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File: 1557989164009.jpg (536.01 KB, 1080x1478, sere.jpg)

No. 47769

Self proclaimed "Queen of Kabukicho" and "Weeb queen with boundary issues."

Recent milk:
>Currently visa-hopping in Brisbane, Australia and working at a local brothel under the alias "Dior".
>Adopted a ratchet IG baddie persona, including pot-leaf motifs and tagging random rappers in her posts.
>Prior to her newest persona, was attempting a very cringe "kawaii" persona, including cheap wigs and ahegao selfies/tiktok spam.
>Also recently made a brief attempt at becoming a "twitchthot" in her own words. Streaming Mario Kart twice before abandoning it.
>Her third, fatherless, child hasn't been referenced to or seen in months.
>Last visa-hop to Korea, she had her boobjob revised among other surgeries.
>Has joined a band called D4C (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) as their vocalist even though she can't sing.
>Still working as a prostitute out of Miss Universe.

IG: @kabukillmee
Twitter: twitter.com/kabukillmee
Onlyfans: onlyfans.com/kabukillmee
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/kabukillmee
Miss Universe profile: http://www.jo-kyoushi.com/profile.html?uid=260

D4C (band) twitter: twitter.com/D4C__Official
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQezWdc5xLIzX87X9Lp5SxA

Previous Thread: >>8868

No. 47771

File: 1557989297408.png (27.62 KB, 826x187, sche.png)

She's back on schedule at Miss Universe for May 18th onward.

No. 47775


She has shitty friends, a shitty boyfriend and kids in Japan.

No. 47776

If immigration let‘s her in

No. 47787

She is probably married so they will let her in, otherwise how can she work at Miss Universe?

No. 47789

if she is married, why does she go on vacation every 6 months?

No. 47791

If she wouldn't be married, she would need to jump every 8 weeks.

No. 47792

She probably married a guy for money like Shiena.

No. 47800

File: 1558009775737.gif (434.09 KB, 350x200, PhijPZB.gif)

but it's weird. every 6 months she goes to another country?

No. 47801

They might have hooked her up with a fake work visa (pretending she teaches English) and then pretend she has the proper visa.

No. 47822

File: 1558022127210.png (188.4 KB, 457x865, lastnight.png)

There definitely is something shady going on, given how long she's been dodging immigration. Who knows what she's actually up to, though it wouldn't surprise me if she has a fake visa marriage or a dodgy work visa of some kind. Do you think, she might be applying and reapplying for an entertainment visa now that she's in the band?

No. 47899

With these tattoos NO school would ever hire her. Besides, to get working visa the company would need to pay her salary and she would need to pay tax. She is married for sure with some poor guy and pays him to stay married for 5years at least!

No. 47934

Seconding this idea. Entertainment visa for hostesses/prostitutes doesn’t exist anymore. Her band/porn isn’t famous enough to qualify her. She can’t be visa hopping this much and not get caught. I’d bet good money she’s paying a guy to stay married to her like Shiena did.

No. 47960

She was a teacher when she first came to Japan. She had to wear long sleeves and trousers everyday. If I school gave her a visa now it wouldn’t be that she was actually working there, just her paying them off.

No. 47979

The schools and companies have nowadays pretty strict rules like even KidsDuo the worst one seams not to hire every foreigner, the fake marriage seams easier to me.

No. 48013

File: 1558119984304.jpeg (364.25 KB, 1125x1799, 4C462A56-BAC6-4628-826E-C93C51…)

Lorena said “I miss you” to the tattoo guy.
Check the live before it’s gone. And his response is also funny

No. 48029


Guess lorena is still in australia

No. 48065

File: 1558157697520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.65 KB, 1092x1108, CA09C989-8BB1-4F00-A5A9-9E7075…)

Found an update of her boob job still looks shitty

No. 48067

Can a spoiler have a spoiler?
The actual shape of them is better, they aren't all dented like before. But those nipples, christ.

No. 48078

Lmao with those tits and nipples she works as whore

No. 48079

She tattooed over her salami nipples? Jesus what is wrong with her???

No. 48130

File: 1558212279000.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 16.39 KB, 236x157, 7DB786BD-BF22-42EB-BEDF-E070EE…)

She should have gotten hearts instead.

No. 48131

The hearts would be better!

No. 48140

Why is Gaya not working any more?

No. 48183

Maybe she is too fat to get any bookings.

No. 48199

File: 1558256202157.jpeg (525.72 KB, 640x1047, DB63EDA3-FC6B-420E-86CF-75D703…)

Immigration let her in again wtf

No. 48200

File: 1558256455235.jpeg (319.45 KB, 640x717, FBB69BC4-006D-4456-8547-936A94…)

No. 48220

Maybe pregnant?

No. 49135

Maybe she has someone who pays everything for her.

No. 49136

File: 1558309855482.jpeg (237.85 KB, 755x1464, 7B620671-3343-4D88-84B3-352C26…)

So her dog fell out the window it’s not funny but wow how does that happen(emoji)

No. 49142

She loves whoring, I doubt she’d stop. Maybe tell them she would but actually no.

No. 49143

Did she have two dogs for a while? What happened to the other?

No. 49166

that poor dog. How does someone even let their dog fall out a window?? damn

No. 49192

caring about dogs but doesn't give a shit about her 3 children

No. 49236

it fell out a window she didn't care that much

No. 49278

No way she is married.
Why would she be bouncing out of Japan every couple months. She is obviously Visa hopping. I've known people who have gotten away with Visa hopping continuously over years and not get caught. Maybe she is smarter than we give her credit for.

No. 49287

She probably is, she does a lot more in Japanese than a lot of gaijin.

No. 49295

I also think she is married. Working as a prostitute and buying a mansion wouldn't be possible otherwise.

No. 49296

Do you really think she bought that mansion herself? You must be joking

No. 49319

File: 1558420853765.jpg (90.28 KB, 490x532, poordog.jpg)

No. 49320

File: 1558421562043.png (28.41 KB, 733x171, gofundme.png)

I hope Tunamayo recovers, poor dog. My question is, how in the world did the dog "fall out" of a three story window? Definitely sounds like neglect of some kind. Thank god it wasn't her toddler.

>those of you who know my situation know this will be a big blow to me

Says the lady who fakes a luxury lifestyle, was just flashing wads of cash on the beach along with jewelry purchases, etc. Funny how that persona suddenly changes when she's looking at a vet bill.

No. 49323

What happened to all those riches she claimed? That's right, she didn't have any. Maybe instead of being frivolous with the tiny amount of cash she gets from sucking dick, she could have enough savings fix her dog. Feel sorry for the dog… neglected, abused? 8000 isn't a lot of money. Such a shame. Maybe they've got some installment plan.

No. 49324

How do we even know this isn't a quick cash grab scam now that she's back in Japan? She hasn't posted any photos to prove the situation.

No. 49332

8000AUD is quite a bit of money if you have no savings which I'm sure she doesn't.

No. 49339

Someone with a decent income who manages their spending properly should have an emergency fund to cover these situations, but on what rich oblivious planet is that not a lot of money.

No. 49344

Bit suspect. That’s the dog we never see anymore. She has plenty of things she could pawn. Or ask whoever she is living with that has the house. How can she pay for so many trips and not this?

No. 49796

She is lying.Maybe the dog fell out is true but the price is impossible.You can buy new dogs for the price. The real cost must be much much cheaper. It’s just a scam

No. 49803

scrolled through her social media
last time we saw it was here >>8905
9 months ago
been a bunch of photos of the other one tho

No. 49826

Total scam.
Had a friend who had a similar incident in Japan with her small dog, but it was hit by a car. Surgery was around or under 8man (around $800USD). Not saying that this in fact didn't happen because perhaps it did, but I do believe that she is fishing for extra money to keep for herself.

No. 49827

Does anyone in fact know if she officially divorced her ex-husband? Another possibility would be her having a temporary resident visa, since she does have kids in Japan.

No. 49832

She is already divorced and if you would read the threads more carefully you would know that she used to visa hop. And once was stuck in Korea too….

No. 49863

lmao what scam. My dog had a similar issue + had cancer treatment and surgery, and even THEN it was at MOST 3000~. This is such horse shit, if anyone donates to her they're absolutely retarded.

No. 49864

8000$ really sounds a bit scammy, but up to 5k seems legit for these kind of operations. Nevertheless in her place I’d rather put that poor thing down, because the physical and emotional pain that comes with these kind of operations often leaves animals in a huge trauma. And if it already fell out of a window it’s already traumatized enough

No. 49873

File: 1558502104561.png (467.77 KB, 1010x650, wat.png)

It's strange, according to the timeline she gave, the 72 hour watch would have been up already and tunamayo should have been in surgery this past Sunday? The gofundme has no donations, she hasn't mentioned anything about her dog.

And yet here she is posting clips of her dancing like a crackhead with a geode for whatever reason and tagging rappers.

No. 49875

When you consider that giving stupid birth costs around 4000-5000$ depends on how long you stay in the hospital, people would pay for their pets in Japan even more. I guess for an emergency surgery together with a week hospital 6000$-8000$ in a Meguro clinic sounds realistic.

No. 49890

File: 1558518350146.jpeg (105.6 KB, 1109x653, 032CC1F7-3731-4253-9D02-3C5DD5…)

If her phone broke, how did she send this from her iPhone?

No. 49892

once a liar, always a liar

No. 49896

Seems she quit suddenly for some reason. Her TAG profile has been deleted and she made no announcement about it. She used to comment 100 times a week. Threads asking about it are being locked or deleted immediately by management as if to cover something up. Maybe visa issues or an STI? Or maybe divorced and her husband no longer pimping her out.

No. 49898

File: 1558524937576.jpeg (344.8 KB, 1106x2239, 6BA9ED83-3ADE-4ED8-87CD-417DE5…)

They deleted her soap profile but left the pictures.


No. 49927

She quit the business as a whole, there’s nothing more to discuss other than making speculations. She’s probably pregnant, she needs that anchor baby like Sere. It’s not her shop’s or tag’s job to announce a real reason for her departure.

If she’s still living around Shinjuku, she’ll be easy to spot with a baby bump or even maybe back in a deal cafe. Maybe she woke up and realized her life in Japan is a dead-end and will run back to wherever she came from.

