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No. 1124546

the cat is screaming, why aren't you? edition

previous thread >>>/ot/1114751

No. 1124553

My cat also has a birthmark on the roof of her mouth. Sorry, anti-vent here I just want to say I find the header image perfect. Thank you for making the thread

No. 1124554

is it a common symptom of bpd and bipolar at their worst to have extremely bad, hyperventilating levels of paranoia? my ideation has been extremely bad lately and I'm starting to wonder if that's a symptom or a sign something else is wrong. I guess I will finally fess up to my therapist what's been going on, but I wholeheartedly admit I don't want to confer with her out of fear she'll try locking me up. I'll avoid it for as long as possible. Having been in one before and heard worse anecdotes from others, I'd probably just commit sudoku if I end up in a ward. my therapist knows what terrible places psych hospitals are so she's always been considerate in handling my breakdowns, but I don't think she could help this time. Or anyone could. Not even meds could sedate me. I don't want to go back on them, if I desired to I couldn't afford. This country is trash. The world is trash. I am trash for having gotten to this point and I should be dead. I wish something would kill me, then. Fuck living in fear.

No. 1124556

Is the cat peeing while he's screaming?

No. 1124561

Trans people really do become all about their transition the second they come out. My co-worker is MTF and suddenly all he talks about is being an autistic trans woman and how his estrogen treatment makes him urgently have to pee all the time. I'm quite relaxed about discussing bodily functions so that's not the issue, the issue is how we used to chat about various things and now it's all about his transition. When I say something, he usually relates it to his transition or side effects of estrogen somehow.

No. 1124564

I have a theory that trans people are inherently narcissistic and transitioning just gives them another reason to be obsessed with themselves

No. 1124566

The thread pic is perfect, love it

No. 1124568


No. 1124573

i am so fucking tired of hearing about turning red. it's not good, it doesn't look good and it's awful for the target audience of young girls with how woke and over sexual it is. any points the movie was trying to make seem incidental outside of all the woke circlejerking.

No. 1124577

Yep. Otherwise they wouldnt make a spectical of it on every social media post

No. 1124584

I desperately want passionate sex but I’m a turbo virgin stuck with disgusting tubular sagging boobs and that religious guilt that wont go away

No. 1124585

Theory? This is fact

No. 1124587

I mean i'm pretty sure there's research that backs it up

No. 1124588

I'm sorry you didn't like it nonna, I love most Pixar because they're the kings of animated coming-of-age imo. I don't hear a lot about it because I don't use any social media

No. 1124589

Yep. This goes for TRAs too. It’s why they have no other friends and look like a herd of walking red flags. It’s a cult.
I cut off a lot of friends that trooned out or drank the tranny koolaid because all they wanted to talk about was the current discourse on Twitter, or how “sPesHuL” they are. I’ve also noticed that trannies let their freak flags fly once they’re “out”, as if that’s an excuse to start posting degenerate shit and nudes on the internet.
This makes a lot of sense.

No. 1124595

me too usually, it just totally missed the mark.

No. 1124633

I forgot we're not allowed to make fun of fat ppl irl and made my coworker uncomfortable when I roasted her chubby e-date :( I apologised already and it seems we've moved past it but she was so mad at me for being a meanie body shaker lol…..

No. 1124646

I read the the Google invite on my job interview wrong and ended up late so he rescheduled me for tomorrow. But now I don't think I want the job so much anymore. It's a good hourly rate but it's a hour out via Lyft and I'd be dependent on public transportation for my daily commute. I'm thinking about turning the interview down. I'd have to take at least two different buses to get there.

So my stupidity cost me like $200 right before my birthday kek.

No. 1124648

I used to be ana chan to deal with my problems but now thats cringe and I don't wanna do more damage to my body. But i have turned to binge eating now. Luckily I dont gain weight pretty fast but I'm scared for the day that it just all starts piling on. Trying to get my ducks in a row and stop self-sabotoging as a way to cope but its hard

No. 1124653

i hate that i'm still attached to people i know aren't good for me. i had this close friend who comforted me during ptsd flashbacks. we dated for a short time but then he moved and we decided it would be best to stay friends. he promised we would stay close friends and we did. until i called him the night i got raped, i needed somewhere to stay, just for a night. he decided that was the perfect day to cut me off and completely stop talking me altogether. seven months of radio silence from him. then he randomly starts talking to my friends and i again. everyone was just happy he was talking to us again but i wasn't. i've tried to talk about what happened, have a discussion and hopefully resolve it but he always changes the subject. when he texts me he just sends memes. i tell him to stop so we can talk seriously and he ignores me, sends another meme in a few days. everyone says i need to just cut him off but some pathetic part of me is holding onto the hope he's still the same person when i first met him. the person who would comfort me, who i could have deep talks with, the person who gave a shit about me. i don't even want him to be my boyfriend again necessarily, staying as friends would be fine with me if it wasn't like.. whatever he's doing now.

No. 1124654

LOL anon what a nightmare.

No. 1124655

Guarantee you someone out there does not think your breasts are disgusting in the least and would be very much willing to have passionate sex with you. Regular people with average-to-"ugly" bodies and faces fall in love and have sex every day. You have to work on your self-esteem first though and carefully vet your partners to make sure they're not assholes who think women only look like the ones in porn/movies.

No. 1124656

Next, exercise addiction to complete the cycle

No. 1124660

Vaginismus sucks ass. I want to have sex like a normal person. It's so frustrating because I'm tired of just oral and mutual masturbation.

No. 1124661

I don't wanna be sick I don't wanna be sick!!!! my head hurts I can't breathe right and I'm so tired and it never stops. I already was sick in January, then spend beginning of March vomiting and now I get sick again Im fucking DONE with this. Always used to be healthy but now every little flu fucks me over FUCK THIS

No. 1124662

Have you been to a doctor for it? I had it once and what made it go away was dumping my partner att.

No. 1124667

Yeah I'm using dilators but I'm still struggling with "normal" dick sized ones. I've been told that I just need to be more patient but it frustrates me that I don't know how long it's gonna take me to size up and some days it's easier than on others.

No. 1124668


Isn't there like, sex therapy to help with that? I imagine a good chunk of the issue is phycological. Once you address that, the physical should be easy enough. Sorry you're going through this

No. 1124671

I'm a tubular breasted woman with a lengthy sexual history (they are small, shallow, saggy, and my breasts aren't great either), don't worry about it anon, go live your life freely and be safe

No. 1124677

Yea, I'm in therapy but it's nothing psychologial.I don't have trauma nor am I anxious about it and I don't think about it during penetration that would cause it. I get excited and horny but my muscles down there are like "NOPE" up to a certain size.

No. 1124680

~all (women’s) boobs are beautiful~

No. 1124687

Ntayrt but are you doing pelvic floor physio? I have heard it is really useful for vaginismus and they give you dilators and techniques to work on at home.

No. 1124696

wanna go buy a burger but there are so many fucking wasps on my porch

No. 1124699

And you're just going to let them take over your porch and stop you from doing what you wanna do? Go out there and face them like a fucking woman.

No. 1124700

No. 1124707


No. 1124708

Maybe there's an underlying worry, but hopefully your partner isn't the issue since you are working with dilators. Guess the vagina is a series of muscles, maybe imagine yourself as a beautiful goddess everyone wants lol. Rooting for you nona

No. 1124712

Yes I am. Thank you anyway nonna.

I wouldn't know what though. No SA that I'm aware of, no specific trauma and nothing health-related but I don't know.
Kek I might try the goddess thing. Thanks!

Maybe it's because sometimes force myself to do it even when I had a stressful day, but I'm supposed to dilate for 10-25 minutes a day, 5-6 times a week. And I notice that it gets more uncomfortable when it's been a while since I dilated (when I'm on my period for example:

No. 1124717

Pull a Shayna and doordash it. jk

No. 1124718

It could be a subconscious thing about sexuality in general in society. Like shits weird these days and the expectations. I don't think you need to have been traumatised specifically to have a lot of negative views towards sex these days.

Very rarely is sex every spoken in terms of love and devotion and passion. Shit is hardcore these days, very little chance of romance. And I think romance is such a big part of female sexuality.

No. 1124726

Have you tried a muscle relaxant suppository ? Apparently you can get baclofen or diazepam ones to put in your vagina.
I have no idea how effective they are but I just googled to see if there was such a thing as a vaginal muscle relaxer and apparently there is.

No. 1124736

I have my next appointment this thursday, so I'm gonna mention possible subconscious issues and muscle relaxants but I've read that they aren't recommended for regular use but rather just for the occasion? But thanks anyway to all the nonnies who answered so far, I really appreciate it.

No. 1124739

I want to get the fuck away from here but I know it's impossible. I just want to feel happy and calm. I want to go see beautiful places with my dog and stroll around for fun. I wish I could go to the beach. I'm so miserable here.

No. 1124742

> Very rarely is sex every spoken in terms of love and devotion and passion. Shit is hardcore these days, very little chance of romance. And I think romance is such a big part of female sexuality.

So based, nona. I like sex but I LOVE making love

No. 1124758

That sounds really shitty anon I'm sorry you are going through this, why can't you leave?

No. 1124767

File: 1649188707524.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, okwithdyingnow.png)

Slowly coming to terms with the fact I was emotionally abused by pretty much everyone from the time I was a young child and grew up in an extremely chaotic & unstable household that terrorized me. I always thought I was just born crazy and that's why from the time I was like 7 years old I would have extreme emotional breakdowns and anxiety attacks and first started thinking about seriously killing myself starting in the 4th grade. Literally spent my entire life in denial and just thought I was crazy, I'm still having a hard time coming to terms with it.

No. 1124773

That shit fucking sucks, nona, I went through the same at 21 and it took me at least 6 more years to slowly understand it wasn’t my fault nor was it fair or normal. I hope you’ll find some gentleness towards yourself, you gotta put yourself first.

No. 1124774

Are you me?? Same thing happened to me the past year. I'm trying to heal with some self care stuff ( Can't afford therapy right now.) Had a talk with my boyfriend about how my anxiety and other mental illness can be a bit draining on him. Sucks, but I wish you healing and recovery nonita

No. 1124776

No job, no money, no car, no friends. I'm seriously mentally ill (breakdown level) and stuck with abusive people. I've been trying to get healthier for years but I always fall back down.

No. 1124778

I realized in my mid late teens. First it was when my mom attempted to strangle me, and then it was when she almost let me die of severe bronchitis. I can't believe I still talk to that cunt or live near my family members, the toxic dependency they've created has been so corrosive to my mentality. If I don't leave this place just their presence and the history of knowing what scum they are and how they deceived and blamed me for the mental problems their abuse caused will kill me

No. 1124779

Could you do a workaway holiday?
In the UK you can go stay with a family, sometimes in your own lodge or caravan and help them out with farming/building/gardening/watching kids/cooking/dog sitting and you get paid for it and often don't need a car for it, some places allow you to take your dog too (lots of these places involve working with animals in the UK).
I'm not sure if there's something similar where you are but it's typically called a workaway holiday or work exchange if you google it.
Good way to escape a shitty home situation even if you can't afford to travel to another country.

No. 1124786

Dating is honestly so traumatizing. I wish I was that girl that didn't have to try. I already had a shitty childhood and now I have to go through this as an adult. Weird connection one might think but dating reignites feelings of abandonment I had as a child. It really sucks.

No. 1124792

Not weird at all. They bond you had as a child is linked to how you perceive intimacy in relationships.

No. 1124794

I've given up on dating. I'm waiting on divine intervention of some sort.

No. 1124812

I'm dating a guy rn and i'm at the "meh" stage. He acts interested but it's clearly not enough. He's stopped going on dates with me. Latest he asked me out was last weekend to a birthday party but it was literally last minute, like that very same night. It was weird as fuck. IT's pretty obvious the girl he wanted to take out couldn't go or something. The stress of dating is not worth it imo. If he wants me, he can find me. I'm not putting myself out there to be a placeholder or a fall-back girl.

No. 1124831

Yeah I'm waiting on being pursued someone else to do the legwork. So if it's shit it won't be such a let down. I have zero high expectations at this point that I may as well be picky.

No. 1124845

my bf yelled at me for making him go to the post office to pick up a package and they didnt have it (i honestly think they lost it because its very small)
it stressed me out so bad my vision would go nearly black every time my heart beat for almost 30 seconds i thought i was having a heart attack

he wasnt even being mean to me he was just irritated i just dont react well to any sort of argument due to ptsd

No. 1124874

I cannot stand it anymore. I hate this world and the panic attacks don't stop

No. 1124876

He sounds like a dick, that's not your fault, like yeah it's frustrating but it's not like you knew they would have lost it.
That would make me anxious too because he's kinda making you feel like it's your fault they didn't have it when it's not, it's almost gas-lighty

Panic attacks suck so much, I'm sorry you are struggling with them. Have you been to the doctor regarding them? Sometimes medication can be very helpful when you are suffering that frequently with them

No. 1124898

Can my fucking roommate stop going into the kitchen to cook food every 30 minutes. Fat bitch never cleans up any of her shit or takes out the garbage and she makes a LOT of garbage. I'm moving soon, I'm tired of being angry all the time.

No. 1124907

File: 1649196324681.jpg (52.66 KB, 400x400, UwOXv29w_400x400.jpg)

i want to learn how to draw, but i have about ten million things i need to do. and when i do get the time to practice, i feel so terrible about being absolute shite that i give up after a few scribbles. art is one of the few things i want to do, outside of work and living my life in stability. i don't have any friends (i've never been good at keeping them), i don't have any interest in music, i don't WANT to pick up "another craft" like knitting or "adult coloring books" or something – i want to draw.

but the only way to get good at art is to fucking do it though. and yet, i'm so hateful and scared of my lack of skill. does not help when i come across a like, 16 y/o who's an amazing artist. in my mind i go, "what the hell is the point? you are 25 already. give it up."

i hate this mental barrier.

No. 1124910

I took only around half of the required classes this semester because I had issues keeping up last time and just started dropping the work when it became too much, which lead to me failing a course. Doing less now will probably mean that I'll have to do at least one extra year but maybe I won't feel like killing myself all the time? I don't know how other students do so much and still have a job. I feel guilty for being so lazy and slow, but I really can't do more than this. I like the major I'm in, but the sheer amount of information sometimes scares me so much that I start to hyperventilate. I'm scared that I'll get kicked out if I fail again and I'm scared for my future. No one needs a 23 year old drop out with no real work experience and having to turn to some trade job would make all that time spent studying and feeling terrible because of literal paper seem like a waste. I should have left school earlier and gone the trade route, at least I'd have a stable job and something tangible to show for it

No. 1124913

File: 1649196868255.jpg (820.71 KB, 1536x2048, 54224d1a-235d-4ac7-90d1-2dc9b2…)

Cons: 21 with no job, car, $600 to my name, $100 was wasted on vidya and $40 on shitty resin gifts, stay-at-home daughter neet for almost 4 years,almost always go to bed at 12-1am, 40 pounds overweight, don't fit into most of my clothes, verbally abused by male parent narcissist, have no real fashion sense, bad social skills, descendant of child bride baby factory, no friends, cynical and can't believe compliments without ulterior motives, not in college, sensitive and easy to cry, nervous and paranoid when outside, possibly slightly insane, on my period rn.
I'm only 21 with about 70 years left if I'm lucky, virgin, don't waste money on makeup, never fell for grooming tactics and "friends" girlfriendzoning me, haven't gotten pregnant within 5 months of meeting a moid, haven't accepted a marriage proposal after 4, live in new house with bigger room, property, and garden space, not kicked out at 18 or will ever be, can lose 40 pounds by October, feminist and radfem-aligned, can enter CC in the fall, haven't spent hundreds on college applications only to switch, know some Spanish and Japanese/hiragana, learning Chinese, reformed weeb, have a cat, on my period on crescent moon, bisexual, have laptop powerful enough to learn 3d modelling, coding, animation, run games on good graphics and fps, drawing more thanks to the drawing board, can sell junk for money, goth.
The bad outweighs the good for now. I need a purpose so bad.

No. 1124917

have you tried speaking to a psychologist (maybe one on campus)/family member about your stress? it helps to talk things out with someone you trust. maybe they could even offer you coping strategies.
>the sheer amount of information
makes me think you're going for something difficult. if it were easy, then everyone would do it. don't beat yourself up, just be sure you finish your degree. hope that helps.

No. 1124918

Oh nona I feel the same sometimes. The fun thing about art is that you will get better the more you do it, even if it's just scribbles! What kind of art do you want to make? Depending on that there are different ways to improve, art is a big thing after all. Or try pinpointing what you dislike about your art and how artists you like might do it differently? I hope you keep at it though, it's not a skill that can't be learned once you're not young anymore. Many young artists on social media either lie about their age, spend their entire time doing nothing else or simply copy other rendering styles without actually being that good at anything, so don't mind that too much

No. 1124928

everyone can start at any age, it's cooler when you're an adult too, don't give up.

No. 1124929

I haven't tried talking to anyone yet, I don't think anyone would care since I'm sure everone else has similar problems. The thing is that I don't even know if you could call it stress, I've struggled with everything my entire life and it doesn't feel right when things are easy. So I don't know if I'm just making stuff up to purposefully feel worse to in turn feel like I'm doing something right.
I'm in a law field and while it might sound difficult it really isn't. You just need to know a lot about how to apply certain laws to different cases and also need to be able to keep a lot of things in mind while doing so. But thank you for the reply, I'll try my best to just finish somehow, maybe things will work out in the end

No. 1124933

File: 1649198511692.jpg (60.08 KB, 463x463, FGBDuHVXIAUi1jc.jpg)

You can start learning now and be really good by the time you're 30 or you can let this comparison discourage you and when you're 30 you'll realize you could have 5 years of experience behind you already. Forget about others, draw as often as you can everything you like and it will pay off!

No. 1124942

Sitting here listening to music imagining scenarios that will never happen in a billion years instead of being fucking normal

No. 1124945

File: 1649199320622.jpeg (441.93 KB, 828x1184, B6F09A0A-6F2C-4B89-8F46-2661A1…)

is this supposed to be funny or useful? it just made me seethe if anything. how is infantilising grown fucking men to this level at all amusing? i'm sorry you were so retarded to marry a retard that can't even go grocery shopping like a normal person

No. 1124947

I wish they realised men aren't dumb(well yes they are but not in that way), they just pretend to be to avoid tasks. They purposely act retarded and fuck up to get out of doing things.

My ex would cry and whine and use baby voice to try to make me do his laundry, pretended like he didn't know how. Told him no way in hell am I doing it, guess you'll have to reuse your dirty socks. Guess who did his laundry perfectly well after that?

No. 1124961

Probably a blessing in disguise then.

No. 1124965

This woman is so stupid. She really out here making a picture book for a grown man? divorce him.

No. 1124971

File: 1649201969238.jpg (60.99 KB, 910x607, scarab-beetle.jpg)

Slowly crawling out of 5 months long depressive episode and I struggle with feeling overwhelmed with everything again. I have a few hobbies that are important to me but coming back to them after such a long break feels like I've undone any progress that happened in the past; and I know that even with the meds another episode is bound to happen again in the future. My entire life feels like Sisyphus myth and it's so frustrating. What's the point of anything if any step forward is bound to be undone by being mentally ill?

No. 1124974

On my mentally ill shit and about to toss this drawing I made for my friend’s birthday, she’s an actual artist and I thought it would be cute to draw her in a slightly webtoony way but now it all just feels fucking autistic. I feel embarrassed, her own art looks so refined and I am about to send her this piece of shit.

No. 1124977

Please don't toss it anon. There's no better gift than receiving something someone made from scratch, doesn't matter if it's pro commercial quality tier or an amateur work. She's going to love it, these kind of gifts are things people always cherish the most. If you're that embarrassed, put it into an envelope or a folder, whatever you want to give it to her in, don't look at it ever again to not reawaken these feelings, but don't give up on this idea.

No. 1124980

Thanks, nona I really just feel so defeated because for a second there I actually like it but then this shame just crashes onto me. It’s digital too so no dramatic actual tossing nor gifting because she lives overseas but I’m gonna finish it, otherwise I have next to nothing to gift her and that would suck even more.

No. 1124982

I hope you'll have good time finishing it♥

No. 1124983

I've been doing this a lot, too. Isn't it telling of what you want to do/achieve though? I find that my daydreams have lead to a lot of self-discovery

No. 1124986

My uncle died and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I feel really bad for my aunt and cousin since they were all so close to each other, genuinely so, and I can see and hear how heartbroken they are. It just happened so suddenly, without any warning and I can’t begin to imagine how they feel

No. 1124987

last time I felt this awful, angry, unstable, sick, not wanting to be alive, etc. I was pregnant, and that’s how I knew to take a test. I keep having long detailed nightmares about being pregnant and out of the dates to get an abortion and then killing myself so I don’t have to have it. every test I take comes up negative, though. I have no idea what’s wrong with my head right now. I just need a hug but I cut off everyone several years ago because I peaked and refuse to talk to men if it isn’t necessary. I feel like I have no reason to feel this way right now and something must be wrong, I’ve been so purely happy for the last few years.

No. 1124991

My uncle died very suddenly from a heart attack last year, next to his wife who wasn’t able to help him. Fucking gut wrenching to even see from the sidelines, my dad died shortly after but he was an awful man and it made it all even worse. If you can, show them your support just by sending a message or giving a call after some time passes, not sure how close you are to them ofc.

No. 1124999

All you can do is be there for them in this time of need. Im sorry for their loss

No. 1125003

I used to get bad panic attacks when I thought about my cat dying because I was too emotionally dependant on her and I'm somehow surprised I'm still not over it after 5 years. I miss my baby so much.

No. 1125023

Can we start saying "transwashing" when trans people want to make gnc people, lesbians, gays, and more, into trans? by force? Not only to characters but real people too.

No. 1125024

One of my lyphm nodes is swollen and it's so uncomfortable. And my stomach is growling, calm down hungry fat bitch you'll eat soon.

No. 1125027

That's funny because I have been drawing since I was a teen but poorly. When I was 25 I decided to get serious because I love art, that was two years ago and now I'm in art school and actually pretty skilled at drawing.

If you want to do it, just do it.

No. 1125030

Is it normal to still think about your ex a lot three months after breaking up? I’m not entirely heartbroken still, I don’t cry about it anymore, even when I think about the most hurtful things he did. I deleted all our pictures/conversations & blocked him everywhere the first week we broke up & have been no contact since. I just hoped I’d have moved on by now, but I just feel really numb most days.
It sounds dramatic and clique, but at least when I was going through the stages of grief, when my mind was haywire between fucking despising him and heart-wrenchingly missing him - I was /feeling/ something. Weirdly it was preferable to this feeling nothing at all. I guess I feel upset for me in the past, remembering how genuinely happy I felt with him just a few months ago, and how sad she would see how I am now.
I keep telling myself I will be happy again, and I know I have to be in the future, but it’s hard to hold out hope when all my past determination and passion have just gone. I hate being such a fucking drain.

No. 1125032

Yes please, make it a thing.

No. 1125040

Been crying all day. Over boys like a loser too. I'm probably just extra sensitive because my birthday is coming up but everything just feels bad. I just wanna be loved the way I want but it feels like I'm always second place no matter what, by actually everyone in my life. They all think I'll be fine. And it's true but why do I try so hard and barely get anything back? I'm done trying. Just once I want to feel like the priority over someone else but I don't. I know I'm supposed to just value myself and all that and I do, but still. Some people get catered to, I want to be one of those people. The type people fall over themselves to make sure they don't disappoint them. Instead of always just being "cool." I'm done being cool.

No. 1125051

Why does gaining self confidence always feel like one step forward, two steps back?

No. 1125055

Of course it's normal! In fact I'd say you're doing well. It took me over a year to really feel over my ex, and even now I still have moments of "well maybe he wasn't so bad" (which I quickly slap myself out of because yes, he was). Point being everyone heals at their own pace. Some people are fine just a few weeks or months afterwards, for others it takes a long time. Depends on personality, outlook, resiliency, time together, all sorts of factors.
>I deleted all our pictures/conversations & blocked him everywhere the first week we broke up & have been no contact since.
Great. This is such a huge thing that a lot of people don't do and really set themselves back for it.
>it’s hard to hold out hope when all my past determination and passion have just gone.
I had a period of numbness like this too. It's normal. My suggestion is to push yourself forward as best you can. Do things you normally enjoy, try new activities you're interested in, learn a new skill, spend time with family or friends or meet new people. I'll be honest, sometimes it's still going to feel bland or pointless, but the more you stick with it the more it'll start chipping away at that barrier and the faster you'll be able to have fun again. Also, stay busy. Not low key "I guess I have a few responsibilities I can get around to" but things that require your complete attention like rock climbing, an important work deadline, volunteering to teach kids a class at a community center, entering a competition for something. I'm not saying to totally ignore the pain regarding your relationship, but the more you're forced to redirect your attention to things centered around you and your life rather than your past with him, the more you realize how important it is to enjoy the present instead. You can do this.

No. 1125065

>Is it normal to still think about your ex a lot three months after breaking up?
Of course nonnie. There's a saying in my country that the max estimate of how long it'll take to fully get over your relationship is the time you were together with your ex times three. You're going through a process of grief and there's no "too fast" or "too slow" in dealing with these things.
I'm glad that you were able to cut off contact and delete reminders of him. In my opinion this prevents you from "relapsing" as you move on. Adding to that, your sentiments remind me of this psychology talk about how your brain treats heartbreak similarly to withdrawals. I don't know if it's your cup of tea but it might be helpful.
You'll be okay nonnie. It really stings at first but it gets easier with time.

No. 1125080

File: 1649215778006.png (114.38 KB, 392x363, 7060850F-E20F-430E-99F6-CBBAE2…)

relapsed so hard on my anachan shit this past year. the possibility of moving to my family’s home country which prioritizes thin women to the point of contracting idols based on weight and working a 60+ hour work week definitely made my brain crave the control it gave me in my youth. i’ve reached a point where it no longer brings me any joy and only shame from the self inflicted silent lonely pain. no one knows about it in my personal life here, only about 2 people i know have questioned about my appearance in a concerned way. i don’t know if i can make it through recovery again. stay healthy nonas

No. 1125084

I tend to gain mine through random surges of triumph over my enemies, so it's a double sided defeatism

No. 1125086

I hate how nuance is dead. I know so many people with strict black and white thinking it's stupid. Just fucking end me because I'm becoming more homicidal.

No. 1125088

I am currently physically disabled from falling off the roof of an SUV while moving (moving house, the car was parked), I was trying to help my narc ex-housemate not do something stupid to my car (she started attaching huge furniture barely secured to the roof without my consent) and she verbally abused me in the process, catching me off guard and causing me to fall.
I shattered my tibia and had 3 plates and 25+ screws surgically implanted. After a full year of healing I was finally able to walk with a cane. However I was still having complications and had to have further surgery to repair a torn LCL ligament, and am now back to not being able to walk, having excruciating pain, doing the whole damn thing over. Also according to my surgeon, more work may need to be done if my recovery continues to be so difficult.
I am fucking pissed at her obviously. When I asked for space from her after the accident she full on rage texted me about how horrible I was full of DARVO shit and blowing tiny things (me asking her to clean up after herself etc) out of proportion and made herself the victim while I was laying in bed in the worst pain of my life unable to literally go to the bathroom without my boyfriend carrying me or using an actual bed pan.
I never got to defend myself or tell her to fuck off like I wanted too, because after that rage text I blocked her and went no contact.
I was fired from my job and fucked out of my healthcare and last year along ended up spending $20,000 on healthcare, and that’s WITH insurance (has to move onto my boyfriends plan). I blew through all my savings between that and rent and now have zero money. I got disability for one year but don’t qualify for federal because I don’t have enough “work credits”. I now have to find a part time fully remote job even though my mental and physical health is the worst it has ever been all because that fucking bitch.
I want to die and also break her legs with a baseball bat.

No. 1125090

Samefag, sorry for TLDR. Basically I’m injured because of a fuck-up narc and now broke from med bills. Fucking rage

No. 1125092

That's awful, I'm sorry. I will pray that your ex-housemate gets into an even worse accident and has a miserable life.

No. 1125095

that sucks but it's your own fault honestly. not to be mean, but you're just blaming her for you falling as if she pushed you? you were the one who let her use your car to begin with. if she's as bad as you say, fucking let her do it herself. as mean as it is, she doesn't owe you anything and if she's as bad as you say of course she wouldn't give a fuck about your situation. but you allowed her into your life to begin with and still expected anything from her at all. it sucks that you're disabled, but you were dumb enough to go on top of the car.

No. 1125096

File: 1649217463745.jpeg (75.31 KB, 239x275, 1648085165288.jpeg)

i'm so horny its unreal. i refuse to download dating apps of any kind. i love my cat so much. acrylic nails make me feel whimsical. i am trying to reverse my social isolation and agoraphobia and it is going well so far. i will never die.

No. 1125098

samefag but anon you're retarded for typing this out and posting it

No. 1125100

who fucking cares. she fell herself due to her own stupid choices. when you let people step on you, you get hurt.

No. 1125101

you're blaming someone for being altruistic and extending help to someone that lived in the same house as them, for that same person indirectly causing the situation for their life to be drastically changed due to an injury from them helping them, and then going on to gaslight them about the whole thing without so much as an apology. if you think and live like this i hope no one who is generous/helping ever encounters you or gives you assistance with anything ever

No. 1125102

also samefagging, but imagine if she would have broken her roommates stuff, she'd probably demand to be paid for it. just because she got hurt doesn't shit.

No. 1125103

File: 1649218663267.jpeg (242.27 KB, 2048x1635, 88011FB4-5823-459B-BB1B-BE269C…)

Hate my body and I’m thinking of starving myself but I keep thinking how I’ll just gain back all the weight anyways if I do it,I just want to be thinner and the only way I can vent about my frustrations is cutting.I feel so fucking stuck.

No. 1125104

who cares about being altruistic? you clearly don't since you don't even know me and you're wishing something awful onto me. this performative shit is pathetic. she was on top of a car, putting herself at risk, but she chose to do that. it's not noble just because she got injured, it's fucking stupid.

No. 1125105

anon it was HER car that she saw her roommate putting furniture on the roof in a unsafe way, it makes sense that she would want to try any protect her car and also her roommate by securing it on the roof. op said she started verbally abusing her while she was up there and neither of us know the exact details, but to blame someone for going out of their way to help someone they are close to makes no sense. while you're right that you can't trust people, blaming OP for trying her best to help someone doesn't make any sense and it sounds like from her post that the roommate directly surprised her and caused that injury by startling her on purpose. idk how you blame someone for that but thats on you.

No. 1125106

20,000?? Jfc America is just the lowest tier when it comes to health. I really hope you find a good paying remote job. So sorry to hear all this.

No. 1125108

i realize it was her car that she let an idiot use in the first place. let the bitch move her own damn furniture off the car. it's not as if her roommate suddenly became some dumb abusive cunt that day, she sounds like a frustrating retard all around. but OP put her own self into that situation. whether she wanted to help or felt obligated or whatever, it was her decision, and her decision to was let some idiot fuck around with her car and then herself get on top of it.

No. 1125109

try a strict workout regimen? starving yourself is just passing time and distracting yourself enough not to eat. working out is hard work so there's more guilt and reluctance in gaining back what you lose. plus it helps with mental health and physical strength

No. 1125110

You probably wanna be thin to feel pretty. Why go through the trouble of cutting if itll take away from your idealised self?
Diets don't change much. Just get a women safe workout schedule and eat normal meals 3 times a day.

No. 1125115

>Diets don't change much.
Diet has even more affect on weight loss than exercise does. But both are important if you want to cut fat.

No. 1125117

I didn’t let her use my car. I was inside the house we were moving out of (cleaning up after her with my other housemate so we could get our deposit back) and looked out the window and saw her trying to balance a heavy 6-8 seater dining room table on top of my car with a ratchet strap barely attached. I ran out to say, “woah hold on this isn’t ok, let’s get it down or adjust it” I didn’t want it to smash my wind shield out or something. So I climbed up to help (I am an art teacher and my automatic instinct is to help people do things like this securely, so I guess in that respect fuck me for trying to not get my own car smashed) She then started verbally berating me (which yes she had previously been awful, but rarely just balls to the wall verbal abuse, also I have been a victim of home abuse/violence and have PTSD and at this point I was completely emotionally drained and not looking to have a huge blow out fight, just try to finish moving and cut ties) so I turned to get off the car/remove myself from the situation while being yelled at and in my confusion/anger slipped and fell all my weight onto my right leg. I screamed absolute bloody murder and fell the worst pain of my life. This bitch then stood over me as I am sobbing and crying and said in her dumbass Jersey vocal fry “how did that even happen?” Hope that’s enough context for you now please do us all a solid and shut the actual fuck up.
Thank you nonas for the kind words, I honestly didn’t expect anyone to reply anything, I just needed to vent.

