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File: 1499689605798.png (71.46 KB, 404x500, IMG_0596.thumb.PNG.ffdfa443cad…)

No. 349901

Typical weeb Australian Greek insta-famous cosplayer, known for being a fakeboi and being an asian wannabe. Hangs with Geheichou but is amazingly two-faced about

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knitemaya/
Tumblr: http://knitemaya.tumblr.com/
Not so secret NSFW Tumblr: https://mayaa-yuu.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/knitemaya
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Knitemaya

Got called out by asian-americans multiple times on tumblr from taping her eyes to look more asian in cosplay and fashion shoots which led to her crying on instagram about the "toxic cosplay community" and starting a shitstorm of race debates on the internet.

Link 1: https://firebends.tumblr.com/post/135003072102/gudeboy-gudeboy-alright-ykno-what-im
Link 2: http://missviolaspelling.tumblr.com/post/142226464265/biomechas-japanesejedi-lokiodinson-submitted
Link 3: http://deconsecration.tumblr.com/post/142219330486

Was recently exposed on PULL for WKing herself and pretending to be an asian acquaintance/friend and defending yellowtaping and lying about her transitioning.

Mayanora post history: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/4646-mayanora/
PULL Admin calling out Andre: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1450-knitemaya/?do=findComment&comment=198887

Other things/TLDR:
>Constantly salty about the PULL thread, subtweeting about it whilst lurking it before she got banned.
>Completely trashed on Geheichou's PULL thread as Mayanora even though they're supposed friends.
>NSFW shooped selfie: https://mayaa-yuu.tumblr.com/post/160479501381/some-virgin-killer
>Jumped onto Instagram live right when she was exposed by a PULL admin to say she's been "hacked!!!"
>Continues to say she's a guy who bought fake breasts off of taobao but won't specify the store or brand.
>Somehow has convinced reddit that her with Mercy Overwatch cosplay is a trap.
>Does terrible fakeboi shoops because they don't know what a human body looks like, results in shit like OP image

No. 349902

File: 1499689667309.png (333.95 KB, 815x459, 593f9aa1a1d88_lkl.thumb.PNG.b2…)

No. 349903

File: 1499689695767.png (944.3 KB, 913x600, 1f921fdf4dbc73d389d8fa0b4ff805…)

No. 349905

File: 1499689837491.jpg (90.45 KB, 640x788, adc3f50c736bd04c29a75578ac13f7…)

nice wig knitemaya

No. 349912

holy shit I thought this was from the sims 2 at first while scrolling

No. 349913

holy shit I thought this was from the sims 2 at first while scrolling

No. 349924

File: 1499692738020.png (567.51 KB, 928x462, Captura.PNG)

I'm still dissappointed Gehe and Maya didn't get into a fakeboi fight after she was exposed on PULL, maybe when they meet in a con they'll call each other's shit lmao. Also don't forget she's such an Asian wannabe she ocpies the fuck out of reika and 90% of her cosplay buddies are asian accessories

No. 349932

File: 1499694137524.jpg (226.15 KB, 1057x762, Untitled-3.jpg.b93f5b77690c037…)

"fake" boobs

No. 349936

File: 1499694215966.jpeg (35.47 KB, 310x500, image.thumb.jpeg.817c991834f79…)

Crying video after being called out for trying to be jap. Sadly no rips of it were found before she deleted.

No. 349937

File: 1499694379480.png (179.44 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20170607-211220.thu…)

Knitemaya jumping straight to Insta-live to defend themselves after PULL admin exposed them as Mayanora.

No. 349939

File: 1499694616851.jpg (33.07 KB, 480x480, 11376593_919894398068467_18775…)

it's so obvious how much she wants to wear reika's skin

No. 349958

i'm going to sound so bad for saying this and please take it with a grain of salt due to my ignorance. Sage for me being dumb.

But taping her eyes to look asian to me doesn't seem as bad as what others have made it out to be, i mean as long as she's not mocking them and pretending to be ~ugu kawaii hot azn male~ I don't see such a big deal as long as she doesn't actually go around telling people it IS asian. It doesn't have the history like blackface (i think?) and most asians use tape to give themselves temporary double eyelids which is arguably the same thing, right? I mean double eyes isn't exclusively caucasian but it is undoubtedly western. Idk people just get butt hurt over this stuff. This is the first i'm hearing of this chick but i thought i'd add my 2 cents.

No. 349980

If they are fake, why would they have imperfections like marks/discolouration and veins, and not be perfect animu tiddies?? What a joke, who would even believe such a bad lie

No. 349993

The nerve on this bitch to claim her boobs are "fake" and that she is an "ultimate trap".

No. 350003

File: 1499703245461.jpg (377.04 KB, 1280x1707, yellowface.jpg)

Pic related pisses me of so much. I understand that simply using tape to emulate a characters eyes isn't wrong or bad BUT taping your eyes to look fucking asian day to day with casual wear is literally yellow-facing.

No. 350006

I will never understand why they tape their eyes like that when the character in question has almond shaped eyes. They literally want to look like an asian person cosplaying a character, not actually looking like the character.

No. 350013

>as long as she's not pretending to be ~ugu kawaii hot azn male~

but that's exactly what she's doing?

No. 350017

i mean personality, the way she speaks, telling people where she is "from". Not just her appearance. I'm sorry for not wording it right, after looking into her she seems like a pretty shit person. I don't want to seem like i'm defending her but the whole eye-tape thing is just silly to me.

No. 350027

If you need even more proof

No. 350292

File: 1499733186310.png (515.83 KB, 667x500, 592b486725d83_Sem_ttulo.thumb.…)


No. 350294

File: 1499733294653.png (334.13 KB, 748x423, fglsh.thumb.PNG.ed264d23c8c0dc…)

how is she fooling anyone when her tits are right there

No. 350299

File: 1499733542372.png (61.14 KB, 214x169, 2565b3f2ddea7143072cb5ce7b31fd…)

No. 350301

File: 1499733777287.png (311.3 KB, 577x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.4fa65c787a98…)

does she know what men look like?

No. 350304

I still think she is really nice looking and can pull of characters (even if you see her non photoshop pictures with e.g fans)
But the bullshit she pulled made her such a horrible person. And instead of learning from her first drama (eye taping) she pulled more bullshit.
It's funny how she can't get over the pull thread. I guess it's because people constantly told her how perfect she is so her big ass ego can't get over the fact that she is not and that there will be people calling her out.

No. 350307

You know I understand both opinions on this.
The thing with Knite is though: she told everyone is a tumblr post that she thinks she was wrong for taping, she won't do it again and so on.
Well she was called out again because even though she never wanted to do it again she did it again.
So that's my main issue with the whole eye taping thing.
She seriously thought that her followers won't notice.

No. 350322

File: 1499735478569.jpg (38.76 KB, 374x500, yellowface_proof3.thumb.jpg.f7…)

That's the main problem with her, I think it's not about the eye-taping but constant lying and victimising and blaming everything on others because she can do no wrong Backstabbing Geheichou was the thing that confirmed how two-faced she is

by the way check out that squiggly garage door

No. 350327

File: 1499735883692.jpg (132.11 KB, 801x1200, DAkrJ_IXoAANlrJ.jpg)

one thing i don't understand is why she needs to shop her chin into a dorito

No. 350329

The only thing she can do right now is to get monolids by undergoing plastic surgery, and then claim that she really did not tape her eyes anymore after the half asses apology on Tumblr

No. 350331

File: 1499736573348.jpg (27.51 KB, 640x837, 12140748_1731421950440149_1741…)

looks like a crying girl to me

No. 350332

File: 1499736645377.png (214.36 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.2eaa9a29f8b659…)

are you sure anon?

No. 350342

She used to do makeup tutorials on youtube back in 2014-ish(now deleted) and basically talked about how she's female but likes dressing as a boy or some shit.

No. 350367


i honestly think she's better than nigri skill level. she makes her own costumes (maybe not all but ive seen some pics on my explore feed) and the makeup is pretty good and not the same one for every character like nigri.
thing is, a year ago when this came out on pull i genuinely thought knite wanted to be a trans man, but obviously not from the looks of it. I hate how she can't just say she's genderfluid or someshit and is really trying to pass off her tits as fake and saying stuff like "man chest" and "ultimate trap".
also +1 sin for the dorito chin shoop

No. 350368

File: 1499741803721.jpg (227.71 KB, 899x1200, um.jpg)


sorry samefag here, forgot to attach this. no one who wants to be just male would send nudes with female parts showing ?

No. 350398

File: 1499744995249.jpg (714.54 KB, 1077x1364, 6Ex2gHs.jpg)

knite's body type is in the corner i think those are some saggy tits

No. 350420

The fact that she actually has tits trumps the opinion that they may, or may not, be saggy.

No. 350444

Anyone have a link to the tracer reddit thread? I wanna see this lol

Yellow-facing is a thing you know. It doesn't have a history "like blackface" but it DOES have a history.

She doesn't literally "tell people it IS Asian" but if she's taping her eyes when cosplaying Japanese characters uhhh…and no it is not the same thing when Asian people tape theirs to have a double eyelid fold.

1) "Exclusively Caucasian but undoubtedly western" What? You're just wrong. Double eyelids are not a rarity in Asia. There's more to it than Japan and Korea.
2) Most girls in Asia use double eyelid tape to make their eyes look bigger for fashion, not to look like "westerners"
3) "Westerners" were never simplified to just their double eyelids. Look at how racist propaganda drew Asians. The slant is there. She looks like an caricature out of those posters.
4) Don't recall a history of Asian people taping their lids to make fun of western people or so they could keep western people from acting in movies.

Big lips on black people and slanted eyes on Asians were historically not seen as a beauty ideal. It was just something used to demean a race of people when imitated. Do you not see this as the same overdrawing your lips when cosplaying a black character? Big lips are ideal now but the history behind it is why it's a no-no.

God that face is so fucking punchable.

No. 350469

No. 350534

Oh right thanks anon! I saw this >>349902 and just attached Tracer to it.

No. 350537

The people who draw the comparison "but Asians use double eyelid tape" probably don't know that at least a third or half, depending on which stats you look at, of East Asians have natural double eyelids which other Asians are trying to mimic. Both things are just not comparable.

Moreover, I don't get why anyone would be offended by knitemaya's taped eyes since they don't even look like any Asian eyes I've ever seen. You mean to tell me these unrealistically slanted eyes look Asian in any way? It's more funny than offensive that she accidentally resembles a racial caricature or maybe Lucy Liu if you squint hard enough lol.

Sage for race-related discussion.

No. 350559

File: 1499777632182.jpg (32.39 KB, 480x480, 10631959_848168611861593_38531…)

OP here, I don't think the fact is that people think her eyetaping looks like asian eyes, therefore it's racist. It's knitemaya thinking she looks asian by taping her eyes, and that's what people are mad at.

Anyway, I hope the race-discussion stops here. More than enough of that was on the PULL thread I got most of these pics they managed to archive from. The point I included the eye taping in the first place was to point to what a lying thot she was and continues to be.

No. 350561

File: 1499777909780.png (1.33 MB, 1040x1158, 37543986450483.png)

but anon, she just wanna be a pretty kpop boy

No. 350563

File: 1499778261201.jpg (25.39 KB, 225x400, tumblr_nsz0raC6vx1s9fu2to1_250…)

No. 350564

File: 1499778294072.jpg (237.3 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o16x5oxrqe1s9fu2to1_128…)

No. 350691

Pretty sure she would be nice lookong even without make up. But she would have to go to sleep for that.

No. 350698

This is genuinely terrifying. I don't understand the appeal of this Dorito chin shit.

No. 350709

File: 1499794418305.png (181.63 KB, 500x269, tumblr_inline_nz7o056hCk1sibu2…)

Also for anyone who isn't that caught up he actually tapped is eyes to look more japanese once for some character (Ren hojo I think?)

No. 350737

Whether the eye tape is racist or not can be debated forever but

She is seriously fucking up the muscles in her eyes by constantly taping them. They're going to sag and wrinkle prematurely.

No. 350872

File: 1499818065782.jpg (41.9 KB, 1280x720, gore.jpg)

No. 351087

File: 1499862068580.png (267.95 KB, 367x500, 8553c72f6de0bd4a8822dfaaf0f433…)

the way she does it looks fucking painful. it can't be good stretching your skin that much for long periods of time

(anyway erwin isn't even asian and his eyes aren't even sharp????)

No. 351090

her eyelids are going to look like saggy testicles in a few years if she keeps it up

No. 351093

i've never cringed so hard in my life.

No. 351114

I love how she calls herself a "professional makeup artist" yet always uses the same contour and eyeliner kek

I bet she actually works at birthday parties as that person that paints kids' faces or something

No. 351126

It looks like she bites her cheeks to make her face look thinner than she actually is too, no ones face actually looks like that

No. 351130

File: 1499869115670.png (630.19 KB, 909x595, Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_2.07…)

Funny enough..

No. 351589

To be a actual makeup artist you need to be able to do stuff lol.
She's like the fame hoes on Instagram who think that they are models because they post selfies every other day.

No. 351622

File: 1499913460557.png (725.63 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2016-03-12_at_2.22.…)

Agree, professional makeup artists work on other people, not just their own face lmao. she's just another instahoe obsessed with her own face. And don't rely on shooping to look like different characters!

No. 351626

File: 1499914394146.jpg (1.23 MB, 1560x1357, 2017-04-23_19.57.57.jpg.7e00c6…)

No. 351683

These sites and prettylittleliars are just pathetic. Talk about no life losers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 351690

The only loser here is you, ~just stupid~ anon.

No. 351692

Atleast I don't make idiotic treads just to pick on someone. :) pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 351696

Cool. But you do realize you're just bumping the thread right?

No. 351700

File: 1499927080922.png (388.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170130-085842.png…)

it's one thing if she says she's "trans", but she pretends to be a "cis" guy everywhere. "oh look at me, i don't know how girls act haha getting the hang of it!" as if you weren't always a girl all along you thot

No. 351702

It's so weird. Without the photoshop, she has the soft body of a girl, has her breasts out constantly, sounds like a girl and acts like one. I guess her fans are just so desperate for a real life anime guy.

No. 351704

What other shit has she done besides pretend to be a guy, shop herself like a shit ton of other cosplayers, and be a major weeb? Sorry but, the milk is dry.

No. 351707

farmers shit on people for a lot less, like the Yumi and league whore threads. You can ignore it until the thread naturally dies

No. 351712

Yeah, there are plenty of threads more milkless than this one that still get bumped from time to time. Her lying about being a cis guy is fairly entertaining, I guess, but it does get old fairly quickly.

My best advice is to make better threads about more interesting cows who do have milk? It'll help wash out the more milkless/boring threads.

No. 351719

I was just genuinely curious because this keeps getting bumped and I come back to see it's something that's already been discussed in the pull thread.

No. 351751

Well, not every farmer visits PULL. For some of us this is new milk.

No. 351771

Just stay at fucking pull then, you fags shouldnt even be allowed here

No. 351827

Ironically enough, Knitemaya was an active user of PULL.
And also made a thread to shit on Geheichou almost on a daily basis. By insulting us you also insult your shooped husbando.

No. 351896

Does anyone have a summary of what they said about Geheichou? Do they still follow eachother in social media?

No. 352015

Just shit talking about him e.g how his cosplays are so much worse than knitemaya's and how he doesn't understand how he got so money followers for a fakeboi.
Nothing milky just shows that knitemaya is two faced.

No. 352164


>>331779 sums it up

No. 352168


different anon but that makes sense. people were talking about the pull thread so i randomly chose a page (like 60 i think) and saw this user whiteknight him so bad.
it's no surprise that that's him lmao maybe I should go back to check everyone's reactions but I had reading the endless "oh no my poor trans folks uwuwuw precious trans can do no wrong"

No. 352181

tbh i'm glad this thread exists so we can read without sifting through the endless trans/racism debates of pullfags

No. 352189

File: 1500003946073.jpg (88.58 KB, 702x960, 17265076_782105741941516_80404…)

No. 352190

This series creeps me out so much.

No. 352203

lolwut calm down you fucking retard, I only went to check the pull thread for backstory since it was linked.

