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No. 67849

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it


> Turned 30, roommate Phi moved out

> Did ex-boyfriend tag video, had ex-fiancé Davey Suicide shade former FotR friends despite asking people to stop asking about them; deleted old ex-bf tag video with him
> Deleted/privated all videos featuring former friends, sanded down/painted over portraits she did of them
> Posted ads looking for new roommate, severely overcharging for one room ($1,260)
> Posted ads on AirBnB, rents out bunk beds in apartment for $270/night
> Rents apartment out for shoots on Giggster for $125/hour with a 4 hour minimum
> Has a new greasy suck-up fanboy boyfriend, Stefan
> Has been hanging out with/sticking up for serial cheater Leo Camacho/Leo Zombie
> Tweeted essentially telling people to buy a home instead of pay for college; got lots of backlash for it
> Posted (horrible) severely shopped photoshoot photos on Instagram, blurring botched stomach
> Continues to wear wigs, is beginning to bald
> Built an obnoxious pillow fort with boyfriend in parking lot of apartment building; hung up period stained sheets, both slept in it for multiple days
> Had a very short lived semi-racist Spanish accent mostly in videos with boyfriend
> Drama with DavedScissorhands; Kelly claimed she herself dyed a wig with Splat, Dave actually made wig himself and dyed it with Overtone; Dave called out Kelly, Kelly never apologized, removed any trace of him from her social media
> Continues to beg for video ideas on social media
> Continues to claim she just naturally has a “fat ass”, despite getting lipo on thighs
> Continues to post several work out videos at gym, suspiciously right after posting about visiting her plastic surgeron's office
> Continues to post (dirty) items she got for free from sponsors at large markup on Depop/Poshmark
> Continues to pity-seek by tweeting about depression/vague-tweeting about betrayal from FotR
> Continues to scrape bottom of barrel for “friends”/content (see: Leo Zombie, forgotten Azusa Barbie, Tiffie Starchild, Cherry Dollface, Davey Suicide)


> Went to Japan for two weeks, caused drama with group of “friends” there, got “sick” and stayed at home; walked around in underwear in front of friend’s and their boyfriends; complained about being single and alone, constantly hit on new friend Jamie’s boyfriend Taylor, threw tantrum over Lindsay’s boyfriend not buying her pink beer, went entire trip with tits practically hanging out, brought down the general mood of trip with constant whining and obnoxiousness

> Sudden obsession with Pokemon despite claiming to not like it in the past
> Went on Depop selling spree to make money for useless items from Japan trip (that will end up on Depop anyway like previous Japan trip); sold lots of free PR items at huge markup (from Dolls Kill, Chotronette, Black Milk, Doe Deere, cosplay clothing companies)
> “Quit” cosplay, claimed “cosplay brings up bad memories”; listed old cosplays/unused cosplays on Depop
> In attempt to be “edgy”, started wearing fake nose ring and painted bloody “meme” pentagram behind fridge
> Dyed Toshi pink (again) in a bath after being called out here for keeping him dirty and matted
> Posted Happy Birthday video for childhood friend, is shamelessly monetized
> Rumored bedbugs in the home, spent a lot/all of her day in studio around this time
> Latched on to new (now forgotten) “friend” Azusa Barbie, suddenly was obsessed with Barbie again for a short time
> Profile found on Japanese dating and "like" apps
> Adopted new “picnic” pastel vomit color scheme following her minty pastel vomit color scheme
> Covered fridge at home with tacky wallpaper, covered Twitch setup in studio room with tacky gingham wallpaper
> Spray painted entire Twitch setup (including computer monitors, cords) as form of “OCD from childhood trauma”; recently obsessed with spray painting everything in studio room including sink and fridge, never uses mask for protection, complains about feeling sick/tired the next day
> Streamed on Twitch for a week, dropped it despite adding Twitch as employer on Facebook
> No time to LARP anymore because she “can't find a dogsitter”; goes to LARP for 12 hours anyway, hides then leaves early (potentially related to multiple former friends being active LARPers/ex LARPer “boyfriend” Sekril)
> Put Amazon Wishlist in bio; wishlist features very expensive streaming items amongst other things (i.e. candles, toys, etc.); claims they are equipment/tools she “needs” for streaming/art, despite having all streaming equipment needed (that she got for free); made pity-seeking depressed post right after
> Advertised Smile Sciences, claimed “yes I use it”; meanwhile frequently sells Smile Sciences Kits on Depop
> Listed new, overpriced flower crowns for sale; previously known for horrible quality
> Listed marked-up items on Depop as “new” despite being clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts; listed Betsey Johnson dress she “traded” for with an antler crown from previous fan (that she blocked) for $400
> Listed sponsored Technisport chair (received for free) for sale on Facebook for $200
> Posted video sponsored by Splat hair dye ft. a patchy blue-green dye job using Pulp Riot dye; Splat only used poorly on extensions; immediately posted after about “missing pink hair”, still wears full wigs anyway
> Hairdressers asked not to be shown in Splat video, Kelly still left a ton of shots of hairdressers in video; appeared to destroy hairdresser’s sink with Splat for her extensions
> Posted happy Instagram stories with Molly McIsaac’s chickens/baby chicks; animals visibly stressed in videos/photos
> Got lipo on thighs, subsequently wouldn’t shut up about how “big” her pancake butt looks; posted gross butt photos on Instagram
> Got more fat-burning injections on areas that were already lipo’d
> Revamped Patreon after not delivering on any promises for two years+ (most notably skit videos); no more physical rewards
> Whined about wanting pink stove because black stove “doesn’t fit dollhouse aesthetic”; made Ko-Fi for sheep to donate to (instead of just buying one herself); later changed Ko-Fi to “art supply funding” (has only spray painted studio fridge ugly pastel colors since then)
> Posted new, overpriced poorly done art for sale on bigcartel; titles of art seemingly shading FotR
> Tweeted then deleted about being “betrayed and abandoned six times in a row”; referencing FotR
> Has been scraping bottom of barrel for friends (see: hanging out with seamstress Lindsay, Claire Max, Molly McIsaac, LARP randos, and continuing support for controversial ex-Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere); rest of FoTR hanging out together, sans Kelly


> Made lighthearted/“fun” video exploring abandoned Nazi camp with cousin Jimmy who was sporting red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes

> Friends/fans flamed her for insensitivity; eventually took video down after deleting all negative comments about it on any posts
> Posted “apology” on Twitter typed up in notes, which doesn’t feature an apology whatsoever
> Little sister Madi poorly WKed her on Twitter and made it worse; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse
> Went completely dark on social media for a week, came back as though nothing happened; still won’t apologize/acknowledge the fiasco
> Had been wearing awful wigs instead of dyeing hair again/investing in good wigs because “it’s easier”; too lazy to fix or wash hair
> Claimed Bob Ross isn’t considered “fine art”/his techniques are “cheating”; was using same techniques in new painting and makeup videos
> Went from being an “empath” to a “psychic”
> Hopped on Michael Jackson documentary trend by claiming abuse by “someone famous”
> Was pushing LARP/D&D videos until recently; fans greatly expressed they do not enjoy those
> Was spamming videos with empty content in light of drop in views/engagement on YouTube (didn't improve viewership at all)
> Lifted traits from Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks (milk bath photos, attempting to create word for her stolen “style”, etc.)
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos/stories on Instagram/YouTube, where she listens/gets turned on to kidnapping ASMR videos
> Had fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT); seems to have disappeared, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari; often features poorly donned undergarments and severe chestne
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20+ minutes
> Got free expensive computer equipment from companies; would never stream on Twitch despite repeatedly promising to
> Removed stretched/faded tattoo of mother on arm, replaced with a poorly done tattoo of Sailor Moon fanart of Human Luna (by a Chinese artist which she never received permission from to use)
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked it for all it was worth; $10,000 GoFundMe to fund funeral (which was also used on shopping/lip fillers/vacation to Mexico after his death), made monetized videos to garner sympathy in his room where he died, etc.; has now turned his room into mini-version of her home for when she visits family in Colorado
> Got liposuction after not “seeing results” after one week of working out and still eating junk; never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds, despite bashing meds as treatment in past
> Made a (now deleted/privatized) video with her ex-boyfriend/fiancé Davey Suicide; skreeeeee'd at him for 50 minutes/demonized him at every turn
> Tweeted anti-Semitic meme then played dumb after being called out on it
> Was featured in Splat campaign ad wearing dyed wig not dyed with Splat
> Former roommate Dre got start on Kelly's channel, moved out after drama; Kelly shaded Dre, threw fit over not getting “credit” for Dre’s success
> Lost ex-boyfriend Kyle Pavone to accidental overdose, sad-tweeted/milked loss in Labyrinth of Jareth video; Kyle's girlfriend Allie reportedly livid about Kelly's Tweets
> Constant flirting with Jake Munro in front of girlfriend Kaya Lili/Toxic Tears when they were visiting the U.S./staying with Kelly and Dre
> Regularly sends sheeple to harass professionals into sponsoring/collaborating with her (see: Gallery Nucleus Final Fantasy art exhibit fiasco)
> Former Kawaii Ambassador, despite pronouncing words such as “kawaii” incorrectly
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning $1000+ Angelic Pretty dress in Japan (that she was too stupid to read the price of); didn’t apologize and in turn accused the store of “doing poorly”, pushing sales
> Dyed accessory designer dog Toshi pink to fit her “aesthetic”
> Used sign sent by fan as a ramp for dog
> Sold art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500+
> Bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots
> Threw self-pity party for being single/lonely at (former) best friend Stephanie’s wedding; couldn’t fake being happy for one day
> Got (now former) friends to babysit her for a week straight at home after getting elective liposuction for the first time
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring/partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (marked as sold despite still being seen in background of videos)
> Stole dad's ashes from family to mix into self-portrait painting
> Had reputation for selling horrible quality antler crowns that would break easily/reviewed as selling dirty items on eBay (username edenromance); swapped an antler crown for a Betsy Johnson dress with a fan, fan never received crown after mailing dress, was blocked after complaining
> Whines about “wasted” time in art school/as a tattoo apprentice
> Previously(?) friends with dubious characters such as Davhie Vanity
> Posed smiling, flashing a thumbs up in front of homeless person sleeping on ground in L.A for a photo on Tumblr
> Used to claim she’s a “gypsy”




No. 67851

Unpopular opinion, but I think the Fellowship dropping Kelly was ultimately good for her career. Nothing against sex workers, but when your audience is mostly younger people taking inspiration from you, it's beyond irresponsible to be promoting your literal porn star friends on your channel. Now if she could stop promoting plastic surgery.

No. 67853

Agreed, but I almost must add that if Kelly wants to appeal to her younger audience, she needs to stop swearing so much in her videos and put her tits/ass away more often. Her videos used to be popular when she had that positive vibe and her channel was more family friendly. Even if it was fake, it got her views and made her seem more interesting on her own, instead of having to rely on guests in her videos for ideas and entertainment. Just a thought

Wish she would also stop pretending to lose weight by working out. We all know it's lipo Kelly

No. 67864

Kelly has said she doesn’t aim to appeal to a younger audience so any hope you have of her putting her tits away and not swearing is p much dead in the water lmao

No. 67881

They'll still watch her though. But I wish they wsouldn't. She keeps promoting plastic surgery and bullshit supplements.

No. 67888

Does anybody know what is her most common audience base? I've looked at her IG and youtube comments, and a lot of her fans seem to be in their early 20s, I think? So her fan base is mostly older Gen Z / younger Millennials who are into kawaii/pink aesthetics.

and I agree that if Kelly wants to retain (or grow her audience base), she should put away her tits, stop cursing, and try to appeal to Gen Z fans or something, idk. I don't see any older Millennials fanning over her.

No. 67889

and also: she showed her boyfriend on her IG story yesterday, I'm posting this as a response to someone who asked a few days ago if she got dumped yet. She and her BF are in a long distance relationship and it looked like she went to Sacramento over the weekend to visit him. He was cooking breakfast for her and his kitchen looked pretty nice.

No. 67894

File: 1569868607138.jpeg (647.87 KB, 750x1248, 2F82E7DB-ED20-48DE-8732-E04147…)

No. 67899

The thumbnail of this actually looks pretty good?? I was like "oh she looks great" until I enlarged it and saw the shitty cell makeup and that wig.

No. 67900

To me, it looks like her makeup and styling were inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's 1960s pop art paintings where the characters had black dots all over their faces, like old-school comic books.

No. 67902

Of course, lol. But I don't think it's makeup, it seems to be a filter of some sort. Anyway, she looks fine her.

No. 67903

File: 1569875653912.jpg (192.79 KB, 1031x712, SmartSelect_20190930-223307_In…)


In the comments

No. 67927

I think a move would be good for her. I think she should focus on her art full time and maybe have her own studio selling her art and other artsy stuff. Just imo

No. 67928

I just rewatched this old video of the last time she went to the labyrinth ball. And knowing all we do about the fellowship drama now, one can just see in this video how awkward she is around that larp group of friends, as opposed to the older labyrinth vlogs, where she was just easygoing and having a blast. Those were fun to ask, this one is just boring. I know she was conceived, nagging and narcissistic, but I think it really sucks to lose all of your close friends all of a sudden.

No. 67931

It really pisses that she took down pretty much all of her good videos, all the mail videos with Dre and other cute ones like her and Steph going to a renaissance fair and heaps others. Even though her videos are pretty shit now, i still loved watching her old ones a lot. Like, way to go Kelly make your channel even more boring and take away the only good things about it.

No. 67932

i completely agree tbh. i found kelly like 4 years ago now and those early videos were go-to background chill vids i’d put on when i was having a bad day and just needed to do some chores. i’m frustrated she took away the only even moderately redeemable part of her platform. as far as im concerned now she’s just a liposuction/shitty sponsorship parrot squawking about how hard her life is now while monetizing inappropriate shit like nazi camps and her cousin’s suicide.

No. 67946

SAME. It doesn't even make sense to me why she took down like a third of her videos when 1) she relies on views for ad revenue, and 2) she still has videos up with the FotR members. You can't argue it was for emotional reasons when videos like the FotR tea parties and even one of their Easter celebrations is still viewable. Also the one of her painting Envy is still up when we all know that nasty bitch was half the reason the group folded. That would be the first one I'd delete.

No. 67985

Sorta in relation to the old videos posts, that roommate tag video that someone linked in the last thread is so heartwarming to watch, especially the ending where Dre gives Kelly the Betsey Johnson dress and she's like genuinely really excited about it.

No. 67997

I have a theory about Envy and the fellowship breakup, hear me out.

I think that when Envy first came into the fellowship, she probably started whispering to all the girls that Kelly was making money off them and using them for her videos. Maybe the girls started feeling jealous and resentful that Kelly was making money (from youtube ad revenues) while they got nothing, and Envy initiated the group text breakup and dumped Kelly. Just my crazy theory!

Also, it makes sense that Kelly deleted those heartwarming videos because the fellowship either demanded it, or she felt embarrassed and sad that they dumped her.

love her or hate her, I feel bad for her and it's really sad to see acting socially awkward, especially in the Japan videos with people who are not her close friends. I hope that she grows from this and betters herself as a person… I actually like her. I do think she can be problematic sometimes, but I want to see her get better.

No. 68043

She very obviously deleted videos that showed her toxicity. Maybe coincidental. Probably not.

No. 68046

>>68043 >>67997
I agree. I think the Envy theory is pure tinfoil. What I believe happened was that they were all fed up with her behavior, and Envy, being the poisonous bitch that she seems to be, jumped on the opportunity to push her away and maybe hold a stronger position with the click. I think that her toxic behavior really was what drove her friends away (let´s not forget her bipolar disorder, which doesn't help), the constant whining, need to be the leader and always the best, to boss others around, not respecting their boundaries etc. I don't know what happened behind closed curtains, but I think they should have talked it out with her and given her a chance to make amends, if they truly loved her and were such good friends (as they liked to portray in videos). Imagine losing most of your friends like that. It must suck. I hope some of them give her a new opportunity in the future, and I hope she makes the best of it.

No. 68047

>>68043 >>67997
I agree. I think the Envy theory is pure tinfoil. What I believe happened was that they were all fed up with her behavior, and Envy, being the poisonous bitch that she seems to be, jumped on the opportunity to push her away and maybe hold a stronger position with the click. I think that her toxic behavior really was what drove her friends away (let´s not forget her bipolar disorder, which doesn't help), the constant whining, need to be the leader and always the best, to boss others around, not respecting their boundaries etc. I don't know what happened behind closed curtains, but I think they should have talked it out with her and given her a chance to make amends, if they truly loved her and were such good friends (as they liked to portray in videos). Imagine losing most of your friends like that. It must suck. I hope some of them give her a new opportunity in the future, and I hope she makes the best of it.

No. 68048

Not necessarily, she removed the one of her, Steph, and Lindsay getting ready for ALA and she's not doing anything remotely shitty in that one. Yet she left up one of her most notorious shitty behavior videos; the one where they're at Wondercon cosplaying the powerpuff girls and she's throwing a fit about not being Blossom. So there's really no concise pattern of why she deleted certain videos (like the one of her and Dre shopping for makeup; no drama… other than they never showed pics of the cosplay they were shopping for…) but kept ones that would actually make sense to delete (e.g. going to Wizarding World of HP for breakfast and being a total bitch to Dre on the drive over, or the hot mess E3 video with Steph and Envy).

No. 68072


I get the impression she deleted videos she was asked to. Dre removed ALL Kelly videos from her channel so I think she's been asked by some of the Fellowship to take certain ones down.

I do agree that I actually like her and hope she uses this as a chance to change/grow as a person. Envy has always seemed like a shitty person and there's actual evidence that she's initiated behind the scenes drama and shit talking in past groups. In the E3 drama she was the ringleader in the "it's so toxic here" she and Steph were actually the ones going HARDCORE on twitter about how "toxic" men were and how badly they were treated at E3.

No matter what, it's just sad to see a group of former friends gang up on one person and dump them all at the same time. That's a calculated and cruel move to do to someone that's just self-centered and annoying. It's well known that a few of them had been shit talking her behind her back here and on instastories for a while. They were JUST as toxic as her towards the end of their friendships and it's messed up they try to claim they took the highroad.

No. 68074

whoa… i need more milk… lol…if you have more info, you should post on the fellowship thread and talk about the E3 drama that Envycunt and Steph started. All the more reason to bash Envy and Steph when there's proof that Envy comes in here and bash others, so we all should start bashing her now, so she can see how she likes it.

Does anyone know if Kelly is still friends with Lindsay and Claire? Both girls were still talking to her and hanging out even after the fellowship dumped Kelly. I haven't seen any of them hanging out in recent videos for months.

No. 68076

She didn't delete all of them at least, she just put all of them on private.

No. 68077

Has anyone made a thread on Envy yet cause i think she fucking needs one?

No. 68086

The E3 drama anon refers to was Kelly, Steph and Envy going to E3 (invited by E3 iirc) in clothes which show off their boobs, walking around a bit and then declaring it had a bad atmosphere, male toxicity etc and leaving early without really engaging with anything there

No. 68087

Idk why there's been so little mention of the fairly obvious (especially in retrospect) negative posts about Kelly's friends – made in old threads long before friendships ended – which warranted suspicion that they were coming from Kelly herself.

I'm referring particularly to posts made about Dre while they were roommates, and after the falling out about ~stolen spotlight~, during times when the heat was on Kelly for one snafu or another, and when they were obviously feuding…posts which were either sparse to non-existent otherwise. I believe there are others, but these seem most obviously difficult to explain away with "but Dre's a cow, too!"

For example: the random posts about Dre's irrelevant Hot Topic ads which kept popping up in the middle of a waterfall of Kelly milk, when Kelly using her cousin's suicide to beg her teen audience to pay for a funeral & services her family could already afford (while claiming to be a mental health advocate, and doing the opposite of all responsible practices for media creators when talking about suicide along the way).

Relevance being: I have a tinfoil about one contributing factor to Kelly getting Regina George'd by her fellow cows.

I think that they put 2+2 together and realized she was talking shit about them here to make herself look like the "real
star" of The Fellowship. Probably a long time ago. TBH I think they've all been here and lowkey suspected each other of it for quite a while, but Kelly turned out to be the most egregious and obvious poster.

And I think none of them will talk about it - despite attention whoring about many other extremely personal topics - because in doing so they'd have to simultaneously direct their audiences to lolcow, instigate the mud-slinging about who said what about who (when lets be real – they've all posted and Kelly has her own dirt), and in the process confirm that Love Light Anime Uwu Goddesses stoop to even casting their gaze on such a site.

No. 68092

This. I wanted to mention it, especially with the recent newfags who keep posting here and in the FotR thread without saging, but I didn't want that one fag who keeps flipping out on people suspecting Kelly of posting here to flip out again and falsely accuse me of being one of the Fellowshit members again.

I always suspected that those old posts about Dre in Kelly's threads that derailed the height of Kelly's drama were from Kelly. Especially that person who kept posting that weird and creepy shooped gif of Dre's face. I think that Kelly was pissed over Dre moving out and gaining popularity without her so fast, but I think Kelly doesn't realize that Dre wasn't solely using Kelly to get ahead; she was sucking up to everyone and anyone that would get her ahead, and Kelly had outrun her usefulness. Which kind of seems like karma in a way to me, I feel like Kelly has done this to people in her way past also (like Demonpuff for example). Even now, Dre continues to boast about her famous "friends" on Twitter, tagging them and asking for handouts from businesses and showing off. She's always been hostile towards fans too, something she probably learned from how Kelly used to be (I've noticed Kelly is nicer to fans now since she's been losing so many). Dre's time will come too, don't worry Kelly. She acts just like you and that can only get her so far.

There's no doubt that the girls have posted on these threads to vent their drama with Kelly, I'm almost 100% certain of it, but let's not act like Kelly isn't guilty of posting here too. Especially since there was a video where she mentioned lolcow by name (can't remember which video but it was months ago, maybe even over a year ago). We all know that she lurks here, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's posting every now and then when she gets emotional.

No. 68105

But does she herself recognize her behaviour as toxic? Maybe she didn't delete those because she doesn't know what the problem is. She never has before.

No. 68115

That might be so, to some extent, but hell, even I posted about Dre being a piggyback ridding cow back then. Maybe she did the occasional post, but it was fairly obvious to everybody that she was, which as you said she still is and will continue to be.

No. 68121


I don't mean to wk Envy but you all remember that she built Kelly an entire twitch channel? Like she could be shitty and manipulative outside of that but she also took care of Kelly after completely unnecessary surgery. You know, the same Kelly who monetetized her teen cousin's suicide that some of you sociopaths think is secretly a good person worth admiring? Y'all can rag on Envy all you want, it just seems to be missing the point of this thread. You feel that bad that a shitty and selfish person pushed away her friends?

No. 68127

Agreed. I don't doubt Envy is a bitch who likes to start drama. But people have been talking about what a shitty friend Kelly is long before she showed up.

No. 68130


That's some pretty heavy wking for someone claiming not to want to wk. Learn to read before you sperg to wk Envy and call people sociopaths. Anons said they felt bad that one person got ganged up on and dumped by all their friends at the same time. They also said both sides are shitty people. Nobody said she's worth admiring, just that they didn't think she deserved having them act that shitty and immature when dumping her. It's possible to see that Envy is a manipulative toxic bitch that puts on a good person act AND that Kelly's a toxic shitty friend that has to be the center of attention.

No. 68134

Are you autistic

No. 68139

I find the Kelly wk's or the ones trying to slam Envy as hard as they can a lot more suspicious then the Envy wk's in this fucking thread, this is a Kelly thread no fucking shit people are talking trash about her and probably don't give a fuck about Envy and wonder why she keeps getting brought up

also surprise surprise most people don't give a fuck that Kelly lost all her friends, she deserved it for being a cunt to them for so long, regardless of how shitty they are themselves

No. 68142

Maybe because we are fucking human? And I didn't see a single anon wk Kelly, everybody admited that she does have major faults, but just didn't deserved to be treated that way.

No. 68148

Jfc. Envy is getting brought up because the FOTR thread started talking about her more recently and it finally migrated over here since Kelly has been pretty much dead silent lately. No milk = retrospection of the situation? Remember, many of the people on this thread were/are fans of Kelly's channel, it's not wking just because every now and then something positive is said about her or brought to her defense when deserving. People aptly point out her shitty, toxic behavior when there's milk, but since there isn't people instead are speculating on the situation since some light was finally shed on it more recently.

No. 68154

id you even bother to read any of the posts? There is hard, solid proof that ENVY has posted on lolcow, backstabbing one of her own friends. So of course we have good suspicion that she had a hand in pushing the fellowship to dump Kelly. there was also a person coming into the Kelly threads claiming to be a friend of the fellowship, which we all think must have been Envy. oh wait, are you Envy? If so, sorry, but we're gonna talk shit about you, too. get over it.

thank you! yes, this is lolcow and we can all be pretty mean and petty, but most of us on the Kelly threads were fans of her for a long time.

No. 68221


wouldn't that be a trip if they were on here wk-ing themselves back and forth?

No. 68226


Kelly would never actually admit her faults and that she did anything wrong. All of the anons "wking" Kelly have actually said she's a toxic friend that's problematic and craves being the center of attention. Let the wk screeching drop. It doesn't make someone a wk to acknowledge Kellys shit while also acknowledging Envys shit. Like the other anon said she's relevant because she's been outed as stirring shit in friend groups on lolcow itself

No. 68274

But does anyone have actual receipts of Envy past behavior or proof that she caused the breakup of the fellowship? Because I'm seeing a lot of "THAT BITCH ENVYYY" sperging. True she became friends with the fellowship not too long before they ditched Kelly, but I'm not seeing any specific milk, just a lot of vague speculation based on vague stories that Envy has a history of starting drama over and over.

Without details, it seems like some anons are happy to use Envy as a scapegoat when it's not like there haven't been tons of threads and posts about the many ways Kelly has been a shitty friend, how Dre had already moved out and moved on, how Kelly had already acted like a brat at Kota AND Stephanie's weddings…

What's the point of summarizing the thread if people are going to ignore what really happened and post over and over what a bitch Envy was for making Kelly's heard of sheep abandon her? I'm tired of reading it. Anyone who feels that way isn't secretly Envy. Just because we believe these losers post about themselves doesn't mean that anyone who disagrees with you is them. This thread truly has become a dumpster fire while Kelly is out there chilling and getting scarecrow dick.

