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File: 1589926898242.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2880x3840, 7E6DF2A2-05C8-4984-9016-5D4513…)

No. 94634

Claims to be an actor, model, cosplayer, and E-girl.
Non-binary They/them

Followed largely in the j-fashion & Cosplay community on Facebook.
They are a wearer of EGL fashion for well over 4+ years and posts actively in COF. Yasmine submits a lot of try-hard Poses while in Lolita to appeal to the edgy Lolita humor. In egl fashion groups, Yasmine tips off at trying to be goody but go extreme hostel at anyone in comments.

>They are well known in the local fashion community in Toronto

>Claims to not like drama but constantly involves themselves within it and create drama on a daily

>Admitted to Following lolcow and 4chan threads, while later in the max complains about the image board forums.

>Claims that people from their high school days are out to try and cancel them.

Being called out many times

>Yasmine goes on a rampage and is accused for allegedly doxing individuals from groups

>They are mutuals with others infamous thread cows

>Joined a cow filled Facebook group only to get rampaged by other cows

>Posts cosplay on a daily for weeb viral clout especially on TikTok

No. 94641

Shit start to the thread.

Links to insta caps dumped in the lolita lolcow General. Includes her posing next to used heroin needles and drinking out of a fountain for dogs


Links to FB meltdown over gossip groups

Is there any other previous milk on FB?

No. 94642

Taking the doxing part with a grain of salt. This person did have some intentions to directly point out cows forgetting that they’re ones themselves

No. 94643

She’s deleting comments of anyone calling her out. Some girl posted saying she was in the group not even two days ago making fun of one of the girls in there. I didn’t get a screenshot in time tho.

No. 94652

>Claims that people from their high school days are out to try and cancel them.

so are we safe to assume you're said person? there isnt enough milk here to warrant a thread at all

No. 94669

I'm guessing this is the admin of the group she tried to call out, no one cared about this girl before.

No. 94671

>Yasmine is so popular and everyone thinks she is such a Cool Edgy Influencer or are mean bullies trying to #cancel her

She has literally like a hundred instagram followers. This is so sad. It's mental illness luv

Online lolita community is cancer and filled with nasty insecure fat fucks and paranoid, narcissist anorexic bitches. Do you even like frilly dresses or do you need another outlet for your unchecked emotional problems?

No. 94672

Jojo poses
>Try hard poses
Okay zoomer

There's really not enough milk on her, I don't know what's going on but you have a biiig vendetta and the only evidence you have on her is her calling out a tag group, it seems like your the butthurt admin of said group because someone said something about you.

Are you the one posting this drama all over cgl too?? Calm down vendetta-chan

No. 94675

File: 1589939500130.jpg (175.52 KB, 960x913, dairy.jpg)

Not sure if this is admin of the group or diary of a fatty chan girl, either just another cringy edgelord that could have been collaged into one post in another thread. Pic related sperging out is as milky as the OP, vendetta couldn't be any more obvious

No. 94680

File: 1589940384389.png (76.56 KB, 507x338, saved.png)

did some digging and i think the threader saw this post.
Im not going to point fingers but this could be her ex friends or members

No. 94681

this is so much and straight up embarrassing
im living for the milk today from this yas chick and members pointing at each other

No. 94682

File: 1589941435974.png (36.82 KB, 499x139, saved 2.png)

post evidence next time

It makes me question on why is she/he getting harassed so much. Seems like a snowflake just like the facebook group admin.

No. 94690

Leave Yasmine alone 😡😡 all they did was called out you bullies and wants this comunity to be inclusive to all. You guys are full of hate and jealousy! It’s people like y’all that makes us uncomfortable to step out to the Lolita comunity!! Y’all are elitists like Tyler wannabes that wants to criticizing others because how they look in coords.
You guys shame and shut out others because how they can’t afgord brand clothings or for not the perfect sizing. You guys even shammed a girl for wearing a harness on closet of frill. You all are sick! 🤬

No. 94692

Maybe look at your friend first who also took part in the "bullying" no one gives a shit if you can't afford brand, get a job and stop supporting thieves, and that "harness" was literally kink gear used for sex, go away

No. 94696

It was just a harness omg! Nothing was sexual about the harness

No. 94697

it was a mouth position harness, idiot.

