have hope for how they'll turn out.

That being said, aesthetics are just shallow. That's it really. It's stupid to change your style so often to fit this insanely fast trend cycle, get your own style, stop wasting clothes.

No. 1068039

I don't get why millenials and zoomers are being blamed for porn in this thread, since it's been normalized way before these generations. If anything the only real difference between now and the 70s (iirc, correct me if I'm wrong) is that we have the internet so it's slightly easier to look for it now than before.

No. 1068055

I wonder how many anons screaming about how gen z is shilling troon shit had ig or Tumblr accounts promoting trans acceptance back in the day. I don't blame Gen Z for the shit world they grew up in, I just feel bad for them since they still have a lot of learning to do and millennials yaas kweening troons and memeing things like Belle Delphine and then blaming them for doing what, in their minds, is "good" according to society.

No. 1068059

Because millennials and zoomers encouraged porn addiction in men and encouraged sex work, they're also calling women insecure and crazy if they don't let their boyfriends become roommates because they're unable to have sex via porn addiction.

No. 1068061

File: 1645728470040.gif (Spoiler Image, 317.99 KB, 320x200, degrassi1.gif)

>none of it was sexual, especially not whale tails
Y-you know this scene was aired when millennials were teens right?

No. 1068082

I didn't get their comment at all kek. You have to be extremely delusional if you believe millennials weren't just as slutty back in the day and didn't romanticize mental illness or anything. Also emo kids didn't romanticize mental illness? Kek the brainfuck. This has got to be a joke.

No. 1068085

sage for blog posting but I remember being a teenager in the early 2010s and every time I would go clothes shopping I would have a breakdown because everything was so ugly and cheap looking. The financial crisis really destroyed the fashion market for a good few years there. But I would always tell myself when I got older I'd put enough money aside to buy nice quality clothing.
Now I live in a great city with a lot of cheap but good quality op shops and I'm not spending nearly as much on a decent wardrobe with quality, stylish pieces. I think growing up around that time and having clothes literally fall apart on you when all I wanted was good clothes that last really made me consciously choose clothing now. I look at the fabric type, consider how well it goes with the rest of my wardrobe, check the brand. The result is clothes I've had for years that I treasure. This is something I'll just never get about gen z. Don't you want clothing that lasts? A style that is uniquely you? Do you really need to change your aesthetic every 2 months?

No. 1068096

The only trannies I saw where either the outcasted previous emos of my gen or when I was a mature student at uni and saw an abundance of gender non conforming fat austists.

No. 1068099

I had that experience in the early 2000s. I hated how thin clothing got. I remember always putting my hand under clothes to see how see through it was. You use to have to wear layers just to not expose yourself. Now people seem to like they style lol

No. 1068101

Where do you get yours? All mom and pop shops are extremely expensive and everything is like 80+$ an article of clothing that will fall apart after 3 washes. Everything is ugly too. What stores do you go to

No. 1068110

Tumblr was not at all mainstream. I remember when it first started around 2006 or so. Trends happening on tumblr were solely tumblr based. It felt like a secret group some people were in on, and I do remember the friends I had that used it we hated the tumblr genderspecials. They were like snowflakes to us. Even back then there was constant comparisons to scene and emo kids vs new age trannies. Like I grew up in the 90s with a known transvestite as she was called back then. She worked in the local tesco, she definitely wasn't a millennial by any stretch. She also got the lane next to her house blocked off because its where teens would hang out and smoke and drink and she would cry about antisocial behaviour but no one bothered her. She still lives there and had anti vax propaganda in her front garden lol. What I'm saying is, just because something was on tumblr does not mean it was the start of a movement. It was all those retarded college students and Democrats and Hilary fucking Clinton that pushed through the trans agenda. They even removed obstacles for young people to get hormones. People fret about a vaccine backed by science but let's just fuck with people's biochemistry for political point scoring.

No. 1068131

>Tumblr was not at all mainstream
Not in 00s, but when the 10s started tumblr went mainstream and it was home for dozens of fandoms, including the gender fandom
Kek this

No. 1068139

Yeah but by then most Millenials had either moved on or existed solely for tumblr. I have my own personal cow I use to engage with on tumblr then he made his personality about politics and when communism wasn't cool anymore he started advocating for transwomen and mansplaining the female experience to hetero cis females who are just like totally clueless

No. 1068141

Lol WTF is this. Are you talking about the COVID vax? There are plenty of people from all walks of life against the vaccine, there's even a lot of terfs here against the jab. Relax

No. 1068142

You relax.

No. 1068157

2010: You can wear what you want ! It's 2010.

2021: You can't wear that, it's CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

No. 1068161

Why are there so many autists in this thread

No. 1068188

File: 1645731635940.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3100x2428, evan-mock-emily-alyn-lind-thom…)

Fake diversity killed some shows. For example the Gossip Girl reboot. GG is about selling dream and elitism. Ain't nobody dreaming about being a bald mixed girl.

No. 1068190

File: 1645731681948.jpg (128.97 KB, 1080x1350, lzyl51k55cx71.jpg)

I was thinking about this with the band jamiroquai lately, just googled it and yeah sure enough there's now articles about how they shouldn't have worn some of the head gear they did back then. The headpieces did morph over the years essentially in line with it.. slowly phased out any hints you could see of it.

twas hawt tho..

No. 1068192

What i was trying to say is that tumblr was visited by lots, and i mean LOTS of people, it was no some niche site anymore that's why its role in the arise and spread of the tranny movement was crucial

No. 1068214

actual retards, fucking hell

No. 1068238

>someone disagrees with me
>they must be a retard
That's not how it works…

No. 1068241

File: 1645732923920.png (268.78 KB, 411x636, ftmtranny.PNG)

Speaking of
Remember when the later shittier seasons of degrassi aired they brought in this retard

No. 1068243

No. 1068244

>racially and ethnically diverse
I guess non-white people didn't exist before gen z

>most likely to engage in activism

Yeah, keep fighting the power by spending all your pocket money on Shien hauls packaged by sweat shop children so hashtag woke

No. 1068247

>I was only pretending to be stupid!
You do you girl.

No. 1068255

suuuuure, keep going

No. 1068256


No. 1068275

What you're saying is also nothing new at all. I guess it's kind of a cyclic trend that has been adapted to today's media but the whole sex positivity bullshit I've started seeing online since the early 2010s seems similar enough to the whole "sexual liberation" and hippy shit from decades ago. Again, the internet only makes it easier to spread this message but the message itself isn't very different from before.

No. 1068293

Do you guys seriously not know what sarcasm is? The original post is dripping with it. Holy shit, I thought >>1066739 was the only one. I guess millenials and zoomers really are two tards in a pod

No. 1068314

I don't remember everything about Gossip Girl but wasn't the original show about the degenerate elite that looks good and are total normies? The type of people you'd dream of being until you get to actually know them? Because the people on this picture look like the type of losers who'd get bullied by the group I just described.

No. 1068568

The early 2000s were pedo heaven. I remember the body trend att was essentially either someone who was still going through puberty.. or someone who started to starve themselves young enough to avoid gaining curves. Low rise jeans, jutting out hipbones and a hint of a gstring was the trinity. Few grown women could maintain the level of skinniness that was required for that look.

I remember the playboy bunny logo appearing on bed sheets for little girls rooms. I remember my mom dragging me out of a store once because this kids shop had a t-shirt with a shinx cat on it and some text like "you like muh bald pussy?" Teens back then were getting most of their sex and dating advice from monthly magazines. Shit marketed at us was pretty sexual but then we were weirdly naive about the fact that dressing that way won't only attract the attention of age approariate boys. Like I feel old but I remember a friend passing around that months issue of cosmo and us skipping to the agony aunt pages to try and hopefully learn something about sex or how our own bodies work. The same shit you could google in 2 seconds now. Sexualized but naive as hell.. pedo heaven

No. 1068603

I remember being a kid in the 2000s and having those jelly bracelets and learning what they meant sexually, even if I didn't understand what those sex acts were. I would read CosmoGirl at age 9 and pretend I knew what they were talking about. Entered adult chatrooms on AIM thinking I was mature.
Preteens have been sexualized for decades, it's no different than it is now…it's just that zoomers have Tiktok and more online outlets so they can broadcast their pedo pandering ways more easily. It's just sad.

No. 1068650

The 2000s were arguably the most pedophiliac decade in modern history.

No. 1068694

I remember that one lmao. Honestly all later seasons are very boring
They look like they would get bullied solely for their looks

No. 1068708

I wish I had the amount of power delusional zoomers mad at their older siblings seem to think millenials do when they're claiming that in our early to mid 20s we collectively brainwashed the world into pornsickness and transgenderism via Tumblr blogs while getting royally fucked by the stock market crash and division of the western world by Trump's election. I would own so many fucking houses instead of renting a piece of shit studio and have actually good music topping the spotify playlists.

No. 1068740

This so much. Fucking hooters and other breasturants was filled with little kids and even sold kids shirts. Constant sexual remarks and hidden jokes in kids shows, kids have unfiltered access to TV and accidentally ran into porn channels all the time, kids shows revolving around relationships constantly, kids toys and dress up clothes that were practically swimsuits, it's like in the 2000s, suddenly no one gave two fucks about exposing kids to sexual shit constantly and wonder why they raised a generation full of porn addicts, attention whores and broke sex workers

Not to mention it felt like a lot of people were weirdly comfortable with discussing sex around kids, what the fuck happened to us in the 2000s?

No. 1068742

>Pretending like millennial men didn't groom zoomer girls in masse and millennial women yas kweened it all
Maybe not you specifically did this but don't act like there wasn't a fuck ton of teens being groomed by Tumblr antics

No. 1068761

Seething millennials who pretend like zoomers have zero knowledge of anything before 2016 are hilarious, unlucky for them they still have all their cringe all over the internet that we can easily see when they try to pull the whole "no no that was ZOOMERS" card

No. 1068765

As i said >>1068009 here, millennials were not the genius behind the scheme but the followers, the fuel of the machine. I'm sure there's someone else benefiting from this but millennials helped spreading the propaganda

No. 1068772

>Seething millennials who pretend like zoomers have zero knowledge of anything before 2016
Nobody has to pretend. You clearly don't.

No. 1068777

>B-but look at TikTok! Zoomers like to record themselves being cringy too!!
Most zoomers are like 15, you were already 25 when you put on a bowtie, called yourself a ~transboi~ and then posted about your pronouns on Tumblr.com along with your SU fanart kek i still remember all that cringefest you guys ain't fooling nobody

No. 1068778

I rewatched some of laguna beach recently, which other ppl remember it being like the biggest reality show right?
well it has EXTENDED SHOTS of high school girls trying on bikinis, zooming in on their chests, butts, bellies.
and a scene i remember where one of the girls was getting a massage (so she was topless with a towel over her back) and she got up to get her phone and almost flashed the camera, and the other girl with her was like "omg be careful you almost flashed ur boobs!" and they just KEPT IT IN. a 16yo girl doing that. it was the end of the convo and the scene ended right after that, they obviously couldve cut it out but they just kept it in.
I didn't realize all this kinda shit as a tween growing up then but holy fuck.

No. 1068780

Jelly bracelets were sexual?!??!

No. 1068783

NTA, but haven't you ever heard that if someone breaks a jelly of a certain color it means (x) thing? Like if you break a black one it means sex.

No. 1068794

Lmao my parents forced me to throw all of mine away because of this

No. 1068801

Young millennials and zoomers have been exposed to sexualization more than any other generation. It's hard to point the finger at a certain generation exactly but it's more of the higher ups who run everything as well as the older millennial/gen x parents who just let all this shit happened and encouraged it. I just find it hard to place all the blame on Gen Z who's had porn and sex shoved down their throats before they hit puberty

No. 1068839

When I was a kid I stumbled across an issue of Cosmo and the article was about g-spots and orgasms. I don't know if the cosmogirl equivalent ever got that explicit. It is amazing how late millennials were arguably exposed to a less pc culture, but our consumption of content felt unrated by comparison. For rated content, the content of PG-13 films have been watered down significantly, but channels such as YouTube have opened up with minimal regulatory restrictions until a few years ago after elsagate. So the ways the late millennial and gen z crowd were messed up by their television and film consumption overlaps while significantly differing. The worst part is being in the sweet spot between the two generations, mid-late 90s babies have a dissonance from the early 90s or 00s kids of not really feeling like they "belong" to either group.

No. 1068851

So basically
Millennial culture:
>edgy liberal culture pushing for pedophilia, sexual humor in kids' media, misogyny, and all other things in the name of free expression

Gen Z culture:
>conformist left wing culture pushing for all the same things but under the disguise of empowerment and acting offended by everything

As I said, both sides of the same shit except at the very least because the 00s was less about controlling what other people say the niche/underground/artistic stuff was still good.

No. 1068862

I'm pretty sure it was actually a myth like the rainbow parties.

No. 1068868

Nonnie I'm not saying kids actually followed through with it, just that that's what was spread around that the bracelets meant. Just school yard culture.

No. 1068870

Not a myth, they definitely had them in my school
It's a give or take, both generations have completely lost their shit. I also hate how so many zoomers act retarded or say toxic shit and then just fall back on "it was a joke" when there was obvious serious context

No. 1068879

Yeah, I also remember adults throwing similar moral panic over random shit. It was super annoying

No. 1068891

Not to defend this scene, especially since the actress was an actual teenager, but the episode was about how young girl being sexualised and wearing revealing clothes was bad. Her arc was pretty much "dress like a prostitute, bad things will happen, men will be disgusting pigs and other women will shame you". This shot is still fucking disgusting.

No. 1068911

Show teen girls dressing like a prostitute is bad… By paying a teenage girl to have her thong out and filming it for grown men to watch, kek. Hollywood never fails to disappoint me

No. 1068929

The fuck you talking about degrassi is canadian

No. 1068938

Zoomers are probably going to regret being extremely online in the future. Someone is going to have to invent some service to completely wipe your digital slate clean in the near future.

No. 1068953

There's already programs that can wipe all your tweets small scale

No. 1068976

Still more to blame than the people who were literal fetuses at that time

No. 1068982

Mostly of gen Z cancer is thanks to social media, the kids who aren't terminally online act like your average cringe teenager

No. 1068997

I hope they do honestly, some people deserve this being online from such a young age

No. 1069000

You also have to blame their parents for shilling "it's normal for teens to be glued to their phone" and shoving phones in their face from the moment they hit double digits

No. 1069059

I posted the thong gif and now that I'm not stoned and I've slept I realise that original post was sarcastic woopsie.

No. 1069061

AYRT we have savers here which i think is also in Canada? They tend to price their items pretty low, I've seen genuine leather jackets for $30 aud. But most charity shops here do have good quality clothes thrown in with all the cheap looking crap.

No. 1069119

Zoomers are ultra consumerist when it comes to trends but I like that some of their trendhoppong leads them into arts and crafts. I like watching all the sewing/crochet/art content. I wish it existed when I was a kid. I could have found an easily digestible video tutorial to make any rand cute thing.

No. 1069134

this but unironically

No. 1069183

We all need to set aside our differences and throw rocks are boomers for ruining everything.

No. 1069421

File: 1645796515178.gif (3.34 MB, 250x173, 5114FE89-D61A-4D60-B34D-E66AD5…)


No. 1069435

This is a old millenial looking at zoomers take or maybe its more looking at how society has changed.

One thing I always find really weird and jarring is the idea of wanting to be punk or goth, it feels like its become a brand or clothing you can buy from a store now, everything is a product and made for consumption, the music,the views etc don't matter.

zoomers treat everything as a core,style,aesthetic and I wonder if its more enjoyment about being into something before it blows up rather than being into something for enjoyment sake.

also a vibe I get is a basic idea of
>If I say these words or lines or follow these rules then I am a good person

its easier to look out than within so im pretty ignorant to millenials flaws besides depression and harry potter.

everything for zoomers feels like you can't like it for what it is, it has to have some form of poltical, snappy critique , wokeness, lgbtq esque style to it, like empty yass queening or hating white people (white americans hating white americans).

>social media really fucked us all up but you were all raised with it from birth we at least had a few years without it being at the fore front of society

It's won't get better, your considered weird for not having any social media now, the world is online.

No. 1069442

Sage for blog/no1curr but I found another zoomer who has a flip phone (no social media or discord or anything) and it's so refreshing. We can actually talk irl and I never have to worry about texting him back, I just call him to ask if I can come over if I want to talk to him and I never have to speak to him if I don't want to. So many people my age will just sit on their phone while you're talking to them, I hate it. It's just rude. Or try to show me fucking tiktoks or instagram videos, like man do you think I came out here to watch boring videos with you? Is talking to each other only reserved for text message or something? reeeee

No. 1069471

I wish that were me… If flip phones could have a good gps, an option to check emails in case of emergencies and a good camera I'd be all over it. I have family and friends abroad so I keep a smartphone to be able to use messenger and line so I don't pay hundreds of euros trying to call my friend who lives in Japan or my cousins in Morocco.

No. 1069609

Smells like poorfag in here, the elite always jump on trends like this, it's just a modern revision. It would technically be accurate given today's aesthetics

No. 1070164

This is how I feel. Gen z are still ridiculously young whereas millennials are starting to grow up. They act like they weren’t fucking retarded at their age. I used to have an autistic meltdown if my parents interrupted me while I was watching skins. I used to shoplift. One time I tried to get high huffing hairspray through a sock. Shit happens people change.

No. 1070684

Millennial here. Yeah we were retarded. Everyone was as a teenager. I have a friend from high school who was a hardcore emo. Cut up her arms because it was cool back in the day. She hates her arms now and even with a laser treatment it's apparent she use to cut. No mental illness either, it was something emos did
I also remember every pick me girl was fake bi or trans. DID was also a big thing in the 00-10's. It was cool to be troubled

No. 1070809

people into cottagecore have never been on a farm

No. 1070899

File: 1645868844217.jpeg (128.56 KB, 564x705, 4D6155B1-0390-4641-8F1E-2F00CD…)

You can’t wear that shit if you really live rural. All of the mud, the tics, the thorns…not to mention the mess of your white petticoat when you kneel down in chicken shit accidentally while collecting eggs. You need jeans and wellies.

No. 1070928

I don't disagree but like isn't the whole point of an aesthetic that it's a visual, a visual dream/fantasy, rather than a practical reality? Aesthetic literally means appreciating beauty. I can't blame citygirls for fantasising about somethin more wonderful than the citylife.

No. 1070935

no but people seriously think it's a reality and not a highly idealized fantasy totally ignorant of many, many downsides. it's part of why we're seeing so much of this trad-traction, they're too retarded and childish to do anything but daydream about laying in wheatfields from the comfort of their suburban mcmansion bedrooms. it'd actually take effort to explore their "ideal" lifestyle and see how backbreaking, dirty, and uncomfortable it is. they'd rather rage on the internet about the "decline of western civilization" and claim things would be perfect if everyone had a perfectly pastel homestead

No. 1070936

File: 1645870221750.jpg (59.9 KB, 392x550, f7659509172f59c72bc1eb64e3df33…)

Most of cottagecore fits look like traditional folk clothing from my rural area and tbf, zoomers aren't the first ones randomly thirsting over rural lifestyle, it's been a thing since the 17th century. A lot of richer city people end up buying vancancy homes in the countryside for that reason, it's a bit annoying because it can gentrify a whole ass town. Would rather have zoomers day dreaming about raising chickens in dirndl dresses rather than parisian cunts moving in and reeeeing about the neighbour's cowbells being too loud in the morning

No. 1070938

it's really not zoomers though anyways, this has been a highly popular internet trend for like 10+ years

No. 1070945

>and reeeeing about the neighbour's cowbells being too loud in the morning
Kek I remember years ago an older couple from the city moved to the French countryside for ~peace and quiet~ and sued their neighbours because their rooster woke them early in the morning.

No. 1070995

In a presidential election show where randos can ask questions to the candidates, a retired city pharmacist was getting pissed that his dreamlike countryside is disfigured by a new field of 200m+ wind turbines half a kilometer away from his home, I am a Parisian but that made me laugh so hard

No. 1070997

Why are french/parisians so autistic about noise… ffs

No. 1071002

right? is not paris a city?

No. 1071003

Eardrum damage from the Concorde.
They will never recover.

No. 1071081

>I think zoomers and (90s born) millennials are about the same amount of intense when it comes to SJW topics.
This. I'm on the cusp as I was born in 97 and when I started questioning the notion of being non-binary, it was my 30 year old friends who went into a narc rage and cancelled me in my social group.

Thanks to zoomers? More like thanks to the grown ass men grooming us online in the last 20 years since the Internet has gained popularity.

No. 1071090

File: 1645878402805.png (13.07 KB, 770x118, french care.png)

>Why are french/parisians so autistic about noise
We're literally all autistic

No. 1071905

>Thinking that people not supporting your tumblr based gender shit brainrot are being “narcs”

Do you know where you are?

No. 1071914

I walked through a mall today and noticed that Rue21 had Playboy branded items as its front display, it’s kind of sad that came back as a trend

No. 1071932

On a board for people with no reading comprehension it seems.

No. 1071933

i think she means questioning the concept/validity of being non-binary

No. 1071973

I’m just an eurotard and misread, sorry nonita

No. 1072009

I remember in the early 2000s it was a trend to deck your whole bedroom out in their hot pink bunny shit.. at pre pubescent age. A big store in my country was selling everything from jewellery to bed sheets. The rings came in childrens sizes (I had one, I just saw a cute bunny and was clueless) iirc the sheets only sold in single size. It was naive and trend hungry kids begging to be bought this stuff. Every now and then you'd hear someone bitching that their mom wouldn't let them have a playboy lamp in their room but none of us knew why.

Watching that recent series about Hugh and hearing about how he had a thing for 'soiling young womens innocence' was what reminded me of that whole weird phase.

