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File: 1523578385490.jpg (411.94 KB, 988x550, edit.jpg)

No. 553929

> Photoshop Enthusiast, got lipo but still photoshops herself several inches thinner
> Gets lipo, won't admit it and thanks fans that congratulate her on her hard work paying off at the gym
> Mental health advocate, not diagnosed or treated
> KaWHY Leader, cannot even pronounce it
> Serial blocker/comment deleter
> Constantly in a depressive episode where she doesn't create any videos outside of unboxings
> Likes to follow and unfollow her friends on social media and deny any drama
> Does 0 research on people who send her PR/sponsorships and then botches the entire information sheet
> Sells almost everything she receives as PR on her depop
> Anti call-out culture, calls out fans constantly
> Says whispers of color and YA BOIIII way too much
> Tries to be hip and cool by dipping her toe into popular fandoms but does not understand any references to them
>scene queen turned kawaii influencer
>"mental health advocate" with self-diagnosed bipolar and body dysmorphia
>first came under fire after posting one of the most entitled videos to ever grace the kawaii sector of YouTube, where she shares the story about how she demanded Angelic Pretty let her return a $1000 dress, despite their no returns policy, because she did the price conversion wrong… then proceeded to say they probably didn't want to let her return it because the company wasn't doing well
>also blocked Lovely Lor when she did a super sweet video in Kelly's defense, all because she wasn't 100% kissing her ass and pretending she did no wrong
>can't handle any criticism and blocks whoever gives it, even blocked a fan for nicely pointing out that she forgot to censor someone's address in a mail video
>threw a tantrum over not being featured in a Final Fantasy Gallery and had the nerve to show up even after inciting her followers to harass the gallery over it
>has requested her followers pressure companies to send her free shit
>boycotted Sanrio for about two seconds for refusing to sponsor her
>does a fan mail opening series where her entitled attitude tends to seep through, she has full blown dismissed gifts she deems unworthy and has even used a fan's sign they made her as a ramp for her dog
>complains constantly about being broke, yet can afford things like expensive cosmetic procedures, $600+ pink microwaves, a purebred Pomeranian, regular clothing and furniture hauls, along with all sorts of other shit… while renting a nice house in Hollywood and a studio apartment she doesn't even actually need (and barely uses) for making videos
>sells items given to her by sponsors and has a reputation as a shitty seller
>seems to blindly accept any sponsorship, given that she will do ads for companies known for being downright harmful (flat tummy tea for example)

The Fellowship
>has a group of friends that call themselves "the Fellowship of the Rainbow" due to all of them having colorful hair
>Kelly's "best friend" and roommate Dre has been distancing herself from Kelly for a while now, the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her) Dre is now moving out this month
>also worth noting she was calling Dre her best friend after hardly knowing her at all, which is rarely a good foundation for a healthy relationship
>most of the Fellowship didn't even know Kelly was having her most recent surgery until she announced it on Twitter
>couldn't even keep her depression to herself and fake being happy for her other best friend Stephanie's wedding, and made that a center theme of the blog she made for it
>group has barely any sense of tact in public and has no problem being loud and obnoxious (two words: air horn) Steph has also worn a literal lingerie set to Disneyland

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Previous thread:

No. 554384

File: 1523614701733.jpeg (389.22 KB, 1242x1648, 21FF739D-FF76-41B8-948B-1A6C9A…)

Scrolling through my explore feed and this popped up why the f would Alienware collab with her? And why is she opening a stupid box from another brand double sponsorships or something?

No. 554614

why would alienware collab with her? because she has thousands of followers all across her social media, that's why. Alienware and other brands don't care about quality, all they care about is big numbers and getting widespread exposure on social media. That's how capitalism works. saged

No. 554619


Yeah, Kelly definitely doesn't play enough video games or often enough to constitute her as a gamer. I'm not even that picky about who calls themselves gamers either. You can play Hello Kitty Adventure Island once a week and still call yourself a gamer. They tag her as a twitch steamer but she's only done one stream and it was just a Q&A.

Not trying to be elitist but, any PC gamers know that alienware is overpriced shit anyway. It looks pretty but you can get a custom build off ebay (if you can't/don't want to do it yourself) for way cheaper. This just illustrates how out of touch Alienware is.

No. 554682

File: 1523649415418.jpeg (192.56 KB, 930x592, A5F26081-EDBD-494A-86D1-E83666…)

Wah wah, I’m never going to get married

No. 554783

I love how there's always someone who remembers her being on that awful TLC wedding show no matter how hard she tries to get people to forget.

No. 554795

File: 1523656219240.png (1.11 MB, 762x851, kelly.PNG)

Kelly might be going to South Korea? let's hope she actually brings someone who knows the language so she doesn't fuck up like in Japan. (watch her go full dva wannabe)

No. 554801

She’s probably going for more surgery

No. 554842

I love tattoos and art and used to really look up to Nikko Hurtado but lately seeing him being thirsty on the comment section in Kelly's photos is making me lose respect for him. I saw him spam posting Kelly's tattoo and contemplated unfollowing because Kelly triggers me that much…but he spam posts all his tattoos so i can't blame him that his customer happened to be Kelly. For Christ's sake, Nikko, put a TW on your Kelly Eden posts..

BUT on one of her pictures he said "ha you look good….I guess" and the picture was heavily shooped so I think he might have been subtly making fun of her photoshop. Clearly he knows what her real body looks like, he's tattooed it up.

No. 554846

Does she know how to take a picture without the same damn Zoolander vacant stare lips parted look?

I can't think of any other reason as she's never shown any interest in Korean culture.

No. 555302

Why would you respect someone who copies others art, he is copying those sailor moon tattoos exactly and has the printouts in front of him when he does it, someone who will tattoo something you stole from google is not a good tattoo artist with integrity, she may have permission now but when she started she did not and he went and did it anyway

No. 555328

Unfortunately most tattoo artists are like copy machines. The difference is in the quality of the copy. There was a tattoo fixers show in the UK and when the artists had to freehand draw a suggested tattoo idea, their freehand scribbles literally looked worse than what a 14-year old would make. But their copied from photos they found on Google tats looked fine

Tattoo artists who can actually draw freehand are rare. Nikko is a great artist in terms of the quality of his tattoos but you can't judge on copy-culture because that's part of the territory.

No. 555393

I don't get why people always feel the need to point out you can get the same specs for cheaper? Like yeah, pretty much everyone with an Alienware knows this. Some of us just don't need to worry about spending a little extra cash for the sake of the aesthetic.

No. 555395

First of all, have fun finding a ~pure~ tattoo artist who refuses to copy shit the client hands to them. The only moral line they'll have is copying another tattoo artist.

Second, holy shit, who the fuck cares? Art theft is horrible, but when a non-tattoo artist has their piece tattooed on someone, they're not losing out on any money because they're not providing that service. It's not like they're being mass produced or whatever. If someone got art I made tattooed, I would be honored.

No. 555424

Is she going to go on more awkward dates with foreign men, claim to be a pure innocent maiden and not allow them into her hotel, then make a video about it?

She fucked the gaijin hunter she went on a date with and I'll bet money on it. Kelly whines about being single on a daily basis and gaijin hunters are thirsty, desperate fuck boys

No. 555450

If either of you have tattoos I feel very sorry for you, do your research and stop going to scratchers, side note about tattoo fixers, if you look it up you will see that show is hugely condemned in the tattoo community, those "artists" are garbage (one of them isn't even actually trained) who steal art which coincidentally mine does not so no luck needed

No. 555717

I don't disagree that those artists are garbage (as is the show) but most tattoo artists I've found online ALL copy from photos. If you've found an artist with freehand skill that's great. I did find an artist over ten years ago who made great digital art who became a tattoo artist. It's rare.

No. 555721

I suspected the same thing, just because in her retelling he was trying for hours to convince her+ girls often give in rather than reject a guy. Instincts

No. 555981

File: 1523769628483.jpg (186.11 KB, 583x480, 3903245523.jpg)

That awful THING is back. It looks like she sweats petroleum. It's reminiscent of Zorg in the Fifth Element.

No. 556014

lol the big fake tits look so ridiculous

No. 556019

combined with the shit wig and bad outfit, she just looks cheap and trashy.

No. 556042

It's not even like there aren't decent pink wigs with roots out there. She could look fine with dark hair, but the hint of black is way too harsh with the rest of the hair and her skin tone. The lack of lace and unnatural way the cheap fibers sit makes it look so fake and awkward. I'm convinced she's only wearing it for trolling purposes at this point.

No. 556335

that's actually a cheap lace front and she didsn't cut the lace, she just pulls it inside

No. 556355

>implying willingness to copy fan art when asked and having freehand skill are mutually exclusive

Why does she do this??? What is the point of wearing a wig that's just a horribly fugly version of your hair???

No. 556456

She's doing another Twitch Q&A (with Envy this time). Not sure how long it's going to go, I just found out about it.


No. 556474

Why does it look like her boobs are leaking??

No. 556520

Twitch overview (I started watching late). The video was horrible quality compared to the last one. Not going to give my opinion on this post so I could remain unbiased in the overview.

> Getting a new PO Box because the closed down Fed Ex is sketchy

> She won't cosplay Madoka because bobs are too big for a 14 year old.
> Envy will probably change her hair to Mint soon
> Stephanie is dying her hair Black, Kelly does not supporting it.
> Her crystal tattoo is already faded because her skin is tough and the tattoo did not go deep enough. She will get it redone.
> Surgery video is coming soon, by the end of the month. She had to get the footage, edit it, heal fully and write a script.
> She was weirded out by watching footage of herself unconcious.
> Going to Japan in September or October, Envy might go, Courtney will be going, most of the fellowship wants to go.
> Kelly & Envy are probably going to twitchcon
> Octopimp, Abipop,Skyhook and Aimee are watching and commenting
> Abipop is going to visit Kelly in 2 days.
> New roomate, Phi, will be dying her hair purple.
> New roomate, Phi, will probably be appearing in some videos with her after they talk about what she is comfortable with.
> Says she is burnt out on YouTube.
> Stephanie might ombre into blue instead of going full black.
> Kelly going off about how people pick on her for saying Kowaii instead of Kawaii.
> Kelly says Stephanie has no time to YouTube, Envy says that she does stream on Twitch though.
> Kelly might (huge might) come to the UK in July.
> Kelly said she wasn't able to get into Parks & Rec but will try again, goes on about wanting to marry Dwight.
> She's back on tinder, unmatched some guy for hating Jim & Pam on The Office.
> Favorite fake lashes are her friend's Ashlynn Castillo line.
> Gushing over Michael B. Jordan, says he likes anime.
> Is going to do another unboxing after the stream.
> Square Enix found her soap opera with figurines, this might have something to do with the unboxing.
> Some discussion about Ready Player One, neither of them have seen it. Envy said she probably won't because some people were angry that the movie didn't follow the book enough.
> Talking about nightmares, says the new Jurassic Park trailer was scary.
> Used to sleep in her sister's room with her crib so that the monsters would eat her first and she could escape.
> Envy is afraid of aliens and clowns.
> Kelly is afraid of burglars.
> Kelly says The Ring is the scariest movie and Envy says it's The Grudge.
> Envy didn't watch Doctor Who after Matt Smith, Kelly never got into Doctor Who.
> Other than FF7, FF8 would be her favorite Final Fantasy. Envy liked 10.
> Tips for alt models: Kelly says she just got in at the right time and the right place and it was really hot but it's really hard now. Envy says that as an alt model now you just have to do stuff yourself. Kelly says find people that will trade and shoot for free for modeling for free to build a portfolio. Envy says never go alone to a photoshoot.
> Favorite Bro from FF is Noctis, Prompto is close runner up.
> Did not answer the question about how she feels about Menhera/Kei Kawaii. Kelly says she's not an encyclopedia of J-Fashion. Explains menhera.
> Kelly has a yellow toothbrush, Envy has a pink one.
> Menhera brought up again. Someone said it's important. Kelly says it is an important movement, she's not into it but she enjoys looking at how people use it.
> Someone asks how to deal with a boyfriend who doesn't understand depression. Envy says to offer them resources and information. Be patient.
> Kelly said that depression is not always crying and eating depression and that sometimes you're just really tired and don't want to do anything.
> Stream ended, they will be doing more streams with Alienware.
> Switched over to Kaya and Jake streaming, Kelly is now sitting in their chat.

No. 556617


> Kelly going off about how people pick on her for saying Kowaii instead of Kawaii

Ooh this makes me so angry. She's literally mispronouncing a word and saying a different fucking word as a consequence. Maybe fucking learn how to say the word properly and then no one will "pick on you", Kelly.
(Almost can't even touch the fact that people telling you that you are saying a different word (a whole ass different WORD) so you might wanna fix that does not count as them picking on you)

No. 556642

she's been bitching about this ever since she and Dre made that pastel goth makeup video and people in the comments were going down on her not saying Kawaii right.

No. 556652

It's not possible that her surgery included bigger implants or a lift right? She'd have had a lot more downtime. They just look even more ridic than usual in her recent pics…idk maybe it's just shooping or her not covering her waist so much but damn no wonder shes always burned out, being so petite and opting for that size boobs her back must be killin

No. 556706

The lipo made her waist smaller, which makes her boobs look bigger by comparison.

No. 556709

> She won't cosplay Madoka because bobs are too big for a 14 year old.

But Usagi is 14 at the beginning of Sailor Moon and doesn't have giant fake porn tits. Her age definetely doesn't stop Kelly from wearing very adult makeup with Usagi.

I still don't understand why she needs weeks to make the surgery video. Unless it's like a 2 hour documentary I don't see how editing and coming up with a script is very different from her other videos with voice overs. And how is that one video so all consuming that she can't release other content regularly in the meantime? It's her only job.

And where the hell is all of this money for more international trips (aka shopping sprees) coming from? People who are actually poor don't travel abroad every year for funsies.

Maybe twitch will be a good way for people to see her true colors when there's no editing and pure entitled brattiness.

No. 556841

Not art sperging but if you have freehand skill and original ideas you USUALLY don't think copying other people's work is a great thing

No. 557385

this is such an unflattering photo. that wig, the expression, her jaw, her pose, her tits, the photoshop.. awful awful awful

No. 557386

File: 1523905894791.png (508.71 KB, 550x722, yellow.png)

Didn't she complain in the pastel goth vid about how much she despises yellow?

No. 557408

Wow, that's hideous. You can enjoy a color without forcing onto your already painted furniture.

No. 557430

File: 1523908910961.png (269.18 KB, 544x733, l.png)


surprised she got synchronized right.

No. 557435

File: 1523909581821.jpg (75.04 KB, 556x527, IMG_0605.JPG)

Kelly your house decor became overkill the moment you moved in. She paints classic furniture in colour combos like mint and pink, i mean im astounded she never wakes up in her room that looks like lisa franks autistic niece and think maybe she shouldn't have picked 6 or so too bright pastel colours to be her running staple for the whole fucking house. I love pastels mixed with classical furniture they go hand in hand but in small doses of accent colours(usually) How anyone can look at her hoardery ita home and praise her for it is beyond me. I see actual bonafied on the spectrum weebs with better decorum than her. She has p much thrown the money she spent on her furniture in the trash the moment she put a brush to them.

No. 557514

puss yellow, how kowaiiii

No. 557559

Doesn’t she have a yellow VW Beetle tho?

No. 557598

No. 557603

Samefag but idk if anyone has already seen this. But is this her old youtube channel?

No. 557634

Isn't the whole point of tattooing copying the art exactly how it is on to the skin? Technically, Kelly's tattoo artist is respectably good at this.

Should she have asked the content artist for permission to get the art she got tattooed? maybe. Was the art from a movie poster or book cover or something? In that case I wouldn't think it was a big deal. If it's someone's private art from their page that gets a little trickier.

No. 557729

File: 1523955792983.jpeg (134.56 KB, 930x594, DAB675C9-BC2F-4AD2-A5AD-F2E73E…)

The shoop around her jaw/mouth is soo bad. She looks so old here. Like a middle aged woman trying to look young. Also kek @ that comment

No. 557731

It is an independent artists work, it's of sailor moon characters but completely in the artists style as opposed to just being art from the show, generally the way it works with a good artist is you scout someone who's art style you like then pitch to them what you want and they will create an original work for you based on your request

No. 557732

sorry for samefag - The exception of that ofc being portraits where you are looking for a likeness of a real person in your life recreated from a favorite photo

No. 557744

Idk if the mouth is bad photoshop or her lips still being wonky after surgery. I'm getting so much secondhand embarrassment from the ribbons she's been wearing lately. You're not a little Victorian girl Kelly, it just looks sad. Even a kitschy, costumey bow would be less cringey.

No. 557848


Kelly, if you had a true artistic eye, you’d realize this was goddam fucking ugly.
Kinda hope you keep it cause it makes you look like even more of a joke living in a clowns house.

No. 557897

File: 1523979845698.jpeg (100.82 KB, 750x626, 9C27F6CB-EA3A-430F-A695-585321…)

I just saw this and cringed. “realistate”? She is just making a fool of herself at this point

No. 557936


Her sister looks like her but cuter.

No. 557996

I'm sorry but I have to interject, where do you see the parallel between that stupid wig and Zorg?

Does she really not know how to spell "real estate"? I'm not surprised, but it's still cringe af.

No. 558043

Love how she still has not addressed her lipo, yet is posting insta stories about her going to the "gym". Way to go, Kel.

No. 558049

I love how she posts like it's torture to go to the gym at 7am. Uh Kelly that's not early and most people have actual work at that time and you should be grateful you can go at that time!

No. 558053

File: 1523994909727.png (192.16 KB, 615x712, yt.png)

How is criticizing you for refusing to take responsibility for being a vapid cunt in Japan being "hypercritical"? Don't do fuckin stupid shit and you won't be called out for it. Pop that huge ego of yours and be more humble and genuine and maybe people won't hate you so much.

No. 558086

File: 1523997401241.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-17-15-22-05…)

STFU, Kelly. With whom are you engaging in shibari? Your fake husbando daddy? K

No. 558087

is she trying to imply these are for shibari? it looks like twisted cotton rope for upholstery/crafts.

No. 558091

I mean she's definitely implying something kinky. My mind immediately goes to shibari when I see rope. Either way she's partnerless for any sort of bondage play. Pfff

No. 558122

I really hope this isn't gonna mean awkward "bdsm" photo shoots that she makes her friends help her make for another patreon. Please no

No. 558169

File: 1524000993597.png (445.59 KB, 1242x1850, IMG_2213.PNG)

Hate to break it to y'all….

(Right such family friendly advertiser material, I can't see one reason why Sanrio took a hard pass)

No. 558251

That comment is amazing.

Also - it took me a few minutes to figure out why this picture bothered me so much, aside from the bad shoop.
Does this look a little bit like her jumping the shark on the whole Korea thing and attempting a really harsh aegyo sal look?

No. 558284

it's popular in the nippon too thanks to their 'natural makeup' trend.

No. 558394

Literally who in her target audience wants to see her tied up with her giant boobs spilling out?

No. 558554

It's always so jarring to see all her ink. Her flab would be bearable if her tattoos weren't there.

There are plenty of men who are somehow attracted to her and are her fans, probably why she keeps getting them to photograph her.

No. 558573

She looks ridiculous in lolita and after her AP debacle she should stay far away from the fashion. This pic belongs in the ita thread

No. 558613


Her faded crystal tattoo looks like a veiny penis with no balls.

No. 558776

I cant unsee this now…

No. 558937

Trisha Paytas looks great

No. 558952

Why is Kelly so cringe. This ~kawaii~ dumbasses need to realize that the whole pink cute things don’t mix with fetish shit just makes them look like creepy weirdos. Kelly’s single anyway.

No. 558972

File: 1524076230893.jpg (989.56 KB, 1080x4138, IMG_20180418_112905.jpg)


Lol ok.
If she really sees twitch that way, why is she she pushing the YA BOI IS A THIRSTY HENTAI THOT!!! thing so hard? What's her next move when she gets burnt out on pandering to neckbeards?

Just look at her most popular videos. It's all some variation of look at my stuff! or buy this thing! or I'm the best/#1 sailor moon fan!, or just completely dependent on the other people in the video for the video to have any point. Besides her draw my life which is I can only take so seriously given how she writes about herself on her website.

She's burned out because she never had anything of substance to give and people are catching on to how shallow and grating she is. Now she feels like she has to switch gears to being hypersexual to keep the money and attention coming in.

No. 559456

File: 1524096170897.png (466.41 KB, 808x596, shoop.png)

I mean you spent so much time shooping this photo, you could have done that yourself

No. 559607

File: 1524104243105.jpg (89.97 KB, 819x1024, DbGJfyQU8AAk-T3.jpg large.jpg)

I actually love Stephanie so it pains me to post this. Girl is taking lessons from Kelly, dat blur tool doe. I hope she sticks with the black, chops off the damage, grows out that side shave and just has regular ass hair because that's really my only complaint about her look is that fried, mangled hair.

What a Catastrophe, she should have spent that time shooping her hair pastel so it matched the color palette.

Zorg in the scene where he is on the phone with whathisalienface and he starts leaking black goo out of his head.

No. 559854

Why would you take a photo under a tree while its sunny. The lighting is so bad in this picture

No. 559855

I highly doubt she edited this picture (I am a photographer and I don't know any photog who would let the model photoshop their pic AND credit them in the end).

No. 559857

I guess you don't know much the photo/model scene. Most photographers let models who do know photoshop… photoshop themselves to their liking (smaller waist, longer legs, blur tool, etc). I've seen it way too much. I work in advertising/campaigns in LA/NY.

No. 559869

File: 1524130940119.jpeg (78.01 KB, 932x447, C4313E25-5FA3-4F6D-A38D-53D2F1…)

So her jaw and waist just magically shrunk between takes?

No. 560102

I think it's fucked up that Kelly tries to dictate the hair color of her friends to try to fit her aesthetic. Her new roommate suddenly wants to dye her hair purple and she gets all salty on stream about Stephanie wanting to a more low maintenance color. It's like she doesn't care that her friends are people and not accessories for her personal brand.

No. 560106

But Stephanie made Kelly go back from blonde to pink for her wedding, so…

No. 560108


Requesting something for your own wedding is forgivable and understandable. To expect your friends to look the way that you want them to, ignoring their personal input for what they want, is not.

No. 560114

this. also she could have simply worn a wig. my friend wanted everyone to do our hair a specific way, but mine was too short, so i wore a wig and it was fine.

No. 560241

It was for her wedding though, it’s pretty socially accepted that weddings are really about what the bride wants. With how frequently that group casually dyes their hair, I don’t think it’s not over the top to request a specific style or color for one day. Not totally relevant, but it’s the same way in the modeling industry. Professional models are used to employers asking them to alter/slightly alter their “look” for gigs. Kelly whining about Steph wanting to dye her hair black and openly stating she thinks it won’t look good is a pretty shitty move as a friend. It’s one thing to privately give someone advice but to broadcast it on twitch just embarrasses your friend. It’s so blatant how uncomfortable she gets when one of her friends doesn’t fit in with her aesthetic brand. It reminds me how the Kellyship tried to pressure a member of the friend group into dying their hair so they’d fit in with the rest of them. Why do you think she NEVER posts photos of herself with her childhood “ride or die best friend for life” even though they still seem to spend a fair bit of time with one another? She’s all about looks lol

No. 560258

>Why do you think she NEVER posts photos of herself with her childhood “ride or die best friend for life” even though they still seem to spend a fair bit of time with one another?
They live in different states, anon. They don't actually spend much time together.

No. 560389

Stephanie has been shooping herself for quite a while. She photoshops her stomach to look flat when it is not. Also she's not that nice or sweet.

No. 560514

Yeah, she always shops (they all shop) but, she's usually the least shopped out of the fellowship. She seems to be stepping it up though because that is shopped to near Kelly proportions. Just not quite up to Katie because she is still recognizable.

>She's not that nice or sweet

Do you have any evidence to back that up? Spill the milk or don't bother vagueposting.

No. 560554

I almost used her as a model for one of my costume pieces since I've met her a few times. This was pre boob job and she had told me she was going to get a breast augmentation but she wasn't going to get them too big. Well we've all seen how big she got them. Her reasoning for getting them is so silly. Because her "hips are just soooo big" And also stopped responding to my messages afterwards so I never got to use her as a model. She used to be so cute and sweet but now she's super self centered. I went to a panel she was at at Nerbotcon 2016 about how to deal with cosplay not being consent at cons. They referred to her as an "Instagram cosplay star" and during someone else's turn telling their story she interrupts them and says "oh there's my fiancé recording us right now. Isn't he cute".
I saw her at LOJ and went to say hello and have my husband take a photo of her while her fiancé fooled with his camera settings before he took he photo. She very rudely said "not until my fiancé is done taking me photo" and her fiancé said we could go ahead since he wasn't ready. Also it was dark and outside and there were some lights but instead of having her face in the lights she had her cleavage in the lights. 

also with the money she makes her cosplays could look better. At least Kelly's actual costume pieces look good.

No. 560564

Kelly doesn't make any of her cosplays though.

No. 560784

I didn't say she makes them. I said she uses money to get better cosplays.

No. 560915

Some of the fellowship and Leo in a watch ad.

No. 560929

Why are you being so defensive of Stephanie?

No. 560933

What is this ad trying to sell???

No. 560936

I saw this on twitter the other day and had no idea it was Kelly. just noticed it was a very stumpy looking tattooed woman with pink hair. Welp

No. 560941

i think it's supposed to be like "this girl wears a watch rather than obsessively looking at her phone so she got to see cool magic shit. you TOO can see cool magic shit if you wear a watch!"

i actually thought it was kinda cute. it's weird seeing kelly in video content that isn't completely half-assed and slapdashed together

No. 560957

A watch, it's pretty obvious

No. 560989

So Kelsey, Abi, and the red head are staying over at Kelly’s house. Wonder what milk this visit will lead to

No. 561047

I'm not, I like Stephanie, I actually like Kelly too (though that's becoming more of a used to like Kelly) but that doesn't stop me from criticizing her when I think she's done something wrong or getting very irritated by her antics.

However, nobody has ever posted anything negative about Stephanie other than criticisms of her weight, really (I've read all of the threads). Which means you saying she is not that nice or sweet means a) you know something we don't, in that case, spill.(You're supposed to have evidence to back your arguments on here or you're going to get called out) or b) You're talking out of your ass.

If I dig deep, the worst thing I can think of saying about Stephanie is that I think her relationship is weird (maybe not bad, but definitely weird), I think the cosmetic surgeries she got were a mistake because she looked better before (however she is still gorgeous now) and I think she looks ridiculous when she sexy dances with her mouth hanging open. Personality wise though, she seems like a good friend, I enjoy her commentary, her Zilla308 content was great, she's not a fake nerd and she's gorgeous. I also have moral issues with her fingering herself on camera for neckbeards for thousands of dollars a month (though I DO NOT want to see it).

