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File: 1570453902418.jpg (233.93 KB, 1243x894, 1570394560487.jpeg.jpg)

No. 68657

Previous thread >>51762

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend, Adam Putsey.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka/Angela very often

- Tried to get her threads on this site shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

- Has no mental illnesses but claims to have them as way to avoid taking responsibility for being shitty.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Was riding on the digital artist bandwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her low quality lewd videos for way more than they're worth.

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-Had her friends attack a mental ill girl until they deleted their page.

- Moved out of her parents place to mooch off someone else.

- Recently revealed that she double crossed her now ex-friend, Emi, by sleeping with Emi's, at the time, boyfriend behind her back and bragging on Discord about it.

- She was also outed as being physically absuive towards her mother, as she was bragging to Emi about it.

- After being exposed, Micky hid out on Discord and changed her personality again.

-She has made a new Instagram and changed her name on Facebook to accommodate her new friends that don't know about her shitty ways.

Social Media

https://twitter.com/tamathotchi_0w0?s=09 deleted

http://aminoapps.com/page/alternative-fashion/6343572/micky-bunnie-bear status unknown

https://www.youtube.com/user/MickyAmaziclez/ inactive

instagram.com/hatsunemicky deleted

instagram.com/strawberrycinnamongirl current

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive



Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 68850

File: 1570561258420.png (774.68 KB, 1077x1585, Screenshot_2019-09-30-17-26-13…)

LOL OK Micky.

No. 68851

File: 1570561384739.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_2019-09-30-17-28-52…)

And you don't wash yourself and still live with your parents

No. 68858

I really don't understand why she says shit like that. She doesn't wash her clothes or her ass, she doesn't have a job, she doesn't, ane she's content with living in a dirty room. She has zero right to be picky.

No. 68942

Her art is garbage tho. It looks like how I used to draw in middle school….

No. 69015

Didn't she buy a tablet exclusively for her shit-tier art but never uses it?

No. 69120

File: 1570764335451.jpg (248.86 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20191010-230448_Twi…)

Micky, the way you apply your highlighter makes it look like you rubbed old chicken grease on your face.

No. 69226

File: 1570868895598.jpg (368.51 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20191012-042238_Twi…)

Is it safe to assume she works in one of those bakeries that are inside grocery stores?

No. 69231

is this really her twitter? how did you find this?

No. 69244

File: 1570890935930.jpg (121.47 KB, 1079x676, Screenshot_20191012-102622_Twi…)

Yeah, it's her. I found her through a follower of her previous Twitter. I'm guessing she knows that person on Facebook.

No. 69245

File: 1570891001775.jpg (261.33 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20191012-102125_Twi…)

Ah, still trying to use her parents as way to seem like a victim. Lol

No. 69247

File: 1570891830709.png (13.38 KB, 598x110, lolnomucky.png)

Micky, being a cheating slut =/= being poly. Poly is accepted by people who are also poly. "Non-monogamy" isn't accepted by people who assume you're faithful and aren't cheating.

But you cheat on everyone, don't try to claim being 'poly.'

No. 69255

File: 1570903140557.jpg (201.49 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20191012-135701_Twi…)

She's still gorging herself on junk, i see. She never learns.

The fact she managed to fuck up in a poly relationship should have been her sign to not pursue any relationships at all. Not to mention no one needs to deal with her diseased pussy.

No. 69276

"baddie kawaii" is already a thing. its called @babispit on instagram, copycat

No. 69288

Same ole Mucky she never gonna put any effort into this shit

No. 69315

As if babispit isnt just a carbon copy of every girl who grew up in the 2000s, y2k has been a thing for a while now.

Besides 'baddie kawaii' is something mucky tried to create a while ago, it unsurprisingly never caught on

No. 69489

File: 1571110914277.jpg (85.98 KB, 1080x1920, 72360907_161854938219805_71085…)

She's still out here catfishing people.

No. 69527

It’s amazing that even with filters and editing every single photo of her looks filthy.

No. 69542

File: 1571153266005.jpg (189.48 KB, 1008x750, tumblr_o9peg76MZA1qbaa0zo1_128…)

It looks like she's trying to copy cokebrat from Tumblr circa 2015 (left).
She did the whole "kawaii baddie" thing back then, so I guess even that idea's not really Micky's.

No. 69625

exactly my point. micky didnt make it up. u just believe her because she said she invented it so many times. but she didn't. she is a carbon copy just like everyone else

No. 69639

But the babispit chick you brought up didn't create it, and their styles are nearly completely different anyways

No. 69695

File: 1571253358945.jpg (301.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191016-151542_Twi…)

No. 69696

File: 1571253392566.jpg (264.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191016-151545_Twi…)

No. 69697

File: 1571253485605.jpg (252.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191016-151551_Twi…)

No. 69698

ugh idk why don't you add it to your list of fake traumas

No. 69701

I dont understand anymore.. you're calling him out because he bought you a mega milk shirt that you wore in your photos… now you have a issue with being 16 and he was 19 when he got you it?

No. 69702

It's part of her identity. "Omg this guy I like that ignores me I "found out" was older by x years so now I'm gonna drag him and call him disgusting/pedo..oh also any other guy that liked me/I went after that turned me down is also gross." Bullshit she does every now and then when she has nothing going on in her life.

Just look through any of her threads, she ALWAYS does this or similar every now and then.

No. 69703

This is pure and utter bullshit. She really want people to believe she didn't know someone's age? If this is about that Anthony guy, he clearly looked like an adult.

Besides the fact she would openly beg for shit, what exactly the issue with them buying her a shirt she specifically asked for?

No. 69705

I love that she can't go a while without starting shit

No. 69708

While it's a personal sperg, it's why my brother, as generous as he is, never got her shit even though he hit a mini lottery and was gifting to gofundmes etc on twitter. He knew she'd probably pull dumb shit like this…

and surprise surprise..here she is pulling dumb bs to try to play victim!

No. 69709

File: 1571256765254.jpeg (312.02 KB, 1125x1425, 95F32922-F014-4DD4-960E-785073…)

her fb bio is hilarious

No. 69710

File: 1571257410005.jpg (315.11 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20191016-154649_Twi…)

This bitch. She really thinks people calling her on her bullshit is based in insecurity and bullying. She's a pure dumbass.

No. 69711


Meh, I'd say she's fully aware of where it actually comes from. I feel like this is just self-aware Mucky projecting her internal conflicts (if you can even call it that) onto other people and then posting about it to get asspats. Bitch looks like a dumpster fire without those filters and it's pretty much her own fault, of course people 'being mean to her' are gonna point out she's a horrible person and looks like a slug.

No. 69739

yeah Anthony looked about 47 years old.

No. 69742

File: 1571282086365.jpg (279.19 KB, 713x1069, 20191016_231246.jpg)

Can we talk about what phone she has because I hope to god that she doesnt have fake iPhone headphones for her android or she actually up graded to a iphone? Let's solve this mystery okay?

No. 69744

she's too broke for an iphone and she doesn't know save up money without spending it on cheap aliexpress garbage.