No. 1125121

have you ever seen the video of doja cat saying stop being a faggot? if not can you google that, watch it and then not come back to this thread ever again please

No. 1125124

Just woke up shirtless, but I went to bed shirt on. Absolutely terrified.

No. 1125125

I hate my crooked nose so much… i wish i had the money to fix it it’s so hideous i’m ugly as a whole but it makes my life even worse

No. 1125132

My life is so dreadfully boring. Like nothing happens ever. I see people from college go out and have fun with their friends but the friends I do HAVE are so fucking boring too. The only places I ever go to are with my parents. I just want some fun friends but I have problems making irl friends because I hate talking to people irl. Also I've been single for so long I want to weep. Seeing people in college date is making my blood boil. Someone get me out of this hell

No. 1125137

File: 1649226248087.jpg (60.77 KB, 1125x987, 9e354e114f602c6cc8a6158aebcd83…)

i love him so much and i know he loves me back so why do i have to self-sabotage every time?? why do i have to think he deserves better why am i like this i just want to be loved

No. 1125145

I was arguing with a moid I've been casually dating for 6-ish months now and he just fucking ghosted me mid argument and it makes me absolutely livid. How immature do you have to be to ghost someone mid conversation? I mean good riddance but him ghosting me kinda makes me feel like he had the last word over me and I hate that.

No. 1125158

I love your nose anon. It’s the feature of your ancestors from a line of people who fell in love with that feature. I’m sorry society failed you and made you think otherwise.

No. 1125159

I hope next time you help out someone you trust you end up disabled as well

No. 1125161

Didn't she knowingly left you disabled? Can't you sue her? She sounds horrible and I hope things turn out better for you, anon. Don't listen to the retard that's baiting.

No. 1125170

ikr same
I have almost perfect symmetry but my nose messes it up

No. 1125190

File: 1649235458335.jpg (69.09 KB, 460x462, 745c0b5ce9962e620d7850ff0791f7…)

Anons I'm so fucking angry, just arrived to work to find out a person who is responsible for mobbing my colleague and pushing her to multiple breakdowns got promoted, and to a position of a fucking culture manager no less; i know multiple people who left the company brough his unacceptable behavior to HR but OF COURSE it didnt matter since he's friend with the CEO. I was planning to add to these voices anyway but now I see it doesn't matter whatsoever

No. 1125195

Can you sue her somehow? She didn't even have your permission to fuck with your car to begin with.

No. 1125196

My boyfriend is retard I was wondering why he was sleeping in patches throughout the day, it’s cause he stays up all night playing elders ring

No. 1125198

Leave and then as soon as you're out write bad honest reviews online telling everyone what they're like. If possible, collect proof before you leave and you can make it go viral on tiktok or youtube

No. 1125221

Thing is, it doesn't affect me directly. I know about things because private communication was shared with me, but I dont work with that guy directly and our extremely rare interactions were brief and polite, I'm in another team altogether; so I doubt anyone will care about my accusations and I'll make things even worse for my colleague. Me and people who left keep passing her job offers from other companies so she can secure something nice and leave, showing all the proof of abuse as she does, but she's so afraid no one else will hire her she doesn't do anything.

No. 1125236

I need to learn to drive and pass my driving license already. I've been stuck in years of fake failure to launch syndrome and neetdom because all the stuff I want to do requires a driving license and I have such a crippling fear of driving, but it's been so long that the fear is starting to get boring.

No. 1125237

I wish there was a wholesome positive anti TRA-propaganda place to celebrate every time something good happens. Literally just positive news such as "X company decided to support women again by letting them have their own trans-free changing rooms after backlash", "detrans person cured of dysphoria have now helped save lives by helping to cure others dysphoria too", "doctors sued and put in jail after having performed illegal breast amputation on several minors" etc

Like peaking material that isn't snarky and hateful, just positive development.

No. 1125246


You're right but tbh I hate that we need peaking material in the first place. I wish they could just touch some grass and just see how stupid this all is and how their stupid identity fades when nobody's there to look at it. It's what peaked me as an ex-TIF, just facing the fact that this is all useless dumb shit that nobody needs. Just idiotic cope for weak people who cling onto the idea of body/soul dichotomy because they can't stand the perception other people have of them.

But the brainwash is so damn deep. They're like flat earthers. I "came out" as GC a while ago and said I would state my reasons to anyone curious (it was actually a subtle call to see if anybody else in my surroundings was GC too) and someone actually did DM me about it… But I still don't know what to say. Because the fact that someone would genuinely not understand why I don't believe in trans identities just sounds so ridiculously dumb, I don't know where to start my explanation. I still haven't replied to the DM…

No. 1125248

What a coward. You should message him like “that’s what I thought bitch” or something and leave it at that kek.

No. 1125249

when did he ghost you, anon? how long has it been since that fight?

No. 1125253

File: 1649241531371.jpg (14.34 KB, 720x469, FB_IMG_1632742704167.jpg)

Why are gay moids so fucking dramatic and unable to keep their personal lives personal? There is this guy in a small roleplaying community discord I'm in with my friends and he is always just so fucking open about his life it's actually annoying. I vented about him being obnoxious with wealth a few months ago but he will not stop. He brags and posts about things he has bought like buying a 2k keyboard for no fucking reason, but now he's just doing shit that is against the rules of the community and he can just get away with it.
He's invited his boyfriend to the community and they argue/fall out so much they barely attend events or really any RP or they will just disappear halfway through. Everytime they argue they always have to post some sort of woe is me absence like "um. im going through some personal issues right now and im suffering. idk when ill be back." stop being dramatic we know its because you argued with your weird LDR autist boyfriend for the 10th time this month.

To make this even worse he invited a fucking 17 year old to the community despite the rule being 21+ only because we don't want immature or young people there. It's annoying as fuck and they just let him bend rules all the time. Whenever we build stuff for roleplay, he constantly fucking spams and swamps areas in thousands of stuff making the fps terrible. I called him out on this and I said "you know I posted a guide for how to fix this" and he was like "omg did you sksksks" holy shit you're a dumb faggot honestly. Gay moids expect things to go their way all the fucking time without any consequences then they start crying when they encounter even the most minor issue.

No. 1125257

File: 1649241812786.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

I mean your in a 21+ roleplaying discord, WTF do you expect

No. 1125258

why the fuck are there 2k keyboards? am i reading this right? there are such things as $2000 computer keyboards?

No. 1125268

File: 1649243045372.png (778.28 KB, 564x564, 1636824691754.png)

I haven't felt alive or happy since 2015. I don't even think I'm mentally unwell or anything, I think it's just not possible to be happy after 25. Or maybe the world is irretrievably shit now.

No. 1125269

I think you might be mentally unwell anon, you should look into it

No. 1125273

If a trans person/handmaiden didn't understand I'd ask them about the contradictions. For example things like
1. Do you think trans women have the exact same experience as a cis woman?
2. Is dysphoria required to be trans?
- If no, can trans people be fully happy with their unchanged body and still be trans? (not non-binary, but mtf and ftm)
3. Should a trans woman who is perfectly happy with having no hormones or surgeries, and happy with having a dick be allowed to be in women's changing rooms?
4. Are people like this (insert some screenshot of AGP admitting to only do it for sexual reasons) fully valid trans people? The trans community says they are.
5. Do you think trans men ever face misogyny? Do they have male privilege? Do they have male privilege if they don't pass? Why?
6. Do you think a trans woman who hasn't and her egg cracked, and is currently fully presenting male profits of male privilege? Or does "she" face misogyny?
7. Can a trans woman have a period? A physical uterus shedding bloody period. No irrelevant PMS symptoms. If not, why are so many of them claiming to have it? Are they lying or do they really think they have it?

No. 1125274

When I say 21+ I don't mean kink discord roleplay anon, I just mean creating characters and going on adventures with them on WoW without under 21 faggots crying about their personal lives or just generally causing issues. But yeah you're right, it's almost impossible to find people who aren't terminally online and also want to roleplay cool stuff. This is my punishment for still enjoying World of Warcraft I guess kek.

My bad, I meant keyboard piano, he buys very expensive stuff like that all the time despite the fact this fag is unemployed but he simply gets paid so much because he's a scandinavian scrote from a rich family. He will constantly buy shit like that "on impulse" and also made a joke regarding the fact my country has shit minimum wage whereas his is the equivalent of 20 dollars an hour. Maybe I'm wrong for this but I personally couldn't care less about his cringe LDR when most people I know are struggling to even pay rent and get food. I just find his constant posting about it very telling but maybe I'm bitter because alas I am a "poorfag" and was unlucky enough to be born on a council estate.

I'm generally of the opinion that you should reign the "look at all these wealthy things I have" mindset in when you know you are in communities with people who are barely scraping by. I like people showing off their hard work, but he's unemployed and his only merit is having a rich dad.

No. 1125275

What's wrong with me? I thought this would go away after a week, but for some reason I can't eat something without wanting to throw it up. My stomach twists anytime I'm eating a meal I used to love. I'm not sure what to do. I tried everything, but with every single thing I eat it does that. I can still taste so I know it's not covid. All I can stomach anymore are cold cuts and liquids.

No. 1125277

I’m tired i just wanna die put me out of my misery

No. 1125278

i want to reconnect with a friend from middle school but i don't know how to or if it's even worth it. she is so cool, funny, pretty, and we share many hobbies. but i was a retard back then and did not realize i was made a fool. she was trying to help me but i did not believe her. i hate hate hate how i could not make up my mind about staying positive, or being a full on edgy cunt. if i firmly have chosen one then i would have had healthy friendships and would not have lost her. i don't know what to do. we are adults now but if she still thinks i am the same pathetic autist who will not admit her faults then this is it. last message she sent me looked like it was supposed to trigger me, i was like, lol. but she didn't say anything else nor explain it.

No. 1125280

Maybe check for worms. It could be an early pregnancy symptom too. Good luck nona

No. 1125281

File: 1649246536411.jpeg (161.09 KB, 747x800, 4AADD956-7993-4188-9E48-C159B0…)

>on WoW
I want to play with you nonna

No. 1125283

>1. Do you think trans women have the exact same experience as a cis woman?
>2. Is dysphoria required to be trans?
>- If no, can trans people be fully happy with their unchanged body and still be trans? (not non-binary, but mtf and ftm)
>3. Should a trans woman who is perfectly happy with having no hormones or surgeries, and happy with having a dick be allowed to be in women's changing rooms?
I feel like that could only happen if I said yes to 2, since they would lack gender dysphoria
>4. Are people like this (insert some screenshot of AGP admitting to only do it for sexual reasons) fully valid trans people? The trans community says they are.
No because it's pursued for pleasure, not to alleviate dysphoria. Also the number of "valid" trans people in the trans community is extremely close to 0
>5. Do you think trans men ever face misogyny?
Misogyny is depended upon the interpertation of the person by the one being misogynist, so if the person interpereted them as a female and discriminated against them based on it, they would be experiencing misogyny. Same if they interpereted a cis male as a female tbh.
>Do they have male privilege? Do they have male privilege if they don't pass? Why?
same concept as above, if a person interperets them as a male and treats them better as a result, then yes
>6. Do you think a trans woman who hasn't and her egg cracked, and is currently fully presenting male profits of male privilege? Or does "she" face misogyny?
Concept applies here too for both
>7. Can a trans woman have a period? A physical uterus shedding bloody period. No irrelevant PMS symptoms. If not, why are so many of them claiming to have it? Are they lying or do they really think they have it?
No, mainly due to AGP, if I had to guess Id say they want to believe they do so they interperet anything as a sign and/or placebo effect
Howd I do?

No. 1125284

People are so cruel, i hate that i have to depend on them to live. I hate that i’m living

No. 1125285

I just realized that one of my closest friends would not do as much as I would do for them. sucks and idk how to deal with this feeling

No. 1125289

I finished high school with a really good grade and I finished uni with a great grade, but I am actually inept when it comes to programs and media, I have no idea how to photoshop or use a camera and I have no idea how to do anything but write 'good reports'.
I am jobless and I have NO technical skills. And every time I try to learn technical skills on youtube I start to panic and I get confused and give up. I'm running out of money and I know I need a job but every job needs technical skills and I know nothing about video rendering, using cameras (even though I pretended I did at uni but I just got all my friends to do it for me) photoshop etc. I know NOTHING I basically got my degree for being a good report writer and cheating off all my friends media work. I don't know where to start, I'm embarrassed, I have no attention span and I end up just hating myself. I have no money, I just drink all day and play games and read about lolcows.
I hate myself, I hate my life and I am failure.

No. 1125297

Why are you answering

No. 1125298

weed idk soz

No. 1125302

Dont talk to trans people. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1125305


I'm really sorry this happened to you. I can understand what that other anon was saying though. I personally would have flipped the fuck out on her for touching my car without my permission, not try and help her, but you're a teacher so you definitely have a lot more patience and reserve than me.

I also hope you can take legal action against her. She should have to suffer the consequences of her stupidity and narcissism, just like you're suffering from your kindness and good will. Actually, she should have to suffer worse some how. Hindsight is 20/20 but if she had taken your car without permission and fucked it up, that scenario would have actually worked out in your favor. Put you out of a car for a few months though.

Please don't interpret this post as trying to blame you. You did nothing wrong, but even kind actions have consequences unfortunately. Wishing you as much comfort and the fastest possible recovery ####(emoji)

No. 1125306

My really fat acquaintance is running a twitter where she's basically pretending to be underweight and anorexic. No pictures posted. I'd think it was just a LARP, but she actually considers herself anorexic despite hoovering in sugar and never exercising. She looks like if Luna had blue hair. What causes reverse body dyswhatever? The thinspo she finds and reposts is so fucking freaky and sad, when I worked at the cancer ward I saw a lot of similar body types and never thought to myself "I want that." So she shares these deeply painful images of others suffering, posts something whiny like "I'm so tired of this all" and then unbeknownst to her followers who may or may not be struggling, she eats an entire cake with her hands and washes it back with a bubble tea. I don't get it at all, but I can't stop lurking. It's very bizarre to see how she's making herself look to a new, anonymous audience versus who she actually is day to day.

No. 1125307


ayrt, thanks for your help nona but these really only work for people who are already on the fence/not really exposed to TRAs. Most "true" handmaidens have faced all of these questions at least once, TRAs and trannies are used to them and have a variety of answers prepared. Asking basic stuff like that will just get you mocked as some poor uneducated peasant ignorant of the subtleties of human genders.

I should probably stay focused on my own belief that transgenderism is rooted in the idea of a separated soul and body, which is by nature religious and not rooted in science whatsoever. Or write something focused on the "organization" of the trans community, starting with how it's controlled by AMAB individuals and especially AGPs and how AFAB individuals are belittled, used and treated like crap by them. I don't think the girl who DM'd me is peakable, I think she just wants to know if she should be disappointed in me lmao

No. 1125312

No. 1125315

That's a wannabe-anorexic lol. She's probably unhappy with her bodyweight and glamourizes anorexia and anorexic girls in her mind.

No. 1125321

average american eating disorder patient

No. 1125323

Did she tell you about the account or did you find it somehow?

No. 1125328

As if you kicked me out of my fucking flat that im the primary tennant of that I pay most rent for after you broke up with me and then logged in to all my social medias determined to find proof of me cheating even though I didn't because you're an insecure, mean little cunt. You fucking broke up with me yet you're playing victim after I agreed? You want me to beg for you motherfucker? Jesus christ.

No. 1125329


No. 1125330

Why did you even agree to that? Get revenge.

No. 1125331


No. 1125347

ok momo

No. 1125348

Fully convinced there’s so many obese wannarexics because HAES has everyone thinking “i want to lose weight” automatically makes you anorexic

No. 1125349

Binge eating is the opposite of anorexic and that’s what she has, they both lead to each other and break ppl. She’s probably trying to meme herself into the other side of the spectrum to lose weight

No. 1125354

>she eats an entire cake with her hands and washes it back with a bubble tea
Why does this sound so fake and like a post I would see on fatpeoplehate

No. 1125359

My father expects the women in the family to do all the cooking and cleaning. Sometimes he’ll get grouchy if we cook for ourselves before cooking for him. He won’t clear the dishes either, he’ll sit down, be fed, and then we’ll clear the dishes and clean the house around him. He only cooks stuff he finds fun and that he himself wants to eat. When we go visit grandma, his mother, he eats and then goes to take a nap right away. Also, he takes the longest to get ready to leave when we go do things, but when he does, we better be fucking ready or he’ll act like we MADE HIM late. It’s exhausting.

No. 1125362

It was probably hyperbole.

No. 1125364

Sorry anon, I feel your pain. My dad was also like this the whole time I was growing up.

No. 1125365

Whenever I see stuff like this, it angers me because either way you'll still enable him. Call him out. Disown him. He's not a toddler, he's an unwanted ill mannered cockroach. Show him how little others would do for their fathers. Any time he wants something bring up something in the past and he will stop wanting whatever he asked because you're giving him a hard time. Tell him how he could of been a better father instead of giving him anything. When you teach a parasite that he will be coddled, he will keep asking forever until that boundary is shut down.

No. 1125374

Men should be banned from working as psychiatrists and therapists. Thank you Dr. Moid for bringing up my rape and CSA in the first 5 minutes of me meeting you. Thank you for interrogating me like the fucking Pink Panther and gaslighting me into doubting one of my diagnoses, but eventually agreeing with me in the after session notes. Yes, it's totally kosher to talk like a fucking Chicagoan asshole and be blunt with a rape victim surrounded by three strange males. I fucking hate it. I won't be open with anyone else unless it's a female clinician.

No. 1125382

Can't you choose a female psychiatrist, or is it too complicated because of waitlists or something else? I always go to female doctors for my physical health issues, and when I was a kid and had way more tests to do like every month I always told male nurses to leave and to bring me one of their female coworkers instead and they obeyed or I'd make my mother come inside the room with me.

No. 1125384

Males are talking so loudly in this waiting room. Shut the fuck up, what do you have to be so loud for, damn

No. 1125391

File: 1649257519513.jpg (108.11 KB, 1125x750, 1239109.jpg)

Why the fuck does body dysmorphia have to exist. I went years without any weird feelings about my body but all of a sudden I'm finding flaws again. Not too long ago I was making plans to go to the gym and gain some weight because I wanted to look more "womanly" (pls no bully, I know I'm stupid for thinking this way) but now I can't stop thinking about how "fat" I am even though I am at a low weight. Everyone was enjoying the sun today and I was the only idiot in jeans and a jacket. I hate it but I feel so self-conscious to the point where I wish I could just crawl out of my skin. It doesn't make sense to me. I haven't eaten the entire day because I feel so shit. Can someone just fucking slap me and tell me to get my shit together??

No. 1125393

File: 1649257680265.jpeg (25.28 KB, 564x450, C3B465CA-C76B-472C-A4CA-657C5E…)

I want to be a hoe and get many dicks but I hate moids and find their existence repulsive

No. 1125394

File: 1649257850338.jpeg (52.58 KB, 735x621, 9D4D5E67-930B-4A3F-AD17-B3A34C…)

Dissociating at work wooooh.

No. 1125396

Stupid vending machine ate my money GAH and I was really looking forward to some coffe. So now I have zero money and zero coffee.

No. 1125397

All I want is enough money to live comfortably and have some extra that I could spend on friends, family and strangers. That is it.

No. 1125405

Damn who shat in your cereal this morning?

No. 1125409

this is probably the wrong thread but idk where else to post it, i found this weird ass youtube channel that i’m pretty sure is fetish content… it’s this japanese guy who makes countless videos of himself farting in his cat’s face. i just can’t comprehend why someone would do this to their pet, or why there’s even a ‘market’ for these kinds of videos. so fucking weird

No. 1125412

The state I live in has some of the worse mental health availability in the country. I waited two years to see a therapist. I really want a female psych but I'm not too sure if any women are working at the clinic. I'll ask my therapist, hopefully she can find me one.

No. 1125414

Hope the cat is taken to a better home and the scrote running this channel suffers terribly. The same goes for anyone who might request this type of "content". Poor cat. At least there's nothing worse going on (I hope)

No. 1125426

When will Japanese degeneracy fucking end? It's like a grooming tactic: make foreign countries believe your low crime rate is real and not due to corruption, that its a land of equality oops women's test scores were fucked with and you still have to quit your job and be a moids house slave. Oh you have to spend hours making your kids bento looks KAWAIII or other moms will say you neglect them, make it for your husband too but don't ask questions when he comes home late, drunk, and "hostess club" charges on his account. Walk past images of anime little girls in skimpy outfits to get to an arcade, idol groups of 12-13 year-old girls with old men taking pictures of theirselve handcuffed to them. I searched for good family anime on netflix years ago, put on Sgt. Frog, and within the first 10 MINUTES the 13 year-old protagonist has a panty shot, yelling and covering her skirt. Report that stupid moid channel, someone needs to save that cat before he does even worse things for views/money he's likely getting from degenerates.

No. 1125437

I hate having a mental family. No one is fine, not my mom, not my sister, and not me. Living together is like… it's like we all know we are just waiting to blow up and carefully walking past it. Once in a while things get really bad till they simmer down and the cycle continues. I wish at least one of us was mentally healthy.

No. 1125444

File: 1649262515523.jpg (23.32 KB, 480x477, 1647719032777.jpg)

I forgot the email for one of my pinterest accounts

No. 1125451

I hate drawing FFXIV characters but people pay so well for me to draw their nsfw Au Ra fantasies. Other artists sperg about how being a freelance commission artist is their dream but they don't realize most of us don't draw things we actually like. Idk I am just sick of drawing those damn scales

No. 1125476

File: 1649263926291.jpg (4.13 KB, 225x225, 1594139397413.jpg)

I'm sick of having a mental illness. I try every way to get better and there are still days I'm out of my damn mind. I want out of this body. Out I tell you! Curse you family genetics!

No. 1125478

No. 1125504

Vent because it's not really appropriate for the reddit one

The hobbydrama sub has gotten so boring. I hate that the only decent stories have been forced in a shitty weekly megathread, when all I want is to read whatever dumb drama of the week there is. Not to mention all the extremely off topic stuff in the weekly threads.
It's stupid but I just enjoy reading about random drama within communities and I feel like the sub was good for only a short time before it started crumbling down.

No. 1125535

He ended up answering me a full 12 hours later lmao. I told him to fuck off, obviously.

No. 1125541

I just want to be a normal human who is able to finish the things that she started and carry out the plans she planned for fuck's sake. Also react to things in a normal way and not have the desire to jump out of a window when the smallest problem comes my way. My life is going no way and I have only myself to blame

No. 1125543

File: 1649267837673.jpg (79.32 KB, 828x595, original.jpg)

i didnt realize the repair guy needed to enter my room and my sex toys were all over the place FUUUUUUUCK

No. 1125545

nowhere, not no way

No. 1125559

Most just have a romanticized view of it, in the end it's still a job that's only sometimes fun. I hope you can manage to pull through the scales!

No. 1125561

Don’t acknowledge it with them at all, power pivot

No. 1125567

Ask someone to spot you and you'll paypal them or venmo the money. If they arent a dick hole, they'll just buy the coffee for you. sorry that happened

No. 1125568


No. 1125575

I have so many terrible things to say about my boyfriends ex but it all boils down to me feeling so much guilt over the way she treated him

No. 1125590

File: 1649270490057.jpg (7.39 KB, 185x275, 1526230330543.jpg)

have a '''10/10 himbo''' NON STOP SPAMMING ME for the last fucking 12 years to fuck and I can't even vent to my friends about it because they're all like 'ooo he's so hot' blah blah because he works out a lot and takes care of himself and looks like the stereotypical chad but I literally could care less about how hot he is because he is a disgusting skeeze and I've blocked him and told him over multiple times on several accounts.

BUT I recently found out he's got a girlfriend and lies to her all the time to sleep with other women. The poor girl, I don't think she has any idea… I have no way to find out who his gf is but I really want to so I can find a way to show her the screenshots of him messaging me and not only trying to sleep with me but telling me what he does to lie to his gf. God I hate men I swear, they assume because they're rich or fit suddenly that means all women want to fuck them so long they flaunt w.e bullshit 'asset' they have. I honestly cannot wait for the day to find out who his gf is so I can send her all this evidence. Men are a plague I swear. Cheaters deserve death, I don't care.

No. 1125592

Why would YOU feel guilty about that?

No. 1125593

Whenever people try to argue the 'safeness' of Japan, I want to cringe. Okay, you can maybe walk around at 11pm at night before the high rates of sexual assaults are literally never reported because women are shamed out of making reports. Not to mention police are 100 percent useless. When my friend got raped in Japan, they told her to move to another unit because her rapist knew where she lived now.

No. 1125600

File: 1649270641983.jpg (26.54 KB, 474x314, 753c9892b8f09e8d1f15f8c698f8f3…)

I don't know if my attention span has been ruined by the internet (not a zoomer) or if I genuinely have ADHD, but fuck I can't read this article or watch this video, I keep switching tabs when I need to study aaagghh I legit need a routine or else I just fall into this weird mode where nothing gets done

No. 1125613

File: 1649271144561.jpg (40.23 KB, 807x659, tiresome.jpg)

>first time in about a month I get some quiet time to relax and browse /ot/
>nearly every thread on this board is either infighting about men or accusing other posters of being men

No. 1125616

File: 1649271158627.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 054.png)

I wonder if there is really anywhere truly safe to be a woman at any part of the world. Japan seems safe compared to my own country, but I am a thirdie. But alas, these "safe" statistics are almost always solely about men, unless specified otherwise.
I guess our only hope is that men are slowly but surely dying, I pray that by 2200 70% or more of the world's population will be women.

No. 1125619

I always tell myself to pick up learning Japanese again, but I just feel so much shame and sadness towards it. I've always, always wanted to learn it since I was a tiny weeb. I learned as a kid through a private tutor, but really started to excel in college where I had good professors and the chance to study abroad. But I just… associate it with some of the worst times of my life. I always want to relearn it, and I'm sure I can, but it feels like I have weights dragging me down. I just read a WP article about a polygot who picks up so many languages for fun and it allows him to meet and connect with all sorts of people, and it makes me miss and crave that connection. I feel shame when I think "I could be so much better if I never stopped studying" and it's stupid for me to compare myself, but one of my friends went abroad after me and now he's completely fluent while I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

I miss talking with people in Japanese. I actually work at a Japanese company now but I'm really not comfortable practicing because of all the levels of formality… My boss is nice and encouraging but at the end of the day he's my boss and it feels inappropriate to use casual language with him lol.

No. 1125622

File: 1649271392911.png (40.69 KB, 760x217, yelp.png)

Why are business owners allowed to be so rude in yelp replies? How are you allowed to stay in business after calling your clients a "failure" and "a joke" after they objectively state what happened to them at your business with no attacks or ad homs? It doesn't even make sense because it costs you nothing to just apologize and give a generic statement about how you will learn from the experience and take their feedback into consideration.

No. 1125624

I'm starting to hate my brother. It's so tiresome living with an obsessive control freak. I'm getting really tired of never being considered and being treated like a literal child that has to follow every order. I ask for it to stop and to have my opinion actually render some kind of fucking weight, but in return I get more pushiness and anger. The worst part is that I have no way out for the timebeing, so I just have to suck it up and pretend like being made to feel like an unloved slave with nothing to say that's worth hearing unless it's "yes" or "okay".

I have to take care of our sick mother every day, I have to drive her everywhere, I have to keep everything in order at the house, I have to prepare every meal, and I've lost pretty much everything that gives me my own life and identity as a person. I hate it more than anything and I've never been more fucked up and depressed.

No. 1125625

Thanks for the advice nonny, but it was at a train station and I would've felt weird asking strangers for money or to buy me coffee.

No. 1125626

/g/ and /ot/ have been easy to avoid for a long time because of this shit. Nothing feels the same anymore.

No. 1125631

i honestly regret losing weight. i was obese since childhood and would scarf down an entire bag of party size chips and share size bags of candy in one sitting. i would drink a whole carton of soda in a week. i was disgusting, but i was happy. right before the pandemic happened i became obsessed with eating healthy for no reason and lost 150lbs. now i'm bordering on underweight and since i have no curves on my body i look gross like a saggy old man. i thought being skinny would change my life for the better, but instead i just feel intense guilt over everything i eat. i use the calculator app like i'm an accountant counting up my calories for the day over and over in case i got it wrong. i also can't shit. like i'm constipated 24/7. if you're fat - just stay fat.

No. 1125634


No. 1125635

You know there's some middle room between being overweight and underweight… It's not smart to stay as either extremity.

No. 1125644

>friend who has 3 kids with good for nothing scrote comes out as bi and poly(again)
>they are looking to date diff people
>she is also somehow moving to some random ass city in mexico for 4 months because she saw a cheap airbnb
>she is moving the whole family there which means they will be removed out of school(again)
>none of them speak spanish, and they are 60% in english
>her mum somehow is okay with this
>im not and I told her my two cents

Urgh, I want to cut ties but at this point I'm worried for these kids who will be stuck in Mexico

No. 1125646

It's OK everyone I got sorted.

No. 1125651

>Cat is on porch
>Cat being cat catches bird
>Mom freaks out
>She freaks out more because it's a hummingbird
>Either 5th or 6th bird caught in 2 years
>Cat is no longer allowed on porch
Yet I was the bad guy for never wanting my cat to be allowed on the porch. She's a british shorthair ffs. The hummingbird flew away after it was rescued from my cat.

No. 1125655

I feel bad I can't do more to comfort him when he tells me what she did to him.

No. 1125658

I hit my toe bad and I'm angry

Why God? why me

No. 1125659

Does your cat have a bright collar with a bell on it?
Helps quite a bit at giving the birds a pre warning

No. 1125660

Seems like you just traded one eating disorder for another. Yo should seek professional help anon, and I don't mean this ironically or in bad faith at all.

No. 1125665

File: 1649274083878.jpg (79.37 KB, 564x861, 85b8be5ef192571b3422f22321853a…)

Maybe you could use the japanese thread for practice with other nonas? Me included. I think that would be okay, and even fun.

It's been years since I last used it, but there was also lang8, kinda like a diary that you write in japanese and natives come to correct your mistakes and comment on it.
I hope you can go back to learning, anon!

No. 1125667

My cat (RIP) was a proficient hunter in her youth. He stupid bell collar did nothing she still would always bring me Robins and it would break my heart. I stopped accepting her gifts and she would wail at the window then eat them in front of me. The worst was when she would catch spiders or moths and bring them in. You were suppose to catch the ones in the house!!

No. 1125668

Poor birdie. I agree with the anon who said to put a bell on the cat. If you're mom wants her to have outside time, maybe taking her on walks would be better. That way she can be supervised.

No. 1125676

This is what you make for someone with Down's syndrome

No. 1125678

I feel like we used to have a Japanese language thread… or maybe I'm just thinking of the general language learning thread. Lang8 sounds really good though, I'll check it out! I used to be assigned diary/journal entries as Japanese homework with my private tutor so it feels nostalgic, and I also journal a lot now so I think it'll be really good for me! Thank you for the suggestion nonna!

No. 1125681

Omg cute cute why is this so cute I feel like my heart is glowing looking at it

No. 1125684

What kind do you recommend? I had one that was supposedly breakaway but she ended up choking badly. >>1125667
Wow. My cat does the same thing your kitty did (sorry for the loss). She brought in a roach last summer as well as a bunch of praying mantis. Kek.
I could try that. I'd have to do it around sunset because of all the dogs around me. Typically people don't walk the dogs around that time.

No. 1125692

File: 1649275697859.jpg (13.97 KB, 400x400, 36706_1.jpg)

This is the one I use on my cat who loves hunting (we also have like 12 bird feeders in our garden so protecting the birds was super important). It-s a hunter brand reflective collar.
Another thing I do is go stand next to her if I see her either sitting in a place waiting on birds or if she's actively getting ready to pounce on a bird, I will follow her around (just walking slowly close to her) until she gets bored and stops hunting the birds, this seems to have deterred her from hunting birds somewhat and she hasn't brought one in for ages since I started the following her around technique even though obviously I'm not there all the time to do so.
She still kills loads of mice and voles which we just let her do since she typically doesn't catch them in the garden anyway.

