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File: 1561494389323.png (592.54 KB, 759x456, picnicvomit.png)

No. 54954

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and recently Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends with rainbow hair; dubbed (former) friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow", A lot of sub-Tweeting and pointed Instagram stories are frequently posted between them.
> Current roommate Phi is a boring girl often featured in videos; was Kelly's new forced BFF/errand runner; recently have drifted apart, Phi has been spending time with Kelly’s ex-friends
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it


> Went to Japan for two weeks, caused drama with group of “friends” there, got “sick” and stayed at home; walked around in underwear in front of friend’s and their boyfriends; complained about being single and alone, constantly hit on new friend Jamie’s boyfriend Taylor, threw tantrum over Lindsay’s boyfriend not buying her pink beer, went entire trip with tits practically hanging out, brought down the general mood of trip with constant whining and obnoxiousness

> Sudden obsession with Pokemon despite claiming to not like it in the past
> Went on Depop selling spree to make money for useless items from Japan trip (that will end up on Depop anyway like previous Japan trip); sold lots of free PR items at huge markup (from Dolls Kill, Chotronette, Doe Deere, cosplay clothing companies)
> “Quit” cosplay, claimed “cosplay brings up bad memories”; listed old cosplays/unused cosplays on Depop
> In attempt to be “edgy”, started wearing fake nose ring and painted bloody “meme” pentagram behind fridge
> Dyed Toshi pink (again) in a bath after being called out here for keeping him dirty and matted
> Posted Happy Birthday video for childhood friend, is shamelessly monetized
> Rumored bedbugs in the home, spent a lot/all of her day in studio around this time
> Latched on to new “friend” Azusa Barbie, suddenly was obsessed with Barbie again for a short time
> Profile found on Japanese dating and "like" apps
> Adopted new “picnic” pastel vomit color scheme following her minty pastel vomit color scheme
> Covered fridge at home with tacky wallpaper, covered Twitch setup in studio room with tacky gingham wallpaper
> Spray painted entire Twitch setup (including computer monitors, cords) as form of “OCD from childhood trauma”; recently obsessed with spray painting everything in studio room including sink and fridge, never uses mask for protection, complains about feeling sick/tired the next day
> Streamed on Twitch for a week, dropped it despite adding Twitch as employer on Facebook
> No time to LARP anymore because she “can't find a dogsitter”; goes to LARP for 12 hours anyway, hides then leaves early (potentially related to multiple former friends being active LARPers/ex LARPer “boyfriend” Sekril)
> Put Amazon Wishlist in bio; wishlist features very expensive streaming items amongst other things (i.e. candles, toys, etc.); claims they are equipment/tools she “needs” for streaming/art, despite having all streaming equipment needed (that she got for free); made pity-seeking depressed post right after
> Advertised Smile Sciences, claimed “yes I use it”; meanwhile frequently sells Smile Sciences Kits on Depop
> Listed new, overpriced flower crowns for sale; previously known for horrible quality
> Listed marked-up items on Depop as “new” despite being clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts; listed Betsey Johnson dress she “traded” for with an antler crown from previous fan (that she blocked) for $400
> Listed sponsored Technisport chair (received for free) for sale on Facebook for $200
> Posted video sponsored by Splat hair dye ft. a patchy blue-green dye job using Pulp Riot dye; Splat only used poorly on extensions; immediately posted after about “missing pink hair”, still wears full wigs anyway
> Hairdressers asked not to be shown in Splat video, Kelly still left a ton of shots of hairdressers in video; appeared to destroy hairdresser’s sink with Splat for her extensions
> Posted happy Instagram stories with Molly McIsaac’s chickens/baby chicks; animals visibly stressed in videos/photos
> Got lipo on thighs, subsequently wouldn’t shut up about how “big” her pancake butt looks; posted gross butt photos on Instagram
> Got more fat-burning injections on areas that were already lipo’d
> Revamped Patreon after not delivering on any promises for two years+ (most notably skit videos); no more physical rewards
> Whined about wanting pink stove because black stove “doesn’t fit dollhouse aesthetic”; made Ko-Fi for sheep to donate to (instead of just buying one herself); later changed Ko-Fi to “art supply funding” (has only spray painted studio fridge ugly pastel colors since then)
> Posted new, overpriced poorly done art for sale on bigcartel; titles of art seemingly shading FotR
> Tweeted then deleted about being “betrayed and abandoned six times in a row”; most likely referencing FotR
> Has been scraping bottom of barrel for friends (see: suddenly hanging out with seamstress Lindsay, Claire Max, Molly McIsaac, LARP randos, and continuing support for controversial ex-Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere); rest of FoTR hanging out together, sans Kelly


> Made lighthearted/“fun” video exploring abandoned Nazi camp with cousin Jimmy who was sporting red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes

> Friends/fans flamed her for insensitivity; eventually took video down after deleting all negative comments about it on any posts
> Posted “apology” on Twitter typed up in notes, which doesn’t feature an apology whatsoever
> Little sister Madi poorly WKed her on Twitter and made it worse; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse
> Went completely dark on social media for a week, came back as though nothing happened; still won’t apologize/acknowledge the fiasco
> Had been wearing awful wigs instead of dyeing hair again/investing in good wigs because “it’s easier”; too lazy to fix or wash hair
> Claimed Bob Ross isn’t considered “fine art”/his techniques are “cheating”; was using same techniques in new painting and makeup videos
> Went from being an “empath” to a “psychic”
> Hopped on Michael Jackson documentary trend by claiming abuse by “someone famous”
> Was pushing LARP/D&D videos until recently; fans greatly expressed they do not enjoy those
> Was spamming videos with empty content in light of drop in views/engagement on YouTube (didn't improve viewership at all)
> Lifted traits from Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks (milk bath photos, attempting to create word for her stolen “style”, etc.)
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos/stories on Instagram/YouTube, where she listens/gets turned on to kidnapping ASMR videos
> Had fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT); seems to have disappeared, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari; often features poorly donned undergarments and severe chestne
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20+ minutes
> Got free expensive computer equipment from companies; would never stream on Twitch despite repeatedly promising to
> Removed stretched/faded tattoo of mother on arm, replaced with a poorly done tattoo of Sailor Moon fanart of Human Luna (by a Chinese artist which she never received permission from to use)
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked it for all it was worth; $10,000 GoFundMe to fund funeral (which was also used on shopping/lip fillers/vacation to Mexico after his death), made monetized videos to garner sympathy in his room where he died, etc.; has now turned his room into mini-version of her home for when she visits family in Colorado
> Got liposuction after not “seeing results” after one week of working out and still eating junk; never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds, despite bashing meds as treatment in past
> Made a video with her ex-boyfriend/fiancé Davey Suicide; skreeeeee'd at him for 50 minutes/demonized him at every turn
> Tweeted anti-Semitic meme then played dumb after being called out on it
> Was featured in Splat campaign ad wearing dyed wig not dyed with Splat
> Former roommate Dre got start on Kelly's channel, moved out after drama; Kelly shaded Dre, threw fit over not getting “credit” for Dre’s success
> Lost ex-boyfriend Kyle Pavone to accidental overdose, sad-tweeted/milked loss in Labyrinth of Jareth video; Kyle's girlfriend Allie reportedly livid about Kelly's Tweets
> Constant flirting with Jake Munro in front of girlfriend Kaya Lili/Toxic Tears when they were visiting the U.S./staying with Kelly and Dre
> Regularly sends sheeple to harass professionals into sponsoring/collaborating with her (see: Gallery Nucleus Final Fantasy art exhibit fiasco)
> Former Kawaii Ambassador, despite pronouncing words such as “kawaii” incorrectly
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning $1000+ Angelic Pretty dress in Japan (that she was too stupid to read the price of); didn’t apologize and in turn accused the store of “doing poorly”, pushing sales
> Dyed accessory designer dog Toshi pink to fit her “aesthetic”
> Used sign sent by fan as a ramp for dog
> Sold art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500+
> Bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots
> Threw self-pity party for being single/lonely at (former) best friend Stephanie’s wedding; couldn’t fake being happy for one day
> Got (now former) friends to babysit her for a week straight at home after getting elective liposuction for the first time
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring/partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (marked as sold despite still being seen in background of videos)
> Stole dad's ashes from family to mix into self-portrait painting
> Had reputation for selling horrible quality antler crowns that would break easily/reviewed as selling dirty items on eBay (username edenromance); swapped an antler crown for a Betsy Johnson dress with a fan, fan never received crown after mailing dress, was blocked after complaining
> Whines about “wasted” time in art school/as a tattoo apprentice
> Previously(?) friends with dubious characters such as Davhie Vanity
> Posed smiling, flashing a thumbs up in front of homeless person sleeping on ground in L.A for a photo on Tumblr
> Used to claim she’s a “gypsy”




No. 54962

Her latest haul just shows how she spends on useless crap just to spend money on it. Someone should add all the cost together from the video and see how much she spent.

No. 54965

Did anyone catch that she said "poshmark is a great way to keep up on trends and a lot of people just buy and sell on DEPOP as a living?"

How does she even get sponsorships??

No. 54968

Did anyone catch that she said "poshmark is a great way to keep up on trends and a lot of people just buy and sell on DEPOP as a living?"

How does she even get sponsorships??

No. 54971

After watching those japanese vlogs I started to feel kinda… sorry for her. I wish there was somebody who could explain her wrong doings and she could stop being so annoying. Tbh I liked those vlogs, Kelly when she wants can actually talk pretty calm and interesting things. Like about those shrines in Japan. I wish her going into "spirituality" was genuine. Maybe that could change her attitude and she could make better content videos.

No. 54973

Also have you noticed that no matter what movie, anime, song Kelly watched/listend she become obssessed with it? Like recently she just said she was never into Pokemon that much but after watching Detective Pikachu she have the need to buy everything cute with Pikachu. Watched IT and become obssessed with clowns…She overspend her money on totally unnecessary stuff.

No. 54974

Omg I didn't even catch that. How is Poshmark okay with this? She's literally advertising their competitor lmao

No. 54989

I'm pretty sure all of her friends and exes have tried to explain to her. She doesn't want to hear it. She excuses her behavior and blames it on the accuser. It's always the fault of someone else, somehow. I truly don't know what it would take for her to finally get it. But she does seem different during and after Japan. But I can't decide if she is more calm and centered…or she just can't move from her botox. I hope she is learning and growing.

No. 54994

I’d guess she might be feeling the backlash for how she acted in Japan towards the last of her friends. They got distant, but then comments here point out how those friends aren’t sharing anything including kelly publicly during the trip. It might be a bit humbling and a slap in the face that yes you are the problem repeatedly.

No. 54999

Was a lot of the backlash on the comments? haven't really seen anything on twitter. tbh she may try a lot to change and i hope she does however feel majority will still stay the same

No. 55001

Oh no I meant on here sorry. It’s been obvious she reads and people here gave her time stamps and specifics from those vlogs where it’s super obvious her actions weren’t being well received. I’d like to hope it made her rethink some anyway.

No. 55002

I agree. Although I enjoy reading and posting about all the bullshit she does, I don't actually wish bad things towards her. She has / had so much potential as a public figure, if she could get her head out of her ass. Hopefully it leads to actual change (although that's probably wishful thinking) and not another opportunity for her to delude herself further into the belief that she's a victim.

No. 55013

I just came here to post that, what an idiot.

No. 55014

Idk how anyone has any hope for her after that Japan haul. She's not acting manic and screeching, but she's still being condescending while not knowing what she's talking about 99% of the time and spending almost an hour going on about everything she wasted her money on. While sponsoring the app she doesn't use to furiously resell everything on. She seemed more fixated on the US resale value of everything she bought than actually caring about it.

The only souvenirs for others she mentioned are tea for her mom and sister, not even from anywhere known for tea. And a necklace for whoever was watching Toshi. But Eevee, not Pikachu, because Pikachu is "starting to grow on her" after 20+ years of not giving a fuck about pokemon lol. Idk how some of you have infinite patience and sympathy for this grown adult brat.

No. 55039

It’s scary if you watch, her eyebrows and forehead never move for the whole video

No. 55042

Nitpick, but she has loose threads hanging from her headbow in the newest haul. It's super noticeable and really irritating to me. Can you like… check that your clothes aren't falling apart before you use them for a video?

Not to mention I barely made it 3 minutes into the video. The screeching is unbearable. She looks like a wax figure with all that botox and not seeing her face change/move at all while she's squealing about how cute something is is fucking uncanny valley extraordinaire.

No. 55062

Can't be the only anon who is bothered that alot of the shit she bought she could have gotten online for the same price from japan and not sacrifice luggage space?
If you ever go to japan just to spend money on plastic boxes from Daiso you are a contender for the darwin award i s2g, I understand not everyone has the same priorities when travelling but how much literal dollar store tat can you possibly travel with when theres everything from FF bullshit all the way to IT cause exclusive figs etc.

No. 55086

No. 55088

holy HELL that wig is busted. She is in NO position to be doing a wig tutorial.

No. 55092

Omg her hair is so dirty and it looks like she's balding. Even people in the comments are commenting on it

And her jiggly arms kek

No. 55097

I don’t understand why she wears a wig all the time? I can see once in a while but she’s got a good hair length as it is. Why doesn’t she just take good care of her natural hair instead of going through wigs? I dye my hair every few months and my hair is still in good condition. If she likes to change colors that often why doesn’t she just do that? It makes no sense. Wigs are so sweaty and uncomfortable. :(

No. 55104

yup, for a few years she would go on full rants on how its just animal cruelty and the company is just money hungry and how it has ripped off digimon and how that is the superior one….change of tune just to stay relevant i guess i doubt she will play the games and if so it will just be to take pics of

No. 55105

she bought a sixty-dollar sephiroth…neck tie

No. 55117

I think the funniest part is that she thinks 100 (or 200? can't remember and I am not going to rewatch) dollar silver necklace is too pricy. But is okay throwing money into neck tie she will never use, or two colognes that were like 70 dollars? Why not buy one item you know you get use from, instead of hoarding more useless crap.

No. 55134

Tinfoil but it feels like Kelly bought that necktie on the off chance she does manage to get some poor bastard to marry her… I could deff see her pushing it on some future partner for the FiNAl FaNtAsY AeStHEtIc

No. 55137

File: 1561591238438.png (1.77 MB, 1334x750, 8680F1FA-3729-4B91-B697-BEA7D2…)

I, uh, found this.

No. 55140

Fucking HELL her hairline.

No. 55146

"look at the top of his heeeaaad" kek

No. 55151

File: 1561598292260.png (1.62 MB, 1334x750, 642D98F2-8D53-438F-A328-27C97D…)

Kelly, if you’re reading this, just let your natural hair grow out. You can still wear all your wigs but coming from one over-bleached bitch to another it’s just not a good look.

No. 55175

File: 1561617255958.jpg (94.84 KB, 747x877, ah shit.jpg)

ah, shit. here we go again.

No. 55179

Will end up on Depop a week after purchase kek

No. 55181

Anyone else think she put oil in her hair to make you think it’s not greasy from not bathing?

No. 55189

This photo reminds me of Dopey when he takes his hat off kek

I was thinking the same exact thing. Why would you need oil under your wig?? That combined with the sweat that gets trapped underneath is nasty. She totally was just saying that she put oil to hide the fact that she probably hasn't showered in a month or more. I mean just look at her feet that should tell you a lot. Probably only washed her hair when she got it dyed. Filthy.

No. 55197

Plus she only put oil on the roots which don't need it rather than the ends which do. She's bizarre

No. 55205

File: 1561642547791.jpg (31.33 KB, 600x600, CRTX93SWIAEHlo5.jpg)

Kelly serving some Poot Lovato realnesss

No. 55272

This woman child is perpetually stuck at 13 years old. Psychologically fascinating.

No. 55277

File: 1561672860056.png (Spoiler Image,385.09 KB, 750x1334, 69E0BF09-3A2E-4D0C-8B3C-7A10F1…)

Oops here’s the photo(don't abuse the spoiler)

No. 55283

Apparently she went to go visit someone “very special“ this weekend, guess she’s on to a new boy.

No. 55285

Whew lad.

No. 55291

File: 1561682825621.jpg (869.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190627-204524_Ins…)

Kelly and her new greasy boy toy?

No. 55294

ew, definitely looks her type

No. 55299

That's the kinda guy you mistakenly date in your late teens/early 20s, not your near 30s. 'Ol Sensual seemed like a better catch than this skater punk circa 2007 wannabe.

No. 55302

File: 1561686097683.jpeg (200.98 KB, 750x1225, C2223A47-315B-46FF-8F1A-0330C0…)

Is this him? He’s in Sacremento, where she is and the picture looks about right

No. 55305

I think so, based on some of the comments he has been leaving on her insta 'ics

No. 55308

When you’re so desperate for male attention you drive all the way to sac for a booty call you met on tinder. Although they are probs made for each other.

No. 55309

File: 1561689716684.jpg (1.95 MB, 2048x2560, PhotoGrid_1561689604690.jpg)

What I meant by my previous reply about his comments on her Instagram pics

No. 55313

Okay the "prince in your belly" comment made me puke a little…even if it's a quote from GoT…barf

No. 55315

Isn’t it about rape in GoT technically? Gross

No. 55316

In the context of that scene it wasn't however still creepy af to comment

No. 55318

>You absolute glittersouled angelic gift to earth
>I'm going to put a prince in your belly
Gross. She's fucking a thirsty fanboy?

No. 55320

Wow wtf this is worse than I thought! Please don’t procreate Kelly.

No. 55321

Calm down, it's a GOT reference.

No. 55323

Just checked out his IG. He's much better looking than Davey, I'll give him that at least.

No. 55324

He still has a hell of a lot of pictures of his EX still up, yikes

No. 55329

GOT ref or not, it's a creepy/weird thing to comment on a public IG post? Let's be real, anon.

Her taste in men is so sad. While she is a cow, she's not terrible looking. I guess having a shit personality really limits your options?

No. 55330


He's really cute but gives me slight pedo vibes. Probably just a peter pan-esque fuckboi.

No. 55332

The way he is standing cracks me up. He's nearly falling over in order to try and stand "casually"

No. 55334

File: 1561700725415.png (1.07 MB, 780x635, anonno.png)

>he's really cute
Anon. plz. Love yourself.

You right about him giving pedo vibes though, that's an unfortunate looking stache.

No. 55347

absolute STICC lmao

No. 55348

Not to wk but it's not uncommon for people in their 30s to not delete evidence of their ex's. Esp if they didn't go through a rough breakup

No. 55362

That bottom right picture was a different profile tagged from all the other photos of his ex (that do seem to go back years).

No. 55397

I didn't say it wasn't creepy, it totally is. I was just telling anon to calm down because it does not mean Kelly is actually gonna procreate anytime soon.

And yeah, her personality and laundry list of unaddressed issues is going to severely limit her dating pool. When you're about to turn 30 the whole "broken girl in need of saving" thing isn't as easy for guys to romanticize anymore. They expect a mentally adult partner.

No. 55398

Is anyone else having issues with the thread only loading a few posts? For some reason this is the only thread it seems to be doing that with.

No. 55407

Make sure you don't have saged posts only selected. Everything is fine on my end

No. 55508

File: 1561791793655.jpeg (108.45 KB, 750x1256, EA7D832B-111D-4D76-867C-A300AE…)

Kelly must really like this one, she just uploaded like 4 stories to IG of him talking about how he really likes her and that she might stay longer in Sacramento.

No. 55512

“Maybe you should move up here permanently” lol what recipe for disaster

No. 55514

Ugh, i hate the lighting in her japan haul video it makes her skin look greasy.

No. 55524

You mean she likes the way he likes her not the boy himself.

No. 55525

Watch him just see Kelly as a rebound kek.

No. 55546

File: 1561830062909.png (509.32 KB, 1112x666, typos kek.png)

Y'all heard of them Betray Johnson swoon suits? Topkek

She must have been in such a rush to post some shit to her Poshmark to get the sponsor from them

No. 55555


That's disgusting tho, Shes selling her used swimsuit. That's been in touch with her what I will assume is uncovered crotch (based on the pictures). Its unsanitary and nasty.

No. 55578

I mean, there's guys out there who will pay the big bucks for "well worn shoes" and panties, who I assume are the market for these kinda used goods

Also you just got the greatest post number

No. 55585

Im fucking crying thank you for finding this anon

No. 55591

File: 1561854954867.png (559.14 KB, 695x507, Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 7.30…)

This is the suit from the Vegas video. Worn once my ass.

No. 55626

File: 1561885547684.jpeg (917.25 KB, 1242x1121, F66D2DA6-CBF4-41F3-A61B-9A4739…)

It’s fb official

No. 55627

This is so cringy. How many dicks did she have so far? She's getting more used up day by day.

No. 55628

I don't understand what's cringy about getting into a relationship. What IS cringy, is the fact that they haven't, at least online, been a thing for longer than maybe a week..

No. 55629

It’s cringey because we know she’s an unstable person who is constantly starting and ending relationships. She hasn’t had a boyfriend for more than a couple weeks in years. This guy also seems like a gross cdingefest. I give it two weeks tops.

No. 55631

File: 1561886896516.jpg (329.77 KB, 1216x1538, stats.jpg)

She is jumping from failed relationship to relationship. Just some months ago she had some other dude in her house and bed, now she's sitting on the next dick. The more relationships and sex with guys a woman has the more likely she is to have dysfunctional partnerships in the future.

I guarantee you these two are going to break up in a few weeks or months too and she will be on the next guy.

Reposting because I didn't sage my first post.

No. 55632

Kelly being in short serial relationships is sad and her jumping from dick to dick always with dudes who post shit like "imma put a prince in your belly" on her public social media is sad and shes a depressing thot but
>sourced 1995
>marital partners
>showing statistics that are essentially tradthot propaganda

A-are you ok lmao

No. 55637

File: 1561890058236.png (390.73 KB, 750x1334, 8CA3CFD4-8A0E-4532-BBBD-14B955…)

Why does his page say “single” lol

No. 55639

Dude looks like he would be one of those pedo fuckboy YouTubers that got outed for sexually abusing minors circa 2015

No. 55640

>muh if I don't like it then its propaganda argument

Ok, I get that you're a hoe and your pussy is public property so you're trying to COPE really hard now but if you truly think that a woman who constantly has new cocks in her and jumps from failed relationship to failed relationship isn't a red flag then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 55641

You’re a misogynist and I don’t know what to tell you.
There are more recent and trustworthy studies that prove unmarried women live longer and more fulfilling lives but go off I guess. You’re either a sad married woman who is jealous of sexually active, single women, or an incel.

No. 55642

File: 1561892955077.jpg (6.79 KB, 229x200, 197.jpg)

cranky that she's being scratched by someone else aren't you sensualscratches

No. 55643

File: 1561893092848.gif (392.22 KB, 390x270, tenor.gif)

This isn't about being married or not. This is about being an easy, promiscuous woman who keeps fucking random guys and having short-lived, meaningless relationships. These are red flags to anyone who has a brain and isn't a delusional SJW or coping slut.

>being this retarded

Your post didn't even make any sense because Sensualscratches is promiscuous and has sex with sluts. He's a low quality man hence why he was interested in Kelly to begin with.

I love how when you post the truth all the thots get instantly triggered because they are getting nervous about their used-up pussies that are and have been public access to dudes since they were born.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 55644

>used-up pussies

Your whole argument is dumb, but this one takes the cake. A vagina is no more "used-up" if it takes 100 dicks once each or one dick 100 times.

No. 55647

y'all think this is just from her overbleaching? it looks fucking gnarly

No. 55648

>>55627 >>55631 >>55643
>used up
>low quality man
chill out 'chad', jesus christ youre embarassing yourself lmao
youre the only triggered one here because people are getting some and youre not like…
if you think everyone else is the problem then maybe youre wrong hm?

theres nothing wrong with boning loads of people, the problem comes with how intense Kelly is with every guy she dates and how hard she falls after these short relationships

overbleaching and pulling her back so much with the wigs I think
it looks like her hairs been pulled out

No. 55651

Definitely the bleaching and not taking care of her hair. You're not supposed to wear a wig 24/7, it'll make sure your hair doesn't have any recovery time. If she wants to use wigs she should just let her own hair grow out, and take care of the wigs cause they nasty af.

No. 55654

The problem isn't in the number of relationships, it's the intensity. She immediately falls head over heels with all of them, and they all are "so special". But that is much like all her relationships. Even in friendship, they meet and they are "best friends". Or they become roommates and immediately bffs. I'm not sure she knows how to be truly intimate with anyone.