No. 69748

The cases are from AliExpress so why wouldn’t the headphones?

No. 69749

File: 1571286211492.jpg (349.41 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20191017-002325_Twi…)

Definitely fakes. She made a tweet recently about those.

No. 69750

File: 1571286393251.jpg (663.47 KB, 810x2518, Screenshot_20191017-002051_Twi…)

She also guilt tripped someone and had a whiteknight come in and defend it. Not sure why she finds it so hard to believe that someone wouldn't get the reference. Not everyone knows about that shit. It's like when parents buy their kids clothes with that ahegao collage on it. She also seems to be forgetting that she purposely went out her way to lie about her age and spread her nudes around, knowing it was wrong to do. She really wants to be seen as a victim.

No. 69756

It's always someone else's fault, huh Micky? It's their fault you lie about your age AND about sleeping with your best friends bf because they're "encouraging your hypersexuality"?

Poor widdle Micky clearly didn't have the capacity to think that adult men giving her attention online was wrong, that's why she would tag her CP panty pics on Tumblr as "jailbait" and "Loli". And I'm not saying predatory men don't exist or aren't gross and bad but I'm so sick of girls like Micky acting like theyre fucking retarded until they hit 18 and then wanna suddenly come out and call out some dude for…..buying a shirt for them (also imo 19 isn't that much older at all but whatever)
….well, in Micky's case, she's still retarded, so I digress.

No. 69760

who cares if she has fake shit? she shops on aliexpress what do u expect plus twitter for android

No. 69768

File: 1571302308612.jpg (124.81 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20191017-001807_Twi…)

What's she complaining about now?

No. 69769

File: 1571302339304.jpg (153.65 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20191016-154740_Twi…)

More gaslighting

No. 69773

She assumes that this guy was sexualizing her but the dude didnt even know that the shirt was reference from a inest hentai? But still micky, being 16 years old doesnt make you dumb. You could had shipped the fucking shirt back to me or rejected the offer.

Another thing, didnt you cosplay as girl from a loli con anime? You wanna blame your parents for that too? Or?

No. 69776

The reason I asked stupid, if the bitch got money to buy iphone or another damn phone, the bitch clearly got enough to move her ass out her parent place

No. 69783

She’s doing it for pitypoints but it’s funny because she’s not wrong.

No. 69784

Sage your autism

No. 69804


No. 69966

She's obsessed with rewriting her history as some loli no man can keep their paws off her lol "i'm sho kawaii all i attract are pedos uwu"

No. 70033

I agree, Micky IS rude and tries way too hard to come off as a ghetto hoodrat. I've had a terrible experience with her on Instagram. I shared one of her photos and tagged her in it basically saying how much I really appreciated her being apart of the Kawaii Black Community and I was saying how much she inspires me to try the kawaii fashion and etc, and her response to it all was, "I never said you can share my photo. Take it down." It made me really upset because I was just sharing a really nice message about her and spreading how much of a "good and nice person" she was, but I soon then found out she wasn't.

No. 70035

File: 1571460474182.jpg (416.27 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20191019-004118_Twi…)

I highly doubt this is true. Micky's likely the ugliest they've had and they just improve from there.

She's always been awful. I don't think there's been one time she's been genuinely kind towards anyone.

No. 70052

She wore that shirt all the time with no problem well into adulthood and also keeps this guy on her twitter and talks to him, something a real CSA survivor would never dream of doing. Her need to be a victim to try to cover up just being a huge slut is tiring.

No. 70055

Idk how the american school system works but isn't 19 close to high school age anyways? Even looking past that, Mickey has been lying about her age anyways so he might have thought she was older.
I hate how all of her interactions with people (e.g. this, texts to her mom….) always seem like she is not talking to the person directly but is trying to show off her "maturity" and "wokeness" to anyone that might be reading along.

No. 70074

she wears hospital crocs daily. she should not be trying to judge anybody

No. 70075

Anytime she's talking to someone you know she probably plans to ss and post so her hugbox can tell her she's a victim. She always talks to someone for an audience so nothing she says is really genuine.

No. 70076

File: 1571501397590.jpg (291.47 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20191019-120904_Twi…)

No. 70077

Did she say this was a good idea at one point?

No. 70084

She definitely made a joke about doing this for a guy she likes at least once

No. 70111

Not unless it's benefitting her and her bullshit, she's the nastiest person.
I've tried being her friend too, and she either gives the curtest response or is just a flat out bitch. Don't feel too bad. It's why she has no friends and is only good as a cum bucket

No. 70156

File: 1571577241483.jpg (148.82 KB, 1077x601, Screenshot_20191020-080905_Twi…)

No. 70164

File: 1571588981813.jpg (529.86 KB, 809x1521, Screenshot_20191020-122905_Twi…)

And your coworkers flex on you by having their own cars and homes.

No. 70194

We get it, you have a switch mucky you’re not flexing because tons of people do the same thing lol fucking dickhead

No. 70235

I know she’ll never do it but bitch needs to save and get a car or her own rat hole. She’s just getting pathetic and boring now

No. 70240

File: 1571622136335.png (797.61 KB, 1047x1692, Screenshot_2019-10-20-21-31-18…)

Are you shitting me

No. 70242

File: 1571622280960.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

micky you're straight can you not

No. 70243

..did she paint those joycons they look like shit

No. 70244

The bullshit emitting from her post is fucking powerful. My god. She's just gonna date another dude. Which is obvious because even when she was in a poly ship she only fucked the guy. She's just looking to weasel her way into another group and ruin it with her shitty behavior.

No. 70248

File: 1571630062551.png (52.1 KB, 604x643, 20191020.png)

Micky is in a discord server I am in on an alt account and she has lied about her entire life.

She says she's a virgin,
claims her mom is vegan,
She claims to live in Illinois along with a myriad of other things.

I had a suspicion this was her for a very long time and I got confirmation because she sent somebody I know a selfie.

No. 70249

File: 1571630160465.png (22.03 KB, 980x156, 20191020.(2)png.png)

No. 70250

File: 1571630265921.png (73.88 KB, 922x639, 20191020 (3).png)

Her claiming her Mom is vegan.

No. 70251

File: 1571630404143.png (72.02 KB, 966x477, 20191020 (4).png)

Micky looks for sugar daddies on Reddit. Pathetic.

No. 70252

File: 1571630510667.png (53.6 KB, 658x570, 20191020 (5).png)


Didn't she fuck Emi's ex?

No. 70253

File: 1571630745907.png (66.86 KB, 861x605, hypocritcal MIcky.png)

No. 70254

hasn't she already said she was pan before

No. 70255

File: 1571630999479.png (68.27 KB, 907x698, 20191020 (6).png)


I have a feeling Micky found the twinks on a discord server similar to the one she is in now on her alt. Kek would be funny if she ended up moving in with another person only to get kicked out again due to her sewer level hygiene.

No. 70257

oh my fucking god.

No. 70258

File: 1571631275675.png (52.2 KB, 764x698, 20191020. (7).png)


Micky stop pushing the lesbian shit. Even if what you're trying to push so hard is true, you're still not a virgin.

