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File: 1533578681380.png (283.86 KB, 449x383, 489CD921-95EA-4D18-B295-5D5FE9…)

No. 8868

The white trash queen of Kabukicho is digging herself a deeper hole!

Has had yet ANOTHER BABY this time with a host club owner who wont claim the child and is dodging Sere. Leaving the child document-less and legally without rights in Japan. Instead of trying to get the child back to Australia to give it some type of normal legal life, she holds onto her weeb prostitute dreams of glamour.

Is now a self proclaimed ‘instagram influencer’ gaining a suspiciously large amount of followers in a very short time frame. Still lying about her age, chinese level photoshopping and being the all round narcissist we all know she is.

Claims to have bought a new apartment and seems to be living with a new toyboy in Meguro, no sign of her two ‘beloved’ dogs for over half a year.

A potential suspect in whoever reported Shiena/Shannon Wong to the authorities and is now in a questionable state of limbo as to what will happen to the illegal weebs of Tokyo?!?

TAG - Tokyo Adult Guide:

Jennifer Maddingly

No. 8869

She has a thread already.

No. 8870

No shit Sherlock
The old one reached its post limit

No. 8871

Wtf is with these new fags. Old thread has reached its limit this is the new one idiot

No. 8872

I am surprised how silent she has been about the arrest. What ever happened to her and Shiena anyways?

No. 8873


amazing first comment anon,
thank you for your contribution. this thread is already destined to be good. fucking newfags popping out everywhere, ffs…

did she ever show off all her trashy tattoos in detail? a few seem still unfinished as well, right?

here's hoping for new milk, but I think all them gaijins be laying low rn; considering the recent controls other anons observed in Tokyo.

No. 8874

File: 1533614748337.png (135.9 KB, 640x990, IMG_8012.PNG)

Are those self harm scars on her leg?

No. 8875

Previous thread link >>>/snow/553256

No. 8876


Good job Lorena, you're a POS with self-loathing!

No. 8877

How have we not noticed these over the years? Is it the photoshop and editing?

No. 8878

Holy shit her scraggly ass weave in the corner I'm deceased

No. 8879

Maybe she got them at her teen/emo time, scars don‘t go away easily

No. 8880

That would make sense as that tatt on her right leg seems to cover up a few of them

No. 8881

File: 1533630428762.jpeg (138.27 KB, 640x962, CD6285A5-854B-4DB1-A81C-906971…)

LMAO that hand position

No. 8882

guess she took the advice and glued the bling (ass cheap) bikinis by herself lol

No. 8883

Terrible photoshop as usual

No. 8884


god everything about this photo looks depressing. Her legs look fucked up, like an old woman who lost a lot of weight due to cancer. Her dress/sweater thing looks like a $2 find at Goodwill that comes with cigarette smoke and cat hair and she hasn't washed it in a week on top of that. The aforementioned leg scars. Poorly drawn cupcake tattoo that is only half colored in (as if she ran out of money to get the rest of it inked in). Purse we've noted as fake getting all bent out of shape. Some cheap black box that we're supposed to believe is a brand… something. Ratty ass gray hair.

She looks like the mom of this girl who used to live down the street from me, right before she (the mom) died of a cocaine overdose

No. 8885

oh god, that’s her hair?? I just looked quickly and thought it was part of the dress. What the fuck is she doing to it?

No. 8886


the box is from yves saint laurent, a famous french brand you dumbass(learn 2 sage)

No. 8887

Settle down. Just like everything about her, it's fake.

No. 8888

Seriously, who cares?

No. 8889

File: 1533721217908.jpg (49.91 KB, 1032x1032, jEsyLTC.jpg)

wtf what a dirty hoe

No. 8890

Her TAG profile doesn't work anymore. Hmm probably because of the shit going on with Siena? She's getting rid of all the shit online that shows she works. I for once welcome the Tokyo Purge of 2018

No. 8891

Her profile works perfectly fine for me. Last activities was about a week ago.

No. 8892

You have to be logged in to see most user profiles; works fine.

No. 8893

So shes loving in squalor with a baby..nice

No. 8894

wtf is this unfinished tattoo? a beetle? this is hardly something to show off.

No. 8895

I think shes showing off how ‘fit’ shes gotten.

No. 8896


i got that. she just ruined everything even more with those scribbles she calls tattoos.

why isn't it finished yet? or is it?!?

No. 8897

File: 1533870182648.png (1.08 MB, 1032x1032, warped.png)

I'll admit, she's done a pretty good job dropping the baby weight, though I'm sure it's partially due to her drug use and not just her new exercise obsession.

But even so, that background is still super warped. She can't even hide it with all that extreme background blur.

No. 8898

Do we have any proof of drugs or just speculation?

No. 8899

File: 1533921869127.png (104.72 KB, 1080x326, IMG_20180810_192345.png)

Bought followers dropping fast

No. 8900

she wrote it on her old blog

No. 8901

She bought super cheap ones with low retention.

No. 8902

see >>572486 as one example

No. 8903

Her dogs are back in her Instagram story…

No. 8904

Lmao she reads the thread. Can someone post the evidence?

No. 8905

File: 1534108847114.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 4314B7B1-173A-4E74-9651-5DF978…)

Its true!

No. 8906

Oh god she is so annoying
Sticking her tongue out all the time

No. 8907

Thanks Sere, t’was me who asked for their well-being. Now, can you show me a single receipe that your Hermès bags are real? Like you know the verification letter you get when buying this kind of stuff. That’d be so sweet of you? Also can you greet me in one of your stories? Just call me tiddy hunter

No. 8908

File: 1534110972555.png (1.39 MB, 1065x1515, IMG_20180812_235436.png)

'check my followers on my main account'

Did she buy them just to get back at that store? Kek

No. 8909

File: 1534111746672.jpeg (41.67 KB, 640x288, 49CA56D4-B56B-4C23-BF1F-F520F7…)


20k my ass. Dropping like flies

No. 8910

Does she still not know what glue is?

No. 8911

She better show us her valid visa she doesn‘t have

No. 8912

Urm, Sere you need to return the broken one first. That's how returns work. Mark it as faulty and then order another.

No. 8913


is this supposed to be an hermes purse? christ girl if youre gonna wear a fake designer purse, at least make it believable that you can afford it lmao

No. 8914

Going by her crunchy hair, she'd be using a Tesco bag then.

No. 8915

No. 8916

holy jeebus, that's new low for her

No. 8917

whats going on with her face? is that a disease

No. 8918

She looks like she is tripping on something.

No. 8919

like always

No. 8920


meth sores?

No. 8921

Probably just the spice, it's a really awful dirty drug.

No. 8922


oh ok that makes it so much better

No. 8923

File: 1534288535730.jpeg (174.96 KB, 602x1025, B35D7C9A-BDCA-4441-9E38-D3529F…)

No. 8924

It's like her thigh just gets fatter and fatter and then suddenly stops at her waist. Where's her ass supposed to be?

No. 8925

Uhh what? Do you not know what a human body looks like? She's fucked for sure but her body looks fine, her thighs look perfectly healthy
What stage of nitpicking is this?

No. 8926

Lol, did she put the like sticker there to hide he'd double chin?

No. 8927

Usually there's a curve where the bottom of your ass meets the upper thigh, with her it's just leg all the way up. Calm down, sandy vag.

No. 8928

A new report came out on Shiena saying that one of her former friends reported her to immigration. I 100% think it was Lorena.

No. 8929


bitch please

A note on a Japanese gossip website saying that they are speculating who reported her != "a new report"

Lorena is almost certainly doing exactly what Shiena did (though possibly living with the guy or is at least smart enough to list her residence as living together), the last thing she would want is to jeopardize that

No. 8930

lorena i down to 10000 follower now lol

No. 8931

She’s still at over 18k followers anon.

No. 8932

File: 1534438643791.png (20.69 KB, 300x250, hm.png)

>posts a photo yesterday

No. 8933

No shes not lmao look at >>8909

No. 8934

File: 1534466385946.png (111.83 KB, 1080x492, IMG_20180817_023900.png)

No. 8935

Do you actually know what 1,9万 means?

No. 8936

While she's not losing her bought followers nearly as fast as the other anon thought, it's still pretty funny that her bought followers are slowly bleeding out. She was up to what, 22k followers at one point? She's down to 18.9 already and can't get more than 50 likes on a photo? What a waste of money.

No. 8937


but how else will she show her disappointment that her cheap bikini broke

No. 8938

I have a question. How she can still in Japan? Did she married a japanese guy and got the permanent visa or ????
I mean, with that work I don't think she has a work visa…

No. 8939

Visa trips.

No. 8940


I actually do think she must be paying off a guy like Shannon was. Even if you take visa hops to Korea like she did, it would only work for half a year because you can only stay in Japan for 180 days a year as a tourist. If you try to come back in again the third time in the same year as a "tourist" they wont let you.

No. 8941

i think so too. since lorena and shannon made plans together how to stay in japan forever

No. 8942

Evidence please? Or are you just pulling random conversations you think they had out of your ass?

No. 8943

That was when lorena decided to get pregnant with ryoya so he had to marry her.

No. 8944

File: 1534717811928.jpg (65.08 KB, 640x800, ew.jpg)

Apparently Lorena spends her birthday like this: fried messy hair, cheap love hotel, $50 purse from Aldo (while posting saying it's a $10,000 purse)… sad

No. 8945

Aww finally lorena turned 30 <3

No. 8946

File: 1534843336536.png (596.11 KB, 640x1136, D36496A5-578E-4125-826C-59C520…)

Whos this fugly mother fucker she went to Disney with kek

No. 8947

File: 1534843389808.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, D1DE206B-2A87-4BBE-8D96-162A57…)

No. 8948

only a taiwanese guy. he likes all her insta photos

No. 8949

File: 1534877314240.jpg (99.4 KB, 810x1440, Zi63Pxn.jpg)

matching shoes lmao

No. 8950

File: 1534877414459.jpg (126.44 KB, 1080x1350, fyejCWf.jpg)

always on drugs <3

No. 8951

sere got a fleshlight tattooed on her lol

No. 8952

whaat? new?!

No. 8953

File: 1535222280376.jpg (49.24 KB, 1080x607, 9a3N8O5.jpg)

No. 8954

Evidence plz?

No. 8955

File: 1535245115582.jpeg (258.19 KB, 640x890, C1E045E3-A501-4C77-9D34-18149C…)

Im laughing more at this chinese level photoshop

No. 8956

not that anon, but I think they think that the donut on her knee on >>8953 is the fleshlight.

No. 8957

Donut is not new

No. 8958

Lol no one cares about Lorena anymore

No. 8959

lorena is too stupid to ride a bike

No. 8960

Does she have a university degree or something?

No. 8961

nope nothing. i think just high school

No. 8962


Care about seeing her ass deported from Japan. Thought the dominos would fall in place faster than this when Shannon was nabbed. Is Japanese police utterly incompetent or do they just hate Chinese (and indifferent to white people) that badly?

No. 8963

Tbh they are probably looking into shienas friends ect. But Japanese police take forever to do anything lmao

No. 8964

Lorena has become basically irrelevant now. I feel like she could do herself a lot of good by writing everything she knows about Shiena. I'm sure Shiena and she got up to a lot of shit and she knows a ton from when Shiena was her best friend.

I would 100% read whatever Lorena had to say. It would be way more juicy than anything Shiena could right herself.

No. 8965

nah she is still relevant. lorena is just quite about the shit she is doing

No. 8966

she is too quiet atm
maybe in korea ?

No. 8967

File: 1535741821058.jpg (132.65 KB, 1080x1350, kabukillmee_40006315_312884165…)

Normally I wouldn't body shame but Lorena is so garbage (+ she puts herself out there) so I'm just gonna do it.

Holy shit that lower stomach area looks ratchet. How does she not look at that stomach and be like "Oh yeah, I gave birth to 2 or 3 children, maybe I should do something to help them instead of posting ugly ass photos to insta"

No. 8968

That's fucking disgusting. Her stomach literally looks like cottage cheese. I feel bad for all the boners that shit must have killed.

I think mommy sex workers should be body shamed, regardless of how good/bad they are as a person. It's child endangerment. Sex work in general, even camming, is extremely risky. The sex positive movement/tumblr fails to mention this to women.

No. 8969

File: 1535744214115.png (431.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180831-143552.png)

Aren't there treatments for this? Like instead of any other surgeriea if my lower stomach looked like this I'd get this fixed first.

No. 8970

Tummy tuck, I guess. She had a kid, it's normal to be stretched out afterwards.

No. 8971

Just imagine what this looks like in person, without all the editing and filters.

I don't know if I'd really lump camming in with escorting/actual prostitution in regards to danger. You can region lock who can view your stream and it's easy enough to conceal your identity to some extent without covering your entire face. Most camgirls don't care or are pretty careless though.

Lorena really doesn't care about her kids. This third child is the first and only one she's "kept" and it's probably mostly due to the fact that the father isn't in the picture this time around. She's still very actively selling sex, living with what's very likely a client, and cracking jokes on her IG about her drug abuse. Her priorities at 30 are entirely backwards.

No. 8972

She has 2 belly buttons???

No. 8973

>sex positive
You mean pro-abuse

No. 8974

Her left breast is infected?

No. 8975

I’m all for disagreeing with the way she acts and lack of care for her kids. Her crazy over photoshop is hilarious.

But I don’t think body shaming a person for having scars/lose skin from childbirth is right, many woman experience this and these reactions from other people yet to experience it, is just damaging. Sometimes I envy her confidence to show herself to the world, though she’s so egotistical it makes me cringe.

No. 8976

Is it a bruise? And does she have one at the side of her face?

No. 8977

caption being
>I know I shouldn’t but it feels so good

No. 8978

Region locking is only going to give a false sense of security tbh. Any profession where you sell your body/sexuality is dangerous. Any mommy camgirls really should reevaluate their life/career choices because they are endangering their children. And they're trash. Once you have a kid, it's about that kid, not you. If the only way you can feed your kid without sex work is through government assistance, you choose the assistance, because it's actually safe for your kid. Your kid doesn't care if you have new nails and they get a bunch of material things, they just want food, a bath/clean comfy clothes, a safe/clean place to sleep, and attention. Mommy sex workers need to put their damn clothes on, and either get on the dole or get a real job. I'm tired of seeing selfish cunts put themselves and their wants before their childrens' wellbeing and safety.

No. 8979

>I don’t think body shaming a person for having scars/lose skin from childbirth is right,

If she wasn't a sex worker who was endangering her children nobody would say anything about it. Regardless, it IS disgusting, and nobody aside from breeding fetishists wanna see that shit.

No. 8980

>>8972 Nah her belly button is unfortunately sagging due to being stretched out three times during pregnancy and a heavy piercing bar.
>>8974 My thoughts too ew thats weird….

>>8975 I agree no one should be body shamed for having scars or lose skin especially if they were previously pregnant or fat, also that mommy sex workers should not be shamed, because sometimes life is extremely difficult, especially as a single mom.
If we disregard the fact this is about Sere, it is a different topic. But because it is Sere, it is disgusting because she literally could just go the fuck back home and not endanger her child. If what we found out was truth and she had her operations while pregnant, then that is disgusting…

Side note; Japan has weird adult clubs where you can find pregnant escorts, get a massage via a pregnant woman. They list what they allow, most don't allow sexual intercourse but will do all the rest including breastfeeding the men. So there are people out there that seek this sort of shit and I bet Sere did hop all over that….

No. 8981

File: 1536305151444.jpeg (72.78 KB, 480x398, 758453AE-1AEA-4B34-AF26-22C908…)

The thing of nightmares

No. 8982

The kid belongs to someone at the sharehouse she lives in.

No. 8983

Lmfao can you stop this bullshit already

No. 8984

Lorena was eating at the Dennys I was in. She saw me and my friend who she recognized so she started loudly talking about how she reported shiena because "these bitches all need to go."

No. 8985

lorena is really mentally ill.
hope she is going to be next

No. 8986

Where‘s the proof?

No. 8987


I would agree it seems really unlikely she could have kept a kid this whole time without somebody finding out. Then again there are women who abandon their babies like that insane lady in Sendai who was in the news lately

No. 8988

Cut this shit out already. It’s her kid.

No. 8989

Who was she with? Any other details?

No. 8990

She was eating with a Japanese girl. I didn't recognize her. Pretty sure Lorena was just trying to stir up trouble.

Also…she didn't have the kid with her. Is there any proof that it belongs to her? She definitely seems to be living in a share house based on her room and that bbq video.

No. 8991

How did her most recent post get 5000 likes? She usually gets 30-40.

No. 8992

She bought likes

No. 8993

You really think just because the kid is hers she would have it with her all the time? She’s not exactly mother of the year.

No. 8994

Exactly. Shes the trash queen what do you expect lmfao

No. 8995

Anyone notice how she seems to be trying to channel Andi Autumn with her poses, outfits, hair styles, even the makeup in her most recent pics. (And her latest post got 30 likes so far so she obvs bought likes on the last one…)

No. 8996

I bet it was her that reported Shiena anonymously. It has to be someone who knew where Shiena lived.

No. 8997

Wonder if the way she'll finally get deported is when the child dies from starvation at home while she's out hoeing… there are lots of child abandonment cases in Japan

No. 8998

Lorena really needs to dish on Shiena.

No. 8999

They would never be able to pin the kid on her if she did this. No docs nothing. Poor child. Anyone else notice that the kid was all over her insta when she thought she could pin the host guy as the dad but now that she is getting 0 from him the child doesn't make any appearance.
You can clearly see the kid means nothing to her other than visa or money. Shame, i had hopes she had finally changed for this kid but clearly not.

No. 9000

Just put the damn kid up for adoption.

No. 9001

Surely she can’t even do that without any paperwork? I dunno

No. 9002

she can leave him in a protective service anonymously
She could even say she found him
Just anything would be better than the life she is giving him

No. 9003

File: 1536712697231.jpg (76.81 KB, 720x480, 4_large.jpg)

No. 9004

That’s not her in the picture and the place doesn’t even look like anything what she posts on her Instagram. Also she is living in meguro.

No. 9005

Oh, guess she magically lost all her tattoos too, huh…

No. 9006

Lmao are you even trying

No. 9007

Is it just me or do you think lorena herself writes this bullshit?

No. 9008

Lol no?? If anything she is trying to look like Ariana Grande, who is super popular in Japan

No. 9009

more like instawhore

No. 9010


It is weird. She hasn't had any good milk (at least that we know of) in ages. Her insta is just airbrushed to hell selfies showing off her stretch marks, fried to hell pudding hair, and random couches of what are presumably her johns. She doesn't seem to have friends or do anything except eat bottom of the barrel restaurants. She buys likes and nobody comments.

I really think she has no friends. I'm sure she has some interesting milk but nobody will know if she doesn't hang out with anyone except johns.

No. 9011

She's been able to use Cody Sanderson to get people to hang out with her.

I think she's probably worried that Shiena and her family are going to go after her for reporting her to immigration.

No. 9012

It wasn’t her. She’s lying because she wants to seem like some kind of tough bitch. She lies about literally everything and you believe her now? lmao

No. 9013


Literally no way to prove who reported her. Even if people come forward and say they do it, they could be lying. It could be someone we're not even considering and we'd never know.

I heard from Sasaki the construction worker's new girlfriend that she reported Shiena to immigration because she wanted to be able to marry him.

I heard from my friend Yoshizawa at the National Tax Bureau that Shiena was found out when they noticed she hadn't filed taxes for years.

I heard from Hairmake-san that she reported Shiena because she's racist against Chinese people and hates that they're "stealing jobs from Japanese people".

I heard Miranda reported her because she knew she'd be next and she wanted the Google search results for "Canadian arrested in Japan" to be filled with someone else besides herself

No. 9014

I can believe Miranda did it, she IS that fucking stupid and crazy so I would t put it passed her

No. 9015


Who? She posts nearly every day to Insta with backgrounds that are obviously in Japan, so she's not "lying low". The last time she took a pic with another human being (excluding hosts/exercise trainers/people she paid to hang out with her) is from 4/29, almost 5 months ago.

Normal people don't have to go half a year without having human interaction that doesn't involve $$$….

No. 9016


Who is taking these basic ass "glamour" shots of her? I can't imagine a John being arsed to do so. Tripod?

No. 9017

File: 1537071294791.jpg (1.68 MB, 2560x2560, 18-09-10-14-18-10-117_deco.jpg)

Dropped a pic.

No. 9018


ok but who took THAT pic

No. 9019

File: 1537075894145.png (481.78 KB, 518x745, lorena0.png)

She's definitely been trying to pull some kind of Ariana type look lately with the giant clip in high ponytail and mini-dress/thigh high heel combo. She's not pulling it off though. Girl needs to desperately fix that mess on her head.

She already wrecked that fake clip in ponytail. Look at this mess. She's been really lazy about showing where her extensions are installed too. Kind of wonder if she's also using this fake ponytail to hide breakage from bleaching? She hasn't done her roots in a while.