No. 1125697

Why do people like this have kids? The best you can do is stay in touch. hope the kids are old enough to leave soon. Sounds toxic af

No. 1125701

This is me right now. I'm supposed to be job hunting but i keep getting distracted. i need to focus so badly

No. 1125704

No. 1125721

Thank you for the collar recommendation, I'm going to check the stores around me. There are a couple of stores I think will have it. I'll have to try the following technique.

No. 1125726

I'm so sorry nona. I also loved roleplaying in wow but you summed up a lot of the issues. These terminally online idiots are insufferable. If it helps they have shit up ffxiv as well.

No. 1125734

File: 1649278578935.jpg (73.33 KB, 500x669, 08ebedf699e751e4066eb4316618d9…)

I don't think I will ever stop seething about the way polyvore got shut down. If I was rich, I would pay hackers to non-stop DDoS the website who devoured it and spam negative reviews until the shitty brand goes bankrupt.

No. 1125738

File: 1649278912845.jpeg (64.95 KB, 720x581, FC1B0115-4178-4E5F-B498-7E2A1E…)

Idk where to put this, I don’t really think it belongs in Relationship Advice so I chose here… do any other non-single anons miss certain aspects of being single? There’s a lot I don’t miss and of course the stability and security of a relationship and so much else is great…. but I get into these phases where I miss the unknown and potential that comes with being single. I miss having frivolous crushes and dreaming I could make someone fall in love with me lol.

It’s so stupid because my boyfriend loves me more than anyone ever has and I’m extremely lucky to have him but sometimes I just miss the more romantic aspects of single life. I think I’m just in love with the idea/fantasy of love so I miss entertaining those thoughts. I just want to kms when I get like this because I feel so guilty and cruel…

No. 1125743

>I have so many terrible things to say about my boyfriends ex but it all boils down to me feeling so much guilt over the way she treated him
Wow… Do girls actually fall for the "toxic ex" lie? Of a guy's telling you about his evil toxic ex, he'll talk about you in the same way with the next woman he fucks.

No. 1125752

This, seriously. Of course you feel guilty for another woman’s alleged actions, that’s what he MEANT for you to feel so that you feel obligated to do whatever he wants to “make up for” the toxic ex.

No. 1125759

No. 1125761

>self harming

you must be 18 or over to post here

No. 1125762

i cut it off with this girl who i know is a bad person and has hurt my feelings, but i miss her sm and i'm trying so hard not to go back to her lmao. there's just something about being with her

No. 1125763

nta but shut the fuck up

No. 1125862

Imagine fucking dumping me and then going on a tyrade about how fucking cruel and horrible I am and that I broke your heart and that I'm an evil bitch and you hate me. And then deciding i must have cheated on you so logging in to all my social medias to read my private messages,finding nothing. Its like you forgot that you fucking dumped me dipshit

No. 1125869

god damn anon. people are fucking retarded, dunno what else to say other than i hope you go no contact and aren't too hurt

No. 1125929

anyone have experience with retards who barrage you with marriage proposals but are too fucking evil and stupid to say sorry for the smallest thing? their egos prevent them from even slightly empathizing with us when they hurt us, but you come to me begging me to marry you. FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF

No. 1125932

you would benefit from cutting, tard

No. 1125934

Just Pakistan tings

No. 1125938


No. 1125947

you know, at least that would make some sense. we're both atheistic first worlders and he has no reason to act like this. i'm so tired of the begging to marry me for years now only to continue to commit the same offenses against me, totally unrepentant and unremorseful. just no sympathy at all for my suffering. i hope he loses his legs and dies alone.

i can't even say that i'm hurt without him chimping out and focusing on my tone after i've been extremely hurt. absolutely no introspection, no "what did i say that you felt hurt by? and how can we avoid this in future? i don't want to hurt you", nothing. so fuck off with the rings, fuck off with the begging. i've told this dumbfuck to stop contacting me for forever unless he changes and without fail he bombards me with messages, calls, emails, saying he will do "everything you need or want, everything will be exactly as you need. i just don't want to lose you and i just wants to be close", only to pull the exact same shit 3 days later. at least i have some of his money i guess for all my suffering.

No. 1125956

I've got a 4% chance of intestinal leakage with a 39% mortality rate and emergency small intestine resection tomorrow. I hate doctors with a passion. They told me for a decade that I'm fine, saying it's ibs (not a real diagnosis, more a placeholder to get you to fuck off and never come back again, like cfs or fibro). Years of jaundice (confirmed by bloodtests), blood and mucus in stool, pain which makes me drop to the floor, lump seen from the outside of stomach, but nooooooo I'm young so it's impossible for anything to be wrong with me! If you're a healthcare professional reading this and you make a habit of dismissing serious symptoms in young female patients, sincerely, please kys.

No. 1125957

I’m tired of everyone thinking they’re autistic, another word completely loses its weight and meaning

No. 1125969

Im sick of this too. A bit ago i was told what felt like a heart attack going on for hours was nothing. They called me back to say i need to go to ER immediately for a condition that ended up in a few surgeries. But no, I'm a younger woman not some 30-70 year old so "its probably nothing" until the correct scan finally showed it. My general doctor ignored it years ago too when i asked what was wrong.

No. 1125977

are you the tumor nonny from yesterday? I was thinking about you today and was about to post a screaming cat gif and type "WHERE IS TUMOR NONNY I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED"

you should contact your previous docs and tell them what youre going through. so many that dismiss dangerous symptoms never see what damage they did or learn what happened; the patients go elsewhere eventually and the docs stay ignorant

No. 1125998

i’m sick of sarcasm and negativity, i’d rather have friends who just tell me to drink water and try yoga at this point.

No. 1126001

Yup, I already walked into their office yesterday with copies of the letters from the surgeon and other specialists. Btw 2 in liver, and unknown amount in small intestine, but at least one.

No. 1126014

People have told me I'm problematic because I met my wife when I was 14 and we had a relationship together (we've been together ever since).

I've also had people tell me I can't be Mexican because I'm pale. I fucking hate this timeline. It's like people want to cancel me for just existing.

No. 1126018

are you male or lesbian

No. 1126027

Lesbian kek, sorry that wasn't clear.

No. 1126030

How old were you? If youre 18 and over then youre a pedo

No. 1126034

Nta but shes saying she met the current wife at 14 and essentially didnt try multiple relationships before marrying. At least i hope anon didnt marry AT 14.

No. 1126039

People would have only reason to call you problematic if you were dating a child despite not being one yourself.

No. 1126041

KEK god sorry this wasn't clear. I met my wife at 14, she was 15. We got married when gay marriage became legal here (in our 20s). But we've been in a relationship since we were young. Apparently this is problematic to a lot of people though.

No. 1126049

It's not even 7 am where I am, but I was woken up to my neighbours screaming at their kids

No. 1126050

They should have a problem with all preteen-teen sweethearts that married at only 17-19 then. Of course the religious nut ones who usually meet in school, marry at legal age, have kids by 24, and probably divorce by 25-30 arent problematic though.

No. 1126052

What time is the surgery? I'll think of you

No. 1126057

Really? I have an aunt and uncle who have been together since they were 13 (50s now) and everyone always thinks it's sweet. Maybe people are weird about the lesbian thing? I don't get it. Congrats to you guys tho!

No. 1126058

i’m sorry but how the fuck do anons lack reading skills so much? She clearly said “I was 14” what the fuck

No. 1126063

Best friend vents to me about ex bf and gets mad/gives silent treatment when I don't have much to say or change the subject…nevermind that it's been months of the same conversation and i'm jaded from my own heartbreak literally don't have the emotional labor to give to this issue anymore

No. 1126073

I obviously need a job, any job, but I have a visceral hatred for anything corporate that I think it's coming through in the interviews. Like I cannot pretend I would like to work when I actually hate it, but I just need it

No. 1126076

File: 1649309857423.jpg (144.89 KB, 640x892, 6jpt9mhe10541.jpg)

10am CEST!
btw need to vent some more. How come other people swallow strange objects, scrotes put weird stuff up their bum and they're fine, meanwhile my intestines are retarded and try to eat themselves? I'm part of the 10% who actually gets enough fiber, don't drink, exercise regularly etc., it's not fair.

No. 1126080


take a deep breath for once and absolutely just go for it, sis. you both deserve it.

No. 1126082

Sounds like subtle lesbophobia idek. Like how dare you not grow out of your 'experimental phase' and fall for a man? At my 10 year high school reunion, every single couple was still together. All of them. Even the ones that didn't show up. I only thought that was weird.

No. 1126088

This is so retarded (aside from the obvious reasons that other anons have pointed out) because most big box stores have apps, many even being location-specific, so you can save products in case you do need your partner to grab something specific they might be unfamiliar with. My bf and I both use apps like that because we both hate shopping and the apps show you aisle numbers and such, and the specific listings have UPCs so the employees can help you more easily. Even when old, tech-illiterate people come into the store I work at saying, "My grandson wants blah blah blah" they still have a screenshot of the product saved to their phone for me to look at. Imagine going to an employee with your big-boy list LMAO. Such a baby-brained solution to an even more baby-brained problem.

No. 1126095

File: 1649312377446.jpeg (11.61 KB, 275x205, 489856.jpeg)

I am feeling a lot of existential dread concerning my turning 25 this year. Idgaf about hitting the wall because I know it's bullshit – I'm worried that I wasted my teens and early 20s and haven't done, experienced, or accomplished "enough". Especially the thought that my brain is supposed to "finish developing" soon is kind of disturbing. I don't feel much more mature than I did a couple years ago. Not having any friends definitely doesn't help but part of me irrationally feels that I'll never make friends. I hope I can make myself proud this year and ease my own fears, but I'm not feeling hopeful.

No. 1126096

Eat a normal amount now that you're normal sized. Yo-yoing food gives you ibs.

No. 1126097

The 25 limit is just for frontal lobe development (critical thinking), you're not going to become a robot or smthng

No. 1126102

I wasn't worried about becoming a robot kek though I don't blame you for thinking that because I wasn't specific. I don't feel any better at making decisions, absorbing info, remembering things, evaluating people, etc., than I did at 18. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, though.

No. 1126103

File: 1649313418515.png (26.07 KB, 1085x172, Screenshot 2022-04-07 083621.p…)

No, anon that's not true kek

No. 1126106

File: 1649313888834.jpg (73.81 KB, 735x525, 546121d0529010cf27a3426bca0035…)

Istg I will NEVER fucking eat takeout again this is the SECOND TIME within a year that I got food poisoning from it, FROM TWO DIFFERENT SERVICES, and I eat takeout like 5-8 times a year. What the fuck are they doing with the food they sell? Why is this allowed? Fuck these assholes, I'm going to contact the public health department as soon as I get better.

No. 1126109

Lmao do they keep raising it because people are insecure adult babies who don’t want to grow up? Your brain’s always changing, the whole “you’re not fully grown until 20…no 25… no 30” thing feels just self infantilization

No. 1126110

You can't escape because the problem is with you. Learn how to talk to people so you can find actual fun friends to do stuff with. Fun people like people who can talk and be fun as well. It's the only way to make it happen.

No. 1126115

File: 1649315493047.gif (93.86 KB, 240x180, tenor (11).gif)

I am so sick of my sister in law that tries whining about her country and making any opportunity to say something negative about it (which is always taken out of thin air). Bitch always sits at home without any job or education at age of 28 on her own ass, forcing her own mother to have two jobs, so she could take care of the bills and grandmother. They always make food for her, never ask to clean, they even make her own clothing. Oh, I remember how you threatned your mother suicide if she won't give you money for weight loss surgery which made no difference at all. What was the point of that?
You are such a fucking whiney person. Now going as far as calling your language dead language when you know that's not true, all of your neighborhood countries know how to speak and understand it so shut your fucking ass, a lot of people speak it too. You don't know what a dead language is. Then when war started she started making it all about herself over how much she hates her own country when it will never be attacked and her existence is not related nor will be affected by war at all unlike me. You don't know what it's like spending years trying to move out of a corrupted dictated country where everyone hates women and finds domestic abuse so normal that they remove the law against it altogether, you don't know what it's like always having to run away from drunk men, you don't know what it's like having men try preying on you and all you can do is hope that there's a huge store nearby through 2nd exit of which you can safely leave. You don't know what it's like watching your grandparents having to always sell their jewelry because their pension is 100€ a month which is a lot less than their renting bills. You have always been a priveleged cunt that wanted to have as much attention as possible, hence why you started throwing hysterical fits and always claiming how much you want to be me (for no reason, while then spending 5 minutes talking about how much of a victim you are. I am always polite to you yet you keep trying to turn stepbrother against me, because he doesn't live with you and he's a fucking teen). I wonder if you whine so much not only to groom a 23yo porn-addicted gamer kid onto trying to live with him in other country or you are still a "right wing and a traditional woman" Nazi. Get a fucking job so your mother will have to stop crying that she has to work till 12pm. You are such an ungrateful cunt, bragging how you wake up late to not talk to her because all she wants is to know if you will get a job because the bills and food prices are increasing.

No. 1126119

Unbelievable in this day and age that my coworkers, my PEERS are against discussing their wages. It only benefits the employer, but they maintain it'll start an all out war between us because one might be paid more than another. Like no bitch you're just outing yourself as petty and who'll start shit if you're not being paid the most.

How the fuck have they managed to brainwash themselves like this? Last job I had we discussed wages and I found out the native male was being being paid more than me, the immigrant woman, despite him being much less experienced and educated. Did it make me hate him? A bit because I hate moids in general, but my actual ire was directed to the employer, as it should be.

No. 1126120

File: 1649315773428.jpeg (76.68 KB, 570x417, 22680E48-5693-4B58-A7CA-3013C6…)

I had a remote customer service job last year that required me to be sitting at the phone/computer all day AND HOLY SHIT I GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT IN 6 MONTHS. I went from being an active person, always on my feet to being sedentary and FUCK I GOT FAT.

I finally got fired for being late (which was my fault, I procrastinated logging in since I hated the job anyway) so I have all the time in the world to work out now, but god damn it IM STILL FUCKING FAT and my self-esteem is tanked.
I always hope I don’t run into anyone I know in public. Fuck.

No. 1126121

File: 1649315778054.jpg (190.8 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nqw82sYfoK1trjva0o1_640…)

I hate the fact that weed is working much much better than my antidepressants. Like idk, it gives me pleasure in doing things that i had lost with depression, even a few days after the initial high, not horribly overthink anything also.
Antidepressants just makes me not want to kill myself and that's pretty much it.
And that fact alone makes me wonder if my life is actually worth living kek, cause, if i can't be not depressed with antidepressants (and therapy) and that only an illegal substance can make me happy is it really worth it?
Idk sorry for rambling

No. 1126122

Ages ago, on the stupid questions thread, I talked about my friend who thinks bags are a social construct. Well, now he keeps saying stuff that rubs me the wrong way. We were discussing prostitution once. I said I don't agree with it because it exploits people, and he basically implied I'm a hypocrite because I use electricity which exploits miners. Even though we don't use mining to get electricity in England?? Some things he does upsets me quite a bit. There was one time we had some cocktails before going to a gig, and he got kicked out 'cause he threw up after drinking too much, so we had to leave. We're walking through the streets late at night, and he keeps running off talking to strangers. At one point, some guy tries to drag me away by the hand, and my friend is busy talking to someone and does nothing. Later on, that same guy forcibly kissed me and my friend is next to me and literally is standing still and not helping me. The next day, I tell friendo that a guy dragged me way and he didnt help and ALL HE SAYS IS "I WAS DRUNK". NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY.

No. 1126124

i want my fucking ex to mail me my shit RIGHT NOW!!! he says he's on it, but i've been gone for almost a quarter of a year now and i want my fucking shit. i want my electronics, my shirts, and everything else i couldn't fit in my car. i want my shit. i'm going to annoy him about it i don't fucking care if he's depressed and sad. i'll make his life more stressful by continuously demanding he mail my shit.

No. 1126127

That's not a friend, that's a liability

No. 1126128

Do you really think that? Back in the day kids had to work in factories at 12 or whatever, so ofc 20 was seen as very grown. I don't think it's farfetched to say body development is adapting to modern life or maybe humans develop more slowly than previously thought?

No. 1126136

have you tried changing meds?

No. 1126139

The PMS blues are coming and I'm panicking at the smallest things and feeling hopeless about the future. Fuck meeee

No. 1126140

im really trying to not be suicidal but… we out here being suicidal

No. 1126142

I fucking HATE my coursemates. I hate them so much they are so horrible. most of our class is over 35 and were convinced they could take one single programming course and be able to change their career, and now when reality sets in that you need a lot more than one year of beginner HTML to become a programmer, they're acting like adult babies.

Our teacher/professor/whatever is a very young woman, so they treat her like shit as a result. were studying programming, and she came out with the unis suggestion for a new course plan for the next two terms. This whole year everyone has been critiquing the course, especially the course plan for not being able to be met. So the uni made a change. Now there are a bunch of older men screaming at a fresh graduate about a course plan she has no actual say in. it's so fucking horrible to watch and I can hear her crying through the mic. I had to leave the lesson because I felt so sick listening to it. I hope these people get reprimanded for this tantrum, but I'm almost certain they won't, given my teacher is almost convinced this is her fault.

As a bit of background, she was brought in recently to pick up the mess we had last year when we had an overconfident, underqualified and very lazy teacher who made a fucked up course plan and followed none of it. Shes essentially became the bastards in the class punching bag for their frustrations about that previous teacher.
I'm trying to be a bit of support for my teacher, I wrote my feedback on the course plan and thanked her for the very tolling task of trying to fix a very broken term. I want her to know at least one person is in her corner on this one, because being a female programming teacher is probably isolating enough, without having to wrangle a bunch of entitled babies for students.

No. 1126147

i want more female friends. i refuse to be friends with anymore scrotes. i grew up with guys as friends because i would just get along with them. the only girls i knew were so kpop/weeb obsessed they became fakebois and couldnt talk about anything outside the current hot season anime. now the only girls i know one has essentially left the internet, one doesnt talk to me much because im not a main friend, and the other might be an alcoholic. ive pretty much left all my male friends because they didnt give me fulfillment in the way other women did when talking. now i just hate coming home to do my mundane tasks. my mundane homework, studying, watching a ton of lesson videos. the few family members i have to talk to are insanely busy working 40-60 hours. its weird i come home just to feel more empty than at work. no amount of online games feel like it would help because the chat or voice chat would just be more guys. everything feels like a dead end since a lot of women my age are religious and/or partied here so they got strapped down with kids by 16-20.

No. 1126158

I'd love to go no contact. Unfortunately that twat is living in my flat and is very much not wanting to move the fuck out. I pay most rent, I'm primary tenant. Yet he was fucking convinced that I would fucking move out. Hes so pissed I want to stay in MY FUCKING HOME. He fucking broke up with me.

No. 1126167

if it's legally your flat shouldn't you be able to kick him out? Talk to a lawyer if needed, if possible have a family member/friend stay over too in case he would get violent when you're alone.
Or if you have male friends, tell them what's up and grab a few and make them come help you to force him to leave right then and there. He can go live with his parents or a friend, that's his problem.

No. 1126171

Yep, got 3 different meds in 4 years with different doses too, at best they make me feel just not suicidal at worst they make me psychotic soooo, can't really say i haven't tried haha

Same nonna, my desk job has got me gaining almost 10 kg aaaa

No. 1126172

I had this for a while nona and I think it was actually psychological on my end. I was going through a period of grief but my eating felt unconnected to it, which is why I didn't think that was a factor at the time. What got me eating again was going out for dinner, eating decadent foods I enjoyed and then slowly reintroducing other foods back into my diet.

No. 1126181

Right now im in a hotel, I've said he has to move out by tomorrow. He's had 4 days so far. Hes moving in with a friend. Hes a very scrawny guy whos been violent with me before so I have a couple bigger male friends who are willing to show up if needed. I'm trying to handle everything as civilly as possible. I dont want to make it a big thing I just want him out

No. 1126194

Having a job interview today and I feel sick with panick and want to call it off last minute

No. 1126198

File: 1649324997843.jpg (40.68 KB, 493x442, da8c341fa16ea0f80f79b0be35d83f…)

I'm triggered by almost everything. I live in fear knowing that any little thing I come by, both irl and on the internet, may remind me of some past painful events and I'll end up being unable to escape the pain of these thoughts for the rest of the day and it may even push me back into a depressive episode. At any time, no matter how good I feel, it can be so easily destroyed. I'm seeing a therapist, doing breathing exercises, practicing meditation and all the shit but so far I can't see any big improvement. It's exhausting, I want to be free but way too often it feels like death is the only real way out if it. I wish there was anything more I could do to help myself…

No. 1126204

They even do that for very common illnesses so I'm not surprised at all. Once I passed out, woke up and threw up and felt so week I had to go to the doctor a few days later only by myself. The bitch insisted for 30min that me, a kissless virgin woman, was just pregnant and experiencing morning weakness (to the point I couldn't eat for nearly a week btw) and she wanted to throw me out of her office and force me to go back to work. I insisted, she got angry and tested me for some stomach virus and guess what? I was actually sick. She was like "ugh, I guess you're not pregnant then…. pff…" yeah fuck you too stupid, stupid bitch. And she yelled at me when I stayed in the waiting room because my sister was going to pick me up after her own appointment because I could barely walk.

Doctors also told my mother with some chronic physical health issues that are very painful that it's all in her head, she just has depression, and years later after getting a bunch of tests and having suicide ideation due to the physical pain they finally found out that her spine is completely fucked up. Fuck them too. The worst a condition is the harder it is to get a proper diagnosis, these people are doing the exact opposite of their jobs.

No. 1126208

take some slow deep breaths nona, you can do this

No. 1126209

Only three in four years?? Of course nothing changed. That’s nothing what the fuck. I wish you the best of luck with the weed i guess but if that doesn’t work don’t give up on meds. There’s way too many and you haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.

No. 1126221

that's literally retarded. why would that be problematic? it's the literal definition of childhood sweethearts and straight people who knew each other/started dating as kids marry all the time. pay them no mind nona they just sound homophobic

No. 1126231

do you have any kind of support system nonna

No. 1126244

Not really, except for my therapist being there for 1h once a week I'm pretty much on my own…

No. 1126250

welp that sucks lol

No. 1126251

Thank you. It was actually supposed to start 10 minutes ago but noone's here. I might have been set up

No. 1126252

for some people weed works better. when i was a kid it did the same for me but eventually stopped working (probably because i have severe anxiety and just with age shit changes), but as long as it works for you, oh well. anti-depressants are basically as effective as placebo for most people tbh.

No. 1126253

It’s been a while since i socialized in real life, almost 2 years or so… going on 3 i have changed a lot since then and the biggest thing holding me back is fear that i’ll be a spaz and shitty as soon as i try to let someone in my life again… i’m so scared of saying the wrong thing, laughing too much, having slip ups. I’m basing all my fear around the last friend i had (i cut out) and i think she legit gave me some sort of trauma because i get flashbacks of her multiple judgy faces everytime i hit it off with someone

No. 1126254

20 minutes. I'm not going to wait more

No. 1126255

Most people aren't very judgy. Do you have any other old friends who's interactio s with you you can try to think about?

No. 1126261

File: 1649331016172.jpg (232.31 KB, 1647x2475, 718vUDakZGL.jpg)

I hate hate when feminist authors make a really good point about misogyny and then immediately add a bunch of "intersectional" caveats without explaining why. I skimmed this book in a bookshop and read this passage
>to paraphrase the noted medieval theologians Radiohead, men have the perfect bodies and the perfect souls.
which is so true and something I think about often, how one of the core premises of centuries of human (male) philosophical thought is that men are perfectly rational and pure beings and vice is externalised and attributed to something "other" (women), rather than it being inherently possible in all humans. but then it goes
>(Well, cisgender white men without disabilities who have never had sex with other men, anyway—once you propose a biological elite, the definitions tend to keep getting more and more elitist.)
?????????? such a massive over-simplification and for what? you think if aristotle lost a leg he'd change him mind on the nature of women? you think elagabalous (proto-tranny roman emperor) was seen as a woman? No, the romans saw him, like every deviant, as a man corrupted by the feminine. The man is male, the vice is female, that's literally the whole fucking point hello?????

same book talks about periods a lot then goes "by the way not all women have periods and not everyone who has a period is a woman!!! also parents should trans their kids" my nemesis in christ this whole book is about women, but those women actually aren't women, or maybe they are who knows, and the men talking about them might not even be men because those are made up concepts so what the fuck is even the point? what is a woman???? God i hate it here so fucking much nonnies. picrel is the book, I want to add that the edition in my language has a different title and a completely different cover which made it look like a normal essay about women in mithology and folklore not this libfem garbage

No. 1126265

Same here. I succumbed to my tendency to self-isolate long before covid happened but now I'm thinking abot meeting with people again and afraid that I'll come off as weird and they will be able to tell immediately that I've been a hermit for a long time

No. 1126270

I'm so sick of waking up suicidal every day and having to talk myself down alone. Like why do I bother. What do I realistically lose if I kill myself? Potential to change. But I've had that potential all my life and I haven't utilized it yet. I thought things would actually change when I saw a professional, but nothing has. I'm trying to make life worth living by booking in activities but I'm seeing a film in the cinema tomorrow for the first time since 2014 and it's making me sick to my stomach with anxiety and I'm sure I've booked the tickets wrong and they won't let me in or I won't be able to find the cinema or it'll be so busy I'll get overwhelmed and start shrieking. I'm just getting worse and worse and that's more shame inducing the more I'm trying.

No. 1126273

It's just the cinima, if you mess it up, nothing's going to happen. Just think of it as a way to practice easing yourself back into society

No. 1126277

The whole not all women have periods/not everyone who has a period is a woman is a disgusting misinformed slap to the face.

No. 1126283

You’re not alone anon, i am the same. Every damn day

No. 1126289

i love the perks of being a wallflower movie. why couldn’t ezra miller be normal

No. 1126290

No not really, i had known non judgy people but i can tell they don’t enjoy my company so we don’t talk anymore (since i stopped reaching out) it’s a struggle. I don’t know where i went wrong, i’m not sure if its my fault or what

No. 1126294

I cut myself a half week ago and wonder how I can continue to function. Like my thighs and my entire body are covered in relapses worth of endurance and pain and all I can wonder is why don't they develop gangrene and fall off, or something terrible happen to me. The last year and a half I've battered my form to the point of no return, I've never felt so empty. Combined pills with alcohol the night of the last relapse and swore the next morning the tingles would kill me, they never do. Far worse has happened, I'm pretty sure I just give myself brain damage. Does a woman who's done this to herself deserve to live? If God exists then why is he incessant about torturing me? I wanted something unattainable and far far out of my reaches and now that I know, I know I can't have it, I want to die. The fact that he continues to keep me living when I have half a brain, a shredded body, and worse, a broken arrhythmic heart, kills me more than someone killing me would. I have lost all will to live and I lied about it time and again. My false prayers it would improve, it hasn't. Rock bottom has a basement, I'm below it. I'm sorry nona, I wish I could say it gets better, it hasn't

No. 1126295

i have super bad anxiety before every shift and i don't know how to get rid of it. like i don't know how to stop stressing about my job

No. 1126298

File: 1649334864304.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x2873, 4D970047-FCA1-45DF-B7DC-4E9F56…)

My stupid phone won’t let me screenshot the whole thing, but there’s this to your last question.

No. 1126299

>I'm seeing a film in the cinema tomorrow
Anon, that's a great step right there!! I did the same thing recently, went to the cinema alone and it was great. I ran a little late (always had trouble getting ready) but I only missed the ads before the film. I had a lot of room for myself because there were only a few people there and I was very comfortable. You'll be just fine, if there are going to be a lot of people there, you can just blend in. Just check the cinema's address before going so go to the right place.
What happened to us is that we reduced our comfort zone by avoiding challenging things (going out, meeting people, etc) and now even smaller things give us anxiety. Try and focus on the film when you're there instead of your anxiety (I know, it's easier said than done, but at least try)

No. 1126300

>i can tell they don’t enjoy my company so we don’t talk anymore (since i stopped reaching out)
You might just be projecting your fear of rejection onto them, keep in mind they aren't actually the ones breaking it off

No. 1126304

I have a friend who talks "at" me. For the most part, we get on really well, but when they just start rattling off every thought in their head it drives me nuts.

No. 1126318

File: 1649336642084.jpg (40.16 KB, 577x577, IMG_4669.jpg)

I'm going to try and word this as clear as possible but I'll probably fuck it up anyway:

We (as a society) messed up when we said men should be allowed to freely become unhinged and 'express their emotions and not have to feel masculine!' at every opportunity. For fuck sake, women aren't even allowed or encouraged to express themselves or assert boundaries yet I still see so much pick-me shit about how men should be able to cry at random and just spout their thoughts and feelings to everyone. Am I living in a fucking fever dream? Yes okay I think everyone should be able to express their worries but there's a time and a place for it and so many men are jumping on this "muh mens mental health" bandwagon as an excuse to just pull the victim card at every fucking opportunity. It's honestly pathetic. If you're lucky enough to not have to subject being sperged at by some porn-addicted autistic moid who feels it necessary to narrate his entire life manifesto and the lore of final fantasy to you, you're instead being subjected to constant fucking whining and gaslighting from men who think there's some sort of 'deep, emotional reason' as to why they 'can't' find a job while sitting and playing video games all day and not even doing any housework.

I'm not condoning moids of the past, but at least in the past men were typically required to have jobs, work and provide for themselves and their families or else they were (rightfully so) seen as worthless. Even the most stupid males were still in employment to at least contribute something to society. Nowadays men will feel like it's perfectly acceptable to sit at home with their hands on their dicks jerking off to exploited women, spending all their money on weed and shit food, and listing off a novel of reasons as to why they "can't get a job" meanwhile gaslighting and using their girlfriends/wives as bangmaids.
I just find it so ironic how these men are just free to do this meanwhile I can't even speak up for myself in a medical, professional or even sometimes personal environment without being portrayed as dramatic or bossy. I see so many people preaching about men's mental health and men expressing xyz but meanwhile no one gives a fuck about the numerous smaller ways women are gaslit and made to feel silenced in our everyday lives…unless of course you're a "transwoman" in which case you'll have the benefit of every crusty moid suddenly listening to your every fucked up whim and desire. They'll even carve a gaping hole for you within a short time of deciding you'd like to identify as a pervert, meanwhile women all over the world are getting their legitimate health issues dismissed because everyone seems to think we're just dramatic hypochondriacs.

No. 1126322

I swear this aggravates me so much, it's always what is a woman, what makes one, all this useless philosophical musings. Always targeted toward women, never once have I seen big 'deconstructing men' papers. I hate this most philosophy anyways so I am biased.

No. 1126325

my fav quote i once saw is 'Gen Z men were raised to show their emotions and now they just threaten suicide'

No. 1126355

I wonder if part of this is down to the idea of women just being a form of a 'lesser' man. Throughout history the existence of women has always been debated or what they 'truly are', if we are even worthy to be equal to men, are we just meant to lead men astray, etc. Even in biblical contexts it was Adam who existed first - Eve merely spawned from his rib as just a secondary person. Many female figures were always just seen as a tag-along for a higher male power, a muse, a mistress and so on.
Obviously a lot of people don't directly use biblical or religious references now compared to many years ago, but I think now it's just manifested in a different form under the guise of gender identity and trans bullshit. I agree with you btw, not once has anyone ever discussed or challenged what a man is, I feel like this is down to men still being seen as the 'default' human state, or the first inhabitors of the earth.

I also feel like this is a very intentional calculated move, obviously. When you reduce the female sex, and women, down to just an abstract idea or heavily link us to mythology, philosophy etc…you disconnect us from reality and our sex-based reality, leaving the door open to ridiculous shit like transgenderism and gender identity taking priority over material biological sex, and the rights that come with that for women. It's far far easier for them to oppress and discriminate against us when we are reduced down to a string of thoughts, an idea, a flimsy little feeling or some sort of abstract identity which every moid can just take on or off as they see fit.

No. 1126367

i'm so fucking angry nonnas. i have so much work to do today and this FUCK just made my day so much worse. i truly wish him a gangrenous and kidney stone ridden future

No. 1126378

I'm not a feminist myself so I know my opinion doesn't matter, but I don't like how intersectional has been transformed to just mean "feminism that includes men (trannies)".

No. 1126379

No offense anon, but use your common sense. Why would a moid come here to talk about his wife and being mexican.

