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File: 1668560391870.jpg (124.67 KB, 1440x1440, lolcow101.jpg)

No. 1410645

An introductory on how to emulate dumbass behaviour.
Previous thread >>>/ot/1399953

No. 1410655

thread pic is cute

No. 1410659

Thank you ♥ , made it myself since 101 is often used in guides and courses I wanted to make this edition special.

No. 1410662

>make a really good work friend
>we hit it off incredibly well incredibly quickly
>ask her if she wants to exchange snapchats
>thought IDK we could just have a casual friendship thing where we just swipe up on stories sometimes and say something funny IDK
>she ask me to wrote down my username
>she hasn't added me
Be real did I blow it. Like I wouldn't be mad if she didn't want to add me but like if it's "too personal" or whatever like get over yourself bitch I wouldn't be hitting you up for mimosas or whatever the fuck.

No. 1410755

File: 1668568434318.jpg (46.73 KB, 431x800, FhduVCkXwAMno7u.jpg)

i will never complain about my name again

No. 1410756

File: 1668568457510.jpg (47.01 KB, 456x846, FhduVUoXgAAeASH.jpg)

No. 1410779

that’s a terrible name wtf. also why do people insist on posting their kids full names online in such a public space?? jesus

No. 1410780

maybe she forgot or barely uses it?

No. 1410781

did she write it down by hand? maybe she lost the paper

No. 1410787

>why do people insist on posting their kids full names online in such a public space
I have my reasons to suspect that they knew how bad the name sounds they just liked the 5 seconds of attention it gave them on social meda

No. 1410795

Im lucky that most people find my idiocy and occasional retardness endearing or funny and laugh it off.

No. 1410823

that’s awful but i think sort of the opposite - i think they genuinely think it’s some amazing unique name but also clout chasing and wanting attention for it. it’s stupid. what happened to parents that used to want to keep their kids safe on/from the internet instead of using them for dumbass social media likes?

No. 1410833

File: 1668574636827.jpg (32.87 KB, 750x563, 1668570782129.jpg)

A mercy(also from what I remember there at least 10'000 children named Goku in Mexico alone)

No. 1410837

beep beep

No. 1410838

boop boop

No. 1410841

are there no rules about this shit? In several countries you're not allowed to give ridiculous names that could lead to bullying, since many parents try to name their daughter urine

No. 1410844

I mean if this >>1410833 is allowed, I'm sure you can name your kids after fictional characters

No. 1410854

File: 1668577230276.png (11.8 KB, 355x241, 1637422056209.png)

>Hey Jim, so your real name is James right?
>It's Jimin

No. 1410859

Could those just be normal Korean people?

No. 1410861

Re-reading the older threads in the catalogues is hilarious. Anons were genuinely funny with a lot of great disses, jokes, and references. Now all the newfag posters just call everyone newfags and retards or bitch about certain groups of people no one irl gives a fuck about. It's like reading the same thing over and over again. What happened to all the og posters?

No. 1410863

if it was actual korean people naming it would be written as Ji-min or Ji min, not based on a specific anglicized stage name

No. 1410865

Oh fuck

No. 1410867

What groups?

No. 1410869

File: 1668579103795.png (156.73 KB, 608x301, 1637424811048.png)

there actually was a legal case in Brazil where a woman was legally opposed by her parents, objecting to her naming their grandchild jimin

No. 1410872

File: 1668579302523.png (1.47 MB, 1348x1348, brazil.png)


No. 1410913

i hate mario, and dont get me started on nintendotards, but i cant wait to hear charly day as luigi. Its going to make re watching its always sunny 50% funnier.

No. 1410922

good that she was opposed, people naming their kids after obvious fandom related things is ridiculous. saying that as someone who knows people irl that’ve named their kids after fandom references and it’s cringe. i’m sure the kids will get sick of their own names when they grow up especially if they don’t even like their own namesake

No. 1410956

not fandom related but a friend of mine told me about a classmate he had in childhood whose name was Quetzalcóatl

No. 1410959

The 2024 French Olympics mascot looks like a cliroris and I'm even seeing people saying it in the news. I apologize for making fun of the 2020 mascots at the time. It does get worse.

No. 1410963

even with it looking like an old used tissue, i have sadly seen porn of it

No. 1410966

I know about the Phrygian cap, but those mascots don't look much like it immo. Also the 2020 mascots were fine idk what you're talking about

No. 1410979

File: 1668594655790.jpg (643.14 KB, 1536x2048, 20221116_110007.jpg)

Official ahegao phrygian cap.

Yeah the reference wasn't obvious at all to me until someone told me. And I thought the Japanese mascots looked a bit bland. I'd rather have that tbh

No. 1410981

how are furries coping? we had hot furry mascots back to back and then a tissue and a bottle nipple

No. 1410984

File: 1668594967665.jpg (41.33 KB, 1100x774, paris-2024-olympics_custom-521…)

Damn nonna your clit really looks like this????

No. 1410986

>She doesn't know the internal structures of the clitoris

No. 1410987

these things are horrifying, what are they even supposed to be?

No. 1410993

File: 1668595637604.jpg (133.24 KB, 835x1024, liberté-copie-835x1024.jpg)

A phrygian cap, it's a symbol of the french revolution.

No. 1410995

sadly she won

No. 1410998

>one chance at life
>born in brasil
>also named after a kpop idol
i would kms

No. 1410999

it translates so badly to a cartoon, why didnt they make a character wearing the cap instead?

No. 1411003

it wouldn't be to odd, in brazil you can find blonde haired blue eyed people with last names like Takamura

No. 1411005

File: 1668596539978.jpeg (8.57 KB, 354x135, 7D2985CA-AFE9-4A49-97C6-87D19F…)

No. 1411008

yeah but they arent named JIMIN after the south korean boy idol group BTS

No. 1411011

File: 1668596992065.jpg (125.17 KB, 1080x861, IMG_20221111_014044.jpg)

All men born in the 90s have officially hit the wall. Picrel isn't 45, he was born in '92. Once the jowls start sagging like a bulldog's, there's no going back. Throw the whole generation away.
(No offense to actual people born in the 90s. Enjoy the spring of your life that is youth! Men just age like milk left out in the sun.)

No. 1411014

File: 1668597343550.jpg (37.06 KB, 640x480, 1646904829908.jpg)

I used to make fun of manlets for being such faggots about their height until i started exercising and realized i will never look like Leanbeenpatty because she's 12 cm taller than me. I am still going to make fun of manlets but i understand their pain now.

No. 1411025

You're gonna make it nonny, You gotta learn to accept what you can't change about yourself. But I'm sure even if you're not as tall as she is, you can still get muscular and look great

No. 1411034

she's 5'3, are you an ant?

No. 1411043

wait no way, where did you get her height? i though she was 170cm at least.

No. 1411053

File: 1668601906199.jpg (59.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I had to run to the bank during my lunch break today. On the way back I'm taking a shortcut through a local park when I spot a bunch of people up ahead blocking the path. A woman had laid out a blanket on the path and sprawled herself out on it laying on her front. Her friends were gathering leaves to place around her and she was posing for pics… on the footpath while a bunch of dog walkers just patiently waited for them to finish

I immediately thought of dentinys 21st, except she must've been in her 30s. What are these pics for? lol

No. 1411054

she's like 5'4, that's below average height

No. 1411055

File: 1668602449036.png (485.55 KB, 743x575, 1664638254294 (1).png)

I do shit like this unironically with my husbando

No. 1411056

here. she knows her lighting and poses that's why she looks taller and more muscular than she actually is.

No. 1411059

Kek one of the best moments of the amberverse, and I’d guess the pics are for social media.

No. 1411063

File: 1668603763243.jpg (35.03 KB, 706x706, 1666747146926.jpg)

>she's the same height as me
i am so happy thanks nonna, i am gonna make it

No. 1411081

where do you live? in most western countries it's about average, outside the west is definitely above average

No. 1411082

i love buff womanlets

No. 1411126

File: 1668611628519.png (624.67 KB, 640x850, 8C47BE38-5868-4B2D-BCB9-607232…)

No. 1411127

it probably is a pronoun game

No. 1411133

I'm still annoyed about sims 4 useless pronouns update that broke the game. Then not give us option to disable it by virtue-sperging about alphabet soup is not an option in real life or some bs. Like let me play this literal dress up game in peace.

No. 1411136

File: 1668612443471.jpeg (126.19 KB, 736x1106, 3B014BE5-A074-4FF5-8D34-741A19…)

I miss this

No. 1411173

File: 1668614954056.jpg (113.86 KB, 920x690, w-920h-690-3467966.jpg)

this shit jump scared me

No. 1411175

sims4 CC has gone too far

No. 1411229

So cute

No. 1411232

When I die I will go to hell, and it will by my personal one where I am stuck in a fitting room with an infinite pile of bras and jeans and none of them fit right and there aren't any hooks in the room, the tags all rip off at the slightest touch and there are people having a loud conversation right outside the door

No. 1411260

I was having a terrible day until i read about the anon with the turkey fetish and how her post is slowly grooming other anons into developing a spit roasted turkey fetish as well

No. 1411268

now I'M having a bad day

No. 1411360

File: 1668626468879.jpg (158.45 KB, 1200x900, uglyfaggots.jpg)

I was lurking tumblr today so checked on one of my favourite artists and it turns out that she's taken to writing and has posted her first fanfic on AO3. It's not very interesting to me, but being the nosy fucker that I am, I went for a rummage in her bookmarks. She has just under 500 bookmarked fics, ok so she's super into fanfic, fair enough. It's mostly m/m with only <30 fics including women, but hey, whatever floats her boat. She's into fairly predictable stuff, Sherlock, House, South Park, the Yakuza video game series. But then I see 22 fics for One Direction, kinda gross as they're real people and not even good looking ones at that, but out of morbid curiosity I click on them. I figured she might be a Larry girl as I know that's a popular pairing, but instead I find that all but one of these fics is centred on Nick fucking Grimshaw and Harry Styles. Of ALL the pairings she likes that one? These two moids in picrel? I guess this is why they say you should never meet (or cyberstalk) your heroes, kek.

No. 1411368

I wish I could unlearn English.

No. 1411374

is this normal for fujocoomers ?

No. 1411383

The real person stuff? From what I've seen it's debated quite a lot because it's obviously more than a bit weird and IIRC two of the 1D boys spoke out against the fanfics about them. I'm not a fujo myself though, so I'm not sure exactly how common it is.

No. 1411388

there is this fanfic author who wrote some really good romance fics but she seemed to be inactive in her primary fandom. I then found out she had made new socials and had started writing Red Letter Media ship fics. You do you, I guess but it hurts seeing such talent writing being wasted on men talking about movies on YouTube. I really hate rpf but if you are going to write it then don't write about RLM

No. 1411405

File: 1668628649683.jpeg (61.97 KB, 500x624, E4B31A0A-85F9-409F-8A04-619AC8…)

was looking back at my school pics and I’m actually so glad and happy that I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 18 lol! At that time, I used to be upset about not knowing how to wear makeup but when I revisited my photos they seem so timeless and great now like thank god phew I really dodged a bullet because had I had the free will (and necessary skills) I would’ve walked into class everyday looking like a knockoff 2016 IG baddie

No. 1411408

God I really HATE that style of makeup

No. 1411414

I wouldn't even say it's normal for fujos, it's normal for fangirls of any band. I remember around 2009 I was browsing a Green Day fan-forum, a lot of the girls were just unabashedly shipping the band mates and their alter-egos and sharing fanfics, in fact I think that was my first real introduction to fanfics.
It was just called slash and I never noticed any moral discussions regarding it back then kek

No. 1411419

Who needs alcohol or drugs when you can just put ear drops in your ear and get that weird dizzy feeling instead

No. 1411427

File: 1668630205666.jpg (177.17 KB, 1024x682, 3beca04083be820533aa5fa1a1aeb4…)

There's resorts/hotels in Thailand where elephants just hang out and can come through your window, and now it's on my bucket list to stay at one. Elephants are so cool, meeting one would be amazing.

No. 1411432

Dunno why some nonnas get so pissed at real life shipping, as if i care about a moid feeling grossed out by horny fans maybe dont choose to become famous then?

No. 1411434

that and some of these men sexualize themselves and bait on purpose kek. i doubt the majority of them care or even notice those fics exist unless someone actually shows it to them, they care more about their paycheck at the end of the day.

No. 1411447

I mean honestly yes and like >>1411434 said, gay baiting was so fucking popular, especially among pop-punk bands. They thrived on that shit.

No. 1411453

Unless it's a sanctuary these elephants were beaten into submission at a young age and continue to live a tortured existence for the sake of tourists.

No. 1411455

what are the best monster flavors?

No. 1411463

I don't think that is the case for all of them. There are some that rescue elephants and don't allow for things like elephant riding. Anyway, I know that elephant abuse is a big thing so if I ever go to one of these resorts I would try my best to make sure it's one that treats the elephants fairly.

No. 1411474

Why do wasians hit the wall at like, 18? It’s so strange

No. 1411477

Ripper is the best flavor hands down. Followed by white, then red dawg. The rest aren't worth mentioning

No. 1411478

Honestly i really enjoy the regular one. Other ones do be tasty from time to time, but ill always come back to the regular flavour

No. 1411491

File: 1668635593633.jpg (23.85 KB, 564x460, 7a30ac17ae53ef3d2706432a7c772a…)

I follow a few cooking and baking pages, and whenever they share recipes that use european measurements they get a lot of annoyed americans commenting and calling the recipe useless. Could any burgers here explain why so many americans act as if the sight of someone using european measurements is a personal slight towards them? I genuinely just don't understand. Do american schools annually hire a little german boy to laugh at them for using ounces for a week? Is that why it's such a trigger point?

No. 1411492

I've got 3 weeks to go before I can have sex I'm on my period I've been horny as fuck my boyfriend is hot I am in agony when I stop bleeding he better examine my pussy and just fucking lick it or something omg

No. 1411493

Omg…no…I'm not going to chomp nutmegs tomorrow…stop…don't do it…focus on school…no nuts

No. 1411496

>Do american schools annually hire a little german boy to laugh at them for using ounces for a week?
God, I wish that were my job.

No. 1411502

It freaks me out when women wear super thick foundation, so many women in my school do it and I can't help but think of all the acne that could be developing and aaaaa I sound like a bitch kek but it's kind of sad women feel the need to wear so much unnecessary makeup, I'm sure they would be just as pretty without

No. 1411514

Unfortunately, it’s cycle. They wear makeup to hide the acne but the makeup makes it worse and the cycle never stops
But once you break from it, you’re free. I used to never leave without concealer and when I stopped my skin got a little better and I really just don’t give a fuck anymore lol

No. 1411518

Is a nutmeg high worth it? I need some excitement in my life and kinda want to try

No. 1411522

No my stupid ex did it and he tweaked the fuck out for like 8 hours and made me stay on the phone with him all night

No. 1411527

Are sensitive men fake? Is it just a manipulative persona?

No. 1411539

File: 1668638741151.jpg (68.39 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-22841688caf18bdfd026…)

My god I hate americans so much it's unreal.

No. 1411540

File: 1668638767550.jpeg (221.05 KB, 1102x331, 64EF557B-59B7-400F-874C-5A6727…)

Why is there so many mean/hostile anons here? I see random harmless posts that always gets a couple of weirdly angry anons with the most passive aggressive style of writing too

No. 1411543

Go back to reddit

No. 1411546

Found one

No. 1411548

It's just the salmonella probably

No. 1411549

>Oh mein gott! laughs in metric You are using das fahrenheit!
>Stop little german child, you are hurting my feelings!

No. 1411555

I started buying make up in high school but never really wearing it because even though I'd follow tutorials on youtube, foundation always looked so fucking cakey and bad on me and I just didn't understand how youtubers got that full coverage but still flawless look. Took me years to figure out it was all because of lighting.

When I cosplayed I would usually apply some CC cream at the insistence of my photographer friend because it made it easier to edit the photos, but I always felt like I looked a bit ghostly. No caked on texture anymore, but the ghostly look didn't make me feel much better. Towards the end I gave up and did everything except foundation/cc cream (so just blush, eyeshadow, eyebrows, and eyeliner) and that same friend couldn't believe I didn't have any foundation on. Like kek yes bitch I have good skin you barely have to edit any skin blemishes.

No. 1411556

File: 1668639736342.jpg (47.31 KB, 500x751, a1b5fb549dd40ae74a88e9bf7c54a5…)

I don't want to make a whole thread for this but I wanna know just for fun: what kind of clothes would you dress your bf/gf in, if you could choose? Picrel kinda I guess

No. 1411562

File: 1668640208479.jpg (133.66 KB, 660x990, Begg x Co.jpg)

a lot of big sweaters

No. 1411563

Short answer: it is considered pretentious and making fun of our measurements makes some people double down. Because our form of measurements get poked at, some people think it's justified to lash out at everyone who posts using metric. It's stupid and childish. Especially when you take in consideration that people all over the world can post recipes, not just people from the States. Stuck in a bubble.
>Do american schools annually hire a little german boy to laugh at them for using ounces for a week?
Damn my friend in middle school was from Germany. She would have loved to do and would have done it for free. She use to swear in German and made me smile because no one could call her out.

No. 1411564

File: 1668640390854.png (113.07 KB, 385x700, 079ec105-911b-4808-88ce-3d7414…)

I really like the dark academia look kek. I also wish I had a tall butch gf who would indulge me every once in a while and wear blacks/greys while I wear pastels so I can live my "goth gf/pastel gf" dreams kek.

No. 1411566

This is such a nice photo

No. 1411568

>it is considered pretentious and making fun of our measurements makes some people double down
I don't think this is what's happening at all kek. The people complaining are just used to imperial units and are too lazy to take the extra step of converting it. Pretty sure most recipe sites have conversions built in now though.

No. 1411571

Some older generations considered it pretentious because ya know we broke apart from England therefore we are better. I'm probably biased because my family (sans dad and brother) all act this way. It's bizarre. But yes people are mostly lazy and don't wish to convert metric to imperial.

No. 1411573

File: 1668641257852.jpeg (32.73 KB, 249x369, F6C3FB70-4D79-4114-A12B-408DAD…)

I like how my boyfriend dresses it’s stylish and matches his personality, but I like shit like this

No. 1411574

File: 1668641467975.jpg (127.4 KB, 546x754, nav_womens_2020.jpg)

it wouldn't be weird because we would own a ranch together in this alternate reality

No. 1411575

File: 1668641484882.jpeg (213.16 KB, 750x827, E1CD35C1-643E-495A-8290-710205…)

No. 1411579

File: 1668641603486.jpg (59.05 KB, 610x428, OOMuPfk.jpg)

Am fookin tired of applying to jobs that demand decent labour (and rarely reply), just to see they pay 7 quid per hour. What a pisstake.
I just send this jpg to the email of any employer that I think is making ridiculous demands.

No. 1411583

ayrt, oh that’s upsetting. poor kid

No. 1411586

Pickled beets are sooo yas

No. 1411588

lol when i was like 11 i thought this pic was hilarious

No. 1411592

picrel reminds me of my little chihuahita who lived to be 16…he was the best. He was a tough little bitch </3(

No. 1411594


No. 1411600

File: 1668642475748.jpg (213.66 KB, 828x591, 1661205656470.jpg)

What do you think of this one

No. 1411602

I know we’re not supposed to do dumb shit like emoticons but I don’t care I’m already being vulnerable by talking about my deceased pet in the “dumbass shit” thread - I may as well put the nail in the coffin by digitizing my broken heart!

No. 1411603

File: 1668642638817.jpg (97.77 KB, 736x830, 7cbe0dab535de33a68dfe3a632606b…)

Newfag annihilator has spoken

No. 1411638

I love how my pussy smells

No. 1411646

>t. Stacy

No. 1411649

I'm not even going to lie I think I posted that actual pic on here if it has that bad cropping at the top of it

No. 1411652

wtf i hate having social media. It makes me so anxious knowing people can just look at pictures of me /screenshot and save them at any time. Is it even worth having a public social media, especially as a woman

No. 1411653

No if you’re not making bank off it

No. 1411655

what ids she dumping on chiyo chan

No. 1411670

Scared to masturbate right now because I'll probably fall asleep and I have some stuff to do.

No. 1411672

Watch it with me

No. 1411678

i feel the same and to answer your question, no. especially not on instagram. not just because of creepy scrotes but because of accounts that can steal your photos, and copy any aspect of your profile to impersonate you or even bait others into thinking it’s an nsfw alt account. had it happen to a friend who only posts wholesome/cute pics of her & friends and she went private immediately.

