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File: 1556927332318.png (2.2 MB, 1632x1139, 1556858988862 (2).png)

No. 46240

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures including implants, lip injections and liposuction. Cannot handle any criticism - after doing things like making "kawaii" videos visiting "nazi camps" or the very poor way she publicly handled a family tragedy in 2018, including monetized "crying" videos filmed at the location of the death. She blocks and deletes any "haters", (not before insulting them or replying insensitively) , refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor has been lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and recently Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; Is a LARP thot and a fake gamer girl
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends with rainbow hair; dubbed (former) friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow", all of which seem to have now ended their friendship for undisclosed reasons (see thread title). A lot of sub-Tweeting and pointed Instagram stories are frequently posted between them.
> Current roommate Phi is a sweet/boring girl often featured in videos; was Kelly's new forced BFF/errand runner; recently have drifted apart (Phi has been hanging out with Kelly’s ex-friends); Phi might be going to Japan for 3 months
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads, other pastel thots such as Vivka have been outed as possibly reading/contributing to threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
>Accepted compliments for her "hard work" at the gym in attaining her new body until it came time to post the sponsored lipo videos some months later.
>Now makes videos about experience/offers promo codes for lipo and other plastic surgery procedures, such as laser tattoo removal
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it


>Previously trademark pink hair (and wigs) has been minty blue for several months

>LARP honeymoon period seems to be over, LARP boyfriend possibly out of the picture, suddenly Kelly has no time to LARP/can't find a dogsitter/goes for 12 hours, hides and then leaves early. Potentially related to multiple former friends being active LARPers
> Listed sponsored Technisport chair (received for free) for sale on Facebook for $200
> Streamed on Twitch consistently and successfully for a week or two, and has now dropped it for another fortnight and counting
> Adopted new minty pastel vomit color scheme; spray painted entire Twitch setup (including computer monitors, cords) as form of “OCD from childhood trauma”; recently obsessed with spray painting everything in studio room including the fridge, never uses even a mask for protection, complains about feeling sick and tired the next day for definitely unrelated reasons
> Rumoured bedbugs in the dollhouse, maybe connected to Kelly spending a lot more time in the studio and having baths in blow up pools in the street
> Profile found on Japanese dating app and "like" apps
> Constantly selling bits of pastel trash on depop despite some bad reviews. Advertised Smile Sciences, claimed “yes I use it”; meanwhile frequently sells Smile Sciences Kits on Depop
> Posted video sponsored by Splat hair dye ft. a patchy blue-green dye job using Pulp Riot dye; Splat only used poorly on extensions; immediately posted after about “missing pink hair”, still wears full wigs anyway
> Hairdressers asked not to be shown in Splat video, Kelly still left a ton of shots of hairdressers in video; also appeared to destroy hairdresser’s sink with Splat for her extensions (Splat stains, as she has mentioned herself prior to being sponsored)
> Posted happy Instagram stories with Molly McIsaac’s chickens/baby chicks; animals visibly stressed in videos/photos
> Put Amazon Wishlist in bio; wishlist features very expensive streaming items amongst other things (i.e. candles, toys, etc.); claims they are equipment/tools she “needs” for streaming/art, despite having all streaming equipment needed (that she got for free); made pity-seeking depressed post right after
> Posted new, overpriced flower crowns for sale; previously known for horrible quality
> Posted new, overpriced poorly done art for sale on bigcartel; titles of art seemingly shading FotR, bizarre pricing including asking $200 for the frame in some pieces, which is more than she is charging for the art itself
> Tweeted then deleted about being “betrayed and abandoned six times in a row”; most likely referencing FotR
> Has been scraping bottom of barrel for friends (see: suddenly hanging out with seamstress Lindsay, Claire Max, Molly McIsaac, randos, and continuing her support for controversial ex-Limecrime CEO Doe Deere) whilst rest of the FoTR are hanging out together, sans Kelly
> Claimed Bob Ross isn’t considered “fine art”/his techniques are “cheating”; has been using same techniques in new painting and makeup videos
> Made lighthearted/“fun” video exploring abandoned Nazi camp with cousin Jimmy who was sporting red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes
> Friends/fans flamed her for insensitivity; eventually took video down after deleting all negative comments about it on any posts
> Posted “apology” on Twitter typed up in notes, which doesn’t feature an apology whatsoever
> Little sister Madi poorly WKed her on Twitter and made it worse; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse
> Went completely dark on social media for a week, came back as though nothing happened; still won’t apologize/acknowledge the fiasco
> Went from being an “empath” to a “psychic”
> Hopped on Michael Jackson documentary trend by sub-Tweeting about her ex boyfriends for a change; claims abuse by “someone famous”
> Listed marked-up items on Depop as “new” despite being clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts
> Got more fat-burning injections on areas that were already lipo’d
> Had been wearing awful wigs instead of dyeing hair again/investing in good wigs because “it’s easier”; too lazy to fix or wash hair
> Whined about wanting pink stove because black stove “doesn’t fit dollhouse aesthetic”; made Ko-Fi for sheep to donate to (instead of just buying one herself); later changed Ko-Fi to “art supply funding” (has only spray painted studio fridge ugly pastel colors since then)
> Has been spamming videos with empty content in light of drop in views/engagement on YouTube (hasn't improved viewership at all)
> Was pushing LARP/D&D videos until recently; fans greatly expressed they do not enjoy those
> Revamped Patreon after not delivering on any promises for two years+ (most notably skit videos); no more physical rewards
>Recently lifted traits from Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks (milk bath photos, attempting to create word for her stolen “style”, etc.) and Mykie (use of "careless whisper" as comedy song to dance to on stream, which Mykie has been using in the same way on Youtube for years)
> Got lipo on thighs; subsequently wouldn’t shut up about how “big” her pancake butt looks


> Posted cringey "thirst" videos/stories on Instagram/YouTube, where she listens/gets turned on to kidnapping ASMR videos

> Had fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT); seems to have disappeared, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari; often features poorly donned undergarments and severe chestne
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20+ minutes
> Got free expensive computer equipment from companies; would never stream on Twitch despite repeatedly promising to
> Removed stretched and faded tattoo of mother on arm to get a slightly better one of Human Luna (a piece of Sailor Moon fanart by a Chinese artist which she never got permission to use, same artist is seen on her computer background)
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked it for all it was worth; $10,000 GoFundMe to fund funeral (which was also used on shopping/lip fillers/vacation to Mexico after his death), made monetized videos to garner sympathy in his room where he died, etc.; has now turned his room into mini-version of her home for when she visits family in Colorado
> Got liposuction after not “seeing results” after one week of working out and still eating junk; never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds, despite bashing meds as treatment in past
> Made a video with her ex-boyfriend/fiancé Davey Suicide; skreeeeee'd at him for 50 minutes/demonized him at every turn
> Tweeted anti-Semitic meme then played dumb after being called out on it
> Was featured in Splat campaign ad wearing dyed wig not dyed with Splat
> Former roommate Dre got start on Kelly's channel, moved out after drama; Kelly shaded Dre, threw fit over not getting “credit” for Dre’s success
> Lost ex-boyfriend Kyle Pavone to accidental overdose, sad-tweeted/milked loss in Labyrinth of Jareth video; Kyle's girlfriend Allie reportedly livid about Kelly's Tweets
> Constant flirting with Jake Munro in front of girlfriend Kaya Lili/Toxic Tears when they were visiting the U.S./staying with Kelly and Dre
> Regularly sends sheeple to harass professionals into sponsoring/collaborating with her (see: Gallery Nucleus Final Fantasy art exhibit fiasco)
> Former Kawaii Ambassador, despite pronouncing words such as “kawaii” incorrectly
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning $1000+ Angelic Pretty dress in Japan (that she was too stupid to read the price of); didn’t apologize and in turn accused the store of “doing poorly”, pushing sales
> Dyed accessory designer dog Toshi pink to fit her “aesthetic”
> Used sign sent by fan as a ramp for dog
> Sells art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500+
> Bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots
> Threw self-pity party for being single/lonely at (former) best friend Stephanie’s wedding; couldn’t fake being happy for one day
> Got (now former) friends to babysit her for a week straight at home after getting elective liposuction for the first time
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring/partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (marked as sold despite still being seen in background of videos)
> Stole dad's ashes from family to mix into self-portrait painting
> Had reputation for selling horrible quality antler crowns that would break easily/reviewed as selling dirty items on eBay (username edenromance), swapped a Betsy Johnson dress for an antler crown with a fan, but fan never recieved crown after mailing dress, was blocked after complaining
> Whines about “wasted” time in art school/as a tattoo apprentice
> Previously friends with dubious characters such as Davhie Vanity
> Posed smiling, flashing a thumbs up in front of homeless person sleeping on ground in L.A on Tumblr during her edgy scene phase
> Used to claim she’s a “gypsy”




No. 46248

File: 1556936007233.jpeg (261.01 KB, 1242x1122, C8D492B7-32DB-426E-8784-E46374…)

No. 46249


sounds like she's finally coming down from her manic state and going right into the depressive state

No. 46250

She's literally constantly exposing herself to paint fumes and then wondering why she feels sick/tired. Y'know this stuff is poisonous, right Kelly?

No. 46252

This is a Kelly thread but-
Just noticed Phi has a YT now and linked her IMDB from there:
She's had a good number of roles, surprisingly.

No. 46261

File: 1556951654784.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, BB5541CF-687C-494C-8664-D7891A…)

No. 46264

File: 1556957393877.png (300.36 KB, 1209x484, asdjklfh.png)

She's so dumb

No. 46265

File: 1556957626589.png (1.1 MB, 1189x1260, depop.png)

No. 46267

>i self diagnosed myself why would i need to get it treated lol

No. 46269

File: 1556980014109.jpeg (110.91 KB, 750x504, 82700C4C-808C-4BAB-8022-10E264…)

No. 46270


She's ridiculously fucking dumb. it's also obvious she doesn't actually have Hashimotos. That shit is serious, someone like her would never manage such a serious condition. Where's the point in self diagnosing something big for attention and to cover up how lazy you are if you won't even follow through with simple lies so people believe you lol. Extraordinarily stupid. Her web of lies and deceit has been untangling for years and I think she's finally headed for total destruction.

No. 46271

>this bitch pretending she has a thyroid disease
Skip a step bitch. Just shave your head and set up a gofuckme for your pretend cancer too.

No. 46272

Maybe she should get on a routine and really work on herself and take of her health if she's so worried? You're a 30 year old woman, Kelly, you can't keep up with the same lifestyle you lived when you were 20 (and most adults wouldn't want to).
I don't understand why people fake thyroid disorders because there's pretty effective treatments for real sufferers, and I've never met someone with a diagnosed condition who wasn't on top of their health.

No. 46277

You hear a lot of (mostly bigger sized munchie types) throwing thyroid onto their list of conditions. I think it’s because 1) you can’t say OH NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR THYROID!! by looking at someone 2)hard to prove or debunk 3) most people don’t realize what it is or what it does so it’s easy to fake

No. 46278

Speaking of her health, when she gonna get that "hive" on her cheek checked out? No hive or pimple lasts for weeks like that.