No. 1072041

god zoomers really will just barge into any fucking online space and just pour diarrhea all over it. If I have to read another retarded verbal tic like "this ain't it" in a space for actual adults I will go out and kick the nearest teenager in the crotch

gender neutral so the uwu progressive kiddos don't kill themselves out of outrage

No. 1072044

>obvious zoomers who are only into it because of the based manhating girlboss aesthetic
They are likely zoomers following the new 'coquette aesthetic' trend (seen here >>1067510)
It's basically just nymphette 2.0, which was started by millennial women. Most zoomer trends are recycled millennial trends now.

No. 1072394

Based. Living the real off the grid cottagecore life is not easy. It must be constant work more or less, and lying for an hour in a meadow and having a picnic is a great treat that you won’t be able to indulge in often. You have to get up early every morning, tend to animals, heat the house, collect wood, make breakfast etc.
I would still give it a go though kek. I fantasise about it all the time.

No. 1073076

Ya you misread nonnie. I was questioning the notion of being nonbinary aka being skeptical of it even being a real thing at all. They sacrificed me for it because they had so-called friends who are nonbinary (aka posers) who I never even heard about before until it was convenient to bring them up.

No. 1073096

Social media spaces and apps will never be and have never been aimed at children. This dipshit narrative existed for tumblr too, except time and time again it was proven tumblr's main userbase was always adults and teens were a minority of the site.

No. 1073110

I remember that even a decade ago the teenagers using tumblr were mostly late teens, not actual irresponsible kids.

No. 1073233

File: 1645983605788.jpg (32.25 KB, 500x376, 1432876101899.jpg)

Younger millenials and zoomers were both fucked over by prior generations. At least older millenials had a childhood without the internet, but everyone past that don't know an existence without the internet, smartphones, and social media which is a fucking hellscape I can't imagine. Millenials also absolutely got shafted by the 2008 recession and have never recovered. Many still cannot afford to live independently, and it's looking like zoomers will be in the same boat with everything happening in the world.

No wonder everyone born 90s and beyond is fucked up to some capacity. I'll gripe about zoomers being annoying but I can't hate a generation for going through a different brand of suffering that I went through.

No. 1078112

File: 1646161547936.jpg (26.81 KB, 452x182, actsmart.jpg)

I saw this while shitposting today and it pissed me off. I get comments like this more and more, people accusing me of "acting smart" by using normal ass words. I think zoomers are actually so stupid they feel threatened and assume everybody is as stupid as them instead of just conceding they have a low vocabulary. Sorry, Braedyn and Kaedyn but my mom actually loved me so she read to me when I was a kid. And I loved reading and enjoyed it without a poisonous tablet nearby to destroy my attention span. I feel super sorry for you!

No. 1078127

Weird, are you sure this message was from a zoomer? Given the kind of bullshit they say online and the type of vocabulary they use to sound smart despite not even understanding the words they say because they don't know what a dictionary is, they're even more guilty of pretending to have a brain than average. I'd expect zoomers who are way less online to actually make fun of people for using longer words.

No. 1078169

Pretty sure. The haughtiness is a great tell. They lives their lives so self-centered and performative they try this weird controlling shit in spaces where it has no relevance. They can't parse any interaction that isn't trying to earn some sort of clout

No. 1078200

this is zoomer-ey by zoomers aren't a typical singular subset sterotype, they're weirdly black and white when it comes to being smart, you have the extremely pretentious ones who use large words incorrectly, assume everyone else is too stupid to understand,etc. Then you have the ones too stupid to understand people of average intelligence

No. 1078234

File: 1646163229000.jpg (22.5 KB, 720x188, kek.jpg)

(re-post cause I uploaded the wrong pic)
I've seen people acting like the way you posted countless of times and every time I see it it pisses me off. Zoomers think the most simple of words are big and scawy dork words uwu because anything above a 6th grade reading level is too hard for them to understand. I really hate people like pic related.

No. 1078238

Yep, that's a perfect short-hand analysis of their character. being a hobbyist or genuinely passionate about any subject you talk about around zoomers means you'll have to deal with them getting oddly aggressive over inconsequential stuff that means nothing at all.
i wonder if it's autism lol

No. 1078293

>you're trying way to hard
We need to bring back grammar Nazi trolling

No. 1078321

NAYRT but Gen X set the cultural tone for Millennials. Anything that was popular in the 90s/early 00s (media, fashion, music, etc) was most likely delivered by a Gen Xer. People often mistakenly blame boomers for stuff that Gen X actually introduced/popularised.

No. 1078361

Most people forget about Gen X entirely, but they are the parents of Gen Z and when you pay attention to Gen X, you can see why zoomers are the way they are.

Gen X are more nihilistic and consoomeristic than Boomers, they were the first to grow up with mass marketed and mass produced crap. They are "anti-establishment" while mindlessly following the status quo. The uniting culture among them is shopping addictions. Gen X were the "culturists" and due to their contributions to art/music/media are more likely to cling to youth and being "cool" (most of those cringey older people on TikTok are gen X). Due to their latchkey upbringing, the first gen to spend childhoods in front of the TV, many have pathological attachments to corporate products and brands of their youth (Pizza, Star Wars, TMNT, MLP, you get it). This is why 80s/90s nostalgia has a thing for the past 20 years, they cannot let it go. Gen X moms were the first helicopter parents (so wounded by their lonely childhoods they feel compelled to hover around their own kids to overcompensate). The parents who feel its OK to give their kids a smartphone because they grew up on TV and "turned out fine".

No. 1078420

Millennials with gen x parents are more like retard zoomers than zoomers with boomer parents.

No. 1078460

This is not true. My younger sister is an older Gen Z with a younger boomer mum. The two eras have a lot in common, in terms of ‘liberal’ socio-political perspectives at least. Zoomers seem to adopted their analysis of social power structures straight from 50s/60s America.

No. 1078506

I have some gen z siblings with boomer helicopter parents.

No. 1078553

probably, that's what happens when gen x smoke and drank up storms, bred with people twice their age and gave birth in their 30s, shoved processed food down their throats and paid apathetic teens and college kids to raise their kids so they can work in a mediocre dead end job

it's hard to blame gen z for being the way they are without attributing anything to the carelessness of their parents

No. 1078909

File: 1646190036768.jpeg (115.36 KB, 450x641, F0279676-30FF-4319-8BD9-F7D9EC…)

Holy fuck you literally described my parents to a tee, and then some.
>Yet they wonder why I ended up so weird, and assume it manifested on its own without their influence.

No. 1078935

reminds me of when someone calls a dude that has no problem getting chicks an "incel" because they havent learned the word "misogynist" yet

No. 1078937

what are you talking about?

No. 1078940

someone called kanye west an incel in the celebricow thread when he is obviously not celebate in any way. they were trying to describe his misogynistic behavior but lacked the vocabulary

No. 1078966

incel is a state of mind

No. 1078968

>We need to bring back grammar Nazi trolling
this, unfortunatelly it is now seen as ableist and racist

No. 1078974

>Younger millenials and zoomers were both fucked over by prior generations.
This in so many ways, not just socially or economically.
TV/Internet propaganda was really bad. I'm 100% sure that things like the tranny shit was started by olderand suspicious people on tumblr and then everyone just copied it.

No. 1078976

People don't want you to use normal words like "sophisticated", they want you to use "sus" and "chile" instead.

No. 1078980

>they were trying to describe his misogynistic behavior but lacked the vocabulary
This is why dumbing our vocabulary down isn't good, not being able to articulate is no joke. It might get you serious consecuences in the wrong situations

No. 1078981

Even zoomers know that their generation is kinda fucked up. I feel bad for the good zoomers out there.

No. 1078988

I'm just waiting for a good future generation that gives the middle finger to everyone and becomes awesome.

No. 1078998

i noticed most zoomers have super bad vocab. i dont try to have good vocab and im definitely not an amazing speaker or writer but HOLY FUCK. theres a lot of times ive used words that i thought were common knowledge, that i knew already in elementary school, and they have no idea what they mean… its sad but also annoying cause they start laughing at you cause you used a "big word"

No. 1079001

>No problem getting girls
Lol. Take away his money and he will have a huge problem

No. 1079015

I'm an older zoomer and I noticed this too. When I was a senior I took a class that was mostly freshman and sophomore and they use to listen to political punk music and burst out laughing while repeating the lyrics and then melodically sing some weird hentai song

Zoomers that aren't born into riches will most likely die out via mass suicide for these reasons
>Can't have a career without going thousands in debt, thus fucking their credit score up and not being able to get a home or a lot of apartments. Some jobs are doing credit score checks now
>Scams. Everywhere. It's practically impossible for gen z to try to start an education without running into millions of scams first, this includes the GI bill scam, scholarship scam sites, scam education courses, etc
>They're all taught these weird "get rich quick" tricks and are duped into things like MLMs, crypto and end up losing money
>Lack of job security and overly picky hiring processes especially towards young people, this means if they get sacked and they're not living with their parents they're fucked
>Gen X parents are extremely abusive and neglectful but a lot of zoomers are forced to live with them or be routinely homeless
>Sex work being the norm
>Fertility and health issues caused by food and water, medicine is now turned into a sales market so instead of getting treated they're given a handful of pills and not told about long term effects
>Therapy has babied them and good therapists are a dime a dozen, meaning a lot of them end up coming out of therapy more fucked up
>Transactions are scams, clothing, food, supplies, etc are all rapidly decreasing in quality while pricing is going up
>Working 2-3 jobs is the norm now, zero free time, zero friends
>Gen z has terrible friend making skills and don't know how to socialize without acting like phone drones
>Relationships are a literal joke to gen z. Marriage is out of the picture, women are expected to be subservient, broodmares but also be able to financially support their broke ass boyfriends who all have porn addictions and will cheat with random teenagers on discord and then blame them for not having extreme anime proportions, not to mention the amount of stuff gen z girls are expected to put up with in order to be "kinky"
>Gen z men are massive porn addicts and it's a butt of a joke and they're told by their parents to sleep around until they're 40, these men have zero respect for women and not the slightest clue on how to have a healthy relationship
>Home ect being removed from the curriculum as well as parents failing to raise their kids and throwing them in daycares or to careless baby sitters have turned a lot of Gen z into sloppy people who don't know how to cook, clean, pay bills, budget or maintain a healthy social life. On top of this girls aren't taught how to choose men to date and the media keeps romanticizing relationships women get hurt in (ugly/fat old guy and young hot girl, nerdy incel guys, dangerous bad boy rappers, etc)

No. 1079026

millenials were groomed by boomers and Xers to be sexualized as teenagers, look at the whole britney era. millenials passed it on to the next gen.

No. 1079047

>Good therapists are dime a dozen
Sorry this is retarded but you're using that phrase wrong. A dime a dozen means something is very common (10 out of every 12 are x) and not remarkable. If good therapists were a dime a dozen, most of them would turn out well, not poorly.

No. 1079119

I don't really see the bad vocabulary, but what pisses me off are anglicism/the use of english words in my native language, like "cringe" and whatnot. And they ALLL do it, it drives me insane

No. 1079139

Reminds me of a video game who, in my first language, uses anglicism all the time because his backstory is that he lived and studied in the UK for a long time, and it's supposed to be a quirky, unique charactef trait. The game was released in 2006 or 2007 in my country and if I replayed it now I bet I'd just find him speaking like the average late millenial and early zoomer, so he wouldn't even be quirky at all anymore. Funny how things evolve fast.

No. 1079164

The oldest Gen Z were born in 1996. That makes them 26 this year. Many people are married parents with responsible careers and own a home by that age. Maybe the millennial insistence on infantilising fully grown adults, in order to avoid the responsibilities we refused to take, is actually the bad influence we’ve had on zoomers.

No. 1079170

Most of these points are relevant, but the first one I have to comment on. One thing that zoomers should learn from millennials (and fast) is that very few of us made money off a degree. The people who have always, consistently, made money are those who get a practical skill and get very very good at it. You don’t need to go into debt to become financially comfortable; in fact, due to degree saturation, it’s the opposite that is often true now. Unless you’re doing law or medicine or something that requires a degree, don’t bother. It’s not worth it.

No. 1079193

It's kind of hard to purchase a house in these times. I know people much older than that who still can't.

No. 1079242

It depends on where you live and on the local job market. I made sure to only study in a good public university because it was free for me and because I could get a small scholarship as long as I didn't redo too many years (because my parents are poor). And since I stayed with my parents I didn't go in debts, I "only" lost opportunities like internships, going to better private schools and exchange programs because I was poor to leave my parents' place to begin with. My degree helped me get a fulltime office job with normal shifts even if the pay isn't amazing. If I were American or British or lived in any other country where tuitions are very high I would have never went to university or college. But yeah, don't go to uni just for the sake of it, plan according to the job market where you live or it could be a huge waste of time and money.

No. 1079244

that thread is full of retarded raging zoomers

No. 1079263

File: 1646221307750.png (22.39 KB, 764x253, zoomie zoom zoomers.png)


The situation for zoomers is not as bad as some may think.

No. 1079266

File: 1646221651337.jpg (73.97 KB, 538x600, vietcong4.jpg)

Zoomers use "incel" as a pejorative in a similar way that the word "retard" is used. When you call something a retard, you aren't LITERALLY saying that the person is question is actually mentally challenged - just that they're an idiot.

Incel is used in a similar fashion - when zoomers call Kanye an incel, they don't mean it in the conventional sense of a man who is involuntarily celibate and sexually unsuccessful. It's used principally to insult misogynists or men with an annoying or hostile attitude towards women, who may or may not be sexually successful.

No. 1079317

I want to read the article but you need to pay for a subscription to read that one. What does it say?

No. 1079322

used the archived copy, nona

No. 1079335

Yeah Kanye would've been an incel if he wasn't famous. He's ugly short and mentally ill. His entitlement to women also fits with the incel narrative.

No. 1079380

I forgot it could be used to bypass this shit, thanks. About that article, I don't know why but I feel like the writer is a bit too optimistic. I don't know, I feel like any global crisis could happen anytime now so even if she's correct for now, maybe this situation won't last and everyone will go through even more economic crisis that will ruin their finances regardless of generation. I really hope I'm just too pessimistic.

No. 1079420

I can't believe the incredible accuracy of this post

No. 1079909

I also feel like gen z gets infantized a lot. This is the first time in literal history that people in their early to mid twenties are being equated to children.

Not saying early 20s folks hold all the wisdom or anything but calling them kids just seems like a massive set back, not to mention many act like kids for this reason. The slippery slope will play into this as well and eventually there will only be "kids" until one is in their 40s and then old people

No. 1079914

I'm trying so hard anon to find these "raging zoomers". There's zoomers but I literally can't find the raging ones. Can you tag specific posts or things that they say that you believe make them "raging"?

No. 1079966

This is all sadly true.

No. 1079979

>The oldest Gen Z were born in 1996. That makes them 26 this year. Many people are married parents with responsible careers and own a home by that age.
Lol, not a lot of them tbh. A lot of gen z is struggling even leaving home because of how shitty everything is. I'm 26 and not many of my peers have been able to move out or even manage a secure job. Also, even if the oldest are 26, the youngest are still… 18?

No. 1079982

I wish the word retard could be used freely again. I still use it!

No. 1080016

It’s true that it’s much harder to buy a house these days, but it’s easier for married couples who got into decent careers early than it is for singles who decided to spend a further 5+ years on education. The infantilisation of young adults is a vicious circle.

Please see above point. How many of your peers made choices aimed at a good future, and how many prioritised “what they felt like because what’s the point, omg everything’s so hard” like a bunch of overgrown teens? The youngest Gen Z are 6 years old. My point is that adults are adults, why are we constantly extending the amount of years that people are considered to not be responsible for their decisions?

No. 1080019

Samefag, they’re 11 years old not 6. Maths is not my strong point, clearly.

No. 1080847

Its bizarre to me that western culture normalized moving out at 18 despite their horrendous market, the process of getting a simple apartment in America now is a literal shitshow of hoop jumping nevermind building your credit score, getting approved for a "loan" then having a mortgage which is a weird process in the first place.on top of this they NEVER teach this in school and parents seldomly teach this so they're practically thrown to the wolves. On top of this overly complicated, hoop jumping process, you're expected to move out ASAP practically? Gen z is fucked

Don't even get me started on the fact cheap homes are practically reserved for investors and banks deny poor people homes with affordable mortgage so young and poor are forced to pay rents twice as much

No. 1080851

>why are we constantly extending the amount of years that people are considered to not be responsible for their decisions?
People don't understand that gen z not being able to reach milestones such as marriage, buying a house, etc due to the economy is not some sort of immaturity and often use this against gen z in order to invalidate their concerns, opinions or debates but what they don't realize that this mindset is what causes gen z to act immature as hell well into their 20s since they will never be seen as actual adults and grown ups (expect when it comes to taking their money) but hey what do they know about relationships, careers, etc they're just kiddsss except when it's time to pay your 1k a month student debt and 2k rent then it's time to be an adult and pay up

No. 1080888

File: 1646279358844.jpg (68.69 KB, 1280x720, MV5BMGEwYWYyYzAtYjQ3My00MTY1LW…)

Sometimes I wish I was a millennial instead. I would probably be
drinking expensive coffee in France at the ripe old age of 31. My life would be all figured out and stuff. People my own age tire me out and I also hate music now and I really don't like how quickly fashion changes. I wish I didn't care but a part of me feels like she has to keep up or I'm wasting my youth or something.

No. 1080889

How old are you?

No. 1080897

No. 1080905

I can't bring myself to hate zoomers as tempting as it is. It doesn't feel right seeing as boomers gave us so much shit just for existing, it feels hypocritical to turn around and throw that hate at zoomers. A lot of zoomers are insufferable in terms of political correctness but I feel like most of them were groomed to be that way by millennials like Laci Green and Kat Blaque. I also feel bad that they have to grow up with so much technology. Even as a teen spending time on myspace and Facebook on my parents PC was bad for my mental development, I can't even imagine what being raised by Instagram, TikTok etc is like. They are all going to have BDD and ED's.

No. 1080914

I can't hate zoomers, the only thing that ever bothered me about them is their fear, disgust and panic over aging. No one should be freaking out about turning 20 or making fun of people in their 30s for still having hobbies and interests.

No. 1080924

>a part of me feels like she has to keep up or I'm wasting my youth or something
that's part of the scam, you're actually wasting time (and money) by caring so much about trends instead of your actual desires

No. 1080973

>Laci green
I blame her for my hypersexual behavior from 14-17. "Ooo it's okay to be a slut, it's okay to dress slutty, it's okay and guys totally like it when you pretend to enjoy having the shit beat out of you". Theres anons who always pull the whole "go outside this is just a small group of people on the internet!" card but gen zs entire lives revolve around the internet now so a lot of them form their own belief system from the internet, and yes a lot of Gen z actually believe and act this way

No. 1080977

Based wise nonnie

No. 1080978

Don’t know anyone whose parents expected them to move out at 18. Know plenty of people who were desperate to move out once they turned 18. The pressure is bottom up, not top down. Could blog about my own house-buying experience but everyone will start making personalised excuses so I won’t bother lol.

It’s because millennials (and others) do realise that the economy is not what it was, but that it’s possible to make better choices than most Gen Z are doing. I say this because millennials were largely the same. Falling for this “the economy is bad so let’s do whatever and fuck the consequences” mentality is a trap. If you’re paying off thousands in student loans and you can’t afford a house, then congrats - you fell for the trap.

No. 1081041

It's practically forced down everyone's throat since high school to go to college and seldomly taught about scholarships and grants, one size doesn't fit all + plenty of kids in America are kicked out on their 18th birthday

No. 1081133

zoomers are just boomers rebooted. their culture is homogenized and extremely standardized. except instead of broadcast media dictating culture, it's the internet.
they're no better or worse than any other generation of young people, but as a millenial i think what confuses us about gen z is that we think we're the same type of "internet generation" when really we're not.
Corporatized web 2.0 is to zoomers what broadcast TV was to the boomers.
i hope that makes sense, maybe i'm dumb. the best example i can think of to illustrate is how neither zoomers nor boomers understand a joke unless you use the proper "format". boomers hated deadpan, surrealist, or unconventional humour like the simpsons or south park because it wasn't how jokes were "supposed" to go. gen z takes everything you say completely seriously unless it has the right template/phrase/tiktok sound/meme format. There is little room for individual expression in either generations culture

No. 1081233

I’m sorry but you sound like an idiot implying that university is for immature people whose hedonism lead them into a trap. People start preparing for university at 14-16, guided by adults and wider society. Learning a trade is always an option yes, but children are also very much actively discouraged from following those routes. It really isn’t their fault. Also expecting the average 26 year old to be married with children is weird, like genuinely strange and unrealistic, especially when you consider that most people go to university. I would ask where you live but I know that it’s not the standard in your country, because it isn’t anywhere. A lot of gen z who “do whatever they want” don’t go to university. It’s a lucky generation who are starting adulthood where online ‘careers’ are as accessible as ever. Hating on and judging people for not meeting your special standard isn’t criticism of millennials or gen z

No. 1081246

I don't remember in which thread I said that but the internet is definitely replacing the TV and its impact as we knew it a few decades ago and it's pretty obvious now that things like Netflix and similar online streaming services exist.

No. 1081255

Ugh, I hated how the alt-right celebrated her boyfriend converting her into an anti-feminist ‘one of them’ or whatever because she was never an actual feminist. She was part of that whole buzzfeed cohort regurgitating the same watered down aimless sentiments so they could feel cool while still being complete pickme handmaidens. There was a time when a lot of these people would say “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men”, those jackasses got popular and now they’re all shitting on radfems, saying TWAW

No. 1081335

I want to clarify that my >>1081233 calling you an idiot is based on you being excessively mean, not your disregard of university.

No. 1081344

How did boomers have an incredibly homogeneous culture? Having disco, glam rock, funk, new wave, new jack swing, hair metal, ect as your music subcultures proves you're really wrong.

No. 1081484

nta but all these things were popular on several continents at the same time, and same thing with fashion trends. I'd say it counts as homogenized.

