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No. 993025

It's kinda surprising that a board full of weebs doesn't have a Japan thread yet

A thread for


Have you been to Japan? Do you wanna travel to Japan? When and where? What are your tourist recommendations? What are the overrated places? Best locations to eat and stay? Best experiences?

>General leaving

Do you live in Japan? Do you plan on living in Japan? What are the reasons for you to move to Japan? Are you currently studying, working, or both? Are you a nikkei or full gaijin? How is life in Japan as a woman? Do you plan to stay in Japan for long? The good, the bad, the neutral.


Do you speak japanese? Are you trying to learn japanese? What is your studying methods?

Etc, etc.

Share tips, recommendations, complaints, experiences or just pics!

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Don't be so vulgar.

No. 993033

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Thanks, my nonny lmao

No. 993039

samefag, I just realized I made a typo on the OP like a dumbfuck

>general leaving

instead of
>general living

Forgive me, anons. Although we could also talk about generally leaving Japan, as well.

No. 993044

File: 1639363630962.jpg (2.2 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0658.JPG)

I've been going to Japan for a holiday nearly every year for the past decade, last time was just before covid got bad. I miss it like crazy, I'd never wanna live there but it's just so fun as a tourist. I guess I'll post some random cool things I've seen and done
>rabbit island
Exactly what it sounds like, prepare to be literally covered in bunnies. One of my favourite memories ever.
>atama daibutsu
It's a huge buried buddha with a few bizarre attractions around it, like easter island heads and a stone henge kek. I went in winter and the snow was amazing but it's covered in lavender at other times.
>Sapporo snow festival
Good fun if you don't mind the cold, the big snow sculptures are great
>Sanmai maruyama
A surprisingly enjoyable archeological site/historical exhibit about the jomon period
>Edo wonderland
Edo period/ninja theme park, the area around it has a bunch of other fun things too (trick art museum, dinosaur museum monkey park)
>daikannons (in Sendai and a few other places)
Fuck off huge buddha statues, worth it for the sheer scale
>soma nomaoi
This obscure ass samurai horse racing festival in the middle of the countryside
>wakakusa yamayaki
They just set the side of a mountain on fire, fireworks and festivities etc
>tamaden/kishigawa train line
It's themed entirely around Tama the station master cat, cute as hell
An obvious one but I always make time for a day there when I'm nearby, love the different shopping centres, there's a bunch of car related exhibits if you're into that, the big gundam statue is cool, teamlab is amazing
Not a tourist attraction but a second hand chain store with an insane amount of cheap clothes and pretty much everything you could want, I make a point of visiting them everywhere I go. I love the ones with anime merch
>aeon mall
It's just a generic mall but I love going to their big ass pet stores, most just have tiny cute puppies and kittens but some have bizarre animals. Like I've seen a swan, meercats, owls, eagles, sugar gliders

I didn't list all the super popular things you'll find on google, but the popular stuff is awesome too. A bit too crowded in some places but I never feel ripped off. I also enjoy just going to whatever shrines/temples/castles are in the area, I've seen a million but I never get bored and some are particularly cool. I don't recommend zoos too much because they can be dodgy with animal rights tbh.

No. 993050

>literally covered in bunnies
I would sob, I would cry uncontrollably. I would cry to death, a happy peaceful death

No. 993302

File: 1639394281970.jpeg (177.3 KB, 684x1024, B0FCFC8B-DCCB-486C-A635-7BAE17…)

Oh how I wish we had cute plushie crane games and gachapon machines here. If they have enough money to put smoking and alcohol shops all within the same area then I think there's room for these to be placed everywhere. I know there's online options like Toreba and https://gachax2.com/ but I'd like to experience it irl.

No. 993335

Feel this. My country has an insane amount of pubs and bars, everything is centred around drinking and sports and not much else. I can't think of a decent arcade within even trains reach of me. I'd love to have options like that. Any claw machine you come across here has the cheapest crap in it. That stuff where it says 'made for the leisure industry" which essentially means cheapo crap where corners were cut on the quality.

Used to use toreba but in the last few years I've felt the difficulty increase and then the changing rules about free shipping are alot considering how hard wins even are now. You can waste so much money in just minutes on there. I just want an in person arcade and coins in my pocket so I can better watch my spending lol. I live through youtubers for now.