No. 46280

File: 1556987210379.jpg (325.77 KB, 1075x1101, Screenshot_20190504-172541_Twi…)

No. 46281

File: 1556987266643.jpg (419.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190504-172552_Twi…)

No. 46282

File: 1556987293071.jpg (437.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190504-172556_Twi…)


No. 46287

If the company doesn't care, why the fuck do you? Holy shit, you need to invest in therapy as much as she does.

No. 46288

File: 1556989023795.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, B23A8F6C-1447-4DA0-B9E6-C18B2B…)

“Make room” or are you trying scrape together money to waste on things you don’t need.

No. 46290


Bc it's a shitty business practice? So because a business doesnt care that makes it ok shes lying about using a product when she doesnt? Makes perfect sense

No. 46291

Has she said why shes going to Japan? Is anyone going with her?

No. 46293

File: 1556990595847.png (398.52 KB, 750x1334, F4649E67-AD03-4080-8AD9-B340C4…)

Kelly is going downhill fast but yet she continues to blame Everyone but herself. Kelly take some fucking responsibility for your life and Stop this immature bullshit. I hate how much she thinks she need to pander to her YouTube audience when literally no one cares, we just want this dumb girl to get some real mental health help.

No. 46294

This is honestly really pathetic and sad. I hope that her family members or somebody that cares about her steps up and does something. At this point she should probably be hospitalized. She seems like she’s going through psychosis or something. She needs a looooooot of serious help and her enablers need to be cut off for her sake

No. 46295

Cow tipping. You shouldn’t be harassing companies.

No. 46296

I agree she needs inpatient treatment immediately. I am concerned she will attempt or actually succeed at suicide if this continues much longer. So many risk factors glaring. It truly is sad.

No. 46297

At this point no one knows. It’s possible Lindsay is going. Frankly I don’t know how Kelly would survive if she went alone because without Lindsay she couldn’t function in Japan.

No. 46298


I think what you're doing is cow-tipping/invasive/pushy… and you should let the company handle their own business.

No. 46299

I agree with this , as much as we all like laughing at her it’s very clear she’s getting to a yikes point ! Where it’s like a clear decline and I wouldn’t put it past her to try and attempt Suicide

No. 46300

She can’t attempt Suicide because then she would out herself as a huge hypocrite about getting help if you’re feeling suicidal

No. 46301

She sold half of the things she bought from her last Japan trip and she's going to buy more shit so she can sell it again? Hope the Japan trip will be milky.

No. 46302

Thyroid issues are no joke, if you don't take care of yourself while having them, yea you're gonna feel shitty. I have chronic tiredness and all kinds of shit bc of busted ass thyroids, but you know…you get meds. You get a routine, go to doctors and so on. Not inhale paint fumes and ebeg.

Tldr: kelly is disgusting

No. 46306

There's literally nothing suicidal in what she wrote and she has no history of self harm
>Kelly: writes introspective Tweets
>Anons here: omg suicidal

Let the woman think about her life. It might lead to progress. Most people here are fans or ex fans, she just needs to make small changes and she will thrive. It ain't that serious

If she really has Hashimotos it looks like she needs to actually get medical care for that though, jesus >>46269

No. 46308

She doesn’t think about her life though. Not in a productive way. When people are in capable of this, or aren’t given a space to do so, what ends up happening is eventually they can impulsively act on suicide. She clearly has a mental illness. The reality of suicide is that it’s not just about knowing how to ask for help right at that time. It’s almost always an impulsive decision

No. 46309


I question whether she self diagnosed herself because would a doctor really just let her go untreated after diagnosing?

No. 46310

man what the fuck. not only is she a compulsive liar, she's not even a good liar.

No. 46311

Magical Kelly who passed out and slept for 5 hours but manage to post several tweets in between

No. 46313


I didnt do that like I posted it was on a Tracey barbie profile on Twitter I just agreed with it

No. 46315

As much as I think Kelly needs help I feel like she was raised and was always told she was right and people just agreed with her that its turned her into this monster.
Shes lost every single person in her life yet shes never the problem. At this point I dont see doctors or medicine helping with something so deep rooted esp when shes at the level of delusion she is.

No. 46316

Tbh, I don’t know why she’s glorifying her “disease” when she probably isn’t even diagnosed professionally, like hell kelly you’ve got a looooooong list there of disease and mental illness, it’s like you should almost be quarantine or something if you claim you got something wrong and saying it so casually like that.

No. 46318

Are you one of the same anons armchairing in the Venus thread? You're not adding anything to the thread(s) here.

No. 46333


No. 46335

Way to play victim.. get over yourself and own up to your own shit Kelly

No. 46349

She has been covering up the hives with makeup and drawing a fake mole on top of them, think she mentioned it in the seawitch makeup vid

No. 46359

File: 1557044479524.jpg (371.07 KB, 1079x1227, Screenshot_20190505-091503_Dep…)

Bad shoop alert! From her depop listing.

No. 46370

File: 1557057120058.png (999.56 KB, 1357x749, d1.png)

From: https://www.depop.com/products/kellyeden-white-monarch-butterfly-corset-made/

Worn once my ass. She wore this to Labyrinth and a few other times

She's wearing it in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfArrFHMi2g

No. 46371

File: 1557057377981.png (860.21 KB, 1160x1090, d2.png)

More selling items she got for free. Didn't she talk about how much she loved these dresses etc etc?

No. 46373

File: 1557057674724.png (836.2 KB, 1163x1092, d3.png)

No. 46374

File: 1557057762964.png (610.31 KB, 1169x553, d4.png)

Lastly, isn't this the dress that she desperately wanted so bad and then traded with a fan for a shitty flower crown which never even got to the fan? And then Kelly blocked the fan?


No. 46375

Welcome to advertisement? You really think all of the e-thots really use the skinny tea or sugar bear hair gummies? They get paid to advertise a product on social media to their followers and that’s all that they’re obligated to do. Relax.

No. 46382

Of course she raves about how much she loves the stuff when she first gets it, so that the sponsors continue to send more free stuff. you're not exactly gonna say 'I hated this it looked kinda cheap and tacky'. Even with those gross hair extensions she got that were visibly bad she raved about how they were good value, even when her subscribers pointed out all the bad reviews from genuine customers who didn't get it for free.

No. 46383


This is so tacky and rude. I feel so bad for the poor person who traded that lovely and expensive dress for some piece of shit crown and then she sells it for profit??? This really grinds my gears for some reason.

No. 46404

Didn't she not fit the black dress and cut the back open?

No. 46411

File: 1557088947784.png (4.31 MB, 750x1334, 959A8D71-D902-49D8-8FE3-E6FD2C…)

So from her stories she quit cosplaying and is selling all of her cosplays and she’s selling stuff she got from Japan last year that she didn’t wear

No. 46414

File: 1557090025040.png (8.32 MB, 1242x2208, A2819A76-39BB-4A73-BAF8-DE44EB…)

Cosplaying brings back too many painful memories

No. 46416

File: 1557091092596.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 025FB37F-0A33-40F4-8750-56063D…)

Trying to sell more free stuff

No. 46421

Those are the ugliest effing shoes I've ever seen

Even if they are free can't she at least pick non-gross styles

No. 46425

Her selling on Depop worries me because what if the bedbug rumors are true. She’s just shipping out potential bedbugs. Gross

No. 46426

File: 1557097564437.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, C449A98B-B5A6-4EA3-9B8C-4EB6F9…)

No. 46428

this is so painful oh my god
what is she doing… that is 100% gonna get into places it shouldnt a destroy that entier set up

No. 46429

Looking at this is going to give me an aneurism. It's already a fucking stupid thing to do but she can't even tape up or protect the front of the monitors? Of course she can't.

No. 46432

I hope she destroys the monitors cause maybe that would make her stop.

No. 46435

She's just going to ruin the bloody computer and then cry about it and some other sucker is going to buy her another pc

No. 46436

File: 1557101103820.jpg (216.54 KB, 720x1432, Screenshot_20190505_200432.jpg)

She when to art school to end up painting this shit!!

No. 46437


If she's selling all her cosplays, she better refund all those patrons! i can't believe she even has people subscribed after never posting anything

No. 46438

What is the situation with Daven? Did I read somewhere he was a creep?

No. 46442

Tinfoil about the fellowship tattoo "fading": Do you think Dan tattooed her improperly on purpose because Courtney told him to since they were giving her the boot soon or do you think he's really just that incompetent as a tattoo artist?

No. 46446

I feel like she bitched about it. Remember when she cut off the black part of a pastel shirt because she "hates" the colors together? That's probably why there was no black in her "pastel" crystal

No. 46451

>shipping out bedbugs
lol anon

These are Irregular Choice Toy Story cowboy boots iirc, hence being awful

She can't seem to keep away from dem paint fumes for a single day. I get putting cute stuff around the front of the monitor but what's the point of decorating the back?

She's spending a lot of time in the studio without streaming right now which is a lil suspicious

This is good tinfoil.

No. 46453

She's said before none of her tattoos really have any black on them (though the horse on her back is really dark, but it looks like a really deep blue to me, idk) so I guess that's the reason, yeah. Kawaii Princess until the end kek.

No. 46457

Yeah painful memories of Kelly never getting to cosplay with Stephanie and the other bimbos. Another hobby she never really gave a shit about and just did it cuz other people she knew cosplayed.

No. 46458

Oh my gosh. That just begs the question, we know that Kelly is selling her stuff for money, but what else is a good motivator for getting rid of things she’s painstakingly collected over the years?
Well… bed bugs. I feel like there should be a disclaimer in depop somewhere about that kind of thing.

No. 46463

File: 1557119353308.png (183.09 KB, 1532x758, lmaookay.png)

used to live with a hoarder and had to leave everything I owned and move because the bedbugs were so bad. I guarantee that "acne" of hers is their bites.
Also I have a feeling she googled how to get rid of them and is literally shipping them out to other people, like anon suggested. extremely irresponsible, but she's trying to "declutter" clearly, and make money for japan at the same time. two birds with one stone but once again fucking anyone else involved over.

sage for bedbug sperg but fuck it's so disgusting I genuinely can't believe how fucking dumb and destructive of a person she is.

No. 46466

you're thinking dahvie vanity, singer of blood on the dance floor. Dave Navarro as far as I'm aware is a pretty ok guy

No. 46467

idk if she's sending them to other people, I think she would be smart enough to try and hide any bed bug evidence, it would be hard to bounce back from the 'kelly gave her fans bed bugs' scandal. I'm not saying she actually has bedbugs, because honestly there's been no real evidence, but when I was younger we did have a bedbug infestation and I did receive bites that looked a lot like kelly's chest acne. I can't say they're an exact match, because I got the bites over 10 years ago and I could be remembering them wrong. Again, not saying she definitely has bedbugs because there's no real evidence, but if it came out that she did I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 46475

How the hell is she trying to sell Betsy Johnson for that much anyway? No way that dress is worth or has ever been $400

No. 46481

Yeah and didn't she swap it for a flower crown that she 'valued' at less than half the amount of the dress anyway.

Kelly always has those same blue bed flower bed sheets in her photos. Wouldn't you think she'd change them once in a while so she could wash the blue ones, especially if she had bed bugs.