No. 94698

you fell for the dumbest bait ive ever seen in my life

No. 94699

Stop nitpicking others! The harness girl post was not sexual at all and I thought this comunity was open to being experimental with coordinates. You lolitas just love hate keeping on tearing down others for not following the rules

No. 94700

Hello mod of the Facebook that Yasmin called out

No. 94701

The piece she worn isn’t a fetish. It was designed as a fashion piece before fetish comunity took it

No. 94704

File: 1589947316217.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.55 KB, 1044x2208, DB4D1376-24B9-4075-833C-6F9EF9…)

How is sexual????? It’s just a fashion accessory/: You all bullied others for being experimental yet support big influencers that are experimental

No. 94705

smells like a really bad attempt at black propoganda

cant find any posts of hers updating on this, assume felix has inspired facebook cows to come bait in her thread. please come back with actual milk and stop samefagging off topic shit or stay in the lolita thread

No. 94706

>how is this harness made to hold your mouth open for cock sexual?

Gee I dunno, I’m stumped

No. 94713

It's a gag bit to keep your mouth open during oral sex, not to mention they post half naked pictures with quotes from Nobokov's Lolita

No. 94717

Yikes, it's clear who's who when as soon as this went down theres a half baked thread about this girl, where's the real milk she has no history, the only evidence is not even a day old. Go back to cgl vendetta chan no one cares you got shit blasted for making a tag group but yourself. Get over it you sound even worse than her

No. 94721

…Is this really what /w/ threads are devolving into? This is all it takes to warrant an entire thread now? Arguing about whether a harness worn in a picture by some irrelevant couple-of-hundred-followers fake lolita woman is sexual or not, so some anons on an imageboard can gain a false sense of moral superiority because they don't include fetish gear in their outfits, like anyone here knows who they are or cares?

No. 94728

It's summer.

No. 94858

Yasmine’s an edgy shitstirring troll, and she’s probably pissed off someone in those comments? Idk, all I know is that she didn’t warrant her own thread…. whoever did this obviously has a personal issue with her.

Lel do you know where you are? Yasmine isn’t innocent, and this is literally a bunch of idiots calling each other out. Hide the thread if your feelings are hurt

No. 94871

I can't believe you're responding to obvious emoji-bait. The autism is evident.

No. 95015

File: 1590040889992.jpg (16.98 KB, 454x300, 8f97b2684093dea814ab7e026b41c7…)

you fucking kidding


Don't waste your time people actually defended this girl in Cof

No. 95019

I’m still shocked at that and it was a while ago…. but hey, it would make sense that these two are friends and she defended them
Sage for irrelevance

No. 95088

File: 1590083246811.png (18.87 KB, 482x64, facebook save pf05674930.png)

No. 126561

File: 1608245728334.png (772.06 KB, 1425x753, ew.PNG)

all of the bids are from accounts with no feedback

No. 126612

Thought this was capsulebunny for a sec, kek

No. 127783

definitely the greasy neckbeards that thirst-follow her

or one of her equally greasy, grimy friends. Likely garbagechan and that other skinwalker girl she hangs out with.

No. 139055

File: 1613886057632.jpeg (136.18 KB, 768x1024, D21ADA89-6437-421D-B2C4-7C435D…)

saged for non-milky cringe

>new place of choice for coord photos is in the fucking shower

I guess considering how filthy she is, I shouldn’t be too bothered.

No. 159390

Hi autumn.(hi necro’d cow)

No. 159836

I'm curious to know who has enough beef with her to necro a thread

No. 159873

Same. Also since the thread is already bumped, does anyone know who Autumn is? I have no idea who any of these people are but the thread says Yasmine

No. 160162

Apparently she just got her facebook account hacked so someone has to have beef, unless it was just a random thing.

