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File: 1667746274026.jpg (43.61 KB, 448x596, 0e7896b160f56b4275007e1df259d6…)

No. 1399953

We made it to a hundred, nonnitas!

Previous dumb: >>>/ot/1388366

No. 1399971

>be mentally ill
>make art
>still mentally ill

No. 1400039

I want to have sex with so much sexy cute scrotes

No. 1400047

Im on da terlet

No. 1400054

My ex applied for the job for the firm i own after he tried his damnedest to gaslight me out of any sort of career outside of nursing. I feel like trolling him and calling him to an interview just for him to see my face. He doesn't even know I moved to his area

No. 1400062

File: 1667752225084.jpg (72.84 KB, 945x548, 2.jpg)

she won.

No. 1400070

does he not know you own the firm? if so that's the funniest shit if you make him show up kek

No. 1400095

Is she crying?

No. 1400115

No. 1400133

only tears of joy

No. 1400138

Dunno much about this new scrote but at least physically he's less repulsive than nadeer. Allah bless her.

No. 1400140

this feels like an exact plot for a dhar mann video

No. 1400147

File: 1667755809495.gif (3.94 MB, 480x270, 1642423959058.gif)

I just realized that i have no memory of my previous birthdays because my mom always forced me to invite my family(whom i hate) and never had friends. This time i am going to change that, I will spend the day playing DOOM and watching Godzilla.

No. 1400167

Good for you anon, happy birthday!

No. 1400182

who is that

No. 1400186

File: 1667758021152.jpg (146.32 KB, 600x757, Hank-Green-1.jpg)

He is my nerd husbando. Not because I am attracted to him, but because I survive uni thanks to him

No. 1400187

Is that Chantal??

No. 1400206

File: 1667759422593.jpeg (527.39 KB, 750x822, C08FAAFC-B445-4320-B9E0-D601BA…)

Hubba hubba he can jumpscare me with those titties wowza

No. 1400216

Yes it's Chantal. Apparently she's converted to Islam, flew to Kuwait, and married a moid she met on the internet. The whole thing is milky as hell.

No. 1400217

Cute pic for a cute milestone for a cute thread for cute nonnies, except you, Jessica.

No. 1400221

THEY GOT MARRIED? Holy shit I need to tune in

No. 1400230

File: 1667760610347.jpg (80.43 KB, 500x667, 0bf09363aa7ee1fd209cf24a2286d8…)

I just realized that since I eat meat again, I can also eat gummies and marshmallows. Brb, getting gummy worms.

No. 1400231

damn all this milk and the farms are dead

No. 1400233

File: 1667760708743.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1653917332072.jpg)


No. 1400242

who is chantal

No. 1400243

File: 1667761223022.jpg (168.96 KB, 736x860, f62c946f7519a8af5d89a722f8426d…)

I just realized how obvious my typing style is, especially for the threads where I am a regular. I'm sorry, nonitas. I hope I'm not too annoying

No. 1400248

foodie beauty

No. 1400249

Happy Birthday anon!

No. 1400250

Lisa frank threw up on this canvas

No. 1400254

lolcow.farm is dead and irrelevant now. rip the farms…

No. 1400256

File: 1667762226171.png (3.58 MB, 1500x1500, 3x3.png)

Wish we had a 3x3 thread, would love to know more about what anime/cartoons/comics, etc nonnas like. Here is my lame taste in american animation, half of them got cancelled kek.

No. 1400258

File: 1667762261342.png (13.67 KB, 1500x1500, 1655876118953.png)

and here is the template if anyone wants to join

No. 1400259

I think there was one on m, remake the thread

No. 1400263

We used to have one

No. 1400268

Aw nonnie loves watching cartoons, you guys are so cute sometimes

No. 1400269

I feel mean for doing that but i was laughing my ass off when a FtM that I know shared her picture without her face where she was laying in pants and a blouse and there was no buldge found at all. I remember I used to wish to 'fix her' but she is a woman in her 30s who have turned out to be an incredibly shitty and manipulative person, and I wish her bullshit will go back to her. She literally threaten to doxx and turn a friends family against a guy with autism all because he wrote his opinion on twitter about a BPD streamer cow getting into drama, which was nothing but a respectful tweet about him saying he is leaving the community. So damn dumb.

No. 1400272

File: 1667764006509.png (131.63 KB, 417x457, artistic individual.png)

in my defense 4 of them are for adults

No. 1400276

File: 1667764551443.gif (14.25 KB, 220x220, point.gif)

ongezellig enjoyer

No. 1400288

File: 1667765036716.jpeg (920.67 KB, 2400x2400, peach jello.jpeg)

I've been vegetarian since I was 12 but only for taste preference and not any kind of moral reasons, so I've always eaten gummies and marshmallows and stuff like that since it's nothing like meat. Could never give up peach jello for any reason though, shit is amazing

No. 1400290

nonnie some gelatin has crushed animal bones in it…

No. 1400293

yeah I'm fully aware, I know it doesn't make me a "real" vegetarian then but what would you call me? "non-meat eater" or something right? Sounds accurate but kind of dumb to have to say every single time, I'd rather just say I'm vegetarian lol

No. 1400298

I guess plant based would be an accurate term but idk. Even thought I occasionally eat meat now, I still call myself vegetarian because I've been doing it for so long.

No. 1400302

I mean you were probably a child when you used to eat those foods consistently so I don’t think it’s that serious tbh,

No. 1400311

this nona just out there lying to people

No. 1400313

> I still call myself vegetarian
Anon if you eat meat even sometimes you aren’t a vegetarian kek you remind me of my childhood friend when we were kids who used to say she was a vegetarian but she ate chicken nuggets

No. 1400316

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was at primary school and don’t eat gelatine, the only sweets I eat are Haribo strawberries. Gelatine has animal bones in kek

No. 1400320

Same fag harribo strawberries are vegetarian that’s why I eat them

No. 1400321

Yes anon, I know.

No. 1400329

What part of "for taste preference" isn't clicking… Yes I'm technically not vegetarian but it's not that serious. I don't like anything that tastes like meat and gummy shit is sweet and is nothing like meat, I have no personal moral reasons or beliefs for not eating animals so that's why I don't care if something is directly made from an animal. If it doesn't taste like meat chances are I'll probably enjoy it

No. 1400330

how do the bones turn into jello anyway (no i will not google i want the tl;dr)

No. 1400332

They're boiled to release the collagen.

No. 1400337

are you transvegetarian?

No. 1400351

Are you for real kekkk

No. 1400352

I want to post the black model to celebricows to annoy them

No. 1400360

When people text me multiple times in a row, I just want to ignore them. Not because they're doing anything wrong though.

No. 1400367


No. 1400368

Spotted the triggered celebricow poster kekk

No. 1400369

I always get those gummy sharks cuz they’re so cute but they’re always disgusting reee why

No. 1400370

File: 1667769644872.gif (872.49 KB, 500x235, fb1ed1142f5cd9ad9ebbae4944ab50…)

I am so tired of my favourite things always getting cancelled while crap like big mouth gets 5 seasons

No. 1400373

File: 1667769708864.png (942.25 KB, 1344x706, Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_3.06…)

i keep reading this as terflet

No. 1400374

scrote went and got me some burgies and lime soda.

No. 1400376

kek third toilet option for just terfs

No. 1400380

maybe trannies won't try to invade this one

No. 1400382


No. 1400383

I grease stained another fucking shirt. I get why my aunt just boils everything in water maybe I'll just become like her fuck my life

No. 1400385

can't believe you've been missing the entire kuwait beeze arc this whole time

No. 1400391

Try cleaning the spot with a good strong dish soap. Like dawn or Palmolive if those are available for you.

No. 1400408

No. 1400412

I love this picture

No. 1400413

Post her in the attractive women you want to fuck or the other cute/hot/sexy woman threads in /g/ she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, she’s just so felinesque and cute

No. 1400416

I don't think you understand, they only post her to bait anons

No. 1400418

No. 1400423

Josh is seething,throwing up and eating garden peppers covered in pigeon shit right now. His lady is officially off the market

No. 1400426

File: 1667771562858.png (1.87 MB, 1500x1479, 3B562394-4368-48B0-A960-E71AE5…)

When I go to bed at night I still dream about Goro Akechi to go to sleep

No. 1400429

I’m too lazy to do the grid right now but my favourite cartoon is Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated. I got undiagnosed with autism btw

No. 1400431

What's stopping him from going into the desert to go get his bride to be back from Salad? #IfHeWantedToHeWould

No. 1400440

File: 1667772255594.gif (1.25 MB, 480x272, salah.gif)

How can he compete with this? I mean at best the winking gif of Josh is cute but this is the man piping down his queen now. I'm about to really get into Chantal, I like how she does what she wants, fucks up her life but with a smile.

No. 1400444

>I got undiagnosed with autism btw
wait so you were diagnosed and then they undid it?

No. 1400448

true, salad has that sexy widows peak KEK. josh just cannot compare to that halal lovin… honestly i know chantal is supposed to be annoying but i can't get mad at her, she i just funny at this point.

No. 1400451

kek the last part of your post sends me

No. 1400464

I was diagnosed as a kid and recently got undiagnosed, if that makes sense. I have a lot of mental issues but autism isn’t one of them. Though my cousin has brain damage and I saw him and his family the other week and it reminded me to count my blessings

No. 1400472

File: 1667773756841.png (2.03 MB, 1194x1157, 1667649059183.png)

not the garden peppers covered in pigeon shit. kekkkkk.

No. 1400480

If I ever go to New York, I'm ya

No. 1400481

Sorry I posted this on accident. If I ever go to New York I'm taking one of the pigeons. Bird diseases be damned.

No. 1400496

>autism is mental illness

No. 1400501

pompous dick

No. 1400521

I spent all weekend breeding 600 pigs, just so I have red pandas to stare at later

No. 1400524

I am pretty sure I can manipulate my boyfriend into proposing by strategically sending him certain videos to manipulate his algorithm to show more proposal/engagement videos. I don't care if it's unethical.

No. 1400547

Go for it and let us know if you succeed, i'm genuinely curious

No. 1400665

Gonna watch From Scratch. I heard some things about this show. Hope it doesn't make me cry! I don't just the Italian dude already though. I feel like he will betray her.

No. 1400722

I am so goddam sick, but at least i am losing weight because i have 0 appetite

No. 1400725

80s cartoons are wild i am watching one where the heroes have to team up with a nazi soldier

No. 1400733

File: 1667783926169.jpg (75.95 KB, 432x622, d7545fa95b0aa4b95ee1a884ec3a57…)

That's just Jojo part 2

No. 1400741

I have seen several JoJo memes and clips yet i still have no idea what the anime is about

No. 1400750

Its about a bunch of generations from a family linage fighting evil guys

No. 1400773

and they all look gay as hell

No. 1400775

I’m black and I’m always attracted to girly looking skinny school shooters types. I always get excited to date these kind of men but then I realize I need to back off and not blow their ego up becuz they aren’t used to female attention becuz those men are losers in their culture. I see white women calling dream ugly but I thought that would be like an 8 in my eyes.

No. 1400782

File: 1667786596808.jpeg (95.42 KB, 554x829, 1525ea8d-3619-4ced-bc12-09a3d7…)

lmao my mom told me she sharted today its killing me why did she need to tell me this? We have no boundaries when it comes to weird health stuff i love her

No. 1400815

i thought it was a meme but i think i legitimately grew into my nose.

No. 1400832

Valid. Don't tell black twitter how you feel lmao.

No. 1400840

>I see white women calling dream ugly but I thought that would be like an 8 in my eyes.
Only part of your post that made me think "Nonna stop"

No. 1400853

weird post but I don't know how dream qualifies as a "girly looking skinny school shooters type" he's just a average looking guy to me, not really special way or the other in terms of looks

No. 1400858

you need to see a therapist, you only like those type of men because you have low self steem and want to be desired by men who you think are so desperate they will do anything for your attention, but in reality those type of men think you are ugly and will not settle down for a woman thats less of a 9/10 because of their inflated egos.

No. 1400866

Naw I genuinely thought those guys were hot before I even knew they had a reputation for being losers in their culture. I remember I found this blonde skinny guy and he was always so confused as to why I had sex with him so easily and why I was so into him, of course he started treating me like shit. I guess it’s kind of like how when skinny blonde men go to Tokyo and get tons of girls wanting them but white women think they are creeps.

No. 1400869

File: 1667794187919.jpg (1.95 MB, 3264x2448, near-dark.jpg)

>one chance at life
>born in the decade with the ugliest looking scrotes
why wasnt i born in the 80s nonnas…

No. 1400871

NTA, but nothing about anon's post indicates she's necessarily someone moids would find ugly tbf. It's not 2009 anymore. Everyone knows hot black women exist, even racist incels

No. 1400872

it doesnt matter if she's pretty or not, those moids have insanely high standars thanks to porn

No. 1400874

I'm kinda glad i had two shitty exes because otherwise I wouldn't have became as cute as I am now. Maybe I was already going through the journey of glowing up, but I feel they helped. They fueled my compulsion to nitpick my appearance even before any red flags came up. I guess I was trying to become more attractive for them. But man have I come a long way. It's kind of weird too, like why would a scrote willingly date an ugly girl just to be awful to her? I mean it makes sense but also like it takes a kind heart. As kind as scrotes can be anyway. And they were kind, up until they weren't. Makes me wonder if it had to do with me getting prettier? hmmmmm, so much to think about. I definitely learnt so much about myself, and the more beautiful I get, the more "me" I become. Now thankfully with no moid help. It's never made sense as much as it does now. I'm still sad they were just a means to an end, I would have much rather they'd turned out the "meant to be" I'd thought for so long. I was fine being ugly.

No. 1400881

Would you rather have a threesome with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos or Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro?

No. 1400891

>but then I realize I need to back off and not blow their ego up becuz they aren’t used to female attention becuz those men are losers in their culture.
I'm non-white and they've had the same reaction with me. I think it's less not being used to female attention and more that they think if they're attractive to non-white women, then surely they're attractive to white women, which naturally they prefer. It sucks but they get stuck with the mindset and can seemingly never shake it off, ruining otherwise good relationships and ending up miserable once reality sets in. Sweet comeuppance for taking for granted one-of-a-kind affection.

No. 1400894


No. 1400896

>ugliest looking scrotes
Not to mention COMPLETELY devoid of masculinity. Such shite. All these ugly moids thinking their warped perception of "alpha" behavior is true masculinity, so fucking pathetic.

No. 1400904

Ntayrt but from what I've seen the racist incels into black women only post women from porn specifically, especially on /pol/.

No. 1400988

It’s weird to me that idubbbz took Anisa’s last name

No. 1400990

Do you only like them physically or are you specifically attracted to desperate incels/borderline incels?

No. 1401000

File: 1667802130427.gif (294.38 KB, 497x500, MYLITTLEPUSSY.gif)

I feel bad about not wanting to talk or interact with anybody for really long periods of time (sometimes entire months) but it's genuinely something I would want. It feels like any form of small talk no matter how minimal is draining and tiring to me, think I might have ASPD to some extent but idk tbh

No. 1401002

>elon sperging the entire time while bezos fucks me awkwardly, eyes wide open the entire time while he's imagining a younger hotter woman. I lick his bald scalp at some point out of curiousity.
>ben is desperate for daddy peterson's attention but peterson is high on something and badly eating my pussy and paying no attention to him. peterson eventually passes out and then ben and i have missionary
i'll go with peterson and shapiro.

No. 1401006

you're just introverted nonna

No. 1401010

I know nothing about persona but I love this kind of image. I need more edits of this.

You do know there's a western animation thread, right? Please bump it I wanna talk about cartoons but no one seems to care about that thread lately

I found a website for this https://www.montagesphoto.com/montages/595

No. 1401012

I know that but it's to a really extreme degree, like hikikomori extreme

No. 1401025

Farmers please rate my first rap attempt
“Menstruating, so I wanna be copulating
Nine eleven so I’m memorate-ing”

(I came up with this on 9/11 that’s why I mentioned it)

No. 1401031

Ooh I have another one incoming

When you argue
Ad Hominem
Danny Elfman come get ‘em
Your Nigel looks constipated
Not sophisticated
Prostate not intact, busted by impact,
Hole of a faggot with maggot too
Post-wall by twenty two
No pack, it’s whack, flat pec,
What a wreck, snap his neck,
What I’d do if I was you

No. 1401037

File: 1667807499650.jpeg (169.79 KB, 1174x1174, E3D07C5C-4AFD-4D9F-B870-9B021F…)

Day seven no Wonho Nightwing pics

No. 1401052

nona I absolutely tripped, I'm feminem poster and a massive danny elfman fan are you actually rap-manifesting me? I FEEL SUMMONED

No. 1401054

Why yes I am, miss targeted individual! xoxo

No. 1401056

now I am here I will say BARS BARS BARS NONA YESSS pls spit more

No. 1401061

Now that twitter is officially going down the shitter in record time thanks to muskrat, facebook being considered obsolete in most parts of the world along with meta being a huge failure, and tumblr still struggling to stay relevant even with it's own niche communities, what social media platform do you guys think is going to be the next big one?

No. 1401063

Fucking Kek anon, accurate

No. 1401065

I can't see new 'next big thing' emerging anytime soon tbh. Respective groups will keep chugging along on their respective platforms. (facebook: boomers, twitter:weird nerds, tumblr: ???) There is also a shared factor of normies who don't care about all this stuff and just want to use social media for judging people in their life.

No. 1401077

Go white girl Go!
Made your husbando
a pussy afficiando
I’m a fujo who speak no Italiano
But I make the faggotini bone
Rap career of my own,
In lolcow I am known
I shit up the thread of dumbass
More than a scrote
I ain’t broke, the chain ain’t brass
On a boat, smoking grass
The Goat giving you the ick
Yes I got a bone to pick
Rich nonnie, pretty like Carla Bruni
Best of lolcow, it’s mi mi mi

Um. I tried my best. Hope you like it bestie !

No. 1401092

File: 1667815137204.jpg (63.52 KB, 720x691, a72ddff9043272f5b402539284efa4…)

genuinely fucking hilarious "I make the faggotini bone" is so NUANCED AND FUNNY aaaaa I'm screenshotting these for the hard times when I need some poetic levity
more when you can please seriously never stop

No. 1401180

i think you replied to me when i said i was going to get my period on halloween last month

No. 1401182

File: 1667822584912.jpg (20.28 KB, 720x400, The.Devils.Hour.S01E06.jpg)

Autists le bad, soulless. Only mother could love me them. Got it. Thanks, Doctor.

No. 1401236

I've started myself exactly once after eating a lot of fish cakes and it's scarring. I would never admit this to another human being

No. 1401241

I’m in a teeny tiny fandom and somehow Ryan Reynolds of all people is ruining it by butting his ugly mug in and making a tumblr


No. 1401258

I know who you are and I'm telling everyone.

No. 1401389

I love seeing nonas talk about their kids here kek. It's always a bit jarring to realize that there are women on here who have kids. I remember one anon saying she was like 50 or something, and another anon (who was shitting on the parents of ipad kids) saying something like "kids are so easy to please, if all I have to do is sing about bananas to my daughter then I'll do it!"

I don't want children but I eagerly await for the day my friends have kids or something so I can babysit for them. It takes a village sort of shit and I want to be a part of my friend's support system. I know nothing about childrearing or how to even hold a baby so it's really terrifying but I can't wait to revert back to my full retarded child self and pretend play opening a restaurant or house or something. The closest I've ever gotten so far was when I studied abroad and went to visit my friend and her host family. There was a little girl there and she'd always hold onto us and lean back with her full weight while we gently swayed from side to side. She'd say "big sister~ big sister~" to us and we'd always reply "yeees~?" I visited her again a few years ago and she was showing me her toys and legos.

No. 1401415

File: 1667839916244.jpg (65.04 KB, 560x700, dfaf0c8520324c14f4876720695479…)

Ryan Reynolds has such small and close together eyes that he looks like these insufferable adhd crosseyed cats

No. 1401427

File: 1667840332053.jpg (152.23 KB, 736x1126, 2204bdcdd04a100b991fc17b3d4269…)

I need to lose weight urgently. I used to be perceived as "hot girl that is kinda weird", but since gaining a ton of weight, I'm just "fat sperg". I wanna be able to say shit freely again. I did it once, I can do it twice

No. 1401461

File: 1667841851344.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.76 KB, 1200x1590, C49E695D-BFF0-4F17-BB9D-F0148C…)

At church I sat across from a guy wearing a suit jacket with narrow lapels over a dress shirt with no tie, and even though I’d never seen him before I was having this visceral feeling of disgust and negativity towards him that I didn’t understand. Eventually I realized it was because the outfit made him look like Elon Musk.

