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No. 132141

One time I was having dinner with my ex and two macho guys approached us to hit on my ex because she's femme. I had to tell these guys to back off because we were on a date but then they just made some nasty comments about how hot we were together.
Any one experience similar things? Its basically a given since men take offense to gay women.

No. 132142

I feel like that only happens when one or both women are femme/attractive to the male.

my bf is butch and I'm andro in the not hot way, and we just get ignored? it's like people act like we don't exist in the same space as them. I think we got more attention back when I had long hair and was more feminine presenting.

No. 132143

I meant gf*

No. 132144

What do you do when you're straight and you accidentally get hit on by a lesbian at the club? kek

No. 132145

lmao do you all use the Her app? I'm nervous to download that shit on my phone because I'm kinda in the closet but I need a fucking relationship I'm crying

No. 132146

I have used it. Beware of troons and women already in relationships. Make sure to add a clear description of what you are looking for.

No. 132147

Also work on your confidence as a lesbian woman so that dates won't be awkward.

No. 132148

I've used it but it's too slow for me. I've had more luck with okcupid but I found out I was deactivated for turning down some troons and putting it in my bio I'm not interested in men.

No. 132149

Thanks, also I knew to watch out for troons, but didn't think about women in relationships.

No. 132150

I chatted with a woman who sneakily added "I'm in a relationship with a man" to her profile AFTER we matched. Thank god I decided to randomly look at her profile again so I could nip that in the bud.

No. 132151

women in relationships has been the bane of my existence when it comes to dating apps. Even if I put it clearly in my bio I am monogamous and don’t want to be in a relationship with a couple it gets ignored. Feels like something we will always have to deal with.

No. 132152

You politely reject her and she respects your decision because she's not Scrote McCumbrain who can't take no for an answer.

No. 132153

tfw the only person I matched with was someone I went to school with who isn't out yet
has anyone tried tinder for a gf? my last gf I found through dnd lel

No. 132154

i met my gf through tinder, we've been together over a year now and it's been great. main problem i saw with tinder is that you have to wade through a lot of couples and trannies, but i had that problem on all the other lesbian dating apps anyways.

No. 132155

File: 1577416936136.jpg (143.53 KB, 1242x1032, 738f4b8c-44d1-4a41-8fcb-98cb10…)

I fucking hate queer theory and I don't even know what that means bc I was never dumb enough to take gender studies in college. it was women's studies for half a year then everything changed!

No. 132156

File: 1577421666879.jpg (409.85 KB, 1080x1653, c0cf2b4.jpg)

Seriously it's the worst kind of cancer

No. 132157

My friend has had a decent 3 year relationship with a girl she met on tindr.

No. 132158

File: 1577452961122.png (249.94 KB, 345x281, iambarelyclingingtothislife.pn…)

anyone here a lesbian in a 3rd world homophobic shithole where women barely have rights and have never had a proper relationship with another woman because of it?

yeah i wanna die. anyway tfw no gf

No. 132159

Good luck, anon. I hope you move to a better place. And surely there’s another closeted lesbian around you somewhere.

No. 132160

i'm almost 30 and i have never had any proper relationship or sex with women. i get matches on tinder and women have found me attractive so i guess if i wanted to i could find someone to sleep with but i'm too shy and i never send any messages to my matches, i'm gonna be a 40 year old virgin if i keep going on like this smh

No. 132161

Bi women in hetero relationships who feel the need to tell everyone how "gay" they are, believe they face more challenges than bi women in homo relationships, and think their hetero relationship is inherently different from a straight woman's or is actually "queer" are the worst. I hate going into some female same-sex attracted group where most of the discussion revolves around bi women talking about their husbands/boyfriends since there are way more bi women than lesbians and over 80% of bi women end up in LTRs with men. I know a lot of bi women don't want to experience homophobia by being with women but some just see women as the "lesser option" so they might want to have sex with women but then they want a "normal" married relationship with a straight man (ironically, they don't like bi men). Others are just straight women who call themselves bi to seem more interesting to men and because they think women are hot but they aren't actually sexually attracted to women.

No. 132162

lmao bi women scream about experiencing “biphopbia” all the time and how gays work with straights to “oppress” them but bi women never stop saying the vilest biphobic shit about bi men while worshipping straight men

No. 132163

high femme here,into cutesy shit like lolita (both sweet and gothic but mainly sweet i guess) and other comfy (read:nostalgic) pastel stuff. But the issue is i'm quite petite. And i feel like i'll never find a gf because of that shit but i don't wanna give up what brings me joy

No. 132164

may i add,am not into ageplay or any of the disgusting weird shit people link to the "cute" aesthetic.

No. 132165

I don't know how to go about approaching a woman for a relationship, because I have a certain kind of personality. You won't find me on Tinder or in a gay bar. I want a long term, loving monogamous relationship, similar to the husband/wife picket fence life, minus the "pants" and adopting instead.

I'm a RadFem and also politically conservative leaning. Given I live in California, most "lesbians" are troons or bisexual women claiming to be "so gay." I don't take issue with bisexuality, but most women who claim to be bi are either "curious" pick-mes open to a threesome, or are more into men and won't take your relationship as seriously.

Fuckgirls are also a thing. I've noticed many lesbians I match with on dating websites I've used try to imitate mainstream male rappers in appearance and demeanor. Do you all notice the girls with tattoos and red lipstick tend to talk like a mumble rap song? I'm not referring to ebonics. It's a weird thing I can't describe, but these women are also very sexist two I found on Instagram called their femme partners "bitches." So gross.

No. 132166

>I'm a RadFem and also politically conservative leaning
Literally how? Radical feminism was a leftist ideology started by Marxist women during the Women's Liberation Movement who had previous training in the Civil Rights Movement.

No. 132167

Lmao cali is full of fukgirls
I feel you man. In the same boat here but because I'm bi I've had more luck with men. Its difficult to find anyone who isn't super liberal here, male or female.

No. 132168

>politically conservative leaning
You sound like you’re from r/gendercritical

No. 132169

kinda in the same boat, except Im more radfemish than liberals care for. I just keep quiet 99% of the time and have a gf who is into queer stuff. it's kinda annoying sometimes, but I find it's usually just interesting to have a window into the queer libfem LGBT scene in Cali (I'd never go to those events otherwise).

No. 132170

They have obviously never actually read any radical feminist theory or history.

No. 132171

I love my girlfriend so much lol. Our friend introduced us to her TIM boyfriend on new years, and when we got home my gf turns to me and goes: "Anon, that thing is never stepping foot into our home." I hope all you anons find wonderful GC gfs!

No. 132172

The girl I'm talking to and that seems a great match for me in everything also turned out to dislike troons, lmao. I hope she won't fuck me over like the last one did.

No. 132173

File: 1578200488855.jpg (89.33 KB, 1024x785, 302830607048201.jpg)

Damn I wish I had this. My gf and I were never into talking about politics until I came out as GC in the summer. Shes been escalating fights and threatening to leave me if I dont rejoin her TRA logic. It's got me filled up with enough anxiety that I might leave later on. She cant seem to grasp how it can hurt her and other women/ lesbians down the road.

No. 132174

File: 1578237580166.jpg (43.32 KB, 640x370, 1577214486631.jpg)

I'm really sorry, anon. I would've asked how is your relationship aside from this issue, but if she's even threatening to leave you if you don't kiss TRA boots she doesn't seem nice.
Anyway, many lesbians are peak transing by the day. Being on dating apps I realized how many girls I talked to were also skeeved out by troons, once the topic came out and they felt comfortable with telling me.
So I'm sure you will find a non-TRA gf! They're not rare anymore.

No. 132175

I'm not sure if I should come out to my family. I just have this feeling that it's pretty obvious that I'm not straight, and everyone is fine with it as long as I never put it into words, you know? like saying it out loud makes it worse somehow. my dad is kind of homophobic but I've only seen him react to gay males, I don't know his stance on gay women. my mom would be cool with it but she doesn't like keeping secrets from my dad, so if I tell her I'd have to tell him as well.

at the moment I'm fine with not saying anything, my sisters and some aunties are single, childless, career types, and my family accepts that, so I can easily look like that as well.

note that I am not close with any of them, except my mom, I see my immediate family during holidays only and extended family on the rare occasion some cousin gets married or has a special party.

I don't know, I guess it doesn't matter, since there's no pressure for me to pretend to be straight. just the absence of telling them I'm gay. though, i guess I'd feel guilty to tell them I'm single/lie if I had a girlfriend.

No. 132176

my family is homophobic and i'll wait to come out until i'm in a serious relationship
i feel like it's just not worth it when youre single, because what does it change? it's just uncomfortable and in theory gives anyone ammo for "but you just havent found the right man yet!!!!"
don't stress it if theres no need for you to say it right now

No. 132177

Update: she fucked me over, lmao.

No. 132178

lame. what happened?

No. 132179

>mfw browsing radfem tumblrs for That Fix
>see her reblog a post that contains a post your totes kweer gf wrote
>gf doesn't even know u know her Tumblr handle, much less you actively browse radfem blogs

this relationship is built on lies and I deserve it when it crumbles.

No. 132180

wait, kek, are you saying your gf is being called out for being an inclusive kweer dipshit on radfem tumblr? honestly that's hilarious. why are you dating a dumbass? honestly i'd dip before she finds out you're a "terf". she'll probably try to ruin your life. these ppl are nuts.

No. 132181

File: 1578477470256.jpeg (91.66 KB, 990x660, 02670544-DAC6-4381-B2B2-F0AC33…)

Kinda don’t know where to ask this so this place is my best bet ig. I can’t tell if I’m actually just straight because I’m scared of not being “safe and stable” without a man in my life or if I’m becoming more attracted to other women because of the many pros that come with lesbianism? Ever since I started reading more radfem blogs and about how terrible and disgusting men are, and encountering that first hand with all of my exes sadly, I felt a noticeable shift in my preferences. But only in how I notice women in public and being attracted to them or actually getting nervous around pretty girls. I do, however, have a weird history of inner desires. I always preferred lesbian porn and even when having sex with my exes I would imagine that in order to feel aroused. And how my taste in men would always have to be feminine and “harmless” in order to feel safe with continuing the relationship. I just don’t know if this is some awakening that is happening now that I’m getting lonely or if its because I’m finally taking time for myself and noticing how I feel instead of pushing it aside to please others.

No. 132182

You sound like you're bi or a frustrated straight woman, not a lesbian. I know a lot of my straight female friends think there are "many pros that come with lesbianism" when it isn't easier at all. Lots of straight women wished the men they liked were more feminine because it makes them less threatening or equitable since masculinity is all about dominance. These straight women watch lesbian porn too because it focuses on things that turn them on like clitoral stimulation while straight porn is all about PIV sex. Ironically, most lesbians I know hate lesbian porn with a passion but love watching gay male porn (I don't watch porn at all).

No. 132183

>Lots of straight women wished the men they liked were more feminine because it makes them less threatening or equitable since masculinity is all about dominance

Why a lot of straight girls fawn over pretty boys, soft boys, etc. basically

No. 132184

I made a post in the vent thread, basically she was just using me as a no strings attached rebound while knowing very well what I wanted, and upon being called out she kept on contradicting herself ("Yes I was flirting because I like you" then 10 minutes later "I wasn't flirting, I was just being nice, I'm sorry that you took it that way") and denying everything.

Lesbian dating is truly life on nightmare mode. Dating tip for the future: ask her when did she have her last breakup. If it's been less than a year, run away and don't look back.

No. 132185

I don't how to explain it, but I'm attracted to both stereotypically masculine men and androgynous cute men, I don't think I have prefrence for one or the other its just I like them both

No. 132186

If you’re attracted to men then you’re not a lesbian. You could have compulsory heterosexuality but that’s not a lesbian exclusive experience since all women are pressured to be with men.

No. 132187

Im not this anon >>132181, im just a straight woman passing by explaining why some straight womeen like feminine men

No. 132188

do bi and straight women imagine lesbian porn while having sex with a man though? maybe a more attractive man, but if you have to imagine women just to get aroused sounds kinda gay to me.

No. 132189

Why are you in lesbian general then

No. 132190

I'm straight but I imagine having sex with women when I have sex with my boyfriend. But I can't get off to anything else.

No. 132191

Anon…that's bi as fuck, if not gay.

No. 132192

Maybe you're bi or are having a really shitty relationship with your boyfriend. I'm a lesbian and I hated kissing my ex-bf. I would often secretly cry afterwards. I broke up with him because he wanted to have sex and I felt suicidal imagining myself having sex with a man.

No. 132193

Do you watch a lot of porn? That can give you brain rot and heavily alter your sexual tastes. I know some men who watch so much of it that nothing can turn them on unless they're in a roleplay and there's a lot of violence involved.

No. 132194

nta, and probably not in lesbian general, but I find straight women articulating their attraction to men helpful when trying to figure out orientation. most of what we hear and know about heterosexual attraction is from brain rotted scrotes.

No. 132195

I don't think of porn when I'm having sex period lol
I'm a bi girl but I have different attractions when it comes to men and women. Maybe you just want clitorial stimulation or the sex is unfulfilling which in that case, call your man out on it.

Also I don't really consider girls bi or lesbian if they just want to have sex with girls. I've known plenty of woman going down on girls cuz some sleazeball wanted to get off to it. If you're really bi or lesbian I believe you can have genuine feelings and attraction to the same sex.

