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File: 1627146954517.png (203.07 KB, 299x292, manhate.png)

No. 862088

Men are (supposedly) human beings born with XY chromosomes, otherwise known as scrotes. Post ITT what you hate about men and post men you hate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 862101

Inb4 lock but post to Crystal Cafe, we're allowed to have pinkpill/manhate threads over there and we're allowed to be misanderists in every thread all over the place at random

No. 862105

Cc sucks though

No. 862115

The entire site is full of farmers venting about scrotes now. Banning these threads sure backfired.

No. 862116

let your manhate out while jannies are asleep
personally I hate how men's balls are fucking sweaty and gross even if they just came out of the shower they stink 5min later

No. 862117

I literally cannot understand why they just can’t make a containment thread for these sorts of people. They have one for the MtF nerds in /snow/ why not just curb all of the scrote hate derailment and make them go into one designated place and have them monitor it heavily.

No. 862120

File: 1627148760549.jpg (36.22 KB, 620x413, woman-throwing-man.jpg)

These sort of people? Do you mean women? kek

No. 862125

Woman who hate men are normal. If anything, women who wk men are out of touch with their reality.

No. 862126

This so much. I'm more surprised at the amount of pick-mes

No. 862127

I love venting about scrotes, it makes them feel insecure. Fuck scrotes. I'll vent about scrotes anywhere and everywhere. You can't even say "oops men suck" irl because their masculine ego is so fragile that they could kill you in a fit of apeshit rage. Cause that's what testosterone does to their brain. Fuck men. And fuck people who white knight men.

No. 862128

Post your manhate while you can instead of discussing why this thread can't exist!

No. 862130


Kill women
Rape women
Abuse women
Traumatize women
Damage women
Brainwash women

And you're telling me it's injustified to hate them? come on.

No. 862132

Anon… no matter how much we try it’ll never happen, they won’t let us have this thread. We have to play by the or imageboard centrism rules, no more man-hating since the admin sucks kiwifarms dick now

No. 862133

File: 1627149338523.jpg (466.26 KB, 3000x1688, elon.jpg)

Here is an example of a man I hate a lot. He had a beautiful wife way out of his league who loved him before he was rich when he was just an ugly nerd, whom he had five beautiful children with and he left her for a younger woman.

He's also cringe in general.

No. 862134

Worse immune systems
More likely to be in accidents
More likely to kill themselves
More often colorblind
G-spot in ass
Less sensitive sexual organ
Live shorter lives
Can't give birth

And then they say they're physically superior to women.

No. 862136

I was hooking up with a scrote last night and he stealthed me. Wouldnt even pay for plan b and now I probably have aids. But hooking up is empowering.

No. 862138

File: 1627149612143.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.63 KB, 828x701, 55D35A44-A64A-469B-BBDD-69ECE3…)

>25 million views

No. 862139

Casual sex is not empowering. That is a lie that scrotes spread to get easy acess to sex. It's never fulfilling for women either because hookups don't care about your pleasure. Scrotes don't even want to marry women who had many sexual partners, you are literally debasing yourself forever in their eyes by having casual sex with them.

No. 862140

i hate that men get away with literally anything, even pretending to be women

but some of my younger male friends (early 20s) are currently in shambles over not having spoken out over their other friends predatory behaviour before it was too late and a victim came forward (made this teen girl send him nudes). they publically cut all ties to the guy and supported the victim, and behind the scenes they even personally contacted the predators work and family about it. dare i say i am hopefull for future men?

No. 862142

Obvious troll

No. 862143

I'm >>862115 and I'm happy that the anti manhate whiners' plan backfired.

No. 862146


No. 862148

Inwas being sarcastic with the casual sex is empowering comment

No. 862149

No they aren't. Spoiler that gross shit

No. 862150

Libfem problems kek

No. 862151

Look at her disgusting inferior bimbo cro-magnon high sexual dimorphic body. God I hope you anons don’t look like her, she looks she would call you a racial slur.

No. 862152

Reason to hate scrotes
>Sees disgusting incest rape vid
>Hm, nothing wrong here, better comment negatively on women's bodies

No. 862153

I manhate all over this website everyday and I don't care

No. 862155

They don’t even try

No. 862156

You wish that was you huh tranny

No. 862157

Microdicks be like

No. 862158

>hating on women instead of hating on the autistic scrotes who fantasize about getting sucked while doing retard kitchen parkour
Men don't even try huh

No. 862160

When I was 19 and having ongoing casual sex with a guy (twice my age) the condom broke. I went to the clinic the next day, spent a fortune for both the appointment and the pill itself, was asked a whole bunch of questions about my sex life and then went home, cried and barely ate for a week because of the cost of it was nuts at the time. He messaged me to make sure I had went. The difference in our incomes was massive, he never offered to help with the cost. I was too young and stupid to confront the issue. It was a wake up call.