No. 55659

>There are more recent and trustworthy studies that prove unmarried women live longer and more fulfilling lives
Where's the source, show me the science. Scholarly source preferred, don't link me to a Cosmopolitan article.

No. 55662

Can we stop derailing? The incel has been banned, let’s talk about Kelly now.
It’s crazy how many best friends and boyfriends she gone through because of her weird attachment issues. Is anyone even still by her sides from her past? Or does she scare them all away with her insecurities and immature behavior

No. 55665


Why does she take these creepy sneaky photos of her "boyfriends" are they not comfortable with just taking regular photos? She did this with scratches too while he was doing her dishes. Girl learn to respect people's privacy and just ask for a normal pic

No. 55666


At her old age if she’s still showing signs of not having a stable relationship with anyone not related to her and sorta obligated to put up with her, then I don’t think she ever will. It’s sad because I feel like she was sorta normal once upon a time and knew how to have relationships with people. But now it’s all manic intense love that last for like 2/3 weeks, or infatuation with girls she’s met once try and skinwalk then drops them because she finds someone else Interesting a week later.

No. 55670

Kelly needs to deal with her own issues before she can have a successful relationship. Not to say that you absolutely can't have a successful relationship if you have mental issues, but it's a lot less likely, especially if the other person isn't aware.

No. 55673

What’s also interesting is that she seems to have jumped super quick to make it Facebook official. I’ve been with my bf over a year and we haven’t changed our relationship status online yet because we just really don’t care lol. I never understood the need to announce “EVERYONE!! LOOK WHO I STARTED DATING! I think my last bf and I didn’t even change it on Facebook until we were together like 2.5 years haha. But then again, her life does revolve around her online presence/persona so….

No. 55682

It's funny that she suddenly jumped into a relationship after being the single one on their Japan trip. Me thinks the "she's my girlfriend" from Ian about Lindsay really got to her

No. 55690

I actually think this relationship is gonna work out. He's obviously a massive dork who tries hard but is also kinda cute. It's like 70% dork 30% cute. He has also previously had a long term relationship according to the anon that checked his Insta profile. Generally that is a better sign than guys who pride themselves on quantity over quality, like sensual and Davey.
He seems very comfortable with her and will probably keep putting in the effort to keep her due to his 70% dork ratio.

No. 55691

It means that Kelly changed her relationship status and this guy has to accept the change on fb before it appears on his profile. You can start tinfoiling if he seems active on FB without accepting the new status.

No. 55715

Honestly the only reason this might work out is because it will be a long distance relationship (not as far as some, but they’re still 5 hours apart). It may work in her favor but at the same time she might just come across as ridiculously needy because of her need for constant validation. Definitely interested to see how this pans out

No. 55718

File: 1561947396501.jpeg (201.54 KB, 1242x1088, 301B3C1D-77F6-4D11-ADF8-6F31E8…)

I was looking at his ex girlfriends profile and she’s gorgeous! She has a career, is actually fashionable, models well and has more than 3 poses, and isn’t obviously pumped full of filler

No. 55719

File: 1561947425857.jpeg (213.79 KB, 1242x1498, 1F2CE0B2-417D-420B-A34C-EF768A…)

AND to top it all off, she actually has clean feet

No. 55722

This girl is ugly as fuck kek

No. 55725


I'd like to see what you look like if you think that's "ugly as fuck". You probably walk around with a kpop idol printout stapled to your mug.

No. 55730

Everything about this man screams "fuckboy." The college guy wardrobe, the smarmy comments, seems really into himself, and something about his vibes says "cheater" to me. Hope I'm wrong

No. 55732

Sorry, no.

Seems like you might have a horse in this race, anon.

No. 55750

She’s adorable and really naturally striking, I don’t know what kind of nutty standards you’ve got- damn. Unless kelly is just angry posting about the ex lol

No. 55752

She actually kind of looks like Kelly's sister a little bit.

No. 55753

Thought the same thing at first glance. Thought it was Madi

No. 55821

How is this relevant. Go jack off in private, anon. Unless anon is actually her.

No. 55822

He makes his girlfriend his muse, takes tons of photos of her. No wonder Kelly likes him so much. He's a narcissist's dream. The potential for photo ops, alone.

No. 55859

You’re right, she posted some black and white previews of a dark photoshoot she was doing a few days ago in her stories and I feel like they were shot by him

No. 55883

File: 1562107245464.jpeg (320.21 KB, 1211x809, 6A91D822-99B6-42AB-AD5D-FB1F16…)

Maybe tinfoil but could this be about Kelly?

No. 55899

Does she even know Kelly's new boyfriend?

No. 55901

No, I don't think they are in contact at all for Dre to warn her. I think the fellowship truly has zero interest in Kelly's life anymore. I thought they were trying to teach her a lesson, but no. They really cut ties.

No. 55905

No I don’t think dre knows him but maybe she does….

No. 55911

File: 1562124961080.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, FD23476E-F3B2-4F4B-93BC-4F430D…)

I wonder if kelly is salty about them having matching hair

No. 55912

What the actual fuck is happening in Kelly’s IG story rn

No. 55914

She's fucking lost it

No. 55915

What the fuck? She's literally playing with dolls

No. 55916

As a doll collector Kelly's story is great, can't help but wonder what the new man thinks about it though

(if he loves dolls too he's a keeper)

No. 55917


I must be retarded but can someone post what they mean? I can't see shit.

No. 55918

File: 1562129015091.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, A6E5620E-6733-4E53-B68C-D5CA60…)

No. 55922

This was planned kek

No. 55927


I wonder what actually triggered Kelly's downfall. If you look back, she was already 'fat' and depressed before rifts in the fellowship. I'm sure she always had some kind of mental health problems, but she seems to have given up. Something tells me it's the breakup with Davey that started it all.

No. 55928

She mentioned once that her friends were tired of hearing her talk about the break up. Breakups are hard, but it gets annoying and tiresome when someone wants a pity party literally every time they hang out. This was mentioned when Phi was about to move in I believe.

No. 55932

God, I hate any photo where her feet are visible because you just know they’re coated in grime.

No. 55958

File: 1562179841007.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, C0F01320-A98D-46C1-BD8B-51954A…)

No. 55961

I really want to know how the Fellowship felt about how she handled Austin's death and if that had anything to do with their decision to drop her.

No. 55972

contact paper on a countertop? america anons, is this normal to fucking do?

No. 55975

No. Not normal thing. I could see maybe in the fridge and/or cupboards, but not on the fucking countertops…..but she's living on her own planet so ?

No. 55976

File: 1562192046965.jpg (903.24 KB, 1071x1905, 20190703_151229.jpg)

What the actual fuck. HOW has her landlord not kicked her ass out yet? You know she's going to do it too.

No. 55977

This is not her apartment, this is her studio space. But I have no idea why she couldn't just buy a damn house/apartment and design it. Contact paper on a counterpart don't matter if she doesn't cook or use her kitchen anyway.

No. 55978

The studio is in the same apartment complex as her apartment, probably the same landlord.

No. 55980

Why can’t she just put a rug over the tiles if she hates them so much? That’s much less permanent.

No. 55989

As stupid as this idea is, I'm kind of more horrified by how disgusting and filthy the carpeting is. What's the point in spray painting your entire kitchen pastel when your carpet is brown and filthy just one step away?

No. 55991

She's prob gonna spray paint that carpet pink next or replace it with that grass texture tile she likes.

No. 56007

That’s not carpet, it’s concrete. When she first rented the space she said she was going to paint it but never did.

Ya’ll see that heart rug in her stories though? She only got it about a month ago & THAT is disgusting now.

No. 56017

File: 1562216572412.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 82913964-E5CD-4D1B-93EF-D09CE0…)


I have no idea how it’s THAT dirty and she just got it + was gone for like a month, so her feet must truly be black 24/7

No. 56019

File: 1562218968319.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1562218938493.jpg)

No. 56020

What…the fuck

No. 56022

File: 1562221483769.png (6.18 MB, 1242x2208, 794E37A9-0AD7-4983-AD1D-869DB9…)

This is also new on his Instagram highlights titled “Pitter Patter”…I’m assuming it’ll be content related to Kelly

No. 56023


At least she looks happy?

No. 56025

they share the same mania, what the fuck is going on.

No. 56026

So sticcboi has been obsessed for six years and is already planning their wedding? Yep, no red flags here.

No. 56029

Of course she’s happy. She finally has someone to help feed her ego

No. 56034

This is a match made in heaven
Or recipe for disaster

No. 56035

Ah yes, when men have borderline PD.

No. 56036

His ex girlfriend would love to see this post about how he was pining for Kelly for 6 years

No. 56041

what ever happened to Sensual?

No. 56044

My guess is that he was the whiteknight a thread or two back and didn't want to associate himself with her any more after reading these. Or Kelly just threw him out, who knows.>>56041

No. 56045

This better not mean what I think it means. "Pitter patter of little feet"?? Tinfoil, but if Kelly is pregnant with this dude's spawn…

No. 56046

>>56045 my exact thoughts, anon.

No. 56047

I really dont think Kelly Lipsuction Eden would be too happy it she was preggers, she wants attention but I dont think shes been that desperate yet tbh.

No. 56049

I read pitter patter as in his heart pitter patters for her in his chest. Kek wait till this dude lives with her fulltime. It'll over quickly like the rest.

No. 56050

I wonder if this douche was still madly in love with Kelly while he was dating the girl on his IG who he was madly in love with also? Why write such a ridiculous long cringy text about he got a hard on for her since 2011 for her family to read. Keep that shit between him and Kelly. Knowing the narcissist in Kelly this is a dream come true.

No. 56052

File: 1562238403641.jpg (345.42 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190704-130434_Ins…)

This totally looks like a better version of Kelly

Is this look what she tries to achieve?

No. 56056

So atleast they knew eachother for quite some time, 8 years. She seems happy, but who knows what will happen after the honeymoon phase.
all ig thots look the same imo can we stop comparing random ass females to kelly

No. 56059

She did say that she’s been going through big changes and she has expressed her desire for a family multiple times before… and then his whole comment about “putting a prince in her belly” regardless of if it was a quote….. me thinks she might really be preggers. yikes

No. 56062

I think I posted her last thread and got accused of selfposting.

The lovebombing and throwing other women (his ex of the last few years) under the bus is a Bad Sign based on my previous dealings with BPD guys, but I'm hoping I'm wrong about that. I doubt they have met more than twice in all these years and he's just trying to make it seem less weird that they're FB official after a week, like two highschoolers

No. 56063

Also my tinfoil is that he wants to move into her apartment, based on the fact he followed her back after she went up to visit him & is currently staying there. Make sure you charge him half the rent if he does, Kelly

No. 56064

What about his ex??? Wasnt he with her for a lot of this time, damn

No. 56070

It wasnt that long ago she got lipo and she pretty much expressed wanting "change" every three months. Shes constantly gone on about "husbandos" and wanting an actual irl husband but not once even gotten engaged and thats way less hassle than …pregnancy lmao. Shes not ready to actually go through with what pregnancy would do to her body but when shes manic ofcourse shes on twitter with 5 different breeding fetishes on rotation for her 12yr old fans to gawk at while she squeals about (insert fictive male character).

No. 56072

It's literally a GoT quote from season 8. I wouldn't read much into it.

No. 56101

Wow that’s disgusting. These 2 trash cans are made for each other.

No. 56103

He seems like the type to want to watch girls getting it on while also saying gay people are disgusting
fucking prince charming right there, gross

No. 56112

This is the exactly the kind of guy he is. A straight man who likes fake lesbian porn but thinks real lesbians and gay men are gross. fuck.. she's gonna a winner here

No. 56115

… He posted his brother's phone number to Instagram? Am I reading this properly?

No. 56122

It's against the rules to post phone numbers.

Yeah, I cannot believe this idiot doxed his own brother or thought this was appropriate to post on IG. From the little we've seen of this guy, I honestly think Sensual may have been preferable. But this dude is hot and unhealthily obsessed with Kelly it seems, so my guess is she dgaf about his personality past that.

No. 56125

He has 776 followers iirc so it's not like he thought more than a few dozen people would read that.

No. 56128

File: 1562296324253.jpg (783.56 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190704-230851_Chr…)

Holy shit, it's amazing the difference a change in look can make. When she wears black and skips the clown makeup, she looks so much younger and prettier. Her tacky pastel vomit look makes her look like 15 years older than she does in these pics. I really hope she dresses like this more.

No. 56130

The state of those commenter's usernames

such edge

No. 56131

>“Is that the sex stuff?”
>”No it’s an art form”
In his IG story asking about the BDSM rope she has

No. 56152

let'S uh, let'S uh ignore the bouquet of red flags for a minute and just consider the fact that someone, in whatever mental space it takes to be SticcBoi, has
>met kelly IRL
>seen her flabby formm
>her gross hair/teeth/nails/(skin?)
>witnessed her fake-genki-kawaii excuse for a personality
>probably also witnessed her actual annoying self
>has probably stalked her online antics

and talks about her going on 8 years later with /infatuation/?


No. 56154

This is derailing, but every time I see Toshi I just feel so bad for him… We don’t really know how Kelly takes care of him, but dyeing his hair pink and continually exposing him to paint fumes… it isn’t so promising. I hope that dog is okay.

No. 56158

She literally used an air conditioner outside in her latest ig story…

No. 56171

I can't for the life of me understand why the pink dye is such an issue for some people. She does it in a totally vet approved way while she's already giving him a bath. There's objectively nothing wrong with it. I agree 100% with the paint fumes, though. That is so irresponsible.

No. 56173

I know some will still just all out disagree with the dyeing entirely- but I think(and others have agreed here) that she only appears to groom Toshi when dyeing him. We all recently talked about how matted and dirty he was in multiple spots, then directly after those comments are made and after months of not dyeing or grooming him, she decides to again? Owners need to bathe and brush their long haired dogs to avoid painful mats. Not just when she wants him to be aesthetic..

No. 56174

Didn’t she tell a story once about how she was trying to be all cute to impress some guy there who was a photographer but got ignored and snubbed and then he later asked her out on a date which she was totally baffled by cause she thought he hated her? and she claimed to not know that it was a date. Wonder if this was the date she’s claiming to him she doesn’t remember….

No. 56176


I'm rewatching "I had no idea this was a date" it could be him.

No. 56202

Maybe kelly's small feet because she's a munchkin?

So, to her, he is perfect.

I guess it's not that she just grooms when she'll dye him, but she dyes him because she's grooming anyway. If kelly is unsure how to care for his fur properly she could hire someone to regularly groom him and she'd have to just brush him to keep the fur from matting.

To me it sounds more like she tries to charm every photographer, director, etc at every single shot she participates on. We know she is thirsty as fuck for male attention, wants to be adored… nothing better than being some "artist's" "muse".

I disagree with anons that say that Sensual was better than this guy. Sensual was creepy with all those long ass texts about how he was a dominant kinkster and such. He never publicly spoke of Kelly in any way. And he was ugly as sin. At least this dude is not embarrassed of her, is interacting with her family telling how they met, posts funny comments on her stuff etc. And he's not bad looking.

Maybe it's even good for kelly to have someone who thinks like her and probably shares a lot of the same crazy as her, you know what I mean? It can work out if both being crazy means they understand what the other goes through. As it can mean they'll be shouting at each other's faces in no time. Who knows? She seems happy, I hope that getting into a real relationship means that she'll start to grow up and prioritize more important things than clothes she'll sell on depop, lying on the internet, spray painting everything and fighting over hair color.

No. 56207

Sensual was the worst and had little to no redeeming qualities. Sticc is definitely better in comparison, but I still don't get her taste in men whatsoever. There's a lot of red flags here too, but I guess he seems nice and supportive thus far?

It does make me wonder how long they have been talking on the down low for them to be this far in it already though.

No. 56214

I don't know how two people with that kind of crazy won't inevitably turn on each other, but it's cute that you think that.

No. 56221

Not that theyll grow old together or something, it could last a while and be good for her before they turn against each other. 90% of all the relationships end this way, anyway. I see no reason why it couldn't work a while.

To me it seems like they are super impulsive. The guy thinks he found a magic cute geek gamer funny girl and she must be feeling super in love with all the attention he gives her. Now they're living a honeymoon period. I hope it works. Being involved with someone after being single (does Ol Sensual even count?) for so much time maybe helps her feel more like actually doing something to improve her life instead of the usual pity party. But eh… maybe you're right and Im being naive. I just hoped that having someone to care and be cared for sparked at least some sense in her in the sense of not worrying so much about ex friendals, current friends' personal lives, etc. Kelly is 30, after all, and we know she has been talking about settling down for a while.

No. 56276

On Kelly' inta story she had Leo Camacho featured. I still find it interesting that almost everyone from the fellowship were so supportive of Sarah Sterling (Leo's ex), except for Kelly who she still calls him her "fam". Still suspicious IMO.

No. 56294

It’s obviously because she was fucking him while he was still with the other girl.

No. 56332

His arms are 1/10 the size of Kelly’s. They are perfect for each other. She can donate her future lipo fats to him kek.

No. 56335

I saw Kelly outside of AX yesterday and homegirl got something wrong with her face. I think she got too much Botox and now she can’t move her face. I didn’t get a pic but she was taking pictures with Azusa Barbie and some attendees. She looked like her face was stretched so far back that her eyes were being pulled to the point of being uncomfortable

No. 56339

Why say these things without real milk? It's boring and annoying. More likely, she is reaching into her past since she has noone else left. And he's convenient since he is obviously obsessed with her.

No. 56354

File: 1562523953144.jpg (120.72 KB, 781x1280, IMG_20190707_111848_548.jpg)

The pink crew. This seems like a response to her former friend group, who are neon green now.

No. 56361

But her real hair is not even pink anymore lol. K

No. 56368

File: 1562533519925.png (5.08 MB, 1242x2208, F6F9CC23-0708-417F-B1C4-CC7C19…)

This is so ridiculously tacky.

No. 56370

she looks like a council estate chav

No. 56371

i get the feeling he will slowly stay longer and soon enough he will just force himself and move in

No. 56374

She does look really good in that pic, it might be photo editing though.

No. 56376

She looks ten times better in the leopard print outfit then the rainbow one which looked way too small on her. It almost looked like she tried to pull it down more so she had more boob showing then intended and it created bulges on her side….

No. 56383

The rainbow one is godawful, her side fat is all spilling out. I don't know why she posted that one, the horizontal stripes on it weren't doing her any favors either

Seconding this, the impression that I got from her stories with his nephew in them is that he's living at his sister's house and I wouldn't be surprised if he moves in with Kelly to be closer to her/for more opportunities in LA

No. 56384

At first I thought the rainbow outfit was cool as just swimwear but it's actually a gym outfit? Hell no.

No. 56415

File: 1562561934466.jpg (132.25 KB, 798x1279, IMG_20190707_215620_648.jpg)

Damn you guys are body shaming her pretty hard. She looks fine. It wouldn't be my pick for a gym outfit but she looks fine here.

No. 56416

On his stories he posted a photo of the tent-fort with the caption "why pay rent?"
I think he assumes Kelly will house him for free…

No. 56417

What a fucking reach. It's obviously a joke: "this tent is so good that it makes me think it's possible to live in a tent and not pay rent"

I swear, there's some people here who sound like a retarded soccer mom making up shit about the neighbors based on nothing

No. 56425

Kelly "I swear ya boi is bi" Eden still at it while dating another dude?

No. 56429

For someone who has doled out alotta cash for plastic surgeries due to her own insecurities she does actually look p awful.
You can bitch all you want about body shaming but its within the context of her old claims of "muh body dysmorphia!!" which is one of the many mental health tm things she seems to have forgotten she supposedlt "has", but either way getting x amount of surgeries sponsored, teaching your teen fans thay bd can be helped with surgery that alters your appearance etcetc is enough that yeah i can confidently say that the bitch is doughy, the fake tits made her body shape worse and she can't dress for her body shape. If we were talkin about Kelly pre-all the surgery i would maybe understand it but nah shes chooses to get surgeries for any minor insecurity and photoshops the horrible side effects away like the loose lipo skin she could have avoided had she just idk…worked out?

No. 56434

In context with her week at his house/location, then him following her back for another week at her house, cooking, making friends with her friends and talking about marriage on facebook, I don't think it's a reach to think he is considering moving in and is laying down the groundwork to do so.
He hasn't posted any photos of her on his Instagram yet, despite all the story posts so there is also the chance it will all be over very soon if it doesn't pan out as expected.

No. 56452

No she doesn't anon. She looks like a shapeless block of wood with tits stapled on. That thigh lipo she got really ruined her shape. She looked a LOT better without the weirdly skinny chicken legs, it balanced her all out.

No. 56453

ffs i don't like Kelly one bit but y'all thinking this is looking bad need a therapist

she hasn't been fat a single day of her life, out of shape, maybe, but fat???? really, you all need a therapist

lets focus on her personality again please, that's by far the ugliest thing about her

No. 56459

Most anons i read on here all might comment on her shape but never do i really see anons calling her actually fat/overweight/obese.
Loose/sagging skin =/= beig called fat.
Horrible bodyshape =/= being called fat.
Like complain to admins about nitpicking but projecting or trying to make the complaints into something they are not is lulz. At this point it feels like Kelly self posting to stir the pot considering the "body shame" post was unsaged and leftfield af kek,

No. 56461

tinfoil but I'm wondering if the "don't bodyshame" posts were by a Fellowship member, Vivka or Steph

No. 56471

… ffs why would two girls who don’t like kelly wk her?
The reach in this thread is at its max.

No. 56480

I think her body looks perfectly fine for the most part, aside from her giant tits being unflattering to her frame, and lipo making her look weird in places.

What I really have a problem with is that she claimed to have body dysmorphia in her liposuction video, and said that it was to cure her BDD. She really should have put a disclaimer saying if you have body dysnorphia to see a therapist and that surgery isnt going to magically cure it….

No. 56483

I hate the accent she puts on when trying to speak another language. I’d record her stories to post them to show what I mean but I don’t know how to do that. It just seems a little bit racist. Why can’t she just use her regular voice instead of putting on an overly top accent?

No. 56484


No. 56490

She's, in her own words, a blue eyes white girl from Colorado who made a "let's go see Nazi camps with my cousin with a red armband" video with 99% of the people she shows on camera in general also being pasty af. Why would she care to not want to be seen as racist?

I feel like there are such short attention spans itt even though there is literally a summary in the op of for this reason.

No. 56498

Her new guy seemed embarrassed when she was asking, in the store in front of others "Is that right?!" While practicing her Spanish in a ditzy way and then saying "Fuck!" when she messed up. The Spanish practicing videos are really cringey.

Here's the one where he looks embarrassed: https://streamable.com/d605i

Anon, if you go to insta-stories.ru you can save stories from there.

No. 56514

File: 1562649767890.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1306, 8B171F6D-63C4-4F67-88EC-869E6B…)


No. 56516


This whole look is tragic as fuck.

No. 56517

Why is she obssessed with spanish now? She has posted some insta stories written in the language.

As for the "chocolate", I come from a spanish speaking area and it was actually pretty good pronunciation

No. 56518

File: 1562653722630.jpg (449.32 KB, 1032x1274, b083d8df-5079-4f1b-8a8a-962faa…)

I just found this doll that has pink hair and a flower crown with antlers…I suspect they had seen a photo of Kelly at some point in the designing of this

No. 56520

File: 1562655985006.png (614.51 KB, 1322x582, ke.png)

Isn't she sort of still outing the fact that she and the FotR had drama and that they "dumped" her with this post? And notice how she doesn't take any responsibility with this post, but continues to play the victim despite saying that she's not a victim (for example saying that she's looking for people who will love her in return, implying that the FotR never did even though we all know they did a lot for her). This is a very backhanded, awkwardly worded post tbh. She continues to not accept that she may have been in the wrong and continues to look for people who will only ever enable her in her life. Oh Kelly you'll never change or truly grow will you?

Because she has no personality of her own and tries to morph into whoever her newest current obsession is kek

Yeap her face looks really stretched. Botox for sure.

Kelly isn't the first or only one to have ever done this. I wouldn't be surprised if she takes the Lori Lune route and claims that they copied her though

No. 56522

This is so fucking stupid. I feel like The Fellowship - especially Steph - are the type of girls who would be willing to make amends if she went about it the right way.

