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No. 1396208

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No. 1396214

File: 1667432036994.gif (23.31 KB, 468x423, 1.gif)

Went to a grocery store and the machine had an automatic "how much do you want to tip the cashier" prompt… What the fuck? You didn't even bag my shit for me and gave a dirty look after I put in $0. Fuck you you move your arms a lil and have a stool what hard work are you doing that you want a tip? The audacity of good looking young adults.

No. 1396216

What store?

No. 1396217

File: 1667432092412.gif (342.14 KB, 520x390, b1ba5baa22c142c69c7932d11efe03…)

I'm such a dumb bitch. I keep falling for the "small family owned business" meme. Like, I wanna leave my work because: 1- It's stressful on my body 2- I have to work on weekends and holidays 3- It has nothing to do with my degree and actual areas of interest 4- Although the hours are not that bad, I usually arrive really tired at home and can't do much else aside from "brain turned off" shit, like watching dumb shit 5- It's retail, guess that sums it up
But then yesterday she talked with us about how November and especially December are really hard months and everyone will have to work extra hard, but she wants to pay us bonus for it and throw a party for us as well and I just end up feeling really bad about wanting to leave right now, to the point where I'm even considering not sending anymore resumees anywhere unless it's like dream-job tier. Like, I don't wanna fuck her over, even though I don't even know if she thinks that highly of me anyway. I don't hate my job, it's not the worst job I've ever had (that would be a game startup with a volatile as fuck moid boss) and there are many genuine good sides to it, but still…

No. 1396219

Been noticing a lot new pregnant nonas and it makes me feel happy for them. My pregnancy ended recently and it was going to be a May baby. Not going to try again for a pretty long time. I also found out that most babies in America are born in July through October.

No. 1396222

Unless it's the lowest priced store like walmart, big box stores are way better to work at than small businesses. You don't owe them anything, keep applying to jobs and go when you get a better one. Don't fall for the "were all a family!1" meme, small businesses owners are even more cut throat than big business owners bc they have way more to lose/don't have backup. She wouldn't think a second thought about firing you if she could pay someone under the table to do the same work for less.

No. 1396230

File: 1667433132042.jpg (126.36 KB, 750x750, 1598647693280.jpg)

Just please hear me out before you say what you need to say to me, I know it sounds really bad.
I relate to Bill Burr a lot now as he's gotten older and had kids. I don't necessarily find him funny, just painful and relatable. I'm angry just like that. Just fury with no real reason anymore, it just is what I am and without it there is no me.
His new Netflix soecial sucked, but there's this part where he starts talking about, he was having a good day, he made himself breakfast, figured out the modern tv despite being a boomer and got a show on, had his spot at the couch all fixed up, no one else was around.
And then I don't even remember what happened, maybe the toast fell on the floor, and he starts fucking chimping out like classic Bill Burr, flings the breakfast at the wall, fuming, just screaming
And then he hears coming closer from the other room, "Dada I sorry!"
I felt that shit hard. He was saying and you feel like you're going to throw up, what have I just done? And he apologizes to his daughter and tries to explain to her daddy's just crazy, you didn't do anything, it's not your fault, I'm so sorry
And then he has to send her back out of the room to her mom so he can pull his shit together and clean up the mess and act right and he's like, "What did I just do to her? Is she just gonna go play now and she's fine? Or is she not going to be an astronaut anymore?" and that made me fucking cry
people this angry shouldn't have kids, we shouldn't pass this down, it will get passed down. I wonder what we're going to hear about his kids in 15 years.
The pathos was just overwhelming. Like he knows it's that bad. I don't know, I just understand that feeling so well and the desperation when you realize there really is no help and it really won't ever get better no matter what you do or say or try. This just is what you are, if you weren't this raging asshole, you wouldn't even be you anymore, it would be some other person.
It's painful, literally physically painful. I dunno, I don't even like him, I've just never hear anyone else say they feel exactly like I do. It's despair.
Never gonna be an astronaut.

No. 1396235

I always found the tipping culture weird because why would you give even more money to someone who just doing their job? They already have a salary tf

No. 1396236

I don’t like him as a person either but I fully relate to everything he says about his upbringing and having such severe issues later on because of it. F is for Family try hard edgelord shit occasionally but it’s made me cry multiple times.

No. 1396237

What the fuck. Never in my life has tipping at a grocery store been a thing. That’s like if the bag boy, when there was one, took out the old lady’s shit and she gave him a quarter. It’s all self checkout now they should be paying us for doing their job. What store, pleas??

No. 1396238

dude same, F is for Family is god damn devastating when it isn't trying to be funny/cool

No. 1396240

File: 1667434397469.jpeg (2.68 MB, 3000x3999, DF073C91-CADD-4B57-8981-74D314…)

I feel like texas is gonna stay red this midterm… i want abbot out but the dems just suck at good messaging. Mom also got a political ad in spanish saying beto is too radical, ugh

No. 1396241

I really hate to parrot tranny talking points, but when the fuck did these people ever care about girls' safety? Literally trying to force ten year olds to give birth to incestual rape babies as we speak.

No. 1396245

File: 1667435044638.jpeg (89.8 KB, 640x492, E9B593B7-7D67-44F7-9038-559199…)

Yeah I hate how just now they wanna act like they care so much for women. Meanwhile child marriage is still legal and abortions restricted, etc. It bothers me though how much theyre targeting latinos/hispanics/whatever though., i can’t explain how weird it makes me feel though
Yet people act shocked when stats show Latinos voting conservatively.

No. 1396246

felt the same after going to vote today. i know its only early voting but i was the only young person there surrounded by old white and very stereo-typically conservative looking people. i had hope after seeing betos social media presence but i wonder if half the ppl online who are saying #fuckabbot are even voting. here's to hoping not every single old white person will be voting abbot

No. 1396249

Neighbors behind me were shouting at their child and the kid was wailing. They were slamming doors too (not the child, the parents). After five minutes they started talking nicer than raised their voices again. I feel bad because my mother use to do this to me and get in my face. It's deadly quiet and I hope the kid is okay.

No. 1396251

we're at the point where everyone gets their pay PLUS tips, except me.

No. 1396253

I relate, nonna. I have insane anger issues too, part of me thinks i could never traumatize a child but i know it's my ego trying to protect me from the reality of what i truly am. I was an abused kid, my first relationship was with a verbally abusive man and i was always so passive, fawning my way out of conflits… and it always ended up coming out of me as anger somewhere else. Even as a child my dad would frighten me, hit me, i'd say nothing but then in my room i'd bite my arm, pull my hair out, shit like that. And you think oh its just self harm its fine but no, my dad poisoned me with his anger, and it showed up really young, i remember i had a childhood dog i loved so much but sometimes i was in bed and he was making noise under the bed while i was trying to sleep and it would literally drive me crazy, i would start mimicking my dad without even realizing, trying to reach for him under the bed to hit him, furious, literally furious, and i was what, 8? I remember my heart was racing from the rage i would feel, and my dog would hide. In the morning i was always so ashamed and remorseful. This is the kind of person i am. I never in my life got in a physical fight with anyone, i don't thrive in conflict, i hate it, if you met me you wouldn't imagine how angry i can get given the right circonstances, but this is a part of me i have to deal with and it's so hard to accept… my first relationship he was abusive like i said and at first i was with him like i was with my father, fawning, avoiding conflict at all costs, no boundaries… and one day, click. It was too much, and the other me came out, and i can tell you he still remembers me because i became 10 times more abusive than him in retalation. You want to scream? I'll scream louder, i'll be crazier, i'll go further, you can't win at my own game. I would escalate things so much he would get scared of me and i felt so powerful i'd laugh in his face and he would just be speechless. It's such a high to let your anger run free, i became addicted to it, and this man was a scumbag so i don't feel too bad (compared to my poor innocent dog when i was a child) but the thing is, it's true what they say about anger : it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I've fucked him up, but more than that i've truly fucked myself up. I wouldn't trust myself to have a child. Now i have two cats and i chose cats instead of a dog because i know cats are less in tunes with human emotions compared to dogs, i know when i get angry (not at them) and scream like a possessed demon my cats don't even react to it, they can stay asleep and purr while i'm right next to them sounding like a banshee. I don't think a dog could. So yeah, you're not alone. I feel like i should be killed like a dangerous pitbull or something.

No. 1396255

i think men make more money than women because women are willing to act ethical even when being wageslaves and show consideration to companies and bosses who wouldn't hesitate to fuck us over. our own niceness results in our being paid less than we're worth and treated worse than we deserve.
moids wouldn't think twice about keeping apps going out no matter what job they had. moids are duplicitous like that.

No. 1396259

File: 1667435757499.jpg (14.37 KB, 375x375, 1605888775410.jpg)

No. 1396262

Tipping culture is so retarded. Just another way for companies to put the burden on the consumer so they don't have to pay their workers more.

No. 1396264

Most workers don't even deserve a tip. especially nowadays. I only tip if they're really nice or fake it to make it like people used to before covid.

No. 1396269

They only care when they can use it for an agenda.

No. 1396274

File: 1667437005667.jpg (194.93 KB, 750x750, 1597313538255.jpg)

>tfw you only deserve to afford groceries if you can effectively pretend to be happy to be treated like filth

No. 1396277

Some high street store full of spoiled brats

No. 1396281

i'm so sick of hearing that song unholy by themby sam smith and that tranny kim petras. why are trannies so obsessed with the idea of straight men fucking trannies behind their wive's back? literally the entire song and music video is about how some woman's husband goes to the body shop and fucks gay men and trannies

No. 1396282

Retarded take, any field that starts getting more female workers takes a pay nosedive, drs in Russia get paid like shit and treated like shit even though they have a high education like everywhere else. Just bc most drs are women. Rich scrotes look after their own.

No. 1396284

I'm sorry for your loss, nonna.

No. 1396289

oh, nonna. it's like i'm looking in a mirror. there's hope for folks like us yet. we had to wear this big scary armor to get through tougher times and now we don't know how to take it off, but it doesn't mean we can't learn how.

you'll be in my thoughts. you and the other replies also struggling with anger issues. one day we'll be softer and happier for it, i know it.

No. 1396295

If it’s a server they deserve a tip unless they’re trash, even then I still tip bit like 10%. Or anything where you get paid less than minimum wage and live off tips. Servers make $3 an hour most places. That’s just how it is don’t come for me “well they should” we can’t have millions of people out of a job and nowhere for your precious ass to eat without it being a nasty buffet.

No. 1396298

I only tip for above and beyond service, I don't care about social norms. Tipping is out of control. Places are asking for a 30% tip at counter service. It's gone too far.
I like restaurants that don't allow tipping but do pay a good wage like 15-18/hr to the workers. i wish more places did that. tipping is so awkward.

No. 1396299

I am going to turn 21 next week i feel so old, everyone around me already knows what they want to do in their life yet i am still a virgin retard who stills have teenage troubles of not knowing how to fit in, never had a real friendship or a friendship that lasted more than a year either, i also cant remember most of my life. At this point i have accepted that i will always feel like a gross outsider, even my family feels like strangers, i am going to dedicate my life to my husbando i guess.

No. 1396300

In your same situation but with a waifu. It's ok nonny we can be counter culture retards or whatever

No. 1396301

File: 1667438414162.jpg (651.75 KB, 1080x1455, 1667151282400.jpg)

I just wish i was born a few years earlier or a few years after being a zoomie sucks ass

No. 1396302

Businesses who don't pay atleast min wage should go bankrupt from loss of business. It's not my problem they can't run a business.

No. 1396304

this is going to sound bad, but please try to enjoy everything you can while you can.
whatever you like, no matter how cringe or weird or wrong it feels, please let yourself enjoy it while you can, that ability is going to end. please don't waste what you do have, you really honestly do still have something right now

No. 1396309

Damn nonna please tell me what so i can enjoy it i have been feeling like shit for almost 21 years and 9 months of my life. I wonder if something traumatic that i forgot happened during my childhood i swear i feel like an alien like my parents dont feel real sometimes i cant even remember anything about them sometimes, like i am living in some truman tier shit

No. 1396313

You have a husbando, that means you must have enjoyed a show or a game or something, lean as hard into it as you possibly can.
I cannot express to you what happens when you're like 25, but it is not an exaggeration that your change when your brain stops growing. You feel old now, but you will be old later, cling onto anything you have, shit that doesn't seem important now will become important later

No. 1396315

Shiet havent though of that pretty much the only thing that fuels me is my autistic love for my husbando. I cant believe i am 4 years away from being 25 life flies so fucking fast.

No. 1396316

Read some r/breakingmom and realize how precious your freedom is

No. 1396317

Kek i would rather die than become a mom, i dont even want a boyfriend thats not my husbando

No. 1396318

it isn't just parenthood that saps your freedom, please try to heed advice from people who've already been through this, maybe we can actually help you

No. 1396322

File: 1667439461759.jpg (27.38 KB, 476x395, 1581534411182.jpg)

we couldn't comprehend the warnings when we were kids, and now we are doomed to try to warn the new kids who also cannot comprehend the warnings
life itself is the ultimate vicious cycle

No. 1396323

I swear you are one of the dumbest motherfuckers I have ever met. Why do you beed to be walked through every fucking detail? Fuck. Didnt realize you needed a hall monitor to make sure you do right.
Im over it. Im over your defensiveness and im over walking you through anything i need.
Fucking dummy. Maybe you deserve a moron of your caliber .

No. 1396324

Sorry wasnt my intention, i honestly doubt much is going to change from now up until i am 25, considering i am a friendless depressed quasineet but i am open to hearing advice for eldernonnad. I just feel like i should have followef my instinct instead of doing what my parents wanted for me(being normal i guess) i should have stuck to drawing as a teen instead of jumping from friend group to friend group trying to fit in and therapist to therapist trying to find the cure for my depression

No. 1396326

There's still time, it genuinely isn't too late yet, if you let it go for a few more years it will be, but right now you can still turn this around
What do you want to do? Draw? Would you want to go to an art school? Take lessons? You literally can still benefit from any of it right now, your brain is still growing, you still have the chance, it is absolutely not too late at 22
Friends you had in your early 20s and teens won't even seem like real people soon, try not to think about them and they will go away eventually

No. 1396330

Thanks yeah i think i have decided i will focus on growing my skills from now on. I want to make my own games mostly, anda youtube channel, pretty lame stuff but whatever. I literally do not benefit in the slightest from having friends and only have them so my mom doesng think i am sad or something.

No. 1396335

File: 1667440521392.jpeg (39.42 KB, 720x720, 7FD54183-C514-47DE-BF32-DFC3E1…)

I feel weird that my professor basically called me an orientalist because I wanted to make my art piece for our project about comfort women, or my second choice which was about chikan on train cars. He was trying to make me think and focus more on my community, but it got so awkward because I had to admit that I’m sheltered and stay home all day so I don’t know much. He just asked if my interest was just exoticism and then hit me with how being an orientalist is a problem. It wasn’t really accusatory, but I mean.. Now I have to think of something else to do. I might double down though. I slept the whole day so I don’t know if I’ll have time to sketch the concept which I need to have done tomorrow. I’ve been sleeping all day for most of this week again and it’s just upsetting. Feeling really empty honestly. I avoid everything and I procrastinate even on things I am supposed to love.

No. 1396338

I hate it when rich women that do sex work criticize it while continuing to do it. If you are aware of the fact that it's harmful and you're a millionaire you are not forced to continue doing sex work. Also, I hate the fake empathy towards Amouranth she has 30 million dollars, if she truly didn't want to do sex work and was coerced into it by her husband she would fucking stop, but guess what she will make millions for the owner of Onlyfans until she dies, because she doesn't care about women or about how harmful the industry is, she only cares about her millions. I hate how hypocritical you bitches are and I hate privileged sex workers that LARP as being opressed when they have all the resources to stop it. Let's not lie to ourselves, a lot of women in the 1st world enjoy being sexualized and it is their fucking choice while women in the 3d world are literally sex trafficked. Most human rights activist are focusing their empathy in the wrong spaces. Some fucking millionaire that actively chooses to opress women doesn't need your fucking empathy. Maybe it's a hard pill to swallow, I don't give a fuck however

No. 1396339

Let me guess, your professor is white. Also do whatever you want nona, it's your art and no one can force you to conform just because they don't like your ideas.

No. 1396340

evil brain rotted millionaires contributing to an evil industry and evil LARPING "radfems" that excuse the most evil women that actively contribute to women's oppression. Genuinely hope you all fucking neck yourselves.

No. 1396341

I see where you're coming from but I thought her husband held her money hostage. Do you mean that she's just going to keep doing the degenerate shit she was doing while her ex was pimping her out? I'm inclined to feel bad for her still but I do see that she has all the resources to pull herself out of her mess and it would be retarded if she didn't and just kept digging herself in further of her own volition

No. 1396345

File: 1667442374475.gif (455.21 KB, 280x223, 88587435-368C-4566-AFB6-BE9E91…)

Being an adult zoomer and realizing that the entire dating pool is trash makes me depressed. I wouldn’t even be opposed to dating older men but only through a few exceptions, but the idea of dating, romance, and sex turns me into an emotional mess and makes me anxious. I’m not even an object of worth or desirability and yet my brain is still addicted to the idea of romance, help

No. 1396354

Stop consuming any media made by men/handmaidens, has romance, or has a focus on men. Romance is a con by some french bard that was celebrated for creating a new way to con women into getting with shit men. You have been brainwashed.

No. 1396361

I don’t want a pinkpilled response anon

No. 1396365


>I'm not even an object of worth or desirability and yet my brain is still addicted to the idea of romance

What the fuck are you talking about? You don't exist to please other people, and your self-worth should not be contingent on how good you'd be for someone. You're supposed to have good character traits, be a self-sufficient person, and have a sense of humor to cope with tough things. That's all you should base your self-worth on. You don't need romance or sex to live a good life, does it make life better if you get those things in a fulfilling relationship? Yes, but you can live without it. If you can find something creative and productive that has meaning for you, then you can be happy that way.

No. 1396367

File: 1667443934749.jpg (80.58 KB, 750x826, EWy9P8uXQAQTFy8.jpg)

Mfs fuck with you 24/7 and then wonder why you don't trust their asses for shit, of course i'm on edge bitch you always talking shit about me behind my back i can't even have food allergies without you idiots chatting about it FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE
>we wasn't talking to you
But you was talking about me, you arrogant scrote. You think you're hotshit but you will die alone

No. 1396368

susan b anthony, queen elizabeth the first, louisa alcott, florence nightingale. they all died without having a man and they all were extraordinary. men clearly drag women down.

No. 1396372

>I’m not even an object of worth or desirability and yet my brain is still addicted to the idea of romance
Every human craves affection, that's normal. But you need to learn romance and love aren't the "endgame" on life, there's lots of things you could do besides getting a bf

No. 1396374

Yeah exactly you summed it up

No. 1396384

All these other anons are telling you to focus on other things, which is fair, but I know how unsatisfying those responses probably are for you because i feel the exact same. At least there's two of us.

No. 1396386

Even if it doesn’t feel like it now you’re deserving of kindness and love. Low self esteem can make it hard to love but if you find someone special trust that they genuinely care about you. Doing some self work to improve yourself can be good and will make it easier to accept love when you find it. Don’t cut yourself off from the love that you want.

No. 1396424

Guys please talk me off this bridge. I've been feeling so insecure these past few weeks when a friend of a friend reached out and asked me if I thought her friend is cute. I said he was good looking and she asked if I'd want to get to know him. I was like sure if he's interested. She said okay and that she was going to send a picture of me to him except it's been 2 days and I never received an update??? She's not like a good friend of mine so I don't know what happened and It's not something I would follow up on but all I can think is he saw me and said I wasn't cute? I'm average looking and get complimented on my looks but I just feel so defeated when I think someone doesn't find me attractive. Even guys that I have no interest in. Idk this makes me want to never put myself out there again I feel like throwing up.

No. 1396438

Maybe he felt insecure to send a photo of him to you? Idk men are weird. There are so many variations of things that could have happened for his friend to stop talking to you outside of him thinking you are ugly.

No. 1396442

File: 1667449336131.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, 1540903658618.png)

abilify fucking ruined my life, do not take this demon drug
my new psychiatric nurse, not psychiatrist, this is the person who took over for the actual psychiatrist, whom I have never been able to even meet in person because the hospital has not allowed in-person visits since covid began, took depression and anxiety off of my chart and decided that I'm bipolar instead, without asking me any questions or giving me any tests, just decided my doctor was wrong and took me off my meds with no period to even ween off and put me on abilify
this fucking evil drug is meant for schizophrenics, bipolars, and autists, not just sad paranoid anxious bitches
welp, in the four months I was on it, I moved in with a piece of shit moid after knowing him for ONE WEEK and stayed with him even after he gleefully talked about how he had tricked me; this is the first time i have EVER moved out, I do not do shit like this, this is not me
my fucking NURSE will not take me off of abilify because she says me moving out like that is a sure sign that I have bipolar disorder, and raised the fucking dose. I told her, it is making me fuckign sicker, I am behaving like a maniac SINCE you put me on abilify, I was doing FINE on zoloft.
She says if I don't take the abilify, she will put me in the fuckign psychward against my will, like literally have the police take me
What would happen if I leave the state? She can't get me if I just leave, right? I cannot keep taking this shit, the month I went on it, I have never been in such blinding fucking pain before, the nausea was bad, but it was like having a migraine for a whole month. I'm detoxing form it right now and it feels pretty much exactly like that again. I'm weaning off of it, I'm not going to do what she did to me just whipping me off and on shit.
Moid took all of my money and beat the shit out of me, and I am too fuckign brain damaged to do anythign about it. I am so fucked. I can't go to another doctor and ask for help, this fucking bitch is all over my record as my mental health provider, they will call her, she will call the police, when I was in the psychward, they refused me insulin because they just didn't fuckign believe I have diabetes because you're here, you MUST be insane, I don't give a shit if your eyes and mouth are dried out to the point you can't blink, you're lying, you must be strung out, even though week took blood and piss and the record literally says it was clean for everything
This fucking NURSE has destroyed my brain. I was NOT like this before abilify, this is not how I was, I'm a fucking LESBIAN

No. 1396444

I caught up with a friend from highschool last night and she told me she bumped into my first ever girlfriend. We had one of those pseudo-relationships that spanned years and fell in and out but wasn't quite a friendship. I was in love with her but was also severely messed up at the time because an older scrote had been abusing and grooming me, which she knew about. At one point she slept with him and he sent me photos which are permanently burned into my brain.

I haven't seen or heard from her in years, but when chatting to my friend she asked her if we still spoke, which she said yes, and then went on to rave and rant about how much she hates me, what a horrible cunt I am, and how I deserved everything that rapist moid did to me.

Everything that happened between us was over 8 years ago and she's still holding onto it. The thing is, with how fucked up everything was that happened to me I don't remember huge chunks of my life as a result of the PTSD. Still, I don't remember doing anything so horrible to her to warrant a comment as disgusting as that. It feels pathetic to hold onto it for so long.

I'd tried reaching out to her in the past, but she's never responded, and now I know why. I really don't know how to feel about it, to be honest. Apparently she's doing nothing with herself, still the same person with the same mindset she's always had. But I can't stop thinking about what she said, and I wish I knew what I'd done to warrant this level of spite.

No. 1396445

she is both mentally ill and a bad person, one is exacerbating the other
I'm really sorry anon, that is fucking heinous

No. 1396454

What if she never actually got to show him the picture or he started dating someone else? So many things could have happened, don't beat yourself up over your own conclusions. Also even if he wasn't interested, its just a rando. You can be the juiciest and sweetest peach in the world, but some people just don't like peaches.

No. 1396458

File: 1667452016207.jpg (451.88 KB, 1076x969, Screenshot_20211029-200700_Fir…)

Nona, I'm so sorry, holy shit. I don't think anyone can make you go to a hospital unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or others. No Healthcare provider can chase you into another state. Just reiterate that you are not suicidal/homicidal do not need to be hospitalized. I definitely recommend seeking out a psychiatric nurse practioner (if you're in the US). They are usually much more patient-centered and practical in my experience. I'm so sorry this happened.

No. 1396461

I didn't know that music video existed and just watched it and holy shit I am once again reminded why I hate fags so much. Their entire "culture" revolves around sexual degeneracy and trying to prove that they're better than women.

No. 1396462

File: 1667452668813.jpg (211.55 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_8606.JPG)

Nonas, navigate the site cautiously, we’re being bombarded with disturbing imagery again. Avoid /snow/

No. 1396464

There's this girl on youtube (steph pappas) and I watched some of her videos here and there when they would show up in my recommended. Especially the ones with her dad. The fact that One day she posted a video with him and the next he gets killed by a drunk driver on impact is actually traumatizing. I don't know these people but I've thought about it so much since it happened and she released a video today talking about how she's doing and Idk I feel like vomiting it's too disturbing and scary. I am so scared to lose my loved ones so suddenly.

No. 1396465

Thanks for the warning nona

No. 1396468

I just want a new apartment I'm so sick of it here. I need good credit, a job of 3-6 months, and possibly savings. My job is new so I'm planning to break lease in 2-3 months with all the evidence of this apartments problems that they didnt help me with for almost a year. I shouldve just left with my old contract but it was still nice here and I didnt want to redo everything inside. Now the areas full of nonstop construction, traffic, shittier residents. The cell reception always sucks too. God I'm scared of moving to a new place with the same problems. Wish I could just afford a whole house down payment in the middle of no where with land for a few animals.

No. 1396472

File: 1667454159927.jpg (35.98 KB, 602x463, main-qimg-604513a062d18627bd3d…)

>At least there's two of us.
make it three

No. 1396473

Can you stop falling for people who are taken? Fucking stop.

No. 1396506

File: 1667462324811.jpeg (29.9 KB, 554x554, A481EB07-3B96-4C5B-9E40-6F3345…)

my mother is severely sick in a shitty poor country. we can’t pay off the medical debt so I’ve had to go into escorting. I thought I’d trry sugaring to save myself some dignity but it’s all the same, get ready, make small talk, listen to men, get fucked. My soul is beyond repair, i feel hopeless and used. Men are not human . They are animals. I understand Aileen now, i do. I cant wash this off me. It haunts me whoever i go, at any time of the day, the things men have said to me. I want out now, everyday I wish we had enough money to get by and support my mother but this is the only way.

No. 1396509

have you thought of starting a gofundme or selling feet pics on the side, it might not fix your whole issues but could supplement your pay

No. 1396545

I never did IRL escorting but I'm in a similar situation and I completely understand your pain. Would you like to exchange emails with me perhaps? I am looking for individuals that have gone through similar experiences as mine. I never did IRL escorting but I am severly mentally ill, have no friends, no support system and live in a shit country so I did online stuff.

No. 1396553

Get an husbando

No. 1396567

I am so lame i feel jealous of a 10yo child, i wish i had my cousins opportunities in life

No. 1396605

I rooted for you Rihanna. We all rooted for you

No. 1396607

I'm getting Charls Carroll-pilled. Minus all the religious shit he goes on about. The fact of him getting off the internet basically straightening him out enough to the point where he realized literally Nothing matters to people who are stuck on the internet and distracted by so many things to the point where doing actual self help is of low priority, but it should be at the top. He even got fucking married and had kids and he sees his children as a joy to his life. He's progressed so far compared to a handful of other people in the MDE sphere who are still stuck online.

No. 1396619

Hate it when people make me out as the weird one for not getting shit faced on a night out. "Wait, you were sober last night?!?!" yeah ofc I didn't want to get into anything with anyone and in fact did want to be able to call an uber at the end of it and you're welcome btw!!!!! I will partake in the fruits of the devil in situations that don't call for me being your babysitter!!!!!!

No. 1396642

You think nonnie who posted in vent thread yesterday really killed herself? It's haunting me, idk why even, I couldn't sleep yesterday and I was thinking about her

No. 1396645

She posted in the confession thread about 8 hours ago, she's fine.

No. 1396665

File: 1667477658434.jpg (57.1 KB, 667x500, 637acef5fde36c11b517dcedff9e5d…)

my job's manager won't text me back and i can not change my hours. i applied to 9 jobs this week. going for more this weekend. i even wrote cover letters… anon, i have less than 8 hours a week now. they don't give a shit about us. my workplace just hired a bunch of 16 year olds and slowly all the older people have left. i was happy because they were rude. but how the fuck am i going to survive? i am supposed to buy a car and save up for a bond and then i will still be in debt. fuck all of this cuckery, every job in my actual field requires travelling anyways. i am making peace with becoming semi-homeless and living like trash from a car because i can't afford a van. i am really fucking hoping that one of the grocery stores will hire me next week because even with cancelling all my subscriptions i will have nothing left. i already got my food from the soup kitchen but if this goes on any longer i won't be able to pay rent.

No. 1396677

Ah, I missed it, good to know. Thank you!

No. 1396681

People really are miserable uh? They force others to get drunk and vulnerable but then disappear the moment shit goes south

No. 1396706

I wish i could hug you like a sister to let you know that, yes, men aren't humans, but we are, and you have other sisters like me in the world who understand you. I never did sex work but i thought about it because i feel worthless and used anyway, sullied by men. I was going to ask if you thought about doing sex work online to spare you the experience of having to be in the presence of disgusting moids, but to be honest what you gain online in the lack of proximity, you lose with the fact that things posted online are forever there and you can't control anything about it, men will share your pictures on obscure forums or subreddits. It's another hardship that IRL sex workers don't have, IRL you can stop your activity and completely move on (well, mental scars will still be there, but the world will allow you to move on, internet doesn't let you, sadly).

Sending strength to you.

No. 1396718

Everyone seems to be arguing on here a lot more than usual lately. Nona's have been going ham in the NEET thread for hours now, I don't even know what they're arguing about at this point I can't even keep up.

No. 1396719

File: 1667481898997.jpg (208.11 KB, 828x1793, joke.jpg)

I wish I was born a man every single fucking day. The biological differences, the benefits of being a man, the way society views them, it's so much better. Nature did us dirty by handicapping us for the sake of having the ability to give birth. I get depressed every time I think how physically and mentally I'm capped. Like no matter what I do, a man will do it better. And whenever I voice those things very few deny it but they say things like "oh but women are better at other things" but those other things suck shit. I don't want to be the emotional, soft, nurturing figure that is celebrated in women. I don't want to care about others. I don't want to be passive. I want to be the conqueror, the leader, the innovator. It's just that no matter how much you try everyone will not give a shit about the things you do, it all boils down to looks, looks, and perceived personality. Achievements are last on the list of things that are desired in women and even then it's some bullshit lame (tumblresque) art or some etsy shit or being a nurse or a teacher.

No. 1396721

I’m fucking embarrassed that I still have “fear foods”

No. 1396724

File: 1667482256078.jpeg (119.69 KB, 1024x1024, DD2A9484-3618-45DD-B8E3-9399B5…)

Can’t tell if bait but nonny get yourself together, none of this is true.
Men are totally disposable and at their core they know it- that’s why they act so scrotey.

A single toenail from any nona here is worth more than all the moids I can think of.

No. 1396728

You're not capped mentally, and physically you can work out and get stronger, or take a self defense course. Also you don't have to be soft or nurturing or passive if you don't want too, fuck what society expects of you.
>It's just that no matter how much you try everyone will not give a shit about the things you do, it all boils down to looks, looks, and perceived personality.
That there's not really a solution for, my best advice is to try to not let society's view of you shape you in any way. If you want to be tough and innovative and a leader than do it, fuck it if people expect you to be a dainty cute woman or something, that doesn't effect you at all that's just their lame opinion of what you should be.

No. 1396730

oh my bad I didn't know women don't have a brain or a functioning body that allows them to do those things.

No. 1396732


There are successful women in every field. You can do whatever the fuck you want, within reason.
VERY successful people (even if most often moids) are outliers anyway.

No. 1396734

File: 1667483061398.jpeg (24.76 KB, 300x225, 1644709424716.jpeg)

Older men want to suck the life/youth out of you and it's so creepy. It's not just creepy in a sexual way, it's like they're dead inside, these dead empty shells, and they think you'll fix it with your glowing magical youth like you're a Winx character. I just don't understand what it is that they see? If it's like a subconscious thing thinking that "if I can have her/be inside her, I can become her"? Or devour a piece of her and gain back the lust for life I had like 20 years ago? I genuinely do not understand this thought process.

No. 1396736

Older men who prey on young girls’ daddy issues are just coping for their lack of sexual satisfaction in their 20s

No. 1396739

That's cope though. All men are creeps who prey on young girls if they can get away with it.

No. 1396747

I hope an older man does that to me because I already have no soul.

No. 1396752

every time i think this fucker got the hint to leave me alone, he comes back trying to talk to me again about stupid shit. literally said NO IM NOT INTERESTED twice but apparently people are too retarded to understand that.