That being said, I'm open to any actual arguments against that, afterall, I was swayed against Kelly and Dre. But those arguments had text books worth of evidence and repeated public offenses. So get some receipts and come back here with a solid argument or just admit that you don't like chubby girls who show their vagina for money. Someone said the same thing about Envy but they also didn't have any specifics to back it up and it was shut down.

No. 561060

Even if it's nothing juicy, please at least let us get a couple of videos out of it. Kelly has damn near cancelled herself. She never even did that unboxing that she was supposed to do for the twitch stream.

She keeps tweeting about how she's so tired and unmotivated, says it's not depression. However, she said in the stream that depression can sometimes present itself as being just tired and unmotivated. Get some fucking meds already and do your job like everyone else in the world with depression. You know she's just going to diagnose herself with some random stuff from the internet that can't be tested for or treated so that she can go get some retarded shit done like crystal healing instead of getting actual treatment.

I have depression, I need medication so that I can go to work and do my job but I am an adult, so I do it. Do I want to take pills everyday? Hell no, but if I don't I'm going to be homeless because I'm just going to stay home everyday, sleep all day and scroll through memes whilst eating an entire bag of chips at 3am.

Be an adult, take care of your physical and mental health and do your job. The only other other option is being a scrub forever because she's scared of losing creativity (which is outdated info btw, it was old school meds pre-90s that did that, SSRIs have little to no side effects and there are hundreds of them if one doesn't work) which isn't doing her any good anyway because she doesn't do anything with the creativity.

No. 561211


I like Steph too. i think she's hot (who gives a shit about plastic surgery, it's her body) I would also like to see evidence of her being a bitch. I've been following her for awhile and I never saw her do anything wrong. Unlike Kelly, who can't stop doing things wrong lmao. Steph seems sweet. She's definitely loyal to her friends (unlike Kelly, who blocks and unblocks them every fucking weekend)

Idk to each their own, but I appreciate Steph.

No. 561249

Could be habitual ingestion of processed sugar. It can make people demotivated and lazy.

No. 561308

File: 1524299143160.png (419.98 KB, 455x612, stephanie.png)

This is the best costume Stephanie has ever done, and Claire made it for her. She only makes as much money as she does because she gets naked and is basically a human blow up doll.

It's pretty sad because I agree with other anons saying she seems sweet. I hope she's at least being smart and investing the money she makes, she's already in her 30s so getting naked online won't last forever.

No. 561313

God, her face looks horrifying here. She looks like a wax figure of a Disney villain.

No. 561324

As long as she doesn't let herself go, she can continue to get naked until she is ready to retire. There is a fetish for EVERYTHING so really she can keep going until she wants to stop.

No. 561367

I actually think she looks really good on this, and that envy and dre look like actual shite.

No. 561368

It's not really milk, but she's defo not always that sweet. Once in a livestream on instagram someone asked about her wedding video, and she snapped> 'Well, if you want it come over and edit it', and Kelly was actually kind of nice, and said she really wanted to see it, and that she would edit it. Not devious behavior, but still kinda nasty.

No. 561485

Her tits will keep her looking thinner than she actually is by comparison so letting herself go won't be a problem, she already is bigger than all the other girls but you'd never know because of her chest. Plus if she does let herself go she just needs to find another fetish audience

No. 561487

Envy really doesn't take care of herself at all. The fact that she has an easily accessible porn video makes me gag.

No. 561567

I don't understand why anyone would pay to see her naked on her patreon when they can just google her porn video.

No. 561580

File: 1524338163209.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1934, 86A36939-CC71-4377-8AEC-7F47B4…)

I’m all for the body positivity and the whole Shabang, BUT WHAT IS THAT AWFUL POPE TATTOO

No. 561596

Her tattoos tend to be trash. All of them are so random and cheap looking. It's like her body is a middle school notebook she lets bored pre-teens doodle on.

No. 561602

File: 1524339721541.jpeg (427.41 KB, 1242x1861, 093A7507-A3BE-4031-9FAC-67DF6B…)

No. 561651

Does she even know why she wants a family besides it being something you're "supposed" to do? I know terrible people have children every day, but why is that a goal of hers? Especially when she's so self absorbed and deeply insecure about her body. That's a lifetime commitment and she's clearly having some kind of crisis about her life being shallow and having no direction. Wanting a child or husband to fill a void on yourself is just setting those relationships up for trouble.

No. 561673

Trinity Taylor lookin kinda busted here

No. 561781

I could deal with the cellulite if she’d at least tighten those glutes. Jesus, do some squats or jogging or something. That untoned lazy ass is what makes it all look terrible.

No. 561796

Im 12 years older than her and i dont have cellulite that bad. She needs to eat healthy and do exercise…

No. 561820

Kelly and Dre could have awesome bodies if they worked out and didn't eat like shit.

No. 561830

Someone doesn’t understand body positivity lol

No. 561868

File: 1524361856786.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180422-024556.png)

Im sorry to all the katy lovers, but even with huge quantities of Photoshop she does not look good. Why bother?

No. 561924

Eh, I'm not bothered by it. From everyone in the fellowship, she seems to be the nicest and least attention whoring.

No. 561950


Yikes. Those ropes look super low quality if they are for shibari. They're way too thick, too.

No. 561952

i mean, that's literally true for any human being ever

No. 562037

Looks like Vivka announced that she had lipo and a BBL on her twitter. She announced it a few days after because "transparency". Meanwhile, Kelly still has to upload that video she's been promising for ages, and she still hasn't confirmed what surgery she had.

I personally don't approve of surgeries that could be amended by exercise, but I thought Vivka already had a great body in the first place. What did she even lipo off? :/

No. 562041


My mom is 50, recently gained weight, and she doesn't even have cellulite that bad lol. Dre just has a very sedentary lifestyle. She was talking on twitter about how she walked over a mile, for once, for the pokemon game. She doesn't seem to even walk regularly.

No. 562050

Cellulite doesn’t really have to do with being fat necessarily, I have seen plenty of skinny girls with cellulite

No. 562059

Heck, taking too much guarana causes cellulite
It's indiscriminate of body type basically

Yikes. This will not turn out well for her at all.
I'm sure it will for us though.

No. 562088


Kelly is never going to address her lipo. She's just going to keep lying about going to the gym and her gullible fans are going to feed into her bs. Just like they fed into the fact that she's "working on the video" kek

She's so lazy. No wonder she's lonely

No. 562117

Which makes me question how she lost weight. If she hasn't walked/jogged/done the elliptical machine, then what is part of her cardio? She doesn't look like a zumba person to me. Also, I was watching some of their old videos lately, and she used to be WAAAAY bigger. Water didn't do all of that weight loss like she claims.

No. 562189

Omg is she for real? Granted this is one of the most honest posts we've seen from her well…..ever, but still. Everything about it is still "look at me!" tryhard - including choosing a photo where her tits are literally allllll the way out there.
Kelly we know you read here: GO. TO. THERAPY.

Obviously having hoards of gullible fans constantly patting your ass for literally doing nothing is not helping you. Burned out from being a "persona"? Get off the Internet, see a therapist, and maybe examine how deeply flawed your personality is.
Try being an actual human instead of an attention whore trying to "make it" on the internet. I guarantee you you'll be a lot happier if you try doing things for yourself and not oversharing them online. You need to take responsibility for the fact that you're unhappy with where you are in life, and then do something about it.
But Jesus Christ stop pissing and moaning on the internet about how everything is so hard and you're so depressed while still actively refusing to get help.

No. 562904


Did she mean "online personality"*
Like… are you shitting me??

No. 562921

could she have had lipo on her breasts? She had a large bust and mabe awnted to make it smaller. but yeah like another person on here said, Vivid already has a nice body and is in good shape, wtf would she get lipo? She already has a nice body the way it is :-/ saged

No. 562925

KELLY, anybody could quit the internet and shut down all their social media and walk away from it all. She's not Angelina Jolie or Madonna or Britney Spears, nobody outside the IG cosplay / kawaii community know who she is and don't care about her. Kelly could easily disappear into the big city life in L.A and live quietly and find a partner, get married and be a housewife. But she likes the attention. saged

No. 563130

Honestly she'd be far more depressed as a housewife. Social media is challenging and constantly changing, keeping up with that keeps her busy. Focusing all her energy on pleasing one man would be a disaster

No. 563136

They see each other at least once a year, but aside from that one video Kelly has literally NEVER posted photos of her on social media.

No. 563401

The friend might not like social media attention and asked kelly to not post about her?

No. 563724

Nah if you look at her old fb she would post photos of them all the time

I think she doesn't post her because she doesn't fit in with Kelly's "aesthetic" which is stupid

No. 563860

File: 1524540908077.png (5.36 MB, 1125x2436, 4002E521-33B3-40E8-A151-946DF2…)

Uh, I thought Kelly was against smoking and vaping. And she’s still hanging out with washed up has been Dave Navarro? Okay.

No. 563910

They used to hookup or date a while back. Her taste in men/need to act like a groupie to any male ~alt musician~ is unfortunate.

No. 564323

Envy's next for lipo once she can afford it. Calling it right now. She idolizes Vivka and even though she promotes "body positivity" she definitely wants to be thinner but doesn't have the drive to actually go to a gym.

No. 564439

if you take a closer look it's a dry herb vape lol.

No. 564480

I really like her. Out of the fellowship she is the nicest imo and engages with her fans the most. Where I find that Kelly and Dre don't tend to unless they are answering negative comments. Stephanie tends to answer a few comments too.

No. 564917

14:56 seems like Kelly's going to do yet another voice over, this time with Kyle McCarley
(apologies if i'm doing this wrong, newfag here)

No. 564925

Wow, her gaming related content is….an unboxing. Of figures. Way to hide that you don't know what you're talking about by saying spoiler alert before everything you got off Wikipedia. She's just talking out of her ass saying nothing per usual. This is barely watchable.

No. 564947

Dry herb vapes are for idiots who like wasting bud. Of course Navarro is that stupid.

No. 565173

Expecting these figures on depop in a week

No. 565262

File: 1524672634107.png (186.39 KB, 750x1034, IMG_4840.PNG)

I looked a little further back and agreed, some of her cosplays aren't that great. Some are but this one, I don't know if it's her bra that is lacy or the cut isn't straight?

No. 565359

It’s clearly her bra, anon.

No. 565373

Was this video sponsored by the word articulated?
Variations of articulate, articulated & articulation: 16

She really takes for granted how much square footage she has over on the west coast. I think 12" figures might be a bit large for most people.

No. 565428

She read one word off the box and repeated it a million times to sound like she knew what she was talking about. Then when describing the other figure, basically all she had to say was that it wasn't articulated. Can people stop giving her sponsorships to say absolutely nothing of value while looking like a stubby midlife crisis?

No. 565507

Can somebody screengrab her latest Insta post? She clearly is shading us kek

No. 565545

File: 1524688537615.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-25-16-34-38…)

This, anon?

No. 565550

File: 1524688705456.jpg (1.25 MB, 1774x2560, 18-04-25-13-35-01-323_deco.jpg)

How she even has fans left when all she does is attention seeking whining and lying is so beyond me at this point??

No. 565555

File: 1524688986209.jpg (515.81 KB, 1080x2312, IMG_20180425_134131.jpg)

No. 565560


her fans seriously don't have a clue, do they?

No. 565567

God Kelly has outdone herself with this stupidity. It's not assuming if it's true - see the actual first pic of this thread.

So wait did she just attention grab that she had "disordered eating"/exercise habits of some sort and use THAT to say "look it's not photoshop because I starve myself!!"
1) this cunt
2) that's never been true a day in this cow's life

No. 565604


I don't know that she's trying to pin it on disordered eating or anything. Just trying to make it sound like she made herself look this way with natural means such as clean diet and exercise. But that doesn't take away the fact that she's trying to deflect and get people to focus on her "hard work" and "results" rather than own up to her stupid lipo in a video.

No. 565614

Wow Square finally gave in to her most likely incessantly messaging/begging them for a sponsorship.

No. 565623

How is it not disordered to diet and exercise your way to passing out? That's a very clear red flag that you're super out of shape, trying to do way too much, or not giving your body something that it needs. It's not something you should brag about or encourage as a necessary means to an end of having a photoshoot.

And it's still supremely fucked up to pretend that her body came from diet and exercise and to perpetuate the same insecurities and ~dysmorphia~ she's always going on about to the people who look up to her.

No. 565624

There's literally only one actual good close up in the whole 20 minute video, and she says nothing of actual substance. This is a terrible unboxing video, the center of attention should be on the figures not Kelly.

No. 565635

heres the worst part of this stupid fucking post: this photo is from january 2016. people think it's photoshopped because they saw you reposting the same photoshoot over and over and over and over on your instagram in fucking 2018, kelly, next to your youtube videos where you are CLEARLY larger than this. people don't realize how old these shots are and that's on you, you dumb bimbo. ree

No. 565701

Woops! Missed that part about passing out. Nvm then. Based off of the food she was eating in her one workout routine video it's definitely obvious her caloric deficit was way too low.

No. 565759

File: 1524703945606.jpeg (201.19 KB, 1095x594, B55697D7-400C-42A3-9879-C4263C…)


bonus Victoria Murder for lulz

No. 565770

oh fuck she must lurk the entire board, i bet she's the one sperging in /g about stealing people's boyfriends lol

No. 565819

This is why I feel like it's important to take things anons post here with a grain of salt. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the spergs here are cows lurking other threads.

No. 565879

Lipo is pretty dangerous and can be bad for your health because it takes away subcutaneous fat. It's kind of flippant for Kelly to say there's "nothing wrong" with it.

>oh fuck she must lurk the entire board, i bet she's the one sperging in /g about stealing people's boyfriends lol
What makes you say that?

No. 565891

Nta, but that definitely sounds like Icky’s MO

No. 565938

I think it's only farmers in other threads. The way social media people are, the second they're not in it e.g. a thread in g, it's of no interest to them.

Obviously farmers lurk the whole board but I don't think cows do at all.

No. 566609

What a yawn fest. Terrible sound, plus, i´m tired of the multiple boring unboxings. If she keeps this up, she will push away the small number of fans she managed to gather.

No. 566761

“Most people assume this shot was all just photoshop” LOL KELLY. Can you blame them!? You literally photoshop eeeveryyyythiiiinggg.

No. 567304

No. 567315

For an artist, she really has no creativity or variation when it comes to videos, does she. Being burnt out aint an excuse. If anything being burnt out is the perfect opportunity to force yourself to be creative.

No. 567326

I think she is confused about undertones. She keeps picking up warm toned sticks and saying they're too yellow but that's what the warm foundations are. Cool is pink, warm is yellow.

The exception is MAC who does it the opposite of everyone else. So that leads me to believe that she actually is not a licensed MUA but that she was just trained to work in a MAC store.

No. 567411

File: 1524860921719.png (29.49 KB, 813x137, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 22.2…)

Exactly. I love that this is the most liked comment on her video kek

No. 567426

She's not a licensed MUA. She really was only trained at MAC and ABH.

No. 567431

File: 1524863048055.jpg (16.58 KB, 621x177, shittoo.jpg)

I love that the comments asking why her tattoo looks so shitty so fast.

Wonder how many more there'll be over time? And if she'll address it, or just ignore anything that doesn't paint her in a good light, as she does.

No. 567443

Why did she spend time reviewing the packaging for a PR package that literally no one would get anyway if they weren’t on ABH PR….like ok cool but no one else is getting some giant “keepsake” box from ABH to “store all their makeup in” so I don’t understand why she thought this was really relevant. I don’t think ABH ships out just any random order in packaging like this.

No. 567445

If you read the replies, it's hilarious. They're telling OP she's being rude. She finally tells them that English is not her first language so they're probably reading it in a way she doesn't really mean. LOOL people are so damn quick to defend Kelly on ANYTHING that might POSSIBLY be construed as bullying or negativity. I hate it so much.

One comment even points out that, yeah, MAC's colour theory is opposite of every other cosmetic company, and that Kelly used to work for MAC, etc…HOWEVER wasn't there something that Kelly also used to do that she claims to know a lot about? Oh that's right! She was a fucking ART STUDENT. Didn't colour theory stick with her then? She's such an ignoramus.

No. 567456

“Let’s do a little bit of contouring” “I like a little bit more of a cool toned shadow”
……so why didn’t you go for “Shadow” which she read off in the beginning. Like obviously that’s probably your best choice.

No. 567500

She's so unprofessional. From the beginning, why would you decide to shoot a video the one time of week your dog is going to bark at the trash truck? We get it, you still have a dog.

On the lack of a number system: that could be a valid complaint, but she goes on about how it would be difficult to pick a shade, before realizing every tube has a sticker swatch. It's like she has to latch onto something to complain about to sound like a tough critic without even seeing the whole picture. Her unboxings are just stream of conscious rambling with bratty packaging throwing.
No research, or interesting first impressions or thoughtful reviews. Ending the video saying how she wants to see how it wears, but no follow up. And she always applies product directly to her face without swatching! How is that helpful to anyone?

These videos also probably require bare minimum editing because she's shooting one long take in one spot. At least her Alienware unboxing was slightly more visually engaging because it had multiple cameras and angles and better lighting. Going back to her default style makes it so much more obvious how low effort and low budget her videos are. But don't anyone dare ask where the patreon money is going.

No. 567603

I thought this was her ex that cheated on her? Lmao she can't seriously still be hanging around him

No. 567762

No thats Davey Suicide I think, Dave Navarro is a pretty chill guy from what I've seen

No. 567775

Didn't the ABH foundation sticks come out like a year ago? Why is she only now reviewing them?

No. 568063

Lmao what if she got sent the PR box then but just couldn't get around to filming because of her lazine…I mean ~*depression*~

No. 568215

She dated both of them and they both cheated on her, actually.

She dated Dave Navarro when she first moved out to LA. Some people think that she dated Dahvie from BOTDF but she did not, since she was legally an adult at the time, she was too old for him.

TL;DR: She dated two Daveys bot not a Dahvie.

No. 568412

Wouldn't she know their complexion products given that she worked for them? It's weird of her to make those comments off-hand on video.

Does anyone know if she worked retail or was she a rep/trainer that traveled for the brand? Iirc it was when ABH was just starting out right?

No. 568533

Okay, this was basically going to be a novel of a post, so I'll just cut it down to some key points.

> Kelly worked at ABH's flagship "salon"(store) for a year around 2015.

> According to her, her title was Key "Makeup Artist". She also trained new people.
> She has no certificate or license in any cosmetology related field. She is not a professional MUA.
> She was trained by MAC to work in their store. From there she worked with MUFE and then ABH. She basically got some training from makeup artists that worked in those places.
> The flagship "salon" offers esthetician services + makeup application.
> AFAIK, she did not travel with their crew to makeup conventions however this was before she was on YouTube "full-time" so she may have just not posted about it.
> She has held the title of "Makeup Artist" in makeup stores but to my knowledge she has never claimed to be licensed. She used to be more honest about this however, she now seems pretty deceptive about it often inferring that her work history with these stores makes her an expert in makeup.
> She has done makeup on sets and on "clients". In most states, you do not need a license to do makeup for weddings or for film/theatre. Most salons require a license, though apparently ABH does not, the laws vary from state to state.

At the time she worked for ABH
They had:
> Brow Line of products (during DipBrow craze)
> Liquid Lipsticks and gloss
> Contour palette
> Eyeshadow Singles
> A few pre-MR palettes
> A couple beauty guru palettes (during the Maya Mia era)
> ABH has actually been around a long time but only came into popularity when they re-launched, got Instagram, got carried by Sephora, worked with beauty gurus and came out with the infamous Dip Brow pomade.

They did not have:
> Glow Kits
> Foundation
> The new and improved post-MR formula for eyeshadows.

*All quotation marks are note used as direct quotes but to throw shade.

The only information I seem to be missing is why she stopped working for ABH. I assume that she was just making enough on Instagram/YouTube/Modeling a the time that she no longer needed the job.

No. 569009

I was just wondering why Kelly never posted the Timex ad on her IG, or youtube. Is it because she couldn't CGi photoshop herself. Also, why didn't see ever post her photoshoot or video shots of the shoe brand Charla Tendrick or whatever (Lol, she looks hella short compared to raquel).

No. 569016

Ahaha, its so photoshopped. The legs would make her be 5'10" just stop Kelly. It might not be you who did the shoppe but Brian Ziff is known for over shopping. The dorito chin face and turquoise lens effect. Yep, he is known for them angle doritos.

No. 569961

File: 1525085349828.png (601.71 KB, 720x970, 20180430_114827.png)

Saged since it's not kelly but damn this Katie is so ugly. She did an IG live on this

No. 570206

File: 1525109048343.jpeg (213.59 KB, 1242x883, 1BEDED46-4970-42DA-AB62-8A55C8…)

No. 570227

File: 1525110825078.jpeg (222.76 KB, 750x1018, 87FF6264-9B07-47FF-8477-92700D…)

Wow kelly you’re such an edgy gamer gurl now*~ she wants so badly to fit into some type of niche. Everything she does seems so fucking phony and ungenuine.

No. 570239

>Hi guys, I decided to completely shift gears with my job because people were being so mean and asking questions on youtube! Who knew computers cost money? Will you buy me things because I spent money on my own "career"? Don't ask about patreon, that's call-out culture!!!!

No. 570248

it looks like she painted those glasses with that nasty mint paint she uses for everything

No. 570251

I'm calling it now how long until we get a korean / dva phase?

No. 570252

File: 1525112533395.jpg (510.41 KB, 1087x2560, IMG_20180430_111847.jpg)

Some wish list items, including a PS4, minifridge, DSLR, and air conditioner.

No. 570259

Can’t wait til people call her out in chat during her livestreams, kek. She’s gonna malfunction

No. 570346

File: 1525118902852.jpeg (509.1 KB, 1118x630, 0DC38569-E2D4-447E-A5A4-62219D…)

Okay so I’m watching some of her past videos and during her lightning cosplay review, the entire time she complains about being too small and too skinny for the costume when it fits her. I know this is pre-lipo days and I know this was discussed before, but it just irks me how she claims to be sooo tiny sooo petite such a smol bean, photoshops her shit, gets lipo and doesn’t address it, ugh.

Saged for no contribution.

No. 570527

File: 1525131195412.jpg (717.69 KB, 1080x1920, 20180430_183256.jpg)



No. 570540

File: 1525131661463.jpg (12.58 KB, 260x203, 12yrs.JPG)

she tried it

No. 570554

Lol on her instagram story on her fridge, she has maid expense listed . Poor new roommate. Kelly doesn't work and stays home and they need a maid? Although, new roommate might have the money because she is a nobody cow with her parents money.

No. 570608

File: 1525135655198.png (965.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180501-014619.png)

Why the fuck does she need a maid

No. 570610

They have had the maid for as long as Dre lived there too, it's been brought up in previous threads where anons were commenting on how dirty her feet are all the time.

No. 570612

I've seen in a video of hers she mentioned how she gets up at 6 am everyday to scrub her house

No. 570627

She's mention that she's "obsessed" with cleaning and gets up early to do it pretty often. Why you would also need a maid on top of that when you work from home is beyond me.

No. 570631

That's weird because she's presented in her previous videos when Dre's ex still lived with them that she was very good with cleaning, is strict about how clean the house must be…

But I guess student loans ain't stopping her from getting a maid. Such a waste of money.

No. 570636


That could just be a one time maid service for whatever reason (Maybe she couldn't clean much during her lipo recovery). I just can't see Kelly having a dedicated maid service.

No. 570648

It's been an expense on their fridge for a while.

No. 570656

I live in LA and having someone come deep clean your house once a month or once every other month or so really isn’t uncommon at all just saying

No. 570780

This. I have a maid coming every other week to clean my house. It's NOT a waste of money, having a maid helps me with time management. Some of yall look for dumb shif to attack Kelly over. Lol.

No. 570821

Its not the fact that she has a maid, its the fact that she claims SHE does the cleaning + constantly complains about student loans so that she can plug her amazon wishlist to hopefully get some gullible fan to buy her a ps4

No. 570833

File: 1525154954913.jpeg (266.66 KB, 1242x991, 6C056C53-B2FC-4D0E-B745-BD8629…)

Her spelling and grammar kill me. Here, Kelly: vengeance, Chiaotzu. Why are* when referring to more than one subject. Use your money to go back to school ffs. The pink dye is seeping into your brain

They include them because not everyone dumps their friends once they advance in life. I know that’s what you’re used to though

No. 570844

No one cares that you have a maid. Unless you also work from home and claim to get up early every day to clean your whole place, then maybe reflect on how you spend your money and time.

No. 570878

I think its a common LA "thing" because people try to act important. I've seen people in LA blow money fitting in but yet drive an old car and have some messed up hair tracks. I get why some people do have maids, but She just shouldn't complain about money. Also, amazon wishlists are tacky asf. She might as well be a sugar mama, just not Dave Navarros because that guy has been with everyone with a fucked up Hello Kitty tattoo that is under 25.

No. 571001

this is actually why it took me so long to believe you guys here on lolcow about her having lipo. i was 100% convinced it HAD to be something else – nose job, jaw surgery, boob job, legit anything else – because not even a month before her procedure, she was tweeting things like "I'm so tiny and small like rapunzel, even dre says so" and posting videos where she claims she's so "smol" she won't fit in anything.

No. 571016

I hate it when chubby people complain about being 'tiny' and use that as their argument for not fitting into anything when they're just short and stumpy. Like, Kelly, the reason clothes don't fit you is because your tits are the size of large watermelons. Not because you're 'smol'.

No. 571041

File: 1525191151827.png (658.05 KB, 754x676, 6793fd87d9c2a4a76cb4c5e8d2fe40…)

Kelly posted another review from ABH. She could've just put all of the products into one video, but of course she's gotta get that ad money. Typical.

No. 571119

And she reviews the PR packaging again which NOBODY GETS except people on the PR list. I like that she shows us what is in the PR box but I don't need a 10 minute review for something that I can't even buy.

No. 571144

File: 1525201936512.png (73.71 KB, 615x406, lipo.png)

do we wanna start taking bets on what excuse she'll use to not post it this time?

No. 571150

we should do a bingo
depression is the free space

No. 571157

Let's see… potential squares: injury from working out, has to take toshi to the vet, recorded with the sound off, lost the SD card, macbook charger is missing, a vague "the world is out to get me, everything's going wrong right now" tweet

No. 571165

File: 1525203502950.png (27.25 KB, 497x500, bingo.png)

No. 571176

File: 1525203873052.jpg (95.38 KB, 604x665, bingo.jpg)

No. 571179

The best part about this is that she claims she cleans all the time. That she is a super neat and clean person. Um, no, Kelly. You just pay someone to clean your house, yet you still manage to have filthy feet. Grow the fuck up.