No. 68278

Then don’t read the fucking thread, and people are saging this shit (minus the newfags). There IS a receipt of Envy dissing an old friend from Florida on the fotr thread. No, admittedly there hasn’t been one yet for Kelly, and there probably isn’t one, but you have to be pretty dense to not infer Envy probably had the same behavior in the fotr circle. I personally have felt she was the instigator since the beginning, but there’s been so much crazy milk with Kelly since summer 2018 it was never relevant to post and speculate. Her ex-bf tag video has prompted this speculation with the group again, and lack of milk has lead this to be the topic of current discussion on here. If you don’t like, hide saged posts and stay tf away until something milky comes along.

No. 68284

read the fucking thread, you fucking retard. There is literally a screenshot of Envy posting on lolcow, and we all find it suspicious that the fellowship dumped Kelly shortly after Envy was introduced to the group. However, I would love to see more receipts about Envy on the fellowship thread, she's definitely a lolcow.

No. 68285

Read the damn thread before speaking. The reciepts you are requesting have been referenced multiple times in the past week. Envy forgot to censor her profile pic when posting about a friend to /cgl/. The screencap is in the FotR thread and was linked to in tge last Kelly thread.

No. 68299

You could repost or link to that stuff to keep the discussion on topic instead of continuing to sperg.

No. 68302

Or maybe you could learn the board culture and understand that the expectation is for YOU to be up to date enough to not have to have content right in the last couple dozen posts spoonfed to you.

No. 68303

Samefag, but this is from just a four days ago and only a few posts up in thr other thread. Here you go.


No. 68307

It honestly takes zero effort to find it on your own. No one is here to hold your hand.

No. 68321

They meant proof of Envy stirring up drama with Kelly. They are aware of that screenshot, but it's old milk and not even related to Kelly or the fotr.

No. 68353

I don't think they did mean that.
>But does anyone have actual receipts of Envy past behavior or proof that she caused the breakup of the fellowship?
>PAST behavior OR proof she broke up the fellowship

Also, it may be old milk, but keep in mind we're talking about someone in their 30's here. When you're in your 30's, shit you did 4 years ago is a lot more likely to still be relevant to your personality. IIRC correctly, Envy is 33 or 34, meaning she was like 29 or 30 at the time she posted that cap. It is not a reach for us to speculate she was the mystery mutual friend posting about the Fellowship being done with Kelly, considering her history, and the fact the posts started shortly after she became friends with them.

No. 68393

Using a screencap from unrelated drama from years ago to keep blaming Envy for Kelly getting booted is a reach though. Saying I bet it was Envy, and then continuing to bring up Envy as the source of Kelly's friends dropping her isn't speculation, that's you deciding on what happened without actual proof and then lashing out at anyone pointing out that you're assuming a lot.

No. 68400

this, I think its more likely Kelly has been alienating her friends by being a terrible person for years, which has actually been documented in the threads instead of the latest girl to join making her look bad. she probably didn't defend Kelly when everyone turned on her after having enough of her shit but to literally blame the whole situation on Envy is a reach, there have been multiple occasions of people posting in this thread claiming to run in her circles without proof, it could be any one of them or just some random shit being bored and wanting to claim Kelly's house has bedbugs

No. 68414

wait did they officially?

No. 68415

wait did they officially?

No. 68420

Are you asking if the Fellowship officially dropped her? Fucking yes. READ THE THREAD.

No. 68422

Exactly. As long as there's been a Kelly Eden thread people have been pointing out what a shitty friend she is. Maybe envy rocked the boat. But saying she's the cause is unrealistic. Occam's razor applies here.

No. 68527

This thread should be 13, not 14.

No. 68569

File: 1570385109164.jpeg (373.06 KB, 750x872, CA695EC8-65FA-40AE-AB9E-9BE91B…)

Honestly nothing was “violently ripped away” from her, she failed to pay attention and care for her friends and didn’t even notice when they where distancing themselves until they cut all ties completely

No. 68613

“Violently ripped away“ is the kind of wording someone with a victim complex would use. Honestly whenever Kelly talks and complains about negative situations, it’s all “me, me, me”. This girl has no understanding of accountability and pulling her head out of her ass to reflect on how other people fell. And I don’t think she ever will kek.

No. 68614

Same anon but also, Kelly is so wrapped up in herself that she thinks being an online persona is hard because woe is her, the world is just so cruel and things get violently ripped away from poor little her.
No Kelly it’s because you keep fucking up and NEVER APOLOGIZE. Not to your ex-fans, not to the memory of your cousin, and certainly not to the fellowship. Accountability is important even when you are mentally ill. Nothing excuses you from your shit behaviour.

No. 68638

I agree like didn’t she JUST post a video with Davey dragging them and trashing their actions when he’s only heard one side (Kelly’s)? Why is she still acting shocked they don’t fuck w her??

No. 68642

File: 1570431440741.jpeg (520.08 KB, 1934x1204, 3DF290B0-D2A3-4777-892A-21A73F…)

So what I’m reading is that she’s with her own kind…..

No. 68649

LA is a great place for lasting and meaningful friendships…

No. 68651

But that’s just it, I feel like most things she has done would have been forgiven if she had just owned up to them instead of ignoring them. Not acknowledging her actions gives people the impression she believes she hasn’t done anything wrong. And when she does “apologize” she doesn’t once ever say “I’m sorry”. This is what really makes her look like an asshole and hurts her in the long run. I have more respect for someone who fucks up and owns it than someone who fucks yo, doesn’t acknowledge it and continues about their daily life like they’ve done no wrong.

No. 68652

Saw she put out a new video, like every few minutes is an ad and it's just her complaining and demanding things… I couldn't get more than 2 minutes in, pure cringe…

No. 68659

It is if you're not an obvious piece of shit people know to avoid lol

No. 68663

I literally couldn't get passed the first minute of her new video because of Kelly's screeching. Also because Madi is a trash person.

No. 68678

File: 1570481466142.png (1.87 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2019-10-07-13-49-10…)

sO eDgY

No. 68771

Anybody else find it funny how Kelly has solely been wearing her pink wigs right after Courtney went full pink? She's so insecure about a stupid hair color topkek get over it Kelly

Madi is literally one of those self absorbed holier-than-thou dumb girls who just absolutely radiates nasty. It's really saying something if you're a hundred times worse than Kelly. Their mom really raised two winners.

No. 68774

What the fuck is this

It's funny that they had to film this in Phi's old bathroom because god only knows how filthy Kelly's is. TBH this whole video seems like a way to get people to ask what happened to Phi so she can whine about it

Kelly has lost it. Somebody in the comments asked if she's okay and she said no, then the person recommended a mental help website that Kelly used to push. Gold.

Her description is also funny and too accurate: "Have you come to watch me flush my career down the drain? great!" She's really out of ideas.

What a wasteful video.

No. 68775

File: 1570509750103.jpeg (297.41 KB, 750x558, 46803556-A7D1-4B54-9E9B-5EC31D…)

Kelly’s on twitch for the first time in forever, someone asked why Phi moved and kelly literally said she has no idea. She said it was sudden but Phi’s been talking about moving for like a few months it shows that Kelly and Phi must have barely talked to each other these last few weeks.

She also confirmed she left LARP because of “drama” and “Petty behavior” but I think it’s because no one liked her and she was fucking Mr.Sensual Scratches

She’s also looking pretty old

No. 68776

There’s like 8 ads on a video of very little substance. Stopped watching before the first ad rolled in cause all I heard was wah wah, I’m so fucking pissed cause of this first world problem fucking fuck. Terrible content. I’ve unsubscribed long ago but I won’t watch her vids any more unless they are full of steaming milk.

No. 68777

Her new roomie is from Sweden

No. 68778

Maybe someone from sweden won't know how much she's overcharging for rent, and will be impressed by her hollywood adress, despite her neighborbood being shit.

No. 68804

How do you know

No. 68824

Not the same poster as above, but I'm guessing that Kelly might have mentioned it in her Twitch stream.

No. 68827

It pisses me off to no end how she says she’s out of video ideas. Here is a person who has an entire home dedicated to an aesthetic, a nice iMac with editing software (despite being on a desk she can’t “cross her legs under”, boohoo), a whole STUDIO with a brand new PC setup for Twitch, tons of indie makeup PR, lives in LA where shitis always happening… HOW can you be out of ideas?! If I had the resources, location, and social media following she had I would be all over that. Also invest in a new camera, she blows more money on stupid shit but can’t fork over a few hundred dollars for a new camera that is a necessity for her career? Most places have afterpay now, she can make payments on a new one. It’s all BS excuses with her.

No. 68891

She mentioned in the twitch stream

No. 68989

Great, a roomie from Sweden. Now we get to watch Kelly treat her roommate like they are an alien, while she tries to learn yet another language. I feEl sorry for them already.

No. 69028

File: 1570704282708.jpeg (329.28 KB, 750x1186, 5B057A4E-8CB3-45F3-84E5-CCC247…)

Is it weird that she follows Tyler and Lor through her Eden Haus insta?

No. 69032

Kelly is looking super rough and haggard here. Also she holds forth about the emo scene and compares having once known this weird guy to historical events like the vietnam war and prohibition.
Oh wow. Keeping an eye on them probably. I don't think she took either Tyler's or Lor's video as an opportunity to learn and grow.

No. 69035

I wish I looked that rough and haggard…..

No. 69036

Just go get some botched, sponsored plastic sugery and makeup to match your ugly personality you'll be on your way.

No. 69037

File: 1570716335487.jpg (524.29 KB, 1080x1080, Wow what a random topic to bri…)

Considering they definitely know each other and TT and Jake stayed at the dollhouse, I'm sure this is not a coincidence

No. 69038

Samefag, considering the multiple references to her friends dropping her via text in unrelated videos (EX BF tag, mental health advice video) it looks like Kelly's new thing is passive-aggressive references to friends amd ex friends. Like a subtweet/vaguepost in video format. Jake is an utter bellend so I don't feel sorry for him getting mocked by Kelly here, just interesting to note.

No. 69040

Apparently her recent "transformation" and "growth" have made her more passive-agressive and bitter. Jake is an utter knob, and a coward who tends to back down easily. So he probably won't adress it. But if she's going to keep needling people like this it's going to backfire eventually.

No. 69045

This is a BIG stretch. Do you have any evidence they're in bad terms?

No. 69047

Does Kelly still follow Jake or Kaya? All three of them tend to have a hard time holding on to friends, so it makes sense. But I too would like to see some proof.

No. 69048

They still follow her but she doesn’t follow them

No. 69049

Do they still follow Dre?

No. 69053

>he was gay not just in character but out of character too
>I have no idea who he is out of character

I feel like Kelly is just saying he is gay out of character to protect herself from any potential backlash. How does she know he is gay when she also states practically in the same sentence that she has no idea who he is, what his name is, what he does for a living, etc. and states he NEVER broke character but somehow knows his sexual orientation? She’s just trying to shield herself from sjw backlash over his gay jokes

No. 69055

Yeah they both still follow Dre

No. 69057

File: 1570733197470.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 32EC99F0-282F-4596-89B8-9BE53A…)

Did she really just destroy the top of an antique table with spray paint instead of putting down the items on newspaper or an old rag?
Even if she intended on spraying the whole table with another coat it’s going to have weird indentations where the items were set down.
Spray paint is very difficult to remove from furniture, lots of people who upcycle old furniture use spray paint as a barrier to prevent old varnish and colour stains bleeding through because it’s so robust and near importable to get off.
What a waste.

No. 69063


Also, I really hope those aren't the antique silverware she received from a family member - a grandmother, possibly? I know she's mentioned it before.

No. 69064

It was pewterware from someone in her family I remember her saying, I think in her first house tour video. Still valuable, and utterly shitty to spray it with cheap paint. I can only image how awful everything looks in her house up close. She has no idea how to paint furniture and housewares, but because she's an "artist" she thinks she's a pro at it.

No. 69067

she really has no respect for anything

No. 69082

Oh my god that was her great grandmothers tea set, it's over 100 years old why the fuck would she do that??!?

No. 69086

Because she's on a manic high?

No. 69101

Holy fucking shit this is unhinged. Spray painting ikea furniture? Fine, who cares. But spraypainting a valulable family heirloom? Certified crazy

No. 69135

Yeah, I was watching her insta stories and thinking what a waste it was. I think the gold was cool against all the pastel tones, It gave the house a more royal feeling. Now it's too much pastel tater everywhere.

No. 69151

Kelly addressed the fellowship breakup in a video and made it all ~happy~

No. 69154

I'm confused. What does the video about Maris have to do with Jake?

No. 69155

This was so awkward to watch. So many jump cuts too, almost feels like more than she usually uses.
Also what kind of camera does she use? Why does she not look as Haggard here as she does in other shots?

No. 69158

She keeps asking the fans what content they want to see then ignores all the requests every time. She literally had to say don't ask for vids about the fellowship like 4 times so that people would ask for different content, but I bet they still ask for vlogs with friends of which she has none.

No. 69159

Is it just me, or is she making more weed references lately?

No. 69164

I don't think she asks because she wants ideas, I think it just drives up engagement which makes her videos more likely to be recommended.

No. 69172

I actually think part of the reason for her to make this video is the fact that she was getting some backlash in the comment section of her "ex boyfriend tag" video for letting Davey go after the fellowship. This way she can put it to rest and pretend to be the bigger person and be all noble about it.

No. 69176

File: 1570831453398.jpg (369.56 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20191011_180406.jpg)

No. 69181

What the actual hell… This is pathetic

No. 69182

>>69181 fake happy

No. 69184

She's so fake here. And the ugly teal tea pots she spraypainted make me cringe

No. 69189

It's not hard to run out of ideas, let's not act like YouTube is a wellspring of unique content lol.

No. 69190

Kelly's earliest videos on her channel are like this. Some of the comments call it "strange" and "a ransom video" and I can't say I disagree

No. 69191

File: 1570839645750.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2208, 1D21FB44-C8C2-43EC-90FD-7410EF…)

No. 69192

File: 1570839692208.png (6.13 MB, 1242x2208, 95F8EEC5-437A-4980-89A0-9A6EE2…)

Looks like she’s getting that friendship tattoo with Steph removed

No. 69196

her Video felt very scripted. I felt bad for her. Losing friends sucks. Removing the tattoo is a shame as it was cute. Still….. I wouldn’t parade it so publicly on social media, it’s obvious it will get people talking about her ex friends. If you just drifted and went in different directions you wouldn’t have painful laser removal

No. 69206

Looks like she finally got the last of the crystal tattoo removed, too. She's also holding something over that area of her arm in >>69192. As tacky as it is to post about it, I honestly can't blame for her removing the Steph tattoo. Kelly may be a shit friend, but Steph's gone off the deep end and I wouldn't want to be associated with her anymore either. The tattoo was ugly anyway.

No. 69207

Something has been so off about her face lately. I can't tell if it's her cheeks getting bigger or if it's a result of a new medication she might be on or what

No. 69223

Since she's in some kind of promotional relationship with the plastic surgery clinic she might have to post about it in order to get the treatment for free. Which is super fucking shady by the way. Promoting plastic surgery is pretty messed up, but that doesn't seem to bother her at all.

No. 69232

"This video is not a call out, there's literally no tea" - Has previously complained to any social media known to human kind, including youtube, about the fellowship dumping her. I understand this is a hard subject, but it would be a tad more relatable if she was honest about her feelings, like, some shit that I don't want to address went down, I was really hurt but now I´ve moved on and I would appreciate not talking about it in the future. That would have been more truthful, and relatable.

No. 69233

> If you just drifted and went in different directions you wouldn’t have painful laser removal
Exactly. She’s lying. It also wouldn’t be such a painful subject for her to talk about. There was obviously a falling out.

No. 69240


Yea, I think her fake smile paired with the jump cut after every literal sentence made for a very unconvincing "everything's fine" video.

No. 69252

which one was that?>>69192

No. 69308

File: 1570940992049.jpg (776.11 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20191012-211355_Ins…)

The Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z one her and Stephanie got.
It looks like she took the video down of them getting it but it was supposed to be a matching tattoo for the whole group

No. 69316

This is so fucking sad and ridiculous, friends don't just split apart like that and go their separate ways if something didn't happen. You don't pay a shit ton to get a friendship tattoo removed and make a big deal about it whilst doing so, you don't go and remove almost every video that mentions or shows them, or unfollow every one of them on social media unless there was drama or something.

No. 69346

maybe she just wants to remove the tattoo because it's a visual reminder of the fellowship? honestly i think she's doing a good thing, if she wants to 100% move on and forget them, then good for her. i swear yall are so ridiculous. you get mad at her for not talking about the fellowship, then you get mad at her for wanting to remove all reminders of the fellowship. i am no kelly stan, but this thread is a joke lol.

No. 69360

If this thread is a joke, it's because its subject, Kelly Eden, is a joke. She constantly states that she has no idea why the Fellowship would drop her, demonstrating an insufferable lack of self-awareness of how her own shitty personality pushes people away. And no one's mad that she's removing her friendship tattoos, what are you even reading?

No. 69364

I don’t think she’s getting fellowship tatts removed? The crystal tattoos they all have… hers just didn’t take. She got it around the same time as her arm sleeve redo and her body rejected the ink. It happens sometimes. My mom has a tatt where something like that happened.

No. 69366

Oops, nvm. I somehow missed the pics above. Sorry, everyone.

No. 69373

File: 1571011460687.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x1877, C09F071E-0091-4966-A9D6-DF7088…)

Dumping old Kelly and Friends pictures

No. 69374

File: 1571011496761.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1854, E269F8F9-59A1-4593-9AEF-CA7C3C…)

No. 69375

File: 1571011538092.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1879, 12341395-D165-4F8A-B373-F09C49…)


No. 69376

File: 1571011582298.jpeg (510.52 KB, 1232x1883, 4F14118E-9CC1-4DBD-AFEF-517499…)

No. 69377

File: 1571011663456.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x1853, B4453ED1-2EDB-4D01-AC6A-DF9840…)

Miss those colorful girls getting together for tea time

No. 69378

File: 1571011728174.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1229x1640, C1184C06-A6C9-4631-94B8-15978D…)

No. 69379

File: 1571011774764.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1864, C174DC88-36CB-4B1B-A187-6F492A…)

No. 69380

File: 1571011817095.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1231x1845, D03DA501-8CD8-4D7E-9D3F-424FCC…)

No. 69381

File: 1571011852099.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1719, C079FE4E-B824-49E7-9D6F-1C90A1…)

le sigh

No. 69382

wtf are you doing…? Stop spamming the fucking thread.

No. 69383

File: 1571011881031.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1817, 001641E7-8B07-4C1E-AD3F-AF6338…)

No. 69384

It’s an image board retard and this thread is fucking dead

No. 69385

File: 1571011986354.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1794, 495CD48F-ED1A-4CCB-B057-58882B…)

No. 69386

You are a complete dumbass, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR OLD FUCKING STALE MILK. At least SAGE your shit, newfag.

No. 69387

File: 1571012095642.jpeg (973.91 KB, 1242x1554, 3418BEB6-ACBE-47F1-AE32-91F85F…)

Fuck off faggot it is obviously oldpics, which was stated

No. 69388

Such a waste of space! Stop spamming with old news. This isn't milk.

No. 69389

File: 1571012141952.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1575, 189E1825-0F56-4F74-9527-047E0A…)

No. 69390

It’s a dead thread

No. 69391

2 hours does not equal dead you idiot. It just means people have real lives. This thread gets comments every day you don't need to spam it with nonsense. Go post on the FOTR thread, that's an actual dead thread.

No. 69392

Just because people are commenting doesn’t mean it is anything interesting.

No. 69393

If you don't think it´s interesting, FUCK OFF and stop spamming the thread. Are you literally 12?

No. 69395

File: 1571014675826.gif (967 KB, 500x269, download.gif)

Lol has anyone checked on Kelly lately? I can't imagine anyone else being so unhinged as to collect ig screencaps and mass post them besides maybe Lina. If you max out the thread, someone will just make a new one.

No. 69397

For fuck's sake you idiot. Sage your stale bullshit. We don't need a reminder that Kelly is nothing without her little clique.

No. 69400

>>69384 sage your old milk, you fucking autist

No. 69402

Honestly seeing all these pics and how close they were just makes me think Kelly had to have done something so unforgivable for all 6 of them to drop her at once. It's one thing if one or two stopped talking to her or even if it was a gradual thing but all at once? Kelly had to have fucked up.

No. 69404

Is she anything without them ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 69415

Hello to whichever fellowship member you are, this is not a fanclub to reminisce on their friendship.

No. 69416

I honestly don't think she did anything. Look at the garbage the other girls post, it's not like they are the height of intellect and tact. It's pretty easy to believe that one of them convinced the others to drop "toxic" kelly while not checking to see if they themselves were just as awful

No. 69422

Would Stephanie be so easy to turn though? She was always the one who would defend Kelly tooth and nail whenever Kelly would get called out.
Not saying the rest of the fellowship were these paragons of friendship while "evil Kelly" was mistreating them they weren't perfect either but it just seems too abrupt them ditching her and I just can't see some of them being swayed so easily. Some people are so quick to blame Envy for the whole thing falling apart but did Kota, Katie and Courtney ever really spend time with her outside of fellowship events to give her opinions any weight?

No. 69425

Learn to read, retard. No one is mad she is having her tattoo removed. They are simply pointing out people don’t get a friendship tattoo removed of the friendship just naturally drifted apart. And in case you need it spelled out for you even further, which I’m sure you do since you couldn’t comprehend the multiple posts from other anons, having the tattoo removed implies something happened to cause a fallout, whereas kelly is leading people to believe the friendship simply faded out. Are you on the same page now?

No. 69458

Wow, why the fuck do people get so easily pissed on these forums, so what? Their just posting old pictures, it's kinda relevant to the current topic at hand anyways, like y'know Kelly getting a friendship tattoo removed and the fact that the fellowship is being brought up again, just make a goddamn new thread if comes to that which i doubt you'll have to, just calm the fuck down.

No. 69459

please fuck off but if you can't manage that at least sage your bullshit

No. 69479


This anon is right. >>69459 Why this sudden emerge of newfags that only post bullshit and don't even sage it?

No. 69480

File: 1571102607075.png (6.29 MB, 1125x2436, CDE3530D-D7F4-483A-894B-E28256…)

Take it easy there, Courtney.

No. 69506


oof. the blue hasn't even been fully bleached from her hair yet.

No. 69515

I have a feeling that she’s doing lilac because nobody currently has that color (except Vivka, I think? I can’t ever really tell what color she currently has because she switches so often)

She’s so insecure. Kelly, you CAN have the same color as somebody else and still be known for it! You don’t own colors fyi

No. 69519

Exactly. It's not like she was ever the only youtuber with pink hair. She doesn't even hang out with them anymore.

No. 69544

I wish she would just stay blonde. I feel like it’s the most flattering on her. And she can always throw on wigs if she wants another color

No. 69567

I don't understand why she bleaches her hair at all. I'd say if you're going to be wearing wigs constantly, why not give your fried hair a rest? All of that bleaching isn't making a bad situation better. Just wait a year and then see what you want to do.

No. 69570

"f those bitches, i'll be my own rainbow fellowship"

No. 69572

File: 1571173590121.jpg (245.76 KB, 1076x783, Screenshot_20191015-140222_Twi…)

She's finally listening to her audience and making a new skit.
Hopefully she actually makes it and is not just teasing us like she did when she said she was making a new sailor moon skit a while back.

No. 69573

Love how she has the audacity to e-beg because she’s on a “tight budget” for a skit when she pulled in thousands on her Patreon for her sailor moon skits she never produced

No. 69580

File: 1571178633324.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 30DD0518-D2B1-43DA-A9B6-352729…)

No. 69581

File: 1571178661912.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 47CD0998-139F-4273-B58C-AB10F4…)

No. 69582

File: 1571178687436.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 318FCF33-18A2-4A63-8355-25FA93…)

No. 69583

yikes even i think that was a bit much

No. 69586

Agreed. So she enjoys the easter colors and imagery, how is that different from millions of people from all over the world that enjoy xmas for the same reasons, far removed from the christian meaning? In their genesis, they are both pagan holidays anyways, so horrorgami is ignorant af.

I for one am happy that she's dying her hair, I hope she packs up those crusty wigs for a while.

No. 69590

Lol kelly there is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism. You can absolutely criticize without being constructive. And for the record, no, you can’t handle either.

No. 69591

hi horrorgami, is that you? I find it interesting that someone decided to post caps of new comments on a very old video. So if that's you, fuck off and quit being such a fucking tipper cunt.

No. 69598

Honestly that just seemed like cowtipping. That's like saying a person can't put up a Christmas tree if they're not Christian because "mUh ChRistIaN HoliDay how dare you" Bunnies and candy and Easter colors are fun and cute. Fuck off horrorgami

No. 69602

Tinfoil, but I honestly believe no one major thing happened and that's why no one is mentioning anything. I think Kelly's embarrassing behavior and inability to cope with her depression especially at like Steph's wedding… it would just be bringing up all these personal details when ultimately Kelly is just a bad friend who only cares about herself, throws herself at her friends boyfriends, constantly complains about being alone and depressed and literally does nothing to change it. It's not surprising at all they dumped her.

No. 69622

>>69582 too far, famorino.

No. 69624

I agree… that's why I kept saying there is just no milk. We all saw how she complained at Steph's wedding when she should have been happy and supportive to her friend. Envy probably brought up those issues to the fellowship and maybe they all agreed together that they were sick of her depression and negative attitude so they dumped her via group text. i don't think anything "bad" happened so suddenly.

No. 69666

No. 69672

watching that rn

No. 69678

File: 1571246581901.jpeg (194.56 KB, 1066x1066, EB4860CB-B450-402A-8685-D91E4D…)

Madi stirring the pot as usual.

No. 69682

It’s so funny because the whole video Kelly is saying she’s removing them because one is faded and the other is an “orange blob” aka aesthetic reasons not pertaining to the fellowship then here comes Madi basically blowing Kelly’s cover lol she has zero tact

No. 69683

is Madi younger? She sounds very immature and needs to be careful because she sounds like she would stir up shit on Kelly's IG. Kelly should talk to her and tell her to pipe down.

in other words, I just have a feeling that Kelly seems… happier? mentally healthier? IDK. It's a work in progress. I think she's better off without the fellowship because getting dumped really forced her to get better and work on her mental health? I'm not trying to WK Kelly but I've always liked her even though I think she could be problematic and annoying.

No. 69689

Usually people tend to grow up once people leave them behind. It's like "oh, I can only rely on myself for my own happiness and wellbeing? I guess I better do that then." I'm sure part of Kelly kind of knew how her unhealthy emotional attachments to her friend group was bad. Like in the very back of her head. Relying on friends in bad times is one thing- but being completely dependant on others for constant validation is another. She does have a traumatic background which gives you really fucked up ideas of self worth and relationships so I do feel bad for her. But she's 30 and not 23. Time to grow the fuck up and do something of value instead of using people and being selfesh. Grow an actual character instead of an esthetic.