No. 1126388

File: 1649340430365.png (858 KB, 858x480, C6943B63-1E7F-48D1-ABC9-6B8FEB…)

I’m really sick of my parents bitching at me when I’m already in a bad mood. It is so bizarre to me that they don’t understand why I’m miserable when
>I can’t take a shower in their house unless it’s in the morning, because they uninstalled the shower pieces in the main bathroom over a decade ago and never fixed them
>can’t do any of my homework at their house because the internet connection is worse than dial-up, it can’t even load google docs
>I leave for work by 7am, have classes after work three days a week and spend the other two days doing my homework at the school, so I’m usually not home until 7pm
>have no friends at college, never have time to participate in college activities and all the classes I’m interested are unavailable because they’re during hours when I’m working
This rant probably makes me sound like a bitch too but I’m so tired. There is nothing good about being in the US, being poor and working yourself to dust trying to “make it”

No. 1126403

File: 1649341421397.png (97.33 KB, 250x318, 1649324870600.png)

I live with my parents in a retirement village that's an hour away from the nearest city. Before I was living alone in a city completely isolated and never left my apartment. Now I am surrounded by people who are 2-3x my age. They tend to be very friendly, maybe because I'm the only young person, but they always say hello and make conversation when I walk by them on the street. Versus when I try to talk to people my age it is very awkward and I don't know how to connect with them. I have visited the nearest city a few times by myself but I didn't talk to anyone, I felt so stupid wandering around alone is what I have always had to do because I don't have friends. I also am wary of making online friends because I've done that before and had my feelings hurt by people I never met in person. I just want my high school best friend back. Just one person like that I could take on the world with, I don't care if I don't have a dozen friends, just a true one

No. 1126413

She is 100 percent right. I'd rather be in a room full of transmen than bio men any day. Bio men are threatening and dangerous to women. Other women are not as much. Trans agenda only imposes on women's spaces and men are left unbothered. This is why the gym locker/prison/sports situation only affects women.

No. 1126415

Let's watch that today on cytube, nonnie

No. 1126418

me too, I've never seen it

No. 1126420

I'm free now. I can't host but if any other anon can.

No. 1126424

I hate when I'm trying to pull my thumb to crack it and it won't fucking crack. Please I just want to relieve the tension

No. 1126425

are supportive and loving people fictional

No. 1126433

I don't know how to help my suicidal sister. She has breakdowns 2 times a week, locks herself in her room and breaks things and says she wishes she dies tomorrow among other equally disturbing things. She is currenty working fulltime along with graduate school and it's obviously taking a toll on her. We have said to her to just quit her job and focus on her studies, but she won't for reasons. All I can do is make sure she doesn't have to do anything at home so she can relax, food, bed, everything done, but she gets upset over nothing and then has a breakdown. I don't know what to do, I listen and choose my words wisely when she talks to me and always give her space when she wants. I really don't know what I can do.

No. 1126439

There’s not really much else you can do unfortunately, also remember to take care of yourself too

No. 1126441

hopfully your sister doesn't pull a soren on you.

No. 1126454

File: 1649343711401.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, 300px-Crying_Cat_screaming.jpg)

EVERYTHING is getting more and more expensive, it's ridiculous. Heating, electricity, food etc. My landlord also just called me to tell me that heating prices will go up by 60% and holy fuck I don't know how I'm gonna feed myself this month. I earn an okay of money but my expenses are insane because of all of this. I also had to go to two private doctors this month because there are fewer and fewer doctors who are covered by health insurance, especially dermatologists and gynecologists.

No. 1126462

After 23 years of research I've come to the conclusion that yes, they are fictional

No. 1126473

Jesus fuck this is so true and I can't stand it. Man I don't need that much I just want to eat and be warm is that too much to ask?

No. 1126477

That's a terrible friend. He sounds like someone who doesn't respect women and he's already shown that he won't be there for you if you're in a dangerous situation. I'd step back from the 'friendship' and slowly cut ties if I were you, it doesn't sound like he's adding anything positive to your life.

No. 1126508

File: 1649345948848.jpeg (897.21 KB, 4608x3072, 6bc6f50df96d86652f4079a29ab507…)

I'm afraid I'm turning into my mother.

I grew up with angry, controlling, "helicopter" parents who yelled and cursed every day and micromanaged my every move. I used to be so sad whenever my mom would get upset about something and go on a screaming spree, swearing and throwing things and going completely off-topic to rant about everything else she's upset about. I always swore that I would break the cycle and never become a 'yeller' as long as I lived.

Now I'm an adult and living with my very calm and sweet boyfriend. Right now, I'm very stressed about being unemployed and finances in general, meanwhile my boyfriend is helping me and pays for our rent/food etc. I feel like my emotions are on a hair trigger and I've blown up at my him for no reason. Last night I was cooking dinner and got upset because I felt like I wasn't cooking the fish properly and I cried and yelled that I was frustrated, hated my life, everything was terrible, etc etc.

He calmed me down and afterwards I felt so embarrassed. I don't want to cry and yell and curse like my parents do. I don't want to be an angry wife or parent someday that my family is afraid of.

I'm currently taking medication for depression, but I can't afford therapy right now and I don't know what to do.

No. 1126513

I picked up shoplifting again because of inflation

No. 1126516

Maybe try out meditation? Mindfulness and breathing exercises can help when you feel the stress levels rising

No. 1126518

I feel so bad about flaking on my friends and family and they don't know it yet. I was supposed to visit my parents over the weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday and meet up with a few friends too but I'm gonna cancel because I'm in a shitty headspace and dealing with financial issues. I feel so bad. My dad's getting old and I truly want to cherish the time I still have with him but I just want to crawl under a rock 24/7. I was supposed to enjoy this weekend and I was looking forward to it up until I got some shitty news regarding my finances this week. I feel like a letdown.

No. 1126525

I remember seeing Japanese porn when I was in college and it creeped me out. They have the actresses cry and moan in little baby voices and make faces like it's nonconsensual (because it's supposed to be 'hotter' if the woman is shy and initially doesn't want it). It made me feel so gross and uncomfortable. Whenever a moid is WAY too into Japan or anime it sets off alarm bells in my head and I assume they're a few steps away from pedophilia.

No. 1126533

Agreed, this is kind of the reason i never got into japan itself or was interested in its population or culture beyond my few favorite anime or manga. I think being exposed to how women are presented in their general media really deterred me from becoming a full on weeb i couldn’t ignore it

No. 1126538

I prayed for a man and my prayers got answered but I don't fancy the dude. I can feel him building himself up to ask me out and idk. I don't think he's cute and I don't want to date because all the pressure will be on my decision because I'm gorgeous obviously

No. 1126547

i love that for you anon! but don’t date him. i love when i can tell i got under a moid’s skin and make them nervous because they like that i’m a friendly average lady that feels attainable kek. such a confidence boost to turn them away

No. 1126568

Apologize explain to him why and tell him you'll try to change by doing x instead of yelling at ppl. Are you able to go to the woods and tell it out, or just grab a stick and start whacking a tree. That emotion needs to go somewhere.

No. 1126569

Does it even count as shoplifting if it's essential things?

No. 1126573

I have 0 friends. None in real life, none on discord, zero. I have full on conversations with myself all day.

No. 1126578

I don't even know where he came from. He's apparently worked for 5 years in this place but I've never noticed him, I was so confused the new guy knew my name lol. He's been waiting for me and anytime he sees me he lights up, like the biggest grin ever. It's nice but i feel awful because I do not give him the same reaction at all. I'm crushing on a completely different man in the same company lol, I wish it was him showing this much of an interest

No. 1126581

File: 1649350167785.jpg (314.37 KB, 800x497, love_heart_badges_800.jpg)

No. 1126582

File: 1649350198812.jpg (18.43 KB, 258x300, hammershoi-repos.jpg)

No. 1126583

I ruined my chest by binding during my gender special phase and it genuinely makes me want to die

No. 1126585

this happened to me in my senior year of highschool a few years ago and it still makes me mad
i was attending the birthday party of a dude in a group of school friends i’ve had since middle school. birthday boy has a TIF girlfriend that i hadn’t know about/met before because she’s not “out” on the social media pages i’ve been shown, and she rolls up in a skirt/eyeliner combo. okay! i assume this is a regular fucking girlfriend and i try to make buddy-buddy. similar interests even though she’s obviously libtarded/internet obsessed. ten minutes later we’re all in the car driving to a pizza place, his mom is driving, and she’s in the front passenger seat BAWLING and asking to get driven home while he awkwardly pats her neck from the behind seat. i am told later that the entire shit show was because i misgendered her. because a fucking sanrio skirt + fishnets + platform goth boots screams “IM TRANSITIONING TO MALE!” you’d expect at least a little bit of a heads up from your friends if they’re gonna be dragging a butthurt troon along with us, right? i am not shy about my opinions. they know me. i am not embarrassed about what happened in the slightest kek
they’re not even dating anymore and i still haven’t been invited back to the group hangouts. granted, i felt very slighted after that whole event and stopped reaching out to that group except for the occasional catch up with the women in it.

No. 1126606

omg anon, how long did you do it for? I remember before I had my breast reduction, I looked into doing that just as I was so self conscious and hated how I looked that much. But I didn’t and I’m glad. Also my breast reduction is not anything to do with gender stuff. I have a small frame and I was in pain often and couldn’t wear fitted clothes as I was so self conscious. Sorry for sperging

No. 1126613

coming back to say it isn't getting better
i have to go to the city to visit an art museum and i might have to go alone, I am afraid something is going to kill me if I go alone. make it stop. make the paranoia stop

No. 1126638

a year, maybe a bit more. before that I had lost and gained weight rapidly during adolescence, I'm sure that didn't help. but I think the binding is what really killed the elasticity.

I want a breast lift. how was your reduction? how much was it, are there payment plans? how long was the healing process? did you need to take a long time off of work? how did you find a surgeon?

No. 1126643

I wish I could help you anon… I know you've said in your original post you dont want to get back on medication but you should really discuss it with your therapist, maybe different medication would make you less worried about taking one? You really need help, any help you can possibly get. I hope you'll get to talk with the therapist soon. In meantime, I'm hoping for the better, safer future for you.

No. 1126665

Ok, this made my blood boil for you. That's so stupid, there's no way you could have known unless someone gave you a heads up first. What a fucking drama queen.

No. 1126678

I came back on here after not coming on for like a year and damn like 5 minutes scrolling and i remember why i left it’s just screeching and screaming and policing other women for what they like and what they do and pretending to be an attractive 10/10 stacy on this shitty dying gossip board. grim.

No. 1126680

No. 1126688

File: 1649353998186.gif (785.04 KB, 500x308, D5BDE492-3535-44D2-99F2-33F977…)

i voluntarily listened to the beatles for the first time ever last night and i actually enjoyed it fuck fuck fuck this isn’t me…

No. 1126699

File: 1649354285500.jpeg (31.86 KB, 439x439, 0a2c354c1fde91c69bdfb1ecf09362…)

I'm a tad tired of this colleague of mine. We go to college together everyday and we talk a lot on our way there. I do like him, but I'm getting fed up with his constant gender driven TEDTalk. I reckon it's important to him since he's NB, but the thing is idgaf about gender matters. Also, I always feel like I'm walking over eggshells when talking to him because he's an ultra sensitive SJW and I'm just autistic as fuck. I don't mean to disrespect him or anything because he is a nice person, but it sucks having to overthink absolutely everything so he won't wound up offended by some sperg shit I could unintentionally say. Like, yesterday he was telling me that his mom bashes him for wearing make up and so on. I told him I didn't claim to understand since it's a pretty tough situation, but tried comforting him saying I deal with something similar for my family laughs at my clothes whenever I'm about to leave the house. Then he said his mom ain't laughing at his clothes but rather at who he is. See what I mean? Whenever I try to be nice and empathetic, he says shit like that. I didn't even say I go to through the exact same stuff he does. This causes me to avoid him 'cause I feel so spent having to deal with that overly complex shit. Idk what to do, nonnas.

No. 1126701

I'm fucking freezing again despite the heating being on and me wearing a fucking turtleneck

No. 1126705

I’m from the uk, so I was able to have my reduction done on the NHS. So I didn’t pay for it!! You do have to qualify though, like you can’t be overweight like a high bmi, and other things such as pain and my mental health issues were another thing that I believe helped my case. I had it done in between my second and third university years, I had it done in the April of 2019 and went back to uni in the September. The only thing is, I do have scarring, which makes me feel upset sometimes. But I don’t regret it at all as I no longer feel conscious clothed, like I remember walking and always pulling at my tops and avoiding looking at myself in mirrors and stuff. I went from a G to a C/D

No. 1126712

Wow you like pop music from the 60s so niche

No. 1126715

File: 1649354730130.png (63.38 KB, 271x267, VM8eJ.png)

I'm truly depressed about the state of the world, esp for women, I literally can't read anything on the news about Ukraine or any other way torn country. I can't fucking take it I'm feeling suicidal about it and it isn't even about my own life it's because of everything else. My life isn't even that bad rn I just think about all the people suffering that can't be helped it just makes me want to die. I already cried today about this but I have to go to work later so I need to pull myself out of the slump

How do people cope with knowing about all the horrible shit going on and still live everyday?

No. 1126718

i never said the band is niche, babe

No. 1126735

File: 1649355178277.png (27.3 KB, 245x168, 1596814896466.png)

holy fuck I can't cope with the fact that moids think they're are LEGITIMATELY funny. how is that possible? is beyond subhuman. Males cannot be funny, they just can't, they're incapable of comedy and poetry. I hate that their ape brains go "DUUHuuuuhhh shIT FaRT fuNNy!!!" how can you look at your reflection on your monitor and not want to immediately kermit? How can your parents deal with the fact that they've begotten such a fetid failure? Death can't come soon enough

No. 1126738

Same, the only way that I've been able to handle it is by trying to limit the amount of news I read daily

No. 1126740

scrotes arent welcome here.

No. 1126741

Thanks man, I think I just need to slam someone's dick in the door to feel better :,)

No. 1126742

NTAYRT But I also got a breast reduction about a year ago and that's the best thing that ever happened to me. The skin in my breasts are flacid too, but I'd say the surgery improved the appearance of my boobs a lot besides making them look smaller. I paid 6k or so were I live, that including the doctor + hospital bills. It took me 2 or 3 months to fully recover although the scars are still taking time to fade away. The doctor operated on some of my SIL's friends and they liked the result, so they recommended him.

No. 1126743

File: 1649355451248.png (338.79 KB, 535x659, 1623607258668.png)

Doo doo cock AAAA HAHAHAHA
But get this:

No. 1126747

File: 1649355574206.jpg (11.56 KB, 464x279, 1640964672387.jpg)


No. 1126752

You just unironically replied to scrote bait, congratz.

No. 1126756

I spoke to my talk therapist but she can't prescribe me meds. It's the psychiatrist I don't want to go back to who could. If I weren't worried about money and longevity I would have resumed my meds again, but in bugerland there's few options if you no longer have insurance or dun want to pay the piper for psychiatrist appointments.

Talk therapist says and knows I have other outlets, I just need to unlock the willingness to do them without falling out of love every time I do. She can't force me to make my own decisions. As it stands I want to sleep 24 hours a day and sink into the ground i walk upon. I don't want to fear people I don't think can hurt me anymore. I want to stop associating my trauma with them. I want to leave this place most of all. It'll be six months till I can, so I have to suffice, and I have to find other outlets. It's just so damn hard. Eerie things have happened to reinforce my paranoia. I can no longer stand to be alone. The illusion I've created is that of an entity who aims to pillage me, or force me into insanity, and even knowing it's not real, he presides over me. He has the power and the money to bring a civilian to insanity. In my mind if he killed me, he'd use my own paranoia as an agent of reason to pose my death as suicide. my oblivious family none the wiser, everyone would assume I just died by my own hand. Hypothetically nobody would ever know why or how or what the truth was, and it sounds like such a horrible death if I was to be proven right all along. I'm tired of this insanity.

No. 1126758

File: 1649356220624.jpeg (78.81 KB, 750x920, 1595190056449.jpeg)

It's coming

No. 1126760

why do i get overstimulated by media. of all fucking things MEDIA. I'll watch a new tv show and think "ok that's enough for 6 months" and then just obsessively revisit comfort tv shows over and over. The repitition feels like a hell but I get overwhelmed by "newness" too. It's such a fucking weird and useless anxiety to have but it shits up my days regardless. I just want to keep up with new music, movies, interests, all of that. I don't know why I have so much anxiety over this!

No. 1126765

I want to kill myself so badly but I have to wait until my rat passes away first because I can't just abandon her, but she's so healthy for her age which makes me both happy but also simultaneously I want to kill myself already. Then I'd have to find a time where I'm home alone for a week so I can find the time to effectively kill myself with car exhaust fumes in the garage, but now I realize I need the fucking key to the car REEEEEEEE, it's not fucking fair that's like the surest ticket out of life.

No. 1126767

Literally just stop listening to all news. Ppl hate you for it but it's the only way to be mentally healthy nowadays.

No. 1126776

I’m >>1126705
How is scarring for you anon?

No. 1126782

Just noticed my boobs started hurting again. Thought Fuck it's that close to my period again?! Checked my period tracker and yep only 10 days left. God I hate being cursed with periods, I get like 2 pain free weeks a month, fuck this shit.

No. 1126784

>How do people cope with knowing about all the horrible shit going on and still live everyday?
I guess just by remembering that really fucked up shit is happening to an obscene amount of women in stable countries too, and most people are fine with that ig

No. 1126789

It's your sister, call her out what's she going to do stop being related to you

No. 1126791

File: 1649357636408.png (172.99 KB, 486x429, B68B6E40-B690-4431-A456-436501…)

So fucking tired of my 30 year old sister acting like a teenager and copying everything I do. I’m nearly a decade younger and I’ve had no self esteem for years due the treatment I got for being the “uglier one”, and now that I’m actually trying and noticeably “glowing up” as they say, she starts this shit.

She buys the same clothes I have even though she doesn’t even like them, when I stayed over at her place she even tried my clothes on while I was asleep. I cut my hair short last year and a few days after I visited and her husband complimented it she got the exact same haircut. I commented I’d like to dye my hair a certain color later that year, and a month later she got that color done (which everyone complimented and called original. Lol). On social media, which she’s addicted to, she’ll pretend to be into whatever games she sees me or my brothers play, even though she hasn’t touched a single game in years
After I casually mentioned something about my bisexuality (which I don’t make a big deal of and most people don’t even know cause it’s irrelevant), she “came out” as bi and started tweeting about how hot Beyoncé is and how much she wants a gf, despite being married (to a coomer, but still). I outright asked her if she’s sexually attracted to women, and she said she wouldn’t have sex with a woman, but she finds women like Doja Cat beautiful.

Last time we went on a holiday she asked me to send her the landscape photos I took. I told her not to post any, and she said it’d be just to show her husband. Lo and behold, she posted them everywhere pretending to have taken them, and because I don’t have social media, I only found out when her husband mentioned it. I called her out and she was like “Jesus Christ, it’s only some photos, I didn’t commit a crime, god you just ruined the mood” and was passive aggressive for the rest of the day.

Last week she saw me with a certain type of earrings and, despite her not having worn earrings for years, she just showed me a pair she ordered that look just like mine. Worst part is I think she doesn’t even realize and complains to me about her friend copying her. Of course she’ll have a meltdown at the slightest hint of criticism, and aside from my siblings who have also gone through some of this shit, she’ll get everyone’s pity.

It’s petty as hell but god I’m so annoyed and tired

No. 1126794

Sorry anon, I deleted and wrote again my post because of some English mistakes I made but honestly i think I will. I’m moving to another country later this year and tbh I can’t wait

No. 1126796

Your sister sounds insecure and sad. She probably saw her coomer husband start to look at younger women, and even you since she got the same haircut after he complimented you, so she's trying to behave in a way that will garner her attention because her man no longer cares about her. Don't be too rough on her, as someone who's had bad insecurity, I'd sometimes try to copy people to fit in. I mean not to her extent but dress like a normie and act more girly to be accepted by similar girls, yk.

No. 1126799

Tbh I don't care about the scars. Mine are the biggest ones, I mean, that with the anchor shape. I knew the surgery would leave scars, but I'm honestly okay with it because at least I got the chance to feel more comfortable with myself. If you are concerned about it, just know the doctor will most likely prescribe you a cream or smth to help with the scarring and improve its appearance over time. The reason my scars are still visible is because I'm a dumbass who didn't use the cream, but you should be okay.

No. 1126802

I'm in the US with 34DDs so I don't think I'd be eligible for breast reduction. I'm going to try and save up money and vacation hours and get a breast lift. I know plastic surgery is a slippery slope but I think I genuinely would be much more confident. i hear they're around 10k… maybe they do payment plans. can you work while you're still healing?

No. 1126806

Wear a plain mechanics jumpsuit every time you have to see her and see if she copies that. No makeup, no jewelry, just the jumpsuit.

No. 1126809

I'm too mentally dysfunctional to write this fucking thesis why can't I just fucking do it!! Why is it so hard to write even one line of text!!!

No. 1126810

Sounds like you need to cut this bitch out of your life. She sounds pathetic

No. 1126813

Pretend that thesis is the ultimate milk recap you’ve ever been requested to do since you’re the only one with the source.

No. 1126816

Nta, but this gave me motivation. I'm always on it when I have milk that someone else needs.

No. 1126818

ayrt, and considering how little I can shut up to my friends whenever I find new milk this is actually really good motivation, thank you nonnie

No. 1126843

i feel so stupid for letting my teenage bully make me feel bad after all these years. when i saw she sent me a friend request on ig i froze up and relived all the pain i endured under her. it was almost a pavlovian reaction. why am i such an autist ree

No. 1126856

Fear/shock/pain is a normal response to a source of hurt. Bullying can lead to a genuine trauma so don't beat yourself up about it.

No. 1126879

i fucking hate my stupid boyfriend right now. we met up irl for the first time in fall and this is the second time i’ve spent 500$ on a ticket to visit him. i’m planning on making us not long distance by the end of summer, we are both going to move to the same location (optimal for both of us because i hate where i live now and would move there regardless of him) BUT i have so much shit to do before i make the move because i’ve never moved out before let alone to a brand new city. i need to finish some classes and other shit. it’s going to take me at most 5 months. need to save some fucking money. he has more money than me. he hates being long distance and loves to remind me about it. we’re talking about the moving plan while in the car together and he’s like “so how long will the classes take?” i’m like “oh well mid to end of summer” and then he’s like “yeah well i can’t do long distance for another 4 months” WHILE IM FUCKING SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and we’ve had a great visit with each other so far and i’m a great fucking girlfriend who deals with his mentally ill shit. he says he gets nothing out of our relationship when we are long distance and that he has to emotionally check out and that he even doesn’t feel love for me while we are distanced. okay fuckhead so stop saying you love me, stop dating me then, because this is the situation right now. the words i love you aren’t going to come out of my mouth to him again. at this point i just want to break up. i can’t believe he’d say all of that to me and act like it’s okay. he’s such an emotional retard. but the ironic thing is he treats me the best out of all my other boyfriends, i love his qualities and he has great morals, isn’t some typical coomer scrote but he says shit that is so cold and abrasive at times. i really think i’m done.

No. 1126882

I'm currently trying to break into standup comedy and tv writing. The number of scrotes that think they're God's Gift To Comedy is insane and I wish I had just 50% of their delusional blind confidence, I could probably take over the world

No. 1126886

That bitch can't hurt you anymore and whatever happened before, cannot happen again. Softblock her though.
You will see these mediocre scrotes pitching the stalest sketches and people lose their minds and women get told "is that too politic though"

No. 1126888

Here to yell with you, I ALSO FUCKING HATE PERIODS. I FUCKING HATE THEM. I hate that I'm an miserable, crying mess for a week and then in pain for 5 MORE days for every month, of every year. I feel like I only get 2 "good weeks" out of the month. It's not fucking fair.

No. 1126890

Holy shit, did the conversation not go any further after that "can't do 4 more months" remark? What does he even mean, he's gonna break up with you 3.5 months in? Cheat? What's the purpose of expressing anything except excitement for the future here? He doesn't deserve anything of that effort you're putting into him. You want to move for yourself, so stick to that plan, but don't waste your time on such insensitive scrote, even if he's these few centimeters above the usual almost non-existent bar.

No. 1126893

Men literally can't shut the fuck up about their dicks for 2 seconds but a woman makes one joke about PMS and "WOMEN ONLY TALK ABOUT PERIODS HURR DURR WOMEN NOT FUNNY"

No. 1126894

File: 1649362678017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.56 KB, 808x453, co.jpg)

>get a crush on a guy in class
>he's polish and significantly better looking that most of the guys in my school
>we've seen eachother in class for 7 months but never talked
>get the courage to ask for his number
>he happily gives it to me
>a few days later message him
>I can't send him images for no reason
>he asks for my discord
>say yes and hastily make a discord account
>'wow we're really getting closer' I think
>accept his friend request and click on his profile
>see his banner
>it's a gif version of pic rel

He's still technically a teenager, so I shouldn't be surprised. Little disappointed though. I'll still try to talk to him though

No. 1126896

>redo of healer
Block him

No. 1126897

It's so annoying that if irl or online I point out I know I'm attractive it reflects poorly on me. I live in my body and I witness how people behave towards me on a direct basis. I know what I live. Sometimes things happen to me based on how I look but I don't tell those stories because it comes across bragadiciois but if the same situation happened to a pretty girl on TV people would be like lol etc.

No. 1126900

Polish men look hot, idk what it is. I'd still talk to him to get validation lmao

No. 1126906

> I'm a dumbass who didn't use the cream
Same anon!!!! In the beginning I felt so uncomfortable touch them, so I wasn’t consistent with applying the cream. It has been since 2019 so I don’t think anything will work anymore

No. 1126907

I always think polish men of being ugly skinheads. A-bit like Russians

No. 1126909

Kek. He's a discord coomer so don't expect much but >>1126900 is right and you can talk to him for validation.

No. 1126912

nta but validation for what

No. 1126915

All the polish men in my UK workplace stick out as the resident hotties imo. They've all got really nice eyes.

No. 1126933

my sister is a primary school teacher and she works at a school in a rough area with lots of disadvantaged kids. She has a few polish kids in her class

No. 1126936

File: 1649365785389.png (2.42 MB, 1050x1192, 1646500518217.png)

I'll never find a good match for me. It's always only either looks, interests or good attitude towards me. There's never an overlap.
Ideally I have a very specific type and I'll never find him.
>dark nice messy hair
>attractive to me
>introverted and calm
>likes games
>exercises a bit
>romantic and caring
>nonsmoker, not drinking every few days
>doesn't have anxiety (male anxiety drains me)
>is over his ex
I am all these things and I also have many hobbies, moderately social, creative, good career. I'm asking for someone at least on my level. I try to lower my standards but it seems to me the under-average guys have even shittier attitude. Dating is such a pain in the ass.

No. 1126955

Kind of a short vent but I'm annoyed because I love making a guy beg me to put him inside but my current bf doesn't like begging. It's literally the hottest thing ever, I never thought I'd miss my ex but here we are.

No. 1126959

Went for a routine skin tags and so checkup to a dermatologist (skin cancer history in the family), new place because I've just moved cities, picked a clinic with a lot of positive reviews only, dermatologist did what she was supposed to do and then went like
>haha, how old are you really? you have a skin like an old woman here and here!
>your face looks pretty bad, you should book this treatment asap
>you want to treat x? nah, thats pointless, but you should fix y instead! (sth I don't even care about)
Except for the last, I didn't ask her for any of this, and my face looks actually pretty good these days; I've never met any dermatologist so eager to make so many mean comments completely unprompted. I'd understand if any of this was a possible threat to my health but it was all purely aesthetics. Went to make sure I don't have cancer, left with several new things to feel insecure about. I bet she's a farmer.

No. 1126970

Wtf anon that was so unprofessional I would have been pissed. Sorry that happened to you.

No. 1126975

Idk this doesn't sound all that unattainable to me? It's a bag of reasonable expectations, nothing overly niche or eccentric. Maybe try a different way or space to meet men.

No. 1126980

I’ve been through that before and it just sucks so much. I got some acne scars on my cheeks and went to seek treatment with this dermatologist, but not only did she try to push expensive treatments, she also said it would take many years for me to see any improvement and also asked how much money I had to pay for it. My dumb ass went back there to see her once again and try the dermaroller, which did nothing to my skin whatsoever. After that her secretary kept spamming me pushing more expensive treatments. I never went back ‘cause I found a decent dermatologist.

No. 1126982

I HATE that my ex that trooned out is dying his hair the same color as mine. I don’t know why it makes me so damn irritated. I guess the skinwalking?
Before we broke up, he started dying his hair the same color as mine, using the same brand and color type. I don’t dye my hair anymore and let it be it’s natural now, but he’s still keeping that shit up and it’s just like…why do you have to copy me? Be your own damn person!!!

No. 1126984

anon kek, your ex trooned out!! where there any red flags or times you thought he would during your relationship?

No. 1126988

sorry that happened to you anon, this is my worst fear.

No. 1126989

File: 1649368263162.jpg (194.59 KB, 720x1126, Screenshot_20220407-172221_Ins…)

I'm so sick of creators I follow pandering to trannies! I used to follow this lesbian couple for their costumes and wigs but here we are. I cant escape this. Why can't they shut up about bullshit and dangerous gender politics? These men wouldn't do the same for women.

No. 1126994

He was somewhat feminine for a man? Which sucks because I’m attracted gnc and effeminate men, and you don’t know who will troon out.
But I think the troon cult got to him (he was a liberal). He used to be somewhat normal, but nerdy. Would cook and was nice. But then he met a guy online that was “non-binary she/they” and all of a sudden he wanted to be a “bimbo” and a “goth gf like I was”. He started taking hormones, which ruined the sex, and then he cheated on me.
So I guess the safest thing to do is be cautious of any guy that’s supportive of trannies in any way.

No. 1126999

They both look inches from going full he/him

No. 1127000

Well, it depends on what kind of job you have. After recovering for a month, you should be able to return to your daily routine. But you can’t lift heavy weights, can’t exercise for at least 3 months past the surgery and so on. Some doctors will recommend different safety measures, but those I listed seem to be mandatory. If you work at an office, for example, you might not have any problems going back to work.

No. 1127006

On the last vent I was bitching how my period hasnt followed through in a real long time. Well today it hit with the power of all the Gods combined and I am suffering. I vomited from the pain and now I am considering ripping my uterus right out of my body. Holy fuck this sucks.

No. 1127027

>Be me
>Worry about finances
>Phone starts to act up and barely charges anymore no matter which charger/charging cable I use

Jfc why does shit keep piling on top when you need it the least.

No. 1127035

>men wouldn't do the same for women.

THIS x1000. Everyone I see on social media is a handmaiden for the poor, defenseless dudes in dresses but the TIMs never, ever vouch or fight for women or TIFs.

No. 1127040

Fucking despise western oversexualization culture. Literally became asexual because of the constant degrading sexualization & you must look 16 4ever. Founders and promoters of that shit need to be tortured with assrape for eternity.

No. 1127043

Tired of almost every single male content creator becoming a piece of shit when it comes to women the moment they become famous.
Like the moment you hear x male creator got exposed you can already know what it'll be for.

I'm nowhere near a radfem or thinking all men are trash or something but goddamn. Seeing men online simp for these men and call their wives/gfs gold diggers, ugly, sluts and everything like that is just so depressing.

No. 1127047

I got stomach surgery a while back and I just realised what I thought to be my belly button was just a weird dip from all the dressing. My actual belly button is slightly lower but all the swelling, dressing and general pill popping cloded my shit, shit made me embarrassed.

No. 1127050

I work on my feet and do some moving around. Nothing too strenuous though I do have to reach and grab things off of shelves.

No. 1127053

Currently eating ricotta out of frustration. People who stay in the kitchen fir a long time while someone else is cooking have no fucking manners. If you can't get what you need and get out in 5 mins or less then just fucking wait. I hate men.

No. 1127056


No. 1127059

Similar case here, anon. A friend of mine genuinely asked if I was a "sex-repulsed asexual" because I was bitching about the normalization of degeneracy nowadays. Like…no, I like sex, I just hate the oversexualizing/pornification of every piece of media.

I was actually coming to lc to bitch about this specific thing. I'm so fucking sick and tired of everyone seeing a female character and immediately going STEP ON ME MOMMY or some other comment about their horniness for the character. Like please shut the fuck up. It's gotten so much worse the past few years and it's driving me insane, not at all helped by the fucking game devs that sex up the character designs. I just wanna scream. Even if I do like the design of a new female character, a pit forms in my stomach because I just know men are going to be gross coomers over it. Today's rant is brought to you by Clawroline from the new Kirby game. What the fuck, Nintendo/HAL?