No. 993345

I want to travel to Japan so bad, and people having theories about the full reopening of the borders being only stable in 2023 make me so sad.

I wanted to travel there next autumn, do you think it'll be stable by then ?

No. 993348

>Any claw machine you come across here has the cheapest crap in it.
These aren't any different

No. 993351

The stuff I win on toreba is in a different league to the stuff here.

No. 993419

That rabbit island sounds so adorable, I would love to go there. Also that place with all the deer that aren't very scared of people. And if I ever did go to Japan I would shamelessly spend a lot of time shopping for cute clothes and accessories

No. 993420

Check to see if you have a Round 1 arcade near you. They're a Japanese chain like Dave and Busters. They have Japanese cranes and prizes, and imported machines like rhythm games.

No. 993706

File: 1639419594774.jpg (156.15 KB, 736x1104, 1ffaa8885b3d61f7274e1f8175081b…)

To the nonnies that live/lived there: How safe is it really, for women? Usually the shit online is all about men, for men.
I think it's still heaps safer than my shitty developing country, but I sometimes see those stream's "highlights" where men follow the streamers and touch them, and that's while being filmed. Really scary stuff. I did notice, though, that most streamers didn't speak japanese, were into drinking/nightlife and were mostly asian themselves. I wonder if these are seen as easier targets? What were your experiences?
I'm not at all interested in the night life scene, but I'd love to go for walks/runs during the night, which is really impossible where I currently live. Not sure if this helps, but I'm currently eyeing a job position in a quieter Chubu prefecture.

No. 993754

File: 1639422411345.jpg (620.06 KB, 1024x732, istockphoto-459036665-1024x102…)

I studied abroad twice in Japan, first in Nagasaki and then in Tokyo. I was very depressed and lonely in Tokyo (much larger university with less international student support, on top of stupid shit making me depressed) so maybe my view of it is just skewed, but I much preferred Nagasaki. I miss it so much. When I was living in Tokyo, I longed for all the greenery I used to be surrounded by. There was convenience and Tokyo is fun and interesting in its own right, but Nagasaki holds a very special place in my heart. It can be a pretty boring place to visit in comparison though, I'll admit that much. I did get to achieve my childhood dream of visiting Gunkanjima when I was there though! Very cool but sad that the path to walk only lets you see a tiny portion of the island.

I would highly advise people to visit Okinawa, and if they do, rent a car and drive around outside of Naha. This was what one of my friends told me to do and it was a good choice. We'd just google random beaches and drive out to them and have this small little beach to ourselves. We went to a glass blowing place, and visited Churaumi Aquarium, among a bunch of other touristy places I can't exactly remember. I want to go back and explore more! I've also visited Osaka and Kyoto. In Kyoto, my friend and I visited like 4 or 5 different shrines on Christmas day kek.

I've never been up north, so I'd really like to visit Hokkaido one day. My roommate in Tokyo asked me to go with her but I already booked a ticket out somewhere else during the same week. What a shame! I want to eat snow crab lol.

I stopped studying Japanese after I graduated college. I think I made a lot of progress in Nagasaki, where I went after just one year of elementary Japanese (having a host family really helped), but in Tokyo I was isolated and depressed so I feel like my Japanese skill regressed. I work for a Japanese company now in the US but no one speaks Japanese to me. I might try and take advantage of the tuition program we have, but I don't really want to stay here for three years just to have them pay for classes for me (but I'm admittedly terrible at self study).

No. 994279

>Also that place with all the deer that aren't very scared of people
They aren't scared of us but we sure af should be scared of them, those deer will chase you and ram you and eat every belonging you have if you let them.

No. 994697

>How safe is it really, for women?
Pretty safe in that I felt more comfortable walking home there than I would in my home country. It's interesting, being a foreigner walking at night, you can tell that you are the one making others uncomfortable. I did have one guy start talking to me once though and then tried to force kiss me and I had to push him away will all my might.

In general, Japanese men have the opinion that even if a woman says "no" she really means yes. The rape laws in Japan are also pretty terrible so I strongly recommend never inviting a Japanese man to your home or being alone with one anywhere unless you know them really well beforehand.