No. 571184

THIS. She's a walking contradiction about everything. I am baffled how she doesn't realise that she has conflicting information all over the internet and that people are going to call her out on it. The way she bitches and moans about money and then turns around and does all this frivolous shit grinds my gears so hard. It reminds me of the time an I was visiting a boyfriend's family with him, and his cousin was complaining about how her phone got disconnected because she couldn't pay the bill - in the very same breath she was talking about going to get her eyebrows done. Bitch what?

I still think having a maid is stupid. I work full time and still have time to clean my damn house. I can see if you have children that it might be something worth having, but she's single af and should have no problem cleaning her damn house.

No. 571193

Yup. If you have tons of disposable income for a maid and don't mind a stranger seeing everything in your house, cool.

But, she's complaining about trying to pay the bills and is actually home all day. She also only has a 2BR apartment. Most people can work full time and have a clean multi-story house with kids trashing it constantly without a maid.

I think I remember seeing a video about her typical day where she wakes up when it's still dark out, cleans the house, makes a healthy oats breakfast and goes to the gym. What a load of bullshit. She sits on her couch all day with her hair in a messy bun with a blanket and binges TV shows. She needs to do an updated typical day. I wouldn't even hate if she just came out with it. If I had a bunch of strangers paying my bills I would sit on my ass all day and binge TV shows too.

No. 571282

About the surgery. Its funny because first she was all like "woe me im having surgery and i have to recover from that. Did i mention that im having surgery" and now total silence.

No. 571295

She doesn't get to the actual palette until 15 minutes in, talks about how well she knows the colors without showing them or demonstrating what she's describing and then applies the product directly to her face without swatching. How does she still have fans who sit through this? Anyone interested in the palette gets nothing out of this. All she does is unboxings and yet somehow all of her videos are still shit.

No. 571341

So accurate, and I'll cop to it - it's an "argument" that chubby girls who used to be thin use all the time. I used it when I was chubby and I knew it the whole time - I was saying I was too small for things mostly so other people would hear it.
Now that I've lost a lot of weight and I'm on the uncomfortably thin side, you'll never catch me saying about how I'm too small to fit into anything - because I have no reason to show it off.

TL;DR - I guarantee she never thought she was smol, she knew she was chubchubs and wanted everyone else to think that.

No. 571448

File: 1525221020475.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x2187, CD28E5E6-14CB-474C-B0A4-ED5DE6…)

Living for the YouTube comments on her shit show video

No. 571640

You forgot “so I was manic the other day” but otherwise this is perfect

No. 571673

File: 1525239112777.jpeg (188.15 KB, 1241x1149, 01B48656-B779-4C90-A1E9-5893B1…)

Her followers have clearly never heard of Stephanie Nicole if they think Kelly is “sooo thorough and informative”

No. 571853

No. 571864

Her new video has 4 ads. She always does that shit

No. 571868

4 ads for a shoe she was given for free (and possibly paid to talk about; but of course she has no mention of being "sponsored" lol because who needs to follow rules?? she's a tiny innocent creator you guys).

No. 572024

It's crazy to me that she gets credit for her ~packaging reviews~ when she's really inflating the length of the video by describing what we can literally already see. Like listing the colors on the fucking shoe box. If she actually cared about showing off the packaging, she could include some close ups, but she's too lazy to film more than one shot.

No. 572040

I thought the same. Too bad that you can't photoshop yourself while doing live videos, hey Katie? Those proportions… God.

No. 572099

File: 1525297248138.png (331.96 KB, 379x431, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 4.31…)

she's pretty brave with that thumbnail just a handful up from this thumbnail where she looks like a different human entirely

No. 572625


Why are her eyes so yellow? Jaundice or some sort of filter to change eye color?

No. 572644

I miss her old shoe videos. She had quality close ups and nice editing. Now its just lazy one take video.

No. 572688

File: 1525359379999.png (544.57 KB, 720x908, 20180503_175556.png)

No. 572698

I'm all up for anyone wearing whatever they want, but god a salopette like that really doesn't look any good on her huge ass fake tits. Not to mention it already looks awful and too childish paired with a regular t-shirt like that.

No. 572702

They make her legs look kind of stumpy in my opinion.

No. 572713

File: 1525362990029.png (2.58 MB, 1350x1368, Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.5…)

bruh if you have time for disneyland you have time to finish your fuckin lipo video, i swear to god. can you imagine if she had to live in the real world with an actual job?

No. 572758

I worry about the younger girls in her audience thinking being depressed is a valid reason to call out of work often since that's essentially what she's teaching them. In the real world, you get fired for that shit. It's especially annoying since she works from home, for herself, and has such a great job. Most people with depression have far more miserable jobs they have to suffer through.

No. 572771

No. 572773

Her hand and forearm in the mirror look so much bigger than both her arms that aren’t in the reflection lol is this supposed to be some sort of symbolism…”when will my reflection show who I am” kind of thing

No. 572862

>"I don't know what's wrong with me, I've been tired constantly for months, but I haven't seen a doctor and have to keep letting everyone know that I don't know what's wrong with me, but something is wrong with me please pay attention to me."

No. 572882

File: 1525378871966.png (226.58 KB, 459x357, Screen shot 2018-05-03 at 1.13…)

No. 572889

you missed the bit where she says it could be her thyroid, do we think she will try and claim her slimming is not lipo but a thyroid problem?

No. 572939

No, the exhaustion comes from low thyroid. She'd have to say that the thyroid issue caused the weight gain and that's why she had to have lipo and it's totally not all of the postmates she orders or the dozen 500-800 calorie sweets that she dumps down her throat in her videos ~for comedy~.

No. 572993

Ew what the fuck

No. 573054

What is she basing having a thyroid problem on, google and WebMD? She said she hasn't seen a doctor and that's not something you can diagnose yourself without blood tests.

It's probably just depression from her plastic surgery not solving all of her imagined problems or her general lack of direction or purpose in life. If she goes to a GP they will just refer her to treatment for mental health issues when they find nothing physically wrong with her.

No. 573330

File: 1525406998943.jpeg (102.69 KB, 640x1136, 47BACB27-C909-448A-B8A3-739CB4…)

Fucking lazy ass photoshop.

No. 573363


What. Is. Wrong. With. You.
You dirty clown.

No. 573552

I can not understand why her feet are always so dirty. Does she just not sweep the floor in her home? From pics posted here her home doesn't look dirty. So I'm just struggling to understand this. For gods sake at least wear slippers or something around the house.

No. 573681

I'm surprised and shocked that Kelly didn't edit out that part in the video. I winced when I saw her dirty feet. So nasty and completely a huge turn-off, even for foot fetishists.

Kelly has a new video out now about how to deal with anxiety and depression. Kelly, GET HELP!!! GO SEE A DAMNED DOCTOR ALREADY.

No. 573689

kelly uploaded two videos today (which is dumb, she should spread out her content since she'll go an entire month without an upload) and neither one is the lipo vid.

it's the end of the week, so… is there a bingo square that includes "doesnt say a word about the video she said she'd have"?

No. 573780

This is such a boring video too. Why is she dodging the lipo vid so much?

No. 573804

because she's hoping people will forget, and then she can bask in all the praise for her dedication, hard work and discipline for keeping her body slim and toned.

or, you know, she's just a deceitful womanchild in general.

No. 573956

Fire your maids

No. 574021

File: 1525482037968.jpeg (522.38 KB, 1125x640, 5112100E-DE85-4F76-99AE-A7E0B3…)

This bitch went on about nature being therapy. Smh. At least she’s finally seeing a therapist.

No. 574044


Idk, wasn't her cosmetic surgery sponsored? I don't know the legalities of sponsored surgeries, but I would think she has to upload the video if that is what she agreed to do.

Even if she legally doesn't have to, I feel like she would still do it because she would not want to tarnish her brand and get blacklisted from future sponsors.

No. 574051

I don't think she said it was sponsored, but she did say she had it recorded by a crew so that means it probably was. But if it was professionally recorded why did she have to edit it herself?

It's been months and she hasn't even said what the surgery was. Meanwhile, Vivka got surgery recently and told everyone exactly what she was having done beforehand. I think she thinks that not saying what she has done will make people more interested to watch the video, but all it's really going to do is make people mad that she's been denying having had lipo this whole time.

No. 574056


That's a good point… why DOES she need to edit it if it was sponsored? Maybe part of the agreement was that she gets to edit it? I can't imagine she would pay for procedure then pay for her own crew, but then again, maybe she had another manic episode.

No. 574079

lmao holy fuck you know your feet are fucking ugly if the foot fetishist thinks their nasty

No. 574117

I guess she's back to leaning on friends and roommates for content because she doesn't have enough of a personality herself.

No. 574119

she posted a story saying she’s sad and doesn’t know why with her tits out kek whoever said that for the bingo was correct

No. 574143

This video seems very self serving. There's barely any useful advice. She's like please continue to send me stuff I want, but it's a lot for me and my lack of real problems to have to deal with all of your sad stories because I have so much empathy you guise!!! Even though I branded myself as a "mental health advocate" and probably still don't know what that means.

It's also sponsored by better help, so it's ultimately about $$$ instead of trying to help people. Better help pretends to be affordable but can cost hundreds per month and is shady about charging people during free trials. It may be helpful to some people but the quality of care for the price is questionable.

The whole my designer puppy changed my life moment is eyeroll worthy. Some people with mental health issues can barely take care of themselves and owning a pet is a huge responsibility and financial burden. She's so out of touch.

No. 574236

File: 1525504982754.jpg (87.35 KB, 1006x412, Screenshot_20180505-082122.jpg)

A comment someone left on her mental health vid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574244

Smhhhh Kelly is such a fucking fraud and idk how she’s still trying to act like she doesn’t get paid to make these videos.

No. 574266

I hate her colour choices and shes sloppy but the fact that she can't even for the life of her try to do things properly trumphs so much of her cringy weeb shit. She even jumped onto her bed with barefeet to show the end results and WE ALL saw how nasty her feet get from this supposedly 'super clean' house. Now think about all the small smudges and dirt are on her mint bed sheets that aren't seen due to the high exposure of her camera. I can't get over that she stepped foot on her bed when she knows her feet get literally black from just walking around. Wear socks kelly.
Time stamp is 2:30 for when she films way too much of her getting onto that bed.

No. 574387

there is no reason anyone's feet should be that black with dirt.
her floors look clean though so is she going outside with Toshi with no shoes on or something?
she obviously doesn't bathe very often if that much dirt has built up

No. 574390

HAHAHAHA I thought the same. How can she be without shame?

No. 574471

That's something that annoys me about her. She's so fucking fake. I used to love her and now I see her as rotten when people keep pointing out all this shit.

No. 574535

She’s at ren fair rn wearing slutty clothes (all black) It’s the same things she wore to labyrinth and the tomb raider premiere except with a blue wig (didn’t she say she hates blue hair on her before?) do you not have any creativity kelly?

No. 574614

This is an image board

No. 574665

File: 1525558440885.png (5.78 MB, 1125x2436, 040E340A-7964-4D02-BD5F-9222A0…)

meh okay Kelly

No. 574675

Lmao she really blurred out her lumpy lipo belly

No. 574684

Uuh that skirt does not flatter her hobbit build. Nothing elvish about that stump halfling.

No. 574685

her legs and stomach look great despite looking a little short. if she had it hemmed it might look more normal. the arms are the real catastrophe. that lipo belly does not match those arms. yikes. are her hips really that wide? her hips look good here

No. 574690

File: 1525560907970.jpeg (45.05 KB, 720x960, 1CD19CD3-E8E1-4D3D-A6C6-6E0985…)

Kelly’s lipo job and stomach looks exactly like Trisha paytas when she got her lipo (which btw, she spoke about openly instead of being shady like Kelly)

No. 574693


What's with the rhinestones above and below her belly button again? Is that her covering up the lipo marks, or just a weird 'fashion' statement?

No. 574710

Terrible outfit. She looks like she's going to Mera Luna, not Ren Fair.

No. 574749

agreed her body looks right in this pic with obvious blur from the waist and down. cows should know youre not fooling anyone with a slim waist and ham wings for arms..

No. 574757

Sorry, was actually at ren fair and saw her while walking around. Didn’t want to take photos of her. Figured she’d post them later when she got home, didn’t realize she posted them already

No. 574778

she needs to wear her compression garments, she's only going to get lumpier if she doesn't.

No. 574882

IM SO TIRED OF "YA BOY" bs. Stfu already Kelly. I want to reach across the screen and slap her face.

No. 574894

Yeah honestly I'm not really a Trisha fan but I do really appreciate how at least she's open about this shit. She's very public about whether or not she's gaining/loosing weight or if she's having a surgery and as terrible as Trisha is, I can respect that. If Kelly was just honest about this shit, I might even be able to stand her. Kelly, no one cares that you got lipo, we care that you're dancing around the topic while posting #bodypositive photos. Just for once don't be so fake

No. 575006

She should just get her belly button pierced instead of gluing rhinestones to it.

No. 575434

I used to think that belly rings were so cool and sexy in high school but now they just remind me of every girl that has ever been on Flavor of Love or Rock of Love. Nobody can pull those off anymore, the rhinestones are even more trashy.

That being said, I like the elf look from the neck up. The rhinestones are trashy and the thigh-highs make her look even more short. Black isn't traditional for an elf but that could be forgiven had she put more effort into the outfit, it looks too modern. She goes every year, she should invest in something nice.

No. 575489

I worked on set with Kelly a few years back, right after her boob job.

I was sort of excited to meet her as I liked her videos and was subscribed to her channel.

It turned out that she wasn’t. ANYTHING like she presents herself in her videos! Had I never seen the videos, I would have taken her for a quiet, awkward weirdo. She barely spoke to me, and would only talk to the photographer on the shoot. I really got the vibe that I wasn’t of her ilk (aka “aesthetic”). No eye contact, either. I couldn’t tell if she had social anxiety or couldn’t be bothered with me… I now know it’s a bit of both.

What definitely proved it was how she REFUSED to credit me in her Instagram/social media. Purposely omitted my tags/credits but credited everyone else. I went as far as to comment with my credit… nada. She finally did tag me but later in the day edited the caption and removed the tag!

As anticipated, the products gifted to her from my company and other clothing brands for the shoot ended up on Depop. I had mentioned her using the items for future projects, but that didn’t happen!

I honestly don’t get all the photoshop, though, she obviously has body issues. She looked fine to me minus the fake boobs which she didn’t need and her terrible under $20 eBay wigs.

Its so obvious she craves free shit yet hates or doesn’t appreciate any of it. Is she a trust fund kid? She reeks of it!

Anyway, after all of that, I unsubscribed from her channel. I still look from time to time because someone will tell me to look and all I see is some 30-something chick (guessing she’s that age due to her eye bags) that sounds like a bratty 13 year old boy repeating catch phrases that were semi popular a few years ago. She was definitely not this spazzy. She’s definitely acting like a toddler. Oh, people laughed at this once so I’m gonna keep doing it over and over, expecting the same result.

Anyway, she sucks and that’s my experience with her.

No. 575575

Kelly wants to do a Q&A with her new roommate. Can she think of anything else creative??? She had some success with Dre and now that she got rid of her she moves on with another victim. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s in for… on her insta it says she’s a sag actor and writer so she DOES have talent and IS creative and idk I feel like her hanging out with Kelly and doing these stupid ass Q&A is just bringing down her value.

No. 576373

File: 1525745817459.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1847, 4BA21C03-490B-47B4-96B0-46AF5E…)

Dre finally spoke up about the moving delay. Whoever said she was going to move in with her bf was right. From this it sounds like he broke up with her after she finalized moving but she needed to get her shit together and they led to the awkward is she leaving or nah.

No. 576499

She already talked about the break up in the moving out video weeks ago.

No. 576579

Dre and Kelly both talk like starting streaming is hard. Just get computer, games and start playing.

No. 576582

“Just get a computer”
Computers are expensive, especially gaming PCs

No. 576587

Based on her Amazon wish list, Kelly is missing a good chunk of equipment she "needs" for streaming. Her a/v setup may be good enough for her youtube videos, but you can't expect her use the camera and mic she already has for twitch! How will she build an audience on twitch without a rainbow keyboard? She obviously can't afford equipment that costs less than the hundreds of dollars she recently spent on hideous designer shoes.

No. 576589

File: 1525761410494.jpg (796.12 KB, 1080x4194, IMG_20180507_233517.jpg)

>Help me, I don't know what google is

No. 576610

Holy shit these bitches wanna stream but can't even figure out what controller they can/t use and literally asks twitter instead of googling, above and beyond

No. 576652

Ahahhaha, THIS is so funny to me. My best friend games with a fucked up PC and she just takes it to nerds who just tweak it for cheap. She sprayed painted some keys and she does it because she is passionate about playing games, not trying to fit in. So sick of these Twitch people wannabees. Also, I have Netflix and a life so no… I am not gonna spend my time on your damn twitch channel, which anymore is just full of the same people/personalities. Dre needs to grow up. Bitches need to read and google… these attention thots.

No. 576661

I am a streaming girl starter pack
Step 1.
Take a stereotypical picture with those kitty earphones and do a tongue biting sexy pose with a wink face
Step 2.
Announce repeatedly you are about to be on twitch
Step 3.
Wear a pushup bra and showcase your boobs every minute. Also, get a boob job to make them even more crazy looking.
Step 4. Say "league" every two minutes
Step 5. Wear a gamer shirt
Step 6. Eventually, make your stream more pornographic to get all them loser neckbeards who fart in moms basement: beat their meat.
Step 7. Do this over and over again until you are 40yrs old, living with a neckbeard>in his mom's basement.

No. 576675

is jake trying to score points with her or something lol.

No. 576858

File: 1525803570482.jpg (103.98 KB, 720x960, kek.jpg)

w/o the shoop

No. 576860

She's been up his ass since they visited the UK because she loves male attention, especially from people in relationships.

No. 576875

File: 1525804557414.png (610.72 KB, 515x576, ps.png)

No. 576933

Kelly said this not dre???

No. 576937


> "compadible"

No. 576979

I commented on her video saying the boots would look better on somebody with skinnier legs and she clearly was hurt because she replied with "welp.. that was a pretty shitty thing to say" kek

No. 576998

(completely ot but that's a pretty big hint at who you are, not something I'd suggest you should do on an anonymous imageboard, took me one minute to find out your full name, where you live, which school you go to and what your interests are. Just a mistake you should probably avoid in the future)

No. 577013

I mean yeah it was kind of a shitty thing to say can you be really surprised?

No. 577041

File: 1525817089565.png (140.65 KB, 750x1019, IMG_4986.PNG)

I wonder how actually dying her hair blue would change her "aesthetic". Would she give up her pink and now mint green lifestyle. Or do it and just complain the whole time like she did with the hot pink hair.

No. 577050

i love when she gets all butthurt in comments when someone 'suggests' that she shops her pictures. her fans are even worse, screeching at and insulting anyone that points out that she does.

such body positive. good job, Kelly.

No. 577053

What kills me about this is she actually looked better before the photoshop. The proportions are correct, in the shopped one her torso is way too long and her legs are too short. Her head is wider than her waist, she looks like a bobblehead.

That's because it was a shitty thing to say. I also think it crosses a line when you go to her instagram and YT and comment nasty things where she has to see them UNLESS it is constructive criticism (that will definitely be deleted). That was not constructive, you were just insulting her at a 3rd grade level. If she comes here where she knows it's 100% criticism and occasional baseless insults, well, that's her own fault.

No. 577093

She really messed up her proportions in the shopped pic. She looked fine before but w the photoshop she looks like a dwarf. Chubby arms, short legs, and long torso.. you got lipo Kelly, you don’t have to shoop yourself skinnier..

No. 577094

Whoa, Stephanie is covered up for once. She looks like Mrs. Santa Claus but she is covered up.

No. 577105

I am so confused how this bitch is gonna try and say she has a waist thinner than her head but also giant sausage log arms.

Girl if you're gonna keep trying to fool the world, get a fucking anatomy book.

No. 577108

That stinks! I remember she went ham on some brand that used her image on a t-shirt, which was a stencil of her, in the cupcake frosting all over face pose if i remember correctly. She was furious and demanded credit. Guess credit only works one way for her.
It kind of kills me when Pinupgirlclothing works with her and all the items gifted to her end up on her depop, for an expensive price.

No. 577186

Omg I was thinking this too as a watched the video, she's basically making an ad for irregular choice shoes but failing to acknowledge the self-help site she convinced to sponsor the vid just so she could buy said shoes.
I remember her making an insta story of the Maya boot wanting to buy them, but of course why spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes like a peasant when you can just get other people to pay for them without giving anything in return.

Then 2 days later she finally posts a solo video about dealing with anxiety for the sponsor (and skimming though the video idk if she even mentions the site at all someone correct me if I'm wrong) when she should have still briefly mentioned it in the irregular choice video if that's where she got the money to from to make the shoe video.

I guess the contract was they probably paid for a solo video and I'm probably being nit-picky but STILL

No. 577277

File: 1525846745722.png (7.55 MB, 1125x2436, 9DE456C4-CF87-420A-B930-1DE524…)

Okay so, ahahah, I’m laughing because I posted the Trisha photo comparing bodies and lipo to Kelly and lo and behold, today is Trisha’s 30th birthday and Kelly, Dre, steph, and I think Courtney are there.

No. 577282

File: 1525847374602.png (9.54 MB, 1125x2436, 04E817B3-ABDA-4A8E-8C16-8FA5AB…)

No. 577405

File: 1525878188787.png (4.39 MB, 1242x2208, 8B813143-AC56-4500-9277-64CC96…)

dem arms

No. 577538

When I see all those girls with their plastic bobble tits I just wanna throw up. I’m honestly disgusted. Sorry not sorry

No. 577606

what a thoroughly unattractive and fake group of women.

No. 577717

Stream Overview:
> First stream from her house
> Envy is there.
> Alienware sent her a whole setup
> Someone asked where she got her cat headphones but she said she won't shout them out because they don't sponsor her.
> There seems to be no reason for her to actually be wearing the headphones as Envy is not wearing any.
> Envy asks what Kelly should stream. People want Sims, Stardew Valley, FF. People suggested Nintendo games but she says she has only ever owned a Playstation.
> Says she has been MIA because she's been depressed and feeling like there is too much pressure to be entertaining to make money.
> Says she likes twitch because it's more relaxed and she doesn't have to edit.
> Did not know what emotes are.
> More talking about how she doesn't like YT anymore because they promote bad behavior like Logan Paul.
> Says uploading to YouTube feels like she's losing some of her soul.
> Says twitch community is more mature.
> Says lots of kids were going to her channel because the YT algorithm was pushing her house tour to YT Kids which she didn't like because she's not kid friendly.
> Says YT community is hypercritical (again)
> Says her cosmetic surgery video is done and she hasn't posted it yet because she sent it to her doctor for approval and they have not responded yet.
> Says she hasn't had a boyfriend who would buy her stuff. (didn't Davey buy her the pink PS4?)
> Says last boyfriend she had was so cheap that she had to pay for herself when they went out.
> Says last boyfriend wouldn't come to her events or hang out or anything, he just took her out to dinner all the time, made her pay for herself and she was on a diet.
> Says splitting the bill is fine in 2018 but it's abrasive to just flat out say you're paying for yourself.
> Stream was about an hour long. Was much less Q&A like, she was just chatting with fans about weird stuff like sucking toes and dates.

Just like the last stream, she actually seemed a bit like old Kelly other than the griping about YouTube a lot. It will be better once she can get rid of Envy (Envy is there teaching her how to stream)because I cannot fucking stand Envy. I don't even know why I don't like the girl, I have no issue with what she does, I just find her personality to be really annoying. She's really boring, too.

Kelly is much better on Twitch than YouTube, she just edits herself into some awful character that nobody likes on YouTube.

No. 577769

I mean, edit or no edit she's still bratty, fake, vapid and entitled. Her attitude and dishonesty has completely soured any good will I had towards her, no amount of "personality" is going to change that.

Did her sense of entitlement stem from her being traumatized by having to pay for her own food, and now she has to make boring videos unboxing whatever she demands people send her in order to heal?

Why does she need someone to hold her hand through every little thing she does for twitch? I want a twitch channel but idk what games to play because I don't actually care about games, I just want attention and gifts!!! Give me a break.

No. 577908

File: 1525923320618.png (9.24 MB, 1125x2436, 520D8AAE-1EA9-4608-B1CF-77C57E…)

Oh god here we go on the bandwagon of another Japanese trend. Remember how she can’t pronounce Kawaii? Well, remember when she couldn’t even fucking spell “menhera”, and spelled it MANHERA? Smh. Calling it now. Will fetishize it because she herself has “‘mental illnesses and MANHERA makes it acceptable and fun”.

Ugh. Dumb bitch can’t pick her own style anymore.

No. 577915

atleast she won't look as terrible in this as she did in lolita.

No. 577942

Is that Dre? I think she's crash dieting, she looks completely different now

No. 577947

>Says lots of kids were going to her channel because the YT algorithm was pushing her house tour to YT Kids which she didn't like because she's not kid friendly.

Very responsible Kelly. I agree with all her YouTube gripes. Their algorithm doesn't give a shit about kids and it's an altogether toxic place for creators

Twitch will be much better for her. Anon >>577769 here worried about her being in it for the $$, most people on Twitch are. Even tiny channels will have huge DONATE buttons so I don't think she'd be out of place even if she did

The paying on a date stuff I can kinda understand? Offering to split versus him making a point of "You're paying for yourself bihhhh". I always pay for myself but there are still occasions when the manner is a bit off (like once I went on a date with a Dr to a place of his choosing, he eats a semi-raw steak even though I'm vegetarian, and then we pay separately at the till later. It was a little obnoxious considering Dr him, student me. Think he still tried to get an awkward kiss after that.

Sage for tangent

No. 577962

Literally no one cares about your date with a jerk. Kelly is almost 30 years old. If she's unhappy with relationship dynamics then she could, you know, be proactive and talk to her bf about it or dump his ass instead of just moping in an unhappy relationship because she needs to be in a relationship. I can only have so much sympathy for an adult who admits to chronically being attracted to assholes, but does nothing to change that.

E-begging may be standard on twitch but it doesn't make her less lazy and entitled to expect her life to be funded for just existing with pink hair and giant boobs.

No. 578047

She can say she isn't kid friendly but was more than happy to accept gifts from children and mothers who watch with their kids on mail monday, there was one where a kid said in their letter that they had lied to their parents to send said mail and she just laughed, not at any point during that did she say she didn't want kids watching

No. 578284

She's lost a lot of weight on her face, but her body is very much the same. But good for her.