No. 1127065

My in laws are here and they are building a shelf i originally started . At first i thought they wanted to help but every single time they are here, they finish a task for me, as if i am unable to do it. they are in their 60s and i'd rather do the heavy lifting. I cant help but to think they look down on me because i'm a woman and not the man they wanted their daughter to marry.

No. 1127072

I'm 21 and live with my mom and grandma. About a year and a half ago I had to become my grandma's caretaker. In the beginning my mom was helping as much as she could. As months went by she slowly started pulling out and while it was more work for me, I wasn't too bothered because my grandma was doing better. In November something else happened to my grandma. My mom completely checked out from helping me. I have always struggled with depression but it hit me hard the last few months. I've neglected my health and appearance. I still shower but never had the energy to brush out my hair. Currently I've gotten it half brushed out but there are two large mattes in the back that I'm having trouble getting out. My mom has seen this. Has she offered to help me brush it out? No. Instead she gasps and grabs the back of my head and tells me I'm going to have to shave it. Anyone who's been in this situation knows how deeply this hurts. My mom's birthday is coming up and she wants to go out. Fine. I asked her today if she could help me brush out the back of my hair this weekend. Her answer was "How do you expect me to get it out if you can't? I've been on you for months to brush it and now you need my help?" I feel so alone. I know it's my fault that my hair and health have gotten to this point but jesus fucking christ I'm finally asking for help. I already know what is going to happen this weekend: my mom is going to have to "run errands" which is how she tricks my grandma into thinking she's doing something when in reality she's out shopping exclusively for herself. I'm tired of it all and so so lonely.

No. 1127074

I'm so sorry anon. I know the matte in your hair is just the tip of the iceberg of your problems really, but if you use conditioner on a comb it comes out easier. Your mother should feel ashamed.

No. 1127075

Same. I thought I was a demisexual because I was repulsed by the degeneracy, constant sexual displays thrown everywhere, and expectation to always be available and degrade yourself. I don’t call myself demisexual anymore, because I’m not “the weird one”, it’s the gross ass coomers and their handmaidens that perpetuate this shit that are. I don’t want it to be “okay” for my partner to watch porn or subscribe to girls on OF. I don’t want “open relationships” to be seen as the norm and expected of me or I’m considered a “prude”. Idk what the hell is happening nowadays.

No. 1127077

Your in-laws sounds bored tbh, they come visit you and see that you are doing something fun and want to 'help' so they can stay longer at your house

No. 1127081

They can't succeed because they're shitty, sadistic cunts with low IQs. They've internalized the idea of hurting others to get ahead, but they're so worthless that they target the weakest and most trusting beings, since they know they aren't playing that game. All their victims are just trying to survive, and maybe be loved. Same kinds of pick-mes who let their children get molested by their scrote husbands because they need to "have a man". It's that twisted "equivalent exchange"/"fuck you I got mine" logic. At the end of the day, those kinds of people will always be fucking miserable, they'll never reach their goals (if they even had them), and the shit they've done will rot them from the inside. There's no excuse or defense. The worst part is when they demand compassion and pity from others when they have absolutely none themselves. They'd stab you for $50 and then cry about how poor they are and how evil the world is for treating them like a monster

No. 1127083

File: 1649377432999.jpg (30.84 KB, 596x589, E0VQHN-XEAUEC_6.jpg)

I was going to put this in confessions thread but it almost feels just so ridiculous and humiliating I guess I'll vent about it instead!
For quite a long time, due to health issues both mental and physical, my boyfriend and I haven't had sex - if we do it's painful for me. He's chill with it and doesn't expect me to rush into things that cause me pain so w/e. It sucks as I have a high sex drive but I just have to wait for my condition to get better. Anyway, I've noticed that since being unable to have it/falling out of a sex life routine I have these insanely impulsive thoughts about fucking literally any sort of male friend I have, some more than others, if they are even remotely good-looking, which unfortunately most of them are kek. They pop up in my dreams, they invade my thoughts when I'm chilling or working etc. I don't know what to do and it's fucking annoying, I don't have a crush on these friends so I don't know why I'm suddenly getting frequent and fast thoughts about doing sexual things with them. I suffer with OCD tendencies and the thoughts almost feel similar to that.

I feel like it could be coming from sheer sexual frustration and gradually seeing my own boyfriend as less of a "sexual partner" over time. I would never cheat, but I still honestly can't help these intrusive thoughts I'm having. It makes me feel gross.

No. 1127084

I don’t like how some people automatically dislike me just because I’m an introvert and don’t talk much. There’s been two coworkers that have just decided to hate me, for no reason, other than what I assume is that I’m not social. Or maybe they just don’t like that I’m the “new hire” and getting a lot of attention.
I haven’t even had a conversation with one of them yet, and she already decided to gossip to others about me, making others dislike me too (because they only hear about me from her, not through actually meeting me). I’ll enter conversations if I know something about the topic, but otherwise, I don’t. I’m civil and polite, but I guess some people will come up with any reason to dislike you, regardless of how you talk to them. It’s annoying.

No. 1127085

File: 1649377520780.jpeg (77.05 KB, 640x480, 93367C31-DFB1-43C7-BFBF-DD8DF9…)

nta but I’m guessing that validation of having an attractive guy talk to you

No. 1127086

You're normal for not wanting that. We are living in a time line where young women are brainwashed into thinking OF and sex work and porn is normal and if you are against it, you're not a good person. It's super gross and i hope these women snap out of it. Degrading yourself for men should not be the norm. This is how society falls.

No. 1127087

I'm confused. if it's painful for you to have sex and your boyfriend understands, why would you have cheating thoughts instead of just…having sex with him? You cant even fuck other guys. sorry, but i am confused.

No. 1127088

i love being a woman with short hair. i literally walk into my salon when it grows out and show them pictures of anne hathaway’s pixie cut when it gets a little long. having a ‘boyish’ haircut filters out a lot of the weird scrotes who would say shit to me in public and i get compliments all the time from old ladies who like seeing their haircut on a younger lady. however i do get comments from TRAs misgendering me in queer uwu spaces (i live in a very liberal city) thinking i’m a pre-everything TIF kek

No. 1127089

You're right. I am over reacting to be honest. kek. They're both sweet people.

No. 1127091

Who's that?

No. 1127092

probably frustrated about how long it takes with BF, and a new guy with ‘excitement’ attached seems more exciting. the heart wants what it wants even if it doesn’t make sense. don’t cheat on your bf though nonny, focusing on easy and pleasurable alternatives could perhaps re-engage your brain

No. 1127095

Short hair rules anon! I really miss having short hair. It was so nice feeling

No. 1127097

I hate how women are expected to be 'nice'. I'm polite, nothing more. My old coworkers constantly whined at me that my voice was too flat, I didn't smile enough, didn't suck everyone's ass, fucking whatever. I don't even feel the need to change, I know I have far more qualities than to play nice. But people constantly berate me about having a boring voice, assume I'm this and that solely because of how I talk, the way I make facial expressions and the fact that I don't kiss everyone's ass. Men can do this shit and are seen as cool, but when a woman does it no no! I know I have valuable qualities, but just because I'm not overly nice people dismiss me as a bitch. Yes I don't take shit from people, I keep my cool but I don't take people insulting me to my face or gossiping about me (or any of my other coworkers back then. I know how stupid this sounds on a gossip forum, but in a workspace you just don't talk shit about others unless you're the big boss, they're actually fucking up bad and you need to discuss it). I don't want to be 'nice'. I care about others but I'm not going to anything more than polite to you if I don't even know you. 'Oh you're a woman and you're standing up for yourself? Well that's not any way to act.' I hate double standards. Hate them.

I'm so sorry nonna. Fuck them. Seriously, the easiest way to dismiss someone you don't understand is to ridicule them for the smallest of things. They don't know you, so their opinion about you does not matter. You're not doing anything wrong, they're just too retarded to understand not everyone is exactly like them. Hang in there nona, stand up for yourself. If you ask them why they're making up rumors about you they'll probably go silent. These types of people don't like confrontation, anything that's not completely in line with their way of thinking they can't even try to understand. This is a whole manifesto but seriously, don't take it personally. It's them, not you.

No. 1127099

finns always claim moomin is theirs even though even if tove jansson and her family live in finland they spoke swedish and moomin books origislly was written in swedish so in reality moomin is swedish

No. 1127109


No. 1127111


No. 1127112

The moids at 10:44 give me unforgivable disgust

No. 1127125

I feel like I've seen that pic before, where is it from?

No. 1127129

This is a three language country, big brain anon. You can be completely swe speaking yet completely finnish, welcome to the southern finland.

No. 1127131

I would help brush your hair out anon, I feel lonely a lot of the time too, you’ll get through this <3

No. 1127132

I feel so terrible. I was supposed to go see someone I haven't seen in a long time this weekend since they are nearby (still 2 hours away) but my car totally crapped out and I can't get it fixed until next week. I even looked into renting but there's nothing available/affordable enough. She cried on the phone when I told her and it completely broke my heart. I hope we get a chance like this again soon.

No. 1127139

Moids get laughs for fucking nothing, I could be an ugly ass moid and all I'd have to do to become a comedian is drink tequila, jump on stage, harass a woman in the audience, resentfully make fun of my wife, and then hump a stool.

No. 1127141

Hope you got them!

No. 1127143

I haven't. It's been 2, almost 3, hours. I just want to finish making my fucking lasagna.

No. 1127144

I've been thinking way too much about my CSA ever since I came to realize that it explained a lot of my issues growing up and I didn't realize that my brain not registering it as traumatic (rather I viewed it like any other memory from my childhood) was also a trauma response.

It really doesn't affect me negatively now. I had a break up a few years ago that made it feel like my entire brain got a hard reset and now I live normally and my brain/emotions are so jacked up, but I'm kind of sad thinking about the image of myself in some people's eyes that was still a me who was a shitty person as a result of untreated trauma. I wish I could say "hey, I'm really sorry for my behavior back then, I was fucked up because of unprocessed childhood trauma" but even thinking that makes me cringe because it sounds exactly like what twitter retards who want to escape accountability would say. Well, we aren't even friends anymore so it doesn't matter, and my friends who stuck with me through it all don't care because they've seen me at my worst and are now with me as I grow to become my best. Still sucks though.

Kind of wish I never realized all of my problems were rooted in my trauma, I felt better just thinking I was a little stupid and emotionally fucked up but now the "what ifs" get stronger and stronger. But who the fuck cares about the what ifs? I'm a fully functional adult who's genuinely quite happy with my life. But damn. Imagine what my life could've been if I got help. kek

No. 1127149

I didn't know what character you meant so I went to Google it and the second image result is porn. I hate coomers

No. 1127154

A friend of an old friend (known for 10 years) has become unbearably narcissistic since she began taking testosterone and cut her tits off. It's really irritating seeing my friend validating all her bullshit (from self-diagnosing herself with various disabilities, blogging about being a "fag" and asking for everyone to refer to her in third person). I assume my friend does it out of guilt because she used to be kind of terfy.

No. 1127157

Got broken up with a few months ago, my ex was clinically depressed and I think he went through a self-sabotage moment and thought dumping me would be the magic cure to his sadness (even though I was the only one who loved him regardless and encouraged him to improve/leave his house for anything other than work) But he made it quite clear he had lost feelings and could never love me again. I’m an extremely loyal person but I’ll never beg for someone who could treat me like that, so it ended.

Anyway, I was heartbroken over it all, but a couple months after the break, one of my ex’s only friends starts snapchatting me. I had literally never spoken to the guy before privately, but he wanted to know how I was doing. I felt petty and kept texting him, but now it’s a couple more months down the line and this guy is obviously really into me. He compliments me all the time and says he didn’t know what was going through my ex’s mind when he dumped me, and is now pushing for us to meet privately.
I’m not attracted to this guy and I’m not over my ex yet, so nothing’s going to come from it, but how fucking sad. He’s passively told me that my ex is going through a rough time right now and ‘hasn’t been right since we broke up’ - yet instead of being there for his friend, he’s pursuing his friends ex-girlfriend. The audacity of scrotes. This guy is considered one of my ex’s best friends - I just couldn’t imagine ever pursuing my best friends ex-boyfriend like this.

I know I was having a toxic moment to keep texting my ex’s friend back but I just thought I’m the free agent in this situation. This whole situation has probably stunted my healing process, so probably will block him soon.

No. 1127161

File: 1649383368122.jpeg (17.5 KB, 405x405, images (39).jpeg)

> be me, cringe greentext schizo-chan
> decide to get help. find female psychiatrist that specialises in schizo-chan brand cringe
> need referral from doctor
> find scrote doctor. ask for referral bc constantly thinking about suicide and general schizo-chan symptoms
> history of schizo-channess heavily documented, all other doctors give me whatever meds or referrals i ask for since it's a medical marvel i'm not in jail or dead
> scrote doctor reads out his psych eval for the referral. says i have good eye contact and took a shower so i'm not severely depressed
> "constant thoughts of suicide and nearly daily cutting isn't severe depression?"
> "lolno, you're clean and not catatonic. that's severe depression"
> mfw might get rejected from schizo-chan treatment because i bathed before talking to a man

No. 1127165

Anons who wanted friends to chat about crafts, foraging, radfem, etc, I made a server and posted my contact on the FF thread on /g/, I'm just cross-posting because the anons that mentioned wanting foraging/crafting friends might not go to /g/, hope that's okay.

No. 1127168

Thoughts of suicide and daily cutting can be indicative of other mental illnesses besides depression, even though people with depression can also cut and also think about suicide. I don't know, like I'm depressed and take meds for it and I wouldn't bathe just to go talk to a psychiatrist.

No. 1127194

i feel so much rage and i'm never allowed to express it to men after they hurt me or else i'm the problem. never their actions, never. but they routinely chimp out on me for nothing and then lie and say i was the one doing it. fuck you. i do eventually reach my breaking point, and i do want you to suffer, but i don't do the shit you do to me. fuck you. i'm so tired of this fucking asshole contacting me in all kinds of ways years after years, after i beg him to stop contacting me, pretending he gives a shit

my guy friends are actually fucking good to me, why the fuck would i want to talk to you? you give me nothing of value but fuck up my life and you never even fucking feel bad about it. of what value are you??

No. 1127197

I almost wish my sister would kill herself already so I don't have to spend year after year worrying for her calling her pulling her away from it convincing her like of course i would fucking die and something about me could never be brought back again and she would neither

but after so many years of scares and all the shit, if she fianlly succeeded then it would be over

No. 1127201

For context, I've been visiting family in my home country for the past month, and am soon to rejoin my husband in the country where I live.

Apparently over the last three weeks a strange Russian-sounding man has been coming over and repeatedly trying to gain entrance to our flat, and no matter how aggressive and unfriendly my husband has been to him (now to the point of grabbing him to take photos and threatening violence), he keeps trying to get in for some unknown reason, and now has started ringing other people in the building in an attempt to have them let him in, presumably to harass husband more. Husband has filed it with the police and the landlord, and although they seem to be taking it seriously, there's no telling what will come of it or how quickly they will act.

I'm bizarrely worried about this to the point where for two nights in a row I have dreamed a reddit mode soyboy fantasy dream of me opening the door of the flat, Russian waiting with a knife, me executing a perfect block-punch combo and spin-kicking him down the stairs, him falling on the knife and dying, and having to defend myself in an epic and unrealistic court battle. I'm worried he's going to stalk husband and catch him with a weapon of some kind, and although I have no doubt he can defend himself, I'm bothered that it's something he has to think about or potentially deal with.

Strangest thing, and the aspect which makes my paranoia tick the most, is there's no telling what he wants. He has refused to answer any questions or say much of anything at all. He seems completely terrified of husband to the point of literally running away while crying 'sorry, sorry, sorry' when he caught him on the doorstep. Why keep going back time after time? Is he a bailiff with the wrong address and crippling social anxiety? What if he's after me, for some reason? I can't remember ever seeing anyone who looks like him around, but I've had men develop strange fixations on me in the past. The guy seems like he's just insane, which makes the prospect of him committing a random act of violence even more likely.

Just concerned and hoping that the guy dies or something so we don't have to worry about it anymore, preferably within the next week.

No. 1127202

holy shit that's so scary. he sounds like a schizo with an obsession with you or your family or something. if swift enough action isn't taken, i would say you need to go. rent an airbnb or just go back home or SOMETHING. he sounds insane. does he do this to the rest of your family or only when you are around?

No. 1127207

I was sleeping and my cat peed on my bed. I'm gonna kms.

No. 1127212

like i know she is insane and i should feel more for her but there is also how she has taken all the experiences i have had and claimed them as her own, i was sexually abused as a child, she goes and tells everyone she suffered the things i did, i was bullied, she says it was her, i was isolated from my family, she claims it was her, every shit thing that has happened to me she claims it was her like always from me losing my tou dog at age 5 she copies that too, everything??

and i just gotta be here and support her for the shit that actually happened to me but pretend it was her molestation her bullying or whatever or she will kill herself

No. 1127213

Don’t do that because then you’ll pee on the bed too.

No. 1127214

What did you do to make your cat so angry

No. 1127218

can she not be committed long term?

No. 1127222

she was with like doctors that take care of psychosis patients and with social workers but she managed to land some fucking freak doctor that enables her delusions and actually told her she has multiple personalities??? like it feels like the doctor wanted some special case patient for herself and she thus enables my sister's insane shit and i don't know who i can complain to because it is a public health care therapist apparently and i dunno where else get my sister therapy than public since my family has no money

No. 1127224

like before the new doctor she never had any multiple personality shit but after the new doctor she suddenly developed them it just fucking pisses me off that she i enabled to ruin her life with this idiot shit

No. 1127226

I'm not there now, although I'm due to go back in about a week. The post contents are what I've been informed of secondhand as it's been happening.

I'm not really worried enough about it to not go back, but it's definitely something that's bothering me. I certainly won't ever be picking up the intercom or going outside alone until it's resolved one way or another.

No. 1127237

and one problem comes from like while my sister has pulled the multiple personality shit in real life too but mostly she catalogs all this shit and what her new doctor says to her "secret blog" which i know, but i don't want her to know i know her blog since she is psychotic and paranoid because that might make her even more paranoid if she realized her family knew about her "secret blog" so i don't know who to go to, who i should complain with the evidence of weird shit (well according to my sister maybe the doctor didn't say the things my sister said she said) without my sister knowing it is from her "secret" blog? because i am afraid that would just trigger her paranoia and psychosis just more

No. 1127259

That sounds exhausting.. maybe you can just distance yourself from your sister a bit? Lessen the contact? Or do you both live at home?

No. 1127269

i really don't fucking want to add pronouns to my student profile. i’m probably going to be the only person who refuses to do so but fuck this shit.

No. 1127274

File: 1649394967506.png (355.97 KB, 449x509, 5fa5853a6e0cb.png)

a moid told me that i look like her. what does it mean?

No. 1127278

He wants you to shoot him in the head.

No. 1127282

that you physically look like her? or maybe he was trying to lowkey vilify you. if he was an online male it was quite possibly a neg
KEK but for real she just started shooting at kids and killed them and it isn't cool

No. 1127287

Why doesn't your husband beat him up? Just some punches to leave his face bloody. You didn't marry a weak soyfaggot, did you?

No. 1127293

File: 1649396029641.jpg (562.72 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220408-073336_Chr…)

Tbh the character design itself seems porny…

No. 1127294

im not surprised since somehow sub men always show some interest in me
i met him days ago so it mean phisically i think?

No. 1127298

No idea, I was super tired and slept, she wouldn't stop bothering me and trying to wake me up for hours, then she sat down next to me and peed. I made her leave my room and my mother said she wouldn't stop meowing and running everywhere, she never does that usually.

No. 1127302

where did u meet him?
it is objectively porny and ridiculous. i hate that her sclera is yellow too. it makes her look like a jaundice sufferer

No. 1127308

I broke up with someone I had been seeing for 6ish months because shit just wasn't working but the conversation went sour from the very beginning and it ended up being a full blown argument rather than a conversation between two level-headed adults. So now I'm bothered by how things ended because I wanted to be civil and end things on good terms. I almost want to reach out again just to hash things out but at this point it's way too late. I'm just going to have to deal with the guilt of having dumped someone in the most asshole-ish way possible. Sigh.

No. 1127310

she might have a uti, or maybe you just needed to let her out of your room? when cats pee outside of the litterbox (outside of spraying), it's usually a uti or urinary obstruction (more common in males though)

No. 1127341

I'm so bored, I'm unispired to do art but this is the only time I can work on it.

No. 1127343

File: 1649400761598.png (250.6 KB, 529x530, 4575_feelsdeadman.png)

>be me
>be in College and required to take Philosophy
>Having 90% in Class
>Tonight I decide to try really hard on my Assignment to get my grade higher
>I get caught up in reading different material
>I realize the deadline is soon (it's 11:59) so I proofread my paper and corrected the grammar
>I submit it (at 12:00)… It's a minute late
>it says in bold " ACCESS DENIED"
>I did all the hard work and it can't be a minute fucking late what the fuck
>Read his policies, "NO LATE WORK"
>my grade went from A to a low C in one assignment that I did do.
>Highest grade I can even get is a fucking 76% if I ACE everything else…

I wanna kill myself I can't even cry because I feel so stupid

No. 1127346

please tell me you took a screenshot or anything of proof at 12. Try emailing the professor and say you had wifi issues, maybe some other "proof" that you saved the document before 12 also. Explain it and be a bit apologetic in the email maybe. Hope it works, nonna.

No. 1127347

I commented on the assignment saying at 12:02
I did not realized it would lock exactly a second after 11:59

No. 1127348

The women of Ukraine are literally allowed to get up and leave while the men are forced to stay and fight and die. How you can make the women the victims in this scenario is beyond me. Obviously every Ukrainian is suffering, but the women are literally the ones in the privileged condition in this one. They are stopping 17 year old boys from leaving with their mothers for Christ's sake.

No. 1127351

Won’t somebody think of the poor widdle men! Nobody ever thinks of the MEN! How dare anon be upset about anything that impacts women without thinking about men. Fuck off

No. 1127353

A 17 year old boy can fight. Those women and girls can't, they're useless for the military because none of them are trained, you can't just pick up a gun you need training.
Though those women and girls can get raped and they do, which is only used for propoganda and strengthens Russia as a psyop. The soldiers are less likely to be able to fight when they're thinking about how their wife, mother and even children are getting raped at the moment, the Ukrainian men also want to protect their families and would defend them being sent off to somewhere safe.

No. 1127357

>acting like men dying in a war they created is a bad thing
the state of this website. also retard not all women are able to leave, have you not seen how many girls are being raped and such? shut up

No. 1127361

File: 1649402468729.jpg (51.63 KB, 900x900, 1648143203887.jpg)

Sometimes I get nightmares about that popular rich kid from high school (he even had his own fan-club irl) that kept sexually assaulting me in school (as in, whenever I sit alone he would come and grope me, get his hands under my sweater, etc even if id tell to stop) and tried to sleep with me the last time we crossed paths. He kept saying that there is no point in filing a complaint to school because his parents would take care of me instead. I was also so stupid to truly think that we are going to his place that's next to school just to pick up his math books. I am happy I managed to make something up and run back then, but it all felt so disgusting. I still can't believe how naive I was.
The worst part about it is that he went for a philosophy major and is currently working as a school teacher.

No. 1127364

I'll see if that's the case, I need to check that with the vet but I don't know when I can book an appointment.

No. 1127369

Stop paying attention to the news, it's all depressing shit. I don't pay attention to the news and I'm doing better than when I did.

No. 1127370

I can’t tell if dog owners in my country fucking suck or if it’s a dog problem in general. But there’s near constant barking and shit and piss on the streets, the city smells awful and it’s hard to sleep at night because random barking, and impossible during the day because it’s the same thing but more dogs are awake. It fucking sucks either way.

No. 1127372


No. 1127393

kek I was thinking the same

No. 1127430

File: 1649408444463.jpeg (36.35 KB, 567x518, 1639123106589.jpeg)

i've been struggling a lot lately with my interests not interesting me… like, i still care about them, but thinking about them sort of makes me start to feel like shit. it's also like pulling teeth to talk to people and make an effort in my relationships, which i've been really working on lately by reaching out and trying to make friends, but it's like it just makes me feel worse to go through the whole song and dance of getting to know someone again. i don't know how to stop feeling like this, i just want to be able to do what used to make me happy and have fun talking to people again without wanting to slither back into my bed and lay there (which also makes me feel like shit since i'm not doing anything). i really hope some of you feel like this too, anything to make me feel less alone.

No. 1127432

Scrotes are so boring nonnies, they try so hard for an emotional response and it comes across pathetic and weak. Is it too much to just wanna live in a village in the center of a thick forest with all my nonnies? I don't even care if nonas infight, I just hate penis holders

No. 1127434

17 year olds aren't trained, wth are you talking about?

No. 1127435

The overwhelming amount of ukrainian casualties, even excluding military ones, are men. I never said women don;t suffer, I said so in my post inf act. But the primary victims here are men, you are pulling an "all lives matter" bullshit.

No. 1127440

Unpopular opinion but I think there wouldn't be nearly as many conflicts between women if men weren't present.

No. 1127442

That's not unpopular though. Removing an element of conflict reduces conflict.

No. 1127444

Try watching the video you need in tiny snippets or read a paragraph and reward yourself after each one with something small. A little work is better than no work https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvq9Tp5JZ8oBflcp2x2NsR8R6sgyDMZxq.

Also, maybe try seeing if one of the videos in this playlist helps, I love this channel

No. 1127446

why is this amount SO LOW I WORKED MY ASS OFF

No. 1127447

God, I need to gain weight and I need to do it quick before I get any side effects of losing this much weight. I didn't even realize it had fallen so low. I probably look so gaunt and ugly rn. How do I even gain weight fast during Ramadan when I can't even eat most of the day? I'm getting so anxious, checked my weight today just to see and I wasn't expecting it to be this low. It's concerning.

No. 1127448

Paki chan is that you? Just eat food in secret, it's not like you are under surveillance.

No. 1127456

I did similar thing just last week, the breakup wasn't even that bad. Reached out afterwards with a nice message and he sent me an insulting nasty message back. It's not worth it, mark my word nonnie. Once they know the breakup is final they'll try to cope (sour grapes way) and make you a terrible bitch in their mind that they want to hurt and insult. There are mature guys but I wouldn't risk it.

No. 1127458

how did you come at it, what did you say to him, and what did he say to you?

No. 1127463

I'm not her. I can't just sneak in a whole order of fries or something, nona. The most I can do is sip water.

No. 1127466

can you like… drink a fuckton of those high cal meal replacements for the hours you can drink? or can you sneak off and hide them in your room and drink them when no one is around? food is harder to hide

No. 1127467

Just hide them in your room anon. Put the food in drawers or sth.

No. 1127473

You shouldn't fast if you have health conditions that interfere with it, it literally says in Quran or something doesn't it?

No. 1127479

Yeah, I know a few friends and family who cannot fast because of their health issues but there's nothing like that going on with me. I'm just going to cook even more unhealthy meals now eheh
Why didn't I think of this… Good idea nona, could work, thank you!

No. 1127485

gl anon, enjoy your food. If God exists he sure doesn't give a fuck when and what you eat

No. 1127497

All the women who fast for ramadan gain weight faster during ramadan, just in case. Because they eat way too much once it's dinner time to compensate for fasting.

No. 1127504

so glad my idea might work for you! just hide them under your bed or in your drawer or underwear drawer, somewhere family are hesitant to open, and if not, just drink a shitton during the hours you can. good luck, anon!

No. 1127530

All I want in a partner is for him to be really good looking. That's it, and yet…

No. 1127531

There are good looking men around.

No. 1127548

"Dont worry, no one is looking at you, everyone is more concerned with their own lives." Lies. Deviate slightly from the norm and people will talk, stare, whisper, or take your picture. Normies proudly admit to people watching like it's a sport. Creeps

No. 1127549

File: 1649423556500.jpeg (50.81 KB, 667x704, 77DF8868-957A-4AAF-9ABE-044668…)

I feel you, nonna! My Nigel is cute and I love him, but I’ve been dreaming with another guy that goes to the same uni as me. This other guy has a darn long, silky hair that drives me crazy as I’ve appreciated long haired dudes since forever. He isn’t particularly cute, it’s all about his hair. I feel disgusted by myself because even though I would never cheat, I sometimes catch myself thinking about him. Ugh, I hate myself for that.

No. 1127555

True, it's a complete lie and it's just a cope from people trying to make you feel better about yourself after you got insulted or bullied for not being a 100% boring normie that looks like a model.

No. 1127563

Hilariously ironic post by a lolcor user

No. 1127583

Oh it's okay, your nigels looks at porn and thinks about other girl's asses all the time too.

No. 1127594

File: 1649426984969.jpg (16.98 KB, 473x476, 176.jpg)

I'm not going to go half on bills/rent with you. You earn more money than me, you get to afford weed, fast food and buying a new PC with your wage. Yes, you work hard for your money and you work more hours than me, but you also said I should focus on this bookkeeping career - because I genuinely want to and I will take over your parents business when they retire.
So you accept the fact I earn less than you, and my work is less consistent than a regular 9-5 job given that I'm essentially self-employed. But you still want me to go exactly 50% on the bills despite me being unable to purchase anything nice for myself apart from gym membership and gym clothes every half a year? No, fuck you. You don't get to win. This is your punishment, and it's only fair. You lied to me about things in the past and begged for my forgiveness - fine, now it's my turn. And I don't regret it one bit, because you're too fucking dumb to keep up on what bills cost what and how this house runs. That's unpaid labour on my part, and you deserve to pay more for this shit.

The difference between me and you is that you lied to me because you were in denial of addiction and thought I would roll over and put up with you watching porn behind my back, I'm lying to you because you don't think it's fair to pay bills proportionate to income. I don't give a single fuck, I'm done feeling like I'm a bad person for these little white lies that keep me from going broke or feeling unequal in a relationship. And don't say I didn't try to talk to you about this earlier - I proposed a 40-60% bill split due to the slight difference in income. You claimed it was unfair. You want to see unfair? There is a reason why every bill, the rent, every single expense for this household is in my name - because you will never get to win. You will never ever see me ask you for help again, assistance with anything financial, you will never have control of me the way I see men control women financially every day. You're a fucking loser for the most part, I had to take over your job role as bookkeeper for your parents because you couldn't even be assed to do the work.

Now that you do have a job you like, you think that we should all just forget the way you used to be. Maybe everyone else has, but I haven't. I know what subtle things you're capable of, and if you ever try to fuck me over again I will absolutely make sure to meticulously and carefully destroy your life one day at a time. The funny thing is, you're just like any other moid in the sense that you will never realise until it's too late. Don't ever, ever assume I've forgotten about the shit that you hid from me, the way none of those women you watched looked like me, and the way you didn't even have the guts to confess that you had relapsed. I had to find that shit out for myself and it made me ashamed of my body shape, my looks, my race. This is absolutely what you deserve. You will never get to win.

No. 1127596

Maybe this was true before tiktok, it’s full of videos people covertly took of someone they found slightly odd and amusing. It’s so strange how quickly this became normalized, if you’re old enough you’ll remember it wasn’t always quite so acceptable.

No. 1127600

No. 1127608

>bullied for not being a 100% boring normie that looks like a model.
what kind of reality do you guys live in the most people do is stare and kek if someone's dressed outlandish, i'm sure you do it too. everyone is too self-absorbed to care much more than that

No. 1127611

Get his ass.

No. 1127620

Who has the time to waste for something like this? I hope you find peace and become a better person.

No. 1127622

I worked with majority women at my last two jobs and they were always expected to be soft and sweet to everyone, meanwhile my male coworkers were flat and emotionless and no one ever told them to smile. fuck these double standards.

No. 1127624

ew wtf. Getting Krystal vibes from Starfox Assault on gamecube. Why does she have giant hips and a tiny waist? This doesnt even fit into the kirby universe.

No. 1127628

a "better person"? yet you have no comments against the lying porn addict?

No. 1127630

Who cares. Men create wars. Let them die. In the end the women always suffer the most.

No. 1127633

Is he present here? No. Just cut him off from your life and be done with it.

