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No. 439139

Vent about scrots here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotbait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.
-Gender critical discussion goes to >>429238
Previous thread:

No. 439143

Have any of you felt pressure to lose weight to try and lose any feminine curves in order to avoid sexualization and harassment? I, like other girls, grew up being sexually harassed by boys. Even though I’ve always had a “good body” the sexual comments ruined my self-esteem and made me wish to have the boyish body that boys at that age made fun of. By my sophomore year of high school, I developed an ED with the main goal of losing enough weight to not be “curvy” anymore. I wanted to erase any femaleness so that boys wouldn’t sexualize my body.

I’ve recovered since then but it’s hard not to feel this way anymore. Are there any of you who have also dealt with the same sentiments? I’d love to be invisible to men but is there really any way to accomplish that?

No. 439148

I think being molested led to a bit of an eating disorder. I remember being molested as a child and then starting to eat, getting a bit fatter and then being harassed as a tween for having curves. Then I went full hog and gained weight and the harassment (from grown men) stopped. Fast forward 15 years, I lost weight and got raped less than a year later. I think being fat protected me the same way being thin and erasing curves helps other women. It's sad the amount of damage men can have on girls and women.

No. 439154

File: 1564030799050.jpg (151.87 KB, 960x1280, r54sxmtvxpd21.jpg)

Why do men hate women so much they believe that women having features they consider unattractive is some sort of weird sinister hoe thing? How insecure and ignorant are men?

No. 439157

I can relate to this and the feeling of security being underweight brings, looking less like an object to be used and more sexless.

However, it isn't true in reality, scrots will have sex with anything despite what all their whining about 'muh fertility' and giant asses would have you believe.

Underweight women get raped and fetishised, obese women, children, ashley-tier skellies, grannies, what have you. Your body is not the problem here.

No. 439158

Talk about triggered snowflakes.
xxxtinguished was a piece of shit who was very happy to showcase his misogyny, abusive traits and hatred. I guess that's okay and we're all too "PC" if we care, but a woman can't make a light-hearted joke about Venmo without thes dumb males and handmaidens screeching?
Fuck the entire male half of hip-hop, and all the pick-mes who defend it.

No. 439160

How would being a virgin affect the appearance of your breasts? What the fuck?
>Tits too saggy, obvious whore

No. 439163


No. 439165


>Things moids think we should "lighten up" about: jokes about domestic violence, femicide, rape, pedophilia, incels gloating about Bianca, etc

>Things moids won't stop shitting triggers about: some woman joking about some piece of shit druggie rapper being dead somewhere

Shouldn't they be busy lamenting the death of video game journalism or crying about some other incredibly important and profound moid matters like optimal storage of piss jugs and cumboxes? Fucking subhumans.

No. 439168

Guess I wasnt a virgin at 10 because I had large breasts and a big labia lol

No. 439190

>vestibule is gapping

is this a textbook from the 1800s?? is some guy gonna inspect the firmness of your labia and all that other arbitrary shit before sex to make sure you're a real virgin?

No. 439193

The opposite happened to me and guys would always make fun of me saying I look like a boy or don't have boobs because I was flat chested in middle school so I was insecure about that for a long time but now I'm glad it wasn't the opposite. Girls literally can't exist in any form without either being overly sexualized or insulted for not fitting their standards.

No. 439196

The anon from the previous thread who was talking about how much pleasure she gets out of complying with scrotal breakup threats just reminded me of something. Tl;dr another tard wrangling post ahead.

If any of you still have any pickme tier reservations about diversifying or branching out, allow me to introduce you to a redpill concept called "dread game". The idea is that your scrot will attempt to boost his value in your eyes by pouting and blinking at you (expecting you to feel anxious that something is wrong) or making empty threats to leaving you for someone else to "scare" you into being his slave. Moids have zero guilt about manipulating you to get their way. Here's a random redpill scrot absolutely buttdevastated about his "dread game" not working because the women just go "lol k bye" and replace him immediately:


My point is, most redpill "game" tactics are male projection. They only work on men or women who are psychologically damaged/low value. Men WILL appease you as long as they feel as though you have other options, so you should leverage it as you see fit. A scrot should never be certain about where he stands.

Redpill "game" revolves around the idea of leveraging the prospect of a long term relationship to extract as much casual sex out of you as possible. Once you realize that relationships aren't necessary for anything other than utility and that he has more to gain from tying you down than vice versa, you are completely immune to it. A moid can't "game" you if he has to invest material resources in you before being allowed to access the relationship. He only gamed himself if he leaves after he's been paying for you or doing favors for you. Once the "he's not worth stressing over unless he's useful" or "his distress is his problem" mentality settles in, you'll never miss a moid again.

No. 439197

empty threats about leaving you for someone else* wew

No. 439198

I’m sorry anon, I hope things are better for you now and if not you deserve them to be.

No. 439206

I've had an incredible amount of sex with countless different partners in my youth (bpd). My majora still covers my minora. That's been the biggest most annoying lie ever. Anytime I hear it, I want to snap.

I've wanted to pour acid on my labia to disfigure it. Honestly, because men are such disgusting perverts. I won't go more into it.

No. 439218

I guess using a tampon takes your virginity since it tears the hymen. Also, news to me, I'm not a virgin during the summer guys: every time the weather's hot I have puffy nipples…

No. 439220

To the person who posted in the earlier thread about her bf jerking off to a teen, please break up with him or else you'll continue to feel heartbroken.

No. 439222

Does anyone else feel like younger men (very early 20's and particularly late teens) are much nicer and more romantic than older men? Older men (30 and over) start to seem creepy for some reason. All men are shit but the closest thing you'll have to an ideal relationship with a guy thats actually emotionally invested/vulnerable/attractive is in highschool. I don't have some gross preference for teen boys but they seem to grow more and more corrupted and bitter and creepy as they get older.

No. 439225

Maybe because slightly decent men eventually get in serious relationships in their twenties and all that's left in the thirties are assholes and incels.

No. 439229

True, but it's 25+ for me, they hit the wall but the thing is their idea of romance is calling you over at midnight and getting a blowjob and leaving, I'm currently dating an 18 yr old and he tries really hard for me and never does any sort of "haha girlfriend bad I wanna fuck all these other women" shit men like to do but have mental breakdowns if you do anything close to it things. Not to mention the lack of emotional energy males refuse to put in a relationship most of the time

Men like to play games, always be distant and reel them in. What men want and what men say they want are two completely different things

No. 439238

Chicks before dicks

No. 439247

When I was about 24 I tried an experiment on OKCupid. I changed my age from 24 to 30. Didn't change anything else.

It was crazy, the quality of messages I received went up overnight. And the age of the senders went down. As a 24 year old most of the messages I got were from men who were 35 or older either just saying "hi" or saying "What's up you fucking slut wanna suck my big fat cock? Bitch."

As a 30 year old most of the messages I got were from men around 22-28, and they were almost all kind, respectful and had clearly read my profile since they talked about things I'd said in it. The number of messages I got didn't go down either, it was roughly the same amount, just better.

No. 439249

Men like to say older women are shit because women get all jaded and bitter from riding the "cock carousel". As usual, it's projection.
All men of all ages come with inherently negatives, but older men also get more bitter and jaded. God forbid a 30yo man didn't get to fuck super hot girls when he was younger, he will resent womankind forever. I've seen so many older men going into manwhore phases because they feel like they missed out and their masculinity and self-esteem is tied to the number of women they had sex with.
Another thing is how they like to put down women their age. They'll go out of their way to tell you that they only date much younger women because women their age aren't good enough for them. Obviously they usually treat those younger women like shit as well, but in different ways.

No. 439250

OT but she looks old for 21. I wonder why scrotes brag about fucking late teen to early twenties women who could easily pass for women near their thirties, often many looking younger than them. Its a control thing at this point.

No. 439251

I relate to this post really hard. I've always hated being curvy because men comment on my body all the time, even my coworkers say things like "you have a nice figure" and stare at me creepily. It makes me feel gross. I've always been dieting with the hope of weighing literally 100 lbs or so their attention goes away. I know it's internalized garbage but I just hate everything about having boobs, thighs, hips etc. I've even considered trooning out at points. It's awful.

No. 439252

In my highschool at least guys would act head over heals for their girlfriends and would go through an emo phase after a breakup (mind you they were good looking guys not incels lmao). But now it feels like guys my age (27) and older just do not care to make a woman feel special or loved. I'm probably looking back at memories with rose colored glasses and of course guys are abusive at all ages but they lose their spark that's for sure.

No. 439262

i went from overweight to underweight over the course of 4 years and now im just 100% more creeped out by any guy that hits on me because i know he thinks im younger than i am b/c im small. theyre all sick.

No. 439264

Or women can just not bother with men, and live a happy life with a vibrator and maybe a pet for companionship if necessary. Seeing the statistics of how many murders are done by women’s intimate partners, I think it’s safer to just be alone imo. Better to do that than to risk it with some Nigel who turns into a manipulative animal overnight and kills you.

No. 439268


Would you all abort a male fetus?

I mean, I'm the type with no respect for any symbiotes I'll host. I can get pregnant to enlarge my breasts or increase my plasma supply so I can later donate it. So if the parasite is male, retarded and ugly, and not female, 200IQ, Stacy, down the toilet it goes.(shitty larping)

No. 439269

no, but I would do everything I could to prepare to have a girl if I did get pregnant. I would be excited to raise a future scientist or doctor! If I had a boy my partner would probably provide a male figure in his life and there wouldn't be a strong connection between us. I still can't believe there's a preference for boys so strong in some countries they will throw their baby girls in the garbage, give her to me I'll raise her!

No. 439276

I would definitely abort a male fetus. If a mother doesn’t want to birth a child because it realistically will be born a vegetable, how is it any different than aborting if it will be born male? a lot of mothers have abortions because they can’t realistically care for a child, and I know I could never/would never want to raise a boy. Although some little boys are tolerable, it’d be unbearable to raise one, and they only get even worse as they age.

No. 439278

I mean in the case that I've planned having a baby I wouldn't, I'm pro-choice though all the way and its ultimately up to a woman to weigh her decision.

No. 439281

I've noticed the most feminine, nurturing and kindest women are the ones who most often end up with shitty or straight up abusive men. The few straight women I've seen in my life in seemingly respectful healthy relationship always have a cold bitch thing going on. Seems like you have to do the opposite of what scrote claim is peak womanly behavior to gain their respect and love.

No. 439285

I know you're a scrote troll, but the answer is yes. Yes, without a doubt. I'd abort your kind without a second thought, and I hope more women come to realize that this is the only solution to the male problem.

No. 439286

Wasn't there a pregnancy test or some sort of test that within the first weeks or months would be able to predict if someone was having a girl or boy when pregnant or was that something that was in the works with no substance?

No. 439291

Younger men>the rest. Anons, do yourself a favour and never date above your age.
I personally always try to avoid any interaction with men over 25 y/o. Life is much easier that way.

No. 439293

A few years ago when I was with my shitty ex he would get so upset at me posting "lewd" cosplay pics (and by lewd I showed tummy and thighs occasionally) while he faps daily to hardcore porn and had folders of the most disgustingly drawn anime girls.

It made me feel insecure as I could never have big breasts or be as curvy. I never understood why I couldn't have a bit of fun with my clothing or sexuality but he could fap to countless of women and porn stars.

I don't understand how I can go to the beach in a bikini but if I post a picture of it I'm some whore, meanwhile I would often find a pornhub tab open when I would go to use the ipad.

Sure, I'm probably insecure but for some reason it just, kind of hurts when a boyfriend faps to other women or follows pornstars on ig. Idk how to not care

No. 439294

>Sure, I'm probably insecure but for some reason it just, kind of hurts when a boyfriend faps to other women or follows pornstars on ig. Idk how to not care
break up with him, men fapping to overexaggerated features most likely means he isn't attracted to you unless you have those features, if the feelings aren't mutual, run and stop giving assholes an ego boast, men are too entitled nowadays because of pushover women

No. 439297

Turns out Olivia Hill is a tranny and was never involved with the character creation. The actual artist was a real woman.
Trannies being crazy as usual.

No. 439305

Men want the opposite of what they have, they're impossible to please. I have a curvier figure but every guy I've dated told me they were into small breasts. They're the most spoiled and shallow gender and never appreciate what they have.

No. 439306

YES and also I have never even been molested or anything.
It's only recently I've come to terms with men contributing to my disordered eating (I've never been diagnosed besides my doctor saying "she might have an ED") but I noticed I definitely get triggered after men treat me as an object or treat me like I'm nothing. Then I start feeling like an object, triggers my depression, then bam I'm unable to sleep or eat, start counting calories and starving myself so I don't have to think about it. Then sometimes during it I think well maybe if my body doesn't look so good it will keep those types of men away from me, anyway.

No. 439309

Something stays stuck to my head, some man I have known personally for a while since I was 13 never acted particularly weird to me, other than admitting I look good when my insecure teenager self pressed him for his opinion on my looks through pics I would show
him. He would tell people I know that I'm cute but too young and not his type, and this man exclusively dated women his age or up to twenty years older than him.

I recently saw him again at 20, now 21 and him 37, he was very excited to see me and flirted with me in. I found it odd because he has known me since I was 13, but I also didn't interact with him in person much until now. I do remember when I saw him at 15 he was staring at me a lot, but I didn't think much of it.

It's weird how a scrote who professes his love for milfs and older women chooses to show interest in an early twenties woman he's known since she was 13. Do all men have pedophiliac tendencies?

No. 439310

How being attracted to a 20 yo woman would be pedophilic tendencies?

No. 439311

Yes. They're all eagerly waiting for you to turn 18. Some of my parents friends would creep on me since my early teens, and I wasn't even pretty. I think sometimes they don't even care, they just find a developing girl extremely interesting no matter what.

No. 439312

Because he's known me since I was 13, and it seems by the way he's acted hes had these feelings for me for a while, and I interacted with him mostly when I was a underage teenager for years.

No. 439313

I noticed moids find too much of everything with girls and women interesting, and by interesting they sexualize even the most basic shit

No. 439315

I've been pinkpilled quickly from a young age, I know it can happen in any area but living in a ghetto trashy area doesn't help at all when all the moids, relatives or not are abusive disgusting lying cheaters who use their women for everything they have and then dump them or just keep them around for their resources and then you have those disgusting moids who would even give young girls a double look. Really hated going outside, even at 11 I'd have older moids trying to talk to me and asking if I wanted to hang out. Thankfully I always had older female relatives with me and they'd curse them out or we'd just walk quicker down the block.

Disgusting creatures like that deserved to be stoned, no woman wants to be uncomfortable and feel unsafe in the area they live in or go to and it's so annoying having to always be extra careful or watching your back when you're alone. Remember to always trust your gut you might not visibly see any danger and get an odd feeling and not know immediately why but ladies always trust your gut it won't steer you wrong.

No. 439318


No. 439319

I put this here because, as far as I know, he's not transgender.

No. 439322

My 13 year old step sister has been doing freestyle dancing since she was 5. The outfits are TINY. Both the outfits and the dance moves are way too ''sexy'' for kids or anyone under 16. I've gone to her dance shows for years and 3 times I've seen STRANGE ASS men getting kicked out for taking pics of the little girls dancing. They don't know any of the girls, but seek out these shows just to take pics and videos. One of those times I was the one who discovered the guy. He looked out of place, didn't talk to anyone, only snapped photos. I told my step sisters mom and the hosts kicked him out. This is a known ''thing'' in that particular dance community yet nothing fucking happens.

No. 439323

what women are they hanging around that apparently all have these nasty smelling pussies?

I guess always having neovaginas in your face can do that

No. 439325

This textbook is from India btw

No. 439327

More reason to despise Indian males and their shitty evil culture

No. 439329

is that a fish

No. 439335

Was browsing tinder last night, and matched a guy. Seemed cute and nice from the pictures, really eager to meet up, all of the pictures were clearly his face and stuff so he didn't look like he was hiding. Just seemed like a really normal guy. Not the best looking, slightly balding, and was 30 (I'm 23) and maybe a bit short, but hard to tell from pics. Didn't have the best job either but honestly was nice and his sister works in the same field as me so I guess we hit it off.

Fast forward to today, I realized since his sister works in the same field as me, I can easily find her and find him. I mostly just wanted to see if he was less attractive than his tinder pics…

Lo and behold, he has a girlfriend. They've been together for four years. I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS. All over her facebook is pictures of them together, his mom comments on all her profile pics, his sister leaves comments like "love you sister" – like their two families are together. I don't think she suspects a single thing.

And she's cute. I love her body. Her face is so cute. She can do honestly better.

Wtf do I do? Obviously I'm not going to meet this guy knowing he has a gf. But do I have any duty to notify his gf? Or just leave her alone? My gut instinct is telling me to leave her alone, since it's not like he actually cheated on her yet. But honestly, if I was her, I would want to know. I'm really conflicted.

No. 439336

Tell her

No. 439341

Screenshot the tinder profile, screenshot your conversation, meet up with him and take pictures, send all of this to her so she can wise up and get out.

No. 439342

>My gut instinct is telling me to leave her alone, since it's not like he actually cheated on her yet.
How do you know? He's NOT on tinder for friendship lmao

No. 439344

In my experience, yes. I think they reflect cultural shifts (the way I'd expect someone who came of age in the 40s to be more sexist than someone younger) and these shifts are apparent enough to be noticeable even within a gap of 10 years. Otherwise I think there is self selection at play where the nicer and more open minded young men are the ones open to dating older than themselves. And When you're looking at age gap relationships there is self selection the other way as well, I think a lot of jerks specifically choose to try dating younger women thinking they'd be easier to manipulate.

Lastly, time just allows for more heartbreak and emotional callouses so I'm not particularly surprised that a 30 year old man is more jaded than a 20 year old one. On my part I've almost exclusively dated younger men, usually by a few years. They're not magically perfect or anything but they've always been better partners than the older guys I've dated.

The high school comments are ooging me out though anon, ngl.

No. 439346

I don't want my face getting out there in her friend's circle because his sister works in the same field as me, I don't want to be blacklisted. I wanted to do it anonymously so that at least I don't get implicated in this.

I assume he has some other matches on tinder, so I was thinking of just screenshotting his profile and sending it to her maybe. But idk

Part of me feels like its none of my business… like she's probably so happy and shit, and I feel like I would be a bitter old harpy stirring drama for no reason. I don't know if I should be minding my own business or not.

No. 439348

One thing I will say (sorry for the constant blog posting, maybe we can have an outside thread for Man hate problems? I just feel like at least girls that read this will see this anecdote and wake up, because it could be their men too. Like honestly, check their phones. Snoop the fuck out of everything.

You are not the exception. He is not faithful to you.

Let me just say that his girlfriend is gorgeous. Blonde, skinny, long legs, big boobs, probably works out. She looks classy as fuck and has a real job. And yet he is STILL trying to cheat on her! What the fuck, you guys? I wanna say she's hotter than me. Men are just pigs. If she's not safe, none of us are.

No. 439349

If he hasn't cheated on her now he WILL in the future, he is actively working on it. Imagine how she'll feel when he gets some other chick pregnant or gives her STDs from sleeping around or leaves her for his sidechick when the original GF now has a kid? You can send everything anonymously.

No. 439354

what I would do is
>meet up with him
>make him eat you eat (take pictures)
>show pictures to his wife and mother
>degrade him
I'm pretty sadistic though

No. 439355

Some pinkpill links I just found via a link in the kinkshaming thread.

Good article about the rise of men claiming their murders were "sex games gone wrong." It has risen 90% in the last ten years. Also choking is a female gendered crime - men go for the neck. This plus Bianca's story makes me want to invest in some protective "necklaces" and collars.

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jul/25/fatal-hateful-rise-of-choking-during-sex
An article about economic/financial control in relationships. An incredibly common form of hidden abuse.
Link: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/feb/05/no-job-no-savings-women-fighting-economic-abuse-illegal

Website with femicide stats which mentions "overkilling" which is something I find particularly horrifying - when a woman is stabbed dozens or hundreds of times, or like Bianca, it was an excessively violent murder.
Link: https://www.womensaid.org.uk/what-we-do/campaigning-and-influencing/femicide-census/

And a website collating information about the aforementioned strangulation deaths which are brushed off as "sex games gone wrong" despite swathes of evidence to the contrary.
Link: https://wecantconsenttothis.uk/

No. 439356

>Wtf do I do?

Nothing. She won't believe you, it's a waste of your time to do anything about it.

No. 439357

File: 1564081734584.png (209.55 KB, 500x745, if-he-dont-eat-pussy-make-him-…)

If he don't eat snatch
drop him fast

No. 439358

This is also what I think. Even if I try to help her out and tell her, he's just going to manipulate her into staying. Even though she is way out of his league upon further examination.

No. 439359

Send her the evidence anyway and let the life do the rest.

No. 439362

File: 1564082120027.jpg (78.77 KB, 948x768, face.jpg)

Where's Dory ,mofo

No. 439365

yeah im prety "masculine" in both appearance and behaviour and i have a unicorn bf who treats me better than all feminine girls bfs i've seen. sage for blogpost.

No. 439368

Look after yourself first. If you're worried about potential career blowback, then just send a screenshot of his profile rather than your conversations with him.

No. 439372

>Arrange a date with him
>Contact her secretly once its set in stone
>Tell her what's happening and invite her to the date as well so she can see for herself that he is cheating on her

No. 439378

From what I've read, women always shoot the messenger. They either don't believe it, or think you're a hussy and it's all your doing. Screencap the profile for future use, but I can't think of any way you can anonymously send it. Perhaps you can make a throwaway Facebook account, but you will have to send the message right away before you get locked out of it, and she won't see it until/if she checks her spam messages. Maybe send it to the sister too. Make sure it can't be traced back to you in any way, and don't expect thanks for it.

No. 439379

>shit job

lmao tf, love yourself

if a moid is 5 years older than you then he should be paying all your bills

No. 439387

This is going to be controversial, but it's kind of like when women vehemently disagree with redpill drivel. A typical woman's reaction is to NAMALT, rationalize that manipulative redpill tactics are only employed by incels and say nothing about normie men or go full redpilled pickme tradthot. Ascribing humanity to men against all evidence is the universal female cope. Moids benefit from this greatly, they know that they can treat you like shit and you will basically ghostwrite his own lies to you. A moid plays on Team Me, a woman plays on Team Him. This is how most women approach cheating, they're like used car dealership customers desperate to tell themselves that they didn't just buy a beaten up piece of crap.

Rarely does it occur to women that redpill is a free manual on male psyche, not female. Men tell you that they will always strive to "spin plates" and pursue all available options, and your response is "I wIlL NeVeR sToOp DoWn tO hIs LeVeL ChEaTiNg iS BaD"? Congratulations, you're doing exactly what he's expecting you to do. He knows that you're naturally equipped with a sense of ethics and that it's highly exploitable. His greatest anxiety is you spinning plates of your own because of your naturally higher sexual value, but you choose not to do it out of guilt and slave morality. If women didn't have unconditional empathy, what feminists call "patriarchy" would be much more difficult to maintain in the modern world.

Pinkpill doesn't work until you kill your inner mommy who just wants to be fair to her precious sons who call her a bitch as she heats up their tendies. Stop caring about becoming "just as bad" as men by feeding them their own medicine, you'll never be as bad as them no matter what you do. Pursue self interest unapologetically or stay losing.

No. 439391


She's getting cheated on because she's a pickme. Supermodel looks, financially independent, but fell for the "don't be shallow, go pity fuck that balding dad bod, muh hypergamy, you should love a man for his personality" guilt-trips. That's what sexual charity does.

It only leads a man to think you're a) a safe boring monogamous option, b) that he must be hot shit if a hot woman is committing to him for no reason and c) that he should try and see if he can do better either through quantity or quality.

If a man doesn't have to invest resources in order to get you, he thinks a) you're what he deserves by default and therefore nothing special or b) extremely dumb and thus deserving of abuse and infidelity.

Men don't have morality and don't self deprive or self handicap like women do.

No. 439397

>Rarely does it occur to women that redpill is a free manual on male psyche, not female.
I've always thought taking the pinkpill is literally just accepting the redpill. Not that it's accurate or fair about women, but that it's what men really think about us. Women need to believe men when they tell us who they are instead of telling ourselves comforting, coping lies.

No. 439406

I think the best part is how anally devastated scrots get when you agree with them.

Scrot: Men are manipulative, opportunistic and only as faithful as their options. We have no moral reservations about pursuing self interest to the detriment of everyone else. The only reason why we're not raping and killing more is because it has repercussions, not because it's bad. We are unable to control our penile impulses and we will never leave you alone because of it. If we appear "good", we're probably just making temporary concessions to get sex. We only bring up "love" when we want to extract resources from you without providing anything of substance in return. We are perpetually lying to you to get a deal that favors us entirely.

Us: I agree, this is exactly what you are.

Scrot: wtf misandrist bitch, not like this

No. 439408

This is what gets me. He's not even attractive.

Let this be evidence that ugly men will not treat you any better. Maybe his gf thinks that by being out of his league he'd be more loyal. Instead being with her puffed up his ego. Lots of ugly men mistreat their wives and girlfriends all the time so criticism of women for chasing 'Chads' that will mistreat them due to lack of gratitude falls on deaf ears to me. Jerks exist across all levels of physical attractiveness. I've definitely seen the sentiment (shared by men and women directed at men and women) that one's characteristics are set like in an RPG. someone being unattractive isn't due to a person allocating all their points towards kindness.

No. 439416

File: 1564091139686.png (77.99 KB, 665x277, 00.png)

2000s pop-punk/emo was so sexist and creepy in retrospect. Yuck.

No. 439417


It's because women project their own heterarchical, bleeding heart, fairness based mindset on men. Men cannot conceive this approach because they evolved a hierarchical, zero sum mindset due to their role in sexual reproduction. Women see someone at the bottom of a hierarchy and think "poor oppressed thing, this is so fucked". Men see the same thing and think "lol serves you right retard, idgaf as long as it's not me, let me kick you while you're down". There's a reason prisons, militaries and other male-exclusive spaces follow this formula precisely. If a moid is personally not the one at the bottom, he will never see those beneath him as anything other than scum that naturally belongs there.

The chick you're talking about lowered herself for a man thinking that he'd be eternally grateful and loyal because of the hotness overkill. She probably thinks that he'll be paying her back by being a good, gentle father to her kids or something. Wrong. What he actually thinks is one of the following:

>Lol what a dumb bitch

>If someone this hot fell for me that easily, I can probably do even better
>There must be something special and irresistible in me, let me try my luck with others to confirm
>She's hot and has her own resources, so if she fell for my broke bald self then she must be naturally beneath me and thus fair game to use and abuse

It's like expecting a dog to comprehend what the color red is. It's not that they aren't trying hard enough to see it, it's just that they're literally fucking red-green colorblind. A man does not understand unwarranted concessions and he will not be grateful if you willingly put yourself beneath him, he will only see this as an invitation to (rightfully) punish you as a subordinate.

No. 439418

I have noticed this and learnt it the hard way. Women tend to be softer on mens looks because we know how it feels to be over critisized for our appearence, and even though some guys do too its no where near the level of women and society in general doesn't do the same shit to men on that level. A lot of ugly guys really have huge ego's and a different mindset to women and rather than be humble that people like them become psycho and feel the world owes them a gf and go mad and take it out on random women when it doesnt happen.

No. 439420

File: 1564091710913.gif (74.36 KB, 500x348, 1553432460976.gif)

Thing I've seen this post word for word before on incels.co
Genders switched of course

No. 439421

Frightening read. Why is normal sex seen as boring now?

No. 439423

Please watch this its only 30minutes especially the "advanced" incel he really blames everyone and everything else for why no woman want to go near him but hes clearly a fucking psycho.

No. 439424

I remember being in a Discord server VC where some guy was talking about his relationships.
He said he was ugly, and bragged about how he'd always take the opportunity to treat pretty girls like shit when they actually gave him a chance.
He also laughed about blackmailing a girl to do his homework or else he'd spread her nudes in HS.
None of the other guys checked him on this or voiced any real disgust.

No. 439425

One of the established facts in psychology is that male defense mechanisms are mostly built around externalizing and projection, especially when dealing with women.

It's only natural that incel copes can be made factually accurate if you switch genders.

No. 439428

>None of the other guys checked him on this or voiced any real disgust.

That's not the real problem. The real problem is that women would definitely chimp out and whiteknight left and right if it was a woman bragging about abusing a male, even when there's no males around to witness it and dispense asspats for being a good little cuckqueen. I will never understand the indignation women feel on behalf of some men they don't even know, this is ultimate pickmeism in my mind. You're trying to impress some imaginary moid in your head.

If I saw a chick talking about blackmailing some scrot, I'd shrug and look the other way. Exactly what all "good" scrots are doing when their bros are known rapists or pedos.

No. 439433

File: 1564093026135.jpg (603.52 KB, 943x1215, 1563170209244.jpg)

No. 439436


Further evidence that being male is a form of autism.

No. 439438

I cannot tell if this is legit or satire.

No. 439439

Dare I ask what "netties" are?

No. 439440

File: 1564093399284.jpg (836.79 KB, 2383x3129, u0fvamcrnc421.jpg)

Thought this was the femcel comic artist at first

No. 439446

men truly are autistic at heart

No. 439456

I'm not too sure about this. Guys in their early 20s and younger tend to be very vapid, and are far more likely to play mind games. I've never seen that kind of sweetness/vulnerability you're talking about from them. All they do is think with their dicks and are barely more sentient than insects. They also all seem like they have something to prove, further making them act like douchebags.
My bf is 30 and he is a lot more thoughtful, romantic, innocent, and gentle than the younger guys I've met, and thankfully he looks like he's in his early 20s as well. Strangely enough he acts more how like younger guys SHOULD act. Maybe he is the exception.

No. 439462

I don't think it's an age thing, it's a cultural/mental/biological thing. Some guys are just dumb and innocent and gentle because they grew up sheltered. I know a couple of guys like you describe and they are basically mommy's boys. Honestly some of them have like asperger's probably. They're really "nice guys" not in the r9k sense but at the same time the women they want are like secondary moms. But men like this are rare because not everyone grows up with aspergers or is sheltered.

But I don't think it's an age thing. There plenty of 20 year old douchebags I know. Maybe they are a bit more naive but whatever.

No. 439463

File: 1564097614393.jpg (84.35 KB, 542x499, 1563588482637.jpg)

All I can think of when men claim society is "so hard!!" on already attractive men, even other men think it's bullshit

No. 439464


A question for covert pickmes in this thread: let's say there's a moid who gets off to the idea of inflicting mental anguish on you by making you a "porn widow". Keep in mind that with enough sexual conditioning, your perfect unicorn nigel can become this after years of marriage. Is it really that wrong to start fucking men on the side?

No. 439466

What's with the cheating obsession, anon (if you're the same anon who has been bringing this up)? Even if you're cheating on your husband, you'll still have to perform emotional labour for him and probably do all the chores around the house while he jerks off. If he's one of those guys who pays for camwhores he'll even be a financial liability. Divorce would save you all this trouble, whereas cheating would just get you sex with men you'll still need to invest time and effort in.