No. 69693

Is it me, or does Sam seem like a much more interestinv person than Kelly?

No. 69694

If this has been posted already, I apologize. But what the fuck is this?

No. 69700


> “Twy to understand we weally wuv you”


Real talk though, he seems to have some developmental issues; i’d feel awkward as hell if I were Kelly and watching that

No. 69704

anyone watching her stream right now?

No. 69706

I don’t think Kelly cares, she liked the comment too

No. 69707

Yes. That was my read on it too. I think he might have some developemental issues. Also he hardly gets any interaction on youtube. He also posts a lot of pro-confederate videos, which is weird.

No. 69738

How the fuck is fasting a "serious time of fasting and repentance," spam anon who is probably the other person in the screencap?
What cult do you live in that you think that? It's a time for easter bunnies, multicolored eggs and chocolate. Get outta here

That said, Kelly should not engage with these types either. Y'all both look bad here

No. 69747

hours pass, realize typo

Meant to say "easter" not fasting the first time, where I'm from it's literally a time for gorging yourself on chocolate, "fasting" is so far off the mark

Also please don't spam us with your Kelly folder again, whatever significance they are to you is lost on everyone else

No. 69765

File: 1571299487221.png (122 KB, 911x728, yt.png)

Like Dre, Phi, Steph, Justin, Courtney, Vivka, Kota, Katie, Envy, Lindsay, Claire Max, Chris, Nina Adado, Azusa, Vera Bambi, Jamie Frost, Taylor Frost, Emily Dearheart, Catherine Roe, Demonpuff/Amelia Nightmare, Shrinkle, Toxic Tears, Miles Jai, Raquel Reed, Megan Massacre, Hannah Dugas, Natasha Lillipore, Ari Honey, Ophelia Overdose, and so on. Shall I continue to go on about all of the bridges that you've burned Kelly?

No. 69766

File: 1571300306864.png (110.67 KB, 616x365, vivka.png)

Vivka also posted this which I'm almost 100% sure is referring to Kelly

IMO the friendship fell apart due to Kelly's behavior. I have a feeling that the FotR had multiple talks with Kelly (all together or one on one who knows) and Kelly continued her negative behaviors.

I noticed them falling apart around the time of her cousin's suicide and the Nazi video. Claire subtly and directly calling Kelly out on her problematic shit should have been a wake up call for her, yet Kelly STILL never properly apologized for it.

Friends are supposed to point out what you're doing wrong while still having your back and trying to help you improve. I have a feeling that Steph was this way with Kelly (despite viciously defending Kelly even when she was being super problematic) but there's only so far friends can try to help you. Kelly acting dumb over what happened and claiming she was dumped for no reason is so she can play victim/save face and not have to admit that what she did is wrong, in typical Kelly fashion.

Before anybody wrongfully accuses me of being a FotR member, I'm a former fan who has been watching and following Kelly for a long time. I'm just not one of the blind sheep ones, I noticed Kelly's negative behavior early on and found these threads back around the first thread. It's only a matter of time before she loses 99% of her audience in the same way, I've noticed that a lot of people posting here or on PULL are former fans of hers. People aren't stupid, Kelly. Wise the fuck up before you lose everything (and I'm not talking about just her fans). Stop treating people like accessories or blind sheep otherwise you truly will end up alone, and it will be nobody's fault but yours.

No. 69771

What on earth? I get it, this guy’s on the spectrum, but wow that video creeped the hell out of me.

I do think some of those people she might still be friends or close acquaintances with (like maybe Miles, Azusa, Toxic Tears). But it’s so sad seeing that large of a list. She always goes on about her friends are the best and uwu they match her aesthetic but that’s as far as her friendships go - all about her wants and her needs.

No. 69777

File: 1571310576436.jpeg (120.18 KB, 750x414, 231D19D1-FF1A-4077-841E-9ED4A6…)

Unsurprising, bet they haven’t been friends for a long time but now phi has moved she can confirm

No. 69780

I figured so much when they stopped being in each others IG stories like they use to. Phi was always with Stephanie near the end of her time in the US and if she was in Kelly's IG stories Kelly would just call her "roommate/roomie" Kelly probably felt betrayed Phi lived with her but chose Stephanie's side in the break up

No. 69781

Just because Phi moved out doesn't mean they can't still be friends wtf? Unless something happened with her as well, it'd annoy me if Kelly was the type of person that thinks just because someone went away or moved onto different things in their life that then means that they can't be friends anymore, so she has to delare it publicly.

No. 69785

It’s just you.

No. 69788

Is Kelly on good terms with any of her former roommates? She seems difficult to live with.

No. 69792

>implies Fellowship simply drifted apart, there is ‘no tea’ or bad blood
> replies to comments with blunt reply and bitchy smiley face when asked if still friends with fellowship members

Kelly, if you stopped trying to beat around the bush and were just upfront about what happened the annoying questions like “are you friends with so-and-so” and “why don’t we see the fellowship on your channel” would stop. Playing coy is just going to raise more questions on a subject you don’t want to talk about.

No. 69795

To be fair, we've seen Toxic Tears unabashedly and publicly call people out before, girl has no filter. I have a feeling Kelly and Dre realised she was unbearable and going nowhere after they met literally twice, I'd expect a petty tirade from TT if Kelly was shitty to her. Damn I'm curious as to what the real milk is.

No. 69799


There is also a chance this is referring to a beauty Youtuber who was singing in her video and used the "n" word….This is the way she apologized so there's not really a definitive chance it could be referring to Kelly.

sage for theorizing

No. 69806

True. But Kaya also likes to punch down rather than take on people with larger followings. She and Jake would have been namedropping Kelly constantly if they thought they could benefit from it.

No. 69809

File: 1571341068469.jpg (621.83 KB, 1080x1878, 20191017_123703.jpg)

This is really patchy

No. 69810

File: 1571345704237.jpg (Spoiler Image,197.47 KB, 720x1147, Screenshot_20191017_165428.jpg)

She looks so old… And that bad lipo…

No. 69813

She might think the pastel colours make her look younger, but it's the opposite really.

No. 69817

I think it looks cute,but anything is better than that pink wig

No. 69831

I don't understand the point of her dying her hair. she's just going to throw one of her ratty wigs over it, might as well let your hair be natural underneath and grow out the bleach.

No. 69833

She was posting Insta stories calling Phi her "best friend" around the time she became friends with Davey again, so pretty recently.

No. 69855

yeah this is really sad tbh. she was probably in denial up until phi left and then…never talked to her again lol

No. 69878

I honestly just miss when she had pink hair and wore bad extensions. A lot of people hated it here, but I’d take that over the wigs any day.

No. 69900

Phi always seemed like she was there for her 5 seconds of fame anyway.Dude Kelly needs to learn to pick better friends,bitches who gang up on you after calling you a friend without previously talking to you are fucking worst,even kelly has more maturity than that
Mean highschool girls,thats it

No. 69903

This. Phi never seemed sincere about anything, just chasing that clout.

No. 69923

If she chases away every single person who naively moves into her place and basically everyone she's ever met who she isn't related to, maybe the problem isn't them.

No. 69941

Yeah of course, not wk'ing Kelly or anything, she's a horrible person for sure and no wonder her friends keep dropping her. Just that i feel like Phi is a pretty bad too, and definitely a clout chaser.

No. 69945

This literally looks like dirty watercolor paint water, it isn't any color really. She should just leave her hair alone. She tries these pastel colors but her hair is really fried so it can't stand a proper bleaching for the pastels to actually adhere to the hair, it's not bleached enough so the diluted dye just makes it murky as fuck.

Yeah, kelly is super crazy and annoying but I think it's really sad how alone she is right now. I know some anons are like "she deserved it, she's the worst bla bla bla, she must have done something really horrible" etc but be honest: think of all the terrible people you know, most of them have friends (often as terrible as them, but they do). I just think all of thel are catty bitches, Kelly included, none of them were actually the bestest of friends and they all turned on kelly cause she's very needy, whiny because of her sadness so they got tired of "tHe nEgAtIviTy"

Yeah, I reaaaally suspect that it was a calculated move on Phi and Stephanie's part. Not malicious but like encouraging her "it'll be good for you, maybe it helps your popularity, maybe you even like kelly, try it"

We have to STOP getting into those stupid arguments of "which one is the victim and which one is the hero". They are ALL terrible, all those people suck in so many ways. It's not like "oh, everyone is mean to kelly because she hurts them so much, the poor things"… they're all shitty petty catty instahoes who act accordingly

No. 69946

This literally looks like dirty watercolor paint water, it isn't any color really. She should just leave her hair alone. She tries these pastel colors but her hair is really fried so it can't stand a proper bleaching for the pastels to actually adhere to the hair, it's not bleached enough so the diluted dye just makes it murky as fuck.

Yeah, kelly is super crazy and annoying but I think it's really sad how alone she is right now. I know some anons are like "she deserved it, she's the worst bla bla bla, she must have done something really horrible" etc but be honest: think of all the terrible people you know, most of them have friends (often as terrible as them, but they do). I just think all of thel are catty bitches, Kelly included, none of them were actually the bestest of friends and they all turned on kelly cause she's very needy, whiny because of her sadness so they got tired of "tHe nEgAtIviTy"

Yeah, I reaaaally suspect that it was a calculated move on Phi and Stephanie's part. Not malicious but like encouraging her "it'll be good for you, maybe it helps your popularity, maybe you even like kelly, try it"

We have to STOP getting into those stupid arguments of "which one is the victim and which one is the hero". They are ALL terrible, all those people suck in so many ways. It's not like "oh, everyone is mean to kelly because she hurts them so much, the poor things"… they're all shitty petty catty instahoes who act accordingly

No. 69947

This literally looks like dirty watercolor paint water, it isn't any color really. She should just leave her hair alone. She tries these pastel colors but her hair is really fried so it can't stand a proper bleaching for the pastels to actually adhere to the hair, it's not bleached enough so the diluted dye just makes it murky as fuck.

Yeah, kelly is super crazy and annoying but I think it's really sad how alone she is right now. I know some anons are like "she deserved it, she's the worst bla bla bla, she must have done something really horrible" etc but be honest: think of all the terrible people you know, most of them have friends (often as terrible as them, but they do). I just think all of them are catty bitches, Kelly included, none of them were actually the bestest of friends and they all turned on kelly cause she's very needy, whiny because of her sadness so they got tired of "tHe nEgAtIviTy"

Yeah, I reaaaally suspect that it was a calculated move on Phi and Stephanie's part. Not malicious but like encouraging her "it'll be good for you, maybe it helps your popularity, maybe you even like kelly, try it"

We have to STOP getting into those stupid arguments of "which one is the victim and which one is the hero". They are ALL terrible, all those people suck in so many ways. It's not like "oh, everyone is mean to kelly because she hurts them so much, the poor things"… they're all shitty petty catty instahoes who act accordingly

No. 69948

This literally looks like dirty watercolor paint water, it isn't any color really. She should just leave her hair alone. She tries these pastel colors but her hair is really fried so it can't stand a proper bleaching for the pastels to actually adhere to the hair, it's not bleached enough so the diluted dye just makes it murky as fuck.

Yeah, kelly is super crazy and annoying but I think it's really sad how alone she is right now. I know some anons are like "she deserved it, she's the worst bla bla bla, she must have done something really horrible" etc but be honest: think of all the terrible people you know, most of them have friends (often as terrible as them, but they do). I just think all of them are catty bitches, Kelly included, none of them were actually the bestest of friends and they all turned on kelly cause she's very needy, whiny because of her sadness so they got tired of "tHe nEgAtIviTy"

Yeah, I reaaaally suspect that it was a calculated move on Phi and Stephanie's part. Not malicious but like encouraging her "it'll be good for you, maybe it helps your popularity, maybe you even like kelly, try it"

We have to STOP getting into those stupid arguments of "which one is the victim and which one is the hero". They are ALL terrible, all those people suck in so many ways. It's not like "oh, everyone is mean to kelly because she hurts them so much, the poor things"… they're all shitty petty catty instahoes who act accordingly

No. 69990

File: 1571436339597.jpg (155.6 KB, 720x919, Screenshot_20191018_180503.jpg)

And I thought Lina was the creepy one. I wonder what Kelly fan is doing that

No. 70000

Would be funny if it was Lina tho.

No. 70008

Agreed. Granted she was friends with Steph first (it was her that introduced her to Kelly, and she did with Kelly and Dre), but still, it always seemed like she was trying to get on the e-fame train. Truth to be said, it seems like Kelly was a connecting link in the fellowship, since you rarely see them hanging out anymore (and we would know, those bitches put their entire life online).

No. 70054

I highly doubt that a group of jugglalos gives a flying fuck about Kelly. Not everything is about Kelly. It's annoying as hell, the stretches you all make on here.

No. 70070

P sure she was calling them juggalos as an insult and not in a literal sense. Why are you so mad lol

No. 70073

Oof. Did we accidentally take the juggalo name in vain?

No. 70081

Quite the opposite dumbasses. Have you seen what Jugglalos look like, their interests? Highly doubt they are fans of Kelly….was my point. Also my point that yall are dumb as hell and stretch things just to make a damn post on this page. It's boring af.

No. 70089

This is like the third time you've posted something like this. Why are you even on this board if it's so boring? It makes you look reaaaal sus.

Seconding this.

No. 70091

If it's so boring, why are you here? Nobody is forcing you.

No. 70097

Why am I reading this post in Dre's voice

No. 70101

BYEEEEE stop clogging the thread with your whining

No. 70109

File: 1571531330248.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.62 KB, 256x275, 1461227683070.jpg)

>>70054 juggalofag located

No. 70165

I'm new here, and I understand the concept of this place is to bash out celebrities and what nots. But since I've been reading A LOT of bad advice and opinions about how mental health should look like and be like comes to my head that you guys really do not know how it really is. I am unsure if any of you struggles with it but it's pretty rough … Being self aware can take ages, and ffs, we are all humans tyring our best. I don't know how bashing someone you don't like and being absolutely nitpicking about EVERY detail makes you a better person.
I ended here by mistake almost, read a few bits and pieces. Seriously guys, go out there, love yourselves and move on from what you don't like. It's pretty hypocritical to be bashing someone and still yet having such a hateful attitude.

I hope you're all okay seriously.

No. 70166

I hope you never know what it is like to lose all your friends for whatever reason that might be, or losing a loved one to suicide, or experiencing the dead of a parent. Those are pretty horrible things, give Kelly and the people around you a break, give yourselves a break. I hope that you guys aren't that critical with yourselves, It's pretty hard to even watch.


No. 70187

Both of the tattoos she was getting removed were done by Courtney's husband and they both faded into horrible blobs. Does he just suck at his job or what? I've never seen that happen to tattoos before.

No. 70189

It's because there are no barriers like black around the edges. Colors are going to bleed into each other as they heal/the skin ages, that's why pale people get lots of tattoos with outlines, darker colors, or just plain black tattoos. Kelly got both of those tattoos with similar lighter colors, that's why they faded into each other and faded away. Her leg one didn't look as bad but her arm one just didn't stick to her pale skin at all

Kelly was still an awful person long before any of that happened. Toodles

No. 70209

I'd say he's a mediocre artist. I checked his IG and his art is nothing special, he's just a basic art school student who can draw good lines.

No. 70220

File: 1571614850963.png (3.91 MB, 1125x2436, 91364E24-56E2-4587-A901-41E0F9…)

Kelly and Vivka now have the same hair color smh

No. 70225

I thought exactly the same think. He must be pretty shitty, since both tattoos faded horribly in a short timespan.

No. 70309

>>70165 100% agreed and the minute someone like you comes on here and says something because they just found out about the site and the forums and becomes concerned about the mental state of the people on here, everyone gets all offended and pissed. Have a look at the confession threads and you'll see that a lot of the people on here do not have lives as glamorous or better then the people
that they talk shit about on here. But i suppose being hypocritical is just part of human nature isn't it.

No. 70310

>everyone gets all offended
Dude, nobody even acknowledged those posts lol

No. 70311

Ehh, i get worked up sometimes…

No. 70313

Jfc if you people are so concerned for Kelly than stop posting and let the thread die when she's finally staying in her lane, also if you frequent this board so much you'd know by now to sage your post you nunce

No. 70315

File: 1571660687672.jpeg (283.73 KB, 750x858, BFFD9618-B4E5-48A4-B04C-0C9254…)

How has no one posted this absolute monstrosity yet?

No. 70319

These fuckin anons that come in here trying to act "better than thou" when literally no one cares. Learn to sage your shit, and stop dropping by if the content doesn't interest you.

No. 70320

Why not just buy a pastel porcelain tea set in the first place?

No. 70324

My life is pretty glamorous. Watching Kelly fall apart is still interesting whether youre rich or poor, pretty or ugly. Doesn’t matter. It’s not about jealousy it’s about entertainment at this point.

No. 70325

she's manic and also wants to seem "thrifty" aka interesting somehow.
secretly think she enjoys chroming the chemicals.

No. 70331

Such a shame, the original set was nice too.

No. 70333

Is this a cry for help? Just casually destroying my family heirlooms guys. Remember when I painted with my dad's ashes?

While I appreciate her not broadcasting how awful a person she is on a regular basis, that doesn't change the fact that she's an awful person who needs a lot of help if she's ever going to understand what is appropriate, other people's feelings, basic consideration, etc.

No. 70339

The worst part is that it truly looks terrible. I think her house is cute, and I think the contrast between the gold and silver details against all the pastel tat gave it a more regal vibe. This nonsense of just painting everything pastel is horrible.

No. 70344

Before the repaint they look like something Dre would of owned

No. 70415

"Fresh shower look" lmao bitch still has a full face of makeup on…

No. 70458


We all know no influencer posts selfies without makeup. Vivka makes money off of looking good, she always has to look presentable.

And she beats Kelly’s lousy mug any day. She’s not conventionally pretty but she still is hot and manages to look 5 x more polished than Kelly, Dre, or Stephanie. Lazy fat girls full of pudge.

No. 70482

I never said she didn't look hot, her caption is ridiculous, calm down

No. 70492

I think it’s more a Snapchat filler than makeup, fam.

No. 70502

sorry to derail but does anyone know Vivka's background? She's really pretty and has an interesting face. She looks "ethnic" to me and reminds me of a young Bianca Jagger from the 70s.

I think Kelly is pretty, while Vivka is "hot" if that makes sense.

No. 70527

File: 1571786704854.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 808A884D-0166-4B75-87B4-E5BDBC…)

Looks like Kelly’s new roommate is a dude. I wonder how her boyfriend feels about that. Also, why doesn’t he just move in?

No. 70529

maybe he is gay and kawaii? idk. who knows.

No. 70566

Not sure I just know Viv has had soooo many surgeries.

No. 70589

Maybe it’s the Swedish guy she met up with in Japan in the sailor moon store vlog. He comes in around 3:30.

No. 70607

Kelly's house was featured on Barcroft. I was half expecting her and Steph to make an appearance as one of the bimbos.

No. 70612

Kelly is racking in that cash. Steph would defo fit in with the bimbo pack.

No. 70615

Steph makes some of those girls look natural

No. 70619

Kelly's front door creaks like an old Victorian door. I wonder if she even bothers cleaning for when guests pay to come over. Her feet are always black so I'd think she wouldn't

No. 70692


Wasn't he with Kelly when they went to Angelic Pretty and he made a mistake with the currency conversion on that $1500 dress?

No. 70698

His name's Dave (@dave_delaine on IG). Yes he was with her at the AP store during the dress drama.

Can't find anything on his profiles that would indicate he's moved to the US. His FB still states he lives in Stockholm.

Apart from that, has Kelly even been called out about the high rent she's charging ? How can this be legal ?

No. 70701

I don't think she has. And the legallity of it is highly dubious. It probably isn't legal to sublet. But her landlord either doesn't give a fuck about it, or doesn't know. She also gets away with spraypainting the sinks and setting up a pastel squattercamp in the parking lot. I'm really surprised none of her neighbors have complained.
If her landlord does know they might be getting a kickback for it. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody reports her one day. Maybe an ex-roommate.

No. 70704

File: 1571934877339.jpg (599.55 KB, 1080x1623, 20191024_183338.jpg)

Her face looks stuck on in this photo. And the shape of her boobs is so weird…

No. 70749

Stephanie actually is a bimbo. There's a sub on reddit called r/bimbofication and she self posts there a loooooot! You can tell it's her own actual account, it's actually her.

Bimbofication is a fetish of women looking as unnatural and acting as dumb as possible. Both women and men are into this and the role of women is to always be looking for male attention while being dumb and super sexually available. They ask each other for advice on looking dumber and cheaper, they rate womens looks, there are women there who are deformed by so much fillers that their lips look like sausages. It's wild, I recommend it

No. 70750

File: 1571971123631.jpg (106.51 KB, 718x328, CYMERA_20191024_233811.jpg)

No. 70760

That is so fucked up.

No. 70764

First of all, topkek "verified bimbo"

Second of all, the side by side video is so unbelievably sad. Her old self was such an interesting person, she could have been so successful but I guess she's really just a dumb bitch (despite trying to act "intelligent" on Twitter, topkek) and she likes that. What a waste.

That whole sub/fetish is just super sad and super disgusting

Lastly, couldn't help but notice that a recent post in the sub is filmed in Kelly's house lol

No. 70772

She looks like such a porn milf in that thumbnail. Thought that was channon rose for a second.

No. 70801

these are all deleted so i guess that confirms she lurks lolcow. i legit thought yall were being paranoid assholes when you constantly posted about kelly's friends commenting here to influence our opinions but considering how quickly this content was removed (within 12 hours) there's no way she doesn't frequent this place.

No. 70809

That’s a big oof

Stephanie was the last one that I’d suspect to be lurking and posting here, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Steph since you’re reading this, dissolve/reverse your plastic surgery, get some therapy, and ditch friends like Envy. Give up this whole bimbo shit, you were so much more likable/interesting and full of life before it. This bimbo shit ain’t going to do so well when you get older, you’re just going to end up fat, botched, and alone. That is all.

No. 70832

I’m surprised she deleted them, it’s not like they were some big secret, anyone could find them whilst searching her up. She advertised previews of herself all over that day about how much she enjoyed being a big blow up doll, and lots of shots of her boobs and crotch.

Those damn cookie ads Kelly is doing are so excessive. She must be contracted to do a whole bunch and getting paid for it, guess she really is out of ideas for content. She asked people for their input on what they wanted to see and as per usual ignored the suggestions.

No. 70836

File: 1572041026510.jpg (40.8 KB, 450x682, omythepicskeepfloatingaround!.…)

She deleted her reddit account! 100% confirmed she reads the thread! (Can we "hi cow" now? Kek)

Gif from the "i realized i was playing with my boobs all the time!" video. Yeah, you didn't realize

No. 70843

>>70836 this is the kelly thread, the busted fellowship has its own thread.

Anyway, new video. 10 minutes of her bf mispronouncing caramel and kelly being fucking annoying about it ft. Weird editing.

No. 70852

Yeah I just watched it, the editing is so weird. Most of the video was them arguing about how to pronounce "caramel" and asking strangers how they pronounced it. I think it was supposed to be funny but it was just annoying. Kelly has made good vlogs in the past but she really dropped the ball here.

No. 70856

Yeah what the fuck is this editing. It's obnoxious.

No. 70857

How long have they been dating?? He’s literally already saying he wants to have children with her…uh okay lol

No. 71043

Her hair is so fried, especially on the side that's pulled up….. girl give your hair a break

also wow she gained some weight, you could see her stomach outline through her shirt in a few frames for a second and it looks just like her pre-lipo stomach….. except I'm sure it's all lumpy now on top of it too

No. 71054


No. 71058

File: 1572083864546.jpg (24.21 KB, 600x400, tom hiddleston thor loki.jpg)

Is it just me or does her boyfriend look like pic related

No. 71064

No way not even close
Don’t you dare do Tom dirty like that

No. 71067

they both seemed pretty bored at Disney. Is her bf actually spanish or something? her constantly asking for translations is so annoying, he seems bored of it too.

him "why would anyone want children!" kelly: "i thought you wanted children?!" him: "i said i wanted children with YOU" …awkward AF.

No. 71073

File: 1572109502646.jpeg (97.2 KB, 640x640, 0F8BEA45-112E-4648-9729-88609A…)

Looks like she’s back to ski walking jnig! Personality, editing style, the hair, the cringey screaming… Kelly you need to c h i l l

No. 71074

Kelly is not fit to be a mother whatsoever in any aspect topkek

Please don't reproduce

No. 71085

Looks like Kelly caught him in a lie.
How can you say you want kids with a specific person, but not in general? The result is the same.

Does he think saying "I want to have children with you" is just a meaningless romantic phrase with no real world consequences of any sort?

No. 71095


she must have found it romantic indeed, otherwise she wouldn't have kept it in there, cause it's actually awkward AF. obviously he finds kids annoying and has no interest in having them, he probably just told her that cause he knows she wants a family and probably wouldn't waste her time on someone who doesn't

their caramel debate and that Owen Wilson 'wow' thing wasn't funny at all, they were just wandering around bored and uninterested, sad attempts to make it vlog-worthy.

her bf is not bad-looking but his style makes him look so seedy.

No. 71096

No. 71105

These two chucklefucks seem to think they're a cute quirky couple. But they're actually insufferable. I wonder if after lusting after Kelly for years the real deal is a letdown. He was hoping for a manic pixie dreamgirl, but she's just manic.

No. 71118

Take it to the calf thread please. Kelly actually posted content, can y'all not derail for once?

No. 71121

Is she trying to appeal to kids again? This is awful.

She's making another wonky as hell painting, can't tell if the model was her bf or what but it's wild to see her actually doing something she claims to like doing. And on twitch? It's frustrating that she's so comfortable with her flat, from photo paintings and isn't willing to expand on her skills and do sketches and studies from live models to improve her anatomy and chosing colors and blending.

Plus: the first 5 minutes is a cringefest of her shilling cbd vape pens that have terpenes added, aka flavors, aka the kind of vapes that are getting banned around the country, why not promote them with an unfunny script for a quick buck?

No. 71122

The ad went on for so long! I think paid sponsors usually want you to talk about something for a minute, whats the point in putting in all that extra shit? I bet you that everyone skipped it because it was boring as hell, waste of the advertisers money if the viewers skip past the product

No. 71134

>her bf is not bad-looking but his style makes him look so seedy.
He literally looks like some addict. So either he is or was, or still sticks to the edgy addict-look from years ago.

