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File: 1456209140470.jpg (69.63 KB, 720x960, 12728994_1556203078023721_4886…)

No. 22369

>Forever 20 y/o lolicon wannabe who tags her photos as ddlg/nymphet/etc
>Ex (?) friend of Tavia after apparently stealing and wearing her stuff and not returning it
>Hosted multiple gofundmes- Failed
>Tried being gal- Failed
>Now is trying to do the ddlg or big brother or whatever shit to get people to buy off her amazon wishlist

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kikithewannabe/
NSFW IG:https://www.instagram.com/kinkythewannabe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kikithewannab3
AskFM: https://ask.fm/KuroKitsunechan

No. 22370

That is some uncanny valley status shop

No. 22371

File: 1456210045947.jpg (4.24 KB, 150x144, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 22372


Yeah, Tavia and her used to be friends but not anymore because she ruined her shoes and like you said, didn't returned some of Tavia's clothes and they had a Facebook drama about that not too long ago.

No. 22373

You forgot her donation to ze children with a medio cafe desu~~~

Shout out to Barbie by the way

No. 22374

She's horrible looking with all that shop so imagine how she looks without it.

No. 22375

File: 1456227801306.jpeg (96.57 KB, 552x426, image.jpeg)

They have the worst looking girls here. I wish the black Kawaii girls had better standards.

No. 22376


They do, you get uglies in all maid cafes in America. Nobody that actually decent looking works for maid cafes here, convention or just a random maid cafe in a town. There's uglies in maid cafes in Japan too but at least they know how to dress themselves.

No. 22377

File: 1456228241794.jpeg (57.85 KB, 526x604, image.jpeg)

Besides Aurie and the white girl all those meido girls look horribad

No. 22378

She resembled Delandra Barbie Johnson a bit

No. 22379


No. 22380

She reminds me a bit of himeka.

No. 22381

File: 1456350432972.jpg (147.71 KB, 427x960, 1430151200810.jpg)

haha oh my god
why are all the gross landwhales into ddlg shit

No. 22382

Not surprising. Here's another thing that's not surprising, she's friends with Micky.

No. 22383

File: 1456351019781.jpg (66.39 KB, 960x549, IMG_20160224_165405.jpg)

This dude just made her day on instagram.

No. 22384

File: 1456351751027.jpg (89.93 KB, 960x801, 2u4bl9S.jpg)

I actually didn't know she was pro ana last year lmao.

No. 22385

I genuinely don't understand how any normal adult would be flattered by this… She's fucking gross.

No. 22386


Said it before and ill say it agen

it's because they all try with the weaves and ugly wigs


No. 22387


Simple, paedophiles.

No. 22388

File: 1456354772231.png (341.87 KB, 380x600, teef.png)

fat people are really pro-ana holy crap

No. 22389



stupid ass

No. 22390

Most black women wear weaves and wigs these days. They just buy them from body line and shit

No. 22391

> crash diet
> anorexia

Brain cells are missing.

No. 22392

File: 1456362217212.png (396.45 KB, 900x600, wut.png)

the saddest part is natural African american hair is cute AF
it reminds me of cotton candy, its adorable, and weaves look bad on girls that aren't willing to put work into it.

No. 22393

It's one of the free stamps on Line Camera.

No. 22394

I'm really considering starting my own Tumblr blog or FB group for kawaii black girls. This shit is horrendous and gives black girls a bad name (as if our name isn't terrible already, honestly).

No. 22395

Please only upload attractive people. The page now is just pandering to uglies and fatties and fat uglies

No. 22396

Actually kind of genuinely curious on how to achieve the 'kawaii' look because I want to start dressing cuter, are there any tips or pieces of advice I could get? Like I really like wearing wigs as I can't have my hair different colors for work reasons but it looks like its frowned upon?
Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, I just don't want to end up like these girls.

No. 22397

/g/ would be a good place to either locate an existing thread or start a new one.

