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File: 1552352133657.png (978.75 KB, 1276x646, 1552325227474.png)

No. 39600

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities that include (but are not limited to): emo/scene, goth, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, BDSM, table-top gaming, LARP. Claims to be a mental health advocate, advice-giver, and newly psychic. Is also a serial shooper.

> The epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> Heavily tattooed, breast-augmented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> Gets liposuction because she wasn’t “seeing results” in the one single week that she worked out and never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" (recently seems to have had a fallout with entire Fellowship)
> Has a Society6 store where she sells mugs and other march with stolen art on it; has been called out on it before and refuses to acknowledge it
> Was featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> Made a video with her ex-boyfriend Davey Suicide in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth
> Has a roommate Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new forced BFF/errand runner
> Posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue or pink because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue (which she poorly did later on)
> Fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT) seems to have disappeared for now, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram and YouTube where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> Was severely pushing the LARP and D&D things until recently, where her fans expressed that they do not enjoy those videos
> In light of a drop in views/engagement on YouTube, has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20 minutes
> FotR allegedly had a panel arranged at a convention - promoted it rather hard but then blamed venue for poor organization when they had to announce the panel was canceled on the day of the convention
> Her and her boyfriend are known to lurk (and post?) on lolcow
> Consistently dirty feet; claims it's her "brand" instead of owning up to the fact that she's just a dirty person who doesn’t shower
> Serial Tweeter about how "depressed" she is
> Lays claim to several mental illnesses including - depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds
> Has been wearing a lot of awful wigs instead of either dyeing her hair again or investing in a good wig because “it’s easier”; she is too lazy to fix or wash her hair
> Attempted to transition to powder blue (also the colour of her LARP character's hair) and failed quite horribly, was photoshopping hair to be more blue and eventually resorted to wearing wigs after cutting hair short


> Got liposuction on thighs and subsequently won’t shut up about how big her butt looks (despite it looking like two pancakes in a diaper)

> Made a lighthearted and “fun” video exploring an abandoned Nazi camp with her cousin Jimmy, who was sporting a red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes over and over while whimsical music played in the background
> Got flamed for video, eventually took it down after deleting negative comments on her posts about it (is a serial comment deleter)
> Posted an “apology” which was typed up in notes and doesn’t feature an apology at all whatsoever
> Sister Madi has been poorly defending her on Twitter; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse (must run in the family)
> Seems to have parted ways with entire Fellowship (notably Steph, Envy, and Courtney recently) and shades them at any chance she can get
> Has really been scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends lately (see: recently suddenly showing her support for fellow Nazi sympathizer and criminal, Doe Deere)
> Has a new creepy boyfriend from LARPing who WKs her here and is into BDSM
> Whined about wanting a pink stove because her black stove doesn’t fit her “dollhouse aesthetic”; made a Ko-Fi for people to donate to instead of just buying one herself
> Has an upcoming Japan trip and has been spamming videos and selling overpriced merchandise that she got for free to make money for it (is also selling her portrait paintings again)
> Listed items on Depop as “new” even though they had been clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts
> Revamped Patreon because she wasn’t delivering on any of her promises for over a year (most notably skit videos)
> Has been trying to skin walk Jillian Vessey (milk bath photos, trying to create a word for her “style” which is actually all stolen)
> Got fat-burning injections
> Claimed that Bob Ross isn’t “fine art” and his techniques are cheating
> Tried to ride on the Michael Jackson documentary by claiming that she was abused by someone famous
> Turns 30 in summer, is throwing a prom themed


> Stole her dad's ashes to make a painting

> Denied liposuction until enough people put the heat on for her to own up to it; now makes videos about experience and offers promo codes for liposuction
> Former roommate Dre got her start on Kelly's channel, and once she had her fame, she moved out; speculation over if Kelly booted her or Dre left on her own (lots of salt there)
> Previously dyed her designer dog pink to fit her aesthetic
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring or partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (which was marked as sold despite her still having said merchandise in the background of her videos)
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning an Angelic Pretty dress that she was too stupid to read the price of; didn’t apologize for it and in turn accused the store it was purchased in of “doing poorly”
> Continues to demonstrate how unintelligent she is (didn’t know what Nova Scotia is, says she “wasn’t taught in school” about Japanese camps, etc.)




No. 39603

File: 1552353564540.png (623.18 KB, 1768x768, t.png)

Screencapped before she deletes/blocks all of these people kek

Madi really is doing some damage. Just stop tweeting girl

No. 39604

I'll be surprised if she actually apologizes. She obviously think she did nothing wrong, just like every other dipshitty offensive thing she's done. She'll probably die before she says sorry.

You're right tho, Madi is making it 10x worse.

No. 39608

She didn’t apologize to the fan she directly hurt when she ruined their handmade fan art they sent her, even when they commented about it to voice they felt hurt. She had Dre do it. And yet again she’s not actually saying sorry here, and is letting someone else defend her. Fuck no she isn’t going to for real apologize. She will paint herself as a victim blaming all this backlash on haters that couldn’t use this as a teaching moment for her and just lashed out at her. Some fan will explain it nicely to her in a tweet, she will retweet that tweet along with bullshit like “see this is how you confront someone about their mistake.” Then move on- rinse, repeat.

No. 39609

I genuinely think kelly is dumb as bricks. It's not an excuse in any way, but only someone legitimately stupid could see that doing this is only harming her, her channel, and her reputation even further. Even if she truly doesn't think she did anything wrong, if she had even an ounce of sense she'd make an actual apology.

No. 39610

File: 1552356611407.png (263.05 KB, 628x740, c.png)

Dang Claire go off sis

I feel like deep down, she wants to call Kelly out for not apologizing, but doesn't want to ruin the friendship

No. 39614

Claire's always been leagues ahead of kelly in terms of maturity imo.

sage for no contribute but i wish she'd just ditch kelly.

No. 39615

It’s like whenever I think Kelly can’t get much worse, here she goes. The boyfriend, sensual scratches, completely terrifyingly creepy- not only is he literally a 2 out of 10, his fetish tendencies make him even more appalling considering how obviously unappealing he is to the vast majority of people. I just don’t even want to imagine what kind of shit they pull in bed together (and I’m experienced and seasoned in BDSM and know many people in the LA community, so it takes a lot to weird me out).
I couldn’t even get thru the nazi camp video: I have lived in LA my whole life and I have even visited Murphy Ranch once. It’s not an uncommon place for LA people to go hiking or even take photos. However to make the disgusting jokes and mockery she made (with her previous history of questionable behaviors) with her clearly white as copy paper cousin with a red arm band was just so wrong. I couldn’t get through the video.
Any of her so-called friends who are not calling her out on this behavior strongly are complicit in her racism and promoting subtle or not so subtle nazism. I’m nauseous.
Kelly needs to not be monetized on YouTube at all. She gets worse and worse.
She hasn’t talked about therapy in a long time and I bet she stopped going. It wasn’t helping anyway. I feel really grossed out and so far away from when I first found her and was an adoring fan.

No. 39616

A person on the last thread kept asking if somebody downloaded the video.

There's a poster on PULL who has the first 13 minutes but doesn't know how to post it there. I'd help out, but I don't know jack shit about editing videos together/posting videos. If somebody could help them out, we could have the first 13 minutes.

No. 39619

I mean, she is good friends with doe deere so obviously she is too ignorant to see that dressing like a nazi is insensitive as all hell.
Probably why she didn't address her cousin's armband.

I'm curious to see if Phi speaks out about this being she is German.

No. 39620

From what I know most Germans are very apologetic about what happened so I wouldn’t be surprised if she does. I hope she does. It’s the right thing to do.

No. 39621

So true, I actually had a little hope for her recently but she's already crashed and burned as far as I'm concerned. Whether it's laziness, apathy, mental illness, or all of the above she just can't create, nor recreate, content up to par with what drew people to her channel 2-3 years ago.

It's over for her. When Phi finally gets tf out of there ol' sensual can move in and maybe they can produce their own BDSM/fantasy/pastel-hot-garbage amateur porn

No. 39622

Fuckin cackling at "ol' sensual" kek

I am curious as to if Phi is going to move out/possibly already has moved out. I never see her at home anymore in her stories. It seems like she never wants to be home or around Kelly and has distanced herself quite a bit.

No. 39623

File: 1552360871534.jpg (35.42 KB, 500x363, pngrkn5ti41rv4jqx_500.jpg)

imagine having to apologize for your whole country because your roommate e-thotted herself right into a nazi scandal.

fuck man the whole family has internet poisoning. how embarrassing

No. 39624

Hahahahaha omg that was too funny and I’m almost willing to wage bets that you are right.