No. 1411680

same, mine smells like petrichor to me

No. 1411684

idk but unfortunately some people are just mean here. in some cases they’re known recurring visitors that like to ban evade and shit up the site. it’s annoying when encountering a random hostile nonna but the more wholesome conversations you can have here sometimes are nice.

No. 1411695

Instant deep fake AI porn is right around the corner, and bullying via fake nudes is already a thing. Glad to basically not exist on the internet.

No. 1411702

Thank you, I was feeling a bit manic(?) earlier and thought I should start posting pictures with my face in them on instagram now but idk… I couldn’t get myself to do it. I worry too much about people who don’t like me or creepy moids who will use the pictures to jerk off

No. 1411727

File: 1668654378429.jpg (114.83 KB, 640x959, 0d22d50c03588126122600778d737d…)

The girl in this photo is probably around 65 years old now

No. 1411736

File: 1668655823514.jpeg (12.39 KB, 480x360, C9B7AB3C-32A9-4F00-B8D6-AB51C1…)

mfw I remember

No. 1411739

What do you remember?

No. 1411741


No. 1411742

Why are you speaking on my behalf like this

No. 1411746

File: 1668656782397.jpeg (103.53 KB, 1075x1289, いいね!109件、コメント3件 ― Starling Fit…)

for me men peaked when they used to tuck their shirts inside their pants

No. 1411754

File: 1668657644936.jpg (1.71 MB, 2700x2700, 97248990_p0.jpg)

Because I love you.

No. 1411758

what the fuck did i switch realities again, i was checking an old tutorial i did last month and i noticed i somehow missed an entire part. How does that even happen, specially when its a youtube list and i was watching it in order.

No. 1411767

File: 1668660081148.gif (2.46 MB, 640x640, Da.GIF)

Looking for TRUE LOVE
Looking for TRUE LOVE
Wherever I go…?

No. 1411778

is it me or were the 2010's super freaking boring? i cant remember anything about it.

No. 1411779

I bet if I cut my hair off, I wouldn't have shoulder acne anymore
But I'm not pretty enough for short hair

No. 1411800


No. 1411806

File: 1668664023348.jpg (129.03 KB, 734x1024, 445f2be76f98bbbd37135840186fd3…)

How the fuck did men manage to devolve?, you watch homevideos from the 80's/90's and even the most average man still dresses somewhat nicely and had a nice haircut. Even ''female gazey'' moids devolved, look at literally any singer moid from the 80's and compare him to 1D or other shitty boy bands from the early 10's(i dont like kpop but they at least dress nicely) and its such a fucking downgrade.

No. 1411814

because dressing well is considered "gay" now (well not now, since the 2000s really)

No. 1411817

80's fashion in general was great, they also still understood that women can have broad shoulders too and aren't all pearshaped. A bigger variety of haircuts were allowed other than just long hair middle part, or badly dyed mullet if you're "queer", but those are the only ones approved of. You could wear a men's clothes article without everyone screeching about how there's a boyfriend version of it in the shop at the women's section (including in spaces populated by gc/rf, you'd think more people would be less spergy about arbitrary labeling). Actual androgyny was seen as modelesque and popular and I notice how people who grew up in that time are way more positive towards gnc people than those who grew up later. Sure there were also lots of fashion disasters, but that is just what happens when you take risks. Even though there seems to be a revival now, it still feels extremely safe, conformist in categories and not actually free. Same thing with how even though there seems to be a revival, all straight women have to gawk at on the western side of "gnc" or who is sold as "fashionable" is Harry Styles kek.

No. 1411821

It's fucking 1 am and I'm thinking about how delicious chili and rice would be right now. I think I'm just gonna make some.

No. 1411842

Hate that I had to unfollow an author of a new game I was getting into because she said one of her characters is 'agender', but can alter 'their' physical body aspects to be more 'feminine/masculine/androgynous for the player's preferences', but would still 'have a problem if you took that as them simply being a man or a woman.' Like fuck off. You had a good thing going and ruined it with gendershit.

No. 1411849

which game?

No. 1411883

File: 1668672984336.jpg (28.95 KB, 960x930, 380689.jpg)

No. 1411904

I don't think I want kids and never plan to have one, but if I ever get retarded and decide to do it I'm naming it Sage.
More realistically I will be naming my next pet Sage so I can be reminded of the good times, the retarded times, and all the beautiful anons who have made me laugh throughout the years. Sage the cat will be a based shitposter, I will let her walk on the keyboard and press enter for her. Her shitposting will be hailed as revolutionary and she will win many awards. She will be revered and everyone will love her.

No. 1411913

Ngl that’s kind of cute and kind of retarder

No. 1411934

File: 1668679878794.jpg (296.74 KB, 1000x840, Alaska-©-Galyna-Andrushko-Shut…)

I'm an europoor who wants to visit Alaska one day, but the high rate of scrotes and as a consequence insane rate of rapes is a massive downside. I wonder if tourists can rent a gun. I know there are cruises, but those seem expensive and shite. I just want to go to the land of Bob Ross paintings.

No. 1411944

File: 1668681040326.jpeg (28.96 KB, 1024x914, 1658690930169.jpeg)

Nonnies I have a question and I'm not sure who or where to ask so I'll just dump it here. I'm bi but I can't date a bi man. The thought of sleeping with a man who has possibly slept with other men grosses me out. Can any other bi nonnies relate? Is it 'internalized homophobia' or just a preference?

No. 1411952

There are surely organized hiking groups, what about something like this? I wouldn't want to go on a cruise either, but hanging out with a small group would be nice I imagine. And having a guide knowing the area would help with finding most picturesque spots

No. 1411967

I relate but I don't feel guilty about it at all. I'm proudly homophobic against gay men.

No. 1411981

Why not ask in the bi thread?

No. 1411983

I didn't know we had a bi thread…

No. 1411986

It's a text interactive fiction game called Insurrection I believe. I followed the author on Tumblr when she revealed this 'interesting' tidbit. Shame, because the rest of the characters sounded pretty great.

No. 1412009

it's in /g/

No. 1412019

Gendershit is such a plague in those text interactive fiction games. I especially hate the nonbinary-as-default MCs

No. 1412027

nta, personally I wouldn't care much about the they/them thing if it was supposed to be an ambiguously gendered MC for everyone to self insert but the MC specifically intentionally being supposed to be an "enby" and "definitely not a woman or a man" sounds like absolute ass.

No. 1412038

Is theeadpic made with AI? I love the little doll things

No. 1412039

There are a few that don't have this gender bs in them, and they happen to be some of my favorites. I usually turn a blind eye if you can choose for MC to be 'nb' (usually prefer a set female protag tho) but I nope out immediately if I see some other OCs of the authors being referred to as 'nb' or 'he/they' whatever.

No. 1412048

really liking the single bracket redtext on this one

No. 1412060

No. 1412090

File: 1668697876062.png (2.12 MB, 2249x2249, Nick-Cannon.png)

No. 1412106

i hate men its unreal

No. 1412107

File: 1668699858706.jpg (88.21 KB, 700x743, jf.jpg)

based julia fox

No. 1412108

She honestly kinda slays. Don’t let the celeb thread find out I said this tho

No. 1412110

>since many parents try to name their daughter urine

wtf anon what country are you talking about? Is this a weird misogynist culture thing or what

No. 1412114

She has this unhinged energy I can't help but appreciate

No. 1412119

Sorry to be the negative nancy here but she's not based for saying stuff like this and then getting involved with moids like Kanye. It's like those women who are like "ugh I hate men" and still hop after the first one who gives them attention. Nonnies please set the bar higher.

No. 1412123

Sorry but that only makes her more relatable

No. 1412124

so you like a hypocrite?

No. 1412151

Don't be so serious about this anon. There are a lot of anons here that genuinely hate moids - because how can you not in general, living in the society - but unfortunately being hetero still long for a romantic nigel in their life and keep re-attempting over and over to get one even though it's always a failure; her attitude is relatable.

No. 1412190

>”mitski is average but not that good!”
>early twenties
>”CRINGE . stop having problems and SINGING about them”
>”Literally the most important artist our time”

No. 1412211

File: 1668705765525.gif (987.65 KB, 500x260, Alois-Trancy-alois-trancy-3724…)

I cant stop thinking about the several times my shotafag autism saved me from getting groomed. I was part of ironic anime meme facebook groups as a preteen/teen and i befriended a lot of older men(19-21) who called me their ''loli'' and would try to flirt with me, everytime i would respond to them with something along the lines of ''2 old 4 me come back when you are a qte shota'' as a joke. Super cringe looking back, but i am glad i had that very specific and degenerate type of tism and i was never groomed into liking shit like ddlg, older man/teen girl relationships that were very popular at the time. Thank god i grew out of it and i am only into nerds and men getting beaten up now.

No. 1412215

Holy shit we're the same person

No. 1412217

>into nerds and men getting beat up
a woman of taste, I see

No. 1412227

File: 1668706346497.jpeg (107.76 KB, 1200x675, D979AC91-97E3-4B39-A5DC-82F205…)

No. 1412231

are you talking about the period of 2012-2017. god that was so disturbing but im also thankful for that because it really exposed to me what low-life pornsick pedo scrotes are.

Its so weird how it was everywhere on the internet that it was hard to ignore, it was like everyone was shilling pedophilia back the and was obsessed with with disgusting father x daughter incest.
Being born a girl sucks…
That period of the internet must have been triggering for women who were molested.

No. 1412245

It was a terrible time to be alive honestly. I remember watching Lolita and reading the novel at the time because i was into disturbing/controversial media at the time. One of my classmates was heavily into ddlg stuff(she was like 14, ew) and asked me about the book. She was dating a senior at that time and tried to flirt with the teacher too. I hope she's doing ok now.

No. 1412265

>the period of 2012-2017.
Kek nonnies this doesn't have anything to do with a specific time period. The internet was like this since it was made. It's a function of men being allowed use the internet.

No. 1412270

i understand what you are saying but we are talking about ddlg, which was commonly a ''female fetish'' and it was mostly popular in tumblr around that time. Its really sad seeing all the millenials/older zoomers who grew groomed into that fetish and now are grown ass women but still try to live the ddlg life style like shayna.

No. 1412271

it does because it was at its peak during that period, if you didnt see or dont remember how it was back then, then dont speak.

No. 1412284


No. 1412294

File: 1668710045988.jpg (112.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

i do not get twitch streaming. in theory it sounds good but most streams end up dragging on forever, esp at the beginning. you get the notification, click on it, but the streamer spends an hour reading donos and talking about their day/week.
it's beyond me how this industry is thriving despite gen Z having no attention span. do you just have to have no hobbies to enjoy streamers? i'll stick to stream highlights

No. 1412295

I'm talking about men grooming and exploiting young vulnerable girls on the internet. DDLG is one form of it but it's existed forever. Loli was a huge thing in mid 00s internet. It was also more socially acceptable to literally be a pedophile and the internet was more anonymous/untraceable too so people openly did more fucked up stuff and were able to groom kids really easily. I'm not arguing that the DDLG trend or 2012-2017 internet wasn't terrible, I just don't think it was peak internet pedophilia and I remember things being worse before. I also wasn't young enough to get groomed then so maybe take that with a grain of salt kek.

No. 1412296

I dont watch streams but i stream because i have no friends and i need to talk to someone, i am sure the 6 losers who watch me also feel the same

No. 1412305

background noise. something to look at for enrichment but really it's not enriching. go on youtube and type in "tv for cats" and see the number of page views those have. twitch is like that but for people.

No. 1412307

am i a cat because i cant stop watching this

No. 1412313

Almost Friday

No. 1412315


No. 1412317

File: 1668711235966.png (7.82 KB, 500x500, 1651774805962.png)

tfw neet so its always friday

No. 1412318

sometimes I wonder if it's really cats watching the videos

No. 1412321

this looks like shit i hate pixar animation

No. 1412349

God nonnie, same KEK
I played a coomer mmo full of horny men and I somehow repelled all of them by being a shotafag whenever they tried to flirt with me. To be fair I was also underage but it's crazy thinking back on it.

No. 1412350

File: 1668713292544.png (250.17 KB, 1920x1080, wp8182904-3649458327.png)

Holy shit they are making a movie about the four elements, how uncreative can you be? At least buy the rights to Fireboy and Watergirl so you can make a movie about them instead

No. 1412353

File: 1668713456254.jpg (69.77 KB, 640x360, Untitled-design-20-1.jpg)

>At least buy the rights to Fireboy and Watergirl so you can make a movie about them instead
please dont deadname them they are trans now

No. 1412359

File: 1668713989888.jpeg (11.61 KB, 275x205, 489856.jpeg)

I'm trying to get back into anime so that I can start enjoying it again and stop associating it with my ex, but damn this shit is stupid and feels like a waste of time to watch kek, I'm surprised I ever liked it or got excited about shows. I feel like that greentext of the weeb who watched a proper movie for the first time and realized it was better than any anime he'd ever watched and had been wasting hundreds of hours of his life KEK. I'm gonna try more shows but the only thing I feel like watching anymore anime-wise are lighthearted comedies I've already seen.

No. 1412368

If you look on the myanimelist page for shows you already like there is a recommendations tab that shows similar shows. Maybe that'll help you find shows that you like more. Also maybe try ln and manga there is more material to parse

No. 1412386

>movie about element people
>take place in city called elemental city
Made me kek. Can the minds at pixar really not make a unique world or are they scared they wouldn't be able to make real-world references?

No. 1412392

Thank you for the advice anon!

No. 1412393

I'm too fucking hard-headed anons. I'll hear someone say not to do something but if they don't provide a reason for why, I'll disregard the warning and do it anyway.

No. 1412402

File: 1668716107557.jpg (215.54 KB, 472x865, 1652900432.jpg)


No. 1412430

I seriously want my husbandos fragrance and I hope I can get it. It's pretty expensive though, but I'm willing to get it.

No. 1412439

I've been wanting to pierce my ears, but hearing stories about people finding gunk around their earrings or the holes keeps me from it.

No. 1412442

the white ones taste like eating disorder

No. 1412455

We have the bad art thread, but I wish there was a thread for art that isn't bad enough to be called bad but has one odd feature that once you notice it you let's down the entire drawing or somethin. Idk if I'm making sense.
Been seeing a lot of art recently where the artist has (imo) lovely shading and coloring but bad anatomy.

No. 1412456

File: 1668718521482.jpg (84.61 KB, 487x500, spice village.jpg)

I kind of wonder if I could commission someone to make a look alike of the spice village collection

No. 1412463

File: 1668718790192.jpg (813.41 KB, 3024x4032, ip4wv0odiok31.jpg)

Makes sense it always reminded me of fresca which I also love

No. 1412481

File: 1668719263152.gif (783.76 KB, 377x252, CAD14EE5-5A60-4F45-AF95-7801AB…)

they’re not even that cute just doodle a pic of one it would look better and be more fun. Anyway I want to dress like wybie and get a motorcycle license. Or maybe I just want to become wybie idk

No. 1412482

They are cute to me and drawing a picture of it wouldn't even make any sense. They're supposed to be functional too.

No. 1412483

Mango or rehab

No. 1412494

You telling me you’re gonna haul that whole ass ceramic house down from the cabinet and hope to god not to break it every time you want to use some damn garlic powder

No. 1412495

you undoubtly could but that'd be pretty costly.

No. 1412503

What? How big do you think they are, anon? They're about as big and look as heavy as any other little jar you would keep seasoning in.
It definitely would. I'll probably just look around on ebay and in thrift stores and use the commission idea as a last resort thing.

No. 1412510

I always thought these looked tacky, and I'm glad I've seen others share the same opinion on here.

No. 1412520

I do understand this sentiment and I feel the same way towards streamers I don't like, but for the streamers I do like, I enjoy them talking with chat and catching us up with everything that's happened. I stayed up late the other night because a streamer I watch opened up Zillow and just started going through crazy house listings and commenting on them with the chat. It's extremely parasocial even if I don't usually participate in the chat and I can't explain why I will sit through it with some streamers and not with others.

No. 1412544

File: 1668722004728.jpeg (830 KB, 1242x926, 2FEDF8BA-2F9B-4329-8387-C6B05B…)

Is it just me or does this lady look like walter white in drag

No. 1412545

Just you

No. 1412555

what did she do to you kek

No. 1412558

Leave Julie alone

No. 1412567

She kinda looks like the principal or a teacher lady on 3rd rock from the sun

No. 1412574

are you talking about the jane curtin character? because I don't think she looks like her at all kek

No. 1412575

File: 1668723873887.jpg (412.65 KB, 1687x1688, 15lacy-mediumSquareAt3X-v3.jpg)

I've been watching White Lotus. I don't know how to feel about it yet, but I do think picrel will cheat.

No. 1412577

Sometimes I get so mad at shit people post, I try to delete it hoping by the grace of God a glitch happens and it actually deletes

No. 1412587

File: 1668724861775.jpg (68.07 KB, 450x600, jane-curtin-450x600.jpg)

yeah I think they look a lot alike

No. 1412590

this man's face is so grotesque to me, maybe it was mostly his character but god does he look gross. Have fun watching nona!

No. 1412591

File: 1668725058712.jpg (98.98 KB, 1440x1440, 298874593_1082587995992873_109…)

it's a photo of two smiski figures and the use of the program paint not AI. I do things old school.

No. 1412599

kek, nonna, you have a 1 in 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,336 (64^16) chance each time, go for it

No. 1412602

This post disappearing the second I clicked delete actually gave me hope

No. 1412604

Why does it seem like everyone can find a stray kitten but me?????

No. 1412617

omg u made it!!!!!! thats awesome

No. 1412618

Cool book

No. 1412620

alas no, I just misplaced a comma

No. 1412637

Damn, you've handcrafted a threadpic for us? This is amazing nonna

No. 1412653

File: 1668729497097.jpg (14.16 KB, 400x400, FI5FRANVEAIdMgi.jpg)


No. 1412712

File: 1668734229076.gif (521.63 KB, 250x250, FancyPassionateBrahmanbull-siz…)

Listening to Spongebob songs

No. 1412719



No. 1412839

It was a bad idea to use these old jeans, my underwear is so fuckin tight it makes me wish I had more skirts on my wardrobe.

No. 1412840

Every so often I watch dumpster diving videos because I find them entertaining, and one of the people mentioned that they donate some of the food they find in the dumpsters. Obviously it's wrong for stores to throw out so much food but I can't help but just find it so wrong to donate food you found in the literal trash. Even if it looks fine there could have been a legitimate reason for why it was thrown out. People who dumpster dive should only take that chance with themselves, not with other people.

No. 1412843

Normies are so soft. They’d say snarky shit at u with cute lil emojis then as soon as I ~debate~ back, it’s always “not that deep” and “you’re twisting my words” and “I’m done arguing w you” after I sent like 2 messages and they sent 9. Kek infighting with farmers is so much more satisfying.

No. 1412845

I take advantage of the anonymity on 4chan to see retards fight each other, it's really fun.

No. 1412908

File: 1668753840100.png (4.2 MB, 2048x1202, 1668714105966.png)

Testing testing why is my phone shitting itself

No. 1412939

whose basement is this

No. 1412941

>ride my bike home
>listen to metal
>stop at traffic lights thinking I'm alone
>a good line comes, I decide to sing along
>let out a really dumb growl
>realize there's a random dude behind me
>I have to keep singing in order to not seem like a schitzo
>song is about satan
>pretend I have no shame

No. 1412953

I still cant believe some 19yo has this powerful of a tism. God bless her.

No. 1412956

You want cats? I've got cats everywhere. I can't pour a bowl of cereal without getting a cat in my milk. Please, I will send you two.

No. 1412965

nta but you got a Scottish fold or British short hair?

No. 1412966

Nothing but Manx

No. 1412967

wtf the tail is gone….

No. 1412968

File: 1668762930202.jpg (112.66 KB, 736x736, 3c5da0cb7c35679bcecda14dd1770e…)

I watched a video about undiscovered elements and almost started crying thinking how we might discover something world changing in the future kekkk. Looking at stars in the night sky makes me cry too, why am I retarded

No. 1412969

Took a bite of my sandwich and bit their tails clean off. I NEED HELP TAKE THEM TAKE THEM TAKE THEM

No. 1412971

Wanted to buy some shirts from the gymshark sale, turns out the the shirts are 2€ less than usual lmao

Wish gym gear wasn't that fucking expensive. Or mostly ugly

No. 1412982

it annoys me how americans pronounce the ll its not tortilia, its tortisha

No. 1412985

Ann Reardon and her husband are so goddam cute aaaaaaa

No. 1412986

Isnt it like tort ee yah?