No. 1127634

Lesbians really are a rare type now, arent they? they both look like they/thembies. gross

No. 1127638

I worked in the restaurant industry and women are always expected to act like they're on happy pills 24/7. So many women lose their jobs or get complaints because "she's so gloomy and unenthusiastic" meanwhile men walk in bitching, complaining and all blank and no one cares

No. 1127639

Yeah to your face if people think you're weird or laughable they'll just stare vaguely for more than one second, but after that they can definitely shit talk you behind your back. That's the best case scenario, some people are crazy enough to film others without their consent and post their pics and videos everywhere to laugh at them. My sister showed me a youtuber who films people's reaction in the street and public transport while he's yelling in their general direction or doing stupid shit, and it's not like these candid camera shows where these tricked people can probably say afterwards that they don't want to be on TV, once that happens to you you're on youtube and people can shit talk you all they want in the comments. Another type of cases is when you're in school or you work and classmates or coworkers will act all cordial and shit while trying to ruin things for you just because. I had my internship's manager who gave me a bad grade for my last semester in uni just because she thought I was weird. Why? Because I had the misfortune of not really having anything to day during small talk whenever the topic of kids came up, when I once said I watched horror movies during Halloween on Netflix (yes she thought it was super fucking weird), because she mistakenly thought I was muslim and was confused I wanted to have a paid day off she already accepted to celebrate new year eves with my family (don't ask me what was up with that it's a weird story), she thought it was scandalous that I wouldn't do unpaid hours of work after 5pm despite me being paid way less than minimum wage since it was an internship, etc. Yeah she didn't say anything until and pretended to be nice and polite until she graded my work for uni, left on maternity leave, and shit talked me on the phone for not being open and talkative enough. So even the people you see on a daily basis and who can directly shape your future can do that shit.

No. 1127640

It's not always that easy. She isn't in the best financial situation. Plus it sounds like anon is working with his parent's bookkeeping business.

No. 1127641

fasting is retarded. Just eat.

No. 1127648

Not one guy around me is cute enough, seriously.

No. 1127650

How can you even be so sensitive about porn?

No. 1127653

I mean, you don't think a guy would be insecure as well if like, his girl was watching solo pornos or something of men the exact opposite of him?

No. 1127654

do you even know what website you're on? are you a moid, or just a libfem? what do you think happens to women in porn, and why do you think so many women are disgusted by it or against it? go on, use your big brain and give it a go.

No. 1127656

Idk it wouldn't really make sense for either to be seeking anything out that resembled their partner, unless maybe they had a really destitute sex life or something

its not like you cant watch it without paying or giving ad revenue

No. 1127665

You're correct nonna I work for his parents, thank you for speaking sense. It's very easy for people to sit from a comfortable spot and say "just leave lol".

>>1127633 My mother is emotionally abusive and previously locked me out of the house after trying to stand up for myself, I literally don't have anywhere else to go and trying to find a place on your own where I live is almost impossible, especially thanks to rising living costs.
Fortunately, his parents are actually good, supportive people and like I said the business is mine once his dad retires. If I was in a position where I could just dip, afford a place on my own and move on with life, I would, but unfortunately I'm not, and I come from a poor rural background. I'm not going to feel like a bad person for making the best out of my situation. Thanks for your criticism though, I'm sure the countless other women who have been in my spot throughout history will take it on board because surely they haven't considered it before, right?

I'm sensitive about porn from a feminist perspective and a personal one. First, it exploits women and second I was sexually exploited by a porn addict in my teens, who is still exploiting his partners to this day despite me trying to warn them about it. I don't think you need to do the maths on that one to figure out why I'm so "triggered" by it.

No. 1127671

Can you not hide some food and go eat some during the day? Fasting for a whole week is so fucking dumb. Only need a few days to get the health benefits.

No. 1127678

This is the most retarded opinion. The men of Ukraine are not somehow more deserving of suffering because Putin has a dick. What kind of mental illness do you have?

No. 1127680

Literally got ganged up on by female coworkers when I didn't chat inbetween customers. Maybe I'm jut fucking tired?? Fuck them don't regret quitting with a text.
It's like even if they're tired if they have to hide it till they go crazy, then they expect you to hide it too an go crazy too. Literal insanity.

No. 1127684

File: 1649431575214.png (793.17 KB, 740x405, 1503191604260.png)

I just tested positive for covid and I might have infected my parents.

No. 1127689

I'm too paranoid about getting caught. I don't mind the fasting, I think it makes me build perseverance. I didn't expect the weight loss ig, maybe because I have to walk a lot everyday on an empty stomach in this crazy heat… I want to gain a bit till the end of the month so I can look cute in eid pics kek

No. 1127693

They'll probably be fine, very few people get seriously ill from Omikron. Actually they've been prediciting a more deadly variant to follow up this fall so I'd say better now to build up resistance in case that happens.

No. 1127694

Wishing you well, honestly this is the best time to catch it, I feel like this is the weakest strain going around. I had a bad cold for a week and then by week 3 I was back to normal and smelling again

No. 1127695

I can't help but feel like somehow being dishonest with bills will end up hurting you, but maybe I'm just too cautious

No. 1127701

I hope you're right, my symptoms aren't severe but I still feel like shit rn

At least I haven't lost my smell/taste for some reason

No. 1127705

I understand what you mean anon, how would it end up hurting me though? Like, tarnish my reputation? Sorry I'm confused.

No. 1127707

I didn't either (lose my smell/taste), is that that common? Anyway feel better soon!

No. 1127708

I got omicron and didn't lose my sense of taste either. The symptoms are different from the old covid.

No. 1127711

doesn't Omicron have higher likelihood of long covid? that's what I'm really scared about, not covid itself

No. 1127712

My friend has been regressing as person since she started working with children/teens. Everything she says now is 'chaotic' 'gender envy' 'nb pan energy' 'polycule' 'queer' etc. It's so annoying. She should be influencing those kids to grow up, not regressing back to an annoying teen. Chaotic is just how zoomers say "randum XD"

No. 1127721

ayrt and yeah, it absolutely does. Like >>1127624 said, it doesn't even fit into the Kirby universe. She really stands out because all the other bosses are huge and she's maybe a couple heads taller than Kirby. There are maybe two other female characters in other games that are a little ehh design-wise, but are still done up in such a way that it's clearly "Kirby game", you know? God, I hate looking at Clawroline. Sorry for game sperging

No. 1127724

I guess like with regards to working for his parents and stuff, like theres a risk of sudden and unexpected loss of income etc if you did get caught

No. 1127730

Also have you tried getting him to pool your incomes together? definately wouldnt bring it up too soon after talking about finances though

No. 1127798

i literally just can't gain weight, i'm really ashamed of my weight and feel like i look like skeletor. someone even commented that on my ig pic lmfao. but i went to the doctor and they said i might have an overactive thyroid which makes my metabolism too fast or some shit. i really need this to change bc it's making my brain so foggy and slow and i want to feel more comfortable in my skin. it's really affecting my everyday life.
i just wanna put this somewhere bc it would scare my friends if i told them so i'll shout it to the ether. but i'm 5'5 and weigh 80 lbs. like literally what the fuck. i didn't know until i went to the doctor for an unrelated reason and they weighed me. i don't really look at my body bc i don't care too much and it doesn't occur to me to, so i didn't notice any changes except needing to fasten my belt more. god i just want to feel confident and i feel like if i started fucking people outside my current roster they'd be weirded out and reject me.
i'm trying my best to eat foods that will help me gain weight, i'm even on meds with side affects that make you gain weight, but NOTHING CHANGES.

No. 1127823

I fucking hate trannies and I'm tired of their shitty psyops.

No. 1127834

I'm down bad. I want friends, like-minded ones, and I've been trying and it doesn't happen. I go on here and nonnas have the same problem. It feels like there's some fundamental part of life that I don't have access to no matter how hard I try. I wrote and thought so much about this that I'm just spent now. It's tiring.

No. 1127860

God… I really am up in this bitch… Rotate.

No. 1127871

File: 1649438605958.jpg (72.27 KB, 736x552, download (7).jpg)

this Pinterest photographer took these pictures I think. Their art gives off a very nostalgic vibe


No. 1127873

Someone I know is faking DID. They have an Instagram where they cosplay their different alters who have weird names and niche interests and speak in different pitches or in a childlike way.. there’s a fucking spreadsheet of the “alters” in the “headspace”. I tried to discuss that they’re faking this shit, and got kinda shot down by our other friends who said they are really unwell and struggling and their alters are splitting more often by the day. I legit didn’t say anything cos I don’t want to be seen as an insensitive or invalidating dick - I have a bachelors and a masters in psychology/a therapeutic practice so it’s not the vibe I want to give off. I feel like I can’t say anything, even though I’ve long been interested in MPD/DID and factitious disorder/Munchausen’s by internet type shit and my perspective is actually that DID is very contentious as a diagnosis and it’s complicated and it’s unlikely our friend has it though I accept they’re unwell (just not with DID). Which is how I approached the conversation so I was surprised when they were like “nope”. Idk what do. Just leave it? Tell them my perspective? I feel like it will only end up bad for me

No. 1127884

Youre literally the most knowledgeable about this topic in the group, the fact that no one is listening to you and continues to pander to that snowflake is very ignorant of them. Just let the fools be fools.

No. 1127886


Samefag but like if you have brains don't hide it in order to not feel "pretentious". If you think people would treat you as such then its possible they ate intimidated by you and lowkey hate on you. Be strong and choose your battles nonnie!

No. 1127899

I’m pretty sure I have what some would call ROCD (idk if that’s real in the sense of it being OCD but it’s definitely a thing in some capacity) and I’m having extreme symptoms and feel like I’m mentally being such a bitch. I think it got triggered by a few things, one being that my bf wants to move in together and it makes me anxious for lots of (mostly dumb) reasons. I have anxiety about feeling “old” and settling down, I have constant intrusive thoughts that I feel guilty over… I just feel like all around I’m fucked mentally atm and so frazzled by it all.

No. 1127903

Leave them alone. Maybe some of them will see the bullshittery with time anyway, or she'll stop with her fake DID phase at some point.

No. 1127912

I feel like i’m two people in one body. I don’t mean this in a cringy “i have an identity disorder!!1 my alter is a wolf11!” Way. I mean it in a i have arguments with myself where it feels like theres a disagreement between two people. I argue with something that has a mind of its own. I can’t control my thoughts and i’m scared… its like your average critical inner voice but on high volume and out of your control. life fucking sucks

No. 1127919

my sister has started supporting fakeboi troons because some of them look good on tiktok and I'm just like… tiktok is fucking mind poison.

No. 1127922

I'm kinda into ftms sometimes… but reality is they hit the troon wall quick. You have a 2 year period of time to enjoy it before testosterone stops doing them any good. Same is true of actual scrotes too but I feel like it's sped up in ftms.

No. 1127941

File: 1649442222975.png (304.84 KB, 335x384, ftm.PNG)

sadly i find this one super attractive. she's still attractive and has been transitioned for like 8 years now. but yeah usually they lose their hair really quickly. i think she kept hers because she went off test on and off and i think is off now again (still identifies as trans) but still looks the same

No. 1127955

An artist I follow on twitter just started on T and I'm worried (not rly) about what the end result is going to be. I just really love the look of butch/gnc/masculine women, and I wish it was more common and accepted to like that sort of look and style without equating it to "wow I must be trans!"

No. 1127961

GOD my brothers will stand around talking in our tiny kitchen while I'm cooking, drives me crazy because they could at least sit down at the table that's right there but NO they have to hover.

No. 1127992

File: 1649445937049.jpeg (451.42 KB, 1052x1280, original.jpeg)

You're not alone! I only consume a new show/movie like 1-3 times a year at this point, and only if its with a friend so it feels less intense. I don't know if this will help you, but what has helped me immensely is practicing reading books, specifically random used books (ones I know will probably appeal to me but not something I've been seeing hyped up a lot). I might read very slowly because it feels very intense, but theres no rules that you cant read 1-2 pages a week at times and it still is practicing exposing myself to new content and ideas at a pace that is comfortable to me and that doesn't feel like the level of pressure I experience watching some big fancy new show/anime/movie because it's just a cozy little book nobody cares about and its just words on a page. even easier might be audiobooks. otherwise i mostly stick to the same familiar shows, tho sometimes i accidentally trick myself into enjoying a new one but distractedly turning on a tv and channel flipping. it helps to not have the intention of getting super into whatever it is, for me at least. I hope this becomes less overwhelming for you, it can feel kind of isolating or frustrating to not be able to consume media like other people can, even if others might be too extreme in the opposite direction kek

No. 1128015

are you me? kek. I rarely watch new tv shows, almost never at this point. I know it's a bit ridiculous but I like my comfort shows. I don't want to invest in anything new, even if I might like it.

No. 1128055

This sucks. The same shit-talking coworker I talked about here, switched cubicles with her friend. The cubicle is directly next to mine. These are open cubicles too where you can see each other. Ffs it was worse enough being in the same room as her, now she’ll be right next to me and I’ll have to see her ugly mug. Her small kids (that are very rowdy and bother everyone while their working) come over sometimes too, so now I gotta deal with that. Ughhh whyyyyy. I hate this.

No. 1128057

>dad very loudly talking to his equally loud boomer friend about how "we have to buy our water now and people think it's normal!!" while looking very pointedly at me
LISTEN retard i get that it's absurd and ridiculous. the difference between me and you is simply that i realize i can't do shit about it unless i want to drink water that tastes like bleach and see no point in bitching. god

No. 1128062

the fact that i’m on this degenerate site says enough. i’m a dyke, clapped (not that i put any effort in anyways), probably have undiagnosed autism, and have no drive to do anything productive with my life at all. i haven’t been hugged in years and i can’t ask my straight friends for one in fear of seeming predatory. i can’t ask my gay friends for one because that’s fucking gay. chances of me actually getting a fucking girlfriend before i finally decide to off myself is 0. i don’t know what i’m expecting considering i am the most annoying, pretentious, insufferable unkempt weirdo in the area and i refuse to change. i hate myself

No. 1128064

you sound like you're being too hard on yourself, really

No. 1128066

How is lolcow degenerate? Compared to what? Also just hug your friends, no need to act weird about it.

No. 1128068

you sound like me except i'm also wading through a cs degree. good luck to us both, pathetic women are little loved x

No. 1128069

>i am the most annoying, pretentious, insufferable unkempt weirdo in the area
come to my area and we can battle for supremacy

No. 1128074

i wish i could but i am that fucking touch starved at this point i’d start crying.

i am also studying computer science. we are fucked.

No. 1128076

There's no arguing with boomers or those types of conservatives (I assume they are), or even bothering engaging in conversation. Everything always comes back to politics and what's wrong with the country. I know gas is expensive, but you're going to suck it up and pay it because you still want to engage in activities that you enjoy doing, why spend your time complaining about it and having Fox news on a drip feed to your brain 24/7, especially when your kind have been the ones banging the war drum to fight the endless wars that drove the prices up to begin with. I know you are angry at having to wait two hours to get your slop served to you at the local family steak and potatoes restaurant, but it's probably because your kind have been bitching about how unskilled workers (like you) have been overpaid since the dawn of time.

It's an exercise in saying 'oh really? that's so interesting,' and leaving as soon as possible. Godspeed to you.

No. 1128080

Very true

No. 1128084

wow nona how far into your degree are you? i'm about to graduate soon.

No. 1128085

second year. i hate object orientated programming i’ve got no fucking idea why i chose to do cs.

No. 1128086

study hard and good luck bb don't become a dummy like me who's gonna get this degree and know like 10% of what she should

No. 1128118


No. 1128120

Uuuuuuhhhhhhh burn it

No. 1128121


No. 1128123


No. 1128126

good to know that you, despite making significantly more money than me and having a regular wage compared to me, still are "unable" to save up a months worth of your side of utilities and rent. but you can still buy mcdonalds multiple times a week and spend 300 fucking pound on drugs per month. this dude is actually retarded, and he has the audacity to say "well part of the reason why i cant save up is because i spend money on you" yes you fucking idiot because we both discussed + agreed to it under the condition you would already have at least 1k in savings? i feel like this man is actually braindead. he has no problem splashing 300 a month on weed yet when i inevitably have to come to him for help regarding paying a bill or how I didn't get paid in time to make rent, he cries on about having to spend money on "stuff".
what stuff, you fucking retard? every single bill comes out MY account, you have NO expenses to worry about or no bills to organise. you send me your fucking pittance every month then you have absolutely no worries for the rest of the month. all you do is work, come home and then let the spare room we have get like a fucking episode of hoarders with mcdonalds bags and cans of coca cola. you are disgusting, you're quick to play the masculine generous bf by buying me cinema tickets, food etc when i ASSUME and tell you you should only do that if you have more than 1k in the bank and if you genuinely want to. you agree, then flip this shit on me when you know for a fact my job is wildly different to yours?

fuck you. you forget the first year we moved in together and i was the only one working and we had to claim benefits, it was me who picked up all the fucking slack. i even arranged job interviews for you like the pickme i was, so funny how you "forgot" about some of them huh you fucking moron. without me, you would literally be nothing. you'd still be in your shitty drug dealer friend group watching porn every morning and night because no self-respecting woman would want to touch you with a bargepole - in hindsight i kind of wish i hadn't too, because you have sexually denied me for months. you'd be stuck in your parents house, unable to do the most basic shit for yourself. when your driving ban got lifted, i let you drive MY car for a chance to redeem yourself and get yourself back on the right track. the amount of patience and mental health i've sacrificed for you only for you to hide shit from me and turn around and act as if YOU need to pay for ME is insane. this is precisely why i will never ask or even approach you for advice or help ever again. it's funny how i have so much fucking dirt on you yet you have none on me - next time you want to play victim and act as if i'm stealing your money or scamming you (despite being your literal girlfriend) i'll be sure to take pictures of the state of the spare room, and get proof of your disgusting moid loser drug habit that leaves you 300 quid worse off every month. you are disgusting, if I had any family left to go to i would be out of here and you'd never hear from me again. you want to call me belittling but guess what bitch, you fucking deserve it. grow up, man up, i had to hear some pretty tough mean shit in my past but it's the only way i could learn. you're not immune from it either you fucking idiot. no self-respecting 24 year old moid needs to be reminded to clean up a spare room, or needs to be reminded that he should save money. you are a lost cause.

No. 1128127

Leave him

No. 1128129

I look at all the artists I knew or were even mutuals with before they went big. They're all doing so well, making amazing things and I'm happy for them. I let depression overtake my life and I never made anything of myself. It's too late for me now because I'm so far behind that I will never catch up. But it's ok. I enjoy looking at the growth of my peers and cheering them on.

No. 1128131

My vent is a bit sad but I was on bed rest for a few weeks and I just noticed there’s this very frizzy and dry spot in the back of my head. I thought it was matted or a knot maube, but it’s just extremely frizzy from the layibg down, I’m so embarrassed and idk what to do about it.
Do it

No. 1128132

You’re already moving on sis

No. 1128134

I’d suggest also installing cameras to catch deranged trannies committing destruction to property

No. 1128135

i’m psychotic…

No. 1128138

Me too ♥

No. 1128140

It's ok nonnie, me too

No. 1128142

File: 1649456764090.gif (4.98 MB, 700x380, 18E77563-88EB-4323-B390-C50BD4…)

ily nonita bonita

No. 1128144

File: 1649456801074.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1001x1600, F8AA817C-1496-4FEA-8A04-B9B168…)

and u too anon

No. 1128153

File: 1649457290880.jpg (3.97 MB, 2021x3000, MV5BNDIzNDU0YzEtYzE5Ni00ZjlkLT…)

Moids talk shit about women liking Harry Potter and romance films all the time, while in the same breath they elevate scrotecore shit and unironically make male escapist fantasies to be a complex work of art. The whole series of 90s corporate critical movies (office space, fight club, falling down) is crybaby garbage only praised by subpar men that can't make it in the world.

Fight Club is especially embarrassing and I have no sympathy for the protagonist. He had a high paying job, people were polite to him at work, he had a nice apartment. He conspicuously had no friends or hobbies, something he had ample time to solve after work. He could've just played sports or joined some club, he seemed to put absolutely no effort into solving his problems before hitting Tyler Durden He didn't have to go cancer support groups and then become a smelly dumb hobo.

I imagine third worlders watching these films as being embarrassed, embarrassed at the utter angst. I watch all of these movies and just think all these men should be thankful about their easy lives with established careers and stability, it annoys me seeing them all throw it away in a tantrum, and the film implying it makes them more successful with women. Yeah no

No. 1128159

how the fuck am i supposed to get a job. my plans for education were dismantled by covid and i've been on benefits since then while selling art prints to cover expenses. i've never had a "normal" job and have spent over a year coming on and off different medications, adjusting to them, suffering because they weren't right for me, tapering off, trying another. i feel like i'm never going to be able to move back out and have my life back.

No. 1128162

Oh geez. Unfortunately I live in an apartment, of which the building is surrounded by cockroaches (they love bushes and trees and find their way inside for food) and we've had some unwelcome visitors.

Get some Hot Shot boric acid powder and put it all around the edges of your apartment outside. The roaches will walk in it and it dehydrates them until they die. You can also try Raid's Bug Barrier spray and put it all around the perimeter of your porch or balcony.

No. 1128164

The first scene of fight club alone is sickening, the support group thing. It’s a fun comedy of whiny little man, if anyone actually relates or feels sorry for any men it it, wowee kill yourself.

No. 1128176

File: 1649458228023.jpg (237.89 KB, 800x450, 20220408_154108.jpg)

Cockroach nonnie update:
I realized I'm more scared of moids than seeing a tiny gray bug, triple bagged my garbage and threw out all the garbage. I even pulled out my stove and fridge, and checked all corners, I haven't seen any evidence of them despite what I assume is a cockroach.
I appreciate all the reassurance nonnas, I will try out all these tips.
Picrel is evidence, be scared no more for me nonas!

No. 1128177

that is so scary anon. i am from the uk and have never seen a cockroach in person

No. 1128182

We've been together for 10 years and every year he let's my birthday pass without saying anything. He hates birthdays. Except he complains on his birthday when he doesn't get enough gifts, but phrases it like "it was OK, but I only got…"

Bro you're 39. I'm so sick of being with you. I just want to enjoy the rest of my 20s without you. And no, I'm not going to bring this up just to have the same fight we've had every year about this. You hate birthdays. I get it. No amount of reasoning with you will show you that you completely not acknowledging it until 2 weeks later just to say "when is your birthday?" will not fix things. I'm tired, this is the first year where I truly have no desire to communicate with you.

No. 1128187

I spoke too soon. He noticed I was only communicating with "OK" , so he asked if I wanted to go to the mall. I hate shopping this is completely outside of my interests. But I'll say OK because I'm not spending a 5th year in a row hiding in my room and crying just because birthdays have made me feel like crap time and time again.

No. 1128191

Hi I'm still alive, scrote couldn't find it once he looked inside (despite seeing it on CT scan before), so I'm home already. Will have to get an MRI and have a second go later. I also saw an orthopedic specialist and a rheumatologist look at my files in MyChart and I noticed calcium on my IV bag when I woke up. Just wat, I never complained about my bones? I hate the lack of transparency. Also I'm so bloated from the gas they pumped in to look. My nurse was a sweetheart and the the other female patients I shared the room with for a bit were very nice too. I'm glad to be home though, because they put me next to 2 scrotes in 1 day.
I know COVID seems like not a big deal even now, but if anyone has any variant, please wash your hands regularly and wear a mask. I'm not saying this as part of some sort of Bill Gates Great Reset cabal, but in other cultures with more social solidarity people mask up even for flu. There was a COVID outbreak on another ward at the hospital I stayed at today, people don't get their surgery/treatment if they are infected, no matter how 'mild'. Also ill, immunocompromised people exist and want to be able to participate in society too without dying or getting complications from a retard who thinks they are doing them a favor by coughing or sneezing on them. I swear the next scrote who does that gets punched, damn the stitches.

No. 1128195

I hate to say this nona but break up w him if you must, he has gotten too comfortable, make him beg

No. 1128198

Lmao when you actually look at movies men like, it reveals how embarrassing and childish their psyche is. Can’t believe they get to gaslight women about how male violence, power fantasy and mpdg are soooo cerebral.

No. 1128199

>he’s 39
>you’re not done being 20s
>been together for 10 years
Jesus. Stop wasting your life drinking expired sperm. He doesn’t hate birthdays dumbass he just hates putting in effort for literally anything, most of all, you.

No. 1128201

>Bro you're 39
>the rest of my 20s
Wow the old groomer doesn't give a shit about you, what a surprise. He doesn't hate birthdays, he hates you expecting literally the bare minimum of effort.

Dump him ffs why are you wasting your time.

No. 1128203

Who pissed in your cheerios. You took that vent very personally. Let me be sad without going at my neck for it OK? I'm not saying what you said was wrong but jfc calm down.

No. 1128207

I know and I know. It took a long time to figure it out and it's in the works. I'm just sad today ok. It will happen, it IS happening. I'm just sad today.

No. 1128210

Sorry I know you’re sad about it. It made me uncontrollably angry that he made you feel like shit on your birthday every year and still thinks he’s in the right. You don’t deserve that shit.

No. 1128213

Thanks nona. I understand now. After today's sads I will no longer let myself be treated this way. Thank you for your anger on my behalf. I know I would feel the same if my friends came to me with this bs. It really is long overdue , this necessary change.

No. 1128214

This. When guys date super young girls, it's because they know it's easier to trick them and that women their age won't put up with their bullshit. OP you deserve someone who values you and sees you as an equal, if not more important than himself and pampers you. I don't understand why women date older and most likely more financially secure men but the retarded man doesn't even put anything into the relationship.

No. 1128217

Your birthday post made me tear up I felt so bad for what you’re going through, nobody should feel that alone. I just wanna take you to get some food and cake and listen to music you like and go to somewhere beautiful and have the best birthday ever. Sending you a virtual hug today nonna and I hope you can find some good in it.

No. 1128230

Heard someone talking on tv about how abusers sometimes feel invincible when threatening the people they're abusing and for FUCKS SAKE. My dad told me no police would ever come to our house even if I called because he had friends there, no point, they wouldn't come and I would look so stupid. From ages 5 to fucking 22 I genuinely believed that, my friend's dad was cop here and there were many times I looked at him wanting to ask if it was true but was too scared. It's been years but you have any fucking idea how stupid abusers make you feel, I never tell people about my past, I cut all contact to anyone who knew me back then because I am embarrassed of how manipulated I was, yeah it was my dad, yeah what fucking else could I have had done but everyone who knows me now would never believe I was so stupid. My mom did call the cops on him once and they took away his gun at least but I was out by then, hope he burns in hell or whatever for all that shit he did and got away with, ugly scrote.

No. 1128238


No. 1128243

The only reason anyone here gets angry at vents like yours is because we went through the same thing and regret it.

No. 1128251

I will never good enough for my parents. It doesn't matter what I do, I'll always be looked over or looked down on. I can't leave (financials) and I keep getting more depressed. Fuck anyone who has parents that adore them and take their parents for granted. I'm tired of this uphill battle.

No. 1128258

File: 1649464543044.jpeg (32.51 KB, 646x319, AFFD0667-3C01-495B-9E71-333442…)

I was trying to save one of lucis new horror tier bodychecks from her twitter to post in her thread and accidentally airdropped it to my mom in the other room. Should I kill myself now or later? The cringe is so strong I want to die.

No. 1128264

Nonnie, why? I’m so sorry.

No. 1128267

I was going to click save to photos but then the list of contacts I could send it to loaded right where I was about to click. I’m just hoping she wasn’t looking at her phone when I did it. I tried to cancel it but I didnt even realize what was happening for like 15 seconds.

No. 1128274

File: 1649465444731.jpeg (182.51 KB, 700x1050, FDC4B8C0-14EB-4A9D-A770-9538DB…)

The zoomer trend of pairing a sundress with huge clunky tennis shoes and sometimes even big combat boots is the most awful, fugly thing and I can’t stand it.

No. 1128279

File: 1649466847084.jpg (30.82 KB, 500x500, RAISED IN CAPTIVITY.jpg)

Everytime I ask a question in the stupid questions thread I get ignored.

No. 1128283

>i hate object orientated programming
its so clean though

No. 1128284

I wish painful death upon him
Which one is it anon? more than likely we just don’t know the answer I promise

No. 1128288

Thank you anon, fortunately he died a few years back, alone and hopefully scared.

No. 1128290

I just wanted to know a good affordable body cream and if making a Facebook account is a good way to meet people.

No. 1128294

I work for a craftsperson as a side gig. They ship me supplies, I make the base work and ship it back for them to add details and finish and get paid for it. The last package of supplies seemed to have been stolen after being marked delivered in my mailbox, even though packages are usually delivered by my back door except that one time I guess. It also had my paycheck so fuck me.

They shipped a new package addressed in a way that the post office could hold it for pickup. Not even sure how that works. Another worker apparently gets hers shipped that way. I assumed it would be fine but I have been to my PO several times this week asking and they have nothing and ask for the tracking number. But did the person I work for send me a tracking #? Nope. I kind of really need that. It was filed away already. Sorry for inconveniencing you by begging for it. I feel like this package bullshit is all my fault and I'm in trouble for losing the shit when really, it's not my fault whatsoever. My anxiety and depression has flared up horribly while this is happening and I feel dead inside. I overreact about things tbh, but hey.

I wouldn't even mind if they fired me for the lost supplies, or if this new box somehow goes missing despite it being easily fixed if they'd, you know, give me a tracking number. It's not like it's my main job, nor is it the first time I've stressed about things.

No. 1128301

I've tried a lot of creams and lotions and cerave is the best imo, no irritation, moisturizes me and all that. A fancy one is lush sleepy one, love that greasy shit.

No. 1128306

File: 1649469126183.png (666 KB, 911x829, Screenshot.png)

I hate curling wand curls in historical fiction. It looks stupid and cheap.

No. 1128308

My sister is morphing into a tif and my family isn't one bit concerned. She is autistic and was most likely sexually assaulted by her abusive boyfriend from high school. I got sent a photo that she just cut all her hair off and it looks like she has on a binder. I'm so mad they are just supporting it and not seeing that she needs help.

No. 1128310

the only lotions that dont give me hell body wise are: aveeno eczema baby balm, alpha skincare lotion, and working hands. as for face i just use purito unscented serum.

No. 1128314

I’m so sorry, I hope you can find the package! What kind of the things do you make? I’m actually super interested. Do you have pics?

No. 1128316

Eh I get annoyed at women (adult women, not naive teens) who date shitty older men because they're helping convince so many men they age like fine wine and we expire at 30 so it's natural for them to be with women in their 20s forever. It's enabling and throws us all under the bus.

No. 1128318

File: 1649471515069.jpeg (63.75 KB, 495x448, 8AD8D460-9091-4358-9505-A0A8FB…)

I’d give them a pass, women have been curling their hair using heated rods for thousands of years.

No. 1128325

File: 1649472366443.jpg (59.42 KB, 750x723, i only stan (1) cat on We Hear…)

Thanks anons. I use Cerave on my face and like it so it makes sense to try that on my body and I've heard good things about aveeno

No. 1128329

I feel bad because a lot of the movies I enjoy are known as toxic film guy genre like Pulp fiction,
American psycho and Fight club. I think the difference between girls enjoying these films and guys, is that women do exactly that, just enjoy a film whereas guys like to embody the characters.
My favourite thing about fight club is the wardrobe that Brad Pitt wears. His aesthetic is chaotic and I like it. I've never seen another man dress in that style. The colourful printed t shirts and spikey unruly hair.

No. 1128340

I remember when I watched the weirdest film review on youtube about office space. The review was like “this is what white men do when they’re angry, don’t fuck with white men when they’re angry” it was the stupidest shit ever. Only a scrote can come up with the idea of shooting down their entire work space because no one is accommodating to our royal XY for being born an inbred snowshit male. I hate white men and I especially hate filmbros who try to implant their “objective” moral authority into films, acting like films are the Bible and not just entertainment to pass time pft

No. 1128347

No pics on me right now, but it's chainmaille. The people I work for do faires and stuff. They send me boxes of metal rings and I do all the boring basic strips and sheets of chainmaille that become belts and headbands and things. It's not a bad side gig. I can put youtube or netflix on and work. But sometimes the communication can be a bit difficult.

I also just hate not knowing what's going on or what to do about certain problems. That's what gives me anxiety. Hopefully they can dig up the tracking number, I can find where it is or intercept the package and make sure to find a better solution for the next package.

No. 1128353

I'm brooding some chicks for a friend's mom since she lost a portion of her flock to sickness last year. I promised myself no chicks for me this year since I have enough hens, but if it's only for 6-8 weeks and then they're gone it's okay.