No. 578466

File: 1525988989768.png (6.18 MB, 1125x2436, 6B5D62C4-2EF0-405E-9D6D-4EA3FF…)

What even is Envy’s wig? And what the fuck @ all of this

No. 578519

File: 1525991121353.png (8.08 MB, 1125x2436, 02E834C5-AC92-4FAF-8C95-959171…)

Uh oh

No. 578529

File: 1525991506236.png (8.56 MB, 1125x2436, 74D548EE-2563-42AB-9884-A0F12F…)

Lol nvm, but hi chest acne!

No. 578531

it's obviously not a wig…

No. 578554

Peep that awfully faded crystal tattoo we all predicted would look like shit

No. 578581

Lol what do you mean it looks very much like a wig.

How and why did she lose her top in between photos?

No. 578803

Because ho is life lol

No. 578979

Her tattoo looks like a veiny dick on her wrist now.

No. 579175

I don't know if its the angle but those nails look bad

No. 579297

Haha, no it's called shooping. You cannot lose weight in the face unless you get surgery to suck out the fat. Dre is still fat and shooping her pix,

No. 579308

did her boobs get smaller or is that just me?

No. 579310

Why does her tongue look like half a hotdog sticking out of her mouth??

No. 579315

Envy is straight up cancer and needs to go

No. 579487


She's so unsexy, not because she's big but because she's awkward af. She is the worst model.

No. 579627

Wow I thought that was a different girl. Does not look like Kelly at all.

No. 579796

Wtf is this terrible shoop? Horrific chest acne, disgusting tattoo, somehow bright and flawless poreless face? Yeahhhhh okay no not buying that.

No. 579800

You can tell in her videos and instastory too that she lost weight

No. 579883


… Am I insane or are her nips pretty obviously visible?

No. 579892

nope. there's definitely some nipple showing through.

wonder if she noticed. or cares.

No. 580050

File: 1526093807654.png (4.99 MB, 1242x2208, D272D33D-15D7-42F3-A05E-AE5E0C…)

“I HAVE to do them ugh”

No. 580052

File: 1526093860257.png (4.36 MB, 1242x2208, A2EE0325-342D-4E3F-A2D4-5B2504…)

She can’t even take the time to hold it up the right way

No. 580054

File: 1526093898012.jpeg (401.25 KB, 1057x1594, C46DCD9D-0593-4EE3-9019-CB6404…)

Last one

Except that it’ll end up on your depop in about a week

No. 580102


It is so infuriating, like she is being paid by these companies to promote their brands, and she can't even take the time to make sure the box is the right way up! She obviously took multiple pictures. If she was feeling super lazy and noticed it after she could have cropped and flipped the box, she took the time to edit her face.

If I was smile sciences I'd be pulling her from my influencers list…and if I was any other company I'd be questioning if I'd even bother with her, given she makes out like it is such a chore to do the thing she is paid or gifted products to do. Then can't even do it correctly. What an entitled brat.

No. 580108

File: 1526102326976.jpeg (345.32 KB, 1242x1676, B9DD7491-34AD-4D23-80FB-E3F2AC…)

hey kelly since we know you lurk your twitch link in your bio is incorrect kek

No. 580136

It's so crazy to me how much she goes on about how badly she wants to get started on twitch, but she knows absolutely nothing about the platform??

Maybe she's going for a "tee hee, I'm such a bimbo I can't tell that this box is upside down!" angle.

No. 580175

Who is the blonde person in the middle? So scary.

No. 580194

She also somewhat poorly edited out her nasty boob acne.

No. 580197

On a scale of 1-9999 how jealous do you think Kelly is that Dre was invited to an actual red carpet event and took Chris as opposed to Kelly’s B-rate Funimation “red carpet” aka no carpet events lol

No. 580199


No. 580407

Why the hell does she spend 5 minutes talking about the fucking box??? WHO CARES?

No. 580426

Chris may have been the one who was invite js or both of them were invited with no plus 1

No. 580498

that's trisha paytas and she paid to look like that lol

No. 580528

File: 1526152924854.jpg (829.1 KB, 2069x1835, 18-05-12-12-20-15-060_deco.jpg)

Another day of quality content vs hypercritical fans, poor Kelly

No. 580761

but anon, how else do you expect her to pad her videos for maximum ad time?

No. 580869

File: 1526173601460.jpeg (104.25 KB, 1242x567, 2F4199E5-5CC9-4C22-8254-BDA580…)

so when are you going to put out the lipo video

No. 580936

I hope it's not a bunch of unpacking/haul videos…

No. 581111

File: 1526194034802.jpg (893.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180513-164422_Ins…)

Can shitty basic girls be banned from being guests at this event? Dre is a mall goth pretending to be a successful influencer, she shouldn't be guessing at a place for talented people.

No. 581113


No. 581122

File: 1526195264660.png (943.65 KB, 750x1334, 665DCF2E-DECD-41FA-9F3D-09BFFA…)

She repping for a makeup company which makes a little more sense for being at Dragcon, though I’m not sure why they didn’t have a local queen represent them.

No. 581159

Queens are everywhere at this point, I would've loved seeing more local queens rather than girls like her

No. 581166

lol, I wonder how many people were looking forward to seeing and meeting her…. She is so drag. Lol. Can they have a local queen and not this desperate "influencer"

No. 581287

File: 1526222059577.png (548.44 KB, 629x590, download.png)

She like just got this tattoo and I knew it was going to look awful but damn I didn't think it would look THIS awful THIS quickly…
Yikes kelly I hope everyone elses tattoos don't look as bad as hers.

No. 581297

is she covering it with makeup or has it actually faded that bad?

No. 581302

isn't it meant to be that way? kind of pastel? it looks like a bruise though.

No. 581325

Kelly "let me talk about the packaging for 6 minutes straight to stretch out a video" Eden

No. 581354


What is that supposed to be anyway? Thought it was a dick tattoo at the first glance

No. 581397

It's supposed to be pastel yes, not completely faded like it was intentionally removed. Maybe she likes having one arm tattoo-free and isn't willing to sacrifice that for "friendship"

No. 581568


It's supposed to be a crystal

No. 581597

No offense to Courtney's husband Dan, but he did a terrible job inking those tattoos that fade so quickly. A good tattoo artist would avoid that.

No. 581709

from Kelly's twittter: "WELP my brand new PC is already broken lmao so no streams for a while!!"


No. 581712

If she really wanted redone or touched up, there would be nothing stopping her from doing that. She still has that hideous sailor moon/dragon ball tattoo that he also did and it held up just fine. It's suspicious imo.

No. 581786

Gotta have it accurately represent her friendship with people she just fucking met: fleeting. Seriously, who tf gets a tattoo with someone they barely know, at least wait a year to find out if they're a snake or not.

No. 582142

File: 1526272611665.jpeg (387.81 KB, 1242x1827, 9B481140-7472-45BF-84A1-4416A4…)

I see she saw our post about her broken link

Re: her tweets; this girl is a mess kek
‘I’m telling’ what are you, five?

No. 582270

wasn't that one made by Nikko Hurtado? (db and sm tattoo)

No. 582406

no dan did the sailor moon/dragon ball ones, a reputable tattoo artist wouldn't tattoo in a client's dirty home

No. 582496

Should be:
>”People who upset me as a womanchild”

No. 582602

I'm confused, she was going on about how expensive her pc was, but then made it sound like Alienware gave her everything for free and she's still asking for more free stuff for twitch on Amazon.

She should consider herself lucky if her biggest problem is she can't be making very little money by doing nothing on camera for strangers for a little longer and still live comfortably without getting a real job or putting any effort into improving her youtube content. I really can't wait for the youtube bubble to completely burst and these lazy, delusional cow creators have to deal with reality.

Why would you base your entire income on an algorithm working in your favor or people watching your ads without a backup plan or career path? Why not use your limited influence to build more sustainable longer term job prospects instead of doubling down and trying to be successful on another platform with the same responsibility to be entertaining on bad days and sticking to a consistent schedule and STILL relying on ads and views and donations? It's so mind bogglingly stupid.

No. 582627

No. 582726

her tweets about her broken computer infuriated me for this reason. first of all, her computer was fucking free. alienware gave her this stuff so she would say their name a few times on social media – which she then trashed entirely by tweeting about the computer being broken. the mature, adult thing to do would be to reach out to the sponsor and have them fix it low-key. i mean, alienware is garbage tier as far as gaming goes, but they're not cheap, and considering she shat all over them on twitter, i'd be demanding my shit back as the sponsor. how ridiculously unprofessional and entitled. not to mention we all FUCKING KNOW she probably wasn't going to stream over the next few days, and if she did, it'd be for like 30 minutes with her answering the same questions for the 5th time.

secondly, she posted online as if this were some Huge Tragedy and evidence that her life is So Hard. she's ABSURDLY out of touch. "my free computer stopped working after a few days! i TOLD you my life is impossible and hard! no one believed me, but look! this $2000 hardware set up i was gifted isn't perfect. i'm CURSED." what a spoiled fucking cunt.

and third of all, she's been harping on this twitch thing for months now and hasn't even watched any streams herself to know ANYTHING about the platform. why the fuck would she invest ANY time and ANY money (not that she's done much of either lbr) on this new endeavor if she has no idea what it even entails?!? for fuck's sake, twitch isn't some catch all for youtube failures. it's a completely different genre of online entertainment and it has a culture of its own you need to know or else you're going to look like a fucking asshole asking what "emotes" are during your 4th goddamn stream.

end rant. she seriously gets me so fired up lmao

No. 582816

File: 1526332479974.jpeg (827.21 KB, 1125x1907, 41DFB415-C04B-4412-B36D-E0D95B…)

I can’t stand how Dre is all into cosplay now about shit she knows nothing about. She suddenly is into anime and it’s like, transparent. But I can’t give her too much shit since she’s doing more than Kelly. But still a fake ass.

No. 582844


But didn't she have the lipo and then like 2 full day sessions of tattooing on her shitty arm in like a week or something? Seems to me like she overloaded her body and it couldn't handleANOTHER tattoo. Courtney and Envy's tattoos look like they healed just fine?

Seems like Kelly didn't take care of it and fucked it up.

No. 582852

"I have a really small head" she says. Jesus Christ Kelly, you have a bug old bucket for a head in what universe would her head be considered small?!

No. 583017

Not to WK but she’s been cosplaying since 2014 before she even was on YouTube or anything (it’s on her Instagram) and also she has talked about how she wasn’t super into anime until she moved in with Kelly, she’s never tried to come off like a weeb she’s been pretty up front with being new to anime specifically, unlike kelly who swears she’s the biggest nerd of all time and knows everything about FF and sailor moon

No. 583021

File: 1526342963240.png (863.31 KB, 869x576, 5265.png)


lmao @ her hair without any extensions. its like a weird cross between a mullet and "the rachel"

who would even want hair advice from this woman i stg

No. 583052

She’s definitely looking 30s now yikes

No. 583248

The dark eye makeup does her no favors

No. 583251

That one has sold bright colors, the crystal had a lot of pastels and color fades which are much harder to make stick in skin. He's a mediocre tattoo artist at best, he can handle bright simple things but small soft things obviously turn out like this. She should have gone to someone better who typically tattoos soft small pastel tattoos (I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she went with him because he offered to do it for free)

No. 583516

oh no it looks like a penis if you are not really paying attention :/

No. 583680

I am paying attention and it still definitely looks like a veiny penis

No. 583708

Not wk, but I don't know what penises any of ya'll have seen, but I've never seen on with a sharp pointy head. The tattoo looks like shit, but I don't glance (or stare) and see penis. Ya reachin'.

I think it's hilarious how so many people rely on extensions, and they are continuously complimented on their hair when in reality their hair looks shitty and pathetic like this.

Also that chest acne. Ugh. With all the disposable income she has you'd think she'd see a dermatologist about that shit. It's so gross, especially since she's constantly wearing low cut stuff to show off her fake tits.

No. 584116

God I can’t stand that two tone hair! It honestly just looks so awful! You can clearly see she has extensions and I can’t believe she would even walk around like that! I guarantee in a couple months she will look back and wonder why the hell she thought it looked good

No. 584340

I just finished watching Trisha paytas’ video of her gift haul and nobody from the fellowship of ass gave her gift. Kelly, Stephanie, Dre, nor Courtney gave her anything. Not even a birthday card. Yikes. Guess they’re all just there to know more youtubers.

No. 584497

Doubt it's even broken tbh. I think it's more likely she's dodging streaming for a bit bc her last couple sucked. Tons of technical issues and embarrassing cringe. Maybe she's trying to get her shit together before continuing her thirsty, transparent quest for lasting e-fame and easy money.

No. 584550

No one gave her a present? That is cold. On Courtneys Instagram story video (during Trisha's bday) she took video of Steph and Kelly who were sitting at the party bored…just on their phones.

No. 584650

File: 1526457406453.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1871, 8030A872-DBF7-4E1E-A042-E0E47F…)

I understand some people deal with break ups differently, but if I were Kelly who is still talking about a two year breakup, I’d delete him from my life completely. But I don’t know, maybe I’m too much of an extremist when it comes to exes.

No. 584708

I don't think your extreme anon. I do the same, I think it's healthy. Who wants to be reminded of negative feelings.

Even if you are on good terms, sometimes can erk you if you see them with someone else. or vice versa. In my opinion.

With them out of your life. You can focus on yourself. Don't get triggered past emotions.

These are my opinions. I say move forward not back.

No. 584827

I just don't understand why Kelly spends so long talking about packaging?! Jfc in this new video she talks about the box for nearly 5 minutes - it's literally just a black round box with a logo on it. I'm 9 minutes into a 19 minute video and she hasn't tried any of the products, swatched them or even shown the colours.

(this is my first post here, hi!)

No. 584915

Nitpicky af but I don't get why her thumbnails almost never match the video she's posting. Like what's the blue hair elf version of Kelly doing on this thumbnail? lol

i had this thought too when watching her video with phi and she talked about phi giving her advice because of a boy. I really hope she's not still hung up on this relationship that ended over a year ago? What boy is Phi giving her advice on?? wtf

No. 584966

File: 1526490359680.jpeg (370.22 KB, 1125x1753, 1C286A00-C4F6-46B6-8DD9-D8A164…)

I went way far back into her Instagram and I saw this post which made me laugh since, well, she has super dirty feet.

No. 584970

File: 1526490408434.jpeg (318.27 KB, 1125x1856, 631FF5E7-1353-497F-94DD-269A86…)

I also didn’t know she used the unfinished unicorn back tattoo to cover an ugly ass Marilyn tat. Yikes.

No. 585063

File: 1526495237368.png (701.91 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180516-184529.png)

Quality tumbnail.

No. 585065

File: 1526495281888.png (889.09 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180516-184401.png)

Also new wig(?) And its terrible.

No. 585066

File: 1526495298367.png (986.99 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180516-185918.png)

No. 585071

I can completely see her being that delusional girl who finds Marilyn relatable as a tortured, misunderstood sex symbol. Especially doing stuff like this >>584966

Foil hat time: She mentioned in her last q&a stream that she's waiting for her doctors to clear her lipo video. I find it hard to believe that if that were the case she wouldn't be throwing a tantrum on twitter and shading them at every opportunity.

Why would she be okay with putting "weeks" of editing into something that could potentially get a lot of views and ad $$$ and have it never see the light of day unless she actually just wants everyone to forget she was ever hysterically posting about surgery? The story also keeps changing. She said she would be done editing it by the end of April and never mentioned anything about getting it cleared until someone asked her about it live on stream.

Maybe that's another reason why she's avoiding streaming. Unless she's trying to inflate her follower/subscriber count, it doesn't make sense how often and for how long she's been saying in her youtube videos that she's going to start using twitch for the majority of her content. She's only had like 2 q&a streams where she's showed that she know nothing about twitch, has no idea what to stream or play, and is completely relying on Envy and her bf to explain everything technical to her and to make her overlay.

She already has a computer powerful enough for video editing. If she really wanted to stream an unboxing or anything not requiring her to run a game at the same time, it's not like she doesn't have the technology.

No. 585082

He still has her on his. They both post a lot. I’m guessing they’re just too lazy to do all that scrolling to delete. I think they’re still friends though. He’s posted a few insta stories with her dog.

No. 585256

>bm cosmetics
>bowel movement cosmetics
Why tho?

No. 585397

"from popular demand"… who the hell would want to buy these?!

I couldn't imagine putting someone's signed footprint on a wall, even it were an actual famous person. (then again, some people have actual tattoos of kelly's face eww)

this is worse than that hideous furby painting

No. 585465

Quality content there, ladies and gents

No. 585468

probably her attempt at pandering to foot fetishists. She's commented on them before in one of her 'shoe porn' videos.

or maybe she's just that vain and up her own ass.

No. 585749

File: 1526524724177.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-033756.png)

So shopped it hurts my eyes. Who is this person…?

No. 585764

lmao, she shopped herself into Doe Deere, so sad.

No. 585765

File: 1526527176400.png (1.15 MB, 1080x805, 20180516_230316.png)

I was surprised no one posted these from the other day. Excuse the quick photo dump

No. 585766

File: 1526527208291.png (2.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180516-063026.png)

No. 585769

File: 1526527248506.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x2560, 180516231216936.jpg)

No. 585770

File: 1526527274751.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x2560, 180516231049543.jpg)

No. 585771

File: 1526527319820.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x2560, 180516231331391.jpg)

No. 585777

y'know, everyone always points out how Onion has crazy eyes, but Kelly has that exact same showing way too much fucking white of her eyes as he does.

being able to sees the white above your eyes ain't normal.

No. 585788

I love Stephanie Michelle's style here, she looks good,

No. 585796

off topic but I low key agree? She looks like an early 2000s Bratz doll, but in a good way. I wish she dressed like this more often, its sexy but tasteful.

No. 585826

Agreed, and that hair suits her really really well

No. 585881

imo she's the only attractive/pretty one of the whole fellowship bunch but not in that outfit

No. 585944

why has she shooped herself to have a lazy eye though

No. 585968

Kelly sitting beside someone who's actually fit and attractive and who looks after themselves only highlights how hard Kelly is trying and how fake her "beauty" is kek

No. 585979

The Q&A video with her new roommate is incredibly uncomfortable. Does Kelly not realize that most adults with roommates are not best friends as with them? Like, if you end up becoming friends with a roommate, that's great, but Kelly treats it like it's a requirement.

When Dre moved in and Kelly was all "BFF! SISTERS!" It seemed like maybe a one off thing, and they just got lucky to get along so well. But with this new video with Phi, all the "energy" she felt and how their star signs work together is just fucking weird.

Kelly, girl, stop trying to use your roommate as a relationship stand-in.

No. 586116


Lip injections.

Lip injections everywhere.

No. 586185

I just think it's weird how much Phi controlled the video. Like I understand that the whole point was to meet her, but in other youtuber's videos, they are still the ones asking the questions and answering too. But in this one, it seemed like Phi was the star and Kelly was just sitting there sipping and watching her

No. 586194

File: 1526571864643.png (665.13 KB, 750x1334, B17E880B-2AC4-455A-BEDE-377C71…)

Omg she’s so ridiculous. Also Taylor R liked it? How r they related lol

No. 586217

Kelly's tryhard kawaii-bdsm harness aside, she actually looks cute here. And since it's from an instastory post, most likely no shooping. However I'm still salty she's letting her followers believe she's achieved her body with the gym.

No. 586224

A freak with whom is my question still. Kelly would never qualify as a sub nor a dom. She's so painfully vanilla.

No. 586234

Are the harnesses from creepy yeha? Does anyone know? They are hella cute tbh

No. 586291

File: 1526577288225.jpg (136 KB, 590x469, 32423942349784.jpg)

I hate Dre but I like that she did this. Called out the influencers abusing laxatives(senna, which you can become physically reliant on btw) and promoting ED behavior to their followers (includes Kelly).

Yes, they are from Creepy Yeha.

No. 586296

Another ninja sponsored post. Note the VP fashion affiliate codes. I hate high pigtails on people over the age of 13, it looks like pedobait.

So I guess Kelly's comeback videos of her "feeling better" is help, I'm broke, I need to push out 10 sponsored/PR videos posts within 2 weeks. She also needs to quit with those rhinestones and pink eyeshadow under her eyes.

No. 586297

She can afford creepy yeha but not her own streaming gear? Or is this from the time she demanded people buy her lingerie because she got lipo? I don't know that I have the energy to keep up with how awful she's becoming anymore.

No. 586373

That thumbnail though kek

No. 586382

I swear to god she has the most ridiculous thumbnails! So cheesy and overshopped but at the same time they look like they´re made with Microsoft Paint

No. 586606

Super simple hairstyle that doesn't need a turorial. She's making one anyway and her pigtails are crooked. Take 5 more seconds and make them even.

No. 586910

File: 1526603304779.jpeg (409.68 KB, 1242x1964, 5C49CEEF-211B-4FFD-A488-6CF318…)

Before what, your lipo?

No. 587099

File: 1526620566816.png (2.08 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5102.PNG)

Stephanie is in this video at 15:22 https://youtu.be/VOxwqpovHqA

No. 587106

No. 587126

What your talent be?
Stephanie: I have boobs!

No. 587486

wow shes gained some weight… Not trying to fat shame but when you're job is being a model and your breast implants can't hide the size of your stomach anymore you know you gotta get back in the gym…

No. 587490

wait is she pregnant?

No. 587495

From what I know stretching out a video has the potential to get you more money from it. That's why she pretends to be interested so much about the packaging nobody cares about.

No. 587514

I don't think so, I think she just gained weight and because her implants are so big, and the dress isn't fitted enough it's just unfortunate looking.

This still makes her look like someone's mom.

No. 587743

File: 1526674902936.jpg (105.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20180518_211918.jpg)

WHY does she continue to embarrass herself by wearing that FUGLY wig!!??
I honestly can't get my head around it.
It's so fucking horrible and unflattering yet she wears it to these prestigious events?
Girl is fucking trash.
Saged for rant lol

No. 587764

File: 1526675482904.png (3.82 MB, 1125x2436, 5A1AAB49-C2EA-46DF-9A11-A78828…)

Iconic fat arms

No. 587785

File: 1526676094946.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-18-16-39-46…)

No one gonna post this nightmare? Also her post on IG says she was invited by Square Enix. Yes, I'm sure they reached out to you specifically to go. Pffff.

No. 587809


I agree with you. Far be it from me to judge someone on what they wear, especially if they like it, but I really don't get why she wears that wig so much. It is so distracting and never looks like it goes with the rest of her outfit. She also sticks out from the rest of her group, but not in a good way.

It's just so ugly and looks like one of those crappy Party City wigs. If she wants to wear a wig with pink hair and black roots, why can't she just buy one that looks half way decent? Hell, she could probably get one sent to her for free if she agrees to make another sponsored post. Given that all she posts anymore is sponsored posts, it shouldn't be that difficult.

No. 587836

File: 1526680322749.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180518-174924.png)

What is it with Kelly and these horrendous wigs?

No. 587857

Lolololol what planet do you live on? You know you can really easily take, edit, and upload a photo to your insta story, right???

No. 587860

It's not from her story though. You really think Steph took the photo, edited Kelly, and the posted it to her story and tagged Kelly and the other girl?

No. 587875

File: 1526683512765.png (785.34 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5147.PNG)

I found the wig online. It's overpriced since it looks cheap. That or she makes it look cheap

No. 587884

The kingdom hearts event was open to the public by requesting tickets. This bitch wasn’t invited by Square Enix. Fuck off, Kelly.

No. 587886


Eugh, that wig looks cheap and bad no matter who is wearing it.

No. 587908

Idk it looks good in the product photo and on the darker skinned girl, it looks hilariously bad on the fairer skin girls (like Kelly). I don't think it has to do with skin color, but the fact that Kelly's used that wig 1000x and it's worn out and both those girls and Kelly have the wig pulled up too far wheras the product photo and the darker skin girl have it sitting in the proper position.

Kelly always pulls her wigs up too far, she doesn't have the forehead real estate for that.

No. 587924

File: 1526687760317.jpg (173.01 KB, 701x942, Screenshot_20180519-005411.jpg)

Lol she's salty af

No. 587950


What a weird comment. It reads like she knows it's ugly but she can't help it, she can't afford a nice one.

The thing is… it's not like she HAS to wear this wig. Seriously Kelly, you could just not wear it.

I really don't like talking bad about what people wear but god, I hate that wig! I wish her dog would eat it.

No. 587962

Im tired of Kelly's pink hair. She should go blonde, it'll suit her.

No. 588036

File: 1526696232067.jpeg (454.99 KB, 1125x658, 61EF371A-8606-45B0-BAC2-21871F…)

I love how she uploaded something she did today, but she can’t post the surgery video. LOL OKAY KELLY

No. 588071

File: 1526699384730.png (595.22 KB, 675x547, yikes.png)

not really, she's been platinum blonde and her hair still looks like a shitty wig. i dont really know what would suit her, for someone whos had a million different hairstyles none ever really suit her..

No. 588141


What is that weird cavity spot on her tooth? I’ve seen it in multiple photos now. Is that like a tooth fashion accessory?
Cause it looks like decay.

No. 588155

It's some weird ass tooth jewelry thing that she keeps doing. It's stupid af.

No. 588158

File: 1526707150643.jpeg (179.79 KB, 740x1019, F50FAEFB-7122-4A5D-A63A-0510D3…)

I saw a similar one on eBay too

No. 588291

Ahaha, I like that she posted video on IG crying and playing the new Kingdom Hearts III. Also, telling a fan she can't share the secret details of the event. Oh Kelly Gardiner.

No. 588299

File: 1526731203753.png (469.66 KB, 610x469, ugh.PNG)

dunno if this was posted before but
wew ladettes.
they all look like tumblr/hot topic rejects and half of them looks like silicon is taking over their brain (especially trisha,yikes)

No. 588318

Woah, never noticed how nonexistent Dre’s forehead is. She’s looks like she got a ton of bad work done on her face

Kelly’s chest acne and loose stomach skin are revolting. Her tits look ridiculous

Trasha’s nipple is out and she her mouth reminds me of Pennywise

Steph looks ok but her face is ghostly

Courtney looks the best but I never noticed how thin her hair is. It looks like a wig

I recently saw Dre and Kelly vagueing that they made out with each other in a bathroom but I can’t find the comments now. Did anyone screengrab them?

No. 588392

So nit picky, they all look fine bar for Trish and her yellow complexion.

