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File: 1666684574487.jpeg (510.58 KB, 1392x1392, 8772F612-16A8-406A-AECF-3BF688…)

No. 250392

Hypnosis Mic is a seiyuu project that began in 2017 by EVIL LINE RECORDS. To keep it brief, each of the characters belong to a certain division based on some of Tokyo’s districts. They engage in rap battles for territory in Division Rap Battles held by the Party of Words——an all woman group against violence who organized a coup of Japan after WWIII using hypnosis microphones. Hypnosis microphones have the power to enact damage or control on the nervous system when you rap into them. The winners are decided by voting with codes through album and merch sales. A lot of the story and character background are found in the various media, like the drama tracks.

>albums and drama tracks

There’s a lot, this is the meat and potatoes
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-1st Live @Ikebukuro
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-2nd Live @Shinagawa
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-3rd Live @Odaiba
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-4th Live《 Welcome to Our Hood 》@Osaka
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-5th Live《 SIX SHOTS UNTIL THE DOME 》@AbemaTV
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-6th Live《 2nd D.R.B 》
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-7th Live《 SUMMIT OF DIVISIONS 》
>anime (13 eps)
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-Rhyme Anima-
>game (rhythm game)
Hypnosis Mic-Alternative Rap Battle-
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-Rule the Stage-
Hypnosis Mic-Before the Battle-The Dirty Dawg
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-side B.B & M.T.C
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-side F.P & M
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-side D.H & B.A.T
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-Dawn of Divisions
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-side B.B & M.T.C+
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-side F.P & M+

Here are the 6 divisions along with the members, their MC names, and their voice actors
>Ikebukuro division Buster Bros!!!
Ichiro Yamada/MC. B.B—Subaru Kimura
Jiro Yamada/M.C M.B—Haruki Ishiya
Saburo Yamada/M.C L.B—Ryuto Akishima
>Yokohama division MAD TRIGGER CREW
Samatoki Aohitsugi/Mr. H.C—Shintaro Asanuma
Jyuto Iruma/45 Rabbit—Wataru Komada
Rio Mason Busujima/Crazy M—Shinichiro Kamio
>Shibuya division Fling Posse
Ramuda Amemura/easy R—Yusuke Shirai
Gentaro Yumeno/Phantom—Soma Saito
Dice Arisugawa/Dead or Alive—Yukihiro Nozuyama
>Shinjuku division Matenro
Jakurai Jinguji/ill-DOC—Sho Hayami
Hifumi Izanami/GIGOLO—Ryuichi Kijima
Doppo Kannonzaka/DOPPO—Kento Ito
>Osaka division Dotsuitare Hompo
Sasara Nurude/Tragic Comedy—Ryota Iwasaki
Rosho Tsutsujimoti/WISDOM—Kengo Kawanishi
Rei Amayado/MC MasterMind—Takaya Kuroda
>Nagoya division Bad Ass Temple
Kuko Harai/Evil Monk—Shota Hayama
Jyushi Aimono/14th Moon—Yuki Sakakihara
Hitoya Amaguni/Heaven & Hell—Eiji Takeuchi

No. 250393

File: 1666684743590.jpeg (415.32 KB, 2048x1658, 1638E823-BB42-4575-BC91-FA755D…)

Hi nonnas, this is my first thread ever, so sorry if there are mistakes. I thought maybe there would be a few of you that would wanna talk about hypmic.

No. 250416

Wow, I never heard of this but the concept seems interesting.

No. 250437

I'm not up to date but I really enjoy listening to the songs. Dice and Hifumi are my fave rappers. Who are your faves nonas?

No. 250438

File: 1666712299820.jpg (314.93 KB, 1597x2048, D3kmF9EU0AA-ktG.jpg)

Doppo is my husbando and I love him very much

No. 250450

File: 1666719553370.jpeg (71.08 KB, 600x1143, 105FA5B4-18F9-49CB-8B9F-C2E5EC…)

Feel free to check it out, you won’t regret it
My favorite would have to be gentaro. I do happen to relate to him because I also like to write, make shit up, dress weird, and talk weird. There’s something about him that makes me feel at ease. I also adore soma saito. Utena is also one of my top favorite songs too. And I fucking love his verse in the division battle anthem urgh it goes so hard. I also really like kuko, I love how chaotic he is.
Hifumi’s songs are literally so good they never miss, and he and dice are such fun characters. Love when dice just shouts shit.
I am very happy for you nonna!