But I lost one. I had them in an open (but tall) tub. I had mine last year like that their first week so I guess I assumed it'd be fine too. But one got out and I couldn't find her. I quickly cleaned the repurposed dog crate I use and put the others safely in there, and left some food and water outside the crate in case the lost girl is still around my garage and heads to the heat lamp. But she could be anywhere, with all the stuff in there. If she's not hurt or hungry. I feel so guilty.

No. 1128360

Put some hen noises on your phone and try waiting a bit in each room

No. 1128370

I just wanna say you guys are the bane of my existence as a concept artist. I have to photobash chainmail photos onto my art and then warp it around to make it look like it's hanging off the character in a believable way and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE

No. 1128383

I'm tired of people not loving me the way I love them, all I want is someone just as mentally ill as me to become obsessed with me and me with them and we spend the rest of our days being toxic and gross and completely wrapped up in one another. I'm tired of being the second choice goddamn it I wanna be someone's entire world just one fucking time. I wanna be the only reason they breathe, I want them to feel like they'll die if I leave just like my insane ass has to every time I give half a shit about someone. Someone suffer for me the way I suffer for them!! I'm tired of being stable I want mutual obsession and codependency!!! I don't care if it makes me evil, I'll be evil! Love me!

No. 1128388

Be careful what you wish for

No. 1128390

This reminds me I used to stay up at night to curl my MLP toys' hair using a metal chopstick, metal tweezers, and a space heater when I was a kid

No. 1128400

You sound like a huge asshole.
You can justify it however you want, the fact is that you're a petty and extremely manipulative person who emotionally manipulates others for personal gain.

No. 1128404

Settle down, Love Quinn.

No. 1128418

>invited a few close friends over to have a few drinks and play video games
>"hey can we invite (x acquaintance, she's cool)
>x acquaintance is currently blackout drunk and puked all over my apartment
>now sitting outside because the smell of puke is overpowering
>it's 2 am
>I want to sleep

No. 1128421

clearly the problem is that you didnt drink enough

No. 1128425

Look at this fuckin friends haver

No. 1128426

all of my habits are self destructive

No. 1128434

I broke up with a scrote I had been seeing long distance for a while due to him low key pressuring me into doing sex acts I didn't want to do. Thank god I have enough dignity to keep saying no to him so I never did do any of the things he wanted me to do. Anyway, the conversation about breaking up went extremely sour extremely fast. He started gaslighting me into thinking I was mad (I wasn't), putting words in his mouth (I wasn't), trying to make him out to be the bad guy (I wasn't) etc. We started arguing about arguing and I never even got to tell him that I want to break up, we argued for two full days over text. He got extremely defensive and completely painted me as the villain in the situation while he was the poor widdle victim. Eventually I just said can we stop arguing it's pointless because I'm breaking up with you. I never even got to explain the reasons why because he just wasn't listening to anything I was saying. Anyway the point of my vent is that he made me out to be the bad guy and the villain when all I was trying to do was be civil. It bothers me a lot. Fuck that guy I'm actually angry now and I want to go apeshit on him since I'm already the bad guy it wouldn't even change anything.

No. 1128435

make sure she doesnt leave in the morning before cleaning up smh or at least the person responsible for bringing her

No. 1128442

>never even got to explain the reasons why
ngl its probably better this way since at least he won't improve at being manipulative

No. 1128444

anon, this is a little bpd of you, but i get it. sometimes i miss being in relationships with people who were obsessed with me and who i could go to with anything and know they'd accept it and it would just bring us closer. codependency is very comforting like that. now, i feel like i will always like someone more than they like me. it sucks but, in the end, all those extremely toxic codependencies only felt good in the moment and i grew to want out of them once the magic had worn off. i know both of us are capable of finding someone who reciprocates our love but in a less… explosive way. i would be your healthy bff if i could, i know she's out there for you.

No. 1128449

100% I completely regret being civilised and over explaining to a scrote why he was such a fuck up etc. He doesn't deserve a redemption arc. Men need to take more responsibility for being boyfriend material. Women have suffered enough.

No. 1128450

They either a) think it's a phase b) bought into the "better to have a blah blah blah" rhetoric or c) don't see any problem with it since she's an adult(?). I'm sorry nona. I don't have direct experience. I think you need to keep communications open with your sister. Try to see if you can get more information out of your parents? Maybe use indirect questions? Snoop her socials? My brother's gf has a sister who trooned out a few years ago. Insecure girl who first got into the lgbtq+ scene then into furries which snowballed quickly. She uses he/they pronouns. It's sad and her twitter is an echo chamber. I stumbled upon her reddit/twitter and it was heartbreaking. Don't lose hope.

No. 1128463

I hate how vulnerable developing a crush feels. like why cant it be just like a brain notification, why does it have to fuck with my behavior? I hate how it feels like i dont have control over myself

No. 1128467

I've developed an allergy to rice and now I'm very sad because I love rice

No. 1128470

Can you go to your doctor and ask them to refer you to an allergist?
They can desensitize you to allergies
Although its kinda weird if you've been eating it regularly

No. 1128471

weird to develop*

No. 1128488

I’m done with acting friendly and polite to male strangers. A man approached me while I was waiting at the bus stop and started talking to me and not wanting to be rude I engaged in conversation with him. Long story short he touched my ass and tried to kiss my hand and touch my breasts, I know it isn’t my fault he did those things, I wasn’t ‘encouraging’ him or anything. But if I could do things differently I would have been a rude bitch and completely ignored him, and that is what I’m going to do the next time a male stranger tries to talk to me.

No. 1128498

Yeah ig just hope he doesnt get mad and attack you

No. 1128500

Aw I'm sorry nona, I hate taking transit too because of this but I must take it regularly

No. 1128513

Carry pepper spray and taser if you can. Sometimes not even engaging can get moids crazy and violent. Stay safe dear nonnette.

No. 1128543

Why can I never just read a book or watch a film/tv show WITHOUT wasting time on picking what to watch or read? Like I just waste hours picking something out because I see one negative review and I'm like yeah no and by the time I'm done all my free time is over. I hate my brain

No. 1128545

>Show it to his mom
His mom probably worships the ground he walks on

No. 1128557

I feel like my soul died 7 years ago, i don’t know who this person is

No. 1128559

same here. just riding the wave of this stranger who has to forge a new story I guess. eventually

No. 1128567

Same, anons. Looking back these few years back I cannot put myself in that person's shoes anymore. Doesn't feel like "me" at all; but at the same "me" doesn't feel like anything at all either. Weird state to be in.

No. 1128576

THAT SPIDER COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW. I don't know what to dooooooooooooooooooooo I hate them so muuuuch someone save me save me save meeeee

No. 1128580

my girlfriend i met online (i know) is the only thing that keeps me going and the only person i have, but i know she has no intention of meeting up with me even though she keeps the fantasy going

life is not for everybody and i hate that i'm so lonely and can't connect with anyone else that i don't put my foot down

No. 1128584

I've been in a relationship like that (kinda, over the course of 3 years we met twice, both initiated and organized by me, if it was up to her we never would), messed me up so bad and I feel like I can't even talk about it because why do I get so bothered about something that was a fantasy all along? I know I wouldn't listen if someone told me to get out of it at the time but it really is not healthy and I hope you'll manage to put your foot down someday and move on to focusing on more tangible connections.

No. 1128588

I feel so disgusting and uncomfortable during my period. At least I'm not passing out from the pain like I did as a teen.

No. 1128599

Are you really in a relationship if she doesn't want to meet irl?

No. 1128602

File: 1649505163443.jpeg (13.08 KB, 326x306, 4B9A1D33-45D4-4A7D-8F49-65C33D…)

Staying temporarily at a friends house, its been forever trying to find my place but the light is at the end of the tunnel. Until one of her rotational men shows up and fucks up my mood worse than the drug addict roommates we had to kick out. Always being overtly sexual, then posturing around her kids, complaining about her and flirting with me. Being a lesbian does not deter this scrote obviously, and today this asshole basically tries to “jokingly” trip and put his crotch in my face. He’s confrontational about everything, then tries to act cute and flirty with me. Men make me sick, I’ve been peaked.

No. 1128612

I'd say no.

No. 1128661

File: 1649507529577.jpeg (676.07 KB, 2073x1740, DiFEnWHU8AAQ5gI.jpeg)


No. 1128680

put rat poison in his food

No. 1128700

I hope you’ve let your friend know how gross these guys she chooses are, and definitely how they make you uncomfortable and don’t back off.

No. 1128714

Had a relapse and binge/purged again and now i feel like crying, i’m such a fucking loser

No. 1128725

I love you nonnie, please don't cry. Things will get easier for you, you're very stressed out and overwhelmed right now and food was the easy option, that's ok, and you will be ok! Wipe those tears for me girlie and hold your head up high. We love you here, and you are not a loser or ever will be precious nona

No. 1128795

/g/255346 made eating disorder general thread for any nonnnies who would be helped by one, am retarded so don't know how to link it properly


nonny me too just yesterday and i had gone 3 weeks without and it was the grossest fucking food too, my throat bleeds for half an hour after anytime i purge now :(

No. 1128816

here's the link my newfag friend >>>/g/255346 it might get locked though
also read these before posting

No. 1128863

i feel like there are no good cows on here anymore. i miss phoebe tickner

No. 1128883

lock your accounts and live in fear like how you did to me when you stalked and aired my trauma out to everyone who knows us for 2 years. hope you fucking suffer like i have… you excuse my abuse and tell me the men in my family who reduced me into nothing love me and in the same breath talk and post about women’s rights but somehow i’m the crazy one? I’m the hypocrite? Fuck you, you are a failed human

No. 1128905

Yeah… there are male cows but honestly male cows just make me homicidal and lose the will to live.

No. 1128927

File: 1649514769377.jpeg (44.42 KB, 440x521, 999B3E31-33D2-4FD1-B38B-0C2F2F…)

i know this makes me a bad person but i’m disappointed that lana let herself go

No. 1128945

as if don't hate men enough already I got flahed today on my way home.
scrotes need to all die in a fire.

No. 1128946

I hope he dies nonna, i’m glad it didn’t escalate into something even worse and you got home unharmed. Men shouldn’t exist

No. 1128947

I used to say Chaotic unironically and my wife called me out on it. Turns out I was working along side zoomers for too long and it caused brain rot. I've stopped since then

No. 1128949

Who the fuck brings their kids to work? Try to switch cubicles with someone else

No. 1128957

This would look okay if it were big white sneakers. I dunno whats going on with her feet.

No. 1128959

I went grocery shopping with my friend today. At some point we were in different aisles and apparently this shrek looking motherfucker who worked there and had assisted us earlier went up to her and asked if I had a boyfriend. She told him I didn't then went to go find me to tell me what happened. Sure enough a few minutes later he walked up to us and asked for my number. I ended up giving him a fake one and we tried to avoid him for the rest of the shopping trip.

I'm mostly annoyed because 1)bitch why the fuck didn't you just lie and tell him I had a boyfriend? I feel like that's basic girl code, she could have shut it down immediately but instead ruined my standard "get the hell away from me" excuse. Like c'mom, I need you to have my back! And 2) the way he tried to get my number was so pathetic. Instead of just asking, he said he was "doing a survey" and needed my personal information. So if I hadn't had my friend's warning, he was literally going to lie and manipulate me into giving him my info. She even called him out and was like "uh no bullshit dude, we know why you're here". That's when he confessed and just straight up asked me for my number. What the fuck? How the fuck did he think that was okay? This is the shit that makes not want to leave my house, I just wanted to get some goddamn eggs.

No. 1128961

is this really a thing? wtf

No. 1128962

Make that bitch pay for damages and cleaning.

No. 1128963

Your friend sucks and that guy is a piece of shit. Why do guys feel the need to lie? A bloo bloo, you hare rejection? Who cares. Glad you're safe nonnie

No. 1128964

>shrek looking motherfucker
kek. Any time I've been approached and asked for my number it's been some shrek lookalike or a guy at least 15 years my senior. I'm just insulted by it all. Like god give me one interaction where I can at least walk away feeling flattered by it.

No. 1128967

If the zoomers are hyping comfortable sneakers or combat boots with cute summerdresses I'm 100% for it, that's so much better than strappy heels or sandals or flats with no support.

No. 1128983

Most people who suffer from religious abuse and trauma are women, that’s why its not taken seriously and religion is seen as a human right. and everytime i see some dumb bitch talking about respecting a religious group and their traditions i get violently sick and angry but it’s so normalized that i’m the crazy one for reacting this way to misogynistic garbage

No. 1128984

File: 1649519887461.gif (1.62 MB, 500x281, pinnochio.gif)

I planned to go to a family outing today with some people but didn't even get the call for the final coordination apparently. I called asap and they were already halfway there, and one of them knew I wanted to go. So I wasted a PTO day on this shit.

I'm so fucking mad I want to cry. fuck them

No. 1128986

It really tears me up that my mom was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through chemo. Lost all her hair. I haven't spoken to her once. I was finally able to commit to no-contact after a lifetime of her unmedicated abuse 2 years prior to her diagnosis, and I'm not going to jeopardize that progress just because she's sick now.

I have no one to talk to because it's a really hard situation to explore with others. Even if people understand that she was abusive, it feels like there's still something deep inside that says things like "she's still your mother" ,"you only get one", and that I will live to regret my decision. Plus it feels REALLY disrespectful to vent about this because my friend group is at that age where their parents are getting older/sick/passing away. I don't like the idea of people knowing I chose not to talk to my mom as she faced cancer treatment.

No. 1128988

> it feels like there's still something deep inside that says things like "she's still your mother" ,"you only get one", and that I will live to regret my decision.
Societal programming, anon. You have the right to not feel bad for cutting someone who treated you like shit out of your life. You don’t have to accept abuse just because she’s your mom. That’s toxic messaging from generations before you.

No. 1129010

I don't think I can really stand endlessly browing websites and posting on imageboards to ignore the fact that I'm worthless, my family dislikes me and I'm alone on a day people would normally hang out with their friends or SOs. I don't even have friends. What am I even supposed to do with my life? I'm shit at everything I enjoy.

No. 1129011

File: 1649521720785.jpeg (16.86 KB, 275x155, ADAA9F35-8358-454F-998E-076EDB…)

Everyone at my office is wearing pronoun stickers on their work badges. I hate this. A manager came up to my desk and asked me my pronouns and waited for me to put the sticker on my badge. I want to take it off but everyone is wearing there’s and I don’t want to look like a homophone god I’m so easy to peer pressure.

No. 1129012

you are just like me
find something to do

No. 1129025

Like what

No. 1129029

you might not have skills or worth now, but you aren't stuck that way
you can improve at things you enjoy and if you can't you can become knowledgable in the process.

No. 1129038

again i am having the same issue where my friend wants to hang out, we have tons of fun for hours, but eventually she wants me to experiment (she's bi). she's a good and fun friend and her and her family help me but i feel so awkward having to reject her when really i just want to live my life and have normal non-sexual fun. i don't like feeling like maybe she will internalize just the fact that i am not a sexual person as if it's just an excuse. she feels that i'm not giving her a chance to see if i would enjoy being with a woman because it's so very different from men (to be fair, this is understandable but my aversion to sex i do not think has to do with men, i'm just not sexual). i'm also not bi or a lesbian but honestly that's so far beyond the point.

like i already have known that the offer is always open if i want to be sexual, but the dogged insistence and shift towards turning hanging out into a sexual situation keeps happening at the end of the night, it's becoming more and more frequent when i just want to hang out and talk shit. what would you guys do? i have to bring up a million excuses that, in fairness, are true, but i feel like if i continually reject her she might resent me and it worries me because my excuses could or might seem fake to others and i don't want to lose our friendship by offending her by rejecting being sexual with her routinely.

No. 1129040

Lost my mom to cancer, watched her go through all that harsh medical treatment.. years after her death I'm still hit with thoughts of her every day. It's not the same though. I'd be an asshole if I couldn't wrap my head around that fact and recognise that there's a whole blessing in having a kind loving parent to grieve for and not a whole messy situation with cancer added in on top. There is obviously a reason why you feel the need to preserve yourself by staying away even under these circumstances. Illnesses don't just cancel out years of abuse. Her illness doesn't mend or cancel out all the emotional wounds.

You staying away makes sense within the full context that you have. If others can't grasp that context then they're jumping the gun to judge you. Sure on a very surface level you could be painted to be uncaring or cold but you know there's more to it than that. Only you know your own full backstory. I empathise with anyone who loses or comes close to losing a parent they don't exactly get along with because the range of opposing emotions that are felt sound just as bad as pure grief. It's all a headfuck either way.

No. 1129048

I want friends I want friends I want friends I want community I want community I want camaraderie

No. 1129049

Same same same same same same

No. 1129071

Is it sad that her texts are keeping me alive? I don’t know what i will do when she gets bored of me and abandons me. Im so scared

No. 1129078

I'm in the same boat

No. 1129079

>"she's still your mother" ,"you only get one"
Yeah, well, your mom only got one daughter and she fucked it all up.

No. 1129099

I know it’s the vent thread… but you went no contact for a reason. Everything she did to you is still there, and cancer/chemo makes people really miserable, so imagine how she treats you but while she’s even angrier and more vitriolic than she was before. There’s no extra credit points for subjecting yourself to that. It’s not like you have abandoned someone helpless to the wolves. She has the care she needs for a shitty diagnosis.

No. 1129100

it's always me loving people who don't love me but do love people who hate me

it's always me realizing people want people they can be friends with and speak to but i'm terribly socially maladjusted and doomed to be forever alone

No. 1129110

File: 1649526024891.jpg (69.54 KB, 500x491, tumblr_b275f8a046810b98e0f80e9…)

it's like i'm this picture exactly. honestly yes, it's miserable, but i dunno any other way to be

No. 1129115

4 years ago my ex went from making big future plans with me.. to landing me with the news of his affair. He left me for her and as I was making plans to move home last minute and tp start my fucking life over.. he was all loved up and I had it right under my nose for weeks. He couldn't stop himself from bragging about how insanely blessed he was for finding this woman. Didn't matter that we were 3 years into living together when he found her. That shit stung bad. I had no time to have a mental breakdown because I had a new life to plan and nobody to fall back on. Absolutely nobody for support. yay

Ngl here and there I've looked up his socials since. I just want to see that they've broken up. I don't want my pain and panic to be his happily ever after. Is that too much to ask? Idk if he meets someone else but just not the affair partner.

No. 1129128

>it feels like there's still something deep inside that says things like "she's still your mother" ,"you only get one", and that I will live to regret my decision
Only retards who were never abused by family members and who have no empathy would say that. If you're friends actually start saying this and insist then they're not worth being friends with imo. Whatever you do, don't force yourself to see your mother at the hospital just for the sake of it. See her only if you truly want to.

No. 1129138

File: 1649526750542.jpg (160.46 KB, 735x758, a9af7392c8e53e9616565b93879866…)

Be thankful you didn't have his children, go full no contact forever including not checking socials, they always end up back at it again and wondering about you. Men are never as happy with their affair partner in an actual relationship as when they were sneaking around. They are FOMO, coom, and dick brained. That's why all emotional male love songs are about the one that got away (aka the one that didn't take his shit anymore).

Ladies, make your future plans revolve around YOU and only you. If a partner happens to come along for the ride, good for them, otherwise you keep working towards becoming the person you always wanted to be.

No. 1129166

File: 1649527974065.gif (4.07 MB, 480x270, aaaaaaa.gif)


No. 1129170

>it wouldn't really make sense for either to be seeking anything out that resembled their partner
why not?

No. 1129186

Don't give him a second chance. Don't give him a reaction. Simply block and delete. Get into a new hobby or something, exercise, and do shit that you enjoy.

No. 1129191

This guy I'm seeing is ok with being FWB (he said he doesnt want a relationship) and I was like cool. I'm fucking him since he's really hot and he pays for my food. One thing I don't get about this guy is that he gets extremely jealous when I answer him honestly about my dating life. I'm seeing other people and he is too, why the fuck does he care?

No. 1129195

I'm sorry… my dad died of cancer when I was 22. I hadn't seen him since I was 10. I visited him at the hospital and he had lost a lot of weight and it was awkward interacting with him. Yes, I got abandonment issues due to him, but when he was at home with us he was a great dad, so it hurt a lot that he was gone randomly one day. Either way, I promised myself not to see him again ever. He did try to contact me at 16 or 17 but I did not answer his FB message. It's really hard losing a parent no matter what relationship you had. My advice is to see her, be cordial and nothing more. Just accept the situation for what it is. My dad tried to say sorry to me but I just nodded and said ok, whatever.

No. 1129243

Male ego is fragile af, and he wants to own you like an object, you being with other men is an insult to him, while he doesn't give a damn how you feel about him being with other women. Most of men who want to be "open" are like this.

No. 1129333

File: 1649536658777.jpeg (133.81 KB, 736x520, 520CA7A6-4A49-4677-A2F0-D20E2B…)

I wish I'd had at least one fulfilling romantic relationship instead of just cycling between abusive partners for years and years. As I am now I'm extremely unhealthy and definitely NOT a catch so I can't even say "ughhh I wish I had a gf" because I'm really not worthy of it. I have to heal first and become a better person, and even then I have to do it for myself, not a hypothetical woman whose love I'm hoping to earn. I just feel so pathetic. I'm depressed, I'm embarrassing. I need to clean the house but instead I just laid in bed all day. There's seriously something wrong with me…

No. 1129361

File: 1649537432300.jpg (34.56 KB, 765x430, anime-girl-maid-disgusted.jpg)

>join discord channels connected to uni to meet more campus friends
>one club related server has this dude that likes vidya games i like
>dude is kinda awkward and bad at social cues (leaves his mic on heavy, loud breathing, playing on his 3ds while we're talking about serious club related stuff in voice calls or interrupts serious convos to talk about vid game stuff, talks to his little server rank bot whenever it "interrupts" him while he's talking about something) but doesn't seem like an actual weirdo
>one day starts raging about how he keeps getting rejected by girls
>people chime in trying to give him genuine advice
>fuels his rage even more
>girl he hit on once talks about how the way he approaches girls is creepy (apparently he follows girls to class and whines for them to go on a date with him)
>he also asks random girls in his classes to go on dates with him without any prior buildup/only talks friendly with girls in discord servers
>starts going ballistic and calls her rude for not going on a date with him, says he's going to commit seppuku
>goes on other uni servers
>finds out dude has a routine of sending his incel manifestos in other servers too
>also has sent self harm and said he'd commit multiple times and spergs whenever people offer help
>whenever anyone calls him out on his behavior, dickheads rush to defend him

i'm actually fucking scared of this dude. he gives me legit elliot rodger vibes, and i feel like he'll snap one day and actually hurt someone. i reported him to campus authorities but i don't think that'll do shit.

No. 1129391

That's so fucking psycho, maybe he's just an autist with a mission to redpill the sheeple

No. 1129408

My dad killed himself with booze and now a relative I live with with, in a house I own, is secretly drinking. I had only one rule in this house and it was no alcohol in the house. I think I'm gonna go berserk.

No. 1129412

File: 1649539522015.jpg (21.42 KB, 429x270, 5db.jpg)

I know this is late but, thank you so so so much anon, this is the nicest thing anyone's said to me in what feels like a long time. You're a kind soul. I hope only good things happen to you…!
I'm so sorry to hear this. 3 weeks is an excellent streak though! I hope with time we'll be able to leave this heinous disorder behind.

No. 1129417

spoiler your smut

No. 1129419

I threw her glass onto her bed and she should be thanking it wasn't her face because what the fuck. She tried telling me it was pepsi even when the whole room reeked of wine. I let her live here rent fuckin free, she saw me cleaning out the house after my dad died and this is how she repayed me? I have so much shit going on and this is wtf she did, I know it sounds insane, I sound insane but it's my fucking home now and I don't like alcohol it makes me panic ffs

No. 1129423

as an alcoholic myself (who would respect your house rules), I can only give you this advice. First thing, talk to them, calm, not angered, worried, tell them how you feel and what you fear and why there is this rule in your house. Second thing, if they won't listen, kick them out. People are allowed to make mistakes, but if you have given them a chance and listend to them and they won't change, it's time for them to go. Alcohol isn't easy to get away from and if they won't do it for a roof over their head, they won't do it for anything.

No. 1129434

Respectfully, I don't owe her to be calm but I was way calmer than I thought I would be. This is the second time because I found empty cans when I emptied her trash, could've at least recycled that shit. She knows exactly what happened to me and why, I know it's stupid to keep people from drinking but one goddamn rule. If she would've just said it was wine, I'm so sorry that would actually kinda been more tolerable, but to lie to a child of an alcoholic? I learned to differentiate types of booze by smell only by the time I was fucking 4 and you lie? I'm so goddamn numb, everyone likes to scream about trigger warnings and respect, I don't care if people smell like booze or drink around me as long as my own home is safe, I feel like everyone treats me like a joke. I'm not gonna just kick her out but I am gonna invite her to gtfo asap tomorrow.

No. 1129441

Is there any way you could anonymously report him to the school? Like show some of the shit he's been sending and explain how you think he could be a potential threat to other students or something. or just anonymously harass him until he finally kills himself lol

No. 1129448

to my knowledge, no. i've been actually compiling evidence to send to dean through a throaway email, but i don't know if i'd get any response that way. hoping for the best. if that doesn't work, i'll just send an email directly through my student email even though this is worst case scenario.
i feel like if i report him without the anonymity and he finds out, he'd actually find me and physically assault me or something

No. 1129455

“Reach out if you need help!” “Don’t self-isolate!” Okay, but when I DO actually reach out people are always too busy for me. This is why I’m better off just dealing with my problems alone.

No. 1129469

This is going to sound stupid as fuck, but my forehead is so big is starting to affect me mentally, I can't stop thinking I look like I'm balding/like a troon, my hairline and sideburns are so male-like I have to hide them with bangs but the moment i see my hairline again I want to genuinely kill myself, I feel so gross. I can't believe I will have to live like this all my life, I hate bangs I wish I could just wear any hairstyle I want but people won't stop mocking me for my forehead

No. 1129470

my (now former) best friend got addicted to heroin a few years ago. She reached out to me around 2019 to make amends with me, and she was going to rehab. It seemed like she did really good but then we lost contact, made contact again last year but she kept evading my offers to take her out to lunch and catch up and she eventually deactivated her Facebook. I periodically try to find her online to see if she's ok, since the last I heard she'd given up trying to get her kids back from the state which didn't sound like sober behavior to me, and I just wanted to make sure she was safe and healthy. Well, last night I found her socials, and I wish I hadn't. she's trying to be a cam girl. She's covered from head to toe in bruises and filth, her arms are covered in track marks, all her clothing is filthy, she has "sexy" photos of her with fresh blood on her arm and obviously high out of her mind. It's Luna Slater tier disgusting and I can't believe someone I know, someone I loved and was so close to is like that. She genuinely looks like a kidnapping victim trapped in an abandoned house in some of her photos. And then another layer of disgust is added when I think of what kind of fucking men get off on images and videos of her living in squalor, covered in dirt and blood, high and barely coherent. I wish I didn't care so much and could just stop wishing she was better, I feel like I can't look away from her downward spiral because I don't want these images of her as my last memories. They are genuinely terrifying and heartbreaking. I want to keep lurking to hopefully see her get better but idk how anyone could sober up and live with themselves knowing there's images of them like this out there forever. I wish I could stop caring, I'm so upset and it feels so stupid.

No. 1129478

Rihanna's forehead is so big a plane could land on it, yet she's very obviously a woman. So stop worrying about it and cheer up.

No. 1129480

NTA but going 50/50 when one earns much less is shitty. OP is right.

No. 1129482

it probably doesn't look as bad as you think it does

No. 1129484

Nooo that sucks. where do you work? i am terrified this is the future. pandering to homos and men

No. 1129488

you gotta own it, the more you hide your forehead, the more self conscious you'll be about it!

No. 1129489

You are hyper focusing and take a step back. It's ok, I promise nona. You can either ignore people or take pot shots at them. It's funny how they sputter when you turn shit on them. Don't let them get to you and wear your hair the way you want. Fuck people, live your life.

No. 1129500

I'm so sorry nona, that must be incredibly painful for you to watch even though you don't have direct contact anymore. I've had addicts in my life too and it's always hard. Try to focus on the happy memories of your friendship if you can. And maybe if you have mutual friends/anyone who knew her as well, you could confide in them? Don't be afraid to share your pain. Grief left unshared will stick with you for far too long.

No. 1129505

File: 1649545425642.png (7.83 KB, 76x66, 1645140060598.png)

I keep having these thoughts that I'm gonna end up alone. I'm late 20s and broken up for a year now. I've had a bunch of short relationships since, last one ended few days ago and I'm just feeling really depressed about it. I mostly do the dumping but it was always for a serious reason.
Wish I could just not need anyone but I genuinely want romantic companionship. I can't even concentrate on studying and working because I keep ruminating about being lonely, about how I could've done and said things differently. It's like I'm an addict and can't get my drug. I'm worried my looks are gonna fade and I won't be able to find anyone not worse than my exes… I don't get why I can't stop thinking about wanting love. I wish I never knew how great it is to be in a good relationship because I miss it so painfully. I am worried I'm never gonna find it again and it feels like I have a hole in my chest that excessive online browsing fills. Wasting my life and youth.

No. 1129535

File: 1649547926709.jpg (44.95 KB, 640x950, 5519a3b12b68eaacb47ff87dce686a…)

I spent the whole day trying to learn to shade latex clothing in art, to a point where I ruined my sleeping schedule. It's 2am and I realised I can just download the brushes and call it a day. Oh deer.

No. 1129540

i'm sorry nona, that sounds tough. i think things aren't as bad as they feel rn though. your life isn't even close to being over, & if you take care of yourself your looks aren't about to magically disappear overnight the second you turn 30

No. 1129541

So I had my bday recently and today my sis,her bf and my best friend had made me a gift and made a surprise to give it to me today . Thing is that not only I was feeling pretty lethargic due to PMS but also I have trouble feeling positive emotions most of the time so "surprises" like that are lukewarm events for me emotionally even tho I mentally appreciate them.
So at the time they came I was napping and I just thought my sister and her bf came back from their chores and I went to open the door for them and was about to go back to sleep when they called me back and I saw my bff being there with the gift.
We went to open it and I was trying my best not to have a tired face and look at least neutral but I kept getting teased from my bff and sis about how looking sour or some shit and esp my sister pissed me off calling me ungrateful for not appreciating the trouble they went through while it was totally not what I believed and I almost went off at them. My sister's bf however was the one to calm things off so ee just went on opening the gift and talked and stuff.
Hours later I was texting my bff and she called me out about the way I acted and that there are "better ways" for me to express how I feel and that I shouldn't take the teasing so seriously. I was at another thing I had to do and forgot about the event till she mentioned it and basically said I was only in the wrong and that "my reaction to a surprise wasn't ~normal~".
After that I kinda felt like shit and went to ask my sister's bf for his honest opinion cause I know he would give it.He did tell me I was abrupt but in a nicer way but he got how I felt so he tried to calm things down and then we talked about some other stuff and it's amazing how a MAN I know for just a year gets me better than my bff who knows me for over a decade(I won't even talk about my sister cause she don't really get me at all).
I don't want to put too much faith in a moid but he is one of the "aware" and understanding people I've met but he feels like a good and understanding friend even though he doesn't know me for that long. He gave me comfort when I was basically told I'm wrong for being who I am ONCE again.
I KNOW I'm a mentally ill weirdo and I know I'm not always on my best behaviour but I try my best to fix my issues and do things in my life even though most times it feels futile and fake. Even when we did a birthday thing a couple of days ago I tried to pretend I was feeling ok(7/10) than feeling neutral(5/10) just because I felt decent enough to act like I did but I don't wanna pretend more than that and lie to myself and others just to seem "normal".
I try to make the best out of my life without thinking about how pointless everything is and killing myself and even then I feel too guilty I feel like this cause my life wasn't "that bad". I feel I haven't had enough "objectively bad" experiences for the level of anguish I feel but here I fucking am. And having people close to me not getting it is so disheartening.

I don't ask to be coddled I just ask to be understood.