No. 439467

Yep, don't let the "uwu nice emo boy who plays guitar" act fool you

All emo dudes for whatever reason, are depicted to chase Stacy, because a lot of them did in real life as well. Not to mention the geeks and everyone else. You'd think
Emo boy = emo girl
Geek boy = geek girl
Goth metalhead boy = goth metalhead girl
But despite a few exceptions, ALL men like Stacy, just comes to show how what men want and what men say they want are two completely different things, especially after how all of them went on and on about how they wanted a girl who ~wasnt like other girls and liked music and vidya~

As for their music, a lot of it was typical "wah Stacy won't fuck me" shit or them being hung up on their middle school ex girlfriend, don't even get me started on panic the discos "lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" song

No. 439470

Some women just get lucky and the type of woman that dates younger than herself and the type of man that dates older probably filter out guys women in these threads wouldn't like. Younger guys are flighty and immature but I haven't experienced them being bossy the way older guys are. I'm not opposed to dating older I'm just skeptical. The cons of dating a younger guy are downsides I can tolerate better.

No. 439473

Never dated a guy younger than me so I can't confirm, but based on interactions I experienced in high school with late teenagers/early adults, and my friends who are in their early to mid 20s who date their own age, I can't say it's any better. Guys are just as immature, but instead of feeling entitled to you, they're just not committed and want to bang anything that moves. Older tends to be the extreme on the opposite side of the spectrum where they are possessive. Just avoid scrotes. If there's ever an exception to the rule, I'd be more than willing to date, but I'm not going out of my way to find him. Dating is a fucking waste of time; there's little to no pleasure from it. I always find myself jumping through hoops for table scraps of attention.

No. 439474


Lol, bold of you to assume I'd be performing any kind of emotional labor for my husband. Let alone after I've traded him for someone else.

What I'm saying is that if he fully provides it doesn't matter. As long as I get my money and gain more from staying and diversifying as opposed to divorcing and leaving him. What makes you think I'm describing a situation in which you're some 50/50 pick me roommate kind of wife? I'm talking about a marriage in which he's giving you more than you give him, the only conditions under which it may be worth getting married in the first place. Alpha fux beta bux is unironically a great strategy.

I'm not here for cheating only to "teach a lesson" and end up slaving for two men simultaneously. I'm here for not feeling guilty about cheating that makes sense in terms of utility. My point is, if you're choosing a suboptimal option out of some misguided moral obligation, don't.

No. 439479

Ok I am stupid. What is meant by emotional labor? Maybe I'm weird but I've never really talked to anyone I have dated about my emotional problems and they haven't ever really talked about their emotional problems with me. I haven't found any sort of benefit from doing so and likewise I don't think they've had positive reactions from it either. I have specific sets of friends I feel comfortable venting with so my relationships can be strongly compartmentalized. Is this unusual or am I not understanding the concept of emotional labor well?

No. 439483


It's when women waste brainpower on covert scrot accommodation. You think his feelings (muh skuleenity!) and attitudes are your responsibility. Basically, what the vast majority of women are biologically and socially predisposed for, largely because of our role as mothers.

Think of it as having a baby. It's small, dumb, completely dependent yet unable to communicate why it's been screeching nonstop for the past 3 hours. Your brain evolved to "guess" what it wants based on its nonsensical nonverbal cues. 90% of stress of motherhood comes from this exact process, the quintessential emotional labor. It's so mentally taxing that your brain actually rewires itself and loses volume to "streamline" you for caretaking. You lose brain cells to become a better doting machine (see: mommy/pregnancy brain). It's also proven to age you at a devastating rate.

Women extend this excessively considerate approach to other people in their lives, especially men. Men take great advantage of your inclination to make their personal problems your responsibility, make you worry about them, make you guess their intentions, make you wonder if they're hurt or distressed. Fun fact: the actual reason why non sex segregated societies have fewer female STEM graduates than progressive countries is because of this disparity in cognitive load. When you are responsible for another human's wellbeing, you have fewer brain resources left for hobbies, creativity or science. Scrots know this, which is why they are viciously preoccupied with keeping you out of more cerebral pursuits. They know that they will probably cancel out your ability and/or desire to perform caretaking and emotional labor for moidkind. This is proven by the fact that the more educated a woman is, the less likely she is to want children.

No. 439484

I made POF account and left the messages open to anyone. I get a "Hey" I say hello back, and immediately it's: "Oh look, she replied back (most women usually don't)." "Your profile seems different and worth my time. You're not like the other girls~~" and a "beautiful" to refer to me like it's my name at the end of every sentence. I just want to puke. I logged out immediately after I made it and haven't been on since. I'm too anxious to log in to delete my account.

I also made an OKcupid where I set my profile to a reference for women, and all of my messages are about hobbies, plans for the future, etc. Jesus fuck, the difference between men and women is ungodly.

No. 439486

File: 1564102706068.jpg (7.48 KB, 273x185, juice.jpg)

I guess I'm just not very considerate then, though the men I've dated haven't exactly complained. Ever now and again I buy them a juice and they're pretty happy with that. It never really occurred to me to do much more than that given that the juice seems to do the trick. Men love juice. I was far enough apart in age from the siblings and nephews I was never expected to dote on them or take care of them so I guess I grew up kind of spoiled.

Men really do love juice though.

No. 439491

super OT, but I just hate her art. I don't care about her politics, but knowing a legal adult takes time out of their day to make these just makes me cringe.

No. 439496

>"lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" song
>that name
flashback to Closer when Clive Owen was a creepy fuck who gawked at how young Natalie Portman's character was and then told her to bend over and show off her vagina for "his viewing pleasure"

No. 439498

What politics? She's just pointing out men's hypocrisy.

No. 439499

File: 1564105450429.png (15.12 KB, 646x69, Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 6.44…)

Help me anons

No. 439502

I'll never try to be an heterosexual guy's friend ever again. You were right lolcow, you were right.

No. 439503

I'm probably gonna get shit and probably banned for this

but what's the issue? you signed up for a dating site and are shocked that men are flirting with you? you'd have a better point if you point out genuinely creepy messages, you're either a scrot or some stuck up karen who follows the "we can't call women pretty without them saying we raped them!" shit

No. 439505

>Husbands initiate sex more if they believe other men find their wife attractive.


Daily reminder that if you have a scrot, looking like you're ready to cheat on him any minute is how you keep him happy and interested. All men are fidelity-anxious cucks by nature, but their tastes are based entirely on what other men find attractive.

No. 439507

That's not the point; it's hard to get to know someone when they don't put their best foot forward and you have to sift through almost a hundred messages a day. These guys get pissy but I can't focus my attention on every single one. It's really creepy when you try to have a normal conversation, but all they talk about is how you look. My entire profile talks about my career and hobbies, but they fucking ignore it, when women on dating sites don't. Jesus.

No. 439512

>it's hard to get to know someone when they don't put their best foot forward and you have to sift through almost a hundred messages a day.
it's a dating site, most males are only there to hook up, if you want a real relationship you'd have better luck getting to know men in real life
>These guys get pissy but I can't focus my attention on every single one.
then block them?
>It's really creepy when you try to have a normal conversation, but all they talk about is how you look.
again, dating site, I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish with this "uwu a bunch of men on a dating site I signed up for can't shut up about how pretty I am" stuff
>My entire profile talks about my career and hobbies, but they fucking ignore it, when women on dating sites don't. Jesus.
most males use dating sites to hook up and nothing else, go meet men in real life if that's what you want and men calling you pretty on dating sites gives you a mental breakdown and you have to go to your safe space

yes men are creepy, yes dating site males are annoying, I just think you're being overdramatic and weak if we are here talking about men raping, cheating, abusing, etc. and your worst issues that send you into anxiety attacks are men on dating sites complimenting your appearance

No. 439516

You're doing a terrible job at pretending to be a woman. Begone scrot.

No. 439517

My best options aren't men in real life; I haven't met any in my age group due to my job and hobbies. My page is literally set to only looking for serious relationships, so yeah, I want to talk about other shit? Men will compliment literally any woman, no matter how bad she looks, just to butter her up and get her in bed. I have been molested; I was kidnapped by a pedophile when I was a child. I'm not comparing dating sites to those experiences; I just thought I'd dick around about a more lighthearted pink pill topic. Like >>439516 says, you're probably a scrote. Too many strawmens. I'm done replying.

No. 439523

how can they be fidelity anxious and cucks at the same time….? doesn't "cuck" mean he wants his wife to get fucked by other guys?

No. 439524

I agree. It's because the older they get the better they get at manipulating women. That's why I prefer men near my age.

No. 439525

How can you derive taboo pleasure from the idea of being cucked if you're not anxious about fidelity? You can't really be cheated on by someone whose loyalty you dgaf about.

The fetish you're thinking of is hotwife, not cuckolding.

No. 439527

I figured you'd respond like that, I'm sorry I don't agree that "omg so many men are calling me pretty :(" belongs in a man hate thread

No. 439532

I am endlessly amused by moids who think that paying for dinner entitles them to sex.

Let's assume that the check is average, something around $150-$200. Ninja you think this is what sex is worth? A really average looking (not even instathot level, literally middle aged mom tier) hooker in DC area will charge $600 per hour, $300 deposit.

The moid knows damn well that if he wanted guaranteed sex, this is what he'd have to pay. If he opted to pay less for a normal date instead, he made a CHOICE to accept uncertain return. He already reasoned that a discount bid was worth the lack of guarantees. Therefore, he should be fully prepared for a negative result. You owe him jack shit and he's getting exactly what he paid for.

This is another example of moids guilting and bargaining. Don't fall for it.

No. 439533

>I am endlessly amused by moids who think that paying for dinner entitles them to sex.

I notice this too, but I look back on my ex relationships and see how I often had sex with absolutely no strings attached and no bargains. I "did it for free" like what men think good girlfriends do, and then even cooked the damn dinner and paid half the rent. Most weeks I didn't get a nice date or a meal out unless I nagged, and if so I was seen as a spoiled princessu if I didn't dutch my half.
Society calls it "love" and for many women it's thankless and cheap. Sometimes I envy hookers, and those mom bodied washups who at least monetize their efforts.

No. 439535

That and men nowadays cry gold digger over things that aren't even remotely close to gold digging and act as if women are holding guns to their head to pay for dinner, they're truly living in fantasy land, most women I know don't give a fuck if men pay for dinner or not, but men act as if every single woman just wants to dig in their wallets and go nuts

No. 439537

She doesn't sound like a scote to me. It is dumb to come into a man hate thread and then humblebrag about getting so many messages on a dating site that you signed up for. Like boohoo, you got the attention you wanted. Unless they are saying milky things to you that you'd like to share I don't even see the point of the post. It's like you're posting it just to say that men are attracted to you which really doesn't make them look bad.


No. 439539


Romantic love is a male scam. He doesn't love you if he isn't paying you or doing things for you. Moids confirm this themselves. They admit that they don't put in effort in you if they think you're ugly:



Lol what gold? Bitch where? If $75-$100 is gold to you then you're a hobo who can't afford to date. Relationships are a luxury, not a necessity. One would think that moids would lower their expectations to match their wallets.

Basically, scrotal objections to providing resources stem from their inability to get the kind of sex they want cheaply. They want $1000 per hour looks and service for the price of a casual date with a dutch becky.

No. 439540

File: 1564115132318.jpg (361.63 KB, 717x717, 20190726_072458.jpg)

Farmers I'm dying. A popular hentai site is shutting down because lolicon is illegal in the country it's being hosted, and the classic autism of scrotes in 4chan is delivering.

No. 439543

You know what? I'm sick of girlhood being sexualized. I hate bronies and lolicon all of that shit that turns innocent children's cartoons and images of children into porn. My childhood is not your fucking porn, I played with my little ponies (old school thrifted cuz poor) because I genuinely enjoyed them and the thought of men getting off to that kind of shit makes me want to cry. What about when these girls google their favorite cartoon characters only to find porn? From the time we are born we are tapped into as a sexual resource and objects for men GROSS.

No. 439550

Yeah I'm not ugly, aheh. The point is that men won't do shit for you if you don't make it the status quo. If they can have a pretty girl for doing nothing, they'll fucking do nothing.

No. 439551

Gorl I wasn't referring specifically to you, sorry if I worded it badly. And yeah, you're absolutely correct.

No. 439552

I hope someday all online porn gets removed.
The horror of loli/shota aside in this case, reliance on porn is so dumb. After overcoming addiction it's just annoying and makes me so sad that kids find it.

No. 439553

File: 1564116935610.png (50.72 KB, 525x589, cartoon.png)

Reminds me of this article that's been going a bit viral recently. I personally always felt a bit uneasy with animators sticking inappropriate adult jokes into children's cartoons. I also feel like sometimes the way some cartoons designed the bodies of the female characters was a bit questionable. Now this article claims that these former internet cartoon porn artists are now the talent working at cartoon studios and some even share porn images on their twitter and other social media pages which kids researching their favourite shows can easily stumble upon. I agree that it can be really disturbing for kids who come across these types of pictures.


No. 439554

This isn't a horror story by any means but still annoying and very unwanted. This guy I work with came up to me the other day and we were kinda being all like
>god I hate working here
He starts telling me about how his last day is coming up and he's all excited to move on, I was like 'that's great dude'. Then he leans in, gets kinda quiet, and says
>I haven't told a lot of people this but me and my girlfriend actually broke up
I told him sorry, during all of this I'm trying to get stuff done because I had a lot of stuff to do and I'm trying to kinda cut off the conversation. He says
>Before you leave, I'll get your email! Your facebook! Your number! And I'll send you stuff from Indeed (a job search site)
I straight up told him
>I barely use two of the things you just listed and I already use Indeed
He replies
>Ok so I'll just get your number before you leave

I was just like, 'uh…sure' and scurried away. I made sure I didn't announce I was heading out that day so he couldn't catch me before I left the building. I hope I can avoid him until he leaves for good. He recently has started greeting me with, "Hey you" and has never once been able to mind my personal space even when he was with his girlfriend. I'm only 20, this guy is almost 30 or something like that and he physically grosses me out. Wears the same shirt everyday, only other girl I've seen him hit on was someone who I'm pretty sure was younger than me. Just all around gross.

This happened a few days ago and I'm still cringing.

No. 439555

What are you talking about? This is wonderful news! Nothing good can come out of porn and it instead encourages that depravity. Just like >>439552 said, I'd love it if it all was outlawed.

No. 439556

I just watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which featured close ups of underage girl's ass and multiple foot close ups. The female characters barely had any lines, either.

There was also a scene where an 8 year old girl was siting on Leonardo DiCaprio's lap, which would have been innocent enough if not for the fact that he met his current girlfriend when she was ELEVEN. Knowing that made me really uncomfortable throughout the entire scene.

No. 439558


>Just a side note. I literally slave myself in the gym. Have a nice booty. Have decent boobs. A cute face (I think lol) I genuinely have been told I am built for porn as a joke by multiple friends and that if my job doesn’t workout I should do porn or strip. Haha. Just friends being friends. But Yet, even looking good clearly isn’t enough to stop my man from doing this porn and sexting shit. So my beautiful ladies, If you think it’s because your body isn’t good enough, or that you aren’t pretty enough. That is NOT the case. IT’S HIS PROBLEM/ADDICTION. IT IS NOT YOU. You are good enough❤️

forever lol @ reddit pickmes, especially when they mention the amount of head they give

No. 439560


>BJ tips here are 10/10

>I came to this sub from a therapist who suggested that hearing more male voices might help me recover from an assault. You guys are amazing and you have helped me a lot.

real talk why are women on reddit so much more cucked than anywhere else lmao this is out of this world

No. 439561

My first contact with porn was when I was a kid and tried to find videos of Kim Possible and found a bunch of cartoon porn and art instead. Seeing your hero raped and railed was honestly pretty traumatizing and I couldn't even talk about it to anyone because I was scared my parents would think I watched it on purpose. Why the fuck can't people leave kids cartoons alone?

No. 439562

Remember the "Super Crown" fad? That was just awful to see people make overexaggerated women out of all the characters I adored as a child.

No. 439564

File: 1564119067304.jpg (199.72 KB, 1448x1080, [Moozzi2-Akashiro] Brother, De…)

I've never given a blowjob in my entire life and never will, pickmes who like the taste of pure base in their mouth and moids can die mad about it kek
absolute cuck tier behavior

No. 439566

I swear the spread of the internet and all of that made the issue of women getting objectified and pornified as soon as we are born into the earth and not even women yet incredibly worse. I still think the glorification of porn stars and ditzy bimbo types of women in the 2000s compared to the strong feminist types or womanly vixen types in the 80s and 90s did a lot of damage in pop culture for men but especially women.

No. 439568

Men literally circumcise themselves because they are too retarded to wash their dick.

No. 439571

File: 1564121389274.png (172.76 KB, 1251x537, untitled.png)

just found this gem on r9k

No. 439580

>deluded moid stumbles upon pinkpill posts explaining moid copes
>hits close to home
>in a true moid fashion, he is ashamed yet turned on
>jerks off to it while while choking back tears of humiliation
>ebin onset of self loathing shortly after nutting
>crytypes a standard autistic captionfic in which the women laughing at him actually love him and his boiled rice grain of a dick can "corrupt" anything
>awkwardly concludes that he wants to be the paypig cuck he was born to be

I see the last thread has been getting to them, kek.

Making moids angry yet aroused by having their underdeveloped psyches raped is one of my biggest fetishes. Probably the only scenario in which a male can be sexually useful.

No. 439581

my fetish is to castrate men like this tbh

No. 439582

Ngl, if you switched the genders around, it would be pretty hot.

No. 439586

he sounds like a closeted faggot lmao

No. 439592

never date a robot, ever

I believe in leagues, broadly speaking, and its rarely a good idea for people to date discordantly. If a guy really thinks you are a 5/10 and isnt deeply, genuinely attracted to you the relationship will not go well. Same goes for the women here who'd stoop so low as to date men they admittedly don't find attractive (bald, fat, old, etc). One or the other, be it the 'low value person' or the 'high value person' will start acting up and being shitty to the other.

No. 439596

i think the reason why the "i treat her like shit but she never leaves, i suck at fucking and make everything about myself but she doesn't complain, she doesn't show any normal human reaction" thing is such a common fetish in scrotes is because they deep down know that they are so atrociously ugly that no one would want them. it's like a cope.

No. 439599

The guy doesn't even work?

No. 439600

Nvm he does but lol just no, resist the urge to post or even read these threads. Just avoid all male dominated image boards and you'll save your sanity.

No. 439607

This tbh
I don't give blowjobs either, if men expect blowjobs from you you're probably ugly

No. 439610

The recent lack of saging and pathetic attempts to immitate robot and incel culture are making me feel these threads are being raided.

No. 439617

/ot/ was never as stringent on saging as the gossip boards, for what its worth. We are being raided but I'm less confident it is robots than bonafide redditfugees since lolcow keeps being linked over there. I think the best we can do it is to try to dilute the spergery.

No. 439629


We don't have dicks, dumbass.

I wish I had a dick tbh. Like, I wish it a lot. A vagina is incapable of inflicting humiliation and degredation in ways a dick can,(choking, anal) and I hate men so much that that gets me off.

I sometimes feel that nature gave us vaginas and made us physically weak and it makes us so easily degraded. Fuck. Sorry for the autistic sperg.

No. 439630

I absolutely detest rule 34. It probably made me a misandrist. The fact that every female character I know and love is touched by scrotes degeneracy and animalism makes so pissed. Being an ugly character like Ursula or Fionna is useless too, it's like scrotes make porn out of it for the shock-factor. I'll repeat that rule 34 doesn't apply to male characters because men are respected, I tried looking and it was useless.

I was watching an anime, Land of the Lustrous. I found 0 porn in the Google images. I was delighted. Then someone told me pixiv was filled with it and I checked it out and then I deflated like a balloon. Fuck.

No. 439631

it's not really that hard to humiliate men, male ego is just too sensitive. go say the vaguest shit about a straight scrot's asshole or tiny dick size and he'll be upset in a second.

No. 439635

You can still do both of those things with your hands. There are still degrading and humiliating things you can do with your vagina if you get a bit creative.

Also this: >>439631

No. 439644

Like what? Asking for a friend..

No. 439646

I hate reading anything involving a female at all online because there will always be at least one, or two scrotes bringing up their sexual fantasies in some vein in the comment section.

The absolute obsession.

No. 439647

I thought femcel sperging was against the rules

No. 439650


ALL OF YOU take it to the femdom thread this is the man HATE thread not give lurking scrotes with fetishes boner thread

No. 439652

They've been here for a while. There's at least one resident scrote who obviously jerks it to women hating him and calling him disgusting. Sometimes they even try to hijack the thread with their shitty mildly femdom pictures. Any ACTUAL ladies, please do not give them JO material.

No. 439658

i've been trying to point out for ages that most of the scrots who regularly invade this thread have a very obvious femdom kink. spend enough time online and it becomes obvious when a man with a kink is fishing for jerk off material.

No. 439672

Why are you dunking on ugly women in the misandry thread? It's like that post last thread who implied she'd abort non-staceys.
Are ugly ladies men now?

No. 439673

A few anons recently seem to post here more out of hatred for other women and a desire to assert themselves as better than all the dumb, ugly pick-me's, rather than out of actual hatred for men. Some sort of reverse cool girl, really.

No. 439674

File: 1564147941216.jpeg (258.25 KB, 1440x1212, 47A8ECE7-F267-443D-A112-FA11A9…)

Lighthearted joke but an actual problem. It's like men are self aware enough to realize porn is to blame but too lazy to actually try to stop their habit.

No. 439680

I don't know if anyone watches h3h3 but in one of his latest podcasts he basically admits he jerks off to belle delphine in front of his wife…who just gave birth to their child a month ago. They literally even cut to her reactions to his disgusting enthusiasm and nobody is freaking out about how fucked up this is but me..the guy is revolting looking too.

No. 439681

Can you post it with timestamp? I believe you, I just want to see it

No. 439682

He's talked about porn openly on the podcast with Hila there, too. But this is pretty far.
I also think I recall him saying something in the early days about it being natural for women to get raped.

No. 439683

I want to but i gotta figure out how do it so it might take me a while sorry

No. 439684

this whole video is pure cringe

No. 439689

Imagine sitting there while your husband and the father of your newborn child watches a video that some 19-year-old ethot personally sent to him of her giggling, winking, ahegao-ing and drooling into a jar

No. 439691

this shit makes me sick

No. 439692

A few YT commenters wrote about Hila and how bad it is. Albeit it seems a few scrotes are trying to rationalize it by saying "BUT IF SHE DOESNT HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM THEN SHE SHOULD BE FINE WITH HER HUSBAND SAYING HE FINDS OTHER WOMEN ATTRACTIVE!1!!" Another comment, "HILA IS TRYING TO HIDE HER JEALOUSY AND ANGER HAHAHA!"

Tbh Hila shouldn't have sat in on this. She should've made an excuse about not feeling good or needing to be with her newborn. This is really beneath her, and look what trying to be the "cool wife" got her? A bunch of scrotes rubbing her patience in her face.

No. 439696

Tinder anon from yesterday. Another man I matched (much hotter, taller, with a nice ottermode body and a full head of hair) also has a gf. He’s been spinning some lies about how he is living at a friends house while he’s looking for apartments but I found him on Facebook too and he has a long term gf of two years. He also is like… DESPERATE to meet up (even more so than the other guy).

Everyone that dates a man needs to by default assume they are unfaithful lol

No. 439698

How is she even happy at all I just can't understand it, she has her own money and merch line and its not like they can't make videos together but live apart. She needs a female friend badly to knock some sense into her and help her out because that is one lonely and depressing life to be stuck with this shitbag all day that doesn't even love you.

No. 439699

Are all men in dating apps like this? Even if you don't match only with the super hot ones?

No. 439700

I hated Tinder. There's a lot of dudes wanting sidechicks to their gfs, as well as married dudes pretending they're divorced or separated in order to have a hookup.
Don't do it. Get a traditional dating profile. While it won't filter all infidelity, it definitely wards away all the lazy low efforts, and it's easier to tell when a guy is invested.

No. 439701


It's awful for a woman to be submissive to a scrote, it bites even more when the scrote is fucking hideous. Hila doesn't deserve it, and now he's the father of her child? Hoo boy, so many terrible decisions here.

No. 439702

Ugh. I actually feel so bad for Hila, she deserves better and I don't believe she's actually okay with his interactions with Belle

I was watching another videoclip from one of their podcasts and at one point Hila voices a differing opinion to Ethan (or he thinks she's about to) and seems really annoyed by the fact?

Free Hila!

No. 439703

We gotta help her. Maybe we can't get her to leave him but maybe enough concerned dms might get her to think about her situation a little more..

No. 439704

imagine the internet's and ethan's reaction if hila was interacting with a 19 year old eboy the same way. if i was ethan's kid and watched this when i grew up i'd feel really ashamed of him.

No. 439705

they also have a large audience of stupid teenage boys who are going to think this is acceptable when this is clearly abusive behavior. She just had his kid and is in a super vulnerable position to leave and he knows it so he continues to push her buttons and see how far he can go. I fucking hate him and he doesn't deserve her at all.

No. 439710

The first guy was ugly, this one is hot. So yes all men are like this. Honestly I think the super hot ones I’ve matched (like straight up chads) are all single, but they’re likely fucking ten different girls a week. But any man that is “relationship material” is already in a relationship on tinder.

No. 439711

Where do men who want real relationships hang out then?

No. 439715

I don’t want to make a traditional dating profile. I don’t date men, only women. I’m not interested in these men for a relationship, I just want to either fuck then or use them for a free meal (is that bad to say? I like going to nice restaurants). I’m not on tinder to find a life partner because my life partner is not going to be a scrote. For me men are just for resources.

I just don’t want to fuck a guy with a girlfriend because I feel bad for their GFs. Their GFs live in a delusional fantasy world and I don’t want to wake them up.

No. 439716

You have to understand that if you get into a relationship with a man, he will be one of these guys on tinder in under a year. You can find single men who want real relationships everywhere, probably even on dating apps and websites. But they’re always gonna get bored and go back. And then blame you for it!

No. 439717


No. 439719


At least I'd find gf's profile on Facebook and send her caps of her scrotfriend looking for sidechicks on tinder.

No. 439720

I love this thread. Especially when pink pill anon drops those paragraphs of truth of the male mind and behaviours.
Really eye opening, allows you to adopt better strategy in dating and relationships to make it work in your favour.

I really don't care if my boyfriend leaves. There'll always be another one. But because of my indifference towards him, he treats me better. I'm not afraid to lose him.
And if he acts a little scrot to me (says things to me or does stuff that's nasty or I don't like), I go stone cold, no contact and either do my own thing or consider other guys. He comes back apologising for his behaviour, writing lengthy paragraphs begging, saying how sorry he is.
He thinks we're in a relationship and I'm his girlfriend but really he's just some company and I just use him for his dick when I feel like it. Gets me things as well. Not entirely useless after all.

One time I fucked him so hard on top, the friction caused a painful burning sensation on his balls possibly because of the friction.
I laughed at him, it was hilarious. He didn't like me laughing at his comical misfortune and turned nasty, pouting and whining 'It's NOT funny!' 'You're a fucking asshole' to which I responded laughing 'You wanted sex, you got it, don't complain.' He was scratching his balls all night, had to take a trip to the bathroom to slather his balls in weleda chamomile baby cream to soothe them somewhat. I laughed the whole night.(jerking off)

No. 439722

Why don't you just date a woman?
There's safer ways to pilfer resources from scrotes these days, like camgirling.
You can't have it both ways, sorry. You either have to settle with the idea that a scrote who would treat you like fuckmeat might not have the best morals, or you just opt out.

No. 439724

What about making your own money and not depending on men entirely?

No. 439725

I'm sorry anon but this reads like a man's fantasy, this is exactly how they write about femdom, NTR and the like. Even the fucking ball torture is a scrot fetish.

No. 439726

I’m at the point in my life where I’m not really interested in being in a relationship with anyone, serious or not serious. If the right woman comes, I’ll date her. But right now I just want to blow of steam after work and have funny stories to share with my friends. My tinder profile is set to bi, but most of the women are in relationships with men and just want a third girl. I’m not into that shit.

I haven’t fucked any guys off the apps yet, and I doubt I will. At this point it has turned into a game for me. I match with them, find just enough info to find their real name and profile, see if they have a gf. My next steps are probably contacting their gfs anonymously lol.

This was completely unintentional but I feel like I’m waking up women. But also feel guilty that they have to deal with bags of shit as BFs.

No. 439728

nah, guys don't know skin care brands by name

No. 439730

I have a sinking feeling that if it were possible for anon she wouldn't be seeking these types of arrangements.
Not that I don't agree with you.

Are you okay? Your story keeps changing.

No. 439731

>There's safer ways to pilfer resources from scrotes these days, like camgirling.
So she's always in danger if somebody decides to doxx her? Only men could think camgirling is safe. Not to mention how disgusting and dehumanising it is.

No. 439732

Holy shit, context much? Anon was originally talking about meeting up with scrotes to fuck them, and now you're accusing me of being a scrote because having a physical barrier is still way more safe even with the remote possibility of doxxing than meeting up with a scrote in an isolated situation every single time?

No. 439736

I have a job, I make my own money, but honestly I dislike men and want to regain control by using them, which is what brought me to tinder. It’s pretty maladaptive, I know. I can afford dinners fine on my own, but why should I when a scrote will pay for it? I have not been interested in a relationship with men, only sex and resources. They have nothing to give me other than that.

I have male friends. I’ve heard them complain and cry about tinder dates ghosting them after a dinner without sex. I’ve seen one guy breakdown because one girl fucked him and then he found out she was fucking other guys (he was also fucking other girls.) I thought “maybe I can hurt men the way they’ve hurt me in the past” — but I draw the line at hurting women. The fact that they all seem to have gfs makes me rethink everything and see this was a stupid idea.

My story keeps changing because I’m currently in the process of going through this. I genuinely didn’t think that all these men would have perfectly normal, cute, smart girlfriends. It’s a little bit unsettling? I wanted to fuck around with them initially to treat them the way they treat women, but now I just want to wake women up to the fact that their bfs are on this site.

No. 439737

>I still think the glorification of porn stars and ditzy bimbo types of women in the 2000s compared to the strong feminist types or womanly vixen types in the 80s and 90s did a lot of damage in pop culture for men but especially women.
To be fair, I'm pretty sure (at least in pornos) that the bimbo types were still very popular in the 80s and 90s. I have a strong attachment to some 80s portrayals of women very much due to how there were so many women in media who were these strong hardass women who were fashionable and pretty as well. However…to some extent, I think that usually only the pretty, feminine women with those personalities being portrayed as good people is a definite representation of how many men see unattractive women as "lesser". For better or worse, people prefer attractive people and tend to find them more trustworthy, but ugly men seem to get more of a pass from everyone than ugly women do, save for from other women, esp pinkpilled ones. Think about it: a hardass butch woman who isn't very attractive is a common negative character, whereas a hardass feminine woman with all of the hallmarks of "common" attractive characteristics to men are more positive or strongly sexualized in their being "bossy" and straitlaced.
I think at the end of the day, even if you find positivity in it like I can, you recognize that it's still about being the "right" kind of woman.

No. 439738

File: 1564158435751.jpg (251.72 KB, 1226x1937, IMG_20190726_182656.jpg)

I can't stand Ethan and so much of his shitty behavior went under radar during Hilla's pregnancy.