No. 46482

File: 1557140816297.jpg (15.37 KB, 275x140, 1549391856737.jpg)

Hypocrite Kelly telling other depop sellers that a used Besty J dress is not worth $400, then goes and prices her own up the same

No. 46483

File: 1557140971408.jpg (171.23 KB, 1654x837, 1549390128476.jpg)

Kelly: "Would u take $30?"

No. 46484

File: 1557145086252.png (731.25 KB, 1208x650, depop.png)

Reposting because this photo is tiny and blurry and I can't enlarge your photo on any device but I think it's important, especially now since she's selling her Betsy dress for $400 when she got it for free.. especially since she used it too..

No. 46485

File: 1557145285509.png (464.73 KB, 1023x636, dk.png)

Didn't she JUST get this for free from Dolls Kill and rave about how much she loves it?

No. 46486

Yeah another set she got for free only to re-sell.
Her prices are so ridiculous she offered $30 for the pink layered BJ dress which was priced up at $50 and now she's selling it on for $60. Also didn't her 'friends' give her quite a few of her bj dresses? Kinda disrespectful to sell them on depop.

No. 46516

I want to copy/paste this as a comment on her listing so bad lol

No. 46517

File: 1557177135281.jpeg (209.41 KB, 750x1071, BABCB3A0-4CB2-4CD5-A399-C3F377…)

She is literally insane with these prices holy shit

No. 46518

didn't lindsey make this cosplay for her? gr8 friend you are kelly

No. 46522

Same with the Shego one, I believe Lindsay was making it for her. Don't know if she just went and bought one that she never wore or if Lindsay finished it and now she's selling it (and never wore it) kek

No. 46529

No. 46530

File: 1557183900351.jpg (98.67 KB, 1153x555, BTSSB cape .jpg)

Is she serious with these prices, she bought this second hand from closet child, it wouldn't have even cost that much new, you can go on their site right now and see nicer brand new cloak that has bunny ears for almost $100 less

No. 46532

File: 1557184143018.jpg (199.86 KB, 1509x761, boxedwine.jpg)

She seriously spray painted the INSIDE of the fridge too

No. 46533

Her prices are probably that outrageous because she’s and “INFLUENCER” in her mind

No. 46534

File: 1557184306295.png (1.37 MB, 1833x753, bunny cape.png)

Yeah, right now it's $72 on lacemarket. She knows absolutely nothing about how much to resell things for.

No. 46535

File: 1557184618138.jpg (344.82 KB, 1920x1080, pll-intro.jpg)

Not an attractive look, Kelly.

No. 46536

that one is similar but not the same one(hers doesn't have the emblem print in the faux fur), $72 is more than you would pay in person in closet child for an item older than that one that I believe is missing a bow (I believe it to be a 2013 realease that is just called "Bunny Fur Cape" on lolibrary), honestly, she will have paid $50 or less, saged for lolita sperging

No. 46537

File: 1557184906582.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, rip.png)

RIP monitors.

No. 46543

Fire Hazard is all I could think when she put that cloth on top of all those wires

No. 46544

Yeah that's not going to be toxic to the food in the fridge at all… what an idiot

Run Phi, run. She'll spray paint the one in the house next

No. 46545

File: 1557191030769.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 9CCAC140-5D70-4760-AF41-BC5B75…)

No. 46549

File: 1557196165981.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, FF9F0C08-934A-4F8D-965C-A0BF16…)

Literally what she did to Kelly . I don’t disagree at all, the way Kelly treated her friends was shitty

No. 46550

Oh shit this was from Stephanie by the way.

No. 46555

Why does she have a frig in her studio? Is she too lazy to walk back to her house to make food? Or is she living in her studio now?

No. 46556

This is what she looks like after two rounds of lipo. Big yikes.

No. 46557

the "studio" is actually intended to be a studio apartment. It has a kitchen and bathroom.

No. 46558

File: 1557201455853.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 31D75513-B07E-40EE-A334-734BD6…)

Or if you had a good personality and didn’t go after every guy who shows the tiniest bit interest

No. 46560

Your icon's showing.

No. 46561

Delete this you goob and edit your icon out

No. 46562

I'm aware, but I don't remember it always having a frig in it. I just don't understand why she would need a full-blown size frig instead of a mini.

No. 46563

secondhand fridges are everywhere in LA and they're cheap, if there was space and a hookup for it it makes sense to get one rather than a mini.

No. 46564

How can she afford rent on both??

No. 46565

File: 1557204630355.jpg (440.92 KB, 1075x1478, Screenshot_20190507-054855_Ins…)

No. 46567

I agree with previous anons. The red bumps on her chest, and spending so much time in the studio, all point to a bedbug infestation. I hope not; she’s selling so much on depop. If true, that is beyond irresponsible.

kek at spraypanting inside the fridge, wtf

No. 46571


one of these days, the beef between kelly and the other former fellowship members is going to come to a head and it's gonna get ugly>>46565

No. 46572

File: 1557209416247.jpg (315.52 KB, 1080x789, 20190507717202455.jpg)

Lmao she literally made her cabinets look like they have nicotine residue caked onto them with that pastel yellow. Disgusting.

No. 46578

Wow her whole kitchen and studio is so flammable right now. Hope she doesn't plan on cooking or using her electronics for some time.

Imagine basing your support for others upon what Kelly Edens relationship status is with them.

No. 46579

her other ex-boyfriend appears in this, are her only friends no her ex-boyfriends? why do they stick around when she has talked shit about "all her exes being abusive" multiple times

No. 46586

Especially when Kelly won't even say what happened, besides cryptic posts and titles of bad artwork. Probably because she herself is the cause of it and if she came out claiming anything other they would come for her.
If obsessive fans want to unfollow just cause Kelly does then they deserve eachother.

No. 46596

When she shows in the fridge and just glosses over the fact that there is multiple bottles of wine in there, she really is over the not drinking because of her dad schtick, she doesn’t even take most of the food out before spraying inside the fridge

No. 46600

She doesn’t cook

No. 46603

Does anyone besides Kelly think this looks good? The colors look awful. Especially with that teal/green she has on the walls and then bright pink Hello Kitty toaster?! What…

No. 46606

File: 1557244672578.jpg (19.2 KB, 724x166, pll-intro.jpg)

so now it's "probably", no longer "I'm bipolar". Can't even keep up with one of your biggest lies, Kelly?

No. 46612

did anyone else catch the fact that she used Phi's piano chair next to the kiddie pool to hold down their crappy shade? I'd be pissed if my roommate took something of mine and used it like that, regardless of the quality of the chair. + I wonder how long that raw chicken sat on that other chair.

No. 46613

File: 1557248406211.png (585.36 KB, 750x1334, F53A4F27-76A6-4225-B7CC-28D838…)

Phi has snapped lol

No. 46614

File: 1557248496079.png (10.59 MB, 1242x2208, 3452371B-36AA-4BB0-A1ED-393EDE…)

No. 46615

File: 1557248659828.png (10.6 MB, 1242x2208, F2756077-5E5B-413F-94E5-7638FE…)

No. 46622

File: 1557254474948.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, F997591F-6758-469C-87B4-885495…)

No. 46625

Honestly this girl has way more sense then Kelly I have no idea how she’s still living with her and not going completely crazy. Makes sense why she’s literally never at home , Phi please move out as fast as you can !!!!!

No. 46632

She has been staying with her aunt for a while

No. 46635

File: 1557260234113.jpeg (740.41 KB, 750x1249, 4DE3BD4A-48E0-4B3F-B7B8-81A213…)

Not a good look

No. 46646

File: 1557263813565.jpeg (844.58 KB, 3265x2449, CBC5673F-B1F7-4A85-975A-A73522…)

More of her casually wearing things she’s trying to sell for way too much money of depop

No. 46651

>implying that she's not purposely trying to scam/rip people off!

No. 46653

File: 1557268176701.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, C725E85C-D656-42E1-A841-CACCD2…)

What does the caption have to do with anything

No. 46660

Phi is such a frenemy, I can't stand her. Meanwhile whenever she is on camera with Kelly she is sucking up HARD.
It isn't a case of people not "vibing" together, that language only applies to new people you meet. Long-time friendships breaking up is a different situation. Phi is just creating a strawman in her efforts to suck up to as many people as humanly possible at any one time

No. 46662

Look who is in a Larp House video @ 1:45. Wow, she REALLY looks different from everyone else playing.

No. 46663

She's definitely overpricing it for a used costume, and Lindsey doesn't charge super high prices, if she charged Kelly full price to begin with because they were friends. The wig and ears don't look like anything special either. I highly doubt it will sell unless it's a delusional stan, she'd maybe get $150 for it since used costumes are super hard to sell

No. 46665


Why doesn't she move out? Move to Steph's place? Seems stupid to live with someone you obviously hate.

No. 46667

She's probably on the lease or subleasing to Kelly. She'll still be responsible for rent, for however long that contract stipulates. It seems like she's done all but move out, seeing how often she's been staying with her aunt nearby. If she moved in somewhere else immediately, she would have to pay rent and bills at two different residences. I think she's just escaping to her aunt's as often as she can without overly offending Kelly, and intends to do that until her rental obligations are fulfilled. Usually leases are 6 months or a year. When did she move in? That will be a good clue for when she'll move out.

No. 46669


Looks like the YouTube video "Saying Goodbye" where Dre and Kelly discussed Dre moving out was published in early April 2018. So hopefully Phi only has a few months left

No. 46670

How hot she thinks she is is so embarrassing. She's only doing LARP because she thinks it's a space where she's the hottest girl.

No. 46674

She is actually retarded. holyshit

No. 46676

File: 1557276704001.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 1D3FC229-BBC6-4B4B-B70A-20C261…)

She looks like some E-thot

No. 46679

She looks like trailer trash

No. 46682

She just comes across as trying to sound waaay too hard to be mature and unbothered. Sometimes relationships end naturally or people grow apart or get different interests. Sometimes people can be manipulative, exploitative, toxic and generally bring the drama. Both types of people and everyone in between can exist. This seems like some pathetic backpedaling from someone who was glued up Kelly's ass last summer but is now all ~good vibes only~ uwu once she wised up to how batshit Kelly is.

No. 46683

Dre looks like she was crying a lot in this video.. I wonder if Kelly pressured her to make it with her

No. 46685

Holy shit she is so manic. Late but I wonder if she's living in her studio because they are repeat spraying for bed bugs?

No. 46688

Wow such an accurate comment. So much yes

No. 46694

No. 46703

YEEEEEEEEES! She's such a fake, she posts these kind of shit like "pssst, unevolved people: I'll explain to you how mature and enlightened creatures think and behave. Everything is negativity but it's completely okay to act in the way I said it's negative because humans grow and love and suffer and pain and bla.bla bla bla bla. Am I the only enlightened person explaining to you why you commoners can like Kelly Eden but not me and my friends? Look, there is absolutely no reason why we don't like her, it's life, love, live, laugh and it's okay but do remove yourself from toxic and abusive situations with friends for your own mental health. Totally not talking about kelly, you petty little gossipers!"

