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File: 1651790786196.gif (40.09 KB, 220x220, D37552F8-AFAD-4E6E-A270-735C11…)

No. 1166876

121 edition will never be canon.

Previous thread (#120) >>>/ot/1157246

No. 1166880

Poppy is a bit of a cow but I'll take it

No. 1166888


No. 1166890

Thank you nonna, here's to 121 2.0

No. 1166894

Yesterday I really fucking needed my grandmother and she said she would be there for me. Just the day before she said she would fucking be there for me and then she calls me in the morning to say
>hey anon it's your grandma, and she is veeerryyy sick, anyway call me when you wake up
So I call her, so confused, because yesterday she was fine and was working out in the yard all day and didn't even have a scratchy throat. And she says that she must have gotten from someone at her class, or someone at the store, or even her bf who lives with her? Uhh. So I ask her if she can still follow through and she didn't even remember!!! It was less than 24 hours ago that she said yes and she didn't even remember, at least that's what she wants me to think. She wants me to believe that it genuinely slipped her mind when in reality she had been thinking of what to use for an excuse all night because instead of just saying "NO I can't do it" so I can make other arrangements, she has to say yes to LARP as a good grandma and then weasel her way out later! She does this all the time and she thinks I'll never catch on. It's ridiculous. I'm so upset with her.

No. 1166895

File: 1651791139258.jpg (69.93 KB, 735x1041, b6ea122f7173275c1e3cf1dfe684b0…)

What kind of pain are you having

No. 1166898

Thank fuck, what a shitshow.

No. 1166902

I cried a little bit thinking about Roe V. Wade. I don't usually let that kind of stuff get to me, but I just couldn't take it today. I'm watching women's rights being stripped away right in front of my eyes and it's weighing heavy on me today. I just hope more states turn over and decide to keep abortion legal. I know Americans say this everytime something shitty happens here, but I definitely want to move. Maybe not to a different country, but just to a different state.

No. 1166905

kek that image. It's teeth/jaw pain

No. 1166906

Samefag I got so angry I forgot parts that I wanted to type. She said she would still do it but that
>"I'll be so chilly though"
>"it's not my fault if you get sick"
and we are like 3 hours away from when this needs to happen and I'm just like telling her it will take 20 minutes tops but I really need her and she agreeeees. So I'm getting ready and then 2 hours later, one hour before the fucking thing, she messages me on Facebook to tell me that
>"even using the bathroom is a struggle anon, I don't think I can do it. Ask them to reschedule. I love you don't be mad at something I can't control."
What the fuck??? Then go to the doctor, are you kidding me?? Its so bad that you're struggling to make it to the washroom/use the washroom (don't know which she meant) but that doesn't concern you enough to see a doctor? You said it was a cold! I don't even get it. Her lies get worse all the time, like more incoherent. I catch her in them all the time and she giggles like a little girl at being called out.

No. 1166908

why does it remind me of how a carrey-fag anon would smile

No. 1166909

Oh god, reading this I thought you would end up saying she died.

No. 1166910

ive always been afraid of these and people have always acted like shit is set in stone for no reason. security can always be taken from you, especially as a woman. do anons think any of this draconian shit will affect real estate in blue vs red states?

No. 1166917

File: 1651791710494.jpg (147.42 KB, 1990x1134, IMG_20200614_045402.jpg)

I wonder if I would never have had vaginismus if porn didnt exist. I dont think so honestly - I'd have nothing really to compare myself to and obsess over. No moid would dangle porn and camgirls over my head as a threat to my consent and boundaries. I dream of a utopia without porn where its not shoved in my face every single day.

No. 1166918

File: 1651791737065.jpg (23.51 KB, 509x509, 1651031898408.jpg)

I was getting ready to walk my dog and my cousin freaking took her out already that son of a bitch that's mommy's special time fuck you

No. 1166920

I hate how asking scrotes to do housework is such an insult to them. Like oh man I'm so sorry I asked you to empty out the trash because I'm not able to. God forbid you ask them for more than one favor or help during the day they act like you're the biggest pest on the planet. Sure, because you're so busy sitting on your ass all day.
Really, think about how responsible your scrote is before you decide to marry him. Too many fucking stories like this, even while the woman is pregnant.
And no, we're not married. And this is making me decide against it kek

No. 1166923

based pic

No. 1166929

I fucking hate that to a cosmic level, my brother once had a mantrum because he hated the sole idea of cleaning the bathroom he would use while visiting our aunt, like bitch, you will sit there too, clean it up.

No. 1166954

Happy a new thread was made!
Anyways my sciatica nerve is acting very painful these last 3 days and I could barely walk yesterday.

No. 1166955

I really hate poppy and it's hilarious to see her flinch when she slaps the mag or whatever into that gun

No. 1166983

I'm so tired of my parents. They think I can just do something because they say so. I can't get that job because I don't have full credentials. It's medical base and needs further education than I have. Why the fuck can't they get that through their thick skulls? It's pissing me off. That's nice dad you can apply to jobs and get it without the full credentials, but this isn't the same. I hate this so much.

No. 1166990

I finished my period about a week ago and I just started bleeding again and I have intense cramps. It also happened in February. I am so sick of that shit. I don't know if it's the covid vaccine that is still fucking up my cycle or something more serious. Whenever I talk about my menstruations issues, my doctor does not care (I highly suspect I have endometriosis) and she just keeps pushing hormonal contraceptives. Hormones just give me non stop bleeding, last time I tried the pill for the 5737227th time I bled for a fucking year. Just remove my uterus. Unless I can one day give birth to a cat, I don't need it and don't want it.

No. 1166996

Walk her again, anon! it will be fun for you both

No. 1167004

my dog keeps begging for my celery but every time I give her a piece she just spits it out reee

No. 1167005

I took the cards and drawings she made me off the fridge and put them in my memory box. It's kind of like my way of closing the book on our friendship, letting go of the affection I had for her and just letting memories be memories. It's time to make new memories with new people. I'm thinking about if I should delete our conversation history or not. It's something like 50,000 messages over 10 years. Some of it is funny but a lot of it is her trying to set me off and manipulate me. Is it really worth keeping? I still have gifts for her from Christmas, because she never made the time to come see me. Her birthday is coming up in a couple months so I think I'll pack all of those up and mail them to her, that will be my proper goodbye. I don't want her to think that I hate her, she's just not the kind of person I want in my life anymore. These gifts I made myself just for her, and I still want her to have them.

No. 1167017

One of the families in my apartment complex are ALWAYS, every day, hanging around outside on the walkway outside my door, and their kids are always running around and yelling or riding on their motorized car thing that makes a high-pitched whine and it's super annoying. How do these people just hang outside all day? Does anyone have a job? Why aren't the kids in school? Ugh I just want some peace and quiet for one day.

No. 1167020

Sorry nonna, I saw the first post and know you are racist.

No. 1167023

Yeah, I included their ethnicity to set a scene and realized it was unnecessary. Sorry.

No. 1167027

I was joking. I lived around Hindus and while they were all great people, very friendly and kind, big families do make a lot noise.

No. 1167032

Redditors are so fucking rude. So often have I asked simple, normal questions on there and gotten the most rude, sarcastic, cynical replies. I was asking what Slavic language would be the easiest to learn for someone who only speaks Germanic languages, and all I got was rude replies (even though I said in my post that I was willing to put in the work, just asked if there was a language slightly/more similar in grammar). Of course it was a fucking scrote too. You'd think language geekery would be a wholesome place but I guess it's just Reddit. Why does everyone hate each other on there?

No. 1167033

i made some stupid mistakes at my job yesterday, and now i feel scared and embarrassed to go in today. wtffff. hope this day goes fast

No. 1167043

every day i'm met with a reminder, however small, that if my mother had only loved and not neglected me, that i'd be a more well-adjusted individual.

i don't like having the tendencies i have.

No. 1167044

I tried on dresses yesterday for the first time in forever for my brothers wedding, and damn it, when did I turn into a fat shortstack goblin!

No. 1167045

Take a bunch of people who should have never been born and place them on a website that gives them a colossal amount of unwarranted self-importance

No. 1167046

File: 1651801442286.gif (981.74 KB, 500x642, 4f0e08fef036c357e4f0386627dcba…)

I'm love starved and is starting to affect me deeply, I just want to hold hands with someone or something at least once, I don't think anyone is or will be interested in me like that tho, and the way my family hypes me up only to fail yet again is making things worse. I'm no one's type, I should get over it already, this was never for me. Loneliness is no longer a escape but a prison, I feel humiliated by my inability to fit in, be interesting to someone else or express my emotions, I feel like people mock me at my back and laugh at my social clumsiness, I feel miserable and I'm sick of hearing my own thoughts like a broken record

No. 1167047

My tinfoil is that redditors can spot female typing habits and they automatically turn on the sexism hard and belittle us for not knowing stuff. I've gotten similar rude responses and mass downvotes for my supposed distrust of authority on a science subreddit, because I was having weird medical issues after the vaccine that doctors didn't believe, and was asking about them. When I asked for a certain piece of info or source, I was told to just google it. Thanks, assholes. My life is ruined and you just wanna serve it to le science non believers for karma
The response to your thing pisses me off too. I've seen similar types of people asking if translations exist for certain media only to be told to put in the work to learn the language if you truly cared enough. Insufferable fucking moids.

No. 1167055

It's such a burden to live for others. Why do I have to live feeling miserable because my death would hurt others? It's so selfish. I didn't ask to be born. Why don't I own my life? I wish the few people who love me would forget about me, so I could go away in peace. I don't want to hurt anyone.

No. 1167060

The problem is me. Regardless of the place, I'm always alone. It doesn't matter how many years pass. It's been that way for a long time. But I can't change who I'm. I'm doomed to be alone forever.

No. 1167065

>distrust in authority
That's probably why they chimp out. Also Reddit in general is filled with the lowest of the low vermin moids. The reason they are so hostile when you ask for a source is because they don't have a source. Their source is their ass hairs.

No. 1167071

This. If you know the answer, fucking help others and tell the answer instead of ridiculing them.

No. 1167073

Thing was I didn't even say that outright. I said that I was having issues and no doctors believed me. I got hit with an
Um AKSHULLY have you ever considered you're wrong? Always trust doctors.
Yeah how dare I go through this and it challenges your world view. Go shove a Funko pop up your ass moid.
Gotta love them larping as being as not being basement dwelling losers kek

No. 1167086

File: 1651803716557.jpg (56.22 KB, 530x480, 1337404411543.jpg)

This week fell in love with a kpop guy and I don't even like kpop; I spend all my day looking at pictures of him, looking at his fancams and vlogs and daydreaming about him, I legit get butterflies in my stomach when I see some pictures of him. This has never happened with any irl guy.
This is a rabbit hole I DO NOT want to fall into, I don't like the edm/hiphop kpop music and I don't like the false idol persona because I know he is not as nice when cameras are off and for sure he is fucking someone, why couldn't it be a 2d guy.
Please save me.

No. 1167094

Really wish I could post full text messages on here but may be tmi. This guy I have known for years but never met in person texts me about his misery and maybe I'm a sociopath but I really don't fucking care. He is going through some truly fucked up shit right now (actually really bad stuff) but I just can't bring myself to care when I'm also going through horrible shit. Either way so many guys whine and complain and shit. I tried talking to this one douche who whined about his "miserable" like while he makes good money working from home in tech. But his "horrible boss" wants him to work in the office again and he refuses and spends most of his time watching fukcing YouTube videos. Then he's trying to apply for a "remote only" job and gets pissy when anything is hybrid. I have stopped talking to that faggot because fuck his whiny ass. Then I have another friend who has actually helped me out financially but now I'm realizing how fucking annoying he is. Like I said I'm going through so much fucking shit and he says the worst possible things because he's retarded, says he's "suicidal" because he's gonna die alone. Meanwhile I have legitimate plans to kill myself and all the materials I need to do it, barely surviving, going to food banks, dealing with traumatic shit, while he sits on his ass making 85K a year, but mostly watches gta rp even on the job, but otherwise wastes his life away due to anxiety. He's like waaaah I'm SO DEPRESSED BECAUSE IM SO ALONE. FUCK OFF. MY LIFE IS 100X WORSE AND MORE ISOLATING THAN YOURS AND I DIDNT EVEN CHOOSE IT. YOU CHOSE YOUR OWN FUCKING PATH

No. 1167098

>heavily abused growing up
>loaded up with drugs for
>always assumed I was retarded
>in and out of psyche wards, burn through menial job after menial job
>in a stint in the psyche ward in 2019 they desperately tried to get across that I was highly intelligent
>wanted to IQ test me, I freaked out and made excuses
>signed up to some IT bootcamp
>turned up drunk and a month late
>Even while shitfaced, told I learned fast
>two months later and they're offering me projects for companies around town

I don't even like coding. It's just a world that makes sense and has a certain logic to it. Every night when I drive home the horror returns and I have to drown it out with alcohol. I don't want a job, I just want to be able to go into this world to make the horror disappear and then step out.

No. 1167130

Come on, tell us who is he?

No. 1167153

Get really good then try to get a job at the FAANGMULAs and sell out for a couple of years and live beneath your means. Save your money, then quit.

No. 1167172

Trying to reconcile with severe abuse in adulthood is actual hell good luck anon.

No. 1167176

It's Bangchan

No. 1167177

File: 1651810259531.gif (370.12 KB, 253x200, 200.gif)


No. 1167181

File: 1651810498248.jpg (16.72 KB, 337x256, 115.jpg)

He has good pits and ass and I like men with big noses and small, slanted chinky eyes
He's literally perfect

No. 1167189

I don't know how you can watch chan's room, see him be cringe incarnate, and still be attracted to him. MY kpop man on the other hand, heh, now he's literally perfect.

No. 1167194

File: 1651811746700.gif (2.17 MB, 480x269, las lies .GIF)

> K-pop man, not cringe incarnate?

No. 1167196

Dog boy?

No. 1167198

File: 1651811928631.png (373.32 KB, 360x440, 80496EF3-F937-49B6-AF86-32A467…)

>Was looking for something with the word jealousy in it
>got no results related to what I was looking for
>google just uses jealousy
>related searches are polyamory and throuple art


No. 1167200

They need to end all these coof mandates where I am because I'm tired of that always being the most dominant discussion I see in political spaces

No. 1167205

bangchan comes off as such a sex pest nona, wtf is wrong w you??
plus he's obviously gonna be a jae 2.0, im calling it now

No. 1167207

He seems to be good friends with his female coworkers and stuff, I don't think he is like jae. He's just weird and very insecure.

No. 1167208

Nah, that's me. I'm the stupid bitch who likes dog boy

No. 1167210

covid is completely out of fashion where i live now.

No. 1167215

>seems to be good friends with his female coworkers
>just weird and insecure

that's literally jae and everyone Knows what happened with him, that's why im calling it! give it a couple years, you'll see

No. 1167216

I just think he is really hot and he is really good at sports
90% believe his spastic cringe persona is fanservice for underage twt fangirls and he is actually a bpd manlet chad who fucks 8/10 idols
Who is your husbando?
Perhaps comparing will make me like Bangchan less but I doubt it
>comes off as such a sex pest nona
Do tell, I want to get off this obsession
Btw, I already know about the weird daddy stuff

No. 1167220

Can you guys fuck off back to twt or choachan with your kpop sperging?

No. 1167221

>bpd manlet chad
No one is fucking him. He went off about how he's got a ugly nose, eyes, everything recently. I believe his persona holds some truth. Did you see him being a possessed weirdo at the concert earlier chanting he'll protect everyone? Come on, dude is nuts.
I like Taeyong, I think he is cute.

No. 1167224

bangchan's wanting his fans to refer him as daddy/calling himself daddy plus the fact that most of them are blantantly underage plus his cringe "persona" to make him seem younger equals discord predator vibes to me, personally

No. 1167228

File: 1651813856582.jpg (36.84 KB, 563x552, rntycvrw2fv61.jpg)

I am fucking tired of kinktards thinking everyone needs to know exactly what they are into. It is so tryhard and juvenile but these are grown ass women I'm talking about. It is so embarrassing, like wow, you are so unique for liking being slapped and choked, so unexpected and quirky! Keep it to yourselves.

No. 1167233

>Did you see him being a possessed weirdo at the concert earlier chanting he'll protect everyone?
Yea, he looked like an angry manlet, that made me laugh; perhaps in a different universe his fans are underage korean girls instead of the underage western girls neutering him and enabling cringe. He's definitely weird. I hope the crush passes soon.
I like the bump in his nose
>wanting his fans to refer him as daddy/calling himself daddy plus the fact that most of them are blantantly underage plus his cringe "persona" to make him seem younger equals discord predator vibes to me, personally
You're onto something, I'll lurk choachan

No. 1167235

It's choachan.cafe just in case it may be hard to look up.

No. 1167236

File: 1651814783993.gif (775.82 KB, 220x220, sotiredofthebullshit.gif)

continuing, felix also gives sex pest vibes too, he says/does sexual ass shit and then plays ignorant about it, disgusting! really do not like straykids - but at least i know that none of the members have any chance of a solo career once the group dies, god bless

No. 1167245

Should I go to work today and risk getting covid to be away from my passive aggressive moid “enby” roommate and the party he’s planning later tonight? He’s unemployed and rarely leaves the apartment (probably won’t tomorrow bc it’s gonna rain) but also my job has 5 confirmed covid cases this past week. I really don’t want to be around him as much as I don’t want covid so this is a huge dilemma.

No. 1167247

Can you hang out somewhere aside from work and your apartment during that time?

No. 1167251

I just want no strings attached sex that isn't a one night stand but every time I have a fwb thing going on the other person ends up developing feelings for me. I'm so sick of it. I should just go celibate.

No. 1167254

Yea I’ll probably just do that I guess, working would just be the easiest way to get out of the house for 9 hours..I would stay over at a friends house but I just moved so I only know a few ppl here

No. 1167257

I posted that male brain is a disease in elden ring sub and only got upvotes kek

No. 1167258

File: 1651816070956.gif (295.28 KB, 300x227, shock.gif)

Fell down half a flight of stairs at the train station today moments after explicitly thinking about how I do NOT want to trip and damage the chocolates I came outside for. It's cool though, my face caught my fall. Sure I have a weeping scrape and a Crimson Chin level bump forming on mine but at least the chocolates didn't get damaged, those are a gift

No. 1167260

Hate it when the delivery man flirts with me. Just do your job, scrote.

No. 1167268

KEK I'm so sorry, anon. I hope you're okay..

No. 1167273

File: 1651817201348.gif (336.47 KB, 883x500, Nona needs a break.GIF)

I’m so sorry, Nona. I hope you feel better soon and the gift is loved and appreciated by the receiver.

No. 1167281

I get you.I need a nice handsome sensitive man to only appear when I want to have sex the completely, fully disappear from my life till I need him again.

No. 1167283

I had no idea people still even liked Depp
He’s old and schlubby now and yet all this weird coverage and women running to defend is so bizarre to me

I’ll never understand why these people insist on defending these celebrities anyway. They’re literally just psychos with a lot of money

No. 1167288

Christ anon I’m happy you didn’t break a bone.
Hope your face is ok

No. 1167291

i’m all for kpopfaggory but that ugly cringelord?? didn’t he make the suicide song

No. 1167294

I had a friend back in high school who was obsessed with him. Her senior pictures had her with his mad hatter hat in them. It was bizarre.

No. 1167297

i just realized i can buy a gun now with its permit. i was stuck between the idea of a guard dog or gun but i worry i wouldnt be good enough for the dog. only reason i would have a gun is when i go on walks no scrote could fuck with me. i dont trust knives or tasers to do the job of scaring a man off.

No. 1167307

Make sure to get a safety and training course or whatever it's called. Wouldn't want you getting hurt while trying to defend yourself.

No. 1167308

What about pepper spray? I got police grade. The other option is bear spray. Not that I'm trying to talk you out of getting a gun. Just learn the protocols, what constitutes as trigger control, and how to aim then shoot. Then be the baddest gal possible.

No. 1167328

File: 1651820520769.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, 1641660175504.jpeg)

My family has been so horrible to me over the years and they ended up screwing me over when I needed them the most, which was pretty much the last straw for me. I've wanted to cut ties but I still have to communicate with them about some things. It feels really transactional and gross to me though. I can't help but feel guilt. My parents aren't the youngest so I have this fear of them dying and things still being bad between us, but I'll never forget how much I've been hurt by them. I can't tell what the right call is.
My sisters I couldn't care less about though. They've treated me like human garbage since I came into existence, so I have much less guilt cutting them out.
I hate feeling this way and it makes me want to cry. I wish I could just have a normal relationship with my family like everyone else around me seems to have.

No. 1167334

just be careful because if he gets it from you somehow you'd be fucked. make sure you learn how to use it properly and whatnot

No. 1167335

File: 1651821197294.jpg (26.72 KB, 500x499, 2a2b2a52047e07fa75f6e7e9cb3bce…)

Since I lost weight I look like a teenage boy and I hate it. This isn't a humblebrag. The doctor thought I looked a lot younger than I am and some secondary school scrotes started talking to me like I'm one of them. I feel so unattractive and I feel like you can see how unhealthy I am and women aren't stupid, I'm not going to be able to hide that there's something wrong with me. I would want to date or hookup while I still can, but I'm already relatively short, I lost my muscle, my skin has an unhealthy tinge and I'm covered in bruises. I feel like my pictures on dating apps are a massive catfish now too. I also don't want to perform femininity, so I know I'm doing it to myself and making myself unattractive. I know it's my own fault, but I swear, I don't look good in a dress or anything feminine, I'd end up looking like a troon, I'm stocky like a fucking dragon age dwarf or an ogre. Make up would make my face look even more retarded than it already is.

No. 1167339

Even being friends with a person you’re having sex with is “strings attached” IMO kek

No. 1167345

I find these posts really gross and I'm honestly tired of half the posts in here and the confessions thread being about sex in general.

Anyone else feel the same way?

No. 1167350

what do mean it's 'not a thing'?

No. 1167367

Easy, stop dating men

No. 1167372

Wow it's almost as if sex is a part of people's lives.

No. 1167373

This kinda made me laugh because those kinks are the only accepted kinks for women, you should like physical violence and destruction of all and any boundaries but actually have kinks where the woman gets sexual gratification from and you’re suddenly a freak and wrong

No. 1167376

go back to church grandma

No. 1167381

File: 1651823659654.jpg (27.13 KB, 564x564, 32ba2327e4b0f8096d27a5d77d8731…)

Are you from reddit?
Except when you're a lesbian, then it's suddenly seen as scroteish if you want to satisfy a woman and do everything for her

No. 1167382

Yeah. I don't understand the whole "no you don't understand I NEED to have casual sex with random strangers" type of posts. Unless it's a "tell me you have trauma without telling me you have trauma" thing?

No. 1167385

I have no friends and it makes me cry. Wish i could hang out with anyone

No. 1167388

Then leave
Classic misogyny. You think women aren’t capable of enjoying sex without being in a relationship. Isnt it funny how this place is filled with “MEN CHEAT AND THEY DONT LOVE WOMEN” but the same anons get confused at women just wanting to have sex for their own pleasure while avoiding date men foe the reason they listed?

No. 1167389

*dating men

No. 1167391

I think casual sex with strangers is deeply unsatisfying and usually a sign of trauma, yes. Partly because I've seen it a thousand times before, partly because I've been there myself, partly because any woman with half a brain knows the sex is shit in that context unless you get off to being used.

No. 1167394

Women are obsessed with defending moids which is why i hate most. The truth is most women uphold the patriarchy and love being pick me slaves for males which is why ive given hope on humanity

No. 1167395

As opposed to sex with a boyfriend when theres studies on how most straight women dont even receive orgasms?
Women can have sex without being in a relationship and they can enjoy it. I dont understand shaming women or this retarded logic that women should date men to have good sex when its proven women in boyfriends arent even getting orgasms.

No. 1167400

>I don't understand the whole "no you don't understand I NEED to have casual sex with random strangers" type of posts.

the person you're replying to wasn't even saying that though, they're just mad at people venting or confessing about sex at all, which is stupid as fuck. sex is a part of people's lives like relationships, work or other stuff, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to discuss it here. you have to be an adult to post here so there's no reason not to.

also the original anon wasn't saying she needed to have sex with random strangers either. she was saying she wants sex without having to bound to someone. unless you're a traditionalist I don't get what's wrong with that either. I don't understand why so many people, men and women, think sex has to "mean something" to women otherwise it's immoral somehow? but they never hold men to that standard, ever.

No. 1167401

File: 1651824244100.jpeg (62.23 KB, 800x450, 003F5C01-DD6C-4B06-B9F2-0F301E…)

No. 1167406

This is transparant bait kek. This is the same anon who created the vent thread with "try not to vent about men so much" in the op and who complained about anons hating men but also wanting sex and dick too much in the old vent thread. Stop being so obvious

No. 1167407

I hate how retarded my immediate family is with mental illnesses. Think along the lines of telling a anorexic to just eat a cheeseburger. Yeah, that's fucking helpful. I can't tell if it's because they both grew up in a small town (love they still act like they knew people, swear they never heard of behind closed doors, and are so surprised when someone in their age group comes out gay, kek) or their own retarded views. On top of everything, they literally think I can't do shit on my own. It bothers me so much they think I need to have a bf/husband. Surprised they haven't forced one on me like everything else in my life. I'm tired of uphill battles with them. Fuck me for trying to be happy and independent. I apparently wasn't doing it the right way.

No. 1167408

You don't know everything about anons, maybe there's a good reason they can't start a relationship right now, but do want sex? Life is only short and we only live once.
There are more reasons to not want a relationship or be hesitant about it. What if you're busy with work or you're really ill (with nothing you can spread) and you wouldn't want to put anyone through that? Some of us have a bucketlist to tick off.
I want to be used by a woman, I can get an orgasm from going down on her and from the mildest stuff done to me, like neck kisses, I'm easily pleased. Just don't be really really straight and let it be with consent.

No. 1167413

File: 1651824884721.png (290.08 KB, 452x415, eeee.png)

My period is really in full swing this month. Took one ibuprofen yesterday but it started to hurt a bit after 3-ish hours again. It's day two and I had to take another one (usually I only have to take one on the first day). I'm envious of women who only have mild cramps or don't have to take any meds at all. Thank god I don't have endo but the pain is still pretty annoying. At least I've been getting it quite reguarly though.

No. 1167415

kek glad i'm not the only one who noticed

No. 1167416

>create created the vent thread with "try not to vent about men so much"
Holy fuck I think I missed that. Which one? I hope they where bullied relentlessly for it.

No. 1167417

Because casual sex is famously known to be satisfying for women? Tinder scrotes are noted for their abilities to make women cum right?

No. 1167418

File: 1651825299376.gif (1.94 MB, 327x251, 4A15CB4E-2E26-4C1B-89F7-C7A6DD…)

>Tinder scrotes are noted for their abilities to make women cum right?
Nta but I’ve had a few who where not half bad. Men are scum alright but occasionally you find one with a most splendid cock who eats pussy like it’s the only nourishment he will ever get.

No. 1167425

Honestly I only have good sexual experiences with guys from tinder. It wasn't ONSs, more like relationships starting but soon after having sex I dumped them because of their personality traits that surfaced. Idk guys from tinder aren't that terrible if you get to know them a bit first and vet. But that doesn't mean you have to have a relationship with them. I don't regret any of the sexual experiences I got from tinder, overall it was pretty good, I always came, learnt some new things and they always made me a breakfast and wanted a relationship afterwards. Plus no one will know I slept with them, you'd body doesn't change if you have sex. It was overall nice experience.
Idk I feel like nonnies pushing the 'omg casual sex is terrible and always without exception unsatisfying' didn't experience it themselves or they did but were just choosing shitty guys. Maybe they are too young and can't vet properly.

No. 1167452

I’m nta but in all seriousness, how can you say you’ve successfully vetted guys when you end up dumping them because of
>their personality traits that surfaced
Are you saying there is a way to tell that a man is going to be good in bed, while still being unsure if he’d be good in a relationship? What are these ways? Asking for a friend…

No. 1167460

I really don't understand the anons defending casual sex in here. The average man on dating apps is either repulsive inside and out or repulsive inside despite being attractive outside and a huge narc as a result.

No. 1167488

>a sign of trauma
imo this is the case if you're having casual sex with multiple people one after the other constantly but if it's like a friend with benefits or a hookup once in a while then it's fine

No. 1167509

Not everyone looking for casual sex is looking to sleep with men.

No. 1167511

If the guy isn’t insanely hot and accommodating then it’s self harm. No exception. Feels like majority of these casual sex women just swipe until they “settle” for the first “aight” face and had sex because well, theyre bored and already put effort in shaving.

No. 1167517

Was that supposed to be a gotcha? Anon please we know you know we’re shitting on sex with men specifically.

No. 1167518

I remember when I used dating apps. The hot men knew they were in demand and behaved in such a horrible, arrogant way I couldn't imagine being intimate with them ever. The fact some women give them what they want so they can go to their bros or online and talk about how we're all "sluts" enrages and revulses me.

No. 1167527

This. If he’s hot and chooses to fuck around on an app, he’s a huge whore. Some cool girls may not have a problem with this but the hotter the guy, chances are the less effort he puts into sex because he doesn’t have to. People feel lucky just getting to bed him. If he’s hot and nice and good in bed, yet is somehow single, he’s omega mentally fucked up, possibly a serial killer.

