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File: 1666889652692.png (2.48 MB, 1500x1500, cow water mooo.png)

No. 1388366

leave all brains at the door

previous >>>/ot/1377868

No. 1388370

File: 1666889915785.png (40.09 KB, 469x491, 040.png)

No. 1388371

File: 1666889929874.gif (23.33 KB, 135x101, 4331FE98-473B-4B28-BBBC-A41264…)

I love me some cow water

No. 1388372

File: 1666889936939.png (36.44 KB, 157x163, Bouncy_Pets_(Cow)_KHIII.png)

Love the thread pic

No. 1388379

File: 1666890528133.jpg (173.26 KB, 512x512, sticker_21_webp.jpg)

I sneezed and my cat chirped at me. I like to think she said bless you

No. 1388413

File: 1666892294837.jpg (351.51 KB, 750x528, IMG_6533.jpg)

Who watchin dis

No. 1388421

i love you babybelle

No. 1388469

File: 1666895473626.png (4.97 MB, 1952x1666, TravisMullinsArt pepsi.png)

would you be scared if your can of soda did this?

No. 1388471

Yeah. But does it speak and is it annoying

No. 1388474

File: 1666895686328.png (467.38 KB, 791x718, husbandos.PNG)

Found an early access Harvest Moon-style game on Steam with very positive review. The first thing I searched for was their husbandos offers.

No. 1388475

I would be like, waiter there's something strange going on with my bepis

No. 1388476

good god i hate this disney-esque artstyle soooo fucking much

No. 1388477

File: 1666895954672.jpg (17.27 KB, 300x209, 1860325790.jpg)

looks like they have nothing to offer

No. 1388479

I ship Mark and Wakuu

No. 1388480

File: 1666896250248.jpg (609.71 KB, 1768x1910, ocular tester.jpg)

I'm experiencing orthophoria

No. 1388483

Pablo, Scott, and Surya are the same person…

No. 1388484

One of the least appealing things I’ve seen in a long time kek

No. 1388486

TiF hands drew this

No. 1388492

That Wakuu guy looks exactly like a kpop boy and its kind of disturbing, i just know the tif that drew this masturbates daily to bts or some shit

No. 1388582

why can't western zoomers ever make up east asian male ocs that don't look like kpop boys

No. 1388591

They've never been with or seen an east asian man outside of their screen.

No. 1388609

Theo looks asian too

No. 1388612

It sounds like you haven't, because anyone who knows what an average Asian guy looks like would understand why girls gravitate to idols instead. A better explanation is that they haven't seen Korea's actually hot actors and still think kpop boys are the peak.

No. 1388626

File: 1666904926109.png (245.32 KB, 490x714, Screenshot (49).png)

kek i know what this is. it's a pronoun addled trannysimping game, not recommended. the bachelorettes are a bit better than but then again the bar is already in hell.

No. 1388630

which of these characters are supposed to be trannies? are there "enby bachelorex" options?

No. 1388631

File: 1666905312748.jpeg (78.4 KB, 656x643, _ (1).jpeg)

I hate it when I finally have the time and motivation to draw but then I have zero ideas in my head. What can I do to get my creativity flowing? Should I start taking drugs?

No. 1388633

It just dawned on me. My sister would never try to summon a demon and that's why she's the favorite child.

No. 1388635

How/why does my entire rib cage show but my lower half resembles Luna’s Haiti thighs? Even when I was obese (over 10 years ago) my collarbones were extremely prominent. It’s hard to dress a body so grotesque.

No. 1388637

File: 1666905459571.jpeg (3.55 MB, 4032x3024, 7FD833D4-33DA-4CF9-8385-97B012…)

>Cat sitting a cat I cannot find
>decided to cook to lure said cat out
>stealth master was already there

No. 1388638

If i can just finish this stupid fucking essay in the next few hours then I can spend all weekend drinking with my friend going out and drinking. My paper sucks and i don't think i've even really done what was asked but I am so close to getting it done I just cannot care.

No. 1388640

i like to go for a walk and talk to myself to get into the diffused mode of thinking when i want some creative energy (pic rel). if i think of something good i write it down in a notepad i carry with me

No. 1388649

When I was really little my sister and I were pet sitting her best friend’s hamster and somehow it got out on us. We were anticipating having to tell her friend we dun goofed but eventually found it building a nest in a similar cabinet.

No. 1388653

I want October to hurry up and be over. It's like the other months went by super fast, but October is dragging out.
I'm not gonna be spending this month/Halloween like I usually would, so maybe I'm just bored of it all.

No. 1388658

File: 1666906019824.jpeg (48.91 KB, 640x638, 1969e32093bc80c8282a626211766d…)

Scott kinda looks like this Frozen edit that got memed

No. 1388665

This is almost everything I hate in one picture

No. 1388671

File: 1666906544807.jpg (849.83 KB, 1238x794, image.jpg)

I can see why people do the pizza fold. It feels very nice
>t. currently eating folded pizza

No. 1388672

Thank you nona! This is actually very helpful

No. 1388677

File: 1666906836828.jpeg (49.44 KB, 660x510, 1664324313269.jpeg)

How tf do people create stories? With characters, conflict, things happening, like wtf. I tried so many times to write comics or even fanfic but I just can't. Am I retarded?

No. 1388678

having no life helps

No. 1388682

But I already don't

No. 1388692

try creating self-insert character

No. 1388695

Use Mad Libs

No. 1388701

having maladaptive daydreaming helps kek

No. 1388710

File: 1666908819576.jpeg (56.66 KB, 482x465, 668D1584-273B-4171-9407-D88E8F…)

Astrology absolutely is not real, and “accuracy” is really just people who are good at finding patterns of behaviors that aren’t caused by stars, but by mental illnesses, environment, external factors, trauma etc and guessing the next move of public figures using vague references to what ~transits~ or whatever are happening or about to happen. Very similar to Christianity in their ability to manipulate people. But that’s okay. If the girlies want to use that as their grift it’s cool. If it can help people positively or give them something to do who cares.

No. 1388712

No. 1388714

if somebody believes in astrology i think they are intellectually dumb

No. 1388716

Are you the NLOG anon that's getting shit on in the other thread for their hot take

No. 1388717

Anyone who dedicates themselves to astrology when they could be reading tarot is fucking retarded.

No. 1388718

nta but you can think astrology is stupid without being nlog or male… believing rocks in the sky dictate your personality isn't a female trait

No. 1388719

Tarot is unironically much cooler than I've ever thought before trying it myself, it's really good for some personal introspection

No. 1388721

i'm sorry you have no relationship with the moon nonna

No. 1388730

I saw a bunch of cow themed stuff at hobby lobby and i was tempted to buy it all but i stayed strong.

No. 1388734

Fr, let us have fun with our gems and tarot and astrology. It's fun when you go in depth and read your birth chart

No. 1388738

Cow water could be dairy milk…. or it could be beef broth. Think about it.

No. 1388744

I don’t believe in astrology at all but think it would be fun to read my birth chart. I used a website that generates them for you based on your time of birth and location but have no idea what it said lol

No. 1388751


No. 1388753

Agree but if they’re having fun that’s all that matters!! Personally don’t genuinely believe in dehumanizing people to their birth month that’s a little too robotic for me

No. 1388754

It’s fun it makes you think about the way you behave and try to make yourself a better person / avoid your worst traits. Men would benefit from it lmao

No. 1388756

Obviously not, I said there’s nothing wrong with it and if they’re having fun it doesn’t matter. Their really embarrassing OTT reaction inspired me to post this though. I don’t condemn it I just think it’s a special interest at best. It’s fun though.

No. 1388758

Was it really necessary to bring the astrology thing to a whole different thread.

No. 1388759

File: 1666911153010.jpg (73.84 KB, 768x1024, 1643852602246.jpg)

why do these games always have such ugly husbando choices? they all look so punchable

No. 1388761

It’s the dumbass shit thread why are you bothered

No. 1388766

same, whenever i try writting is so hard to not make it sound like i am a 5yo writting her first essay. I started reading the higurashi novel and damn, wish i could write that well.

No. 1388768

I have to write an essay about comparing and contrasting, and fuck is it hard to think of a topic. I can't procrastinate any longer wish me luck nonnies

No. 1388772

i wrote something like this for school, it was about my country compared to the USA, the leftist teacher didnt it very much

No. 1388776

I find it easier to find differences than similarities, which is a pain because I need to analyze three differences and similarities within three topics under the thing I am comparing and contrasting.

No. 1388782

File: 1666912384042.jpg (37.11 KB, 700x460, squirell.jpg)

>one chance at life
>born in a country without squirrels
why live

No. 1388785

my parents have neglected their garage, and i was exploring in it the other day when i realized squirrels had moved in to the wall

No. 1388786

File: 1666912614699.jpg (995.14 KB, 1317x1052, Red_Squirrel2.jpg)

i envy the amount of critters americans have, the other day i saw an oldman befriending a bunch of raccons. god i wsih that were me, i wnt squirrels and raccons in my backyard

No. 1388791

File: 1666912727379.jpg (175.14 KB, 1024x819, hsigj0uvjxy0d9kwdlzm.jpg)

look at this fat one aaaaa

No. 1388792

samfag I'm doing it on moids vs. women. It pains me to have to make similarities between the two but I feel like this will be easy to do considering it's due in three days.

No. 1388794

What about possums vs opossums? I wouldn't want to write about similarities between men and women, either kek

No. 1388799

I thought opossums and possums were the same thing? I wish I could just do it on my husbandos but I don't know if my professor will accept such a form of autism even if it says that you can choose your own topic, I might email him though.

No. 1388801

Nope, different species. That's what I find interesting, most people assume they are the same. The squirrel talk above just put rodents on my mind, sorry lol

No. 1388803

No, no, I might just do it on that since it's easier to wade through the information needed. I tried researching on similarities and differences between men and women and holy shit I nearly had an aneurism, it's too much.

No. 1388807

>no handsome male option

No. 1388808

i can't keep up with the grimes thread because it legitimately just makes me sad. i miss pre-elon grimes so much

No. 1388817

She’s the same lame dork she’s always been.

No. 1388820

The all look bad because the disney style is bad by default, but Ben looks like a creepy pervert.

No. 1388824

mine is never EVER accurate no matter what site i use, even when using the real time and location of my birth. not even the "rising sign" or whatever. why?

No. 1388909

my dog is staring at me eating this sandwich and I'm so sad I can't give him any because he's on a diet
sorry little buddy it's for your own good

No. 1388916

nah she's categorically worse

No. 1388920

do it on hazelnuts vs cobnuts and filberts. Most people don't know the difference between these similar, yet distinctive nuts.

No. 1388927

Everything is so disappointing

No. 1388950

I made a post last night about how I was gonna make pancakes despite sucking at them so I did and as expected, they sucked! I still ate some though. I think I've figured out the problem is that I'm cooking them on too high of a heat so the inside isn't getting a chance to cook. I only made a tiny bit of batter and I have a little left, so tomorrow I think I'll try again. I didn't add enough baking powder but that's ok because I don't like fluffy pancakes.

No. 1388980

I have pinstraight, fine hair and I've been wanting to perm my hair again for more volume, but I've also been dyeing my hair or doing something to it and I just wanted to have a head full of my untouched, natural hair for the first time in almost a decade. In the meantime I've been french braiding my hair after showers so I can get some waves and poof, but after a few days of this, it's making me appreciate my plain, boring as fuck hair kek. It's boring and straight but it's so silky smooth and easy to comb though and doesn't tangle very much compared to after I take it out of the braid and it feels like no matter how much I comb there's tangles everywhere.

Guess I won't perm my hair after all lol. I'm growing out the length as well since I normally keep my hair very short, so I'm having fun thinking about how to style my hair for the day.

No. 1388983

>sameface syndrome
>disney-esque style
>at least a third of these look like the same character archetype
>half of them have the same ugly stubble that looks like a shitty edit
>k-pooper Asian guy
>no cute nerd guy with glasses
yep, it's trash
>which of these characters are supposed to be trannies?
for the men I bet the least ugly one, for the women it's probably the most stereotypically feminine one (or at least that would be the case if a TIM had designed the female characters)

No. 1388990

It's so crazy how anons can just wildly misinterpret posts and refuse to be corrected. When it happens I just stop replying and they kind of just keep arguing with themselves kek.

No. 1389002

I have a bunch of male OCs and I made an AU where they're all magical boys but wear girly outfits like magical girls. It's not porn or trapshit or anything like that. It's terrifying to think that if they had any amount of popularity on Twitter they'd be troonwashed, especially the shy soft one that I made specifically to represent every trait I like in a male character, he'd probably be turned into a TIF. And if moids found this AU they would turn all the guys into femboys and draw trap porn of them.
If I showed discomfort about the former I'd probably be cancelled for being an evil TERF, and if I complained about the latter the scrotes would just double down and probably send me rape threats. Damn.

No. 1389003

You're supposed to cook them on a fairly high heat. You should let the oil heat while you're making the batter. It's ready when you can sprinkle water in the pan/on the griddle and it sizzles. Your batter should not be too thick, either. You may have to add a tablespoon or so of water if it's been sitting for a while. Most people make their (American style) pancakes too thick, too.

Pour about 1/4 cup of the batter for each pancake. Watch for little craters to form. You'll know when it's time to flip them over when there are lots of craters and the top looks dry. Let the other side cook for a few minutes until they're the color you want.

Sorry for the long post, but I saw the other one and the advice given and could not let it stand any longer. XOXO, a fellow pancake-loving anon.

No. 1389006

I know your pain, nonnie, I wanted to do something similar but the guys would be muscular except for one, which would be the loser of the group. It was supposed to be a comedy in which the joke is that the dudes wear ridiculous outfits to fight actually interesting villains. But with the whole tranny shit, it has lost priority in my list tbh, I still want to at least make a classic style comic about it someday, but it will probably be something I will only share with normal people.

No. 1389017

I am fully prepared to see my OCs get warped into whatever stupid bullshit the kids can come up with if it means I am making money from them.

No. 1389038

omg your post brought back some happy nostalgia for me because i actually used to have similar ocs… i would draw magical girl and superhero comics all the time when i was around 14 and panicked one day because i had no male characters, but i didn't feel like learning how to draw men so i just drew a cute magical girl trio, gave them boy names and called it a day. your ocs sound adorable and i'm sorry you have to worry about people ruining them

No. 1389049

File: 1666931284926.png (710.81 KB, 707x765, 1604726208356.png)

They can take everything else from me, but I will always, always have 2000s Japanese power ballads.
When I have nothing else left, when I am stripped of all worldly belongings, I will still have Japanese power ballads.
There is nothing and no one who can take that from me, and for that I am grateful and I am glad.
I feel strength in knowing that there is one thing in this life that cannot be taken away. I have this, no one can take this. This is mine and this is safe and I will protect it in my heart forever.
Everything else is ephemeral, all other things will fade and time will take my memory and my sight and maybe even my hearing, but I will never forget Japanese power ballads from the 2000s and they will play in my mind until there is no more of me.

No. 1389051

What are your top 5 Japanese power ballads nonny? I must know.

No. 1389052

drop one for us to check out nona!

No. 1389055

I'm really sorry, but out of desperate fear, I can't even say because something could happen
I can only say that my favorite groups are Do As Infinity and Dream
Keep them safe in your heart for me

No. 1389058

holy shit I love Do As Infinity

No. 1389060

you okay, nonnie?

No. 1389069

File: 1666932520137.jpg (14.37 KB, 375x375, 1605888775410.jpg)

It's no more than the world we live in, you must feel it too

No. 1389073

I feel it

No. 1389082

Been going through a horrible time this past year. My dad came into my room to try and get me out of my depressive cloud and I burst into tears. He hugged/held me for 10 minutes and told me it will be alright. He's had to do this like 30 times in the past two months but he still continues to be there for me in a way no one in my life has. My life is shit but I know having a great dad is a rarity, so I'm trying to be more grateful of it.

No. 1389084

damn, I feel it too

No. 1389091

It may be hard right now but you’ll feel better one day and you’ll be able to appreciate it then. I’m glad you have a good dad nonna.

No. 1389103

File: 1666936160446.jpg (56.26 KB, 640x571, d64njrr3aze51.jpg)

I was watching the dahmer show and the scene where he gets drunk and flirts/acts out scenarios with imaginary men made me cringe inside out because I used to do that with my video game husbandos lol, I'd forgotten those memories. Now I'm remembering all the times I'd play in the backyard and pretend my husbando was hanging out with me, or that he was sitting next to me in my classes.

No. 1389121

I'm working this morning just to finalize a few things, I took my afternoon off, I'll go shopping downtown and I really hope my video game store has my copy of Bayonetta 3 on time today. I'll try a new restaurant, go back home, relax and I'll play either SMT5 or Bayonetta 3 depending on if I do get my copy of Bayo 3. Then I'll be on a 4 days long weekend because this is what I deserve.

No. 1389123

This is the only song of hers I know but you’re lying if you say this wasn’t your shit in 2015 when all you ate was hot sauce packets, saltine crackers, and baby carrots

No. 1389147

I still have a weird semi-obsession with a girl I was friends with like 10 years ago. She was very cool, beautiful, fashionable and assertive, but also very quick to judge people. I haven't even seen her since then but somehow she managed to burrow her way into my brains so that for some reason everything I do goes through the "what would she think about this?" filter. I genuinely don't understand why, I don't even know what or how she's doing now and I doubt I'm nothing to her but some name she used to hang out with in her past. Nobody else in my life has had that effect to me.

No. 1389154

File: 1666942717918.jpg (82.1 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

Can an EU nonnie pls marry me so I can get the hell out of this country? I promise to be a good wife and will give many smooches in return.

No. 1389161

File: 1666944103588.jpg (37.06 KB, 640x480, 1646904829908.jpg)

I really like picking up new skills but I am scared of becoming a jack of all trades, master of none

No. 1389168

eastern european shithole with a two digit inflation. i don't have a house but my friend's flat mortage payment doubled compared to last year. with us working full time maybe we can get a 30 year loan for a 25m2 studio.

No. 1389180

Deal. I hope you like kitties.

No. 1389190

File: 1666947679382.jpg (94.17 KB, 800x450, duogun.jpg)

Nona I feel this to my bones. I've finished 3 duolingo courses but I'm not confident I can hold a real conversation in any of those languages.

No. 1389195

Kek nonna that is so damn cute

No. 1389196

While Duolingo is good for learning vocabulary and keeping you studying every day, it doesn't prepare you for real life conversations and your can only learn so much for it. You also need to study from textbooks if you can, watch videos, have conversations with a native, anything. Also there's Duolingo classes where you can practice with real people on Zoom.

No. 1389197

fun fact the original quote is "jack of all trades, master of none, but often times better than a master of one"

duolingo is kind of sham, most language learning is input. you'd probably benefit more from just watching movies in those languages

No. 1389205

My condolences nona, I have many squirrels that come to my garden & I feed them, I will send them your love

No. 1389207

That's because duolingo isn't designed to teach people a language, it's designed to get people addicted to a game. Literally. Duolingo is at best an inefficient but fun way to pick up some vocab.

No. 1389209

I still listen to it now ngl

No. 1389211

How do you feed squirrels? I know I have them but they don't come close to the window.

No. 1389222

My drug dealer didn't start out as my dealer I just had met him through a guy I was dating. He's over 10 years older and we've known each other over half a decade now. I confide in him about things I wouldn't to others nothing romantic but just I can be myself around him. He's helped me out with car issues and looks out for me just in general and checks in. He night have a crush but he has never made a move in over 5 years and we hang out solo a lot. I was just thinking today how he's likely one of my best friends and I wish I didn't hide from him when I'm dating guys. Not that he's ever gave the impression he'd stop talking to me if I got a new boyfriend but I'm scared he would because he is a good friend. If I was to get married he'd be one of the first ones I'd invite. That's weird isn't it lol

No. 1389228

File: 1666951209827.jpeg (100.73 KB, 737x921, 72744E03-9282-4A3C-971F-CDD9A1…)

I thought Hocus Pocus 2 was cute and fun.

No. 1389236

File: 1666951560385.jpg (215.2 KB, 1080x1349, Mia-Maples-outdoor.jpg)

Why does Mia Maples look like a 6 in her YouTube videos but model hot in her photos, is it faceapp, she's just super photogenic, or her personality and facial expressions affect her look that much in motion?

No. 1389240

this sounds like something i would read on the incel or lookism forum.