No. 22398

File: 1456447029861.png (111.09 KB, 182x400, 1443567850526.png)

it seems like most of those sites only let the ugly ones in because they get salty as fuck when a half decent looking one comes along.
like amiynyan had those bitches frothing at the mouth (himeka, muck, this girl, random black tumblr kawaii landwhales)
they seem to hate any sort of competition so it leaves the ugly ratchet ones by themselves
which is sad because then it's more difficult to find the cute ones

No. 22399

who dis. who dat

No. 22400

And that girl is peachbunni she's cute but she has a huge nose

No. 22401

>huge nose
umm duh(race remarks are only allowed in /b/)

No. 22402

You have my support. Plz be better than these snowflakes

No. 22403


No. 22404

Gonna throw out some basic advice.
Wigs are fine and everyone wears them, it's just one salty anon ITT (who also thinks all Asians look the same) who complains about them whenever she gets the chance. Just make sure the wigs look nice, and the colors are suitable for your skintone. Darker shades almost always look better than super bright ones. >>22375 looks like shit partly because her wig is like 400 shades too light for her skintone.
Also, you should figure out what aesthetics specifically you're into (like, do you like Lolita? Otome? Larme-kei? Creepy cute? Gyaru? Or more K-fashion type stuff?) and search for clothes based on that. Taobao and AliExpress are good places to find clothes. Failing that, Storenvy (overpriced as a motherfucker though).
Most importantly, please do your makeup well. Look at those "dolly eye" YT tutorials or even some scans from Japanese magazines, and consider how you could make them suitable to your skintone and features (for example, white eyeliner will look very harsh on brown skin and looks fucking awful 80% of the time on everyone anyway, try peach-colored eye liner or eyeshadow instead). If your nose is a bit big, learn to contour well. Stuff like that.
That's just off the top of my head. Being kawaii is hard work tbh.

No. 22405

Not this anon but I agree about wigs. They're fine but make sure they aren't horrible rats nest quality and get one that actually suits you. Very few black girls look good in blonde and that's just being honest. Ombré might work better. And also ditch the Pastel sailor uniform and that garbage and try to look at actual Japanese magazines for some inspiration. What tumblr considers Kawaii fashion isn't Japanese. It's tumblr-Kei.

No. 22406

Thank you so much!! I greatly appreciate it. This might sound silly to ask because I don't know a lot about Aliexpress and my last purchase was a complete bust, but is there a way to find shops that sell clothing for bigger girls(Like US L/XL) or is it mostly just search and hope for the best?
Definitely going to look into more makeup tutorials, it sounds like a lot of work ahead but I'm actually really excited to start looking into this stuff, thank you so much for your advice!!

Ooh, yeah, I'm definitely going to avoid blonde wigs if I can because I rarely see good results with that. Thanks so much for the tips, I really appreciate it!

No. 22407

i recently started following her and she makes me cringe

No. 22408

File: 1456483724865.jpg (187.6 KB, 1164x660, 4kcag.jpg)

Why is her makeup so bad…

No. 22409

File: 1456485267330.jpg (66.7 KB, 698x512, zb9ij.jpg)

How in the actual fuck do you label something "body positivity" in the same breathe that you sexualize yourself as a little kid when you're an adult.

"loli" , "teen", "little girl" You are 20, not 15 or 12.

No. 22410

Does she never close her mouth? Cause dem teef are rough.

No. 22411


It's gross.

But they always say "it's just a kink get ova it!" when half of them who are 16/17 in the nymphet dumblr tag # themselves as "jailbait" or "underage"


No. 22412


There already is two kawaii black girl groups. One is actually alright but the other only submits your picture if you're dark skin, not mixed (they seem to not want to allow mixed race people to post) or cosplay. Half of it isn't even kawaii.

No. 22413


Exaftly what I just said about that kawaii black girls fb group. It's the one with the most followers… some girl actually said "Do you have to be a 'special' kind of black to post your picture?" and the admin blocked her apparently. They're really picky.