No. 1167531

i get what you mean but i don't think it's so black and white. something can be unhealthy without being self harm. you can be attracted to a guy who's not extremely hot. and sometimes women just want to have sex.. again maybe a bad decision but not necessarily self harm

No. 1167537

If you feel that way, take matters into your own hands and make a "sexual hangups" thread or something similar. If you actually do a decent job, we might slowly filter in once we realize it isn't a shitshow like 121 was.

No. 1167538

Hot and nice guys aren't on dating apps. All the hot and nice guys I know at my age (30) are married and probably had a couple of flings at most. They're also all more into their hobbies and/or jobs than they are casual sex.

Hot, materially/professionally unsuccessful men are the worst. These are the real sociopaths in my experience. Nothing to live for other than random flings. Beware especially the late 20s/30s bum who has a sob story about wanting to settle down deep down but just struggle wahhh, and who claims they can "play guitar".

No. 1167539

I meant sexually vet. I'm very picky about the personality. Yeah they usually were too much into me, so they'd try really hard in bed but when I realize they are too clingy and jealous this soon I don't wanna proceed further. I have bad experience with guys who see you as a perfect angel and show signs of codepency/serious jealousy so early on.

No. 1167541

Then why generalize like
>I think casual sex with strangers is deeply unsatisfying and usually a sign of trauma
>I really don't understand the anons defending casual sex in here.
>Because casual sex is famously known to be satisfying for women?
It's obvious anons have a problem with casual sex in general, not just the scrote aspect specifically.

No. 1167545

Women don't tend to use, abuse and treat other women like shit. Men see sex as them taking something away from us, degrading us, getting one over on us. That's the difference. If you haven't realized this by now then I can't comprehend your level of naivety with men and genuinely worry about you. Even the nice ones see sex as a sort of "using" that leaves us less wholesome afterwards. Let alone the psycho narcs.

No. 1167547

No this is just a symptom of the standard viewpoint being a heterosexual one.

No. 1167555

Yeah I get that, I'm aware of that, but then why generalize and lump everything in with that?
Thank you, you get it.

No. 1167560

Are you autistic? It’s implied from the flow of conversation. It’s only “discourse” because most anons here are into men and men are shit. Lesbians don’t have a huge culture around having casual sex (except for the ultra lib poly kweer TiFs crowd ig), lesbian sex doesn’t have reputation for heavy disparity in partner satisfaction nor do they systematically seek to use and abuse each other as a fun week night activity.

No. 1167564

So your initial vetting criteria is how much a guy is into you and idealizes you? I’ve had guys obsess over me too but they wilted in bed due to performance anxiety since they’d hyped themselves up so much and didn’t know what to do, so not sure that’s always reliable. I’ve also known women who had a guy fawn over them and focus on them for months, then after they finally bedded her, they dipped because they’d gotten what they wanted and didn’t even want to see her again for more sex because they value the ego boost a big body count brings for men instead of the act itself. Do you feel like can reliably protect against those scenarios or is it not just luck?

No. 1167566

Use your gut feeling

No. 1167569

So yes it’s luck kek

No. 1167572

Girl.. this is up there with that anon who said the way she could tell if a man can fuck is by fucking him lol

No. 1167575

Dipping into some serious playground rumor territory here

No. 1167585

>not half bad
Nice standards you have there nonny

No. 1167586

I think it's sus anon probably responded to themselves right after I mentioned wanting sex with a woman
>I find these posts really gross and I'm honestly tired of half the posts in here and the confessions thread being about sex in general.
>in general
Oh and you seem to be misinformed
>Lesbians don’t have a huge culture around having casual sex
There is and it's not just the ultra libs, unless you think anyone outside of the biblebelt is an ultra lib. It calms down after a certain age probably, but it's pretty common, even back in the day.
>lesbian sex doesn’t have reputation for heavy disparity in partner satisfaction
Even Audre Lorde complained about it in her writings, there literally is if you're gnc and not naturally stone. Someone also tried to shame another anon in the female fantasies thread for the seeming disparity in her fantasy about a stablewoman. Polilez wrote entire guides to feminist sex, because they believed there was a disparity. never mind if you willingly have a one night stand with a bi woman, even if it does workout and you're happy, it's seen as self harm
>nor do they systematically seek to use and abuse each other as a fun week night activity
Lesbophobes have been bringing up women abusing each other a lot in other threads, so I'm a bit paranoid.

No. 1167597

I-I might get a boyfriend this weekend nonnas, wish me luck!
He'll be there in a couple dozens of minutes now. Usually such events would only have happened during daydreams. I'm amazed about the turn things have taken up to now. It feels like a dream come true.
May God be with me still!

No. 1167599

A few days ago I was invited to a "girls hangout" and caught up with a long time friend mine I was very happy to sese her. She was talking about how she was thinking about getting into smoking cigarettes or vape so she can lose weight by reducing her appetite. Every time she tries a few puffs she keeps coughing for the whole week or something. I wanted to call her a retard or an idiot. I tried to as nicely as possible tell her to just drink water instead. "oh anon that's just too healthy".

I blame the weird freshman or sophomore girl that got into our friend group (who was also at the hangout), she vapes and offers her vape to almost everyone (she never offered to me) including an asthmatic (either that or she has chest allergies) friend. She offers vapes and fruity cigarettes to my boyfriend who has been trying to quit smoking for a bit and only relapses under stress, he's an idiot as well. During the hangout she kept saying how we're all fruity (if she's not straight then I guess that's true but it was so insufferable I hate young zoomers). I know I don't have a handle on my emotions and can come off as a bpd-chan but I want her fucking dead. I hope I can warm up to her overtime because I don't think she'll be going anywhere. She also invited her boyfriend during our girls night out and he showed up with a feminist t-shirt and kept saying she wanted to invite her boyfriend during a summer getaway we were thinking of doing, she's so fucking selfish.

I'm so fucking tired of this self destructive behaviour. I'm trying so hard to cultivate and maintain female friendships none of my guy friends pull this shit.

No. 1167609

>I want her fucking dead
She doesn't seen that bad, anon. Unless I'm missing important details.

No. 1167611

im sure im preaching to the choir here but i really hate when people accuse pro choice women of "wanting to kill innocent babies". Obviously choosing to have an abortion is much more complicated than that and i feel like it's so self evident that they must be pretending not to undertand on purpose because how can someone have so little empathy?

No. 1167643

Good luck nonnie! Hope it works out for you!

No. 1167646

She's not malicious, she's very bubbly and I'm sure she's a great person but
>I know I don't have a handle on my emotions and can come off as a bpd-chan.
I'm splitting/black and white thinking.

No. 1167652

Do other people in your friend group dislike her? You could just distance yourself from her.

No. 1167665

Why haven't students protested for lower tuition fees since most had to spend at least a year studying from home entirely?

No. 1167691

>trying to take a period nap but all i can hear is seagull intercourse and squawking on the roof, they’ve been at it for an hour

No. 1167698

we could keep the seagulls up too nonita ♥

No. 1167770

i irl blushed wtf

No. 1167773

They don't hate her and I can't distance myself from her. I don't want to be a walking ball of anger and toxicity either.

No. 1167780

A new side character gets introduced in a DnD podcast I’m listening to. He’s clearly described as a man with a male name, long hair and a somewhat annoying flamboyant manner. The DM starts off using male pronouns while the players immediately consistently ‘they’ him and by the next episode the DM is ‘they’ing him too. This is the first character in the story to get this treatment. I know it’s relatively minor but it bothers me so much how regressive this shit is (“A man with long hair and flouncy clothes? No such thing, this person is clearly Other”) while everyone involved thinks they’re being so fucking woke.

I hate that ‘nagging’ is such a well known and understood concept but there’s no equivalent popular term for consistently neglecting to do a small but necessary task to your own and others’ detriment while acting indignant whenever someone reminds you of it. The word procrastination doesn’t cover it because it lacks the implication that you’re being wronged when the task in question doesn’t magically go away.

No. 1167812

it's bad that i can't let him go and despite finding other people, who are more good looking than him, to have a crush on. those feelings i have for them were shallow and quick to dissolve in weeks. but him, i spent years loving him and ofc i do have times where i forget about him but when it reemerges, i got sucked into the feeling really hard. so i'm rereading our messages because he and i grew distant and went to separate colleges.

i wanna message him, i wanna kiss him. i want him to be my first in everything but i knew he could never love me. he's the type that isn't afraid to show off his love after all. to the point he got into a love triangle but ended up never chosen by the girl and was heard to got rejected by another who i thought would pair with him quite well.

i'm sure he has a girlfriend. his insta is filled with him getting his pictures taken by someone he doesn't tagged or show. and all of the sceneries are romantic and places you'd take someone on a date.

i know it's stupid but i'd definitely want to reconnect with him someday even if i failed in the end.

No. 1167838

File: 1651842782756.gif (4.87 MB, 520x293, Rocky_II_Training_Montage__Win…)

I HATE HAVING A BIG RIBCAGE. Its bad enough that it's broad and wide from the front, but it's even worse from the side. I have a flat stomach but my stupid huge ribcage sticks out so it doesn't matter how skinny or muscular i am, i will always look like shit. I hate having no control over something so stupid.

No. 1167848

File: 1651843131497.jpeg (35.43 KB, 500x410, A5B303FC-811D-437B-9A5C-F2154D…)

being sick as an adult is so different from when you’re a kid. when i was younger i would literally wish to get sick and stay home from school, and would be disappointed if i recovered after only a day. now i literally can’t afford to live this month because i got sick on the 3 days i actually got scheduled. i can’t even pick up more shifts when i get better because my job is one of the only places that’s actually OVERstaffed and everyone will grab my shifts like vultures and not even offer to swap. its not covid and ive tried literally everything to get better. the worst part is that if i had some cushy wfh made up 9-5 i would be fine to go to work, i don’t feel sick, but i can’t stop coughing and sneezing and since i work near food and beverages that’s no good. it’s literally the type of illness a kid would pray for, not so sick that you can’t play video games and eat snacks, but sick enough that you get to stay home.

No. 1167865

File: 1651843838528.jpg (13.53 KB, 275x219, 1637096901331.jpg)

iktf nona, it's good for sports and lifting, but I feel like nobody thinks it's attractive and I hate how fast it looks spoopy

No. 1167870

File: 1651843961038.gif (321.42 KB, 200x150, 416961A6-C649-43A3-AF51-697412…)

I was scrolling my social media and just saw this video of this woman who lives 20 mins away from the Amber vs Johnny Depp trial and as he was pulling out of the parking lot shit loads of women were giving him gifts through his opened car window. What has this man done to deserve any gifts? He is quite literally just a man. No one would ever do that shit for a woman, ever.

No. 1167873

I get you nonna, it's even worse if you end up getting overweight or if you're short, it just makes you look like a compressed fat barrel. I have a big ribcage and big hipbones but I'm also 5ft so I literally look like a wooden crate. Also from the side it makes my chest stick out and look like I have a hunchback almost.
It looks great on muscular women but unfortunately it takes a while to get muscle. I hate how we have to overanalyze our bodies like this, it makes me feel inferior to other women who have quite smaller or just in-proportion bone structure.

No. 1167875

Exactly what i was thinking, where are my gifts for having to endure having my head bashed in at 16 by a jealous moid in his 30s. I’d like compensation please

No. 1167878

File: 1651844372061.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, 1622445587808.png)

>being a middle class or poor woman
>giving an abusive man WORTH 150 MILLION DOLLARS gifts
how fucking pathetic do you have to be, KEK

No. 1167883

Right?? I never want to hear moids say how ‘no one believes men’ ever again, this one man has received more support for the alleged DV (that is more than likely at least mutual) than any woman who was only on the receiving end. He’s probably even gaining fans and being made into an example, while most women who go through this shit become cut off from friends and family and unable to date again due to trauma.

No. 1167891

I'm pretty and relatively smart but it never helped me get a job or advance socially and people treat me like shit because I am vulnerable and easy to bully or harass due to my personality or because they have more authority. I wish it will eventually work out for me and that the things society keeps on telling me should have helped will actually help me but it's hard right now and the only way I have been able to portray myself for the past 6 years is dead at 30

No. 1167895

I think my younger cousin has deliberately touched my breasts a few times but I don't know if I'm being paranoid… He is like a kid, like 14.

No. 1167900

File: 1651845077199.gif (2.24 MB, 380x214, 4f6113d714713dc3d74e37a69e6b2b…)

No. 1167908

>14 year old male
>just a kid

Nonny I was groped by 6 year old males. They start early.

No. 1167911

This is why I’m not going to operate within the current moral framework that is obviously pressured on women and never taught to men. Men are allowed to kill, abuse, with their words, with their fists, with a weapon, and no one bats a fucking eye because they are so used to it they probably have male relatives and friends who are as much as an ugly beastly junky like Johnny is and it’s because people inherently think there is a moral good to a man’s consistent violent actions towards people, he is always a martyr, a savior to other people and even himself, he is reworking the imbalance in this universe, he is God. He is absolutely nothing but a washed up prick that people always have to clean up the mess for, women are the janitors of society who keep shitting on our floors over and over again and think we like the stench of it all.

No. 1167912

File: 1651845232973.jpeg (73.43 KB, 700x500, 26066155-8B05-4868-BB41-6DEFE3…)

The gifts they give kpop idols are pretty expensive, a lot of them get designer goods. Revolting to see this cancerous form of stan culture extending to the west, it should not become normalized.

Shoutout to the pickme at the Johnny Depp trial who brought two alpacas and jetted to Virginia all the way from Peru. It sounds like a deleted cutaway gag from a comedy show, but it's real.

No. 1167916

The only gifts these celebrities deserve is a bullet <3

No. 1167917

Dang she's really like
>please notice me senpai

No. 1167919

at least the alpacas are cute. looks like they're kissing. he doesn't deserve them, neither does this idiot next to them.

No. 1167920

yea I'm going to kill myself continue eye rolling and then whine about your issues and when others don't give a fuck get upset but that's just karma bitch

No. 1167928

I feel like 14 is old enough to know better he’s not a elementary schooler kids off to high school in a year

No. 1167930

How's that manifesto going?

No. 1167933

nobody will ever love you or touch with your stick but that's just a reflection of how you treat others.

No. 1167939

Yes but I don't know if these are accidents, which they could be. How do I even approach this?

No. 1167940

What an intelligent and totally non-bpd thing to say.

No. 1167942

with a stick*

you live under the fake impression that it is because you are ugly. People don't want to have anything to do with you because you are evil and you are too embarrassed to be around people because you know that you are evil. You cannot show empathy or love towards others but expect everyone to do it for you whenever you complain.

No. 1167947

yes because posting a gif of some bimbo rolling her eyes to a post in which I say I've been suicidal for 6 years or more is totally not BPD sociopathic evilness. You BPD tards are all the same

No. 1167948

so what about that manifesto

No. 1167950

so what about you shutting the fuck up and getting help for your BPD which makes you sociopathic and unable to empathize with people in a bad place

No. 1167957

It takes absolutely nothing to ignore her posts if they annoy you but no, you gotta egg her headass.

No. 1167958

sorry I don't think you can ever get help for whatever is wrong with you. I don't think sociopaths can get better. I might be miserable but I know you're just like me but I'm sure life has offered you.more opportunity but you managed to ruin it because you're evil and lack basic empathy skills and now like any BPD you are projecting on me and thinking I am BPD because a woman with suicidal ideation is BPD but a woman that rolls her eyes when another woman wants to kill herself is not BPD. You continue to prove my point. You are ugly, but that's not your real issue. People can smell there is something evil so they stay away.

No. 1167961

Hm, I can't remember killing animals and threatening violence like actual sociopaths do.

No. 1167963

I'm just so shit at dealing with people. Like my brain is constantly spinning and thinking how much should/can/may I share with them and I'm never 100% sure I'm doing it 'right'

No. 1167964

just think about the millions of people that are ugly and they have friends and people that love them. Nobody will ever love you because you are horrid. You are evil and other people stay away from evil people.

No. 1167965

It can't be helped.

No. 1167966

Me too anon, youre not alone

No. 1167967

At least we have great lung capacity.
It was raining too, really not fair to the cute alpacas!

No. 1167968

got drunk last week and stepped on my laptop charger so i’d been using my switch charger up until last night, when i stomped on that bitch too. what the fuck. not sure why this problem decided to develop now

No. 1167971

Are you talking to yourself now?

No. 1167972

when your entire life you're harassed by sociopaths and showed no empathy while you show it to everyone then it's just normal to break and spill the poison you've been fed. Again, you are proving my point that I am in fact a magnet for sociopaths with 0 empathy that have been hurting me my entire life and that's because I am vulnerable and sincere

No. 1167976

Literally starting to skin walk this girl becaue i want her to love me… why do i do this… i wish i wasnt this broken

No. 1167977

Killing animals are the first signs for sociopathy in children.

No. 1167978

File: 1651846447879.gif (306.88 KB, 266x200, 84F288B9-B5C2-4D4D-BF28-836FD5…)

wow romanianon can type without run on sentences she’s evolving like a pokemon

No. 1167987

why don’t you scam steven for some money so you can escape from romania and go to a therapist or something. even someone who had to get all four limbs chopped off has a better attitude than you, enough seething about people who will finally be dead in years just go to therapy and stop posting your sob stories over and over again. everyone here has been fucked by some sociopath here, everyone here has trauma, you are allowed to express your aggression and frustration but don’t take the retarded moid route by throwing your life and killing people because you’re angry about your past

No. 1167989

you have bepeedee

but what about a child that is violently raped and has no food and is beaten daily? I get it if it's a child in a normal environment but I wasn't. You just cannot have empathy towards anyone but yourself or you are a sheltered child that doesn't understand how the world works and how bad socio-economical environments turn people into monsters.

I don't get it. I say the things the world has told me should help me advance socially don't help and that I have extreme suicidal ideation, then you harass me for being suicidal, then you tell me I am sociopathic because I was violently raped and beaten for 3 months on end until I broke down
I guess this world will never show me empathy or love no matter how much I show it to others.

No. 1167991

You might be mistaking it with psychopathy

No. 1167995

beepoo poo pee

No. 1167996

That's how sociopathy forms.

No. 1167999

it's the vent thread. Why am I not allowed to vent about how I am suicidal in the vent thread you fucking sociopath.I didn't threaten to kill people. Look at the posts, everything I've said is that I have suicidal ideation and that I am frustrated because the things the world has been telling me should help me don't help me and I have suffered very extreme abuse. Being on lolcow has been giving me extreme homicidal ideation and being on the internet. It's a sign. I think most people on here are actual sociopaths.

No. 1168002

It's the case for both. The only difference is that psychopathy is born and sociopathy is acquired through external factors in the development state.

No. 1168005

>Being on lolcow has been giving me extreme homicidal ideation and being on the internet

Then get off? How hard is it to get off and go eat a banana and walk around or something

No. 1168007

Maybe because you made variations of that post (including threatening murder suicide and blaming it on lolcow, the website who also offered you unconditional help amd support when you had a fallout with your ex moid) about 10 times already.

No. 1168012

File: 1651847271146.jpeg (28.71 KB, 460x342, 7150604E-84F2-40FA-AA34-12CE90…)

literally just shut off your computer

No. 1168014

most psychopaths hide their stories and they make power moves like most anons on this website. A psychopathic is never transparent.
I cannot afford a banana and I cannot work nor walk. There's nowhere to walk to and I live in extreme poverty in a dangerous town and I'm severely ill to the point where I can barely get out of bed. I cannot get a job. I cannot immigrate. I have no support system and everyone I have ever met in my life has abused and hurt me and pushed me towards suicide while I offered them endless empathy.

I met Steven on lolcow. I wish I would have never talked with him or.posted him so one of you would have wasted your time in the friend finder thread talking with a moid pretending to be a woman.

No. 1168019

I bought weeb books and got a cloth bag with a manga print for free along with it. Bags are some cents extra anyways, but cloth bags are like 3€, so I was confused why I was getting one for free. I was so confused, in fact, that I'm not sure I properly thanked the cashier lady. I know I said thank you, but I'm pretty sure I sounded unappreciative (or rather, not appreciative enough), and that, along with the fact that I kinda eyed the cash register to see if she's booking some extra for the bag and she probably saw that, makes me feel guilty to hell and back. I hope I see her again sometime, I'll be extra nice to her and am going to wish her a nice day before she gets the chance to say it.

No. 1168020

Man, I really don't understand why those murder posts aren't banned. No-one is allowed to a-log except her. Hence my tinfoil they're some sort of honeypot

No. 1168021


No. 1168022

just tell me if you can help me get to America I want to commit a mass shooting but I cannot get a gun here. I want to ruin the lives of innocent people and children and have them suffer like my life has been ruined and my innocence has been taken away but nobody ever cared and people have just added to the extreme trauma. Soon I will die because the abuse I have endured has manifested physically. Why did I have to suffer such inhumae things and never br offered help? Or anything? Always helping others and dedicating myself to others when I was the one that needed help the most? I always have to listen to others being mentally ill and in a bad situation when I have it the worst but if I say anything I have to shut the fuck up

No. 1168023

I think mods take pity on her, they're not heartless

No. 1168025

She’s dodging personally accountability to rationalize her decisions and place in the world Noni. It has nothing to do with us. You might as well talk to a wall.

No. 1168026

Literally just ignore. This has been going on for months, what will it take you to just move on? I don't get it, do you enjoy her shitting up threads?

No. 1168028

>i cannot afford a banana
yet you can afford the internet and the electricity apparently. Curious !

No. 1168031

I think lying constantly also counts as hiding.
>I cannot afford a banana
kek but affording a vpn to ban evade is no biggie?

She gets banned constantly,she just evades.

No. 1168034

I guess the abortion posts were yours after all huh.

No. 1168036

damn, and i was just on her side again. guess i'll have to sit on paki's side of the aisle for a while.

No. 1168039

they're both awful

No. 1168043

The "i have an iq of 300 and am beautiful but getting a job is beneath me- i mean i just can't get one" posts are milky sometimes.

No. 1168046

I want to violently murder children and women and men but it's because I was never offered help and only abuse and harassment whenever I went. I want to brutally stab every ugly anorexic bitch that browses lolcow sitting in her mansion shitting on mentally ill women and then LARPING as a feminist. I want to cut off your head. To stab you multiple times and make you feel the pain and despair that I feel and when you ask me for help or mercy I will beat the shit out of you like you've done it to me. I am convinced women are more sociopathic than men. At least men kill your or rape you. Women mentally abuse you until you break and then blame it all on you. I hate women. Most women are fucking stupid too. They willingfully choose to date abusive old moids although their situation is not forcing them into it. I've seen women sexually traffick other women and so on. I've been thrown into a hellish world and it is only a matter of time until I act out all the evil that has been placed on me on others. Why was I raped? Why did I starve? Why does everyone tell me to fuck off and never shows me empathy? Why do I have to show empathy to every whore that says she was abused when her mum shouted at her or she's too narcissistic to stop starving herself. I went through actual hell and everything everyone tells me is to fuck off or get help. How the fuck can I get help? You claim to care about abused women and be le superior radfems but when you meet an actual severely abused woman that was sex trafficked you tell her to kill herself(stop it, get some help)

No. 1168048

>I didn't threaten to kill people.
do you have alzheimers ? and dont say its because of your trauma that you have memory problems.
can somebody link that murdering people spergout kek like why even lie when your posts are right here with nowhere to go i dont understand

No. 1168049

almost all of her posts, except the murder ones, are pretty amazing. she's a top tier unintentional copypasta machine.

No. 1168050

Just ignore and move on… she'll get tired on her own with no external provocation.

No. 1168051

I love you romanianon.

No. 1168052

My vent is that I wish my hair was straight, so much less upkeep and so many styles I could do. I cut my curls pretty short too so even less things I can do with my hair.

No. 1168054

lol there we go

No. 1168055

I’m going to tell you this once. I don’t respond to you. I actively ignore you. I grew up similar to your run on sentence spergs and what you’re doing isn’t helping you. You’re feeding it. Stop it. Start helping yourself. You’re an adult and it’s no one else’s job to save you. The unfortunate truth is everybody has something going on and your trauma as fucked as it is. Isn’t an excuse to do fucked up shit or you’re just becoming those that hurt your for someone else. Check your shit.

No. 1168057

No need for that kek, she literally does it again right above you

No. 1168059

can you roleplayers stop, i get it we miss her since she hasn't been here in a month, but this obvious cosplaying as her is lame.

No. 1168060

Just like with scrote posts, you guys will never learn to just ignore. Fucking autists, I swear.

No. 1168061

sure "anon"

No. 1168064

> I am convinced women are more sociopathic than men.
pure projection. believe it or not other thirdies who went through rape and other forms of physical abuse on the daily like myself dont behave like you killing animals. you never answer people's posts who make good points. how can you not afford a fucking banana but be able to use the electricity to be able to get on the internet ( which you also have to pay for BTW ) and ban evade ?
>At least men kill your or rape you.
omg so much better! thank god for men.
>i hate women. Most women are fucking stupid too.
you will always be a woman. once again projecting, you wont be picked just fyi. sorry you're fucking retarded and unlikeable due to your behavior that you adamently refuse to change, but know that you can in fact change. your circumstances dont mean you have to be like this.

No. 1168065

romanianon believes she is an autistic man in a woman's body. One of her copypastas.

No. 1168066

>sure anon
just because i said those are anons shitposting as her, lmao retard. Im guessing you are the romani cosplayer.

No. 1168068

Anyone else ever have an issue with a boyfriend watching porn? With mine it's less the porn itself and more the type. It's always some tiny, waifish thing who looks like she's 14 and is dressed up to look like she's that young too. School outfits, thigh socks, pink childish tops. Ugh.

No. 1168071

>you will always be a woman

No. 1168072

This whole vanity size bullshit when shopping for clothes is really getting on my nerves. I've pretty much always been the same size since my teens yet it's getting harder and harder to find fitted clothes. I'm usually the smallest size (and no, I'm not an anachan nor am I trying to brag) but nowadays even those look like they could be a "medium". And yeah yeah, I've tried "petite" sizes but they end up being too short for me because I'm not fucking petite. XS/S used to fit so perfectly but nowadays they are too big. Ugh.

No. 1168073

Have you thought about straightening them permanently?

No. 1168075

thats gross and your boyfriend sounds like a closet ped0, i would break up with him if i were you.

No. 1168076

Literally 50% of every relationship advice thread on /g/

No. 1168077

If you are mature. You will ignore the bait. If you take the bait, you are ms. poopy pants.

No. 1168078

sure "anon"

No. 1168082

was that the "the only person who understands me is slavoj zizek" one? that one is absolutely incredible.

No. 1168085

You seem like you're trolling but assuming you aren't I genuinely feel sorry for you.

This part though.

>They willingfully choose to date abusive old moids although their situation is not forcing them into it.

I do actually sort of agree with you on and I know it's going to invite a ton of rage but it's true. I have sympathy for abuse victims irl but less so for the sort of abuse victims who you find in crusty, crazy online hangouts like lolcow. If that makes sense. Woman marries a seemingly charming and kind man who turns into a monster? I want to icepick that man. Woman purposefully chooses to "date" online, e-brained, imageboard browsing scumbags? Even at 16 you should know better lol. Hell. Even at 15.

No. 1168086

your boyfriend is a nonce mate you might want to plan on getting out of the relationship before he starts wanting you to cry or wear thigh socks during sex

trust me, speaking from experience, get out of there

No. 1168088

Oh I remember that kek… someone tell her autistic men are the worst scum on earth and should be put down

No. 1168093

File: 1651849208405.jpeg (115.03 KB, 660x660, E44B5243-DAF0-4E4A-B338-95ADE5…)

Kek, replying to your own posts saying “I love you romanianon” ? Who would love someone who spews this insane, self pitying narcissistic drivel.

No. 1168101

You’re a fucking retard anon. You’re even more stupid than Romania and she’s been sniffing glue and getting knocked out on a weekly basis most of her life.

No. 1168106

I’m almost convinced that she is a troll. This entire time she has been baiting us as some dirt poor romanian woman who was tricked by some man on discord to reveal how much of a psychopath she is but in reality it’s probably some random nonna who’s laughing her ass off pranking us

No. 1168107

>currently watching over drunk brother sleeping
>he vomited and had to be turned over and woken up
>stumbled and washed his face
>told us to go to sleep and fuck off
after we cleaned his vomit and looked up how to help drunk people and offered him food and water. what the hell is this bitch angry for, when we were celebrating his birthday, had way more to drink than him but still knew our limits, and then worried about and took care of him? he should just go full straight edge because this is insane. every time my brothers got really drunk they just fell asleep wherever at home and we were stuck cleaning their vomit. disgusting and irresponsible. the only time i ever got nearly that drunk was after being peer pressured to chug a bowl of spirits during my freshman year, and even then i had enough intelligence and consideration to make it to the toilet. this guy being 5 heads taller does this after 3 beers and a shot. if i ever got a hangover it was so embarrassing i hid it like a professional, meanwhile these fuckers demand babying every time. drinking is disgusting in these amounts.

No. 1168108

He’s only a few clicks away from becoming an actual pedo instead of just larping as one. Then once he’s looking at actual 14 year olds he will start to go younger. A lot of pedos start out watching just normal porn and then they have to keep finding more and more new material to be able to get off. Please dump him.

No. 1168109

Not everyone hates her

No. 1168111

I'm not romanianon I just love how every time she pops up she triggers the ire of like ten anons and it's just a constant back and forth between neets for like an hour.