No. 1389241

File: 1666952636895.jpg (37.64 KB, 540x535, 9722d81757fdff396917480f9f7c19…)

Sometimes I see a dumb post that deserves calling out but think to myself "I'll let another nonnie deal with this". Pic not related.

No. 1389242

Maybe I'm paranoid but everytime I see someone rating rating people's looks, I start suspecting they are male.

No. 1389243

This site literally shits on women's appearances nonstop, ever visit the Shayna thread nonnie? I'm not a moid, just a typical lolcow nitpicker

No. 1389244

Same. It's a disgusting behaviour. >>1389236 Almost everyone use facetune or has snow or another edit app on their phone. No one look like that in real for a reason.

No. 1389245

File: 1666953154872.jpg (885.44 KB, 1242x905, 1646446532447.jpg)

i am trying to pick up things only if i need them. Right now i am learning Blender to make backgrounds for my game and other simple stuff like low poly models, but i saw a 100+ hour tutorial for realistic potraits and its been tempting me even if i will never put to use what i learn, like hmmm should i make an hyperrealistic model of my husbando

No. 1389246

We don't claim them. This thread is cancerous.

No. 1389247

So you think she's editing it? I mean I'm literally asking because I feel I look awful in pics most of the time and better in video, whenever I see people who look avg in vids/irl but hot in pics I'm curious what I'm doing wrong lmao

No. 1389248

Kek I hate the Shayna thread too but let's not pretend like unwarranted nitpicking of women's appearances isnt widespread everywhere you turn on lolcow

No. 1389251

i am very hongry

No. 1389252

>realistic potraits
On blender?

No. 1389253

Can't you read? Phones have filter by default now so it's almost impossible to post unedited pictures. Also you look better in video because there's less details and you can't fixate on your flaws. Stop looking at your phone and go outside. Rating women is disgusting. If you aren't a disgusting male, fix your attitude.

No. 1389254

No. 1389257

File: 1666954456591.jpg (127.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1646807316404.jpg)

also does anyone else struggle with wanting to learn everything? right now i am learning English(ESL), drawing, blender and i want to start coding/pixel art/music. I am a NEET and even i dont feel like i have enough time for everything.

No. 1389258

Chill anon you're literally on lolcow, this is no place for the moral highground. Why are you so offended at people being rated anyway, is it bc you're a 2? I rate moids too if that eases your anger any

No. 1389261

File: 1666954920168.jpg (156.53 KB, 751x961, Doses of Miller.jpg)


No. 1389263

He used to be so cute and r@peable

No. 1389264

stop avatarfagging with your inbred looking husbando, he looks like the supreme gentleman

No. 1389265

wasnt he molested and thats how he ended up so retarded?

No. 1389268

File: 1666955314078.jpg (20.11 KB, 499x536, ⚰️ broth goth ⚰️ on Twitter.jp…)

he looks more like ramirez, who is another one of my husbandos.

No. 1389270

perish back to twitter

No. 1389273

File: 1666955746430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.51 KB, 500x700, bce45c09ebc0da26589ba310ffdeda…)

No. 1389275

I thought it was the drugs? I barely know him though

No. 1389276

fuck off

No. 1389277

you dont understand, i can save him.

No. 1389280

Fuck off to your containment thread

No. 1389300

File: 1666960593941.jpg (52.04 KB, 760x506, shutterstock_109331033-760x506…)

>mfw i spill soup all over my laptop and notebook next to my laptop and now all my silly little drawings are ruined and the spilled soup is dripping off of my desk onto my carpet

No. 1389312

I didn't mean like out of my hand, I just have a bird table & sprinkle extra on the ground around it for them. They've realised it's every morning so there's normally a couple waiting for their breakfast kek

No. 1389325

File: 1666961428085.jpg (71.93 KB, 844x960, adf.jpg)

I wish I could see all the dumb shit a client has said in the past so I can charge them for their "could never be me" attitude. A 20% dumbass tax if you will. 30% if you've praised the system or said patriarchy doesn't exist or other misogynist bullshit.

No. 1389326

>he looks like ramirez one of my husbandos

you don’t wash your cooch when in you’re the shower, anon….

No. 1389328

You should make a schedule and stick to it nonnie

No. 1389369

File: 1666963909035.jpeg (40.94 KB, 680x510, 51AB57CE-4E3F-420A-BE52-087BC1…)

I feel like there are people who really believe music reflects your mood or something or is supposed to have a deeper meaning. Like no I just wanted to listen to this song, not deep, no message, it’s not for you, I just enjoy it. So dorky to try to get Freudian over music.

No. 1389409

File: 1666965495300.png (217.1 KB, 400x400, f3167567e45c70e55070e486f22cb6…)

Oh and if I do ever get a client who wants to do the pronouns thing, I'll charge them extra for that too. Can't be too picky in this economy, so the dumbass tax will have to do. Already use a man tax.

No. 1389410

didn't you already post about this last thread..but tbh i like reading theories and also just regularly listening without theories at the same time.

No. 1389415

same, i mostly just listen to hampter dance and 10 hours of spinning rat tbh. I laugh at people that criticize my taste while listening to 10 minutes of a person saying number 9 with blender noises in the background, like get a real personality, plant a tree, get a job, loser.

No. 1389419

File: 1666966049757.jpg (500.49 KB, 3015x1350, 1658320232186816.jpg)

also, used to be friends with two music autists, they are even more useless, annoying and pretencious than videogames/movie/anime nerds, unsurprissingly they are both useless losers whose only personality is shitting people's taste in music while listening to some made up subsubsub genre of music made by stoners. I loathe them.

No. 1389430

if i'm listening to music, it is overwhelmingly likely that it's because it is stimulating and feels good to listen to. it's almost never some meaningful reflection of my internal emotions kek

No. 1389438

cry harder i cant listen you over TWILIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

No. 1389440

File: 1666967633406.jpg (135.49 KB, 1080x1080, 1664908765902.jpg)

I cant stop watching old documentaries about niche subcutures, god i wish i could be a goth/geek or god forbid even a furfag in the 90s and have a cute nerdy bf to watch imported anime with and go to comic book shops and go to the cinema to watch 1997 robin and batman and be dissapointed after and go complain about it in some niche forum that would be defunct nowadays. I hate zoomers so much for destroying fandom.

No. 1389441


No. 1389442

I really don't feel like washing my hair. It's really curly and long so it's a process and a half to wash detangle and style but I've been putting it off for days now

No. 1389448

nta honestly don't give a fuck about Pink Floyd, ELO, Sublime or any of that other shit people usually recommend to stoners

No. 1389451

I hate how long curly hair takes to dry. I wish I could shake it dry like a dog brbrbrBrBrbrr yk?

No. 1389455


No. 1389456

I don't listen to it because it doesn't tickle my brain
>How do you not like Pink Floyd and ELO?
I also don't care about Queen.

No. 1389457

I feel this so much nona I miss the dedication and how niche old fandoms were. Social media is simply not the same as a tight knit forum

No. 1389462

File: 1666968456943.png (240.45 KB, 325x533, 1643607533111.png)

they were less corporate and the fans actually enjoyed partaking in the hobby, chrunchyroll and ironic weeaboos killed anime conventions forever. I was a big weeb in the early 2010's and even had a radio show were i reviewed anime and informed people of upcomming seasonal anime and the shift in culture was such a hit for me i stopped going to cons and being part of the anime fandom because i couldnt handle the influx of newfaggotry. Before the newfag inmmigration anime memes used to be related to , y'know, fucking anime, then newfags started memeing hentai like emergence and weird shit like that gif of the little girl getting guro'd and enjoying anime ironically and making memes about lol cory in the house best annemay!!1!! where did it all go wrong nonnas, how do i build a time machine i just want one fucking person that can enjoy ''cringy'' things without 50 layers of irony

No. 1389468

If you think zoomers ruin everything you’re like the shriveled grandpa always screaming about children accidentally playing on your ugly ass lawn, just bitter and miserable and letting them live rent-free in your minds, pathetic as fuck

No. 1389481

File: 1666969073517.jpeg (106 KB, 500x444, 1436933108557.jpeg)

but its right though, zoomers turned animu into an aesthetic and thats why we have weird ass people who are alt right femboys or transbian lolis or some shit like that, that have never watched anime. Weird people like that existed before but they were ostracized even by other cringe weebs, pic related. It was such a weird cutural shift, nothing is safe anymore thanks to retarded zoomers, we should have gatekept more

No. 1389484

File: 1666969334865.jpg (114.36 KB, 1066x997, Screenshot_20221028-165949.jpg)

this post kinda reminds me of this tumblr post. I like how both of them sounds. I have no idea if they where intentionally written as poetry or they are just shitpost but I really enjoy post like these and like to think of them as poetry

No. 1389485

File: 1666969349899.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, QLZK5h9.png)

Boss is out for a few days. Now my biggest concern is whether to waste my time at work catching up on anime or twitch streams.

No. 1389486

You will never understand my checkered past, nor this joke.

No. 1389488


No. 1389491

ntayrt but that was kanye lyrics they posted

No. 1389498

Dark Side of the Moon boring. Dark Side of the Moog better.

No. 1389503

File: 1666970075641.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

for real? lol this is embarrassing but also kinda funnyi hate kanye so much i cant believe i said something positive about him
oh well at least i will always have my tumblr seed post

No. 1389504

the characters still exist as they are, just because they take creative liberties with the shows and movies they like doesn’t mean it I’ll ever change the canon. maybe the universe is telling you to not depend on herd-think to dictate how you feel/enjoy/consume your favorite media and if it does then your self-integrity is flimsy as fuck and you are still immune to peer pressure as an adult? just a thought

No. 1389505

>t. Horace Wimp

No. 1389517

File: 1666970418096.jpeg (332.2 KB, 750x1334, B5B489D9-1976-46D6-9D0A-0372E3…)

zoomers didn’t make anime cool nonnie, the internet becoming faster and more (legal) anime streaming sites becoming readily available did. If you’re regularly around weebs it’s evident anime still isn’t cool

No. 1389519


No. 1389522

File: 1666970539019.webm (2.88 MB, 360x360, Y2Mate.is - Hippopotamus-QK6OC…)


No. 1389539

learn to read, my problem is with the fandom and how it degraded over the years, stupid zoomer with the attention span of a goldfish.
zoomers did make anime ''cool'' though, thats why weirdos like ellon musk and big corpos are trying so hard to catter to weebs nowadays, every fucking big corporate thats trying to be hip with the kids has references anime and the anime demographic shifted from nerds to casual people who want to appropiate and change anime, i hate it.

No. 1389545

but why do you need to be involved with the fandom and why does it have to dictate how you enjoy anime?? can’t even answer the simplest questions with your 5g melted rabid brain going into aggression mode kek, I can see how internet addiction with millennials make them act like uncouth retards now

No. 1389564

File: 1666971972128.png (820.05 KB, 1492x1024, 1649145398134.png)

>but why do you need to be involved with the fandom and why does it have to dictate how you enjoy anime??
i re-read all my posts and i never complained about zoomers ruining anime, only them ruining FANDOM, holy shit you are retarded. I swear all zoomers are the fucking same, they complain about boomers then only consume things made by boomers and vote boomers because they cant admit they are the problem. I guess zooms zooms will never understand whats like to leave comments in your favourite artists page and then them responding and ending up going back and forth for hours talking about a ship you both like, or forming DA clubs to post about your OTP and gush about it with other girls, no one cared about your politics, no one cared about your ship being problematic, the only drama was petty middle school shit thats now fun memories instead of zoomer sending death threats to artists until they deactivate.

No. 1389566

NTA but most people want to join the fandom for a sense of community with people that enjoy or consume something they do. It’s something you share and can meet on common ground. Humans are social creatures. Wanting social relationships especially ones revolving around things you enjoy is understandable. It’s just that fandoms lack boundaries and aren’t real communities. They’re turned into parasocial validation seeking snake pits. Which can feel isolating when no one in real enjoys whatever show you really love because 20 something people on the Internet are the only other people have seen it.

No. 1389572

why don’t you go do that in real life instead of seeking it online? get off the internet and eat a banana kek

No. 1389576

File: 1666972367626.jpg (26.37 KB, 311x356, 1644233693168.jpg)

honestly i just miss sharing my art and discussing theories with people, nowadays i only draw for myself but i miss posting on DA and meeting new people
>inb4 you can still do that
its not the same, you have to walk on shells to not offend anyone, you cant give criticism anymore and retarded childs that were annoying and traced/did shitty art, etc and were rightfully told to fuck off before are babied and told they are amazing artists just for trying, also twitter fucking sucks and the only people left is DA is weird fetish people

No. 1389580

literal zoomer behaviours of ''nothing matter i am so cool for not caring about anything'' go watch tiktok retard

No. 1389584

File: 1666972666133.jpg (26.9 KB, 564x487, c250b3159022fd5123227f20dd4aa0…)

nta but my only weeb friend from growing up trooned out and we've never been able to enjoy fandom, go to cons or anything the same way again (she thought it was too feminine), until we weren't even friends anymore. I'm technically a zoomer

No. 1389593

same thing happened to me with a friend that turned he/they, its funny because she had the most femenine taste in anime liking mahou shoujo like shugo chara while i had to force her to watch edgier stuff like trigun

No. 1389602

Her favorite anime was Vampire Knight and I tried to get her into Hellsing, was a really weird situation.

No. 1389605

Ever since it was revealed the Paki-chan is (c)rap-chan, I've been wondering if she was telling the truth about coming to America.

No. 1389746

I'm sorry for all those times there was a hair on my yarn and I just crocheted it in instead of picking it out.

No. 1389789

Wait really

No. 1389806

Kek anon I feel that all of my friends from childhood trooned out and found shiny new queerio friends and I'm too retarded to figure out how to make new ones and all fandom spaces for things i like are infested with TIFs

No. 1389820

Wait, what? Paki-chan was pretending to be half-black? My fucking god she's probably in the top five most autistic anons on this site. She's insufferable.

No. 1389827

She's also the fujo sperg obsessed with that little boy actor who also posted her little brother's hand (as well as her grandma in another thread). She just keeps on giving. But who is the real her?

No. 1389829

I have barely been using lolcow at all the past few months and I totally missed that, damn. Can you elaborate, or point me to the thread where that was revealed?

No. 1389834

File: 1666981901469.png (6.35 KB, 652x108, picture.PNG)

Here you go. It's insane because every time I think of her I have flashbacks to the coquette thread in /snow/ where she had a whole story for the (c)rap-chan alter ego.

No. 1389854

File: 1666982776759.jpeg (96.78 KB, 827x827, 6917F863-1F33-4DFA-A05E-9E57F7…)

This was one of the worst times on the internet. You don’t know unless you were there. The sheer amount of women pretending to be attracted to her sexually for three months were the same women that would reblog pics of guys swatting the bed with belts and to “unfffff” it was torture

No. 1389855

File: 1666982900564.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 918180444.png)

Do you think the mods ever look at anons' post histories to create personal cows for themselves? Since multiple people's post histories have been leaked it does make me a bit paranoid.

No. 1389857

File: 1666982960582.jpg (146.64 KB, 1080x458, Sensible chuckle.jpg)

Soooooo….. back to 4chan?

No. 1389859

>since multiple peoples post history has been leaked
The ‘leaks’ are reserved for constant offenders that continue to say ridiculous ott shit. There actually aren’t that many revealed considering. Just don’t post a bunch of retarded shit over and over.

No. 1389862

I didn't look at the online fandom that much but when I saw someone say she was hotter than Vause… reeeeee

No. 1389872

Idk if mods here pay enough attention for that but I do like to imagine that I’m useful as entertainment value. The only social media account i have is completely private with no followers where I just scream into the void and I love imagining I have some personally assigned NSA agent laughing at me being insane.

No. 1389874

Someone please compile the entire lore of Paki-chan, I feel like I spend way too much time here, yet there's always more to learn about her, I can't help but love her.

No. 1389877

I have mini panic attacks one day the Mods will release my autisism like they did creepshow, I am a cow, but not a dangerous one just a weird one with weird sometimes annoying ideals. And I've been on here for years so i know I've told some lies (half truths) to make myself seem more "interesting" or to relate to nonnitas

No. 1389879

I got the same article recommended to me. I was thinking yeah I already do that on a daily basis

No. 1389882

and when I say "i'm a cow" i don't mean I have a thread or i'm famous. I'm just a isolated depressed woc who posts dumb shit on here sometimes. I don't think i'm interesting just annoying at times.

No. 1389885

are you me. same nonny

No. 1389890

No. 1389891

She should just be perma banned at this point. She’s so easily identifiable that she’s practically a tripfag and I hate hearing about her and her overall presence is disruptive. I can’t go a day without seeing anons talk about her.

No. 1389894

am I the only nonnie whose fat with fat fingers who clicks the "Anonymous" on mobile by mistake and it opens up an email addressed to "Sage"?

No. 1389899

kek me too lmao

No. 1389900

File: 1666984281704.gif (3.77 MB, 438x498, alex-vause-orange-is-the-new-b…)

Oh god, I thought you meant Vaush for a second and got so offended. But I do like Alex more. Ruby Rose is beautiful but sometimes people who are super perfect end up not being that attractive to me.

No. 1389902

I do this all the time but it never bothered me since it’s unnoticeable. I wish the dedicated thread was active, please share some of your projects if you feel like it fellow crochet nonna

No. 1389905

>She should just be perma banned at this point
she has but most likely evades constantly (like another certain namechan..)

No. 1389911

okay who is paki-chan?

No. 1389914

On another board a mod replied to some of my posts a few times mentioning my nationality or things I told that you’d only know by looking through my post history. It was pretty mundane shit too so I have no idea why they would take the time to do that in the first place but it ruined it for me and I stopped using ibs for a while because of that

No. 1389916

Didn't Admin tell off an ex-mod for doing stuff like that in the MTF thread

No. 1389928

>I thought you meant Vaush
hahaha no why would I mean that

Laura Prepon just oozes charisma or something, I don't know what it is but Ruby Rose does NOT have it (no offense to her, I don't have "it" either)

No. 1389936

I find that kinda creepy and ruins the experience of being in an anonymous image board. Also, ibs?

No. 1389951

It’s mostly petty as it was done to fuck with me. I would probably be curious too if I had access to post history but taunting users with that power is stupid.
Meant to type ‘ib’ as in imageboard, not ibs

No. 1389998

Well yeah that's because Duolingo is shit

No. 1390057

i searched the username of a retarded ugly moid i used to talk to and saw a girl who was also recently talking to him made a call out post about him. i liked it but she immediately blocked me. sad.

No. 1390215

I think we all can be. Idr use lc anymore but even at my most manic when I did everything I said was ridiculous and most of it was trolling so I truly couldn’t care less if someone tried to piece together what I was saying in the past. It was all contradictory and most of it retarded, even at my most unhinged I’m not going to share deeply personal things.

No. 1390217

File: 1667000270037.gif (222.68 KB, 56x55, 1665803431566.gif)

Fuckit. I will now go bonkers and fully embrace my bonky side

No. 1390228

File: 1667000640353.jpg (121.49 KB, 1080x1350, kat.jpg)

Can I be bonky with you too?

No. 1390229

I hope the mods don't see how thirsty I am and how pathetic my life is

No. 1390232

They definitely see my anime husbando posts and see how bpd I’ve been . i apologize for my cringe

No. 1390244

The mods all want to marry me

No. 1390246

Aaliyah looks just like my girlfriend.

No. 1390257

I feel like they do so I make sure that my post history is contradictory on both serious issues and inconsequential shit just for kicks.

No. 1390259

Your girlfriend is a catch

No. 1390261

Your GF is a 10/10

No. 1390320

My sim is pregnant, someone tell me what to name her baby (it's a girl!)

No. 1390323

No. 1390325

Blogus or Clunt.

No. 1390360


No. 1390399

Ever drank spicy soup and accidently got some in your eye? Only a retard would do that haha

No. 1390418

Only fat people will understand, but I like when you put chips and ice cream in the same shopping bag and it makes the chips all cold

No. 1390419

Ooh what kind of soup non?

No. 1390422

some kind of spicy Asian soup. Trust me my eye could tell it was spicy

No. 1390432

File: 1667013632376.jpg (49.72 KB, 680x575, 1644822450320.jpg)

i wish i could go back in time and beat the living shit out of my 16yo self, i want my perfect vision back i cant even read posts here anymorewith glasses because is see everythng smudgy

No. 1390438

File: 1667013943459.jpeg (33.47 KB, 564x564, 1666522279375.jpeg)

my peripheral vision is ASS and I'm MAD about it because my neck hurts from turning it more when I drive so I don't run anybody over

No. 1390441

I’m an average weight individual but I put my chips and pretzels or other crunchy snacks in the fridge, both to prevent my cats from eating them (chip fiends the lot of them), and because cold chips are where it’s at. Good to know this is a common indulgence for others!