I really dislike this girl.

No. 46704

what the fuck? over half of this video was in this one >>46529

she reused that footage. i'm pretty sure that's even against youtube's TOS… not to mention, lazy as fuck. wtf kelly

No. 46705

she looks like a my little pony equestria girls

No. 46707

File: 1557290072617.jpeg (342.92 KB, 560x1076, 0B5D7BD5-EE4C-41CB-8556-CFA58E…)

Oh god you’re right

No. 46715

You say longtime friendship but she was Steph's friend, has she even known Kelly a year yet? she always gives the impression of having been friends with people for a long time (look back to when Dre moved in) because she latches on so hard and fast to people, It's really weird

No. 46718

Everyone looks like they belong and when they get to Kelly, she's extremely awkward and out of place, like a stripper in church. Everyone has their costumes and characters very uniquely made, meanwhile kelly looks so bad.. She really thinks she's hot stuff? delusion is right.

No. 46722

Its honestly sad cuz like 2015-2016 was ideal Kelly YouTube content. I literally used to refresh her YouTube waiting for an upload it's like a nostalgia thinking back now but now shes an old hag who has no one. She is still following lindsay on IG.

who is left that's shes friends with from FOTR?
steph - out
Dre - out
Vivika- out
Katie- out
Koda- out

Who is left?

No. 46726

To be honest, I always found her cringey since the very first video of hers I watched. I was super into smoking weed and watching house tours and stumbled uppon a tour she gave of an ex boyfriend of hers, then one of her house. Her life got me curious and I kept watching now and then, then she kept getting worse and worse.

Courrney is out too.
Phi seems to be out too

No. 46730

Envy is also out. When they had all finally deciding on that FOTR tattoo… Kelly made a mention of there being 12 of them. So it looks like she only had Lindsay, Claire and Nina left. Raquel also looks like she's out but I'm not sure if she ever was a part of them or was just there to stick gems on their teeth.

No. 46732

I had never watch this video Steph made for Kelly. Listen to what they say about Kelly and about Girl negativity. I wonder, what Kelly specifically did for them to have this fall out.

No. 46734

I'm assuming Kelly was a decent friend at one point and as she got older and more fame hungry she started using her friends for her own benefit. Plus her untreated mental illness isn't helping and only pushing them away. It really shows it by Phi not showing up in her Youtube videos/IG anymore. She can't say she's busy with school because she definitely makes time to see Stephanie and Larp stuff. I hope someone just spills the tea. What are they scared of? Pissing off Kelly? Who cares she's just a emotional wreck and will never learn her lesson.

No. 46735

Yeah I wish the rest of the fellowship would be straight up about the shit that Kelly did but I think they are genuinely afraid of her.

No. 46737


No one is scared of anything, specially not kelly. It's just that most people don't see any reason to expose for people who haven't anything to do with it, why their friendships got cold and/or ended. Do you go on facebook to tell everyone interested that you don't want to hang out with tracy anymore because she is super needy and that she seems to like gina more than she likes you? They're just living their lives, I really doubt there is some super juicy secret about kelly. She is a difficult person for a lot of reasons and it adds up.

Yeah, if I recall correctly she was the first one to really end the friendship with kelly. It was because she was always helping kelly with her surgeries aftercare amd twitch streaming and kelly didn't reciprocated her friendship

No. 46738

Kelly is more than super needy, she’s toxic and has psychopathic traits. I would not be at all surprised if she retaliated against people who speak ill of her, in some shady and twisted way.

No. 46739

Kelly's ex-friends want to say something but all they post is vague passive aggressive posts and tweets.

No. 46740

File: 1557341641587.png (670.06 KB, 264x648, Profile_art_-_Twyla.png)


I think she looks like Twyla

No. 46743

File: 1557342471862.png (331.14 KB, 423x753, 0.png)

It looks like Phi is technically still roommates with Kelly. She posted this in her #WCW Instagram Stories today. (Her other #WCWs include Stephanie, Envy and Vivka.)

No. 46745

Watch out with these character comparisons before kelly asks her fans if they think someone is using her likeness again over a hairstyle kek

Sage for useless snark commentary

No. 46752

Ah yes, let's celebrate women by supporting this lazy ethot who literally smudged some pastel paint on a canvas and then let her washed up rock star ex use that as a base to make a stencil of a murdered child beauty pageant star. Kelly Eden, a true inspiration and woman crush.

No. 46758

I started watching this 4 year old vid again recently, and she was so much more like-able and normal back then. She's like a totally different person now, and not in a good way

No. 46759

Pancake ass alert

No. 46760

And in this old vid too

No. 46763

She looks so different! I would have guessed it was someone else from the thumbnail.

No. 46764

Her make-up is so cute in this video. None of that awful drag queen eyeliner, just a very sweet and natural look that makes her look so much more pretty imho.

No. 46769

And her breasts looked so nice, they were proportional to her petite frame unlike those humongous things she put on, she looked really dainty back then, it's such a pitty she's turned into this trashy bimbo.

No. 46770

File: 1557355393769.jpeg (315.65 KB, 750x1334, 6DEC89D2-A6AD-4917-8B36-BACB70…)

Shes latching on to new people again

No. 46771

Another pastel/Barbie girl to skinwalk, eh Kels?

No. 46772

Wow she sounds so pleasant here. I know she said that voice and personality was fake. She definitely seemed more positive than how she is now. The way she mentioned her father was sweeter than how she normally talks about him now.

No. 46819

Holy crap she was so different here, wtf happened to her? Hashtag bring back oldschool Kelly.

No. 46821

When did she get a nose job?

No. 46823

Anyone see Phil DeFranco’s video about Hashimoto Disease being linked to breast implants?

No. 46824

To be honest the start of this video is literally the same she is now, using her "loneliness" and "sadness" to get people to watch her videos.

No. 46833


>"You guys are like, SO creative!"

she is the worst actress i've ever seen in my life.
the whole cutesy "im so happy you guys actually wanna know about me!!!" tone and her facial expressions/gestures are so badly executed.

No. 46840

File: 1557410221562.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 4E3EF2B6-870E-4970-A030-63F09E…)

No. 46843

File: 1557411341159.png (2.87 MB, 640x1136, 48FD2384-56D1-4884-8BA2-CB9A57…)

Does that mean kelly will actually start saying kawaii properly now?

No. 46854

Yup, she’s super fake

No. 46856

dont insult twyla like that, anon

No. 46863

good luck to this girl, kelly coming on really strong very early in the relationship as per

No. 46870

This girl better run

No. 46876

lol I told myself I'd never post here, but I got blocked by Kelly for saying she needs to get help/her friends need to stage an intervention for her because she's destroying herself. Kelly, you need HELP! You need more help than what you're currently getting if you are getting at all. I know she reads here so Kelly, PLEASE get help! Myself and others looked to you for inspiration and absolutely adored you! Then something happened. You went from fun, nurturing Kelly to someone who can't take criticism, is highly boastful (Examples: I'm a prodigy! My butt is SO big! I'm pretty! I'm funny!), and victimizes herself way too much. The first sign for me personally was when you called your friends out in a video for social climbing. Do you think that made them feel good to see that publicly?? If that was the way you felt, why not approach them in private? Then recently, you go off about how the friends you have left are watching you self-destruct while doing nothing. Are they your mom or your keeper? Do you think seeing that tweet made them feel good? Go to them in PRIVATE! YOU have a lot of learning to do. Start with learning to take criticism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 46880

If I was her I would be really weirded out. "Bitch I just met you. Chill"

No. 46888

Oh gosh I meant her hair looked like hers more than the pony did. Not anything else

No. 46890

"Do you do shoes off here? I'm the same way" Yet your feet always look filthy as hell. I would rather wear shoes in your house.

No. 46892

"I wanna go with you" "I wanna go to the same convention as you" "Let's do that together!" God, Kelly is super creepy.

No. 46904

Tbh this was so weird , like she literally invited herself and doesn’t see that as weird or creepy !? This was the first time you met the girl !

No. 46922

Abandonment/attachment issues, that's all it is kek. She drives people away with the bimbo persona she feels she needs, but it's never her fault so she doesn't change, and instead grabs the next person even harder. Cycle continues.

No. 46923

Azusa is super cute and even though she has A LOT of Barbie stuff, her apartment is still very neat and well put together. She is the complete opposite of Kelly. She better run before Kelly skins her.

No. 46924

I dunno if I'm being overly sensitive but whenever Kelly said "oh ur so smart!!!" and " omg are these R E A L Barbies???" it's like what do you think these are? Where do you think you are? She didn't even give the respect of filming her apartment without it being out of focus. She also covered things that were already mentioned in the Barcroft doc or her own YT channel. This is like a waste of time. Kelly lost her own magic so she needs a new pink friend to latch onto

No. 46929

I’m pretty sure Kelly is going to Japan with the girls she went with before. She has videos from her previous Japan trips

No. 46930

No. 46932

File: 1557460271967.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, C9303079-61FA-4078-A9A0-44160D…)

Please no

No. 46933

poor toshi :(oh kelly what about that time you were so adamant how pokemon was just like animal cruelty and it was the worse thing to be made?? i can't with this girl changing everything every 2 mins

No. 46935

Wouldnt it be better to get a pikachu costume for a dog?? fucking cunt. dying their fur and treating dogs like accessories is straight up animal abuse . Why isnt she called out on this?

No. 46942

File: 1557462572658.jpg (83.16 KB, 1202x439, Kelly1.JPG)


No. 46943

File: 1557462605339.jpg (126.11 KB, 1208x379, Kelly2.JPG)

Found another one…

No. 46947

File: 1557463876254.jpg (120.17 KB, 1024x768, photo__1__by_kellyeden_d5kxtxq…)

Since anon didn't say what these people are talking about, these are comments on pic related.

No. 46949

these were posted in previous threads ages ago. and im pretty sure someone edited the sign in her hands lol just can't remember what it said

No. 46951

She’s calling that art, really

No. 46952


No, she uploaded that to her Deviant Art account.

No. 46953

File: 1557465984809.jpg (135.75 KB, 1063x1242, KelltCRINGE.jpg)

How cringe is this? Always been a clout-chasing ho.

No. 46954

yeah i know where they are from, im saying they were discussed a long time ago here but in earlier threads is all

No. 46955


Sry. I was just posting these to point out to other people who thinks she has recently changed that nope, she's always been horrible.

No. 46963

File: 1557473127736.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 30F0863C-DAE6-4DF2-A192-502D21…)

Kelly hasn’t even posted a congratulations to Phi!! Not saying public congratulations are more valid but she had the time to post about being bffs with that new pink girl but her roommate who she literally clung on to graduated and it’s silence from her?!

No. 46970

File: 1557486156592.jpg (309 KB, 614x1203, Screenshot_20190510-120024_Ins…)

Shes actually dressed like a grandma wtf

No. 46972

File: 1557488741489.png (1.77 MB, 640x1136, 9DB28FEE-0BB0-4541-B488-3C31A3…)

Azusa’s IG bio does say to DM her for a collab, kelly is just playing it off as if they’re best friends. Even in azusa’s IG story said she did a collab with kelly, not hanging out or something friends would say. Kelly better hope she didn’t totally weird Azusa out with her clinginess or I doubt she will even get those much longer.