Sere, probably should take a page from Gaya’s playbook.

No. 49933

Not expecting anyone to post for her but weird she didn’t post a farewell message.

Both Kitty and Gaya quit with no warning within a couple of months. Could Sere be next?

No. 49944


Kitty didn't quit. She moved to the bay area and she still escorts, just in the US instead.

I have no idea about Gaya, but wasn't it mentioned multiple times that her marriage isn't real and she actually pays her husband every year for her marriage visa?

How long could something like that go on if Shiena got nabbed for the same shit?

I'm totally not surprised about the whole TAG thing though especially after what happened 1.5 years ago with another Japanese escort.

No. 49945

Kitty did quit a few months ago. Her site, instagram, and twitter have all been deleted. Gaya’s marriage was open but real (they lived together).

No. 49948


I'm pretty sure this is her. She just changed her name.

No. 49951

Good find. Wonder why she changed.

No. 49954

Novaswan? That sounds like something Gaya would choose. I thought she couldn’t get more cringe than “The SS Adventure is about to embark from this particular dock”.

No. 49958

Wow, I just saw that lmao.

I don't think Gaya has any creativity which is why she just flat out stole a god damn name like Alice in Wonderland. Tech bros are sure desperate enough to pay 800+USD an hour in the bay area though.

I wonder why bring Kitty up though. She hasn't been relevant in years.>>49954

No. 49959

Yeah that‘s lorenas thread

No. 49988

Still no donations

No. 49993

That's definitely not Gaya. Completely different face and different body type. Unless she gained a bunch of weight and got a lot of cosmetic surgery since the last time we saw her?

No. 49997

That’s Kitty

No. 50015

It's actually quite easy to get away with being married but not cohabiting with your spouse in Japan. Sheina obviously isn't the brightest and therefore she got popped.

No. 50016

After Sheina being on tv there would probably be a news story about her somewhere too.

No. 50024


Then I guess it'd be easy to get away with paying off your fake spouse too?

No. 50037

Yup. That's Kitty Carr. She got fat and had to re-brand herself. She did delete her old site and delete her old twitter. (She did quit, briefly, to do up the new image)

We didn't bring Kitty up except someone that it was Gaya and it's clearly not.

People aren't that dumb. We hope.

No. 50048

no one donated. if it's true what is going to happen to the dog?

No. 50052

If it was true, she would post receipts and to me the dog looks perfectly healthy. In her recent story she just wrapped it into a towel or blanket. I smell BS

No. 50054

File: 1558615373408.jpeg (98.6 KB, 640x1137, 11FFB555-6A2A-45A7-83A5-AC8E1D…)

No. 50055

File: 1558615427606.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, 3A5DC19A-CC59-48FE-AA20-735125…)

Her new scam

No. 50060

Why is she holding it like that if one of its legs are broken???

No. 50061

She was always fat tho

No. 50063

Somebody tell lorena show us the the receipts.

No. 50065

Does it actually look like a vet’s or just her own house with some plants?

No. 50067

Has she not spoken to the other vets who can do it for 4-5k yet? Why is she still trying to fund 8k? And why the whole 8k? Was she not planning to pay for any of it herself?

No. 50068

I wonder if she posted that because someone said we hadn’t seen that dog in almost a year.

No. 50074

File: 1558627448220.jpg (130.42 KB, 1536x2046, wtflorena.jpg)

you can get a glimpse of her real hair in her recent story. no wonder she only posts pictures in a wig nowadays

No. 50078

The dog seems pretty happy for a broken leg. Is that normal?

No. 50079

This is what, 4 days ago? How long is she going to leave it without surgery?

No. 50099

its normal tho. on small dogs not every hip fracture is treated. surgery is needed for damage on muscles or nerves.

No. 50106

That makes sense but she still has the gofundme up and mentions surgery here: >>50054

How long can she wait?

No. 50108

Who looks after her dogs when she is away? Does she actually have any friends?

No. 50112

>Can a spoiler have a spoiler?

Definitely needs a NSFL tag. Those nipples have the circumference of coffee mugs. WTF

Fun fact there are elderly grandmas working as prostitutes in some places, even Japan, but especially Korea. Literally any woman can do sex work, it's just the price keeps lowering and lowering.

If she just ignores the dog and leaves the window open. That's why they suggest putting insect screens on your windows especially if you don't live on the first floor. Maybe she can't afford screens kek.

Don't forget Shiena is Asian/Chinese (ethnicity), which matters to racist af Japanese public servants. They get rid of illegal Chinese and Filipina women all the time since the Japanese public complains about them.

She looks ANCIENT. Easily mid 40s.

I'm just here wondering "Didn't she have three kids for a while? What happened to the third one?"

In old threads everyone was convinced that baby was actually hers, how could she leave it for a week (in Australia) or potentially months at a time?

No. 50144

Maybe the tattoo guy do it.He was with a dog like hers in his story while Lorena was in Australia

No. 50176

Might have changed her wig, it’s even worse than Lorena’s. She can’t even show the top of her head without massive amounts of blur.

No. 50549

File: 1558700120679.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1849, 40F35BCE-8F09-402F-80AE-3DC1CA…)

Look at her tit. lorena got a tattoo on her tit…disgusting

No. 50566

File: 1558717459353.jpeg (207.7 KB, 1125x1620, 4C5A16BE-E657-4B1D-9B9D-DBC16F…)

now a photo without wig?

guess this anon was right >>201926

No. 50576

how did you reverse that blur???

No. 50580

>>50549 zoom in, it's a sticker/pasty, you absolute autist.

No. 50581

Just upload a photo and then put “unblur” in the name field and the site has some algorithm thing that does it.

No. 50583

Scroll up before you sperg. It's been discussed >>48065

No. 50592

No. 50593

Why the fuck are we discussing this woman in Lorena's thread? The only one who ever gave a shit about her was Lorena herself because she felt threatened by any competition to her "business". This chick seems to be totally drama free and doesn't seem to even be Japan.

But I find it interesting that just when it looks like Lorena's scamming and she posted a story where looks like a 50 year old methed out bogan, suddenly there's multiple posts about this other person comparing her negatively to Lorena while also implying that she reads here.

No. 50609

File: 1558740332656.jpeg (301.71 KB, 1125x1881, FE90A680-43C2-4EBE-B9E7-DD502B…)

She’s still waiting for her streaming cable?! Where did she order it from, the moon??

No. 50633

Man, could you even imagine. Sucking old dude dick for money, but still being a broke bitch and running scams to fake a luxury lifestyle in glorious nippon. Being desperate enough to call dudes like >>48013 daddy. Being on your third throw-away child. Having actual zombie tits like >>48065 . And of course having to wear wigs, shoop, and layer filters to hide that you are straight up busted. >>50074 I know she's only 30, but she's looking real rough. Real hair looks scorched off, her skin looks dry and saggy, her nails have even been looking beat recently. >>39398 It makes me wonder what her "situation" mentioned in >>49320 is? She seems like she's really struggling right now.

No. 50639

Pretty sure the situation thing is made up for sympathy.

No. 50641

I don't know, anon. She was always sort of broke, but never to this level. It makes me wonder if she really is paying off a visa husband and that's why she seems so much more hard up for money lately. When she was living with her ex boytoy in that one shithole apartment, she was getting new clothes, knock off designer shit, nails done, extensions, etc. on the regular. Now she can't even seem to afford that.

No. 50667

File: 1558782445677.jpg (71.59 KB, 750x1334, nsih1Jn.jpg)

No. 50670

She can’t even be a scammer.who gives her money when shes having cake at ginza, showing off the fake Hermes bag. She is completely idiot

No. 50676

sage for tinfoil but i went through her insta earlier and all the pictures and videos of her apparent 3rd kid are gone. all those anons that had tinfoil that it wasnt hers but a friends that she was using to try and con a host were probably right. i bet the friend caught wind of it and demanded she remove all photos and videos from social media. it seems this girl will really do anything to make money, even using children and animals as tools of manipulation

No. 50678

File: 1558788414173.jpeg (558.77 KB, 1104x1385, 02D0DC6C-BA27-4A13-B3BF-3AB1DD…)

No. 50679

File: 1558788462148.jpeg (407.2 KB, 1125x1944, A6739F59-0846-4CFB-8E56-CCD7F4…)

No. 50684

but what about the insta account she made for that kid

No. 50685

She looks weird here. And why buy a wig with dark roots?

No. 50686


She paid money for bag lady hair wow

No. 50689

It hasnt been updated in months. Last post was dec 5th 2018. Very odd that she removed all the pictures and videos on her insta too and where was he when she jetted off to aus recently and was working as an escort there. He clearly isnt with her anymore

No. 50690

Lorena, someone calling you out for being a scammer is not a hater. Sometimes people deserve the criticism they get.

No. 50697

>got fat and had to re-brand herself

That explains why she’s called Nova Swann - some of her clothes are so too small for her they look like a supernova swan song explosion about to happen.

No. 50700

File: 1558797759685.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 195.32 KB, 1125x829, D1643124-C927-429D-AE86-52CEE5…)

New videos:

Touching herself in Ikebukuro and showing off her saggy stomach with fried looking hair.



No. 50701

File: 1558797781912.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 224.4 KB, 1035x1483, A72E8432-9F8D-4683-AA37-8C7B75…)

No. 50741

File: 1558810348565.png (823.14 KB, 459x815, scammer.png)

Definitely looks like the same wig. Didn't take long for her to turn it into a frizzy rat's nest though.

It's funny because she's been showing off a keychain she got in AU that literally says "scammer". Also, a better look at her new bad tattoos. Why in the world would you get a tattoo of your dog with a vibrator in his mouth? So weird and trashy.

No. 50742

File: 1558810455786.png (753.47 KB, 458x808, tuna.png)

It's also funny she's flashing hundreds of yen, showing off going out to eat multiple times, new purchases, etc. All the while still trying to beg for donations for her gofundme?

No. 50744

File: 1558810749756.png (632.1 KB, 446x810, sere.png)

Feat that same ratty wig from. >>50678
The hairline on that thing looks so bad/fake too.