No. 1081493

After the boomer generation all things were popular on several continents especially since boomer pop music was the most successful it ever was in its absolute peak. Anyways, it was so culturally diverse that I can't say it's homogenous like zoomers despite zoomers having far less music subcultures and less fashion styles visible in different parts of the world (most of the core movements just stay on the internet)

No. 1081501

I don't hate zoomers on the whole but the aesthetification of goth/punk/alt is retarded. You're not goth if you wear shitty aliexpress killstar knock offs, you're goth if you listen to the music and engage the scene. It feels like 90% of them are normies wearing a costume.

No. 1081506

they'd rather discuss their favorite anime episode and draw ugly fanart than participate in a music subculture lmao

No. 1081513

Weird point to bring up but alright.

No. 1081518

I'm a late millenial and I can't stand zoomers as we know them online but normie zoomers who aren't obsessed with the internet seem to be mostly ok imo. It's just that they're rare because of smart devices becoming the norm. Actually it's funny because normies when I was a teenager were typically people who'd almost exclusively socialize irl and didn't know shit about specific internet or fashion or music subcultures, but ever since it became the norm to use social media with our real names and faces to communicate with people we know irl (because of FB and now Linkedin) this trend has been completely reversed and it's now normie-tier to constantly use snapchat, twitter, fb, etc. and to pretend to be super into whatever copypasted older subcultures is trendy, but ironically and casually only. I said earlier here that if you're too passionate when talking about your hobbies or the things you like and if you show you know a lot more than average about these topics you'll be regarded as a total nerd worthy of public shame, now that's the case whether your online or not.

No. 1081738

Also a late millennial and studying with the oldest zoomers in college right now. I don't really feel like there's a difference between us compared to early and late millennials, everyone born in the 90s just kind of feels the same age approximately. Then again, I'm not American so that divide may not apply to my country, and I've seen some people my age (late 20s) act just as unhinged on Tiktok so I really can't point fingers.

No. 1081765

Yeah at the end of the day each person's different and unique so generalizing can be very inaccurate sometimes. I honestly feel like there's a huge different between people born in, say, 1990 and people born in 1999 but maybe I say that because I'm right in-between. I'm not American either, so I guess it also depends on the local culture(s) and impactful events.

No. 1081884

what do you guys consider late millennials? late millenials are like… 40 now

No. 1081892

No? Late millenials are the youngest millenials, the group you described are early millenials.

No. 1081895

nvm, that makes sense. i'm thinking backwards. excuse my retardation.

No. 1081907

I have to disagree, zoomers are nowhere close to boomers. There's a whole new creation of "standardized" media, what I mean by that is that zoomer media is highly censored and there's zero originality, everything is nostalgia and remakes

No. 1081908

You really think "real" goths weren't wearing knock offs back in the day?

No. 1081913

File: 1646320342224.jpg (23.27 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 1081915

I’ve been to university. I’m speaking from my own experience of choosing to go, being there, and being post-grad, as well as knowing many other students throughout. If you decide to read that as me “being mean” or think my experience being very different to what yours apparently is/was makes me an idiot then that’s your problem, not mine. There’s an increasing number of people taking degrees that do not directly translate to a career (like a law degree for example) or - even worse in a financial perspective - taking entirely academic degrees like gender/ethnic studies or creative routes where qualifications (in most cases) are superfluous. It’s 3 years of your life and thousands of pounds of debt for no material gain.

I didn’t claim anywhere that was standard to be married with kids at 26, wtf are you talking about? My original point was a comparative example that taking a more traditional route actually does put people in a better financial position than what young people tend to do now - stay single and spend years/£££s on education for no reason other than they don’t know what else to do/want to pursue an interest regardless of the benefit of doing so.

No. 1081920

>There’s an increasing number of people taking degrees that do not directly translate to a career (like a law degree for example)
NTA, but are you saying law degrees do or don't lead to a career?

No. 1081924

NTA but the anon was saying that the zoomers you see doing this were pushed to do this by the older generation and weren't taught otherwise

Can't speak for all but when I was in high school there was zero preparation for any of this, it was just "do all these tests and stuff for college", no talk of how to choose a good major as a long term investment, how to chip down education costs, etc.

What some school do though is that they'll pull out a number of kids they believe are flunking and encourage them to get trades they have shown no interest in which has burnt out most of them I've met in that situation, they don't even bother attempting to help them. On top of this the education system has gotten more and more slave like all while you're expected to upkeep yourself, extracurriculars, social life, and your after school job. Common core has caused a lot of bright students to fail not to mention the overload of homework and filler work

No. 1081932

Sorry, poorly worded. Law is an example of a degree that does translate to a career.

Tbh every generation since boomers have faced heavy encouragement to go to uni. Zoomers aren’t unique in that regard, which is why I was speaking against it in the first place and they started calling me mean lmao.

No. 1082278

Encouragement? Yes. As much as zoomers are currently getting? Not at all. Zoomers can't even take helpful classes because they need to fill their schedule up with college placement test classes

On top of this once they do get a bachelor's it's not enough, there's so many jobs paying less than $20 an hour all while requiring master degrees.

No. 1082746

God but I can't wait for zoomers to grow up and outgrow the policing crap. I really hate a huge chunk of my gen (milennials) who invented the entire SJW culture and pushed it on to zoomers so much. I've seen some pushback lately and it's nice. If zoomers can just get out from under the whole retarded cancellation shit and virtue signaling, they can escape the curse

No. 1082751

Zoomers can't tell me shit.

No. 1083862

You couldn't have missed the point more if you tried.

No. 1083881

zoomer hate is pathetic tbh. low hanging fruit.

No. 1083884

I hate the younger me but tbh I did manage to convince my parents to stop voting conservative by just constantly doing research and talking about all the things they where doing wrong, and calmly presenting evidence to them. Current me doesn’t give a fuck what people vote for and wouldn’t bother.

No. 1084002

This sounds way more relevant to the USA than it does Europe. Britain has over 50% university attendance and school/college still isn’t that bad. Ofc America is a hellhole, no one’s disputing that

No. 1084837

>you're goth if you listen to the music and engage the scene.
what scene are they supposed to engage in? the goth community is unfortunately filled with groomers and there is basically no goth bands nowadays with a younger audience. This isn't the 80s where you can just walk down the street to some awesome goth rock concert and everything is fine, you'd be lucky if you can get 1 goth band to be within a reasonable travel distance

No. 1085711

File: 1646466361132.jpeg (124 KB, 1170x692, 34A992C0-1849-4E44-8FE0-8EA9E4…)

How do we stop the zoomer ageism problem?

No. 1085715

I am fucking sick of this, telling a 19 year old I’m 26 and they GASP. “Omg how do you look so young!!” What’s your secret? I genuinely want to gouge their eyes out when this happens. It makes me so angry.

No. 1085719

i angery
hulk smaaaash

No. 1085721

Nta but dumb stories. I had older zoomers in my grad program freak out that one of the upper cohorts had a guy who would be 29 when he graduated. It is a 4 year program. A older millennial retired vet male I know is trying to strong arm his older zoomer half sister in going to school to be a vet. He acts like she's needs to do it now because she's still "young". She's only 24.

No. 1085738

why does it matter if zoomers have shit ideas about aging. just grow a thicker skin and rest easy knowing you're not retarded. let them panic and get unnecessary procedures and look like aliens when they really do reach 30.

No. 1085751

Forgot to add, she is hesitant about going to uni because of school issues in the past. She got bullied pretty badly and dropped out. Got her GED. She likes animals but doesn't know if she wants to be a vet. There's a way for her to get her tuition covered but he's putting a lot of pressure on her to "not fuck it up" if she does it. Gee, I wonder why she's scared. Funny thing is he couldn't handle college and rage quit it. This is after he served.

Also tbf, all generations seem to have a weird thing about aging. I think all issues are exacerbated by pop culture, social media, tv/streaming shows. It's tiring.

No. 1085780

As a zoomer I think millennials are lucky they weren't taught to be afraid of aging or at least didn't have to live their teen years in an era in which plastic surgery is very common and commercialized. Most zoomers say they feel bad for 30 year old women or something but in reality they're scared they'll be unfuckable by then and since media nowadays equates a womans value to her sexuality, that scares many zoomers girls into trying to look as young as they can.

No. 1085789

you have no idea what you are talking about

No. 1085793

I finished my degree at 29. The zoomers in my classes never made me feel weird about being older, some even expressed they thought it was great I came back to school. There was older mature students than me too. I was more in my head about my age I think than they were. I'm sure some probably thought I was a fuck up but so what, it's not like I was forced to hang out with them.

No. 1085867

>I think millennials are lucky they weren't taught to be afraid of aging
>or at least didn't have to live their teen years in an era in which plastic surgery is very common and commercialized
WHAT? Anon are you on drugs or do you come from another planet?

No. 1085934

NTA but as a millenial I never felt there was as much pressure to look young as opposed to hot as there is for zoomers. I've noticed that a ton of gen z girls are gravely terrified of aging and think that not looking like a neotenous babyface equals being a grandma. I never saw that among my peers when I was in my early 20's, sure people were concerned over not being skinny enough or not having big enough breasts or smooth enough skin etc., but nobody was concerned about not looking like they're 16 anymore. And there wasn't that much hostility against people in their 30's either, now I see zoomers constantly acting as if 30-year olds are out of touch with reality middle aged boomers ruining the planet and once you turn 25 you might as well die.

No. 1085950

Yeah you didn't have plastic surgery shoved in your face as often or get told you're peak attractive at 18 like zoomers do. The most popular kind of porn now is barely legal, hair on women is seen as disgusting and being thin and young looking is idealized by most men today. Cope as you will but the beauty standards of today are now literally unreachable without ps and young girls think to be attractive you have to look like a photoshopped insta model.

No. 1085978

The whole plastic surgery and photoshop thing isn't as new as you think. I'm about to be 28 and I've been told by some of my doctors to get a boob job because I was too flat when I was a teenager completely unprompted, plastic surgery started being more advertised to young millenials as a whole, and I remember seeing many reports on TV about how photoshopping was being more and more common on actual ads and that, at least in my country, some activists were trying to make it mandatory for companies to explain if filters and photoshopping was done on the ads, and thankfully they've succeeded.

Actually what I've noticed is that as soon as actvists managed to make companies use less tricks to make younger millenials buy their shit products and make them more insecure, said companies and then influencers started targeting zoomers because they became easier targets thanks to social media as opposed to traditional media like TV, magazines, posters, etc. Basically, what you're talking about already started way before when you think it started and then made a come back for a slightly younger generation.

No. 1085987

Did you ever watch TV? Imagine that spongebob trash meme but I am pointing at the early 2000s with The Swan, I want a famous face, Birdalplasty, other MTV trash dating shows, sexist shows like wife swap, and the generation before that always having the message shoved down their throats that beautiful is good, ugly and old is bad etc.

Zoomer pop culture is all about how cool it is to be unique, diverse, different, how we need to accept people, how make up is bad you should instead consoom skin care, how you can't call someone fat or ugly and the commercials are intended to be "empowering". There's that comparison of a commercial from the 90s where a woman forgets to shave her legs and suddenly she's an ugly fat man vs that modern commercial where young attractive women show that they also have armpit hair, but you can deal with it if you make that choice kek

No. 1085991

Nonita…"photoshop" has been a thing since black and white photography. Portraits of rich people were always made to display unattainable beauty. If you look at manga from 2003 you will find plotlines about characters who photoshop their pictures, kek.

No. 1086002

I am very curious to see how zoomers collectively turn out when they reach their 40s or so. I wonder whether the awareness surrounding body positivity will have made a significant difference, or if we'll find ourselves caught in the current cycle of beauty standards, or if there'll be whole new problems to deal with regarding beauty that we couldn't even predict now

No. 1086022

You're right but nowadays most social media profiles are photoshopped. No one used to think people in magazines looked like that irl but most normies believe what they see on insta. Men also believe the girls they follow on insta are real and that they deserve someone in their league when in the old days, even retarded men knew they wouldn't get a Victoria secret tier gf.

No. 1086066

NTA and I agree. None of my peers ever said anything about being sad that they're aging, maybe they'd worry about having children in time but never about youthful beauty fading. I expect the age worrying to start once people hit 35+, not now in our mid-late 20s. And zoomers already worry now in their teens.
When I hang out at student parties where younger people (18-23) are, you can pretty much hear how pressed they are about age - everyone constantly asks everyone about age, talk about it and so on. 'How old are you?' is the most common question. And they can never tell I'm older and moids usually think I'm younger than them. I look my age, light wrinkles and all so for being so freaked about aging, they're pretty bad at detecting it. Or maybe media made them think you really shrivel up once you hit 25.
I think zoomers are an okay generation but I feel really bad for girls who are made to obsess about their youth.
You know, the only thing that you will inevitably lose… You might not lose your beauty but you will only be young for a short time.

No. 1086091

>No one used to think people in magazines looked like that irl
Opinion discarded. I'm 99.99% sure you're trolling now. I literally just said that activists fought to made it illegal to create photoshopped and filtered ads without having a written mention that photoshop and filters have been used in some countries. Why would that even be a cause to fight for if nobody believed that photoshopped models and celebrities looked like that irl?

No. 1086122

Some people don't know how hard plastic surgery was pushed, even shitty procedures and getting as many as you can, kek.

No. 1086141

Well they're pushed even more now. The age ideal got younger so don't pretend it isn't worse.

No. 1086483

Obsessing over fake asses and fake tits is one thing but I do feel bad for zoomers for being made to obsess over the natural aging process because that's pretty much impossible to slow down, unless you smoke two packs a day and spend your time in the sun around the clock without sunscreen it really boils down to genetics how you age in general. Skincare helps only a tiny bit. And not only that, the current standards for youth are literally 15-16. You're supposed to have this poreless glass skin with childlike facial features but also either a plastic ass with fake tits and drag queen makeup or heroin chic level skinny with OTT lip fillers.

I often think about that miserable anon in the celebricows thread who tinfoils that Billie Eilish must be secretly 30+ because she zoomed in to some of her unedited red carpet shots and she had "fine lines" around her eyes. People now have such a warped fucking view of aging and beauty standards in general due to teenagers being pushed as being at their prime.

No. 1086501

this. at least back then it was mostly just sex workers, celebrities, and rich people. Now it seems like tons of normie women have implants and getting plastic surgery before 18 is normal now so now people think it's realistic to expect average women to look like barbie dolls

No. 1086521

Honestly I think they're just really bad at telling the actual age of people. But maybe it's not a zoomer-specific thing but more of a teenager thing.
And yeah I agree that the ideal now is 15-16. That's how most girls edit themselves to look. Damn, do you think it's gonna get even younger? The 'lolita' cute child pedopandering? Or the next gen will totally change it as a pushback of sorts?
It biologically makes more sense to have the ideal of beauty be around 30 than around 13 so hopefully it won't get even worse.

No. 1086566

I remember watching this show as a 12 year old and wishing they would get me surgery to replace my pimply skin

No. 1086573

>I often think about that miserable anon in the celebricows thread who tinfoils that Billie Eilish must be secretly 30+ because she zoomed in to some of her unedited red carpet shots and she had "fine lines" around her eyes.
I am not on that level of crazy, but you have to admit Billie's stylists pushed that whole "wow suddenly she's mature" thing too hard. In the case of women, it really often comes down to styling and body language when you're in your 20s and 30s. I've met people who can pass as high schoolers because they don't wear make up and still use backpacks, and I've met people who could pass as middle aged librarians.

But the thing is that the ideal is not 15-16. Real teenagers have that clumsy vibe about them because they're still figuring themselves out, what I see being popular on tiktok is teens who act like college students. My sister is 19 and I can see that she's a teen even when she puts on make up, she needs filters to give her face that "mature" look.

No. 1087311

Is this a serious post? The only things on tv when I was a teen were shows like “How To Look Good Naked” and “10 Years Younger”. This century so far has been obsessed with women being eternally young and attractive.

No. 1087340

The point was some crazy anon tinfoiling that Billie Eilish is actually in her mid 30s because "no 20 year old has fine lines like she does in this ultrazoomed photo" because many people think you have smooth porcelaine baby skin until you turn 25 and then just crash and burn into mummydom. Not how she's styled.

Of course young women have always been considered more attractive but the scale was much wider before. Nobody thought a woman aged 28 or 32 was "old". Only when she was nearing her mid 40s would she be considered "older". If this shit doesn't stop at some point soon 12-year olds will be considered the ideal beauty.

No. 1087346

Gen z wouldnt be this fucked up if millenials didnt pollute youtube in 2013-2014 with troon garbage and anti-sjw/sjw/response videos. Society was doomed because that shit became normal now and zoomers were just kids witnessing this

No. 1087347

So are we going to forget how the fake big boobs tanned skin bleach hair was everywhere in the 2000s? It was already normalized back then. I feel like some of you dont know what youre talking about. Even the whole bimbo thing is from that era..

No. 1087359

Goth/punk/alt are fags who want to stand out and have attention. Most of them have never known any of the culture so who cares? They were lame in the 2000s, theyre still lame now kek

No. 1087360

File: 1646564599024.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1640021007449.gif)

>Nobody thought a woman aged 28 or 32 was "old"
Thanks for confirming you're just trolling now.

No. 1087362

Zoomers were too young to participate in 2000s fashiom but now the adult zoomers can. Who cares? 2020s fashion is garbage with the pandemic anyway. Covid ruined creativity

No. 1087367

anons in this thread are so autistic. Women expiring at 25 isnt a new belief. Moids have been saying that shit since forever. I was even watching girls next door which is a show in the 2000s and hef said he doesnt like women over 25. This bimbo shit, ageism and plastic surgery obsession was always a thing.

No. 1087369

At least contain all your retarded underage sperging in one reply.

No. 1087371

The only good thing about zoomers is how theyre changing work culture, demanding more and not being loyal to companies anymore. I read stories about zoomers ghosting their employers kek

No. 1087373

>I disagree so it must be one person!!
are you triggered at how that anon >>1087346 was right?

No. 1087374

Those are all fiction. Typical power fantasies. Sad really.

No. 1087388

I wouldn't agree, I'm a millenial working with zoomers and they're noticeably less loyal and interested in going the extra mile than people my age and older

No. 1087389

I've had quite a few coworkers from several past jobs just stop showing up so I don't know about that.

No. 1087393

I've read that it started with late millenials and it will keep changing with zoomers. I'm glad I work with younger managers right now because they're not making passive-aggressive autistic jokes like "oh, you've leaving early" when I leave at 6pm just like it's stated in my contract and they're not prioritizing parents when it comes to choosing our holidays.

No. 1089023

I don’t know a single person who was kicked out at 18. Only if you mean kicked out at 18 to go live in their dorm at college? Is getting forcibly kicked out after high school actually that common it feels like a meme

No. 1089026

That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.

No. 1089043

I guess it depends on where you live and socioeconomical status, my boyfriend was kicked out at 18 and knows other people who were but hes from a poorer neighborhood in a big city.

No. 1089048

Kicking your kid out at 18 shouldn't be legal.

No. 1089049

You must be privledged

No. 1089050

Not kicked out but my friend's grandma convinced her dad to take her off his insurance as soon as she hit 18 and start paying rent on top of it

No. 1089071

>rarely happens in real life
tell me you grew up privileged without telling me you grew up privileged. there's so many homeless kids in my city who have been kicked out by their parents, literally most homeless youth are homeless because of their shitty parents.
god you are so sheltered it makes me sick

No. 1089076

Excuse me?? I grew up dirt fucking poor with two drug addict parents who would literally drag me down the hall by my hair, shove it up your ass.

No. 1089078

i grew up privileged without growing up priveleged

No. 1089079

i don't believe anything you say anymore honestly. your original statement was so stupid as shit how can i?

No. 1089082

>kids getting kicked out at 18
american dream

No. 1089083

having parents who don't kick you out of the house and force you to live on the streets is a privilege.

No. 1089085

Like I need some ignorant anon to believe me, grow the fuck up.

No. 1089088

retract you dumb statement that it's a media trope

No. 1089089

uhm because i said so and if i said so on the internet it must be true

No. 1089090

You have to be older than 18 to post here, sweetie.

No. 1089091

it is though

No. 1089092

im 17 and 364 days yung saweetie. see u on the lolcuck tmrw

No. 1089094

>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.
>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.
>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.
>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.
>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.

No. 1089099

File: 1646673076005.png (63.47 KB, 1206x208, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 9.10…)

>That kicked out at 18 thing is a media trope, that rarely happens in real life.
yeah god bless america

No. 1089102

Not everyone lives in america, you're roughly 330 million against the whole rest of the world, it's only normal that other people wiew this as something strange

No. 1089105

>not everyone lives in america
the original statement was about an alleged "American" media trope you fucking retard. stop moving the goalposts

No. 1089109

My zoomer cousin was kicked out at 13-14. She’s been couch surfing for years and now she’s homeless doing meth at 26.

No. 1089110

That's not the norm.

No. 1089112

This is cherrypicking at its finest

No. 1089113

How can she be a zoomer if she's 26?

No. 1089114

maybe take a look at the stats >>1089099
or are you just being willfully ignorant

No. 1089116

How many of these are runaways? Genuine question.

No. 1089123

Could you provide actually stats instead of the first result on Google? It would be nice to know how many of these are a result of being kicked out and not, I don't know, any other circumstance?

No. 1089130

File: 1646674046283.jpg (8.1 KB, 250x245, 1638878912155.jpg)

This thread is always full of a certain demographic lying, getting proven wrong, making excuses and then telling another lie. Isn't it tiring? How many copes will you insist on to prove you're "not as bad as" the generation you helped create, even though you're just slightly wrinklier and/or fatter versions of them?

No. 1089132

ugly pic

No. 1089133

You're embarrassing.

No. 1089136

Not an argument. I picked the picture to reflect the tards in this thread sperging about their siblings as if any of the complaints don't apply to you as well. Only your parents and grandparents are actually different enough to say shit (and they will still hold the weight of creating the current circumstances, as no generation spontaneously ends up a certain way). Seethe for life

No. 1089140

The only one seething is you.

