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File: 1454341587780.jpg (835.16 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_5784.JPG)

No. 88246

Wonderfinch is a lolita with a huge ego. She always exaggerates how long she has been in lolita, but still coords poorly. She is a PoC supporter. She's a dinosaur on the internet, but she still produces a ton of milk from time to time. How long you might ask? She has a livejournal account. Most of her social media accounts are set to private.

Livejournal: http://wonderfinch.livejournal.com/

No. 88253

I want to punch her.

No. 88262

I guess she seems annoying from the summary but how is being a POC supporter milk?

No. 88276

Thank you OP for starting this.
Anyone else seriously wanting to start some kind of petition against Wonderfuck to have her removed as moderator for Lacebook?
Can't we seriously have one WF tyrant free community?

No. 88297

aw, livejournal, that's cute.

No. 88298

>poc supporter
Wtf does that mean

No. 88300

PoC supporter is a long standing tradition of Tumblr. PoC stands for 'People of Color'. Their supporters believe PoC ought to be glorified and be praised because they are of color and can do no wrong.

No. 88301

Oh my god. She used to show up at SF events and bitch about how poorly organized/hosted they were and insult SF girls behind their backs.

No. 88321

I'm not surprised she's involved in the new Lacebook. It's disgusting how much of a control freak she is.

No. 88322

File: 1454351762112.jpg (24.98 KB, 356x798, 13-1.jpg)

I don't understand how she can have such an ego when she always dresses so terribly.

No. 88346

I would definitely sign a petition to have her removed as a mod on lacebook

OP should probably have said something other than "POC supporter" the problem is that she is so rabid and over the top and will attack people (both white and black) who don't agree with her view point, calling them racist or Uncle Tom

No. 88396

She's a troll who baits the hell out of people, often posting stupid comments and replying to randoms in CoF and RC and trying to start as much shit as possible because she doesn't actually have any friends irl and never attends meetups. She does it for attention and particularly likes to go after white girls in order to rile up as many people as possible the second she pulls the race card. Why hasn't this obvious troll been banned yet?

No. 88402

But she is a person of color? Why "supporter"? Isn't that a term white people use? I'm confused

No. 88455

File: 1454369496097.png (29.63 KB, 879x167, wonderbitch.png)

Can someone rovide caps and replies of her most recent sperging on Rufflechat? Getoffegl has Wonderbitch's tag I think, too.

Related, why is her LJ avatar of a white girl? Is she one of those secret self-loathing blacks that whine about the white devil, but only because they'll never have the "privilege" of being one?

No. 88462

File: 1454370652699.png (26.08 KB, 469x307, poc.png)

Blocked out names just in case. No replies yet, just a lot of likes.

No. 88490

We don't block out names on lolcow so don't worry about it

No. 88493

File: 1454375259792.jpg (11.06 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

dark-skinned natives? does she mean the fucking Ainu?

pic related, they aren't exactly dark.

No. 88499

File: 1454376388481.jpg (810.49 KB, 1028x1908, Shitstorm Part 1.jpg)

Here are some fresh shots of Wondercunt bullying some girl and starting a shitstorm.

Pink = Wonderfuck.

No. 88501

File: 1454376413828.jpg (893.25 KB, 1028x1859, Shitstorm Part 2.jpg)

Part 2

No. 88502

File: 1454376435484.jpg (861.04 KB, 980x1952, Shitstorm Part 3.jpg)

No. 88507

Not many people dare to stand up against her (I too am too chicken) probably because little miss Wondercunt will vendetta their ass and abuse her mod powers.
SO I'm proud of OP (dark red), light red & dark purple for actually having the guts to confront the bitch.
Not that she'll actually do anything with it, since WF is blinded by her hatred for white people eh.
Gosh I hate her, not for her skin or hair but her piss poor racist attitude.

No. 88509

File: 1454377663767.jpg (115.75 KB, 492x504, pants on fire.jpg)

Her "lolita join date" keeps changing and getting earlier and earlier lol.
She is such a liar.
There are caps somewhere where she said she started wearing it about 8 or 9 years ago.
Who has a cap of that? Can't find it.

No. 88511

File: 1454377916281.png (10.29 KB, 383x132, images.png)

Wonderfinch has always been like this. She bitched to Chokelate asking for more dark skinned models for Lockshop's store. It's more difficult to find PoC in Europe compared to the United States, ffs.