Oops, not a keychain, it's a money clip.

No. 50747

> I’m doing all I can to afford it

Vibrator or pregnancy test?

No. 50761

Lorena is like any other trashy prostitute living in Japan. Sucks old salary man dick for minimum cash and then blows her money and dumb shit instead of actually creating a savings towards something.

No. 50775

Why do they wear the same wig ?Do they live together?

No. 50794

I think he just tried it on for fun

No. 50804

Lorena, show me the receipt or estimate of your dog’s surgery. Then we can decide we should give you donations or not

No. 50980

File: 1558930027618.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 8EF5EDA7-00F7-45B9-9897-31F597…)

Looks like it’s true.

No. 51002

Instead of the dog, she shpuld care about her children

No. 51009

It's probably best if she isn't near them.

No. 51010

She probably shouldn’t be near anyone… if she can’t even take care of her kids and dogs properly. She doesn’t even care much about herself.

No. 51018

This looks like a self post. Whether real or not, she’s still trying to get other people to pay the full original amount while she has tea in Ginza and goes shopping and on transcontinental trips. That’s still a scammer. GoFundMe has people trying to pay their medical bills and dying because they can’t.

I wish all the hookers in this thread would have some dignity and stop ebegging.

No. 51021

uh but the dog needs surgery

No. 51062

Lol, private again

No. 51092

You're absolutley correct.
First of all, I highly doubt that the surgery for the dog costs as much as she claims it does. Also for someone to flash wads of cash on top of the bags and accessories that she claims are not fake, shouldn't she be able to afford her dogs surgery?

No. 51099

>for someone to flash wads of cash on top of the bags and accessories

If you do such kind of things, you should not beg.Nobody gives money to people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian unless you use somebody’s leukemia baby. If you wanna beg, stop acting like that. Most people don’t know your poor hooker situation

No. 51115

Guess none of them are as rich as they pretend. I’d be too ashamed to ebeg even if I was in need. They get paid $$$ per hour (or pretend to). Up your hustle if you need money or know when to adjust your rates. Embarrassing.

No. 51133

no one really doubted that it was true or not.
People doubted that it cost $8000.00 because it really should not. She upped the amount to get more money than the actual surgery.

No. 51139

File: 1559015516441.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2046, ABCBBA0C-632C-47D5-A828-58D546…)

She is begging while enjoying the eyelash salon…

No. 51177

Guess this is what happens when they spend all their money on drugs.

No. 51289

What happened?

“I'm totally not surprised about the whole TAG thing though especially after what happened 1.5 years ago with another Japanese escort.“

No. 51290

Kitty has left japan years ago. The fact that she changed her whole image from Kitty Carr to Nova Swann is kind of suspicious and has nothing to do with TAG or japan.

No. 51317

New song

No. 51323

I can't get over how bad her voice is. I think she needs voice lessons first before she pursues singing for a band.

No. 51324

Nova Swann / Kitty Carr’s former lapdog Emma Emerio ghosted her and encouraged others to do the same due to her being emotionally unstable.

No. 51325

They probably just want the novelty of a white woman singing in English for them. Most Japanese music is shit anyway.

No. 51329

No. 51331

no, just another account of Lorena’s

No. 51334

stay on topic or gtfo

No. 51336

A couple threads back I posted that there's no way it was her child and all the "proof photos" of Lorena being pregnant were obviously just her having gained a bit of weight and got torn apart by anons. In retrospect it was probably Lorena herself trying to make the 3rd child conspiracy sound more valid.

Remember all the anons claiming she could just give birth on the floor of her hostel and then permanently abandon the child at a baby hotel for months without arousing suspicion? lololol

No. 51341

yeah but why did she make an instagram for that kid..

No. 51345

To scam the host

No. 51420

still haven't leaned to sage your tinfoils I see

No. 51435


I just saw this post. Sorry for the late response. Basically another escort who went by Yuma Ayase got fucked over by the TAG administration by banning her from advertising (due to not being active when she said she was sick and taking a break), and then when she came back, they completely ghosted her so she threatened to kill herself, there was a big shit storm thread, and none of usual TAG indies came to defend her and all of her other escort friends came to her defense. They all got banned and all mention of Yuma was deleted from the entire website. The TAG admin tried to cover up the entire incident, but I found a cached copy of the thread which is how I found out about it. The exploit no longer works now though. I guess the admin found out about it.

There's more details I'm forgetting but that's the gist of it. I posted all the details a couple threads back or so.

No. 51442

Pretty well known that Tag Manager is an asshole. What do you expect from a guy making money off of sex workers. He has a policy of never removing threads (except ones that make him or his friends look bad). Even Lorena doesn’t advertise there anymore.

No. 51443


Yeah it's dumb as shit. Pretty sure Lorena got preferential treatment to come back after faking reviews there which should be an automatic ban but nah Gaya sure pulled some strings there.


Is that why she's suspended on twitter now?

No. 51446

Tag Manager had a crush on Gaya.

Twitter is banning lots of sex workers so Emma had to take her mouthbreathing to instagram instead. The Kitty thing happened more than a year ago.

No. 51456

Let me get this straight, a jap whore threatened to kill herself over a website? I'd tell her to fuck off too. I wouldn't let my friends stick their dick in crazy. I'm going on out on a limb here and guessing she really didn't go through with it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51484

Who the fuck gives a shit about these other hoes

I heard from a source that Lorena might actually move back to Australia for good this time. Anybody got any deets?

No. 51485

Where did you hear that from?

No. 51487

if that's true i would be sad. my favourite weeb.
but her band sucks, she isn't popular as prostitute

No. 51507

Former lapdog? More like Kitty was the feral stray. Have you even seen the difference in the quality of their pictures. Baffling that Emma was ever a friend of hers, if what you're saying is true.

No. 51508

Someone who used to work at her bar called Comfort told me Lorena is sick of Japan. I guess time will tell…

No. 51509

No cares about her except Lorena who clearly still holds some bizarre vendetta against her.

No. 51510

I don’t get the Kitty obsession to be honest. Did they ever even be in contact or is it just some jealousy thing amongst hoes?

No. 51511

There is literally no connection, other than that Kitty used to work in Tokyo like 5 years ago

No. 51513

Kitty was a big name on tag when Emma arrived. Emma always latches onto someone new when she goes to a new place, in Japan it was Kitty. Kitty has gone off the rails a bit these days since she got depression and attempted suicide but was popular before.

Someone upthread asked where she had gone and it started from there.

No. 51514

Nobody cares about these two unknowns you fucking autist

No. 51515

yeah what does this even have to do with sere,

No. 51517

Post more Lorena then if you’re not happy

No. 51520

What about 'Do not derail or disrupt discussion' do you not understand. This whole thing smells like absolute tinfoil

Saged for OT

No. 51527

I can't imagine having zero contact with two children and not minding. I wonder if her parents back in Oz are softening up and considering letting her see the kids occasionally. She's certainly manipulative enough to try for it and the Japanese system gives her zero chance for the hafu baby

No. 51533

Does she not want to see the Australia kid or is she not allowed?

No. 51548

She’s not allowed to

No. 51554

She’s not allowed to see the Japan one.

No. 51559

She’s not allowed to see her child in Australia either.

No. 51560

Why not?

No. 51594

No dog updates? Guess she stopped posting about it when she couldn’t scam anymore.

No. 51721

Guess it was a scam

No. 51726

Probably she is busy with sucking dicks for 5000¥

No. 51781

File: 1559480249885.jpg (48.22 KB, 300x451, TcqJOTu.jpg)

No. 51806

What did she do?

No. 51821

Drug addict, crazy and doesn‘t give a shit about her kids

No. 51833

Your shoes are too small Lorena

No. 51838

If you are a stripper you wear a smaller size. So you can grip your shoes better.

But I don’t know in her case.

No. 51945

She just has big white girl feet that don’t fit in standard Japanese size so she’s trying to squeeze in. A lot of shops only carry up to 24cm.

No. 52140

File: 1559679435247.webm (1.46 MB, 479x852, 62039107_169136514107990_35901…)

lorena bigfoot spagnolo messinger needs a holiday from whoring

No. 52148

File: 1559679902575.png (30.11 KB, 587x288, lorenavacay.png)

Just came back from a "holiday" in Australia and needs a vacation? I did notice she's been awfully quiet lately which isn't usual for her unless she was secretly visa-hopping, moving, homeless and living out of hotels, etc. in the past. Something probably happened that caused her to lay low for a while. Wonder what it was? It didn't look like she had any real blowback from her dog scam.

>I died daddy.. but now I'm all better! Back from heaven with the most kimochi news!!!

Hard to believe she's 30, the cringe is real. Wonder what the news is though.

No. 52163

Too much drugs?

No. 52166

With her lifestyle, it wouldn't be shocking if it were a hospital trip due to drugs, drinking, or STDs.

No. 52270

File: 1559737644918.png (73.04 KB, 1104x444, hoe.png)

maybe immigration is after her
she fled to kyoto

No. 52275

File: 1559743030222.png (1.63 MB, 965x910, trashy.png)

Who knows. She's suddenly talking about prioritizing health over wealth which is very out of character for her. Guess we'll see how long this phase lasts.

This was her look for "climbing the mountain". The whole look is tragic.

No. 52282

She looks like every 13yo weeb who got their first cosplay wig and still doesn’t know how to dress themselves

No. 52293

So she went to Kyoto to walk Fushimi Inari Taisha. Big whoop. It's not climbing a mountain, it's following a path that goes up and loops back down to where you started. Takes about 30min to an hour depending on how fast you walk.

No. 52342

You haven't been there, I'm guessing. It's certainly a lot more than 30min-1hr to walk the whole thing or to see anything worth seeing. 2-3 hours is needed to get to the top and get back down. Or, you just didn't go further than the first loop.

This screams "Look at Me" and extremely out of place in a city like Kyoto. Shameful.

It's not fleeing when you to work Friday through Monday. :) Fleeing would be leaving Japan and never being heard from again.

No. 52346

I have been there multiple times. 2-3 hours!? Sure if you are incredibly out of shape and a lard ass lol

No. 52349

stop bragging about this stupid mountain, weeb.