No. 1412995

File: 1668765286081.jpg (70.95 KB, 720x540, 55a3d0cf5f643cd0cca54f3d7847c8…)

i am from argentina we say SHA

No. 1412997

That's not American's it's flyovers. Coastal states know all about mexican food and silent l's.

No. 1412999

why are capybaras so cute and get along with everyone?

No. 1413000

they live in a perpetual state of ''yolo'' thanks to living so little in the wild due to every fucking predator wanting to eat them. We should learn from them.

No. 1413001

pelican utterly DESTROYED

No. 1413015

File: 1668767351001.jpg (728.45 KB, 3855x2029, Bariloche-1-e1548021804534-1.j…)

whats your favourite touristic destination from your country? for me its Bariloche, i want to go again but my mom hates the cold

No. 1413027

I have a proposition. Instead of having municipality workers who have to remove plants alongside rivers and canals, we should populate the world with capybaras. It would make the world a better and cuter place.

No. 1413028

I love this video, that dog is delighted every time the capybara nuzzles him.

No. 1413033

In the wild capybaras live in groups of up to 40 and they are very social and communicative with each other, even having specific warning sounds for predators. Other animals benefit from being around them because of this. Also, birds like to sit on them and eat bugs and parasites out of their fur.

No. 1413074

File: 1668774087293.jpg (102.57 KB, 800x600, 5111779.jpg)

Have the people who work on this show never seen a pregnant woman? It literally looks like a basketball shoved under her shirt lol

No. 1413075

My nigel is Argie and he pronounces it more like ZHA

No. 1413086

kek you should hear how Finns pronounce it (and you'd probably gag at the crap we call tortillas over here)

No. 1413087

File: 1668775752870.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 1668771226146.jpg)

I got called señora(old lady) today. I am 21.

No. 1413098

Around two weeks ago, a girl told her brother to behave or "la señora te va a llevar" and pointed at me… I'm 20. I was just trying to choose a bag of potato chips, it was completely unprovoked. Really gets you thinking…

No. 1413100

I swear the popworks ad song was produced by the same guy who made the song that plays during sex/creepy scenes in You

No. 1413107

What are the most common pet names (for your SO/family members) in your language/area? I'm Russian and usually we use some kind of baby animal (little bunny, little bird, kitty), some sort of general adjective like sweet (сладкая) and good (хорошая), sometimes astral bodies lol (little sun, little star).

If it was by a kid, then i got to tell you: when i was around 5, I guessed that my babysitter was around 70 when she was 21, i had no idea what a 70 y/o actually looked like (yeah maybe i was dumb). If I got called an old lady in public would just assume i was wearing something old lady-like

No. 1413116

File: 1668778722544.png (153.87 KB, 512x512, 1649209899850.png)

it was a woman who was older than me, kill me kek

No. 1413118

Amberlynn a few years ago
Guys I don't sweat. I never sweat. I glisten a lil but I def don't sweat. I'm dainty and ladylike and I wear bows.

Amberlynn lately
So I had the greasy shits the other day

No. 1413122

she can try to imitate the qween but she doesnt have the ovaries to talk(or even experience) about how she catfished a couple and convinced them to have a threesome and then she shat all over their bathroom and left

No. 1413123

Sometimes I see foreigners say they get excited by American stores and want to go to them and it's always so interesting to me kek. I wonder what stores are like in other countries. I guess what makes stores like Walmart so interesting to some people is that it's just a bunch of shit in one (grocery, garden section, auto-care, pharmacy, home and beauty, doctor, etc…)

No. 1413127

i am one of those foreigners, i find america so fascinating i am saving to go next year. I honestly want to see what kind of candy you guys eat, also there is SO MUCH food in america. I am so envious of your 7000 flavours of oreo.

No. 1413140

I'm so happy I'm a chicana and I don't have to live in fear of this. Getting called "lady" in english destroys my self esteem enough

No. 1413144

File: 1668781141220.jpeg (55.9 KB, 750x422, japan-band-28baf591-60b7-41d8-…)

I think men peaked when they looked like old lesbians

No. 1413155

But were they kind

No. 1413156

I'll probably die the moment I move out of my parents' home. I'm already drowning while doing school, part-time work and shopping for stuff for moving, I can't imagine if I also had to manage house chores. I can't fucking deal with the mental load.

No. 1413162

File: 1668782658750.png (895.57 KB, 901x1204, 1646805308234.png)

>i created my first thread here 2 years ago
wow, i cant believe i have been on this site for so long

No. 1413170

File: 1668783099946.jpg (41.08 KB, 489x653, 2c6d53ebf3faa6c572cacae600a7cc…)

she's such a queen. I am glad they changed her personality from ''bossy straightman'' to ''unhinged bitch''.

No. 1413190

Someone who's not internet retarded like me needs to make a new vent thread, I always need to vent when it's full and a new one hasn't been created yet, literally every time!!

No. 1413205

Kek what is your pic from

No. 1413212

File: 1668786275420.jpg (60.19 KB, 850x478, 1646785658714.jpg)

jellystone, its okay

No. 1413220

It’s not hard don’t be lazy do it nonny

No. 1413235

File: 1668787934615.jpg (77.27 KB, 540x719, 502420ef6455ec838b4c05e4e3201a…)

Nonita, I will make one for you because I love you, but you have to promise not to make fun of the threadpic, I am sad and sensitive

No. 1413321

I tried once and I fucked it up so bad the janny deleted it, I don't have the confidence to try again until I know I won't fuck it up

My sweet Nona I love anons like you, I would never make fun of anyone's chosen threadpic ♥

No. 1413324

I’m near a cafe that has Monte Cristo sandwiches as their lunch special, I kind of want to try one but they sound so unhealthy

No. 1413377

>Coastal states know all about mexican food and silent l's.
Since when, mine doesn't (I didn't either until now), never even heard hispanics pronounce it like that

No. 1413399

File: 1668795288322.jpg (181.45 KB, 2048x1419, 20221116_123238.jpg)

Anon darling you're my best friend

No. 1413438

I'm entitled to a capybara or a mini cow. Every nonna is.

No. 1413443

File: 1668798470253.jpeg (69.64 KB, 1170x940, 15A1E7FA-A395-4F69-8609-9E3DD4…)

Being a broke student is truly a jarring experience

No. 1413448

Sometimes you just need to give your glasses a good clean with some dish soap

No. 1413457

File: 1668798994834.jpg (29.21 KB, 333x500, 433cdb86e4fa4be0a95031064eacab…)

I wish I had a cute punk bf who gets into fights with retards

No. 1413463

File: 1668799545746.gif (4.96 MB, 540x350, 21745E32-0563-453D-9E08-270909…)

ugh there’s just something so ridiculously charming about 90s matthew lillard
also, I think you’ll appreciate this edit https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSRERBdGA/

No. 1413476

Right? You don't find guys this cute anymore. I miss subcultures too, they added to the charm

No. 1413480

Imo, most oreos are more sugar than flavor but I guess you will be able to judge for yourself when you come here haha. I rarely eat them but when I do I like to get red velvet or birthday cake. Lemon are good too.
Also, I would recommend going to a gas station for full candy and chip selection rather than a Walmart. Idk if it's just me but I always feel like gas stations have better candy than a grocery store. A grocery store might have more varieties though (like more kitkat flavors, for example).

No. 1413486

I can literally smell Shayna thread. And all of her pictures. It’s so gross.

No. 1413497

describe the smell

No. 1413512

Like, rancid grease and unwashed mouth.

No. 1413513

File: 1668802358863.jpeg (281.51 KB, 1280x1280, 4CFB21F9-758F-4040-B016-766949…)

Kek why is makeup marketing so retarded

No. 1413527

tbh this looks like a somewhat honest add, considering in most adds they completely make the models skin look different.

No. 1413535

I saw the social media accounts of a couple of gen z women I work with and holy shit they look nothing like their pictures or tiktok videos. It's fucking wild. Filters are fun but bloody hell that's a whole new face with a computer generated tan. I trust nobodies pictures lmao.

No. 1413568

File: 1668805177021.png (374.21 KB, 640x360, 07c.png)

my love for the big boss is immeasurable. every other man pales in comparison

No. 1413578

File: 1668805971084.gif (1.93 MB, 245x270, ss.gif)

Virgin Big Boss fan vs Stacy Solid Snake appreciator

No. 1413580

Hmm bored af
I made plans to watch a few shows this evening but I'm just not in the mood. I want to curl up in bed while my nonexistent lover holds me and chats to me.

No. 1413582

I respect them all, it's just that mgs3 snake has the biggest himbo energy and I love himbos…

No. 1413595

kojima is great at making husbandos tbh theres an autistic hunk in every flavor
t. venomfag

No. 1413602

I was about to mention venom lol his thighs in mgsv with the sneaking suit has got to be deliberate considering what happened to him

No. 1413624

File: 1668808105043.gif (995.05 KB, 499x499, 9606A8F7-174E-4C5B-80D2-5C7ED4…)

I love touching grass. And I don't mean it in the "touch grass" way, I mean I actually like the touchfeel of grass. Grass is very soft, slimy, and moist. I consider myself to be a connonsur of grass.

No. 1413631

yeah and also the smell of grass and mud after it rains? heaven on earth

No. 1413642

ime pharmacies have more variety

No. 1413665

I bought Preparation H for my hemorrhoids and you're supposed to shove it up your asshole? I'm not ready for this today

No. 1413676

Why does my memory has to be so selective? I don't want to remember only good things about my ex, what I want to remember in the first place is how apathetic he was, how he would complain about the littlest things, and his creepy unfunny jokes.

No. 1413693

File: 1668813855362.jpeg (33.24 KB, 275x252, AF4F1541-A0BC-4870-836D-4A9ECB…)

I learned to roll my rs for the language I am learning

No. 1413702

I Do Not Care if my cornmeal has weevels. I will eat it anyway. I can't afford another pack, not in this economy

No. 1413703

which language

No. 1413704

File: 1668814942196.jpeg (84.19 KB, 750x724, CC4260D2-398E-47FC-869B-141B6C…)


No. 1413708

i rearanged my desk again. i love rearanging things

No. 1413827

growing up poor sucks but rich people are so unbelievably lame that they make you think maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t born into money
anyone who went to school with rich kids will know exactly what I mean there’s just. a certain aura they have that no matter how hard they try, rich kids will never replicate the same certain experiences as lower class kids have and it’s pretty funny watching them be so desperately horny for an ~authentic~ experience that is basically a poor kid’s everyday life

No. 1413829

File: 1668823497227.jpg (71.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

but aLso consider

No. 1413838

Why the only kind of grass that grows around me is the crunchy scratchy kind.

No. 1413845

Watched a video on Instagram of a cat saying mama idk if this link will work https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ck3Kt0INhLX/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 1413852

I somehow messed up my food today. I just had to make mashed potatoes and undercooked it first time, had to boil again, then I underbaked the beets just a little (okay it's also not a problem to put them in the oven again but what the fuck), and I tried baking dietary chicken cutlets in the oven, too, and they ended up being dry. Nothing horrible but kind of shitty and not satisfying.

No. 1413859

I am 35 now and genuinely still don't know how makeup works. I always thought it was powder but recently learned it's more of a paste people put onto their faces.

No. 1413877

Wait, really? I know plenty of women including myself who don’t regularly wear makeup but are pretty well-versed into how it works since beauty care is shoved down our throat since childhood. You really don’t know how makeup works, like at all? That’s so fascinating

No. 1413893

I finally picked up my damn prescription after a week of dragging my ass and I feel so much better after using it wow who would've thought

No. 1413897

Nta but I'm 25 and I don't know how it works either or how to apply it to myself. My parents never really shoved it my face and I didn't have much friends growing up to experiment those things with.

No. 1413915

the weevils are harmless. their poop can make you sick though so eat the cornmeal fast if you just started seeing them. maybe freeze it too, to kill them.

No. 1413916

File: 1668830675837.jpg (19.53 KB, 325x433, red-polo-beige-chinos-brown-su…)

i used to work at home depot for about 2 years and I only ever saw one DILF. Dressed like this but with very broad shoulders and biceps. Sometimes I think about him. Picrel is the style but not body type

No. 1413924

my mom refused to teach me anything about it, wouldn't discuss it at all even when I was begging to just learn simple basics. few friends were autistic that did not wear it. none of my hobbies or interests intersected with it enough. youtube tutorials dominated by drag/sponsorships/ads so I didn't want to learn from it when I tried. too intimidated by places that apply it for you. I feel retarded, I know almost nothing so it's basically magic to me. but it's worked out in the end now, I'm fine with it

No. 1413940

I just saw the phrase “do nic” in reference to smoking cigarettes and honestly I just think there should be a hard ban on anyone that sheltered from ever talking about any sort of drug at all ever

No. 1413970

The worst part of being a hypochondriac is that I can never tell if I have valid concerns or if I'm being completely ridiculous.
>t. having a diabetes health scare

No. 1413996

File: 1668842977758.jpeg (100.97 KB, 612x406, BB1873A4-8AD5-4A84-81AC-8D8CA3…)

I just took a poop and it was insanely green, literally the color of grass and it turned the water in the toilet bowl green, i know it’s technically normal to have green color poop but I cannot emphasize enough how green this was, it was mind blowing.

No. 1414039

Do you take chlorophyl supplements? Or why was it green?

No. 1414052

Iron supplements?

No. 1414136

i don’t take any supplements atm and i haven’t eaten anything that could turn it green which is why I was so shocked

No. 1414141

File: 1668862684356.jpg (47.46 KB, 634x487, article-2565884-1BBF77D5000005…)

I saw a Troon earlier and it scared me. Literally like even if I wasn't based and peaked I think I'd startle. It didn't look right, he was wearing orange foundation over his stubble and a really bad shiny blonde wig he reminded me of those latex mask dudes. I was unsettled, it looked uncanny and not right.

No. 1414153

I’m insecure about only being mixed because I’m scared my partner likes monoracial girls of my race better and I’m just a washed out lame version

No. 1414162

Wtf why would you be together r even just spend time with someone like that? Please work on your confidence nonnie.

No. 1414169

what too much grass touching does to a mf

No. 1414171


No. 1414172

I used to be like wtf work spouses are fucking cringe but now I have a work mom and it's pretty nice. She's so cute and she hooked me up with psychedelics too. She deserves a way more loving husband I always have to bite my tongue when she starts talking about how her husband never gets her stuff for Christmas. Males are a blight to society for fucking real. I want to get her something for Christmas but idk what.

No. 1414173

I was only taught to put on mascara, concealer and lipstick. I don't know how to do the whole skin on face covered thing. It seems so complicated.

No. 1414178

There's powder foundations aswell, it's just not as popular/common.

No. 1414183

File: 1668866613103.png (60.18 KB, 752x434, lkjhgfdsfghjkl.png)

Wish it was still socially acceptable to say one is "fagged out" when tired. This place fags me out sometimes

No. 1414191

Every once in a while I think about that anon that apparently got a himbo boyfriend that got into a fight with some guys because they said sexist shit about women, and every time I do, I pray they are happy.

No. 1414206

File: 1668868416309.jpg (70.05 KB, 700x365, behind-the-song-fake-plastic-t…)

A green plastic watering can
For a fake Chinese rubber plant
In a fake plastic earth
That she bought from a rubber man
In a town full of rubber plants
To get rid of itself

It fags her out
It fags her out
It fags her out
It fags her out

No. 1414207

File: 1668868470482.jpg (83.45 KB, 614x630, butter.jpg)

I saw a vid of someone opening one of these and I remembered the time I got one and they exploded into my hair and because of the rubber bands they were tangled so badly it took like a half hour to get them out and it hurt and ripped my hair out. Would be a great gift for someone you hate

No. 1414214

Why the lyric change nona?

No. 1414254

File: 1668871710321.gif (3.19 MB, 476x368, 812226326a166716661df42bea3faa…)

I read about numerology chart because I was bored and it might be autosuggestion but some of it seemed very accurate and now I want to know more. I mean damn even if it's bs it still makes me want to get my shit together because my life path and personality are both karmic numbers kek

No. 1414259

why did i look at myself in the mirror, i self sabotaged my day

No. 1414338

Nonna what show is this from? Left's hair and costume look like Tanz der Vampire, but right's costume doesn't match. I need more of whatever this is please

No. 1414345

So… I ate a bad chocolate yesterday and noticed as I was preparing to bed that the parotid is slighly swollen. I wonder if this has anything to do with that weird ass chocolate (it was a bit more white than it should for a originally black chocolate) or if it is the expired mayo I ate days ago (which surprisinly didn't do me anything worse than the rancid butter months ago). My face really hurts. This should be my cue to stop eating expired food but I know I'll be eating these ice cream cones next month.

No. 1414355

File: 1668876123485.jpg (52.27 KB, 540x304, tumblr_o7kmexfk431ttwfmao1_540…)

Why the fuck does everyone keep alluding to Yumi King milk in /ot/ but nobody will make a new thread

>inb4 you do it

no you do it

No. 1414373

The way NYPL gatekeeps its eCard lmao stupid bitch VPN exists

No. 1414454

File: 1668880821178.png (494.96 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_20221119-115814.png)

Men really rely on children for emotional support

No. 1414474

groomer manipulation tactic, it's not real, well i doubt it is. him being suicidal not the story

No. 1414479

File: 1668882225854.jpeg (71.99 KB, 750x444, 1608147635041.jpeg)

Holy shit this was my life from 13-16. It's so specific I didn't think it was common. I know grooming discord kittens is common but having to be a grown mans emotional support was mentally draining as well.

It's a manipulation tactic but I think these degenerate scrotes are such pieces of miserable shits in real life that they've burned all bridges and have literally no one else to rely on for friendship, venting or anything.

No. 1414484

File: 1668882438882.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x600, orangutan_square.jpg)

got diarrhea as soon as I got to my friend's place. kill me. at least i didn't get the gut pain on the way there

No. 1414498

Just found out my ex doxed me on 4chan some years ago. Nothing even happened lol

No. 1414499

Im glad you are ok!

No. 1414500

This image was sadly me. I never realized how fucked up those kik chats were until recently because I was so lonely as a kid. It probably is 10 times worse with discord servers now. I wish I didn't have unfiltered internet access at 7 years old.

No. 1414524

People acting like intrusive thoughts are only violent or gruesome things coming into your mind, meanwhile for me my intrusive thoughts lately have consisted of the lyrics to the annoying orange parody of Rebecca Blacks ‘Friday’ coming into my head out of nowhere multiple times a day and wondering what my husband would think of my breast milk

No. 1414527

How did you find that out?

No. 1414528

My brain tells me to yell “IM PREGNANT” all the time. It used to be more “killurself killurself” so thats interesting

No. 1414541

Last night, my ex saw a friend of mine, accosted her, and said it was our faults that she doxed /us/. I knew she had doxed my friend but not me lol. My friend had to change her number and take her linkedin down because people kept calling her work.
All I did to my ex was catch her cheating, and all my friend did to her was refuse to clean up someone else's trash which resulted in losing a security deposit.

No. 1414551

most cultures have a preference for height, but in my experience the American culture, and the East asian culture have a borderline obsession with height, anyone else see that

No. 1414557

File: 1668886913275.jpg (22.75 KB, 474x317, 1668320947147.jpg)

CP on front page, bumpingggg

No. 1414559

File: 1668886961784.jpg (34.85 KB, 720x600, Tumblr_l_506116774232243.jpg)

No. 1414564

File: 1668887350444.jpeg (2.38 MB, 4032x3024, A735FA20-F09D-42EB-89CC-6A27C1…)

Cute food I made yesterday to bump the seapee

No. 1414566

File: 1668887376682.png (139.58 KB, 377x350, 1660121423064.png)

No. 1414567

File: 1668887387325.jpg (26.72 KB, 400x400, FfPbVV7aUAUzLFD.jpg)

Men go so fucking ooga booga for tits, it's not even funny. Like Ben Shaprio's sister or that Bella Janke, you have adult-ass men commenting "mommy give me milkies" and it's not just a joke, it's full on retardation

No. 1414568

what is this? it looks like cool alien food

No. 1414569

Yumm chunks of cranberry sauce and tubby custard

No. 1414574

Pickled duck eggs in beets and red onions!