If you are blonde, a lot of Japanese people will think you are a Russian prostitute (Japanese people aren't very good at telling white people apart). Because of this, if you go somewhere like Kabukicho by yourself you can get random men approaching you for sex. Sometimes Japanese people will approach you elsewhere to ask to take random photos with you as if you were a celebrity. I used to be ok with this but then I realsied I had no idea how the photos were being used and started to refuse.

It's not really a safety thing, but you see white women being fetishized a lot in the media, which is kind of depressing and probably makes things worse for foreign women.

No. 994713

>Usually the shit online is all about men, for men.
I forgot to add, for some reason foreign men in Japan get really defensive when you point out these things or criticize anything about Japan. You never see it for any other country, it's truly bizarre. r/japancirclejerk is the worst. You literally cannot post anything about Japan anywhere on Reddit without there being a huge chance that someone will copy it over just to bully you and mock you, even for serious posts saying how you were sexually harassed.

I do like Japan a lot but there a lot of issues with living there, more than I've experienced anywhere else. I don't understand why foreign men online keep insisting that there aren't any.

No. 995548

>How safe is it really, for women?
I grew up in a fairly shitty/dangerous area, so maybe my perspective is skewed compared to other anons. I personally feel like it's incredibly safe, but I will also never be able to shed my ingrained safety habits. I think people who are used to general safety and then come to Japan after hearing it's "basically zero crime!" are the people who get fucked. Also white people who've internalized the "polite and meek asians" stereotype.

Where I grew up, I've known multiple people who've been held up at gun point in the middle of the afternoon while commuting from school or work. It's not something I consider while venturing outside here. I've personally only had one bad experience (I got chikan'd on a fucking plane kek), but otherwise I practice common sense and have never had anything uncomfortable happen in 5+ years. Whenever I've heard about especially bad stories, it always involves someone being drunk in public, in a shitty area, at night or in a club. Either that, or it's people who indiscriminately meet up or hang out with randos. If you stand out and look like an easy target, you're going to have a bad time anywhere.

If you want to run at night, I think it's not impossible if you're in a city. I really wouldn't do it in the inaka to be honest. Wild boars are no joke (and its easier to get snatched by some psycho with a car, if you have a regular routine).

No. 995571

How is it like to go to Japan when you’re dark skinned?
Just on a trip, I seriously don’t want to live there because I honestly felt a bit bummed after talking to a Japanese lady married to an American man and vid related.
Like, I don’t know if I will ever get married at all because that’s tiresome, but I seriously don’t want to put myself in some unnecessarily annoying situation, I’ve had enough of that when I was on a short trip at Dubai.
So, is a basic trip going to the most important places of the capital even possible without some unnecessary, actual racist comments and such? Do you really need to speak Japanese in order to not get scammed and such?

No. 995621

>I did have one guy start talking to me once though and then tried to force kiss me and I had to push him away will all my might.
Gross as fuck, I am sorry that happened to you, anon.

>The rape laws in Japan are also pretty terrible so I strongly recommend never inviting a Japanese man to your home or being alone with one anywhere unless you know them really well beforehand.

I am engaged and I plan to go with my fiance, but I think I'd probably never do it, anyway. Especially in a foreign country! Just the thought of it makes me shiver, women are pretty vulnerable in their own countries, imagine in a country where you're not fluent in the language, the laws, the customs, the locations.

>If you are blonde, a lot of Japanese people will think you are a Russian prostitute

I'm not, actually a lot of people think I'm hapa already here where I live. I've got once that I look like Red Velvet's Seulgi if she was mixed, but I'm way uglier lmao. I still look pretty foreign though, especially cause I'm pretty tall, even more so in Japan. When I went for visiting, I was also in a very rural prefecture and people commented on my height and some school kids also looked at me, I don't blend very well but I was not the worst case either since there was a natural redhead with us. None asked for photos, though lol

>I forgot to add, for some reason foreign men in Japan get really defensive when you point out these things or criticize anything about Japan. You never see it for any other country, it's truly bizarre.

That's so exhausting. I wonder how many have actually lived in Japan vs just visited for a while, or maybe not even that.

>I do like Japan a lot but there a lot of issues with living there, more than I've experienced anywhere else.