No. 1168115

File: 1651849834185.gif (2.58 MB, 220x226, EBB9C278-37EF-4DF1-8D86-2B8754…)

No. 1168118

kek, seconding.

No. 1168123

Not to mention porn hub got caught what two years ago with 15 year olds in their porn ads and porn videos being uploaded? Chances are high he’s touched himself to an actual child already.

No. 1168125

>watching porn
>not only that but he's not watching porn of normal women
>watching gross porn with short skinny women in school uniforms that is definitely meant to draw in pedo/hebe coomers
Dump his ass what the fuck are you doing just sitting around. Leave him.

No. 1168127

me too, it really pisses people off. i don't mind her anyway, and if people actually wanted her to get better they would have stopped replying all triggered and hateful. she must be mentally ill from being abused and other shit, i don't read it all tbh so best would be to ignore her posts. the internet only makes these things worse.

No. 1168129

I don't think it's ire that gets triggered on the other side.

No. 1168131

File: 1651850060594.png (10.74 KB, 468x425, 1281377879965.png)

No. 1168134

File: 1651850155128.jpg (35.92 KB, 640x634, dd74d328ca8ecaad68bb327a60d727…)

No. 1168136

You have to be blind to not see that there are anons who get seriously upset at romanianon. I get their frustration but it's useless because romanianon thinks she should have been born an autistic male so naturally she'll never change her mind. Virtual insanity.

No. 1168141

The initial critical reaction the The Batman was positive but I've seen more and more people start to clown on it. Good. It was not a good movie.

No. 1168143

She’s trying so hard to get attention now she’s throwing as much shit on the wall just to get that one dopamine reply. Mods simply can’t be fucked to look through her post history and expose them at this point, she doesn’t need a thread that’s exactly what she wants she just needs to be permabanned and her technology taken away

No. 1168144

kill your abusers not innocent people what the heck

No. 1168145

i don't know nonna, I just think she's pretty milky. It's like poking a hornet's nest but instead of stinging, they just produce 10/10 copypastas&bullshit when the nest crashes to the ground and flies everywhere

No. 1168146

I hate it only because Robert Pattison is in it.

No. 1168147

Stop whining because you see yourself in what I wrote. You becoming some moids discord kitten is your own fault. Don't compare yourself to actual abuse victims.

No. 1168150

even autistic males who shoot people up go to jail, regardless of how many imageboard idiots hype them up, and how many journalists call them misunderstood. if she wants pats for this crap she should go on another website…

No. 1168155

File: 1651850629807.jpeg (260.05 KB, 720x1560, 53BE26D8-86BB-44AD-B6FC-E8947D…)

And yet you guys wouldn’t listen to the anons saying she’s batshit crazy? I’m laughing so hard right now. She simply refuses to get off the internet, listen to the advice we’re giving her and save herself. It’s like some types of mentally ill people who like festering in their own misery and even enjoy it like a typical bpdette.

No. 1168157

File: 1651850668670.gif (1.16 MB, 220x166, 6ED1CBA9-4DC7-4E36-8A1E-03FF9E…)

Me when I see romanianons posts

No. 1168161

We all know she is batshit. But steven is a tranny looking moid and should fuck off too

No. 1168162

File: 1651850867795.png (48.38 KB, 1259x224, GOAT.PNG)

literally all of us know she's insane. anyways, have a masculine genius copypasta.

No. 1168164

Nobodies whining. I just said that you’re fucking dumb.

No. 1168165

how do we even differentiate between actually romanianon and anons larping as her?

No. 1168166

anon pretty pls tell me you’re archiving her posts, she’s beginning to become super milky kek

No. 1168168

i've never been anyone's "discord kitten" and i can still say i have sympathy for 15-16 year old girls who seek attention in unsavory places. it's actually extremely understandable given the way girls are made to feel disposable.

No. 1168169

no one is larping as her. stop, romania. you literally always say this. it's ok. just stop posting stupid murder shit and it's not a problem.

No. 1168171

anon kek i am not her.. i am literally just a random britbong? and also an ezrafag

No. 1168172

Anon sounds like a fucking scrote
>stop whining that an underage girl trusted an adult man who gave her attention and then sexually exploited her!
This is the type of person who has the “empathy” to pity romanianon.

No. 1168175

She's too unhinged to be larped as and it seems like she just brings that up whenever it's convenient to blame other people for her own posts. But she's recognizable through word choices combibed with statements she makes over the course of several months.

No. 1168177

oh okay. because she says everyone is pretending to be her when she wants to step back from her words and makes non-stop posts about how everyone is "pretending to be her". no one is pretending to be her, you can tell when it's her.
i feel empathy for her but she's just so self involved and schizo that she ends up where she is now. i feel bad for her though because i have no clue how much of her story is real.

No. 1168178

nta but
>posting without ezra pic or gif
impossible kek

No. 1168180

why are you so set on blaming me? Blame the sociopathy radfem LARPING fags of lolcow. If you look upthread I make a sad post about being suicidal and someone alogs me. I think steven was so successful in LARPING as a woman because lolcow anons are actual sociopathic narcs that want empathy from everyone but cannot give it back.

No. 1168181

File: 1651851481632.gif (1.96 MB, 280x280, 322bd2d5f88e8da3d74c14458d0480…)

anon kek i have a pinterest board of pics and gifs but I am wary of being yelled at if I post outside them of the irl husbando thread

No. 1168183

I don't think the people alogging you are the radfems, they're most likely males

No. 1168184

I never reply to you usually, but you are the bane of this website

No. 1168185

poppy flinching is taking me out

No. 1168189

kek, you almost got her

No. 1168198

got who

No. 1168200

You made a “sad post” about being suicidal and also gleefully talked about wanting to kill women and children and animals and talking about how anons laughing at your suicide baits is worse than rape. Just kys. Nobody here owes you a fucking thing. You’re the one that spends years talking to a scrote who lurks lolcow instead of fucking reporting him.

No. 1168205

>want empathy from everyone but cannot give it back.
You just described yourself, congrats.

No. 1168207

I think you need help and this imageboard is just not the place to ask for it, it has to be irl mental health related help. Having suicidal thoughts and wanting to kill people isn't healthy for you. You previously mentioned this website makes your schizophrenic issues worse, right? I'm not joking here, you should maybe consider quitting lolcow. It's for your own good. It's going to be sad to see you lose your conciousness and start posting very incoherent posts the moment your schizophrenia gets real bad. I'm saying this because seeing someone lose conciousness is scary and just very depressing. Seriously, seek help, real help, an imageboard will never be able to help with those issues that you have to work through irl.

No. 1168209

fuck poppy

No. 1168210

unfortunately she has been told this for many many many months. she just keeps coming back to journal in public though. i just don't see why she has to do it here.

No. 1168212

Last resort idea: do we know how to contact romanianon irl? maybe we can tell some authority in her country about her. To help her.

No. 1168217

Romanianon needs to get locked up in a psycheatric ward for her own health.

No. 1168221

can you believe she's still making video's in 2022

No. 1168224

So fucking sick of Romanianon and Pakianon turning threads into shit.

No. 1168234

someone alogged me and brought up me being a "sociopathic killer" lmao because I started presenting maladaptive and evil behaviors in a fucked up environment. Just look upthread. It sounds like moids, the vast majority of this website sounds like moids that cannot empathize with an abuse child that replicates what they see in their environment because I am a woman and a sociopath killer. In the place I grew up in everyone turned into a prostitute, killer, criminal or sex trafficking pimp. Almost everyone from there is like that. You are either children or Don't understand how environment affects humans

I didn't ask for help. I simply vented and then got alogged and called a sociopath for something I did at 8 years old and told that I am an iremediable criminal, although I have never hurt anyone in adulthood. If you have done or lived through what I did you wouldn't have dared confess it to anyone. If you look upthread is just me saying I have very powerful depression and suicidal ideation and then some "radfems" rolling their eyes at me and alogging me by saying I AM TOTES A CAT KILLER CHILD RAPIST for something I have done at 8 fucking years old under extreme circumstances. I never asked for help on here but I do have the right to vent about my life in the vent thread like everyone else does.

yes the authority will help me by locking me up in a mental hospital where I get raped like it helped me when I was 18

No. 1168236

it's every fucking thread too. And between the derailments, scrotal spam, and raids, this place hasn't been full with nice nonnies for a while.

No. 1168237

because nowhere else is safe!!!1 only lolcow dot farm is secure enough to contain romania-chan's thought vomits
My question is: why did we get so many X-chans in the last 1,5 years? This wasn't a thing earlier I think, and now we have so many recognisable anons. See Bodega retard for the newest example.

No. 1168239

I cannot afford help. I just want to vent about my life in peace. I have never asked anyone for anyfhing but to be left alone and for people to have empathy for me like I do for them. If you look upthread to see how this shit has unfolded you will see I'm just saying I'm suicidal and some anons literally alog me because women and humans are evil.

No. 1168240

File: 1651852850539.jpeg (212.82 KB, 1242x727, 75935850-C1D2-4BC2-92D3-156C39…)

Have you ever considered getting a protected vent twitter? Or use your notes app on your phone, and password protecting the files? I find myself driven a lot more insane when I don't have some kind of outlet to actualize my thoughts. Whether it be on paper or digitally.

And secondarily, is there anyone you can trust? Do you have a friend who's willing to hear you out? Can you vent to them?

No. 1168243

If other farmers learned to just ignore their posts it wouldn't happen.

No. 1168244

She already considered quitting lolcow a year or so ago when anons first started to see her posts as recognizable. But not without shitting on the entire website, of course?

No. 1168245

why not buy a notebook or diary and write your retarded, disturbing thoughts in that

No. 1168246

what happened to your friend? are you not talking to her anymore? don't you think it'd be good to maybe live with one of your friends? or maybe even make female friends outside of romania, you can move to a different country in the EU if you meet a cool woman you don't freak out on. take advantage of being in the EU.

No. 1168248

I cannot get help in my environment. I am too retarded to work and to get help you need money which I don't have and I cannot get. It's like you are literally unaware of how the world works if you are mentally ill and have 0 support system. Society makes it impossible for you to get help if you don't have money.

No. 1168252

>My question is: why did we get so many X-chans in the last 1,5 years?

No. 1168253

then what kind of help do you want or need? legit question here

No. 1168255

Share reasons why hanging out with scrotes is never a good idea. I'll list some.
>they always criticize women
>downplaying women's accomplishments
they were embarrassing and making negative comments to women with masters and phds and scholarships, in sciences
>most men are ugly
because they put 0 effort into their looks they are not much to look at. they believe that just being rich, or funny will override being obese or greasy.
>they only validate pickme behaviors
if a girl is slut shaming somebody for example
>being taken granted for helping
let's say you clean the table after the dinner at their place. absolutely taken for granted, no thank you. or you host the place, prepare drinks, meals, whatever. they just expect it.
>they quote reddit irl
>they aren't funny
most men's sense of humor is laughing at other's suffering, not in a funny, your friend tripped on a banana, but in the racist and misogynist way.
>they automatically think they're better than you
no matter how ugly, socially awkward, uneducated, mean spirited, selfish, and gross they are
>expecting you to carry the conversation or excluding you from it completely
>using your presence as an ego booster while not acknowledging you as a person
you are basically there for free drinks if at all at that point while trying to deny yourself they invited you do they could feel cool for having a girl there
>they are jealous of and talk shit about women
it's not enough that they have higher chances of earning more money and advancing their career, they want to be pampered and treated softly by everyone apparently, yet they don't do it themselves. who told them they can not hug their friends?
>their interactions are circlejerks or competitions
there is no validation, building up each other, barely learning at all even from arguments, interactions are a weird hierarchy game to them

No. 1168256

Are there like any men left in the world that aren't cowards and traitors? Probably not.

No. 1168257

>someone alogged me someone alogged me
Bitch I get alogged a lot too for random stupid retarded shit and I don't complain or make it my entire personality, also I don't want to kill people just because some randos on the internet told me to die KEK

No. 1168260

>I am too retarded to work

There are plenty of retards with jobs in this world. That's not an excuse.

No. 1168261

It's not even what you did 8 years ago, but your continued murder ideation. It's not okay and you need help.

No. 1168262

>only lolcow dot farm is secure enough to contain romania-chan's thought vomits
god no

No. 1168263

But you know this is an imageboard and people will reply to you right? Please actually reply to this.

No. 1168264

File: 1651853280938.jpg (19.51 KB, 500x437, Surprised_Pikachu.jpg)

>say women are evil
>go to website for women
>ignore any advice, ignore well-felt empathetic posts and an entire crusade against a moid in your behalf
>shit on userbase, tell them you hate them and tell them you want to kill them
>be surprised to not get empathetic responses anymore

No. 1168265

attention whoring much?
They just talk to each other at this point.

No. 1168268

i have been giving her positive responses (between occasional critical responses) for about 5-6 months or so straight and she almost never engages with any of my positive posts. it's actually insane.

No. 1168271


No. 1168273

typed in a tipsy blurry because i just got home from one of these hangouts. so there was a young med student who was talking about finding a job, and two men chimed in on how difficult that will be with her being over qualified. why were they so negative, at a party too? then another girl on scholarship was made fun of for working with formulas that are somehow worse than others, like over 4x during one night, by different scrotes, while she was not bantering with anyone. why should it be the first thing for moids to comment or joke negatively on a woman's career, and so eagerly? i am never hanging out with men again here unless they're known for being feminists because most men literally hate and look down on women. it is toxic and rots your brain if you get used to it.

No. 1168274

she just wants pity

No. 1168275

They just changed. We had Finnanon and necessaryspeed4 and Mystery and I'm sure there's more I can't remember atm

No. 1168276

Tinfoil but what if Romanianon replies to her own posts and makes it look like others are responding just to shit up this thread even more?

Nonnies, just drop it and invest your time in something that's worth investing in. Romanianon doesn't want help, she probably doesn't even want to help herself but she wants people to tell her what a poor little thing she is. She clearly doesn't care about positive input and would rather go on a killing rampage. Some people just can't be helped.

No. 1168277

File: 1651853614200.jpeg (79.93 KB, 1079x936, 1A50BF42-6CD2-419D-9A45-4F0CF8…)

Bless you for trying with her (that’s a genuine, British “bless you” and not a condescending Southern “bless you”)

No. 1168279

That exact advice had been given to her a few times. It's not secure enough for her kek

No. 1168284

No. 1168285

fuck off romanianon

No. 1168287

but there weren't so many at the same time.

No. 1168288

File: 1651853923061.png (117.41 KB, 1192x784, FA7EDBE4-6A7B-4A5C-AF2C-945C99…)

kaitlyn tiffany agrees with me

No. 1168290

You say you didn't ask for help when anons try to give you positive replies but then continue mentioning no one gives you empathy. You say you want empathy but keep insulting others. You keep coming back to a website that upsets you, to a website where most anons don't like you, and keep expecting asspats. If you hate being alogged then simply don't post anything.

No. 1168291

We already had something like that yesterday and it turned into a shitfest of her selfposting and gossiping about pakianon.

No. 1168292

Not her, but why give her an entire thread for everyone to infight with her? it gets bad.

No. 1168293

File: 1651854046355.gif (2.64 MB, 800x600, plant_dribbble.gif)

Fuck all of you, I hate this stupid infighting over the same shit again and again.

No. 1168295

Is the ugly ginger moid that stalks romaninanon never away from here, my headcanon is he's the moid that spams cp and gore and shits up threads. So boring

No. 1168296

and the mods allow it too, they never ban romanianon for her attention whoring

No. 1168297

Kaitlyn Tiffany would take notes in lightspeed if she was still lurking here.

No. 1168300

yeah, i'm tired. farmers never seem to get tired of it.

No. 1168311

all you had to was scroll a bit >>1168046

No. 1168313

I hate normie hints like humblebragging and status signalling and social climbing. It's so cringe and genuinely makes me feel sick. They look down on you for not doing the same. I don't even want to play this game so why are they thinking I participate? I just want to live my life normally and not fucking compare savings and cars and apartments and clothes and vacations. At that point who are they doing it for even? It's like they can't enjoy things for themselves. Not even going to go into detail about how they treat mentally ill and disabled people. Narcissistic assholes only vaguely treat you like a human being if they deem you status improving compared to themselves. It's a fucked up world they live. I will never want to be friends with a normie for this reason unless they are extremely altruistic.

No. 1168315

they're extremely mentally ill and insecure. probably either got hella coddled in childhood or were constantly compared and they brought this mentality with them. grown ass people acting like kids. i agree, it's pathetic. i never participate in the stupid contest.

No. 1168319

A female relative asked me to draw an anime piece so she could get it tattooed on a visible part of her body.

I dislike tattoos and I think anime tattoos are very lame. I do not want to contribute to this…

No. 1168327

Are you gonna do it?

No. 1168328

File: 1651854868654.png (669.08 KB, 502x511, sailor mon.PNG)

you can always make it extremely ugly so at least it's entertaining. sometimes cute sailor moon type/pastels (i know they fade and dont age well) look really cute though. and what about something like this? animu inspired but not really anime, just cool

No. 1168330

File: 1651854934745.png (440.57 KB, 568x701, FPRW6CSX0AYblno.png)

Scrotes are dumb

No. 1168335

I don't like tattoos but does it not mean something to her that she wants you to do it?

No. 1168342

No. It would weigh heavy on my conscious lol
That looks nice but I do not want to contribute to the defilement of a relative’s body. It’s entirely anime related and I will cringe at myself for being involved in any capacity.

No. 1168346

I think you shouldn't do it, it's not a good mindset to have going into a project, just be upfront that it's not your thing and she should look into local tattoo scene for someone who would be happy to work with her

No. 1168355

I feel like I've already talked anons' ears off going on about my relationship with my mother more than a few times and I hate to sound like a broken record who is annoying farmers, I just wish it wasn't so confusing and hard for me to understand. I wish I could talk about it with someone irl but I cannot. I don't how much if it is just me overreacting and being the one at fault.

No. 1168369

just post it here

No. 1168385

I have a few times, I just feel like I am annoying.

No. 1168387

it's the vent thread, whether you annoy others or not is none of your concern

No. 1168392

you won't be as annoying as romanianon is, I don't think anyone can be

No. 1168397

shhhh don't say that fucking name again or you might summon her

No. 1168408

Oh no oh nonono do you hear that…

No. 1168411

I’m really stressed out because my period is 4 days late (my cycle is usually pretty on the nose) and I’m not stressed because I could be pregnant I’m just really terrified of being infertile kek does anyone know how to force it out of me? thank you

No. 1168415

Romanianon is that you?

No. 1168435

Put on your nicest most expensive pair of underwear and then go to do an errand and it will start

No. 1168443

I did yesterday morning. Bright white, completely unstained, still nothing.

No. 1168445

File: 1651858872031.jpg (125.88 KB, 488x640, 013f32164b0ba41d1c21141292a7a3…)

I don't know if my relationship with my mom is inappropriate or not. I have no external judgement to help me, only my aunt has commented on it, she reprimanded my mother that she still treats me like an infant and it's true, she does. Anons on here have told me it is verging on inappropriate, someone said I was a scrote because I was the 'kissing mom's boobs' anon, but I'm not a man. I feel abnormal and fucked up. I am back with my mom and we are back to our codependent relationship and it's making me hate myself. I wasn't allowed to sleep alone till I turned 18, and now I am still made to sleep besides her since I've returned every time, no matter that she also snores super loud. At least now, we don't snuggle to sleep, I keep to my side. She touches me everywhere, my inner thighs, my stomach, it feels bad to me when she keeps on rubbing and rubbing my thighs or hips till I move away or tell her to cut it out. She kisses my back and my neck, like couples do. My first kiss was my mom, I was straddling her and I was, I think, about 14. It makes me feel weird when I think about it. I straddled her till I was like 17, we were too physically close. I know she hates my breasts too, before she even looks at my face, she stares at my tits and feels the need to comment on them everytime and I feel gross about my body. She used to say how much of a romantic couple we were, how she always needs alone-time with me, she uses such a gross word, the English translation would be 'licking and sucking', like, we do that with each other. She lets me smother myself in her chest, which I am back to doing, but freaks out when my boobs even slightly brush her. I feel like I am making this worse thinking about it, I feel like I am the gross one, I am turning something loving and innocent into something bad. She tells me I come to her to get kissed and it is true, she is right. I like physical affection from her, so why am I complaining? I kept getting dream of us being inappropriate constantly while I was away, I had to puke to feel better. They were constant and terrible and sometimes they would turn into wet dreams anons, it makes me want to kill myself. I feel dirty, I really don't want to be this way. I don't know how to fix thsi. I am so gross. How do I even begin to fix myself? Or am I past the point
I heeded your advice

No. 1168455

Wait, I’m sorry, kissing your moms boobs?

No. 1168456

no offense, i feel extremely grossed out just reading this. girl. talk to another girl/woman please, like, romantically possibly. you need to stop fixating on your mom. i'm presuming you're doing this because you've not been with anyone and this is your only attachment emotionally/"romantically", ugh, feels horrible typing that, no offense. this is horrifying.

No. 1168464

I remember your past posts, you need to get away from your mom and into therapy. This is weird and unhealthy.

No. 1168469

Do you need someone to send you help? Because I’m sure someone could if you ever feel ready.

No. 1168470

Anon, this is super inappropriate. Your mom’s clearly been grooming you your whole life, you gotta break away. No it’s not normal, no it’s not healthy, no it’s not okay.

No. 1168472

We already told you it's extremely inappropriate last time.

No. 1168491

I'm starting to think it's a scrote posting his fap fiction

No. 1168496

Let her vent, it's hard what she's going through

No. 1168498

do women have wet dreams? i found that odd.

No. 1168500

this is molestation, you are a victim of molestation. report her

No. 1168501

This was so disturbing to read..
> I wasn't allowed to sleep alone till I turned 18
And many other things you said are so disturbing and obviously abuse.. imagine if it was a father who did this? Maybe you should see a therapist or talk to someone outside of the family?

No. 1168511

If this truly isn't just scrote fantasy fiction then you have been raped and molested by your mother - this is a fact, it's not an opinion nor is it ever something that someone should debate or "well..what if" you on. You need to find a way to get away from your mother ASAP and also tell someone about this - maybe your aunt, any friends, if not that then a women's help or to the authorities to make a report. You need to make a step to get help for this instead of posting on this website, none of us can help you here especially considering it's anonymous and we cannot redirect you to professional help.

No. 1168514

I kiss her on her boobs or her pits sometimes, I've done it since forever, I liked it because I felt safe. I am trying not to do it anymore because I am not a kid anymore and I shouldn't.
I've never been with anyone but I have plenty girl friends. I don't know if I am ready for dating people, I am not that fun to be around. I like other girls and I could see myself being with one in the future but not now. I think what you are saying is correct, I think I am sick, I keep trying to push it away but it is true. My mom has not had someone as a romantic partner since I was born, when my father left her and fucked off forever. I am just projecting? Maybe that is it but I don't want this at all, I don't want to be like this. I want both of us to have healthy boundaries.
I am not a scrote and I am not fapping to this, I know I am being fucking gross but please believe me.

No. 1168515

nta, you've never had sex dreams? I have them with my husbando sometimes and then I wake up wet.

No. 1168518

>I kiss her on her boobs or her pits sometimes, I've done it since forever, I liked it because I felt safe. I am trying not to do it anymore because I am not a kid anymore and I shouldn't.
Not even kids should do this

No. 1168519

There are mothers who sexually abuse their children but this sounds like a male larp to me.

No. 1168522

improvement wont happen until you physically leave the situation

No. 1168524

guy told me he doesnt date when we met, we've been having sex and i told him this is just casual sex and he said he's confused, insinuating that it's not. why do moids think they can explore their options but when women do it it's wrong. he keeps telling me he's not seeing other people but i'm not dumb lmao, like bro, you told me within 3 dates that you're not dating. fuck all the way off.

No. 1168525

Please don't shame potential incest victims.

No. 1168529

You say you have female friends so please talk to them about this. People seem eager to suggest therapy but I'm aware that it isn't an option or even free to everyone. You should 100% tell your friends about this - someone needs to know, your mother is molesting you and when you don't tell or inform someone about this you will internalize it and hate yourself for it even more than you do now. Your friends will probably be able to help you out and direct you to getting yourself away from your mother too.

No. 1168532

Noni. It sounds like your mother was performing spousal style sexual abuse. It’s one of the more common types of sexual abuse from women to their children unlike direct molestation from male relatives. She put you inappropriate physical and emotional role forcing you into adult aspects of a relationship to feel a void she was missing with a spouse. You need to get help and work on processing your feelings away from her.

No. 1168541

Samefag but I’m older at this point and I have personal exp with this. It’s not you. It’s your mother. I’m so sorry she did this to you. She violated your boundaries. She groomed you. It’s not you.

No. 1168543

I was away from my mom for a good while and I missed her but I was doing okay. I have had to move back it due to being broke, and her being broke too. I cannot make a report against my mom, I don't want to hurt her, I just want to be away again, if I am honest. It was the only time I felt like an actual adult, I think that is a universal experience though.
I think I have one friend who I can trust with this, I have told her other things she's listened with no judgement and she has helped me out too. But I don't want to be a burden and I don't want her to think how gross I am, when I myself think I am so disgusting.

No. 1168548

it's not your fault but at this point you need to, first of all, set solid boundaries with her if you guys are this broke, sleep separately, and try to fixate on something else, anything else, because as an adult now you're (not your fault but still an issue that needs to be fixed) fixating on her. what about like… anime girls? just anything else to project your emotional/sexual feelings onto? i don't have personal experience with this so i'm not helpful but i would have to imagine maybe leaning into anything else, like investing your feelings into someone else (even a character) would help you detach. and if you can, yes, please talk to someone you feel safe with about this, even your aunt.

No. 1168552

File: 1651860892641.jpg (62.5 KB, 564x752, b85a4b65395afc0d387cd52958ef59…)

It's really gross that anons constantly call people scrotes for having experiences that deviate from the norm. I'm a woman whos been called a scrote on this site so many times, and I have friends I've met on here that have been called the same; think about how many real women you're alienating by calling them that, vs how many men you're not even remotely offending by calling them a ballsack. That being said, can't you guys tell how a scrote would write? A scrote wouldn't write about how they feel in the situation or that they want to kill themselves, or that they feel dirty, gross, abnormal, that they need to fix themselves, or that their being made to feel self conscious about their breasts (managing to not describe the exact size and shape of them, as a moid would). A man is not capable of extending enough empathy to flavor their fap material with introspective worry and despair. C'mon anons, seriously? I thought you guys read enough troon reddit posts to tell how a moid would write. There are no descriptions of body parts, excessive description of scenarios that go past the point, etc.
To further my point, if this was a scrote, what part of telling them to get therapy and seek help would be indulging the fantasy? It just seems like a high risk for someone who is very likely just a woman in a horrible, abusive situation.

No. 1168557

I've had "wet" dreams but never woke up wet. I just orgasm in my dream and it wakes me up, but I'm still completely dry

No. 1168560

You’re not gross or disgusting. You’re a victim who was groomed into things before you understood what they were. Ask for help if you can reach out to the friend. Maybe a womens shelter in your area has free counseling you can get an appointment with. I agree with the above Noni. Set hard boundaries. Grey rock her in conversation. Don’t sleep in the same bath. Lock the bathroom door when you’re in there. She’s going to get upset and that’s not your fault. You are doing nothing wrong.

No. 1168561

i don't associate a sex dream with a "wet" dream. i associate wet dreams with achieving orgasm in your sleep, is that not what it is? sure i've been wet when i woke up from a sex dream but i just considered that having a sexual dream, not a proper wet dream.

No. 1168564

Yes. They do. (I had them on occasion) not super often and I don’t wake up wet. Just frustrated.

No. 1168570

File: 1651861332730.webm (5.81 MB, 576x1024, 278791752_500683501749590_7682…)

I don't think I was forced into an adult role in an emotional, I think she did that with my older sister, who has seen the worst of my mom, it was more my sister who was our mom, than my mom, even now, it is my sister who I go to. We bitch about her together sometimes, she shared this video with me, our mom to a T. But the physical thing, I don't know, I really think I have a hand in it too, I don't know if it is really truly just her? I feel like crying and tearing my skin off thinking about this, I feel gross the dreams I kept having were so disgusting I couldn't even talk on the phone with my mom, who was none the wiser. She didn't make me have those dreams, it was my own brain . I know I need to get away somehow, as I did before. I don't hate her, I feel like I need to say it, I love her a lot. She has done what she could as a mom all alone with her two kids, I shouldn't discredit that. I just want to have a normal mom daughter relationship with her. I am gonna talk to someone I know, if I can brave it.

No. 1168573

As someone whos been through something similar (I wont go into detail because the focus is on you). If you have to live with her for your survival you need to start setting boundaries even if she guilts trips you you need that definitive line. Telling some one who can actually help you is the key point depending on your culture don't go into as much detail as you gave us but instead tell your aunt or friends that you mom makes you uncomfortable to see if they'd let you live with them for a while and make your boundaries clear if you do move in with them.

No. 1168575

good video

No. 1168578


> She used to say how much of a romantic couple we were, how she always needs alone-time with me, she uses such a gross word, the English translation would be 'licking and sucking', like, we do that with each other.

Noni right here is emotional grooming you into a spousal role. She implied in your own words you were a couple that’s hugely not okay ever.