No. 1414580

There’s men who will publicly be like let me latch mommi and then there’s men who will only admit to it in private. Every moid is one or the other

No. 1414584

> Bella Janke
who both shooped and stuffed, but moids can't tell they just see big titty

No. 1414594

File: 1668889572198.jpeg (11.52 KB, 360x360, 922AADA9-4EDC-44DC-99EC-12779D…)

Ahhughhhh I’m so pissed I just found there’s a chinese language major in my university that was introduced in 2020 right after I already transferred from computer science to linguistics such a waste damn I’m graduating next year but Ive always wanted to study mandarin

No. 1414619

Society failed the minute it stopped shaming men for masturbating.[reposting in correct thread this time kek]

No. 1414620

They're kind of trying to push it again as

No. 1414622

Elisabeth, starring Asaji Saki and Shiraki Ayaka

No. 1414647

>met an old friend from my teens
>"omg anon so many of us in the circle looked up to you! Especially when you defended [name] from that guy, all of us thought you were a total badass and wanted to be like you!"
>mentioned situation was a guy (15) had grabbed the youngest (12) in the group's ass and I got pissed and pushed him up to a wall to threaten him
>what they saw was me telling him to fuck off and telling him he's a creep
>what actually happened was me stuttering some vague threat because I panicked and didn't know what to do and him not taking me seriously at all
>she mentions also that you can tell that life has been harsh to me because I don't not carry the same kind of strength I used to
>is actually doing a lot better today
>does this mean I technically peaked when I was 16, the most depressed I've ever been and in an abusive household

It's funny how perception works.

No. 1414737

File: 1668901332642.jpg (265.02 KB, 550x715, d3csrak-5d7f0e80-8ea6-4925-8be…)

heck yes!!!!!! my love for drawing is back after a rough depression, i want to draw some beaten up men and cute capybaras

No. 1414744

>my love for drawing is back after a rough depression
God I wish that was me

No. 1414748

I almost eliminated my bushy eyebrows in 00s so I'd usually draw them on and fill them in in the last 10 years. Recently I've lost my little brush and stopped doing that, and I actually like the way they look without makeup. I wouldn't go so far as to shave them off completely but I'm pretty sure I could pull off weird 1920s brows. Coincidentally, my mom suddenly stopped dying them - she's always had invisible eyebrows. And then I learned from my zoomer neighbor that thin eyebrows are in fashion again. Huh.

No. 1414752

I think the internet has made me racist toward assians

No. 1414753

this is cringey as fuck.

No. 1414759

Lmao is that spelling on purpose?

No. 1414760

No but looking back it's pretty hilarious

No. 1414778

How so kek

No. 1414784

I can't go in depth otherwise I'll get banned for race bait lol

No. 1414830

its so freaking hot, i hate summer

No. 1414841


No. 1414858

File: 1668908412841.png (106.56 KB, 540x250, 1665562777749.png)

I want to get into fighting games but all the ones i like are dead and the popular ones have too many troons

No. 1414862

I just thought of putting bacon in cream cheese wantons. I'm a fucking genius.

No. 1414919

I finally got around to asking that moid to cuddle and he was down for (platonic) cuddling as well and I think we're doing it tonight. I hope I get everything I need out of this because it's been a very strange and suffering time.

No. 1414949


No. 1414958

File: 1668913912511.jpg (30.79 KB, 553x353, 1598401775858.jpg)

holy shit lmfao I got banned from twitter for calling elon musk a little slut oh my god

No. 1414961

just play story-based ones by yourself and dont get involved in any shithole "community"

No. 1414992

File: 1668916705169.jpg (19.49 KB, 349x591, 94b3a8094bd7475484d9337f04f5e0…)

I saved a couple of funny memey pictures on Pinterest and now I'm getting mass recomended some of the most aggressively unfunny try hard attempts to be sassy posts I've ever seen. I hate them all.

No. 1414995

@ work (restaurant) and just walked past a dude that took a creepshot of some womans chest and was zooming in on it ugh

No. 1414998

Kick him out or confront him.

No. 1415002

i wish i had, he was just leaving when i walked by

No. 1415009

Next time follow him out and get his plate number and call the police. It's sexual harassment and he will be forced to delete the photos.

No. 1415041

File: 1668919876711.jpg (77.04 KB, 850x641, Rest-in-Peace-Message-for-Some…)

eternal suffering awaits you. RIP. never save or interact with a meme or funny screenshot on any platform with a recommendation algorithm….

No. 1415047

I don't care for his political content, but I've been watching Hasan watch MasterChef

No. 1415056

BMI 19 girl has best body type imo

No. 1415084

Anons, how the fuck is it already Sunday? I keep thinking it's Saturday when it's Sunday. Ridiculous.

No. 1415107

Everytime I see ther nerd boy thread I smile becuase it all started with me calling some art, that I saw on this thread, gay fury shit.

No. 1415115

> transferred from computer science to linguistics
Ok but why

No. 1415130

Bangers and mash is such a funny name for a food KEK. British people are so funny.

No. 1415139

I want a hot british man to bangers and mash my pussy

No. 1415147

>a hot british man
they are a myth, like unicorns

No. 1415150

File: 1668925587345.png (417.45 KB, 700x683, cat with hands.png)


No. 1415338

I'm so bored with my hair and makeup to the point I actually googled to see if there are any alt style stylists online to ask for opinions (I usually dress in what could be considered in between what would be thought of "alt" and "normie" by today's standard and I enjoy dying my hair, so figured a regular stylist wouldn't give me satisfactory tips), and now I feel dumb. It was mostly out of a passing, curious thought, but still dumb.

No. 1415344

i am trying to stop drinking coffee to not stain my teeth but i am so sleepy aaa

No. 1415363

File: 1668952669400.jpg (65.24 KB, 640x834, cb9a2abe214494aa42675a004657fa…)

posted in the lolcow memes thread but also posting here

No. 1415366

/ot/ should be at the top, it's easily the most retarded of all the boards.

No. 1415367

i know but sometimes there is gold in this steaming pile of poop.

No. 1415372

Nah, /g/ takes that cake

No. 1415376

You can have a hot man or you can have a british man but you can't have both.

No. 1415380

I can't believe the sequel of a Shrek spin-off that no one asked for looks more visually interesting that the newest Pixar/Disney movies. I am so hyped for this one, the Bad Guys looked amazing.

No. 1415381

Every time I check g theres a new nonnie describing her bf raping her but then playing it off as no big deal.. So I agree

No. 1415383

I mostly browse /m/ and /g/ because these two boards are the least toxic ones. Sometimes /ot/ and /pt/.
/snow/ and /x2/ are down right toxic.

No. 1415390

They're really leaning hard into it being very stylized, and I love it

No. 1415392

nobody remembers this band but I still bump them on the regular

No. 1415405

>sequel of a Shrek spin-off that no one asked for
Speak for yourself, I've been hyped for this ever since I watched the first movie when I was like 11

No. 1415406

File: 1668954515096.png (7.15 MB, 2532x4224, disney could never.png)

Look at this it looks BEAUTIFUL, it looks like concept art turn to life. The fight scenes also look amazing, they look so dynamic. I bought the art book for the Bad Guys and i am absolutely getting the artbook for this movie too. I am so glad that animation studios are trying to do their own thing instead of still copying Disney's bland, shitty 3D style that ruined animation for decades.

No. 1415414

I was listening to this song on loop this morning because of nostalgia wtf anon, how did you know?

No. 1415416

does anyone remember this era genuinely? I was OBSESSED it seemed so fever-dreamesque at the time/ wish they didn't drop off they were doing so well, they had the idea of a weird online cult before Poppy did. did I imagine all of this?
FXXK Boys Get Money accidental based anthem of tumblr 2010s.

No. 1415431

File: 1668957044633.jpeg (50.32 KB, 640x640, 9C28559B-6FFB-4C46-A679-98CDDC…)

i wonder if people can tell im straight

No. 1415433

I miss this era of FEMM, their recent releases doesn't slap nearly as hard

No. 1415438

you can if they're two separate men

No. 1415439

File: 1668958452035.jpeg (78.51 KB, 800x533, 38708224-46B1-4503-BC98-1FA75F…)

/sty/ is unironically the best board

No. 1415440

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion but brazilians are annoying as fuck sorry I just don’t think this whole come to brazil thing is cute at all

No. 1415443

I got a cartilage piercing from a shady tattoo studio a month or two ago. While cleaning it, I noticed the damn earring backing was turning green. Gross. Switched it out with one of my 'good' backings. $$Hope that wont fuck up the healing process##.That's what my dumbass gets for going cheap, I should have went back to the studio that did my belly ring. Now I know for next time.

No. 1415444

You mean just online or irl as well?

No. 1415446

File: 1668958847590.jpeg (48.8 KB, 666x263, F45944A2-295F-4C4D-8088-16307B…)

Too bad, there's a brazillion of us and we have you surrounded. If we can't bring you to Brazil then we will bring Brazil to you

No. 1415448

File: 1668959121153.png (599.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1657513357332.png)

>drinking terere
>doing my loomis heads and actually having fun with a pencil

Today is a good day nonnas, I am just going to draw and ignore my responsabilities.

No. 1415449

Mom the brazilians are here im scared

No. 1415450

No just online I think they’re fine irl

No. 1415457

i laughed so hard at this video i teared up like it’s me i’m the penguin on the wrong side of the world this is what i felt like my entire life


No. 1415458

i am actually upset that paris hilton has not found her missing dog

No. 1415470

Taking the bus really is like that episode of SpongeBob.

No. 1415471

Stop writing like a retard and go read the guide newfag.

No. 1415476

what’s wrong with the way i type? if you mean embedding you can’t embed shorts videos lol relax don’t be so pissy

No. 1415483

It most likely got eaten by a coyote. Sorry for her but she needs to accept reality and not listen to pet psychic scammers. A chihuahua isn't going to survive in the wild.

No. 1415484

yes you can, you like the video, go to your likes and the video wont appear as a short and then you can link it.

No. 1415486

ohh okay i didn’t know that could work thanks

No. 1415489

kek, what the fuck happen i dont follow celebrities but this sounds insane

No. 1415491

I just learned that the Blue (da ba dee) song isn’t by Blue Man Group but instead by Eiffel 65… what the fuck.

Like now I know Blue Man Group is mute (after looking them up some more) so obviously Blue isn’t their song, but the song came out when I was basically just a toddler and I could’ve sworn I saw a music video pairing Blue Man Group with the song so I always associated it with them and no one else seemed to refute that fact so I never looked into it… Well, we learn new things everyday I guess kek

No. 1415495

are you serious? you know there are wild chihuahuas who are only a few generations removed from domesticated breeds right?

No. 1415501

File: 1668962174553.jpg (818.89 KB, 900x824, hawk-face-loree-johnson.jpg)

and they are eated every day

No. 1415510

Lmao I followed this based fujo shota artist n just found out she's also a terf, I love you terf fujo be strong sis

No. 1415515

File: 1668962758758.jpg (378.16 KB, 1315x1131, Capture.JPG)

Paris should have put hawk protection on it. but versace doesnt make them so she would never

No. 1415517

>shota artist
Is this some tranny bait

No. 1415518

Yes you are right anon, Kaori Yuki, Yana tosobo and keiko takemiya are all trannies that have avoided the 41%

No. 1415519

File: 1668963046996.jpeg (531.41 KB, 828x1208, 45BC42C1-6945-4585-B1CB-45ECB8…)

No. 1415522

File: 1668963249242.jpeg (117.58 KB, 919x1300, F1708BB0-A64A-4D4C-8FBD-C769BC…)

They are tasty chubby little morsels. Pretty much this, if you think about it.

No. 1415524

someone has to stop this!

No. 1415525

No. 1415532

mini hotdogs yum

No. 1415538

Can you bring Capybaras?

No. 1415544

>just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="
You type like a user from twitter and tiktok.

No. 1415601


De/g/en go back to your containment board

No. 1415613

I think it's so weird when anons call for /ot/ to be deleted. They could literally just stop browsing here.

No. 1415616

They are oldfags who do not like what this site has become

No. 1415622

the world has changed a lot from 2014 to now, in 2014 the internet was already starting to change thanks to gaymergate until it completly did an 180 in 2016-18. I like this place, its the only place where it feels chill and free of cringy jokes like wojaks, which i despise and are the reason why i stopped browsing 4chan.

No. 1415625

That's understandable but the logical conclusion to come to is that we need better moderation, not for an entire board that's been here for years to be deleted. I've been here for some time too (not as long as oldfags, but still) and I realize that. The people who want /or/ to be deleted just sound like they're blaming all the problems on this site (like userbase changes) on /or/ and that's just stupid.

No. 1415626

Ugh, please excuse the autocorrect

No. 1415628

Some threads on /ot/ are too similar to each other and a couple of which are just newfags failing to integrate and are using lolcow just like social media like twitter or tiktok. >>1415625 while moderation is a little better then it was in the beginning of the year it still isn't enough, we haven't had a hellweek for a long long time or a proper lolcow award like it was a couple years ago.

No. 1415630

File: 1668968203577.png (104.35 KB, 189x285, Capture.PNG)

i don't really know where to put this but after today I'm no longer a fan of Frankie Frankiston James aka FFJ as everyone else knows him.
His last movie was a flop, his last single sounded horrible and was just fucking generic as they come. I'm realizing he's a misogynistic piece of shit. No longer a fan. What kind of album cover is this? it's his 5th ablum and he hasn't gotten any better, after 7 years?

No. 1415634

who is this uggo

No. 1415635

He’s hawt

No. 1415639

File: 1668968484588.jpg (64.12 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

FFJ, some retarded moid, who makes shitty music and doesn't care about his fans
If this is hot to you I don't know what you are seeing. As well as being a coke addict he's also addicted to plastic surgery. Which is ironic because he broke up with his ex girlfriend of 7 years because she got that "fox eye surgery". He used this picture for the album release cover after he got roasted on twitter (and tumblr/facebook) for how horrible he looks.

No. 1415641

That jaw is scary

No. 1415646

That’s AI you can’t fool me

No. 1415648

Thats what he wants you to think, he's really big into fake shit. He just edits his pictures a lot, because his surgery is so fucking bad. FFJ is bigger over sea's and I know you see the morping around his eyes, because he's so shitty at his editing, and he HAS to be hands on with everything that it looks that way.
There was a huge debate over this, because people can't even spot photoshop when it's someone they like.
He's such a poser, his music is shit and "I am, what you are not" is a shitty song and should've never been adopted into a play. I'm happy it failed. It's a rip off of a bunch of better songs.

No. 1415650

scrolling facebook and found out my old high school best friends dweeb ex bf is a tranny now kek. Her and I don’t talk anymore so I have no one to laugh about it with

No. 1415735

it's my ambition to become that one offline weirdo that doesn't have any social media

No. 1415786

I forgot lil xan existed for a couple years there. But I followed the drama when his gf faked a pregnancy a few years back, when she stole someone elses sonogram pics off the net (made YouTube vids about the pregnancy, let news outlets report on it) and then she faked a miscarriage to cover up the lie..

I randomly googled her today and she now has 2 kids. Who the fuck saw all that crazy shit going down and immediately thought.. sure I'll start a family with her??

No. 1415805

No. 1415810

those are the bubbles from the hydromassage bathtub, you dumb human

No. 1415863

/2X/ seems fine the few times I've been there, how is it any more toxic than the cow boards?

No. 1415869

>/snow/ and /x2/ are down right toxic.
and extremely problematic

No. 1415871

File: 1668981498730.jpeg (64.53 KB, 406x500, 2C09A385-3DB1-46DA-A854-36D2C3…)

The clothes you're wearing right now are the clothes that you will get isekai'd with to the world of the last videogame you played. What will you end up wearing? You can't change your clothes or alter them.

No. 1415873

No. 1415875

Nyoo I don't wanna get isekai'd on my period…

No. 1415879

hey I was jammin to this yesterday!

No. 1415882

I'm getting iskai'd with no pants on wtf

No. 1415883

kinda wish I didn't read this post while I was on the can. wearin the tie-dye shirt and pussy out look

No. 1415885

Then why is the mechanism so furry?

No. 1415888

Night shirt, no panties, with a pair of dirty camouflage cotton pajama pants with a gold colored bonnet. I'd look disgusting

No. 1415894

Wtf I'm a squid now. At least my outfit is pretty cute but I don't know if it's free enough to move and splat in.

No. 1415925

i think that would be pokemon arceus legends? i guess i'd be okay but i'm not really dressed for such extensive walking around

No. 1415967

File: 1668988489612.png (385.2 KB, 1400x720, 1666803736950.png)

am I retarded or was this drawn by sillypoo from youtube

No. 1415980

Not sillypoo, it isn't ms paint enough

No. 1415982

Heavy snowfall with thunder and lightning outside tonight. Mildly terrifying

No. 1415983

posted wrong- Let me try again

No. 1415986

File: 1668989288378.png (41.4 KB, 202x393, Capture.PNG)

Uhh Um clears throat-
I see life with thick black lines on lined paper. Nonnies, I think I've been converted into the toonzone

No. 1415987

Sounds comfy to me but I hope your power doesn't go out

No. 1415993

File: 1668989594553.gif (32.69 KB, 200x200, 603491472funny-cute-cow-dancin…)

I'm so excited to be cooking for my family this Thanksgiving! My cooking can be pretty hit or miss, but I'm confident. I hope you all will have a good Thanksgiving too (or holidays for the anons who aren't burgers)!

No. 1415998

File: 1668989811125.jpeg (187.68 KB, 1080x1080, E658BAE7-A292-4269-A0B8-34A284…)

No. 1415999

I do NOT believe in astrology but I've been passively following Olivia Wilde's cow behavior because it closely mirrors my own cow behavior and I regret looking up her zodiac(we match)

No. 1416000

File: 1668989859656.png (1.8 MB, 1366x768, BoneStakeCentreHD.png)

Blue owl pattern buttoned pajama top and pants, purple shirt with owl holding a pentagram pendant on a crystal ball in moonlight, socks with black cat pattern, red and beige plaid scarf. I'll be the second woman to be burned as a witch in 4 days.

No. 1416005

I hate that I'm literally wearing a sailor collar top and uniform style skirt+accessories. It's vintage though, I'm not a weeb.

No. 1416006

giant harley davidson shirt and bloodstained underwear this world sucks

No. 1416012

Black jeans black docs black hoodie. I’m ready to be cast as everyone’s least favourite background character.

No. 1416013

Long sleeve top, hoodie, and large faux fur zip jacket with a pair of thermal joggers and sweatpants over them. Can you tell I keep my heat low to save money kek

No. 1416018

File: 1668990497992.jpeg (1004.83 KB, 1242x2139, 0BAFE92F-FA24-4247-B504-D5B9DD…)

The carrd of a tumblr page that posts music, what type of mental illness is this? I really can’t wrap my mind around the fact that these people are real

No. 1416023

i get wanting to make fun of wokies but this is just cringe

No. 1416027

As a Mexican American I can kind of relate to this. I don't really fantasize about racist stuff but I wish my white bfs wouldn't act like the last panel, it's such a turnoff

No. 1416034

If it makes you feel any better, their guilt is not genuine

No. 1416039

It's cringe but you have no idea how accurate this comic is.

No. 1416045

Easy, just date a white latino scrote.

No. 1416049

I thought it was funny mainly because of the implication of moids being degenerate losers

No. 1416054

debating if i should get rid of some clothes. haven't worn half of them in the past 2+ years but haven't gone anywhere in the past 2+ years either

No. 1416055

Your bf's a weirdo especially if you're just of Spanish descent.

For who? Twitter users?

No. 1416065

Do you ever see an animal or kid so cute that you start crying? Wtf is wrong with me anons

No. 1416069

ot has been fucking horrible lately. i see a lot of anons with anger issues taking shit way too seriously, acting like scrotes and i just saw some posters who i'm convinced were moids shame an anon for being raped by someone a lot older which is the most disgusting

i haven't listened to this in years it really takes me back!

No. 1416071

File: 1668992665431.jpg (393.97 KB, 3000x2400, 7yegqfpbtk361.jpg)

this happens to me whenever i see a hamster or a stoat

No. 1416075

File: 1668992904100.jpg (57.98 KB, 564x705, 6e120f7174cae1f16069e1a910451e…)

No. 1416086

I cry regularly at how cute my cats are

No. 1416125

File: 1668996107361.jpg (14.51 KB, 390x280, s6h1qrb9qbx91.jpg)

Dumping moids was genuinely the best thing that happened to this website and everyone who disagrees is, in fact, a moid, tranny or handmaiden with no exceptions.

I was looking up old cows and didn't even remember the threads to be this bad, probably because I didn't know how good lolcow could be back then.


No. 1416127

I can't believe moids were ever allowed here. Why were they?

No. 1416129

How long ago were moids banned?

No. 1416151

Probably because admin used to be a moid.

No. 1416155

about to read my favorite thread for the 10th time from #1

No. 1416178

We didn't know better yet, also >>1416151 though idk if he was the first admin.