Actually that is propably it. They are both stuck in the past, mind- and also lookwise with no improvement whatsoever.

They indeed remind me on the kind of people that are involved in the same circles somehow. And after everyone is in a relationship, married or something else, the people left behind are getting together.
That is why they seem so bored after just some months. It is not genuine, it is out of convenience. And they try to lie to themselves in making it a romantic hollywood story. Finding love after years, that changes everything, yadda yadda.

Sadly, none of them is an actor.

No. 71145

File: 1572173690776.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, ECCCDEE9-6D15-46F8-8757-C4D5AE…)

No. 71158


The part about not feeling pressure looks a lot like another pa jab at Kelly. I've never seen a group of people so incapable of not including vague pa comments in everything as Kelly and her former friends. They all talk about wanting to let it go and then jump at any chance that they're given to throw vague shade at eachother.

No. 71222

Kelly is actually better off not being seen with Stephanie with what she looks like now.

No. 71226

This is bizarre. Some real sticklers for rules here but wild speculation about people's character is A-OK. What's the rule for speculating on how pathetic an existence it would take to post religiously on a sludge heap like this? Is this just one angry/sad person posting their inner monologues? (that's rhetorical btw, lolcow links can stay blue from here on out.) Kinda hard to believe that a concentration of garbage people this high could be real but thanks again, internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 71255

people: posting mildly critical textposts online about minor internet celebrities

This guy: shitting themselves

Won't somebody think of the children?

No. 71261

Wow. You have really shown us the error of our ways and I'm sure we'll repent en masse.

After all, the real problem here isn't people making nazi camp videos, giving out bad medical advice, and flogging possibly harmful products, but the nasty haters who call them out.

No. 71270

Why do I have a gut feeling this is Stefan lmao

No. 71274

>>71270 me too, anon. There's this scrote-y stefan aroma to them.

No. 71281

He wanted to put a prince in her belly, remember?

No. 71282

I kind of agree, I think hed look better with a decent haircut.

To me he looks like he just came out of an emo/pop punk band from 2007. But maybe that's her type.

No. 71295

Had the exact same thought topkek

No. 71297

Well, if he's already posting here now, at least he'll know where to go when she inevitably drives him away. We might get some milk out of it.

No. 71303

This part seems like it's in reference to someone else
>lolcow links can stay blue from here on out

This implies people are linking him to the thread (Kelly?) and he has decided it's all one person making and replying to all these threads as a cope (reminds me of when Kelly decided we were all confused schoolchildren)

The "stickler for the rules" part sounds like he's already got banned for one of his garbage posts, so I'm sure he'll be back replying once this second ban wears off

No. 71371

File: 1572374930748.png (4.19 MB, 1125x2436, 1ED05238-EA64-421D-A57D-9865B8…)

Ummmmmm what the FUCK is this paint job oh my god

No. 71372

Also the batch codes (A46) on these lipsticks means they were produced in 2016, so even if they’re unused they are likely expired.

No. 71390

damn kelly get some fucking painters tape

No. 71391

Her work has never been clean and I imagine most photos of her “interior design” has been blown up with filters and photoshop. Up close everything seems dirty, sloppy, and uneven imo

No. 71394

That is disgusting. I feel like she should include they are almost 4 years old in the description because using the term “brand new” is deceiving. Even if she said ‘unused’’ that’d be better than claiming they’re brand new. But anything for a buck amirite?

No. 71411

>brand new ($20)

>dusty lipsticks from 2016

Pretty sure even TJMaxx wouldn't try this

No. 71419

File: 1572403007755.jpg (1.34 MB, 2514x1920, Yikes.jpg)

Lookin' rough

No. 71421

Woof. Thought she looked a little pudgier in the new Disney video she posted

No. 71422

Oof you're right. What happened to her working out with a personal trainer? Maybe she got pregnant?

No. 71424

That would be a concerning turn of events considering >>71067

Kelly isnt dumb, she is not gonna get pregnant first and forego the barbie wedding and house buying stages.

No. 71430

That makeup does her no good. The eyeliner and the lip colour make her look old and fleshy. Does she even work out still? She’s everything I don’t wanna do to my body kek.

No. 71437

She's probably already given up on her personal training already. She's so lazy. In the meanwhile, Claire is getting jacked. I bet you Kelly is mega jealous.

No. 71442

I don't think Claire has a personal trainer either, I think she just did a little research and worked hard. Sad that Kelly has someone telling her what to do and all she has to do is show up and follow instructions and she still fails.

No. 71450

That's why I'm actually applauding Claire – she's done really well on her own. Kelly can't commit to anything. What else is she doing with her life that she can't make time to go to the gym, even for just a couple days a week. Or workout at home like Claire does sometimes?

No. 71452

How is commenting on her weight and body milk?

No. 71469

It matters because she's a hypocrite who shows off and sells a fake "hot body" that she claims was achieved by hard work and working out, when it was actually obtained by liposuction and photoshop.

Shoo, Stefan.

No. 71493

Exactly. Her body would be a non-issue if it wasn't for her own promotion of her "fitness body." She lies about how she got the body she has. Also she's happy to promote plastic surgery, so it's valid to critique the botched results of that surgery.

No. 71544

She deleted her comments and images, c'mon, thats why screenshots are important. These cows are cows. Now her reddit is up again. Go to the links and click on the picture and it will say image deleted, also you will notice some comments say deleted.

No. 71545

Not stefan, its stef-anie, kek.

No. 71559

He is going to dump her soon. And she will get huge depression from it and start to hook up with random strangers just like Miley Cyrus.

No. 71569

Um, ok?

No. 71584

Kelly just uploaded this tutorial. She seems manic as hell, is doing that weird editing thing again, and is including a lot (and I mean a lot) of wacky sound effects. Also her hair looks scraggly and dead.

No. 71607

It's an okay look it's just not Autumn, i don't think anyone associates lavender and pastels with Autumn. God with the amount of makeup she has (I know most of it's probably expired but still.) you could do so much.

No. 71622

Is Kelly's boyfriend Cuban or something? I'm just wondering why he speaks Spanish

No. 71633

I like this hair color combo on her a lot more than the obnoxious hot pink, it looks nice with her eyes. Hopefully she'll maintain it instead of throwing on an ugly splat wig, but we all know how Kelly is

No. 71634

I think he mentioned that he lived in Mexico for a few years. I think he's white and just learned some Spanish.

No. 71647

File: 1572689700967.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1546, B5E8D4CA-21E4-4CEC-B239-6DA8DA…)

Jeez. I went and looked and Claire really did get ripped as fuck. It seems like she did it pretty quickly too, and she’s always been thin so it probably wasn’t easy for her to put on that much muscle.

It just goes to show how far Kelly will go with her excuses. She got zero results in months with a professional trainer, so lipo was her only option? How is that even possible?

No. 71651

Can our resident lolcow Claire stan stop posting these fugly ripped photographs of her, especially in Kelly's thread? At least post this ugly shit in the Fellowship thread

(I am not a salty fattie, before you accuse me of that, this is just straight up hideous)

No. 71657

Agreed, I honestly don’t care if Claire got abs

No. 71666

not to derail, but come on lol. Plenty of Cubans and Mexicans are white. You can be white and Latino, Latino isn't a race. ok back to Kelly.

No. 71667

lol ok and? It's pretty hard to get ripped, so yes, kudos to Claire but stop shitting on Kelly for not being ripped. Getting ripped require intensive training, strict diet, etc.. and not everybody want to be ripped. Some of yall are so fucking retarded, seriously.

No. 71688

Not the same fag as the one you're replying to but I'm assuming that they posted that to show that it's possible to get in shape pretty quickly if you want to and stick to it, like Claire did. I don't know if it's Claire self-posting but I think that's what their point was originally. I don't think they were saying that Kelly should be ripped or anything

No. 71696

Not to mention the fact that Kelly kept her lipo secret for weeks while basking in compliments on how hard she trained to get that body… which is the pervading relevance to Claire here.

But I also agree, this thread has become so dead that this is our only milk now. Please Kelly, fill your role as an influencer and do something interesting for once.

No. 71703

I'm the anon who posted >>71647
and yeah, that's the point I was trying to make. Especially since Kelly's most recent short-lived attempt at working out happened right after the last time she was hanging out with Claire a few weeks ago. Like literally the day after Claire posted a pic at kelly's house, kelly was back in the gym posting stories.

No. 71707

Horrorgami is also the name of a girl who called out Lori Lune. Girl, stop. Let the milk flow, dipshit.

No. 71779

File: 1572879059868.jpeg (268.05 KB, 1242x577, DF3ADD44-3005-4CF5-8DA7-E8AA12…)

She never comments on Molly’s posts. Ever. She came out of the woodwork to whine about her friend situation.
Anyone have a clue who she’s talking about?

No. 71780

File: 1572879169981.jpeg (223.17 KB, 1242x608, BD059475-B3B5-47E8-AABA-E85D98…)

No. 71785


Jfc no one cares, you complete autist. Use the right thread and sage your shit if you're that bored and obsessed with these nobodies.

No. 71791

Tf is wrong with you? They were talking about Kelly

No. 71818

No, they were using Kelly commenting on someone's post to find out who someone who isn't Kelly is vagueposting about. By their own admission, Kelly never comments on her posts. Half of the time this thread is at the top of the page, nothing is actually going on but some random bringing up Claire or Molly or Steph or whoever that has barely any relation to Kelly anymore. I can't imagine wanting to keep tabs on the fellowship so much unless I knew them personally and was too chickenshit to have adult conversations with my friends.

No. 71829

You do realize that a lot of people followed Kelly BECAUSE they loved her adventures with her rainbow group of friends right? And they probably followed those girls after that too… so I wouldn't be surprised if people gained interest in the lives of some of the other girls as well (the world doesn't revolve around Kelly). People who bring up other members of the ex fellowship usually do it whenever it regards Kelly, they don't just bring them up for no reason. You always come here getting irrationally angry whenever other members are mentioned. If I didn't know any better I'd say that you were Kelly getting angry that the only interesting thing about her life are her ex friends that she's trying to forget or one of the fellowship members not wanting to be associated with or remembered through her anymore. You're on a board where people come to talk shit, calm your tits. You seem too personally invested in this.

No. 71833

Nta but the thing is, there is a damn thread for this. The fucking fellowship thread, yea the fellowship is dead but that's where the shit about kelly's friends should go. I have no idea how that is so difficult for everyone to understand.

No. 71846


Fellowship thread.

No. 71851

you fucking anons obsessed with any mention of kelly’s friends being regulated to a separate thread are the fucking worst. the number of complaints about “clogging kelly’s thread” (which isn’t even that active to begin with and is only revived by her acting like a victim every time she mentions the word friendship) is far more obnoxious than any sages discussion about stephanie or whatever.

and when a post involves kelly directly it belongs in the kelly thread what the fuck is wrong with you lmao. what’s next, a thread for taking about kelly’s boyfriends specifically??? we gonna have a toshi thread?? maybe her house needs it’s own thread too huh

No. 71857

>kelly’s friends
They aren't friends anymore though
>which isn’t even that active to begin with
So don't bump it with irrelevant shit? Do you not understand how this site works?
>and when a post involves kelly directly
Molly and whoever she is fueding with are not relevant because kelly made a poor me comment out of the blue, sorry.

You seem way more upset than makes sense about people telling you to follow the fucking rules and not throw a fit whenever people rightly direct you to the relevant thread.

No. 71870


Okay but… >>71780 is literally Kelly saying Stephanie said "thanks for the memories bye"
Honestly this infighting about the fucking fellowship thread is getting real old guys, its been literal years.
That being said, i agree with sage ur shit

No. 71890

I agree with this anon, fuck off to the Fellowship thread. no1curr.

No. 71975

Her laugh makes me ears bleed

No. 71980

This outfit is incredibly unflattering on kelly, her big tits + the super high up skirt makes her look so heavy. I know they said they had planned to do it last minute but since the shoot got so pushed back you'd think they'd have time to put together better looking stuff.

No. 72004

>>71975 leo looks absolutely homeless and kelly's laugh is so obviously fake it hurts. who was the meowth dude?

No. 72011


“High fashion/Versace” when both dudes look homeless and Kelly looks like streetwalker. I know she’s from Denver and lurks here. Kelly, you straight up look like you’re repping Colfax and not the RMCAD side.

No. 72016

No. 72019

Oof the editing is so obnoxious. I can’t hear anything except for Kelly’s crude, unladylike laugh. Then again that video would have been even more stale without the editing.

At this point, he doesn’t have to be anyone famous to be in Kelly’s vlogs kek. She just needs other people in so it’s not as boring. Welp guess what it’s still boring.

He’s kinda cute though for a gay guy.

No. 72035

A pic of this made it to the front page of Reddit lmao. I thought that was her

No. 72036


No. 72037

Anon what century are you typing from

No. 72044

File: 1573106308181.png (5.98 MB, 1242x2208, 5D60D801-35AD-4870-AC00-EF2E76…)

No. 72063

Why does this sound like Stefan typed this out? Is she… is she going to skinwalk her boyfriend now? Can Kelly develop a relationship with ANYONE without trying to become them? This is such a weird post. Also lol at “I’m gonna say it to your face like a human with basic social skills” Kelly you literally set up a camera to take a “candid” to post this on your instagram. Posting anything at al defeats the whole purpose of this post.

No. 72069

File: 1573128365864.png (1.61 MB, 1334x750, C04C0A40-42AA-4014-A2BC-FBF810…)

Why was this shot necessary to edit in

No. 72096

Two different cows from /w managed to selfpost themselves onto the reddit front page this week. Though it looks like Leo runs that reddit account and not Kelly.

No. 72103

All the comments are either “zomg Leo is so attractive” or “wow that meowth doesn’t really look like meowth”. Sad Kelly is outshined.

No. 72115

File: 1573168623376.png (901.02 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2019-11-07-14-17-08…)

I wonder what Kelly thinks of Stefan still having old pictures of his ex girlfriend(s) up on his instagram

No. 72122

File: 1573171879831.jpeg (396.73 KB, 828x1302, 12B21DA4-F93F-4E8D-9C75-F46AAF…)

Don‘t think he plans on deleting it

No. 72131

Why do I get the feeling he was a PUA at one point? What's with the sidestepping and rhetorical questions?

I don't think people should delete all past history of relationships, but it was certainly interesting to see half his photos being of the ex when Kelly started tagging him. You can private Instagram posts without deleting them. It definitely would look more sincere if he maybe privated a few of them.

No. 72145

File: 1573199777633.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191108-075217.png)

I didn't even recognise her here, she looks so lovely without all that makeup and a natural smile!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72146

Woah, she looks cute here and younger.

No. 72148

No. 72162

Dude she has sunglasses on

No. 72167

Anyone else smell the Stefan selfposts around here? Just me?

No. 72173

Thought the same thing. Wish we could get a sweep of this thread.

No. 72191

File: 1573254192704.jpg (16.46 KB, 275x274, 1571172878616.jpg)


Gotta banish this rat looking man asap

No. 72199

Bruh what you smoking she looks as trashy as ever. Anyone can look good with sunglasses on.

No. 72200

File: 1573264465119.jpeg (85.25 KB, 770x659, F6D3499B-9D3C-4274-AC51-0E8716…)

“I didn't even recognise her here, she looks so lovely without all that makeup and a natural smile!”

For real Stefan what are you doing here in lolcow? Go hustle, get some gains, eat a sandwich… Throw away those obscure philosophy books that you swear you totally read and understood…

No. 72204

i was mocking his woah lol

No. 72223

I don’t know what you mean fellow anonymous poster, he looks like a good guy and like he probably works out. Have you seen his fb?

Best regards,
Anon who is definitely not Kelly’s latest boyfriend

PS send help, she’s making me do all her dishes

No. 72252

Right? He seems manipulative.

I also don't think it would be much of an issue if they were further down and you had to scroll really far to see them, but there's a lot and they're all right there, you see them right away. It's like he's proud of them. And you're right he could just private them.


No. 72316

This whole video seems like it was slapped together in minutes… she didn’t even bother to style the bangs so they’d be out of the “eyes”. Also what’s with the weird acted-out stuttering/ word fumbling.

No. 72343

She didn't even pretend to be interested in this company. Why would anybody pay her for this?

No. 72438

File: 1573490333492.jpg (708.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191111-083853_Fac…)

Lmmaaaaaaoooo shessss back

No. 72439

I can’t believe she used that photo for her return announcement- it’s so photoshopped into a completely different person. No way would I recognize her in person based on that. I look forward to actual milk again though, this thread has felt dead for a while.

No. 72451

haha how funny she returns after phi leaves

No. 72454

What is she? 12?

No. 72469

Vivka still goes so I hope that we get some shade/milk soon, especially since I'm pretty sure that she lurks these threads/maybe posts.

No. 72471

File: 1573508291434.png (310.21 KB, 1158x609, kek.png)

A. You are not the only one battling depression Kelly. There are people out there who have battled it for decades, the only difference is that they don't tweet about it seeking pity

B. Well I mean you ex-friends didn't stay friends with you, so……

Ridic how she says this about "Jessie" but can't realize she was doing the same to her own friends.

No. 72495

“Jesse’s Girl” is a song about a dude who’s in love with his’s friend’s gf, Anon.

No. 72496

File: 1573520292065.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2688, A5DC809D-2FBB-4163-9391-9A5D7F…)

From Phi’s IG story 👀 right after Kelly went LARPing with Phi’s old group.

No. 72499

We're just gonna forget the irony of this delicate angel who doesn't want to hurt anyone getting accused of sexually assaulting a trans person she dated.

Pretty sure Kelly is the better person here, just based on that nugget of information about Phi.

No. 72500

bro wtf did kelly do these dramatic ass hoes. this makes it sound like she did some malicious shit. kellys video on the topic was like "we just drifted apart lul there's no drama!" but this makes me think there's some single event that happened around this time last year when the vague tweeting started that led to a blow out.

No. 72511

I know, I was implying that she was somewhat doing similar things to her friend's husbands. Like lusting after Taylor Frost, for example.

No. 72521

Right? Kellys probably done a lot of shit to her but how Phi handled that entire situation and made it about how upset SHE was about the accusations was so gross. Plus wasnt she caught posting really petty things here shitting on Kelly while also doing instastories about how Kelly was her womancrush Wednesday?

The real reason none of these women got along was because they all lack self awareness and live in a bubble where they're always the victim of any story.

No. 72532

I'm a bit surprised they let her back after she left them high and dry at that wedding. You know that even that was probably major to people's character arcs that she straight up no call no showed.

No. 72584

Im new and i think i missed this. Anybody have a tldr

No. 72592


Seriously though. I don't LARP but I do play dnd and I know how annoying it can be for the DM if someone has to miss a session. He spends hours each week writing the arc for us so when someone is missing it's annoying. I would imagine for a LARP with so many people it would be that x100.

No. 72596

i'm not new and i think i missed it, seconding the tldr pls

I would have more sympathy for her if she didn't post here then backtrack hard. Kelly must have done some shady shit for all these grown women to publicly ditch her this hard but for Phi to post here probably didn't help Kelly's woe is me timeline.

No. 72597


You missed it because it was stupid and no one gave a shit. Phi attempted to sleep with some idiot snowflake transtrender who later accused Phi of assaulting him. The gist of it was that Phi and some other LARPer were making out (or cuddling? Can't remember and CBA to look). Phi mounted the accuser and wanted to fuck. The accuser felt "weird" about being mounted and became really upset, and didn't want to have sex with Phi. So the accuser asked Phi to get off, which Phi did. Apparently, the accuser said he made it obvious that he didn't want to have sex, but Phi ignored him and only stopped after he gave a hard no.

His main gripe, and the reason he publicly "called out" Phi, was that when he reported the ""assault"" to the LARP organization, they didn't ban Phi (only told her to stay away from him during LARP events). But really, what was the organization supposed to do with the information given? The document made by the accuser was incoherent, and the worst you could accuse Phi of was being pushy, and even that is a stretch. The accuser was being highly dramatic (Like comparing Phi to fucking Brock Turner…) and he was mostly crying about how much he hated his body. There wasn't any evidence that Phi had done anything other than not picking up on his body language quick enough for his liking.

Either way, Phi did stop and apologized, literally NOTHING happened, yet this idiot is claimed he had to go to therapy and be held by his therapist as he cried about such a "traumatic" event.

No. 72601

All correct except they were in an open relationship for a long time.

No. 72602


Samefag, I just went back and re-read the document, it's even more cringey then I remembered. The LARP organization actually spoke with a detective, lawyer, and the district attorney. All of them said that at worse Phi committed a misdemeanor, and that even they did not recommend banning Phi from LARP events, nor did they believe she was a threat to the accuser or the LARP community. This idiot then proceeds to complain about his penis and how traumatized he is. Give me a fucking break.

Also, even his friends aren't taking his side, so this idiot must be a huge cow.

Feel free to read it yourselves: https://archive.is/20190622220838/https://docs.google.com/document/d/1baNL9z8tUdoPfOwbsJsKODJTX5xwkPTk6UjdavFHWuc/mobilebasic


That makes the whole situation even more ridiculous. This guy sounds like an unstable loon.

No. 72640

i cant believe how their own hyper detailed document couldn't manage to convince me that phi's a rapist. like reading everything from this person's perspective and i'm still 100% confident phi didn't "sexually assault" anyone. she fucking dry humped someone she had dry humped before using the red light system (red for stop, yellow for chill out, green for let's fuck). this fucking reeks of someone so desperate for attention and an excuse to be pitiful that it's hard to believe.

phi sucks but this is such a crock of shit.

also i wonder if maybe this is the person phi made this post >>72496 about, not kelly. i guess the timing lines up with kelly going back to TM though… imo this "i was assaulted!" asshole tried to do something far more insidious than anything kelly's ever done, and i'm counting her various videos monetizing her cousin's suicide

No. 72643

File: 1573615728180.jpg (207.83 KB, 840x836, yikes.jpg)

this outfit is tragic

No. 72649

File: 1573617549934.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, 2DFBC8E9-04C6-4B51-98F8-D09BC4…)

No. 72650

yikes, those thighs… what happened to the lipo kelly?

No. 72657

I don't even know why but I just scrolled past this photo and it looked like she just stepped out of Honker Burger from Doug

No. 72667

Her boobs just absolutely do not suit her frame. They make her look borderline obese in some photos. Wasn't she just complaining about her back hurting on Instagram? Why doesn't she just get her implants removed????

No. 72670

The lipo has made her look so topheavy and she didn't before. Her legs look good imo but now her proportions just look off. Especially with her giant boobs.

No. 72674

I know those boots are hideous, but she could have worn them with jeans and a cute top. Why so much red??

No. 72675

Ugh, i don't know why but i fucking hate that hairstyle on her, it looks so fucking ugly i wish she would just burn that wig ffs.

No. 72676

File: 1573643656246.png (163.63 KB, 396x286, 20191113_221333.png)

Ew wtf? she looks so chunky and stubby and uncomfortable.

No. 72680

Was looking through some old pics of her, and I agree. She looked so much better without those massive boobs. They just don't suit her frame at all. She constantly looks like ten pounds of ground beef stuffed into a five pound bag.

No. 72685

Her boyfriend must love other dudes snapping pics of her with her literal asscheeks out

No. 72705


I always wonder what possessed her to go so large with them. It doesn’t remotely fit her uwu Kawaii aesthetic, she never did bimbo/inflation fetish modeling like Steph, she honestly seems to get far less modeling gigs since she got them. A C or even D cup would have looked fine and might have helped her career if that’s what she’s going for, but these monsterous F+ tatas have done nothing but make her look 10 years older and super dumpy.

No. 72707

Agreed. I think part of her getting less modelling work is maybe her age. I don't think she's old, but that industry has a heavy (and kind of messed up) focus on youth. People can still get work as a 25+ model, but it is harder. Another factor might be that she used to model for tattoo magazines a lot, and has said some negative things about the tattoo industry.
But I absolutely agree that her weird giant boobs make het less hireable. Especially since she used to do sort of "ethereal pink-haired fairy girl" shoots a lot, and many people don't associate that look with bigger boobs.

No. 72713

don't like the outfit or the boots but I think Kelly really looks good in red. I wish she would drop the pastel colors and go for a darker, bold look. She looks better in black, too.

No. 72714

lol what? it's cellulite, every woman has it, stop being such a fag and get the fuck over it.

No. 72724

The post wasn't about cellulite at all, where the fuck are you getting that from? Her legs look super fucked from her lipo and weight gain. And I'm pretty sure that's her ass cheek. Gtfo.

No. 72725

File: 1573680741623.png (171.8 KB, 474x744, k.png)

Wonder who this is about

She says she wants to move on and doesn't want people asking about them but keeps vague-mentioning them on social media topkek

No. 72731

it's really funny being able to piece together a vague image of what's happening with these girls.

kelly went to twin masks this weekend.

phi freaked out because she burned some bridges in the game and is afraid kelly and her other former friends would reunite and hate her together, behind her back.

kelly made new friends at the game and wants to impress them - because i'm 100% sure there were new players oblivious to any of the shit she pulled previously and she got welcomed into their unburned arms. so she's posting pics, posting in the fb group, generally inserting herself as a golden girl in the new group.

vivka was also at the game and talked to the same people kelly did, which kelly saw as "asserting dominance." possibly even posting in the same group, in the same posts, making kelly think it's intentional. maybe it is. who knows

No. 72734

File: 1573690644504.jpeg (475.87 KB, 750x1006, B61549BE-FC87-4C5F-89FA-6E8605…)

Phi is definitely heated about the whole kelly talking to her old friends at LARP thing

No. 72735

All of these people are just. Like a new trans-ish international student person moving in with a trashy attention seeker based on the the recommendation of another trashy attention seeker who has such low self esteem and interest in doing anything else for a living that she turned herself into a blow up doll for patreon money? They all deserved each other.

No. 72739

why would phi keep vague posting about Kelly though? Didn't she move back to Germany???? some of yall keep reaching and trying to make up new milk, when there is no evidence.

No. 72753

Phi put a big effort and investment to move in with Kelly and crawl up her ass for months (a year?)

I literally couldn't watch any video with phi in it as it was so cringe inducing. People have been asking about Phi and Kelly online recently, she moved back to Germany directly from Kelly's house, and Phi posted about a mysterious ex friend at the time Kelly rejoined LARP

It's extremely unlikely to be about anyone else, other than maybe whoever she was dating (see above assault drama)

No. 72756

Phi is so irritating. She tries to sound so profound and like she’s not a total drama whore like the rest of them. Literally no one gives a fuck about your fake psa Phi, other than the one single person who retweeted you.