No. 1089141

Yet you still come here to try and prove those "slightly wrinklier and fatter" people wrong and seek validation, hmmm

No. 1089142

>n-no u
Classic and pathetic

No. 1089143

>Yet you still come here to…!
Nice projection, but I don't. I'm not part of the back and forth that's been going on, because I see it's endless. I just don't see the value in this debate, and I'm allowed to say it

No. 1089146

>I don't see the value in this debate
>still preaches and debates

No. 1089148

Oh jeez, I think we're bothering her.

No. 1089149

What debate? Why are you preaching at me?

No. 1089150

No. 1089154

If you really were so "unbothered" you wouldn't be constantly responding and would just close the tab and hide the thread. It's fun to laugh at retarded zoomers, that's it.

No. 1089158

Yes, give me more, the more you say the stronger I become.

No. 1089159

Why are you so rattled by it being pointed out that your rage at zoomers is sad and largely misdirected? Do you have an actual reasoning on why what I said is wrong, or are you just going to insist anyone who doesn't act like a bot is "bothered"? What's "unbothered" about the thread's very existence, in comparison to one post?
In the first place, it's not wrong to be bothered by hypocrisy, and there's nothing wrong with having passion

No. 1089160

I'm glad, anon, how old are you?

No. 1089164

I'm at the ripe old age of 20 something, my tits are draggin but my chin is up.

No. 1089165

No. 1089167

>In the first place, it's not wrong to be bothered by hypocrisy, and there's nothing wrong with having passion
Physically hurting me with this cringe, and they say cringe is dead.

No. 1089172

This is a zoomer-tier reponse, and one of many reasons you're the same. "Omg cringe!!", "Unbotheredt", "and that's the tea sis sksksksk". We're on an anonymous board, you can't cancel people for being "cwinge" sorry lmao

No. 1089175

I am not even participating in this, I just recognize the way you post because I've seen that before. You want to seem rational and like you're above this, but your wish to get the last word in and to keep responding betrays your feelings. If you truly felt like you're right and others have weak arguments, you wouldn't feel the need to respond to every little "no u".

No. 1089179

File: 1646675492018.gif (9.37 KB, 80x80, 1638227829886.gif)

Heh heh, yeah, you're so right nonnie

No. 1089183

Why are you so annoyed? I'm supporting the zoomer hate thread by donating free (You)s to those who respond. The next person to respond will also get a (You), and so on. If you want to improve things, maybe introduce something other than "no u".

No. 1089196

Samefag, I do want to read a response with actual thought put into it, but I'm just not concerned about how I come off by replying to shitposts because it doesn't matter. It's not about "looking" rational, it just is, kek. No one who got mad enough about what I said to send a pissy reply seems to actually have a logical argument, even though they're meant to be smarter and more mature than zoom zooms

No. 1089198

>anime reaction gif
Careful you don't get called a tranny nonnatella

No. 1089200

Trannies don't exist

No. 1089202

Well, I hope that one day you are able to separate short term feelings of wanting to "give free yous" to people on an image board vs closing the tab and doing something you actually find funny. Until then, anons ITT will be having fun baiting you.

No. 1089203

File: 1646676119396.jpg (49.23 KB, 640x640, 2ee072a7823c44e5847f6c96c2dc32…)

Bet sike on god frfr let's gooooo sus sus sussy af tell me you're sus without telling me you're sus simple as

No. 1089207

Nothing you've been saying has been a logical argument, you're using "no u" at the same rate as everyone else. The only difference is you're seething and everyone else is laugh at you for it.

No. 1089208

>lol millenial fat and old, me pretty and young!
>no u no u no u, why doesn't anyone respond to me seriously?? Why are you laughing

No. 1089210

You better check that privilege sis

No. 1089212

I really don't understand your anger. "One day", it's an imageboard. This isn't a serious thread or your life. Is that what it all means to you? I'm sorry to have stepped on your legacy by making a salient point and responding to low-effort bait ad baiting others who are pretending to not be baited while seething about people who aren't yet concerned about reaching menopause or not paying mortgage, anon

No. 1089216

It doesn't seem like you're having any fun?? I don't get it that's so weird??

No. 1089217

I'm a millenial, and you took so much offense at the notion of being even slightly older, even though your problem is with me saying zoomers and millenials are the same. That's the saddest part about the energy of the rage ITT, the fear of aging

Sure, you're totally "laughing". I hope I never get to the point I pretend being annoyed is actually being entertained

No. 1089219

Fr sis, and that's on periodt, zoomers are so cringe smh btw follow me on Twitter

No. 1089221

So logical and correct sis

No. 1089222

No. 1089223

on GOD

No. 1089225

You're a Christian in 2022?? Uhm awkward

No. 1089226

Honeeeey I'm Mormon, I go to lords temple every dang DAY and I worship on my dang KNEES

No. 1089227

She’s turning 26 in September. The cutoff of millennials is 1994.

No. 1089229

Wow, kinky, sign me up frfr

No. 1089230

So you're from Australia?

No. 1089232

She's 25 for half a year still and you're saying she's 26? You're cryptic. I like that.

No. 1089234

NTA, but the nitpicking is embarrassing lol

No. 1089239

Wow, so I can't even do math anymore? The state of the world. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.

No. 1089286

tbh using lolcow when you're hitting 30 or well past 30 is embarrassing

No. 1089290

>I'm so poor!!
>other people suffering in ways i don't experience are just making it all up though

No. 1089333

My favourite thing about young people is that they always assume they’re going to be so important and busy by the time they hit 30 that they’ll never have time to browse a website, unless of course it’s for Very Important Things. Honey, most people have spare time to relax and do pointless bullshit, even mature adults.

No. 1089338

Being around 20 and on lolcow is embarrassing

No. 1089404

Being on lolcow at all is embarrassing.

No. 1089433

Right?? lmao I have no idea what they envision for their lives, they must think they'll hit 30 and be like… a CEO with 3 kids and a roaring social life and absolutely no time to go on the internet despite it being in your pocket 24/7. They are in for a rude awakening. Or not so rude I guess, it's nice to realize your life doesn't end at some arbitrary, still objectively youthful, age.

No. 1089486

You’re right. I got kicked out at 17 instead.

No. 1089677

you're an old hag and the prime of your life is over. cope. rather kill myself before i turn 30, in fact i plan on it.

No. 1089863

Are you a man?

No. 1090011

This is some of the most embarrassing and pathetic shit I've ever read, you should just do the deed now and save everyone the trouble of dealing with you.

No. 1090014

Insulting someone because they're older than you is ineffective because you're gonna inevitably age as well. And is your only aspiration in life being fuckable?

No. 1091435

ill never understand why misogynistic girls who hate older women even use this website, are you 16? and at the very least id expect people like you to live in snow. why are you even here?

No. 1094283

As annoying I find zoomers to be at times, I'm pretty sure us millenials were equally annoying but we don't fully remember it since it was either not documented online the same way and/or the websites have that we used have been taken down by now.
However I do agree that zoomers have some boomer-esque behavior sometimes, some people seem to have a habit of obsessively wanting to have the last word no matter whether they're right or not, from my experience at least might just be a coincidence.

No. 1095704

I miss when there was such a thing as "normality". Echo chambers couldn't be insulated properly back then, and were constantly exposed to criticism by an ocean of "normal people". To be one of the normals, you didn't have to have the same opinions or tastes as them, you just were assumed to be one automatically, no entry requirements or ideological strings attached. It was a default, Zen state of being. You could go off and become an obsessed die-hard spokesperson or believer of some specific thing or issue, but ultimately normality was so prevalent and overarching that you'd always end up self-reflecting and thinking "wow, I really got hung up on this one silly thing pretty hard, when there's so much more to the world" and returning back home to relaxed, carefree normality.

Negative echo chambers, elitist trends, pity parties, etc. would become embarrassing phases in people's pasts. Positive and fun trends and movements would go down as nostalgia staples. But they used to be just that, phases. Now it seems like the first thing you latch on to, you have to insulate yourself into it permanently, or you have to jump ship to another group and burn your bridges. And the things trends form around nowadays seem so much more Machiavellian, "do what the other people here want, or you don't belong" rather than the old days of "you belong, if you enjoy the same things as people around here"

No. 1095733

Neither my mom nor my younger brother (21) knew what a zoomer was…am I online too much? Lol

No. 1095750

god i have a zoomer horror story. i'm 27 and was emo during peak emo days. i went to a you me at six/bmth concert last year and there was a kid behind us, like 16-18 that was yelling the whole way thru the support acts and the main acts. some of my favourite quotes that i still quote with my friends.

"they'll play black parade last, right?"
"what the fuck are these songs? nobody knows these songs."
"the screaming is so annoying, why doesn't he just sing?"

No. 1095756

rip bebo and msn and myspace x

No. 1095764

no i literally won’t. i just told you i’ll kill myself before that happens

No. 1095765

Might as well just do it now

No. 1095774

What >>1095765 said. I mean, why not now?You’re not getting any younger. Retinol and fillers won’t save you. Consuming the latest media and trying to stay current won’t stop those younger than you from taking over. Every day you remain here, you inch closer and closer to 30. Better to kick the bucket now and leave a slightly less irrelevant, less wrinkled corpse. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

No. 1095789

what a self-own

No. 1095810

File: 1647131090962.jpeg (208.23 KB, 598x1055, 95743943-0631-4690-8B16-750CA6…)

No. 1095818

Is anyone else actually happier they're "older" and don't have to keep up with trends and do young people stuff?

No. 1095825

im a zoomer but i envy millennial women who unapologetically say shit like doggo, im not really that concerned with trends or social media anymore, but theres just something about them, the energy the exude is so comforting to me. they dont give a shit about what some teenager thinks about them, theyre too busy living their lives, i guess i kind of aspire to that.

No. 1095827

smaefag, not to imply that youre a “cringe” millennial or anything, i just really like older (than me) women, i think theyre very cool especially when they give zero fucks about being perceived as such. i love you nona.

No. 1095836

As I get older I find myself getting more interested in the trends of older generations. Like if I see a lot of boomers or Gen X reminiscing or making jokes about a show that was popular during their childhood I'll download it and check it out. Meanwhile I don't really care to keep up with current trending shows.

No. 1095841

zoomers suck but this song is lit as fuck so I thank them for that

No. 1095844

This would have been better if it was sung by actually talented vocalists

No. 1095847

on that you are right

No. 1095858

Aw, that's sweet. I mean there's other things you worry about but at least they're real life concerns and not just looking hot or watching some TV show. It's just nice to be out of that age bracket zoomers are in now and watch them figure shit out. I can't believe how many people my age and older miss those times so badly though.

No. 1095872

>shiver me timbers
Shut up, walk the plank, fetus

No. 1096257

Saved. Ty

No. 1096263

Younger gen z are so fucking braindead. They'll say a movie or show something sucks unless it has constant violence and sex scenes it's ridiculous and probably the reason why movies are getting so shitty nowadays

No. 1096264

Born in 1996 I have no idea if I'm a Zoomer or Milenial, but honestly both seem incredibly cringe to me.

No. 1096281

It really depends on who you ask, the organizations who came up with this will say you're either a late millenial or an early zoomer because you're right in the middle. I've seen several official sources saying the cutoff is in 1995, 1996, 1997, etc. up to 1998.

No. 1096294

They're the same, this thread is just full of snowflakes scared of aging kek

No. 1096349

I think the term dictates when you had your adolescence. I was born 1990 so can remember millennium parties and the hype and I had my teen years in the early 2000s. I had friends that were born in the late 80s tell me I wasn't a real 90s kid or could appreciate grunge cause i was a baby for most of it. If you were preteen/teen in the 2010s you're a zoomer imo

No. 1096421

>My favourite thing about young people is that
You're a young person, anon. If you're 40 or over, you're clearly a child at heart for using Lolcow. Stop LARPing lol, you're like 2 or 3 years older than the people you're preaching to

No. 1096424

I've seen some organizations or official institutions saying that if you were old enough to remember 9/11 then you're a millenial, if not you're a zoomer. Not sure that makes sense outside of north America, although I'm from a western European country and I remember seeing everything happening on TV as it was happening and I was born in 1994 so I was 7 years old, and my sister who was born in 1996 absolutely doesn't remember it even though she was right next to me in the living room. And even then, not everyone has the same ability to memorize things the same way so it could be a very subjective criteria. I wouldn't call that criteria 100% reliable.

No. 1100484

File: 1647487781023.jpeg (102.54 KB, 623x637, BACA6458-FE9F-48F5-9C6F-C4416A…)

No. 1100493

probably wrong of me but i don't really care about trannies suffering health complications from hrt, most of them are fucking assholes anyway

No. 1100503

This. The separatism is very weird. Most older gen z can't relate to teenagers at all. Most young millennials can't relate to older millennials at all.

No. 1100678

>you're an old hag and the prime of your life is over. cope. rather kill myself before i turn 30, in fact i plan on it.
I'm a zoomie and all but why isn't this clear scrotebait banned? No woman uses the word prime and old hag in this way because we all know that we're all going to age and mental not wanting to fuck you 24/7 or sexualize you as barely legal is something to celebrate rather than mourn.

No. 1100679

Samefag, meant men not wanting to to fuck you*

No. 1100754

The replies have all been optimistic if anything they’ll take the same body positivity approach and apply it to medical complications, they sort of do it anyway.

No. 1100786

The whole boomer-zoomer-millenial generational groups aren't naturally occurring anyway, they're just groups meant to encapsulate people born and raised in the same time period and place with the same cultural influences, in America specifically. America is big enough on its own that it renders the groupings ineffective and redundant imo. Someone born in Wyoming will have a completely different life than someone born at the same time in New York.

No one outside of America belongs to any of these groups, and I'm annoyed the rest of the world sort of adopted the terms when it has nothing to do with us.
One group is even called "baby boomers" because of the abnormally high amount of babies born in the US, after soldiers came back to the US from war.
What the fuck does that have to do with my country that had nothing to due with that war in any way, had no such baby boom, and is on the other side of the world in a different culture with different values? You can't actually say "turkish boomers" or "afghan zoomers" and have it make sense. Just using age or birth year groups makes more sense, "90s kids" or "20 year olds" and is actually applicable anywhere.

No. 1100807

It doesn't apply just to Americans though, saying this a European. But this classification exists to be applied to specific topics like sociology, marketing, etc.

No. 1100811

there's still chance that zoomers will be xoomers 2.0 and we just need to deregulate economy and get free market back.

No. 1100812

Instagram makes me hate teenagers. Really, I should just hate that they have to live in this shitty world full of trends and filters, but they're all so fucking obnoxious and braindead I can't help but hate them. I miss when teens were just edgy, sad about nothing, and "XDrawr" cringe. I don't think most, if any, of the 18-19 year olds who us LC fall into the soul-sucking trend hopping clout hungry teen category, so if you're reading this and feelin' a little sour, this isn't about you nona.

No. 1100820

I’m 21 and i think they fall into it, i can’t stand people my own age they’re braindead It was hell when i was a teenager too in the 2010s i’ve seen my peers grow more detached from reality and lose their braincells year after year (including myself) i can’t imagine how it is now

No. 1100838

i feel bad because i'm only 21 so my teen years weren't that long ago and i want to sympathize, but i agree. i've babysat and tutored high schoolers before and the more instagram/twitter/tiktok/whatever obsessed they are is a direct correlation of how insufferable they are to be around

No. 1100850

No matter where someone is from I would still argue it's a dumb system that shouldn't be used. There is no difference between a "young millennial" and an "old zoomer", to the point that they could have been born literal seconds apart. And neither of them have much in common with an "old millennial".

No. 1102817

File: 1647639128570.jpg (46.36 KB, 400x404, 1642690716331.jpg)

In hearing from teachers, zoomzooms are obnoxious but gen alpha, and resultingly the west, is categorically FUCKED
>lagging developmentally to the point where the AAP revised their milestones for things like when a child should start speaking
>nonexistent attention span because raised on screens
>incapable of regulating their emotions
>struggle to understand how to socialize with peers
>over-dependent on adults and unable to cope with failure
>unable to engage in unstructured activity
>difficulty with developmentally-appropriate tasks like reading in general
>a huge proportion are on IEPs (i.e. speds)
>many engage in remarkably violent play and are obsessed with horror youtube vids
>some are literally incapable of playing with toys
>many are literally incapable of engaging in creative activities (e.g. draw an imaginary landscape)
If any of you nonnies have kids, please, PLEASE limit their screentime in early childhood – or better yet, don't give them access to devices at all.

No. 1102823

This is so incredibly depressing, so many kids are being let down by everything around them for things to end up like this

No. 1102842

it should be illegal to allow children to spend over one hour a day in front of tablets phone computers etc

No. 1102852

God we really are fucked. I’m going to go live on some hippie commune. It’s the only way

No. 1102857

I keep waiting for society to wake up and realize that all this constant technology and social media and algorithmically-generated feeds are destroying people, but year after year goes by and it just keeps happening. The kids of today were shot before they could make it out the stall.

No. 1102895

A coworker of mine joked that when she at the restaurant she gives her smartphone to her toddlers to make them stfu, I was so disgusted I'm sure it was visible on my face. It's obvious this kind of devices should be restricted and only used once you're a late teen. I wish more parents would be responsible and give their kids a basic as fuck flip phones in case of emergencies until they grow older and more responsible but that's too much asked. I forced my parents to give my youngest sister (ten years younger than me so she's a zoomer) my shitty normal phone first so she'd get a smartphone after I taught her basic internet etiquette, I'm glad it kind of worked.

No. 1102899

>There is no difference between a "young millennial" and an "old zoomer", to the point that they could have been born literal seconds apart.
Not every institution agrees one when exactly the distinction should be made so I'm sure most experts agree with you. Not sure how that's established by each institution, researchers, etc. though.

No. 1102905

And that's exactly why I'm going to homeschool and we won't have them have internet

No. 1102960

File: 1647643942778.jpeg (107.12 KB, 2048x922, 7CF9AF5D-A131-4627-806E-630520…)

Mid? Millennial here (1990), Zoomers don’t bother me much. They’re really young, so I don’t think it’s fair to judge yet, plus they’re playing off stuff that the millennials started, being that we were here first, so I can’t blame them for accelerating what was already set in front of them. I just can’t find it in me to get so mad at them?
I’m in a tiny fandom and it’s entirely full of zoomies (I can’t really understand why, show and characters are old as shit) Besides the off the chart gendershit, they’ve all been really nice people.

Pls please please zoomies, wake up and kick the gender shit. Someone has convinced both Millennials and zoomers that everything should be permissible and that we should allow whatever idpol nonsense, it’s gotta stop. We can work together, guys.

No. 1102978

The gender stuff is a huge indicator of a generational divide for me if people are looking for one.

No. 1102994

I just pity them. They already loose precious time with this covid bullshit anyways. Imagine spending your collegue years in online classes, kek.

No. 1103002

i spent half of college in online classes and i've never felt that mentally ill and lonely. i'm glad i made friends during the first half of college (pre corona) because otherwise i would have gone crazy.

No. 1103016

Sorry to hear that anon. I finished my second degree during the start of corona so online classes as an older person with a job was a blessing but I can't imagine doing that when I was studying for the first time. My years on collegue are one of the most important in my life, I made so many precious friends and grew as a person so much. Just thinking about all those kids that missed that(and High School) make me depressed. Zoomies here can gloat all they want about their youth but the thing is when you are an adult time just goes by but when you are young and you miss critical, once on a lifetime experiences in life you will be fucked as an adult.

No. 1103021

Hey nona, do you have any articles or anything where I could read more about this? Google didn't give great results.

No. 1103026

ayrt, i went to college late (26-29) so i was in a better position experience wise, but god did i feel bad for some of the first semester students in my courses. when i was in my first semester, my 19 year old classmates straight from high school seemed very put together and grown up. the first semester students that entered during the pandemic just seemed very young and had no idea how anything works and i constantly had to tell them stuff like having to turn in their coursework as a pdf and not as a word document, because profs can easily tamper with word document and give you bad grades.

No. 1103029

your teen years were essentially just yesterday lol

No. 1103072

Meh, I wished I went through the pandemic while in university rather than right after graduating, this shit completely ruined my career trajectory for the next decade to come at least, especially because I got really sick from covid for several months not long after getting a job abroad. I'd rather feel bad for anyone in the workforce, especially the ones who owned small businesses that they had to close down due to the lack of demand and the various lockdowns and curfews. Boohoo fucking hoo, you're sad you spent your time at home doing online classes instead of hanging out with classmates, I was way too fucking poor to do any of the fun or useful stuff my classmates did before the pandemic was a thing, if I survived not affording drinking in bars after classes they will to.

No. 1103221

I hate that zoomers created a new way to keep women as doormats. "Karen" was funny at the start, it would be applied to the utmost craziest and entitled of people but now its applied to literally any woman who is being assertive
and standing up for herself. I'm actually scared now to even tell the waitress that they simply gave me the wrong order for fear of some retarded zoomer screeching "KAREEEEEN KAREEEEN" for their tik tok video. Its sad that its working. Like I am scared to "make a fuss" now about anything in public for their of being recorded.

No. 1103257

Zoomers didn't create karen and it never was funny because it's a meme misogynistic males use to dunk on any woman they dislike. Millennial men use this word the most, karen is a white 30 year old blond woman, she's the type of woman he wished to fuck but got rejected by therefore any act she commits is a crime and should be broadcasted online so other loser males can mock her too. Check reddit or any website that uses the term if you don't believe me, most commenters will be 30-40 year old incels tearing the said woman apart instead of zoomies.

No. 1103533

Do any of you other nonnas feel like there is a rapid increase in children having autism and ADHD? Most of the ones I've met or know of from talking to peers with kids, aren't actually diagnosed. From what I've seen with millennial peers they often use these disorders - whether they truly have them or not - to just excuse bratty behaviour. I also get seriously skeptical that kids have ADHD when in actuality they spend all of their free time in front of screens and have a diet consisting solely of sugar.