I don't even remember properly anymore, maybe 4 years ago? It started with obvious r9k/incel posters getting their posts marked, which I think was after a certain incel got a thread here and started spamming in his own thread (his name was Marijam or something similar). They just got worse anyway as lolcow became more popular.

No. 1416183

Share it with the class

No. 1416189

Why do short men think they can approach me? Me being short doesn't mean I want a short guy, and you being 2-3 inches taller doesn't matter when I'm fucking short

No. 1416239

My cat just ate some dust. Here's to hoping she doesn't puke later.

No. 1416258

It feels so weird to end up living in the town I was born in after not being here since I was 5. I am a 10min walk away from the hospital my mom had me in and and a 10min drive from where I was conceived (my mom lost her virginity at the horse race track)

No. 1416260

of all the places to lose one's virginity..why there. i imagine it's not comfortable

No. 1416276

Damn your mom got pregnant from the first time she had sex? I was going to say how unlucky, but I'm glad you're here nona so it worked out.

No. 1416354

I love pretending to be a schizo on social media. It's genuinely enjoyable to create word salad and let your brain just spit shit out. The best part is when people take the bait and get confused or ask if you're on meds.

No. 1416357

File: 1669015568274.jpeg (103.12 KB, 1000x1080, 2E730ABB-A895-4A67-BDF0-410CFF…)

I believe I have SpiderVision(TM). I can see spiders from meters away. Even the small ones. I can see their webs from a distance. I always notice them even when I don't want to. I can never catch them though, the little fuckers always evade me. Why am I like this, why am I cursed

No. 1416364

File: 1669016195833.jpeg (414.23 KB, 1080x1920, 408BE3F0-20FA-4D83-A9CF-D2792D…)

I saw this in the zoomer hate thread and I hate shit like this and I like etymology so here we go
Kyle is likely from the (Scottish? Irish?) Gaelic “caol”, meaning narrow strait, a channel, a sound. Strait as in “a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water.” Think the Gibraltar Strait. So a geographical feature. Kylie, Kyla etc probably also come from this.
Tim, short for Timothy, is from the Greek “Timotheos“, meaning honouring God or one who honours God. There’s also a St. Timothy from the 1st century AD.
Bob, often short for Robert, is of Germanic origin, meaning “fame-bright”, glory-bright” or “shining with glory/fame/renown.”
Tyler, derived from Old French “tieuleor, tieulier” meaning “tile-maker, tiler” and the Middle English “tylere” meaning “a brick, a tile.” Could also mean “doorkeeper of an inn" or "owner of a tavern” for some reason.

Ok thank you that’s all.

No. 1416371

Why whenever there is an obviously pretty girl posted on social media someone has to go and say shes mid, that they’ve seen prettier girls at their local target, etc.? And it’s other women saying this too. why they gotta be mean for no reason?

No. 1416374

They're just trying to say hi! When I wake up and look at my ceiling I sometimes see spiders until I fully come to. They're comforting.

No. 1416380

Because women should love themselves but also get ritualistically humbled lest they forget to hate themselves

No. 1416417

aaaaaaa i ate 3 pieces of bread nd i feel aweful

No. 1416424

I just started playing Overwatch and I completely suck it but I want to fuck Ashe and Widowmaker

No. 1416432

If I could -2 autism points and +2 sociopathic points I would probably be unstoppable

No. 1416451

Whenever i read old threads is always full of blogposting, i often forget how this site started because they banned drama from /cgl/ and most of the cows are from small circles where they all know eachother.

No. 1416452

Godzilla tshirt, no shoes and pajama pants that fall everytime i move because they are stretched LETS GOOOOOOOO

No. 1416454

My room is full of small spiders and i am convinced i eat at least one every night. Its the price to pay for having such cute tiny things crawl in my room.

No. 1416462

We're back?

No. 1416463

Yes ma’am

No. 1416464

It's still acting weird, when I posted that it didn't come through immediately, I refreshed and went to the front page, and my post wasn't there.

No. 1416488

I saw a cute nerd on the MTF thread, i think i am going to cry. Why do they always troon out?.

No. 1416489

please don't go away again

No. 1416497

America is batshit insane, imagine living in a country that has 2 brony shooters

No. 1416508

File: 1669044563242.gif (2.24 MB, 250x275, 1658413467654.gif)

I went grocery shopping. My bf also went on his own after work. We did not communicate and bought almost exactly the same stuff kek. Now we have a huge pile of tofu

No. 1416529

Yesterday I was having a bad psychedelic trip and came to lolcow because I see you guys as the sister i dont have and the mother i wish i had. It saddened me a bit because i realised you guys are everywhere all the time, right here in my phone, yet you don’t exist to physically to me, and you won’t.

Anyway I was having a bad time of it but didnt mention I was having a bad trip yet I got kindness and sympathy. It couldve gone badly if some bastard answered and I’d have felt even more isolated but i felt that warm digital embrace. I was seeking the comfort of a trusted loving friend and i came here for it, i really do value this place dearly.

No. 1416591

Better than the mohammeds in my country who slice your head off for being a woman and the school axemens

No. 1416595

yeah but at least you arent getting shot by someone who jacks off to cartoon ponies, pakichan

No. 1416618

File: 1669052180925.jpg (82.09 KB, 760x750, original.jpg)

mwah mwah love you nonnie

No. 1416626

That cat is so stinky I love him. Enjoy your tofu nonna

No. 1416641

I'm going to start schizomaxxing

No. 1416661

File: 1669054136899.gif (2.22 MB, 400x250, broke-money.gif)

I ran out of both my skincare and haircare products at the same. I was hoping to drag what little was left a few more weeks but nope, RIP.

No. 1416673

I'm sorry about your bad trip anon, I'm glad someone here could lift your spirits.

No. 1416681

Maybe I'd be happier if I accepted I'm a sperg and very likely autistic, but I can't help but feel like it's an excuse. Like even if I got a diagnosis, that doesn't really change the fact that I need to work against everything I find comfortable to keep living and accomodations are non-existant in my part of the world.

No. 1416688

File: 1669055124658.jpg (15.25 KB, 400x260, s-l400.jpg)

I was playing a remix of a jamiroquai song on youtube today and some woman in the comments was like… excuse me why is there a graphic of SATAN on the screen?

No. 1416701

Teach me your ways

No. 1416703

File: 1669056054249.jpg (2.93 MB, 1920x2560, todd chrisle.jpg)

This motherfucker is so gay.

No. 1416706

The cryptogirl is so goddam hideous i am fascinated by it.

No. 1416715

File: 1669056632424.png (14.69 KB, 1152x273, tumblr_n6vtg7XBXQ1qfsqwro1_128…)

Is it me or have the mods been even more inactive than usual lately? Sure they do a great job at removing troll threads but seem to ignore spergouts and derailings among other things that deserve bans. I've mostly seen bans being handed out in /ot/ but not in the actual gossip subforums.

No. 1416716

Dogs marking their territory on walks is like Pokemon Go for dogs - gotta piss them all!

No. 1416719

Speaking of pokemon go i Logged in after a year or two of quitting and , why tf is spark soo damn ugly now? wtf i chose him because of his looks and now he looks like a middle aged man . So disappointed

No. 1416720

there is a troon trying to bait on the mtf thread, he's been there for hours samefagging. Its really sad, the farmhands should take him out of his misery before he goes bersek and hurts a real woman close to him.

No. 1416746

Sorry but if you’re 40+ and post on any of the gossip boards for anything other than the tranny thread you are kind of pathetic

No. 1416750

Phew, I have 7 more years then. I thought I was pushing it already

No. 1416760

Late reply but tbh some anons will get mad at anyone who isn't as hostile as they are. I've literally been insulted for saying something nice, or even just not being aggressive while disagreeing with another anon before. Normal discussions and arguments are so hard on this site.

No. 1416766

I have a crush on you

No. 1416770

I'm 29 but I basically only visit the tranny and other subculture related threads. I doubt there are very many active 30+ gossip posters just from the fact that most cows of their era are probably long inactive because they either cleaned up their lives or just stopped posting online. I don't know who has an active 20+ year record of being retarded online apart from legendary icons like Chris Chan.

No. 1416805

I feel called out

No. 1416850

It's less pathetic than spending your time on gossip boards when you're in the prime of your youth kek.

No. 1416853

Why do men put on lip moisturizer so weird?

No. 1416857

since when did they moisturize their lips at all

No. 1416858

I'm turning 32 next week and this hits pretty true, while I lurk some threads most of them don't feel relevant to me and I feel out of touch with some of the drama because I don't think of whatever people get hung up on are that serious at times. The only outlier for me is Jill/Pixielocks because I was in the lolita community during the LACE drama so I couldn't help myself from start keeping tabs on her threads when the DID thing came out.
/ot/ I think is a pretty good place for most ages though, it has a sense of sisterhood everyone can relate to even with the schizoposters. There aren't any places like this for older women so why should anyone stop just because they pass an imaginary threshold.

No. 1416935

File: 1669066687240.png (112 KB, 524x319, MasterChef-Season-4-Episode-21…)

It's probably just lighting or editing to make the food look more appetizing, but I hate how everyone in Masterchef looks orange

No. 1416943

where do you find men who know lipbalm exist AND use it?

No. 1416946

this nonna gets it

No. 1416949

File: 1669067455432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14 KB, 457x250, 3909288-0d52bb8206cb92b22b2854…)

hate scrotes so much, their disgusting meat tubes weren't enough, now they want to stick their saggy bags..yuck. yuck yuck. Don't open if you don't want to look into the new level of weird scrote shit I just discovered.

No. 1416951

File: 1669067679758.jpg (14.21 KB, 228x214, 44324853_1924870280928174_1449…)


No. 1416953

File: 1669067848858.png (Spoiler Image, 533.95 KB, 950x932, sdasdasd.png)

when a man reaches this level of degeneracy it should be legal to put them down like rabid dogs

No. 1416955

File: 1669068034445.jpg (4.68 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

>Hey babe, you know whats really hot?
>what *The scrote says as his "hungry eyes began to actitivate"
>I heard this christian lawyer I watch, whose 100% not a coomer (brittany Venti says so) and he was shilling this thing called a "Balldo tm
>Yes, just stick your wacky little love sacks into here sweetie, I got the pink one so it's cheaper
She used picrel for lube

No. 1416960

looks like you're filling the balls with water lol

No. 1416962

File: 1669068417169.png (9.87 KB, 631x149, Capture.PNG)

No. 1417000

File: 1669070259586.jpg (49 KB, 500x500, 1654986641509.jpg)

I am eating caesar salad(drenched in unhealthy dressings like god intended)

No. 1417031

File: 1669071612783.jpg (49.98 KB, 512x512, download (2).jpg)

"what do hungry eyes look like?"

No. 1417046

Me when the fluid buildup around my fingernails starts to turn red

No. 1417057

Anon by that logic you shouldn’t be here either because the amount of children that get into imageboards nowadays. 20 somethings don’t get the pass either

No. 1417064

Found the 40 year old who goes on the gossip boards. There are barely any cows who are in the late 30s to 40s year old range, and most of them are early 20s. Imagine spending your free time dunking on women half your age. Women in their 20s and 30s have age, money, and lack of life experience as an excuse. But you’re absolutely pathetic.

Most 30 year olds are just starting to figure life out, you’re fine. And I’m talking about /w/ /snow/ and /pt/, /ot/ and /g/ are usually pretty pleasant.

No. 1417079

File: 1669074853732.jpg (428.88 KB, 750x748, 1665542661373.jpg)

My mom looked at my salad and said ''are you gonna eat all that?!'' i cant even larp as a healthy person in peace, i am a hungry woman leave me eat my entire bowl of salad

No. 1417081

what did you put in it? i like putting cherry tomatoes and cilantro in mine.

No. 1417085

File: 1669075233521.jpg (48.51 KB, 960x640, 1647558803970.jpg)

i put cherry tomatoes and pieces of chicken in mine! , also oil and aceto for dressing. Its great because its super hot here.

No. 1417091

I don't know where you're getting this seething hatred toward older women from. There are older cows and you're not obligated to post on threads about people half your age. And none of this changes the fact that it's definitely more pathetic to post on gossip boards in the prime of your youth than in your 40s. Gossiping is an essential, healthy and natural part of being an old lady. In younger women it's more a sign that there has been some obstacle to normal development and there is a feeling of unhappiness and frustration about it.

No. 1417107

my favourite 4chan experience was someone posting Ariel's dad asshole on /co/ and it reaching bump limit without it getting deleted, then it happened again a year later with a garfield pic that had a photoshopped cock, it also reached bump limit. Tranny jannies at their finest.

No. 1417110

File: 1669077384229.jpeg (297.84 KB, 1300x1030, satoshikawasaki.jpeg)

had to share this

No. 1417118

ugh i have lowcor brain, all i keep thinking is
>>They are calling mermaid girl fridge shaped and it pisses me off.

No. 1417129

If you listen to the Your Kickstarter Sucks podcast this is old news.
I only vaguely followed it but I think on one of the premium episodes their guest (a lady who sells sex toys for a living) said the guy who invented balldo was just a random man who wanted to have ballsex with his wife and wound up creating this thing (they he tried selling it to others who might also have his fetish, which went surprisingly well but I think it markets itself by being goofy).
Maybe he was trying to make it good for her too? Benefit of the doubt…

No. 1417164

Cooking meat seems like such a chore. I already wash my hands after like every step in the kitchen, and it seems like it would be worse with raw meat. I cook steak but that's about it.

No. 1417190

What if everyone abandoning twitter went to myspace instead, and had the internet go full circle? Imagine if old-school forums will get a fresh breath of life because people will be stir crazy from not having an audience that will read their every thought and opinion?

No. 1417215

I wish

No. 1417228

I want to live in a world where I look at whatever dumb 20 question quiz my friends are filling out this week. I want to see what band someone put in their Top 8 in place of one of their friends. God take me back.

No. 1417230

People don't have that kind of mental bandwidth they want to subtweet and argue and that's all

No. 1417232

File: 1669083418142.jpg (65.1 KB, 563x614, 20221111_121131.jpg)


No. 1417234

unrelated there is cp on lolcow board plss remove mods

No. 1417243

What a terrible thing to think about! I'm gonna think of some dumbass shit instead.

No. 1417245

I just cut out all of my (knotless) braids and counted them. It takes about 107, give or take, to cover my whole head! I think I must have a big ass head.

No. 1417248

File: 1669084657784.png (239.96 KB, 640x480, 1644369876869.png)

I am surprised(and glad) that King of The Hill isnt popular with TiFs, it feels like the thing they would latch one like hungry lions to.

No. 1417252

King of the hill belongs to fujos, not just one but TWO sets of uke/seme in that show

No. 1417254

which ones are your ships nonita? i think Hank/Dale is an obvious one but the cutest, but i also think younger Hank/Bill are cute, and Hank/Kahn fills the enemies to lovers trope

No. 1417255

No. 1417270

I think bill brings out the best in everyone

No. 1417431

Never in my life did I ever think I'd see people casually discussing King of the Hill yaoi. Godspeed to all of you fujos.

No. 1417434

I still remember the first time I ever stumbled upon Pokemon smut. That shit fucked me up bad.

No. 1417438

Why is this so weirdly endearing

No. 1417577

File: 1669116301070.jpeg (117.14 KB, 828x573, C2D81A38-E7DE-455E-B56A-DC2E60…)

i’m not watching the match bc im busy but wtf dog

No. 1417594

File: 1669118164032.jpg (156.77 KB, 750x1000, 649300_1661119184_da92c6ea-253…)

i think i might have went through a manic episode spanning past two weeks. i nearly joined army. i need to finally get that diagnosis

No. 1417598

File: 1669118353934.png (28.42 KB, 250x250, 848.png)

I found a shiny Toxel and wonder traded it immediately out of principle

No. 1417624

File: 1669120283814.jpg (14.32 KB, 370x320, a95e1e34159f1004d4eeddd6a1e364…)

Nonnas..do you think it's silly to buy a Christmas gift for a cousin (from partners family) who we see only 2-3 times a year at best? This cute girl is the best kid, she is such a wonderful sunshine and everytime I see her she makes my day. She is such a cutie, but i don't want to make things awkward as we are not close with her mother.

No. 1417630

If she's a kid and she's family I don't think anyone would think anything of it at all. You're very sweet!

No. 1417634

Thank you! She is so wonderful. When I first moved here, she kept thinking i am a princess (and still does), and started learning English quicky because of me, so we tend to both teach eachother English and local language, which is nice. I will find something cute for her.

No. 1417696

My entire body is stiff from the RA I'm pretending I have rigor mortis lol.

No. 1417700

If the stampede hadn’t happened in Korea, we would have gotten pics of Wonho in his Nightwing costume. The butterfly effect is so real and consequential.

No. 1417708

File: 1669129235345.jpg (19.08 KB, 400x451, 757bbf3cd098dfbdabd168dbc82d1b…)

>Last Christmas I gave you my heart
>But the very next day you gave it away
>This year, to save me from tears
>I'll give it to someone special

No. 1417719

Wham version

No. 1417724

Kinda freaky that his heart gave out on xmas day

No. 1417729

File: 1669130027724.gif (935.97 KB, 200x190, rage.gif)

my mom promised me that if Argentina won she would make me waffles and the useless piece of shit moids whose only work is kicking a ball lost, i fucking hate soccer, i fucking hate my soccer obssesed ape society, BUT I FUCKING WANTED WAFFLES FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUU MESSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

No. 1417730

No I think it’s super sweet!

No. 1417746

File: 1669132406246.png (134.07 KB, 294x340, 1669072676524.png)

I love seeing this thread picture. Who created it? Legit makes me wish I could draw so I could make a whole retarded comic book about this. It's been living.in my brain rent free. Gonna make it my phone background

No. 1417752

Americans need to seriously shut the fuck up when it comes to football their opinions are always so wrong yet so loud
Stick with baseball, yankees

No. 1417753

I want him to let me blow raspberries on his tummy

No. 1417754

Wait thought this was a girl?

No. 1417762

She's so cute and intense. I just want to bat at her necktie until she forgets her tangent mid-tinfoil.

No. 1417766

Board-tan is woman, she has a rectangle body type and her braids are in the back and not in the front like usually

No. 1417768

File: 1669133724972.jpg (116.15 KB, 1398x1222, 1606845938500.jpg)

I was worried my moid isn't into me anymore but then I remembered I'm too beautiful and smart to concern myself with that

No. 1417772

Adam Lanza looks like a cryptid

No. 1417773

Wish someone had told me this years ago but.. Men can date up and still just end up bored or taking you for granted after a while, never let it give you a complex.

No. 1417778

based Elsie being gnc and still a woman

No. 1417803

Oh fuck I see her braids now. I still want to see her tummy.

No. 1417836

File: 1669137994521.jpg (188.54 KB, 1200x1681, Gambito-de-dama-1-1200x1681-1.…)

my aunt just told me i look like pic rel. I look nothing alike wtf, now i have a complex about my eyes being too far apart. Thanks for nothing, kek.

No. 1417844

come on anon, so many people find her to be gorgeous. i'm sure you're quite pretty. my mum compared me to a young queen elizabeth II and expected me to feel complimented

No. 1417846

You can make your own waffles nonnie I believe in you

No. 1417848

nta but a lot of people find ATJ herself to be beautiful, not necessarily the look of far apart eyes and colloquial German Shepherd Nose on a potential mate

No. 1417849

the worst thing you can do to any person with selfsteem issues is compare them to ANYONE. why do people do this wtf

No. 1417854

File: 1669139347373.jpg (27.55 KB, 508x478, talkdirt.jpg)

For some reason this stupid planter is killing me - why wouldn't they make it say "dirty" instead of just "dirt"? The pun is the same but the idea of "talking dirt" is just so absurd and I'm losing my mind laughing. Talk Dirt.

No. 1417856

>anya taylor jay


No. 1417860

I'm an anyafag what u gonna do nonny

No. 1417864

Yeah, uh, IDK where you live but if you're a woman you should definitely not join the army. No shame in getting a diagnose. I need to, too kek.