No. 132196

do all lesbians feel a viceral reaction when it comes to sex with males?

No. 132197

>Also I don't really consider girls bi or lesbian if they just want to have sex with girls. I've known plenty of woman going down on girls cuz some sleazeball wanted to get off to it.
True, I mean look at how men will literally fuck anything and there's all the straight men being "prison gay" thing. Sexual orientation is an immutable, life-long sexual attraction to one or both sexes. You don't have to be attracted to a particular sex to experience a pleasurable sensation when you do the deed. Although if you aren't attracted to that sex then it can be mentally exhausting or if you're forcing yourself into it then it can be traumatizing.

No. 132198

some lesbians feel disgust or repulsion to seeing a naked male or having sex with males. some lesbians feel no internal reaction at all- no active attraction towards men, yet they lack repulsion towards men too, so they assume they're like every other straight/bi woman who isn't attracted to her male partner.

No. 132199

I don't mind sex with him, usually it's great and he lasts a long time and always works on getting me off. But he doesn't turn me on despite being very conventionally attractive and very kind.

I don't watch porn and never have. It's disgusting.

I would love to have sex with women, does that make me bi? I never fantasize about women romantically like relationship wise.

No. 132200

I think what makes a woman (or man) bi is being sexually attracted to individuals of the same sex, not just wanting to have sex with them. That sounds like semantics, but I just mean that having sex with that woman is the turn on, not just sex in general because it feels good/because you feel hot being with a woman. You want to touch her sexually and make her orgasm and that's the appeal.

Although I imagine it's different for pillow princesses? I'm speaking as mainly a service top and my attraction to both sexes has almost nothing to do with my own body. If anyone has input on how that attraction feels please lmk.

Also I know some people don't consider someone truly bi if they don't feel romantic attraction to the both sexes. So you will never be bi to them if that's the case. On the fence myself since I do want to date both, so idk.

And an apology from me for not being a lesbian and posting itt.

No. 132201

This is why the Kinsey scale can be pretty useful. Everything that isn't 0 or 6 can technically be considered bi, with 3 being "le true bisexual 50/50 man/woman", which isn't actually that common. Bicurious is probably the best term for someone like that anon there. I would also personally define bisexuality as someone who is capable of feeling both romantic and sexual feelings for both sexes, though it of course doesn't have to be 50/50. But people are free to identify as they like, really.

And now speaking of nothing, any other lesbian anons stuck in the middle of nowhere really worried they will end up alone or have to resort to LDRs? I live in an pretty small town in northern Europe, which does have a chapter of the national LGBT organisation, but the VAST majority of events they host are trans based. I have no issues with dating apps, but you just see the same people over and over again. I also don't mind LDRs but I'm just getting too old for that shit… I'm probably moving to an even smaller town soon and my chances of meeting someone will be even slimmer then. It just feels hopeless.

No. 132202

I think it's worth going to all LGBT gatherings, despite there being trans people. You don't have to date them if it's not your type, and most people are understanding of that in the offline world.

It's so hard to meet other lesbians if you avoid LGBT events unfortunately.

No. 132203

Well the only regular event they have is a trans support group, then about every 6 month they host a party night, which I do go to. And if I do move I won't even have that, which really sucks.

No. 132204

Maybe you just aren’t in love with your boyfriend? Bisexual women are capable of falling in love with other women. A lot of straight women can “experiment” with other women but they’re never going to form a romantic attachment.

No. 132205

That's why I usually label myself as straight.
I will leave you guys alone now! Sexuality is always an interesting topic.

No. 132206

I noticed how common it is in lesbian communities to just hit on many girls without having any actual intention and flirt just as a way to be friendly. I don't do it, actually it weirds me out a lot. And as a result, I've been led on sometimes and now when a girl flirts with me I just ignore her because I'm sure that she's just joking. Anyone can relate? Am I the one meeting weird lesbians or is it like this everywhere?

No. 132207

I think most of us feel nothing about males when we are young girls but as society keeps pushing us to be with men, we force ourselves to date men, men harass us thinking they can change our sexuality, or if we experience corrective rape then we develop disgust for males. Straight women can be terrible to lesbians but they aren't violent and sexual threats like males who feel offended that you aren't attracted to them. Of course for some lesbians they never have these experiences with men or avoided them entirely so they continue to feel nothing.

No. 132208

Anyone else have this complex, I absolutely hate the thought of having sex with any type of man or having romantic relationship with men and im 100% sure Im not straight but…. I like cuddling with men more than I do with women, Its wierd I know it sends the wrong message

No. 132209

I don't see anything wrong with non-sexual cuddles and you can definitely still be a lesbian/not straight and enjoy wholesome human touch. Some guys give really nice big bear hugs.

No. 132210

Its still something you can't easily bring up your male friends without sending wrong the message

No. 132211

Cuddling is fine, like it's pretty common for gay men and straight women to cuddle and paint each other's nails and shit.

No. 132212

>like it's pretty common for gay men and straight women to cuddle and paint each other's nails and shit.
I want a reverse version of this relationship, a hetorsexual male best friend to hangout with and who I can cuddle with but there's nothing sexual

No. 132213

It's hard because straight men are always shitty. Even if gay men have male socialisation at least they don't have sexual attraction to a women so that's why straight women think they aren't threatening.

No. 132214

Literally only met one dyke tyke in my life (and he was probably bi) while fag hags are everywhere.

No. 132215

I thought they were called lesbros

No. 132216

Both are used.

No. 132217

Is there a tactful way to bring up my gf's health and suggest she try to be healthier? She's a smoker, hits the fast food pretty hard, and doesn't exercise. I'm a former ana-chan and I'm pretty obsessed with my health after all the damage I did to myself… I want my girlfriend to take care of herself too. The way she coughs all the time and breathes so heavy freaks me out. I'm just worried it'll come off like I want her to lose weight, and honestly it's not that at all because I love her.

No. 132218

I'm one of those, I never felt anything for guys really. I was never sure what to say when other women in my family gushed bout male celebrities. When they tried to say some guy was cute and apparently hitting on me too. All my straight relationships had no feelings so I broke them off. Never had sex with a guy, had more relationships with women. Hard considering I'm full lesbian rather than bi at this point. At least in my lesbian relationships I really loved them plus didn't mind the idea of possible sex.

No. 132219

Would it be offensive to a butch if I asked if she's really a girl or not? I'm doing online dating and I can't tell if this person is a man pretending to be a lesbian(happens all the time) or a very androgynous butch.

No. 132220

Anyway, she actually told me she wants to quit smoking and start going for hikes together again without me mentioning anything, so it worked out!

No. 132221

do you find petite women into cute stuff attractive or is that too childish? i'm fucking tired of being 5'3 and have small tits. I got soft thighs though.
Maybe i've been brainwashed by what men like but i keep worrying no woman will find me attractive besides my past girlfriends

No. 132222

I'm a 5'8" femme and I love short girly girls so much, probably my ideal type looks wise. I don't care about breast size at all, I honestly don't think most women do. Maybe a certain type of butch who's into extremely "feminine" women, but in general I don't think women care as much about tit size as straight guys do.

No. 132223

You're giving me such hope anon.
I can only hope both of us find love.
My ideal would be growing old with my gf and fight by her side (and marry her to be able to have the swordfighting lesbian wedding of my dreams)

No. 132224

I feel you, I live in bumfuck nowhere and its a fucking struggle specially in the small ass town I live in. Everyone here is a jesus freak and the gay people are the joke of the town no one takes them seriously and they are secluded by everyone. My parents and siblings know Im gay but they tell me not to let anyone else know because it will "bring disgrace and ridicule to the family and you will end up like the other gays" so in the closet I go. I am 100% sure I'll die alone despite what the Sonic Totem at /ot/ tells me so I know how you feel fam.

No. 132225

Personally no, I think they're childish.

No. 132226

My straight female friends at uni don't know I'm a lesbian and when we go out clubbing they do drunken ironic sexy dancing/grinding against each other, including against me. It's the worst most awkward thing in the world and makes me feel so uncomfortable and like a predator! I don't know what to say to put them off that won't make them think they were tricked in retrospect and won't make me seem like an asexual autist freak. Last time it was my male friend's girlfriend who I had just met that night. Do you guys have to cope with this and how do you play it off?

No. 132227

Are you >>132163?

How small of a town? Like everyone knows everyone or in less than 1 day all three towns around each other know everyone's business? Also don't give up hope, there's probably another closeted lesbian living there. That sounds sucky that though with coming out and being secluded, do they treat them like air or like they've caught the plague?

No. 132228

No but shit that could as well be me given i do wear the fashion on my free time out of uni

No. 132229

I dunno, I thought my friends did it because they found it hot in some way and I didn't mind so I always just went along with it and never thought much of it but maybe I'm being creepy???
I also stopped going to clubs altogether because I honestly can't stand another strange male grinding up on me out of nowhere

No. 132230

girls are mean to me does this mean they wanna kiss me?

doesn't make sense since men are absolute cunts to me too

tfw no gf

No. 132231

Two days late but I guess I would like to make you feel better too by answering. I love short/petite girls. I also like cute stuff but I don't wear it cause it's not a style I'm comfortable with, I would totally date a lolita/pastel girl since I find it attractive when people are confident with what they like.
I'm quite femme btw

Good luck anon, you'll find love for sure

No. 132232

File: 1579115400786.jpeg (70.67 KB, 462x680, DjKp-tvV4AIVGJr.jpeg)

I'm >>132158
and update:
I tried online dating and found a date! I am super paranoid that she is going to be a man catfishing or some trap to out me to my family and friends but I'm going to give it a shot. Wish me luck, anons.

No. 132233

You shouldn't give up what brightens up your life anon, lolita fashion is beautiful imo. Did you have any past gfs that didnt like your life style? Anyway dont stress it I'm sure you'll find a kindred spirit or just someone who really appreciates the fashion as well as you.

No. 132234

Best of luck anon! and be careful take some maze spray just in case keep us updated!

No. 132235

It really feels like I'll never find love.
I'm a nearly 23 kissless virgin. I never kissed boys cause they disgust me, and I never kissed girls cause there was none to kiss.
I'm from an European country, people here are religious but there's also a lot that are pro-gay, so it's not super bad. And yet, I can't find someone to date me.
I tried dating apps, nothing ever came of it.. I went to 5 dates in 4 years and honestly I hate how due to the dating pool being so small, I even had to meet up with some of them. The last girl I saw was so fundamentally different from me.. a bully that doesn't like "nerds" and "weebs" and loves to drink and party.. we had absolutely nothing in common, but I met up with her cause there was no one else interested in me.
It's depressing, I would love to move to a different, bigger city or to move out of the country but I'm still in UNI and there's no option like that for me.
I wish I could not feel shame about being kissless, but I do. I'm a grown woman and no one ever thought I'm cute enough to even hold my hand, I was never wanted.. not even by boys.
I know my personality isn't the best, but.. even the worst people seem to be getting dates, but not me.
Oh well, I'm trying to get over it anyway. Sorry if this is more of a rant thread post, but I thought I may find some consolation in fellow lesbians..

No. 132236

I'd hold your hand and smooch you anon

No. 132237

Which country is it, anon? Sounds like mine

No. 132238

Italy. We have the Vatican, sure. Old people hate gays.. right. But the younger generation doesn't seem to mind.

No. 132239

Ayrt and I'm from Italy as well, ayy

No. 132240

Don't feel bad anon, if it helps you to know, I'm 30 and I'm still a kissless lesbian virgin myself but it's mostly due to the place I live in super closed minded and you get harassed and possibly raped (men being like "I'll fuck the gay out of you") if you come out as gay so yehhh you're not alone in your suffering anon, hopefully you do find someone but yeah never settle for less!

No. 132241

meh, I live in a huge city with a big gay history (San Francisco) and it's not any better; I'm a literal sperg who spent too much time growing up on imageboards. Everyone is super queer and drunk the trans koolaid, unless they're super normie, but those types are always normie4normie. Anyone with the slightest non-normie interest is a raging pro-trans "queer".

No. 132242

exactly the point I was trying to make.. it's very hard to find girls that aren't "normies" but to be honest here in Italy not EVERYONE is pro-trans. the other italian anon may know it too but a lot of lesbians carry the the same ideals as we do here on 2x, they just dont speak about it up front and you have to dig a bit. I'm honestly glad we aren't as far gone as the US.
But yeah I wish I could meet a sperg like you irl, I may sound like a pick-me "not like the other girls" type but I honestly have nothing in common with some of the girls I met. I don't think I'm better or anything, I'm just not interested in the party scene and would rather prefer someone who is into the same stuff as me.

No. 132243

Someone I dated briefly just "came out" as a demisexual cislesbian, so basically a normal lesbian but that needs special kweer titles nowadays. Phew glad I dodged that one.

No. 132244

Yikes. I remember when I was 16 I thought I was asexual cause Tumblr told me so. Then I switched to demisexual.. then I realized I'm just a normal human being.
I really wish for all the young girls in that phase to see the truth for what it is like I eventually did.

No. 132245

Yeah kids don't need all those confusing, dumb extra labels that describes being a normal human.
This lady is 25 though so it's kinda sad.

No. 132246

Italy anon here and I know what you mean. Here I can only find boring as fuck lesbians, or bisexuals just willing to experiment. The only women I actually click with either live in another continent or turn out to be "emotionally unavailable".