Like, if she sat down with them individually, and humbly explained that she truly did not mean to alienate them - that she lacked the emotional maturity to understand what it took to be a good friend & to accept the criticism that came when she fell short, I think it might go really well. As long as she didn't just expect the apology to make them want to to take her back, but went into it with a spirit of humility about wanting to be better for the future, and KEPT IT PRIVATE (i.e. off social media) she might actually get her friends back.

But she'd have to understand true humility, and that would require spending her money on actual therapy instead of more pastel bullshit, and facing the fact that others perceive her in a much more negative light than she sees herself.

Kelly Eden would be so much more successful if Kelly Gardiner would stop avoiding the difficult therapeutic work she has needed for decades

No. 56525


Wow.. does she realise she looks like a hooker?

No. 56541

No anon as a native Spanish speaker, her pronunciation is terrible.

No. 56543

File: 1562671192966.jpg (85.22 KB, 457x797, Annotation 2019-07-09 041729.j…)

well that's one expensive thing kelly won't get back if this relationship goes south and he probably knows it.

No. 56544

The borderline personality disorder jumped out

He's all moved in after meeting 2 weeks ago and is slowly absorbing her expensive Kawaii tat into his being.

No. 56547

This is relationship feels very middle school for some reason. Nothing seems mature to me.

No. 56566

You literally took the words out of my mouth.
I seriously doubt it. Kelly did not invent flowers and antlers…nor did she invent pink hair.

No. 56567

>Ember Evergreen
Kelly is from Evergreen. Weird.

No. 56569

They've known each other since 2011 and he's been weirdly obsessed with her the whole time. It was discussed extensively. Read the damn thread.

No. 56574

Where does it say he was weirdly obsessed with her the whole time? Just that she agreed to go on a date with him after a "missed connection" first encounter, but before they could go on the date, he moved away, and was living in Portland for six years. It sounds to me like they just recently reconnected after he moved back to CA (possibly after breaking up with the last girl?)

Did I miss something, or did this just get assumed and people ran with it? Because I don't see anything about how he pined for her in his original IG post, just that he was gone for that time. He was in at least one other serious relationship in that time, I doubt he was just pining away for Kelly, despite the flowery language he's using about her now.

No. 56579

Do your fucking research anon. This is a doll based off a character from Project MC2 experiments. Ember's actor has red hair, so they went with a mystical character and made her hair pink. Weird coincidence yes. But the doll with pink hair came second to the actress with red hair..who wears flower headbands. Shocker…

No. 56582

Calm down. I never said I thought it was intentional, just that it was weird. Because it is a weird coincidence.

No. 56584

It's actually not though. The soft forest girl antler aesthetic has been around for like a decade now

No. 56588

Breathe in, breathe out
Body shaming =/= omg that outfit is unflattering

No. 56594

What if they gonna get married for real?? I'm pretty sure they would do it in Vegas.

No. 56595

No. 56596

Holy fuck that was pure cringe…. I would hate to be Kelly's neighbor… How I considerate of her to just take up the parking lot to bring all her shit outside?

No. 56597

As a kinkster I'm cringing because she's using her shibari rope to tie the lines for the fort.

No. 56599

File: 1562704975694.jpg (215.28 KB, 1042x658, thumbnail_InFrame_156130705537…)

She either thinks she looks good, or forgets that this makes it painfully obvious how photoshopped some of her photos will look when placed next to this.

No. 56600

Kelly is too old to be doing this type of shit. Pillow fort is fine, but this is ghetto as hell, who brings all that stuff outdoors??

No. 56601

She's literally falling out of her underwear, gross.

No. 56602

I said the fact the doll was named Evergreen, which is where Kelly is from, is the weird coincidence, not just the aesthetic. If you don't think so, that's fine, but I do.

No. 56603

He called her "mi vida"….I don't care how long they have known each other. He's coming on strooooong. I'm all for a good love story. But damn he cheesy.

No. 56604

Oh, it is a weird coincidence, but totally irrelevant to this thread.

No. 56608

the fact that this is a shared backyard/parking space would piss me off so much. And the fact she has the grill and fire so close to the blankets is asking for a fire. she honestly acts like an 18 year old retard who has just moved out of their parents house. all of this is what not to do. Also, that new dude who is obsessed with her is insane.

No. 56609

she kept wearing less and less clothing each shot. it's really tactless and vile to look at. She does not have the body for that shit

No. 56615

File: 1562711551397.png (729.15 KB, 681x544, pic477.png)

her boyfriend looks like trailer trash. she has the worst taste in men I've ever come across.

No. 56616

File: 1562711732378.jpg (141.2 KB, 1200x996, collage.jpg)

I guess she likes them for their personalities??

No. 56618

He honestly looks like he is on, or is coming off of being on drugs. He's not healthy looking, and it makes me wonder if he's playing an act to get to LA so he can get more of whatever he's hooked on….

No. 56619

I think she picks guys well under her physical league so she doesn't have to fear rejection.

No. 56621

Just watched this and a few comments

Her thigh lipo makes it look like she got butt implants. Her ass just sits on her legs unnaturally. Really her thighs looked fine before

Her skreeee-ing "but I wanna do this NOWWW".. yikes like a child throwing a tantrum

And at 6:19 did she really bring pink cigarettes over from Japan?

Her hair loss really shows in this video. Kinda feel bad for her but she's doing it to herself soo

No. 56622

She didn’t invent this look.

No. 56623

File: 1562717187861.png (739.59 KB, 959x540, Sketch.png)

I'm slowly trying to watch the blanket fort video when I notice this.. What's on that blanket? Blood? Shit? Or something else? It's disgusting.

No. 56624

I'd bet $500 on menstural blood

No. 56625

Omg looks like period sex sheets

No. 56626

File: 1562718650197.gif (809.82 KB, 498x356, wtffghjk.gif)

>>56623 that's fucking blood

No. 56636

She probably bled on it, left it in the hamper for a long ass time then threw it in the washer without properly scrubbing the dry blood off. I suppose she thought it was clean since it went through the wash.

No. 56637

I would say it was paint but it isn't pastel colored so idk

No. 56641

It looks like something with a flat surface w wood stain or paint dragged across the blanket. Bleeding usually pools amirite? Granted she never stains anything she just paints it horrid colors lmao so I guess it could be anything.

Either way, those two together make me fuckin cringe. That part of the video at the end where he keeps telling her to give herself some credit gave me yikes vibes for some reason.

No. 56644

Those are definitely period stains. holyshit, girl, get yourself sorted. I mean, people usually pour peroxide on those stains and wash them out. That means she willingly let them sit there and dry and stain. Then she's openly using them to build a fort for her and her friends? it's so ..wtf

No. 56648

Dude. How immature and self centered! Why not build the fort inside your god damn studio? Or in your living room?!? It would have been a million times easier to build a blanket fort inside use the grill right outside the door. Literally solves every single problem. Keeps your shit inside, keeps your loudness inside instead of outside your neighbors' windows, makes it so you don't use your fucking air conditioner outside, keeps your dog safely inside instead of inside a fucking fort built in your apartment parking lot WITH FIREWORKS.

No. 56659

I also find it odd they don’t touch, kiss,hug, at all in the video. Very telling. Kelly is a cold frigid selfish brat. Everyone is there to serve her. She treats whoever she dates as a new shiny puppy

No. 56662

Not to mention that they literally lived in there for 3 days… her neighbors must hate her so much

No. 56664

First time posting here and hello. I've known Kelly "Eden" Gardiner before she went by Eden and reading all these posts I gotta say, all the comments about her are true. In my opinion she's always been a horrible two-faced monster. Everyone that I've talked to in Colorado, that knew her, doesn't like her. And people they have talked to about her also don't like her. Not a single person likes her! She doesn't have friends but assets and opportunities. She's extremely jealous if someone else gets more attention. Nothing about her is real or has ever been. Everything about her is fake, Everything! I've read comments about how her youtube has gone downhill. That's because she can't keep her fake facade up and her hideous personality will start to show.

One thing, Dave Navarro seems like a decent guy. I'm truly worried she would accuse him of something bad to advance herself for a little fame or money.
People need to stay away from her. Nothing good will come from it, and I'm happy people from outside of Colorado are seeing it too.

Thank you!

“Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down.”

No. 56666


I wonder if she cares that the less clothing you wear the more imperfections people can see. Like does she care that people can probably see her bikini line stubble or her cellulite?

Also how old is this guy? He comes off as no older than 25.

No. 56670

File: 1562751026275.jpg (112.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Dollyfag here, the doll I posted is made by MGA who also released this Doe a Deer doll a few years ago, around the same time Doe Deere had purple hair (it is purple again now) so either it's a coincidence, or someone in MGA follows the fellowship

No. 56673

It looks like a mattress protector with period blood on it, lord save us all

No. 56675

File: 1562752401085.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, BB1C5F2E-6C8F-4FFC-B9EC-86E352…)

No. 56676

Can you stop with this ridiculous reach/tinfoil, anon? This is almost as bad at Lori claiming Zero Two was based off her.

Jesus, she needs to pull herself together, what a mess.

No. 56681

File: 1562758101383.png (525.12 KB, 371x649, yike.png)

I award one yike to Kelly

No. 56683

Oh god if it's really her period blood…she probably made it a joke too " oh that's just me sacrificing to Satan LOLOL" but i wanna assume it's gold paint? She does use gold for some of her framing on her furniture.

No. 56684

Spanish is also my mother tongue and I agree, she is really cringy. I mean, it's really cool to try and learn new languages, but I get the feeling she's just trying to impress this boy by all means. Also, good luck if he ever intruces you to his family

No. 56685

I'm pretty sure she's already met part of his family when she spent a few days with him up in Sac…They were at his sister's 'cause they were hanging out with his nephew in her IG stories…

I wonder how long it will take him to move in at this rate, if they're saying "I love you"s after only dating for a week? A month maybe?

No. 56686

It's been fb official for one week and he's cracking jokes about marriage, building period blood sheet forts in her driveway, and she's doing whatever this is >>56681
What a trainwreck. The eventual breakup is going to be a wild ride, I'm sure.

No. 56688


I had no clue kek. and yes, the whole "te quiero, mi vida" situation reminds me of the type of "romantic relationship" you have when you're 13

No. 56689

about the stains, she definitely has let them sit, I've had several accidents during my sleep and if you put the sheets in the washing machine with KH7 after you wake up they stains will be gone right after… These days it's not a difficult thing to remove blood from fabric, but we know she's lazy

No. 56708

No. 56711

This was hard to watch. "I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry." Does Kelly need to include herself getting ready?

No. 56713

>Dave Navarro seems like a decent guy. I'm truly worried she would accuse him of something bad to advance herself for a little fame or money.

Holy fucking reach, Batman. The speculation and tinfoil in this thread is getting insane. Can we please stick to legitimate criticism grounded in reality instead of coming up with weird unlikely scenarios that we objectively have no reason to believe would even happen?

No. 56715

Yoooo, that high key shade at FOTR with calling Leo her best friend. Lots of low key/high key shading this video.

No. 56718

Also, weird calling this guy she barely hangs out with who is a known serial cheater her "best friend".

No. 56721

I mean, someone being a serial cheater doesn't really impact their friends. Also, she's obviously calling him her best friend since she doesn't have any closer ones left kek.

No. 56725

True, but it's just odd that everyone for the FOTR is supportive of Sarah (Leo's ex), except Kelly who is been seen acting really flirty in previous videos and now calling him her "best friend". Just everything is all odd to me.

No. 56728

I think all this hinting at what went down with the FotR and “not being able to spill” about it is just Kelly’s way of goading her fans into asking about it more. Eventually she’ll be able to make a vid under the guise of “people we’re worried about me so I had to tell”.

No. 56732

Kelly can't not flirt with any attractive male in her vicinity that has a following. She's so desperate for male attention she will ALWAYS choose the guy. This isn't surprising exactly

No. 56733

I want her to spill. She's done shitty things but they're probably not so perfect themselves. Infact when they were friends a thread was made on here about how not so great they are. The fact they all turned away from her must've impacted her mental state very negatively. Mob mentality, bullies, who knows. We will never know untill one of them says.

No. 56740

>>56708 how on earth can she be so bad at pronouncing anything other than english? I was gonna shit on americans, but I am not gonna lump you all together, you don't deserve that. It's also kinda kekworthy to see her with Azusa who is near 40 yet they look almost the same age.

No. 56746

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way he is speaking Spanish is not the way a fluent speaker would speak. He uses pronouns like "yo" too much. Like saying "Yo soy…" is like saying "I, I am___". Not saying he can't teach her Spanish this way…but it seems super basic and full of doucherie. He must think his 5th grade Spanish skills are really endearing.

No. 56747

You definitely are not an expert on Spanish. Yo soy is not common but definitely valid.

No. 56748

well we are talking about a girl who claims to be all about the kawaii lifestyle yet cannot pronounce it right to save her life kek
she keeps trying (very half assed) to learn a language, german with phi and spanish now and i think she said she was trying to learn japanese before her first trip to japan (but still said 'scary' instead of 'cute' lol)
her new relationshop is like watching a trainwreck! i hope she gets called out hard for her NASTY period stained sheets. it's one thing to have it, another to put it on display for your friends and new bf and make them sit under it barf

No. 56751


Want to know how Kelly started modeling? A photographer was coming in to do promo shots for the tattoo shop and Kelly had to make it her personal photo shoot. Always the center of attention. They were all getting sick of her. And years later she makes a video about why she left the tattoo shop.
Let me adjust my tinfoil

No. 56753

lmao she mispronounced 'ghibli' in her japan ep too jfc

No. 56756

File: 1562786411953.png (43.76 KB, 808x211, ew.png)

Ew the booty shorts that her ass was hanging out of the whole time? I can see why Lindsay wouldn't have bothered to ask for them back. Disgusting

No. 56758

If you’re ignorant enough to think they’re the only one to ever wear antlers, or that antlers weren’t existent on Asian dolls before then I can see why you’d tinfoil.

No. 56762

it's totally okay to say it that way (grammatically speaking). However it's not very common and sounds clumsy

No. 56764

If you watch her newest video you find out there are no neighbors anymore & the adjacent apartment is currently vacant. So there's that.

No. 56765

Yeah, the fact they all dropped her at once definitely implies a mob mentality took place. Either some of them were too much of pussies to drop her before others started to, or it was a groupthink situation. Either way doesn't reflect great on them.

No. 56770

holyshit, she is so obnoxious. She could have easily edited that whole 'OMG I'M PSMING' part out 'AHH I'M GONNA CRY. I'M GONNA CRY.' She's acting like a teenager. wtf is wrong with this bitch?

No. 56772

she really has nerve talking about her neighbors and their kids when she's building a fort in a PUBLIC space and being a piece of shit with her friends there. (Even sleeping out there.) Also, who walks into their neighbors apartment and films without their consent?

No. 56775

Steph and maybe other FOTR were at AX. She wants us to pick up on that without saying it because then she would be "spilling tea". It's funny tho, because if she really didn't want to talk about it, then she shouldnt. Edit out the crybaby shit if you really don't want to get into it. But then we would miss out on her new bf cuddling her.

Exactly my point. Thanks

No. 56776

The part where she records herself telling the cashier she was on Netflix's amazing interiors.
Is Leo gay? I'm confused as to why Kelly wouldn't date him. Her boyfriend is so greasy looking. He reminds me of those metalheads that refuse to grow up

No. 56782

That doesn't mean they weren't sexist assholes about it, though? Men can have a valid reason not to like a woman and still take it out on her in totally unacceptable ways, not sure why you think the two are mutually exclusive. The tattoo industry is known for having a lot of issues with misogyny, so I definitely don't have a hard time believing Kelly on this one.

No. 56783

No. 56786

She and everyone in her entire circle of acquaintances/frenemies are the definition of (wo)manchildren. You should develop an identity beyond the color you die your hair, the plastic crap you collect, and exclusive club of bestest friends forever shit by the time you're in your mid-20's at latest. That's the stuff you're supposed to 'try on' as a teenager to help you develop an identity, not the identity that you settle on. These people come off as extremely hollow; they look and act like people but there's nothing underneath.

No. 56787

Poor thing. Her BF’s style reminds me of an emo sk8terboi circa 2003. However, she dresses like a hoochie second grader so the bar is low.

No. 56790


god the whole first part of this video is the most attention/pity seeking thing i've seen from her to date.

if she really wanted to not 'spill the tea' then she should have just kept silent. none of this half-shade crap. either say what happened or just be quiet.

No. 56792

Sage'd for observations. A few things:

1) Antler crowns, pastel or otherwise are one of those things that are so ubiquitous that it's stupid to argue their origin.

2) Kelly and her new boytoy are too desperately close and manic together - this is going to blow up, you can smell it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually; everybody have their popcorn ready.

3) Said boytoy is a metalhead (see Pig Destroyer shit, possible Mercyful Fate shirt). How long ti' Kelly starts wearing classic NWOBHM shirts from H&M and claiming to have been into metal foreva? Or maybe Burzum cuz she's so hip and had no problems with antisemitic memes, kek

No. 56794

File: 1562806299843.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 4C80D095-9CE9-46C1-9C66-1BDF03…)

No. 56795

Can she please get those implants taken out, her boob looks like an actual bowling ball, I'm surprised she doesn't tip forward when she stands considering how they're so not proportionate to her body

No. 56800

File: 1562808687526.jpeg (117.79 KB, 577x665, DE714B42-FB77-470B-BC7D-727460…)

I can’t read the top text on the pamphlet but the other lines say “acupuncture and oriental medicine”. Curious what psychiatrist she’s seeing kek

No. 56801

She's not getting therapy from an accupuncture place, anon. Psych offices often have brochures for meditation, yoga, accupuncfure, etc. type of shit that pay to advertise there.

No. 56807

I'm with you. It'll be milky asf and I just can't wait

No. 56812

File: 1562813926009.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2118, AD7127E3-336D-4F4F-92FA-3C1161…)

Saw this on my feed a few days ago.
What the hell happened to her?
I used to think she was adorable, she’s rough liking and her facial features have changed. It’s interesting how she looks when she isn’t able to manipulate the image.

No. 56821


Is she really going to a professional dressed like a prostitute? I wonder if she goes in there trying to look insane so they give her better drugs. The faded penis tattoo really helps wrap this look up.

No. 56822

woof that hair color does not look good on her

No. 56823

I disagree that dyed hair and collections are things you "try on" before finding your "real identity" (presumably with brown hair and no collections?) - the way they behave socially is childish, not their interests or appearances. It's possible to be a mature successful adult and have dyed hair and collections - plenty of millionaire celebrities do.
Having an empty white home and black hair is not the ultimate "identity" it is just the one that nobody can muster up an opinion about.

No. 56825

Even on a mattress, why would you ever voluntarily sleep outside in LA? It's not like she lives in a gated community, smog, rats and roaches exist.

She really just walked in on her moving neighbors and started filming them after shading them for being noisy. So bizarre to have a performative "I'm sad, hug me" moment in front of the camera.

Why was that sweet old lady so nice to them after they were yelling about toilets? Idgi. Maybe she had a nice day, good for her, but like….nothing happened. Kindergarden level spanish and japanese lessons between strangers is such great content.

Imagine being afraid of going to the biggest con in north america because there's a chance you might see a handful of people that you can easily walk away from. She just wants to keep the pity party going but doesn't want to lose face and admit that she drove her friends away with her selfish behavior.

No. 56827

WTF I never even noticed that tattoo. Does anyone know what the story behind that is?

No. 56828

Those were maintenance guys hired by the landlord to fix the apartment after the occupants left. Still shitty though.

You know if FotR got back together Kelly would bring up the breakup of the group all the time. She stays salty. They would eventually leave her again.

No. 56837

Fellowship of the rainbow got crystal tattoos together. >>>/snow/605524

Sorry about that. I kept screwing up and forgot to sage.

No. 56839


tinfoiling a bit here but what if the reason she keeps half-shading the ex-fellowship is because she doesn't want them to spill the real tea on her? kinda like a threat (assuming she thinks that the fellowship keeps tabs on her).

she has more followers than all the rest of them combined and she could easily send her followers to rain e-hell on them if she really wanted to.

No. 56843

No, anon. You're supposed to cease all fun things you enjoy the second you turn 25.

No. 56845

I'm so confused. When people had been speculating they weren't friends, Stephanie bitched on Twitter about how they were still friends and everyone needs to stop questioning it, she's just been busy. Then not long later they're confirming the friendship is over.

No. 56846

I think she hopes the FOTR will see her posts, vlogs, etc. And maybe feel bad and give her another chance. She still doesn't get her wrongdoing and so they will probably never make amends. She really doesn't get it at all. She is still the "victim", despite her vague posts about "growing and learning". Also the latest video where she talks about her new "best friends she has ever had". She is purposefully taking jabs at her old friends…it only further proves how immature and stunted she really is. Like, bitch move on. They have.

No. 56848

No. 56861

I would love for her to be friends with Lori Lune. What milky delusional trash they would be together.

No. 56870

I'm just skipping through the fort video and BOY is this guy pandering and insincere. He comes across as very nice and easy-going, and I honestly don't think this will blow up like people expect - I've known guys like this and they are totally harmless. However what he says is not meaningful at all, it's a bit like Phi's kinda therapy voice she uses when she talks to Kelly. It's interesting that the people closest to her are kinda therapists who speak soothingly but insincerely and she's ok with that.

Also the suspicious bloodstained-maybe sheet has such huge stains on it I think it may be gold paint after all, humans don't make stains that large. I could be wrong.

No. 56871

Dre has more followers than her on Instagram now, I’ve been waiting for Kelly to notice and throw a bitch fit kek

No. 56876

File: 1562872907076.jpg (30.69 KB, 864x233, Capture.JPG)

No. 56877

File: 1562873045517.jpg (26.26 KB, 720x211, Capture.JPG)

No. 56893

File: 1562884720559.jpeg (198.67 KB, 1030x692, WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 8…)

I don't understand women who wear shorts where you can see their buttcheeks. Instantly makes you look trashy. I found myself watching the video for Azusa, who seems like a modest and nice person.

No. 56895

Also, Lindsay isn't in the FOTR anymore either and she's doing fine living a fulfilling life with healthy relationships with her boyfriend and normal friends. I was really hoping for Kelly to follow in that example and get inspired but lol pine after your toxic friendships.

No. 56899

12 minutes of pure cringe. Just her screeching al the way through.

No. 56900

They're sexy, and cute. Only if you have a nice ass tho

No. 56901

You're saying this like Kelly has a healthy relationship with Phi or like it's a good idea to be insincere and pandering to a unreasonably spiteful narcissist like Kelly.

No. 56903

File: 1562888157762.png (Spoiler Image,3.6 MB, 750x1334, F7138B3C-A924-458D-BDB3-9B36C0…)

No. 56904

File: 1562888219533.png (Spoiler Image,3.1 MB, 750x1334, 394795B3-C9CC-41F0-B3FD-2F9524…)

No. 56905


I can't seem to find that post on her insta nor the account of the hair stylist. Wonder if she took it down and reported him.

No. 56907

Wow, how fucking shitty of her. Splat is a trash hair dye brand anyway and well know within the stylist community as being absolutely horrible.

No. 56908

File: 1562889210157.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, 44969EB6-BFF6-4081-9839-E9232F…)

No. 56909

File: 1562889237437.png (4.65 MB, 1242x2208, 743245AD-1AD5-436C-AFB8-E3C177…)

No. 56913


yeah she took the image down, changed her videos thumbnail and hopes no one will ever notice she is a scumbag who is taking credit on other people's hard work to scam her followers in buying shitty dye

No. 56914

And of course instead of apologizing and owning up to her mistake she just deletes and hopes to hide it under the rug… as an “artist” you’d think she’d have more respect. But then again she also stole artwork from other uncredited people for her own selfish profit on her society 6 store so I guess not.

No. 56916

It's one thing to collect plastic crap or be into alt fashion as an adult. That's just having a hobby. It's another to center your entire life around it. By the time you're in your mid 20's you should have some more depth to your personality and lifestyle.

No. 56921

This person sounds like they had beef with Kelly long before this video. Sorry but it kind of reads like they were finding an excuse to trash her. Doubt they really give a fuck about consumers tbh. I mean she's a total idiot to think she could get away with it but. IFFF she paid you for the services such as dying and styling a wig – it's not like you did it for free or she stole the wig and ran. Especially if she paid for him to style the wig and even gave him a shoutout on her social media – like, boyyy.