No. 1417873

so heartwarming that assistive technology lets blind folk like nonna participate in the farms ♥

No. 1417894

The r looks like an s. Talk dist to me

No. 1417912

She’s beautiful, stay mad

No. 1417917

File: 1669142812216.jpeg (85.4 KB, 640x799, CD09C482-20B1-4D90-A069-6AFDE3…)

that girl is overrated and too overbooked imo

No. 1417919

File: 1669142846130.gif (146.36 KB, 275x168, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

fair apart wide set eyes are beautiful for example pic rel. Your aunt was telling you in my opinion she thinks you are very pretty. I hope this helps Nonnie

No. 1417920

I think she's very beautiful as well, but taste is subjective and all that

No. 1417924

File: 1669142978122.jpg (71.72 KB, 576x1024, 6jcj5txwhwj41-576x1024.jpg)

>putting null
>forgetting the hammer shark qween
how dare you

No. 1417928

some women are really into the "my mother put me in a panini press as a baby" squished face aesthetic lmao

No. 1417929

also i think the reason why i hate wide apart eyes is because of brittany venti, i associate them with snarky tradtoths now

No. 1417931

File: 1669143064687.jpg (5.46 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

Under rated and under booked in my opinion. Female version of Review Brah and I dare a nonnie to say he aint attractive

No. 1417934

ugh, it's just the wildness of her, the right amount of stink and cuteness, I think she's really pretty, hate her opinons though

No. 1417935

>putting a gorgeous beauty like brandi next to those three shark tale characters

you were setting anon up for failure

No. 1417937

Fucking kek

No. 1417939

I’m gonna be candid I think anya would look very pretty if she were black or a different race, that kind of unique features don’t work well with white girls and often look unbalanced/freaky kek

No. 1417942

File: 1669143489829.gif (4.63 MB, 583x334, rL3hPH6.gif)

I also forgot to add her to my gif of attractive people with big wideset eyes, Review Brah, Venti etc. etc.

No. 1417947


No. 1417949



No. 1417950

>he aint attractive
be honest nonny, if he wasnt an sperg and dressed like a normal man you wouldnt like him

No. 1417951

yes i would. I admit my taste is very trashy when it comes to white boys, I honestly think he's attractive. Trust me, if nonnies knew my taste, it'd check out

No. 1417955

anya's another case of "mostly conventional looking person but has one weird trait so everyone decides to focus on that"
but wide-set eyes>>>>>>>>>>>close squished together eyes, always

No. 1417957

File: 1669144060082.jpeg (237.02 KB, 1169x1420, AFE430F0-09C6-4284-B4A3-56CE48…)

>tfw you’re going to be praised by girls who haven’t had a good, well-seasoned balanced meal in years and their pussy acid tastes like marlboro

No. 1417958

File: 1669144066042.png (23.57 KB, 131x59, yuck.PNG)

okay so wide set eyes are ugly but this shit not?

No. 1417961

this reminds me of this old video and even that kinda makes me laugh, what a great pot nona

No. 1417962

not even conventional, she’s just very well-groomed

No. 1417963

File: 1669144143188.png (65.93 KB, 163x166, Capture.PNG)

No. 1417964

File: 1669144171030.gif (122.17 KB, 600x627, FB83CAAC-D021-4399-9452-B963D4…)

yes because his eyes actually work for his face and he doesn’t look like baldi’s basics

No. 1417966

Brandy is pretty, Amanda Seyfried is pretty, Anya Taylor Joy is pretty, Halle Bailey is pretty. Reviewbrah is normal. Null and the one gross tradthot are ugly.

No. 1417967

File: 1669144405428.jpg (8.45 KB, 201x250, download (1).jpg)

oh whatever

No. 1417968

idk none of her other features are really unusual

No. 1417972

his eyes suit his face though. i have never looked at him and thought "omg his eyes are so noticeably close together"

No. 1417973

Babies have them too so they’re inherently cute.

No. 1417976

File: 1669144563030.jpg (384.48 KB, 2048x1626, 1644384170338.jpg)

whats a good tv show i can watch while i eat, preferably a comedy? i dont feel like watching any of my comfort shows. I am fucking depressed.

No. 1417979

>Hey Arnold
>King of the Hill
>The Amazing world of Gumball
>Regular Show

No. 1417980

also on cats, I don't know I just like the look. I guess It's due to taste

No. 1417981

> anya would look very pretty if she were black
imagine if we said "Halle Bailey would look very pretty if she was white" kek everyone would cry racebait, so shut the fuck up.

No. 1417983

ngl watching argentina get bumfucked by saudi pulled me out of my depression. let’s gooo

No. 1417987

eww don't cheer for brown moids. they're the worst of all moids and treat women like scum(racebait)

No. 1417989

File: 1669145158030.jpg (35.29 KB, 200x200, 1656645644978.jpg)


No. 1417990

File: 1669145158338.jpeg (74.77 KB, 443x594, 4483B484-DC74-49AA-8957-BB9A47…)

I’m a panini pressed baby bitch and you all look like picrel to me, jealous nonnies die mad except don’t really die

No. 1417993

File: 1669145249348.jpg (28.14 KB, 500x375, MV5BMjEwMTA0MTM2M15BMl5BanBnXk…)

i like watching Home Movies on my lunch breaks

No. 1417995

True anon.

No. 1417998

Do not put that damn ogre next to all those beautiful women. This is proof though, that wide set eyes look gorgeous on women and butt fugly on men.

No. 1418002

if this was the other way round there would be a riot

No. 1418003

File: 1669145508501.gif (1.32 MB, 220x220, kek.gif)

also, the fact that yesterday on my local news they were interviewing people who saved money for years(the average monthly salary here is 300 usd) to go watch the match live on a shitty corrupt mysoginist country for Argentina to lose its first match to a literal who country had me laughing all day. Soccer spergs are the absolute worst on my country, they deserve to pay thousands to be stuck in the dessert mourning the loss of a fucking soccer match.

No. 1418017

No? I've seen much worse things about black women said here before kek

No. 1418020

File: 1669145936417.jpeg (72.3 KB, 587x720, snood waddle carauncles.jpeg)

No. 1418022

yeah with loads of 'racebait' responses

No. 1418023

i’m literally a brown woman lol

No. 1418025

my wattle is giving my grief

No. 1418027

File: 1669146121781.jpg (40.87 KB, 1280x720, e5jt6e56.jpg)

I put a screen protector on and theres a huge dust particle under it and it drives me crazy rreee

I put on a privacy glass so I can browse LC on the bus

No. 1418034

Very few things bother me about people but eyes that are too close together make me feel fear and discomfort fr like Slayter Nash Grier etc

No. 1418039

File: 1669146477977.png (553.31 KB, 2000x1500, CLUB UNREALITY 100343387_p0.pn…)

No. 1418091

File: 1669147575186.jpg (57.74 KB, 536x538, Nikocado-Avovado.jpg)

I could buy Nikocado Avocado being an FtM. If his dick and scar-free moobs had never been shown, it'd be very believable.

No. 1418098

File: 1669147768535.png (547.9 KB, 1200x669, fsdfhegh.png)

Trich got me rocking the cynthia

No. 1418115

File: 1669148260460.jpg (90.92 KB, 1200x1200, Air-Fryer-Breakfast-Sausage-2-…)

I want so bad

No. 1418123

a lot of fatties have this effect

No. 1418128

File: 1669148546340.jpg (197.76 KB, 1600x1200, pork-breakfast-sausage-1.jpg)

You just awoke a hunger inside me nona curse you. Breakfast sausages are so delicious, I think I want to go buy some today just because of this post. I haven't had them in ages

No. 1418132

File: 1669148670693.jpeg (172.87 KB, 1500x1500, 849A2E8D-BA48-4908-84F7-5FE27B…)

No. 1418134

File: 1669148712458.png (1018.22 KB, 1600x3000, Soldierburger-Papilio-Melonchi…)

No. 1418138

File: 1669148784529.jpg (11.94 KB, 207x243, images (2).jpg)

No. 1418142

Men with rounder faces look like ftms

No. 1418145

on the phone to her best girl and airing her cynthussy out, a true woman’s woman

No. 1418150

They're tiny sausages anon! No hotdog buns. Unless you like, put a bunch of breakfast sausages in a bun.

No. 1418167

File: 1669149674227.jpg (30.44 KB, 392x550, image.jpg)

My country is so slow when it comes to food and drink trends reaching here. Spotted this in a store today and my simple lil brain is blown now. I don't even think this is what bubble tea really is? But damn.. a taste sensation.

No. 1418178

The popping boba are disturbing to me I like the chewy balls or jellies way better

No. 1418183

the idea of solids in my drink gross me out

No. 1418187

i love popping bubbles. also bubble tea is a catch all term for nontraditional taiwanese tea like that. strictly speaking the only real bubble tea is brown sugar milk tea, but it's more of a blanket term now.

No. 1418237

No don’t drink this shit. All fruit flavored milk tea are shit. Just get a milk tea with black tea. If you want somethin different try earl gray, green tea, wintermelon tea, rose tea. If given the option, ask for less sweetness.
Boba is shit. My god I think popping boba fags are total animals. The best topping is pudding or rainbow jelly. Grass jelly is kinda an acquired taste but it’s my fave. Milk foam is good but it’s not always available. Never get the slushie.

No. 1418240

File: 1669153804137.jpeg (554.34 KB, 1125x1124, 114B5AFA-3DFA-4339-B874-0E58F2…)

I read lc in public all the time, no privacy glass necessary. I’m not afraid of being caught and posted because I’m a 10/10 Stacy from all angles and my fits are immaculate. Not to mention, I have a pure and beautiful aura that blinds the average moid and renders most mortal beings to tears; none can find anything bad to say about me and any who try eventually drive themselves insane seething over my perfection.

No. 1418241

I dig her unique look and I think she’s beautiful but you’re right she’s definitely overbooked, my theory is that she’s hollywood’s newest, younger replacement for margot robbie

No. 1418242

this but unironically

No. 1418243

how is margot robbie being replaced? she's in tons of several new movies

No. 1418245

i love you nona

No. 1418252

Everything's fine and dandy until the site gets spammed with cp and gore, then how do you explain yourself when someone looks over

No. 1418260

She's probably never seen cp and gore because it normally gets posted at neet hours and she's busy having her beauty sleep.

No. 1418268

>>1418260 is right, but if I ever saw it in the presence of a nosey person I would simply weep quietly and gorgeously for humanity. They would literally evaporate in shame for even beginning to contemplate that somebody like me would willingly look at something like that.

No. 1418304

Based. Literally me.

No. 1418375

File: 1669163357808.jpeg (245.5 KB, 1280x720, 4AAA4921-AB39-43C9-848E-71DDBE…)

I was brushing my hair and noticed a clump at back roots that was matted, I tried watering it and it won’t detangle what do I do help pls it looks exactly like picrel
I think it’s matted because I slept in a towel without brushing my hair

No. 1418377

When i was 14 i was having a heated debate with my mother about abortion and how its a human right, she got so angry about it i learned that day i was unwanted. kek.

No. 1418378

My hair gets matted like that all the time because I’m depressed and don’t brush my hair. Wet it and just comb your fingers through in small sections, there’s not really much else to do. It’ll take forever but it’ll get untangled eventually. Conditioning the area might help as well .

No. 1418382

File: 1669163694687.jpg (256.17 KB, 1922x1275, internet chart.jpg)

In the height of the twitblr thing going on and since I love humanizations of websites I decided to doodle a relationship chart.

Who else should I add?

No. 1418383

Woah, that’s tense. I’m sorry you had to experience that
You should try writing about it, like a short essay? You don’t have to show it to anyone, it just helps to get through it and reflect

No. 1418385

Nonnies. I’m sorry about the matted situation at hand but let me please advice you both, LOTS of conditioner and a wide tooth comb, start brushing from the bottom and slowly(!) work your way up. Fingers work too, just be very careful

No. 1418390

nah, i dont give a shit honestly, thanks for the essay idea though i will try to apply it to something else, it sounds fun. I grew up in a shitty family were i am sure everyone was unwanted, i just find it funny how she didnt have any arguments so she tried with that, pretty much i won because i didnt lose my cool which is what matters at the end.

No. 1418393

you should add a dead 8chan somewhere, like an ugly shadow

No. 1418397

maybe add crystal cafe!

No. 1418399

this is so cute lol i love it. crystalcafe should definitely be here somewhere though. elsie & crystal (miner-tan? unless you use cece the lizard but imo that would go against the point of humanizations) bicker constantly despite having more or less the same ideals. also elsie and tumblr should be friends. maybe encyclopedia dramatica could be kiwi & elsie's weird retarded uncle that never grew up and refuses to acknowlege that he's past his prime.

No. 1418404

Choachan! Elsie's estranged sister who she distanced herself from because of kpop obsession. However, Elsie sometimes misses the drama that Choachan would tell her along with Choachan who definitely lurks around here

No. 1418412

Good idea! I'd presume he's like some furry in a wheelchair or something maybe?
I was definitely thinking about adding Cece, Elsie crashes at her place when she can't find the keys to her house (aka this site).
AE-tan (encyclopedia dramatica's mascot) is like wikipe's slutty cousin

No. 1418414

i love this so much

No. 1418416

also crystal cafe should be added, but I hope I can explain this right, can there be something for the Bunker Babes? When lolcow goes down, the relationship with CC goes up

No. 1418417

>actual kiwi just bumming off Elsie
Lol I love this. Also I think miner-tan and Cece can both be allowed maybe? Like Cece is Miner’s pet like the kiwi

No. 1418431

I was looking at something on Amazon with really high ratings, but reading the reviews you can tell the listing used to be for a completely different product and they swapped it out for something else. The recent reviews say the current product sucks. Why do Amazon sellers do shit like this.

No. 1418432

File: 1669167155204.jpeg (515.97 KB, 1922x1275, B45F7CEA-08AC-49F2-B054-30C2EE…)

Added ED and crystal cafe! I actually don’t know if CC has a board tan or if it’s just Cece so I drew a literal crystal girl for the miner
Also I liked the idea of Cece being her pet so she’s just hanging out.

No. 1418433

can you explain ae-tan? im retarded, I love this so mucn nonnie, something about Instagram reminds me of girl game animations

No. 1418436

I am so freaking pissed right now I hate prepaid cards that don’t even fucking work on anything I am pretty sure I just got scammed by my own job

No. 1418437

File: 1669167636637.jpg (211.72 KB, 1081x739, 139.jpg)

AE-tan is encyclopedia dramatica's mascot who's been around for a while, pretty clearly they got a lot of inspo from wikipe-tan for her so for this they're estranged cousins.
I like to imagine that the kiwi is literally her pet who's more well known than her now.

No. 1418441

This image brings only feelings of loathing in me.

No. 1418442

oh okay makes sense, she's not cool like Elsie, Cute like actual kiwi birds or pretty like Instagram-chan, I don't know her.

No. 1418443

Agreed, just sums up why early internet drama was very cringy.

No. 1418445

Exactly, she's basically the type of person who will do anything to be popular despite being well past her time in the spotlight to the point where she'd start fighting to keep the kiwi bird alive by all means possible as it's the only thing that sort of remains of her (with the whole cwc obsession).
Ironically though twitter tan doesn't even know she exists, she hates the actual kiwi bird way more.

No. 1418448

dae think rich evans and mike stoklasa have undeniable chemistry and should fuck?

No. 1418454

No. 1418455

I bet the kiwi keeps trying to peck the twitter-tan's pet bird, usually it ignores the kiwi but when it pecks back, kiwi needs to be taken to the vet.

No. 1418458

The Kiwi's owners Null and AE-tan spent quite a while looking for a vet (server) to take care of it, going from russian vet to russian vet…seems like it's currently alive for the moment though.

No. 1418468

Just wasted 2 hours investigating a useless thing.
I found out I am dumb. That's it, case closed.

No. 1418473

Having "fans" (followers, more like) is a weird thing.

No. 1418475

File: 1669169735528.png (333.89 KB, 800x671, 89077BB8-E7A6-4C68-B614-726A9A…)

You came out with a valuable lesson in these two hours, that is not to waste time on useless things!

No. 1418485

File: 1669170386217.png (167.94 KB, 320x285, 1660075989666.png)

i miss this era of the internet. When lolcows were actually funny and not rage inducing/actually dangerous to society

No. 1418496

>be me and sit on a park bench next to a cute lil snail
>it's fun watching the thing go up and down the bench's arm
>janitor sweeping up the fallen leaves goes near to me
>flings the snail away like it's a vile creature
>steps on thing and throws it in the bin with the leaves
>too stun to speak
i have no hope for humanity

No. 1418499

File: 1669171153971.jpg (13.97 KB, 280x180, download.jpg)

No. 1418502

File: 1669171495473.jpg (25.73 KB, 354x352, Fat9Z53XwAEbqNk.jpg)

be like me protect yourselves nonas, before it's too late

No. 1418507

snails are vile. they destroy plants and poop on everything. god i hate people like you. that person was just doing their job that they need to keep to get paid, which is cleaning the park. you'd bitch and moan about all the dead plants if they didn't kill pests trying to eat them.

No. 1418519

File: 1669172349650.jpg (72.61 KB, 615x400, snel.jpg)

angry vines typed this post.

No. 1418526

Saw a callout for someone saying that they drew cookie run “CP” kek.

No. 1418534

that fandom sounds so diseased

No. 1418542

I hope someone throws salt on you and you start dissolving. Dickhead.

No. 1418544

Snails are helpful to the ecosystem since the provide as food for others and their shit provides as fertilizer. you are an ugly snail hater who doesn't recognize that they deserve respect.
besides snails do not make the same amount of damage to the environment as humans do.

No. 1418545

File: 1669174437668.gif (173.24 KB, 309x400, 170389738_1327085.gif)

I dont know why but whenever someone compares a person to a who it always cracks me up, they are always spot on

No. 1418591

What the actual fuck is wrong with people who cook live animals

No. 1418599

File: 1669180300221.png (59.52 KB, 920x269, 3ac.png)

can the nonna who deleted this post pls repost so i can save the cat gif thanks

No. 1418610

sometimes I like to read the arguments in /meta/ between /w/ users

No. 1418613

I read it everyday and still don't know what they're arguing about

No. 1418620

File: 1669182212333.gif (150.47 KB, 444x332, 1669138351328.gif)

i gotchu nonna, that post was gold dunno why she deleted it

No. 1418622

File: 1669182460535.gif (1.63 MB, 250x188, 1643604132390.gif)

>the gay bar shooter is a themlet
we live in a surreal timeline nonnies

No. 1418624

File: 1669182569132.gif (251.24 KB, 444x332, 166918221233.gif)

thank you

No. 1418626

File: 1669182789130.jpeg (45.13 KB, 474x445, 110754aff8df8225d7ce1a8c3ee866…)

I don't know how to feel about JK rowling following libs of tiktok

No. 1418631

Inb4 queers on Twitter start screeching about misgendering this piece of shit.

Also, I seriously doubt she actually watches them. She's probably too busy.

No. 1418632

People who don't eat coleslaw are babies.
With that being said, it is a very low tier side dish.

No. 1418637

I unfollowed her because she liked a bunch of cringey posts from terf lolcows celebrating musk's new policy

No. 1418641

TERFs were way too early with the applause for musk, no way he gives any fucks about giving a platform to their views. He cares more about letting known shitty right wing people back for attention with a heaping serving of “white woman bad” and porn

No. 1418642


No. 1418644

Muskrat is really open about his anti-women views and it grosses me out. No idea why normalfags aren't quitting twitter, I understand artists who want to keep their platform, but otherwise I'd leave.

No. 1418646

it appears it something he only brought up in the trial and he's making it as ridiculous as possible

>“Anderson Aldrich is nonbinary,” the footnote states. “They use they/them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.”

No. 1418648

A true Aldritch horror

No. 1418649

Honestly that's a good move, because people need to learn you shouldn't bow down and respect everyone's pronouns. They didn't learn with Chris Chan.

No. 1418650

Twitter radfems thought the Musk ownership would do anything for them?? Kek wtf. Just look at the replies of his tweets and his new audience, and you can tell who he really did the free speech shit for. Never put any hope in apartheid Clyde.

No. 1418652

how is twitter coping with this? they cant blame it on altrights

No. 1418655

Lmao but I bet you were like most anons praising her for her based terf energy before. She is an old lady, not terminally online, who writes for a profession no shit she would see the celebration of "actual freedom of speech on twitter" that caters to scrotes, unfortunately as a good thing.
Fuck that hell hole tho ill just keep visiting for the artists

No. 1418657

If I was in his position I'd be even more ridiculous, I would demand my pronouns be something like mcawesome/maawesomeself and would accuse the defense of being hateful if they refer to me anything other then those pronouns

No. 1418658

Kek this reminds me of this vid

No. 1418676

everytime I get into an argument with people on IG or reddit, esp relating to gender stuff the easiest way to win and get defended is to pretend to be a mtf.