It looks borderline pedo

No. 352297

No. 352384

File: 1500044402340.png (11.44 KB, 238x58, knitepls.png)

No. 352406

File: 1500046377173.jpg (84.6 KB, 1065x899, IMG_20170715_013122.jpg)

I can't with this

No. 352795

did… did he draw that shit on?? I mean I'm not mad that's actually a pretty good trick, haha

but it makes me wonder how much of his face is drawn on

No. 352799

I wish I could ask her asian cosplay friends why they're okay with it

personally, for cosplay I think it could be acceptable, maybe, but for casual wear, even just modelling a look, that's too much

No. 352804

Lmfao now that you said it I see it too.
Pretty impressive though. Most of the time I tried to do that you could see it with a first glance.
I don't mind photoshop when it comes to Cosplay but at least photoshop yourself the same. Like most of the time she wants to have a extreme dorito chin but her noctis doesn't have it so she can do the 'animu boy' on the other side of the picture comparison, to show how much she looks like Noctis lol.

No. 352831

File: 1500089961204.jpg (113.69 KB, 960x960, 19959312_10155596372768331_482…)

she and miyukiko have some kind of Makeup workshop today. neither should be teaching anything about makeup lmfao

No. 352861

Look at the shoes though how tall is she ? Does anyone know ? I always thought she is super tall but and that asian chick super small but with the shoes it looks like she is more on tge average height side ?

No. 352862

She could be average height, the shoes and how far back she's standing makes her look tall but if you stare at the pic for a little, she looks short lol.

No. 353252

File: 1500166942328.jpg (213.81 KB, 1079x1389, IMG_20170716_105902.jpg)

Clutching that invisible dick

No. 353265

Holy shit more drawn on hair. That's a little excessive. Shadow of the arm looks drawn on too. I'd love to see her photos before the shooping.

No. 353270

who tf is the spoopy ghost cosplaying as yuri?

No. 353281

demons with tea cosplay i think

No. 353371

Anyone else notice that she mostly cosplays popular characters at the beginning of a hype train.
I remeber when she cosplayed Viktor form Yuri on Ice basically a minute after the episode came out.
I don't mind people who sometimes cosplay characters because they like their design but it's a little bit obvious that she is only doing them for likes etc.
I feel like her Cosplays that aren't from a well known series, the ones she actually cares about look so much nicer.
You can see on those that she is doing it for fun instead of likes.
But recently those got really rare.

No. 353374


What the fuck are those eyes ??
They look so big how did anyone think that this will look good.
And those arms look really weird. I guess they wanted to shop her more muscular like the actual character but it just looks really weird because the other parts of her body doesn't fit with that.

No. 353439

What the fuck is going with her mouth tho

No. 353449

File: 1500197371983.jpg (124.54 KB, 1069x1076, IMG_20170716_192233.jpg)

second picture shows the arm has been shooped because of the warped wall and the eyes are because she's winged them and is also stretching them to be monolid so she can look "super seme kpop prettyboy~"

she also overdraws and liquifies her mouth, her smiles are always so unnatural like she has no muscles underneath that skin.. look at actual pics where she's laughing/smiling and you'll see what I mean

No. 353456

I was scrolling, and thought that was a straight-up screencap or fan art of Killing Stalking. Then, I realized the hand was real.
At that point, can you even call it a cosplay? It's more like she and a friend posed for a photo for her to edit and paint over in Photoshop as a digital art piece.

No. 353462

…is her hair crying?

No. 353470

Fucking lol she painted a sweatdrop on herself??

No. 353550

Lmfao haven't noticed this.
Thanks anon.

As the other anon said it's weird to still call it Cosplay when a bunch of it is made in photoshop.

Also I noticed that Knitemaya got silent after she got exposed on Pull. Someone there was watching her livestream and apparently she said something about clearing her name up.
Never happened huh?
Pretty sure that there is no way that she can make version legit. And maybe she learned to ignore everything.

No. 353793

File: 1500251953090.jpeg (48.7 KB, 316x500, image.thumb.jpeg.76a48d637ba86…)

Every time she gets exposed for something like with the eye taping mess she went quiet for a few days but came back as if nothing happened and deleted his instagram posts calling the cosplay comm toxic.

Can't do that this time can you Knite?

No. 354078

File: 1500306809435.jpg (112.79 KB, 801x1200, DAkrTDZXkAAkseO.jpg)

this cosplay scares me so much… what is her chest doing

No. 354155

I'll admit that she makes an alright tracer, she's lanky enough. But she makes a god awful mei.

No. 354498

File: 1500366793280.jpg (81.6 KB, 960x720, 20031827_852610134891076_40712…)

what's with her face

No. 354500

https://www.facebook.com/knitemaya/photos/a.236886179796811.1073741838.222188044599958/817432885075468/?type=3&theater has this been posted yet? it's quite hypocritical when you've been exposed trying to out gehe as a fakeboi, Knitemaya

No. 354814

this pic = photoshop liquify tool showcase

No. 355699

Damn 9s doesn't suit her at all
He's a shota boy and her dorito chin looks fucking weird.
Normally she choses characters that fit her but this is awful

No. 356248

File: 1500573152394.png (322.82 KB, 720x690, 2017-07-20 13.49.55.png)

She's on Gehe's non existant dick hoping she doesn't see the pull thread, Knitey is liking and commenting on everything she posts trying her best to cover up and seem like she doesn't have a kind of grudge against her

No. 356435

lmao wtf Miyukiko and Knitemaya was teaching makeup? Why would someone ask them to teach makeup? I can even tell that their makeup is not good looking at their photos lmfao
What kind of event were they doing this at? Is this somekind of cosplay makeup event or con?

No. 357531


Of course she has to ruin my android son. She can't stay away of any popular trend, can she?

No. 357703

It was some small cosplay event called Senpai Notice Me iirc

No. 359574

File: 1500945975319.png (743.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-23-21-59-11…)

shows photobook with pics of actual gender


No. 359604

who actually buys this bullshit

No. 359698

File: 1500958545193.png (353.97 KB, 740x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.1655ddb4731e…)

this bitch ripping off fans when even more popular guests attending are charging a quarter of the price for larger and more quality prints lmfao

No. 359714

Does she actually think the pointy chin with no jaw line is attractive? That's not how faces work.

No. 359833

File: 1500984501295.jpg (85.44 KB, 1024x1024, q6egqamr5vfbu33qy3zkiq322zii2z…)

I actually miss the older shittier makeup Knitemaya before the overshooping.

No. 359835

File: 1500984627247.png (1.03 MB, 1458x924, 28497325938242.png)

That shitty blur effect..

No. 359840

No. 361313

File: 1501121451381.jpg (40.71 KB, 1024x768, sqxq2u53j34bdxoolrxzxzieczcrjq…)

No. 361314

File: 1501121465703.jpg (121.19 KB, 1024x1024, sujqjg7r6pid4svdz4s7bqq7jjjgne…)

No. 361343

Not to mention those wobbly arms.
Talk about shitty editing.

No. 362657

File: 1501296064142.jpg (25.26 KB, 281x500, 20368726_1999639803588266_3873…)

No. 362658

I assume the original is much more realistic. There's no way they'll approve that photoshopping.

No. 362685

you don't need to show your ears in your passport photos in australia?

No. 362832

it's not necessary. but you're not allowed to present a shopped image like this

No. 363931

File: 1501505742912.jpg (102.18 KB, 750x742, 20525744_1956736484575360_6614…)

why is Knitemaya highlighting like an instahoe

No. 364356

File: 1501560701885.jpg (345.93 KB, 1074x1813, IMG_20170801_141044.jpg)

can anyone confirm this?

No. 364362

the shooped jawline is hilarious. fuck everything else, that shit is noticeable on the spot. dreadful editing.

No. 365072

File: 1501658881246.png (138.9 KB, 1738x564, gendershit.png)

this happened too? I want video or fan eidence on this

No. 365076

File: 1501660290757.jpg (113.4 KB, 864x1296, 20507492_1957619131153762_5319…)

she was at some vietnam con, that cosplay fit is terrible on her.

No. 365077

File: 1501660312545.jpg (226.15 KB, 1365x2048, 20448924_1957620281153647_4722…)

No. 365078

File: 1501660340796.jpg (130.82 KB, 864x1296, 19467561_1957619401153735_9486…)

No. 365080

File: 1501660378024.jpg (221.97 KB, 2048x1365, 20543635_1957619571153718_7510…)

No. 365619

File: 1501725170352.jpg (195.12 KB, 2048x1365, 20451970_1957622551153420_5493…)

No. 365621

I get so angry about how shitty her cosplays are and yet she gets invited over to so many conventions as a guest. I hope the 13 year old fans don't see this as the highest tier of cosplay skill, there are so many better cosplayers out there to idolise.

No. 365810

File: 1501741600911.png (451.2 KB, 865x638, CapturenjklmPNG.PNG.43ee63891a…)

Knite trying to act like she only knows Engrish like Reika. Taking bets on when she'll finally be able to wear her idoru's skin.

No. 365941

File: 1501765639945.jpg (101.37 KB, 749x994, DE6VPSSVoAAV6_a.jpg)

lazy cosplay. inaccurate af

No. 365946

File: 1501766374166.jpg (32.47 KB, 600x567, IMG_7159.JPG)

>I wear for manga festival day 1

No. 365948

this is so fucking embarrassing, she's born and raised in Australia no one is gonna believe this shit

No. 366274

As far as I know from a friend Geheichou knows about Knitemaya being Mayanora and that's why he doesn't reply his comments. Knitemaya is forcing the "we still hang out" impression commenting on Geheichou posts so people thinks he isn't Mayanora at all. I can't talk about my source but he knows about you, Knitemaya, that's why he never answers, stop being fake.

No. 366277

Mayanora? Googled the name and some random girl showed up. What are u on about anon?

No. 366294

Just to catch you up on speed, Knite was outed for wking herself while shit talking Gehe, Knite probably made the thread on Gehe here but I can't confirm. Her username on pull was Mayanora, when she got busted she went on Instalive, cried to her fans about how everything on pull is a lie and illegal, kept proclaiming innocence and then said she wanted to clear her name. Becuz of that she's been on Gehe's vagina

No. 366296

this is so cringey .. I can't believe she's really pretending to speak broken english now

No. 366311

Gehe should just unfollow Knite, there's nothing to gain from associating with her since Gehe already has a larger following anyhow lmao

No. 366317

File: 1501815371580.png (51.22 KB, 529x396, Captura.thumb.PNG.414b1a91656a…)

this was addressed earlier in the PULL thread but it's obvious in a lot of her tweets they're trying to be "look how greek i am". even as "Mayanora' they're way of writing was inconsistent, being grammatically correct then becoming very broken in english since they were pretending to be "asian".

pizza isn't even an english word Knite… wtf

No. 366322

File: 1501815690516.png (148.23 KB, 815x141, ts.thumb.png.2bc05652d5420484a…)

more eyetaping even when the character has droopy eyes (sangwoo)

No. 366323

File: 1501815847198.jpg (32.38 KB, 484x423, 788024a3d504dbe26e5dd946a9dd81…)

for comparison

No. 366531

Didn't she grow up in Australia ?
I would consider that her native language plus greek
Like you can grow up bilingual and have two native languages.

Also that's a weird excuse. I mean I know what she means but this happens to everyone even in their native language.

No. 366631

her dorito chin and tiny lips freak me out. does someone think they're attractive features?

No. 366777

File: 1501893266939.png (1.45 MB, 1174x972, 5f66d079e4873121adef6560f3db64…)

they hopped on this bandwagon quick

No. 366778

File: 1501893316635.jpg (87.16 KB, 348x500, IMG_20170615_103404.thumb.JPG.…)

they do

No. 366779

File: 1501893392521.png (73.2 KB, 506x500, IMG_7729.thumb.PNG.d721c8f98bd…)

knite is awful at hiding her tracks, even PULL found her older instagram pics

No. 366883

File: 1501915143502.jpg (345.4 KB, 1500x1125, 20451850_10203743513144776_821…)

did someone here say she went to makeup school?

No. 366884

File: 1501915272048.jpg (253.78 KB, 1131x2290, 20543681_2348890865336378_3785…)

i think she wore a bought costume at the Vietnam cpnvention she was a guest at. didn't even fucking iron out the seams as a cosplayer,
it's such a big turn of.

No. 366885

File: 1501915295294.jpg (267.52 KB, 2048x1536, 20507405_2348890822003049_2707…)

No. 366890

File: 1501915414306.jpg (265.62 KB, 2048x1536, 20545583_2348895495335915_7251…)

the difference in quality is so apparent…

anyway here's a video of her cringy dancing https://www.facebook.com/huohei1011/videos/1840682009594425/

No. 366894

File: 1501916550000.jpg (55.25 KB, 720x848, 12122837_1670468336535511_1325…)

More things from her extreme eyetaping era

No. 366895

File: 1501916565578.jpg (19.26 KB, 720x479, 12400547_1695551034027241_2875…)

No. 366898

File: 1501916778850.jpg (96.34 KB, 640x960, 12654419_1703215109927500_8826…)

No. 366899

File: 1501916793987.jpg (36.44 KB, 649x600, 11036368_1639826716266340_5974…)

No. 366900

File: 1501916810063.jpg (101.14 KB, 1280x960, 11046225_1638827799699565_4089…)

No. 366901

File: 1501916842576.jpg (46.56 KB, 720x917, 10352616_1602143386701340_2282…)

No. 366902

File: 1501916868882.jpg (40.61 KB, 640x960, 11169946_1612823338966678_5245…)

No. 366903

File: 1501916942212.jpg (10 KB, 169x301, 12191444_1677171502531861_8338…)

No. 366904

File: 1501916992653.jpg (184.75 KB, 2048x1356, 13308218_624211337730958_86413…)

bonus cringe

No. 366916

why does she make that stupid facial expression when it just looks like she's she has a bad stomach ache

No. 366925

That's what gay buttsex look like to fakebois.

No. 367050

Lmaoooooo wtf is that shit

No. 367415

She's finally living out her yaoi fantasies lmao

No. 367496

File: 1502013041704.png (2.71 MB, 1862x1172, 184937595.png)

more broken english. im also questioning why it was those two who did a makeup workshop for the japan foundation when their makeup is… this?

No. 367521

File: 1502016621659.jpg (23.71 KB, 470x313, images.jpg)

lol they look like this creep

No. 367573

File: 1502024157864.jpg (79.59 KB, 720x1078, 11127895_1603054783276867_8345…)

I was a fan of hers until I saw what she looked like in real life and learned how to photoshop..

No. 367948

someone said Gehe knows about the Mayonora thing on PULL and isn't replying to any of knite's comments to them on instagram or twitter, can anyone confirm?

No. 367986

All I can think is "damn, look at these doughy lesbians dry-humping." Fourteen year-old girls must be pissing themselves over this shit.

No. 368020

wayne is an actual guy. still cringy though


No. 368255

File: 1502115830646.png (780.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-07-10-23-12…)

She makes a pretty fugly girl, if I were her I'd be trans too

Too bad she's fake trans tho

No. 368294

File: 1502118615515.jpg (288.94 KB, 2048x1536, 1478835813351.jpg)

I just woke up but I'll be having nightmares tonight

No. 368297

File: 1502118658005.png (568.08 KB, 456x685, Screen_Shot_2016-04-21_at_8.33…)

The power of eye tape/yellowface!

No. 368303

File: 1502119143512.jpg (322.7 KB, 600x796, 8e229a334704af1387fa3242f6e949…)

her face when she was discovered to be wking herself in the pull thread

No. 368328

she literally has ONE makeup look that she does over and over again

No. 368602

File: 1502149429579.jpg (100.35 KB, 815x497, knite2a.thumb.jpg.91c395ee39cf…)

She was doing this before while sockpuppeting/trashtalking Gehe as an asian fan ages ago on PULL

No. 368756

lol at this point knite is useless to gehe? she should just publicly dump her already

No. 368864

File: 1502192863399.jpg (58.38 KB, 539x960, 20525918_1959059707676371_9107…)

she had some persona fashionshoot recently.. i hope those teeth weren't models

No. 368870

File: 1502193060788.jpg (105.55 KB, 1080x1920, 20543802_1959064417675900_5279…)

No. 369161

File: 1502252855099.jpg (80.55 KB, 720x960, 17361834_785149021637188_61445…)

No. 369182

File: 1502257009786.png (1.74 MB, 1872x1106, d8ace23aa52af4e6fd6d51d06bc33c…)

without her "cosplay" makeup she just looks like a female

No. 369196

I don't think that will ever happen. Those kind of people try to stay away from drama by not expressing any opinion at all unless it's some tumblr bullshit.
Basically zero personality on their accounts.
Same goes for knite before all the drama happened and now that she is ignoring it I don't see any personality either.
Boring people.