No. 22414


Wigs CAN be okay. Just take careful of it and make sure it isn't ratty. But I do honestly think, unless it's cosplay then just use your own hair for kawaii cutesy styles. I think being natural in your appearance is important because looking through a lot of Japanese magazines, they're cute but natural looking apart from the crazy ass styles like Loli and gyaru then obv throw a wig on. I get it.

But I agree with the research. What I have noticed with a lot of black girls who try the kawaii style is that they just have no… style aim? Apart from the lolita ones who cater to that. Most like Thelovelyify, Miles jai, Aminyan, Micky ect all just put whatever cute is on and that's it. It's un-matched and nothing goes properly.

No. 22415

Miles Jai doesn't wear Kawaii fashion though he's just in drag but I've never seen him do Kawaii stuff besides his horrible
Makeup tutorials.
Aminyan doesn't even wear Lolita or any of that shit and if anything her style seems tame or casual cute. She looks more ulzzang(minimal makeup, circle lens, natural looking hair, yadayada ) except she probably hates gooks so I doubt she's ulzzang. Anyway Amina is one of the few black Kawaii people who actually doesn't dress like hello kitty nightmare glob of mess.

Thelovelyify is a cash cow and she milked "gyaru" because it was popular at the time. She's naturally pretty but her style doesn't suit her. Her new natural hair is pretty. Glad she got rid of the plastic wigs.

Micky. Why did you even mention Micky? Come to think of it you mentioned random people. Anyways Micky doesn't even wear Kawaii stuff just big enough fabric to fit her lard body. She's not even popular so not worth mentioning.

No. 22416

Not this anon >>22414
Buy my biggest advice is to adjust things to fit you. As a black person certain makeup, hair colors and style colors that Asian girls wear won't look good on you. Also, if you're fat try and lose weight.

No. 22417

>is there a way to find shops that sell clothing for bigger girls(Like US L/XL) or is it mostly just search and hope for the best?
The Japanese brand La Farfa sells pretty cute plus-size clothes IIRC, you can check them out. Other than that, another anon might be better versed than me on that topic.

No. 22418

PUNYUS (which I think is that fat comedian Naomi Watanabe's brand or something?) also offers bigger sizes.

No. 22419

Sorry for samefagging, I just remembered that dreamv/yumetenbo on Rakuten also has plussize stuff.

No. 22420


Miles Jai is a train wreck & he needs his own thread.

No. 22421

Thanks! I'll definitely look into those.


I get you, I try to go towards wigs more because my hair is very fickle with staying put because of the humidity we have and they're easier to style, so I'll try some natural colored wigs as well. I'll definitely look more into matching and styles that can cater to my weight/appearence, thank you!!

No. 22422

File: 1456592504454.jpeg (202.66 KB, 640x933, image.jpeg)


No. 22423

By not spending all your time posting busted pictures on instagram you could try to improve your own life. I hate how these weebs act like everything just happens and is given to others and they are just so deprived. Yeah some people have it better than you, try and do better for yourself. But she won't do any better than posting her fat tits and uncanny valley pictures on instagram.

No. 22424

>the only one having a crappy ass life

oh suuuure, you're the only one, totes! she's 20 but think like a pre-pubescent kid, geez…

No. 22425

Why are almost all black girls into this shit fat and ugly?

No. 22426


because all the ones who are decent aren't into kawaii shit

No. 22427

Holy shit, I was once her friend on FB.
she was nice to me but she pretended to be innocent and pure when she insults others and told her "haters" to fuck off on her askfm

No. 22428

Finally made it, and reblogged some girls I found cute. Accepting concrit and suggestions.
Honestly baffles me that there's apparently more than one of this type of blog, but none of them seem to know what quality control means.
If you want something done right, do it yourself, I guess.

No. 22429


I hope your blog gets super successful.

No. 22430

Thanks, anon

No. 22431

This is a nice blog!I want to post a selfie,but I'm a bit afraid I will look kiki or bibi-tier.

No. 22432

File: 1456720575336.png (472.72 KB, 760x700, 238rt7e4t5gpw.png)


No. 22433

You should just try anyway. Best case scenario: People will know how cute you are. Worst case scenario: It won't get posted. No one will mock you. Nothing.