No. 70259

File: 1571631373388.png (75.29 KB, 787x668, 20191020 (8).png)

No. 70260

File: 1571631517551.png (43.84 KB, 986x328, muckyneet.png)


Looks like she broke even with her parents to still be in their home kek

No. 70269

Jesus christ, if your parents have to "force" you to get a job when you're in your early 20's that's just fucking sad and ridiculous, especially if she's not currently in college

No. 70272

File: 1571639048632.png (63.03 KB, 904x671, mickysnewjob.png)

From what I am gathering Micky's "better" things to move on to is being an Amazon delivery driver.

No. 70274

she's probably lying seeing that she said shes a virgin

No. 70283

Rip anon for being in such an embarassing server but this is amazing milk
>Im a virgin @ 23 uwu
>Vegan mom
>Almost became a live in pocket pussy but he wanted to be cucked and thats too weird/pathetic for me!
>Muh furry (have to cover all the betacuck grounds so she can max out autismo boners)
>I fucked women! But i topped so im still a virgin ig. (Guess every man who hasnt been analy penetrated is a virgin too even though reality is Micky has only fucked men)
>Goes from saying she lived at vegan moms, to grandmas then alludes to living with both parents with the forced to get a job thing because i know few people with newly seperated parents that helicopter parent their 20+ yr old together.
>understands a myriad of disgusting kinks but cannot wrap her head around cucking probably because she spent too many years posting nudes on image boards and interpreted 'cuck' as a turn off for the men she wants to fuck (incel posters with a dash of made in china weeb merch attire)

No. 70284

Yikes. How long till she gets fired for stealing something?

No. 70307

She's lying about delivering packages too. Scroll up, she mentions she works at a bakery. She posts pictures from her job all the time on Facebook anyways. Very safe to assume she works at the Bakery in Walmart lol

No. 70312

Not to mention she still doesn't have a fucking license lmao

No. 70317

Kek this has to be the best gut laugh I've gotten in a long ass time

No. 70323


god I want to join that server SO badly if only to lurk and laugh

anon pls

No. 70326

>I don’t understand cucks
>but I cucked my best friend with her abusive boyfriend uwu

No. 70352

Maybe she gor fired? lol
I think you don't necessarily have to drive to deliver packages, afaik during the holiday season they hire ppl to be on the truck and just run from house to house to deliver to be more efficient.
Can't imagine her working as that at all, though.

No. 70361

File: 1571690768196.png (42.97 KB, 999x379, 20191021194.png)

Went out with her boss and had Wendy's with him. She wants to lead her boss on so she doesn't have to work hard.

No. 70362

File: 1571690838879.png (72.03 KB, 944x710, 20191020 (9).png)

Her boss was an ex marine.

No. 70363

File: 1571690924226.png (28.57 KB, 923x339, collarsibpublic4.png)

Someone isn't a fan of Micky's attentionwhoring in her new friend circle.

No. 70364

Didn't she fuck emi's ex? why is she spouting all of this bs? She still lives in Michigan doesn't she?

No. 70366

File: 1571691303364.jpg (59.02 KB, 587x953, honeybun_001.jpg)

Yes. Proof it's her

No. 70367

File: 1571691330100.jpg (177.29 KB, 720x1280, honeybun.jpg)

No. 70368

I would ask for proof of the selfie that was sent to your friend, but just how she's talking I can tell it's her. Is she bored?

No. 70369

You'd be bored too if you have no friends, nothing going on in your life and your only source of entertainment is lying to people you think don't know who you are.

No. 70370

And there it is. Thanks for the confirmation.

No. 70372

Oh, she definitely doesn't work there at all. I know two drivers and they're usually bogged down in work for most of the day and sometimes need people to rescue them. You also need a license to work that position. Let's also not forget she admitted to working at a Walmart bakery. I might have an idea which one it is too.

No. 70373

I realized this is an older photo. Could is possibly be a catfish? I kinda doubt it since the way she talks in the discord is spot on.

No. 70392

File: 1571699485445.jpg (43.93 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1571699355830.jpg)

Yes because doing an ahegao face for a character that is literally 15 is ok

No. 70393

Someone please jump her at Youmacon. I hope Emi doesn't run into her either. I can already see Micky trying to start shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70402

again. seeing as she made up shes a virgin and her mom is befan. she is lying.

No. 70403

What is with all the moralfag sperging about anime characters that aren't even lolis on lolcow lately? fucking chill, Micky is a grown ass woman despite how she acts
This cosplay is gonna look hilariously awful and imo that's what really matters

No. 70406

Pretty sure it's because micky likes to talk about how she's soooo against loli and how much she hates pedos and ddlg despite participating in all of it, not because of moralfagging

No. 70412


I find it really funny how she was attacking a guy on twitter for sending her a hentai related tshirt when she was 16 but she goes and pulls this shit; doing that stupid ahegao face while cosplaying a character thats 15-16 years old

never change, Mucky lmao

No. 70421

It's one thing to call out the hypocrisy but that anon didn't do that, they made some BS about how Tsuyu is "literally 15 gears old". Tsuyu literally….isn't a real person. Get over it. Also it's funny too because she doesn't even look like she's doing ahegao. Still mucky is gross so inb4 whiteknight

No. 70433

Second a guy says he likes loli or dresses up as a shota character you fuckers are all over calling that shit out.

This is why people been 'calling out these thots lately' on it cuz of the double standard.

No. 70435

File: 1571718944392.png (61.18 KB, 758x654, neetbuxororbiterbux.png)


More proof it's Micky because she outs herself as a sex worker.

No. 70437

She's gonna peddle her manyvids soon.

No. 70438

File: 1571719516815.png (57.68 KB, 902x670, neetbuxororbiterbux (2).png)

No. 70439

File: 1571719911474.png (54.48 KB, 669x689, neetbuxororbiterbux (4).png)


uwu im a pure virgin but i sell nudes online uwu

No. 70440

File: 1571720186898.png (50.02 KB, 788x704, neetbuxororbiterbux (5).png)


Micky can't keep her mouth shut about her sex work kek

No. 70443

File: 1571722117452.png (47.2 KB, 629x616, neetbuxororbiterbux (6).png)

>Thinking this is a catfish

I'd be impressed that a Catfish would not only keep up this charade since April, but also shill the fact that she's a sex worker. The icing on the cake is if a Catfish would coincidentally manage to skinwalk Micky's personality.

No. 70445

File: 1571722836907.png (16.2 KB, 960x157, neetbuxororbiterbux (7).png)

No. 70446

File: 1571722932618.png (48.21 KB, 589x696, neetbuxororbiterbux (8).png)

No. 70447

File: 1571723046540.png (64.54 KB, 658x694, neetbuxororbiterbux (9).png)

uwu smol weed smoking hood kawaii girl

No. 70448

File: 1571723150991.png (43.01 KB, 953x373, neetbuxororbiterbux (10).png)

but mucky what If its because You smell bad and are shitty to be around?