No. 439739

Can't imagine being married to that slob. Poor Hila.

No. 439741

He really is one of the most disgusting people on youtube to even look at

No. 439742

> but now I just want to wake women up to the fact that their bfs are on this site.

More women should do this for real

No. 439743

>"Teehee isn't it just hilarious that I have a gut as big as an 8 month pregnant woman and have gyno so bad it looks like you could milk me?"
Only men could get away with being such vulgar obeselords.

No. 439744

i'll be honest. i think he's more tolerable than most scrotes and there are aspects of him that i like, and sometimes i like things he does for hila. however, he shouldn't have been involved with belle delphine as a married father. hila is so out of his league, idk how they got together.

No. 439746

there is literally nothing tolerable about him at all, both his looks and his personality are equally disgusting

No. 439749

Chill. You're not more "woke" because you'd prefer to be treated like a fleshlight by men and rationalize it as a transaction, as opposed to just living a normal life with a nice woman who–at least so far–you've not given a good reason to not date.
You care about no-name girlfriends and wives of these gross neckbeards but you won't care about dating a woman who's not going to have a clue about how you've let yourself be used by so many disgusting men?
There's something wrong here, very wrong. It's unsettling because it makes no sense and you shouldn't do it.

No. 439750

I find these creepy now due to the similarity between dating site language and "sexy asian woman wants to chat with you now" porn ads

Men view dating sites as places to pick up women for free sex. 633 men have selected that they want free sex from anon. The numbers of drooling men smashing the yes/like/confirm button on every image of a woman they see online (read: their desperation for free sex expressed via click) is the exact opposite of what women are generally looking for in regard to dating

No. 439755

File: 1564159639504.jpg (75.77 KB, 622x734, 640.jpg)

No. 439757

Leo and Edward Furlong are the best evidence of a wall for men I've ever seen. Both were good looking dudes in their late teens and then just turned busted overnight.

No. 439758

I wouldn't say they're busted. They're not as good looking as they were but they're not ugly.

No. 439759

I’m not claiming to be more woke.

Do you know how hard it is to find a long term relationship with a woman who you are both sexually and emotionally attracted to? The vast majority of women are straight. Most women on dating apps are looking for a third wheel. I’ve had a crush on girls before, but they have girlfriends! Or sometimes even boyfriends.

I will be honest with any woman I meet. I haven’t fucked anyone off a dating app but I’m sexually attracted to men too, so I have wanted to.

What is a woman who is only attracted to men supposed to do based on your standards? Be celibate? Because getting into a relationship with a guy is stupid. Women live longer when they’re outside of relationships with men. Relationships with men mentally and physically drain you.

No. 439760

Edward looks like a fat piece of shit and look at Leo's eyebags..oof

No. 439762

So in summary the scrots who read lolcow fantasize about us being their unwilling sex partners/gfs

No. 439763

They are extremely ugly.

No. 439764

I agree with you anon. I think some other anons are being too hard on you. I think these men deserve to be used and I think their girlfriends deserve to know that their boyfriends are on that site.
Everyone would want to know if their partner is cheating, unless they want to continue living in a delusion (some ladies want to I guess). Obviously don't take it personally if the women you tell don't take it well.
Just please stay safe, anon, because it's dangerous to meet up with random men. I'd recommend you just go to dinner and leave without the sex to be extra safe.

Also this, I agree. I wish men didn't ruin dating sites. Aren't there things you can filter so that not everyone can message you and such? I was almost going to make an okcupid but I don't know much about it. I'm also not looking for anything serious so it doesn't matter for me if they want an actual relationship, but still.

No. 439766

Hollywood is deeep into dark pedo shit. I don't believe their pandering especially to women. It's the same as before - women are props and kids are sexualized.

Im kinda under the suspicion that alot of women on male dominated subs are larpers tbh.

What the actual fuck. Why can't women hate porn or just not feel comfortable with it? She just gave birth too..Fuck his retarded audience and fuck him. I can see her posting anonymously on r/breakingmoms talking about this shit too. Poor woman needs to just vent. Also this is just more evidence that having a degenerate scrots kids will not make them change whatsoever.

No. 439767

I get the feeling she doesn't have many female friends, I would absolutely have killed myself by now in her situation I could not tolerate that kind of emotional abuse and man child behavior.

No. 439768

This. If she had female friends I feel like she would have more of a back bone. Instead she probably thinks this is normal, especially since her male audience is saying it is.

No. 439771

The problem with your plan is it's impossible to "use" men. I guarantee you will come out of it feeling more used than they ever could. One night stands = free sex for him with a novelty woman. Dinner? Guys don't buy you dinner. You're also putting yourself at risk of being abused or killed by interacting with strange men, even moreso when you are planning to trick or annoy them. Look for a girlfriend and leave the scrots alone.

No. 439774

I should also add that the type of guys that you could maybe benefit from in some way will avoid you in favor of a woman they can use
You will be/are being pursued by men who see value to extract from you and they will extract it if you let them. Your attention, company, sex, social status and ego boost he gets by spending time with a woman. The only way to "win" is to have your own resources, money and ignore all men. If you get a partner, keep them at arms length and do not allow unlimited access to your resources (work, time, companionship, sex)

It's not a game a woman can win, you win by not playing it

No. 439775

Now that you put it this way I can see where you are coming from. You’re right that they will view sex as beneficial to them. I guess I was naive.

I think I will keep trying to wake their gfs up though. These women need to know.

No. 439777

There is this scrote youtuber from my country who I accidentally stumbled upon a few years ago. He was a complete nobody since the platform wasn't popular here (still isn't tbh) and he just made random videos, some with his girlfriend. They were actually quite cute and funny but then there was a huge hiatus. When he returned he was alone and his small fanbase asked about his gf and he said they broke up.

I found her ask.fm and she had answered some questions about him and their relationship. I could smell this guy was no good. Obviously there was a lot of vague speak but from what I could string together - he had a drug habit (heroin?) and even tried to strike her once. He would not agree to a breakup unless she cheated on him so she did it just to force him to leave (people were giving her a lot of hate for it). She implied that after the breakup he was so upset that he had a hookup with a random girl in a bathroom stall and took her pants so she couldn't get out or something like that…

Every time I see him I remember this and feel so angry. I don't know how popular he is now but he's got extremely fat. Must be a side effect from kicking the heroin.

No. 439778

Eww I was looking forward to this movie, but I've been hearing some sketchy shit about it
and Tarantino recently and now i'm not so sure I want to see it.

No. 439783

somebody needs to make a cow thread for h3 already

No. 439788

The comments on other videos are always about how perfect Hila is. Shy and modest. Cute without makeup. Genuine and honest. Laughs at ALL his shitty jokes. The perfect ''cool girl''. She always looks at h3 like he's everything to her. She's been with him since they were broke and supported him so much. The male fans say how they wish they had a girl like Hila. But now that she's clearly hurt, they laugh at her and think it's super epic how she has trouble hiding her sadness/jealousy.

No. 439797

So basically men want to rape women. More news at 11…

No. 439802


Broke: complaining about degenerate moids jerking off to being degraded, humiliated and ignored.

Woke: having them send you money and gifts for one liners and being left on read, because that's "dominant".

Ascended: not having to interact with a dirty meat dildo in any way or form (not an option yet).

Stop having secret Disney expectations that a moid will awaken somewhere and become an actual human being, he won't. Just meme them into displaying sexual degeneracy that's convenient for you. I don't give a shit if a moid is adapting to enjoy pinkpill, he better be.


I take it you haven't heard of gyaku ryona.

No. 439804

I would either skip it or pirate it if you really want to watch it. The first 2/3rds of the movie was meandering and self indulgent.

There was also a scene where (mild spoiler) It was heavily implied that Pitt's character killed his stereotypically nagging wife with a harpoon gun, which every redditor found completely hilarious.

No. 439810

All porn serves a dual purpose. Wanking is secondary, the primary one is supplying the moid with maladaptive copes he craves so much. One of them is selling the moid a deluded idea that he's "showing" irl women what they have to "compete" with, that he has "options". It's how they avenge the fact that it's much easier for you to diversify. That's why moids think of ethots and pornstars as actual gfs. No matter how "intelligent", they actually do on some level think that they have a real chance and that's how they get robbed blind. Ethots make moid narcissism and Dunning-Kruger work for them.

If you have ever been in a long term relationship, you have probably noticed that your moid suddenly wants you to dress more conservatively, gets uncomfortable about you speaking to other males and wants you to get pregnant as soon as possible. This is moid "securing" behavior. It doesn't mean that he is serious about you or that he loves you, what it means is that he wants to reduce your number of other readily available options to soothe his inherent anxiety over fidelity. Of course once he achieves this he won't be happy and he will hate you, because moids are generally at their happiest pouring resources into a void, stuck chasing a carrot on a stick forever. See: >>439505 .


No, they fantasize about being people. Moids are deeply traumatized by the realization that they are slaves to sexual arousal, it clashes with their grandiose self image. Porn is capitalizing on their petty need to "avenge" that somehow. Like most porn, moid copefics generally revolve around a theme of regaining control/upper hand in response to having a boner and "punishing" whatever it is that made them horny. The moid in question is trying to repair the anal fissure he sustained from having his defense mechanisms ripped to shreds (which no doubt aroused him too)

No. 439815

internalized misoginy is showing again

No. 439816

They want a Hila but not the human. Women are suppose to take all their shit, listen to them praise porn and every other cam girl with a smile. God no wonder they're going to live and die. What a miserable fanbase.

>that spoiler
Men laughing at murdered women, depressing but not surprising.

No. 439817

File: 1564169600786.png (535.73 KB, 1600x2250, 1564112539331.png)

>sadpanda shutting down
>cumbrained scrotes on suicide watch
It's a beautiful day.

No. 439819

It's terrible for the sole fact that all the non-h artbooks that are hard to find and very rare will be gone along with very old magazines from old publishers that don't circulate anymore. Though they should have had a separate site from how to draw, artbooks and magazines

No. 439822

Now's the time to head over and save that content, then.

No. 439823

Hila is one of those women who thinks having a baby with someone like that will change anything too. He's so disgusting, and ugly on top of it. i doubt he actually loves her. She honestly deserves better. hope she wakes up soon , but everything changes (usually only for the woman) after a baby is born

No. 439824

I tried to earlier but kept getting 503 error so gave up for a bit, these moids think that not having their roricon doujins is the end of the world. It's great that disgusting shit is being purged. The real tragedy as I said before is the artbooks, those are the things that should be persevered than the nonsense they try to get their rocks off too

No. 439826


Lmfao, tbh this is what you get when you pursue streamcel trash. All scrots are garbage, but ugly ass letsplayers and youtube funnymen are the pinnacle of absolutely disgusting. I've actually asked streamer fangirls in their designated threads why they find these 2/10 monstrosities attractive just because they play video games and it's always some premium pickme shit in response.

God, it's truly incredible. A disgusting sweaty neckbeard hits on you at gamestop and you think "ew", same disgusting neckbeard appears on youtube and you flood the premises. I will never understand.

No. 439827

Every movie tarantino makes is sexist trash. i can't think of one that actually gives women a good role or paints them in a good light

No. 439830

A while ago I was chatting up with a guy. He was at least good enough to later on admit that he was uncomfortable talking with me due to our age-gap, and then I ended up ghosting him. But he once talked about his girlfriend and how he recently broke up with her and how his girlfriend was "suffering from PTSD because of him." I asked him how they broke up and he refrained from answering.

After I ghosted him I checked out his Reddit profile. He made a post on r/confessions about how he abused his girlfriend by digging into her insecurities and criticising them and by how entitled he acted. He said that they were kissing in the bathroom and the authorities caught them (we were living in a Muslim country.) He once told me that she was head over heels in love with him. I think that the fact he was an exMuslim and she was a Muslim factored here. She fell heads over heels in love with a guy (a manlet infact) who got her in trouble with the authorities, criticised her worst flaws, while simultaneously freaking out that she'd go to hell if she stayed. I'm not sure whether he commented on physical or sexual abuse. The girlfriend later developed PTSD and he's worried that she would kill himself.

Sigh. men are fucked up.

No. 439831

Hila is such a cuck I feel bad for her.
The comments are fucking disgusting too.

No. 439836

Tarantino is hit or miss but at least the Bride in Kill Bill is an actual character, her being a mother particularly is something most scrot writers/directors wouldn't do (because motherhood is gross or something). I've been seeing people try to explain the character away as a fetishisation of violence against women but these are the same people who only allow "strong" female characters to be flawless beautiful women who never suffer any hardships, because any flaw would make their boners deflate. I appreciate that the Bride is a woman who's allowed to be dirty, wounded, violent and serving her own revenge, rather than supporting a man's narrative.
The other female characters apart from the Bride are mostly shallow and the footfag scene wasn't necessary, though.

No. 439842

I've been lurking this thread for a bit now, I thought I was the only one who thought the h3h3 and bella video was kinda gross and disrespectful to Hila, I can see her discomfort. I don't think Ethan is a bad person persay he just takes some jokes waaay too far. Hila doesn't need that gross shit, shes such a cool person.

No. 439852

my sides

i know this is scrot fic but deadass this is me with my bf

No. 439853

>2 minutes of belle spiting in a cup
>"that was pretty erotic"
What is wrong with this man? Why would his wife still be together with hime?

No. 439854

it's funny how you can always tell if something sexual was written by a man (or a man trying to larp as a woman). they all share the same one brain cell.

No. 439868

At least in this video he agreed on Hila's two comments on feminism (1 that women are often talked over and it's difficult for them to get their voices heard; 2 that when dealing with their business people take Ethan way more seriously than her even though she does most of the work for their company). I still find him obnoxious and annoying as shit though and feel bad for Hila and their child.

No. 439871

It's because of the tone. It always sounds like unnecessarily drawn out wish fulfillment, or ramblings of someone who's deeply triggered and desperate to convince himself of something that isn't true. This is because (heterosexual) scrots are perpetually fighting cognitive dissonance and narcissistic injury due to impending realization that their free will does not extend beyond their (female inflicted) boners.

Read any reputable book on narcissistic personality disorder. There, you have a manual for your average scrot.

No. 439874

From watching some of their videos on how they met it shows they obvs love one another, men are encouraged to be immature for laughs, thats what Ethan does. I like to see him supporting her and he always seems to be proud of her, which is nice. I just wish he would stop with the cringy porn and wacking off jokes, your a new father… like damn dude sometimes seeing Hila's face is enough to be like.. maybe not say that shit again.

No. 439876

As far as not being taken seriously, Hila's got the double whammy of also being ESL in America.

No. 439877

You can get your fishing lvl only up to 3, not even high enough for anchovies

No. 439887

No he doesn't at all, he's humiliated her too many times to count and is basically cheating on her at this point. She needs to distance herself from him completely.

No. 439902

>But now that she's clearly hurt, they laugh at her and think it's super epic how she has trouble hiding her sadness/jealousy.

Men laughing at women they go out of their way to make sad and insecure, just another reason why AMALT and a reason women need to go their own way, women are truly better without men and men even admit this themselves by making them sad and insecure just to laugh at it

Imagine if a woman fawned and obsessed over Chad and her boyfriend was clearly sad and insecure, scrots would be put on suicide watch

No. 439916

i remember someone made a compilation of hila "cucking" ethan on the podcast, and it was basically just her being polite and listening to the guests

No. 439920

File: 1564185304765.png (25.37 KB, 496x200, i9xhst3pdnc31.png)

Have these idiots ever talked to a woman before?

No. 439924

If you think making some gross jokes is cheating idk what to tell you….

No. 439927

no1curr what you think, polyfag. go shit up the femdom thread.

No. 439930

File: 1564186711899.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)


No. 439939

I was about to defend some of those, because you should be allowed to be attracted to people outside of relationships as long as it's in a healthy way, but I actually read some of these
>I told her a few times that I think she should have her breasts augmented
>My Girlfriend has small tits… Should I dump her?
>girlfriend's boobs to small, she is not attractive enough

No. 439940

File: 1564187250440.png (59.91 KB, 1235x325, 1513235248053.png)

reminder that men think women not dressing how they want women to dress is harassment and manipulative

No. 439942

>you should be allowed to be attracted to people outside of relationships as long as it's in a healthy way
Anon, that's NEVER the case for smallbrained scrotes. Never. A woman can appreciate if someone else is attractive and not feel an impulse to fuck them because of a relationship. Men lack that ability. Attractive person = must fuuuuuuck

No. 439946

and women realize that other men being attractive doesn't make other men less attractive, men see attractive women and instead of just appreciating they just compare and bash to the point where 90% of women aren't good enough for them and are unhappy and bitter with their current partners

No. 439947

This reminds me of the scrotes who thought a wife not having dinner ready in time was abusive

No. 439948

Dude blowing stuff out of proportion never helps, it actually hurts your argument. Anyway, use your brain and tell me how shitty jokes make you a cheater why don't you? I don't agree with what he said but its not cheating.

No. 439950


Sorry to necro a day-old tangent, but this is quite a good read about DiCaprio and his scrot-gang's pattern of dating 20-year-old Eastern European models that hasn't changed for, oh, 20 years: https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/a3x47g/how-leonardo-dicaprio-keeps-his-many-model-girlfriends-out-of-the-press
Sure, it's on Vice, but the content itself is solidly pinkpilling.

No. 439953

Not her but even though it isn't fully cheating, he's a bit too excited and invested in this. And Hila is obviously hurt. He would fuck Belle if he had the chance to.

Saying they're just shitty jokes is exactly what men do to women all the time. ''haha relax babe it's just a joke chill''

No. 439971

I get what you're saying, I see it made her pretty uncomfortable but overreacting and calling it cheating just gives men the opportunity to say we're hysterical and dont know what we're talking about, call it like it is. He joked at being half cubbed and he was looked thirsty as hell after that clip. You cant tell me that isnt new, men are ALWAYS looking at other women.. if you're going to breed with one you better get used to that! Also, if the joke is abusive or demeaning of course that isn't right, I wasnt dismissing it hurt her feelings. Hes still nasty.

No. 439988

>had a minor car accident
It's working!

No. 439994

Not if you keep your man under control, my previous ex would never ever stare at other women or even think of joking about cheating, my current boyfriend has some work to do but overall I got him under control with "jokes"

The key is to let him know you aren't taking his shit, tell him straight up, don't be afraid to leave when you need to and let him KNOW you aren't going to stick around if he acts miserable and wants to cheat. The less you're willing to deal with the harder he will try for you

No. 439997


you are just teaching them to hide it better

No. 439999

Or, instead of spending all that time and effort and doing non stop emotional labour to curb an inherent part of the (toxic, harmful, unpleasant) male psyche, you could just not bother with men at all. I really cannot relate to wanting a man so badly I would try to force him to be less horrible than he is naturally inclined to be. That's energy I could be expending elsewhere, for something of more value.

No. 440002

Hide it then, be a gentleman, letting men gawk over other women in front of you just shows you have no self respect, control your man
I figured, but outside of my man hate I live a fairly normie life, in a way they mean nothing to me but sex , but my current man tries really hard so I just keep him around and let him know I'm not afraid to kick his ass to the curb when he wants to start acting up, and by doing that he would be giving up the luxury downtown apartment, 5 star meals, clothes, skin care, etc I pay for. I don't play that shit and I control him before he can even think of controlling me

No. 440004

Wait why are you paying for everything?

No. 440007

Because I'm loaded and make 150k a year
he's a waiter that's 7 years younger than me
the only problem is scrots not being able to control you and I'm not the one who has to be afraid to being put on the streets

No. 440009

>being rich and controlling a younger man
God I wish that were me.

No. 440011

Some of us are sadists, anon. We're getting off doing this.

No. 440012

Yeah, and not buying me a pair of Manolos every time he gets his paycheck is literally rape.

This is why scrots shouldn't be in charge of making laws. They have no idea what initial aggression means if the matter involves their penile fee-fees.

No. 440013

hey girls, I was wondering if anybody had any advice on breaking out of the pickme, not like other girls woman-despising mentality

I've spent too much time over the years on imageboards where it's all just men talking about how women suck and male approval became too validating. I was weak sisters, but with your help I can become strong

No. 440015

A few days ago I was browsing reddit and looking up someone’s username and instead found a nsfw reddit called malefantasies. I don’t know why but I thought the nsfw wasn’t porn related and related to the Margaret Atwood quote, but it’s actually a sub dedicated to pictures of women plastered with degrading comments of what men would do to them as jerk off material.

It made me sick because it wasn’t just celebrities, but men who were posting random classmates or even their aunts, moms, and sisters. There were multiple posts of totally innocent pictures from social media of these women or creepshots. What is wrong with men to do this? It just emphasizes to me that porn isn’t about just jerking off but about humiliating and degrading women. These women aren’t even public figures in any aspect, but just existing in the periphery of men makes them feel entitled to you.

No. 440017

File: 1564197432392.png (91.36 KB, 294x489, whatthehell.png)

TIL sexual molestation of a family member is okay if you're ~sleepwalking~

No. 440018

letting your man watch porn makes you a cuck, hila is a cuck, it absolutely is cheating just for dudes who can't get laid otherwise so they watch porn.

No. 440025

I know that sub is jerk off fodder, but it somehow comes off as a big pinkpill. The pics have the same energy as >>439930 tbh, just a compilation of shitty things men think contrasted with images of women just existing.

On a side note, shit like this makes me feel more at ease about just fantasizing about doing horrible things to men I see in public. Sometimes I forget that they're undeserving of respect and concern.

No. 440034

Hila may be a cuck but she still doesnt deserve this. To get shit on for something natural like disgust over hearing your husband and the father of your child openly admit to jerking off to a cringey cam girl is rough

Porn already is giving men ED on top of that too

No. 440035

File: 1564200280819.jpg (94.95 KB, 526x801, Untitled.jpg)

it's difficult to be straight and want to date when you hate men and realize how useless they are.

No. 440038

of course she doesn't that's why I don't get the people sticking up for him when yes he is that bad and his behavior is damaging. The guy is turning into the next onision at this point

No. 440065

why do MGTOWs and incels all speak like cult members who are trying to get you to join?

No. 440069

It’s a less successful MLM

No. 440077

>blaming women for simply following their upbringing
will this ever stop, even on this so called pink pulled website??

No. 440083

recognizing male-influenced upbringing and pointing out that women deserve better aren't mutually exclusive

No. 440107

eww that subreddit is so cringy. why the fuck are they posting people they know in real life? scrotes are disgusting.

No. 440110

Date someone who wants a pickme. It's the biggest pink pill. You'll feel like trash because that's how they'll treat you. Being someone's mother, paying for everything, having bad sex; that's enough to clear any woman's mind. Men will never put the effort into making you feel good. They won't lift a finger if you don't demand it. It's so not worth it.

Reposting because autocorrected pick me to pickle.

No. 440111

File: 1564218897256.jpg (281.52 KB, 512x756, koT7DYFE8_5LiToJTTlVi8bnoCJVrB…)

samefag but what the fuck is this shit

No. 440113

File: 1564219074132.jpg (178.6 KB, 879x1818, ha2l08uyylb31.jpg)

Men: men have it SO HARD, being a female is truly life on easy mode, remember the male suicide rate and how many men have depression!take men's mental health more seriously!!!
Also men:mocks women with mental health issues

No. 440116

I was just thinking. With the amount of women whose illnesses and pain get ignored by doctors as just "exaggerating" or "probably nothing", you'd think we'd be dying more often than men.
If we actually received proper care, how much longer would we be living compared to men, especially single women?

No. 440120


women tend to be a lot better at bouncing back from those mental states and re joining society, finding new friends, building new bridges, new bfs.

Men just keep digging until the hole is deep enough that they can't get out or reach anyone to drag down with them anymore so there's only the rope left.

No. 440137

We need to be able to give these monsters a good beat down if they can't be arrested. Nowadays though,the cops would arrest you for that. I hate the world.

No. 440138

File: 1564223172178.jpg (92.57 KB, 910x954, fe1ojbrdpqy21.jpg)

>men going their own way
>Goes out of their way to pretend to be scared of women

No. 440139

Pathetic lmao. I'd die if some man did that to me.

No. 440140

>surely it would have destroyed their self esteem for the day
Lmao I love when men show off how emotionally stunted and incapable of empathy they are. They apply a male way of thinking to women, like that would only be hurtful to a man, what fucking woman would care about some autist running away from her? I'd be fucking relieved, not offended.

No. 440142

I'd be thinking he was rushing out of sight so he could attack me when I walked by later. I'd never think he's doing it for the reason they mentioned. Also kek at these idiots making themselves look like huge wimps.

No. 440144

Found is interesting. Romance fantasy media meant for teenage girls and women that gains global popularity instantly gets huge hate campaigns. Meanwhile shit meant for men that's 100x more violent and rapey never gets even close to the hate poplar women media receives.

No. 440145

This really betrays how appearance-obsessed men are. Like showing fear and anxiety can ONLY be related to someone being attractive, it can't possibly be that rapists and murderers exist. Men really don't have to worry about anything in life.

No. 440146

kek, I would never think it has anything to do with my looks, and I'd find the whole thing hilarious. It's not like I look like I'd launch myself at a guy and try to steal his bag pack or something, and the only other possible explanation is that he did or is carrying something illegal.

Men are incapable of even trying to think how things look from another perspective.

No. 440147

I'm pretty sure majority of women would just be concerned for the guy and hope everything is alright with him.

No. 440148

Eh. If it's crap, it's crap. Are people more critical of crappy things if girls like them? I wouldn't doubt it.

The solution here is not to stop trashing things like Twilight and Fifty Shades– we need to have some fucking standards. What needs to happen is more ridicule towards the stupid bullshit men like. 90% of action movies are dumb shit for retarded apes who need big shiny explosions to keep their attention. Professional ports are boring and a huge waste of resources. Fifty Shades' misinformation and rapiness is nothing compared to the sheer volume of myths and violence glorified in porn made for men.

No. 440150

File: 1564225722270.png (938.64 KB, 1220x894, mmeydyhykk1z.png)

I enjoy cringe incel shit

No. 440151

This video makes a lot of good points. I wish she had talked more about Scott Pilgrim, though. That shit (or at least the movie) was straight trash, but because it panders to teenage to college-aged "nerd" boys, almost no one complains about it. Fuck that.

No. 440152

everytime a straight man unironically uses the words breed, fertility, "child bearing hips", "man seed" i genuinely cringe. who the fuck actually talks like that? they sound like autistic neanderthals.

No. 440153

That's basically what the video says. Twilight definitely has shit writing and criticism is deserved. But on the other hand, tons of pop media does. Fast and Furious, Transformers, GoT etc…

But what's are the differences?
1) Widely popular media meant for men and teenage boys gets criticised but at the same time it's widely enjoyed and you mostly get the argument "yeeeah its shitty writing but its for fun okay???"
2) Twilight as a media meant for teenage girls that got popular didn't simply get criticized and then acknowledged for its "fun" value, instead it got massive hate campaigns because fuck women and girls having their own shallow fantasy media.

No. 440154

Being a woman means whatever you do in society will be considered stupid, wrong, subpar, insignificant or even evil, and that sucks. Whatever we do, men will be bitches to us, and society is literally run by them.
I'd transition, but I'd never want to be a disgusting man. So, what is the solution? How do we "win"?

No. 440160

Don't look for their acknowledgment anon. Be in circles with women who think similarly. Do your best to help other women. You have a free will to choose what you will enjoy and how you will live your life. Avoid scrots and reject scrot media. Build your own life, your own world where scrot influence is minimal.

No. 440162

Why are men so hurt over the things they claimed they were excited for? All this talk about how sex dolls are great except when women use them, why?

No. 440165

Be self assured, know yourself and why you are who you are and don't let people walk over you.

No. 440166

File: 1564227700326.jpg (63.27 KB, 1428x511, IMG_20190727_133804.jpg)

Fucking finally ahahahah, i was waiting for a video like this to be made. Already has more than 30% dislike percentage lmaooo delicious scrot tears.
Be sure to leave a comment on how you can't wait for a perfect man to be made so you don't have to deal with balding unwashed real ones, that will make scrots even more butthurt.

Also I love searching for triggered scrot comments.
>when your only value is being able to open a jar
lmaoooooo I bet this weak fatso can't actually do it

No. 440167

Men are upset that they can be replaced by objects. It's uncomfortable for them because they're superior to women and not use to being so blatantly degraded.

No. 440168

Ask a woman why she would want a sex doll, she'll say it's because the doll won't beat, yell, scream, manipulate, age, etc
Ask a man why he would want a sex doll, he starts talking about evil women not being attractive enough and can't refuse sex and how putting their dick in silicone will somehow get back at women and replace them

Says a lot about each gender

No. 440169

From who, my inanimate sex doll? Most violence against women is domestic.

No. 440171

I think the truth is male promiscuity is one of the most damaging forces in a society. Hypergamy is actually one of the best methods to regulate society and clear evidence against male promiscuity. It only backfires when men can’t exercise self-betterment and self-control and decide to indulge instead of choosing one partner.

That’s why scrotes can never have their cake and eat it too.

No. 440173

Nah that dude just lives in the 1800s where he believes women can't own weapons or protect themselves

No. 440174

>"I think we've been lied to our entire lives about sexuality. I think that women have been brought up to believe a thing about their sexuality, that it's not supposed to be important, that it's only supposed to be about procreating"
this applies to everywhere in the world. men made it all about themselves. as usual
sex dolls and human-like robots in general creep me out because of uncanny valley. i don't think there will be a time where so many people will own sex dolls and pick them over real humans, so i don't understand why this offends people so much.

No. 440176

LOL Lot of those mgtows downvoting truly hoped for sentient submissive sexbots before anything else. Now that women have a replacement too, they throw a retard tantrum
>can't pay for her, fix things, move furniture
Women have jobs, can fix things and open jars just fine lmao and hire people if she needs furniture moved thats too big
more women are open about carrying protection be it guns, a knife, taser or a trained dog
They truly just sell themselves short out like that huh

Yeah it's telling. They really just want to off women entirely but can't. Well, most but not all. I did watch 1 doc on sex toys and sex dolls. And 1 man interviewed had one because he didn't want to contribute his money to sex trafficking that is mostly the case with prostitution and escorts. He had the right idea

No. 440181

Scrots are literally too stupid to realize that hypergamy is a necessary course of action for women to pursue when they live under a patriarchy where their access to resources is contingent on their relationship to a man. If they’re so triggered by hypergamy (rational mate selection on the part of women), then they should be in favor of female independence and socioeconomic programs that enable women to access material resources on their own terms irrespective of their choice of romantic partner. But they are too consumed by mindless hatred and resentment to even realize that.

No. 440187

Why am I seeing so little discussion online about the 13 year old trafficking victim who says Trump raped her in Jeffery Epstein's apartment? Now that Epstein is back in the nees, I was certain that would be readdressed, but I've barely seen it brought up. This accusation came before he ran for president too, which I feel adds even more credibility. Especially when coupled with the fact he raped his ex, Ivana.

But no one talks about Ivana and the 13 yo. They talk about the pussy grabbing comment and him calling women ugly, but for some reason talking about the females he raped is too much? It's so upsetting how little society cares about women raped by powerful men until there's a whole hoard of accusers.