No. 1390466

I've done that too anon, and yes it seems to be a retard only occurrence as I've come to find out

No. 1390484

i made a dumb list of things to do to better myself, some are so goddam stupid but you gotta do what you gotta do

No. 1390493

same… I slurped a noodle wrong apparently and splashed the soup in my eye

No. 1390548

they just think I'm a crazy unhinged low iq retard and probably take pity on me. Some of the bans I've gotten in the past had caring messages or reality checks, which is nice.

No. 1390594

oh fuck oh fuck i just felt a tingling oon my hand i hope i am not developin tendinitis, i would kms

No. 1390605

I want to be forgotten because I'm a paranoid mess and its actually affecting my mental health. When people tell me I'm boring it actually soothes me.

No. 1390611

it's definitely tendinitis nonnie. or perhaps cancer of the hand

No. 1390619

File: 1667029351369.jpeg (90.86 KB, 563x1000, 6B39E669-5E53-4AF6-8D78-D1124B…)

Hope to see anons at WWWY code word is borzoi

No. 1390623

File: 1667029801234.jpeg (83.39 KB, 682x851, 1666688433903.jpeg)

I'm so fricking hangover and still leftover drunk but I only slept like 2 hours and can't fall asleep anymore aaaa this sucks. Why did I drink so much

No. 1390630

This really cool female he/him autist told the friend group that she goes by they/them now and I'm kind of glad. I hope this means she's halfway to figuring out she's just a normal woman. Hopefully.

No. 1390638

is this god's punishment for drawing TF2 yaoi

No. 1390641

File: 1667031263871.jpg (127.49 KB, 900x1200, b6m0wourj0pz.jpg)

What languages are you nonas learning? I've found duolingo helpful but I'm a finnvag learning swedish so i already had the basics down from school + i encounter it fairly frequently in my daily life. Definitely not a good way to learn grammar rules though

No. 1390643

No. 1390649

>What languages are you nonas learning?
English kek

No. 1390669

File: 1667034939025.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

>classmate from college made a manga with some guy
>he's not credited anywhere
>only the writer name is in the book and official website
>even the twitter post announcing the manga mention only one person
>the team name is basically the writer's with two extra letters in it
>heck the website literally credit the writer as the artist and makes it looks like only one person worked on it
I wonder how he feels

No. 1390684

was learning Russian for a few months on duo, can 1/3 make out some sentences but i got worried people would say i was a pos once the war hit. i just liked how it sounds.

No. 1390699

I learned Russian via Busuu, books and relatives, I've actually used it at jobs before to enforce sanctions. Yet they still looked weird at me for it at the job I just got hired at before the war started. I don't know how else they think you can figure out that a company is actually owned by the state? You have to actually go down the whole company structure rabbithole, which isn't in English. And yeah it just sounds nice, plus they have some cool books and movies. Also I liked going to Russian Radfem vk pages.

No. 1390759

No. 1390772

Swedish and Russian and Japanese, though I gave up on Russian for now because it was too hard for me. I need a textbook or something. I've also heard that the Duo course for Russian sucks, it's badly made. Swedish is surprisingly easy (I can pick up most of the grammar without reading explanations) but I'm having a hard time with pronunciations. When the fuck are they adding the Swedish character voices back? They would be of great help

No. 1390774

japanese is going to be one of the most important languages of the 21st century. japan is well on its way to being the world power. their shinto faith and cultural soft power exported around the world is only the beginning

No. 1390778

I found an old internet friends' account (looking out of boredom) and she's on onlyfans now. We haven't spoken in years but I'm thinking of messaging her (just asking how it's going and whatever) because I'm kind of sad about it.

No. 1390785

Japanese, as of this year it's been a decade lol. I also tried to pick up Korean because the grammar is basically the same or easier and due to Chinas influence in ancient times a lot of words are pretty similar too, but I can't be assed to drill vocabulary, so I'm stuck at tourist level lmao.

No. 1390805

File: 1667051797884.png (7.08 KB, 640x400, frong.png)

pc98 frog

No. 1390810

so true!

No. 1390813

We have a thread for frogs and frog worshipping. Please visit us sometime.

No. 1390818

I have a big noticeable vein on my face and at the bottom of it by my jawline I always get sore spots there and I know it must be bad circulation or just the toxins deposit there but I hate it. I feel like the blood just pools there and it's a big sore lump but it takes days for a significant enough amount of pus for it to be squeezed. Then after that it takes like another 2 days to heal, but then the process begins again. I also feel hormonal today but I feel like I just had my period. I'm fed up today something is not right

No. 1390819

Any ways to learn more advanced Afrikaans? (I'm a Dutchfag so I know many of the regular talk already, didn't take much effort)

No. 1390824

I have to take two language classes at college so I signed up for Japanese. I struggled a lot with foreign language in highschool but in Uni it feels so much easier. It’s also kind of fun to see raw manga and understand what the characters are, if I had known how easy it was to memorize hiragana I would have done it sooner

No. 1390843

extremely important news

No. 1390847

File: 1667054885884.jpg (34.03 KB, 506x617, Kekkers.jpg)

I'm sorry I'm going to send this to everyone I know it's too funny, I showed it to my mom and she pinched me while she giggled saying,"I'm going to hell"

No. 1390848

kek anon that made me laugh

No. 1390859

File: 1667055656640.gif (6.32 MB, 300x329, 1482329992646.gif)

Sometimes I feel ashamed for getting close to moids, but then remember that I'm embarrassed about telling a guy I like him and going on a pseudo-date once. I've never had sex or even kissed a guy. I'm such a goof. It feels good.

No. 1390860

File: 1667055803047.jpg (299.57 KB, 660x440, 07-ezxwyfl.jpg)

related, I thought justin long was half asian for the most part of my childhood, but it turns out he’s just a skinny Italian

No. 1390866

No. 1390868

I have the worse taste in men, not men who are "harmful" just in general. I don't know. Let me love my ugly fat men in peace i guess.

No. 1390871

File: 1667056556487.png (45.11 KB, 194x163, munchy.png)

i learned how to catch flies with my bare hands. its so much fun.

No. 1390873

how and what kind of flies?

No. 1390899

File: 1667057804378.jpg (28.93 KB, 1000x713, fly_265605470_1000.jpg)

these ones. Ive watched a video yrs ago where it stated that flies see things in a slow blur, and that if you approach it with ur hand extremely slowly, you'll be able to thwack it once ur palm's hovering above it closely. I was super happy when it worked. I just caught a fly that was on a clothes line earlier and when i opened my palm it dropped to the ground lmao. but i sometimes feed flies icecream because watching their trunk move around sipping quickly is funny af

No. 1390901

File: 1667057854230.jpg (4.73 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

nevermind I googled it

No. 1390904

File: 1667057918338.jpg (7.13 KB, 259x194, download (2).jpg)

No. 1390907

kek how will men ever recover

No. 1390912

File: 1667058087408.png (689.11 KB, 640x853, FcYtxHlXwAA2XmD.png)

>go on a 2 hour walk
>buy and drink some expensive but tasty water
>come home
>feel 300% better
what is this witchery

No. 1390913

File: 1667058089593.jpg (4.3 KB, 259x194, download (3).jpg)

No. 1390916

>what is this witchery?

No. 1390918

File: 1667058246006.png (119.99 KB, 384x240, xoxo.png)

pc98 cocodrile

No. 1390920

File: 1667058325321.png (39.25 KB, 640x400, dark crystal.png)

pc98 dark crystal(fanmade)

No. 1390922

she really is a queen, born only a few years too early

No. 1390924

File: 1667058359059.png (36.64 KB, 640x400, kermit.png)

pc8 kermit

No. 1390953

I was bored waiting reading out the Spanish signs at the drive thru to my bf and the drive thru worker greeted me in Spanish because she heard me. Si, si senora mue Bien Gordo burger

No. 1390991

I also get very tense in the face, especially around my temples and jaw area. I usually put my head upside down for a few minutes and massage until it feels more relaxed. You could also look into lymphatic drainage massage since the area you mentioned (under the jaw) might be related to a lymphatic obstruction - it also helps depuffing the face and neck

No. 1391030

gua sha is the new little black dress

No. 1391060

File: 1667066540244.png (137.69 KB, 425x418, ducktectives.png)

damn farmers must be extra busy this week, it feels slower. to the point where not even the weekend thread is being used kek

No. 1391061

NLOG incoming but I wish not everything had been done before. I want my own foreign weirdo style but I can't seem to look feral. Everything has been done before, I don't even follow anyone for style inspiration, it's just all shit I've seen before somewhere. I want a stupid haircut nobody has, I want weird ass makeup, reeeeeee

Noticed this too, weird

No. 1391079

I hate that my smaller titty is perky and pointy, but my bigger titty is depressed, droopy, and blobby. Give me matching titties, damn it!

No. 1391087

File: 1667068647052.jpg (144.68 KB, 827x1142, tumblr_b3833604a7e6880b913b1fc…)

No. 1391094

tfw you're tormented by cows daily for having comically small hands

No. 1391097

File: 1667069200480.jpg (5.58 KB, 247x204, index.jpg)

>not even the weekend thread is being used kek


No. 1391119

I ordered something online lately and I guess it had a field for filling in your title which I didn't notice. When it arrived it was addressed to 'Null' Nonnie Nonnington

Thats my gender now

No. 1391132

File: 1667070946379.jpg (71.39 KB, 1024x1024, cat.jpg)

I signed up for Gucci, and "Mx." was one of the title options. They also have an entire Mx clothing section kek
Sorry nonnie, deleted to add that last sentence.

No. 1391142

i love this gif

No. 1391145

These two look real cute

No. 1391150

I feel bad for anything not nice I said about another woman. I'm jealous of Dasha's career, Anna can jump off a bridge for being a cunt but I will admit she's attractive, camgirls/ethots are traitors but I don't personally hate any of them or care about them.

No. 1391164

I wonder if housecatism overrides a cats natural instincts at some point. She's now ten and hasn't left the apartment since 2012, and while, when we got her, she started growling if you touched her when she was eating, she nowadays refuses to eat when there's nobody next to her watching. Same with with general food aggression that's apparently normal in cats, like guarding their food, not leaving anything for later because they're worried it'll be taken by someone, it doesn't seem to exist in her anymore, even though she did it when she was younger. She's gotten really talkative over the past few years, too, even though you couldn't hear a peep meow… from her before. Or is she just getting old? Her food packaging is telling me to use seniors food already lol.

No. 1391167

what do "mx" clothes look like

No. 1391181

No. 1391185

dumbass water for dumbasses

No. 1391189

File: 1667074015584.jpg (68.94 KB, 1000x1355, 799e4218-bef1-435e-a5d6-ca0350…)


No. 1391212

i want to learn hungarian. the name of the language is so fucking weird. the country's name is so fucking weird. hungary. (i mean please explain to me why would you name your country, out of all the possibilities of sound that can come out of the human tongue and brain, out of all the letter combinations you can come up with, with all the syllables, pretty sounds, and multiple brains thinking, brainstorming together to not fuck up naming a country, your country, go with the fucking name, hungary. H-U-N-G-A-R-Y.)

No. 1391219

I visited Budapest this summer no other european country has ever had me so confused with the language, completely alien. I couldn't come up with any way of memorizing my bus stops names, had to look at google map all the time lol

No. 1391225

You'd be surprised to hear then that Hungary is called Magyarország in hungarian

No. 1391227

Are you seriously that dumb that you think a country's english name, given out by old, long dead enlishmen, is the name the country chose for itself? Hungary the country doesnt call itself that its a completley different name, Magyarország. You might have your mind blown that japan didnt name itself japan and germany isnt germany to itself or most of the world

No. 1391233

Nta, but geez chill out anon

No. 1391240

I stubbed my toe and obviously it hurt but I've stubbed my toes before so I didn't think much of it. I went out to the gym and on the walk there it was aching and I had to sort of limp every once in a while, and on the way back it still hurt. I just took off my sock and this shit is fucking bruised. Dude what the fuck. It's not my big toe, it's the one right next to my pinky toe.

No. 1391248

I didn't even match her energy.

No. 1391260

You’re getting ate up in the replies and you deserve it

No. 1391278

oh anon…. this is so embarassing in so many ways…. First of all, the Hungarians didn't decide what the English name of their country was going to be, and second of all a quick google search would've told you that the English name of their country is derived from the old latin word Hungaria, which refers to the people who conquered today's Hungary centuries ago.

I hope you were joking when you talked about people brainstorming the name of a country, that's generally not how countries with a rich history going back many centuries get their name.

No. 1391281

that's a beautiful name for a girl

No. 1391286

>no other european country has ever had me so confused with the language
That's because nearly all of Europe speaks a language that's in the Indo-European language family (that includes English if you're a native English speaker) but Hungarian is one of the few exceptions, it's Uralic. Finnish also belongs to that family which is also notoriously difficult!

No. 1391296

Does that mean it's easier for Hungarians and Finnish people to learn each other's language? As compared to other european languages

No. 1391301

I think my friend is gender critical which was a surprise, we're hanging out again next Saturday. How are you gals?

No. 1391305

File: 1667080426953.jpg (47.44 KB, 960x960, 6e945f19-3eed-45ee-bde2-e76879…)

ladies is it gay to take a girl to a haunted house in hopes she might hold your hand when she gets scared

No. 1391308

I've been finding white hairs and it's scary. Even though I want to die sometimes, it's still scary to know that I have to at some point.

No. 1391323

File: 1667082218114.jpg (69.79 KB, 715x638, suspicious-cat-is.jpg)

The month's almost over and my period is nowhere to be found

No. 1391328

NTA but probably, though apparently Hungarian and Finnish aren't very similar. They're pretty distant, actually. But aside from that, I've read that they have similar grammar.

Estonian is also a Uralic language, that one's more closely related to Finnish.

No. 1391329

I think it's cute

No. 1391332

I've had white hairs since childhood, yet my death is far from being close to happening

No. 1391353

File: 1667084708324.gif (4.12 MB, 640x360, 07C76478-0A03-486F-8759-F3956E…)

nonnies is it childish to want to draw fanart of characters you like when you’re an adult? I don’t know why but I find when other people draw fanart it’s cool to me but when I try to draw it which is rarely it feels so embarrassing to me

No. 1391359

Congratulations !!!

No. 1391366

Do you think fanartists are childish?

No. 1391367

yes but their art is kewl as hell

No. 1391369

Think of all the bible or mythology geeks who spent all of their lifetimes painting various biblical or mythological characters. Fanart is one of pillars or art as a whole, nothing childlish about it.

No. 1391381

You're dumb

No. 1391385

Um and you're mean

No. 1391394

you’re right kek
nonnie why would you hurt me so deeply like that on a saturday…

No. 1391399

File: 1667087690416.jpg (43.44 KB, 564x1036, 1c14b86c7e01018bee43ecab56f390…)

How and when did this become a radfem website? As a gossip imageboard, I'm sure at one point it must have originally been just a place to be snarky in a politically incorrect way, and talk about girl stuff. So what changed? Have any oldfags noticed the change?

No. 1391403

this is arguably an apolitical website. the radfem shit has always been there but in its respective cages like 2xx that’s a hidden board that barely anyone wants to use and the tranny threads for women and men. there is nothing desirable or worthwhile of even calling yourself one, they have no end goal or genuine beliefs they just want to harp on trannies all day while men continue to kill us and our children kek

No. 1391406

>when did this become a radfem website?
userbase has aged and learned the truth from life experience

No. 1391407

This really isn’t a radfem website. I’ve been here since like 2016 and there have definitely been numerous cultural shifts. I might be wrong but it feels like the user base has gotten much younger and there are fewer long term posters than there were in the past.

No. 1391413

File: 1667088584442.png (85.62 KB, 511x205, 1650957322068.png)

most of us still abhor trannys and dumb scrotes irregardless of the handmaiden newfags and whatnot.

No. 1391414

Yep, when I first started using this website (before the hidden board existed) I was surprised by how many openly homophobic and conservative anons were here. Just because someone is anti-trans doesn’t mean they’re a feminist of any sort. All kinds of people are united by dunking on trannies.

No. 1391415

wow that's actually powerful

No. 1391419

How the fuck is this a radfem website? I wouldn't even call it a feminist website.

No. 1391422

Lolcow is not and never was a radfem website. Like others have already pointed out, just because somebody hates trannies doesn't make them a radfem. Most anons come off as apolitical aside from the tranny shit.
I wonder, as another oldfag, is it that the userbase has gotten younger? Or we have gotten older? A lot can change in 7 years; that's almost a decade worth of experience. I do agree that the userbase is at least seemingly more zoomer-ish or Twitter-like (for lack of better words) than it was in the past. Some anons forget that lolcow (and it's predecessor, Stamina Rose) was literally born on 4chan and expect that we all pretend to be normies or obnoxious Twitards

No. 1391433

radfem twitter migrants made their way into this place which is why theres a lot more moralists and victorian sounding anons kek. this place being female only is based but that doesnt mean we have to make it a cringe political hugbox.

exactly, its like they keep forgetting that this is an imageboard. i hate the anons who whine 24/7 about "moid humor" or whatever the fuck, if you want safe, boring, "unproblematic", unfunny jokes just go to tumblr or something jfc.

t. a zoomer

No. 1391445

>dates non-white girl
>just like that, poor self-image cured, actually they’re hot shit now
Why are they like this? How does this happen? Who is really to blame?

No. 1391450

File: 1667090242050.png (251.22 KB, 668x639, whatamidoing.png)

>anons forget that lolcow
That is the newfags, as they are the reason why we have more zoomer-ish or Twitter-like behaviour as they often refuse to integrate properly and learn about lolcow origins. Although I do believe that with the rise of various social media, board etiquette has evolved along side it. I will admit that this sites mascot has grown on me.

No. 1391454

I've been on lc since 2016 and i actually enjoyed the time when gc threads were allowed and then it got merged into 2x and it wasn't hidden. The mods were really quick and admin actually talked so i never saw any shit even during the raids from trannies that would butthurt with gore. I think all of the milky cows other than the rare case of w milk called Jill are not milky ever since 2019. Gossip boards are boring and with PULL closing (and other things) the quality of a website just went down.

No. 1391457

>moid humor
I just wanna post wojaks without being called a scrote/moid

No. 1391461

exactly its like they think women can only post normie reaction gifs and "uguu wholesum" memes. i say post all the wojaks you want anon, you have to be the change you want to see in this place kek.

No. 1391466

Some anons really suck the fun out of everything. I wish some of you would learn to lighten up.

No. 1391467

I really rarely see anons being called a moid for using a wojak. Literally no one is stopping you.

No. 1391470

I don't know why mods still won't let us have manhate, feminism, gc etc threads. There is obviously still a massive presence of those topics on here, you aren't gonna get any pushback for extreme misandry or twansphobia, mods also seem on board with it judging by their redtexts. But we can't have dedicated threads about those topics? Is it really just because we think it will attract scrotes? I'm sure it would but I also think it's worth it for the joy and comradery hating on them brings us. The snow MTF/FTM threads are pretty good substitutes but I think the discussions could be broader and less focused on cows.

No. 1391471

How is this place a radfem hugbox?

No. 1391472

We can have those threads nonna, they're just in /2X/

No. 1391473

The only time I saw people getting called scrote/moid for that was when there was a soyjak spammer from another site shitting up every thread, and that very weird post in the confessions thread.

No. 1391479

if you're observant then you'll have noticed the slow shift in culture. its difficult to cite precise examples for you because i dont have a phd in lolcow but off the top of my head i'd say theres a lot more of a "sanitised" vibe to this place recently. i've seen quite a few complaints about images/banners/whatever being too "pornified" or the aforementioned "moid humor", cringe ass political speeches in unrelated threads, etc etc but hey maybe im just schizo. idk, just a general schoolmarmy vibe thats just a giga buzzkill.

No. 1391480

My phone has been downloading something from chrome for 19 hours. I canceled it but I wonder wtf that could've been a virus?

No. 1391481

nta but I don't think not wanting to see some random girls' ass constantly (who isn't even a relevant cow anymore) is a radfem thing

No. 1391482

samefagging but also i didnt say they were successful in making it into a hugbox, just that there is a demographic on here that is trying to do that.