No. 369901

File: 1502354468796.jpg (67.11 KB, 750x937, 20638068_864306713721418_68808…)

does anyone know why her cheeks sink in like that?

No. 369903


probably biting on her cheeks to make it look like she's got cheekbones

No. 369906

File: 1502355364161.jpg (275.9 KB, 1000x750, doors7_0.jpg)

it's just her face/skull shape i'm sure…a lot of people have it.

No. 371007

File: 1502503551214.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170811-220211.png)

She is doing a livestream right now interesting how her chin is less dorito like.
I mean you can still see that it's her still interesting to see.
Also the way she talks is really boring and monotone. She's probably trying to hide her girl voice by doing that (tried to screenshot while she isn't talking that much because let's be fair no one looks good while talking)

No. 371010

File: 1502503921635.jpg (48.89 KB, 300x399, IMG_7360.JPG)

Her nose sucks. She covers her face with hair to make her face skinny and it makes her nose look so huge.

No. 371012

File: 1502504029517.jpg (69.65 KB, 1200x800, October_Screenshot_2017_04_30_…)

i really hope she gets off the persona train before we have to see any awkward totes boys totes having gay sex pics from photoshop hell

No. 371017

hardly constructive criticism

No. 371029

find it funny how she displays the fanart she gets on top of a wardrobe in the background for those streams even thought she covers up 50% of them anyway

No. 371035

> covers her face with hair to make her face skinny and it makes her nose look so huge.

That is constructive criticsism. Grow a thicker skin. Nite would look better not making their face dorito shaped and gaunt looking.

No. 371036

god please don't jinx this…

No. 371041


this is accurate. i have the same thing. because of my face shape and obnoxiously big cheekbones it looks like i have permanent contour. while i can believe she also bites her cheeks in it could also just be the hollow cheeks. sage for blogpost

No. 371048

heard she had a crush on this guy once too. sorry you couldn't live out your yaoi fantasies with him knite!!

No. 371059

File: 1502511893777.jpg (281.69 KB, 1124x500, Screenshot_2016-04-05-00-02-24…)

he was pretty bad at defending the yellowface/eyetaping thing too.
"maybe if knite stretches her eyes into slits it'll be in fashion?? knite is doing us asians a FAVOR!"

No. 371085

File: 1502514807022.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1327, 20170812_011224.png)

Funny how the pic she posted had a dorito chin again while she didn't have one in the live stream

No. 371087

it's pretty hot in general imo. i wish i had that.

No. 371107


You can literally tell she pulled up the corners of her mouth into a creepy unnatural smile like… how does she think she still looks like any real human like this??

No. 371164

>implying knite's taped eyes look anything like actual Asian eyes
He must be blind kek.

No. 371168

Knite keeps going on about body positivity especially for fat people and rting things along those lines but it underscores her own insecurity with her always shooping her nose and body to be slimmer than she actually is lol

No. 371203

No way she can, totally trying her darnedest to be real life animes. Disconcerting.

No. 371207

This. Plus lol that face slimming

No. 371230

File: 1502547850857.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1334, 378463257.png)

who else thinks her Persona 5 cosplay will still have the fold creases from when she just took it from the taobao bag and slipped it on?

No. 371237

File: 1502549172769.jpg (3.16 MB, 5823x3882, theeverchangingchinlength.jpg)

Sorry for the double post but i got curious about her profile pictures and found so much shitty shopping goes on in them. drawn on wig hairs, bad blurring and sharpening and just all around no knowledge of what an actual human face looks like.

No. 371557

File: 1502588089280.png (2.47 MB, 2320x986, 371864359625.png)

they had an entire fashion shoot. for rubber wristbands. for pokemon go. which you can't even see up close even if you wanted to buy them.

No. 371559

File: 1502588158373.png (1.31 MB, 1800x1006, 289574348523.png)

No. 371569

I love how she was placed next to other Asian models, as if she looks even remotely similar to them irl.

No. 371582

i'm pretty sure she used eyetape for this too. the yellow fever is high with this one.

No. 371583

Knite actually looks attractive in these photos. Also what the fuck is with the guy on the far right's eyebrows in the first pic?

No. 371719

Nice bulge, Knite. Kek

No. 371814

File: 1502636806878.jpg (32.88 KB, 375x500, CbTnuV4UkAA8bZh.thumb.jpg.cb37…)

Jesus Christ.

No. 371850

Oh my god this picture is hysterical. Why not PS the whole picture to make it less obvious??

No. 372013

Photoshop and that eyetape. It hurts to look at it.

No. 372140

File: 1502686368163.jpg (519.12 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20170814-005223.jpg)

From her Insta story lol
Pretty sure she didn't post the RAW one can't see any pores so I higly doubt it's untouched.

No. 372145

Fixing the hair and neck part is ok but the face shoop looks worse than the before pic.

No. 372147

That liquify on the mouth lmao

No. 372151

If she can't even style something as easy as Akira's permed hair that she needs to fix so much in photoshop she needs to keep at her day job and stop disappointing her fans like this…

No. 372448

if Knite is 109% fakeboi, is Andre Knite's birth name or not? does someone knows it?

No. 372762

File: 1502823423217.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, 20170815_145154.png)

At one point there was an account that had re-posted Knitemaya's Haru cosplay pic. I don't remember what the caption was but it was something along the lines of claiming Knitemaya was a boy (this was around the time that Knite still identifies as a girl and claimed to only cross dress) Knitemaya saw the re-post and went in the comments to defend herself to she was in fact a girl. I have no screenshots of when this went down (it was probably around like 2013-2014) but I do have a screenshot of a convo with someone else about the situation and I had sent them an OLD (that someone tagged her in) pic where Knitemaya is clearly female.

No. 372763

(Sage for same fagging)
I don't understand why Knite won't just admit that he's trans. I'm pretty sure her fans would understand. I guess Knite wants her fans to believe she's a sexy anime boy and basically pandering to that crowd.

No. 372841

At this point I don't even believe she's trans, she just says she's male as a convient lil way of getting fans. If anything I think Gehe is actually going through with the whole male thing and taking T.

No. 372875

Andre's a unisex name, she just goes by Andre Knite on facebook.

BTW hi Knite, since you're reading this maybe you should take our criticisms on board instead of just framing yourself as a victim ?


No. 372881

File: 1502833860019.jpg (80.15 KB, 540x960, IMG_20170815_124723.jpg)

This wasn't a flattering image

No. 372945

File: 1502841620873.gif (36.13 KB, 720x720, 1432688677571.gif)

I get that this thing is a chick but can someone explain to me how the fuck she has a man chest?
Photoshop? A fake man torso? Such a chestlet that she has no breast tissue? I'm not cosplay expert but I don't think you can tape then either to create that effect. I'm deeply confused

No. 372952

File: 1502842178010.jpg (220.6 KB, 505x1578, open_chest_binding_by_kaokonek…)

considering how much she uses photoshop it's most likely a combination of that and makeup after open chest binding. It's a technique lots of cosplayers use but hell if you won't end up with saggy tits if you do it as much as she does.

No. 373148

Knite and Geheichou should hold their horses. They looks 100% females irl also
i agree with u, both of them are fujos who has been someone "forced" (by theirself) to have a """"male"""" rol just to make real their fujodreams and 4 the fangrills

No. 373149

hold their horse with the edits
when your "you" online and real are totally differents is there smthg wrong with u

No. 373179

Pretty sure it's photoshop.
She never posted a picture like this before until the whole pull thing happened.
Also we all see how she draws hair on wigs who knows what else she can do with photoshop or one of her friends.
Though it would be kinda awkward to edit her boobs as a friend kek

No. 373199


The second one isn't her, it's her asian friend they did a photoshoot with. It's hard to tell what her face is since she heavily photoshops. The first one is a combination of side binding with tape, laying down so the breast tissue is flat, make up and photoshop. She's lucky to have flat breasts. A cups nearly vanish when you lay down on your back.

No. 373214

File: 1502877522301.jpg (40.59 KB, 333x500, 10959658_428893747262719_85394…)

Yeah, pics like this is her "man chest".

No. 373215

File: 1502877698689.png (503.17 KB, 935x450, Captura.PNG.39a24a3d0e17cf5e32…)

that jaw shoop

No. 373236

It looks like a cyst or a tumor or something jfc

No. 373252

File: 1502884617883.jpg (144.41 KB, 1200x900, DGb6qT3U0AA-9UB.jpg)

She looks different in every picture. Taken from Miyukiko's twitter.

No. 373278

do u consider Miyukiko as a good cosplayer and person? i have no info about this person

No. 373286

Robbie Rotten chin

No. 373289

A ton of contour, photoshop and calculated image angles. Also holy shit that makeup is awful

No. 373399

File: 1502904258352.png (2.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170816-132056.png)

Would have been hilarious if she forgot to shop the mirror jaw too.

Anyways she's working on her ali express bought Cosplay.
The bought one wasn't that bad in the first place so good for her for putting more details on it, but why she didn't ironed it is beyond me.

No. 373401

Sage for samefagging;
I also think as a professional Cosplayer she should have done this in the beginnig though. People paid for her to be there so I really don't understand by she would only make her todoroki cosplay 4 days prior to the event when it was decided months ago that she will be there.
It just shows that it's more important for her to cosplay something relevant than something accurate.

No. 373470

But this looks really bad? I couldn't even tell it was supposed to be Joker before I read the caption.

No. 373537

Like geheichou. Both of them did a shitty cosplay for cons where they was guest lol

Both r a shame

No. 373543

is Knite 20 years old?

No. 373609

Shit like this makes no contribution to the character and is just cheap dressing up with laces and sequins. It doesn't add to the fact that the jacket is an awful fit on her or that her wig styling still needs so much editing in post processing.

This is just a farce to people to have it look like she made the entire cosplay with the wording "finishing". As if you started making the cosplay in the first place.

No. 373836

File: 1502940456844.png (112.17 KB, 1240x492, lol.png)

Saying you don't care but revealing you lurk either here or pull isn't a good look Knite

No. 373883

At least she toned it down now.
There was so much milk in the pull thread when she was still kinda responding kek.
Like her crying video.

No. 373889

the only rumours that were spread were her own posts in the geheichou thread to ruin gehe's reputation haha

No. 373956

Says the hoe who made an account on pull to wk herself and talk shit about gehe. Practice what you preach andre.

No. 373962

File: 1502958606048.jpg (138.09 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170817_182356.jpg)

Photo dump incoming.. Eyetaping

No. 373963

File: 1502958647803.jpg (128.4 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170817_182358.jpg)

Eyetaping 2

No. 373964

File: 1502958675883.jpg (84.32 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170817_182408.jpg)


No. 373966

File: 1502958707405.jpg (49.85 KB, 577x1024, IMG_20170817_182438.jpg)

No. 373967

File: 1502958737765.jpg (34.8 KB, 480x800, IMG_20170817_182431.jpg)

No. 373969

File: 1502958772584.jpg (364.13 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_20170817_182819.jpg)

No. 373970

File: 1502958802805.jpg (432.5 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170817_182617.jpg)

No. 373972

File: 1502958957411.jpg (59.89 KB, 960x640, holiday-overwatch-cosplays_pmx…)

This one scares me the most. Where is tracer's jaw?

No. 373973

File: 1502959097165.jpg (100.78 KB, 960x1438, knitemayas-tracer-cosplay-phot…)

The wibbly wobbly background and bricks

No. 374090

lol wtf

No. 374097

why knite is more famous than Gehe but Gehe have more followers? Same with Reika

I would ask it on the gehe's lolcow site but the wk smeel is too strong there

No. 374101

is because the big amount of gehe's followers are grills who has 0% interest on cosplay and are not very smart?

No. 374263

Her mouth is so wide because she cut most of her face off with photoshop.
I wonder of she is the one shooping all the time and the photographer just takes the pictures.

No. 374479

File: 1503022245874.png (64.65 KB, 625x409, 158364e3e0f99f798a5ba3dd41e61a…)

Interesting… Maybe because you keep lying about taobao boobs

No. 374575

that's from 2014. Now Knite is like: Im male omfg

No. 374641

Sage rant
Someone should post this on her pages.
Without the photoshop and make up she just looks like an ugly white chick with a huge nose.
If she does lurk here, tips
1. Stop looking at anime and yaoi as references for real life men. Hang out with normal guys outside of your circle
2. boxer shorts and hoodies don't make you look manly, more like a girl who borrowed her bf clothes
3. stop starving yourself and work out
4. At least go on T enough to get a passing male voice, you aren't fooling anyone on videos. You don't sound like an Uke trap.
Sorry for the rant

No. 374695

srry anon but I rlly disagree with u.

>>Without the photoshop and make up she just looks like an ugly white chick with a huge nose.

Knite is not ugly. Is not the standart kawaii girl ok, but is not ugly and its not a Geheichou saying 24/7 that "he's handsome".

Heshe tries hard to be handsome/beautiful as all we do but that's all.

Despite of Geheichou, I consider Knite enough handsome/beautiful to be ok without makeup and shop.

Knite is killing himherself on photoshop trying so hard to look like an animu being (in that i agree with u knite pls animu boys are not a good reference) u dont seem human cuting ur face like in the Tracer cosplay pls.

The clothes comment is just out of place, let him wear the clothes heshe wants. Too nitpicking.

and the 4th point is just NO.

Knite mustn't GO ON T TO PASS. For what? For make more real this online fake persona? We all know that knite is not a male. Do you want to fuck his entire life?
Gehe will probably go on T just to make his online persona more convincible but THIS IS NOT GONNA MAKE HIM A MALE.

If a cis girl go on T and pass that is not gonna make her a male or a trans. Just a cis girl that went on T. Same for Gehe and Knite.

If you are not rlly a men you are not gonna became one just for go on T.

A real man is a man with or without T. A girl is a girl with or without T.

No. 374730

Your post is far too much like a nuanced viewpoint on a fellow human being. We only want monochromatic views here, call her a fattychan fakeboi with lasolabial folds and a huge snchnozz or get out.

No. 374753

Guess she's not cosplaying as a fakeboi anymore. Lmao she PRETENDED and lead people into thinking she's a guy. She introduced herself and put on profiles that she is MALE. Welp time to change your name back to your original female name, no more fujoshi fan girl attention 4 u can you handle thar Knitey? I really hate bitches who play with gender and race for attention, people like knite and himeahri are examples of what's wrong with the cosplay community.

No. 374782

Will anyone be at smash to take photos of them?

No. 374795

That tweet is from three years ago.

No. 374843

File: 1503075469638.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170818-125537.png)

Maybe I'm just petty but making your presentation a night before the Con is kinda rude.
Maybe if she didn't make it sound/or look like that it's soo sugoii for her to do that I would think different.

No. 374855

Im not just gonna call him fakeboi without a reason lol

ill try to write less then

No. 374978

Goes to show she really doesn't care about her fans that much lol

No. 375000

Funny how she always said "KNITE CARES ABOUT HER FANS UNLIKE GEHE" on pull. She likes making her fans think she cares

No. 375049

if she doesn't know you she will straight up ignore you if you want a picture with her unless she's surrounded by fans to look good

No. 375066


A friend critized her once on a Instagram picture.
If course she had to say something about it instead of replying to her fans who actually ask her stuff.

No. 375153

Can someone take pictures or tell us how it goes?

No. 375402

File: 1503164576842.png (1.19 MB, 1222x1032, ew.png)

Why is she judging when she can't even style Akira's wig properly or sew a Todoroki cosplay accurately?

No. 375565

>That Joker cosplay
I seriously would have never told what it was if it wasn't for that mask. Did she pay like 10 bucks on eBay for it?