No. 250571

File: 1666743374799.png (388.36 KB, 733x550, Kannonzaka.Doppo.full.2580237.…)

beautiful taste nonna, i love doppo too. i really want to give him a hug

i also love gentaro. hypmic is great for husbandofags, theres so many to choose from

No. 250754

Gentaro has such a sexy voice in his songs, I really like him too. Soma Saito ftw.

No. 250819

File: 1666819395561.jpeg (859.06 KB, 825x1166, E5C677F8-C468-421D-9BC2-DB98A8…)

Thank you for this thread anon you did amazing! I was one of the people that were wishing for it haha
My husbando is definitely Jyuto, I've never fallen so hard for a fictional character before (I feel like those guys that marry Miku kek) He's the reason I got into the series I was so drawn to his design.
To keep the convo going, what's everyone's favorite songs? Mine are Bayside Smoking Blues and Scarface! Tigridia is a strong contender too Doppos voice is beautiful in it
Also favorite ships if you have any?

No. 250962

>favorite songs
That's really hard, I love so many. For example, all of Hifumi's songs because they're so upbeat and makes me want to party. The Rhyme anima songs are great as well, I particularly love this Matenrou scene because it's so goofy and catchy. Doppo summoning his loudspeakers looks unironically cool too.
>favorite ships
Me x giving Dice food, petting his head and making him meow and bark for me

No. 250964

File: 1666890171587.jpeg (158.46 KB, 800x1131, EB6740B0-43AA-4B8D-A57A-E48F96…)

Thanks nonna! It’s actually so sweet that you fell hard for jyuto, I love it when nonnas are passionate about their husbandos. 45 rabbit in the building, more like 45 rabbit in your heart.
>what's everyone's favorite songs?
I honestly have a lot. I really like utena, stella, once upon a time in shibuya, sougyaran bam, party wo tomenaide, nausa de zuiqu, gangsta’s paradise, and I also really like tigridia. Ohayou ikebukuro always cheers me up.
>Also favorite ships if you have any?
I am very obsessed with samatoki x ichiro. I’m almost hesitant to get too deep into it because I could talk about them forever, but I feel like they have this whirlwind of emotions and they’re both functional and dysfunctional.

Any nonnas wanna talk about their favorite division? For me it’s fling posse. Initially when I first got into hypmic and was confused by everything I chose them because I just like shibuya, but I’ve grown to love them.

No. 250969

I'm the Hifumi and Dice fan so naturally I like Matenrou and Fling Posse, as well.
Matenrou has a special place in my heart because the combine darkness with upbeatness and they are so friendly and supportive of each other.

No. 250990

File: 1666897082531.jpeg (6.42 MB, 5408x3764, 73D4027F-9B78-49B4-9373-D4BBED…)

>45 rabbit in your heart
That's so cute! He really has taken over my heart
>I could talk about them forever
I would honestly love to see you talk about samaichi nonna! I think its so nice seeing people go in depth about things they're passionate about! I've never been too interested in them, maybe you can show me why they're so great!
>favorite division
My number one is of course MTC, at first they were my fav simply because it's where Jyuto is but I've grown to truly love them all! Rio is the cutest character in the series to me haha his gap moe is just perfect!

No. 250994

File: 1666897636870.png (6.42 MB, 1806x2587, 88116183_p0.png)

Dropped the series once the manga stopped being translated, I heard it kind of got picked up again recently but it's apparently like password locked or something?