No. 52367

File: 1559819919483.png (924.5 KB, 750x1334, 90C8234A-AB9B-476C-8904-BC4E1C…)

No. 52369

nah lorena, they don't want to let in trash like you

No. 52371

File: 1559821026270.png (331.52 KB, 472x902, k.png)

I forgot to post this gem earlier.
>it may not our language
Makes it even more funny to me, even her English is fucked.

She's lived in Japan for how many years now? You would think she'd have a grasp on the language by now. I suppose when your only exposure is the Japanese clients you fuck for money, there's limited vocab to learn and use.

Makes me wonder who made fun of her Japanese though. Considering the post is in relation to her singing, and they recently posted images of her in the studio, it's likely someone she's working with. Wonder how much longer D4C is going to drag this out.

No. 52653

File: 1559891280633.jpeg (334.29 KB, 640x1031, E89F9735-C252-4573-99C9-396C7F…)

No. 52670

says she who dumped three children…

No. 52768

File: 1559943513138.jpeg (142.34 KB, 640x761, 98B4DF44-430B-46A5-8F96-EF9E94…)

She got told she should quit work
Whoring or band?

No. 52788

File: 1559952118097.png (9.55 KB, 422x80, timetotinfoil.png)

I can't read Japanese, what's the translation on this?

Honestly, she seems like she's more stressed than the usual and bitching about every little thing recently. That coupled with her rant about "health over wealth" and this recent post has me wondering.

I don't think she's feeling unwell physically as much as mentally. Is Lorena finally burnt out on being a baby abandoning, junkie/alcoholic, prostitute in Japan? She's been seeming less interested in Japanese culture lately, sharing a lot of posts about American politics, tagging American rappers, etc. Maybe the anon who was tinfoiling about her losing interest was onto something?

No. 52795

The translation is literally underneath….

No. 52885

File: 1559997354617.jpeg (38.99 KB, 640x1137, 7787C0B7-57AC-40FA-9333-D7724E…)

Omg hahahaha

No. 52887

30 mins to the top ? We know Lorena aint doin it but its a long climb

No. 52898

please don't get that anon started again about how many times they've been up this stupid mountain

No. 53000


"I was told to quit work"

It's funny cuz to me it sounds like she wants to make it sound like she found a sugar daddy (dream of all basic kabukihoes) but it sounds more like in practice her friends/family (if she has any left) were giving her tough love "You can't do this lifestyle forever" talk

No. 53003


This. If that's even what she's trying to say, because you know her Japanese is shit

No. 53067

File: 1560157895003.jpeg (51.86 KB, 640x640, B413A522-BAEA-4684-8310-07D479…)

When you crazy af, that‘s how you look

No. 53114

File: 1560217289344.jpg (383.58 KB, 741x1298, 102102102.jpg)

Did she really try to pass her wig off as extensions in this post? its obviously the same lace front she wore all the time

No. 53173

Her wig got curls? Lol

No. 53176

File: 1560245840591.png (928.66 KB, 966x567, ew.png)

I know she's dumb, but how are these even curls? It's more like loose waves? Deffo doesn't look like her real hair though.

Just noticed the image she has for her Twitter header features her nasty, torn up finger nails from a while back. Of all the images to choose from, ew.

No. 53203


That is an unsettling amount of nail chewed off. Any drug connoisseurs care to explain how that happens?

No. 53205

It's probably from poorly applied/removed acrylics. The prep basically dehydrates the top of your nail so the binders in the acrylic stick, so if you do it wrong or remove them wrong, it destroys your natural nail

No. 53238

File: 1560284664802.jpeg (138.93 KB, 1536x1534, ????.jpeg)

did she get dirt stains tattooed on her hand? I don't get what that is supposed to be

No. 53248

Tinfoil time

Lorena can stay in japan because she has some shady yakuza friends. That‘s why she got those dots on her fingers. If she does something wrong one of her fingers get cut

No. 53253

Maybe a shady marriage visa then. Why the trips abroad though?

No. 53255


Korea for cheap plastic surgery and Australia to visit her friends

Lorena's obviously been on a marriage visa since forever, she's confident enough in her immigration status to have her sex work schedule publicly displayed online.

No. 53266

File: 1560307164492.jpg (118.45 KB, 1024x670, Attarctive-Dots-Tattoo-FT101.j…)

Sorry anon, but his tinfoil is dumb. I don't doubt she may have some dealings with low level yakuza, she is a prostitute working out of a "health bar" location after all. However, those stupid finger dots are just some unoriginal "witchy" tattoo nonsense a lot of girls have on IG. Pic for reference, google finger dot tattoos and you'll see a ton of it.

It's a shitty cherry blossom that has halfway worn out. Pretty sure it's by the same artist who did that awful doodle geisha she had on her back that she half covered up. The linework looks similar and super blown out.

No. 53395

File: 1560406961729.png (1.56 MB, 900x1200, www.png)

>big white girl feet
At first I thought you were kind of exaggerating, but jesus, what size are those even.

No. 53396

they probably look also bigger because of her shoop.. just take a look at the hand, the fingers are almost as big as her entire face

No. 53418

Shes wearing a wedding band

No. 53419

File: 1560429195187.jpg (635.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-154023.jpg)

lol fashion nova blocked her

No. 53420

Who is Rady?

No. 53425


Rady is the tacky brand of an aged ageha magazine model

No. 53432

This is actually a very common Instagram bug right now. A lot of my friends and even myself have been struck by it.

No. 53476

File: 1560462660910.jpeg (77.95 KB, 640x640, 589CB257-A4A4-41B7-B1E2-688B8C…)

The i‘m crazy face

No. 53484

My Instagram doesn't want to work at all now. Weird.

No. 53498

File: 1560474294810.png (317.15 KB, 453x436, ring.png)

She has such manly feet/legs. Only thing that makes them look remotely feminine is that they are shaved?

The hand is probably from shrinking her jaw down so much, she always uses the face shrinking filters when she films clips too. You can tell when they pop off for a second when she's awkwardly flailing or lipsyncing sometimes.

Good catch anon. Seems she takes it off for most of her hoe videos, but there's a few where she forgot.

No. 53544

its probably just a cheap piece she's wearing to make people think she is a married woman. rings are just a useless symbol, certificates and documents make a valid marriage.

No. 53552

This is probably relevant to your interests

No. 53555

I don’t know who is more pathetic, this sad chick or y’all posters

No. 53558

that drug addicted scammer called lorena spagnolo messinger

No. 53560

>Your earning potential at “Tokyo Hentai Club” will be determined by the rank which you are assigned to according to your English ability, looks and customer service skills. They are named Silver, Gold and Diamond accordingly.

Lol they rated her English as advanced but still gave her a silver rating.

No. 53561

File: 1560520678654.png (67.18 KB, 482x444, kek.png)

No. 53562

oh well, tangled indeed. I wouldn't recommend "brushing out of her face" tho, the sensation of holding the loose scalp may distract from her grey eyes.

No. 53564

So Miss Universe isn’t bringing the big bucks anymore?

No. 53583

>22 years old

Oh girl.

No. 53597

>Savor every last second of my scent.

Nothing like the sweet scent of cigarette butts and dried up menstrual blood mixed with 500 yen body spray from Donki

No. 53610

File: 1560552069216.jpeg (320.86 KB, 1111x1855, sere.jpeg)

>hair tangled down my back
That line had me dying, it's probably the most honest thing she has ever said in any of these shitty escort descriptions. Anyone remember "ass like a coke bottle"?


I've never seen anyone abbreviate R&B like that before. Rhythm n Blues?

Can't believe she's still trying to pass herself off as being only 22. You can definitely tell she's older in unfiltered images. I wonder how disappointing it is, in person.

No. 53621

File: 1560571441339.png (Spoiler Image, 483.48 KB, 495x810, momass.png)

The pictures she chose for this profile are so awful. How does her ass look this bad AFTER editing?

No. 53622

File: 1560571496019.png (18.71 KB, 379x168, nope.png)

Bonus pic of her being gross on twitter.

No. 53638

Lorena ‘s “Hentai Club” is only for non japanese.I bet she’s gonna fuck many chinese dicks lol

No. 53641

There’re lots of HIV in China and India.
She’s going to get infected with shits.

No. 53642

RnB is exactly the same thing as R&B. Some parts of the world use it, she's Australian and I've seen it used plenty here.

No. 53643

Funny, she isn't on Miss Universe' schedule anymore. I wonder if she wasn't very popular with the Japanese clients or had poor reviews. Maybe that's also why we are seeing her use less extremely edited photos for this profile. She was straight up catfishing her clients before.

Just compare >>53621
to >>9817 or >>9676

Makes me wonder what the shelf life of her hooker career is going to be tbh.

No. 53644

yeah there was a japanese forum and they wrote about lorena and how gross she is

No. 53645


links or fake

No. 53646

have yo uguys realized that she may be the one posting about herself here egging you guys on?

No. 53647

well yeah, she has before.

No. 53649

there were screenshots posted before

No. 53652

File: 1560602469402.jpeg (575.12 KB, 1125x1697, A850C548-DABC-4A68-A2B7-5D096E…)

No. 53655

Ugh I'm not in Japan and haven't been able to access the hostlove forums lately. Anyone else having the same problem? I think they've blocked foreign ips

No. 53673

that hostlove post reeks of cow and is not even a review of her sex work. there were real posts from raging girls targeting Lorena back when she played dress up as a dude, but the quality of her sex work still seem to be unrated.. besides of the reviews she got on TAG, which were too good to be true.

you currently need to use a vpn for access

No. 53701

translation please

No. 53703

There’re much better and cheaper girls for white men in their home countries. They are looking for jap girls. The club attracts mainly Chinese by WeChat.She is now officially the lowest of the low.

No. 53712

File: 1560646188620.jpeg (260.05 KB, 640x1094, 5D652BC9-AAEB-471C-B600-B76DB0…)

No. 53714

File: 1560646426904.jpeg (221.19 KB, 640x1093, 5486BF13-D873-4554-A321-963384…)

Is the new girl with the tattoos fun?