Just curious, it's okay if you're not comfortable with answering: are you from Europe? I'm from latam and shit can get really grim here, can't imagine Japan being worse.

Thanks, anon! I think we have a similar experience as for the "living in a dangerous country" thing. Although nothing ever happened to me particularly aside from getting chikan'd here as well and as a 10 y/o, but my sister has been gun robbed as well. Scary shit.

>If you want to run at night, I think it's not impossible if you're in a city. I really wouldn't do it in the inaka to be honest.

Thanks, anon! I'd be in a city in a more rural prefecture, but I wouldn't dare run in the middle of the rice fields or anything, the fact that there is barely no lights there is scary enough lol

I am not dark skinned myself, but from what I've heard, you're fine as a black foreigner as long as you don't act loud and rude, the regular stuff. I think it's much harder to grow up in Japan as a black person than to be a black tourist or even a black expat. The model, Ariana Miyamoto, grew up in Japan as a black hafu and she said the bullying was so bad that she almost killed herself. It also highly depends where you live, like Ariana was from Nagasaki while there is a full black girl on youtube that was also born in Japan and grew up in Ibaraki (which is way way closer to Tokyo) and she said everyone just treated her as a peer.
>Do you really need to speak Japanese in order to not get scammed and such?
I believe this rings true for anywhere in the world, tbh. I've been scammed as a tourist in my own country because I didn't have the local accent lol
If you speak japanese, even basic basic japanese, I think most japanese people will be way more friendly because at least you're trying to respect the locals by speaking in their language in their country, instead of just expecting people to speak english (even if you're not a native english speaker yourself). Most services places will be pretty accommodating even if you don't speak japanese because of their service training and whatever, but speaking japanese will make people like you more and it will be just easier, in general. There are always some unhinged people, but usually Japan's flavor of racism is more covert and not very in your face.
Speaking of black people in Japan, Loretta lives in Japan and she makes some touristy videos about the places she goes and lives, and they have a nice vibe. I do wish she would make a video about racism in Japan, but I completely understand why she chose not too. It's just not a pleasant topic.

No. 995622

Worth it

No. 995623

I'm north african born and raised in France, living in Japan for just 6 months made le feel like I was finally treated like a normal human being. The very few times when I felt out of place were infinitely less worse than some of the shit I've been through in my own country. And when it comes to cultural differences I wasn't to weirded out, shit like blindly respecting old people or being asked why I'm not already married
because I'm over 20 years old is a concept I'm already familiar with because of my own background for example. People always thought I was Indian or Pakistani for some reason, especially Indians and Pakistanis, and I'm not really dark skinned. I do look racially ambiguous if you don't know that north africans aren't black. One of my best friends was also in Japan at the same time and she's Black, everyone thought she was American. She told me she felt very out of place unless she was at work because her coworkers were from all over the planet but she didn't socialize with anyone except them and me. She was shocked when I told her that gaijin hunters were hitting on me sometimes because in her case she attracted a lot of westerners.

No. 995633

>>995571 African American anon.
I went by myself back in Oct '19. It was super fun! I had an amazing time there! I stayed in the Tokyo area (I wanted to go different places but a typhoon made traveling difficult). It's super hilarious because if you see another black person you'd make eye contact nod and move on. I had short,natural cropped hair I never noticed anyone staring or said anything off to me. In Harajuku there are these African dudes with flyers for nearby businesses who would annoy me with a "Hey sister! Hey sister!" Halfway across the world and I thought I was free from that bullshit. I found myself sticking to other foreigners but I did meet some people who were Japanese and spoke English. Know your please and thank yous, observe behavior of others so to avoid social faux pas and as always as woman traveling, keep your wits about you.

No. 995651

These guys in Harajuku are just trying to attract people to their streetwear shops or restaurants. I followed one of these guys and his shop was full of fake brands. I thought they were trying to attract foreign tourists at first but they also tried and succeeded in bringing Japanese shoppers. They're from African countries so it lead to some funny encounters where I and my friend were told we're really rude by one of them in our first language because he was pissed we ignored him, we ran so fast when we heard that kek

No. 996546

>Just curious, it's okay if you're not comfortable with answering: are you from Europe? I'm from latam and shit can get really grim here, can't imagine Japan being worse.
Yeah, I'm from Europe but I have lived in LATAM too. Japan is definitely better than LATAM. It's comparable to Western Europe but they both have their own issues.