At least I stopped having sex after that. I went off sex entirely. Well done scrotes, another woman off the market. Please bitch about how you can't get laid.

No. 862161

I hate this. He never had to pass through that. Fuck scrotes so much

No. 862162

>retarded kitchen parkour
Kek nonnie, i never expected reading such a sentence in my life.

No. 862164

where were your parents to not let you fuck a man twice your age?

No. 862165

My city is going to shit because of all the criminal gang violence. Is it elderly women shooting each other? No, it's scrotes, it's always the fucking scrotes.

No. 862166

File: 1627150603021.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 165496789462.png)

Abort XY

No. 862168

uhhhhhhh.. hmm… uhmm.. anon, I..

No. 862169

File: 1627150712862.jpg (207.93 KB, 1513x1527, 1624916102097.jpg)

No. 862170

One was dead and I had been living away from home for a year by that point.

No. 862171

Scrotes complain about not getting pussy but they pretty much traumatize any woman willing to give them free sex

No. 862172

And paid for the matter.

No. 862174

This could do without the histrionic twittertard exclamation points

No. 862176

File: 1627150998064.jpeg (322.73 KB, 750x534, D2A6C58D-A171-40EC-A6F3-EF190A…)

Why do men always brag that they can eliminate all biological females and replace us with robots with artificial wombs? These absolute menances are so retarded they can’t even realize that human babies develop bonds or attachment with their mothers, and that will never ever be achievable or compatible with a cold-stone robotic fembots. All of the “children need their fathers” I personally assume is bullshit and is society’s desperate need to continue the patriarchy in society.

No. 862177

File: 1627151060249.gif (1.99 MB, 217x327, 1600885888081.gif)

I hate men so much it's unreal.

No. 862178

>All of the “children need their fathers” I personally assume is bullshit and is society’s desperate need to continue the patriarchy in society.
if you have daddy issues and have somehow come to terms that everyone should be like that… don't. children need their mothers and fathers.

No. 862179

Troonery is a good reason to hate men.
Scrotes with AGP fetish managing to change the law and culture all over the west so they can expose their dicks to kids, rape women in prisons and beat us in sports.

No. 862184

I’m not a tranny, I just seriously hate women who look like they would pet your curly 4c hair in public because they think you look “ethnic and novel!” and that apparently makes me cute or something? I don’t know I know how demeaning that picture is but it gives me such a visceral reaction, she looks like a grug girl and that’s definitely why porn fucking sucks, it makes these women get shit loads of filler and plastic that will inevitably burst and kill them before their meth addiction does. Men find other ways to kill women besides plastic surgery and it’s marriage

No. 862185

I know alot of friends who went through their highly sexxed phase at 18 to 21…maybe older and yeah this is what happens. We start out with a healthy sex drive and a good dose of naivety and then scrotes quickly suck all the excitement out of it. You get burnt enough and you just stop engaging in anything casual.

I think the whole concept of 'the wall' is just rooted in men knowing most women by their late 20s aren't giving it out as easily. They hate that you've learnt their ways so they pretend like "well I don't want you anyway!" Yeah go back to your milf porn then kek

No. 862186

>children need their mothers and fathers

Not like children have that choice kek, some parents are incredibly awful and are unfit to be parents. Also “daddy issues” isn’t the child’s fault, go fucking blame that on the useless scrote who can’t grow up and father his kids. Wake up

No. 862187

Yes the wall is when women have wisened up and won't be easily manipulated.

No. 862188

No. Porn doesn't suck because the women in it look plastic. It sucks because the women in it are sex-trafficked, raped, beaten, abused, single mothers with no other prospects trying to pay their bills, women who see no other way to make money because they have done porn and can't get any other work. Porn sucks because it ruins people's relationships. Ruins families. Ruins women's self esteem. Ruins men. Ruins children. Those are the reasons that porn sucks, not because boobjobs.

No. 862189

Copium and projection. Women actually CAN replace the male sex and would do away with them given the chance.
Men only lie to themselves about how much they want go their own ways kek. Men fundamentally crave validation from women. That's why they can't be satisfied with just buying prostitutes, that's why they treat pick-me's like shit. Similarly, sex bots will only make them more desperate for women's attention lmao

No. 862191

At this point we should just implement monasteries again so women who are fed up with scrotes can live without being bothered by them. I wouldn’t mind living abstinent (just masturbate) since sex with scrotes isn’t worth it and they are only good in fiction. Scrotes even have their own "no women allowed" place as a whole fucking island in greece named Athos. I wish we could also have something like this. It would also be easier to find a date or girlfriend for the lesbians due to absence of troons.

