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No. 201926

Kitty's twitter went private shortly after both these posts (briefly public between). Her cottage cheese ass photo was also deleted. If anyone ever wonders who is posting in these threads, wonder no more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 201945

Do you have any milk to spill?

No. 202019

Oh Lorena, another witch hunt, just because you're bored and get no clients while another girl does?

No. 202071

was this intended to be a thread or did you just fuck up the posting location?

No. 202127

I wonder what this is about.

No. 202134

Kitty is a high class escort who's located in Japan. She basically keeps her head out of any drama, but Lorena is so jealous that other are more popular than her, that she probably made this thread as vendetta

No. 202136

Kitty is not based in Japan but in the US. Although she was previously.

No. 202137

Sorry, wasn't sure about that, she's now in the US, but still does her thing in Japan by times if she gets booked over there

No. 202162

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