No. 588405

File: 1526742787283.jpeg (77.55 KB, 750x444, 3ADE4412-A089-422B-B9A2-C5B4DD…)

New makeup review/tutorial. I definitely liked this look more than her last one, but I cringed at the (of course) horrendous wig, 40 min video time (skipped through because f that lol), and her brush comment “It’s small enough to get my small, little cheeks”. Idk why she feels the need to constantly emphasize that she thinks she’s a tiny, dainty little thing. She’s just short and no matter how many times she says it, she’s not a tiny doll.

Also, I firmly believe she is hoping everyone forgets about her posting her survey video and she can pretend she never got a procedure. Maybe she wouldn’t be so depressed all the time if she didn’t live such a BS life

No. 588473

I feel like she is going to burn her bridges sooner than later with these sponsors. Admitting that she was letting their PR boxes stockpile because of her "depression", despite all evidence that suggests otherwise. I also thought she was rude af about the vegan comment with those brushes, and blatantly says in the video she doesn't want to test them all when she's already giving a half-assed review of them in the first place. She didn't even put the names of the brushes or company in the video title or description. Maybe she doesn't care about that company because they aren't a big hit yet, but I would think if future potential sponsors would see this behavior they would say PASS on this bitch.

No. 588476

AND letting her dog use one as a CHEW TOY

No. 588553

I'm going to sound so bitter but I hate that Kelly got invited to the KH event. Everything about her experience there seemed so fake. Even her crying while playing the game wasn't real. She hasn't finished any Final Fantasy game so I can only assume she hasn't finished any KH game either.

No. 588702

File: 1526762280359.jpg (105.56 KB, 1049x404, Screenshot_20180519-213420.jpg)

Does this stupid cunt really expect anyone to feel sorry for her?
At least she has the option to stay in bed when she feels depressed, unlike people who have to deal with depression and work customer service jobs 5 days a week. Oh boo fucking hoo your life is sooo hard.
Saged for rant.

No. 588740

I was gonna second anon here. Dont feel bitter, a lot of people who got to go just asked for tickets. Not like square knows who she is lol

No. 588784

"i don't feel like doing anything… everything is so pointless… but let me post about it on social media for likes"

Dude, she has so many posts on her Twitter announcing that she's depressed. It's annoying.

No. 588804


The worst part about it is her followers look at this behaviour as not only relatable, but acceptable. Every person I have ever known to seriously suffer from depression does not go around announcing it all the time expecting pity. In fact they'd rather not burden others with how they're feeling, so they often bottle it up inside. She's fucking ridiculous.

No. 588841

I think Kelly should try a natural blonde tone, not the platinum one. Maybe dirty blonde or strawberry blonde. Kelly and other lolcows have made me hate pink so much.

No. 588843

You are being ridiculous, the girls all look fine but Trisha needs to stop with the yellow skin.

No. 589059

did Dre get lip injections? and Cheek fillers. Darn Hollywood reject culture. I guess the shit you have to do when you have no talent is fuck with your face.

No. 589067

An observation.

So Kelly hides the amount she makes on Patreon, since these threads started calling her out on her sailor moon skits she was never producing, and rewards she was never sending out to fans. Probably uses most of the money on cosmetic procedures like lipo, breast implants, lip injections.

Vivid Vivka hides her amount, creates content on a daily basis. But gets lipo and brazilian buttlift, when she already looks great. But, it is her body.

Stephanie Michelle makes $5, 984 on patreon.

Courney Dawne makes $658. But she is making her cosplays.

With all the new people jumping on Patreon and more younger people in their early 20's selling nudes and lewds, I wonder how long the money revenue will last for them.

No. 589173

I think she just overdraws her lips and lost weight so her face is slimmer so her cheek bones stick out more

No. 589273

Has she actually been diagnosed by a professional? Really tired of this shit online, it trivializes people with actual depression. And lucky her, she doesn't have to work so she has the option to be comfortable at home all day.

Also, there is no way she can pay for her current lifestyle with what she makes on YT alone. Do her parents give her money? Or does she gouge her roommates?

No. 589291

Definitely gouges her room mates lol

No. 589296

She still has her patreon? Maybe she has a trust fund or inheritance. She's shown in videos that she can barely cook so she probably eats out most of the time.

No. 589331

She was making $1,000 per month on Patreon alone, but that was before she began hiding her earnings. I’m sure that number has only gone up, which is bullshit because what content does Kelly actually even produce other than sponsored videos anyways? I can’t believe people are dumb enough to give her their hard earned money, and I can’t believe she feels ok taking that money promising quality content and skits yet not producing shit.

No. 589423

I didn't watch the whole video (I hate watching people eat), but I did catch the ending where Kelly says she is going to try medication since therapy and other techniques have not been successful. I'm actually surprised she is willing to try it.

I hope she takes the medication route seriously and doesn't give up if she experiences bad side effects… I know some people end up trying the first medication and then when it doesn't work with them, they give up and assume all medication is bad. Finding the right medication can be a challenge so I really hope her therapist stresses that fact.

No. 589436

I don't think wants to get better. Whining about being depressed and mentioning that she's depressed is like part of her identity now and her go-to excuse for why she is being lazy.

No. 589615

She has to make a big deal about having a shot with a lot of cleavage in it, but that's ok because "99%" of her viewers are female. I'm not straight and find her boobs repulsive, but this is just another example of her not grasping the very basic concept that women can be attracted to women. Y'know, like Kelly claims to be.

No. 589782

EXACTLY! She claims to be bi but never really expresses any sexual/romantic attraction to women.

No. 589864

File: 1526864075908.png (204.03 KB, 750x1037, IMG_5163.PNG)

Did she wear the same outfit twice? Also Is this a non shopped photo of her.

No. 589865

File: 1526864130078.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5165.PNG)

No. 589866

File: 1526864145644.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5164.PNG)

No. 589907

Trisha's nipples are so ridiculous compared to the rest of her breast, like there is a little sagging and of course implants but her nipples have been moved so far up they emphasise the sag rather than counteracting it.

No. 589987

Steph looks pregnant imo

No. 589997

Everything goes to a narrow angle [look at her bathroom door], she is using that facetune like app, forgot what its called to slim herself instantly. ugh. Everyone in Korea uses it. You can tell because it narrows doors, backgrounds, etc. Also, it gives you that blur skin smooth effect. I think its Lindsay's phone as well. No. 589864

No. 590234

>>uses wigs because to lazy to style own hair
>> wigs unstyled

Why doesnt she just cut her hair shorter, easier to style way.

No. 590268

She does have shoulder length hair without extensions but is obviously too insecure/devoted to her ridiculous image to not have long princess hair. Anything but that isn't cute apparently.

No. 590302

To be fair her natural hair isn't cute. She'd need to give it a TON of tlc to make it pretty. It's so thin and fried looking.

Honestly I find that shorter hair is harder to style.

No. 590303

File: 1526922943788.jpeg (110.66 KB, 573x748, 72EF8784-6F27-49ED-A56C-DADE27…)

I don’t know why she doesn’t just stick with her short hair! It looks so much healthier once she gets it cut since she doesn’t have to keep curling her hair & extensions, which is really damaging. I just think this color and style is very flattering on her! It looks more mature while also being cute and fun and it looks 1000x better than those wigs she keeps wearing

No. 590352

This is the first time I've ever thought her short hair looked good.
I agree that this style is definitely more mature. I really like her in all black. She just looks generally better here haha.

No. 590401

Why is this bitch telling a disgusting 10 minute story about rejected/ripped out naval piercings and pulling out chunks of scar tissue in a video where people eat with her?

No. 590405

Lol who cares? Mukbangs are fucking vile anyway.

No. 590613

File: 1526946626530.jpg (423.43 KB, 2048x2048, 5B014411-E4EA-4E32-BDF4-CDFBFA…)

Off topic but here's a side by side of dre two years ago vs now.

No. 590631

File: 1526947963406.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1917, 6F26EE71-8430-4248-92D1-8D2805…)

Stfu Kelly

No. 590634

>$30 each

This bitch really thinks she's that important?

No. 590641

File: 1526948637875.jpeg (436.87 KB, 1242x1838, 4F9C0E8F-BA94-44EB-89BA-FF2F6A…)

I’ll just leave this here. Her Twitter is infuriating

No. 590647

Who wears this to a renn faire?? She looks like a hooker for a parody World of warcraft porn. It's so tacky and doesn't flatter her body at all

No. 590658


No. 590668

I didn't realise how masculine and unfortunate she is without makeup til that insta story Kelly posted

No. 590690

$1000/mo on patreon would hardly be enough for her rent, let alone utilities, food, and her spoiled privileged lifestyle though. Hmm.

No. 590698

Just fucking do it already. She always makes stupid posts like these. Like she needs enough approval from her followers before she does anything. If she wants it just do it.

No. 590710

that's not her only source of income. She also has youtube ad revenue and the ridiculous amount of sponsored posts she's always doing. Those pay at least a few hundred dollars each for someone with her following size.

No. 590730

I think it will last a while for Steph. She's in her early 30's, but she's aging well and I can see her having that sexy cougar look a lot of guys are into once she starts to look older. Unless she puts on a lot of weight, I think she'll continue to make a lot of money for quite some time. Plus there's always makeup and PS.

No. 590738

She said a little while ago that she was getting them, so probably

No. 590776

Is she really questioning why people ask about Dre when the entire time they lived together she was always saying "THIS IS MY BFF WE ARE SISTERS OUR BOND IS UNSHAKEABLE EVERYTHING IS GREAT BETWEEN US" Does she know anything about real friendship?

I feel like she likes Stephanie because she can get away with acting like rude troll, she gets to look short by comparison, and she can get her to buy her stuff and take care of her. Stephanie actually makes friends at cons with shared interests, Kelly doesn't have genuine interest in anything but herself.

No. 590800


No. 590931

SHE JUST GOT A BRAND NEW BLONDE ONE? She has so many others that look so much better. Kelly please get rid of this mess!

No. 591281

it's weird she NEVER talks about flirting or dating girls.

No. 592148


Nope, it's not weird at all. It's to be expected.
She doesn't have any sort of sexual or romantic interests in women at all. She's just a straight girl who thinks that if you recognize that someone of the same gender is attractive it ~totes means ur bi~

No. 592635

No. She doesn’t have that kind of money. I’ve met her in person. She over draws and I’m assuming face tunes. She still looks pretty close to/just like her videos/pics

No. 592640

She said in her video with the fake lips that she was planning on getting fillers. Injections are relatively affordable, especially if they're on the more subtle side.

No. 592665

In her latest mukbang, among other things related, she said girls on tinder never match with her. So that may be a reason why?

No. 592824

They get a 10/10 even though the strap doesn't adjust to fit. And when she walks around, there's a gap in the heel. I don't think those shoes actually fit her.

Now that I'm hyper-aware of THAT wig, all I can focus on now in her videos is if her hairline peeking through.

No. 592836

in all fairness, what girl would want to date her. She's a kawaii pink vomit nightmare. My guess is that Kelly is attracted to feminine girls (I can't see her dating a butch girl or soft boi). She also looks like she'd cause a scene and freak out. Girls aren't attracted to that when looking for other hot girls to match on tinder.

No. 593052

File: 1527201251638.jpeg (473.01 KB, 1242x1991, A8FD70F0-6F16-4F43-96DC-233668…)

Today in misleading photos we have an arm held back as far as humanly possible and photoshopped as well as hilariously overblurred skin that now extends down to her chest acne.
Hi Kelly we all know you lurk at god-tier here.

No. 593121

I would, tbh! I doubt she'd be into me, though… I don't have a perfect body shame, and I'm guessing she's only into girls like that.

No. 593122

*shape, sorry lol

No. 593220

File: 1527214743090.jpg (369.77 KB, 718x799, IMG_20180525_1.jpg)

It's not even curled? Or was she too tired for that too

No. 593224

File: 1527215118013.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1125x1986, 2B4B3152-A55F-405B-BA8E-4AF490…)

Both of these are….scary

No. 593235

>when you try to give bedroom eyes but instead look like you haven’t slept in weeks

also is her mouth STILL crooked from that surgery?

No. 593267

Whatever she did to the top photo means her irises are out of alignment and one of them looks oval…

I worry about these people, most lolcows and co definitely have body dysmorphia because they always miss a normal feature (like eyes) going askew while shooping something else

No. 593449

Love yourself, anon.

Her social media posts usually have some level of brattiness or bitterness or ignorance that probably also comes through on dating profiles.

Her place might be cool to look at online, but the reality of dating someone who lives in an exclusively pastel "dollhouse" whose job is making half-assed videos for an audience half her age is not really ideal partner material for people in her age group. She has nothing of substance going for her to balance out how much of a sad midlife crisis she looks like.

No. 593460

File: 1527238032183.jpeg (149.14 KB, 1069x672, 79ED491F-BFF8-42F7-8604-B92AA7…)

A) Let’s take bets on what’s excuses she will use for not streaming and not going to Fanime

B) What exactly is she tired from? Laying in bed all day posting stories of Toshi and shooping all her photos?

C) Wasn’t her Snapchat for her patrons? Kek

No. 593466

It's not her psuedo kawaii pastel aesthetic that's the issue imo, I love hyper feminine things and I'd gladly date an equally pastel girl, silly "dollhouse" and all; I'm more put off by her horrible personality than her looks.

No. 593470

File: 1527241976241.png (820.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180525-124107.png)

No. 593498

Girl, we all know you lurk her, just STOP with that rancid wig! It´s looks like the hair of my barbies that i´ve kept since the 90s, ratty af. Seriously, it´s so horrible, why does she keep wearing it? It´s not the wig though, Sebastian Columbine has one and I think it looks pretty cute on her. Also, what the hell is up with that: "I didn't always have good xmases cause my family was poor…?" She made vlogs back home, they didnt seem that poor to me. Bitch's just ungrateful.
Why wasn't "photoshopped" an option…?

No. 593552

I can never get over how ratty her extensions are. I guess when you dump a ton of heat on them to “curl” them they look fried much faster.
I don’t even have the energy to talk about how ridiculous this zero effort sponsored post is

No. 593581

I like Katie but these are soooo shopped. Like the bottom, he face is wider than the top. The top doesn't even look like her. It's fine to photoshop, but at least make it look like yourself.

No. 593588

>Stolen pics of decoden phone cases with no credit to the shops
Stay classy, kelly.

Also, as if she couldn't confirm she lurked more, I like how she goes on and on about how everyone yells at her for talking about the box too much in product reviews.

No kelly, you read that on lolcow, not on your yt comments. But I guess when your head is mostly filled with hot air and you spend all day online, it's hard to keep track.

No. 593621

She must use Snow or something because that warps your face so much. Even allows you to do it with video.

No. 593623

File: 1527262110165.jpg (226.07 KB, 1366x768, arm.jpg)

Her arms do look thinner here, maybe it's the angle.

No. 593626

Whats in the ever-living fuck are those glasses?
Keep telling yourself they look "cute and quirky", but trust me they look god awful.

Also, who cut that frizzy rug you call a wig? Were they wearing your glasses at the time? Did they use an electric chainsaw with a broken cord?

No. 593628

I’m not an expert but everything around that arm looks way too uncanny and just weird for it to be anything but photoshop

No. 593650

File: 1527266239003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.61 KB, 801x454, 6CF6yny.jpg)

jesus christ kelly. surely she noticed this in editing? gross

No. 593651

No. 593671

File: 1527267764486.png (197.84 KB, 1746x824, wavyarm.png)

if you zoom in it looks a bit like she did some kind of wonky job shaving some flab off

No. 593717


I'm sure she's aware. But it's okay because "most of her audience is female" and that means she can wear whatever she wants with no consequence.

No. 593760

I know it’s spergy of me, but the extensions drive me bonkers. There’s seriously no reason for human hair extensions to get that damaged! Is she not aware that you can style hair without heat in about eight thousand different ways? It’s so easy, especially when the hair isn’t attached to your head and you can literally manipulate it like fiber…I don’t understand why anyone would be so neglectful when their appearance is their job, and their hair is the centerpiece of their “aesthetic.”

Kelly, I implore you, please invest time and money in your hair. It’ll pay off a lot more than spending more time and money decorating the dollhouse.

No. 593765

File: 1527273964120.jpeg (472.42 KB, 1242x2036, C44014B2-2DAE-4AA9-825C-F583CF…)


Yes hi kelly WE SEE YOU

No. 593781

It’s def photoshopped. The cabinets in the background are all wavy. Unless she can somehow warp space lol

No. 593786

>>593765 lol this level of curling is like a .5 second job. Super exhausting kelly go have a lie down

No. 593807

Not WKing, but where though?
Can you point it out? I may need new glasses and be tired but I seriously can't see any of the cabinets being fucked up. The thing behind her sort of on her left is made like that, all wonky.

No. 593817

I don't see it either. The thinness just seems to be angle and the fact that her arm is out and not pressed against her body. My fat ass arms can look thin too in certain positions.

No. 593963

My bad. I didn’t have my glasses on when I posted that. I took a second look, and I think that corner cabinet is what looked slanty/ warped to me.

No. 593998

File: 1527290810320.jpeg (153.7 KB, 1242x911, 60F0267E-D712-4C15-9634-9E7109…)

As usual

No. 594001

Damn! Three irregular choice videos in one week but still no surgery video. Hmm…

No. 594002

No. 594138

this shit is fucking hideous

No. 594177

File: 1527314336115.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1118x1783, EF1C35AC-AB54-46C6-ADB6-0CE0BB…)


No. 594184

Holy shit I'm going to be at fanime. I'll let you guys know if I see her.

No. 594187

Where's the lipo video

No. 594189

Near the end she can’t stop reapeating and insisting that it doesn’t fit her calf because she works out and obviously has huge calf muscles. And that she’s actually very petite and small because she’s 5 foot 2.
She’s so insecure.
Gurl you’re a hobbit just accept it.

No. 594225

File: 1527321128440.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x1980, 3D24691E-AA0A-40CE-9CCC-97781B…)

No. 594277

3% of each sale? LOL, so a chair with the sale going on right now is $269.99 and they will give 3% making it about $8.09 donation …that the company will use as a company tax write off. How about truly supporting veterans and making donations or to woundedwarrior fund. Jesus F* Christ.

No. 594284

Found this thread after searching poeple in the past. In the youtube video 3:19. Her family was not poor! They live in the mountains. She went to a spoiled art high school. Met her again in college and she was still spoiled and bratty. Nobody talked to her in college because she was mean, never smiled, short with people. She worked with computers and printers for the school. She was always in a bad mood. Her family is not poor. If I recall she got a full sponsored scholarship. Either way, I just remembered she was mean.

No. 594327

omg please keep going

No. 594331

Another video, yet still no lipo video. Kelly, WTF are you trying to hide?

No. 594341

Anymore interesting facts? Was she actually
"bullied" in school like she claimed? She def has that bitchy snobby art student vibe

No. 594381

Lol she's still "waiting for it to get cleared." I doubt it was sponsored at this point, why would a business offer free or discounted surgery in exchange for video promo and then not give the creator the go ahead to post the video for weeks?

Kelly is too stupid to tell a good lie. She couldn't resist trying to get attention and sympathy after the surgery, but now she has a bunch of people who don't have goldfish memories who are going to keep bringing it up.

No. 594428

I'm honestly so sad that Kelly got lipo. I loved her cute stomach. Lipo on the stomach area always ends up looking weird as shit too

No. 594437

I'm laughing at how it's a freaking gaming chair company. How many sales do they actually make per day? Like it's not a majorly in demand item. No yeah 3% is REALLY a pittance when you think of it that way. Not to mention that Memorial Day is a day to honour those who have fallen in battle. Not veterans. That's what Veteran's Day is for.

No. 594438

>she got a full sponsored scholarship
Well at least she's consistent

No. 594449

at 10:28 and 14:05 it's the same footage just from different angles, & when the second one pops up it doesn't even match the location of the gameplay she was at so idk how she really missed that while editing but okay

No. 594479

Bitch got a whole portrait for her fucking gameplay thumbnail im crying

No. 594514

she will never show up to Fanime and I Bet she will never show up for Anime expo. fake ass.

No. 594564

13:45 “emotionally and financially stable” kek

No. 594567

Close your legs Kelly and keep you wack ass discount to yourself. Lazy moron of a promoter.

No. 594584

File: 1527367540888.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, Download.png)

In this video she's saying she's emotionally stable and has her shit together….. but on her Twitter and to her fans she's always whining that she is so depressed and tired?

So what is it? Is she lying to her fans to get sympathy and more money while she actually is pretty stable?

No. 594721

See deleted this from her story kek

No. 594910

I didn't notice her ever get bullied. The students mostly all kept to themselves and just wondered around campus (it is a small campus that use to be a tuberculosis facility)). She didn't like criticism from the professors so she got really angry and pitiful. Some professors just would challenge students but she took it as negative criticism. She was always moody and never smiled. Never talked to me, was always short with conversation. Most girls liked her because she dressed differently or she was on that splat ad, but she was just awful with her personality. In the lab where she worked, we all avoided the "pink hair girl" because she was just always demeaning and short tempered. She was on a few commercials for the tattoo shop she was working in. So people knew of her but i never saw her being bullied. Her guy friends always bought her stuff.

No. 594969

File: 1527403437183.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1996, B8453878-E55B-4413-ADAB-083DA3…)

Dat skin

No. 595049

File: 1527416084077.png (264.32 KB, 750x1334, A88EE3B9-2F35-4496-903B-BDB5E8…)

Anyone else notice this?

No. 595085

She was on a splat ad before she did that horrible box shoot this past year?

No. 595086

I'm tempted to pledge so I can watch it hahahaha

No. 595087

its pretty obvious thats why she posted it like that with the name, as much as we know she lurks here its also obvious people from here lurk her patreon, I wouldnt be surprised if its nothing more but clickbait

No. 595097

Don't do that anon, that exactly what she wants. It will come out eventually, she doesn't want to miss out on all that sweet money from ad revenue.

No. 595100

she claims that's one of the reasons she booked that box shoot last year, because she had already worked with splat when she was younger. she's been their pink-haired box girl off and on for like a decade or something.

No. 595116

At this point I don't think she will. When Stephanie got her boobs done she said she was going to post a surgery video since her husband (bf at the time) recorded the whole process (plus recovery and stuff). She never posted that and people forgot about the video (not the tits, obviously)

No. 595135

So I did end up seeing Kelly at fanime. I didn’t approach her because I don’t think anything milky would have happened. She wasn’t in cosplay and I don’t think any of the fellowship was there, she was hanging out with people I didn’t recognize. One thing I will say is she is awkwardly short. I knew her height was like 5’2” or something but it was still vexing to see just how short she was in real life. I also don’t understand why she would come to fanime though, as someone who’s been going to this con for almost 8 years now, it kinda sucks. There’s not much to do, I only keep going because it’s my local con. It just seems weird that she would drive six hours to come to a sucky con and not even cosplay. Sailor Moon meet up is on Sunday (today), so maybe she’ll go to that in costume. I was planning on going anyways, so let you guys know if I see her there .

No. 595251

Have you guys seen her new video where she's talking about how when a fan met her she thought she was a brat and now she's acting like she's under so much fucking pressure to be perfect to meet her fans. It's laughable. I have a friend who has double the amount of followers Kelly has and when she meets fans she's friendly and that's it, people are happy.

No. 595253


Kelly only has 190k subs, that isnt even much for youtube, shes pretty much a nobody with a big head, i doubt people harass her on the streets like they do to the known youtubers with millions of subscribers. I dont get why she has to pretend its so difficult being "e-famous" when she's barely a stain on the wall. tbh i bet its why she tries to "drag" herself to all those random cons in the hopes she gets recognized.

No. 595309

Yeah but you.can pledge. Check the content you want. And back out haha

No. 595496

For a moment I thought this said "top surgery" and was very confused; I thought, is she getting a breast reduction? Is she claiming to be trans now? Nope, I just can't read to save my life.

No. 595588

I think I've found out why Kelly is single after watching bits of her Mukbang.

It's all in the details. She talks about her multiple failed navel piercings, does a demo of what a dermal piercing is with a mid-size knife between her fingers which she swivels, then describes how the dermal got half-ripped out, picks up the knife again and says she cut the rest of it out herself, in the middle of the day, standing in her house, she cut a piercing out of her own belly


(deafening silence)
I mean add that level of crazy/trailer park tier to the fact she is diagnosed with mental illness and sees a therapist. I don't blame her for seeing a therapist and seeking medication, but there is proof of the crazy in the details, as above, which jar against the cute pink aesthetic. If she did a Goth rebrand she might find guys with a better tolerance of her true personality, which is more dark, moody and foreboding than cute uwu

Piercing talk is about a third of the way in

No. 595594

posted another "muck bang" where she talks about meeting markiplier. love how she starts out the video saying that she hates making youtube tag videos but that she REALLY REALLY likes the mukbang trend and hopes it stays a while.

how surprising, lazy kelly loves to sit in her house alone and eat while listening to herself talk lmfao. ofc shes gonna put out a million videos like this the effort is abysmal and they are so boring. its 40 minutes long..

No. 595595

2/3rds of the way in not a third, whoops. Depression talk towards the end of the vid

No. 595610

I have never heard the word somber used more times in my goddamn life. fair enough you learned a new word, but SHIT.

No. 595726

File: 1527490831400.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1541, 52CE5156-E6EF-4DEF-A4C9-9C2F9D…)

such skill 🚮😂🚮

No. 595765

please tell me this is not recent

No. 595791

Lol nah, it’s from 2015. But it’s not that far.

No. 595798

So, I finally watched her stupid long video and she mentioned the photos people took of her at two events, which was the gallery nucleus event and distant worlds concert. She said that people dm’ed her saying she was on gossip sites.

So it’s suoer safe to say, anytime we say “hi Kelly!” Or we assume it’s one of her dumbass friends white knighting her, we are 9999% correct.

This dumb bitch compared herself to celebrities and how they got paparazzis and now she does. It was twice, Kelly. And it was done because you photoshop your shit to oblivion and claim it’s not PS.

You’re not Britney Spears or a youtuber who actually has a good following. It was two photos taken of your dwarf ass.

No. 595801

File: 1527505592548.jpeg (913.41 KB, 1125x2034, 6F80AE17-86FA-4F03-9905-7EF889…)

Although I agree with her point of view regarding her stalker and the recent shootings, I laughed my ass off because I feel like Lina has some loose screws.

No. 595804

She's obviously lying about the stalker being the reason for her not doing a fan meet-up. The stalker knows where she lives (as she doesn't hide it and is very open about it) and could easily attack her there or wait until she comes out of the door.

He doesn't need to go to a fan meet-up with like 20 people and witnesses do to anything. She's just looking for a "noble" excuse to not having to meet people.

No. 595808

True. Oh, Kelly. Excuses, excuses.

Also, I was dead at her mentioning lolcow. Man oh man, after so much arguing on here with people (aka: Kelly and the gang) that they do not go on this site, it’s finally confirmed she’s constantly on here now.