No. 1418726

>youtuber says her bisexual fantasy is jason mamoa (real man) and nina zenik (a fictional character from a book)
>identifies as pansexual and is married to a man

seems about right

No. 1418792

Tumblr is going to allow nudity again, i am sure you already knew that but i didn't, hate living under a rock sometimes

No. 1418809

>socially primitive
>decide i no longer wish to be socially primitive, MUST INFLECT SELF UPON THE WORLD!
>for X period of time, i will approach people, be outgoing, initiate hang outs, create the environment i seek
>walk up to people i think seem cool out of nowhere, chat, do this multiple times
>ask them to hang out
>doesn’t reply
>or replies after two weeks and I don’t answer after that because why
>or say “sure! sometime” aka people commonspeak for “never”, which is really fucking annoying because how would i know? do me a service and tell me to fuck off or call me a cretin it’s more dignified
>inflected self so hard upon the world that i scare everyone away
okay so when to try and change i find that everybody’s become like this? and no one is “open” anymore? hearing stories about how people met their friends years past feels so surreal, like “we were in the same elevator and i asked them if they want to come to my dinner party” or something. where are my life-long collaborators and companions? i’m so tired of staying in during the weekend

No. 1418814

It really reveals the deep rooted misogyny from the other side
> I don’t agree with you
> oh you’re a man larping as a women?
> suddenly I agree
Biggest black pill

No. 1418823

Not porn though

No. 1418892

why are Michael Jackson stans (not just casual listeners of his hit songs) always mentally disturbed

No. 1418893

>or say “sure! sometime” aka people commonspeak for “never”, which is really fucking annoying because how would i know? do me a service and tell me to fuck off or call me a cretin it’s more dignified
I'm a loner, probably a tist and not really looking to put myself out there but a while back I randomly got talking to someone on the train. Talked for hours. Hit it off. Lots in common. Never had such an easy convo with a stranger. Turns out we live around the corner from each other..and they're talking like they want to meet up again. Great interaction.. except the whole staying in touch part was just some sort of pleasantry I guess. I mean I wasn't the one pushing to see them again. They were the one suggesting it. I'm hopeless at this shit.

No. 1418894

People on youtube with michael jackson avis are always the ones leaving the most insane sounding comments under videos. Doesn't even matter what the videos topic is.. they stand out as odd. Its a thing.

No. 1418913

All stans are mentally disturbed. Once you pass enjoying the music and start get into defending the shitty actions of the musician because you can't separate art from the artist, you're fucked.

No. 1418917

I remember once being at the gym next to a Michael Jackson stan. He was listening to Smooth Criminal and kept looping a minute of the song the entire time he was on the treadmill. Weird as shit.

No. 1418967

there are some anons here who articulate themselves so well and just say such smart things. sometimes i say the most stupid shit and an anon comes along and humbles me, i don't usually reply though. i'm normally just floored and too embarrassed to say anything back

No. 1419012

Lol it's so true. My personal cow for a long time was a guy I just accidently stumbled upon on social media, and he ADORED MJ and even tried to dress like him (walmart version) and also dance to his songs and record videos of it. His posts were almost like a product of schizophasia. Such a bizarre guy. He also seemed like a pedo.

No. 1419028

Why people who wear sunscreen so crazy? what do they put in that spf damn I met a couple of women who completely lost their shit when I said I don’t wear sunscreen like why do you even care it’s my skin
I really hate the feeling of the cream it’s gross

No. 1419031

I've always had irregular periods and never cared about them or found it an issue, but now that I'm not a virgin anymore this is just a tinny little bit anxiety inducing.

No. 1419049

The Balenciaga shoot makes me want to strangle those cockroaches. And the apology is so undignified and low: over an Instagram story, “we don’t know who supervised this!” bullshit. It’s just also aesthetically low, ugly, hideous, and uninteresting in its hideousness. Edgy for the sake of it. These fashion houses have been brought so low.

No. 1419072

I saw a chicken pot pie with phyllo Fyllo? Philo? I don't think I spelled that right but you know what I mean. The crinkly Greek paper bread. as the crust and I want to make it too but I feel like it won't be that good and I'll end up being disappointed. Whatever, I'll just make it and if I don't like it I'll just give it to someone else.

No. 1419073

i write so bad nonnies thing im ESL, I just don't care. You get what I mean. I just go cry elsewhere when I'm being bullied by those smarter than me

No. 1419086

it's filo, babes and that sounds very good, I just inhaled some roasted veggies and tofu but could go for some chicken filo thing

No. 1419095

>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by
>you've been struck by

No. 1419099

File: 1669230296145.jpg (128.98 KB, 962x946, 64849623-11459901-image-a-83_1…)

I had no idea of that before you mentioned. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but the document thing is so disgusting it actually made my stomach churn. What the fuck.

No. 1419102

and apperently multiple scrotes (including contrapoints) unfollowed shoe because of this or started talking shit to her. what the fuck?

No. 1419143

I want to try tres leches but I feel like soggy cake would be kind of gross

No. 1419151

Tres Leches is amazing and you're missing out

No. 1419152

Try it during a bad day PMSing. It's my go-to

No. 1419160

tiramisu is the best dessert ever made and its soggy coffee cake and sweet cheese. do not be stopped

No. 1419169

But tiramisu not that soggy though. That's the key to making it good. I feel like tres leches seems a lot soggier.

No. 1419194

And how did shoe know this?

No. 1419207

I was gonna post a vent but then I watched the newest MP100 episode and it was so cute. I am chill once more. Gonna leave work early because my boss isn't here and go buy some thick thigh high socks, maybe I will even buy a bubble waffle on my way home.

No. 1419215

this is so funny anon i'm sorry

No. 1419219

I feel the same way nonna kek. I don't even say anything irl anymore because I take fucking forever to process my thoughts and form an argument. I can't even reply hours later because then I look petty as fuck but NO it just took all this time for my brain to come up with a rebuttal.

No. 1419263

I just feel nonnies should be more "caring" when it comes to those who aren't that great with words.
I just say fuck it, I used to care but now (since yesterday) I do not, You know what I mean and just want to bully the less fortunate with words

No. 1419271

File: 1669238138263.jpeg (270.53 KB, 1242x540, C0D011C3-268D-4150-B86A-D37434…)

post rice purity test results
mine is boring sorry


No. 1419278

Thanks mine was 61 and taking this made me remember how lonely I am

No. 1419286

post your shit in the quiz thread not here. >>>/ot/611508

No. 1419307

File: 1669239532166.jpeg (52.49 KB, 720x713, starter_kit_.jpeg)

I love how this image was likely meant to attack single women but it's actually based as fuck and this is honestly life goals minus the alcohol.

No. 1419308

Same fag and the bible, swap it for smut.

No. 1419329

i got 93, and i am gonna die like that kek

No. 1419333

I guess this is bait-y on its own, but I know americans are up and had their second coffee when the obvious baiting activity starts on LC

No. 1419334

Hmm interesting never thought about it like that

No. 1419335

what the fuck, am american, it's 5pm and I just got my second cup of coffee, i'm kind of creeped out.
Haven't been baiting though.

No. 1419347

I am convinced that you can base people's self confidence in how they break their eggs. My mom, for example, is an absolute Stacy so she breaks the eggs with a single, dainty knock on the counter. Meanwhile i, her Becky daughter, often need 3 knocks and my eggs always end up with a bit of shell on them.

No. 1419355

File: 1669243327940.jpeg (53.37 KB, 749x737, 60e461c7f8b4c32141bf978b_749_7…)

>Beautytuber: Here is a simple and easy tutorial on how to lift your face!
>Me that is retarded with makeup: !!!!
>Beautytuber: But note that it ot only looks good on camera, don't do this in real life
>picrel is the face I made

No. 1419356

>expensive crazy sex toy
>cute dog
>a degree
>trust in god
I think this was made to be based

No. 1419357

File: 1669243438662.png (134.07 KB, 500x282, tumblr_m4m617anPO1qkfwf2o1_500…)

I can't stop thinking about Üter-chan. today I thought of her spitroast post in the shameful fetishes thread whilst I was at my work desk and I just started howling with laughter. Üter-chan… grace us with your presence…

No. 1419358

same, it has to be the funniest post on the site by how utterly bizarre it is. Its a work of art.

No. 1419359

Cooking dulce de leche takes so long. My patients is running thin.

No. 1419364

nonnieee how do you even cook dulce de leche? i am from argentina so i never knew people in other countries cooked it

No. 1419366

It's always sunny past season 11 is too cringy to watch, i have to pause it every 5 seconds because i cant take it. I am just going to rewatch the first seasons.

No. 1419372

I've made it once in a slow cooker before, but this time I boiled water, dropped the can in, and then brought it down to a simmer. It's supposed to go for 3-4 hours and it's only been 2. There's no real way to know if it's done unless you open the can, so I'm trying to be patient and wait kek

No. 1419379

>I've made it once in a slow cooker before
Please tell me you meant a pressure cooker.
The cheat way is to get a can of condensed milk and cook it still in the can in a pressure cooker, you need to like make a hole in the top and put water in the pressure cooker til the middle of the can. I dunno, it has been forever since I've done it.

No. 1419382

Nope, a slow cooker. It came out fine and was delicious, I'm just not doing it this time because crock pots are huge and I'm not dealing with all that heavy machinery for a tiny can.

No. 1419393

I'm feeling nostalgic. Should I watch Resident Evil or Aliens?

No. 1419398


No. 1419403

Online dating seems so exhausting.. all the videos and screenshots Ive seen from tinder/hinge/bumble is people trying way too hard to be quirky and funny

No. 1419404

Thank you, anon. Queuing it up right now.

No. 1419405

since when is it "Cloudflare" and not "CloudFare"………….I'm actually mind blown. I'm calling mandela effect

No. 1419407

One of the stupidest things a man I was seeing ever accused me of was secretly being married because I have a hyphenated last name (both my parents last names)

No. 1419413

Since always. No offense but maybe you're dyslexic non

No. 1419415

you jumped dimentions nonna it's the only explanation

No. 1419419

I just went to a party, sat down, and not a minute later got up and left. Damnit I tried at least

No. 1419430

I don’t understand how women can be delulu about men if they have fathers and brothers unless they’re gay

No. 1419445

Had dinner with my bf's family. they don't talk normally, they all shout over each other at the same time. I went outside to get a break and I can hear them from here kek. I legit can't get a word in the conversation

No. 1419447

My dog is so cringey. Everytime I take him to a slow paced walk where he can smell all the juicy gossips he wants he always marks twice the gossips he answers to. He sniffs, marks, sniffs his own pee and marks again. I like to think he's that annoying social media user who likes their own posts and I always tell him he's embarrassing. He has no shame.

No. 1419452

It’s funny how women have taken over American mainstream rap and kpop

No. 1419453

Can someone yell at me to go to the gym? Its cold out therrrrrrreeeee i dont wannnnnaaaa

No. 1419459


No. 1419471

Do they happen to be from boston?

No. 1419476

Sometimes i feel like i truly have a learning difficulty because i always make weird errors when i type or my brain gets impatient and skips to the next word or something like that. I also always read things wrong and it's really cringey. I never used to have the issue with reading, but the thing with writing has always been an issue. I think i will just continue to ignore it tbh.

No. 1419478

File: 1669256778456.png (97.72 KB, 282x246, Screenshot 2022-11-23 212601.p…)

samefag but not a single zoomer knows what socialism is.

No. 1419483

True but her fucking outfit took me out why do conservative grifters insist on dressing like jackie kennedy girl you’re 19 take off the shein tweed jacket

No. 1419487

For a long time in my life I had always read and pronounced "Filipino" as "Flipino." I'm not sure why my brain skipped a whole syllable. Maybe I'm tripped up over the lack of the "ph" spelling like in the word Philippines? Who knows. I'm glad I never really got too many chances in my life to say "Filipino" and embarrass myself

No. 1419488

I would just replace that rabbit with a lovense, the dog with a cat, the bible with jane austen and the wine with coke

No. 1419489

File: 1669257248867.jpg (16.91 KB, 366x335, 3093032_4d8ded4694_w.jpg)

60's women were so pretty and cool

No. 1419498

who is this?

No. 1419499

You can still see a woman like this today, anywhere.

No. 1419502

This is the most generic looking woman I have ever seen. Can find 40 on my campus.

No. 1419503

bernardine dohrn. i dont agree with a bunch of stuff she said but damn she was fucking wild.
but not the spirit nonna, girlbosses nowadays could never become top 10 most wanted by the FBI

No. 1419509

Okay, but I have bad self confidence yet I break raw eggs using only one hand and knock for the whole action. Like I break, empty it and throw the shell away using my right hand while I am doing other stuff with my left one. I need to lure out the Stacy within me.

No. 1419516

I fucking hate the general relationship advice subreddits because they always act like setting boundaries or being honest with people are ultimatums and manipulation. It’s retarted and perpetuates the awful fucking communication that goes on in dating these days

No. 1419519

File: 1669259067830.jpg (20.82 KB, 600x600, 1661438982060.jpg)

I am so angry nonnas, my favourite tshirt is retired from the store just when i had the extra money to buy them and the new ones are so ugly. I dont understand why a small niche clothing company would do that, seems like a waste of good designs grr.

No. 1419520

Reading it is genuinely so sad because it’s always either women settling for subpar men or being dogpiled by some redditors for not being a doormat to her shitty husband
It’s always the women who’s getting fucked over

No. 1419604

Why do people get so defensive when you tell them to wash their hands, especially after the bathroom?

No. 1419626

The same reason why people get defensive when you tell them you shower everyday. People don't like to be called nasty even if it's true.

No. 1419633

Wait I’m sorry do you mean people as in adults or a 6 year old throwing a fit? I refuse to believe there are adults who shamelessly don’t wash their hands and defend it

No. 1419658

When my ex broke up with me and I found out she made new friends with this girl, I ranted on LC that I hope she'll get hurt by this bitch and it actually happened kek
But in my rage and emotions, I had also posted that "I hope you kill yourself before you hit 30" and now I really hope that doesn't come true. I'll feel so much guilt. Here's hoping I am undoing the magic

No. 1419661

nta but me and my grandma keep commenting on how my step grandfather always just quickly rinses his hands, but never properly washes them and he does throw a tantrum. She shouldn't have remarried. I even caught him not properly washing his hands in the hospital. Scrotes be hypochondriacs and then still have 0 hygiene.

No. 1419666

i have a soon to be 20 year old sibling that gets angry when you tell her she stinks (she does)

No. 1419681

You'd be surprised anon. Some people just don't care for God knows what reason, and when you tell them to wash their hands they're like "what, you think my hands are dirty?" (Yes, I do). I've even had this happen in the kitchen when I've told a relative to wash their hands before messing with the food.

No. 1419689

File: 1669272389013.jpg (164.5 KB, 1079x1042, mfw.jpg)

remember those anons from the confessions thread around a year ago? one claimed it's because she didn't want to waste soap since she pees too much and thus would end up overusing it, another claimed she only does it when someone's watching but otherwise doesn't see the need (for both pissing AND shitting) just because she never gets sick, doesn't do it before preparing food either

No. 1419699

File: 1669273677296.jpeg (31.75 KB, 640x559, C30EF844-FEEA-4595-80EA-B6206C…)

>someone posts in the confessions thread over a year ago about how they don’t wash their hands every single time they piss
>still seething about it to this day

No. 1419701

wash your hands piss-chan

No. 1419702

My hands are clean and smell like lime scented soap. Why don’t you tell your Nigel to wash his stinky dick?

No. 1419707

my husbando smells bad but its because hes stuck in some fantasy land where soap doesnt exist, if he was real i would make sure he smelled good and didnt have piss hands like yourself

No. 1419710

>my husbando!!!
Ok stank puss. Way to confirm that no living creature can get within 10 ft of your rancid cooch.

No. 1419715

god i wish, that would be a blessing. Maybe i should stop bathing just to drive moids away.

No. 1419724

normienonnie hands typed this post

No. 1419732

It's not that hard to just wash your hands

No. 1419739

File: 1669276310759.png (301.87 KB, 578x808, Eiml8voVoAU_OKL.png)

No. 1419740

File: 1669276546997.png (77.79 KB, 800x2000, 4953BC17-47B2-4295-8700-711572…)

No. 1419743

piss hands nonnies online again cyber bullying with her piss mits why won’t she wash them we beg of her but all she does is type with her piss stench fingers more messages of refusal

No. 1419744

Today I learned I should put on new undies after a work out. I always change out of my swim suit because a wet suit not in use feels gross to me.

No. 1419746

Is this the lolcow AI again?

No. 1419750

Thats absolutely disgusting. Maybe I'm the odd one out here but I wash my hands before and after using the restroom. The thought of transferring germs on to my toilet paper ,especially when im at work dealing with customers, thus smearing those germs into my urethra and vulva makes me shudder. Theres so many people like that anon out there, just unwashed filthy slobs, it makes me hate touching door knobs, keypads, touch screens and other high traffic areas in public. I especially hate any form of transaction with scrotes where I have to touch something they've touched (money, merchandise etc ESPECIALLY credit cards and ID cards that are well seasoned with their filth) because guys can't keep their hands off their disease ridden dick and balls and definitely never wash their hands after shitting. People who don't wash their hands like that probably don't wash their feet in the shower and probably don't wash their butthole very well either. I also bet that anon and her husbando itt smell sour and stink

No. 1419753

No one who claims to have a husbando smells like a normal person. That’s a fact. You might wash your hands but you likely don’t wash your clothes properly and reek of mildew.

No. 1419767

I started dating the possible love of my life on the 1st October and he's so handsome and wonderful and I told myself I'm not allowed to get carried away as is my want, but see when I'm idle for like 5 secs my brain just likes to coherently ask me "guess who's hot, guess who you like" and then ill go "[NAME]" and giggle to myself. I'm in my 30s

No. 1419770

No. 1419776

>y-you like husbandos so you smell! G-gotcha!!
You smell like piss anon. You don't wash your hands when pissing or shitting yet you come here and tell people to wash while you can't even be bothered to wash hands after wiping your ass and touching your piss-stained toilet.

No. 1419780

>also bet that anon and her husbando itt smell sour and stink
I don't think the anon with the gusbando is the same as the one who doesn't wash her hands leave us husbandofags alone

No. 1419788

Fucking kek at "permanent" bracelets when you can buy metal cutters from the jewelry section at hobby stores. The moid who made his gf do that on love is blind is retarded and way too insecure since she's rich and could leave his ass at any moment.

No. 1419821

i break them in one knock and they turn out horrible but i still do it every time

No. 1419832

File: 1669287221985.jpg (69.92 KB, 430x440, AHey_Fatty.jpg)

I always wonder how owners let their pets get fat, that animal is on a genetic level designed to be lean and it instinct is to move around and burn calories

No. 1419871

File: 1669290823293.jpg (18.91 KB, 577x360, 0acfb363.jpg)

My cat is a fatass even though I try to always give her less food than the other cat. The other one is a picky eater and the fatter one always gorges both of their food if the picky one doesn't eat hers. The skinnier one is the alfa boss bitch who will eat even the fatter gorls food if it's something she likes tho so it's not about the fatter one stealing food food from the skinnier one either.. maybe the fatty eats her feelings for being boolied

No. 1419875

same, my parents took my dog in when I did a story abroad and I come back and now he’s a tub o lard and they don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with it. he gained 6 pounds and that’s a lot for a small dog.

No. 1419876

*study damn auto correct

No. 1419877

Also to add I of course try to stop the kitties from eating each others foods or too rough playfighting, but the fatter one just stays a fatass. If anyone has any advice I'll welcome it

No. 1419878

>on a genetic level designed to be lean and it instinct is to move around and burn calories
Not really, just like humans aren't. Animals are lean because resources are scarce and take work to acquire, that's what supposed to balance you around your ideal weight. Obesity was rare until mass production and distribution of high caloric value food you could just pick up from the shelf and sedentary white collar jobs. It's very rare dogs leave any food, and humans are very shit at estimating how much they eat too, the ones who do have a built-in "stop signal" or bad appatite are what we call "naturally skinny"

No. 1419897

Just read some chapters of The Boys, jfc, that's one the most scrotish, moid-tier comics I've ever read. Moids killing heroes, heroes killing moids, random women dying for the hell of it, degenerate sex everywhere for the hell of it, lots of edgy shit and blood, more violence, more sex, assaults…literally the actual description of "shitshow", it's like a trainwreck you can't stop looking at

No. 1419904

Praying this happens at the Latino music scene too, sick of all the gazillions of reggaeton scrotes and moid-catering pickmes, so fucking boring

No. 1420061

File: 1669305623322.jpg (30.84 KB, 564x401, 7241ad40e4bbe0f3d1349904e9fd9e…)

So many men on my tv the last couple of days because of the world cup and almost all of them are so ugly.