No. 88517

>Boo hoo, foreign brands and beauty ideals aren't catering to people like me

No. 88519

I don't even know if there are Dutch Lolitas that are PoC. I never see comm pics from them.
That comm is like really small compared to US comms anyway and they have to deal with a lot of customs fees and shit so it's really expensive to be a Lolita there so there aren't that many Lolitas.
I know a Dutch girl but she doesn't go to comm meetings so she can't tell either.
Anyway, the model should at least look cute, and Lockshop actually had an Asian model at one point.
And not all PoC have the same skintone, so if she hired a really dark model it still wouldn't have been good enough probably.

WF got worse as time went by.
First she was a whiney sjw bitch, now she's full on racist.
She really shouldn't point fingers and brand people racist as she is one herself tbh.

No. 88521

Is Wonderbitch retarded? Like I'm reading this endless raging and subtle jabbing at white people whenever she can get her grubby little hands on a situation. Not everyone has a conveniently darker skinned friend or something to "model" for them in these small companies. Sure, she could go hire some random black person in probably a super white part of Europe. (I think Germany or the UK, if I remember where Choke Lots lives) But does she think Nina and her scam of a wig site even makes enough profit to do that?

This bitch doesn't get that's money out of her own pocket to have a random black person model super niche lolita wigs which will be bought by dominantly white and asian people anyway. You're in a niche fashion that worships old white European culture and their fashion. You might want to rethink being apart of that first before being angry some indie European wig company doesn't have a surplus of black models.

As far as I am aware, Wonderbitch is the only one kicking up dirt about this issue since Lockshop has been around for years, making me believe no black person (at least sane ones) have ever even bought Choke's Shit Wigz. She's such a typical SJW that will start an "issue" over nothing, bully people into submission whenever possible, and not buy shit anyway. Does she really think her and like, what, the one percent of black lolitas that make up Lockshop sales make that much of an impact?

No. 88528

IIRC, Chokelate is from the Netherlands, but now lives in Germany with her bf.

No. 88535

i'd bet my burando that "brave girl" made this thread lmao
seriously, nobody looks good here. a change.org petition? what the fuck? and being a minor means nobody can argue with you?

No. 88613

FML, wow. I have met this crazy bitch before in person.

I knew about her rep online for years but I never bothered to find out what she looked like. It's totally her, that nasty hair is a dead giveaway.

She was actually super rude to me in person, to the point of hurting my fee fees. Sshe didn't even know me and accused me of something I DID NOT DO the very first time I interacted with her, which was super awkward. I won't get into details because I don't want to out myself since she is crazy and vindictive as fuck, but christ… she is the rudest lolita I ever met. It all makes sense now, why she was acting like that. (She has a huge superiority complex IRL too because before she even accused me, I was catching on to it and wondering what the fuck her problem was… or if I was nuts and imagining things. But no, she has an absolutely terrible attitude.)

How fucking old is she if she has "been in the fashion" (lol and never improved) since 2001?!

No. 88617

You don't have to block out names here, anon. Jsyk.

No. 88625

>I'm not an "armchair activist" sitting around with my thumb up my ass picking fights with people on[sic] FB."

kekking forever, how can anyone lack this much self awareness?

Also, maybe there are very few Chinese models working for Japanese brands because of that whole Sino-Japanese wars thing, oh, and a little event called the Rape of Nanking. The two countries openly despise each other.

I fucking hate Wonderbitch and her gang of SJW cronies. I wish she would have died out like livejournal did.

No. 88626

..I've been a Lolita for almost ten years now. I've never personally, face-to-face, met a single on who was racist. Where is WF getting all this "Most Lolitas are racist white devils" shit?

No. 88628

Don't forget all the burandos are racist too, as WF says that they've openly stated that they don't like blacks! Those racist assholes, finding a fat cock-eyed coal-skinned model should be totes easy in a country that's 99% racially homogenous!
And Misako's racist too! Since an announcer in one single appearance she made asked her if girls that tan heavily (kurogyaru - the antithesis of lolita) can be lolita, and she said "no" = Misako wants to see all blacks lynched!!!!!