No. 1168600

Emotional grooming in this case is sharing things you shouldn’t with children. Venting, off loading, trauma dumping things inappropriate on a child because the spouse in the home is absent emotional or physically. She groomed you using statements like that it looks like from my perspective to make you feel from the time you were a small child like you were supposed to be this close, that boundaries are selfish. Maybe she also said things like no one but me is going to love you or maybe it was things like no is ever going to love you as much as me. There’s lots of little things that come together to bring the full picture. I hope you can get the help Noni. None of this should have ever happened to you. I’m so sorry.

No. 1168605

Do you need shelter resources anon? I'd get out ASAP

No. 1168610

Thank you a lot anon, I hope you are doing okay, that you are doing better and I am not perhaps making you recount uncomfortable things. I will do as you say as long as I am under her roof. I might tell a friend when I work up the courage to, I think she could help, even if in just a emotional way, I have a feeling she will get what I mean if I say I get uncomfortable sometimes, I think she has observed things. I want to get away so I can at least sort everything out in my mind, it will take time. We are in a bad financial situation right now but I will take your advice in what I should do while with her. I think I will make this my last reply, I don't want to hog this thread with grossness and make anons uneasy. Thanks anons for still being kind, I do not deserve it i am being gross and fishing for kind words like this

No. 1168616

Last piece of advice. If you need a place to stash money she won’t find. Store it in the padding pocket of your bra. You can start hoarding bills there as an emergency or escape fund. Even just a few might help. Good luck Noni. I hope things work out for you.

No. 1168617

I hope your friend understands and is able to help. If not, please don’t be discouraged from trying to better your situation and get some space so you can start to heal.

No. 1168635

(In America) using bear spray on someone is a felony assault.
pepper spray is water based but bear spray is oil based so it can't be washed off.
just an fyi

No. 1168642

Literally scroll past it in your case, it's not that big of a deal. Nonnas above suspected the post to be a scrote because it's so horrifying.

No. 1168650

NTA, she's right. Calling women that are victims of abuse scrotes, moids or any other insult is fucking disgusting and extremely moid like in itself.

No. 1168660

Hard agree. It’s just up your ass behavior more expected from a moid and it hurts abuse victims. Making them feel further ostracized.

No. 1168666

Anons above obviously did not do it out of malice but out of suspiciousness and disbelief.

No. 1168670

Millennial here, and suddenly feeling grumpy about the fact that my peers have become so fucking lame and corny overnight on social media.

[Someone posts a picture of their husband] "He's got THE SMOULDER down! You know, from Tangled!"

"I'm such a Hufflepuff, so I just want to help everyone-"

[posts a news article about a crime]
"The world has GONE CRAZY!! Whatever happened to the old days?"

[Pic of Baby Yoda]
"Me drinking my choccy milk"

What the fuck, when did we collectively become the equivalent of our boomer aunts who post minion memes on Facebook? Also, come the fuck on, we're THIRTY. We're not 'old' and drying up. Stop posting dumb memes about being "such a grandma" and being "no fun anymore" and your back aching. Do some fucking yoga and come back in in 3 decades to talk about feeling old.

No. 1168685

Milennials are experiencing a cultural shock thats why they feel so old things have changed so drastically in the last decade they must feel stunted and like they lived a thousand years

No. 1168689

my neighbors got a pony and it's so cute but I'm stressed out because it doesn't have another horse to keep it company and it's showing signs of anxiety and loneliness and it's turning me into a fucking horse girl who wants to be with the pony all day to keep it from being sad because I relate to the lonely pony, get a goat or something you assholes I don't need this in my life!!!!

No. 1168693

>suspiciousness and disbelief
…towards victims of abuse? That's no justification.

No. 1168694

kek I'm so sorry about the lonely pony anon, but this just reminded me of Martha Kelly's story about the horse she tried to befriend on This Is Not Happening

No. 1168698

Feel like this is survivorship bias. Where I am millennials are abandoning social media in droves and only the most maladjusted or emotionally stunted ones are sticking around.

No. 1168700

File: 1651865708487.gif (2.12 MB, 483x498, retard.gif)

i just had 12 chicken mcnuggets and im craving more. I'm trying so fucking hard not to binge and lose progress after 3 weeks of consistent good high-protein food with just a few snacks in between. i hate my appetite for spiking. i want large fries covered in salt, i NEED salt but i cant have it or else ill just get fat. i've already had chicken WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEE

No. 1168707

Have you tried an electrolyte drink? You can buy powders to mix into water or by them already mixed in bottles. Craving for salt in food is usually related to electrolyte imbalance which can happen due to diet changes.

No. 1168717

slap him in the face hard every time he tries to do it. tell him no. assert boundaries. come on. 14 is still young but old enough to know shit

No. 1168719

I've seen the same. Few of my friends are on social media except a handful on IG that update maybe once every few weeks, private accounts only to share pics with friends they actually know irl. I'm on FB (very rarely) to follow a few indie businesses that give updates there and op's quotes sound very much like the unhinged type still obsessed with having 20k "friends" and centering their personality around shitty memes, not so different from the mentally unwell zoomers except Tiktok is their platform of choice

No. 1168721

kek this is kind of how I feel because I know jack shit about horses. He tries to groom me when I pet him so I need to start wearing ratty shirts when I go out there.

No. 1168756

Because the story is so unbelievably awful. Not saying the anon itt is one btw. And yes scrotes do post stories in female spaces to wank off to, bait responses they can wank off to or generally lurk here to get off anons trauma and suffering, especially CSA and domestic abuse. Literally just look at the reddit or MtF thread or any shitchan board, it's not a foreign concept.

No. 1168775

Planned to kill myself before my 22 birthday, its a month away now lol… wish i was more committed than i am

No. 1168824

The correct response to that is to report and ignore instead of potentially insulting a woman who is in an abusive situation.

No. 1168851

this, it feels like scrotes attempting to silence women who speak out about abuse

No. 1168951

No. 1169120

I don't wanna invalidate anything you're feeling nonnie but if you are doing this out of a 'i'm already this old things will never get better' reason, please stop. 22 is still so young and you never know when things might turn around.

No. 1169278

I want a cheerful normie bf but cheerful normie guys don't want depressed girlfriends. They can simply sense we're too cringe and fucked up and that being with us would either bore them or it would be too hard to handle. I'm also very vulnerable and gullible and I only attract guys who want to own and control me and take adventage of me and it's very clear right away. I may have a hard time telling when people lie or joke, but I can always sense what they want to do to me. I never had a relationship or sex for that reason. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna die alone. I've seen some cases of girls from pathological backgrounds being 'saved' by normie guys and now they're in a happy functional relationship. I ask myself, why it couldn't have happened to me? Am I worse? I don't deserve it? I tried so many times to get closer to someone but I only attract this certain type, and the normie guys I met and liked were always taken. I'm getting more bitter as time goes by. I have to struggle with everything alone, meanwhile the boyfriends of my female coworkers do everything for them, they handle formalities regarding their apartments and cars, they pay for most of their shit, like furniture, despite the fact that both of them will use it. Their parents will also buy them shit. And then my female coworkers will use plural and say we accomplished that, we bought that, we found that, we rented that etc., despite the fact they didn't even knew the names of estate agents their boyfriends found lmao. When you're completely alone, with no partner and no parents, everything is so hard, and it's even harder when you see people being handed things on a silver platter

No. 1169286

File: 1651873946334.jpeg (1.8 MB, 849x1200, 98108137_p0_master1200.jpeg)


I'm planning to kill myself before my 21 birthday in summer. Wish me luck or I'll chicken out!

No. 1169299

Don't do it

No. 1169325

Again, why?

No. 1169351

Nonnette, I don’t want to invalidate how you’re feeling or the circumstances that’ve made you feel this is your only choice but I hope you don’t. You might feel hopeless right now but with help, things could turn around. If you feel comfortable sharing, talk to us, you have our support.

No. 1169370

i was planning on getting laid before mine and we are 2 weeks out now lol. on a more serious note why don't you and >>1169286 stretch it to 30, at least? my number was 18, which didn't happen obviously, but now i feel like i might as well see where things go

No. 1169387

It's not a contest.

No. 1169399

I'm so sick of being fat anons. I live with family and they are constantly filling the house with junk and temptations and I'm a fatass with a sweet tooth who can't resist. If I were living on my own I just wouldn't buy snacks but no matter how much I beg them to stop bringing home unhealthy food, they get angry and tell me they "need" to have snacks in the house at all times. I can't even cook for myself because they shut me down by having the kitchen filled with takeout before I'm even hungry. I can't take it anymore, I'm so frustrated that I just want to throw everything in the fucking trash. My only solution is to move out but I don't know when I will be able to.

No. 1169414

I planned to kill myself right after high school and I'm still here somehow nearly a decade later. Stick around anon, you will be missing out on a lot of life experiences and at only 21 your life is practically only beginning. And if things don't get better? You always have your backup plan. I hope you stay with us anon.

No. 1169420

I feel so ugly all the time

No. 1169423

Didn’t see this earlier, sorry nonnette. Like I told >>1169286 I truly hope you don’t and stay with us. Life can feel a bit shit at times and you might feel like there’s no hope but with help, things can turn around. I hope knowing a few of us are willing to listen and support you brings you some comfort.

No. 1169592

I found the perfect second hand top. It was cheap, unworn and exactly what I was looking for. Then I see the seller hasn't been online for two months and I can't contact her via email, I also can't find anything of the sort on that website or elsewhere. I'm not even mad, just bummed out lol.

No. 1169599

I hate the mornings so much… mornings into early afternoons are the worst, I just feel so incredibly down and genuinely don’t want to exist, but as the day goes on and I force myself to move and go to work and get on with the day, I feel better. By the time the evening rolls around and I’m comfy in my room, I feel at ease and peaceful - only to know the looming dread of that morning feeling is only a quick sleep away.
It’s not even a ‘waking up is so difficult~~’ situation, it’s just this painful numbness that fogs up my being every morning. I never used to feel like this, literally haven’t a clue how to overcome it..

No. 1169605

I want to kms.

No. 1169609

don't do it, you gotta help us keep the women suicide rate low

No. 1169610

i can't cope with life anymore i want to die. what cruel god would create people just to suffer

No. 1169614

Isn't there something that you want to do before you die? Even if it's something small, it's worth it.

No. 1169615

File: 1651883398320.png (112.86 KB, 500x500, 1634681957107.png)

FUCK YOU MORSICATIO BUCCARUM! FUCK YOU! Why the FUCK do I do this to myself, I can't believe I prematurely aged one side of my face PERMANENTLY and FOR NO REASON just because I'm a NEUROTIC RETARD why couldn't I just pull my fucking hair out or something GOD DAMN IT I want to STOP I have to STOP!!! I CURSE YOU I CURSE YOU!!!!!!!

No. 1169618


No. 1169628

>but soon after having sex I dumped them because of their personality traits that surfaced
This literally proves that tinder is shit anon..this whole post is confusing.

No. 1169629

I thought those feelings would be over after finishing school and becoming an adult, but I spend the whole day at work feeling awful over how socially inept I'm and how I can't bond with people. I'm incompetent in every way. I'm not pretty, I'm not smart, I don't have social skills, I don't have talent for anything. I'm good for nothing. Why am I even alive?

No. 1169631

Me too nonny, wish I could find friends on here who lived in the same area so we could chill and hang out

No. 1169633

I’m fucking tired of seeing people posting about abortions going “wOmEn ArEnT tHe OnLy OnEs WhO nEeD aBoRtIoNs”. Um on but it’s overwhelmingly a problem for women, I’m willing to bet less than 1% of people getting abortions don’t consider themselves women. It’s a lot easier to just say women than “people with uteruses”.

No. 1169634

I feel so miserable when I have to go outside. Everyone is a reminder of who I will never be and who I will never have. I wish I could run away and never see anyone again.

No. 1169637

That 1% is more important than the thousands of women out there. That's the misogynistic shithole of a world we live in.

No. 1169644

File: 1651885099887.jpg (85.13 KB, 720x720, 638930292766.jpg)

My boyfriend (or me I guess idek) ruined our movie pizza night that I was looking forward to for the whole week..

No. 1169647

anyone desperately jealous of normal people? people with friends, a social life, hobbies, a good family life?

why can't i be like that? what is wrong with my pathetic brain. every day i think i can't bear another day of the loneliness, and yet here i am. it's unbearable

No. 1169651

I feel you anon

No. 1169653

i'd like to feel connection with another human being again. it's been years

No. 1169657

yep. when i drive through a local park and see a pair of people walking together i have to stop myself from running them over because i'm so jealous

No. 1169660

What happened nonny?

No. 1169669

We had a very stupid fight. Lost my appetite, he lost his too. Wasted too much time and it's too late for the movie. We are just in a general awful mood so we wouldn't even be able to enjoy it anyway. But now I am really sad about it too.

No. 1169678

sometimes i'm jealous but most of the time i'm just sad and frustrated that i haven't been able to find the right people.

No. 1169717

even when you commit to get better the universe conspires against you. i will die alone, hopefully soon

No. 1169719

I'm misanthropic and I cannot stop it or snap out of it. After I have discovered certain truths about humanity and society I cannot return to a normal way of thinking besides powerful misanthropy. Most people don't even know what misanthropy is either way. I don't want to drag others with me but after the moral corruption and hypocrisy of humans is so extreme and the selfishness.

No. 1169721

Dermatographia urticaria is great for temporary self harm with no consequences. You just scratch yourself hard enough and it burns like hell by itself and when touched is even worse. No scars or anything else afterwards.

No. 1169722

File: 1651889688043.gif (607.22 KB, 500x360, 4A701343-829C-474C-9EE4-F1A750…)

I went to the store today and it was such a off experience. There was this fat woman standing in the aisle and I was trying to get through and she was standing there with a blank robotic expression staring at the aisle I swear she wasn’t even processing anything in her mind and I had to wait until she moved. It was the most bizarre shit ever, also people driving their carts and not stopping unless you yourself move or you will get hit and the offish, rude attitude even though it’s one of the best stores to shop at in my state. I think this fits more in the tinfoil thread but what is going on with humans nowadays? Were they replaced with skinwalkers or something? Inb4 “um people have more complex lives than you!!” but no it freaks me the fuck out I should not have to say “excuse me” in a near empty aisle for you to move, actual NPC shit

No. 1169723

>I scratch myself as self harm I'm so depressed uwu
no1curr just kys already you annoying bitch

No. 1169725

Just do it already, just admit you made that post as a cry for help or just do it. Humans are too retarded to properly kill themselves so the next thing we would probably hear from you is that you’re in the hospital slowly dying from painful kidney failure from downing painkillers, trying to escape the pain but ends up slowly dying in pain the irony kek. Not going to say don’t do but I’m also not saying to do it. Just tired of this shit, instead of threatening suicide just ADMIT you need help, let go of your fucking pride and admit it

No. 1169726

Me and my boyfriend are on a shit ton of drugs, which excuses his attention span somewhat but I'm so annoyed he's scrolling on his phone as I'm telling stories and he's still interrupting me. He's not normally like this so it's really jarring and annoying right now and I just need to bitch. I don't have much to do on my phone kek but wanted to look like "fine then, me too" which is immature. I guess I'll draw for a while instead, but woah. Annoying. He took me on a nice date earlier so I can't bitch too hard, and it's really minor. I wish I could babble to someone. I have no girlfriends since I moved here right before covid hit and don't have many opportunities to strike up a conversation with total strangers, not that I'd bitch at them about my relationship. It's nice besides tonights annoyance. It'd be nice and tacky to make them art pieces and clothing, and maybe smoke weed and chat about stuff. I miss high school (pls no bully) for the simple fact that people my age were forced to be near me, and people's choices were very wild and my boring ass lived vicariously for a time. I feel like I live in a very small box. My annoyance with him is probably requited because he's my only social interaction most days and I'm sure that gets tiring.
This felt nice. Sorry if you read it, I just needed to babble selfishly. Feels so good

No. 1169731

I invited my sister to a huge event in a couple weeks, and after getting her on the guest list today, she backed the fuck out! Now I'm so stressed that the host is going to be pissed after I sent an email making up a bullshit story to take her off the list.I'm still going, and am hyped.

No. 1169736

I have both morsicatio buccarum and trichotillomania. I am so sorry, nonna. I wish I could take away the urges of everyone afflicted. It's embarrassing, hurtful, and demoralizing.

No. 1169738

I wish for the extermination of the human species. Our lives make no sense and we are hurting each other more than anything and society is a mess. There is much more pain in history and humanity than there is happiness or joy. Our existence is a joke anyway, stuck in-between inexistence for an amount of time that literally equals to nothing for the universe. We are nothing. Our existence brings more suffering than it brings joy or happiness. Apply the Marie Kondo method on the human kind. Minimalism. The universe doesn't need us, so it should dispose itself of us. We are nothing but a cancer. A bubonic plague to the universe and to our own planet

No. 1169742

agreed nonna. it is a cruel joke that we exist for a blip of a cosmic second with no control over any of it. wipe out the species and save future suffering

No. 1169746

mods can you please ban romanianon already so I don’t have to read this

No. 1169749

thanks I want my work to inspire a powerful human or future group of people to whipe out humans from existence and end the human kind. Our genocides are commited on a daily basis. On a daily basis there is genocide in the world. The only honest genocide is if we all die and nobody is saved and as far as I'm concerned nobody is innocent or ever be. Being human means you are being tainted. Being human comes with such a great amount of evil. We don't deserve to be alive or to have a counsciousness

No. 1169753

Sounds like you're working out a manifesto, romniananon, well luckily I don't hate you so I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

No. 1169756

shut the fuck up already and eat a cinnamon roll

No. 1169765

i know this is the answer that has been repeated ad nauseam but it really is social media issues that have been exacerbated by COVID

No. 1169767

there is genocide and suffering everywhere people are raped and killed or die of starvation or are slaves to a sick system doing the job for others. We are so narcissistic and egoistical that we constantly hurt our own kind. The only way of ending the atrocity of the world is to end the human kind but I think we might self destroy. Our greediness and lack of true self awareness. We constantly step on one another, argue, constantly try to opress the other, to put him down. It's an ugly fight a struggle in which the truth never surfaces. Humans are not attuned to the truth they are attuned to lies and illusions they tell themselves. We lie to ourselves that we are good and worthy that we are a virtuous society when we are the exact opposite of that. The atrocities of the human kind can be found at absolutely any corner of humanity. It's enough for one to walk outside in society for 20 minutes to see the atrocities. They are everywhere, yet we want to see ourselves as truthful and good when we commit atrocities, when we constantly hurt and opress others in a sick system. We kill each other on a daily basis. Every human is a murderer contributing with their labour to a system that kills. Every suicide and every murder is the result of a deeply disorganized and sick system. Of a society that is left to the mercy of faith and lies. Wouldn't it be better if we all succumbed into nothingness? How can I leave this world knowing that I am leaving behind rape, torture, poverty and just inequality not only of chances and opportunities but simply a mess Something atrocious. Why is the most advanced and intelligent species failing at simple social and political organization? We are heading to space but we can hardly take care of our own here on earth. Everything is fake and a lie, an illusion. If we could all escape the lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis we would all reach the same consensus that we as a society are deeply messed up. Until when can we hide behind irony and jokes? Until when can we escape in digital worlds while our own world is burning from the ground and we are allowing money hungry reptilians to take over? We are allowing the worst people to control our society. At this point we are all better off dead than surviving the genocide and suffering that is about to happen very soon. What kind of world is this in which the prospect of complete annihilation of the species seems better than all the other options that we have? We live in a fake society in which we all act and pretend it is all fine when it clearly isn't. How much longer can you lie to yourself and to others?

No. 1169770

what social media issues it’s mostly normies acting like assholes but I still agree with you anon. post-covid and the economy is giving people a leeway to be survivalist jerks

No. 1169772

Damn now I want a Cinnabon

No. 1169774

Also people believing in certain conspiracies (q cult level shit type). Quite frankly it's all bizarre.

No. 1169776

Nta but same. I rage though because I have coeliac.

No. 1169779

File: 1651892293376.gif (4.12 MB, 320x180, angryblondewoman.gif)

>No, anon, I can't pay for your school because you are a neet and need to learn to live in the world
>Yes, I am paying for your everything for your addict brothers college, groceries, countless fines, criminal laywers, car, and insurance but he has a job!
keep in mind he tried to kill my parents while high, but he is still so much better than me, why? Oh because I'm a neet and I slit my wrists at 12 and it was SOOO traumatizing for her. YEAH LIKE SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL YOU ISNT TRAUMATIZING?
I hate my faggot brother and my pickme of a mother who will put me down for the tiniest crumb of male validation in our family
I do not care if I sound spoiled if she can pay for all that shit for my brother she can pay for my EXTREMELY CHEAP SCHOOL, she is not poor by any means and makes nearly 7 figures.
He broke my wrist when I was 8 (he was 18 lmao) and I spent so much of my childhood awake scared of him this should be my reparations bitch "he's going through a hard time" Ok well I hope it gets worse

No. 1169789

>what social media problems
self-absorption mostly imo, but people have also always been selfish lol

No. 1169801

become an otherkin

No. 1169806

I just spent an hour talking myself through how I feel about my FWB because I couldn't sleep thinking about it. It was cathartic but now it's 5am and I've got a lot of shit to do tomorrow and wish this wasn't on my mind, I vented about it a little before too but maybe this'll put me at ease enough to sleep. There's nowhere else I can talk at length about what's ultimately yet another useless moid.

I think he doesn't care about me anymore, and stopped a couple weeks ago. It's upsetting because he said it and showed with his actions that he cared, really. Sometimes we'd just go a walk or have a cup of tea and catch up even if we'd arrange the meet to fuck. I'd say we'd fuck maybe 60% of the time we met, otherwise it was relationshippy activities. Before around 3 weeks ago, he'd stay in bed after sex, he'd ask me about my day and my life, and when he left it felt natural and I felt good and happy. Not in love, just it was a positive feeling to have someone I care about who cares about me and who I have good sex with. It hurt me today, recently it's been similar but today after sex he just looked up at the ceiling then after 30 seconds asked what the time is, to go. He didn't ask how I was, he didn't bring up anything that made him think of me during the day or anything to show he's thinking of me/my wellbeing, nothing. And I tried kind of talking to him about it before, and saying that I feel he's leaving so quick and we should have a minimum time together if we're fucking or something so that it doesn't feel so rushed to which he agreed, but it won't make a difference because what i'm actually seeking is the affection that's now more or less absent. In about the space of 3 weeks what used to be cheeky suggestions from him are now straight up requests that create distance if I reject.

I'm almost starting to feel the pressure of using sex to gain time and/or affection which is something I never want to do. Despite my many issues I've never had a dysfuncitonal sexual appetite or used it for bargaining, and it feels very bad. I know that once he has an orgasm, he goes and I know it's a very typical scrote thing to have no empathy or care and use women for sex, but this was very different for the 10 months we've been doing this and I really felt appreciated for who I was, and our vastly different life circumstances which we can't reconcile are what stopped us getting more serious. What hurts a lot is that he's talked about how differently he feels about me and what he does different vs. how he's interacted with all women he's been with except his most serious ex and now I see that I receive that same treatment.

I'm going to have a talk to him about it after tomorrow. This change in behaviour of his also coincides with a generally negative mood I started being in, it's really possible I could be taking things the worst way (but objectively he's been worse), or he's subconsciously reacting to my bad vibes, or he's going through stress. Otherwise I would leave without consulting (though the prospect is scary and i'm codependent), but there's genuinely room for doubt and room for improvement. I asked him one sleepover recently if he still cares and he said of course, but i'm hoping with a more in depth explanation in why i'm asking will give a more in depth answer, for better or worse.

I'll be sad if it stops because he really brightened my day, every day and I used to feel really lucky and that life actually fell into place. But if the answer is obvious it's better to just go before my self esteem is damaged further I guess.

No. 1169826

Anon wtf do you expect to gain from talking about it? Do you think you can persuade him to give a fuck? He's shown he doesn't care and that's exactly what you should expect from a FWB. If you want him to act like a bf you should've made sure he's a bf beforehand, save yourself the trouble and just end it now before you really sacrifice your dignity.

No. 1169909

my boyfriend is being so mean to me it’s making me want to stab myself in the face. He told me that no matter what I want to do, I have to go to the hospital when we have our child even though he knows that I was deeply traumatized by medical professionals during one of my last stays and he just fully said to me that if I have his child my only choice is to do it at a hospital. It made me cry when he said this and it was really hard for me to articulate just how controlling and hurtful what he was saying to me was and he was like “well i don’t know what to tell you” and just ignored me after. I feel beyond hurt. I spend every waking moment thinking about being married to him and us having kids together and the fact that he wants me to have our child in the most unwelcoming, uncomfortable possible circumstances for a child to be born under - and have that child spend his first moments of life being touched by some random doctor is truly disgusting to me. I don’t even know how to cope with what he said to me.

No. 1169923

Fuck him, your mental and physical comfort is the most important thing, for both you and your child. Do you have any trusted person, a family member or a friend, who could help you with this so you could have a safe place for home birth? Because it won't be possible at your home with this fucker around

No. 1169924

why are you having a child with this person? it doesn't sound like this would be the right person for you to have a child with.

No. 1169936

You'd rather free birth at home and endanger your child? You're a dumbass. He's in the right.

No. 1169941

>my boyfriend is being so mean to me

Stopped reading here. Kill him. Thanks for your time.

No. 1169945

it’s only dangerous if you’re at risk

No. 1169949

Nope kek. He’s the only person I trust enough to be around me during this and he doesn’t even want to be. I don’t think I’m gonna live to see through what I’m intending to do

No. 1169952

sorry nona was responding to the message saying I was in the wrong not you, I wanted to have a child with him because I just love him but I guess that was wrong kek. I think I’m just gonna end my life

No. 1169953

Are you saying that you want no one who is a professional around at all even on call? Like a midwife?

No. 1169954

Are you exaggerating or? Cuz youre not emotionally stable enough to have a child if you’re being fr

No. 1169956

I really don’t want one around me or my child. Medical “professionals” have mutilated my body and filled it with drugs that I didn’t need before, and I’m not letting that happen in the middle of having my own child. Id rather just not live to have children at all

No. 1169957

No I’m being serious. I thought I met the love of my life and we’ve been together for a very long time but this is my worst nightmare come true and I don’t think I have a reason to go on if I won’t be having any children

No. 1169958

Do you have any preexisting health issues he's worried about? Are you rural where you'd be very far from a hospital in case something goes wrong? If you're thinking of doing a homebirth you can consider a birthing center, they are different from hospitals with more safeguards in place in case he's coming from a position of extreme risk intolerance. If the only thing you'd be willing to consider is a home birth you NEED a midwife and not one of those crunchy granola hippie types of crazy Christian types but like an actual nurse. Your boyfriend isn't qualified to help with that and that is probably what is freaking himself out.

no man is worth killing yourself over

No. 1169960

I have no health issues, I’m not at risk, I don’t want to be touched by a “midwife” or a “nurse” because “nurses” have tried to kill me in the past. I will not be going to a hospital, no matter what, ever again in my life ever. That time of my life is over. They look for any and every excuse to intubate you these days, even if you’re breathing perfectly fine on your own. I can’t experience that again.

No. 1169961

also I wouldn’t be ending my life “over a man”, the purpose of my existence is to have children and if I’m unable to achieve that then I can leave the planet

No. 1169962

She's not mentally stable because she was abused by the medical system, like many other women before her, and has a shitty bf? Even if, she still has the right t choose the place at which she wants to give birth. Doctors suck so bad that it many cases they won't even allow a woman to choose the position the most physiologically natural and healthy for birth, like squating, and will force a woman to lie on her back.

No. 1169964

Ok so youre unhinged. Your boyfriend or husband or whatever may have reacted emotionally but it makes total sense to not want the mother of your child to be alone without help during something that could easily require intervention like childbirth.
Work on your fucking trauma for the sake of your child dumbass. Maybe instead of spending time fighting and wallowing, you could find a professional whom you can build enough trust to be on standby at home.
If you’d rather kill yourself and your unborn just because ~wahhh scary doctor~ then well, it might be for the best.

No. 1169966

it's terrible he would pressure you to do something you are not comfortable with. that being said, there is the chance you need further medical care during birth at a hospital. if you are not emotionally recovered from the abuse you faced to accept that chance and would not even have a home birth with a midwife or go to the hospital in an emergency, you are not in a good state to give birth to a child and would be putting them at risk. if this is something neither of you will change your opinion, you need to separate. let me ask you: would you be willing to take your child to see the doctor?

No. 1169969

“kill my unborn”…I’m not pregnant right now. We were talking about conceiving this week and when I brought up the fact that I’d be giving birth at home he said no. How dare I be scared of being intubated, cut, injected with several drugs, restrained, and tortured again - right?

No. 1169970

Childbirth is the riskiest thing the average woman does and is delicate for the child. IMO childbirth is great sacrifice. I'm sorry you've had bad experiences before but unassisted home births can go wrong and you could lose your child over something a midwife or doula could have helped with. You can't let past trauma control you, get to therapy before you have kids. Like this you are very liable to ignore if your child has medical needs because you're too wrapped up in your own emotions.

You are not well and not in a position to have children as is.

No. 1169972

Not wanting to be forcibly intubated again doesn’t mean that I’m not in the right state to care for a child.