No. 595990

Just watched the start of the video and I'm already pissed… so many excuses, and the whole "do not meet your idols" thing. I admire you, Kelly, but who tf told you you're my idol? She's so entitled it has left me so startled. Not sure if I wanna keep following her.

No. 595997

she keeps calling herself "manic pixie dream girl" like she's something special when that's actually a very harmful trope for women but go off I guess

No. 596092

Nobody would even give a shit about the candid photos on here taken of a public figure at public events if she didn't shop the fuck out of the photos she takes herself. It's the only way we can see what she really looks like (SHOCKING, a human!)

I really wish that she would stop using that term AND aspiring to be that. It is a very harmful trope and why would you WANT to be a shallow, one-dimensional person-like object that exists solely to further a male's plot line. It really explains all of her relationship issues.

Kelly can't stand being single because a MPDG is worthless on her own. It also explains why she just globs onto people and needs to steer their lives using her contrived "POSITIVITY!" only persona. Nobody even likes that persona because it's completely unrelatable.

Just be yourself, don't photoshop yourself, you like fine. Don't try so hard. Stop looking for a bad boy that needs to be saved, you're too old for that and if a bad boy is a bad boy at age 30, he's never going to grow up. And for the love of god, stop fake crying for the camera. I can believe that you're in pain without seeing liquid leak out of your face.

No. 596125

nobody talks about this? Wasn´t Dre with this one red head?? Does she have a boyfriend now?

No. 596240

File: 1527550206952.jpeg (528.83 KB, 750x1161, 8D1C3600-432C-4860-B491-206FD3…)

Looks like dre going through people quick, was only around xmas she was supposed to be moving in with her bf if you look at his posts around October / November it looks like they already Found a house and we’re doing it up etc , then after suddenly she dumped him , from her twitter etc looks to have a couple bfs already and now onto another , was told this from a friend and did a little snooping

No. 596414

File: 1527564681099.png (1022.75 KB, 953x531, what.png)

i know the fact that she doesn't know how to wear wigs gets nitpicked to death but kek @ how badly she cut the lace on this one. its just like…sitting on her scalp, looks so weird.

No. 596454

what’s the point of taking the time and money to dye your hair pink if you cover it up most the time with wigs? Of pretty much the same color.

You dye your real hair to show it off in all it’s pink glory. Not cover it up all the time. Because you might as well just have normal colored hair then.
It’s dumb. But whatever. It’s not like Kelly ever makes sense with anything she does anyway.

No. 596492

Dre had a ginger boyfriend named Seth who lived with her and Kelly. She kicked him out when they broke up, they had a short relationship. Looks like Dre doesn't know how to think logically when it comes to dating. Both she and Kelly are horrible at dating.

No. 596494

I think Dre is a free spirit and wants to just do whomever it be with whomever for a moment. Just because she kisses someone does mean they’re dating. It’s for views or she just wants to screw around.

No. 596526

Not really a free spirit when making plans to love together, finding and moving into a house and then last min dump the poor guy…

She’s posting stuff here there and everywhere just a week after the breakup kissing the red head , the guy yesterday on Instagram and now moaning about people wanting to date her just for her followers …

Seems she only hangs with other well known yourubers I’ve seen this more and more.

I think the hot topic gig went to her head , though I’ve no idea why as they stuff she was wearing for the site made her look a fool

No. 596528

I’ve never seen a Instagram so self indulgent, me me me me.

I mean I know a lot of the youtubers etc post a lot of photos of themselves but Dre’s is just her !! Love yourself much ? You know people post places they have been, pets , friends , family etc

Bet her screensaver is one of herself(read the rules & usage info)

No. 596536

Idek how you can come to the conclusion you're a mpdg whilst single?? Isn't this purely reliant on a guy being there? A single mpdg is just a minor character it doesn't get a cute name

No. 596540

It’s ironic that she was defending herself over what the fan thought about their interaction but she’s acting and is exactly as her fan described. Bratty!!!

No. 596559

Pretty sure the ginger and her were together for a few years and moved in with kelly together and lived there for over a year after already being together for awhile?? Do you do any research or just say whatever you want and hope no one fact checks

No. 596616

In her ABHs video she said she feel wierd owning brand like hello kitty because they dont sponsor her…

No. 596635

I wasn’t talking about Seth I knew she was with him a while.

I was other poster talking about her messing this new guy around getting a house then bailing out , then trying to get with anyone with a pulse

No. 596675

I'm not even halfway into watching her new video but I already wan to punch something. What an entitled brat. Her and Phi were going to pick out matching pyjamas at target, but it's basically just Kelly running around picking what she likes with phi running behind her with the cart and having no input at all. I feel bad of her, she seems kinda sweet.

No. 596722

Gosh she gets so defensive and wouldn t compromise her "aesthetic" one bit for another person. Relationships are bound by going towards one another. I don t know anyone who can deal with being locked into anothers dream.

No. 596733


Honestly, I found the video very awkward. When I first started watching Kelly Eden, it was around the time that she and Dre went and bought matching PJs at Target. During that time, it was very natural and you could tell Kelly and Dre had chemistry. That video was just two best friends shopping and having fun, and they were buying matching PJs because it's something cute that two best friends do.

This video though? It feels really forced. Saying "Anyone who lives in the Doll House has to wear matching PJs!" just comes off as bizarre compared to how it went down with Dre. The actual shopping scenes were cringy because it's obvious there is nothing in the store that Kelly or Phi like, but they're going to buy something anyways. They obviously don't want to be there and Phi doesn't seem to know how she should act. It doesn't look good when Kelly is the one making all the decisions while Phi just follows behind and agrees with her.

All in all, I just find it a bit sad. I don't get why Kelly thinks she HAS to do these things with Phi. Phi obviously has a different personality than Dre, so Kelly should just try doing different things with Phi instead of trying to repeat what she did with Dre.

No. 596737

Decided again the Eeyore pyjamas because spirit animal is something used in Native American culture (but it's used in paganism and spirituality everywhere), but not because Eeyore is literally a character going with depression. When I first saw they were putting them back I thought it was because of the negative mental health stigma, not a 'politically correct so I don't get into trouble' excuse.

No. 596813

the whole fellowship posts like that, when ur a fashion blogger or cosplayer or whatever you post a lot of pics of urself

No. 596843

I don't get the point of these type of videos. And is she only doing these after meeting Trisha who is known for them? A bit odd.

No. 596944

Not nearly to the extent that Dre does. Before stories, she would delete any photos featuring anyone with a different aesthetic because she is obsessed with her grid. She has retweeted people complimenting her about it before.

It was not a short relationship at all. Seth was long-term.

I highly doubt that. The last guy she was with, the mad hatter or w/e was under the impression that they were in love, moving in together and heading towards other serious commitments, he was crushed and Dre 2 days later is posting on twitter about how someone she has been interested in for a LONG TIME asked her to hang out, but it was just to help with a makeup look. Meaning she was already looking for other options while she was in a relationship with this poor guy that she bailed on last minute. She also complains about how nobody takes her seriously relationship wise on Twitter all the time.

After that, her instagram stories just became making out (literally) Jaclyn and (figuratively) humping the legs of anyone with more followers than her. Messy. In the story where she makes out with Jaclyn, it's staged and they took several takes for those LGBTQ+ likes, she already has lipstick on her face before they make out again.
After this night, Jaclyn kept teasing Dre as her "gf" and "<3" on her twitter despite making 10,000 videos about how special she is because she's straight in 2018.

Then she claims people use HER for her followers. L-oh-fucking-L. For your 200k YT subs on a platform you never post on? Give me a break.

Anyway, check out this collection of insta-stories where she embarrasses herself terribly and showcases that "amazing" singing voice that she's already given up on.

No. 596960

UGH this emo nite shit they do looks so fucking cringey and disgusting. It's just a bunch of former MySpace scene kids faux dancing around to really horrible has-been bands. I can't with this shit. I hated that music when it was popular and I still hate it today. There should never be any sort of revival for it.

That aside, the clip of her and Jaclyn kissing is so pathetic. I hate that whoever edited it replayed it three times like it's something majorly crazy. It's two girls kissing. Who cares? It's seriously no different than when two drunk straight girls kiss because they think it's going to score them points for the dudes around them.

No. 597131

File: 1527636711641.jpeg (932.19 KB, 1125x1971, 09DE2521-B179-46AE-B87D-D36EB7…)

Yikes @ the wigs and….everything

No. 597188

Stephanie looks fine, Envy however…

No. 597284

File: 1527653641700.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180530-051204.png)

Sorry, had to be done. Katie photoshops herself to non human standarts.


No. 597285

File: 1527653803135.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180530-051035.png)

Reality: (she's doing the livev with her eyes wide open to look more like the pics, lol)

No. 597292

holy fuck lmao. Why don't her friends pull her aside and tell her that her shoop pix are sooooo FAKE. You can also see her in a few of Kelly's older vlogs and she's tall, big and has broad shoulders like a wrestler. She's so fake. All of these girls suck. Stephanie and Kota Wade and Courtney Dawn only seem like the nice ones.

No. 597316

File: 1527658124269.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1808, DC5337EA-3862-43F0-B995-32FC52…)

Uh ohhhh

No. 597387

Why do y’all care so much? Just let Kelly live her life! It seems you all don’t have one when all you do is crawl around her social media looking for tea. You all spent so long whining about her surgery video and as soon as she mentions posting it someone says “uh oh” what do you all want from her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597398

hi phi.

No. 597414

It's literally Phi, why did ya flip out over "uh ohh" with everything else in this thread to reply to?
If someone broadcasts their life with the intention of making money from their viewers, directly or indirectly those viewers have every right to discuss whatever is publicly posted on the internet specifically for their consumption

No. 597440

Why do you care what other people (us) care about or do in their free time? Practice what you preach.

No. 597481

Fuck off shane4lauri@live.co.uk

No. 597492

So overuse of Photoshop is equivalent to not being nice? Good logic, anon. Sure Katie shoops like crazy, but she's definitely one of the sweeter and nicer of the crew.

No. 597514

My dude why are you sharing peoples personal shit! Just because you want to be Kelly Eden but you can’t because you are an utter mouth breather! Seriously the girl was clearly upset in her video when she mentioned this site! You all need to go outside(autism;read the rules)

No. 597516

File: 1527686227035.jpeg (116.71 KB, 750x758, 15E03084-6C32-4E5E-9BC8-E40D09…)

No. 597518

The above moron shared their own info on the email field you asshole. And on everyone's behalf on this page no one here wants to look like that inflatable sex doll with no personality.

No. 597519

Fair enough, if they chose to make that mistake it’s thier own fault. I think this page is going to receive a fair amount of traffic here because of Kelly making a show over this page and mentioning it in her video. I’m here because I know the person above who shared a shot of them saying everyone wants to be like Kelly. As a somewhat fan of Kelly’s aesthetic I appreciate the content she puts out yet also understand that the way she acts can turn people away. It’s all personal taste at the end of the day.

No. 597526

File: 1527687580652.jpeg (140.76 KB, 750x738, 9EA938A1-BDEB-4653-8B0C-7AA466…)

Have we discussed Kelly and this Creep yet? Were they a thing! Last I heard BOTDF weren’t doing to well… Is this one of the ’famous’ guys they were talking about in the food eating thingee video?????

No. 597555

Is this Darcie vanity? That’s a whole new can of worms. He’s a pedophile and he also messages lots of girls trying to get them to chat with him. He messaged me two years ago and tried to get me to go to dinner with him and play “Games” but I’m married and I told him that numerous times and he kept asking and ignored that

No. 597556


No. 597598

He’s so strange! The last I heard about him was that he was bullying the lead singer of New Years Day on stage and was acting inappropriately to minors. I had no idea Kelly had connections to him in anyway. Hmm…

No. 597606

File: 1527694333862.jpeg (158.56 KB, 750x1016, 39603B66-FABC-4C8E-BDB6-C69C9C…)

That uneven eyeliner look is just 👌🏼

No. 597619


that is a much younger photo of Kelly with Dahvie. I'm sure he isn't interested in her anymore now that she's nearing 30 - especially if he's a pedo. I doubt Kelly has any thing like that in common with this guy. Wasn't she BOTDF's make up artist on video sets?

No. 597736

File: 1527704254979.jpeg (457.44 KB, 1242x1973, 63E62DAC-7F7E-440B-A083-D23042…)

I feel like this is a lowkey callout for Vera

No. 597775

File: 1527706763131.jpg (25.99 KB, 750x317, 33922234_10156200520186061_570…)

No. 597836

File: 1527711749320.jpeg (232.74 KB, 1020x1020, 14ACA506-7783-43ED-81A7-FFC302…)

Awww Kelly, you’re so sweet and such a kind advocate for a fake depression episode you have!

No. 597871

Ohh Kelly just doesn’t get it…
it’s like when you tell your friend that they always talk to lound and they respond just screaming (lol sry if this was weird)

No. 597878

People who are depressed don't mention that they're depressed every two seconds as an excuse for everything and they often deal with it in private if they choose to seek help. Wasn't she claiming to be a mental health advocate even before she started seeing a therapist? I vaguely remember her mentioning that she doesn't believe in therapy or medication, but I could be wrong.

What a /great mental health advocate/ you are being by staying at home in bed all day with your dog doing nothing Kelly!

It has been weeks of "here's a minimal effort video for ya because I'm too depressed!" with a dash of "you guys seem to love these videos!" to justify her laziness.

Gotta get that ad revenue from the sheep

No. 597904

This is why I don’t believe her when she says she’s in therapy. CBT is about assessing negative and unhelpful thought patterns (automatic or otherwise) and correcting them. She should know that constantly skulking about and whining “muh depression,” and then going on to essentially say “there’s nothing I can do about it” is incredibly damaging to her mental health and ensures she’ll never recover. Of course, seeing as depression is her scapegoat for EVERYTHING, it makes sense that she’s being such an obstinate cunt about it.

No. 597913

She literally can't exist without mentioning her depression every two seconds. Does she think people with other diseases also keep mentioning their disease or disorder as much as possible?

No. 597918

How does Kelly pay her bills if she spends all her time in bed? Can youtube pay for her rent alone?

No. 597922

I unsubbsed from Kelly today. So sick and bored of her make-up videos. NOBODY SUBBED TO HER FOR MAKE-UP. PEOPLE SUBBED TO HER FOR KAWAII, COSPLAY AND FELLOWSHIP FRIEND VLOGS.

Is she gonna be a make-up vlogger from now on? ugh. saged

No. 597925

she may be nice but she is fake as fuck and pretending to be a slim, thin girl with smooth skin and misleading people into thinking that's her. So yeah she is fake. Stop whiteknighting her, nobody cares.

No. 597968

welcome to the club anon, you’re doing the right thing

No. 598046

Unsubbed her as well last week. Fuck her constant whining about being a lazy sad sack of shit and bullshit makeup and poser weeb content. Though I only look foward to see her fat sucked out of her surgery video that she's profiting off of.

No. 598120

“My dude”? Ew, what even is this slang? Phi, don’t bother wirh defending your new roommate, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

No. 598335

File: 1527749678365.jpeg (223.2 KB, 1105x757, CC22B4D3-925E-4A53-B378-336009…)

Her Twitter has been quite a show today

No. 598344

File: 1527751414923.jpeg (31.94 KB, 505x300, CE43350D-1DC0-4CC4-8F9F-773378…)

kek it’s true tho

No. 598453

Yeah, I think I'm going to unsubscribe her as well. I, like you, used to love watching the vlogs because they all seemed interesting. Same with Stephanie. Both Kelly and Steph would make constant vlogs about going to different conventions, going to Disneyland, the ren fair, the Labyrinth ball, etc. Now it's all sponsored videos and her doing the same make up look. It's getting boring. I used to love Kelly until I heard about her getting rid of her Hello Kitty stuff and then finding out why. I thought it was so immature, and from then on I started to see the real Kelly. She's so immature and fake now. It's like watching a middle school kid make videos and not a geeky adult who likes fashion and going to interesting places/do interesting things.

No. 598463

Anyone else feel like "you're protecting!" is the new "you're just jealous!" for whenever someone doesn't like a person?

No. 598520

basically. it seems really stupid though, like how tf can you assume that, they've left one comment.

No. 598606

File: 1527789810402.jpg (105.32 KB, 1403x739, vOjstBJ.jpg)

so she stole her father's ashes, put them in a self-portrait, and only left HALF the urn for her family. sorry if y'all already know this but what the fuck.

i've linked the instagram post, but she says "My family is probably going to kill me when they find out", rambles about van gogh and how she put the ashes in the cigarette / wine bottle, then says "I’ll let you draw your own conclusion to the conceptual meaning behind this piece" after literally explaining it. wow, such art. eyeroll

"My family is giving me hell for it but its something I had to do… Plus. I've pretty much "immortalized" my dad by doing this"… does she think this awful painting is going to last forever?


there's also a video on youtube with her painting ashes into another painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQTTZT5WrWA


No. 598613

What a self centered bitch. She used her dead dad's ashes to paint a picture of herself?

No. 598616

wtf, I thought the ash painting thing was consented by everyone in the family… she litarally stole them and put them on a shitty portrait, AND THEN ON THE INTERNET. I'd like to say that I'm surprised about the whole disrespect situation but honestly this is such a very Kelly Eden typical kind of bullshit I can't even. kek.

No. 598630

Wouldn't it have made more sense if she made a portrait of her own father w/his ashes?

No. 598634

>I thought the ash painting thing was consented by everyone in the family… she literally stole them and put them on a shitty portrait
That's beyond fucked up.

No. 598640

obligatory "i'm a fine artist too" but i am and this is the most embarrassing first-year of art school shit i've seen in a long time. i cannot fathom the sort of narcissism you'd need to have to do a drunk, sloppy self portrait (of which she paints…a lot of… jesus, kelly) to "honor" your father. at least she's right that her expensive college education was worthless. she clearly didnt learn shit about art

No. 598644

Does anyone know what art school/program she attended? How long ago did she graduate?

No. 598645

She put her selfish desire to paint with her father's ashes over the feelings of her family. Why would someone that self-absorbed make anything but a self portrait about HER pain and suffering?

No. 598655

She went to Denver School of the Arts, and I think she graduated in 2007

No. 598665

Oh and then Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design for college. Sorry, forgot about that!

No. 598688

Looks like an incredibly underwhelming shitty college to owe over 100k in student loans. All she got out of that "investment" was a BA in fine arts?

Yet she has the nerve to complain about her loans as if she didn't willingly sign up for a scam. How did her family let her do this when there are so many more worthwhile and affordable schools?

The irony is that she probably could pay off her loans in a reasonable time frame given her income as an influencer. She probably does make significantly more money than her artist peers but wastes the bulk of her income on LA lifestyle crap.

No. 598721

File: 1527796911868.jpeg (189.86 KB, 1031x1031, 975B8711-324B-468B-8F73-4B19FB…)

Replies on her post talking about releasing the surgery video. Her fans are so delusional.

No. 598746

I got blocked as well when I asked about the video coming. She just gives a damn

No. 598762

>stealing your dead father’s ashes against your family’s will to make a shitty edgelord self portrait to “honour” his memory
>instead of getting permission from the family to use his ashes to then paint a portrait of him or something he loved (the beach etc)

this is narcissism unparalleled.

No. 598832

Does she hate her father or something? Is this supposed to symbolize abuse and alcoholism? Did he strike the side of her head that’s bleeding…

Because I could kind of see why someone who hated their parent’s guts would steal their ashes to paint a gruesome portrait… but otherwise…. what the fuck

No. 598842

also samefag but where the hell did that video come from?

No. 598857

Nah, she's just being narcissistic like other anons are saying. She's not been hit, she's missing an ear because she's trying to make a parallel between herself and van gogh.

The alcohol thing is, according to Kelly, he died from alcoholism and depression or something like that. It's been a minute since I watched the draw my life and I don't care to go watch it again.

Everything seems to point that she loved her dad and was sad at his passing. She even use to annoyingly mention that she was sad about her dead dad in all the time and made a "I'm so pathetic" father's day video with her sister last year.

No. 598880

i'm assuming it was a snapchat story or something that someone uploaded? idk

No. 598982

>open her newest video
>first thing she mentions is that she feels depressed

Is she fucking serious? This is almost like satire at this point.

No. 598991

Doesn’t she also have a portrait of her and her sister sawing her dad’s head off? I feel like I remember that but I don’t know where to find it

No. 598999

I get that. She shouldn't have done it in the first place. It should have been of agreed consent among the family. Hypothetically IF her family agreed on said portrait, it would have made more sense for the painting to be HIM and not her. You can't make sense out of nonsense. I don't understand any of this and I wont pretend that I do. It's all really unfortunate.

No. 599010

File: 1527817965531.png (661.71 KB, 860x487, kek.png)

English is not my first language, so correct me if I'm wrong… but shouldn't that "then" be "than"?

No. 599034

why did you post the same thing so bloody far apart?

and the answer to your question is 'yes'.

No. 599145

"he died from alcoholism and depression" >>598606
"she put the ashes in the cigarette / wine bottle"

No. 599219

File: 1527829999838.jpeg (132.39 KB, 750x989, 434EFCF9-B759-4647-B674-F98FC9…)


No. 599220

File: 1527830025196.jpeg (164.44 KB, 750x1034, 8C013A90-93D7-4AB7-B71C-6EF14F…)

No. 599222

Smh @ Kelly. This is just like when she kept calling herself a freak because she had some cheap shibari “rope” on her gaudy desk.

Sigh. Shut up, Kelly.

No. 599247

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=y7TA3TbWGRY It starts at 35:34. Kelly gets asked how many celebs she's had sex with. She responds with "a lot because I used to hook". Kelly used to be an escort?

No. 599258

For some reason, this reminds of when Trisha paytas would say she fucked celebrities, when they were really d and c list celebrities. Kelly dated Dave Navarro and her washed up faux jefree Starr ex boyfriend who she still is obsessing over.

Anyone in LA can find a C/D list celebrity and sleep around. It’s not hard,

No. 599278

I find it kinda… wierd that Kelly is so against meds. When I was in psych ward it was huge pissin contest who had most meds.

No. 599282

I don't think any of her issues could get her anything worth bragging about. She would have to let go of the eternally tortured artist angle if she actually tried to improve her mental health and that's all she knows how to talk about.

No. 599307

Yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of women are attracted to this. Not that weird. Also why the fuck would she share that publicly?!

No. 599316

she didnt say hook, she said "I used to… HA" and started laughing. It seems like she was hinting that she used to like, be a groupie and get "celeb" boys to sleep with her for self validation. Which I think we all knew.

No. 599537

I find it really interesting she would use the term “gypped” at 7:16 in new mukbang video after getting her panties in a twist about the Eeyore spirit animal shirt in the target run video..

No. 599541

I heard her say "hook". She said it in a clear tone.

No. 599561

File: 1527876582565.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, 4360F2B9-0B22-44E3-826E-07CFC8…)

Wait. Wait. Hold on.
She got that blonde human hair wig sent to her, couldn’t wear it properly, snarked at someone for pointing out that one wig is hideous, and at the end of it all……she dyed the wig the same…..color as her hair?
I can’t tell which is worse - her being a total bitch to someone about wearing a cheap hideous wig knowing she had a free human hair wig she received for free or her never ending laziness. Wasn’t she literally just saying she wanted to dye her hair another color? If I received a free human hair wig I sure as hell wouldn’t dye it my current hair color, what’s the point?

No. 599566


That’s what everyone’s thinking, Kelly you dumb bimbo.

No. 599579

Lol. This is reaching, she was clearly laughing. Nobody even says they used to hook, that's not a thing.

IF she did say hook, and you were right. It was most likely the beginning of her saying she used to hook up with celebrities to validate her self worth.

Kelly would be the worst prostitute ever. She is too shy about sexual stuff, I think she's testing the waters with the shibari stuff to see if she can make herself comfortable doing the Patreon work that everyone else she knows does. All her friends do are talk about kinks, cater to kinks and talk about hentai. I understand that's their job but jesus christ, get a personality outside of work.

No. 599599

Did anybody actually enjoy her mukbang today? I hate watching people eat. However, my main complaint about Kelly is how fake and contrived she is now compared to how she was when she started. This seemed really real and it helped me understand some of her more annoying qualities.

Now, if she would just chill with the shoop, get some more content variety, stop blocking people and deleting comments and cut down on the sponsored posts. Anyway, I said it once, I'll say it again. I like unedited Kelly. I hate the image that she creates for herself. Bonus points for not fake crying.

I think it's important that with our heavy criticism of her on this page that we also recognize when she seems to be making changes for the better. If you don't, you're just a hater.

No. 599690

I'm way beyond liking her. She's shown her true colors way to many times for me to buy ~down to earth, relatable~ thing. It's just another personality she puts on to make people think she's harmless and sweet. Being superficially charming is a classic trait of narcissists.

No. 599705

Her mukbang was her talking about how haaaaaard life was growing up poor and having a dad being an addict and how final fantasy and KH was an escape.

Kelly, everyone has had shit growing up and played other games besides KH and just FF7 and FF10. Ugh this butch is such a fucking cancer to the final fantasy world.

No. 599707


No. 599753

File: 1527897332504.jpeg (3.51 KB, 397x127, download.jpeg)

Can you guys please stop linking kellys vids and giving her money through adsense? Do you guys know what hooktube.com is?

No. 599941

im pretty sure most of us use adblocker, anon

No. 599944

Get over it, there’s no rule about using hooktube for YT cows, and it’s not like Kelly getting Adsense money contributes directly to harmful behavior, like with Onion.

No. 599964

Kelly’s new shitty video of her fake laughing was the worst thing ever

No. 599984

She got it because she is too lazy to style her own hair. But her wigs are unstyled so whats the point?

No. 600079

Right? Why do people think she's actually laughing?

No. 600114

That is so fucking creepy and unsettling… both what she did and how she did the painting. It is flat out ugly. I can't even describe this mess. Wow.

No. 600176

It’s time

No. 600198

TLDW summary: she had fat sucked out of her upper stomach, lower stomach, sides, and from under her jaw. she did it because when she turned 24 suddenly she gained 10 pounds and had to stop modeling. she only ever looked good when she went on a body-builder fasting diet.

tbh she doesn't look much different now to how she looked before and it's incredibly obvious to someone standing on the outside that she just has serious body dismorphia and needs therapy for it. she's still photoshopping her images ffs, and now she has the added trouble of looking fairly lumpy (like trisha paytas; their stomachs arent smooth). she'll never be happy. it's actually depressing in retrospect and i feel kind of bad. :(

also, all the shit she said about her "before" body in this video is in direct opposition about how often she used to talk about how skinny and tiny and smoll she is. there are literally tweets from DECEMBER (two months before surgery) where she's talking about being too tiny for clothes. girl…

oh, also, as we all suspected, the video was sponsored. she got the procedures for free (but of COURSE that doesn't change her opinion! her dr is amazing! best in the west! omg!)