No. 1115346

File: 1648523187098.jpg (71.04 KB, 564x770, 454dc115f7553cf7c2c39a221dfc9c…)

Soft Necro to ask, is anyone here currently living and working in Japan? How is it? Do they treat you differently for being a gaijin, for better or worse? How is the zangyou issue? How is the sexism compared to your home country?

No. 1115584

I know some anons actually live there, but I can answer at least based on friends I've spoken with who worked there. Most have said treatment is normal and like anywhere else, not good or bad. You get the effort you put in socially. Some people may be a bit shy/intimidated at first but that's about it. Zangyou was never a problem but they all worked with international companies or at least with Japanese groups with foreign connections, so could be worse if you worked somewhere more old school and were held to local standards. Heard far more complaints about nenkyu being a pain in the ass and having to use it even for minor appointments so you can end up with little for real vacations. Regarding sexism, all the women said they felt 100x safer than their home countries. Would have like one story of a seedy scenario in years of living there.

No. 1117168

i’ve been to japan by myself when i was 19 for 2 months and i was broke as hell the whole time. it was super fun but u definitely need to be hella financially stable to enjoy ur time there. my dad died a couple months ago and i wanna use the inheritance to go to japan again and dampen my grief a lil bit but the borders are still closed. this year sucks so far nonnies

No. 1117540

File: 1648667749441.jpg (106.63 KB, 564x1128, a3120335ec2e71eb524218f6108724…)

Thanks anon, sorry for the late reply.
>Zangyou was never a problem
>Heard far more complaints about nenkyu
That's a shame. I think that at least if I don't have to overwork my office hours and can unwind a bit after work, I can deal with having no vacation. But it's still awful, especially considering that I'd have to decide to stay in Japan and be a tourist for cheaper or visit my family.
>Regarding sexism, all the women said they felt 100x safer than their home countries
That's good. I have no doubts that Japan is indeed way safer than my country, but I'd like to know how is the work culture x sexism aspect of it as well. My own country is pretty sexist as well so comments about women's abilities in the office is nothing new for me, but I'd like to know if it would be worse (or maybe better?). I guess I'll only know once I get there.
I'd get a position on an international office if that really happens, so I guess they'd be less shady and more professional in general. Since there's a lot of gaijin working there (and using their services as well), I believe they could be a bit more understanding of international labor laws, but who knows…
Thanks, anon!

Sorry about your loss, anon. How broke are we talking? I knew someone who lived in nothern Japan and he said he was living kinda "tightly" with around 1300 dollars a month, but to be honest I think he didn't know how to budget properly and would eat out a lot (he doesn't know how to cook) and buy games. So I don't know how bad it was, really.

No. 1117599

File: 1648671016832.jpg (1.25 MB, 5472x3648, eugene-zhyvchik-UTcj1RKZsxo-un…)

I want to do a working holiday in Japan so bad, either 6 months or a year but it doesn't seem feasible because I have to start my career but I keep rejecting from jobs anyways that it makes me want to escape. Either that or doing a lanmguage school for 3-6 months to finally reach N3 level of fluency.

I want to do a fall trip with my friends or a cherry blossom trip with my partner but I honestly won't wait around for people and don't mind going alone if that's what it takes. It wouldn't progress my life in any way asides from self fulfilment to live there for a short period of time but there's a lot of things holding me back somehow.

Doesn't help borders are closed sigh. I always have my daydreams about Japan but with everyone posting their cherry blossom picnics I'm even more sad.

No. 1118027

ここで…ルーン文字で書いてもいいかな? (・ε・)((・ε・))

No. 1118033

I’m trying to learn how to read and speak it… but i can’t seem to focus or be motivated enough… wish they didn’t have 3 alphabets

No. 1118034


No. 1118040

do you think japan will reopen this year?

No. 1118673

I think by the second semester it will, seems very possible. I think it's not unrealistic to think by 2023 it will be normal again

No. 1118677

Why do you all love Japan so much? Don’t you know that Wolverhampton exists and is open to visitors?(complaining about thread in thread)

No. 1118686

They better. Their economy is tanking.