No. 160374

Autumn is another lolita, also known as garbage-chan/wallpaper-chan/wall-e. There was drama between her and her local comm as she was the other woman of the bf of one of the lolitas, and now her and the bf are living together (also maybe sus because he was overage and she was underage at the time, but who knows when they started sleeping together). She also got into shit with Closet of Frills because she would post barely lolita outfits and go "REE IT'S OLDSCHOOL". Honestly CoF is full of itas anyway, but she made her own group with blackjack and hookers after being told off.

Autumn has said some questionable shit. Like saying that she enjoys looking at the bodies of dead fat people, saying she hopes fat people die, generally being a dick for no reason. When called out she backtracked and blamed her ED and her autism for making her laugh at the deaths of others. A likely story.
She used to take edgy urbex photos and shoop herself as if she was committing suicide, because edge.

The Toronto lolitas don't like her, or think much of her, as far as I'm aware. You can understand why, since her and her bf obviously made some waves and caused some hurt.

Aside from that, Autumn, Yasmine and others seem to be in a little mean girls club that will do just about anything for recognition. Looking at it from a lolita perspective, the threads about Yasmine came on so quickly after she started posting to lolita groups (and a few dodgy edits and dumb posts in a fb group does not a cow make), that it makes me think the threads were started by her. No one in the lolita community actually cares about her or even really sees her as a proper lolita. I feel like this is all a bit of a ruse to garner sympathy and attention. Tinfoil over.

No. 160757

File: 1626221701993.png (40.01 KB, 717x270, Capture.PNG)


autumn and her bf are banned from the comm, due to the aforementioned fatphobia and bullying a comm member. picrel. Also, from what I've heard, although she isn't banned, most people wouldn't be comfortable having yasmine or any of their friends at meets.

No. 160988

Didn’t yasmine and autumn bitched about the whole Lolita Facebook group that was “bullying” itas?? Then proceeded to publicly doxx members from the Facebook group


No. 161075

Read the thread before saying something stupid. The thread was started because Yasmine pissed of a jfashion group. Not lolita related at all.
READ THE THREAD. That goes to the other anons who necrod it to provide nothing but bring up old milk

No. 161100

It was the COF fetish ita that she lost her shit over. Said that every Lolita in the thread were bullies for attacking the ita fetishist

No. 164366

top fucking kek, maybe you should’ve hidden your tracks better gc
No anon is right, Yasmine’s sperging over itas being buwwied and the farms while… frequenting the farms and being an ita herself… eventually fucked them both over to the point that nobody wants anything to do with them irl. That seems pretty milky if >>160757 is somewhat recent.

No. 164407

File: 1627400979207.jpeg (449.1 KB, 536x1086, 826B0AF1-B6CA-4C65-9BA5-58BA2C…)

I knew her in highschool she went to Leo hayes highschool in Fredericton New Brunswick probably claims people are out to get her because she wants a preemptive defense against all the people who witnessed her dressing up as a nazi and acting like a sperg and singing to moon man rap around school I didn’t know she had a thread here so I’ll post my cap from the General cow thread

No. 164413

She also got suspended from highschool for something like 3 months for posting >everyone hates me and I hate everyone don’t go to school tomorrow
On her Instagram the school saw it as a shooting threat and she had this whole fucking saga with police officers and shit which are well aware of her family because her brother is a junkie and an arsonist

No. 164417

Here’s a video of yasmine singing Katy perry at approximately aged 12 on an old YouTube account https://youtu.be/yM2KC9ZWirc
(You can tell it’s her YouTube account because she has a playlist with a Charles Leblanc video who is a popular boomer YouTuber from Fredericton New Brunswick which is a very small city)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 164420

Kind of sad if you think about the Charles Leblanc video in particular because there was an incident where her brother was beat up by the police when she was a kid and that’s probably why she favourited that video

No. 164428


Don't necro old thread unless there is something interesting to post. No milk here.

No. 164447

File: 1627407165281.jpeg (171.28 KB, 828x810, E6B45B10-FA46-467A-BB8B-55A0C4…)

Caps of her sperging about her Facebook being hacked

No. 164448

File: 1627407251636.jpeg (157.97 KB, 828x828, 03403F09-36CF-4903-B84D-3A3C44…)

This is what happens when you live your life on the internet.