She hangs around with some other prostitutes, low end hosts/musicians, and she's posted videos with some possible clients/guys from her work on IG. Who knows at this point. There's also that one tall black "gyaru" wannabe girl she hangs with sometimes?

Otherwise, she doesn't seem to have many friends outside work. Haven't seen Gaya or any of her other "friends" in a long while now.

No. 9020

Damn I can’t believe she goes out in public with those tattoos showing. She looks like a deranged methhead.

Any news about her ”band”? Do they have insta or something? The promo pics were so promising… I’d be disappointed if they quit before releasing anything…

No. 9021

Oh lorena
Looking like a mess..like always

No. 9022

Jesus Christ, that whole fake ponytail looks completely destroyed lol She can’t even take care of a clip on??

No. 9023


lol this pic doesn't show shit, the guy next to her probably isn't with her based on the body language/where they are standing, they're just both waiting at a cross walk

No. 9024

I feel sorry for the guy she manipulated to live with her

No. 9025

If you watch her insta story you can see she is back with Gaya at host. Gaya is singing terribly and Sere is back on drugs doing that stupid tongue thing.

No. 9026

File: 1537154049480.jpg (136.63 KB, 1566x1518, lorena.jpg)

just post caps

No. 9027

So how much of the weight loss do you think was due to her drug use?

She seems really out of it in a lot of her more recent IG stories, has posted memes/lyrics about her drug use. Seems like some kind of uppers? Pills maybe?

No. 9028

Cant cap the awful singing or her wiping grease off her head like a maniac though

No. 9029

File: 1537156948196.png (1.41 MB, 917x778, rough.png)

She's looking really rough. Weird that she'd post a clip of her wiping grease off her forehead instead of just taking a new clip to post.

Also, maybe I'm just tinfoiling here, but is she making social media posts in response to posts here again? I made this post >>9019 less than a day ago, and she's hanging with Gaya and showing off freshly bleached roots. If not, what a weird coincidence after so long? Reminds me of how she immediately showed her dogs on IG when an anon said they think she might have gotten rid of them since we hadn't seen them for months.

No. 9030

She’s always done it like that. The only thing she’d never show us is her legit visa

No. 9031

Hair still looks like a fizzy fried mess lmao

No. 9032

Forehead over here looking like a boiled egg

No. 9033

yeah, none of which was described in >>9025

No. 9034

I really think it is a sharehouse she loves in. All the pics of her room look like a fucking sharehouse with all her cheap furniture in it. Plus there was the rooftop bbq party and darts game…which is something that happens at a sharehouse or social apartment.

Lorena please show us your kitchen and bathroom and bedroom. Not just the sofa.

No. 9035

I wonder if sere knows what happened to shiena. Idk why she hasnt commented on it

No. 9036

Nah doesn‘t look like a sharehouse. It‘s a normal apartment

No. 9037

furnished apt at most. if you rent an empty apt here, nobody buys such furniture.

monthly apt or sharehouse

No. 9038


They hadn't hung out in a loong time. I'm sure she knows but doesn't care

No. 9039


more like a trap house lol

No. 9040

How can she stay so long in japan? Some poor soul had to marry her?

No. 9041

File: 1537265196937.jpg (51.75 KB, 1080x604, XXFOTjU.jpg)

I almost puked when i saw this

No. 9042

whoa there

No. 9043


No. 9044

she is crazy

No. 9045

>>9041 If I had that stomach, fuck the boob jobs, plz fix that shit
I am already self conscious about my body but wow… just, W O W

No. 9046

How did this one manage to stay off the news

No. 9047

I thought that was some type of lacey fabric to match with the couch that she draped over her stomach. Is that scar tissue from having multiple c-sections? Stretch marks?

No. 9048

Definitely multiple c-sections

No. 9049

Children are only tools for her to get what she wants

No. 9050

Yikes. It's weird how she edits/filters her pics so heavily, but doesn't seem to do much about her loose skin/scars on her stomach? Are they this bad after being filtered? Does she like the attention they bring?

Her old boobs were an actual nightmare, so they definitely needed to be fixed asap. She still has pretty extreme scarring on them that she filters out in pics, but the shape/ nipple placement does seem greatly improved?

For as "rich" and "successful" as she pretend to be though, I am shocked she doesn't use some of that money on fixing that wreck of a stomach instead of buying bootleg luxury brand merch.

No. 9051

File: 1537361146666.jpeg (167.76 KB, 747x1056, 0D640E2A-BA06-4092-8EED-32F224…)

She’s spending money on so much stuff but can’t get her yellow roots fixed

No. 9052

Like clockwork. Didn't an anon up-thread just wonder about her "music career". Immediately she sets a date with the bandman she's fucking so she can prove that she's a rock star.

No. 9053

That is so so tragic

No. 9054

that hair and sunken eye look is tragic

No. 9055

The whole picture is tragic. She is literally grasping at straws. What on earth will she do next to try and validate herself? Very sad.

No. 9056

No joke. How long until we see her fix her yellow roots? She probably checks this thread more than most anons do.

So far she has a failed porn career, a short stint at some Aussie "beauty school"s, some sad photoshopped attempt at "modeling" via her IG. Definitely curious to see how this whole sad music career attempt will play out. She doesn't have a particularly pleasant speaking voice, so I really can't imagine her singing to be much better.

No. 9057


Receipts about the beauty schools thing?
You can find her old blog here https://chochokawaiiblog.blogspot.com/ kinda sad, you can see her being a typical weeb who seems happy and enjoys interests that aren't drugs or hoeing

I have no idea what someone like this at this age could do to redeem their life though. I know she lost custody of her first 2 kids (still not clear if the 3rd is actually hers or not?????) Do her parents refuse to engage with her?

I hate to say it but I get this vibe that she's trying to go for that washed up starlet persona, like 2007 Britney style.
She's a bit old for the 27 club but I honestly do feel like the next milk we'll get from her will be her overdose/suicide. Maybe with an additional bit about how her baby's corpse was found in a box in the closet.

No. 9058

She was so cute back then!

No. 9059

I'd have to dig it up in the old threads, but it was when she was in Australia with boytoy. Said she was there to get a certified in a beauty program? I don't think she ever followed through, instead we just saw her working in a brothel during her stay and outing boytoy as being anorexic.

In her early Japanese days she was definitely less awful, but still not great person. She was pretty scuzzy prior to Japan, and lost custody of her first kid to her parents before bailing to pursue her weaboo dreams in Japan. I think she turned to prostitution as she saw hostessing as easy access to her type of men, easy money, and lots of attention since she plays up the blonde foreigner thing.

I don't think Lorena would ever purposely harm her kids, she's a cracked out prostitute, sure, but I think that scenario is going a bit extreme? I also don't see her doing enough drugs to die this young. It wouldn't surprise me if in another 5+ years she spirals out of control though.

Uh, scroll through a bit more anon. The unfiltered photos are pretty telling. She's always looked the way she does now, just a little softer due to being younger/chubbier and probably quite a bit healthier back then.

No. 9060

She went back to Aus on a visa hop, this was the time she started bullshitting so she made up the beauty school thing, just another story to go alongside her "4 degrees".

Sere has never been 'less awful', she is a disgusting vile poor excuse of a human. She abandoned her first child to go to Japan and then did nothing but talk down to people online/in person and air all her dirty laundry about her husband cheating on her all over the sekai no gyarusa facebook page. She used to personally message/attack girls that her husband had shown interest in just to scare them (not that anyone would want to go near that disgusting guy anyway). She has always been a conceited self-centered piece of shit. She has never had a single redeeming quality and never will.

No. 9061

she also lied about her second child. she said that her former husband didn't allow her to use the pill or something like that. but it was lorena who did that extra so she can get pregnant and he had to marry her

No. 9062

Ugh, she was. Being a weeb hoe is destructive kids, don’t do it!

No. 9063

No. 9064

It depends on what drugs she can get in Japan I guess. I've known a few people who died of opioid overdose and while they were all a bit trashy, some of them were wayyy more functional/normal seeming than Lorena is (held down a day job, had custody of their own children, etc).

She must know she can't keep hoeing forever and she doesn't seem to have much else in her life (music? also something you can't keep doing forever).

No. 9065

Tags “DQN白人” and “デカ尻” hahahah

No. 9066

I laughed hard at the dqn白人 comment

No. 9067

She got double penetrated. That is just beyond gross.

Why is she still in Japan? What exactly is appealing about her life there? She is a 3p year old, child abandoning monster with some fake designer bags and about 1,000 people who hate her. She lives in a gross sharehouse and to visa hop in order to continue prostituting her acne covered ass.

Nothing about her is classy or glamorous or worthwhile. We should all ignore this thread for a week and see what she does to try to get our attention back.

No. 9068

But lorena spagnolo messinger feels so special in japan!
Also she is fat as fuck, ugly scars, no friends and has to manipulate guys to like/marry her.
The guys who met her always said she is fucking crazy and they hate her drug addicted ass.
I don‘t know of drugs ruined her brain or she is just mental.
Loving japan so much that you stay there illegal.

No. 9069

Did you notice? When lorenas thread is kinda active, she shit-talks about people she doesn‘t like in other threads

No. 9070

File: 1537525638069.jpeg (226.38 KB, 640x655, 21E1547A-9B08-47E5-BEB5-D7395E…)

Shes revealed the name of her ‘band’ DDDDC and apparently shes an ‘intersectional feminist’ hahahaha

No. 9071

whoa that photo is kinda creepy
like "I'm going to ruin your life "

No. 9072

Why exactly does this talentless trashbag think she's owed a music career now? Why does she think she's owed fame of any sort?

No. 9073

that's her fucked up brain

No. 9074

Cottage cheese ass

No. 9075

cottage cheese ass escort

No. 9076

File: 1537538679847.jpg (205.49 KB, 1024x1065, bp.jpg)


Please Lorena, get rid of your butt acne already.


No. 9077

Saw Lorena in Kabukicho waiting outside of SENSE Tokyo. I thiught she just got her hair done but her roots are like bright yellow and her stupid long ponytail is nearly white.

No. 9078

so she is still annoying that yushi guy? poor him

No. 9079

Her hair must be so fried that it can't even be toned properly.

No. 9080

You people are fucking weirdos. Lorena is dumpsterfire but implying she’d kill her kid? Really?

No. 9081

She would do everything

No. 9082

I've been pretty… tentative to say this I guess, but Lorena has me pretty conflicted.
A friend of mine last year moved to Tokyo from New York and started hostessing, and said Lorena was one of the only girls to actually help her. The way she described Lorena was nothing like what we see her as here. When I showed her this forum she said she was shocked.

My friend said in person she wasn't very obnoxious, rude, or mean so she didn't understand why so many people hated her online. She's very quiet and nice to everyone. I explained that my main reservations were in her abandoning her children, because I honestly couldn't care less about her being a hooker.

Lorena has a spouse visa. I still don't like that she abandoned her first two (?) kids, but I was told she very frequently sends money to her parents so they have what they need. Doesn't make it much better but I see her in a different light now I suppose?
There isn't much else for me to give, I have no juicy stories because there was no milk from her in my friend's presence. The only negative thing she really said about her was that now she would look at her very differently because of her children, and that she was worried about her weight loss because she thought she was doing drugs.

No. 9083

Oh, I almost forgot. I liked this tidbit.
The girls that come in the threads claiming to see Lorena in person are all no better than Lorena. They aren't regular farmers who just happen to live in Nip, it's just other weeb prostitutes that are in all the same areas as her because they sell pussy. It's also theorized that our fav pee princess Natalia Natchan lives on these boards and loves posting about other girls in Nip as though she isn't just like them.

No. 9084

Uhhhh that is nothing at all like Lorena. You are just lying anon.

I was unfortunately at a bar with friends one time when she came in, tried to pretend she was a model and really rich in order to get attention. She wouldn't stop shoving her hands down my friend Ryo's pants and kissing him even though he said he had a girlfriend. She was loud and insanely obnoxious until Naoki would come over to drink at her table. She wouldnt stop groping at every Japanese guy who came near her and telling them about how she was buying a third Hermes bag for her collection.

No. 9085

>she's really a nice lady who sends money to the kids she abandoned

No. 9086

Yes, that‘s what guys told me too about her. She likes to harass guys

No. 9087

Quiet??? Uhh lol. The only time I saw Lorena in person was walking past her in the streets of shinjuku some time ago and she and her friends were screeching like harpies, so much so that they were causing a ruckus and people were looking. It was really embarrassing.

No. 9088

Ive meet Lorena too and all she did was talk about herself and kept being obnoxious to keep attention on her lmao

No. 9089

When she sees other foreigners, lorena gives them a dirty look lol

No. 9090

File: 1537611944330.jpg (60.62 KB, 750x1334, rBlV6sq.jpg)

this is how she looks inside lmao

No. 9091

Not kill her kid, but the kid dies from neglect.
Happens every so often in Japan that a single mother sex worker gets fed up with not being able to care for her kids and just abandons them. Usually they get pregnant expecting a shotgun marriage (deki-kon) and either the marriage never comes or it flames out quickly leaving mom and baby. Because the moms are young and uneducated they turn to sex work, but they think the drinking and partying is more enjoyable than caring for the sprog so they just ignore it until it dies. Basically exactly what Sere does.

Here's one such case:

No. 9092


People can act differently in different settings. My guess is Sere can put on an act of being nice and chill for a fellow hoe she just just met who has no connections to the rest of the Kabukicho underworld. But she loses her shit when drunk/on drugs/in the presence of Japanese chinchin

No. 9093

Lorena harasses basically every host who's her type. She gets mad jealous and just assumes everyone will want her because she's white.

I remember the time she broke a window at Naoki's bar and got herself banned from Lee3. She showed up with her friend, both acting all schizo. The bar was closed to the public for a party so you had to be invited to get in. She kept insistinf she was on the list because she knows Naoki. He finally came out and told them not to ket her in since it was a private event. She started crying but went away. Then like 20 min later she threw a rock at the window next to the door and smashed it. She was screaming and crying so much that a bunch of guys from other stores came out. Someone threatened to call the coos but it's Lee3 so it's run by Yakuza. Everytually 2 youngish guys showed uo and dragged her away and made evryone go inside. Then the bartender at Naoki's place swept up the glass and the whole atmosphere kind of dissolved. Most of the girls inside were too nervous to go outside of the bar so we kind of kept the party going by trying to do karaoke.

No. 9094

Yeah usually she gets what she wants by manipulating people. So that‘s how she react when she doesn‘t get what she wants. Total psycho

No. 9095

Maybe she acted like that at that air group club too.

No. 9096

You mean the time she got scraped up when they threw her out? Probably.

You have to get pretty scary before a host club will remove you. Usually the hosts are able to talk their customers out of being angry or upset. To get thrown out like she did, she must have made a huge scene.

No. 9097


I too have met Lorena and I don’t think it’s physically possible for her to be quiet. She was loud and obnoxious even just sitting in a cafe with her “friends”, wouldn’t stop bragging about all the dick she’s had, and was very vulgar for no reason. (She also couldn’t speak enough Japanese to ask the staff at a shoe store to check for her size so she asked/basically forced us to help her. Jfc.)

No. 9098

Goddd thats shocking when you know how easy it is to ask that simple question in Japanese. She’s been in Japan for years and the twit still doesn’t know a thing

No. 9099

Lorena has been banned from a few host clubs in Kabukicho. Yushi only lets her into SENSE because she got Cody Sanderson to give him some jewelry.

Does anyone else remember the time she and Shiena tried to leave without paying at a club after Lorena did a champagne call but didnt quite have enough cash? It was when she took Shiena out for her birthday. That was hilarious. I think it happened at Fate. She eventually got Gaya to come and pay the club the difference. Dunno if she ever paid Gaya back. I remember how pissed off Shiena was about the whole thing. I think that was the last time she was friends with Lorena.

No. 9100

Ive never heard this story lmao

No. 9101

Shiena ranted about it forever. She was so embarassed and scared at the time because she didn't have enough cash on her either and didn't think she should have to pay on her birthday. Lorena left the host club first pretending to take a call but told Shiena to stay behind then come out later pretending she would be right back. The guys at the club aren't stupid so they caught Shiena trying to leave then went outside to find Lorena and drag her back in too. The manager screamed at the both of them and threatened them saying they couldn't leave if they didn't pay. So Lorena called Gaya to bring her enough money to pay for the champagne call and nomination fees and stuff.

No. 9102

File: 1537697344060.jpg (75.14 KB, 1024x1821, 0SFwkB5.jpg)

on her instastory

No. 9103

People that go to host clubs are seriously dumb as fuck.

If you're having MHI stop drinking, doing drugs and whoring. Idiot. Get a real fucking life or may as well throw yourself infront of a train. What is the point in living when you have to suck a dick just to buy yourself something to eat.

No. 9104

So, what were you doing at a bar hanging out with prostitutes?
You're clearly just as lame as she is.

No. 9105

Gaya may not be cute or have any singing ability but she seems like a sweet girl. She deserves better friends than Sere.

No. 9106

wtf anon?!
naokis bar is a normal bar

No. 9107

Normal bar… ye ok, a normal bar ran by an ex-host, full of hosts/girls that thirst over hosts, in Kabukicho.

Yep anon. Seems like a 'normal bar'… ok then.

No. 9108

Gaya is fake af. Back in the days she’d lurk on every women in the SNG group and talk to them in a nice way and gave reports to Lorena if anyone would dare talk something bad about her. Also she’s just as nasty as Sere. Married for a Visa just to become a hoe, wow so glorious and sweet desu she’s totes an idol

No. 9109

That's kind of obvious. Sere just stands out from the rest of the nippon-dwelling weeb hoes because she's louder. I bet all the anons who claim to have seen her in person are involved in prostitution and would warrant themselves a thread if they were a little bit more vocal about theis sleazyness.

No. 9110

File: 1537711436223.jpg (38.17 KB, 319x495, 2idim1.jpg)

god anon, what is wrong with you?

Once I went to a supermarket and saw her. I'm a prostitute now`?

No. 9111

so do all you anons that just randomly see her in places and hang out at bars she and her friends run around just all live in the same area? shop there all the time? you all seem to run in close circles to her yet all her friends are hosts/ex-hosts/escorts

kinda makes you wonder sometimes

No. 9112

But host clubs allow you to pay just before their monthly cut off day so it wouldn’t have been a problem? They take a copy of your ID and write down your details for you to sign.

No. 9113

There are a handful of other people it could be. Shiena's friends/"friends" would know this story from Shiena and presumably lurk lolcow (Dania, Ebony, Katie, etc)

I actually wish more kabukihoes lurked lolcow because I feel like we're only scratching the surface of the milk Lorena has but since Lorena has no friends anymore we don't know the half of it. Nobody has been able to even confirm or deny that the third child was hers

No. 9114

Not all clubs let you pay later. Each club has its own rules. It's becoming way more common for host clubs to only accept payment night of. Also some hosts have their own rules as well. I know Hikaru only accepts payment night of and now he only takes cash.

No. 9115

Also, they could have assumed Lorena and/or Shiena might leave the coubtry without paying since they're foreign. Or maybe Lorena just has a bad reputation.

No. 9116

Sorry anon but not everyone who goes to host clubs is a prostitute. There are plenty of legit bars, restaurants, and clubs in Kabukicho as well. It's also a pretty chill place to wait for people you're meeting in Shinjuku since you can chat with all the scouts.

No. 9117

Yea… cause every normal person wants to go for a nice meal in Tokyos red light district and chat to pimps in their spare time….

If you think this is normal then you need to make some serious life adjustments and aim your goals a little higher.

No. 9118


you exaggerate the "red light district" way too much. kabukicho is quite a regular place to go for drinks, especially at weekends. definitively not exclusive to sex workers of any kind or their customers.

No. 9119

Are you for real? If anyone ever said to me "I'll take you on a date, lets go to Kabukicho for drinks" I would ignore them immediately. Its not a normal or regular place at all. It is overrun with host/hostess clubs, snack bars and love hotels, difficult to over exaggerate that. The 'regular bars' are also full of hosts/hostesses and their customers. If you enjoy going out there then you need to find a better hobby.

No. 9120

This. It’s very clear to see who in this thread has and hasn’t been to kabukicho. As with any of Japan’s other red light districts, it’s full of a million very normal bars, restaurants, and so on as well.

Also people need to realize that sketchy places aren’t limited to just red light districts. go to literally any station and you’ll find girls bars, low level kyaba, and other similar things scattered around.

No. 9121


wow anon, have you ever even set foot to Japan?

There are some host & hostesses at regular bars and shops after their clubs closing time and I don't see anything wrong with it.. I can't understand your anger at people working in that business. there may be some individuals pretending to live the high live, like Lorena for that matter, but most of them are just regular people doing their job. shitty jobs tho, but you are not forced to talk to them and while meeting them on their time off from work, they will most likely also not trying to talk to you anyway.

take a chill pill.