No. 72760

To be fair, everything she's saying is accurate. However, all this vaguetweeting when you're well aware there's an audience of strangers thirsty for details about why you're no longer friends with an influencer is really immature.

No. 72765

I am dying at the comments & am 89% sure her boyfriend is editing her videos these days

No. 72768

The comments are giving me life, and I second every one of them. That editing makes the video childish af, and annoying. I like the colour combo of the red and blue, but that redneck fucking styled wig is awful. She looks like a trampy hairdresser.

No. 72771

That would explain the awful shift. Kelly is of course still the one to okay it in the end. But this is so fucking cringy. I could not finish watching it.

No. 72785


Glad to see fans calling out the obnoxious sound effects. All of her recent videos just seem so manic.

No. 72786


I posted this but didn't really properly watch it till now, holy shit leo has quite the damn underbite and a lisp. Everyone always looks worse in kelly's videos kek.

No. 72796

Kelly is unbearable here. The sound effects are especially obnoxious, but her giggling like a child every few seconds is harder to watch. Can she ever do any outfit where she isnt showing 90 percent of skin with her tits out?

No. 72800

Around the 4:30 mark, "Nobody has complemented on my outfit today and i am so offended." Hmmm…i wonder why?

The thumbnail and title of this video was complete clickbait, all she did was have lunch and go to some shoe store and bitch about the plastic on the shoes all while crawling so far up Leo's ass, it's absolutely unbearable and disgusting as to how fucking desperate she clearly is around him .

No. 72802

File: 1573778459593.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, D69F3E2D-F4F6-4333-AC64-F58982…)

No. 72807

But anon, her boyfriend loves her laugh so from now on she has to make sure every time she laughs, it’s edited into her videos.

No. 72808

File: 1573780681782.jpeg (77.87 KB, 828x431, A3E85FD5-7D35-44B0-BD4B-B3086A…)

On her newest video kek

No. 72810

lol yeah that's how body dysmorphia works and she really does look chunky as hell

No. 72814

>guilt-trippin' the commenter instead of just deleting the comment

The commenter is an ass for saying that under someone's public video, but Kelly's reply is pretty manipulative

No. 72821

How did she even get invited to a Disney event? She's not a Disney blogger at all? Leo I get but she makes no sense.

No. 72822


seems like phi deleted this?? went back to find it and can't

No. 72825

don't pretend that farmers wouldn't just make fun of her for deleting negative comments

No. 72826

File: 1573792310816.jpg (6.78 KB, 460x140, big oof kelly.jpg)

No. 72829


Her wrists and hands look soooo tiny compared to the rest of her..

No. 72831

Watching some bits of her recent videos - since we know you read this site:

Kelly I hate your boyfriend's dumbass video editing and sound effects

It's like a 14 year old's school project. No. He obviously doesn't realize people watch vlog-style videos to relax, not to laugh. Dumb sound effects are not relaxing.

No. 72832

Also note how there are so many unflattering sound effects when Leo or his brother are on screen. This man is so jealous it's pathetic. Another good looking man can exist without threatening your status.
Kelly seems to attract low confidence dweebs like Sensual Scratches. You'd look a lot cooler if you didn't give a fuck about the other guys.

No. 72833

Also: since I suspect this dude is manipulative, it might be intentional sabotage as I wouldn't be pleased with the dumb sound effects (animal noises when eating, smashing glass when posing) that he put over the footage if I was Leo.

But really the cringe is off the charts here, whatever reason he did it. I even see people saying they are considering unsubscribing just because of the sound effects

No. 72834

Looks like this comment has been deleted.

These vlogs are such a waste of time to watch because of how boring they are. At this point her channel is so lacking in direction that the annoying sound effects are enough to make people unsubscribe.

If the vlogs don’t work any more don’t force them. Some of us still want to watch her for her content AND her milk… Do wig and makeup reviews, CREATIVE makeup tutorials, hairstyles, dresses, tea parties, all that stuff that garnered her subs in the first place, she could be doing those instead of these lame videos of her eating a sandwich and looking at shoes.

No. 72835


Because this was a public event The Grove mall was hosting, she just went to brunch with a group of friends at the mall followed by unrelated shoe shopping. She barely described it, hardly gave the guy who actually seemed like he might have some connection to the platform any screen time, she’s overembellishing the video title for clickbait and to impress fans dumb enough to think this was some super exclusive event


No. 72836

File: 1573808204115.jpg (Spoiler Image,927.01 KB, 1440x1621, 20191115_085657.jpg)

Kelly's house is gross now.
This account also has a gross photo of Steph that I'll post in the Fotr thread

No. 72856

There is no need for that comment, how awful

No. 72866

File: 1573840665033.jpg (67.59 KB, 941x601, ew.JPG)

leos face is everyone watching this train wreck of a video

No. 72870

Part of the reason I used to watch Kelly was her house. But knowing how filthy it is and how messy all of the paintjobs are up close sort of takes the charm away. Didn't she mention having a cleaning lady once?

Agreed. Her response wasn't great, and kind of flippant about dysmorphia. But this really is crossing a line.

No. 72877

so… she's renting her house out for porn shoots, now?

No. 72898

Did anyone notice that Leo explains that a cronut is “a croatian donut” at one point? I really hope he’s joking. (Fyi: Cronuts are a doughnut with the texture of a croissant, hence the name mashup… they were trendy a few years ago.)

No. 72901

>guilt tripping the commenter
I acknowledge kelly is a raging narc but if someone leaves a mean comment like that no one should feel bad if someone "guilt trips" them. like they have to know what kind of responses they're going to get for leaving a comment like that.

No. 72905

man, I used to unironically enjoy some of kelly's vlogs, like her old ones with dre and her other friends, or when they visited toxic tears & jake in london. now the editing is so fucking weird and kelly's laugh is unhinged and terrifying. and has anyone else noticed she's only been hanging out with dudes lately? honestly she seems like one of those toxic women who drives away all her female friends and then says "I only hang out with guys because girls are bitchy and all hate each other and cause drama". the tall blue haired guy is kinda cute though, ngl.

wtf, what is this even from??

No. 72906

File: 1573875398536.jpg (125.62 KB, 1055x748, comments.jpg)

samefag but most of the comments are about the sound effects lmao

No. 72914

I watched the video and I'm pretty sure Leo as jokingly making that face. The screengrab is funny though.

Yeah, and there were comments about that lol.

No. 72955

Looks like Kelly deleted or hid the video

No. 72962

Was just about to come say this. It disappeared as I was reading the comments, wonder if she felt like a joke, everyone hated the damn thing kek

No. 72978

I'm hoping she will edit the sound and reupload, it looked like a video I'd have enjoyed minus the sound effects

No. 72980

Who is sensual scratches? The older larper dude? Never quite understood what the deal was between them.

No. 72983

>>72978 I can assure that absolutely nothing happened in that video. She didn't even really explain what was going on, they had overpriced dry looking lunch at some open to public launch thing and then went to nordstrom where kelly proceeded to act like a fucking brat because leo was talking to someone like normal human being. It wasn't even a good vlog, made me almost sad due to the 0 content.

No. 72995

Yeah it’s the larper dude. They had a weird ass relationship, he found out people were posting him on lolcow and he tried to defend himself (pathetically). They broke up like a week after.

No. 73029

Thanks, do we have any screencaps? Or can you please tell me in which thread might I find this milk?

No. 73031

Here ya go Stefan.


No. 73033

I´m not Stefan, but whatever. Thanks

No. 73057

>>73033 this fucking thread rotted my brain to a degree that looking at your apostrophe, i'm getting suspicious. Damn you all to hell.

No. 73071

I legit miss how milky Kelly used to be. I remember the whole Sensual Scratches thing, how we found his fetlife and his ~sensual scratches~ YouTube playlist and how funny it all was. Those were the days, man.

No. 73078

Don't worry Anon. Once her scruffy boyfriend can't handle the crazy anymore and dumps her thd milk will flow. It's just a matter of time.

No. 73112

Guess what, genius? I´m from a country where the use of the apostrophe isn't that common, therefore…

No. 73154

Context being Anons figured out Phi was posting here due to her punctuation, they're just riffing off that idea when someone new and suspicious posts

Stefan definitely reads here, though.

No. 73163

That photo posted wasn't stefan, just a English gally trying to bring a bit of positivity to the page haha. Also in the hope if Kelly does read it, get some hints that LESS IS MORE BABE! I've been obsessed with this thread for a few weeks, even though I like Kelly. But it's all a bit sad how desperate you all are for this girl you don't know online to fuck up her life so you guys can all talk about it on here. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it, but it's still just really super weird. Why does it matter so much? Go ahead and accuse me of being whoever, no way to prove who I am.. Just bored really!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73175

Ok Stefan. I hope that mods reveal your IP, kek

No. 73179

I wasn't accusing you of anything you fucking spazz, it was a whole thing in the earlier threads. You fucking rat.

No. 73384

I wouldn't go as far as to say it was actually proven though. Just very believable speculation.

No. 73405

File: 1574308574423.jpg (911.41 KB, 1080x1718, 72625272829.jpg)

Waaah I have to be creative for once in my life, feel bad for me :<

No. 73414

File: 1574312588841.jpeg (212.56 KB, 745x1183, A034B684-22FC-40A0-8249-624DE4…)

Phenilune magazine shared a super old photo of Kelly that they had on their cover.

No. 73415

File: 1574312701700.jpg (389.73 KB, 1797x806, il_fullxfull.829053437_7hcy.jp…)

This still isn't her being original. She's just copying Hysteria Machine's designs/images.

There's probably closer images, these two were just on the site's (www.hysteriamachine.com) front page.

So… still lazy as fuck and utterly unimaginative.

No. 73419

At first I thought that portrait was of Stef Santij who famously has Waldorf syndrome that makes her face weird but nope it’s just Kelly’s shitty shading making the face look abnormal. And this is supposedly the best hair she’s ever done, yikes

No. 73434

No. 73445

Love the horse ass right at face height. Seems appropriate.

No. 73452

>>73419 It’s Stef Sanjati, and she has Waardenburg Syndrome. Lol.

No. 73461

You tell me. That’s why it’s saged

No. 73466

File: 1574363676772.gif (417.54 KB, 349x199, 4A9CF1B6-FE0C-46C9-9C30-DB616F…)

>Waldorf Syndrome

No. 73468

File: 1574364510175.png (332.62 KB, 416x389, valentin.png)

this looks like valentin winter from the alt cows

No. 73472

File: 1574365542926.png (126.38 KB, 275x273, 1562320167350.png)

this reads like a dumb bitch meme and i fucking love it

No. 73479

What was this video, I didn’t catch before she got butthurt and deleted?

No. 73480

Kelly’s painting ability LITERALLY hasn’t changed since art school (9 years ago??) She thinks the size/scale makes them impressive but she just does a lot of blending on top of drawings that ALWAYS have way off proportions. She thinks she’s some amazing hyperrealism painter but she’s done nothing to improve her actual…realism…

No. 73483

Imho it’s important to reference irl sources in art but it’s in no way acceptable to not tag this person and just fucking admit you were inspired by their work. It’s not like it’s prideful to pretend you made up a complex piece of design in your head when you blatantly didn’t.

No. 73485

Get a grip anon, it´s a fucking chestpiece with a skull in the middle. No originality there to start with.

No. 73493

She went through a phase a while ago where she was really into these YA fantasy novels involving hot elf guys. Maybe that's her dream fae boyfriend now that she's LARPing again.

No. 73494

Waldorf syndrome. I just actually laughed out loud.

No. 73497

The idea? Not original, no. The… design? End look? Far too similar to be coincidental.

Yeah, using reference images is common as dirt and completely acceptable. Blatantly copying someone else's idea and calling it your own, and moaning how hard it is to be original? Pathetic.

No. 73499

Is a good painting

No. 73510

It really isn't. It would be a lot more loving to just be honest with your girlfriend about her skills being intermediate & encouraging her to take more classes instead of gassing up her average work on a gossip chan where she gets dragged every time you do it.

No. 73512

>>73499 it's not fucking hideous for someone with less experience but she should and could be so much better. Gotta add this for the taste: fuck off stefan, go get a haircut, skelly bitch.

No. 73520

No. 73526

>>73520 ntyr but stay in your containment thread

No. 73528

>>73405 Sage for no contribution, but it is Valentin Winter. I googled them to find out who they were and a Kelly vid popped up where she painted this.

No. 73536

nta but you're totally okay with people tearing apart and shitting all over kelly's looks thread after thread but someone questioning pronouns is too much for you…

ite then.

No. 73542

File: 1574416569727.jpg (117.8 KB, 652x821, duh.jpg)


the painting was literally done based off of this instagram picture of the model. so, no, she wasn't original, but it isn't like she was copying some other artist.

No. 73544

NTA but this site is not a troon/TRA ~safe space~. Either accept the board culture or go somewhere more likeminded to you like Tumblr.

No. 73551

It is. The title of the video states she's painting him.

Calm down. Other than having a skull in the center, there is nothing else it has in common with that design. Also, literally all she said was she had to make something up for the rest of the collar, she's not bawwwing about how hard it is, she's simply stating she has to do something. Some of you are really letting your milk dehydration cloud your judgement and it's been really cringey for a while now, but this tales the cake. Also, like >>73542 said, she is copying the chest piece from a photo of him, she isn't ripping anyone off.

Seriously, you guys need to cool it with this kind of dumb reach shit otherwise mods will likely ban Kelly threads.

No. 73554

Considering the Kota threads have been chugging along for years on such riveting content as "she has been photographed with a woman, I bet it's her girlfriend" I'm sure the Kelly threads are safe

No. 73561

Kelly isn’t my girlfriend but ok……

No. 73565

>>73561 for the love of god, sage your posts dumbass? What the fuck is your damage?

No. 73569

True, but there's parallels between the conduct in Kelly threads and the Anisa threads, which got banned due to said conduct.

No. 73578

That's the best painting I have ever seen come out from the hands of Kelly. I disagree with anons who say that she doesn't improve, this is actually the first time there's an evolution to her paintings. The perspective, specially on the eyes looks more real, while the others looked like the whole eye area was plastered from a different picture or trying to run away.

No. 73596

It's not a bad painting but I feel that the hair, eyes and face lack… some sort of a depth? I am not a trained artist so I am not sure but something is missing. It looks like the hair needs more texture, it looks too thin in the painting. The eyes and skin look flat. But I think the skull collar blouse came out really well.

I think it's good for Kelly to paint more, I think she should focus on her art rather than trying to be an e-girl or something like that.

No. 73608

it's the facial expression that really irks me, it's like some weird duckface, the jaw also seems too small…maybe the forehead too. it's like the facial features are way too big.

she's good at shading, the peals and details in the collar look really good from what i can see in the pic, except on the face, the face looks like a fcking marble statue.

and the hair does not look like actual long hair, but more like fur. and the pink background is terrible…not fitting at all, that bright/light background makes no sense with the colours/lightning on the subject.

No. 73612

>>73479 It's her, Leo, and that guy who dressed as Meowth going to a Disney Plush luncheon. She wears an super ugly woody "inspired" outfit. And there is a bunch of really loud and out of place noise bites that feel very early 2000s.

No. 73614

I keep getting an error when trying to post a screen grab of her latest 10 year challenge Instagram post, but it’s hilarious because she used a shooped photo of her that doesn’t even look like her anymore for her present day photo. Just laughable

No. 73615

How has this evolved? It's wild that you think they eyes show better "perspective," ….that's not even the right word, unless you're trying to say that the depth on the picture plane looks more realistic than usual in the eyes? Which - kek, it looks as flat as usual. It is clear that she hasn't done any real observational work since she had to in college, and doesn't practice drawing from life.

She's been doing the same thing over and over since she left school a decade ago. Her techniques have not improved or changed at all. Her subject matter hasn't even evolved, which is the most….sad? part about it.

It's obvious that she doesn't really love painting or drawing, she isn't doing any of this for herself, she's never explored any new mediums or subject matter…this is all to impress other people and gain validation that she won't do the emotional work to learn to give herself.

She's not a terrible illustrator, working digitally would suit her better. Might even suit her well (even though she's kind of stupid, and she is probably too lazy to learn to transfer her skillset.)

Either way, it makes me laugh so hard when anyone thinks she's some sort of fine art painter. Literally no.

No. 73618

Sorry for doublepost, but it also just occurred to me….how is she not embarrassed to whine about her art school student loans when she's a complete failure as a professional artist? She got noticed for having a boob job & myspace friends because of makeup.

no one has ever given two shits about Kelly Gardiner, the painter. That's probably why we got stuck with Kelly "Eden" the fake internet persona, frankly. Didn't art school anon mention how she stomped around campus like her shit didn't stink even though her work was dead average compared to her classmates?

No. 73624

He scammed people out of hundreds of thousands and pretends to be an insufferable impersonation of female stereotypes. No, I will not respect his pwonouns.

It's ok, that anon is just a handmaiden or a man pretending to be a woman. Either way, their opinion does not matter.

No. 73628

is there a thread for stef? I never heard about the scamming thing and I wanna know what that's about, but I don't want to derail this thread.

No. 73637


Yes, I’m art school anon and that’s exactly what she did. I wish I had more interesting milk from the time I knew her but can really just confirm she was a snob and her art style was exactly the same as it is now with the oversized canvases and just portraits she recreated from pictures. She’d tear at other girls in critique who were far better than her but couldn’t hack it when our painting professor told her that her technique was good but she over relied on reference photos. She literally cannot draw or paint from her imagination, as evidenced by the wonky ass proportions in her latest since she tried a different angle than the reference. Also that obnoxious laugh she does now was non existent, but I’m sure everyone already assumed that was a fake thing just for YouTube.

No. 73645

the original photographer of the model has a video story up with the original photoshoot with the bloody tears, but the final edit doesn't seem to be up yet

No. 73646

I heard from someone who went to school with she flat out would use a projector.

No. 73651

I highly doubt that's true. She has plenty of videos of her painting. We know she can manage her wonky photo copypasta paintings without a projector.

No. 73652

Can we knock it off with the pretentious art sperging? Yeah, Kelly isn't some crazy artistic genius, but if you're going to seriously sit there and say she's not a pretty good painter- you're just being a salty autist.

inb4- hi Kelly/Stefan/whiteknight! Nope, just an anon wishing we could stick to legitimate criticisms instead of dumb shit that invalidates our real complaints.

No. 73656

It’s lifeless. Like yeah she can paint. There’s the skill but she can’t paint personal character, idk like if you compare photos of Kota to the paintings she made, they look dead and wonky, like some alien trying to copy humans but has only seen humans through photos and not irl. Something is very off and it comes across as unsettling which is probably why people get very turned off by it.

No. 73661


No this is not true, never saw her use one in any of the classes I took with her. She just had to have a reference to look at every time.

No. 73670

wow!!! and have you talked to the neighbor's cousin's best friend's sister who knew her from kindergarten? Idiot.

No. 73673


Yeah that “current” photo was from a set she posted in October 2018. It screams so much insecurity that she couldn’t even pick a photo from the present year.

No. 73682

Not that I am aware of, maybe one from a while ago is buried? There is definitely enough milk to warrant one, especially after all the scamming he did.

No. 73691

No one is being pretentious. Plenty of people can paint or illustrate and are pointing out the legit ways that her paintings have issues. Sorry you can't and are salty.

No. 73702

I googled 'lolcow stef sanjati' and nothing from lolcow came up. There's a locked KF thread on him and a really old GG thread that you have to be signed in to see.

I searched google and youtube about him scamming people but again nothing came up. It's like the internet has been scrubbed of it. Weird. Anyways, I'll stop derailing now.

No. 73723

We could probably post milk about Sanjati in the Youtubers thread on Snow. I'd love to hear more about this.

No. 73726

There's a difference between pointing out ways a painting can improve and dismissing her artistic ability completely. Also, my experience is that people wjth this much art salt are rarely good artists themselves, they just think they are, so the ~sorry you can't paint~ is laughable to me.

No. 73735

>>73726 Seriously agree. And I am saying this is as someone who works in arts criticism. It’s super boring to read, and is mostly telling of the person nit picking here, not Kelly.

No. 73736

>>73735 having a podcast isn't art criticism, anon

No. 73738

>>73726 I’ve never had a podcast, lol. Again, this tells me more about you than Kelly. /offtopic, sorry

No. 73739

Sage your autism

No. 73748

It's not any different than pointing out that she does the same makeup look over and over. Just because she has some skill doesn't mean her creative output is beyond criticism? Especially when everyone knows at least one person like Kelly who thinks really highly of themselves for having mediocre ability that they never work to develop who wants asspats for making a wonky photo copy. Hell, I was like that to some extent…when I was 16.

No. 73751

We haven't heard anything new about this new Swedish (was it Swedish?) house mate. Wonder if that didn't last!(namefag)

No. 73754

You're right, wonder if the bf decided to move in or someshit. You should also go read the rules, you're breaking so many.

No. 73839


The real milk with her art isn't that it's technically weak in and of itself, but the fact that she presents herself as such a gifted quirky artist with woe is me art school student loans, but is too narcissistic to see her own mediocrity, and can't enjoy anything if she feels average about it. It gets even funnier when some half-retarded boyfriend of hers comes in here to talk about her "talent" or the "evolution" of her art, and then a bunch more half-retarded farmers get baited into defending the integrity of her work because uwu too pretentious to criticize someone who literally went to art school, sells herself as an artist, still makes weak and immature work at almost 30 years old, doesn't sell, doesn't show, and doesn't even practice.

No. 73874

Nitpick but she is 30 now

But I agree. Her latest art piece is kind of laughable, the eyes are complete different proportions. It's awful

No. 73902

File: 1574792667820.jpeg (472.18 KB, 1234x1541, 0210870D-2380-4B50-8353-679473…)

Maybe it’s just me, or the perspective of the photo, but it seems like the face is skewed to the right? Plus the shadow part that doesn’t match the rest of the skin is where my eye is first drawn to and mehhhh

No. 73903

Someone else pointed this out, but it looks like valentin winter.

No. 73904

does kelly do nudes? dc bout her personality she's hot af(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73905

It's a pretty nice painting except for the one giant lopsided eye on the right, and lopsided flat head.

The face and lips and quite nice and so are the details in the outfit. I think if Kelly practiced and learned a bit more about anatomy she could get famous via the art.
Big, skilled painting+ cute girl = success online

No. 73909

The head is way too small for the face. It shouldn't just cut off at the crown

No. 73915

File: 1574804873949.png (2.49 MB, 1125x2436, 3D070DC7-8C50-43D6-916C-C80DBE…)

Kelly made a video edited with her ex boyfriend making comments about how the FOTR ghosted her for no reason, they never would talk to her about the issues in their relationships, that she is a victim, and no one ever appreciated her or what she did for them or their career. Yet after speaking directly to one of them members this isn’t what happened at all and Kelly was the one in the wrong which is why all of them unfriended only her and have chosen to stick together in not publicly bashing anyone, while Kelly continues this self victimization online and perpetuates lies for her young fans to buy into. It’s honestly ridiculous. She then makes another video while keeping this said video up saying how nothing happened at all and that they just grew apart and to stop asking.

No. 73916

The face is veering right and everything else is going left. It's like a weird squiggle for your eyes to follow. It's okay I guess if you're impressed with this style. It's really flawed but realism tricks people who are clueless about art. It's smoke and mirrors. The more you look, the worse it gets.

No. 73917

File: 1574805054533.png (2.55 MB, 1125x2436, 46420CA7-337C-41B4-94E7-E561CC…)

No. 73918

File: 1574805319267.png (1.46 MB, 1125x2436, 71436CE7-6D2E-4F9F-A86E-8CC230…)

No. 73919

File: 1574805341291.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1125x2436, 5FCCD8E6-0D19-4E63-90A4-3D192C…)

No. 73926

You can clearly see on that video that majority of the comments are young fans who now unsubed the rest of the girls based on Kelly’s video and even one of the members who was completely uninvolved lost a huge portion of her following due to the bashing and people believing Kelly when she makes these public comments and videos playing the victim. If you want to make a channel that’s predominantly targeted at young viewers (art/Disney/anime/video games/dollhouse) than you have some responsibility to act like an adult and not send negativity at others. Or if you’re going to do that dont act like you aren’t throwing shade and play the victim when you’re clearly trying to hurt your ex friends for clout. “This isn’t a drama channel” “dont milk it” then why did you record, edit, and post a whole video a year later talking about your ex friends. This was clearly a move and a dig against the others, and say what you want about them, but not once did any of them ever publicly bash Kelly the way she played victim in this video

No. 73927

Don't selfpost your own comments anon. Don't use usernames or real names. Write 'sage' in the email box and leave name and subject blank.

Aside, who did you speak to and why are they automatically more truthful than Kelly?

No. 73928

Nor did she come to bat for any of her ex friends in the comments where fans were very upset on Kelly’s behalf in fact she would comment and play into it. Clearly this was all a self victim narrative for clout

No. 73929

I don’t want to say who I spoke to nor do I want to post DMs involving them but it was an old roommate who kept the convo very light and didn’t say much but she did say that the way kelly describes this falling out isn’t what happened at all and she knows what the issues were and that it’s effected her channel and she and the others chose to not comment on it publicly regardless

No. 73934

>>73919 stop sperging, Maria.

No. 73936

Just saying she should be called out because it’s hypocritical and completely false what she’s putting out

No. 73937

Idc if people know I called her out, I did it publicly and I posted it here because she’s known to delete anything that critical of her behavior

No. 73940

A lot of you criticize Kelly for the wrong reasons
Making fun of her body or her image or her body modifications
Make fun of her art
I think think the reason she gets so much backlash and deserves to be called out is because she lies and she puts out false images and plays a victim in every situation while claiming to be all about mental health and growth. Similar to the Gabby Hanna stuff that’s on front pages everywhere on YouTube. It’s not about this frivolous stuff, she’s being deceitful and making passive jabs and then acting like all this happened to her. You can’t play both sides of the coin and I think that’s legit criticism and why a lot of people age out of her content and unsubscribe over time. I watched her stuff since 2016 and I think a fair amount of people here did as well.

No. 73941

I hope she grows out of it or learns from this situation that she publicly claimed she’s trying to do. I think she has a lot of talent and her biggest enemy has always shown to be herself based on everyone’s criticism

No. 73943

File: 1574813856478.png (5.06 MB, 1125x2436, 5DFC120A-EBAC-4273-9851-BD0CCD…)

Lmao fucking SHADE

No. 73946

Lol, I was just about to post this! I can't find the original pick but I'm 99% sure that's Kelly cropped out on the left.