No. 600213

She says in the video that "at least I'm being honest" when she's been passive-agresive and blocking anyone who mentions the surgery for months, so sure, yeah, truly honest, Kelly.

No. 600217

I was thinking the same thing. She blocked me once for asking about the lipo video. She's so fucking fake and her fans can't see that.

No. 600247

That's mental how much she lost it over ten pounds. Ten pounds is nothing.

No. 600253

I mean in all fairness, have you seen the photos of her when she was modeling versus how she looked before the surgery?

I think we can all be honest and say that 10 was probably closer to a 30 and that Kelly just can’t stop herself from lying/trying to keep up her “so smol” fantasy

No. 600254

This video is full of lies…

Telling her followers that since she's 28 (which is not that old lol wtf) she can't reach a certain body type. That she's been "working VERY VERY HARD" the last 2 years and nothing helped… Whatttt?? Is this the same Kelly? The Kelly that ordered 20lbs of sugar? The Kelly that keeps having clips of her eating shit and saying "I don't care if my trainer sees this" etc?? Whaaat?

Such bullshit. I don't care if she did lipo, but saying she did it because there was no other way for her to lose fat because of her age… bullshit!!
God I hate her.

No. 600258

To be fair, everyone is different but you are right. I'm 30, I'm married, have a kid, and have a career that requires me to work 9+ hours a day. I still managed to find time to workout and lose 30 pounds since January. She doesn't do shit all day and couldn't lose those supposed "10 pounds"? She even has a personal trainer! Come on now.

No. 600262

I feel like she was afraid to talk about it without having 10 minutes of explanation to justify it. No one cares Kelly. You talk about your boob job all the time. If people are adverse to plastic surgery, they're not going to follow you anyway.

No. 600263

My issue here is that she talks about being so honest and open and she went on a blockage rampage when people were calling her out. If she just had replied to people with, “just wait for the video!” Or just not reply at all, then maybe. Idk, just her trying to be secretive made this not “wholesome” as she wanted it to seem. That said, I think getting lipo is fine. It’s not a big deal, and idk why Kelly made it into this big brouhaha like some idiot. I did notice she mentioned wanting to get lipo on her arms but she could only do four spots per her doctor. Hmmmm, maybe more lipo in the future? Especially since we all call out her hammy arms, ahahaha.

No. 600266

I'm 12 minutes into the video and she's STILL explaining WHY she did it. Kelly, if you need a whole episode to explain… You yourself know you're wrong and your reasons are stupid. Fucking excuses.

No. 600304

Haven't watched the video yet, but can I just say Kelly was never even skinny. I think her genetics just make her naturally kind of chubby. She obviously gained weight after she stopped modelling, but she wasn't thin to begin with..

No. 600305

chubby? fat? you guys are tripping

maybe she wasn't bone skinny but kelly hasn't been fat not even one day of her life lol

No. 600315


28 is not 'old', but it is an age where your body has noticeably changed from your teens/early 20s. It gets harder to lose weight around your late 20s/early 30s due to metabolism slowing down and your fat displacement starting to change. Your late 20s is also the age you start losing collagen; the loss of collagen and skin elasticity changes the way your body looks and holds fat. Point is, weight loss alone will not always enough if your goal is to more or less maintain the same body you had in you teens/early 20s.

All that being said, I don't believe that Kelly is being honest about her diet and exercise. I do remember back when I watched her more often, she was always eating junk and her exercise routine was never consistent. I don't know if she's being willfully dishonest, or if she just doesn't realize how much calories she was eating and how little exercise she was doing. She definitely was NOT doing enough exercise to justify the amount of calories she was consuming.

Not only that, but her diet and exercise routine wasn't created by a professional with a degree in the field. Her exercise routine was "designed" by a corporate gym trainer and her diet was a standard meal plan by the same company. Those company meal plans don't take individual's nutritional needs in to account. They might be okay to supplement into your diet if you are aware of your own nutritional needs and caloric intake, but relying on them alone is not a good idea, especially if your goal is weight loss.

The other issue I had with this video was that she said it was "before and after", yet I didn't see any "before" pictures, and her after picture was obviously photoshopped to hell and back.

No. 600330

…and not to mention because there was no surgery footage, why did it take so long for it to get “approved” like she kept claiming?

No. 600337

My main issues with her lipo video
1. That cover photo is terribly photoshopped. There are chunks of white around the picture of her placed over the background
2. She never showed before and after pics?
3. She says in the beginning she just wants to be honest yet she pretty much lied the entire time through her recovery
4. There is literally zero footage of her surgery. Only the doctor looking at the area and then the table of surgical tools.
5. I believe she has stated before that the lipo video was finished but she just needed approval, yet in the video she seems to mention her recent Twitter with her posts about her depression. It just gives the impression that she only recently made the video instead of weeks ago which shows she was putting it off to milk the wait.
6. She says how she has SOOO much footage but once again there was nothing. No vlogs through the recovery, update pics, nothing. This video is literally just 20 min of her explaining that she got it because she was frustrated from not losing enough weight. She even says “warning if you’re squeamish!”..?! Did she just forget to put it in or??

I have no issue with her getting lipo…do whatever makes you happy, but at least stop being a shitty YouTuber and promising content that you don’t deliver. If she works out like she half asses her social media content, then no wonder she wasnt seeing results

No. 600341

I think part of her problem is she has a wide ribcage. When she was showing her photoshoot pictures from the shoot she worked so hard to loose weight for, she looks pretty wide in it. Like her ribs are almost as wide as her fake tiddies, even though her stomach is flat.

Also when fake tits are that big they make people look fatter because of the way clothes drape on them and how they hide the stomach and waist. I don't think the lipo was worth it. She looked fine before and though some anons say they see results I really don't. Only in that one picture she showed in the video where she's bruised up she looks thinner.

No. 600368

we can't possibly know if there's results cause she's always photoshoping herself anyways

No. 600378

I was watching Kinetic Cosplay's vlogs and forgot she cosplayed with Kelly. I was waiting for the cringe and was really surprised. This really felt like the old Kelly and I really enjoyed it!

No. 600404

File: 1527979320490.jpg (395.28 KB, 1048x1814, 20180602_173709.jpg)


No. 600412

What is the point of this post…

No. 600422

This. Plus she sits at home all day most of the time or when she goes out, she gets starbucks or take out.

Kelly is the perfect definition of self-induced "depression" by being a lazy, entitled fuck. And when she puts on weight with her lazy lifestyle, which makes her even more "depressed."

Depression /=/ laziness, Kelly. You are just a lazy slob.

No. 600432

File: 1527983336593.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1871, FFD1810D-0F14-4659-B0AF-D3F923…)


Not again with this pride shit.

Kelly, accept it. You’re a cis female who loves dick. ACCEPT IT.

No. 600439

File: 1527984182246.gif (840.25 KB, 400x225, pVhvRpU.gif)

Maybe she likes chicks with dick. Maybe she likes traps.

No. 600477

Did she seriously compare getting cosmetic surgery (lipo, breast augmentation) to getting a piercing and coloring your hair? Good lord! I’ve had cosmetic surgery AND I have tattoos, piercings, and colored hair and I’d definitely say they are nowhere near being on the same level. Getting surgery to change your body is a VERY big deal. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business for someone’s personal choice, but deciding to undergo a pretty much life changing procedure is not equivalent to putting bleach on your hair. I swear, this girl shouldn’t be an advocate or sponsor for anything

No. 600481

what Kelly wants is the american dream, a husband, a house with a white picket fence and not to have to do any actual work of her own. she wants to be a trophy wife, to be adored by everyone around her. she is already earning some money with whatever shes doing now but she's obviously not spending it wisely, having a working husband would fix this issue for her since she can use her income for her stuff and her husbands money for the actual bills. also she'll have someone who takes care of her and is supposed to love her unconditionally no matter how much of an ass she is. thats what she wants, just look how she treats her friends, she acted like she was dying and soooo poorly over getting lipo. don't get me wrong her friends are great in my opinion but Kelly never puts in what she takes out. remember that shitty secret santa where everyone seemed pretty thoughtful of their gifts and Kelly turned up with a cheap anime figure and a 2 dollar airhorn?
And the reason she's trying to convince herself and others that she is bi just ties in to the whole "everyone needs to love me and if i show everyone how progressive I am they def will"
but then at the same time she apparently cant imagine a hard working wife funding her lazy lifestyle for her because thats not the dream she grew up with and THATS why she always complains about not having a "boyfriend" or "husband" instead of ever mentioning a girlfriend or wife

No. 600546

The comment about Kelly being a fake snowflake on her recent instagram post pertaining to pride month is humorous. Thus the screenshot containing the aforementioned comment with context clues followed by "HA!" It didn't really need an explanation but there ya go.

No. 600670

File: 1528010336795.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, ZHmHih5.png)

I only got about 1 minute in before her voice became too grating and I had to turn it off but I can't get over the fact that her lipo was SPONSORED. and she has a DISCOUNT CODE for plastic surgery!! this woman's entire life is a parody. at least she's finally discovered her marketable worth- as the "before" for cosmetic enhancement procedures. hilarious and depressing.

No. 600720

File: 1528020461684.png (490.91 KB, 750x1334, 047DE410-2F85-41A3-A1EA-280625…)

As if this cvnt would care for a second

No. 600721

File: 1528020513776.png (592.5 KB, 750x1334, AEB4D6FE-6CC1-4DDB-8658-A0F173…)

And this thirsty ass mofo does only react to the sex reference lmao a mess

No. 600730

I'd imagine her family gets sick of her desperate need to be the biggest presence in any room at any time, she must be utterly exhausting to be around. Especially for younger family members, she's the type who would but in with something about how amazing she is if someone younger ever showed talent

No. 600759

What a tool. He has a gf too

No. 600769

I didn't say fat, I said chubby. There's a difference. Or are you one of those brainwashed American body-posy people because then I can understand where you're coming from.. Not to mention Kelly shooped the living daylight out of her old pics as well. She's never been 'tiny' or 'skinny' in her life.

No. 600880

I actually like this video a lot more than what she's been putting out lately. Reminds me of her old vlogs with her friends when Kelly was more watchable and the ita bag scavenger hunt is a lot better than creeping on some guy all day because he's dressed like her husbando.

No. 600907

Agree!! this was super fun to watch!
Kelly, I know you're reading this, fam, please keep it up!

No. 600924

She didn't even come up with this herself kek I saw it floating around tumblr like a week ago

No. 600946

Very enjoyable, I loved this.

No. 600969

Even if this video is an improvement, her bag is so cringeworthy and bad. It's embarrassing to watch her act like she knows what she's talking about when she's a bandwagon hopper with an ugly basic bag.

No. 600981

File: 1528050703108.png (Spoiler Image, 470.9 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180603-201003.png)

This is most you see in the lipo video.

No. 601014

Lmfao so you literally see her getting the fat sucked out of her ass and nothing else? My god what a joke.

Also - I’ll say it, I lost a bunch of weight at age 29. Quickly, too. Its really not that hard. Certainly not a “THIS IS SO HARD MY ONLY OPTION IS LIPO” situation.

No. 601128

Agreed, this was the Kelly I subscribed to.

No. 601266

Same I’m 27 and i watch a little more about what i eat and do a little yoga and lost 15 kg easily
Kelly is just a whiney little brat with dirty feet that’s too lazy for everything

No. 601314

I was so disappointed with the lipo video, no footage, no before and after. That's what we waited for? a lipo vlog? And I was just praising Kelly for being more honest recently.

It's funny that you mention dirty feet because in one of her recent videos, Toshi is chewing up a slipper and she says "Oh, Phi got me a pair of slippers when she moved in and Toshi claimed them".

It's like, damn, she cannot take a hint.

Yeah, I don't watch TT or whatshisface videos and I know people hate TT but she cannot be so bad that she deserves that guy in her life.

No. 601345

I'm sure I've seen this joke tweeted a thousand times by other accounts. Is stealing tweets a thing she does regularly or is she just that desperate to show us how much of a "freak" she is?

No. 601451

God she looks so nice as a blonde!

No. 601584

File: 1528097501421.png (612.91 KB, 1125x2436, E6A4F357-D143-414E-8134-149AE4…)

Oh, to be broke

No. 601645

File: 1528113551864.jpg (41.54 KB, 500x500, IMG_20180604_091843.jpg)

Buying figures on eBay? I shouldn't put it past her, but I really thought she'd know better. I hope she enjoys the bootlegs!

No. 601692

I reckon eventually her and her new room mate will have a falling out. Kelly seems so controlling. In the vlog about target, she tells her to put things back constantly. Plus in that vlog and the other video where she introduces her room mate, I notice she does this thing where she corrects people or asks 'what do you mean by that?' in a bitchy manner. Like when her friend is trying to be nice and says 'I used to watch your videos a long time ago' and Kelly is like 'what do you mean a long time, I've only been making videos for a couple of years'

I dunno, there's something about the tone I don't like. Like sure, maybe her friend is fibbing a little, but it's a white lie. Why woukd you call her out on camera? It just seems bitchy in my opinion.

No. 601694

I just started watching this video, and according to anons upthread Kelly has mentioned lolcow in her videos. What's interesting in the start of this video is she seems to have taken the recent CC on lolcow to heart in a good way, like people mentioning they really liked the fanime video, that people like her being real rather than perfect. So good for you Kelly, we would all like to see the real you more often as that's why we all started watching in the first place. thumbs up

No. 601709


You really couldnt use a different photo, or take a new photo of yourself for the video image? We know you’ve got hundreds of selfies on your phone, just pick an unused one.

No. 601770

I agree, I loved the fanime vlog, so fun!

On another news, and a bit off topic, the other day Katie aka thedisneylandprincess mentioned lolcow on her live on instagram. She said she hated lolcow and had even donated to a petition towards shutting lolcow down. She lurks her for sure, since she also claimed she didnt photoshop the picture in the picture comparison of hers someone posted above (LOL). Maybe she has body dismorphia as well…? When I first saw her on a video (one of kelly´s vlogs) it took me a while to realize she was thedisneylandprincess on instagram, since she´s actually SO different from the pictures she posts. Not only is she way stumpier, but the face is just completely different, she always photoshops her jaw and eyes to a huge extent. Everybody´s beautiful in their own way, but nobody appreciates being deceived Katie. Since you lurk here, know this is the thing everybody criticizes. She also said she hated that her friends where always being picked apart here, and that we were all anons hidden behind a screen, bla bla bla.

No. 601772

How does Kelly expect to find a good boyfriend considering that she has a slut past of fucking random celebs and currently worships an imaginary dude and has a shrine for him? I don't get what she is thinking.

No. 601803

It's because Kelly is short. She's always going to look slightly chubbier. Add on her massive fake tits, and she looks way heavier than she actually is because of her height. People never take proportion into consideration.

Also, finally watched the lipo video. I laughed at her trying to compare it to body modifications and other cosmetic procedures. Girl, those are things you cannot change on your own. You can lose weight and fat if you just take care of your damn self. Not to mention her going on about it being no one's business. If she didn't bring it up every five seconds on twitter then maybe no one would have tried to make it their business?

No. 601823

I’ve been around Katie a few times IRL and I was super shocked to find out how heavy she was. Not dissing, I don’t care. It’s just that she portrays herself one way (well, Photoshop aside) and then you see this entirely different person. The thing is, her face doesn’t need it! She doesn’t have the face and neck of a chubby girl, she has big eyes and nice skin. She’s super bottom heavy, but I guess that’s one aspect she doesn’t post. I honestly don’t know why she over edits herself like that! Same goes for Kelly. In this day/age being plus or not waif thin is celebrated online.
And yeah, my kid was following her at some point in time but quickly got sick of her videos. All the girls at her school follow jelly, they’re middle school age… so yeah, what kind of message does insane editing/tit job/lipo send. At least my kid was smart enough to see that she does these stupid procedures and is still unhappy with herself.

No. 601845

It's weird that she says 24 years old, all the women suddenly gain 10 pounds. She wanted lipo for years, but working out, you can lose 10 pounds in 2 month or less. Even minimal dieting, you can lose it. Something is off about this.. I dunno

No. 601847

Of course something is off. She's reaching for any possible excuse to make it seem like this was warranted. She's lazy, end of story.

No. 601869

Can confirm I'm 24 and have actually lost weight and have a better body than I did at 22-23 by committing to working out and not even having a super strict diet, just cutting out a few things.

No. 601947

… Have you ever seen Asian people? Short people can be very dainty and skinny. Sure, her height plays a small part, but she mainly just has a stumpy build and a big ol' bucket head.

No. 601954

I worded it poorly, but your reading comprehension needs work too. Legit not saying that all short people are chubby. It's just more obvious when a short person gains weight. 10 lbs on a 5'2"ish person looks like a lot more weight than on someone who is 5'9"ish.

No. 601985

I was only talking about her 'pre 10 lbs weight gain' body so I guess it's your reading comprehension that need work. But enough talk about her weight please, moving on..

No. 602034

10:07 "tsundaray"

Wow Kelly, wow.

No. 602053

>>601709 it's also such a weird choice of photo to post everywhere like she looks like she has pollen allergies

No. 602107

File: 1528158465573.jpeg (187.2 KB, 1366x768, D49FC8D0-3B0F-4A9B-ABA8-7730FA…)

Speaking of, I noticed that she was posting similar photos on insta (the photos on the right row) and is it just me or does it look like she took them all on the same day and just changed her top?

No. 602114

Why does she keep calling the people in the video fans when they were obviously just random people SHE approached?

No. 602154

Same. I had my daughter when I was 28, gained 77lbs during my pregnancy, and now I’m 34 and weigh 117. Also, I’m the same height as Kelly. She is just too lazy to put the work in, and eats like a greasy troll.(blogposting)

No. 602180

I kept thinking about this

No. 602216

This is kinda old, but in Vera Bambi’s video with Kelly where they confirm Kelly sleeping with Dave Navarro (yikes), Vera mentioned that she also dated a celebrity whose name starts with “S”. It’s not important tbh, but I’m kinda curious.

No. 602234

No. 602235

Oh I’m stupid, ahahah. I already knew this and idk why he didn’t come to mind.

Lame, even the “celebrities” she banged are boring.

No. 602236

this is an image board, my friend.
pics > links thanks.

No. 602238

File: 1528178701912.jpeg (826.09 KB, 1125x1577, FB4E110C-9DCF-439A-B430-1B41A4…)

Y’all it’s Skrillex. Kelly got piped by both Dave Navarro and skrillex.

Also, I saw this and I thought that her big ol fake titties do make her look bigger. Welp.

No. 602239

File: 1528178891253.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1125x1714, 63E1AF86-9992-4802-9AAF-3F340D…)


No. 602240

that's Kelly?! She looked so much better here with a more adult rocker style. She looks so bad with the childish kawaii weeb shit that she's putting on everyday.

No. 602244

File: 1528179625703.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1624, B9897AB1-17E6-4EE5-9739-3135BE…)

Ehhh idk man. This faux sucker punch look she got going isn’t so hot

No. 602245

File: 1528179804389.jpeg (621.59 KB, 646x975, 77076524-2253-4F37-8237-BEE1E3…)

Okay so, apart from Kelly straight up looking like old school Jefree Starr, this chick looks better doing this dumb shit than her pseudo weeb trash scheme she’s going for. Idk why she didn’t just go do suicide girls. Oh wait, she turned 24 and gained sooooo much weight.

No. 602246

File: 1528180021102.jpeg (83.03 KB, 500x752, DB6F6B87-A4B4-434C-81B5-CB28B3…)

Hmmm, let’s do a checklist:
1: pink hair
2: pink eyebrows
3: some for of cake
4: some of form pastel clothing
5: whispers of juxtaposition with the blade in his mouth.


No. 602247

I agree the style is better for her than her current bs, but her makeup looks str8 up tranny/drag-esque

That fucking photoshop, so much so that it looks like a completely different person, the face blurring is killing me softly

No. 602249

File: 1528180219068.jpeg (302.14 KB, 864x647, 80CC0722-A4CE-4C1B-A28D-DE5505…)

What a coin-ki-dink…

No. 602255

File: 1528180491620.jpeg (261.81 KB, 1020x1020, 98B2166A-6389-43D4-BB96-A1CF3C…)


No. 602257

sorry to bring back up the lipo thing but kelly would have been so much better off with something non-invasive done to her body such as coolsculpting.
Why do you want to live with horrible scars the rest of your life? Did she do no research at all into her options. That's honestly so sad. But lazy is as lazy does kek.

No. 602258

File: 1528180861774.jpeg (190.87 KB, 1020x1020, 24F8903A-1241-4A23-A74F-519BC1…)

I’m having way too much fun seeing how much Kelly fucking copied Jefree Starr.

No. 602284

File: 1528186154571.webm (5.3 MB, 1280x720, _DAMAGED_ Make up tutorial wit…)

Yeah and she calls herself a make-up artist too. lol.

No. 602341

Tbh I didn't even notice the shirt change I took it as a given they were all from the same day. Kelly is lazy as hell ofc she's just gonna keep rinsing the same set (and blame it on depression!)

No. 602381

Her new mukbang is such a mess

A few fun points:
-says shes financially stable around 5:00
-at the end of the video she focuses on her oven and says how ugly it is and how she doesn’t have $5 grand to replace it
-conveniently has Amazon wishlist link in the description of the video

The rest of the video is just a mess of her trying to justify the whole “fake nerd girl” thing and mentions that people challenged her on Twitter about her FF/KH knowledge but I don’t see anything on Twitter? If anything we talked about it here kek

No. 602394

Setting up a day to take all your alotted upload photos for the week is a well known creator trick. The instathots have caught on to it too I guess.

Most of her mindless fans wouldn't notice since she usually does the same hair and makeup all the time anyway.

No. 602415

"Muck-BANG" LOL doesn't she realise it's a fucking Korean word and the "bang" is pronounced "bAHng"

Gawd mukbangs are so gross. I hate hearing people eat and trying to talk with food in their mouths.

My gawd, it's freaking ridiculous that it took Kelly till she was 28 or whatever to realise that she doesn't NEED a relationship to be happy and that there's so much good to be had in being single.

Bitch that ain't a quiche.

And fake nerd girls do exist. There are plenty of girls who claim to love video games or any other male-dominated fandom in order to gain bro-points. It's a thing.

Lol "roast me in the comments if you disagree" - because I'll just block youuuuuu.

The people who hate gatekeepers are the people who aren't comfortable with their level of enjoyment in a subject and need to prove their worth.

Jeez I can't continue to watch this. She's so bland.

No. 602447

I had a good kek at her saying the final fantasy fandom is a more quiet reserved fandom based on her perception of them from an art show and a orchestra performance. She went "Yah, those events were more calm than an anime convention" like of course they were??? Its because of the event not the fandom.

No. 602489

File: 1528219256206.jpeg (136.06 KB, 577x1024, 1290D6FA-0107-40A3-B588-223E83…)


Does she still believe her fans are going to buy her this shit?
She still has the $2,000 pink smeg refrigerator on there KEK (when she has a pink refrigerator already, “b-b-but it’s not smeggggg!!!!!!”)
And all the streaming equipment; she expects her fans to purchase filming, video, and streaming equipment for her when it’s her job? She can’t be bothered to buy the shit necessary for her job, that she gets paid for, so her fans have to buy it for her?
Even though she already has all this shit but older versions.

“Hey my young underage tumblrina fans! Drop $400 on this miniture anime model for me I super need it to make amazing muckBANG content for you! Love yew guize xoxoxo!”

Won’t even get into all the furniture, rugs, interior decorating shit, which is ironic since her parents fully paid for her house and almost every single object in it including all of the interior designing.

YTers that make amazon wishlists like this are always greedy bitches who would barely thank their fans if they dropped $1k on a ~pastel pink unicorn kawaii dildo~ or whatever other ridiculous shit she adds to her list on a whim.

No. 602491

I don’t get why she’s saying the fake nerd shit is mysogenistic? I’m a female and I think she’s a fake nerd… Saged.

No. 602496

I think those were all pretty popular scene things though tbh.

No. 602498

I hate the whole fake nerd shit. It's so stupid. It is pretty sexist too in the way that it's never men that get called fake nerds mostly women. Anime stuff is liked by a lot of people. It's not that big of a deal to like it.

No. 602499

Kek at the part where she says that she can handle criticism as long as it’s constructive

No. 602520

It's not a big deal to like anime. It's not a big deal to not like anime or have a shallow interest in it or not to participate in the fandom. It's obnoxious when anyone claims to be a super fan or the biggest fan ever of something they constantly show that they don't actually know much about.

When you're actually a fan of something, it's pretty obvious when someone is stupid and insecure enough to be pretending to like it. Male or female. Of course women are going to get called out more than men in a misogynistic society, especially in male dominated fandoms. It's not sexist to say that fake fans exist.

No. 602554

She is a fake nerd. She exaggerates it so she can be the "nerd fantasy girl" online for guys and blatantly just isn't genuinely passionate or knowledgeable in the least. It isn't misogynistic to point out the obvious and yes, fake nerd girls DO exist. I don't expect every 'nerd' to be able to recite the entire script backwards of everything they like but it's not gate keeping when it's just the truth. In Kelly's case it is the truth.

No. 602579

Didnt watch whole video, but she had two pies! She gonna need new round of lipo with her eating habits.

No. 602581

To be fair one was a chicken pot pie and the other was just a piece. She didn't finish either of them. But STILL not the healthiest of food options. The chocolate pie she ate made me want to make some though. UGH

No. 602638

It’s ridiculous that she claimed she got Lopo because she couldn’t lose weight and then does shit like this.

No. 602688

she looks so old and birdlike here, reminds me of a emo ostrich

No. 602791

Right?! It’s okay though - we’ll all get to watch the fun game of seeing her giant arms balloon up and/or her increasingly desperate shoops.
Because you don’t just stop gaining weight when you get lipo - the fat has to go somewhere.
She’ll have a mediocrely small abdomen and giant sausage limbs in no time, guys.

No. 603039

>”I’m a female”
>on an all female imageboard

No. 603183

it would be fine if she hadn't just made a huge deal about how her weight gain was genetic and 100% not her fault and saying she sticks to her ultra-healthy meal plan religiously

No. 603328

Totally agree. If she just owned up to being plain lazy less people would have shit to say about her getting lipo. It's her body, sure. Do what you want. But blaming it on genetics and how she'd "tried everything" and making it seem like this was her only option is fucking ridiculous.