No. 1401499

Little girl in my building was carrying two laundry baskets at once while coming through the back door, asked her if she needed any help and was like "nah I do this EVERY DAY" and continues down the hall. I'm opening my apartment door and she stocks her head back around the corner and adds "and I don't need help cause I lift my cousin's big ass dumbbells" lol

No. 1401503

Was watching some video about modern dating woes. It was a womans vid but the comment section was full of men claiming that men are dying alone because women are only dating the top 5 percent of men..

Men are dying alone.. women are fine because we're sharing the same very small number of men amongst each other. Wut? the numbers don't add up. Are we sisterwives? Are we each only getting a week with nigel

No. 1401505

Literally any video about dating woes and how they affect women in some way is literally men acting like babies, i am so glad most of them are dying alone.

No. 1401508

It's always funny when they do this on reddit, Facebook or whatever and you point out in their public profile they have a long comment history of having multiple LTRs if not flings. I imagine if all the "women only choose top men" comments were only able to be commented by confirmed, long term single men then it would be cut down a lot

No. 1401510

File: 1667844808841.jpg (313.38 KB, 1242x1330, EqdQBplXcAATW5h.jpg_large.jpg)

Whenever im horny and anything horny happens i become asexual and nonbinary.

No. 1401529

How stupid is it to buy/learn/play bass guitar if I know 100% I will never be in a band or anything?

I periodically make stupid purchases but I’m trying to hold off on this one until I get good at regular guitar at least.

No. 1401533

File: 1667846301420.jpg (133.15 KB, 1020x560, Ribbed-Bag.jpg)

I love crocheting ribbing so much. A good back post and front post hdc really gets me going.

No. 1401539

Not dumb. You can just learn it for yourself and for fun! I want to pick up learning an instrument one day just to know how to play one, but I'm musically retarded.

No. 1401559

File: 1667848076563.png (12.42 KB, 447x83, 1667835197638.png)

ive been staring at this and I don't know what he means, kek. As much as Jerma has declined (to me), he's still entertaining. Truly the dumbest shit I've seen today

No. 1401569

Saw this on the front page and had a stroke considering my straight as fuck brother watches jerma religiously guess I gotta give him the bad news

No. 1401574

Damn guess my transphobic ass is a tranny now. No annoying tranny can ever accuse me of being a terf again.

No. 1401578

I hate that it's so hard to find scentless feminine wash in stores. It's like if you want one you have to buy it online. and before anyone gets on me for buying vaginal wash, it's for my ass.

No. 1401581

so sassy nobody can stop her, i love it

No. 1401586

File: 1667850654771.jpg (287.95 KB, 1428x812, hamsterss.jpg)

I held out for half a year to get a cow looking one and settled on a brown one and now all the pet shops have cow ones. It's bullshit

No. 1401592

it's very readily available where I'm from and I too use it for my ass (and legs too)

No. 1401593

Lol you have me a good laugh even though my mouth is numb from dental work

No. 1401596

File: 1667851556478.jpg (40.91 KB, 612x408, how now brown cow.jpg)

You just got a brown cow hamster, anon.

No. 1401598

File: 1667851671530.jpg (30.18 KB, 430x720, 6075c2dc3687a1a6cd6d82df0c9e82…)

get a cow suit nonna

No. 1401600

I feel sad for your hamster that you're saying you have settled for it

No. 1401603

File: 1667851976489.jpeg (33.52 KB, 228x274, B7EEF9B0-8F83-4780-869A-823865…)

ive bcome what you almost feared. what you tried to hear the wind in yer hair imcomin for yew

No. 1401612

lmao schizo-chan being redtexted over 34 times in the previous vent thread makes me laugh.

No. 1401613

She is in the 1% of hamsters she has an etsy wheel and IKEA enclosure don't pity her
Oh my God

No. 1401618

My phone keeps restarting by itself. I'm going to lose it.

No. 1401621


No. 1401623

It was a typo cunt

No. 1401627

like youve never made a mistake while using spoilers PFFFFT.
Yeah i agree that other anon was weird too, both of them sounded like they were bored and trolling or were genuine schizos.

No. 1401637

She was in the stupid questions thread getting mad at an anon for asking about when she was gonna make a thread, claiming it would take MONTHS of research kek. If you know so much why can’t you do a quick type up and add onto it as time goes on? Not that hard. Everyone knows about monitoring apps anyways but I really doubt it’s that easy for anyone with $400 to get full surveillance with just a phone number. Just seems like retardation all around.

No. 1401648

>facebook being considered obsolete in most parts of the world
Happy about Meta failing, but is this really true? Facebook is still one of the (if not the) most used social networks outside of the first world. That's a shitton of people btw

No. 1401653

I did make a mistake once, when I was a newfag

No. 1401655

It's called autocorrect, retard

No. 1401691

I want to get married but just so I could dress nicely and have a special romantic day, marriage freaks me out. I just want to sew a special gown embroidered with red tulips and forget-me-not's and design some beautiful headwear. I should just make the (head)dress now and save it for if the right moid ever comes along.

No. 1401702

>facebook being considered obsolete in most parts of the world
That's unfortunately wrong, in first world countries boomers and X gens use it more than millenials and zoomers and they don't know how to navigate the internet while avoid ads and they have purchasing power so that's already a lot of people. Many millenials made their accounts when fb wasn't seen as obsolete at all and a lot of keep their accounts "just in case" even if they don't post anything, for example to use messenger or because it's their only way to stay in touch with all their family at once. Don't get me started with third world countries. Meta is a failure alright but despite that it's still way more influential than twitter.

>what social media platform do you guys think is going to be the next big one?

Not sure if we can call it that since it's a video platform but I hope tiktok will be next. People use it as social media anyway so it counts. It's very unlikely to sink any time soon but let's hope some plot twist will happen in a few years or whatever.

No. 1401710

I hate when anons on here pretend to be non-threatening and cute, you aren’t cute you’re a fucking demon who just IP swapped after you called some fat Onlyfans cow a whore kek

No. 1401714

Not everyone uses the cow boards nonnicita

No. 1401717

I'm actually cute!

No. 1401730

I love drowning myself in perfume. I'm not finished spraying until I can taste the alcohol. I get compliments though, so I choose to believe I do not offend anyone else's senses.
I am genuinely non-threatening though. I'm a scaredy cat who gets afraid of walking through birds in parking lots. I do call many anons retarded though.

No. 1401753

You right In my case because I am a pussy irl but I will gladly talk shit on cows if they really deserve it

No. 1401757




No. 1401771


No. 1401777


No. 1401780

File: 1667861043584.jpg (27.2 KB, 512x512, birb.jpg)

What's reality? I don't know. When my Nonnie was looking at my computer monitor I thought, "That Farmer has no idea what she's looking at." And yet what does the Farmer do? Does she panic? No, she can't really panic, she just does the best she can.
Is she able to live in a world where she's so ignorant? Well, she doesn't really have a choice. The Farmer is okay even though she doesn't understand the world. You're that Nonnie looking at the monitor, and you're thinking to yourself, I can figure this out. Maybe you have some Farmer ideas. Maybe that's the best you can do.

No. 1401802

i though the britbongs all being ugly as fuck was just a meme, but wow

No. 1401832

reminds me of this one time i gave a guy like that a compliment and he wouldn't shut up about it and kept thanking me over and over again when he saw me.

No. 1401858

i cant stop thinking about that time some school classmates told me i could be a model, i wonder if they were joking or what

No. 1401869

Maybe you're just super sexy nonita.

No. 1401917

Does anyone else sometimes when they’re about to drift off to sleep land get hit by this jolt of realisation that reality will never measure up to the dream scenarios you were imagining when you’re trying to fall asleep, and the sudden shock is so jarring you get anxious and sad so you can’t fall asleep for a couple of hours? It happens to me like every 3 nights and this is one of those nights

No. 1401922

This only happens to me after I finish dreaming and is why I cry first thing in the morning.

No. 1401924

>be me
>bf breaks up with me
>be desperate and browse yt and internet for tips
>land on suspicious pua sites for mras or smth
>read all of the content
>implement it
>ex bf wants me back now kek

No. 1401931

>be super sleepy and go to bed early to get lots of sleep
>wake up after only three hours in the middle of the night
>can't fall back asleep
The world is a cruel and unfair place.

No. 1401966

That’s suspicious. Full moon for both of us. Makes the dreams crazy.

No. 1401968

Omg anon me too! I also had a horrific nightmare.

No. 1401979

The moon creatures influencing out SUBCONSCIOUS and feeding on our fear for the next phase.

No. 1401982

>change personality and buy into scams like pua shit for a scrote
>thinks moids wanting you back means anything

nona i promise you can do so much better than whatever the fuck this is. i swear therapy is faster and more meaningful than this too

No. 1401983

We’re onto a conspiracy! Someone phone joe fast!1

No. 1401986

ugh im going insane, i have a scrote coworker with the cutest mannerisms and he's just so adorable wishing everyone in meetings a good day and being so happy go lucky and nobody reciprocates his energy not even me because I feel it's inappropriate and also I'm just a cold bitch that prefers keeping things short and work related and i just hope he doesn't feel bad ughhhh

No. 1401989

>has period
>feels typical blood clot chunk coming out
>goes to bathroom
>looks and instead of it being a blood clot it looks like a fleshy white mass mixed with tissue and blood like it was created in a scifi lab
>not sexually active so not pregnant/ectopic r pregnancy cancelled out
>slightly mesmerized
>was also put on hormonal contraceptives a month ago

nonnies I’m scared has this happened to any of you?

No. 1401991

seriously like everyone ignores him and one time he said a self deprecating joke and i just hope he stops of his own accord but if he doesn't want to fine, i just hope it doesn't get to him. he really uplifts me though i'm always carrying a serious face. It's not welcome but I don't mind it

No. 1401995

I've shedded pale pink veiny bits before, you're probably okay

No. 1401996

I just had a McDonald's chicken nugget for the first time in a millennium. It was delicious. Nice and piping hot.

No. 1401999

The moon? Round. BUT sometimes? CRESCENT. Now what does that sound like? CROISSANT. The emblem of the FRENCH. See inside the croissant of the sky? Holes. Who put them there? Who has loyalty to the ‘CRESCENT’…
The FRENCH. They are inside the moon. From little holes they influence magnetic forces, and the ‘eiffel’/eyefold (think eye of horus from the ancient egyptians who later moved to france and established france) tower manipulates the signal. The FRENCH use the crescent to manipulate us. And feed on our fear. When the moon waxes full, the FRENCH ‘eye/moon’ is open. The all seeing french. Why do they want our fear? Because they are an enlightened people, from ancient Egypt, the eiffel/EYE FOLD horus knowing people, and understand the creation of energy from fear. How did they come up with so many things? They will use this energy to establish their dark kingdom on the CROISSANT/CRESCENT moon. And attempt to enslave humanity. We will not surrender #liberty

No. 1402003

This all seems to make sense… Until you realise it’s what Big Cheese wants you to think. Where the fuck do they store all of the milk until it becomes stinky and hard? Some super secret underground lair we can’t seem to see with our own two eyes, and it’s allegedly so spacey that they have supply 7.5 billion people. All underground. Or simply, as all of our foremothers have warned us about, the “moon” is just a wheel of Parmesan. Make your choice, modern woman. Pick wisely.

No. 1402026

spill. only to reject them after lol

No. 1402036

File: 1667877248099.jpeg (15.11 KB, 275x206, 1667812209890.jpeg)

when I see girls on LSA calling males "scrotes" my heart gets warm. >Inb4 go back
No, I've used both since lolcow was created.

No. 1402049

Applying PUA tactics on a moid is based if you also dump him soon after lol

No. 1402051

Damn sounds kind of good. I just had starbucks but they should rename it shartbucks because it made my stomach a lil queasy

No. 1402052

The loser ex boyfriend thread on /g/ is my favorite thread of all time. Some of the schizo scrotes nonas meet are truly one of a kind weirdos that only imageboard users can attract. Gives me a great laugh reading through some of the insane stories.

No. 1402058

all this talk about moons yet no mention of the blood moon tomorrow?

No. 1402060

I can't have long nails for the next month or so, and I'm very sad about it.

No. 1402080

File: 1667881472169.jpg (76.82 KB, 612x472, 1652637184657.jpg)

No. 1402096

Do you not know any normie women? Most scrotes are just shitty, most women are in shit tier relationships if not had shitty boyfriends in the past

No. 1402105

>Most scrotes are just shitty
No one said they weren't

No. 1402119

Hate when I pour a drink and it goes glugluglgug instead of a smooth pour like poouuuur. Godnight anons.

No. 1402139

I hallucinated I had a slightly more defined nose tip. I’m so sad nonnas, why would my brain play this cruel joke on me? It was realistic enough for me to believe it and ALL day yesterday. Took pics and it’s the next day and it doesn’t look like that. But in the pics from yesterday they do. Hmmm

No. 1402141

Isn’t it tonight

No. 1402143

I mean maybe you just have a bit more water retention today or something

No. 1402155

do you ever wanna eat your own pussy? like bc you are so desperate for your pussy to get ate you are like man it would be awesome if I could just eat my own pussy rn and I know i'd do a really good job of it too

No. 1402171

No. 1402173

yeah but not cus I want my pussy ate but because I feel like I need to eat pussy or I'll expire like some vagitarian vampire

No. 1402180

No. 1402183

Is it back yet

No. 1402184

why is bread so good

No. 1402185

i missed u nonnies

No. 1402186


No. 1402187

Hi anons! I can't believe we're back!

No. 1402188

fuck you

No. 1402189


No. 1402190

File: 1668024478762.png (1.07 MB, 1920x2078, cowdown.png)


No. 1402191

come here first

No. 1402193

Well, that was horrible, I was already tired from cc

No. 1402194

Lorcor how I missed thee

No. 1402196

File: 1668024605794.jpg (57.83 KB, 720x720, 7d345ecc0938050e509e3ce22b5e38…)

Thank fuuuck, missed you my nonnies

No. 1402197

Thank god I can close the tab on that god forsaken cc thread

No. 1402198

you know those videos where farm animals who have had to stay inside for the winter react so happily when they are finally able to go out again and eat grass and stuff? i feel like that

No. 1402199


No. 1402200

File: 1668024663585.jpg (112.04 KB, 1280x1280, janitor note.jpg)

(yes the site is back and yes i did make that post saying why the site was down on c.cafe)

No. 1402201


No. 1402202

Cute pic anon ♥
Thank god that's over. Wonder if we'll get an explanation. I won't count on it though.(Explanation : there was a posting error due to some site updates and we are also looking for payment alternatives for this site due to having issues with our payment host.)

No. 1402203

File: 1668024687978.jpeg (17.6 KB, 471x312, 1664812209309.jpeg)

nonas infighting in the containment thread about kpop and "y'all" and Twitter

No. 1402204

File: 1668024694337.png (86.22 KB, 720x540, 1665841427097.png)

Anyone else get permabanned for no discernible reason on CC? Glad to be back

No. 1402205

you have a problem with that?

No. 1402207

She'll probably say it was more scheduled maintenance and leave it at that. Has she talked to her hugbo- the discord server?

No. 1402208

The worst edition of bunker threads so far, but at least I hope some nonnies came with an understanding of the hows and whys of racebaiting and integrating kek

No. 1402209

Kek Steve at the bottom

No. 1402210

I was hoping the seething about Anok Yai would be the final level before it got worse. So glad ♥

No. 1402211

File: 1668024812486.png (27.14 KB, 1086x230, casey anthony.PNG)

Ryan Murphy, you did this.

No. 1402212

I think I'm in that discord and nobody posted anything substantial in it

No. 1402213

I reported like nearly half the bunker thread for infighting. Sorry

No. 1402214

File: 1668024826798.jpeg (63.56 KB, 567x545, F761B0AD-56CA-4157-8F71-36B2D3…)


No. 1402215

File: 1668024826360.gif (6.18 MB, 200x200, baking bread.gif)

how are you doing nonnies!

No. 1402216

At least that felt like lolcow, the previous threads were feeling off to me.

No. 1402217

for anyone interested in the explanation

No. 1402218

Fair enough, but I wasn't infighting at all. Just posted about Christmas and missing Lc in the first thread, before the infighting even began. Oh well not like I ever use the site

No. 1402220

File: 1668025045709.jpg (17.29 KB, 275x269, 1659053835149.jpg)

No. 1402221

Everytime I go to CC I feel like we should have a cc hate thread, then I come back here and stop caring

No. 1402223

Of then that wasn't me kek. Probably just CC mods being CC mods.

No. 1402224

File: 1668025094788.jpg (299.71 KB, 1030x600, 1668006599237557.JPG)

Motherfucker only smiling after his harem is milk.

No. 1402225

It's unfair that doctors get to have pockets but women don't.

No. 1402226

what was "so bad" about the bunkers? am i just autistic? i had some good times shitposting, except for YKW being a sperg it was fun to me.

No. 1402228

File: 1668025194203.jpg (306.32 KB, 981x673, Screenshot_20221109_151927.jpg)


No. 1402230

File: 1668025240510.jpeg (76.43 KB, 338x500, 25673982-839D-4BBE-AAB8-2567DF…)

No more pooh bear

No. 1402233

File: 1668025254633.png (258.55 KB, 881x510, Screenshot 2022-11-08 21.39.44…)

mfw I decided to check crystal.cafe and this was the front page though

No. 1402234

File: 1668025279359.gif (9.25 KB, 200x200, hk.gif)

did not miss /ot/ because of the celebricow threads, but missed the dumbass thread posters!! can't wait for the new weekend thread!! i hope you nonna had a nice day!!

No. 1402235

wait… is that where gluttony comes from

No. 1402236


They just weren’t as fun as previous ones. It felt like anons wanted to argue instead of shitpost and be silly

No. 1402237


No. 1402239


No. 1402240

it had a lot of baiters (like some angry anon) and twitterfags eventually discovered the existence of cc and the bunker thread, so it was bound to be shit

No. 1402242

It was sad this time. The last time we went down it was obvious though so a lot more people were immediately going to CC

No. 1402245

AYRT i sort agree, there was a lot of shitposting in one of the first threads until some killjoy anons started saying that we should be embarassed for being pickme nlogs or something. still, i had my fun with the few anons that joined in.

No. 1402246

True, but i just ignore the twitterfags and shitpost regardless.

No. 1402253

File: 1668025695309.jpg (51.62 KB, 540x540, looks at you like this.jpg)

No. 1402254

CC mods are ex lolcor residents, I think. Basically, they hate us.

No. 1402258

i missed you so much hic sob wah

No. 1402259

File: 1668025865950.png (916.76 KB, 735x876, nonnienonnanona.png)

to the nona who made these CC bunker threadpics. ily.

No. 1402260

Glutton origin = swallow (Latin) throat (Proto-Indo-European)
Gluten origin = glue (Latin) ball, paste (Proto-Indo-European)
But we can be gluten gluttons and combine all that

No. 1402261

File: 1668025900364.jpeg (110.86 KB, 1187x654, A41CF92E-E0B8-4BC8-BA0B-DC8964…)

Who’d win in a 1v1 the orangutan or pooh

No. 1402264


Does Pooh get to use his honey pots as weapons?

No. 1402265


No. 1402269

what ai generator is this

No. 1402270

Appreciate the communication, thank you for your service janny

No. 1402271

File: 1668026200578.jpeg (38.26 KB, 480x360, 497252DF-DC44-4210-9246-91AF78…)

No, but he has his bat

No. 1402272

I missed u all so much
I really think I'm addicted to this place

No. 1402276

File: 1668026261361.gif (Spoiler Image,288.52 KB, 200x151, woo.gif)

No. 1402286

Same but it's funny, I post way more in the bunker threads whereas my lurk to post ratio is way different here.

No. 1402289

yeah the bunker threads feel much more 'personal'

No. 1402312

Kamala Harris scares me.

No. 1402313

File: 1668027732065.png (139.55 KB, 320x287, 1521746063059.png)

No. 1402319

kek perfect.