No. 73948

File: 1574815231403.jpeg (116.22 KB, 719x719, 3B8DBE6E-3190-4698-ADFB-E83BE0…)

No. 73951

post milk or shut the fuck up, fag.

No. 73952

File: 1574818339608.jpeg (106.65 KB, 867x450, 91E0E771-4DC2-4669-AB69-2B75D2…)

Nice language A+

No. 73953

File: 1574818381498.jpeg (358.73 KB, 904x1365, FD5AED97-B487-471B-9881-411865…)

No. 73954

File: 1574818404515.jpeg (129.58 KB, 914x526, C0D8E2EE-2AE1-4692-A975-9566E4…)

No. 73957

Not showing a username doesn’t do shit but make us this this is made up

No. 73959

Is this your old roommate? Just sounds like gossip tbh. Very vague. Nothing milky at all in this convo and if it is an old Kelly roommate, then say who it is. Otherwise you are really doing jack shit to add to anything with this supposed secret convo that apparently everyone in the old FotR refuses to bring to light publicly.

No. 73960

Believe it or not
I’m not outing her and I’m sure she’d be pissed I even share that
I have no issue with her
I’m sayin Kelly lying or at the very least bending the truth and purposely trying to mislead her young fans in order to hurt her ex friends. That’s obviously a shitty thing to do that they didn’t do to her and she can’t be petty and play the victim at the same time which she continues to do

No. 73962

Who are you even talking to? I'm so confused

No. 73964

I’m not a regular here which I think is obvious
It’s targeted at this more nasty commenter

No. 73965

These are all samefaggotry, the need for a hellweek is so grave, anons.

No. 73966

>>73964 read the fucking rules, give us the milk or just leave.

No. 73970

You're vague as fuck. Get out, newfag. You're literally just here to try and give fake milk with nothing to show for your bullshit because you want to be in on the drama.

No. 73971

I don’t want in and I don’t post here ever
I wanted to post what Kelly deletes off her page
Which is that she lied about the Fotr

No. 73972

Want to figure out who it was?
Use your big brain and guess who it was
You have two options
Message them and ask if that’s how it happened or if Kelly lied in her video
Like they did with me they’ll answer honestly

No. 73973

I’m not even this ex roommates friend
She answered me on IG DMs
It’s just a fact and you can see in her videos how she shades them all
It’s even posted here for all to see
And if you look at the ex roommates IG you’ll see one in particular talks about how it effected their accounts

No. 73974

Bye thirsty milk whores

No. 73975

Bye useless bitch.

No. 73984

After finding out Steph had an onlyfans I'm a little surprised Kelly didn't make one and try to milk more money out of her followers.

No. 73990

Well I mean Kelly is still scamming 27 people on Patreon so she's got that going for her. Onlyfans requires effort, which we know she's incapable of maintaining when she's not manic

No. 73997

I'm surprised she still has any patrons. If anything, I'd expect her to try and beg on twitch again, since she seems to think it requires no effort.

No. 73999

Same, but it could be that those 27 patrons are inactive or are all puppet accounts belonging to Lina kek.

At this point I feel like Kelly is in the first stages of being cancelled. In hindsight everything is not going well for her at age 30 and I WOULD feel bad and pity her… She did lose a relative, her entire friend group, her career is almost done with, and she has no real purpose in life. It’s just that she keeps pushing on her narcissistic narrative, “oh poor me, you ought to feel sorry for me, my life is so bad so you must adjust to me”, and she’s so remorseless about it, even to her close friends who she claims she “loves so much”, but has the gall to post a video about with her ex talking shit about their integrity as human beings.

Reading her reply to the comment about Risoup “twisting the knife” and all is just so manipulative that it makes me dislike her even more. Yeah your friends all ditched you and that fucking sucks, but you know you have the option to apologize and take full accountability right? But instead she’s pushing forward with the victim narrative, like really bitch, is that kind of attention really more important to you than searching for a middle ground with the friends you lost?

No. 74001

File: 1574862896969.jpeg (91.39 KB, 750x636, CB3B979C-1C03-40EC-8D62-86A09C…)

So I’m not saying this Risoup’s story about talking to a member of the fellowship is credible, but looking at her comments in the ex boyfriend tag video, I saw this person’s comment buying Kelly’s story initially before taking a 180 degree turn against her. Looks like the whole accusing comment against Kelly was deleted.

No. 74004

What rules have a broken?

No. 74010

Read and figure it out. You newfags are so fucking dumb.

No. 74025

It's almost like there's a "rules" section to read. But for starters namefagging, selfposting, not saging your shit, and not providing any visual evidence of the veracity of your supposed milk.

No. 74040

>>74004 learn to read and spell?

No. 74043

This proves nothing and no one fucking cares.
Stop clogging the thread with your useless information. Even if you did post who you were DMing there isn’t anything milky in there. No one cares about this shit. Get lost.

No. 74109

is this recent? what is it from?

No. 74111

It's an old photo, Dre's hair is still dark green and Courtney's hair is purple… Both have changed their hair since not being friends with Kelly.

No. 74261

File: 1575073893317.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 3478919D-E0C8-4C26-A5FD-4416CB…)

No. 74280

??? This set was posted a few threads ago. Please stop posting old photos of Kelly just because you got excited and saw another brand/photographer/b rate magazine posted an old shoot. It’s not milk, especially if it has already been posted and discussed in previous threads.

No. 74422

File: 1575268892525.jpg (52.04 KB, 283x327, 20191202_013934.jpg)

From Stefan's instastory. Cropped because there were children in the full photo.

No. 74441

Ouch. Isn't he supposed to be a photographer.

No. 74456

that cringy post he made on kelly's fb said they met on a set where he was a producer and his ig says he's a producer. it appears his home is not an utter rubbish heap so probably not a photog

No. 74476

If you look at the full pic they're just a small part of a big family picture. At least she got to have a nice Thanksgiving with his family(?) and not be alone in LA posting another one of her annual holiday depression videos.

I have been curious as to what she's been up to though… and how tf is she paying her bills? She hasn't posted on YT consistently for awhile now, and what little she has posted has pretty much been garbage. I thought that was her primary means of income.

No. 74505

Her primary means of income is probably her renting her house out more often these days. I think she's been staying with Stefan for a while now.

No. 74527

Kelly's mother is rich, from what other anon said. She must help her financially, there is no way she is surviving in LA this long on her own with so little work she has done over the years

No. 74569

I bet she's making money from airBnBing her home and renting her apartment for different photoshoots. Her apartment has been featured in a lot of different things lately.

No. 74593

If she's so rich why hasn't she paid off Kelly's debts yet so that she can stop "baaw"-ing on social media?

No. 74597

Maybe well off enough to send her like 1k a month, not to pay for thousands of money kelly took on a loan

No. 74615

Hypothetically, if this were true, Kelly should get a real job and support herself and use the money from mommy dearest to chip away at her debt. If her mom actually sent her that much each month to help she’d have her loans paid off within a few years.

No. 74639

But Anon, Kelly is a sensitive artist and has mental health issued. We can't expect her to work a regular job! Nevermind the rest of us who also struggle with depression but do make money to pay the bills because we fucking have to. She's too special for that.

No. 74913

File: 1575681531700.jpg (234.02 KB, 1080x885, Robot 1.jpg)

Some interesting/weird comments I just spotted on Kelly's Instagram.

No. 74914

File: 1575681614566.jpg (250.95 KB, 1080x873, Robot 2.jpg)

No. 74915

File: 1575681774755.jpg (245.76 KB, 1080x867, Robot 3.jpg)

No. 74917

File: 1575681944659.png (430.63 KB, 1440x1749, Robot 4.png)

No. 74925

kelly janks references constantly and NEVER credits. she only did this time because drama started to escalate. and this is the real reason why kelly has been quiet off the internet for weeks.

she's such an art thief in every possible way, with her society6 shop that uses stolen artwork and clipart, and her borderline traced paintings… her art education really didnt serve her at all, huh?

also i'm glad to at least get confirmation on this shit >>73551 when kelly was in fact duplicating a photo that hadn't been posted online yet.

No. 74936

She always does this, it's laughable. I don't get why she can't ever just own up to her mistakes and give a true apology.

No. 74958

File: 1575732647339.png (502.61 KB, 1125x2436, A9531A2E-3399-446E-9190-8D1306…)

Hi Most likely kelly/kelly stan who is getting angry and arguing with haters on here to remain relevant since you’ve now taken on a positive fake persona online who denies all wrong doing and dodged questions with HR bs responses

Also I didn’t lie it was Phi who said that the way kelly explained what happened to the fotr in her boyfriend tag video isn’t what happened but essentially none of them care what she says and are letting her have her bs narrative

No. 74959

Phi was talking about how she had a huge dip in her following and didn’t understand why so I was speaking with her on the boyfriend tag video and that’s when we put two together. Kelly wanted to make her friends look bad and it effected their channels. So she had her ex boyfriend say those things which were lies or she just tells all her new friends lies about the old ones. Regardless it was shitty and when called out she further lied and deleted my comments

No. 74961

For someone who doesn’t have a ‘drama channel’ and wants to end it I just find it very strange she would delete random old videos of the fotr and then keep up the video where she has her ex boyfriend talk shit about her old friends and then post another video saying nothing happened between the friends. Oh that’s probably because she wants to monetize off this and make money from bashing them while continuing on the narrative that she’s innocent in this. Also very petty move to try and hurt their channels because your channel is dwindling. But after reading on here, it wouldn’t be the worst thing she’s monetized.

And seeing what she did with her latest painting, and how she responded to the criticism honestly just shows the type of person she really is
Passive aggressive, manipulative, and completely dishonest
I’ll stop sperging now

No. 74970

Or she deleted the videos because they’re not friends anymore and it’s a sensitive subject for her. Also Phi is boring. I unfollowed Phi because her content sucked , nothing to do with Kelly

No. 74971


No. 74973

Just an fyi no one cares about phi. She's boring. Also kinda creepy to post screencaps of you desperately licking phis ass to get her to tell you "insider information" why do you keep coming back here with this shit? And why are you so obsessed with the most boring member of the group? People didn't leave phi because they took Kelly's side. They left her because she's boring as fuck, OPENLY two faced (at least the others are more subtle meanwhile phi was caught posting here a bunch while also sucking up to Kelly), creates 0 actual content, and again is boring.

No. 74974

TBH I feel like that’s a conversation that Phi faked with herself on a side account to post about.

I just wish one of the FoTR members would just say what really happened. Clearly something bigger happened

No. 74977

No one is obsessed I’m saying this is why I think Kelly’s story is bs because when I talked about it to Phi she said it was. She posted on IG asking about it and I responded. I followed all of them until recently when kelly keeps getting caught lying just like me it’s this whole art situation. She does shady shit and acts innocent. I’m not a Phi stan I simply spoke with her this single time because she asked about it. Of Phi posts here I didn’t know about it. But honestly I think all of them post here or have posted here

No. 74978

I agree which is why I told phi about the video and said maybe this is why you’re seeing a drop who knows
Yes I was nice to her because why wouldn’t I as everyone pointed out who gaf
Regardless the story kelly put out is bs and that’s the point

No. 74980

I just am not buying it’s a sensitive subject bit after she chose to keep up the videos where she talks shit about them all
Who knows why she did it all
The only point that I’m making is that she lied, her ex roommate said it was a lie, and her actions surrounding the videos she posts would support those claims

No. 74983

Literally nobody was ever interested in Phi. Her popularity probably dipped because it was barely there in the first place. She basically thought she was gonna copy Dre's success except Dre has an actually appealing personality (or did until she became a complete social climber faker, but that's another story)

Also lest we forget Phi's rape accusation. It'a laughable to blame Kelly for the fact nobody is interested in your dull, fake self, Phi.

No. 74985

What rape accusations? Can you link ? That’s crazy

No Dre actually had lots of talent and that’s why she broke out, Even it Phis drop is related to some other topic, my point is that Kelly’s story during that video isn’t true according to Phi but idk if she’s a rapist I’m out this whole group bogus(emoji)

No. 74988


Discussion before and after this post a couple of threads back. In summary she was pushy with a trans partner of hers who then tried to get Phi kicked out of LARP.

No. 74989

Can y'all take this stuff to the fellowship thread? No one fucking cares.

No. 74990

Can you stop being a miserable bitch for no reason(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 74997

Some tranny she was banging off and on had to say no a whole two times (a troon who had a, I guess, kinda D&s-ish relationship with Phi)

All Phi did was kiss it, snuggle it, climbed on top. After saying a hard no, Phi stopped, and that was that.

Troon claimed it was literal assault.

Twats and losers all around.

The end.

No. 75000

Can you stop bumping the thread you complete autist?

No. 75001

Stop bumping the thread. Actually stop posting at all. You can't sage and are just sperging out about nothing. Pls mods do something

No. 75002

File: 1575773540217.jpg (457.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191208-024819.jpg)

Step and Dre are savage bitches. Tbh, I think they're too harsh. No matter what happened, honor the friendship you once had.

No. 75006

Goodbye retard. Like I said before, no one cares and your stale ass screenshots prove literally nothing. No shit Kelly is lying about why she got dumped by the fellowship. We already knew this. Your boring Instagram convo with boring Phi doesn’t prove anything so stop fucking posting over and over and bumping the thread!!!

No. 75020

Why do you always throw the insult "autist" it sounds childish af.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 75038

"Whatever happened honor the friendship you once had"

What a fucking joke. It's not savage or too harsh.

Kelly is a shitty friend and person from what we can see, I cant even imagine how much worse it was off the internet. They owe her nothing, least of all honor.

No. 75054

File: 1575838397098.jpg (801.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191208-215019_Chr…)

Speaking of kelly having friends…

No. 75058

Look’s like both Kelly and Phi unfollowed each other on Ig.

No. 75059

>>75054 i’m so sick of her overacting in every shoot she’s in with other girls. her exaggerated facial expressions really cheapen the photo especially when the other models aren’t overdoing it. plus correct me if i’m wrong but isnt this basically a carbon copy of a shoot she did with steph and another fellowship girl?

No. 75063

Holly Madison is 39, but she looks so much better than Kelly. I know she's had work done, but so has Kelly.

Do you think Steph is jealous she is hanging out with a playboy model?

No. 75113

She didn't copy the other photo though. People really reaching in these SJW comments on her photo. Even the anons in here pointed out that its a reach to say they are the same when so many elements are not and this artist, Lillian or whatever, you could reach and say they have copied too. There are so many paintings and models dressed like this with the skull where it is and shit. People are so nitpicky.

No. 75114

I keep telling you guys, its ENVY. Bitch literally moved to LA and started making friends with the other members. She did this shit in Florida. She's really, REALLY good at playing victim lowkey and using her illnesses as a crutch to gain sympathy and support for shit she says. She's done this before.

No. 75135

File: 1575923023208.jpg (2.2 MB, 1920x2560, 19-12-09-15-21-26-853_deco.jpg)

No it's not a complete copy but it's pretty fucking similar. How about some originality ffs

No. 75136

Sorry my bad I didnt realize you were still talking about the painting

No. 75161

You keep telling us. But what about the proof?

No. 75202

I think the same photographer did both photos, maybe he had creative control of the shoot? Doesn't help that Kelly can really only do two expressions (shocked bimbo and trying-to-be-sexy stare) because she's a shitty model

No. 75203

Honestly, I don't doubt that Envy is a shitty person, but I feel like the fellowship cutting ties with Kelly was the fault of Kelly alone. The fellowship knew Kelly before they knew Envy, so it would make sense that their loyalty would stand with Kelly if Envy started anything. The entire group cutting ties with Kelly most likely came from an episode that was so bad the whole fellowship could not ignore it. Even if Envy tried to start drama, the fellowship was probably already fed up with Kelly. Unless you have actual proof that Envy played a big part in FOTR dumping Kelly, give it a rest.

No. 75258

Holly has always been really beautiful, but she's had a lot more access to money than Kelly, so all her plastic surgery and work is higher quality. She's also in much better shape.
My question is how did Kelly befriend someone actually famous, who isn't just an internet personality? I thought all her friends were e-people and cosplayers.

No. 75269

They aren’t friends anon. Photographers hire models for shoots all the time. Odds are they either tried out for the shoot or were asked by the photog. That’s actually how steph and Kelly met. They happened to be shooting together at random and bonded while they worked together.

No. 75276

You have no fucking idea of what happened, so stfu. When you are friends with somebody, you share moments, life, trust. Honor what you fucking had, if you have an once of decency.

No. 75282

Not that anon. But what the fuck. What brought on this autistic spazfest?

No. 75283

Kelly/Stefan rull mad. Maybe even Lina. Looks like we hit a nerve

No. 75296

Dude why are you here on this thread if you feel this way lol

No. 75311

Well if they don't have any idea then clearly you must, care to share?

No. 75358

Holy shit this is next level autism. I'm truly embarrassed for you and this shit post

No. 75384

Kelly gets a vampire facial.

No. 75437

lol cow cross over because barbara sturm is quite a cow herself

No. 75453

File: 1576199960082.jpg (904.9 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20191212_153601_com…)

JFC… Just get a white one and paint it like every other single thing you own…

No. 75490

Nah she'll just keep complaining about it until someone buys the pink one on her wishlist.

No. 75508

Her bf will buy her one eventually. Most girls who watch Kelly are dumb poor teens and anyone who has money would never.

No. 75534


I wish Lina would just buy that stove for her so she can finally shut up.

No. 75536

I love how she complains about having to invest in nee equipment to do her literal job but also insists that an expensive facial with no proven benefits is totally worth it. Even if she is sponsored by the surgeon her priorities are so screwed up.

No. 75613

Ok, sure she does want someone to buy a pink stove for her but I don't think this is the reason she keeps mentioning it. Painting things, modifying her home etc has become a form of scapism for her, she used it to cope, thinking to be doing something good for herself and her life because she's actually doing something that in her mind seems productive. Sure, it accomplices something: paint an object in the color scheme she likes but that's all. In my opinion kelly is showing signs of (actual) OCD, when your mind gets fixated on a subject for a reason (there can be many)

I'd bet money on Kelly not having a good skincare routine, her skin looks so rough in all ways so it really bothers me that she tries to look better, younger by getting procedures done and wearing heavy makeup. I'm not even a skincare fanatic by any means, my skin is also rough BUT I'm broke so I don't have the means to buy even the okay ish skincare products, just cheap drugstore brands, she could easily use the money she waste on these procedures on some good products, she would look so much younger

No. 75625

How is this at all relatable to the average Kelly eden viewer? No wonder her channel is tanking.

No. 75695

Has her channel ever really had a theme though? It just seems kind of all over the place. Makeup tutorials, story times, skits, tattoo content and now cosmetic procedures like this and her liposuction videosl. Maybe if she stuck to something she'd have better numbers.

Anyway, I don't see anything terribly wrong with this type of video other than her subscribers tend to be very young.

No. 75758

The theme of her channel was: Doing fun, interesting and aesthetic pleasing things with the fellowship of the rainbow. This is why we all watched. No fellowship, no more interesting content. Sad, but true.

No. 75759

Kelly tries to plug her Amazon storefront by saying she only promotes products she believes in or actually uses.
Like all those tooth whitening kits and sponsored clothing hauls that end up on depop.

Also apparently Swedish roommate is still around, and she's on different antidepressants now.

No. 75762

Youre missing the point. It’s not the fact that her videos are all over the place, it’s the fact that the average Kelly Eden YouTube viewer isn’t having this type of procedure done. Makeup tutorials, tattoos, story times- relatable, stuff most people are interested in. This featured procedure is extreme for most people, unrelatable, and therefore trash content. Kelly could barely keep her channel afloat before, diving further into a plastic surgery niche is just going to isolate her channel even more instead of helping it grow.

No. 75763

While she still exhibits some cow behaviours, I have to say that she does seem more mature and grown in this video. She should continue to stay off social media as much as she can and work on herself.

Although, saying that you can't afford a new tripod and then immediately following it with saying that you ordered 3 containers of instant coffee (each which costs from $11-$16) and then following THAT up with how much you love $4 coffee from Starbucks is still very much cow-ish.

By the way, nobody is going to buy you a $3,000 fridge from your Amazon, Kelly.

No. 75779

Her whole career is pretty fucking sad at this point, her videos get fuck all views cause their irrelevant and boring af and her audience seems to just consist of the same people every time, she doesn't even do the things that helped build her following anymore like fashion/cosplay or pop culture stuff, no one gives a flying fuck about her boring ass surgery videos.

No. 75794

Not to mention how a lot of her fans are young teens. Even if they gave a fuck about her surgery videos, facials like this won't apply to them.

No. 75830

It would be so easy for her to film videos like 'get ready with me' (she puts on makeup every day, just turn on the camera), and videos like that would be entertaining to a much much wider audience. Talk about anime releases, cosplay storytimes, or fuck even paint and deface more furniture. Her videos are so unwatchable because the content now is just boring, anyone who subscribed for makeup and cosplays have got to be bored out of their skull.

No. 75897

File: 1576692725972.jpg (49.7 KB, 640x640, 80862840_491730428368522_79575…)

squints There's something… Off about the hand here.

No. 75901

her face too. this photo is entirely airbrushed over, badly

No. 75902

The perspective is also weird. Her head looks so tiny compared to the rest of her because the wig is so large.

I'm trying to imagine where the line of her neck is in the pic. She's standing with her back 3/4 to camera and looking slightly over her shoulder while reaching out in an unnatural way to touch the plant. The more I look at it the more it confuses me.

No. 75919

Exactly! Not to mention she’s had some big life changes. Most viewers were there for the fellowship videos but damn she has options. She said she was going to do a q&a with her boyfriend and she (shocker) never did it. She has a new roommate I’m sure people are interested to learn about. She also could’ve been doing monthly fave videos considering she claims they’re her favorite to film yet she’s literally posted two? Maybe three? The laziness and lack of ambition is astounding considering this is her primary source of income. She has so much potential that she just wastes.

No. 76054

The photographer edits all of their photos this badly

No. 76091

What's with the ratty, patchy extensions?

No. 76094

File: 1576857074965.jpeg (398.2 KB, 640x1001, 1D3BD97F-FBE5-46C2-BC3D-416BA0…)

Another Mary Sue larp character, good lord.

No. 76101

That’s her “brand” kek

No. 76197

File: 1576906250254.jpeg (114.07 KB, 1699x584, DD05C946-5F99-4C47-A94F-95755D…)

No. 76217

Looks like a b rate ripoff of Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI. She can’t even make up her own character.

No. 76268

File: 1576975993157.jpg (172.24 KB, 1072x724, 20191222_115230.jpg)

Pfft, no you won't.

No. 76374


It doesn't seem like the kinda drama she likes to mary-sue. She's more of a "abuse me because you love me so much" kinda girl, something more about her specifically. Being a sacrifice just makes you special because you're a female (and/or a virgin). Remember how Layola the elf was like super abused and mistreated by someone who kidnapped her and somehow that meant that she was the favorite in a king's harem or something kek
This is the kind of fantasies that should make you ashamed of telling people you masturbate to because it shows clearly what kind of psychological issues you have with sex, love, self worth… but she's out there actually making a wiki for the details of this, dressing up, taking pics… I can only imagine the depth of the daddy issues…

Unless that's what she idealizes for her life. In that case, in LA, I think it shouldnt be that hard to find the crazies to kill you kek

No. 76487

>>76374 Can you link the wiki?? I need a good laugh

No. 76619

No. 76632

Oh wow. Thanks Anon. This is a treasure trove.

No. 76737

The levels of mary sue-ing are extreme.

>Layola Mond-Licht, “The Flying Shadow,” was a precocious and wildly imaginative child.

Like "true artist soul Kelly Eden of course.


and structured in her habits as she grew into an adolescent, at the cost of her engaging enthusiasm.

>After the Flight, Layola was very highly respected among her fellow Radolond, with people almost subtly bowing to her at unguarded moments.

I guess people just naturally recognise Kelly's, I mean "Layola's" superiority…

>When the soldiers saw Layola’s beauty, she was shipped off to be a slave, and she never saw her brother again:

What is it with Kelly and weird rape fantasies? Is her self-esteem really that low?

>Dorian, took a special liking to her beauty, and she was forced to occupy the position of his favorite “pet.” He had her dressed in Dacian garb—without a mask, though, since she was still only a pet—and he brought her with him everywhere, granting her various privileges and luxuries


>She knew that her fate could have been much worse, and many of the other Effendal slaves resented her for her exalted position

Everyone is just jealous of Kelly you guys!

>but her plan fell apart at the last minute, and her punishment was lengthy and degrading, with the cold eyes of her master watching every moment of it.



she even began to love Dorian Tremaine in a way. Her constant attendance on him meant that she knew him better than she knew herself—

This about the "master" who raped and tortured her.

>Hiding behind the innocence in her eyes lurks a hunger and desire only Sekril seems to envoke within her. Perhaps it is time for the man of the night and the princess of the moon to meet in the light.

Oh fucking cringe.

No. 76744

Ahhhh, good ol Sekril. I miss the Sensual Scratches era. ‘Twas a good time.

No. 76813

her larp character is literally something a 14-year-old would write I can't

No. 76976

Cool. Kelly is promoting this claw machine game that looks like an absolute scam and gets terrible reviews online. Most of her fans are on the younger side. This seems super shady to me.

No. 77006

Kelly looks like a much rounder Sephiroth in this thumbnail lmao

No. 77007

File: 1577707052872.jpg (287.02 KB, 876x1254, 20191230_125718.jpg)


No. 77014

Are we really surprised Kelly is endorsing a sketchy app? She will endorse anyone for a buck. Kelly also has never been one to “do it for the kids” or take her younger fan base into consideration either. That was apparent longggg ago.

No. 77042

I’d put $100 on that not being written by Kelly. It’s actually literate, grammatically correct and tonally appropriate to the subject matter. Everything she writes is littered with misspellings, inconsistent tense, and sorely lacking imagination. I don’t larp so forgive my ignorance but is it typical for a larp group to have somebody keeping track of the characters’ progressions/stories? All of that reads like it was written by a person who actually reads books and enjoys writing.

No. 77083

Not surprised. But as far as promotions go this might be a new low for her. Just googling the app makes it obvious it's a scam.

No. 77193

I think the LARPers create their stories themselves/with friends whose characters interact with. Maybe when it's ready to be uploaded, someone from the Twin Masks organization re-writes it so it doesn't sound too amateurish

No. 77243

As far as I remember she stated when she got into LARP that the Twin Mask Creators helped her developing her character and writing her way of entry and stuff. It was discussed how she maybe offered them exposure because of ther youtube, because it was kinda weird that they helped a LARPer in progress with such an elaborate story, without knowing her, her skills or even her condition.