No. 132247

anon we should just date each other

No. 132248

I know this is an old post but are you me? I'm 28 but in a few months I'll be 29. I live in a small country where most of the youth is anti gay. It's just terrible. The dating apps are a disaster, it's either couples, woman pretending to be lesbian only to disclose later that she's with her bf/husband, or really older women (40+) that have families, children etc, or extremely young girls (18-19yo) who for some reason want to hook up with me. Also single moms that suddenly want nothing to do with men. And the few women that are around my age and lesbian, well, we just don't click.
I know that I have no other way but to move to a bigger city to start properly dating and most likely abroad too, but that's easier said than done. I think I'll just say fuck it and have casual sex with a woman in my proximity even if it leads to nothing.
I just wanted to commiserate but I hope you find someone. I know a few lesbian couples that have met in their late 30s even 40s and have been happily together ever since so that fills me with joy and gives me hope that I'll experience something as well.

No. 132249

Any tips on how not to feel like I'm a gross predator and objectifying women?

I'm bi, been with a man for 6 years and we broke up 2 years ago and since then I pretty much lost interest in men, but I feel bad everytime I catch myself looking at cute girls at the gym or anywhere because idk, I feel like I shouldn't?
I'm also another anon who's from a third world country and can't really meet other bi/lesbian women since it's like they barely exist. Then again the balkans isn't the most accepting place of the lgbt.

No. 132250

I actually wouldn't mind exchanging contacts before admin pulls the plug on this board.

No. 132251

you can give me your discord if you want

No. 132252

I weirdly feel the same. I tend to look at cute women when they pass me by, but I also feel like an old creepy dude when I do. That realization and the feeling of shame however is what sets us apart from the males, so that's good.
But overall, unless you're being too weird about it or have actual bad intentions you shouldn't feel like a predator. I think in both of our cases, we're probably still just a bit ashamed of our sexuality.
Are you out anon? If you're not, then maybe that what it is. You probably feel like you're doing something you're not supposed to cause you're still trying to hide who you really are.

No. 132253


No. 132254

i cant find you, but the lolcow discord has a friend finder channel so i'll leave a message there

No. 132255

> Then again the balkans isn't the most accepting place of the lgbt.
Where in the balkans are you? I'm in Croatia.
> I catch myself looking at cute girls at the gym or anywhere because idk, I feel like I shouldn't?
I get that feeling too and I wish I knew how to stop myself from doing that. Also, I'm often going on short trips with my friends and they don't have any qualms about undressing in front of me or sharing a bed. If they ever find out (because I'm still in the closet), they're going to get the wrong idea.

No. 132256

I'm out and pretty open about it, but most people don't care or don't take me serious since I've only been with a man. Idk at this point really

Also Croatia! But up north around Varaždin
Idk, most women never had an issue with it, then again I never had really close friends to begin with

No. 132257

I'm not in the lc discord. Maybe temporarily change your username, post it here and after I add you you can change it back

No. 132258

> Also Croatia! But up north around Varaždin
Noice, I'm in the Kvarner bay.
> Idk, most women never had an issue with it, then again I never had really close friends to begin with
I had a mixed experience. Since I'm in the closet a few women openly told me how they felt about gays and lesbians, and I was shocked when they had nothing but hatred for them. They were from conservative families and "religious". I'm obviously not friends with them, but due to uni and later work, you bump into them and after chatting for a while the LGBT topic came up a few times and there you go.
However, I also know a good number of women that don't care or that are supportive so there's that. I don't think my friends would mind. I do feel predatory for being around them and not telling them and since I'll probably die alone, I'm not sure if it's worth coming out of the closet anyway.
If there's one thing that's good about being a lesbian or bi in your case, it's that we're not usually taken seriously enough for others to go out of their way to bring harm. A lot of men that hate gays are okay with lesbians for that very reason.

No. 132259


No. 132260

honest question: do lesbians truly use the gold star term? It sounds extremely objectifying to me (liks you are mares or something) and why the fuck would you value anyone more or less depending if they had a misfortune of having a dick stuck into them? What about rape victims?
Please explain to me if it's not that deep or I'm misunderstanding. I just don't get why lesbians would use such a phallocentric category to describe themself. It's as creepy as the concept of virginity.

No. 132261

It went well! She is very normie and nice and she had on this really cute pantsuit and we went out to a lounge, had a few drinks, then went for noodles and even held hands. We have been talking non-stop ever since. We're both in the closet but being in the closet might not be so bad with her there with me.

No. 132262

highly seconding this

No. 132263

I've seen lesbians online hardcorely sticking to that term, but not irl. Which leads me to think most of those were very likely larping scrotes.

However I want to know what do other lesbians think about it too.

No. 132264

I think it's okay to have a preference. Obviously not when it comes to rape victims but I personally, would like someone that hasn't been with a man voluntarily.
That doesn't mean I don't consider women that used to date men as lesbians if they feel that way. And it's not even a 100% no-no, it's just a preference. I don't use the term gold star.

No. 132265

Fear that non-gold stars aren't lesbians at all but straight women looking for a fun "experiment" or bi women who just want to have lesbian fuckbuddies so she won't be committed to you because she only thinks straight relationships are "real relationships". My friend was in a relationship with a bi woman for a few months and she broke up with her after she found out she was already in a committed relationship with a man the entire time. He was fine with her going out to have sex with other women (not other men though) because he didn't consider it to be "cheating" and she thought he was so "feminist", "open-minded" and "understanding".

No. 132266

Lesbians already live in a phallocentric world and always get asked how they can know they're a lesbian if they haven't slept with a man or that they will eventually find a man who can "turn" them. Compulsory heterosexuality affects every woman so I don't doubt lesbians who have slept with men to be homosexual.

I don't use the term "gold star" nor do I care about someone's sexual history but it's primarily used in the gay community to prove "how gay they are", especially with lesbians, because a lot of women who call themselves "lesbian" aren't lesbian at all. Much of the vitriol is targeted at bi women because they are believed to prioritize heterosexual relationships. Many lesbians have personally experienced bi women playing around with their emotions and only using them for fun because they would never get into a serious relationship with another woman.

I'm open to dating a bi woman and I quite like some of them but I do get annoyed with bi women who call themselves "lesbian" or claim to understand the lesbian experience even though their sexual attraction to men makes it impossible for any lesbian to relate.

No. 132267

I always thought Megan Fox was a weird example of a bi woman who has only ever been in relationships with men and she said she would be happy with being a woman but only if that woman had never had sex with a man before because then it "tainted" her…even though she is married to a man and has 4 kids with him. I really don't understand what is going through her head.

No. 132268

I have a complicated relationship with the gold star term because I used to hate it because it put value on lesbians on whether they had touched a penis or not but I've noticed it's also used as a safeguard against fauxbians and it makes troons super mad because of the penis-exclusion. Just search up gold star lesbian on Google and see how it's a bunch of libfem sites shitting on it with Riley saying: "I've seen them rejecting the notion that a trans woman could possibly be 'gold star', that lesbians who have been with trans women can't be 'gold star', that any sex with a penis-owning person disqualifies you."

No. 132269

holy fuck, r/actuallesbians goes into a spergout any time "gold star" is brought up

No. 132270

I always thought the term started off as a joke and it only became well known because of The L Word.

No. 132271

> she said she would be happy with being a woman but only if that woman had never had sex with a man before because then it "tainted" her…even though she is married to a man and has 4 kids with him. I really don't understand what is going through her head.
oh wow, she's nuts

No. 132272

Oh, definitely.
>With regard to relationships and her sexuality, Fox said that she has a general distrust and dislike of men, and that the perception of her as a "wild and crazy sexpot" is false because she is asocial and has only been sexually intimate with her "childhood sweetheart" and Brian Austin Green; she stated that she would rather stay at home instead of going out, and emphasized that she cannot have sex with someone she does not love. She is bisexual, and said she believes that "all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes". "I have no question in my mind about being bisexual," Fox stated. "But I'm also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man."

No. 132273

What would be some relationship red flags for lesbians? The /g/ thread doesn't apply much in our case, because for example having many female friends for a woman is normal.

No. 132274

She has an ex and she just started dating again lmao

No. 132275

this specially if her ex was a moid

Also someone who is a full on "yandere" or someone who wants you to show her your phone 24/7 (or tries to snoop in to your stuff) avoid at all costs!

No. 132276

If it's a moid it isn't a real lesbian, stop with this insecure shit

An actual lesbian is super likely to get back with a recent ex or a long term ex. Happens all the time during ghostings too.

No. 132277

Did anyone seriously consider that they were asexual or were you otherwise volcel? I spent years of my life thinking I was going to become a nun because I couldn't bear the thought of marrying and living with a man (and as a nun I could live with my best gal pals forever!) I thought romantic love just wasn't possible for me, and sex was confusing and made me feel guilty anyway. I wish younger lesbians wouldn't have to go through that, but now I guess they're just pressured to troon out or date troons.

No. 132278

I've noticed it's pretty common for lesbians to think they're asexual.

No. 132279

Yep! Totally thought I'm asexual for 2 years of my teen life. I even came out to my friend as an asexual bi-romantic or something like that.
But no, I'm just a lesbian with a low sex drive.

No. 132280

I thought I was asexual until my early 20s. I had two short term relationships with men and both ended because I couldn't imagine let alone have sex with them. I just figured I was asexual until I met a girl. She was bi and we just fondled and kissed during a party. I never saw her again but that night, I never masturbated as much as I did in my life to that day. It's like it all finally came together. I also had fantasies of becoming a nun even though I wasn't religious. When I saw my childhood friend with her boyfriend, it broke my heart. We used to plan to become nuns together or open a beach bar and spend our days together on the beach. I never thought I had such feelings for her. I don't know why it never occurred to me that I was lesbian.

No. 132281

lol i used to think about becoming a nun too. i used to think that i'm asexual and/or that csa had ruined my sexuality and turned me into lesbian.

No. 132282

AYRT I also had intense feelings for my best friend that I didn't recognize as more than friendship and felt incredibly betrayed when she got (a very ugly /r9k/ type) boyfriend.
I also experienced CSA and wondered if that's why I'm a lesbian, but actually I think CSA made it harder for me to realize I liked women because I associated sex with negativity and pain and didn't connect those concepts to other girls. I also really struggled with worrying that I was in some way hurting women by being sexually attracted to them because being lusted after by grown men was very scary. Things are better now though and I have a really amazing girlfriend who helps me through my PTSD and always supports me.

No. 132283

same, csa made it really hard for me to accept/realize that i'm a lesbian. it was such a good scapegoat for me as a teenager, to think to myself that the only reason i fantasize about other girls is because men have hurt me, and some day when i learn to like men i stop having these feelings for women. i still worry today that i am hurting other women by being attracted to them.

No. 132284

File: 1579982449769.jpeg (102.76 KB, 640x480, ENSP-ScXUAEPyVc.jpeg)

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I have no one to talk about this.
How do I know if I'm a lesbian or bisexual?
Sex with guys was never exciting but I never did it with girls…

No. 132285

What is your preferred material to shlick to?
Erotica, fanart of women,let them be orc women or human woman, and
(good) fanfics for me because i'm forever an autistic nerd.

I realized after dating one single guy and kissing him tbh. It felt wrong. I could shlick to fanfics with anime men in it but it also felt weird when i passed 15yo and had my first girlfriend. And as it went,i just couldn't imagine being in a loving relationship with a man without getting goosebumps,and thinking about IRL sex with one grossed me out too, even trying to fantasize about it made me feel dirty.

No. 132286

File: 1579993552737.jpg (676.93 KB, 1920x1240, 1920px-Philippe_Van_Bree-Works…)

Where can you find beautiful erotic photos of women that aren't obviously by and for men or from the porn industry?

No. 132287

this might sound retarded, but I just don't really like the way women look like with makeup on? I've come to realize that it really affected me in terms of realizing and accepting my sexuality. Makeup and over the top performances of femininity.

I don't mean that I'm solely into butches. I'm into women of all "gender presentations", but not high femme, I guess. After reflecting, I feel like there was a gap in my attraction to women my age, which coincides with the time most women start learning how to apply make up and be attractive for men. It kind of fucked me up because while I wasn't attracted to men, I wasn't attracted to what (straight male) society deemed highly attractive women either. I ended up buying into the "hearts not parts" idea and tried finding "the right man" since I'm autistic and vibe more with men sometimes.

There were practical femme types I remember meeting and being lowkey into, but the internalized lesbophobia was a lot to deal with. I feel guilty because I'm not old and could have found peace much earlier if I wasn't such a coward. I don't know why I was so avoidant of even looking up lgbt stuff back then.

No. 132288

I'm bi so disregard this if you want, but this is how I feel too.

No. 132289

Also bi and also find a lot of artifice unattractive. Lips covered in paint are not inviting to kiss, overly styled hair isn't inviting to touch.

No. 132290

is it weird i find "futanari" hot (nothing too anime though,i'm not a weeb but i enjoy it in some art styles) but i'd rather kms than date or fuck a troon or even touch a real dick?
girls with straps are superior but it's hard to find art with them more than it is to find futa shit i guess?? still,i wonder if i'm weird,huh.

No. 132291

Same, I find makeup in general to be very unattractive.