No. 375569

File: 1503185338573.jpg (90.23 KB, 1300x1011, 21034759-business-concept-stre…)

>Trying to decrypt this post
jesus anon do you have severe dyslexia or something

No. 375807

File: 1503218140287.jpg (3.44 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170430.jpg)

the quality of her shiro and keith book is really bad, you can see the photoshopping on the wigs and her jaw and sone pics are very grainy

No. 375869

hi knitemaya

No. 376046

File: 1503268075749.jpg (3.93 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170352.jpg)

No. 376047

File: 1503268178908.jpg (3.47 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170616.jpg)

This was the worst

No. 376050

File: 1503268610572.jpg (4.24 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170635.jpg)

No. 376051

File: 1503268822204.jpg (4.46 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170627.jpg)

No. 376053

File: 1503268963931.jpg (4.01 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20170820170344.jpg)

These are from a Shiro Keith photo book she was selling and signing at Smash. She doesn't have a 5th of the jaw she shops on herself here is all I want to say lol

No. 376060

File: 1503269664467.jpg (4.07 MB, 4608x3456, IMG20170820170418.jpg)

No. 376061

File: 1503269700715.jpg (3.75 MB, 4608x3456, IMG20170820170402.jpg)

No. 376407

I like her as an artist more than as a cosplayer tbh. She can make decent costumes and stuff but I personally don't like her makeup and wig styling. She seems cool, at least there isn't any snowflakey behavior. Sage for not Knite related.

No. 376422

File: 1503305131076.jpg (635.5 KB, 1017x1431, Screenshot_20170821-103824.jpg)

The wig shoping also doesn't fit in the pictures.
They don't have any crazy backgrounds so everything looks quite natural and the wig is just out of place there.

I like her costumes when she doesn't rush them. You can always see what Cosplay she did because she genuinely liked it and what she did when she just did it because of the likes she'll get.
She made this Merlin costume which looked gorgeous.

Also she posted a new picture on Instagram.
I don't mind shoping but this mouth is too fucking much.

No. 376438

this asian guy she's always doing "gay" shit with is legit so ugly he looks like a fish ewww

she really should stop shooping her mouth like that, dips right into the uncanny valley, arguably just as much as her chin

No. 376486

imagine having a wet make out session with those nonexistent, wide animu lips

smooch smooch anon

No. 376513

File: 1503326549580.jpg (643.72 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20170822_004019.jpg)

She looks very different in this candid at the shoot she took part in

No. 376517

File: 1503326706814.jpg (291.42 KB, 1079x1454, IMG_20170822_004337.jpg)

Image enhance NEVERMIND

No. 376527

File: 1503328336942.jpg (4.28 MB, 4608x3456, IMG20170820170438.jpg)

No. 376865

honestly none of them look good up close

No. 376872

Cosplayers love their photoshop. It's just the fact that Knite is a special dorito face lying snowflake that puts her apart.

No. 376979

I take it no one ended up going to the cosplay makeup panel

No. 377188

I don't think they all are "professional" cosplayers though? Some could just be cosplaying for fun, just focusing on the snowflakes should be enough?

No. 377629

that's obvious… and you must be new or one of those cosplayers, learn to sage.

No. 377698

File: 1503464696371.jpg (422.75 KB, 1536x2048, DHwMTvJUIAABiwr.jpg)

no panel pics but I have pics from SMASH

No. 377699

File: 1503464767289.jpg (183.46 KB, 1024x1024, DHoRSueUAAA_Bqe.jpg)

their face looks so warped

No. 377860

File: 1503489119605.png (329.69 KB, 1218x1092, hiknitemaya.png)

confirmed Knitemaya lurks here, hi Knite

No. 377862

so much for "moving on"..

No. 377954

File: 1503506042417.jpg (88.82 KB, 640x360, ku-xlarge.jpg)

No. 378006

File: 1503510047920.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, 17-08-23-19-38-17-756_deco.jpg)

I get the idea of drawing a black line at the corner of your lip to make it appear longer -> considered to look more like a male character
But damn. This girl just takes the cake.
I have never seen anyone going that far with it. And normally it looks terrible in real anyways.

No. 378213

Isn't she meant to be a professional makeup artist? How can she think this in any way looks good?

No. 378295

File: 1503541525970.png (93.81 KB, 398x500, Screen_Shot_2017-08-24_at_8.53…)

She replies to the engrish criticism but ignores the eyetaping or fetishisation lmao

No. 378527

File: 1503575521381.png (320.1 KB, 717x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.93b7e7aad825…)

i'm a cisguy hurrdurr i can make dick jokes too

No. 378533

That's not how you spell clitoris, Knite.

No. 378605

who are Knite's best friends?

real friends, not like gehe lmao

No. 378815

From what i khow, that Miyako who always in selfies with Knite, in some older tweets where Knite rant about "hurrdurr people keep calling a dude im mad IM A GIRL", Miyako replied to all of it & mocked people with Knite.
These days, Miyako seems to just go along with Knite's cis guy bullshit despite being well aware that Knite is also a delusional fujoshi

No. 378942

File: 1503613198697.png (871.01 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20170825-001629_01.…)

"I was hacked"

No. 378943

File: 1503613272136.png (547.68 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20170825-001002_01.…)


"It wasn't me and I have never heard of any Mayanora"


No. 379012

Bitch doesn't know how to cover her tracks LMFAO

No. 379016

I think you mean Miyukiko unless there's a Miyako she hangs out with

No. 379252

Oops, yeah that's the one. She was with Knite at a makeup panel before SMASH too, her makeup are really bad though

No. 379286

File: 1503641235963.jpg (151.09 KB, 1071x1224, IMG_20170825_160439.jpg)

I was looking through her dA gallery to see what she does and found some ugly orange brownfacing lol

No. 379291

mayonara sounds like a mash of mayonnaise and sayonara
"bye mayo"…accurate lmao

No. 379314

She's a better fanartist than a cosplayer. Someone i know who is a big Knite fan refuse to buy Knite's 10 count photobook because the Shiro aka Miyukiko in it is ugly

No. 379381

File: 1503663209665.jpg (110.79 KB, 1065x1310, IMG_20170825_220939.jpg)

It's オーストラリア, not asutoreria lmao how embarrassing

No. 379403

So who of you sent this ask in shitty Japanese?

No. 379747

File: 1503705771332.jpg (225.57 KB, 1080x1587, IMG_20170826_100052.jpg)

Lmao knite still trying to hop on Gehe's equally non-existant dick after shittalking them on pull for a year

No. 379931


Amazing lol

No. 380078

my thoughts exactly. her makeup is shit and doesn't look like it's improved over the years she's been cosplaying so i don't know how she got to do makeup panels with knitemaya to be honest.

No. 382980

File: 1504074737007.png (1.35 MB, 1192x1112, 274623785724.png)

she had a shoot for that innaccurate todoroki cosplay, can't wait to see more bad dorito chin yaoi hand shopping

No. 382983

File: 1504075012375.png (283.5 KB, 1240x1162, 328549783.png)

related: kinda disgusting when you can see 80% of her fanbase is like 13 year olds

No. 384369

File: 1505040451718.png (60.83 KB, 533x500, IMG_3969.thumb.PNG.94772ecb00f…)

What a messy bitch haha she deleted this seconds after

No. 384370

File: 1505040495560.jpg (39.13 KB, 313x500, IMG_3970.thumb.JPG.132402414a5…)

It's so obvious she still does tho…

No. 384371

File: 1505040572611.jpg (377.46 KB, 1069x1074, 14Sme5m.jpg)

Pics of her 9S cosplay

No. 384372

File: 1505040615069.jpg (529.53 KB, 1068x1080, qeqKd7j.jpg)

No. 384439

File: 1505055922345.png (112.21 KB, 252x292, knitemaya.png)

this is from 3 months ago. would this be classified as eye taping?

No. 384457

I mean, facelift tape is technically a real thing. It's just that she does a piss-poor job. Whether it's for looking like one of teh asianz or just because she sucks at it is up for debate.

No. 384635

she taped her eyes so poorly with genos it is making me uncomfortable
bitch those aint makeup skills u look like crap

No. 384678

File: 1505082825609.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4078.PNG)

This was from her story
And she apparently tried to make it seem like she had a dick

Then you see her in the picture >>384372
And clearly she's flat

I don't understand why she goes through the fucking trouble of doing shit like this
I know it's something that has been mentioned so many times but it's irks me too much since now I have a little cousin that keeps begging me to buy Knite's stuff

No. 384709

She's pulling up the skin of her eyelids here. If it was just a facelift she'd be placing the tape lower than her eyes and brows.

No. 384717

File: 1505090490842.png (233.96 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2017-09-09-15-36-21…)

No bulge, no hair, just a 20 year old girl trying to get 13 year old fans to fap to her.

No. 385173

File: 1505173649041.jpg (129.37 KB, 1200x801, DIpr4RhVwAEyYx0.jpg)

She looks like a wax figure in those photoshoot and not in a good way lmao

No. 385174

File: 1505173671494.jpg (171.26 KB, 801x1200, DIpr4SEW0AAo7Fn.jpg)

No. 385176

File: 1505173692471.jpg (169.89 KB, 1200x801, DIpr4R_XYAEN_yt.jpg)

No. 385177

File: 1505173742842.jpg (236.44 KB, 900x1200, DJZ0n40V4AAhaqF.jpg)

It's hilarious seeing the difference in quality compared to an actually skilled cosplayer.

No. 385179

File: 1505173843459.jpg (141.28 KB, 1067x1179, IMG_20170912_094853.jpg)

More Engrish (just kidding, she calls it "basic english" doesn't she)

No. 385310

ive been on this site for a while. i dont think ive ever cringed this hard at a post before

No. 385362

You should see her Yaoi photo shots then

This really makes me uncomfortable
I'm seriously concerned about her parents and how they've allowed her to be like this

No. 385367

you can clearly see the eyetaping here.. she never stopped lol >>384370

No. 385388

Her English in all her Instagram posts are fine, which only goes to show she's bullshitting the entire excuse about how english isn't her first language. She wants to be a fucking anime boy so bad she's lowering herself to look incapable of speaking normal english

No. 385626

File: 1505248787249.gif (461.07 KB, 667x500, pts.thumb.gif.14d3b0ee4c41492e…)

No. 385627

File: 1505248811618.png (281.77 KB, 578x500, Untitled232.thumb.png.f46738fd…)

No. 385628

File: 1505248835577.gif (247.09 KB, 424x500, PTS-2.thumb.gif.69f40148e7ed18…)

No. 385667

I mean it was obvious but there's proof
send help I'm choking

No. 385699

Why the fuck would you upload the SAME picture and edit it?? Of course people will say something. Why wouldn't she just post a different picture.

No. 385701


These are such small edits in comparison to the majority of cows. What am I missing exactly?

No. 385713

Slant eyes and finger stretching. It's moreso the fact that someone else is posting the non-manipulated photos and she feels like once she posts it she HAS to photoshop herself, even if they are minor changes.

No. 385768

I don't mind the small changes. If you're a Cosplayer editing yourself is kind of a must nowadays.
The thing that I find stupid is as I mentioned the fact that someone else posted the same picture - less edited.
And that she slanted her eyes again. Not with tape this time but some line camera editing app.
Which wouldn't even a problem if she hadn't apologize for this in the past, saying that it was indeed racist and she won't do it again.
Well guess what.

No. 385779

She changes the entire shape of her head is what I don't understand LOL

No. 385789

File: 1505264091775.jpg (174.48 KB, 828x1105, IMG_20170913_105309.jpg)

No. 385790

File: 1505264114087.jpg (110.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20170913_105347.jpg)

No. 385792

File: 1505264692117.jpg (339.06 KB, 1071x1763, IMG_20170913_105939.jpg)

No. 385794

File: 1505264751681.jpg (294.69 KB, 1071x1839, IMG_20170913_110445.jpg)

No. 385806

I think what's funny is she's editing pictures that were already edited. She reminds me of that living doll from Singapore.

No. 385808

text calls her a 'she,' but she probably won't complain about it.

No. 385814

File: 1505267556172.png (156.17 KB, 396x300, yaoifingers.png)

Holy shit that finger stretching

No. 385902

fake boobs don't work with padding or pushup bras you dumbfuck

No. 385958

genuinely curious, how are they made that they wouldn't work with padding or pushup bras? (like are they just a mould that wouldn't change shape?)

No. 386240

File: 1505344715063.png (137.14 KB, 580x270, ab-6.png)

first things first because when i googled fake chest/fake boob/fake wtvr her meiko and mercy appeared at every single one. anyway i bet hers look more like this, so that's why. also explains why her face has a different color from her chest in her meiko selfie.

couldn't find the specific model i was talking about but if anyone wants i can search my old purchases, because i bought one.

No. 386241

File: 1505344730058.jpg (243.21 KB, 1079x1784, IMG_20170914_091358.jpg)

The amount of Engrish she uses is so cringe.. Pretty sure Greeks don't talk like you do Knite lmao

No. 386245

File: 1505344986326.jpg (315.44 KB, 1071x1698, IMG_20170914_091414.jpg)

No. 386246

File: 1505345016385.jpg (326.73 KB, 1073x1684, IMG_20170914_091428.jpg)

No. 386248

Uhh it's already been proven her tits are real, anyone who knows anything about fake chests would know that. She just used a push-up bra and stuffed.

No. 386271

can someone tell me if there is a video of any panel of hers? i really wanna know how she sounds trying to have a male voice

No. 386400

File: 1505369012192.jpg (177.63 KB, 893x1024, DJpu3iaVwAA2-YP.jpg)

No. 386401

there's tons of videos of her cosplay skits on deerstalker images' channel

No. 386775

wtf really. does she really think she sounds like a man? a cis one? she could pass as a trans but as cis never

No. 386807

that awful accent doesnt help. sounds like a right little girl.

No. 386905

I don't think she's even trying. She introduced herself as Maya

No. 386949

She introduced herself as Andre.

No. 386962

ah yes, I heard "Andre or Maya", as if she gave out both her internet and true name, but she said Andre KNITEmaya. Sorry.

No. 386987

Definitely sounds like a girl. The only cis males that sound anywhere near like that are prepubescent boys.

No. 388157

Not that poster but Knite's natural boobs are small, as you can see in her Tracer cosplay. But not even double bra/push-up would give her that much volume in the Meiko cosplay.

I don't know if this has been shared already, but I found this old blog post about Knitemaya. http://aminoapps.com/page/anime/5358285/cosplayer-knitemaya
The author edited their article due to the exchange in the comments section about Knite now going by male pronouns(it was 2015). Comments prior to that exchange, from 2014, were exclusively using female pronouns without correction or arguments. Just more proof that Knite didn't use male pronouns until around 2015.

No. 388680

Maybe she binded for her tracer cosplay too?

No. 388694

File: 1505719198310.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.31 KB, 500x667, PAZVD0L.jpg)

She's doesn't have a "man chest", but also not a boobie monster.

No. 388722

Push up bra, chicken fillets, squishing the breasts together with her arms, leaning forward.
All make breasts look bigger than they are, definitely looks like she's doing the latter two in >>349932
They don't actually look that big, either, and are squishing together the way real breasts do. It's possible she's only squishing them together and leaning over to get that effect, and hasn't padded.

Source? Personal experience.

No. 388765

File: 1505740672172.jpg (308 KB, 1080x1607, IMG_20170918_231508.jpg)

Still taping and typing Engrish.. Protip: Knite please lay off trying to wear Reika's skin, it's not a good look on you..

No. 390412

File: 1506003801130.png (137.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3615.PNG.995ca89f02c9d4158…)


No. 390929

File: 1506075459392.jpg (162.75 KB, 1065x1291, IMG_20170922_201435.jpg)

Australia has a postal vote on same sex marriage and Knite and Miyukiko are blatantly admitting they voted for it because of their ~yaois~ if that isn't the most disgusting thing. Doubt either have any LGBT friends.