No. 862192

Nunneries still exist.

No. 862194

That's a lot of assumptions schizo.

No. 862196

just become an hikki

No. 862197

ok what do you want me to say? sorry your dad was shit?

No. 862198

Except monasteries are all about worshiping imaginary scrotes so no.
Those Buddhist kung fu nuns seem based though.

No. 862199

The shit that 4chan scrotes get up to is enough for me to fuel my disdain for male /pol/ coomers for years

No. 862202

I want you to say that you’re in the wrong thread, leave

No. 862203

God is not a scrote, he's a higher being. He is immune to all desires of the flesh and he is literally perfect, so god is the ultimate husbando.

No. 862204

We could use religion as a pretense so scrotes will leave us alone. The kung fu nuns are amazing

No. 862205

They're so cool. Sign me the fuck up.
>helping others is my religion
The difference between women and men right there.

No. 862211

The older I get the more I realize how the first few years of your life (ie bond with parents) really sets you up for life and never stops affecting you (either possitively or negatively) I've known men much older than me who can't grasp how much we're shaped by the affection or lack of affection we get in those first few years. I can't get over how they refuse to see or value it.

They downplay it when a man abandons his child and they downplay how much (good) mothers provide emotionally to children. The effects are lifelong and then intergenerational but sure, downplay it because you're jealous you'll never have a mother/child bond and because you lack the emotionally maturity to even really offer a father/child bond. I wasn't raised alone in the literal sense but in an emotional sense I was.

No. 862285

File: 1627158302435.png (336.13 KB, 887x736, manhate.png)

No. 862286

Why's it unlocked

No. 862289

Fuck you mods. Censoring womens' expression and controlling womens' spaces. Someone is triggered women rightfully hate men. Must be a tranny lmao, Pathetic.

No. 862292

link pls

No. 862293

So thread is open again? Thanks mods!

No. 862294

Based Stacey unlocking the thread. Tranny mod seething

No. 862295

Is…is it safe to post? Are we back in business?

No. 862297

please post links to crystalcafe in case this gets locked, I am so fucking tired of being censored on here

No. 862299

CC is mentally ill compared to the people here

No. 862300

That anon just sounds like she has low self-esteem and is projecting some weird shit onto the woman in the screenshot.

No. 862303

what exactly are you supposed to project onto a whore porn star? some of you retards need to get a grip. if a woman isn't trafficked or forced to participate in that shit then she is a degen, end of story.

No. 862305

That's some madonna-whore dichotomy logic right there lol

No. 862306

right… cause a place that bans all discussion on men is not mentally ill

No. 862307

no it's not… at all. don't use terms you don't know the meaning of.

No. 862309

Nature is healing

No. 862311

>if a woman isnt literally forced and trafficked into to being in a porn video shes a degen whore!
Do I really need to spell that one out for you? I hate porn too but some people make shitty decisions sometimes, doesn't make them evil degenerate whores unworthy of respect. You're sorting women into "clean" and "unclean" categories and it's counterproductive, let's focus on the manhate kek

No. 862313

Have you seen how scrotes casually say the most revolting shit about woman, both online and in-person? LC scrote hate is baby talk compared to that you retarded pickme.

No. 862314

okay, set the bar extremely low just because a woman decided to do a revolting thing. it helps literally nothing.

No. 862315

The initial complain agaisnt PP/GC was that they derailed unrelated threads and needed to be moderated more. What admin took away from it was that the containment threads need to be nuked and the subjects banned completely, which made no sense. Containment along with strong moderation works while maintaining the identity of this website as an anonymous, female-only space to be as "problematic" as we want without ruining discussions of the thread topics.

No. 862318

Honestly I agree with you, but sometimes I can't help but see those women as traitors so I understand anon's anger. It's better just to shit on men instead, women are always the ones being judged and it's tiring.

No. 862319

File: 1627160734367.jpg (104.72 KB, 1021x1090, 1613928078779.jpg)

Male genocide. Have a small group of scrote subjects whipped into shape and contained for procreation, possibly leisure. Population is 97% female. Male abortions free.

I'm still trying to work out how we can have muscular scrotes for high libido straight women to use while keeping the scrote in check.

No. 862321

File: 1627160810827.png (192.79 KB, 1440x778, Screenshot_20210725-050517~2.p…)

hope these scrotes die

No. 862322

I..is it safe? I have a lot of scrote stories

No. 862323

Sedation and or lobotomization.

No. 862331

Does anyone else just assume that all men are redpill/mgtow/incel/Kevin Samuels/some other form of manosphere? It's too big to ignore now so that is the mindset I've adopted. I've heard that a lot of women are now checking the internet history of potential spouses to see if they participate in these communities.

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