No. 1391485

I think it began with CSA getting exposed to be honest

No. 1391489

You know that doesn't count, they're dead af and no fun to post in. The threads used to be crazy active, always on the front page.

No. 1391490

"We have some things to discuss about the most important thing happening in our lives right now when I get home"

Oh my god don't tell me that before you will be on the road with no service for 6 hours before you get home. Couldn't even elaborate if it was good or bad oh my god I have to sit here and stew now

No. 1391501

Just reading this gives me a second hand anxiety

No. 1391507

File: 1667093779749.jpg (149.75 KB, 750x938, sandwich (2).jpg)

I've never had a real, genuine answer to "what's your favorite food". I mean, I have a favorite food type but not one specific food. I've been thinking about it recently and I think my favorite food is absolutely sandwiches. They come in so many varieties. Every culture on earth has an amazing sandwich recipe. They hit every spot for me. Savory, sweet, salty, acidic, they can have all the flavors. They can have every type of bread. A sloppy, warm sandwich with a bunch of veggies, cheese, and some type of sauce/dressing are always my go-to. Not including burgers in this though even though those are sandwiches.

On another note, I wonder what happened to that anon who couldn't contact her wife in a different country from a few days ago. I hope she's ok.

No. 1391509

The pic you posted before looked better

No. 1391511

>find an attractive looking moid for my Sims, which is a rarity with how ugly most of the characters look
>they start flirting
>find out he already has a wife and kids
Damn, now I don't know if my Sims have it in her to be a homewrecker kek

No. 1391519

you're so fucking right. when i was learning to speak i imprinted the word "lunch" with the visual and taste of sandwiches so now every time i think of lunch it's the first thing on my mind. igaf if it's pavlovian it's a perfect food. i miss my shitty sandwich wholesale assembly job and getting my free daily sandwich

No. 1391521

File: 1667094326844.jpg (69.18 KB, 640x605, sandwich.jpg)

Really? I don't know, I didn't really like it. For some reason it was hard to find a photo on Pinterest that I liked. I like the grill marks on this one but the other photo is a little more vibrant and has more color. Plus you can see the fillings better.

No. 1391529

They both look delicious and I'd eat them both right now.

No. 1391549

File: 1667097253999.jpg (63.72 KB, 700x525, 591af05ac01b0_1336367766_ca708…)

My fingernails are too long but im too lazy to clip them. Somebody grab me like a cat and clip my nails. Nosferatu vibes, vachina eyes, and rise me up from the ryes.

No. 1391653

With my old dog we had to sedate and muzzle her is that what you need nonnie?

No. 1391765

I went so long without clipping them that now one day after clipping them too short my fingertips are sore from sliding them across my phone screen and typing on keyboards.

No. 1391772

I wonder what post of yours you got shat on for

No. 1391790

>which is why theres a lot more moralists and victorian sounding anons
God I hate them so much

No. 1391792

Nta but you’re probably a part of the problem if that’s your thought process instead of being sick of constantly seeing regular, common lc banter of the last eight years accused of being male

No. 1391800

I just wanna know if we have the same idea of "moid humor" or not, to know what kind of jokes you're talking about

No. 1391803

No, a lot of oldfags came across radical feminism and changed, stopped being interested in nitpicking and moved over to ot and g. This is the same bullshit one of the previous admins said years ago about how supposedly all the pink pilled nonnas came from Reddit. I agree that it's annoying that everything is called scroteish, especially for having some 4chan tier humor, but not even the misogynistic kind. However it's also interesting how at the same time that you know what is down, suddenly there are lots of anons complaining about manhate, misandry, pinkpilled nonnas and radical feminism.

No. 1391806

I am just tired of these wannabe 'sneaky' anons that racebait the same topics over and over again across /ot/ threads. It's been happening for a month now.

No. 1391809

File: 1667123856562.png (49.5 KB, 400x282, 1665328899236.png)

Some anons post about not wanting to see the pork chop/corndog/ banners or schoolgirl skirt spoiler, don't like unfunny comics and this place becomes a "radfem hugbox". Oh the horror

No. 1391810

>this place becomes a "radfem hugbox"
damn i wish that were true

No. 1391812

File: 1667124026814.jpg (41.97 KB, 564x549, def9577b0b77e622ba968bf5415d75…)

bring it in

No. 1391815

honestly i wish we had separate banners on /ot/ i dont use the lolcow boards outside of snow for the MTF thread

No. 1391817

That isn’t the issue here. I and probably many other oldfags agree those banners are terrible and weird. In general, gifing and sharing so much humiliating content of pixyteri that she thought was being sent to one man who liked her was pathetic enough as is. What most of us are sick of is the dorky, hypersensitive pearl clutching and inability to take any sort of joke or satire whatsoever. This place is not for you to wax poetic about kindness and humility.

No. 1391852

Ok, but what does that have to do with radical feminism?

No. 1391854

Who is actually saying it has anything to do with radical feminism except for that one person calling it a radfem hugbox? It’s still an annoying issue.

No. 1391857

File: 1667127444853.gif (1.65 MB, 200x167, 200w (1).gif)

Here you go, this whole discussion started with
>How and when did this become a radfem website?
>radfem twitter migrants made their way into this place which is why theres a lot more moralists and victorian sounding anons kek

No. 1391867

There's a difference between anons that have been here for while that happen to be radfem or have become radfem over time and the twitter/tumblr migrants. There are times when /ot/ becomes unbearable because the newfags don't understand the culture and do not know when to shut the fuck up.

No. 1391868

Currently drawing Russia Hetalia having his titty grabbed by (you), I can't promise it'll look good though

No. 1391869


No. 1391888

can you post it in the /g/ thread when done

No. 1391891

you're all so sexy stop it nonas OWO

No. 1391894

I never watched mean girls.

No. 1391922

I saw the biggest fucking squirrel in my life while up in the rockies. 11,000 feet up. Fucker was over a foot tall I swear on my life.

No. 1391938

Altitude sickness made you hallucinate the biggest squirrel

No. 1391957

I purposely write unstable bad reviews of my restaurant to make Karens look unstable and untrustworthy of their review

No. 1391972

There's a show on Netflix that is only half-subbed which means I can't comfortably eat my chips while watching it otherwise I'd miss part of the dialogue.
To say reee would be to say nothing.

No. 1392005

Wojaks are painfully unfunny please go back to 4chan with that shit. Dunno why other anons thing male humor=funny, maybe its the 4chan rot, but i am tired of all the imageboards just being retards spamming unfunny "politically incorrect" memes because they think its makes them cool and edgy

No. 1392024

Why not just provide good service

No. 1392031

i had a table right next to me with a boomer woman complain she was allergic to a sauce they used and said she didnt eat it. her plate was cleaned and she looked like no reaction was happening. she said to the over worked waiter she demanded the food free or discounted. the manager came to look at her cleaned plate and refused. she tried to say in the review her plate was half eaten and the manager had yelled at her. neither of those happened the manager, 2 servers, 1 bartender were just over whelmed by a sudden rush of people at lunch on a monday. more people should be forced to work in food to see the stupidity with unrealistic expectations.

No. 1392038

They don't realize that just because it's an offshot of 4chan, doesn't mean that it needs to be like 4chan in every way. (it's an offshot for a reason, otherwise we'd all still be there)

No. 1392167

The nonnas in the Brasil thread seem nice, they post a lot of cute pictures. No idea what they're talking about, but I appreciate seeing their thread.

No. 1392193

File: 1667145320390.jpeg (84.83 KB, 1280x720, E5F93192-7016-4A91-8381-9E98B2…)

The movie Lightyear ended my friendship of 6 years. I was talking about how sweet the moral was, how it’s about accepting the curve balls life throws that turns your life into something you never expected and turning it into something even more beautiful. He got mad and started ranting about how the movie sucked because he failed and everyone should have supported him to keep trying because their lives would have been better if he didn’t fuck it up/could fix it. We had hours long arguments about this movie on 3 separate occasions before I told him to fuck off that I didn’t want such bitter, pathetic, self pity wallowing losers who can’t appreciate human connection more than corporations in my life KEK

No. 1392194

We're having a political fight

No. 1392215

is it a polite political fight at least?

No. 1392225

It has abysmal reviews but personally I thought it was pretty cute and kept me entertained. The twist is a little lame but it’s better than average IMO. I think scrotes just hate this movie because they’re like my ex-friend and wanted him to be a hero underdog who was worshipped but instead he was portrayed as the asshole that he is who prioritized work and status over everything else.

No. 1392227

I find it funny every time I open /w/ there seems to be another post of 'woah what's happening?'in the lolita community thread probably by some other lolita. Never got into the fashion but I like reading the small drama.

No. 1392286

I think LC is going the way of majority general threads since when everyone’s a cow no one’s a cow.

No. 1392287

File: 1667149319610.jpg (36.11 KB, 640x400, xEPPU2EHxXHx9kE7s-0YQW2byOBCAn…)

I wish she was a romanceable companion. I love her so much. I love her voice, I love how she was alive before the bombs fell (you could bond over that!) And I love her suit. I always accept her quest to find library books. I just know she has major beef with that tranny robot and if she was real we'd talk so much shit about him. We'd be the ones to spread a rumor about the trannybot being an institute spy and get him booted from goodneighbor kek. She is my FO4 waifu and it pains me that I cannot romance her. I have Curie with me almost all the time and if she knew what I was thinking about when I'm buying from Daisy she'd leave me immediately. I'm sorry Curie. But Daisy's the one for me.

No. 1392295

I’m sorry your friendship ended but I’m losing it over two people having literal hours long fights over fucking Lightyear. Kek

No. 1392307

File: 1667150402164.jpeg (153.22 KB, 669x900, 2BD9C89F-DB08-4145-AC54-6DE2DF…)

Looking at pictures like this is better than therapy

No. 1392311

I put on fragrance/essential oil instead of perfume today, and I smell so fucking good.

No. 1392319

I actually did not enjoy this movie because overall it's kind of lame.
I agree with you though even though I think it didn't have as much emotional weight as it could've. The setup was really good.

No. 1392321

File: 1667151212042.png (2.57 MB, 1844x1302, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 12.3…)

I'm on medication and the side effect is nausea and no appetite and the pounds are COMINGG OFFFFFFFFFFFF. Love it

No. 1392329

File: 1667151695014.gif (68.45 KB, 544x503, 1626733951850.gif)


No. 1392331

File: 1667151987844.jpg (11.37 KB, 414x414, 1651175846007.jpg)

Does anyone have that pearl clutcher comic? and the 'keep on clutchin' ' comic?

No. 1392338

File: 1667152486466.png (383.56 KB, 1400x720, 1666803736950.png)

indeed i do

No. 1392346

Help I’m ratard I don’t get it

No. 1392357

was doodlethread drama, one anon drew some stacy jokes on the board themed female utopia and other drawfags are still seething and tinfoiling that the artist is secretly a moid. she responded with that comic and they're still clutchin' about it

No. 1392362

File: 1667153152055.jpg (87.51 KB, 520x712, Joyce_King.jpg)

I got to clutch pearls more, look at those forearm and delt gains, absolutely sick.

No. 1392408

Wasn't she the one getting mad at a Shrek joke or something, idk everyone in that thread seems retarded lately on all sides

No. 1392455

File: 1667159632849.jpg (121.72 KB, 567x845, Screenshot_20221030-155034_Chr…)

I just wanna be a cartoon

No. 1392472

my neighbor has covid and i nearly shit myself when i started getting a runny nose. but thankfully i just have a regular cold.. fuck runny noses though

No. 1392475

nobody liked it because its peak autism and makes 0 sense

No. 1392486

To you

No. 1392488

You're aware that a lot of people experience covid as a regular cold, right? Now there's no way to tell if it's covid or not because the symptoms overlap and the tests don't detect it.

No. 1392492

yeah because i'm not an autist

No. 1392495

Nice headcanon

No. 1392507

Not particularly.

No. 1392516

Did anyone else used to follow this tumblr blog that exposed cringe weeaboos and their milky behaviour. It was pretty big and active 10 years ago. Some of the posts included fujos inflicting yaoi paddles on unsuspecting victims in cons and creepy male otaku sexpests. I guess I've always had a fascination on observing people with shitty and strange behaviors even before discovering LC, but this fascination mostly extends to groups of people. No wonder I have a special interest in trannies now kek

No. 1392525

File: 1667164495681.jpg (53.2 KB, 640x776, 640px-Ayn_Rand_(1943_Talbot_po…)

Ayn Rand was obviously autistic considering that her self insert character in her most famous work was her idealized self that has steamy sex with a hot capitalist dude

No. 1392529

File: 1667164817396.jpg (114.36 KB, 750x542, 05-327.jpg)

I'm not making this up, rand's self-insert Dominique Francon(rich heiress) calls Howard Rork(the protagonist) and a worker from her quarry and was like

>"I pay you big money for one hour of fixing my chimney. Yes, it has only a little scratch and I did it on purpose

>Also I am alone and defenseless, I wonder what would happen"
>"Yes, mister Roark, I am glad we understood each other, now if you want to keep your job come to my place once a week to fix my chimney again and I would pay you a lot"

Ayn Rand wrote a book about genius architect who's a mix of Frank Lloyd and Nikola Tesla with perfect body, Then self-inserts as a strong woman who harasses him and calls him like a whore

No. 1392531

I've seen some women say that when walking home at night they do weird shit like talk to themselves or randomly yell, and I think that's really smart.

No. 1392538

File: 1667165343693.gif (4.38 KB, 87x177, 15-char_spaz.gif)

In a couple of years there will be actual bio male teenagers named Ayden/Kayden/Brayden etc out there whose moms followed the trend of the time and they'll have to deal with the fakeboi connotation these names gained because those fakebois chose trendy names for the year they trooned out rather than the year they were actually born. This is very tragicomic to me.

No. 1392543

Pretty sure she did the exact same fucking thing in Atlas Shrugged, but then made it a love triangle and gave herself TWO husbandos. I just can't take 'objectivists' seriously. You can avoid being a collectivist without simping for Muskrat and most capitalists didn't get in their spot by the sweat of their brow and high amounts of creativity and risk taking, like she seemed to think. She can have her romanticized husbandos, but that's just not the way reality is and irl they would never listen to a woman.

No. 1392544

Ayn Rand was retarded but who cares that her husbando OCs were not "realistic enough"

No. 1392546

because she created an ideology called "objectivism" based on her husbando OCs and there are a lot of people who still follow it and believe in it, including politicians

No. 1392551

anyone who has ever written fiction is autistic

No. 1392558

I saw a picture of a beautiful woman earlier and can't stop thinking about it

No. 1392559

I told a friend in middle school to do this and she said it worked

No. 1392561

who? where?

No. 1392568

I don't think being fat is for everyone. Some women can look beautiful while fat and some can't. All men look ugly fat though.

No. 1392576

Wait, they brought back the ghost game??

>into something even more beautiful. He got mad and started ranting about how the movie sucked because he failed and everyone should have supported him to keep trying because their lives would have been better if he didn’t fuck it up/could fix it.
Scrotes give bad reviews to every movie or show where the protagonist that they self-insert as does something different because it breaks the immersion and forces them to evaluate their own thoughts and actions, kek

No. 1392599

I just killed a gnat and then burned it over a candle to get rid of it.

No. 1392604

File: 1667168193747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.7 KB, 461x422, shannon thornton.jpg)

Picrel, she's an actress shit photo but I had to crop them

No. 1392617

File: 1667168493073.png (616.79 KB, 600x687, Screen-Shot-2022-07-08-at-4.29…)

never heard of her before but she really is lovely

No. 1392621

Being fat is for no one. Go back to your HAES death cult.

No. 1392625

nta but depends what you mean by fat, of course no one looks good as a deathfat, but some women do look better a little chunkier (not actually obese), but no men do really.

No. 1392626

I don't believe in HAES, but also my post was just about looks. Don't get too triggered anon.

No. 1392646

Something about Ben Shapiro’s face just makes me want to bully him

No. 1392649

you're not at all the first one nonnie he was bullied by everyone in school by his own admission

No. 1392653

Sorry, I will admit I was unnecessarily rude. I’ve just seen numerous posts here lately where anons imply being overweight is some feminist statement or act like it’s totally normal to have type 2 diabetes. It’s creepy and I don’t remember seeing anons like that until quite recently.

No. 1392654

i feel this way about his voice, he has a very stereotypical know-it-all nerd voice, i can tell he was insufferable in school

No. 1392661

That shiteating grin I wanna wipe it off his face with a rock

No. 1392662

He looks like he needs to be pegged like badly and then his entire persona would do a complete 180 and he’d be reborn.

No. 1392666


No. 1392667

I've always felt this way about him kek

No. 1392679

Thank you nona. Now I want to peg Ben Shapiro.

No. 1392692

No. 1392696

he makes all these nonnies' p-words w-word but not his own wife's

No. 1392705

One of the anons you replied to
Having to hear his whiny, self-righteous voice in person day after day would inevitably force me to commit a crime, so in the case of his wife I completely understand

No. 1392747


No. 1392755

Yeah, sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic and particularly bored, I go through those blogs and entries on deviantart. Back then, when calling yourself a weeaboo instead of an otaku was still shameful lmao

No. 1392757

I know the other anon is mad at you for promoting haes, when that's not what you did, you spoke completely of aesthetics. But I kind of agree. Some fat women are very lucky with their fat distribution and be very beautiful, but obviously the cut off is when they begin to blatantly look immobile and grotesque and now their facial features have been swamped in fat. I thought momokun was cute in the early days of her career anyways.

No. 1392781

Don't ask me how I know this but Jerma was faking his boston accent the whole time. He's from boston but he was purposefully playing it up and putting it on to an insane degree.

No. 1392785

It’s called…. A bit

No. 1392787

if you won't tell us how you know this or any information in general then i'll just assume you're lying

No. 1392788

You’re mistaken. We don’t share this opinion out of horniness. He literally looks like a condescending twink that needs to be brutally assblasted by a man with a foot on his tiny skull so he shuts the fuck up.

No. 1392789

I guarantee you if he was split open by a dick he would straighten out. Like go stark quiet. He would understand the empty hole in his chest that he’s tried fruitlessly to fill all these years with far right psychobabble is just his base intrinsic need for a cock in his throat. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

No. 1392805

File: 1667179781929.jpg (435.55 KB, 1080x1536, 20221030_212630.jpg)

>Okay Facebook

No. 1392807

No. 1392809

File: 1667180413459.gif (660.73 KB, 320x213, Oi4uU8.gif)

No. 1392815

Bought dangly spider earrings and a snake ring. I didn't buy them only to wear for Halloween but I was definitely more inclined to get them for Halloween. My office doesn't dress up but I'm going for a casual witchy-y sort of look and I think the ring and earrings will be a nice touch. I usually wear vampire fangs only for Halloween at the office, because I'm lazy, but also in a sort of subtle "monsters live amongst us and just blend into human society now" sort of way but I can't find them. Guess I will pretend my sharp canines are human sized vampire teeth (which I tell myself often because I am retarded).

No. 1392816

It doesn't just say "cum". It says "cum dumpster", making it much worse.


No. 1392818

I'd actually like this if it just said CUM and was marketed to adults.

No. 1392839

File: 1667183015683.gif (3.22 MB, 498x373, bestofbothworlds.gif)

>me having to decide between telling anons or my friends something

No. 1392856

File: 1667183473507.gif (1.96 MB, 450x253, 22BB6015-6BE2-48C1-89D4-284979…)

Kek, same.

No. 1392937

File: 1667188952885.jpg (328.78 KB, 934x1149, cheeseandrice.jpg)

I love it when anons post axe wounds and then describe all the horrors it's like game to me kek like I wonder if this is gonna be the one axe wound that makes me throw up. So far no picture of a tranny sexual reassignment mutilation has made me puke but the one that had maggots crawling in the wound that the mods (bless their souls) removed even though it was spoilered correctly made me actually gag.

No. 1392956

File: 1667190941449.jpeg (57.23 KB, 749x754, FZmH7NoUUAErJDT.jpeg)

I'm so constipated. I can feel the turds way deep in my bowels but it WON'T. COME. OUT. LET ME SHIT. END MY SUFFERING.

No. 1392963

File: 1667191562409.jpg (16.17 KB, 239x275, 1660060815022.jpg)

I'm exporting stuff for my mom and oh my god is there a ton of files. I'm only 1/7th of a way done.