No not at all

No. 53717

“she is like 25 or 26”….
she is 31 or 32 stupid jap men

No. 53722

Yeah THC might advertise alot on WeChat because it's easy pickings rich dumb people, but I doubt it works out that well considering FS is not included and has to be negotiated or is sometimes not even offered out right.

I would imagine they'd rather go to a soapland instead because then it'd be more guaranteed but what do I know? /shrug

No. 53731

File: 1560658993164.jpeg (881.5 KB, 1125x1939, 24072984-CCFF-4387-9C4B-B9F97A…)

No. 53732

fake blondies.she’s not even a half europian. turkish immigrant with much plastic surgeries. ugly lips prostitute

No. 53740

Rough translation;
"If you want a young girl, that new maddingly chick(sere) is good!
22 is def not her real age, but I think the truth was around 25-26.
She's actually been in porn, 2 videos only though. You can Google her by "Jennifer maddingly".

I don't think she'll become very popular anyway.
Unfortunately, she has really badly botched tits. Apparently she's got them fixed but I don't know. She has a lot of tattoos too.

No. 53741

yes anon they are prostitutes, we do know

No. 53742


Oh can you recommend one please? The ones I've tried were either really slow or didn't work at all

No. 53743

Sere is everything Japanese men hate. Loud, aggressive, muscular, tattooed, drugged and dirty-looking.
Her clients are mostly foreigners anyway.
Why the fuck won't this woman go home?

No. 53744

how long will the soul sister relationships last ? they are their “business” competitors

No. 53747

she’s an attention hoe. she can't get attention for being a worn out crackhoe in Australia or elsewhere.As she gets older she'll have nothing but her mom body and no real friends who like her for herself.
She’s just gonna be a homeless if she comes back to Australia. That’s why

No. 53765

thc update the schedules in real time if you watch the landining page shes been constantly booked out the past 4 nights she has worked… $$$$

No. 53766


who cares lol they are getting bank / have japanese slave hubbies for visas / and have a big white pig fan base online here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53768

File: 1560697940000.jpeg (254.07 KB, 750x1294, CD9C63A6-7EE9-479F-8A00-3833A2…)

Honestly, these reviews sound super fake….

No. 53772

who knows what kind of people use this company to get laid, they probably match Lorenas flabby skin and botched tits.

however I tried to post a review on her profile a day ago and its still not published. that means the review function isn't even working or the company just posts the positive reviews(they wrote themselves)..(cowtipping)

No. 53781

She's removed anal from her list of services. Didn't she used to brag how she loved anal on TAG?

No. 53786

It also depends what these guys are expecting I think. If they just wanna put their dick into a pussy, and have a small chat before that, her service might be enough. Honestly, men who need to book an hocker are probably retarded and ugly as fuck anyway.

No. 53794

File: 1560720628191.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1110x1782, 7ECA558E-C0EC-4044-A7AD-6845F9…)

Not only japanese men but most of the other men also don’t like her too much tattoos and dirty-looking. sere knows that and she’s worried about that. That’s why she created the naive man who is not used to buying hookers to make potential customers feel safe. In real world men don’t pick a weirdo like her as their first prostitute in their life. She is for veterans. And most tourist men look for exotic japanese girl. Because they are tourists in japan.
Without fake reviews she only attracts men like this.

No. 53796

File: 1560763091972.png (502.39 KB, 497x484, noturdaddy.png)

Haven't seen a WK in a Lorena thread for a hot minute. We know she's broke and begging online, got dropped from her old job and is still a mess. We have eyes.

I don't think Lorena can even keep those type of dudes around for the long run. This cholo wannabe hangs around a lot of other girls and has them posted on his social media, yet no Lorena? Even trashy dudes don't want to show her off.

No. 53804

File: 1560767987505.jpeg (235.52 KB, 1125x603, 23795241-AAC6-4DF1-A62E-A5C4F3…)

I’m almost pissing myself laughing lol
Somebody can make funny memes out of this.Why does he think being locked up is cool ? so retarded. Ryoya was the best man for her.

No. 53810

If the hentai club for tourists, how can lorena win tourist clients against the many Japanese girls. Men can buy better white hookers in Europe at 70 euro. She is below average as a middle age white hooker with her botched tits and dirty tattoos. She should call herself half-japanese to attract yellow fever av porn fan tourists.

No. 53813

I wonder what here motive was to work at that hentai club. her career on tag targeting foreign men in Japan obviously wasn't very successful.

also funny that the site lists her just as a silver rank and not as av star, like the other girls that are in porn

No. 53819

To let people know that is Izumi Mana, ex-AV gyaru star. Is now a make up artist. But it seemed like she waited to get heavily tattooed. She only had a couple tattoos when she was active. I feel like tattoos might a hold you back some.

No. 53852

I think the only client group left for her to milk are Chinese and Indian men. Have fun Lorena, because these type of guys treat prostitutes like dogshit.

No. 53876

All of the gaijin looking girls in the hentai club call themselves “half-japanese “. Maybe Lorena chose a wrong fuzoku for her. I think Foreign tourist men wanna enjoy Japanese things not things like worn out trash they see in their home towns.

No. 53879

File: 1560809031622.png (650.44 KB, 580x597, car.png)

This dude is so cringey, imagine larping as a cholo irl everyday, and to larp being in prison too. She really knows how to pick them.

Do you think Lorena could even pass as half Japanese? Even with her naturally dark hair and eyes, she looks like a pretty average white-trash mom at this point. I think she's been trying to ride the wave of novelty blonde white girl for forever now, but she's not cute or innocent looking so the novelty really only goes so far.

She bailed on miss universe for weeks then came back, was on their schedule for a week or two. I'm pretty sure they dropped her, she's not popular and her irregular schedule likely drove any regulars she may have had away. I feel like it goes back to her being a novelty, but she's the kind of novelty (white chick with tattoos) that these dudes will try maybe once and then move on. Now that half of Tokyo has tried her and said pass on a second go, she has to hope for the tourists I guess?

She's talking about wanting to get a car again. Does she even still know how to drive at this point?

No. 53932

File: 1560832971846.jpeg (93.66 KB, 606x500, 8B85126E-7CD4-448D-9ED4-24C1AE…)

No. 53960

File: 1560863568288.webm (3.65 MB, 720x900, 64788524_2741219719238888_5542…)

run! it's junkie lorena with her acne ass

No. 53961

When that cellulite starts jiggling I-

No. 53963

I know it i anon, I'm just nitpicking Lorena. Why do I even have to explain, and why do you not know how to sage.

No. 53965

File: 1560866598888.jpeg (98.74 KB, 444x610, 68B6F4C1-AEA6-4CF3-A5A0-842858…)

No. 53969

File: 1560868033592.jpg (676.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190618-173424.jpg)

What on earth is going on with her belly

No. 53977

Multiple abandoned children.

No. 54007

File: 1560884052357.jpg (689.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190618-220116.jpg)


and it's still bad after the shoop. what the hell loren?/a?

No. 54026

That‘s hilarious anon. Good job

No. 54042

Funny thing nobody here has mentioned yet, but you're not allowed to talk about THC at all on TAG. I don't know why, but they've deleted everything related to THC off their forums.

No. 54043

File: 1560897495344.jpeg (170.47 KB, 931x488, 98BAD205-1A11-4EF0-8FD7-69F178…)

No. 54086

File: 1560910384830.png (2.14 MB, 1054x1582, maturemomof3.png)

The wrinkled, loose tummy flap, the weird flabby triangular puddle of ass, oh my god. It's really no wonder her hoe career is going down the gutter, her edits are rough, but imagine how sloppy she must look up close irl?

This edit had me laughing too. Can't believe she's still trying to pass herself off as 22. This pic just screams trashy 90s glamour shot, like someone's mom got these taken for her husband's birthday to try to put the fire back into their marriage or something.

No. 54103

Now she might have got fired from miss universe. She can’t keep regulars with her terrible body and the aggressive personality.
What if she got fired from hentai club again ?

Where is her third child? Is he with the cholo wannabe or with her friend ? Apparently she doesn’t live with the boy for a long time.

No. 54121

THC posted fake reviews. They are the perfect match for Lorena.

No. 54125

File: 1560924572489.jpeg (364.07 KB, 1125x1597, 4A337180-4C32-4F2A-A83A-AB5033…)

Kinda funny Lorena ends up working for THC. At one time their parent company made a TAG ripoff called “Made In Japan” (https://www.twitter.com/mijtokyo) which had a knockoff Lolcow chan forum which only had comments saying how horrible she is. Here is an article by them on their new site:


This comment sounds like what they would post so I guess they’re still around:

No. 54127

Take a look at the International Sex Guide thread for Tokyo, a lot of the material is obvious to pick-out the junk. A lot of ISG-Tokyo is unreliable now. Jennifer and that entire group are good match for one another.

http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?977-Tokyo (MIJ, TNS, THC, Paradise, all under same parent.)

No. 54129

I remember this article! Super embarrassing. I didn't realize they were the same mother company, but that makes this so much more sad and funny that she is working for them now. It's no wonder they gave her a silver ranking.

Seems she's really hit bottom lately. I wonder what she'll do when THC doesn't work out for her. She isn't getting any younger or more attractive.

No. 54130

Hi all,

I want to try this chick.
Is she clean ? I mean I’m worried about STD. I have no time to read all of your posts.


No. 54131

>Should have walked in and chose from a line up as they do charge 2000 reservation fee.
If this place does a line-up I can't imagine dudes picking her unless the other girls are even more busted?

Nah, she'll make your dick fall off, scrote.

No. 54132

Yes, super clean, looks great, good conversation. 10/10 Definitely book!!!

No. 54133

So someone actually bought her dvd. Wow.

No. 54136

“Luckily” someone did, otherwise they wouldn’t be up for free now.

In case someone missed out and want to watch, the codes of er open are umso-108 and xrw-212

No. 54137



Seems like the girl doesn't take STD checks regularly. Besides cum swallowing, I am thinking anal. as a 50 yr old American, under 50 is A-OK. But how old is she really ?

No. 54138

File: 1560932994624.png (1.97 MB, 1252x1200, 29270C39-9B00-487E-BDD6-1B06AC…)

She‘s 30

No. 54139


Shut up horny grandpa.
But if you do book her, please write a review for us.