No. 46973

I’m curious if her house really stinks of if ozone machines are used after bed bugs? I’m pretty sure that’s what that big white thing is lol.

No. 46974

Sorry for the immediate follow up, ozone generators can be used to treat for bedbugs

No. 46975

File: 1557489555458.png (259.16 KB, 319x661, Screenshot (815).png)

saged but this made me laugh

No. 46979

>>46973 I think that's an ac unit ?

No. 46980

I looked for the model and you’re right, my bad. There’s an ozone and air purifier that looks nearly the same online too.

No. 46981

Looks like Leo (@mrleozombie) went over to the Dollhouse and Studio to watch the new Final Fantasy trailer with Kelly. He posted some IG Stories, which she’s reshared on hers, of him looking around the house. “Look at this place. It’s the most ridiculous…” “Holy moly, look at this freakin’l place.”

No. 46988

Phi is choosing to hangout with steph, and is living with her Aunt.we all know it’s over for them, Kelly and phi are probably going to keep following each other and playing nice until the lease is over and Phi moves out

No. 46992

File: 1557507092593.jpg (338.38 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20190510_175038.jpg)

She sold the fucking ring her 'friend' Doe gave her. And she wonders why her friends distanced themselves. Shady

No. 46993

File: 1557507189657.jpg (412.21 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20190510_175241.jpg)

Thankyou, so proud of you FRIEND….

No. 47000

imagine being so fucking materialistic, gosh she's gross

No. 47014

File: 1557518868678.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 3C7375CB-0F2A-4E30-8C05-8285FA…)

I wonder why Kelly’s not in this picture… falling out with some distant family maybe?
Her sister and mom are both in the background, check insta stories

No. 47019

She might just have skipped out since it would require traveling and she’s selling everything as is for Japan funding.

No. 47029

File: 1557524070338.jpeg (190.05 KB, 750x1334, C7ED6420-08B6-429A-A3FC-EDE22F…)

It looks like it in the beginning of March

No. 47030

File: 1557524234235.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, 01C0D6B6-7EED-497E-8356-0998C2…)

No. 47037

Leo needs to get away from her as far as possible.

No. 47038

what the fuck is that nose ring kek

No. 47044

No. 47045

She wasn’t invited.

No. 47046

The makeup look is ugly but honestly, she was much more tolerable in this video. She actually seemed like a normal person. She’s much more likable when she isn’t screaming and acting over the top like she normally does.

No. 47049

Wait how do you know?

No. 47050

File: 1557537515424.png (46.09 KB, 382x261, fgsdfgsdg.png)

she's the fucking worst

No. 47064

File: 1557543112092.jpeg (42.21 KB, 1242x268, 31BBD1E3-737A-4E7E-81B2-B0368D…)

Ugghhhhhh this infuriated me MUCH! She’s trying to pander to the ASMR community with her word choice, and even though her voice is lower then normal she still has to add some annoying ass music in the background. Gotta stay kaweewee.

No. 47066

File: 1557544690141.jpeg (801.53 KB, 750x1249, 6C81852D-1952-4A46-9860-9E9093…)

No. 47068

ha, isn’t this exactly what she said about Dre? she’s crazy.

No. 47069

File: 1557546693065.png (214.78 KB, 1440x1021, IG.png)

Anons here are worried about Kelly coming on too strong, but I think the feeling is mutual

This is cute not gonna lie

No. 47070

Best part is the beeping from the fire alarm with low batteries

No. 47072

She could also be saying it to not sound rude.

No. 47078

File: 1557549932958.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, F2F9B134-40E5-4B79-9B26-CD5BCE…)

And for anyone that will probably ask I voted no. Also it looks fake.

No. 47081

Anon this is a massive reach. But even if it was true, someone that's willing to go so far to say "I'm so glad we're friends and I miss you" just to not sound rude is kind of gross and fucked up themselves

No. 47087

Kelly herself mentioed that she was not invited to the wedding. A couple of months back she posted to insta and mentioned that her sister was at the wedding but she herself wasnt invited.
Iirc it was around the time she sent Phi out to get her chips or something and was sitting eating them in an ig live

No. 47115

It might be that Azusa is open to a friendship with Kelly and is establishing positive rapport because she isn't aware of Kelly's problematic traits. Azusa is in her late 30s and seems very grounded. I highly doubt she'll put up with being friends with Kelly for long. She'll probably be polite about backing away, though, since she grew up in Japan.

No. 47125

Jesus her hair looks so greasy in that most recent makeup painting video

No. 47129

late to reply but ppl are selfish idiots and don't consider it abuse b/c ~it's vegan dye~ and that makes it ok. a couple ppl replied to the tweet pointing out she she shouldn't and of course she ignored them.

funny how she over priced the bj dresses but pawns this off for less than it's listed for.

this is why she wigs, those pieces parted out make her look like she's going bald. this makeup really didn't need a video but anything for views i guess

No. 47144

File: 1557602357411.jpeg (716.68 KB, 1936x1936, 9A47E558-C9BC-43BF-B278-930A14…)

I can’t with her makeup tutorials, they’re all the same crap, and occasionally she will use different style lashes or colors but here’s a quick example of how repetitive she is. With the pink Smokey eyes I had to leave a handful out because I couldn’t crop more into the frames the app has for free..

No. 47145

File: 1557602404115.jpeg (55.89 KB, 318x370, 8AAB8F3E-3DD9-4F74-AF40-67DCAD…)

Literally repeated one look and just added a pink border.

No. 47146

File: 1557602801890.jpeg (106.97 KB, 750x602, 0D45CD6C-AC58-4BB9-97F1-E82997…)

Just has a look at Kelly’s socialblade. Look at those drops in views and subscribers.

No. 47186

File: 1557629396324.png (814.03 KB, 750x1334, 99CB9DBA-BE49-4EF4-9D2A-80DD3A…)

Probably an absolute nightmare

No. 47187

No. 47191

She sounded so bummed and depressed.. she needs to step away for a bit

No. 47197

File: 1557634022308.png (838.92 KB, 750x1334, DD2E166F-B3F7-42B7-AB53-BD3F31…)

Saturday night pity party. Kelly, consider the possibility of you playing some part and work on that. Things will get better!

Someone help this girl

No. 47198


It always feels like she tweets about heartbreak and friends who left her when one of the ex-FOTR is celebrating something. Phi just graduated and now here comes the pity party. She didn't congratulate her even. She could have privately but that's never really been her style. She can't stand to see anyone happy if she isn't the core of that happiness.

No. 47200

File: 1557634886910.jpeg (183.94 KB, 750x779, D83FAFE1-3C0D-4160-A1B6-C89330…)

Here she goes Villanizing her past friend’s again. When will she learn that it’s not about “ friendship points” but it’s about actually being there for them and not expecting them to drop everything for you when you want , when you would never do the same for them !!

No. 47203

File: 1557637508397.jpg (27.55 KB, 760x176, deargodno.jpg)

you guys definitely called it

No. 47204

Her oven came with the apartment she’s said in the past when someone told her to swap hers with a white one through craigslist or something- wtf.

No. 47205

I just googled if you can paint an oven and all it said was that you will need heat resistant paint with an epoxy base. It was that simple to look up yet she couldn’t. And I doubt she’ll want to go out an buy the proper paint and she’ll just try and spray paint it.

No. 47206

File: 1557638656186.jpeg (191.97 KB, 750x583, 478FA801-DBA3-4EEF-A318-E51D2B…)

Seriously. But I thought she was “ just so in love with yellow”. And who would want to paint their car with spray paint.

No. 47214

File: 1557645502076.png (374.57 KB, 750x1334, 8290EB01-ABFB-4EC1-B601-A56B13…)

No. 47215

She’s losing her shit

No. 47221

this really irritates me when she's the cunt in the situation, use/abuse/lose is her motto. wish Phi and Dre or someone would speak up about what she's really like, it's already so transparent but you know those two specifically would have the milk on her.
also I cannot wait to see this oven "project" blow up her goddamn fuckin house, all these dumb choices she's making are going to culminate in a 40 year old butterface with no friends and some sort of chemical poisoning, all for a "dollhaus" that legit looks like pedobait fantasy childish bullshit.
ex-FOTR members read here for sure, the bed bugs were a piece of the puzzle that made so much sense.

sage for this being a shitpost rant but honestly I wish anyone else would be more vocal than Kelly about whats really going on, her constant bullshit rollercoaster is getting annoying. how can she keep getting worse?

No. 47222

File: 1557648974351.jpeg (375.51 KB, 750x779, 1557634886910.jpeg)

fixed it

No. 47245

I know this is ongoing tinfoil but seeing the thumbnail really makes me think she's had a nose job

No. 47248

File: 1557676549982.jpg (100 KB, 1079x601, Screenshot_20190512-165032_Ins…)

When you lose all your other friends follow katie

No. 47249

File: 1557676571010.jpg (85.89 KB, 1079x576, Screenshot_20190512-165405_Ins…)

Also claire is followed too again

No. 47256

She can’t even do her own research.. she is a leach

No. 47262

It was literally just googling if you can that simple it took less than two minutes

No. 47263

File: 1557683113574.jpeg (201.64 KB, 750x750, 8C3D8366-D315-41A9-8920-EA2B65…)

I guest no one wants to buy her stuff

No. 47269

File: 1557685870024.jpeg (405.98 KB, 750x882, 3E0E3494-99F8-4721-B080-7F0DBB…)

Phi’s Newest post thanking everyone who’s supported her and kelly did not make the cut !!! Envy and Stephanie and LARP friends are listed however!

No. 47290

File: 1557694125713.jpg (188 KB, 1079x703, Screenshot_20190512-214845_Ins…)

Well phi is officially out it seems.

No. 47291

"Thank you my family for paying for my shit, coming from Germany and trying to be another random actress in LA ghetto hollywood area, my parents paid for so much but I fucked around and hung out with thotty people who will make me popular on the big screen. mY parents paid for SGA annual fee, so I can put it on my imbd and be a pofessional"

No. 47293

Stepahnie is 35 yr old but acts 16. "I am gonna defend my friends on social media"

No. 47295

Shit Kelly, this bitch has been behind you and you have the trigger happy unfollow thumb

No. 47296


just gotta say, whenever i see an anon with a german apostrophe like Phi uses, it reeks of selfpost. scummy. stop coming to lolcow for validation.

No. 47297

File: 1557695527725.jpg (299.35 KB, 1073x1119, Screenshot_20190512-221211_Ins…)

No. 47299

this is amazing, I hope it explodes soon

No. 47300

File: 1557696708492.jpeg (408.94 KB, 1125x1973, 4E36369B-96C6-47F1-917C-7A3923…)

“Thotty Android 18”?? Didn’t she just say earlier she quit cosplay? I think she’s missing cosplay already lmao

No. 47301


if it does explode soon it will definitely be kelly that snaps first.

No. 47303

Kelly still follows phi so I'm sure shell see it hate scrolling.

No. 47304

Thank god, I thought I was the only one. It's so clear to me that Phi is on here constantly posting their own tweets and stories. Nobody on here actually gives a shit about them. What a thirsty bitch. Easily out-cows the whole fellowship.