No. 39627

her bf liked madi's tweet about "not being allowed to remember history lol yikes

No. 39628

I can't wait for ol' sensual to move in with Kelly and they become one if those couples who want to showcase their happiness to the whole internet to see. Imagine the insta stories, the gross videos, the cringeworthy photos.. please god please pleaaaase

The whole Fellowship of the rainbow must be having a shitton of laughs watching Kelly crash and burn because of the new drama

No. 39632

File: 1552362946501.png (289.13 KB, 1010x882, dude.png)

This is him, right? Pretty sure I found his Fetlife.

No. 39633

File: 1552363018911.png (52.37 KB, 581x211, steph.png)

Stephanie RTed this which I feel is kind of shading Kelly kek

I bet they're really happy they jumped off of that burning ship kek


As >>39616 said, somebody on PULL has the first 13 minutes but needs help uploading it somewhere. Nobody else has the video as of right now.

No. 39635

File: 1552363447994.png (332.59 KB, 2112x1760, lemmedomya.png)

I don't know why anyone would want to have the same username on Twitter as their Fetlife name unless they don't care about their shit getting found out. I'll cap the profile, it's pretty lol.

No. 39636

File: 1552363532645.gif (1.62 MB, 358x200, giphy.gif)

No. 39637

File: 1552364149780.png (187.75 KB, 465x761, lina.png)

Oh stfu Lina, we all know the only reason you'll defend your pastel queen until the end is because you want to bang/skinwalk her.

When is she going to realize that Kelly doesn't give a single fuck about her other than what Lina can buy and give to her for free? Stop validating shitty behaviour Lina. She just wants your money, she doesn't care about you otherwise, and will throw in some pity comments from time to time to keep you around.

I'm pretty sure that Lina is the stalker that Kelly mentioned early on once in her videos too, but doesn't want to call her out directly, because then that mean that her money train would be gone.

No. 39638

Awww Kelly is his little obediant Dolly….. Bet she's a 'brat

No. 39642

File: 1552365518854.jpg (100.47 KB, 1080x445, IMG_20190312_043714.jpg)


No. 39643

Tbh kelly seems SO dense and like she doesn't know anything outside of her white colorado ass family history. I remember on her IG live someone said something about a Chancla and she had no idea what that was. She lives IN LA with the biggest Mexican population and she really had no idea. People in the comments asked her if she even has any Mexican friends lol. So i'm not surprised at all she posted this video.

No. 39644

I saved the video. I'll try to see where I can upload it so she can't get it taken down

No. 39645

Maybe LiveLeak, TinyPic, or Photobucket?

No. 39648

>>39644 i suggest liveleak, anon

No. 39652

This is the cringiest shit I've ever seen….

No. 39654

I gained access to his Instagram. Sad to say there isn't much to see. He followed me back almost instantly so if anyone is dying I'm sure they can get in. It's the same username.

The only weird thing was that he called himself "daddy" and has metal claws that look akin to Catwoman's saying he needed to sharpen them. Nothing else was amusing. He just seems to really like scratching shit.

No. 39655

File: 1552373401254.png (63.53 KB, 353x336, 2019-03-12 17_49_08-laughing p…)

oh my GOD. kelly really let this ugly little chinless wonder put his microdick inside her while he larped being a primal gentleman or whatever the fuck. i have no words.

No. 39656

WAIT wait wait idk whether this is an old profile that hasn't been updated, but does that mean Kelly is just a side chick if he has other girlfriends/fwb ?? I thought she referred to him as her boyfriend in a video…

No. 39657

The concerning thing about that is he is in several "relationships" according to his own fetlife page, so what is Kelly? Other than massively more attractive than I bet those other people are, I mean

Also note the Rebecca of playlist fame (see end of last thread) is one of the people he is in a relationship "pack" with

Add larping to that and he is 90% fictional. Obviously being a smol 4/10 man was not a riveting enough existence on it's own

Since we know you read the thread, scratchy, why don't you lose the fetlife page and cheesy usernames and go exclusive with Kelly? It just makes you look like even more of a loser than before to keep all this going

No. 39658

He was liking photos 10 days ago so he's been on there recently.

No. 39659

OK what are those 74 pics though before he deletes them

No. 39661

some of these look like copy pasta material lmfao jesus

No. 39662


of course kelly would eat thaT "DADDY" shit right on up.

No. 39663

samefag but the milk has been so good last 2 days i wonder how the white knights from the last thread feel about her now kek, wouldn't surprise me if they make up excuses for her too

No. 39665

his sensualscratches twitter account seems down !!!

No. 39666

Wonder how long it is before she's into ddlg

No. 39667

And the Fetlife profile is gone too.

No. 39668

shit, he really is watching us like a hawk huh !! and he was frightened too (maybe bc he doesn't want Kelly to know he fucks other girls).
anyway fetlife anon, that was a golden find so thank you for the laughs, also we still have screen caps so that's good enough.

No. 39671

The account's still there, he just deleted his comment from Kelly's post. Wonder if he realized she's a train wreck and not worth it.

No. 39674

For a self-proclaimed psychic you would think she would have seen this coming…

No. 39680

Holy Clothing (as in.. the LARP clothing brand) follow him on instagram. Also his account is public now, and virtually empty? I have a lot of questions..

No. 39683

>>39643 I always asked why the hell the fellowship of the rainbow had no color other than hair color and bad tattoos when they are in freaking Los Angeles (TONS OF PEOPLE OF COLOR LOL LOL)! Two years ago I called her out with a comment on IG about why no friends of color…she got miles jai and Envy in the picture who now have no interaction with her. Takes her cousin to this Nazi camp and sees nothing wrong with it while his ass wears a red sleeve shit, she says dumb shit and pastel music plays. Dates a sausage looking dude who sides with her. Has a clueless sister who just gets high in mommas basement. Fuck kelly get out of the house girl you are like a nazi incel with sausage boy.

No. 39687

File: 1552398329261.jpg (30.87 KB, 640x480, DlZv30kU8AAOXKf.jpg)

He looks like that creepy baby from rugrats

No. 39688

File: 1552398576369.jpg (93.62 KB, 911x615, followers.jpg)

She lost another 99 followers yesterday, no doubt will be plenty today too. She will have to start paying for dummy accounts if she wants to keep her numbers up

No. 39690

thanks anon. much appreciation when you do reupload it.

No. 39692

OMFG this is the best thing to happen in all of the threads I follow for a long time. I'm shook as fuuuuck hahahah
Of fucking course this guy is into LARP, he needs that so he can, at least there, be the person he wishes he was. They complement each other perfectly, it's scary. I dare to say that Sekrill Ol Sensual is perharps more of a cow than Kelly herself. He sounds like a 16 year old "goth".
He is PERFECT for her and I truly hope the relationship only grows and that they become an internet couple soon.

You put in words what I couldn't: he is 90% fictional!!! He's taking the whole "don't dream it, be it" really seriously.

And now, the real question: what will be their powercouple name? Kekrill? Sekryola? Sensueden? Let's vote. I go for Kekrill.
(By the way, do we know what his real name is?)
I love you Sekrill, please never ever stop being yourself and marry kelly as soon as possible, she's your soulmate

No. 39693

Whooaaa flashback. This thing scared the shit outta me as a kid.

No. 39694

Samefag to add that I'm already imagining a pastel medieval fantasy bdsm wedding mess. It's too good not to happen.

No. 39697

I vote Kekrill, phi is their child.

No. 39700

File: 1552408293357.png (878.08 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-03-12-09-29-51…)

Even his Instagram was scrubbed of chuuni evidence. Someone's lurking

No. 39701

Kittens and butterflies…

No. 39702

File: 1552409522393.jpg (186.55 KB, 1322x812, fabio.jpg)

These comments haha

No. 39703

Oh dear. The milk here today is too good. “Phi is their child”
Fabio seems like the type do white supremacy BDSM role plays.

Please, let them come together in a show, but pray they don’t procreate.(emoji)

No. 39704

File: 1552410628079.png (970.65 KB, 739x590, fetlifechick.png)

Ha ha, you're welcome. There was actually a lot more shit on profile, like his stats (5'5" – yes, he really listed his height and a LONG ASS list of kinks (besides the normal summary of tagged kinks that Fetlife lets you put). But it was SO much and like 3 AM.

I guess I feel sort of bad for him – he can't help how he looks or anything – but jesus, why would he get involved with Kelly? Some of the chicks in his photos weren't terrible looking, and they were younger than Kelly.

No. 39706

File: 1552411508530.png (245.87 KB, 504x927, kelly-eden-nazi-video.png)

I screenshotted a few of the negative comments on her video before it was deleted (a good few hours before it was taken down though). Apologies if this pic isn't good quality, I edited it on my phone.