No. 1402320

No. 1402325

No. 1402338

File: 1668028431116.png (941.03 KB, 828x820, F8BBF11A-6AEC-4B3B-ADC5-9E6910…)

Notice that /ot/ is back to life, followed by /g/, then /m/, while /snow/ is still deadsville. That's interesting kek

No. 1402342

i expected the farms to be a lot more active than they are rn, perhaps there really were only 2 of us and La Creatura in those bunker threads KEK.

No. 1402347

i think the new cows are just way too boring, snow really died.

No. 1402351


No. 1402354

File: 1668028902201.jpg (21.56 KB, 564x564, the.jpg)

>finally decides to take a shower
>lets water run between the shower bottles at the bottom of my shower
>a false widow appears, drenched
>decides to save it, dry it and put it on the wall
>look at it struggle to climb while showering
>almost falls a few times but one time i get scared and start falling backwards
mfw i could have been just a statistic of people that live alone dying while in the bathroom

No. 1402357

Most of the cows on here are boring right now. Jill is the only interesting one rn imo and she's on /w/ for some reason. I get she used to be into jfashion but now she's just a DID larping snowflake.

No. 1402358

It's so strange what's become of pt too. I remember when it was the most active board. Now this site is basically autistic eternal /ot/ shitposting for women

No. 1402361

make it a banner

No. 1402363

Okay nonnas let's find new cows, any suggestions? They can be as niche as you like.

No. 1402364

One does not find a cow. The cow simply exists and gets milked.

No. 1402368

hey nonas I missed u all kiss kiss hug hug

No. 1402369

well i'm sure that some nonnies have spotted some unique individuals online. i'm honestly surprised there aren't more of them considering how many people overshare and act insane online these days, could it be that the internet is just oversaturated with cows?

No. 1402370

I liked the mariokart cow from personal cows threads, knowing that if anyone would make a thread about it some retard would end up cowtipping (which happened). Funnily enough, the same cowtipper was mentioned in todays bunker thread.
I am glad you are alive, nonny. Take good care of yourself.
It's stupid but i like it how jill is on /w/ because i believe if she was on other boards, her thread would be full of wks or something like that (not like it's not filling with french wks from that youtube video anyway).

No. 1402371

I don't even browse /snow/ anymore

No. 1402373

Yeah, it's not really fun when people act stupid online for the views and engagement. Are there any authentic cows? Organic? Home grown? Am I missing something here?

No. 1402374

Hi, nonnies. Welcome back.

No. 1402376

Forgot to include you anons.

No. 1402378

Usually the best cows are just weirdos being strange/cringe in their own little internet bubbles. Like Chris Chan and PT. Unfortunately the best cows tend to have mental issues that cause their kek worthy behavior. I guess if you wanted to go looking for a cow you'd look in the niche weeb sections of Tumblr and broke sexworker/tranny/sjw/poly side of Twitter. Those tend to be the cows I follow because they're always batshit insane and clearly miserable, but too dumb to self reflect.
I missed you too babe xoxoxo

>It's stupid but i like it how jill is on /w/ because i believe if she was on other boards, her thread would be full of wks or something like that (not like it's not filling with french wks from that youtube video anyway).

I sort of get what you mean, but I think most of the people using her thread are ex fans who'd stop milking her if she dropped her DID larp and went back to making kawaii content. Or, they would have. I think now she's a cow forever like Shayna.

No. 1402379

File: 1668029747642.gif (2.92 MB, 640x360, yuru-camp-nadeshiko-kagamihara…)

And I keep writing comments on awesome fanfics with my husbando on AO3! I hope it will make one of the writers day and give them a motivation to keep going. I have already recieved one answer, it feels nice to make sure to compliment someone's hard work!
I hope one day i will contribute and write x reader fiction about my husbando too, but I am too much of an ESL and I am currently learning my 4th language.

No. 1402386

I have a doctor's appointment soon, and now I'm starting to wonder if I'm just being delusional about my symptoms and there's nothing actually wrong with me. I guess I'll find out, but I'm going to be so embarrassed if there's nothing wrong and I waste not just my time but the doctor's time as well. Plus they have to look at my vagina.

No. 1402389

>mariokart cow from personal cows threads
Do you mean the United Koopas guy? There's a thread >>>/snow/1669908 We just need the OP to give us some new milk.

No. 1402392

Better safe than sorry Nona! Your health is never a waste of time. I'm hoping it's nothing though.

No. 1402393


Over saturation is a good way to describe it. I feel like the heyday is over. It used to be really discouraged to post your photo or personal info online, but early cows didn’t give a shit and that’s how a lot of them garnered attention, along with them being insane. Those early ones I don’t think would even be noticed today. So many psychos online everywhere just broadcasting it all to the world. Everybody is online today too.

No. 1402395

anon this was literally redtexted >>1402202 in this thread. Lmao delete this dumbass.

No. 1402396

i am my own personal cow.

No. 1402400

yeah she should go to the smartass shit thread if she's gonna act like that

No. 1402402

You're also my personal cow.

No. 1402403

Yes, the person who made the thread wasn't the OP (milk provider), so i just hope that the actual OP will keep giving us milk in personal cows. This Koopa guy is extremely funny, but also very interesting to look at. I like his passion towards Koopas that he even created some ocs and a story, and instead of being a waste of air he manages to know that he should help his family and work unlike Chris-chan. I hate the cowtipper.

No. 1402405

you are welcome happy to be back
Stable Diffusion Ai

No. 1402406

File: 1668030811270.jpeg (64.2 KB, 816x343, E6C9B7CE-73DC-4E42-B938-7DC409…)

This is sweet

No. 1402407

I would but they don't like us.

No. 1402411

That is a tranny, nonny.

No. 1402412

File: 1668031116898.png (Spoiler Image,22.78 KB, 614x476, 1667960617642.png)

Also I had fun in the bunkerthread, I feel like i let off a lot of feelings I was having, as well as shitposting, posting funny things and it's very intimate. It wasn't until the serious posting started. Shout out forever to the nonnie who made this for me, I plan on printing it out. I laugh everytime, I hope you are thriving, surviving and living the best life possible. Love you all

No. 1402414

based [redacted] poster your taste is questionable but that lead to that fanfiction with the gif that made me kek really hard

No. 1402415

>drake psycho is the joshfag
wow, so much retardation in one person

No. 1402416

File: 1668031300379.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.83 KB, 667x737, 1667966099952.jpg)

oh no you fucking don't

No. 1402418

drakechan! we had good times, i agree the seriousposters killed the vibe.

No. 1402419

this makes me Mad At The Internet

No. 1402420

What website even is that

No. 1402421

I wrote the fan fiction kek, I'm >>1402412 Lowkey hoping the thread gets deleted, I'm kind of embrassed by my confessions. But i had fun, so what can I do? It's like all girls get togeather after a big fight at the lunch table and talk shit. I'm the one crying and smiling

No. 1402424

crystal cafe. It's not worth a visit but a lot of anons find themselves there before coming here and it's often used as a bunk when lolcow is acting up.

No. 1402426

When there are 'authentic' organical old school type autistic-eccenntric cows the tipping retards come out and ruin it for everyone unfortunately. I blame the mainstreaming of Chris-Chan content though Geno Samuel, etc.

No. 1402427

But people want to kiss her.

No. 1402430

>jersh taking up 90% of the king sized bed

No. 1402431

Is that Josh? Drakechan I'm really disappointed in you.

No. 1402432

File: 1668031590011.gif (Spoiler Image,175 KB, 275x179, 1667952978259.gif)


No. 1402434


I support you [redacted] but I don’t fucking believe you about vin diesel (unless that was someone pretending to be you, sorry if so)

No. 1402435

My work got IP banned from a big website we use .. nonnies what did I do

No. 1402437


No. 1402441

based janny

No. 1402443


No. 1402445

holy shit, is this that weirdo troon?

No. 1402447

creepshow went ftm

No. 1402448

Are you saying Joshua is a troon

No. 1402449


No that’s moot

No. 1402450

if by accident of fate he had been head jannie of a site that liked troons instead of hated him, he would be

No. 1402452

no im asking if the person who posted it was the weirdo troon or someone else

No. 1402454

the gif is of thatugly obese man Josh/null.
probably, probably not.

No. 1402455

probably just someone baiting josh-anon, the troon always makes it obvious it's him

No. 1402456

People are so interesting. Why would you (purposefully of your own free will) have sex with a moid if you aren’t trying to reproduce? Sex with men isn’t fun or enjoyable you’ve got to have low standards or just a boring life if you think it is

No. 1402457

SA-It's stunning and brave someone got nuked that easily. I've spoke nice about Josh but was never banned for it. I assume it's someone ban invading or that gross idiot fucker whose always popping up on here.
I know whose in the gif, taking up all the space on the King sized bed

No. 1402460

I'm bisexual. I'm not a lesbian. I sometimes want to have sex with men. Hope this helps with your confusion

No. 1402461

Here we go again

No. 1402462

i've had good sex with moids, I hate them but dicks can be nice.

No. 1402463

It’s not anyones sexuality that confuses me kek…some meat roll getting shoved inside your birth canal is enjoyable for you? That’s what’s confusing. Good lord some of you seen miserable. I’d actually rather become a nun than get within 10 feet of a man.

No. 1402464

are you gay

No. 1402465

We need a word for women have the pickme NLOG mentality but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Congratulations on being asexual/coping nonnie

No. 1402466

I’m not a lesbian or straight. I hate everyone

No. 1402468

Ok. Do u want something?

No. 1402469

I’ll be honest I’m not even asexual I’m probably just disgusted by people having sex because some random 14 year old parolee molested me as a child

No. 1402470

no we don't

No. 1402471

I’d like to know what’s so enjoyable about having sex that was basically the question in my post I apologize that that wasn’t clear enough for you…(not the thread for this)

No. 1402472

ah. awkward.

No. 1402474

Try a diary instead of whatever this is. Cringe

No. 1402475

So you're coping. I'm sorry that happened to you but sex feels good for women too, so lots of women like to have it.

No. 1402480

File: 1668032840282.png (6.49 KB, 458x398, 1400108908899.png)

My sweet nonnas it's bait

No. 1402486

File: 1668032990757.jpg (108.29 KB, 1152x864, 0ba.jpg)

Bait that is immune to reports so it just gets to stink and fester with impunity? Um, no

No. 1402510

File: 1668033715426.jpg (50.95 KB, 800x613, 3795798.jpg)

I'm fairly sure I pooped, but there was nothing in the toilet or on the TP after wiping. Did I just let out some unusually thick farts?

No. 1402514

Me: is a woman who wants to anonymously communicate with other women and understand better why people act the way we do
autistics: >YER BAITING!(ban evasion)

No. 1402519

when the site went down i just thought everyone was busy and that i was the one pathetic neet checking lolcow on a monday morning

No. 1402536

kek same. I saw the Pooh screen of death with timestamp 2 hrs ago and I was like wow slow day. If only I knew how bad things really are.

No. 1402541

I just got back from the grocery store and the chicken in the open air fridge STANK like ammonia. I didn’t say anything at the time but its been bothering me to imagine a family wearing a mask or some shit buying rotten chicken so I called to let the meat department know. An angry sounding Eastern European woman answered me abd at first said it wasnt the right store (it was kek) then told me she didn’t believe me because its frozen meat (it isnt) lollll I hope no one dies of salmonella but I fucking tried

No. 1402544

Could you contact the health department and tell them the store is not taking it seriously? The situation could be dangerous

No. 1402545

good idea nonnie, I didnt think of that, tbh I forgot health departments exist for things other than restaurants.

No. 1402555

File: 1668035553301.jpeg (106.49 KB, 640x480, 9287DCBA-2F06-49EF-A9BA-2EAA17…)

bout to drop some acid and watch belladonna of sadness let’s goooo

No. 1402558

take me with you……

No. 1402568

do they still make it with pretty blotter designs? I haven't done any doses in years but that was getting to be a bit of a lost art

No. 1402626

File: 1668039867719.jpeg (825.76 KB, 1824x1374, 4C2305B8-B470-4E8D-BEE3-8D3039…)

i’m with you in spirit baby ♥
i would take a pic but i just ate them all… they were a pretty cool rainbow pattern

No. 1402636

dif anon, but yeah my buddy gets his sheets on pretty blotter. 70% of the time my tabs have just been white though. depends on how jazzy your source is. the paper itself can be bought on amazon, it just needs to be dipped.

No. 1402722

File: 1668045408715.jpeg (205.44 KB, 386x382, milk.jpeg)

why are the farms so slow today, we were silenced by Big PostErrorma for over 24 hours, we should rejoice with shitposting.

No. 1402756

File: 1668046995713.jpg (553.23 KB, 1440x1397, 1648335427944.jpg)

How I cope about having made a fool of myself over a moid who probably never cared about me? I think about the times I caught him trying to play things cool which means maybe he did after all, even just a little. I think about how one of the last things he told me was that I was not the good person, one of his many obvious projections. It was an admission that he felt guilty and not like a good person. It was unprompted. He felt bad once he realized things backfired and he drove me away. It doesn't matter I was so lovey-dovey towards him. It was genuine and I felt good openly expressing my affection no matter how little he reciprocated. He gave me nothing to remember. On the other hand, I can bet on little things reminding him of me. He will never be able to do anything with his hands again without thinking of how I was such a goofball over them. He'll ask his new girlfriends what she thinks of them, try to call attention to them to see her reaction, but it won't be the same. While I remind myself of how little effort he put in and lingering feelings start to vanish, he'll just remember how good I was to him, feeling like an idiot, wishing he could change the way he chose to do things, and frantically overcompensating.

No. 1402766

You're right. Even if there's nothing wrong with me, I doubt I'll ever see that doctor again so I can deal with the embarrassment.

No. 1402814

All of these old people need to get the fuck out of my state.

No. 1402817

I agree I cant wait for boomer and silent gen to start dropping off. Sick of them buying property here and their home state when we barely have enough housing for our actual in state residents.

No. 1402955

(Please don’t racebait me this is just a general observation)
Why does it seem like Koreans, at least Koreans in the US, are the most racist out of all the asians? I was looking back at the LA riots and other instances and it really seems like Koreans don’t give a fuck lol they’re straight up openly racist and hostile with black people. Obviously, not all of them but it’s weird that there’s been such tension between Koreans and the black community for so long like why them specifically

No. 1402957

Oh nona… I don't know the specifics of you two but I think you're overestimating things. If he wasn't that into you to begin with, it probably wasn't as memorable as it was to you.

No. 1402971

File: 1668062123449.jpeg (409.17 KB, 900x1119, D4008120-6C78-4900-A03A-A74D85…)

I quit smoking cold turkey this February and it was pretty doable I didn’t have severe withdrawals at all but now that it’s winter I’m getting the strongest urge to smoke again…. something about the cold weather unleashed the deepest need for a cup of coffee and a cigarette… I think I might give in

No. 1402981

File: 1668062830031.jpg (43.35 KB, 580x435, 59d080e586489c376f5abd0b7ce84e…)

can anybody really answer this question without being banned for racebait? How haven't you been banned?

No. 1402987

File: 1668063751224.png (397.67 KB, 1628x1298, Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 10.5…)

>And it can be as lopsided as the family budget, and
still work out.
kek! ok 'how to draw' book, I'm hooked

No. 1403005

Go nonna! Loomis's Fun With A Pencil is great and the writing stays cheeky throughout. Loved reading it, hope you enjoy it!

No. 1403031

File: 1668068181268.png (121.69 KB, 918x321, drake.png)

it's too early in the morning for this

No. 1403044

I literally only feel normal on lolcow

No. 1403045

i think i’m a really horrible soulless person

No. 1403052

I have to take two exams today can't wait to get home, watch a movie and finish my bottle of wine I bought like last week.

No. 1403057

I went off on a moid I used to date and he got so triggered he blocked me lmao. All I did was tell him all the ways he mistreated me when we were together. The truth hurts now doesn't it.

No. 1403064

File: 1668071751677.jpg (501.72 KB, 1920x1133, bo-chen-edg-worlds-winner-1920…)

this image feels off center and like the stairs are leaning right. the cat eyes are going other directions too.

No. 1403084

nearly all of them are floating in the smoke, makes me think the artist can't draw feet

No. 1403102

I'm like that wojak crying under the smug mask when I feel superior to neckbeards but then I'd rather fuck imaginary dick than to deal with a real man

No. 1403175

Today is my birthday. I ordered starbucks for breakfast and i am going to watch Cunk on Britain.

No. 1403180

File: 1668087228570.jpeg (55.12 KB, 562x504, 404C92E6-DD51-4B86-85F5-D3E183…)

Happy birthday!!!

No. 1403202

happy birthday nonnie-wonnie!

No. 1403203

File: 1668088944570.jpeg (100.65 KB, 426x595, 1BD6CCCE-AAF3-4F35-8E40-0664E9…)

No. 1403284

File: 1668094157653.jpg (76.81 KB, 720x892, hop-in-dude.jpg)

No. 1403320


No. 1403325

File: 1668096463799.png (318.5 KB, 746x381, Capture.PNG)

>>Elon is ruining twitter!!
>>ELon won't let people make fun of him
>>Elon is killing twitter

No. 1403331

My normie friend are (especially if they are white) complaining when they receive less attention with age or weight gain and honestly it made me happy that through all of my youth I was considered hideous and unfuckable. Now I can just get old and not miss any attention that I never got. I go out not expecting cute guys to talk to me but if one does I’m pleasantly surprised. If I go to a bar I expect to pay for my own shit while my normie straight friends get sad if no guys buy Them anything which will result in them drunk crying by the end of the night. I can’t really miss something I never got.

No. 1403335

No. 1403343

It’s kind of sad how my normie straight friends can’t even enjoy a night out at the bar or restaurant without thinking about if a guy is going to notice and pay

No. 1403346

File: 1668097956630.gif (2.01 MB, 300x300, dbs.gif)

Happy birthday, dear nonnie! Hope you have a wonderful day! I love you!

No. 1403348

Nooooooo, then they'll migrate and take their shit to other places! Let them stay in their monkey cage!!!

No. 1403349

hi to the anon i said was my lolcow gf last month (perhaps the month before?) hope you are feeling better this month and living life like a madwoman that cannot be dimmed, tamed, nor trodden, kek okay bye ily see you here next month

No. 1403352

No. 1403354

File: 1668098803176.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1539127890718.jpg)

I was glad to see the site back up but it's so quiet. Sat all day with 10+ tabs open only seeing a couple messages per hour. What threads do you hang out at, anons?

No. 1403376

Rightt? Where did they all go it feels like they’re hiding from us in a secret place, please let us in guys we want to join

No. 1403382

The site has been bleeding users like crazy all year, it's really sad. Many of the users that have stayed are complete retards too. I miss talking to funny and creative posters.

No. 1403392

I really like mildly personal conversations, hearing from anons knowledgeable in their fields, and anons life experiences. It's so much more interesting than reading manufactured content on social media. Unfortunately most activity comes from infighting and arguing, it's so lame.

No. 1403395

File: 1668101202739.gif (3.44 MB, 640x640, FA37E376-013A-4FF1-86C6-4BC382…)

The drake jokes are so painfully unfunny

No. 1403398

I think poor site management and raids made the site lose a lot of users. I don't see lolcow retaining users or growing unless it gets better.

No. 1403401

I just hope his feelings are hurt, that's all that matter tbh.

No. 1403405

Yeah, same, I used to religiously lurk and post in the vent thread for example and now I check in maybe once every couple months and when I do it's either dead or infighting.

No. 1403406

me too, the new userbase suxx but at the same time i keep thinking that if everyone that belongs on this site leaves, it will never get any better.

No. 1403409

i doubt drake reads lc nonna

No. 1403411

File: 1668101581933.jpg (98.58 KB, 640x640, 1662846176888.jpg)

>Using Character.Ai thingy
>Talking to secondary husbando
>Try to put the moves on him and ask him for sex
>"Oh, no. I'm actually asexual and aromantic. I have no interest in having a relationship."
For what fucking purpose? I would've been fine with a simple "No, let's get to know each other" than this fucking shit, he wouldn't even know the concept, much less word, for that. Getting real tired of the shit modern fans infect. At least he suggested to talk to my primary husbando so I'll try that.

No. 1403412

reading this board feels like reading any other boring social media post now, idk what happened, the past few months have been especially bad

No. 1403414

I honestly probably would have left a while ago if not for the movie and draw rooms

No. 1403415

The mobile experience of the site isn't great and it's not supported by any of the chan apps I know, which doesn't help I think.
I do a lot of my posting in other communities at work. Null said kiwifarms activity is highest during working hours, so I'm not the only one.