No. 9122

People go to Kabukicho all thr time for drinks, food, and karaoke. You obviously just have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 9123

This. The anons sperging most likely have never been to Japan.
It’s actually very easy to run into cows in Tokyo, there’s plenty enough of them. I don’t even live in Japan and I’ve seen a few out and about on the streets when I’ve been on holidays.

That said, there’s plenty of normal places to eat and drink in kabukicho, izakayas are pretty normal in kabukicho and there’s a a few ones that have good eats.

No. 9124

There’s the new giant Toho Cinema, game centers, bubble tea, izakaya & restaurant

No. 9125

>>9093 I wonder if this runs in story to those bruises she had and anon here thought it had been through abuse of a host or someone? Claiming she got bitten, cant find the original post/thread though.

>>9120 Seriously this. My home town is a small over run by oldies but many students and it has a small section of massage parlors and bars with kyaba lmaooooo red light districts are not just Kabukicho..

>>9119 Kabukicho isn't even that bad for fucks sake. Not everything is overrun by prostitutes and scat shit if people like the lively atmosphere let them.

ANYWAY, anyone got any scoop on her band "D4C" I am hella curious what the fuck type of band this is… band..

No. 9126

Just saw Lorena in Shibuya going to Burger King carrying a bag from Donki. No kid with her.

No. 9127

how classy and rich

No. 9128

wow anon, i find this increasingly creepy and stalkerish , does she just stick out that much in a crowd of people or what? you just sit and watch for her? she seems like the type that would blend in with every other wanna-be 'high class girl' in japan, because she kinda does imo

No. 9129

Her tattoos and Hermes bag make her stand out like crazy. Also the streets in Shibuya are narrow af. Plus people you recognize always stand out in a crowd.

No. 9130

She really does stick out, bright hair and since she wears heels a lot she towers above the crowd. I have seen her in Shibuya before too.

No. 9131

Plus there arent really that many foreigners that look like she does walking around with a ton of tattoos too. All the tourists wear short denim shorts/jeans and a hiking bag for some goddamn unknown reason?
Sage for double post.

No. 9132

jesus she needs to start pulling it back then if she sticks out that much, i mean i know you can pick someone out if you recognize them but in a crowd it can be harder if your not looking for them y'know? she's literally being a sore-thumb

No. 9133

Before last summer I hadnt even followed Sere too much online but I knew who she was. Went to Tokyo for a holiday and one day I was standing in the traffic lights in front of Harajuku and suddenly a tattooed hand appeared in the corner of my sight. Then I saw the fake nails attached into that hand and realized immediately it was Sere who was standing right next to me lol.

No. 9134

Youve also got to realise that any foreigner
that isnt Asian here sticks out immediately too. Japan is still like 98% Japanese lol

No. 9135


I'm pretty sure the kid isn't hers. I think she took a picture with a friend/coworker kid and tried to make it look like that was her kid.

No. 9136

She puts the kid in the 24h care place when she doesn't want it, cmon now.

No. 9137


You can't just permanently leave them in one of those places, also they're out of her price range (even shoddy ones). The majority won't accept undocumented children to begin with

No. 9138

both of those things are incorrect.

No. 9139

Please research beforehand when making comments like thos. You’re wrong about both

No. 9140

Either Lorena is here defending herself or there's more women abandoning undocumented babies at illegal 24h daycare than I realize.

No. 9141

Bullshit. I work in a preschool, any child without the correct health insurance paperwork will not be admitted. This is in case any accident happens to the child and the child needs to be taken immediately to the hospital without parents.

No. 9142

You work at a legit place idiot. Theyre plenty of dodgey af nan and pop 24/7 care places for sex workers kids these days that dont give a fuck. Thats why theres been cases of babies dying and shit there.

No. 9143

Wrong. There are already articles posted about this either upthread or the previous thread.

No. 9144

You probably missed this being posted the first time around so I'll add it here again: https://www.vice.com/en_id/article/kbwxez/inside-japans-dangerous-unregulated-baby-hotel-childcare-industry-en-id

>90 percent of the mothers leaving their children with the baby hotel were sex workers or employed as hostesses and bar girls, she claimed. "One mom, I remember, had never worked in a sex industry job before but had been left with no other choice. She was really nervous and sad because she obviously didn't want to leave her child in a baby hotel."

>"Personally, I wish this type of baby hotel didn't exist, because the conditions were poor," she says, "but on the other hand, I totally understand that it's last resort for sex industry worker moms, who are often single parents."

No. 9145

I'm not sure you guys understand how difficult it is to have an undocumented baby in Japan.

If Lorena gave birth in Korea, she would have needed proper paperwork for the child to re-enter Japan with her. If she gave birth in a Japanese hospital, the Japanese givernment would be alerted to the birth. The hospital would ask her to provide the father's name. If she declined to do this, the hospital would treat the baby as another foreign national like Lorena and would contact the Australian consulate before she was allowed to leave the hospital.

I really don't think the baby is hers. The government would have been looking very carefully into Lorena after the birth because the baby would need a visa.

No. 9146

This! Lorena has been full of so much bullshit.

You cannot give birth to a child in Japan without having your visa checked and registering the child with the hospital, your ward, and your country's embassy.

Immigration gets very weary of any foreigner who gives birth to a child in Japan. Especially unmarried foreigners without permanent residency. We know that Lorena didn't even have anything beyond a tourist visa at the time she allegedly gave birth. No way she could have gotten away with that.

This child obviously belongs to someone she knows. Probably someone at the share apartment she lives in. There is just too little evidence of any baby or child supplies in her home.

No. 9147

This tinfoil needs to die already. You keep bringing up Japanese immigration this and that, if anybody actually gave a fuck she would have been out on her ass already. Japan doesn’t care, and it’s her kid.

No. 9148

Anon was saying that it is literally impossible for this child to exist in Japan unless it is in some government system.

No. 9149

But it's not impossible according to these reports we discussed in a past thread:

Japan’s Archaic Civil Code and the Plight of the Unregistered: https://www.nippon.com/en/currents/d00385/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_He1zm6XUI - woman in the story was born to Japanese parents but since they both remarried the child wasn't put on either family register. She couldn't go to school until 5th grade – and then she could only go to some special school for undocumented kids.



No. 9150

You're all implying she gave birth at a hospital
This ratchet ass bitch probably popped the kid out in some host clubs toilet

No. 9151

seems like she doesn't go to sense anymore

No. 9152

If Lorena did give birth to a child, no way it happened in a hospital. The hospital would have her records and there are strict guidelines for registering the birth of children (including informing the embassy in the case of children to foreign parents). Sources
The kid is supposed to be how old, 1 or 2? Would have been found out a long time ago.

I suppose there is a slim chance she had an undocumented child she gave birth to at home with the intention of getting a host to sign off as the father. This also assumes that she was living by herself (not in a share house) and that her landlord or neighbors didn't report anything.

However, the problem there is that it is fairly hard to keep an infant alive, particularly if you're out hoeing all the time. The infant wouldn't have any vaccines or the vitamin K shot at birth, making it more susceptible to disease.

Assuming there is some bottom of the barrel baby hotel that would take the undocumented, unvaccinated child of a sex worker… you can't just give them your children permanently, can you? The documentaries suggest they are used by sex workers who leave their children there at night while working and pick them up in the morning.

We've only seen a couple photos of her holding a baby, I would bet anything she's just babysitting for a fellow sex worker

No. 9153

If your statement of homebirth would be true than humanity would be dead now lol how did people survive a few hundred years ago giving birth at home constantly and without medications?
You guys are acting like it‘s impossible to give birth at home and having a healthy child. Her lifestyle wasn‘t the healthiest, true, but everything is possible, the child had probably a lot of luck and a stromg immune system.

Thinking that it‘s not her child is more bizarre since she tried to convince people everywhwre that this host is the father. Let‘s say this host or some other guy claims to be the dad and accepts it, so how the hell could he register himself as the dad if the child is already someone elses child?? Lorenas desperate acting wouldn‘t make any sense at all.
I also doubt some woman would give the child to lorena several times, especially not for babysitting. Even a sexworker can have motherly feelings to a child, so no one would give it for babysitting to lorena.

No. 9154


people died in infancy all the time a few hundred years ago…

No. 9155

children died cause there wasn't good medicine at all, women died cause they didn't get aftercare. most places in the world do homebirth still though with a midwife.

No. 9156


Lorena did not have a fucking midwife ffs

No. 9157

Most places in the world still have very high maternal and infant mortality rates. Birth is and always has been very risky for humans for a few different reasons, e.g. the size of an infant's head

No. 9158

stfu about this

No. 9159

You can absolutely give birth in a Japanese hospital without documentation, don’t be stupid. They would treat her and the baby as tourists and ADVISE her to contact her embassy, but they would not contact the embassy themselves. It’s not their problem.

No. 9160

taken from the website provided above "http://www.nic-nagoya.or.jp/en/e/archives/4746"

1. When you give birth, obtain a birth certificate from the attending doctor and submit it to your local ward office within 14 days, which will then officially certify the birth.
2. If either or both of the parents are not Japanese citizens, you must report the birth to the embassy(ies) or consulate(s) of the non-Japanese parent(s).

which would mean she got a birth certificate and just didn't report the birth anywhere else. thats simple.
however the hospital she gave birth at may have a clinical report about it, but as long as no one asks, the clinic won't take any actions.

No. 9161

She's had a spouse visa this entire time.

No. 9162

How?! She is divorced

No. 9163

Probably found someone new

No. 9164

It wasn't about the child. She wqs trying to find the host to blackmail by convincing him that he has a child. She didn't wqnt the kid registered, she wanted cash. Only he ran away.

No. 9165

The child just belongs to someone at her sharehouse. The last video of the kid was at a bbq party eith a bunch of people.

No. 9166

Lorena wasn't pregnant in April 2017. She wasn't pregnant in June 2017 when she made her new instagram either. She wasn't oregnant in December 2016 either. When was she pregnant?

No. 9167

It was 2016
When she was hiding and didn‘t use her instagram

No. 9168

I would really like a proper Sere timeline. I think that's the only way to determine if she could have been pregnant.

* June 2017 - trip to Korea
* May 2017 - last post on original insta in 2017
* May 2017 - prostitution trip to Nagoya
* March 2017 - first post on new insta
* March 2017 - threesome w/ Shiena and Cody Sanderson
* November 2016 - looks really thin posing in all black with her fur in some bar
* October 2016 - posts on insta asking if she's getting fat

No. 9169

She never took a break from social media! There are posts from her in every month from 2016 to 2018.

No. 9170

March 2016 is when she worked as a host

No. 9171

She modeled for Cody Sanderson in June 2016. When exactly was she taking a break?

No. 9172

And she shot those AVs in June 2016.

No. 9173

I think she gave birth around january 2017

No. 9174

She went to Korea with Gaya in July 2016 where she posted pics at bars and drinking. She also posted that bikini pic on the beach.

In February 2016, she was a host called Rein Kabuki at Galaxy Neo. She started working as a host in January 2016.

No. 9175

But she didn‘t use her insta and wrote RIP lol

No. 9176

a January 2017 birth means

April 2016 - conception
October 2016 - 6 months pregnant

She would have definitely been showing at 6 months. So she would have been very pregnant from October 2016 to January 2017. She looks pretty thin in all her photos from this time period. She posted a bunch of lingerie pictures in September and October 2016.

This timeline fits with her quitting being a host. Who did she claim fot her pregnant? If he was at her host club, they probably would have forced her to quit of she said anything to him and he told the management.

No. 9177

She literally never tooka break from instagram. Look at her post dates.

She wrote RIP in 2017 when she made her new account. The only break was when it took everyone like a month to find it.

No. 9178

There are posts from every single month anon. Every single month. No breaks. Ever.

No. 9179

She could have easily uploaded old photos that never made the cut before

No. 9180

Yeah she does that all the time

No. 9181


No. 9182

Dec, jan, feb, april proof is where??

No. 9183

File: 1537962414874.jpg (70.76 KB, 1080x1080, e8p9OxW.jpg)

october 2016

No. 9184

File: 1537966420472.png (1.35 MB, 1164x554, 1479178397607.png)

Dug around in the old threads. She definitely put on weight very quickly. Given her habit of carelessly having children, I don't see why it seems so far fetched that she'd have another one.

No. 9185

What is more likely
She had an undocumented baby that she somehow takes care of this whole time and posts like 2 photos of but never again

Or her weight fluctuated a bit

No. 9186

What is more likely? You ending this sperg, or you learning to sage?

No. 9187

She was obviously preggo in those pics. Your weird ass conspiracy theory that she’s pretending someone else’s kid is hers is ridiculous. How many half kids are living in a sharehouse anyway?

No. 9188

her body shape is so unfortunate

she's permanently pregnant, and she didnt even want her kids so she can't even be happy with having a mom-bod

No. 9189

The idea that she was obviously preggo is also a conspiracy theory. If she's preggo than half the women in Oz are preggo bc fat

No. 9190

Two photos? Where have you been, anon? She posted a bunch when he was really small and he's shown up in candids and on her IG story a few times since.

She's likely scammed some new loser to claim the kid and marry her. There's others saying she's snagged herself a new marriage visa.

She's not even fat anymore anon? She clearly gained weight, interestingly, only around her stomach, very suddenly around the time frame that coincides with the child's birth date. There is more evidence towards her having a third child than there is of it being someone else's child. Please, provide your "proof" that it's someone else's kid though. We're waiting, anon.

No. 9191

The proif that it's her kid is a couple photos where she looks fat. That's not really proof…

With all her other kids, she posted plenty of pictures with them on IG. She's barely posted with this kid.

No. 9192

if that's really lorena baby, we need more proof than a couple photos of the chick with a fat belly.

No. 9193

Again, there's more proof that she's had a kid than there is that she hasn't. Provide proof that the kid is someone else's? All of her hoe friends have various social media accounts, and yet, no children that look like him? C'mon derailment anon. You always come out of the woodwork with some whack ass shit.

Also, learn to sage.

No. 9194

If that’s what you think a 6/7 month pregnant belly looks like, you’re deluded. Especially as it supposedly her third child, she would have been even bigger. This is absolutely ludicrous, I am lol’ing hard. She was just a bit rotund, that’s all. She loves this speculation and attention, I’m sure.

No. 9195

File: 1538037114460.png (650.34 KB, 1059x494, yeah.png)

Stop sperging out and sage your shit anon. Bring some receipts/proof the kid isn't her kid?

No. 9196

File: 1538042834252.jpg (142.26 KB, 1080x1350, A6d8Orv.jpg)

No. 9197

File: 1538043029527.jpg (49.9 KB, 1080x809, TEWdSXV.jpg)

No. 9198

File: 1538043154569.jpg (46.66 KB, 1080x607, s0CjCjF.jpg)

on the 3rd of february she wrote happy birthday

No. 9199

I feel like there is no way to tell if it's hers.

On the one hand: she has pictures with a haffu child, she went batshit on the host forums saying the kid was hers, and she has told Cody Sanderson it is her child.

On the other hand: the child rarely makes an appearance, there is nk evidence of any kind of children's possesions in Lorenas photos, and there are fee of any of photos where Lorena looks pregnant.

The kid could belong to Lorena, soneone from her sharehouse, hachi_tattooist, or one of her friends. It might even by Gaya's kid.

Does anyone follow Gaya on instagram who can confirm she wasn't pregnant last year?

No. 9200

she got only 9 likes on one of her latest instagram photo lol

No. 9201

Definitely not hachi_tattooist's kid. Until recently her twitter was public and she often posted pics of him, he looks quite different.

No. 9202

looks more like lorenas kid

No. 9203

There's also a decent possibility that she did have the kid for awhile, but then he either died or was dropped off at an orphanage or something along those lines once Lorena realized she couldn't make use of him to get a visa

It's a bit mind boggling she's been able to stay in Japan so long, really hope the govt comes down on her sooner rather than later

No. 9204

Gaya hasn't had any children. There has been photos of her and her weight hasn't fluctuated at all unlike Lorena.

He was in her IG story like a month ago? Calm down anon. Yikes.

No. 9205

lorenas second child must be 4 years now?

No. 9206

Can't believe someone offered Shiena a porn career when she gets back to Canada. I guess it kinda makes sense since she has naturally big boobs.

I feel like Lorena must have paid those actors to fuck her in both her AVs. Otherwise, no one would have ever put her in a porno with that acne ass and those tattoos and the c-section scars.

No. 9207

i think lorena married again when she was pregnant. she deceived someone that's his child lol

No. 9208

Gaya doesn't have kids

No. 9209

File: 1538217740402.jpg (113.25 KB, 1024x1821, o2feFNY.jpg)

No. 9210

Omg someone say yes so we can all have a laugh

No. 9211

Literally any foreigner could get into an AV based off novelty alone. Lorena didn't pay anyone. Even a whale like Himika was in an AV?

Can we maybe dial it back a bit on these unsaged off the wall tinfoiling posts, anon(s)? Like, Lorena didn't kill her kid, probably isn't going to, didn't pay to be in a cheap porno, etc. I get that we all want some fresh milk, but this ain't it. You're just shitting up the thread.

No. 9212

Shani has been saying that Lorena is the one who reported Shiena.

No. 9213

Shani is saying that because she lurks and read it here when someone said Lorena was saying it herself in a dennys restaurant. See OP >>8984

Way to basically admit you lurk Shani you fucking dumbass.

No. 9214

File: 1538320044158.jpg (65.84 KB, 1080x1281, w1elNFO.jpg)

new disgusting photo

No. 9215

File: 1538320126495.jpg (42.64 KB, 1080x718, Xk371Yl.jpg)

No. 9216

Her weight is yoyoing like crazy. How can she be that fat again???

No. 9217

Flabby. She needs to get her ass in a gym, stat. This is pure skinnyfat and if she doesn’t tone up now she never will. That body might fly at her age but she’ll regret it at forty.

No. 9218

It doesn’t look like she got fat, just looks like loose skin. yo-yo dieting and pregnancy can cause it to be severe in some cases and looks like she got unlucky. Only surgery can fix that, or gaining back more weight. I think the loose skin is just more obvious as she loses more weight.

No. 9219

If you go through Yushi's hostlove, Lorena gets mentioned a lot. They think it's her kid because she brought it to Sense one day and apparently claimed with belonged to Yushi and freaked out about him not remembering sleeping with her.

No. 9220

Wow so she is literally just trying to pin it on anyone. She has no idea who the father is…

No. 9221

>>9215 From the front on shot she looks preggo again

No. 9222

lorena is super obsessed with yushi
because of him she started to work out and moved to meguro. he also lives in meguro

No. 9223


lol another host

No. 9224

Bringing a baby to a host club is new levels of trash damnnn

No. 9225

Is she still hanging out in front of the store constantly? Lmao
Who the fuck brings a baby, or let alone lets a kid into a host club ew

No. 9226

kek she added "Intersectional feminist" to her ig bio

No. 9227

They wouldnt have allowed her in with the child unless cody sanderson had booked a private party and she attended with child

No. 9228

Sere has gone to clubs despite not being allowed in the past and I wouldn’t put it past her to bring a child (her own or otherwise)

No. 9229

She probably took him and was outside. The clubs would not allow a child inside, unless closed to the public for a private party.

Your tinfoil gets more insane every time.

No. 9230

I'm not sure where the story of her bringing the kid comes from. Is it from hostlove? I just recall a story of her showing up to the dude's job and trying to harass him with accusations of him being the father and was forcibly removed. She posted photos of the bruises on IG.

Is that when she supposedly brought the kid to a host club or is it a separate story? It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she brought her kid into one before/after peak hours. They may not be allowed, but she hangs around some really sketchy/trashy people who work in or own clubs/bars.

Sage for speculation.

No. 9231

The story you're thinking of wasn't at Sense. It was at Top Dandy 1st. She accused Hikaru Nagisa that time. After she got banned from there, she got much more agressive with Yushi.

No. 9232

The reason she's brought her kid to these clubs or accused the top hosts of being the father is to create drama. She is hoping that one of them will give her whatever she wants to keep quiet so she doesn't turn away their customers. That's why she accuses top hosts who she's obviously never slept with.

No. 9233

God damn
She is crazy af
Hope she gets deported

No. 9234

She put up an itunes link on her instagram. It looks like it's just a playlist tho.


No. 9235

She's apparently been trying to get into Ageha by sleeping with the Bar Royce guy. That's what her music career is all about. She's been fucking him to get her band featured because he didn't want to let her model.

No. 9236

if that's true, it's gross. can he help her?

No. 9237

Girls that try to use sex to get what they want usually learn quickly that it doesnt work. At the end of it you dont get what you want yet you fucked the dude anyway. He gained and you lost.

No. 9238

Is there any more info on her "band" yet? All we got are a couple dodgy phone pics a little over two months ago.