No. 132292

Lesbians are actually attracted to women so they’re more accepting of how women look in their natural state, straight men are attracted to hyper feminine caricatures of women where they think any woman who doesn’t shave is automatically a man.

No. 132293

I am the same. I hate how make-up and a lot of “female clothes” look on women because it symbolises this submission to males and looks too artificial. It is probably why I think butch lesbians and makeup-free women look more attractive. I love sporty girls with muscles or chubby girls too. The stick-thin appearance a lot of straight women prefer looks infantilizing and straight men say they like curvy women but that only means giant tits and ass and no fat anywhere else.

No. 132294

Lol a lot of men are convinced that women don’t even have body hair which is why body hair removal is a part of gender transition. They also get disturbed by the fact that women have bodily functions like pooping.

No. 132295

Is it possible to get a gf on tinder?
I wanna read a success story before trying it.

No. 132296

Yes, they've been together for 2 years but that bitch is crazy and I hope my friends dumps that psychotic cunt

No. 132297

I get you, anon. I recently saw an acquaintance without makeup on for the first time I was genuinely shocked by how stunning she is (she's a makeup pro). I really hate the current makeup trend of stage/drag makeup on women because it's so unflattering and cakey. I also dislike the conspicuous consumerism that dominates the makeup community and I wouldn't be able to put up with that in a relationship.
I met my gf on Tinder! We matched and I put off meeting her for months because I felt so out of her league, but she really pursued me! When we finally went out everything just clicked and we pretty much have spent 80% of our time together ever since! We definitely u-hauled kek and I can't imagine life without her now. She's literally everything I ever dreamed of when I fantasized about my future and I can't believe I'm so lucky.

No. 132298

I'll miss this thread when /2x/ dies

I feel so alone being a lesbian at times

No. 132299

That's a really cute story, I'm happy for you anon!

Someone asked admin to save this thread once /2X/ gets archived and she said yes, so I think we safe.

No. 132300

Oh I'd not seen that, I hope the thread continues. I know it's pretty pathetic of me to admit on an anonymous gossip site but I do feel very isolated because of my sexuality - even posting on /clg/ gets lonely at times. Hope you have a lovely day.

No. 132301

This is gonna be a bit of a vent, I like being a lesbian, I really do, but I've experienced a lot of traumatic shit because of it. I was badly abused by my family because of it, lost jobs, faced discrimination in college, was shunned out of my church, and most of entire family. I'm nearly middle aged now, and have a stable life in spite of all that shit in my past but still I'm alone amd I just don't have on outgoing personality, I have a couple of great guy friends, as per my interests are bit more male-dominated but… I would like to have at least one girlfriend or even just one female friend

No. 132302

I'll be your female friend anon! I know how you feel they say that people are more accepting these years but there's still many places where being gay is frowned upon. Hang in there tho there's many of us that are in a similar situation, don't let anyone make you feel less for this.

No. 132303

File: 1580521147972.jpg (40.37 KB, 667x500, b289151ac3cdd60616449f6b718a29…)

Filing for divorce tomorrow… for a long time I thought I was a narcissist or sociopath or just someone incapable of love, I finally understood who I was after a few months of soul searching. There were so many signs, notably the fantasizing and hooking up with girls since high school. Wearing boys clothes and my best friends yelling at me for it. Finding men physically repulsive. And every single one just went right over my head.
I do love my husband. There was never a doubt. Even if ur not attracted to a person you can love them deeply. Like the love you have for your mother or sister or cousin or child. and I think that's why It tooke me so long to come out, Having to hurt the person you love the most and made a promise to isn't easy, I do wish it didn't have to be this way but we both deserve beteer

No. 132304

File: 1580555902054.gif (956.9 KB, 490x268, nNT78nB.gif)

Welcome to the club, nonny! That was really brave of you!

No. 132305

File: 1580568334485.jpg (21.25 KB, 783x391, images.jpg)

>I do love my husband. There was never a doubt.
>Also you think you're a lesbian
how are you in love with someone who you're not ever capable of being attracted to ?

No. 132306

Good luck, anon! It feels so liberating to finally be able to like and love who you really want.

She said she loves him like a sibling or cousin or child, not that she's in love with him.

No. 132307

Do you only love people you want to fuck, anon?

No. 132308

It’s a familial and platonic love not a romantic or erotic love.

No. 132309

This may sound a bit odd but congratulations on your divorce, anon!

No. 132310

Don't know how to word this without sounding ESL, but what does it feel like to be attracted to women?

I'm still trying to sort out my feelings on sexuality in general… I know for a fact that men are repulsive to me, but how do I know if I'm into women? I find women pretty and fantasize about being with one but I've never actually been in a situation where a real life woman has turned me on. Sure, sometimes models or women in porn have been attractive to me but I don't count porn as being a good indicator of healthy sexuality for obvious reasons. Help me, anons.

What does it feel like to be a gay woman and how do you know if you're gay?

No. 132311

When you fall for women irl, then you know.

No. 132312

How old are you and do you have any experience with either sex?

No. 132313

I'm not sure how to explain, but I kind of relate to straight men when they describe their attraction to women.

No. 132325

File: 1580906796638.jpeg (78.93 KB, 610x610, B2D51FB3-7370-426D-A818-6859FA…)

I want to wear matching clothes with a cute girl and take stupid pics together

No. 132326

It's sad how this hasn't been answered. By that I mean almost all drawings of women are made for men's pleasure. Maybe search up lesbian artists?

No. 132356

Just need somewhere to vent. I'm really upset cuz I have attraction to women (first person I was sexually interested in was a girl) but due to an abusive relationship+homophobia I faced in my early teens it's like it's a mental block.

I've tried dating men, I've tried having sex with men. It never lasted and I never enjoyed it.

I just want a cute gf :(

No. 132364

You just sound just like a friend of mine anon, she had awful experiences with girls in high school (abusive) and her second GF was also abusive, but to a lesser extent. She's now dating a guy and I always wonder if its because of her bad experiences before. I'm not in her brain obviously but she identified as a lesbian, never bi, until I guess now. I don't have any great advice for you but I really hope you find a cute, nice girl. Maybe some actual lesbians can give you advice, and not just me, friend of lesbian.

No. 132373

honestly same, I wish most girls didn't find matching outfits corny af.. those in that pic are so cute too :((

No. 132388

trannies begone

No. 132405

File: 1580944747749.jpg (55.28 KB, 564x775, 107f0c53d11a68fc7d6c795107f4b1…)


Tbh when I saw >>132325 post, thought the same thing. Always freaking weeb clothes and/or striped socks.

No. 132412

All I want in life is a rich mommygf to take me out of ky homophobic islamic shithole and abusive home and let me love and serve her in gratitude forever. Instead I'll probably have to fake being into a guy or if a miracle happens - find a gay guy in a similar situation to be my beard while I date a woman who for some reason is okay with the weird arrangement.

Who am I kidding none of this will ever happen and I'll kill myself before I get to experience being happy and comfortable with my sexuality and being in a normal loving relationship with a beautiful woman. Fuck this earth

No. 132421

finding a gay male partner might be your most realistic and practical option, then you two can leave your shithole country quietly, which country do you live in btw

No. 132461

I have no idea how to go about this though, don't know where to find them. All the gays I knew in university didn't come from as strict of a family so they don't need a beard. (Somewhere in North Africa btw)

No. 132558

>somewhere in North Africa btw
Stay strong, I won't say I know what it's like because I only ever visited my family there and never actually "lived" there, but my own parents in France would absolutely murder me if I were in your situation for similar reasons. I personally plan on staying single forever because that's less trouble and risks of anyone finding out anything about me.

No. 132601

never had a crush on anyone male or female. I do get sexually turned on by women only though.

No. 132694

Anyone can't deal with how fucking cute and perfect women are?
I'm in this group chat for this project I'm working on and they're just talking about their crushes and love issues and they're always so considerate and cute with how they talk about them. Like through the lens of a woman in love, everything is just rose-colored and brimming with optimism and genuine care and affection. Idk. Women. Women are great.

No. 132716

You are one of the cute ones

No. 132761

File: 1581513960677.gif (1.95 MB, 500x281, reinakumiko.gif)

For the first time ever in my life, I have a Valentine! …and potential GF, but it isn't official yet. She's coming over to my place to cook dinner for us for Valentines and I'm just so happy and excited and so, so nervous. Wish me luck, anons.

No. 132766

Good luck anon! I kinda want an update on how this goes

No. 132793

gf and I broke up, just in time for Valentine's. I'm strangely not sad about it so it's probably a good thing in the end. just a bit sad I hurt her feelings so much, she deserves better than me.

No. 132800

I am just wondering … if I am really bi if I always loose interest in guys too quickly.
That is why I ask you guys.
I also have nothing positive from them.
On the other hand girls are most of the time really understanding an all that. I always had more female friends and my male friends always ditched me when I didn’t want to have sex with them EVER.

No. 132801

are you sexually attracted to guys?
are you sexually attracted to girls?

yes? you're bi.

don't overthink it anon

No. 132842

Sounds like you are bi but men have just been shitty to you so you're cautious around them

I'm bi but my disliking of men (based on shitty exes) makes me wish I was lesbian. Would make life simpler lol

No. 132867

It didn't go as planned. I had a horrible day at work leading up to it and was really stressed out but she was really understanding. She came over with ice cream and we ordered takeout and then we spooned and she caressed my hair while we talked about how shitty our bosses are and vented. Then we watched Aggretsuko on Netflix…kissed a bit, held hands. Not a super romantic Valentine's…but she made all of my worries melt away.

No. 132870

I'm bi but my dating experiences with other girls have been lackluster. They're all identical in my area, lack conviction or an actual personality, generally liberal in the worst ways. They usually end up talking to multiple people at once or not being serious. I don't have time for those games.
Dating men on the other hand is easier but boring, both romantically and sexually.

No. 132894

feel bad but I've been monitoring her SM. she's not taking it well and blaming herself for not doing more for a piece of shit like me. wish I could just tell her it's not worth the brain cycles, and I wouldn't have done more anyway (I'm happier now), but I know that's just life. it's her first breakup and another one in a long line for me.

No. 133073

Strong gf goals.

No. 133114

>They usually end up talking to multiple people at once or not being serious.
This is just how young people date casually. Where are you meeting these women? What guys do you know that aren't talking to multiple girls? Are you bi or just pornsick and think that boobs are "hot"

No. 133207

>download dating app kinda like tinder but just for women
>only get two likes
>by men
>not even troons, masculine ass bearded men

I know dating apps are shit but this did not help with my self esteem. Also sucks that there are so many men even though they clearly say women only.

No. 133221

I'm a closeted lesbian and it wasn't until a few years ago that I even admitted it to myself (despite knowing it since puberty), and even now I tell people I'm bi because I'm still too embarrassed to admit I have literally no interest in men. However I'm extremely insecure about my sexuality and have a hard time dating because of this, and I'm deadly scared of ever coming out to my family. They're not all horribly homophobic but I know some of them would probably disown me for having a girlfriend. Do any of you have experience of this situation and what made it easier for you to "forgive" yourself for being gay and feel comfortable with your sexuality?

No. 133251

File: 1582464461075.jpeg (89.83 KB, 851x765, 1575962129101.jpeg)

wow thank you for posting this i relate so hard… i keep coming out to people as "bi" even though i know i will never ever experience romantic or sexual attraction to a guy… it just seems easier to pretend like im still "normal" which is so fucked up to say… wish i had any advice for you (and myself lol) but i dont. idk i hope itll get better with time…

No. 133323

bi gf dumped me saying she's still questioning her sexuality and doesn't want to make it my problem. she still wants to have sex with me though. if i were a stronger woman i'd move on but i don't know any other gay girls near me and i have such a high sex drive i can't function if i'm not sucking clit regularly. goddamn i hate this. i loved her so much. wish she'd told me she wasn't looking for anything serious months ago. sorry for blogpost

No. 133332

File: 1582596827534.jpg (4.11 KB, 260x275, 1565071773965.jpg)

What am I if I'm a virgin and don't like the idea of sex? I've dated more women than men, and all the gfs I had I actually loved. They only ended from the other side or because they'd cheated. My bfs I dated because I felt bad they liked me but I broke up with all them. I can get off to the idea of gay or straight sex. I find men cute I guess if they look nice physically but not in a 'let's fuck' way. Women I find beautiful and maybe if I really loved her I wouldn't mind trying something sexual. Always labeled myself bisexual because I don't hold a large disgust towards men. They just arent someone I want to end up with as my long term partner. I think I'm also scared if I was lesbian rather than bi my family would disown me. My parents always shit talked gay couples and called them its, things, a gross spectacle.

No. 133341

Women have such cute personalities compared the garbage heap that is men, but I'm essentially asexual, so dating seems pointless and currently like a big political statement with implication that saying you are any sexuality (including straight) infers a highly sexual relationship surrounded by porn and dildos at all times. We need a word for cuddly platonic relationships to make it easier for asexual and sex averse people to find each other.

No. 133363

you mean like… friendship?

No. 133380

you sound like a deeply repressed lesbo or a bi girl with a preference

No. 133382

imo if you can get off to the idea of sex but don't like it at all irl you might have some kind of intimacy block. ofc sometimes sex irl is just mediocre but that's not what i mean. i mean if you're a sexual person but consistently cannot get off to the same things with another person irl as you do when you're alone masturbating, you might have some anxiety or fear of being vulnerable that's holding you back. you also mentioned having fear of your family's judgement so that could have something to do with it. i don't think people give enough credit to how much good sex requires of you emotionally. it's not something that always comes naturally even if you're horny.