No. 39709

There is just something really unsettling about him. But do people in the BDSM community have really low standards or what?

No. 39710

God I CAN'T get over how ugly this no-chin motherfucker is I'm losing it

No. 39711

>>some of these chicks are not bad looking amd younger than Kelly

Yeah, cause Sensual here deserves a young and pretty thing. Are you looking at him? Kelly looks AMAZING compared to him.
I'll have to say, I never imagined Kelly would be involved with a guy this ugly and cringeworthy since she cares so much about what other people think of her. Even if she doesn't see him as cringeworthy, she isn't blind. Do you guys think they're official by now? Why isn't she parading him around? Specially now that she has been dropped by every one of her friends and is forced to show off old accquaintances to prove she still has people caring for her

Also, why do you talk like being younger makes a woman better than the other? Yikes, creepy

No. 39713

I don't know much about him other than he's a cringey edgelord and pretty fug, so I don't think he's necessarily a bad dude. Kelly, on the other hand, is awful, so, yeah, I wouldn't wish Kelly on anyone unless it was someone who was also going around Nazi camps loling, someone who demands returns at AP like a spoiled brat when it's against policy, and, well, you all know the rest.

I imagine she is with him because he has clout in LARP and/or he dotes on her.

>Also, why do you talk like being younger makes a woman better than the other? Yikes, creepy

Because Kelly probably hates that she's almost 30 and it makes her feel inferior? She's 'toxed to hell, filled up in her face like a balloon, and doing anything to prevent the natural course of aging. Chill, anon.

No. 39714

Funnily enough, I think this is the best picture of him we've seen.

No. 39715

I'm surprised there are no hashtags going around like #kellyedenisantisemitic

Man, she is showing all of her true colors with this stint.

No. 39716

>>39709 kekril has such a typical ugly nordicfag face i can't look at that shit

No. 39721

File: 1552421238157.png (194.76 KB, 1080x1175, 20190312_130532.png)

More Claire subtweeting Kelly from last night

No. 39722

I love this tbh. I hope that Claire calls Kelly our to her face too. If she stick she around Kelly, I hope that she continues not to take her shit like the rest of the FoTR used to generally do.

No. 39723

Girl on PULL uploaded the first 13 minutes. I’m trying to link it here but I keep getting an error whenever I try to make a post with a link.

No. 39727

File: 1552422590871.jpg (106 KB, 1075x871, 20190312_162721.jpg)

His page is now wiped. Kek sensual pigface loves lurking here.

No. 39728


Kelly eden looks FAR from amazing, even next to sekril, they both look average/below average as fuck. I get that its easy to get distracted by the photoshoops but she is a short girl with fucked up proportions like balloon tits and child legs, a botched thigh gap, weird lips and fried hair thats some ashey/green blue atm that shes probably not going to get out unless she cuts it. that rash on her chest she has isnt very inviting either, maybe if you squint.
its most noticeable when you place her next to phi in videos, phi looks a lot better proportioned and taken care of then Kelly does, honestly I don't think Kelly "can do better" then sekril in fact i think they might be a perfect fit, two pretty average people that more importantly seem to have a personality to match. as creepy as it is to claim sekril should get a "younger" gf its also pretty weird others are so focused on Kelly getting "a hotter" bf

No. 39729

I don't see her as being out of his league at all. She may be pretty but she has an ugly personality. She seems super hard work, remember her video with Davey just screeching at him. Jesus. I felt so bad for him. And I feel bad for this guy too, he prob also thinks he's punching above his weight and let's her walk all over him in true brat like fashion

No. 39730

File: 1552425665466.jpeg (362.07 KB, 1080x1440, 120C68A4-4E80-4BD5-A5A1-12B772…)

Sekril looks like a mongoloid version of Ike.

I’m really hoping Claire calls Kelly out on Twitter, she’s her last friend next to the orange haired one whose name I can’t remember. Her last video, she threw shade at Envy and Stephanie has been out of the picture. Failship of the Rainbow has come to an end, and I want to see it crash and burn even more.


No. 39732

can somebody link the PULL thread where the video is? I tried looking for it but all I can find is old kelly eden threads

No. 39735

No. 39737

File: 1552430893737.png (171.31 KB, 369x381, 1552362946501 (1).png)

>they call me scratch for good reason

No. 39738

come on you guys, no matter how much you hate kelly's style, shes a million times better looking and better in general than some weirdo BDSM manlet with incel face.

No. 39742


no she really really isn't, I wouldn't fuck either of them but no, no matter how hard she shoops her pics

No. 39745

Remember back when this thread first started roasting him and wk posts about how ~buff~ he is popped up? 100% selfposts.

Physically she's absolutely out of his league, even if she's a shit person with botched lipo. It just speaks to how bad her personality is that she can't find a good looking guy willing to put up with her shit lol.

No. 39746

Thanks anon. Y’know, this site has some ridiculously hilarious examples of failing at life like Kanadajin and Luna Slater, abhorrent individuals who abuse other people like Onision and Venus Palermo’s mom (or who hurt innocent animals through their self-centeredness like Taylor Dean) but I gotta say Kelly is still one of the most loathsome people featured and if monetising her cousin’s suicide and making it all about her wasn’t enough to turn people off, maybe this will be, and she might actually have to do an honest day’s work instead of being paid to be vapid, moronic and insufferably vain. (Yeah I know this is way too optimistic, sorry for rant etc)

No. 39747

All this milk makes me so happy lol. He is such a loser!

No. 39748

Not to WK but apart from not being stunning and into a few kinks, has this guy actually done anything wrong apart from obviously having some sort of brain damage for being with Kelly? I feel everyone is going in hard on him and it's getting kinda cruel with the comments being made on his appearance. And before anyone says 'Hi Sekril' I'm not. I hate Kelly but I just feel the comments on something he cant help is kinda horrible.

No. 39750

I'm not talking about his looks. I'm clearly talking about his cringey fetlife profile. Even if he wasn't with Kelly, what he wrote is enormously embarrassing.

No. 39752

Samefag. I forgot to sage. Sorry

No. 39754

>"sensual scratches" username all over the internet
>5 different "love" personalities detailed in great length on his fetlife profile (which is extremely active)
>looks like that
>outed himself as reading and posting here multiple times
>LARPer who turns game romances into irl romances
>multiple BDSM playlists on public youtube

Yeah nothing to mock here

No. 39755

Seriously, this guy's as cringey as they come and its made even more hilarious that Kelly is so desperate for attention and such an actual retard herself that she'd openly fuck this creep lol

No. 39760

I honestly am curious to see if she's gonna give in and say something else about this whole video fiasco or just eventually start posting on social media again and act like nothing happened. This is too good lolol

No. 39766

File: 1552443540743.png (363.7 KB, 508x390, bilbo.png)

Nibba looks like he came out of a hobbit graphic novel

No. 39769

Okay, so I uploaded the video to liveleak. It says it's awaiting moderation but here's the link anyway sFHLg_1552439321(Namefagging)

No. 39780

Oops sorry, here's the full link https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sFHLg_1552439321

No. 39785

speaking of the fellowship crashing and burning, anyone wanna take a swing at what final straw was for steph and dre, her “two best friends ever?” i wonder if it was everything over the years or one final event that opened the fotr’s eyes to her cuntness.

also, i wonder if she’ll start making videos with sam again. she was the only normal person friend kelly’s ever had it seems.

No. 39786

Are Kelly and Dre really not friends? Dre seems to be the only one she will purposefully bring up and say positive things about, or at least she did in a couple videos iirc.

However I also wouldn't be surprised if that's Kelly making a sad attempt at desperately trying to "keep" friends

No. 39787

I really like Sam, I'd watch more videos with her. I can't watch anything with Phi because the fakeness radiates through the screen. Sam is the opposite, incredibly genuine (If I'm thinking of the right person, her childhood best friend)

No. 39789

kelly follows dre on ig, but dre doesn’t follow her back. obviously following isn’t everything, but i’d say it’s a “if i see you in my friend circle i’ll be civil but i don’t like you” thing. i wonder if it was something involving the apartment and dre moving away?? phi, let this be a warning to get out while you still can unless you wanna hear mr scratch a lot banging ur bff blow up doll a room over in shitty shibari.

No. 39790

in all her time on youtube has kelly ever used her platform to raise money for a charity? or made something that features herself doing something like volunteer work that directly supports a cause or organization? or is that too off brand because it pulls focus away from her?

No. 39792

thank you
I actually don't think this video was bad at all, she just kept making unfunny jokes at the beginning like "oh there are nazi shoes up on that phone line" and "they drew arrows on the ground but didn't say they were pointing at, ahh fuckin' nazis"
this has been said before, but my issue is more that kelly has been an SJW in the past and dragged people for way less than this.
I also have an issue with the fact that her cousin was wearing a red arm band in the first half of the video, what the fuck.