No. 1169973

Doesn't matter if it is on accident on not. Tell his parents that he touched your breasts by accident. It needs to end, most modern parents are not properly equipped, that's why most men are now scrots. Being generous and assuming that they do not know, they need to know about the problem to stop it. Make sure to include the words by accident, you don't want to accuse, but point out, that the touching occurred without allowing the possibility of there to be an accusation that you being crazy. Just act like it never happened around the boy, when he grows up, changed, and remembers the event, he will have to deal with internal cringe as a punishment.

No. 1169974

Read >>1169960 and tell me this is normal. She doesn’t just want to give birth at home, she wants to never seek medical care again for herself and possibly her child. Many people have medical trauma, and they aren’t acting like a demon in church.

No. 1169975

would you take your child to the doctor or not?

No. 1169977

>childbirth is the riskiest thing
maybe if you’re at risk…

No. 1169978

You can’t be serious…

No. 1169979

when did I ever say I wouldn’t take my child to a doctor

No. 1169980

Nonnie, some of us want to have children. Don’t judge me.

No. 1169983

If there’s something wrong

No. 1169984

you do not trust doctors or nurses, correct? so would you take your child to regular checkups?

No. 1169985

You probably warranted being restrained and drugged bc you’re a schizo. Never reproduce, I don’t care what you do with your own life with your male.

No. 1169986

“regular checkups” aren’t a thing where I live. I didn’t receive them as a child, unless I hurt myself or was sick

No. 1169988

Childbirth is inherently risky, it is not nearly as deadly as it used to be thanks to modern medicine that allows for things like blood transfusions, oxygen, etc.

And what if anon goes into labor early? Is a home birth capable of accommodating a premie?

No. 1169989

I was restrained and intubated because I had a seizure, and even though I was breathing on my own they still intubated me and when I reacted to it they restrained me and refused to take it out even though I couldn’t breathe with it. I’m not schizophrenic. I was hurt when I didn’t deserve to be.

No. 1169991

So no preventative care? You won’t take the child to the doctor u less it became obviously sick? Not even as baby? Not even during pregnancy to ensure that it’s not retarded and malformed?

No. 1169995

Nona she's one of us, she's a farmer. There was never any chance of the baby not being retarded.

No. 1169996

Why would I go into labor early…I’m not unhealthy

“preventative care” you mean paying to have your child force fed medications

No. 1169997

I truly do realize now that it’s a better alternative to just end my life. My boyfriend will be able to find someone else

No. 1169999

Don’t compare me to a hysterical”my purpose is to breeed” crackhead

No. 1170000

wanting to off yourself for not being able to have children is a little extreme tho..kind of goes beyond simply wanting children

No. 1170001

No. 1170002

You might not realize this - but people exist to repopulate. It’s been something i’ve wanted my whole life and now that I know it’s not happening I’m glad that I’ll be able to leave sooner rather than later

No. 1170003

how old are you, anon?

No. 1170004

do you believe it is better for people to not receive regular check ups from a primary care physician than for them to do so?

No. 1170005

Crackheads can’t reproduce, I’m sober

No. 1170006

Nta but healthy women can go into labor early too

No. 1170007

it’s not something i’m gonna have to worry about anymore because i’m driving there now

No. 1170010

driving where?

No. 1170011

No one cares, don’t samefag

No. 1170013

that's clearly not a samefag situation. i'm not that anon.

No. 1170015

What are you insinuating with that reply? I’m aware that a lot of people want kids and i don’t judge them for it but you’re literally saying that thats your life purpose and i think you’ll agree with me that this is not a healthy mindset to be in. I think you should go to therapy there’s more underlying issues than what you’re telling us

No. 1170031

File: 1651906141205.gif (123.56 KB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_7894777622413.gif)

I flew to another state to visit and stay with a friend and she invited her new friends over to stay as well without telling me and they talked inside jokes and ignored me the whole time even when I tried to be sociable with them. One literally wouldnt speak a word to me. I went to bed early and they wont stop scream-laughing in the other room. And I'm going to be here for a whole week too.

No. 1170032

can't stop laughing at your attached image

No. 1170033

oh uh, that really sucks nonni. Maybe you should do your own thing?

No. 1170035

File: 1651906540202.jpeg (45.45 KB, 335x498, 9F0356F1-6710-402A-84B7-3CC6EA…)



No. 1170036

Fuck that bitch, i feel you nonnie been there

No. 1170037

The guy I've been casually sleeping with is talking to his ex again and I'm kind of sad and jealous about it even though I've been very nonchalant and keeping him at an arms length because I want to enjoy being single for once. I guess I missed my chance with him once again…you'd think I'd have learned my lesson about chasing him after countless failed attempts since middle school haha.

No. 1170038

Kek I would just go home early if I where you.
This is why I stopped visiting my “best friend”. She just wants me to adapt to her way of living when I’m an introvert who doesn’t like to drink or go to parties, but won’t ever visit me where I live or do the things I want to do. Last time j went to a party they wouldn’t let me play any music (they’re normies and listen to shit music) and she pours me a drink that’s like 80% gin and gets pissy if I don’t drink it. She just wants to force me to be a person I’m not so now I don’t bother talking to her.

No. 1170040

Sometimes they just do that as a way of bullying you and making you feel shitty and boring. Some people get off on ignoring their close friend or making them feel replaceable

No. 1170041

I'm really conflicted about what to do with my weight. My boyfriend likes my size and we both have gained weight, but I worry about other people's opinion about me. Trying on clothes is always a bitch too. Can't find any stores that have my size. I like how I look and believe I carry it well, but is being comfortable worth the worry? Sorry for the ramble.

No. 1170042

>Last time j went to a party they wouldn’t let me play any music (they’re normies and listen to shit music)
No issue with the rest of your post but wtf since when is it acceptable to take over party music that everyone else likes just because YOU think it's shit? Maybe they'd think your music is shit?

No. 1170043

Its hard when you realize a friendship is pretty one sided and that youre forcing it just for old times' sake. But It's so hard to find and make new connections with people who are thoughtful. It just seems like everyone is so selfish and performative

No. 1170044

feeling comfortable is the most important. i don't feel comfortable when i'm even 5-10 lbs heavier, i feel slower, i feel more weighed down and that's my biggest issue. i don't feel as light and it's harder to manage my body, even just going from like from 98-108 lbs

No. 1170045

NTA but wouldn't it be fair for everyone to be able to play something they liked?

No. 1170047

File: 1651907548988.jpg (89 KB, 750x546, 4.jpg)

Watching people posting their graduation photos is fucking with my head for some reason. I feel a mix of consternation, disgust, jealousy and loneliness. I technically graduated 3 months early and I've been working full-time at a big girl job for that long already, and because I'm poor as shit, this is nothing new to me, since I worked full-time hours at several part-time jobs before to even afford college. Because of this, I also never really had time to party, go to concerts, take group vacations, or anything else fun with the few acquaintances I made, but then again, I wasn't really invited. I'm seeing former friends I haven't spoken to since high school or 2020 before everything shut down post tributes to individuals I know I was replaced with. Most of these posts are pathetic and juvenile, but I still feel left out. I haven't been appreciated like that for a while, if ever. How do you gain someone's trust like that in four years or less? My closest friends and boyfriend are all in the process of moving states or countries for work or relationships, something I can't do for a while. Soon, it'll just be me living with my dad in our shitty decaying house. Did I really go so many years without maintaining or making any new friendships? As I'm typing this, I'm realizing I haven't socialized with anyone my age for longer than an hour since December.

No. 1170048

Its not that serious anon let her relieve her anger

No. 1170055

Anon I’m not expecting to have complete control over the music, just put a song I like on every dow and then but they banned me from doing even that.
Also I never wanted to be at the fucking party in the first place, but was peer pressured into it by my friend who I (used to) care about.
Now kill yourself and I will come to your funeral and play this

No. 1170056

>The guy I've been casually sleeping with
>chasing him after countless failed attempts since middle school
This is a recipe for disaster. There can never be anything truly "casual" about this on your end because you have deeper feelings for him. You are only causing yourself pain and preventing yourself from moving on, especially if he's talking to his ex while seeing you.

No. 1170060

But that’s so funny because I never wanted to be her friend in the first place. I’ve always kind of found her annoying and preferred my own company, yet she does stupid things like that to make me feel inferior and I just don’t care at all? She’s called me boring to my face in front of other people before and I just shrug and don’t care. Now I don’t talk to her anymore and ghost most of her texts but she still cries that she misses me. I don’t miss her at all.

No. 1170062

Yeeeesh I swear so many girls just pretend to be okay with being casual with a guy because it’s the closest thing to dating them. It’s sad fam, break it off.

No. 1170067

You've never been to a party.

No. 1170068

I don't understand people who claim they're happy being single, or mock men's obsession with sex and then talk about their casual/FWB thing.

Either you're not happy being single or you're a coomer. Me? I can go without sex for years if I truly wanted to. Feels good sis.

No. 1170072

based, sex is absolutely disgusting

No. 1170073

I sometimes feel like lolcow has a lot of the female equivalents of male 4chan porn addicts when I look at /g/ too.

No. 1170077

human bodies aren’t built or sustainable for birth, we’re mammals but because of the way women are statured (not even a word work with me here) and we’re two-legged it’s increasingly more difficult and dangerous to give birth. nothing about birth or existence is a fucking gift it resembles an alien-host movie where something invades your body. it quite literally is like a parasitic germ inside of you, some women’s bodies decide to completely purge it out of sight.

No. 1170080

BASED and correct

No. 1170083

I’m trying to be a nicer person but I have so much built up resentment towards some people I feel like I’m just gonna snap when they try and talk to me. It’s so stupid and immature of me, I need to get away so I can let my head cool somehow

No. 1170084

>Women have libido/sexual thoughts and I really don't like it

No. 1170085

This is something I think about a lot whenever I see pretty much any other mammal give birth and how relatively "smooth" the process is for them. I feel like our pelvis and body truly didn't evolve properly to have a child with relative ease like most mammals can. Theres also the issue of most hospitals having you give birth lying down instead of squatting or bent over even though they are the best positions for it.

No. 1170086

From what I've understood, men's idea of sex is using someone as a masturbatory sleeve. Women want the full body experience, emotions and intensity, to have someone empathize and respond to her needs. There's a difference.

No. 1170087

I was tired of being the family schizo that "everybody has to walk on eggshells" around so now I just don't give anyone emotional reactions. I talk to them politely like a stranger and keep my opinions and true emotions to myself. It gets annoying when they bait me multiple times in a row but just because something pisses me off or is rude doesn't mean I have to argue with it. It's not my job to constantly clear things up and if they wanted to understand me they would so I don't stress about it anymore. Sometimes you just have to close yourself off to certain people to protect your sanity

No. 1170088

Some casual scumbag is the worst way to go about achieving all that and I'm speaking from experience.

No. 1170089

File: 1651910940419.gif (3.21 MB, 498x311, 1643662198079.gif)

My moid pisses in bottles and there's like 30 of them. He's not a gamer or a fetishist. He's just fucking lazy and it really annoys the fuck out of me. We have a mice infestation now and I can't help but think it's his piss, because we're very clean people other than this issue.

I'm making him throw them away now and one was open and spilt everywhere.

> inb4 divorce him

No. 1170091

Fwb/fuckbuddies rarely benefit women so I agree. Most of the women who do those sort of stuff in my friend group aren't ugly but too mentally unstable to maintain a normal relationship even though they want one.

No. 1170097

look into my eyes and tell me you're being forreal.

No. 1170101

wow thanks this applies in most social situations for me I will take notes

No. 1170103

I feel like most of lolcow have terrible relationships with moid family members. Does anyone actually have a nice dad, brother, male cousin etc?

My brother just knocked on my door and dropped off my favorite snacks from the local bakery. Feeling kinda cared for now kek.

No. 1170105

Aw, whenever I hear of someone with a good brother/dad etc, I feel happy. Wish every kid could experience that. Not me, but I know my cousin who has a wonderful dad, he's helped us out too and he's a good dad, the type who would do anything for his kids, she says she feels really grateful and lucky.

No. 1170108

I'm a lesbian and those posts >>1170068 >>1170072 >>1170073 shit on (casual) sex and women's libido in general, not just casual sex with men. You're moving the goalposts. There is a difference between men's obsession with sex and women's libido and what either are looking for even in casual/FWB situations. Men being coomers is not the same as women's situation and you cannot compare the two. Even the husbandofags and fujos are different from scrote coomers, it's clear as day. Do you think wanting to pleasure a woman is disgusting too?

No. 1170109

Most moids on my family are criminals: wife beaters, alcoholics, abusers, drug dealers, pedophiles, most of them are boomers too…the only moid I like atm is my zoomer cousin who is very chill, but he will probably turn to shit too

No. 1170111

No sorry. No matter the mental gymnastics there's no difference between a male coomer and a female coomer. If you can't go a few months without dick you lack basic self control. Simple as.

No. 1170112

Just ignore these weirdos, I feel like one or two anons keep trying their hand at this topic for the past week or so. You know whatever you say will just not get through to them. Also, I'm getting worried we have even more tradtards than usual now, like there's some cosmic shift happening on lc.

No. 1170113

>If you think casual sex with strangers is gross you're a tradtard

Most of us are tradtards in that case you gross hoe.

No. 1170114

Low quality bait

No. 1170120

how do I learn to stand up for myself or block evil people from my life? I feel like most of the people in my life treated me like shit or took advantage of my situation or humiliated me. How do I value myself and make people understand I also have skill and value? I always get picked on in absolutely all situations and the humiliation never stops until I get very angry and then everyone acts like I am psychopathic for reacting to what people do to me.

When I was in college for example this girl that had straight As and was liked by everyone and had a perfect life, she was rich, from a good family, had proper socialization and was always the center of attention started gossiping about me and humiliating me in public because I have tourettes like tics sometimes when I am in public due to extreme social anxiety the prof from my ethics class sympathized a lot with me and praised me for my work and said I was very creative then this girl started humiliating me and it was the entire class basically. They'd say I was retarded basically while this girl would complain about having social anxiety and depression although she literally has a perfect life and I've been on the verge of death since I was a child due to my environment and I have to take a handful of pills just to fake functioning in any social situation. I've always seen myself as ugly and dumb but recently in the past year I have realized that I am definitely quite pretty and definitely quite smart but my environment has always been shut and the abuse I have endured has incapacitated me and made me want to kill myself and have very low self esteem. Growing up in a very abusive environment that lacks proper socialization will literally give you mental retardation. Sometimes I wish that I were like these normies, living a relatively normal life but nooo I had to go through all the imaginable forms of abuse and have 0 support system (family) so now I have to be a slave to others and be at their mercy and I will never be able to achieve my dreams due to poverty and abuse. I know how my life is like from the inside. I'm tired of people telling me what my life is like and telling me some bullshit generic advice and then gaslighting me when I say it doesn't apply to me. Jeez, I thought that for once it was supposed to be about me? That you wanted to help me? But it seems you don't want to actually help or listen or empathize you want to get instant gratification from shoving your useless advice into my face and because I don't give you the gratification you wanted and explain that the circumstances of my life are much more complex than that you just have to act like I am a huge bitch that doesn't accept help. Most people don't want to help and if life puts you in a bad position or makes you vulnerable they just see you as something to annoy, play with, step on, humiliate or pretend to help and because in their eyes you are inhuman you are not allowed to be upset and when you get upset they demonize you. It's like this metaphysical power play that goes on in society and me as a fool I try to be nice to these people and prove them that I'm not the way they think I am. I am tried of being guilt tripped and it is real. Most people cannot tolerate it but when you've never had financial or familial security you learn that you have to depend on others. I just realized that if I had a normal middle class family I would be just normal and happy.

No. 1170123

Stop being obsessed with sex. God like I genuinely can’t stand lesbians sometimes always whiteknighting the most degenerate straight women

No. 1170125

>literally same as men!!!
Bait clocked

No. 1170128

I just got injured trying to break up a huge house party that was started w/o my permission. As I was walking by a drunk scrote was pushing another drunk in the living room like out of nowhere and I got bumped square in the mouth with the pushed ones head. I wasn't even drunk just really high because I needed to get the fuck out of there for an hour and chill by myself. I took like 3 advil and I wasn’t bleeding bleeding. I was the screaming drunk hurt girl at the party for the first time. I was so in shock I was just saying “WHAT THE FUCK??” for a good minute. Saw a little red between my teeth but nothing dripping. My inner lip is cut and my jaw/lower gum area is sore but my teeth aren’t loose and I feel a lot better.
I don't want to live here anymore. Why were there +100 people in my house not wearing masks and smoking and dirtying up my space? What is this? I fucking hate my life right now.

No. 1170129

you’re so attention seeking, if you didn’t develop crippling addiction to the internet you would be out hooking up left and right for a crumb of attention like the rest of them

No. 1170133

I'm against casual sex for straight women because it puts us in danger but your logic is retarded. Even the most "innocent" porn addicted man will choke their gfs, hit them and stuff during sex while a femalw coomer at worst will have high libido. You can't compare men and women.

No. 1170136

Do you live with roommates? I had a partner that use to use our place as his drug den, it's not fun and it puts you in a compromising position so sorry nonna

No. 1170139

Yup, I have 3 roommates. Not even a spiritual new age person but I’m definitely saging my house within the week. Everything that could go wrong did and people are just now leaving (it’s 4:55 here).

No. 1170140

File: 1651913727362.jpg (284.59 KB, 2178x1080, 1631939562294.jpg)

By spending years on a gossip forum whining that you are too poor to function and posting murder threats.
By getting off lolcow, slowly cultivating small habits that help in your goals and re-socialisation, picking up your philosophy degree again and getting a small job so you have money to survive alone and further invest in your goals

No. 1170145

That sucks anon, if I was you'd I look for a new place to live I'm going to assume talking to them wouldn't help because that's so fucking inconsiderate. Next time phone the police lol

No. 1170146

kek are you the red-pulled lesbian who thinks they’re superior just because of your sexuality? you’re a straight up freak and will never understand how it feels to be a straight woman and have to deal with the dating world full of crap tier men

No. 1170148

It starts with co-opting womens sentiments about gay moids, trannies, porn and hook up culture. Then start pushing the boundaries with BL bad, lesbians bad, female sexuality bad! Lil dash of pregnancy fetish here and there. Everyone should have noticed the shit by now.

No. 1170153

literally who? I’m not a lesbian but i know a larper when I see one. fuck off my board.

No. 1170155

NTA but what the fuck? This has to be a retarded bait but in case it isn't just don't date men. You don't need them for literally anything, even the sex would most likely be shit compared to masturbation.

No. 1170156

That's cute nonna. But yeah, it's probably the case that most farmers (me included kek) speak from personal experience when they shit on men. Honestly it's hard to not have bad experiences, even if you have tolerable moids in your family.

No. 1170160

File: 1651914709283.png (930.14 KB, 659x696, 8fc1820436877776a4142531e7cfa6…)

i'm so fucking sick of the way that porn and the overall sexualisation of women has wormed its way into everything. i say porn specifically because it feels like every time i look for any sort of clothing and put "womens" in front of it it comes up with ridiculously sexualised positions and clothes that just make no fucking sense.

i was looking for a dressing gown and all i saw was those skimpy thin ones, i was trying to buy gym leggings and all that came up was picrel or the models wearing the leggings had clear BBLs and photoshop done. as soon as i typed in for example "mens dressing gown" or mens gym wear, everything was normal again - just t shirts, shorts, regular old stuff. i hate this. I don't want to have to feel like I have to perform being sexy all the time, I don't give a fuck about booty scrunch cameltoe leggings or a flimsy silk robe that looks like something out of an early 2000s porno - I just want to buy clothes without having this soft-porn shit shoved down my throat.

No. 1170162

The husbandofags and fujos seem to be husbandofags and fujos precisely because they don't want to deal with men irl. So they can go without dick for months and have basic self control. I have respect for them and they are definitely different from male coomers who literally watch hardcore porno and (borderline) illegal shit and aren't celibate by choice.
Is it gross to want to give a woman an orgasm?
I feel like if we ignore them they'll also just push their agenda more and will feel more bold without getting any pushback. Then it'll end up seeming like a majority uncontested opinion.
AYRT, I side with women over men and sorry that I want to go down on a woman again before I die.

No. 1170165

if you immediately think “porn” just because a woman is posing in a suggestive way then I think you’re truly the problem.

No. 1170167

Anon is tired women are always expected to perform porny aesthetics and even in clothing websites women are sexualized so we get used to it even more. You're missing the point.

No. 1170168

shes doing the pt pose kek. This is so ridiculous.

No. 1170170

oh stfu with your retarded bait

No. 1170171

You’re beyond saving if you think a photo like that was taken to show off the pants. You literally can’t see what the design on the legs would look like when actually worn because the model is contorted to show as much ass as possible.

No. 1170172

are you actually retarded? I'm not talking about when it fits the theme like on lingerie or fetishwear sites, I'm talking about everyday shit like dressing gowns and activewear. you're seriously telling me that picture doesn't look sexualised or porn-like? Why the fuck do we need photoshopped pictures of women with their asses thrust towards the camera when it tells us absolutely nothing about the clothing? What purpose does that serve if not to gratify and to sexualise? Considering it's an impractical and sexualised angle - tell me, how is that any different from porn?

No. 1170173

what even is this picture, it looks like she's wearing butt pads kek

No. 1170177

The photographer was probably a moid who thinks women solely wear fit-wear like this to show off their asses.

No. 1170183

she’s simply just a model, she doesn’t have to express anything or a deep message about the clothing it’s not high fashion she’s just showing the clothes. clearly none of you pale closeted ED-chans ever left your bedroom to go to the gym, some women enjoy squatting or wearing clothes that accentuate their butts. not everything is deliberately a plot to undermine women, it’s just a woman squatting wearing tight gym clothes, get over yourselves

No. 1170184

It's coming up to 2 years being single. And I wonder if I can't connect with others is because of all the insight and incidents I had with my last ex that I am subconsciously defeated when it comes to men. I've had dates but kissed one guy. I over think and can't bring myself to the inevitability of having sex and things becoming complicated and how my mind becomes concerned with such beneign shit like, do I trust them are we exclusive who are they talking to do are they using me what is this? I have a high libido and can sort myself out, but sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out. Sex is really vulnerable and I've become very secure with myself I don't really want to disturb that peace. I wonder if this happens to a lot of women. They have like an "Eyes Wide Shut" moment and nope out of relationships. My aunt never married. I wonder if we have similar experiences lol

No. 1170187

It's literally the same sperg who has been at it for 2 weeks now.

No. 1170189

kys defective XY and take your low effort bait with you

No. 1170193

Yeah the male coomers who claim to be "all about the 2D" and "hate 3DPD women" still harass IRL women and can't keep their diseased dicks away because their retarded male pride can't let women live their lives. Women exclusively into 2D want nothing to do with men, for a good reason too. There's a stark difference between them.

No. 1170195

>if we ignore them they'll also just push their agenda more and will feel more bold without getting any pushback. Then it'll end up seeming like a majority uncontested opinion
It’s true and it’s frustrating. On one hand engaging the retards mean they get to spout more bullshit. On the other hand it is just like you said. I think the problem is lolcow is not punishing baiters. When farmhands do take action theyre more punishing everyone else (locking threads, redtexting good takes).

No. 1170196

I just had to read about "people with an uterus" in a newsarticle on a mainstream news website about whether or not we have to worry about our abortus rights considering what's going on in the US. Fuck fuck fuck you USA, I hate how your woke shit and conservative shit at the same time soils our shit for us. Fuck you.

No. 1170198

not a man, I just don’t agree with radfems who think women have no agency and that everything that women do is directly correlated to and always for men. it seems entirely fatalistic and perpetuates the idea that women have no sense of agency, free will or independence. the oddest thing with radfems is that they acknowledge this fact and they supply the remedy by making us women as stressed and unhappy as possible and of course if I ever go against your opinion, i’m suddenly a man because your fried computer brain can’t understand other people’s opinions. get fucked kek

No. 1170199


No. 1170202

>waaah waah radfems
kys defective XY

No. 1170204

thank you - this is what i mean. it's a completely impractical angle that tells me nothing about the leggings or what they'd look like, plus the fact it's ridiculously edited just makes me fed up. This sort of stuff is all I see in the womens fitness industry and it doesn't stop me from working out but it does make me feel like I need to be "performing sexy" while men just get to chill in normal clothes.

No. 1170206

It's obviously "looking back at you while squatting at your dick" fantasy depicted in this photo. I understand your point but you really missed it here. It's not about the clothes. As a photographer it's pretty clear to me what this photographer had in mind.

No. 1170207

i agree, this shit makes me feel like i need to close the tab if somebody comes up behind me, and to ask my friends for advice on the clothing with these pictures would feel like sexual harassment

No. 1170208

I don’t get people like you, women have free will but grooming and the breaking of female children’s spirits are real and most of us have been through it

No. 1170209

have you ever wondered that maybe that it’s okay for you to come to terms with being fat, ugly and miserable and that your negative feelings about yourself should never be obviously influenced in your politics? finding problems in other women? you’re not looking out for other women especially ones like me, that was never your intentions kek your politics is the only way you can feel superior to libfems who are just trying to have a good time in this awful world

No. 1170211

>people with uteruses
It’s wild how often I see that stupid phrase nowadays. I indulged a tranny online
slapfight not too long ago, I called him a penis-haver and he got so fucking mad. He was adamant that twans pipo would never describe women with dehumanizing name like womb-havers.
What’s with libfem throwing this word around constantly? Women aren’t immune to life long social conditioning and herd behavior lmao

No. 1170214

Sorry but no. Female coomers are the reason the UwU daddy choke me Tumblr shit got normalized in the first place.

No. 1170215

I have a bachelor's in Philosophy but you're not really giving me advice at all in your post. I clearly state in my post that my issue.is that in most social groups I've been in I am being targeted and turned into a scapegoat and everyone humiliates me. It is a repeated pattern, what you've mentioned in your post won't stop this pattern since basically it isn't even my fault this is happening to me but I honestly wish I knew how to stop people from doing this to me. you didn't give me advice just said some generic shit that literally doesn't help me. Yea, I leave lolcow and then I reenter society to once again be a target of malice and humiliation in other new social circumstances? Fuck no!! I am also basically severely mentally ill but people seem to not understand how that impacts you because everyone complains about le mental illness until they meet someone actually mentally ill and then they bully that person and return to complaining about le mental illness and ass patting each other. "getting a small job" won't give me independence, it's almost impossible to live independently on a regular job since the pay is shit. Most people that do well in society come from normal families, you just cannot imagine the push backs I've been faced with from life because most people are not aware of how most things in their life that they think they work for are handled to them by chance and simply by environment. Now, you will probably have the same tactic. Ignore the fact that I've endured unimaginable abuse, that I am severely mentally ill that I am a continous target of malice and evilness in any social group, you will ignore everything that I have said to give me some "advice" that has nothing to do with me. You will continue to blame me for things that I haven't done or for not trying enough. When other anons complain about being suicidal, mentally ill, NEETs, they don't get alogged or get some stupid advice thrown their way. You would have been better off not replying to me. Now, you will justify it by "it's her fault, she doesn't even want advice". Well, that is not true. What you told.me wasn't even advice. I have a back up plan but you don't know it. I think the point of my post is that I am unfairly targeted and you literally didn't even respond to my issue

No. 1170217

>she thinks tumblr teenagers invented maledom shit
Everyone point and laugh

No. 1170219

Scrote confirmed.

No. 1170220

Lmao I bet this is the same person defending hookup culture and stranger sex.

No. 1170221

Maybe that's not the case anymore but at its peak tumblr was mostly used by adults.

No. 1170224

>I can't do anything! I didn't do anything wrong either! Everyone else is the problem, everyone but me! It's the entire world that is the problem, so I can't change anything! Poor me, poor me!
Ok, if you "can't" change, then you know what to do.

No. 1170226

obviously every woman is socialized but your free will gives you the ability to break free from it and actively make decisions outside of the force of socialization. i agree to some extent that women are heavily sexualized in media, but women are also constantly judged and berated for being sexual beings especially from other women. they can actively collect together and reject the sexualization and objectification they receive but radical feminism is all about sitting your ass on your edgelord tumblr blog and being rude to any woman who has a deferring opinion. your politics is just a blanket over your power tripping that’s what i’m saying, it’s another way to berate women back into purity

No. 1170228

Thats cool but bitches who follow pink ddlg blogs were all impressionable retards under 20, and the ones running the blogs were under 25 with a 30-something pimp.

No. 1170229

File: 1651916736909.jpg (40.93 KB, 366x386, IMG_20220506_233806.jpg)

>have you ever wondered that maybe that it’s okay for you to come to terms with being fat, ugly and miserable and that your negative feelings about yourself should never be obviously influenced in your politics? finding problems in other women? you’re not looking out for other women especially ones like me, that was never your intentions kek your politics is the only way you can feel superior to libfems who are just trying to have a good time in this awful world

No. 1170234

You need to go way further back to the 60's and 70's Free Love period, where scrotes took advantage of birth control becoming widely available to women in the west and memeing them into all sorts of weird kink and poly shit. Add Hollywood consistently pushing out movies with large age gap couples. Never mind that it's been a standard part of female socialization to try to meme women into being submissive to scrotes and back in the day wifebeating was common, but now they can't shill that anymore, so they have to pretend it's done consensually and then it's suddenly fine. Scrotes are behind this, not women.