No. 440189

It really highlights the power of male narcissism and entitlement that they feel women should pick them over men who are more attractive, financially secure, and likeable then hate us when we (obviously) don't. They cling to this idea that they have better personalities than "chad" types to justify this, but that's almost never true.

No. 440194

Trump has also said creepy incest shit about Ivanka in public interviews for decades but no one cares
>"I've said that if Ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her" as she sits right next to him on The View while talking about how he wouldn't mind if she was in Playboy
>"I was going to say "sex" but I can't relate that to her" when asked what they have in common, again with her sitting right next to him on a talk show
>"yeah, she's really something, and what a beauty, that one, if I weren't happily married and, ya know, her father…"
>"you know who's one of the great beauties of the world, according to everyone? and I helped create her: Ivanka, my daughter, Ivanka, she's six feet tall, she's got the best body"
>"she's actually always been very voluptuous, she's tall, she's almost 6 feet tall and she's been- she's an amazing beauty"
>agreeing with howard stern that she's "a piece of ass"
>kissing her on stage and declaring "I kiss her every chance I get!"
he also said of Tiffany as a young girl
>"she's got Marla's legs, we don't know whether or not she has THIS part yet, but time will tell" while motioning to his chest to indicate breasts as Marla sits beside him

No. 440201

File: 1564237281132.jpg (881.47 KB, 971x2685, l8gc3ydhvtc31.jpg)

No. 440202

if someone did this i would just think they were autistic or something

reminds me of the guy who posted about how one time he "owned" a woman when they were walking toward each other on the street and he "made" her step off the sidewalk to get around him, thus proving his "dominance". imagine being such a beta that your biggest 'fuck you' to someone is mildly inconveniencing them and acting like a retard in public.

No. 440203

lmao fucking hypocrites. i read that one long comment and it doesn't make any sense. why does a man having had sex with many people shows that he is desirable but a woman doing the same thing doesn't?
>Sex causes a deep bond. A woman who had many sexual partners may not be able to bond as well. She therefore, may not be the best mate.
why doesn't the same thing apply to men? are women the only ones who have to keep the bond in a relationship?
>Previous sexual partners also increase the risk for disease
again, this applies for men too. men in general have higher stats of stds, thus lowering his sexual value even further

long story short, if you are going to make a huge deal out of virginity, make it about both sexes. it's not that hard.

No. 440204

File: 1564238527510.jpg (81.17 KB, 645x729, 8d6.jpg)

Something something Key and Lock analogy.
Those men are retarded.

No. 440207

It will and more when robots become more advanced.

No. 440209

I don't get the logic behind this. Why would we be mad about this? Someone going out of your way is a good thing? Like what's the thought process here? How would this be upsetting in any way? Someone explain.

No. 440210

It hurts scrots’ feefees when women signal that they’re nervous around them (e.g if a man is walking behind them: glancing behind them, walking faster, crossing the street) because scrots are fundamentally devoid of empathy and prioritize their own ego over women’s safety. I guess this MGTOW retard thinks that just flipping the script and acting like he’s scared of women in public will somehow hurt women’s feelings.

No. 440224

I can’t find it. do I have to have a reddit account?

No. 440239


Not sure if relevant, but do you think women would seek sex dolls more than men do? Do sex dolls benefit women?

Who wouldn't want a doll that is attractive with abs and shit unlike the balding, fat, hideous creatures that are modern men, that doesn't bitch and doesn't screech at you animalistically or masturbate to porn or whine about you on Reddit? Straight women still seek out men for some reason, so there is something that makes them desire men despite how destructive that desire is.

I feel like acceptance of sex-dolls is the last thing I'd want but I also feel it's inevitable so I'm going to go out there and contemplate how this benefits me. I've already giving up on hoping men would give up porn and am just aiming to restrict my involvement with them. If I choose a seperatist lifestyle but still want a partner I can see myself picking up something that is actually attractive and more human than modern men. Not saying I support men getting one for themselves, but we all know that's not double standard because men are freaks and monsters while women aren't.

Of-course, men are spasming on the keyboard and foaming at the mouth about this, and they will likely do too in the future about this. And it's no secret that they're hypocritical animals likewise.

No. 440240

God all of these are so disgusting, what the actual fuck. The interviewers supporting him in this are just as bad.

No. 440244

That just makes him look like a creep with something to hide.
I'd think a guy like that was extremely shady, lmao.
If I were a Karen type, I might even call the police to report suspicious behavior, especially if this was happening at night.
>destroyed self-esteem
Why do they always project? Embarrassing.

No. 440247

File: 1564246678289.png (20 KB, 1142x183, scrote delusion.png)

Youtube comment sections are full of this shit.

No. 440252

>I guess this MGTOW retard thinks that just flipping the script and acting like he’s scared of women in public
That's what is confusing me, flipping the script doesn't work. Men don't get groped, abducted, raped etc by women in public, so there'd be no reason for him to be afraid of a woman walking behind him. If he wants to give the signal "i'm walking away cause you're ugly" like he seems to imply with hurting her self-confidence or something, it doesn't make sense either. Ugly or creepy women don't hurt men who are walking in front of them. And who actually thinks "oh no, this stranger whose face I can barely see must think I'm ugly" when someone before them speeds up their walk. It's so strange.

No. 440254

It's funny because if you ask these same guys to go and live in a Middle Eastern country where women have no real rights, or with the Latter Day Saints (or any other sect/cult that's closed off from the world and subjugates women), they'd probably refuse.

No. 440261

>artistically inferior
If given the chance (and not straight up rejected or threatened out of it like it happened in my country), women absolutely dominate any field in Art or Literature. See Heian-Era Japan, also described as their "Golden Age" of culture.

No. 440270

Sounds like a load of crap. The Middle East and Japan's birthrates have plummeted lower than Europe or the US yet this retard would probably praise the 'based sexism' and lack of work protections women face in those places.

Scrotes want to make women workhorses (the norm throughout history) yet expect us to also somehow sit at home and shit out 12 of their incel offspring. After modernization of any country (regardless of how sexist it is, but sexism actually makes it worse by not giving maternity leave, etc) this is just not fiscally possible unless you go the octomom route. /r/breakingmoms is full of people at breaking point from just one child

Not only that but it's western countries (Ireland, Norway) with the highest levels of productivity per capita so I don't even know what the fuck the scrote is babbling about

No. 440281

NTA but can you link the subreddit? I tried /r/breakingmoms but it didn't work.

No. 440282

File: 1564250487019.png (234.78 KB, 1503x584, 74185AFE-4C0C-4DB8-BC75-FEE9E2…)

Men are praising this.

No. 440284

my slavaboo male family member who has been to russia and ukraine is constantly talking about how much of a gender equal places these countries are because there are female bus drivers and women can go out in midnight without getting harassed and i'm like.. really? i've read so many things russian women write online and they deal with so much sexism in daily life. idk what he's on about.

No. 440285

>>440110's suggestion is usually what happens, but it's pretty easy to deprogram yourself without the emotional trauma of dating a horrible scrot.

Who is a Cool Girl? Simply a girl who spends more time and energy forming "meaningful" (usually just to her) connections with men, over women. They are also girls who can't/don't/won't see the value in gendered activities, specifically girly ones. There's nothing wrong with playing with dolls, makeup, etc. things that girls grew up with. And, they're girls who've internalized prioritizing males.

>The Simple, Easy Trick that Scrots Don't Want You To Know:

girls rule and boys drool. so go out and talk to women who see the value in other women. make female friends, join women's groups, center women as much as possible, consume media created by women. it's like exposure therapy, just like we became Cool Girls by too much exposure to worthless scrot copes, exposure to other women on meaningful levels will prove that you are just like those other girls.

No. 440288

>sex isn't absolutely everything
whoa.. genius..

No. 440289

Literally this. What is wrong with men? How is this some kind of genius revelation? This generation of scrotes are truly doomed.

No. 440290

Literally the same shit everyone in the entire world has been telling them, but they plugged their ears and screamed "Shut up NORMIES! You just don't get the life of a sad virgin like me! Sex is everything!".
Truly pathetic.

No. 440291

he should've stayed away from that 17 year old. fucking creep.

No. 440292

moids believe women live on easy mode because we don't have the luxury of being melodramatic pissbabies at every inconvenience. we are conditioned to hide our pain and struggles, for the convenience of others. so because we're not all walking around taking out our frustrations on other people, or even just being optimistic about the situation, that must mean we don't have anything to be frustrated about.

No. 440293

Yeah none would actually move to a country that treats women like cattle. Being in the ME would require them to give up alot and practice islam. They just want to hurt and abuse women with no consequences in a western environment.

Story is fake so he probably came to this after going to a gym a few times realizing that it doesn't solve anything.

No. 440294

Russia is absolutely terrible to women. What's worse, mocking feminists is kind of built-in in our culture and even most women think that women who fight for their rights to be more than a fucking fleshlight are delusional and insane. Being a feminist or even a self-sufficient women gets you bullied to no end so no woman in her right mind would admit that they want equality. We're a nation of "cool girls".
Women CAN'T go out at midnight without getting harassed, I don't know what your relatives are talking about, there wasn't a single time I went out at night when I wasn't either threatened, laughed at or hit on. Not a single one.
Russia is truly a third world country and I can't wait for the day I am able to leave.

No. 440299

RPW are less brainwashed than most people would think
I think most of them could be pinkpilled with time

No. 440303

Clearly a fake. Written words fools people so easly.

No. 440330

My exact thought. Imagine needing to go through all of this just to have that realisation. "Logical Gender" my ass.

No. 440333

File: 1564257882538.png (19.86 KB, 277x121, com.png)

Reminds me of once when I was watching a video about "why men never get fully get over a break up" and it was full of comments like this. I know if the genders were reversed and it was only women who supposedly could never get over a breakup, they would be making comments about how women must be incomplete humans, they're incapable of have a fulfilling life independently unlike men who can find it in other areas of life, etc. Literally anything associated with women they will try to twist into something bad and try to make men look good.

No. 440349

These retards probably are all mentally ill and several of them likely have drinking or weight issues, what ground do they have to stand on? kek

No. 440362


If men are so fucking incapable of controlling their sex drives why don't they take estrogen and dump testosterone? (Not talking about Tims). It's not like they've made use of testosterone in the modern era, they're as useless as wet rags.

Some freak on trp equated his sex drive with female menstruation because apparently they cannot control thesex drive like we can't control blood flow. Fucking wow.

No. 440364

Are men retarded and gay? They’ll watch allll the YouTube videos and read terrible books by some predatory “alpha” males and lap up every words to learn how to pick up women.
Why not romance novels written by women or fucking shoujo/josei anime? In fact they’ll actively shit on those things. They hate when we express our fantasy and desires, and then calling us complicated and demanding. They really just don’t care about what women want and are just interested in conning us into fucking them??

No. 440366

kek exactly. I would just assume he was some lost tweaker and I'd be a bit worried about him

No. 440371

I wish this were a solution but how would you get over the gross feeling that you're like, fucking a dead body or something??
I'd consider it and the way the girls talked about it in the video is tempting but I feel like I'd feel so off about it.
Just a dildo and a vibrator and a pillow is good enough for me to replace a real man, actually.

No. 440392

>why does a man having had sex with many people shows that he is desirable but a woman doing the same thing doesn't?
I understand the evopsych logic they use to justify it. What I don't understand is how they always contradict themselves with regards to men sleeping around
>men who sleep around are studs, they are high value and have achieved their partner count by being an awesome, successful human being. They cannot be criticized for this.
>women who fuck men who sleep around are stupid roasties, they are making terrible life choices and should be fucking virgins instead

Low value men can't hide the fact that they desperately want women to artificially lower their standards and actively choose not to fuck men with value, to the point that they'll do a 180 when faced with the reality that obviously we would rather fuck someone with something to offer.

No. 440428

Pretty much
Men:how do we romance women?
Women:umm we like when you're nice to us and respect us and buy us flowers
Men:no no no that's not what you want

Men:how do we romance women?
Other men: neg her, ignore her, abuse her, never do anything for
Men: genius! I'm going to try this

Also men: why don't women want me? I hate women!evil picky bitches!

No. 440431

my favorite thing about shoujo and josei is how non-sexual it often is. even if it touches upon sexual topics it's rarely fanservice-y for men, it's usually about having your first time and the emotional experience that comes with it, or the sex is barely shown/hinted at.

i love shoujo and josei bc it's one of the only media where i can watch heroines and women not be bimbofied objets for men to ogle at in any way. if men could take a hint that us women love not being treated like objects and to be respected, listened to, supported in our own personal projects and dreams, maybe we'd have less shitbags to deal with.

No. 440434

File: 1564272837205.jpg (292.21 KB, 1007x1197, 3bs4703skm511.jpg)

No. 440437

And that's how incels treat their looksmatch.

No. 440439

Sorry it's actually /r/breakingmom, I always forget its not a plural

No. 440441

Men also love to criticize the male love interests in romance media as being "unrealistic". They get defensive and claim that there's "no way a guy is gonna be super attractive, loyal, and utterly adore and love a woman at the same time while not seeing her as an sex object. No man like that exists, no man is that perfect". Yet if we point out how the women in their porn aren't realistic they throw a fit. Women are told to cater to man's unattainable ideals but men feel no need to mimic women's desires that are portrayed in female-friendly media. In fact, they laugh at us for daring to envision a perfect man. It's such bullshit, they really are retarded.

No. 440442

File: 1564275195260.jpg (130.83 KB, 640x1034, gf3qzt9lywc31.jpg)

Even if these MGTOWs got their perfect 18 year old mute virgin, they'd hate her for aging. This pic has nothing to do with nagging or being some entitled ''Karen'', it's all about how they dared to go out in public while being over 40.

No. 440445

>Take picture of a bunch of middle-aged women literally just standing there and minding their own business.
>Post it in a women-hate subreddit for no reason with a retarded unrelated caption
What an ass.

No. 440452

File: 1564276565954.jpg (60.07 KB, 640x920, 05137d2bfb9da9303209b278fc9778…)

they can't be around women and be mentally stable about it, women existing literally offends them but they claim feminists do this to men, it's projection

men are pathetic and need to have their cameras taken away from them

they literally go out their way and violate women, take pictures of their body, post them to the internet just so strangers can make fun of them…
or if they are attracted to womens bodies they still creepshot it and post it to the internet for other men to judge, nitpick or fap to

or men who get insanely bothered by womens bodies offending them by not being attractive they let it ruin their day, men are spoilt babies who need to have all their technology taken away until they can prove they can have it and act like a mentally fucking sane person and not a child

No. 440467

File: 1564278124067.png (115.88 KB, 500x610, when-you-finally-find-a-girl-w…)

why do womens bodies offend men so much?

No. 440479

Men's tastes are memed into them. I'm old enough to remember when all guys were into big ass boobs and otherwise skinny figures, then all of a sudden the internet decides all guys should be into large butts and lo and behold, all men are ass men now.

No. 440481

It's made even more disturbing by how other men's defense of her is basically saying they'd still fuck her, not to criticize taking photos of strangers in public and posting them on the internet to be ridiculed or scrutinized simply for just existing.

No. 440483

What they're attracted to is all a status thing to them. Having a thicc girl is a status symbol, so they want a thicc girl. Back in the pre-kardashian era it was the borderline proana with huge tits look. Before that in the 80's it was athletic girls. If eldery women without teeth were declared "what's in" by pop culture then they'd all be all over that too.

No. 440485

Some men are programmed by their fathers to act like this.

No. 440490

Aren't most radfems against make-up though?

No. 440492

Nothing is ever enough for men and even if they did find a woman with the "perfect" body they would still look at/watch porn of/seek out and fuck women with other body types. I'm tall with a big ass and large-ish tits but my ex would watch porn of petite women with small tits and ass as well as porn of fit women with defined abs and sometimes even porn of women with giant monster tits.

Even if a man has 10 wives he can fuck he will still want that 11th wife who has some small thing that his other wives don't. Everything is about novelty and taboo to them. Not only are men never satisfied, they dont even know what they want most of the time.

No. 440503

m8 men are so insecure they think just giving a woman oral sex makes them gay lmao.

No. 440508


I've started noticing the cultural hatred and disdain for like….lack of a better word, moms with minivans, sparkly flip flops, who share silly memes and live laugh love stuff and I hate it. MRAs like this, but you see it also on the left, the right, among kids and men. Soccer moms, "bingo wings," all that. And you know what? Those boring normie moms fucking rule. Working in the nonprofit sector taught me that those are the women that volunteer, that shelter families in need, that work on political campaigns, that make our society fucking run. Even the "momspiration" stuff we make fun of is them working hard to remain optimistic in spite of a world that mocks them constantly. These women are out enjoying a lovely day and I fucking salute them. Honestly, for all we bitch about "karens" and "can I speak to the manager" shit, as a weird little hispanic girl who went through the school system with a lot of red flags, these were consistently the women who gave a shit. Not the loud "activist" teachers, let alone any male in my life. It was these women are school nurses, teachers, and office ladies who were the ones to ask if I needed a hug or a buck for lunch.

No. 440510


The fact that the Ivana stuff is so rarely discussed in leftist circles outside of like, really explicitly rape-focused circles honestly kind of surprised me. She put it in a goddamn book! It's not shadily sourced!

No. 440511

Like the other anon said it's all memed into them. East Asian men find 'thicc' women repulsive. I tend to find what women find attractive about male bodies fairly static in comparison

The penny dropped for me when I realized how ridiculously common pederasty (not homosexuality, pederasty specifically) is across all civilizations regardless of affluence or race or religion. I don't think scrotes are even honest with themselves, nor will I never understand their true inclinations

No. 440512

I want this shit embroidered on a pillow

No. 440513

i'm not a radfem, just radleaning so idk for sure. I'm of the position that there's nothing inherently wrong with makeup, as long as you're critical about your usage. part of cool girl syndrome is believing that anything girly is inherently lesser, and not that girly activities also have levels to them.

it might help to look into the technical/scientific aspects of these activities. my whole opinions on makeup, nail art, skincare, etc changed when I saw the actual skill or science behind them.

anyway, these were tips on dealing with women in general, not just radfems. most women aren't radfem, or even radleaning, so we gotta do what we can to connect with and pink-pill pickmes, cool girls, etc.

No. 440515

Personally I think there's a difference between subculture makeup and "beauty"/trend makeup. The former clearly has some level of self expression tied to it, the latter only brainwashed handmaidens going "b-but it's art!! I'm doing it for myself!"

No. 440521

I fundamentally disagree, and this is part of why cool girlism is so rampant. there is literally no difference between applying makeup in an attractive way within a subculture, or within the larger culture. a goth girl who applies makeup to be hot to goth boys is the exact same pickme as stacy applying makeup to be hot for chad.

cool girls have been clinging to the 'it's better if a subculture does it' for far too long. it's the exact same shit, just in a different shade of eyeliner.

No. 440522

samefag, but that said, it's easy to see who has a healthy/critical attitude towards makeup and it's not as simple as subculture vs. normie culture

No. 440527

yes this!!! like honestly having worked retail, i remember far more horrible male customers than "karens". it's just people finding ways to demonize even the most innocent, caring, and kind women. if you're single and young, you're a slut. if you're single and old, you're a prude ugly dyke bitch. if you follow every single "rule" and societal expectation and get married with 2.5 kids and be a stay at home mom, cooking and joining the pta and bringing snacks to soccer practice, you're still not good enough - somehow it's cringy and pathetic and your shithead husband will talk about what a nagging bitch you are. i feel so fucking sad for all these damn moms in the world, just caring for their family and being treated like shit for it.

No. 440535

The demonizing of women just trying to live their lives needs to stop. You're awesome, anon. women go through hell in life. From the moment we are born, we are doomed as second or third class citizens. we need to stand up for each other more, even with stupid shit like dumb quotes and wine on the weekdays

No. 440536

Men act like giving a woman oral sex is something they deserve gold for. I'm so glad i'm gay rofl

No. 440539

Makeup in general is fucking cancer

No. 440542

If he don't eat snatch, drop him fast

No. 440543

good pink pill material

No. 440545

Lundy Bancroft gives me hope for men tbh.

Reading his book was interesting though, I've never been in an abusive relationship but the descriptions of abusive male behaviour seemed extremely familiar to me. I realized that it also accurately captures the way so many men (incels, mgtows, etc) talk about women online, in general terms and when discussing their expectations from us. It doesn't even take an actual girlfriend for men to indulge and develop abusive tendencies.

No. 440580

Sometimes meeting good men and dating good men make you realize how awful and abusive men are, ever since I started dating a good guy it made me realize how disgusting men have treated me before

No. 440584

It's not so bad, but there's nothing worse than a man who does his own makeup and women treat him like a God. What the fuck is wrong with those women who worship men who know how to put on some eyeliner?

No. 440585

how do we know she doesn't have female friends?

No. 440586

I think men with autism are dangerous and should be actively avoided at all costs.

No. 440587

I hate this cradle-snatcher

No. 440588

Men are utter garbage for no reason at all towards women. Like, imagine being that hateful of women standing there, doing nothing.

No. 440590

She probably doesnt have any female friends because no woman would let someone way above his league date him, yet alone have his child. I hope she takes the kid, the money and runs

No. 440591

Many autistic women go diagnosed because the standard idea professionals have of autism is how it's expressed in men. Women have a different expression of autism that's not the robot like shallow affect being of males.

If you look up differences between Asperger's and Anti-social personality disorder (another overwhelmingly male diagnosis) you'll see they overlap in symptoms even if the cause and source in the brain is different.

No. 440592

why are men this pathetic? It reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer got into a car accident because Elaine's friend was walking around in just a bra and he crashed into a pole. He tried to sue her for 'causing his accident' but it didnt work.

Imagine being so utterly useless that you blame women for how they dress instead of driving safely. It was a parody episode 20 odd years ago and yet , here we are

No. 440593

god damn, it never fails. Is that country becoming the next Saudi?

No. 440594

the belle thing is really being dragged out too. it's not like ethan mentioned it once. there was the initial talking about her (on a podcast Hila was absent from as she was talking care of their days? weeks? old baby) then there was the DMs from belle to ethan and then the package with the jar of spit and then I think ethan was doing something with the spit on the last episode? Idk.

it's incredibly disrespectful to Hila. to make your wife who just gave became a mother sit there as you go on about this 20 year old and talk about the jar of spit she sent you. Hila laughs and goes along with it but if I were her I would be pissed.

I'm like you, I don't think Ethan is a bad person but like other anon said, imagine if it was Hila was interacting with some young guy (to the disgusting extent it is with belle)! would ethan be okay with that? would the fanbase (of mainly young guys) be okay with that? nah

No. 440595

in the vid belle does this thing where she tries to look as childish as possible (giggling like a lil girl and pulling cutesy faces) while also being incredibly sexual and ethan calling it erotic is nauseating. he should have some respect for his wife (who he's incredibly lucky to have) and stop this shit

No. 440597

Scott faces zero consequences for openly cheating on his girlfriend, who is also a highschooler. it's creepy to the max. Also the manic pixie dream girl bullshit is a huge trope there with Ramona flowers, who is also a trash person

No. 440598

I know two women with mild autism irl and they dont act violent or crazy like men do. They're shy and a bit self conscious, but i honestly wouldnt have known they had if they didnt tell me.

Men with autism are always violent and creepy af towards women and dont understand how to read the situation. they should be locked up

No. 440599

how fucking childish

No. 440601

men get away with being pieces of shit if they use the autism card, women aren't even allowed to be depressed without men going "them crazy western roasties its because you arent being abused by your husband and force to pop out babies and cook!"

women are taught that having mental issues is shameful and since people like cherry picking which women to represent all women, a lot of women are forced to hide and never open up

No. 440627

ntayrt, but great article.

No. 440634

Not to mention, some men who hide behind autism don't even have it. I know a guy who straight up told me he was diagnosed with autism in high school because he is extremely mean to people. He laughed about it and said he doesn't think he's autistic since he knows when he's being an asshole, he just likes to be one, but he ran with it because it gave him an excuse. Our mutual friend who is training to become a psych nurse told me this guy definitely doesn't actually have autism and it's upsettingly common for peoppe to get diagnosed just because they're super mean and mildly socially awkward.

No. 440637

It blows my mind how so many men think it's scientific fact that men are inherently smarter than women, when that is just not a thing outside the manosphere obsessing over IQ. They cling to the fact men have "genius" IQs more often, even though IQ tests are considered meaningless by most academics, and completely disregard female vs male academic performance because females do so much better on average. Not to mention the fact that women have been getting better and better IQ test results as a whole as time goes on and while men might have more "geniuses", they also have far more idiots.

No. 440640

and they go "ughh name 10 legendary female scientists then!!" as if women haven't only been allowed in stem areas within the last century. most women all around the world weren't even allowed to leave the house alone 200 years ago, they didn't have the opportunities to catch up.

No. 440641

mgtows are so damn transparent it's gotten retarded. You'd assume their sub is just a resource for guys to go to for support or discover new hobbies but nope. Just a giant center to shit on women that don't know they exist. No wonder even red piller hate them. No wonder they tried to make mgtow2 a thing to remove the woman hate because it's too much.

Really, I get shitting on anti vax Karens, but it's really just becoming a thinly veiled excuse to shit on just older moms with kids in general. Despite it being the 1 thing males try to force all women to be.

Countdown to when braincels is banned

No. 440642

Hypatia of Alexandria
Florence Nightingale
Marie Curie
Ada Lovelace
Heidi Lamarr

Anyone else want to do another five?

No. 440643

Rosalind Franklin

No. 440644

I do think IQ is commonly accepted to be the most accurate measure of intelligence we've got, but the thing men like to ignore is that the average scores between genders doesn't actually differ at all.
The shape of the bell curve is just different and women tend to gravitate towards that average more. So while probably more men are 120 iq more of them are 80 iq as well.

No. 440649

Something tells me most cumbrains would struggle to name more than 3 male scientists.

No. 440651

even so the thing that matters is what you use your brain for. look at the amount of scrotes who use their galaxy brains to become criminals and escape from cops.

No. 440661

Of course a high IQ has no inherent value by itself. I actually feel like with smart people women tend to be way more productive with their intelligence than men. It's like men feel superior as soon as they know they're above average even when they don't put in effort to use their brains for something good.

No. 440664

File: 1564325290330.gif (58.88 KB, 452x371, 1516318638735.gif)

Dont reply to the soyboy invading the thread.

No. 440673


No. 440678

Daily reminder from SCUM manifesto:

"Despising his highly inadequate self, overcome with intense anxiety and a deep, profound loneliness when by his empty self, desperate to attach himself to any female in dim hopes of completing himself, in the mystical belief that by touching gold he'll turn to gold, the male craves the continuous companionship of women. The company of the lowest female is preferable to his own or that of other men, who serve only to remind him of his repulsiveness. But females, unless very young or very sick, must be coerced or bribed into male company."

begone scrot

No. 440683

A bad person does bad things, Ethan is an adult and by performing horrible actions he becomes horrible. Stop making excuses for men.

No. 440691

Lise Meitner
Grace Hopper

No. 440692

Margaret Hamilton

No. 440693

File: 1564330330009.jpg (27.01 KB, 288x366, being a boy.jpg)

No. 440697

Annie Jump Cannon
Jane Goodall

No. 440702

Why do men have no problems being pieces of shit?
Seriously they take pride in being sick but women try to improve themselves, and they have the nerve to believe they're superior and always right when they can't even take constructive criticism like a child

No. 440706

I've been wondering something. Boys are so quick to state that they're stronger than women, but refuse to admit that women are smarter. They say the strength aspect is "biological fact" but pay no credence to the fact that testosterone lowers the ability the think critically, heightens aggression(which reduces wise/smart choice making) and increases intuitive decision making(as opposed to decisions made by logic/critical thinking.) Additionally, their brains are essentially three years older than ours, since their minds age faster than ours. They also experience reduced blood flow after puberty. So when are we going to start reminding them of their mental weakness, like they do our physical "weakness"?

No. 440709

File: 1564334513206.png (34.93 KB, 679x346, imf.png)

daily reminder

No. 440720

Keep in mind there have been studies that show some women tend to hold back their intelligence when competing with men. Like when playing chess over a computer against a male team the female team will score higher playing the same men again if they're told they're playing against other women this time. So maybe those high IQ scores aren't truly accurate. The greater instances of extremely low male IQs seem legit though kek.

No. 440722

No. 440725

>Kinda creepy taking photos of a 16yo girls ass in mcdonalds don't you think OP? Good luck with you registered sex offender goals of 2014
>Good job OP. Way to be that creepy guy in McDonalds. Quality thread 10/10
I read the whole 4 pages and only saw these 2 comments calling him out.

No. 440736

File: 1564340920452.webm (2.25 MB, 320x568, XTRdQk3rhPHK0HZC.webm)

like fine wine

No. 440737

Kek, made me laugh. What an ugly bastard.

No. 440741

Over the years as I’m learning more I’ve come to see there were actually quite a few women throughout history who’ve made great contributions to science that a lot of people simply just don’t really know about aside from the really well-known ones. Similarlaly, one of my hobbies is reading literature and coming on to the internet and seeing scrotes claim women never contributed anything confused me because there are tons of great works written by women.

No. 440749

It's because scrotes typically don't actually know hardly anything about literature or history past what the learned in high school. They just act like they know everything when they have surface knowledge at best.

No. 440764

>The penny dropped for me when I realized how ridiculously common pederasty (not homosexuality, pederasty specifically) is across all civilizations regardless of affluence or race or religion.
Why is this, exactly?

No. 440767

men have an inherent need to overpower and rape "weaker" things

No. 440770

>they sound like autistic neanderthals.
These threads are starting to be the same though, I don't know why it's happening but things are getting real spergy

What's the point? A sex doll only fulfills one single purpose and you have to invest a lot, upkeep it and move it around yourself. Just get a decent vibrator instead.

No. 440773

did some fuckin perv post cp just now?

No. 440775

Report it if you see it, some scrot posts it here all the time but it usually gets deleted before any humans have to witness it.

No. 440778

I want to find this person and hang them on a hook by their limp micro penis(taking bait)

No. 440779

Is it the same picture that gets posted everytime? Idk who posts it, but I know the artist who drew the one that was posted here some minutes ago. He's a 30 year old loser from south america. Mm, I wonder if he posted that himself.
sorry for slight derail

No. 440781

fuck im raging thats fucking disgusting.some scrots just love doubling down on our point that they are absolute scum. hell isnt a good enough punishment for people like that(taking scrot b8)

No. 440783

Yes yes yes

People love to shit on the ones who actually do all the work, my theory being they want to diminish and discount them to avoid showing gratitude and payment (which they deserve)

No. 440784


Wait, CP? As in actual children or hentai or what?

If it was an actual child then good fucking lord

No. 440787

What I saw was some lolicon picture, but actual CP has been routinely spammed before, a year or two back.

No. 440792

Any sexualized depiction of a child is cp, animated or otherwise. Lets not argue about it.

No. 440798

Deleting actual CP is one of the most draining jobs. I feel bad for the mods that are conned into technically breaking the law by scrotes, makes me kinda glad that the only recurrent pedo I deal with is obsessed with posting bullshit graphs about "muh fertile 13 yr olds"

sage for ot

No. 440801

Don't be an asshole. No matter your stance on lolicon, equating it to real CP is offensive and dismissive to the children victimized in those videos/images. Is loli/shota disgusting and wrong? Absolutely, but acting like it's the same is trivializing the real shit and the trauma those poor kids go through.