We're not on your side Phi (or Kelly's), you're both lame, go home and be lame together. Or at the very least, post about yourself in >>29145 so it's the correct thread. No1curr unless you have Kelly milk. Also, spoiler alert, you're going to be the least popular cow in the calves thread to because you have no YouTube, no instagram or twitter following, you're e-famous by association only.

No. 47305

I never realized Germans have a specific way of using apostrophe’s until this thread but no , it’s not Phi. The girl just graduated I doubt she’s lurking on this thread lmao

No. 47306


Ok phi

No. 47307

I also think they’re not saying anything because if they said anything, it’d feed Kelly’s lust to tweet/make a video about it and act like a victim. I’m sure it’s pissing her off more that she’s dropping all of these hints and nobody is giving her the attention that she craves kek

No. 47313

>>47297 Omg, I've been keeping an eye on that thread and Phi and Steph are just liking all of the bitchy comments about Kelly. If they were actually mature, they would just completely ignore those comments. What a couple of bitches. I can't believe I thought they were nice, it all was just a mean girl clique after all, not a single one of them were genuine. The fellowship was a lie. Sailor sisters forever. lmao.

No. 47316

Stephanie is 35, I thought she was 38 with the lip plumping injectables.
Phi and all of them make the bitchies post about Kelly, Stephanie and the fotr tthey are not mature adults…cause they don't have real jobs. Patreon lewdz is not a job. KEK

No. 47317

Does anyone know details of Sikrell?

No. 47321

File: 1557710875442.jpeg (233.52 KB, 750x1238, D1F4F823-AE06-4364-9D21-1CC787…)

Looks like Kelly did acknowledge Phi’s graduation

No. 47322

File: 1557711509031.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0114.PNG)

This look is not cute

No. 47329

thots like her are the reason cosplay sucks now. Plenty of characters that are already sexy, but bitches like kelly gotta do this

that icon makes her statement even more cringey

No. 47331

why the fuck is she so obsessed with having a pink oven? She could easily get pink kitchen towels and other things to accent it… She really is gonna die of fumes or an explosion at this rate. I feel for her neighbors.

No. 47341

Can see your icon

No. 47344

The only reason she congratulated phi was out of pressure that way she wasn't the bad one. I wonder how much time till she starts doing nudes like the rest of her ex friends

No. 47351

File: 1557719445790.jpg (536.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190513-045018_Ins…)

What a retard posting her wifi password on Instagram

No. 47357

Why do I get the feeling she’s gonna paint her stainless steel frig pink? Ruining a very nice frig IMO.

No. 47358

Further proof Phi has moved out. Remember when Dre was there and they had their rent and utilities and other expenses up there to keep track of things? That’s no longer on the white board.

No. 47367

File: 1557724080929.jpeg (573.87 KB, 1242x1623, 61749BF6-2E6B-4521-84FB-54A708…)

Looks like Kelly deleted a video or two… wonder what they were

No. 47371

File: 1557724816899.jpeg (253.3 KB, 1242x825, E8EB474D-5E30-41B0-A74E-EFABF2…)

Phis response seems really fake and salty lol. Calling her ‘roomie’ seems directly related to someone calling her out for never mentioning Kelly although they live together, and her saying ‘now you don’t have to listen to me complain about school and papers’ seems really dry and passive aggressive.

No. 47373

File: 1557727935838.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, B0B60D8B-26CD-4261-BDAC-C0D58B…)


No. 47375

Honestly they are coming off worse than Kelly in all this. So petty and pathetic.

No. 47376

It's amazing how bad Kelly's actual style is when she's not copying someone else's idea. This is just as bad as the studio. So tacky.

No. 47378

File: 1557730846786.png (3 MB, 750x1334, E58DFDC1-B1DF-45DC-87F5-C407A3…)

She needs new paint.. it looks disgusting

No. 47379

File: 1557731006067.jpg (497.85 KB, 1080x1080, asskissing compilation.jpg)

Phi's asskissing is off the charts, it must be genuinely exhausting for her to maintain faux undying love for everyone who glances her way

No. 47380

Stephanie literally only liked one comment and it was the one where someone praised them for not dragging Kelly. Phi didn’t like any comments that were insulting her either. Unless I missed something?

Inb4 wk but I don’t see the problem with Phi. If she was here for clout she would’ve sided with Kelly who arguably has the biggest following of them all, but she stuck with Stephanie & co because she gets along with them better. I think she’s just trying her best to try to stay civil with a roommate she ended up not liking.

No. 47382

She literally only moved in with Kelly for clout. She had only a couple K followers on Instagram and Twitter before moving in.
She's been non-stop WCW-ing her extended social circle ever since. It's kinda a shitty strategy since those costhots are not gonna rocket her to Hollywood stardom, but she is doing everything strategically.
She did even make a Youtube channel and specifically say hi to Kelly's followers in the first video. She saw that it worked for Dre and has very obviously used the same strategy. However Dre was a lot more interesting and endearing than Phi, who has the personality of a mop.

No. 47383

wow she's going full grandma

No. 47385


that sudden bright af yellow with florals in the middle of all that pink and white? it looks terrible.

No. 47387

I don't necessarily think that phi is all over these threads, but what I will say is this German apostrophe only seems to be popping up in in suspicious places

No. 47389

File: 1557743731071.jpeg (317.18 KB, 1060x1624, 2D7BBD84-6C9E-4581-82B6-9FBEEC…)

No. 47392

File: 1557744532269.jpg (118.59 KB, 537x596, Screenshot_20190513-114450_Ins…)

The FOTR tat is busted as fuck

No. 47397

You nailed it. It’s painfully obvious when something is her own idea- all her manic decorating lately has been an absolute mess and makes zero sense together.

No. 47398

Scrolling up this thread I see the "German apostrophe" a lot and now I'm curious. But sometimes in places where it would be illogical to be Phi, like >>47144
That reads more like a fan.
We know she lurks as she's mentioned this ongoing thread on Twitter.

No. 47399

I’m the one that just commented about someone nailing it with a critique on decorating and also posted the makeup looks. I’m on an iPhone so I don’t know if that’s why my apostrophe is different but I can also say I haven’t been every comment with the slanted one vs straight.

No. 47416


jeez and i thought i was ott in my thank yous. i'm getting an aneurysm reading this praise wordsalad.

No. 47418

File: 1557768709951.jpg (769.92 KB, 1080x1751, 20190513_102859.jpg)

Does she really not know what zip codes are and how they work? Like those boxes are in 2 different parts of the city kek

No. 47419

I fucking hate people who tell sellers they're overpricing their items when the prices they're asking for are totally fair. I'm so glad she never really got into the lolita community, we already have way too many entitled brats that pull that shit.

No. 47421

I wonder if Lindsay dropped her too and that's why she's leaving cosplay?

No. 47422

File: 1557772466418.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0115.PNG)

She's going to Japan with Lindsey so I doubt it

No. 47424

File: 1557772837412.jpg (140.52 KB, 862x749, wiki.JPG)

some new bits added to the 'rumours' part of kellys twin mask larp page

No. 47426

… I'm pretty sure that's the joke, anon.

No. 47428

She literally just met Kelly when she did the interview to he her roommate. Kelly declared her her best friend within just a month or two after, which is something I noticed with Dre too. There was also a video from very shortly after where she mentioned how all her friends were sick of hearing about her ex, so she started talking about him to Phi instead. Establishing someone as your best friend and dumping your problems on them in that short a time span is typically a sigh of a rather toxic person.

No. 47430

>I was super into smoking weed and watching house tours
… that's exactly how I found her too

No. 47431

She was also asking Envy for help with comparatively trivial shit while Envy was going through a really brutal time with recently diagnosed PCOS and taking care of her husband who was sick with a really bad flu. That was the straw that broke the camel's back from my understanding.

No. 47434

Am I the only one who finds a grown ass woman dedicating her entire existence to Barbie incredibly red flaggish? It would take a lot for a person like this to convince me they don't have severe untreated psychological issues.

No. 47439

I wonder 8f she wasn't invited because the family member getting married was appalled by the Austin situation. I wouldn't invite a cousin who turned that situation into a public spectacle to my wedding. Hell, I probably wouldn't talk to them again period.

No. 47440

I love how she complains about the cost of Big Chill ovens as if they're at fault for charging the prices they do and owe her cheaper prices. They're highly aesthetic ovens in custom colors, ofc they're gonna cost a shit ton of money, Kelly.

No. 47443

I thought everything in my life needed to be cutesy and pastel when I was in my late teens and maybe a year or two into my 20s. And then you grow up and realize how stupid it is, but apparently Kelly hasn't hit that point. Her oven or fridge not being pastel doesn't ruin the aesthetic of her house, and the stuff she's trying to do to make her house or her studio more aesthetic is doing the exact opposite. It looks fucking terrible.

No. 47456

She's mentioned in the past that her need to paint everything is sparked by psychological breakdowns and that's how the Dollhouse initially came to be in the first place. It would seem it's happening again.

No. 47458

File: 1557787941232.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 0D1BF16F-0979-4868-942F-BBA96F…)

Well, at least someone is keeping the house clean. Phi posted that she’s finally back at the Dollhouse. Kelly is manically painting the kitchen while Phi is actually being productive.

No. 47461

Am I reaching by wondering if this is Phi's passive aggressive way if shading Kelly for not cleaning the house and leaving it for her to do even though she's emotional because she just graduated and her parents left?

No. 47463


No. 47472

File: 1557792625546.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, D4EEE4F8-B522-4CAC-A978-83DE44…)

Get a fucking dropcloth.

No. 47474

OT but I don't see how this is harmful in any way. It's not a hoarder's house, just very themed and it clearly makes her happy so I don't understand what the problem is.

No. 47477

So…. did Phi clean the floor before or after Kelly dripped paint all over it? I can’t tell which way is worse.

No. 47483

File: 1557796827570.png (2.52 MB, 640x1136, D07CBFD9-2C73-4DF5-8C37-0A6438…)

So edgy.

No. 47486

>>47483 Her landlord must love her

No. 47490

Phi just got home and she is cleaning ? Why is Kelly the worse ? Really..

No. 47502

Can't screencap it right now but Kelly tweeted that SHE spent the whole day cleaning and reorganizing her kitchen… with no mention of Phi anywhere even though it was clearly Phi cleaning and Kelly painting stupid shit on her wall… kek

No. 47513

wait seriously did Kelly just fuck up the entire floor Phi just cleaned and bleached? I would legitimately start shit with her if I was Phi, at least tell her dumb ass to use a dropcloth. she's so fucking inconsiderate.

No. 47515

Those candles are making me nervous.