No. 603398

Anyone else hella pissed at the fact that she’s really not in the KH fandom at all, last year even saying she’s only played one game(I think) barely knows the story and yet she’s here at the orchestra and KH3 premiere event pretending to cry and be so happy about it. That shit pisses me off. Then she posts her “fake nerd girl mukbang” complaining about guys questioning her “nerd knowledge” and saying that it’s sexist but I just think they can see right through fakeness and the fact that she doesn’t know much about any fandom(sailor moon included) but hops on the bandwagon to seem trendy.(pure autism)

No. 603409

No, im not,, because im not autistic. If this actually makes you angry, reevaluate. There’s plenty of KH and anime to go around.

No. 603439

File: 1528311229113.png (78.41 KB, 913x451, yt.png)

Say this again when you go in for more lipo, kek

No. 603448

Starting at 12:20 she said that she wants to start a GoFundMe for a pink oven and she said she hates her fridge too

Then she goes on a tangent about how "wouldn't you guys love to see a beautiful, friendly pink oven when I do mukbangs?"

Kelly, buy your own shit if you're so "financially stable" and stop trying to solicit your fans into doing it by manipulating them

White fridges and ovens would still match your aesthetic and wouldn't cost nearly as much as the pink ones that you want

No. 603457

How does witnessing the fake nerd girl phenomenon make the witness a victim? What kind of logic even is that? Oh wait I forgot this is Kelly-land where nothing makes sense because she's delusional and always right.

No. 603464

Imo she just feels judged by proxy because she knows she has only superficial interest in “nerd culture.”

No. 603470

Of course. It's the "lady doth protesteth too much" thing. If she had a solid and legitimate interest in those things she wouldn't be so bothered by stuff that calls her out.

No. 603632

So in this video she gives Toshi his food in one lump, doesn't break it up and then mocks him for choking on it and says that he throws up most days, this poor dog, first the locking him in a closet that is "his bedroom" and now she forces him to choke on his food and vomit almost every day because she is too negligent to do something about the problem and break up the lump of food in to small enough chunks for such a small dog, also has she ever taken him to be groomed? he looks so overgrown and scruffy, I would understand if it was winter and he needed to be warm but its California in June

No. 603638

This. It's not normal for a dog to throw up that much. I don't get why it's so hard to just mash it up with a fork?

No. 603645

She talks about being depressed in EVERY FUCKING VIDEO. Holy shit, shut the fuck up. WE GET IT! YOU'RE DEPRESSED!

No. 603703

File: 1528329456589.jpg (990.63 KB, 1042x1933, 20180606_194613.jpg)

Kelly looking like a troll doll with her fucked up angelic pretty boots. Guess she learned from Pixie Locks in how to take care of her shoes kek.

No. 603784

Total Sage.
Did she give Toshi cow milk? What is the point of giving him "all organic super nutritious" food to taint it with cow milk which can cause serious indigestion in dogs. Girl use some chicken or vegetable stock if you want to add something.

No. 603794

That bowl she used for toshi is that from Target? I have the same one and it says it's not safe for food on the bottom. Its more for decoration. It was in the $1-3 dollar bin area.

No. 603801

Is there any way to report this to animal protection? I feel like this video and her saying he throws up daily is good evidence.

No. 603824

That poor dog! She’s not even looking when she’s swinging him around on that toy. What if she flung him into something? And she just stands there as he’s choking when most people would try and help their dogs smh.

No. 603839

Lmao I think she missed the part where the commenter said she was a woman, herself and is confusing the commenter as a male.
Or she’s just being her usual retarded self.

Has she really never heard of posers?
She’s never heard of people pretending to be a certain type of person, style, interest, scene, or fad just to fit in with a certain group of people/community? O rly?

No. 603857

File: 1528344958398.jpeg (281.22 KB, 1242x1187, 5DB85925-0D80-4864-A835-2890C6…)

Can this girl go five minutes without mentioning depression? We get it, you need attention.

As for Eeyore*, it’s not his friend’s responsibility to fix all of his problems, Kelly. It sounds pretty shitty, kinda sounds like she’s comparing Eeyore to her own life and is bitter about her friends (even though they’ve helped her a ton). Just sounds ungrateful.

No. 603864

File: 1528345880199.png (370.97 KB, 679x473, 4B01DEC7-7D9C-44F2-8A26-D3ABC9…)

She needs to stop

No. 603879

Bad metaphor. I grew up thinking Eeyore must have not minded his house falling down, or he would've asked to move in with one of his friends with a quickness, lmao.

No. 603900

This mindset is so backwards for anyone who actually wants to overcome their depression. You have to build your own damn metaphorical house, Kelly. Friends are there to be supportive, not to help you fix your emotional problems. That’s what therapists are for.

No. 603907

File: 1528353282933.jpg (44.65 KB, 500x593, 17f19641b6b61367989b00bf0ea2ac…)

It's sad haw she doesn't seem to have grown or changed at all from this…cake moment. Does she really think it's edgy and cool to be aggressive and obnoxiously vocal about all the ~fReaKy~ stuff you're into? Oversharing is a thing. No one is asking about her kinks and her sex life. It's just awkward and reeks of insecurity and attention seeking.

No. 603912

I remember when all the scene queens on MySpace were taking these messy colorful food photo sets, and seeing it again now, on Kelly, it really strikes me how the look doesn’t quite look right on her. Seems like she’s been trying for a very long time to fit in somewhere, but she would be so much more likeable if she was just herself. Maybe she doesn’t know what that is? She’s at such a perfect age and in the right financial position to explore so many options, though. And I think her audience would enjoy seeing her try out new hobbies and explore new interests from time to time. Heck, even if she’s got no identity issues, it would still do wonders for her mental health and her channel if she just got out more - for things she genuinely wants to do, not just events she needs to show up at to maintain her social position.

No. 603950

File: 1528358968771.gif (716.51 KB, 500x254, Annoyed-person-GIF.gif)

>Can this girl go five minutes without mentioning depression?

She can't. My partner suggested that we should play "Depression Bingo" if we want to get drunk, just take a shot Kelly Eden mentions how depressed or tired she is.

Just imagine if people with other diseases kept talking about their disorder/affliction in literally every video and forcing it downs peoples throat.

"Oh, my diarrhea is so bad."

No. 604072

Exactly, you wouldn't get offended by the term "fake nerd girl" if you weren't one.

No. 604185

kelly just uploaded a video about her latest disney trip, claims children screaming in space mountain did it specifically to annoy her and to get her attention, spends 3 solid minutes complaining about them??? how self absorbed can you be

also towards the end she says how "plebs" (her words) only like Alice in wonderland because it was just "edgy" enough, are you saying people are "fake" disney fans Kelly?

No. 604188

If you think about it, has kelly ever really had an interest or a hobby that was unique to her? Everything she does is a fad and it’s just gotten worse over the years. I feel like her painting hobby was probably the closest thing to a genuine interest she’s had. Now she’s all “choke me daddy cosplay gamur gurl” because it’s the trendy thing to be. She’s always chasing after the bandwagon of any new fad that starts floating around because chick doesn’t have a mind of her own. She’s as shallow as a parking lot puddle.

No. 604195

File: 1528383772534.jpeg (264.26 KB, 749x1163, 49B989B9-271A-46AE-851C-55FF9F…)

this new “I’m a gamer girl” persona is just overkill at this point, Kelly. You don’t need custom controllers and pc builds when you literally just play ffxv over and over.

No. 604198

She’s still pronouncing it “ka-why.” Ka-why is it so damn difficult for you to wrap your brain around this, Kelly?

No. 604199

Oh but Kelly can scream like a banshee whenever she's out in public with her friends right? Kelly is a fucking pleb.

No. 604201

No. 604243

Holy shit. Those AP boots. They are peeling all over. She probably bought them second hand like that since she's such a freeloading cheapass, but still wants the status of brand. Her lolita friends must secretly hate her.

No. 604264

File: 1528386489127.jpeg (152.43 KB, 1348x659, 6F76D9EB-E78A-43A7-9359-7A7AB9…)

“I hate Alice in Wonderland it’s so over saturated and it’s for plebs”


No. 604314

I have never noticed before how much she waddles, do the jumbo titts make it hard for her to walk normally. It's creepy how invested she is in Phi, like she is learning german, going to germany for christmas with Phi's family, they are doing larp together and going to Mexico for Phi's birthday which she said was Kelly's idea, that is not normal with a person you barely know

No. 604333

She almost looks like one of those lularoe mlm sellers.

No. 604415

Gosh i hate how she is now allover german expert and interested in all german. As it never existed before she met Phi.
And all the Larp craze. In Larp most of the people are into stereotypes like you see in books and movies(elves tall lean, dwarfs small and compact). A small chubby elf player mostly gets a lot of negative comments if its not reeeallly cool looking like Arwen or Galadriel. Yes one can pull it off but i don t think she can. Such a beginner fail typical for cutie alternative wannababes.
please don t come to germany, leave your bullshit at home.
And blaming the company for wearing a too small dress is very lame.

No. 604419

It's very r/ihavesex and so annoying. No one cares what you're into, Kelly. Save it for FetLife.

No. 604423

Totally like a hobo. Look at her photos and videos eating. No posture at all and knowledge how to move. I don t know how she pulls off all these ok pictures.

No. 604469

I always find it so awkward to see Kelly around her friends.
Phi seems like a really sweet girl and whenever she speaks or wants to tell a story Kelly always looks thicked off.
She grabbed her camera off phi a lot too but left her carry it no problem when her arms got tired.
It just seems like Kelly's only a good friend when everyone is talking about her or listening to her blab about herself

No. 604485

I'm actually worried for Phi. Kelly seems like such a parasite as a friend/roomie and it makes me anxious to watch even from afar. Like her constant guilt-tripping her friends into taking care of her and her over-controlling nature around them.

I've known those types of people that are leeches, not accomplishing much in life, who live vicariously through their roommates and have huge expectations about their friendship. Suddenly it's like you're apart of a relationship you never consented to and by the time you've realized it's gone too far, their attachment to you is borderline obsessive.

I feel like Dre was too young to truly know herself and how to assert herself around Kelly but now she's a bit older she realized Kelly's dependency isn't worth it.

No. 604717

I made it about 6 minutes before I had to stop. Kelly has such a unpleasant personality. It's really astounding anyone ever wants to hang out with her. She's so annoying and every word that comes out of her mouth sounds negative, condescending, and arrogant.

No. 604725


Interesting how she talks shit about alice in wonderland and nightmare before xmas, which both Kota and Dre are obsessed with, respectively.

No. 604777

Just a side note, I’m honestly starting to love Phi! I think she’s very funny and quirky without the “I’m trying so hard to be weird and cute” vibe. I think I just like that she’s a bit more quiet, seems like a complete sweetheart, but is also very witty. She’s totally gorgeous too. I’d definitely prefer her vlogs over Kelly’s

No. 604803

Agreed. She is a beautiful and down to Earth person. She is enjoyable to watch.

No. 604873

Just because she has fake boobs doesn't mean she shouldn't a bra. Geez

No. 604915

She must be seriously lacking in self awareness if she doesn't understand why she's still single. Can you imagine what it's like to date her if this is how she treats her roommates? Who would want to date someone that openly bossy and bitchy who also needs attention and an audience at all times?

I feel badly for anyone who just wants a place to live without signing up to be a sidekick/prop available 24/7 for The Kelly Eden Show. It's kind of shitty for Stephanie to have dumped Kelly on Phi knowing exactly the kind of friend she is.

No. 605099

Meh, I don’t feel too bad for Phi. She knew of Kelly before she met her so she knew what she was getting into. She also moved to LA from Germany to pursue an acting career so I’m sure the “exposure” to Kelly’s braindead followers is welcomed.

No. 605322


She literally has the most unflattering way of walking I've ever seen. Idk if there's a word for the opposite of elegant, but that's what her walk is kek

No. 605368

I think it's one thing to casually follow someone online and have an idea of what they're like vs the reality of the circus that comes with living with Kelly. Most people in this thread seem to have enjoyed Kelly's videos at some point. Exposure or not, anyone who has to live with someone like Kelly has my sympathy.

No. 605391


According to Merriam-Webster, some antonyms for elegant that pertain to Kelly could be: dowdy, graceless, unrefined, coarse, crude, uncouth.

Amongst may others. Take yer pick. They're all her.

No. 605446

does Kelly pc game at all?
I thought she was just about her PS4?
she gets sent enough Alienware stuff to cost well over $3000 and she's the least deserving person I can think of

No. 605448

samefag but did I miss something? did Kelly move house or is she just in a really tiny room with all her kitchen stuff there

No. 605454

She owns a studio

No. 605471


Jeez. Omg I despise children, but Phi and Kelly are being fucking ridiculous about the kids screaming on the rides. They're fucking CHILDREN. They were probably screaming while the ride wasn't even moving because they were so caught up in the excitement because. they're. kids. Idk it was definitely OTT the way they were complaining. Calm down.

Hmm, Kelly if you didn't pair your monstrous, disproportionate-to-your-body titties with your cheap Forever 21 clothing, this wardrobe malfunction would have been less likely to occur. Just sayin'.

No. 605480

the dress was also probably the wrong size since she is so in denial about her size and how she is too tiny for clothes

No. 605485

So she has her own studio, gets expensive shit for free yet still has the gall to tell her followers to buy her new kitchen stuff? Fucking hell.

No. 605524

File: 1528496738590.png (990.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5368.PNG)

Fellowship tattoos

No. 605528

Wow, Envy's looks shittier than even Kelly's! If I had to choose, I think Courtney and Stephanie's are my favourites, although I like the minimalism of Dre's. Kota's is kind of flat looking.

No. 605533

What a terrible, phallic design. The only one that doesn't look slimy is the black linework one. Yikes. Can't believe 6 separate people thought that was a good idea

No. 605536

Holy cow Envy’s crystal is a MESS. Kota’s looks the best, technically, in my opinion. Good lines, a bold outline, good color saturation. Would be cuter if she included a little sparkle or light flare but hers looks the strongest out of all of them.

No. 605559

I was thinking the same, totally undeserving. She says that she thinks herself lucky but I don't think she even grasps how lucky she is indeed.

No. 605561

Kota’s Looks like a dildo. These all look so shitty but the black and white one is definitely the better out of them all

No. 605584

I keep thinking they should have got them on their ankles/lower legs instead. They're cute but it just looks wrong where they're placed

No. 605618

Phi's in the comments on Youtube replying on behalf of Kelly like she's her PA

You need more chill Phi. You're really cute but you gotta chill. It's good you're happy about your new housemate tho

No. 605645

File: 1528510080889.png (629.64 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180608-200508.png)

So she didnt sell her hello kitty kitchen stuff. She moved them to her studio.

No. 605685

she has a lot of those taobao bootleg anna sui storage/makeup boxes huh…the pink things and the one with utensils in it.

No. 605689

Idk what’s more pathetic throwing a fit Sanrio won’t make you a PR Model so you get rid of all their merchandise you own or actively making everyone think that’s what you did but keeping everything in secret

No. 605698

I don't think that Phi is the angel that everyone thinks that she is. She was totally enabling Kelly's manipulation of fans when Kelly said that she wants a pink stove/oven and she's made some snarky comments defending Kelly too. Either she's not as nice as she pretends to be or she's overly trying to win over Kelly and fit in. Maybe even use her for exposure, like >>605099 said. If so, prepare for the bitter tweetstorm from Kelly when Phi surpasses her in followers/subscribers like she did with Dre.

No. 605721

The Anna Sui looking ones are from Daiso, everyone has them.

No. 605770

most things from daiso are from China. it's a dollar store. and they're sold on taobao and even aliexpress. plus they're direct anna sui ripoffs she's been trying to get rid of them for years.

No. 605783

What the fuck he just inhaled the whole puck. No wonder he's choking and gagging.

No. 605784

Just finished the video and the poor dog is making the gagging noises throughout the entire last 5 minutes. The poor thing, what is wrong with Kelly. It makes me upset that she didnt even care about his distress and ignores him to keep doing the video

No. 605801

File: 1528530571014.png (1.39 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180609-091922.png)

We can see she takes such care of her shoes.

No. 605804

The condition of those AP boots are horrifying, they are so beat up they literally belong in the trash.

I would ask how she isn't embarrassed to wear them out looking like they do, but the rest of her shoe collection is pretty hideous too.

No. 605830

File: 1528538884691.jpg (36.15 KB, 720x214, _20180609_110449.JPG)

Don't worry Kelly no one likes the Kelly Eden persona anyway you can stop

No. 605860


looks like she has a bunch of doubles of those expensive irregular choice boots, now assuming she gets sponsored and isn't dropping 300 a pop to buy those things, don't companies usually send you doubles to also host a give away? I know kelly is too much of a gremlin to give anything away for free but what are you going to do with two pairs of those ugly ass miss piggy boots

No. 605862

File: 1528543377633.jpeg (177.22 KB, 750x737, 09E6FC3F-86FB-411A-BD33-33E654…)

I know I’m not her biggest fan but that controller is bomb! Also if she hates the whole ‘gamer girl’ mentality why has she hashtagged that post with #gamergirl Is she ever consistent with what she says?

No. 605864

File: 1528543648498.png (460.17 KB, 750x1334, 1F41156D-D5BF-44C9-B80A-7BA457…)

She tried to sell her HK stuff on depop. The microwave is still listed for sale for $200 where she’s willing to bundle any other HK merchandise because she’s “getting rid of all of it”. It’s been listed on her depop well over a year, maybe two. I think she threw a fit and then backpeddled when people stared calling her out for being an entitled brat about it.

No. 605870

i don't see the double shoes

this picture was taken in a mirror so there's double everything lol

No. 605877

nvm im stupid i didnt see the mirror

No. 605888

those are also expensive af and it doesn't seem she got a sponsorhip from them

No. 605904

>"For personal reasons I am no longer supporting #sanrio"

This bitch is supposed to be a kawaii leader, yet she is boycotting Sanrio?

No. 605923

This is when I started to really know about who Kelly really is. I thought this was super immature of her. Companies don't have to sponsor you.

No. 605930

She did! She mentions it in the Japan haul. I think these boots can be hard to find from what I've heard.

No. 605937

Why do I have a feeling Kelly is going to take advantage of this LARPing event to get herself a nerdy gullible male. I honestly can't picture her just going there to play a game with Phi. She'll be all "thotted" up as some sexy elf girl who acts like a tsundere and tease some of the dudes. Hope we get some milky drama from this.

No. 605949

I honestly thought the same thing. If anything we'll get some hilariously extra video about it and some good shots of her in her getup.

No. 606052

She’s so fucking dramatic. She makes it seem like Sanrio pulled some shady shit when in reality they just didn’t want to sponsor her stupid ass. Grow up Kelly. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

No. 606112

Girl, you know she will. She's going to try to be like the new Mo Mo O'Brian. "Look fam! Ya boi is now a bisexual, kawaii lolita, gamergurl, larper too! I'm so nerdy ya guyz lolz."

No. 606117



No. 606132


It must be so hard being Kelly Eden where you get thousands of dollars worth of pc gear, hundreds of dollars worth of shoes and countless other bundles of make up and clothing swag where all that's expected of you is to make a half assed video where you talk about the packaging for 15 fucking minutes. This poser tries so hard to make people believe that she has it hard but she's fooling no one.

No. 606198

Seriously, she really thinks that she is the biggest special snowflake because she throws (minimal) money at a brand and then expects to be sponsored since she has pink hair and a youtube. And if they don't acknowledge the pennies she has spent? BOYCOTT TIME.

What's precious is that Sanrio is a major international brand and supporting them does show Japan that the US wants "kawaii" things and helps support their economy.

Now that she is a "Kawaii International Leader" it is pretty nasty that she can't keep her drama to herself while publicly stating that she no longer supports the brand… when they did absolutely nothing wrong, aside from not pandering to her bratty entitlement.

Just. Wow.

No. 606272

I think she doesn´t count as kawaii leader anymore no? Our GAL PIXIE is the next gen…

No. 606357

God I didn't see the mirror either and part of me thinks this is intentional to show off how many shoes she has. Seems like a weird kelly thing to do

No. 606409

File: 1528590568888.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5389.PNG)

No. 606558

How much do you guys wanna bet she's gonna come back with some story of how a guy "objectified" her during the larp

No. 606724

I know larp and its rough if you dress yourself as sexy as she used to you get very rough comments. The guys play hard soldiers most of the time and almost everyone gets sexist comments. (they are good guys in real but when they play soldiers and thiefs they are rough)
I don t think she can handle anything other then happy hippie larp where everyone is nice. And i bet she doesnt understand the roleplay. Hey she is playing Elf and thats not a fitting role for her at all. So stupid.

No. 606909

File: 1528658963812.jpg (112.82 KB, 952x634, c712f6f6c7.jpg)

Man, when you watch her oldest video… she was more interesting and happy. Now every video she mentions:

"I am depressed."
"I am so tired."
"My depression. Depressed? Yeah, did I already mention depressed? Childhood."

No. 607001

she s not depressed, she is bored.

No. 607031

No. 607105

Right? And then it's:

>I'm so anxious and depressed I can't do anything please fund my (stove/computer/student debt/xyz expense)

>meanwhile… (goes on vacations and trips/blows money on stupid shit/bought a puppy/eats out all the time/has a personal trainer/pays for therapy out of pocket/brags that she is doing well financially)

Also, this is a bit old, but in one of her mukbangs she mentioned while she was recovering from her lipo surgery, she ate those chocolate pies every single day for a while. Like. What.

No. 607112

Is her mouth supposed to be crooked this long after whatever surgery she had? (Unless this is an old pic.)
Yup. Bored and lonely.

No. 607119

Okay so I noticed something.

She has stated before that she’s never finished Final Fantasy 8, 12, and 13. She has some figures from Final Fantasy 9 (I recall seeing a Zidane…). I’ll assume she finished 7, 10 (debatable), and 15. Leaving out 1-6 and 11-14.

Now, a while back, she had played Persona 5 and named the character Toshi. Yet, no sign of her mentioning that game, much less finishing it.

Later on, she complained about Nier Automata being too short (that game requires you to “pass” it at least twice so that the third play through leads to you actually passing the game.) She recently posted a video with 9S voice actor.

Kelly is a game band waggoner. She bitches and moans about gate keepers, but how do you expect people to take you seriously when you don’t bother to finish games or even do your research and shout that you’re a massive fan? I get that you’re a FF7 fan. Everyone fucking is. But there’s more to final fantasy than just 7 and 15, Kelly.

Ugh. She just angers me with the amount of band waggoning.

Saged for rant.

No. 607200

Let's be real here, 11 and 14 don't count. Lol

But I highly doubt she's ever played a pre-vii ff game.

She definitely did not play through 9S's line or the remainder of the game. I'm done with the game but only 49% complete with approximately 55 hours. There's a lot to do. I also doubt to high hell she ever finished persona 5 that game has so many hours of story gameplay. She knows nothing about actually gaming.
And yeah I'm salty that she managed to get 9S to voice over her shit.

No. 607203

I’ll accept 11, but I enjoyed 14 relatively. Regardless, she won’t stfu about 7. And I’ve finished both P5 and Nier and yeah, you can tell Kelly didn’t finish this. Just when she did the unboxing of the nier figure and she put the bucket on the robot because “if you played the game, you’d know.”

Ummmm idk kelly maybe finish the games so you know what the fuck you’re talking about

No. 607604

File: 1528731092076.png (196.46 KB, 750x1334, 34CF1896-D83F-4366-90DF-597EDE…)

This is ironic coming from her of all people

No. 607617

File: 1528732054216.png (353.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6581.PNG)

This happened on twitter earlier, her shitty attitude towards her fans is becoming more and more evident. I used to stan kelly but now I see how shallow and unkind she really is.

No. 607878

File: 1528750685299.png (18.2 KB, 720x248, 20180611_205052.png)

This was on her last video with Phi about Larping. Interesting to see people shipping them. I dont think Kelly has ever been into girls, no matter what she says.

No. 607892

Nah, Kelly isn't into girls at all. You can tell. She's like a submissive girl who's super into "bad daddy" kind of men. See all her cringy husbando choices.

No. 607936

getting her nails done for a larp. i sure hope she doesnt want to fight cause that's gonna be a bad mix.

No. 608331

i agree. I think Kelly only says she likes girls, just to excite guys, and to score LGBTQ special snowflake points. more people need to call her out on this. saged.

No. 608333

haha Kelly is such a weakling, she can't handle other opinions. Mute all you want but don't block someone for pointing something out to you. Dumb bitch.

No. 608603

The nails fit her bad medieval market "elf" costume with the iceblue wig. I hope she didn t wear that costume to larp.
thats soooo bad.

No. 608679

File: 1528823724385.png (146.84 KB, 750x854, IMG_5426.PNG)

Looks like she for her look from Ren Faire to larp

No. 608799

Kinda derailing but will give her props for having good hair and mature makeup compared to every other kawaii cow on here

No. 608800

I spoke too soon

No. 608835

File: 1528831964595.png (346.63 KB, 1099x756, 1.1.png)


No. 608837

File: 1528832026203.png (620.01 KB, 1138x762, 1.2.png)

No. 608838

File: 1528832056009.png (98.35 KB, 566x473, 1.3.png)

3/3 of today's Twitter bullshit a la Kelly.

No. 608861

What the actual fuck. What was her dumb fucking initial tweet about then? I'm blocked by her too. I have to rely on screenshots from here or just looking at her profile while logged out on a browser hahaha.

No. 608883

Interesting Kelly uses the term " My dude" just like the same anon did on post 597514 hmm…

No. 608896

Told the reps at Square E about her. This is just so childish to be so extra and not let people have fun.

No. 608900

I once posted about her blocking me for asking a question she answered someone else, and her fans immediately jumped down my throat to attack me.
Claiming I’m a source of negativity who didn’t know the full story, and that I attack other women for no reason.
Got rude comments on my instagram for days calling me awful names.
When all I said was “Hey wondering why you blocked me on twitter for asking a question you’re answering now?”
Her fans are fucking insane and it’s good to see it’s not just me being blocked for no reason.

No. 608902

Kelly said in of her mukbangs she's always in a "state of despair" and always depressed/tired. Now I'm watching her latest video, she's super lively, gigglnig and laughing nonstop.

Yeah, I can see the despair.

No. 608928

Gods, she's such an insufferable cunt. Let people be happy, Kelly.

No. 609018

Kelly and Dasha are featured heavily in Trish Paytas' birthday video, I love it when cows collide

No. 609170

File: 1528856927807.jpeg (263.27 KB, 506x808, 8D05F196-5337-4C5C-87C5-DB5F69…)

No. 609174

File: 1528857013286.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 92EA6CD3-1286-4FA3-AB17-C706FB…)


No. 609176

File: 1528857070794.jpeg (43.83 KB, 453x630, 61293DF6-3E49-4E30-8E03-621130…)