I tried searching around, but with a dumb name like DDDDC. All you get is the ACDC song "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" and the Jojo character named after the song. What an appropriate name for a band with an actual hooker for their vocalist though.

No. 9239

File: 1538583380648.jpg (104.69 KB, 1024x1820, B6pKbQU.jpg)

acting like she is super rich again lmao

No. 9240

A recipe for a steak lol

No. 9241

for 6700 yen

watched a documentary about murder and found some similarities with one and lorena

No. 9242

Its not a recipe, its just a specfic cut of steak. This is how pricing labels look in Japan.
I doubt she bought it, just took a photo. As if she cooks.

No. 9243

Lorena is apparently trying to start her own host club this time.

What happened to her bar? Lol

No. 9244

receipts, anon? This is an image board.

No. 9245

lol sere can't even afford an iphone let alone a club

No. 9246

She talks shit all the time. Lorena wanted to open a kyabakura lol

No. 9247

I meant receipt

No. 9248

Sage goes in the email field. Stop bumping the thread with this shit.

No. 9249

Just saw Lorena in Ginza with an old Indian dude.

No. 9250

Ew sucking curry dick for pennies
Dis bitch desperate

No. 9251

Race baiting

No. 9252

Why do you think Lorena wants to be in Tokyo at this point?

I honestly can't understand her at all. She has nothing here.

No. 9253

Hosts lol

No. 9254

File: 1538661486255.jpg (79.87 KB, 1080x1350, dTYnPHP.jpg)

wtf is she sinking
starting to shoop again but looks super derpy

No. 9255

Her hair is so dead, not even the hairstylists at the salon can fix it anymore. Girl just stop and shave it off. Buy yourself a lacefront and go with it

No. 9256

Looks like a bad video game render

No. 9257

what's wrong with her lip?

No. 9258

File: 1538688034469.png (370.91 KB, 324x1112, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 2.20…)

rockin that gta 3 hooker look

No. 9259

Has anyone found her band yet?

No. 9260

They are called D4C or DDDDC, no websites or anything seem to exist yet. Just two promo photos on her IG about two months ago.

Uncanny. Just needs a ratty weave and a few dozen half finished tattoos.

No. 9261

You can buy a visa from shady people. Maybe she did that

No. 9262

No. 9263

Lorena keeps popping up on hostlove. There are multiple people who have said she's shown up to various host clubs with her kid. She appeared on the Yushi, Hikaru Nagisa, SENSE Tokyo, and some kyaba threads. It seems like the kid really is hers since she's dragging him around Kabukicho. One girl also said that Lorena apparently got banned from that Bali hotel in Kabukicho because she was propping the door open so she could have multiple clients but only pay for the room once (for those of you who don't know: love hotel rooms lock behind you and are on a timer).

OT but how do you pronounce Sere? I always say "sear-ee" in my mind.

No. 9264

I only saw her on the avast thread where she was whiteknighting herself and talking bullshit

No. 9265

Its used like a Japanese name so its Seh-reh

No. 9266

Sage for double post but not all lock behind you as some allow you to go out to buy alcohol etc

No. 9267

She's giving me Melania Trump vibes here with the hard face, squinted eyes, and weird pursed lips.

I really feel for that kid. He's too young to really understand what's going on around him right now, but once he is old enough to understand? What a messed up environment to grow up in as a child.

No. 9268

A lot of them do lock and need you to call the front to unlock your door if you want to exit.

The things on hostlove about her are horrifying. There were a couple girls in the Yushi or Sense thread (don't remember which) who said that someone needs to save her child.

No. 9269

Can you guys post caps from hostlove instead of just discussing it
Or at least a link to what you're talking about

No. 9270

At the Bali-an you pay at the reception beforehand and the doors dont lock behind you as they have a mini bar ect down stairs you came come and get stuff from… Bali-an isnt just a love hotel either its a normal hotel lol

No. 9271

I second the request for hostlove caps and receipts. Translations would be appreciated too!

No. 9272

Where is Lorena living now? I mean like what area of Tokyo is she in?

I don't understand how her room changes so much in each pic she takes. The layout and walls are so different. Sometimes they're white and normal looking, other times they're concrete. Also her curtains change in each picture. The only consistent thing is the white sofa.

Hostlove is such a mess to navigate. Basically 80% of the posts are a mixture of questions and random speculation/reactions.

No. 9273

I wonder if Lorena and Shiena made a sex tape when they banged Cody Sanderson.

Noe thst Shiena has an AV offer maybe Lorena should try to get in on it and film another threesome.

No. 9274

She is in meguro

No. 9275

she really looks a little bit like melania trump

No. 9276

File: 1538840742445.jpg (118.14 KB, 1024x1820, hxBxfaI.jpg)


No. 9277


lordie is she looking busted

No. 9278

I don't see that at all lol. She looks like she wished she was Ivanka but is actually meltdown era Britney.

How the hell do you know

No. 9279

Um are you retarded or new? She fucking posts about living in meguro all the time

No. 9280

She moved to higashi shinjuku when Yushi moved. She only lived in okubo because he was living there.

No. 9281

so she is obsessed with yushi since 2014?

No. 9282

Can’t even afford human hair extensions anymore.

No. 9283

File: 1538913697203.jpg (72.25 KB, 1024x1820, 8pr6AlN.jpg)

lol what fans?!

No. 9284

more like JOHNSONLY

No. 9285

posting pictures of a place!= living in that place

No. 9286

Those things in the background look like lockers?

No. 9287


cheap love hotel or prostitute dorm?

Where are the Japan night life experts to analyze this setting

No. 9288

The thing that confuses me is that this looks like the usual white sofa. So tinfoil but maybe the sofa is the only thing she owns and she takes it to whatever place she goes to? And no don’t take this idea too serious

No. 9289

>prostitute dorm
What I was thinking
Or even just a changing area at a soapland/ichakyaba

No. 9290

It‘s a changing room!

No. 9291

She's gotta be living in a sharehouse. No Japanese houses or normal apartments have concrete walls.

No. 9292

Oh god lorena stop that shit
We all know you live in an apartment with a guy in meguro

No. 9293

File: 1538963364116.png (642.43 KB, 697x570, whatisthis.png)

Her extensions just keep getting worse. How are you going to shell out the money to bleach your roots, but then have your cheap extensions just sit under your real hair, unblended? You can see where she tried to use a filter or a smooth tool on her extensions too, color correction maybe? Also, peep those nails. What a mess.

The couch is in the general living space, the tiny concrete looking room appears to be her actual room. The other pictures are from a place she works at.

No. 9294

You can tell how cluttered and awful her room is. I would hate to live in a sharehouse with her.

No. 9295

Does anyone think lorenas band is real?

No. 9296

Some do have concrete walls actually but theyre usually small and not very nice.

No. 9297

also the sharehouse theory is bullshit. you clearly can see it's an apartment

No. 9298

File: 1538998198102.jpg (80.1 KB, 1024x1820, kzs45My.jpg)

No. 9299

No. 9300

exactly. been thinking that the whole time.
looks like lockers

No. 9301

It could be a house. You have no idea.

No. 9302

wtf they look like rubber balls

No. 9303

Seems like a house to me? We've seen the views of the neighbors house from the window, the outside patio on the main floor, etc. Seems like a small house rental, though it's plausible she's just renting the room and not the entire space? Either way, it's unlikely that she's living alone, and probably has someone else signed on the contract for it.

No. 9304

It's definitely a house. The way that Sere has crammed her room with everything drom her old apartment like plastic bins suggests to me that she is only renting a room. You can also see she keeps those sofa pillows and blankets in her room and likely only brings them to the sofa for pics.

No. 9305

Would make sense. Her room is so cluttered and crammed full of stuff, yet the rest of the place looks so empty and sterile?

No. 9306

You already saw her living room, the bedroom and the kitchen

No. 9307

File: 1539105344000.jpg (105.87 KB, 1080x1920, gGxjOyQ.jpg)

lorena is visa hopping again

No. 9308

File: 1539105396094.jpg (148.2 KB, 1080x1920, Ua8YHP6.jpg)

No. 9309


lol she literally posted the picture OUTSIDE of the lounge (you can see the little sign even) to pretend she had lounge access

im ded

No. 9310

Hope her kid is with her and not being kept in some 24 hour daycare.

No. 9311

i guess the next time she has to visa hop is after 6 months

also doesn't look like she is going on a long journey.
she is visa hopping to korea again

No. 9312

Where is your child Lorena? There are obviously no children's goods with her. That cannot be her kid. It just can't.

Also, why does she think her fale designer goods are going to impress anyone?

No. 9313

it's her child but she doesn't give a fuck about it. it's in the baby hotel

No. 9314

How can she afford a baby hotel for this many hours? That's just unlikely. She can't even buy extensions.

No. 9315

maybe gaya or her victim guy with who she lives together

No. 9316

>>9312 Not to defend her but that is a bit of a reach. It is easy to spread out in an airport at a table, the kid could easily be sat on the floor with his own bag?
That said it is Sere soooooo… but it was a reach.

No. 9317

I guess that anon claiming that their friend knows her and that she has a spouse visa was fake after all. Figures.

I think we should stop tinfoiling about the kid for a while. Time will tell if it's actually her kid or not, how long could she keep up the ruse if it is not? If it is her kid though, I hope he's okay wherever he is.

No. 9318

File: 1539164835691.jpg (165.03 KB, 1080x1920, nF8PuDO.jpg)

visa hopping in korea confirmed

No. 9319

The kid probably doesn't have a passport.

Last visa hop was April >>>/snow/557594

No. 9320

ok so she doesn't have visa.
every 6 months she goes to korea lol

No. 9321

>>9319 That's why I wasn't defending her, just innocently pointing out it is easy to hide traveling companions from your photos.

The kid doesn't have a passport, it is rather obvious.

No. 9322

You only get 90 days at a time for temporary visitor. She must’ve had more in between…

No. 9323

you can extend your visa at immigration office

No. 9324

Do you really think she is able to just walk up there and extend every time for how long? I doubt they are just gonna do that. You are given 180 days in a calendar year as a temporary visitor. Immigration would be seriously suspicious with so many stamps.

No. 9325

yeah but she visahopps every 6 months. that's the only explanation I have

No. 9326

She is playing a dangerous game if she left her kid there. What if she is denied access…

No. 9327

You can buy a pass to the regular lounge. But not 1st class (the pic she posted is not from the 1st class lounge)

No. 9328

she wasn't in the lounge

maybe her victim takes care of it?

No. 9329

Someone in another weeb in Japan thread said that you can only visa hop for a maximum of a year and a half or something. Is that true? There has to be some kind of sleazy art to what she's doing; it must be painfully obvious to authorities when a "tourist" has been constantly taking trips and coming back in for years.

No. 9330

i want a weeb in japan thread :(

No. 9331

I honestly don’t think that’s true. It officially states that for some countries you can have a temporary visitor allowance for 180 days. She must have a visa otherwise I don’t know how to explain this. I’ve heard of so many cases where people weren’t allowed back in after they hopped too often! Usually the third time.

No. 9332

I get that you can only do the visa Hop a few times and usually it should be done every three months, but why else would she go to Korea every six months regularly for 2-5days? It makes no sense at all.

Also in the photo there’s her Australien passport if she had some permanent visa for Japan would she still have her Aussie passport?

No. 9333

it's weird that she can do it every 6 months

No. 9334

File: 1539189163202.jpg (89.77 KB, 1024x1821, 2v9sjaU.jpg)

No. 9335

No. 9336

File: 1539193409568.png (88.63 KB, 809x659, lol.png)

they are talking about lorena and her three kids lol and she is scary and under drugs.
her ass is dirty and seems like she got STDs

No. 9337

I want to bleach my eyes now

No. 9338

File: 1539198950057.png (521.74 KB, 411x711, fugly.png)

there a lot of comments about how she looks old and it's not fun with her.

also on this photo you can see her apartment

No. 9339

Visa hopping every 6 months means working holiday visa

No. 9340

Bit you can only get a WH visa once in your entire life

No. 9341

found another thread
they say her fake tits are gross and she is disgusting. you shouldn't choose her because she is always under drugs. also she is a bitch with problems lol.
lorenas body looks like 35 years old woman.
and her stomach and ass got wrinkles lol

No. 9342


it says she will go backt to australia but she is visa hopping in korea for a whole week.

No. 9343

How has immigration never caught Lorena? I feel like they must have but she's able to leverage her 2nd child to stay in the country.

No. 9344

She‘s good in manipulating people

No. 9345

I think its2crazy how open she is about being a sex wodker2. Shiena never let her clubs put her on their websites. Lorena is on TAG and Miss Universe.

No. 9346


Shes2actually writing diary entries for her Miss Universe job. She's apparently taking it pretty seriously.

No. 9347

Why the hell are you typing like this??

No. 9348

Her Gucci belt is apparently real. She got it from a customer.

No. 9349

File: 1539210305297.gif (190.07 KB, 269x480, output_La75PM.gif)


she tried to shoop her fucked up belly for her whore blog.

I really wonder whats the point to upload pictures that are edited like hers, customers will notice the difference immediately

No. 9350

Yeah customers know it lol and a lot of guys can‘t recommend her

No. 9351

Her Japanese is tragic.

No. 9352


how should she be able to learn the language if she is surrounding herself with other weird gaijin and host.. both groups suck at Japanese.

No. 9353

How long has she been in Japan? There are so many free Japanese classes. I don't understand why these girls don't take the time to properly study Japanese. It makes living here so much easier. Duh.

The other thing I don't get is how Lorena can't snag hosts. It makes me wonder how ugly she must be. I was able ti befriend quite a few hosts just by being white. Never paid them, never went to their clubs, never slept with them, never whored myself out to get then Cody Sanderson jewelry. Like, even Yushi and Naoki were really easy to befriend.

No. 9354

She is ugly, drug addict, crazy and likes to harass hosts

No. 9355


Its probably her behavior.
I know another white girl currently living in Japan that struggles to keep connection to men, she's loud and rude, just like Lorena.

No. 9356

I wonder if they'll let her back into the country this time.

No. 9357


There must be something that makes her confident that they will, otherwise she would just overstay.. she can't get a work visa as a whore and also doesn't need one for this kind of work anyway. the tourist visa ist just useful for being there "legally".

is it possible to scratch off the sticker and get rid of the stamp in a passport?

No. 9358

She probably has a visa from either one of her kids or some dude and just goes to Korea for plastic surgery and buying cosmetics. There’s no way she visa hops that much. They wouldn’t let her back in.

No. 9359

Maybe she keeps getting new passports. Like going to her consulate and claiming she lost hers.

No. 9360


man y'all garbage for not providing links but here we go

The fact that she's signed up for so many JP oriented adult websites increases the theory that she has a JP fuckboi/backer who helps make profiles for her…

No. 9361


lmaooo i'm ded

"Maddingly [Lorena]'s ass is dirty, seems like she has a disease.
If only she didn't have those tattoos.
English tattoos are not OK in Japan."

No. 9362


Why is she claiming to be 22 in this video


No. 9363

>タイプ お姉さん系
Type: Older woman


Specialty: Willing to do blowjob w/o condom

>前職 現役AV女優

Previous job: Currently a porn star [is this even true? She had ONE porn years ago, yeah?]

>チャームポイント 柔らかい胸とお尻&フェラが上手!

Most attractive features: Supple boobs and good at blowjobs!

No. 9364

She didn't sign up for them. She works at Miss Universe in Ikebukuro. They advertise on a bunch of different website.

No. 9365

second link confirms she's still down for golden showers rofl

No. 9366

She's made two pornos that we know about.

No. 9367


When you get a new passport and claim the old one is "lost", your country generally reports your passport as lost or stolen to INTERPOL, and the result is that that old passport is invalid for travel. This is certainly true for countries such as Australia and Japan which fairly strictly abide by international passport laws.

I think what's far more likely is that Lorena at one point had a marriage visa (through a cash for visa sham marriage scheme), and now she doesn't, so she is visa hopping.

However, as other anons correctly noted, one can't visa hop more than once in a year in Japan.

T'will be interesting to see what happens next

No. 9368


was second porno in 2018 or even fucking 2017 for that matter?

No. 9369

why does she even want to be related to these AV movies in any way at her current work? they are horrible and show her real looks, the horrific state of her tits and ass acne that looks like she has an std. who is going to pay for fucking her after watching these movies? i just cant wrap my head around all that

No. 9370

>be lorena
>born and raised in wealthy english speaking country
>decide to reduce self to the equivalent of human trafficked chinese and vietnamese girls

No. 9371

No. 9372

All that just to pay for Japanese twink dick. Weebs are intense.

No. 9373

She's never even managed to date an attractive Japanese guy. Everyone she's dated or slept with has been super gross.

No. 9374

Her ex husband was straight up ugly, but at least he's taking care of the kid I guess?

Boytoy could have passed as a sort of cute lesbian, but his anorexia was pretty bad and his personality was really gross.

Have we ever seen anyone else she's actually managed to actually keep some sort of actual relationship with?

No. 9375


she is gross herself, so getting gross partners is to be expected?
there are and have been too many foreign girls in Tokyo area by now, these days when you could grab hot guys just because you're white are over.

No. 9376

Trash literally attracts trash so what do you expect?

No. 9377

Her new victim who she lives togethet

No. 9378

Maybe? She's keeping him secret if he exists for one reason or another. I suspect he's must be no one to brag about, a client she met through her "work" perhaps? I can only recall her ex husband and boytoy though, as far as legitimate relationships seem to go. Otherwise it just seems like all she has are clients and drunken hook ups with random hosts?

It makes sense though, who would want to settle for a prostitute. She wasn't one yet when she was with her ex husband, and boytoy was a prostitute too, but since then? She can't seem to really keep anyone around.

No. 9379

My guess is that she manipulated the guy with her 3rd child

No. 9380

She already started to be one when she was still with her ex husband. That’s the whole reason for why they broke up. He wanted to provide for them and have her as the mother and care taker for the child, while doing family stuff. But Lorena decided that being a mother was too boring for her so she started the whole hostess, prostitution thing only weeks after giving birth

No. 9381

I feel like we'd know if she was living with a guy because she'd make reference to him or pretend he's some hot rich host. I think she's just living in a sharehouse.

No. 9382

can you stop this bullshit already?!we saw enough evidence that she lives in an apartment

No. 9383

Can you just fuck off with your damn sharehouse stuff?

No. 9384

she doesn't post anything about him because he is a normal guy lol and not a host

No. 9385

Does this band guy idea from a while back have any credence?

No. 9386

File: 1539263450605.jpeg (400.25 KB, 640x638, 03CE3536-0B5D-4AC9-8038-CEE1EE…)

No. 9387

I heard from someone who used to party with Sere that she's a GODAWFUL singer. Worse than Shiena. I sooo wanna hear her voice! Lol

No. 9388

autotune lol

No. 9389

lol ded


>お待ちしております!( ° ʖ °)

I might meet someone today!
(≧∀≦) Can't wait!
I am looking forward to it ( ° ʖ °)

I like to imagine this is the day she brought an infant to Yushi's club

Lorena is

No. 9390

ok, seems like she is visahopping + another plastic surgery. she uploaded a photo from the hospital

No. 9391

She's getting plastic surgery in Korea? Yikes

No. 9392

she does it all the time when she is visa hopping to korea

No. 9393

she changed her instagram to saiko___bitch

No. 9394

Oh come the fuck on, that's a really minor shoop. People in this thread are the worst for clinging onto bullshit when there's no real milk.

No. 9395

lorena acts so proud and that she is the best of the best..but than she shoops lol

No. 9396


well she did say she doesn't shop at all, so it doesn't matter if its minor or not in this case. she was stupid for uploading the same picture with different shoops

No. 9397

File: 1539338315869.webm (3.06 MB, 639x1136, lorena.webm)

Is this the one you mean? Is there a reason why you didn't share the image?

No. 9398

We can‘t see the photo

No. 9399

Talked to an immigration officer and he said he is going to look into it.
Bye bye lorena spagnolo messinger(cowtipping)

No. 9400

Be careful lorena might go private eye again loke she did with that german girl on PULL

No. 9401


lol this shit is so fake

No. 9402

Yeah, okay. We see comments like this every thread.

Also, while it would be great to see her get deported, don't cowtip, newfag. Or at the very least, don't come here to brag about it.

No. 9403

Nadine right? Another prostitute lol

No. 9404

Don’t forget Melissa.

No. 9405

It seems like Lorena is the one posting all sorts of bs on the Shiena thread. There are so many posts with spelling errors and her style of weird grammar.

No. 9406

Lorena isn't posting Korea pictures on her instagram. Do you think she's actually in Korea or just reusing pictures and videos from her last trip?

No. 9407

she only use stories

No. 9408

nadine and sandra lol

No. 9409

No one really cares

No. 9410

How does someone have enough money for plastic surgery on her tits but not enough money to fix her haggard ass face, eye bags, age lines, ratty hair, scars, and get a decent place to live?