No. 390930

i'm wondering if she actually verbally said "lmao" while talking to her father

No. 391727

File: 1506213955671.png (242.4 KB, 278x500, Untitled.thumb.png.af0f46673cd…)

More people calling Knite out probably lead to this story on instagram lmao, be nice to each other (be nice to me, a homophobic transphobia yellowfacing twofaced pulltard)

No. 391731

File: 1506214145290.png (90.53 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2017-09-23-13-02-06…)

The way I tape now isn't racist all these 13 year old fans in majority Asian countries who do not go through the same racism in western countries proves it!! It's not like I got called out on multiple times by Asian Americans on tumblr! I love how she tries to be an internet tough guy when she think she won't be seen.

No. 391757

File: 1506218588841.jpg (204.35 KB, 1108x1477, IMG_20170924_120138.jpg)

No. 391758

File: 1506218605429.jpg (219.06 KB, 1147x1107, IMG_20170924_120142.jpg)

No. 392190

Why is her head shaped like a football?

No. 392326

Not trying to WK this fakeboi but why should she care about what a bunch of easily offended (Asian) Americans have to say? I'll never understand the racist tape accusations because I just don't see anything wrong with imitating different features as long as you don't exaggerate it and end up looking like a racist caricature.

No. 392845


I can't say taping eyes for cosplay is wrong, however, this bitch is trying to make herself seem more Asian (remember simple English?)

No. 393340

because she was exaggerating and looking like a racist caricature at a certain point. i think taping is fine if the character has sharp/long eyes, but she tapes because she thinks it makes her look more asian (i.e taping for that one droopy eyed korean character from killing stalking) it's also creepy how she wants to wear reika's skin tbh

No. 393872

File: 1506555409375.png (203.38 KB, 407x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.c899ecbcabfd…)

She's taped outside of cosplay as well and is just very two-faced about it since she apologised for it bothers on doing it

Anyway more of her gross yaoi fantasy bullshit with miyukiko
I've lost alot of respect for both of them this year

No. 393878

File: 1506556018064.jpg (184.19 KB, 1065x1340, IMG_20170928_094558.jpg)

No. 395189

File: 1506776072432.jpg (127.16 KB, 1065x942, IMG_20170930_225228.jpg)

Stop typing in Engrish we know you're a stupid bitch but we also know you're fluent in English.

No. 395315

So that's why she has "I love raccoon!" in her twitter bio now? She tries so hard to be ~quirky Asian~ why won't some other Cosplayer call her out publicly on her shit?

No. 395330

File: 1506792885008.png (97.97 KB, 749x575, IMG_0390.PNG)

uggggh it's so cringey and embarrassing to watch lol

No. 395469

So blatantly asking for her fans to buy her shit just like Geheichou I see!

No. 395494

The classic talk shit/critisize while doing the same thing

No. 396492

I think most people won't publicly agree with those that call this bitch out lmao
If you see >>384369 and >>378295 barely anyone liked those tweets

No. 396564

File: 1506939882518.png (638.37 KB, 816x595, yyyy.PNG)

She looks so shitty as 9S kek

No. 396568

Knitemayo still using that broken English I see!!

No. 396592

fucking dead.

No. 398224

File: 1507187644673.jpg (107.17 KB, 1200x675, DLMI_USVoAEDLc6.jpg)

haha ewww that looks nothing like the character's scars

No. 398227

File: 1507187694854.png (153.6 KB, 536x500, So_sad.thumb.png.fb8a2fc3a2c8a…)

she's also still taping her eyes coughcough TASTEFULLY

No. 398228

I thought she was a /makeup artist/ lol so far some Dabi cosplays have been an okay or a complete miss cause some people make him too purple lol
The himiko is kinda cute tho

No. 398232

Yeah he's definitely not supposed to be straight up ridiculous purple …

No. 398233

File: 1507189209947.png (31.79 KB, 205x582, Dabi_anime_profile.png)

definitely not heres a colour image from the anime. when even the anime is more realistic than you then you're doing it wrong.

No. 398285

9S is a shota not a dorito

No. 398290

File: 1507205022690.jpg (54.87 KB, 375x500, IMG_5437.thumb.JPG.58cbf59e86d…)

Her face is yellow…

No. 398309

Dreams really do come true

No. 398334

She looks like she yellowfaced then proceeded to eat blueberry jam, Im not even a fan of the show but this is disgusting

No. 398378

Isn‘t nines face supposed to be more round, like a shota boy ?
I‘ve never seen such a horrible 9s.

No. 398434

using eye tape on a character with droopy eyes and putting on yellow make up…
does she think if she never takes off the tape that people will think she's asian or something?

No. 398445

dear god this is just atrocious

No. 398752

All her behind the scenes videos are awful she has hair coming out of her wig here

No. 398755

God I hate her fucking bakugo, she kept pulling the same face and pose and the shoes she wore were so fucking jarring, like this is probably a nitpick but she’s like the worst bakugo I’ve seen so far
>>398290 wow knitemayo you stole reika’s face finally!!!

No. 398788

File: 1507275487005.png (36.06 KB, 414x258, 470fdb39c1326897472d17b7430c2d…)

I know we've already discussed how she uses engrish a lot but I only realised she's just mimicking reika's style of typing but without the japanese translation because all her japanese knitemayo knows is google translate.

No. 398819

How does she not know how to conceal her hair under the wig by now?! It's so obnoxious.

No. 398886

Knite is saying they never claimed they were male? On instagram they had he/him and on PULL childhood friends even said how Knite was claiming to be transgender and convincing everyone they're a man. Wtf dude

No. 399246

File: 1507333633559.jpg (161.83 KB, 1071x1650, IMG_20171007_104358.jpg)

link her her own worldcosplay page, facebook and instagram, she's awful at lying

No. 399249

The interviewer asks Knitemaya who she pictures herself the most as when she crossplays, she mentions Genos from one punch man… her voice is straining she's tries to give herself a low voice

No. 399250

File: 1507334604854.jpg (57.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_20171007_105128.jpg)

No. 399251

File: 1507334634586.jpg (422.57 KB, 2048x1538, IMG_20171007_105346.jpg)

No. 399255

File: 1507334708487.jpg (172.08 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20171007_105300.jpg)

Someone tell Hershey using a foundation 10 shades too yellow on her pink toned skin… "professional makeup artist" my dick

No. 399259

File: 1507334829851.jpg (51.35 KB, 529x710, IMG_20171007_110157.jpg)

Those taped eyes.. I hope she gets crows feet when she's 30

No. 399263

File: 1507335311387.jpg (196.31 KB, 1079x1668, IMG_20171007_111356.jpg)


No. 399269

File: 1507335930593.jpg (236.58 KB, 1080x1695, IMG_20171007_112406.jpg)

These two backtracking are disgusting haha

No. 399351

File: 1507348731693.jpg (109.51 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20171007_110916.jpg)

No. 399395

The entire bio had changed since the last time I saw it, when they did Meiko from Prison School they were telling everyone they were male and that they were using a chest plate from online, unfortunately I didn't get screenshots but tons of trap groups were sharing Knite's stuff so maybe I could find something
Sage for slight OT I guess??

No. 399478

Look at her arms. I don't think she's pink-toned. Have you never seen Greeks in real life? lmao

No. 399768

She is anything but pink toned, my dude. Greeks have olive skin. Pink toned skin is only seen on people of western/northern/north eastern european descent.

No. 399774

Agreed. People who aren't Asian can have yellow-toned skin friend.

The foundation is the least of the issues here though… I don't really understand why they thought this bright ass purple would be suitable.

No. 399874

I agree that she's yellow toned, but using a straight up yellow foundation looks absolutely terrible, specially for a so called make-up artist.

No. 400011

Maybe it's just the shape of her face

but she looks fucking scary in this picture

No. 400039

Using that bright purple makes her look like she tried to eat paint

No. 400636

why is she speaking like she isn't LGBT? to my knowledge T still stands for transgender

No. 400639

from what i know she's a fakeboi, so she pretends to be cis but she identifies as pansexual which still falls under this community too right?

No. 400670

File: 1507508898862.jpg (111.08 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20171007_110928.jpg)

It haunts your dreams

No. 400890

File: 1507551648607.jpg (33.6 KB, 258x500, DLqlOCdVAAEzGPm.thumb.jpg.ed04…)

The way she stretching her eyes… painful

No. 400956

The character doesn't even have stretched eyes like that, so what's her excuse for the taping here?

No. 401185

She has done this with her erwin cosplay and others where they don't have sharp eyes… She wants to be Reika so badly

No. 401189

File: 1507588232545.jpg (37.19 KB, 364x500, DLh8O7iUEAM8nr7.thumb.jpg.273e…)

Even from this photo you can tell how I'll fitting the cosplay is on her.. It's taobao or ebay (and that sameface every cosplay she does)

No. 402310

File: 1507766484091.png (483.07 KB, 609x753, Captura.PNG.ac4c6eef7d0fac9f41…)

she uploaded her akechi protagonist shoot with Miyukiko. The huge heels are so annoying, why do fujos love wearing them in cosplay?

No. 402311

Because short girls wanna be like tall animu boys and think the only way to do it is heels?

Although, sure, wear them for distant shots where you can't really see the feet but don't wanna have an ooc height difference, but for the close up shot, it would've been better to switch to a pair of flats.

No. 402313

File: 1507767122381.jpg (139.56 KB, 1066x698, IMG_20171012_111041.jpg)

She's so stiff in this photo

No. 402658

File: 1507840080461.jpg (43.95 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20171013_072507.jpg)

No. 404454

File: 1508140747477.png (178.22 KB, 418x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.33de2b1ad556…)

Shes still reading PULL and lolcow, how self absorbed…

No. 404661

Making a photobook sure sounds like desperate for fame to me, tbh

No. 404958

File: 1508218890349.png (230.8 KB, 348x500, 2.thumb.PNG.ec85e965c147d646c2…)

She has sameface samexpression for every cosplay doesn't she get tired of it?

No. 405034

Making expressions with all that tape makes you look fucked up

No. 405077

You're making an effort to be known as an "ikemen" that cosplays Joker and even made a Joker photobook, so, yeah? You're trying to be famous? You're promoting your photobook for people to buy ffs

No. 405656

File: 1508367433208.jpeg (60.27 KB, 406x500, 778DE191-E414-4919-95BB-F7123A…)

She's so cringey at everything she talks about… And isn't there a rule at conventions barring yaoicon that it's banned to sell r18 things at tables?

No. 405658

File: 1508367529593.jpeg (69.04 KB, 640x498, DAFE2AC2-842D-44EC-BB2E-EC1188…)

she's going to yaoicon ew

No. 405671

I doubt R18 merch is banned, it's probably more like, needs to be more than just R18 stuff, and if there is any mature content, it's not on display publicly, so people have to ask to see it?

No. 405819

File: 1508400093995.jpg (123.4 KB, 960x1440, 22548644_1284620261642477_7608…)

she's going to be at madman fest too….

No. 406301

File: 1508501237031.jpeg (80.61 KB, 344x500, FBB3B920-7E8F-4D66-B2D3-EE5F3B…)

I love how she only pays attention to the criticism she get rather then her actual fans

No. 406466

Reaching this much to defend herself really makes it seems like she hasn’t played the game.
Also this shitty yellowfacing english has got to go

No. 406472

i'm sure eye tape comes off pretty easily when you're misusing it that badly.

No. 406875

File: 1508586401100.jpg (287.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171021_224233.jpg)

Who else is tired about how she keeps adding on extra lace and tape to distract from how ill fitting her cosplays are on her?

No. 407766

File: 1508705942032.png (374.44 KB, 681x500, knite2.thumb.PNG.8507935099d64…)

That shoop on the chest is so flat…

No. 407795

doesnt look that bad

No. 407971

File: 1508727062399.jpg (593.02 KB, 2048x1366, 22555598_10156104963300288_212…)

is that knite? i can see her boobs here. and miyukiko as todoroki is so ugly.

No. 408125

kind of sage but does anyone else get mildly pissed off seeing Miyukiko's cosplay? She's just so fucking ugly and her makeup is awful, back when I used to like knite I always wondered why she was always doing shoots with such a fugly friend (further emphasized in their 10 count shoot)

No. 408208

Oh god no, I don't want to see them at Madman

No. 408272

Is she trying to make her selfies look like PS2 graphics

No. 408404

File: 1508795879298.png (402.63 KB, 679x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.1f12db3e4f06…)

she can't express anything well besides :|
it looks like her face is stuck from a stroke here..

No. 411788

File: 1509337929714.png (424.08 KB, 672x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.9d079e2c3e85…)

"I'm so embarrassed" she says as she poses in a selfie in front of a banner of her shitty Protag

No. 411790

File: 1509337977536.png (390.24 KB, 680x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.4db98d4c0ab9…)

No. 412384

File: 1509455216129.jpg (304.1 KB, 1071x1684, IMG_20171101_000527.jpg)

This is terrifying. And again with the reikalish.

No. 413918

File: 1509677865973.jpg (1.35 MB, 3840x2880, IMG_2278.JPG.8f3f8a0745bde789b…)

PULL is digging too deep into this we already know it was shopped

No. 414443

File: 1509742977438.png (593.23 KB, 929x441, 50bed54ac74e8a28869360976c77a3…)

That hairline looks awful

No. 416510


she thinks she looks so asian in her instagram photos then you put her next to an ACTUAL asian person and it's like

"what the fuck is that monstrosity of makeup"

No. 420674

File: 1510355358968.png (95.73 KB, 442x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.5a72e01512bf…)

UHHH… hey knite you remember Mayanora?? Remember how that person consistently trash talking geheichou, that was you? I think you've had this "evil eye" thing for much longer then you say.

No. 427626

File: 1511080457968.jpg (208.24 KB, 1280x1920, 23593346_1309488549155648_1858…)

No. 429838

File: 1511331504731.jpg (150.83 KB, 1260x840, 23735988_1313662225404947_7902…)

she's been looking sickly in her photos lately.. or has she always been like this?

No. 429839

File: 1511331560454.jpg (146.17 KB, 1260x840, 23783483_1313661512071685_1464…)

No. 429858

No. 429886

P. Sure the cheekbones are just contour but her arms do look quite frail even if she's tensing them

Sage for blog-tier but when I was a lot younger I faked being a yaoi boy online too. Weird body dysmorphia logic told me if I was skinnier, I'd look more like some faggy bishounen - even though logically it wouldn't change bone structure. Makes me wonder if she has a similar goal. Though I'm sure we could speculate a thousand other perfectly plausible reasons.

No. 430585

File: 1511424533776.png (970.07 KB, 982x1086, 81fc920395165dedea6a14fd62c00a…)

I just seen Reika post about this, betting Knite is going to claim that's her real body when using this too?

No. 433602

I wouldn't be surprised, they had their chest showing for the Meiko cosplay and claimed it was one of those fake chests

No. 433605

Seems to be a common thought process with people who do that though in reality in order to look more male they should be gaining some muscle mass especially on their shoulders/arms in order to create a more masculine body shape

No. 434892

that wasn't fake lmao

No. 466096

File: 1515519700100.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180109-183827.png)

That one chick knite is always working with posted some pictures of them and knite's nose looks huuuge
Might be because of the light ? But I feel like this is her how her nose normally looks like kek

No. 470299

File: 1515978005048.jpg (60.02 KB, 750x788, DTiwD6dVQAA2nAs.jpg)

oh no

No. 470322

Darker? He's not darker, just a different skin tone. A disaster waiting to happen.

No. 470402

Akira is tall and muscular with a manly face. Knitemayo trying to pull this off will be a mess considering all they do is faggy bishounens.

No. 470623

File: 1516004388632.jpg (61.56 KB, 439x500, IMG_20180114_232659.thumb.jpg.…)


No. 470625

File: 1516004403602.jpg (39.07 KB, 426x500, IMG_20180114_232244.thumb.jpg.…)

No. 470643

nightmare fuel face aside for a second, what in the goddamn is going on with those fingers

No. 470651

Good job with the highly photoshopped wig and taped eyes, Mayo.

No. 470696

that photoshopped cleft chin looks like playdough

No. 472133

No. 472158


to each their own and all but based on that pic that guy also looks like a faggy bishounen.


i think she warped it while trying to give herself a man face and didn'nt notice it. i don't think human fingers work that way.