No. 1392965

I've been eating ground beef and it's been good, but there's always a little bit that's kind of chewy and I don't like it. I don't actually know what part it is or how to describe it. I just don't like it.

No. 1392967

Unfortunately I understand your pain. I took Linzess this morning and still feel awful. A few years ago I was hospitalized for a bowel impaction and it was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever experienced and I never ever ever want to deal with that again.

No. 1392969

It's probably the muscle fiber or perimysium.

No. 1392976

File: 1667192994438.jpg (97.06 KB, 570x1028, 5416f291f8e92f36df99511179978f…)

Me this winter.

No. 1392977

Mega based. Mega cozy.

No. 1392979

pretty sure I follow some of you on instagram. you're all very cute

No. 1392980

it could be fat. the more fat mince has the rubberier it seems (to me, anyway). the cheaper it is the more they bulk it up with fat instead of lean beef

No. 1392984

paste and comfypilled

No. 1393009

Are you the vegetarian anon who’s trying to incorporate meat into her diet? If yes, congrats you’re doing a great job! I’ve been vegetarian over 15 years and occasionally think about reintroducing fish to my diet but at this point I probably couldn’t digest red meat if I wanted to due to GI issues. It’s fine though because I’ve always disliked meat and poultry (I did like salmon though) and became vegetarian to get out of eating it. Somehow I still vividly remember the taste and especially texture of meat so I’m pretty impressed by you lmao

No. 1393019

File: 1667197860952.png (25.9 KB, 480x280, b01bfee9b5dc3a3ba92f218c49f56d…)

this week i am definetly picking up coding, wish me luck nonners i am going to make my neocities page and dream game

No. 1393020

Good luck, anon! You got this.

No. 1393023

File: 1667198200321.jpg (83.96 KB, 519x650, cow-in-flower-crown-paint-by-n…)

>I’ve always disliked meat and poultry (I did like salmon though) and became vegetarian to get out of eating it.
nta same, but then with vegan. One of my first memories is hating cheese, in a cheese obsessed country. Also never liked eggs. Was sick and tired of being seen as a picky eater, even though I would eat whatever fruits or veggies you'd put in front of me as a kid and still today. Just didn't like boiled eggs, omelettes or cheese. Later I found out I'm lactose intolerant and have a reason to dislike dairy. Yet I was seen as more picky than the retards who would throw up at anything greener than a potato. also I realized I was treating animals worse than scrotes, when animals are innocent, most in the industry are female, treated horribly and it felt morally inconsistent in my schizo worldview to treat them worse than scrotes. I'll eat meat again when I'm actually allowed to defend myself.

No. 1393025

File: 1667198434901.png (12.23 KB, 640x400, 04697.png)

whats your current obssesion/autistic interest? mine's game title cards
thank you! gonna do my best

No. 1393026

>I'll eat meat again when I'm actually allowed to defend myself.
I don't understand how this relates with the rest of your post

No. 1393027

File: 1667199003374.jpg (100.48 KB, 736x731, be367c32ebc5268d410b6db0549a9a…)

I won't eat meat unless I live in a world where I can treat scrotes worse than animals. I view scrotes not as subhuman, but subanimal, because a cow never did anything to me, cows don't go around raping women. So I would only start eating meat again if the world was actually balanced. So I will have no problem eating meat for survival when the apocalypse hits, but there would be societal breakdown and I'd be allowed to bonk scrotes on the head as self defense.

No. 1393030

arent cow farts super polluting, but agree on the men being subanimals

No. 1393032

we're the ones breeding them and putting them in 'raperacks' so that's on us really. Cows wouldn't reproduce so much if they weren't forced to by mainly human scrotes.

No. 1393041

This cow is so cute. Poor girl

No. 1393042

What kinda game do you wanna make?

No. 1393044

I just want to hug and brush retired/rescue cows and keep them forever. Would use their manure for fertilizer. Idc how often I've stepped in cow pies, I love cows. Wish it wasn't so ridiculously difficult nowadays, with ridiculous bureaucracy. Meanwhile massive corporate factory farms, which cannot possibly take good care of the cows anymore by that point, kinda get away with it because they have the money to do something about the "nitrogen problem". All the small farms, which probably did take decent care of them, have disappeared over the last 3 decades.

No. 1393049

File: 1667203082762.png (571.48 KB, 571x551, lisa agrees.png)

No. 1393052

File: 1667203260756.gif (6.19 KB, 250x250, FlatFoolhardyGodwit-max-1mb.gi…)

cow supremacy

No. 1393054

File: 1667203421568.png (37.85 KB, 640x400, PHOTO_GENIC_A_main_cg_1046.png)

shmup, i know its a dead genre but i love them and i would like to play one that caters to all of my tastes(i just want to make touhou but side scroller and with cute boys instead) also maybe an otome, all of the ones i have tried bored me to death in contrast to their female counterparts which tend to be cuter.
Also, i regret quitting japanese now i wanna play obscure pc98 VNs and i can't, i need to pick it up again.

No. 1393063

>i just want to make touhou but side scroller and with cute boys instead
I was gonna suggest Danmakufu for shmups but idk if it allows for side-scrollers. Kek when I was younger I wanted to make a Hetalia shmup on Danmakufu but never learnt how to use the program.
>also maybe an otome, all of the ones i have tried bored me to death in contrast to their female counterparts which tend to be cuter.
All of them? What features or elements do you want in otome? Also what do you mean by "cute"? I realize that they have different art styles, or maybe you're comparing otome to old school dating sims specifically? Cuz modern galge look like ass.

Most otome games these days also bore me because of the VN format and stories and characters that usually don't appeal to me a lot, I prefer dating sim gameplay and there's not a lot of those around, especially these days. I wish I could play Angelique (the OG) but just like you, I haven't studied Japanese in a while so I can't play it.
I have an idea for an adult otome game that is a dating sim/SRPG hybrid set in a dystopia. It may have pixel sprites.

No. 1393084

File: 1667210737127.jpg (26.94 KB, 895x620, 04-04.jpg)


THERE IS NO TIME heavy breathing

No. 1393089

thank god, I can finally fart in peace with nobody hearing or smelling

No. 1393092

7 am, time to eat lunch nomnomnom

No. 1393093

Does that mean an airplane engine is going to crash through my roof and kill me now?

No. 1393094

it's not an airplane it's ME and I force you to listen to the song that's been stuck in my head all week but I also feed you breakfast

No. 1393095

samefag, you'll like the breakfast. the song is up for debate.

No. 1393099

High on acid

No. 1393103

how is it nona? so jealous
acid is seriously the best, I feel so renewed after a good few tabs.

No. 1393128

mucho texto

No. 1393131

File: 1667216082463.png (94.76 KB, 296x256, 1667155792809830.png)


No. 1393133

File: 1667216172681.jpeg (90.37 KB, 659x900, EakDAdbXQAATDe-.jpeg)

No. 1393135

File: 1667216274081.jpg (74.66 KB, 540x540, 1662234482583.jpg)

No. 1393136

>because WHERE I AM FROM
Pakichan is so clockable.

No. 1393138

>I was gonna suggest Danmakufu for shmups but idk if it allows for side-scrollers. Kek when I was younger I wanted to make a Hetalia shmup on Danmakufu but never learnt how to use the program.
i mean touhou more in the sense of the characters, i prefeer shmups like fantasy zone, harmful park, trouble witches, those are some of my favourites.
>All of them? What features or elements do you want in otome? Also what do you mean by "cute"? I realize that they have different art styles, or maybe you're comparing otome to old school dating sims specifically? Cuz modern galge look like ass.
i mostly dont like the types of husbandos you get to choose on otome games, i prefeer more cute male characters? for examples Ensemble Stars is the only male idol anime i enjoyed because the characters are so fun, not into serious stuff honestly.
> modern galge look like ass.
so true, they look so ugly even the new higurashi sprites look like ass, VN art has degraded so much.
>I have an idea for an adult otome game that is a dating sim/SRPG hybrid set in a dystopia. It may have pixel sprites.
wish you the best nonners we need more female gazey games

No. 1393141

good kek

No. 1393143

>i mostly dont like the types of husbandos you get to choose on otome games
Yeah, same. It's been especially bad in recent years which is part of why I stick to older otome games.
>Ensemble Stars is the only male idol anime i enjoyed
This sounds awfully familiar
>wish you the best nonners we need more female gazey games
Same to you nonny

No. 1393147

kek blood of ancients

No. 1393188

File: 1667221995245.jpeg (23.93 KB, 225x225, 029FBEA3-DB4D-4F80-AB8A-8AD5B2…)

tap tap is this thing on?

No. 1393190

it is, say it nonnie

No. 1393246

I was watching a YouTuber I liked who was reading strange comments and one of it was how she "looked like a transvestite." I know it's dumb but I'm glad that she didn't follow it with how trans people are heckin valid or whatever. I'm so used to seeing people take every opportunity to validate trans people and how they have to put on this facade of being super woke and progressive.

No. 1393323

File: 1667232718015.jpg (124.09 KB, 1071x1076, Tumblr_l_59341100818091.jpg)

I just bought sushi after attending a biology lecture about foodborne parasites. I fear nothing and am unbothered

No. 1393344

Anons, between a tall person and a short person, which one is going to have an advantage in battle? This question is eating my brain up for days now.

No. 1393407

Yes I am, thank you anon! I'm actually surprised at how easy it has gotten, especially when I hadn't ate meat since the tuna well, a few days ago I bought hot pockets but I picked the pepperonis out kek. I was worried about having digestion issues too, but it's been fine so far. I plan to attempt to make a philly cheesecake or some kind of steak sandwich very soon.

No. 1393417

Generally speaking, the taller person has the advantage. In fencing/swordfights, the taller fencer has a longer reach so they can stay back and attack from a defensive position while the shorter fencer has to get in close and break the taller fencer's guard to land an attack. Weaponless martial arts are similar, only now the taller fighter probably weighs more which confers even more advantage.

No. 1393426

File: 1667240977147.gif (1.06 MB, 162x288, 64158D55-06BA-4CD3-B6D8-20D4B5…)

it kind of creeped me out the other day when I heard someone say poc out loud as pee oh see. I always read it as pock

No. 1393433

>I always read it as pock

No. 1393439

File: 1667241572908.jpeg (74.46 KB, 749x547, 2E6ED69A-088E-4D59-A39A-89A8C1…)

This fucking gif. Looks a lot like me during my scene phase 15 years ago.

No. 1393444

Why does a tiktok user own the image of your spongebob

No. 1393462

You were cute nonny

No. 1393471

does anyone remember what phrase people used before "poc"? i don't remember this word/phrase being used as often as it is now in the post-twitter age. idk why it makes me cringe, there has to be a better way to say the same thing.

No. 1393478

minorities? Just saying different races?

No. 1393480

Good question! I really can’t think of an equivalent term, maybe putting all non-white people under the umbrella of POC is a recent development. Even when thinking of racial slurs or non-pc terms like “oriental” I can only think of ones used for specific people, not anything for ALL non-white people. It is pretty cringey and I don’t understand how such a non-specific term is useful.

No. 1393483

that's what i remember people using.

right? i hate the dichotomy that it creates between white skin/everybody else. in a lot of countries minorities can be white or of the same skin tone as the majority, just different beliefs/ethnic origin. it makes me cringe when i say anons here use it because it reeks of idpol.

No. 1393489

When the same weight, the taller person also has an advantage. However this can be mitigated by lack of experience fighting shorties, meanwhile shortass can have a lot of experience fighting giants. There are tricks. Short person could also be southpaw, throwing orthodox giraffe off. Big foots also tend to have weaker cores, making their backs extra vulnerable.

No. 1393490

'Racial minority'? 'Coloreds' ?

No. 1393492

I definitely heard "colored people" a lot before it began shifting over to PoC

No. 1393504

nta but i thought anything with "colored" stop being a thing past the 60s except in super conservative areas

No. 1393506

You know how twittards are though

No. 1393510

KEK we went so far left that now we're back to far right.

No. 1393514

You're right, no one says coloreds.

No. 1393522

Well we do say "people of color", which is essentially just a shuffled version of "colored people".

No. 1393524

Still, no one says "coloreds" except for old people in certain areas.

No. 1393658

i had to take an MRI exam(i am claustrophobic) and the though of my husbando sleeping while resting on my chest helped me stay calm, sometimes i am happy of my autism

No. 1393716

NONNIES it is NNN in half an hour gmt who’s doing it with me? that means half an hour left for tomfoolery

No. 1393718

File: 1667259307513.jpg (100.34 KB, 450x600, 9676F60D-831D-4710-95E0-0D1ACA…)

sick of his shit
NGL I say "POC" on here even though i'm black, but i'd never say that shit in real life. Seems weird and clunky. I think it just sounds better online and plus, I don't want to get banned for race baiting on here, so i try to phase things as loosely as possible.

No. 1393722

Me when the monkey falls off the bed and bumps his head

No. 1393723

Did he actually start an OF…

No. 1393725

File: 1667259534593.jpg (75.24 KB, 676x676, FgZNFbwXwAESEwi.jpg)

i don't know but…

No. 1393731

I'm not complaining, AT ALL

No. 1393732

Went out to a sort of upscale breakfast Cafe in town today and there was a woman at the table in front of me just unapologetically digging in her ass the entire time and I can't stop thinking about it. I think she was digging out a wedgie but still she was just going to town. She was still at it by time I left.

No. 1393736

What’s that nonny

No. 1393739

i don't trust this guy. isn't his audience really young too, something's up with him either way

No. 1393765

Agreed, it's bizarre to start an only fans when the majority of his fanbase are teenage zoomies and children

No. 1393783

KEK and that's what he called 'tasteful nudes'? give me a break, it's trash.
i agree nonna, the only thing i know about this man is that he is an ass towards his IRL friends, there was some drama about one of the IRL friends dying and him being a dick about it.

No. 1393805

They look like fan edits

No. 1393914

Nta, it's No Nut November but it's a coomer meme and I don't know why anon (?) would say that (unless she's a recovering porn/sex/masturbation addict or something, in that case good luck).

No. 1393916

Roasted some pumpkin seeds. Turned out great. I put garlic, onion, paprika, sea salt, pepper, and some turmeric on them.

No. 1393919

figures that nonnies would thirst after someone who looks like the forbidden man's downie cousin

No. 1393924

File: 1667269750654.jpg (179.51 KB, 680x849, 6e7.jpg)

wish we had one of these but instead of scrotes it was our lolcows.I don't even know who half these people are

No. 1393927

This should be a theme for one of the drawboards kek

No. 1393929

Are the fictional characters supposed to represent KF users? Cringe

No. 1393940

A really hot guy worked out beside me at the gym and Im not in shape but i swear he was checking me out. So hard to stay focused! hes 6’5, nice blond hair and a very nice physique and his cologne was slightly peppery lawd mercy

No. 1393953

Half of them are just fat white moids and I'm no good at telling those apart from each other.

No. 1393958

The only ones I recognize are Mister Metokur, Sonichu and Pepe (unfortunately. I wish I recognized none).

No. 1393962

Lame he needs to bend over and spread the legs so I can see booty hole, dick and balls.

No. 1393965

Parents of this young man must be really proud also he's kind of a butterface.

No. 1393978

I was hoping for better nudes. These look so photoshopped.

No. 1393991

No. 1393995

i would totally help draw one of these. we should put together a full list of who we'd want to include

No. 1394024

I think it would be cute to do in closer to the OG waldo style instead of trying to flex muh artskills like in >>1393924

Anyway, starting a list in no particular order with the ones i think would be fun to draw:


>Lilee jean
>Koopa guy

No. 1394028

File: 1667276921512.jpg (103.98 KB, 800x533, young-brunette-woman-standing-…)

I'm so fucking excited anons, you have no idea! Goodnight! I hope you all had a good Halloween and have an even better Thanksgiving and Christmas!

No. 1394030

File: 1667277009679.jpg (109.3 KB, 1242x1199, ECDIFrqXYAAJGtq.jpg)

wtf is this shit, i have no fucking words.

No. 1394101

File: 1667281135033.jpeg (722.79 KB, 2048x1365, zizizizizizeeeeek.jpeg)

I have the runs :((:()

No. 1394133

Nowadays I cannot tell if it's genuinely hot or if I'm having a "hot flash" (not really a hot flash but it's the closest term I can think of). I literally have to check the temperature in my house when I feel hot kek

No. 1394272

Sister-in-law was fired from her family doctor because she kept complaining that she needed a different diet plan because no matter how little she ate she wasn't losing weight (and she's also a bit of a hypochondriac.) She's a lot but mostly harmless and tries to do good so I try to spend a lot of time with her because I love her daughter and being closer with my partner's family is important to me but oh my god you cannot reason with her about shit like calories in vs out. She's terfy and always smokes me out after her daughter goes to bed though.

No. 1394357

File: 1667301736248.png (30.83 KB, 300x300, thumb_10-find-ideas-20-turn-up…)

I'm a christmas music fag and you know I'm turning that shit up

No. 1394370

I should go to the shop to check whether the Halloween candy is discounted

No. 1394380

i am thinking about how a number of years ago there was a phenomena where some random japanese person must have been commissioning people to draw sephiroth as a child getting raspberries blown on his stomach as there was multiple different artists drawing the same thing and it still haunts me

No. 1394408

There are two things I don't wanna be and that's
But here I am..

No. 1394410

File: 1667306021696.gif (820.45 KB, 498x268, predator-handshake.gif)

No. 1394452

need new celebricows thread to complain about Billie Eilish ddlg costume

No. 1394455

They are streamer/youtubers mot lolcows. I honestly find our lolcows super lame, the only one i liked was Erin

No. 1394460

For my birthday i asked my mom for an electric toothbrush and eyedrops, i hate growing up

No. 1394466

Chris-Chan lurking in bottom left. Keffals in absolute top right, the hunchback. Boogie with a gun. Shoe-on-head with a shoe on her head right next to the "W" Onision must be in there somewhere, I just can't find him.

No. 1394467

File: 1667310189923.jpg (3.73 KB, 250x238, 1611825048121s.jpg)

First time I've felt genuine joy in months was arranging to get some good dick next weekend. Not sure what that says about me or the state of my life atm.

No. 1394474

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck i have a huge craving and have no money except for my savings, i want to spend 50$ on food so much right now i am so depressed and anxious and my piece of shit mother only makes everything harder. I just want to have mcdonals ot burger king or kfc or maybe all three and die of food poisoning, i hate everything

No. 1394477

he's been doing nudes for charity for years. calendars and stuff.

No. 1394497


No. 1394503

I fucking love watching the garbage man haul away shit, I look forward to it every week. BUT THEY ARE LATE. MY GARBAGEMAN-VIEWING-TEA IS GROWING COLDER BY THE MINUTE

No. 1394509

File: 1667314411305.gif (1.59 MB, 256x192, hank.gif)

i ended up craving and spent 20 usd on mcdonalds, i ahte how everytime i try to do something good for my myself(lose weigth, be less stressed, have better health) my retarded family/friends end up forcing me to relapse into my bad habits. I cant believe i am going through the worst pain in my life, my hand hurts to the point i cant do anything and i am scared i might now be able to draw/code/do anything i love again and my mom and friends are being the biggest pieces of shit. i hate everyone i am going to watch king of the hill and eat junk food.

No. 1394510

this made me laugh so hard. Why do you love watching that nonny? I'm sorry you didn't get to see it on time today

No. 1394514

Amen to that nonnie

No. 1394521

File: 1667315510393.jpg (80.13 KB, 960x960, support41percent.jpg)

I have been CACKLING for the past five minutes because my niece unironically shared this to her fb. My aunt basically yelled DELET THIS in all caps of course. Seethe, cope and dilate, trannies. I'm glad my niece has been peaked

No. 1394538

File: 1667316734146.jpg (820.2 KB, 3464x2464, Picsart_22-11-01_17-30-18-775.…)

Lucas Cruikshank's (Fred) brother is a glowing example of twink death, these are 5 years apart

No. 1394540

the death of twinks was 10 years ago when zoomers started to get the shittiest haircuts what even is that chicken crest shit

No. 1394541

made me choke on my salad, gonna steal this one

No. 1394545

He's 21? Jesus. The bald strikes again

No. 1394547

Lmao, how old is she?

No. 1394548

File: 1667317290368.jpg (228.47 KB, 705x1024, 236c447666b1c876c9f4f2bf34741e…)

also i hate that the thing i find the most attractive in men is hair and men my age are either balding or have the absolute shittiest hairstyles, kill me i should have been born in the 80s

No. 1394552

you must hear his voice too, anon.