No. 22434

Hopefully mine will get in,lol..

No. 22435


I remember when a blog like this reblogged a picture of mine… I kinda minded tbh.

No. 22436

File: 1458129041439.jpeg (127.93 KB, 750x1225, image.jpeg)

I am friends with kimmy's close friend. I happen to know that she was NOT robbed. She lives with her parents who do NOT make her pay rent. She's nothing but a beggar and a liar. What are you spending all your money on, Kimmy? More dildos and sex toys? So you can cam with the old white men who buy things for you off your Amazon wish list? You're a fat joke.

No. 22437


This is why I can't stand that gofundme site. It's just full of lazy fuckers who can't be arsed getting a job.

No. 22438

The thing is she has a job. She's been working at sonic for years now. She still seem to be begging for money though since she can't seem to move out of her parents house at 20 y/o. so lulzy.

No. 22439

Ugly fat sac of shit. Taking peoples money for no reason. Why do people like Japanese fashion when they are NOT Japanese. I hope she knows Asians don't like this shit. Maybe the ugly ones but fuck no not me.

No. 22440

Why can't people enjoy fashion from other countries? Seems dumb to say that's wrong.

No. 22441

>Why do people like Japanese fashion when they are NOT Japanese

Honestly? That's one of the dumbest reasons to say someone can't like something.

No. 22442

Then why are you here

No. 22443

Thats the dumbest question I've heard.

No. 22444


LMAO calm down, kiddo

Why are you taking this shit so seriously? They're the ones that are supposed to be providing the milk, not you.

No. 22445

>>22439 Are you Japanese or just another self hating Asian that wishes you were Japanese and want to speak for all Japanese people?? LOL

No. 22446

Oh no, not my baby.. ;-; not here. Shit.

No. 22447


No. 22448

Samefagging. Out of all of the stuff people said on here you're gonna tell me im taking it too seriously? lmfao.

No. 22449

I don't even like Japanese culture or chinese ass cartoons. Those Asians who cosplay are cringey as fuck.I just don't like thieves in general.

No. 22450

>most black women

No. 22451

>replying to a month old post to start shit about literally nothing

No. 22452

File: 1459127686780.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 22453

so much darker than her Instagram photos ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No. 22454

The power of photoshop

No. 22455

File: 1480469752874.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_2016-06-07-15-46-48…)

Why isn't she even the slightest happy for her own sibling?

No. 22456

File: 1480470026126.png (254.21 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_2016-05-14-11-13-20…)

One more screencap

No. 22457

She sounds like such an entitled cunt.

No. 22458

File: 1480523795879.jpg (59.57 KB, 640x607, fish-human-teeth.jpg)

I don't think fish have the capacity to experience a whole lot of emotional depth in general

No. 22459

Like none have you have ever complained about your job lul

No. 22460

But not on the internet for everyone to read you dumb shit!

No. 22461


No. 22462

Then again, you're right, you haven't, because you guys have no jobs and no lives <3

No. 22463

Says the fool who doesn't know how to use the board correctly

No. 22464

You sure showed us. I have nothing but the utmost envy for a morbidly obese loser who works at Sonic and does nothing but lament on instagram about how hard their life is :'( Fix yourself.

No. 22465

Kiki is pregnant we're all doomed lol

No. 22466


No. 22467

File: 1524114469541.png (1.46 MB, 1440x1808, Screenshot_2018-04-18-13-58-50…)

No. 22468

holy shit I feel bad for that kid

No. 22469

no surprise this stupid bitch is pregnant.

No. 22470

This is why plan B was made jfc

No. 22471

I'm not surprise either. She's been posting her pregnancy everywhere

No. 22472

Whose the baby daddy???

No. 22473

looks deformed

No. 22474

anon, not to wk, but that is literally what a fetus looks like.

No. 22475


Hope the dad wasn’t white

Coming from a mulatto I hate these mulatto kids born to self hating black or desperate to be black white women it’s annoying.