No. 1170237

No, I told you I have been abused and that people treat me the wrong way in social situations and you are telling me that I need to change and that there is something wrong with me because people decide to bully and harass me because I was born into a bad situation. It's very hard to change your situation and if not impossible. The post wasn't about me changing, it was about me being a target of malice. How can you even change years of severe trauma with no support system? It's not like I have a family helping me or anyone helping me. I literally have nothing but myself, years of extreme abuse and just mental illness. It seems everyone is mentally ill and can excuse their actions or inactions on mental illness but me. What if I did the same to you? When you complained about your life or illness I would shut you up and tell you it is your fault? Or if someone wronged you and you complained about it then I would tell you it is your fault? I am severely mentally ill due to very understandable circumstances. My forming years being filled with such extreme amounts of abuse that I don't want to begin listing them again just to prove myself to you. You lack empathy and that's it. I literally try more than normal people or average people in society

No. 1170238

Free will is irrelevant (and debatable). There is no reason for most people to even think about “breaking out” of anything because most people do not view the things being presented as oppressive.

No. 1170245

File: 1651917302967.png (692.31 KB, 664x655, ad7339e44e9ef08dfe81cd303ee30b…)

and your idea of "rejecting sexualisation and objectification" is agreeing with photos of clothing models that look like something out of porn? come on, surely you're not so retarded as to defend photos like this. look between the lines, retard. you want to sperg about radfems but the truth is most of us are fucking tired of being unable to move around freely in society without being shoved into sexualised or fetishized boxes and being unable to buy simple things like sportswear without having to see photos like picrel shoved in our fucking faces just to be reminded of how sexualised everything is for us.

i have absolutely no issue with wanting to show off your body or wear nice things - i do it too, the difference is i'm not the one making models pose for gym leggings in porn-esque poses on a fucking clothing website that literally has a kids section two tabs down from the softcore-porn gymwear. what sort of thing does it tell young women or girls who might want to be getting into sports when they come across pictures like this? you defend it because you just genuinely don't get it and don't understand (or you blissfully accept) how much simple things like this can enforce the "you need to be sexually performing 24/7". this is literally a lived experience for so many girls and women who have been taught no matter what they wear or do, it needs to look sexy or appealing. that is a very far cry from just wanting to look sexy or nice out of your own free will - i support that, again what i absolutely don't support is pictures like this plaguing an industry which women are already sexualised in to start with.

No. 1170246

And you think you’re going to undo someone’s entire conditioning violently by being rude to them and laughing at them? Sadly, the only way to show them that their entire lives is a lie is to show them hit by bit and piece by piece, not violently showing trauma-porn and doomer ideology all in one full swoop.

No. 1170248

the fuck is wrong with that azz?

No. 1170250

let's be honest A LOT of women enjoy being sexually objectified and dressing and posing like this. You could show them all the evidence in the world and they would do the same. The problem is their collateral victims.

No. 1170251

These models don't choose their poses, the men do direct them do. This isn't women being free and empowered, it's women being used as objects in marketing. That's why that scrote is wrong.

No. 1170252

You have been abused in the past, like billions of other people and millions of them to the same extent as you claim, with some of them posting here and even responding to you. The difference between them and you is that they take responsibility for their own life and actions after the abuse. They at least try to take steps to make it better, no matter how miniscule, instead of wallowing in their own shit while leeching off people who have to work because they have no other choice and instantly disregarding any advice, including things that are proven to help, because "it only helps privileged people" despite never even trying it out. Because you don't want advice.

No. 1170253

I hate my sisters so much, they don’r deserve the opportunities life has given them

No. 1170254

photoshop and ass-pads most likely.

i agree nonna - i absolutely believe it's moids that are behind the poses like this. i'm not blaming the models, i know they get directed to pose, and it's not empowering or "exercising free will" at all despite what the libfem wants to think

No. 1170255

I’m not gonna lie but if you’re so concerned about a model being sexualized wearing leggings that were likely assembled by underpaid outsourced labor by women who have no power, then I can’t even begin to agree with you because it’s ridiculous. I honestly don’t even think hypersexualizaton is solely a scrote issue, it’s based in our constant consumption and reaction within capitalism. Sex appeal is just one of those universal things that companies use to grab attention whether it’s negative or not. There is nothing virtually that attractive or sexy about a woman squatting in leggings, it’s just the fact that it’s super exaggerated and appeals to one market of “insta baddies” who think wearing it to the gym is gonna get them a fat ass like Kim had a few years ago. Just another perspective to look at

No. 1170256

these women want to be sexually provoking and objects of desire. Have you ever been on mainstream social media? Most women are like this.

No. 1170258

I buy my activewear in physical stores only because of this. I hate the fact that while I’m looking for clothes to work out and be comfy in, I’m being advertised to with a type of photography that doubles as softcore porn and “men will look at you like this when you wear these pants”. It feels gross and dehumanizing.

No. 1170259

NTA but what else did you expect that anon to say? It's obvious that you can't control society, you can't control what other people think or do, and so the only thing you can do to change your situation is to change yourself, for the better. I get that you are bitter and upset that other people who you perceive as having had a better and easier life than you are picking on you, but lashing out at random anons giving you actually decent advice won't help, it'll just push people away from you even more. If that anon lacked empathy they wouldn't have bothered reading your WOT and giving you actually sound advice in the first reply.

No. 1170260

You read the post on crystal cafe about overwhelming scrotes with different arguments so they get frustrated and angry and got offended because it works so you’re trying it out here, aren’t you kek

No. 1170262

lmao how are these product pictures? moids have brain damage, niw I want to start a shop for menswear and pull the same shit.

No. 1170264

>liberal feminism is all about sitting your ass on your stan twitter and being rude to any woman who has a deferring opinion. your politics is just a blanket over your mindless consuming that’s what i’m saying, it’s another way to gaslight women into accepting sexism
>laughing at them is violent
Lmao get tf off lolcow then. I’m not in the business of deprogramming insta bimbos and OF girlies who are lost in the fucking sauce. Can’t make people see what they don’t want to see. Women who would seek answers for themselves, will eventually find their way to the correct conclusion and they will have community with other likeminded women.

No. 1170265

There’s also apparently no messy sex culture or sex appeal of women within communities of actual women. They think female gaze is just women who fit the exact same thing that men want the docility, grace, femininity, always covered up, it even abides by the same restrictive gender roles they desperately try hard to reject like the whole shit about the camera not focusing on their crotches but focusing on their teary eyes~ or BS like that. It hurts my brain because how do you claim to be GNC but then want women to constantly perform within the female gaze that is always promoting our socialized qualities as being a good thing?

No. 1170266

>I’m not gonna lie but if you’re so concerned about a model being sexualized wearing leggings that were likely assembled by underpaid outsourced labor by women who have no power, then I can’t even begin to agree with you because it’s ridiculous

i do not support capitalism or the cheap mass-production of clothes made by underpaid and exploited women. it goes hand-in-hand with misogyny.

yes - you articulated my point perfectly there nonna, the idea that "men will look at you when you wear this" it makes me feel sick. I go to the gym to lift weights and try and look nice for myself while doing it, I personally don't want men to look at me regardless of what I'm wearing. The thing is this could all be avoided if they'd just have practical yet nice poses to show off the leggings quality, shape and material, but instead we're subjected to this weird gratifying shit you'd easily find on pornhub with just a few searches.

it's funny because if you search up mens sportswear it's absolutely nothing like this - there might be some very muscular or shirtless men modelling some comfortable shorts but none of them have their dicks or ass taking up most of the camera like this. it's very very telling of the expectations of womens fitness vs mens fitness

No. 1170267

wdym anon I’m just replying to the anon who thinks the picture is absurdly pornographic or whatever

No. 1170270

This. Anons are on lolcow too much they forget that normie women drink the koolaid. That model is not showing her ass under duress.

No. 1170271

anon you don’t have to buy fitness clothes from that particular store if you don’t like it, there’s a pretty good wide selection of comfortable fitness clothing that women can wear now. i’m just saying it’s overdramatic to call it “porn-y” when it fits a type of aesthetic that you probably know nothing about

No. 1170273

What type of aesthetic would that be?

No. 1170274

NTA, but have you thought of going to a convent for a retreat and take a break from social media? Go sit in the grass petting some kitties. Anons aren't going to understand or give you more advice than "pull yourself up by your bootstraps".
Kek that doesn't even look human. I've always hated the idea that women's fitness should just be about appealing to scrotes, even women's bodybuilding categories are based on it. Most fitness programs shilled to women are based on it and it's the only thing you see on instagram. You have to go out of your way to find actually buff women represented. Models don't choose these things though and are posed by scrotes.
>There is nothing virtually that attractive or sexy about a woman squatting in leggings
You don't know how hot it is to see a woman hit her squat PR and let out a primal scream. It depends on the context, the "I'm pooping" pose is a bit cringe, but women actually lifting is hot.

No. 1170276

>most women are like this


No. 1170277

you look like a weirdo you want regular anons to be seen as men so badd like no scrote is in here, chill please

No. 1170278

2017 Instagram influencer

No. 1170279

Please link my the crystal cafe post, anon. I need it.

No. 1170282

kys defective XY

No. 1170287

File: 1651919260965.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633181422244.jpeg)

>silly women, that's not a real issue you fat ugly feminazis
>in fact, all women want to be sexualized by men all the time!
>there's no moid here by the way, don't be hysterical
I can't wait for men to die out.

No. 1170288

It’s just flinging shit at the wall and hoping for a reaction at this point lol

No. 1170293

good thing I’m not a man kek

No. 1170296

Too few white women in general speak up about sexual objectification, especially if it comes from MoC. I see a lot of you as the most sexualized category of woman too. Porn has convinced literally billions of scrote that white women are easy meat and white women just seem to… embrace that? Idgi.

No. 1170301

File: 1651920076471.jpeg (240.82 KB, 663x850, D1A930CA-2FF4-446B-BFE2-82A96D…)

>white women are the most sexualized in porn


No. 1170304

Based nonita.

No. 1170312

I quit smoking and now i can’t stop stuffing my face like a pig… i feel so fat and unattractive

No. 1170326

My mom asked me to take pictures with my brother but I look godawful in every single one this is so embarrassing holy shit I didn't know I was so ugly what do I do? I have to send my mom some pictures but we look like trolls

No. 1170330

Nta but one article doesn’t prove that it is incorrect? What >>1170296 said was right. Remember that vulgar meme of the white woman surrounded by all of those black scrotes?

No. 1170332

I agree only on the part that white women don't speak up about how they are discriminated in porn, I think white women are absolutely fetishized and sexualised in porn but not in the same way that black women, asian women etc are - from what I've heard from black women they are treat as less-than-human in porn, called ghetto ratchet etc and they are often subject to stuff like "black women gets xyz by white police officer", asian women are just straight up deemed as insanely submissive or almost child-like. latina women are also deemed as highly promiscuous.
For white women there's this weird juxtaposition where they face the gross misogynistic shit in porn but they are also put on a pedestal almost - but not in a good way - and a lot of it comes from interracial porn which is literally mostly just white women and black men. White women are seen as meat like you said and black men are painted as animalistic almost.
You see this dynamic a lot where black men will constantly shit on and abuse black women but treat white women as some sort of exotic treat for them but they also fetishize them too by assuming they're "easy and freaky" or some shit. I've actually tried to speak about this on twitter in the past and I got so much abuse from "pro sex work" black men for it under the guise of "its muh preference i don't have to like black women" like yeah okay but you also don't have to fetishize us and be racist and misogynistic towards black women either you pornsick freaks.

I don't know why some white women embrace it, I suppose it could be from the pedestal thing like I said where they feel like as long as they're on that fetishized pedestal then they will not face the grossly racist stuff that other races of women do - they will also get the attention of "you're freakier/more submissive/less bossy" and to them that's considered a compliment despite it tearing down other women in the process. I think there should be more said upon the dynamic of race in porn and how it's leaked into real life, mostly through the lens of black men thinking they are above dating black women and seek white women as some sort of trophy to claim.

No. 1170333

you know this doesn't say anything to counter what anon said. it's talking about a completely different aspect.

No. 1170336

The 2020's is such a miserable era of the internet and unfortunately it spills into real life. People were so scared of 4chan they didn't notice the little demon that tumblr was. All the dumb gender shit we're in is popularized because of tumblr. The aggressive politics and "NO YOU CAN'T DISAGREE, I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE A NAZI" was popularized by tumblr.
The words people use (problematic, internalized misogyny, privilege, discourse, etc) all popularized by that fucking hellsite and the pretentious users.
Why are people obsessed with diagnosing themselves? tumblr. Why is ADHD and autism so wildly joked about? tumblr. Why do people constantly throw around suicide jokes? tumblr. Why are people obsessed with labelling every part of themselves? tumblr.
I can't believe I have to seriously entertain shit like gender identities because tumblr made it seem cool.

Somewhat related but I wish I could unpeak, it's so fucking miserable. I would do anything to join the "DNI terfs are evil, respect TWAW/TMAM/enbie, pronouns" crowd. But no instead I had to fucking think and question shit and now I'm miserable and have been miserable for a while and my relationships will get destroyed. I worked so hard to building and maintaining my friendships with people. The tide will never turn. This was such a nonissue to me. I wish there was a website or community I could direct the people I cared about to but I can't. Every non-confirming community is unhinged as shit.

No. 1170339

File: 1651921167793.jpg (99.4 KB, 540x579, 20220507_125914.jpg)

Was supposed to celebrate my anniversary today in a small trip to a different city that's only 1 hour away from me. Yesterday night I saw that the weather is bad, 12c and raining all day so I cancelled the ticket. I wake up and the weather pulled 180 on me so it's fine now. I feel so petty but I spent some minutes crying because of how tired I am of everything. I just want to rest. I want to explore things. I do not want to keep having the same cleaning and cooking routine, sitting at home, going to doctors so they could figure out my health issues, being stuck in 4 walls, doing art commissions and trying to keep being cheerful to people online while reading the news, being scared for my grandparents and wishing I could see them at least for a minute because I haven't seen my family in a bit over than three years now. I am so overwhelmed.

No. 1170341

Social media women themselves even make jokes about how they will post thirst traps but don’t appreciate sexual comments and approach. There’s writing about this I’m sure. A lot of women definitely want to appear sexually attractive, to indulge in vanity, to perform for the world, even if they don’t want to hear that random men are sexualizing them without consent. It’s a big mental gymnastic.

No. 1170343

fuck 55+ communities. i dont give a shit for those who probably just slid into the housing market before it imploded in price and especially boomers who had a good time. fuck me having to pay house prices for a 1-2 bedroom apartment. i cant believe these dying old cunts get so much cheap housing just for them. we used to have adult only communities in the 80s or something cant we bring that back? if im paying house prices for a square with the bare minimum of a living place can i at least not have screaming kids with it? it would be amazing if there were communities for college-32 or something so people could actually get on their feet. i dont trust living with some rando, i want my own space.

No. 1170346

Socially media women posted thirst traps for money and followers, they don't want scrotes attention, they want to benefit from that attention. That's why no instathot goes around fucking all of her followers.

No. 1170347

Sometimes Aiden-hate is just butch-hate

No. 1170349

Aiden herself is the most cursed manifestation of internalized butch-hate

No. 1170350

Yeah and mocking women for being gnc surely is going to fix that

No. 1170356

I think a lot of white women are just afraid of being seen as racist by calling out black, brown or even Asian men.

No. 1170357

Coddling gendershit delusion is definitely not fixing them. Being Aiden is antithesis to being based GNC woman.

No. 1170365

Idk why you feel that way. I’m a straight girl and butches are so different from aidens to me, aidens are larping and they’re very pathetic and have a lot of nlog and pick me tendencies… they treat other women like shit… and they’re basically mean girls that don’t fit the beauty standard. butches are sweet and more relaxed and fun to be around and they don’t put you under the bus in the presence of men

No. 1170368

Yeah and I see enough people making fun of Aidens for being gnc, for masc clothing choices, not shaving, constantly sperging about how they're inferior to men, only further feeding the inferiority complex which leads to such delusions. It's not the way.

No. 1170377

Fine if people focus on the nlog behavior, but what bothers me is when people make fun of fakeboys for being gnc and not fitting the beauty standard and for some reason butches aren't supposed to take offense, because the pronouns and delusion make such a difference that it's suddenly fine to act like being gnc is gross. I said sometimes, not always. I think some people are using fakeboys as a "safe" way of expressing hatred of gnc women.

No. 1170392

Some people I know are being passive aggressive again wanting me to do something, but I don't think they realized them acting like that just fuels my pettiness and massive annoyance and ensures I'll never pull through.

No. 1170407

>the professional model who was told/directed to pose in a certain way, in a certain setting with certain clothes and styling is just doing that pose because she feels like it, stop being so schizo, geez
Is this satire? Are you just making fun of people who are willfully blind to everything and gaslight women all day? Kek

No. 1170429

I cannot change myself. What did I expect that anon to say? Maybe shut the fuck up if you don't have anything constructive to say or teach me how to stand up for myself because that's the advice I was asking for. How do you change yourself when your socio financial circumstances don't low you to? When you're stuck in a circle of despair with no escape? I didn't create this for myself. It's the condition of my life that I cannot escape. I've never met anyone in my circumstances or that has suffered the levels of abuse I did. The people I met that went through the shit that I did are dead, prostitutes, homeless or criminals. Don't you understand your environment and resources shape the outcome of your life? I cannot do anything and if you cannot understand my life and just want to scold me or tell me I haven't done enough just shut the fuck up. Only I know how much I've struggled. You don't know what's like to have nothing. Most of you are literally incapable of empathy. I don't even want your fucking stupid ass shit advice I just want you to either say something worthwhile to me, say you understand and empathize with me or shut the fuck up. You have no idea how hard it is when you have nothing and when your detrimental years you have been abused so badly you want to kill yourself daily. It's not my fucking fault my parents were the way they were, it's not my fault people are incapable of showing me empathy, it's not my fault I got raped and beaten and tortured, it's not my fault this has resulted in me not being able to hold down a job, it's not my fault I literally have no parents and that my house is in a dangerous village where I have no work opportunity and where my dad gets drunk and abuses me. EVERYONE IN COLLEGE DIDN'T EVEN GO THROUGH A FRACTION OF WHAT I DID. THEY ALL HAD SUPPORTIVE PARENTS THAT GAVE THEM MONEY. I'VE NEVER HAD ANY OF THAT. NOTHING IN MY LIFE BUT I ALWAYS GAVE EVERYTHING I HAD TO THE WORLD JUST TO BE FACED WITH UTTER SHIT. WHAT IS THE POINT OF EVEN TRYING WHEN THE MERE ACT OF TRYING HAS BROUGHT ME MORE SUFFERING THAN GOOD. I'm not privileged enough to go on a farm like you suggest and touch grass and pet kitties. Don't you understand your life is defined by the socialization of your parents in your childhood and your material condition? Have you ever interacted with actual abused people like people in the hood or people from extremely improvished socio economical circumstances? Their abuse is on another level from yours and they end up homeless or criminals or prostitutes.(romanianon stop)

No. 1170430

I fucking hate rich people and privileged people even middle class because it seems most of them are incapable of empathy.

No. 1170432

Anon ignore her shes dumb as fuck

No. 1170435

Is this what you say to a person that has only encountered misfortune and pain and abuse, that they haven't done enough? My life is not a result of my actions, I did my best. My life is a result of my circumstances. I never had a childhood. My entire childhood I was thrown from household to household and I had to take care of mentally ill caretakers that couldn't take care of me. I was never the child, I always had to be responsible, to work, to clean, to struggle to survive. Is this what you tell to a desperate person? That they haven't done enough? Is this the great female empathy you keep talking about? Can't you tell that a desperate person doesn't need your scolding? No matter how many paragraphs I write you literally cannot comprehend my life. When you see someone desperate you hug them and tell them to believe. Just to believe. If this is the great empathy women have to offer me then I am completely blackpilled.

No. 1170448

>Maybe shut the fuck up if you don't have anything constructive to say or teach me how to stand up for myself because that's the advice I was asking for.
>I don't even want your fucking stupid ass shit advice I just want you to either say something worthwhile to me, say you understand and empathize with me or shut the fuck up
So what is it then? Why are you posting here? You say you just want validation and empathy but also don't want empathy and validation judging by your earlier posts because wanting that is bpd.
You want advice from us but also none of us can give valid advice to you by default because we're all living in mansions and live easy lifes, according to you. Wtf do you want?

No. 1170451

My mom's mad at me for not telling her when I was coming home but I went to see a movie and we all started drinking afterwords like damn woman! I forgot to turn on my fucking phone! Fuck off!

No. 1170452

she just wants to post into the void i guess. why she doesn't do that somewhere else is anybody's guess though

No. 1170453

bitch stop paying for your vpn and buy an online therapy session if you want smoke blown up your ass

No. 1170456

I've been on antibiotics for a couple days but my UTI really hasn't gotten better. I'm worried that perhaps I'm resistant to the medicine. I really need to go to a gyno, but I don't want to.

No. 1170457

>I was thrown from household to household
I thought your mother died when you were young?

No. 1170459

her mom died a few years ago iirc

No. 1170465

serious question:why don't you just get a journal or blog if you don't want people responding?

No. 1170468

because it's fucking alienating to be alone all the time and maybe out of 100 idiots 3 truly understand and feel what I'm feeling and that's enough for me. I've been on here for 8 years so I think that I've earned my right to post.

No. 1170469

>I'm not privileged enough to go on a farm like you suggest and touch grass and pet kitties.
I suggested this in a post you didn't respond to and I suggested a retreat to a convent, not a farm. It's free and they usually take pity on people in your situation and it could help you get some time to relax at least. I'm not the anon you linked and please stop taking the bait, because anons are only going to continue with the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" advice. There's nothing anyone here can do for you or give you, because you feel stuck with no escape and you're only going to be more frustrated if you keep doing this. I just suggested something so you would maybe feel something other than the intense anger you walk around with. It's not your fault you were beaten or abused and I've defended you several times when anons try to accuse you of animal abuse or being a pedo. I'm white trash from addict parents and I got beaten, locked up, starved by them etc. too and it doesn't matter how hard I've worked or studied, I'll always carry the psychological and physical damage from that with me and I'm a very angry person too. I just direct my anger towards scrotes instead of women. Arguing with people online who don't give a shit and don't want to understand is only going to make you angrier and hate yourself more, which doesn't help your already shitty situation. Petting kitties is better than arguing with anons. Like damn I just want to help, you're interesting, smart and have cool interests and it's messed up you went through all that, because you could've achieved a lot.

No. 1170475

So you do want responses, but only asspats?

No. 1170488

thank you but I will stop now

No. 1170495

File: 1651931132109.jpg (13.4 KB, 400x400, Brain broke.jpg)

I thought I was getting better with my clinical depression but i'm not, I just feel empty and I can't get enjoyment out of anything right now also I can't ask about meds again because I was on like five different kinds last year + three the first few month of this year but none of them worked other than causing massive weight gain, it's also my birthday this week so i'm supposed to do something for that but I really don't care at this point I don't feel anything I wish lobotomies worked

No. 1170499

>I literally have no parents
>my house is in a dangerous village where I have no work opportunity and where my dad gets drunk

No. 1170508

nta but children who are abused by their parents often grow up to feel alone and without real parents, even if their biological mother and father are still alive. You're taking it too literally. If your parents just mistreat you then they aren't even being parents, anyway.

No. 1170509

Yes I know, but she claimed to have no parents/live alone multiple times, hence why I'm confused.

No. 1170513

>You're taking it too literally.
well she did literally say 'literally' kek

No. 1170523

Fair enough, I'm super tired nona sorry. But I still think that despite her saying "literally" that it was probably more in the vein of that, parents like that just don't feel like parents. Either way it just makes things worse to pick at her wording

No. 1170532

There's a lot of hate towards people that are gnc in terf spaces in general but it doesn't surprise me when there's butch hate here tbh. Gossip website and all.

No. 1170542

I know I will feel better if I do something productive, but I keep procrastinating on everything. I don't know how to become more disciplined. Now that there's no one screaming at me every day to do certain things I've just been letting everything go

No. 1170545

Thats not true a lot of terfs are gnc

No. 1170555

Why tf would terfs hate gnc?

No. 1170558

nta but there are a lot of self identifying radfems who thinly veil their gnc hate as tranny hate. there are also a shit ton of lesbophobes.

No. 1170560

Can you like, post examples? This reminds me of when I see screenshots from Twitter of people swearing terfs are this, that and the third with literally no evidence

No. 1170569

Welp. I finally got the 'rona. Of course it has to be the day I planned to see a concert which I've been anticipating for months. Fuck me

No. 1170572

I can’t show a screenshot since I have only done in person stuff since a while before Reddit gender critical went down but off the top of my head some I saw a lot were mocking women who were ugly or had a more masculine physical feature insisting they must actually be a tranny because no woman could ever, saying that boys or men (who aren’t tranny) who wear makeup or cross dress are doing “woman face”, calling lesbians privileged and saying that they hate straight women etc.

No. 1170576

Are you referring to drag? That does get labeled women face and tbh I have started agreeing. Gay men imitating catty stereotypes and using misogynistic slurs is offensive imo. The rest I have seen and I’d say to take those with a grain of salt. There’s a lot of tradfems who are trying to jump into redfem and especially in burgerland. The conservatards are trying to drag us in with them.

No. 1170582

No, not even drag. They meant like literally any case of a man wearing feminine clothes, typical makeup, painted nails. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the cross dressing part of drag, it’s all the other misogynistic parts that are the issue.

No. 1170584

go and dont tell anyone kek. But don't cough on other people please

No. 1170592

File: 1651937278682.png (158.39 KB, 413x420, dcpsjkv-7ceeda17-eea3-48a4-8ae…)

Take some meds for symptoms and go anyway.

No. 1170595

I hope you'll be able to see it another day anon. Hope you get your money back, and get well soon!

No. 1170598

File: 1651937575266.jpg (501.91 KB, 2000x1270, Lingua-Ignota-July-2021.jpg)

I love her and her fans too much to risk that. I wasn't even around anyone who was coughing and I still got it, pretty sure I'd spread it just by being packed in a crowd.
the dry cough is a little conspicuous…
Thank you!

No. 1170599

Oh nooooo… I'm so sorry for you, but you will see her again one day I know it because I'll be crossing my fingers for you. But don't go, get well soon.

No. 1170604

Sometimes i wish someone came here

https://discord.gg/zd6Wsfhh2y true vent(truly pathetic)

No. 1170621

Whats this?

No. 1170623

I know you're samefagging but for any other anons, it's a moid shilling his discord >>262048

No. 1170627

>"omg source?!"
A subset of radfems have hated butches since the 70's and you can read all about it if you really want to if you look for antifeminist+butch on JSTOR. It being considered "male aligned" and "heteropatriarchal" before transitioning even got big, butches being barred from feminist meetings etc. Never mind that nowadays there are many trad gc'ers who claim to be terfs and use the fakeboi thing as an excuse to shit on gnc women. Nowhere is safe for butches, being annoyed at this shit doesn't immediately mean I have to side with twittertard TRA's either. Even the fakeboi thread has iffy posts, which is why I don't like to look in there anymore. Also I hate it that it's encouraged to lose all empathy for TiFs and see them as traitors who deserve no mercy, when I can see with many why they turned out that way and it's definitely less offensive to me than someone who claims to be enlightened through radfem theory and then still shits on gnc women.
polilez don't count

No. 1170629

wtf is wrong with you nonnies. it's highly contagious and some people are vulnerable.

No. 1170631

sometimes I get very jealous and angry when I see a tranny that has money and capital. I just wish it was mine instead. I could literally make the world better and pursue my dreams if I had money but these retards waste their resources on the worst shit. Can you imagine? There are valuable women who could improve society forced into prostitution by lack of capital, yet a stupid tranny is born in a rich family and spends his money on stupid shit like a dildo collection or hormones. This world is truly hellish. There should be some objective means of distributing capital.

No. 1170634

women in sweat shops in China work like slaves to make dildos, rainbow flags and cat ears. There's something deeply rotten with this world.

No. 1170637

and also extremely harmless, even to the vulnerable at this point

No. 1170638

but if you get it, you can't get surgery or treatment

No. 1170639

And if they get all the associated surgeries it's even worse, they either have tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste on it themselves or use that much of taxpayer dollars that could go to helping actually ill people so they have have breast implants and dick fillet. Your vent about this also reminds me of those creepy furry men who spend insane amounts of money on their fetish, it's obscene

No. 1170644

tbh I'm glad a lit of online trannies spend it on dumb shit like this and not actual institutions that support their shitty cause

No. 1170658

Maybe a year ago, but not anymore

No. 1170667

Didn't know last week was a year ago, but okay. They still require you to be covid-free and still ask. Even before I got anesthesia in April they were talking about how there was a covid outbreak on another ward, which caused a lot of patients to have to wait with treatment. At the same time you also can't get treatment or surgery if you recently have been vaccinated.

No. 1170677

Sorry about your shitty country nonna, this is crazy. I didn't know that since where I live, you get treatment regardless of covid or vaccination status.

No. 1170688

It has to do with the fever. If you have covid or were recently vaccinated they can't tell if you got an infection after treatment or surgery, or if you just have a fever from covid or the vaccination. It confuses things.