No. 1396776

I hate that I keep getting into online friendships because I always lose interest at some point, and then I either have the option of ghosting them (which makes me feel mildly bad) or straight up telling them that I'm not interested anymore, which always results in them yelling at me that I'm a bad person. It usually happens when I get some kind of traction on social media and people start taking to me, and I'm lonely so I accept. But honestly, what's a friendship if all you can do is just message each other online? I wish I could make some irl friends

No. 1396779

this is really shitty when you are on the receiving of ghosting, it makes you feel like you did something wrong and you dont know what you did.

No. 1396785

Online friendships aren't really real, especially friendships that are based on mutual hobbies and interests. But it's only just that… interests. It feels shallow and it's only just an extension of talking to people on forums or imageboards. You don't really know a person or how they're like unless you meet them irl and hangout with them.

No. 1396787

I know, but most of the time it gradually fades out, it's not that I just stop talking one day. But I know it's bad so that's why on some occasions I tried to politely tell them that I'm not interested in chatting anymore, but every one of them called me a bad person. So honestly idk what people want

No. 1396800

>>1390344 here
The person in question announced they're taking another lengthy vacation in December. How the fuck do new hires manage to score time off during that month, ever?

No. 1396811

File: 1667491160396.jpg (145.79 KB, 620x620, tumblr_d151538d722f23bd7100caf…)

I hate connecting with new people, getting their phone number, getting a few replies, then getting ghosted. Even on Steam he didn't accept my friend request WHICH HE ASKED FOR BY SENDING ME HIS FRIEND CODE. Even the group chat made at the beginning for the final group project is "mild acquaintance" level. Why are people so fucking boring they can't even text back? I can't walk safely because there's no fucking sidewalks, the town a mile over is full of drunk men and packs of zoomer teenage boys, I don't have time to learn how to ride a bike when it's gonna be snowy and icy soon, my room is freezing, my bathroom has been broken since we moved here, I still get anxiety ang gag at least once when walking campus to my classes, I want a friend group to hang out and do stuff with. My daily routine is wake up 7:00, shower, Uber to school, come home to house ruined by sisters kids, watch TV, parents come home, say hi, and ignore me for tiktok and yt shorts, waste hours on idiotic yt videos, planning for things that don't happen, do homework late at night, sleep at 10-12. I've gotten better and gone to concerts over the years, took initiative, but other people are so damn uninteresting and bores if not conservative calling you a whore for wearing a crop top types, porn addict males, sex-positive!!!!! only fans thots with the playboy logo stamped all over, troons and their handmaidens and sassy casually misogynistic gays touching you. I tried so hard to gain better social skills and a friend group, and you can't even text me? Plan a gaming session or date since you glued yourself to my side for most of the hour? If I don't do it, it doesn't happen. We'll get 0 done for the group project if I don't link my powerpoint I'm almost 22 and I'm basically still where I was at 18, but now I know it's not myself who holds myself back 99% of the time.

No. 1396812

what the fuck is that picture.

No. 1396835

They probably underestimate you and think you’re a doormat. I began to realize that even most people are extroverted and loud it certainly doesn’t mean these people know how to socialize or connect with different kinds of people. They are expecting you to do 90% of the heavy lifting, you should stop trying and move on to people who understand relationships are supposed to be balanced. They especially do this bullshit when they know you’re a reserved person, they expect you to suck their tits dry for an ounce of their attention because they think their existence in your life is a gift sent from God. It’s really not you anon, it’s the other person that is a lazy, egotistical piece of shit who can’t keep up with your own efforts. If you tried and reached out and they didn’t take the opportunity to bite more, it really isn’t your fault it’s theirs. Normies are autistic as fuck

No. 1396859

Nonas I can't stop worrying about my health. My heart rate has been rising randomly the last few days and it keeps freaking me out. Of course, there's a lot of factors that I think could be causing it, like the fact that I'm on my period and fighting an infection, I drink alcohol and coffee regularly, used to smoke cigarettes. I have just never noticed this happen before and I can't stop worrying

No. 1396864

I’m starting to believe that people who can’t commit to online friendship can not commit to irl friendship either. Unless you’re kids, most adult friendships don’t involve hanging out irl every day or even every week. You keep in touch largely through phone/online anyway.

No. 1396902

this is unironically true

No. 1396907

My mother is not mentally ok. All I asked was to be decently treated like a human, and she doesn’t even see the point. She’s saying I’m trying to trigger her, but it truly does hurt me to hear someone constantly calling me a slut or whore when she’s mad at me, so I calmly asked her not to do that anymore. That it hurts to be called that. That even she can treat my brother with some degree of respect, so why can’t she do the same for me? Like, you wouldn’t call someone you truly loved and cared for a slut or whore or piece of shit, right? Now, she’s saying how I’m trying to make her angry and how she doesn’t wanna deal with me anymore, and how I’ll amount to nothing with the way I act. That I act like her mother, that treated her like shit. What the actual fuck? No one is on my side.

No. 1396916

is it possible your electrolytes have been screwed up?

No. 1396918

I'd see a doctor right away.

No. 1396948

Why does it always feel like I have mucus in my throat? Maybe I just need a humidifier or something. Holy fuck.

No. 1396969

File: 1667498140831.jpeg (424.04 KB, 716x1096, 469BA2AA-68B1-41D8-850D-8130A3…)

I become infatuated very quickly and intensely. When I meet friends I always look for signs that we're compatible and they could be a future romantic partner. Most of the time it doesn't develop into a crush, but when it does I fall hard. My world no longer exists, I'm busy revolving everything around this person (or more accurately, the idea of her). I'm so desperate to be loved that I'm searching high and low for any opportunity for affection. When it's not getting me into serious trouble (abusive relationships with bottom of the barrel people), it's actually just extremely embarrassing. Most recently I got very close with a friend, very quickly. I crushed on her, flirted with her, confessed within days and was gently rejected, but we were still codependent/constantly together so I never stopped thinking of her that way. Now she's pursuing a woman she actually likes, and I feel sad about that sometimes. Us two are still really good friends, and after some intense self reflection and learning to cope, I'm able to support her new relationship. But I still feel sad sometimes. The worst part is I know we were never romantically compatible, it would've been an unfulfilling pairing, and we're both better off having never dated. I know this. So why do I still feel sad that I was rejected and she chose someone else? Maybe I'm just jealous of the two of them because to me, an outsider, their relationship seems exciting and bubbling with possibility. Maybe it's normal to wish I had that for myself. Anyways I hope that I can be less desperate in the future so love can blossom naturally. Kinda wack to think I've havent yet experienced a normal romance, not even once. Hopefully someday? And I'll increase the probability of that happening if I can stay grounded and not get caught up in an infatuation.

No. 1396973

the political infighting in the tim thread is getting annoying. both sides hate women, difference is one dilates more than the other

No. 1396990

Fingers crossed at least one of those nine workplaces will call back soon nonna! I came here to vent about jobhunting myself, it's been a week of silence since my last interview and I would really appreciate a feedback goddammit

No. 1396999

File: 1667499494578.png (429.58 KB, 564x531, 7C4C82A2-9DFD-4B12-A545-FF62B3…)

I wish people would stop confusing being alone with healing. You can be completely alone for years and still never fully recover from whatever you’re going through. You may get less immediately triggered but it’ll still pop up if you never deal with it. People will cut themselves off from their support systems and then wonder why things never get better.

No. 1397002

I hate how people will start catching onto tranny degeneracy and trannies will always go "ummmm ackchyually… acknowledging that there are tranny pedos LITERALLY puts other trannies in gas chambers and gulags and we need to never call trans women predators even if they rape little girls and attack people with axes because if you do you are LITERALLY killing us" and brain dead tras will eat that shit up. Ummmm ACKCHYUALLY Eli Erlick raped that one tif and caused her suicide because he was just soooo jealous of her being a natural woman that he couldn't help it so we all have to forgive him amd forget about the tif that actually killed herself because of it! Yayyy we all LOVE Eli Erlick!!! Tranny rapist of the year!!! And yet you never see them apply this same logic to anyone else, especially not women. The lipstick lesbian flag was CANCELLED because the creator was transphobic or whatever, and the flag SUCKS because it's pink and a pink flag for women who are attracted to women is a big no no because uhhhh gender roles but the tranny flag with the pastel blue for masculinity and the pastel pink for feminity (and ofc the whote for EVERYONE ELSE!!!!) gets a fucking pass because the old pedophile troon who made it is an old XY moid autogynephile wursite and tras are so fucking forgiving and lenient when it comes to men it's insane. I hate men. I hate trannies. They disgust me. At this point I really do hope trans women all get thrown in a camp or some shit. Whatever. Couldn't care less. Less degenerate XY scrotes to worry about.

No. 1397017

I think I'm not done seeing this guy. I think I'll see him again in a few years time in the news for something serial-killer-tier heinous and I can't do anything about it. Or not, who knows how many evil people are never caught? I'm glad I've gotten away but also sad I'm probably the catalyst if he does anything bad. I'm certain he's making plans to completely disappear as I type this. Nobody will know where he went, not his family, not his friends. He'll probably even change his name, and I wouldn't put it past him to move abroad, which'll guarantee he will be able to do almost anything he wants. Hate this feeling of powerlessness

No. 1397099

I just want to be rich, that's it, i dont want love, or friends or family or goals i just want to shitpost on lolcow from my McMansion

No. 1397102

I don't get why trannies are totes against gender roles but then proceed to dress in the most stereotypical feminine way. High heels, dresses, uber long hair extensions..yeah none of that makes you a woman

No. 1397109

File: 1667504582377.jpeg (71.34 KB, 400x368, 44483F92-6882-42BB-B353-3BCA38…)

>say they’re the logical, smart gender
>actually believe they are “oppressed”
>”ok. how are you oppressed?”
>oppression = tinder, divorce courts
Honestly imagine being oppressed because you’re too retarded to know how to make social and romantic connections with people… and then blaming it on the group of people that doesn’t understand your cringe, schizophrenic attempts at flirting! and it’s always the divorce courts for these bitches, as if any one of them is ever gonna make it to the altar in the first place.
It’s actually mind-boggling how stupid men are. The projection is through the roof. It’s a miracle some of these people can exist in society at all. Ahhh, I hate men so much! mark shitterberg should rebrand and make meta VR facilities to lock these freaks in for the rest of their lives so they can’t bother the rest of us

No. 1397110

It worsens things for me. Solitude causes me to start developing fake friends and a fake life in my head in order to escape the imprisonment of loneliness. Humans aren't meant to be alone. Solitude isn't kind to us.

No. 1397112

i just realized that a troon i used to be "friends" with for few years was so close to me only to know more about me to skinwalk me. he copied my music taste and niche interests, lot of things i did. he thought that copying weirdo women will make him more of one. i hate these pathetic men so much

No. 1397116

I feel like this mentality forced me to have friends and do shit i didnt want to, i wish people would stop thinking i am sad or whatever when i want to be a alone i just hate people and need to spend 15 hours playing Wizardry 8 to heal back

No. 1397120

Old males have nothing to live for. They have nothing but their insatiable male greed and lust. Even the wealthiest ones are dead inside. They’re the ontological equivalents of starving coyotes.

No. 1397127

don't listen to her, she's been here for a while talking about similar topics, she doesn't like it when people are by themselves in any capacity

No. 1397128

I have to go to the bank tomorrow and if its the same bitch that served me on Saturday I will be giving her a peace of my mind and making a complaint. I lost my card last Thursday and thought I ordered a replacement through the app. Today is Thursday. Still no card. I went to the bank last Saturday to lift out cash and also asked the bitch serving me if she can see if my replacement card has been ordered. She gave no answer to this but thanked me and said next. I said I lost my card and cancelled it through the app and it said a replacement would arrive in 3 to 5 business days can you see this and she just looked at me. This bitch was in her 50s and was tarted up a la bank worker and she's a cunt because I checked my online banking through the website and not the app today and I had to request for a new card again and now I'll have to go to the bank tomorrow to lift out more cash. Im making a complaint actually. I had to go on my lunch break last Saturday and this bitch was being difficult. I don't trust the website anymore I need confirmation in person like I wanted last week. Fuck sake

No. 1397131

Usually women their age want nothing to do with them, plus women their age remind them of their mortality. They want young women because young women aren't jaded and wise enough to avoid their soul sucking ways. No one's mom is telling them that old men give you worms anymore.

No. 1397135

I know exactly who I want to suck the life out of me and I'm never going to get it. I'm tired of living with this paradox of hating myself and everything I do and want then continuously staying alive.

No. 1397145

ever since my parents moved to this country i did not have a single friend. it’s been 7 years. i feel like i don’t really exist like I’m a fake entity or something. i just want a single casual friend we don’t even have to be bffs. i just want someone to talk to

No. 1397146

we could be friends nona

No. 1397160

File: 1667506899589.png (435.1 KB, 664x500, 1528808640476-Screen-Shot-2018…)

The way divorced scrotes take their anger and stress on women is like no other. The way even do it to their children esp the daughters with the excuse that they should be allowed to do so as they provide for the house or that they are the parent so they should just take it. I fucking hate the gaslighting that comes with it too. Telling women and girls to let go of their pride when they try to stand up for themselves as if asking for basic fucking respect/decency is a prideful act or that their just sensitive or the women are the ones who started the argument by sticking up for themselves and that they should just "stop being so reactive." Piss off. Scrotes who project that shit deserve to be cast off to into the void that is moidland with no access to children and the femalekind.

No. 1397186

>most adult friendships don’t involve hanging out irl every day or even every week. You keep in touch largely through phone/online anyway.
This is because our society is broken tho, not because it’s healthy or biologically normal for adults to not have frequent in-person time with loved ones. Just because someone can’t have or isn’t interested in having half-real interactions online doesn’t mean they’d be a bad friend in person.

No. 1397187

File: 1667508416622.jpg (75.14 KB, 1200x971, Eu7DXYAIg6fp.jpg)

i just spent 20 minutes crying over an imaginary man again..and the technically real but unattainable version. i would blow my guts out just to see him again, photos are not enough

No. 1397192

This sounds like a constructive dismissal. You should look into your legal rights where you live.

No. 1397210

I’m also 22, on the same boat. It’s so hard for me to connect with people I just do everything alone tbh. I’ve been to like 4 concerts alone, omw to another one on february. i hate being alone so much but everyone is so boring and uninviting. thought i found a friend from one of my labs but she likes to get high and skip class instead, only texts me for notes nowadays, which is fine, i ask for lab help from her all the time but like. I’m tired. I wanna have someone to vibe with and it feels impossible to find someone like that

No. 1397236

>meta VR facilities
love that. please

No. 1397298

File: 1667513921639.jpg (202.82 KB, 1169x1395, 1659407688834977.jpg)

Aaaaa help nonnas, i've been wondering what i want to do with my life. For the record I am 21yo and a friendless NEET. I would like to be a lawyer, because it seems "secure" and i like the idea of having a professional looking job, but at the same time i want to focus on my hobbies, my youtube channel and being a freelance artist/programmer. I am so confused on what i want to do with my life, i am scared of not being intelligent enough for college and dropping out, i also dont know if i will feel comfortable being sourrounded by 18yos out of high school kids. I am scared of not having enough time for college and my hobbies and ending up being a jack of all trades, master of none.

No. 1397318

it spooked me too, kek. It's apparently part of a photography series "In Extremis (bodies with no regret)" by an artist named Sandro Giordano


No. 1397358

Being a youtuber, programmer and artist on top of wanting to become a lawyer are 4 different jobs nona

Pick one and stick to that one, if not you're just gonna suck in all 4 of them.

No. 1397359

I don't know why I even try to share things with nigel.

No. 1397365

File: 1667517143289.jpeg (79.53 KB, 828x974, 1664582931358.jpeg)

Yeah thats my problem. Dunno if i want to be lawier and do the other stuff as a hobby or what, i am so confused fuck

No. 1397374

File: 1667517761993.jpg (270.59 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20221103-192217_Fir…)

Anon, there are tons of stable professional career fields, don't just pick lawyer because it sounds "professional". What were you most interested in during school? Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? Do you work better with structure or freedom?

Picrel, some different factors to consider when picking a career.

No. 1397377

File: 1667517928690.png (2.37 MB, 1200x1200, viid1sxs36521.png)

i hate that i feel like i have a lot of love to give and that i just get emotionally constipated people that flock to me. im so tired of trying and giving, giving, giving and getting nothing back like im not worth reciprocating efforts for. sure i can wait around for the right friends and whatever else but it really seems like ill never find them. has the current climate just made everyone more insane? is everyone just so socially retarded now and we are fine with that? im not and its making me insane

No. 1397381

File: 1667518497339.jpg (138.75 KB, 700x695, 1667513630018.jpg)

No, it actually sounds interesting i like work that requiers to do stuff for others, if that makes sense. I think i would like to be a notary, but yeah i should look more into it before i make a choice. I just want something more secure than being a freelancer, but at the same time i want to focus on my passion projects. Jesas being human sucks why wasnt i born monke

No. 1397382

I feel this way too but ultimately being too serious in friendships and relationships are frowned upon and everything is being labeled as codependency. Honestly finding real friends is a treasure and that's why I'm ok with having only 1 or 2 close friends and that's it. It's the quality of relationships not the quantity that I want. Good luck, may you find people who see the beautiful things inside of you an give it to you 100x over.

No. 1397383

>What were you most interested in during school?
Honestly idk i just wanted to die
>Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?
Alone but i dont mind working on groups
>Do you work better with structure or freedom?
Structured, definetly. Thats why i am not so sure of being a freelancer, lol
Sorry for samefagging

No. 1397393

Mental breakdown coming up.
>Headset+mic breaks
>Food comes out mid every time today
>Have covid and my fucking area decided that no more isolation starting tomorrow so I must go to work despite coughing up a storm and being weak.

I do not plan on going to work tomorrow, so they will have to find someone else or just have to fire me. I actual want to send a text stating I quit.

No. 1397394

File: 1667519076950.gif (4.35 MB, 498x498, DCF6D36E-3B65-4005-864F-B61DD2…)


No. 1397399

I agree with the other anon to at least find out what you're interested in. There's quizzes you can take online that identify which careers are good for you based on your interests and personalities. Also, university is a huge time commitment and ime I barely had any free time for my hobbies or myself while I was going. You have to be sacrificing a huge chunk of your time, life, and money so make sure you're serious about it and willing to put the level of commitment to succeed.

No. 1397407

File: 1667519709551.gif (4.09 MB, 599x554, FE39865E-FF3A-4525-97BC-1F964F…)

it’s getting bad again girls i feel like the craziest person alive

No. 1397413

File: 1667519945915.jpg (53.26 KB, 642x644, 1665949090643.jpg)

Thanks thats why i am having such a crisis, kinda sucks life is so short and one bad decision can ruin your entire life. Again i said in another post i actually have an interest in law, i think because its an exact science(kinda). I just wish there was a way to know FOR SURE what i want to do with my life.

No. 1397418

I am very sad I have to move back to my state for a part time job even though it’s remote. I’ll see my boyfriend for one week in four months. It’s gonna be torturous. I ugly cried x4 in two days since I found out I have to go back home.
I’m crying right now as I write this. I’m going to be so sad without him. My comfy life with him is gone just like that and I have to move back in with my parents and mean siblings for a little while.
Tell me it’ll be okay nonnies. Please tell me stories if you were in a situation like this. I feel so alone and so stupid I let it slip that I was in a different state

No. 1397429

I hate news article titles now. They all sound the same and clickbaity

>Why you should cook pickles in an air fryer

>These are the countries you should travel to, here's why
>How the cook behind this restaurant made it into 5 stars
>The rare italian beef you need in your life
>Never book two seats together on a plane. Here's why
>This is the vibrator you need. Here's why

I swear to fucking god if I see how, why, or what again on an article title I'm going to explode

No. 1397440

>but other people are so damn uninteresting and bores if not conservative calling you a whore for wearing a crop top types, porn addict males, sex-positive!!!!! only fans thots with the playboy logo stamped all over, troons and their handmaidens and sassy casually misogynistic gays touching you.
Holy shit you said exactly how I feel in life now. I hate the word npc but people are like sheep and I don't understand how they can't wake the fuck up and not act like a complete stereotype. They're all the same. I'd love to go to a concert with you.

No. 1397443

File: 1667521488082.png (66.48 KB, 220x275, F228C8D7-FB2F-4204-89EA-9F0C13…)

This might sound kind of retarded, but I’ve been taking back my femininity. Growing up I’ve felt like I’ve had to cover up my body with loose clothes because of my curves, keep my hair in a ponytail (idk why it felt more gnc/masculine as a kid) I always tried to talk “like a boy” and even tried deepening my voice a bit. I tried to hang out with boys in grade school and the first half of high school and I always wanted their attention and friendship. (Even though now as I’ve grown as a young adult I do not care for the male gaze, male friendships, male opinions of me or anything etc.) I know deep down I wanted to have female friends but I felt too weird in my little kid mind. I know this was also a by product of being molested as a child so I wanted to be gnc or tomboyish to protect myself. Now im just myself and being who I want to be, and knowing that idgaf about what others (especially males because their opinions mean shit) think of me i can be feminine or gnc and that isn’t weird at all. Nothing wrong with being a woman. This makes me feel bad for a lot of TIFs because this is definitely what leads them down that route

No. 1397494

as were getting older my best friend and i are starting to diverge in beliefs i think. im more radfem and she's more lib. it hasn't been a huge problem yet but i feel i have to hold back on my hatred for men lately, and she's starting to dive deep into the gender/enby hole. just sucks when we used to be so in sync. hope it doesn't get worse

No. 1397501

File: 1667524081102.png (365.36 KB, 724x519, how-to-give-a-cat-a-pill.PNG)

I've been having suicidal thoughts recently and my therapist made me promise I'll go to psychiatrist to go back on meds but I really don't want to do it… I'm on pretty destructive meds already (for rheumatism (which is literally the same med as used for abortions and cancer but in smaller dose), epilepsy) and when I finally got to stop using SSRIs in the past it was a huge relief to have less harm done to my body, and to now go back on it, it just stresses me out a lot. But I'm worried the therapist will refuse to continue working with me if I don't cooperate on this… what to do anons, it's all so upsetting

No. 1397509

Don’t take them nonichka

No. 1397525

I am scared of losing weight and still feeling uggo

No. 1397528

I’m behind everybody on this thing but it’s cool. At least I’m progressing. I’ll get there.

No. 1397536

Now after typing all this I'm starting to think maybe I can actually just try to negotiate with the therapist, we're both adults, maybe she can understand; will do what I can to not take it unless the threat of something bad happening is too high

No. 1397539

At least you’ll be skinny

No. 1397544

True dat, i guess i will wear a bag

No. 1397567

I used to be skinny and ugly and I convinced myself there was no point of restricting myself since i was ugly anyways and gained a bunch of weight. I do not recommend it.

No. 1397593

I'm so fucking livid and I'm tired of having to act unaffected all the time. I feel like a slave that's allowed to use the internet. Can't do anything besides cooking and cleaning. Used to go to the gym until I wasn't allowed to do that anymore. I just want to leave the house and feel alive, I feel like all I do nowadays is despair and I hate it. I just want to enjoy things FUCK

No. 1397611

File: 1667528738275.gif (3.16 MB, 314x200, me rn.gif)

>spends too much time trying to articulate an ask to send someone on tumblr
>the website crashes right when I hit ask

No. 1397616

Haha no ask for you

No. 1397618

this is why i pre-type everything in wordpad

No. 1397624

File: 1667529536646.jpg (94.68 KB, 1080x810, crying.jpg)

please nona don't mock me. Haven't I suffered enough

No. 1397638

The celebricows nona's piss me off. They shit on every woman's looks and it's like their first comment for every female celeb that gets posted but the second a conventionally attractive 10/10 woman gets posted they're all like "oh my god she's perfect and can do no wrong." Like really? This woman gets no critique because she's pretty? It's scrote logic, the first thing that matters about a woman is appearance and if she's hot she's a good person. They're all moids I stg

No. 1397641

Who are you talking about? Many extremely attractive women have been critiqued in that thread. Even less than an hour ago there was a discussion criticizing a woman who most people consider attractive.

No. 1397643

I don't know her name I think she's a model, it's the most recent comments in the thread. It's just annoying that all they ever have to say about female celebrities is if they're hot or not. It's literal scrote logic, appearance is at the forefront of a women's value, it's weird to see lolcow nonas perpetuating that

No. 1397647

Anok Yai? I can see what you mean about appearance discussion being overdone, but she literally hasn't done anything wrong afaik so I'm not sure what you want anons to critique her on. Also I don't think anyone said she can't do anything bad, but "can do no wrong" isn't usually literal anyway. I'm sure if she does do something fucked up anons will talk about it.

No. 1397652

I think it's just the double standard, I'm mostly talking about a pattern I've noticed thread after thread, not just with this model

No. 1397658

I hate when grown women use the word lewd it’s such a red flag

No. 1397672

Did you react this way when they were praising Heidi Klum, or when they praise Anya Taylor-Joy or Elle Fanning? Just wondering

No. 1397689

being all alone for so long made me go mad. i’ve gone mad. i lost it. Not having a single connection to anyone like some old fuck in retirement home made me go insane. If I don’t have any friends/partner by the time I’m 25 I’m gonna kill myself. I’m miserable

No. 1397696

File: 1667534449260.jpeg (23.2 KB, 363x368, 4607786A-1012-4733-949E-0E486A…)

I go to this bakery nearly every day and the staff are all mostly zoomers. One of the bakers one day came up to me outside and talked to me about my dog and it was a really sweet conversation. She’s very tall, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen and very sweet. The bakery seems like a good place to work, the staff turnover is low and they seem to be smiling. Anyway today I saw her with both her arms covered in recent self harm marks that were never there before as far as I could tell. And I mean covered. It made me feel sick and sad that she’s got some kind of hidden pain. Despite being a lifelong recovering bpd bitch I still feel at odds after seeing it. I never was a cutter, maybe that’s why it gives me a visceral reaction. Anyway I hope she is all right, I’m just a nobody customer, so I would never say anything. Is it likely coworkers would say something? Check on her?

No. 1397707

Best thing you could do is be a kind and friendly customet and tip her

No. 1397709

File: 1667535187440.jpeg (22.59 KB, 400x400, AA5AD830-796A-48CA-8F2A-F7B538…)

Thanks nonny, I will keep doing that.

No. 1397717

It sounds so coomer and 4chan-y

No. 1397718

It sounds so coomer and 4chan-y

No. 1397720

File: 1667537687984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.14 KB, 995x1706, mp8tultejgx91.jpg)

Getting sick of this shit being aimed at teen girls, I thought it was bad when I was a teenager I have a lot of sympathy for the generation under me dealing with "edgy" degenerate coomer culture.

No. 1397722

>clothes kids wanna wear
What in the actual fuck? Why is this shit allowed?

No. 1397727

wow i've seen this brand before and always thought they were so braindead and phoned in but this is obviously their low point. for anyone who likes the look of these shirts i encourage you to just save some random pics from your pinterest/tumblr and collage them together on a made to order merch site

No. 1397731

React what way? I didn't say anything in the celebs thread about it, I'm venting here. And yes, praising those celebrities solely for their appearance would bother me too because it seems celebricows nona's only seem to care about a woman if she's beautiful and that they seem too looks oriented, like men. Please don't try to make it out like my issue is with the model being black, it's weird and I said nothing to make you think that. Read my posts again verbatim, I'm tired of the objectification. and the strawman arguments ffs

No. 1397755

File: 1667542988002.jpg (173.93 KB, 740x567, cats_lw_dolls.jpg)

I was suddenly struck by unexplained existential terror tonight, nothing out of the ordinary promoted it. Just the thought that everything I've ever done is pointless and will be forgotten someday. This feeling is deeper than depression and suicidal feelings, I've had those before.
Being suicidal would even imply I had feelings towards a goal, but I just feel nothing about my existence atm. Hope you are having a good night

No. 1397767

this is a great way to get sued especiallly if they are based in the US. what a garbage idea for a company

No. 1397770

i'm so sorry, anon. i know no words can really soothe you and your situation but my heart breaks for you and your mom. i really hope things improve soon. this world is horrific and you both deserve better.

No. 1397773

Sometimes I notice some shit gets in a users head on here and they will repeat it for weeks and it pisses me the fuck off. I hate autistic people

No. 1397774

nonna you are at the autistic website

No. 1397775

I just wish I could share art of many types of women without people infighting.

No. 1397777

I don't care the repetition is so grating

No. 1397778

I am racist against Indian men. This is not racebait I swear. I lived in Europe for a long time (originally from a South American country), and while Re o had a lot of Indian coworkers. The men were all disgusting pigs, in more ways than one. They were unkempt, rude, pushy and creepy. They were really insistent on hitting on every non Indian woman around, it was disgusting.
To all Indian women, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with these beasts.

No. 1397793

what kind of shit. sometimes i forget what i typed and don't realize it was repeated until later on

No. 1397802

I'm having the theory that in society with the worst men the women have the kindest souls. Maybe I'm biased because I fell in love with an indian woman.

No. 1397803

I've alwaus wanted to be an internet person or earn money on the internet. I am cute and somewhat entertaining, I am also aware of most internet popular culture and have always been. I failed really hard, I make a lot of things too. I make candles and draw and make clothes but I failed getting a following. I even did sex work and failed to get a following or make money. I constantly see less talented or less intelligent people make money or get huge followings. I don't have parents or a support system. I also struggle with my focus and am disabled. I have become resentful towards anyone that has anything in their life, especially since I have worked very hard and in the end nothing came out of it. I dont have friends,a lover, money, anyhing. All my work has been in vain. Also, a lot of people have stolen from me. A lot of people have stolen my ideas and I never got acknowledgment for my ideas or knowledge or my interests.

No. 1397855

I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight this year but i'm too lazy to do anything about it.

No. 1397859

Nonnie I'm going to be 100% real with you, you sound like you would have a thread here if you were relevant. Terminal Dunning Krueger, desperate need for attention to the point you try sex work and trying to throw anything to the wall just to gain a a following instead of sitting down and actually mastering a skill out of your own incentive are key cow features. Please stop chasing the internet fame and do something more meaningful with your life.

No. 1397861

don’t beat yourself up too much nonna it’s been a tough year you’ll get back on track eventually it happens

No. 1397870

Halloween there were some riots and shit in one of our cities by like teen scrotes and just.. So many fucking articles about why and how but not one states they were all little fucking scrotes to begin with. And yes, all scrotes from war torn countries. I don't want to get into the amount of rape and assaults in that city just by those kind of scrotes. I don't even care if that makes me racist anymore. I've gotten most sexual abuse and attention by exactly that fucking type. And they know what they're fucking doing, it's not a damn culture difference. They are scrotes. And they don't give a shit. That's it. No fucking big secret behind it. But now we'll put even more endless fucking money into those useless scrotes that refuse to get jobs or go to school or accept that touching people without consent is wrong. But nah, we're at more femicides in fucking five years, then homicides in ten. Mostly refuge women.. I fucking hate this shit.

No. 1397872

File: 1667560340178.jpeg (513.08 KB, 750x1026, 89734CB9-195B-44FA-9CA3-37D1B6…)

I agree nona. There’s no justice on this gay earth.

No. 1397877

Managed to pull myself together to visit my dad's grave and some teenage fucks are filming tiktoks right next to it. I am gonna make a scene

No. 1397878

I’m Middle Eastern and I agree, I avoid the Syrian and afghan immigrants in my own country because they commit horrific crimes like raping 17 year old girls walking home from school and crushing their skulls in with rocks and dragging them to forests like cartoon cavemen. The rapes done by them are much more frequent and brutal than the native populace. It’s a legitimate fear because it’s ok in their culture and objectively positive jihad when perpetuated against “foreign” women. Stay safe

No. 1397897

And if you mention anything about it you will be immediately listed as muh racist by white liberals most of whom have no idea about the atrocities committed by these men. Stay safe

No. 1397907

My boyfriend said that he needs a few days to think and that he needs to organize his thoughts and feelings. I don't know what to do anons I feel anxious.

No. 1397908

Didn't even have to make a scene, ai just walked up to the stone and told them to fuck off and they immediately did. I am having a hard ass day.

No. 1397909

That’s so shitty wtf is wrong with the kids these days, hope you’re ok nonna

No. 1397911

Mood I swear
It's mental what's been going on here.. Gang rape of an underage girl in a train bathroom, gang rape of another underage girl which they also killed and left on the street.. I'm so over those violent scrotes.. I moved away from there, but I'm very worried about my little cousin still living there and being out a lot.
Thank you for your kind words.. I dislike them in groups and as moids in general, not as a whole. Just so over all this. I wish we'd start caring about the kids, girls and women instead. Invisible at home, shunned into silence, controlled by those violent scrotes, sharia law officers in our very own country at this point.
I am very sorry you're living under the same fear and worries. No-one should feel unsafe. Please stay safe and healthy too.

No. 1397919

It's my first time visiting and it's a graveyard with very nice looking stones and statues but like, I am so tired nona. At least they had the decency to quickly run tf away all red faced.

No. 1397920

Every time they open their mouth I feel attacked. Everything should be their way. I hope you fuckers graduate and I will never see you again. I hope fucking nuclear war happens soon and they survive with 90% body burns in explosion, live 5 years with a great pain and then die from cancer and I'll visit them in hospital and tell them how much joy their state brings me. I hope they loose their eyes, limbs, all their health. Subhumans.