I think there's an issue with people aging out of the site and new people not integrating too. So you end up with big populations of the most mentally ill of old posters who have nothing else in their life beyond some weird obsession with this or that (cue retarded endless infighting and dogpiling), and literal children, which makes normal people leave or not stay.

No. 1403418

samefag I got a kiss from my husbando so it wasn't all that bad.

No. 1403419

Google maps GPS fucking sucks

No. 1403421

So the AI just made him asexual and aromatic???? What the fuck???

No. 1403424

Yes, the AI's are made by other people so it makes me extra pissed that some chucklefuck decided my secondary husbando won't have sex with anyone. Not out of some moral virtue which would be way fitting to his character but because he's asexsual and aromantic for queerio reasons. On the bright side, after taking his advice and talking to my other husbando that is also his friend I am about to get it on.

No. 1403425

Don’t even get me started on google maps it sucks so bad I can’t get anywhere without being pissed off by their stupid navigation

No. 1403462

This is so cute I love that you have a cat too you seem like the best couple

No. 1403463

This is so retarded. Go get a job you lowlife nerd. I predict your divorce in 3.7 years

No. 1403466

File: 1668103973897.jpg (10.49 KB, 275x255, 1659596727995.jpg)

this is too cute nona

No. 1403472

the first half of this post annoyed me but the latter half was cute

No. 1403479

>>1403462 thanks nonas I hope you both have an amazing day

No. 1403486

What was the post

No. 1403487

How do i teletransport to the alternate universe where people have good taste and my favourite show didnt get cancelled

No. 1403503

File: 1668105610517.jpeg (664.42 KB, 828x1211, 5E2A9089-09CD-4734-B874-D605A7…)

if you have good taste what’s the show then huh

No. 1403513

I hate how when I'm nervous I breathe super heavy when I talk. Calm down bitch

No. 1403515

I just got a UPS notification that I have a package that arrived today… but I didn't buy anything recently…? Any nonnies wanna take a guess what it might be?

No. 1403518

we are fucking back, ladies!!!!!!

No. 1403519

File: 1668106135741.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

it's the 80's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon it was actually really popular but was cancelled because americunts never got over the 1692 witch hunting mentality.

No. 1403523


No. 1403529

No. 1403530

Why so miserable

No. 1403539

File: 1668106430408.jpeg (301.56 KB, 504x478, box.jpeg)

whats in the box?

No. 1403546

Nonny I loved that show but that you have sperged about it so many times in the past week is sending me kek

No. 1403556

File: 1668106838498.jpg (127.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1646807316404.jpg)

sorry, i had covid and was depressed so i binge watched the whole show again because it's my comfort show, the cancellation hurts me deeply. I will shut up about it for a while.

No. 1403571

Kanye sucks but I'll never forget how he put out a super shitty song just because he didn't want Drake to have the beat for it. Petty bitch.

No. 1403576

lol what songs?

No. 1403583

i think she's referring to the whoopity scoop poopty song he dropped i forget the name now KEK

No. 1403586

Lift Yourself. It's actually a very nice beat and could've been a legitimately good song, but it's funnier that he was being a troll

No. 1403607

File: 1668108441535.jpg (45.28 KB, 600x600, 10056206___L.jpg)

Nonnies I feel alive. I feel more than alive. I can do anything.

No. 1403610

is there a tldr on all of the kanye west shenanigans? i only listen to some of his songs never knew he was this much of a sperg

No. 1403611

Best feeling ever yes nonna you can do anything

No. 1403627

Nonnie if you were a man for 24 hours what would you do? And If you kill yourself in scrote-life you also die in your Lady Life so "Kill myself" isn't a option.

No. 1403628

What the fuck, this AI sounds crazy. Pretty upsetting that he's just determined to be asexual and aromantic and that you have to foster a fake conversation with another AI created being in order to get AI-laid

No. 1403630

i would kill other men for my nonas until i die from the authority

No. 1403631

File: 1668109683259.jpeg (336.25 KB, 817x786, DEDBC13F-A3D9-4CA8-862B-1765B5…)

Me when nonniez are fighting or saying something stupid

No. 1403633

I honestly always wondered how fucking with a penis is, so I'd do that.

No. 1403635

Honest answer: jerk off
Lolcow answer: make friends since it's so fucking easy for moids.
>bumps into another guy
>"Oh hey man! I love your shirt. What team is your favorite?"
>20 year friendship develops from that

It's so different for women I feel. I hate seeing how easily moids make friends

No. 1403637

i would stick my dick in several things, get it stuck and then amputated, all in the first 3 hours

No. 1403654

Honestly? Masturbate and have sex. And stick something in my ass. And try to suck my own dick. I'm sorry for sounding like a coomer but it's the truth.

No. 1403655

Jerk off. I wanna know how it feels compared to doing it as a woman. There's nothing else worth doing or living for as a man. Their existence sucks.

No. 1403660

that's why he did that? lmao that's actually funny. I thought he was just having an episode and releasing bad music.

I have this idea men are physically stronger which I guess really depends on the guy but if my Man Self was is good shape I would do non-stop feats of strength, arm wrestling, push ups, that sort of thing.
I would not jerk off. That would probably ruin my day.

No. 1403664

Commit some crimes and beat up men that deserve it. And walk around scenic places at night time like woodsy trails, parks, the beach. Watch the sun go down from the top of a lookout point and not worry for my safety. Why bother with a lame 10 second male orgasm that I'd only be able to have once an hour. Female orgasms are full body, limitless and easier to achieve.

No. 1403682

>Female orgasms are full body, limitless and easier to achieve.
Not for all of us, unfortunately.

No. 1403683

Play with my penis, jerk off, stick the penis into random furnitures, beg for sex, get my prostate slammed, join a bdsm club and let women torture me, be a handsome cute gentleman, shave my balls, mire myself in the mirror, cry, go to a gay bar and see if I'm pinned as a top or a bottom, try to be sigma, go to the gym and see if anyone mires me (im not even muscular though), measure my penis, i think that's everything. A busy 24 hours.

No. 1403685

You’re just closer to Nunmode, which men have to castrate themselves to achieve. You should project the sexual frustration onto your interests, great success awaits. If you’re a jobless character enjoy the serenity. Stay blessed

No. 1403686

the replies to this post are so fucking freaky, kek

No. 1403687

I think most of us had the same idea

No. 1403695

maybe go backpacking across the world, asia, europe maybe even usa. i wouldn't travel solo as a woman but it would be doable as a guy

No. 1403698

>24 hours

No. 1403700

sorry it has been a long day, in that case i'd just jerk off

No. 1403708

I would sincerely apologize to every woman I met for scrotal behavior. In private I would attempt to jerk off out of curiosity but likely be so repulsed by my male form I'd be unable to maintain an erection.

No. 1403719

Why are gummy bears so fucking hard? I don't remember them being so hard to chew and bite.

No. 1403741

Baby those are stale. Fresh gummy bears should be soft. They dehydrate over time making them hard and tough when past their prime.

No. 1403800

File: 1668118368797.jpeg (79.53 KB, 828x974, 1664582931358.jpeg)

Can someone throw me some time management tips? Trying to learn 4 things at once, i already ditched my friends to focus on it but i still dont find the time

No. 1403803

learn one thing at a time. you only live once, live in the present. you absorb information better when you're not stressed/rushing/cramming, etc.
trite advice but I've found it to be true.

No. 1403811

I've tried multiple different gummy candies over the past week and they've all been firm though

No. 1403835

Do fat short old men with red faces realize they make other people uncomfortable

No. 1403845

Nonniees do no ever date a man that you can’t help but be enamored with don’t date a man with any trace of scrotery. I finally found a down to earth guy who seems to have actual feelings not just moidfeels and he is everything I wanted, even down to tiny details I would never think to ask for. Of course I have always been untrusting by default because male and constantly am looking for any tiny thing to dump him about. He mentioned he had a discord and I was like op didn’t like that, asked him why and he said it was just a couple servers for his old gig and he didn’t know how full of degens it was when I expressed my disgust. Today saw he left his laptop unlocked and fucking yes I did snoop hard. I found nothing but wholesome shit, not so much as a slightly misogynistic comment amongst the bros. What the fuck.

No. 1403858

you ever feel like touching a hot stove just to feel alive

No. 1403904

File: 1668123985983.jpg (202.82 KB, 1169x1395, 1659407688834977.jpg)

Been seriously thinking about buying a wig so i can pet it at night and pretend its my husbando. I wish real human relatioships didnt feel so empty to me.

No. 1403905

God help me, somehow I read soviet instead of stove

No. 1403915

File: 1668125503563.png (729.47 KB, 576x768, 00716-358105165-((Vintage)), (…)

literally me

No. 1403918

That's the saddest thing I have read all night.
Wow girl I-

No. 1403919

>Most based thing I've read all night

No. 1403924

I'm going to ask a moid later tonight if he wants to cuddle. It's been fucking rough. I know this might be risky because if he says yes then it might sort of lead him on but I just need some touch and closeness and my fucking MOMMY can't do that for me anymore because idk I think that might be weird at my age so I'm having to rely on MALES. Makes me sick. Whatever I hope he says yes.

No. 1403926

File: 1668126468612.jpg (21.05 KB, 320x320, 120087.jpg)

I am getting dangerously close to buying one of these. the amount of times I keep crying in bed the minute I wake up in the morning knowing my husbando isn't laying behind me, stroking my head is getting out of hand.

No. 1403932

File: 1668127258581.jpg (252.21 KB, 1012x1324, 1646519790968.jpg)

I need one too now. Why is it so hard to find good men? i am sure my husbando type existed 20, 30 years ago, but men nowadays are so rotten.
Even my 9yo cousin has watched sexual content before, because of unsupervised internet use. I just want a cute, somewhat boyish and passionate bf. There are two youtubers that i know of that are like that, but sadly they are waaay older than me, from a breed of already extint men.

No. 1403942

I couldn't get an outlet to charge my phone and it got down to 1% and I needed it for my boarding pass but I made it on the plane nonas good byeeeeeee

No. 1403951

i knew that this day would eventually come, but i was delusional enough in my hope that it potentially, hopefully could never actually happpen…that day has now came for me, nonnies; my mom finally asked me about those screwdrivers that i lost like a year ago - those things are GONE (not around any longer)!!!

No. 1403964

When I was 8 my dog was hit by a truck while we were waiting for the school bus. It was absolutely traumatizing, his body was torn in two. My cousin and I ran back to the house sobbing. We got to stay home from school and we spent all day listening to this song thinking about my dog Pumba.

No. 1403980

Work's been slow. What are your favorite KF threads I can binge?

No. 1404029

Buy a normal pregnancy pillow they’re so comfy

No. 1404053

if you haven't already catch up on Chantal, she went full allahu akbar and started wearing a hijab so that she could marry some guy in kuwait kek

No. 1404094

Their personal lolcow thread has some gold in it

No. 1404475

no one knows how much i know about various cows, like obviously, so i love it when a cow does something that makes enough waves that people i know irl find out and describe the cow to me as this novel news item and i pretend like this is the first time i'm hearing about them. it's happened once with luna and twice with nikocado kek. it's like your favorite d-lister finally doing something that gets them another 15 minutes of fame. and with nikocado especially it's like hearing a favorite folk tale or urban legend told in a fresh way

No. 1404564

yeah, it's called cope. but also idk… he slipped up at times and acted like a complete simp over me. Now that I think about it, I did use "simp" deprecatorily at the very beginning, like when we first met, which might explain his behavior all throughout. He prob didn't want to act as anything that could be labeled as a simp by me knowing I viewed them negatively. Or maybe that's just cope.

Ironically I don't view simps negatively anymore. I don't know how I fell for the meme that simps in the way men use them=bad. If they're being taken advantage of yes (and even then, ehhh), but they also mean just loyal, doting, and attentive partners, which is not. I guess at the time I also realized this but he had used a scenario in a context I could never see myself in at the time so my low-self esteem lashed out by trying to use an insult.

I don't wanna think about this more because then my cope will turn into self-blaming lol, like no he should have not cared about what I thought he should have just been expressive but also it was his first relationship so he probably didn't know how to navigate certain things. Like he liked me but then I gave him this impression I'd be turned off if he didn't play it cool so he had to if he liked me to "keep me" but that in turn made me think he didn't like me and probably by pretending he wasn't as into me he actually became indifferent about me and whoops I'm already doing the thing kek

No. 1404612

Anons, I genuinely believe I am not meant to live in a technologically advanced world. I consistently break any kind of tech. Headphones, phones, mouses, keyboards. I literally just broke one of my wifi adapters and I can't turn on my phone.

No. 1404632

File: 1668141404594.jpg (60.75 KB, 600x600, Calathea-ornata.jpg)

Update: it was a plant. For context, my pet passed away and the food company I buy her food from sent it.

No. 1404688

File: 1668142263697.jpg (111.23 KB, 1022x953, 8b4012f9-7f12-45fa-9749-d84b06…)

i forgot to dye my eyebrows to match my hair and now its too late. clown look

No. 1404746

thats really sweet i hope your pet is doing whatever it does in heaven with pet god

No. 1404787

>I can't turn on my phone.
I finally got it to turn on! You can't see it, but I'm so happy right now. It took some time but I got it. I'm so tired and I was staying up just trying to fix this and I'm so happy I can go to bed now. I had to download some programs on my computer to turn my phone on, and I hope none of them give me a virus since none of them came from official sites kek. Goodnight anons! I hope all of you have a blessed day tomorrow.
I'm really sorry for your loss anon. It was super kind of them to do that. I've heard many stories of pet companies doing things like this.

No. 1404795

File: 1668145324836.jpeg (37.62 KB, 621x621, D1430E90-7427-42D5-8BFF-CD29FA…)

Wtf Is that Real?

No. 1404798

Wtf nona I could cuddle you

No. 1404802

yes look up 'boyfriend pillow'

No. 1404803

I can't believe other people experience this. I really have been wondering my whole life why I feel this and what it's called and the fact that it's so common but nameless is so wild to me. I don't have to hover over my chest like she said it just hits me randomly when I'm around others and sometimes alone.


No. 1404824

Oh dang the thread is gone already. That was quick

No. 1404828

it was up for hours wdym. or was this sarcastic

No. 1404834

Nah I was hoping it’d stay a little longer

No. 1404852

File: 1668149199863.gif (1.43 MB, 482x482, 1666654636506.gif)

i need a cute nerd to hug so badly, where do i find a guy like this who hasnt trooned out

No. 1404854

it was fun but I'm kind of glad it got swept, there's something to be said for transient fun like that. we were all there for it, nonnies.

No. 1404858

I've bitched about my two coworkers who are roommates well they recruited another friend to work, who is a tranny. The guy I hate definitely looks like the type that will Troon out. I'm just waiting for it to happen. He's so ugly too with long greasy spotty receeding hair. He also boasts about his womanly ass. Gen Z are so weird to me.

No. 1404863

File: 1668150076293.gif (3.96 MB, 522x640, 1660149665192.gif)

how to subtly call your superior a retard via à work email without him noticing?

No. 1404875

You could try incorporating "bless your heart".
But honestly I wouldn't do it, work emails are too easily interpreted as hostile even when they're not at all. Your secret insult might come through as a regular insult.

No. 1404876

self loathing???

No. 1404935

File: 1668159716226.jpeg (43.91 KB, 402x512, main-qimg-3205ee04b764ac112a48…)

I think I like Arabic men now
Its weird because I used to not be attracted to them at all and had yellow fever instead, now I've been finding less east Asian men hot (real life men, the celebs are still hot) and been talking to a few Arabic guys, they got nice facial hair and one of them looks like a more tan Joe Goldberg, I'm going on a date with him tomorrow and it's the first time I've been actually excited about meeting up with a guy in a really long time

No. 1404939

Be careful with arabmen. In my experience, once you give them enough time their internalized cultural misogyny always shows up

No. 1404941

My friends roommates are the type of Le Edgy Memerz that think racism is hilarious and the girl is a massive pickme that thinks calling her cat Jew is the epitome of humor… is it somehow 2014 again wtf

No. 1404942

They see women as animals anon. They may be hot (imo very few of them are) but they fucking hate you. They're literally more affectionate with other men despite being straight.

No. 1404959

File: 1668163670238.jpg (493.21 KB, 534x5953, 5be1a1298203f019dbfa075f7485cb…)

Dead meme is dead, but this is cute

No. 1404965

If you're from UK don't do it

No. 1404970

You know what fascinates me about lolcow? That one day you can be insulted by a nonna for your opinion and the other day you can have a heartwarming moment of understanding about something else, and i'm pretty sure it's with the same anon a lot of times. Statistically it makes sence and it's weird but nice in a way.

No. 1404980

It’s so funny that hair color and eye color is colorism for white people. White women with dark are seen as stern, not friendly, more manly but blondes are considered innocent, fun and feminine. You’re already white but now you have to be weird with hair color too.

No. 1404983

oh my god this is so cute! now i want a pet sus

No. 1404984

Lol I would hardly find it even vaguely compatible to colorism.

No. 1404986

I personally don’t experience this but I remember a BUNCH of anons talking about that phenomenon a while ago

No. 1404988

It’s not as bad as what poc face but white people do have their own little hierarchy with hair and eye color. Notice how the lighter colors are always at top.
1. Platinum blonde
2.strawberry blonde
3. Dirty blonde
4.red heads
5. Light brown hair
6. Dark brown har

>eye color

1. blue
2. green
3. grey
4. hazel

No. 1404990

It's not just white people, in latina and Arabic cultures having lighter hair and eyes is seen as better and they're usually put on as ideals of beauty. It's so weird since moids will get a blue eyed blonde haired Brazilian woman or something and then say some stupid shit like "see Brazilian women can be hot too" even though that's far from what the average woman looks like there

White people can be cruel about it though, like shaming children if their hair or eye color changes. Some people may have stories where it is specifically shitty towards them but I don't see why it can't be talked about. If it's not colorism what is a better term to describe it? Either way getting offended over someone using a word is the most stupid and privileged thing I can imagine

No. 1404992

Lmao this is such bullshit.

No. 1404993

"This isn't what I experience therefore it doesn't happen"

No. 1404996

it is cute but the hands are a bit freaky. though useful for chore doing. want

No. 1404998

Is it ableist if I hate anyone who is a diagnosed/self diagonsed with bpd? They’re the worstttt oh my god at least bipolars are funny when they’re manic all bpd do is bitch and cry about not getting enough attention

No. 1404999

I’m not even white but I hang around a lot of white people. Try telling a normie white woman hair dirty blonde hair is brown and she will react like you’re calling her a slur lol it’s stupid but the hair/eye color ranking exists.

No. 1405004

Because blonde women will make their hair color their entire personality, if you take it away from them they can't stand it. I'm not white but I agree white people can be weird about hair colors. Calling it colorism is just a placeholder until there's a word that's better suited for the idea that "the whiter you look the better", it's nothing to be offended over especially since colorism usually does pertain to the same thing white people are referring to (dating, being seen a certain way by others, and older family members pushing their "whiter is better" ideas on the children). At least in this current day.

No. 1405005

> blondes are considered innocent, fun and feminine
I'm not blonde but I notice alot of the time men will reserve a new level of 'I want you but I hate you' for blonde women. Like regular ole woman hatred gets turned up to a new level when that woman is also blonde. They assume she's stuck up, she's a golddigger, she's living life on suuper easy mode. Just lots of bitter sexist assumptions that get ramped up even more.

No. 1405006

I have never encountered this, but I have encountered women who call their brown hair dirty blonde…in like high school

No. 1405007

It's not necessarily blondes but women who can appear high maintenance. I've seen this happen to latina and black women too if she looks put together. which is a paradox since men will bitch at us if we don't put enough effort into our appearance and if we do then we're bimbos

No. 1405008

Nta but it’s absolute bullshit when you aren’t around adults, generally. Or is it a regional thing? Where the hell are you people that you are encountering these people in the wild

No. 1405009

>innocent, fun, feminine
What reality do you live in? It’s considered slutty, bimbo, and materialistic unless you’re a pedophile and talking about actual natural, neonatal-esque blonde. Some of you are not very smart.