No. 70453

File: 1571727466970.png (60.13 KB, 981x424, neetbuxororbiterbux (11).png)

UwU I live in a giant victorian era homeuwu

No. 70464

>Although I'm pretty short
Isn't she 5'7? Maybe in Norway, Micky.

No. 70466

She's a tall fridge, she's really trying to catfish these horny idiots lol

No. 70468

File: 1571750547348.jpg (24.13 KB, 468x367, DBXdHdxVYAAn0v2.jpg)

Bitch what in the fuck??? 5 bed/2 bath? Victorian era??? Grandma in retirement home??? Who life story did she fucking steal?

No. 70474

She's trying to rewrite her entire fuckin life so she actually stands a chance of getting people to fuck with her.

Imagine being THIS fuckin scummy you don't even wanna deal with you!!!

No. 70485

id be so cripplingly embarrassed if i were her and this was just a catfish. i cant see her just making up that she lives in a victorian home and cared for her grandma. i mean yeah she lies but the catfish really blew their cover in my opinion

No. 70486

She's used the victorian home as a lie before. If this was just a 'catfish' they been at it for months.

As seen with the chan thread recently she'll most certainly be "no this aint me" in a heartbeat.

No. 70488

Makes me wonder what lie she's telling on Facebook and Instagram.

No. 70490

i think someone has been catfishing her for months tbh
i bet they dont match

No. 70491

I think someone is catfishing as her tbh. It's an older pic and I think Micky is trying to be a goth girl now.

No. 70512

I used to be friends with Mucky before I was aware of all the manipulative lying gaslighting cheating victim playing bullshit. Weirdly enough she has a single stalker who actually lives in Chicago that pops up now and again and catfishes as her. I don't know that person's actual story or who she really is but it's been a thing for at least 4 years on and off.

No. 70513

>ive slept with women, but that doesnt count

wow, she's actual scum though. for real, even if she;s lying. she's basically saying sleeping with women as a woman doesnt mean anything. it pushes the male narrative that sex only counts with men

No. 70514

File: 1571775676126.png (13.15 KB, 998x101, stalker.png)

Hi it's Discord anon again

If thats the case it may be her stalker then. As soon as a few others I know messaged her, and I started posting these screenshots she left the server less than 24 hours later . Also this person who was using her photos claimed to have lived in Chicago.

Micky is an absolute shitty person but the fact that if this is her stalker, they managed to masquerade as her since April is insane and makes me feel a tiny bit bad for her.

No. 70516

Damn. Definitely seems like the same one from before. I remember trying to find out who was behind it and it led to some random asian chick. I think she's Taiwanese American. Though Micky was pinning the blame on some random black chicks she didn't like at the time.

No. 70525

i agree with you but they meant they are a virgin to penetration because they are straight and lying anyways about being with a girl because they are just making stuff up anyway im assuming

No. 70569

>My money comes from… less than moral means
Bitch did you ever had morals? LMAO
Funny how Mucky needs to pose as a high moral Illinois girl that doesn't understand why someone would cuck others as a pseudo double life. This is beyond pathetic. The only thing she knows how to do is like.
And >I'm a virgin!!! I only fuck girls
holy shit

No. 70580

It is really sad. Micky's done some fucked up shit but nobody deserves this. She can ruin herself all alone, she doesn't need some 4-year long vendetta chasing her. It makes me wonder how many times everyone has assumed it was Micky saying or doing stupid shit when in reality it was this insane stalker.

No. 70581

No, it's most definitely been mucky, don't give her sympathy..this is why idiots like her never learn their lesson.

No. 70582

And yet, there's proof here of people jumping at the chance to believe it was her when it clearly wasn't.
Yes she's a shitty human who deserves to be held accountable for everything she's done, but don't pretend this wasn't a thing that happened.

No. 70586

All that "stalker" been doing is begging for money and pretending to be a neet. Nothing vendetta about it. That aside, everything else in these 15 threads has been Micky and Micky alone. Let's not start to act like she's some tragic character.

People thought it was her because she's been known to outright lie about herself. Not to far fetched to think she'd make up a whole new life to trick to people out of their money.

No. 70587

The stalker's been using her photos to trade for money for years, and they're probably the same creep from the /soc/ thread.
It's complete vendetta.

No. 70592

Relax anon. Nobody is calling her an innocent uwu bean just calling out the autist that's been catfishing her for months.

There's been way too many incidents of cow tipping and anons self posting as her in the last few threads. Micky is trash but some anons are acting like cows themselves by pulling this shit.

No. 70596


This isn't someone acting like Micky though. So no vendetta. It's some asian chick who has been catfishing using her pics for years now. She usually posts on /soc/ and has a discord. The Chicago bit tipped me off.

No. 70630

File: 1571873123375.jpg (261.68 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20191023-192357_Twi…)

Looks like she found her next victim.

No. 70680

Anyone who attempts to befriend mickey at this point is just completely fucking braindead and deserves whatever happens to them.

No. 70713

File: 1571939466234.jpg (521.91 KB, 810x1751, Screenshot_20191024-134949_Twi…)

Can't wait for her to break it the old song and dance about how he's suddenly a racist, sexist piece of trash after she cheats on him and dumps him for his friend.

No. 70718

tryna sound pansexual w that first tweet

No. 71098

File: 1572129806480.jpg (205.97 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20191026-184325_Twi…)

No. 71099

Proof no matter what personality or name she goes under, her true nature of being a gross beggar will always show up sooner rather than later

No. 71108

Micky is the type of person to spend her money on crap she doesn't really like instead of saving her money for expensive stuff she actually likes. That's why she has so much cheap ugly junk.

No. 71299

File: 1572308146092.jpg (122.57 KB, 714x543, Image_1572308086.jpg)

On her Twitter she's already back to showing off useless shit she gotnor humble bragging about random junk in her closet

Also lol she's acting tough again

No. 71308

yeah. whats new

No. 71310

If only someone really would jump her…. Like outside the con so that their badge isn't revoked and with a camera hopefully.

If only if only….(a-logging)

No. 71315

It's really not worth it, but I really wouldn't be surprised if she gets into a fight this year due to all the Emi drama. Does she even have any friends left to go with her to the con?

No. 71324

It's never gonna happen. Most people don't see the point in fighting a chick over internet drama when she's this irrelevant.

And not to forget, the one time someone did confront her about it and tried to actually fight her - she tried to get con security called on her and wouldn't even look at her face.

No. 71432

File: 1572432922331.jpg (486.17 KB, 810x1370, Screenshot_20191030-063859_Twi…)

I feel bad for who ever that person is because she's about to ruin their life.

No. 71439

why does she keep talkin about this dude when she knows she's gonna get bored of him in like two fuckin weeks.

No. 71482

I'm 99% sure I know who it is and he's in his thirties

No. 71492

She definitely can't say she doesn't seek people out older than her now.

Like, at this point yeah she's legal, but it goes against her narrative she's trying to setup.

No. 71496

This is an image board, post proof

No. 71506

I think I know who it is. IF i’m correct, he’s way into his 30s. Serial hangs out with 18 year olds and probably even younger. Really good match for Musty but the most emotionally unavailable person I’ve ever met.