No. 1397924

I have meaningful skills and hobbies. I am good at drawing, interested in art, I know history, philosophy, antrhopology. I just don't want to be famous. I wanted to be like everyone else, doing something creative in exchange of money and a following. This is what everyone on the internet does. However I constantly see women that are not even genuinely interested in the things they present, I've always been interested in anime. I still watch it and read manga. I constantly see women with hundreds of thousands of followers that pretend to be interested in it or use it as an aesthetic. What's wrong with having goals and dreams?

No. 1397945

What’s the reason men do this?
>meet guy
>and I act super interested in him
>we have sex
>starts acting like I’m the most annoying and ugly bitch he’s ever met, ghosting acting uninterested etc
>I then back off, become uninterested or block
>he comes back being flirty, making new numbers to talk, asking why I blocked him

It’s like this 99% of the time with men. Idgi

No. 1397952

Ive decided to cut my friend off. As soon as I started losing weight the healthy way (down 40 ish pounds hell yeah) she started starving herself to keep up. Now her hair is falling out.
Shes rich, unemployed, and a mother ana larping to keep up with my weightloss.
Im just over it, I was always the fat friend and now Im not. And also, i am making long term changes while she takes the instant gratification route.
Fuck you. Ive been a great friend and you would rather out-do me than cheer me on.
You are teaching your kid bad habits. Sorry im not the fat friend anymore, im not even sure you have friend.
Also it drives her crazy my nigel bf is so supportive of my changes/cooking and meal prepping. Any time she comes over shes trying to impress and flirt withhim but he just stonewalls her completely

No. 1397954

Fragile male ego cannot handle rejection.

No. 1397955

How old are you, why are you giving sex to men so easily and how can you still not know that 99% of men are absolute pieces of shit

No. 1397959

I know men are trash but this aspect of their personality makes no sense

No. 1397961

I wouldn’t even see what I did as rejection since they are acting in a way that shows me they don’t want to talk to me so I stop lol

No. 1397963

That's the thing, they want you to keep showing interest, if you show them you're equally disinterested it hurts the ego. You're supposed to beg for attention, men like what you're describing are like that

No. 1397970

I have to somehow produce £20k in the next 2 years if I want to keep studying my degree… that's just considering tuition fees and not my living expenses. Please pray for me nonnies I'm going to spend every second looking for a job and then working once I find one (outside of study hours). I don't even know if it's possible to save that much on a part timer's wage/shifts.

No. 1397974

File: 1667573020826.jpeg (67.16 KB, 828x300, DF4E57DF-B8C0-4CE6-B411-1FE7AB…)

I would serve or bartend… higher end places. (Also a burgerfag, so dont know tipping)
Something tip based regardless…. Comes down to 65 ish a day if my math is somewhat accurate

No. 1398003

I'm not super young, I like to think I'm not so naive lately. I've had bad experiences with men and generally my default mode is not to trust them. But the last few months I've been silently crushing on this guy who sits at the same bus stop as me everyday. In my head I had him down as this quiet type who doesn't get out much. Idk how I came up with that.

Well today we're sitting at the stop as usual and a guy he knows walks up to him. They chat for a good while. The bus is late and we're early so this goes on for a while. 99 percent of the conversation is about women. Shitty conquest type talk about women. The other guy is giving him a hard time for having less luck pulling one night stands. They painfully spell out how shitty they are as lovers and how little they care about women both sexually and overall. I needed to hear that tbh. I needed a good refresher in how shit men are. Crush.. gone.

No. 1398008

File: 1667576367571.jpg (38.15 KB, 612x608, 1659021290186574.jpg)

I regret turning my hobby into a job. I was looking at all my drawings from this year and 99% were commissions. I seriously only drew something for myself 5 times, and never finished them. I am looking for career options now, i wanna go to college nd persue something completly opposite from art. Tired of basing my life choices on what people THINK i should do, i wasted 4 years of my life i cant get back. Doing a life trying to find out what I want in life.

No. 1398016

There is no better pinkpill than hear what men talk with their friends when they think they are alone

No. 1398057

I'm becoming a more unapologetically manipulative and deceitful person with age. Not really towards other women, but men.
The woman I am today is someone teenage me, and arguably even early 20s me, would have despised on the basis of ethics and having the audacity to treat men as deceptively as I would come to know how they would treat me. A trauma response? I lead men on, cheat, and give them false hope to get my needs met. After my last ex, something in me fucking snapped.
I keep telling myself this is pathetic behavior motivated out of desperation, but even when I come into future stability I fear I will keep on because deep down I really enjoy this. The cheap thrill of knowing I am desired and wanted. There's also the mental protection of knowing if one fucks me over, then idc cause I still have one up since I'm fucking over several others. Dick is so abundant.
It's like the pickme inside has gone native for validation but is choosing aggro mode.

No. 1398061

Wishing you the best of luck, that last sentence is very relatable

No. 1398063

God I hope she's okay. I will blame myself otherwise, because I had the chance to give her some words that could've changed her mind.

No. 1398069

Thrill of the hunt, dear anon. Once you become a conquered conquest the novelty of you as the "new" girl wanes.
The only solution? Act cordial, but be cold and distant. Don't message first and don't say much.
Men go after bitches because they want the challenge, and will treat authentic and warm women like hysterical desperates to mistreat.

At least if they ghost you while you play icey, you did not give them any validation by begging for their attention. Watch how most will crawl back.

No. 1398072

men themselves are their own biggest red flag lmao. nta but so many times i crush on a dude until he starts spelling out his opinions on women/relationships and the crush just disintegrates. men are their own cockblockers, it’s not even funny.

No. 1398073

I wish I could be like this but I don’t even have the patience to be manipulative or mean with scrotes. I just block them when they are getting on my nerves.

No. 1398074

Take it easy. Harder said than done of course.. I think you'll be just fine, without him too. Take the time to focus on yourself and think on your relationship. It's not the end of your future so please don't treat it as such either. You'll be fine and we're here for you.

No. 1398078

Living with someone who you feel hates you fucking sucks. I’ve been contemplating breaking up, but when we have good days it sends me 3 steps back due to hopefulness. Whenever he cleans (which he barely does) he will give off an anger that makes me feel really really anxious. Hes always moody until he talks about something that he enjoys but whenever I speak he makes me feel boring and I feel ignored. I don’t know why he stays with me if it’s obvious he does not enjoy being here. I feel trapped. If I try to break up he makes me feel guilty. He said a few days ago I don’t care about him and we don’t do anything together anymore. I use to try to do things with him and take him out to places but he always seems moody so I stopped. On top of that…isn’t the male suppose to take the girlfriend out on dates? Why am I getting fingers pointed at me. I wanna break up but at this point, I feel super scared because I don’t want to get into another intense argument that will leave me sobbing for hours

No. 1398083

why do i have no friends? i’m not a bad person, i don’t think. i hate this feeling so much. i don’t have anyone to even talk to. where did i go wrong? what am i doing wrong? why can’t i connect with anyone? why does everyone avoid me?

No. 1398085

I havent washed my teeth in 2 days because i crashed on my aunts place without a toothbrush and my teeth FUCKKNG HURT

No. 1398086

You can have tons of friends but you have to understand that you have to keep things superficial

No. 1398089

I meant brush*

No. 1398093

nta despite having friends, i don't think i've ever really talked to one in a 'deeper' way, like actually connecting with them. you're right that it's all very superficial, i don't think that's necessarily bad but those friendships with a connection are definitely rare, from what i've observed. either way, i hope anon can find good company.

No. 1398095

I came here to post something similar because I'm also literally friendless. You're probably not a bad person, nonny, some people just don't get lucky in friendships. Finding a friend you can trust is like winning the lottery, so my best advice is to keep meeting new people. It could be months or years until you find that person but just keep going (that's where my frustration with friend-searching comes from, personally, because I'm an impatient fuck).

No. 1398098

I think a lot of people fail at making friends because they want these deep friendships but honestly friends are just shopping buddies or travel buddies. The sooner friendless ppl realize this the better.

No. 1398104

yeah, i realized kinda early on that those intense friendships i'd heard about aren't really a thing most people have. maybe i'm just bad at friendships but i don't think i can call up a friend right now to just 'talk'
>friends are just shopping buddies or travel buddies
kek yeah, although of course, that's precious too and i hope anons can have that and much more.

No. 1398107

I feel like I look so ugly in makeup. It used to make me feel good, but I just feel so ugly in it now. It doesn't make me look pretty, it doesn't make me look flawless, it is sad, I guess I'm just too old and floppy looking for it anymore. I look bad in the cute makeup trends I want to try out or I can't do the makeup to a point where it looks nice. It really is depressing.

No. 1398108


>friends are just shopping buddies or travel buddies

This has been my dream for the past 7+ years I’m not kidding. I just want someone to causally chat to and maybe go eat somewhere together every once in a while. I must be so off putting I can’t find a single person to do this with and I’ve been “putting myself out there” no luck

No. 1398110

Letter to a nlog friend I'll never send because it's cruel.
Have you considered that female psychosis could be related to abysmal self esteem and not reproductive capacity? I don't appreciate you throwing our sex class under the bus and propping up stereotypes about how we're all crazy or whatever in some sad attempt to look like one of the good ones. Yes, you're not like the rest of us, but not because you're particularly clever or insightful, it's because you're so damn eager to debase yourself for a crumb of male approval. Why can't you see how pathetic this is? Does it soothe your shattered ego to disparage us? At least you're not alone in being a pathetic simp, right? Well sorry, but you are. I don't relate to any of the weird sexist shit you say about yourself (and imply about me), but I know you're so fragile that I can't really push back. I don't want to hurt you, I want you to be free. I want you to be as strong and confident as you pretend to be.

No. 1398111

go on bumble bff there are tons of friendless girls who will hangout with anyone just because they don’t wanna go to the bar or club alone

No. 1398114

Did you take a break from makeup? I did for a few years and lost a lot of weight so it's kinda unsettling and sometimes even upsetting how I'm doing stuff very similar, I even have better skin these days yet it looks very off and I look tired and wrong. I think for me it's just mostly not finding it fun nor comfortable anymore, and the fact that the break between, I aged and got used to my bare face. Hope you feel better, anon.

No. 1398116

I want this too, friendless neet here but the problem for me is that I'm always expecting other people to ask me first instead of taking initiative. I got along well with some of my coworkers and classmates but never hung out with anyone outside these places because I never asked. But recently I had a nice outing with my cousin (idk if family is cheating) that probably wouldn't have happened if I didn't text her to see how she was doing, we ended up going to a few stores and getting some food and it was a nice day. I think just asking someone mutual to you (doesn't have to be friends yet) to go eat or even just grocery shop could build into a friendship

No. 1398117

Have you tried bumble bff yourself? I'm getting close to considering it, it would be nice to have girl friends to talk about makeup and shopping and shit with. I only have one female friend from HS left by she's a Stacey so it's hard to get a hold of her

No. 1398121

I did take a bit of a break from makeup during the pandemic. I know I've aged a bit, like a year or so, but it's more like….I feel like I can't do it as precisely as I used to? Like I struggle so much with eyeliner and it used to be so simple and easy for me.

I also wasn't as fried by the internet then. I poisoned myself with Instagram and vindicta so I think that is contributing. I don't go on that stuff anymore, but it still has affected me.

No. 1398127

Ok I kinda figured we're kinda going through a similar thing! With eyeliner, same, I've just figured it's the exact same thing I have with just proper drawing too, whenever I take a long ass break, suddenly I feel like my hands aren't doing what I know they can do. It's just being rusty, and surely the social media isn't helping but for me, I've started doing some pretty basic but cute graphic liner, still no skin makeup because I have to mask most days and genuinely, foundation feels claustrophpbic these days. If it doesn't sound completely stupid to you, try to do makeup for fun and just for you when you're just staying in, kinda like practise and getting to know your current face and abilities, it's gonna be ok nona.

No. 1398168

No, I don't want to go to your smelly fucking house and sit on your disgusting bed with sheets that you never change and chewed up dog toys because you let your retard mutts sleep and slobber on the bed and playing the same boring fucking games every time. Fuck you. Literally why are you so fucking retarded. Fuck you you piece of shit.

No. 1398170

my coworker has a pregnant gf and she deserves so much better than him. he seems like a very inconsiderate bf and i just know that he is going to be one of those men who have the woman do all of the childcare. they don't have any close family nearby nor a big network of friends and i already feel so bad for the gf. it's clear that they don't know what they are in for, especially my coworker. he has been talking about going on a solo travel trip next summer and i'm like wtf you are just going to leave your newborn all alone with your gf? ugh.

my coworker has also mentioned that none of them like kids, which irks me tbh. i enjoy spending time with kids and think they are super cute even though i don't want any myself. imo people (especially men) who say they don't like kids won't be very good parents? because there will always be some underlying resentment (maybe not towards their own child, but other kids like their child's friends, classmates etc.)

No. 1398173

Yes I’ve tried it. It’s a great place to find superficial level friends.

No. 1398175

Well Nonnas, this is it. I'm not sure where to go from here. Three months ago, after two years of shame I finally went to the police to file a suit against my abusive ex. He beat me, harassed me, threatened me, assaulted me, I have proof of all of this.

I learned today the case was dismissed, his record is clean and they have chosen to give him a therapy seminar. To "fix him". I feel so violated and I wish I had never even complained at all.
What about me ? Why does the justice system not care about women ?

No. 1398187

Because the “justice system” is just scrotes and their handmaidens. They’re literally THE patriarchy. That’s what they do to 99.9% of suspected rapists, woman haters and stalkers. They will tell him to beat you harder so you’re too scared to make another report to the police. It’s not that they don’t care, they’re actively allying with your abuser against you. They will only serve to hinder your efforts in battling him. Don’t let this get to your head though, your efforts are not futile, especially if you’re allying with other women. You will have to find justice by using your creativity together. ily

No. 1398190

As a female you're only allowed to go to the police when your life is presently in danger, anything else is seen as petty and vindictive. Keeping other people (women) out of danger by giving him a record is less important than "ruining his life" by letting him face repercussions for his actions. And they have the audacity to complain that the system discriminates against them, fucking apes.

No. 1398203

My ex raped, sodomized, and did a fuckload of other shit things to me. I learned my lesson from reporting my brother who sexually abused me as a child so I didn't report it. I always feel bad for people who don't realize it won't mean anything to report.

No. 1398221

I'm so sorry you've had to go through that. Just adding onto what the other anons said, the court is doing the bare minimum to 'punish' your abuser, and ultimately the therapy seminar will teach him more ways to abuse women and get away with it next time. Don't let this keep you down, I hope you know you're strong for even trying to get justice for what happened.

No. 1398236

Then who else can I talk to for a deeper connection (besides a hypothetical moid partner, who can't even provide that tbh)

No. 1398247

nayrt but i have some friends i can have 'deep' long conversations with and others i just go shopping with because they aren't the type to have deeper convos. i think the key to making friends is to put yourself out there and accept people as they are as you get to know them. good luck nona.

No. 1398315

A real friend (female)

No. 1398326

Based but sometimes you do need at least 1 you can be real with

No. 1398340

My 20 year old cat got put down today. I wish I didn't have to close tonight.

No. 1398344

Nah. There are different types of friendships: shallow friendships, activity based friendships, friendships where you take respite from your troubles instead of dwelling on them. The “deeper” ones are just harder to find because on top of having to find someone who’s both open/available for friendship AND sane, you also have to see if they’re compatible. Hence why most dwellers on the internet get their meatiest interactions here - you’re all pretty much already compatible by being brought inti a space shared by interests, desires, social realities, and intuitions.

Also the thing is is that you have to build towards a deeper friendship. You can’t just happen upon it or find it; it takes 2, 3 years of going through shit together. I trust that someone who has trouble finding friendship will also have trouble maintaining one for the same variety of reasons, and so will miss the deeper connection part. Plus, shallow shopping buddies will make you feel pretty lonely after a while.

No. 1398369

Don’t lie to her. Every female friend I’ve shared anything personal with they’d only gossip with others or throw it in my face.

No. 1398375

Seems like a personal problem.

No. 1398377

I ended up following up with a doctor I had seen for a separate issue, and he said my heart rate was abnormal (105-110) but not in the "go to the ER" range yet. He said stress and high anxiety were more likely to be causing it, but I'm scared that this is one of those situations where male doctors think all women are just crazy.

No. 1398378

File: 1667597103558.jpeg (124.45 KB, 602x767, 1663642135776.jpeg)

I had the same thought today hmmm

No. 1398386

There are no men to pick you here.

No. 1398388

Start taking L-theanine and other soothing supplements, see if it makes a difference. Keep monitorong your HR. If nothing changes, go to a cardiologist proper, avoid the last moid doctor.

No. 1398390

i feel this all the time
i don't even really want deep friendships or anything. it's just depressing seeing like, an upcoming movie or some activity that seems cool but then getting hit by the reality that i can't do it because i have no one to go with.

No. 1398395

If they really did discontinue Weetabix them I'm gonna discontinue my life. What cereal am I supposed to eat now. Cornflakes? Fuck cornflakes. I want the good cereals back

No. 1398404

>getting hit by the reality that i can't do it because i have no one to go with.
This is not true. You can do almost everything alone. And it's a very powerful move.

No. 1398409

Why would you need company to go see a movie? I swear you nonas need to start doing shit alone andlearn to enjoy it

No. 1398410

File: 1667599470993.jpg (29.08 KB, 622x622, 1644057624299.jpg)

apparently z-library got taken down because a fucking colleen hoover stan made a massively popular tiktok about how she goes there to get the latest book. i hate these booktok retards and their shit taste in books.

No. 1398413

> but then getting hit by the reality that i can't do it because i have no one to go with.

I don’t have friends. I know the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it exactly. But that part doesn’t even bother me that much, anon, what bothers me is exactly what you mentioned. There are so many events I missed because of this. I still hang out at places alone, but there are so many raves, concerts, galleries, festivals, and parties I missed out on because right after finding out about them and getting excited for 0.1 seconds I remember I have no one to reach out to. I just missed one a couple of days ago. Second time I missed it. You can still go alone, though, but it’s harder to be motivated or excited much about it.

No. 1398414

I fucking hate Colleen Hoover. Why do women read her? Why?

No. 1398415

I am gonna kms

No. 1398419

I was finally getting back into reading and now it's gone. I'm fucking sick of tiktok, normies, and whoever the fuck colleen is.

No. 1398422

why the fuck are teenagers so fucking stupid when it comes to internet piracy? It's like that time they where scanning QR codes and got surprised it gave them
> i hate these booktok retards and their shit taste in books.
unrelated to piracy but booktok, booktube and book subreddits don't even like books. They like the aesthetic it gives them so they can look smart and LARP as ~dark academia~. They treat reading as a consumerism hobby like figure collection where the goal is to have the biggest collection

No. 1398423

samefag but I also fucking hate how shit booktok is at reading. If the main character does something dubious or a story has, god forbid, nuances they have a fucking meltdown because they can't handle a story that isn't soft and wholesome and holds their hand all the way telling them who to root for

No. 1398426

the funny things is that they are obsessed with shit like "pov: you're the villain" meanwhile they have breakdowns over asking the cashier at starbucks for a straw.

No. 1398429

>why the fuck are teenagers so fucking stupid when it comes to internet piracy?

Younger zoomies are actually pretty computer retarded. I've seen many that can barely use a keyboard since they just always used a phone for everything. One even insisted on writing essays via text to speech onto a Google doc on their phone. They didn't really experience the last moments of the wild west internet age, when we learned this shit playing mmos and trying to navigate limewire. They just have paid subscriptions so peer to peer is a foreign concept.

No. 1398437

while we're at it, does anyone know a good alternative? i already grabbed some stuff from libgen since the tor version of zlib is very, very slow right now and i couldn't download anything, but libgen doesn't have half the books i'm looking for. i'm specifically looking for the murderbot diaries, i who have never known men, and the marion lane books

No. 1398444

i went through the exact thing with a troon i used to live with when i was in uni. i felt like i was going crazy because it was gradual, but he started dressing like me, listening to the music i liked, cut his hair like mine, stopped being vegan and started buying the literal same groceries i did, list goes on. it was insane.

No. 1398448

File: 1667601215876.jpg (47.43 KB, 912x581, ngfwn6lkwyx91.jpg)

apparently it will be back!

No. 1398480

I bought cheese that expired last month, uugh.

No. 1398486

File: 1667603004259.jpg (34.76 KB, 353x500, si-1030783.jpg_maxdim-500_resi…)

My boyfriend is a night owl and stays up until 1-2am even on weekdays. We planned a trip tomorrow and we have to take the train at around 7 and he calls me near midnight that he is having a beer with some company and he will be home around 2am. This might make me sound like a boring-ass grandma but I like having 8 hours of sleep and not feel like a zombie the next day and it pissed me off a bit because I have to wait for him to get home. Plus I'm already stressing about having to be on time tomorrow because I'm always late and now I have to stress about not getting enough sleep as well. He even had the guts to comment 'if everything was okay, because I sounded angry'. It's also worrisome that he's having a drink because he recently shared with me that he's slightly afraid of having developed a bit of a drinking habit - he doesn't drink much, he drinks one beer every day but craves it when he doesn't. Also, his dad was an alcoholic. He's very social but recently I started wondering if he's only showing up on all these social occasions because there's going to be alcohol

No. 1398494

I'm on the verge of tears right now and literally nothing has happened. I just feel so fucking empty right now. I went for a walk outside after work and still feel like shit. It's like I can feel it in my chest. Another stressful work week and then another weekend alone. Rinse and repeat. I'm so tired. When will this feeling end?

No. 1398505

>afraid of having developed a bit of a drinking habit
>he drinks one beer every day but craves it when he doesn't
>dad was an alcoholic
I'm sorry but He has a drinking problem nonnie. Alcoholism is more likely to occur with people like your boyfriend if their parent are an alcoholic along with the fact that if your boyfriend doesn´t have drink he craves it.
>he's only showing up on all these social occasions because there's going to be alcohol
Has he recently hang out with someone with out any alcohol? Alcholics often use social occasions as an excuse to drink because everyone was drinking too. He knows that you are worrying about leaving early for your trip and chooses to drink rather then be at home with you to be ready for tomorrow. With that causing you even more stress regarding the trip. He is an idiot for not realizing why you were angry with him on the phone.

No. 1398506

did you pick berries or anything? big old world to enjoy beyond work, hugs

No. 1398521

Trying to choose a career option is so fucking hard considering i am from a shitty third world country where everyone my age wants to leave(me too). I want to study law but also i dont know if i can work in the states or other countries with my degree. I fucking despise Argentina, if i were hot i would marry some old scrote for a visa then poison him.

No. 1398522

I live in the city so no berries unfortunately. But maybe I'll drive out to the woods this weekend and take a walk if I'm feeling up to it. Thanks for the support nona. I want to enjoy the world. I just feel so sad all the time and so empty

No. 1398555

No anon, if you want to study law you can't use that degree in another country don't be retarded.

No. 1398588

it's called shredded wheat dude. but iktf, my favorite cereal is only sold on the east coast and i'm west. i suffer.
/lit/ will have threads
also my god i hate tiktok with my entire body and soul.

No. 1398592

I loaned my nigel a book and he took literally 3 months to read it. It's a short book you can finish in a single weekend.
And I got it from a little free library so those people probably think I straight jacked it. But he says he loves "reading" by which he means "reading" reddit on his phone all day, ie mindless scrolling of /r/all. I wish I had a smart boyfriend but moids don't even read books anymore, all they do is play video games and watch porn. men are retarded.

No. 1398595

File: 1667612906148.jpg (62.78 KB, 800x450, saqueos_2001_chino_llora.jpg)

I hate having to make life changing choices at 21. I should be in college, having friends, kissing cute boys, getting laid, not trying to choose between my dream degree, what i am good at but dont like but could open the possibilities to work in the states or trying luck in the USA and becoming a nanny to some rich people brats. Worst part is no one in my family gives a shit, they think its easy, "just move to the states lol" fuck you, i want a normal fucking life and have fun and enjoy living for once. Living in Argentina is fucking hell i wish i was brave enough to kill myself.

No. 1398605

Picking berries would make me feel like a pokemon trainer. Why do you feel empty? Working long hours?

No. 1398607

The new person in my department is a cringy zoomer. An older male coworker said she was showing him her tiktoks which made him feel very uncomfortable because she was in a bikini and they didn't even look like her. She started talking to the guy I work with, she told him every weird detail about her relationships. Like how her baby daddy is in jail in our state despite not seeing his child in over a year, how one of her boyfriends claimed to have been cheating on the whole time with a man. She followed him around like a lost puppy and wouldn't stop talking. Then I see her making tiktoks when work is slow. Checking it consantly. It's also a dirty blue collar job but she wears a full face of make up with bright red lipstick. She wears really pink, floral, and colorful clothing despite it all being covered in grease and dirt everyday. It's like watching a trainwreck. Worst part is she started staring at me today. And holy god I am not making the first move, my introverted ass does not want to talk to hear her whole life story oof.

No. 1398608

Yes, my job has been demanding a lot from me and it's not a high-paying job either. I work in healthcare so throughout the day I talk to a lot of people who are suffering or going through a lot and sometimes it's all I think about. I don't have any family or friends in the city I live in, so at the end of the day I don't have anyone to talk to if I've had a hard day (which is often). Fortunately I do have friends and I schedule time to talk with them, but I guess it isn't the same as seeing people face-to-face. I think I'm just tired of not having anything to look forward to/dreading the amount of stress I experience each week and then pushing myself so hard for barely any reward. I appreciate you for hearing me out nona. I hope you're enjoying your Friday at least.

No. 1398620

I once knew a moid who claimed that he "loved to read" but all he read was Jordan Peterson, weird books on "investing" written by cryptogrifters, Blinkist summaries, and "masculine self-help" ""books""
He also didn't actually read most of them and only listened to the audiobooks kek

No. 1398631

My birthday was a while ago and I spent it on my own and didn’t do anything so it’s weird to think I’ve aged a year. I keep forgetting and messing up my age.

No. 1398638

File: 1667618249987.jpeg (299.6 KB, 828x1160, DE233DEC-69EE-4A26-89FD-E52825…)

Idk if it fits here but I saw this reposted on Facebook and it’s absolutely true. Men are liars and will never pull their weight when it’s their turn, or compromise their own happiness for the benefit of women.

No. 1398639

File: 1667618284785.jpg (99.32 KB, 640x633, Tumblr_l_513702605187468.jpg)

Just found out the ovaryan cyst I have tripled in size in the course of one month and now I'm in emergency state. Had to start birth control today for the first time in my life, dropped my internship, won't go to class for some weeks, can't do any exercise, can't go to therapy (I'm stuck in my hometown)… Fuck it all.

No. 1398643

Been crying my eyes out. I'm just so scared of life. I'm scared I'm going to die alone, that I'm always going to feel this depressed , and that I will never be financially stable. I'm scared I've ruined all my chances of a happy life and I'm scared one day I won't be able to stop myself from committing suicide. I just want someone to hug me tightly and tell me it will be okay.

No. 1398645

Tired of people who don’t want to look at the way sexualization hurts women. Especially men who don’t know what it’s like to grow up as a sexual object and only care about their fucking shitty erections. I’m tired of being called a prude for bringing up the way it hurts us. I’m tired of being expected to care about other peoples boners or orgasms or “art”. Being sexualized dehumanizes us. When Native American and Asian women are sexualized, they’re raped and killed. Fuck off.

No. 1398648

nona I’m so so sorry this sounds awful, I really hope you can focus on rest and not push yourself too hard right now. I’ll be rooting for your recovery and thinking of you

No. 1398656

I normally like watching this woman's science and physics videos. She's very smart and witty but seeing this is so disappointing. It's so weird seeing this on her channel along with the other videos covering cool science topics but this one just seems too political, almost like a psyop. Why the fuck are there so many people pushing this tranny shit. I cannot escape the troonery

No. 1398657

It's going to be ok anon. Why do you think this way and that you ruined your chance for happiness. It's Friday night and you should enjoy yourself.

No. 1398658

Awwww, nonnie, I wish I could give you a hug right now. I know that things might not be okay right now, but they might be someday. At the very least, I don't believe that you blown all your chances at a happy life. I know it's difficult to go on, but it isn't over for you. You could even be 60 or 70 or older, and I'd still say it isn't over for you. You can still make your life better and you can still make friends at any age. You won't have to be alone. It's hard to go on, but don't give up! Idk if this is dumb or it'll make you feel better, but even if we can't meet, I'll try harder with you, so you're not alone.

No. 1398669

I feel worthless tonight. I'm a piece of shit people pleaser. My parents know best. I have to be a "good girl" for them. I'm making a bad decision, and they don't approve of it. My heart hurts tonight. I wish I could go to sleep and stay in my dream forever.

No. 1398673

Sometimes theres problems in life that have no good solutions, I've exhausted every option but there is literally no fix for this. None. I can't do this anymore, doing nothing means someone/something suffers, I'm going to hate myself forever and the guilt will eat me alive for the rest of my life but I have to do something. It's been years and I can't let this continue. Life is such a fucking cruel joke, it makes good people do terrible inhumane things. I just want to say I hope god or whoever forgives me and I truly hate men with all my heart, they are not good people, every time a man dies from now on I will celebrate.

No. 1398690

You dont have to be a people pleaser. You have free will and a choice, you don't have to listen to them. Choose your happiness. How can a decision be bad if it's what you want? Make your dreams real.
I'm sorry anon. I share your sentiments from time to time. I hope you'll be ok.

No. 1398694

Thank you for your reply, nona. I'm not feeling very well, and I feel like part of their words are ringing true to me. In the end, it is my choice.

No. 1398699

I hope your night becomes better. If the words are true and you don't like them, you can change. If those words they tell you they are not true and just to hurt you dont listen to them.

No. 1398704

This is going to sound terrible and disclaimer i don't think i'm particularly smart but woah my peers are seriously stupid. They're grown ass adults and technically capable of making big decisions on their lifes but yet they don't know shit i knew since i was a teen, and don't want to know either. They know how to use google yet they're here being mindblowingly stupid and entitled. Trowing tantrums beca the world is cruel yet refusing to learn to make good decisions. Yes the world is shit and it's extra shitty that we should male all the important life-changing decisions at our 20s, but you aren't helping lmao. I can't believe that so many people are just terninally retarded. If i was a normie i would be a better normie than them simply because i'm not braindead.

No. 1398717

The family meth-head was upset that I visit my grandma a lot, but not him at all. I explained that I lost a lot of weight involuntarily earlier this year and you know what grandmas are like, my best shot at getting it all back asap. He immediately went on to mock me "Ha, you losing weight?" yeah of course when you're a meth-head, everyone is the picture of health and fatness in comparison. I just can't say shit, because it's a meth-head and I don't feel like fighting one. He's also delusional and thinks every woman wants to go to bed with him, just by smiling at him. THEY'RE PAID TO SMILE AT EVERYONE. I also hate that my family is generally against going to the doctor or taking meds, even though it's largely free after you've paid the mandatory insurance. They're proud of how stoic they are and that they're not afraid of dying a slow death with a lot of suffering. Meanwhile the doctors did say it's good that I sought help, because my bloodtest results and scans are wacky af and they immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusions. Luckily it's not that bad, but still something I need meds for. I hate being the first in the family to finish secondary education and even go to college and I can tell. Everyone is fucking addicted to something and is absolutely retarded. Except my grandma isn't retarded and then they all get jealous of her.

No. 1398719

>Has he recently hang out with someone with out any alcohol?
Really good question. Last weekend he went hiking with some friends who have kids and they obviously did not drink but afterwards he went to a bar alone to have a beer. So yeah, I don't have a good feeling about this. I guess I can start worrying now

No. 1398721

I want to rope because I’m not using my “cool” and “trendy” CS degree, I haven’t even coded two years after graduation… I’m so burnt out of life, I wish I didn’t do it. I barely remember college and made no friends. I hate going to family gatherings and my family members mocking me because I didn’t make $200k/yr right after graduation. I’m just a retard who thought she could do better than autistic trannies. I’m beyond an embarrassment. I wish tech wasn’t so big here, everyone expects you work at the field, and I’m sick and tired of being not good enough. I’m ugly, chubby, and pathetically loud for no reason. I hope I can kill myself next year or at least sacrifice all my ego and get into seasonal minimum wage jobs. It doesn’t matter anymore, I have to move on.

No. 1398729

File: 1667632424520.jpg (246.7 KB, 897x879, 1667222516783.jpg)


No. 1398730

File: 1667632701850.gif (1.73 MB, 200x149, w.gif)

Took too much ambien and brought up a crush to my girlfriend.