No. 88629

Just a few trolls on the internet. When some PoC is criticized it's rarely if ever about their skin color, but RACISM is always their excuse. Like sorry bitch doesn't matter if you're white, black, yellow, or green; a shitty coord and ratty wig look like shit and people are gonna comment on it. Same if you're being an asshole, you aren't being criticized because of your race, it's because you're being a dick.
To add, I've seen a lot of positive promotion of different skincolors in lolita on tumblr/social media, to the point that a PoC gets lots of likes/notes/reblogs even if it's just a mediocre coord

No. 88637

>Kurogyaru - the antithesis of lolita is what Misako meant when she said tan skin doesn't mix in lolita
Thank you. I'm glad someone understands the culture gap when Misako said that. She was speaking to Japanese audiences and Japanese girls regarding their skin color. Japan has a long, long history of pale skin being desireable, not because blacks are ugly, but it infers a girl would sit inside all day and not work. It's sort of an old stance on skin color found in European and Asian societies with lighter skin.

Kurogyarus are basically party girls and can be seen as everything from sluts to bad girls in Japan. Lolitas are generally more "pure" and gyaru are "rebels".

It's like saying a goth should probably be pale if your skin can be pale to fit into the aesthetic (again, mostly applies to whites and lighter skinned asians). You wouldn't want a white goth looking like a guido with a weird orange tan and bleached blonde hair for no reason in that fashion.

No. 88643

Yeah, "brave girl" actually sounds so fucking annoying? "i m da slickest!! bye felicia!! dont bully my friend she is a MINOR so she has done nothing wrong leave her alone uwu im so smart and brave standing up to the evil racist bitch im so proud of myself… maybe the good people of lolcow will validate my efforts :3c"

No. 88648

So, how many secrets will this bitch get this week?
I made one.

In the end I decided to block her stupid ass (and her asskisser Alexandra too).
Never have to read a long ass salty rant filled with racial hate from her again.
Buhbye bitch.

No. 88656

Does anyone find it kind of a messed up double standard that the mods aren't stepping in to do anything about WF being so inflammatory with her "mayo trash" this and her "uncle tom" that

Like if someone called her "stupid mudface" or something they'd probably get immediately banned.

This seems to be the general consensus. She's part of the reason why I kind of don't want to go to Rufflecon lol.

Also she's totally lying about how long she has been a lolita, I think that's been confirmed

I blocked them too. I've put off blocking her for a long time because I thought she might be good for a laugh, but I thought about it and she's never amused me, she's only enraged, frustrated and saddened me. Blocking her was way overdo

Also what the hell was with that Alexandra chick? Jesus she's so far up WF's ass I don't think she'll ever come out.

No. 88657


No. 88665

I've been debating to block her for at least 6 years now.
She is the only one I truly couldn't stand.
She's a mod in so many places and I was afraid they'd find out and I get banned by her vendetta ass so I didn't do it.
She went from irritating to extremely annoying to completely intolerable and I just had enough.
Last night was the final drop for me.
I hope she gets blocked by loads of people, she deserves it.

That Alexandra chick was so far up her ass, yes.
She couldn't suck up harder if she tried.
She was super annoying.

No. 88667

You'd think that sjw who shout about being respectful to other cultures would understand that

No. 88714

>finding a fat cock-eyed coal-skinned model should be totes easy in a country that's 99% racially homogenous!

If they manage to find white girls in their homogenous society, it shouldn't be too hard to find a random black girl to model for them too.
But no one wants dark-skinned models for now. Keep crying, wondercunt.

No. 88716

To be fair, I'm hafu and I get very tan (darker than pic related) in the summer, but I'm still very light in the winter).

No. 88725

>long standing tradition of tumblr

lmao are you 12? PoC is a term that's been used academically in politics/ sociology/ anthropology/ activism since at least the 1970s. Tumblr didn't invent it.

Also hey there Ina, you massive, gaping cunt.

No. 88729

Ina deserves her own thread here tbh. It's amazing how many ppl from our comm are coming out to say that none of us like her lmao. Just the other day she throwing a fit and harassing some other girl because they both had the ttly original idea of wearing the same (tacky af) jsk for their weddings…

No. 88745

I can't believe the mods are letting that thread continue. And no WF, you haven't done shit to help PoC be more prominent in the fashion. What has she done? Nothing. Keep sitting in your computer chair and pretend that being a keyboard warrior will get you somewhere.

No. 88746

Ina, this is really embarrassing.

No. 88747


other appropriate search terms which include content are "Wondercunt" and "Wonderfuck"

No. 88754

Not Ina, I'm just sick to death of SJW fucktards like WF shitting up RC.