God help if it’s half asian


No. 22476

Seeing how its her the baby daddy gotta be white, asian or fuck it hispanic

No. 22477

Found out the baby daddy is Gideon lol

No. 22478

File: 1524204577803.jpg (114.04 KB, 1440x1117, screenshot.jpg)

Oh god please stop lol

No. 22479

Who the hell Gideon. Can ya'll post some links and images please?

No. 22480

File: 1524213767188.jpg (62.03 KB, 693x960, kimmy.jpg)

god this girl is fucking ugly. all the editing, contacts, makeup, wigs in the world couldnt save her.

No. 22481


It’s defo biracial because no black man would go for her lol not in America

And knowing this ugly fucker she would want a mixed kid to fawn over wid the gud hair

Hope it isn’t asian either Jesus

“How cute is my animu baby?”

I’m dreading when Yumi king and Venus both have kids. Fucking pair of weebs

No. 22482

>It’s defo biracial because no black man would go for her lol not in America
Topkek anon, so you think a white or asian guy would ever touch that? Come on…

No. 22483

I have a feeling the baby daddy is white though.

No. 22484

She looks like a mouth breather.

No. 22485

Why does she always leave her mouth open like that? It makes her look retarded.

No. 22486



But not asian

No. 22487

File: 1524426797012.png (269.78 KB, 1440x1072, screenshot edit.png)

This is just saddening

No. 22488


Poor little fucker

No. 22489


This is why I don’t like it when the majority of whore African American girls have biracial kids because not only will this kid be fetishised for its features/hair but it’s born to the dumbest race within the US(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22490

She's so happy about her baby yet she can't even take care of herself. Its really sad.

No. 22491


How is this not racebaiting?

Ahem. Either way, the same could be said for slutty white women sleeping with black men to have biracial children. It goes both ways.

No. 22492

File: 1524430533613.png (240.88 KB, 1440x1029, screenshot edit.png)

No. 22493


Full blacks compete with hair and colourism

Whites dont

No. 22494


You know just as well as I do that if this fat ugly cunt got the chance to look like Alicia Keys, Halsey or Mariah she would take it in a heart beat if it meant not having to wear wigs and lighten herself up to an oblivion.

Whites can fetishise biracial kids but I doubt they’re envious of hair types and colourism isn’t even a thing.

No. 22495

Did you get bullied by black girls in middle school or something? Did one steal your boyfriend? Chill, complex-chan.

No. 22496

File: 1527920346206.png (268.38 KB, 1440x1432, Screenshot_2018-06-01-23-15-22…)

then stop going on lolcow. You're only giving us more attention to milk on you.(:D)

No. 22497

Imagine being so thirsty that you actually think of THAT as some sort of sexual act. Especially with such a hamplanet as her

No. 22498

>casually referring to the person giving you the ultrasound as a Heifer
>Same person worrying about being a bad mom

Nah u good.

No. 22499

This is sad
highly doubt she will make a decent mother

No. 22500


We all know they’re not as attractive lol

No. 22501

File: 1527966715073.png (211.14 KB, 1440x1193, Screenshot_2018-06-02-12-09-48…)

Glad to know you're just milking for attention yet again keke

No. 22502

Kiki shouldn't you be "obsessed" with that baby you are caring instead of what people shit post about you on a anon forum? I See where your priories lies

No. 22503

Is she self posting? Because the last post here was a month ago, and it was saged. She’s really trying to be relevant?

No. 22504

Notice how she stops posting after she’s been called out. Kianna also made her own thread on PULL. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made this thread too. Top cringe.

No. 22505

Lol how dumb can she be. How is she not on birth control? What is wrong with some of these women, it’s literally not that hard to not get knocked up. Feel really bad for that baby. And doesn’t she break up with Gideon and get back together with him on and off, plus she’s always looking for somewhere new to live? Gross. Get ur shit together before bringing a kid into this world. There’s no way she will be able to financially take care of that kid when she’s constantly begging people for money. Does anyone know her IG btw? Seems like she changes it often

No. 22506

She’s living with her roommates for free. They got so fed up with her mooching off them and she would let her cats piss and shit all over their house. They got tired of it and sent the poor cats to the pound without her knowing.
She’s gone through at least 12 cats over the past couple years. Gets rid of them because she can’t afford them and then gets another the next week. I had been taking care of a few of them for her for a while. Sure tells a lot about how she’s going to treat her child. She’s gross.