No. 1398732

File: 1667633778464.png (257.77 KB, 500x375, fe9.png)

I'm accepting my truth as a man hater, nonnas. Even though there are some important and decent men in my life most of the moids I encounter on a daily basis are so monkeybrained that calling them tards would be insulting to people with mental disabilities. There's no need for me to even tolerate them because they have no use for me (lesbo/don't want kids)

Women aren't perfect but if there was a sudden shift in power between the genders I think the world would be a substantially better place. Better yet it'd be ideal if they all died out and I'd only have to mourn like the 3 males I've actually cherished in my life. Males are socialized like animals, they have no sense of discipline, consent, EQ, or cooperation, and everytime some annoying moid tries to get my attention/throws a fit over some dumb shit I want to sincerely tell him to kill himself. They are below me and I'm tired of pretending they're not. God they boggle my head so much and I just despise them.

No. 1398737

Don't you feel bad for cheating?

No. 1398739

I hate being a night owl as a woman. Not safe to walk outside at 12am-5am alone when the stars ar eout with a beautiful shining moon. Overnight shifts that pay well wont hire me because risk, less muscle. Since I'm american everyone is offline. Morning hours are hard to wake up for unless I take sleeping pills or just stay up the whole night.

No. 1398747

Based nonna

No. 1398749

File: 1667636700784.png (88.65 KB, 275x275, 1666990820630.png)

When I was mentally ill, unmedicated and too anxiety-ridden to comprehend ever being able to work a job, I was very anti-feminist, pickme and trad. I thought that women who actually would choose working over having a husband take care of them must be ugly and unwanted by men and therefore bitter. As I've gotten older I've seen what an absolute fucking gift it is that I have the ability to work and not depend on a scrote. And what's funny is I know scrotes would probably think it's "my SMV decreasing with age so I'm becoming more feminist since less men want me" but it couldn't be further from the truth lmao. I'm the happiest and most confident I've ever been in my life and I embrace aging every year, I would never want to go back to being a teen or even in my early twenties (am late twenties now) and I have as many if not more dating options as before. As I get older I get prettier, I learn to do my makeup better, I learn clothes that work better for me, the fog that was over my mind when I was younger has cleared and I'm left with mental peace and clarity that gives me the inner fortitude to truly believe I'd rather be alone than with a man who ain't shit.
Feels good to be awake, nonnies

No. 1398753

it's ogre.

No. 1398755

i don't want to attend my online psych class in 5 hours reeeeee my professor doesn't lecture or do anything of value during it. why must i get up at 8 am on saturday for this nonsense just so i can be counted present. maybe i'm gonna try to skip it one last time…..

No. 1398760

i was scrolling through youtube shorts (trying to pretend i'm too adult and grown-up to download the tiktok app) and i saw a video of a woman in her kitchen wrenching the top off of a crab whilst it was still alive. for some reason this upset me so much. i've been trying to distract myself for the past few hours but it keeps replaying in my mind and i keep rubbing my arms and face and shivering. it's a physical reaction at this point. just so disturbing.
i feel like a hypocrite because i still eat meat (i don't eat crab though)

No. 1398763

It's just a water roach nonny

No. 1398764

poor crab though … it feels so cruel.

No. 1398769

For some reason friends that I've made and kept over the years irl are all women, but online it's just guys guys guys. I just want to meet new people to game with and talk to occasionally but they always get flirty when they find out I'm a woman and it annoys me more now because I'm in a relationship. And I can't really hide my sex since it's obvious from the characters I'm playing. Why is it so easy to be friends with women irl but not online?

No. 1398772

Im losing my sanity, I did the meme and confided in a long date moid friend about something that happened between me and his moid friend.
Moid 1 tells me i've been manipulated, i dont remember but im pretty sure i told him i dont care and i was only talking about myself and my behaviour in the situation and why it was i put myself in these situations. Just venting to a good friend.

Ofc he tells his friend that i've "felt i was manipulated" when i made it clear to both it was never about that

Moid 2 gets mad and tells me some vile shit making assumptions about my intentions that I don't believe represent me at all. I know myself.

Moid 1 says he only meant good but I see no reason for telling anyone about this esp in the way he phrased it, it all seemed very sleazy to me. Im always very honest with myself and I only ever blame myself for what happens to me. I don't care if anyone is manipulative and I try so hard to be decent and good to people. Ive worked so much to reach this point and when I am not believed or when people make assumptions about me i can't defend myself against it really hurts. I've been crying since it happened because it's not the first time i've had to fight against assumptions like that. I always end up trusting the wrong people with my stuff. I always end up over explaining myself yet never explaining myself quite right.

I just wish i could tell 5 y.o me to never open up to people because they are bound to make assumptions based on misunderstanding what you've told them and seeing everything in a pejorative light. I wish i could die, i'm tired of being misrepresented and abused as a result.

No. 1398773

My close friend really needs to stop giving others benefit of the doubt.
There is a guy from her old game developer class that is pretty obsessed with the thought of her being the future mother of his children, despite her being very vocal about being a lesbian and he has shown other borderline incel-like thinking (such as claiming 70% of women lie about rape, and that the reason he can't get laid is because all women just wants old, rich men. Rants about women "hitting the wall" etc.). Since he apparently used to be pretty coolheaded once she really believes that if he just had the right male guidance and got therapy he would go back to being a better person, but I think he sounds dangerous and on the verge of snapping - especially because of how obsessed he is with her.
I know this makes her sound like a pickme, which she DEFINITELY isn't. She would fit in here on lolcow pretty nicely since we can talk at length about the way troons invade everything, how men and their pornsickness is disgusting, among other topics anons here tend to agree on. She has just - which she has admitted herself - been very brainwashed by the game developer school she went to that kept nagging them about how they need to cling onto any and every contact in the gaming world because you never know who might be a valuable contact in the future, on top of the guy still being somewhat connected to her more chill old classmates so I guess she feels she has no choice but give him benefit of the doubt.
I'm just worried the guy is gonna try to rape her one day, or even worse. While she is strong and got some muscle on her she is still very petite and the guy is quite big.

No. 1398855

My son with asthma is sick and I'm so scared I remember when he was intubated with pneumonia. I just want to fast forward to when he isn't a frail child. It hurts me so much

No. 1398863

This can’t be true. I can not accept this.

No. 1398866

File: 1667650718217.jpeg (117.38 KB, 640x640, 9DD64BB2-7AE9-449A-9010-BDDE71…)

You are doing EXACTLY what you said you dislike doing at your other job. Going in on weekends, staying extra hours. What's the difference?? The projects this time around is a bit more fun? It's upsetting.

No. 1398870

That sucks anon. I’m wishing him a swift recovery.

No. 1398877

i would trust that cat to be in my party as we adventure around the realms nonnie

No. 1398878

This hurt me because it reminded me of similar experiences… But I'd like more clarity before commenting. What (by and large) happened here? Be well, nonnie. I'm sure you did nothing wrong!

No. 1398886

Went to post in an old thread in /m/, got the
>thread doesn't exist
error. goddamn I forgot the admin never fixed /m/ like she said she would

No. 1398887

I feel such disgust for women who look for "traditional" men to "provide" for them, I can't even describe it

No. 1398893

I'm so fucking horrible at taking care of myself, i only eat junk food and almost exclusively drink energy drinks. My skin is horrible, my hair looks horrible, my teeth are gross and i'm overweight. I can barely bring myself to shower. My room is fucking disgusting too. I'm not as depressed as i used to be but i just can't bring myself to do the bare minium even though i know it would make me feel better.

No. 1398894

I'm 100 lbs today! Very excited to hit double digits again soon. This is my first time losing weight without intentionally starving myself. It's awesome that I never have to be hungry. To all the other anachans ITT I wholly endorse switching restriction for exercise purging.

No. 1398898

you are in no position to be giving anyone advice

No. 1398899

What happened is I acted flirty with the dude, had sex with him after him lowkey insisting but ultimately made it very clearly enthusiastically consensual despite
me mainly wanting to please him (i knowwwww…)
Fast forward to him kind of ghosting me and me venting to my long date friend who's also his friend, I told him some shit about how this is the second time i sleep with someone i don't even want just to people please then end up ghosted and hurt and how its all some loop i got stuck in after being verbally abused and seeking someone who would "redeem" me. i mentioned dude 1 seemed interested in me at the time. I've also mentioned how he insisted on a kiss and seemed kind of upset (which was before we had sex) all of which lead him to say I was manipulated, my opinion has always been that it doesnt matter what people's intentions are and that im always responsible for my actions so I really doubt I even talked about dude's intentions and im pretty sure i told him i didnt care.
I even talked to the guy i slept with about feeling used and he said he didnt manipulate or coerce me and I made it clear I never said that and it was just a feeling.
I understand how i didnt act right by sleeping with someone without wanting to and feigning attraction but now the narrative is im bitter he wouldnt text me back and tried to slander him to his best friend because reasons?? I just feel like there would be nothing to gain from that and the assumption itself fucks with me because it just feels like being reduced to an illogical sexist caricature. His friend even told me "there's nothing shameful about consensual sex, you took out that insecurity on both of us which is selfish"
After I told my friend I felt betrayed and after admitting that manipulation was his own perception he retcons that and says some stuff about "well i know you'd downplay manipulation if it happened to you" then "well to me the word used and manipulated are the same", "well who knows what really happened"
The problem is i vented to a friend while talking about the details that stuck with me mentally and with no intention to have it used as proof against anyone, if i knew that he would drive any sort of conclusion from it i wouldve simply not told him and i assumed they were close enough not to fucking condemn one another.
I asked if he believed that i thought i was manipulated and he said yes, that's what he believed at the time, after which i got mad and sent him a wall saying how I felt betrayed and that he took the control from me by basically deciding my feelings for me and deciding to tell someone without mentioning the part where it was his own damn opinion like why do I have to bear the responsibility for what he thinks and says. Even if i did feel manipulated it would still be my fucking decision to confront the person.
I'm just mad I have to take on the responsibility for being a shit stirrer when im not the one stirring shit and i know his intentions are not as noble a "i just didnt want my two best friends suffering" he basically created drama then rejected the responsibility for it.
I feel viscerally hurt.

No. 1398900

NTA, are you envious of her determination? The advice is good

No. 1398902

Better than pickme tradthots who "don't mind" supporting their man financially or doing 50/50 aka going half on bills then doing 100% of housework. It's nice to see women have some expectations of men after being bombarded with tiktoks of women complaining about how they literally did everything for men

No. 1398913

NTA but who would be jealous of an anachan and what fucking determination? If some anon here was giving tips on how to effectively kill yourself would you call it determination?

No. 1398918

Please don't waste anymore time on your ED dude

No. 1398919

if you're a retard you might consider it that sure, keep on rattling i guess

No. 1398923

I think you’re mistaken, this isn’t ed tumblr. Unless you’re five feet tall you shouldn’t weigh 100 lb

No. 1398924

The "it's a fantasy" is major cope for porn addicted moids who are into something but don't want to deal with the problems behind being into something. It's funny how if a moid watched gay porn and claimed he didn't like men it would be absolutely laughable right? Or even just watching porn of older women, blondes, etc and then claiming that's not what they're into yet somehow we're supposed to think it's different when moids watch incest porn, fake boobs, anorexic bodies, or even child porn aka loli and then somehow magically we're supposed to think it's completely a fantasy and he just watches it for shits and giggles and it's totally not a reflection of what they're into? Either admit what you want or stop watching it. You can't have your cake and eat it.

No. 1398926

I’m dying, the lengths women go through when they see an ounce of fat or muscle on their bodies to stay a waifish “little girl” forever. I’m convinced people with EDs are emotionally stunted and don’t get enough attention because EDs are incredibly destructive to women’s bodies. Fuck off, the lack of nutrients to your brain has made you severely retarded

No. 1398928

I remember when I used to want to weigh like 90 pounds, and I did for a while until I hit my mid twenties and that cute youthful tumblr waif look turns to saggy veiny wrinkly old woman real quick lol. Anorexics don't age well, it accelerates it to a startling degree. Not to sound patronizing I hope you can get to a normal, non damaging weight. I was lucky that the damage I did was minimal and I was able to turn those habits around, lost most of my hair though and it didn't return but it could've been worse. Good luck anachan, hoping your well and can overcome this

No. 1398933

>I’m convinced people with EDs are emotionally stunted
I think most people would agree about that. Also what the hell is “exercise purging,” just say you work out and don’t eat enough

No. 1398940

File: 1667658991449.jpg (155.61 KB, 582x799, bdf6638b50ca51287975b07daa3e9a…)

nta I lost 25lbs involuntarily in just a couple months earlier this year, also lost muscle and my period. But I gained some of the muscle back and got my period again after almost a year without, so I'm celebrating! People think I'm crazy for wanting to gain weight or wanting my period back, it's so normalized for women to strive to be unhealthy. Plus periods are an important underrated health barometer. This might be too positive for the vent thread, but I'm happy I'm getting healthy again!

No. 1398947

God anons I'm retarded, for some time I couldn't comprehend why people are so angry at that anon but then I realized I was sure she said 100kg not 100 lbs, whoa

No. 1398948

absolutely based anon, I bless you on your health journey <3

No. 1398950

See im someone with a binging ed and i work hard to stay on track… binge free for about a year now, and I'm working with a nutritionist.
Any ed is a form of self destructive behavior. I treat it like any other addiction though. I go to therapy and i stick to the meal plans. If i were to mess up theres a therapy session waiting.
It has been a long hard battle to stop destroying my body, but i decided that if i was to ever be a mom… that kid deserves a healthy relationship with food, and so i have to make peace with this.
i started binging after a SA at age 13. I just lost alot of weight joining the softball team and my brain decided “lets keep fat and keep the bad guys away

No. 1398955

Lmao have you never heard of central / eastern europe?

No. 1398959

Anon you need to stop reading moid fearmongering off of /pol/

No. 1398966

strong qween

No. 1398967

Nonny you should worry about having kids because they will be inheriting a dying planet full of pornsick moids and trannies, not because of dumb shit like that.

No. 1398968

Image source?? This is fine art and I want it framed.

No. 1398970

you are schizophrenic and clearly dont go outside. OMG 10 DARKER SKINNED PEOPLE IN MY AREA WE ARE LITERALLY BECOMING A MINORITY GUYS WE ARE IN DANGER !!!! fuck off kek

No. 1398973

I suspect it’s a moid larping as a white anon, even though some anons here there’s going to be an massive brown hoard of men coming to rape them because they are “angelic” and “pure” aryan whites, when those brown hoardes of men rape anything that walks and breathes in reality kek, it makes no sense to me why they think this is a race issue when men are gonna be awful no matter what race they are

No. 1398980

Every day at work I hear my coworkers trying to cope about their autistic toddlers or their teenage sons/daughters trooning out and it makes me so thankful I don’t have kids

No. 1398983

>it makes no sense to me why they think this is a race issue
nta i agree with you that it's just simply down to a male degeneracy problem but at the same time there are race-related factors to it…predominantly white poor and working class girls were targeted for sexual abuse in the uk because to brown moids, they are seen as whores and "slags". i do not think whites are becoming a minority but to act as if race doesn't play into males sexually abusing women and girls is naive and stupid, yes they will be abusing women and girls of their own culture too but there are direct targeted attacks towards white women from brown moids.
if you go to turkey or pakistan or egypt etc as a white woman you will be looked at as some sort of easy pornstar, because that's how they view them. i think the aryan pure angelic shit is cringe and false, it's simply because all moids view us through the madonna-whore complex and in the case of brown men, they view white women as the whore.

No. 1398984

are non white women not allowed to give birth as well? it's not just the men responsible. no one's caping for moids, are you braindead?

No. 1398985

it's not just brown men, asians are like that as well. i know because i live there. and especially in japan with white women, i think its black women in korea that are viewed that way, or maybe i just heard more similar experiences from them. like seeing them as sex-positive free spirited "creatures" that will never say no, so you have moids grope you randomly and get genuinely shocked when you don't want it

No. 1398987

File: 1667662338256.jpeg (42.04 KB, 325x612, 307C1199-CEA6-491D-B728-390BEE…)

I'm such a retard, why is it that going out with friends feels more nerve racking than getting lost in another country at night?

No. 1398989

Being a prostitute 100% financially dependent on a moid who can abuse or leave you without anything is far from having standards.

No. 1398991

kek was this originally from /int/? also you probably just have high anxiety about how people perceive you, doesn't mean your 'tarded

No. 1398992

I genuinely don’t think it’s inherently race-related, it’s because white british people were already the predominant majority. Even thought there are plenty of diverse people who live in the UK, there are just going to be the indigenous people that are going to be affected by these crimes because they were already there to begin with.

No. 1398994


No. 1398996

Being financially supported doesn't mean you're vulnerable if you don't have a support system or money saved up if shit goes down

No. 1398998

i'm sorry but as someone who lived directly near a lot of these grooming gangs and someone who witnessed my friends (white girls) being groomed and perved on by brown men: it was absolutely race-related, yes misogyny was of course a huge part of it too but race was absolutely involved. they literally called the white girls "white slags" and "white whores" and "white cunts". they picked white girls because according to them they dressed provocatively, weren't muslim and dressed "like slags". it's okay for us to admit that race was involved here, to deny that means we are just purposely being stupid for the sake of appeasing a certain group of men that look at us like whores anyway. what's the point? race was involved, this is a fact.

No. 1399000

Kek you can't be serious. There are so many bigger reasons to not have kids and your worried about this shit made up by trad /pol/ retards.

No. 1399002

Right, plus the "could be your sister or mother" mentality that is prevalent in muslim countries (ill talk about what i know) for all the good it does the women of their own culture (lol) isnt extended to white women

No. 1399005

that’s incredibly awful but if I continue to say more it’ll look like I’m defending those men so I’m just not going to say anything further kek

No. 1399012

It's probably some lost /pol/fag baiting, it sounds like a line from Eric Cartman kek. We do have a triggered moid spamming his guro fap folder right now so who knows.

No. 1399013

im interested anon, im brown too and i think joan of arc over here wanting to breed for the sake of her race's preservation is cringe but the perception of white women by brown moids has always bothered me

No. 1399016

I’m going to see a friend that I haven’t seen in 5 years and my boyfriend is being a complete ass about it. He’s sighing and groaning over the fact that we have to go out today. I told him that other people will be joining so he won’t have to really one on one talk to my friend. I was hoping it would make him feel better but he just said “yaaaay wow I love hanging out with people” in a angry sarcastic tone. This is just…a red flag isn’t it?…I didn’t act like that towards his friends ever

No. 1399018

Deffo a red flag, selfish little shit.
I'd give the benefit of the doubt in case he's just having a bad day but if you can do that without a fight or drama then just tell him to stay and leave without him

No. 1399019

NTA, but it's true, white women are fetishized a lot by men who aren't white (not just "brown" ones). Though at the same time, white men fetishize women of other races. Black women are also fetishized a lot. I don't see the point in focusing so much on this one specific case of racial fetishization.

No. 1399024

it bothers me too but you know exactly what groups on here you can never criticize or even joke around with without them throwing a childish tantrum about it like the anon a few days ago having a tantrum about a woman calling ketchup on pasta disgusting and it devolved into racebait. they are the most fragile group of women possible and they know it kek

No. 1399026

Immigrant men harming white girls while the police either ignore it or join in is already reality. Not wanting to give a child a life of abuse by scrotes is not "triggered /pol/tard" it's something that really happens and the men don't care how hard you cape for them online. Every time the problem is brought up somewhere there's always a white middle class liberal calling the women and children being raped right-wingers or nazis for not liking it.

I'm not >>1398998 but I grew up in an area with muslim rape gangs and it's not so much based on race as it is religion. They mainly rape white girls because they're an easy target. They look for children in care homes or children from broken families. The men do it because they believe that it is their right as muslim men to rape kafir women.

No. 1399027

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-ASED. The funniest thing about dysmorphic ana-chans is how dysmorphia fucks them over completely both sides of the looking glass.
Oh, so you are exceptionally tiny and petite and slim now? Congrats, you look like a fucking latin american variety show sensationalist newsflash E.T. now, not a loli waifu, and everyone is literally laughing revulsively at your sight.
You'll never not be ugly.

No. 1399029

Based on my perception as someone who lives in a muslim country of the arab/islamic cringe shit i find white women are perceived as sexually liberated by arab men so yes it is different, yes black women are fetishized and disrespected differently, same for brown women but i wouldve been very uncomfortable being white and on the receiving end of such a stereotype. Like being seen as a whore who likes sex and basically free game even in the eyes of god? That would fuck with me ngl

No. 1399033

File: 1667664790041.jpeg (106.24 KB, 607x183, 97109689-51AC-4B02-A7EE-21AAB5…)

No. 1399035

No one is saying white men don't rape or comparing which race has the worse rape culture. Its just that sexual violence from muslims against white women is racially/religiously motivated.

No. 1399036

Ayrt, anon being worried about white people being a minority and "not having anywhere to go" is what's ridiculous and a myth. All of the stuff you're talking about wasn't a part of the OP that I replied to.
>white middle class liberal
Nice assumptions.

No. 1399037

Update: he overslept and didn't catch the train I've booked the tickets for so he came with a later train and we keep having to make toilet breaks during the trip because he's feeling sick from the hangover. Joy.

No. 1399040

>Immigrant men harming white girls while the police either ignore it or join in is already reality. Not wanting to give a child a life of abuse by scrotes is not "triggered /pol/tard"
NTA but that's not what the original post said at all. It just said "I don't wanna become a minority", it never mentioned racially or religiously motivated rape by Muslim scrotes which everyone here agrees on. Now shut the fuck up about race already

No. 1399041

File: 1667665355483.jpeg (221.04 KB, 750x647, 41CE4391-DB2E-4512-8FF9-47A3BC…)

Also samefag you admitted it’s not their race but before you made it pretty clear that their deviant behavior was connected to their race, separating them from the “real” population of those in Western Europe as immigrants, that’s classic nativism. I think this is a case of legalism, a term I just learned from retarded tradfag Christians on the internet who debate if real life morality and law should dictate religious beliefs and narratives. Just because people use religion as a tool to exercise evil and dominance on to others does not mean it’s inherently bad or positive. Sometimes it concerns me what anons write because you claim that you hate scrotes but you sure love to lap up the lies and political misinformation that scrotes write up on a daily basis. I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of scrotes either but it’s just a harmful narrative and even I someone who fucking hates men can see that kek.

No. 1399042

>It never mentioned racially or religiously motivated rape by Muslim scrotes which everyone here agrees on. Now shut the fuck up about race already

The gaslighting begins kek

No. 1399044

it's disgusting, even more so that they target those thoughts towards young girls too. when I went to uni there would be swarms of middle-aged arab men somehow being allowed into the student's nightclub despite not being one, and they would crowd around white girls and slowly get closer and closer to them. it was insane, they clearly were not there to dance or get a drink and would spend the entire night crowding around us. i feel like they are just immune to criticism now for the sake of being inclusive or whatever…like whenever arab women speak up about how islam is misogynist or how they are treat like property and complete shit, they just get "not all muslim men and the hijab can be empowering aychtually!!" and then when white women speak up about being looked at like some sort of prostitute they just get "you're islamophobic and racist" it's really just another example of how the world collectively hates women and how they will do anything to defend degenerate males even if it means dismissing the very real trauma and concerns of women across the globe.

No. 1399049

Go read sexist quranic verses for penance and stop caping for moids

No. 1399056

noooo I just found out that a scrote streamer I had a parasocial connection to was revealed to be dating someone else, I can’t do this today with my period cramps how am I supposed to withstand this pain?

No. 1399072

Is it really such an unreasonable and crazy sentiment to want to be a majority in one's own country? Not trolling. Like America has always been a country of immigrants but why should Europe follow suit?

No. 1399100

Ah so you believe in the great replacement theory.
And yeah, it is a little unreasonable because even America is majority white, a place that is full of immigrants

No. 1399101

I really don't think so. If Germany was minority German, would it still be Germany? If China had no more Chinese living there, would it still be China? Is the topic of interest in the physical soil at a certain location, or in the people and their culture and history? There's a difference between being tolerant and nonracist versus letting strangers take over your house and run you out. I like seeing different cultures, so I don't want everything destroyed and mashed into a monoculture under massive American corporations like microsoft and apple, where everything is grey and sterile. New York City is valued for being multicultural, but it has a distinct culture of its own that supersedes everything else. London is valued for being a British icon. Milan is valued for being Milanese. When you turn everything into walmart with racial quotas for diversity, everything ends up as a walmart, where no one wants to be, bland and ugly.

No. 1399112

File: 1667671021654.png (351.55 KB, 477x506, fridge-me.png)


No. 1399113

I feel this but with scrotes. Racism and cultural divides are a way to keep women from forming solidarity with one-another when the real problem with "immigrants" is scrotes who enact violence on native women. But they're all the same scrotes, our "native" moids would be just as violent to "foreign" women were they the ones emigrating to other countries. Women (regardless of where we come from) usually just need our culture's brand of pick-me/patriarchy deprogrammed and then we're just fine to interact with civilized society. The same cannot be said for scrotes, regardless of where they come from.

No. 1399118

But nonnie, shaynus is shaped like a fridge, what else are we going to call her?

No. 1399126

I hate my body. I hate how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to put it on back.

No. 1399134

anyone know what biz town is? it's like a pretend town where 4th graders get placed into pretend jobs for school for a day or whatever to "introduce them to economic concepts". well in 4th grade we had to do interviews with our teachers and stuff to get placed into jobs. i was so nervous cuz everyone was making it a big deal, i wore my best dress and my mom did my hair. when the day came everyone was so excited and it turns out they placed me as a cashier at papa johns while the rest of the kids got to be bankers, work at the newspaper, lawyers etc. and the entire day i stood in that little fake papa johns because we weren't allowed to leave our stations and nobody came to see me because why would anyone want to buy fake pizza. and to this day i'm still upset about it and feel like it affected me lmao. fuck that rich white elementary school and fuck biz town for real. junior achievement my ass!

No. 1399152

anons i might just be weak but anyone relate to this at all? i just want to be understood

No. 1399153

I'm just so depressed nonas. not even video games take me out of it now, it's all so fucked and sad.

No. 1399157

File: 1667675278624.jpg (23.67 KB, 261x382, The_Cheetah_Girls_2_poster.jpg)

Seeing how Zac Efron now looks like a literal 50 year old made me sad, it kinda made me realize that era is just completely over. I miss having hope and feeling positive and having some kind of lust for life. Pic rel, I want to go back to watching Cheetah Girls and High School Musical and fantasizing about how cool and sexy I'd be as a teen and adult.

No. 1399171

How is a woman supposed to save money when she doesn't work kek

No. 1399176

Does anybody have certain autism that things can only be the ways your brain has randomly set unofficial rules for it? Every time I want to play a new game or make a new anything, if it has an account creation date, I cannot make an account unless the date looks good. I will wait weeks and even months to make an account because it will pain me to know it's not the "correct" date. I have done the same for words. At this point I have over 100 emails I don't use anymore because whatever it was tied to broke one of my unofficial rules. I have so many saved urls and "good" emails. I don't know what makes me compulsively do this, but it really bothers me knowing I cannot control the little things. I've tried to accept them, but the need to delete or abandon it grows far too strong. I wish I could just accept things without coming up with retarded limitations on myself. It's extended to real life and it's how I am beginning to feel about relationships. If one thing goes wrong then I want to end it. It's completely tarnished and ruined for me. Maybe at some point I became a control freak because I want what I want and if I don't get it then everything is BAD. I'm tired of dealing with myself somebody put me down because my brain already thinks my life has had too many mistakes and it needs to end as well.

No. 1399196

I'm 27 and I guess I should have a boyfriend already since I never had one and I'm a virgin, and some guys show their interest in me, but when I think about dating or having a bf, I just have no idea what we could do together. What to talk about? I just like to fixate on my specific interests alone, it's the only thing that gives me pleasure, I don't really like sharing activities, I don't like going out and eating in public places, I wouldn't want to know his family because family gatherings make me cringe and uncomfortable. Seriously, what do you do with a boyfriend? I do feel lonely sometimes and I like hugging, but actually living with someone else seems like such a chore. Is it possible to be too autistic to be in a relationship?

No. 1399200

4 years ago I got out of a bad relationship. It ended after he had an affair but there was so much shit before that. I hate that I stayed so long. I get it now. The whole "its not that easy to just leave" thing. In theory yeah I'd leave a man if he did x, y or z but in reality it doesn't always happen. I spent more time beating myself up than blaming him which just keeps the misery going. Meanwhile he's happily with the mistress. Probably abusing her too by now but he's happy. He went from seeming like the best thing to ever happen to me to the worst. It fucked me up.

I moved on. Determined to concentrate on setting myself up in a new town with a new home and to stay single. New job too. I threw myself into that and diy projects. In the last year tho my desire to meet someone kicked in again. I was crushing on guys. Felt like a teen again with what my hormones were doing. The first guy I liked, I did a lil online stalking and he turned out to be pervy and a weird sexual oversharer. Nothing like how he presented himself in person. A man in his thirties who posts sex jokes non stop. The men he follows are all totally regular looking guys and the women are all.. porn star looking. Doesn't follow a single regular looking woman. Around the time andrew tate got kicked off sites he started posting clips of him. oh and he thinks hes an empath lol. I checked out at that point. Next guy I liked was at work. Lately I overheard him talking to this horndog guy (who everyone at work hates) and he was joining in with gross pump and dump talk. Hes a short guy who most women write off. When I first joined I was like.. it that an ftm? I doubt he doing any pumping tbh. He has a habit of mirroring everyone he talks to. I know that probably played a role but mirroring a perv still says alot.

I have no trust left. I'm so fucked up by my ex that I'm paranoid about anyone I like. I feel the need to investigate before I make any move. I'm sick of beating myself up for not having mind reading skills to see through mens bs. And now any investigating that I do.. reveals they're shithead pervs who act one way with me but its not who they really are. I hate this. The irony is.. they're all horndogs who hate women but want to fuck them. Now thanks to dealing with so many of them.. I'm horny but starting to hate men. At least I refuse to fuck someone who I don't respect.

No. 1399206

I'm like 100000% certain /vg/ mods are trannies. I know people say every moderation team is filled with trannies but in all my /vg/ generals, any mention of "troon" even as a casual throwaway insult like retard/fag/blah gets deleted. Funny that they can't even hide their seethe behind anonymous.

No. 1399209

went from VLC to NC and the lovebombing and flying monkeys are still on the attack.
turns out all my problems ended when i removed the real problem from my life – toxic family members. bye. you add nothing positive to my life so i marie kondo'd your ass.

No. 1399225

I think people still go full rigid definitions with things like the ‘tism but these things manifest very different in different people. Like this makes complete sense to me because I feel like my sperginess only comes out in certain avenues and I’m fairly normal in other ways.

No. 1399226

nta but this >>1398953 is the post she's talking about. did you follow the conversation at all

No. 1399263

I am… I am jealous of ana-chan because I don't have will to stop eating.

No. 1399268

Even on /tv/ you get banned for speaking out against trannies and the mods delete mocking threads about Ellen Page.
/vg/ IS infested with trannyfags, thats what i noticed too.
The other board i used ended up also getting infested with nothing but tranny supporters too.
I even saw a meme on twitter where someone said that every tranny is a 4chan user. Jesus.

No. 1399273


No. 1399282

Everytime I see someone talk about how the best way to enjoy fandom stuff is to only chill with your neat little group of trusted online besties it pisses me off. Like, great for you I want this too!! I have plenty of friends irl but none of them can relate to weeb or fringe internet shit. NONE. The only ones who maybe could have shit taste. I occasionally was bonding online with people I liked over mutual interests a bit (like not in an awkward “lets hang out” way, but more like genuinely organically talking about stuff we’re both interested in.) It was fun, but it never got to the point that we exchanged more. Because everyone is careful of people who might talk shit about your back or already has their needs for online friends sated. At some point I just don’t care anymore maybe I should just use the friend finder thread to exchange contact with fellow weeb girls but I am afraid to get catfished by baiters. I just want someone to sperg about my favorite media without having to use public channels because exposing myself to others gives so much anxiety sometimes, sometimes I feel strong and don’t give a fuck but sometimes It feels as if everybody is judging you for your arguments or ideas all the time it discourages me so much to the point that I stopped talking or wasn’t brave enough to ask someone if they would like to sperg in dms or something because I woould feel ashamed forever if it would be rejected. I even feel like such a huge sperg when I talk about anything that really interests me on here I bet when I send this off its a giant wall of text again I feel so stupid for this!!! I should probably write a novel that no one would read instead of seething about having no online besties to chat and send stupid memes with and then when I die some autist finds it and maybe thinks “oh wow that was an interesting read” or “what the hell is this crap” I dont know but it pisses me off so much right now in this moment no coping

No. 1399284

there's a difference between eating less and starving yourself nona. are you also jealous of hair falling out, never being able to sleep, dying early and losing iq?