No. 1394554

he has a cute face why does he dress like that

No. 1394561

no idea, looking like a grandpa

No. 1394564

I vaguely remember watching their vlogs or whatever when I was like 15 or something, doesn't he have like a vocal lisp? Or something?

No. 1394567

I agree he has an adorable face. Twink death strikes again

No. 1394574

>They are streamer/youtubers mot lolcows
same thing

No. 1394584

File: 1667318530001.jpeg (72.46 KB, 750x734, 1662366210475.jpeg)

i read blowfly girl for the first time and i wanna kms why the fuck did i do that
i only skimmed it but it had me on the verge of vomiting

No. 1394586


No. 1394587

That's like mandatory internet hazing content I know exactly what you are referring to. I put it in the same league as that guts pool story. Shock story

No. 1394599

OT but I followed Whang on twitter and after that I got so many suggested tweets or tweets he liked that had to do with pro-TIM/troon shit. It was always TIMs too

No. 1394603

yeah whang is into troons 100%

No. 1394606

That anon who said 'cute' men are ugly was right.

No. 1394608

Yup he's a chaser lol

No. 1394612

I wish attractive men were the exception to the natural retardation and violence in males. It would actually improve humanity, as women would strive to couple with attractive men and instinctively avoid the ugly ones, therefore making these degen genes extinct.

No. 1394614

There was something weirdly hot about how this story was written. Pure hedonism against any better judgement

No. 1394615

Are you surprised, all of his videos are such a particular nasty tier of moid humour. The only ones that are decent are the lost media ones.

No. 1394623

Please do nonna! More people should see this meme tbh

She turned 18 a few months ago. I never knew she was this based but honestly lmao good for her, can't wait until the next family reunion

No. 1394625

I think those were the only ones I watched

No. 1394629

I feel like his videos are just Internet gross humor rather than just being scrote shit, i thought they were funny at least but maybe that's because I still laugh at poop jokes

No. 1394639

Trading my unhealthy obsession with a shitty dude and obsessing over baking and gardening instead. I made jam rolls yesterday, garlic bread after work today, using my homemade tomato sauce for spaghetti tonight, and half my garden for next year is already planned. If I can't beat this way of thinking I might as well use it to get shit done.

No. 1394667

Such a great and useful obsession to have, good for you nonna!

No. 1394669

Just had some tranny on 4chan dissect my post line by line and critique how I could "sound female better". I told them to shut the fuck up and called them a tranny. Weird trolling tactic I give them that but it didn't work on me

No. 1394675

Was that in /tttt/?

No. 1394689

I want to go to America just to try cheesecake factory. How do you put over 2000 calories in a slice of cheesecake? Or a salad? Or chicken pasta? It confuses me and intrigues me and I want to taste it.

No. 1394692

Most of cheesecake factory comes premade or /and frozen.
Just add heavy cream/ salt/ butter/ etc in large serving portions and there you have it

No. 1394695

my thoughts exactly after consuming so much amberlynn Reid content and the twink death video from upthread

No. 1394697

Yeah sure moid

No. 1394701

File: 1667325830510.gif (920.25 KB, 450x337, tumblr_mbcgrvNKV81qet1tyo1_500…)

can someone rec me some really 80's movies? like miami vice level of 80s please i am really depressed

No. 1394703

Heavy metal and maybe boogiepop.

No. 1394707


No. 1394711

isn't the first one just titties:the movie

No. 1394735

File: 1667328042497.jpg (79.97 KB, 580x834, 1987-near-dark-poster4.jpg)

thanks, here is my rec if anyone cares i love vampires
dats fine i am in the mood for titties:the movie

No. 1394786

File: 1667331023737.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 604.84 KB, 2745x2850, 34ee21e2-6d3b-4a63-aac8-74b399…)

Some days i feel like this. Today one of those days

No. 1394791

Peak female performance

No. 1394893

File: 1667336773087.jpg (782.99 KB, 3537x3335, 5389ywtiehskjdznv.jpg)

Watching a YouTuber change the title and thumbnail of a video everyday because nobody wants to watch his new upload (i lasted seconds)

No. 1394912

File: 1667337869303.jpeg (375.77 KB, 828x830, B26D9EBC-356F-4B44-8C89-08E45E…)

is it just me or does azealia banks look intensely like crazy frog on the slay z cover? no hate i love her but i can’t stop thinking it

No. 1394919

is that guy that makes videos on old anime? i noticed that too, he used to make good videos but consoomed by yt ''fame'' and now his videos feel so clickbaity

No. 1394944

I went to a restaurant with friends this weekend, one of them was super late and once she arrived she smelled so fucking bad I gagged. She was seated away from me and I smelled her before she even reached our table. What the fuck.

No. 1394945

wtf, like B.O?

No. 1394952

Yes. I forgot about that so I didn't expect it. Her apartment used to smell so awful I once became physically sick from it so it's pretty bad.

No. 1394958

That is concerning. Is she autistic or something? How does she not know that she stinks that bad??

No. 1394964

No she's fat and depressed but she still smells despite showering once or twice a day.

No. 1394978

Do you think an employer would rather take someone working three times a week ten hours or five times a week six hours? Or is it too dependent on other factors?

No. 1394987

It really depends on too many things at the same time.

No. 1394989

Depends on a job but in most cases it's preferable an employee is available every day, even if for shorter time, than unavailable for two days.

No. 1394995

File: 1667341553156.jpg (59.25 KB, 449x563, 2336cc2883a5a0df6c0723350aef7e…)

i want to dye my hair like ebony dark'ness dementia raven way's is described. the only thing stopping me is knowing i won't do the upkeep and not wanting to be recognized for taking fashion inspo from harry potter trollfics.

No. 1395025

that has to be a medical condition

No. 1395036

No kek

No. 1395055

File: 1667344160599.jpg (115.97 KB, 1117x2182, oh god my sweet innocent eyes.…)

I wanted to send my Nigel a funny cat meme with an innuendo and he points out the man clearly shitting on the toilet that I did not see. Thank you.

No. 1395058

just realised I wasn't supposed to take ibuprofen with my new pills and I need to go get another prescription filled tomorrow, fucking whoops

No. 1395066

is it me or is discord dead? mine is stuck on a blank window even if i restart my pc

No. 1395072

File: 1667345172194.png (1.55 MB, 1117x2182, gad.png)

Until I read that it'sa man shitting I thought it was another cat

No. 1395086

File: 1667345977189.jpg (229.53 KB, 1360x800, mugler.jpg)

I just remembered that Mugler died and got really sad.

No. 1395087

File: 1667346015944.jpg (196.86 KB, 1284x1837, i am single now.jpg)

Update, he enhanced because he was worried I couldn't see it

No. 1395088

File: 1667346137609.png (287.03 KB, 589x643, 312963244_3620680578159125_314…)

Every single thing said on this screenshot is wild

No. 1395089

One with a tumor on its head, I guess

No. 1395095

The they/thems romanticize Nazi Germany. Based.

No. 1395100

I'm sorry your Nigel didn't get it but kek moids are so retarded.

No. 1395120


No. 1395125

File: 1667349121383.jpg (35.39 KB, 563x389, 1663242869822.jpg)

But isn't Juliet meant to be high class and Romeo low class? So shouldn't the power dynamic be switched? She could be some German maiden girl with Nazi viewpoints who is destined to marry a strong Nazi man but falls in love with Romeo, the Jewish boy. Romeshel or something. What's the balcony scene going to be, or the party scene? Which one is nonbinary?! Also "Romeo" is now synonymous with suave handsome lovers, and now he's a Nazi kek. Maybe he's a NLOZ. I'm so curious over this whole thing, but it'll probably never get made.

No. 1395148

File: 1667351270857.jpeg (34.24 KB, 274x275, D5B241FD-5E99-49D0-B2D8-81866E…)

I love when cats meow but they don’t open their mouth so they make a little whimper sound instead. Like “mmmmm” they sound so cute

No. 1395151

File: 1667351511012.gif (339.14 KB, 112x112, 1611657976704.gif)

I love posting ragebait and staring infights in male dominated spaces just to spike some y-chromoids blood pressure and maybe ruin their day.

No. 1395153

Which horrific group will be they/themified next? The obvious choice would be the transatlantic slave trade considering we already has the "trans" title ready to go! Maybe they will surprise us.

No. 1395203

File: 1667355537112.jpg (127.84 KB, 1200x1175, 5.jpg)

And the names of those 25 men? Steven "Moz" Patrick Morrissey.

No. 1395207

If you showed me this screenshot 5 years ago I would have had a stroke and died

No. 1395212

What fhe fuck

No. 1395215

they/them bronte sisters

No. 1395236

File: 1667358039995.jpg (28.51 KB, 276x242, f248f6ca0368dcb3737d6ef6da27e3…)

Can a resident fujo draw this scenario and make anti-gay kun cute

No. 1395245

if he was gay, why would he run away from the orgy?

No. 1395247

File: 1667358755640.jpg (49.62 KB, 650x433, 99349.jpg)

Yes please. Steve's 25 bodies are ready. Maybe if he squints very hard Hungarian fake Homophobechan will look like Johnny Marr.

No. 1395253

Spoiler your fat fuck pedophiles please

No. 1395277

File: 1667360346180.jpeg (169.79 KB, 1174x1174, 117766AC-4110-40D3-984D-4B6D6E…)

Some of you really want to argue tonight huh

No. 1395295

Id argue about that dog, argue with that dog, and argue for that dog.

No. 1395300

there was a larger, sweatier orgy across the street.

No. 1395301

Yeah wtf, I've noticed an increase of infighting on so many threads over such dumb pedantic shit.

No. 1395304

No you thwack

No. 1395306

starting an "ugly men must wear burkas" movement

No. 1395308

It… it smells like the tranny spammer in here. Is it him? Is that why there's been so many annoying anons lately?

No. 1395314

one of the 25 lucky men said "no gaydens allowed" and he thought yikes that sounds heckin transphobic and exclusionary

No. 1395320

Yup. He loves being weird and rude for no reason and then samefagging and defending himself. Expecting cp to be posted est 3-5 hours.

No. 1395324

File: 1667362407859.jpeg (62.47 KB, 715x447, 8118CF1F-81F7-4964-AADF-DDD312…)

Last two days I’ve been getting aggressive replies to my very non-inflammatory and personal posts and when I tell them they’re doing too much there’s always a “Nta but akshually” that makes no sense so yeah, checks out. Non-saged, non-sensical, annoying, definitely samefagging.

No. 1395467

File: 1667374820696.jpg (7.65 KB, 275x275, 1614138720754.jpg)

>mfw my ex-coworker that I haven't spoken to in years and literally never think about and was never really friends with deletes all the pics on her ig account containing the bf I associated her with and posts a pic with a different man

No. 1395469

Why are you screaming about that?

No. 1395473

File: 1667376047445.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 720x1280, Why.webm)

No. 1395477

Oh god I'm scared, nona's what is it?

No. 1395478

A woman named Kailyn trying to be sexy. She's a real jumpscare.

No. 1395486

Oh thank you, the post looked so ominous I was scared it was cp or gore.

No. 1395501

When a redditor replies to me saying I'm a terrible person and I'll burn in hell yada yada, I click the reply and they already deleted their account. I picture some 14 year old, red faced, heart racing after they hurriedly delete their account after pwning me. It's actually cute

No. 1395505

File: 1667380908334.png (8.71 KB, 225x225, index.png)

kek but also cute in a cringe way

No. 1395792

File: 1667402650469.webm (1.55 MB, 960x540, ohdeargod.webm)


No. 1395795

I got permabanned so bad they delete any account in my location and any new one I make (my boyfriend lost his account too) why? Because I said it's more socially acceptable for mtfs to get plastic surgery than women (ofc worded it reddit friendly) on a post talking about how trans women are more beautiful than cis even though they just posted heavily edited photos of plastic surgery addicts. I got like 200+ comments of raging trannies. But the sex positivity sub where people straight up admit to child molestation frequently is still up

No. 1395811

Pikachu, I don't choose you

No. 1395845

File: 1667406384930.jpg (193.72 KB, 1080x1890, Hyunjin Stray Kids_3.jpg)

I almost fell in love with Hyunjin.

I was looking at some videos of him and i started feeling a mellow feeling and butterflies in my stomach. But i immediately recognized what those feelings are and i immediately stopped them in my tracks and i closed the video and cleared my head.

Now im looking at hyunjin content again and i feel no butterflies thankfully because i stopped it.

No. 1395863

File: 1667408388875.jpg (28.06 KB, 799x543, Tumblr_l_552926846940472.jpg)

Finally remembered what phalloplasty results remind me of

No. 1395866

File: 1667408455970.jpg (34.12 KB, 563x544, 1616471666419.jpg)

No. 1395869

That girth tho

No. 1395875

matches the one from the tif thread (fake sausage warning} >>>/snow/1680363

No. 1395881

I find TiFs incredibly depressing (whereas I find TiMs gross and threatening) but neophalluses (neophalli?) crack me up especially the ones where you have to squeeze the fake balls to pump up the fake dick.

No. 1395899

I miss the days when TIFs just showed off their mega clits and left it at that

No. 1395908

File: 1667411076412.jpg (92.29 KB, 636x496, snakey.jpg)

Achstually that's a euphoria inducing sex toy, terf

No. 1395913

I'm being facetious, it's just funny that I care at all about a breakup between two people I barely give a shit about and only follow on instagram because I keep forgetting to unfollow kek, I am a drama whore

No. 1395915

I feel you anon, I'm the same lmao

No. 1395939

I hate showering on my heavy flow days because I can't just chill and lay around with my legs spread while I air dry. I have to dry my vagina and put on underwear immediately or I risk getting blood fucking everywhere.

No. 1395946

I saw a scrote digging in someone's trash to get bottles, like literally taking out their garbage bags and going through. Then he found a cigerette and smoked it, someone was like, "you found a cigerette?" and he started talking like "yah". So fucking gross

No. 1395953

I made shift a sleep box with what i thought would be a large enough opening for my big boi cat… and we ended up making him a larger- garage door esque entrance.
He wouldnt sit in it till i donated a old sweater first. Now he uses the original door as window
I love my medium dog sized cat kekekekek

No. 1395954

Why dont you use a tampon, then airdry and swap it out?

No. 1395961

The small town factory I work in has a new tranny and word is spreading and I got to talk to the older ones today about it and we're all using the correct pronouns because fuck work, but they were asking me about the tranny. And I was like it's a 23 year old man with a male boyfriend but they both identify as lesbians and he also told me he has ptsd from the troubles even tho he was born a year too late so I'm thinking that generation has a compulsive lying issue and one of the guys slapped his knees and went "you've just summed up the issue with gen z." fuck it they are all liars lol

No. 1395962

Even on my heavy days, I don't bleed enough to be able comfortably wear a tampon.

No. 1395987

Why do people have children it looks like an absolute nightmare, cant they get a hobby or a plush

No. 1395990

I like the people that have kids to nourish a little individual and raise them well.

I hate the ones that just do it, resent it and then double down and constantly throw it in your face. I'm early 30s. Have ended an engagement didn't want marriage. Have lived alone for years. Dated around. Now have a bf a bit older who is like me doesn't want kids unless he can provide them a stable life we're both still on the fence, we enjoy our free time.

I've noticed the ones older than me with families try to make out I'm immature cause I'm always out doing things like I'm a student is how they put it. Yet they'll talk about a night out they had for several months like it was hot shit. Bitch I know when you get home from work you're mad jealous you can't decide to just smoke up and not do any housework and i would hate that. I have nieces and nephews that think I'm cool and listen to me. I can still nourish the future generation and spend all my money on myself. It's the free world and the world's shite atm, if I had a kid ill just be worrying about them forever.

No. 1395992

Have you tried investing in menstrual underwear? You can wear it alongside any other protection but it allows you the freedom to be in any position you want with little consequences.

No. 1395995

Honestly i just want to concentrate on my projects thinking about having to waste my time on something thats not a passion projects annoys me, thats why i neither want a boyfriend. I might have the tism tho

No. 1395999

I enjoyed being single for years, my boyfriend is only a recent development and tbh he is a time constraint. We're older though so we're already thinking about living together because between work and living in different towns there's not a lot of free time. I couldn't imagine adding in a child anytime soon.

No. 1396025

My forehead is pretty big but I'm ok with it

No. 1396027

File: 1667418697255.gif (290.99 KB, 220x165, happy-birthday.gif)

I'M SO FUCKING HYPED FOR THE NEW POKÉMON! I don't care if people think they've been essentially the same for decades or have shitty designs, I still have fun playing them and I'm counting down the days for the new release aaaaaaahhhhh everything has been so shitty lately so getting some colorful escapism that doesn't require using any brain cells in a couple of weeks is going to be exactly what I need

No. 1396037

I just found out I have the same headphones as keffals… well to be fair my moid got them as a gift for me so I guess they appeal to male tastes

No. 1396042

Big foreheads are cute

No. 1396104

I think my inconsistent cycle fucked my period tracker up. It says today is supposed to be my last day but it's my first.

No. 1396149

Do you own a sogga….

No. 1396158

What is that?

No. 1396159

File: 1667427732942.jpg (3.26 MB, 4160x3120, 20221102_132633.jpg)

Look what I found for anorectal anon

No. 1396172

File: 1667428859979.png (191.22 KB, 960x937, 78t26lioiqf61-2200917002.png)

No. 1396174

Everything reminds me of him

No. 1396191

File: 1667430411377.jpeg (69.43 KB, 512x396, C98ECFD2-C85F-4D8F-81F8-82E1F2…)

I want one of those massage treatments where they put hot stones on your back. I believe it will solve all of my problems.

No. 1396196

File: 1667430893907.jpg (13.4 KB, 563x564, b8545f6bb93f9a10d52809cf57475d…)

I was stressing out because I thought my period didn't come all October so I literally had to search in my text messages of mentions of it and found out it did happen on the 11th. I literally forgot I had my period and I usually don't. Wtf I'm a retard

No. 1396209

I want one too and a long neck massage.

No. 1396303

I have been thinking about going to college(its free here) but i think its mostly FOMO. Really sucks being 21 and not knowing what to do with your life.

No. 1396312

New threads always confuse me so much. I thought the new vent thread was the new dumbass shit. How do vent threads even fill up so fast? I know we're all mentally ill but wtf.

No. 1396331

File: 1667440279574.png (1.02 KB, 196x26, 1.png)

>How do vent threads even fill up so fast?
cause of infights the schizo fight was hilarious ngl

No. 1396460

I'm happy for you, nonnie. The little things in life are the best, sometimes.

No. 1396463

File: 1667452789771.gif (264.63 KB, 800x600, v.GIF)

Nonas, theres is disturbing imagery on /snow/, please navigate the site with caution.

No. 1396536

ever since my baby went away, it’s been the blackest day

No. 1396538

Anons like to bait and strawman, very obviously mentally ill or unironically triggered anons who've experienced trauma. I've seen so many posts of people seeing someone venting and twisting it to make it seem like their fault.

Although 90% of infights would cease to exist if anons just specifically highlighted or quoted exactly what the anon said to make to seem that way. Even the "I'll send you money" anon was never able to get these baiters to find what they're sperging about.

No. 1396560

File: 1667470083832.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2688, B302CC06-A358-4611-909E-9538CF…)

I wish this was a full song it’s so perfect I love it I love this show and I love this bitter depressed horse

No. 1396566

File: 1667471068236.gif (993.48 KB, 500x238, tumblr_mxgb0yEC4Q1qfs3vto1_500…)

Cheers to that bish

No. 1396579

jfc she's beautiful

No. 1396582

File: 1667472435644.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20221103-124658_Red…)

a win is a win

No. 1396590

No. 1396599

No. 1396609

misleading title, the argument was from 5 months before the stabbing

No. 1396611

A scrote dead is a scrote dead

No. 1396624

There's police cam evidence she called them begging for a restraining order because they broke up and he's been stalking her. But hey, let's focus on the slurs use, make her seem like the worst person possible, the moid is a poor uwu victim who's done nothing wrong

No. 1396629

Poor girl, now she has to spend the rest of her life in prison. Wish some scrote killed him instead

No. 1396641

>There's police cam evidence she called them begging for a restraining order because they broke up and he's been stalking her.
A tale as old as time. Police does fuck all despite women repeatedly asking for help. She solves the problem herself, she's the one going to prison. If the authorities weren't so retarded about handing out restraining orders, then maybe a lot more of these incidents could be prevented.