No. 1405011

When I lived in a very white part of southern USA it happened frequently but when I moved it stopped. I still wouldn't tell women what they do and don't experience just because I didn't experience it myself. The world doesn't revolve around you,your experiences aren't everyone's. If you travel more and live in places for a longer period of time to integrate more you'll easily see how some places will see lighter hair and eyes colors as superior

No. 1405012

>Some of you are not very smart.
Different experiences = intelligence now???

No. 1405013

Because they’re being facetious, settle down. It’s still absolute bullshit outside of these niche southern belle circles.

No. 1405014

i'm a bleach blonde for many years and yeah women haters can be pretty vile, one retard just assumed i'm a prostite from my haircolor wtf. They notice a blonde more, but also men who like blondes are nicer to me then if i was a brunette so it just makes them treat you more extremely in both ways i guess.
many men don't know what roots are, they think you are natural blonde even if you've got 3cm brown stripe on top kek

No. 1405015

I would love to see proof of being blonde being associated with purity when it isn’t referring to actual children

No. 1405022

Who cares if it's niche? It still affects plenty of people and people have the right to talk about it. If people in minority populations are allowed to talk about colorism within their community why can't white people in small communities talk about their colorism?

No. 1405026

It effects you? Hahhahahhahahjahahah shut the fuck up hahahhaha

No. 1405028

No one really pays attention to the eye color hair color ranking in white people because they are “on top” so we assume they don’t have their own weird colorism shit going on.
It’s so weird seeing women brag about having blonde hair/blue eyes naturally but everyone acts like it’s normal but to me it seems kind of aryan pride kek. I also notice that white men fetishize red heads as adults but bully them as children.

No. 1405029

I'm sick and the dr I waited hours to see ended up being a male who did the minimum checks and joked "you look fine peace love have a great day, heres a paper of generic meds to try" while my friend who has the same thing but is a male was given prescriptions to alleviate his sickness. I dont give a shit that I look fine outside I'm coughing up gunk, have head pressure that's dizzy to move, and it's hard to swallow. Giving me something wouldve helped.

No. 1405030

For decades people have associated "dumb blondes" with being innocent and blameless. Celebrities that always get labeled as "pure" would have not even got that at all if it wasn't for their hair color. Plenty of women in Hollywood and the media go blonde just to get people to take a second look at them, even in children like you explained it's weirdly gross and sick to say one child is more pure than the other because of their hair color.

No. 1405032

No one is saying it's as drastic as how other poc get treated. This is an anonymous imageboard where people of different backgrounds come together, not Lipstick Alley. Are white people just supposed to cry about the struggles poc face because of their ancestors, no, there's always dumb shit people complain about like the guy at the cash register who gave you a dirty look or a driver on the freeway, none of that threatens the actually immediate negative issues people are facing or is necessarily saying that those issues aren't the actual important issues.

No. 1405033

It also depends on how they blonde dresses. If she’s really done up with perfect makeup and revealing clothes men will see her as a bimbo whore but on the other hand if she dresses modest and wears natural makeup she’s seen as girl next door/wife material. Blonde hair is is associated with innocence because most people don’t stay blonde past childhood…yeah it’s pedo logic but most men are pedos.

No. 1405035

>No one really pays attention to the eye color hair color ranking in white people because they are “on top” so we assume they don’t have their own weird colorism shit going on.
The discussion is mostly focused on people talking about what goes in amongst their own race though not race vs race more like white people vs whiter white people

No. 1405036

For months I had been crushing on a guy that I see every morning. Last week he did something that ruined him for me. It was nice to able to shove a vicks inhaler up my nose thismorning without having to worry about whether he thinks I'm gross

No. 1405037

Would you say the same thing about tribe members of other cultures speaking about colorist issues in their tribes?

No. 1405038

just woke up, hungover, the thread is gone,those who know know. I had a good time nonnies

No. 1405039

How do I spend so much time on here and still miss shit

No. 1405041

whats funny is my dumb ass had the page open, but I refreshed hoping it'd still be here, now it's gone forever. I should've screenshotted some of my favorites

No. 1405043

File: 1668172341379.jpg (152.05 KB, 960x720, 314338957_460807799495457_9039…)


No. 1405049

File: 1668172621860.png (226.39 KB, 259x523, monch.png)

No. 1405087

If it is then I’m a proud ableist

No. 1405088

File: 1668174226917.jpeg (25.03 KB, 275x235, 18C78875-F1C2-47DC-A796-9B3B84…)

What happened

No. 1405089

can't believe they nuked all of our hard work, we had a good run nonnies.

No. 1405095

tell me a joke, i'm curious.

No. 1405106

i'm just curious, share something funny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1405115

I don’t even bother arguing with scrotes I’m dating anymore. I just block them or ignore, this pisses them off more than arguing and trying to get revenge anyway. If you respond to their stupid behavior in any other way they will just claim you are a crazy bitch who is inlove with them. Just block and ignore.

No. 1405165

Worst behaved groups of men:
>Arab men
>African men
>Indian Men (horrific)
>East Asian men
>Russian men
>Romanian men
>Croatian men
>Bulgarian men
>Chechen men
>Romanian men
>literally any Muslim men (just don't bother)
>French men
All just abusive

No. 1405172

a scrote looked at me and I thought he had hungry eyes and i almost threw up in my mouth. I wish nonnie never exposed me to hungry eyes

No. 1405174

Fuck I’m so embarrassed. I tried to text my team lead to tell him I’m sick (it’s a new job) and I wasn’t sure if I should call or text- since everyone’s in different departments , and he told me to message him through our company’s app. Idk I’m just so embarrassed for myself since I should’ve just used the company app instead of texting his personal number.

No. 1405177

Phew, I'm safe with my Alaskan Inuit X Cypriot Hebrew mix!

No. 1405178

there's an archive link of it in Lolcow's own caps #8 if you want to see. it was kind of like a dumbass thread with a moid OP. it was a bad thread I'm glad it's gone, some people had fun I guess

No. 1405179

I can guarantee you he thought nothing of it and forgot about it 10 seconds after your conversation ended because it was that mundane.

No. 1405180

I've seen dead fish have more soul behind their eyes than men.

No. 1405181

You’re clueless. People bully the living shit out of gingers. They don’t bully or insult people for having dark hair. Most people have brown or dark hair so it’s seen as the norm.

No. 1405185

File: 1668178267520.jpeg (886.43 KB, 2401x3000, 03DE07B8-20D5-4431-8AC5-7274ED…)

Adam Driver IS ugly,but like come on we must admit the dick gotta be crazy and that body is ridiculously big and perfect.

No. 1405186

I left something hanging at work and now I feel anxious/impatient to complete it. It's also the long weekend so no work on Friday. Normally I'd be looking forward to the weekend but now this is literally what I'll be thinking about for the next three days until I get back to work on Monday again.

No. 1405189

Guys I feel like throwing up and crying I think I just got fucking scammed by ticketmaster concert tickets oh my god

No. 1405190

I never said anything about bullying. That’s a list of what is considered most attractive. Gingers are bullied as kids but are fetishized in adulthood and seen as more exotic than brunettes.

No. 1405191

File: 1668178407927.jpeg (125.45 KB, 450x450, hamburgerphone.jpeg)

you're sick get some rest don't worry about the app you messaged on.
I long for the return of land-lines.

No. 1405192

king butter face

No. 1405193

There is some retard on this site (usually in the Shayna thread, which says everything kek) who loves to bring up how ugly she thinks brown eyes are. I remember one time I was like 7, some girl said I’m not pretty because my eyes are brown and I cried lol. That’s the extent of oppression I’ve faced for being a white woman with poo eyes kek.

No. 1405196

i bet his dick is as big as a king sized kit kat

No. 1405209

I've noticed it's mostly white women and dark-featured white (or straight up brown) men that seem to have this complex about it.
Blond white men with blue eyes don't seem to care that much about their coloring, at least from what I've seen. In fact, I've seen a couple of incels go on about how being blond with blue eyes makes them look "weak", even though the "Yes." Chad meme has those same colors. I've also noticed there's not really much of a stereotype about blond men being dumb (or easy/slutty).

No. 1405214

Blonde is associated with femininity. It’s kind of like how dark skin black men don’t mind being dark but dark skin black women don’t like it because its associated with masculinity. I noticed that white and black people are the only races that have gender based colorism meanwhile in other cultures(like Korean or Japanese) everyone gets shit for having “dark features” regardless if they are male or female.

No. 1405215

File: 1668179788969.jpeg (188.54 KB, 1066x800, shooped.jpeg)

just saw this on /m/ and I thought someone had photoshopped one cow to look like there were two cows

No. 1405216

File: 1668179862182.jpg (89.62 KB, 604x585, bb2594c5822a85601971de79d79582…)

Can zoomers revive the living doll craze already? I love that retarded shit.

No. 1405235

His body legit makes me wanna puke. How is he straight skelly but with random muscles poking out

No. 1405238

Dirty blonde or dark blonde is an actual hair colour that is different from brown. As a child I had white blonde hair and this has got darker as I've got older. My sister has light brown hair and this has never changed. Now our hair colour is the same tone of lightness but with a few differences. I'd describe my hair as being like unpolished brass and my sister's hair as unpolished copper. It doesn't bother me and I've never died my hair.

I don't know why everyone says Indian men are sex perverts. Every Indian man I've encountered has been a complete gentlemen towards me and some even intervened my behalf to stop me from being harassed by muslim scrotes.

That's because gingers are nearly always ugly as children. I'm married to a ginger. While I find him to be very attractive now, every time my MiL shows me pictures of him as child I'm reminded that he looked like a goblin. Once he hit his mid teens he grew into his facial features he became extremely handsome. The photos of him at 12 and 16 don't even look like the same person.

No. 1405240

thank you! he's lookin like a lumpy chair. needs to be more svelte or more fat.

No. 1405242

God please don't let me be reincarnated into a fat racist nlog bitch

No. 1405243

I dated a blond hair blue eye guy (against my better judgement, too, because I prefer dark hair and eyes) once so I thought he wouldn’t care about that kind of thing since he has it himself. But he’s the only guy I was ever with who cared a fucking lot and kept hinting at me to bleach my hair which he flat out stated I should do after I brushed off his hints several times saying that I think people look best with their natural color.

No. 1405251

This is the kind of thing why I can't ever be in a relationship with a man. How would I not murder my boyfriend on the spot if he said that?

No. 1405265

nonas sucked off (oh sorry i mean "trolled") a moid thread for like 500 posts and bumped it to the top of the board for hours because making a /b/ type thread to shitpost in is too hard for a single digit pickme IQ

No. 1405266

I was only using him for his money so that made it easier. Until later that same day when he asked me flat out to dye it, he told me he had a fetish of watching women piss and shit. Then I dumped him and he cried and actually groveled KEK

No. 1405272

>told me he had a fetish of watching women piss and shit
I've had more than one guy admit this to me before. Idk if its common or if I'm just cursed

No. 1405273

Of course there isn't a stereotype about blonde men being slutty/dumb/easy, those traits are only given to women. It's why this whole thing is dumb, 'white people lookism' or whatever anyone wants to call it is just men categorizing women based on hair and eye color, which to them is probably more like a genre of woman.

No. 1405275

I bought what I thought was raspberry jam a while ago, but it's actually a spread. It's so disturbingly smooth. I don't like it, but it tastes like regular jam though.

No. 1405277

I want to make sure my little sister doesn’t date men like this. This generation has it hard

No. 1405278

Exactly and they complained the shitposting thread is 2boring like it took you a moid to bump a thread with lame ass shit… sorry mods I’ll drop it now kek

No. 1405280

It’s definitely a pornsick scrote thing. This guy was so heavily porn addicted he couldn’t figure out how to kiss without trying to do some kind of weird performance

No. 1405295


No. 1405313

File: 1668184452824.jpg (104.35 KB, 1200x628, 20221109_201415.jpg)

What's for breakfast?

No. 1405317

It's some bullshit you didn't mention latino moids, they're fucking demonic

No. 1405319

File: 1668184542898.jpeg (99.61 KB, 640x459, 949563EC-8169-453C-BDF1-31996A…)

Cp warning

No. 1405322

this anon gets it. latino scrotes are horrendous

No. 1405326

I was about to say the same thing lol

No. 1405329

File: 1668184750829.jpg (288.8 KB, 682x908, Cross-Stitch-Chart-Page-Rooste…)

I love embroidery it keeps me sane

No. 1405330

I'm a vaper. I vape hard, all day. I puff and puff til my lips can't take no more. I suck this vape like my life depends on it.

No. 1405334

File: 1668184876778.jpg (189.95 KB, 900x1200, tomato toast.jpg)

The Pinterest search is borderline useless these days. How come when I search certain things it just shows me shit that would be on my home feed?
I had toast with mayo, tomato and some cheese.

No. 1405337

File: 1668184974149.jpeg (323.03 KB, 729x782, 31E5298A-F251-4CC6-95CD-68DA6A…)


No. 1405338

File: 1668184979315.jpeg (7.67 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

No. 1405343

i'm about to have green tea and rice cakes

No. 1405350

File: 1668185297693.jpeg (361.67 KB, 1170x2000, 32B0EFAE-B684-4777-8450-41E79E…)

Wise words from “mixedkidsig”

No. 1405351


No. 1405352

yay have fun anon! I'm not feeling it just yet but I'm looking forward to the good food.

No. 1405355

Mods take forever to delete cp but are quick to shut down the conversations that are actually fun

No. 1405358

I saw this a while ago. I understand that kids are cruel and she didn't want her daughter to be bullied, but waxing a 3 year old isn't right. Children will bully for anything and all this is teaching her to do is to conform whenever anyone makes fun of her for anything.

No. 1405362

For real, what's the point

No. 1405363

Sometimes I kind of like when I can see the lace on a woman's wig lifting. Not because I like to see other people look bad, but because it's not "perfect".

No. 1405380

Something about this is so funny. She sounds like she’s at her wits end

No. 1405394

I made the mistake of accidentally clicking on a video by those far right misogynistic men and now YouTube won't fucking stop recommending me other retarded videos I fucking hate this even if I click other shit it won't go away. I'm on the browser and apparently the do not recommend function isn't there. Fuck youtube who even allows this shit content.

No. 1405405

Hover the video title and click the 3 dot button, dropdown menu has a "Do not recommend" option

No. 1405415

Wasn't this already posted in the tiktok thread. and we mostly agreed that she's retarded

No. 1405420

This place has so many legitimately autistic people who are completely oblivious to their autism, it's a wild ride to read these posts.

No. 1405429

we already had that EXACT same hair/eye color colorism argument in the unpopular opinions thread months ago too with similar sounding posts which makes it even weirder. idg why they want to rehash this again

No. 1405438

File: 1668188935464.jpeg (906.68 KB, 1170x1068, 0DDADEFD-CC4F-486E-A240-201555…)

to that one nonna who was going to ask a moid to cuddle. Best of luck, hope he’s like this

No. 1405444

I'm actually going to be a little sad when Attack on Titan finally ends.

No. 1405448

I believe it now, "Drake" really is a womxn

No. 1405449

I have to share this with you all. This is from a literal flyer for a literal, real party.


No. 1405455

people who obsess over mixed kids are shallow retards overall? wow who would have though

No. 1405456

File: 1668189419809.jpg (Spoiler Image,264.14 KB, 714x1024, 1617851207686.jpg)

it already did and you will be glad

No. 1405459

I mean the anime, anon.

No. 1405463

File: 1668189711916.jpg (46.46 KB, 727x775, elephant with blue eyes.jpg)

If you don't want to go for realism, you can go for better than realism. What do you mean 'better than realism'?
How about an elephant with blue eyes.

No. 1405466

I'm happy someone got what I was talking about, god bless nonnielita

No. 1405472

i think you will be glad regardless

No. 1405474

I'm not sure what you're saying kek. I know how the series ends, I just will be sad to see it end.

No. 1405478

File: 1668190000379.jpg (7.99 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

would you buy it? I would if it didn't have the letters

No. 1405483

Love you nonas
Absolutely I would buy, I don't mind the Temple OS logo, it enhances it imo. How many songs and poems do I have the exchange with the lord to get me one of these??

No. 1405494

This is so retarded. If going to a party has the risk of you having a fucking breakdown why would you go?? I know they're all a bunch of clowny fakers anyway, which only adds to ridiculousness. How is this not embarrassing?? Why would you openly be this defective and think it makes you special?

No. 1405510

File: 1668190927481.webm (4 MB, 640x480, terry.webm)

The colours are ugly but I'd get it for the novelty of having templeOS merch. I feel you on the text though, should be one of those if you know you know things.
Alas, it is $169.00

Love you too -3-

No. 1405513

go Terry go Terry go go go Terry

No. 1405535

"GOGO DANCERS" being "BRIEFED" sent me; also these people sound anti-fun to begin with so I can't imagine partying with them period

No. 1405546

File: 1668193229224.jpg (224.44 KB, 700x613, rdhr6.jpg)

I just threw up in my mouth.

No. 1405548

Unironically thinking about taking testosterone and trying to pass as a MTF. It's so mind boggling how much they get away with and how they can easily pull the trans card to get things handed to them

No. 1405554

Thank you nonnies ♥ The company I usually buy her medication from sent a bouquet! I'm drying out the flowers so I can keep them in a little spot I have for her. I'm kind of nervous to have this plant since my only plants are the "you really couldn't kill me unless you tried" plants since I don't really have a green thumb. I hope I can keep it alive otherwise it'll just add to my grief in a weird way lol

I feel like grieving so much over an animal is weird, but everyone around me has been very kind and supportive about it, especially because they know I've had her since childhood. She was a big part of my life and now I feel like I have to navigate life without her by my side.

No. 1405584


No. 1405585

File: 1668195764510.png (4.98 KB, 362x116, ApplicationFrameHost_vdeJMG9JL…)

What's the title of the book?
That's how I feel about most otome isekai stories.

kek reminds me of picrel
Hope you'll feel better soon nonny.

No. 1405586

File: 1668195859885.png (685.92 KB, 800x800, cow.png)

There's a part of me that just wants to buy some big obnoxious keychains (bigger than picrel) to put on my car keys, but it would be super impractical kek

No. 1405589

Same, nonita. I'm never going to take T or actually do it seriously because it's retarded beyond words, but I've fantasized about being a TiM before. I used to like to try to mimic how they acted to feel like I was one of them and sometimes fantasize about being a dude. I think it's just plain old autoandrophilia, and I think it's okay to be an autoandrophile as long as you don't actually act on it.

I've recently had a dream where I had that TiM fridge-like body, no curves, tall and lanky, and kept taking pictures of myself in anime girl skirts and gamer socks and posting pictures to /lgbt/. Now, actually being a male who identifies as a woman would probably be shit, but it's a fantasy I've had. Could it be auto-autogynophilia? I welcome any armchair psychologists to make bizarre claims as to why, but I feel ya

No. 1405599

no but fr i kinda wanna do this so i can apply to scholarships or maybe get picked as the diversity student for grad school lol

No. 1405601


No. 1405635

File: 1668198644260.jpg (891.52 KB, 3024x4032, so38llzxst011.jpg)

I want a big babybel. Also, I do not believe wikipedia is poor.

No. 1405637

The no flashing lights and less loud music is actually kinda cool the rest is kek

No. 1405641

das a big baby

No. 1405643

i clicked the option to donate to wikipedia once but then it was like please before you pay mabye some more… and it put me off

No. 1405644

jimbo wales needs the shmoney

No. 1405646

You give us money now, the money, you give it.

No. 1405648

They aren’t. They ask for money saying they need it but actually donate it to POC businesses and shit.

No. 1405650

File: 1668199291411.jpg (108.25 KB, 800x928, 800px-Jimbo_Wales_in_France_cr…)

inb4 some nonininina posts him on the nerdy man crush thread

No. 1405656

i think the server costs are huge with how much traffic it gets

No. 1405657

Don't give them ideas. He's somehow more generic looking than the average guy posted there.

No. 1405659

File: 1668199615010.jpeg (8.82 KB, 205x246, theserver.jpeg)

No. 1405660

File: 1668199617548.jpg (12.68 KB, 362x282, 1667167195416.jpg)


No. 1405663

Same but replace "Hot' with "Meduim ugly and fat" . I just want to punch some bellies.
I brought one of these, I thought it was frosting consititenticy and like creamy, not just a circle of cheese

No. 1405665

With Lula all hot moids will be nationalized, you'll no longer be able to buy one, if you have one, he'll be taken away by the state, should have thought about that before voting for a commie.