No. 71519

Post pics already!

No. 71527

You look like a retard bumping the thread AGAIN with no pics

No. 71550

File: 1572607743760.png (1005.21 KB, 1037x1697, Screenshot_2019-10-31-07-08-15…)

Why does she do this

No. 71551

She's built so tragic she could look somewhat decent if she knew how to coordinate her outfits for one, and actually bought clothes that fucking fit her.

No. 71552

File: 1572607860578.png (2.03 MB, 1077x1824, Screenshot_2019-10-31-07-10-58…)

No. 71553

File: 1572608582834.png (671.77 KB, 1073x1591, Screenshot_2019-11-01-07-39-45…)

Also since last Anon didn't drop screenshots, I will. Though I'm not 100% sure who Micky has a crush on, she makes it seem fairly obvious it's between these two.

No. 71554

File: 1572608679612.png (985.58 KB, 992x1616, Screenshot_2019-11-01-07-40-22…)

A lot of her friends on her new acc are mainly the VERY few url friends she has at the point and new irl friends she's made. Mainly guys who look pretty sketchy and live pretty close to her area.

No. 71578

She edited herself skinnier but left her tits hanging down to her stomach….okay…

No. 71580

File: 1572632717814.png (Spoiler Image, 217.56 KB, 354x434, noass.com.png)

her ass is so gross why does she even pretend to have one

No. 71585

Her ass is sucking in harder than she does.

No. 71586

Are they all white guys? lol

No. 71612

The mini skirt thing combined w he crop too makes her legs and shape look even more ridiculous. I normally don’t get on people for their bodies.. but Jesus Christ I’ve never seen anything like this before. May Neptune have mercy on this Wendy Williams distant relative.

No. 71675

Weird how she claims to be a youmacon and has yet to post a single picture of her being there lmfao

No. 71690

I saw her at youmacon last night and today in passing. She lost a significant amount of weight tbh and she looks like a weird ass alien? She’s really fucking tall and the way she does her makeup is accentuating how far apart her eyes are and how much her mouth looks like a fish. Both times I saw her she was walking around alone.. I guess it’s since none of her friends like her anymore.

No. 71706

She has really no one to hang around besides her sister. Everyone knows about her now.

No. 71728

File: 1572823411992.png (323.48 KB, 1015x599, album facebook .png)

Inputting this into the thread, to show how the Michigan weeb community feels about muckster.

No. 71733

emi needs to get the fuck over it. it happened it passed non of her friends like her and its over. she cant go after micky for the rest of her life and expect everyone else to too. there are worse things going on besides some girl cheated with her friends bf. happens all the time

No. 71734

the whole thing is old news

No. 71736

really does emi expect her not to use the internet ever again because of her stupid cheating bf? narcissist not everyones life revolves around you emi(Samefagging)

No. 71737

post comments anon

No. 71738

Three unsaged, WK posts in quick succession. Hmmmm.

No. 71751

hmm what? the emi shit is so old and she is insane for still trying to be about it. they arent friends anymore and she broke up with that guy. micky obviously isnt going to say sorry because shes not i really dont get why shes still obsessed with it and expects everyone to obsess with her? its not wk its just boring

No. 71763

Nah, that's definitely a white knight. Especially since Emi is likely just finding out about this. She has full right to speak on it. It's not like she's made twenty million posts about the girl leading up to this point.

No. 71769

Remember Micky never apologize, barely took an internet break and change her persona several times within a few months and emi is allowed to be still mad cause Mucky did fucked her boyfriend who was abusive to her. This is only one post in a while we seen with emi mentioning Micky.

Micky is a shit person and I think more the merrier who wanna shit on Micky imo. Go off emi, Micky shouldn't get away with what she done to ppl over the years.

No. 71772

Emi is who finally got everyone to see that micky should be avoided and abandoned, she can talk about it all she wants, I would be pissed if my "best friend" fucked my boyfriend, bragged about it, lied about it, then refused to so much as Apologize and rather lied about being sexually abused.
You are a wk and you should stop.

No. 71773

Not to mention that when Emi confronted her about it, Micky straight lied and tried to claim it was just someone pretending to be her. She fucked her best friend's abusive boyfriend, bragged about it and the fact that he thought she was hotter than Emi to a bunch of strangers for internet points and said she got off on the whole situation, then lied about it when there were actually consequences for her shitty actions. And of course, for such a "tough kawaii baddie" who talks a lot of fucking game about carrying knives around and hoping people try to fight her irl, the minute she got backlash from multiple people, she tried to disappear and reinvent her identity about five times.
She comes back again and her bio is talking about doing good deeds and being a good person? Of course someone is going to call her out again, and I don't blame Emi for being the one to do it.

No. 71777

I don't see EMI making posts about the guy that actually cheated on her lmao, he lied too.

No. 71778

Okay? The difference there is that Micky was her best friend years after the fact, and he probably was not.

No. 71793

I was at both raves and didn't see her throughout either. I'm assuming she didn't have a hotel room and was just trolling amount for a little bit? Surprised I hadn't passed her at least once tbh.

WKs aren't welcome here. Post milk, report comments, learn to sage, or fuck off.

No. 71799

Except I'm actually on Emi's friendlist and she's very open about him and how shitty he was so try again WK

No. 71801

File: 1572907666325.jpg (874.35 KB, 2560x1920, 19-11-04-17-47-06-418_deco.jpg)

And no, her crush is Jimmy.

No. 71809

She was at the dance party outside Saturday's rave. She honestly only had three people with her. Two if you don't include her sister. Nobody really wanted to talk to her. She also had on a god awful outfit in comparison to everyone else that night. It was hilarious.

No. 71819

I can already see him not giving her the time of day and her having a mental breakdown about it

No. 71840

File: 1572941353784.png (371.7 KB, 740x572, Screenshot (230).png)

sorry for late post but its confirmed that the account is hers. she leaves a selfie up for a few minutes then deletes it.

No. 71848

File: 1572956287324.jpg (578.76 KB, 810x2204, Screenshot_20191105-070822_Twi…)

Looks like she's back to openly lying about her parents being abusive. Specifically her mom, once again. She's dead set on making her mom seem evil to get sympathy. It's sickening.

Seemed obvious from the beginning, but this definitely helps. Also, that makeup doesn't work that ccharacter at all. You'd think she'd know better. Same with the piercings.

No. 71849


Very safe to assume, yes.

Source: I worked at GE bakery as a clerk (meaning I packed cookies into the cellophane boxes pretty much to put out on the floor), and my first day on the job they showed me how to write on the cakes from the case. It's nothing special, it's literally part of the job.

To be fair, I worked 'night shift' (noon to 8-ish) so the decorators were gone. Even then, the only time a decorator would do it is if none of the clerks had the time to because of being on break, doing another cake, etc. since they were all busy actually decorating other cakes for the case or icing cupcakes or whatever else.

No. 71854

File: 1572963813170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 471.8 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20191105-071159_Twi…)

She also posted this and posted about making a new nsfw tumblr. Nothing changes with this girl besides her username, I swear.

No. 71856

Mainly because she thinks she's in the clear.