No. 56922

so you'd be fine with having somthing you made and sold being advertised and rebranded, credited to someone else? if i drew a picture, a commission, the buyer might have a right ot personal use but they cna't ethically RESELL it or say they drew it. like??

No. 56923

>>56922 what are you even trying to say here, summerfag? sage your shit.

No. 56928

I agree. What is okay about dying a wig and using it to promote a stylist and then recycling those photos to promote a completely different product? Beef or not, that's shady a best. Kelly steals other people's art for her society 6 crap, she doesn't care about stealing or recycling if it's to her benefit.

No. 56930

I'm saying who gives a fuck, people are going to know she's a fraud eventually. Let the product speak for itself. The guy, judging by their IG, does pretty well for himself so I doubt it's about money. He probably got some clout from Kelly's plugs idk. I mean if Overtone doesn't give a shit then…?

No. 56937

Daved Scissorhands is a notorious drama queen and opportunist. He tried to stir the pot last year with Jeffree Star when he made a comeback after the Shane documentary. It was also around the time he was starting on Youtube. You can find a bunch of drama channels that cover it. Everyone knows Kelly falsely promotes products, he isn't spilling any hot tea. He's just seeking attention.

No. 56938

You must be the sexist assholes from the tattoo shop kelly talked about on one of her youtube videos. I am not Kelly, admin can check that. But, she made a video of the shit that went down there. Also~ I am from Denver so I know that shit tattoo shop and all the bullying they did, being in the tattoo realm. You all used her and used her in your commercials 2-3 years later when she was living in la. You are a pathetic tattoo shop. Go give butt butterfly tattoos on someones ass

No. 56939

i can agree with all that and i wasn't trying to side with him btw, he's obviously full of it all around, but the point is, taking credit is stealing. it's not about overtone caring or daved being a POS, it's that she's a thief in this regard. it's messed up that's all. i know she used her tattoo art without permission too but at least she didn't try to give away the credit. idk.(learn 2 integrate)

No. 56940

How the fuck does him getting paid mean he some how doesn't have the right to be pissed that she's decietfully crediting her sponsor for his work?

No. 56947

How stupid. If he went and did something even worse like rape somebody or something, would she still stick by him and be “loyal” then? Guess trash has to hang out with trash, she’s out of friends and still losing the few that she has, and has to take what she can get kek. How desperate

No. 56948

that's his work anon, and he didn't use the shitty sponsor dyes on it either. she's deliberately taking credit for both things.

No. 56956

This is literally the mentality that perpetuates and enables abuse, would expect nothing less from narcissistic Kelly.

No. 56957

Lol like he’d ever try to leech off Kelly. She wishes she is worth leeching off of by him. He’s just rightfully pissed about her theft and thankfully calling her ass out

No. 56973

File: 1562913046920.jpeg (115.5 KB, 1242x905, 6C477461-3A21-4D58-8CF3-F09CE3…)

She even edited the photo and took out the credit for him
Amazing kelly

No. 56975

Wowww. So petty and pathetic.

She takes credit for it in at least one other IG pic with flowers in her hair too

No. 56990

She edited credit for him out of every one of her pictures kek what a cunt

No. 56991

It seems like she redyed the wig with SPLAT while using promo pics from November that were dyed with overtone. It seems more that he was offended at the implication she styled the wig herself with the tutorial video.

Very unprofessional for both of them, guess she's not getting any more wigs styled by him now.

No. 56995

She’s not a very good Splat spokesperson to begin with.
I remember when she once did photoshoots for Splat while using an entirely different brand pink hair dye.

No. 57014

He might be a drama queen too, but social media has become a huge part of hairstylists' jobs. It's how you build and manage your entire brand, clientele, and reputation. It's really competitive, and people steal work all the time; being hypervigilant about that stuff (especially if you're a high-profile stylist) is honestly just part of the job. And it's definitely a big deal if someone misrepresents your products or formulas; those things are a huge part of YOUR brand as a stylist. Sage for hairfag, just perspective from the other side. He's handling it like a child but he ain't wrong.

No. 57027

File: 1562941399527.png (15.26 KB, 653x659, KWAI.png)

No. 57032

it seems she is doing this in the youtube videos but the pictures she used as a thumbnail as well as the photo she uploaded to instagram where of his original wig that she claimed she dyed with splat dye, she deleted these images after he called her out. if you check the video you can see the dye job she does on the wig has a different color than the pictures as well as him pointing out that the pictures she has been using are all from the same photoshoot as when she just got the wig

No. 57039

LMAO it's the black feet that really make this i'm crying >>57027

No. 57044


Kwai on tits kills me.

No. 57051

If this gets used as the next thread image, please add a faded penis on her wrist lol. Beautiful work anon

No. 57063

No. 57071


About the wig drama… I don't care if that guy is an oportunist, finally someone with a following has, rightfully so, called her out on her bullshit and that's what matters.

No. 57072

>comparing stayibg friends with someone who cheated on their girlfriend with staying friends with a rapist
Lolwut. Him being shit boyfriend material doesn't mean friends are morally obligated to drop him. That's stupid.

No. 57074

So I’ve been connected to people who were in that same Disney circle as Leo and from what I’ve heard he’s always been kind of a piece of shit. From Sarah’s posts it seems like it went beyond cheating, mentally abusive stuff there and a bunch of gaslighting too. If Kelly supports him she’s basically supporting an abuser but yeah let her keep acting like she’s a champion of women’s rights and shit I guess??

No. 57076

>i'll probably have it removed anyway

She definitely isn't friends with ANY of the fellowship. Guess they are all pretending kelly doesnt exist

No. 57077

Both Azusa and the guy in pink look cute and well coordinated. Meanwhile kelly is always dressed in clothing too small and she looks like trailer trash. Always

No. 57079

Oooh , damn. She wonders why no one likes her lying trashy ass? She is scum. No one worth a penny would even buy splat dye when overtone , arctic fox, etc exist. Kelly is lying scum and i would definitely be pissed if i were the stylist who did her wig color.

No. 57080

12min of Kelly being fake. She pretends to like Rilakkuma but she gave Yoshi her only Rilakkuma plushie as a chew toy.

No. 57082

this outfit is tragic. her wig and makeup actually look good but does she really think lolita looks okay on a woman her age? a smock dress does not flatter those implants either. someone really needs to just tell her to STOP.

No. 57084

It's not even about her age. she just looks BAD in lolita because she's stubby with giant implants. she also does such heavy makeup. Look at her face compared to Azusa who is older, but looks fresh faced.

No. 57086

why can this bitch not coordinate to save her life? she really thought that blue/grey dress would go with the black shirt and green tie when that isn't even close to sytherlin's color scheme? why not a dark green outfit? it just baffles me how she cant dress.

No. 57087

ok point bc Azusa looks awesome. it flatters her much, much better and she actually looks super cute. so yeah retracted i guess its just a bad look for kelly. i think her makeup might've looked good wiht a different outfit too. this did NOT go and it was not 'draco-esque' or whatever the hell. it looks like a dumpy alice cosplay

No. 57088

this pretty kawaii, anon

No. 57090

File: 1562964703489.jpg (7.2 KB, 496x101, wtf.jpg)

This comment had my rolling. How dumb is Kelly??

No. 57091

Also, her friend (tiffie?) looked super cute and was very natural and bubbly. Kelly's personality always seems so fake. She's too heavy handed on her makeup and really is fake all around. No wonder her friends are dropping like flies

No. 57097

The comment was about Tiffie. Kelly said nothing about rosemary tasting like roses. She didnt know how to pronounce veritas, however.

No. 57098

>29 yos cant look okay in lolita
What are you talking about? Plenty of women that age look fine in lolita. Most people don't look that different at 29 than they did at 21 unless they did copious amounts of drugs or had lots of work done.

No. 57103

Spill the tea…

No. 57109

Who would you believe? Your friend or his girlfriend? Thereally are two sides to every story, and Kelly chose who she believes. I'm sure if she thought it was true, she wouldn't stand by him…or she's just desperate for anyone who will kiss her ass right now.

No. 57124

I would believe the victim that had no reason to lie. They were engaged and everything. Why would she lie?

No. 57125

Spill it!

No. 57127

Not much to spill, I just know a lot of the people in that disneybound crew mentioned that they thought he was shady or were uncomfortable by things he did. I don’t know why, before Sarah even posted the stuff about Leo, I just had a feeling especially after seeing him hanging around with Kelly that something would come out about him soon.

No idea if he actually slept with Kelly but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. I just think it’s shitty she won’t stand by another female who has come forward about abuse/gaslighting when she claims she was abused as well. Just super shitty. Don’t claim to be a social justice warrior if you’re going to blatantly ignore things like this.

No. 57130

The girl in the video has so much personality and is way more interesting to watch than Kelly.

No. 57132

I never understood why Leo was such a big deal in the first place, he literally only got famous from being in a Traci Hines video and then everyone in the Disney community thought he was a god. He always seemed like an opportunist asshat, he and Kelly go great together.

No. 57134

It's creepy how Kelly starts gushing about how happy she is that people she knows (read: distant friends at best) just gathered at the cafe… Like woah calm down. We all know you're just using them to revive your vlogging days. She knows well that she's not nearly likable enough to hold a channel on her own without the kawaii aesthetic and rainbow-looking friends.

Also… I gotta say, everyone here looked cute and quirky and fit the theme, AND THEN there's Kelly kek. She needs to drop this Barbie hooker look. It's distasteful.

No. 57139

It's an inability to empathize with people speaking another language plus a refusal to pay attention. You know how Lindsay Lohan has a weird accent now, it's cause she's trying too hard to empathize with Arabic-speakers. Kelly doesn't give a shit. She's been watching anime for years but still stumbles over the most basic phrases (ka-WHY). If she's learning a language, it's just for her own sake.

No. 57159

I feel like this is her subtly shading Dan, Courtney's husband who did the tattoo kek

I honestly think her plan is to continue dropping little bits of shade towards the FotR until one of them has enough & blows up on social media, so that she has another opportunity to play victim & get pity & attention from her followers. My money is on Steph being the first to explode.

No. 57166

The Daved drama is hilarious to me, because some years back, Kelly and Daved were taking credit for a wig another stylist styled for Kelly. Said stylist… I think it was that His Vintage Touch guy… called them the fuck out on it and was calling Kelly a stupid Hello Kitty model (she wishes)

Kelly will only credit someone… especially at that time… if she thought they could bolster her “career”. Lots of designers and stylists and even photographers she worked with were never given credit unless they were high profile and she could gain something… likely followers… from tagging or being associated with them.

No. 57201

Azusa's Rilakkuma Cafe vlog is superior to Kelly's. It was more about the cafe than about her.

No. 57251

>>Kelly will only credit someone…
>>especially at that time…

why are you typing like a facebook mom, anon?

No. 57261

>>57201 Wow apparently she even donates part of her YouTube revenue to the Mattel children's hospital… Her and Kelly could not be more opposite.

No. 57263

meanwhile Kelly monetizes her discussing her cousin's suicide videos and a birthday video to her childhood friend and isn't sorry about it

No. 57270

File: 1563072006125.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 9E21252B-EAF5-4593-AB3A-FE8038…)

No. 57271

Is she selling an used foreo?

No. 57283

File: 1563085089201.jpg (112.12 KB, 775x1279, IMG_20190713_231727_812.jpg)


No. 57284


No she's not selling any of her own things here. It looks like she's trying to get into affiliate selling.

Basically, she's hoping that if a company sees that she's directing her following to buy things that she "personally endorses" that they'll notice her and become an affiliate of sorts with her (basically, give her money for the "free traffic and revenue" that she supposedly brings to their company and products.

No. 57286


samefag here. my dumb ass hit reply before i was finished.

she's using an amazon storefront so if her followers shop amazon through her storefront page and buy the products she has listed there she gets money.

No. 57288

also if people click on shit there, the next thing they buy from amazon no matter if it's through the store or not, she gets a slice of that.

No. 57296

I hope Azusa is just collabing with Kelly in the short term for the views and channel promo. I know she called Kelly a sweet or dear friend, but she seems genuinely pleasant and down to earth woman even with the all barbie everything.

Kelly, if she had any self awarness, is probably jealous she doesn't understand what it's like to be that passionate about anything no matter how many anime and pop culture tattoos she gets.

No. 57298

I think someone who is genuine and sweet like Azu is a great thing for Kelly. She seems to have no radar for fake friends and users.

No. 57301

LOL you all said the same thing about Phi when she moved in. That she so sweet and down to earth and now you all shit post about her.

No. 57303

She seems embarassed by Kelly at times. Besides, maybe she's good for Kelly, that doesn't mean Kelly is good for Azusa. She will use her up too. I just hope Azusa has the balls to step away sooner than the FOTR.

No. 57305

Azusa is like twice Phi's age and it shows in how she carries herself. She is comfortably established on her own with her own place, so she isn't dependent on keeping Kelly happy for a peaceful household.

Kelly probably sees her as not a threat because of Asuza being older and having a smaller channel. But there isn't any shame in getting older, especially if you take care of yourself and still come across as entertaining and appealing to a wide audience. Not everyone is on youtube for ad revenue from 13 year olds who want to see colorful adults making a scene about their personal life in public and doing the same makeup look tutorial or phoned-in pr unboxing for the 500th time.

No. 57306

now i get what you mean abt him looking pedo. he looks like a dude who knows he appeals to certain (read: teenage) girls and uses that to his advantage.

No. 57308

I love you guys
>Kelly gets new boyfriend
>Farmers: He looks like a pedo
His last ltr was a fellow adult. I think he may target immature adult women by being their teenage lovebombing fantasy, I don't think he's legit a pedo

No. 57320

No one is calling him an actual pedo or saying he grabbed their little sister's ass anon, they're saying he looks like that old dude who hangs around high school emo girls and buys teens booze for house parties. chill

No. 57327

Does she really think anyone other than her is going to drop hundreds of dollars on pink kitchenware

No. 57333

Not everyone on this board hates phi- and the people shitting on her now likely aren't the ones who posted about liking her, dipshit.

No. 57341

File: 1563135914534.png (176.69 KB, 438x431, lol.png)

Why does Kelly always feel the need to either show off her tits or have her ass hang out in public.

No. 57352

I’m baffled by her thighs/ass. The weird ditch between the two is intentional, right? Like the surgeon carved that out? Did it just not heal right?? Is it supposed to look like that? It looks completely botched to me but Kelly seems to be showing off the bizarre divot at every turn

No. 57364

It probably doesn't help her ass starts almost a quarter way down her thigh. Those surgeons did her dirty.

No. 57367

the fact her ass literally looks like two domes shoved under her skin.
it makes me laugh she wants to show it off

No. 57401

Two saggy domes. Those weird scars make them look like two drooping pancakes that are trying to escape from her shorts… it’s horrifying. They make her look like a trailer trash pastel hooker with very poor judgement when it comes to her welfare cheques.
Even better, her new boyfriend is the accessory that completes the look for her. Goodness…

No. 57427

It’s because she doesn’t have proper muscle tone there, for one thing. It’s bad cosmetic surgery mixed with being lazy & skinny fat.

No. 57455

In her blanket fort video they look like Florida methheads between what they're doing and how she has half her gross ass sticking out.

No. 57456

No. 57458


I give it one month before half that shit is on her depop. Also, what's with her hair sticking out from her wig at the back? Girl, youtube is your job, a lil bit of effort would be nice.

No. 57460


Just like their friendship, lel. Also, the above video is an add against liposuction. She has holes everywhere, in her stomach, tights… is that normal?

No. 57461

jesus christ that wig is a dumpster fire. also look how sloppily the neck is cut out of that barbie shirt. all-around tragic does she not do test shots before she films or does she just not care? (rhetorical, we know it's both)

No. 57463

File: 1563206044068.png (1.07 MB, 1334x750, EBFC38FE-945A-4C44-854F-9362B1…)

This felt really bizarre to watch…It kind of felt like watching a friends mom review underwear?

No. 57464

Jesus. Her tits are so big and her ass and legs are so small. Her proportions are terrible.

No. 57465

Jesus. Her tits are so big and her ass and legs are so small. Her proportions are terrible.

No. 57466

File: 1563206466554.png (1.15 MB, 1334x750, 7BC05745-A720-49FD-A598-BF0142…)

I just…does she seem high in this video? She’s calmer than normal but the baby talk, the nips and buttcrack, the lack of any sort of intro that makes it seem like she’s talking to herself, pulling plastic and those little chemical packs away from Toshi moments before he puts them in his mouth…what?

No. 57467

File: 1563206877857.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, B8335639-C8DB-412F-B49D-8479F2…)

Guess their still friends

No. 57470

>>57466 >>57463
i really like when toshi hacked and she was like LOLOLTOSHIDIDYOUBARF and then proceeded to kiss him on the mouth. what the fuck. even if he didn't actually, uh, gross??

No. 57471

This video feels very rushed. I was confused for the first 2 minutes of the video waiting for an intro. Sometimes more professional youtubers will start a video with a clip that's in the middle to catch the viewer's interest and then start the intro, and I kept waiting for that.

No. 57490

she needs to put that fucking dog out when she films because he almost ran off with what looks like a silica gel packet. wtf..

No. 57491

kelly is so unprofessional. in general, i hate youtubers who film with dogs in the background because it's distracting to both the viewer and youtube. if she was filming this haul, she could have done it without toshi in it. she's so annoying being distracted by him every few seconds.

No. 57511

Kelly…. so small bags were a trend in the early 2000's but it was tacky?! Um, newsflash, mini bags are in CURRENTLY and in my opinion, are far less tacky than giant handbags. What on Earth was she talking about there?

No. 57518

>>57511 Kelly is so goddamn tacky she wouldn't know trendy if it smacked her in the face… It's why dollskill is sending her clearance sugar thrillz instead of their new collab…

No. 57526

also isn't it pretty damned rude to call something you got sent for free 'tacky'?? i'm sure dollskill loves that

No. 57531

what ever happened to the whole twitch thing, she got over that pretty fast, took her forever to start it up and she doesn't even stream kek

No. 57533


Princesses don't walk around with their giant tits and ass cheeks hanging out at all times.

No. 57537

File: 1563237663468.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1366x701, kelly2.png)

I wish she would stop assaulting our eyes with her botched tummy

No. 57538

File: 1563237721576.png (Spoiler Image,882.7 KB, 1366x571, kelly1.png)

No. 57539

Whoa. That looks like the Tara Reid bad liposuction. That looks bad. When did she get the lipo done, and which body parts did she get it on? I only started following her in her last thread

No. 57540

File: 1563238356429.png (155.62 KB, 428x269, Screen-Shot-2013-10-21-at-5.10…)

She definitely has the telltale "car after a hailstorm" look of a botched tummy lipo.

Isn't tacky kind of her whole aesthetic?

No. 57544

she's had two rounds of lipo, some at the beginning of 2018 (upper/lower tummy, her sides), and some at the beginning of 2019 (her thighs and butt crevice). she got it done at-cost/for free because she did videos on the topic for the surgeon. unfortunately her post-surgery body is legitimately botched. she looks more like a red flag than a glowing endorsement of his services tbh. some farmers think she would look fine with diet/exercise but i really think the lipo just wasn't done very well… i don't see how her losing a few more pounds would help the saggy, uneven textures unfortunately.

No. 57549

Yiiikes. If she just stopped rewarding her work outs with chocolate pie, she could've actually looked fit and smooth by now instead of getting lipo.

Now she will look botched forever.

No. 57555

Kek that’s not kawaii, that’s kowaii. Oof. It’s repulsive, and I just really pity her. You gotta wonder how friends/other people who see her in crop tops, swimsuits, etc. can look at that without wincing.
See kids, this is why we never correct with surgery what we can, naturally, with hard work! Now she just makes Sugar Thrillz look cheap. :(

No. 57556


fucking weebs get out.

No. 57557

>Now she just makes Sugar Thrillz look cheap. :(
It looks cheap anyway.

Especially since it's kowai.

No. 57560

Kowai is a Kelly reference. Read all of the threads.

No. 57573

Oh, that bitch. She claims to be a witch and psychic and is an annoying ass SJW and has lame Hello Kitty tattoos, so of course they’re friends.

No. 57574

Damn, someone needs a breast lift!

No. 57579

lmao youre kidding right?

No. 57582

You are literally in the weeb containment board, dk what you were expecting.

Is Kelly still like totes an empath or did that phase go the way of twitch streaming and larp?

No. 57594

File: 1563281216093.jpeg (148.9 KB, 750x484, 7669D5A0-A0A8-44B9-97F2-22A725…)

No. 57598

File: 1563284898417.jpg (49.26 KB, 401x740, Capture.JPG)

She's got nothing better to do, because she's literally posting stories from over a year ago. (Her own hair is pink and Dre is in it.)

No. 57602

I guess Cherry Dollface actually collabed with Kelly FFS. Cherry can do so much better.

No. 57603

Kelly should dress in pin-up more. With her huge tits, the clothing is actually more flattering for her body – more than the ass-out booty shorts she's been wearing.

No. 57604

Why is Kelly forcing this "best friend" thing with mrleozombie so hard?! On her story again she just we called him her bff and even he looked confused. Wtf?!

No. 57610

she looks awful and not pin up. Does kelly not know how to just google styles from the 50s and wear it out? her hair and makeup are so heavy. she only knows one style of makeup, doesnt she?

No. 57611

>i look like Alice in wonderland

bitch, where?

No. 57624

>>57603 girl is definitely on the thread, an anon made the same comment the other day with the Draco wanna be Slytherin look she was going for…. First shit she says… Hi Kelly

No. 57637

Does she actually even know what “sensitive” and “empathy” mean? She can go about calling herself an empath as much as she likes, but her obnoxious, self-centred behaviour says more of her being apathetic to people around her.
I mean girl if you really were… your friends would be praising you as the most caring person ever, not ditching you because of your demanding ego lol.

No. 57676

When cows collide, also Leo was outed by his long term girlfriend as a cheater so that response seems a little shady on Trisha's end.


No. 57677

File: 1563341584528.jpg (119.91 KB, 1080x1100, IMG_20190716_232031.jpg)

Samefag IDK why the image didn't post

No. 57686

If I were her boyfriend, I wouldn't be too happy about her hanging out so much with a known cheater.. especially since it looks like it's just them in the house and that he probably stayed over since he's in her guest bed. Especially if she sent me a video with him in almost every shot. IDK probably just me

No. 57692

Cherry Dollface is another dumb, dramatic person. She’s notorious for sharing shitty opinions, pissing people off with said opinions and then backpedaling when people express their anger.
Kelly is grasping at straws for people to hang with, she has nothing in common with these rockabilly scenesters (Cherry and Raquel/Rockwell), she’s probably trying to use them for something. We shall see.

No. 57695

It's really strange since we have barely seen them together until maybe a month ago, and he constantly collabs with people

No. 57704

probably because she's actually running out of friends in LA, so she's going through her phonebook of people she met once or twice. Azusa better run too.

No. 57708

She's so annoying with this Spanish phase she's going through.

No. 57713

i mean, at least she's trying to learn something new. tbh i'd rather she invest herself in learning a new language and culturizing herself a little instead of, uh, what she usually does

No. 57731

Wtf? When have Kelly and Trisha ever talked before ?

No. 57732

How tf does Trisha know Leo or Kelly?

No. 57739


Kelly went to her Birthday party last year. Social media YouTube darlings

No. 57749

Because she was so passionate about learning German and Japanese. Learning all of these languages, showing so much personal growth and dedication.

No. 57761

Damn this relationship is one-sided. It’s all about how he makes her feel; never about him kek. Also… she made a montage of herself…???

No. 57767

This is by far one of the worst videos she’s crapped out. No one wants to watch you listen to a podcast while you do your makeup. Why do I feel like this whole learning Spanish thing is just to impress her boyfriend?

No. 57775

Because it is

No. 57787

Is there even evidence that Sarah and Kelly were ever friends? I never saw her around in any of Kelly’s content.

I’m not gonna drop my guy friend I’ve known forever just cuz he can’t keep his dick in his pants. Especially if I’m not friends with the girl lmao.

No. 57797

I don't think it's so much about the fact that she didn't drop him, it's more about that she started heavily featuring him in her videos right after the cheating came out. Like where was he before? I know she featured him in her FF video and the Disneyland vlog, but she was never this close with him, and suddenly they're besties? Guess they had to flock together since everybody else left their trash asses.