No. 47523

I feel really bad for Toshi honestly. Who knows how much fumes he's also inhaling and with all of this shit on the floor I'm surprised that he hasn't gotten sick from any of it. In Kelly's stories he's just right there while she's painting too

No. 47532

Is she scraping off dried paint with her nails? For somebody who paints a lot she doesn't seem very clued up. Put drop cloths or wipe up with a wet sponge whilst its fresh, don't let it set. If you end up with dried paint on the floor for whatever reason you use a little methylated spirit to wipe it off. Why would you sit and scratch it off with your nails, what a waste of time and effort

No. 47539

same. if I were kelly's neighbors, i'd call the landlord

No. 47543

It's so weird phi literally likes comments shading Kelly then goes home to say my rooommieee like shes fake af

No. 47561

File: 1557856848551.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, F0AF12E2-7ABC-4539-A640-940428…)

Not a good look Kelly

No. 47562

Where’s the big ass she used to brag about having !!?!!!

No. 47563

why is she even doing this, it's so bizarre, did she just happen to have moved the fridge for something else and saw the chance or did she go out of her way to move it for this purpose

No. 47564

GDI why do people not use painters tape?
Get paint all over the baseboards and make it look awful even if you paint over it.
Saged for my very particular vendetta against this crap.

No. 47565

She moved the fridge to paint it pink and put that disgusting floral decal on the front and remembered that she never painted the wall behind the fridge pink so now she's gone and lost her mind.

No. 47570

I'm pretty sure the landlord is going to make her replace the fridge and stove if she paints them.

No. 47573

Pretty sure she would have lost her security deposit on it 50 paint projects ago…

No. 47593


Calm yo tits. She was cleaning the other room, while Kelly was painting. Also why the fuck would you clean a room someone is obviously gonna make a mess in?

No. 47610

I randomly scrolled through her depop store and the mannequin head she uses for wigs reminded me of something, then I realized, it looks a lot like her dumb deadpan "model" face

No. 47611

YES I noticed that shit too. "oh what's this again? oh yeah Phi's piano bench hur hur"

No. 47614

Uhh… can we take a minute to touch on how fucking dangerous it is to have your refrigerator plugged into a dangling power strip? Those things are not built for the amount of power a fridge uses and can overheat. Total fire hazard.

No. 47629

The stove, yes, but she probably owns the fridge. Apartments in LA don't have fridges a lot of the time.

No. 47634

Total blogpost but funny: last night I had a dream in which Kelly had had a baby and was hiding her life from the internet, I saw her on a comic book store I go to, pushing the baby's stroller, looking miserable, and she had dyed the baby's hair bright red hahahahah I was shocked, came here immediately to tell everything. We discovered that the baby daddy was Sekrill

No. 47654

You alright anon? Any more milk on ol'sensual or has he gone into hiding?

No. 47661

No one gives a fuck about your dream anon

No. 47664


I second this, no milk, no post.

No. 47689

File: 1557945652741.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 9D95D52A-B6B3-4340-9966-E9CE24…)

Kelly really needs to stop.

No. 47690

File: 1557946170871.jpg (453.32 KB, 1054x1494, IMG_20190515_194904.jpg)

Must be nice paying rent to use a 'spray paint warzone' studio….

No. 47694

No wonder she's such a fucking idiot. She doesn't use a mask while spray painting and all of those fumes are killing whatever little is left of her brain cells. I feel bad for Toshi. He should be taken away from her

No. 47697

File: 1557948177075.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, F681BA86-59CA-4935-BB96-08F33A…)

As per usual, Kelly acting like an idiot while Phi actually does work around the apartment.

No. 47702

I wonder if Kelly suspects Phi posts here. If she lurks these threads, she must at least question it. At this point I'm 95% sure she does.

… that microwave is like $600

It's kinda a red flag that you're so involved in online drama that you dream about milk. It's time to take a break from lolcow, anon.

No. 47708

This can't be good for the appliance, I'm pretty sure if there's any metals in the paint composition this thing may catch on fire or at least give hella fumes
But does she pay the studio rent? I thought that after breaking up the friendship with stephanie, kelly was paying for the whole thing herself. Is it confirmed that Phi is splitting the costs with her? What does she need a studio for? She doesn't produce anything. Well, kelly doesn't need it too, she can paint in the apartment. At this point it seems like the studio is just another space for her to maniacly spray paint every surface

I'm the one who posted the stupid dream, sorry folks. I dream about anything I see before bed hahahah

No. 47732

Kelly stated in her roommate ad that any applicants HAD to pay for a portion of the studio. It was not optional to opt out if you didn't want it.

No. 47734

So she had Phi AND Steph paying for it at one point? Even though it was pretty decorated by her and her alone? Kek

No. 47749

File: 1557977710945.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 25D14557-6A78-4D7B-A590-5DC4A0…)

That can’t be good for that, it could be a fire hazard

No. 47751

This bitch is literally stupid. Her landlord needs to stop her now.

No. 47752

File: 1557979507406.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, 00DFEC95-8BD9-45D5-A8B1-D382E2…)

No cute

No. 47753

I usually love pink/mint/baby blue/lavender pastels, but this looks absolutely horrible. Everything looks so tacky and clashes.

No. 47761


This is such a disaster. It’s not even like a good kind of ugly grandma home. It’s just ugly. The yellow is sore on the eyes.

No. 47765

File: 1557983915281.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, B108F954-5ECE-4D8E-B5AB-83978B…)

why does she have so little regard for the things around her

No. 47768

I don't go to this thread but this is the first time I will ever say that Pixielocks is a better interior decorator than someone. goddamn.

No. 47772

Kelly sees Phi shading her and being a frenemy and still acts genuinely friendly back. I'm thinking Kelly's radar of whether someone is being a jerk or not is completely broken.

No. 47782

this is probably something that has been answered before but has Kelly ever actually cleared Final Fantasy 7?
she admitted to never clearing 8 despite how much she talks about how much she loves it

No. 47785


So she's going to sit for any length of time and play a game (or pretend to, or whatever she does) at an outdoor PICNIC TABLE? My ass hurts just thinking about that.

No. 47790

God this is hideous and clashes big time. Has she even been streaming lately since she went on her sloppy decorating binge? Between computer/phone screens and all the spray paint constantly I can only imagine that level of headache.

No. 47793

I hate to tinfoil, but after reading all anon's comments about phi posting I looked through the past posts and though not every post with the different apostrophe is fishy,the unsaged posts really sound like her. Especially when they have her weird ponctuation like she puts a space before three dots, or she always use lots of exclamations and question marks,like "!!!", "!?!" And all that. She does the same in her other social medias. It really makes me feel phi is a bitch, she is so two faced and no better than kelly.

No. 47795

File: 1558008061950.jpg (341.77 KB, 2896x2896, 20190516_085932.jpg)

Sorry for double posting,but I've tried to make a compilation of what I meant to illustrate my point. I'm on my phone so it looks like crap but it's all I can do atm

No. 47796

I’ve got the weird apostrophe on my iPhone but I also agree phi has posted here more than a handful of times and notice the punctuation too- it is usually unsaged and they seem more like venting. After that go fund me phi had years ago where she never followed through I think that showcased her being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even if she’s just trying to “survive” the last few months of rent - she’s still being shady as hell about it with the kelly and steph ass kissing WCW’s and posting here.

On a kelly related note, why is she having lindsey’s guy doing decorating kelly has repeatedly shown she can do on her own? I hope after Japan Lindsey backs off before kelly starts getting even more clingy to him like she did with TT’s boyfriend.

No. 47797

File: 1558008193179.jpg (667.64 KB, 2896x2896, 20190516_085953.jpg)

There is always a space before the ponctuation marks, no sage, tends to wk phi and double or triple exclamation and question marks too.

No. 47798

Not every comment with that apostrophe sounds like her, but a few do.

Kelly will attach herself to anybody that can offer her something, whatever happened to sekril guy? The guy from twin masks. Has he stepped away cause he couldn't handle her?

No. 47799


This looks like some crappy Animal Crossing house

No. 47804

I wonder if mods can confirm the suspicion a few of us have about Phi.

No. 47805

I'm quite suspicious as well, I've been looking on the last thread at all the posts with the "german apostrophe". This person's keyboard also slants the quotation marks, idk what this means, but it makes it easier to spot the questionable posts

No. 47807

German here: The slantering comes from using an apostrophe onstead of a quotation mark

` aposthrophe
' single quotation mark
" usual quotation marks

No. 47809

File: 1558015732520.jpeg (187.9 KB, 1125x284, 3E473FC1-3DA6-44E2-9073-0DD9A8…)

I was referring to quotations that look like this

No. 47813

File: 1558016692443.jpeg (60.57 KB, 1125x180, 34B61EF4-46ED-4549-A664-AE5866…)

No. 47818

File: 1558020866896.jpeg (294.56 KB, 1936x1936, 2E8F1902-9B37-4A78-8370-3B01DE…)

I don’t know why mine are different but my keyboard only offers slanted options with English set. Sage for being semi off topic.

No. 47845

File: 1558030242114.png (2.23 MB, 640x1136, 4C053812-1C67-4DDF-B2AD-0B6543…)

Does she actually wash toshi aside to dye him her fashion colors? I don’t have long hair dogs so idk how quickly those matted tips come about.

No. 47848

File: 1558030528796.jpeg (51.49 KB, 750x406, 637151D8-4DD4-4DF8-AF69-E3CA85…)

try actually typing with them, the US keyboard shows the slanted ones but once you type it it’ll turn them into the usual ' ", pic related

The keyboard autism is how mods IDed dasha’s posting this time last year so I’m curious if this unfolds the same way

No. 47851

he was playing on her tiny garden on previous stories so he probably just got a little wet kek

No. 47857

File: 1558033482793.png (249.64 KB, 750x1334, 5B57BF2E-3616-454B-B66B-8D19EF…)

Weird that she wouldn’t say Phi’s name, isn’t it?

No. 47859

The treadmill would never get used by Kelly. Phi might use it. But also would it really be a Barbies 80s theme or would in turn into the mess her studio and “doll house” is turning in to? Or is she only wanting Barbie after the Barbie girl she’s “beat friends” with? (Forgot her name already)

No. 47860

Here comes her new "BFFL!" that she skinwalks at every opportunity

Do you even have your a personality of your own, Kelly?

No. 47886

she's going mental, even more

No. 47894

I have the same breed of dog and even after hes been outside he isnt that dirty unless he goes a long time without a bath. She doesnt seem to keep up with having him groomed.

No. 47917

Me too. It’s clear she’s not keeping up with his grooming. But on top of that, she’s a complete idiot who has poisoned him. She gave him coffee and he had to go to the vet.
What kind of an idiot who has had dogs growing up doesn’t know not to give a dog caffeine?

No. 47920

File: 1558066227826.png (1.45 MB, 1281x1380, f21.png)

Wasn't she JUST raving about how much she loved this jacket? And you can get it cheaper on Forever 21's site with the deals/coupons they always have



No. 47925

She’s running low on $. Wonder how long until nudes.

No. 47943

I'm amazed somebody bought that. I'd be embarassed to try and sell something used for more money than it is readily available for online brand new.
I don't know how she manages to sell anything being that she puts little to no info, doesn't give sizes most of the time and when people ask she ignores them.

No. 47945

has the coffee thing been mentioned before? I don't think I have seen it mentioned before, saged for potential stupidity

No. 47946

Yes wouldn't you think a considerate pet owner would have checked something like that. Dogs can't have chocolate or grapes either. Like birds and parrots can't have avacado- its deadly to them. It's the kind of basic stuff you'd WANT to know as a responsible and caring pet owner.
Also, just remembering when she used a fans sign as a ramp for Toshi. The fan was really upset I don't think Kelly ever did apologize.