No. 1396657

Restraining orders are nothing but pieces of paper. The cops should've put the rabid rape-ape down. The moment you rescue yourself from sharing a fate with countless Jane Doe's found mutilated in ditches, you're the Bad Hole. No woman has committed a racially motivated hate crime before and it makes scrotes seethe because it makes their innate evil obvious. I know she will find dear friends in prison, there are so many innocent women like her there. It's heartbreaking really

No. 1396679

Even without knowing the scrote terrorized her, a man's a man so he has for sure hurt other women too, and now he can't hurt anyone else after her. Poor girl.

No. 1396709

It’s really weird how I never saw any simping for Ezra until after news of what he did. It’s like the anons don’t really find him attractive, they just want to say “I don’t care”. He’s meh faced

No. 1396727

There was some but it’s only gotten worse since he went off the trails. Anons are such fucking hypocrites sometimes

No. 1396735

He was cute just a few years ago before the pronouns and meth and kidnapping but that gay voice ruined everything. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Now he's completely repulsive.

No. 1396744

The anons who simp over Ezra are struggling with internalized misogyny, just pay them no mind

No. 1396748

File: 1667483867069.png (460.07 KB, 585x707, coq.png)


No. 1396845

File: 1667492621582.png (796.9 KB, 677x615, scary.png)

watching this movie ( the secret life of walter mitty 2013 ) and his smile actually made me afraid, like i'm scared right now looking at this image. is it real or CGI ? sincerely asking.
i dont think i noticed this when i watched that other movie he plays in with edward norton

No. 1396850

Wtf is this ben stiller?

No. 1396858

No. 1396885

I think it's just his fucked up face.

No. 1396927

I feel like I'm growing out of teen dramas. Tried watching Young Royals season 2 because I liked the first one, and I can't help but not give a shit about anything happening in the show now. Sucks, because I don't really enjoy adult targeted dramas either, because I can't relate to plotlines of characters fighting over custody of their children with ex-husband, or trying to date in their 30s, 40s while their teenage child doesn't approve of their new partner. Not that it matters, because even teen dramas nowdays don't care about their target audience with characters hooking up everyday and having a history of 5 partners at 16.

No. 1396929

File: 1667496554536.jpg (173.04 KB, 1132x693, 1663640831387 (1).jpg)

one of these is not like the other, can you guess who ?

No. 1396931

go back to /pol/

No. 1396935

nonna, I'm from this region and I'm just a anti-zionist

No. 1396936

File: 1667496722185.png (315.95 KB, 631x320, hmmmm.png)

No. 1396940

they are all the same anon kek, they all look the same

No. 1396942

The Armenian. His head is tilted to the side, I wonder why?

No. 1396944

oh i get it! it's because one of them looks like an amateur throat singer, right?

No. 1396945

File: 1667497141814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.18 KB, 1080x1435, IMG_20221028_224515.jpg)

Jokeys are such pathetic faggots. "Oh look at how frail my bones are I'm like a teeny china teacup. I'm so small the horse tries to swallow me up when I feed her sugar cubes because I'm small and sweet like a sugar cube myself. I'm as pathetic as a man can be and I deserve a medal for it!"
Give me a fucking break lmao
Picrel unrelated it just made me horny

No. 1396950

what the hell is that thing, this is the type of shit bi moids get off to.

No. 1396951

Would like to watch a jockey try to ride in that getup. The uncomfortable faces and wedgies kek

No. 1396953

File: 1667497435081.png (670.56 KB, 1747x1056, ga0RcQE.png)

that looks like an udnerage child

No. 1396955

wtf is a jokey and why does the guy in the pic kind of looks like a shota

No. 1396957

males are so far removed from reality and always fail at pretending to be women. They will post some
i remember the tranny spammer also used to post femboy eunuch looking boys like this.

No. 1396958

File: 1667497640768.jpg (51.63 KB, 625x469, cat (2).jpg)

What the hell is that?

No. 1396959

File: 1667497646603.png (126.17 KB, 1600x1200, giddyup.png)

I think anon meant jockeys, like horse jockeys.

No. 1396960

Reminds me of the smol dentist that has to be careful or he falls in

No. 1396961

I'm constipicated. I'm full of ish. There are production delays at the poop factory.

No. 1396965

No it doesn't he just has a shitty medieval squire haircut. It isn't sexy though and idk why it made nona horny and idk why she felt the need to share. Yet I'm thankful she did.

No. 1396970

i tried to find the source for this and it only links to porn sites for degen moids and the title for this is girly femboy.

Poster is probably a xy.

No. 1396972

File: 1667498253851.jpeg (97.3 KB, 1210x680, 2642F707-1103-4652-B00E-68C9D9…)

Dunno why they don’t just use robot jockeys like they do in the Middle East. If your job can be replaced by an electric hand drill tied to a stick then it’s a bad job.

No. 1396978

Then what will all of the tiny men be doing if they can't grow up to race ponies against each other

No. 1396989

in what way does that not look like an underaged boy exactly

No. 1396992

lolcow when it sees a pathetic thin guy with feminine clothes on: awooga awooga
lolcow when it sees a thin woman: omg bone rattler eat something!!

No. 1396993

you do realize the poster is probably a scrote though, since this is literally femboy porn made for men.
stop psyopsing.

No. 1396996

awooga where? nonnies here talking about how it looks like gross shota crap and one weirdo wanted to see a horse jockey get a wedgie.

No. 1397001

I ignored the pic and posted about my constipation. Lolcow posting done right.

No. 1397003

Buttery toasted rye bread is so good for sandwiches. Brioche and regular sandwich/white bread are too soft.

No. 1397004

What if i like both

No. 1397006

men get so fucking triggered whenever women call random women sisters online, like "good vibes to my sisters in place x" and some scrote will go apeshit. I love it, and will continue to call women my sisters kek

No. 1397008

real rye or that slightly darker white bread some heathens eat and call rye

No. 1397011

I don't know anon, the package says rye and it has seeds all over it.

No. 1397018

is this a thing, I thought only muzzies did with each other, "hello bruvther" "hello sister"

No. 1397023

File: 1667500357694.jpg (20.58 KB, 225x396, 1663640831387 (2).jpg)

the difference was that all those guys, from the Greek, Arab and Turk all looked clearly mediterranean and swarthy, while the Israeil(who is a descended of recent European immigrants) looked like this

No. 1397024

>ask former employer for important document they're legally forced to give me along with two others
>no response for days
>send another email
>boss tries to call me

i'm pretending to be away from my phone because holy shit the document i need is basically just a letter with a stamp and signature. just send that shit to me!! reeeeeee

No. 1397026

File: 1667500494093.png (616.83 KB, 412x767, based1.png)

This is how every daughter should be treated

No. 1397027

yes because women being very thin and skinny is unhealthy for her, even women with petite and thin frames have some sort of fat/muscle that balances with their frame. surprisingly enough women who carry any sort of fat on our bodies are called a fatty by bone rattlers, get a grip

No. 1397029

The real answer is to love hunks

No. 1397044

I think I'm old enough to be this kids mom

No. 1397045

what if there are sisters

No. 1397065

The worst part of learning a new language is when you pronounce something right in your head but then you say it out loud and it doesn't come out right

No. 1397067

I wish my parents loved me this much

No. 1397068

Holy shite are you me at this point i am convinced i m retarded, i just want to speak engrish

No. 1397073

I knocked over a yard decoration and I can't pick it up because it's so fucking heavy. If only I had someone big and strong to do it for me…

No. 1397074

I am not big or strong but i can try

No. 1397075

Don't say "lolcow" as if it's a collective agreement. I don't have a burning hatred for anachans and skinny eunuch looking men disgust me. To me the peak male physique will always be fat hopper from season 3 of stranger things and no one can change my mind

No. 1397089

I like twinks but i hate the pornified "no homo" version of closeted scrotes that anon posted

No. 1397092


No. 1397154

File: 1667506634558.png (460.45 KB, 496x380, meme.png)

I made this meme, please save it, I made it with love. And be sure to use it in my name and spirit. Thanks

No. 1397162

Super cute nona! Saved ♥

No. 1397166

My mom has been dead for years and her ghost has never even thought to visit me. I was talking to someone lately and their dead mom came to visit them pretty shortly after her death. Nonnies how do I get over this blatently NEGLECTFUL parenting?

No. 1397169

Then she's still wearing underwear, which was her issue in the first place

No. 1397182

Is running 3 times a week enough to lose weight? How long would it take me? Me no wanna be fatty no more

No. 1397199

Depends on various factors like your current weight, height and your food intake. Without any contect there's no way for us to esitmate. You can't outrun a bad diet (bad as in excessive calories). Running is great but in theory you don't even have to to lose the weight, but it'll speed things up and make you feel good.

No. 1397200

I think i am 67KG and 1,56cm, hope you arent an amerinonnie

No. 1397204

Use this to get an estimate, it depends on how much you're planning to eat how fast you'll lose www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php

No. 1397207

My most sincere condolences(if its to a moid)

No. 1397212


No. 1397213

Thank u, i have no idea how many clories i eat though i guess i have to count some day

No. 1397231

You can use an app like myfitnesspall to help you count. It's pretty easy to use, you just scan the barcode of a product you're going to eat and usually it's already in the database, so all you have to do is enter the weight and it'll tell you how many calories is in it. Makes it pretty easy to keep track of how much you're eating.

No. 1397245

File: 1667511938886.jpg (68.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Thank u nonnie, i will lose weight this time

No. 1397275

I can see why she won't visit you, you sound very entitled.

No. 1397277

You did a sex.

No. 1397280

I hate it when people call romance/porn visual novels "dating sims", it pisses me off to no end

No. 1397288

nta but youre not that big. also hope fake

No. 1397300

I just think that I'm owed her attention, in life and in death. And maybe after my death too. I mean why even have kids if you arent going to be a doting ghost mom?

No. 1397301

i'm going to lose my virginity…. to myself. nobody deserves to hurt me in the way the first time is sure to hurt. amen

No. 1397304

what's the difference

No. 1397307

Dont worry the photo is fake i am sure, no cat was harmed during my shitposting

No. 1397312

tbh maybe your friend lied

No. 1397315

kek same. I hate fat kitty photos, no cat should be that fat. That pic is obviously photoshopped, but it looks like that cat is still fat so it doesn't matter

No. 1397323

Are you guys like 16 or something? You're making me feel old and misplaced. Why are you all virgins who think sex hurts?

No. 1397325

I'm old (for here) but I played with dildos before having sex and I can still remember trying and failing a bunch of times before I got through. I remember that pain still.. 15 years later. I know it varies bit some of us have mega hymens.

No. 1397328

how long have you been here. most of the virgins here are around 20s-30s and some of us have that health disorder i forgot how to spell that makes penetration hurt

No. 1397330

Losing your virginity to a moid is nothing to be proud of, sorry

No. 1397340

Don't listen to them, if you actually enjoyed the loss of your virginity that automatically makes your experience better than most of ours (because moids)

No. 1397343

Not everybody gets fucked like you did anon at 14, this is a retarded observation.

No. 1397346

watching this one beauty youtuber for the first time in years and it's actually insane how much makeup shit she hoards

No. 1397349

I'm 26 and have lurked for I think 7 years now. Fair point, I guess I'm just used to sex not hurting for the first time based off my experience and other women I've known.

I "got fucked" at 20 for the first time. If you're trying to imply I'm a whore for having had sex before you're either a jealous virgin or a moid lol.

No. 1397351

Vaginismus, involuntary tightening of those muscles

No. 1397355

We are tight

No. 1397356

>using emotes when you've lurked 7 years
clearly not long enough

No. 1397362

Wait I didn't use an emote?

No. 1397364

No. 1397366

Samefag I thought you meant emoji, and everyone here uses their experiences as reference are you kidding lol

No. 1397376

i totally cut someone off everywhere because i was pissed off at him for something and i was so upset in the moment but now i'm laughing at how dramatic i was acting wtf that only happened like 2 days ago. i still don't want to talk to him again though

No. 1397387

File: 1667518743403.gif (1003.32 KB, 404x347, 1664556887845.gif)

Fuck ai.dungeon, they asked me to log in to continue writing, but when I did they deleted my the whole thing?? Wtff it was just starting to get juicy aaahhh

No. 1397388

I hate my job so much, I'm going to the office tomorrow and do the bare minimum, go home and sleep and pretend that day at the office didn't happen!

No. 1397390

File: 1667518913444.jpg (113.78 KB, 1600x1535, EKnlGaUWoAA7g28.jpg)

Tag yourself

No. 1397395

Whats this

No. 1397396

stop hymenposting but now I do wonder

No. 1397411

Holy fuck I thought these were examples of male pattern baldness at first

No. 1397417

File: 1667520201515.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3249x4042, A8DCE15F-E3BE-40C7-B15B-6BD6A4…)

I would fuck the ever living shit out of Jesus Christ holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck

No. 1397419

None of them are really that clear enough to make a shape out, maybe for teens and virgins. But it's not like a seal over a pill bottle lol, it's all flesh over flesh

No. 1397422

he was stinky methinks

No. 1397423

Who the hell would actually know what their hymen looks/looked like

No. 1397426

File: 1667520418809.png (712.46 KB, 673x676, 60896AC2-0C4C-4524-9C7E-C8E0CF…)

No. 1397427

I would give him a good shower

No. 1397428

no woman has her hymen unless it’s extra thick, you usually break it through exercising or laborious activities

No. 1397430

He's the only moid i would let hurt and take my virginity

No. 1397431

No. 1397434

I have seen what I think is my hymen when i've been really curious and bored. It was like a pale white. Or maybe it wasn't, how else would I get my period right?

No. 1397435

That's the joke

No. 1397436

samefag, pale pink

No. 1397438

I barely look at my own vagina to know anon, sorry kek

No. 1397462

File: 1667522271498.png (119.55 KB, 486x252, yeah.png)


No. 1397505

File: 1667524186452.png (369.56 KB, 670x333, Screenshot (3276).png)

I hate to always have to side with dress codes that mostly revolve around policing female bodies like these but. Was she breaking the dress code? technically not. Technically. But also technically you can break the intention of any dress code by wearing clothing or sizes not made for your body. I'm appalled at this mother, instead of humbling taking the L and deciding to do a better job at parenting, she doubles down in the encouragement of her daughter's sexualization. And cut me the bullshit, that is exactly what is going on here. Multiple school staffmembers with just as or more developed bodies in the videos are perfectly able to hide their cleavage.

No. 1397508

I was septate and it was miserable because it was thick and I had to have it cut out. Yes really. I don't think it's common but man… Hell on earth.

No. 1397515

Then why the fuck are you insinuating there is a right age to lose your virginity? Nobody can be jealous of you and I highly doubt you have lurked here as long as you have. Just stop saying retarded shit and got back to lurking.

No. 1397516

I have symptoms resembling OCD, but I don't think I will ever talk to a professional about it. It's hard to deal with it though.

No. 1397518

It's just a trashy chubby middle schooler who insists on wearing size XS and fake eyelashes everyday. There's millions like her good luck enforcing dress code

No. 1397521

Dress codes should be harsher thats why people nowadays dress so fucking bad and have trashy piercings

No. 1397524

I was surprised this was a middle school tbh. I thought all middle schools had uniforms?

No. 1397527

Do americans even use school uniforms?

No. 1397530

burger here, it depends on whether it's a public or private school. most of the time, no.

No. 1397533

amerifag, I went to two middle different middle schools and the public one did have a uniform. You could wear jeans though.

No. 1397534

File: 1667525213679.png (103.02 KB, 308x452, yogu.png)

I keked

No. 1397542

that looks just like sleeping

No. 1397549

It depends on a number of things. Typically your private (meaning not paid by the public taxes, you pay to get your kid in) catholic schools are the ones that typically have a uniform.

No. 1397601

File: 1667528339000.jpg (268.87 KB, 4624x2084, rn_image_picker_lib_temp_4eaee…)

I just had one of those moments where you rethink your whole life and want to do an 180, i dumped an obnoxious scrote friend and thinking about going to college, also went jogging for the first time which was nice, i wanna lose weight. Also my pizza was angry

No. 1397602

Calm down lol, I didn't say any of what you're insinuating and it's called light hearted banter. This is why some of you are virgins lol

No. 1397619

i wish i could convert my cat to islam she looks so unbelievably cute with those muslim veils

No. 1397623

Cats are not obedient enough to be enslaved by any lowly human religion. Just make her a babushka cat instead.

No. 1397628

Every time I walk by a window or mirror I get so shocked by how fucking short I look. Then I spend 3-5 seconds admiring my booty.

No. 1397631

File: 1667529843498.jpg (605.29 KB, 2462x1245, cat hijabs.jpg)

Cats are very cute in hats and hijabs kek. Alhamdulillah!

No. 1397635

File: 1667529992330.jpeg (13.41 KB, 168x300, 10218959-D82B-4CF2-98AF-0C4412…)

Sister Minnie sends her regards

No. 1397637

File: 1667530046637.png (554.96 KB, 517x508, 213FDEB4-3757-4664-B49A-DBAB1B…)

Henry Cavill leaving the Witcher is hilarious and has spawned a wealth of tumblr memes, I am grateful for this

No. 1397639

File: 1667530216454.jpg (6.72 KB, 236x177, hijab.jpg)

my god they are so beautiful

No. 1397640

File: 1667530224948.png (178.19 KB, 640x605, 77432410-9C83-4B3C-B98F-E4996C…)

No. 1397656


No. 1397665

Any reasons cited? Kinda laughing because a scrote I despise likes the series. The sperg out he will inflect will be both great and annoying. Sorry to any nonnies that genuinely enjoy the series.

No. 1397761

I hope that girl I met in the hospital is ok. We were both being held for mental health issues and ended up talking. She had recently arrived from Korea, spoke ok English, and told me she was trying to get away from her dad, her bf, and the police because they would not listen to her and kept trying to control her, touch her, and take her picture. I overheard some nurses talking about how she had lied about why she was coming into the country and lied about the amount of money she had access to. She was there because she tried to throw herself in front of a car. She was so sweet and I tried to give her as much info and words as I could so she could try to advocate for herself. She looked so defeated.

No. 1397764

What is this, I want an explanation but im too afraid to click

No. 1397772

It's super lame didn't even flinch

No. 1397864

File: 1667559138669.jpeg (260.84 KB, 1242x1111, E73A1D4D-C3DE-48B8-A44A-E6717E…)

I have stupid ridiculous huge crush but I’m too scared to approach and instead spent all my time googling our horoscopes and it turns out…we’re a perfect match ughhhh I want him so bad I can’t he was made for me the stars said so
I believe in astrology now!! it’s no longer bullshit this is so real and factual

No. 1397866

Ofc there are no official reasons stated but he's been complaining about disliking the direction the showrunners are taking with Geralt's character, because it's nothing like in the books which he loves; and that he's been trying to compromise on that with them but it's increasingly impossible. He joined the series initially hyped to contribute as the books and games fan so it's pretty likely that he left because he felt they're butchering it and will only continue to do so, ignoring his input.

No. 1397868

>only doing superficial sun sign compatibility

kek, atheists can’t do anything right. don’t do those, do the ones where you find your compatibility with birth date/location you were born with a natal chart, try horoscopes.astro-streek

No. 1397875

File: 1667560614468.jpeg (505.45 KB, 1242x738, F266A07E-4A74-4985-8BED-D347FA…)

My knowledge of astrology is really lacking nonna I don’t know anything about it except sun signs but look, I did our charts left is mine right is his
I’m ready for the final verdict are we a match?

No. 1397883

moon sign compatibility is unusual, two entirely different emotional states there, so you would probably have to make a lot of changes or compromises to make it work. there is also no ascendant for him either. you can get a lot more insight using this too https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/love-compatibility-calculator-horoscope-matching

No. 1397884

So you're like 6 years younger than him

No. 1397885

Is that a big deal…?

No. 1397886

Nta but is pretty gross lol

No. 1397887

File: 1667562293172.jpeg (45.76 KB, 636x636, 11BE7D5E-0F04-47C2-90DC-061B51…)

SK tragedy means still no Wonho Nightwing costume pics

No. 1397888

Omg this is so freaky how did you know? You’re right he’s exactly 6 years older it’z mainly why I was worried about approaching him

No. 1397889

NTA but anon how old are you really kek

No. 1397890

With the info you posted you can calculate exact birthdate.