No. 57806


Yo like 3 minutes in she already butchered estados unidos. I cant wath
….kelly please stop….

No. 57813


No. 57815

Why does she always refer to herself in the third person in the titles of her videos? It’s so egotistical and self centered, oh wait…

No. 57821

I'm pretty sure it's for search/youtube optimization to be honest. But that's also implying she thinks her name will bring in more clicks

No. 57831

im sorry but what is the hot mess that is her wig in the most recent custom switch video….like good lord wtf

No. 57832

She was definitely reading this thread earlier, with all the third person referrals lmao

No. 57838

>>57831 I don't know why she has bothered bleaching her hair so much if she's just gonna hide it under wigs…

No. 57839

No. 57840

lol bc she bleached it into oblivion and now its broke and falling out

No. 57843

she actually looks pretty good with that blonde wig imo

No. 57848

Does anyone think she would be in this new “happy place” in her life if she didn’t find a boyfriend? It’s kind of sad that she couldn’t find happiness in herself but had to get into a relationship to actually change her life around.

No. 57855

It's because she's an energy vampire. She sucks happiness out of others for her own self. Then when she's sucked them dry or if they stand up for themselves, she cries depression and betrayal for sympathy from her online fans. She's a miserable human being.

Disagree, it washes her out completely. The darker blue is best on her.

Also because it hides her massive forehead and oil slicked unwashed hair. I'm disgusted that she wears them so often, especially in the house. Remember when she was posting about how she and her boyfriend spent three days in the outdoor tent? She had her pink wig on. Wonder if she slept in her wig the whole time. Nasty

No. 57856

File: 1563513184626.png (35.4 KB, 670x206, kek.png)


No. 57860

It's literally so funny to see so many of the comments talking about how Leo has "good vibes" when he literally cheated on his girlfriend with multiple people LOL

No. 57862

Lmao Kelly, yet anther cover-up like the lipo you had before. We already know, what do you have to gain from lying if it's obvious? You already did lipo, had implants, what have you. Butts don't naturally form freakish indentations on the backs of our thighs.
Calling it now… she'll claim those were "scars" from her days of jumping on the trampoline. Aha, no.

No. 57863

Ok, so I'm going to post here. So, recently, I felt bad that Kelly seemed to be going through a tough time, so I decided to support her Patreon and send her a little Amazon gift. Well, I like to give things with no expectations of course, but what I don't expect is for the person to act rudely towards me. So what happened was that I'd asked her if she was going to add more Tarina Tarantino stuff to her poshmark/depop and specifically mentioned the mini bags. Well, maybe it's a coincidence, but a week or so later she makes a video talking about mini bags being tacky (already mentioned here). So I'm like, well dang, I don't think mini bags are tacky! My thing is that it seems like total mean girl behavior and hurt my feelings a bit. Also, even if it wasn't directed towards my question earlier to her, why make a blanket statement about specific item being tacky while laughing about it? Would a highly sensitive person do this, or would they think about who they may be alienating with that? Idk, maybe I'm being sensitive, but it totally made me go ok, no more chances because that just seems rude either way. Unsubscribe everything.

No. 57864

I don't know if she had implants or not, but my guess is that that's what her ass looked like when she was heavier. The reason that it looks "bigger" is because she got the fat sucked out of the areas around it, making it look "big" (albeit saggy and pancakey as fuck). Not to mention that she has her shorts hiked so far up that it makes a bigger crack line on her butt.

She's been wearing those exact shorts hiked up her vag an awful lot lately. They must stink so bad knowing the type of hygiene habits she has, gross.

No. 57865

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 57866


huh, she's using jeffree star's concealer in this video. didn't she publicly denounce him a few years ago?

tinfoiling but maybe this is throwing subtle shade at daved scissorhands (who had a scandal and incurred a lot of hate after calling jeffree racist) for calling her out for passing off his work as her own with a different dye brand.

No. 57867

nobody cares

No. 57869

She has one party trick: act bewildered by a non-english language, then act like a helpless idiot eager to learn in order to demand people's time, attention, and patience. It checks off her need to feel catered to and be the center of attention, while giving the impression that she genuinely cares about being cultured or putting in the time and effort it takes to learn a language.

Isn't Stephanie latina? Interesting that she didn't give a shit about learning spanish until it meant men giving her attention and personal lessons that she can monetize in videos. I feel bad for Asuza, it must be annoying to meet someone who wants you to translate every random thing into your native tongue and hold their hand through the most basic pronounciation of everything instead of like, y'know, getting to know you as a human being.

No. 57870

I honestly think her features would look way more poppin with dark hair idk why this blonde makes her look so sick and washed out.

also off topic, but american anons, how do you guys get/maintain such white teeth? like Kelly's are genuinely bright white in every video/pic i see and unless it's clever filtering/editing then wtf HOW.
idk if it's the water here but NOBODY has teeth that white, and if they did everyone would point it out constantly.

No. 57871

She lives in LA, she has access to the full menu of all of the tackiest cosmetic procedures. Bleached teeth and veneers are basically the norm.

No. 57872


Oh I get it. Most girls are mean.

No. 57874

Also most of the people you see in pictures have totally fake porcelain teeth (not kelly's case tho).

Also, funny how she calls things "tacky" when she wears "diamonds" on her teeth..

No. 57878

Nah, I think she got a brazilian butt lift during lipo. Her ass looks fake and pancakey as hell.

No. 57884

No. 57885

>come to a site dedicated to shit talking influencers to bitch about how someone doesn't like the same kinds of bags you do as if it's somehow a personal dig at you
>get told no one cares
>girls are mean

No, honey. You're just oversensitive and severely lacking in any form of self-awareness. Also, if you think girls are mean, try telling that story to the gentlemen over at Kiwi Farms.

No. 57886

She's not your friend so why waste your money on her just cause she seems a bit depressed?

No. 57888

File: 1563557092121.jpg (200.99 KB, 1272x774, miley-cyrus-attends-the-2019-v…)

Looking way older than she claims to be.

No. 57889

yikes. i certainly dont' think she's lying about her age or anything but her skin certainly does look like shit lately. in the japan videos too there were angles where its just caked on makeup over patchy bad texture and breakouts. she needs to fix her diet or wash her face more or something eew

No. 57894


She's 29-30, I went to art school with her in 2008 and she was a grade above me. Looks 35+ though.

No. 57905

This looks exactly 30 to me but just a bad expression and bad lighting paired with way too much foundation. Foundation makes everyone look like shit IRL.

No. 57907

Those jowls

No. 57929

I don't get it..
This is such a contrast to how she looks in her vlogs and videos, unless she uses a specific program or filter for those?

No. 57930

She has a ton of softening filters on the cameras and she uses lighting and angles that make her imperfections show less when she posts videos from her vanity

No. 57947

I have never heard Stephanie speak Spanish. Just because she is "latina" doesn't mean she knows Spanish. But yeah, 100% she is learning for attention. It's always going to be some new style, trend, quirk, etc to get her a new audience/attention.

No. 57948

At :50 Does Kelly say kawaii when she's meant to be saying konnichiwa? What an idiot. I'm not about that life but even I know the difference.

No. 57961

Dunno why you're using quotes for "latina". I'm pretty sure one if not both of her parents are Mexican, aka from Latin America. White latinas exist. You can not speak the language of your heritage, plenty of people can't. That doesn't change her ethnicity.

Kelly lives in socal, Mexico is like 6 inches away and the culture, language, and people are everywhere. I don't disagree with you, I just find it especially obvious that she's doing this for a guy when she has had plenty of incentives to learn Spanish or at least be curious about the culture of Spanish speaking people prior to a few weeks ago.

No. 57981

No. 57982

Why is she just straight buying stuff that's meant for children?

No. 57984

"blow all my money" complains about student loans okay…

No. 57996

she keeps going off on a tangent and referring to herself in third person. is she manic?

No. 58001

iirc pottery barn ain't cheap either, kids or not

No. 58002

It's funny how she didn't own a single gingham thing before and now EVERYTHING has to be gingham. She's such an empty person.

She even talks about how she was manic and switched from "goth" (you never were goth Kelly, get over it) to pastel and she sold everything black that she had to switch to pastel and now regrets it kek

And it's funny that she continues to talk about working out and buys sports bras when we all know that she doesn't work out at all

No. 58026

Yeaah it's bc she's manic. She laughs about it in the video and says it jokingly but it's bad. She kept calling it 'inspiration' too. 'Sometimes i get so inspired i just…' no girl. you get so manic you 'just'. I came on this board bc I'd noticed how off-balance she'd gotten and wondered if anyone had too. LOL. glad i wasn't the only one. it's been bad a while but spraypainting the studio was a culmination. She's unraveling fast.

No. 58071

No. 58074

"We were both still angry"

Looks like Kelly was the only one angry. If I were him I wouldn't be happy with the finished product either. Also, isn't she being hypocritical right now? Didn't they fight because he hung out with an ex?

No. 58076

yeh i think it was something that they were supposed to meet but he went to help an ex

No. 58082

"Is this song about me?" Does she need constant validation from everyone, even her exes? Why did she ask her ex what he thinks about her new bf? That is so awkward. But Davey was really sweet about it. I feel like she is being a little manipulative with Davey. If she truly just wanted to be just a friend to him, maybe stop talking about your past as a couple?

No. 58083

File: 1563736048016.jpg (709.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190721-120659_Ins…)


No. 58087

How does she bring herself to get obsessed with such unfortunate looking men? Is it just because they're tall? Couldn't be me.

No. 58091

what does she have against wearing proper clothing? i dont know about you guys, but i dont wear a sports bra and spanx/leggings in front of my friends and def not ex boy toys.

No. 58092



>you play basketball and get red like tomataaas (in horrible spanish accent)

wow, this spanish speaking persona phase needs to stop. It's borderline offensive.

No. 58097

How is this milk

No. 58107

She really is getting annoying and offensive.

No. 58114

Is Eden her real last name? The name Kelly Eden has always sounded fake to me.

No. 58121

Her first name is real, last name is fake. Not sure if it's allowed to be posted so I won't, but her real name has been mentioned in previous threads

No. 58139

Think about it. What WAS Eden? That should tell you what her last name is. Someone who takes care of what Eden is.

It's like the world's simplest/stupidest riddle.

No. 59299

what the fuck are you even saying

No. 59301

lol ur just dumb they're hinting that her last name is gardener obviously

No. 59337

eden wasn't a real place tho, anon.

No. 59345

quit nitpicking and being willfully obtuse.

No. 59361


That changes things, how?

No. 59424

What are you talking about? Her new boyfriend is barely taller than her, same with Sekril. Are you male?

No. 59425

LA fag here. It's not really a big deal, it's extremely common to dress that way here, especially in the summer. Probably the most common thing you see women wearing tbh. However, I find it really inappropriate to be dressed like that when you're alone in your house with your ex while you have a boyfriend.

No. 59427

Samefag, my bad, I had only skipped through the video and didn't realize there were other people in the house with them.

No. 59455

File: 1563919517853.png (6.23 MB, 1242x2208, 7E9BE46D-2CE9-48C3-A40A-EAB2A5…)

I typically like skinny guys but ugh…all I’m getting is needle dick vibes lol

No. 59457

File: 1563920760025.png (250.91 KB, 750x1334, 16D9F80C-686B-4B05-95F7-ED94C1…)

So apparently Kelly and fans are salty over the image in >>58083 and the artist using it at their booth at Comicon. Apparently the artist got permission from the business with the rights to the image (Jessica Louise Clothing) but people are still saying the artist should have credited Kelly lol. Which is ironic considering Kelly’s entire Society 6 store consists of stolen, uncredited images.

No. 59458

File: 1563921673545.png (245.98 KB, 1335x1260, Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.40…)

top comments kek

No. 59479

Gross, that’s not even remotely attractive, he looks like a teenage boy. Barf.
Of course, every guy Kelly has been with, to me, has been barf.

No. 59488

How have not these idiot fans not realize Kelly isn't friends with the fellowship of the rainbow??? She hasn't mentioned them in like a year. She was probably hoping they would ask her about her new bf kek.

No. 59489

>>59488 i'm glad they ask because it's awkward af lmao

No. 59492

What video did she post this under? It seems to be gone, I can't find it

No. 59509

Because all of them refuse to address it fully. The blind fans aren't seeking out conflict or 'hate' with any of them. And the only times it comes up is when they get 'pestered' by 'haters' and one of them snaps back.

She's going to keep getting these requests until she actually addresses she isn't friends with them, it's actually kind of funny

No. 59541

>>59455 I will tell you yall he's much better than Sekril Scratches or whatever his creepy name was. Let Stefan be, you don't know, maybe he has some illness that's why he is so skinny. Also I like "Kelly in relationship" much better because she is more cheerful and less complaining and depressed.

No. 59547

Oh yeah, because faking interest in learning a language to impress a guy she just started dating and incorporating it into EVERY video henceforth is so much more tolerable.

No. 59554

>>59488 fuck with all of the vague "people I was close with really hurt and betrayed me so much recently" shit she says every other vid I'm shocked they haven't asked.

No. 59556

You were right about her hoping that they’d ask about her bf, I can’t screengrab right now but she posted a pic on Instagram doing a Q&A with her bf kek

No. 59567


are we talking about the same kelly?
she's just as depressed and complaining as she ever was only now she has someone to kiss her ass and validate her.

also, please learn to sage, summerfag

No. 59568

She's on Depop again selling sponsored stuff and stuff that she JUST got from Japan

No. 59582

File: 1564020461965.jpg (674.01 KB, 1073x1908, 20190724_220446.jpg)

Damn she's already selling that Dolls Kill merch she just got for free. These companies should really just give up on her she doesn't even bother to pretend to like half the she gets from this people.

No. 59585

I hope her sponsors actually see this and are aware of this. it's not once or twice now it's everything. i know the smile whitening people didn't care but others might. isn't the point to promote their products? she doesn't even USE them

No. 59591

What makes me roll is in the video she was like "These little purses are SOOOO stupid and out of style but this one is uhh cute."

Then she sells it a week later, to boot. What a fabulous fuck you to the brand, it would be beyond impressive if they keep sending her merch.

No. 59615

On one hand, it's top kek that she sells off the shit she gets for free from Dolls Kill because they're a crap company. On the other hand, I really want Dolls Kill to find out and stop sending her stuff because she'd have a meltdown over not getting free clothes anymore.

No. 59617

When people receive sponsored items they don’t want, don’t they usually do a giveaway? Why is she like this?

No. 59621

Sure, “whatever his name is”, but you totally remember the new guy’s name.
It’s so obvious when her latest piece of dick is around, lurking.
Nobody gives a fuck if he has an illness, we aren’t here for sympathy.

No. 59622

I sometimes wonder if she actually receives half this shit for free, it’s the oldest dumb bitch “model” trick in the book to buy things online, be like OMG THANX [insert company name here] when all they did was ship a purchase to them and then act like “OH THIS OLD FREE CRAP”

No. 59636

She never does giveaways. She’s greedy af

No. 59688

She was selling used dresses at nearly full price. Kelly id not giving shit away for free.

No. 59698

File: 1564097299334.png (819.27 KB, 854x479, sch.png)

I guess Sekril ran off with Charlie Sheen.

No. 59706

Sensual scratches meets blatant battery.

No. 59717

File: 1564103236148.jpg (193.27 KB, 1340x864, Eyes.jpg)

If this is all her real hair, then it actually doesn't look too bad for once.

No. 59724

It only looks decent because she finally washed it for once, don't fall for it

No. 59749

File: 1564112638139.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 41145CE6-B7EF-46F8-A2FE-6EB74C…)

And she complains she’s broke but that’s what she just spent on ball pit balls

No. 59752

Thank god she got that ten dollar discount.

No. 59756

File: 1564113456929.png (327.86 KB, 750x1334, 162D3804-E343-4B82-95A6-F50B92…)

Holy shit. That’s disturbing!!!

Honestly Kelly, it’s not PMDD. It’s the depressive phase of your obvious fucking bipolar disorder you unmedicated manic AND borderline tornado!

No. 59765

And yet, the angelic pretty dress…

No. 59772

Holy shit, is that actually our old friend Sensual? He looks even more old and busted here than before. Yikes

No. 59775

Is this for real? What’s the context behind this?
If she really spent that much money then that’s just fucked up. Who. Does. That???

No. 59780

It was a decent video; but her whole thing about her "Hashimoto's" was very unnecessary. Sounds like she was trying to diagnose her subscribers or something along that line. Hasn't she heard that having your hair in a pony tail all the time or just not being able to breathe (aka wearing wigs all the time) won't allow it to grow as fast as it should? There's also more that contributes to your hair not growing fast; not the fact that she claims to have Hashimoto's: like over cleaning your hair, brushing hair with a hard brush, heat styling, your diet, lack of exercise, etc.

I'm curious what that $800 is for; sales tax or shipping.
I also wonder how long it'll be until she mentions something about being broke or student loans or if she adds more of her "free products" onto her depop.

No. 59821

I assumed this was a joke (it was an insta story where she showed the computer screen, made a silly face then showed her bf sitting across the way from her aka "look what I'm doing behind his back")

If not a joke then she's realized he's partly hanging around for the imagined LA bucks/glamour and is trying to show off how wealthy she is to him

No. 59847

I really think shes only dating this guy because 1. She’s lonely and wants the attention from anyone and 2. He’s a photographer and worships her and she gets all these candid ‘look at Kelly doing XYZ’ type of photos, it’s an easy way she’s going to feel special as shit.

No. 59961

What a reach

No. 59963

He actually takes pretty nice photos of her, I'll give him that. I don't see a lot of genuine emotion from him but he's like a skinny photographer boyfriend you buy from the store. A lot better for her than Davey, but I'm not sure how this will pan out longterm (i.e. how is he gonna make money/a future?). Also sekril definitely is salty about it and posted that screencap of his own video up earlier.

No. 60030

Lmao that's not actually him anon, that's a talkshow host interviewing Charlie Sheen.

No. 60059


Oh how unfortunate that there's several people that look just like that out in the world. Poor guys.

No. 60420


Ging-um. It's like she insists on mispronouncing shit while trying to pretend to educate people on it. Stahp. ffs.

No. 60456

Did Kelly delete a bunch of her youtube videos? I was looking for the one where she's shopping with some of the girls in Little Tokyo. There's two and I can't find either of them under her videos. I started sifting through her entire video collection just to see if there were any others I noticed missing and saw her very first video - the Hello Kitty Con - was no longer there. There's also the one where she's getting ready for ALA 2018 that I always liked rewatching that I don't see anymore either. So unless something is messed up in my youtube settings, I'm assuming she's deleting videos now.

No. 60459

File: 1564542798426.jpeg (171.63 KB, 1241x1933, 5FFA1E8E-2441-47DF-B14C-DBCDF2…)

Looks like she’s privated all the old mail mondays with Dre as well. Also, I may have missed something but it looks like all of the fellowship videos have been taken down as well.

No. 60462

Weird. She has a fellowship easter video from a couple years ago still up, but maybe she's still in the process of deleting them as we speak. Other than FOTR fallout, the only reason I could think of for deleting them is maybe they got demonetized or something?

No. 60464

it’s possible that video is the only one remaining because she has an obligation to the sponsor and is contracted to keep it online. it is the one where companies provided free makeup and stuff right?

super surprised she’s getting rid of all this. sentiment aside, surely not all of those were demonetized…

No. 60495

She’s not deleting them, only making them private so no one can see them. Maybe it was due to her fans wanting more videos with the fellowship.

No. 60502

She also deleted her last 2 insta posts. One was a video, but the other were some pics the bf took…

No. 60562


Terrible, she´s deleting all of the videos that are actually fun to watch. In the most recent years, she only posts uninteresting crap.

No. 60570

Oh wow! I didn't think she'd do this. I wonder if she's gone through Insta and removed any sign of them there, too.

No. 60572

After scrolling through, she removed all casual vlogs but there are plenty of videos with Courtney and Steph in them.

It seems like a Dre-targeted removal, I wonder what provoked this?

No. 60574

The easter video from last year is gone (the one where she announced Dre moving out). As are all the videos she had with Phi. Iirc they had those going through each larp session, or some sweets sampling from another country (can't recall what it was) or some where they just were sitting and talking.

Also think she deleted one related to her cousin, the one where she was crying about how guilty she feels or something along the lines.

No. 60583

Well good choice. They are not friends anymore so why keep videos with them?

No. 60584

I can't help but wonder if she's sour about Phi's bday vlog. Steph, Justin and Envy were in it. Maybe she just wants to move on and stop seeing them.

No. 60587

yeah definitely she is. She went from chilling and talking about Phi all the time to resorting her to call her just roommate on her IG. I don’t get why Phi even still lives there. What an awkward living situation. Maybe she may not want certain videos available that her new BF can watch?

No. 60588

He has probably already watched each one. He's a fanboy turned bf. Also, deleting some of the videos helps direct the narrative on her friendships. She was always a tpxic friend to Dre, even though Dre insisted that wasn't the case initially. And you can see a lot of her narcissistic tendencies, namely in her videos with the FOTR. Maybe she is embarassed. She does seem very different now. As far as she has to go, she seems to have grown some.

No. 60599

I’m surprised she would go on and delete those videos as they were the more interesting ones and would have gotten her more ad revenue. Honestly, her newer videos are no longer interesting to watch and I just don’t bother with her videos any more unless there’s good milk in them.
Really wondering about the future of her channel…

No. 60600

She’s going on a twitter rant about social media and cancel culture.
Lol Kelly, when are you gonna accept the fact that you’re being “called out” as you put it because you have personal issues that you’re constantly projecting and bombarding on everyone around you?? OF COURSE people will “call you out” to keep you in check. Of course course your friends will cut ties when you refuse to change. It’s inevitable that social media will judge you if you demean, bully, and take advantage of people’s circumstances and difficult situations to get your way ahead in the world. Not saying it’s right, but if you’re gonna be working as a public person then you gotta learn to work with it.
And let’s not forget that we as children have adults to guide us towards healthy, appropriate behaviour so we can learn to navigate our way with the rest of the world as an adult. This is something she clearly doesn’t get. We’re not being “domesticated” like animals. We’re being taught so we can establish healthy relationships and be successful in our endeavours in the future.
She always tries to twist the situation to look like the victim and lacks the discipline to grin and bear it and work with everyone else around her. In the end she’s really just a womanchild who can’t handle herself.

No. 60605

Maybe she’s just bitter because Phi has friends to celebrate her birthday with and she doesn’t.

No. 60612

Oh cmon. Dre piggybacked her way to e-fame through Kelly. Remember those first videos of them together, where Dre was shy, awkward and looked like an absolute mess?

No. 60627

Kellys channel wasn’t even big when dre moved in so she couldn’t have piggybacked, didn’t get subs until she started using fotr in her videos cuz she has no personality of her own

No. 60630

not true, Kelly had over 100k on her channel and Dre barely had 6k on her channel. Dre was fat and awkward and had a butch haircut, but started to blossom in Kelly's Videos and her style improved. the Pastel goth video on Kat Von D was what really made Dre popular overnight and she gained so many subs after that.

No. 60631

I wonder that too. Kelly seems a lot calmer now and not the same person she was a year ago. I think she should delete her social media and disappear and live a private life with her guy and be a trophy gf/wife.

No. 60633

That’s just blatantly not true, where are you getting this info? Dre’s channel didn’t exist until after she moved in and kelly had less than 15k subs, dre hit 100k before kelly did

No. 60684

File: 1564660034907.png (733.24 KB, 1366x456, depop.png)

I can't with her butchering gashapon. "Gotchapon" really Kels.

Also can't help but notice that she sure is selling a lot of Sailor Moon stuff on depop. Guess it's not as interesting now since she doesn't have her background friends to carry her obsession any longer

No. 60691

I remember a fan sending her the items in the picture on the left. That’s so rude.

No. 60732

Dre hitted 100k first, cause then she piggybacked on Chris Villain, as she continues to do lol. But Kelly was popular way before, and like it was said, Dre was fat, awkward, with her horrible tattoos and terrible style back then, and a super geeky boyfriend (which she ditched later, and she doesn't even date that type of guy anymore).

No. 60735

She made strategic moves via the FOTR, Chris, and that one chick she was "dating". Now she sustains her own following through her insta, Kills tar, Foxblood and HotTopic modeling. Dre is pretty successful on her own.

No. 60773

Oh good, the anons with massive hateboners for Dre are back.