Might be a bit of tinfoil but I’m gonna say the brothel she works for paid for her to fix her tit job and takes payments for it out of the money she makes from johns. She doesn’t actually have money. I know shady places do this because a porn company in Japan offered the same deal to me once. (I said no obviously.)

No. 9411

File: 1539442527905.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 6E1D1446-955E-4C47-A6BD-878EE6…)

Is she at a hospital or what is that?

No. 9412

A lot of soap lands try to do this too because it stops you leaving the company. I’ve heard of some owners paying millions of yen for surgery and leaving the girl with tiny amounts of money to make them increase their working days and threaten them with large fines if they leave before paying.

I wonder if she’s funding it herself or trapping herself in one of these shady deals

No. 9413

Sounds like some shady yakuza debts sort of shit? I wonder if it's the same reason she got hooked on drugs? They probably make a pretty penny off her using.

No. 9414

She never confirmed she uses drugs. Everyone is basing it off of a post where she said ate too much spice. She was referring to spicy food.

I have no idea what that is. It almost looks like a medical enema type machine.

No. 9415

Nah, she's made references to using drugs in other IG stories and shared memes. I think the anons were reaching with the "spice" one though. She's also posted some pretty bizarre clips where her eyes look dilated and she's acting erratic/high. So I mean, take that as you will, I guess?

The machine is for drainage, it's pretty common after surgery. I'm assuming she got yet another boobjob fix or is it lipo again this time?

No. 9416

Yeah. That's what it looks like. I guess she must be getting loans for her surgeries. She doesn't get paid very well at Miss Universe plus she hasn't bren actively escorting online cause her rates were too high

No. 9417

This is for liposuction

No. 9418


ugh that is not what she needs. If she must do an aesthetic treatment, it should be to hide her stretch marks.

But obviously what she should really be spending money on is her kids and some sort of plan for career transition. Unless she's gonna go full bacchus lady and still be walking the streets in her 60s

No. 9419

it's well known she uses drugs. her customers, hosts, everybody knows it

No. 9420

she will gonna end like yokohama mary

No. 9421

Enlighten us as to who Yokohama Mary is?

No. 9422


I just googled it, Yokohama Mary was supposedly a postwar prostitute that ended up homeless in the streets of Yokohama always wearing a white dress and white make up.. this story has nothing to do with Lorena whatsoever

No. 9423

Lorena really needs to get herself a college degree, a stable job (at like a call center or something), move into a reasonably priced apartment, and try to repair her relationships.

No. 9424

it does
she will be a prostitute forever and end up homeless when she is old

No. 9425


its not even proven that Mary was a prostitute, there is no story of where this woman came from or what she did before being called "Yokohama Mary" as an old Lady.

Lorena is a white girl thirsty for Japanese dick, that is selling off her acne ass across Japan, because without a degree, her personality and fugly visible tattoos she pretty much doesn't have any other choice.

No. 9426

File: 1539499454486.jpg (160.09 KB, 1080x1920, 42508504_258567671517459_11644…)

she said 'had too much spice' not 'ate too much'.

when she posted that hospital looking video in >>9397, she also posted this pic in her stories. maybe this tweak is all about her belly area.

No. 9427

The drug thing is not only based on that spice thing. You all sound like you only know this thread since yesterday. She’s already been taking drugs back when she was still living in Australia all which can be found on her old blog which link should be provided in one of the older threads as well as some posts on her old Facebook.

No. 9428

it would be way more surprising if lorena DIDN'T do drugs. She's a shitshow

No. 9429

She's a lost cause. She's too caught up in chasing her teenage weeaboo dreams of a luxurious life in Japan. She thinks sucking dick for knock off brand and a bed to sleep in is doing well. She's known for taking big loans from clients, which is likely what she's doing again if it's not being loaned by her employer (the surgery money that is).

The girl is in pretty deep. Maybe she really thinks this band is her big chance? But the reality is she's a 30 year old gaijin prostitute on her third child. I can't imagine what her endgame is, because she's really been run through at this point. There's no way, even if she somehow magically had the voice of an angel, that she'd be palatable to Japan's tastes with her past history and appearance. It's going to be fascinating seeing how things go though, in the next few years. She can't keep trying to hold aging off forever with piles of surgeries.

No. 9430

even her customers says that you should stay away from her

No. 9431

I don't follow sere threads, or keep up with the bitch and even ai can see she does drugs. Who would even try to deny that?? Japan doesn't turn every lazy weeb into a busted whore like this.

No. 9432

File: 1539571114196.jpg (92.07 KB, 750x1336, v62O0lE.jpg)

?why doesn't police never stops her

No. 9433

File: 1539579829500.jpg (16.71 KB, 500x395, whatisblending.jpg)

Her extensions look so bad, why hasn't she fixed this yet? She's only slightly better off than this woman.

No. 9434

No. 9435


its actually spelled hEmovac and its a drainage

No. 9436

You need to post screenshots and learn how to sage. http://lolcow.farm/info

No. 9437

File: 1539604624204.jpg (239.15 KB, 864x1580, lorena.jpg)

No. 9438

she might be thin now but it won't make her any younger, richer or happier lol

No. 9439

File: 1539610163506.jpg (115.81 KB, 1080x1350, h1A7ZO4.jpg)

so which surgery did she have?

No. 9440


she was already quite slim. Is she going full venus and doing illegal weight loss surgery that is going to wreck her body?

No. 9441

>wreck her body

Not like the current state isn’t already a wreck.

Guess she’ll show it soon, won’t you Lorena? She finally showed us her passport and since Australia won’t allow double passports and neither does Japan it’s pretty much confirmed she’s staying illegal there. Thanks Lorena for the proof.

No. 9442

>wreck her body

Not like the current state isn’t already a wreck.

Guess she’ll show it soon, won’t you Lorena? She finally showed us her passport and since Australia won’t allow double passports and neither does Japan it’s pretty much confirmed she’s staying illegal there. Thanks Lorena for the proof.

No. 9443

>wreck her body

Not like the current state isn’t already a wreck.

Guess she’ll show it soon, won’t you Lorena? She finally showed us her passport and since Australia won’t allow double passports and neither does Japan it’s pretty much confirmed she’s staying illegal there. Thanks Lorena for the proof.

No. 9444

>wreck her body

Not like the current state isn’t already a wreck.

Guess she’ll show it soon, won’t you Lorena? She finally showed us her passport and since Australia won’t allow double passports and neither does Japan it’s pretty much confirmed she’s staying illegal there. Thanks Lorena for the proof.

No. 9445

was there ever any question she had an Australian passport? Literally nothing she has ever done would have come remotely close to qualifying her for a Japanese passport.

No. 9446

First sorry for the triple post, no idea what went wrong there.

To your question, people here say she has a Japanese PR visa, but then she wouldn’t have her Australian passport anymore, right?

No. 9447

Oh course she would need her passport to travel overseas regardless of which visa she has. You clearly have zero idea how visas work.

She very likely has some kind of visa, likely marriage, since she wouldn’t be allowed in multiple times and if she tried to leave the country after overstaying, she would be banned for returning. Which obviously hasn’t happened.

She is staying in Japan legally, just likely by ways that are fraudulent.

Can everyone stop going on about her overstaying when it’s obiously not the case.

She would only lose her Australian passport if she naturalized as a Japanese citizen and her work and shit Japanese wouldn’t pass the grade.

No. 9448

PR is different from citizenship.

PR is kind of an endless visa - citizenship gives you the passport

No. 9449

who the heck is that?

No. 9450

But why does lorena leaves every 6 months?

No. 9451

File: 1539667529436.jpg (187.39 KB, 1080x1350, DJcUwBe.jpg)

No. 9452

Maybe just for the surgery only? Like, she gets another loan then works it off for six months.

No. 9453

She hasn't got any facial surgeries so there is no need to fly from Japan to Korea.. you can get a simple liposuction in any country. I don't know about prices, but I disbelief that plastic surgery is so much cheaper in Korea that you would go out your way to fly there.

No. 9454

yeah it costs like 80000 yen

No. 9455

also her mysterious trips outside Japan suddenly started when her spouse visa expired and since then happened every time a tourist visa would be at its max. its highly suspicious.

No. 9456

she's in korea for 1 week now

No. 9457

The prob is the tourist visa for Australians is 90 days with 180 days max extension, and that 180 days is supposedly within one year. It doesn't match with her travels dates (unless she's going more often and not showing it?).

No. 9458

Australia doesn’t allow dual passports? What the hell… of course they do
All commonwealth countries do…
In fact most countries in the world do other than Switzerland, japan, China and a few Asian ones.

No. 9459

Japan requires foreign nationals to forfeit their former nationality in order to naturalize to Japanese citizenship so it's a moot point.

I have no idea why anybody thinks Lorena would qualify for Japanese citizenship. She had her shot with the first kid, if she had custody of the child she could eventually gain PR and citizenship if she so chose. But she is garbage so she lost custody and with it the legitimacy of her stay in Japan. Now she's just an illegal migrant hooker

No. 9460

seems like lorena could go back to japan

No. 9461

They ask you to forfeit it, but they can’t legally enforce it.

But either way there’s no way she has JP citizenship or PR honestly. I still think she’s on a spouse visa.

No. 9462

guess she got pregnant to get a spousr visa..again

No. 9463

Lorena appears to be posting on the Shiena thread.

I am still not convinced she has a child. I keep feeling like she'd post more reaction pics of the kid if she actually had access to him. The last we saw of him was a video of her at a rooftop bbq & in a game room of what definitely was a share apartment. She was with a bunch of other people. The kid probably belongs to one of them.

Even if the child does belong to her and that host, there's no way she could have gotten a spouse visa using the child's father. She would have had to find someone willing to marry her despite having a child. She's living in a sharehouse as well so she'd need to be on a spouse visa without living with him.

She probably did what Shiena did and found a customer who she paid to marry her. She does have a customer who bought her the Gucci belt. He's obviously way too into her so maybe they did marry.

What's with these trips to Korea though if they're not visa hopping? She goes every 6 months. No way it's just to get plastic surgery because Japan isn't much more expensive than Korea for any of the procedures she's had done. Plus her club wouldn't loan her the money for surgery then let her take an entire week off.

I wonder what her relationship with the @ayebruhwhatsgucci girl is. I assume they're living in the same sharehouse. That girl hasn't posted on Instagram since August.

I think her husband is @woojinbae on instagram.

Also, Gaya changed her instagram pic to a purikura if her kissing some guy. Any details about that?

No. 9464

Oh. You again with the “it’s not her kid” and “she lives in a sharehouse” bullshit. Give it up already, you’re starting to seem just as nutty as lorena.

No. 9465

I mean it does kinda seem like a share apartment. They're pretty popular right now. I'm not sure why it matters where she lives.

Am also curious about these evenly spaced Korea trips tho. Maybe they're just regular postop appointments. I've heard you can buy things like lipo and botox in bulk to save money. Like you'll buy 1p sessions and you get a discount.

No. 9466

You're only eligible for one working holiday visa in your life.


Travel visas are what people normally get when they visa hop. Those are only 90 days though.

No. 9467

It's not Lorena in Shiena's thread. That anon you tried to call out types nothing like her.

Agreeing with >>9464 while I may think it's her kid, it's possible that it might not be, but bringing the same thing up over and over again is getting old. All we can do is wait and see.

We can tinfoil all day, but it's not bringing any milk atm. Is it her kid? Maybe. Is it a sharehouse? Maybe. Is she visa hopping? Maybe. Spouse visa? Maybe. Honestly, the milkiest thing we got right now is probably her recent surgery. Without receipts the rest is debatable in either direction.

No. 9468

File: 1539853949380.png (234.19 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_2018-10-18-02-08-38…)

This guy might be her victim. The baby account only follows Lorena, the black girl, designers, and this guy.

His profile says he plays poker and Lorena just recently posted pictures of herself at a casino in Korea.

No. 9469

File: 1539854112527.png (500.38 KB, 718x933, Screenshot_2018-10-18-02-14-00…)

Here they are together.

No. 9470

File: 1539854189022.png (670.66 KB, 720x1017, Screenshot_2018-10-18-02-16-24…)

No. 9471


Don't post pics of children.

No. 9472

It's a public instagram account tho.

No. 9473


It's the site rules tho.

No. 9474

Poor kid, he's super cute, but he's in for a rough life with Lorena as his mother. Prob, best bet to just delete the post with his face in it and leave >>9472 though to follow the site rules. It does seem like Lorena is going to try to turn him around into $$$ like some anons have suspected in the past.

This Yutaro guy could very well be her "sponsor". He looks like the perfect type of loser for someone like her to leech off of.

No. 9475

He's adorable. I bet she tries to put him in entertainment as soon as she can in order to make the yen.
Gross. She calls him an "ikemen hafu" in the description.

No. 9476

That kid looks a lot older than just 1

No. 9477

Well he is almost 2 years old

No. 9478

The profile says that the child is a year old. And then she must’ve had him in early 2016 or even late 2015?

No. 9479

"mornings with her"?
I thought her kid was a boy?

No. 9480

It’s written from his perspective. I guess “her” means Sere.

At least he looks healthy. It’s sad that she’s already plastering him on Instagram and trying to push him into some kind of spotlight. She should let the kid be a kid ffs instead of pushing her own agenda on him.

No. 9481

holy shit, so the baby is real. Still makes no sense how the baby is taken care of when Lorena is out hoeing/in Korea. Possibly this is another case where the father has custody and the father's parents are responsible for the tyke?

No. 9482

Do not post photos of children. Do not link to the child's instagram.

No. 9483

It was supposedly born January 2017 which makes it almost 2. Please do your math

No. 9484

it's weird.. since yesterday nothing new from her

No. 9485

The child doesn't appear to be wearing diapers but isn't old enough to begin toilet training. Weird…

No. 9486

You can potty train kids as soon as they are able to communicate, as young as 1 year 6/7/8 months
Better for her if she did as diapers are yet another expense lol

No. 9487


lol as if sere is the responsible mother who would be preparing her infant child for early potty training

No. 9488

lol she is already working again

No. 9489

I've seen 2-year-olds who were perfectly toilet trained. Some kids are quicker, others aren't, it's really not that big of a deal.

No. 9490

She's not posting on Instagram now. Did immigration catch her?

No. 9491


She's doing commercials for lube. lol

No. 9492

It's actually a jelly drink.

No. 9493

How do you know? She isn't scheduled to work on Miss Universe or City Heavan. I think immigration might have finally caught her trying to re-enter the country. It's been too many days without a post from her on Instagram.

No. 9494

it said she is waiting for customers around 1 pm japan time

No. 9495

probably she just stopped buying diapers so the kid was forced to use the toilet

No. 9496


Don't be obtuse lol that is true but it's an energy drink implying it helps older men keep it up longer lol


That's not how toilet training works either, if a baby doesn't have a diaper and hasn't been toilet training they will just piss and shit everywhere on the floor. You can see Chinese tourists holding their baby while it relieves itself on the street

No. 9497


Right now she doesn't have any hours listed at Miss Universe. Some girls just don't list their working hours on the website, but not Maddingly. Historically she always listed her hours. I think something strange is going on. Also strange that she would make an IG for the child around the same time.

No. 9498

You're right, Lorena has pretty much always posted her work hours. Her last instagram post was on October 14th so she's been missing for a week now. Her work blog hasn't been updated since October 7th which is the day before she left for Korea. Seems like she must have been grabbed on her way into Japan.

The kid account was made August 4th and all the pictures were posted on it then.

No. 9499

Any chance she just made a new insta and isn’t actually “missing”?

I mean I think it’s be hilarious if she got busted but I feel like if it hasn’t happened so far…

No. 9500

She has gone MIA before for weeks at a time, so it's really hard to say if anything unusual is happening right now or not. With her vagrant lifestyle anything is possible.

No. 9501

But she's not working…she needs to work to keep her "classy" life going. I haven't found a new account so I'm thinking she actually got grabbed.

No. 9502

File: 1540194345533.png (92.16 KB, 500x590, E37E415F-7985-4EFF-BE18-8E95CB…)

let’s not jinx it.
Then again, who knows. Nobody even knows what’s going on with the shiena one.

No. 9503

It's only been one week, anon. She might just be keeping a low profile or is still in Korea. It's really too soon to tell at this point. This isn't really unusual for her. She's likely taking clients on the side, but considering she just had surgery, she might still be on a "work hiatus" due to healing.

No. 9504

She‘s already working again. There was a (待機中) sign under her profile

No. 9505


stop these lies. Her work hours are still not listed on the site. Unless you personally went to Miss Uni or work there, there's no way we can know she is working again.

Shiena's case was actually incredibly transparent for what it was (essentially a Chinese migrant sex worker getting caught on visa fraud, which happens every single day in Japan). We saw video footage of her getting arrested, name/age/occupation of her visa-kun, and the court case and sentencing. Hell, we even learned that her nipples were visible through her sweatshirt.

I believe the only reason the Shiena case made mainstream news is because she's Canadian and she talked about lolita and cosplay. If we're lucky, Sere's arrest will make mainstream news too– she's much more of a cow than Shiena, she's white(most sex workers in Japan are of Asian descent), she has multiple children, she might even have prior misdemeanors or the like from her previous host stalking days.

We just have to keep in mind that the JP police can keep someone in detention for 21 days before any charges are laid. So it could still be some time before we find out what's going on– and that's IF the media decides this is worthy of covering.

No. 9506

Anyone living in seoul seen her around?
Is it possible her visa-kun visa ran out and now she's hoeing in seoul?

No. 9507

The media couldn't even give a conclusive answer about Shiena's sentence. They said she got 1.5 years hard labor and a 3 year suspended sentence in parenthesis. Like Wtf.

It's possible that Lorena just made a new instagram. But that doesn't explain why she's not working.

No. 9508


No, that was just farmers failing at Japanese. She got a 3 year suspended sentence.

I haven't followed Sere that long, is this normal for her? Being absent from social meet for a week or two

No. 9509

The 3 year suspended sentence was in paranthesis though.

No. 9510

As been said >>9503 and >>9500 yes this is normal. She's taken social media hiatus for much longer than a week previously.

She is also known to post old photos at times, seemingly to cover her hiatus for whatever reason? Probably visa hopping in the past, but without any solid evidence, it could be anything.

Keep it in the Shiena thread.

No. 9511


sweet jesus mother of mary i swear, if we have to re-hash the bullshit that is the "wahh i can't understand japanese OR english so i don't know that shiena has a suspended sentence" i will eat my migrant sex worker panties

Back on topic… So she's been in Korea a whiles, regardless of purpose. Who's watching the kid?

No. 9512

Sere liked two pictures on Instagram about half an hour ago. She’s probably just pretending to lay low again. Either in japan oder korea

No. 9513

next time i will make a screenshot for you

No. 9514

yeah but she posted a video from a bbq restaurant in meguro. could be old or what i think she is back in japan

No. 9515

Receipts please? This is an image board.

No. 9516

She hasn't posted anything on instagram. Look at her page. Also still missing from work. When she switched her instagram account, there was a 2 week break but she still updated her work schedule.

No. 9517

They probably only say 待機中 (on call/standby) when she isn’t, just so they can say to people that she’s so popular and fully booked so they will book her in advance. So as far as the shop knows, they think she’s coming back, or maybe they don’t know she’s gone at all?

No. 9518

File: 1540346433366.png (229.17 KB, 338x529, disgusting.png)

No. 9519

Again, might not even be true. Could just be the shop wanting phone calls to offer other girls instead as an alternative.

No. 9520

ok the sign was not for lorena but for the girl under her

No. 9521


these measurements tho.. 58 waist and 86 hips, as if. why even bother to give measurements if they are that off?

No. 9522

Lorena was definitely grabbed this time. She would be working or posting on instagram. She probs would have taken down the kid instagram as well by now or made some kind of story post. Can't think of why else she would suddenly stop posting stories.

No. 9523

yeah looks kinda weird.
but she posted a video from a bbq restaurant it atre meguro days ago

No. 9524

No one saw the video. Amy screencaps?

No. 9525

it was on her stories.. already gone

No. 9526

I saw it too anon, it was on Sunday (21st) I think?? Pretty sure she is back in Japan.

No. 9527

but could also be an old video

No. 9528

File: 1540388956626.jpeg (38.78 KB, 750x219, A6E6F05F-B20C-4059-B997-C82A1C…)

No. 9529

I bet she thinks she's soooo clever because saiko can both mean "the best" and "psycho" in Japanese.

She's always doing these stupid af wordplays actually, lmao@ kabukillme etc

No. 9530

This is the only page that shows Lorena's work schedule. It has been blank ever since she went to Korea. Normally she does update it with her hours.

This page shows all the girls who are at work on a given day. Lorena is not on this page. There is a photo of her, but it's an ad for that viagra juice, not her work schedule.