No. 88765

She doesn't want just any "poc" models like Chinese girls, she specifically wants black models. She wants every brand to cater to her instead of Asians which is, you know, the market that AP and BTSSB actually care about.

No. 88779

My guess is she is trying to nominate herself.

No. 88783

My local theater used that same caplet thing for one of the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella

No. 88793

Yup Ina in da house

No. 88795

Just because you haven't doesn't mean it hasn't happened to other people

No. 88796

It's Okay Ina, we hear your butt hurt. Now go cry some more about your friend wearing the same dress to a wedding you are

No. 88799


Guys I agree that Ina is annoying too, but can we not clog up the thread with "hi Ina"?

No. 88808

File: 1454444185759.png (586.66 KB, 901x650, 1428381890438.png)

It seems like she started wearing it sometime in 2007.

No. 88821

Ina thread has started >>>/snow/88820

No. 88850

I started wearing it years after I got into the fashion, too. I followed the community but only started buying dresses 2-3 years after I got into lolita

No. 88853

I don't think that's what they're trying to say. Just that WF's claims are greatly exaggerated in number and scale. Not that it doesn't happen at all

No. 88858

I've seen girls who dress better than her after wearing Lolita for only 6 months. She looks like a goddamn trainwreck.

No. 88896

I badly want to see proof of all these girls calling her "nigger" and sending her mail with racial slurs in it. I really HAVE been in lolita since the early 00s, and have never once run into the type of people she is claiming are rampant in the community. Also raped for "being a nigger bitch". Like did that really happen? It would explain so much about her awful personality and yet somehow I don't fucking believe her.

One thing that really ticks me off about these people that cry "where are MY people! I want to be represented" is that they don't understand at all how real life works other than their own feelings. Black people in the US are about 12-13% of the population. So I would expect every 10th movie character or every 10th person I see in media to be black. That's pretty accurate to reality. In Japan approximately ZERO % of the population is black. I would not really expect to see a black model for a niche fashion brand. I wouldn't expect a mainstream fashion brand (Uniqlo etc.) to have black models either for fuck sakes. It's just stupid. But I guess I'm just a racist hafu.

No. 88914

She lies all the time, I never believe any of those BS claims she makes.
She just doesn't have a shred of credibility really.

And you are right about all that other stuff too!

No. 89152

Lmfao how recent is this picture?

No. 89157

File: 1454529457470.jpg (62.52 KB, 640x641, mehcoord2.jpg)

That one is probably from 2011/2012 when AP's Chess Chocolate Dropped Waist was first released.

Here's a coord from 2014.

No. 89158

File: 1454529551768.jpg (115.46 KB, 960x960, mehcoord.jpg)

This next one is from last year. Very uninspiring and the dress is way too short. She definitely needs an underskirt.

No. 89159

>In Japan approximately ZERO % of the population is black. I would not really expect to see a black model for a niche fashion brand.

To be fair, Japan uses a lot of foreign models despite the small foreign population. But they're white, not black.
I can see why dumb POC bitches think it's unfair and demand for representation too.

No. 89163


What is even the point of representation? Why do people give a shit if someone they don't know looks like them?

No. 89164

I dislike her as much as the next person but now you're just being bitter. This is really cute.

No. 89174


Why are both pics have her not looking at the camera? Is she not photogenic or is her face not kawaii enough for lolita?

No. 89180

File: 1454532887767.png (504.69 KB, 521x519, thanksgoogle.png)

I wish Warosu wasn't down. I couldn't find a good picture of this one still up. This coord is one of her worst one in years.

No. 89181

File: 1454532935532.jpg (41.5 KB, 339x500, 545662335.jpg)

>she's judging you

No. 89194

She's kind of a qt

No. 89199

>I can see why dumb POC bitches think it's unfair and demand for representation too.
Yeah but sitting at their computers whining about it on facebook and tumblr really isn't going to do anything. They still support the brands by buying their dresses too, so they should really do something about it (stop buying or start something) or shut the fuck up.

No. 89203

It's weird how some people wear their bitchyness right on their face. It ruins all her coords to me.

Also, all her cooords are already very, very mediocre and she could use a fucking wig. I don't care how proud of her ratty black kinks she is, it looks unpolished in lolita to not have a wig, unless your hair is really really good, and she should know this.