No. 39795

File: 1552470561363.jpg (96.67 KB, 500x356, One possible character would b…)

As Anon said, Kelly is a narcissist who only cares about herself. It doesn't matter how many people call her out on he vid, or how many subs leave. She won't give a proper apology because SHE doesn't see a problem with it.
He 'apology' note made it quite clear that she is unwilling/unable to grasp why people might be upset with the video.
She's not sorry she made it, just that it likely got reported and demonetized.

Toxic people like her sister just re-enforce the notion that Kellys opinion is all that matters and anyone who feels differently isn't welcome.
Fans that have likely supported her foe years, yet have the nerve to express a differing opinion automatically become 'haters' who are no longer welcome, and are told that they should just unfollow if they disagree with anything Kelly says. Anything they do say against Kelly gets deleted anyway.
Allowing her sister to snub people before deleting her posts like a little pussy is going to drive people away even faster.

Kelly is so utterly obsessed with her cosmetic appearance that she forgets to work on being a better person inside. It's self-evident as to why she has no friends. Any stragglers still affiliated with her should cut her out before they get dragged down too.

Also, If what Kelly said about being scared of and intimated by attractive people is true, then perhaps Sekril is perfect for her. Happy bondage Kelly.

No. 39806

No and I was thinking about it the other day that I don’t think she’s even ever done a simple giveaway either. I could be wrong because I can’t sit through her videos anymore but I was watching her since she started and can’t recall anything like that. She gets so much free PR it would be easy to do one and have not spent a dime on any prizes, but it all goes on depop at her inflated prices.

Also that liveleak link says the video was removed for violating TOS.

No. 39808

He is so fucking cringey, mate. Don't tell me he sounds like an amazing person from all that stuff he wrote. Also he defends kelly, so he agrees that she's right in her actions. Look, saying that this guy is ugly doesn't mean we're saying you are ugly too if you look like him in some way, don't get offended.

This 1000x. I feel people are defending this guy just BECAUSE he is ugly.

No. 39810

I think we are defending him because he may not have signed up for this willingly. Kelly mentioned his LARP character casually, which was a mistake because even that is traceable. She has obviously been trying to protect his identity, and everyone here decided to use their stalker gifts to find him and put him on blast, kind of unfair. Say what you will "He deserves it if he likes HER". "He's a kink perv" etc. Etc. But, it's just gross to go after someone that didn't do anything wrong other than care for someone that people on here dislike. Kelly even said that he treats her good, which is different from her exes and maybe she can learn from him. I don't think Sekril ever posted on here. He or Kelly is definitely lurking tho. Obviously. This is Kelly's page. Milk away. But why is everyone allowed to talk about Sekril and put him on blast, but if you mention Dre or Steph too much, it's "derailing" ??? Like…get Sekril his own page if you must???

No. 39814

you do realise you're trying to be morally superior on LOLCOW of all places, right ? mocking cringy people is the whole point. do you think Kelly is discussed here bc she submitted her profile of her own free will ?
jason, as a grandiloquent deformed sex goblin with autistic fetishes, is more of a lolcow than Kelly, and he feeds into her cowishness as much as his being her boyfriend reveals things about Kelly to us, so he definitely deserves his place on this topic.
his milk is so golden that his antics even divert attention from Kelly's nazi video, which is usually something people love to be offended about. if that's not proof he deserves our attention, idk what is.

No. 39815

she says he treats her well now, I get the impression the smear campaigns against her exes only starts once they dump her crazy ass to make herself the victim and them evil, she doesn't accept any blame when her relationships break down, that doesn't just apply to romantic relationships look at the fellowship

No. 39820

You are such a romantic aren't you? So we can't mock this MASSIVE lolcow because Kelly is trying to protect him and he truly wully likes her and treats her right. You do realize that any lolcow can have a significant other, friends and or family that care for them right?
You should try PULL, they are far more gentle and caring of cows feelings than we are here.

>>"Just because he likes kelly!" or "just because he is a perv/kinky!"

If you will try to use this rhetorics we could say about her "just because she has had bad plastic surgery!", "just because she's obnoxious!", ad infinitum.

I feel like the anons(or anon) who are defending Sekrill empathize with him because they see him as an ugly duckling, someone who is just "one of us", trying to be happy in a big mean world with his fetishes, his hobbies, his new found love…
That's not the point! Almost everyone is trying to be happy while not looking like a model and liking some particular sex practice. The point is that HE. IS. CRINGEY. IN. EVERY. THING. HE. DOES. That's requirement number 1 to be a lolcow: being so unbelievably cringey that they manage to gather a small community on the internet of people baffled at the things you do.
That's what going on here, do you understand it?

No. 39825

Then he should have his own page? If Steph and other fellowship members can't be discussed on Kelly's page, why is Sekril an exception, is the point. Really. Milk on Sekril alone is a derailment. Milk on Sekril and Kelly is another thing.

No. 39832


Jason isn’t a public figure, dipshit. Why would we make a thread for a nobody?

No. 39834

File: 1552496204772.jpg (53.73 KB, 540x540, 51211.jpg)

why does he need his own thread? he associates with kelly, he approves of what she says and believes and is dating her. i think he belongs here tbh

No. 39841

he belongs here just like the fellowship (or what’s left of it)
all the milk we get from them always leads back to talking about kelly which is the whole point so…. what’s the problem??
that and a lot of times when people get into relationships they slowly start gaining each other’s traits and interests, so sir scratchpost and kelly should be talked about together in the same thread

No. 39844

Steph and other fellowshit members are briefly discussed here, when it's something associated with Kelly but they have other claims to fame. Jason's reason to be famous is Kekrill alone.

I'm getting tired of justifying why me and everyone except you is just discussing Kelly's cringey boyfriend. Everyone else think it's okay so shut the fuck up and stop trying to minimod the thread. Don't like the Sekril news, don't read it, honey. Who cares? we're having fun, it's not derailing the thread at all, everyone seems to be enjoying the small glimpses into Kelly's bf life. Whyy does it annoy you so much?

No. 39847

i feel like it miiiight be him trying to convince us he's not a lolcow / trying to have a separate thread in the hopes that since he's less known than Kelly, he will receive less negative attention.
idk, >>39810 sounds like this post on the previous thread Jason made about "why do you mock sekril and Kelly, aren't you ashamed that someday their children will see this", the moralfaggotry sounds really familiar. and also the fact he says Kelly tries to protect his privacy, etc, what do you guys think, am I paranoid ?

No. 39852

>stalker gifts

literally googling sekrill brings up his TM wiki page with pictures. It's not rocket science.

No. 39856

She should give up youtube and just transition to pornography like some of her ex-friends. She could have a much better career in that.
She's already mostly there with her heavy makeup,fake boobs, lips, thigh gap lipo, revealing pics. She could show off her bondage gear properly, because she seems to enojoy that.
She admitted she loses followers every time she does show stuff like that because of her current audience, and didn't she say in one of her videos that she doesnt want her channel to be 'family friendly'?
She seems to hate the fans she has now so perhaps making the transition to something more mature would be smart, and attract a new demographic that is better suited to her.

No. 39865

I want to know if he is still in a pack with Missalistair123 and RebeccaRuthless and why the hell is is mentoring MissAlistair123? Who wants to be mentored by him? WTF lol lol.

>>39810 Also, bitch go to PULL please. He keeps liking her shit, posting on her comments, and has him in her IG stories and talks about it in her stupid videos, mentions they kiss …it is a no brainer. Go away, stop derailing. The Fail-o-ship of the Cringebow has a separate thread because there are too many of them and they do stupid shit, example Dre trying to dance goth by ocean (best shit ever)

Also, her freaking Crayola story (on Twin Mask) makes so much sense why they are together.

No. 39869

Which one of Kelly's cousin didn't invite her to the wedding?

No. 39873

File: 1552511498508.png (923.31 KB, 1165x737, scratch.png)

No. 39874

Nah bitch, different anon. I would find this shit hilarious if it was about my parents. Disturbing, but ultimately hilarious.

No. 39875

Wtf? How does one obtain these wounds? Did he unleash the beast on himself?

No. 39876


Thats fucking lipstick

No. 39878

It's from a caning.

No. 39882


Some of the smallest ones look legit. but those big ones certainly look like lipstick LMAO. He crossed the line between enjoying BDSM and being cringy af.

I dont get what he's trying to show off about with this eaither…Seems like the typical guy who will sext you really nasty stuff and then get extremely awkward and stiff at the moment of truth

No. 39884

Holy moly didn't know what caning was Oh MY gOD. The rest is Wet and Wild Walmart lipstick tho. giggles maniacally wtf..