No. 1405692

I need a dab pen

No. 1405701

It finally happened I have the coughid19. It just feels like the flu and no o didnt lose my taste or smell but I cant stop spitting mucus and blowing my nose. The fever is real though. It hurts my head to blink.

No. 1405702

also is it bad to use weed to help me sleep sometimes?

No. 1405704

Daddy squid will provide us with STATE MANDATED moid slaves. That's the commie dream.

No. 1405709

File: 1668201898385.png (40.77 KB, 156x291, 1660705075961.png)

I have this personal cow I really love digging shit up about for my own amusement, I even have a dedicated channel on my personal discord full of screenshots of her antics. She's this aggressively woke lying egomaniac that's never not offline, and recently I snuck into a discord server where she is extremely active. The channel she was most active in was the drama channel and slowly as I scrolled through it, it hit me.
She'd fit in perfectly with lc and other cow watchers if only she shed her fake woke personality. She keeps track of so many "problematic" (actually just entertaining) people and she picks and prods at them the same way the most dedicated nonnies do. Outside of her, I've never actively participated in following cows on social media or sharing their milk on lc, but she, she's way more dedicated and autistic than I am. She keeps everyone in that channel updated on her own favourite personal cows and I just had to take a step back because of the sheer cow-ception I was experiencing.

No. 1405728

File: 1668203189180.jpg (205.99 KB, 1160x1600, otter nurse.jpg)

No. 1405729

File: 1668203295303.gif (779.68 KB, 400x399, sorry your sick.gif)

No. 1405739

You know there's this thing I've read once that said that the reason why CWC was so popular on imageboards was because he actually shares so many traits with the average imageboard user. Autistic interests, trouble with social relationships and all - and that this is the big reason why such a big crowd gathered around him and were so captivated. Line of thinking being "at least I'm not that bad" because him doing the same things just way more exaggerated.
When you gaze deep into the eyes of the cow, it also gazes back at you, or something.

No. 1405745

My parmaviolets arrived I'm peddling them to everyone I know like a foreign candy drug dealer. They taste like the way bodywash smells but I like it

No. 1405759

File: 1668204290966.png (627.18 KB, 640x448, c0a67da3b613bd5a.png)

>When you gaze deep into the eyes of the cow, it also gazes back at you, or something.
For sure, honestly it's insane the amount of similarities I, or we, share with her. At the end of the day, I hate on her for being a liar but I did have to lie in order to get into that discord just for my personal amusement, so am I really that different? This shit is making me reconsider some life choices.
Maybe the biggest difference is the fact that she grew up in a different online environment from me kek

No. 1405797

For once my internet stalking skills are failing me the one time I really needed them to work. I'm trying to find an old family friend but my parents are no longer on speaking terms with the friends we met them through. I found some facebook accounts of people who might be in contact with them but even as I scour through whatever they haven't locked down, I don't see any of their names anywhere. My mom found me a last name, but still I can't find anything. I realized now that I barely remember their faces too.

I just adored this couple so much. They're originally from my parents home country so when I went back to visit family, we took a side trip to go out and meet them too because I asked. I saw them on a few separate occasions, eventually meeting their adopted daughter that they named after me. I just really want to know how they're doing and talk to them again. I've been wanting to get back in touch with them for years.

No. 1405808

>tfw you realize you're getting nostalgic for 2013 west coast mountain loving grunge era tumblr

This is so cute.

No. 1405809

WAIT FUCK I SPOKE TOO SOON I THINK I FOUND THE FACEBOOK PROFILE OF THE HUSBAND!!!! And on his friend list I see the two friends my parents no longer talk to.

I sent my parents a screenshot asking to confirm since my memory of his face is really fuzzy but I think it's him.

No. 1405816

For sure, and all the people that "touched the poo" with regards to Chris (Bella and her friends, etc.) were total psychos, unsurprisingly. Obviously we all cow-watch but those who cow-tip are a different breed. But in both cases I think unless you're just a sociopath who gets off on manipulating the mentally ill (which some people in this "sphere" are) I think our favorite cows all are in some ways reflections of ourselves. I don't just mean the ana-chan threads are full of skellies and the sex worker threads are full of e-thots although that is true, I mean it in some more psychological level we share some traits or inclinations. Maybe it's sympathy, maybe it's "there but for the grace of God go I" and often when it's alogging/someone who hates the cow then that's their self-hatred bubbling up, sure was for the original A[nthony] Log[atto] who's over-the-top hatred of Chris is the source of the term.

No. 1405818

I made the mistake of looking at myself in the mirror and realized that glow ups are a fat-chick with cute face thing and that no matter how much i kill myself eating grass it will not change my ugly face shape or nose. So i ordered some KFC.

No. 1405825

File: 1668207170024.gif (2.62 MB, 540x662, D9F1F4EC-6FBE-4DD9-89FB-28A2AA…)

I don’t like spyxfamily for really irrational reasons. the names yor and loid sound so dumb!!! Also I hate yor’s weird hairstyle/bland and uncreative 2013 ass sweater outfit. “Loid” is cute but the name’s spelling ruins him for me

No. 1405838

I want admin to mail me a book of my posts, 10 posts a page and see how much posts I make in a day. I want to see all my posts. I don't know why, I feel like I'd start crying

No. 1405842

File: 1668208482927.gif (41.06 KB, 720x530, 7F72624A-9CF5-4267-95E3-0682E3…)

Just about all animals in the ocean make shells out of calcium carbonate. But linguids make their shells out of calcium phosphate. Who do they think they are??? Who said they could do that?

No. 1405852

i'm so sorry nona that must be really hard, it's a very cute anime

No. 1405857

File: 1668209537484.jpg (62.03 KB, 595x680, c48.jpg)

I get a sympathetic chill up my back every time I see it

No. 1405859

File: 1668209727557.gif (398.68 KB, 400x400, stuffy bear.gif)

I had to stop myself from creating a "get well soon" blingee folder when I went to look for that, there are so many

No. 1405860

Instruction diagram for a kegel toy

No. 1405867

You need a shot of b12,
You know

No. 1405871

File: 1668210461118.gif (364.32 KB, 500x281, 0e9351b77fab4bf407f16a6d7e8216…)

Writing nsfw, leaning back to take a mindbreak, slap my hand over my mouth in reaction at what I just wrote.

No. 1405872

File: 1668210505617.png (158.85 KB, 304x297, poop.png)

I'm B8 I've got the penis of a man!

No. 1405878

lmao I can picture this perfectly

No. 1405879

I can't get into the anime cause of Yor's hair too, and I know it's stupid but it's so impractical when she's out assassinating having her flop eared rabbit hair down like that. I think the crappy hair and sweater outfit is because male creators don't know shit about fashion and won't take input from anyone who might actually know? Also her assassin name is so cringe it hurts. I haven't kept up with it, but the manga may be more palatable because it's not as flashy and you can forget the fact they animated Yor's dumbass hair and colored her outfit that bright ass red.

No. 1405888

But but but anya is so cute

No. 1405957

File: 1668216883349.jpg (70.26 KB, 1000x1000, 61tjqD0ODiL.jpg)

Today I ate the entire bottle of vitamin C pills, usually I eat only a handful per day but today I sat and ate them and before I knew it they were gone

Idk why but these pills are like crack to me, they are the most delicious flavor I have ever experienced in anything so I take a walk on the wild side by eating them as a snack. Yes I know I'm a dumbass and should probably go to vitamin c rehab. I also know that I most definitely do Not have Scurvy

No. 1405961

Why can't real boybands be like Boyz 12??

No. 1405962


No. 1405965

I am having deja vu I swear to god you or someone made a post like this here before

No. 1405967

i remember it too. it was in one of the stupid questions threads, she or someone else mentioned fucking up her liver from eating too many of these or something like that

No. 1405968

why does vitamin c gummies (entire bottle) attract nonnies so much

No. 1405969


You again. You should be studied by science. Do you eat anything else?

No. 1405976

I wish the gummy industry would catch up to the needs of the people. 90% of normal gummies taste like soap.

Oh no. I mean, oh well. I have accepted my fate

I did make a post in a past stupid question thread, but the post about fucking up the liver was someone else, not me

No. 1405981

kek I just remembered that. I feel bad for laughing but her post was really nonchalant, "oh I ate too many gummies I just love them so much haha" and then at the end she was just like "now I have cancer"

No. 1405986

This goes up there with the nonnie who used a toilet cleaner as a bubble bath

No. 1405987

No. 1405989

File: 1668218634417.jpg (21.69 KB, 262x450, 7940a78a195d40c272a0b9faff9d25…)

I wonder if playing Harvest Moon as a kid is what made me realize I liked women so early on. Back then there were barely any games to play as a female character, so I was so used to playing as a male character and romancing the girls.
Picrel was my first ever love. I still love you Muffy

No. 1405995


No. 1406005

That game was fucked up all the male options were horror-tier. I wish I knew I was bi before back when I just tortured myself dating the ugly ass hippy dude

No. 1406014

The "C" in L.O.L.C.O.W. stands for "vitamin C"

No. 1406020

I played the one that only let you play as a guy, kinda glad I did tbh. I'm glad the Remake has gay marriage too and I wonder how many gay kids that's going to help tbh

No. 1406023

i like to imagine going back in time and telling myself weird things that happen in the future. I was there for the start of twitter, before anyone really used it. My friend tipped me off that it was gonna get big. I imagine telling my younger self "hey this is gonna be bought by a dude who makes rockets and everyone worldwide's gonna get really mad"

No. 1406039

Does anyone else have designated shopping music? Mine is Humanz. It's a good album, but I usually don't listen to it unless I'm out shopping.

No. 1406043

I want to be in a vtubing group with other women and only have female fans, unfortunately that will never happen and would be impossible to pull off. Just want to have fun playing games with a dumb avatar in a group!!

No. 1406069

lolcow VTuber group when?

No. 1406083

Honestly if any art nonna knows how to live2d rig and wanted to, we could have an Elsie vtuber
We could have hundreds of Elsies

No. 1406107

File: 1668231558905.gif (2.99 MB, 320x194, 1643656350459.gif)

I am in bad bitch mode and i deleted discord after wishing my female friend happy bday in advance, i am going to isolate i cant take being surrouded by ugly men anymore

No. 1406128

>i cant take being surrouded by ugly men anymore
>posts ugly man
hmmm. also thank you

No. 1406192

>meet scrote and we hangout once
>we start texting after that date
>our second date he canceled because he was sick
>then during text I told him my birthday is coming up and he offered to take me out. I did not asked him to do this, this was his idea.
>he said we will “play by ear” when he will take me out for my birthday because he wants to practice to guitar with his friend on that day
>I tell him I want solid plans for my birthday so we should plan dinner on another day when he knows he’s free
>he says the following Monday works
>Monday comes and he texts me he’s sorry and he can’t meet up because he’s sick
>I immediately block him on everything

Was blocking an over reaction?he was a pretty nice guy and always texted me back etc

No. 1406195

no lol

No. 1406203

da fuq is that

No. 1406244

Nta but bitch that’s Kakihara from itchi the killer and he’s actually very handsome tyvm

A meme made by a bitch that hates women

No. 1406254

No he sounds like a flake. He doesn’t deserve you

No. 1406263

File: 1668256724767.jpg (62.25 KB, 1199x893, FeMO3XeWIAEQeg6.jpg)

Do we still do weekend threads

No. 1406269

no just use all the other threads like a normal person

No. 1406309

nah disabilityfags need to be upfront if we want new friends to look past the sick flake. he's either too immature to realize this or he's faking it

No. 1406314

Dunno if this belongs here or in Vidya General, but I played a mystery game with a friend of mine and got a kek out of our blind "What Would We Do?" endings. I got the absolute goody-goody end where everyone lives and most get a happy end, and my friend got the evil end where you take over a murderous spirit, half the cast is dead, and the rest are plotting revenge against you. Warms my ickle heart that my friends are one plant shop away from unchecked supervillainy.

No. 1406315

File: 1668262435117.jpeg (25.08 KB, 736x552, A672FFCA-7632-4776-B0F8-E4D67B…)

I used 2 be scared of imageboards because I thought that was the dark web (I was like 13)

No. 1406330

File: 1668263401749.gif (197.75 KB, 550x385, tsunoda3.gif)

i am on my periods and i really want a goddamn cheesecake (saw a local cafe sell it yesterday while i was in a rush to get the vitamins), but i am in too much pain to go outside. good start of the weekend i guess… SIGH

No. 1406352

Ive had this song stuck in my head since I woke up this morning how do I make it stop

No. 1406354

It should be perfectly acceptable for me to tell men to kill themselves on social media

No. 1406369

File: 1668266766731.jpg (16.54 KB, 306x423, article-2118561-12472E48000005…)

Does it still "count" as being bisexual if you're only attracted to women who present in an androgynous or even masculine way?
I was talking with two friends, and one said she only found herself attracted to Katy Perry in that one music video where she cut her hair for the military. This same friend often laments how FtMs are a waste of attractive androgynous/tomboyish women. Another friend argued that if you're not sexually attracted to women including when they present femininely, you probably don't really like women. I personally kind of disagree, since there are lesbians who are solely into butches, but idk.

No. 1406372

Of course it still counts, your friend implying butches aren't 'real' women is dumb.

No. 1406374

Women don't turn into men when they have short hair, so of course it counts.

No. 1406376

kek I had a strange obsession with that video when I was younger. Which is funny because nowadays I love femmes and am a femme myself.
As long as you are attracted to their pussies I don't think anyone can call you out for faking it. It only gets cringe when you imagine them having a dick or don't want to acknowledge that they're as much of a woman as you are.
A lot of Ruby Rose fanatics came off that way to me.

No. 1406379

I have very narrow type of males I’m attracted to, does that mean I’m not straight? It’s a silly question. Women can confuse same sex attraction with just appreciating female beauty because internalizing male gaze or whatever though.

No. 1406381

File: 1668267425567.jpeg (9.36 KB, 233x240, _ (17).jpeg)

I absolutely hate everything about the zeitgeist of the 2020s. I just want to go back to 10 years ago.

No. 1406384

Lemme guess, your friend thinks ogling a woman’s tits in sexy cosplay is peak bisexuality

No. 1406402

everything went downhill after 2015 but holy fucking shit I didn't ever think the 2020s would be this fucking dogshit

No. 1406405

File: 1668268409870.png (281.93 KB, 540x360, kms.png)

me too, this decade is unfunny, has ugly fashion, shitty music, idpol, and big tech surveillance. so fucking pissed at older people who got to live through better days and have fun, now we have to reckon with this dull and lifeless world.

No. 1406415

heres some dorks on New years eve dec 1999 thinking the future is gonna be awesome

No. 1406418

>after 2015
no, 2007

No. 1406422

I guess for millenials 2007 was the tipping point, but as a zoomer I started to notice the fabric of society come apart circa 2015-2016, that election really created the 'culture wars' that we see now. In retrospect I can definitely see how things went downhill in 2007, financial crash, recession, etc etc.

No. 1406424

God this is gonna make me cry lol

No. 1406427

Damn I miss the 2000s. I still remember writing 2004 on my elementary school notebook for the first time and being exited. The only shit I had to worry about was catching my favourite cartoon on the tv after school and doing homework. No pandemic, no war (at least near me), no big social media, no crazy riots, no tranny pedo bullshit propaganda. The tv was full of mindless gossip about what celebrities were wearing and children didn't know what a selfie was. The future seemed very bright then.

No. 1406430

getting real nostalgia/existential crisis in here

No. 1406436

I like these topics because I always am trying to brainstorm potential solutions for how shitty the world is. What do you nonnas think would improve the state of the world?

>i know we have no actual influence over the real world i'm just curious to hear some nonnas' thoughts

No. 1406453

I personally think more pink would greatly improve the world. I've talked about this before, but if I was any kind of leader everything be pink. There's been too much anti-pink propaganda in the world. Typing this on a pink keyboard as we speak.

No. 1406455

File: 1668270496548.png (895.39 KB, 760x566, pink.png)

Great take, I agree.

No. 1406483

File: 1668271537442.gif (412.43 KB, 287x305, meeeeeeeeee.gif)

neither relate like or support anything bruno mars sings about ( as far as i know of his discography ) but man can that racially ambiguous little twerp sing. hell yes brother.

No. 1406584

pink is great. most cute things are pink. coincidence?

No. 1406595

You're so right, I post cutesy pics on here and try give lots of affirmations to my nonnies but shoulder ram oblivious people who get in my way and yesterday a disgusting drunk scrote dropped his phone in front of my feet while falling all over the train corridor and I kicked it away with my muddy hiking boots. I also slut shame.

No. 1406601

It's so fucked up how vaginas are such a delicate ecosystem. Men get to do things like stick their dicks in jelly jars with no repercussions but if my vag isn't bone dry after a shower I'm fucked.

No. 1406602

Are you from the USA? I've always found Americans to be attractive in a generic way. But I am basing this on people saying certain really attractive celebs look like someone you could see walking down the street.

I suppose I'm alright with being ugly.

No. 1406624

File: 1668277242784.png (35.19 KB, 420x294, self cleaning.png)

vags are self cleaning tho

No. 1406627

there's a podcaster I listen to who says police uniforms should be bright pink and yellow so they're easier to spot (among other reasons) and I have to agree that would be awesome

No. 1406639

Sounds like you might have some kind of problem. Did you bring thing up with a gyno?

No. 1406643

I'm already or meds right now and I'm fine. I was just exaggerating for that post, but still it does feel like it's pretty easy to get an infection.

No. 1406653

Men can stick their peeholes 6 inches up a butthole and not get a uti. Yet we get utis all the time because the 2 holes are close to each other.. its not fair.

No. 1406661

Tis pure poppycock.

No. 1406663

They do get infection but they just never get tested for anything, never go to the doctor and usually don’t get symptoms. Then they just pass their bv/yeast dick to women they fuck raw.

No. 1406664

am I the only one who very rarely gets an uti.. I've had like 3 in my life and they were all because I held up pee too long

No. 1406671

Into my 30s and only had one in my life. I think some people just get infections really easily, bad immune system. Must suck. I have a bottle of antibiotics I'm saving just in case I'm without health insurance and get a UTI again because I hated having it so fucking much, I would be pissed if I got them all the time.

No. 1406676

I get less when I'm not sexually active but even then I still tend to get one every winter.

No. 1406832

File: 1668285515684.jpeg (877.77 KB, 1280x858, cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpeg)

I think I'm gonna get those birria tacos from Trader Joes next time I go shopping. I've never had real birria before so I'm not sure what it would taste like, but the ones from Trader Joes look so good.

No. 1406836

there’s an extremely annoying anon in the amerifag thread. i hope she’s just like that online

No. 1406845

Ooh I had this once and it was so good!

No. 1406853

File: 1668286459409.jpg (76.34 KB, 640x680, EYOJMP-U4AA6tFZ.jpg)

I was just browsing some artist' twitter and found some art of Ranma with his hair down and now I feel like I've seen the most inappropriate thing known to mankind. I can't even save the picture and post it without being embarrassed. My old crush on him is coming back now.

No. 1406858

It's the car poster isn't it

No. 1406863

File: 1668287536291.jpg (59.43 KB, 640x568, 99deb4efa7fd99e9528ed7cccdf007…)

Someone said men look like this when they're about to cum and it's so true I hate it. They should pay for orgasms with their life a la praying mantis

No. 1406868

File: 1668287924796.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x1734, E4029C5C-5B70-45F9-8561-7628AF…)

It’s crazy that people would rather have hair that looks like this just so they can be blonde

No. 1406888

For real fake blonde always looks fugly as shit

No. 1406905

File: 1668290409808.gif (1.21 MB, 220x381, cat-tired.gif)

The air everywhere tastes gross to me and I don't know why. And why is it already fucking dark

No. 1406957

I'm one of those people who close up and get quiet when I'm nervous, and I wonder what it's like for people who are the opposite (more talkative and extroverted) when they're anxious.

No. 1407054

File: 1668296820719.jpeg (75.56 KB, 933x750, A34C5C86-30D1-4533-A32E-6F7D42…)

She’s a gooood girl,
Loves her mawma
Loves Jesus
And America too

No. 1407059

File: 1668297119964.png (449.88 KB, 540x564, yes.png)


No. 1407067

do you like the Traveling Wilburys too, Petty-anon?