No. 440803

I reported the loli pic and moved on but you guys just had to derail about it while some cheeto-fingered scrote sits back and laughs at the hysteric women because of his le epic troll prank.

Come on. Don't be as easily baited as cgl is.

No. 440808

File: 1564355685958.jpg (167.5 KB, 1000x1000, cheese-pizza.jpg)

Cheese pizza?

No. 440812

i feel like every guy i've ever been interested in is looking for physical qualities that i just don't have. i have an okay face but my side profile is kinda ugly, so that deters them, i don't have a thick ass so that deters about 90% of them, i don't really have a waistline and that also doesn't help. when i was stick skinny it was even worse. i just kind of exist and i'm completely ill of feeling worthless because i don't have these physical qualities that are considered the new "average" today. vice versa, i don't care if a guy is shorter than me for example, or if he hasn't got an amazing body or whatever. fucks sake.

No. 440818

Male conspiracy theorists have come up with this utterly retarded conspiracy theory about how female celebs who don't look like tiny feminine fairies are secretly men. It's literally just an excuse to shame women. Examples are Margot Robbie, Michelle Obama, Cher, Celine Dion, Cara Delevigne..many others.

No. 440831

i’m a sex worker and i’ve been in prostitution for two years. in less than a month’s time, i will finally be in the position to leave the industry, but this friday i has probably one of the worst experiences in my life. i just wanna post this since in this (or maybe the previous thread?), there were anons considering getting into prostitution with the idea that it’s more dignified than getting pumped and dumped. but being a prostitute fucking sucks and your entire job will revolve catering to vile scrotums, receiving abuse and having your boundaries violated. males will try to take their condom off during sex (and then insult you/get angry when you point it out), they’ll try to bargain your prices right down and i recently had a vindictive customer try to get me kicked out a hotel because i wouldn’t tolerate getting stealthed by him. the mental gore that accompanies this job is tough, and there are better and safer ways of empowering yourself, like getting a medical license or law degree or something.

No. 440836

>males will try to take their condom off during sex (and then insult you/get angry when you point it out), they’ll try to bargain your prices right down
True, true, true.
Been there girl. Glad you're getting out. Anyone who defends this line of work is bullshit or delusional.
Enjoy retirement anon. I hope it hasn't scarred you too much.

No. 440840

congrats on getting out anon, I hope this next chapter in your life is a happier one

No. 440847

I don't want to seem like a creep but this is why I encourage people to post about their experiences in the sex industry. It's given me a lot of perspective that I otherwise wouldn't have had, lest I remained with my totes prosti-posi views.
Can't even say based on the things that I've read that I'm shocked that men tried to stealth condoms or talk you down about the prices.
I'm glad you're elevating to a better life for yourself anon.

No. 440865

i'm glad that you are getting out of it to start a healthier life anon.
i had a retarded male friend who would say shit like "if i was femalw i'd definitely be a prostitute, you get money and you get sex!!". like.. do you not have any idea what people in that industry go through? scrotes see it as all rainbows and butterflies but the reality is so different.

No. 440869

Why are the standards for male looks so low in this era? Women have been sexualized more and more, while guys just slap on the first clothes they find lying on the floor.

I'm straight, yet I see more attractive women than men in town. People have even thought I'm gay, but nope, sadly doesn't work out for me. Male beauty modeled after what women want is almost nonexistent.

No. 440870

It might not be as bad, but don't give scrotes a pass, lolicon is sexualization of prepubescent bodies and childish, vulnerable minds, an easy gateway to real CP and a tool for grooming. There's really no need to respond to some anon "uh, achually, you shouldn't call it CP" for goodie points, move on.

No. 440872

simultaneously hilarious and depressing. He was so cute. Only a minority of men age nicely, being human is fucking tragic.

No. 440874

I'd honestly forgotten how cute he was. Watching that vid made me go 'huh maybe I should give scrots a chance if they can look like that' to 'fuck no, time to wgtow' in seconds.

No. 440876

File: 1564380440222.jpg (84.45 KB, 800x450, 70s-Bright-Colours.jpg)

Lmao I complained about the same thing, women in this decade are extremely sexualized to fit into porny standards, while men dont have any type of standards at all, especially nothing as intense as women have. It seems like theyre actively pushed into being sloths and as shitty looking as possible, especially in places like the US.

I have been noticing this pattern started since the 2000s and never went away. Look at the ads in the 1970s for male fashion. Now everything that is considered cleanly and attractive to women in any slight way is gay or lame meanwhile women have to look like strippers and porn stars to be considered gorgeous.

No. 440878

everyone ITT with some variation of "why are men like this"? the answer is always conditioning. this is the result of the patriarchical societies we live in.

it's literally just different manifestations of basically the same entitlement. violent men will express their entitlement violently, abusive men will do so abusively, smart men will use their education/intelligence, etc.

this is a common abuser tactic. lying about childhood trauma or mental illness or other disorders so he can continue to get away with his abuse. we can see this most blatantly with men like jonathan yaniv.

No. 440879

Okay, setting aside the fact that EITHER sex buying one of these things is fucking degenerate and autistic…

If she can afford a two-thousand-dollar sex doll, she can afford to pay for her own expenses. They make rubber grips for opening jars, and sliders to put on the feet of furniture to make it easy to move. A woman can get a dog and/or a gun to protect herself.

Lmao "millions of other things". That's code for "I can't think of anything else". Face it, dude. Men and women don't need each other.

Relationships aren't about "needing" the other person for material bullshit anyway. It's about having companionship. The fact that men don't understand this is why 98% of them are horrible romantic partners.

No. Most feminists I've met just want to change society's misconception of makeup as a "tool to attract" and a form of deceit.

Makeup is fun. It's like wearing your own artwork on your face everyday. It gives you a reason to wake up earlier and take better care of your skin. Rationale for wearing makeup varies from person to person, but a handful of sad girls wearing it to impress men does not mean that's why ALL women wear it.

Full disclosure? I wear makeup and shave my legs for other women. I don't give a fuck about what men think lol. I'm just afraid that other girls will view me as gross.

The seventies were based as hell when it came to fashion IMO. Men could have long, well-kept hair and high-heeled shoes and it was actually seen as cool.

Also black women could have natural hair, and women were allowed to have fucking pubes and not be seen as "gross".

No. 440884

>Most feminists I've met just want to change society's misconception of makeup as a "tool to attract" and a form of deceit.
That's a part of it but no way is that the main issue with makeup… maybe I'm reading you wrong but it seems like you're more concerned with being criticized for wearing makeup rather than criticized for NOT wearing it, which is a far bigger problem. Most feminists want women to not have to wear makeup to be taken seriously, and for women's natural looks to be 'good enough' without needing makeup to exaggerate their features or perfect their skin. It's not 'a handful of sad girls' wearing it for men, it's entire generations of women who've been told they are ugly without it, and that being ugly is the worst thing a woman can be. Just because it's not always a conscious attempt to attract men doesn't change the deep conditioning we've all experienced to maximize our beauty and be worthy of public consumption. Creative enthusiasts who enjoy makeup as art are the minority, not women who are pressured by beauty standards.

No. 440886

I have to disagree, to an extent. Male fashion and grooming standards are leagues better than they were in the 2000s. Guys looked positively slovenly then. That isn't to say men are expected to maintain their appearance as much as women, just that it was even worse not that long ago. If you are disappointed by male fashion now you don't know what it was like coming of age in the past decade, it was fucking dire. I really hope things don't backslide in this regard.

And men have always complained about the men women found attractive as being gay. Fora recent example just look at musicians, Justin Beiber was constantly mocked by other men for his appearance (as if teen girls are supposed to be attracted to bearded men with dadbods).

No. 440889

>Makeup is fun. It's like wearing your own artwork on your face everyday.
Makeup isn't art unless you draw literal butterflies and shit on your face and do editorial looks daily which most people simply don't. Glooping mascara onto your lashes before running out the door in the morning isn't art. You do it because you want longer, darker lashes, which you've been told makes you look more attractive.

No. 440891

File: 1564382737707.jpg (60.97 KB, 605x908, looksgoodtome.jpg)

we should be doing our daily makeup like this tbh

No. 440892


I occasionally see anons with the we HAVE to wear makeup/pushup bras/revealing clothes to be taken seriously and it's like…. no, not really. you wear it because you're insecure. women who choose not to wear makeup, or any of that extra shit, are often taken quite seriously enough. because there is a confidence that comes with bucking mainstream beauty standards. I've been taken less seriously when dolled up, precisely because my more attractive appearance made scrots act horny instead of professional.

No. 440894


I mean, makeup is an art of illusion. I think the confusion comes in trying to equate it with a creative art, which it is not.

It's okay to admit that it's a self serving practice that is practiced solely to reap the benefits of being considered attractive by other people and society.

Certain men lash out against women wearing makeup because it is trickery that benefits women and not men.

The joke is that the only power women are afforded in society, historically, is sexual value.

So if she asserts her sexual power, the man will lash out because it reminds him of his own sex drive and need of a womb, which he hates because it's base.

No. 440896

People say that because there are studies that women in business are taken less seriously without makeup. Of course it doesn't apply to everyone or every workplace. None of my coworkers would give a fuck if I didn't wear makeup, and I often don't. But yes, obviously women wear it because they are insecure. The fact that women are made to feel insecure without makeup while men aren't is the problem, so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make except that you're superior to those dumb weak insecure women who don't buck beauty standards as much as you.

No. 440899

Ex very successful porn actress now is homeless and live in a tunnel.

Male comments :

>Life fuel, rest in hell THOT

>Damn she used to be so hot
>She was one of the hottest porn star of her era
>I'm going to rub one out for good time sake

No. 440900

Damn, she seems like such a sweet woman too.

No. 440902

I had a guy who kept taking his condom off when fucking me then when I had a pregnancy scare he said it was gross and that he didn't wanna fuck me anymore

No. 440904

those studies say they're taken more seriously with makeup, but up to a point. the business makeup styles that are taken most seriously is far more stripped down than what most anons are referring to by having to put on makeup, which is the idiotic part. anons think we have to walk around looking like literal instathot bimbos to be taken seriously, when the standard is to just look professional (and bimbos are never taken seriously anyway).

the exaggeration is tiring. yes there is the double standard, no it is not as bad as you think it is.

No. 440905

Wow. My mom, sister, and I lived together for years. It must be a miracle that we ever managed to open jars and pay the rent and bills without men around.

They don't want to be honest with themselves and admit they aren't secure with their natural faces if they feel the need to plaster on a literal mask everyday to feel comfortable. Sometimes I play around with makeup for fun, I rarely leave the house with it on though. Those cool, creative looks makeup artists post on Youtube aren't for daytime wear.

No. 440908

File: 1564387746176.jpg (500.06 KB, 1648x3640, fgn9j7e43um21.jpg)

Why are males like this

No. 440909

lol true but like, at least guys still wanted to actively look like them. Like, men used to think Prince was gay but also a lot of guys liked him and emulated that style and look and women loved it.

No. 440926

They act like little boys roleplaying as spies. Drama queens.

No. 440929

Jesus Christ, all those lengths to avoid being accused of rape which rarely happens anyway. They act like getting a false accusation is worse than actually being fucking raped.

Going off on a tangent here but I really hate that scrotes think false accusations are worse because an accused rapist gets vilified whereas a rape victim gets asspats and pity. For starters tons of people don't even believe women who were sexually assaulted or tell them shitty things like to "just get over it" so it's certainly not a warm welcoming experience. Also just because a victim of a traumatic event gets love and support doesn't change the fact that they had something fucking awful happen to them. Imagine being like "Well who cares if you survived a genocide, everyone fawns over genocide victims, but when I get accused of being a racist everybody is mean to me! Think about my feelings!"

No. 440930

Lmao good. I'd rather be feared than be harassed because people think they can get away with it. Hope he doubles up on his paranoia and gets all his buddies on the crazy train, less men for me to run away from.

No. 440931

Dude said he keeps a WALL between him and the women. Lmfao. Then makes himself look incompetent by asking for a camera after he lost something. And the allergies.
You know everyone there thinks he's a fucking weirdo.

No. 440934


If I'm reading this correctly, this scrote is so deathly afraid of muh false rape allegation that he's now come full circle and is actually protecting this woman as much as possible from any form of contact between them? Like, from her position, she's actually now in an overly safe structure full of cameras where he couldn't touch her without being caught? Which…well, that sounds like what women have been asking for all along, which is to not get harassed at work.

Horseshoe theory as applied to rapists, I'm amazed.

No. 440935

I saw a post in the unpopular opinions thread that pissed me off, and I just want to say that I'm sick of women being blamed for shit that men do.
When men do and say disgusting things, it becomes an "everyone" problem, a "bad people" thing, not a "bad men" thing, even when 99.9% of the people doing it are men, and the majority of the women who make up the remaining 1% participate are staunch defenders of the men who do it, not "evil feminazis" everybody points fingers at. No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room. The same is not true of women at all.
Alternatively, if someone's feeling extra dishonest, they'll outright make up shit. They do this by "genderbending" an actual issue, complaining loudly about their fake version of a very real problem, and pretending to be on a whole other level of woke, as if they've noticed something the whole world somehow overlooked. It's what the post I saw was doing, and it's as if they think we're all fucking blind or something.
I'm honestly starting to think the truth is that some women just can't help but want to attack other women. It's so bad that they'll scramble for literally any excuse to do it, reality be damned. It's like they get a sick high off of it, almost like it gives them the illusion that they're escaping the cage of a misogynyistic society for just a second whenever they become part of the problem.
Nitpicking and laughing at fat/ugly women doesn't scratch that social justice itch, either, so they make up these grand fantasies in their head so they can pretend to be underrated activists. I hate it. Being a tradthot is one thing, but there are other, more nuanced forms of internalized misogyny, and I worry that they're a sort of scar on many women's minds that can't really be healed.

No. 440937

lmfao this is so fucking funny

imagine being able to inconvenience a misogynist like this just by existing. absolute goals.

No. 440938

I have no problem with this. If this is what it takes for men to keep their so-called, self-admitted "rape urges", "sexual emergencies" and "need for sex" at bay, it's good.
In fact, we should be rallying for men to be watched like hawks at all times in every workplace. They should never get too comfortable in any space with women. Let's make all societies into a surveillance state where men aren't to be trusted. They revoked the right to trust and privacy by taking advantage of it too many times.
The voice recording thing can be bad, but it's all the more reason to keep your private life private and never tell scrotes anything remotely personal.
Honestly, maybe we should be recording things, too. We don't want all the surveillance material in their hands, because it means they can just delete the evidence if they decide that they want to act out anyway.

No. 440940

i logged in to a international chatroom site just out of boredom and jeez are men fucking thirsty. i mean i wasn't expecting anything different but literally 15 guys were ready to give their number after talking for 30 seconds. aren't they worried about their safety or privacy at all?

No. 440946

What, legitimately, do men have to be afraid of? Their sexuality is put on a fucking pedestal* so much that the only thing that could endanger them from being caught cybering is if they have a wife and it gets back to her, but even then most men live in ass backwards countries where a wife trying to start divorce proceedings for adultery is laughable because of the social protections afforded by marriage to men. In plenty of places women still are largely expected to stop working when they get married (if they're even allowed to work at all) and are then trapped by financial reliance on the husband. Even if it was a man from a Western culture, you'd still have to do the legwork of finding out his wife's details and contacting her. If you have screencaps of him masturbating on webcam, how much damage do you really think you can do to a man's ego or social status compared to how revenge porn and deepfakes can utterly destroy a woman's livelihood? He's a stud, she's a slut, the Madonna-Whore dichotomy wins out every time.

I think the only thing you could really do damage to these men with to hurt them would be unrelated to their sexuality entirely, like using their horniness to entrap them enough to get personal information enough to commit identity theft or other forms of fraud. And, again, this isn't really a gendered crime: it's mostly men running both SIM jacking forums and revenge porn websites, but the victims for the former are evenly mixed where the victims of the latter are overwhelmingly female. It's just never the same.

* I accidentally typo-ed this as "pedostal" at first and after correcting it realised it's actually a very succinct description of society's tolerance for male fascination with underage girls.

No. 440964

The part that I find most amazing is how he says their department is swamped, but dismisses the woman as only being hired to bright up their day. Men like this are so deluded that they think a woman being hired is simply just to give bright energy, not to help them with the work load. Mind blowing.

No. 440976

Philosophy Tube released this self-congratulatory video about how he has PTSD from his abusive ex-girlfriend. All of his talking point examples of what she did (around 14:50) sound laughable and exaggerated and I seriously don't buy into the idea of a man fucking crying at the memory of his girlfriend hitting him. He compares himself as a male victim of abuse to Terry Crew who was, notably, assaulted by a powerful male Hollywood executive, not by a 20-something girl who partied and came home late.

The comments on this vid are all people who've "suffered similarly" and it gives me a headache to read them. I feel like such a cunt, but I want them all to shut the fuck up.

No. 440977

>she would sometimes use sex and physical touch as a means of emotional control but i… i was into it.. t-t-t-that's definitely okay….

God how pathetic. He got a gf who treated him badly and he stayed becaue yay sex. Then things end and he screams abuse because looking back with post cum clarity, it wasn't really worth it.

No. 440982

Men in general are so fucking revolting when it comes to interracial relationships. One of my husband's brother's friends told him I was probably only with him to "get out of the ghetto"… my parents live in a gated community and make six figures a year. Literally all he knew about me is I'm black, so he assumed I must be some gold digging hoodrat getting with white guys to increase my status. He also assumed I was into freaky shit in bed and good at dick riding because apparently it's some weird stereotype that black women fuck like hardcore porn stars. Men are pigs.

The shit men consider abuse is laughable. I've seen men attempt to say not letting your SO look at porn is abusive.

No. 440983

File: 1564407749453.jpeg (146.51 KB, 960x960, 3138B95B-8100-4816-9BBD-1340E3…)

Genuine question, why do Staceys post things like this on instagram?

This girl is beautiful and has a seemingly perfect life yet she’s degrading herself online by saying her husband is a lazy deadbeat who forces her to care for a newborn despite probably being exhausted from giving birth. If this was my life I would be hiding it away as much as possible. What is this? A coping mechanism? An attempt at normalization? A cry for help? And attempt to be quirky and relatable? Discuss.

No. 440986

I think it's sad because I imagine both moms and future moms will look at this and think ''if this gorgeous influencer has to deal with it, surely i can't expect any better?''
It's so normal and relatable to other moms that they try to make it this funny, cute thing.

No. 440988

How embarrassing. She probably calls him "hubby."
Yet if she was on his ass to be responsible and pull his weight, she would be called a nag. Girl got herself 2 babies.

No. 440989

I'm really hoping this is a staged photography project. If not, my take on it is that this is probably so normalized to her that she doesn't even see posting something like this as a big deal and is trying to be relatable.

No. 440994

>rest in hell thot
??? What the fuck. I know they literally hate themselves for jerking off and wanting women but shit, they're just fucking evil. How much you wanna bet they're pro sex work? They hate women yet want them. Chemical castration or just go full enuch would be a better option for them.

It is nice as some anons of pointed out. She won't be hurt or abused. But I'd expect mgtows to just quit and find another job if women are there. Not moan and complain about how much of a cunt she supposedly is because she's a a woman. Makes me want women only businesses just to not deal with males like that

>coworker is bluepilled but slowly bringing him to the dark side
Misery loves company. They can't fucking help themselves.

No. 441006

No. 441008

She's no Stacy she's a beta.
Stacy would let no one to walk over her.

No. 441012

probably because we literally couldn't rely on anyone else for the longest time? and its only been in the last few years that black women have been choosing to drop black men on this scale. I don't get the point in vilifying women for clinging to the only illusion of support, community, solidarity, and love they have had access to.

No. 441031

I really hope this is just some joke. She seems to be a good person coming from her insta.

No. 441041

Lately I've gained back a lot of the weight I lost, its been.. kinda nice actually. I wasnt exactly 'skinny' but more attractive when I lost some pounds, I got all sorts of attention from men I wasnt really used too.. like sure before I'd still get catcalled and creepy guys following me off the bus.. but after just becoming slightly more 'conventionally attractive' it got so much worse, I can't stand how men think because we're outside we're fair game. This one guy who rides the same bus every morning literally runs up to me and just stares at me creepily, he might as well be heavy breathing. Keeps telling me age is just a number, (hes close to 40, I'm in my 20s.) do you have a boyfriend, where do you live? I told him to leave me alone but every day he tries again, why can't he take no for a fucking answer. I'd rather be morbidly obese and left alone but let's be real I'd probably still get harrassed anyway.

No. 441046

Similar experience to you regarding men.

Also can I ask if men got more bold about making comments about your appearance when you got close to "conventional attractiveness"? I found as I lost a lot of weight men seemed more comfortable in passively being critical, almost like grooming me to please them a little further or maybe trying to jolt my confidence with negging.

When I regained weight I've noticed men have left me alone or are a lot more careful about comments when they do make them.

No. 441052

Older men 40-50+ have this weird fucking delusion that teens and women in their 20s want them. Can we all go together and tell them how ugly and bald they are please? Like who's gonna tell them?

No. 441055

File: 1564416190454.jpg (58.4 KB, 800x450, sign.jpg)

No. 441059

if men over 30 try to flirt with me i just call them older brother or uncle.

No. 441066

When I was anorexic (I’m much heavier now, my BMI is 25…) I got so much attention from old men at my lowest weight. I remember being so unhealthy, my hair falling out, constantly stressed and breaking out, and that’s when I got hit on the most in public by older guys. I wasn’t even attractive. Just skinny.

At the time I thought I was huge so I didn’t realize what was happening. I was looking at old pictures from that time. I had the body of a malnutritioned 14 year old and this is what they preferred me as? It kind of disgusted me. This was older men, ranging from 25 to 65!

Now, the only creepiness I receive is from younger guys. Honestly I find it even worse. The other day I was walking around with a male friend, we were walking close together practically holding hands. Some guy, couldn’t have been older than 18, comes up to me really close, like a inch away from my mouth, and makes it obvious to look me up and down and ogle my chest. Then he walks past me but not before “accidentally” grazing my side/hip/ass.

I’d never actually had that happen with an old guy before. Plus this young dude had the balls to do it while I was with a male companion and accidentally . At least the old guys didn’t touch me or ever come close to me (they tried to lure me in) but incels these days really think they can invade your space?

This reminds me of yesterday too. Similar situation. Was riding the tube with my male friend. We were alone in the cart with a couple around our age. I was wearing a low cut top (its like 30 degrees outside) and me and my friend were flirting and having a nice time. Every time I looked past my friends head, the guy was looking me up and down. The guy wouldn’t stop ogling me. It was making me uncomfortable so I asked my friend to block me so the guy would stop staring at me. Like I have to repeat, I’m not that attractive, I was sweaty and gross from a long day outside. It was so gross because his GF was right there. After 15 min I noticed his gf looked sad, and he was comforting her. I don’t wanna draw conclusions but I feel like it was definitely because he was ogling me. And from their convo it was definitely something that happened frequently.

Men are just pigs. They see us as meat that they can ogle and shout obscenities at and touch.

Sorry for the sperg. It just makes me so uncomfortable and very paralyzed and awkward when men act like this. Especially if I’m with male friends or my dad or family. I would never be interested in ANY of these guys in a million years and I think they know it.

No. 441069

That is sad anon, I hear this from a lot of women so much. Men just enjoy girls or women they perceive to be weak and vulnerable. Even my friend tells me at her thinnest at like 18 bmi and she has a very young looking face she gets the most attention.

I can relate to it, but for some reason my experience is opposite to a lot of people regarding this. I would get more sexual attention a higher weight than at my lower weights,, but maybe that has to do with the fact I am always a physically active person and my body fat distrubition is different from a lot of people, also tbh I doubt it will be the same next time my weight is low again,
also and I was not pursued much by the opposite sex until my 19th year. I doubt it is because scrotes find me mature enough for them though. When I was 20 I almost got sexually asasaulted by a man twice my age who thought I was 15. He seemed disappointed when I told him I was actually 20 lmao. Also, a lot of men in particular assume I am a teenager, but interestingly enough as an actual preteen or teenager I looked older for my age and that is when I was virtually ignored. It seems like just the idea of adolescence and the naivete that comes with it drives most ephebophiles and hebephiles, rathe tha genuine appreciation of the youth as a lot of them posture online, which makes it more innately predatory and toxic. If that is the case, why cant they just go for women in their 20s and 30s with naturally youthful features and in shape bodies? Its all cumbrain and animalistic projection

No. 441071

File: 1564419684943.png (1.6 MB, 973x1744, Screenshot_20190729-143050~2.p…)

Ikr I got this commercial for some crappy mom smut game and the amount of photoshop on the girl compared to the normal looking guy is infuriating. How come men are allowed to have actual eyebrows and human neck folds?

No. 441072

File: 1564419719528.jpeg (70.37 KB, 500x501, 08D92C85-546E-4444-95EB-4C63DB…)

standards for men have gone all the way down, it’s sad because late 70s/early 80s men were the perfect balance of self grooming and masculinity.

even fucking comedians known for being slobs (look how many dress up in a dirty tshirt and hoodie for standup) dressed nice

No. 441076

>and it's like…. no, not really. you wear it because you're insecure.
Firm disagree anon. It's true that wearing no makeup and being confident can get you taken seriously if you're in the position where you can have your work valued separately from your appearance in the first place, but that's not a majority at all. Women get criticised for not wearing makeup all the time, both by customers and coworkers, especially in low earning jobs where something as small as that can lead to them being replaced with a younger, prettier girl who smiles more. It's an endless cycle. Being confident isn't going to magically make the sexism disappear.

Anons have the right to be a angry that we're pressured to wear makeup when men don't, even if you're happy with how the double standard "isn't so bad". If you want to call women idiotic and exaggerating for expressing their experiences with sexism, go to reddit

No. 441078

The man isn't even attractive compared to the woman…

No. 441079

Its so fucking obnoxious like.. look at Farrah Fawcett or Sharon Tate.. I have seen dumb moids insult famous women in the past and call them unattractive because they dared to have visible eyebags or some skin imperfection on their skin instead of having a creepily photoshopped hyper perfect face.

Is this the post feminist world we live in? Women get more objectified and our simple femininity tied to sexuality while men can be as lame, loserly, and messy as possible and still be considered hot for having le ebin personality bro? Wow.

No. 441080

Alright, anon, I'll bite. Help me understand why a woman's bare face is "unprofessional", while a man's isn't.
I'm genuinely curious.

No. 441082

Not on their skin lol oops

Right? Its sub bottom for men now
Also, I noticed for women we are either limited to childish lolita subtypes like Ariana Grande or Billie Ellish or porn fantasy ig thot like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B to be considered very sexy. Women either have to look like kids or sex workers

No. 441084

It's proven too, men prefer women to be on the lower ends of healthy weight, borderline underweight. A friend of mine was very underweight and while family and friends were concerned and thought she looked sickly, men loved it.

No. 441085

Women's bare faces offend people
And women aren't allowed to have imperfections like dark circles and acne without it being seen as gross and unprofessional

No. 441089

Depends on culture

No. 441090

>childish lolita subtypes like Ariana Grande or Billie Ellish

I can't criticise the use of Ariana Grande as an example but really, Billie Eilish is a lolita thot? Never mind the fact that she is literally a teenage girl, I thought it was widely known that she doesn't bare much skin and deliberately wears baggy or unisex clothing that isn't very feminine to stop people from sexualising her body. I wouldn't say their styles are at all alike. If anything I do kinda pity Billie for feeling she has to do that, even though she's completely right about what would happen more if she didn't drown herself in a 2XL hoodie.

No. 441093

Men want casual sex but don't wanna marry women who have casual. They don't know how dumb they are.

No. 441099

Billie Ellish wasnt the right one to use, but she does fit that lolita child archetype facially, because of her very youthful and round features, but shes also a teenager, but then again Bad Bhabie and Millie Bobby Brown dont look like that.

No. 441100

I think its because most women dont have the so called right kind of pear shaped or hourglass shaped bodies, and because of that a lot of women look better very skinny to men because at higher weights they dont have the so called right kind of fat. It also depends on the culture like anon said.

No. 441102

I'm not too sure that I get the point of this image. If you have a baby, like no shit you're going to need to be it's primary care giver because your it's mother.

No. 441109

Ah shit, same. Was at my lowest weight ever last year and one day rode my bike back home in broad daylight. A scrote in his 30s stepped in my way, and I couldn't evade quickly enough. The fucker asked me to go on a date and he was so creepy. Even had his friend with him who didn't say anything. I was really spooked after that. They are so entitled.

No. 441110

Madonna whore complex is strong in men but the second women want the same everyone loses their fucking minds and acts like she just committed the ultimate sin, comes to show how easy men's lives are and how much they can get away with knowing that Madonna whore complexes are often ignored

No. 441116

billie eilish is honestly the last person i’d peg as having childish or round features. she has rather peramorphic features, like a long (mid) face, angular jaw and long chin. she looks like she could pass as a little older than 17 (not in a bad way).

No. 441117

THIS. It's been tought since I was a child that those problems and flaws of humanity apply to everyone when it really is just men.

No. 441118

Huh, your story with the bike reminded me of an incident last summer where the roles were reversed and I was walking home from lifting during a heatwave wearing gym shorts. (I don't ever bare that much skin normally but my gym is an old industrial unit without AC so it's a fucking sweatbox, though this is besides the point, I should be allowed to wear short shorts on the fucking hottest day of the year regardless). Some little teenaged shithead on a bike was cycling past me and my friend and decided to shout "you look like a prostitute" at me, so as he came past I stepped into the path of his wheel and made it skip so he had to adjust to not lose his balance and keep pedalling. I can tell it shit him up and that he didn't expect me to fight back at him shouting abuse at me in the street. The entitlement of the typical scrote really does start young.

My friend was upset that I responded at all because she's more fearful and less rage-filled than me, but I just wish I'd not reigned in my impulse at all and had fully kicked his bike into traffic. I don't give a fuck if he's a kid, maybe he'll think twice before trying to harass further women.

No. 441123

>of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter

"Van Breen said he heard someone shout to Legan “Why are you doing this?” and Legan replied, “Because I’m really angry.”"

fuck scrots. seriously, fuck them all.

No. 441124

Haha, good for you anon! I really wish I would've just continued driving and hit him. Stories like yours are so satisfying.

No. 441125

File: 1564427664469.jpg (61.42 KB, 1000x600, be.jpg)

Billie Eilish is a weird case. She's an androgynous "model" type, feature-wise, and her way of dressing hides her body, but things aren't just baggy, they're ridiculously baggy. It seems like it's purposely done to make a contrast with how (comparatively) small and pretty she really is. I can see why anon would say she's a "lolita" type, from that point of view, but IMO it's not really that egregious.
Billie is basically just what Halsey packaged herself as like five years ago. A better, more effective Tumblr incarnate. Cara Delevigne meets Avril Lavigne meets hip-hop and pop art culture.
I feel like maybe Charli XCX or Kim Petras would be better equivalents to Ariana style/type wise (though the latter is a tranny lmao).