No. 133394

Tbh that's what I was worried about after my last gf sent a long article of attributes in lesbians. I'm probably too scared to come out due to family. Also the amount of men who weasel into lesbian only spaces to begin with. Thinking the right dick will turn them around.

Maybe, I had some sexual abuse as a kid that still haunts me a bit. Sort of a fear of being completely vulnerable and open while naked. My mom also found out I was watching a lesbian show a while back. She immediately threw insults like crotch munchers, scissoring, how unnatural it is. That sat in my mind for a while blocking intimacy with that gf.

No. 133415

I'm in a similar situation where homophobic parents and childhood sexual abuse aren't helping me figure out what I am exactly. Are you able to access therapy that'll deal with the abuse?

> She immediately threw insults like crotch munchers, scissoring, how unnatural it is

Ah yes, cos sucking on a penis is so godly, beautiful and natural lol

No. 133436

Not really and I have bigger issues right now in terms of time/bills to deal with. I'm probably just a lesbian who's hard closeted by herself.

Also kek not sure why I hadn't thought of that

No. 133502

> Not really and I have bigger issues right now

ooph same, I have too many bills to even get started on therapy, though I know I realistically can't have a healthy sexual relationship without therapy first.. living that celibate life!

No. 133645

Anon you sound really sweet, we are similar in age (I'm 27) and I would totally go on a date with you if given the chance. Never give up hope that there's someone out there for you

No. 133647

really sorry to hear this anon. hang in there, ok?

No. 133831

Do lesbians ever waste their time with a bicurious girl? As in, a girl who was only in straight relationships but wants to figure out if they would enjoy lesbian sex? I kind of want to try it, but I don't know anything about how to find lesbians. I assume some dating apps would be best?

No. 133838

anyone else ever only dated one girl and even though it was 3+ years ago and she broke your heart, you still think about her and how cute and funny she was, and dream about seeing her again somewhere and trying to win her back.
i wish i could just meet someone else already, ‘cause it’s not healthy, but you know, bumfuck town and all that.

No. 133843

> Do lesbians ever waste their time with a bicurious girl?

The whole wording of your post indicates that you're not actually all that into it. 'I kind of want to try it' 'don't know if I'd like it' and you admit yourself that you'd be wasting their time? Are you having a rough time with dating men and hoping lesbians are easier?

No. 133849

No, I haven't had a hard time with men. I'm trying to stop myself from getting involved with them to explore this part of myself that admittedly I'm unsure of. Like I think I'd enjoy doing pleasurable stuff to a girl, but I've never even kissed a girl so, that's why I acknowledge that I may be a waste of time.

No. 133851

Many don't, for obvious reasons. I'm one of them.

No. 133860

yes and i don't know what to do

No. 133869

i did and she broke my heart (granted, she hadn't actually told me beforehand she was only bicurious). find another bicurious girl instead. leave lesbians alone

No. 133882

jfc, stop acting like lesbians can't have casual sex.

No. 133905

Idk if this is the right place to ask but I’m going for it. I’m bisexual, that’s all well and established. I’ve had sex with men, it’s not hard to please them, but i haven’t had sex with women.

I’m scared to go on dates with girls cause idk how to have sex with them and I don’t want to be with someone on my same level (inexperienced with women or in general) cause I don’t want them to lie about how I’m doing or for it to completely suck. I’m talking to someone rn and, like any normal person I don’t wanna disappoint. I know it’s unrealistic to expect to be some sex god when we finally hook up, but I wanna make sure I at least make her feel good. People say to watch porn but I really don’t trust what I see. Do you guys have any sex tips or resources?

No. 134254

Update she did leave me with it as a reason. Wish I'd left her those 2 months ago rather than now when it actually hurts to have her cut me out completely. Fell harder only to be cut loose and now she has ammo against me if she wants some public call out.

No. 134282

Just be honest you are only into trying sex. Its not like all lesbian are pure and innocent and only looking for a serious waifu lol. But you can look for other bisexual/curious women as well.

No. 134285

I would have sex with a bicurious girl but relationship, probably not. On a related rant, if there's one thing I can't stand about the "lesbian culture" is that people don't hook up for casual sex and instead want to remain ~pure and serious~. The U-haul lesbian joke is an old one but applies a lot of times. I'm constantly horny but I feel like even a kiss in is practically asking them to marry you.

No. 134445

File: 1584506540467.jpeg (57.22 KB, 815x506, E70FD63F-0CFA-402E-AA2B-1A481D…)

Sorry if this sounds extra dumb, but I have kinda the same doubts as >>133905 and something else: whenever I’m around a girl I consider attractive/beautiful, it’s like my brain freezes?? Sometimes I feel completely worthless of even being close to her.
I don’t know if this is a result of the bullying I suffered on middle school (when other girls would call me names and other stuff and I felt like an insect around them). Even though I know I’m considered attractive to men, I’m afraid of not being cute to girls? It’s a very strange feeling, I hate it. How do I feel more confident around other girls and stop having war flashbacks from my days of middle school?

No. 134475

I'm on the verge of pulling the trigger myself. I hope I am able to go through with it once the stupid virus crisis is over and I have money saved up to leave this relationship.

No. 134747

i like this girl so much she's one of my best friends and we've been fucking for a while and then she admitted she kind of has feelings for me? and i reciprocated and now we're idk?? hanging out a lot, fucking but also cuddling and kissing randomly and holding hands and bein romantic and everything. i wanna date her n i want her to be my girlfriend but she's a super anti-relationship person and doesn't wanna label and also is still fucking other people. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's been like this for a month am i wasting my time pining after a fuckboy lol

No. 134751

Anon, you should tell her how you feel. Pour your heart out. It's better than not knowing. And if she doesn't want a relationship or whatever, it's her loss.

No. 134761

anyone ever date a transman/ftm? how'd it go?

No. 134852

Had a gf turn into ftm at the end. I really think it had something to do with internalized homophobia as I believe she's still dating girls. Anyway she cheated with another ftm claiming I could never love or understand her the way the other ftm did. I even tried to continue loving her by going along with the pronouns and binding bs. Honestly glad I got out when I did as I'd be miserable in a lesbian relationship where ones trying to be a man. Also just the constant walking on egg shells I was doing before we broke up but long term.

No. 134862

I fucking hate lesbians who act like this, my god. Just bite the fucking bullet and stop dicking around.

No. 134901

Does anyone else here deal with the issue of looking like the most obvious lesbian on earth but still having men approach you?

Can they really not tell or are they looking for a challenge??

No. 134910

The latter.

No. 134925

I think they genuinely can't tell, they just think that every woman is attracted to them

No. 134957

Bi girl here, still not over another bi girl I met years ago. I really just think about what things could have been and how sweet and down to earth she was. Too bad she played with my feelings along with a bunch of other people lol

No. 134976

I feel like im in the same boat anon, she was so passaionate and sweet for a few months, and then it was like nothing

No. 134985

It really stinks that some bi women act just like men, but there's nothing really we can do about it.

No. 135010

Hey, would you guys date someone who has a very dated look, I'm a big historical fashion nerd who dress like an old weirdo. I'm having trouble attracting women, I feel like lesbians were fairly open minded when it comes to fashion so I always thought that it was my akwardness that makes them run away, but I guess I would like to know how much my style might have an impact. Please be honest, I just want to live a peaceful life in a cottage with a girl

No. 135016

Do you wear normal clothes as well? And how dated? Like Victorian era dated?

No. 135025

Hey y'all, looking for some advice. I've always thought I was bi but I'm wondering if I'm a lesbian. I can find guys good looking, but the idea of sex with them is gross. I used to be hypersexual so I could force myself to get into it, but now that I've recovered, it's totally unappealing. I'll see a cute femboy and think "I would fug him". But imagining oral, PIV, etc is offputting. plz to help

No. 135026

No. 135027

do you see men romantically or do you just feel like having sex with them?
if you hate men like the anons in the pink pill thread it's hard to not feel disgusted by them too

No. 135030

I don't want to have sex with them at all, that's why I think I might be gay. The idea of being romantic with one doesn't make me feel anything, either. I just have these fleeting thoughts of "oh, he's cute", but imagining sex with him is vomit inducing.

No. 135035

You must be lesbian then.
I remember my lesbian friend telling me she could find men handsome but in the same way we think a statue is beautiful with no sexual attraction whatsoever.

No. 135037

For the anons here: is it weird my supposedly lesbian friend and her ex gf used to make out with guys in parties? They also called a male friend over to do a menage. She always told me she dislikes men and is 100% lesbian, her ex gf is bi and both seemed to enjoy doing these things with men. So is she in denial or just hooking up for the sake of it

No. 135044

File: 1585303086963.png (1.66 MB, 1348x815, xcvbnklmm.png)

Thank you for answering ! My two favorite era in fashion are the 1940's and the late victorian era. If I set my hair the night before ( like 5 times a week ) I will go out with something like the girl on the left, if it's cold outside and I want to be comfy, I will wear something inspired by the victorian era like the girl on the right ( if you take off the glasses it's exactly the look I have, especially the awkard pose and smile).

I don't own any normal clothes anymore, vintage clothes are very confortable. To be honest, I feel like the only thing that's holding me back to go crazier with perfect historical accuracy is money and time.

So now my question is, if you saw me on a dating site, would you be scared lol ? Would you at least try to talk to me or the clothes would be red flag ?

I don't know of it's intersting to add this but I live in a country where historical reenactment is really rare. Also the lady on the left is Karolina Żebrowska and the women on the right is Bernadette Banner, feels bad taking their image without crediting

No. 135049

not a red flag but I'd probably pass on you like anyone with interests that don't remotely match mine. I'd also feel a bit uncomfortable/looked at being out in public with someone who dresses like that, ngl.

No. 135050

File: 1585306968624.jpg (51.69 KB, 412x640, Victoriancouple.jpg)

I love vintage fashion so it would be really cool to meet a woman who dresses like that.
It's a gamble because you will attract women who are into the same things as you but others might find it too off-putting.

No. 135053

NTA but why would you feel uncomfortable walking with a gf in vintage clothes? It's not bdsm gear or a burka ffs

No. 135054

File: 1585310081027.png (61.43 KB, 586x190, 8db11.png)

Hey thank you both for answering

I totally understand, people do stare a lot and I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be uncomfortable in public because of me ! Thank you for being honest and answering me anon !

Omg who are you ? I've litteraly never met a lesbian who liked this style, that's a really nice comment, you are giving me hope !

(the meme is just a joke about the situation a friend sent to me one day)

No. 135059

File: 1585312345371.jpg (24.62 KB, 526x297, 526x297.jpg)

Well I'm bi and European.
Adèle Haenel looked dreamy in her blue cape in "Portrait of a lady on fire"…

No. 135063

No. 135065

Because it stands out and people will look and find it strange. I'd rather enjoy my time with my gf peacefully without feeling the burning stares of others on her/us.

No. 135066

Omg anon I love this!! I wonder how many anons on here would shit on vintage clothing while enjoying j-fashion, lol. I wear a lot of vintage clothes too (60s/70s mostly!) and so it’s maybe not as “out of place” as 1910s or 40s, it’s so cool how many people compliment vintage outfits. I think for the most part people love seeing people dressed differently and enjoying themselves! While the 1910s or 40s might not be a common look now, the pictures you posted are super tasteful and I’d be so obsessed if someone in one of my classes or something dressed like that, you sound really interesting! I’m sure a girl who also loves to dress up or loves to sew (basically, me) would love how you dress!

No. 135067

Not the anon you’re replying to but I’m curious, do you not have any friends who dress in any sort of subculture, or are you from a place where that isn’t common? I live in a rural town in the US but still have a lot of goth friends and they don’t really get that many looks to the point where it effects hanging out, just wondering if maybe it’s a cultural difference?

No. 135070

No. Everyone just kind of dresses normally here. Some more fashionably/on trend than others sure, but you very rarely see people dressed in "weird" things like goth or vintage. The amount of times I've seen a goth can be counted on one hand.

I don't think subcultures with a big emphasise on fashion live as strongly here as they seem to do in different parts of the world. I think it's funny you said "Do you not have friends who're part of a subculture" as if that's normal or common. Maybe it is where you are? It's not here. All my friends just dress normally.

No. 135071

Oh wow, where do you live anon?
Im from a pretty backwards place but even then being goth or dressing vintage isn't super strange, someone might talk to you and compliment or ask questions but i've never been looked too weird or harassed for dressing not on trend.

No. 135074

File: 1585322716589.jpg (64.64 KB, 543x782, cape.JPG)

this movie was so beautiful, i cried a lot watching it, and yes so many beautiful capes! I'm also from europe, I really hope you are not having too much trouble in your country!

thank you so much ! 60's and 70's are so cool! What are your style inspo? Are you currently doing a sewing project? I would love to know more ! ( sorry I get overexited about sewing lol )

No. 135075

>is it weird my so-called lesbian friends are making out and having sex with men
Yeah, they're just bi lmao.