No. 472245

Not with that chin and jaw

No. 472984

File: 1516160883540.jpeg (44.09 KB, 413x500, B1D03391-C22E-4B58-87D6-698F88…)

No. 473067

LOL how did she fuck up the chin that bad?? she looks like robbie rotten

No. 473298

So I swear I've seen multiple call out posts on Twitter recently due to Knite's Akira cosplay. Just searching her twitter handle on the site pulls up a lot of posts people are making about her.

How long do you guys think this will last?

No. 473364

File: 1516196281211.jpg (338.73 KB, 740x494, 10084597_IMG.jpg)

like all internet callouts it's probably going to fade within a week and she will unlock her twitter account once she thinks everyone have forgoten about her but this time the call out posts is on twitter and much more widespread than facebook and tumblr so who knows

don't worry knite we still have all the receipts here!

No. 473367

File: 1516196604231.jpg (476 KB, 555x740, 5483579_IMG.jpg)

No. 473368

File: 1516196730504.jpg (114.91 KB, 552x740, 589347539_IMG.jpg)

No. 473369

File: 1516196791176.jpg (515.99 KB, 493x740, 435874395_IMG.jpg)

No. 473370

File: 1516196900046.jpg (235.29 KB, 493x740, 917584693_IMG.jpg)

No. 473388

There's so much more damning shit about her to dig up and out of all that people choose to call her out for fucking eye taping? SJWs and their priorities I swear to god

No. 473393

seriously. eye taping isn't even a big deal, bitches can go get their eye shape changed via plastic surgery. sjws are just too blind.

No. 473420

just be happy she's being called out for something. people will find out about the other things soon

No. 473437

No they won't, you're talking about a bunch of dumb fucks who thinks that the problem with Knite's eye taping is that it's racist instead of, you know, blatantly lying, they don't care about other things they just want to enforce their own agenda.

No. 473467

This makes it the third time they've lied about the yellowfacing/brownfacing and they haven't even come clean about spending an entire year on pull trashing Gehe it makes you wonder when they will learn if ever

No. 473474

And to those who are all about that gender discourse right now, knite herself as mayanora tried to out geheichou as a DFAB and constantly refers to herself as "ultimate trap" and calls herself a cis male. Only her fans assumed she is trans so there goes your transphobia argument.

No. 474273

update she already unlocked her twitter because she can't stand being ignored

No. 474434

Posted a new Devilman shoot too, I recognize her nightmare photoshopped face

No. 476032

File: 1516441036115.jpg (143.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20180120_203501.jpg)

I guess this is when they were first called out publicly on tumblr

No. 477338

File: 1516586862187.png (84.92 KB, 700x422, ccd67a424b6428ecc3d38aacc3a1a1…)

search "knitemaya" in the twitter tag has a lot of people both defending and calling her out. though it's the same old "discourse" and just on a different social platform but with some new but not important receipts

No. 477344

File: 1516587718360.png (558.71 KB, 683x640, fdc114620f5b099332cc31d810693c…)

crop from pull… those tears look like something else

No. 477357


She could be done that chin with a little bit of shadows and countour, but she had to go with the double dorito chin.

No. 477473

lmao that's so fucking stupid.

No. 478260

File: 1516666054526.jpg (20.83 KB, 639x211, IMG_20180123_110422.jpg)

Knitemaya already been doing this broken English schtick for years y'all slow af

No. 483271

File: 1517097931224.png (278.7 KB, 281x500, 3699223F-B78B-4093-9838-C86B90…)

New instastory… Can't wait to see them link a shitty eBay store for fake bobbies when people start asking

No. 488917

File: 1517453391445.png (178.7 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-01-31-17-45-26…)

Knitemaya's version of duck face

No. 488920

File: 1517453613454.jpg (19.51 KB, 262x337, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

Don't insult my husbando Robbie Rotten like that

No. 489322

In her defense I have a quite yellow skin and when I put a purple wig on I look ridiculously yellow. But why she choose this purple color, she must know that too ?

No. 496256

File: 1517988692966.png (186.87 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-04-12-30-37…)

New instastory. The WIP looks like she's trying to hide her hips.

No. 496404

Can someone explain how she "tapes" her eyes? I can't see the tape but it makes her eyes look so weird

No. 496469

asians have tape and glue specifically for making their own eyes wider. this can also be used to shape your eyes if you're not asian. (it's not a problem for people to tape their eyes a different shape so i feel like this shit is reaching) only westerners have a problem with people exploring the beauty standards of eachother's cultures.

No. 496484

She tapes at the temples, pulling the skin so her eyes slant.

No. 496581

File: 1518022264235.png (334.24 KB, 374x509, 8553c72f6de0bd4a8822dfaaf0f433…)

Here you have a picture anon, funnily enough Erwin is canon white so she only taped to look even more like Reika

No. 496598

File: 1518023246527.png (151.44 KB, 247x261, doritochin.PNG)

Sorry for pointless shitpost but I wanna know how she has almost 200k followers? Like do people legitimately think her shape-shifting dorito face is real? lol. Like how can someone think her face in pic related is that of a real person?

No. 496993

File: 1518048063834.png (199.3 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-05-02-12-30…)

Her fans are 13 year olds who are just thirsty for a real life animu.

Did anyone see her at RTX?

No. 498686

File: 1518186833587.png (107.72 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-08-11-16-48…)

From her instastory

No. 498687

File: 1518186859059.png (98.08 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-08-15-29-04…)

No. 498689

File: 1518186890135.png (121.73 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-08-15-29-09…)

No. 502130

File: 1518567913744.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-13-07-42-01…)

Her makeup is looking cakey without filtering.

No. 502133

File: 1518568004680.jpg (20.72 KB, 281x500, 27657582_10155883177630196_161…)

Whitemayo finally gets arrested!!

But seriously does anyone have any information on what happened?

No. 502140

File: 1518568317261.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 18-02-14-11-30-37-809_deco.jpg)

Spot the binder

No. 502147

She keeps vagueposting about what happened and is still using Engrish/Reikalish.

No. 502150

File: 1518568695586.png (193.19 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-13-21-14-57…)

No. 502193

Knite looks disgusting. One of my ex coworkers who is a huge weeb loves Knite, She's a bad cosplayer who relies and abuses photoshop

No. 503141

File: 1518653337659.png (123.55 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-14-21-15-22…)

I am sick of Knite trying to type like she wasn't born in Australia and is not a premium Sydney wog.

No. 503219

Why wear clothes in the bathtub.


No. 503331

So very nice people. Me happy more now. Congugation is what?

Has all that eye tape affected the circulation to her brain? Fucking fetishizing piece of shit. This is embarrassing.

No. 503401

File: 1518670942704.jpg (361.93 KB, 1080x1725, IMG_20180215_155844.jpg)

News on what apparently happened. Unconfirmed as of now since it is just a post off PULL

No. 504717

File: 1518765980547.gif (431.99 KB, 170x190, hjg.thumb.gif.128ca0d71e6d8759…)

No. 504739

I guess knite probably uses after effects too. That would explain the woobly chin.

No. 505666

File: 1518830701440.png (222.03 KB, 484x375, XCVXC.thumb.png.3ae5fe84a07eac…)

kek that bad photoshop

No. 505668

i'm not familiar with after effects, is it like a photo app for video? this is the video it's from.

No. 505891

File: 1518849188925.png (247.84 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-16-09-03-00…)

cringe af

No. 505892

File: 1518849213720.png (186.19 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-17-13-32-41…)

No. 505935

>adobe after effects
>is it like a photo app for video :)
The absolute state of lolcow. You understand some things exist outside of your fucking iPhone, right? You understand that there are tools for digitally manipulating photo and video that involve a little more than rubbing on your broken screen with your disgusting Cheeto-coated fat fingers like a fucking child fingerpainting?

No. 505953

chill sis they could be foreign or retarded or whatever its nbd lol

No. 505998

Lmao after effects isn't even on a phone

You can use the liquify effect with a lot of different video softwares these days

No. 507299

‘Tear up’ is a Western colloquialism. There goes Knite’s bs excuse for speaking ‘simplistically’ for foreign followers. Fucking idiot. Just admit you have a fetish for underage girls fapping to your fake ass persona.

No. 508335


unsure how to embed this video. check out that voice tuning, what the hell.

No. 508369


>You understand that there are tools for digitally manipulating photo and video that involve a little more than rubbing on your broken screen with your disgusting Cheeto-coated fat fingers like a fucking child fingerpainting?

kek anon I love you

No. 509328

File: 1519117272869.png (185.98 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-19-20-25-07…)

Lol I'm such a guy lol I only sleep in boxers!!

No. 509505

Why does Knite love lying so much? She's not even transgender..

No. 510173

Why would you even…? It's a simple thing to come across legit ANY interview where she sounds 100% female. Including one from November.

Why would you start that shit now? It's too late girl, what is you doin?

No. 510203

bruh even a deaf person who could the sound edited to shit. she knows men in real life right? and know they don't sound like that bullshit.

No. 510279

This is just sad

No. 511193

she has never been consistent with anything with this persona. First she's a lady, then nb, then let's people refer to her as a trans guy and now she's a cis guy. first she tapes without knowing its racist, then says "fuck the haters",now she's saying she tapes in a non-racist way while trying to intimidate people who question Her about it. it's that all over again with her voice tuning.

No. 511338

I she related to nichapin?
She's also italian and looks a lot like her.

No. 511388


knite is spanish.

No. 511693

Even though OP post says she is Australian Greek?

No. 511800

She looks like a jew either way

No. 512177

File: 1519359644995.jpg (56.18 KB, 1060x339, IMG_20180223_151951.jpg)

No. 512183

File: 1519359859642.png (206.5 KB, 516x500, Captura.thumb.PNG.8533270ea8c5…)

Passive aggressive tweeting even tho the one who commented on her post was a fan of hers. Stay classy Mayo.

No. 512184

File: 1519359900523.png (93.71 KB, 336x182, Captura.thumb.PNG.ac25d37903bd…)

It's a shitty edit even if you're not zoomed in.

No. 513026

there's no adam's apple…

No. 514951

File: 1519652984301.png (263.91 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-02-25-21-57-39…)

She's taping and yellowfacing outside of cosplay now….

No. 514952

File: 1519653046029.png (221.67 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20180225-103758.thu…)

I see no difference

No. 514978

literally who cares.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 515195

Lol did she photoshop another person's chin onto her own chin?

No. 518232

File: 1519952441324.png (52.78 KB, 406x406, Tumblr_inline_o4d5jg4Ola1qccrw…)

Do people actually believe that this is what she looks like irl? >>514952

No. 520258

File: 1520145671135.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180303-223305.png)

Found a pic of Knite with no schooping. No dorito chin or overly slim nose, but that uneven eyetaping though 🤔

No. 520274

I remember how people were pissy when I said she wasn't attractive at all. She is still using tape and her face still looks saggy; but I heard extreme taping all day every day does that.
ot but I'm just waiting for her to end her boi phase like that Kaden chick did

No. 520289

Nice find anon, yeah that Reika face really isn't doing her any favors. Her lips are nonexistent lololol

No. 520778

File: 1520211833404.png (186.23 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-03-18-11-16…)

The power of meitu

No. 521171

File: 1520260165684.png (273.52 KB, 543x385, knite.thumb.png.4195cd5eab856c…)

all hail the schoop queen!

No. 521561

File: 1520290403727.png (188.28 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-05-13-43-39…)

I kekd.

No. 521934

File: 1520339302546.jpg (209.08 KB, 1055x1314, IMG_20180306_232738.jpg)

What happened to her face…

No. 521961

wow his skin looks plastic in, like, every photo of his

No. 521986

File: 1520345378509.jpg (290.25 KB, 1072x1484, IMG_20180306_232723.jpg)

No. 521988

File: 1520345490606.jpg (180.58 KB, 1071x1516, IMG_20180306_232648.jpg)


This fan account has a lot of old selfies and cosplays of knite

No. 521998

Holy shit that is one unfortunate face. They were born female? Props to them I guess for making it work with the whole dorito face bishie thing.

No. 522102

They use to call themselves female back in the day. But I guess it was a case of "below average female, no attention. Pretty boy, lots of attention"

No. 522170

That seems to be the trend. This type of facial structure is horribly unfortunate on females but you can work it into real life dorito bishie boy if you appeal to the right crowd.

No. 522358

File: 1520374605081.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x1920, 18-03-07-09-15-05-904_deco.jpg)

No. 522366

File: 1520374946468.jpg (33.07 KB, 624x488, knite.thumb.jpg.da1a5dcc396e8c…)

No. 523176

File: 1520444386447.jpeg (296.35 KB, 750x940, 683BA53F-FC4A-4BA3-95E8-01C689…)

No. 523183

I was about to ask why the fuck you wouldn't delete shit like this off your social media if you're going to try to pretend you were always male but then I saw it's a fan account.

No. 523198

File: 1520445983646.jpeg (2.28 MB, 4096x4096, AD552246-9121-4401-B8BB-3E7416…)

No. 523200

Maybe knite got surgery to have a slimmer face? They dont look this had in recent candids.

No. 523221

File: 1520447175814.jpeg (2.17 MB, 4096x4096, EAF92EA7-120A-4DA2-B55C-591677…)

No. 523237

Her chin is terrifying, how did she dare ruin my husbando like that

That attempt at aegyo sal is just so BAD

No. 523584

File: 1520466202664.png (235.44 KB, 501x500, ebfc91168150ce2e22ddbc71150c06…)


No. 523628

File: 1520470141269.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x1920, 18-03-08-11-47-20-041_deco.jpg)

There's a few fan accounts that show her older cosplays where she tapes extremely

No. 523937

File: 1520514165646.jpg (34.96 KB, 531x431, lolll.thumb.jpg.155c65400b9d56…)


No. 524118

not to moralfag but but of course she's into 10 count. Its a really sick relationship about a psychiatrist that forces himself on a germaphobe and uses sex to 'cure' him.

Also sure jan. 10 count just finished in November. You cant claim to not be 'really into' something you literally just admitted to liking a couple months ago. That's also igorng that all she does is cosplay the biggest BL ships with miyukiko.

No. 524419

File: 1520552654544.jpg (24.25 KB, 400x500, 13642896_1487612354598077_4117…)

ten count fans are the worst

No. 524420

File: 1520552721065.jpg (46.09 KB, 500x500, 13652058_305467026457884_16021…)

Isn't the bitch club manga or whatever she cosplayer from also Yaoi? This character is always holding a dildo

No. 524421

File: 1520553086068.png (281.13 KB, 815x485, wererw.thumb.PNG.646b6075d0af6…)

nightmare fuel

No. 524439

Yeah Yarichin Bitch Club is straight up porn.

No. 524653

File: 1520579468440.jpeg (88.79 KB, 750x613, 4444AE90-9219-40D8-9E41-884740…)

she covers her fingers where she stretched in photoshop with hearts and thinks no one will notice. how pathetic

No. 524660

Her obsession with yaoi fingers is one of the weirdest I've seen in terms of snowflake cosplayers

No. 524670

her teeth are absolutely terrifying

No. 524743

Knite is an ugly girl that's why she tries to pass as a guy

No. 525253

File: 1520649944966.jpg (24.51 KB, 378x500, 9ec31029efaf2c317e96929cd0f53f…)

I heard she had a crush on this sousuke cosplayer once

No. 525295

File: 1520654806176.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, 560CEA63-4EC4-452D-A9DA-088606…)

Hasn’t she also claimed that she has a boyfriend?
Wonder if he went back to make believe land.

And talking about kisses?
Oh my-

No. 525297

It’s so alien looking it’s creepy

No. 525309

File: 1520656412689.jpg (156.25 KB, 333x500, 14543538531_9360602246_o.thumb…)

is this supposed to be her? she looks so creepy..

No. 525315

File: 1520657195895.jpg (254.07 KB, 1071x1574, IMG_20180310_154420.jpg)

this is a old screenshot from when twitter started to catch on to her eyetaping and brownfacing in her devilman cosplayer ha

No. 525337

File: 1520659543882.jpg (2.21 MB, 1920x2560, 18-03-10-16-24-00-384_deco.jpg)

Her tagged photos on instagram show how much of a average girl she is without all that face and eye tapping

No. 525372

she looks normal(er) in past photos. probably didn’t get enough attention so she attempts to look more masculine to have 13 year old fangirls.