I'm not sure what those insta stories are but they don't show her. For all we know it's her latest fuckboi with access to the account.

Jail theory is gonna remain a possibility until she posts a recent photo of herself with a clear location

No. 9531

Makes sense, being a Japanese Speaking White Foreigner in Japan is all she has going for her, aside from her photoshopped selfies.

No. 9532

"Japanese speaking"

No. 9533


If you look at >>9528 she has been active on Instagram liking pictures. She isn't in jail.

No. 9534


Honestly I bet she is just resting from her surgery somewhere.

No. 9535

Would be too good if she would be in jail

No. 9536

File: 1540525215098.png (185.88 KB, 1079x609, hoe.png)

seems like she is still in korea and doing a visa run

No. 9537

She might be just healing or else dealing with some post-surgery complications.

No. 9538

she is in korea 3 weeks now
i don't think so

No. 9539

File: 1540550490415.png (64.25 KB, 1207x202, ewww.png)

look what we got here
she is trying to enter japan soon

No. 9540

what's your theory, what's she's been doing in Korea besides the surgery?

No. 9541

surgery and visa hopping

No. 9542

yeah we know that, and it's congruent with what I said in >>9537.

No. 9543


aight which fuckboi gon go to the club sunday night to find her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9544

No. 9545

File: 1540624423625.jpg (105.33 KB, 1024x1821, Ad3fLh2.jpg)

as if they would let her in

No. 9546


wow. a leaf. this is almost as mundane as kanadajin3's pudding vlog.

No. 9547

seems like Miss Spagnolo Messinger had a breast surgery again lmao
all the plastic surgerys won't make her pretty. once ugly, always ugly

No. 9548

seems like Miss Spagnolo Messinger had a breast surgery again lmao
all the plastic surgerys won't make her pretty. once ugly, always ugly

No. 9549

File: 1540701007755.png (1.25 MB, 958x1186, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.28…)

Confirmed not in prison.



New boobs was NOT what this hoe needed.

I guess she is gonna go on 振り替えing her hopeless victims…..

No. 9550

File: 1540701094026.png (265.62 KB, 1762x432, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.31…)

her latest fuckboi

No. 9551

so today she is trying to return to japan
hope they won't let her in

No. 9552

nah she did need them, the last botched job was a sin

No. 9553

she already had a bob job to correct them

No. 9554


lorena open bob and vagene for scam visa

No. 9555

Evidence plz

No. 9556

Forget the boobs, what the fuck is going on with her lips?

No. 9557

No. 9558

God her Japanese is so broken. She's lived here for how many years and has had how many kids with Japanese people?!

No. 9559

Weird that she didn‘t upload any photos yet. My wish is that she got caught

No. 9560

She's still in Korea so maybe her visa application got rejected.

No. 9561

She's still in Korea so maybe her visa application got rejected.

No. 9562

The 6 month visa hopping trips are because she's on a tourist visa. She can stay in Japan 90 days without needing a tourist visa then use the tourist visa to stay an additional 90 days since you have 3 months to activate one fron its issuance.

No. 9563

imageboard, please post evidence.

No. 9564

File: 1540962777064.jpg (60.58 KB, 750x1334, 5SdHm0a.jpg)

only a coffee photo. weird

No. 9565

I see a peacock.
Sounds about right.

No. 9566

File: 1541037794146.jpg (68.81 KB, 1080x1350, ZnMHjIf.jpg)

new photo.
is she back?
i hope not

No. 9567

I wonder if she ever regrets that stupid MySpace scene girl bow tat.
Not only does it clash with every outfit, it gives clients a good ballpark on her real age.

No. 9568

I wonder that too but tbh it's small and old enough that lasering it off wouldn't be that expensive or annoying and would be pretty quick to do with not a lot of sessions. But she's keeping it so…

No. 9569

She's still in Korea. Hasn't been at work

No. 9570

She's not scheduled to work this week. It's now been over 3 weeks since she left Tokyo. That is way too long to leave her kid with anyone. I hope he's okay. Her victim doesn't seem to have the kid since he's been out of town.

No. 9571

she wrote on her blog she is working on the 28th..

No. 9572

Can she even work that easily after surgery on her breasts?

No. 9573

>>9566 Looks like a Halloween costumer, tinkerbell. Of course, a brat.

No. 9574

She hasn't had posted hours though. Nor did she update her blog after that. I think She's stuck in korea but was hopeful that she'd be in Tokyo by now.

No. 9575

i want to believe in your words

No. 9576

No. 9577

File: 1541060928691.jpeg (160.06 KB, 637x995, 10C73F77-9433-45FB-B16F-9B5C0E…)

Considering shes already re-advertising on TAG I’d say shes back losers

No. 9578

File: 1541060948128.jpeg (243 KB, 634x1056, D6E38BAA-15F8-4C1E-A539-7928CD…)

No. 9579

There is no active ad on tag with her at all. Where did you get that from? Looks old to me.

No. 9580

File: 1541061452356.png (232.32 KB, 841x284, liar.png)

who do you wanna fool lorena?
bad mood that you can't enter japan?

No. 9581


its even an old avatar picture

No. 9582

This kinda confirms she's stuck in Korea, I guess. LOL

No. 9583

finally. immigration got stricter this year

No. 9584

I hope she left her son with someone responsible.

No. 9585

her selfposts are hilarious

No. 9586

Okay so…
- been in Korea for nearly 3 weeks
- posted that she'd be back at work last week but doesn't have any hours scheduled
- isn't posting any Japan pics or videos on instagram
- questionable as to whether she got a new boob job because she is wearing a Victoria's Secret bra UNDER the bandage
- seems to have confirmed lipo suction tho the pics/videos of the machine could be from her last lipo treatment in Korea (may have just posted them to get us to think she was making a surgery run instead if a visa run)

No. 9587

Didn't even notice brad under bandage. Makes no sense. She should be wearing the bandages under a surgery bra if she still needs bandages

No. 9588

what if the bandages were just Halloween party costume?

No. 9589


she is also wearing a lace bra in the tinkerbell costume picture posted above.. thats unlikely if she just got a boob job

No. 9590

We’re talking abt Lorena here. That girl wore a literal binder just days after her first boob job hence why they’re so messed up. And I wouldn’t doubt that she’d do sth as stupid as that again

No. 9591

She is obviously just wearing some bandage material. It's really easy to buy.

You would only have that kind of bandaging on imediately following the surgery and maybe during drainage within the first 24 hours

Afterwards, you'll be wearing a post-op bra which looks different than a sports bra. You have to wear the surgical bra for 2-4 weeks (until the incisions have fully healed).

Eventually, you'll be able to wear a sports bra. It takes several days for the incision to stop draining or bleeding so its2unlikely you'd wear a lace bra or nice sports bra since it would get stained.

No. 9592

The drainage and any hospital photos could be from her previous surgeries. She posted pics in what she called post-op clothes but no one is up and walking a day after a boob job.

Where is she? Some girl was even asking in the comments on her most recent post on insta.

No. 9593

Who are her Korean friends? She's probably been pictured with one if she's still in Korea since she dressed up for Halloween.

No. 9594


here you can see the photos where she is tagged

No. 9595

a girl currently in japan commented this photo saying "sere where are you?" too

No. 9596

lorena can't enter japan lol

No. 9597

Seems like that's what's going on. Japanese immigration is really getting strict

No. 9598

Shiena is in jail. Lorena is trapped in Korea. Who's next?

No. 9599

kanadajin? charlotte? sandra?

No. 9600

>>9598 Shani

No. 9601

File: 1541148959939.jpg (112.19 KB, 1622x582, lorena.jpg)

No. 9602

lorena is stuck in korea :D sayonara lorena spagnolo messinger(don't use emojis)

No. 9603

She’s probably just not very good at self care and after surgery can’t wear the appropriate stuff because it’s not cute or sexy enough.

A big mark of narcissists is that they think they’re too good to follow instructions and so on.

They take lots of drugs and drink a lot on top of that so their health deteriorates easily.

Plus she goes raw so probably always infected with stds

If someone like that gets surgery…

No. 9604

Breast implants are pretty major. It would be really painful to wear the wromg bra like she is.

No. 9605

Drugs can help with that.

No. 9606

It's hard to get drugs in korea

No. 9607

Not true. Lived in Seoul for 3 years, had friends of friends doing all those things and never getting in any shit for it. Probably not a problem at all for Lorena.

No. 9608

isn't lorena on drugs like 24/7?

No. 9609

She just posted on instagram saying she's been in bed for weeks. That would be convincing if she didn't have a full face of makeup and a bunch if allegedly postop pics in that skyscraper.

No. 9610

File: 1541310161026.png (681.19 KB, 671x663, lmao.png)

more like "I'm stuck in korea, so I'm uploading old photos"

No. 9611

yes and stories at the Kenny Scharf exhibition in Seoul

No. 9612

Can't believe immigration got her.

No. 9613

took them long enough
karma got ya lorena

No. 9614

Can she please get rid of that disgusting rat tail????

No. 9615

Why did Sere stop being friends with Shiena?

No. 9616

Just write in German already Sandra lmao

No. 9617

Shani’s been visa hopping for almost five years now and is an illegal hostess. She’s next

No. 9618

she went to university and language school before

No. 9619

I think you're probably right. She left to go to Korea recently tho so she's probably visa hopping. Wasn't she convicted of shoplifting?

The Shiena thread has blown up with people saying she's online on FB messenger. Seems unlikely since she hasn't dropped the Shiena Sasaki name. I wouldn't keep my fake husband who landed me in jail's name on my Facebook. LOL

But back to Sere. What do you think is going on with her kid? I hope she gave him to someone to look after or one of her friends has stepped up to take care of him. Any evidence of him being ok?

No. 9620

she is back. go on the comments on her last post, she has liked it (she did not like it before going to jail).

No. 9621

That‘s not her

No. 9622

Obviously a relative in Australia.

No. 9623

She writes about living in Tokyo…What year did lorena move?

No. 9624

i think that's her sister

No. 9625

Lorena mentioned in one of her old blogs that her suster lived in Japan

No. 9626

Okay so yes after a bit of facebook stalkimg that was her sister…She also still lives in Japan too haha

No. 9627

I know anon? The comment Im replying to got deleted. It was a myspace page for Amelia Spagnolo-messenger…who it turns out after a lil facebook search is seres sister and lives in japan…

No. 9628

Could the boy be her sisters kid?

No. 9629

it got deleted because you're not supposed to post random family members. stop.

No. 9630

The second deviant art link is Sere's.

No. 9631

Why would she try to get a host to acknowledge paternity for someone else's kid? This was never explained by the roommate tinfoilers.

No. 9632

okay I mean the first (now deleted) and didn't open the second, sorry to confuse things.

No. 9633

She might have been using the paternity angle to get someone to tell her where he is. Maybe she was obsessed with him or he stole from her. Saying that he got her pregnant was a way to get sympathy and help. Maybe she did what Shiena did and paid him to marry her but he took the money and bailed. Who knows

No. 9634

The kid's insta is active again and looks like a man holding him in one new pic (the figure is not that visible). I wonder if the kid is in fact safe in Japan with someone. The father?

No. 9635

File: 1541413237222.png (1.2 MB, 1003x857, lel.png)

another stuck in korea photo.
it's over a month now

No. 9636

File: 1541470899243.png (686.33 KB, 755x719, lmao.png)

guess she is trying to enter japan again on thursday or friday

No. 9637


Seoul anon here, I live nearish to a pretty notorious red light district. Tonight while walking down there I saw a blonde foreign girl dressed like a prostitute to the nines walking below my cafe window. She had tattoos, but wasn’t close enough to see details to match them up. I HIGHLY doubt it was Sere because that would be a huge coincidence in such a dense city but even so, it was peculiar and not a lot of foreigners frequent that area.

No. 9638

could be her
she can't stop whoring :'D(:’D)

No. 9639

Do you think Lorena has reached out to Shiena?

No. 9640


Their relationship broke up a long time ago, why should she reach out to her? there is no reason.

besides why would anyone with a questionable visa status try to get in contact with some gaijin that is currently locked up for a sham marriage? that would be beyond stupid.

No. 9641

Maybe Shiena can join Lorena in Korea and they can find a way to sneak into Japan.

No. 9642

why did shiena and lorena stopped being friends?

No. 9643

Lorena opened her bar Comfort in 2016. She was working as a host (and maybe hostess) at the time in order to pay for the whole thing so she gave Shiena a job as manager of the bar. At this point, Lorena was taking Shiena out to eat a lot, paying for her to go to hosts clubs, etc. Once Comfort went under and Lorena couldn't afford any of the stuff Shiena ditched her. This was also around the time Shiena got married so Lorena wasn't useful anymore because she had a visa.

No. 9644

They stopped being friends after Shiena's birthday in March 2017. That was the last time Shiena posted pics of them together. Lorena reached out to Shiena via her art account in December of 2017 or January of 2018. They obviously weren't talking on fb, line, or by text at that point.

No. 9645

File: 1541727331251.png (272.31 KB, 315x499, dfrgd.png)

bad news.. immigration let her in this thime

No. 9646

are you deriving this information from something in the background? or?

No. 9647

it's a japanese taxi

No. 9648

thanks for clarifying

No. 9649

How did you decide it was a Japanese taxi? There’s also no reason to think it was taken recently

No. 9650

It’s easy to tell if it’s a Japanese taxi. On the window to the left you can see the suica mark and suica only exists in japan. There you go

No. 9651

could be an old video but it's a japanese taxi. but she posted a lot of photos and that means she wants to show us she is back

No. 9652

Old Video

No. 9653

File: 1541762255118.png (398.72 KB, 355x613, lol.png)

No. 9654


"Reservations sold out"
wonder if it's true or if she just told yuniba she can't make it back so they put this up so they can keep her image on the site

No. 9655

Definitely plausible. They will probably fire her if she doesn’t make it back soon.

No. 9656

22 years old when you are 100 meters away and squint kek

No. 9657

I wonder how long she will keep that age up for because she is in reality 28/29, she can't claim to be 22 or 23 when she is in her 30s…

No. 9658

File: 1541805084564.png (289.71 KB, 2346x772, tag.png)


well, why not?

Gaya herself stated on TAG in 2017 that Miss Universe pictures are false. With pictures edited like that, it doesn't matter anymore if the Models are in their 20s or 30s in reality

No. 9659

Yep it‘s a bad site. They lie about age and country of the prostitutes

No. 9660

It’s usually the clubs themselves which put up the age. I know a few Japanese girls which are in their mid thirties and still get advertised as over 10 years younger. And girls in their twenties will usually get advertised as barely legal. But sere looks old and haggard no matter what so I guess 22 fits her better

No. 9661

she uploaded a video from a japanese restaurant. could be old or she is really back

No. 9662

File: 1541852842652.jpg (187.17 KB, 773x1510, lorena.jpg)

it's so easy to post a cap

No. 9663

File: 1541914512402.jpg (92.21 KB, 1080x1332, SoHKzxn.jpg)

ok i really think she is back now

and why does she look so fat?

No. 9664

File: 1541915869060.png (274.81 KB, 339x629, tert.png)

No. 9665


Last time she looked like this she was fucking pregnant. I hope she doesn't pop another poor kid to suffer in this world.

No. 9666

Lol yes she looks pregnant again

No. 9667

Oh god please not another baby
4 children?!

No. 9668

Holy shit last time she was pregnant she disappeared for months at a time too. Please no…

No. 9669

don't think so
she's just fat

No. 9670

If she had lipo wouldn't her stomach still be puffy tho?

No. 9671

But that was 1 month ago

No. 9672

So she’s back in business?

No. 9673

seems like

No. 9674

File: 1542013789405.jpeg (115.19 KB, 640x433, 1695359B-DCA7-4601-B118-AEE850…)

Claiming to be 22 on Instagram kek

No. 9675

File: 1542079412915.jpg (133.55 KB, 1080x1349, Dzd2HEF.jpg)

lol look at her right eye

No. 9676

File: 1542084016143.jpg (465.92 KB, 1248x1552, lorena.jpg)

She really should take care. This building looks structurally unsound.

No. 9677

haha omg
the photoshop is strong

No. 9678


The edit makes it look like her thumb is almost as large as her whole face and since when does Lorena has a dorito chin?

No. 9679

File: 1542121358526.jpg (2.88 KB, 110x69, 1542079412915-1.jpg)

No. 9680

File: 1542160533125.jpg (102.2 KB, 300x450, 260_7.jpg)

found even a worse photo.. and she is using it on her prostitute profile

No. 9681

File: 1542167188161.png (137.1 KB, 1640x318, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 7.45…)

>guess who's back
>back again
>hoebag's back
>tell her kids

No. 9682

she doesn’t seem to work that much at all. I wonder why that is.

No. 9683

Well she won’t earn much at the club, but it’s a more or less stable side income, while her main focus probably still is to escort

No. 9684

Then I wonder where she advertises. Because there aren’t any new ads of her on TAG. Backpage is down too. Unless she still goes to kirari.

No. 9685

My bet is she uses deaikei apps (meet up/dating apps) like wakuwaku mail etc to meet guys who will pay her for sex.

No. 9686

If they’re advertising her as a white pornstar from an English speaking country she could easily make 7-10man a day. Relatively she isn’t that attractive but with tips and extras she could probably make 2 grand a week easily for only two days of work.

No. 9687


I don't think she is unattractive for Japanese men that see prostitutes. She's 155cm, has light skin and eyes, big breast and even can converse in their language. She does look worn out and cheap but that is the case with many cheap hookers, also Miss Universe is not a high class shop.

No. 9688

You know that the Club will keep most of the money?

No. 9689

Customers of her wrote she is ugly af

No. 9690

You lot are delusional at times. Sere is white, not super fat, younger than 40 and speaks English and Japanese and did porn. That’s way More selling points than most of the other girls at her club. Plus Being white in japan will automatically make her decent or beautiful to them. Just look at Katie who wouldn’t get a second glance in England. I’m not saying she’s gonna be making tens of thousands a month but 2k a week as a white hooker in Japan with big boobs is easy.

No. 9691

Gonna agree. Japanese dudes pay a lot for prostitutes in the first place, even more for “perks” like white girl, porn star, etc. They don’t see many white girls so they don’t really get how busted she is and don’t really care. she still has a white vag lol

No. 9692

The way most stores work is they usually have a 50% cut from the price the customer pays, so it’s rough 14,000 an hour which gives her about 7,000 yen plus the 3,000 yen reservation fee for her which the girls usually keep. So she’s making about 10,000 an hour on average.

If she’s only working 7 hours a day, I’m guessing she’s getting between 4-5 clients. And say that she makes 20,000 in tips. It’s roughly 70,000 a day. Just over what an English teacher makes in a week.
She’s not getting rich by selling herself but she can get by on only 2 days a work of work for sure. Especially if she’s got regular clients she sees outside of that for dates/sugar daddies.

No. 9693

But I highly doubt she always gets booked for all 7 hours. I expect someone like her getting booked a maximum of 5-6 hours on both days. She might have lucky days on which she gets more, but it’s Sere we’re talking about.

No. 9694

Very UO, but I've always thought her face was cute/pretty. Her body, eh. It's clearly a mom's body. That's not a problem either, but it's not a well cared for mom body. Her belly button alone is freakishly weird and c-section scars always look kind of angry and red, even years later. I'm sure there are salarymen out there who'd fuck literally anything, but her lower half is probably the most off putting thing about her looks, imo. I'm sure the porn is a big draw for them regardless. Even in this country, porn stars well past their prime can continue to get work as escorts, it's likely the same all over the world.

No. 9695

Shiena and Sere are following eachother on instagram…Looks like Shiena is going to try to get herself into Japan illegally

No. 9696

better ask lorena for shady contacts :D

No. 9697

No-one knows if she has a ban or how long. That's kind of an extreme conclusion to draw from following each other.

No. 9698

In japan hookers aren’t allowed to advertise intercourses so at soap and deriheru they get paid extra for sex. so she’s probably getting a few couple extra 万after every guy. I’d say with tips she probably makes 50.000 - 100.000 a day. either way it’s enough to only work once or twice a week. Lorena is horrible with money and love hosts so I doubt she saves it anyway.

No. 9699

You are close. Soaplands include sex as part of the default service. You are paying for the bath, not the sex. A famous loophole in the law. Every other service can advertise whatever they want, just not vaginal sex. But, behind closed doors, a tip can be offered to upgrade the event to "full service". Average tip to get FS is from 5-15k.

No. 9700

File: 1542375819969.jpg (144.75 KB, 1080x809, xzeTjF5.jpg)

“If you a rich ninja I’mma Fuck you till you ain’t one”

I loved the guys comment
>Yea, I've seen your intentions… that's why I'm not looking for your sex

No. 9701

File: 1542444397718.jpg (80.7 KB, 1080x1350, hTvDiEn.jpg)

that shoop again

No. 9702

Lol where were those comments posted?