No. 1129542

I think it's just instinctive territorialness tbh, idk if I'd co sider it to really be objectifying like >>1129243 said
If he asks about your dating life and gets like that tell "I'll stop dating other people if you stop" or something (assuming you're ok with a relationship)

No. 1129551

My boyfriend is so boring. He never wants to do anything beside sitting on the couch. He doesn't even want to go take a fucking walk with me and just tells me to go by myself while he plays video game in my living room. Just go back home if that's all you want to do. He only wants to do thigs if there's a goal, having fun or doing some excercise doesn't seem to be enough. I sometimes think about breaking up with him, I have a hard time seeing this relationship being fun in the long run. We've only been together for around 6 months so it would only be painful for maybe a week.
I just miss my ex so much, not in a I still love him way (cause I have no more feelings or attraction toward him) but I miss our relationship. We had so many things in common, even just doing nothing on the couch was fun. He was interested in the things I enjoyed and was doing while my current bf doesn't seem to care most of the time. Sometimes I feel like he's only with me cause I paid attention to him and doesn't want to be alone.

No. 1129552

So why are you with him exactly? Don't settle for mediocrity in a male.

No. 1129560

Probably because I was sick of being alone and unloved. He's the first man in three years that did not only want to have sex with me or was not a total dick. I do like him a lot, but I want long term and I don't know if he's what I want. Also dating in your 30s is horrible and I don't want to do it again ugh.

No. 1129565

my brain is seriously such a mess
>want people to reach out to me
>>they do; feel tired of interaction, wish they hadn't
>feel lonely
>>someone messages me, i no longer feel like talking
and if i do manage to actually speak with someone over a month, i begin to lose interest in them the moment they garner real, true interest in me. genuinely tired of this shit.

No. 1129571

I don’t want to do anymore homework but it’s all due tonight aaaaaagh

No. 1129573

worst about it i think is that i am just self-aware enough to understand that i really am not anyone worth knowing. that's what hits the hardest

No. 1129579

Get over yourself. Maybe consider that the person reaching to you is also trying really hard to form a connection and every time they forced themselves to be vulnerable with you, you reject them and reinforce those same beliefs you have about yourself (uninteresting, boring etc). Make effort meet them halfway instead of just resigning to selfish wallowing anti social habits. Otherwise you don't actually crave connection, you crave free narc supply.

No. 1129580

Ntayrt but thank you for that. I'm guilty of the same as anon and framing it as "free narc supply" when not attempting to meet someone in the middle conversationally is helpful in changing these tendencies.

No. 1129584

File: 1649553546251.png (845.65 KB, 836x622, screamer.png)


No. 1129586

Felt. I'm so so so tired of it.

No. 1129588

My poor cat! He suddenly has some balance problems. I'm not really sure. This morning he attempted to jump at the window but fell backwards and landed completely on his back which I've never seen a cat do before. He's been normal today for the most part but he jumped off my bf toward the bed he froze up and landed on his back again. Made an appointment for him tomorrow because the way he fell just looked so unnatural for a cat.

No. 1129591

This is why I started hanging out in women only discords.

No. 1129593

Jesus anon, I really recommend you check out some women only discords, I think some advertise in the friend finder sometimes.

No. 1129594

Same. And women have much better taste in anime, and a wider range of interests. I never hear guys talk about retro anime/manga (from the 60's or 70's).

No. 1129602

post sauce

No. 1129604

but i do try to meet them halfway and i always feel terrible about it because i am a terrible person and i have nothing to talk about but the degree i'm flopping through (which i don't want to talk about because once again, i fucking suck shit at it) and internet bullshit

No. 1129606

either this or how much i loathe myself (which i'm not going to bring up for obvious reasons). genuinely curious as to what you mean by "free narc supply" though?

No. 1129607

i just need to get fucked regularly id be a productivity powerhouse

No. 1129608

It really is ubiquitous in nerdy hobby servers, chilling how the trooning out spreads like a virus amongst greasy neckbeards. All the ones I witnessed barely made an attempt at anything, one just grew his hair long and dyed it neon green because he aspired unironically to be a hawt dommy goth gf uwu.
Wish this shit would end finally, sick of incels going trans to cheat the system and guilt trip lesbians into sex to fulfil their yuri hentai fantasies. One faggot kept on saying in a general channel that his trans goal was to have a penis and a vagina so he could be a "futanari". Just like in his Japanese animes, indeed.
Women's servers are great, I agree with the other anons, however one I was in ended up going under because of a group of malding troons reported it for hate speech. It's all so tiresome, nonnies.

No. 1129616

I had a wonderful day, getting to spend it all with a friend I get to rarely see and one that I share such a strong connection with. We can't be together though, and now I just feel so terribly sad about it all. Tomorrow I have to go back to my home on the other side of our country.

No. 1129618

I'm watching a documentary about juvenile prostitution in my city (my city is a hot spot) and I am disgusted. I'm only 20min in and I just want to cry. Men are vile animals and I hope that everyone involved burns in hell.

No. 1129624

I hate how people will villainize a victim for snapping on their abuser.

No. 1129627

Would you mind sharing the name of the documentary anon? I love purposely making myself angry

No. 1129640

It's called Trafic (2019), it's in French though. It is about the clients, so it is very rage inducing.

No. 1129645

nta but i think ill watch it tomorrow when im sober

No. 1129647

I feel like I’ve sacrificed so much for the people around me, especially to my parents and siblings. I wish someone could make the sacrifice for me, like they’d do something that’d make me happy, even if it’s suck for them. I know it’s awful to think that way but I’m always sacrificing my happiness for others and I wish someone would do that for me. I have to put up with their anger, with their attitude, bend over backwards to not set anyone off. I have to do whatever I can to make them happy, but if I show any weakness or anger, I’m being dramatic and an asshole.

No. 1129652

thanks anon, sounds like a painful watch

No. 1129654

wait am I dumb? this is the closest I could find
but it's in english

No. 1129659

File: 1649560768109.jpeg (105.38 KB, 736x559, 71D77465-AC0B-4BFC-9AE1-5DC5B4…)

do not fucking scroll

No. 1129668

yeah I can’t find anything else except this?

No. 1129669

File: 1649560955776.jpg (886.64 KB, 1242x1243, 1617106101796.jpg)

Have you seen the pic of it merged with this?

No. 1129671

oh my god, please no..don’t put him there

No. 1129672

Are you purposely trying to be funny?

No. 1129674

File: 1649561174510.png (Spoiler Image, 230.34 KB, 525x525, 1644311883070.png)

found ittttt(ya nasty)

No. 1129675

Im suing you.

No. 1129676

Kek holy fuck

No. 1129679

Men are so unfunny

No. 1129680


you have made my day worse, prepare to die

No. 1129682

It might be hard to find if you are not in Canada. Video linked is the trailer. I watched it on the Télé Québec app, it is probably region locked.

No. 1129684

Just give it time nonnie, it'll tighten up on its own, especially if its little enough that you can only see it in certain positions
also i guarantee nobody else will notice it like you are

No. 1129686

This shit scared the fuck outta me, I thought the scrotes were back at it. I want to gouge my eyes out

No. 1129688

are these the full episodes or are they longer than 7min each?
dy know if there's english subs for it (in app or otherwise)

No. 1129692

From what I can see, I believe that it was originally released in short episodes/podcasts and what I just watched was a final cut of all the segments glued togheter. So yeah it seems that it is all available on the page you linked.

No. 1129694

My mom is driving me crazy with her useless "advice".

I'm in my 20s and I'm going to be moving out this summer to start my new job. I ran into a friend, and my mom got upset that I told her that I was going to be working for a homelessness organization. She said I shouldn't tell people what kind of organization I work for. Honestly I think my mom is ashamed I'm going to be working for the homeless, even though I'm not required to interact with them in any way. Now she is fighting with my dad because he doesn't have useless advice for me.

No. 1129699

>She said I shouldn't tell people what kind of organization I work for.
That's really weird unless its a super high profile org or something
Maybe she is ashamed, but I can't really guess why. I wanna say mabey push on her a little bit regarding why, but yeah. Did she have something else she was hoping you'd do?

No. 1129727

Ughgughug tomorrow I have a 14 hrs shift of work…..I hate this n I hate how little they pay "orz, pray for me nonnies, light a candle so that I can find and actually decent job that doesn't think gifting me a 15" sub every workday is somehow better than giving me a decent pay

No. 1129734

Sounds a bit like my mom who always pushed me towards having a 'prestigious' workplace like the UN or any job for an EU institution despite me having literally 0 desire to do so because those are the only jobs that count and everything else is a worthless. Ignore her. Helping the homeless is a noble cause and if she doesn't see that it's her fault. They used to be people just like you and me, with hobbies and plans and interest until something went wrong in their lives. If all your mom sees is 'ew smelly, dirty people', she's immature

No. 1129735

No, it's not. It's a local organization in a different state that helps with homelessness. And contrary to what a lot of people think, homeless people aren't just bums, they're also regular people who can't afford to make rent for whatever reason.

My mom is a doctor and secretly hoped I would be a doctor too. She thinks it's supposed to below us to work for a charity/non-profit. And I think she hates homeless people too.

Yeah my mom is living in her own bubble. She is just super judgmental. Like today she saw me having a brief conversation with an ugly guy and she asked me why I was talking with him. It's not really any of her business.

No. 1129747

If it brings you any comfort, neither of them will ever truly be happy. He either cheated because he was horny (in which case he'll be miserable in his relationship because he can't fuck around anymore) or he cheated because he thinks this woman will fill the void in him. Spoiler, she won't, and he'll eventually either cheat on her when another "blessing" of a woman makes him think he's fixed, or he'll dump her because she's "changed" and no longer serves as a substitute for a soul.

As for her, I can promise you she's spent their entire sham of a relationship knowing full well he'll cheat on and leave her at a moments notice, if she's not cheating on him, herself.

Either way, relationships built on shit are always going to be shit. I wish I could take that pain from you, but take solace in knowing you're free to be happy.

No. 1129752

I miss my best friend, but she chose her dumb scrote over me or maybe she just got tired of me I was kind of annoying I hate seeing her having a good time with her man it breaks my heart

No. 1129779

Helicopter alert jeez

No. 1129783

File: 1649569344770.gif (2.87 MB, 480x360, 8C23E84E-1E60-4ED7-AABB-9CDD9B…)


No. 1129800

>homeless people aren't just bums, they're also regular people who can't afford to make rent for whatever reason
>can't afford to make rent for whatever reason
Like selling all their shit (and sometimes children) for crack? C'mon anon you know the reason. Unless you live in a town/city where the local homeless are old-timey hobos riding freight cars and stealing pies off windowsills, you're in for a shock.

No. 1129804

I am so over ran-through moids. You think you've met an unembarrassing male to be in a relationship with and it's revealed that they have desperately embarrassed themselves and any future partner by being the towns tricycle for the past 5 years. Also any male who has a body count above 20 you can count on there being the same amount if not more females who have rejected him as well. Why would any self respecting lady want to walk around the city with that lol.

No. 1129806

Above 20?! That sounds like such a high number to me, but maybe I just live under a rock. I knew I guy who had 13 previous partners and I thought that was a man-whore amount kek

No. 1129812

tbh theres a difference between hobos who live in tents and people who lost their job and are living in their car for a few months are p different

No. 1129814

You know that homeless people includes people who are temporarily living with friends and family right? You must be super sheltered or this must be a troll post.

No. 1129824

I hate the porn industry. How can people agree to such shit? I hate the women and the men that support the porn industry equally. If you say that it should be banned they pull some pseudo argument on you about le people's freedom but what about the freedom of the women that get abused by this sick industry? This industry has more victims than people that come out happy from it. It's full of abuse and taking advantage of women in a bad mental state.

No. 1129828

>implying anyone isn't in a bad mental state

No. 1129829

I believe it should be a law that if men want a license to access porn, they have to contribute to it. Like tax. Only instead of paying money they have to participate in gay scat porn or get railed in the ass by a strap on. And the pick mes who support their bfs use of it should be forced to watch the resulting tape.

No. 1129830

Because they prey on desperate women. Some of them are the 'omg sexual empowerment' types but a lot of them are girls with low self esteem, addictions and some are even just girls who couldn't make it in L.A

No. 1129832

My period has always been irregular and the week before it's supposed to come I always have this feeling of like…what am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm eating the wrong food and should change my diet? Maybe I should exercise more or the opposite, less? Like I must be responsible in some way that it's irregular and I just have to find out the answer but I just don't know. It just feels bad that my body doesn't work properly and I feel slightly guilty for it I guess

No. 1129834

Can porn stars unionise? Not that I like the porn industry either but I was going to say any other industry with so much abuse would be banned but then we still have sweat shops full of kids. I'm sad

No. 1129838

given the turnover rate, I doubt thatd be easy to do
also contract based so its not like theyre employees

No. 1129841

I hate when people generalize so fucking much, i wish i had the luxury to generalize and not feel empathy for anyone

No. 1129842

A co worked is mad at me cos…i was writting a lot in our work Teams chat cos there was some it issue. she did not have the issue and the Teams chat poping up was stressing her..turn the notification off? Like ??

No. 1129843

See and the dudes I've been talking to have me thinking 20 is a small number lol. Moids have zero discretion or foresight.

No. 1129846

I’m a bpd-chan and i hate when i’m in vent circles with other bpd chans and they’re like “yeah it gets bad after a break up” bitch i go through mental turmoil everyday by myself because i’m so lonely and live inside my infected brain. how do you even manage to secure a partner? Do you not all have an identity crisis? No one’s here alone because they cut everyone off? No? Just me? It’s so alienating and makes me feel worse

No. 1129847

I wish my mom and dad got divorced when I was 15 and my brother was 7.

I sometimes picture an alternate timeline where my mom didn't tolerate his cheating and left immediately. Mom would've applied for citizenship finally, moved out and supported us on her wages. My brother and I would've stepped up doing chores and generally would've matured earlier because we'd be more independent and the oppressive air in the household would be lifted. We'd have been happier, my brother wouldn't have turned into this repressed weirdo. Fuck, maybe I wouldn't be living on the other side of the world right now. My dad would've probably gone on unemployment, sent what little extra he got on gambling and melted back into the seedy world he came from, maybe occasionally gave us presents, I don't care either way. Maybe he woud've actually been humbled and tried to be a good father.

15 years go my heart sank when my mom told me they were staying together after hearing arguing for hours. Even then I knew how fucking stupid that was. Maybe she had her reasons, but it was so damn stupid. Now when I visit them I can see he has no respect for her. She's an anxious wreck, what good did staying do? What good could leaving have done? I've tried to help but she's stuck in her ways. Actually she goes so far as to criticise my thinly veiled disdain for my dad. It's like…she's choosing to be miserable. The kids are gone from the house, she can easily be financially independent, she has family elsewhere happy to take her in…why? It's actually pretty upsetting.

No. 1129848

Well on the bright side youre the one bpd who isnt making everyone else miserable

No. 1129855

I never have because i keep it all inside since i second guess myself in the moment no matter how angry i am unless you count the ghosting which i doubt anyone i have ghosted gives two shits lol

No. 1129861

Anon the movie is partially a critique of consumerism, that's why this unnamed "everyman" character has achieved all the things the average scrote wants (nice apartment, nice job, money, there's a woman there) and he STILL is not happy and still shares the loneliness (or perceived loneliness) of the average scrote watching the film – because having material things does not make you happy, having friends, loved ones, and passions does. I don't think you are supposed to feel bad for the protagonist any more than you would feel bad for the girls in the Consoomerism Thread who spend all their money on Tree Hut scrubs.

No. 1129863

Tinfoil anon here but I just feel so alienated from everyone because conspiracies, men, life. I just think I want to be alone. I'm already ruining my one and only friendship/LTR and I just don't want to deal with the stress anymore. I sound like such a loser but I'm just fine being alone forever if it stops the hurt.

No. 1129864

I'm a bpd-chan that cut off everyone from my life because I couldn't stand hurting people I love anymore. There's only myself to hurt now (and the men I eventually manage to date). It sucks.

No. 1129876

Not bpd but I have avoidant personality and could never explain the weird driving force that I feel when I'm cutting off people and creating a life of isolation for myself. It hurt like hell when the one or two people I still chose to keep around.. were the ones cutting me off instead. Oh how the turn tables.. but it still hurts. Its partly a choice but then no, having a disorder isn't a choice. It's a mindfuck.

Different causes but I relate in a way. I'm struggling the last 4 years and not a soul knows. Half feel sorry for myself at times but then guilt and self blame follows and you don't know which feelings are even valid to have anymore.

No. 1129920

The other anons are talking about bullying in another thread and I just had a flashback to when I was in grade 6 and just entered middle school.
I was a nerd so I ate lunch by myself on a bench inside the school hallway except it was placed in the grove of the wall like this-> [, the school was two levels so it was not a popular hallway or busy. One day this grade 8 came up to me and said "you wanna see something?" And I shrugged lightly and then he stood up on the bench, I instinctively went into the corner part and he put one foot on the corner edge of the wall and one foot on the bench (cornering me) and he whipped out his dick, said to suck it and then airhumped my face and then put it back quickly and got down before anyone who could walk by would notice. After he called me a dumb bitch and then went to his class.
I blocked out this memory very hard for a long time. I was in so much shock that I didn't tell anyone or do anything for the rest of the day. I don't know his name either. It was just a lot. Idk. I think that's assault? Not good either way. Ugh

No. 1129923

Samefag but I ended up switching schools after the year was over because we had to move so it kind of worked out I guess.

No. 1129927

i know tinder sucks but god i hate how men ruin everything. instead of liking those women they actually find interesting/attractive, they just like every single woman and when they get a match they sort through them again and unmatch those they don't wanna fuck. i just wanna vaguely gauge if i'm really as unattractive and unfuckable as i think i am and it doesn't help if mustafa, hassan and evgeny flood your likes page because they're desperate for a european woman to help them get a residence permit.

No. 1129937

As a brown woman, why tf are you even looking at brown men? Just ignore their existence. They're either misogynistic rightist pricks or leftist fags who again don't see women as people.

No. 1129939

When I was still single and using Tinder, I did not understand this logic. What is the point of liking every women if you will only answer to the ones that you are truly interested in? Online dating is such a joke now. People use it like it is a social media. The point is to meet people to fuck or date, not inflating your likes.

No. 1129943

Because men who use tinder are so ugly they'll be lucky if they get even one match. They're so desperate but even then they'll make a list on which women they'll reply to more eagerly because of how entitled they are in the dating market.

No. 1129944

I’m sorry anon, that’s literally a severe sex offence. Wherever he is I hope he is suffering tremendously and does so until the end.

No. 1129949

kek i always tried to sort them out of my likes page because my type is cute white guy but trying to find cute white guys in a sea of brown men is almost impossible. the ones i do find are the type that just like every woman on principle. and now i just gave up trying to clear out my likes page and sigh deeply when i get another flood of muslim men liking me.

yeah at this point i'm just using it to look at people, i don't expect anything from it anymore. i had like three convos with guys on there yesterday and they were all so boring.

No. 1129970

Yeah one guy I was briefly dating told me he had over 1000 matches in 6 months (but only went out with two).
I genuinely immediately said it was weird as hell and that it either means he has absolutely no standards or he spends fuckton of time on tinder and neither sounds good to me. I didn't even know there was this many people on tinder in our city.
To this day I'm not sure if he was bragging or what. Either he was lying (because his photos were average and his bio was pretty shit - talking about being depressed) or he was swiping right on everyone and had paid membership. Men really know how to make you feel special huh?

No. 1129974

If it's true, he probably matched with a bunch of bots kek.

No. 1129977

I am a victim. I was taken advantage of. Society is cruel and if life places you in a vulnerable position you become perpetually victimized by others and taken advantage of or laughed at. If I hold an opinion you dislike or disagree with that does not make me any less of a victim. People are used to objectifying victims and having them humiliate themselves even more to gain empathy.

No. 1129980

I hate women that support the porn industry as much as the scrotes. The sort of pick me that grooms other women and lies about her life. No hate to all sex workers tho, not all of them are evil and a lot of them are actually victims but the moment you spread misinformation about the industry and perpetuate the issue by literally becoming a madame you're just as worthless as the scrotes

No. 1129981

It's probably fake. Even with bots and possible sex workers most average even hot moids get one match a week max.

No. 1130041

File: 1649594048723.jpg (89.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1649028900987.jpg)

Over 200 in a guy is a red flag for fuckboyness but it's still in the 'bragging' territory. Over thousand is weird as fuck, smells of desperation, no standards and something being wrong with you no matter if you're guy or a girl.
Especially when you obviously aren't a hot normie person but a depressed doomer, that's just sus. Genuinely don't get what emotion was he trying to evoke. To be fair he was pretty socially dumb.

No. 1130110

File: 1649601060066.jpeg (5.49 KB, 145x145, graphics_08a3e8e2210bd2428dd04…)

I wish there were more resources for children with autistic parents. There are loads for parents with autism, but none for us poor souls growing up in the hell that is having an autistic parent. I guess thats not pc enough to talk about.

My mom is an undiagnosed autist, and it was hell growing up. Its fucking awful being 5 years old and feeling more mature than my mom, never having a mother, only an overgrown child trying to exert power over you. Autist do not understand nuances, and they don't get that parent get respect by being more mature and stable adults, so instead she demaned respect while acting like an overgrown toddler. And not feeling mother instinct and the importance of close contact and eye contact growing up. Imagine growing up as a baby never having eye contact with your mom and being left alone to cry on the floor because they don't realise socialisation is a need. Luckily we had a dog for the first year of my life, so I did get love and attention while my dad was at work. She also didn't understand boundaries, and lowkey sexually abused me without realising. Showing your child the inside of your vulva to "teach" is fucking traumatising to the kid, I knew that shit was wrong when I was 6. Or constantly barging in on them naked because she was curious of my developing body. Or talking about sex in front of me, but doung it in english so I wouldn't understand, even though I'm bilingual and fluent in english. Not realising children get tired and hungry and that having screaming matches with a 5 year old late at night is immature. And that you have to make children food, you can't just leave a 5 year old to make every meal for themselves except dinner. And then punishing me and screaming at me for not wanting to eat her disgusting concotions, because her way of making food is right, even though it was inedible. Or punishing me for shit I did when I was 4 years old at 14, because they don't get change. I faked being sick once in kindergarten, so I couldn't possible be sick for real in middle school. Or constantly telling me my dad didn't really want to be a parent before having me, because you know, they don't get that you don't tell everyone everything. Or telling me she ws much skinner than me and that she had way more friends than me my entire tween and teen years. I was very skinny and underweight, but I have a smaller bone stucture so my bones weren't as visible as hers were as a child. Or that I had fat feet??? Guess who developed full blown anorexia before 14 as a result? So I got a lot of verbal abuse. Or telling the whole town about all my secrets I quickly learned to never tell her anything. Or never being able to talk about anything, because everything must be about her. I could maybe get one sentence in about myself, before she went on a 3 hour long tirade about herself. Thats fun as a teen girl, having a mom with autism who just doesn't get it. And my dad did his best, but he never stood up to her and hardly stood up for me, just told me that how mom is. So he basically doubled as both my mom and my dad growing up. Having to go bra shopping with your dad at 15 because your mom won't buy you one because when she was growing up bras weren't in fashion and SHE doesn't like to wear one, that fun. Telling a funny joke and being yelled at because its not true, yeah its called a joke, but she has autism so she doesn't get that. And she moved out at 16, so she went most of her life never being corrected and always being right. Imagine 20-30 years of untamed never been told against autism. Its fucking hell growing up in.

My entire childhoodand teens I thought she was a narcissist, but as an adult I realised she is just a fucking sperg. And now I feel conflicted and angry and hurt and just sad. Because she will never get it and there is no way I can explain it, it would be easier to explain it to a fucking monkey. And I can't get angry either, because its a disability uwu and I'm being mean if I feel hurt and sad about losing out on a normal, loving childhood and teens. Being bullied at school for not fitting in due to being groomed into autism rules, and being bullied at home due to not understanding autism rules, I had no space at all where I could relax. I was literally burned out at 10 years old.

And now I am adult with arrested development because I had to be an adult at 5 years old and never got to experience being a child and teen, and now I don't know how to function as an adult. All I wish for is to be able to be a small vulnerable child with a loving mother. To grow up normal. But that can never be. And I cry about it every night.

I just wish I had a mom. I wasn't even allowed to call her mom. O remember being yelled at at like 4 years old because I wanted to call mer mom like all the other kids called their mom, but she only wanted to be called her name.

No. 1130116

What a mess. I'm really sorry you had to deal with that. My mom isn't an autist but the point about her just Not Getting It hit close. It's seriously the most frustrating thing because no matter what you do, they will just not get it. I hope this vent was at least a little cathartic for you.

No. 1130118

This sounds like hell on earth, I hate that shit like this is impacting children yet talking about it isn't politically correct enough to be mentioned publicly. Autists shouldn't reproduce, or at the very least they should be legally forbidden from raising kids. This applies to adults with personality disorders and eating disorders as well. You don't seem to have siblings who could understand what you've been through, am I wrong?

>My entire childhoodand teens I thought she was a narcissist, but as an adult I realised she is just a fucking sperg.

Fuck, I'm wondering what kind of mental illness or personality disorder my father has (extremely violent, thinks everything is about him, thinks punching and kicked his physically sick young children is funny, spergs hard when he hears loud noises or smells food he doesn't want to eat, etc.), I doubt this could be autism but now that you say this about your mother. I don't know anymore, he seems self-aware enough to hide his degeneracy in public until he goes back home.

No. 1130129

>Or punishing me for shit I did when I was 4 years old at 14, because they don't get change.
>Or constantly telling me my dad didn't really want to be a parent before having me
>Or constantly barging in on them naked because she was curious of my developing body
>Or telling the whole town about all my secrets I quickly learned to never tell her anything.
>Or never being able to talk about anything, because everything must be about her.
Omg anon are you me? I had a very similar mom and just recently she was starting to act normal now that I'm an adult but it only lasted for barely a year before she killed herself randomly. I feel so unlucky for both of us that we never did and never will have that unconditional support a mother has, a place to run to whenever shit goes bad.

No. 1130139

Nothing like open snap and seeing males brag about their porn addiction…. At least I know I dodged a bullet.

No. 1130140

I know some anons will call me a pick me/nlof or some shit for this but I need to vent

Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me because I often like games that a lot of women seem to dislike. I'll see comments about how xyz is sexist, too sexualized etc and I just… don't see it?

I mean, most of the time I "get it" but whenever I hear someone say something like "I stopped playing the wither 3 because the female characters are too sexualized" I just don't get it. That's what put you off of the game? Not the shitty combat? Dumb ai? Or long af story etc? You stopped playing because of too much cleavage? Each to their own obviously but I'm starting to wonder if my brain is starting to rot, especially when you see 100+ comments agreeing.

It's not like that kind of stuff doesn't exist in games but in some cases it really feels blown out of proportion

No. 1130145

Moid games are shit on their own and they also happen to be sexist and sexualizing towards female characters, it's only natural that women will be put off by them. I don't game or play and games though this was just my thoughts based on your post.

No. 1130146

>My entire childhoodand teens I thought she was a narcissist, but as an adult I realised she is just a fucking sperg
I used to think my dad was an asshole with some ocd thrown in that made him very difficult to be around, couple years ago I started to seriously consider autism. Idk what he has or if he even has either. I don't want to jump the gun and take that as fact when it's not confirmed. I just know I got therapy where I cried over forms of neglect I hadn't fully realized were there. He showed overbearing behaviour in other ways that went on to really affect my nerves. I'd say to do the same rather than commiting to labeling it autism or narc shit on your own. What's important now is how you've been left affected by it.

No. 1130147

NLOF not like other fags

No. 1130153

Women are put off by overly sexual depictions of women, yes. It's not that weird considering characters are an important part of most video games so if you don't like how characters are being depicted then it's a valid complaint and criticism depending on the situation.

No. 1130163

idk but all i know is that when i get high i cannot play bayonetta because i get very freaked out by how sex oriented everything is and how emphasized it is on her when i really just want to play a very good hack and slash game. it makes me very uncomfortable at certain times how we exist to be objectified. i can deal with it when i'm sober but when i'm at all hyperaware it is actually excruciating and makes existing feel literally painful because it's so awkward and uncomfortable when you just want to enjoy life as a person and experience the humanity of others as relatable people. maybe these girls feel the same way. i haven't played that game that you mentioned.

No. 1130166

Why the fuck is my relative who broke my one house rule pretending nothing happened last night and she acts amazed I refuse to talk to her? Trust me bitch, I have nothing nice to say to you, it's good I can keep my mouth shut.

No. 1130172

Anon, you're doing drugs, you're opinion on literally anything is worthless by default.

No. 1130176

Today fucking sucks. I'm lonely, I didn't finish my already overdue assignment, I still have work to do, I didn't go for a walk, my cooking tasted like shit and I broke my french press, second one in like 2 months because I'm a clumsy retard. And then my roommate came back home as I was having a breakdown in the kitchen. Just end me nonas please.

No. 1130196

File: 1649606297231.png (62.69 KB, 164x291, blogposting sped.png)

I don't wanna necro the kf thread for this so it's going in the vent thread. I fucking hate the kf user in picrel. Constantly blogposts. Shut the fuck up about being a sped. Shut the fuck up about people treating speds like speds. Shut the fuck about how everyone was so mean to you for being a sped. I can guarantee everyone was mean to this retard for being an annoying sperg who can't pick up on social cues adequately enough to stop talking
I just want to read about medical disasters in peace. Reeeee ect

No. 1130199

yes, no one smokes weed while playing video games. i'm saying i can understand the mindset of extreme uncomfortability with the sexualization of characters in media because when i'm less sober i feel it viscerally as these women say they do.

No. 1130200

File: 1649606571072.jpg (622.04 KB, 1600x900, tips-for-frustration-anger-bor…)

I hate how true the saying 'you can't help someone who wont help themself' is. I am trying my best to guide a family member of mine, to help them better themselves but they just wont respond to any kind of approach - not the softly, softly or the cruel to be kind approach. I wish I could throw my hands up and tell them I'm done with them but they're a close family member, a sibling, and I love them. the terriying thought is that years from now, if they don't take my advice, I'm going to be the only person they can turn to and turn to me they will. I didn't birth them, yet I feel the way things are going, I will likely have to take on even more of a motherly role over them once our parents are no longer around. the real frustration lies in how if this person would make the effort now to improve their life, to start facing their fears, challenging themself and taking responsibility it'll help the both of us in the long run. they're likely going to need to rely on me a lot in the years to come, how don't they see that taking small steps now to improve themselves and their life will take the strain off of both of us in the future?

No. 1130201

>Shut the fuck up about being a sped.
That's not how that works, if an autist stops talking about how autistic they are they die from the lack of attention or something.

No. 1130203

Love you for this anon lol.There's a couple of posters in the deathfat threads that I fuucking hate. One with a sexual pfp and he's everything that you'd expect from a guy on kf with a sexual pfp.

Doesn't know how vaginas work for a start.

No. 1130211

Can you give info?

No. 1130235

I mean, the alternative is to not have women characters, or characters at all. Time to play flight simulators and map games.
I remember reading about how some women who work on these games endorse moid-centric fanservice imagery as "power fantasy" so you have to consider that too. Maybe the iconoclasts are right about images.

No. 1130240

My ex left me for the girl he was cheating on me with and now wants me back. They're still together.

God, I fucking hate men. You break my heart after I went so above and beyond for you, then have the audacity to try to get me back… whicle still with the new girl. Because god forbid you leave a woman you don't deserve unless you've got the other on lock.

No. 1130241

File: 1649608472448.png (91.95 KB, 600x600, 1645067557139.png)

I hate when people have to make everything about weed and getting high all the time. Like no motherfucker, I'm not making edibles. Just let me bake some normal damn treats or is it too boring and outlandish to bring a regular cake?

No. 1130245

Make him leave her but don't get together with him.

No. 1130247

Expose his scummy behavior to the other woman and gang up on him.

No. 1130248

Ninnies I’m trying not to cry, I’m at a renaissance fair and I took a pic of some crochet thing to show my sister and remind myself to come back later to maybe buy it and the vendor guy started yelling at me no photos over and over. Then he stared me down until I left. I feel so embarrassed and now my anxiety is so high I can’t enjoy the day.

No. 1130249

But she’s 100% right how it’s off putting. Maybe compared to op, other people are more sensitive to or disturbed or grossed out by misogyny/sexualisation and don’t like it piled on in their media. Like with moe or fanservice in anime and having to overlook that stuff for the plot. Plenty of women can’t tolerate the cultural reflection of pedoshit misogyny everywhere. In a lot of cases like video games, most women are straight and just won’t like another bulging ass etc in the centre of the screen for 60 hours? Men don’t accept even half of that stuff. I myself almost picked up bayonetta the other day, saw the box titled “The Climax Edition” or something and just felt exhausted. Like they didn’t want to even pretend the focus was a cool, badass gunwoman or whatever anymore. It’s a form of marketing at this point.