Related, I wonder why do so many bi women claim to be lesbians? Is it a way to turn on men? To appear more special? What's wrong with just admitting you're bi? I wish they stopped doing it, because this way men are even more inclined to keep harrassing you after you tell them you're a lesbian, since "See, there are lesbians that have sex with men, you must like dick after all"

No. 135079

Same anon here, yeah I thought she was bi as well but she's so butch I still find weird when thinking about it

No. 135085

There are butch-looking women that are straight or bi, it's not about the looks. If she's involved with men, she ain't a lesbian.

No. 135092

I think it is the bisexuals are sluts stereotype and some women hate men so they can be ashamed of being attracted to them. But sure I wish people would not do this as it hurts actual lesbians and strenghtens the belief that only lesbians seriosly date women and bi women only want sex and date men.

Also more masculine women can feel more comfortable identifying as lesbians because they have this butch/femme thing. Straight and bi girls are always expected to be feminine.

No. 135104

Ahh late reply but I used to be much more into the mod look but now I dress more hippie, my fashion icons are def Janis Joplin (one of my favorite wlw icons, I die anon), Grace Slick, the GTO groupies, etc. My current sewing project is going to be a dress for my sorority initiation when college starts again in the fall, dress has to be all black so I’m making a black cocktail length shift with black lace bell sleeves!! Hope this current pandemic situation going on means you have plenty of time to work on sewing projects and have some great outfits for when life gets back to normal so you can wow all the girls out there!!

No. 135114

I honestly think you may be an outlier in this situation. I second the question, where do you live?
Idk about the vintage clothes OP, but if she lives in Poland (I'm guessing from the second photo), people staring shouldn' be a big issue (unless she in a tiny village). Plenty of subcultures and feminine vintage clothing is hardly controversial (especially like the first example). I imagine OP getting a lot of compliments.

TBH it seems sad for me to throw away a chance for a friend or a gf because random people may stare (assuming this is the only 'isssue' and you are compatible ofc), but you do you.

No. 135133

Not really looking for advice, just a whinge post,

I'm living in a small town where most people are pensioners and where young people mostly move away for work. After two years living here with no real social life I am now crushing on like three different women that all work in local shops. Probably all straight.

Got chatted up by a rando man last week and was so disgusted by the experience that I cut all my hair off the next day so I'm (hopefully) unmistakingly gay looking again. I just want female attention. My first year living here I was all worried about my old religious neighbors noticing that I'm gay.

No. 135135

I reply very late but all your inspirations are super interesting ( seems like you have great taste in music too ! ) I didn't know about the GTO's so I went on a rabbit hole to learn more about them, thank you very much for making me discover them ! I really like Zapa, so it was nice to learn about a group he has produced ! I totally relate to the crush on Janis Joplin lol, she has the cutest smile!

Your futur dress sounds so cool! I had to do sleeve in lace once and I remember the pain, so I'm sending you all my courage for that part! I'm sure it's going to look great! I'm going to come home soon so I will finally have access to my sewing machine, I hope that you will also be able to create and have some fun during the quarantine too and that you are not risking your health because you are forced to work in contact with people.

No. 135138

NTA but dressing like that'd definitely make ppl stare in any big city in North and South America
I think it'd be more acceptable in Europe and Asia

No. 135378

the girl i like & who likes me back admitted yesterday she had a sex dream about me and it was the first time she’d cum in months and like, i dont know, i haven’t been able to sit still or sleep since then because i’m just so astonished she actually really likes me as much as i like her. jesus christ. i literally spent two hours painstakingly crafting a handwritten letter to her and she’s writing one for me. i’m honest to god on cloud fucking nine.

No. 135431

this is absolutely relevant to nothing but i just want to say that men are so fucking ugly and unattractive and it just feels fucking good to be able to think that freely

No. 135503

>gay looking
Can you explain what "gay looking" is supposed to mean? How can you tell "she's gay"?

No. 135511


nta but I also live in rural town and having even feminine pixie cut had random men calling me dyke. When in a conservative area people usually assume you're gay (or liberal) if you look different from the norm.

No. 135556

It's already explained in the post, extremely short hair on a woman doesn't scream straight, especially when you live in a rural setting.

No. 135578

Similar experience, I keep my hair super short because I have an anxiety/OCD problem where in times of stress I get bald patches from pulling at it. Based on how short it is people have always just assumed that I'm gay (which was absolutely fine when I lived in a city) but since moving to a rural part of my Country I've had the experience of strange men leaning in to call me a dyke as they walk by. All casual like! The first time it happened I thought the guy was leaning in to ask for directions or the time.

No. 135648

File: 1585968961904.png (269.14 KB, 569x741, what is this lesbian(im assumi…)

Anyone else find butches annoying/embarrassing? Not sure if I'm being autistic and letting my femxfem preference shine through, but the butch always seems like a caricature of what they think a man should be like, if that makes sense? it's so exaggerated.

Yes, and I'm glad you pointed it out. Seems like the ones that like to flirt are often taken already. as well. (not to mention the constant sexual comments from bi girls with boyfriends).
It makes me distrust most lesbians who make romantic suggestions towards me because I feel as though they're just being social/polite. It's more often seen in online groups than irl imo.

No. 135679

Like they give you secondhand embarrassment?

I like butch women but I got secondhand embarrassment around one lately because I thought she was forcing her voice to sound deeper and being exaggerated in sitting like a man etc, It just felt too put on.. in general though I have a preference for butch women if it's naturally who they are and doesn't come off as a performance. I probably fit the soft butch label myself.

No. 135703

yea, like you said, it feels too put on. Butch women who are comfortable with who they are are great, but the ones that go for the stereotypical "I'm presenting as butch therefore I need to dress and act like one" gets old real quick.. It doesn't seem genuine.

Soft butch is the best butch, they always look comfy :)

No. 135757

can i still call myself a lesbian if i think one male celebrity is cute but i wouldn't even want to have sex with him and when i saw a porno ("art film") he was in i was grossed out by his dick? but i still think he's really cute and stalk his social media? i listen to his music autistically as well (have over 500 scrobbles from the past week alone) so idk if maybe i'm just developping some weird pseudo-attraction to him because his music is so unique and powerful. it makes me SO uncomfortable because all my life i've only ever been attracted to women and i've been an out and proud lesbian for years so i don't know what to do. is this normal? has anyone else experienced this? also i desperately want to look like him so i don't know if it's just a matter of admiring him aesthetically and wanting to emulate that. sorry for vent jesus it's just really stressing me out

No. 135764

How old are you?

No. 135782

I know some lesbians who have celebrity crushes for male actors/musicians. They wouldn’t touch a real man but like the character.

I was once, a very long time ago, a baby lesbian too womdering if I’m ”gay enough”. There is some people who want to prove the world they are the purest most vagina loving lesbo ever. But when your identity has formed to stable adulthood those labels don’t seem so crucial

No. 135787

I have this too. A massive 'crush' on one male celeb. Wouldn't actually sleep with him if given the oppurtunity though. His comedy got me through a really rough patch so I think it's just a weird (obviously one sided lol) bond that formed.

No. 135789

>i wouldn't even want to have sex with him
It says it all doesn't it? Why are you even bothered? It's normal to have someone you admire. And if you wanted to fuck male celebrities, congrats you'd be bi, not a problem either.

No. 135799

>Seems like the ones that like to flirt are often taken already. as well.
I've noticed this as well. I've had so many taken girls being flirty with me, it made me uncomfortable. This can't be normal, I would never accept a partner doing this with other girls

No. 135802

who is the celeb anon ?

No. 135825

thank you so much for responding. i guess i'm bothered because i'm out to everyone in my life as a lesbian and the thought of having to come out a second time as bisexual makes me really uncomfortable, since they'd think i actually like men, which i don't, which i guess means i'm not bisexual. so straightforward now i think about it!
i posted him in the unconvential male attractions thread a few days ago haha, jg thirlwell. crazy talented and creative composer, somehow only improves over the decades.

No. 135850

I mean, if you feel attraction for him that'd be bisexuality

No. 135852

i don't think i'm attracted to him, it's more that he looks exactly how i wish i looked. like i want to be him rather than i want to fuck him

No. 136048

Don't sweat coming out again or whatever. Live the way that feels truest to you at the moment and explore. Your brain isn't done developing and there is a chance you'll grow into bisexuality but it's not worth obsessing over possibilities. People that might judge others about second coming-out are ignorant and do not understand that learning one's own sexuality isn't actually that easy for a lot of people.

No. 136388

File: 1586575448567.jpeg (30.79 KB, 497x333, 5EB9B7DA-3DA2-401E-9D62-D03E8D…)


No. 136399

when I was young, like probably 12, I had a crush on my female friend and a woman on TV. I didn't even think anything of it, until my brother said you couldn't be gay and be a christian (our family is/was very religious). I prayed and prayed for god to make me straight, and my feelings for her went away. I didn't have any gay feelings like that again until recently. I'm attracted to women sometimes but I don't really want to have sex with them. the thought of eating pussy grosses me out. in fact I even feel disgusted by my own vagina a lot of the time. I'm guessing this is the result of internalized homophobia and misogyny growing up. I'm wondering now if I'm bi or even gay? I realized I don't get along with men, and even though I'm sexually attracted to men, I genuinely don't know if I'm actually compatible. I'm just so confused

No. 136403

Anon, if pussy doesn't turn you on in some capacity, you're not gay you're straight especially considering the fact that most straight women have some form of crush on other women it's completely natural as women can be quite enigmatic and beautiful however this doesn't make you gay.
If the thought of spending your life (sexually & romantically) with another woman doesn't give you butterflies then i wouldn't ponder your sexuality too much. Oh and for the record most straight women loathe men on an emotional basis, it's just seems to be a thing with you guys.

No. 136411

File: 1586616495190.jpg (271.03 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_omzelqh5wr1w7kmwho10_12…)

My favorite lesbian movie is Kamikaze Girls.

No. 136413

I know this is a couple days old but this is one the main issues I take issue with butches, I also hate the forced wanna be tough shtick
like seriously not wearing make up, being obese and watching porn doesn't sound make you tough, like I had an ex butch gf who was like this
like she couldn't accept that I could out-lifted her, cause I actually went to the gym while she sat at home all day watching tv

No. 136414

File: 1586617674286.jpg (314.66 KB, 1700x578, 2.jpg)

Dealing with horny lez gremlins is a chore sometimes

No. 136415

What are lez gremlins?
She's perfect.

No. 136425

I think they are lesbians who don't care about you being straight and strongly pursue straight girls as well

No. 136427

That's the infamous pregnancy-fetish troon comic isn't it.

No. 136438

I used to dislike butches but honestly I think "ewww butch dykes" was just driven into my head by society. There are a lot of cute ones out there that aren't the fat, cringey kind. Attached is one I like.

No. 136440

Moon over June

No. 136445

Is it still gay to think a man acting dressed up as a woman is attractive? So I 99% of the time wouldn't find a man dressing as a woman attractive, penis n all that, plus I'm good at recognising it but I was watching a show and man, he just looks so good as a woman. He does female character acting a lot and just looks really great doing it, when I watch clips on youtube there are straight dudes in the comments saying the same thing. He is a straight male.

No. 136448

honestly I like the chubby & curvy ones better. I don't want to date someone who looks like a twink.

No. 136493

male sexuality is a meme so don't be surprised, kek. it's not gay, it's that you can appreciate feminine men.

No. 136512

I understand what you mean, I think he basically always wore trousers anyway, so maybe it's my preference of sorta soft butch idk

No. 136537

In an ideal world where gender roles weren't a thing, I'd say having a sissy kink w men is straight. But there are some lesbians who cope with their closetedness by finding subconscious loopholes in their sexuality to live it out with men in straight relationships.

Comphet is a huge obstacle and I wouldn't rule out being gay simply bc of the world we live in today. I'd say look into some comphet resources before settling on being hetero.

No. 136539

I don't feel anything sexual it's just an attraction to him playing a female character, but he's a very good character actor, he makes it his own and really becomes the character so I feel like that comes into it. I know I'm not hetero, I cannot imagine sex or relationship with a man, it's just this specific thing that trips me up, tho I do maybe think he could pass as a woman, it's weird, but I know I only truly love women, so that's nice.

No. 136546

I think I have a crush on my friend but she has a girlfriend and I don't think I'm her type at all. I don't know how to feel.

No. 136684

who is this?

No. 136690

Reece Shearsmith, British actor/comedian

No. 136693

Same. I wish i had a relationship like that and the ability to spend that much money on lolita. Goals all around.

No. 136803

late, but I feel you anon. The absolute worst date I've ever been on with my life was with this super masc skinhead bulldyke type girl. She looked cute, but spent the entire time bragging about how many bar fights she'd been in, about carrying a switchblade (and showed it to me in a public place, though carrying those is illegal in my country), talking about how "women shouldn't curse" when I swore in front of her (and when I pointed out "but you're a woman too and you swear a lot" she just said "oh, its different though") and just saying all these things that seemed like a caricature of what a lesbian is supposed to be like. She was a friend of an older friend that I had had a crush on since my early teen years and she used to be really rude to me until I became an adult and grew boobs and I guess suddenly became worthy of her attention, but I never texted/called her back after that terrible date. She also kept talking about this girl she had recently dated and saying a lot of terrible misogynistic things about her, it made me realise that even if i had been attracted to her and gone home with her that she'd probably have just talked like that about me to her next girl. Overall I like masc girls because I find them attractive, but I'd prefer someone that doesn't try quite so hard to act the living embodiment of a stereotype and doesn't act so rudely in public.
The ideal girl for me is definitely someone butch/masc in appearance, but gentle and normal in personality and for whom the "manly" thing doesn't seem so forced and cringey.