No. 89204

This isn't true. I've seen brands like Milk specifically used a black model. Maybe someone could find he picture for me. I think she is half-Japanese? But she's a total qt and blows someone like Wonderfinch out of the water.

No. 89206

Yeah I mean, if you buy directly from certain brands and attend their tea parties, you should have no problem shooting them an email/formal letter and asking about their models.

Picture this: create a change.org petition for brands to represent more ethnicities (other than Asian) in their catalogues and websites. Garner signatures and support from SJWs on tumblr and facebook. When you have enough signatures, send the petition to brands (Innocent World, Baby, AP) and try to start a respectful discussion about it. (Though I think you would have a hard time convincing Linda from APUSA.)

I personally don't think there's really a need to tell brands who and who should not be modeling for them, especially since they are founded in Japan (a largely homogeneous country) and don't even need the support of the Western market to fund their businesses. However, if you really felt there needed to be more representation of black or Hispanic people in Lolita brand photoshoots and fashion shows, then you'd actually try to do something about it instead of victimise yourself and shut down discussions.

No. 89210

The problem with SJW "PoC" is they think they need to see themselves on models when they really don't. They know damn well they are less than 1% of sales, less than 1% of the population in places like Japan, and about 1% of lolitas, too.

The fuss causes makes more damage to brand than help. It portrays brands as these evil entities that want to keep black girls out or something, when the reality is, there's just not a lot of black models in Japan that probably fit the lolita aesthetic or possibly even fit into the brand itself. Keep in mind Dakota and Yukapon are tiny white girls that played up their "loli" looks and appeal. Do you know of any black girls that do that? That probably answers why you don't see any black lolita models.

No. 89214


No. 89254

I'm inclined to agree. Maybe because I just hate when Lolitas harp on each other for their dresses being too short where that's really common with japanese lolitas and in the advertising? Just an arbitrary thing to bitch about.

No. 89281

Katie used an African American model in several of their spreads and ads but I guess that's not PEE OH SEEEEE enough for Wonderbitch.

No. 89328

File: 1454554177333.jpg (87.8 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6vscxE2LX1qzbz9oo1_500…)

No. 89330

File: 1454554278131.jpg (96.96 KB, 500x521, tumblr_n6vscxE2LX1qzbz9oo2_500…)

No. 89332

File: 1454554314773.jpg (95.94 KB, 500x500, tumblr_na8ccoT01W1qzbz9oo3_500…)

No. 89335

Those shoes are so off for the coord on the right…

No. 89349

These are so bad

No. 89354

Those faces…

No. 89359

JFC, Ina, you and your change.org petitions

No. 89399

Is that kapu/artemis faye on the right?

No. 89405

iirc MILK and Katie have used the half-Jamaican model Tiffany Cadillac

No. 89435

Also Marie Nakagawa is black (Half Senegalese and Japanese) and has walked in the tokyo girls collection.

No. 89444

Jesus christ! What is with her? One second she looks okay, the next… this monstrosity

No. 89445

No kapu has always been ita doesn't even look like the same person

No. 89448


She's mixed race if she's half Jap, not full black anon.

No. 89449


Tiffany is half Japanese/Jamaican yeah. She only does freelance modelling, not professional. She's working on music atm with her band instead because modelling is just a meer hobby she said :)

No. 89450

Come from another mixed-chan: Wonderfinch, you sound like an annoying race card addict keyboard warrior. I don't give a fuck if you're mixed with moon. You're irritating.

No. 89541

Not exactly re: the 1/10th argument. It all depends on market share and target audience. Either way, black Americans don't make up a substantial buying portion, so she needs to stfu about "fair representation"

She's only crying about it bc she wants to be the chosen one anyway

No. 89547

She refers to herself as black and asian . Blasian on her instagram, sorry I was only going by how she presented herself lol.

No. 89558

if she wants to be the chosen one, she should convert to Judaism

No. 89584

Tiffany is cute af. I wish she'd do more modelling. I loved the ads she did for Katie.

No. 89595


I know, I've anon'd her in the past and pressed her to do more modelling in the future because she looks like a little dolly, she's got this cute rock and roll thing going on and tbh she's really nice! She deserves more attention.

But this munter Wonderfinch is nowhere near as cute lmfao.

No. 89596


Is there an actual term for Blasian? I know white/black is Mulatto. But Asian isn't white and I wouldn't consider Blasians as mulatto due to their blood not having white involved even if some Asians look white tho.