No. 22507

File: 1528662142295.jpeg (39.25 KB, 629x373, 916CDB05-7F47-4CA1-80C2-5F1137…)

I’ll just leave this here

No. 22508

They weren’t even dating when Gideon impregnated her. He told me that she lied to him about being on the pill. I believe him.

No. 22509

So she wanted to get pregnant? Is this for attention or something? Gross

No. 22510

Everything she does is for attention.
>making her own thread
>told people she had an eating disorder
>fetishizing children
>did I already say asking for money?

And to mention she has had a falling out with nearly all of her friends because she’s just so absorbed in drama, she feeds off the negative attention it gives her.

No. 22511

File: 1528667884422.jpeg (318.66 KB, 1242x1298, 906A377B-549F-4F94-A46B-3B11F0…)

It’s so ironic that you shared this from a page called “I, Hypocrite”

No. 22512

File: 1528670795839.jpeg (100.58 KB, 640x500, D349B27C-3AFC-4C86-B3AD-2BDA96…)

No. 22513

Hi kimmy

No. 22514

ok first off "Half Gideons" i get what she was trying to say but the way she phrase it, it makes it sound like its not his kid. Second If you don't want people to take about you then get off line and worry about your baby instead of what people online has to say about you. You decided to get knocked up so now you gotta worry about that baby you are carring not what some anon says about you online fucking idiot.

No. 22515

You should because you are TOO IMMATURE to have a kid
If she did really do that she a fucking dumbass.

No. 22516

Lol she didn’t post that, I did. I haven’t seen updates from her for a loooong time ( been out of the loop, just recently found this thread) Does she really post on here? Lol that’s hilarious

No. 22517

People are talking shit about you because you give them so much shit to talk about lol >>22512
You’re dumber than a bag of bricks. Didn’t you drop out of college?
Your boyfriend and you both work minimum wage jobs. You’re mooching off your friends so you can have a roof over your heads. What a great time to trick a guy into getting you knocked up.

No. 22518

She literally didn’t post that here but okay lol. Does anyone know her IG?

No. 22519

Not responding to the poster. I’m responding to what’s posted lol?

No. 22520

She might've deleted her IG lol

No. 22521

No one cares about her Instagram lol stop fucking asking?


No. 22522

Why u posting here tho?

No. 22523

File: 1529607041952.png (327.03 KB, 1440x1850, Screenshot_2018-06-21-11-48-13…)

No. 22524

>don't worry about our baby, please
girl be realistic i know that fucking hard for you but its your guys baby too and its only natural for his friends to want to help with HIS baby.

No. 22525

File: 1530438206996.jpeg (74.17 KB, 1242x530, F8A1FC7B-2BD6-4714-A16D-13BB16…)


No. 22526

File: 1543627068258.png (152.72 KB, 1440x953, Screenshot_2018-11-30-17-12-03…)

Opinions? I'm sure this thread is dead. I'm just gonna leave this here

No. 22527

Did she have the baby yet?

No. 22528

Yeah she did, fairly recently
I just looked at her instagram, he was in the hospital for two weeks and had to have a blood transfusion
He seems to be doing fine now though

No. 22529

Bitch I was surprised to see your thread pop up on the top of catalog. Nobody fucking cares, stop selfposting. You’re irrelevant. Go take care of your goddamn kid Kiana.

No. 22530

File: 1544592458540.jpeg (233.78 KB, 1242x1711, 7D901F01-E2EB-4CD1-9671-6E2740…)

The last comment said,”come to papa.”
Is she cucking her boyfriend now? Why is she like this?