No. 54140

From when is this? I remember she was actually pretty cute around 2013-14

What I've always hated are the too-long, ratty extensions she's been trying to make a thing for the past few years. A fresh cut would improve her looks a lot imo

No. 54141

File: 1560933345719.jpg (111.72 KB, 720x960, 10151937_992015724142513_62190…)

Never forget

No. 54143


Thanks all,

30. I’ll write a real review.I like choking saucy hos.

What's your opinion between a soapland or THC? I checked on their websites and it wasn't clear what i can do. The only nasty option I can see is anal. Do I have to negotiate for the other nasty options?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54144

no one cares, get lost

No. 54146


It's cause THC was taking a big chunk out of the gaijin prostitution biz as they started to get bigger year by year DUH.

Too many people were posting rave reviews about the girls on the forums at one point which naturally brought on a negative backlash from the indies(paying for ads) and their fans.


Not one "negative" experience posted about the indies on TAG.

Tells you something

No. 54148

so nadine is still hoeing? thought she came back to germany

No. 54150

What happened to Gaya?

No. 54152

I think she loves throat fucking and choking.
I’m gonna fuck her throat and cum in the throat when I book her.

No. 54160

File: 1560951405928.jpeg (61.07 KB, 720x540, 46CD96EA-7E5B-42ED-B873-F2735E…)

No. 54169

File: 1560953474330.jpeg (515.48 KB, 984x1027, ED2E1DED-C7C5-4ADB-BA1A-875424…)

No. 54170

Not gonna lie but these are hilarious. Love them.

No. 54173

She's been hoeing since 2012. Why would she stop now?

No. 54175

And why is that so interesting? This thread is about Lorena

No. 54176

File: 1560955408259.jpeg (250.86 KB, 750x1286, 38710D90-FFCC-4BD0-9D4E-264B1D…)

What are these measurements? Petite body type? Not even with photoshop does she look petite….

No. 54180

THC flunkies trying to change the topic immediately after someone points out how shady THC is.

No. 54188


go back to TAG faggot boy

No1 is changing the topic you irrelevant fuck

No. 54190


THC also at war in Shibuya

The incall shop almost got burnt down a couple months…

No. 54192

Guess >>54180 hit too close to home

No. 54193

TAG and THC people arguing is like the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 54194

No. 54195

There is no one that works for TAG here.

No. 54197

I meant johns but you get the point. I'm pretty sure there are TAG posters that lurk here at least because someone realized there was an exploit regarding google caching deleted threads which was posted here.

No. 54199

Sudsy desuuuu

No. 54203

It’s pretty old from around 2015/16 I think. Girl on the left calmed down a lot and is a responsible mom now (not in Japan) and Cathy is still a horse face

No. 54207


> like someone's mom got these taken for her husband's birthday to try to put the fire back into their marriage or something.

this is exactly it

Also can homegirl not even afford to dye her pudding hair roots? Christ that's sad. Captain Jack didn't die for this shit.


keep the dank memes coming this is a riot


Wonder who's worse off these days? Shannon's body isn't wrecked, she can afford to fix her hair, she doesn't have children she's banned from visiting, her parents don't despise her, and she's not addicted to drugs. But, Lorena is still in ~glorious nippon~. I don't doubt Shannon is green with envy.


> Girl on the left calmed down a lot and is a responsible mom now

imagine finding this puri photo of your mom in her underwear as a budding young kabukiho

No. 54213

>imagine finding this puri photo of your mom in her underwear as a budding young kabukiho
Just imagine the shit Lorena's kids are going to find. I suppose it's more shocking when your mom is actually respectable, but I feel like Lorena's kids are in for some real trauma with her as their mother.

Also, as weird as it feels to say this. I feel like Shannon is doing alright all things considered. She fucked up big time, but her social media is doing okay, she isn't selling his pussy for hostbux anymore, her life seems fairly stable for once. I do wonder if she's stupid enough to throw it all away in a few years once her ban is up though. Some of these weebs legitimately never learn. Still wondering when Lorena will wise up and realize this herself. Imagine a whole life thrown away just to chase Japanese dick. Wild.

No. 54222

Who's that girl? Does she have insta?
That's not elena.inlove , is it?

No. 54236

No that‘snot her

No. 54241

File: 1560993423154.jpeg (615.36 KB, 1018x1012, FBD160C7-B50A-4400-B3F1-511FEF…)

No. 54250

Yes that’s indeed her. She used to be a full blown crazy weeb, who’d try everything to get the nihonchinchin, but then settled for some Vietnamese dude like a lot of German girls do.

No. 54252

left only came along because she was friends with one of them. Back then I knew left, and she told me they were drinking and actually didn‘t want to take such a pic but she was forced to by the others

No. 54254

C’mon if you really knew her you’d know she was thirsty for that nihon dick. She even bragged on fb that she was going to Japan to finde someone for a marriage visa.

But as said above she luckily calmed down a lot and is really down to earth now. Motherhood did her good.

No. 54264

File: 1561025875565.jpeg (236.85 KB, 1125x1904, AE146550-35AE-42DC-8997-DD2649…)

Why does she always show him off ? He looks just a dirty old man.

No. 54267

I saw them not so long ago in public and that guy is really old!

No. 54286

Is he a least rich? Or did she marry a grandpa for the nihon visa?

No. 54288


This is the lorena thread, not the gaijin in japan general.

No. 54291


Wooow crazy how a person can change. If it wasn't for her tiny nose and full lips I'd never have recognized her.

Man I feel old now…I'm one of them former tokyo hoes and it looks like we all grew up. Except Lorena.

No. 54302


That's the craziest part about all this. Probably 99% of Lorena's life is even LESS glamorous than what she shows publicly. Everyone puts their best foot forward on social media.

The acne ass, ratty extensions with several roots growing out, botched boob job, fake cholo fuck buddy, kids and dogs that appear and disappear at random… that's the side Lorena chooses to share with the world. That's her "best".

The reality is almost certainly way worse than we even imagine. Think about that.

Just once I wish one of these kabukihos wrote a tell-all memoir. I think one girl started to on Tumblr but even that was sanitized/glamorized.

No. 54303

True but next thread should be kabukihos general. Lorena is boring these days and the other Japan threads are too weeby. There’s a lot of untapped milk out there it seems. Most of them have some Lorena crossover.

Even gaya grew up before her which really says something.

It would be pretty boring until it’s played up and marketed as depression porn.

No. 54308

But who is a kabukiho? Kisu, sandra, nadine, lorena and gaya?

No. 54312

Mentioned already is Yuma, Kitty / Nova Swann, Emma. There’s also whoever is on TAG now and this mystery ho >>54291

No. 54314

And their friends like the one upthread that married the Vietnamese grandad

No. 54319

I‘m for a lorena and kabukihoe thread

No. 54322

well, daddy issues or a walking visa

No. 54325

Anonymous now No. 54324

I think all grow up out of kabuki and got a job or got married not like Lorena! I saw her last time with her son in Ikebukuro bringing him into a daycare. If that kid grows up, he will be embarrassed to be seen with his mom in public.

No. 54329

Why you deleted and reposted?

No. 54330

Just by mistake. I wanted to take a picture of her but I couldn't. What I could see, the kid goes into a japanese daycare.

No. 54335

You know the only reason any of them got brought up in the first place was because Lorena was trying to divert attention away from her own failball existence while simultaneously shitting on the perceived competition.
Most of these people seem to be pretty discreet (unlike the trashy methhead bogan Lorena) and some of them don't even live Japan anymore.

No. 54336

The ones that don’t still come back regularly and are pretty milky.

No. 54338

Here Lorena goes again trying to divert the attention

No. 54339

Who is Yuma

No. 54343

Define milky. Lorena's lays her shit for people to see.
Lorena went all in on that Kitty chick a long time ago and that woman had zero milk. She probably still has zero milk. The only people who potentially have/had milk are some of Lorena's old buddies, but like >>54325 said most of them have grown out of it. Lorena is the only 30+ slag in that crowd still flailing around.

No. 54345

Besides Lorena and maybe Gaya, the others aren’t even dry milk. Also it looks like Gaya stopped and moved on. Pretty much like everyone else mentioned. You are just trying to desperately get information which doesn’t exist. Or you are Lorena trying to move the attention elsewhere.

No. 54348

Escort that attempted suicide. Nova Swann / Kitty Care attempted suicide too but neither of these are milk apparently, only Lorena’s saggy stomach.

No. 54349

suicide is one of the most common form of deaths in the western world - your point being?

No. 54350

That's not milk, you autist. If it's true, then it's just really fucking sad. I hope that she gets the help that she needs.

No. 54351

Neither is Lorena abandoning her kids then.

No. 54352

You’re on the wrong site.

No. 54354

All these random people are getting me mentioned but nobody actually provides milk.

No. 54355

>getting me mentioned
You’re a cow?

No. 54358

I thought when people found out Nadine is Anna Summer, and she went on a huge bitch fest which made it even more obvious that it's actually her was pretty funny but yeah. I wouldn't exactly say they're that discreet though. Sometimes interesting things happen every now and then.

She attempted suicide because she got banned from TAG due to inactivity and taking frequent breaks, but meanwhile Lorena got a free pass to advertise on there even after faking reviews which should be an instant ban.

No. 54359

Sorry mistake, the me doesn’t belong there.

No. 54362

>True but next thread should be kabukihos general. Lorena is boring these days and the other Japan threads are too weeby.
Just make a thread then, anon? Stop derailing this one.

Going to agree with you here. Gaya and other hoes have enough sense to keep a low profile. As much as I'd like milk from them, it's hard to come by. Lorena needs the attention and even if that one anon thinks she isn't deserving of her own thread, it's one of the more active threads on /w/. Seems like derailing to me.

Literally, just make the thread. Anyone can do it. This thread is for Lorena and is not a kabukiho general thread. I don't understand why this is a difficult concept for you. Just go make it instead of derailing and crying about not having the thread you want in this one.

No. 54367

That thread is going to die down soon anyways even if anon makes one, if it actually doesn’t get closed down soon after. There is no milk on the others and it’s only Lorena who constantly provides the milk. Even only in pieces.