No. 71865

Honestly this looks like she is going off on her mother for nothing? Granted, I don't know the previous conversation but it looks like she is sending her mother these "memes" to "roast" her out of the blue lol

No. 71878


I don't think she CAN make a NSFW tumblr. They'll ban her shit quick. There was the pornpocalypse in like december 2018. Unless their sale to Wordpress is bringing porn back, I doubt she'll post much besides like her clips4sale or manyvids or whatever she uses and the android ass quality lmaoooo.

No. 71895

If it's really him that's hilarious. She's like a head taller than the dude, but at least they're probably a similar weight? kek.

No. 71922

File: 1573015861089.jpg (142.34 KB, 1080x1452, IMG_20191105_214803.jpg)

No. 71923

File: 1573015977786.jpg (41.77 KB, 1080x304, IMG_20191105_214816.jpg)


No. 71999

ITt really never fails to amaze how Micky wants everyone to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness for her but she can never take responsibility and accountability for her actions. She's never ONCE apologized to anyone for anything. Her parent's probably never abused her they probably just are harsh sometimes on her bc she's old as fuck, can't drive, still lives with them and doesn't help out in the slightest. Bitch can't even clean her pigsty of a room. Mickys whole life is just a endless cycle of her ruining any change she has of ever living a peaceful and genuinely happy life.

No. 72002

File: 1573080690351.jpg (Spoiler Image, 522.33 KB, 1080x1440, 20191106_175146.jpg)

Wrinkly saggy boobies

No. 72003

This is so fucking mean and rude I feel so bad for her parents honestly

No. 72005

Why is her boobie skin like that

No. 72006

She doesn’t even have egirl clout. She has a lot of people who collectively think she sucks?

No. 72009

I did for a second too, but remember her mom knows about her dating a GROWN MAN when she was like 15/16 and her drug use and the like.

You reap what you sow, and if you allow your daughter to act like a junkie whore with no respect for anyone, not even herself, this is exactly what you're gonna get.

No. 72010

I do too. It's likely that her parents aren't even gaslighting abusers like she brags about(for some reason) Why do tumblr nuts love to have lifetime movie abusive parents? They give her a roof, food, internet, allowing her to smoke weed and fuck whoever she wants in their house, all free and she doesn't even have a decent paying job. She can sit on her ass and make plenty of Tyler Perry drama movies online. Maybe if she had a life and really had to struggle with abusive parents, she would be getting her ass out of there and get a decent job. I will say it's clear that her parents gave her way too much access to the internet as a kid and for some fucking reason let her date a grown man.

No. 72014

why are abusers never aware who the abuser really is? lol.
wat lol
Why is she having trouble with acquiring clout that's not hate?

No. 72015

> They give her a roof, food, internet, allowing her to smoke weed and fuck whoever she wants in their house, all free and she doesn't even have a decent paying job. She can sit on her ass and make plenty of Tyler Perry drama movies online.
So they were abusive huh?! Shit kid is shit parents, but I'll still pay my respect by pitying them.

No. 72028

Of course I still do blame her parents, they enabled her shit and now she isn't a functioning adult. She could still ditch her online persona and get it together but she wants this lifestyle for some reason.

No. 72034

evil does not know itself.

No. 72048

Honestly, the way it all sounds, she's near textbook BPD. Whether she's trying to be on purpose for the ~*~yandere aesthetic~*~ or whatever else the Tumblrinas do it for, or not, IDK.

I've got BPD and know what it's like. We're naturally manipulative to get what we want, our emotions flip on a dime (the way she treats people, esp. her mother). It's got a lot of symptoms of depression as well (the lack of bathing and room cleaning) and can even piggyback off of depression and she could have both. We also hate abandonment and will do whatever we have to to avoid it (her dating older men who're most likely just fetishizing her age, her having internet relationships, etc.) Not to mention the way she claims men are racist/abusive/etc. if they stop talking to her; it's to get sympathy from her white knights, another thing that I personally have done myself before I began seeking treatment for my BPD.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, of course. I wouldn't put it past her to have seen someone's post about BPD symptoms on Tumblr or something and went 'that's LITERALLY my aesthetic omg!!! uwu' and then made it apart of her persona.(armchair)

No. 72054

>Admitting you have BPD and looking pathetic as hell because you wanted to list shit everyone already knew

No. 72056


I'll admit, the shit I used to do was pathetic, but I'm seeing someone for it, as should Musty.

No. 72058

File: 1573116703529.jpg (148.09 KB, 960x960, 73195776_10211736244800240_818…)

A wild Muck spot

No. 72059

Not one person in this photo knows how to wear a wig

No. 72066

I’m not trying to white knight but it’s literally a convention anon nobody wears good wigs there

No. 72076

non of their wigs look especially bad. if ur gonna hate say hate on something real

No. 72092

sage for unrelated but that white tongue is really triggering me wtf

No. 72129

Are you really bumping the thread to WK these ratty plastic wigs? kek.

Wish we'd see a full body candid. Seems like she only came out to be thotty at the Saturday night rave? She looks like same as ever tbh.

No. 72135

. >>72129
and you are bumping the thread just to say that.. interesting

No. 72137

oh anon

No. 72160

Late, but I saw her at the Cobo too. She did look like she lost a lot of weight and I was surprised by how tall she was. When I saw her, she was walking around with some white guy. I don't remember him being in cosplay but Youma was a week ago so my memory is kind of fuzzy.
Weird seeing a lolcow irl lol.

No. 72161

Have you ever seen micky IRL before then anon? Ive seen her IRL before at youma and yeah shes big(or was bigger) but she was never the hambeast lolcow made her to be. She was fat but typical amerifat. Not like 2011 Pixyteri fat. Im just wondering if she lost that much weight or if you thought she would be way bigger

No. 72163

Learn what a sage is newfag.

No. 72184

I’m local in the community so yes… I’ve seen her before but she definitely used to look more..Frumpy. Very squishy and unappealing because of it. Now she just looks like someone put her on a rack and stretched her out like ET.

No. 72260

sage for off topic but please you and everyone else learn how to fucking sage

No. 72261


No. 72405

File: 1573451617875.jpg (237.02 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20191111-005201_Twi…)

Oh god

No. 72406

she is a literal skinwalker

No. 72407

She tried this and even streaming, it doesn't work for someone with no personality.

No. 72491

Who is she skinwalking?

No. 72501

Yes please oh my god!

No. 72502

File: 1573521231091.jpg (165.17 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20191111-005256_Twi…)

Here we go again

No. 72549

What a coincidence that she's deciding to cam now that Amina is a cam girl

No. 72564

are you serious? lol
wasn't amina already a camgirl for a long time tho?

No. 72576

Yep, sadly anons from here ran her off on the very first stream trying to cowtip, so now she's gonna try the 'camgirl' route again instead of generalized streaming.

No. 72583

She started last month according to her twitter. This anon said skinwalking so I thought they meant Amina >>72406

No. 72585

Samefag but I wouldn't be surprised if Micky is doing this to copy Amina considering their history but sage for tinfoil and no proof

No. 72587

Seriously tho can anons not cowtip her camming. I'm still mad about all the twitch milk we missed out on.