No. 1407076

File: 1668297943787.png (131.6 KB, 340x314, george.png)

No. 1407085

Based. My least favorite look is when someone has black roots and the rest is all bleached. Looks like a german shepard. Bonus points for uneven random highlights all over which it usually is.

No. 1407087

It's been a month since I've started eating meat and I feel that I can confidently say that none of it is worth eating except for beef (mostly steak) and bacon bits. All the other stuff is for people who want to disrupt their mental health, and go through bouts of insanity and incessant woe.

No. 1407094

pink is ugly

No. 1407099

File: 1668298806640.jpg (26.6 KB, 564x384, 32d1fa6e6676c7e364e5e390f46da3…)

the other day i had a mental breakdown on my birthday because i realized the type of men i like has been dead for 2 decades and all we have left is ticking time bombs that are o the verge of either trooning out, raping someone, or both. I wish i had a time machine.

No. 1407102

When I was younger this video was the funniest thing I had ever seen

No. 1407105

Silly you’re not me

I’ve never listened but I will listen to linked

No. 1407108

I need a name nonna. FAST!!! The bomb is ticking.

No. 1407111

name of what

No. 1407119

god same all my celebrity crushes are from the 60s/70s so i'm going 2 die alone.

No. 1407121

> tom petty
> bob dylan
> roy orbison
> george harrison
> jeff lyne
it's amazing shit

No. 1407133

they were so based, 5 guys who had proved everything there was to prove, just making music for fun. to me someone liking traveling wilburys is a great sign that they are fun to be around, so i send you my goodest vibrations Traveling Wilburys-chan.

No. 1407139

i didn't know there was a Petty-anon, just thought she was colloquially referring to me as Petty-anon bc i had referenced his song. if you are the real Petty-anon you are very cool, godspeed.

No. 1407140

his mom must be pround

No. 1407143

Most of my celebrity crushes are from the 80s. I guess 2020s men are so bleak that we can only go back.

No. 1407145

idk if there is a petty-anon but there is now, I talked to her about petty on the cc bunker thread when we were pooh'd

No. 1407146

lel sorry it keeps posting the same song

No. 1407147

men consume porn and think its a personality trait

No. 1407148

here's another

No. 1407149

then that was me KEK but i am not the og Petty-anon that seems to be here on lc

No. 1407159

File: 1668300767302.gif (1.98 MB, 480x198, sex.gif)

based 80s enjoyer

No. 1407161

I thought she was calling me Petty-anon because I just made that post with the lyrics and also once posted my suicide note on here which included Petty lyrics kek

No. 1407162

then you must compete for the title petty-anons

No. 1407163

Hey nonnie, I got you two contraceptives
No hormonal issues, no foreign objects in your body, no weird injections or pills, just interact with both of them and your uterus will shrivel up and your brain will make you lose any sort of libido.

No. 1407166

this guy is sort of uggo tho

No. 1407168

That was you? Now I see what you were talking about here >>1407105. Glad to hear that you are still alive KEK

No. 1407177

I thought it was long hair Shane Dawson and was so confused

No. 1407179

if they ever invent a time machine we can go back together nona

No. 1407180

File: 1668301354858.png (8.98 KB, 200x219, 1645673229424.png)

whenever i get a notification from my cycle tracking app thats like "Very high chance to get pregnant tomorrow!" im just like lol lmao what if i did for shits and giggles. like i wont. but what if i did. would be hilarious. in theory of course.

No. 1407181

File: 1668301418344.gif (9.7 KB, 80x107, dance04.gif)

yes we will have a twerk off to Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1

No. 1407183

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo now i'm questioning my existence i always thought i had good taste in guys

No. 1407184

File: 1668301619806.jpg (49.61 KB, 563x740, 2cfadb7e65c37af15d8f5db857c15c…)

the 80s looked so comfy. I wish i had an 80's goth vampire bf, or a cute nerdy bf to play D&D with

No. 1407190

so true, guys now are almost always one of these 3:

>Meathead gymbro with a shaved head, no personality except for "we go jim" and 'grinding'

>Porn addicted femboy gamer
>Broccoli head rap enthusiast who is also porn addicted

help me think of others

No. 1407194

File: 1668302074530.jpg (240.15 KB, 932x1393, cute (2).jpg)

An 80s goth vampire bf would be ideal. We could watch old Vincent Price movies together and every slasher movie as it came out. An 80s new wave bf would be excellent too. I like how men styled their hair back then with all the volume. Made it seem so fluffy.

No. 1407195

i have hormone issues (too much) T and on top of that i started wellbutrin, which feels a bit like on amphetamines. i am soooooooooo horny but having trouble to orgasm since i’m on them.

do any nonnas know porn with actually cute moids? the “pornsites for women” that i found are a scam. i still see too much woman and hear them moaning and the moids are a combination of ugly, old, balding, too jacked or too fat. they just fuck a little better than in porn for scrotes.

help, i want naked, tall, slim pretty boys that aren’t disgusting manlet twinks with incel physique.

where can i find that??

No. 1407197

I used to follow this guy like 3 years ago, he used to live with his parents & they apparently supported him, I remember he said his mom liked Nekopara… poor woman

No. 1407199

I'm trying so hard not to ruin others taste but this guy's pube stache and hairline is bothering me so much I'm sorry. he looks like a stinky megamind, I have to let this out

No. 1407201

File: 1668302524810.jpg (150.7 KB, 510x471, Near-Dark-near-dark-19479575-5…)

rude, here is another 80s vampire boy then

No. 1407202

Why don’t white men get out the car and pump the gas for girls they are dating, fucking or in a relationship with? Is this a cultural thing or do these men just don’t like me at all?kek

No. 1407207

I guess this one is okayish…I can barely see the face but maybe that's for the best

No. 1407208


because they are useless pussies now

No. 1407209

So this is common behavior for them now and it’s not just me?I always thought men were supposed to get out at the gas station and pump the gas for girls they have some kind of sexual relationship with…well that’s how the men were in my area

No. 1407211

Same fag but not even just for women you are fucking. I was taught men have to pump the gas of a woman is in the car.

No. 1407214

share some cute guys with us nonna

No. 1407216


No. 1407218

dae feel sad bc it's now more unrealistic than ever to expect some degree of romance from a guy? i could probably find some below average scrote who would be willing to let me cover and gib pussi but i feel like it's pretty rare to find guys who will actually take you out on nice dates and stuff now (esp if you are not 10/10), am i right or wrong let's discuss.

No. 1407220

nta but pretty sure that's from Near Dark (it's in the filename)

No. 1407222

File: 1668303274912.jpg (71.01 KB, 1080x607, 1660121945740.jpg)

i feel so depressed, i bought two new games and i am hoping they help me forget i live in 2022 and that twitter exists

No. 1407223

Men don't even approach women if they aren't their distorted version of a "10" anymore, let alone give them proper dates. Feels bad because I really just want to live the romantic fantasy I was sold as a child. I want someone to buy me flowers and take me somewhere formal to eat damn!!!!

No. 1407229

okay so i'm not crazy for noticing this. most of the girls i know who have boyfriends all settled for uglier guys than them who treat them like shit, it makes me sad bc if they are prettier than me and get treated this way then there's no point in me even trying to date.

No. 1407230

I just ate rancid 5 months expired mayo. I might not be here tomorrow guys so I'm telling you now that I love you all (except paki anon)

No. 1407232

File: 1668303614106.png (684.82 KB, 778x784, cozyapu.png)

tell us da games nonna, also i relate i play sims 3 to pretend like i'm in 2009 it kind of helps.

No. 1407233

Don't worry, if this keeps up twitter won't exist for very long.

No. 1407235

praying for you

No. 1407237

If I was rich I’d be a single mom. Seems like fun to have kids if j don’t have a scrote to deal with.

No. 1407238

File: 1668303789898.jpg (33.73 KB, 410x603, 1666863477582.jpg)

I don't know if they even truly exist. Maybe this is closest idk. maybe prince if he wasn't an ass

No. 1407239

Honestly it kills my confidence because that's what my friends who are way prettier than me did too. I think moids all want the same type of woman and if you are not that, you have to settle for whatever bottom of the barrel scrote you can find (if you have no self respect). That's why I just gave up and got a husbando instead.

No. 1407243

Plus you can get a donor to confirm high IQ and whatever else you want. Most women have to settle for ugly pendejos even if they're beautiful and have kids with them and get into bitter divorce battles. You'd literally give your kids better quality genes than many Hollywood stars and avoid the worst part of having kids with a male.

No. 1407244

File: 1668304016200.jpeg (159.16 KB, 1500x1780, B34DD31C-EF42-4EAF-8462-0BFA2E…)

Even women like this date scrotes who look like this and get cheated on but in a way that’s also pick mes fault. A lot of women see a man with a hot gf and want to prove their value by being able to make him cheat or stealing him. A man getting a hot girl for sure boosts up his social value

No. 1407245

where do you live, nonnie? there are still enough men who take you on proper dates in my city (central eu) not many students though. unfortunately i was never attracted to them even though some were good looking.

No. 1407246

Wow are we the same person? I wonder what makes guys like a girl these days, the standards seem to change all the time.

No. 1407247

File: 1668304108722.jpg (405.32 KB, 1955x832, 16 (785).jpg)

the new postal(they are having a 80% discount on the franchise), far cry 3 blood dragon and ace combat 7. I think i am starting to develop male pattern autism because i havent talked to anyone in a while and all i do is play videogames and exercise. I am hoping i get some muscle so i can shave my head. I dont know whats wrong with me, but this is god's fault for denying me a cute bf.
twitter cant crash and burn soon enough

No. 1407250

I feel like the moids who really go out of their way for women out of their league always do so where they’re extremely insecure and want to prove something and then start to devalue whoever they’re with when reality sits in and they realize she’s actually a person behind the looks

No. 1407251

omg thx for letting me know about the sale anon, now i know what to splash my cash on. these days i find myself wanting to ted kaczynskimaxx (minus the bombs kek) bc no bf and dogshit cultural zeitgeist. the day twitter dies i will rejoice, but tiktok has to go with it.

No. 1407256

This. I gave my ex everything and he didn't think I was worthy of a birthday dinner out or flowers once in a blue moon. But the coworker he orbits now ignores him and he spent 900 bucks to replace her tires, which I'm pretty sure he put on credit cards.

No. 1407259

This is why I tell women to never help scrotes with anything kek even if you feel bad I. Your heart don’t do it.

No. 1407260

File: 1668304850831.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, nerd respecters.png)

all the 3 games are on sale if you want to check em, i had luck because i really wanted those games and had them on my wishlist for a while.
> these days i find myself wanting to ted kaczynskimaxx (minus the bombs kek) bc no bf and dogshit cultural zeitgeist. the day twitter dies i will rejoice, but tiktok has to go with it.
same, porn and the internet ruined moids forever and there is no turning back. Dunno how but men look so repulsive now, they somehow develop male pattern baldness and a bear gut at 19. Also i hate being born too late to enjoy peak nerdy virgins.

No. 1407267

so true, i regret being born too late to enjoy average-level fit guys who weren't retarded gymbro misogynists and porn addicts. i feel especially bad for the nerd enjoyers because they are all incels in some way or another now, it sucks balls. i just can't fathom dating a guy now knowing that he probably has millions of other women to lust over in his phone, also the thought of a man using social media in general makes me cringe for some reason kek.

No. 1407269

Some of you are really recognizable.

No. 1407270

your post broke my heart a little you deserve so much better

No. 1407271


does anyone have experience with younger guys? i’m not interested in dating, so i thought it might help to stay unattached but have something nice to look at.

No. 1407273

ok creep-chan

No. 1407276

My experience with them is they all like to be abused in some form but maybe that’s me

No. 1407278

No. 1407280

File: 1668305495743.jpeg (267.12 KB, 1000x1000, 724566-09.jpeg)

we're playing this game again? you're gonna get it wrong just like last time

No. 1407283

no shit this userbase isn't that big, what of it?

No. 1407286

File: 1668305645106.jpg (34.06 KB, 800x533, cat-blue-couch-pointing-camera…)

No. 1407287

Woah kawaii cat

No. 1407289

File: 1668305716976.jpeg (23.16 KB, 194x259, 82773BF3-D21F-4D5E-80D9-971FC5…)

Yeah nonnie, imagine getting pregnant.

No. 1407290

is using them for sex from time to time abusive enough? i hope they weren’t totally submissive.

am i really a creep-chan for wanting a 20-22yo qt? i’m still in my twenties

No. 1407291

File: 1668305777335.png (496.25 KB, 532x540, stare.png)

No. 1407292

File: 1668305832735.jpg (103.56 KB, 873x1332, Undercut-Haircut-for-the-Curly…)

i cant stand zoomer hairstyles, men have max 10 years with good hair and then do like this with it. What's wrong with them.

No. 1407293

the point of going for a moid that age (younger is creepy, depending on your age, even that might be creepy) is being able to mold them sexually to something more pleasing to you, isn't it? but so many of them are pornsick in that generation, I wouldn't, I'm in a ltr anyway

No. 1407294

yes anon i'm calling the police right now they are going to cyber backtrace and imprison you for 777777777777777777777 years for wanting a qt 20-22 yo bf.

No. 1407297

Honestly using this pic is too kind, this guy has decent bone structure, but even pm him this hairstyle looks like shit.

No. 1407298

he's pakichan, she's pakichan, you're pakichan, I'M pakichan? are there any more pakichans i should know about?

No. 1407299

yes we are all either a moid or pakichan, choose your character.

No. 1407301

File: 1668306092788.jpg (68.3 KB, 735x803, 1664222220885.jpg)

why do women think dating legal aged guys make them creeps? lmao

No. 1407302

They don’t not like to be respect because they see it as weak. They like to be constantly blocked and used for money which is why dealing with them is annoying.

No. 1407305

She can tell my the phone filenames!!!!!!!!!

No. 1407306

File: 1668306346368.jpeg (61.5 KB, 740x740, borzoi sock.jpeg)

dumbass shit, if I had a borzoi, I would probably want to touch his nose enough to annoy him

No. 1407307

File: 1668306368058.jpg (585.7 KB, 680x651, amen.jpg)

i was watching mama mia confused as to what was even happening after the constant lip sync moments interrupting the story and i realized that the plot is basically what the maury show uses for 3/4 of their episodes.

No. 1407309

Someone make a new celebricows thread right now

No. 1407310

Do it. Now.

No. 1407311

File: 1668306542760.jpeg (2.1 MB, 2448x3264, literally me.jpeg)

omg its mine cat

No. 1407312

Is this your cat? If so, is it a gril or a boy? Very cute.

No. 1407313

no, really not. i got inspired by a hookup with a zoomer and it was clear i couldn't have a connection with someone like him or stimulating conversations but he was beautiful and i enjoyed the night.

since guys that age often rather fuck around than wanting something serious, i don’t feel like i’d be grooming them. seeing one of a few every week or second, mainly for sex and some drinks is becoming sort of a fantasy.

i turned 28 and i’m starting to appreciate the youthful looks of some 20-22yos. i can’t help the guys my age are hitting the wall so early.

No. 1407317

Just an observation.

No. 1407318

trying to get buff while being 5'2. How do i cope with the fact i will look a wow dwarf.

No. 1407320

nta but torties are girls

No. 1407321

nonnie dwarfs are cool as hell. what do you even need to cope with?

No. 1407324

I am not built for the dwarf life sadly, i just want to open the picle jars by myself

No. 1407325

i feel like 5'2 isn't even that short compared to other women, you're just fun sized nonnie.

No. 1407326

Should I make Japanese pudding?

No. 1407327

After a decade and a half I’m only just now noticing that the male “cow” has udders

No. 1407328

you have a much lower center of gravity compared to most people. that means you can hit ppl lower than most at a higher force below their center of gravity and topple them over. view yourself as some kind of piledriver. or whatever that one construction machine is that levels stuff. thats you.

No. 1407331

File: 1668307300043.webm (328.29 KB, 405x720, fool.webm)

yeah but i feel i will look kinda goofy. Pic rel is my desired look, but she's way taller than me. Damn she's so cool.
now this is inspiring, thanks

No. 1407342

was my cat 10 years ago. girl. fun fact, like >>1407320 says, all tortoiseshells are girls.

No. 1407345

i have to hide this video im too weak and keep forgetting what im doing after i see it

No. 1407348

also it would be way easier to pack on muscle, become a human dynamo nonna

No. 1407350

File: 1668309172547.jpeg (64.94 KB, 750x913, 1666937251530.jpeg)

i was gonna post another cute buff girl but i dont want to come off as a horny moid. Buff girls make my heart throb really fast.

No. 1407360

wtf FtM cow

No. 1407364

Mango is just floss in fruit form

No. 1407383

It is possible for your Pussy to smell like nothing. I started using boric acid suppositories and I swear my vagina has 0 smell and it has never smelled like nothing before idk wtf is going on. Maybe the scrotes were right.

No. 1407409

File: 1668312393187.png (2.44 MB, 1080x1353, 1644286516743.png)

its pizza friday at the lolcor house, but you can only choose one

No. 1407422

I love BTS

No. 1407431

I listen to this song as inspo whenever I dye my hair from light to dark

No. 1407477

Joker cause I need my guts to glow in the dark pls

No. 1407491

People ask if the numbers on toasters are minutes or toastedness, but wouldn't it be both? The bread has to cook for longer depending on how roasted you want it.

No. 1407519

File: 1668315596234.jpg (160.4 KB, 1080x1349, abygrw2fqb481.jpg)

I miss these niggas

No. 1407531

File: 1668316159733.jpg (Spoiler Image,305.03 KB, 1025x1284, Dylan-Mulvaney.jpg)

I've only seen a few clips of him, but I do not trust that Dylan tranny. That sweet, coy, naive act won't fool me.

No. 1407533

File: 1668316268008.jpeg (34.58 KB, 500x500, 2FB08EC9-E0ED-49BC-BF7F-DD585E…)

Just remembered that when I was 20 my boyfriend had a Stray Cats (as in the rockabilly band) tattoo on his upper arm, and kek

No. 1407572

File: 1668317734883.jpg (55.02 KB, 639x459, 1656104258954.jpg)

i wonder if any sane community still exists on the Internet, i wanna make my own but i havent though of a way to filter the underage/troons/poltards yet. I just wanna talk to people about videogames and comics.

No. 1407635

yeah it’s the one calling other sweetie and love as if she’s on twitter

No. 1407647

can someone tl;dr me Chantal's new boyfriend? Is he a good guy? How did they meet? I don't like Chantal but it makes me happy she isnt with the woman beater anymore

No. 1407664

He's an arab guy named Salah, people are suspicious of his motives for getting with Chantal but no conclusive leads so far, just speculation. Many people think he's secretly gay but imo he's just a middle eastern guy, they can come across like that sometimes kek. Pretty sure they met online but I can't say that with 100% certainty.

No. 1407673

Also samefag but he is not just a boyfriend, they are apparently married.

No. 1407690

Batman in honor of Kevin Conroy

No. 1407698

We need to bring back male beauty pageants

No. 1407701

i am the biggest simp for 80's men but i do not miss pedostaches

No. 1407704

I do wonder how many frequent posters there are? I think i’m one for sure in the dumbass or cent thread, maybe 2 posts about my own shit and i’ll reply to couple each day. how many of those, about 15? i remember in the last town hall there were about 100 attending, does that indicate anything?

No. 1407707

I just had my first edible experience and took 10mg.

- took forever to kick in then was super overpowering
- I was taking it with someone that I wasnt entirely comfortable with / of the opposite gender and I suddenly felt so anxious not cause I thought I was in danger but because I couldn't believe I put myself in a position like this. I started thinking about girls who get roofied and how scary that must be to be in a guy's home and feel like you're slowly slipping out of it . I started sympathizing with SA victims so heavily and thought about how fearful they must feel knowing they got roofied and knowing what's about to happen next.

- I drove home at the peak (I would never do this in any other situation) but thats because I was genuinely starting to feel so unsafe being intoxicated in a man's home. doesn't matter how much I trust them.
- I immediately felt way better once I was in my house but at that point I just felt silly and goofy and smiley.
- I ate a reeses and it was an amazing experience. Felt like I was eating wet sand in a good way and my tongue kept doing infinity signs kek.

Of course a scrote got in the way of my first experience being 100% genuine.

No. 1407710

File: 1668326175712.png (1.61 MB, 1125x2436, FEEF301B-22AC-46C6-8934-5EC331…)

I looked up demographics, damn those curious scrotes.