No. 525373

File: 1520663836669.jpeg (1.89 MB, 4096x4096, 528CAB73-0A5E-4E0C-B101-281599…)

No. 525423

File: 1520673628763.jpeg (74.87 KB, 750x1091, DX2iP38VAAAmbF_.jpeg)

Lmao she thinks she can speak Japanese but she uses such unnatural language

No. 525426

Damn didnt noticed it was already posted

She isn't talking about kisses, she's talking about Keith from Voltron

Sage for samefag

No. 525447

anyone who speaks even a tiny bit of jap will know its google translate

No. 525512


An old video from a fan account

No. 525532

I can get irritated by the taping of the eyes, because that shit isn't cool. But Akira is tan after he absorbs Amon and becomes devilman… So how are people upset by bronzing or tanning? Akira isn;t black.

No. 525544

I think they were just pointing out the differences from then to now. (Probably should use a different photo.) She’s darkened her skin along with taping her eyes
a few times in the past to appear more asian. >>366902 >>366903

No. 525601

Is this shopped? It doesn't look like they are touching each other.

No. 525792

it's most likely just awkward posing, i don't think she and wonyo would actually kiss for a cosplay photo

No. 525833

File: 1520721874416.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2560, 18-03-11-09-43-57-024_deco.jpg)

No. 525840


Aw, she kind looks like a younger sister of Magdalen Berns. Too bad she's quite the opposite of her.

No. 527413

File: 1520892635453.jpg (512.45 KB, 2530x1722, IMG_20180313_090708.jpg)

No. 527672

File: 1520910395706.jpg (90.42 KB, 960x640, 29177335_1411539475617221_2320…)

her expressions never change

No. 527673

File: 1520910413181.jpg (88.82 KB, 960x640, 29104163_1411539375617231_6271…)

No. 527674

File: 1520910432407.jpg (112.3 KB, 960x630, 29103445_1411539498950552_2766…)

No. 527676

File: 1520910454203.jpg (113.62 KB, 960x634, 28871023_1411539368950565_1070…)

No. 527776

The rest are so shit that she looks good in comparison. Looks albino though.

No. 528021


her fingers are so short. surprised she didn’t edit them longer.

No. 528051

Knite looks like a dyke

No. 528370

She can't because these were event photographers and doesn't have access to the images before they are published

No. 528442

File: 1520988728412.png (250.59 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-13-06-30-26…)

>calling herself cute
>those teeth
>miyukiko and her constantly trying to leech off each others fame

No. 528914

File: 1521038036353.png (229.54 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-11-12-09-31…)

No. 528915

File: 1521038049532.png (218.04 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-11-12-09-34…)

No. 530480

File: 1521157498690.png (137.07 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20180315-170215.thu…)

No. 530852

File: 1521190628035.jpg (147.99 KB, 720x1280, photo_2018-03-16_15-40-42.jpg)

Not sure how she got her airplane ticket to be Mr tho

No. 530862

it is easy to just select Mr instead of Miss/Mrs since all airport attendants check are names and faces

No. 530902

also easy to erase the 's' with any photo app and the erase tool

No. 531326

File: 1521346273654.png (233.36 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-18-07-16-36…)

No. 531328

File: 1521346366248.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-18-07-14-01…)

How bad is her eyetaping that she can only do one expression?

No. 531618

File: 1521377238845.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2560, 18-03-18-23-44-48-853_deco.jpg)


plot twist when it was the creepy lip overlining all along

No. 531619

File: 1521377527967.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x2560, 18-03-18-23-50-16-238_deco.jpg)

No. 531621

File: 1521377979131.jpg (141.53 KB, 1080x1322, IMG_20180318_235810.jpg)

No. 532066

File: 1521414413663.png (237.97 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-19-07-40-58…)

confirmed she reads this thread

No. 532097

What am i missing that confirms she reads here?

No. 532154

if not thisthen the pull thread since they have been going on about how she only has the one expression in all her cosplays. This is the first ever cosplay where she's attempted some form of smile or expression

No. 532941

I was just looking up if Knite was a girl and I got stock in this thread …
I regret nothing. Thank you, i got the answers i needed. I'll stick around for a bit. (real broken english)

No. 533030

File: 1521496437865.png (253.63 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-19-23-07-56…)

Why are her fingers always so warped?

No. 534329

File: 1521591422915.jpg (33.53 KB, 281x500, knite.thumb.jpg.b79a5c51a9fa6a…)

More like Photoshop and taping

No. 534381

She looked fine back then…

No. 535285

she didn't look Asian enough for her liking

No. 535636

File: 1521711024147.png (408.1 KB, 359x514, Knitemayahips.png)

I love you.

I don't follow her shit, but this video showed up on my feed after I watched some quality cringe.

How do these hips fool anyone into thinking it's a man?

No. 536244

File: 1521765604848.png (155.31 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-20-19-09-28…)

she even edited the faces (skin blur) of the other actual guys in this photo

No. 536330

File: 1521769934145.png (458.06 KB, 1618x500, 1.thumb.PNG.6d86b75170.png)

She went on a rant on twitter about someone trying to hack into her and her mom's emails and facebooks "again".

The first time she claimed someone was hacking into her account was on PULL where she was shittalking Geheichou though? PULL has an email verification system though, so she was called out on that and just kept quiet about it.

No. 536331

File: 1521769979348.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-23-08-09-48…)

No. 536347

File: 1521771095992.jpg (168.77 KB, 2048x1536, 23632842_162876554312616_42212…)

that's a schnoz

No. 536363

Punchable af

No. 536437


the “mom” text feels off to me. I might be reaching but it’s detailed a little too perfect. As if it was written to be posted for sympathy or something. hm.

No. 536443

“To make others look bad because of your hard work”

This sentence also seems so off???

Isn’t it her and her daughter’s emails being hacked into??
Knife hasn’t mentioned anyone being framed because they’re friends with her
Neither was it mentioned that they’re trying to make knite’s Mum look bad

“I deleted pictures of my family off of my Facebook”

Also sounds like she’s reporting it?? My English isn’t too good but that sounds very off

Also please forgive me but didn’t knite say that her broken English was because of her Greek-ness
So wouldn’t it be the same for her Mum too..?

No. 536464

Also easy to remove the A from the name (Andrea), zoom, it's blurred.

No. 536471

Thats….no human looks like that. None.

No. 536518

File: 1521797666570.jpg (124.56 KB, 603x640, IMG_0233.JPG)

B-but muh dick!!

No. 536588


I agree. Also from the first screen cap she uses ‘…’ between the two thoughts which is kind of odd and awkward. then her “mother” does it also in the text. She probably made up the message so she can play victim, and gain sympathy from her ass-kissers

No. 536589

the way her "mother" types is exactly how she types as Mayanora on PULL when she's shitting on Geheichou. too bad her fans are too blind to see that.

No. 536596

File: 1521814209240.jpg (191.86 KB, 1043x1286, IMG_20180324_010830.jpg)

Whitemayo just pulled a Margot with the pinkeye looool

No. 536906

File: 1521845813744.jpg (37.03 KB, 620x350, nite-620x350.jpg)

Found an old image of her… What is going on with her lips

No. 536912

Not to be that person but no wonder she wants to be male. All her features are just super unfortunate on a woman.

No. 536914

I think she's sticking out her tongue, anon.

No. 536918

shit you're right I'm blind

No. 536968

hope she transitions, she seems happier as a dude

No. 537007

She doesn’t want to be a male, she wants to be an anime boy that 12 year old girls drool over.

No. 537305

File: 1521898488146.jpg (110.88 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1521802459832.jpg)

No. 537771

File: 1521945381469.jpg (40.68 KB, 505x602, Capture.JPG)

This eye-taping bullshit has got to stop. Now Knite's butt-buddy Miyuki is doing it, to the point where her already-asian eyes look like they're gonna pop out of their sockets.

It just looks too bad for words. How do people look at this and think 'yep I look like a hot af bishounen'

No. 537796

They all look like fucking Joan Rivers

No. 537831

It's sad this still doesn't make her stop looking as munted as shit

No. 538229

she sounds like such a typical girl here I don't get how her fans are so blind and deaf

No. 538456

File: 1522040324732.png (205.13 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-26-09-42-47…)

Get ready for more hotpshopped chesticles

No. 538847

Lmao anon I was thinking the same thing. I think Knite does it cuz she thinks taping pisses off the h8turz, it actually does the opposite. She's just showcasing how stupid and ignorant she is

No. 538923

File: 1522103212952.png (2.06 MB, 1630x1114, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 9.23…)

even though it looks like she's laying off on the Engrish her typing style even on instagram is so stiff for a native english speaker… you can tell she's still trying to steal and wear reika's skin…

No. 539703

File: 1522192297164.jpg (436.77 KB, 1071x1853, IMG_20180328_101006.jpg)

ah yes the two genders, fake trap and fakebois

No. 539723

Who is this character?

No. 539728

god. no rules doesn't mean people can't and won't still judge you. ffs!

No. 541478

File: 1522415826622.png (126.38 KB, 281x500, F559C93F-1E62-44C8-8C91-E5D40F…)

No. 541479

File: 1522415874910.png (127.28 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-03-30-12-18-37…)

"shapeshifter" haha more like Photoshop hack

No. 541483

File: 1522416095333.jpeg (103.08 KB, 801x1200, DZdTvGUU8AIXiQ-.jpeg)

Her chest cleavage from her jack frost cosplay is gone lmao

No. 541484

File: 1522416143540.jpeg (100.49 KB, 1200x801, DZdTxg5U8AAGPLh.jpeg)

No wonder she shoops her hands… they're so small…

No. 541495

Some dude from a YA novel, she said she likes the artist that designed him

No. 541504

When did she deactivated her tumblr? the url already got taken by someone

No. 542718

That is not what a male torso looks like.
Or ANY torso for that matter holy moly

No. 542726

I hate this bullshit cosplay has no rules thing. Of course it does. It's still a hobby with some set standards. No eye taping and yellow facing should def be a fucking rule.

No. 542732

yeah it's just a flimsy meaningless statement like art has no rules. it might not have any absolute rules that apply to every single instance, but of course it has general rules or else it wouldn't be able to distinguish itself from regular fashion, drag, sports mascots, clowns etc.

No. 543140

File: 1522575525785.jpg (210.08 KB, 1071x1118, IMG_20180401_193702.jpg)

her eyes are still taped to slits lol

No. 549236

File: 1523147909111.jpg (114.23 KB, 815x542, DaI1k4xU0AAcim1.thumb.jpg.2fdf…)

Her joker is so expressionless it's sad

No. 549237

File: 1523147993734.jpg (28.33 KB, 333x500, DaJ2TqwVwAEnYg0.thumb.jpg.e412…)

No. 549238

File: 1523148066182.jpg (190.95 KB, 1199x798, DaJ0Zo-VQAUnMZ0.jpg.5ff56f261e…)

still cosplaying with her Asian accessory friends

No. 549240

File: 1523148162878.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-08-06-19-07…)

No. 549301

I dont really understand why people think that a slightly downturned nose is a bad thing? Soohyuk had a downturned nose (before he changed it for some reasion RIP) and he is handsome… but her admitting to photoshop (even though they do a lot more than just a little nose fixing) is interesting. is she trying to cover herself?

(sorry about my english and i hope i did everything correctly… i don't normally post here)

No. 549525

I hate how she's only into P5 because of the Akechi/Akira ship, it's so obvious she hasn't even finished the game and these are all her shitty fujo fantasies. Her Akira is so ugly and inexpressive

No. 551478

File: 1523352493228.png (657.46 KB, 1124x500, Screenshot_2018-04-09-11-49-45…)

lmao her shitty open chest binding fakery got reported for nudity

No. 551486

With this picture she is more saying "uwu look at me I only need to correct my nose everything else is totemo alrighto!"
It's ridiculous how she wants to pass the two 'unedited' pictures of as unedited. No one has skin like that and we have seen enough candids to know that his chin is not as much of an dorito as she wants it to be.

No. 551488

File: 1523353427416.png (162.74 KB, 281x500, 0AFE89FC-B504-40EF-8A6F-A9C0E1…)

like your little gehe backstabbing knite?

No. 551648

Someone with Photoshop should overlay those two images in a gif

No. 552103

File: 1523404690058.gif (86.71 KB, 235x327, BD6BFABE-C931-43DF-86F7-1D32A0…)

Here you go, I tried

No. 552104

File: 1523404745619.gif (87.16 KB, 235x327, 34770E9E-4984-46BB-AE1E-0040C4…)

Number two

No. 552222

Thanks anon. I'm so disturbed by her obsession with editing her fingers.

No. 555959

heard she and miyukays were going to do wcs together but miyukays was pissed off at andre not sewing anything?

No. 556058

File: 1523785210851.png (143.52 KB, 1190x482, 1394978395.png)

why does she keep saying "female" like a damn incel

No. 556088

Again pretending she doesn't know English and is using google translate and hence the awkward wording?

No. 557034

File: 1523886198153.jpg (18.92 KB, 280x500, 30077861_433494507086388_14328…)

her arm and lack of Adams apple is definitely totally a dude's

No. 557038

File: 1523886264444.jpg (21.39 KB, 281x500, 30076571_1202372659896881_2005…)

No. 557615

The power of Photoshop and meitu

No. 557616

File: 1523936995345.jpg (317.29 KB, 1079x1574, IMG_20180417_134703.jpg)

dropped the image lol

No. 557643

She look like plastic in literally every photo. it's insane.

No. 557699

is it just me or is the center picture not her out of cosplay but her in an iDOLISH 7 wig? Has she been trying to convince everyone that this is her real hair?

No. 558358

I don't know what idolish is but it's definitely a wig since her eyes are still taped up in that photo and her hair isn't that full looking in real life

No. 558362

File: 1524011469519.png (184.76 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-04-17-22-23-24…)

still edited

No. 558364

File: 1524011503142.png (145.61 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20180417-155820.thu…)

The pose is so stiff

No. 558556

File: 1524029988308.png (3.02 MB, 803x984, A4F283A2-B3CF-4A5C-8F0B-F3E085…)

It’s a yaoi boy idol series popular with some of the fujo scum crowd. A few cosplayers I genuinely like are into it. I’d stake money she’s trying to pass off a cheap Momo wig from Taobao as her real hair. It’s a stupid move on her part because the sort of idiot yaoi loving teen girls she caters to are also exactly the sort who are likely to realize what she’s doing.

No. 558770

File: 1524060262073.png (129.85 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-04-18-17-53-14…)

she looks more stiff in the actual add how is this even possible???

No. 558774

File: 1524060478564.jpg (200.85 KB, 1072x1307, IMG_20180419_000112.jpg)

No. 559013

724 replies and none of y'all have mentioned how fucking chapped her lips are in basically every pic. For shame.

No. 559258


she's definitely still taping, yikes. and lol trying to pass this off as a collaboration? you're just a no name model, not a celebrity knite.

No. 559376

we were all thinking it, don't worry

No. 560445

File: 1524191330653.jpg (62.48 KB, 1066x489, IMG_20180420_122629.jpg)

She looks unfortunate as a female, no wonder she's trying to look like an anime guy

No. 560715

File: 1524230810898.jpg (159.58 KB, 1080x1319, IMG_20180420_122605.jpg)

No. 560719

File: 1524230881296.jpg (114.85 KB, 1065x636, IMG_20180420_232451.jpg)

Knitemaya retweeting an actual guy cosplayer as if she's a guy feeling this way too lol

No. 564915

Like what Hana and Baozi think even matters on this subject. The two of them photoshop themselves so much theyre different people in every photo. The fact they recently did the twins from Ouran and people were really like "omg you guys look so similar" makes me think all of their, and knites fans, are just plain stupid/delusional.

No. 566332

where did u find this pic? seems too personal, Knite is wearing a bra and its quite visible so Knite is not being a guy here

No. 566471

She has the fakest creepy smile

No. 566488

ot but fuck asian girls who pull this quirky kyarypamupamu shit.