No. 39887

Kelly girl protect ya pussy from this dude

No. 39894

It looks like someone posted a kid's face on a grown man's body. Does he have a legit disorder or is he just massively ugly?

No. 39895

omg those captions and replies is the cringiest shit. this man is in his 30s

No. 39898

I laughed so I hard I woke my dog. what the fuck is that caption lmao. also, even if we did have a seperate thread for kekril people would post about him here anyways so I don't see the point in that.

No. 39900

Did he remove his profile? Does he read here? Because I can't find but I'm also a newb to the website.

No. 39901

I wonder what Miles Jai must think of this whole Nazi ordeal….

No. 39906

Lol imagining Kelly reading this shit and getting turned on I am dying. This is exactly the kind of sperg she is

No. 39915

File: 1552519972160.jpeg (331.01 KB, 750x734, 6F07AC9B-5E7C-4A7D-AC73-2842F0…)

on sekril rumors section

No. 39916

File: 1552520016674.jpeg (513.31 KB, 750x968, BBB708EB-6DB6-4BAE-BC2A-F9814D…)


No. 39918

oh forgive me layola crayola

No. 39919

It’s definitely lipstick (you can see bits where it’s gone all bitty in his chest hair)
Then the smaller stuff looks like nail scratches, not caning
It’s too informal and the lines are too solid to be caning, plus primal tends to be “teeth and claws” rather than using implements

Saged for kink sperge

No. 39924

Bitches, this is not lipstick. It sure looks like it because the red trails are comprised of small dots just like lipstick when smeared on paper on a wall but 1- this is not how lipstick looks like on skin
2- the small dots are from superficial blood vessels bursting from scratches done with long nails. They're wide because the whole nail edge was used to make them, horizontally. I have had scratches that look like this (not from kink play)

He's trying to show that he is super mega kinky, kinkier than thou, the kinkiest.

Omg yes hahah and she definitely does, her LARP character backstory makes it really obvious.
They both have the most Mary Sue characters I have ever seen. Layola is the sexiest elf ever who is kidnapped into sex slavery but she is so sexy and so special that the king (or smth) prefers her to his wife. Jason is fulfilling all of his fantasies of being a bad boy stud, who, of course, is always up to his neck in pussy.

I'd pay to watch them interact on LARP and I'd pay double to watch their role play sex.

No. 39927

Bet you dollars to doughnuts that their sex role play IS Crayola and Sekril.

No. 39930

Not to mention he uses the same cringe username all over the internet. If typing username into google is stalking, everyone on the internet is guilty

No. 39935

That's so embarrassing, holy fuck..

No. 39942

Sure thing Scratches.

It's been removed. Try another site?

No. 39954

Normally I don't like to bash people's appearances, but there's just something incredibly repulsive and slimy about his appearance. He reminds me of Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter.

No. 39956

Btw I checked earlier today and Kelly officially isn't friends with any of the fellowship on fb anymore except for Claire, Katie, and Molly. Katie, I'm guessing because she forgot to delete her.

She was still fb friends with all of them until recently I guess. The last time I checked was late Jan/early Feb

I really hope that one of them speaks up on what happened there or speaks up about this whole video controversy. Claire kind of has but is still playing it safe to stay on Kelly's side (although I'm sure that she's going to get cut off soon since she spoke up even the slightest bit against miss can't-take-any-criticism)

No. 39968

>the most heart warming smile in all the land

Yikes. And it's so obvious he mixed up irl with larp life to be with Kelly.

No. 39970

File: 1552571276615.png (805.98 KB, 930x588, lindsay.png)

One of Kelly's only other remaining friends, Lindsay, conveniently going on a social media break one day after Kelly's piss-ass apology.

No. 39971

What a reach. Someone is talking a social media break and it has to be because of Kelly because they're friends? Please

No. 39976

I wonder what happened that Kelly’s channel (and herself, for that matter) started going downhill? I used to love her videos and now she’s such an unlikable person.

No. 39979

I honestly think she just got comfortable now that more of her pre YouTube skinwalker and shorty behavior has been shared on here. She was also probably happier because she had a friend group still putting up with her shit and boosting her ego.

No. 39988


No. 40003

This has come up several times in these threads- Stephanie is Mexican.

Not that having Mexican and black friends means you're not racist.

No. 40027

With friends leaving and her subscribers going down I wonder how long till she starts selling nude pics.

No. 40032

Hey kelly, please consider doing LARP porn, I think it’ll be a hit

No. 40034

i don’t think she’d do this even if she was desperate. she has to know by now either all her patreon content would just be discussed/posted here, and everyone would just compare her to steph. she’ll just keep posting half assed shibari and attempts at lewds because she’s uwu sexy but not SLUTTY like all these other girls !!!

No. 40039

File: 1552627149088.jpg (15.67 KB, 320x312, vigo-the-carpathian.jpg)

Everytime I see a photo of "Scratches" I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out who he reminds me of.

Pic related. He looks like a downy Vigo the Carpathian.

No. 40048

With the recent Fabio hair pic especially, this is so unbelievably dead on.

No. 40049

No. 40051

File: 1552656294607.png (2.3 MB, 1718x972, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.2…)

I was thinking more this.
but honestly the kinky shit/bdsm crossed with this/kelly being sexually involved is a clusterfuck of cringe
also maybe it's because her "friends" hate her and she's trying to flex on them that she's alpha and doesn't care or some shit. I can see this being a weird, calculated move by her.

No. 40053

Holy fuck, poor beans! that aging is so unfortunate

No. 40061

In the beggining I was not into dragging Sekril because I thought that maybe he is just a nice,nerd guy who just wanted to have a big titted girlfriend. I never expected that he is such a deviant. And I think he will be dissapointed with Kelly because I'm pretty sure she is not into BDSM or shibari, she is posting pics like this so thirsty deviants like Sekril can subscribe to her. I'm waiting for dramatic video from her titled: "my ex boyfriend wanted to scratch me" lol

No. 40071

Omg me too! This but with someone else in the mix

I think she is pretty into being submissive. Just read her LARP character bio and shit, she really gets off on being humiliated and abused. She also used to listen to kidnapping ASMR to relax.

I don't think you got why we are laughing at Sekril. It's not because he is "sexually deviant". It's because he is cringey as fuck while trying to show off all his kinkiness, this bad boy image he has of himself, everything. The dude is the definition of a "wanna be".

No. 40073

Okay Stephanie, you are somewhat Mexican. LOL

No. 40075

Am that anon…. why not a mix of Beans AND Vigo?

No. 40076

She should do an "I'm sorry" video. Honestly, she would get more views than usual.

No. 40085


kek don't give her any ideas

No. 40088

File: 1552696196422.png (392.6 KB, 1440x2560, words have meaning.png)

With the new boyfriend and all, I just got to wondering when the last time was that she mentioned how very bisexual she is?

Has she ever been with a woman? Has she ever had a girlfriend?

I don't doubt she's kissed a girl, likely to get a guy's attention, but… yeah. I'm still highly skeptical. I get that it's cool now to be 'queer' along with mentally ill etc., I've just never once understood why; although nowadays words mean whatever the individual decides they mean, anyways. Fuck the dictionary.

I've been reading through her thread on PULL, and the image posted got me to wondering; sorry. I know this has nothing to do with anything being discussed or what's actively going on with her of late. Except her having been flirty with Phi - especially after she decided she's a they.

No. 40097

she's a bistraightual for sure

No. 40102

She made a point, after everyone called her out on only mentioning boyfriends, and being attracted to men; that finally she stated she has been with women briefly but didn't care to explain further. Pretty sure she made out with a chick on a Blood on the dance floor video once. This does not make you bisexual. But, whatever.

No. 40113

How DARE YOU imply that she has to kiss women, date women or at least be attracted to women to be validated as a bisexual? Bisexual is whatever one say it is /s

Jokes aside: 1- the first person does have a point, which has nothing to do with Kelly's complete lack of one. 2- she didn't say where "someone just left a comment" so I'll tell you, it was on one of her threads on lolcow, pretty sure it was #7 or #8.
It's okay to be bisexual without actually consumating the act, you know who you are attracted to. But it happens with teenagers or older people who never had the courage to admit it and take a step in this direction. Kelly is a 29 year old alternative woman living alone in LA who is VERY vocal about being bisexual and whining all the time about being single. There is no way she hasn't dated or hooked up with a woman by now if she is really bisexual. Kelly just claims that to be special, I bet she just likes lesbian porn, but liking lesbian porn alone doesn't make you bisexual, it's really common for straight women to like it, there's even data out there about it

Because it was not Beans hahah, I still have yet to find it who is the other one he reminds me of

Yes, do give her ideas! I'd like to watch her as she desperately tries to pretend she's sorry while at the same time not admitting to have done anything wrong

No. 40139

File: 1552737927842.jpg (293.67 KB, 1080x1541, IMG_20190316_120032.jpg)


No. 40144

Poly LDR with Pixielocks when??? Perfect fake aethstic lesbian relationship for these two uglies - and the distance means they'd never actually have to have sex, while they continue fucking their straight boyfriends.