No. 60786

Go make a Dre thread if you want to talk about her so bad. Now that Kelly isn't friends with her anymore there's really no reason to bring her up.

No. 60796

There's always the FoTR thread. Every time Kelly does something problematic, Dre is brought up and complained about, mainly about her "butch" haircut and about how she only gained success "because of Kelly". I think that it's either Kelly posting, trying to divert attention from herself and being bitter that Dre surpassed her so easily, or a Kelly superfan (like Lina). Maybe even Phi. I don't like Dre either, she's super problematic in her own ways, but she doesn't need to be brought up for no reason all the time on the Kelly thread when it's not relevant anymore.

No. 60804

>It's not relevant

Idk, Kelly deleting every video she ever uploaded with you - I mean, Dre in it seems relevant to me. It's interesting she cut Phi out as well.

I think she is curating a persona for the benefit of Skinny, and removing any "problematic" friends from her history is part of that.

No. 60844

File: 1564772420071.jpeg (141.2 KB, 750x341, 99BBB500-0190-4587-8D94-2D816D…)

If you’re depressed, seriously, social media isn’t your friend.

No. 60862

Maybe you should try sharing that with medical professionals and not strangers on the internet who can't solve your problems for you, Kelly.

No. 60909

That, and get a real job while giving youtube and sm a break plus not spending all of her money on useless shit might do the trick.

No. 60926

Well if anything, posting about her depression is a surefire way to get sympathy from her followers.. like you know, the sympathy she used to get from her ex-friends.

No. 60942


Severely AND deeply depressed

Choose one adjective, anything more that is a lil histrionic

No. 60949

She wouldn't even be able to leave her bed, keep a good diet, travel around and explore a new relationship if she was deeply depressed. She would be paralyzed in a fucking bed.

No. 60959

I agree with you, I think social media has a lot to do with her depression. She probably gets insecure and sad/jealous when she sees others posting about their gigs,cosplay, friends, etc. Kelly should retire her persona and go offline and be an eccentric girlfriend to her man or something.

No. 60972

lol anon… you don't have to say the same shit over and over. we get it, you want kelly to leave the internet forever.

seriously, i do not understand the anon that lurks this thread that is obsessed with "DRE DOESNT BELONG HERE!!!" because frankly none of kelly's exfriends warrant their separate calves thread to begin with. it's not like any of them are particularly active topics on lolcow, so………

im wondering if this has something to do with her new relationship tbh. they moved way too fast and shit's going to hit the fan sooner rather than later

No. 60997

That's not true, people can be severely and deeply depressed while acting normally in public. Depression is not that obvious even when you are on the lowest of the low. She chooses to appear when she is not obviously a wreck. It's pretty common. Blogpost but as an example: i was in a great relationship while deeply depressed and ill, it actually helped. Im ok now and we're still together, so she is able to live apparently normally. Unless she goes into some sort of breakdown and psychosis… but that's not happening

I don't think it has nothing to do with him, to me it seems that she still isn't over all her friends turning against her. She's been super anxious dealing with this, imagine the shitshow behind the scenes, the he-said she-said… it seems like it's still going internally. She's caring so much about this she's pushing all these new random people as her new gang, like she re-cast her friendship circle on her own sitcom for this great new season (imagine this while manic). The bipolarity is boiling inside of her…

No. 61004

I just don't understand how she is so mentally unwell if she is seeing a therapist/psychologist. She needs to be put on meds if she is truly bipolar and manic depressive.

No. 61012


she either has a therapist that only ever tells her what she wants to hear so long as they are getting paid (surprisingly common) or she's not actually doing/practicing any of the homework or techniques that her therapist should be giving her.

a therapist isn't there to make you magically better. you have to put in the hard work yourself with their guidance and advice or you're going to get absolutely nowhere.

No. 61020

File: 1564881360064.png (1.64 MB, 640x1136, 2EC4E916-0155-4265-94F9-A7B806…)

Random,, but is this Kelly? Found on FB ad for Western Dental

No. 61022

yes she mentioned being in it before when someone tweeted it to her

No. 61037

File: 1564897017140.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 68E9196C-C356-4414-8C25-A060CB…)


No. 61040

Lol is she finally showing appreciation to Lina…? Damn that’s how you know she’s running out of friends.

No. 61051

You must not have depression. That’s not how it works.

No. 61064

didn't Lina send her stuff before? if so, this is the first time Kelly thanked her publicly.

No. 61067

What a weirdly scary picture to use, she looks like she wants to slit your throat

I actually feel so sorry for Lina, she seems like she really admires Kelly and clearly does a lot for her and just gets ignored, she has to be autistic, is it confirmed anywhere?

No. 61085

File: 1564944477431.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, 114EF1F7-0238-4A03-BE5C-9CF040…)

I wonder if this piece was of one of the FotR.

No. 61086

It's Kota. Look at Kelly's highlights 'my art'. The Kota painting was huge, long blonde hair, dark background and them hanging stars

No. 61090

I'm convinced she did decided to move all of her paintings out JUST to sand down the painting of Kota. She needs to grow the fuck up. What a relief it must be for the FOTR to be rid of her. Her toxicity has no bounds. Kelly is trying to hurt them beyond the end of their friendship

No. 61094


This is kinda creepy to destroy a painting of a friend. I saw Kota wrote a passive-aggressive Tweet yesterday about "empaths" that annoyed me because it was so fucking dumb, but since Kelly was calling herself empath for a while, it maybe was the thing that pushed her over the edge

No. 61096

She said she was recycling the canvas. I guess the others are really a series, so Kota's makes sense to go…..I guess.

No. 61099

That's how it works, retards. If you are still this functional and lively your depression isn't extremely severe. It's like medium, persistent depression.

No. 61119

File: 1564965060391.jpg (1.9 MB, 2511x1920, 20203009.jpg)

Yeah it's kota

No. 61131

It would make more sense to repaint the face to be new person. Removing the whole thing is psycho. She can drop thousands on Japan trips and expensive tat but not $50 for a new canvas?

No. 61132

Not trying to WK or anything but speaking from an art perspective, sometimes destroying your own work is therapeutic in it's own right. She could be killing two birds with one stone by utilizing her aggression in a healthy way (a la redoing canvas) and getting therapy out of painting.
Plus Kelly seems to have consistent issues with perspective and faces, and they don't always line up. It may benefit her to practice painting other things that she's not as horrible at….

No. 61135

That's fair. But the problem is that she made a point to post that she was sanding off Kota's painting. If it truly was therapeutic, keep it private. But no, Kelly can't do that. She won't talk about what happened with the FOTR, but takes passive aggressive jabs at them any chance she gets.

No. 61137

File: 1564973626275.jpeg (429.98 KB, 640x1095, 007CA862-8593-47CF-886F-936A26…)

Not milk, but she started an Instagram to flaunt her shotty demon puff house.

No. 61146

She's selling more Dolls Kill stuff she got for free and also the free Sapphire Studios Sailor Moon engagement ring that she got for free for $160 on depop

No. 61148

File: 1564980040499.png (279.61 KB, 1084x724, kellywhinesagain.png)


Dwarf Berserker is pretty much nailed it in their reply.

Kelly is a fucking mess.

No. 61149

Which "call out" is she talking about? Shes had so many. Lol

No. 61163

The thing that pisses me off about this is that she claims that they publicly bashed her for validation and praise from others, but is that not EXACTLY what she herself ALWAYS does? I haven’t seen the FoTR bash her publicly at all, the only times I’ve seen her “called out” is when Claire calmly told her that her Nazi video was insensitive. The FoTR had already jumped boat by then. And it’s not their responsibility to “walk her down the right path”, whatever that is. She’s a 30 year old woman and should more than be capable of realizing what is wrong and what isn’t. Aside from that, I don’t see the FoTR encouraging her shitty actions, they probably DID try to calmly tell her what she’s doing wrong many times until they all decided to just drop her because she refused to change her problematic ways. I really don’t blame them. They’re all problematic in their own ways too, don’t get me wrong, but it was pretty obvious that they all got sick of her egotistical airheaded bullshit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Kelly will always and forever try to deflect blame and guilt to others to get the heat off of herself. Which is why I believe that she brings up Dre here whenever Kelly does something problematic.

I don’t know them personally, but from what Kelly has exhibited publicly through her platforms, I don’t see her as the type to take responsibility for her wrongdoings and apologize to them. That’s probably all it would have taken for the FoTR to stay. Kelly just needs to admit that she’s the one who is fucked up. Even a lot of her fans have caught on. How long until all of them leave too? Kek. She’s completely surrounded by people who enable her shitty behavior now so she’s probably never going to realize what an absolute twit she is.

No. 61173

Yeah she's going through one of her manic moments. She's selling her barbie x puma sneakers she bought like a month ago cuz Azusa had a pair. I'm surprised she's getting rid of a good chunk of Sailormoon merch. Thought that was her all favorite series. Obviously now i realize it probably reminds her of FOTR. Kelly probably is short on cash with all her recent spending.

No. 61187

File: 1565014323338.png (38.78 KB, 776x228, Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 11.1…)

Really gross that she's admitting she isn't going to wash this sweater before sending it to someone.

No. 61207

File: 1565037585261.jpeg (185.8 KB, 1020x1020, C4E2DCFD-82BA-45C8-9EF6-125546…)


The face on this painting is so shitty, honestly maybe sanding this one was a good idea, it reminds me of that shitty repainted Jesus

No. 61213

Didn't she say in a recent video or somewhere that she regretted hastily selling some of her stuff in the past, too? Also those stupid IC unicorn sneakers are marked as SOLD from a year ago if you keep scrolling down her items, yet she has them listed again. I honestly don't believe half the stuff she has marked as sold is actually "sold", especially since it's also been established here she still wears/uses stuff she has listed. I've never used Depop or any social shopping site, but I feel like the "sold" but not actually sold tactic should be some sort of violation of service.

No. 61229

You know depression comes and goes… right? They’re called depressive episodes. You don’t just lie in bed your entire life you fucking moron. Especially if Kelly is bipolar like she claims.

No. 61249

File: 1565061058663.jpg (61.61 KB, 452x767, Annotation 2019-08-05 200926.j…)

girl is out here about to destroy all her artwork to get "better"

No. 61250

File: 1565061100002.jpg (32.22 KB, 446x737, Annotation 2019-08-05 200951.j…)

No. 61251

File: 1565061128364.jpg (46.87 KB, 448x788, Annotation 2019-08-05 201046.j…)


No. 61253

This is a mental breakdown, but of course she only surrounds herself with yes-men who will pander and agree with everything she does

Literally no need to destroy this stuff. She could give it away, sell it, or just leave it. I think an artist has a right to destroy their own work, but these are old established pieces, not works-in-progress. It's very weird from an artist's perspective to drag up old, finished pieces and destroy them.

No. 61258

Exactly. And I believe that is why Kelly lingers here in lolcow with a dozen threads by now… she doesn’t know how to properly take responsibility for ANYTHING she does. She is always, and forever, the victim.

It’s as if she’s convinced that the world is against her when really, everyone makes awful mistakes. It’s just all about how we make up for them. This might be blogposting but even cows like Kenna or even Logan Paul managed to turn around and make me tolerate them now despite the absolutely terrible fuckeries they did. But Kelly? I see no hope for this girl. She’s awful and entitled just because “muh depression”.

Kelly, mental illness should never be used an as excuse for your shitty actions. Lots of people have depression, doesn’t mean they all see themselves as the victim and never take responsibility. Make a fucking GENUINE apology video and say sorry to your friends so you can move the fuck on. Your bitterness will only eat you up slowly until you’re dead. Swallow your pride and mature up.

No. 61272

File: 1565074696524.png (238.37 KB, 486x726, oohsoedgy.png)

Pretty sure Lina is hinting that she gets that Kelly is "erasing" her old friends out of her life. She did say in the past that she unfollowed the rest of the fellowship for Kelly. OoOoH Kelly you're so edgy and ~ominous~

Also correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this >>61250 one supposed to be Katie and this one >>61251 supposed to be Envy?

No. 61274

It's a self portrait

No. 61295

this is easily the best thing she's painted, what a shame to destroy it.

No. 61306

This is maybe the first time I've felt kinda bad for Kelly. Sage for blogposts, but I've destroyed old diaries and artwork when I've been really depressed and massively regretted it later.
I think she'll definitely regret destroying her old artwork like this when she starts thinking more clearly.

No. 61315

Yeah she'll definitely regret it eventually. She was trying to sell the smaller canvas on her big cartel page for $200.00 kek. It was ugly anyway but the other one was nice. She couldn't send it to her family to hold onto it.

No. 61316

File: 1565110886012.png (1013.63 KB, 1106x796, Capture.PNG)

It's still listed for sale kek.

No. 61318

That's an amazing portrait of Johnathan Yaniv.

No. 61335

You can have recurrent episodes of major depression. If you also have mania, that's bipolar. Any episode is assessed a level of severity, which is determined by your functionality.


Now can you all stop sperging at each other and get back to Kelly's dumbass antics?

No. 61336

God that hair is so bad. High school tier.

No. 61341


This painting is not a self portrait. It's Lauren wk

No. 61342

File: 1565125364577.jpg (691.88 KB, 1080x1740, 65707.jpg)

And this one she used a photo of kota but change the face slightly

No. 61344

File: 1565125827602.jpg (284.4 KB, 1080x723, 2726373836.jpg)

You can see the reference photo in this Instagram video

No. 61347

She hates Lauren wk because kelly was fucking her boyfriend.

No. 61349

low key want to try and purchase just to have her scramble because the painting is destroyed, but 200$ is way too much for the joke, painting is worth 20$ at best.

No. 61352

No. 61382

Looks like Kelly took down the infamous Lolita video . . .

No. 61394

If she reworked only the face, THAT eould be extra fucking creepy, are you high?

No it's not, I'm an artist and destroying old art is routine for a most of us. There's actually just one artist I know that doesn't destroy his completed pieces. This is so common it's not even milk.

Which video?

No. 61395



A simple search about this makes your statement of "most of us" false. Most artists don't just destroy old work routinely. Some do, maybe even a good percentage. Certainly not most.

Kelly has never destroyed any of her old artwork until now (as another anon pointed out, right after kota made a comment on 'empaths', something kelly claims to be, on twitter). In fact she often posted pictures of her old art for comments, likes, and compliments and continues to sell the prints.

Okay, Kelly

No. 61396

File: 1565151086374.jpg (32.87 KB, 737x185, Annotation 2019-08-06 211001.j…)

No. 61399

My thoughts too, I can see her waking up from this manic phase and regretting this. Considering how rarely she paints it will be a long time until she can replace these.

No. 61405

Lol she literally posted about this today on twitter she so clearly stalks this thread. So sad. What has she been doing all day lately. Do we even want to know?

No. 61406

Knock it off, farmer

No. 61431


Savage. I wonder how the rest of the fellowship must be feeling about this whole thing. I would be relieved that she wouldn't try to profit out of my face anymore

No. 61441

Kek but then again, Kelly always talks shit about anyone who doesn’t make her feel special or kiss her ass. Which is sad tbh bc how will she ever grow? Even her boyfriend now is more or less a tool to make her feel better abt herself.

No. 61445

So it looks Kelly’s twitter rant and “repurposing” canvases literally just a retaliation against a single tweet from Kota. Yeah ok whatevs girl r u still in high school??? As far as I can tell that lone passive aggressive tweet doesn’t count as a “callout” bc it flew most of everyone’s heads, and while I don’t know shit about their friendship and all, I feel like Kota is one of those in the fotr who would prefer to keep to themselves unless something really bad happened. Tinfoiling but from the looks of it, Kota might have been going through something in private last year and Kelly wanted a big birthday bash and everyone had to cancel as in the true Kelly brand, she wanted everyone to fuck Kota over so she can get the time of her life instead, and decided she needed it more since Austin passed. Might have been what made her friends leave over time.

No. 61447

what was the tweet?

No. 61450

The $1500 dress video.

No. 61452

Well Kelly is officially 30 today. Wonder if she's still going to do this >>38697 party. Kinda wish she would so that she would see how many people DON'T attend and the pathetic quality of the people who DO attend

No. 61458

File: 1565194606384.jpeg (278.15 KB, 750x811, DC46BB6B-0364-486A-8429-6DAACF…)

Some anons have mentioned it before but didn’t sage for those who haven’t seen it. Afaik it triggered Kelly into moping about cancel culture and being “called out by my friends online”.

No. 61459

If she does it’ll be hard to watch. Her friends now are not as “aesthetic” as per the Kelly brand lol, and def not her chickenbone boyfriend who makes her look even dirtier and cheaper. But if in some sort of miracle her old friends turn up for whatever celebration she has, well oh well it will be milky indeed.
(and plus we all know that Kelly’s vlogs and parties were only entertaining bc of the FotR)

No. 61532

File: 1565238742063.png (1.12 MB, 1416x2301, Screenshot_20190807-232720.png)

I thought Kota was talking about herself

No. 61559

She's in Colorado at her mom's home with her bf. They had an open house party for her birthday kek

No. 61584

I'm so sick of this ~empath~ nonsense. An empath is literally a fictional character trait where the character can psychically know exactly what a person is feeling. Anyone who calls themselves an empath either doesn't know what it actually means or is a cringelord.

No. 61591

While I think a low-key party with family and her boyfriend is probably good for Kelly, it's a little sad that she's celebrating a milestone birthday essentially friendless.
Seriously, almost everyone is capable of empathy - it doesn't make you special.

No. 61597

File: 1565292750479.jpg (718.47 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190808-152153_Chr…)

>never worn
Then why do they have obvious markings that are not included in the product description? Also, I like how she's pricing them for more than they cost brand new when they're still for sale.

No. 61606

The black marks around the foot hole are probably from her dirt black feet. That's disgusting.

No. 61610

File: 1565300179826.jpg (1020.12 KB, 1684x1684, Titsmcgee.jpg)

At her birthday "party".
Can you imagine having your tits out like this with your whole family? Holy shit so tacky.

No. 61616

File: 1565302834629.jpg (20.49 KB, 500x499, ac49e62130e0d23208ee034e60419e…)

She can probably kill her stick boyfriend if she would lay those nasty tits on him. Can she learn to dress properly ever? Slob.

No. 61619

They're looking kind of bigger than usual, really hope she's not pregnant. Please don't procreate

No. 61620

More likely she's on some kind of hormonal birth control now that she's in a relationship.

No. 61623

That's a just a normal summer dress, stop clutching your pearls.

Holy shit, I hope not. She's said several times she wants a kid and now that she's turned 30 and diving head first into an intense relationship, it's not that crazy of a tinfoil to worry she might succomb to biological clock fear. Oh god, now that I think about it, what if she's going on this selling spree not out of mania, but because she found out she's preggo and is trying to make room and save money for a baby? I really hope they're just bigger because of her period or birth control.

No. 61635

File: 1565309816721.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 27F1A1FF-33A4-4618-B22B-38E3CA…)

She has not made any progress in her art skills at all

No. 61638

>normal summer dress
yea for people without a gross boob job.

No. 61659

we get it, you hate Kelly, calm down ya prude

No. 61665

The dress makes her udders look saggy, like she's not wearing any kind of bra or support. Pointing out Kelly looking like a slob with her fake bimbo tits that she cant even present in a decent way doesn't make anons a "prude"

No. 61672

Ya it makes her look like a 2-dollar crack hoe with no eyebrows and green hair ready to flash em plastic titties to who ever won't recoil when they see the herpes scattered all over her chest kek

No. 61677

This and also she took her bf home to meet her family too… and has been quieter on social media lately…. they also spent multiple days in that outdoor tent sleeping together.. gross

No. 61681

God help her. Something is off about him.

No. 61701

This is soooo cringey why would she post this lmao

No. 61723

She usually goes to the Labyrinth ball around/just after her birthday. I wonder if she will go this year.
I miss the videos she used to make with her friends in all those beautiful Firefly Path outfits. Guess there won't be any more interesting content like that anymore. What a waste.

No. 61852

Do you mean like dangerously? She seems to be doing some spring cleaning with life in general. I really hope it’s for the better and if this guy is bad news that he doesn’t impede that, he does kinda look like a dirtbag.

No. 61935

I wonder how angry she is that her rant on Twitter didn’t get a single bit of attention from her ex friends. No subtle shade or subtweets either. Just made herself look bad kek

No. 61938

Kek but we don’t know for sure what goes in their private convos.
Tinfoil: that twitter rant was a way to bait her friends to confront her and possibly pave the way to making up just in time for her 30th birthday.
Kelly has been quiet the past few weeks. Wonder if she’s realized that she can no longer produce any good content?

No. 61949

Did anyone else notice at the bottom of the twitter rant in the 'more replies' section a bunch of replies had been recently deleted, and Madi had posted agressive replies in response do them which were still showing for a while.
Looks like they're gone now and I didn't manage to get a screenshot. But Madi is a real piece of work. I know she's protecting her sister, but she does it in the most childish and agressive way.
And why even bother replying to the tweets if you're gonna have the negative ones deleted cause you can't handle any sort of criticism.

No. 61954


At the bottom of her amazon profile she's left negative reviews for almost every single item. I wonder how she conveniently manages to love every item from sponsors when she gets them for free, but hates everything she paid actual money for

No. 61958

File: 1565628271273.png (1.01 MB, 950x714, k.png)

Why does Kelly insist on being cringe everywhere she goes, her grandma's face says it all

(censored child from photo since not allowed to post children)

Madi is honestly worse than Kelly. She's like Kelly 2.0 because she thinks that she won't get called out on her shit because she's not e-famous kek

No. 61962

What Twitter rant? Does anyone have screenshots? Or are you guys talking about her tweeting the paintings being destroyed?

No. 61983

Twitter autohides certain Tweets, it sounds like that's what happened here. You can't delete someone else's Tweets

No. 61984

Fuckin' hell, there are only a few people in that photo and two of them look genuinely pained from the cringe

I don't doubt her grandma is in poor health at her age, and probably doesn't appreciate being wheeled out for a wacky photo like this

No. 62036

Maybe that's her way of trying to get refunds on shit she's bought.

No. 62041

File: 1565665756756.jpg (561.12 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190812_230713_com…)

>>61954 it smelt so bad it made her eyes water but her poor dog still sleeps in it every night! Wtf Kelly…

No. 62047

No. 62070

https://www.instagram.com/p/B1G_898BiWo/ - She looks so much better without her huge tits and dumpy clothes.

No. 62087

Her original nose in this video. I’m convinced she has had a nose job

No. 62097

God she was actually adorable in that. It’s really sad to see what her life is like now. I feel like maybe the fame got to her head after she moved to LA and got deep into YouTube. She actually seemed like a like able person in this video. Poor Kelly.

No. 62109

File: 1565724197836.gif (4.24 MB, 566x302, collegekelly.gif)

Her body did look a lot more proportionate back then.

Also don't post links. This is an imageboard.

No. 62110

agreed, she actually looks so pretty and normal instead of the blow up sex doll creature she is now. Didnt she say in her lipo video that all her life she had thick thighs that would rub together as she walked and that would wear down holes in every pair of jeans in the thigh area? doesnt look like it in this, her legs looks nice and normal and proportionate. this is body dismorphia i guess but like damn kelly i wish we could press the "SHIT GO BACK" button

No. 62112


I'm a RMCAD alum and knew her during this phase. She definitely looked better but was still extremely fake and obnoxious. Honestly this video is probably the only time I've seen her socialize with people at RMCAD outside critiques. She usually just stomped around campus ignoring everyone and thought she was the best artist who ever lived. She's randomly find any excuse she could during class to brag about her boyfriend at the time who was a drummer and she recently shared a photo of a drawing she did of him. Then she would brag about knowing Skrillex and everyone would just sort of eye-roll her. She has always had that "I'm too good for you peasants" vibe about her. She was a real bitch to listen to during critique and would just use it as an excuse to flirt with male classmates and tear other women apart.

No. 62124

Imagine living life at age 30 always wishing to go back to 22. So fucking sad. It’s not possible grow the fuck up!

No. 62198


Well of course she wants to go back. She's surrounded by a group of guys all paying attention to her

No. 62243

irked me how purposely she was 'accidentally' hitting the guys when she was on the skateboard, guess she has and will never change with needing constant guy attention

No. 62283

I think it’s just makeup and contour anon. Her nose looks just about the same, the angle and the sunglasses just make it seem bigger. If she did get a nose job, she would have corrected the slight hump in her profile into a perfect smooth slope.