No. 136892

File: 1587130748472.jpg (38.96 KB, 672x1024, bf2eefc7018eeab3d333c495458ad9…)

Had a dream where a male friend of mine was going to ask a female friend of mine out, and i got really jealous and upset in the dream. i have never looked at her in that way in all my life but when i woke up i started doubting myself wondering if i have a crush on my dear friend of more than 10 years. really hoping this goes away once the effect of the dream wears off because she's engaged lmao

No. 136893

Have you ever found any lesbian creepers while using online dating apps?

No. 136919


Hello Dave!

Which characters do you find him attractive playing?

No. 136922

As a coincidence with your reference, Mrs Levinson, oh and Stella, but to be fair he doesn't look like himself at all in those roles, I thought Stella was played by someone else for ages.

No. 136924

I would let Mrs Levinson do terrible things to me. I don't know what it is about Reece and some of the characters he plays, but I can't help but find them attractive. I totally get what you mean when he's cross dressing. He's gorgeous as a male and a female.

No. 136928

I'm so glad you can relate! I think it's partly because of how well he character acts, he gets really into the characters which is why so many of his characters like Papa Laz and Mr Jelly are so popular. I don't know how he's so good but it's just him I feel this with, so weird, but I'm glad I found someone who thinks the same! Sorry if any of this is a bit derail-ish

No. 136947

It is genuinely confusing isn't it. No other actor does it for me, but he does. Nice to meet another LoG fan though, I feel we are few and far between. Sage'd for kinda OT.

No. 137598

How the FUCK do you meet gay girls? I’m so sick of being alone, why does every girl either have a boyfriend or ugly ass purple hair with the side shaved off or both? The L Word fucking scammed me. I wouldn’t have even come out of the closet if I knew I was gonna be just as lonely as I was when I was in it.

No. 137600

Please let me know how when you do. I’ve tried dating apps but I’m too much of an autist for them.

No. 137601

I feel the same (and so do a lot of lesbians), a lot of places recommend online dating apps but honestly in my experience they're mostly full of bifags looking for a threesome or men who've tagged themselves as female, let alone the idea of marketing myself online sounds like a nightmare. LGBT meet ups are great but again mostly full of bisexual women who already have boyfriends

No. 137973

File: 1588202711082.png (Spoiler Image, 70.62 KB, 1248x248, 1.png)

No. 137994

Fuck this is too real. I'm too scared to try dating apps with men catfishing or what I think is a woman turns out to be a troon when it comes time to sit at a cafe table. All the women I met in LGBT support groups were just straight up bi with a bf, troon, or straights who want social points. I'm considering putting a lesbian colored crochet or beaded bracelet as a decoration on my purse. At least itd be a more discrete way of another woman finding me instead of a man seeing two venus symbols on a button so he can invite to a 3some or some bs.

No. 137998

Find a gay friend, all the gays know each other. Knowing one lesbian in your area can open you up to a world or other lesbians or "straight girls".

No. 138231

I’m questioning my sexuality (and gender, but thats for another thread) a lot lately. I’d say I’d describe myself as a lesbian, but I can’t tell if my lack of attraction to men is due to my second boyfriend passing away a few years ago. As a kid I was always very fixated on women and femininity, I can cite my first crushes always back to other girls in my class (especially a tall girl in my first grade class named Megan) or adult women, I’d be so enamored with them and not know whether I wanted to be them or be with them. The attraction and relationships I have had with men have been incredibly circumstantial, my first kiss was with a boy that I broke the arm of for taking a toy from me on the playground, and my next one was the following year with my best friend at the time. I told her it was my first because it felt like it was. My first boyfriend I started dating mostly because he wore a skirt / kilt to school every day and would have violent outbursts that caught my eye, and my mother’s abuse towards me increased after I attempted to come out as a lesbian by dating my first girlfriend the previous summer. It was my first year of highschool and I was desperate to do anything that was going to put me back on the right side of things in my mothers eyes especially since we live in the south and were a strict religious family. In a long story short you can guess that he didnt treat me well, and after a year of drug induced experiences leading to me being hit and screamed at by someone other than my mother for once, that led to being introduced to a grown man who was a serial rapist to “teach me a lesson” and sequentially raped me that year, i took quite a long period of sexual abstinence and having a few romantic flings here and there with women. When I turned 17 I started doing sex work because I was so detached from my body and genitals that I figured, whats the worst that could happen? A lot is the worst that can happen. To make a long story short, I ended up seeing too many men to count through this period of time and dissociating heavily because of it, just not caring what happened to myself, eventually falling back into drug habits I fought so long to kick. I met my last boyfriend through a day job I had, he helped me quit sex work for good and see that there are good men out there but that I’m definitely not attracted to them sexually or romantically, I loved him more than I can conceive and he did more for me than any person on or off this planet but I could not feel the way any ex girlfriend or even girls I’d develop crushes on made me feel. TLDR,Does attraction boil down to just how you feel towards people? or after a certain point / “body count”, do your sexual actions define your sexuality? I personally feel confident in my developing identity and in calling myself a lesbian (especially after having it used against me so much growing up and even as a woman attracted adult), but do other lesbians feel animosity towards people like me identifying as lesbians? sorry for big blog post this has just been on my mind a lot lately.

No. 138252

>I’d describe myself as a lesbian, but I can’t tell if my lack of attraction to men is due to my second boyfriend
>second boyfriend
stopped reading there sis

No. 138256

Anon above me is part of the answer you seek. Yes, some lesbians will judge you if you tell them your experiences, and I’d honestly wouldn’t care, you don’t really need that kind of toxicity in your life.
It sounds to me that you already know you’re a lesbian, exploring your sexuality does not make you any less lesbian if you feel like you’re attracted only to woman.
I hope you get through your bad experiences and heal, Anon, and also find a loving and understanding gf.

No. 138324

> I’d say I’d describe myself as a lesbian, but I can’t tell if my lack of attraction to men is due to my second boyfriend passing away a few years ago
This must be a bait? It's subtle enough but with the current state of everything, I wouldn't be surprised if someone was actually serious about this.
If it's the latter then it will just perpetuate "there's no real lesbians only bisexual women".

No. 138325

>questioning my gender
>I'm a lesbian but have had two boyfriends
>My first nigel was a violent piee of shit
>sex work and drug usage
literally what the fuck am i reading, this is the lesbian thread not your blog or therapist. I wish lockdown was over already

No. 138341

Lesbians are fucking mean, wow

No. 138342

They truly are old bitter women, that's why I don't bother with the alphabet pride thingy.

No. 138343

why is it mean to say that a woman who likes men is not a lesbian, holy shit

No. 138344

How is what either of those replies said bitter?

No. 138352

Apparently. Condolences to the anon who spilled her heart and got told to fuck off.
It's the way you say it, retard. God is this bait?? What the fuck am I reading, ugh! I can't wait till you leave this board.

See? Damn I thought there would be camaraderie in here but I guess if you don't fill out Lesbian Attributes A, B, and C, you're a moron and not allowed to define yourself.
Have some fucking empathy, god damn.

No. 138365

This isn't a thread to validate insecure straight women's feefees. Learn what lesbian means, protip, it's same sex attraction.

No. 138367

Everyone has their own path, chill on the gatekeeping

No. 138368

It's literally not a path. Lesbian means same sex attraction to females. "bi lesbians" are not a thing. "political lesbans" are not a thing. It isn't gatekeeping but if you feel that way maybe evaluate why it makes you feel that way.

No. 138370

Imagine telling gay men to stop gatekeeping because they don't want to deal with bi-shit men / larpers.

You look stupid. Stop.

No. 138373


No. 138375

Yeah, you go girl.
Anyone can be a lesbian if they want to. You, your father, your friends, your pets. Spread the word. Also, don't forget to buy our $9.99 LGBTQ+ badge.

I'm sorry to see you're hurting hun. Don't listen to those bullies. You're a beautiful human bean and you're heckin valid. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 138380

The gold star lesbian thing is stupid. Some of us haven't been so privileged to be in environments that let us be with women and discover our sexuality naturally… I dated men(no sex) and hated it and also myself for being unable to ignore my blatant attraction to women. It doesn't make me any less of a lesbian. I don't know why its only the WLW community that seems obsessed with this shit. It feels like I can never be a true lesbian because I wasn't a cute butch girl at age 14 or some shit.

No. 138382

Anon sweetie, Ignore all of these annoying gold stars that ruin the L in LBGT because they automatically assume that in this hetronormative life we all live that if any woman felt that they were forced to be with men that they're not valid. Your upbringing is actually very standard for most women growing up as a lesbian, getting in to horrible toxic relation ships with men is very common and furthers the confusion of finding your sexuality. I'm thankful that you were willing to share your story with us since so many young girls are currently dealing with similar situations (hopefully not to the extent of SW) and if they find this thread I hope that they realize that even if they have been with men it doesn't make them any less of a lesbian.

Jesus fucking Christ Shut the fuck up. Goldstar is bullshit and all you do is make young lesbians feel like shit because the're socially forced to date men. She literally stated that her mother was abusive and she lives in the South in America where there's still murders of gay women. Not every one has the privilege of being able to safely be out and proud.

No. 138383

Fuck off with your reddit validating shit. I'm one of those anons that you addressed and I live in the slavlands. Lots of people have sob stories. Just because it's not socially acceptable to be a lesbian doesn't mean you need to hop from one dick to another.
I mean, she can but every lesbian has the right to judge her however she pleases. So you and someone else might not find it a big deal, I just wouldn't be able to get over that fact. I'd rather stay alone.
I'm sick of bisexual women having a short term crush or just a slight attraction to a woman and immediately going for the lesbian label when there's no harm in being a bisexual. Lesbians are barely being taken seriously by anyone as it is and it's partly thanks to LGBT media being so inclusive and promoting the idea that anyone can be anything if they want to and people like you completely ignoring the point of sexual attraction. I didn't choose to be born like this and it's not a passing feeling for me like it's not for so many actual lesbians. If you're seriously triggered by the fact that a lot of lesbians don't want to date women who have a long (voluntary) history with men, then I suspect you're not a lesbian either. Make a bisexual inclusive thread so no one's feelings get hurt. I can't believe it's always the same story. The only thing that's lacking is couples looking for a threesome and a few transbians thrown into the mix.

No. 138387

There's being repulsed by men due to past trauma and finding comfort in women and then there's being a lesbian. It's got nothing to do with muh gold star bullshit. I can be a friend in need for a straight woman who's been traumatized and abused by men but I'm not going to even consider a relationship because you know after the wounds have healed up and the perfect man walks in she's suddenly straight again. Sorry, that's just the cold truth.

No. 138413

> all you do is make young lesbians feel like shit because the're socially forced to date men
Nobody is forced to date men, this isn’t a third world country lmao

No. 138414

where? america? you realise the entire world are able to use the internet right? you know not everywhere is a first world country right? your insight!

No. 138425

Anon is retarded but I think she is referencing the anon who said she was from the South in 'murica.

No. 138426

you are projecting, no one talked about being a goldstar lmao, insecure much?

No. 138434

You're so close-minded. Sad.

They literally are tho, they just won't call it what it is. Are you slow?

I would do that, if I gave a fuck.(infighting)

No. 138450

File: 1588709659071.png (53.25 KB, 766x281, goldstar.png)

Speaking of goldstar, why is it an issue anyway?
Like, if some lesbians were lucky enough to figure out they weren't interested in men from the very start, why not be happy about it?
It's kind of sad that anything related to goldstar lesbian is thrown in a pejorative context and despite it being a term that refers to both gay men and lesbians, most of the attack is directed towards lesbians as per usual.
The argument is that it supposedly distinguishes between "purer" lesbians and those that are less pure, but that's mainly because the other side projects that. My guess is that the rise of bashing goldstar lesbians is due to it being transphobic.

No. 138454

yeah I think you are guessing right anon. lgbt people are obssesed with inclusivity for the better an the worse.

Also what the fuck is "cissexist", I've never heard it before, I must be getting old

No. 138455

cissexist is I think the fact that one judges the other person based on their genitalia. For example, in that article thinking that people who have dicks are men is bad and very backwards which makes it easy to understand why the lgbt crowd dislikes any form of purism i.e. being a gold star lesbian.
I wonder what other terms await us in the 2020s.

No. 138456

I should have better used the term sex chromosome, but you get the point.

No. 138458

It invalidates lesbians who did have sex with men before realizing they weren't straight.

No. 138459

thank you for answering anon Thanks to you and this article I'm finally understanding the concept

>Transphobia is often expressed as outward bias, disgust, or hatred against trans people. Cissexism is a much subtler, and perhaps more pervasive, form of discrimination against trans and nonbinary people. Cissexist assumptions often come across in the form of microaggressions

No. 138461

What the fuck is going on? Literally get the fuck out. This is the lesbian thread. Dykes don’t do dick, go back to tumblr.

No. 138463

This is the correct answer.

No. 138465

Get some reading comprehension before you sperg out.

No. 138472

Do not waste everybody's time in this thread if you are straight, do not use this thread to discuss buzzwords and other topics unrelated to lesbianism. This is not an /lgbt/ thread, this is lesbian general. Reports related to infighting and derailing will be respected.