No. 40145

What sad fuck paid for this shit? You could find a shirt like that at any fast fashion retailer without having to pay so much for shipping. And this bitch photoshops everything but she cant take time to erase her chest acne?

No. 40150

I know asemmetrical boobs are 100% normal but that had to be a shit surgeon to not cover that difference in their consultation to balance things out with her implants. Unless she requested the surgeon leave it which I can’t see someone doing given the choice. If not for looks but the sake of bra shopping alone.

No. 40151

Samefag sorry but $25 shipping?!

No. 40155

are her pants just riding real low or is she half naked here for some reason

No. 40158

Jesus her nipples are like salami!!!! Why are her areolas so large

No. 40166

Not WKing but it’s not like anyone can control that sort of thing on their body like she does with the bad surgeries/diet, etc. They’re nipples..

No. 40169

True. Mine are like 2 slices of bologna and I am fit and have always worn supportive bras. It's in the genes, and no complaints yet. XD(no1curr XD)

No. 40170

Yes they can. Good boob jobs come witha areola reduction because implants can stretch already big areola out. Just further proof all her plastic surgery is cheap and mediocre.

No. 40269

That picture looks so nasty like she’s sweaty and smelly

No. 40281

File: 1552823503792.png (273.96 KB, 1576x510, Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.45…)

My favourite part about the 'Sensual Scratches' youtube channel is that he's subscribed to very few channels like Kelly, Phi, Twin Masks, etc… but also a creepy channel full of 'dating hacks' for beta men lol. It's full of videos about how to pull women, how to satisfy women, hacks to make them think you're an alpha male, how to get out of the 'friend zone' etc. hilarious

No. 40282

(samefag) example videos from the channel, so cringey

No. 40284

File: 1552823667005.png (2.51 MB, 2216x1684, Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.47…)

shit I fucked up the image, sorryyyyyy

No. 40285

No. 40292

What worries me the most about this shitty videos is the amount of views they have. Like people actually watch them expecting to get laid lmao

No. 40303


I know right? I actually hope Kelly reads this thread and runs for the hills

No. 40327

In Sensual's case it actually worked so I guess they're right when they say you have to find women with low self-esteem. There must be a lot of Kelly's around

No. 40353

Kelly’s social media has been dead all week.
Wonder if larp is going on this weekend.
Or maybe she’s tied up in bed with sekril

No. 40356

I'm sure she's just trying to lay low after that Nazi tour vlog. I don't think we will hear from her for a while. This is way worse than the Angelic Pretty dress fiasco.

No. 40391

I really don't get why people are so upset about the "Nazi" vlog. She didn't sympathize with nazis or make super edgy jokes. Most of the video was just her and her cousin walking around in the woods and then eating at a japanese restaurant at the end. Y'all realize there are people who are actively trying to recreate the holocaust right? People are way too fucking sensitive. Her lolita dress scandal was worse than this.

No. 40395

Casually leaving out the music choices and red arm band and lack of sympathy in her apology that wasn’t an apology either. Stack that up with her other problematic insensitive actions. She already defends a pedophile, no fucking shit she’s getting dragged for this too.

No. 40401

I think her breast are shooped bigger, if you notice the other Depop pictures there is an incosistency in the other picture (warp tool).

No. 40402

Also, LOl she has an Irregular Choice Dumbo bag for sale, listed as Brand new with tags…but her sister used that bag at Disneyland for Dapper Day. How many things are listed as new?

No. 40404

Me neither! The cousin wearing a red armband is weird and stupid, but that wasn't even a concentration camp or anything of the like. They weren't even real nazis, but american nazi sympathizers who got absolutely nothing out of that camp.

BUT, I agree she deserves the backlash for being so damn stupid and insensitive. That pseudo apology without admitting any guilt is so narcissistic, classic Kelly.

I know she took dahvey's side but what exactly did she say? HOW can anyone defend a pedophile?

No. 40409

Honestly I think that it's not the video in general, it's other small things that really added up. Like the lighthearted music. The red armband (seriously, who thought that was a good idea???). Her blockhead sister defending her and making it worse. Her last post which lacked an apology.

It's the fact that she can't put her stupid massively overblown ego aside for two seconds to properly apologize. People were clearly hurt by her video and her lack of apology, people whose families have gone through this shit. She doesn't get to say that she didn't hurt anybody, she doesn't get that choice. Even if it truly wasn't her intention, she needs to apologize. It's also the actual fact that she IS laying low and not posting. She's waiting for it to blow over before getting back to her usual obnoxiousness. All so she doesn't have to apologize.

What a cunt. How high above everybody do you think you are, Kelly? If anything, you're below all of us, even the worst of us. Get your airhead out of the clouds. Being humble is free and won't cost you anything. Her parents must have been some real shits to raise such awful high-and-mighty sewage people.

No. 40410

>hacks to make them think you are an alpha male

His life

No. 40415

File: 1552900966851.jpeg (170.71 KB, 1242x1173, 205B6EFC-B03C-4919-A9D2-5B433F…)

Kelly is back and the first thing she posts is a poorly done self portrait. How vain could someone be? She’s past narcissistic at this point

No. 40416

File: 1552901001305.jpeg (365.76 KB, 1242x1855, 6F7C7D59-9F10-4380-83FE-A981B8…)

No. 40423

yah i agree. what the video told us was that Kelly is a dumb uncultured insensitive self-centred airhead, not that she's literally Hitler.
I couldn't comprehend all that outrage when the discovery of sekril's creepy antics, who are leagues funnier than the nazi vid, happened at the same time.

No. 40424

>Hack 1:
>LARP with a character who is a badass alpha male mercenary playboy so everyone has to play along
>Hack 2:
>post on anonymous forum that you're actually a really great guy who totally looks like he works out

Is it just the angle or does this look derpy as hell?

No. 40429

That is really really bad

No. 40431

File: 1552916078528.png (203.33 KB, 863x683, 1543353983942.png)

No. 40438

so a person is only a sex offender if they're registered as one? that's some really warped logic. ppl commit crimes all the time but guess it only counts when they're actually sentenced.

No. 40439

Obviously she’s doing a self portrait…she has no more friends. Or she will turn into one of those “I can always count on me! I’m my best friend!” types

No. 40448

File: 1552926154489.jpeg (254.14 KB, 750x906, ABDBFFD6-F3D5-46CC-B9C9-7AA8B0…)

i cant believe all her delusional fans have to say is “welcome back kelly!!!!! don’t let the haters get you down!!!!” it’s literally appalling how up her ass they really are. i’ve only seen 2 comments calling her out so far (i bet she deleted the others immediately) and all her fans are basically telling them “shame on you for saying our kelly-chan isnt off the hook!!1!1!1”
kelly doesn’t do anything for her fans but beg for money, i literally can’t wrap my head around why they wk her to these lengths???

No. 40461

I don't think it's fair to assume shitty people automatically have shitty parents. Plenty of people are cunts regardless of how they're raised. Plus it takes responsibility away from the individual, which is exactly what Kelly wants.

No. 40479

File: 1552951610511.png (55.9 KB, 609x275, wow.png)

her first tweet in a week since the "apology" tweet

y i k e s

No. 40480

this is both insensitive and basically illiterate. well done

No. 40504

File: 1552974909386.jpeg (229.64 KB, 1242x1270, 3E882E85-4919-4711-BEBD-59C765…)

Another self portrait. With the painting she did with her dad’s ashes… didn’t she say that she sold that one?

No. 40506

This is the world we live in.
On this day, Outrage incel culture has
given us a pillar of "what is even going on anymore".

No. 40507

Christ is this seriously the video that people found so offensive? The only thing that was truly off putting about her behavior is that it seemed like she was trying to show off in front of her cousin, making cringe-y jokes every five seconds. She was annoying at worst.

No. 40520

People were pissed that a pretty, privileged white girl could flounce around a Nazi camp cracking bad jokes and get paid for it without acknowledging why that’s fucked, yes.

No. 40521

File: 1552993992641.jpeg (287.76 KB, 736x921, 6346E89C-BBE8-4509-8031-06C9F1…)

Girl should just have a full mental breakdown and be Shane’s next project. It would do wonders to increase her numbers.

No. 40524

that response, rofl

I mean, it's pretty disrespectful and tasteless. She didn't even apologize properly. it wasn't just one person finding it off, it was a lot of her followers. She lost subs for it.