No. 1170793

I feel like I don't belong anywhere and I'm lonely. I want a sense of community but don't know how to achieve one. That place to belong void was filled a little by here but I don't feel that way anymore. What I need is a good and stable friendship group but I have no idea how to get that. I'm interested in things no one else is, I'm awfully shy and take a while to come out of my shell, I live in a tiny country, I'm autistic etc. I don't know how to embrace being mostly alone. I'm not strong enough. If life is going to be this lonely and if I'm going to feel this lost forever I'm not sure what the point in living even is. I feel like my desperation from friends will only deter people away but it feels like it can't be helped. I made a new friend recently and I really really like her but I'm scared of coming across as too clingy to her. I wish it was easier for me to click with people. I come across as desperate because I am I suppose. I'm desperate to find a place of acceptance and love.

Life would be so much easier and happier again if my best friend had never died. I miss her so so so much. I've felt alone and lost ever since she passed. I know no one will ever replace her or take her place, and because of that knowledge it just makes everything worse.

No. 1170805

I was such a smart little girl and i had many talents but they terrorized me for years and crossed all lines. I’m nothing but a joke to them.. they hit me, they stripped me of my identity and attacked me when i was most vulnerable i got abandoned by the ones I trusted the most. I know no one owes me shit, but why market yourself as a saint? Why did they lie to me? I’m so sad i feel so broken. Everything seems meaningless and they don’t feel an ounce of guilt

No. 1170812

How do i reset my personality? I’ve been trying since the age of 18 to calm down. I’ve been through a lot of trauma and for some reason it made me hyper, very giggly and i can’t stop rambling, very attention deficient but i keep failing all these years (i’m 22 now) i want to be calm and quiet like i was pre traumatic event…

No. 1170816

File: 1651946681139.gif (7.99 MB, 640x640, cat-angry.gif)

It's so true how women mentally "check out" of a relationship weeks or even months/years before it really ends. I'm so checked out, this moid annoys me but I cannot move out right now as I need to save up money to leave and I have no safety nets. I've already started saving, but I wish I had encountered shit like FDS or even just generally distanced myself from pickme libfem shit 4 years ago before I met this man.
Although I didn't mind it at the time, I put all the effort surrounding dates and days out etc on my shoulders and now he just naturally expects that I will be the one to plan something. Er, no, absolutely fucking not, good luck with that. If you can't even book tickets to take us to the cinema, or to go for a drive, or even bring me something like chocolates and wine for a movie date then what the fuck are you?

I asked to do something tonight after finishing work and he was like "why don't we play this RPG game" yeah no thanks dumbass I've had enough of our so-called dates or romantic time consisting of sitting in seperate rooms and playing video games together like we're a teenage discord LDR couple. It's so pathetic. I've been working on myself and thinking about how I really have settled for the bare minimum and now I have to sweep all that shit up. It doesn't even have to be expensive I just cannot believe it's considered too much to take me on a drive and find a nice spot to sit and have a drink or something. This moid's idea of dates for the past year and a half have been Netflix or playing a game together. I'm so fucking tired, there's no spark nor romance and he looked so shocked when I told him "No, fuck you, if you want to go to the cinema YOU can book the tickets. Go on" and then went upstairs. He's probably forgot by now, oh well. What he doesn't know is that I'm out of here asap and I've already moved on mentally to the point where I have fantasies about a celebrity husbando instead. Yes, cringe, but don't say I didn't try you stupid little scrote. You did this to yourself.

No. 1170830

i didnt realize you were a doctor and suddenly covid is harmless. I live with my immune compromised spouse and and i'm not trying to get sick. it also still backs up any hospitals for other people

No. 1170835

when I see this pic all I can think of is LOLCOR

No. 1170851

Having a body insecurity moment so I'm just going to vent it out. My face isn't quite ugly but I hate it hate my vibes, and I have a kind of curved big nose so maybe that does push it into ugly. I wish real life was like video games where you can wear whatever. I'd like to wear something over my head to hide my boring hair with it.

No. 1170852

Good for you for realizing you deserve better, gl with getting out of there.

No. 1170853

I'm not a doctor but I'm speaking from experience. Omicron is harmless, even to my ill family members and barely anyone is backing up hospitals with it.

No. 1170856

I relate a little, the only thing that I've been trying is to consciously calm myself in the moment. You have to be aware of your actions and basically force yourself not to. Think before you act. It can sting because you get strong urges to express more, especially for me when I worry about other people finding me cold, but I believe this is the way to do it.

No. 1170864

There were and are many butches who do everything to imitate men and their behavior. Like fuckboy attitude, objectifying women, being controlling and aggressive, desires male validation in the form of being “one of the boys”. Old school butches suffered from internalized misogyny and lesbophobia too, a bunch of them would have trooned out in current time. That kind of behavior deserves to be shit on. It is understandable the negative stereotype exists. Regardless, I’ve never seen fakeboys get the level of hate hons get from women here. Most pity them, are at most frustrated with them but are welcoming to detransitioners. Btw the fakeboy thread has a gaggle of 4chan fakeboys who come in there to shit on each other and feel superior in their maleness. They are traitors and I will exclude them forever.

No. 1170871

File: 1651949177112.gif (210.34 KB, 320x270, 1646527584203.gif)

I'm okay with myself dying one day, but the thought of everyone I love dying makes me very sad. How can I deal with this?

No. 1170874

> the fakeboy thread has a gaggle of 4chan fakeboys who come in there to shit on each other and feel superior in their maleness
they are so obvious and so annoying. i seriously dislike them even more than the he/they feminine yaoi lover fakebois they talk about.

No. 1170887

File: 1651950394531.jpg (32 KB, 580x676, 1644406364673.jpg)

aaahh god I'm so sorry nonny that's a real bad combo, I hope I didn't sound like an asshole by basically wishing I had dermatillomania (although ngl I would still rather have it then the other.) BFRBs are such shit. I think the mouth biting behavior comes from a place of frustrated communication. For what it's worth I actually managed to not chew on myself (as much) for the rest of the evening so maybe my curse worked, kek. sending calming vibes your way sister

No. 1170898

I literally just vented that SOMETIMES Aiden hate is used as a cover for butch hate and you basically just went "yeah we should hate butches, there's a reason there's a stereotype". Yeah bar butches from feminist meetings since the 70's and then be surprised they have internalized misogyny and then shame them for transitioning as a result of societal pressure and loneliness. Just show no empathy for what it's like to be a gnc woman, just assume she wants to be like a man, keep on telling her she's exactly like a man, just like all of society says so, that definitely won't add to the complex. Great strategy! You can shit on the internalized misogyny without acting like it can only be fixed by turning every butch into a femme or a neutral option. Everyone already hates butches, just get on the hatetrain. There's also no acknowledgement of how there's a microscope on gnc women and how every behavior is very quickly interpreted as "male like" or "male aligned" or "fuckboy". No acknowledgement of how vilified gnc women are in society and in the media, so it's very easy to interpret everything in the worst possible fucking way and how everyone is very likely very fucking biased. The only time anyone actually likes detransitoned women, is if they turn out feminine like Helena. If you stay gnc nobody gives a shit and basically considers you a troon anyway even if you've never transitioned. There's no way to fucking win. It doesn't even matter if you look like shit in feminine clothes and would end up looking like an agp in a dress, the only way to get over internalized misogyny is to apparently perform femininity.

No. 1170921

i hate visiting my hometown. i hate running into the fuckers from high school who made my life hell. i hate going to sleep in the room i planned my suicide in. i graduated 4 years ago and still i feel so uncomfortable in this stupid fucking town.

No. 1170923

My dad died when I was 20, and all I can say is, the pain eventually fades away.

No. 1170924

why are you visiting?

No. 1170925

Noni I know what you’re point is and for what it’s worth I’ll clarify I’m not one of the other nonis. All I said was drag imitating female stereotypes is offensive to me. The makeup and dresses are fine if they just do it as their own thing. But imo that’s not drag. That’s just gnc men.
Being gnc and especially butch leaning or butch is absolutely putting women in a fucked position. I get your point. Yes some of those women are using it as an excuse to go after women not living to their standard. I would step away from those spaces and find women spaces that are for actual women. My friends and me and the women in my activist groups fall everywhere on the “gender performance” spectrum but the thing is we already know it’s bull shit and that we as women are all working to unlearn that and just exist and be. This world is very hard and I hope it gets better.

No. 1170927

You’re strong. You don’t have a choice you don’t get to decide to be. You are. You will survive you will carry on. You’ll wake up and the sun will rise and you will too and you will love everyone else you have even more and treasure and value those moments. That’s all you can do.

No. 1170928

my mom hurt her leg so i came to help her out. she still lives here unfortunately

No. 1170937

sigh, that's sad. I hope both your mom and yourself feel better soon. Hang in there nonna

No. 1170938

I think there might be a way to do drag right? The impersonations of a specific person can sometimes be respectful and cool, but the moment it veers into imitating female stereotypes, yeah I agree, it's quite offensive. Idk why dragkings aren't more popular, there's way more about men and male stereotypes you could make fun of kek. Yeah irl in activist groups it's not as bad, because in the end people just care about what you do and if they do have shitty opinions, they generally keep them to themselves. Also extremely unlikely to come across tradtards, since they don't do activism. Online it's just such a mess though.

No. 1170943

I really cannot stand it anymore. I will go homeless and die. I just don't want people to use or humiliate me anymore for money or help. I know that if I go homeless I will get raped and harassed. I don't even want to try befriending people anymore. I always give more than I recieve I don't even get credit for what I say and ultimately no friend will help you. It's them and their family and their possessions. They will take whatever they can whatever out of you. Everyone just gets something out of you ultimately. Why do I have to.always listen to others and how depressed they are and step on eggshells around them and give them so much empathy when my situation is so bad that I am forced to take my own life at 23? Just to not get abused anymore. I cannot even leave something behind because people will use it to humiliate me or just appropriate my suffering for their gain. I am ultimately an object to be used for other's happiness. None of the efforts that I have put in to become a brilliant person have mattered. My efforts of going against my environment have been in vain. I wish I never even tried in the first place.

No. 1170948

>but there’s no equivalent popular term for consistently neglecting to do a small but necessary task to your own and others’ detriment while acting indignant whenever someone reminds you of it
being lazy?

No. 1170949

thanks.. i hope you have a good day today, friend

No. 1170954

I know this should maybe go in the jd/ah containment thread but I don't really want to have people argue with me, I just need to vent. My ex boyfriend was addicted to drugs/alcohol and was extremely violent, he would beat me and threaten to kill my pets, he's going to court again this year for strangling me and bashing my head into a wall repeatedly trying to kill me. It was so hard to press charges and basically no one in my life knows what happened, even though it's been going on for years. Big part of the reason I don't tell anyone is because he's very social and extroverted and easily makes friends, meanwhile I'm extremely withdrawn and possibly autistic but people tend to read me as being bitchy and stuck up because I'm so quiet. So I knew if I told mutual friends they would never take my side because he comes across as 'nice charming guy' and I come across as 'weird bitchy girl.' It didn't help that his family knew and blamed me, literally going into the apartment we shared while I was away to 'clean up' and throwing away all my food and personal belongings as payback for me calling the police, calling me the abuser and threatening to press charges against me in retaliation. I can't stand seeing everyone pick apart everything amber has done, every single tiny bit of her personality and mannerisms, to determine that she must be a liar because she doesn't seem as 'nice' as johnny. It's like, oh, every horrible thought I've had about people blaming me is true, if my trail were broadcasted now I get to know exactly how everyone would react. It's like a nightmare. I hate having all my worst fears confirmed, no one would believe me so I might as well keep it to myself. And seeing screen shots of girls on tiktok laughing at ambers sexual abuse and rape saying they don't see anything wrong with it and would have enjoyed it… My ex would abuse me through bdsm and now I can't even hear about kink without feeling like I'm floating out of my body. It's so evil, I almost can't believe this trial is real and really happening. I just want to curl up into a ball and never think about it ever again. But I can't escape it because my dad will listen to podcasts telling him what to think about it at full volume throughout the house. Jesus christ I wish this weren't happening.

No. 1170956

Tbh it’s kind of a good thing to show the arse when you’re advertising leggings becaus people want to know if they’re buying something see through. Of course they can edit it out, but people will still buy it. Arse and crotch is what we want to see or I’m not buying the leggings. I want non see through, no camel toe and won’t settle for less.

No. 1170958

I want to start with I’m so sorry. That’s absolutely fucked. The only thing I can tell you as someone who lived through my family and community reacting to a situation like Amber and Jonny you would survive. It’s your worst fear and it’s absolutely awful and it sucks and you survive and after it’s almost like a high because then your free. All that anxiety. Al that fear. It’s gone. The worst has happened. What else is there? Maybe that helps? It’s what I hold on to with stuff like this.

No. 1170959

my mother told me i am never going to find somebody to love me and get married because i have self harm scars. i find that easy to believe because i didnt make 10 scratches or a dozen i had to ruin my entire body with gashes. i wouldnt love me so i cant see why anybody would, its like warning signs that i can hide. it feels so insidious. i hate myself so much i wish i had just killed myself instead

No. 1170962

Your mother is fucked up and shouldn’t have said that. Self harm scars might make it more difficult and people might perceive you in ways, but that doesn’t make you unlovable and other peoples opinions are their business. People that would judge you and act like dicks are not people you would want to be in relationship with anyway. Not everyone wants everyone and that’s okay. There’s also a lot more to life than marriage and relationships and no marriage is worth killing yourself over.

No. 1170963

Thank you anons. I'll try to remember this

No. 1170964

Now that we're LDR I realize how little I'm invested in my relationship. The weekend is the time we could spend time try to play games or talk for hours, but now I'm relieved he hasn't initiated anything today. Sexting is very hit or miss, but for me it's honestly not worth it because I'd rather finish myself off in my own time in 10 minutes than sit there waiting for him to type what he wants to do to me with a 2 minute delay (one sext session can unironically last hours and I can see that he has video games open while we do it). The thing is I'm so bored of this I don't even care enough to initiate the break up.

No. 1170965

Holy shit i’m literally not i clicked on it and i was confused by the nameb

No. 1170968

I need to stop using discord while i’m high dude the dumbest most unintelligible shit i reply to these strangers i feel sorry for them

No. 1170969

I posted asking if it was safe to practice a sport if I take it slow— famous for it’s injuries that can be life lasting and how strenuous it is — while having a disability and how to go about doing it safely. I got absolutely mauled for my concern. And they just kept saying that doing this is better than being sedentary despite that I had already specified that I do 2 other forms of physical activity. When I pointed that out they shifted to acting like taking a walk has just as high of a chance as causing serious injury. The intellectual dishonesty because they all just have to be the insufferable know it all is exhausting. Every single sub is like that, too.

No. 1170970

I think there's beautiful patient people out there who will look at you and love you despite all your flaws. What she said is none of her business, you have no idea how many actual kind and loving people are out there in this time. They will look at you with loving eyes and understand that you are more than scars.
But, in the case that they bother you a lot, you can always get a treatment to help your skin be healthy again.

No. 1170971

File: 1651956286589.jpg (34.99 KB, 500x511, tumblr_d3d13697f135aa6f2d0ebb0…)

I thought I'd get everyone in my family off of my back with them wanting me to go to university and study to become a surgeon or judge or engineer or whatever else is high-paying and well-regarded now that I have a job, but due to the fact that I can study medicine after like five years in this job without having to have a 4.0 GPA and me being, apparently, obviously underchallenged, everyone, and this time even my teachers too, are back on my case about it. Even my boss asked if I'm using this job as a stepping stone towards higher education. I know it's only meant well, and I do admit I find my job easier than I'd like it to be in the end, but I'm having fun still and I make enough money to not being worried each month even without having to penny-pinch, so why repeat this spiel again? I thought I escaped it after having to listen to it for over a decade, and I did, for like…a year lmfao, but now that the possibilities are coming up again, everyone seems to think it's necessary to remind me of them. "But you're not planning on keep on doing this job forever, are you? That'd be such a waste of your poTenTiAL" I very well might, what's your damn problem?? It's not like I could ever handle all that responsibility anyways, not to mention that just because I was halfway good enough at studying (but not good enough to get a 4.0 GPA, mind you, so this being brought up so stupidly often doesn't make all too much sense either way), it doesn't mean I'm good enough to study fucking medicine out of all things.

No. 1170980

noni i am so sorry. if this is any help my mother went through a similar situation time and time again and now she has a home with family and children with stable income. some of those might not be your goals but they were hers, and i am saying that you can achieve your goals too. i believe in you and i hope long lasting good things come your way as quickly as possible.

No. 1170987

i’m going to bed, does anyone else’s suicidal thoughts spike up when they’re about to go to sleep?

No. 1170991

Yes actually

No. 1170994

Yeah, that's why I always put on some video to drown out my thoughts. If I start thinking I'll be crying there until 2 AM after I realize it might be better to be dead than a failure

No. 1170995

It's why I prefer to go to sleep not sober or so exhausted that I know I'll pass out in a couple minutes.

No. 1170996

Yeah… thing is i can’t sleep with sound on but god my chest hurts, like what is this life? Lol

No. 1171000

no the other way around, when I wake up

No. 1171006

kek same

No. 1171008

Have you tried taking something like Valeriana to help with sleep?

No. 1171009

Oh i can sleep fine but i just hurt my feelings a lot and memories keep popping up then a lil mini panic attack and chest pain and boom i pass out kek

No. 1171014

File: 1651958337328.jpg (32.5 KB, 360x581, cute_cat_for_nona.jpg)

I have no words, but I was worried this would happen. You're very brave for pressing charges and I hope you'll find some justice and peace somehow.

No. 1171016

I miss my grandma so much. I wish I could just hold her hand and talk to her, just once more.

No. 1171028

>chilling watching youtube
>get ad before video
>peta ad with owls screaming from severe torture
>end up crying for like half an hour

yeah raise awareness and all but this shit is never going to end. terrible people are going to torture animals forever. IT WILL NEVER STOP and therefore i don't want to see it. it doesn't help, nothing helps it will always be there.

No. 1171042

nona it's time for adblock bc wtf? what a horrible ad

No. 1171048

File: 1651961249339.jpg (27.27 KB, 564x694, FB_IMG_1574642758513.jpg)

I'm so sorry, anon. I lost my grandma two weeks ago, sometimes it feels just like a bad dream. We will get through it. Much love to you through this hard time

No. 1171050

it's borderline gore if you think about it, fuck that shit.

No. 1171063

I try to just ignore ads on mobile, but if I see something grotesque like that I always report. It’s weird and upsetting how even YouTube lets those kinds of ads through.

No. 1171066

honestly, your mother is a cunt, sry to say that so directly, but did she ever try to understand why you self harmed in the first place? I have self harm scars myself, nothing I could ever hide and nothing I could ever get rid of, even with plastic surgery and what I've come to terms with is that if a person can't love me with those scars, he/she might not be the right person. Imagine you would have to go through difficult times with such a person, can't stand scars of the past, how can they be helpful and supportive in the future? You self harmed, you have scars, you survived it, you've gone through more than many other people have, you are lovable and your mother should just shut up, if you haven't, go to therapy, find a way to love yourself and maybe, if you want to, you will find someone who loves you more than your mother does.

No. 1171069

>guy i've been seeing straight up pointed out everything wrong with my body today
>tried to backtrack by telling me it was ok because my face is "pretty enough to make up for it"
well that was disappointing, i liked him a lot

No. 1171072

??????????? What kind of reaction was that piece of shit expecting? Scrotes are so fucking stupid. I'm sorry, Nona. He was a retard anyway, nothing of value lost.

No. 1171078

Tell him his dick's too small and he will never satisfy a woman.

No. 1171081

Your family was lucky then. Not everyone is fortunate tho

No. 1171094

I'm already against TikTok and find it uncreative at best. But I tolerated the occasional times my bf showed me one he found funny. But I've been realizing more and more that literally every other tiktok he scrolls through on his FYP (I think that's the right term) is some thirst trap or tiktok made specifically with the intent of "look at my body!" And to make matters worse he'll occasionally like one of those while I'm right next to him.

I already struggle with wondering if I'm attractive at all. I can't, and won't, tell him what he can or cannot like. But that's just fucking disrespectful to do it with your gf right there. And plain old moid behavior because he clearly likes enough thirst posts that they show up on his feed. Urge to respect myself more and just leave keeps rising.

No. 1171098

ah, negging

No. 1171099

File: 1651965619345.gif (1.9 MB, 300x279, 1632106415889.gif)

Oh god, I'm sorry too nonna, I know exactly what you mean. My grandma died last year in April, but it still feels unreal on some days, like she's just on a too long vacation. Much love to you too and yes, we'll have to.

No. 1171100

He probably read some mgtow incel trash dating advice, abort abort

No. 1171101

not really

No. 1171102

most of those tiktok dancers are <18 btw

No. 1171103

I've had a guy do this to me too. He was super awkward and had been rejected by people his whole life (although he was very tall and handsome so it wasn't a physical issue?). I think he probably spent some time reading incel/pick up artist advice on women and thought that, by insulting me, he would make me want to prove myself to him or like him more. It didn't work, it literally never works. I wonder if the guy who did this to you matches the same profile.

No. 1171108

Either you can tell him exactly what you just posted, or - if he's an dense asshat who's not caring about your feelings - do something similar to him and see how he likes it. Watch youtube videos of male strippers, those weird sexual asmr videos with half naked pretty men or whatever next to him, upvote them, making some humming noises or otherwise act like a scrote would/he does etc.

No. 1171114

I admire your righteous anger. Holy shit, he is a charmless loser if he thinks playing video games at home is a romantic date. And in separate rooms? when you live together? wtf?? Even at LAN parties people have all their computers in the same space. I hope you can get out soon, maybe ask your family to help if they're not terrible people.

No. 1171115

File: 1651967245614.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, CE322022-CD87-428D-887D-E92E5A…)

I can't do it, I can't stay pinkpilled anons… Thinking about the horribleness of men makes me want to kill myself. I get stress headaches. I don't know why it matters so much to me, I guess it's that it massively poisons my outlook on the world and life itself. Then inevitably my mind and heart are weak, and cause me to care about scrotes in real life despite everything. I wish I could erase all porn and their evil from this world, but I also can't hold anymore onto the knowledge of it, it's too terrible and heavy. I want to go back to thinking like a normie. Or at least to die rather than face the horror, I can't believe in a god that he would curse women this way with such depraved counterparts. I have to go back to believing that some men are good, thinking otherwise always ruins my mental and physical health.

No. 1171123

Of course my mom texts the day before mother's day. I don't want to talk to you. You have so many other children, fuck off.

No. 1171140

getting drunk alone on a saturday for the umpteenth time. literally counting down the days until i can go home and see my friends again

No. 1171141

Okay so, I did online dating after a few years and back in Feb I got talking to a guy. He's 29 and I'm 28. He's quite cute actually.

We had our first date at this afternoon tea place and he's a bit nerdy, into anything. He paid £80 for it. Then the second date we had drinks and did bowling.

We had another drinking dates. Today was our fourth and I got the train to his town. It's only like twenty mins away. And we had a drinks. Then went back to his, his house is shared with his best friend's lesbian sister who is with someone and she went out for the day so we had privacy.

It's the UK and 2022 so everyone is basically house sharing, nothing new. Literally everyone.

He's got two cats which were cute. But the house is a fucking MESS.

The sofa was just full of shit and it's one of them L ones, no room at all. One table full of just general crap. I did not even say "Nice place" like I usually would.

Carpet needs hoovering, crap everywhere. Cats scratching up the table legs too.

The dining room had a broken down fridge just in the middle. Crap in there too. No carpet down. The kitchen wasn't too bad but just skirting boards and floors need painting / mopping.

The bathroom needs sorting, bath needs cleaning, who the fuck has a energy drink bottle just in the center of it?

Bathroom mirror fucked. Toilet was clean-ish. Hairs stuck to the walls.

His room wasn't tooooooo bad. Typical guys room.

I mean, I know it isn't my house and all but fucking hell.

I felt like saying "Do you ever clean?" I know it's rented but it's literally no excuse…

The sex was alright. He said he hadn't fucked in a while. Turned out it was a whole year. He kept going soft which we worked on and he did get hard eventually.

He's overly passionate, which was nice but it felt too boring. He wanted to just kiss and cuddle.

I wanted a good raw fuck if I am honest.

I think he wants to keep seeing one another… I am not sure because at the start he said on Whatsapp that he did not want serious.

But it's like… what do you want? Plus after seeing the house… I don't even think I want serious either LMAO

God I am confused.

Why are men so fucking gross? Also, the lesbian house mate, she needs to clean too.

Dirty bitch.

No. 1171144

I am going to slap every one of you nonnies that sits there with men who ogle other women, in front of you or not. It makes me so mad pls get some self respect. For you and all woman kind. Don’t even date guys who use tiktok either like really that’s a red flag.

No. 1171146

It's really hard to be aware of the shit women face. The thing that helped me to cope with it was to be as resourceful and helpful to other women as I can, validate their feelings, listen to them, help them feel better about themselves without being dependent on men. Dwelling and being defeatist about it only makes you bitter and incapacitated.

No. 1171147

I wish mothers day would hurry up and pass already. My moms dead and im tired of seeing ads for mothers day with flowers the past 3 weeks. She would've loved some flowers. I wouldve loved buying them for her.

No. 1171153

100% not worth it

No. 1171154

Same. I know it's selfish but I wish one of my friend's were also in the same situation so I'd have someone next to me during this time.

No. 1171157

Reading anons' stories like this sparks emotions that reveal to me I am an inexperienced ultra becky

No. 1171160

File: 1651970563775.jpeg (66.49 KB, 500x333, 10CB95BE-CBC3-4AE0-8626-836830…)

To me there is a point where it is insurmountable. I can continue being aware of our plight and offering my support to others, but I can't become a full blown misandrist for some reason it destroys me.

No. 1171162

is this pasta

No. 1171167

I agree it indicates a type of man that is especially awful and not to bother with him

No. 1171171

Tomorrow everyone is going to be at family made nice dinners or going out, i get it anon. I havent told anyone have a good mothers day because i know there's shitty moms with bad relationships, those who were given up for adoption that might have gone to many households, and then moms who passed.

No. 1171179


Trust me it’s not that interesting once it happens

No. 1171180


Nope sadly

No. 1171181

Nah it just unsettles me how different the world is from my cringe loner self

No. 1171189

File: 1651972581794.jpg (32.15 KB, 550x549, 51daf1998baf98c772d652f4cadd13…)

I had to piss in a trashcan today. I have barely any bladder control and it's so humiliating. Picrel is literally me in bed right now.

No. 1171194

don't feel bad, the trashcan deserved it

No. 1171195

File: 1651973229719.jpeg (47.96 KB, 261x692, 1EFFEEC7-3EB0-4917-BC41-01C23C…)

I'm so sorry nonnie qt, that sounds like an awful day. I hope things get better asap, I don't know the treatment but praying the issue stops happening for you.

No. 1171215

Hey, don't beat yourself up. Get some sleep or watch a cute series. ♥

No. 1171240

Thank you anons, you're both very kind. It's just such a shitty feeling, but I'm making a doctor's appointment in my morning and hopefully I can get this resolved because this has been a recurring issue.
Lmao, thanks anon.

No. 1171290

I am so sad nonnies. I hate thinking about my future.

No. 1171327

I tried to treat my parents to mother's day dinner, and they still ended up having a blowout fight as always. They make me want to never get married.

No. 1171329

Me too, i am shitting my pants with fear everytime i think about the future

No. 1171348

File: 1651985728325.gif (14.38 KB, 56x53, 857654236724592701.gif)

i finally feel like i'm getting over my breakup
we still text every day but he got mad at me the other night when we hung out (we broke up bc of his temper) and it made all the doubt that i made the right decision vanish
i didn't care that he apologized afterwards, and multiple times the next day
we called yesterday and it just felt so boring, unlike how i used to feel
i think i'm finally getting over him and the rose colored glasses are coming off
it's a good feeling because i was struggling towards the end of this past semester since the only times we usually could talk with his job were like midnight to 3am
i don't want to keep wearing myself thin for someone who can't respect me enough to control their temper, especially given what a thoughtful and kind girlfriend i was
speaking of thoughtful, he told me months ago he would buy me this dress i wanted as a gift after i was done with midterms
then when i linked him the dress he just said how expensive it was and never bought it
i was going through my depop likes the other day while he was looking, and the dress was there, and i said oh look it's that dress, and he said nothing hahaha
it's not to say he didn't do plenty of things that were kind, it just rubbed me the wrong way
he's actually the most thoughtful boyfriend i've had, he bought me a care package when i had covid, roses for valentines day, love letters for christmas, etc…
but i guess i shouldn't stay with someone for that, i should just expect that from someone
i'm just so used to being outwardly toxic relationships that i thought i found the one in him since he is so much better than all my exes
low standards, i guess

No. 1171352

What's your reason for wanting to stay in contact with him or are you only doing it because you'd feel guilty otherwise? What do you gain from it? Aren't you scared of things escalating if he can't even control his temper around you?

>roses on Valentine's Day

I'm sorry but that's such a meme. That's literally the least thoughtful thing anyone could do for their loved one unless roses are your special interest kek please love yourself more.

No. 1171378

nonnie stop talking to him. you'll never get over him otherwise

No. 1171386

Just paid 12 dollars for a small bag of grapes and it made me wanna shoot myself. Luckily it was on WIC but what the fuck

No. 1171393

I miscalculated how much some grapes would cost recently and when I got to the counter it was $21!!! My flustered ass bought them anyway. They were soooo good but I'm still regretting it.