No. 1103969

This conclusion is buried by both the medical profession and the parents of these kids for obvious reasons, and questioning a ~medical condition~ makes you an asshole. People want to be sick these days.

No. 1103974

>Imagine spending your collegue years in online classes, kek.
Sounds like a blessing tbh.

No. 1104031

Truth. People these days find it edgy and cute to slap on a mental illness label onto themselves when they don't realise that merely being an asshole doesn't constitute a mental illness.

No. 1106117

As bad as it is for zoomer girls right now, at least they can go online and find comfort that there are other girls and women who also resist clownworld. I imagine in the early 2000s misogyny culture, it must have felt lonely if you were against all of it.

No. 1106134

It felt lonely, very isolating, people ignored or mocked feminist complains and no one thought it was cool to be an activist, it was a decade were no one took shit seriously, never. Men were like the "cool club" and women were seen as idiotic, sexual objects at best

No. 1106171

File: 1647901405289.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1000x1250, AA524360-8AAC-4418-8C22-5A56FD…)

I live on a farm and don’t do any farm work. You can still run around in the fields with a flowy dress on. Just avoid the mud and cowshit.

No. 1106189

My wife's friend gives her 3 year old her phone and says this is how she keeps him busy while she does housework. but its insane to me how they dont do things like books and other activities. straight from the womb, this kid grew up in front of the glowing screen. she 'jokes' how he accidently face times her coworkers and family. that she isnt cute

No. 1106191

when I was a kid there was a similar epidemic with add and ocd. later on something else became trendy and the norm is now autism and adhd.

it's really not easy to diagnose a child considering how their brain is still developing and trauma and upbringing play into it. plus forcefully medicating them fucks with childrens brains even more. that's why all these late millennial earlier zoomer kids are growing up with fucked brains, it's medication

No. 1106192

I'm a divorced 29 year old and I now date zoomer guys exclusively. Of age of course. Make of that what you will.

No. 1106195

What do you get out of dating them? They seem underdeveloped in the brain.

No. 1106208

They arent completely embittered and are too inexperienced to try and play games with me (redpill dread/silence/effort games etc), dont talk shit to me unlike millennial males who would try to be argumentative and dominant about everything from politics to what kind of salad I should order, and 2/3 Ive dated are sexually inexperienced but they pretty much worship the ground you walk on and accept direction eagerly. I don't think the experience would be at all the same if I were the younger one. But unfortunately I have to stop them from saying "mommy" and shit like that, I fucking hate meme sexuality.

No. 1106218

I'm surprised zoomer males would even be able to get it up at all considering that they most likely started watching hardcore porn from the age of 6 or some shit

No. 1106367

Cringe. Gross.
>they’re inexperienced and that’s soooooo hooooot
Gross. Cringe.

No. 1113227

>late stage capitalism has made it so that it's seen as old-fashioned to dedicate yourself to something bourgeoise
There's nothing I hate more than zoomers is their obsession with blaming "capitalism" for everything and not themselves. Its the victim complex you retards have that is the most annoying. You make it so obvious you're clearly an undergraduate humanities major looking for cope for your useless degree. Please, grow up.

No. 1113232

I dated a few zoomers and they tried to compensate their insecurity of being younger by trying to dominate the conversation, put me down and so on. I think you've just been lucky, it's probably not age-dependent. Plus the way they talk is braindead.

No. 1113289

I'm not a parent, nor do I work with children so I can't really say anything definitive, but here's my 2 cents. I do feel like screen time should be limited to an extent. Children definitely shouldn't be spending all day looking at screens but I feel like it's okay to let toddlers watch childrens films and shows on their mom's phone, and it could be useful if the kid is watching educational stuff, but parents should definitely watch content before they show it to their kids. I feel like most children can develop normally enough if parents aren't neglectful of their kids


No. 1113318

>don't give them access to devices at all
I wouldn't do this since I spent most of my childhood being on the Internet and would've had no one to talk to otherwise, wouldn't develop my own interests and hobbies (still finding that boomers listen to the most boring unimaginative music ever and only watches popular be it Marvel, Disney movies), you'd also become aware of what's been removed or changed on the Internet. I don't really feel like there's a point in socializing anymore in person because it would only cause more problems from my experience, doing it under a nickname allows them to learn from mistakes without it interfering with their personal lives. The worst thing that could happen is social platforms forcing you to use your real name only, and stuff like TikTok seems to have a bad influence because you're recording videos of yourself that can be reuploaded anywhere and most of them all act like retards “because it's funny.”

No. 1113330

I also want to add that I think it would've been better if my family was more talkative to me and that I wasn't raised in a foreign country where I couldn't really talk to anyone.

No. 1113379

As an actual autist (suspected since age 2, diagnosed at 6), it really feels like being autistic is cool, and it sucks. A lot of people who claim to have autism online are of the terminally online zoomer types, and it really sucks.
As for the rise in ADHD diagnoses, I firmly believe most of the rise on that is definitely misdiagnoses for kids who have been raised on screens and therefore unable to have any sort of actual attention span.

No. 1113459

ok zoomer

No. 1113558

I only like zoomers because most of them are braindead and easy to manipulate if you go with whatever stupid aesthetic they're trying to pull off. Just tell them you're a gamer and into kink and they'll literally pour out their entire paycheck of whatever shitty job they're working

No. 1114033

Fucking hate the clown makeup

No. 1114047

Normally I don’t shit on zoomer but this is true. They’re so easy to squeeze money out of.

No. 1114065

I hate zoomer humor

No. 1114697

File: 1648481941942.jpg (201.25 KB, 1387x864, Untitled.jpg)

i don't hate zoomers, but i do hate when they try to act like everyone else is so out of touch and they totally invented some trend that's just a repackaged version of another generation's thing.

stuff like picrel is severely embarrassing. wow you laughed at bUTtEr KniFe? that's repackaged "i am the spork of doom! so random!!!" thing millennials had. also the constant casual references to having severe mental disorders, which most of them pretty much certainly do not have, is painfully cringe

No. 1114755

Anyone else part of the generation that can't tell if they're millennials or zoomers? I'm a 2000s baby and it's hard to feel anything in common with either.

I was turning 1 when 9/11 happened so I don't remember that, but I remember transitioning from VHS to dvd and when the Wii came out.

No. 1114763

I think you're just an early zoomer, nonnie. I'm right there with you, my family has always been behind the times so I grew up with a lot of leftover 90's stuff. I still like making fun of zoomers though because argh those damn kids, argh get off my lawn, etc.

No. 1114765

also born in 2000 and i relate, most of my friends who are close in age feel the same. i feel like 1998-2001 babies should be considered our own microgeneration of sorts

No. 1114814

File: 1648489193832.jpeg (58.48 KB, 840x560, B54A80EB-0C1A-42DB-A577-78727E…)

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you’re a zoomer. I have 1999 siblings and they are solid zoomer.

No. 1114879

You're very obviously a zoomer, I don't get why you'd be confused.

>but I remember transitioning from VHS to dvd and when the Wii came out.

This doesn't mean much, I was born in 1994 and I remember the transition from VHS to DVD but in my household we didn't get a DVD player until way after everyone else because of my parents not wanting to "get rid" of their VHS. I know the reason why the PS2 was so successful was because it was a way cheaper DVD player compared to anything else in the market and it could play a bunch of excellent video games, but that didn't convince them either. It depends on each household basically. For instance I had my first smartphone in 2014 in my second year of university because we were poor, but I remember when my very rich classmates in middle school in 2007 bought the very first iphone day 1 to get rid of their ipods. Technology was progressing so fast in such a short amount of time not everyone born the same year will have the same experience at all. Now I feel like progress for products available for the public at large is stagnating.

No. 1114890

I don't think anyone who posts here and isn't fresh off Twitter can really relate to the "zoomer" thing. It feels more like a derisive stereotype than an actual attempt to characterize a generation. A lot of millenials are functionally and mentally the same as zoomers, or accuse each other of being zoomers when they're the same age

No. 1115163

When you say anything about anything and they’re like
>…. but go off??.
I fucking hate

No. 1115177

It's getting to the point where my eyes glaze over when I see multiple question marks.

No. 1116132

File: 1648576907382.jpg (44.46 KB, 800x450, ironic.jpg)

>zoomer hate thread
>entire thread is zoomers hating on millennials
on an imageboard of all things while their generation copies our retarded teen trends on tiktok and instagram

No. 1116242

for a group who thinks they invented activism they can't take anything seriously if it cant be condensed into a nifty little clapback.

I try not to be hard on younger people because I used to be a young person too but my biggest issue is how they have no unique youth trends outside of gendershit and calling wool coats "dark academia"

Oh and trying to talk like sassy black twitterites. Literally its like "foshizzle my nizzle" shit but they're dead serious.

No. 1131435

>for a group who thinks they invented activism they can't take anything seriously if it cant be condensed into a nifty little clapback.
This is my main gripe with gen z. They simultaneously shame millenials for being soulless consoomers who don't care about the real issues but when it comes to debating and activism they suddenly stop giving a shit and can't be assed to write a coherent reply because taking things seriously and looking for depth and nuance is cringe. I get that they're young and that's generally how young people act but come on, in your mid 20's you don't have an excuse anymore.

No. 1131451

I think it's been said before in this thread but what they mean by capitalism is obviously corporatocracy which is basically corporations ruling out society, views on ethics, supporting class wars and controlling the judicial system. The "ugh, capitalism am i right" is just projecting everything wrong with their life to a boogeyman they don't even fully understand.
>undergraduate humanities major
This is such a tired, scrotey strawman. The economy is completely fucked regardless of our degree for us millenials too, it's not any better for zoomers. No matter how much they annoy me I can't blame them for feeling powerless.

Ngl I did laugh at the
>Gen X humor: I hate my well paying steady job
line because it sums up Xrs perfectly kek.

No. 1131455

>if you took the TAKS test, you’re a millennial
>if you took the STAAR test, you’re gen-z
Texan anons will understand

No. 1131519

Genxers are the most based imo
I like their culture and their vibe

No. 1131664

I think I sound like a typical zoomie but I'm very jealous of Gen X for getting to grow up in the 80s, before tech becoming part of everything, when politics weren't so crazy, when you could do a lot of stuff cheaper.

No. 1131832

File: 1649715215471.jpeg (214.96 KB, 1280x1280, 0322909B-2B7D-42B2-81DE-C13450…)

i know this thread is about zoomers but can we talk about the forgotten middle children, the zillennials? too old for gen z, too young to technically be millennials except for certain years like back in 2016 when suddenly everyone remembered the people born 1993-95 ish. when every murdoch owned news station started ranting about us slapping avocado on toast and us not popping babies out like rabbits or buying our first homes or getting our first corporate jobs in our early 20’s like they did? we’re the gen who can never fit in because we remember all the trends like emo, scene, and goth but were just too young to really appreciate it before it died down. we grew up with tech enough to understand it, but we can also remember times where we went without it. some of us were online as preteens during the early days of big social media giants and the death of others like myspace, so we are the ones who are most nostalgic for web 2.0 because we caught it at its peak but were around to watch it fall as well. it’s like we are constantly getting the dregs of every generation but have nothing that really defines us. i remember we were the gen that the whole autism/asperger panic really started to take hold especially in the us and uk, and a lot of us were the ones who were turbo autistic about anime (japanimation back then) because it was surging in popularity and we weren’t exposed to traditional western cartoons as much. it’s just weird because no one ever talks about us and we can never seem to connect with anyone. boomers hate us because a lot of us are loners due to our upbringing, zoomers hate us because we don’t really give a fuck about all
their cores or whatever, millennials bullied us and never accepted us into their cliques because we were weird to them, so we’re just there, stewing in the corner. you don’t even see a lot of us online, it’s always 30+ year olds or 12-18 year olds. i often wonder where we all
are but then remember i haven’t had a social media account since i was like, 12? way back in the mid 2000’s and this seems pretty on course for a lot of zillennials.

No. 1131851

don't forget to livestream it

No. 1132316

Nah the generational difference, in my opinion, is if youtube existed in your "childhood". If youtube didn't exist in your childhood but showed up in your adolescence/teen years/young adulthood you're millennial, but if you, as a CHILD watched youtube video or can't vividly remember life before youtube existed, you're a zoomer. There is no zillennial. It's a hard line but various by individual/geography.

Another one I like less but still kindof agree with is 9/11. If you have vivid memories of 9/11 and had some degree of "opinion" about it, even if that opinion was something silly like "oh god we're going to have a world war 3" then you're a millennial. Otherwise you're a zoomer.

No. 1132500

These are good points

No. 1132518

You just sound like a late bloomer millennial. I'm from those years and I can remember the early 2000s, even early 2000s internet culture before Youtube/Myspace/Facebook "social media."
Imo people who turned 20 before 2008 are absolute millennials and people who did so in between 2008 and 2016, it depends on their upbringing. After that is zoomer, if your birthdate starts with 20–, etc.

No. 1132525

The 9/11 thing only really works for Americans, or for westerners in general. We're French, my little sister was 5 at the time and doesn't remember it at all but I was 7 and still remember it like it was yesterday because it was showed live on tv when I was celebrating my bit sister's birthday and we all went from partying to being horrified while people where dying on our screen. According to makerters and sociologists I'm a millenial but my sister could either be one of the youngest millenial or one of the oldest zoomers so in her case it's really ambiguous. I remember Youtube being a novelty back in the mid 2000s too, everything about computers was taught to me as a novelty and I remember time before the internet became mainstream too.

No. 1132532

I'm finnish and seem to remember 9/11 much more clearly than any of my friends of the same age, I guess that has to do with the general vibe of your household for eurofags? I was 7 but had older siblings and parents who talked to us like we were adults so you kinda had to be aware of shit. Another tragedy I kinda use to differentiate people around here is the Phuket tsunami in 2004.

No. 1132551

Zoomers are so afraid of seeming clingy or uncool in their relationships they put up with the stupidest shit and then cry about it. I guess that goes for all naive young people but zoomers put a helpless, self-righteous spin on it that kind of pisses me off. No, you aren't mature and relaxed for eating shit you are just pathetic

No. 1132553

I think that may be due to the whole "everyone has their issues and everyone is valid!!" bullshit, no, some people are just scum who you should leave.

No. 1132558

Also if someone quotes the cool girl speech to my post I'm coming to your house to shave your head

No. 1132567

Kek @ zoomers literally writing themselves as the Mary Sue of all generations

No. 1132568

What if I vaguely remember seeing it on the news once and thinking it was a war bc I was so little and then never thought about it again until learning about it in school?
What if I took both?

No. 1132575

My father is a stereotypical boomer who's obsessed with tv so he always watches the news, but on top of that we were worried about racism against us because of some reason French people think north Africans are Arabs and Arabs all know each other and agree with the same political stuff, idk. I do remember when Chirac and Le Pen were at the second round for the presidential elections in 2002 too, and I guess my parents were right, the kids at school were parroting all sorts of racial slurs at me, probably because their parents said them at home all the time.

>Phuket tsunami in 2004.

That's a good indicator. It's not talked about as often as 9/11 so it's easier to check who remembers it or who doesn't, because back when it happened it was all over the news as well due to how brutal it was.

No. 1132581

I was 16 years old when 9/11 happened, living in NYC and only 20 mins by subway to the WTC site. I remember when a lot of Sikhs i knew were harassed because people though t they were muslims. it was all so scary. so many people left NYC after 2001 and half my friends online (AOL) were messaging me all week to ask if i was okay.

No. 1132592

I'm not surprised people left NYC after that, it must have been horrifying for people living there. Wasn't the whole area kind of tourist-y? Or am I confusing it with another place in NYC? Because if I'm right I can imagine people from there thinking they could have died just by deciding to go shopping close to the towers.

No. 1132593

Zoomer girls normalized licking scrote's buttholes. Makes me so glad to be a millennial. Gen Z is so desperate to seem cool and unbothered that they have no respect for themselves

No. 1132595

Yeah the phuket thing was a very long experience in my real life even when I wasn't even in there, it seemed everyone had someone they knew in thailand around that time. For weeks on end, maybe even longer our school had those text tv things on about the missing or dead people, most of my teachers were literal crying messes during classes and it was a very quiet time for usually rowdy kids. our current president was also a tsunami survivor, weirdly enough.

No. 1132617

Oh yeah, check out some of the videos from 9/11, this one was especially harrowing. You can see the clouds of smoke/building materials (including asbestos) rolling down the street for blocks and turned the sky black. Absolutely terrifying.

No. 1132633

Thailand is full of tourists usually, what you said makes sense. My little sister loves going to Thailand on holidays and she confirmed this for me.


Fuck no I'm not watching any of these videos, I'm sure I've seen most of them on tv already back then and they fucked me up. I'm sure my phobia of height comes from seeing these videos and pictures of people throwing themselves off the windows of the towers to avoid burning to death or being crushed under hundreds of floors of concrete again and again and again.

No. 1132645

I had a phobia as a child of being stuck in a tall burning building that I’m pretty sure came from 9/11. Whenever we went on vacation I would freak out if our room was too many floors up, and I’d always study the evacuation route on the back of the hotel room door kek.

No. 1132659

I know it's useless to think this but my parents used to live on Fulton street (closer to the east river, but the tip of Manhattan really isn't that wide) and I always wonder what would've happened had they chosen to not move out of Manhattan to raise me.

No. 1132677

I'm also Finnish and me and all of my friends remember it vividly, I was in my early teens back then and it was the first "major event" I had ever lived through. It was all over the news globally and it was the first disaster like this since the world war. The 9/11 attacks definitely changed western culture in general and the resurgence of patriotism in the US rippled through every country following the US pop culture. I personally feel like your feelings regarding it is a very good generational indicator as zoomers probably were too young to really witness the cultural shift.

I wonder if anyone besides Europeans remember the tsunami incident because that was a very popular tourist destination for North Europeans in particular. A lot of people knew someone who died there or witnessed it first-hand. I think Swedish and Finnish tourists held the highest death toll in total and relative to population.

No. 1132679

You just sound like a young millennial to me tbh. I was born in 1994 and I relate to a lot of this except for a couple things (like I definitely was around for the peak of the emo/scene fad). I don't relate to every little thing about millennials but I don't think anyone does. For example I remember myspace at its peak, but at that time (when I was 11-14) I was technically too young to be on myspace (you had to be 14 to make an account, I lied about my age). But most of my peers did not have myspace because there parents wouldn't let them have it. By the time I was technically old enough (2008) myspace had mostly died and everyone had moved to Facebook.

Also I was 7 during 9/11 and don't remember it at all. I do remember the fallout though (well, not really, I just remember the crippling anxiety from it because I was raised religiously and thought the world was gonna end). And I thought when Fox News was mad at young people spending too much money on avocado toast and not buying homes etc they were specifically targeting millennials.

No. 1132695

Still French anon here, I was born the same year. We used Skyblog the ultimate cringe instead of Myspace. Maybe older French people used Myspace but everyone started using FB after that as well and it was seen as a thing for teenagers and young adults back then. I only made an account in 2016 because of uni but from what I've seen before that I'd say the shift of demographics using FB was very sudden. Now it's all boomers and all the young adults who made accounts a decade ago at least have deactivated their accounts or stopped updating them long ago. btw, Tiktok is seen as that app for zoomers but now I wonder how many people remember when it was called musical.ly or something similar and when it was only advertised as a lipsynching or karaoke app. Nobody gave a fuck about it at the time.

No. 1132708

no i totally agree, i just get confused sometimes because i feel more like a millennial than a zoomer, but i remember when old farts were pushing millennials up into 1979 all
the way into 2001 in the mid 2010’s when the culture wars started taking off, and 30 year olds i went to university with were telling us that unless you watched thundercats or whatever cartoons they liked as a kid, you weren’t a “true millennial!”. and now that zoomers are the new social pariah, i get lumped in with them despite being in my late 20’s since old people are retarded. i constantly have to remind them that yes, i know what cash/change is, rotary phones, dial up internet, aol, how to read an analog clock, or something else that their grandkids don’t know how to do or aren’t as familiar with. i remember i was at the bank a couple of weeks ago and the clerk made this condescending remark about me being able to write in cursive and i had to remind him that i am a lot older than i look and i could hear his brain sizzling in confusion behind his mask. it’s just seems like people have this weird memory hole from the mid 90s and assume we are either freeloading slackers or technical prodigies.

No. 1132711

The tsunami always seems to ring more bells with krauts and nordic people and of course thai people, but it makes sense because absolutely everyone vacationed there back then, now too I guess. not me because my mom wasn't about the old fucks who went there to fuck kids, good for her

No. 1132729

Um I was today years old when I realized they don't make those asteroid puff things anymore

No. 1142755

My friend was at the mall and says she overheard a group of zoomers comparing mental illnesses and talking about their DID alters. There is no fucking hope for this generation

No. 1142765

For us it just depends on how we were raised. I started uni a bit later than my peers because I waited to get into med school and I was online quite young so I relate more with older zoomers, but I know people a few years younger than me who completely embraced millennial fads and culture.

No. 1142833

Moon Knight's popularity is going to make the DID fakeness worse. The titular character has DID in the comics

No. 1143113

average pixielocks viewers

No. 1181217

Do Zoomers smoke cigs or are they still riding the vape train? I read it’s something like 2% of current high schoolers in the states smoke tobacco but what about in other countries? I know in some eurofag countries it’s still quite prevalent but not sure if it’s popular with zoomers.

No. 1181227

didn't notice them smoking cigs in bongland for a while now you mention it. it's probably hard enough to get them that they can't get hooked.

No. 1189925

In Sweden, an incredible amount of zoomers smoke cigarettes and chew on snus. The little guys and girls spitting everywhere are disgusting and should be embarrassed.

No. 1199052

File: 1653670788306.png (118.39 KB, 758x473, Screenshot 2022-05-27 18.47.22…)

Zoomers are insufferable. I'm glad that they can tell predatory relationship dynamics IRL but them moralfagging about fandoms makes me want to send them to detention. Those 2 adult characters are so unrealistic, you could change the age of either and it would not change shit (beyond maybe some small plot details, IDK). Their age difference doesn't play into any dynamic, in story or fanon content (I assume).
>just bc it's legal doesn't make it morally right
Child you are literally talking about 2 unrealistic cartoons. This isn't about you. Stop projecting and go do your homework.