No. 40525

The way she talks hurt my soul. This bitch is so annoying

No. 40534

She's an attention seeking liar, she put a clickbait title 'exploring abandoned NAZI CAMP' and then later was forced to admit that it's not actually a camp, and no nazis were ever housed there.

No. 40562

ot but she wasnt forced to admit that it wasnt, she stated it in the video.

No. 40563

File: 1553031969894.png (344.09 KB, 929x446, k.png)

that's a funny way of saying that you were laying low to let the steam blow over

No. 40564

>I haven't felt this inspired in years.
It's… a self-portrait. jesus christ get a clone and go fuck yourself. we all know you want to.

No. 40567

>paints self portrait to practice technique and likeness.
>copies her ultra photoshopped pictures kek.

No. 40573

>My narcissism is necessary to improve my art ok

No. 40580

No. 40587

Kelly tries really hard to try to sound like she knows what she's talking about, but her obsession for the "rules" only show off how uncreative her mind is. She has to justify everything she does with what art school told her

No. 40613

Lol wet on wet is what Bob Ross used too, the method kelly claimed was 'cheating'
At least Bob had an imagination and painted from that, instead of copying from a photo like Kelly does

No. 40614

Samefag but sorry forgot to sage

No. 40623

File: 1553102896866.jpg (74.1 KB, 578x849, gaming.jpg)

Kellys gaming pc that 'doesn't work' ???

No. 40633

Hahahah yes! But in her mind Bob Ross is lame because he thought anyone could learn how to paint and teached in a way that made easy for people with no previous art training to follow, so they could have a hobby. Kelly on the other hand thinks of herself as this super special talented person who went to art school because she is naturally talented and there she developed her talents even more because she had formal art education. This bitch learned nothing but some names of techniques (and wrongly), she paints like a complete amateur who never ever even watched some YouTube videos on techniques. Sure she knows "how to" paint, because well, it ends up looking like something, but she's not super talented as to not need a lot of improving nor she ever improves.

No. 40638

File: 1553114455375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.84 KB, 474x647, images.jpeg)

Came across this old pic of Kelly, she looked so much better without the disproportionate breast implants. She has a nice body shape when she's not super overweight and those implants. Also, her nose looks super different from now, I'm aure she had a nosejob

No. 40639

File: 1553114622948.jpg (216.49 KB, 573x993, CYMERA_20190320_174309.jpg)

Samefag to add one more pic. You can't tell me this is the same nose she has nowadays. The worst part is that I think she looked better before

No. 40640

Again one of these pics where she looks just like Jeffree Star
>>40638 she looks so much better with natural tiddys!!

No. 40648

Honestly though how much of this was photoshop too?

I definitely agree she looked better before. I think most women gain a certain amount of weight once they hit a certain age and her fake tits didn't help her out much with that. Fake tits were a bad move.

No. 40662

god she looks so much better without implants

But man was previous anon right. She’s got some huge areolas

No. 40684

And one of the thing they teach you in art school is never paint from a photo, especially a self portrait. Because of distortion

No. 40703

She only has like 3 poses she rotates through doesn't she?

No. 40706

From that pic where she has a see through thing on, her areolas look big, but not huge. In this pic >>40638 the white bar is not taking a lot of space so they seemed to be way smaller. I think they got stretched because of the implants, which is weird, since nowadays most implants are inserted through a hole made cutting of the areola, which is then reattached. When they reattach it, they always reshape it so it looks proportional. Weird that not only it didn't get smaller, but bigger.(Ew)

No. 40709

Is that sensual scratches, cus he ain't fooling anyone about him working out with those arms

I was thinking the opposite. The white bar is thick enough that it really exaggerates how big her areolas are. I'm really puzzled as to why she didn't have them reduced with her boob job

No. 40721

I don't think her having large areolas is a big deal, and I say this as someone with the culturally accepted perfect size and appearance nips

But yeah, implants are a bad idea if you have a slim waist and thicker arms and legs (which I also have) since then there is no slim part to highlight, it removes shape rather than add it. She got the implants to copy stefanie at the time.

She should look into illnesses resulting from implants, I've read a lot about it and it would tally with the timeline of her health problems.

No. 40723

File: 1553165744724.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, B7CDD70C-A9AB-4066-90B1-9B4349…)

It’s easy to look at her old pics and think she looked better then, but when you look at her unedited next to other people it’s obvious how photoshopped her pics are even back then and that she never looked like that either

No. 40759

>I never play video games but when I do it's the Sims
I feel like the "fake gamer girl" stereotype is greatly exaggerated and more often than not a misogynistic gatekeeper tactic, but she sure is the poster girl for it.

No. 40763

she could've gone for still big tits but smaller implants than she has, they would look so much better than the humongous things she has now, they're so disproportionate, they make her look very stumpy

No. 40778

1 month left until Easter. That's when we'll really be able to tell what is left of the Fellowship. I bet Kelly will say she was too depressed to do Easter this year to cover up that she has nobody to invite. Do you think the rest of the fellowship will gather without her?

No. 40782

As someone who does not paint or draw at all even I can see that Kelly's newest painting is just…off? The paint might look okay (again, I don't know these things) but her face proportions seem off? And it just doesnt look like her. Does she realize that it totally doesn't look like her?

No. 40787

She's back on YouTube. Acting like that whole Nazi thing never happened.

No. 40793

Of course, she's going to just ignore it all until it blows over, it's the Kelly brand.

Might wanna learn how to pronounce your sponsor's name before you hit that record button next time, Kel.

No. 40795

Could she be anymore of an airhead?! All that matters is pastel! Really Kelly? I also love how hard she is pushing this Lindsay friendship.

No. 40796

In kota's story a few days ago she put they she was shopping for her waster party. But it will probably just be with her new mountain goth friends like roniiit and maybe dre

No. 40801

I agree with you, the faces are always something out of the uncanny valley.

She calls herself short and petite kek. You're short but not petite, Kelly.

Funny how she's doing hauls now but was trying to get people to donate to her new oven/saving up for Japan? Her followers are so dumb.

No. 40803

File: 1553205424059.png (309.3 KB, 929x444, fjkds.png)

Who is she painting here? Kota?

No. 40804

Kelly's art might look so flat and weird looking because she literally just copies a flat image

No. 40805

You're right. Has she ever painted anything that wasn't copying an image or something that's right in front of her?

No. 40810

It looks very much like Kota, 99% sure it’s Kota. Which is super awkward considering Kota is not friends with her anymore. Also lol at how no fellowship members will be at Kelly’s for Easter and everyone but kelly will be at Kotas. Kelly is burning out like a slow and painful decline

No. 40811

Lindsay is a good friend because she finds the clothes kelly like lmao okay then

No. 40813

She’s 30, right? That’s disgusting.

Also, not a correct usage of the word kitsch. She really didn’t pick anything up in art school, did she? I’d argue that she’s kitsch incarnate with her wardrobe full of pop culture - hardly high art at all. But of course that’s Kelly, she’d like to think she’s much more considered and creative than she really is.

No. 40821

the whole "oh, why is my perfume on here I wasn't wearing this with that perfume…? oh right, I was hugging the boy I like" thing really makes me think that she's having Sensual "Sekril" Scratches use the Sephiroth cologne, which, LMAO.

sage for pure speculation, but I can totally see Kelly doing that.

No. 40828

Funny how in the thumbnail the ring is on her wedding finger.

No. 40833

Honestly, seeing her in her haul video just makes me pity her. 30 years old, botched lips, fake tits, ratty pastel hair under a receding wig, tons of makeup, falling-out with her closest friends, not progressing in life, dating a creep, and gushing about children’s clothing right after yet another fiasco… It’s sad. Everything bad about her goes back to poor judgement and an off-putting personality, and what’s even more sad is that she’s quick to blame it on something or someone else, whether her depression or “call-out culture”. I’ve been watching her for years hoping she’d turn around, but she’s really hit a new low.

No. 40842

I don't think it is, he has like dirty blonde, straight, thin hair. Whoever that is has coarser curly dark hair. The one with the headphones is obviously a kid so I'm assuming cousins?

No. 40846

Those are her cousins, she said so in another story that day


No. 40851

She likes the boy she likes so much that she never posted a pic of them together or anything AT ALL about him, we had to dig all the Kekril by ourselves because they are not showing off this relationship. Is it sad that I'm pretty sure they both are embarrassed of each other?
Amd, OF COURSE she's making him wear the sepiroth cologne kek

Yes! It's so sad it makes me actual pity her and wish she just walked out of the internet and tried to sort her life out, get real treatment fornher depression, therapy, realised that all this spending on childish things will not fill her void, will not keep her young, will not make people think she's special.