No. 1118710

I've been obsessed with watching these solo travel videos. I love watching this guy and another (Solo Travel Japan) ride ferries and stuff. I wish there were similar things around me!

I really want to visit Ginzan but watching this guy struggle at every turn, hm, maybe I'll go in autumn (my favorite season anyway). I looked online and apparently people book a year in advance for Jan/Feb. Going while there's snow would be really nice and scenic, plus onsens are the best when it's terribly cold out, but… I'd like to go during a less busy season so it's at least not as terribly crowded lol.

No. 1120115

File: 1648854261236.png (7.37 MB, 2048x2048, EkAzZJ-U8AApf9G.png)

These types of videos can be really relaxing, indeed.
Autumn is also my favorite season, and it looks beautiful with the red leaves too. If you go mid-Autumn, the weather will probably be cold enough (I'd guess around 15°C to 10°C) to balance the Onsen's hot water, so I wouldn't worry about that. If you get into the water during the day or the twilight, the scenery will look amazing as well! Go for it, nona.

No. 1123564

For tourists? Not completely for a while. Malaysia I think is trickling in some tourists, but not sure if other countries will follow.

No. 1123696

File: 1649105138408.gif (1.51 MB, 498x280, hate that lil blonde bitch fr.…)

guess its time for another demon slayer film to save the economy again

No. 1123704

I hear they’re changing the Japanese flag from a red sun to the symbol for “DESTROY”

No. 1139022


No. 1140091

I've been in Japan for like half a year now, and it's gotten pretty old how literally everyone wears a mask even outside. And yes I know Japan already had a "mask wearing culture" before covid, but damn if it isn't true that everyone conforms here, even if it doesn't make sense at this point when you're vaxxed and not likely to die from covid. The Japanese people I've seen/met who don't wear masks in public have all been completely unhinged types who yell at service workers or did shit like play music out loud on their phones in crowded spaces lol

My coworkers are all tired of events getting canceled and getting tired of masks but there is no end in sight despite there being no enforceable regulations in place. People just wear masks because it's the "right" thing to do at the moment and it would make them look bad if they stopped.

No. 1140095

Better safe than sorry, once masks stop being mandatory in my country I got a nasty cold three days later despite wearing one outside all the time, and four family members got covid like the day after.

No. 1140364

File: 1650388359031.jpg (35.68 KB, 560x420, 924393b.jpg)

What is the downside to this, though?
I miss one mask I bought in Japan. It had an internal pocket where you put in a pad (?) that was humid and had a vary faint minty smell. It was great for long trips or places with AC because it wouldn't dry out your face, it was very comfortable to wear. I guess if I was there during lockdown, I'd always wear one of these underneath a regular mask.

No. 1140409

No. 1141163

The big issue for me is that it's hard to catch what someone says when they mumble through a mask. They also struggle hearing me sometimes and just assume I didn't understand their Japanese, when really we just can't hear each other.

Teaching in a mask sucks.
It's hot and humid here now, too. And if I want to wear makeup it always rubs off a little.

The only plus side is that it somewhat hides my expressions and I guess keeps me from getting sick, sure… Meanwhile I haven't gotten Covid once, even when I lived in the land of the free and we could roam around maskless. If they all want to wear a mask until the end of time, sure, but now I'm forced to wear one or else I look like an unhinged gaijin. It's just easier to wear it without question, but on the inside I'm tired of it.

No. 1141189

I remember being there the first semester of 2020, going shopping, having my ears violated by insanely loud music, the cashier speaking very quietly, me telling her to repeat herself because I can't hear her and then she froze and desperatly tried to translate "would you like a plastic bag for 5 yen?" on her smartphone because she thought I made a mistake and meant that I didn't understand. And after that it happened several times in other stores. Either that or they speak even more quietly but way faster which is even worse.

No. 1141878

this isn't related to the japan discussion but are you allowed to wear face shields instead? they were pretty popular where i were

No. 1408310


Replying to my first post, 11 months ago : I'm finally going to Japan ! I'm elated I was able to make my dream come true

If you had one place to recommend or an activity (considering I'm going there in August), what would it be ?