No. 566689

her facebook settings are shit af

No. 566835

ngl I like seeing her have some actual emotion

all of her faces are the same because she must use so much tape she can't move her mouth or it'll all come off
it's so boring

No. 567877

File: 1524910867346.png (260.56 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-04-28-14-19-54…)

Still taping in a fashion shoot pretending she has monolids lmao

No. 567907

The hell is this shit

No. 567982

File: 1524921699268.png (169.03 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-04-28-14-18-07…)

She shoops her nose so much her real nose looks so fugly when she doesn't or can't shoop it

No. 567996

Why doesn’t she just get a nose job? Clearly she can’t stand her real nose, wouldn’t it be easier to get it done?

No. 568552

She's already stated she'd never get plastic surgery in an instastory (but bitch lies) probably because she'd rather spend the money on taobao cosplays instead

No. 568555

That mouth makeup.

No. 569324

thanks anon, Knite is dressing as a girl there i dont undetstand a fuck

No. 570966

File: 1525175447907.png (32.54 KB, 568x271, Captura.thumb.PNG.9359235198dd…)

She's going back to Mexico..

No. 571206

File: 1525205482963.png (801.68 KB, 1080x1920, cry.me.a.river.png)

No. 571449

File: 1525221079813.png (127.46 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20180501-094744.thu…)

I was just about to share that
That file name too

No. 575424

File: 1525650354360.png (2.49 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Should we tell 'em? Check out the comments haha

No. 576459

File: 1525750527282.png (448.74 KB, 674x500, 2.thumb.PNG.d496cbc9871a98fa97…)

Her edits are more and more messed

No. 576461

File: 1525750547069.png (460.45 KB, 686x500, 1111.thumb.PNG.45a01504ccbff8a…)

No. 576462

File: 1525750562101.png (196.86 KB, 321x500, fgdfgfgh.thumb.PNG.8f4d10e9aa4…)

No. 576585

Interesting how a person who actually met knite in person goes for "they/them" pronouns when knite claims to be a he/him.

No. 577457

File: 1525885773000.png (205.01 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-08-00-01-02…)

No. 579122

I don't get why he doesn't make steps towards getting rhinoplasty, jaw surgery, and top surgery if that's what hes dying to look like.(namefagging)

No. 579500

Because Knight is the perfect example of "fake boi" or a "transtrender"
They are scared hormones will make them ugly and they won't get any kind of surgery once this "I'm a boy" phase is over. They are exactly like that Kayden chick who claimed to have a flat chest and be on hormones only to go 100% full chick once she got a boyfriend.

No. 580975

File: 1526180413536.png (223 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-08-10-08-28…)

No. 580976

File: 1526180500702.png (237.27 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-08-18-55-41…)

That idolish wig is so ratty how does she think it will pass as her real hair

No. 584837

File: 1526480892662.jpeg (43.44 KB, 281x500, 71B071B5-0A2A-4CD6-A209-F8A1A8…)

trying to imitate a bulge…..

No. 584973

Why would she want it to look like she has a boner?

No. 585428

Oh please, she'd look fine as a woman with proper styling. It's a lot better than her photoshopped creepypasta SCP reject looking makeup.

Imagine that mouth opening and coming at you. This is terrifying, bitch looks like she's about to turn into kirby and swallow the camera whole.

No. 586064

File: 1526564926866.jpg (155.13 KB, 900x1200, Dcoyq-vVQAAncPg.jpg)


No. 590892

File: 1526973134938.png (219.97 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-19-07-03-24…)

No. 590893

File: 1526973197322.png (173.23 KB, 600x500, Vane_The_Dragon_Knights.thumb.…)

The original image, she didn't try at all…….

No. 590894

File: 1526973306950.png (251.92 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-19-23-01-50…)

No. 590900

File: 1526974212929.png (199.63 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-20-08-49-23…)

No. 591589

can someone check if these are sold anywhere? might be lying about making them

No. 594357

File: 1527347248800.png (216.58 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-24-15-03-57…)

No. 594371

File: 1527348688908.png (169.71 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-25-07-28-48…)

No. 597493

File: 1527684495508.png (230.4 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-30-04-52-41…)

No. 597494

File: 1527684536614.png (221.87 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-30-04-55-56…)

What is the difference… They are both photoshop

No. 599531

File: 1527872235686.png (216.32 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-05-31-23-43-15…)

No. 614623

File: 1529371965484.png (209.94 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-06-17-07-13-45…)

Of course she cosplays the character most known to whitewash and appropriate Asian culture(Back2tumblr)

No. 614624

her Doritos chin disappeared…

No. 628585

File: 1530706075944.png (199.27 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-07-02-19-48-30…)

Lay off that meitu girl

No. 629283


This isn't tumblr. Get out.

No. 635931

That….nose? Noses…don’t. Wow.

No. 636966

File: 1531661629484.jpeg (68.44 KB, 402x500, D3F25882-351A-4BB7-AF5B-6C7183…)

still taping her eyes.. her face is getting even more shooped it's so unsetling

No. 674853

File: 1535435954886.png (301.36 KB, 393x500, Screenshot_2018-08-19-19-57-28…)

her everchanging chin..

No. 674854

File: 1535436129687.png (195.54 KB, 281x500, 1679907F-0654-4E09-A2A8-37A7A3…)


No. 702997

File: 1538538033897.png (217.86 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20180930-124507.thu…)

no dick in sight..

No. 722394

File: 1540669579456.png (85.81 KB, 720x736, Screenshot_20181027-115300~2.p…)

knite's response DM'ing me when i called "her tits real cause she's a chick" in her witch mercy cosplay (even though i wasnt meaning it harshly lol)(cowtipping)

No. 724326

why did she put "feminine boy" in quotation marks… she doesn't believe it herself

No. 729453

File: 1541762351197.jpg (26.92 KB, 313x500, h_iRoKd_.jpg)

someone posted this on twitter a few months back haha

No. 729471

She doesn't use the tape for a facelift effect though.. She literally uses it to make her eyes slanty, like an asian

No. 729899

File: 1541829390490.jpg (76.38 KB, 243x500, Screenshot_20181019-221149_Ins…)

does any one else see the similarities between andre and the scarebrat drama thats all over twitter? blurring out her creases to imitate looking more asian as well haha

No. 729947

http://misterquire.tumblr.com/post/135039868320/gudeboy-knitemaya-due-to-recent-call-outs archiving this due to people saying she apologised…… over two years ago and then proceeded to delete everything shortly after.

No. 729962

File: 1541843876051.jpg (22.63 KB, 376x140, what.JPG)

I'm sorry, is Knite saying in their reply that Australians have never heard of Blackface? Is… Is this for real? I call absolute and utter bullshit on this, because EVERYONE and their dog knows what the hell Blackface is. Are they really trying to appear that sheltered and naive that they're speaking out for an entire community, one who is significantly bigger than a lot of the other Australian cosplay ones? BULLSHIT.

No. 730464

File: 1541945107289.jpg (181.21 KB, 1065x1102, IMG_20181112_010334.jpg)

Akali cosplay?

No. 730475

File: 1541949134982.png (704.65 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20181111-161118_1.p…)

Jumping on the bandwagon since she has never talked about LOL or anything

No. 730476

File: 1541949206733.png (Spoiler Image,828.66 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20181111-161123_1.p…)

she looks awful with the neon effect tho

No. 730502

I swear only pull cares about knite

No. 730559

I feel like all recent posts are exchanged between one bored farmer and a vendetta samefag, who has never heard of sage and reeks like a jealous cosplayfag. In fact, a lot of older posts look written in the style of this person, too.
There's nothing milky about Knite anymore.

No. 731941

File: 1542188205498.jpeg (118.44 KB, 750x657, 76658880-C289-4A53-8C84-035629…)

So can you explain why you’re wearing it out of cosplay and for characters that are white? (Erwin from AoT)

No. 732238

File: 1542239571081.png (2.83 MB, 1652x1106, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 6.52…)

tOtAlLy NoT a WoMaN

No. 732280

File: 1542245148951.png (242.46 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20181114-160914.thu…)

I'm not sure this is healthy… but it does explain how skinny she has gotten throughout the years

No. 732305

tbh i don't care about her taping her face. it's kind of too stupid tumblr-tier for me (though her reasoning here is platinum retarded) i'm more upset about her being a creepy fakeboi.

No. 732327

That's pretty irresponsible

No. 732415

File: 1542267656453.png (213.68 KB, 1166x784, lol.png)

No. 732417

File: 1542267747603.png (585.71 KB, 1240x1170, Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 6.38…)


I'm so confused.. wasn't the first callout was when she was 20 years old? that's not a kid.

No. 732437

>intermediate fasting

Also, how does it even count as intermittent fasting if you only eat one meal a day? That's not how it's supposed to work. Regular old ED.

No. 732440

This is really dangerous

No. 732656

Not surprised, so many fake boys are ana chans. What confuses me is she keeps bouncing from "I was born male" to "Just kidding, I'm female, I just identify as male" back to "I was born male, I just felt bad because I'm so kawaii girly"

No. 732925

File: 1542332124434.jpg (181.74 KB, 901x1200, DsDfW5UU4AAkvqy.jpg)

does anyone else ever wonder how wrinkly she's going to get after taping for so long?

No. 733008

File: 1542343541052.png (82.6 KB, 616x558, kDPPYsU.png)

did she really say that an FGO character intentionally drawn to look like an anime girl is Israeli? that reach though

No. 733135


yikes no wonder she has those spoop legs. i concur with the anon who said some fake bois are anas; they all have supreme body issues and either are fatty-chans or ana-chans

it seems to be either:

>kawaii yaoi ukes don’t have an inch of fat on their bodies uwu

>starve urself and become the kawaiiest yaoi prince ~
>u can look however u want and still b trans !! support chubby mlm uwuwuwu

it’s literally just masking self-hatred and coping by trying to imitate their gay anime boys to try to escape femalehood.

No. 734076

what the fuck, Ionia is a part of Greece, which is a real country Q's far as I'm concerned
before making a post to ~inform~ people you might wanna make sure you're not completely fucking uneducated

No. 734101

in this case it's a fake country in the LoL universe http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ionia but in saying that, she probably had to look all this information up since she doesn't even play League

No. 734639

File: 1542619768096.png (269.27 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20181116-091222.thu…)

this is her reasoning for having that spoopy body. still.. to advertise such bad advice to a bunch of tweens who listen to everything she says is really dangerous. that's like basically encouraging EDs to a gen of younger cosplayers who don't know any better,

No. 735035

File: 1542680651213.png (210.13 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20181119-091411.thu…)

it keeps happening

No. 736615

File: 1542941037935.jpg (86.35 KB, 243x500, Screenshot_20181123-074031_Ins…)

No. 736616

File: 1542941066585.jpg (86.67 KB, 243x500, Screenshot_20181123-073814_Ins…)


No. 736757

yikes, sage for no contribution but it's literally the same rageboner anon posting in here with the same tiny screenshots with half-assed commentary for months now

are you ever gonna run out of things to nitpick?

No. 737093

Of course she’s into hypnosis mic

No. 737094

kek you're right. embarrassing.

No. 737096

At least they are posting it here instead of just collecting hate-screenshots without discussion. The jessieblush thread is similar(different Anon though)

No. 737105

is it really any better? they're repeatedly bumping the thread with mundane caps no1currs about but them. all mayo's real milk has curdled.

No. 737204

It's all this thread has ever been tbh

No. 753370

File: 1545626353560.jpg (162.24 KB, 815x912, Screenshot_20181223-232025_You…)

don't know if this thread is still active so i'll sage but these images are too hilarious to pass on posting

No. 758052

File: 1546476321326.jpg (229.39 KB, 924x1515, IMG_20190103_114351.jpg)

"first time I go skiing" Oh my god

No. 758425

Wow look at that real unshooped body that looks nothing like their original silhouette, and that fakeboi binder, 11/10 man

No. 758434

File: 1546536780236.png (328.66 KB, 378x498, knite.PNG)

Such boy my dudes

No. 759150

File: 1546637451275.jpg (11.74 KB, 480x240, *chooses truth* are you a real…)

>>736615 >>674853 >>599531 >>597494
>>590900 >>576461 >>541483 >>533030
>>531618 >>473367 >>470625 >>399351

Sorry for bringing up old, old shit pictures (and I could have added so many more), saging for no contribution whatsoever, ban me if you desire, but after months of trying to dig up what her shitty, ridiculous, disgusting, barf-inducing corner-of-lips lines as makeup + photoshop and painfully edited smiles reminded me of, I came to an epiphany :

The ~evul~ smiles in Jason Blum's shitty, ridiculous, disgusting "Truth or Dare" movie.

I'm going to take a nap now.

No. 759153

and* makeup

I was so heated I forgot how to fucking type.

No. 760289

holy moly, her unshopped body definitely caught me off guard.

No. 762170

File: 1547124290528.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2305, Screenshot_2019-01-10-20-41-39…)

Knitemaya pulled a Momokun and straight up used a pose from a doujin cover

No. 762171

File: 1547124362534.jpeg (225.11 KB, 1149x800, Duz7AR2UUAAZVro.jpeg)

She's cosplaying Juutou (grey shirt), pic related is the doujin cover by @gaaduck on Twitter

No. 762173

File: 1547124836823.jpg (813.58 KB, 1004x2048, pixlr_20190110205222738.jpg)

This one might be a reach, but worth noting anyway since it's by the same artist as above.

No. 762178

An earlier version of this pic, dated back in August. https://twitter.com/gaaduck/status/1030158401513222144?s=20

No. 762220

Jesus H Christ. The absolutely unbelievable amount of shoop is just mind boggling. It looks like they just went to town with the liquify tool.

No. 762258

File: 1547141349129.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1600x1198, 780D7F44-A28B-444D-A14E-29BDC6…)

I’m honestly having a huge laugh over the hakken chick because I die at the amount of photoshopping done in every pic they post like

Who thinks this looks okay to post? Wtf hahaha what is wrong with these girls?

No. 766696

They gon' shooped out all their facial features, I'm surprised they think this is acceptable to post and not closer to digital painting than photography. Maybe if you're that insecure about what your face looks like, don't get into a hobby that's all about your looks?

No. 767534

That body is definitely maantaocos's since he was an "assistant" at the shoot, his other cosplays show off his body, and he's going out with knitemaya. He's almost definitely using her for her fame though. I almost feel sorry for her but being fake attracts fake people I guess.

No. 768574

File: 1547957668986.png (184.01 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20190118-203246.thu…)

she's showing off her lack of variety and skill on instagram right now

No. 768579

All that eye taping up close, good find

No. 770345

File: 1548240358080.jpeg (80.63 KB, 336x500, 4548B7F1-8B56-46D5-BF99-99E284…)

what the hell is happening with her face in this one?

No. 770348

File: 1548241977932.jpg (42.35 KB, 1208x500, 5voV5rZpg.f03ea607e222eb727488…)

this was on her facebook (has since been deleted)

No. 770417

File: 1548255207000.png (230.19 KB, 564x448, sangwoo.png)

looks like she tried to shop herself into a literal yaoi character

No. 770425

What's happening with her face in any of them? Why does she insist on shooping her mouth like the joker all the time? Shit's going to suck you in like kirby. What's up with the lack of jaw structure and outrageous smoothing? So many questions on her taste in the human body. I guess that's what looking at too much anime will do to you, though.

No. 771471

File: 1548404777077.png (424.47 KB, 817x599, joker.PNG)

The way she shoops her smile gives Joker a run for his money
>lewd photoshoot
oh no

No. 772020

her nose is so hooked and it's hilarious when she can't shoop it like in front-facing selfies because her photoshop skills are just not good enough

No. 772035

File: 1548509184328.jpeg (671.15 KB, 1242x1707, B80146C2-8785-4F9B-92B5-50D7F7…)

Currently being called out on Twitter and it’s getting a lot of traction

No. 772036

File: 1548509230479.jpeg (974.25 KB, 1242x1686, 68F29210-6453-49B6-8567-450E66…)

No. 772217

File: 1548544739024.jpeg (19.88 KB, 300x300, AEBA600C-D170-4943-BCA1-AD25D6…)

Found the unedited version

No. 772787

Moved to >>>/w/6452.

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