No. 22531

File: 1544592910712.jpeg (339.17 KB, 1242x1623, 34CA2EEF-F26E-4711-B3A4-9CEDD6…)

>Pay me and I’ll let you touch my butt.

Sure, her son will love to see this on the internet when he’s old enough. Super classy.

No. 22532

File: 1544833885289.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2111, Screenshot_2018-12-14-16-29-23…)

You can kinda see her nipples

No. 22533

She’d have to pay me to touch that. This girl is super busted I’m shocked anyone’s gotten her pregnant

No. 22534

File: 1544997218569.jpeg (468.28 KB, 1242x675, 71F929C2-3668-4BC0-A997-541DD7…)

Someone’s lurking.
If your boyfriend doesn’t care that you post your nipples on the internet and send nasty pics to perverts on Instagram, if he doesn’t care you’re actively looking for sugar daddies and flirting with gross old men, he doesn’t love you that much. Kek

No. 22535

File: 1545060357112.jpeg (540.86 KB, 750x1162, FCA4FA5C-8572-4D35-B88C-3B939A…)

I’m.. I’m genuinely confused with the juxtaposition of the picture and tags

No. 22536

Sounds like shes dating a cuck

No. 22537

I have a feeling she's going to pour barbecue sauce on herself in an attempt to be humorous and sexy. Ew.

I'm not sure why she thinks being faithful makes someone a "pick me". I thought that was common sense. Side note, every girl I've seen use the term "pick me" is fucking trash.

No. 22538

Her fat ass eating a barbecue rib as food porn, is what the picture reference to me.

No. 22539

File: 1546005059819.jpeg (287.72 KB, 1242x1230, 6C2ECE31-C5A4-481C-B5C7-D616EB…)

Is she applying this to herself? because she turned into a sexworker AFTER she was dating her bf and after she gave birth to her baby. Maybe don’t have a family if they aren’t comfortable with you selling your body for sex, kiana.

No. 22540

She’s a sex worker? What? Stripper ???

No. 22541

She’s selling her nudes and sex videos to people on Instagram

No. 22542

File: 1546007379824.jpeg (406.24 KB, 1242x1044, 4EE37BB0-3670-45AA-A27D-46F8B9…)

No. 22543

Hasn’t IG been banning people for doing that lately

No. 22544

Bitch, for real tho. Ever since the great Tumblr invasion of society I've been seeing this term "sex worker" left and right. Mostly hookers use it because it sounds better. Would be a better term for strippers imo, short for sexuality work.

I thought so, maybe only the ones who're good at it get removed, lmao

No. 22545

File: 1546241573310.jpeg (337.14 KB, 2048x2048, C5F396FE-7697-43EA-B396-26EDEA…)

I cringed so hard the second I saw his on my feed I had to share it with you guys

No. 22546

I hate that she’s been putting on this pro ana act for a few years now yet she’s always been a whale lol

No. 22547

The only reason why she is “pro Ana” is because she’s been obese all her life and she doesn’t really have an eating disorder. She pointed out a while ago that she is pro Ana, just specifically for herself because She wants to lose weight…. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have an Ed, but really she rather get some extra attention because it’s convenient for her. Nobody with a real problem would just post about that to Facebook carelessly, so it’s pretty clear what her goals are.

No. 22548

File: 1546381832222.png (223.26 KB, 1440x1243, Screenshot_2019-01-01-14-26-55…)

Ironic coming from someone who's started a fight on Fb with Tavia over something unnecessary.

No. 22549

File: 1546789391272.jpeg (378.19 KB, 750x1143, 21A56435-2DB9-464E-8C5C-9FD560…)

She went private

No. 22550

Sure is a good thing that I followed her before she did that

No. 22551

Any milk?

No. 22552

Nope she hasn't posted anything so far (she still has 29 post)

No. 22553

File: 1546841688845.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1780, E72959A3-4689-4060-A2E7-0ABFB9…)

Sage for no milk. Don’t mean to nitpick but those baby hairs look like a mustache on her forehead. Does she really think that’s cute? There’s so many other ways to style your babyhairs.

No. 141308

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