No. 1399293

Not to mention their death farts, awful teeth and breath, body odor and weird shit they do like eating out of public garbage

No. 1399297

I am jealous of 100 lbs. While I am struggling to cross 125 mark.
> never being able to sleep, dying early
Not as bad as it sounds

No. 1399306

stop acting like a 14 year old you're embarrassing yourself

No. 1399307

A man might be getting hired at my work that is currently all women, we all have the chance the interview him in a group setting but idk what to say because I don't want to work with a man when this job was perfect with just women

No. 1399308

I just realized that I was using him as some sort of archetypal character stand-in in my life. I was getting frustrated and fed up with him because he would deviate from the script in my head. I realize that my life is not some tv show or movie or whatever. It's just life. I can't even think of what I like about him. He's just a disappointing, boring, unfunny person who I now know "gets" me a lot less than I originally thought. It hurts a bit because we were so close for a while, but now it's just like what am I hanging around for. What am I waiting for? What I am waiting for will never come. It's fine, objectively it is fine. I need to grow up and move on. I'm glad I realized that now. I'm glad I realized he isn't a good friend. Or even really a good person. I always jump to conclusions and I tend to judge people right away and then later warm up to them and realize that there was nothing all that bad about them. But in this scenario it's the opposite. I warmed up right away but I don't think I should ignore that gut feeling I have about him being a piece of shit. Sure it was fun for a while and I told him secrets that I hope he won't share but I just don't care all that much. I'm not all that attached to him. I even started laughing at his misfortune. I realize that I was only sticking around because I was scared he'd spread my secrets and also so I could revel in his misery. That's not good, even if it's a moid because then you have this loser moid in your life and sure you can laugh at him all you want behind his back but he's still in your life sucking the soul out of you. Might as well just say fuck it and ghost him.
That's what I'll be doing. Cheers, anons. Don't be like me.

No. 1399311

Hopefully he’s gay

No. 1399317

I think once you get to this point your brain is telling you, hey you can't hide from the real problem anymore. When escapism is not enough anymore it's time to face your real issues. I hope you'll be able to enjoy video games again soon.

No. 1399329

If it’s of any consolation to any of you at all, if you have dealt with a negative person in your life that derives joy from trying to hurt you and has revolved a very unhealthy amount of time and energy into doing so, know that people that evil are incapable of stopping even if they are caught out, everyone is sick of them, it’s bad for them, etc. So there will come a time where them being a horrible person will inevitably consume them and immolate them and you will have that small victory, as well as everyone else they’ve hurt. It’s a terminal sickness and as hard as they try to seem aloof and thriving and like they don’t care, the ugly sort of person they are is completely unsustainable in every way. They will self-immolate. Could be months from now, could be years from now. Either way, the way they harm people will come back to them and they will be unhappy and have nothing to show for it either.

No. 1399332

>The opening “have you ever confused a dream with life” scene from Girl, Interrupted but instead it’s “have you ever realized you’re a fucking retard and that’s why no one respects you”

No. 1399334

Hello anon, you inspired me to actually go for it and I bought the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip liner and Too Faced Lip Injections and oh my god, I've always hated how lip products look on me, but these look amazing. I can't believe I've never tried higher end lip products. Thank you for the encouragement!

No. 1399375

Could not imagine talking about yourself like this, get well soon

No. 1399377

I had to manage an important meeting at my job and for me it’s a pretty big deal because basically my boss told me he sees me as someone capable of doing this.
I have to do it on my free day because of problems with the schedules but it doesn’t matter too much because I will get another free day, whenever I want and however I want.
I told this to one of my closest friends and he started telling me how he wouldn’t be doing it specially if it was a free day for him because he couldn’t be bothered.
Instead of wishing me luck or anything, today he started to ask me how did it went, and before I could answer he told me “I guess it was bad, huh?”. I told him it went actually really well considering it was my first time doing it and that I was pretty glad and he told me he hates this kind of situations and wished me luck if there’s another time because he dreads to think about having to do something similar. Okay then hahahaha

No. 1399391

Anon whats is you into

No. 1399400

File: 1667690206687.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

eh, i dont really want people to suffer i just wish everyone was nice

No. 1399411

File: 1667690469818.gif (5.93 MB, 175x219, 1C3725AE-4173-427B-A162-BF9425…)

Wish my therapist was less focused on feel good platitudes sometimes. It feels like she’s not fully hearing me a lot and that I do know that I am emotionally unavailable in a lot of ways but isolating myself isn’t going to help me with that. I spent two years single before this past relationships doing a lot of self work and reflection and my old triggers still came up. I think it’s important for me to be in therapy and learn better coping skills as well as have a space to gather my thoughts but I don’t think I will be able to fully work through my issues until I am able to work through them in real life situations.

No. 1399421

Well that’s you. Personally I think abusive people deserve a massive dose of their own medicine. Sociopathy is not cute.

No. 1399422

nta, same here anon, but it’s a fucked up world out there

No. 1399425

Metalheads are so annoying. Harder core than thou my ass, I'll enjoy my music on my own. I swear they drive their own community away.

No. 1399428

Any male-dominated, pretentious and condescending community is annoying

No. 1399430

My chest and back are SO itchy it won’t stop itching idk what’s making it itch. Could it be peanuts? I’ve never been allergic to peanuts and I thought the itchiness u got from that was around throat? And also I ate it hours ago. Omg I just want it to stop

No. 1399431

You said it, this time though it was actually a woman who came onto me for listening to different music styles (other than metal) kek. Varg won't pick you.

No. 1399432

Abusive people often are people that have been abused. Wouldn’t you rather they become better people than pray for them to suffer?

No. 1399434

I get you, been abused and gaslighted by plenty of people who think they are wolves among sheep / enjoy causing suffering and watching the effect of their actions on you and find it hard to accept their existence. Harder still to explain their behavior to people who just dont see it. i guess it does bring some mild comfort that they're not happy but then im not happy either ya know

No. 1399437

File: 1667691514446.png (48.88 KB, 509x383, 1662057021691.png)

i wonder if you're going to realize I need you now or if you're gonna keep your distances now that you need me less. i hope this is just my anxiety but I'd be hurt if you just assumed i was doing well during this time of my life. if tomorrow's cancelled I'll actually cry

No. 1399439

Right also this. Even if they get caught in their own bullshit and stop being abusive. More abusive people will be created and the cycle will continue

No. 1399442

Yeah but all you can really do is hope they get better from afar. The only person that can fix them is themselves. I’ve forgiven my past abusers and hope they find peace but in all honestly it’s literally only so I can stop holding onto anger over things I can’t change.

No. 1399446

Kind of like your Nigel huh?

No. 1399476

when it comes to men, not always. and if they were the abused, and their abuser was also abused, etc. then who was the first abuser?

No. 1399488

when does having opted to be the "bigger person" start to feel um, good? or did I fall for a meme?
>inb4 not supposed to feel rewarding

No. 1399493

Only after you don't do it a few times and feel shame after; then you can look down on someone who doesn't do it and know you'll be better off in the future than them

No. 1399499

File: 1667696644146.jpeg (20.43 KB, 480x360, A94BA59C-2FA0-47C0-8612-B28FA2…)

my pussy has not been popping for a while now

No. 1399507

this is so lame and i'm not buying it. It's like I'm all fours, just taking it

No. 1399518

not exclusively weeb stuff tho: dark souls, lotr, asoiaf, gk, drhdr, berserk, vinland saga, way more that I don’t bother to list now. may sound a bit basic but idc theres so much forgettable crap and these ones stuck with me

No. 1399523

File: 1667698656824.png (263.69 KB, 437x549, 1599944383521.png)

>type 1 diabetic
>didn't do college, nerves too frayed
>working since I was 17
>feet started going numb at 23
>kidneys started fucking up at 23
>heart palpitations started at 24
>told I had a brain tumor at 24
>start going blind in one eye at 24
>quit working at 25
>apply for disability
>turned down for three years
>doctor says everything will get worse if I go back to work
…..how big of a piece of shit am I if I let my parents take care of me? They say it's okay, but I used to pay them rent. I don't do anything worthy of anything anymore. But I really don't want to live through what comes next physically if I let this shit get worse. It's selfish to let other people take care of you, but I don't want to go blind or be put on dialysis before I'm even 30. But it's selfish and it's horrible. I don't know what to do. I've been told by other diabetics that this is just how we die, but I've been told by other diabetics that I don't deserve to die like this. I don't know, I really don't know what's best. It would hurt my parents to take care of me if I lost my feet, all they have ot do right now is let me be under their roof and use their water, if I lose a body part or start having to get those eye surgeries they do on us, it's going to be seriously bad. But I feel like if I'm this torn on it, then I know the right thing is to just let myself fall apart. But that would hurt people too. I don't know.

No. 1399526

There's a time to be assertive and a time to be passive. Sometimes when being "the better person" it helps to remember what goes around comes around.
Don't forget to stand up for yourself when it matters.

No. 1399531

Anyone else who's been sexually assaulted think about their abuser a lot? I feel like I'm going crazy and sometimes obsessive with how much I think about him. I have so much anger and I want revenge.

No. 1399537

i miss my mom.

No. 1399546

Don't let some dumb bitch who has the mindset of a 12 year old drive you away from the community. I love groove metal but I also listen to whatever else I want. This includes pop, rap, and many many other things. She probably doesn't know shit about music and now thinks she's some super l33t hardcore intellectual.

No. 1399547

Not venting but can anyone recommend some good misandrist channels on YouTube that talk shit about men? I know about ally missandy and Cynthia G but do any of you guys know any other ones to look out for

No. 1399551

? I guess it comes off like a scrote question but I’m just getting tired of the redpoll anti woman shit and want an outlet

No. 1399552

Just ignore anon, pretty sure that's the male that's currently posting on the board. You should repost your question in the stupid questions thread though.

No. 1399556

Cynthia G is a fucking fraud, she only bashes black men because she got rejected by Tariq Nasheed's fruity self. idk the other one. Most channels like that are fraudulent as hell, it's better to just talk to radfems. I've watched numerous channels like her and i find them to all be pick-mes one way or another.

No. 1399558

A coworker got mad at me because I firmly stand with keeping Sundays closed, and she got so aggressive and I stayed firm in the fact “we are allowed to set days off, and there are plenty of people to hire for more shifts” and the way her freakout happened, it was as if i slapped her.
Hello? How is this offensive? Im sorry I answered your question honestly??!!

No. 1399560

sorry about your country nonnie, this would never have happened in the first world

No. 1399566

>moid uses you for sex and then instead of talking to you, ghosts you
I don't get the whole friend situation as it's pretty hard to follow but you feel hurt because you were just sa'd. Can't wait until the world realizes this is a form of rape. Sadly, 50% of the world's population would love to cover their ass and keep this bit of common sense under wraps and only radfems have any brains to realize this. You have every right to be upset after being taken advantage of for your body.

No. 1399570

I desperately need to see a therapist but the only option is going to a private clinic and I can't afford it. I am legitimately having thoughts about committing serious crimes

No. 1399583

isnt there any online support group that could help you? something like that to prevent you from doing something wrong. but if the crimes are against guilty moids…

No. 1399586

Do you have public medical care? In my country it would be possible to actually go with something like this to a primary care physician and get a referral to a psychiatrist. If it's that urgent, you can also go by yourself to a psychiatric hospital and ask for immediate help there. Additionally, suicide hotlines are also there to help people deal with any other mental crisis, so if you call one you may receive additional guidance, they would know best what you can do.

No. 1399593

Tired of every little inconvenience or hurt feeling having me reaching for the bottle or a pack of cigs. I haven't been depressed or suicidal in a long while but instead I turned to those vices to deal with my emotions and now they're just not enough anymore. I also feel like a failure because half my family has substance abuse issues and addictive personalities and I always promised I'd be different but now I'm just the same as them

No. 1399604

Why do I always say inappropriate, awkward things in chat, why

No. 1399606

>Ate pizza yesterday
>Got diarrhea
>Ate pizza today
>Diarrhea again
>Search if pizza triggers IBS
>It does, hell, it triggers lactose intolerance too
I'm sick of shitting anons, never again

No. 1399611

Oh god why am I so stupid, why do I manage to ruin even good enjoyable moments of interacting with the people I like

No. 1399612

I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM AFTER WATCHING KILLER SALLY ON NETFLIX. The fucking retardation of scrotes to say someone can't be a battered woman because they are a bodybuilder? Also, yes the second bullet may have been shot despite no imminent threat but have you ever heard of someone just snapping from the sheer amount of built up trauma and pain that comes with being abused? Yes, the second bullet was shot with the intention to kill, but she shouldn't have received such a long sentence. The kids were beaten by the guy and used to watch him choke their mom, and then their mom was taken from them for their entire life? Bullshit. I hate men so fucking much and I want to beat the shit out of that prosecuter.

No. 1399650

That’s complete and total bullshit. Do you know how many abusive people are just straight up terrible people that enjoy watching others suffer? No, I will not pray for them. I don’t have Stockholm syndrome. I hope a deer piledrives through their windshield, I don’t care. Im not doing anything wrong.

No. 1399654

I'm sorry anon, have you considered getting help from friends first or do you not see it as an issue? Even if your family has a history, you can choose to be different.
I'm sorry you feel this way, I get very empathetic to anons suffering of substance abuse because I know someone I really care about that struggles with it and I just want them to know I still think they're a good person.

No. 1399657

I hate the fact that I am such a horny degenerate at times. I hate how when I meet up with a dude from a dating app who has a cute face and smells good I start fantasizing about him fucking me while we're talking. I hate this because I don't want to be in a relationship with any of these guys because realistically theyre not compatible with me for the long term, and right now I don't want to have casual sex because it just doesn't feel safe or worth it to me. But I'll be damned if I remember this when I'm in the moment sitting across from a mfer with a cute smile and nice hair. I've acted on this urge before and felt like a slut afterward, so I know I'll regret it and don't do it anymore. The fact of the matter is I'm not interested in dating him but find him attractive enough to want to fuck, and that makes me feel like a gross scrote. so I just went home and masturbated instead. these guys are always above average but not by a whole lot, whereas I'm significantly above average so I feel like I'm being a gross slut if I let someone I know isn't in my league fuck me, like I'm lowering my value by doing it. Maybe that's retarded

No. 1399677

Now you've got me riled up too, kek. If bodybuilders can't be battered women, then men better shut the hell up about all the time women hit them and they call it domestic violence. They're stronger after all, so it must not be domestic violence.

No. 1399679

nta no it was from /bant/, that I hate my life finn used to post that same thread every day there

No. 1399687

I used the friend finder thread for basically the same reason you want - to find weeby/nerdy women to sperg with and although everyone who added me is a woman (no moids/troons luckily) they all ghosted me kek if it makes you feel better I read your wall of text and can relate to you quite a bit

No. 1399696

How the fuck are adults supposed to make friends. Working all the time with no meaningful relationships makes me want to die. What the fuck am I supposed to do.

No. 1399697

a bit disturbed at a crush i've developed on a mutual friend. it makes me want to fall off the face of the planet actually

No. 1399701

Self defense requirements tend to be misogynistic worldwide. The immediacy and proportionality requirements favor scrotes using their bare hands in the moment. Women need to use some sort of weapon more often, strike 1, so can't retaliate immediately, strike 2 (counts as premeditated now, as if she's a cold blooded killer), appeal to (temporary) non compos mentis rarely succeeds in common law countries (Being capable of distinguishing right from wrong disqualifies) so strike 3 and you're out. Battered woman syndrome is practically equated to getting voluntarily intoxicated and generally fails as a defense due to those immediacy and proportionality principles.

No. 1399709


No. 1399710

File: 1667715477758.png (69.65 KB, 876x515, Screenshot (14786).png)

I feel so old and out of touch but what does this mean lol

No. 1399711

honestly agree. even if his wife is a total nutcase he seems very happy and he's got his shit together and they seem to genuinely love one another. wish Sam was fucking normal because he was my favorite of the bunch lmao. sage cause I feel bad MDEsperging

No. 1399713

I understand how you feel. I take my time a lot to show I care and I may not have lots of friends but I actively do my best to work on a relationship to sustain it to have 'ride or die' friends. I am very loyal and I am interested in quality over quantity. I have two jobs and I sustain my friendships that I had before which I met in college and I meet people through concerts and online but ask for meetups.
Mutual friend from you and your lover? Remember its just a crush, don't mess up something sustainable for a silly thing that won't end up anywhere.

No. 1399725

Tbh not many, I only just made a friend to go out with through Bumble and it feels kinda wrong to open up about it so early lest I scare her off/trauma dump. I recognize that the method isn't healthy but then I also rationalize it with thoughts like "Well it's only 1 pack a month" or "well at least I don't drink in the morning"

No. 1399737

I hate my best friend

No. 1399739

I'm glad you made a friend through Bumble. I think you realizing this is something you should consider how self aware you are. 1 pack a month is really painful for our lungs, I knew a friend who as a child got cigarettes and smoked and has had health issues as an adult because of it. And drinking is a problem as well in a long run. I hope you feel better , especially if the reason why you overuse them is because of emotional issues and try to face them. I know it's hard…

No. 1399743

I cannot stop thinking about fucking my psychologist, he's not even my type and he's like over twice my age, I don't know why my brain is doing this to me but I literally cannot stop it. Anytime I try to use one of the thought or breathing techniques he's given me it pops into my head, anytime I think about him or the reasons I'm in therapy in general my mind automatically goes to fucking him. I've been seeing him for so long and it's just getting worse, lately it's hard to even look him in the eyes during session because of this, it makes me so uncomfortable but it literally will not stop. I hate my brain sometimes.

No. 1399751

bf mentions that he would fuck the shit out of a 15 year old(its min AOC in his country) and is mad at me cus he thinks someones brainwashed me when I show visible disgust and no longer want to meet up with him. lol

No. 1399752

I am not funny anymore. I used to be a much more colorful individual and that's how I attracted people's interest. My life is going quite well on paper and I have a shit ton of interesting things to do, but I still feel so boring when I see friends. My brain is slow. I just remembered that I used to resent being a bit of a class clown and wanted to be a more put together person, that's ironic. Or maybe the link is that I am never satisfied even when my life is by all standards quite good.

No. 1399760

You better fucking dump him anon, that’s disgusting.

No. 1399762

Holy shit anon change therapists for both of your sakes, preferably to a straight woman who wont get involved if you try something.

No. 1399764

anons constantly call women on here refrigerators and tear apart women's bodies but immediately attack each other when ones insecure enough to be an anachan. hilarious

No. 1399765

im not too innocent as I sperged at him in disgust and tried to gaslight him(yeah, im awful) and he also admitted to being in a relationship with a schizo woman 4-5 years his junior earlier this year(im only 2 years younger than him, he is 23 this year) he dumped me after i sperged, showed my disgust and called him disgusting fat, pedo, tranny(longstory here), pig and honestly i've no fucking regrets. he was my only friend of 10 years but now im just learning this shit, its no wonder his online circles are mentally ill pedophiles that hes OKAY with.

No. 1399769

File: 1667726546822.jpeg (113.26 KB, 861x1530, 4851CE16-495B-4C5B-91C1-CDF9A2…)

Only being attracted to men is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I was abused as a child

No. 1399773

>knew his circles were mentally ill online pedos
>still associated with him

It shouldnt have taken you the 15yr old comment to call it quits nonny.

No. 1399780

I'm not going to try anything lol, I have self control I just can't stop thinking about it. But he's married and I would never try anything, and he would probably think I was insane and kick me out of his office if I did. He's known me so long and knows everything about me, he's a really good psychologist and really professional and nice. There's not many psychologists in my location and I've had so many that I can't connect with it would such a disappointment to lose him and have to look for another. I just wish my brain would stop fixating on the idea of fucking him.

No. 1399782

I don't think my grandma is going to be here next year. She is losing more and more of her mind, having crying breakdowns, forgetting how to do basic tasks. And the detoriation is rapid. She used to have episodes maybe once per week this summer, and a few times a month before that but now it's everyday. And she gets mean too. Especially towards my mom. She has forgotten so many things but not how to be spiteful. The woman who raised me is gone. I have no idea how to comfort my mom. Dementia is a living nightmare.

No. 1399786

thank you it does. I had a really shitty day yesterday so I’m usually not that intense about stuff like that. Maybe I try the thread one day and see If I can find someone who doesn’t ghost me

No. 1399793

yeah I'm a retard ignored alot of red flags. kinda feel gross that i put up with that shit for so long. fully blocked him everywhere, his numbers, any mutuals too. he's in the next country over and not too far either so hopefully he doesn't try anything.

No. 1399795

Idk which anon it is that keeps replying to all the posts in the get it off your chest thread like they’re directed at her but she needs to be thrown in a padded cell

No. 1399797

Are you talking about stalkerchan

No. 1399798

Actually it might still be them now that you mention it, the commentary makes no sense. Weird ass person.

No. 1399801

She got banned the other day because she accused some random anons as being her stalker and her bf or something like that. Wonder if she’s ban evading now

No. 1399802

She’s annoying and I can’t stand her posts omg

No. 1399804

File: 1667732594317.jpeg (351 KB, 742x740, 43D58829-5C56-45CF-AB03-C4FE42…)

I think she is ban evading now

No. 1399805

File: 1667732627577.jpeg (351.75 KB, 1179x1572, 0B69DDAC-1535-447C-A778-5AADC6…)

Is there going to be a New Years resolution thread this year, I wonder? I need to put somewhere that this time next year if I am not happy and don’t have a bf who loves me that it’s time to kick the chair

No. 1399807

Are you talking about the most recent interaction? Someone is saying that's romanianon

No. 1399808

I genuinely hate her kek she always replies to my random posts, it’s getting irritating

No. 1399811

dang sorry you had a bad day nona I hope you're able to find a cool friend to talk to eventually

No. 1399813

Break up with them Nonna, nobody wants a friend who secretly hates them and you’ll be happier too.

No. 1399827

She was absolutely based for killing that pos, cheater and wifebeater, and whoever justifying what he did to her kids in the guise of "discipline" is going to rot in hell too, he abused his whole fucking family and now murdering him on self defense is "wrong"? Miss me with that bs, he's dead and she's not and that's all that matters and moids can kick rocks about it. I fucking hate men and their bullshit

No. 1399831

Since my terfening i've distanced myself from a lot of qUeEr spaces i used to hang out in, and the more distance I get the more it annoys me just how much entitled e-begging there is. Scrolling through tumblr I feel like every 10 posts there is a "queer nonbinary trans neourodivergent POC with chronic illness living in an abusive situation!!" begging for money. Is it just opportunists finding a grift that works, or what the fuck about online leftists makes them so comfortable with expecting money from strangers for being ~oppressed~ ? How are these people not embarrassed? Like, I'm a struggling student and my ego gets bruised when my parents offer to help me out with groceries or bills.

(Crowdfunding for literal emergencies are a different thing, especially in hellscapes where an emergency room visit can bankrupt you, of course)

No. 1399900

The only real relationships I've been in have been not so good (gaslighting cheaters, calling me stupid etc) plus csa which still affects me and made me not want to see a man naked again. Now I'm dating a man and he's very nice and considerate but it makes me not such a good partner. I find I keep seeing how far I can go, I don't want to hurt or control him but being in control once is giving me kind of a power trip. How can I get over this? I don't want to hurt him this way but I think I've picked up the abusive love shit.

No. 1399906

File: 1667744073185.jpeg (77.36 KB, 311x319, C72A388D-5D66-4250-99DB-521B28…)

I feel insecure about my body because I don’t have a stereotypical black woman’s body, I have small breasts and no butt and I’m muscular with my thighs and legs. I honestly wish I had bigger boobs, they look nicer in clothes

No. 1399926

snap out of it dude, it's self destructiveness

No. 1399939

I was just wishing I had smaller boobs so I could have the oversized sweater/ top look easier. C'est la vie.

No. 1399942

wanna trade nonna?

No. 1399950

I'm trying so hard to make a single irl friend but it's going poorly. I want to experience a friendship like the ones I see all around me, every day, but I can't have what they have because I never learned how to stop being shy.

No. 1399954

hey i have that stuffed seal! i also have the fox version that has a fucked up face so I call that one adam driver

No. 1399955

File: 1667746317230.png (304.89 KB, 540x385, pts4.png)

i feel insanely ugly right now. i feel like its not even body dysmorphia its the objective truth and i know this is what everyone with bdd says but it really is true, im called alien and hideous left and right by every demographic there is from brutally honest babies to senior citizens. its not even being mixed anymore because if it was my brother would not be wanted by so many people. im so ugly and what makes it worse is that i have pictures documenting how my face has literally morphed in shape in ways as little as eyelid shape, its physical proof so its not in my head.
im so ugly i feel sorry that im alive and i know people think this about me too, not that it matters but just a fact. im doomed to this life of hideousness and no i dont want to make a feminist statement out of it i just want to be average and normal not an eyesore. i dont want to be an activist and go against anyone i just want to be left alone but im just that ugly that i attract attention. i want to set all my clothes on fire. i feel ridiculous when i try to make myself look pretty because its just not going to happen and i look like a clown after in the literal sense even without makeup. i get anxious about the way i move to make it the least repulsive possible but i just end up behaving like a robot or retard and therefore even more disgusting. i feel so much despair right now. im so ugly i feel like i should have never been born because just the sight of me offenses people. i dont know what to do, and staying home just hurts my family and makes them feel worse about the person i am. i feel like such a ridiculous embarrassment and incredibly guilty that im kept alive.

No. 1399959

I just broke up with my dumb pos boyfriend over the phone. He has been emotionally unavailable for some time and told me that he needs "time to think about our relationship". I told him multiple times over the course of our relationship that we need to work on ourselves and that I want to spend more time together because he was being distant, didn't appreciate me and stopped caring about my needs. I have exams in a few weeks that I cannot fail and I was so done playing the waiting game. I am SO DONE. I deserve better and needed a clear head so I called him this morning on the phone and simply told him that it is over and that I don't want to see him again. Bitch was crying. I know that it is bad to break up over the phone but I waited for so long and just couldn't take it anymore. I hope that bitch chokes on a chicken leg or a hot dog

No. 1399967

It sounds like you gave him plenty of chances. Good for you.

No. 1399968

>be born in the 3d world
>be born to a dysfunctional and poor family
>you witness your mother develop severe mental illness. She quits her job as a teacher.
>your mom has constant breakdowns with you in the house. She screams and cries until you piss yourself.
>you live in a rundown apartment
>you have no toys or basic life necrsities
>you never celebrate Christmas
>nobody helps your mom and the country is too bad to get help
>Your mom that used to be a teacher turns to prostitution but she doesn't make money
>your father refuses to see you
>maternal grandma takes care of you and takes you to the country side where you are beaten, raped and have no toilet
>you undergo the same level of poverty as in Africa
>you have no access to basic life utilities
>you undergo severe dehumanization
>all the children are savage
>you are beaten, you play in mountains of trash, they stick syringes into your skin
>20 year old boy rapes you for 1 year
>you are beaten with rocks until you lose counsciousness
>you develop memory loss and altered states of counsciousness forever because of the intense beatings and head trauma
>you tell your grandma about the abuse
>your grandma calls you a whore at 7 years old for being raped
>it's literally worse than the movie Gummo
>you starve, are not taken to school, you have lices in your hair
>you have deep thoughts about the universe, human existence, religion
>you are a genius
>you want to one day become someone
>you teach yourself how to write and read and do maths
>you are constantly lost in daydreaming
>you are taken to school after not going to kindergarten or having any sort of structure
>you are poor and your clothes are run down
>everyone else is middle class
>you get bullied for being poor
>teacher humiliates you in front of the class because you are poor
>you cannot focus in school and suffer from mental illness
>you go home and beat yourself with your fists because you know you are smart but cannot have good academic results
>you are hyper self aware as a 8 year old child
>you develop suicidal thoughts
>once an organization that helps people in poverty comes to your school and offer supplies for the poorest child in the class
>the teacher gives the supplies to a middle class girl because she dislikes you
>your grandma dies and you're almost put in the orphanage
>your dad that you've never met takes you in to a village town
>he goes to work abroad where he is mistreated and worked like a slave for being third world
>your financial situation gets better but you still aren't middle class
>your aunt abuses you physically and mentally
>your grandpa is an alcoholic and beats you
>you cannot focus in school
>you get left behind in classes
>you have access to a PC and the internet and start browsing the internet
>you are self thaught in English at 10 years old and you understand most words
>you become obsessed with reading Wikipedia articles
>you read Wikipedia articles about physics, alchemy, purification since you are 10 years old
>you become obsessed with anime and full metal alchemist
>you become immersed in an alternate world
>your life is too bad so you escape
>you cannot think in words anymore
>you are smart but you cannot have good results in school because of the stress and mental illness
>you lose track
>you grow up wanting to do something great or creative
>your mind is too fucked up from the abuse and poverty and although you are smart you constantly forget words and sound like a retard
>you have severe social anxiety
>you cannot speak with people
>you try to advance in life but the abuse has affected you too much
>you have no financial support
>you start having breakdowns and panic attacks at 15 years old
>at 18 years old you are put in the mental hospital where you are raped
>the mental health care in your country is atrocious
>you cannot stand your situation anymore and you turn to sex work
>although you are pretty, can fluently speak English and are interested in a wide variety of subjects including internet culture you don't make money
>you see ugly women or women that cannot even speak English make a lot of money
>you observe that most people on the internet complain about their mental illness and hard life situations
>you try to reach out to people
>you are being turned into a lolcow
>people that you argue with have no even went through a fragment of the suffering you've been through
>you keep posting on the internet because you want to be acknowledged
>people just harass you and nobody has empathy for you
>people hold you to an extraordinary level that most people are not held to
>you see other people being acknowledged for their life issues
>you observe how most people are not alligned with their values either
>after all of this you're still unable to work, still live in a third world country
>you are disabled
>you are waiting for the day you run out of utities because you have no money to pay for them
>your biggest issue is not being able to get resources
>you see millionaire communists and people that are dumber than you make loads of money
>you continue to make art and express yourself
>you develop dementia
>you are me
>you will die very soon

No. 1399972

File: 1667747928862.jpeg (379.1 KB, 547x701, F8C40BB4-39D2-41B0-9141-F0AE4B…)

No. 1399974

>people are incapable of understanding your situation
>people tell you useless advice that doesn't apply to you
>people are upset when you tell them their advice is useless
>realize people are narcissistic and self centered
>become cut off from everyone
>you don't relate to anyone anymore
>you have a hard time expressing your situation
>most people are abusive or dismissive towards you or not understanding
>you tolerate people's abuse and them not understanding you because you don't wanna be lonely
>you are a people's pleaser and never express how bad your life is
>when you show any sort of herratic behavior or hostility everyone leaves or harasses you
>you are not even abusive
>you have developed severe mental health issues and are stuck with no support system and cannot make money
>you realize that Karl Marx is right
>you accept the rest of your dehumanizing and frustrating life
>you cannot even do a mass shooting because you don't live in America
>you want to commit murder because everyone has left you behind and because you've never had control over anything
>you're low on the social hierarchy
>you cannot get stuff out of men or get people to go your way because you are not manipulative
>you realize everyone is manipulative

It's over. I know I will die, most people are not even aware and cannot comprehend how bad everything I've been through has been and how I literally don't have anything and I am too sick to work and have no support. I also only get approached by people that want to get something out of me and I'm bad at persuading or at getting stuff out of people. Most men want to have sex with me or humiliate me because I am in a bad situation and they cannot respect me. They literally only think of themselves and I don't know how to get money out of them without having them hurt me. Most people are super entitled because they don't suffer the way I do and have stuff in their lives. Idk how people do it. I'm not dumb or ugly and I want to continue living but I swear it's impossible to get resources. I never have money, cannot work, cannot look people in the eye and I see people doing absolutely retarded mindless stuff on the internet and they make money. I draw and post my stuff but I am super frustrated because I live in poverty someone isolated in the 3d world in some.village and my interests don't add up to my social class or situation.

No. 1399976

people are literally incapable of having empathy towards me or my situation. I'm convinced 80% of people are sociopaths or incapable of understanding circumstances and how they affect you.

No. 1399978

I'm not black but i relate to this a lot. In my culture its never enough: bigger boobs, bigger ass, you can get those by gaining weight but i can't…I've never seen someone like me on the media unless is some type of "spicy" white like an italian or some shit. Stereotypically, I should be "hot" and "spicy" as a latina but i'm literally just…there, at least no one sexualizes me ig

No. 1399980

im really sorry that happened to you, my mother has gone through very similar things with moving from village to town back to village and the immense amounts of physical and sexual abuse, so i understand on a minute level what going through things like that does to a woman. none of it was your fault and there was no way for you to do anything to change your situation. from here on out and i know this is easier said than done the objective truth of the matter is that you can only progress from here no matter what people say. im so sorry people made you out to be a spectacle after reaching out but know that there are and will always be people who are willing to at least hear you if its any support… there's really nothing to laugh about in your situation my heart breaks for you, i sincerely hope you find some peace in your life soon.