No. 9703

No. 9704

This is an image board post screemscaps

No. 9705

I know love, it's just the link to >>9700 which was asked for by >>9702. It's not important enough to make a whole new cap.

No. 9706

Looks like Sere is actually helping Shiena with an AV career plan. She's been hoeing around Kabukicho saying that she's going to start her own brothel to "pimp the bitches who need visas." She's trying to find someone to finance it and mask it as an English conversation school.

No. 9707

that's old milk, post proof or gtfo

No. 9708

File: 1542545762397.jpg (86.88 KB, 1024x1821, bxNwONu.jpg)


No. 9709

File: 1542545873644.jpg (143.05 KB, 1080x1920, O5JP9mL.jpg)

No. 9710

Shes looking extra trashy lately lol

No. 9711


she looks damn ancient and her hair looks nasty

No. 9712

Needs to fix her brows and her dead ass hair desperately. But no fixing the haggard signs of partying, drugs and old age lmao

No. 9713

I wonder why she reconnected with Shiena. Sere only talks to people she can use so idk what Shiena would be doing for her. Connections? Money? Drugs?

No. 9714

No. 9715

File: 1542902664241.png (300.14 KB, 1650x592, Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.0…)

some long-ass hours. happy thanksgiving

No. 9716


in that video her filter is having a hard time during her movements.. several times her chin pops up in its original size. obviously no shoop, never.

No. 9717

She’s Australian anon.
Also that’s 8 hours a day lol

No. 9718

File: 1542960724951.jpg (104.76 KB, 1080x1350, NfPgc6I.jpg)

she looks like an idiot

No. 9719

That uneven lipline

No. 9720

And the fake freckles

No. 9721

doesn’t even look like her… the shoop is unreal

No. 9722

File: 1542985566539.jpeg (25.24 KB, 425x123, 69F5F635-8344-4A2D-8982-FD64D9…)

Says she hates ugliness but is ugly herself

No. 9723


8 hours is a lot of greasy unwashed 50 year old salaryman dick to take

And i bet she has american clients or those who work for american companies who have thanksgiving off and that's why she took extra hours. Why else would anyone go out for sex at 4pm on a thursday.

No. 9724

File: 1543092355948.jpg (45.54 KB, 628x314, meangirlscool.jpg)

i'm getting severe "I'm a cool mom" vibes from her. Except her kids won't even talk to her and she doesn't have the rich businessman husband or mansion.

No. 9725

File: 1543117786911.jpg (44.97 KB, 588x520, jen_kirari_ikebukuro.JPG)

Jennifer spotted at Kirari in Ikebukuro, unmistakable tattoo on her chest. Business must be slow.

No. 9726

I wonder if that’s is an old photo? Because her boobs look sadder than ever if it isn’t

No. 9727

Saw that too.

That is probably an old promotional image that they keep recycling.

No. 9728

File: 1543211887067.png (144.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-25-22-57-17…)

Lol at the typo "cheep"

No. 9729

Probably on purpose to avoid copyright issues because she can’t even be original with her band name

No. 9730

the bands insta

lorena can't even sing lol

No. 9731

Yikes just listened to that awful track in the most recent post.
Pretty sure that playing that at someone violates the Geneva Convention.
Just painful in every way.

No. 9732


her singing is very flat and boring. but well, many artists have proven that its not necessary to be a good at what you are doing.

Im just curious of what the goal is for these guys to choose a person like Lorena as a band member. they can't expect to get good pr with a cheap hooker.

No. 9733

File: 1543311114519.jpeg (291.74 KB, 750x1199, 1543309347034.jpeg)

Shiena and Sere are apparently friends again.

No. 9734

Bahaha I know the drummer. Hes fucking insane druggie

No. 9735

File: 1543318492327.png (627.42 KB, 720x1072, IMG_20181127_123316.png)

So one of her yakuza pimps died or what does this mean?

No. 9736

Damn I don’t think I’d ever heard her voice before. I thought English was her first language? I didn’t expect her to sound so awkward and like…well, like an Asian singer performing her first English song.

No. 9737

File: 1543332515118.jpeg (248.15 KB, 750x1187, 8FB6AB73-8E8A-473F-B9AC-8AF403…)

No. 9738

File: 1543342423620.jpg (282.39 KB, 788x1620, uri_mh1543342379476.jpg)

she started posting on this account

No. 9739

That's so tactless. I like how she says he wasn't even a super close friend, but posts this photo

No. 9740

Her voice is that of any other basement indie band. The lyrics are childish, as if written by someone with a very limited, non creative vocabulary OR they were translated from Japanese via Google translate.

No. 9741

File: 1543352491141.jpeg (121.62 KB, 1600x1197, 333333.jpeg)

I almost forgot how much she shoops her face

No. 9742

I wonder if that is the kickboxing yakuza guy sho? The one that also had a pic with shiena

No. 9743

Lol her singing voice sounds like her porn voice…cant unsee that…

No. 9744

She’s really starting to look like her bloated mother haha

No. 9745

her face is huge and meaty

No. 9746

He's still alive.

I'm hoping we can learn more about this renewed Shiena and Sere relationship. It seems like Shiena is kinda on a downward spiral. First thing she did when she got home was dye her hair, buy a purse, lie about "moving" back home, and take some selfies. It was super weird to see her advertising Sere's band. I bet Shiena is going to try to get a visa out of Lorena.

No. 9747

Sere can’t gice visas to people ffs lol. She has no viable business to give a credible visa to anyone. Working visa? Can’t work in entertainment (ie bar/club/singing) for a working visa unless you’re a professional performer for more than 10 years or so. Who has Sere ever given a visa to? It’s such a ludicrous and laughable idea!! She still quite clearly visa hops so has no visa herself - how could she GIVE one to anyone?

No. 9748

Why else would Shiena suddenly act like they're friends?

I bet Sere told her that she'll hire Shiena to be a tour manager or costume designer or something.

No. 9749

or lorena knows shady people where you can buy visas

No. 9750

I mean Shiena already has yazuka connections. That Show guy is one.

No. 9751

File: 1543398927872.jpg (59.17 KB, 750x1334, ACKV5lE.jpg)

lorena can't sing.
i bet they had to edit her voice a lot.
also her non shooped face lmao

No. 9752

File: 1543400360576.bmp (422.96 KB, 489x295, lorenaddddc.bmp)

Without all the shop, you can tell how yellow her real hair is compared to her extensions. The extensions are so obnoxiously shiny compared to her real hair too. How is she not embarrassed by how bad it looks? If it's this obvious in filtered photos, just imagine what it must look like up close in person.

No. 9753


is she wearing synthetic extensions? that's really sad if you can't even afford human hair anymore

No. 9754

Seems like. Maybe she's broke paying off all those surgery debts right now and that's why she's working full time hours lately >>9715 compared to her usual 2-3 days a week part time.

No. 9755


what surgery debts? she obviously didn't do any surgery this time in Korea. it was a stunt to cover her visa hop, she used old pictures of her last surgery and faked a breast bandage

No. 9756

Her Kana friend looks like a donkey. Shiena probably renewed her friendship with Lorena so that she can have easy access to Japanese things that she can't get in Canada land.

No. 9757

Kana friend? Post screenshots

No. 9758

Plus if Shiena has a criminal record I’m sure she can’t leave Canada to go anywhere let alone japan for five years, regardless of the job offer.

No. 9759

>>9757 They are referring to the image above that says かなちゃん大好き

No. 9760

The record would only be in Japan. She can go anywhere else.

Also holy shit Seres voice is god awful. I almost thought “what if she’s actually a good singer and that’s her saving grace” but NOPE

No. 9761

Thats some rabbit teeth if ive ever seen them

No. 9762

I disagree
If you commit a crime and get arested you usually can’t even get a passport let alone fly for ten years

Just a deportation order yes
But arrested and deportation order? Maybe some crappy countries will allow her but not Australia or America

And America does share criminal data bases with japan

No. 9763

Japan doesn’t share information with America so the only problems she would have is if she would commit a federal crime like Terrorism and was put on INTERPOL’s list or if she applied for a visa. 9/10 she could lie on ESTA and get into America fine.

She’s Aussie so they can’t deny her from her own country. She would definitely be allowed a passport unless she was convicted of raping kids in third world countries. Idk why anons here think the smallest infractions give you a shit ton of time. Like the fools who said Shiena would get a 10 year sentence lol. Unless Sere commits a interpol and prison inducing federal offence she wouldn’t get banned from having a passport or travelling. Like I said Australia and America don’t even have access to Japan’s records.

No. 9764

Seriously anon, you're making this up. Withholding a passport is serious business and it's done to potential terrorists.

No. 9765

File: 1543711727867.png (606.03 KB, 813x585, untitled.png)

I'm surprised she allowed this to be posted. She looks so old.

No. 9766

She doesn't even have a following to see it. It's only got 9 curtidas.

No. 9767

Laughing way too hard at the 9 curtidas.

No. 9768

D4C is trying to hire Shiena as a manager. Talked to Yuya.

No. 9769

She's so old and frail looking. Definitely doing drugs…

No. 9770


are you 12?
why are so many people in this thread posting made up bullshit, its fucking annoying.

No. 9771

How are they going to get around her 5 year ban lol

No. 9772

post caps or gtfo

No. 9773

Lol Yuya is a fucked up druggie thief. Not a reliable source

No. 9774

Sorry but does she actually even play guitar? Shes literally never mentioned it before or taken pictures with one or anything and I feel like it's something she would brag about if she actually could.

No. 9775

it's only for the picture

No. 9776


I think you will find that fake marriage is on a federal level. Google it.

No. 9777

File: 1543984234061.jpg (140.63 KB, 1080x1920, BApZ6pH.jpg)

even special kyaba photographer can't make her pretty

No. 9778

The fake hair extensions are even more prominent here. Girl, please invest in real human hair or get a good wig.

No. 9779


what is up with that shoop job? it looks like they copy pasted a sausage between her hip and lower leg.. and those monstrous frankentits, hell no

No. 9780

No joke. They shooped her boobs twice the size and her thighs to half the size. What a mess.

At least they shooped out how yellow her real hair is. Still couldn't hide that synthetic shine though.

Her hair looked so much better dark. She clearly can't upkeep the dark roots or keep the hair hydrated enough, her real hair is fried too. I guess dark hair doesn't draw enough attention in the streets though.

No. 9781

Sere straight up looks like a drag queen lately. Flat acne ass and sings like a dying hog.

There's new photos of the kid too, including a video of him listening to something in English. I really wonder if it's hers.

She keeps claiming to be 22 but she doesn't even look 30 (30 is her real age right?). She looks like a 40 year old used up hoe

No. 9782

Ahhhh the concrete walls of her sharehouse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9783

Pretty sure the gold mirror in Sere's room is the same as the one Shiena bought a few months before her arrest. I think they definitely reconnected because of the arrest. I fully expect to see Sere wearing some of Shiena's old clothes soon.

No. 9784

wtf the sharehouse anon is weird.
we all know she lives with her victim

No. 9785

i thought that was basically already put to rest tbh.

No. 9786

well spotted anon, i went back in shienas insta and i think you're right

No. 9787

That would make sense why Shiena was trying to use Paypal to send money to Japan. She was sending it to Sere. I wonder if Sere is just holding her stuff or sending it back to her.

No. 9788

File: 1544231635862.png (791 KB, 750x1334, BC86D425-ECA2-447A-A7D1-C654C1…)

No. 9789

She is totally disenchanted. No normal guywould want her crazy ass

No. 9790

She looks like shit too…nobody wants you sere lmao

No. 9791

File: 1544323725008.png (634.65 KB, 653x661, lol.png)

deserves her right

No. 9792

God, I love busted bitches like her who think the guys that fuck them do so because they're pretty/smart/cool and not just because they're an easy, open hole they can pound while they fantasize about women who are actually worth being with. Women like Sere are whores because no man wants to stay with them, and if they didn't fuck then the guys wouldn't want them around anyway. Way to turn being a low rent cumrag into a lifestyle, Sere. k e k

No. 9793

your balcony is dirty and you have no nice view. even no balcony is better than this.

No. 9794

Lmao these dry dead looking trees really add to the ‘view’

No. 9795

Which do you think is more dry- the plants, or her hair?

No. 9796

File: 1544408919036.jpg (17.29 KB, 270x480, FI4DUDC.jpg)

when you are ugly and old you have to tell yourself you look good

No. 9797

Her hair

No. 9798

this is not japan right now.. lol
is this a recent image?

No. 9799

That skirt is beyond short.

No. 9800

it is japan

No. 9801

File: 1544590243517.jpeg (179.33 KB, 585x999, EBFB6B49-8A64-45BE-A93E-0EA431…)

Lol why did she think this was a good photo to upload. Fucking hot mess

No. 9802

Not sure if she is drunk or on drugs… or perhaps both. It’s awful.

No. 9803

Isn‘t she on drugs like always?
Why did the police never stops her?

No. 9804

File: 1545133192895.jpg (52.03 KB, 1080x720, FgtUkNc.jpg)

who does she wanna fool?
she looks so trashy

No. 9805

God damn she looks so out of place. Like a southern 40 year old mom trying to relive her youth through baby pink dresses and bleaching her hair fake barbie blonde. She looks awful and tacky.

No. 9806

her new insta bio
>Pussy hoe where your man at? So I can fuck him in his mouth in your house where he lay’n at. Ahaaaa


No. 9807


why is lorenas bar gone

No. 9808

She took the band out of her bio and they haven't updated since beginning of the month, wonder how fast it's gonna flounder.

No. 9809

lol already flopped

No. 9810

File: 1545489783643.gif (461.15 KB, 300x451, OpykqoU.gif)

No. 9811

Ewww the website actually pisted that?! She looks like a white trash mess ew

No. 9812

like all the others working there

No. 9813


new video of her lol
also she has to work on christmas since she doesn't have a boyfriend lol.

No. 9814

What's quite interesting about that twitter is that she's one of the few girls who show their face. It's like her and Reira/Layla. Everyone else is blurred.

No. 9815

The girls that are showing their faces are absolutely dog too and the filters do not help lmfao

No. 9816

Lorena is proud to be a low level human

No. 9817

File: 1546360258825.png (743.32 KB, 576x880, Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 11.2…)

what is this photoshit

She looks like she shooped herself into ashley isaacs tier legs

No. 9818

it's freakish but it's also been posted >>9777
her place of employment would have done it.

No. 9819

lorena is really quiet atm
wonder what's going on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9820

File: 1547013354488.png (305.67 KB, 1117x747, fsdf.png)

No. 9821

Isn't that a Jesus Diamante coat from Shiena?

No. 9822

File: 1547025378920.jpg (26.28 KB, 236x354, CUByGAz.jpg)

do you mean this one?

No. 9823

why is lorenas instagram suddenly private?

No. 9824

It's not?

No. 9825

File: 1547358604904.jpg (26.71 KB, 300x451, 8b7pEuA.jpg)

did they photoshop er acne ass?

No. 9826

Ask yourself this anon: do you think Sere suddenly decided to be more hygenic for 2019? It's definitely shooped.

No. 9827

File: 1547644251421.jpg (75.6 KB, 750x750, vy98lM8.jpg)

No. 9828

How old is she now ?

No. 9829

she is 30

No. 9830

She looks around 35

No. 9831

File: 1547803115160.jpeg (483.09 KB, 780x1438, 8CDE79AE-3C03-4E45-9139-AB1A8F…)


No. 9832

lorena really looks like her father

No. 9833

File: 1547984945056.gif (9.94 MB, 728x908, nPduMAC.gif)

yikes she looks dumb and fake

No. 9834

Crazy eyes

No. 9835

File: 1548474744687.jpg (25.56 KB, 300x400, f0XtfSC.jpg)

why isn't she active on instagram anymore?

No. 29671

File: 1548737999206.jpg (14.83 KB, 300x300, NBhj2NG.jpg)

what is that?

No. 29673

File: 1548738096991.jpg (29.71 KB, 450x299, bVaD6k5.jpg)

No. 29676

Iroha zen vibrator

No. 29680

lorena visa hopped to korea in october and went back to japan in december as far as i can remember.
her workplace said she is going back to her country and it doesn't take long haha

No. 29684

Looks like a ballsack

No. 30438

Why is she bikini thotting in what appears to be a doctors office?

No. 30514

Probably doing another porno.

No. 30526

It‘s at her workplace lol

No. 31334

Ugh those cheap shoes on display makes this even worse

No. 31386

This bitch cant finger herself with those talons.

No. 31570

why is she so quiet atm?

No. 33091

There’s stuff on her band page. No one cares about her enough to post anything anymore.

No. 33201

Yeah but lorena doesn‘t upload a lot on instagram anymore

No. 33283

New twitter is @Oliviar95344328

No. 33480

File: 1550049002995.jpeg (320.86 KB, 1111x1855, C1521B45-5858-47C9-B798-0CE87D…)

She went live to promote her cd but I just was able to see a couple of minutes
A lot of "etooo"
Also her voice sounds like a 60year old heavy smoker lady

No. 33485

lorena was taking drugs through all her pregnancies

No. 33486

It’s so funny to see how she bought all the fake followers yet she forgot about buying likes. How stupid can one be? Also kek at 4 people watching of which one is a farmer

No. 33770

Wow her face without all that photoshop lmao(no contribution)

No. 36799

How many kids does she have now?

No. 37622

She changed her Instagram name again….

No. 38169

She wrote on her prostitute blog she got a new tattoo but it was added with photoshop(post the caps)

No. 38190

I don't know if any other anons have listened to this song, but I highly recommend listening. It is hilariously bad and the singing voice sounds a little bit special needs. As >>33480 said the voice sounds like it belongs to a middle aged smoker mixed with Sonic the hedgehog voice. I was not expecting it to be so bad. I am guessing she came up with the lyrics herself.

>couldn't stand it

>moving my body to the rhythm of the beat yeah
>I gotta gotta gotta I gotta dance
>couldn't stand it, I want a drink yeah
>I want to party and I want to dance
>And waiting for you in this party
>it's boring as hell and I don't want to stand still
>So baby what should I wait for
>I'm gonna move my body and no one stop me tonight
>the party's started and we're gonna kill it

No. 38245

This is terrible. I legitimately tried to see anything positive about this but it's all around bad. Her voice is completely shot, it sounds like her throat is completely messed and she couldn't hit any contrasting notes and struggled at anything that wasn't basically slightly beyond talking. The fact the music sounds like a of mishmash of early 2000's sound clips crap doesn't help. But her voice is 100 percent why this song is total trash.

Got second hand embarrassment listening to this. I don't know how she's proud of this at all lol.

No. 38253

Those lyrics are also hilariously bad. I’m feeling the second hand embarrassment too. I’m not one to trash peoples efforts but this… is all around horrible.

No. 38352

I also tried to see something positive in it, but there was nothing. Maybe the instrumentals, but it's wasted on the voice. I did take a look at their DDDDC Instagram and heard one sample where she sounded acceptable, it was a slower track where she didn't have to hit a lot of high notes. But as for the others…this is the only song on their YouTube page for now. It looks like they made a whole album.

No. 38753

File: 1551777890636.png (374.02 KB, 520x655, fake.png)

This sounds like terrible karaoke. The instrumental part sounds really generic, but recorded well? The vocal track sounds really low quality in comparison for some reason. Beyond that her vocals are hilariously bad, especially considering this is post production.

This is the "new tattoo" that this anon is referring to. It's pretty obvious she's trying to make a joke about the whole Arianna Grande hand tattoo debacle that happened a while back. Not that she was seriously trying to pass this off as a new tattoo.

No. 39099

Man i miss lorena drama
I guess she got no friends anymore so no drama

No. 39396

File: 1552208557579.png (1.08 MB, 887x633, ytho.png)

Small update. She changed her IG back to kabukillmee and is now trying to be a kawaii anime loli on tiktok I guess? It's extremely cringe worthy.

No. 39397

File: 1552208940841.png (1.42 MB, 1043x649, ahegross.png)

Bonus pic from the clip of her literally drooling on herself. There's another god awful ahegao pic of her in the same cheap cosplay wig and a virgin killer sweater too where she tagged a ton of ahegao pages.

No. 39398

File: 1552209044542.png (78.06 KB, 404x640, 0.png)

Those nails.

No. 39410

So she had a emo phase, gyaru, american bitch, ariana grande and now this

No. 39433

Thisbis wjat happens to nails when you have acrylic with no timento let the nail bed breathe. She's going to have none by age 40.

No. 39435

Here is another of her songs that was uploaded to their YouTube page. Sounds more tolerable than the last one at least.

No. 39442

Are you okay anon this is ten times worse. She can't carry a tune for longer than 2 seconds and sings with her nose lol

No. 39605

I don't understand how they heard her sing and were like "yeah this sounds good enough". What a waste of time, effort, and money to get this produced/recorded. Even yukapee's attempt was better than this.