No. 1408403

if a japanese man in japan ever tries to creep on you, turn to face him and start barking, he will fucking run for his life because every single person within hearing-distance will stop what they're doing to stare

No. 1408827

from the frequency and the use of "big fuck off" I'm guessing you're aussie or kiwi. I fucking LOVE how close Japan is to us, can't wait to go back.
fave place ever was nagano. It was a whole new world, such wonderful locals, such beautiful scenery and buildings.

can we ausfags fly out unvacced? I'm pretty used to breaking the law when it comes to vaccine passports cause fuck the pigs but internationally feels like it's a big yeah nah

No. 1409337

imagine living in one of the few countries that actually took covid seriously, and some random dirty-assed white piggu thinks it's cute to come get their germs all over your shit
I suddenly understand why they hate us so much

No. 1409660

the vaccine has been proven to cause myocarditis but go off self-hating gaijin kek

No. 1429154

I’d love a Japanese bf but the problem is they’re so short and I’m already a bit taller than average

Is it really rare to see guys over 5ft10 there? when I was in Korea I saw lots of guys 6ft+ And lots of girls over 5ft7 which was cool but i think I’d just feel like a monster compared to the guys in Japan

No. 1429158

How tall are you anon? I always imagine Japanese men being small in all sense of the word.

No. 1429181

File: 1669935071043.jpeg (94.32 KB, 415x739, 1DB39DD3-0C3B-44B1-B3A1-FABE13…)

i was meant to be in japan right now! i am a full on gaijin but i am very respectful and trying my hardest to learn japanese. the ghibli theme park just opened and i cry at the thought of going there because its just so nostalgic. couldnt go bcs i wanna go when covid isnt an issue whatsoever so places wont be restricted/need tour guides. japanese boys are so cute and say they want to marry me, it seems a lot better there than where i am! not a fan of the culture surrounding young girls and ‘lolis’ and how normalised it can be there over there. as a pretty petite woman i’m a bit nervous for public transport or walking down dodgy streets. i’m sure its just as unsafe as any other foreign country in bad areas, but i worry that some nasty pedo tout is gonna snatch me up and force me into sex work

No. 1429189

is this a copypasta

No. 1429196

I mean… it isn’t going anywhere sooo

No. 1476442

Have a Japan trip planned for Spring 2024. Hoping to go when the cherry blossoms are blooming. has anyone gone then? Learning some basic Japanese in the meantime. Pimsleur Japanese is a great course

No. 1476448

Ayyy my nigga the KFC man made it all the way to Nipon

No. 1558311

so many worthless gaijin tourists. i miss the covid days.

No. 1558332

No. 1558692


most of japanese guys aren't interested in you white piggu women. in their eyes, you are too manly so stfu.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1558695

File: 1682368495804.jpg (75.93 KB, 600x523, hair crab.jpg)

So you're saying there's a chance?

No. 1558708

I joined an international dating community and video chatted with a cute Japanese guy who was really into white women

No. 1558710

What dating community?

No. 1558714

There are plenty of gaijin hunters who looks ok or even good, maybe you'll find the westboo boyfriend of your dreams. Don't give up. The ones I met thought I was Indian or Pakistani and were really interested so South Asian anons also have a chance.

No. 1558715

Most men will hump anything that moves chill out

No. 1558728

Thank you for your confidence, but I ultimately married a white man, so that dream is dead.

No. 1558752

If you love your current husband and if he loves you and treats you well I'd say you still won.

No. 1558756

Underage detected. Tell that to all the vkei moms.

No. 1559440

i am going to japan in may i am hoping to meet a really gorgeous american guy there but he hasnt texted me in 4 days…

i am sure he is interest but i would be so disappointed if he changed his mind or flaked. he is so fucking hot and speaks the language so can show me round…

No. 1563274

I'm not sure how to book shinkansen tickets in advance before I go to Japan in late June. I'm worried there won't be any left once I need to take the train if I wait too long. Does anyone know how to do it online?

No. 1563288

I never did it online but I recently saw in a travel tips video it’s better to buy it online to avoid the hassle at the train station. I believe there is an app too?

No. 1563308

Do you have a link to the video? Maybe there's a link to a good website in there.