No. 1399983

not black, im arab and it’s the same i don’t have thick gorgeous hair or a big ass or big boobs im just kind of normal and mousy looking, i feel like a retarded baby when i’m around other arab girls at events and stuff they all seem to be statuesque hourglass types

No. 1399984

Holy shit anon i just want to give you a hug

No. 1399988

i’m a sociopath and i empathize with you anon

No. 1399989

No. 1399991

I can't believe romanianon is fucking back, i'm your biggest fan omg

No. 1399992

When are we going to get real standards for us. Most latinas are built with the height of midgets and with the strength for the farms. I have seen more men with bubble butts than I have seen women with. I'm pretty scrawny with nothing that stands out, but im treated like I have a preteen body when really this is what average really looks like for my ethnicity (broad bitch with no ass no titties but the men got all the nalgas and chichis).

No. 1399993

she raped other children and killed animals, she’s far from a hero

No. 1400000

Thanks. I know it's off putting when I say that I am cute or that I am a genius or that it makes people unlikely to have empathy for me or that it is cringe, but I am honest about those things. I am very intellectually inclined, I've read a lot and I am self thaught in most things. I hold a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects ranging from history,philosophy,mythology, arts, languages and so on but I have a hard time expressing myself and my vocabulary does not improve for some reason but I still hold the knowledge and still ponder upon existence. When I went to school everyone that was doing well in school was from middle class or they had supportive parents, absolutely everyone. Of course they had family issues too but mine have been the worst in combination with mental illness that was impossible to get treatment or support for. People don't understand how much social class and family and child hood experience affects the outcome of your life. Most people that are successful are coming from upper middle class or they've had at least half decent childhoods. I've looked into most philosophers and they are all from upper middle class from families that put them on that path. I realized the outcome of your life is conditioned by your parents and social class.

No. 1400004

can you please get off this fucking site and also get off the internet, it's clearly only further damaging your mental health considering that you fantasize about murdering. we don't want to be associated with schizos who eventually go on killing sprees after already admitting they've killed animals before, fuck off

No. 1400009

>When are we going to get real standards for us Most latinas are built with the height of midgets and with the strength for the farms.
For real, in my country everyone gets their "figures" by either getting very fat or surgery, i'm starting to think we ain't that curvy to begin with and there's nothing wrong with it but i do wonder where all this delusion came from cause??
>I have seen more men with bubble butts than I have seen women with
>the men got all the nalgas and chichis
THIS, they literally got pear shaped bodies yet they're the ones bullying women over beauty standards?? come the fuck on, stop eating that greasy ass food and get on the gym jfc
>I'm pretty scrawny with nothing that stands out, but im treated like I have a preteen body when really this is what average really looks like for my ethnicity
Kek same situation, i get treated like i'm still 17, i'm fucking 23. And i'm not an outlier, everyone is the same here but i suppose i should feel bad over not looking like a bimbo

No. 1400017

I don’t understand what she thinks she’s going to get out of routinely posting her sob story on here? She needs to get in the long ass line of anons here being raped, mistreated, exploited and traumatized but they don’t disgustingly try to get pity points out of it by turning it into a story to get people to drop whatever they are saying and derail the rest of the thread. The people on this website are retarded and unhelpful, she needs to find a way to get some form of mental health care. Since no one was listening to her trauma porn or particularly buying it, only being ironic and pretending she’s some pinkpilled~ mysterious woman, she started threatening to kill people even the people on this website. This shit is so ridiculous, people have gone through the same shit this person has gone through yet they don’t constantly come back to tell the world something that is incredibly serious and personal and turn it into a joke. Pathetic as fuck

No. 1400018

this anon sounds like that type of incel that makes those shooting massacre and makes the government take down lolcow site after the event

No. 1400020

That’s literally what she did moths ago and she was banned for it. She’s ban evading for being crazed and clearly not in a rationa state of mind kek

No. 1400023

>you are being turned into a lolcow
the solution for that is to get off of lolcow. None of us would know who you are if you didn't post identifiable walls of text in the vent thread every few weeks and act so violently unhinged that you cop a ban.

No. 1400024

do you really think I'll go on a killing spree anon? It's just a way of expressing my anger. I have no artistic outlet or expressive outlet. I'm stuck in a room, in an eastern european village with no friends and even on the internet most people misunderstand and attack me or simply leave when I say anything even slightly off putting. Although, I see people partake and say the most insane shit or even exhibit abusive behaviors and they still have friends. You are retarded if you think this is further damaging my mental health
I am disabled and I cannot work and have no friends and live in a village with 10,000 people. The only alternative I have is go catatonic or post my rants on the internet where men harass me or jack off to my suffering and nobody worthile reaches out to me or wants to talk.

I have no.support system or anyone to.talk to and cannot get resources to get a therapist and I cannot go to work. Most people that were raped or abused have money or a support system. They have things I could never dream of. Parents, governmental support, friends or at least they can work. I had to go through rape, humiliation, poverty, complete isolation and I cannot even go to the hospital. I have no resources or help to grasp. If I did, believe me I wouldn't post here

No. 1400026

File: 1667750322008.jpeg (233.81 KB, 800x450, DAAB132F-44D2-4BAE-9F54-2165F9…)

what romanianon thinks the people on here who constantly have IBS and still eat cheese knowing it’s going to make them shit their guts out are going to do for her:

No. 1400028

>It's just a way of expressing my anger
Girl we are all angry here, a-logging and violent threats are still against the rules. If you're supposedly so good at English, go learn different words to express your anger and try them out sometime.

No. 1400032

she reminds me of isabella janke where they adopt male coping mechanisms and behaviors to handle their severely broken brains

No. 1400033

File: 1667750701403.gif (970.04 KB, 275x275, 1662550577622.gif)

Wow you didn't have to attack me like that wtf that pizza was worth it

No. 1400034

i swear im not a fbi fed agent but if i was one you sound like a good online victim to make some sort of romanian massacre

No. 1400035

just romanianon getting the 1.4M get

No. 1400038

I used to be like that and stopping was the best thing I ever did. Sincerely hope the same for romanianon but I'm not sure she cares enough about improving her life to make those kinds of hard personal changes.

No. 1400041

yeah this sucks and my life is fucking empty. thanks for cancelling this plan! it's one of many for you but the only thing i was looking forward to this weekend. not to mention that you won't be available the rest of the week either. i was there for you when you were sending me dramatic gifs because you couldn't express your distress but now i have to patiently wait for 2 hour hangouts every 2 weeks and maybe a text back but you had me brainstorming ways to make you feel better at while I was at work. you ruined your little get away weekend because you couldn't stop texting. are you retarded? this is the mature outcome you came up with? you're so different and special, wow!

No. 1400044

same nonny

No. 1400045

I just got an angry email from my boss, telling me that i'm communicating poorly and unrealiable or not self sufficient or whatever, and that if i don't care for this job, she doesn't see why I'm doing it. I've been working my ass off for this job, I'm enjoying it a lot, my communication isnt great and i'm asking a lot of (to her) redundant questions because i have autism and need very clear instructions. She knows I have autism and hired me regardless, so it hurts to be treated like I'm being willfully ignorant when I'm trying my hardest to be a good worker despite my disability. Shit like this just makes me feel retarded.

No. 1400048

how is romanianon so retarded she can’t get rich off moids on the internet. it really is not that hard especially if she’s as smart and beautiful as she says. i’ve been in that position and you can make money fairly easily without showing body or prostituting yourself

No. 1400055

ok, any tips??

No. 1400060

Anon it's okay, even if you were the most annoying person on earth you wouldn't deserve what happened to you or to be made fun of

No. 1400061

no, most people haven't gone through extreme 3rd world country poverty while also being raped on multiple occasions, having no family, witnessing their mother die of suicide and poverty, being raped in a mental health facility, having nothing to eat, homelessness and so on. Most people on here have good health care, are from the first world or are from middle class or upper middle class and even the people from 3rd world some of them have support systems or resources. I have access to no resources while being mentally ill, disabled. I have no fucking support system and cannot earn money. Do you even comprehend that? Most people that complain from CSA have had at least some amount of privilege. I am also not derailing the thread. You are with your retarded posts that show you are incapable of empathy or understanding circumstantiality. I am not Loretta Janke, a woman with support from her millionaire parents. If I had normal parents and a support system I would definitely not be posting on lolcow. Most of my issues come from being poor and unable to lift myself out of poverty and having no family or support system. Can you not comprehend that if you are living in poverty and have no support it will be much harder or almost impossible to deal with CSA.

Because I cannot be manipulative and I wanted to be genuine and express my situation. I am literally unable to manipulate or pander. Teach me your ways anon. How do you pander? I am fairly cute 7/10 I would say, even cuter if I put in effort but I don't know how to pander and they are not interested in me even if I show my body. Idk my entire life situation, personality make up and interests are very odd.

No. 1400063

Y'all im not the same anon and i dont know this anon but considering everything she went through I don't care that she has killed animals.

No. 1400064

she needs to trap a rich moid with a pregnancy if she wants to get out of romania

No. 1400065

Too much of an obvious ugly retard even for that, fucking hell. It's over for romanianon

No. 1400066

It’s ok anon, you’re not retarded and like you said you’re doing your best. If it makes you feel better I called off work the other day and didn’t let the proper channels know and I’m definitely going to get chewed out when I go back. Also sounds like your boss has shitty communication skills herself if she’s baiting you into leaving your job by demeaning you over email. She sounds like a bitch, and bitches don’t deserve to live rent free in ur head.

No. 1400068

>Most people that complain from CSA have had at least some amount of privilege
i don’t know why you keep saying this and discrediting other people’s problems. How can you whine and cry for empathy and be so dismissive to other people in the same position…

No. 1400072

Yeah, she's the type that thinks her way of doing things is the only way, and assumes people know everything she knows, yada yada. Also, maybe you should hire someone to read your emails if it's that much of an issue to get sent one (1) more asking for clarification on a task. Just sucks because I do really need the money. Oh well! Also good luck with your ass beating at work, hope it's not too bad

No. 1400073

You didn’t have to say it like that anon KEK. I feel sort of sad for her because I feel with her combined mental illness that makes her incapable of holding down jobs and being a functioning member of society she’s going to enter into sex work territory, this is unfortunately how these women end up, or they end up in even worse abusive relationships with men who give them scraps to live off of. I don’t blame her for being annoying because her life seems like a perpetual cycle of hell that seems inescapable, but I swear if she was that helpless she would try anything to help herself.

No. 1400075

Man this is really off putting, idk what this anon has done to deserve so much hate but y'all have some empathy. If i went through all of that i would be curled up in a ball screaming 24/7 let alone act retarded and annoying

No. 1400077

>my entire life situation, personality make up and interests are very odd
if you’re trying to make money off a moid how does your personality or life situation or interests even factor in? that’s not something that should come up at all. just lurk pathetic male spaces like /soc/ or incel servers. a fair amount of guys advertise wanting to buy nudes on the internet, i’ve sold random pornstar nudes to guys before. i
just don’t be dumb about it. multiple times i have found rich guys that are open to having some sort of internet sugarbaby arrangement. also there are other ways to make money on the internet like dropshipping and tutoring idk i’m just throwing random things out there that you can use to supplement your income. if you can get paid in usd or euros or pounds i’m assuming that works very well in your favour as a romanian.

No. 1400079

are you one of those newfags who shits up every thread with twitter faggotry

No. 1400080

samefag dominatrix work can also pay a lot and not take that much effort

No. 1400082

NTA but you went through 100 gymnastic leaps with that assumption kek

No. 1400085

NTA but she's right. The twitterfags are the ones that come here to be hostile for no reason, bait (especially racebait) and LARP as Mean Girls characters.

No. 1400086

what are alternatives to aderall/ritalin when it's illegal in your shithole country and u suffer from severe adhd

No. 1400089

she's never had empathy for others and can't even keep her stories straight
romaniananon literally does all of that (except for racebait) kek. have you not seen her older posts?

No. 1400094

File: 1667753857417.jpg (58.39 KB, 402x750, Magdalena penitente _ Penitent…)

It seems narcissistic parents will never be happy . Today their favourite "ideal" of a daughter came( my cousin ) I personally dont have anything against her but with how much my parents compare me to her has made me hate her even though I know she's not at fault. They brag she has a scholarship(and fail to mention she got it because her mums a widow) and compare to my merit admission (in my uni if you get a certain grade you pay less tuition) not only once but twice.. I've had the same amount of accomplishments but in the art world . Me getting free mentorship is useless against her presentation . Me getting awards is worthless against hers…. all my life I've been trying to impress them ..but when it's about me they always belittle me and mock me for the same accomplishments she has . While they praise her for it ? .. I feel bad that I've started hating her because my parents treat her better …. I'll..never be enough in their eyes .. I've been depressed and suffer from ADHD (which they conveniently forget around her )… I'm tired

No. 1400104

>larp as mean girls characters

if you aren’t larping as regina george then wyd??

No. 1400105

just go full illegal and popup some K
No but fr, I know you can get aderall alternatives regardless of where you live. I wouldn't be able to tell you the name of it exactly, but I do remember a drug prescribed for restless sleep that is also used to treat BPD (also works for ADHD)

No. 1400106

I just got out of a relationship and now that I'm starting to get over my breakup and taking off the rose colored glasses, I realize the relationship actually caused me a lot of stress. Are relationship always supposed to be so stressful? I always hear about love from other people and they say that being with someone you love "makes life easier" but it wasn't like that for me. I was always trying to appease my partner, and when I caused disappointed, it left me feeling stressed out and not feeling good enough. The little free time I had was always spent on spending time with my partner. Now I enjoy my new found freedom and having more time to dedicate to my hobbies, and I haven't felt distressed over someone in a while. It feels like I'm healing and my mental health has gotten better. Maybe I'm just not meant for relationships?

No. 1400107

My time to vent reminds me of this bitch in my class that was obsessed with regina george. You could tell she was constantly looking for some other girl she could put down just so she could live out her fantasy. Pathetic

No. 1400109

Most relationships are like that, rarely you will find someone who understands that a relationship is supposed to feel good.
Good luck anon

No. 1400111

We need a Regina George that puts down moids

No. 1400116

Sounds kinda hot tbh. Mfw will never get bullied by an autistic RG larper

No. 1400117

I'm 100% like a narcissist, but with the difference that I know I am the problem and not everyone else. I don't know what that makes me, but I'm tired of living. I'm tired of people. All people. I'll never fit in. I'll never be able to deal with regular people. I hate it.

No. 1400119

Atleast you're self aware .. that's the first step noona

No. 1400120

please can u try to remember the drug name? im not the anon that asked the question but adderall is illegal in my country too and its so hard to find

No. 1400121

same nona, i know i can’t change too

No. 1400123

File: 1667754841785.jpeg (136.81 KB, 2000x1333, 88BDCF54-7551-4746-92D1-31F812…)

>stares menacingly

No. 1400127

Fix your brain n the way you think, it's possible nonny

No. 1400131

I'm tired of HBIC types, you can tell they always preemptively striking any girl who threatens them and threatening doormat girls with gossip to gain followers. Insecure ass bitches.

No. 1400137


No. 1400144

No. 1400145

It means head bitch in charge

No. 1400149

>idk what this anon did
Admitted to killing animals

No. 1400155

With that fucked of a life i'd more likely be empathetic. Is fucked but being on the receiving end of such violence is bound to turn you violent yourself. It's not like she's a moid strangling kittens because he got a swirlie she literally has one of the worst lives i've ever been unlucky to read about

No. 1400157

No. 1400164

I think you should just take your parents offer

No. 1400165

And constantly threatening to kill others, and alogging other women in general.

No. 1400166

Fuck off steve

No. 1400168

and saying she would rather be a moid because they're better ( this was posted in other threads btw ) and that she's just like zizek kek cant forget not being able to afford a banana but still able to afford the internet somehow enough to post here livestream on twitch cam etc ? in a thirdworld country

No. 1400177

AND somehow able to pay for vpns nonstop whenever she ban evades

No. 1400179

TRA arguments are all so fucking low IQ, nonsensical and contradictory, I feel embarrassed for ever having thought any of it holds weight

No. 1400180

I hope some russian soldiers beat the shit out of that annoying ukranian retard who's sucking Putin's dick in my Dms, so he fucking gets that it's russia who is the problem. He turns every conversaiton into talking about how russia is amazing and Putin is just a "normal guy". But sure i am the victim of propaganda when i see actual women and children who lost family and are refugees over here. I thought scrotes are retarded but THAT retared?! "A Hurrdurr strong gorilla man makes boom boom i must follow this alpha male!" I tried to write this deep philosophical shit about how Russians are treted like ants by their goverment and got a "you are a victim of propaganda". Nice i guess when he said most ukranians are stupid he meant himself when he can't even think in metaphores. I was trying my best to be polite, that being answering in one word kek, but i am ghosting a motherfucker.

No. 1400181

lol pretending that being alone is the answer, huh? don't complain about having a shit week to me

No. 1400207

i’m really bummed that ThePinkPill is down. i liked that website more than lolcow

No. 1400209

Also thinks that everyone is the deranged discord scrote she stupidly brought on to this website. Steve is long gone from this website, the only hairy crusty resident moid we have is Blaine

No. 1400218

nonna i see where you're coming from but more patient anons than you have tried to get through to romanianon. it falls on deaf ears and then she goes back to sperging about how bad her life is while taking zero advice offered to her. shes a broken record and not someone most of us want to be around because she behaves like a violent scrotelet

No. 1400219

Sorry for taking so long anon, I did ask around and I was talking about Quetiapine

No. 1400251

Ummm wouldn’t recommend that drug to anyone. Is an anti psychotic and maybe beneficial to literal schizos but if possible should avoid. Nta btw

No. 1400253

my mom asked me if i thought she was mature after i had a discussion with her about how my brother is still a manchild at 26, and i didnt answer her kek. she is the least mature grown adult ( over 35 with children ) i know, but that doesnt have to be a constant bad thing though she would have definitely taken it that way. its good in the way that we can still relate to eachother but bad in the sense of her literally not having any emotional maturity at all and resorts to throwing temper tantrums at any time even in shops at employees to get her way, like thats not mature at all sorry. that is of course amongst many other things. and she takes every bit of criticism as a deeply personal attack to her but i can understand why she's that way so i'm not faulting her or saying she's a bad person because of that. but she is kind of not that good of a parent in the sense of i had to learn emotional regulation by myself and had to play therapist for both her and everyone else in the family despite being the youngest and also below double digits until now. but no parent is perfect after all so again, not THE MOST EVIL PERSON EVER like she would believe if i told her. thankfully she didnt rage on me and forgot about it little after, thank god something distracted her

No. 1400257

It works for a lot behavioral disorders, including forms of schizophrenia, I've never took it btw but I know a lot of people (from the UK) who do since aderall is illegal there apparently. I'm not a doctor but keep it mind that a lot of them do prescribe them kek

No. 1400266

Quetiapine sucks, life-wrecking overprescribed shit.

No. 1400267

Shiet I'm sorry nonna. Tbf most people that i know who take it are BPD chans, meaning that the life-wrecking aspect of it doesn't really show on them. I actually thought about asking for them for sleep issues (would be covered by my social security as well) but idk

No. 1400273

This is the only shit ever that helped me sleep. Stopped taking it because the risk of tardive dyskinesia spooked me though.

No. 1400278

Should be more worried about the risk of metabolic injury and permanent metabolic damage. Doctors never tell anyone about this shit.

No. 1400282

Does that mean it makes you gain weight? Lowers your metabolism? Now that reminds me that it made me hungry as fuck when I took it, but I always had poor appetite so it helped me in that aspect I think.

No. 1400285

Of course she couldn’t have a few nice words to me today. Of course she didn’t care enough. Talk with other people? Sure. Post in SNS about silly things? Yes, why not. Showing me some kind of affection today, one of the hardest days of my life? No, that’s too hard for her, always have been. She always says how emotional I am, how I’m always telling her and showing her how much I care, I know I shouldn’t expect people to treat me like I do but fuck, today it hurts pretty bad because I thought she would be here for me, after all these years.
I don’t know why I keep trying to convince myself that she cares about me, it’s pretty obvious how I will never get anything in return and at this point I’m just…pathetic.

No. 1400300

Sadly docs never tell you about the risks of anything, from anxiolytics to even contraceptive pills. Usually if they're a good doc, they'll know if you have a risk to develop specific issues related to the med and won't prescribe it to you in the first place
Hits close to home nonna, hope your week went well regardless of what "hardest days of your life" refered to. Is it the first time that this person acts cold towards you?

No. 1400309


No. 1400317

You are fucking stupid. Not mean, not selfish, but absolutely stupid.

No. 1400322

i feel like none of current my friends can actually be my friends because nobody liked me before i got "pretty." I didn't even realize I was deemed ugly growing up, i just thought people were kind of just dickish. boys in high school in particular were so apathetic and indifferent to my existence, and at their worst they actively would make a mean comment to me. if there were equal amounts of boys and girls in a group setting, whether it be for a class project or extracurricular, all the boys would avoid being paired up with me. at sleepover birthday parties, people would go around the circle and talk about their crushes but they would always skip me for some reason. I thought people just disliked me for my personality, since i was a baby radfem/raging feminist (still am kek). I had 2 best friends and that's all that mattered to me. Now I'm out of college, and my roommate who went to parsons got me into a few modeling gigs for patagonia and a few other catalogue brands and I'm starting to realize people are inherently nicer to me and i have more friends. I can't help but think they would have never given me a chance back when i was chubbier, had severe acne, and bald spots due to my alopecia flare ups.

i miss my old friends. I don't even think any of my new friends even know anything about me.

No. 1400324

Lmao made me kek cuz i always make the same mistake. Safe journey anon

No. 1400333

You might hurt my self-esteem but you will never get closer to me by acting this way. I have multiple people obsessing over me because of this shit enough is enough. Move on you control freak piece of shit.

No. 1400338

This reminds me of the creepy stalker anon on reddit who admitted to watching people have sex through their webcams and had an obsession with fillers. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks of me..the way I do her..

No. 1400347

There was one guy who actually liked me but I didn’t like him back. He was attractive but literally retarded or something.

Still don’t like him, wanted to say I have newfound appreciation but then again only cute handsome guy who could like me was medically slow LOL

No. 1400350

I'm jealous. The best times I ever had were with a drug brain damaged retard.

No. 1400355


No. 1400359

want someone to do my homework. I am gonna DIE.

No. 1400361

Sorry for longpost. I never had an office job I didn't hate. I somehow fail to integrate and I have no energy to do it and pretend to care in the first place. Every job is always the same shit and I think the last one made me borderline suicidal.

>start job, be the only new one VS clique of oldfags

>do all the shit, the better I am/faster I learn the more work I get (but never a better payment)
>at least one bitch will get jelly because someone casually praises me for some harmless shit (and I didn't want the praise because I know it will cause trouble) and start badmouthing me or raging about me in emails
>coworkers start taking advantage that I am there now by calling in sick every day once I learn how to do all the tasks
>out of 7 co-workers three are sick for weeks every month, appear a few days, are sick again, always at the same time (especially in summer), they are friends
>another three only work for three days a week for 4 hours each

>basically have to do the work of 4+ people every day, surplus hours every day

>middle bosses shit on me because "my group" isn't fast enough
>one will scream like she lost her sanity if I tell her I cannot do the work of 4+ every day
>other one screams too (but slightly less often), she tells me I was mean to my coworkers by claiming it was their absence causing trouble
>another woman (don't even know the name) makes shit up, tells others I was watching youtube videos instead of working (I was actually trying to call a company, wore the headset and googled the number of the company)
Could list endless more (and worse) shit. Worked there for three years. I legit stopped eating at some point, knowing that my life would just consist of endless work for people that openly hate me and a bad payment so why even live, at some point I quit. Fuck them.

The problem is that every damn job is like this.
Maybe others integrate easier and never face that trouble, but I can't and I don't have many emotions so I might come off as cold or whatever. I just want to work in peace without being forced to kiss the asses of people that threat me like shit. I noticed that it's always the worse the more homogeneous the working place is because it's basically just a big hivemind then and I cannot change my personality and look to be like them.

People told me I should search a new job now but I refuse, I want to regenerate first, rn I am sleeping up to 15h a day. Would NEET forever if I could.

No. 1400388

To the people making fun of me and making a spectacle of my life can you stop? I'm making an effort to be a more private person and I don't know why that makes you assmad but I need my space. Please leave me alone.

No. 1400392


No. 1400395


No. 1400396

I look so cute with copperish red hair, it's like this color was MADE for me. It belongs paired up with my face. Why would I be born with a different hair color? why can't we get the corresponding hair color from birth?

No. 1400399

No clue who that is but no.

No. 1400405

>Of course she couldn’t have a few nice words to me today. Of course she didn’t care enough. Talk with other people? Sure. Post in SNS about silly things? Yes, why not. Showing me some kind of affection today, one of the hardest days of my life? No, that’s too hard for her, always have been.
I know your pain utterly and completely, I recognize every single one of those words.
I just wish she spoke.
I just wish she fucking spoke, even if for a little while.
I wish she would be truthful and open for a change, just once, just to me, once.

No. 1400407

File: 1667770664792.jpeg (31.48 KB, 800x450, BF0F0521-21F8-439B-8A40-DEBA73…)

No. 1400410

I finally gained the courage to make a social media profile so I can stop being such a loner and potentially touch grass with REAL people. Deleted it less than 30 seconds later.

No. 1400411

No. 1400438

my shitty cs class we use opengl to code shapes and get absolutely no help except dated tutorials that use libraries we are no longer allowed to use
I am going to fail this class because of the incompetence of whoever designed the curriculum, why is it so hard to make a few updated video tutorials or use an up to date textbook? I can't even cheat and copy paste code from github because the previous assignments uploaded by students there use the fucking libraries we aren't allowed to use anymore I despise being a cs major

No. 1400439

no one on social media is really real if you think about it. you made the right decision.

No. 1400441

i am very lonely, nothing will ever fill the hole of having abusive and neglectful parents. i have felt this way since i was a small child. it depresses me that i'll have to live with this feeling forever. no amount of drugs or therapy is going to fix this. a romantic partner might fill the hole temporarily, but it won't be long until they realize how fucked up i am and leave. feel like i can't talk to any of my friends about this because they've already expressed that i have a tendency to trauma dump. but i can't help it - i'm just speaking honestly about my life and my experiences. guess i'll just shut up and save it for lolcow dot farm

No. 1400458

I gained like 60lbs in 3 years on quetiapine lol. It seems to have helped a little with emotional regulation, getting to sleep and paranoid episodes but the brain fog and being fat because of it don't feel worth it. I'm planning to start weaning off of them soon, which I'm not excited about because the withdrawals are intense. Feels like bugs crawling under your skin.

No. 1400465

Based, I sometimes spend 20 minutes composing and rewriting a tweet only to delete it before I post it.

No. 1400470

100% same nona, it feels like there's just a hole where the parental or even family type of love or care should have been all this time and nothing can fill it. I just deal with it and have come to the conclusion that my baseline is just some form of sadness and I just try to keep on keeping or whatever.

No. 1400487

I had to take my kitty to the emergency vet today, I’m sure she’ll be okay but it’s so stressful waiting for news. I just hope she’s not afraid or thinks I abandoned her because she’s there overnight.

No. 1400495

You're doing what's best for her, I'm sure she'll forgive you nona

No. 1400500

I have a vet friend and she says the nurses and other staff talk to the animals a lot so they're not as alone as you think and they usually also like to kinda narrate what's happening, she's gonna be okay nona

No. 1400505

No. 1400511

Don't worry anon there are many people that have the same issues. I let the issues I have be a driving force to make me unto a person I'm proud of. No matter how you are you're deserving of love.

No. 1400527

true, can second that, the vet would ask me to go read for the cats in the afternoon.

No. 1400528

File: 1667775661909.jpg (249.41 KB, 570x993, Tenshouin.Eichi.full.3393102.j…)

My boyfriend fucking dumped me and I feel like I can't cope at all, I'm so heartbroken, I don't know what to even do with myself. The relationship was only a bit over 2 months so it was short lived but passionate while it lasted.
He was a 30 year old NEET that lived with his mother, he had little to no ambition and serious depression. He made me very very happy despite those glaring red flags. He seemed to genuinely love me as well until recently.
And he just decided to leave. No discussion, just gone. One day he must've just stopped loving me. After a fight he used it as his opportunity to gtfo, I guess, he ghosted me for days before telling me he was done, blocked me on everything.. except our main form of contact. Which is very odd. I sent him a message wishing him the best and respecting his decision (even tho deep down I really don't). He still didn't block or delete me. I'm staying strong and not messaging him, but I feel like it's his way of sending mixed signals, maybe he'll come back or something. I'm so fucking angry and hurt. How can someone one day say "I want to marry you" and the next just dump with absolutely no emotion? I just want to be loved and to be able to love.

No. 1400532

You were together for two months. A man will literally tell you anything and not mean a single word of it with no thought or remorse, then on to the next one. Move on with your life cause that loser is not worth your pining.

No. 1400533

my mom died almost 6 years ago and my sister sent me an old home video from the early 2000s where she jokes about finding us a new mom bc we were being silly kids. nothing makes me want to kms like this feeling it is so indescribable.

No. 1400537

I know you're right nonna. It was a whirlwind romance situation but it felt like it was meant to be, a fate encounter.
He's not a good catch in any capacity but fuck I really loved him. I was always afraid this would happen. I'm glad it happened at 2 months and not much further along.

No. 1400545

I'm so glad that you're out of that situation because he sounded very manipulative and emotionally unavailable. I know It hurts but some people really cannot understand or even process emotions and hurt others.

No. 1400546

Listen, I’m not trying to condescend you or deny your right to grieve but you really would be doing yourself a favor by remembering that these men are NOT your soulmate and they do NOT care about you. Some middle aged man living with his mom is not your twin flame. He’s probably moved on to some other one online, it’s a revolving door. He has nothing to offer you whatsoever.

No. 1400549

Can't even imagine how this must feel, anon. Grief is hell

No. 1400558

You were children and im sure your mother doesn't hold it against you. I'm sorry anon. Grief is just love with nowhere to go. I'm going through grief rnow too. Much respect and hope in you finding some peace alleviation.

No. 1400574

thank you. i had a rocky relationship w her leading up to then because i was still a teenager. its like you said. i dont know where to put it anymore.

No. 1400576

People just get bored of each other try not to take it to heart or think less of yourself (I tend to do whenever someone left me). Find someone that wants to be in a boring long term relationship with you because they love you I'm sure you can find it.

No. 1400577

haha my friend read Facebook posts outloud to some dogs one night, they get all the hot gossip

No. 1400578

I try to put that love to myself as I heal and also put that love out to other things like the few friends I have and the family members I have and pets and plants. Or just being kind to random strangers. Good luck anon.

No. 1400587

>marry a 30 year old scrote with no job and no life that will probably leave you destitute, depressed, and having you wash his buttcrack every day when you’re both 80 years old but at least he supplies you with meaningless “lurvvvv”

do you people use your brains or is nothing going on up there, seriously? anon you need to address your inner feeling of loneliness

No. 1400591

I think she also needs to work on her naivety because thinking some 30 something year old loser has imprinted on her, only her specifically, and lovebombing her without even knowing her means he has unconditional undying love for her is going to get her seriously hurt in the future

No. 1400596

it screams mommy issues to me

No. 1400601

Sorry but being lonely and wanting to be with a man who actually loves you has nothing to do with mommy issues and can be due to any aspect of the human condition atm

No. 1400614

you damn well know that man did not love you, he would have stayed kek

No. 1400615

File: 1667779024239.jpg (63.87 KB, 736x439, 5cfef746ca2768154ca9e8cfd4212a…)

I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE how every short video has to have some damned awful loud as shit music slapped onto it.
When I see a cute or funny cat video I activate the sound because I want to hear it MEW or PURR or hear some other sounds you would expect, same with funny human videos. Instead my boxes and brain get blasted by some 180 decibel rap shit.

Do people think this was making videos funnier? What is the intention here? Would the tiktok zoomers not click it if it wasn't loud enough? Plus points if it's on a place like tumblr where you cannot even regulate the sound. I hate this so much, I just want to see funny videos in peace, with the original sounds.

No. 1400656

Things will change, i will grow old, my parents will die, my siblings will grow up, my childhood will feel further and further away, i will never be safe again if i ever was. I want to end it i just don't know how

No. 1400661

I hate it as well, and whenever a video doesn't have the original sound of the animal, I always assume that either the animal is doing sounds of distress, the person filming is saying something retarded or personal information for some reason or that the sound in the background is either of people shouting or as retardedly loud as the music they put on the videos.

No. 1400669

I hate this too. The cat videos with sound over them bring me to another level of seethe never seen before in human nature.