No, I'm not a shipper or a fujo.

No. 1199080

>there's simply not enough hate for this ship and it baffles me
It sums up zoomers pretty much

No. 1199211

File: 1653675762432.gif (659.26 KB, 500x277, 596EA150-B8E8-4B93-868B-C77073…)

>it’s something like 2% of current high schoolers in the states smoke tobacco
That’s really good news. I hope tobacco goes out of fashion. I’ve smoked since I was 13 just bc I thought it looked cool and it relaxed me a little bit and helped me socialise and now I’m addicted and it’s such a waste of money and ruins your health and makes you stink. I swear the cigarette companies just made everyone in Hollywood smoke all the time in films so people would think it was cool and glamorous and pick up the habit. I hope drugs and being a party heroin waif goes out of fashion.

No. 1199569

South England i know a bunch of girls who smoke like chimneys, we’re zoomers though. Idk why people get into it. To look cool? Gayest thing ever.

No. 1199835

Older Zoomers definitely smoke. A lot of them are old enough to remember media like Skins and think it looks cool or aesthetic or whatever. Or they picked up the habit from their gen x parents. I feel like younger Zoomers think it’s lame and gross and prefer vaping

No. 1222546

File: 1655044778876.jpeg (49.72 KB, 1125x632, 24A1C6BD-2BA4-4880-8021-F17F20…)

No. 1222553

File: 1655044879590.jpeg (39.65 KB, 1030x579, 6B758CA9-9276-440F-BB0E-6FD2DB…)

No. 1222737

I’m a young gen-x (42)

Finally I can ask my question about zoomers in secret without being shamed

I like the band My Chemical Romance (gay, I know). I’ve liked them since they originally came out when I was in my 20s. For some reason the zoomers love MCR also.

ANYWAY I am going to their concerts coming up and sometimes read their subreddit or Twitter, and that’s where I have my main zoomer interactions and are they serious with the “I’m shaking, I’m sobbing shit”? Is it sarcastic? Like a new single comes out and they’re all “I had to pull over in the car, I was shaking, crying etc”

Are they gonna fucking shake and cry at this concert? Is it a joke or real?

Thank you for your time.

No. 1222741

they're joking, but they are obsessive. it's just a hyperbolic way of saying they're excited. i see a lot of millennials freaking out about it, maybe not to that degree, but i don't personally understand the MCR obsession that all of these age groups seem to have. it's really weird. they weren't that good.

No. 1222742

This pic just made me fiend for a cig real bad, I quit like 5 years ago and still get intense cravings like this sometimes

Nothing better when you are pissed/upset than pacing around outside like that with a cigarette

No. 1222745

It's ironic. We're just exaggerating. It's nice to see people of different generations of women all brought together on this website to seethe, shitpost, and be unhinged together. I'm genuinely glad to see how diverse we are, not even tooting my own flute here (is that the phrase)

No. 1222749

Not that anon but I wonder why they all talk the same like this. It's really weird and annoying. It's not even funny.

No. 1222750

I was really questioning whether they were THAT over the top and actually sobbed because they all seem really dramatic and nuts.

I like the band and all, but I’m sure it’s more of a nostalgia thing for me. I have no idea why all the zoomers are into them so hard. It’s practically classic rock.

I will probably spend half the concert being a mean old fart annoyed by the youths

No. 1222784

jesus anon every band/musical artist has a portion of fans that are die-hard obsessives. little girls passed out at beatles concerts back in the 60s, nothing has changed, and it probably never will. MCR were still an active band when the eldest zoomers were in their teens, so no, it's not practically "classic rock" kek. i'm not even a fan but i can see that what they stood for as a band resonated with a lot of young people who felt ostracised or like outcasts, and their return means that they can reconnect with other people who also resonated. it's really not rocket science.

>I will probably spend half the concert being a mean old fart annoyed by the youths

yes. yes, by the sounds of your post you will.

No. 1222812

Why are zoomers obsessed with living in a van down by the river

No. 1222828

Yes, and I will love every second of it

No. 1222862

Hope some zoomer decks you in the mosh pit

No. 1222873

They’re all afraid of the pit.

I’ll be safe and sound in my seats, seething

No. 1222882

They want to be killed by a slasher, also prob can't afford housing in this economy. Wont be able to afford that van life either with how much gas is atm either.

No. 1223080

stop you're making me want a ciggy now

No. 1223084

after seeing this i demand to be an honorary millenial.

No. 1223167

File: 1655070592210.png (41.22 KB, 1644x170, Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 2.50…)

No. 1270521

Why do zoomers think just wearing a black shirt makes you goth or part of any sort of alternative subculture? I saw some white dude call this girl wearing a black sweater and black sailor skirt goth. That's it. That was all she wore. In fact, I've seen this often with the zoomers where they will call basic normie outfits goth or something. Way to water down entire countercultures.
Do the majority of them come from uptight wealthy east coast old money families where black is considered for funerals only? I don't get why wearing a black shirt would make anyone goth.

No. 1270533

I don’t mean this in an insulting way I’m just calling it as I see it, but zoomers really don’t have a grasp on what being part of a subculture actually entails. Everything boils down to over simplified, primarily online aesthetics to them. Their generation is adverse to elitism and gatekeeping, so things boil down to being so “inclusive” that the definitions become really loose. I know it’s not all zoomers, these are just over-arcing patterns I see as someone who is a really late millennial.

No. 1270971

>everything boils down to aesthetics to them
Absolutely. And everything is a ripoff or throwback from previous gens. Zoomers also:
>are individualistic to the point where caring about anything even your loved ones or gf is cringe or simping
>are terrified of conflict and rejection so they put up with FWB situationships for months-years because it's "cringe no cap" to just ask someone to be your gf or bf
>have a little gender crisis everytime their mood or style changes

No. 1271022

oh god the
>caring about anything even your loved ones or gf is cringe or simping.
I got into a disagreement with someone on Discord over what that meant. I forget what the pretense was, but he said one of the things he does is 'simp for his "girl friend" ' (gf gets quotes around it because it's a troon) and then the 'gf' clarified that he meant that he talks to 'her'. The bf got mad at me when I asked why talking to his 'gf' would be considered simping–shouldn't that be considered normal behavior and not… simping?

because to me, I thought simping was more of a one-sided liking of someone? Like a wk but with more 'step on me, mommy' vibes? Or am I too old and not understand the new-fangled terms?

No. 1271134

It is/was but terms just get diluted and lose their meaning as they get popularized and become more widespread.

No. 1271208

Someone at my work reads those trashy celeb gossip/lifestyle magazines and I saw an article on 2022 summer looks.

I swear to God, I genuinely had the read the phrase 'have a goth girl summer like Kourtney Kardashian' with my own two eyes.

No. 1271320

Does this explain this phenomenon I'm seeing lately of zoomers taking/giving relationship advice out on tiktok saying stuff like
>Girls, emotions are ugly. Do not tell your significant other anything or else it's ~trauma dumping~
>Commitment is oppressive
And other retarded things that are taken way too literally?

No. 1271818

why do zoomers hate shipping? specifically m/m shipping?

No. 1271870

Why are zoomers so scared of everyone being a pedo? And it's not just 18+ people, I've legit seen 15 year olds saying they don't want to stan a 15 year old kpop idol because that would make them pedos. I just don't get it. The obsession with making everything sexual and predatory/creepy is really tiring, it's like you look at a baby and call it cute and some zoomer will pop up and try to have you cancelled for being a pedo.

No. 1271883

It must be a zoomer girl thing, because I've never seen a boy or man be scared of being a pedo

No. 1271888

Maybe because their parents taught them to be hyper-vigilant against pedos since they grew up with the internet from a very young age. So being taught to always be on guard for pedos that will hurt and take advantage of you mixed with extremely early exposure to hardcore pornography that wires your brain to see any situation as possibly sexual and makes you believe that everyone around you must also see everything as sexual must be hard for them to process.

No. 1271894

I would rather look like Shrek than Squidward tbh, Shrek is just that confident looking that she can pull it off somehow even though she is bald and literally shrek with eyeliner and lipstick, the internet has ruined my fucking brain send help.

No. 1271895

I have literally seen zoomers that are 14 call another zoomer who's 16 pedos. I think most of it is because they're scared, but honestly I feel like it's an easy way to get someone they don't like cancelled in most cases

No. 1271901

I feel like most zoomers are fake woke and come off as stupid or vindictive.

No. 1271916

Ugh I can't agree, as a millennial the top pic is my worst nightmare. I recoil when I see it. Tbf Shrek is the better looking of the two but the combo is horrific.

No. 1271922

Why are so many young men styled so ugly I cannot stand that perm and the ugly ass pants

No. 1271923

>I think most of it is because they're scared, but honestly I feel like it's an easy way to get someone they don't like cancelled in most cases
Ntayrt, I agree. I know a couple of tween girls with an older millennial father and he's just wrecking socialization for them. He's way too involve and treats them more like extensions. He talks smack about kids their age to them. I feel bad for them because he won't let them do normal kid stuff. They can't even go outside without him and he won't go outside because "it's too hot out". There's a park not far from here too. Just sad. I hate to know the crap he's filled their heads with.

No. 1271958

This, but they’re also very aggressively all of this

No. 1272095

I honestly think the broccoli hair is in style as a way to conceal a bad hairline. Much how beards were the go to for men with weak chins while they were trendy

No. 1272420

I know a couple who look exactly like top pic. The moid grabbed my ass at my sister's house when I was 16 and he was 19 or 20.

No. 1273591

It's been so frustrating to work with zoomers. Mostly because my company is production but the moment we have to discipline them for not following safety rules (i.e. using phones in the factory, headphones at work, sitting on production tables) they either A) start crying "YOU'RE RETALIATING AGAINST ME" or B) don't listen.
Interviews have also been weird since they don't carry conversations very well (either strained answers or oversharing).

And the anime t-shirts. Anime t-shirts EVERYWHERE! Although I think I'm just jealous because I was bullied for liking it back in the day.

No. 1277093

They don't "come off" as this. They are this they are fucking disgusting parasites

No. 1277324

Zoomers are so phone-addicted, self-centered, and socially terrified. The MALE zoomers act like scared women in 70s crack-land NYC and put their backpack on the bus seat next to them so no one touches them, even when the bus is absurdly full. They always have earbuds or headphones and their stupid little phone is always always always in their greasy little hands. They dress like grubby overly-sexual rats and act like frightened goblins. The female zoomers don't even wear shirts, they just run around in a bra. The male zoomers all have that mulatto perm. I saw a zoomer in a korn shirt the other day with those black pants with the huge fashion chains like he fell out of 2003. They're also really dumb and don't know how to do anything, even though they have a fucking smartphone glued to their sweaty little palm and could look it up in 2 minutes. They can't speak proper English or spell correctly, they seem to "read" a lot of books but none of them can spell basic words, so they're either just watching the movies, reading the sparknotes, or only taking selfies with the cover and then saying they read it to posture. They're really bad with money and can't do anything for themselves. If you look at /r/personalfinance (yes we all hate reddit, I know) it's full of the dumbest fucking shit you could imagine all from zoomers, things I would expect a 12 year old to know. It's like they need permission to have common sense. And they're all really fake trend-hoppers. They're constantly seeking affirmation and are massively insecure.

Mostly I'm mad that they do not move the fuck over on the bus. I'm going to just start shoving their backpack off the seat to give them a lesson in manners. 0/100 chance they would even say anything, the terrified little shits would just sit there sweating anxiously. I have never seen a zoomer actually speak to a stranger, even the 20+ year old ones. It's like they need their mommy to hold their hand for everything. And the corona stuff has destroyed them. If anyone gets within 6 feet of them they piss their pants in sheer terror. I live in a crowded city and they need to get out of my way and deal with it.

No. 1278219

hahahaha based

No. 1278243

>I saw a zoomer in a korn shirt the other day with those black pants with the huge fashion chains like he fell out of 2003
I’ve been seeing more of those around lately too, along with NLOG girls smearing colored glitter on their faces

No. 1278348

Idk I think that’s just a teenager thing. You’re not allowed to tell them what to do or criticise them but they can’t mop a fucking floor without almost killing everyone. (I speak from my own experience)

No. 1278776

I hate the stupid dances and facial expressions they for some reason make for 10 full seconds at the beginning of tiktoks before getting to the fucking point. The thread video for the What I Eat in a Day thread is a perfect example. They look so fucking stupid.

No. 1278802

My coworker who's not even a zoomer is doing the zoomer clown makeup to work every day, super dark blush, shitload of glitter; it looks so weird. If it's her thing that's cool but for me even if it looks nice on photos is so ridiculous in person

No. 1279060

that's just 2006 teen clothes

No. 1279068

>wah wah evreyone criticizes us SO MUCH MORE than anyone else ever to live and actually we see through consumerism and aren't buying all the things that we're wearing and holding right now

No. 1279076

all men born after 1989 have porn addiction and erectile dysfunction.

No. 1279082

why don't they already know how to speak french? it's taught in most countries as the one for travelling or being a rich/going to a good high school kid?

No. 1279443

This is true. With zoomers/young millennials it's different since they did not only have porn shoved down their throat by pickme women, older moids, and "humor", they were also convinced it's a normal and healthy part of discovering yourself (I also hate how acting like a perverted degenerate is considered "discovering yourself" like some weird coming of age movie). It makes it so much harder to explain to them how porn addiction negatively effects them and others then by the time they open their eyes they have already destroyed multiple relationships in their life and abused multiple women and ruined themselves for any decent partner

No. 1279514

File: 1658941546437.jpg (113.99 KB, 622x960, tumblr_0e6b8bf011524e086d72ec5…)

>It's zoomers who own heavy, shit tier makeup
Zoomers def got issues but idk why millennials keep pushing issues of their own onto zoomers (porn addiction, SJWism, Hypebeast bullshit, etc)

No. 1279521

>If you look at /r/personalfinance (yes we all hate reddit, I know) it's full of the dumbest fucking shit you could imagine all from zoomers, things I would expect a 12 year old to know.
Kek I've noticed there's been in increase in fake-rich zoomers giving out shit tier financial advice pretending to be experts. It's always like "take 100$ out your paycheck, buy a house, rent each room for $1200 each. Boom free money" and it's so fucking obvious the people posting it never even done anything remotely close or have even attempted. Although it is funny seeing people comment who actually do invest and try similar call them out. There's been a shit ton of fake rich zoomers in general all claiming to make tons of money monthly from things like Amazon FBA, onlyfans. Like seriously? The average zoomer income is poverty tier in western countries. There's no way all these fucks could be making as much money as they claim

No. 1279539

I work as a bartender/server in a busy restaurant. I have, over the years, become increasingly furious at whatever internet forces have converged to make your ~emotions~ an acceptable excuse for getting out of doing work. Moderate embarrassment, """panic attacks""", and constant crying are all acceptable things to do in the workplace for people under 25 now. And they expect the older people to pick up their slack.

I'm not a heartless asshole and I do recognize that work can be hard, but somehow it's now considered ~stronger~ to openly weep in front of your coworkers and customers than it is to suck it up and do your job. I also hate that I have to pick up the work of 2 - 3 other people when the Gen Z-ers decide they need a good cry, or to just fuck off and go home. Probably because someone used a scary tone of voice when asking for extra ranch.

No. 1279540

Lmfao that's so fucking dumb.

Another another note, what's with this coquette aka nymphet 2.0 shit? I thought gen z was hellbent on being ~uwu but I'm just a minor!~ yet they're deliberately sexualizing little girl items that teenagers should have grown out of wearing long ago and old men?

No. 1279549

You sound extremely retarded.

No. 1279562

Oh my fucking god I have a face tattooed coworker like that, I feel you. I always dread the days I have to work with her and receive a call that she's not coming or coming late, and then getting so upset uwu she need to leave immidiately!!1

No. 1279601

When my friend turned 12 the giftbags her mom made for us had playboy bunny stickers that you were supposed to put on while tanning barf

No. 1279605

Yeah tbh I feel like it's great for the girls who are in the middle of figuring themselves out, or who simply don't care about what the adults in media think teen girls should wear (looking at you Euphoria) and just want to live life. No need to pressure them.

No. 1279617

In the early 2000s the entire interior of my mums car was pink and fluffy with playboy bunny icons on the seats, middle of the steering wheel, and pretty much everywhere they could go. The y2k girlies now would have loved 2005 Ireland because it was insane like that everywhere

No. 1279623

My sister is a zoomer and I actually can't cope anymore. Shes 15 and I dont understand how she can just sit watching the same TikTok sounds on loop for a few hours at a time. She can't fall asleep without YouTube but for some reason the videos she uses to go to sleep are boys screaming

No. 1279631

KEK my zoomer bf is the same with stupid podcasts of men talking about boring topics. I swear they're just like the younger versions of boomers who fall asleep with the TV on. My theory is a lot of zoomers have fried ADHD brains and just need constant stimulation in some way. I've met some who unironically say they need loud noises on to relax.

No. 1279640

As another anon has stated, a lot of the shit-talking here seems more like complaints about the way young people are in general, rather than being particularly generation-specific. The smartphone stuff is true, though.
t. zoomie

No. 1279916

I'd honestly say after 1985. I know too many '86-'88s that are porn addicts.

No. 1280069

Sorry to necro this, I was born in '98 and I feel the same way but I think it's because I always hung out in weird niche internet spaces and looked up to older kids who were millennials. I was really online between 2009 to 2015 and feel a bit similar to Shayna Clifford in being "behind" on what gen Z likes and having sort of millennial tastes as a gen Z.
Idk what people our age were doing on the internet so many years ago if they weren't emulating millennials though. I genuinely don't get how older gen Zs are able to identify better with the stupid politics and opinions of gen Z children (like the tweens who write "sayori challenge!!!") than younger millennials.

No. 1285939

File: 1659387457007.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2388, 58E764CD-44E4-4276-A54B-C52143…)

There’s no Tiktok general for me to post this but this particular Zoomer (lordazothmain/sagemainirl) keeps going after creators just for doing ulzzang/dolly makeup. Her latest stunt is harassing some 17 year old from Mexico over some shitty makeup, being racist and then saying “but my friends who are (insert race here) said it’s okay!” while blaming it on a speech impediment. It’s gotten to the point that the moment I see call out videos like this, I just turn my brain off and block the user. I want to know how much free time a person has to be going on and on about how a person is doing their makeup a certain way but give passes to others to do the same shit. Zoomers are so brain dead and puritanical about the most benign things that they are just becoming fake woke boomers that will go after anyone that they don’t like. It’s hilarious to see them be so politically correct that they end up being racist.

No. 1285945

Anon they canceled the 90’s love and light wiccans for being toxic. The do not harm people have been labeled violent and harmful racists leading to genocides while they flash the amulet against the evil eye and rant about closed practices with the loosest loopholes I’ve ever seen.

No. 1285950

Don't reply to him. Report.

No. 1285952

No one is coming after you

No. 1285979

Ignore him.

No. 1285992

I REMEMBER THOSE! One of the mean girls in my class had one of those above her hip so that the tan line was in the shape of the bunny. I remember thinking it was "slutty" but cool and felt envious that her parents allowed her to get that, lol

No. 1286004

File: 1659391714098.png (1.57 MB, 1276x940, Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 3.06…)

No. 1286024

I remember the hetalia ver of these from photobucket! The line about Italy eating "pussy stuffed with pasta." Has followed me for like 13 fucking years.

No. 1286073

Zoomers give advice to other zoomers, we’re the trendsetters and tastemakers now. Cope and seethe, they/them millennial.

No. 1286089

Kek I'd rather them dress like suburban moms and 80s geeks than half naked mini skirts and bras

No. 1286115

Same tbh. I'm all here for normiecore, like when the twilight aesthetic became popular again. Yes, dress normal teenagers.

No. 1286127

NTA but she was right, kek.

No. 1286162

I saw a zoomer yesterday saying its racist to refer to japanese fashions and aesthetics as "cute core". Isn't that why japanese people made them in the first place?to be cute?

No. 1286166

Nobody tell them about street fashion their head will explode

No. 1286259

Zoomers have about 5 more years of relevancy left. Remember a lot of you are heading into your mid 20s.

No. 1286272

Your gen is trooning out harder and faster though

No. 1286279

zoomers are using social justice as a form of bullying, it's disgusting. people think elongated eyeliner is racist, they think tanning is racist, they think using certain emojis is racist. they're nuts.

No. 1286302

Nta but yep, then the following generation will somehow be even worse and when the zoomers point that fact out they will sound out-of-touch. The circle of life kek

No. 1286326

They also now claim that sexy cosplaying school uniforms endangers the lives of East Asian women.

No. 1286331

File: 1659420276366.jpg (173.13 KB, 1024x1024, zoomer hair.jpg)

What really bothers me about zoomers is how they basically have brought nothing interesting to culture besides noodle hair and sound cloud rap. and soundcloud rap lasted like 2 years and noodle hair looks fucking stupid.

I actually thought they would rebel against millennial culture but they just seemed to give up, curl in a ball, and become a hyper version of millennials

No. 1286336

>unable to engage in unstructured activity
I thought I was nuts for a while but I can unfortunately corroborate most of this. Chose to go back to school (never finished bachelor's, changed fields, etc) and a good majority of classes are filled with zoomers. I notice a lot of these issues creeping in, that one being painfully apparent. The amount of whining and complaining - borderline email-bombing the professor demanding clarification - over a short write-up assignment with basic instructions, was beyond me. They took issue with there "not being a clear syllabus" when instructions were given to us VERY clearly early-on for the entire course. What the fuck hand-holding do they possibly need over a 4-page MAXIMUM short technical paper? No presentation, no rhetorical requirements, no opinion piece. Just cite mechanical engineering journals, summarize the arguments, conclude. That's too hard, apparently. Holy fuck. Everybody 25-30 or so had zero issues outside of formatting or common grammatical mistakes.
Not to mention a good third of the zoomers failed to turn in final assignments on the deadline provided, to the point of bragging about it. They were given a week extension because of how far behind they were. At this point, I'm convinced the younger they are, the less capable they are of abstract thought.