Are they just Blasian or?

No. 89627

File: 1454627197981.jpg (38.92 KB, 401x600, tiffanycadillac-risanakamura.j…)

You see, Wonderfinch? You can be black and model for Japanese brands, even alongside big Japanese models! You're just nowhere near the level of her because you're a scrawny, dishelved lolita.

No. 89632

yo where her shoes on the left from where are those beautiful boots from

No. 90114

secrets are up. There are some about WF, shockingly (not) there are idiots defending her

No. 90233

File: 1454819062101.jpg (93.89 KB, 474x627, wonderfucklol2.jpg)


No. 90238

I dunno who's acting dumb here, Chanel is the dumbest.

No. 90436

What is it with the ass licking whiteknights on btb?
You've got to be really stupid to defend her.
I never even had an altercation with wondercancer, so how can I be butthurt?
Typical illogical reasoning of a dumb sjw.
I just see how she constantly attacks anyone that is white but how dare I say something about it lol.
Typical murican tumblrina liberal sjws, defend a racist, but only when they are black.

No. 90723

Choke is in Germany now, and there are maybe like 5 black active lolitas in entire Germany, and the chance that one of them is of good looking model quality is pretty fucking low.
If wonderfuck would truly be a supporter of diversity and equal representation she has to fucking accept, that not every country on earth is America with a larger POC population and that asking for s disproportional huge representation of POC in homogenous countries like Germany or Japan where black people barely exist only to please her American view is actually fucking racist of her.

Also why does it matter to her in the first place if there are more POC represented in the fashion? Can't she empathize with caucasian or Asian people? I'm white and I can empathize with Asian people and when I see official model shots with Asian girls I can imagine myself in that dress regardless of the skin colour of the model, I don't need a white model in order to be able to do so. I don't really care if 99% of the models are Asian as long as they are good at their job.

I always say this, but I'd like to say it again. Wonderfuck is the actual racist here.

No. 90977

Oh God shut up.

No. 90981

You don't have to shove a black person into everything just for 'muh diversity.'
You sound like one of those idiots who think black people are magical and can do no wrong.

No. 90994

And yet they use a disproportionally huge amount of white models in Japan. I see your point but it's a dumb argument.

No. 91055

Did you reply to the right person? They're actually agreeing with what you're saying

Anyway I would agree that WF is at least heavily prejudiced. Dunno if I would say she's all the way racist, but If a white person were saying the things she was about black people they would certainly be ostracized.

Also I'm black/mixed. I just have had it up to here with her bullshit.

No. 91063

No, there isn't a "disproportionally huge amount of white models in Japan". By disproportionally, do you mean, what, 1%?

No. 91121

There's certainly a disproportionate number of adverts with white people.

No. 91137

Maybe because white models fit their beauty ideal. That's not really something you can change by bitching on tumblr.

No. 138435

i met this girl briefly in college, we happened to go to the same uni and i sold her an angelic pretty bow. we met up in person and she was really sweet, i was new and she added me on facebook so i could get to know the comm and attend meetups.

but her on facebook was crazy. she was always posting about guys creeping on her and harassing her. and about how people talked about how she was too skinny (but she's not even that thin?)

she deleted me after a while and i kinda miss her crazy rants, they were entertaining.

idk, she seemed to exaggerate for attention and im pretty sure she has body issues. but yeah it was just strange, the juxtaposition of her online vs irl (though i did only talk with her shortly)

No. 138845

LOL I remember this fucking monstrosity. I remember how I used to think she was some sort of special elite lolita from the way she acted. Then, someone posted this on /cgl/ and the whole thread blew up. I never knew what she looked like before that, my jaw was on the floor. I also remember how all the other pictures she posted in that daily lolita post were super trashy and her kitchen was gross lol.

No. 138849

Here is some old stupidity of hers. Here is wonderfintch getting needlessly upset for not reason because suggesting weightloss as a way of shrinking bust is triggering


>On top of that, not to be harsh, but you should really think before you speak, or go handing out random unsolicited workout advice to people :/ Saying something like "You should just work out more" or "you should tone your muscles more" is really insensitive and could be harmful or triggering to someone who might have issues with food or self-esteem.

>Like, the fact of the matter is that something that has a lot of potential to be offensive and triggering was said.
>whaaa I'm so triggered and offended


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