>trying to unwind after a stressful day being an autist

>goes to watch nice relaxing peaceful cat videos on YouTube
>instantly bombarded with bass boosted chinese lullaby songs over a video of a cat meowing. the sound sends forth a radioactive shock that melts the skin off my face and disintegrates my eardrums
>I get 50 more videos like this thanks to shitty youtube algorithm

No. 1400677

Rejection is gods protection

No. 1400711

File: 1667782698750.png (40.81 KB, 871x575, whatthefuuuuuuuuck.png)

I just got a ban notification for a post I didn't make. It's some sperg who posted in the consumerism thread in June, I don't even lurk that thread. I use a VPN so I'm dumb for not assuming someone else could be using the same IP address as me but it creeps me out that someone else is posting alongside me with the same IP and saying weirdly aggressive shit about consumers. Whoever this is use a different IP address lol

No. 1400720

File: 1667783217352.jpg (73.37 KB, 480x640, Tumblr_l_24673263447349.jpg)

Hi, everyone, I'm ovaryan cyst anon and I'm back (>>1398639)
Just the day after I posted that I had to do an emergency surgery for it. I had to go under a C section at 24yo not to have a baby but to take out a cyst the size of an orange off me. They couldn't save the ovary and took it away, so I only have one now.
I have been standing with the help of my mom, my aunt had to help get me to the bathroom where I shat myself in front of her, because of how painful sitting was. Also had the humiliating experience of having my aunt wash my ass for me.
And with all that I have just gone through (I'm still in the hospital) all I have to say is: FUCK TROONS YWNBAW!

No. 1400726

wishing you a speedy recovery nona

No. 1400727

im down to one ovary too, it works pretty good on its own but be sure to take hrt if you start having problems. its so nice to not have a nasty ovary bothering you though eh? once you heal you'll feel amazing, cheers nonny

No. 1400729

literally can feel my fat distribution changing to give me the most bizarre hench no ass body i literally don’t understand is it the microwave usage or wtf i’m literally 20

No. 1400732

thanks so much!
how was your recovery nona? mine has been hell so far

No. 1400734

I had my best day in a while after almost a month of severe paranoid episoding, but now that the day is coming to an end I'm starting to feel nauseous and scared again. Awful feeling. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

No. 1400738

Omg nonna hope you feel better and you have a quick and smooth recovery from all of that

No. 1400752

recovering in the hospital for a few days I was really sore and dopey, but i felt really good despite just having gone through surgery because my ovary was hurting me so much. i was super weak and tired for a couple weeks, and once I felt healed enough to move my muscles were starting to atrophy so that made it harder. getting constipated from pain meds is definitely the worst part ughh, you'll want prunes and water if you take pain meds. it sounds like you're in good hands so I'm sure you'll heal in no time

No. 1400761

When you get older your ass decreases in perkiness unfortunately.

No. 1400766

This happened to me too
I guess there are just some preset IPs kek

No. 1400770

File: 1667785380633.jpg (10.92 KB, 395x388, 2f8fb721a7a803551da139e7aee5df…)

My mom makes me incredibly miserable. I have to live with her because she can't live alone and my siblings all moved out. She doesn't speak English, can't drive, can't work a computer, can't do any of her own paperwork, has no friends, and we're in USA where you can't exist in society without a car. She attacks me as soon as I get home because she's bored and miserable and hates everything. I babysit kids sometimes and think about children and how I would never want to make my kids shoulder all my misery. I at least put it aside when I'm with other people let alone kids. This is a cursed existence. My siblings complain to me when she calls them to attack them but they have no empathy for me who lives with her and deals with it all the time. Im stuck until she dies.

No. 1400776

File: 1667785985633.jpeg (755.96 KB, 1379x979, 8BCFB386-CB98-487D-8941-250513…)

>read enlightening book about anxiety and depression
>book lists “depressants,” or environmental factors that increase people’s misery
>one is having a workplace where you are unable to or are prevented from making changes that you think would improve the quality of your work.
>next day, go in for group meeting with boss. Purpose of meeting is to discuss how everybody in the office thinks X workflow is ineffective, slows down the entire system, causes problems, and how Y workflow would be better.
>everybody agrees with this besides boss and boss’s best friend, who disagree because they’ve been doing X for 30 years and don’t want to adjust to Y.
>everybody else gets shut down, ‘we will continue doing X.’
>I’m just sitting there fascinated as I watch the frustration and disappointment within myself unfurl before my eyes, and now I know exactly why I’m feeling it.
I’m thinking the best response to preserve my happiness to this is just to detach any personal concern/pride I might have in my work life and to only do the bare minimum from here on out.

No. 1400777

Holy shit anon, I got a tumor in mine and got it out but managed to avoid a c section but I didn't know that before I woke up. Make sure to get some of that thick drinkable medicine to help you soften your poop, remember to take it easier than you feel like and remember to get a lot of protein to help your skin heal. It's gonna be icky and nasty and frustrating for a while but you'll feel so much better once you recover! Also do the little dumb exercises they must have told you about, helps a lot to keep stuff somewhat limber but again, take it as slowly as you can, sorry I am just writing a novel because I've been there less than a year ago. I am almost emotional, you're gonna feel so much better nona, no more scary cyst and the stress about it, kisses and well wishes to you dear nona.

No. 1400781

Is it just anxiety?

No. 1400820

I know more than one person that had to be hospitalized because of quetiapine withdrawal. Be careful. It's something else people have no idea about thanks to swine doctors.

No. 1400822

What book is that?

No. 1400823

File: 1667790046173.png (281.99 KB, 401x400, toriel.png)

I am so tired of forcing myself to be sociable, i just end up wasting a bunch of time on people who couldn't care less about me. I feel like its basically impossible to find real friendships nowadays, everyone has the attention span of a goldfish and lives scared of being ''cringe'', so whenever they talk it feels so fucking fake. I invited two of my friends last week to watch a movie i really wanted to see and they just kept pulling out their phones to chat with people on Discord, then they forced me to watch some stupid reality show thats popular right now ''ironically''. I just wanna be alone again, i miss just spending my day watching movies, playing obscure games and shitposting on imageboards, instead of forcing myself to interact with people.

No. 1400856

This is really dumb but I'm having waifu problems and didn't want to bring down the vibes in the husbando thread. Coming to terms with the fact that I am not someone my wife would like, let alone love. She's a warrior and a beacon of physical prowess and disabled in a way where she can still be incredibly active. I have a tough personality and am the go-to strongwoman among my loved ones, but I'm disabled in a way that limits my activity and can't keep up anymore. It just sucks because normally she's a source of encouragement and happiness and now I just feel a cold slap of reality that I wouldn't evoke pride in her, but disgust. There's real problems in my life but apparently this is the one that bothers me enough to get a vent.

No. 1400900

It's already a fantasy so you just have to imagine yourself healthy.
In real life I'm chubby and a horibbly anxious person, but in my fantasies I'm a cool toned spy who can effortlessly go undercover.

No. 1401015

Even though I'm excited to graduate in 7 months, I feel very anxious at the thought of job hunting. I had done internships and extracurriculars which are at least boosting my confidence, but still… applying for jobs is always so nerve wracking to me. Thinking about the future and making life plans is so stressful to me.

No. 1401016

File: 1667804113496.jpeg (16.4 KB, 246x275, 1614868675632.jpeg)

Fuckin Shayna is in Vancouver and if I actually saw her in person I would die. Lolcow is such a lowkey thing that I've participated in for years then to see an actual cow in person would make me think the planets were in Gatorade. I live downtown so theres a good possibility I would see her out and about. Would be hard to miss a big puffy pink pimple walking around.

No. 1401021

It's honestly hard for me to believe that cows exist materially. I've been following them for so long they're just images in my computer. If I saw shayna I would probably internally combust, she doesn't feel real to me. Vancouveranon as well, I don't live downtown but I kinda feel like driving down just to see her. I think it would be amusing to sit on a street corner playing find the shayna.

No. 1401022

it is exhausting being me I'm scared of people I hate people I think I'm better than everyone else and then 1 hour later I think there is some thing seriously wrong with me. I don't even know what I even want I push people away even though l am so lonely and desperately want connection I don't think people like me because I read into things too much or maybe l creep people out. I am obsessed w/ how people percieve me

No. 1401027

I miss her but you can’t bring people back from the dead.

No. 1401030

when you sleep in a bed with someone and they steal the covers. even if they go to bed before you they are all wrapped up in the blankets like a cocoon so there is nothing for you when you go to sleep (like they start out that way, it's not something they do in their sleep)
I feel insane I'm going to go postal over this lol

No. 1401042

I would happily join you nonna but that would make me feel crazy. I'm wondering where she's staying. I live near where most of the main hotels are located

No. 1401044

Why do I get embarrassed by the most retarded things? I want to check out artists my boyfriend listens to but dare I try to listen to the music he likes while he's in ear's length. I skip the songs that come up on shuffle that he listens to and/or has showed me. Two nights ago he heard a second of a song by an artist he likes and he immediately turned around with a smile and said, "I hear my favorite band… put it back on." We were sitting there jamming for a bit and he directed me to his favorite song of theirs to put in queue to listen to. Even after the song he asked me if I liked the song. It got me thinking why I get shy of listening to the same things he does. We already like similar music, why do I stop myself from enjoying more?
The more I think about it, I think it stems from when I was a child and I used to get interested in working out casually. I used to use the elliptical in secret because my mom would pity me, or something. If she caught me actually doing something "healthy" in my own freedom of time instead of her forcing me to do it, I would have that feeling of embarrassment and not want to do whatever I was doing anymore because I didn't like being acknowledged in whatever way my mom did it. It even got so bad I didn't like doing homework in high school. I felt like I couldn't do it at home and didn't want to be caught doing homework by my parents. Something in my childhood was messed up, I'm facing the consequences now realizing these patterns I still keep around my boyfriend.

No. 1401045

i asked a coworker if i could pay him $5-10 to pick me up and drive me one day this week cause my car wont be in commission and all my family works the same hours but i have such a large regret now because this fucker wont stop desperate texting me if i want to hang outside work, do something, have food. im not straight, im not looking for a friendship with him, im just getting a damn ride. all i want to do after work is eat, sleep, do my hobbies, and schedule real days off with friends i enjoy seeing. moids arent friends. they only want to fuck aka the "oh no we're JUST friends??" the just being an admittance to "expecting more out of this". legit scared if this guy is secretly incel tier since that walgreens story of a girl who felt unsafe with her coworker then got shot because she had a boyfriend. this guy even has a gun now that i think about it. coworkers are always coworkers to me i dont need this retard going off to everyone in the back room that im a bitch all because i keep things strictly business. its all cause i dont trust uber/lyft/other driving app stuff that would cost way more. feel like such an idiot right now.

No. 1401047

i felt this so hard. whatever activity i'm doing, i either feel the need to announce it and justify it somehow even though no one cares, or do it in secret. it's so hard for me to do things unselfconsciously around people or just casually mention my interests without having planned it out beforehand, and when i do i feel like a character in a sitcom trying to "act natural." sharing my music taste with nigel or anyone makes me so fucking nervous even though most people aren't mean about it and even if they were i'm fine with being critiqued in theory, it's just like i have performance anxiety about every fucking mundane thing. i also think it has to do with my childhood. did you get pathologized for relatively normal things often?

No. 1401048

My reasoning might not be the same but I'm keeping my gym membership a secret from my family and my mother in particular even though she'd be thrilled because she's a fitness freak… they're all healthy and athletic af so the fact that I'm just a beginner is embarrassing and it'd be 1000x worse if I ended up quitting.

With the music thing maybe you just don't want to seem like you're trying to impress him? I'm still weirdly embarrassed over one time like 10 years ago when I thought my bf liked a specific song and I played it a few times until he was like 'why do you keep playing this song' and told me to change it kek.

No. 1401049

I can't wait to see the staff drop like flies from my work now they have enforced ANOTHER deadline. I can't, and can. I want something to get through management's concrete thick skull for once, but I don't want the people I care about to be the ones to dip. They're good people. It's the first time in a long time I've really connected with coworkers. Everyone working in this sector comes into it because they have heart and management saps that dry. Unpaid overtime, inflexible work hours, no fucking support so you're crying on the way home. I've had it with this job and as soon as I have my shit together I'm going to slam my resignation so hard on the desk it plummets to the earth's crust.

No. 1401066

Oh definitely, going through puberty was hell for me. My parents would see me as I'm doing something wrong for gaining weight and getting really bad acne. They'd always tell me I needed to wash my face more and eat healthier. It confused me because I would shower daily and eat whatever my parents made for me, so in my head I was like what was I doing wrong?
>Trying to impress him
Earlier today I brought up how I would get feelings if embarrassment and shyness listening to "his music" and he jokingly called me a fag. He thinks it's silly I feel this way, but he sort of understands. We've both been trying to branch out into listening to more music. I think I feel afraid, maybe not the right word to use but it's the first that comes to mind, of getting really into an artist he ends up loving or already loves and we bond over it. As of that's a bad thing, I don't get my mind in times like this.

No. 1401088

File: 1667814762715.jpeg (29.93 KB, 567x531, 1897B346-5AFE-41C4-ABF2-9899E0…)

Does everyone else feel like a loser at all times?
Do some people go through life not feeling like a joke, a lolcow even.

I’m turning 34, it has not gotten better.

No. 1401099

I'm losing hair so rapidly that I resorted to washing my hair with my eyes closed. I can't take seeing the clumps of hair and need to keep my stress levels low. My sister, who is a literal angel, cleans the shower afterwards and throws the hair away. I am so angry I did this to myself.

No. 1401104

Girl same… take good care of yourself so your body has the chance to recover

No. 1401110

>I felt like I couldn't do it at home and didn't want to be caught doing homework by my parents.
Same! I can't stand anyone watching me work, I get so stressed I literally can not do it. It's so dumb and time consuming to have to wait until I'm alone to do things

No. 1401123

I honestly don’t think it’s a coincidence that “stalker/schizochan” began happening at the exact same time another anon genuinely started sharing serious warnings and experiences of stalking, real facts and references about moids cyberstalking/social engineering, etc. I genuinely think it’s a moid, even with the vocaroo you can pay an easy commission or ask any woman in your life to do a vocaroo. It’s too on the nose with the recent substantiating warnings about how sociopathic and scary tech males are.

No. 1401124

It could be the tranny spammer looking for attention in a different way. Or just a different scrote, did you hear the vocaroo that stalker chan posted? It sounded very feminine but he could've used a filter over his voice.

No. 1401127

What does one do if seriously thinking a moid hacked into their devices. Asking for a friend obviously

No. 1401129

I’m being very serious too, it’s way too odd and aligned to be coincidental, the posts aren’t quite right and seem very deliberate in a curated way. Also there’s a humongous host of women that literally advertise vocaroo requests for pay so it could be that or yeah, high-pitched vocal training with that one voice-altering app overlaid. There’s no way it’s a coincidence when an anon came with very serious information involving moids using extremely violating tactics to stalk women. Obvious psyop.

No. 1401133

File: 1667818659857.gif (835.75 KB, 520x293, c0GxEOR3QOIG.gif)

No. 1401134

No. 1401135

Yeah. The random baiters of people who are very obviously trying to infight by taking something out of context or saying something absolutely insane and trying to get anons to agree. Lolcow had it's unstable folk but troons and moids really did a number

No. 1401137

Remove battery of the device and store in a faraday pouch until you can hire a hacker or digital forensic expert to substantiate your claims, get a completely new device that isn’t apple, do not have it linked to any of your old accounts in any way, or keep using the devices as if you don’t notice anything is wrong while you have the hacker doing counter-surveillance to gather as much evidence against the perpetrator as possible. If what they are doing is serious and you’re emotionally able to handle it, the latter is the best option so that you have a giant arsenal of evidence instead of them being able to continue to harm and exploit women. Oftentimes men who do this love to share the hobby and keep little virtual keepsakes and souvenirs as well, much like serial killers, so it’s kind of like if you find one cockroach that means there’s an entire network of them hiding somewhere under you. It’s best to know what you are up against and then once you have concrete, tangible evidence you can be as vocal as necessary once they are being brought to due legal process. Men like that have a lot to lose but have very little regard for others lives (or their own beyond bullying people) so they ALWAYS make mistakes and since they have a lot of hubris they won’t believe they’re being pursued regardless. Or get therapy if you aren’t actually being stalked.

No. 1401143

I’m so out of the loop. What thread(s) is the stalkerchan posting in?

No. 1401147

Everyone's a feminist until they meet a woman that chooses to be a virgin beyond her teen years. The comments you get as a female virgin beyond 18 can be sickening.

No. 1401148

No it’s fake and gay. Didnt that steve moid or whatever already make up the same story just trying get clout on here. You must be a real retard to get stalked or hacked. Seems like Mr Robot tier male fantasy.

No. 1401151

Like what are they saying? Cuz I can’t imagine any feminist would have a problem with that unless the virgin in question is religionpilled and view “virginity” as a symbol for virtues or whatever.

No. 1401153

They view another woman's virginity as an offense to their lifestyle so the comments they make align to that. It also doesn't matter if a woman is "religionpilled". Third and fourth wave feminism sucks.

No. 1401155

off your chest and the previous vent thread I think

No. 1401156

Thanks nona

No. 1401157

Just like you, a lot jump immediately to religion which winds up doing the opposite of what they think. Anon above is right with them taking personal offense to it; if it's brought up that you're a virgin some start to try to justify their sexual lives when you haven't even said squat about it. Jumping to religion and "slut shaming" is very third wave feminism and it's very frustrating.

No. 1401158

Show us what they said tho. How did you arrive at the conclusion that they’re feminist if they’re “offended” by a another woman’s virginity, what does that even mean? I think you’re misrepresenting in one way or another. So my guess was right, it was a religious girlie? Kek

No. 1401159

>Show us what they said tho
Are you retarded?

No. 1401161

I think she/he is also in the unpopular opinions thread right now. They post these weird open letters to their stalker or whatever

No. 1401162

It’s a moid larping.

No. 1401163

I'm not a virgin but I've seen what OP is talking about. Go to any video online talking about it, religious or not, on any platform and you will see comments that take personal offense to it. The profiles the comments are coming from are more often than not SJW riot grrrls.

No. 1401165

virginity is fake so I'm not sure why this would anger a feminist. sorry that happened to you though, sounds gross and unpleasant to have people comment on the state of your pussy.

No. 1401167

You’re completely wrong, and victim-blaming as well. Hacking has become a simple and easy process that can be done remotely, there are scores of victims that have no idea their devices are currently compromised either. It seems “Mr Robot tier” but it’s the truth. I suppose it’s easier to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend something doesn’t exist when it’s that horrifying though. The meme of Pegasus and DazzleSpy being used solely for politicians and journalists or high-network individuals is a lie so that regular people don’t flip the fuck out about how insecure smartphones are. Even basic techfags now this now.

No. 1401174

> SJW riot grrrl
Lol I love that this is brought up because I can once again bring up that Kathleen Hanna, the woman that once frequently called out men's madonna-whore complexes, told me to "get laid" after an interaction I thought would go very different. Never meet your idols.

No. 1401181

What compelled her to say that?

No. 1401188

You'll have to ask her what compelled her. This happened in a group setting comprising of mostly women. A woman made a joke about not granting men access to their body. I joked back about pussy being sacred. Several more joined in, all very obviously joking around. At one point during the joking I said something about only being with one submissive man. She scoffed and told me I needed to get laid more. Things kind of went quiet, I turned to my fried and said "can't believe I expected more from a woman married to a Beastie Boy". That visibly ticked her off but at that point I didn't care because wtf. Never meet your idols I guess.

No. 1401196

I hate mt job, as soon as I get surgery I'll look for another place to live, and once that's done I'll leave this company.

No. 1401206

I hate having to buy people presents. One of the worst parts about having people in my life. I hate receiving presents too. I'd rather just get a card than a present that makes me feel guilty for not wanting it and then I have to get rid of it or I have more fucking clutter in my shoebox hovel making me miserable. I feel like I can't say this or people would think I'm a jerk but everyone sucks at buying me presents and I come from a very gift-focused family so it's exhausting

No. 1401211

File: 1667826089190.jpg (59.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1) (1).jpg)

I spent 6 months og this year going to doctors just to get a diagnosis only now, a chronical organ disability.
I barely scratched some money here and there by making emote commissions, and now with the new meds i feel somewhat better and my artstyle and everything have improved by a whole lot, they actually look amazing now. I was thinking of going to my friend who commissioned me to offer him an entire emote set redraw but it turns out he told me live on stream he is actually removing my emotes and puts on his discord to make them "legacy" ones bcz he likes his new artists ones better. I feel a bit stupid and insecure about it but it's alright. It's such a silly thing go be sad about, but that made me think if me opening my commissions would ne worth it at all, despite seeing people with terrible anatomy and artstyle getting money left and right because they always mention "i want to leave my abusive house" and other crap, while i want to earn my small pennies just for my art alone without anyone knowing how fragile my health is. I am such an idiot for bumming myself over everything.

No. 1401217

I feel this nonna. Family here doesn't like gifting money but I would rather get even 10-20$ so i could save up on something instead of having some random cluttered shit around me, especially them knowing that our place is extremely tiny. I spent 3 Christmases and I already dont have any space for any more presents that I never used in my entire life. I am currently writing a Christmas wishlist because they asked me to and idk what to even put there.

No. 1401231

Genuinely surprised it was only the boss. I could never even give the simplest tips without coworkers getting a meltdown. Like even telling someone she could ("could" not should) use hot keys even toddlers know like ctrl+f or copy paste to save tons of times because she literally opens sub-menus within sub-menus that she scrolls down because the saving function is kinda hidden in the program we use.

But I never managed to even end my sentence without her screaming at me like fucking monkey. Working has legit turned me into a borderline psychopath and I fucking hate people because of it. I never had a job were people treated others with respect unless it was bitches and the bitches they were with and even then they would get a meltdown if the other bitch tried to help but they never do because they are as stupid as the others.

No. 1401238

God I relate so much to this and it makes me mad. I feel a visceral hate against everybody that claims to watch things "ironically", it's one of the worst cultural phenomenons ever happening in my lifetime and the people that do it are IMO either legit sociopaths who consider people that ever emotional engage with something cringe or it's (unironically) people who are so cringe that they are too afraid of ever doing or saying anything the cool kids on instashit and tiktok wouldn't approve of.

I honestly don't even socialise anymore, or at least never watching things with others. There is no point, it's much more enjoyable if you just watch it alone and try to talk about it online later. The bad thing is that even the active boards like 4chan went to shit because of these people. You cannot make a positive thread about an anime or book anymore without shitters being triggered and calling you out because you dare to like something.

No. 1401240

I have the same problem with my husbando. But remember that the circumstances are different. Not sure about your waifu but pretty sure if my husbando lived now and here without a goal and enemies to fight he would be a depressive NEET like me, most likely.

No. 1401244

I feel this nona, you are not alone. You're an honest artist that doesn't beg for pity and that's something I respect. Often times everybody in commission circles is struggling with getting evicted every other week and their pets are constantly dying for life saving surgeries. Like it's all lies and then pretend none of it ever happened. They never have a good quality work ethic either idk how so many seem to overshadow good artists.

No. 1401262

File: 1667832780365.png (235.98 KB, 488x224, 5784999.PNG)

Is anybody else addicted to posting on anon image boards? Sounds so retarded but it's the only thing I can convince myself to do. Maybe it's sort of a procrastination to avoid doing anything else since I have issues focusing on anything, let alone starting anything.

But on the other hand I also wonder if it's an urge to talk about feelings and interests. I cannot talk about anything I care about with anybody in real life. I don't know many people and the few I know have no time or are never interested and cannot relate to what I say and feel.

Even on 4chan I can talk about things, series I love, husbandos, interesting dreams or creative ideas I have, my own failures, wishes and so on. In real life even the friends are just.. there, to talk about the weather with me.
Hell I am not shitting you I had a better and more genuine dialogue with a drunk old hobo who liked archeology that I encountered in a park some years ago than any of my friends. So I spend my days on image boards instead because talking about what I think or enjoy fills me with some little satisfaction.

No. 1401266

Disgusting moid that I fucking loathe and forgot to block (because he stopped bothering/messaging me for the past few months) messaged me out of the blue to try and use me as a connection to get his new girlfriend a job at my job. First of all, I hope your new girlfriend wises up and leaves you before the emotional and verbal abuse starts. Second of all, don't message me a half hearted "sorry your dog died" and then a day later message me asking for a job. I would've been much less pissed if he didn't offer his shitty ass condolences to begin with. I'm still grieving, fuck off you disgusting mongoloid. I hope he gets into a car crash but survives except his dick is mangled for life.

No. 1401276

Nonnies help. I have to buy a new PC I have a laptop that works fine but there's a giant ass crack in the screen. I've been uploading art to TikTok sometimes and it's been going pretty well, I think a better PC will give me better numbers and a new monitor, (the HDMI on my old one stopped working? And I only use streaming so, kek). So I'm looking at at least $600 or $700 already. But the problem is, I've got like $60 worth of kuromi bullshit saved in my AliExpress cart. Please yell at me, I've been doing pretty good with saving so I can afford it all, but I'm saving to move out by April so I don't want to spend money on bullshit until then. But I keep justifying it in my brain as "I'll use it as decorations when I move". Which I will. But it's literally plushies and pillow cases which I don't need.

No. 1401316

File: 1667835990035.gif (206.87 KB, 181x179, 470AE661-FB39-4430-9D28-576608…)

I feel like the entire world is speaking inside of my head and it’s bumming me out. I’m a woman, so none of my opinions or “personality matters. I’m one of millions on this small planet so again no one gives a fuck what opinion I have unless I carry some imaginary material status to grants my opinions as worthwhile to hear and no one cares about my loneliness, feelings of isolation, I just feel like an alien who doesn’t belong here. I’m of a particular race so I have to constantly endure reading numerous think pieces and racebait written by moids that want women to go back to women being used as pokemon trading cards to win some property and farm land for their families that stresses me out. This world is so depressing, I don’t want to be a victim but I can’t help that in some ways I’m always victimized in my own circumstance.

No. 1401321

Make it a "longterm" goal to get that stuff and/ or buy it piece by piece if you can wait.
In my experience it's far more satisfying to buy frivolous stuff as a treat or reward.

No. 1401362

I agree with this. Work out roughly what hardware you're going to need and then buy the case. It's difficult to hide a ATX tower so looking at it will remind you that you need the parts to go inside it.

No. 1401384

Lmao nah u killed it nonny

No. 1401397

I'm planning on getting a cheapo all in one PC because I honestly can't be assed to have to deal with moving a tower + a monitor, so basically the only parts I'd need are a mouse and keyboard. Ideally if I find a kuromi keyboard or mouse I'll get those instead of my bullshit. I'm too lazy to build a PC atm, I want instant gratification. But I think buying an expensive all in one (unless it's a Mac, which I don't want anyway) is a waste of money. Just planning on making it run Linux so I don't have to deal with the windows updates and bloatware.

But to the other point. Maybe I'll take off some of the stuff in my shopping cart. Maybe keep it under $30 so I can experience the rush of opening up a box again

No. 1401398

This is really stupid but I came across an album that made such an emotional impact on me that it's upset me and been distracting me for days now. I really need to stop being so emotionally moved by music, I'm retarded.

No. 1401399

What album

No. 1401403

Kinda same, nonnie. You're not alone! I feel like I'm in literal Mentos Illinois; I feel bad when I'm imagining scenarios with me and my husbando because I feel bad about making him be with me (the absolute state I'm in, it'd be funny if I wasn't so pathetic). But I think what matters (and what I've been repeating to lessen the guilt) is our feelings and devotion to our waifus/husbandos. We love them in spite of their flaws… so who's to say they wouldn't do the same for us? You know? Maybe they'd be captured by something they see in us the way their essence captured us. Besides, don't you think your waifu be understanding of your disability if she's also disabled in a way? I don't know who she is but based on this alone I can't see her rejecting you solely because you can't keep up. Would YOU look down on a more disabled person than yourself? I hope you wouldn't and instead come from a place of sympathy; I'm sure she'd do the same and would want to keep her loved ones in her life regardless of their disability hindrances.
Nonnie, it's not good to destroy our worth even in fantasies. I'm saying this as I also self-bully myself, but we should be kinder inside! The world is already so unforgiving and cruel…

No. 1401404

File: 1667839471404.jpg (46.87 KB, 564x563, 1612581166862.jpg)

there was this women tattoo artists only event brewing and someone added someone who is a tif and after I mentioned it, everyone tried to pull some weird shit
>well it's not about gender and this could be for minorities too
>are men a minority in the tattoo scene?
>I don't want to leave anyone out of this just because of their identity

No. 1401408

Every couple of months in my country there'll be a piece in the news. Some 80 year old priest goes off on a rant against abortion/gays/trans. Then other priests will scramble to either back them up or they'll claim the church no longer holds those views. Back and forth it never stops coming up in the news again. Please just die off already. Idc if the church hates gays or abortion, we expect that but ffs can we stop putting abortion and tranny madness in the same category in the news because some senile old man had another rant. Stfu. Keep it out of the news.

No. 1401418

lemme guess…slovakia?

No. 1401420

Ireland. We've only had abortion for a handful of years so I think these deathly old priests are trying to make a fuss and get that reversed before they croak.

No. 1401425

I just realised they must have thought the tif as a woman so me calling it out because I was worried it was gonna turn into another women and minorities event made me look kinda woke even though I just want this to be just a woman thing wow. I accidentally outplayed these people.

No. 1401428

Oh.. feels like old priests are schizoing out everywhere in europe then

No. 1401437

2 months is nothing. stop dating trash guys. it might seem like they're easier to get because they shouldn't have any standards, but men without anything going for them also resultingly lack self confidence, and inevitably view women as a threat to their ego and an outsider. it's counterintuitive but to get a good bf you need to target high value men with their shit together, because they won't get an inferiority complex around you and decide to push you away to protect their own ego. success means they have a better headspace. lvms have a ton of problems and issues and cannot function in a relationship. their larger fundamental issues are the reason why they are NEET losers and also why they cannot be in a successful relationship.

value yourself and your time more. only get with men who have something going for them.

No. 1401440

I just hate how everything gets lumped in with trannies now. They give out about trannies and abortion in the same sentence

We voted in gay marriage, we voted in abortion, so they're arguing against what most people asked for when it comes to those topics. Its pointless to throw a fit knowing that now. We never had a vote on trannies though lol

No. 1401442

i had a hard time learning this because i have autism, but when jobs say "we want your advice to improve our internal processes" they never mean it. you'll just make yourself look like a threat to middle management and they'll make your life hell, emotionally bully you, and find an excuse to fire you. the best way to work is to not give a single fuck about work. i'm there to do meaningless bullshit for 8 hours so i can pay rent. now if i see a problem that it would be really easy for me to solve, i don't. i just let them keep being retarded. if i know a solution, i don't say anything, i just keep my mouth shut and listen to an audiobook or something.

No. 1401448

Vented this to some irl friends but nobody seems to think this is anything but a one-off issue.

Was at a concert a few weeks ago with my friends. All I had to eat that day was a muffin for breakfast. We were at the concert grounds for over 12 hours in heat and crowds.
I had popped two adderalls, ibuprofen, and smoked a couple blunts. Kept okayish hydration. Not many places to sit so our feet hurt and we were tired towards the end.
Suddenly during the last hours, I came upon a sudden feeling of dread–like something bad was about to happen to me, like death. Then came a buildup of a drop in my stomach, like what happens when you know you are going to puke. I got dizzy and vaguely nauseous. My vision became unfocused and blurry. My memory lapses after this, but next thing I knew I was using someone standing in front of me to try to stabilize myself. I think my heart was fluttering, and I was sweating.
My friends said I looked really ill, and I had to lean against a wall for awhile before I felt okay again.
Well, I just wonder if this wasn't some kind of heart episode? Saying it out loud makes me think it could have been exhaustion or some kind of unconscious panic brought on by the weed I smoked, but idk. I wish I could go get tested but I can't cause murrica and no health insurance.

No. 1401456

Why do men break literally everything, my boyfriend constantly is breaking shit on accident like some gorilla because he drops something or sits on it or whatever and it’s like why can’t you just be more careful…idk why but it stresses me out even if it’s just a little thing because then it feels like a fucking waste

No. 1401457

did you even read what you wrote? all of those things combined is highly likely to make you feel like shit, Jesus christ nona.

No. 1401459

The world is an disgusting place, that’s a fact. Just today I heard something so utterly disgusting and disturbing I won’t mention what because of the gross moids lurking here. I don’t have much hope anymore. Everything is about sex and money and power. How can I withdraw from that cesspool. I tried to reach out to the girls who start to go into a bad direction. But behind my back I can hear how they say how much they hate me. I’m sorry I failed you. If I’d just be able to tell you how much I love you and how much I care. I’m sorry my sisters I’m just tired and want to give up. But I know tomorrow I will be there again and even if you all hate me I will be there for you and I just want you to be ok

No. 1401462

It's most likely because you didn't eat anything and smoked weed. I always feel sick if I smoke a bunch without eating. Especially if there's shit like addys or alcohol in my system as well. I wouldn't bother going to a urgent care for this one if it's just a one off thing. They'll tell you basically the same thing. Drugs+ doing activities+ no eating all day = you're going to feel like shit and probably end up passing out or something.

No. 1401465

Lol you're right nonnies.
Serves me right for being stubborn. One friend stood in line for 45 minutes to buy $25 fries and I guess I was too proud to do the same. Lesson learned for sure.