No. 47949

She didn't give him coffee iirc. It was a while ago but he apparently got into some chocolate, and then she updated to say he needed to go to the vet/was sick and she wasn't sure why, implying that somehow she missed that bit of common knowledge that dogs can't eat chocolate.

No. 47950

Let the Azusa skinwalking commence

No. 47954

This is even worse then kek even children know dogs can't have chocolate. Poor Toshi though! He really is an expensive living plush toy to Kelly. Why don't cows just get responsible friends who own pets they can take pictures with?

No. 47965

People have mentioned the ramp thing a few times but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it, do you remember what video it’s in?

No. 47969

I believe it's the video where she makes his dog house

No. 47977

has he ever been groomed? he hasn't at any point looked like he has had a single haircut, he shed his puppy fur and has looked the same ever since

No. 47980

It doesn’t look like she has. That dog is probably matted to hell and if she took him to a groomer would more than likely be shaved down with a 10.

Source: am groomer

No. 47984

He does look very matted underneath the chin and on the belly, there are chunks of hair sticking together and what looks like bits of dirt or dust

No. 47987

File: 1558107477019.png (2.15 MB, 640x1136, B0AEBA76-560B-4664-B18E-E4199B…)

It looks like mats on his back too from her insta stories. The fur on his backside too. She doesn’t wash her hair either and constantly shoved a wig on so I’m not too surprised toshi would meet the same fate. You can’t shove a wig on a dog though and call it a day.

No. 48006

What type of pom breed is Tosh?

No. 48009

Sorry to sound idiotic but there's more than one?

No. 48022

No, there’s not different kinds of poms. Despite people calling them “teacups” or “miniatures” there’s only one kind per AKC standards. The quality of a Pom depends on the breeding.

No. 48041

I've never seen anything about the ramp, other than claims.

I've looked at the other threads and videos

No. 48046

No one is going to hold your hand and show you what youtube video it is. Older vid when she first got toshi and is showing him outside. Toshi is not good at getting down the stairs and kelly gets a piece of art made by a fan and uses it as a ramp. Go find it anon shitz. Dre apologized unlike kelly.

No. 48048

File: 1558139272752.jpg (288.95 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_20190517_202204.jpg)

i dont think kelly's house has bedbugs if she's letting drag queens use it for photo shoots, unless this is old.

No. 48052

oh no sweeties get away from her

No. 48053

File: 1558146290527.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 20250F55-833A-4763-A428-91ABB3…)

Oh no… she’s losing it

No. 48054

File: 1558146514801.png (8.36 MB, 1242x2208, B70DEBBA-0A1A-45DC-A039-1505EC…)

Phinamon is chilling with Dre

No. 48055

This is new. And do y’all really think Kelly cares about infecting other people ? I think not

No. 48060

>implying drag queens aren't rancid hoes like her as well

No. 48061

Free backdrop Henny.
Also imagine that shit they have shot in without an ounce of promo

No. 48062

Kelly prob got some coin for having them use her bedroom. Whatever pays for the Japan trip y'all. She scraping the barrel at this point.

Phi is kind of shady. As someone who just graduated, you'd think you would have better things to do than go on gossip sites.

No. 48063

Honestly the fact that Phi is hanging with Dre is so fucking petty and spiteful.
Phi is the wackest most 2 faced person I’ve ever seen. How do you sleep at night under that roof?

No. 48068

File: 1558158935537.png (659.59 KB, 929x492, ig.png)

She posted this today and I thought that it was Envy at first glance kek

Also I noticed that three FoTR girls (Vivka, Courtney, and Dre) all have green hair now and there hasn't been bitching or shading from any of them. See how easy it is Kelly?

No. 48071

Just because one of her friends doesn’t like the rest of her friends doesn’t necessarily mean she has to stop hanging out with them ? What is this, second grade?

No. 48072

Not Phi, just random anon thinking it’s interesting human behavior that she is chillin with ex friends of her current roomie who she was using for clout to begin with

No. 48073

lol anon…it's actually crazy to me how Phi can be shading Kelly online and encouraging people to gang up against her while living in her house

No. 48075

That’s what I’m sayin

No. 48090


As someone who just graduated, there's jackshit to do after but enjoy not doing schoolwork. The pressure is off for a bit.

I wonder if Phi ever bothered to meet people in her classes instead of just all Kelly's friends/exfriends?

No. 48095

File: 1558199008882.jpeg (547.66 KB, 1935x1548, 4CAA312F-7E22-42A3-A86B-BEEF7F…)

Guess she’s skinwalking Envy now. The nose ring, the hair, the glasses

No. 48106

is that Aquaria and Faramoan?

No. 48107

Mizz Cracker

No. 48108

lol hi phi

No. 48112

Thank you, anon.

The skinwalking is so obvious. Was there ever a time she didn't skin walk someone else?

No. 48116

Envy really whitewashes herself, she looks way different than she does in any of their videos

No. 48118

In the first one she's standing outdoors in a place where the sunlight reflects onto you, and the second one she's standing in front of a ring light. You can see in her IG photos you can see that her skin varies depending on the lighting.

Anyway let's not deflect from the fact that Kelly is skinwalking yet again. You want to discuss Envy's skin, the FoTR thread is there for you.

I was going to say maybe in high school or earlier, but I'm curious now as to if she would skinwalk other non-famous people she knew in person. Wouldn't be surprised tbh

No. 48125

Envy would be so gorgeous if she lost weight. Fat chicks with pretty faces are such a waste.

No. 48129

saged + nayrt but has this been taken out of the video? i watched it and saw nothing of toshi om stairs/with the art ramp??

No. 48137

It's really a quick Google search. Stop being lazy. Here

No. 48138

Whiteknighting Envy a little there and then suggesting we take it to another thread.

You sound like a member of the fellowship tbh, or maybe there are just so many of them in this thread it's hard to be sure anymore.

No. 48139

How can we get a mod to IP check if phi is in here? They did it in the dasha thread. I feel like this is even way more obvious than that.

No. 48141

It's not in that vlog tho

No. 48144

I'm not either of those, I was just pointing out what I saw from looking at all of Envy's pictures and keeping the Kelly board on topic. Mods can check my IP if you don't believe me.

The ramp at 0:36 was the fan sign.

No. 48146


Omg the sign ramp thing is from like 2 years ago, can you stop derailing the convo?

No. 48148

File: 1558222521276.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (887).png)

saged for old old milk but here it is for all asking

No. 48151

Has anyone in the previous threads mentioned the chairs from depop incident? I dont wanna repost if so

No. 48152

File: 1558226298905.jpg (756.63 KB, 1078x2000, Screenshot_20190518-231634_Chr…)

No. 48153

File: 1558226382310.jpg (694.52 KB, 1079x2032, Screenshot_20190518-231645_Chr…)

No. 48154

File: 1558226426675.png (29.15 KB, 281x500, IMG_2285.thumb.PNG.5354c41c872…)

No. 48155

File: 1558226550462.png (53.33 KB, 281x500, IMG_2284.thumb.PNG.fa4b7e5c9ef…)

No. 48156

just read that for the first time, god what a nutcase Kelly is! i'm surprised the people around her lasted as long as they did as the dressing the same and 'where was i' is just crazy

No. 48157

Wow so she never refunded you? That’s beyond fucked

No. 48163


This is my post from PULL from 2017. This is old milk. Don't post my stuff and pretend it's yours. She eventually refunded me after I had To remind her months later.

No. 48165

File: 1558233807045.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 9E4EB440-8E4B-4635-8C32-6FF945…)

No. 48166

they weren’t claiming it was their own experience. someone asked if that milk was ever posted on this thread, which is why it came up. chill.

No. 48194

File: 1558251513095.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1092x1829, BFAAE021-0AB7-4377-B856-D628D6…)

Davey still reaching out

No. 48197

I think he rents the studio space with her. There's a keyboard and a guitar in the background of one of the recent videos in the studio, and he helped her move something when she was refurbing it.

No. 48201

I never said it was mine dumbass I asked if anyone had seen it get a grip

No. 48205

File: 1558260878129.jpg (622.63 KB, 1079x1748, Screenshot_20190519-111448_Ins…)


No. 48206

Azusa Barbie needs to run before Kelly steals her entire identity.

No. 48208

Kellys obvious hobby hopping is so annoying. Something that might be a fun corner stone interest for someone is to kelly a new personality trait she can pull over herself like a used condom. Scene queen, SuicideGirls knock off, wannabe audrey kitching, irl sailor moon cossuplay uwu, pastel kaweewee president, lolita stint, clown fucking its ya boi weeb eden, i get off to FF characters, LARP godess and rolling into barbie fanatic.

All ofcourse themes she can still wrap into her literal health hazard of a DIY home with little to no change besides expanding her wardrobe/depop and fishing for sponsors appropriate to her current "obsession" using all the clout she can muster.

No. 48211

I'm very curious what lead to her friends dropping her.

I remember when Steph got married, Kelly was really depressed and wouldn't suck it up for her wedding. She said she even told Steph how she was feeling and that Steph was really understanding. I wonder if secretly Steph was extremely upset, I know I would be if my maid of honor made my wedding into another pity party for herself.

I also wonder what their thoughts were on how she handled her dead cousin.

No. 48217

Kelly has no style, I don't understand if she knows that she has ugly tummy why she needs to wear a top and expose it??

No. 48221


I'm curious as well. Come on Fellowship of the rainbow, we know you guys lurk. Get over here and spill the beans

No. 48222

They really want nothing to do with Kelly even when it's trying to speak out about what a shitty friend she is. They know Kelly lurks here and those bitches are too chicken shit to spill any kind of tea. Maybe if she really screws over Phi like kicking her out of the apartment only then maybe one of those rainbow girls will come out to defend that wet towel.

No. 48225

Calm the fuck down people have seen it its 2 years old come back when u got new milk

No. 48233

Thank you! someone finally said it. Envy whitewashes herself, looks so different in person. >>48125
and nope, even if she lost weight she still not pretty. Envy skin walks steph, they all skin walk eachtoher.

No. 48235

File: 1558293823835.jpeg (727.04 KB, 750x1242, 8CA7F27C-5196-45FB-9D61-4A6B0D…)

She keeps posting pictures of Toshi with this caption

No. 48241

She's quoting that cat meme from 2012 or Corky Romano, one of the shittiest SNL movies to come out of the early 2000s. Either way, she's quickly sailing far away from the shores of youth relevance…if she keeps this up it's only a matter of time before she has to sell the damn dog to pay her bills, too. I don't blame the fellowship for not speaking up. They might dislike her her, but if the internet heard from them it would be really impossible for her career to come back from it. She'd have to get a real job – a prospect that would horrify every one of those thots, if it happened to them.

No. 48242

That said, I do find it ironic that they're willing to keep their mouth shut about why they don't like her, when she wouldn't do the same for any of them, if the falling out happened the other way around. If I remember correctly, she didn't even keep her mouth shut for them when they were friends.

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