No. 164450

She should be scared there’s a lot of incriminating stuff on that account kek

No. 164852

What kind of milk could possibly be in there?

No. 164888

Obviously speculation, but probably dms with weird old men if her comment sections on fb and the cryptic messages on her ko-fi are anything to go by. I’d cap but I’m mobile atm.

No. 165107

File: 1627660026204.jpeg (53.24 KB, 750x443, A4E7D00F-C585-4092-9164-E86BBD…)

I think you may be exactly right, dear anon… I think you might be exactly right.

Also on mobile atm, so sorry for shit quality caps. Does this mean the type of “little” I think it does? When this bitch claims to “not wanna be sexualized” because she’s supposedly “asexual uwu” ?

No. 165113

She's absolutely up to some sketchy shit no doubt. The hair selling and other attention whoring stunts are a surefire way to tell she would do anything for attention and easy money. She strikes me as a super sleazy person and seeing who she hangs out with (Garbage chan and her weird boyfriend, Piss chan, Angelface,..) tells me all I need to know.

No. 165120

sage for possible autism and unrelated to thread cow, but since they seem to very often go hand in hand, this might as well be an Autumn thread by proxy

What was his name? Wasn’t he involved in some kind of scandal with the comm being a creep? Correct me if I’m wrong here. I really don’t fully remember it but I believe there are caps floating around somewhere. I’ll try to find them if nobody else has them.

No. 165134

Autumn for sure needs a thread. She been on 4chan self posting herself for attention and WK any criticism that a anon leaves.

No. 165185

Wellp, I guess we know why she wked bondage-chan so fervently and still associates with sexy baby…

Autumn’s milk is a little stale at this point. Seems she’s trying to keep relatively quiet on the front of causing irl drama but still can’t resist wking herself, yasmine, and dm on cgl when she thinks gulls have forgotten about her antics.

No. 165766

File: 1627907810650.jpg (196.58 KB, 750x913, when cows collide.jpg)

sage for older milk but I truly never thought I’d see two of the most annoying and entitled people I personally have ever had the displeasure of interacting with in one shite quality photo

No. 165920

You've met both of them?

No. 165964

Toronto jfashion comm is shitty

No. 166395

yes I have anon, sorry for late reply

Jill was less abrasive in person than she is on the internet actually but she was still really spazzy. But I also met her quite awhile ago, probably going on 6 to 7 years. I didn’t really find her terribly unpleasant honestly but I know she’s gotten much crazier since. She also smelled kind of like an old lady’s attic when she hugged me.

Yasmine was a different story. I found her really rude and inappropriate but not in the way autistic people are, more in like the way undisciplined children are. She also shoplifted in front of me from a small store and pretended to have paid for it in front of the people we were with yet didn’t have a bag or receipt.

Nothing really milky nor anything that hasn’t already been said. But >>165964 is a thousand percent correct. I’m really glad I don’t live there anymore.

No. 166426

She is addicted to shop lifting I have a few personal stories but I don’t want to say specifics as it’s likely she would find out my identity
On a side note is that picture of her with that other girl at animaritimes? I think she used to frequent that convention in Fredericton in highschool and that looks like a costume she wore from around that time?
She also used to steal to impress this other girl Zoe cooper who I think is involved somewhat in the community and might live in montreal now and I was sure they were dykes until Zoe broke up their friendship after telling people they found a dead cat in yasmines disgusting room which I don’t really doubt happened because yasmine is big into taxidermy (which she is not skilled or knowledgeable about) and picking up and taking home dead animals

No. 166435

Holy shit anon. She collects dead animals??

No. 166552

You mean taxidermy?

No. 166647

nta but taxidermy is okay if you know what you’re doing, not if you’re taking home random roadkill in a bin bag to be tossed into your grimy hoarder pit like the cow in question

No. 169132

File: 1629774114952.jpg (112.92 KB, 750x494, Hi Yasmine.jpg)

I wonder if this was Yasmine, Autumn, or some other desperate wk

pretty much comfirming she and her cronies stalk this thread though kek

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