Must be in one of the older threads about her.
So yes, she did not write it herself.

No. 77249

I somehow doubt anyone else would describe Kelly in all the ways the character is written except Kelly. In earlier threads we saw she was the one updating her wiki larp bio, it said it was her account.

No. 77374

File: 1578144947637.jpeg (135.25 KB, 767x896, 2E0E15D6-E47A-4AFA-BD46-B22FC9…)

That hag hand

No. 77388

anon ur in the wrong thread

No. 77446

File: 1578182714075.jpg (687.3 KB, 1069x1697, Screenshot_20200105-110224.jpg)

Surely this is an old af photo, Kelly you don't even look this that anymore photoshop or not.

No. 77541

Funny how Kelly started posting pics with Mr Leo Zombie way more frequently almost immediately after he got outed as a cheater and abusive toward his ex girlfriend.

No. 77545

sage, dumbfuck.

p.s. your reach is desperate, she hasn't posted Leo in 2 months.

No. 77575

Nta but calm your tits. She's barely been active online, the thread is dead, Leo was discussed before after Kelly announced they were bffs in like 3 videos in a row. There's no reaching. This is a gossip site. It's weird to attach yourself to a serial cheater for clout or attention after losing and alienating everyone in your life.

No. 77583


they obviously reunited bc he aswell got casted out after he go outed.

she's obsessed claiming that they have always been BFFs to not make people think it's anything else than the case of misery finds company.

in her head she probably blames the fellowship for having lost contact with him.

in other news: has anyone watched her letter jar video? it was a painful cry for attention, so uncomfortable to watch…why would she put something like that up? so her followers buy her something off her wishlist out of pity?

i also don't understand the point of that jar, it was a mixture of resolutions/notes/stop doing xy

if you ask me, these letters in a jar are supposed to serve as a reflection of how you have grown, or to keep memories to reflect on later - it makes no sense to keep resolutions in a jar you won't look into for a year, no wonder she's not realizing any of them.

No. 77623

Watching her letters video


She keeps talking about "grind culture" and I don't think she has any idea what that means.
She just sounds like she's parroting something her dumbass photographer boyfriend said an an excuse for why he barely does anything. Like, when. When did you grind or burn yourself out, Kelly.

Positives are: she looks very well and happy, but it just sounds like she reverts to parroting bullshit rather than address whatever is really going on.

And also talks about "Twitter positivity" when all she ever Tweets is emo teenager whining. When did you promote positivity on Twitter, Kelly. Like, everyone watching has seen all your other content? Who are you trying to fool here? idk, the complaining about things that don't apply to her at all just sounds like she wholesale copies dumb rants from the bf and it makes no sense in context of herself.

No. 77823

Came here to post exactly that. The logical thing to do for resolutions or reminders for yourself would be to have them where you can read them every day. Why not do a list of your current favorite things and goals or whatever so in a year you could reflect and see how much you have or haven't changed?

Spray painting everything around you must be her definition of "grinding" because that's pretty much all we saw her do.

No. 77913

I mean she’s definitely off the grind these days but before? None of her peons were all that capable of organizing anything decent (cept for Steph making porn for neckbeards) but with Kelly having the most to gain from fellowship content it had to be her legwork. Then there was painting, house projects, crafty shit and all of which - quality aside, still takes effort. Modeling stuff, stupid doll videos lol… she obviously has a lot of improvement to to do but lazy ain't it.

No. 77981

Looks like kelly is calling out her previous roomie out on her insta story ..

No. 77984

File: 1578612069669.png (5.23 MB, 1125x2436, 8D886B32-9EA6-4793-93E7-01EC30…)

No. 77985

File: 1578612347628.jpeg (720.84 KB, 799x1430, 47F6B87D-F5F0-4C2E-AAA2-724A64…)

No. 77987

Is this her passive aggressive way of blaming Phi for the Fellowship fallout? Weird that a full grown woman posts something like this with toys lol

No. 77990

She really can't take any responsibility, can she? I doubt doubt Phi is/was a spoiled brat and using Kelly in a way but why is Kelly acting like she's worked hard to get where she is, when her own family was upper middle class

No. 77991

*Don't doubt

No. 77997

Interesting that she's pointing at Phi (or maybe Dre? But it sounds like Phi) as being the one at fault, when a few people suspect it was Envy due to her prior history of breaking up friend groups.

No. 78011

Is she actually going crazy? It literally looks line she is calling herself out, down to every detail. Are we sure it isn't a poor attempt at answering "the haters" ironically? Nah… she has zero self awareness

1000x this! I actually think the fellowshit dropped her because they are all catty bitches who looove drama and hoard mentality and that Phi stirred the pot like crazy but Kelly isn't an angel, to say the least, so I can see why.

But fuck you, Kelly, you are able to nuke any sympathy anyone might have towards you about the situation when you put yourself in this poor little thing place. You did NOT work to be where you're at, you aren't anywhere worth of being proud of your working efforts. You are helped by your mum too. There is no way in hell you are living in LA off of your own gains. Which work did you do in the past months? In the past year, even? Paying jobs… not silly photoshoots with Leo or your flopped YouTube channel…
Call out Phi for being a fake, a shit stirrer, catty, petty, a liar… but trying to act better than someone who is shitty because they were spoiled, had an alcoholic father who left them traumatized is hypocritical to the point of madness. How can you not realize that you are literally the person you are describing while you are writing it?

Gotta say I had like 1% of sympathy about this whole fellowshit dropping her thing because a reason was never given and it seems like the cold shoulder she was given was not proportional to whatever she had done. If it was something that serious, those bitches would be all over the internet "cancelling" Kelly. But no more…

No. 78050

O my.. the fucking shade lol. Kelly if you read this please do NOT stop, this is everything.

No. 78052

umm sis these are the antics of a bratty trust fund kid. legit why are you so salty about her "nuking sympathy" and ranting about her being a trustie? sound like you got burned irl

No. 78083

If this is about phi, it's not even accurate. I don't think her parents spoil her that much, I follow her on insta and she is working as a cashier or something at the moment. That's much more than Kelly ever did.

No. 78089

This literally sounds like Kelly. Is she sarcastically echoing what people say about her? If not, this is a staggering lack of self awareness. You, Kelly, are the spoiled child of an alcoholic father who has difficulties with boundaries, is highly impulsive, has been starting drama lately, and have been accused of being a narcissist. I don't doubt that Phi is a shitty person, but come on.

No. 78093

Are you okay there?? I don't want to be "that person", but who tf are you cause it sounds like you're taking this very personally.

No. 78129

File: 1578679889005.jpeg (385.04 KB, 1098x1843, 46A5D25E-8717-4622-906A-05877D…)

Welp, she’s pink again. I hope she keeps up with it this time and doesn’t wear those wigs anymore.

No. 78131

Her hair looks non greasy for once

No. 78132

She goes back to pastel pink within 24 hours of Courtney posting pics of her faded pink hair? Hmm…..

No. 78145

Honestly I bet it’s about Dre, she seems like a spoiled brat to me. She also hangs out with problematic people, hence that thing about Jontron in the um storyline?

No. 78146

Yeah, I doubt it's about Phi. Dre has a very wealthy family (she was able to go abroad to visit long distance boyfriend as a kid with no problem or concern for money) and Dre very obviously uses people. She used Kelly, used Chris Villain, Jessie Paege, Frank, Jaclyn, whoever she can be photographed with to get places she wants to go. I don't believe for a second that Dre ruined Kelly's life but I do believe Dre is a shitty person that social climbs by using people and their fanbase/fads. (Letting people think she's dating Chris and Jessie)

No. 78149

I also think it’s about Dre

She’s a user , and now friends with all the fellowship and hangs with them often

No. 78215

File: 1578794749976.jpg (501.7 KB, 1080x1739, 20200111_210511.jpg)

Looks like she's trying to cosplay a 5 year old

No. 78222

I saw her there and she looked stumpy as hell. Her fake tits really do her figure absolutely no favors and neither does that dress.

It's no wonder she's jumping in the tilted photo to look less stumpy. I don't get why she still insists on wearing flats either. She could really benefit from some heels.

Definitely gained a lot of her pre lipo weight back. What a waste. Her hair looked good and clean though but pink still doesn't suit her. Blue looked better on her when she'd maintain it (and I don't mean the shitting ratty wig)

No. 78256

I know it's said in every Kelly thread, but how does a nearly 30 year old woman with bolt-ons not feel weird about dressing up like a child? The whole outfit looks so uncomfortable; the dress does not fit, and the shoes look like she borrowed them from Pixielocks.

No. 78284

She is actually 30 years old

No. 78287

Yeah personally I don't get the correlation y'all are drawing between age and aesthetic preference. Let's be real, she will most likely be doing this when she is forty, whether she for approval on social media or not. Unless, who knows, maybe she'll slowly take on the identity of her metalhead boyfriend (who is 33 btw). Wasn't all that long ago she considered herself "goth" so it ain't a stretch.

No. 78288

Wonder if she has any DDLG/sissy fans. Or does she really not see it. I know she's mentioned having dysmorphia in the past. But I assumed that meant she thought she looked worse than she actually did.

As for gaining back the lipo weight, she hasn't posted about working out lately. And knowing Kelly, if she's working out she's not keeping quiet about it.

No. 78298

I honestly don't think that her unfortunate combination of "childish" tastes + bolted ons has anything to do with DDLG and/or pandering to pedos (like some girls who dress like this do). I guess the 2 things come from different places in her mind. The lipos, silicone, botox, fillings etc etc all have to do with how insecure she is with her body, specially because she seeks so much male attention to feel validated so she feels like she has to be this "perfect" woman, with atributes that males usually want (big boobs, big mouth). As for the cuteness/kwhy factor, she's a womanchild, immature, got stuck in this because it must be comforting or something (hence the frantic attempts to cutify everything when she's feeling down)

No. 78375

At least this looks better than that disastrous toy story outfit, that was ugly af.

No. 78392

>I don't get the correlation y'all are drawing between age and aesthetic preference.
Either you're young yourself or a weird womanchild too then because as you get older and see yourself as a grown woman, dressing up like a kid feels weird, and adding big fake tits and porn-y aesthetic adds to how off it looks. Plenty of adult women have cute aesthetics without looking like they're into DDLG.

No. 78417

Exactly. Lots of people embrace cute aesthetics without trying to look like a literal child. Fashions like fairy kei and lolita use cute elements. But the wearers don't strive to look like actual children, just adults embracing an aesthetic.

No. 78424

File: 1578934360001.png (23.81 KB, 591x238, jXDbYOq.png)

No. 78427

I mean, it's Liza Lisa and it's worn by teens and (some) adults. The fit is the problem.

No. 78436

Can't believe I'll "defend" Kelly but she looks way less like she wants to be a child than those Lolita wearers. She still wears make up and has procedures done in a way that she looks like a grown woman. Lolitas, fairy keis etc do all that's in their power to look like children, the makeup is done in a way that makes them look innocent, baby like… Kelly has a bad fashion sense correlated to being a womanchild, very different imo

No. 78454

I knew it.
>Also my tinfoil is that he wants to move into her apartment, based on the fact he followed her back after she went to visit him & is currently staying there. Make sure you charge him half the rent if he does, Kelly

Since she's so uwu in love my bet is she won't charge him, despite charging over 1k to her "best friend" roomies in the past.
Also explains the weird >>77984
"don't be friends with your roomates" posts as if she wasn't the instigator in those friendships. Nice work to her deadbeat boyfriend for getting 1k+ a month board for free, though!

(I take back this snark if Kelly moves to wherever he lives, just seems like the above at present)

No. 78458

File: 1578950831553.png (77.74 KB, 609x670, oT8dCQY.png)

No. 78463

Do you think they got engaged? I’ve been having this feeling that she’s pregnant for a while now so I wouldn’t be surprised. Didn’t she also used to say that she always wanted a husband and kids running around?

No. 78471

Why do you think she's pregnant?

They definitely got engaged and he's moving in in a month. What else could this tweet be about?

No. 78472

Pretty sure Kelly is way to narcassistic and self-absorbed to have kids rn.
Her content is so bad, looking at her recent uploads its all sponsorships except for the 2019 letters, which was so boring and pointless because it's just her blah blah blahing vaguely and refusing to read most of them aloud for 20 minutes. Any decent videos that her followers might have enjoyed watching again appear to have been deleted.

No. 78474

File: 1578959337708.jpeg (152.85 KB, 750x440, 6171190E-61D5-4DDE-9919-A8BEC4…)

Boyfriend is moving in. She’s absolutely not pregnant, she would be making the biggest deal over have a little prince in her belly

No. 78475

So… goodbye Swedish roommate? Or does she need to keep him around to help pay the rent. If her boyfriend will be living there for frer, her roommate who does contribute must be pissed to share his space with a rando.

No. 78482

This doesn't mean she is not pregnant. I don't think she is,but of she was, maybe she's just wanting some time and then she'll make a big deal about the prince in her belly kek. If she isnt pregnant yet, with boyfriend living with her, she'll feel like the most wifey woman ever and sooner than later they'll start trying or at least stop using birth control, a lot of recently married couples do this and "leave it to chance".

As if she cared that she's not fit to be a mother…

Wasn't the swedish roomate gone already?

Idk, I think this actually might be good for her, sharing a space with someone who previously cared about her, and not some random roomate she decided that is now her best friend as soon as they step foot in the apartment. At least it'll keep her away from more people who doesn't know her knowing everything about her life, being able to gossip about her etc. Don't fuck this up, Kelly. I'm actually surprised they haven't pubicly fought and broke up by now, how many months has it been since they began dating?

No. 78487

I think the only reason they haven't fought is because of the long distance. I feel like if they live together and have to be around each other all day, the drama will then start being posted to the internet.

I think she's pregnant because she took a long hiatus and also seems different. I don't want to say that she's "glowing" but her face looks different. She also quit posting half naked photos showing off her body but that could also be due to the weight gain. Not saying that she is, just a hunch I have from different things I've observed about her.

She's narcissistic yes, but she's run out of people to exploit on her channel. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a child just to have content from that. And gross, "prince in her belly" just makes me cringe

Her saying that she needs room in her closet makes me think that he's just moving into her room. I think the Swedish roommate is staying.

No. 78489

That makes s er nse anon. I think they do well because of the long distance thkng. Kelly is manic and impulsive, and this would make her hard to live with. Poor husbando is going to wake up to the fumes of 4am spraypainting.

No. 78539

Oh god Anon. That reminds me. I thought Kelly had deleted this old video with Dre in. But it's still up. And at about 3:30 you can really tell that Dre is just done with dealing with Kelly's manic ass.

Saged because old milk.

No. 78575

File: 1579045242782.jpg (126.21 KB, 676x767, Annotation 2020-01-14 154047.j…)

aaaaand we're back to e-begging

No. 78579

Even somebody who doesn't know kelly might balk at that. That final line makes it sound like if you sell her that boat you'll find her living in your walls and hoarding the hairs from your hairbrush three months later.

No. 78589

How is it e-begging of she explicitly said she wants to BUY the thing? She literally said "I will give you dollars"

Again, stop reaching. There should be a rule against it, it's annoying and tiring… we want real gossip not shit you took out of your ass. If there's no milk don't try to make shit up

No. 78613

Agreed. This isn’t e-begging. No one cares that she’s searching for a 90s toy.

No. 78633


you can literally find this toy with a minute google search, if she desperately wanted it she could get it any moment. the boat however is selling for a lot of money so she's probably hoping her internet points will get her someone who will sell it to her for peanuts, otherwise why ask for people to come to you instead of just buying it right now of ebay?

No. 78638

She’s always been one of those types of people that have to post something instead of googling privately to just have something ‘instetesting’ to say/talk about and get people to engage. She might want someone to buy it for her per usual obviously, but I think it’s more about baiting for interactions.

No. 78639

The problem with Orlee is that while she is a giant cow and a huge scammer, there is a certain monotony to her bullshit. She just runs the same grift over and over again. So after a while there isn't a lot to talk about.

Except how here she's having her friend "heal" her cat rather than taking him to the fucking vet.

This whole video is super awkward. Her hubby is either stoned out of his gourd or legit special.

No. 78644

My deepest apologies. Wrong board.

No. 78645

Sometimes I have to wonder if she’s autistic by the way she fixates on these childish things too much. What’s a Barbie boat gonna do to fix your life? It’s just gonna be yet another useless piece that you’re gonna have to stuff somewhere in your dusty-ass apartment.

Lmao where’s her neck? I like the pastel aesthetic, but this is deathly ugly and I just want to burn that outfit. If you can’t carry yourself well in those clothes, just stop. She reminds me of a clown. Anons above are right in calling her a womanchild and it’s gloriously hilarious.

No. 78705

100% this. Kelly just can't do anything without someone validating her. She's not posting this hoping to receive the toy, she wants to show how she is this quirky, whimsical, colorful girl that doesn't only collect shit, this has personal meaning to her, is part of who she is. She just wants you to validate or at least see her interest and how it has a very deep personal meaning to her.

Hi fellow altcows anon kek

I don't think she thinks it'll fix her life, she is just obssessed with things, maybe you are on the right track about autism. Maybe not exactly autism but she sure has a lot of issues causing this arrested development, maybe a bad childhood she is trying to get right, maybe childhood was the best time of her life and she uses all of this to get back to those times? Who knows! Sometimes I feel kinda bad for her, what the fuck happened to kelly that she ended up like this?

The outfit literally looks like it's about to burst. It's so tight around her boobs that it looks like it hurts, specially having implants.

No. 78708

>>78705 good points.
She had a mentally ill father who drank himself to death when she was in her early 20s. That shit sticks with you. It makes sense that she would fixate on the things that brought her happiness during shitty times growing up.

No. 78720


No. 78763

>>78489 good one(emoji shitposting)

No. 78955

File: 1579318229158.jpg (113.71 KB, 1029x1280, IMG_20200117_203021_872.jpg)

Wow how awful

No. 78979

Kelly is tacky as fuck! The little satin bows take it to the extreme. It isn't kawaii or even camp or kitschy, it's just that her aesthetic got trapped forever in the early 00's myspace days.
And I'm willing to bet it is now damaged from the paint entering the little cracks. The buttons FOR SURE are damaged.

If kelly likes to paint shit "whimsically" so much why doesn't she try to get a job in cenography? She could try to start by decorating events or other people's parties… here it is Kelly, an idea you are capable of doing: try it

No. 79010

Ugh. Here we go.

No. 79012

Clear mania. I woke up super INSPIRED and I want to do it now. I want to do a painting of a pastel NES. but I cannot imagine it being pastel, so I just have to paint it.

And please kelly, stop melting plastic right next to your dog's nose.

No. 79014

Privated already, I wonder what people were saying to get her to hide that so quick? The "Nazi camp" video stayed up for longer.

No. 79027

File: 1579397153965.png (686.11 KB, 686x960, 35873F99-0F9D-4DA3-BFA2-9E4AE7…)

Gollum vibez

No. 79031

just fyi it said in her comment thay they disassembled it and painted all the components separately before putting it back together.

No. 79034

it isn't private

No. 79036

Gotta give it to Kelly, this video was interesting(for those interested in DIY at least) and it looks very well done.
And apart fromthe outfit, she looked very nice in the video. Damn, even the ugly clothing fit her better than those full skirted dresses that are too small for her. She looked almost… normal

No. 79039

I mean to be fair people are painting and doing up things all the time even consoles, it's not unheard off. I thought it was pretty crazy when she was trying to spray paint her sink and the inside of her fridge, oh and it did really piss me off when she painted that antique tea set, but this isn't as god awful as you're all making it out to be.

No. 79051

This is cute, but also so bizarrely angled that it looks like some fetish art/that she is just a pair of legs with a head. Gr8 job to that photographer.

No. 79052

It was privated at some point earlier, and now it's back.

No. 79083

When you put layers of paint it makes the buttons really hard to push, and it also will chip at some stage. Worse than that, though, is the feel of a controller covered in paint it’s like clammy and gross feeling. I’m not sure what causes it but it’s gross. I know someone who painted all his remotes for tv, console etc and ended up tossing and replacing cuz he couldn’t stand using them they just felt gross. Ofc kelly probs is doing it for aesthetics and likely doesn’t plan on using them. Did she even ever finish the FF she claims to be so obsessed with…?

No. 79097

No. 79100

did he….spend the night???

No. 79104

File: 1579452960544.jpeg (75.03 KB, 640x640, 0BD0E70B-0CD3-47A2-B767-857371…)


I got very similar taste of decoration with Kelly but I can’t understand why she has to paint every single detail pink/pastel?
She should have left the buttons untouched and keep the console functioning. What’s the point to have everything you own painted pink if you can’t use the things?

Slight blogging but my kitchen is mostly pink but I don’t stress too much about having a pink stove, in example. I just use neutral colors like white and grey. It makes the pink pop out and keeps the general expression fresh.

No. 79106

Your kitchen is lovely!! You should make a video!

I just finished watching the super nintento video and it actually does work at the end.

No. 79138

I'm pretty sure she begged for the fridge a couple years ago. If she stopped blowing all her money she could've gotten one herself.

No. 79146

File: 1579468297313.jpg (393.15 KB, 1080x1739, 20200119_130948.jpg)

I can't wait to see her list this for sale as 'new' when she has video of her dog jumping all over the delicate tule

No. 79150

she's probably addicted to the high of receiving free shit for being an "influencer"

unfortunately she hasn't realized it's supposed to work the other way around as being approached by a company rather than seeking them out and begging so you can "promote" them (usually in some zero effort bullshit content where she also butchers their name)

No. 79191

Because you are sane. Kelly has no self control, she doesn't think too much before doing these stuff because it's escapism.

Also better not to post anything personal in the forums. You literally don't know who posts and reads here

No. 79248

Agreed. >>79104 is lovely Anon. But don't post it here.

No. 79255

File: 1579529949480.jpg (464.18 KB, 1080x1704, 20200120_091804.jpg)


No. 79257

File: 1579529985460.jpg (277.57 KB, 1080x1165, 20200120_091829.jpg)

Kek this comment under the photo.

No. 79258

File: 1579534626482.jpeg (181.35 KB, 750x668, 86C06170-2917-465E-8751-B5C3A1…)

And this comment…

No. 79270

Her bf sure sounds like a creep.

No. 79271

What is gross about this picture? That she is showing skin?

No. 79279

There isn't really anything wrong with this, not everything she posts looks ugly af, it's most definitely photoshopped but it looks fine.

No. 79281

Definitely laughing at how the spray paint saga just keeps on rolling, but I agree with other anons that this pic isn't really gross or milky.

No. 79287

Indeed. The pic is fine. The joke is her cumpulsive spraypainting.

No. 79288

Sounds like he has the hots for kelly tbh. Weird..?

No. 79298

File: 1579559865740.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, 33A8BD67-B6B0-4491-B8F1-7A6B74…)

Um, not really. WWE wrestlers nowadays actually have muscles.

No. 79305

He is her boyfriend so good for her he thinks she is hot and wants to fuck her?

The anons in this thread are the most prudish, in a "i am 62 years old", clutching their pearls way ever.

Agreed about the muscles but I think she means the outfit

No. 79307

Female wrestlers rarely wear bra and panties like that now. Haven’t for a while.

No. 79313

File: 1579573947367.jpg (156.25 KB, 1210x642, WWE-Women.jpg)

If you say so anon.

No. 79322

She looks good though.

No. 79345

How many obsessive comments are you required to make until you get free rent in LA? Stefan lets us in on the secret with his Patreon-only tutorials. Subscribe now for only $10 a month and you too can find out -

No. 79349

Those bottoms aren’t flattering. It almost looks like she’s wearing them backwards.

No. 79354

I'm confused, are those shadows under her boobs??

No. 79371

File: 1579622411839.jpeg (393.17 KB, 750x962, 4531098E-2F1D-41FC-8ED4-174ECD…)

Oooof no more cookie ads is my bet. Honestly most of her latex body suits look fine it’s the horrible garters and stockings that make her look short and stumpy

No. 79411

File: 1579651084312.jpeg (347.4 KB, 1242x1405, 69491696-5405-4B98-A5F4-B490A5…)

I don’t even know where to begin with her recent tweets

No. 79414

Do you guys remember when she said she paid off her student debt? Why is it back all of a sudden?

No. 79416

Probably because it's more lipo/plastic surgery debt and not student debt. Wave Beauties just posted a before and after of her a week ago, around the time her thottiness reemerged.

I don't know how to record a video of an insta video so here's the link

No. 79418

Why is her thread so dead now

No. 79423

Because she's not interesting on her own without the drama or friends to exploit.

Her boyfriend is a stale cornchip that she keeps shoving in everybody's faces (literally nobody cares about your street bum, Kelly) and her home isn't interesting anymore since you can see how sloppily she does everything/since other influencers have better done aesthetically pleasing homes nowadays. Her color coordination when it comes to her home and clothing nowadays is literally nauseating.

She's becoming less interesting to look at as well, the more and more she becomes plastic.

It's quite pathetic, really. It's all not even worth gossiping anymore, so her thread is pretty much dead for the most part.

No. 79426

Are implant supposed to look like that? They look saggy

No. 79428

She literally just could have worked out. This looks like basic weight loss and maybe wearing a waist trainer. Wave isn't slick for having her wear a bra in the "after" to make it look like like she lost more weight.

No. 79435

File: 1579662539460.jpeg (375.33 KB, 1125x1683, 1F174D8B-F90B-4181-9743-CB7E62…)

No. 79437

File: 1579662966704.jpeg (284.13 KB, 750x1222, 5C2C2B21-03DB-4629-98A2-C9DC79…)

That butt.

No. 79438

holy hell her skin is so bad

topkek where did her "huge" butt go? is that an elastic band around her chest to keep her implants from sagging? her stomach and thigh lipo were seriously a waste, she looks back to her old stumpy self again

No. 79440

Agreed, anyone who thought she looked good was clearly not seeing through all the photoshop and filters. Her back tattoo is soooo bad, she will always look wide because of it, no matter how much she lipos. Can’t believe she had the nerve to tell the commenter on her insta (pictured above) she has no tips for sagging boobs when she clearly has a lot going on when she isn’t able to photoshop candids

No. 79443

File: 1579665544224.jpg (53.93 KB, 300x300, miley-cyrus-vmas-2.jpg)

The too small latex bottoms ain't helping her butt tbh, reminds me of that miley cyrus pic from a while back. It's pushing it all down and out. kek.

I'm honestly more horrified by the big black blob that is her back tattoo.