No. 62363

Regarding Madis rude replies on tweets, the ones she was replying to were grey'd out and said something like tweet unavailable.
Sorry didn't think to screenshot at the time.
So I guess the original poster of them either deleted them, or had their account removed.
Madis replies were stuff like how would you even know you don't know Kelly, stop assuming etc So I assume the original tweets were about Kelly having no friends anymore.
Agree with Anon about Madi being worse than Kelly. She's gone off on Kellys fans a few times now and it just makes Kelly look worse for allowing it/having her sister do her dirty work.

No. 62364

Regarding Madis rude replies on tweets, the ones she was replying to were grey'd out and said something like tweet unavailable.
Sorry didn't think to screenshot at the time.
So I guess the original poster of them either deleted them, or had their account removed.
Madis replies were stuff like how would you even know you don't know Kelly, stop assuming etc So I assume the original tweets were about Kelly having no friends anymore.
Agree with Anon about Madi being worse than Kelly. She's gone off on Kellys fans a few times now and it just makes Kelly look worse for allowing it/having her sister do her dirty work.

No. 62365

Regarding Madis rude replies on tweets, the ones she was replying to were grey'd out and said something like tweet unavailable.
Sorry didn't think to screenshot at the time.
So I guess the original poster of them either deleted them, or had their account removed.
Madis replies were stuff like how would you even know you don't know Kelly, stop assuming etc So I assume the original tweets were about Kelly having no friends anymore.
Agree with Anon about Madi being worse than Kelly. She's gone off on Kellys fans a few times now and it just makes Kelly look worse for allowing it/having her sister do her dirty work.

No. 62428

It sounds as if he just knew basic spanish, we spanish speakers, as you english speakers use more slang than the textbook version of the objects or phrases tell you. it isnt "La silla" its just "silla" only if youu want to say "I want that chair" is when you use the article, if not its like "Quiero una silla" or even "quiero silla" the latter sounds rude but its also valid

No. 62739

File: 1566094514524.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5F0628B6-CDC8-40AD-A245-45DE4B…)

Her torso is horrifying. I’m at LoJ and briefly saw her and checked her story to see if she posted anything because it was so hideous. She’s been hanging with Leo a lot with her tits out too. Wonder how her bf feels abt that

No. 62747

I feel like she's been hanging out with Leo a lot lately. I feel like any time I glanced at her stories the last few days, Leo is in them.

No. 62748

Yeah, if I didn't who they are I'd have guessed that they are dating.

Her stomach looks ok (still ugly) from the front, but from the side it's horrifying. It's lumpy in very weird places. It reminds me of cottage cheese

No. 62749

Her shit is nearly on par with the bad Tara Reid lipo!

No. 62752

File: 1566105447118.png (6.91 MB, 1242x2208, BA05B3AB-CB03-4A6E-A2EF-BB77B5…)

So stomach rolls, especially while sitting, is totally normal and I 100% have them too….but I also haven’t had lipo multiple times. You can see how she CLEARLY hasn’t been working out because she’s just not toned at all. This is from Leo’s story when she’s in the car and her stomach just looks…off.

No. 62753

File: 1566105642692.png (6.6 MB, 1242x2208, 5876F991-F137-41F6-AC58-691A68…)

No. 62757

Oof it’s either that’s just very flattering or she gained weight.

No. 62759


considering that leo is a known cheater and said a lot of awful things to his ex, kelly's bf should definitely be concerned that she's spending so much time with him.

No. 62761

File: 1566111621747.jpg (754.88 KB, 1074x1468, Screenshot_20190818-165929.jpg)

OoOf…that comment.

No. 62762

…didn't she go on and on about how she was a natural blonde as a child when she was blonde for a while a couple years back? Around that time she said she was getting lip fillers to recreate the full lips she had as a child? I doubt those videos are still up if she took down most of her fellowship content.

I'm honestly curious what her next fake passion will be. Or how she plans on evolving her channel or content in any way. Getting rid of old videos seems like shooting herself in the foot unless she has some source of income on the horizon. She's been relatively quiet recently and patreon/depop bucks can only go so far.

No. 62787

The fillers and blonde vid are still up, I think she removed any that were demonetized, that’s about the only sensible reason I can think of since she still has several past FOTR videos up. It’s mostly her mail Monday and random vlogs she got rid of.
And the Lolita dress fiasco.

I thought her content was actually improving before she ducked out again. I’m sure a “update: where have I been” video will show up soon when she grows tired of not having any attention.

No. 62792

Yeah that and her "big ass" she claims to have always had and is so thankful is in style now

No. 62800

File: 1566144163914.jpg (414.38 KB, 1280x1539, tumblr_m3x6w2zeH31r3gb6ao1_128…)

Why oof? I assume she relates to Sarah hence her love of Labyrinth and Bowie

No. 62812

Kelly isn't a hideous troll by any means, but you should consider seeing an eye doctor if you think she looks like a young Jennifer Connelly. Every white girl with dark hair in a white shirt doesn't look like Sarah.

No. 62829

It’s very weird that Phin went to the ball and Kelly didn’t take pictures with her or appear to be together.

No. 62831

checked phi's insta to and she never took pics with Kelly either? sure doesn't mean they don't talk yet suss how Kelly would exploit the whole ''my roommate'' any chance she got

No. 62835

That must be so awkward in the home

No. 62838

Phi is in Kelly's insta story. During the numa numa song/dance…sorry dude

No. 62885

Wow, talk about beauty worth envying. I think Kelly is pretty, but she's nowhere near that level. To be fair, not a lot of people are.

No. 62927

She posted a bunch of free Dolls Kill stuff she got to her Depop and expensive stuff she got from Japan that she wore ONCE (that cost $200+). Yet she complains about how broke she is about mUh sTuDeNt LoAnS. Maybe don't spend so much money on shit you're only going to wear once?

She posted that blue nightie from when she was "feeling herself" and a few other lingerie pieces, and knowing how nasty she is, it's disgusting that she's selling it. Knowing her she didn't clean it after.

On one of the posts she claims that she was a 32c bra size before her 32dd boob job. Kelly, we've seen your before pictures, you were a small B at the most

I would screengrab but phone is being wonky

No. 62928

They're also definitely bigger than 32DD now.

No. 62965

What did he say to his ex?

No. 62990


To be fair, cup sizes mean nothing. The number indicates the band size, and the cup is the volume. However there’s also sister sizes, so someone that’s a 32D could also fit in a 34C, 36B or a 38A. That’s why so many women struggle with finding their “size” because the cup size means nothing.
Source: true bra sizing and also being a bra wearer

No. 63063

File: 1566256078949.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 8104C1FE-D049-43F7-9F77-0411BD…)

Umm. She just uploaded this on her house profile

No. 63069

Profile pic is showing. Idk if you care or not.

No. 63089

File: 1566265157990.jpeg (347.58 KB, 1125x1180, 53AD5220-95AF-49A7-9D63-9064C6…)

She also posted this one of her, Steph and Courtney too. You can tell she misses her friends since the only photos she seems happy are ones with the fellowship. I’m kinda curious on what her ex friends think of Kelly since she continues to post photos of them even though they aren’t friends anymore. I’d probably call her her out or do some legal action against her. Who knows if she’s making a profit out of her IG while using the faces of people who don’t want to be associated with her…

No. 63098

I know how bra sizes work, and sister sizes aren't a real thing. You can't just wear a different band size and expect a bra to fit properly because it has the same size cups. Kelly has a small ribcage. She probably wears a 30 or 32 band, and you can tell her cup size would be bigger than 5 inches more than that.

No. 63382

File: 1566340690908.jpeg (213.74 KB, 1020x1020, C68562DC-9F87-4E63-9425-153837…)

Looks like kelly begged her friend to let her borrow the dress she made and wore to labyrinth for a photoshoot. Kelly looks like she’s drowning in fabric, it doesn’t look as good on her at all.

No. 63414

That wig looks terrible with the outfit. It doesn't match at all.

No. 63438

This is giving me bad Christmas vibes, especially with that god-awful coloured wig. Of course, Kelly's friend was able to make this dress look good (because y'know, it was made to fit her) and Kelly just looks like she's drown in fabric (like >>63414 said) and just makes the dress look horrible.

No. 63534

I don't get how her Depop and Poshmark work. That one ugly pink coat she had on Poshmark said SOLD and now it's listed on Depop for $220?..

No. 63560

>>63534 maybe some dispute with whomever bought it and now she can't list it there anymore?

No. 63572

She had that spiked leather corset too a long time ago on her Depot that did sell, the fan reviewed it but hadn’t received it yet(I believe it was something along the lines of her being excited for when it arrives). But then down the road Kelly wore it again for a photo shoot, clearly having kept it. So I think she scams. Before I figured she was just marking things she wanted to keep as sold at high prices to make people believe her other stuff was worth that much, inclining them to buy despite her high price tags. It could honestly be both though too.

No. 63638

File: 1566417412979.png (725.96 KB, 1274x731, Capture.PNG)

Yeah. It was listed last year for more and marked as sold and yet she's relisted it.

No. 63686

File: 1566446037223.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2082, 44BA663D-739F-48C4-B852-B2DBCE…)

This is blurred out to the max

No. 63714

It's so weird not seeing her tits out…

No. 63720

Her head is such a weird shape in this pic, she looks like an alien

No. 63737

I think it’s the damaged hairline receding that throws her face off now and that hairstyle just really emphasizes it.

No. 63739

IMO she would look better with thicker and maybe darker or colored brows. Even though it's more natural when she does them light/thin, I think it ages her when she does heavier makeup and/or darker lips. Something is definitely off.

Props for covering her cleavage though, for once.

No. 63779

File: 1566510567640.jpeg (3.55 MB, 1750x2826, E25AD585-CE85-4EBD-AC90-BD420D…)


No. 63814

I think it’s interesting how Phin doesn’t follow Kelly on her second account.

No. 63847

honestly it's not that weird, not to wk but I don't follow all of my friends on my 'business' account, just on my personal one.

No. 63848

I can’t tell which one is which kek.
But seriously, Kelly’s face looks so bizarre. Like her eyes, nose, and lips lost dimension and were just pasted on top of the weird blurred out canvas of her face.

No. 63887

That and the childlike hairstyle with the more mature makeup and clothing totally clashes. Like can't she do another hair look besides one like a preschooler's?

No. 63903

Oh wow. Somebody is getting desperate to stay relevant.

No. 63923

She's so bratty and impossible in this. Cringe

No. 63931

How is she off to get more cosmetic procedures. Just turned 30 and has had so much done. It's sad

No. 63937

youve hit the nail on the head there anon
like she has such a mature makeup style too, which combined with her kiddie way of styling everything else just comes across unsettling
I know she love juxtapostion but

No. 63967

She keeps calling him stupid, if she was my friend I would tell her to cut that shit out.

No. 63970

Aw, Last time she went to the Beetle House she was with Dre and Chris,
She just seems like she's lonely and will try and cling onto anyone now because she's desperate.

No. 64037

File: 1566662923545.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1242x2216, AE502DBD-107A-4F9F-B809-3C6043…)

What else could she possibly be doing???

No. 64042

My money is on more botched lipo. When will she ever learn?

No. 64046

Maybe she get rid of these saggy tits.
I'll laugh out loud if she is getting another lipo. Her tummy is already lumpy as hell and she already did the other possible parts if I remember correctly.

No. 64054

More lip fillers maybe. Will she get anything major now that she has no friends to support her during recovery?

No. 64058

Nope she still has her arms that haven’t been lipo’d but I feel like her tattoos would look even worse after that

Don’t 4get she has a boyfriend who she can scare off after taking care of her post-lipo (round 3)

No. 64068

Ooh good speculation, she’s totally goin goin to lipo her hammy arms

No. 64069

Maybe getting the last of her fellowship tattoo lasered? It's already pretty faded and shitty

No. 64073

File: 1566691582046.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1832, 661FF0FB-02CD-4A4F-943A-D28AF5…)

No amount of photoshop will hide her botched lipo on that gut

No. 64074

is it just me or is her bellybutton shopped too high up?

No. 64075

That doesn't even look like her face… What the hell?

No. 64077

File: 1566692942396.jpg (98.7 KB, 906x600, yikessss.jpg)

expectations/photoshop, meet reality.

but also is that a giant cystic pimple on her boob?

No. 64080

File: 1566694911434.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3264x3264, 762323D4-1713-49BC-B8DE-405289…)


No. 64087

File: 1566699301861.jpeg (613.69 KB, 1256x2150, 04D8798E-5452-4553-90CE-70FFCE…)

All of the comments are hilarious. She’s only now pretty when she’s shooped so far that she doesn’t even look like herself topkek. Can’t stop laughing, who thought this was okay

See Kel, this is what happens when you try to cheat the system instead of just actually getting your lazy fat ass to the gym like you claim to be doing. You become a laughing stock.

Also when is the last time that she has washed that outfit? She wears it so much and there’s no way in hell she takes it to the cleaners knowing her dirty and cheap ass when it comes to important things instead of buying expensive stupid shit she doesn’t need

No. 64091

I didn't even recognize her face in this pic

No. 64092

Apart of me wonders if she shopped it more because the photographer who took this.. Their shopping doesn't look this tier-level of bad. And yikes, that practically under-the-boob belly button. topkek

No. 64098

I'm freaked out on the overall stomach shape it looks like a pizza roll or a cheez it. One side has a little curve but the other is stick straight?

No. 64099

Noticed that too. Guess even with all of that editing they couldn't fix her botched torso kek

No. 64100

If she did it's a huge faux pas. Ownership of personal photos remains with a photographer. It's intellectual property. If she edited them that's altering (or in this case destroying) someone's artwork.

No. 64101

Woof, I didn't see the lower 1/6th of this photo and I thought that she had ballooned up like crazy. Her disproportional tits do her no favors and really do make her look a ton heavier. Gross on the cystic acne, you'd think she'd cover it up with some makeup or clothes.

But nah, she HAS to have her tits out or else she'll just die.

No. 64128

the straight side only looks like that becauase of the way the cape thing drapes over her

No. 64131

So her plastic surgeon gives her a discount in return for her promoting him right? But she looks so bad. Who would want her as a walking billboard. She just makes the doctor look incompetent.

No. 64135

wtf I legit stoped at that pic on feed and thought how weird it was to see Kelly posting someone elses picture on her self centered instagram but then it turns out IT' S ACTUALLY HER?????? woah

No. 64146

I thought it was Rose McGowan for a second. And, like, post-very obvious plastic surgery Rose.

No. 64147

File: 1566744421663.jpg (569.15 KB, 1080x1397, 20190825_164608.jpg)

Stolen from the FotR thread: Phi is or will be out in Octobre.
Who will end up as Kellys new best friend??

No. 64155

>>64147 i know rents in LA are steep. But that seems like a lot of money to pay for just a room.

No. 64162

File: 1566755606187.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, E370F838-1AF6-4348-9CC8-99E37A…)

I wonder how kelly feels now that Stephanie is going to Germany to visit phi’s parents during Christmas instead of her now. Even though when Phi first moved in with kelly, the plan was for kelly to go but she never did.

No. 64171

I guess youre paying to live with a ''''celeb''''

No. 64179

>>64171 a quick google search will turn up a lot of red flags though.

No. 64183

Imagine if Lena moved in ….

No. 64228

it is a lot. it would make more sense to ask for 1,000, but this bitch is greedy

No. 64236

I'm guessing it's because she's technically renting 2 spaces (the house and the studio which I believe someone said is a studio apartment). If you actually got half of the studio to use for your work that might be more worth it but I doubt Kelly would give up much space

No. 64255

Not that she won't have a problem finding some e-fame hungry cretin to be her roomie, but like what if she can't get one? I'd love to know how desperate she would get to keep the Eden Haus, because there's no way in her current predicament she could afford all that alone.

No. 64267

Why doesn't she just convert the bedroom into a workspace?..

No. 64295

>>64267 she needs an extra kitchen to coat in spraypaint though. And she views her roommates as props. She needs someone to put in her vlogs for a couple of months, until they get tired of her shit and just fade into the background. Something tells me she'll reject any roommate who doesn't look aesthetically pleasing or doesn't want to be on camera.

No. 64302

What work?

No. 64312

Wasn’t she asking 1000 last time?

No. 64355

Super steep, especially when you consider the fact that whomever rents that room has ZERO SAY over decorating anything else in the house. Like if you divided that space by square footage of stuff/useage, Kelly would have a very rude awakening. Yeah, she rents it out to people to film, but unless her housemate is getting half of that revenue, that housemate shouldn't be paying for renting that public space if they get zero say over what happens with it.

Kinda hope whoever moves in next really knows LA renting laws etc. Pretty sure if everyone has been paying that amount they're being scammed like crazy.

No. 64361

Exactly. The person gets a small room. Even their bathroom is the “open” bathroom to all guests. And the studio is a studio, but still all pastel vomit painted. I can’t imagine kelly being ok w someone actually WORKING in there and making a mess.
The price is very high. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than half given how money hungry she’s shown herself to be.

No. 64607

The fact she forces the extra cost of the studio on the renter is going to make it incredibly difficult for her to find someone.

No. 64636

It's weird her house is 100% kawaii but she doesn't bring in a kawaii roomate who can actually use 100% of the house

I'm sure they are easy to find these days. She wants to take over.

No. 64641

Yeah, she can't handle any "competition" kek

No. 64642

File: 1566948981142.png (84.69 KB, 584x361, twi.png)

"I ONLY love my ENABLERS!!!"

No. 64723

Is there a reason why her bf won’t move in? Aren’t they long distance ?

No. 64760


They did just start going out so maybe theyre doing the smart thing and waiting a couple months first?

But honestly that studio was a huge mistake, she shouldve abandoned the idea after Dre moved out. I can't see any future roommate using it

No. 64775

Because she wants the extra money from ripping off a roommate for getting the honor~ of living in her dusty grimy “dollhaus” that is falling apart. Does her boyfriend even have a job?

No. 64779

read the thread. He lives in Sacramento and works as a photographer (as far as we know). Some of you guys are ridiculous and keep making up shit about her without any proof or facts. saged (and not trying to WK her)

No. 64780

"works as a photographer" = unemployed for most people lbr

No. 64790

just because someone is a photographer does not mean they bring in enough income to really survive and thrive on and the work is consistent only if you’re booked often. It doesn’t seem like he has a steady job or anything is what I meant, sorry!

No. 64842

This is what bothers me most! Kelly’s house is (or was) available on Airbnb. Whose bathroom are the guests using? The roommate’s. I would hate that shit. Not only that, but I wonder if she even tells the roommate upfront that she rents it out like that.

No. 64869

>>64842 Does she still list it there? Are there reviews?

No. 64883

I just straight up wouldn't allow my roommate to pull that shit.

No. 64888

File: 1567138186778.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 26FC7D65-5D3F-4F09-B9A0-65A7FF…)

I bet you Lina bought Kelly the pink oven.

No. 64893

I’ve never looked. Kelly herself mentioned it in a video a few years ago. She was complaining that her Airbnb guests would ask her where to go & what to do while in town & she didn’t like that. It was speculated she was referring to Noodlerella.
IIRC MoMo O’Brien wasn’t a friend staying the night there last year. She payed to do so.

No. 64901

File: 1567146829742.png (2.24 MB, 1125x2436, B9F128CE-A091-459C-9054-E10A93…)

There ya go. $270 a night lmfaoooo for the fucking ghetto of Hollywood

No. 64902

File: 1567146993932.jpeg (208.28 KB, 1125x494, EB559F63-0672-4850-A30C-0BF879…)

Oh my god - ITS THE BUNK BEDS.


No. 64903

File: 1567147025868.jpg (40.37 KB, 378x327, Annotation 2019-08-29 233622.j…)

from phi. not only is it a pastel vomit house in the middle of the hollywood's ghetto but they don't even have reliable hot water.

No. 64914

Can u post a link

No. 64927

She's promoting smile science again on her instagram.

No. 64942

Wait is this legal when you don't own? Isn't subletting a lease violation?

No. 64943

Not only that but the listing says it's for the whole house but you technically only get the bunk beds??

No. 64945

It depends on your lease agreement.

No. 64950

Yep, I vividly remember Jake Munro’s vlogs when her and Kaya were visiting her, and she said “you can use Dre’s bathroom”. Fine, but how is it “your own bathroom” if it’s also for everyone who comes through the house? It’s not like Kelly owns this house and is renting out the room - she needs a roommate to afford the rent but is completely shafting them, I genuinely feel sorry for her friends.

No. 64953

No. 64954

File: 1567184279844.png (174.66 KB, 750x1334, 0D15A5BC-7844-4A99-BCA8-059ADE…)

Why does she feel the need to talk about her personality in her airbnb profile lmfao no one cares about you Kelly they just want details about the house

No. 64957

>>64954 Because Kelly likes to talk about Kelly. Maybe a bit about all the pastel shit that she owns, because she views it as an extention of herself.

No. 64964

It's not legal in LA to Airbnb an apartment you don't own. Even then it's very restricted, but the point is moot since we know she rents. LA cracked down on this a few years ago. She could be evicted for this.

No. 64967

>>64964 would that be up to her landlord? Because he doesn't seem super harsh if he lets her paint up the dollhouse like that, and set up a squatter camp in the parking lot.

No. 64981

I just checked their website and I guess they can as a renter if they have written permission from the owner and she'd have to register with the city.

No. 64982

File: 1567201991202.jpeg (550.34 KB, 1242x2047, 97D09A2D-BF46-4F6C-B227-6898A4…)

Same weird ass shopping, this looks terrible.

No. 64986

Is it me or does her face look paralysed because of that bad photoshop?

No. 64988

File: 1567205686446.png (10.69 MB, 1242x2208, 298A2C0E-903B-4EBC-B67C-6A1110…)

Damn this photographer just adds on heavy eyelids making her look faded to hell. This literally doesn’t resemble her at all

Lol @ her collaborating with Leo after he’s outed for being a cheating bastard

No. 64994

I know she is pretty much irrelevant at this point but I wonder why she isn't scared to publicly give her address away. This whole Airbnb thing should make it really easy for the wrong type of people to figure out where she lives.

No. 64996

Her hammy arms are killing me

No. 64999

Hold the phone, I follow the photographer and scrolled past this (looked at it for about 5 seconds) and it didn't even cross my mind that this was Kelly

He does extreme edits on everyone, but they usually resemble themselves at least

No. 65000

I didn't recognize Leo either…is he doing this intentionally? It reminds me of digital art from the 00s

No. 65001

You know your apartment is too large for you when you can list it on airbnb as

>7 guests


No. 65017

Lots of AirBnBs overestimate the amount of guests to appeal to more customers. Usually it means some of those guests are sleeping on a couch or in a pull out bed.

No. 65019

Also I'm confused because the listing says you'll have the entire place to yourself, but this review says they stayed in the bunkbeds with no privacy.

No. 65043

That review was from a previous listing of Kelly's

There have been no reviews with the current listing and it states that the guests would have the whole apartment to themselves, including Kelly's room

No. 65046

nvm it might not include Kelly's room
It says two bedrooms
Bedroom one has one queen bed and bedroom two has two double beds
And then the "commonspace" has 2 couches
So I'm under the impression that she might be calling the livingroom with the bunk beds (two double beds), the second bedroom

No. 65070

So she'll rent out her roommate's bedroom but not her own? Keeping it classy Kelly.

No. 65074

Tinfoil but I wonder if it was Kelly he cheated on his gf with, causing all her friends to mass dump her.

No. 65075

I honestly have never been interested in that whole saga. Do we know whom he cheated with?

No. 65078

>Lol @ her collaborating with Leo after he’s outed for being a cheating bastard
Sometimes I question if some of you live in the real world. People don't drop their friends over cheating, except maybe when they're much closer to the person who was cheated on.

I've tinfoiled this as well, but I don't think the entire Fellowship would have kept that to themselves through all Kelly's shading of them for ~abandoning her~.

No. 65079

I think they were honestly just sick of her shit. Maybe they would not have commented on Kelly cheating with Leo in order to spare his girlfriend and not add fuel to the fire, but I don't see them having that much restraint. I find it more likely that they were just done with her crazy demanding behaviour, and she's scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends. Leo is a social pariah now, and she's lonely, so it makes sense. They both can't do any better. Is she still friends with that girl who was into Barbie? Because she glomped right onto her.