No. 1286340

File: 1659421534305.png (92.76 KB, 460x404, 1627640817584(1).png)

You're really implying they're wrong on that point?

No. 1286357

>noodle hair and sound cloud rap
These things aren't even interesting though.

No. 1286359

It's not their fault, they grew up with increasingly fast paced fads and a commercial/money-centered mindset literally everywhere. No wonder they can't form any counter cultures or anything deeper beyond aesthetics.

No. 1286393

They would have committed suicide en masse if they had my university classes then. I'm not surprised, they are used to being online all the time since they're very small kids with no supervision so they think just googling something and never double checking and looking for reliable sources is enough information research because of this bad habit, and middle and high schools are trash in many countries for a bunch of reasons on top of that. I saw the result of a study recently about how like 30% of people (adult Americans I assume) have functional literacy, as opposed to just knowing how to read. I'll look it up so I can post, it was on twitter so it was just a vague screenshot and someone replied that a more recent study proved it got lower.

No. 1286430

I felt like I was going insane for a while because I visited my home town a while ago and the kids there acted all sorts of weird. Of course, everyone dismissed it as just a millennial boomer ranting about kids these days, but I have excellent memory and I sure as hell don't remember any children acting the way these kids do.
I've also noticed a weird phenomenon of parents being overprotective yet not actually parenting at all. The same playground where I would play by myself with my friends was now filled with children and their parents, with kids being instructed what to do by their moms ("Let's go on the swing! Do you want to swing?") and barely interacting with other children. At the same time, the parents seemed tired and annoyed that they have to be there. These were not toddlers who could barely walk, these were preschool-age kids.

I've noticed something similar with my cousin - her son is literally not allowed to be bored. She will dangle screens and toys in front of him all day or put him to do 'stimulating sensory activities' or whatever the fuck so he can grow to be the next Albert Einstein, but he's never allowed to be bored and play by himself because that's too dangerous and he'll break something. At the same time, she whines and whines how it's super hard being a mom, she's sometimes even passive-aggressive to her child, but it's not his fault. She literally just won't back off.

I was raised by a neurotic helicopter parent and I feel so bad for these kids, at least my mom allowed me to go outside and play by myself.

No. 1286462

I noticed when arguing with zoomers online they will delete comments that go against their opinions to make it seem like they are winning the argument. They act like how white nationalists used to act online, constantly talking loud but can't handle and kind of criticism towards their opinions.

No. 1286533

lol I'm friends with some of my professors from college on FB and the amount of complaining they do about the students being unable to do simple things or failing to turn things in on time has increased so much in the past 5 or so years compared to the level of complaining they would do when I was attending.

No. 1289256

I'm so glad I found this thread because as a more in the middle millennial since I was born in 1990, there have been so many things I've noticed with zoomers that just make me question things. I've already seen so many good observations like the bastardization of alternative subcultures like Goth, Punk, and Emo where these kids think it's just a "core" /aesthetic" and the blaming of capitalism when they are the ones actively upholding it instead of going against it.

But something I have noticed is how it seems like these kids are averse to using terms like "girlfriend" or "boyfriend". Like I've watched a few videos of zoomer aged people and all of them call their significant others "partners".

I also had this coworker who was much younger than me who got offended when I referred to her partner as her "boyfriend". I didn't want to argue with her so I apologized but I was b baffled because her "partner" is literally a man so I didn't get why she got offended and no it wasn't a troon neither, like a full on guy with hipster beard & glasses and all lol.

No. 1294911

File: 1660012178722.jpg (21.41 KB, 485x649, bad0mtxgkle91.jpg)

Guys the thing that always most bothered me was that they haven't created anything remotely good or original fashion/trend -wise but look at picrel, they may have gotten a late start? I'm gonna be cutting them some slack despite thinking it's too try-hardy

No. 1294936

the one thing i hate about zoomers is their black and white thinking, which just generally means lack of critical thinking skills, they pick fights and deflect, become accusatory, have nonsensical points and either devalue or attempt to completely dismantle context. i dont blame them because theyre all young adults/teenagers but its so hard to be around when they front as if they enjoy stimulating conversation when what they actually enjoy is getting huffy and puffy

No. 1294941

File: 1660013553167.jpeg (395.62 KB, 560x1419, BC71549E-8835-4E79-86B7-2FC0AA…)

This is a knock off of a top by hyein seo, who is a millenial. Idr when it originally came out but it’s at least a couple years old

No. 1294947

i just sent this pic to my sister btw, squidward viscerally reminds me of her

No. 1294957

Like others have said Gen Z really does feel like all of the worst traits of millennials and boomers condensed into some of the most neurotic kids yet. I can’t blame them too much though. These kids have literally never lived in a world where the internet hasn’t been extremely accessible at literally all times. I think a lot of their anxiety and reactionary traits stem from the fact that a lot of their stupid teenager decisions will likely end up online forever in one way or another. People nowadays are not guaranteed even a basic sense of privacy as you never know who’s watching (or filming). We don’t even have the autonomy to decide what does and doesn’t show up online anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these neuroses about having things like instructions broken down to the minutia are a symptom of that. It’s really not surprising a bunch of impressionable kids are hyper paranoid of everything they do and say when they see adults being blasted online and losing their jobs for tweets from ten years ago.

No. 1294992

trans flag is like the bad takes flag innit

No. 1294998

They act like they invented nihilism while simultaneously screeching themselves hoarse over the most inconsequential shit. Nothing matters yet everything is a fucking problem kek.

No. 1295017

Literally exploding their own brains over the most benign shit because they don’t have anything else to toil over

No. 1295032

>E-girl is a bastardization of the scene fashion
>The porny face is what sells zoomer fashion.
It's so disingenuous and pornified and it's sad to see.

So true, every single goddamn aesthetic zoomers copy turns into a porn parody. Its so, so revolting. I'm nothing but ashamed and disgusting at how openly degenerate my generation is. For all their talk on "feminism" and "progressivism" gen z sure does love to bastardize women liking an alternative fashion into being porny bimbo sluts

No. 1295045

I remind me of something I noticed when going outside. Zoomer fashion is currently inspired by 90s and 2000s fashion, but not the normal, average trends that everyone was wearing at the time. It's all inspired by things worn by celebrity or in fashion magazines so it's way more revealing now than before. For all the girls I see wearing comfortable looking mom jeans, there are 10 girls wearing one of those ugly asymmetrical croptops that basically require you to nor wear bras if you want it to look as intended. I absolutely don't remember adult women, let alone teenage girls, wearing that kind of things in the 2000s because this shit was mostly visible in magazines or on TV.

No. 1295052

You're totally right, except I like the new trend of girls wearing bra-sized crop tops for the simple reason that the summer is hotter than ever before. Dumb to stay dressed the same when the weather is changing. Some days I'd go around skinless of I could tbh

No. 1295067

File: 1660024936013.png (628.64 KB, 370x963, cdfdfdf.png)

Like other anons have mentionned, I'm tired of everything being turned into an "aesthetic", especially when they transform the whole essence of that said aesthetic to fit their fast fashion/makeup desires. I was born in 1997, I remember what was trendy and viral in the 2000s and it feels really sentimental to have some of these elements become trendy again but I despise the instathot/tiktok zoomer shit they associate with it. It feels so fake. They didn't grow up with these movies or music, how can it make them "nostalgic"? Half the viral tiktok sounds are old songs sped up, the "y2k" fashion has never been real y2k fashion in the first place but more like "I don't wanna wear skinny jeans and regular tops anymore", the egirl/emo era they all had has magically disappeared after quarantine even when they claimed they were hardcore alt and builled for it lol. I know most of them are young and looking to find themselves but they spend so much time and money on stuff they will throw or sell away once they hop on something new, it's so sad

No. 1295073

Baggy clothes feels better than tight but short clothes when it's hot in my experience. But tops tend to be very thin so I guess it still helps as long as they're not too thin and don't require wearing more layers underneath to hide your nipples.

No. 1295082

>using Tiktok
found your problem

No. 1295085

It seems like their only glimpse of (insert time period here) is whatever celebrities wore
That's a good point!
I could never blow so much money on clothes for a trend. Where do zoomers find all these money to spend on fast fashion?

No. 1295108

>Where do zoomers find all these money to spend on fast fashion?
This seriously perplexes me. I was born in 1990 and when I was a teenager in the 00's I just didn't have the money for trend hopping and couldn't even afford the more OTT alt styles that I wanted to try out. I only knew a couple of kids with rich parents who bought them all the clothes they wanted or they had a shitty paper route for a bit of extra money. How the hell are all these zoomers clothing hauls so huge? I get that fast fashion is cheap but as a teenager I would've never been able to blow even $200 on a few month's worth of outfits.

No. 1295117

The peoplz doing tehse hauls are today's rich kids, isn't that obvious? My zoomer sister would never afford that shit despite trying to follow trends but she showed me videos and these kids live in big, fancy houses paid by their rich parents and buy crazy electronics and clothes all the time in stores and not second hand. Some of the young adults maybe be sponsored by brands though.

No. 1295129

yeah definitely. whenever i see these kids and their videos they always are in very large homes, updated kitchens, lots of vaulted ceilings, wainscoting you typically only see in rich people homes

No. 1295689

Nta but yea
Acted weird how? Screens are affecting kids and parents alike. Parents need a detox too. Also after covid people are starting to let their kids play more but I can see some moms being scared of their kids playing with rando kids.
She didn’t want to get called out by the other npcs for agreeing to wrong think. The partner label started in the 90’s which was always confusing to me, like they were embarrassed to say boyfriend or girlfriend.

Goth subculture makes me weep. You can’t talk to them about raves or clubs or music. They like the look but don’t bother to study the history behind it.

No. 1295701

my sis is the typical trend-chasing zoomer who goes shopping nearly every day and i'd say it's partly kids being more and more spoiled and partly the fact that shops like shein make purchasing huge amounts for close to no money possible.
even now i own zero expensive clothes yet for her and all her classmates it's completely normal to get e.g. levis jeans. even primary school kids already demand brand shit.

a couple days i had to laugh so hard, after years of only high waisted baggy pants she suddenly brought home jeans like that, meanwhile just a short while ago she would have called it old and ugly. literally what my mom wore 15-20 years ago.

something i also noticed is her obsession with dressing not like the others
"i don't want to wear skinny jeans, that's so basic!" yet when i go outside all other teengirls look like clones of her…

No. 1295702

That's nuts I always thought (mostly women) that used the partner label were just butthurt their bfs hadn't proposed to them yet and wanted to seem more mature. Had no idea it had a woke angle to it which is really funny. Being in a straight relationship is so uncool to zoomzooms they larp being gay in any way they can. Funny shit

No. 1295728

I went on a trip to a city nearby me with some of my chinese roommates who are around 19. The city we went to is known worldwide for being rich with history, there were so many cool activities to do, but literally all. they. cared. about. was taking photos for instagram. Which wall could they pose in front of to take one million photos while I just stood by? Everything depended on what would produce the best photos, even where we went to eat. I was so done after the first day.

No. 1295900

File: 1660069499132.jpg (694.69 KB, 1340x1785, 16402560268631a1953d6c0a483ddd…)

Boomers joke about millenials being too immature but zoomers seem to be the first generation of kids who genuinely don't want to be adults.

My younger sister is the walking embodiment of tumblr/twitterfags who constantly go "I'm a literal child!".
My mother and I gently try to tell her that maybe wearing stripper heels with straps up her calves to school goes too far and she keeps calling herself a child that nobody is allowed to look at anyway - at the age of 17 and a half…
The reality is simply different, especially if pic is your usual choice of outfit. She's so woke that she lost any touch with how the world actually works. And so dramatic, hysterically throwing fits over the tiniest things. I can't imagine her living on her own in just a year at all.

No. 1295902

cute outfit though.

No. 1295960

Why does your mom allow her to dress like that

No. 1296090

biggest offense is honestly the material of the top and the skirt. the skirt would be cute if normally constructed and the top was longer, particularly if it was a knitted ribbed longer croptop

No. 1296136

File: 1660077245773.jpg (45.97 KB, 564x564, cd5a8a659fe376fa20a8f416e8b0fa…)

I guess the skirt fabric look cheap but other than that it's cute conceptually

No. 1296152

Intredasting. I just picked one I despised the least after googling "cutout tops". There's lot of similar ones though, which may or may not be inspired but if it's made into a trend I could respect it more than all the stuff they've come up/latched on to so far.

No. 1296184

I've seen this exact response everywhere lol. Who cares about trends anymore. Be your own person, nonnie.
I feel bad for your sister tbh. She sounds like a pick-me.

No. 1296325

Most would categorize me as a Millennial, as I was born in 1985. (People sometimes use a separate subgeneration between Gen X and Millennials, and I often get thrown into it.) While I agree with the nonna upthread who finds generational categorization rather arbitrary and stupid because so much of it really doesn't apply to much of the world and is very generalized for those it applies to, I still see some things I see younger people do that is kind of weird to me.

One of the things I notice is how a lot of Zoomers seem to scare so easily. I've seen so many of them mentioning about how something out of kids' shows is so scary. I don't mean something they watched as a young child, but were scared by it, but rather, them first watching that show when they were teens and being scared by it. I mean things like seeing a Sesame Street skit or going on and on about how dark Steven Universe is. There have always been people who scare more easily than others, but there feels like a larger proportion than there once was.

Also, I see a lot of living vicariously when it comes to Zoomers and interests. I've seen a lot of Zoomers say that they're a big fan of a video game, but all they have done is watch livestreamer play through it. I get it that not everyone has to be a superfan of something, but this feels like the very opposite. And they don't seem to do this to save face or fear of missing out, either.

Zoomers seem to pass off sharing and repeating the same damn meme and joke over and over as top humor, too. I know that every generation has had its share of memes and certain repeated jokes, but again, the issue seems to do with putting minimal effort into anything and the sheer volume of it. I can't think of how many times I've seen a stupid meme comment on YouTube liked thousands of times and who knows how many repeats of that same comment in the same comments section. There's so little variation, and you feel beaten over the head by it. It feels like just repeating this crap at ad nauseum is what makes it funny to them.

I do agree with some others who say that Millennials had to deal with sexualization of things and themselves at a young age, too. But a huge difference I feel is that Millennials had a degree of naivete about this that Zoomers lack. For instance, Zoomers outright know about who knows how many kinks that are out there and BDSM bullshit, whereas Millennials at that same age were less likely to know about those things, and those who did still only knew of them at a very base level. Even more basic sex stuff seems to have been more thoroughly understood by Zoomers at a younger than than Millennials. And this seems to go beyond Zoomers who are chronically online, too.

No. 1296334

For real, maybe it's just because zoomers have easy access to shopping online? As a millennial, for the most part I had to go shopping at the mall with my mom buying and approving of my outfits. I'm surprised when I see zoomers wearing outfits I'd never be allowed to wear. Also back in the 2000s teenagers called each other "slutty" a lot as an insult, and wearing these outfits would be considered tryhard.

No. 1296354

File: 1660092290086.jpeg (275.45 KB, 1214x1214, 6533C566-705F-46D2-B61E-5E5FFB…)

Cher and Dionne did it better

No. 1296376

Pathetic and self important like all zoomers are

No. 1296381

These look like real clothes and not paper mache like >>1296136

No. 1296389

File: 1660095769713.jpeg (56.09 KB, 701x438, ABB93270-1A0A-4E27-BDFC-1C12C7…)

I dress like this, kek, but only because it’s affordable and accessible. Thrifted oversized men’s shirts and straight vintagey jeans. I realize I must look like something between a GTA protagonist and any male main character of a foreign Latin film in the 1980s but I do not, unfortunately, have enough money to be able to dress how I want.
Also, I don’t think the millennials here realize how lucky they were and are. So much better quality clothes were at your disposal: now all you have is polyester that literally comes apart in your hand when I take it off the rack. I remember one anon said that walking in the mall had become weird for her, since all the kids are dressed in 90s fashion that’s not really accurate 90s fashion at all, with cheaper fabrics and weirder cuts; this is true, what we have now is this strange simulacrum of vintage, throwback trends that bear little resemblance to actual past trends. It’s like someone with bad eyesight took their glasses off, looked at 90s/00s magazines, and decided to start a trend of what poor imitations they could make out through the blur. And it’s not like everybody has access to good quality thrift stores, that’s only in certain places. In other parts of the world thrift stores only have fast fashion since that’s all there is. Not like you’ll be coming across a Mary Quant or something.

No. 1296393

There’s not even the option of making your own clothes anymore because it’s expensive as fuck and the cheaper fabrics are almost always blends of plastic. I’m pissed that everything I’m going to own in my life is going to be plastic. Down to fucking cucumbers individually wrapped in the stuff for absolutely no reason at all. It’s sick

No. 1296405

Anon i've been thinking exaactly this for a while, thanks for putting it into words

No. 1296480

I thought only older adults of both sexes used partner since it's considered "immature" to use bf/gf past a certain age. Never heard of zoomies using it.

No. 1296520

OT but I hate how hard it is to find quality clothes nowadays. Even higher-end brands are cutting corners and making everything thin and out of polyester

No. 1296817

The sex stuff freaks me out sometimes, not because I’m a prude, but just because I’m shocked at how much those younger than me know about it, things I never knew at that age about kinks or whatever. I’m a 1988 baby and am in some discord severs with a wide age range of people from 18-late thirties, and the people around 18-20 will talk about sex and kink like it’s nothing. I don’t even think I was particularly sheltered with sex, my first time was at 17, but it’s more the pornified aspect that weirds me out. I really think kids are way too exposed to that stuff now and it’s one reason I fear ever having children myself. It seems impossible to keep them from seeing violent porn (whether real or through things like hentai, etc) unless you just keep them locked in a box or something. I feel like it’s messed with the self esteem of younger women and it makes me sad. I get hopeful when I see zoomer women standing up against it though.

No. 1296824

I’m 10 years younger (an elder of my generation, zoom zoom) and feel similarly. Society has over sexualized the most mundane shit since I was born but it’s accelerating at an alarming rate.

No. 1296837

Ayrt, I sometimes feel like the amount of sexualization of women there is combined with violent porn being so accessible combined with how so many young men are getting radicalized either by incel or MRA or trans rhetoric is leading to some push back from girls and women who see it for what it is. I’m glad women like you exist. In the end all of this is just making us more into a consumable for men to enjoy and have free control over. I wish the narrative that sex work is empowering wasn’t pushed so hard. Part of that is definitely my generation’s doing too. I realize we very much played a hand in how things are now. It all just sucks and even when I have hope it can be fought against, I start getting depressed when I see things like the Roe v Wade overturn and how women are constantly being spoken over. No one gives a shit about us unless we have something to offer, usually with sex or labor. Sorry to get kind of radfem, shit makes me feel like a doomer above anything else.

No. 1296877

>I've seen so many of them mentioning about how something out of kids' shows is so scary
I think it's less that they're geniunely scared of American cartoons for children, and more that they enjoy them but feel the need to justify themselves. "Ooh, this show isn't just a silly baby cartoons for babies! It's actually deep and scary and serious!! Even adults could watch Steven Universe and Voltron and be amazed by the story-telling and scary plot twists, when you think about this scene and that scene's implications!!1!" I'm not sure that's exclusively a zoomer thing, because it reminds me of 90s American cartoons for kids that have dick jokes for the parents, and when the kids who are adults now rewatch them now they're surprised or even shocked by all the dick jokes they missed. I'm not sure how to describe it so I hope I did it well.

>I've seen a lot of Zoomers say that they're a big fan of a video game, but all they have done is watch livestreamer play through it.

I hate that shit. You know, this reminds me of people saying they're a fan of specific youtubers. I just don't get how you can become a fan of a youtuber, it's on the same level as someone telling me they're a fan of a blogger who just posts opinions of hobbies and new movies or video games. It's silly. This summer I went to a big anime con and since a lot of Japanese artists, musicians, writers, video game developers, etc. refused to come as guests because of covid they invited a shit ton of French youtubers instead and these guys were signing autographs for fans. I just couldn't even picture it, like what can you even get signed by a guy who badly films himself to argue that Goku is stronger than Naruto from his badly decorated bedroom? No, fuck off with that shit.

>But a huge difference I feel is that Millennials had a degree of naivete about this that Zoomers lack.

It all depends on whether they use the internet a lot and what they do online. As a late millennial, I saw some crazy shit online when I was a kid and then teenager, so I made sure to prevent my zoomer sister from seeing that shit and my other sisters and I taught her internet safety and etiquette because my boomer parents didn't know anything about it. I suspect that zoomers either have parents like mine but are too young to have received classes about this at school like I did when the internet and PCs at home weren't completely widespread yet, or they have gen X parents or early millennial parents who think the kids will pick that up themselves somehow. My sister didn't even know what a furry was until a few months ago and she's 18, and now she thinks they're just silly cosplayers, so I consider my job done. If my cousin didn't joke about furries being retarded to her she still wouldn't know.

tl;dr: bring back classes for kids in primary and middle school to teach them how to use the internet safely on computers and tablets/smartphones. And give feature phones to your kids for emergency calls instead of smartphones until they're old and mature enough to handle smartphones.

No. 1296963

> But a huge difference I feel is that Millennials had a degree of naivete about this that Zoomers lack.

We saw gross sex and kink shit, but imo it was always kind of a joke to us. Like we'd troll each other with hidden links to Lemonparty or whatever and shock each other with goatse or that pic of Rick Santorum with the butthole photoshopped over his mouth. Kink was always gross to me in a "poop jokes, fart jokes, german bdsm basement" kind of way. Zoomers seem 100% for srs about this shit which is what makes it scary

No. 1296970

>jealous because I was bullied for liking it back in the day
this is how i feel about fucking everything ever since 2009

No. 1296974

oh fuck remember the gif of the guy shitting on the other guy that everyone would trick you into watching? i fucking fell for "oh my god anon get over here you have to see this video!!" every time fuck

No. 1296983

Are you jealous because you’re frumpy? It’s ok to admit.