No. 250995

Yea you have to join the translators (slug_hypmic on twit) discord to get the monthly password to access the google drive with all the manga. It's a bit annoying but if you can either get in or have a friend with access it's not too bad

No. 251004

Ok time to get controversial. Who is the most annoying character and why is it Ramuda?
>adult man squeaking in a kid voice
>Ne ne oneeeesaaaan
Goddamnit I'm not buying you lunch, you'd make me feel like a pedo.
He is funny though

No. 251009

I would have agreed when I first got into the series but after learning more about him and getting to know his character hes become one of my favs. Definitely get that he isn't for everyone but I love that little pink bitch kek

No. 251010

I followed the rap battles for a bit, but I think like a musician releasing albums they went from good to great to meh - with the exception of Bad Ass Temple being really good live. It was so funny how well they did during the voted for the third DRB compared to Dotsuitare Hompo

No. 251012

I don't actually hate him but his songs makes me laugh and cringe at the same time unless he is using the deep voice. All I can think of is how his va once said that doing the Ramuda voice makes him hate himself kek

No. 251016

i like ramuda but i can't deny that his voice is very annoying lol. also i think his whole deep voice thing is dumb. idk i feel like theres a way to have a character with a 'cutesy' voice in a way that isn't also completely grating

No. 251017

0:36 the best nee nee oneesan

No. 251018

He cute
He owns Jakurai’s dick
But yeah his not creepy side of his voice is pretty annoying

No. 251019

>He owns Jakurai’s dick
Wtf anon

No. 251020

No no she's right, jakuramu is great (even though I prefer ramujaku myself)

No. 251021

Is this some ship thing? At least write about it like a normal person instead of "owning dicks".

No. 251022

Not at all trying to start a fight but that seems like an odd nitpick? It might be a bit weird but it's no weirder than talking about husbandos or whatever else lol

No. 251023

File: 1666910206723.png (3.08 MB, 1334x750, FD8DBACB-13CA-4BCE-A0CD-700070…)

Anyway does anyone play the mobile game? I don't usually care for gachas but the rhythm game is really fun and I like a lot of the art. This Rei is one of my favorites I'm so happy I was able to get him

No. 251033

It's his property, he owns Jakurai's dick whether he likes it or not.
Either makes sense honestly, but I like Jakurai to top because Ramuda topping just looks weird in the physical sense.

No. 251040

I'll admit it can look a little weird but I still love the idea of someone like Ramuda being able to completely dominate Jakurai who's seen as this perfect untouchable being. Though that can still work with Jakurai technically being on top, I guess I just mostly like Ramuda having all the power kek

No. 251049

File: 1666920143035.jpg (173.88 KB, 900x916, DvQ8vmxU8AAMG_e.jpg large.jpg)

I really love the main story of this series (audio dramas and manga) but the anime and mobile game lowkey killed a lot of the fun for me because of how much it deviated from the core story and didn't really let the characters grow. I love all of the characters and how shockingly dark yet campy the story is, but it feels like all of the bonus media stifles the actual depth of the characters at times.

Regardless, fun to see a hypmic thread here, represent Shinjuku.

No. 251056

>I guess I just mostly like Ramuda having all the power kek
Same, I like him to power bottom though while he tugs on Jakurai's leash sort of thing.

No. 251087

I didn't understand what it was supposed to mean.
I would really like to play it, is there an english version?
High five, Shinjuku is the best!
In fact I got into the series because the idea of veteran seiyuu Hayami Sho rapping blew my mind kek.

No. 251121

My bad nonna, I must've misread your tone
>is there an english version?
There isn't and to be honest I wouldn't count on one coming out, they don't seem interested in officially translating the series (which is fine by me, an eng ver would bring even more annoying twitter fans that think hating ships is a personality trait kek) but it's still a fun game even if you don't read the story since it doesn't actually follow the canon plot and is more of an au

No. 251243

File: 1666999801154.jpg (116.38 KB, 736x1022, 9399538215ec67cff725b235816801…)

I need to start reading the manga, mainly because I wanna get to know Rosho more. Idk how he did it but I fell for him as soon as I saw him.
>favorite songs
Aside from Rosho's solos and the Dotsuitare Hompo songs, i like Fallin, Dead Pools, and Kaiken (they're all catchy though!).
> favorite division
Matenrou in terms of relationship/bond, Dotsuitare Hompo in terms of concept/songs.

What's your favorite Division All Stars song? Mine's probably the Division Battle Anthem.