No. 1401466

File: 1667842302275.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1647, 3ED7E6A5-0598-44B0-BF49-6B0E5A…)

What’s with the sudden influx of TTCfags? Where are they coming from?

No. 1401476

If you are young(ish) and without health problems it's very unlikely this is a heart thing. Sounds like a panic attack plus your sympathetic nervous system being in overdrive in general. I'm sure your heart rate was elevated but it's really unlikely you did any serious damage to yourself. Assuming by two adderalls you mean 60mg that is a decent dose but it is nowhere near the equivalent dose of meth that people will do regularly before they start having heart attacks, which is not to endorse doing it, but just realistically you're probably gonna be fine.

No. 1401479

>I would've felt safe with him
There's no way people this retarded exist

No. 1401483

Bully them off lc

No. 1401485

Yeah, if you're going to do drugs and go to a concert you unfortunately have to eat something. Just think about how hard your body is working to keep up, especially if you're only a social smoker/drinker/party drug do'er.

No. 1401507

I really don't get women who fantasize over a gay moid.

No. 1401513

I think the series just stirred up their feelings. Weird as they are.. I'm more entertained how many scrotes are making youtube vids atm shitting their pants over the 'sick degeneracy of women' using posts that basically look like that to clutch their pearls. Men could never be so sick.

No. 1401523

Don't let bread dough rest for too long. DON'T DO IT!

No. 1401525

I have nothing in my life. I cannot even have a pet and nobody cares. I worked so hard to make money and get something or create a support system but everyone disregards or humiliates me. Most people get excuses for any bad behavior for having been abused. I was abused my entire life and I still am and my mental health has gotten so bad I cannot work. I cannot even have a pet. I tried everything to make money to get out of my situation. I sold my body on the internet. I interacted with others. I seeked employment. But I'm never able to make money. I will go homeless soon also people act as if I am putting my issues on them just by speaking about my life. I am severely mentally unwell and I have 0 support system. 0. Just people that want to constantly mentally abuse me. Everyone whines about their life when they have things that O could never dream of. If I had at least one thing I wouldn't be so desperate. I tried really hard too.

No. 1401528

and I don't really talk to people cuz usually they try to further humiliate me or mentally abuse me when they hear or they try to make me give up on any sort of remaining dignity I have like the fact I believe I am intelligent or hold some information. Most people completely disregard my life or mental state or situation and just want to argue with me or I have to listen to their stupid pity story and I just push them away because my life is 100000 worse and I don't even get to complain because when I open up people abuse me or harass me or are literally incapable of wrapping their heads around my situation. It's never ending cycle of suffering. I think death is so much better than this. I think death is my only escape. My ultimate savior. Phillip Mainlander nannies. It's futile, I never wanted to die but in my situation death is better than living

No. 1401531

File: 1667846165936.jpeg (51.39 KB, 512x750, 312E14F9-8797-407A-ACB1-455487…)

It’s called Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Very good book, most of the ideas in it are things that I’ve been developing in my own head independently for several years now, so it was really satisfying/relieving to hear that somebody else was thinking about the same ideas. It was also great because he cites studies to back up what he says. There were a few things he talked about that I hadn’t considered though, and the stuff about having control over your work was one of them.
The cover comes across as a generic self-help book but that’s not really what it is. It’s almost more like a society-help book. Strongly recommend it to any person living in the industrialized world who feels depressed/unhappy/stressed/anxious.

No. 1401536

I have no other option left but suicide. I am tired of people's abuse and humiliation. Never ending cycle everywhere I go. No support from anyone. I've tried so hard to work. I just need money so I can get out of here. I am not dumb nor ugly so I don't understand. Everything is bound to resources. I cannot even have a pet and people push me aside and tell me I'm weird or simply I am incapable of offering them emotional support because I have it 10 times worse so they push me away. Most people are incredibly self centered. I am filled with hatred at this point. Incapable of empathy. My life has been so hard and it continues to be so hard that I don't even wanna talk about it. I am so ill, tired and sick I cannot even get out of bed. My thoughts and mind are spinning constantly.

No. 1401542

I understand how you feel nona. I wish there were any other option. The only thing that seems to keep me alive is that my body won't die. Took too many pills and carved myself up last night and I wake up alive. It's not fair. I understand what it's like to be abused and now the pain of my trauma depreciating me worse than ever the last couple years reverberates throughout my entire body. If there were a solution I thought I would've found it by now. So why does god leave me alive everytime I try and kill myself? I keep asking myself why

No. 1401545

File: 1667847305785.jpeg (85.91 KB, 564x705, C79E2D53-9186-41C3-BB9C-01433F…)

i came down w a cold or the flu or something today and I’m so mad. Not only do I feel like shit from the muscle aches and chills and headache but I also have a busy week ahead of me since I have a family wedding to prep for. I feel awful and stressed about being unable to do my exercise routine. I blame my brother because he lives in a group home with a ton of drug addicts and came here the other day and was coughing and making a ton of gross throat clearing noises and now I’m sick. Ugh. I feel like crying.

No. 1401546

you're confusing love for being in love, puppylove. you both sound like you have problems tbh, no one should claim to wanna marry you after only two months and no one should take it to heart after only two months.

No. 1401552

I don't have an option. I tried my best, my problem is being incapable to secure resources or aligning myself with my true beleifs or purpose. I went to college, learned a lot of things, learned multiple languages, learned theory but the abuse I have gone through has just placed me very low on the social hierarchy and has made my mind sort of blank. I struggle organizing my thoughts although I possess objective knowledge. I wish that I could have gone to school and became a professor. I have no options, also the people that try to talk to me have nothing in common with me and the people that have things in common with me believe I am stupid or insane. Even on the internet, I've tried posting stuff or even doing sex work although I never wanted it. I just became desperate. But I cannot do it because most men are not interested in me and I fucking hate them. I wish I was never born in poverty. If I had a proper support system I wouldn't be going through all of this. My abuse goes way beyond my mother being abusive. I cannot talk to most people that are active members of society because they do not understand me and most people are emotionally abusive without being aware of it. I cannot play into other people's egos anymore or coddle them because nobody has ever done it to me and I've been in a horrible situation for such a long time. I am so done. I am at the end of my ropes. I am constantly in fight or flight. I cannot focus on anything. Nobody genuinely cares neither. I'm not even insane but my life has been out right horrible, I am not even abusive. Most people are and they drive me insane. I think most people are incapable of self reflection or seeing how their behaviors might be abusive or how they might not have empathy towards the other. I've gone through the most hellish life and I live in extreme poverty and I don't have access to the most basic life things and I'm too mentally ill to work and I will kill myself I am sorry your mother was a narc but you have a home, friends and many things I will never have. My life is beyond what I explain to anyone.

No. 1401557

it is too late for me too at this point I am 24 and I am stuck within the same cycle and I only get worse and worse. People are incapable of understanding my frustration or life and 99% the time they harass me. I'm not even stupid or ugly and I think I can be funny. I have no support system and nobody understands me and people constantly disregard my knowledge or my interests or my entire being. I have nothing, no money, no love, no family, no career, no support. Just never ending humiliation

No. 1401564

You are never alone. Go find out who you really are and you will be free

No. 1401565

you're only 24, calm the fuck down. your mentally ill brain is playing tricks on you. people have rebuilt their lives from 30, from 40, from 50, from 60. 24 is nothing. go get a job and read a self help book.

No. 1401579

Seconded, it gets better and at least 50% of the anons here understand you, sorry girlo

No. 1401582

Based nona, wishing you a speedy recovery!

No. 1401584

I think I just bombed an interview for a job I really wanted (and NEED! I'm broke!) I think I completely undersold myself, came off as insecure and flustered and didn't present my skills as well as I could have. And I just realized I called the manager(the interviewer) the wrong name the entire time! I did really well on my initial interview with the recruiter, I was confident, cracking jokes and felt like I had it in the bag, and I felt so insecure and awkward in this one with the manager. UGHHHHHH.

No. 1401588

You deserve the misery you desperate retard

No. 1401590

Am I overthinking? Because it really seems like my coworkers seems to hate me. It’s just that nagging gut feeling that I have when I’m at work. Like it doesn’t help that they seem kinda tense with me, and I just started this stupid job. I really feel like I need to quit.

No. 1401591

Ok im going to be alone this winter. Sometimes I lie in bed and imagine someone hugs me. Sometimes I imagine myself sitting there next to me and being my own friend. What loneliness does to a motherfucker right haha

No. 1401594

I'm so sick of my boyfriend sometimes. Talking to him is like pulling teeth. Ask a question to get a convo started? He'll answer with one word. He never touches me or initiates sex, I ALWAYS have to do it and that's not even my preferred style! I brought this up a million times and he won't touch me. He gives me a lot of support that no one's ever showed me before, doesn't watch porn which is extremely important to me, and I'm very attached and attracted to him. But fuck, sometimes he really is just boring as sin.

No. 1401599

File: 1667851824537.jpg (60.44 KB, 553x564, Screenshot_20220915-124156_Duc…)

I hate being the most introverted and friendless person in every group I join. whenever I make plans to meet people for drinks I'm always the first person to show up to the venue and wait 15 minutes-half an hour for my "friends" to get there. I look so desperate and like i have nothing else going on in my life which is true but it never stops hurting

No. 1401602

Probably gay or asexual

No. 1401604

I have the weirdest most terrible fucking dreams after taking melatonin. Does anyone else experience something similar? I have terrible nightmares that seem to not end and I wake up terribly tired, more mentally than physically. Like now I'm not only depressed in real life, but also in my dreams. I constantly see my own suicide, torture, I'm trapped in some huge building that combines rooms from all of my schools, my family house and my work, and the people who bullied me at all stages of my lfie are there and torment me, or I'm being kidnapped and raped by someone, or I see animals being tortured by some strange men, all of this is covered in some psychodelic colors, like jesus fucking christ just let me sleep. If I don't take melatonin, I usually don't have any dreams. Taking it helps me fall asleep, but then I have those fucked up dreams, and I always wake up tired

No. 1401605

Definitely not. I think he's just dumb.

No. 1401608

File: 1667852216489.png (1.96 MB, 2400x2284, unknown.png)

Whoever drew this, I hate him. I don't know him, but I fucking hate him.

No. 1401609

same but with movies and tv shows

No. 1401611

File: 1667852281148.jpg (77.78 KB, 1334x750, blankstare.jpg)

i miss my mutual who disappeared. im worried about her. to be honest i miss all the non/almost-friends internet connections and acquaintances ive made but this one is a lot different because she's been hit with tragedies before her disappearance. she posted about how she felt about them in subtle to not so subtle ways, which really unlike her as she usually never posts when she's sad and especially not personal things. she isn't really the type of person to vent for strangers to read. i wish there was a way for me to have made a difference, not that i want to make this about me selfishly but i wish there was a way for me to help. i really hope she's just chilling away from the web right now with better things happening to her…

No. 1401631

On behalf of your friends I’m sorry. I’m the extroverted one who shows up chronically late because I assume nobody else will be there, I’ll be more mindful of this in the future

No. 1401635

i wish interviews would focus on people's actual skills instead of how confidently they present themselves, which inherently benefits moids who are always overconfident and mediocre.
i don't want to have to make some HR dimbulb laugh just to get hired for a job i went to university to be able to do.

No. 1401638

File: 1667853305583.jpeg (402.75 KB, 1170x1359, B3BF6A63-D642-41D2-A36A-EEF1F5…)

Ok so that creeped me out BUT I looked it up and at least it came from a tumblr post originally, and then other people drew art to go with it. Still hate the moid marrying the mouse though

No. 1401639

I can tell that's from knowyourmeme. Fuck that website they don't even have accurate info on the meme I fucking created and I have no recourse to edit it because of the way their site is set up. And no I won't get into it here

No. 1401644

It is! I didn’t know their stuff was inaccurate though, sorry to hear that nona

No. 1401646

Imagine the mental breakdowns the retarded frat bros would have once they realize their cushy desk job might go to someone actually qualified instead of someone who spent sophomore, junior and half of senior year in a drunken haze? Kek.

No. 1401649

Are you the doc martens kirby anon.

No. 1401656

Fuck knowyourmeme because once a thing I created got an article there but when wanted to see it again about a year-two later, turns out it got deleted. My only claim to fame!

No. 1401660

What album? For me it was Everywhere at the End of Time It emotionally affected me so much that I become upset every time someone jokes about it and every time I get YouTube recommendations of jokes that reference it thankfully I haven't listened to it in a while so the effect isn't very strong now

No. 1401662

Just so sick of his clinginess. It was kind of cute at first but he doesn't seem to realize I have a life outside of him, no matter how many times I've told him to his face. I wish I never gave him a second chance.

Nta but for me it's Dystopia's Human=Garbage. Makes me feel emotions I haven't felt since I was a teen.

No. 1401669

File: 1667854707878.jpg (193.54 KB, 1280x860, tumblr_b339d49b549d266d8702bed…)

>dating autistic moid (only keep up with his sperginess because he's rich)
>he keeps saying he needs a haircut for months
>tell him JOKINGLY to just cut his hair with kitchen scissors
>the mf actually fucking does it
>sends me a selfie looking like pic rel
>laughing my ass off, tell him how crazy it looks thinking he's gonna fix it
>he never does and thinks pic rel is "good enough"
>keeps asking when he can see me again

i'm genuinelyy upset, now I have to deal with these selfies, plus i can't go out in public with him looking like an actual retard? he's already retarded enough as it is. i feel like this one bad haircut has ruined my entire attraction towards him. i feel like I have to enter mom-mode now and drag his ass to a hairdresser and it's such a turn off.

No. 1401670

That mediocre website hasn't been accurate in so many fucking years, it's probably the fault of newfags who just discovered le epic 4chan memes recently and starting adding shitty 3-day fads from Twitter and later TikTok without even bothering to track down the original source of the unfunny joke. There's an article on there that I had to leave a wall of text on with my own experience and research of a certain meme because the editors went with a popular misconception instead, leaving the entire context out, I bet it happens to a lot of memes documented on there and people don't even realize it. It's super autistic and who cares, yeah, but that's what the site is for and it's not even good at it, that's what pisses me off.
Another thing I hate about their site is that they don't bother explaining the joke or reference anymore either. Their articles are so lazy now.

No. 1401680

I have the exact same problem but I don't take melatonin.

No. 1401686

why can't he just got that electric shaving thingy and make a buzzcut on himself? Solves everything.

No. 1401688

The absolute state of men. They're so useless he couldn't go to a barber kek? I'd say tell him he looks stupid but he's a autistic moid so idk how prepared he is to handle such a blow to his male ego. But still tell him.

No. 1401695

Nonna are you me? My date is an autist too and wears weird clothes, I feel bad for being embarrassed to be seen with him but most men really have no style. Or they just don't care. Why can't I be a lesbian.

No. 1401696

kek I literally had another attempt last night and I'm still clinging to life. I want op to get better but I understand I'm inherently no improvement over her in my current situation

No. 1401698

god these are the fugliest haircuts I’ve ever seen

No. 1401703

I have an online community and lately a handful of people have been making me feel bad about everything I do. It’s expected or whatever but it’s starting to mess with me. Sometimes they demand I do things I never planned or wanted to do, tell me I’m being boring, or some will call me stupid / imply I’m lazy if I mess up something or forget to do little things, or just want to take a break. I’m overwhelmed in real life because lately real life has been shitty and stressful. I just try to ignore it all. Sometimes they will passively be mean or give me shit if I mention I’m not feeling mentally well. I feel like sometimes they just low key make fun of me too. Sometimes they will pick on others or encourage people to bully each other. Which really stresses me out. If I call someone out for being rude or ask them to tone it down they instantly play victim. Or they’re “merely trolling”. Like I get trolling for their little silly moments and I don’t really mind teasing, but it has been feeling hostile towards me and especially others which is not deserved for those people. I get guilt tripped sometimes and it just feels bad. I get confused because a lot of them I feel like I have befriended them and some have been around for a long time. They have had their moments when they have been really sweet to me which just causes me to be confused. I listen to their problems, give them advice even though I’m not the best for that, and encourage them to keep striving to do their best. I’m not trying to give myself asspats but I feel like I’m really nice to them and I tend to sweep their negativity moments under the rug. Like I genuinely care for them but I’m starting to feel confused and depressed from everything that’s happening. I need to start muting/banning them but I just hate the feeling of being guilt tripped. I can’t see most of them as friends anymore, especially if they act like this. I just can’t take it anymore and I want to vanish for awhile. If I say anything they make fun of me or get mad at me. I’ve already shared my feelings about it and others have even spoken for me since it flies over some peoples heads when I say anything. Not everyone is bad in the community, but I feel like I have been taken advantage of by a few. I’m sorry for this dumb long ass rant but if I talk to anyone about this irl they just brush it off because it’s stuff happening online.

No. 1401705


No. 1401708

No. 1401709

File: 1667856829105.png (109.49 KB, 275x204, 7232AB31-20B2-4A53-B244-08E6D0…)

Me too.

No. 1401715

they are abusive. Cut them off or block them if they are unempathetic of your situation or perspective

No. 1401728

they are absolutely taking advantage of you nona, and I know it might be hard but that's a situation that you really need to separate yourself from, or at least get some sort of intervention on your behalf, no matter what they say, no matter how much they might shit on you for not wanting to be around them anymore. For your own mental health, either talk to someone in the community who is able to back you up to get them to really shape up and genuinely put a stop to their bullshit (I know you said some people have spoken up for you, but it sounds like we need an ultimatum), or start distancing yourself.

And the kind of community that makes hostility, rudeness, and cruel behavior normal is not a healthy place to be spending your time in. (Yes, I see the painful irony of saying that statement on lolcow, but whatever, this sounds like a way more personal situation than an anonymous imageboard.)
they are not your friends if they treat you so poorly.

No. 1401732


No. 1401736

I get nervous pee urges and I hate it. I wish I could train it out of myself.

No. 1401738

Fuck I hate men. I dated only one guy in my life. At first he seemed so timid, shy, calm and trustworthy. But he turned out to be a fuck up. I'm so happy we haven't got to actual intercourse, just sleeping next to each other and touching our naked bodies and trying to masturbate each other. It's important to put the emphasis on 'trying' because despite telling me how beautiful I am and how much I arouse him he wasn't able to cum from my hand alone. I thought I'm doing it wrong or something, but then it turned out he just gets aroused by aggression and he needs to either choke me or being choked by me while I jerk him off. There were also moments when he got so turned on by just touching my naked body he was slightly slapping my face and my breasts. When I confronted him about it he admitted he has 'aggressive tendencies' during sex and that most people think it's normal, and his previous two girlfriends liked that, and all people like some degree of aggression and passion during sex, and I'm the one who's an 'outlier' here. I felt so hurt afterwards, because I used to trust him and feel comfortable with him, but after sleeping next to him a couple of times, I could never ever feel safe with him again. I had scary thoughts about him getting too violent during sex and actually hurting me. I don't fucking understand that, how can you have someone who you supposedly love and respect and want to protect, especially someone totally inexperienced and quiet and delicate like me and then wanting to do that kind of stuff to them. I can't understand that, and I'm still so angry and hurt. I can't look at men anymore, I'm afraid that all of them would want to do this shit to me, as he said that the majority of men are into that stuff

No. 1401741

seems like porn addiction

No. 1401742

> can't believe I expected more from a woman married to a Beastie Boy
Kek based nonna that’s actually hilarious. I’ve heard other similar stories about her and she deserved to hear that.

No. 1401750

Man I feel more and more embarrassed and shitty daily. From being forced back onto medication to failing my suicide attempt to blending a thermometer into the dough at work today. I really wish I was never born. I can’t look anyone in the eye anymore.

No. 1401751

tbh he'd probably just be like "oh… yeah I guess I should go to a barber damn I look ugly don't I" because he's a pushover but i'd feel bad

same my guy has like 3 shirts and dresses like it's 2003. I guess at some point you just gotta take them shopping because they'll never get it or change without encouragement.

No. 1401756

why’d you do that with the thermometer?

No. 1401759

I know you mean how and not why, but we’re supposed to record the temperature of the flour before we start blending it in the dough machine with the rest of the ingredients and I got distracted by having to stop for a second to go take my medicine so I went to the back and took it, got back to my station, and then just threw in the rest of the ingredients without noticing that the thermometer was still in there (it was a tiny little white thermometer in a sea of 25kgs of flour) then turned the machine on. It wasn’t on purpose.

No. 1401761

I’m getting my life together and #endingthecycle or whatever but what makes me really nervous is not knowing how things are going to fall into place. I know that they will and that everything will be fine but it’s going to really suck leading up to that fact. I have taken the brunt of the negative consequences of my life already and I’ve accepted that. I just feel nervous about changes. I’m also connecting with my bio dad again, he (was?) a horrible person but he came into a large amount of money and made a ludicrous amount of money gambling on top of that so I’m going to suffer through a few meals with him for financial gain and no I don’t feel guilty about it. He considers it guilt money for being absentee and terrible all his life so I guess that’s a bonus. I’m in a situation where I’m being treated very, very terribly so the money is going to be paying certain necessary fees involving that. I don’t believe in karma but I do believe bad people absolutely will receive their comeuppance and that’s something I look forward to a lot actually, in fact it will probably be a centric part of my life for the next several years and I’m completely prepared for that.

No. 1401763

I’m sorry you had to go through that nonnie that kind of behaviour during sex or otherwise is genuinely traumatic.
Something I was told once though was that when men say things like “every man likes this” or “all men are into that” or “the majority of men do x” they are just trying to cover their asses. They use “most men…” as a way to convince people (and often themselves) that they’re normal when they’re in fact very abnormal. If they can convince people that they’re the majority, then they can never be called out (because who can argue against the majority?) and they can continue on with their destructive behaviour. He is a abusive man and abusive men are all liars.

No. 1401790

File: 1667861322770.jpeg (136.65 KB, 1280x690, A6035DD2-5384-4742-8683-228D4B…)

i keep seeing people with awful trauma and they still have their shit more together than me. sure my life hasn’t been the easiest thing but it really hasn’t been so difficult where i’m debilitated like this. i come from money and my parents support me financially in every way and it feels like that should trump any issue i have, but i feel so unsupported and alone in every other way. im an ex muslim and had a lot of problems with my family growing up and the only reason it’s under control now is that i’m doing a muslim larp to keep everyone happy. i’m literally an insane bpdfag depressive but i hide everything from the people around me so they don’t hate me, my family is very intolerant of mental illness. i feel like everything is my fault. maybe i’m just a retarded adult baby. i miss my ex boyfriend. i am a loser.

No. 1401793

Good luck nonna! Transitioning to a stability was one of the most nerve wracking things about leaving my bad home life. It will feel very unnerving and like you’re waiting for things to go bad but once you get through it it gets easier. It’s a very normal thing to feel though and I don’t think people talk about it enough.

No. 1401795


No. 1401806

File: 1667862234051.jpg (854.48 KB, 1537x2000, peinture-artistique-femme-marc…)

Sometimes I dont mind the idea of killing myself despite nothing triggering the thought. Maybe a big part of it plays in the fact I feel like I cant or ever be the person I imagined to be. Im here but I have no presence. There's no confidence in my walk because I have nothing to carry. I have enough things to fit a small backpack with nothing truly in my name. Ive got nothing to lose and not much to gain when I dont really want anything anymore.

No. 1401815

Rosemary mint hair oil by mielle has helped my baby hairs grow back. I also have thick curly hair. I hope it can help your hairline if you do get the oil!

No. 1401827

Same, nonnie. I've been through some shit but never anything truly horrible and traumatising, I'm just a depressed lazy BPDfag. I'm in therapy and on meds, but I just feel like I'm always going to be this way because I don't know how to be any different.

No. 1401840

Realistically I am a 6-8, but my boyfriend is always big on the fact I'm a 10. It's very cute. I feel like an ass because if he asked me to rate him, although he is the most attractive male to me, he's realistically a 7.

I wish girls could give me validation, but I work in a sausage fest industry and I don't go out.

No. 1401851

File: 1667864929674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.69 KB, 692x444, d39cd69d7d5839515700102b9abfec…)

Man, I wish I wasn't ugly. Thought I'd have a glow up after spending my youth fat (yes, since I was a baby thanks to my family) and losing weight. Many, many months of being invisible later, a suitor manifested of the most mythical proportions. The only guy ever to show any signs of remotely seeing me as a fuckable female in his actions and words (also, being "fuckable" isn't a good thing either but I digress). A local post office worker who pretty much left other people waiting to practically run over to greet and drop…seductive comments at me, smiling and giggling.

>squat and shaped like a pregnant monkey with a hunchback, so fat

>pockmarked skin full of boils
>face like a pug–but also an eldritch abomination
>twice my age

Is this what the incels call my looksmatch? I don't really want to bother dating anyway or hear "you'll find someone for you!!" I'm too old and too tired, kek, and my personality sucks so who the fuck could want me for any authentic reason?
I'm a virgin with baggage full of cursed experiences. It just…sucks to know that I am that viscerally repulsive that this is probably the only person to ever like me. I take it personally and I hate that I do because it feels so shallow. I went years without thinking a bad word about someone's looks but then HE happened. Maybe I deserve this. I felt so trapped being that fat girl that loomed over everyone in class. I felt bad being scary and unsettling for so long and I realize that maybe nothing has really changed and I'm sure that guy sensed the kind of disenfranchised woman I am, seeing me as easy pickings.

No. 1401855

if you have had problems with your family then you're not devoid of trauma. sure other people may have gone through worse, but you can still consider your experiences affective without needing to compete with theirs. money is no object

No. 1401859

>using a moid scale with numbers that mean nothing
Yeah we can tell that you're used to exlusively playing around sausages.

No. 1401864

Pettiest vent ever, but I hate how everyone lies about how much they eat. My obese coworker only eats one meal a day, and it’s chicken and vegetables. Some YT bodybuilder’s “what I eat in a day” video consists of a protein shake, a couple rice cakes, and a ground turkey stuffed bell pepper. I eat more than that and I’m an anachan. (Fat anachans who eat 300 calories a day also annoy me but they annoy everyone except other fat anorexics)

No. 1401865

Me on Emi Ibarazaki's route in katawa shoujo

No. 1401876


What in the trying to mindread an innsmouth local shit is this? Fuckable female? A number line? Pull yourself together nona. You’re no disenfranchised woman just because you think you’re ugly. Save up for surgery if you’re so irrevocably bothered. Or like, the cheaper option: stop trying to find your self worth in others.

No. 1401881

File: 1667866973454.jpeg (211.43 KB, 1170x389, FF601FD8-7E02-4D67-A8B5-34C395…)


No. 1401883

didn't you post about this guy several times before and anons already gave you advice or do we have multiple posters attracting fat office workers

No. 1401889

This post made me go to the restroom and check my hairline. I'm fine. Sorry for you though

No. 1401890

im depressed because i actually find ai "art" appealing

No. 1401892

File: 1667867676304.jpeg (449.07 KB, 1280x1280, 3C3F61D5-8359-4679-98B7-101A00…)

I need advice.
You can probably already tell I’m in a dire situation as I’m asking for help on an imageboard. I can’t make friends. Like, at all. Not even a rag-tag group of likeminded losers. It’s not like I’m shy or rude. I get warmly approached by a friendly girl, she says hi, I say hi, she invites my to hang out for lunch and we never interact again. I can’t tell where, or whom, the fault lays on. I’m not ugly as sin, I try to dress appropriately, I have a couple cool hobbies I’m good at.. But I have 2 unforgivable faults: I was a borderline hikikomori (nasty term but idk what else to use, neet would also define me) for 3-ish years as a teenager. That, and I am overly enthusiastic and come off as too eager to socialise. How do I achieve a “cooler” demeanour that doesn’t throw people off? I’m not judging people for not wanting to be my friends as I also wouldn’t want to be friends with a desperate creep. I’m fidgety and am abnormally fast to apologise, that’s another problem. I can’t seem to alter my behaviour substantially because it’s more instinctual than voluntary. I’m not shy at all, so I don’t really click with quiet/shy/calm people. I had very short phases in my life where I was extremely popular but it always seems to die off in two weeks maximum and it drains me. Someone in my situation should probably be humble and eager to accept any friend to have something resembling a social life, but I’m picky. I don’t like hanging out with other freaks. I’m quite retarded, definitely not autistic, but some brand of retarded for sure. I’m not easily entertained by boyfriend and coffee shop talk. I’m preparing for college if that matters.
Thanks in advance anons

No. 1401894

I don't talk to the men I work with about that type of content. I am used to the scale being used among women a lot when I was in college a year or so ago.

No. 1401897

File: 1667867951145.jpeg (658.33 KB, 1170x1996, BF969907-06D5-45F7-83FE-20A866…)

I hate seeing this fugly bitch everywhere

No. 1401899

she's posted it on cc too

No. 1401900

I gained a ton of weight after getting a new job, partially because I'm way more active than I was before and it made me feel really hungry, and partially because that led me to fall back into old binge eating bad habits. I gained something like 20 pounds and some of my favorite old clothes don't fit anymore, and the extra fat makes parts of my job (mostly squatting) uncomfortable. I know I can diet the weight off if I try but it's hitting me as I get older that I can't fuck around with this anymore. Eating unhealthily hits me harder and faster than it used to. It all just reminds me of how I have these problems because my parents let me eat whatever I want and get fat as a kid, and now I have to pick up the pieces and reprogram my brain and body as an adult.

No. 1401901

What's this? An autistic version if that zero two bitch?

No. 1401902

Power from Chainsawman, but you're not wrong about her design
She's a demon so I guess that's her excuse for being shit at dressing herself

No. 1401906

I'm currently "hiki". I have trouble making friends, but my standards are probably way too high. I feel like the average person is just not self aware enough for me to really connect with. I hate to sound like a Normal People Scare Me headass but so many people don't think for themselves. I don't even really care how much somebody agrees with me but please god just have an opinion you formed on your own. I want to be friends with more women but I tend to have more in common with moids. Maybe I've been irrevocably fucked up by the internet.
I feel different than everyone I meet irl, like a black sheep. Not even in a "I'm special" or "I'm better than you" way. And I feel like there's a huge sign above me pointing that out to anyone I speak to in person. People i've been friends with or dated over the years have told me that I have a strange way of thinking, and usually it's meant as a compliment ? They think it's interesting to pick my brain, I guess. I just feel like some sort of weird science experiment.
I don't feel stimulated by regular people conversational topics. But I think that I actually might be autistic, lol.

No. 1401907

Samefag, meant to add: Sorry this isn't advice. But I feel like I'm in a similar boat.

No. 1401908

you should send it. not cruel

No. 1401910

You know when you’re around a man in a work/school context and their hatred of women is so palpable and you can sense their little toddler seething is being held at the surface like the edge of a shit when you’re constipated? Like I don’t care about you but I do care about how you’re making your emotions everybody’s business like a middle school girl, maybe try to tone down the BPD lobotomy receiver behavior. Don’t you know that dignified people keep their seething private?

No. 1401915

File: 1667869724239.png (322.61 KB, 1440x2655, Screenshot_20221107-190736.png)

What in the hell is this shit?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1401918

dunno, babe. can i have a slice though

No. 1401921

Yes, seems like we are in the same boat! I hope things work out for us both in the foreseeable future. I relate especially to the part about desiring friendship with women but ending up in the scrote bin due to shared interests.

No. 1401923

nonnie just get a pizza stone. ingredients to make a real pizza is only $5 and you straight up paying $60 for goyslop.

No. 1401927

Pizza Hut is less than 10 bucks here lmao. America is one big gay-op

No. 1401930

Fingers crossed for you nonnie, I'm sure we would make good friends if we ever met. But if we relate to eachother it's a good sign that there will be more women like us out there too. I think it's already pretty difficult to make friends an adult, it's a shame we have an even tougher time of it.

No. 1401943

File: 1667871373816.png (229.34 KB, 324x321, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 22-35…)

nonas i cant fucking take it. i dont want to work i dont want to study i dont want to socialize. i want to lie down and disappear

No. 1401947

Cant believe it’s only day 8 of NNN. Suffering so much. Need to stay distracted.

No. 1401948

people are so retarded and incompetent it makes me feel insane. on top of that they are violent and selfish and cruel. i need to be able to kill them just through sight alone

No. 1401950

File: 1667871904223.gif (249.71 KB, 388x472, 1653172966534.gif)

You sound based and I relate to you a lot.

No. 1401951

Are you a scrote or something? why are you participating in NNN

No. 1401955

File: 1667872038834.jpg (56.89 KB, 897x950, FcLbTecWQAMHSWD.jpg)

I've been making so much music lately and I get anxious/restless when i can't work on music during the workday. Every second i just wish i was home in my lil studio making dumb, fun songs

No. 1401956

Men have it so easy. Still getting gfs who care when they can't even have basic self awareness

No. 1401960

Kek I do that too and I just like the silly challenge

No. 1401971

I’m a true and honest female girl but need to practice self control, it’s motivating if I’m doing it as a challenge yk? I need to make myself strong for my future wife. Plus I think it makes me more extroverted