No. 1296984

>blend of plastics
I remember reading about pleather and how destructive it is to the environment because it’s made out of plastic. Why not actual use real leather (ethically) because that would contribute it less waste and the longevity of the material would diminish fast fashion. Just think about how durable and warm real fur and leather can be compared to what we have now.
The anime shirts aren’t even good since a lot are sexual. I saw a semi nude one maki by agehao face when I was at the airport the other day. Just a guy picking up his family and kids were around too.

No. 1296991

The interesting thing is they know about sex but none of them are really having good sex. The girls are preforming so they don't look bad in bed while have 0 orgasms and the boys are like 22 with erectile dysfunction and you have to blow them for like an hour just to get them semi hard.

No. 1296992

Some people seem to think that you can't be vegan if you buy second had fur and leather, some believe it's ethical to get them because they're good quality and you don't give money to companies, thus, you don't show you're part of the demand. I don't remember if I said that in this thread or not before but I'll say it again, companies rebranding their shitty plastic clothes and accessories as "vegan" as opposed to "fake leather/wool/fur" seemed to have succeeded in improving their shit products' reputation. Before, if you told the average person that a fake leather handbag was 100€ and a good deal they would have laughed at you, now if you say that a "vegan" leather handbag costs "only" 100€ you'll have some zoomers and late millennials shitting their pants and buying several of them. Like these ugly, cheap looking Telfar bags that seemed trendy not that long ago on social media.

No. 1297003

Omg this gave me such a blast to the past thinking about it. I remember in like 2002 finding a shirt out at some department store that had some nondescript anime girls on it (not actually from anything, just stylized). It was this thin mesh sort of fabric and cheap feeling as hell but 14 yo me wore that thing into the ground. I remember drawing a picture of myself in an outfit I loved with it bc I adored that ugly shirt so much lmao. Wish to god I could find a pic of it. It had browns and greens and I’d pair it with this brown skirt and pretend to be an artsy coffee shop girl. The cringe was real but it makes me nostalgic because it was kind of wholesome back then.

No. 1297010

Men are legit stupid and unable to form meaningful relationships these days. Porn has broken their bodies and minds. If you’re a woman into men leave at the first sign of him either not being able to get it up without watching porn/being violent or if he refuses to please you too. Spent way too much time thinking it was normal for me not to orgasm too or pretending and when you do that you’re just making the problem worse because then they think it’s okay or they’re doing it well.

No. 1297041

I'm an 1988 baby too but tbh I went through a phase from ages 18 to 21 where I was sucked into a whole kink community. I explored a few things but I'm glad I slowly stepped back out of it. I hate when people that age make out like its anything more than a passing phase for most sane people. The few older people/couples I met who were still into it.. were all sorts of dyfunctional and just stunted or plain abusive. It's not glamorous when you see the type of people who stick around in that scene longer term.

If sex is decent you don't need all those bells and whistles, and belts and chains. Sex isn't an extreme sport.

No. 1297064

It's an extreme sport because scrotes don't really get pleasure from sex anymore. Their dicks don't work because of our shitty food and their porn addiction so they have to go to more extremes just to feel something.

No. 1297092

why even live if you don't get to finish every time? what do they spend their 20s doing instead??

No. 1297132

Whining about women in their echochambers. Because of course it’s our faults they’ve managed to break their dicks with their insane porn usage.

No. 1297390

I had completely blocked this from my memory until now, haha fuck.

Also I lost The Game

No. 1297578

Lol this. It no longer matters if everyone enjoys it it's about how edgy it is, how deeply you can manipulate the girl into being uncomfortable and pretending to enjoy it, how long it will last (because somehow it's a good thing???). And now because of hentai moids have a shit understanding of anatomy and think all women are supposed to squirt a storm and will sit there rubbing your damn urethra until you do. I knew several women who literally had to pee on men because they wouldn't stop unless they squirted. Also men who think all women lactate or even worse

No. 1297606

Porn and stan twitter are turning men that would have been engineers or corp ceos into braindead retards

No. 1297610

I would like zoomers a whole lot more if my retarded older brother didn't bring a new zoomer hoe to our family get togethers every few months. Gross nasty ass little mousey girls with weird clothes and glittered eyelids who look like they're constantly drugged and can't contribute to the conversation we're having because they're literally like 17/18 year old skanks reeeee.

No. 1297611

Theyre literal children and can’t be expected to talk like adults. I mean 17 is a child anon. They have to sit at the kids table.
my record is broken screw you

No. 1297619

Yeah… they’re teenage girls… teenage girls do not care about anyone but themselves as it has been for centuries

No. 1297634

My observations:

- Zoomers are hypersexual. They don't seem to have actual relationships. It's just sort of a string of hookups where both sides don't know what they're doing. They'll literally hook up with each other because they sent Snapchat nudes to each other and liked the look of it. Or because they "share kinks". Creepy fucks.
- They lack sincerity. Everything is "cringe". Anything romantic or heartwarming or loving is "cringe". Irony is the cloak they use to avoid being labeled as "cringe", because they fear being called out for being anything other than posturing at ironic indifference. It's obviously bullshit because the mildest racist joke will get them into a catatonic screaming fit resemblant of a toddler.
- Terrible relationships with their parents. Like absolutely terrible

No. 1297635

oh i was talking about the women. i don't care about the men since they're happy to finish from jacking it next to you. porn addiction is the worst addiction

No. 1297638

well now i want to dead. that's tragic, i'm 38 and not even from a big city and i don't remember sex being that bad 18 years ago

No. 1297640

No. 1297645

What's wrong with you anon?

No. 1297649

Well it's kinda true? One told me directly that she just "liked older guys" and my disgusting brother admitted one of them had fucked like ten people before him.

No. 1297651

They’re teenage girls, why do you have so much vitriol for them and not your worthless pig brother?

No. 1297657

>One told me directly that she just "liked older guys"
This is a problem caused by men and not something to blame them for, but I don't expect you to understand that or why it's wrong to call young girls (or women of any age) skanks.

No. 1297661

Nta but I'm over infantlizing women. If she's a skank she's a skank. Not all women are innocent babies.

No. 1297664

Samefag and coming from someone who knows scrotes who date super young women. These girls are the most arrogant assholes about dating older, they don't listen to anyone telling them it's wrong and don't learn until they are like 25 and used up by old scrotes.

No. 1297667

>17-18 year olds
You’re so sad lmao

No. 1297668

Answer me why your vitriol is misplaced to them and not your worthless pig brother.

No. 1297671

They're also just nasty people? Like they end up used by so many different men that you meet women of my age that are less cynical, jaded and hollow inside than these nasty sluts.

No. 1297673

Yes, teenagers and young people are arrogant. It doesn't mean they're skanks, it means they're being taken advantage of by the men that they're with.

No. 1297674

It's not about women being "innocent babies". I'm not over-infantilizing anyone by thinking it's wrong to call women or girls skanks/sluts/whores or anything like that.

No. 1297675

lolcow is not anti slut shaming, libfem.

Not slutty, trashy men AND women is why we are in this mess, ok?

No. 1297676

Sounds like you’re jealous they’re fucking your brother and you aren’t awwwwww anon

No. 1297677

It's targeted at the older man but there are younger women who think they are hot shit and better than older women when they date old scrotes. There are plenty of younger women who are smart enough and have enough self respect not to date old scrotes. The only time it becomes bad or traumatizing for them is when they age out.

No. 1297678

File: 1660196948092.jpeg (317.98 KB, 1650x1089, 56CDB3F9-87BA-4404-A552-B35496…)

No. 1297679

You're really fucking slow if you think being against calling women misogynistic terms is libfem shit.

No. 1297681

>The only time it becomes bad or traumatizing for them is when they age out.
Holy fuck this. A thousand times this. We're meant to think they're babies until they hit their mid 20s and the reality sets in and suddenly it becomes a woe is me story where they were "taken advantage of" at fucking 19???

No thanks. Zoomer girls have absolutely no respect for themselves and they literally lick scrotes' scrotes, and buttholes too.

No. 1297682

I smell Bl*ineposting. DNI.

No. 1297683

I have to be honest and say that I don't who Blaine is but I keep seeing that name. Is that the tranny?

No. 1297689

No. 1297692

I feel like back in the day we at least had the sense to hold them accountable for their actions instead of just being like "oh she's just a baby", they act like these people are 7 years old. Sorry, but at 16+ unless you were completely sheltered you know you shouldn't be fucking men 5+years older than you.

No. 1297694

OH it's a moid. jesus took me like 4 posts this time. anyway, don't answer him.

No. 1297695

these are the same person

No. 1297696

I love how the older men are just old scrotes but the 17/18 year old girls are used up, hollow, dumb sluts with no self respect

No. 1297697

File: 1660197693468.jpeg (464.04 KB, 828x543, BF162E2F-837F-49A1-99C2-335745…)

No. 1297699

Thanks anon. you're right, I don't know if it's the tranny but it's useless to even continue this so I'll stop.

No. 1297704

No, I mean used up after years of wasting their time wasting their time with old scrotes and then suddenly when they age out then we are all supposed to feel bad for them. The same girls would have told you that you were just jealous for telling them not to date someone 30 at 18.

No. 1297705

It’s textbook. After you see it enough times you just know. He also replies to his own posts like a second party and it’s nearing his peak hours. DNI.

No. 1297706

File: 1660197867672.jpeg (468.43 KB, 828x546, 4F4209EE-5E82-4F39-BCBB-E5716A…)

No. 1297707

I can kinda understand feeling 16 year olds are clueless and naive but this idea we should treat a 20 year old who shits on older women with a 30+ year old like a baby when she hits 25+ and realizes youth isn't eternal is perplexing to me. My suspicion is a lot of farmers did shady shit when they were younger they're ashamed of with older men. Probably chanscrotes too. So it's easier for them to pretend they had no agency?

No. 1297709

Nope, but nice tinfoil detective armchair. You’re completely putting words into the mouths of anons itt btw. Original “anon” said ages 17-18 and is conveniently skipping over the fact that “they” are bitter about these young girls but don’t care about the scrotes who prey on them. By all means enlighten us with more of your extensive knowledge, Dr armchair.

No. 1297711

You could literally reverse this and say the anons talking shit about young girls with older men were once those girls and now they feel ashamed, so they direct their hate towards them.

No. 1297712

You're pretty much pushing the same idea that women are jealous of younger women for dating older men. Unless we all act like the younger woman is a clueless infant then we are just jealous of them.

No. 1297713

>tinfoil detective
I'm just going by threads on /g/ about ex boyfriends, abusive relationships, sexual experiences etc. A lot of farmers started having sex early, met men online for sex, were promiscuous, dated 4chan moids when they were in their teens etc. And that's not even talking about the kink threads…

No. 1297715

File: 1660198297938.jpeg (462.66 KB, 828x539, D39BBFFB-D94E-4CE2-9CBB-7E2376…)

No. 1297719

Lots of girls start having sex early. Lots of girls are sexually abused as children and young teens. Lots of girls are preyed upon in their formative years and aren’t given the resources or care needed to mend what this does to them. You sound like a scrote. I stand up for young girls because I know what they go through and how they deal with extreme sexualization from a young age just for being girls, not because I feel defensive of your retarded half-baked strawman. Men are so bad at masking online even when they try so hard to sound like women.

No. 1297726

Nta but you can try to help them only just to be told you're old and jealous. I was 19 once too, bullied with a shitty family and still didn't date older guys. It's an excuse because they aged out and feel dumb now.

No. 1297727

Yeah. I'll bet you "know what they went through".

I'm still not going to blanket defend all 18 year old girls with older men though just because you want me to treat them like literal toddlers. I had a difficult childhood too and yet by the time I was 18 I had a pretty good idea that scrotes on 4chan kink threads twice my age weren't good news. I'm sorry this came harder to you but I've met enough younger women who are awful people that I'm not going to defend them. And you can call me a man all you want, out there in the real world the overwhelming majority of other, non internet brained women, agree with me and not you.

No. 1297730

stfu retards. teens are commonly taken advantage of, they often do not know what they're getting into, and i definitely have seen a ton of girls used at 15-19 by disgusting bottom of the barrel niche men particularly if they come from difficult households. absolutely no one gives two single solitary fucks if you didn't do it, it doesn't mean that other girls didn't and don't see that they were naive and seeking affection from the wrong people.

No. 1297731

No. 1297732

>REEEEEEEE I’m smarter than younger women and they’re all disgusting retarded gutter sluts REEEEEEEE

No. 1297733

Why stop at 19? Why not raise the ceiling for not having agency to 23 or something?

No. 1297736

Ah yes, 17 year old girls are such sluts. Those harlots know exactly what they’re doing, ebil ebil jezebels that seduce poor old, vulnerable men. Yes those whores should be known for the sly creatures that they are. The age of consent should be 15 because that’s when they’re really women, those cunning liars.

No. 1297738

There are young women are 17+ who are just innocent and taken advantage of but there are also the ones who think they are a baddie bitch making money because an old scrote purchased her a purse and will tell any woman older than them they are just jealous if they dare to bring it up.

No. 1297739

Also, difficult households, you know nothing about these women. Most of them are white, middle class and privileged. They have parents I wished I would have had. They'll hate their mothers for dumb shit like asking her to do the dishes and their fathers for shit like not letting them go out in a tiny dress.

No. 1297740

Nice imagination. Answer the question. Why stop at 19?

No. 1297742

No. 1297743

>more mad at "zoomer hoes" existing than at your older brother for dating teens
>holding 17 year old girls to a higher standard than predators twice their age
>skanks, hoes, sluts
This is the same male that has been trolling on /snow/. Ignore, don't reply.

No. 1297745

File: 1660199353613.jpeg (456.06 KB, 828x532, 5D9DD2D2-EF70-45FF-BEE0-613CA7…)

No. 1297746

No one ever said that they hold the girls to the higher standard, anons are saying they aren't all innocent virgins being abused by their parents pushed into an old scrotes arms.

No. 1297747

I like how he’s adapted to only saging some of his posts and taking capslock off to sound more like separate people

No. 1297748

File: 1660199451994.jpeg (431.67 KB, 828x532, 120C3E50-2A32-4FB9-9643-33ACAA…)

No. 1297749

Exactly kek it's so embarassingly transparent

No. 1297750

We know this is the most interaction you’ve had with women in weeks btw. Don’t get too excited.

No. 1297751

the fact that you've mirrored it is killing me KEK

No. 1297752

Well, these days zoomers want to push the narrative that everyone is a child until 25 because of that study about brain development. I predict when they hit 30 they will try to disregard every bad choice they have ever made on being just a baby.

No. 1297753

You're arguing with at least one other person, crazyanon.

No. 1297754

File: 1660199573984.jpeg (438.73 KB, 828x540, 45A1AB81-9716-43DF-9272-FD064B…)

No. 1297757

Right. Exactly. They're too cowardly to admit that they genuinely believe these women should not be held responsible for anything they do until they're like 27 or some shit. It's just dumb.

Not every 18 year old who fucks older men is an innocent baby would not be a controversial thing to say anywhere outside of lolcow or reddit.

No. 1297758

Good for you anon, but your personal experience doesn't mean everything. You don't have to have been raised in a bad environment to be a target of predatory men.
It's really telling that people will hear of teenage girls being in relationships with grown men and immediately jump to insulting the teenager, and even insulting the ones who realized it was wrong once they got older. While teenagers not taking warnings about older men is frustrating, a lot of you clearly don't realize that all of that behavior is because of men. Blaming teenagers instead of men is what pedophilic and predatory scrotes want. It's not acceptable to call a 17 year old a slut for being with an older man just because she's a zoomer, especially with the sexual liberation/hypersexual shit that's been happening.

No. 1297759

File: 1660199989931.gif (424.86 KB, 320x240, C232DC4B-3EFF-47E8-B8E1-20A9B2…)

No. 1297760

Tbh I don't think it's a woman. Polfag troon has been spamming today.

No. 1297762

I'm going to go out on a limb here but I don't think an adult man sleeping with an 18 year old is pedophilia. Skeevy and immoral? Yes. Pedophilic? No.

No. 1297763

Nta. Our age of consent is 15. It leads to very weird situaitions, for example pedofile having a kid with a 16yearold being on tv and it's legal. He was hated though as he should. But it also leads to 14 and 13 yearolds lying about their age to people above 15 so they can get sex and it's a problem. They are innicitaing the conversations and then 17yearold who wanted to sleep with a legal 15yearold goes to trial for being a pedofile. I understand that there are lot of young people that get used by older scrotes but there absolutely are weird and honestly scary teenagers out there that know what they are doing is wrong. 15 is hammered into our heads and they still don't want to wait. I can't be sympathetic to these teenagers because they are shitty people. One person i know especially lied about her age then and she still lies about everything 10 years later. Once i was sympathetic and felt sorry for her just to find out she spread rumors that i fucked the whole town the next day.

No. 1297764

Honestly if I had never seen one of these relationships first hand I'd agree with them. I know this girl who is about 19 and dating my brother who is 36, who came in my house and tries to boss me around and tell me what to do because I'm my brothers little sister but I'm still 10 years older than her. She tries to show her maturity to my brother by "protecting/controlling his little sister". I had to move out because she irritated me so much. I can definitely understand how the op who started this conversation feels no empathy for her brothers zoomer gfs.

No. 1297766

You are the op you useless sack of shit

No. 1297767

I was speaking about teenagers in general, anon. I hope you all realize that when men get with young girls, it's not just 18 year old women with 25 year old men or whatever.

No. 1297768

>lied about it

Was she BPD? BPDs lie about sexual trauma all the time. A friend of mine lied to some barfly that she was 16 (our aoc) and fucked him after literally propositioning him and leaving us on our own at the time and then turned around years later and tried to claim it was some awful trauma and that she had been forced into it when we all saw her say straight up she wanted to go back home with him to "have some fun together".

No. 1297769

Do not interact with Blaineposting. Do not encourage Blaineposting. Do not engage with Blaineposting.

No. 1297770

If accusing everyone they are same fagging or a scrote helps you sleep at night hun

No. 1297771

No. 1297772

Don't respond to crazyanon. She was "traumatized" see? I mean she didn't choose to meet up with those 37 internet men she had sex with. Someone put a gun to her head and made her do it.

No. 1297774

Yeah, it's him.

No. 1297777

File: 1660200718229.jpeg (252.45 KB, 828x539, 5C19E14F-E540-4F4F-BAE6-CADB7F…)

No. 1297778

The ironic part is she's probably same fagging herself.

No. 1297780

Extraordinarily jealous of young women and also really wants to fuck his older brother, color me surprised. Guess since he doesn’t feel like spamming cp today he has time for this instead, he’s probably masturbating rn. I’m done replying.

No. 1297781

You should have enough clout with your brother to tell her to fuck off and tell him to dump the little prostitute tbh. My brother usually comes to me with dating advice, not that he listens.

No. 1297782

File: 1660200905507.jpeg (468.36 KB, 828x542, 7B540BD3-029A-4A20-8738-BF8031…)

No. 1297783

My brother is a narcissist who doesn't care about anything but himself. As long as people are being ruse to me and he doesn't have a problem with them he doesn't give a shit.

No. 1297784

She might be. I think she's like a pathological liar because besides "i have a new dog" i haven't heard any true statement from her. She even made up a restaurant where you can put your own stuff on pizza and they cook it for you… which is illegal and doesn't exist. People like that scare me, why would you lie about even such insignificant things that are verifiable…

No. 1297785

No. 1297788

he's a HSTS or pseudobisexual yet still a hon, right? this all would make sense that it'd be him

No. 1297790

The "vortex of lies" thing is a BPD thing. The argument is that they start to lie so much they genuinely can't distinguish truth from what their headcanon is.

No. 1297795

>36 year old man is just "brother"
>woman is "little prostitute"
Is there a phenomenon like boymoms but for women who have brothers?

No. 1297796

they're actually called "men"

No. 1297806

I believe the term is "people who care more about their families than random bitches", i.e. most of humanity outside of farmers with dysfunction familial relationships.

No. 1297808

that sperg is a male.

No. 1297809

File: 1660201758318.jpeg (71.76 KB, 827x384, 9E046242-8500-4986-8A69-44187A…)

No. 1297811

kekkk nonna

No. 1297812

File: 1660202151022.jpeg (108.95 KB, 640x639, 6D66D3CB-C2E2-4815-949E-EEEEF6…)

Please stop replying to the tranny spewing ‘17 year old girls are major skanks and used up whores. Don’t mind the older men tho’

No. 1297815

I know this is Buffalo Bill but his eyes are like, sparkling

No. 1297818

Zoomers normalized "rimming". For this alone they should be hated.

No. 1297820

The booty obsession zoomers have is weird. I can understand appreciating a woman with a big ass and think she looks good but I don't get people who wanna do stuff with assholes.

No. 1297823

File: 1660202730178.jpeg (56.47 KB, 428x541, 3B546EED-4630-400C-86FF-95C716…)

No. 1297824

I blame Millennial gays.

No. 1298130

can everyone please stop answering the penis-haver

No. 1299645

File: 1660322946952.jpeg (273.21 KB, 938x1158, B03586A5-73FB-4EB8-A369-EAEEB9…)

Which one of you tweeted this?

No. 1299655

What the fuck is wrong with these gay men in their 20s with ugly haircuts spilling "tea" on teenagers

No. 1301668

I'll make it easy for everyone:

If you were born on or before 2000, you are a Millennial, named after being born before the turn of the 21st century… aka the MILLENIUM hurr durr.

Sick of old boomer journalists diddling with this very plain and easy to understand concept.

No. 1301995

I'm an older zoomer myself but I dated a younger zoomer guy who thought it was totally normal to need at least 40 minutes of PIV to cum&hel