No. 72624

Not on topic but did she spell “kuro Neko” wrong in her Twitter name thing? It really bugs me when these cows want to use nihongo uwu just for aesthetic purposes..

No. 72668

The hiragana she used is "ku ro ne o" kek

No. 72689

File: 1573653316578.jpg (213.48 KB, 1077x857, Screenshot_20191113-085357_Twi…)

Sure, Micky…

No. 72693

um what?

No. 72701

Interesting that her name changed after it gets brought up but ok Micky. You definitely don’t keep up with these threads.

No. 72729

does she ever think twice before she posts something as dumb as this

No. 72733

When you are actually a kind person, you don't expect anything in return for favors, gifts, etc. Micky is so fake she doesn't know what it is like to be truly kind.

No. 72881

File: 1573852811719.jpg (145.52 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20191115-161927_Twi…)

Yet most, if not all, the people she's ever harassed and bullied have been black women. So why the fuck is she spouting this bullshit?

No. 72889

to prove shes changed and totally not that toxic person anymore uwu

No. 73013

File: 1574086283503.jpg (265.4 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20191118-090742_Twi…)

Micky, how many times do you needed to be reminded that you're known for being a piece of shit? Also, nobody with any common sense wants you of all people fighting for them.

No. 73015

File: 1574087657267.jpg (386.09 KB, 806x1433, 20191118_091333.jpg)

She was already apart of that community considering where she lives and ended up being a source of drama. Not sure why she keeps forgetting that.

No. 73016

File: 1574089249571.png (628.13 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_2019-11-18-09-53-42…)

Things that never happened.

No. 73017

1. What the fuck is 'blerd'? Sounds like some leper colony.
2. Goths don't have "bad personalities"..mucky I know you're lurking here, your shit personality is your own doing, don't blame goth culture.

No. 73020

Blerds are basically Black Nerds. It's basically a community of black people into anime, cosplay, comics and overall everything nerdy. Idk about the goth thing since a lot of goth and alt fashion communities are rude as shit to people with darker skin joining.

No. 73021

She really thinks we're suppose to buy this bullshit? I swear I remember a few threads back there was a screenshot of her talking about how she was in class quietly seething because some dudes were laughing at a joke she didn't like.

No. 73032


There’s already a large black nerd community mucky. We don’t want you or need you

No. 73042

most people do not have common sense so theres that

No. 73045

"I fucked my best friends abusive boyfriend behind her back for years because the goth community influenced me too!! nothing is actually my fault uwu" Just log off Mickey.

No. 73091

File: 1574171658705.jpg (534.66 KB, 2048x1536, EJTfipVWwAAJPDu.jpg)

So this is where all her forever 21 money went. A budget pc setup.

No. 73096

File: 1574180403738.jpg (157.76 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20191119-111232_Twi…)

She had no right to be retweeting this. Especially when it comes to her because there's several threads of evidence of shit she's done and I'm sure others have screenshots and shit that aren't posted here of other shit she's done.

It looks completely underwhelming and cheap, console aside.

No. 73098

Ugh that wall… This looks so tacky cheap and distasteful. Can’t imgine how much dried cup ramen water and cum and germs are in that little area of hers. What a damn waste of money..

No. 73103

"romantisize" kek

No. 73105

I want to believe half of those Tamagotchi on the wall are bootlegs

No. 73132

Nah, they're real.

No. 73134

For someone who acts so high and mighty and smarter than everyone, she's a fucking idiot.
Seriously this looks so cheap. That AliExpress keyboard and mouse, those bootleg figures. Gross.

No. 73323

those are all such cheap 20 dollar figures from amazon lmao you can even see the shelf isn't even put to together properly

No. 73356

you guys are really that bored ur out here just being like "durrhurrr the shelf isnt put together right she bouggt aliexpress hurrdurrr"

No. 73379

durrrrhurrrr ok micky go back to "romantisizing" your life

No. 73385

durrhurr not everyone who thinks what you said is pointless & dumb is micky. are you micky?

No. 73391

Stop infighting and learn to sage just because you arent funny

No. 73395

i am lil more taken back by this fuck having ecchi has her computer lock screen (seeing how its windows 10) and living w/ her parents. possible bootlegs and aliex press aside.

No. 73410

File: 1574310938453.jpg (267.91 KB, 720x960, 20191120_233023.jpg)

Just seen this

No. 73413

Lmao at her floppy titties hanging over her enite torso

No. 73425

File: 1574322725834.jpg (826.99 KB, 1080x2050, Screenshot_20191121-024707_Ins…)

It looks like she has a dick because of that awkward bugle. Also, is there a way to post that video of her dancing off beat and twerking poorly? That shit was hilarious.

No. 73507

File: 1574379805085.jpg (235.16 KB, 1051x679, Screenshot_20191121-153846_Twi…)

The lack of self-awareness…

No. 73527

kek. what happened to the anon raving about her losing a ton of weight? Bitch where?

No. 73620

anon was probably her

No. 73640

Nah I doubt it was her. Micky is fat but she’s average American fat. Anon probably thought she was like obese based on reading here but when he saw her IRL realized she’s just normal(fat).

No. 73643

File: 1574492496507.jpg (75.63 KB, 719x1163, 75636155_167697114302254_15743…)

The makeup is absolutely shit. Also why is one arm super white? She hates her skin tone that much now?

No. 73678

But uwu black girls are so beautiful uwu~

No. 73686

I personally don't hate the makeup but that damn Rudolph the pink nose reindeer shit is so distracting.

No. 73694

it looks like her eyes are melting like that one deer photoshop bitch

No. 73697

She looks like a guy in drag

No. 73715

She does seem to have lost a little weight but entirely in her legs based on recent pics. That's probably what added to that stretched out alien look described by that anon.

No. 73734

People with her body type always lose weight in their legs first. I've seen women with giant midsections with near anachan worthy legs. It's a tragic body type to have.

No. 73746

File: 1574624186719.jpeg (339.75 KB, 1125x1717, 580ADCF1-9B90-465F-B33D-EA654B…)

sick new name

No. 73771

File: 1574649730434.png (Spoiler Image, 246.08 KB, 587x603, Capture.png)

Micky liked this on twitter. aren't the pokemon protags children?

No. 73780

File: 1574659336699.png (147.81 KB, 353x574, dr._eggman.png)

bitch "thicc" like dr robotnik.

>tama thotchi
>hot chocolate season uwu
How old is she again? Her entire persona is pure cringe.

No. 73806

Yes but also no.

But for argument sake in US laws, yes.

No. 73868

File: 1574750437890.jpeg (817.2 KB, 1242x2148, 568C8BC6-AAAC-4C1A-8565-F27806…)

Looks like she’s purging her twitter again

No. 73883

File: 1574773956142.jpg (237.14 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20191126_074854.jpg)

She's looking pretty good damn pale here. Is she trying to impress someone again?

Ah, looks like she's back to checking here full time again. Soon she'll be openly tweeting about here.