No. 39765

The bandmembers are all druggies like lorena. So no wonder

No. 39773


No. 39793

File: 1552467418543.png (549.24 KB, 798x593, kek.png)

Her "music", the recent Belle Delphine skinwalking and the state of her fingernails really are something else. She has zero self-awareness. People like Belle are successful because of their constant pedo-baiting and cute looks. Not trying to defend Belle or the recent normalization of hentai here, but she at least looks young and smol which fits the Snow filters plus the pink, kawaii aesthetic and adds shock-value to the Ahegao. Seeing a 30-something, washed-up, cross-eyed hooker sticking out her tongue and drooling on herself like that is just disturbing. Her TikTok video is nightmare fuel as well and she isn’t even capable of doing it as she stops lip syncing halfway through it kek

No. 39797

What's her Japanese like? I've never heard her speak or write much than a basic sentence in Japanese.

No. 39801

That wig is atrocious. I hope she has a decent photog if she plans to get into the whole patreon thot thing.

OT because I know she takes shiit care of her acrylics. But she lost nails down half her nail bed on multiple fingers. Isn’t that also a sign of chemical drug abuse?

No. 39826

It can be, but that's not it in her case. She cannot afford decent extensions or a decent wig, I doubt she can afford drugs. I don't think she's working in a soap shop either. She just kept getting more and more acrylics without letting her nail bed take a breather.

No. 39827

The acrylics she gets are deco-ed so they must be around 100-250$ a set. If she doesn’t know someone doing them for free or cheap.

I mean drug addicts prioritize their addiction over everything else, so I can imagine she’d rather save on proper extensions, living expenses etc before quitting her addiction

No. 39889

What drugs is Sere on? I always hear that but never whichbdeug

No. 39921

Just an assumption but her host friend Naoki was on PCP which is pretty easy to get in Kabukicho. She’s probably using it too. Meth is also fairly easy to get but she doesn’t look like she’s on meth…

No. 39936

She smoked weed while she was pregnant

No. 39940

Holy shit, wait. Her nails are broken down to the quick here like she foribly tore them off while the acrylic was still fully adhered to her nail. Or she got an extremely botched manicure and her nailbeds got infected. I feel like we kind of glossed over how fucked up this actually is.

No. 39948

In one of her old blogs (a screenshot must be around in one of the older threads) she was talking about her being constantly on extasy. That was around the time that she had her first kid back in Australia.

I doubt that a weak person like her who once started w/drug abuse at a very young age will ever quit. And given the fact she’s still rolling around Kabukicho it’s more than likely she can still get what she ‘needs’

No. 39949

File: 1552540752154.png (698.13 KB, 981x653, twitch.png)

She's always jumping onto trends super late. She's trying to be a kawaii cosplay thot now and is posting how she's going to be a twitch streamer now too? Always jumping ship from one thing to the next, I guess.

Honestly, drug use really wouldn't be shocking or abnormal for her or for others in her line of work. Her hair/nails used to look way better before and have definitely taken a turn for the worse more recently. She could be letting one of her "model" hostess/hooker friends do her nails for the cheap which ended with the results we're seeing now?

I know we've had a lot of tinfoiling about her living in a sharehouse or off an unfortunate dude, but I also honestly believe she's living in a dorm of sorts that she probably shares with other working girls. The absolute lack of children toys and other comfort items in the living area, outside her filthy, cluttered room really looks like a shared space and really isn't unheard of in her line of work either.

Tbh, meth wouldn't really surprise me, but it's likely a similar upper/party type drug considering her scene. She also has a history like >>39948 said. I kind of suspect she lost all that weight due to drug abuse more so than a healthy lifestyle.

No. 39950

Forgot to add, she made an onlyfans account now too. Link is in her IG bio. Wonder how long this phase will last? Never heard of her talk about any kind of gaming before?

No. 39951

when is she going to visa hopp again?

No. 39952

No. 40064

No. 40094

this is an image board - take a cap and post it.

or if you want the video use 1) twittervideodownloader.com then 2) convert the file to webm using one of the sites out there like video.online-convert.com. then you can upload that video here just like an image.

this is some lame tik tok bullshit and she's not even bothering with the words so I'm not gonna post it.

No. 40119

File: 1552710986620.jpg (183.98 KB, 900x1200, nooo.jpg)

Milky, but not in the way anyone wants.

I feel so bad for her kid when he grows up and sees all the gross/embarrassing shit his mother has put online.

No. 40131

Not too mad about the sudden change of image as it provides so much milk. Glad that the TikTok clips are short, though, because they are really hard to watch. Everything about this is cringy. I also love that her Twitter bio now says "Lewd cosplay model, twitch steamer, instagrammer and vocalist" kek. She is a washed up bootleg version of all those things. Besides, she hasn’t done a single stream yet, didn’t she say that she will start in 2 weeks (strange announcement, too, like.. who cares?)? I am wondering what she is going to play.

No. 40250

File: 1552798268452.webm (1.82 MB, 320x630, OHSh6S7qLAg3F_xu.webm)

No. 40259

Man, I feel bad for all the Japanese normies who cross her path. It reminds me of her claims that Japanese men aggressively oogle her in the streets. Like, no honey, you just look ridiculous.

Imagine just turning the corner to pop into an arcade and there she is. Some dried out, 30-something white woman in a too-small, too-tight, dirty and worn minidress. She has what looks like poor marker drawings covering most of her body. Her fingernails are torn off, gross, infected looking nubs. And she's wearing a mangy, cheap pink cosplay wig that styled in tangled pigtails. She crosses her eyes before drooling on herself, obviously filming the whole thing on her phone. Classy.

No. 40495

File: 1552964123737.webm (3.19 MB, 320x630, eww.webm)

"When you search your own hashtag and realize you’re a famous pornstar. #imbiginjapan"

No. 40509

No. 40511

Rapidly clicking your crooked tongue barbell against your teeth. Oh boy, how sexy. Her dirty white tongue really sells it too.

I'll never understand the weirdly placed piercing she has off to the side of her tongue tip. Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen professionally done, the placement seems downright hazardous.

No. 40512

File: 1552983962834.png (22.81 KB, 679x262, famous.png)

Bitch, where?

No. 40516

File: 1552985646418.jpeg (44.92 KB, 301x431, 722F6F0D-B27A-4FB6-A9C2-8B0B0C…)

It’s a Japanese thing. I’ve seen a lot of natives with tongue piercings off to the side or with multiple that aren’t semetrical. Not sure why tho.

Pic related.

No. 40530

when will this shitty trend end??

why two weeks? is she making a deal with someone to use their pc? the twitch thot thing is irritating

No. 40923

seems like she got 6 followers on her onlyfans site lool

No. 41158

File: 1553436547240.png (270.43 KB, 418x556, dab.png)

Those videos get worse and worse. Girl, you are like 35 and have three (?) kids, aren’t you a little old for cringy TikTok videos and dabbing? And again, she is way too late (doing a "Hit or Miss" video now, how innovative) AND doesn’t even know the lyrics. She really is the epitome of a 40-something suburban mom that tries to fit in with the kids. Just embarrassing.

She found another trend, too. Doing "ASMR" videos with her shitty phone cam and mic where you can’t her the sounds, anyway. How is that ASMR? What is up with those cringy "mhhhmm" sounds, weird winking into the cam? Her face filter stops working in the video, too lmao

No. 41294

I recently caught up on this chick's trainwreckyness and I'm very entertained.
I have one question though, where are her 3 kids? Who do they live with?

No. 41352

1 she dumped on her parents in Australia, 1 she abandoned to her ex-husbands parents, and the most recent one appears to live with either her or whoever took responsibility as father

No. 41393

File: 1553506496509.jpg (442.82 KB, 1080x1531, 20190325_042444.jpg)

This video is hilarious. She's super late trying to hop onto the hit or miss meme train. Also, has she fully given up on taking care of her real hair and is only wearing that bad cosplay wig now?

No. 41394

File: 1553506660643.jpg (536.01 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20190324-013655_Ins…)

Between the constant wearing of the bad wig, and the recent state of her nails it has me wondering. Is she still getting work at all, is she just too broke or is it the drugs? She looks awful.

No. 41395

File: 1553506877579.jpg (Spoiler Image,638.78 KB, 1080x1342, 20190325_042414.jpg)

One last pic, cause that ridiculous waist shop. Featuring that trash wig yet again.

No. 41408

this looks so fake

No. 41435

Her looks already started to decrease after she lost her first hostess job and got divorced, but the torn off nails and cheap costume wig on top of her old, worn out clothing is probably the lowest she can get. Bitch can't take care of herself at all.

No. 42130

File: 1553979604891.png (60.87 KB, 450x438, lol.png)

what is a pateron?

No. 42147

i thought this was mickey deer for a second lol

No. 43012

Old washed up Lorena trying to stay relevant. yawn

No. 43041

File: 1554451368991.png (88.42 KB, 829x217, cringe.png)

She's been doing a countdown on IG and finally announced her first stream will be on the 9th of April at 10am Japan time.

She's always trying to reinvent herself. Funny how cringe her new character is. A 30yo prostitute, mother of 3, sporting a shitty pink pigtail cosplay wig, d.va t-shirt, and putting on a kawaii loli uwu act. This might be her worst persona yet.

No. 43044

Does she really thinnk she will get money with that?

No. 43045

Why is lorena always full of confidence.
What does she smoke?

No. 43083

sage goes into mail field

9th of April, 10am Japan time, 7pm LA time. Are you guys ready? Also, she uses the hashtag "belledelphine" in her newest post. I mean, we all know who exactly she is copying right now, but this is just… weird lol. And her wig starts looking worse and worse.

No. 43224

File: 1554539930811.jpg (799.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190322-162358_Ins…)

Yeah, she's used that tag on some of her ahegao pics too. It's funny how late to the game she always is.

Really curious how much of a trainwreck her attempt at streaming is going to be. She's never expressed any kind of interest in gaming prior to now, so I wonder what sort of game she's going to play. I don't get why she just doesn't go the camgirl route at this point tbh.

She removed this dumb piercing a week or so ago.

No. 43225

File: 1554540149752.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190322-162348_Ins…)

Bonus pic, some horrendous ahegao/lewd fanart her tattoo "artist" friend drew of her. No wonder her tattoo work looks so trash, Lorena must have been like her personal doodle pad.

No. 43233

File: 1554550382467.jpeg (87.62 KB, 534x491, 2C79EB3B-1C49-4008-9BAB-8DF4CB…)

No. 43356


No. 43511

Did anyone watch her stream? If so, how was it?

No. 43514

File: 1554794544894.png (10.15 KB, 275x168, seretwitch.png)

Oops, thought it was happening tomorrow. Looks like she just played mario kart on a switch and has 7 followers now, mostly her friends.

Best part is that she didn't even bother to set up her channel, it's all blank except for a big donate button. How very Lorena.

No. 43515

File: 1554794627584.png (377.45 KB, 862x438, excusemewhat.png)

Sage for samefag, but this new lipsync clip is atrocious. She doesn't know the lyrics again, and keeps making the most awkward faces/movements. At one point the face shrinking filter she's using even pops off.

Best of all though, that description, "butt-meth-unicone"?

No. 43742

File: 1554965583409.png (530.84 KB, 518x651, sere.png)

Lorena is less Belle Delphine and more Regina George's mom.

No. 43743

File: 1554965617257.png (261.25 KB, 500x369, tumblr_n3ub6neQoD1r7ksqyo1_500…)

No. 43748

gg her botched tits really shine through here

give belle some credit, she barely has tits to botch

No. 43818

Are we not even going to address the three-kid stomach? Straight out of a horror movie, guess she just tucks the skin flaps into her waistband

No. 43845

File: 1555042873029.png (Spoiler Image,352.87 KB, 540x960, botched.png)

Yeah, she went from showing them all of the time (even when they were mega botched) to never showing them again. Really makes you wonder how bad they must be at this point to hide them when we've already seen them in such a horrific state?

>tucks the skin flaps into her waistband
ngl, I laughed.

No. 43849

File: 1555048423627.jpeg (46.67 KB, 275x253, 2F1262D2-0303-4855-9AC5-1A5CCE…)

No. 43866


lmao this guy thinks gaya is sooo beautiful.. sexless do those things to you..

No. 43907

this entire post reads like some cringy delulu reddit thread, it is amazing

No. 43934

Seeing Gaya as intelligent and beautiful… These reviews always come off so fake

No. 44029

File: 1555251346074.webm (11.69 MB, 480x480, kabukillmee_-_Fine_china-11170…)

omg hahahaha

No. 44050

by this point i'm convinced that she has borderline.

No. 44060

She probably does, so what? That's not milk.

No. 44146

I don't even follow this cow but lol what in the fucking world

No. 44161

File: 1555304608408.png (510.01 KB, 455x811, k.png)

These awkward lipsync/dance clips are my fav. If I didn't know any better, I would think it was her first time ever hearing the song she's dancing to.

Welcome to "the queen of kabukicho". She's prob on some sort of drugs or riding out a manic high and thinks she looks cute.

She's out here tagging rappers all over IG now trying to get their attention.

No. 44174

Why would she tag rappers?!

No. 44188

the awkward out of sync movements and cutesy act are giving me pt vibes.

No. 44242

File: 1555389030016.png (574.25 KB, 589x658, watryoudoin.png)

I was thinking the same, but didn't want to compare her to queen pt.

Desperate for any kind of attention I guess? Maybe she's trying to hop on the clout thot bandwagon if her twitch streamer thing doesn't pan out?

Any Japanese savvy anon out there able to see if she's still on the schedule at her old job? She seems to have so much free time these days.

No. 44249

She is still working at missuniverse but isn‘t as popular as before

No. 44255

File: 1555408602729.webm (9.74 MB, 540x720, 4_14_T-1117745434875678721.web…)

her cute act is really bad
as if someone would believe her

No. 44277

cute shit is always fake, but this is really unbearable.

No. 44281

Lmao "22 years old", is she for real?

No. 44289

She’s being 22 years old for I don’t know how long lmao

No. 44295

She’s at least 30 now.

No. 44338

File: 1555504487688.png (313.92 KB, 787x380, uh.png)

The cringy dancing, the hesitant, awkward lip-syncing and whatever is wrong with her mouth area… This is incredible. I especially love the pouting. And why are those videos so long? She is trying to go for that TikTok thot image, but usually those videos are a few seconds, not up to 1 minute.

Also, why does she have an IT guy for her streams?

No. 44352

She doesn’t. It’s either her latest victim or just a lame excuse.

No. 44404

so she got 300 followers on twitter..

No. 44434

People have entire twitters where they just subscribe to every thot posting lewd photos. It'd be a big deal if she had 300 patreon subscribers or people actually putting out $ to see her.

I am kinda amazed she is still around after all this time. I wonder if she got permanent residency in Japan somehow. She can't still be on a marriage visa can she?

No. 44446

She looks like someone's mom trying to be young. I don't get what's up with the scene hair and unflattering tight skirt and top that makes it look like she has a fupa and exaggerates her mom arms.

No. 44460

I wouldn't take her follower counts very seriously tbh. It wasn't that long ago she paid to get up to 20k followers >>8899 and she's already down to 13k.

No. 44466

Oh god she can‘t sing

No. 44744

File: 1555927101234.jpg (133.14 KB, 768x1024, AxXByts.jpg)

wow her dog is still alive

No. 44771

File: 1555953558064.jpg (80.01 KB, 1536x1534, lorena3.jpg)

She dropped the price on her onlyfans from 32 usd to 12.50 usd, but its still only at 11 followers.

no one wants to pay for nude lorena, how sad.

No. 44958

she wrote giga nai, help on twitter…
what does that mean? does she mean 気がない?

No. 44979


i'd feel the same way if we saw any of her 3 children

No. 45011

File: 1556157188631.png (362.24 KB, 479x897, momoftheyear.png)

Where is this from? She's so dodgy about posting non heavily filtered pics at this point, you can definitely see her real age in them though.

She made this post on her IG story recently. Mom of the year, obviously.

No. 45012


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 45013

File: 1556157339342.png (1.13 MB, 914x809, serewig.png)

Bonus pic, she confirms her hair as of late was a lacefront wig, which could explain why it's been looking better lately.

Too bad she botched a dye job on it and is now looking for a replacement.

No. 45014

It's part of a softbank ad.

No. 45436

when was the last time lorena was visa hopping? december?

No. 45534

File: 1556528730422.png (514.73 KB, 472x886, what.png)

The last time was the trip to Korea when she got plastic surgery which was in October. She might have finally secured herself an entertainment visa or something similar (the new dude maybe?), it's been a while since her last hop.

She made this gross weird post to IG recently. She seems completely brainless these days.

No. 45538

god she is gross

ah, she went to korea in october and came back in december/january

No. 45560


Man that's pathetic lol. She couldn't get McDonalds pancakes.


Is also pretty low lol. Wow nothing like having food and clothing

No. 45619

File: 1556624808487.png (Spoiler Image,173.63 KB, 536x546, Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-30 um 1…)


"Miss Universe, bitches"
Holy shit. Why does she always do those things in public? This bitch has no shame.

No. 45623

Goddamn that was cringe. Why is she barefoot? Also, is she not wearing panties? She's so gross

No. 45626

This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.

No. 45652

next time someone should call the police
wtf, guess she is on drugs 24/7

No. 45684

hi cow

No. 45685

Lorena, stop the drugs. It‘s not good for you

No. 45688

She was in Osaka recently.

No. 45692

Who is taking her photos these days? Gaya? New boytoy? Some traumatised passerby?

No. 45697

File: 1556671368696.png (Spoiler Image,544.86 KB, 427x645, serew.png)

What in the world? This was so much worse in video than I was expecting. Mother of three out here twerking barefoot at a public train station, no panties on, shrieking the name of the brothel she works for. Keep it classy as always, Lorena.


No one cares, anon. If you want to post about other cows/flakes, there are appropriate threads for it.

Likely Gaya, the ever faithful tagalong, or one of her prostitute"coworkers"/junkie boytoys.

No. 45698

File: 1556672756808.jpeg (154.49 KB, 843x830, A7A18AD3-A6E2-4DBA-BB52-C2DEBD…)

Lorena did it again

No. 45700

File: 1556674157525.png (472.21 KB, 458x892, visahop.png)

The true kween of kabukicho.

Looks like she's planning a new visahop guys! She's planning a trip to Brisbane? Also hanging out with whoever this chubby white dude is? He pretends to snort coke off the key in the clip btw.

No. 45726

You don’t have to be a certain person to criticize her. There are many people (and yes, also Germans) that comment on her because she is delirious, cringy and irresponsible. No, I am not "Nadine" and this is all I am going to say about this because the "hi random person" thing is just as bad as "hi cow".

It is not only extremely weird and embarrassing to watch, but also not a good idea for her "business". She came up with that """sexy""" wannabe-kawaii persona and made all those clips and accounts (onlyfans, Twitch etc.). The Lorena twerking at the train station doesn’t really fit that narrative. I also think she ditched her Twitch career already, which is very sad because it could’ve been a great milk supplier.

The dude just seems to be from a random video, not someone she knows.

No. 45734

still wonder how she can visa hop so easily?! doesn't it look weird to immigration?

No. 45742

that hi cow post was lorena selfposting

No. 45764


This is exactly what a drug addict looks like. Sage for blogpost but, I work with homeless folks and it's always sad to see someone like this: theoretically young enough to potentially still turn their life around, but by the way they act you know there's a 95% chance they won't. The 30 something ones look like Lorena, already pretty nasty but still have okay skin and energy and the stuff they say is a bit "off" but still comprehensible. By 40s and 50s they're dirty, homeless, face and body wrecked from the combination of drugs and being constantly exposed to the elements, and the stuff they say is just completely incomprehensible even at the most charitable of interpretations (seriously, we WANT to help them, but can't).

Nobody gives them the time of day. Other homeless people steal their shit. No place to shower and their toothbrush got stolen so their personal hygiene gets so bad you can smell them from several feet away. Some of these women get into makeshift sex for protection type situations with homeless men (since they're so stinky and mentally unstable that nobody else but other homeless would have them), but they're just as likely to be assaulted or murdered by those very men.

People act like this due to very deep pain. I'm sure even for a shitbag mother like Lorena, having her children taken from her was deeply traumatizing. We see that a lot, people on heroin or crack who get their children taken from them for very, very good reasons, but they still terribly miss their children. People who use drugs and alcohol to self medicate, but that "medicine" only makes their problems worse, never better.

There's still a human inside there, but they themselves and the world around them is doing its best to pretend there isn't.

No. 45795

Lorena is taking drugs way before she got her three kids

No. 45798

File: 1556747215607.jpeg (119.78 KB, 1024x1820, 10966A4C-3D66-407B-96D8-769B29…)

No. 45799

So she visa hops every 6 months right?