No. 441130

like a lazily underwritten one-dimensional anime villain but irl

No. 441137

File: 1564428836237.jpg (11.17 KB, 500x272, 526.jpg)

I'd say same to you, but if you had carried on into him it would've probably ended up damaging your bike more than that creep. And I wouldn't want something of actual material worth like your bike to be harmed. <3

The sooner they all perish the better.

No. 441151

File: 1564431066603.jpg (167.11 KB, 860x1784, ywhpgfbmy7d31.jpg)

Why is he so bitter about not being able to please women?

No. 441153

Her vagina did the job of making him orgasm. Does he not understand this?.. Does he think his dick just did the job by itself? Go hump the air then.

No. 441154

lol he's just mad that his pipe game weak as fuck. who's even fucking retards like this?

No. 441156

what a selfish, bitter piece of shit.

No. 441158

File: 1564432753515.jpg (125.03 KB, 1125x1617, 7lipj67g68d31.jpg)

Guys who label themselves alpha are almost always cancer

No. 441159

But it's also the woman's fault if a man has ED, really activates my almonds.

No. 441163

Thanks to the porn industry for creating the mindset that sex is just an act and people are just empty fuck holes to orgasm into/on to. Kudos!

No. 441164

This whole thing is disgusting.
>I know because I'm a doctor
Tell me again why I shouldn't avoid male gynecologists like the plague.

No. 441170

But you know what else? Fuck the pickmes who enable this attitude by rewarding guys like this with the puss.
Someone needs to remind women that even if they fit a male's exact fantasy it is fundamentally not permanent.

No. 441171

This is obviously fake, incels create chad profiles to prove roasties totally love cheating assholes as long as he's hot. Probably an asian incel in this case, to prove asian girls love being fetishized.

No. 441172

I bet you 10 bucks that somebody on the trp subreddit came up with this and this is not the truth. Our big alpha is just some 9-5 wage cuck who can't even fathom having a wife. These rot-brains seriously think you get the "vagina tingles" when they abuse you and make a big show of you being just some "plate". Or at least they try and never really get any pussy. It's all just a big bluff.

No. 441183

what subreddit is this?

No. 441184

men's bare faces are unprofessional too tbh, that's why all men on tv also wear makeup.

that's just it tho, men don't give a fuck and we're all supposed to deal with it. take a page from them and stop giving a fuck, what are they going to do, fire us? the world IS changing, slowly. anyone who fires you for being barefaced would get canceled online immediately, you could probably go viral. I'm sorry for being optimistic that the standards are changing.

again, the only people who would get buttblasted at your bareface is a scrot or pickme. are their opinions really with internalizing? do you really want to wait until the standards totally change, or do you want to be the change. as corny as it sounds.

No. 441185

File: 1564436317167.jpeg (23.87 KB, 240x240, 373FDB4B-4F6C-405B-AAA6-E38617…)

Billie is dressing up like a hip hop star. She might as well have dreads with her chains and bandanas because shes only collabed with one black person, DJ Khalid, and it was just more singing bullshit. She took one pic with XXX and now they were BFF's! I cant find the picture of her wearing a Boondocks TShirt bc she deleted her insta for some reason?

No. 441188

>DJ Khaled
He's Palestinian.

No. 441191

Isn't he also the one who refuses to go down on women but expects his dick sucked every night?

No. 441193


her insta is up

No. 441196

Yeah he's pinkpill material

No. 441199

Always women's fault, never the man's huh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441200

What sub is this? Lmao definitely bitter that he's a failure who lost to a vibrator. More we see men consume porn, more stories and cases rise of younger and younger men frustrated that they have ED and can't keep up. >>441163 thank lib fems for being "pro sex work" too sadly. I have more hope that they realize how bad it is soon though.

Sounds like an insecure asian fetishist white incel judging by his USA comment mainly. I don't see alot of asian guys give a fuck about sucking trumps dick. But in the end, yeah, fake profile.

No. 441201

How you raise a boy can't predict anything. Once he hits puberty, discovers porn and is influenced by his male teen friends, it's over.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441208

Something I find weird about men is they don't seem to mind women using them for money. They go after women who they know are only with them for cash and they are completely fine with it…they only have an issue with gold diggers when they're broke. I can't imagine fucking some guy who I know isn't at all attracted to me and is only with my for cash and not feel bad.

No. 441213

Men dont feel the same pressure we do to be fuckable, they aren't considered decorative sex objects, they completely externalize their arousal and see it as the woman's responsibility while women internalize it. If we feel sexy it turns us on, we feel like we owe it to men to be sexy to turn them on, men agree. So they are perfectly comfortable being fat, old, ugly and unsexy as long as some poor hot woman is willing to fuck him, for whatever reason.

No. 441215

Men are memes and literally so many have bought into "money makes the man". Their wealth is an extension of their value. Men are little cunts in the workplace, I've dealt with my share of bitches but I've only had men literally go after my work in really underhanded ways. They're pathetic.

No. 441216

There's about 2^^32 IP adresses in the world, just for IPv4. Stop being childish. Plus the reply anons did not break any rules.
Also I still don't deserve to be called male anything.
As for spamming, the issue seems to be on your side, if not, my bad.
I'm right through, look at our closest monkey cousin the bonobo, same dismorphism, matriarcal society. Look into how the females maintain it, the scrot status, etc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441217

Right? My dad always dates women who clearly are just interested in his money. When I was a kid there were days where I didn't have anything to eat because he would spend huge amounts of money on his (multiple) partners and didn't really care that much about my sister and I.
I've always assumed that my dad loves being in control, and having money gives him "power" over women, so he keeps taking advantage of that.
I find it a bit amusing because my dad always goes for women who are at least 20 years younger than him, but he doesn't have a problem with those women being ~gold diggers~. It is some kind of weird balance where everybody wins, lmao. It was extremely shitty when I depended financially on him, though.

Pretty sure men just love feeling like they are in control, and money is a good tool for that.

No. 441218

>anyone who fires you for being barefaced would get canceled online immediately
Awesome I'm glad the seeds of change that I'm planting by being fired or passed over at work can pay my rent
You're right that things are changing slowly but right now it's the most privileged women than see those benefits. It's one thing to call for women to make a stand but again, it's women who can't afford to miss a paycheck who are going to be working jobs where they have less power

No. 441220

File: 1564441879956.png (615.87 KB, 800x799, 1533702989973.png)

We had elections in my country like a month ago and it's fucking bullshit how they are talking about extending conscription to us too. Scrots are ecstatic here, going all "you wanted equality, now you get equality" bullshit, while we have never even had a woman prime minister. Scrots start wars then they want us going out and die in the fucking Aegean so they can be safe, it's absolute horseshit. And when you tell them that the women who can actually be effective soldiers are few and far between they keep talking about Israel, skipping the fact that Israeli women serve in the frontlines in extremely rare situations. God I fucking hate our government, I should have voted for Syriza.

No. 441225

This is why you should never date a man who earns less/has less money than you, because if he had more, he'd leave you for an upgrade. He MIGHT wait until you get your first wrinkle. Never feel shame about being a ''gold digger''.

No. 441226

Look at the the women in the rojava, while facing the islamic state they took the weapons themselves and built their own army. Every power position in the army is hold by a woman and a man.
It is not about fighting other wars, it is about fighting for yourself and your daugther.
Don't like where men send the army? Get in it and change that.
The mostly kurdish women knows they are weaker, but they are also more precise and most importantly, they have an even more vital reason to take the fight.

No. 441227

Sorry but that's complete bull anon.
If you go for a richer guy there's the chance he'll get you to stop working or you'll just accommodate yourself and then you'll be financially dependent and left fucked over when he leaves you.

No. 441231

Anon, I respect your courage and all, but these women are an exception, they have survived in an Islamic world as women and Kurds are pretty damn terrible when it comes to how women are treated, they are the only Muslims in the Middle East to routinely perform FGM.

I don't have a daughter yet, I am young myself and with all due respect, let's not claim that the average woman is as physically capable as the average man. Physical condition is important in the army.

And I wish I could change it, but I can't, my country's population are nationalistic idiots. What happens in case of war is terrible if it happens (which seems plausible considering the Turks are fucking insane warmongers), but the fact that I have to waste a year of my life being a slave to the state is what is the most immediately egregious to me due to the fact that I am in the age range.

No. 441232

Dating a man who earns more doesn't mean a millionaire or someone who can pay for your entire life. Just someone who contributes and improves your financial situation atleast slightly and isn't a drain who makes you pay for shit or split 50/50. Most women can get that easily if they're a little more open in terms of the mans looks or age. Men will try to fuck you over anyway, might as well get something out of it.

No. 441233

>Physical condition is important in the army.
Besides that, I would be worried about the rapes and sexual assault considering how awful the culture is inside the army.

No. 441236

That's basically selling yourself if you are so flexible. Staying alone seems like a much better option.

No. 441237

Ah shit, I know I'm being entrapped into letting my guard down to reveal the massive bleeding red star tattoo on my chest, but I feel I should really point out that the existence of the YPJ is not all that comparable with >>441220's situation. Grecanon is objecting to bring forced to fight in men's wars that don't affect her, whereas the Kurdish Yezidi women and their comrades were forced to fight because Daesh were literally kidnapping and selling them as sex slaves to jihadist fighters. Mobilisation of the women's fighting units was very much a case of life or death, either after their own liberation or to liberate their sisters from literal sex slavery. That's not exactly the situation in the Med just yet, and I struggle to see how that anon can liken it to her situation where she's more likely to just be drawn into protecting Greece's economic interests that don't directly affect her, or being subject to the type of weird state propaganda that is national service in the IDF.

No. 441239

I mean, I have heard the issues the American army has, but thankfully this is not an issue here. I think it's mostly due to the fact that our army is not comprised of professional mercenaries, but regular men. We never had an issue with professional women soldiers. But the rapes that we would have to suffer if captured is another reason conscripting us is utter bulllshit. I would rather kill myself than let the Turks rape me.

No. 441241

i can't even begin to explain how much i hate /pol/. it's like the men who waste hours upon hours of their days there have compartmentalized being triggered at everything, paranoia, weird trad/hypocritical views into some semblance of a "personality". there are literally men there LARPing as well adjusted people who also whine about tattoos for an entire thread. how do you even exist?

No. 441243

This so much anon, thank you. Why on earth would I want to waste a year of my life in training and then be forced to die horribly to protect the rights of Big Greek Petrol to get oil out of the Aegean? It's not like I will ever see any of that oil, it will all go into the pockets of the men who own these companies.

No. 441245

>I mean, I have heard the issues the American army has, but thankfully this is not an issue here. I think it's mostly due to the fact that our army is not comprised of professional mercenaries, but regular men.

This line resulted in an incredibly sharp intake of breath. Your army never has problems with rapes and sexualt assault? Citation very much needed. And it doesn't happen because your army has…regular men?

Ah, yes, regular men. Regular men who never rape or abuse women. We hear a lot about them, these virtuous regular men, in this, thread >>439139, the "Man Love and Praise" forum.

No. 441246

i'm a turk and two of my best friends are kurdish. both of our cultures are misogynistic as fuck. i'm really sorry for the things that are happening to you and i hope that you are safe, but i can assure you that majority of our population is completely against a war. literally no one with a brain supports that. we have already lost so many lives just because of the government's bullshit. sorry for getting ot.

No. 441247

Not sure if you are American anon, but you need to realise that the kind of men that will willingly sign up to be hired killers are of a very particular temperament and character. Regular men means men from all walks of life and at least in my country, violent crime is extremely low among the native population, we have about 10% foreigners here and they are the majority of the prison population. Normal, average men are not rapists, I am not a hater of common men, I hate our masculine governemntal policy. I don't know about men in the USA, but I can tell you that men are not the same everywhere. Also you are asking me to prove a negative, I didn't think I'd need to point that out.

No. 441248

she collabed with Khalid, not DJ Khaled lol

No. 441249

Gross because this skit is literally real life

No. 441250

Bless you anon, I was not talking about the women obviously, what woman would want a war? It's the men I am blaming and the fact that they keep voting for conservative idiots who keep funding the army. I hope everything turns out well for you. Seeing what Erdogan keeps pushing in Turkey is absolutely terrible, I could not believe what was happening in that whole coup thing.

And thank you, if this shit ends up passing I am going to hate that year, it really is damn slavery, I do not know how they can justify this.

No. 441251

No it's just a current example of an all female army.
The link is obviously the army part. The point is it takes women to face litteral hell to start defending themselves. But when we do, we make it work.
Otherwise we will keep analyzing precisely why and how we're getting wrecked.
We will figth each other to know who is right through.
An army of 50% of trained and armed female soldiers makes a difference, especially in troubled, moving times.
Obviously we are not good at the same things, they are better as infantry, we are at driving planes or snipping for example.

No. 441252

I'm not American, and your wishful thinking about "normal, average men are not rapists" sounds like subtle race baiting crap to justify your distaste towards immigrants and is just entirely bullshit. Common men are rapists, and they are the same everywhere, and you need to stop caping for scrotes in my goddamn pinkpill thread reeeeee

No. 441253

Dammit anon I know the thread I am posting in, but do I have to hate every man, can't I just hate some men, namely the ones who make the decisions that affect me? I am not racebaiting in that I don't think race plays a significant part in criminality, I think it's mostly culture. The foreigners simply do not share the Greek culture, not being part of the Greek people and all. Greece legit has very little violent crime, we get our cases of insane murderers and rapists, but it is genuinely rare. And boys do get a mental evaluation to make sure the nutjobs don't make it into the army.

So please, allow me to respectfully disagree with
>Common men are rapists, and they are the same everywhere

No. 441256

No. I demand that you at least hate all men on alternate weekends, unless it's summer in which case it can go down to the first Thursday of the month.

Also wait hang on, are you the same Grecanon who I was previously defending on why you'd object to conscription? Anonymous posting strikes again kek I can't even keep up with who I'm arguing with

No. 441257

>Normal, average men are not rapists
Isn't a rape victim most likely to know her rapist personally, not be grabbed by some insane stranger?

No. 441258

>No. I demand that you at least hate all men on alternate weekends, unless it's summer in which case it can go down to the first Thursday of the month.
I have to admit I chuckled

>Also wait hang on, are you the same Grecanon who I was previously defending on why you'd object to conscription? Anonymous posting strikes again kek I can't even keep up with who I'm arguing with

Yeah that's me, thanks for the support btw, I feel like I am in a madhouse by the atmosphere in my town regarding that issue.

I did some criminology in University and it's fucking insane the statistics on rape, at least in the EU. Basically if you made it into adulthood without getting raped, congratulations, you are not within the 60% (or sth like that) of rape victims who are raped as children, it's frieking vile.

No. 441261

i need to vent. erdogan ruined fucking everything. me and many others believe that the coup was his attempt at trying to divide the country even more and make himself some kind of historical hero. since the economy started fucking up and both the left wing and right wing got mad at him for the immigration problem, they took a massive l in the latest mayoral elections. i'm hopeful we're going to get rid of him in the next presidental election because i've started seeing many conservatives who also got sick of his shit.
back to manhating, him and people in his party are a bunch of sexist pieces of shit. there are multiple instances of them talking down upon and belittling female politicians, erdogan himself has said that gender equality is "against human order", they are against abortion, they fucked up the justice system and constantly finding excuses to lower abusers' punishment or let them go. i am fucking exhausted of this atrocity.

No. 441263

Erdogan really is a piece of shit, but doesn't most of the country support him? I know that the more liberal parts, like Western Turkey dislike him, but don't you have a ton of farmers who can barely read that just watch him on TV and think he is the new Messiah? My apologies if I am wrong, but this is what the Greek media presents about how Turks see him.

The things you describe are unspeakable here, for all our issues, we thankfully are pretty ok when it comes to gender equality, except places like Crete, where they are stuck in the 15th century, it's like our version of Alabama. None of the things you mention would even be considered seriously here. If anything our conservatives are kind of centrists really. Hell this whole "conscription for women too" is touted as an equality measure to "protect men's equality".

No. 441268

>a ton of farmers who can barely read that just watch him on TV and think he is the new Messiah
lol yes so many of these people actually exist. it's mostly conservative boomers who have been traumatized by past events that happened between the left and right. like you said they have been the biggest chunk in votings. i'd say maybe around 45% of the population likes him, but the rest is divided into such different ideologies. i think erdogan has started to lose his power, especially this year. they've lost in all metropolitan cities for the last mayoral election.
idk how it's going to happen but islam really needs a reform. it's always dragging women in muslim countries down against any progression.

No. 441272

File: 1564450316244.jpg (108.85 KB, 1242x1433, p4k9y8xwdc831.jpg)

Men actually think this

No. 441274

It really activates those almonds how many men haven't heard of a clitoral orgasm, or even just a clitoris.

No. 441275

I just ctrl f’d the thread to see if anyone mentioned all the feet in the movie and I’m so glad someone already did. I was so ridiculously grossed out, it was a great movie but I hate how Tarantino has to shove his obvious fetish in everyone’s faces and he gets away with it for being a genius or whatever. It was just absolutely gratuitous: Sharon Tate must’ve taken off her KNEE HIGH BOOTS in the movie theater to put her bare feet up, who tf presses their feet up against the glass if you put your feet up on the dash of a car, who points with their foot while laying down like Squeaky did. My boyfriend was somehow oblivious to Tarantino’s fetish and I just can’t stand how Tarantino is allowed to constantly objectify women and get away with it cause it’s in his own weird way, and not like obviously body flaunting.

No. 441280

Men aren't even good for paying the bills anymore. The one thing they used to be good for and now they can't even provide. My mom pays for everything for her boyfriend. Every boyfriend I've had I've been stuck paying for the majority of costs unless I forced them to pay. Men will do as little as humanly possible to get by in life. Being a provider means nothing to them. They aren't even nice to look at anymore since personal grooming is apparently no longer a thing if you have a penis.

No. 441282

this, I'm usually the one paying for my boyfriends, it urks men how incels act like all women are holding guns to their head for money no exceptions

No. 441291

Love yourselves, damn. Stop dating these guys. How is there not literal sand coming out of your vaginas? Cheap men are useless

No. 441292

File: 1564453195852.png (284.47 KB, 544x919, doctors.png)

No. 441295

So, what's the scrote excuse for this one?
Are they going to do like they did with girls and women being better at school, and say something like "The medical field is too woman-centered! Men need to have their needs understood so they can be good doctors! >:("?

No. 441296

Moids are the equivalents of fatties blaming their lard folds on genetix and food being too delicious.

No. 441300

It really isn't that uncommon especially within certain subcultures and socioeconomic strata. I'm shocked that this is shocking to anyone. I grew up seeing a lot of these types of relationships. Hell I never knew my grandfather to work while my grandmother did. I don't think it's that men don't want to be providers it's that they couldn't be even if they wanted to. The low hanging fruit of employment has either offshored or automated and the types of jobs that remain are ones women do better in (receptions customer service etc). So in a sense there are lots of leftover men who are unfit, and potentially unwilling to adapt to a new job market. Their lack of skills and disposition makes them superfluous whereas they may have been ok farmers or something in eras past. If they can't provide financially they may as well be attractive and good partners. Someone that can't manage that has no business being in a relationship.

I've paid way for past bfs, I've pretty much only ever dated college students (I'm older and fully employed).

No. 441301

I once saw a man claim that the education system is gynocentric because most teachers are female, and I quote, "males and females learn differently"

or that time milo claimed the education system favored girls because they don't let people beat each other up

all while men are admittly addicted to video games and porn growing up, fry their brains with fast food, mock teenage girls for reading and drinking tea and going on diets, but turn around and claim it's oppression when surprise surprise women achieve more than them

No. 441302

saw a 30 year old scrot trying to tell a 15 year old girl in a public discord server that "16 is the ideal birthing age" and trying to teach how age gaps are fine because "men want younger girls and girls want older men anyway, right?"

if this isn't proof how fucking creepy scrots are then idk what is.

No. 441306

hi, just wanted to share a story about a coworker at my previous gas station job, was going to post it in the vent thread but think it fits better here

>21 year old male coworker

>extremely loud, outspoken, has no filter, always yelling
>commands me to do things like change the trash. Like actually yells "CHANGE THE GARBAGE" at me like I'm a slave instead of asking
>plays pathfinder on saturday afternoons, spergs about it every saturday always rushing me so he can leave
>randomly tells me one day that he is obsessed with Asian girls, whinges that he can't have a "hot Asian weeb girlfriend who is shorter than him"
>obsessed with men's rights, always upset about false rape accusations etc yelling about it to me when I first get into work
>perpetually trying to convince me there's not a wage gap (I never even disagreed with him, just wanted him to shut up)
>forced me to watch shoeonhead video about the Pink Tax
>was really upset that people were saying female soccer players should be paid the same as male soccer players, even brought it up to a female customer who agreed with him (probably to shut him up) even though we were explicitly told NOT to talk about religion or politics to customers
>tells me statistics about how black people commit the majority of crime in the USA (which wasn't even a true statistic)
>tried to make me watch a PJW video about muslims in paris
>always showing me memes that I don't understand at all nor care about
>tells me he goes to r/watchpeopledie because it's the best way to feel emotion or something like that
>randomly tells me he's sad/jealous that Bull Dog (a youtube gamer?) has an Australian Asian girflriend, continues to whinge
>frequently quoting movies and video games completely randomly and out of context
>avid trump supporter, defended the "grab them by the p*ssy" comment saying trump "didn't know he was gonna be president back then"
>says to me before he left his shift one day "I can't jack off because it makes my dick bleed"
>later found out he had gotten circumcized
>tells me he wants to go to Poland (his parents are Polish) because it's "all white people"
>tells me about how Asia and Asian people are superior, says he's going to "become" Chinese, starts squinting his eyes and trying to do a "Chinese" accent
>always yells at me and treats me like shit but was angry when he found out I was quitting

No. 441307

Laugh at him whenever he spews dumb shit, and don't laugh at any of his jokes. There is NOTHING that triggers men more.

No. 441311

He sounds like a child. It sounds like you've moved on. I wonder if he is still there.

No. 441313

You can tell that this guy spends all of his free time shuffling between /pol/, Reddit, YouTube and pornhub. There is nothing more to this creature. Even though he truly views himself as intelligent and interesing, none of this thoughts are his own and every feeling he has was posted by someone else, in some garbage part of the internet.

No. 441319

I hate myself for not doing this more, I would sometimes force a giggle at what he was because I was uncomfortable but most of the time I would just try to not respond

he recently quit, I know someone where he works now and apparently everyone hates him because he's always on his phone

exactly, that is such a perfect description of him. he lacked all self awareness.

forgot to mention he would also talk about he liked this one type of fried chicken but it would give him really bad burning diarrhea. would do a japanese accent and pretend like he was his stomach yelling at him.

also, he thought we were friends.

No. 441323


Explains everything. Somehow Polish women are all intelligent, hardworking and beautiful but Polish men are dumb as bricks.

No. 441328

File: 1564457520030.jpg (80.36 KB, 640x640, p.jpg)

>billie eilish purposely styles herself as unsexy as possible to keep sexual attention away
>still gets called a "lolita", "drug chic", is still made to sexify her song lyrics for the public

i hate billie eilish's music a lot and find her annoying but it sucks she can't just be a person like a guy artist could. if she was male no one would be commenting on her sex appeal/lack of

No. 441334

>Staying at hotel with boyfriend that I'm already wanting to dump.

>Hotel soap to wash hands hasn't been opened yet.

>Maybe boyfriend hasn't used bathroom yet (unlikely as he has many issues).

>Ask him.

>He says he was too lazy to open the little soap box next to the faucet and used toothpaste.

He's either retarded, a liar (probably just used water), or too lazy for life. Either way, this was the last straw. I had early had to make him brush his teeth before bed. Disgusting and unacceptable.

Women, dump your nasty ass men. How are they so fucking lazy??

No. 441336

File: 1564458808295.jpeg (18.88 KB, 250x210, 47EA7331-07BF-45D6-8F08-EB91DD…)

That guy sounds like a shawn
why is it everytime some guy says something stupid he is
1.misereable and hides it with shallow youtube
2.bias due to their sexual frustration even if they have a girlfriend
3.watches porn so much his poor girlfriend has to put up with all kinds of crazy requests that amount to coercion and possibly rape

we need to give the nice guy misogyny a name
these guys are shawns and any cariation of the name!

No. 441337

File: 1564458816195.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1530, 83CB1DC7-652E-497A-89F8-155C6B…)

Dumb rant. I fucking hate the dumb “respecting women” meme. It’s sad that being respectful towards others is now twisted into a joke. You never hear someone joking about respecting men.

I’m into gaming and weeb shit so of fucking course I have to hear men spout out the same “I respect women bro” or “respect wahmen” joke like 80% of the time. Shit like this is the reason why I refuse to talk on mic/vc unless there is another woman there.

No. 441338

what discord are you on? i wonder if we are in the same one lol

No. 441342

Anon pls spoiler that shit

No. 441356

Whats with hyper autistic retarded fucks who hate black people obsessing over asian women ? Even if they dont hate blacks per se the hyper autistic aspect is always there. I feel bad for asian girls lowkey tbh

No. 441357

I dont believe that, she has sexualized pics and ESPECIALLY LYRICS and is a corporate plant.

No. 441358

My boyfriend constantly goes on about how much he'd fuck her and how shitty it is going to be when she turns 18

No. 441359

thank you for everything you do, farmhands. I went to report that post and by the time I did it was already deleted, bless your little poly-cotton blend socks

No. 441360

Anon, why do you have a pedo scumbag for a boyfriend? Love yourself.

I hate how feminism is reduced to misandry. Even so, a misandrist on average will never commit the severe amount of atrocities that your average misogynist would.

No. 441363

It's just shit he says to his friends online unfortunately. Although I wouldn't call him a pedo.

No. 441366

Your boyfriend actually joked about wanting to have sex with a teenager though. It's not even funny as well. Even if he doesn't mean it/isn't a pedo, that still would be a yellow flag to me as it shows he doesn't have the most respectful views of women/girls.

>just shit he says to his friends online

If he's saying those kinds of things to his friends and they're okay with it, well, I don't know, man.

No. 441367

Ah yes, because 'constantly going on' about how he wants to fuck a girl SPECIFICALLY for being underage is just a fun lark and there's no part of him that could possibly actually want to fuck teenagers like 99% of men do

Sis get a grip

No. 441375

Another Greeekanon here and after reading all you have written I have to say that you and those who supported you are tragically ignorant. Conscription is slavery you say? Risking a horrible death is terrible you say? Have you thought that the boys who are going through this process right now feel exactly like that? What you want us preferential treatment, you claim men want women to go die while they stay safe, but this is exactly what you want!

I have never seen a more hypocritical person, i would be scared to be conscripted if I was of age, although thankfully I am older, but if men have to go through it, then so should we! Have some damn empathy(he's not going to fuck you)

No. 441378

File: 1564471049885.png (45.14 KB, 1050x330, 101438.png)

incels claiming to be more oppressed than rape victims and male homosexuals.. incelocide when

No. 441379

Most Greek women support their men in my experience.

No. 441382

so, following your logic that "if men have to suffer this, we do too"… do you think males would view things like violence against women (domestic abuse/intimate partner violence, rape, sexual assault etc) or childbirth (if they had the capacity to carry a child to term), or prostitution the same way, and cry for other men to have empathy?
they don't even have enough respect for the women in their lives to help with raising their kids or running a household, because mommy always silently slaved to make them happy and safe and content and they expect and demand women in their lives (gf and wives, you even see this with strangers) to meet their twisted oedipal checklist of "ideal complacent mommy gf who never complains and worships the ground i walk on despite being superior to me and out of my league"
men don't see women as fully realized, complex and autonomous human beings. they would never defend your rights on the basis of empathy, they would only whiteknight you or declare themselves allies in a transactional manner, expecting to gain something beneficial to them in return. you are wasting your breath defending them, when they wouldn't even give it a second thought if a random male online was outright violently misogynist, because they're desensitized to the suffering and struggles of women.
seriously, flip the script and ask yourself if any given man would stand up for women like this when they take us for granted in every possible sense.

No. 441384

My ex was Greek and he felt women shouldn't be conscripted since the military is a place for men and its job is to protect the womenfolk.

No. 441399

File: 1564473892752.jpg (389.2 KB, 1080x1778, 20190730_005722.jpg)

A woman voicing her valid concerns gets posted on r/Braincels and the results are exactly what you'd expect.

No. 441400

File: 1564473925458.jpg (272.5 KB, 1080x1514, 20190730_005742.jpg)

No. 441402

anon why is he still your boyfriend? what the actual fuck

No. 441403

autism. what's there to get offended for? these retards are constantly going on about ~~special snowflakes~~ yet they get triggered over the most simple shit. man up.

No. 441405

why are you dating a pedo, anon? he literally said "it's going to be shitty when she turns 18". he's disgusting.

No. 441411

Another Greekanon (didn't know there was that many of us here) and I can not but agree with >>441375 I get not being ok with this if you live in Turkey where misogyny is daily life, but it's not like that here, I don't know why you all get triggered so hard when you hear that not every place is terrible to live as a woman.

Gender relations are pretty good here tbh, better than Sweden i say and I have lived there.

Anon,please realise that what you are describing is not what men are like in Greece, maybe it was like that in the 50s but we are great when it comes to understanding between the sexes. Men care for us and are almost universally appalled by sex crimes. Greek men are actually great fathers and as much as I am not a fan of it, that is why so many other Euro women marry here. I hate our masculine government of mostly men too, but the other Greeekanon is right, average men are really nice here.

Anon, your ex sounds like a victim of propaganda that teaches boys that their lives are worse less than girls, essentially creating a hierarchy of worth of life. The purpose of the military is to protect national sovereignty, not women. People are not worth living or dying based on sex, that's the definition of sexism and really the worst example of it.

No. 441413

Will men in Greece intervene if they see a woman being hit by her partner?

Honestly I think most European guys are pretty decent. The problem with Northerners is less anything inherent and more that they drink too much. Still I'd rather be a European woman than an Arab, Chinese, African woman etc.

No. 441415

They will absolutely intervene, same with kids and even other men, at least in my town, Athens might be different. It's the close communication culture that we have, we are all related.

No. 441416

And you are absolutely right, we see this a lot with tourists here, they are nice until they drink and then all hell breaks lose, I will never understand why they drink so much.

No. 441417

Yeah I saw it in Russia once. Some dude was shoving and slapping his girlfriend and a bigger guy came up, slammed him up against a wall and shouted at him.

I love it when men are chivalrous. I don't give a fuck if it's "benevolent sexism" or whatever deranged radfems claim. It's so touching.

No. 441418

I mean, i see it as a community looking out for each other. A community needs to police itself, I myself intervened when I saw two men fighting about a minor car accident. When you can expect people won't try to murder you for reminding them that they live in a society it's a lot easier.

No. 441421

so there's been 4 murders in my town in 9 days, 3 of which involved a "domestic dispute" where a woman was killed by her bf/husband. One of the murders happened in broad daylight at an old apartment complex I grew up in. Are men getting more violent? My town was never like this before..

No. 441422

That sounds absolutely terrible anon, where are you from?