No. 138484

Only it doesn't?
Being a lesbian means that it should be normal to say that you didn't have sex with men. Like I said, it invalidates because you're projecting.
Why is it normal for gay men to never have sex with women but for lesbians it seems like a problematic issue to have never had sex with men?
Since this seems to be a sensitive topic, I won't bother asking further. It's a shame because I think it's an interesting subject and related to how the society doesn't take lesbians seriously.

No. 138486

The fuck? And what about men who had relationships with women before coming out as gay? What are you on about? Being a lesbian has NOTHING to do with having had dick, it has to do with realizing you're only attracted to women.

No. 138489

I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying that it doesn't seem to be a big problem for gay men as much as it is for gay women. You don't even have to use the term gold star, it's the mere implication that you're a lesbian who never had any relationship with men sets people off in the lgbt circles.

No. 139193

File: 1589554823108.jpg (52.74 KB, 640x533, criesinlonely.jpg)

Why do girls on tinder always ghost me

No. 139199

Tinder sucks. Too many girls are just there for attention and nothing more

No. 139321

Do I need to hang out in gay bars to meet gay women? I don't like bar culture. Toronto feels like such a boring place sometimes, it seems people my age (mid 20s) only hang out to get drunk and there's not a whole lot else they seem to do. My straight friends anyway.

Any Toronto lesbians willing to shed some light on where to make gay friends? I guess, in preparation for post-corona times rather than right now.

No. 140598

File: 1590752185336.jpg (57.7 KB, 749x926, dumbbitchjuice.jpg)

I just need to vent.
I hit it off with this girl before the corona shitstorm but before things could get serious, our university closed and we had to move home. She lives in a neighbouring country and with the borders closed, there was no way to see each other. We kept up over the phone but I'm not too good at that so sometimes I wasn't the best conversation partner… I did notice that I was catching feelings but since we couldn't see each other and I had some other stuff to worry about, I kind of pushed it out of my mind.
Now she's told me that she's dropping out of our uni to pursue a different degree in her home country, so we probably won't see each other ever again. Welp.
I'm still hoping she'll tell me once she's back in our country, moving out stuff from her dorms so I can see her again and fuck her (although that would probably make my feelings stronger so idk, a girl can dream tho right)

No. 140723

File: 1590873250634.jpg (22.15 KB, 300x400, image.jpg)

same anon, I matched with a bunch of girls and always texted first, they straight up don't reply or expect you to carry the whole conversation, I got so bored and angry that I deleted it. fuck anybody that says dating women is easy.

anyways, I have been really conflicted lately about my gender presentation, I want to be masculine but i'm scared of being treated like a butch (with all the weird heteronormative expectations) and somedays I want to doll myself up but i'm absolutely disgusted by the men that stare at me and approach me.
not like wearing masculine clothes and having short hair it's going to stop them, I KNOW, but I feel more secure doing so
any anons have this conflict as well? I wish people would see the current me as androgynous but I don't know if that's the impression i give or i'm just projecting hard my wishes into reality

No. 140730

File: 1590885230171.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.08 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

i get incredibly annoyed when i see men co-opting lesbian art/photography. i absolutely love this image, because it was drawn by a woman, and i like death grips (lol) but i fucking hate that they used this image for an album. am i autistic?

No. 140749

you're autistic for liking death grips

No. 140753

how did you meme yourself into liking death grips

No. 140766

Girls, never lose hope. You will find someone who likes you back eventually.

I pondered on where to post this but I feel more at home in this thread than in vent/dumbass shit so here we go.

I met this girl around two months ago on a lesbian dating app, it was middle of total lock down for us. She messaged me first even tho I didn't have a picture on my profile.
She tried her luck. And now she is my girlfriend.

I am 23 years old and I thought I'm unlovable, I thought I'm too ugly, too fat and too unpleasant to be around. But she likes me. A lot.
I was a kissless virgin until yesterday, now I'm still a virgin.. but I made her cum three times and I for sure am not kissless anymore.

There is hope for everyone, trust me. If your country or city suck, get out of there. But once you do.. you will find someone for sure. Everyone deserves love and is able to receive it.

No. 140767

i'm so happy for you, anon! this is so wholesome. best wishes to both of you.

No. 140778

why are u making a woman cum during a pandemic? idk what your country's situation is but damn, i'm too scared of catching the corona if i meet the girl i'm texting rn

No. 140799

You're funny anon. Don't worry we are reopening, what we did was all legal.

No. 140802

Wait so she came 3 times and you're still a virgin? How did that even play out.

No. 140891

File: 1591076974579.jpg (78.43 KB, 750x1008, 1kdy9h.jpg)

I will never meet a cute woman who has her shit together and wants to form a powercouple with me.
I mean there is a slight chance I might but 100% I will fuck it up again

No. 141175

I was wondering "Am I still a virgin?" after we did that for a few days. I made her cum the first two times thru her panties and the third time I fingered her. I came to the conclusion that since nothing was done to ME (I didn't want it), I was still a virgin that just fooled around like the straights do.
Since then I let her touch me in all ways so I don't consider myself a virgin anymore.

No. 141304

me too but objectively are we womanchildren? i can't help due to past experiences make my attraction to women make me see myself as part-man (no troon shit just weird copes) and sometimes I think this shit is making me a dependent, draining and would make you cry manchild. Am i realistic? I just don't want to fucking hurt women at all and the thought makes me want to wretch and sob, i feel so guilty about it as it is. Like we're supposed to be safe as women among ourselves but here comes a fucking man in a woman's body leering at us and making us feel as unsafe as men have made me feel. I really recognise the smack of i need to go to therapy from this but i could never speak about it with a therapist. i don't want to speak about my fucking thoughts about women to people outside of "haha she's hot i'm a dyke!" absolute defensive shit because i just really think people are viscerally disgusted. I know growing up as That Kind Of Woman is never easy for us but confiding in my beautiful model-looking latvian friend that i was a lesbian and her wordlessly moving away and so many other things just confirmed it for me over and over. It makes it worse that she continued to sort of talk to me, it was just a gross thing for me to say and we had to move on quickly. jesus

No. 141330

File: 1591514596256.png (141.21 KB, 637x535, PF.10.29.18_east.west_-00-06-.…)

nta and am latvian kek, homophobia is just kinda widespread even in the younger generations here, don't mind her. i get what you mean with the feeling like a creepy man while approaching women, i relate and i think think it's part of the reason why i don't have any very close female friends anymore since realising i am bi, it just feels like i am a wolf in sheeps clothing and I can't be fully myself and as close as i would like to be. I do realise its just my internal bs, my friends being eastern european and upbringing (re: start of the sentence)

No. 141339

it sucks because i totally go for latvian and cent/eastern european women of any kind i don't know why, it's a different and more refreshing beauty than ours but of course. 86% in russia and even tatu were homophobic kek

No. 141397

I just realized how repressed I actually am when it comes to my sexuality and it's making kinda sad. I just recently admitted to myself that I'm a lesbian and thought that's all there is to it. But when I talked to one of my close friends about it I just started crying out of nowhere. She was really accepting and supportive but that made me even more confused as to why I got so emotional since I thought I already made peace with it. Maybe theres a part of me that's happy to finally get out but right now I think I'll need some time to sort my feelings out so that I don't get a crying fit whenever someone brings it up. (Also the more I think about things that happened in the past the more I'm in disbelief it took me so long to figure myself out. I had crushes on girls since I was 13 but I always pushed it away.)

No. 141887

tfw every girl you crush on ends up ""Coming Out"" as a TIF

i have the curse to turn every cute butch into a trans person. cis-butches don't even exist anymore. fuck this non-gay earth.

No. 141922

Go for studs? It seems like the only butch women left are older.

No. 142284

I wouldn't mind so long as you're cute. My current girlfriend is weebtrash and too bad it's long distance otherwise we'd totally go on dates in weird asf outfits and enjoying being cute misfits together.

also I really hate it when guys hit on me. Makes me want to go grab a fork and gouge their eyes out. And it's like no I didn't look your way you fucking filthy pig. Makes me so angry thinking about it

No. 142296

there are lesbians who date TIFs, if they're not crazy it could work out. unless these women are "gay trans men" in which case lol you're outta luck.

No. 142579

I hope to not come across as offensive or an asshole.

I've been having sex for only a month now, I was a total virgin before that and didn't really have any expectations.
I love my gf and she is GREAT. She absolutely loves going down on me and makes me feel amazing, as if my body is the best one in the world (I have confidence issues and having her in my life is an actual blessing) and she always tells me I taste good and she loves the taste.
And it makes me feel very bad.. cause I don't exactly love going down on her? It's just, not that great. I know it's not supposed to taste good, but when she tells me I taste good and all it just puts that expectation in my head. And honestly the taste just puts me off of it.
I love making her cum, it's the absolute confidence booster, but I much prefer using my fingers or toys.
I'm not even saying she smells, she doesn't. But the saltiness of it and all isn't exactly sexy for me. I would rather die than telling her that tho lol.

Anyway, any other lesbians here who don't really like going down on their gf? This makes me feel the absolute worst to even type lol.

No. 142581


I get what you mean about going down on a girl, in that I enjoy doing it because it makes them feel good and I feel happy they've let me do something so intimate with them, but I do sometimes struggle with taste/textures in general so I find that something I have to shift my focus on. I found using flavoured lubes helped, or mixing up using toys, fingers and my mouth. Maybe using a toy on her until she's close then going in at the last second and finishing her with my tongue. You're not obliged to enjoy anything you don't want to. Maybe it's just not your thing? Definitely don't feel bad about it. Just keep pleasing her in your own way or try the lube!

No. 142582

Maybe she has an unbalance

No. 142601

Hey, thank you for being nice. This was really making me feel like shit.
Of course I still eat her out, I may not enjoy it as much as she does doing it, but I do it cause I want her to feel good and I love her. I like your idea of lubes, I may try different ones.
As I said, she doesn't smell. I'm pretty sure her taste is just normal vagina taste. I just don't love it and don't find it very sexy to be down there..

No. 142611

I've always thought when people comment on how they love the taste of going down on somebody it's just to be flirty and express their general enjoyment because let's be honest, humans are no fruits, there's nothing to really enjoy here, flavor-wise. No worries anon.

No. 142616

Ehhh, in case of my gf I think she really means it lol. And not to redditfag but I actually read their sex related threads and a loot of people there always seem to be genuine when saying they like it, taste and textures included.

No. 142865

I’m in love with my friend who likes another girl that likes her back. I hate it and am afraid I’ll never love another woman as much as I love her. I love everything about her. I have so much lesbian angst.

No. 142869

It's ok anon, I guess nothing is lost yet, it's not as if you fell in love with a hetero woman

No. 142923

I rather it be that because at least I can say she doesn’t like me because she’s straight.

No. 142942

i hate how being a lesbian is clouded by so mich negative shit was it homophobia tranny bullshit goldstar infighting etc it's hard to have positive feeling about being a lesbian because mostly it just reminds me of all the baggage that comes with it

No. 142977

how much of a deal-breaker is herpes for you guys?

No. 142980

death grips are the best band of the 10's, fuck you anon

No. 142986

Complete dealbreaker, personally.

No. 143000

ok anthony

No. 143006

I hate how both of you are right

No. 143008

Oral herpes I don't care about since it's so common, but genital herpes would be a serious issue. Not sure if it would be a complete dealbreaker for me though, if someone is otherwise super great and completely my type I might be okay with it as long as she's honest about it.

No. 143009

Ew don't mention Fantano ever again please

No. 143011

I have genital herpes after being sexually assaulted. Most people I hooked up with since then didn’t care much but every time I read about people’s opinions online I feel like I’ll be forever alone.

No. 143013

genital herpes are also common but you just don't see it for obvious reasons

No. 143033

How common is in your experience to find a lesbian that is right leaning in her political views not just in regards to trannies?
I feel like I'm bound to be forever alone.

No. 143034

I've never met a conservative lesbian in my life but god speed, anon.

No. 143036

Yeah, me neither. I mean, I have online but I haven't met them and they're too far anyway.
Thanks though. Maybe one day…

No. 143105

I wouldn’t care as long as she isn’t expecting to be intimate when having a flare up and is safe about it.

No. 143128

I'm sure you could find one that just doesn't care for politics in general but I doubt rightwing-lesbians are much of a thing if it all. I could be wrong and I don't even belong in this thread since I'm a filthy bisexual.

No. 143129

They exist, my country has a conservative lesbian politician, but imo I don't understand why you would want to align yourself with a group that don't want you and at best will only see your as "one of the good ones".
Still, your kind do exist so you should be able to find one

No. 143132

i was in a right wing lesbian discord once but i’m not even right wing so i left after a while. they’re rare but they do exist!

No. 143530

tips to give good head?

No. 143549

Don't army lesbians tend to be right wing?

No. 143558

I live in a muslim country so obviously, seeing openly lgbt people (besides on twitter) is impossible. I wanna meet other lesbians but everyone I've met my age through dating apps has been… not actually gay? They're usually bicurious and just looking for a sexual experience but I want a long term relationship. Now I'm trying to aim for older women since I always liked older women but 40+ lesbians were impossible to find in my case.
They don't use dating apps, they don't go to small lgbt events, WHERE THE FUCK DO I FIND THEM?

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