No. 65088

File: 1567269509818.png (268.54 KB, 750x1334, C7027A42-6275-4A40-8FF5-F5D8C0…)

Even her dreams aren’t original ideas!!!!

No. 65089

File: 1567269532205.png (321.27 KB, 750x1334, AEFF8D08-EB9C-4BE3-A10B-D1D983…)

No. 65095

Yeah, her and Asuza are still friends.

No. 65099

She's posting throwback photos of her and Demonpuff on her insta kek. Neither of them follow each other. How cringey must that be for Demonpuff

I'd screengrab but the computer I'm on doesn't have that feature.

Well what do you expect from somebody whose entire personality is based off of skinwalking others kek. Her only true personality traits are narcissism and being a terrible person in general

No. 65107

File: 1567304116905.jpg (340.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-031412.jpg)

No. 65110

I don't get it. She will address it, but doesn't want to talk about it and just wants to move on? Is her saying she won't talk about it, "addressing it"?

No. 65115

She’ll only publicly address it by confirming the fact that they are no longer friends. I think before she never actually specifically stated that she is no longer friends with the fellowship, more like she vague-posted abt being betrayed by some unspecified friends.
I gotta say tho, making a video abt it will earn her a hefty amount of views in her dying channel. It just won’t happen bc Kelly knows she will come out as the bad person no matter how hard she paints herself the victim. I rly think this woman is incapable of swallowing her pride and admitting her mistakes. In the end she is her own enemy.

No. 65128

You hit the point with this.
Kelly would address it, if there would be any way possible to make herself the victimg and cry about, how mean they all are to her. But it´s not possible, so she won´t talk about it.

No. 65131

Maybe she'll add something about "respecting her privacy" and "allowing herself to heal and be a stronger person no matter what" or some such nonsense. But I agree she won't adress the actual cause of the falling out, because it will make her look bad. If anything, the rest of the fellowship might respond to her video somehow, and tgat might shed some more light on the situation. I think the fact that she's been quiet about it for so long, rather than milking it for views, is probably because she's worried about exactly that.

No. 65132

File: 1567336912166.jpg (323.18 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-122225.jpg)

No. 65134

Bullshit. She'd weaponize that in a heartbeat if she could find a way to make herself look good.

No. 65136

…you finished their entire post right? They said they didn’t have that feature on the device they were on.

No. 65138

File: 1567355549462.jpg (304.69 KB, 1079x1909, Screenshot_20190901-093236_Ins…)

Exploitttttt ittttt

No. 65172

does kelly actually have bipolar disorder or is it bullshit she made up for attention?

No. 65188

Uh what. She literally made a video talking about how mean her brother was to her and hurt poor little her. She is seriously lacking in self-awareness.

No. 65193

I forgot about that. I wonder what he thinks about that.

No. 65194

She wouldn't care. He doesn' throw shitfits on her behalf, so fuck him.

No. 65412

Gosh, now we know why she was so secretive about her cousin's suicide.

No. 65429

File: 1567640002114.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 5536CC8D-CAA7-41F2-B489-8D6343…)

Is Kelly getting rid of all her Sephiroth stuff?

No. 65432

oh damn whats happening?? do you think bf told her to stop?

No. 65433

Omg is she finally self aware?
Jk. That would never happen.

No. 65434

She's probably just moving it to her studio and is trying to make it seem like a bigger deal than it is

No. 65446

Moving it to the “shared” studio that a potential roommate expects to have equal access to (based on her own ad!) but it’s gonna be full of all her Junk. I can’t wait to see who ends up moving in tbh

No. 65466

File: 1567670643730.jpg (102.51 KB, 554x1199, EDp7tCDWwAIi3M3.jpg)

Saw this tweeted at Kelly, asking if this is her and she said yes. Guess she's really getting rid of anything and everything that reminds of her the FotR. She's even selling her Sailor Moon wands on Depop, along with a bunch of other Sailor Moon related things

No. 65473

I suspect she could be partially moving out but not giving up the dollhouse. Like it could be much easier to list on airbnb without a roommate if she's only there part time, and wants to spend more time closer to her bf.

Her last roommate wanted ad doesn't mention the studio and it's pricier than when Dre moved out. Maybe she's renting out the master bedroom and using the studio space to film? Unless she's about to do an extreme rebranding, there's no way she's giving up her biggest claim to being a lifelong girl gamer and super weeb or whatever else her sepiroth and sailor moon collection was supposed to represent.

No. 65477

I think it's either that or she is frantically scrambling for money and selling everything she can for rent since Phi is moving out. Her posts looking for roommates haven't gotten much attention on fb.

I think she is going to move her boyfriend in too or is trying to. I read an instagram comment (can't remember on which post but it was recent) where she told someone they're trying to live together

No. 65494

I tried looking to maybe grab a cap but all of her comments about it on her three most recent posts she's saying she won't move from LA until she free of student loan debt and can buy a house. So never with the way she spends.

No. 65506

That's so dumb. She'd save a lot more money to put towards her student loan moving and renting somewhere cheaper.

No. 65521

File: 1567712814964.jpg (852.94 KB, 1080x1921, 20190905_124644.jpg)


No. 65526

$19 is a joke… like maybe $5 at most, jesus

No. 65529

Sage for old milk, but this video at 10mins in the reason why Kelly is unbearable to be friends with. It is literally fucking Stephanie's wedding, her day where she should be able to wear whatever the fuck makes her happy, and this bitch is her nagging her about how she should look "timeless", and how she worked a lot on the wedding industry and therefore she knows whats important. This is why you lost all your friends Kelly, learning something from this.

No. 65536

File: 1567720346678.jpeg (323.84 KB, 968x1802, 9E3E4942-CC07-4050-A70C-EFC2A1…)

No. 65563

I'm so sick of her "modeling" pictures that she keeps posting on Instagram. They all have the same face. All of them. She has no range as a model whatsoever. Short, stumpy, same faced, wigged out, and overly photoshopped. She needs to stop.

No. 65583

Actually, she's objectively doing nothing wrong here. It is literally part of being the maid of honor to help the bride make these decisions and she is 100% right about how many brides will make choices that are trendy at the time then deeply regret them later when they look at
their wedding photos in the future.

However, what is NOT part of being maid of honor (or just simply a decent human being) is telling the bride the morning of her wedding about how depressed you are. I don't remember exactly which video it is, but in one of her post-wedding vlogs, she talks about how she was so deeply depressed during Steph's wedding and TOLD HER ABOUT IT RIGHT BEFORE THE CEREMONY STARTED. That kind of shit is almost definitely why she doesn't have friends anymore.

Part of living with depression and handling it in a healthy way is learning that you need to be highly selective about when you discuss it woth people. Kelly simply cannot shut up about it. Even at her best friend's wedding. I'd be absolutely shocked if that didn't play a major role in Steph's choice to end the friendship.

No. 65603

Who the hell cares about trends…? It´s her wedding day, she should do whatever makes her happy, even if it is to get married in a freaking clown suit. It would have been ok for her to state her opinion, but not to insist and push it several times.

No. 65624

File: 1567797766747.jpg (51.98 KB, 433x640, 11328751cfcd08bffb029859c7e799…)

>Who the hell cares about trends…?
A fuckton of women who got married in the 80's and deeply regret their horrible gown choices that were "in" at the time?

Yeah, I agree that she should have been less pushy, but it's the role of the maid of honor and bridesmaids to discuss these concerns with the bride.

No. 65690

Too tired to screenshot but Kelly is stirring more stupidity up in Twitter by once again telling her followers that college is a waste of time. It’s extremely irresponsible for her as a YouTuber to discourage people from going into college. What are we all gonna do then, follow her trajectory in life of being relevant for a couple years and then spark down into impoverished obscurity?
I don’t like this whole “don’t go to school when you can just build a career for yourself without education” schtick. Kelly herself has proven that a lack of education and a stable career is not a good lifepath for most people. Look at her. She’s extremely depressed because her lifestyle lacks discipline, she has no real commitments, and she sells her used garbage as a source of income. Girl please.

No. 65694

It is completely shocking. She removed ALL of her videos with the FotR, even most of the ones with Phi? She kept up a few cosplay ones which might've been an accident.

Wow. She even had those up for a while after the falling out. Wonder if something happened to provoke her to remove them, it must've been big since she is so greedy and would rather keep them up to make some pennies here and there.

No. 65697

Luckily people are calling her out on it, but some of her sheeple are coming to her defense. Stupid.

No. 65719

Then is there even a point to Kelly’s channel any more? I haven’t watched anything of hers in months. She built her channel around her aesthetic and the fellowship, all her other videos are not worth watching. Heck even her aesthetic is losing its touch when she started getting tackier and dirtier.

No. 65721

Yeah, if you have to sell $19 Polaroids, maybe don't criticize people who want a college education…

No. 65728

Speaking of pointless.. she looks fucking rough and haggard. She sounds depressed and like she really didn't want to make this video.

No. 65729

File: 1567879663798.png (362.7 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_2019-09-07-11-02-13…)

No. 65751

Houses are good investments in the US. if you own a lot of property and rent them out/host air bnbs, that's money. You just have to save enough for the deposits and manage the mortgage. You shouldn't skip school for other reasons tho, so shes only half right.

No. 65761

No. 65762

Grown ass adults with jobs have a hard time buying houses for reasons other than student loan debt. That's horrible advice to naive teens with no adult life experiences. Who is going to give them a loan? How are they going to save for that down payment with their paycheck to paycheck retail job? Some people get lucky and get a lot of family support, but life is incredibly difficult without a degree when there are limited jibs with any real opportunity for advancement or a liveable income. She might have a clue if she spent 5 minutes in the real world ever.

No. 65771

You could work retail for a few years with only a GED - save for a deposit while paying off credit cards for credit score. It's a buyer's market right now. Kelly definitely shouldn't tell her younger fanbase to give up school but home ownership isnt half as difficult if arent saddled with student loans (poor-fag millennial here but I own real estate)

No. 65778

Ok bootstrap anon, everyone who can't afford a house should just get a job that pays them enough to live out of high school or hell, why even finish high school when you could drop out, fuck around, and get a GED! That totally won't have any consequences or hardships.

Fuck off, you're probably some smug liberiterian who has never experienced financial hardship for medical reasons or auto emergencies, or any of the countless things that can put people on the street when they don't have a proper financial safety net. I know people who have had to move out at 18 and figure out life without ths opportunity to go to school. Congrats on your home ownership, acting like that's an easy thing for the average person with no education to achieve is beyond laughable.

No. 65780

Wow she looks so different in this vid. Did she dissolve her lip fillers? Maybe something with her eyebrows or nose? Something feels off. But good thing she washed her wig, it was looking really haggard in >>65728

No. 65781

You're taking this really personal. Breathe. Nap. I just said I have zero agenda (on food stamps and medicaid myself with zero help from family) other than to say that this is probably the only time Kelly has had a clear moment. She probably plans on living off of rental property cashflow herself. But her fanbase is all kids or disabled folks. And if they're anything like her, I doubt they'd have the discipline to take the route shes describing.

No. 65785

She might be right for her situation (for profit art school, not a great artist anyway, lives in a high COL area, no transferable skills so wants to live on passive income life, flexible lifestyle job that despite not being great at it has very large payouts) but as always lacks nuance and actual experience of 'the real world'. Yeah, she's a youtuber, of course her degree is useless. Not the case for everyone. Try buying a place in LA on retail or fast food salary…

No. 65789


Lighting? It's pretty blue and coming from above giving different shadows and making her skin seem weirdly coloured

No. 65791

File: 1567946303649.jpg (124.05 KB, 477x503, 20190908_153817.jpg)

The fucking kahwhy crypt keeper looking bitch

No. 65792

Is her jaw that weird shape because her glands are swollrn? Or does she just have the bone structure of a linebacker?

No. 65801

Not to mention that it is significally easier for a young, conventionally attractive able bodied white woman working in a field where a degree is not strictly required than it would be for a lot of other people. Also, employment is not the only reason to get a good education. There's also personal growth. I don't work using my degree specifically, but college has taught me research and critical thinking skills I use for my job everyday. And I sure am glad the nurses and doctors and safety inspectors of the world didn't go "fuck this, I'm buying a house." The reason Kelly gets to live the way she does is because of a whole bunch of people who went to college. Her plastic surgeon for one…

No. 65802

She's just getting fat, saggy, and old. A healthy active lifestyle would combat that, but you know that will never happen.

No. 65804

depression or not, she reviewed this weighted blanket without having slept in it. her filming is literally the first time she's using it.

idk about y'all but I'd want a review to include overtime use of the product like AT NIGHT IN BED where you'd usually use a weighted blanket.

No. 65809

File: 1567970684873.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, DB73BD15-F7DC-4CB6-A0B1-ECCAD8…)

No. 65872

File: 1568027412217.jpeg (317.38 KB, 750x887, FB6373A7-44EB-4F54-80F3-5D1E8D…)

I really don’t think the fellowship even checks up on what’s she’s doing on social media like kelly believes they do. I don’t think they care all the much tbh, she’d be so mad if she actually made a video and got absolutely no attention from them

No. 65873

What does that microphone icon mean on your app?

No. 65878

It means Kelly was the person who started the tweet that they are replying to.

No. 65879

I interpreted that as meaning lolcow, not the FOTR.

No. 65882

File: 1568035786777.png (825 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20190909-082253.png)

Kelly is finding new friends already. Katiebabydoll has a lot of past lolita drama, has her own thread (>>29466) and is friends with Claire.

No. 65894

I´m sooo fucking curious on why they ditched her. Watching one of her latest videos where she talks about depression, I thought it ,ight be her bipolar disorder. I was friends with someone that had borderline disorder and the friendship became imbearable, due to the mood shifts and paranoia.

No. 65896

Well so what? What will lolcow do, bring down her career, ruin her reputation, cut off her friends by being ridiculously selfish and annoying? The only person who does that is herself. She literally is the one who starts all her dramas, personal or public.
All we do here is spectate and comment cause she made it impossible to on her original platform. Every youtuber deals with hate and backlash in their comment sections.
For someone so brash and bold enough to monetize a minor’s death, she’s sure got some thin skin. If you’re gonna fuck up at least own your mistakes. So much for being a public figure.

No. 65917

File: 1568067171910.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 5FC14CBB-A153-43C3-9326-5E7874…)

Still friends with Claire, it seems.

No. 65928

Bit out of a sidenote, but have you guys seen claire without makeup/cute clothes? The difference is ABYSMAL.

No. 65934

Care to share that?

No. 65940

Sure anon. Starts at about 3.40 mins.

No. 65943

Eh? This is pretty Nitpicky. Aside from the super thick glasses she looks fine, she has great skin and still looks young unlike crusty Kelly.

Anyway this isn’t a Claire thread

No. 65983

Agreed. This is not milk. But there is a fellowship thread if you're interested.

No. 65985

File: 1568114016280.jpg (616.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190910-121320.jpg)

No. 65988

Sorry for double posting, but forgot to mention this story is by Kota

No. 65990

It’s normal for friendships to end or just fizzle out. It’s not normal for a group to dump one person unless there was a specific incident or reason. I wish they’d stop sugarcoating. If they miss those memories so much and nothing happened to cause a fallout then there’d be nothing stopping them from having gatherings. They all dumped Kelly and some were only “friends” because of that mutual friendship with her so there’s no reason to hang out now.

No. 65998

File: 1568123921703.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 3A18A0D0-E83B-4CD0-8A3D-244DBD…)

No. 66001

Why do her gross dirty feet have to be in the frame so often?

No. 66009

Kota lives hours away in the mountains. So that might actually be the reality of what happened with her. It looks like Dre has visited her before, which makes sense since she was in her band for a bit. But distance does make friendships fade.

No. 66010

No wonder Kelly is paranoid. Everyone is asking her what happened so you know they're asking other members of FOTR what happened. I do hope someone spills the beans one day.

No. 66014

>a lot of us are still very close friends
Lol that's her sugarcoated way of saying "all of us are still friends except Kelly and those of us who didn't hang out outside of her".

This. A whole group of people don't all just ~naturally~ grow apart from one person at pretty much the same time, especially when that person is as obsessed with friendship as Kelly.

No. 66015

Agreed. She also kept saying on Twitter that she can’t talk about it without it backfiring and that she thinks she’s being watched by them, so obviously I feel like she did something horrible or incredibly selfish, as Kelly does. She can’t spin it to be the victim of the situation so instead she keeps throwing vague pity parties for herself to garner sympathy from her sheep

No. 66016

Kelly is posting gym pics and tweeting about working out again so naturally I must ask… what part of her body do you guys think she got lipo’d this time?

No. 66017

MTE. My tinfoil is that the "backfiring" fear and paranoia that they're "waiting for her to fuck up" is due to someone having milky reciepts that she's worried will be exposed if she pushes it.

No. 66019

And you know if there was any way she could get ahead of the narrative and spin it to make herself look sympathetic she would do so in a se ond. I don't know how Kelly fucked up, but it must have been bad.

No. 66025

File: 1568141568467.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 5796F5F5-68C3-40F7-9671-ED26CE…)

That wasn’t even the quote Kelly but ok. Your fake fan is showing. Of course she’s going to jump on the FFVIII remaster hype train like she does for everything else.

No. 66044

File: 1568149411472.png (370.11 KB, 1407x760, Capture.PNG)

Same Taylr Mayer tagged as her new personal trainer?

No. 66061

File: 1568159445632.jpg (430.37 KB, 1080x2220, download.jpg)

Not really a big butt, as she claims.

No. 66065

That’s a fat ass

No. 66066

Okay, but what is up with her ankle in this photo? It looks like she’s purple out (idk with what) the matching tattoo she has with Stephanie. I wonder if she plans on getting it covered up.

No. 66076


No. 66078

Samefag, it was supposed to say flat, not fat.

No. 66098

File: 1568188837085.jpg (149.44 KB, 817x598, Untitled.jpg)

Tinfoil: she was hanging out with claire the other day, and claire has been posting a lot about working out and fitness progress.
kelly can't let any of her friends have something she doesn't so she's back at it with the fake gym posturing to try to show up her friend.

No. 66099

Even in that angle, her ass shouldn’t look that flat. What’s up with that? It looks flatter than ever. Also the weird line. Did it droop lower?

What happened to her old trainer?

No. 66102

Claire looks good, if a bit flat-chested but better that than implants. Like Vivka, these girls seem more admirable when they put discipline into their bodies. But Kelly HATES discipline. Just compare those two fitness photos. Kelly’s enormous arms and broad waistline next to Claire kek. And also does Claire have a real job? Kelly take note.

No. 66104

Claire works as a seamstress for a costume studio i believe. She's posted about being on set and stuff on her ig.

didn't vivka have a shit ton of lipo as well? It seems like Claire is the only one who has actually put effort into improving her body without surgery. i hope she doesn't get implants, she's very flat but based on the botch jobs her friends have she would end up fucking up her body.

No. 66149

She seems to (occasionally) be into lolita fashion. So a flat chest might actually benefit her, as a lot of brand clothing is not forgiving in the chest area.

No. 66151

Damn, Claire is looking great. I'm jealous of her body!

No. 66163

File: 1568229600961.png (9.07 MB, 2436x1125, A88EA867-C03B-4955-A230-B94EC3…)

Sigh she’s such a cancer to Final Fantasy fandom

No. 66164

This confirms that she was just moving the items to the studio, rather than getting rid of them.

Also, why so many repeat plushies and figures?

No. 66176

Looks like her depop business and overcharging for rent and airbnb is kicking off, she’s probably already paid off her student loans seeing how business is booming at this point kek.

No. 66192

she received a lot of them as gifts - at least for the plushies. the coke ones are pretty cheap and she picks them up from japan for a discounted rate since she bought them second hand. otherwise her large and expensive figures are all different.

No. 66193

File: 1568247830605.png (551.99 KB, 435x814, 2019-09-11 (2).png)

who tf lets and encourages their dog chew on and play with someone else's shoes???

No. 66202

It's so funny how in these story videos she's saying things like "I must have known the owner of this home in a past life" "we must have hatched from the same egg" etc

Didn't she do the same thing with Asuza? And how quickly she cast her to the side. Kek. Kelly doesn't know how to make friends unless there's something to gain from them. In this instance, more skinwalking is ahead, I'm certain of it

No. 66207

Azusa is hanging out with Katie. I wonder if Kelly introduced them kek.

No. 66211

I wonder if this is how she came up with her recent EdenHaus endeavor. This RagDoll Pink Palace has her own website and profile on peerspace, and you can rent it for $169/hr. It is certain Kelly will be following this route soon.

No. 66218

File: 1568257303014.png (944.39 KB, 995x903, 7DhktC5.png)

her house is already on giggster for 125/hr, farrah moan and miz cracker booked it this way back in may-ish

No. 66227

The photos she has on here don’t really flatter the house. The one of the kitchen has a drawer and cabinet half open. If she actually put some real effort into this she probably could pull quite a bit of money renting her place out by the hour. The studio too.

No. 66240

File: 1568286758453.jpeg (802.72 KB, 2048x2048, A73CC0C7-6278-438C-BC9A-0DD59A…)

Kelly’s uncanny photoshopped lipo stomach vs claire’s actually fit stomach is a crazy contrast. All that money spent just to still be a doughy blob. I wonder if working out will even benefit her now after all the surgery.

No. 66252

I'm no lawyer and I don't know much about the laws over this where Kelly lives or anything, but isn't this… kind of illegal? She's renting out somebody else's property (even if it's for a few hours) and making money off of it? Isn't that some weird sort of subletting right there which is illegal in LA? Right?

No. 66255

Most likely. Her LL may own a smaller property and not be upkeeping on the tenants. But yes, generally in leases in LA you are not allowed to sublet and you can be evicted for it or get fined. If someone tells her LL, she could be in a ton of trouble.

Also, I am sure there are some kind of legal regulations needed for renting a space, such as certain kinds of hygiene, medical, safety, and such. She also needs to pay taxes on this kind of income as well which I doubt she would, I bet she doesn't pay taxes on her youtube income either.

Plus, she needs to have have some kind of property/renters insurance for guests, which is different from her own renters insurance, in case someone renting her apt hurts themselves, otherwise they can sue Kelly for a TON of money.

No. 66266

Do you think her landlord knows she spraypainted her sink? I have a hard time believing nobody has ever complained about her doing stuff like building a dingy pastel lovehovel in the parking lot. So maybe he just doesn't care.

No. 66285

File: 1568328381788.jpeg (391.6 KB, 1125x1116, 2CEDD565-E603-433D-8245-C62AAD…)

This doesn’t even look like Kelly

No. 66286

I can't get past the stubby hammy arms and round sagging face compared to her body. Leo doesn't look like Leo either. He looks like a woman doing a man cosplay

Whoever shooped this (even if it was meant to be "fairytale" like) needs to be fired and taught how to properly shoop faces instead of just abusing the smoothening tool

No. 66288

I don't know how to embed Twitter videos here, but she posted this

"Remember when you bought that dress to wear to that party that you weren't invited to? Get rid of those painful memories and sell it on Poshmarket!" and then Kelly double flips off the dress

At least she washed her feet for once they were clean in this video kek

No. 66292

File: 1568331241382.jpg (741.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190912-224142.jpg)

We knew Kelly.

No. 66304

I thought she was Dakota Fanning or Ellen Page in a wig

No. 66310

After all this time she still has a boob light in her dining room? I never noticed till now

No. 66312

File: 1568343980459.jpeg (299.85 KB, 2724x1424, 8C6B2277-02DD-4808-902E-5BF049…)

Y’all she really tried to photoshop Phi out of at the end of her what’s in my bag video

No. 66315

No. 66332

Oh my gosh. It’s so awkward looking at that. She has plenty of photos, couldn’t she just have used another one? It’s hilarious and sad all at once.

No. 66333

she actually put effort in the sponsored ad. wow.

wonder who did the voice over for her though, because she's crediting nobody. think it was her toy bean pole?

No. 66346

File: 1568404331898.png (468.57 KB, 1101x595, Capture.PNG)

What in the actual fuck are these things and why would you pay $90 plus shipping for Kelly's diaper pants?

No. 66347

Cool Kelly. Plug an accupuncturist instead of a licensed therapist for depression and anxiety. And promote herbal medicine that you don't know the ingredients of or can even if pronounce over actual medication. That's really responsible of you.

No. 66350


"I'm going to leave her information down below in the description." As per usual, she doesn't follow through. I'm glad she didn't though – herbal medicine to cure depression? Ummm.