No. 1567429

going to japan in september for the first time and I'm unsure of how to dress and what I need to pack. I'll be staying there for a month. most sites say it will still be warm in september, should I still pack a heavy coat?
also looking for recommendations on where in japan to visit! I definitely want to stop by kanazawa and spend a few days in kyoto, along with staying at a ryokan in some nice onsen town. in your opinion what are some must do/see things?

No. 1567734

Trough the Japan rail pass website nonnie. I bought mine there!


No. 1567784

Darumas are so cute.

No. 1567859

Anybody used the Japanese post office? I want to buy souvenirs and send them back home in a huge package. Do the staffers speak English? Do they sell bigass boxes at post offices?

No. 1567866

>also looking for recommendations on where in japan to visit! I definitely want to stop by kanazawa and spend a few days in kyoto, along with staying at a ryokan in some nice onsen town. in your opinion what are some must do/see things?
I've been looking into onsen and it's amazing how the prices vary across the country! The 'in the middle of nowhere' places in the north are so much cheaper for the views you get!

No. 1567886

Honestly depending on how big you're talking it might be cheaper to buy a luggage and stuff it than ship it. I've had a big box of clothes from japan cost 90-120 in shipping.

No. 1567929

I'm not sure a JR Pass will be a good investment in my case. I'll stay for 20 or 21 days in Japan and the one for that period of time is crazy expensive. And I couldn't even get one for 7 days and use my good old Suica for the rest of my stay because I'll take the shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, stay in Osaka for 9 days, and then go back to Tokyo by shinkansen. I don't see if I can buy normal tickets on the website you linked?

No. 1567954

>cost 90-120

No. 1567983


No. 1568281

yeah there are so many options for onsen that I can't pick, I'll have to do some price comparisons

No. 1568344

File: 1683281412054.jpg (7.1 KB, 413x124, $.jpg)

These are not the same currency.

No. 1568390

No. 1568522

no one said they were.

No. 1568915

thanks nona, this is a very helpful website

No. 1579977

Is it worth to get a Suica card? I'm kinda stingy so last time I went to Tokyo I walked a lot to save money, but since I'll have more free time this summer maybe I'll use the subway more.

No. 1580119

Yes, getting one just costs like 500yen iirc and you can charge it and use it for more than just public transport. Some stores let them use them to pay, at the very least in Mister Donuts it's possible and in some combini, same thing for a lot of vending machines.

No. 1581409

File: 1684474818557.png (162.17 KB, 1684x2048, Screenshot_20230519-003410.png)

wasn't sure where to put this but i guess the Japan thread works. honey cinnamon made a post on twitter asking customers (scrotes) to basically not stalk the employees
and even more horrific, in the comments is someone talking about a friend was stalked and raped by a psycho who learned their name from the name tag and used Instagram to find out who they were

No. 1581410

File: 1684474864444.png (129.94 KB, 2048x824, Screenshot_20230519-003742.png)

this comment though kek

No. 1581418

“male-smelling crime” is gonna rattle around in my head forever lol

No. 1586744

If any Tokyo nonnas want to hang out (living or visiting) this is a cry for help. All the meetup groups are full of shitty 30+ weeb men and it's so hard to find any women to chill with. I work here full time and the loneliness is something else. My ass just goes straight home half the time lol

No. 1596814

File: 1685899238769.jpg (45.35 KB, 770x523, Koinu_ats_1.jpg)

There's going to be a Sachiko Kaneoya exhibition in Tokyo when I'll be there! I'll try to go there as soon as I arrive. I'm also trying to make a reservation for the Pokemon cafe in Nihonbashi but it's too hard, everyone manages to make a reservation right before me, it's super frustrating. Maybe I'll go to Artnia to eat a moogle or chocobo themes pile of pancakes instead to compensate, it's not even like I'm super interested in gen 9 games anyway. By the way, how's the Q-pot café? Is the food good? It seems a bit expensive but I saw pic related and it made me want to go there.

No. 1624531

When you rent a yukata, what do you do with your regular clothes? Do they have a storage capability or you take them with you to store yourself? (like in a station coin locker?)

No. 1624811

I'll never get tired of South Korean women. They're the real ones.

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