No. 79465

File: 1579673051690.png (1.49 MB, 1099x2629, Aw3Ux9yvcrLJNHxa.png)

No. 79466

None of her former friends even respond to her subtweets/insta call outs anymore. Its sad, seems like we’ll never get to know what happened. The thread is dead bcuz Kellys channel is boring now and she’s got nothing happening in her life but a boring ugly boyfriend

No. 79475

How many times is she going to say this? At this point she's saying it to try to convince her own self into believing it

No. 79557

File: 1579724297267.jpg (422.64 KB, 1079x1678, Screenshot_20200122-121727_Ins…)

Guys! They SEd i WaS ToOo SeXY! They REALLY did. Swear.

No. 79559

That is such an unflattering picture.

No. 79564

This is really desperate. That line was tryhard once. But I agree with you anon. Methinks the trollup doth protest too much.

No. 79570

File: 1579730280147.png (4.8 MB, 1125x2436, CB4838A0-F265-4C1E-AB57-642388…)

oh boy.

No. 79573

This painting is old as balls. But of all the pieces she's done at least this one actually has some interest. Maybe this will nudge her toward actually paying detailed attention to her work. But really now who am I kidding, she will just continue to rush every project she comes up with and leave behind little more than a pile of overhyped garbage.

No. 79575

Yah but isn't it also the one she painted using her father's ashes?

No. 79579

yep. that she didn't tell her family she was taking for said purpose, and they were pissed about it.

No. 79648

wow… that's actually really heavy. the self-portrait, her dad's ashes, the fact that he drank himself to death.. gotta give my respect on that one.

No. 79654

Yes, because a self portrait of a girl crying next to a bottle isn’t cliché.

No. 79675

File: 1579829869815.jpg (1.04 MB, 1079x1545, Screenshot_20200124-123637_Ins…)

So, the whole point of you saying you were going to quit cosplay was??….

No. 79676


No. 79686

She looks nothing like the character. What is that atrocious wig? That weird bulge? she looks like trash

No. 79688

The wig looks bulky.

No. 79693

It's just Stefan trying to make Kelly seem interesting and more talented than she actually is, ignore him

As others said, this looks horrendous. She also is a terrible model, all of her faces in photos are the damn same topkek.

She said that this was made for her by somebody who doesn't have social media. Wanna bet that she just bought it as a custom and tried to pretend that a fan made it for her?

No. 79694

File: 1579848820022.png (1.31 MB, 1364x632, wtf.png)

Who thought these were good shoops? These are from her depop and they're awful. And why doesn't Chotronette care that she sells dresses they send her for hundreds of dollars pretty much as soon as she gets them?

No. 79699

Her arms are so wide, it makes her head look like it doesn’t fit the rest of her body. God she’s so stumpy that she looks more like a dwarf in lipstick than a fairy, and it spoils the dresses for me.

To be fair, her ideas behind the photos are creative. It’s just too bad that she is only out for quick bucks and executes the actual modelling poorly. Maybe chotronette isn’t aware or doesn’t care to be aware of what she’s doing.

No. 79725


I wonder when they will stop sending her stuff. I think they're pretty much the only ones sending her clothes atm?!

No. 79744

File: 1579896947377.jpg (739.35 KB, 1079x2094, Screenshot_20200124-201502_Ins…)

Here we go again.

No. 79746

There’s nothing to respect about someone taking the remains of an alcoholic and embedding them in a painting of the things that killed him. That’s vapid and disrespectful and stupid.
It’s not symbolic or deep or heavy or thoughtful. its an image of Kelly crying.
I think the fact that she used his ashes is so scummy it makes my skin crawl.

No. 79748

At this point she needs an intervention. She’s going to keep ruining her body with those awful surgeries.

No. 79757

Lmao I honestly cannot wait she’s just becoming more cowish

No. 79762


At least she's being honest this time, I guess. She was posting vids on her IG story the other night with a personal trainer and it seemed like she was seriously going to try to pass off her latest photos as workout weight loss even though Wave just posted before and afters of her new lipo like 24 hours prior.

You'd think cows like her and Moo would eventually realize that getting lipo every few months isn't really a practical way to keep the pounds at bay. She's going to be so friggin botched by 35.

No. 79767

Which part she had liposucked now? I hope it's the arms. She shouldn't have gotten lipo in her legs when it's the arms that makes her look chubby. wonder if she is actually paying for it or of it's a sponsorship. The last results she got with this clinic were horrendous. Her legs went from perfectly fine to a weird sausage like shape, like those of an old woman.

No. 79777


Wave’s post was a story I’m pretty sure so it’s no longer visible, but I believe it was her stomach/waistline once again. Arms still look full on ham in her latest stories. Wish I had grabbed screenshots but posters here were making fun of how tragically saggy her fake tits were when it was posted and I think Wave posted she had cool sculpting or something similar also.

No. 79778


Samefag but I just checked and someone posted a direct link a little further upthread. It’s on the Wavebeauties account not their main.

No. 79783

she’s likely posting the bare minimum required about her sponsored/free surgery and sandwiched it between a ton of videos of her doing the very least at the gym…I think now that her BF lives with her she figured she had another full time nurse like w dre and stef

No. 79823

File: 1579971558404.jpg (297.77 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20200125_135330.jpg)

I think her tits look fine for the size they are. They don't have stretch marks or stretched skin…

But HOW the fuck kelly managed to get this weirdly shaped waist even after having liposuction? I don't remember she ever having this shape before, even in candids. It really looks like a side effect of getting lipo and then gaining weight.

They SURE injected the fat sucked from the waist into her ass/hips, look at this comparison wavebeauties posted themselves.

What is more sad is that she is looking great now but she'll ruin it in no time. She could've achieved this working out, in the 1st place. And it would've stick if she maintained it. How many lipos is she going to get?

Kelly, STOP

No. 79827

i don't even see anything wrong with either pic

>She could've achieved this working out, in the 1st place

oh fuck off, sure, she could have gained some muscle or lost some of her belly, but there is no way in hell her whole body shape would change so drastically with exercise and diet alone. some of y'all so brainwashed with the surgeries and photo editing you see everywhere it's become ludicrous

No. 79828

honestly the poses are so different that I have a feeling this picture is really misleading the results

No. 79831

I get what you mean, but go to the @wavebeauties instagram and watch the video, see her body before. It was totally possible for her to get this shape working out, it wasnt a dramatic shape change, just definition

No. 79842

I think her boobs and gravity were no help either. I’ve read that people with implants experience thicker waists. Doesn’t help that her torso is already short to begin with

No. 79854

"I’ve read that people with implants experience thicker waists."
absolutely what the fuck, anon?

No. 79870

Seconded. How the fuck would that work?

No. 79899

File: 1580014588187.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 52E9190B-E8B8-46F6-9A82-6551CD…)

In an IG story about Stefan. I bet you he’s proposed.

No. 79902

My theory is that they edited her butt slightly flatter in the before pic (kinda cut a part off if you get what I mean) so that her after would look even better. Look at how thick the end of the panties are compared to the after photo, they shaved a chunk off.

No. 79903

Oh god. She's been planning her wedding for years, regardless of the man involved. If prince scruffy has proposed she'll be able to milk it for content at least.

No. 79931

I give them…14 months before separating? She can't coexist in the same space as someone before running the relationship into the ground. And that's just with people she's not boning. Even if they never break up, you know there's going to be some wonky paintings with like bodily fluids mixed in as a symbol of love.

No. 79954

I hope they gonna marry because if he suddenly dumps her she will go crazy. She will write 5000 posts everyday,everywhere. I also noticed since she is with him she stoped talking that much about depression and anxiety.

No. 79975

I’ve noticed lately that whenever she speaks about him, she always has to throw in the “wife” part (she recently did this on Twitter too). When is he going to realize that she’s not looking to love somebody, she’s just looking to have a wedding and have the status of “wife”?

No. 79993

I can see that wheb she's botched, bloated and 45 with an I had a sham marriage!! thumbnail. Or maybe she won't be actually 45, she'll just look it.

No. 80016

She already does kek

No. 80046

I'll never understand why cows ruin their bodies with cheap shitty lipo instead of just going for a run, lifting some weights, and eating healthy. Fitness really isn't hard if you're willing to put in the discipline.
NAYRT but I've noticed this too and assume it's something to do with the body trying to support the unnatural weight of the implants. Nigri's body is like this too.

No. 80124

File: 1580174169003.png (4.17 MB, 750x1334, C72DCB44-CA44-4E5E-821C-C6F3CC…)

Here we go again.

No. 80130

I see a bruise from lip injections

No. 80139

Wonder if there is trouble in paradise with Stefan or if she's whining about literally not having any friends again

No. 80149

Because that takes actual work, anon.
A majority of cows like Kelly are flighty in interests and unable/unwilling to commit to anything.
So they grab any fast and dirty way they can, to get the results they want, without the actual effort.

Plus, it can get them pity points, like it did Kelly when she used her friends as flunkies during her 'recovery'.

No. 80284

I doubt it. Did you see all her ooey gooey "I love him so much" posts ther other day? Kelly has a major chemical imbalance and is incapable of feeling happy for any meaningful amount of time.

No. 80303

File: 1580317586512.jpg (651.42 KB, 1080x1740, 20200129_090622.jpg)

This is a $500 mixer. Smh

No. 80304

File: 1580317719675.jpg (40.31 KB, 354x646, Capture.JPG)

Do you think she purchased it or was it sent to her? (Probably the latter.) Also, of course she's still a brat about her oven.

No. 80305

File: 1580317999375.jpg (556.6 KB, 1080x1646, 20200129_181205.jpg)

This picture is really unsettling. It looks like somehow her head doesn't belong to her body. I don't know why, but something is really off about it.

No. 80312

The blank eyes, warped proportions and repeated use of red in the image collectively make it look kinda murdery? Like she doesn't look alive. Idk why she keeps hiring photographers who turn her into a weird wibbly mutant.

No. 80313

I find it so bizarre that all of these rich YouTubers deck out their kitchens when none of them even cook and just order/eat out. Such a waste. It's the ultimate status symbol to have a whole room full of expensive appliances that you don't use but I hate it.

No. 80328

She kind of looks like a lizard.

No. 80329

the unnecessary usage of latex for the cosplay makes it look like fetish material.
I know people shit on usagi's hair color being bright ass yellow, but platinum blond doesn't suit the character at all.
kelly just sexualizes the shit out of anything she does.

No. 80349

I think you guys are forgetting she had thigh lipo too.

No. 80350

She literally does not know how to model without pulling the same face in every photo

No. 80403

Everything about this photo is b-rate. Bootleg sailor moon.

No. 80491

File: 1580429883597.png (Spoiler Image,2.45 MB, 1132x822, samefacesyndrome.png)

spoilered on account of I'm not too sure how big it is.

pictures from over the course or what…? around a decade? different looks, photographers, ages, poses, (attempted) moods etc., and the only real difference in expression is how far her mouth is open.

My cats have broader ranges of expression when they're revenge pooping in the corner. it just doesn't make any damn sense for someone whose been modelling for as long as she has to be so godawful at it.

looking at these pics pre-cropping them was also a stark reminder that she looked so much fucking better before the balloon tits, pumped up lips and countless rounds of near-botched lipo.

She probably could have been successful in art without reducing herself to posting almost naked fetish shit and selfies to her underaged fans if she hadn't decided it'd be easier to be an incredibly dumb, self-obsessed, vapid, manipulative entitled cuntbag/ripoff artist.

I'm just waiting for the day she stops getting the attention she constantly clamors for and follows Steph into soulless bimbo-dom.
Sorry this is long and rambly. Just bullshit I thought about while putting together the stupid collage.

No. 80497

"while putting together the stupid collage."

I am in awe that anyone would spend their free time making collages of a person they seem to despise. That is some strange and obsessive behavior. You might consider therapy before you wind up stalking and murdering somebody.

No. 80498

This is a gossip forum, where people come to talk about others. No one is forcing you to browse this site.

No. 80500


I didn't say or imply anyone was forcing me to browse..? And you're exactly right - I'm talking about a ridiculous person making a collage of Kelly in what looks like a desperate attempt to keep the thread alive.

No. 80501

My post was implying that if you see something on this site that you don't like or don't agree with, you can literally just ignore the post and go look at a different thread. If you find something particularly disagreeable, you can report it.

The poster explained that they made the collage to show how, throughout her modeling career, Kelly has lacked variety in expression in her work. If you think it's a "desperate attempt to keep the thread alive" then sage your posts, because you're bumping the thread and doing exactly that.

No. 80504

my bad I forgot to sage. we can argue all day about whether or not silly behavior is worth noting. Not sure whether you meant to add /s to your post since it's slightly antithetical to lolcow's existence but sure keep preaching love and tolerance.

No. 80506

are you for real? you're acting like i spent days meticulously cutting her face out of magazines and pictures with a scalpel and lovingly pasted them in to a scrapbook.

you're totally right though. despite years worth of steady posts, posting a thrown together collage of her stunning modelling career is my desperately trying to keep the thread going.

like the other poster said, this is a
g o s s i p site. don't like it? click the little 'x' in the corner.

No. 80512

lol I never said I don't like it, I'm actually rather enjoying your flailing defense so be my guest. All I said was that you're a ridiculous person and you're steadily proving to that to be true. congrats.

No. 80525

File: 1580445646529.jpeg (495.51 KB, 1242x1237, 162F39AA-1F9C-4F62-85EC-B2381C…)

Can this girl not paint anything that isn’t a shitty self portrait OR random objects thrown together?

Also, this might be a stretch, but this is titled “make a wish” and it has a dragon ball in it like her and steph’s previously shared (because I’m pretty sure she got it lasered off) tattoo? I would think this was her not so subtly pining for their friendship despite how she says she’s moved on, but I know she’s not that deep.

No. 80526

Different anon from previous anon here

I don't want to "hi cow" or "hi cow's bf", but you're getting real sus lately, constantly talking about how we shouldn't "keep the thread alive" when it's literally a gossip site. I've seen at least 3 of the same posts from you while we were discussing milk or other things that are allowed to be discussed here. We're going to keep talking about Kelly as long as she continues to be a cow; unsaged posts for milky stuff and saged posts for other criticisms etc. Maybe you should reread the rules.

And before you get all huffy again, I can literally make the same collage as previous anon on an app on my phone while sitting on the toilet. It's not that serious my man. It's not any different than reading celeb gossip magazines or other websites.

You're acting like that one kissass kindergartener trying to control the class in order to please the teacher. We're staying on topic, discussing a recent IG post from her that yet again, showcases her lack of modeling skills and same-face syndrome. Her thread isn't even dead, with all her recent surgeries/hawking her plastic surgeon, pretending to work out, and making woe-is-me pity me posts. If you don't like it, report it to the mods and move on. Stop minimodding. Why are you even here?

No. 80528

It looks like a reflection of her birthday this year, spent alone

The dragonball could be her using her birthday wish to wish that her friendships didn't end, so I'm with you on that one

On a side note, all those colors together are so ugly. I think it would have been fine if she didn't shove the dragonball in there. The cupcake looks terrible but she did do well on the dragonball.

No. 80530

for a gaggle of shit-talking cunts, it's remarkably easy to get under your skin.(ban evasion)

No. 80531

File: 1580446561195.png (902.72 KB, 1057x837, psh.png)

that horizon, oof.

No. 80533

>Her thread isn't even dead, with all her recent surgeries/hawking her plastic surgeon, pretending to work out, and making woe-is-me pity me posts
Exactly, this too. It seems like they keeping bringing up "keeping the thread alive" as if they're monitoring the thread to see whether it's slowed or not, probably because they want it to become dead.

No. 80535

well done, watson.

No. 80556

That's hilarious. A true "artist", Kelly is. How is this shit going to be featured in a gallery? The people there with an actual eye for art are going to either cringe or have a laugh when they see this and her other pieces.

No. 80558

Can we please get IP and block Stefan from the thread? Jesus Christ.

No. 80564

For someone who clearly seems to despise the posters here, you've put in a remarkable amount of time browsing the thread and responding to posters.

Now, I'm not saying you're taking things amazingly and suspiciously personally or anything, almost making yourself look like a ridiculous person, even. Hmmm.

No. 80584

Why are Kelly's boyfriends always such cringelords?

No. 80585

Whew, imagine having to deal with this level of pompous bullshit every day.

No. 80597

So so true. Reminds me of how everyone used to rail on Felice Fawn for the same reason. I really thought the tumblr wannabe-model sameface days were over, you’d think this girl would have learned.

No. 80610

Those are the only guys willing to put up with Kelly. And even they don't last very long. Kelly is just kind of a shitfy person, so she attracts other shitty people. A guy who had half a brain would have a "wait, what am I doing with this giant red flag of a person" moment two dates in.

No. 80667

Lmao hi Kelly!!(hi cow)

No. 80702

actually red flags are pretty endearing when they're covered in seafoam spraypaint.

such parallel. many irony. wow.

No. 80811

No. They're not. They're worrisome. If you think that they are, you end up in the kind of relationship that Davey described having with Kelly. Desperately wanting to dump her crazy ass, but being afraid to do so for fear of her hurting herself.

No. 80822

It was a Kelly-themed joke, anon.

No. 80881

Hard to take it as such considering that particular anon seems to be trying to instigate the majority of posters here on Kelly’s behalf.

No. 80902

Ever since you pointed this out I’ve been seeing it with all of her recent art None of the lines ever match up. How sloppy

No. 80941

Establishing a straight line to serve as a horizon is literally the first thing I learned in my first art class in secondary school. She went to art school. She knows this stuff, but is just lazy.

No. 80985

thank you for your concern, however,

you're a bit dense.

wow actual criticism. how refreshing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 80989

File: 1580709082564.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 8CEB90B1-CB63-4415-836D-C270EA…)

No. 80998

Always the victim

No. 81014

And sometimes people play the victim so they don't have to awknowledge that their shitty actions have consequences.

No. 81015

Wait. If I said ignoring Kelly's red flags gets you into an unhealthy relationship with her, and you reply with

>thank you for your concern.

That makes you Stefon. Good job outing yourself.

No. 81019

Wonder if this is in response to all of Dre’s insta stories about someone toxic she had to leave behind

No. 81020

At least when Sekril infiltrated the thread he was entertaining. Stefan is just a pompous douchebag full of hot air with his rodent looking ass. Enjoy the Kelly train while it lasts because it won’t.

No. 81026

Yeah. And the inevitable crash at the end of it is usually something to behold. So the best of luck to Stefon. Hopefully he'll share some good milk after the breakup.

No. 81029

Hahahahahahahah Stefan is so dumb! He does look like he's always high so he just typed, zero thought into it hahahah jesus…

No. 81056

But didn't Dre recently break up with her boyfriend? I feel like it would be obvious that's who Dre wws talking about.

No. 81080


Does anyone know why they broke up? They seemed lovey dovey only a week ago or so.

No. 81094

Their relationship always seemed awkward and forced, to me. Especially on Dre's end. And, in typical Dre fashion, she's just doing excessive vague-posting about the whys to elicit attention, sympathy and interaction.

She'll likely drag it out as long as she can and then never say exactly why they broke up. Unless she's feeling vindictive and juvenile after the fact, I guess.

No. 81146

File: 1580783024810.jpg (227.98 KB, 900x1200, palette.jpg)

Can someone explain the state of this palette to me? Why is there so much paint? Why did she squeeze out the entire tube of every color? This is not how you paint. You mix what you need. Does she use acrylic or oil because, well acrylic will dry before she gets to use it and squeezing out this much oil paint is just wasteful. Idk as an art fag this pains me.

No. 81148

This is the cringe caption:

>Laying fresh color on my palette.

>I made my palette from a piece of plexiglass that I spray-painted grey. The blending surface is smooth and provides a great slip to scrape off when i need a clean start. I use grey because it’s the best shade to show color purity

This combined with what looks like a child's act of randomly emptying every tube of paint onto an enormous palette is just -

No. 81149

>>81146 the pink paint being so close to the carpet stresses me out, then you look closer at how filthy that carpet is. Even if she's painting a rainbow that's gonna be a lot of paint wasted, yikes.

No. 81155

She uses oil paint and I’ve never seen her use a thinning medium which may be why she thinks she need this much on there. However is an excessive amount and it’s wasteful for how much she bitches about $ you’d think she’d be more conservative with her tools that can cost so much (oil paint ain’t cheap folks!) though she might think it’s fine to do this because oil paint doesn’t really dry for quite some time and she does rush paint crap pretty fast so maybe she thinks putting loads of paint on the pallet will make it so she can transition from crappy piece to piece without having to get off her ass to do so. The point is she definitely doesn’t need that much on the pallet not even for the stupidly over large canvases she chooses for the portraits she does. I seriously wonder sometimes if the portraits would turn out better on a smaller scale Like maybe if she was not stretching out the features so much it wouldn’t look so wrong but then again I look at her smaller pieces of still lives and even on those she blurs out details that would lend the pieces to not looking so tragic. Anyways as a fellow art fag a lot of this shit she does “art” wise pains me as well.

No. 81168

It’s sad how the paint looks so vibrant when laid out, but her actual painting is murky af.

No. 81170

The dirty rug, the paint containers on the couch,, the paintings on her dinner chair and floor, and mixing way too much paint on her giant ass palette on the carpet… it all makes me cringe so much.

Why is she even painting on the floor?? How does she not have an easel? She is actually fucked

No. 81178

>>81015 >>81029

dre only concerns herself with things that benefit dre. what she saw as a a mutually beneficial public partnership turned out to involve feelings and ew, gross. dre + anything that doesn't serve her self interest = doomed from the start.

how is this really so hard to grasp? every salty vaguepost has been about the fellowshit as a whole. she was left with a shit sandwich which she has, sadly, continued to chew on for a year now. god knows she'll never move on.

No. 81179

Please take it to the fellowshit thread.

No. 81184

No. 81188


yikes. her tattoo sleeve looks really faded here

No. 81242

kellys on her ig story claiming one of the friends that “abandoned” her is back and is vaguely calling them out on being a fair-weather friend. any bets on which one it is? the whole fellowship was pretty shameless so i feel like it could be any of them honestly

No. 81249

Maybe Dre or Stephanie.They seem down in the dumps lately judging by whats being posted on the fellowship thread. Who ever it is Kelly must have them blocked on IG if she's putting this person on blast kek.

No. 81250

Holy…this is AT LEAST $100 worth of paint we’re looking at. If it’s the good shit we’re talking hundreds…wtf

No. 81257

Pretty sure the one she's talking about is Stephanie, because she was recently claiming her life wasn't that great

No. 81262

My bet is it’s Kota or Katie or someone that wasn’t apart of the big breakup. Dre, Stephanie, Courtney and Vivka really seemed to burn that bridge

No. 81285

File: 1580860073013.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, CBF6C371-5018-420B-9A22-4736D8…)

I’m actually kind of happy she’s not trying to use her new roommate for views/keeping them off camera.

No. 81287

I’m thinking it’s Katie too

No. 81293

Kelly confirmed Stefan is moving in.

No. 81299

Cringed so hard when she said

"It just sucks when there's someone who like will only be part of your life when you're shining and the world is excited about you."

Like bitch, where?? What shine? Who's excited about you? Ffs she's so delusional.

No. 81302

I was thinking the same thing! Wtf is she even talking about? If by “the world” she means Stefan and Lina Scott then ok otherwise reality check Kelly you peaked like two years ago.

No. 81313

File: 1580869038709.jpeg (140.77 KB, 828x855, 8E99B97E-F629-4157-981A-319C39…)

Well, it COULD be Courtney… the timing of this outburst seems suspect

No. 81359

To me that sounds more like she signed an NDA for something exciting and can't mention it yet. From her past tweets, it seems like she's been seamstressing for larger things so that's just my opinion on that. I doubt it's about Kelly.

This is about Claire or Molly. I think Claire because she's been commenting on Kelly's stuff on fb.

No. 81372

I forgot about Claire. That would make sense!

No. 81375


Previous anon here

Yeah her tweets now have clarified that the above outburst was about one of her kittens.

I did think Claire first of all when she posted her story, but idk whether Claire is considered an old friend or not.

No. 81389

Clair wasn’t part of the fallout though. They made videos and hung out after the rift.

No. 81391

Claire called Kelly out on her insensitivity during the Nazi camp video era. I'm sure Kelly took that as an attack. Didn't see them hang out after that.

No. 81461

File: 1580952476017.jpg (848.09 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200206-012656.jpg)

I'm having a laugh over her new depop sales

No. 81462

File: 1580952533369.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200206-012607.jpg)

Fresh out of the Hot Topic Harley Queen PR box

No. 81485

You know damn well that she didn't buy them in that ratty ass condition and she did that herself kek

I noticed she was wearing the Harley shirt in her art post too. She never even promoted it. Why do companies keep sending her free shit? They're just throwing free items she can resell at her

No. 81492

She's outta of her damn mind trying to sell that shit. They definitely weren't that fucked up. I remember seeing them in one of her first Japan haul videos. They were a little beat up but now those belong in the trash. Seems like half the things she gets from Japan ends up getting resold on depop. Funny she has those Barbie puma sneakers there. She got them around the time she was all giddy hanging out with the Barbie Azusa girl.

No. 81509


These are soooo bad. Just throw them in the garbage! They are beyond repair and they aren’t worth even $25. Ridiculous. Anything to make a buck, huh Kelly?

No. 81511

25$ for some old boots that feature Kelly's sweaty feet aroma and are only slightly falling apart? Go, Linda! What a steal to get a whiff of your fave.

No. 81532

What videos did they post together after the fallout?

No. 81533

The dirty carpet paired with the crusty boots really seals the deal. Everything about this photo is ratchet.

No. 81565

I know she was definitely in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENSWoZSnbUk

She might have been featured in others, but that one comes to mind.

No. 81587

What astounds me is a woman who puts so much effort into her aesthetic she spraypaints her sink. But she can't be bothered to vacuum or get a goddamn carpet cleaner. If you are so hyper aware of your online presence and how people percieve you that EVERYTHING surrounding you has to be pastel all the time, why are you not bothered by the literal filth people can see?

No. 81589

She even leaves Toshi's hair on the iteams she's trying to sell. I understand how dog hair gets everywhere but wouldn't you want the iteams you are selling look slightly presentable? She's a dirty bitch that doesn't care and just wants money from her stupid fans.

No. 81591

File: 1581039158576.jpeg (243.81 KB, 828x1303, 4E239394-746E-4D05-B197-8AF438…)

I am disgusted by how grubby this looks. Have some standards, Kelly.

No. 81594

File: 1581040505407.jpg (301.84 KB, 1681x2060, g072MiNi8L-F.jpg)

Christ, I own that color. It's not supposed to look that way at all…