No. 1397892

I’m 21 I promise
That’s so crazy I had no idea that was possible

No. 1397893

>wasting your youth on a post-wall wurstie
Cringe. Do better

No. 1397895

But he’s really cute

No. 1397903

>press x to doubt

No. 1397921

I am so, so glad i was never brainwashed by hollywood movies to think a balding scrote is "cute" or anything but a menace

No. 1397927

uhh what? he’s not a balding hollywood scrote he has a full head of hair and a charming boyish look.. besides he’s only 27! that’s still young

No. 1397940

Was not sure where to post this but anyhow: a new study shows that there is a correlation between autism and feeling genderspecial:
Shocking, I know

No. 1397971

Why is it that so few younger women are based radfems (or at least adjecent)? Seems like majority are either brainwashed spineless libfems, or pick-me nlog trads, with varying degrees of brainrot severity. If they're not promoting 'trans rights' or sex positivity, they're capping hard for conservative and sexist males, as well as anti-abortion (again, not like the 'other modern women who hate men and kill babies') Few women seem to understand, (not even the libfems who, at least in theory are aware of the concept of male privilege) that men legitimately hate them and most are not worth their time, being the lazy degenerate manchildren they are. Looking for a fellow like-minded actual feminist woman feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

No. 1397976

File: 1667573456880.jpeg (239.8 KB, 828x356, 642D05D7-F24C-4CFA-8D48-539942…)

Look at him sleepy sleep

No. 1397977

Also i didnt mean to reply to above post kek sorry anon

No. 1397978

Most women of all ages are pick mes though.

No. 1397979

It’s weird how when you get older people start ageing you up. Someone told me I’m almost 40 and I’m 31. Would you tell a 21 year old they are almost 31?its retarded

No. 1397984

Younger people especially are rabid about gender stuff, it would be a social suicide to be openly gc. Younger people also would probably care more about how they appear to others, unlike jaded older people.

No. 1397986

Good kitty, I was so confused what this had to do with the replied post kek

No. 1397998

I think most normie straight women are comfortable with their position in society, or are afraid of shaking the table. If you think about it, all the benefits we receive from feminism is because there are women who have something to lose from being passive, whether it be following their passions, their sexuality and straight up not wanting to be married or being in a relationship. Feminism has never been well revered without having to mutilate it so that it doesn't make women worry about men hating them. Personally, i think my lack of interaction with moids and my lifestyle speaks volumes about how i feel about feminism. I recognise that women before me who fought for female autonomy are the reason why i can be an unmarried recluse without my parents trying to sell me to some old man. I have also realised that most women as another anon said really are pick-mes. They overvalue male attention and the need to make men happy. I remember telling my cousin i thought oral was disgusting and she told me that i would HAVE to do it one day. Honestly, talking with normie women about moids did have a significant impact on my decision to swear off dating.

No. 1398013

It's just a tshirt… I don't get it.

No. 1398026

propaganda against radfems does most of the work, but radical feminism also hurts to get into, and usually comes at a cost of online harassment. radical feminist spaces are perpetual exhausting discussions of porn, femicide and roasting/raging at MRA+tranny tweets. it's extremely taxing for a young woman who is facing the awareness of misogyny in the threshold of adulthood. a lot of young women who are struggling with their own experiences in misogyny are not able to bare being immersed in the stories of extreme misogyny other women have experienced, and this can give some of them second-hand trauma. also there isn't much effort spent toward cultivating sisterhood and personal empowerment in radical spaces compared to how much effort is dedicated to troon watching. a good portion of terves just like to leave snarky comments about troons and don't try to interact with other women, so the community feels empty even if a lot of users are online. another part of the problem is that radical feminist spaces function namely as a place for discourse obsessed with optics, it feels like a political debate stage we're conscripted into preforming on instead of a radical community of women trying to actualize and connect. thats just my observation from watching baby radfems on radblr burn out in 2016 - 2020 tho.

No. 1398029

I was watching this K-pop groups documentary and she was getting emotional talking about how there’s no Asian representation in America and she’s happy she can preform in her own country. Which got me thinking that as a black dark skin woman there’s really no country I could go to and be rich/famous for my beauty/talent if I wanted to. Makes me sad that black people don’t have our own shit to turn to. Even if we did have our own media we would probably just hire people who look nothing like us to be in the spot light lol lost cause

No. 1398036

>what is the caribbean and the entire continent of africa?
>shit, what is 90s usa before bill clinton signed the music bill of 96 and absolutely destoyed american music forever
are you even american?

No. 1398038

This isn’t the 90s and name one female artist in Africa that makes good/popular pop music.

No. 1398040

Do schools not have "The T-shirt" anymore? Every school I went to had an oversized T-shirt that they made you wear if you broke dress code so you didn't have to go home for the day. The shirts were unflattering or had embarrassing logos on them so nobody broke dress code bad enough to wear it. Also I don't know this girl's life, but I remember hitting growth spurts in middle school and regularly growing out of my clothes before I could get new ones and got a few dress code warnings from that.

No. 1398041

Please tell me you're joking.

No. 1398047

I always see a lot of Korean idols saying they joined K-pop because of the lack of representation in America and as a darker skin black girl I can relate, except unlike Koreans we don’t have our own mainstream media that is popular and shines us in a good light

No. 1398048

She’s not wrong. I think what anon meant to say (or honestly should of said) that the representation wouldn’t be good. Most black female performers and musical artists are always hypersexualized and the genre of music they make is misogynistic. It’s just unlikely that anon would be able to break out as a woman like Lauryn Hill, there’s an obvious standard for women to break into their music careers and it always involves them fitting in restrictive molds

No. 1398049

Even the ones who are hyper sexualized usually are light skin or racially ambiguous and most darker skin female rappers have a slim chance of making it big

No. 1398055

that's not what you insinuated with your original comment, you are changing the goal posts so you can find a way to stay defeatist and downtrodden, which is why you decided to ignore the caribbean being almost completely filled with darkskinned women in their music and fashion scenes. This is not mentioning your hatred and simplification towards an entire fucking continent because "it's not "pop" music so it won't be good or popularrrr". self-hatred really does give you brain damage

No. 1398056

That's what I'm saying, you have to be joking given the high number of very competent and likable black actors and singers in the US and the UK. I can tell you that I don't have good rep because the closest thing I had to that were American sitcoms with Black main characters and Black singers from anglo countries and I'm not from these places and not Black we just happen to have a lot in common because we're from the same continent.

No. 1398059

Im not changing the goalpost. If what I’m saying isn’t true show me African artists on the same level of popularity in Africa as let’s say a popular K-pop idol or Japanese idol in their own country. Most Nigerian people I know don’t even listen to Nigerian music or watch the movies.

No. 1398060

Anon just don’t even bring this obvious fact up, these people don’t understand aspects of your culture and never will kek. They will always be in complete denial and think that stating reality is a huge threat to their existence or the privilege they are granted not having to twerk on stage like a stripper just to get a Grammy. Pretending they don’t know what you’re specifically talking about you clearly are not talking about talented black actresses or singers who amassed respectability but whatever, they will keep saying you’re wrong and gaslight you and think you’re racebaiting just don’t bring this shit up because it will get you banned or it was escalate problems

No. 1398062

I can’t think of any super famous black dark skin actresses. Other than lupita but she barely gets any roles. Do you know any?

No. 1398064

have you ever looked to foreign countries ever, or were the music from those countries just not "pop" enough for you? Are you a 1st gen?

this whole convo really does belong in the dumbass shit thread, kpop stans are so retarded

No. 1398067

You keep saying it exists but show me them then.

No. 1398075

is there a reason why you are targeting all of africa when i also mentioned the caribbean from the beginning, which you never brought up at all?
>as a black dark skin woman there’s really no country I could go to and be rich/famous for my beauty/talent if I wanted to
this is what you posted and I replied how you are wrong and a defeatist and a denialist of multiple countries in the caribbean and africa, but because of your self-hatred kpopfag braindamage, you have decided to target the entirety of africa about how their music isn't good or popular enough and none of my other points because you are a retarded defeatist kpopfag

No. 1398077

NTA, but Tiwa Savage, Simi, Fave, Ayra Starr, Tyla, Yemi Alade, Amaaraee are famous and succssful with their own people. Some of them literally collabed with western artists like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Kali Uchis. Also, no kpop or jpop idols are popular in Africa AFAIK.

No. 1398080

The irony of all this is that neither the kpop industry or the music itself are the least bit enviable. Completely soulless, dead copies of western pop music, and they've always loved ripping off black music to get easy exposure (most recently they've been trying it with afrobeats, since they see that it's getting popular internationally - something anon is denying).

No. 1398091

File: 1667582475944.gif (1.14 MB, 480x358, stop it get some help.gif)

and I really wish some of you other black anons would stop trying to defend the self-hating types so goddamn much! You ALL should know already of when self-hatred goes into denialism, there's no turning back and there's no saving them!

No. 1398096

Whats the 96 music bill? Not american but sounds interesting

No. 1398100

File: 1667583089410.png (40.18 KB, 188x152, 1659344853972881.png)

I got a super cute tshirt for my bday, should i exchange it for a smaller size to encourage losing weight or is that a bad idea? I am scared of losing weight and it looking bad.

No. 1398103

Hmm I see what you mean. I guess I mean I wish black people had our own industry similar to K-pop that’s glamorous and shows us as cute/innocent with a stan culture. That’s a self hating thought but o well I can admit that.

No. 1398105

holiday glep is so precious

No. 1398106

>super cute bday t-shirt you can wear now and be a super cute nonny all over the place
>t-shirt you can't wear now, might be able to wear later, and don't know if it will look good when you do
You know what you must do. Happy birthday nonita!

No. 1398115

He was the only one who ate the fries too, best boy
Truee but right now i barely leave the house because i feel uggo, also the color i liked(white) wasnt for fatties. Thanks for the bday wishes nonnie muak

No. 1398118

Telecommunications Act of 1996, actually - it was "supposed" to increase competition in all forms of american media, but instead the reverse happened - lots of mergings, buying outs. It completely destroyed american radio, that along with payola and all the smaller record labels and their signed clients being bought out and demolished by the early 2000s permanently ruined american music

No. 1398122

no glep lover is an uggo, nona, also happy bday smak

No. 1398124

paki-chan, you are not black
pls stop with the race cosplay already

No. 1398128

No way is pakichan larping as a black woman now?

No. 1398129

>the color white isn't for fatties
what kind of retarded rule is that? sounds like a dumb way to keep nonnies from living her best life you deserve to wear your awesome bday shirt and feel gorgeous in it

No. 1398134

paki-chan is (c)rap-chan, so….

No. 1398139

File: 1667585176944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 4032x3024, 83820F72-13BA-4E59-9B2A-667CC8…)


Posting this just because anons need to stop accusing everyone they don’t agree with iof being a scrote or another anon they dislike(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1398140

Who? Sorry for asking to be spoonfeed

No. 1398142

Show your palms paki-chan.

No. 1398143

Oh no sorry lmao, there wasnt any rule they just ran out of that color for my size, kek.

No. 1398144

nonnita ignore them. I 100% get you. I've come across a lot of black women in k-pop circles that also wish there was an industry that pushed black women with the same girly/innocent image some female girl groups have. ur not weird at all for wanting that.

No. 1398154

This is me. I know if I said any GC thoughts IRL people would devour me. It's something that I 'test the waters' with all the time, but I have yet to find anyone else my age that is gender critical like me (IRL, I have found some people online). It's too risky, you could be blacklisted and have a hard time getting a job in the future if you don't wanna work for conservatoids.

No. 1398155

An "anon" (not very anon) who sperges about how rap music is the bane of everything iirc? In one thread she claimed to be mixed black in order to justify her prejudice. In reality, (c)rap-chan is paki-chan, a self-hating Pakistani anon who spends too much time on this site getting into fights and race-sperging everywhere. And she apparently simps for Varg or some equally cringy white supremacist.
I often see paki-chan in the vent thread, but iirc "(c)rap-chan" sperges out most often in celebricows? I'm not a thread regular so I'm not certain. Any anon who has encountered her more often could tell you more.

No. 1398161

File: 1667585828899.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 4032x3024, 4AD7C013-76E4-413A-BAAD-719B5F…)

Now shhhh. Y’all shit up the place accusing everyone of being the same bitch. Maybe some people just have shit opinions doesn’t mean we are all one person kek
Even Europeans have forms of media that show white girls as cute/glamorous. I don’t see this for black girls. It’s always baddie with a lace front or some mom struggling.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1398165

thanks, yeah i know pakichan whenever i complain about my shithole people ask me if i am her. There is something ironic about Lolcor dot famrs having a resident lolcow of their own.

No. 1398171

I feel like you too anon, latinas are always depicted as sassy girls or poor mothers too, it's so tiresome.

No. 1398176

She was larping as a mixed race (half black) woman

No. 1398178

Tyla is pretty cute and not "baddie"-ish. Some people were calling her "South Africa's Ariana Grande", kek. I kind of hope more singers like her come out.

No. 1398184

Brahms 2 is sublime and you can’t change my mind

No. 1398185

>sexualized school girl in a submissive role
Nta but dunno if thats any better

No. 1398191

so you really are just a retarded self-hating defeatist kpopfag kek

No. 1398193

that arm looks fat and i see you didn't wanna show your (most likely fat) fingers huh, fat kpopfag

No. 1398195

Lame samefagging

No. 1398197

I am fat and?
There’s fatou but she’s not popular so idk if even that counts(stop derailing about race and kpop)

No. 1398199

I'm craving spinach with pomegranate so bad right now

No. 1398201

go racesperg out at choachan, fatass

No. 1398205

Stay mad kek

No. 1398207

File: 1667587664481.jpg (230.81 KB, 1131x645, ubre_blanca.jpg)

I feel like when there was a lot of dolph lundregen posters in the /g/ men threads it was a different era of lolcow

No. 1398208

samefag, lc had a different vibe than now

No. 1398209

Since it's socially accepted and even praised when white and Asian women do it in their respective media, I will apply the same standard to black women and let it pass tbh. At least she's actually allowed to be cute and isn't hypersexualized with extreme/BBL plastic surgery, bleached skin or obesity like Lizzo. Rome wasn't built in a day.

No. 1398210

stay fat and sperging about kpop, but like, on a different website

No. 1398216

it's Lundgren, nona and I remember those times too

No. 1398218

Ok I will but I’ll do it on this site(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1398223

File: 1667588125110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.8 KB, 596x596, b36996566c73a2ffae7dfb4a37fdb4…)

thanks for the correction nonny. He wasn't my flavor of man but I remember reading through the /g/ threads and seeing him and Grace posted quite a bit haha. Makes me nostalgic even if it was a couple years ago. Pic for good measure

No. 1398225

File: 1667588176542.jpeg (71.88 KB, 500x477, 1649821452825.jpeg)

haaah fine

No. 1398233

Aww sad michael

No. 1398245

The kpop industry isn't glamorous at all and half of the girls involved are sexually abused teenagers.

No. 1398248

samefag and some of those 'stans' those cutesy innocent groups attract are unhinged pedos or just unhinged people in general

No. 1398272

My uncle is hearing music at incredibly high levels and my head hurts

No. 1398283

Anon I get what you're saying but kpop is an exploitive industry. Also how would that work anyway? South Koreans are unified under one country, one language, one culture, that's partially why k-pop works, black people are divided over many unless you just meant black American people.

No. 1398287

File: 1667591718543.jpg (36.82 KB, 590x590, 69fc82ec7348ff2fcc60f0662e4a4f…)

Forever laughing at gendies endlessly seething at one of my interests (otome games) because it continues to be GxB, have problematic trashmen and doormat heroines, and they can't do shit about it. No matter if they pretend the routes are kweer. No matter how many indie enbie otome they post on itch that they always ignore themselves. No matter if they coin a new genre (amare). They never go for scrote games even though it's closer to what they want–a tabularasa boy they can easily project their manlarp onto surrounded by a harem of girls. But they know deep deep down in their pickmecore these games are made for scrotes and scrotes writing women will always be worse than any "boring" hettybetty otome. These digital parasites want "triple A title" otome and it will never ever happen.

No. 1398290

I totally understand why they don't want doormat heroines though, a lot of normal women don't like it either.

No. 1398293

> South Koreans are unified under one country, one language, one culture, that's partially why k-pop works, black people are divided over many unless you just meant black American people.

South Korean isn’t a race. They are East Asian. It’s kind of like how Japanese and Koreans are the same race but still have their own media,culture etc going on. The same idea is applied to black people.

No. 1398294

otomes are so boring, but western otomes are so much worse with their ugly artstyles and troon crap.

No. 1398295

Where did I say South Koreans are a race kek

No. 1398299

I drank an entire case of mt dew in less than 2 days after I had them leftover from a party. My tummy hurts so bad.

No. 1398305

Samefag but I don't think you get what I was saying. Kpop works because it has one very clear target demographic (South Koreans in South Korea who speak Korean) (although the international Western audience has become a secondary target demographic but it didn't build it's foundation on that). Anon said she wanted "kpop but for black people", how's that supposed to work when black people are all over the world from many different cultures and background, speaking many different languages, it's a way too broad category to build something like the k-pop industry, what I said wasn't about race whatsoever.

No. 1398306

Nonnie that stuff is battery acid

No. 1398310

Why couldn’t black people from one country cater to black people in that country and then the music blows up else where too? The same logic applies.

No. 1398311

Regular mtn dew kind of sucks but Baja blast is really good.

No. 1398320

Scrotes really think a female character in a comedy show cheating on her husband is the evilest thing ever huh

No. 1398329

They were such a goddamn stunning couple, i am kinda thinking i may started the sperging about them a few years ago, at least i did post a few pics kek

No. 1398337

I agree with you. The thing is, even though black people technically have our own music scene like afrobeats and hip-hop, it's all so male dominant and misogynist. I feel like there's only 3 categories, thot, the matronly figure (think of all those gospel singers and old motown singers who are still around and lesbian. I used to feel so terrible never gravitating to other black women and girls depicted in media.

It's not really that broad. Many people of different backgrounds like k-pop, why can't the same apply here?
There's a way to do it that appeals to all black people, i say this a black woman. I strongly believe the only country that can pull this off it the US since pretty much all black people no matter what country they are in copy what black americans do anyways. Even so, i don't think it will ever happen because i know those girls will be abused worse than the k-pop girls.

No. 1398341

It's been over 4 hours, give it a rest already

No. 1398381

Surprised by anons not being more weirded out by someone posting their whole uncensored face in the plastic surgery thread

No. 1398384

If it was posted in /ot/ more people would have probably called her an idiot

No. 1398394

The fact that she put the domain name over it too makes me wonder if it’s some weird schizo post. Anons have been getting too comfortable lately

No. 1398420

This especially that family pic in the Halloween thread. You KNOW someone (moid) saved that. This site is not safe. We are not a private site

No. 1398421

Close your eyes whore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1398434

File: 1667600787380.png (39.11 KB, 318x111, Screenshot 2022-11-04 182610.p…)

I find this banner funny considering what Zac Efron looks like now.

No. 1398449

I don't know a lick of Spanish but one of my favorite things to say is estupida.

No. 1398452

Oh we have a oui oui baguette thread now

No. 1398455

I coulda sworn they already had a thread

No. 1398472

File: 1667602197560.jpg (772.38 KB, 1800x2401, michonne.jpg)

I feel like Rick Grimes didn't deserve her

No. 1398476

Omg accurate

No. 1398479

File: 1667602775002.jpg (12.58 KB, 300x250, axNnqxoR_700w_0.jpg)

TIL you can also have period pains in both labia majora and minora, so now I don't have to freak out every period why I get sore there thinking I caught something from a toilet seat or whatever but nope it's just another byproduct of some bitch that once upon a time decided to eat an apple.

No. 1398488

File: 1667603125199.jpeg (440.93 KB, 890x621, ACF96D0A-015B-433E-B23C-AABC73…)

This has GOT to be fetish pandering. No way 2 million people watched this for comedic purposes. He does have cute stompers though..

No. 1398489


No. 1398491

Yeah my dad likes to call me that a lot except he pronounces it "estupiday"

No. 1398492

I think I have watched this video? Or at least a video with similar premise. If it is the video I think it is he is mocking nazis and if it's the youtuber I think it is he makes several videos mocking nazis. I have no idea why the feets are in the thumbnail though

No. 1398493

>cute stompers
There is black soot on his toes.