No. 441425

I'm in the U.S. and in one of the richest states and biggest small towns (I know it doesn't make sense but we're a state capital that's big for a town but much too small to be a city) in the country. Violence like this is extremely rare but in the last couple months the murders and assault cases against women have been piling up its depressing. Especially to see this happen in a place I felt safe in as a little girl.

No. 441427

i'm not greek but ex-muslim. from my observation muslims would also interfere if they see a woman being abused outside but people tend to keep it quiet when it's domestic violence.

No. 441430

My country is extremely misogynistic, both women and men. We have an extremely small feminist community and they have a Facebook page where they post articles regarding issues women have to face in our society and absolutely every post gets bombarded by men saying feminists are crazy, saying they just want privileges for women, saying there are so many men being physically abused by women that are too ashamed to report to the authorities, saying that we have no logical consistency when they absolutely fail to come with any viable contra arguments.

Recently, a girl was abducted and her boyfriend called the authorities telling them the aproximative location where the girl was, the authorities failed to locate her and they got there after 12 hours when it was too late and her body was already sliced. They discovered the guy that did it was actually a serial killer that abducted other girls and raped them for days and killed them. After this happened the feminist community organized a meeting to stand against the violence against women in our country and absolutely everyone started shaming them because apparently they used the case of the abducted girl to put the spotlight on feminism and their situation. Everyone hated them, although they were right because there's so many violent acts against women in this country. There's this guy that has a blog and a YouTube channel and he's getting quite popular for being a misogynistic edgy piece of shit which is very popular over here and of course he had to make a video where he bashed the feminists for organizing that meeting. I was at the meeting and there were a lot of men there being passive-aggressive towards the women marching and some guy tried to tell me what I was doing was completely irrational and I didn't want to talk with him but he kept persuading me.

I'm tired of this country but honestly I might never get out of here and even if I do go somewhere else I might still face the same level of sexism only because I'm an eastern european woman. A woman that's working as a doctor in Finland got her children taken away from her because her husband was being abusive towards her and they refuse to give her children back although she divorced or to repatriate them to their home country. It's very clear the woman loves her children and is not abusive but both countries refuse to give her children back although the children made clear they want to go back to their mother.

No. 441431

You can't compare Muslims to Greeks. Completely different cultures.

No. 441433

What country do you live in?

No. 441434

i didn't compare them, i just answered the question within my perspective

i really don't understand what's going on in these people's minds. a serial killer murders multiple women, women go out to march and bring attention to this issue, and these people have more things to say about feminists than condemning the killer.

No. 441435

because they want to pretend that murder is just murder and don't want to admit to themselves that its a man's issue. Like somebody else said earlier in the thread, people pass this off as an issue of humanity and bad apples in the bunch instead of a deeper human rights issue that targets women and children primarily. Men commit these murders and then force us to accept it as a fact of life.

No. 441438

Makes me really sad to hear that, but it might just be a statistical anomaly if you are a generally peaceful area. Did something change in recent years that could cause this increase?


Russia anon? My friend is from St Petersburg and she absolutely hates the culture and how they treat her for being 30 and single.

It definetely is more of a man issue since way more murderers are men, but these people are oviously insane, no one of sound mind kidnaps, rapes, tortures and then murders random women. Regular violence, sure, I do think we can change men from that through culture, but I doubt we can do anything about people as messed up as this.

No. 441440

Drugs (namely opiates) are a huge reason behind the escalating crime in general, we also have a lot of recent immigrants but I blame the culture and not the people because a lot of the recent immigrants are really nice people from Nepal. It was heartbreaking to hear about a couple with a 40 year age difference where the husband killed his younger wife and then himself. I hate how murders like these turn the conversation on immigration issues instead of men and cultural misogyny.

No. 441441

Immigration isn't a good thing for women no matter how hard you try to virtue signal.

No. 441442

what about female immigrants who need to escape misogynistic shitholes in order to continue living though

No. 441443

Drugs must be completely destructive to a community, worst we got here is weed, which I can't really say is a big deal. Immigration I kind of get, same with us, some groups are way more prone to criminality than others. Again, not talking about race, talking about culture.

Depends on the immigration anon, we get quite a few people from various euro countries moving in and it's never really an issue, one exception being Russian, but I blame the mob for that.

Women commit way less crimes than men, so your average criminality would drop. A gender imbalance is of course not a desirable thing one way or another.

No. 441445

My town is like an episode of twin peaks at this point, we even had a prostitution ring busted a little while ago run by men smuggling over Chinese women and I'm not making this up.

No. 441446

Jesus anon, is prostitution really that big in a town the size you described? And smuggling Chinese women? What? How does that work? Prostitution here is most Eastern Euro women, but it's still rare to see anyone but old single men visiting them.

No. 441448

Should I just link the article? I feel like I'm doxing myself..

No. 441449

No. 441450

Does anyone else find it revolting how open the sex trade is in Asia? I've heard Chinese and Korean women accept the fact their husbands sleep with prostitutes as a fact of life.

No. 441453


>"deprived (the prostitutes) of documents, food, clothing, room keys and other things to ensure they were unable to leave such locations"

What the absolute fuck?

No. 441455

day old post but who raised the first patriarchs? if it's all about conditioning, who were the first to start it? who conditioned the first misogynists?

No. 441456

Reading the fucked up family members thread makes me hate the term "daddy issues" even more. It's specifically made to shame and make fun of mostly female victims for the disgusting shit men do.

No. 441458

I'm from a Muslim background. ExMuslim now. But I did engage in discussions about Islam.

Nevermoose men in general are such cows when it comes to discussion pertaining to Islam. I can milk them for days. Unfortunately, we don't have a single space dedicated to that.

But I will point one thing out. These narcissists have a lot of double standards. We'd be in heaven if we banned a bunch of retards in some platforms. We wouldn't have incels, misogynists, porn, retarded teens, etc, if we straight up banned then. No demented oranges or shootings or dumb fucking incel cunts or debates on symbiote extraction or whatever. But these dumb things foam at the mouth about "free speech" and screech and spasm and make monkey noises and bash their heads against the wall and fall in the ground and have a seizure about "free speech." If they care so much, what don't they allow Muslims to have "free speech?" Why do they want Muslims to "assimilate" or want to ban the hijab or want to restrict immigration? Why spasm "When in Rome, do as Romans do" ad-nauseum? Fuck, deal with Muslim men however you want, IDC, but Jesus Christ the lack of awareness these dumb things have is astounding.

Another thing, why do these dumbasses alternate between going "Not all Men REEEEE" to [insert refutation about "Not all Muslims / Blacks / SJWs / whatever, here]. These dumb things know the flaws in the "Not all men" argument, because they regularly refute arguments in the same vein all the time. Yet why the fuck do they barf it out so much? Why are American men so retarded and narcissistic?

Another thing. Whenever a Muslim man does something retarded, I look at the headline: "Muslim man does something retarded" and sigh and ponder as to why men exist. These dumb things ponder over how Muslims exist. These dumb things do the same thing with black men, gay men, Hispanic men, etc, and often I wonder why they do such an effort hating so many demographics. Why are they trying so hard to steep away from the truth?

I'll list more on how retarded these cunts are when I've thought some more on it.

No. 441461

racist white scrotes have no self awareness. they have no actual problems in life, they have nothing to worry about or build their personalities on, which is why their heads are so up their asses for accomplishing something as mindblowing as being born white. they'll bitch about "immigrants destroying their civilization" while living in america, canada or australia. how hypocritical can you be? they'll claim that they are fighting for the good of white people while constantly putting down white women who don't live the way they want.

the "anti sjws" are just as sensitive, just as easily offended as their opposition. they complain about feminists criticizing mansplaining and then they start weeping about how the female ghostbusters is the end of the world.

No. 441465

>they have no actual problems in life

Stupid sjw tier point. "White people don't have problems".(Derail)

No. 441466

Where did you get that you paranoid retard

No. 441468

when "sjws" say that they mean white men have no actual problems in life that are specifically caused by their race or sex which is objectively true.

No. 441469

I don't know about America but Muslim immigration to Europe has been a net negative for us native women here. It's really as simple as that. You don't have to do apologia for bad white men to realize these things exist on a spectrum.

No. 441473

Yes but that is because the overwhelming majority of them are men. If it was only women things would be different.

No. 441475

It doesn't matter to me because an astonishing number of Muslim women also hold racist, sexist views about white women. After Rotherham we just want them out. Whether it's North Africans in France, Pakistanis in Britain or wherever, it's just a net negative.

No. 441476


Anon you responded to. How the fuck is that relevant? Where did I deny that?

No. 441478

It's one of them trying to blend in and derail the thread by screeching about "SJWs".
Notice the way he immediately turned "racist white scrotes" (ie men) into just "white people". Typical male behavior to involve everyone else when they don't want to acknowledge their faults.
Also notice the sudden "Muslims BAD! Even the women bad!" derailing going on.
They're all so painfully transparent.

No. 441482

File: 1564489762047.png (92.91 KB, 720x632, Capture _2019-07-30-14-26-25-1…)

The amount of coping in the sub-comments is really sad..

No. 441483

kek at white supremacist scrotes pretending to care about white women while always openly talking about how much they want to make women baby making machines sitting at home because they are sooo concerned about the high birth rate of evul muslims and asians. they even gave shit to lauren southern for not getting married and having children yet.

No. 441484

Fair enough, I see your point, Rotherham changed a lot of opinions both in the UK and in Europe in general.

No. 441485

How is it that this thread constantly manages to devolve into race-baiting and racism discussion. Like everyday someone just has to come in and derail.

No. 441486


The reason we tell men to fuck off and marry women their age is because teen girls are fucking horrified of hoards of hideous, fat and balding skunks perpetually courting them.

I have to applaud teenage girls. Men are trying so hard to fuck them. Men try to brainwash them about "muh personality", screech at them and hate them for the smallest things and interests, and sexualize them so heavily, but teenage girls stay resiliant and give them nothing they want.

No. 441487

I originally mentioned that my town had a lot of immigrants because its kind of a recent thing and there are a lot of cultural differences. Definitely didn't try to start a race discussion and I have 0 hate for any race or nationality.

No. 441488

>middle aged women with promiscuous pasts who are usually not capable of children
do they not understand how pregnancy works

and why would young women would prefer some ugly old hag over young guys lmao

No. 441490

File: 1564490879813.png (84.08 KB, 680x405, 70f1d583-d2bc-4ab2-939a-a70089…)

No. 441491

Unfortunately I wish most teen girls were that wary but they're not. Look at /r9k/. It attracts teen girls to predators like flies to honey. So many guys in discords I'm in even in their late 20s and 30s are fucking teenage girls they met over 4chan. What is it about that place.

No. 441494

It's 4chan anon, what more is to say?

No. 441496

My mom had me at 35 with no complications, my stepmom had a kid at 44 with no complications, fertility declines sure but women aren't suddenly infertile when they hit 35 or whatever. Even some 80 year old women have given birth before. Men just like to equate women to cattle and young girls as objects because sex is a power dynamic to them.

No. 441497

Because some people ITT try to pretend being concerned about immigration from shithole countries with shithole cultures is purely from racist white men and that there aren't deeper problems with it.

No. 441498

Why aren't young women allowed to like young men?
I'm sick of all these gross male-written stories about a pretty young girl with some wrinkly, hideous ballsack of a middle-aged man. I was sick of them as a teen (because I hated and still hate ugly men. Don't we go to fantasy to escape ugliness??), I'm sick of them as a woman in her early 20s, and I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of them in my 40s, 50s, etc.
I hate that these people are trying to tout this shit as "natural" and "normal" when no, it's fucking not. The Wall has always only really applied to men, and absolutely nobody actually wants ancient, haggard scrotes.
The only girls/women who like this dynamic typically have some sort of trauma or neglect in their lives, and others pretend so they can have a shot at a comfortable life using a rich old guy who will hopefully keel over soon (and notice, the latter is far less common in "gender equal" societies where women aren't in a shit position when it comes to making money).

No. 441499

This is the pink pill thread, not the immigration thread. How do you think it's going to look when you're pointing fingers at women in a thread where we're shitting on men?
Don't derail and then whine when we think you're one of the main groups responsible for derailing.

No. 441500

Women and girls aren't shallow like men, they'll forgive a few wrinkles and imperfections here and there because we actually value men as people (unfortunately). A good looking and well kept 40 year old woman would be discarded and called ugly by a man her same age just for not having perfect skin or whatever. Men are soulless.

No. 441502

The gag to me is that 40 year old women look leagues better than 40 year old men. Women are far, far too forgiving and men don't deserve it at all.
And like, even then, why should those of us who are young waste our youthful days on men who've completely pissed theirs away? If youth is to be treasured, why do old men think they have the right to siphon it from us?

No. 441503

because for a long time men conditioned each other to think of women as prize items or sex objects and not autonomous beings with their own sexuality and feelings. Men are horrified to find out that women feel attraction or lust and even more horrified to find out its based on physical attributes. The whole lookism community is filled with these tard men that grew up believing that personality gets the hot girl. They have no concept of fairness or double standards

No. 441505

boomer scrotes think they have a chance because of the older man/daddy fetish getting popular. most people who are into that are thinking about their older celebrity crush or whatever as the daddy. no one is swooning over some random hag they see on the street just for being old.

No. 441507

I think geezer is the gender equivalent of hag

No. 441511


At the risk of adding further fuel to the racebaiting fire, I have a direct question for you as an ex-Muslim: what do you think the hijab and all associated forms of veiling boils down to? I ask because recently the common discourse around hijabis is "it's ok for me to bang on about modesty (indirectly implying that the opposite is immodest lol) and veiling as a part of my culture because I'm making my (culturally reinforced) choice to veil!" Try as I might, I still can't see it as anything other than that political cartoon with the bikini-clad woman and the niqabi simultaneously thinking "what a man-controlled culture! Everything/nothing covered but her eyes!" and it just seems true to me. They're both different responses to the same coin, which is men telling women that their bodies are inherently sexual and need to be controlled. Both sides are screaming to be recognised as humans regardless of what they're wearing, but men will still rape you whether you wear hijab or go on a slut walk.

I hope I'm making it clear that I feel, I think like you do, that the fundamental problem is that men don't respect women whatever they're doing, whether they kowtow to any aspect of their racial culture as regards dress. I don't have any bright solutions for how to achieve this full liberation, mind you (that's what I'm in this thread for, kek), I'm just wary of being called a racist for expressing any doubt about the "choice" of veiling.

No. 441520


Don't know how to respond to this. I mean, it's enforced by a man-made religion with a spectrum of reasons varying from pressure by mentally deranged male family members to simple religious stupidity and a thriving masochistic desire to die in the heat.

I do know how to liberate yourself from it. The Muslim community where I live in is so segregated by sexes that I practically live a seperatist life-style with minimal interaction with men. No women I know wears the hijab in such an environment except for the ultra-mental ones.

No. 441524

>A gender imbalance is of course not a desirable thing one way or another.

Beg to differ.

No. 441525

How so anon?

No. 441541

this is so sad

No. 441548

If these pigs so badly need a teen bride, fine. Then they shouldn't marry a woman their age when they're both young, or have children with her. Tricking good women into being practice wives.

Men will literally break all contact with their kids if the kids disagree with them and find it gross that they're dating teens or women who are way too young.

No. 441555

>women standing up to shed light towards a horrific case involving a murdered girl
>men: you're being irrational
Men's total retardation when it comes to seeing women want to live in peace and be safe is astounding

Could be a scrot larping as a perfect 18yr old waifu though. It happens lot more frequently than we think

No. 441558

Nta but i think humanity would thrive with 70% female 30% male.

No. 441559

10% men is more than enough

No. 441569

Anon, that's how Muslim societies were created.

>Implying she was not pandering to pathetic sub scrots who want to be slaves to a gynarchic world
She is fetish fuel.

No. 441620

> These dumb things know the flaws in the "Not all men" argument, because they regularly refute arguments in the same vein all the time. Yet why the fuck do they barf it out so much?

Not all men isn't an argument though it's a derailment. The statement in itself is true, it's just besides the point.

No. 441629

Read about the Paraguyan War (War of the Triple Alliance).

Paraguay was defeated in 1870 and according to some estimates, the pre-war population of 525,000 was reduced to 221,000, of which only 28,000 were men.

That's about 12,66% of the population.

Those weren't very good times.

No. 441634

Why did the scrots keep on fighting until they all died? That seems retarded, they had already lost.

No. 441643

Kek men are so dumb.

No. 441648

Kinda disrespectful to people who felt they were fighting to protect their lands, families, wives even…

No. 441650

direct your annoyance at the scrotes that invaded in the first place

No. 441651

lol, no they didn't. They had already lost, the country was conquered and neither of the Alliance forces were murderraping the country, it was generally stable. Lopez just insisted on continuing the war and the idiotic men went along with him to the mountains to die instead of, you know, not going. The only thing they were defending was their fragile ego.

No. 441653

Also this >>441650
Men invade, men go to counter invade, why the hell would women be involved in men's penis measuring contests that evolve into mass murder ones?

No. 441659

men need to sit down and have a talk about why they keep mass murdering each other, i think it might be a serious issue.

No. 441665

Nta, but there is no society that just has more women. Historically in some cases it was recognized that civilization fared better by pushing young single men to the margins until they proved themselves worthy of having their own family/land/citizen rights — of course until then that meant the unattached young men terrorised or waged war against other groups. There hasn't been any society that systematically reduced the ratio of men to women by say, killing off in-group men, and historically that would not make much sense because you'd need the men as defense against the men of other groups. I don't think there is any practical, ethical way to achieve this but if 90% of males were to suddenly die off we would be doing just fine, including the remaining 10% who in terms of finding mates would do much better than the average man is now.

No. 441669

You're so disrespectful it's unbelievable.

I don't think war is usually right, but it's fucking tragic how many young boys end up getting treated like expendable meat. Do you know how many 15 year old boy children signed up to fight in World War 1 and were allowed to for example? And how many died?

No. 441670

It wasn't such a massive ration, but Islamic societies became what they became largely because there was a disparity between the number of men and women due to constant warfare in the area. It's why polygamy is legal and actually encouraged in Islam, when it was being established there literally were not enough men, they were rotting in the desert.

Also tbh, we wouldn't be doing just fine, inbreeding seems like an issue with only 10% males. Also, is the rest 90% of women just going to turn into Lesbians or what?

No. 441672

File: 1564521976009.png (496.42 KB, 844x665, Not one girl born to 132 villa…)

Not only is this article heartbreaking the comments are full of anti-feminist mras comparing killing babies when they are born to abortion. What a fucking joke, men are a disease.

No. 441673

But all cultures are equal lol

No. 441674

You do realise that males (yes that includes young boys) ARE expendable? There is quite a lot of academic writing on the disposability of males in human societies. War has been part of human society for ever and has been started and fought by men. They recognize in their souls their disposability, it's why they are so happy to "die for their country" and "sacrifice their lives for their flag" or what other bullshit they talk about.

I am not disrespectful, I am treating them exactly how nature and themselves treat them they treat themselves.

No. 441675

You'd be living in a Muslim society right now were it not for those expendable men who fought to keep the Turks and Arabs at bay in the Middle Ages. Whatever I think of our society, I prefer it being non-Muslim or even Christian to Muslim.

No. 441676

*and they treat themselves, damn phone.

No. 441678

This just shows how dumb men are. Being equal does not mean being the same.

No. 441680

>You should be thankful that scrots less terrible than the alternative ended up rulling over you

Are you really a woman? I wouldn't have to deal with any Abrahamic patriatchical bullshit if males did not come up with them. I am not going to be grateful that a bunch of Christian thugs fought a bunch of Islamic thugs to keep themselves alive. what happens to us is an afterthought to them.

No. 441681

If there were no men there would also be no Abrahamic religions or Muslim invasion threat. Or do you think it's mostly middle eastern women that control the Sharia law? Use your damn brain anon.

No. 441684

These parents then whinge about how there are no available women for their precious sons to marry when they get older. Hope all their sons die alone and their misogynistic rural culture dies off with them.

No. 441685

Not even that anon, but i agree with you. We need to seriously remember that violent religions and the acts that go along with them were written by men and for men.

No. 441686

When is this shit gonna stop? it's so absolutely sickening and horrendous. this isn't even culture or tradition. this is a violation of human RIGHTS. I seriously wish indian men would fucking isolate themselves forever and leave women alone.

No. 441687

I wonder if Indian women hate their men as much as the rest of the world hates their men?

No. 441688

You have no idea how much is owed to Europe being able to beat back the Islamic invasions and establish its own independent path of development. Whatever you want to say about Medieval Europe, you would still much rather be a woman there than a woman in Medieval Arabia or Medieval China. You don't need to be a "scrot" to recognize this, just someone with an interest in the Middle Ages (women actually had more rights in this period of European History than they did in the 19th century arguably).

Stop sperging out on random people in this thread because they don't share your hateful views.(Stop infighting)

No. 441691

I have not expressed one hateful view and I challenge you to present one instance where I did. Again, you are presenting a dichotomy as if I should be happy with these two choices. you are doing the equivalent of "Wouldn't you prefer to be raped than killed?". Yeah sure, but I would rather neither of the two happening to me, which would be the case in both your and my example if scrots were not around to fuck shit up.

No. 441692

In my experience (with women from many different countries, not just India) there are either women who blindly support shitty cultures, who will get offended if you so much as even question something or women who hate their culture/men to the point of fetishising men from other countries (kind of like how MRAs from the US fetishise Asian women).

No. 441697

Cultures are NOT equal, humans are. Don't forget the victims here are women and girls.

No. 441698

ugh it's all scrotes' fault that we've been dealing with all this abrahamic religion shit. they played themselves by creating such extreme religions.

No. 441705

Get out of the fucking man hate thread if you get so triggered by hateful views, anon

Unrelated, this seems really spergy but sometimes in public I like to angle myself so only women are in my immediate view and imagine I live in a world without men. It is a pleasant and wholesome little form of escapism.

No. 441709

I joined a female only gym and it's the one public place where I feel like I can breathe out properly. Not only being free from men yourself, but seeing other women being left alone and not stared at feels so good. The atmosphere is completely different from a normal gym. I swear for a lot of women, a couple of months in a female only city would do more than years of therapy ever could.

No. 441714

No. 441719

Any woman who needs therapy, especially due to experiencing sexual abuse, should be automatically directed to a female therapist. This is so sad and disgusting. Someone posted earlier about how male therapists tend to ask for more details of the rape/sexual abuse, obviously because they get off on it. You sitting there talking about your worst trauma is straight up erotica stories to them.

Out of many I've only had 1 male therapist. It felt uncomfortable but I thought I was being judgemental, so I tried seeing him as just any professional. He asked why I seemed nervous and I told him sorry, I just think you're sitting a bit close. The other female ones always kept a normal distance. Immediately he sits down next to me on the couch so close that our thighs are touching, and insists we continue our sessions like that from now on to ''practice closeness''. I was 15 and didn't need any fucking closeness with a 30+ year old man.

No. 441722

This is disgusting but it's rather nice that most of the men in the comments are sensible.

No. 441723

Average MGTOW/pussypassdenied user

No. 441725

lol that guy is married.

No. 441727

This guy is just hoping for Long Island Baglet's success but that's a hard one to measure up to

No. 441745

At 1:20
>At what age did you know that she would be good for porno?
>I knew that she was gonna be smoking hot by the time she was 7 years old.. Is that wrong?

No. 441748

Hello friends, I just wanna voice my distaste for male feminists who will regurgitate feminist theory all day and then treat women like shit when actually interacting with them.

No. 441749

Rage inducing. This poor girl. Scrots should be forbidden from working in therapy, healthcare esp gynecology, child care. . what else.

I saw 1 who just had to say she should have done xyz because she should have known how to react. Once again, men not understanding shit and then they wonder why women avoid them.

Sometimes it's nice to believe there may be nice guys who are chill out there. Then I'm reminded of Junko Furuta or others then it all becomes depressing again

No. 441829

India and China is worse and they have non abrahamic religions. Feels like shifting the blame or a strawman tbh

No. 441842

how is it shifting blame? no one said non abrahamic religions don't have their own problems. are we going to pretend that millions of people didn't die and are still dying because of christianity, islam and judaism, completely unnecessary things that men have created and always caused more harm than good?

No. 441852

I didn't know NH was getting Nepalese immigrants. That's terrible about the man who stabbed his wife to death. Disgusting.
I'm in MA so hi neighbor. I guess in NH you don't have to deal with men trying to take your spaces there. There was a man in my locker room once who was quite lazily attempting to BE a woman.

No. 441857

We don't have a lot of trans people, non-binary genderspecials or whatever are common at our schools though.

No. 441859

I'm just wondering why she continued to see him when he was acting highly inappropriate and did a lot to make her uncomfortable? I'm guessing since he had her address and contact information, she felt like she had to go and see him to placate him, so he didn't stalk her or anything? Maybe he threatened her? I didn't see anything about that though. I'm confused when abuse victims don't seem to avoid situations and triggers like you think they would. Like someone on cc got raped multiple times and they went to an orgy with their bf and then got raped AGAIN. Obviously this is a much more extreme example, but it really boggles the mind.
I'm not trying to victim blame because no one should get hurt for simply existing, it's just highly confusing to me. I am extremely suspicious of men despite not having any trauma, and if there was the slightest hint of predatory behavior I'd be out of there like the flash.

No. 441863


Actually this hate boner for 'Abrahamic religions' is just reddit tier atheism.

Christ was supposed to be an example for how men are supposed to live - besides all the examples of being strong enough to kill your enemies.

When I brought this up earlier ITT apparently St Francis didn't belong to the church and all the men who chose to opt out of the violent feudal society of the middle ages were probably just homosexuals. Way to shame scrots into being scrots.

To be clear God has been dead for more than a century now and the Church isn't what it used to be but it's ultimately the reason why we have things like:
No slavery
Social security

I just get mad because this thread is otherwise on point but there's 'muh Abraham' brigade spreading shit-tier ahistoric bitter atheist crap.

I am an atheist but that just means I don't believe in God, not that I buy into edgy fedora tipping DARVO attacks on medieval Europe.

No. 441865

She might have liked it (at the time), but that doesn't make it any less wrong of him of course.

No. 441875

So, yesterday I posted about the case of that girl that was abducted by a cab driver in my country and today I listened to the recording of the 911 call, she called 5 times and the policeman that picked up the phone started laughing at her when she said "please hurry up he's gonna beat me". When her parents called the police station the same policeman picked up the phone and told them not to worry since she must have went on a night adventure with some guy even though she clearly stated that she was abducted. So, how can any man tell me that misogynism is still not rampant in so many parts of the world to the point where you're in danger just for being a woman?

I have been cat called by policemen before on the street in the middle of the day, women are still seen as whores just for simply existing in so many parts of the world. When I was 8 I got raped and tortured by a 20 year old neighbor and my grandmother that was taking care of me at the time refused calling the police because it was "too troublesome" and I got told that I shouldn't lure men in and I was just an 8 year old kid.

No. 441882


That policeman needs to be in jail. Disgusting.

No. 441895

you're still thinking under patriarchy. what could world be like with 70% women and 30% men with matriarchy? who says world of women should bend down on to men's will when there's so much fewer of them than us?

No. 441902

>no slavery
really? all three of abrahamic religions condone slavery in their holy books instead of opposing it. how did they play a role in getting rid of slavery at all

there is a point in criticizing these religions because they have been used as an excuse to oppress women for centuries, christianity would still be just as oppressive as islam if it hadn't gone through a reform.

No. 441907

Why is r/pussypass filled with women actually going to jail for normal/long/unknown periods of time? Isn't it supposed to be a pass?

Just comes to show "easy mode" to incels means women not getting the death penalty for anything possible and men not getting a get away free ticket for everything

No. 441908

How is matriarchy going to work when every two women will be fighting for one man? Human sexual attraction is not to be underestimated and last I checked the overwhelming amount of women are hetero.

No. 441912

Is this a malepost? Reeks of scrotal projection.

No. 441914

>ad hominem
No this is not a malepost. Are you suggesting that this scenario will not turn into France after World War II when every surviving Frenchman had one wife and one mistress? How exactly would matriarchy work when scrots were in such high demand due to their low numbers?

No. 441915

*World War I

No. 441916

You share the good ones duh.

No. 441918

anon, that's polygamy. How on earth is this matriarchical? Matriarchy would have it around, with a woman having access to several men. what you are describing is what is going in male countries.

Also why the hell would you want to share?

No. 441920

On top of this you don't know how to sage like a typical scrot.
Who says we have to keep a system of compelled heterosexual monogamy.
Even nowadays straight women aren't clamouring for male company even though cheap dick is abundant.

No. 441921

Even today some straight women value female friendships more than a sexual/romantic relationship with a man, and focus on those while ignoring the latter entirely. It's not hard to imagine that a matriarchy would raise girls to value relationships with women and not put too much stock in men's validation of them.

I'm uncomfortable with that scenario still because the whole "last men on Earth" thing is a turbo scrot fantasy. I always assume anyone who brings up that shit up is one of the males who come to this thread to masturbate.

No. 441922

Men seriously think we're as obsessed with them as they are with us, lmao.
If there were very few men left, and there were no barriers to keep women from living happily on our own and providing for ourselves, women's interest in men would just end up dropping dramatically. All the women who'd want kids would just opt for sperm donations when possible.

No. 441923

Dude I didn't say anything about marriage. Many women don't want to live with men anyway, I wouldn't mind living in a matriarchy and seeing some movie star quality man now and then without living together.

No. 441926

Did you guys see this mockumentary? It was pretty tongue in cheek funny even though it was made by a man. Surprisingly much more realistic scenario than the typical sex-starved vixens fighting over the last man fantasy.

No. 441928

Ignoring the first "point"

>Who says we have to keep a system of compelled heterosexual monogamy.

No one is keeping the system anon, the overwhelming amount of people happen to be heterosexual. Please enlighten me as to how you would change that.

>Even nowadays straight women aren't clamouring for male company even though cheap dick is abundant.

Now I have to turn the "are you a male" to you. Women don't generally care about dick outside of a relationship. They care about relationships and try to find a man they can have a good relationship with. Reminder that casual sex is propogated by scrots and most women do not even get off with it. Why would we just go for some random guy who wouldn't give a fuck about our pleasure?

>I'm uncomfortable with that scenario still because the whole "last men on Earth" thing is a turbo scrot fantasy. I always assume anyone who brings up that shit up is one of the males who come to this thread to masturbate.

My point exactly, few men with many women is legit a male fantasy, not a female one.

>Even today some straight women value female friendships more than a sexual/romantic relationship with a man, and focus on those while ignoring the latter entirely. It's not hard to imagine that a matriarchy would raise girls to value relationships with women and not put too much stock in men's validation of them.

Anon, while raising our girls in that way would be great and we can actually do that already, friendly relations do not replace sexual and romantic ones. So I say to you what I said the anon above, how would we avoid this turning into women desperate for affection trying to please that minority of men?

>Heterosexuality would suddenly stop existing

Anon, unless you are asexual, a romantic partner is something you are wired to want. Refusing reality is not a productive way to conduct yourself.


Ok, so am I insane or what? Do you all get off to casual sex and me and my social circle are the weird ones? Casual sex with someone you don't have a romantic connection with is pretty much pointless to us, only men talk about shit like that positively.