No. 54371

File: 1561085320123.png (771.32 KB, 455x810, twitch.png)

Just let the anon make the thread and stop derailing. Who cares.

Anyways, back to Lorena. Her Twitch is still down due to "technical difficulties". I wonder how long she'll use this excuse?

No. 54394

Further derailing will result in longer bans. Focus on Lorena.

No. 54413

File: 1561116273649.webm (4.89 MB, 480x270, 65086397_428980681276470_88124…)

does lorena think it's cute what she is doing?

No. 54418

File: 1561117610591.png (389.5 KB, 492x370, wat.png)

What kind of drugs is she on in these vids? She always acts so weird and spazzy.

No. 54430

File: 1561127446366.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 19C8A3B2-98FB-4724-9F09-0BD289…)

Lol, what?

No. 54433

that are the drugs who are speaking lol

No. 54434

File: 1561129621982.jpg (124.22 KB, 1024x1820, odMyQZY.jpg)

recycling her "I totally went to the lounge" photo

No. 54443


lol this photo is clearly taken from outside the lounge, you can see the little sign even. How sad do you have to be to stand outside the airport lounge taking photos to pretend you have lounge access.

Between this and the apparent selfpost in this thread about "slave hubbies" and "pig fans", I could almost guarantee Lorena is trying to break into findom. Also because we know her ass is broke.

I thought we established that kiddo #3 wasn't hers? She just took a few photos with someone else's kid to try to scam $$$ from a host

No. 54449

she wrote reviews on Kids Duo about 3 month ago, so the kid seems to be still with her. what else should she do at a pre school? with her visible tattoos and bleached hair she obviously wouldn't be hired as a teacher.


No. 54450

File: 1561138844602.jpg (73.15 KB, 750x921, lorena11.jpg)

forgot the add the picture.

its obviously her google account, because it also has reviews for places in Korea and Australia where she visited.

No. 54456

It literally says "I worked here," it has nothing to do with one of her kids. She's just saying that it's awful and they hire people who aren't trained (clearly) and I think she's trying to say that they yell at them to speak English all the time (even when there's an emergency like needing the bathroom) etc. Her Japanese is pretty bad but honestly this sounds like a messed up place

No. 54458


please tell me what time Lorena worked at a preschool in Japan? especially in a time frame that would explain a review in 2019, she is openly working as a prostitute for at least 4 years.
"I worked here" doesn't make sense at all for her.

No. 54474

for 1 month or so in 2014 when she did working holiday

No. 54483

This is 100% google translate. Really sad to see she still can't build a proper sentence in Japanese after all these years

No. 54493

agreed this is google translate and it doesn't make much sense in Japanese. But it does state that she worked there.

Honestly I don't think it's impossible that she would have worked at a second rate English daycare in the Tokyo area. We don't know how long ago she worked there. And if she covered her tattoos with clothing then she'd be fine. For a lot of English teacher jobs (especially at a daycare) the prerequisite is literally just being white and nothing else, they'd hire a Russian if they could fool the Japanese parents into thinking they were a native speaker.

No. 54495


Boring stale milk aside, anon has found a goldmine of Lorena's reviews of things:

Review of "Tokyo Immigration Bureau Information Center"
>Hell on earth. Nothing says welcome to japan like every single bathroom in the building being filthy and broken. The staff speak only Japanese and hit on you. There is nothing to do and you’ll wait from 1-8 hours for anything. Understaffed and run down. One star is rich. 2020 olympics ready? Not if your portal for the rest of the world to come to Japan looks like this. Good enough for those “immigrants” I suppose. Nasty

Lol imagine how many hours she spent here

Review of "Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Shinjuku salon"
>Don't care about customers and ruined my body. Told them my implant was moving and flipping and they told me there was nothing that can be done and it's my own fault for having a chest. Really worst service ever.

Now we know which clinic did the frankenboobs

Review of "Anytime Fitness Higashi-shinjuku"
>差別されていました。discrimination against someone with tattoos. It's 2017. Everyone should be able to work out comfortably and not have to overheat because of what some old man thinks I'm in a gang. Foreigners can't be yak*za!!!

Lol Lorena everyone think's you're a yak because you look like pure yankee trash, not just because of tattoos

No. 54498


>Review of "Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Shinjuku salon"

>Don't care about customers and ruined my body. Told them my implant was moving and flipping and they told me there was nothing that can be done and it's my own fault for having a chest. Really worst service ever.

this accusation is kinda bold for someone that bound their new boob job flat almost right after the surgery to dress up as a guy

No. 54501

File: 1561151280308.jpg (107.41 KB, 513x2048, jm111.jpg)

No. 54520

File: 1561163376115.jpeg (188.59 KB, 640x1105, F7700158-BCF9-44CD-8640-E648D7…)


No. 54521

sage for derail but FYI This is Alice from the UK not Elena. She married some super rich plastic surgeon and he has done a ton of procedures on her and bought her an apartment for her own.

Post replies to gaijin gyaru thread if u want to discuss.

No. 54522

24st lol

No. 54527

These are actually pretty hilarious, thank you anon!
>Don't care about customers and ruined my body.
This was the first boobjob, huh? At least she was aware of how bad they looked, still can't believe she did porn with those monstrosities out.

No. 54542

I’m looking for a place like THC.
Do you know any good places to get laid for foreigners ?
I need sex workers advice


No. 54545

Get lost and look elsewhere

No. 54554

File: 1561211318107.jpeg (302.54 KB, 1124x1696, 73A905E1-FECA-4DE5-BA6E-03DF2C…)

Yushi, I love you !(???)

No. 54580

>only speak Japanese
>and hit on you

How would she even understand? Also, I doubt they did.

No. 54666

Someone from THC trying to disrupt again.

No. 54790

File: 1561373901063.jpg (120.72 KB, 1024x1820, wImXG0j.jpg)

of course lorena spagnolo acne ass messinger is on the illegal migrants side

No. 54791

Of course she is, she's in the same boat as them.

No. 54792

File: 1561381338489.jpeg (191.44 KB, 853x924, 83B4FDDC-D209-45B9-9240-834425…)

Lorena is really liked by them. funny af

No. 54795

Curious on how you know about where she is from, does she have a thread?

No. 54798

File: 1561386620586.jpeg (951.56 KB, 1125x1741, 5FBBC544-BB87-4EA0-A354-130FC4…)

No. 54799

File: 1561386993870.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x2066, 015623A8-F23D-472A-A72B-2FC1D0…)

She may be “white”. But she is not European.That’s simply a lie. In her sexy video, she claims to be from England. That’s a bullshit.There’re Turkish immigrant communities around Tokyo. She’s just turkish.

No. 54802

to be precise she is arabian or middle eastern

No. 54817

Doesn't belong here, make a new thread for lesser kabukihos. This thread is reserved for the queen ho only.

No. 54822

so 62 people on her onlyfans site wants to see her acne ass?

No. 54828

my friend actually waited at the immigration also like 5 hours

No. 54874

Jesus, do you screenshot everything you see. That account doesn't exist, how much free time you have… Not complaining, just creepy…

To be fair, Turkey is mostly considered a European country and she looks more like a South European than a middle eastern.

I wonder what's on her onlyfans account, her jav can be easily found online…

No. 54881

she posts her uncensored puss apparently. I still hope someone is going to spent the 12 bucks to download and post her content for a laugh, but then again she isn't famous or interesting enough to go that far

No. 54885

File: 1561454153881.jpeg (89.1 KB, 750x750, BB68AC72-9522-4C6F-B14C-9F07B2…)

No. 54892

Turks are not Arab or Middle Eastern

No. 54895


Turkey is in middle east.Therefor turks are middle eastern.
We don’t care about it. But there’re so many turks in my city. They’re problem here.

No. 54920

They're a problem because they come from another country? Racist.

No. 54922

The only problem is your English anon. And your racism.

No. 54939

Stop flapping your ignorant jaw, maybe?

No. 55049

I’m not a racist. But Turkish-Muslim Integration Problem is known problem in my country and I believe in your countries too.

"My religion is more important to me than the laws of the land in which I live."

I don’t care about they make big mosques in my country.But that’s just not a European thing.

No. 55051

gtfo kraut. no ones interested in your german bullshit,
this is a thread about Lorena.

No. 55054

Anon does that girl look like she’s building mosques? Many Turks don’t give a shit about religion. You’re just generalizing.

No. 55058

File: 1561540275839.png (538.9 KB, 639x362, newtattoos.png)

Literally, five days ago. >>54394

Back to Lorena, her THC profile finally got an update with some new photos from the same shoot as >>53969 and >>54086 but with heavy editing. There's also a super short clip that pans over her really quickly, so you don't see much, but the new tattoos clearly already look like garbage.

No. 55059

God damn she looks gross. Like a sausage

No. 55063

why is her skin so saggy and wobbly all over her body? the stretched stomach skin is from pregnancies, but her legs and ass weren't pregnant.. was she really that fat before?

No. 55113

File: 1561580722311.png (346.08 KB, 492x573, tumblr.png)

She has fluctuated in weight a lot, has had multiple kids, unhealthy lifestyle of drugs and drinking. Sometimes it's her bad editing skills at work too.

I forgot she has a tumblr now for THC, she uploaded a clip of her pole-dancing and the whole thing is a mess.

No. 55182

File: 1561623493763.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, 636F89D8-E010-4F32-96A4-730F9A…)

No. 55236


How do you know both these girls attempted suicide?

No. 55238


The really sad thing is if she was back in Oz she might end up incarcerated, detox, assigned to AA or whatever their version of it is, and have a shot at recovery. Japan DGAF even to deport her ass let alone follow up on her druggery so she'll never get better.

No. 55304


Ask in the Kabukihoes thread.


No. 55351

File: 1561716142188.jpeg (30.46 KB, 150x150, 2F843AAE-4B33-4391-9D69-892420…)

Doesn‘t look like her

In one if the lorena threads anon posted a fitting picture of her but can‘t find it anymore

No. 55509

File: 1561793388977.png (Spoiler Image, 517.56 KB, 1063x478, tns.PNG)

I thought TNS hated her, she is number 2 on their escort rankings now.