No. 1420068

Yeeeeah it was pretty bad

No. 1420103

sounds like every 80s action movie script

No. 1420268

Really thankful for you nonnies. I know i'm a weird egg, I know my theories and "ESL" like writing is annoying or comes off odd. I appereicate this community for being a place I can truly be me and scream into the void full Nonnies.

No. 1420355

I'm on the days leading up to my period and I know I should avoid coffee but I really wanna order a cappuccino
Damn it im really tired

No. 1420373

Gizzards are pretty gross but I'm a southern girl so I'm legally obligated to eat them.

No. 1420424

File: 1669318489454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.18 KB, 1051x1398, FiLwm7PX0AMReSJ.jpg)

Certain people should not be allowed to post stuff on the internet

No. 1420445

posting revealing photos with your children close to your genitals is just like giving birth /s

No. 1420460

like I get the intention but you don't have to fucking post it online for the entire world to see

No. 1420531

The question about a society based on merit and a society based on equality sure is an interesting one, because on one hand I don't want to go anyone go hungry, on the other hand I'm pissed because my professor just gave out free point on a test because people complained it was too hard, and it makes my perfect score stand out less on the score sheet after the correction.

No. 1420542

It's crazy how I can go from throat-tightening, stomach churning anxiety to almost completely calm in a few seconds just by stopping my brain when it starts being irrational and asking myself why the fuck I'm worried. Mind over matter and all that shit.

No. 1420549

Happy to see you crack this code nonnie

No. 1420552

how does meritocracy goes against equality?

No. 1420553

Pride goeth before the fall

No. 1420561

Shares based on pure merit and shares based on the principle of equality won't be the same unless you assume everyone workd equally hard, which isn't realistic.

No. 1420572

When I was a teen I had severe daddy issues and always had crushes on very old men but still dated the hot boys my own age but shit never worked out I always pined after the older men but I also didn't want to be taken advantage of. Anyway I'm in my 30s and I found a man in his Kate 30s we have a 7 year age gap and he's still hot with hair, no kids, a good body, well over 6ft etc but he looks exactly like the men I wanted when I was young and now he thinks I'm young and I like young for my age but I'm well out of that age range of he's only dating me to be a psuedo pedo and now I get to fuck my kink and he also treats me nicely because he's probably thinking I'm going to fuck some young guy

No. 1420573

Also he makes more than double what I do and he likes to spend money on me. I could not be happier lmao

No. 1420582

>I'm well out of that age range of he's only dating me to be a psuedo pedo and now I get to fuck my kink
I know there's some typos in your post but I'm completely lost here. what

No. 1420607

do u anons think women will evolve to a point where we can squirt acid out of our vaginas bcs our vagina juice is acidic and thats why discharge bleaches our pants . but if u think about it as some sort of self defense we could evolve to squirt acid sort of like ducks bcs dont they have a self defense from moid ducks bcs they rape so much?

No. 1420608

I hope some anons come on with insane or juicy thanksgiving stories because someone lost it at the table. Mine is going to be so mundane.

No. 1420665

File: 1669338464118.jpg (46.03 KB, 625x833, 1666417674663.jpg)

call me a bitch but i hate when people talk to me about their job, it's so boring.

No. 1420668

E Cute Kittie

No. 1420671

i have really good chemistry with this one guy at work, we have fun and have the same interest more or less but i found out that he browses 4chan, im now paranoid that he might try a weird sexual fantasy on me or he has hidden cameras on my clothes, he could be a creep.

No. 1420693

Right?! I never said anything because I knew people would get mad but holy shit hearing someone go on and on about their job is exhaustingly boring why can’t they just clock out and forget what happens outside work that’s what we do

No. 1420703

Idc about people talking about their job, but I hate when they ask me about mine

No. 1420789

I kept getting whiffs of a weird gross smell while using my PC and this went on for multiple days until I realized it was my own feet and that even though I was cleaning them in the shower my dirty slippers were somehow instantly making them smell bad enough to where i could smell it just sitting normally at my desk

No. 1420791

File: 1669350403417.png (56.58 KB, 670x616, Female Mens Giant.png)

so I was shopping for socks earlier today

No. 1420792

File: 1669350477197.gif (781.2 KB, 235x277, 1657154548082.gif)

Screw the electricity bill i am turning the AC on

No. 1420794

ah yes, the 3 genders

No. 1420797

File: 1669350889749.jpg (43.67 KB, 600x685, 1646701487473.jpg)

i ate a sandwich, scrambled eggs+toast and 3 hotdogs and i still feel hungry. kill me.

No. 1420811

She's getting period blood on that little girls head… And what if she loses her balance she's gonna knock both her kids over. Imagine them seeing this when their older jfc

No. 1420821

Nonnie's would I be retarded to drop $200 on a dress for clubbing? My birthday's coming up too. I can afford it but I'm cheap.

No. 1420826

Yes that’s retarded. Clubs are dark and full of dumb moids. Save your money and buy something more affordable, there are plenty of cute club-type dresses for less than $100

No. 1420834

I got ice cream in my phone speaker and I had to suck it out

No. 1420843

On the same boat as the other anon. Buy a dress that you can use outside of clubbing or just other garments.

No. 1420872

I would never ever fuck a old man but if I was forced to pick one it would be Robert De Niro.

No. 1420877

I wanna judge you but i have a huge crush on a gamer scrote who is way uglier and also not rich and talented like Robert de Niro, so i wont

No. 1420883

File: 1669361762517.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

i calmed down for a few days and the need is back again
im a euro. and I know it's not the smartest choice for a woman but i really wanna do it. typical way of living and working tires me and makes me feel like vomiting. especially since i found out it's possible to join army for just a year i want to see if this could be the thing for me. i dont remember the last time i was this giddy about idea of doing something

No. 1420888

Going to the army is not that crazy an idea. Plenty of people do it for a few years and then stop and do something else. So why not, but you should definitely sort you manic tendencies before you go.

No. 1420891

It’s good that you’re excited to try something new but also you need to consider it’s a male-dominated field, do you have the energy to deal with passive aggressive misogyny all day?

No. 1420911

I'm in a West Euro country and just last year or so there was this interview with a female army officer who made headlines saying she'd never allow her daughter to join the army because the misogyny is that bad. I always thought that as West Europeans we were more or less beyond most open and blatant forms of misogyny but I guess I was naive. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't underestimate how tough it is to be in an all-male environment, especially one that's all about being tough, not being allowed to complain/show weakness and where men will go out of their way to protect each other when they cross boundaries with you. You'd be on your own.

I kinda get wanting to join the army for the lifestyle I guess but I hope you think twice before going through with it. Maybe at least try contacting women who're in the army through social media if you can to get an idea of what it's like.

No. 1420924

File: 1669368985791.gif (560.42 KB, 220x391, grinch-smile-grin.gif)

I don't really do New Year's resolutions but I have been making plans and schedules for the last month that'll really set me ahead health, beauty, and education wise. I can't wait!

No. 1420929

File: 1669371235108.png (408.24 KB, 493x438, mk9x5alplkf51.png)

Nona I relate to this a lot. I also considered joining earlier this year, definitely 'inspired' by russias invasion of ukraine since I live in a bordering country and felt (and still feel) strongly that if shit went down here I would rather protect my country than sit around twiddling my thumbs (that's an oversimplification of the situation obviously but i hope you get what i mean) and all the benefits from serving sounded great since i'm poor. I opted against it because I'm a physically small female already working on a male-dominated field and let me tell you, it really fucking eats at your self-esteem. Also I'm mentally ill so I'd probably get rejected anyway lol.

No. 1420932

File: 1669371729140.jpg (61.06 KB, 500x642, abb4eb37e72397f4c9465752dcdbfa…)

I'm from euro country too, my best friend is in the army, she has the officer rank and it was done not through one year non stop stay but some kind of, idk, courses you could say? Over the years she would go for these intense training stays that lasted from few weeks to few months and got her rank. Interestingly enough she's by no means a massive fitness freak stacy, she's a sligthly overweigth fujo that would fit right in on LC, yet she's done all that and is just fine. And while I don't know how are these low tier year long army trainings, I know that the ones she did were good experiences, no bullying (as would stereotype suggest), people were professional and friendly, it was just physically demanding. So to be completely honest, I don't think this has to be a bad idea, as other anons seem to be convinced for it ot be, at least try to research it some more; maybe dig if you have some super distant connections to someone who knows someone who's already done that. It may not be that bad.

No. 1420950

File: 1669374271508.png (767.53 KB, 550x652, 8cb.png)

i am actually quite mentally tough. my biggest enemy is my own brain so if misogyny never was a problem for me until now i don't think it would change in the army.
not to sound callous but that's just her story. obviously there are gonna be assholes and cowards that will want to take advantage of women but it doesn't mean the same has to happen me. and if other women don't take over men's spaces we will just let them continue their scrotey behaviour
nona i'm also originally from ukraine bordering country, we might be compatriots kek I can relate a lot to your train of thought. Im currently living abroad but if anything happened I would go back and fight. but to be fair I mostly want to join because I think this lifestyle might be it for me. I have recently realized that i feel the happiest when i can push my physical limits. Maybe if i was a small person i would be much more hesitant but im around 172(5'8). I'm not that strong but always had high endurance, and recently I started working out regularly.
this is amazing to hear nona! if i do the year and will like it like i think i will i would try to do the same thing. unfortunately i don't know any women in the army. a guy I know apparently has friends there so im gonna grill him for answers

thanks to all of you nonas for your responses. i told a few of my friends and one family member, that i know can keep his mouth shut, about this and all but one friend, who supports me, told me in some way that i'm an idiot for considering this. Im currently in the final year of my degree, im gonna finish it, keep working out and then join the army during summer.

No. 1420958

Istg someone posts this exact same army shit every once in a while. Like word to word. Fucking stop.

No. 1420961

I'm here for 4 years now and sure, maybe anons talked about the army but it's rare and i've never seen something like this word to word… care to search for proof or you just claim that for the keks?

No. 1420980

You can learn how to use firearms and follow nearly identical and usually better training outside of the army, without misogyny or being stuck in a male dominated environment or having to do boot licking. I got more from the few times female veterans trained me, than I've seen scrotes come home with after joining the army.

No. 1421018

File: 1669387238309.jpg (32.7 KB, 408x500, ef386ab449cae924321692f10dffc7…)

I considered joining my nation's army when I was younger, my father and older brother talk about it like it was university just with more physical exercise
Finland ?

No. 1421024

If this is Finland all the normal rookies or whatever moids shit talk the higher up women like no tomorrow and laugh at them. How they are too meek and have no authority, are ugly or fuckable. Source: every moid I have talked to. They laughed about the women in the army to my face since I told I had considered joining (I never did)

No. 1421050

Just took another vaccine to my left arm, it feels awful, but I guess I now have a reason to take a nap.

No. 1421088

File: 1669395581054.jpg (81.82 KB, 300x300, hiandwelcomebacktofreesciencel…)

Considering losing my virginity so I can write fanfiction more accurately

No. 1421092

KEK there was a weird FTM in the fakeboi thread who did that to write Larry fanfiction.

No. 1421104

Ngl it does help. My smutfics got way more attention when I lost the V card. But you should probably cherish it or something. Or buy a dildo idk

No. 1421113

Larry? Like the thing from veggietales?
Woah I'm talking to an e celeb here nice one girl. I'm grossed out by penetration bc im a beta female. And I guess women have high standards, so I can't lose it that easily as a lesbo. Maybe I should read your fanfiction, the fanfictions of non virgins, in order to write better fanfiction actually. That may be more based.

No. 1421117

If you're a lesbian you should totally lose the V card because women r always based. i can help

No. 1421130

File: 1669398993007.png (102.38 KB, 273x171, meandwho.png)

wow nonnie…that's pretty forwards…wanna rp as trains w me? i would accept help

No. 1421135

File: 1669399689569.jpeg (125.55 KB, 1024x1016, E37FC8D4-ED75-45B1-B927-FCD952…)

Anyone who bleached their eyebrows this year is going to look back in a year and cringe just like they did with the 2020 egirl hair

No. 1421136

KEK ntayrt but I love you nona

No. 1421146

File: 1669400129276.jpeg (335.27 KB, 1908x1146, 0D8990F5-EB21-48AD-A68E-A0D407…)

Regular hair with dyed blonde front streaks, it was really popular
the movie (not okay) came out this year but everyone clowned it for its outdated fashion because it’s heavily inspired by 2020 internet trends consumers cycle through meaningless trends so fast it’s impossible to catch up

No. 1421152

fr? why don't you join us habibi choo choos gently

No. 1421153

File: 1669400337751.jpg (102.51 KB, 500x746, 65b160710e46e05bceabb7f319fdf1…)

Judge me because he's old or because you think he's ugly?

No. 1421157

He’s very attractive young, his only flaw is being short

No. 1421170

wasn't he abusive at some point or was that some other italian actor, i get the names mixed up

No. 1421172

nta I judge you because every obsessive stalkerish scrote is obsessed with his character in taxi driver for some reason

No. 1421201

How is this remotely funny? Is this the same comic everyone was obsessed with or am I missing something?

No. 1421208

>I'm grossed out by penetration bc im a beta female.
wtf does that mean

No. 1421211

nta but the whole convo sounded so off too

No. 1421212

I couldn’t figure that out too, it’s either a moid or a girl who spends too much time browsing male communities

No. 1421215

i meant it ironically but yes i do spend too much time browsling male communities

No. 1421216

I've been waiting for online sales and had one product in my cart for weeks if not even months and now that I've placed the order, I noticed my dumb ass ordered 3 of those things. They weren't expensive but I have no idea who tl gift them to and I don't think I'm gonna use them either, I'm gonna ask some christmas present charity thing if they want these I guess

No. 1421218

can’t wait until the libsoftiktok lady’s face is doxxed and exposed she’s going to probably off herself

No. 1421219

the moid stench tends to linger like that

No. 1421221

Wasn't it already revealed a long time ago?

No. 1421224

Maybe it's because I don't understand a single thing about sports, but I don't get what's so exciting about it. I want to understand what makes sports fans like

No. 1421226

Samefag but also obviously I understand the value of actually playing sports though

No. 1421229

File: 1669404518522.png (6.82 MB, 2266x2266, c1a10e0f-63c7-4c66-ae42-ea26dc…)

she was already doxxed, this is her

No. 1421232

No. 1421233

No all there is to know about her is that she’s a jewish woman in her 40s who used to work in real estate

No. 1421241

No. 1421244

both are right, you faggot.

No. 1421252

File: 1669406298716.jpg (92.24 KB, 800x480, kappapapa.jpg)

ACHHD would have been so much better if you could build giant houses right from the get go instead of having to build a house, visit that villager, build him a new house, visit that villager and build him a new house again. I used those blueprints like twice or thrice because it wasn't worth the hassle for me.

No. 1421330

I love making wishlists more than I love shopping

No. 1421358

online window shopping can be stimulating and nice even if you're not getting anything

No. 1421359

File: 1669411746627.png (32 KB, 526x434, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 4.21.…)

Why the fuck is my local mall hiring 27 santas this year

Isn't there supposed to be only one? What is this tomfoolery, what is going on? Will they need a different santa every day? A santa in every store? Santa battle royale?

Is this a normal amount of santas? (I know jack shit about the mall santa industry so idk if this is par for the course or not)

No. 1421362

You think just one sits there for like…10-12 hours a day? Every single day? From the end of thanksgiving to Christmas Eve? Yeah that’s not how it works it makes much more sense for them to have several and work in shifts

No. 1421364

Malls are usually open for, what? 8am-10pm some places? That's a good 14 hours a day for an elderly person to deal with children in-character without a break for 26 days. 27 makes sense especially in cases of sudden illness or injury, especially if they're only working for a few days a week.

No. 1421372

File: 1669412393786.jpeg (42.77 KB, 400x305, Multiple_Santa.jpeg)

they're assembling an army

No. 1421376

My bad I meant to post this in the stupid questions thread but i guess it could fit here too.

I guess those reasonings make sense, but I still don't get why they need 27 of them though, the hours state that it's only 6 hours a day on weekends and Christmas eve

No. 1421377

Santa fight club

No. 1421381

Damn for $40 an hour Ill sign up send me the link

No. 1421383

File: 1669413018959.jpeg (250.74 KB, 405x426, 0E1B0E50-E4C2-488C-9696-B1C4DC…)

Can't have a rebel without a Claus

No. 1421384

i wonder if you can sue if they dont pick you up to be santa if you are female and under 60yo

No. 1421385

Cars are so fucking ugly nowdays. I either see endless suv hybrids or big chunky plastic trucks that don't do actual truck work. I could go on a tangent about my hatred for plastic oversized vehicles carrying one person but being ugly and all looking the exact same has to be their worst crime.

No. 1421388

its supposed to be so its more ''pedestrian friendly'', but if i am going to get run over by a car anyways it rather be a cool monster truck instead of a motorized egg

No. 1421391

I want a firefighter but where do I even find one

No. 1421398

agreed, why is it so difficult to make a car with new hardware, but an old timey look?

No. 1421399

Plastic is definitely better, when I borrowed my brother's old steel body car I hit myself lightly in the shin with the door and it hurt like shit. Can't imagine it would be very pleasant to be hit by one of those.
I agree that car designs used to be a lot nicer though. I wonder if they can go back to making cars that look like they're from the 50s but made of plastic?

No. 1421405


No. 1421406

File: 1669415081389.jpg (8.63 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

samefag, the screens that come with every car nowadays are such an eyesore, they take up a huge amount of space of the dash and rarely serve any purpose except for maybe gps, which you can just get on your phone anyway. I miss old car radios that actually felt integrated with the design of the car interior instead of just tacked on.

No. 1421410

File: 1669415486645.jpeg (229.96 KB, 1200x900, 56E45221-46A6-4E07-A73E-144A42…)

I was literally thinking about this the whole week!! I have a new car with a big screen and tech features I absolutely hate it. I want my old shitty box of a car, it was so fun to drive in and the way the dashboard lights up green when you’re driving at night.. ugh I just miss it all so much

No. 1421440

Apple pie is a pretty low tier dessert by itself, but with ice cream it's a 10/10. That goes for cobblers too.

No. 1421509

File: 1669421727027.png (1.09 MB, 951x654, FEE8FD9D-72BA-49FE-AB7D-6464A4…)

Sometimes I like to look at side by side pics of harry and zayn and giggle to myself at their hairline difference

No. 1421520

Ugh this is ugly as shit

No. 1421521

harry is so fucking ugly, i dont understand how he's one of the most desired men out there. meanwhile women have to meet ridiculous standards to be even considered average

No. 1421522

both look ugly as shit, why do men insist on having pubic hair on their face

No. 1421523

zayn is 10/10 and harry is a fugly frog

No. 1421530

we need support groups for people who have lost loved ones to MMOs

No. 1421541

File: 1669424096008.png (360.97 KB, 524x307, Capture.PNG)

No. 1421543

I knew this girl in high school whose mom was addicted to League of Legends. It ruined her marriage and family

No. 1421545

Based mother ignores family for LOL.

No. 1421547

LOL is a disease

No. 1421553

Crunchy wig.

No. 1421554

Every time I see him now I laugh thinking about his wig. I want to get close to him and snatch it and laugh at him for balding.

No. 1421557

i wanna snatch it off and sniff it

No. 1421560

>and sniff it

No. 1421563

i feel like he smells like Gram Crackers

No. 1421564

he probably smells like bald grease pillow stains

No. 1421568

him not bald

No. 1421577

I am so hungry and there is nothing to cook, noooo

No. 1421581

File: 1669427894365.jpg (694.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-26-02-53-52…)

I was googling for the nearest Jumbo store and this happened????????

No. 1421583

File: 1669428006618.jpg (561.91 KB, 1536x2048, tumblr_802d7d9627ee676edc05ef9…)

I always get called "niña" I don't really get it, i'm a average height 20yo woman

No. 1421596

File: 1669429520010.jpeg (171.66 KB, 1080x1236, bb5.jpeg)

I genuinely take my dreams seriously and every night now I've dreamt about falling in love with a friend and it's affecting the way I feel about her irl. I haven't been interested in anyone at all recently but now the thought of embracing her is stirring something within me. Looks like my brain is doing a little trolling.

No. 1421648

This caught me so off guard while scrolling I had to suppress an ugly laugh.

No. 1421681

I caught up on an artists webcomic and I kinda question that her main character is just her self insert as a male and the obvious love interest is the kind of guy she dreams about or will never get. Her art outside the comic looks better too, probably due to deadlines.

No. 1421694

What the fuck lmao