No. 441929


Actually you're right I checked myself and I think I have been overestimating the role of the church on that point.

Can we have a thread for discussing religion? Men are trash.

No. 441934

I did! I really liked it, I thought they approached it in a smart way too. One side not necessarily being better than the other.

No. 441935


I've seen it, it was pretty good. I think it walked the line between satire and rather serious critical discussion on the issue quite well. it was also really funny.

No. 441936

>B-But heterosexuality!
1. You're forgetting that a lot of us are bi or gay, lmao
2. Remember all those scrote arguments about how we femoids can and will be replaced with advanced sex bots? Well…

No. 441941

Anon, I am bi myself, although I have never dated a woman, but we are a small minority. What would happen to the majority of women?

And obviously sexbots can not replace a human being, the robot tier men who claim this are either delusional wastes of society who never had a chance with a real woman and the only thing the sexbot would replace is their hand, or incels trying to make us angry as if we would care if they stuck their dick into a silicone hole.

No. 441943

I'm straight and I will admit that I've only gotten into long-term relationships to get my parents off my back and to be able to go out at night and travel a lot with a male "protector" (why would I need that? only because of other men), plus the ease of thwarting male interest with "well, my boyfriend…" is nice.

No. 441944

>I will admit that I've only gotten into long-term relationships to get my parents off my back
Understandable to want to get your parents off your back anon, but why didn't you have a relationship for companionship?

>to be able to go out at night and travel a lot with a male "protector"

Do you live in Saudi Arabia or sth?

>plus the ease of thwarting male interest with "well, my boyfriend…" is nice.

You don't actually need a boyfriend to use that line silly.

No. 441947

I just mean to say that in a time of extreme scarcity, women would adapt. We wouldn't lose our minds and go berserk the way men would.
Whether that's turning to other women (including masc women) or sex bots that resemble, feel and behave like men on only a superficial level, we'd cope.
When it comes to companionship, emotion and romance, they really don't offer anything that a woman couldn't, in a hypothetical sense. Take away the social pressures and benefits to having a male mate, and they bring even less to the table.
The most they have to their name is their sexual organs (and I've never met a woman who would literally kill and die just for some organic dick - the same is not true for men by any stretch of the imagination).

No. 441948

this will sound femcel tier but as much as i like thinking about scrotes to get off, the real thing with real men is mostly underwhelming. most of them are really selfish. i'm having a better time with myself lol

No. 441950

Reform from catholicism to protestantism ? lol

No. 441951

Oh, my bad for misunderstanding, Yes, I am not saying we would turn into savages fighting over the remaining men. I am saying we would compete with each other for their attention, which would lead to them basically dictating the desirable female behaviour. As for the rest, I don't know anon, I would be fine, being bi and all, but I don't think heterosexuality is a social construct. Bullshit elements of it, sure, but not its existence. I can not see this scenario that for some reason we started discussing being an issue, since the few men would basically try and likely succeed controlling the larger population of women through projecting the behaviour they would want. It's how we came to where we are now tbh. This being the scenario of few men being around. The scenario of no men is really different, since we don't really have an example of such a thing outside of primitive tribe like societies.

No. 441952

No sex is better than bad sex. And yes, most of them are terribly selfish, it's why I detest one night stands. Being a breathing fleshlight for some drunken idiot that will get his ass out next morning does not sound appealing to me.

No. 441953

Martin Luther was a sexist but he undeniably helped Europe to become more progressive, no?

No. 441955

>them basically dictating the desirable female behaviour
>men would basically try and likely succeed controlling the larger population of women through projecting the behaviour they would want

Anon, this is where we're at. And it's not because there are/were too few men and women just want dick so badly that they'll do anything for male companionship. It's because men controlled the resources that women need for their survival.

Men would love to have several women and lots of casual sex but that doesn't work well for a stable society. Having one woman and one man pair off is a good compromise because the men have to take responsibility for their own family and this in a way "civilizes" them. But overall it's a compromise and possibly to the detriment of women, who make a sacrifice for the good of society by having to take on a male companion, bear his children, be his domestic servant etc.

No. 441961

I have observed that a lot of scientific studies seem biased towards women and they're not very empirical either so honestly I can't even trust scientific studies anymore when it comes to studying and observing women.

No. 441978

Fucking this. The majority of men don't even try to please their gfs, what makes people think they'll try to please someone who they view as inferior fuckmeat? Unfortunately women cannot sexually use men and degrade them in the same way they do to women. Closest thing is making them perform oral/rub your clit until orgasm and then take off.

No. 441980

It's the other way around.
Men want a relashonship because it's the only way they can have children to and a lineage. It's also convenient to find another mommy to take care of you.
Women have absolutely nothing to gain from it. In matriarcal tribes casual sex is the norm. There is no father except for marginal cases of true love between the partners, and even then the relashionship tends to be temporary.
You wouldn't dislike casual sex if your pleasure came first instead of the scrots one.

No. 441982

>Men would love to have several women and lots of casual sex but that doesn't work well for a stable society.
Generalized casual sex if the death of their status. That's why they hate 'sluts' so much. They only want wives and prostitutes.
As for the stable society part, considering the general state of the world, it's a quite laughable argument.

No. 441983

Strapons exist.

>You wouldn't dislike casual sex if your pleasure came first instead of the scrots one.
Yes anon, that is true, but how exactly would I get that outside of a relationship? Men can come in 3 minutes, I don't. Outside of a loving relationship, a casual one night stand has no actual reason to get you off other than his goodwill.

Men absolutely love promiscuous women, what are you talking about? They love to fuck them, to clarify, and then shame them for it, but they absolutely love the first part. Most of them abhor chaste girls until they are 30 and want to find a "pure" girl to marry, after they finished their Tinder years of fucking every random slut in town.

No. 441990

>Generalized casual sex if the death of their status. That's why they hate 'sluts' so much. They only want wives and prostitutes.

You're gonna have to clarify this because as it stands it's just really inaccurate??

No. 441999

I just finished watching this. It was funny in some parts, but like, the end is basically "Straight women junk entire species".
Bisexual women and lesbians truly are the master race lol

No. 442003

They have sex with sluts but they truly hate them. A few decade ago when the patriarchy was still strong they would not even exist.
Even today most of the women who adopt this lifestyle are softcore prostitutes, or somewhat 'whoreish'.
No guy would want them as a close relative. They go as far as monitoring their sisters about it. It's the utter shame for a men to have a slutty female family member, in a lost of societies murdering in the name of honor is accepted.
And what they most hate, is when they taste their own medecine and get ghosted while they actually liked the girl. They also often try to kill for that.
You will hear men rant about how we need porn and prostitution, how mother are sacred, you will never hear them explain that we need more
completly independant women using them for sex and then deny them access to anything else including a family of their own.

No. 442009

File: 1564598263562.png (54.88 KB, 876x316, 455656265.png)

Men…not even once.

No. 442011

You've never heard of the madonna/whore complex?

No. 442012

I assume you don't like being in control if you're asking, I never thought about it. It's easy to tie their masculinity to their ability to pleasure women and shame them, avoid the shitty ones by reputation but still no immediate solution for you.

No. 442019

Its not true lesbianism or bisexuality but just for argument's sake its not totally uncommon for previously straight women to turn to other women for emotional and physical intimacy in the absence of men. Its a pretty shitty example but its estimated that anywhere from 30-60% of women in prison engage in same sex behavior and/or relationships (https://www.yorku.ca/irjs/Archives/F20/F204.pdf only study I could find). Sexual orientation doesn't change necessarily but sexual behavior can. So its not really that far fetched to think straight women might just turn to other women for intimacy than go touch starved for the foreseeable future or even the rest of their lives in situations where men are no longer accessible.

No. 442021

Notice the age difference in three out of four

No. 442023

You-you do realise being some bigger inmate's lovething is not a relationship right? Prison gay is a thing.

No. 442025

Yeah, I realize some of the relationships are predatory but that's definitely not every single relationship. I know prison gay is a thing, that's literally my point.

No. 442026

This anon is right, they mostly do it for safety, status, and commissary lol

No. 442030

I mean, not every single relationship for sure, but reading that paper I'd wager it's most of them. They even say it's usually about safety and money. and if you don't do it willingly they will just rape you, it's the same as in male prisons.

Yep, I think that is the overwhelming amount of them.

No. 442035

File: 1564602803202.jpg (107 KB, 1125x1047, td457kar4oc31.jpg)

What is it with these folks and "I can't find a study, but it exists! I swear!"

No. 442036

Duh, when women are out and about were constantly at all times thinking about and hoping every man in sight wants to only fuck us. Or wait, isn't that dudes?

No. 442037

Men practically beg for sex but pretend to hate it

No. 442039

Men beg for sex but pretend you're asking for it and you tempted them.

No. 442044

File: 1564604943160.png (111.21 KB, 500x953, sterday-at-10-30-pm-why-men-ar…)

Or males who act like they're doing women a favor by fucking them
Men are truly delusional

No. 442056

My boyfriend was falling asleep in a taxi the other day and he was going to rest his head on my shoulder but he stopped himself, I asked why and he said that an ex had told him it was really unattractive and unmasculine when men do that.

Why do some women do that kind of shit? It compounds men's emotional retardation massively.

No. 442066

Why do they always use dumb ass analogies that make no sense?

No. 442067

I'm pretty sure most women do not care about a man's masculinity, I'm more embarrassed when a man acts childish than when a man expresses his feelings.

No. 442069

This. A man behaving like a man child and not being financially or emotionally responsible is the biggest turn off.

No. 442070

>le ~boyfriend~ anecdote
>blames a woman for a man's shortcomings
no1curr about your loser bf

No. 442072

>I accidentally farted

Imagine women having bodily functions or something. It reminds me of that really dumb ass sex in the city episode where Carrie farts in bed with Mr Big and acts so embarrassed about it. it's like bitch, it's a fart. You didnt shit the bed

No. 442073

>My boyfriend has an ex who didn't like it when he laid on her shoulder
>Somehow this means women are evil

No. 442075

Women shit, piss, bleed, and get old. We shouldn't have to hide and feel ashamed, men should be ashamed of fearing the natural.

No. 442076

That would be paradise and living that Amazonian dream I've always wanted. No men allowed. Especially not trannies

No. 442077

File: 1564607735191.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>males ever being in high demand

No. 442079

Nice strawman.

Some women, some (not all) are complicit in upholding toxic masculinity.

No. 442083

How would you get a guy to take a strap-on during a casual sex encounter? I imagine most of them would not agree to that. And then even if they did they'd probably shit the bed too. I guess that's one way to humiliate them but also disgusting.

No. 442088

I'd forgotten about this post and am now sad that it's been put in front of me again.

No. 442094

I forgot the dick is the biological tampon and stops our constant periods.

Also three dicks = width of babies. Men are super smart.

No. 442097

>Well documented history is not real
Anon, open a book.

I was referring to this
>Unfortunately women cannot sexually use men and degrade them in the same way they do to women.
I meant you can use and degrade a man, meant it in the context of a relationship though, not casual sex. Obviously scrots that engage in casual sex would not be ok with it. Also
>And then even if they did they'd probably shit the bed too
That is like the ultimate degradation, as long as they clean afterwards it can actually be pretty hot.

That is well known, I don't get why the other anons are sperging out, you made a very true oservation and they act like you now excuse every bad behaviour of men and attribute it to women. Women most certainly affect how men conduct themselves in a relationship, the men who give a fuck about the gfs anyway.

No. 442098

Ass babies are smaller, anon

No. 442103

most of them would probably have the same reaction as finding out that their hookup is actually trans with a dick.

No. 442109

>Those weren't very good times.
Paraguay was actually a nice country back then. After the war it became complete shit.

No. 442110

I believe she means it was not good after all the men died.

No. 442113

>You do realise that males (yes that includes young boys) ARE expendable?
Some centuries ago during wars they'd kill every man and then they'd invade their villages and kill every boy taller than 4 foot or something. Kinda like lions kill cubs after they take over a pride.

No. 442115

Scrots are going to scrot. The women here who act as if they don't realise that male disposability is a real thing and that most men realise it and accept it are delusional. That is literally their role in society, to kill or be killed. Women on the other hand create life, claiming that our roles are anywhere near the destructive battlefield that their nature creates is madness. Women should never be forced into the front lines.

No. 442125

I find this insistence on women's heterosexual compulsion completely unrelatable and I'm straight.
I mean a well built man that tries to please is a treat but I'm not losing any sleep over not having that.

No. 442172

scrot or cuck begone and don't come back

No. 442220

Men have heightened risk taking behavoir when they're horny from the biochemistry involved and will agree to anything if their dicks are hard tbh.

No. 442233


Perhaps all the farmers here who are incredibly anti-kink had a point, even if you're only going pure vanilla for self-protection. Along with the Guardian piece about choking are we reaching peak kink soon?

No. 442235

You're wrong.
I just don't think women would chimp out and start wars over getting a man if there was a sudden shortage. I don't need a husband, and would certainly not in a matriarchy. I'm sure there could be some temporary solutions to such a situation.

No. 442237

File: 1564644181927.jpg (29.56 KB, 540x387, PRI_76471386.jpg)

Putting this shit into someone's ass isn't a kink it's straight up fucked up and abusive. What a psycho.

No. 442239

They have a massive point, since kink is used an excuse for men to be violent and even murder women.

It's a no-brainer that it would cause a lot of damage and potentionally be lethal. The man is a murderer.

No. 442259

He had a history of abusing her yet they think it was just some innocent sex play and nothing more. Women really are treated like worthless pieces of meat.

No. 442303

The entire comment sections is a pink pill

scrotes getting excited and creaming their pants at the thought of a host getting slapped by a indian scrote, because muh pussy pass denied

The comment section is full of rabid sexist indian scrotes and western scrotes alike. Imagine taking up for indian scrotes and appaulding them of all people lmao.

Men always foam at the mouth and get excited at so called pussy pass denied but still remained chained and tied to the pussy in all cases, it must be pathetic to have a compulsion to fuck and hate at the same time. There hasnt been a woman in history who has had a endless drive and compulsion to have a man in the same way that seems to infect all men, hence enabling their peverse and resentful pathology.

No. 442321

Anons ITT with boyfriends how do you do it?

Dating feels like a nightmare because too many men have dumbass passively sexist views and I don’t want to have to explain to them why they are bad every time, do you just accept that men will never be able to understand it even if they try their best or what? I feel pretty lonely but it’s hard to try to date new people when you’re so aware of this bullshit

No. 442330

That's what disgusted me, she called the police on him but the charges were dropped because she admitted herself iirc into psychiatric treatment. So she's known to be mentally unstable, he has a past of violent behaviour and he shoved a spiky instrument so far up her it punctured her fucking bowels?? No murder, just kinky sex marathon baby! What woman wouldn't give up a honeymoon for a marathon sexcapede with a big fat baldy fuck?

No. 442336

I lurk a forum centered around mental illness that mostly targets women, and a lot of them are sympathetic toward men to the point where a trivia question that noted, "This disorder mostly targets women," was called biased for not including men, even though it's factually true; yes, men suffer from this mental illness, but they are a minority.

I think it's so funny how easy it is to call out a man larping as a woman online because any time they're on a majority-female space they can't resist saying, "Hey, male here…" because they're so desperate for attention. They have to preface every comment they make with "Male with x disorder" here and then show off about it. There's an eating disorder support forum too, and the moderation team is p good so most of the content really is asking for support without talking about specific numbers and weightloss to focus on the mental aspect, like how to get over eating something you didn't want or whatever.

But men are so transparent with their need for validation from a bunch of mentally ill women and have to comment, "I didn't eat for a month and lost 50 lbs," asking for tips like a pro-ana preteen. But lo and behold, you look at his profile, and you see a bunch of it is dedicated to screeching about false rape accusations and MGTOW.

No. 442350

I'm wondering, too.

Also, the Greek anons further up inspired me to ask, if you were to have a long distance relationship, where would you choose to look to find one?
I live in the US, which is definitely not the worst place but I'm sick of men treating me like an object. I started talking to a guy from Italy and he did the same. But at least then I realized I would much at least prefer a foreign guy than the shitty guys we have here who all look the same, treat women like they don't matter, do bare minimum even when they are in relationships AT BEST. If Greek men are good, are there any other cultures that are healthy like that regarding relationships?

Like, it's to the point where I am emotionally withdrawn from men now because having feelings for them is a dead end. The Greek anons kind of gave me some hope.

No. 442355

This is super unrelated but is anyone here into Myers Briggs? It’s not obviously the gospel truth but I find some stuff accurate to me. However, I’m an INTJ and ever since I became pinkpilled, I cannot look into any INTJ communities because it’s full of men sperging and gloating about their geniusness (while working a 9-5 in a typical programming job, kek) and their retardation when it comes to social norms. A lot of them too describe being apathetic and distant in relationships which I don’t understand at all—why on earth would you brag about being a total dick?
Like fuck, I really wish I had a different type so I could frequent a community that wasn’t full of males that exhibit signs of sociopathy and autism. Seeing them has made me retake the test a few times to check that my type is right but unfortunately it is.
I should add that there’s a few awesome older INTJ women who I’ve seen in communities, but only a few and a number of other girls seem to emulate the male INTJs with the edgelord shit, which is quite sad because being a woman gives you much more empathy and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that imo.
I apologize is this is super off topic.

No. 442363

Anon, I used to be very into MBTI and after I looked into it a lot I have observed that a very large portion of men with Aspergers get typed as INTJ or INTP and they're not even those types, it's just that their mental illness makes them fit into those types. You can get along with anyone regardless of MBTI type because MBTI doesn't really represent your personality as a whole but only certain aspects and predispositions towards certain behaviors and thinking/feeling patterns. You also have to take into consideration that the same type manifests differently in men and women. A lot of people are not even the type they claim to be and just get mistyped by those stupid online tests and they start believing whatever result they get on those tests and start subconsciously acting like that type because they're void of personality. Don't get too involved into the MBTI community because most of them are asshats that see MBTI as the only and absolute truth when it comes to personality, some people completely dismiss it but personally after years of looking into it I have come to the conclusion that it does hold truth but the theory is just not very well put together, a lot of people are stuck between two types even if the theory says that's not possible and some individuals can't even be typed because they have mental disorders that affect their personalities too much. If you learn the cognitive functions and start observing people around you and try to mentally type them you will see that many women are actually thinkers and that many men that claim to be thinkers are just autistic and void of personality. I'm very sure a lot of women on here are introverts and thinkers, we used to have a MBTI thread and a lot of the anons typed as introverted thinkers or introverted feelers. You can see this place has a very high number of intuitives just by the way a lot of subjects are analyzed and by how so many anons have "out of the box" thinking. Don't let those mouth breathing retards trick you into thinking they're smart just because they typed as INTJ or INTP.
Sage for MBTI sperg

No. 442374

Find one who isn't sexist, I did. Granted now I have to hear him keep repeating the "compulsory female conscription is only fair" motto, even thought he knows our conservative government is just going to reject the plan, but that's what I get.

There are men out there who don't hold sexist views, although they tend to be shy. They will probably not make the first move, so you have to be proactive. That's how I got mine.

The average man is pretty meh here (Greece), but compared to what I hear from other western countries they are saints. Just find a younger one who doesn't have the issues of the older generations, it's not that hard. Look for my answer above for tips. Also note that these men WILL whine about male conscription so be ready to deal with that.

No. 442376

i like east asian guys that aren't conservative

No. 442379

I've heard a lot of East Asian men pretend to be something they aren't to appeal to white women and then turn when you're married.

That said I don't find them physically attractive at all.

No. 442381

yeah, i've had multiple korean guys asking shit like "is your family strict", "are you open minded" which is actually their attempt at trying to understand if you are easy to fuck. what you're saying is true, but i've met a couple asian guys who found traditionalism/conservatism dumb and they were pretty good. it'd probably be easier to find a guy who is not conservative or incel-ey in western countries

No. 442383

I'll never understand the Korean man thing. They're by far the ugliest Asian men to me.

No. 442386

I just don't get how you girls find Asian men attractive, they legit do not even register for me, even the shredded ones.

No. 442387

Idk, don't you think you're generalising a bit? You sound like those guys going to Thailand because the women there are "more feminine and submissive". There's all kinds of men here and all over the world and maybe you'll find a good guy if you go outside and not lurk on the internet and date guys from Discord or Twitch. People have personalities and world views that are different from one another no matter where you go, nationalities aren't a fetish and the novelty wears off quick.

My friend is married to a Canadian guy for the exact same reasons you said. She doesn't like that Greek men are lazy and expect the wife to do all the work and child rearing while they go and drink with friends and talk about random women's tits. I've dated a Chinese guy who was incredibly sweet and loyal albeit a bit clingy. My ex was a cheating loser just like many other anons' exes here. People here talk shit about Russian men but most of the ones I know are super nice and have been with their girlfriends for years. So surely there must be some nice yankee guys too.

No. 442389

Some Japanese men who don't look typically Asian are hot. But yeah. Your generic Korean or Chinese guy has no sex appeal.

No. 442390

>You sound like those guys going to Thailand because the women there are "more feminine and submissive".

Not her but my god that shouldn't be a comparison at all. It's looking for a good man who will treat you with respect vs looking for a tiny young thing who'll be your maid and never turn down sex.

No. 442392

No idea. Most of them just look like other Asians but some are able to grow facial hair and don't look like small children.

No. 442393

I think Asian guys are hott if they've shed the baby fat, can't stand the conservative views they have and the cheating though

No. 442396

So you're looking for a good man by saying all guys from one country are like this and all guys from another are like that, like leafing through a catalogue? Because this is what you are saying.

No. 442397

i like them looks-wise but so many of them are way too conservative

No. 442399

AMWF is too cringey for me to get into a relationship with one of them anyway.

No. 442400

>I've dated a Chinese guy who was incredibly sweet and loyal albeit a bit clingy.
And I dated a Chinese guy who thought raping women during times of war was okay (I obviously bailed when he said that).

>People here talk shit about Russian men but most of the ones I know are super nice and have been with their girlfriends for years.

Russian men are notorious for dying young from alcoholism; it's pretty well known that Russian men cheat on their wives and girlfriends, and it is considered normal. It's actually more socially acceptable to cheat and keep in a secret, than to confess your affair with another woman. Don't get me started on the fact they tend to be poorer and less educated than the women, but still expect the women to have at least two children, do ALL of the housework and childrearing, all while getting incredible degrees (Russian women are well educated), working hours on end, and did I mention they're BEAUTIFUL? Russian women are stereotyped as attractive because they are expected to maintain their appearance at all times. Russian women almost never leave the house without full garb and makeup. Russian men look like they threw up on themselves as far as grooming goes. Godawful acne and bad haircuts.

Sage for sperging, but the moral of the story is there is shit men everywhere. If you meet one who defies the odds, then congrats, but don't go out of your way to find one. Focus on yourselves. It's not worth moving to a whole new country, and basically starting your life over just to deal with a different version of the same scrote bullshit.

No. 442402

Russian alcoholism stats are actually skewed by older people and some of the Asian Republics where alcoholism is rampant. Your average young russian man in St Petersburg or Moscow drinks less than your average young British man does. Russian alcoholism is a huge meme. The guys are pretty gentlemanly though. Only place where young men have given up their seat for me in public transport.

>And I dated a Chinese guy who thought raping women during times of war was okay

What the fuck. Story time anon.

No. 442403


I feel like I agree with this. I am now placed as an INFJ-T while in highschool, when i was heavily depressed, I got the results of INTJ.

It's so easy for men to get their ego stroked, especially when little tests tell them they're speshul or ~super smart~

No. 442406

I'm considering the whole of Russia, not just popular cities. That's like saying Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York, New York represent the United States. Moscow and St. Petersburg are urban, modern, educated cities. A vast majority of Russia still clings to its Alabama equivalent Slavic culture. Men give up their seats because they are still very traditional; the men will also fight on busses if they catch someone else looking at their girlfriend "the wrong way." Violence and theft in Russia is high, even in urban areas.

>What the fuck. Story time anon.

This was like two years ago, so I hardly remember the exact details, but we were discussing his fetishes which had to do with bride kidnapping, which is a thing in Asia. At first (back when I was not pinkpilled on kinks), I thought it was just a fantasy of his, however, as the discussion went on, he started telling me this was something he ACTUALLY wanted to do, and started going into bizarre sociopathic detail. The conversation also had some topic of battles and wars in history, marriage, whatever, and somehow it just lead to him talking about his hatred for foreign women, and wanting to rape them in order to bring shame to the men of the country he would be fighting.

That whole conversation just gave me autism.

No. 442408

Too bad the wifebeating is almost legal in Russia.
It's like reading some dystopic novel.

No. 442409

Weird. A lot of Asian men seem to have a massive inferiority complex towards white men.

No. 442411

I can only say I felt safer in Moscow than I have in Western Europe or America.

No. 442412

because you MIGHT probably lowkey find asians feminine which is roasting yourself because you think another race of women is feminine by you based on decades of America stereotyping of a race

No. 442413

is more feminine than you, not by you *>>442412

No. 442414

Race isn't the defining factor in how a man treats women, the degree of separation between tradition/culture and modernity is.

No. 442415

No. I just find them incredibly feminine.

No. 442416

Literally everyone has a massive inferiority complex towards white men.

No. 442419

Actually feminine is the wrong word. They're just asexual looking.

No. 442422

I think Southeast Asian men can be handsome. Some types of Korean and Japanese. I think it depends tbh.

Really depends of the genetic diversity of the ethnic group or race honestly

No. 442423

Koreans to me either look like they have flat faces or plastic surgery to the max.

No. 442424

>And I dated a Chinese guy who thought raping women during times of war was okay (I obviously bailed when he said that).

jfc, that's horrifying. sorry you had to even breathe the same air as that piece of shit

No. 442427


I just can't stand an overly pale or soft male, just reminds me of the neet life too much.

I find asians really attractive if theyre tall, have some hairstyle that goes upwards rather than an emo kpop bowlcut and have more angular or mature features. I find asian men more striking when they don't look like a doughy baby like half the kpop idols I've seen scattered over the internet.
Asian men often turn me off however, as I know I can't connect to their culture or be accepted by their family. Europe has some pretty interesting culture in some countries at least.

No. 442428

See. Their lack of angular features is why I dislike Asian men. European, Arab and North African men have much more angular features. Asian men's faces just seem… Flat.

No. 442431


That is what makes them so fucking entitled. I think they really believe everybody gets the same treatment and chances as they do.

The ones that are failures are even worse and more entitled, since they could not manage to thrive even with the best chances someone can have.

No. 442434

Really? I find Asian men much more entitled since their parents raise them to believe money and a good career entitle them to anything.

No. 442446


I don't know anon, I don't know or interact with many Asian men. Men, in general, are very entitled.

No. 442449

Are you sure you're not a moid? None of those men are attractive.

No. 442457

I think anon might be drawn to the uniforms as well.

In any case, when did this thread go from being "man hate" to "nationality preferences". Men will do shitty man things regardless of where they're born.

No. 442458

Appreciating asian features is one thing, but those are men in ugly uniforms pulling retarded faces.
Why post it in pink pill pfft

No. 442461

I deleted to clean up the thread a bit. I just chose the men in uniform because that pic gave multiple examples of average looking men from Mongolia, moving on though.

I posted >>442400, at the very end, I noted, and agree that men are shit regardless of where they come from.

No. 442474

Don't respond to the pedo scrot

No. 442477

All I asked why anon doesnt find Asian guys attractive, and then some lurking Asian scrote incel came and posted pics. This always happens every time I post something. Im tired of these fucking weirdos

No. 442478

I think it should be part of the law to dox pedos who post pedo shit online so that everyone they know in real life know what they are and protect their kids from them. There is literally no point in trying to rehabilite a pedo. They all must be dead.

No. 442481

Oh that was you then

Theres certainly a moid posting here right now though

They are too obsessed with what women do, I am not surprised if there isnt at least 20 viewing the thread atm

No. 442483

File: 1564696006768.png (1.42 MB, 520x2826, smug rapists.png)

Men cannot create life so they do this shit to make themselves feel important.

Men are the greatest mistake the world has to put up with and thats just fact.

No. 442487

Yeah, I reported some of them. Someone posted pedo nazi porn earlier. That one should get a perma IP ban imo.

I feel like I'm living in a simulation, a dystopian. nightmare. simulation. I'm glad none of those are states I ever had the intention of visiting anyway. Notice how they're all religious?

No. 442491

It's the Jomon blood.

Someone giving up their seat because you are a woman is benevolent sexism anon, they are treating you as less capable to stand. Unless you are pregnant that is not a thing to celebrate.

Lol I am Greek from a small town, I don't have anything to do with the USA. I just see the tourists here and they seem unnatractive to me, feminine actually is a good way to describe it, even when they have muscles. I think it is the face.

Not Jewish men.

I like soft boys, although not pale, I like them a little tanned.

They are flat, it's a characteristic of their phenotypes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 442493

Some good rules of thumb for finding a less-scrotey scrote to settle for that I've found so far, because let's be honest, being het in a het-norm society is a fucking meme and some of us are still optimistic:

- good, healthy relationship with his mother, ideally the mother herself should be quite a strong, independent character herself with some feminist leanings appropriate to her generation. A woman that takes no shit, especially male shit, usually raises a better than average male child
- if you show him incel-related media or "memes" showcasing their ideology, especially their sense of violent entitlement and he spots or comments on it with incredulity or an attitude "wtf are these losers for fucking real?" this is a good sign. The documentary that was posted in this thread is a real good one.
- lets you say no to sex for any fucking reason AND says no to sex sometimes himself. This second one is a good indicator that he has a healthy relationship to his sense of masculinity as attached to sex, and is capable of setting his own and should therefore respect others healthy boundaries

and last but definitely not least
- eats the puss like he's a starving desert man at an oasis like lmao why you ever fuckin bothering if he don't/won't do oral FOH

No. 442496

Bi guys are often not as horrible as straight men, they're not as homophobic etc. I know a lot of straight women have issues with dating bisexual men but yeah, they're out there.

No. 442503

Bi guys are usually promiscuous as fuck, even more than hetero. No thanks.

No. 442504

>date the biggest mansluts ever
lolno terrible advice. Stay away from bisexuals and traplovers.

No. 442507

It's like het women want to be lonely on purpose.

No. 442510

Sorry we don't want mens poop in our vaginas

No. 442512

You sound incredibly insecure.

No. 442514

I agree.
Let's be real. AIDs is real.

No. 442516

Think about how much straight men cheat. Bi guys dating pool is more than twice as big seeing how easy gay men are. Fuck bi guys. Bi and gay men can keep their HIV to themselves. I don't mind lesbians, but gay men holy shit. They should kill themselves. Most of them are pedos anyway. Look how much gays love their twinks. You don't see lesbians acting this way with barely legal girls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 442517

Lesbians: i fall for women, am sexually attracted to them and want to spend the rest of my life with a woman who i love
Gays: buttholes. i want to put my penis in them. relationships? uhm..as long as we keep it open for other sex partners. Sex. sex, sex, sex. PAIN - in our assholes. Little boys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 442518

>Most of them are pedos anyway

>You don't see lesbians acting this way with barely legal girls.

absolutely lol

No. 442521

My hot take is that a great chunk of women, if not the majority, are facultative heterosexuals (while most men are obligate heterosexuals).