No. 251261

File: 1667006086056.jpeg (195.35 KB, 750x1128, F2270A68-C7CA-4F23-A695-4514CC…)

Good taste anon Rosho is amazing! I'm sure you'll love him even more once you get to know him better! Dotsuhon is my 2nd favorite division I wish they got more love from fans. Especially Rei I think he's such a great character, if I wasn't so in love with Jyuto he would probably be my husbando haha
>favorite Division All Stars song?
Mine would have to be Summit of Divisions! MTCs and Matenrous parts are the best

To add onto that, favorite duets? I really like Hot Game and Respect each Brother! I'm also excited for Rosho/Rei and Jyushi/Hitoya duets whenever they (hopefully) come out

No. 251271

HypMic is my favorite anime media to describe to normie friends. I enjoy it unironically, but I do love how much of a kick people get out of it's premise.

As much as I like the boys, my favorite and most listened-to song is definitely Femme Fatale.

No. 251272

based megane enjoyers

No. 251273

Speaking of vocal contrast, I'm obsessed with Jyushi's oscillations. It's so fun, I never get tired of it.

No. 251277

Yes fellow megane enthusiast!! I've always been drawn to megane ikemen they really hit different for some reason (maybe because they can understand the struggle of being half blind lol)

No. 251307

I love that song too. Otome has such a surprisingly badass voice for someone so calm/introvert-looking. I really wish they released more songs with the women!

No. 251422

File: 1667069349963.png (552.46 KB, 500x740, tumblr-artist_kk-rosho-jyuto-f…)

Aw, thanks Jyuto anon, I hope so too (Jyuto and Rosho look so good together)! These clowns really deserve all the love they can get (If I remember correctly, Dotsuhon is more popular in Japan compared to the West? Though, I think the poll is kinda outdated by now). And yes, he's really fun (plus it's Takaya Kuroda)! It's probably due to the fandom's demographic (since Hitoya is suffering a similar fate).

Summit of Division is a great choice! I like how they kinda changed up the order for this one.

>favorite duets

Wrap & Rap is super fun. I'd love to see them rap and cook in their own show.

No. 251426

File: 1667069812908.png (383.92 KB, 1140x558, hypmic-bestmc-tierlist.png)

Btw, anyone interested in sharing their tier list (I mainly based mine on how much I enjoy their rap/voice/songs. I'd probably have a harder time ranking them based on personality)?

No. 251784

happy halloween, hypmic girlies!

No. 251926

File: 1667263651467.jpeg (314.01 KB, 1533x1129, 25174216-4AD9-4868-9FC8-052D09…)

Happy Halloween!!

No. 252640

File: 1667448071087.jpeg (91.07 KB, 1279x716, 76EEC70F-BA79-4AE9-B239-0A6779…)

> I like a lot of the art
This is something I love about arb, I feel like the art is either endearing or bonkers. However, I’m awful at rhythm games and gatcha shit is whatever to me, I don’t really get it.
I like seeing them in silly situations sometimes, but I see what you’re saying. I still enjoyed the anime because I liked it visually (the colors are so crazy during their rap battles), and it was really fun forcing my brother to watch it with me as well. Some parts fell flat for me, and while I understand that everything from the drama tracks can’t be perfectly translated over to anime, I really hated how ramuda kind of gave up and the most desperate he got was when he was urging gentaro and dice to run away from chuohku. In the drama tracks he’s like on his knees pleading for his life to ichijiku who just kicks him and throws him away like trash. He doesn’t want to die so bad, and yet in the anime he’s like ok guess I’ll die. For me it was too far of a deviation. I can get if they don’t want to show him heaving up blood, at his lowest crying, or pushing everyone away, because it could shift the mood too much but it felt too lacking. I usually don’t expect much from animes, but still, that was my biggest gripe aside from the 3 new characters.
His verses in R.I.P turn me to dust, I love him
Hope all you anons had a nice halloween!

No. 294347

Reviving this thread because I'm so happy that the ladies finally got more songs! Their new division song is great. I was less impressed by their individual songs at first but they really grew on me, especially Otome's. JUST DO IT!

No. 294368

Season 2 of the anime will be out this october!

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