No. 40858

does anyone know where the original picture for this painting is? I can't tell if its kelly or Steph

No. 40871

Who is this video for exactly?
Not everyone can afford liposuction and that's the only reason Kelly can fit into the kids section clothes
"I'm small and petite" no kelly, you had all the fat sucked out of you.

No. 40894

File: 1553269015087.png (743.62 KB, 862x458, Capture.PNG)

Ham arms

No. 40896

I have no clue how she fits her arms in there. I know when I try on something that's too small for me, it's always my arms that are busting out like the Incredible Hulk. Of course, I actually work out.

No. 40898

Next thread pic fucking kek

No. 40901

File: 1553274660104.png (366.74 KB, 862x458, heh.png)

No. 40902

I would love for someone to send her this shirt. Or, failing that, this should be the next thread pic.

Does she not see herself for what she actually looks like? I mean, she's not fat. But with the lipo she's gotten in various places, the parts of her that haven't had the fat sucked out of them look disproportionately huge.

And you just know that's gonna feed the cycle of her getting more and more unnecessary lipo, and she's just gonna keep getting closer to resembling a plastic surgery monster.
On the one hand, I feel bad for her, but on the other… her refusal to get actual, proper help so she can just keep on fueling her issues with a ready-made scapegoat pretty much negates feeling bad for laughing at her.

Grow the fuck up, Kelly.

No. 40927

File: 1553282965466.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, CEE7EBD1-66D6-4AE1-8C22-209B1B…)

If the pink had taken it would’ve been a thing of beauty… Kelly would’ve been so salty. (saged)

No. 40933

File: 1553288044531.png (752.65 KB, 2154x1206, narc.png)

this shit reminds me of 2012 tumblr when every bitch bought kids clothes to show how TEENY AND WAIFLIKE they are. it's fucked up tbh.
she's like a fucked up crossover of Sh0e and Kiki kannibal, this video was so cringe with the sped-up dancing. it would be cringe for anyone other than a 16-year-old to behave like she does.
and every time she says "lookit" it makes me hate her even more.

No. 40934

That would have been great. I am sad we missed out on kelly’s reaction but the grey does look really great in that instastory, like she can pass as a person again and not just a fake blowup doll.

No. 40935

Damn that hair is GREEN.

No. 40937

File: 1553289892231.jpg (598.25 KB, 1080x1801, 20190322_172222.jpg)

We can assume this is about kelly

No. 40964

Seconding this for the next thread photo

Honestly I just imagine the rest of her body matching her arms and I think that'd look better than the Frankenstein body she has going on right now. Seriously all she'd have to do is get off her lazy ass for half an hour a day and work out a little. She'd be able to maintain her body then. I don't buy her "genetics" crap. She's just lazy.

Fuck I wish the pink would have taken too. I think she'd look great with it. She looks so much better without her blow-up doll expressions/makeup too. She looks pretty here tbh.

As much of a cow that Steph can be sometimes, I like her the best out of all of the fellowship. She has the most personality and I'm glad that she let go of Kelly. Kelly would always use her and try to obnoxiously outshine Steph in everything. Now if only Steph would give up the empty sex doll look, she'd be more likable.

Now I'm wondering if Kelly is doing those paintings of the FotR as apologies or something like that. Because >>40504 looks like Steph, >>40803 looks like Kota or Envy, and the most recent one on her Insta looks like Phi. I tried looking around for the reference photos she used and I couldn't find them. Maybe it's from unreleased photoshoots that they did?

No. 40977

It looks black with the very ends of the hair in grey?

This is so much self righteous bullshit

You are a fucking genius! That's what's she's doing, portraits as a way to apologize to the fellowshit! I can't wait

No. 40979

File: 1553311103437.png (552.15 KB, 1288x753, topkek.png)

Holy shit, did anybody catch this in this previous thread? I was trying to see what happened to this thread when it was temporarily locked earlier today, and I saw this, topkek


Sounds like Kelly, Madi, or SensualScratches SNAPPED

No. 40981

Holy shit lol what a sperg

No. 40984

File: 1553315267939.jpg (18.35 KB, 401x141, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

saged for off topic but it's interesting that phi is following the same twitter user that blasted kelly over that nazi video

No. 40987

File: 1553316511712.jpg (87.08 KB, 750x750, IMG_9395.JPG)

They're from photoshoots for Kelly's antler crowns. These are different ones but she's used Stephanie and kota to model for her before

No. 40988

This person literally just repeated the same thing over and over like 40 times, I'm not even joking.

It's "You don't know kelly yet you decide to spend your time focusing on hating her, being mean and bullies and it says a lot more about you than it says about Kelly" written in slightest different ways. I fucking swear, just read it.

I don't know what this person expected by leaving this comment but one thing is for sure, it really does exemplify the intelectual level amd emotional maturity of Kelly's fans.

Don't you love it when the WKs say that because we gossip about people on the forums we are obviously all unhappy, ugly haters who are obssessed with Kelly and have nothing else to do than to talk about her? Topkek

Bitch, it makes zero sense. It takes like 5 min max to read the new comments and leave one yourself! Also, what's up with this idea that of someone criticizes others' appearance they MUST be ugly and jealous? What forbids beautiful people from talking shit on others' looks?

No. 40991

I'm pretty sure that Phi hates Kelly. If not obviously, then secretly. I really wouldn't be surprised if at this point she has already moved out or is looking to move out. It seems like to me Phi was excited at first to move in with Kelly because she was a fan and also wanted growth for her social media, then quickly realized that all of Kelly's shit isn't worth it. She hasn't posted anything even remotely closely related to Kelly in a long time. The last thing I remember her posting that gave me a chuckle was a question that she answered. They asked her for her pet peeves and she said a dirty home is a pet peeve and that she cleans her room and bathroom every day. Knowing how disgustingly filthy Kelly is, I would not be surprised if it was subtle shade.

Ahh you're right. I saw those but was looking for the exact photos.

No. 40995

Far from Wk kelly but the way those bitches use her to get a boost on their social media growth is outrageous. Kelly sure is a real piece of work but no one deserves to be blatantly used and discarded this way. They can put themselves on pedestals, like Phi posting on twitter that "it is difficult to realize you're the toxic one in the relationship but to forgive bla bla bla growth bla bla learn bla bla", all they want, like if they care for Kelly's mental health but they don't

They're all a bunch of catty cunts who think of themselves way higher than they are. Kelly included.

No. 40996

I swear you've posted this exact same comment in the last few threads.

No. 41001

Yep they have. And they keep sprinkling Kelly's name in there to seem like they're not WKing her. Kek.

No. 41008

it was really not cute the way she was sniffing the shirt for perfume in the F21 haul, but it got me thinking- is there any hard evidence that Scratches is the guy she’s into? He looks so different/creepier from her past bfs, I’m struggling to imagine him eliciting this kind of behavior from Kelly

No. 41013

Oh Jesus I normally read everything in these threads but I could only manage three lines of that.

No. 41016

He's been spotted in the background of her Instagram stories, it's him. Calling him 'boy' seems a little inaccurate but it's him she's talking about

No. 41022

as much as kelly painting the fellowship to apologize would be ridiculously funny, i just don’t see it happening. however i DO think she’s gonna try to apologize to everyone soon, and then take whoever she has left to make her annual easter party vid. here’s a question tho: do you guys think steph will forgive her? kelly always made it clear in all her fellowship vids that steph was her first and favorite friend, but you could literally see the unedited manipulation at times. personally, i see steph trying to make amends with kelly because she’s a mature person, but she’ll keep her at a distance and it’ll never be the same again. this will also probably mean we’ll never get steph on kelly’s channel and they’ll never post about each other.

No. 41024

Not to mention Kelly's attitude and moods putting a dampener on their trip to Vegas and Stephs wedding. You shouldn't have to baby your friends

No. 41027

That's the first time I post this, for real.

I can't picture it either, I need a couple pic as soon as possible!

Do you think she'll make the easter video even with like 2 or people along her?

No. 41042

File: 1553372736873.jpeg (148.15 KB, 750x734, 7E84ADAD-DA38-4199-8931-899284…)

1. What are your headphones even plugged into?
2. Your controller isn’t on

No. 41048

Has she shown her actual hair at all recently since the blue fail?

No. 41050

Literally a fake gamer girl meme and duh anon she’s so far up her own ass she finally decided to plug her headphones in there

No. 41052

It's been a long time since the last time she showed it at least online. She recently even posted a video of her painting with the hideous wig glued on. How insecure and vain she must be to prefer being uncomfortable (wigs are not comfortable and I will die on this hill) while working man.

No. 41056

Why does she keep insisting on wearing matted and dry wigs? They look terrible.

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