No. 1171400

>Aren't you scared of things escalating if he can't even control his temper around you?
he's not that kind of "can't control his temper", he isn't violent
it's more like something out of his control will happen that's frustrating and he will have an overstimulated sperg out tantrum

>kek please love yourself more.

did you not read the last few lines of my post, i'm self aware about that

>What do you gain from it?

>you'll never get over him otherwise
so far it's actually making me get over him faster because i can't romanticize him from time apart
also i haven't made any friends in uni yet so it helps me wean off my addiction to his attention

No. 1171404

Watching the Lou Perlman documentary on Youtube (yes I know it's old) just made me hate Justin douchebag Timberlake even more. You've got the entire group talking about their experiences, and Justin can't be bothered to do a 5 minute interview? He's been high on his own farts since Britney left him, and even now when he's essentially irrelevant, he still acts like he's better than the group that made him. So glad Britney is beloved and he's just a fading loser.

No. 1171414

Nah but I get you anon, everyone always told me to go full no contact with my ex and I did want to achieve that, but I did something similar and still spent time with him for maybe 3 months after we broke up. Every time we hung out it was like you described, I’d see him with fresh eyes and just think “wtf did I see in this freak?” He was boring, gross, had stupid humor, cowardly, lazy and contributed nothing to my life. It fully settled in that yes, any time spent with him was a complete and utter waste so by the time I cut it off for good I didn’t even feel the slightest pang of regret. You’ll get there.

No. 1171422

File: 1651994574416.gif (319.65 KB, 560x261, tumblr_3ed94ee0ec90d6603a6b7d8…)

I have been making the lab muffin vitamin c for almost 3 months. The glass vial with dropper sits on the top condiment space in the fridge. My mother has two of the exact vials but with food grade hydrogen peroxide on the other top condiment shelf in fridge.
>Go to get vit c serum
>See new vial next to mine
>Unfortunately say it out loud
>Mom comes in and freaks the fuck
>She just made a spray
>She thinks she used my serum
>Starts yelling at me for not labeling mine (although she never labeled hers either)
>Do some basic deduction
>Figure out she didn't based on what she said
>Bitches at me I need to label
>Acts like it would have killed her despite me explaining what it is
I get I should have labeled it; however, her acting like it would've killed her is fucking dramatic. I hate how her dumb brain always over reacts yet she bitches about people over reacting. I want to repeatedly bang my head on something hard. She constantly contradicts herself.

No. 1171426

Samefag, the vit c serum is literally pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid crystal supplement, about a grain of rice size of baking soda, and distilled water. That's it.

No. 1171430

File: 1651995063137.jpg (62.83 KB, 633x451, original[1].jpg)

>Be me
>Try to sell stuff on RedBubble because poorfag
>Spend weeks on a drawing
>Traditional because too broke for a tablet
>Finally finish art
>Mfw paper sheet is too big for the scanner
>Mfw no more crayons or markers
>Mfw trying to fix it on pirated photoshop and still looks awful

I want to kill myself so bad.

No. 1171448

Omg anon, i just took 2 days of during my apprenticeship to resolve some issues, but my computer broke down during the weekend and its not finnished until monday. I dont have or know anyone that has a spare laptop for me to borrow…what should i do?

No. 1171479

Wait not the point of your post but is it easy to make at home then? Do you have instructions?

No. 1171485

does redbubble actually works as a passive income? i am always worried of people stealing shit

No. 1171495

File: 1651999204345.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x960, 1620772839085.jpg)

>friend (b) from the other side of the country visits
>stays at friend's (a) house
>had a blast at my place friday, they want me to visit them saturday

>be saturday

>don't hear anything from them
>apart from the usual group chat shitposting
>it's like 6pm
>friend a posts a video in the group chat
>in a car
>friend b nowhere to be found
>ask where friend b is
>'oh he suddenly got sick anon kek he's staying home'
>friend a is going to a party with two other (more local) people from the group chat

The driver of the car is a guy who constantly drives while fucked up, recently had a child and is simply just fucking dumb. Anyway

>try to get in contact with friend b

>apparently he just went to sleep
>friend a sends me stupid shit happening at the party
>barely respond, send thumbs up emoji or respond with 'oh cool'
>'what's wrong, anon?'
>i know friend a is on drugs so i read the message but don't respond
>get more messages as friend a starts to worry
>respond after like three hours
>call him a dick for leaving friend b behind so friend a can have his little outing
>call out drunk/drugged driving friend in the group chat
>'hope you didn't cause an accident' :)
>everyone knows I'm pissed
>tries to make amends with friend b for fucking him over
>friend b messages me privately to say thanks

>be this morning

>open group chat
>see friend b doing a lil story time, shared a pic as well
>friend a came home
>fucked on xtc and alcohol
>woke up friend b by coming home very loud
>drinks a beer on the couch
>blacks out, spilling beer over himself and the couch
>wanted to shower, couldn't
>eventually fell asleep on the toilet with the door open
>friend b posted the photo in the group chat for all to see
>friend a isn't even awake yet but everyone knows he'll hate his life when he sees it
>and it's deserved

Yeah I have some scrote friends because I'm an autist. I don't see them that often except for friend a, but he's my bf's best friend. Normally I can handle all the stupid shit he does but this was such a dick move so I needed to vent for a bit so sorry for the most boring greentext ever

No. 1171496

See if you can go to a nearby public library that has a computer lab? Or a PC cafe? Some colleges also let the public use their library and computers. Not sure if this applies where you live though.

No. 1171498

There's so much hate and darkness in this world, and I'm sick of being a part of it, I don't want to hurt the people I love again. I can't stop tragedies from happening and I cannot stop the demons that roam in the streets, but I can change myself. My family was shit and everyone hates each other, even siblings, but I don't want to hate you or give you reasons to hate me, that's my biggest fear: to grow old and realize we hate each other. I'm broken but I will put myself together back, I'll fight for freedom and love as my ancestors did, I'll bring honor and glory to my great ancestors instead of shame and crime, this will be in your name

No. 1171509

Hey nonna, breathe. What format is your drawing? Maybe you can do two halves separate, for example? Stick one side in for one scan, then another in another scan.

What I've had good results with is taking a photo of the drawing in good light during the day, making sure not to cast shadows on to it with my hands or phone.

Then, you can fix the Levels in Photoshop, or if the photo was skewed, use the transform tool to warp it to what it's supposed to look like.

What is the drawing of? Are you able to maybe visit a printing shop or a library to scan it?(integrate)

No. 1171524

I think i've made less than 100 dollars from it since opening my account 6 years ago kek. I have two designs that are oddly popular but the rest of them have been ignored.
Honestly it's really scummy but I've considered making really generic zoomer approved stuff for sales. Like making poorly drawn doodles of raccoons eating trash saying ACAB or whatever anime flavor of the week. It seems like an easy way to make money if you have no originality. Just sucks for actual artists who wanna do their own thing instead of cater to an audience.

No. 1171545

The paper is 28cm x 35cm, I actually tried to do it on 2 halves but it leaves a pretty big shadow on the middle, I'll try to see if I can fix it tomorrow morning tho. I'll also try to take a photo with a phone once the sun goes back. It's a drawing of a video game character, nothing bad so I don't have trouble to take it somewhere but there aren't many printing shops here, I might go to one if it can't be fixed with Photoshop.

Thank you for your advice anon.

No. 1171550

nta but making vector layers (when it comes to digital art) helped me a lot. It never loses its quality if it changes the size.
Aighty, thank you nonna! I think you need to just draw the work instead of sending it to a postmail by yourself, right? I am drowning in huge commissions due to health bills and having a passive art-income would be nice.

No. 1171579

me and my boyfriend are driving home after hanging out with friends, and this fucking tranny was riding one of those retarded motorized scooters and swerving in the middle of the road for way too long, so i told my bf to honk at them and he did it very lightly, and this dude drops the scooter and starts walking toward the car opening his bag? im shaking so hard did i just almost get shot by i deranged individual? my boyfriend was so freaked out he put the car in reverse and slammed on the gas, and is now debating calling the cops.

No. 1171631

He sounds a lot older than you

No. 1171659

Look up lab muffin EASY (5 MINUTE) DIY VITAMIN C SERUM RECIPE. It's on her website lab muffin. Super easy.

No. 1171692

File: 1652015168315.jpg (19.2 KB, 236x267, 1650725983597.jpg)

>mother's day
>live with parents
>mom has a histrionic fit every fucking holiday for some reason
>ungrateful or outright rejects gifts
>doesn't want to do anything except bitch and clean the house
>darling brother, the favorite child calls and she's placated for a bit
>brother doesn't get her any gifts or cards but just has to call for 10 mins
>meanwhile my dad and I walk on eggshells around her

No. 1171703

moids are so fucking worthless. i wish more women were in the community for game i love so that a thread could be on here for it. reading their retarded posts on 4shit is so infuriating. i hate being in scrote spaces. these faggots are absolutely useless and would rather post about anime girl armpits than have an actual discussion

No. 1171714

I understand why, but the price of gas just jumped a lot where I live and it’s making me want to drive a lot less except when necessary. Public transportation isn’t a thing because this area is very rural but my job and other stuff I liked doing take over a half hour to drive to.

Another thing is that my parents told me one of their two cats is missing, and this is a few days after I complained when I saw they were putting the food bowls outside to feed them. Now their other cat is nervous and looks scared when she gets near their deck door, so I wonder if another animal attacked the missing cat.

No. 1171729

What game is it, anon?

No. 1171737

Really tired of how much rage moids display when driving. Incapable of self control. My brother took me somewhere nice yesterday as a treat since we live together and I lost my job recently but on the way there it was just constant cursing and rage at other drivers. He admitted later that he hates making mistakes while driving in front of a woman because it makes him feel emasculated and incapable like what the FUCK is wrong with men. I love him more than anything but damn.

No. 1171745

One hour until the series I’m hyper fixated on ends…I signed up for Dracula emails so I guess that will be the next thing I obsess over but I’m sad.

No. 1171787

Holy shit i need meds but i’m too scared to go to a psychiatrist

No. 1171789

I hate anons who have sons, fathers, male friends, husbands, boyfriends that they actually like because I know they are straight up trash human beings that you have to tolerate everyday and you supply all of that love and energy to some stupid ass man but not the women in your life? STAND THE FUCK UP.

No. 1171796

I have male relatives who are nice to me, we help each other in life. But i don’t love them because i know their love for me is conditional like most men’s are. I tolerate them for benefit. That’s why i gave up on romantic relationships with men as well, they’re very conditional and selfish and will leave if you fall

No. 1171804

Based anon, men should open their wallets and shut the fuck up.

No. 1171833

Daddy issues

No. 1171838

Tradthot mommy blogger anon angry about my hot take.

No. 1171843

Is that meant to be an insult or do you agree with her?

No. 1171847

What happened?

No. 1171849

Daddy issues aren’t real, it’s an example of memeing girls into believing men are important and capable of love and then the dad displays moid behavior and it fucks the memed girl up. In other words a man’s fault used to shame a woman

No. 1171856

I'm so tired of scrotes ruining every possible site and sub with porn shit after a while. No, you modding xxxl tits, using a nude mod and making your character sit isn't an "artistic" nude. It's straight up coomer shit and we all know you jerk off to it and I don't want to fucking know or see that. I don't care how sexualised the game setting itself is, keep your fap folder to yourself

No. 1171867

I had to leave twt after logging in after years because when the FF7 remake came out, people immediate used PC mods to make Tifa naked. i hate this shit so much. women cant exist in a game without PC moids modding them to be naked or worse.

No. 1171895

Why the FUCK am I one of two women that works here and I got scheduled a 10 hour shift today. I should be getting paid time and a half!! I can't even leave early because there's no one coming in to relieve me until 4!!

No. 1171924

Aaaah it’s not over I still have one month !

No. 1171936

File: 1652025781271.jpg (9.27 KB, 252x200, download.jpg)

I'm so retarded anons. It's the weekend so of course I can't call the office and make an appointment.

No. 1171938

any fighting game in general tbh

No. 1171967

I hate the stupid obsessions thread. It makes me feel like I'm browsing lolcow with schizo psychopaths that are just like scrotes. All the anons in the stupid obsession thread stalk other women obsessively.

No. 1171969

Well it's a gossip website after all, of course that attracts a few really unhinged people.

No. 1171979

File: 1652027798409.jpeg (76.72 KB, 416x355, 1608377845565.jpeg)

I can't touch dirty plates I refuse to touch other people's nasty food waste plates I can't do it I simply can't do it I fucking hate it it is a violation of my boundaries it's disgusting and makes me gag and afterwards it makes me want to cry, it's so fucking vile to touch wet food plate and have to wipe my hands off it feels so fucking dirty. The idea of it makes me want to kill somebody. It's so horrible, I don't care if that makes me impossible to hire for a job, nobody should be expected to put someone else's dirty plate away when that other person is fully capable of doing it themselves. Even dirty napkins, it's so fucking gross if you leave your dirty used napkins lying around you are literally scum and deserve to be punched. It's so disgusting it stresses me out immeasurably. I've always been like this and yet I am still demanded to put away nasty dirty leaking plates and it gives me so much rage and misery, just the feel of the fucking wet plate it's such a fucking stupid demonic thing to expect somebody else to do for you. Shit like this is what makes me want to leave society for good and live in total isolation and never see another human being again.

No. 1171983

Work place I just finished my 2 weeks at tried to get me in for a 9-10 hour shift because somehow they understaffed on a holiday. Nope. Fuck that I'm staying home on my nice day off to do crafts and study. Not putting make up on suddenly, driving like a maniac, dealing with a fuck load of people, and then not having a lunch break either. Sick of people saying "but you dont have family or kids anon!" Like yeah cool thanks for acknowledging my dead parents and lack of kids because moids disgust me. Not my problem that girl decided to suddenly ditch to hang out with her mom I dont work there anymore!

No. 1172020

I try to not let race issues get to me but I'm brown but it's so frustrating because the only thing I hear about the people of my country are bad things and it's as though my entire personality is denigrated on me being from there and I don't know who I am because everytime I do something it's always highlighted by the fact that I'm considered some sort of showpiece by both the far left and far right, it's not just that I don't know who I am but it's also that I don't know how to separate myself from something like this, I want to pursue further studies in Finland but I can't help but think that no one there would be able to accept me as me and they wouldn't feel comfortable around me and I would just remain as some sort outlandish thing because I wouldn't be able to fit it.
I hate it so much that I think like this and that I segregate myself more than others have, I really wish I could somehow get rid of this hatred.

No. 1172022

So I signed up for this counseling company and they matched me with a therapist in network, but she never ended up meeting me and ended up referring me to another therapist instead and I’ve been seeing that therapist for a few months. I finally get a bill and it’s for way more than I thought, so I call my mom and take a look at my insurance and turns out that second therapist wasn’t covered by my insurance so I’ve been paying out of pocket this whole time. My mom wants me to call the counseling company tomorrow and explain to them my situation and ask them for a discount but… I feel like there’s no point because it was my stupid mistake to not check if that second therapist was in network or not. I feel so stupid and I guess I should try calling the company tomorrow to ask since it’s better than nothing but I also am dreading it because I’ll probably sound like an idiot and how can I ask them to discount something that was completely my fault?

No. 1172026

I can no longer pretend that my isolated and uneventful life works for me. I need change. My hands are tied in some ways so Ive no idea how to even scratch that itch. I can't move, I can't switch job, I'm at risk of setting off old mental health issues if I push myself too much. Idk what I want. I'm frozen and living the same day on repeat.

I'm stalking the social media accounts of a guy I met a year ago because he made me feel alive when we spoke one fucking time. Guy probably hasn't thought of me much since. I know it's not smart but I almost want to throw myself at that just to feel..something. I'm numb. It's like I have that zombie feeling that meds can cause but I'm not even on anything. What am I living for. There's no plan. I'm not suicidal, just trapped in limbo and unsure of how to create a meaningful life.

No. 1172027

I dont trust women even in the slightest bit and ironically lolcow made me this way. It first pink pilled then made me realize women can be as insane as men. They just hurt you differently but It is still evil. It seems very hard to find someone actually good nowadays. Ya know what I mean? Like someone you can talk deep and interesting things with or about depression and shit which most normies don't talk about but simultaneously not an internet psychopath. I'm sad to say this but a lot of people I met on the internet have been fucked in the head and legitimately dangerous. I want someone to talk with about interesting things without them being actually insane

No. 1172030

Nonna are you me???

No. 1172032

I’m kind of unhinged and broken but i wouldn’t hurt anyone is that off putting lol

No. 1172034

i feel like i'm doing nothing with my life… like i'm wasting my potential or something. i'm just watching my life pass me by while people my age are making thousands and flying around the world to visit beautiful places. a streamer who's only a year older than me has done so much in her life that i can only dream of achieving. i want to do more in this world. i don't want my mom to worry about bills anymore. i want her to live comfortably for once. i don't want any one around me to struggle ever again.

No. 1172038

File: 1652030231898.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1188, C0A7E966-FE25-4803-8C35-A7DF53…)

>as insane as men

No. 1172039

anon ill let you in on something, alot of those unhinged people on the internet act differently in real life and are considered normies. Like someone you know could be using lolcow and you would never know about it.

No. 1172048

I wish different countries didn't celebrate mothers day on separate dates. I already hate mothers day, I hate the second round of mothers days that follows. My mom is dead and every special occasion feels like a shitty reminder of that. She died at Easter. I spend most Christmases alone since she died. Her would be birthday obviously sucks. Every couple months there's a new shitty reminder of her death and my lack of family. It's been 10 years and this is the year I'm suddenly cracking up because of it?

No. 1172058

Kek I love how this was basically in honor of Jillian's DID cake and it was super serious but the picture is a perfect image reaction

No. 1172059

File: 1652030960459.jpeg (17.89 KB, 206x275, 1651602344273.jpeg)

Are you tranny hand anon?

No. 1172060

Men are worse.

No. 1172065

This. I come here to vent about things a lot so sometimes my wording can be more vitriolic than it would be irl. How I act here has little bearing on how I actually treat people.

No. 1172075

Fucking kek.
Go back to reddit or 4chan or whichever male website you came from if you hate women so hard. Damn. I've never seen an unhinged bitch in /ot/ but we constantly have scrotes send cp or other illegal content every day, yet you think some weeb women are worse.

No. 1172077

Also have a dead mom, also hate Mother’s Day. Don’t feel bad about “cracking up” after 10 years, there’s no expiration date on grief and sometimes it’s just harder than other times. Sending you love nona, do something nice for yourself today.

No. 1172092

No. 1172094

No. 1172102

So sorry anon. My mother passed away 11 years ago this November and xmas and mothers days hurts the most. Just remember that you can probably connect with others who lost their moms and remind them it is okay and be sad, happy, whatever.

No. 1172106

What's going on with lolcow lately? Nothing but new fags coming in from twt and tiktok and it's obvious. I love this place so much and been here 6 years, but something doesnt feel the same. i cant be the only one who noticed this.

No. 1172115

what are you seeing that's indicative of newfag status?

No. 1172119

You're not "dissociating", you're just dumb. It'd called having an empty head, and it's happening to you because of the social media addiction you've nurtured since you were in middle school. You paid attention to nothing but memes, gossip, and "aesthetic" during your developmental years, how are you surprised that you have the cognitive landscape of a kindergartener?

No. 1172140

It seems like lots of nonners have dead mothers, including myself. Is it a trend on this site in particular or do a lot of women just have deceased mothers? I don't know anyone else in real life who also has a mom who had passed away. It's a weird coincidence. I have no advice to give though because I am depressed and miss my mom too.

No. 1172151

What i like to do around this time of the year is remember my mom. Remember all the sacrifices she made and all the good memories i have. She took me and my sister out on trips and I have good experiences with her. I love my mom. I miss my every day.
I also like to watch movies and listen to music that my mom liked.

No. 1172155

My theory is that a lot of nonnies suffer a “mother wound” and/or a dead mother and they gravitate towards an all-female space like this because it’s a way of having a female community without having to actually form real-life bonds with other women. There’s no risk of being rejected or hurt or of losing someone when they’re all just anonymous voices.
Just my 2 cents though and it could be complete crackpot armchair psych shit.

No. 1172160

Unfortunately I don't know what kind of music my mom liked and the only movies she'd watch were Pride and Prejudice movie adaptations and Jane Eyre movies. I am just not interested in that. Also her taste in movies and shows was just horrendous.
Maybe, though I think all women can benefit from a woman-only online space considering they are a rarity.

No. 1172164

Youre right, i had a neglectful mother and mean sisters. Your voices soothe me

No. 1172165

Absolutely, but a lot of “women-only” spaces online nowdays are overrun with troons and we’re expected to indulge them and pretend like they actually understand what it’s like to be a woman, or commit social suicide.

No. 1172172

>My theory is that a lot of nonnies suffer a “mother wound”
got my ass, lol. pretty good theory nona

No. 1172174

I'm in my thirties. Few months back I met a guy and took a liking to him but I didn't let him know. He's 33 aswell, childless which is a bonus at this age esp where we live. Hes not bald, not divorced. I met him irl and not through some app. Hes not perfect but neither am I and he had some shit working in his favor. We had a fair bit in common. I felt an attraction. Got the feeling he did too. Problem is my last ex was a pornsick cheater and I'm turned off after that experience, pretty burnt by it. I played it a lil too cool, had my guard up and so nothing happened. A bit if time has passed now and I still think of him though. The level of attraction I felt for him isn't something I feel often.

Wish I hadn't bothered looking him up just now. This thirty something year old man is publicly following porn stars on all his accounts. For anyone to see. Found his insta first and a quarter of his follows are seedy shit, right next to his family members accounts. His likes are visible on other sites and.. no shame at all. He also follows a weird amount of accounts that give out star sign tarot readings specifically on your love life prospects for the month of May etc… eh I predict he'll stay single for a while? lol. Maybe don't be so publicly pornsick if you're also desperate to get a girlfriend. What a let down after months of thinking I was just being dumb and too closed off.

Single man watches porn.. idc, I assume most do but to have no public filter and to have porn stars and family members next to each other on your following list.. in your fucking thirties. Come on.

No. 1172182

yes, actually, a lot of men no matter their age 'like' publicly and follow publicly pornstars and stuff. it's kind of good in a way that you looked him up tbh.

No. 1172195

File: 1652034987979.jpg (15.49 KB, 540x611, tumblr_c70c38fcd2084346d31f952…)

HE CAN'T TAKE A FUCKING HINT and I'm starting to think he's either retarded, uninterested or purposely playing dumb, I'm getting bored so eh…I think I'm over this crush

No. 1172220

File: 1652035611546.jpg (13.53 KB, 340x278, 382194-6in-Hello-Kitty-w-Pinea…)

Don't scroll

No. 1172223

Same time every Sunday

No. 1172226

it's because gender and woke shit is separating women here from women they would have been friends with IRL. many women, hell I'd say most, have a complicated relationship with their mother because of growing up in a society that caters to men.

No. 1172232

Mine died when I was barely entering adulthood. I grew up in a house with a weird gender divide so my dad and bro are close and I'm socially awkward so I feel isolated since losing her. Ended up here.

I've seen alot of anons with 'narc moms' aswell. Sometimes I'm sceptical of those. Living at home as an adult can just be difficult but some seem genuinely abused too.

No. 1172233

Thank you for the hello kitty

No. 1172234

What is it I don't wanna scroll

No. 1172235

Samefag, I was acting kinda lovey dovey (cause I had a crush) but in reality i'm very tomboyish, autistic and broody, he better not complain about me not smiling as often or some shit cause I seriously don't give a damn anymore, that's the whole package I'm sorry boy

No. 1172238

Just had the most unsatisfying orgasm because my bladder was too full

No. 1172243

It's CP. Didn't want to say it in my bump post cause some anons get pissy if we mention it and act like it's our fault we get spammed

No. 1172246

Ignore that anon.
Is it gone btw, I don't see anything?

No. 1172248

Well I obviously don't count those spaces as women-only kek

No. 1172279

I don't understand why anons get pissy, I want to know what it is so I can avoid the danger

No. 1172282

File: 1652037593648.jpg (205.13 KB, 770x1024, 20220412_143533.jpg)

Yep. Same as me.

It's gross how LC thinks the best way to be a feminist is to be just as unkind, mean, sadistic and plain evil as the worst sorts of men. It's like yall have been hurt by narcissistic eboys to the point you've adopted their personalities as your own as a way of getting back on men.

Just disgusting. There's no empathy or sympathy for other women here. It's just a more corrupt form of libfem, I've even seen anons defending sex work and casual sex.

No. 1172284

This really sounds like tranny hand anon.

No. 1172286

File: 1652037692848.png (368.97 KB, 853x480, pulselosthishead.png)

I keep signing up for meetups to get out of my comfort zone and meet people, only to change my mind last minute and not go. I have been doing this for literally months. And it's ridiculous because I know why I do it, I have this (now concsious) belief that I literally have to be perfect in order to be accepted and loved by people. Like I always feel like I have to first develop above the average social skills, look perfect, have another degree, etc and THEN I can go out and meet people guiltfree. And I KNOW it's bs and it comes from the way I was raised but I still nope out last minute

No. 1172289

Casual sex and sex work are not comparable at all, this is just disgusting towards women exploited by the sex industry

No. 1172292

NTA but literally who said it was

No. 1172295

Wisdom tooth pain. Im ten years behind most people but there it is.

No. 1172300

It probably is or another larping moid. The retarded "hating a gender full of abusers, rapist and murders makes you just as bad as them!!" and "you're just mad chad left you" shit combined with the image straight from /pol/ checks out.
I'm glad that even after all threads and boards got hidden or closed, feminists and radfem nonnas still make the moids seethe endlessly.

No. 1172303

My mom's ex husband, whom my mom takes care of because he's old and has no one, just came back from the hospital. He was admitted two weeks ago when he fell at home and my mom couldn't get her up (he weighs more than 100 kgs) and he broke his leg. He still moves very unsurely and also has these random episodes where he suddenly doesn't know where he is and thinks he is still in the hospital. My mom wants me to come to her place and every now take care of him when she attends her yoga lessons or is just out. But what if he falls again while I'm there? I'm stressed out

No. 1172305

I agree there are a lot of anons who use feminism as a reasoning to shit on women instead of just admitting they want to shit on women, but not all anons are like that and I think the whole userbase gets painted with the same brush because of a handful of annoying posters way too often. Plus a portion of people from one single website acting that way doesn't mean women as a whole are untrustworthy. I don't get the logic behind being rightfully frustrated that some lolcow anons are too harsh on women and then using that as a reasoning to dislike women in general, what? How do you get upset on behalf of women to the point where it drives you to be against women?

No. 1172310

Samefag, and to clarify I meant against women as in opposition to women as a whole. Obviously it's fine to be against the specific women who you are taking issue with in these situations, nobody owes loyalty to everyone who is also a woman on principle or anything like that. Both men and women can be shitty people. I just don't want it to be misinterpreted that way.

No. 1172311

File: 1652038704453.jpg (94.28 KB, 1080x710, hzvgbmx9l5y81.jpg)

Here's my vent. I'm tired of having to pretend I support Ukraine and the bizarre fever pitch propaganda environment around this stupid mafia state.

I hope Russia doubles down and goes full total war on them. Sick of morons who know nothing about this part of the world suddenly becoming experts.

No. 1172319

Are you Russian?

No. 1172324

I hope you get excecuted in front of your loved ones by foreign war troops like you're wishing on innocent Ukrainian citizens who've had no hand in their "maffia state".

No. 1172325

I find fighting games so hard, I’m so envious of women who play them. Make a thread in /m/ anyway, fuck it. It might attract other anons who otherwise just don’t talk about their interest.

No. 1172328

I'm sure it will make you feel guilty, but it's not your responsibility and him falling is a valid concern. She should look into hiring a carer for the times she wants to go out, since it was her decision to take care of him.

No. 1172354

Inshallah no innocent person died and this retarded shit ends. I hate westerners who cheer on either side when people are literally dying, this isn't like a match where you cheer for your team. It's not.

No. 1172356

Ask your mother what she would do if he falls again because like you said she can't help him up either. Personally I'd just call the emergency number for an ambulance and let them deal with it.

No. 1172358

I wish my relationship with my mother wasn't so broken. I wish I had a normal loving family. I hate how far things have fallen. She's old now and won't last forever but I don't see any way to repair things and I don't know if I'll ever get to see her again. I just want to go back to the early days when she loved me and I loved her and everything was peaceful.
And yes, I have several friends with dead mothers too. It's weird how that happens. Women are supposed to live longer but because of crazy circumstances 4 of my friends mothers have died. Cancer, random heart attack, surgeries gone wrong. I feel so ungrateful that I'm bitching about my own when they loved theirs so much and they would do anything to have her back.
Nonnies, cherish your mothers today. I hope it's not a difficult day for you.

No. 1172359

Yesterday I posted a makeup look on my ig and today, some troon I know only via my friend sent me a photo of his recreation of it and I am so offended and disgusted. I am convinced men are actually all color blind, I know they have less of the science eye cone see color shits but my god what the fuck. No I’m not gonna post it bc powerlevel but mAN WHAT THE SHIT

No. 1172360

Hey fuck you, I live next to that shit and I will haunt your simple ass if putin’s troops kill me.