No. 73910

Her features are very masculine and unattractive but I feel like makeup and expressions like this emphasize it and make it look so, so much worse. I wish she would stop doing whatever the hell this is.

No. 73931

File: 1574808468014.jpg (122.8 KB, 1075x677, Screenshot_20191126-174542_Twi…)

Here we go again with her trying to make a new tacky style.

No. 73933


No. 73968

I mean… she's sorta shaped like one >>73780

No. 74118

File: 1574929111933.jpg (195.08 KB, 1079x967, Screenshot_20191128-003440_Twi…)


I can't handle her stupidity.

No. 74139

Holy shit I needed this laugh

No. 74140

Holy shit I needed this laugh

No. 74145

File: 1574950684386.jpg (811.97 KB, 1074x1726, Screenshot_20191128-012734_Ins…)

Looks like her Instagram is public now. Can't wait for her to buy followers so the count just magically jumps to 1K like before.

No. 74153

she is so badly built. Why wear an outfit that emphasizes how unproportionate her wierd string bean legs are to her wide and short torso?

ot but there's a chick who frequents the place I work at; she's a SUPER knock-kneed ana-chan… the extreme thinness just brings more attention to her knees. Unlucky huh

No. 74158

of course she wearing a size medium replica of AP 'cotton candy shop'
and even that, her "lolita cord" is still trash

No. 74164

File: 1574962183084.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2147, 1D7C6A4E-5052-4A5C-8FB3-7FCE1D…)

the fuck is this face

No. 74170

File: 1574965056824.jpeg (304.84 KB, 1536x1534, 254B4057-8094-440C-857B-8EBFF9…)

Nothing like cows stalking others cows
Threads. When I refresh mucky’s Instagram page, I find no other but poop Chan now following mucky. You would think that racist shit Chan would avoid mucky UwU at all cost for making call out posts on her, but
Poop Chan still has it for mucky. And now seeing her downfall and in hiding from the weeb community, it’s her chance to befriend the cow

I doubt mucky UwU would befriend a racist pale aesthetic goth

Jessica aka poop Chan thread > micky & jess drama refer there

No. 74171

File: 1574966757373.jpeg (396.1 KB, 1536x1534, 3B9FF32E-74D0-4E80-BD0E-47CEBB…)

No. 74186

That’s a salopette friend.
Replica? Probably, but that’s a salopette

No. 74215

>Jessica unfollowed her.
> or mik found out the account holder from here and blocked her

she definitely follows miks threads

No. 74217

File: 1574998708400.jpg (15.02 KB, 246x250, hqdefault.jpg)

gotcha anon
I've would've mistaken it for a size too small jsk hovering her, with the way how micky wear things. It doesn't look too right on her, as it looks like her crotch going to flash out if she bend over. she should honestly get her dresses tailored or wear something below if she going to be out and about. she going to embarrass the lolita community or openly sexualize lolita fashion, which manly lolitas will ridicule her for

No. 74272

File: 1575095992482.jpg (131.18 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20191130-013807_Twi…)

This here is why she'll never leave her parents place or get a car. So she can waste her money on shit like games and bootleg makeup.

No. 74277

How do you know this btw?
Why isn't she more popular?

No. 74321

she goes around playing the pedophile card countless times when her new Twitter name is woomythicc?? Woomy is a 14 year old squid humanoid from splatoon, lol what a sicko.

No. 74336

You mean inklings? Woomy is just the noise the inklings make

No. 74499

File: 1575354377000.jpg (361.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191203-012500_Twi…)

Can we talk about how she has this girl x-ray photo hanging on her wall..
That's abit creepy

No. 74501

it's clearly kawaii uwu menhera mickycore, anon! nevermind the fact that it's some stranger's xray
her decorating is so tacky, even for weeb standards

No. 74503

The x-ray belongs to some girl who have a medical condition, it's on her Instagram somewhere. I feel like micky knew and still put the photo on her wall smh

No. 74504

Wait, that's literally a genuine x ray? The fuck does she have that for?

No. 74506

Imagine having your 20 something still live at home and seeing her slap poorly printed teddy bears onto the wall accompanied by words such as “Princess” and toys shes wasted her money on instead of saving to move out or go to school. Theres also all the half nude anime character posters that are canon teenagers while you see her come out in a weeb juggalo outfit.
She makes her furry sister seem like such a saint in comparison, kek

No. 74508



No. 74516

There's one of those heart shaped collars on the person's neck. I'm no doctor, but I don't think you're allowed to wear shit like that to take an X ray

No. 74520

File: 1575383718271.jpg (172.85 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20191203-092415_Twi…)

She does realize that ahegao collage has work from different doujin artists, right?? Especially since she owns it.

No. 74521

File: 1575386098231.jpg (142.08 KB, 827x816, original.jpg)

it's ddlg aestetics pic that's reposed on multiple accounts and websites. I found original poster after digging but at this point people are using it like a stock photo.

No. 74532

File: 1575392890200.jpg (359.51 KB, 720x1280, 20191203_013107.jpg)

She explained on her instagram that the doctor told her that she didnt need to take her jewelry for the x-ray cause it was a quick one. She also explain her medical condition issue also in one of the posts

No. 74589

File: 1575436542054.png (358.58 KB, 1338x681, way t ogo.png)

and also i would like to point out the art near the xray is by a popular gore artist saccstry who she could get prints of those same pictures from but printed it out on printer paper like a 12 year old

No. 74599

File: 1575447383425.jpg (942.31 KB, 1078x1733, Screenshot_20191204-031407_Ins…)

She looks stupid as fuck, and couldn't even be damned to properly credit any of the artists.

No. 74635

She says to support other artists but doesn’t even take the time to do a quick reverse image search to even give them credit..?

No. 74671

Remember when she was posting all her traced art? And was talking about selling it and used to complain when people gave her concrit. That 'artist' phase didnt last long

No. 74794

File: 1575588067723.jpg (169.8 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20191205-161612_Twi…)

What is she even talking about?

No. 74806

Sage shit like this, it's not milk

No. 74810

Likely she follows someone who may or may not be popular who's a fat, lazy slob like herself, and she finds that validating.

No. 74940

File: 1575702476536.jpg (361.04 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20191207-015400_Twi…)

I really feel like calling bullshit on this. Pretty sure she stopped because of laziness. She also needs to stop lying about how her parents act.

No. 74981

File: 1575754119049.jpg (302.9 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20191207-162542_Twi…)

No one who actually has anxiety, or any mental illness, sits around saying they're happy or love to have it. The fuck.

No. 74982

So wanting to overcome mental illness makes you "boring"? What the actual fuck?
Btw Micky your "spicy" attitude is the reason you have no real friends. Hope it's worth being ~not being boring~ to have everyone either openly or secretly thinking you're a piece of shit

No. 75003

She constantly proves that she is not mentally ill, she just likes those labels so she can pretend to be interesting.

No. 75041

File: 1575831011470.jpg (263.46 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_20191208-134926_Twi…)

Yeah ok

No. 75053

oh my god not everything is about you micky. is tweeting rip not enough?

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