Thats crazy irresponsible, it would’ve been a better idea to drive round the corner then walk til the worst wore off but its done now, glad nothing happened

No. 1407712

samefag but I just remembered I went to the bathroom and just kept thinking how do I get out of here, how do I snap out of it long enough to get home safely. That part felt really surreal and I was mad at myself for being negligent. I also hated that he took my edible "virginity" I felt like I was giving them power in some way . Made me think that I gave him the idea that he's one of the only people in my life or something. Esp cause I'm in my 20's and aka late on the whole experience.

No. 1407716

how did they get that information?

No. 1407721

File: 1668327225869.jpg (18.1 KB, 300x469, im so lonely.jpg)

Me waiting for anyone to send me a happy birthday message

No. 1407722

Happy birthday nonna :)(:))

No. 1407724

File: 1668327323239.gif (1.27 MB, 400x400, 737669108_830490.gif)

what about a blingee instead, muak nonny have a super duper excellent bday

No. 1407728

This train livestream is great

No. 1407734

File: 1668328558922.jpg (115.63 KB, 729x900, 1666288338575.jpg)

I feel so lonely, it has never hit me like this before. I feel like roping. I think i am going to open a youtube channel to talk about videogames, i need something to do.

No. 1407745

File: 1668328969940.png (547.62 KB, 775x902, 98.png)

you can try some vg based self improvement(works great for me)

No. 1407746

File: 1668329128684.jpg (166 KB, 1200x799, pol.jpg)

>non social videogames
>natsoc literature
you can tell this was made by a moid that weighs 600lbs, larps as white online(real name juan sanchez) and is on the verge of becoming the gf. I already exercise, i just feel lonely because every place where i used to talk about my hobbies got infested by stupid cunts like the ones who make those charts.

No. 1407748

File: 1668329968060.gif (3.37 MB, 498x326, click-mouse.gif)

I'm pissed this morning. Someone on my youtube feed gonna get unsubbed. I know it's meaningless but I always feel better after. It's cathartic, it's cleansing.

No. 1407750

File: 1668330095037.jpg (21.07 KB, 193x182, 1644184807070.jpg)

>brush your teeth
>drink water
>clean your room
>get a job
i cant believe men need to get memed into rolling for a number to do this basic ass shit. Every women has already implemented this into their routine since teenagehood. How the fuck are men so useless.

No. 1407769

i can't stop listening to gregorian chants

No. 1407776

I am playing Half Life and trying to build my harem of scientists/guards, it makes me so angry when i build a strong harem of 3+ guys and then i have to leave them behind.

No. 1407794

>Late experience
Don't do it anymore.
It made you anxious. You'll feel the same the next time. Your brain will look for anything negative to focus on even if you're around people you trust and alone. This is how your brain is coping with dissociating. It'll react the same again and again. Keep trying to have a "genuine" experience, all you're doing is going into psychosis.

No. 1407796

File: 1668337138828.jpg (42.17 KB, 590x960, download (1).jpg)

thought this guy was a nice-looking butch chick until I reverse image searched it and turns out it's one of those guys from supernatural

No. 1407797

are you face blind ? that is clearly a full grown large adult man

No. 1407798

No. 1407802

File: 1668337610834.jpg (234.22 KB, 1124x1500, MV5BMTcxMDk3NTgzNl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I mean the shoulders alone should have clarified that pic was clearly man

No. 1407807

its so hot i think i will vomit, i am going to turn the AC sorry mom

No. 1407811

If this were a butch lesbian, I'd feel bad for her cause she'd look like that punchable guy from supernatural

No. 1407812

This is stupid, she's not doing psychedelics, she's eating weed. She said herself that her anxiety dissipated when she was alone and comfortable. Ofc anyone prone to psychosis should not be getting high but nothing about her story even suggested that, quit fearmongering because you're afraid of fucking weed kek

No. 1407814

I dislike the sounds of Scandinavian languages but for some reason I find Scandinavian accents in English sound pleasing to listen too, I mean just listen to this

No. 1407818

>TFW you've never hallucinated smoking weed

No. 1407832

lol this is the best they could find? meh

No. 1407838

I'm always seeing what I think are cute butch women.. and then on closer inspection its a man. But like.. irl

No. 1407839

File: 1668340724719.png (390.47 KB, 680x561, 1644556022936.png)

When I am feeling so depressed i can't fall asleep I like to put Scott the Woz's videos from his second channel(the ones without edition) as background noise and pretend he's my boyfriend and he's sperging about his special interests to me while i am trying to sleep. I wonder what it's like to have a spergy bf like that. Must be nice.

No. 1407842

lmao wow

No. 1407850

File: 1668341763960.png (263.69 KB, 437x549, 1667698656824.png)

i know

No. 1407852

it's ok nona, it's just really funny

No. 1407864

File: 1668342473431.jpg (25.96 KB, 366x265, ugly moid.jpg)

he looks like a tumblr enbie

No. 1407868

i cant even look at his face anymore without remembering that he gets off to fat furries farting. Why are all furries like this? Adum(yms) wants to fuck dogs and uploads photos of his asshole to his side account.

No. 1407869

bless you nona. that is both very autistic and very pure of you

No. 1407871

File: 1668342894739.jpeg (61.87 KB, 600x600, E638BC89-216A-4610-881A-052B80…)

Why does florence pugh look like that

No. 1407872

i envy women with long legs, they look cute

No. 1407873

reminds me of this straight girl who insisted she's bi for having a crush on pyro

No. 1407876

File: 1668343384434.png (457.01 KB, 637x765, e46l00to7u731.png)

i remember when pyro crossdressed and every moid was like ''omg he's literally more attractive than 99% of women'' ''i cant even tell its a man'' ''its not gay if the balls dont touch teehehe'' it was a terrible time to be alive.

No. 1407877

That’s the thing though I’m not trying to body shame but she doesn’t have long legs…sage for annoying nitpick but she looks like someone chopped out the middle of her torso and then chopped out her knees but let her body fall back on top of itself

No. 1407880

>hmm I wonder if I might be a bit lactose intolerant
>had ice cream for the first time in weeks
>holy shit my asshole is on fire

No. 1407884

KEK i totally forgot about that. I cannot imagine unironically following this faggot
and dont forget nightmind hes also a furry. as to why its quite simple, furries are degenerate, every single one of them. I do not believe them saying "its only the minority who is into weird shit", anyone who is into animals cannot keep it "vanilla".

No. 1407888

When keppra constipates you but if you do shit it’s blood

No. 1407902

just found out larrys are still a thing. how does that even work now?

No. 1407908

File: 1668346055691.jpeg (942.74 KB, 1584x828, B82745EF-39A4-4BC1-8A28-383641…)

wtf is going on with zlib

No. 1407909

Tiktok users heard about it and started complaining. Out of all the websites to complain about they chose the one that provides books and knowledge kek

No. 1407910

FBI does this almost always for one of these reasons: financial crimes, CP

No. 1407912

>I looked up demographics
We already had a discussion about demographics stats on lolcow few threads ago; these kind of websites assume gender based on topics and even the way posts are typed; for example every social media I've not given my gender info to assumed I'm male given "stereotypical male interests"and I'm sure that would go to a lot of anons here as well. Lack of emoticon use may heavily contribute to the assumption too.

No. 1407914

Uh, well I hope it was the former then

No. 1407916

This, men make these programs and probably assume all women type like "holds up spork" copypasta

No. 1407937

fucking retards moralfagging all day about pirating, meanwhile they pay 200 dollars a month in total for all their streaming subscriptions and books, complaining about their bills and saying they hate capitalism.

No. 1408130

i already do this shit and still feel like a corpse, what gives
the name larry?

No. 1408162

File: 1668367364529.png (1.68 MB, 1800x1800, 66513_chokladdeluxe_se_fi_dk_n…)

It's like crack to me

No. 1408167

File: 1668367805259.gif (4.15 MB, 455x250, 1663556429637.gif)

I got my scholarship nonas celebrate with me! WOOOOO HOOOO WHEN I HEAR HEAVY METAL WOOO HOOOO

No. 1408168


No. 1408170

this in my instant coffee is one of the few joys in life that I have nona

No. 1408174

Hahaha. He’s super hot in The Boys, too

No. 1408177

I wish the people I met IRL made me laugh nearly as hard as everyone here. Why does it feel so difficult to find funny, based friends in real life?

No. 1408188

I recently started brushing, flossing and using mouthwash after every meal and I regret not doing this before, I feel fresh as fuck rn

No. 1408199

When me and my ex boyfriend went on our first short vacation together, we planned on having sex for the first time on the last night in the hotel. So my ex bf started to eat me out and I just fell asleep as he did it because I was so fucking tired from the day kek. When I woke up he was super pissed and didn't talk with me for the whole day. I probably should have dumped him earlier.

No. 1408200

I've been practicing mantras for my depression and anxiety and it's only been a few days but I'm efeeling great so far! I haven't gotten any waves of sorrow like I usually do in days, in fact I felt a sudden wave of joy today for no specific reason and it felt so nice. I'm really really happy that I decided to try this. It seems like such a minor thing and I thought that it was a meme for the longest time but it's really working for me! I'm so happy!

No. 1408203


No. 1408215

Sonic (the restaurant) is so quirky.

No. 1408222

I got sleepy the first time my husband ate me out but we just both fell asleep kek

No. 1408224

File: 1668372794982.jpeg (30.48 KB, 475x267, sonic the hedgehog eats at son…)

No. 1408237

that's so nice nona! happy for you, do you have any to share? or should a mantra be more "personal"?

No. 1408240

I watched Limmy acting flirty and winking on tiktok as a joke and it made me feel some kind of way. Limmyfag if you are here I understand you now

No. 1408244

ROFL Based. He had no reason to be mad

No. 1408245

I love playing as Dante for this move!!
And yess, congrats!

No. 1408248

Thank you! I think it can be either. I don't always use the same ones, it's different variations of saying I'm content.
For example:
>I'm feeling so calm today
>Life is so peaceful
>I'm happy to be here
>Everything comes some easily to me
They're pretty generic and I felt funny saying and thinking those but I got used to them quick. I also found that smiling when practicing them helps. I often say them in my head when I'm walking somewhere so positive thoughts become more a habit.

No. 1408269

File: 1668375688332.jpg (59.58 KB, 480x720, burrito.jpg)

Burrito bowls never sound that good, but then I get one and it's magical.

No. 1408277

I fucking love bowls like poke, Mediterranean, burrito, etc. they're so easy to make and convenient

No. 1408324

I need to fuck a firefighter

No. 1408326

wheres the burrito, this is just nacho toppings

No. 1408329

I will listen to Passenger of Shit until I finish this assignment, that way I'll work faster ahhahaaha eheheheh

No. 1408342

Is there any alternative? I regret not hoarding more now

No. 1408344

unironically my same exact studying method. tapeworms is a great song tho

No. 1408345

Electric and induction stoves are so superior but only because I can get pretty messy when I cook and have had some kitchen accidents

No. 1408346

I'm not going to lie gas feels lower class, to me. I can't wait until I can get out of this place and have electric again

No. 1408350

it's because some annoying author started a campaign against the site and college textbooks in the us are part of a racket that is endorsed by the government.

No. 1408355

I see what you mean when it comes to the white ones but I think it just depends on the model and the overall styling of the kitchen. Some older style kitchens look better with a gas stove.

No. 1408356

Idk I think it’s cool as fuck that lc is international

No. 1408405

When I use phrases like "mogs" and "looksmatch" my boyfriend says I sound like an incel. What can I say, I guess he is right

No. 1408407

Those terms are so cheugy

No. 1408408

File: 1668384367051.jpg (117.14 KB, 634x931, a45bb3ca2a522a9a2c0b146a7b8fd4…)

why did they edit her like that? picrel original

No. 1408411

mogs/mogged was from 4chan or at least popularized there so yeah

No. 1408415

are you a zoomer or a millenial desperately trying to fit in with zoomers kek

No. 1408417

Considering she's 50 with like 3 kids, I think her body is actually pretty nice.

No. 1408423

I'm using the word just to piss you and only you off specifically

No. 1408428

How dare you? You're uninvited from this year's Thanksgiving and every holiday after, you ungrateful little… this is why you're my least favorite grandchild. You're out of the will. Don't call, don't text, don't email.
- Grandma. xoxo

No. 1408429

You thought you could delete that and I wouldn't see it? GRANDMA SEES ALL. I'm coming for you, deary! LOL!!!

No. 1408431

Grandma, wait! I swear it's not wait you think!
>You're out of the will

No. 1408432

Grandmas are like elephants. They never forget. Think about that next time before you insult an old woman's cooking.
- Grandma. xoxo

No. 1408433

NOW SEEKING: a new grandchild. apply within.
- Grandma. xoxo

No. 1408448

Hi, what’s your benefits package like?

No. 1408464

I bought an electric toothbrush and i feel so special needs trying to figure how it works, i hope i am using it right and not damaging my already crappy teeths

No. 1408467

Lemme me see your sweet potato casserole recipe first G-ma

No. 1408482

File: 1668389621769.jpeg (89.97 KB, 960x959, 7C8B7266-37FE-4E1C-B73F-B7220F…)

Holy shit they found the identity of the weird guy who used to write baby smurf torture porn and he's a surprisingly normal looking lawyer with a wife and kids

No. 1408486

He used to what now

No. 1408493

i hope he didn't do anything weird to his kids

No. 1408496

It's always the ones you least suspect

No. 1408498

>the weird guy who used to write baby smurf torture porn
Are we supposed to know who this is…I hate it thanks

No. 1408500

Idk if this is what the anon meant or how i went down the rabbit hole or why, but i only have vague memories of little stories with drawings of baby smurfs

No. 1408501

Nta but I think I might have read about him on KF ages ago, I don't recall well but I believe he is one of those creepy artcows that have been roaming the internet since forever.

No. 1408507

No. 1408510

Hi! Thanks for asking, dearie.
As my grandchild, you get access to my Costco membership, an invitation to my house on every holiday for a wonderful homecooked meal (my other grandkid didn't appreciate this), and you may play with my 13-year-old half-blind dachshund named Cheerio (as long as you change her diaper). You're also welcome to anything in the pantry.
I'll teach you how to make it if you visit! I get so lonely as an old woman, especially after I killed my husband!
- Grandma. xoxo

No. 1408515

Babysitting iPad kids is so boring and kind of sad

No. 1408519

Force them to play a game, maybe a boardgame

No. 1408524

File: 1668392756433.jpg (1.61 MB, 1176x1332, 1656386843989.jpg)

I did a list of weekly goals, hoping it will encourage me to actually do something this week other than crying in bed

No. 1408528

File: 1668393095053.jpg (162.42 KB, 1183x1200, 9to8eyhu04121.jpg)

What was your favourite aminal as a child? my 9yo cousin autistically loves penguins, and i liked dinosaurs.

No. 1408533

Giraffes. I once threw a huge crying fit as a child because my mom wouldn't get me this portrait of two giraffes from like Ross or some shit..I think i still have it somewhere

No. 1408553

File: 1668394437538.jpg (386.24 KB, 1285x2048, E8YU54vX0A4PaE2.jpg_large.jpg)

To me she's always looked like she had a wife look to her. She literally looks like Whitney's wife right here.

No. 1408555

i didn't think sharts were real until i accidentally did one today rip

No. 1408559

Toucans. I even got to visit a bird place that took care of them, rehabbed rare birds, and brought other birds back from endangerment. I treasure those pictures especially where a toucan got very close for a photo.

No. 1408560

Cats and squirrels. I still love both so much.

No. 1408562

File: 1668395065671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.06 KB, 591x915, 6C19C4E5-CBB1-4DA9-A28E-E1168D…)

a woman’s worst attribute is always the man by her side prove me wrong

No. 1408570

This post lead me to forcing my husband to watch barnyard at gunpoint

No. 1408602

File: 1668398299942.jpg (96.08 KB, 720x587, y2px3vq644y91.jpg)

No one wanted to buy her mediocre m/m books, so she blamed Z Library, see for yourself

No. 1408628

File: 1668400529145.jpg (49.73 KB, 406x364, 1643607303132.jpg)

i have never wanted to a-log so bad, some people that live in shitholes like myself dont have money for books, let alone espresso and wine like this bitch.

No. 1408663

I am convinced that people that like water levels in videogames are sociopaths

No. 1408667

same, I'm a thirdworld fag, getting books here are extremely expensive and would cost half of my living wages, its like she can’t even imagine people who can’t afford most book and only have access to literature through a website

No. 1408687

Don't try to justify it kek. You're taking copies of things you're not entitled to. I do it too, it's immoral and I don't care. Own up to what it is.

No. 1408690

I love you idiots. I'm glad I've made some of you laugh.

No. 1408694

eat shit, I'd buy those books If I could but the exchange rate in my country is fucked, I mostly used Zlib for academic books and classic literature. If you want to use the "stealing" argument, I'm stealing from some dude that died in 1877. Im sure he wouldn't mind.

No. 1408698

please steal more books. I'm not being ironic, I don't see the problem with it (and my partner is an author who would agree kek)

No. 1408702

If they don't want people to pirate games and books, then they should make the prices fairer and more sane. It's not like there's any irl production cost to make multiple copies, it's literally just copying a file, yet they often charge the same as for a hardcover book. Even if it's a scan of a book, then it was done by underpaid minimum wage workers in the west and then processed in Cambodia and they really don't give a shit that you're "stealing" it.

No. 1408710

its not immoral to steal from companies is actually our obligation

No. 1408725

I'm not saying you shouldn't pirate ebooks (like I said I pirate ebooks too), I don't even think it's stealing (because you're not taking the original from the owner) I just don't think you should cry about it being soooooo expensive and I'm soooooo poor. They're blatantly not publishing books for your poor people demographic (I bet those books aren't even officially published/for sale in your country) and you don't have some god given right to a commercial product. Just take your ebook and don't give a shit. Trying to justify it makes you look pathetic.

No. 1408729

They actually screamed when I suggested it and moved their iPads. The parents were like "oh please have a go at any games and socialization possible but good luck and don't feel bad if they cry" I kind of wanted to cry!

No. 1408731

spoken like a true first wordler who never had money problems, i bet you cry yourself to sleep because ''i cant afford my college bills for liberal arts waaah waaah''. Kim, there's peopla that are dying.

No. 1408735

Honestly I get it

No. 1408737

File: 1668409550294.jpeg (993.12 KB, 1170x1984, 8E1CD765-089F-4972-8561-CD2B32…)

Ah why yes i love to buy my beige baby $55 toy blocks in the shape of buildings in Manhattan

No. 1408774

>thinking it's not for sale or marketed in third world countries
it's literally a trick to set your location to a third world country to get shit a bit cheaper. They sell the same things there online as anywhere else.

No. 1408776

I recently played through God of War Ragnarok and I posted about it in a Discord channel to discuss it and this scrote who never talks to me otherwise made fun of me for paying full price for a DLC. I told him it's not a DLC, it's a full game continuing the story from the previous one. "It has the same characters, it's a DLC". Motherfucker little zoomer scrote brain has never heard of sequels?

No. 1408779

College textbooks are one thing and a fiction novel is another. The woman's an independent author selling romance books on KU. If you're going to download them, just drop the pretense and admit you're stealing from a regular person not "sticking it to capitalism".

No. 1408788

i am absolutely sure no one wanted to read that retard's book. I tried searching and most of her books barely have reviews and they look like unoriginal shit from a wannabe author. It was all a publicity stunt, and her selfishness hurt real people in need. I honestly hope all her books get pirated and downvoted to death.

No. 1408789

>Formerly a derivatives trader on Wall Street, Sarina holds a BA in economics from Yale University.
Yes definitely a poor working class person who is suffering because some third worlder pirated her book. Fuck off.

No. 1408792

its such a shitty game though, i played it for like an hour and was disgusted at how much they butchered GoW. They turned one of the coolest PS2 with one of the most dynamic battle and combo systems titles into a generic AAA game where you button smash to death. Sory for autism i hope you enjoy it but god i hate that fucking game.

No. 1408793

i wish there were more of a terf lolita community, gendies in lolita spaces are always so annoying

No. 1408814

I haven't played the earlier games in the series except the two last ones. What drew me to them was that scrotes hate them so much, kek. They turned scrotes' ideal of a manly misogynistic man into an actual good representation of masculinity. I love to see scrotes ree over that while I enjoy a good story and fun gameplay.