No. 55510

File: 1561793490765.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.31 KB, 400x600, 74920.jpg)

No. 55511

File: 1561793514785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.03 KB, 400x600, 74922.jpg)

No. 55515

Because she is new

Her nipples are gross

No. 55516


compared to the post further up she edited the shit out of her nipples and they till look gross >>48065
how disappointing to undress that for money

No. 55517

But she is still only silver rank lol

No. 55531

It’s from removing them for the implant then sewing them back on and from giving birth.

No. 55671

File: 1561918966749.jpeg (173.85 KB, 640x866, B83C5DAE-447A-41CE-8303-8E9265…)

Living illegally in japan lol that‘s why you‘re anti trump

No. 55674

>Keeping babies in tent cities and tearing families apart

Excuse you Lorena? But you gave birth to two children which you’ve willingly abandoned

No. 55837

File: 1562050004023.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, FD42CFCF-013C-441E-A5D3-01131D…)

The tongue sticking out is back

No. 55904

File: 1562123009433.jpeg (258.75 KB, 827x951, 127F7E56-8C6C-49E4-B84C-CEB76B…)

Can’t cost that much if it’s still looking like a rats nest….

No. 55931

File: 1562142992732.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 8D40BCD0-9F29-4B78-8819-54DEEC…)

When you are married for a visa and you have to pay that guy. And wearing a ring as a disguise for a genuine wedding

No. 55936

Lorena is still going to kirari. She‘s dragging a black girl with her. One commented she is disgusting and really got problems

No. 55940

Any screenshots?

No. 55944

Oh no I hope is not Miyabi, she just moved to the area. How does the black girl look like?

No. 55946

File: 1562168673076.gif (672.58 KB, 300x451, 03E634E5-6EC4-47DE-8D64-5A935D…)

I don‘t know. Someone wrote it on a japanese forum

Lorena is back at miss universe

No. 56001

I will die laughing if its Miyabi. Why do all these weebs move to Japan just to escort and inevitably get kicked out?

No. 56021

File: 1562221430005.png (8.47 KB, 1015x175, 0706.png)

They have her on shift, at the same time, at both places on Saturday. How is that supposed to work out?

Does she not get enough work at either place that she's leaving availability open at both locations and taking whichever actually gets her a client for that day?

No. 56024

Whenever I check she is apparently booked out for the day. So she must make decent bank at THC. Considering she only works a couple days a week.

No. 56027

She was available all day today earlier when I had checked. You sure about that, anon?

No. 56093

Lorena isn‘t popular at all

No. 56148

File: 1562318448238.jpeg (337.72 KB, 640x885, 794ABB95-F5A9-481A-98BF-E24346…)

Yeah perfect lol

No. 56153

those fake nails touching that raw, open wound of a tattoo is so fucking unsanitary I wanna vomit. rule #1 of aftercare is dont touch that shit, even when you're putting a cream on it needs to be transferred to something clean, you shouldn't even touch the tube with dirty fingers because the risk of infection if so high.
forensic techs love fake nails because they're the ultimate trap for debris and dna and bacteria. filthy fucking actual bitch.
sage for tattooist sperg but fuck, people are stupid. bet she bathed and submerged it straight after, can't wait to see how this abomination heals.

No. 56208

File: 1562370335785.png (333.23 KB, 588x595, lorenanew.png)

I thought this was someone's flabby lunch lady arm, but it turns out this is Lorena's new massive thigh tattoo?

Those three kids really did a number on her skin/body.

No. 56216

File: 1562375879803.jpeg (319.04 KB, 828x925, 22D57581-DC9B-48DB-B543-B47784…)

I don’t understand why she isn’t fixing her old tattoos first. They look horrible

No. 56226

In case anyone's wondering, here's what that tattoo is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namu_My%C5%8Dh%C5%8D_Renge_Ky%C5%8D

No. 56235

maybe the guy wanted to tattoo that design and she got it for free. its not matching up with her usual cartoonish kind of tattoos, she is looking more and more like a patchwork rug

No. 56241

Aaaand she made it even harder to sell her body in Japan.
This woman makes no sense

No. 56245

File: 1562414567584.webm (3.49 MB, 480x600, 66274144_2284235551684462_2915…)

you are at the station and see lorena doing this weird face gymnastic

No. 56247

This just makes me think about how gross and scraggly her hair must look and feel, especially with the heat and humidity. Just cut it at that point

No. 56248


lol the way she checks of there's any witnesses at the station before cracking out for the camera…
this is the peak sexiness her Jons book her for?

is this woman ever OFF drugs??
in public, no less! why isn't the police arresting her? if I saw an unstable person like this out in public I would call the authorities.

No. 56261

wtf is she on?? she looks deranged

No. 56285

File: 1562459204866.png (1.78 MB, 1075x809, busted.png)

Man, imagine running into this on the street without her layers of heavy filters. Knowing she's out here making faces like this while actually looking like >>53610 is hilarious.

She's reaching full crackhead levels these days. Anyone else remember that weird video of her high/drunk off her ass dancing in the street?

She just uploaded this, look at those nails. Straight up busted.

No. 56296

File: 1562466788449.jpeg (79 KB, 639x830, D99C4431-73DB-4E01-95A6-5A73BF…)

crackhead Lorena

No. 56308

The hair is spot on, the eyebrows aren't far off either. Maybe in a few more years she'll run out of space on her doughy body and start tattooing her face too.

No. 56333

Omg could be possible

No. 56531

File: 1562662422232.jpeg (90.3 KB, 640x559, 05921E84-59EC-4708-9C7E-D6764F…)

Looks like she doesn‘t want to visa hop anymore

No. 56539

Or maybe she wants to drag shannon through the mud?

No. 56578

File: 1562691414313.jpg (136.72 KB, 1024x1820, dsC6RLl.jpg)

thank you instagram

No. 56677

File: 1562753723967.webm (3.09 MB, 479x852, 67077444_469042677213817_64961…)

her voice is horrible

No. 56690

File: 1562761485848.png (243.31 KB, 555x294, kek.png)

There is an almost 4 hour recap of her live on Twitch which she held in front of a whopping 4 people. She seemingly gave up on the "gamer girl" shtick as she is not playing anything lmao. She is also sluring her words and seems drunk, but that might just be her way of talking in general.

No. 56692

i never thought she'd sound like that, yet i'm not surprised. she sounds like a middle aged mom who has partied too hard and is reliving her early 20s.

No. 56694


Can't understand how they tolerate her… The way she acts is so repulsive and annoying.

No. 56696

Yeah, the whole thing is just sad. She really believes that she can make it, talks about her "fans" and how she loves them, but she doesn’t have any fans (even the 4 people watching the stream are some random dudes) and she is soo out of touch. Uses Twitch but admits that she isn’t into gaming. Says that "all content is good content" but makes a fool of herself by uploading a 4 hour stream that couldn’t be more boring, trashy and annoying (you are not Cardi B, stop it with all the okurrr style weird noises girl). And then stuff like "selfie sticks are the future" that show that she really has no idea about anything. It almost makes me feel sorry for her.

No. 56699

File: 1562766704305.png (569.36 KB, 974x541, acne.png)

acne ass is back

No. 56833

File: 1562840299570.png (79.17 KB, 534x824, calmyourself.png)

She honestly seems to be acting more manic than the usual for her. She keeps talking about how she is god and predicting the world ending in 2042. She's sort of just going off on twitter, but it's all nonsense. Is it the drugs or are we witnessing her having a breakdown?

No. 56834

File: 1562840502383.png (248.62 KB, 526x694, 2.png)

She's still going, two more updates as I made that last post. Also, have some "content", of her looking a big toe? I don't know where she got the idea all content is good content.

No. 56840

if lorena loves her drugs so much why doesn't she go to a country where it's allowed?

naah better stay in japan and break all the laws

No. 56841

She's been dropping hints about leaving and complaining about Japan a lot more lately. She's asked questions about sex work in Canada, and is weirdly involved in American politics. Not sure where she'd go, but it definitely seems like it's on her mind lately.

No. 56842

File: 1562843458246.webm (1.4 MB, 720x960, kabukillmee_-_Would_you_buy_my…)

No. 56847

Nothing unusual about it. Some guy on Instagram told her that all content is good content (she said that in her stream) and she is probably just trying to be as active as possible on social media to gain followers. She has no idea how to entertain people or be charming though, that’s why she is just saying random stuff. She did the same on Twitch. Her snow filter videos are way more worrying tbh, what is she even doing in >>56842?

No. 56866


lol she's claiming someone called her a fake Japanese girl. I literally cannot imagine anyone further from a Japanese girl than Lorena. Even Japanese yankii teen moms have more grace and poise than she does

I think she's trying to simulate a sex/blowjob tongue movement but it sounds and looks hideous and painful

No. 56894

Does lorena have friends? I don‘t think so

No. 56935

File: 1562900426488.png (1018.59 KB, 699x597, 002093.png)

She does seem rather lonely lately. She used to have friends and take group pics, go on outings together, etc. Gaya has disappeared lately, Shiena got deported, her other friends left too. Seems the only people who will hang out with her on occasion these days are one of her band mates and the Australian tattoo artist? Even the ugly tattoo cholo wanna be won't be seen with her in public. It's honestly kind of sad.

No. 56996

It‘s not sad. She deserves this. Lorena is human garbage

No. 57155

She looks wrecked. All this 'steal your man' shit but the only men she attracts are stinking saddos who have to actually pay for sex. No good man would ever want to be around her by choice.

No. 57269

File: 1563069988796.png (583.69 KB, 449x598, 23453456.png)

The filters aren't hiding much these days.

No. 57325

File: 1563129952142.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 16D2E353-94C2-43B5-8944-DABA85…)

How she even dare to post a close up of that rancid manicure

No. 57339

Anybody see her latest "Just remember to stay hydrated" post? Her eyes give away that she is high a.f., her hair looks a mess and is she trying to fake a Japanese accent?

No. 57345

File: 1563140807943.jpeg (252.94 KB, 640x643, 502CE9C2-75BD-4781-9CBE-DBC600…)


No. 57362

File: 1563148425724.png (582.55 KB, 596x440, 45.png)

Yeah, her eyes look like that almost all the time lately. She looks like she hasn't slept in months. That video is borderline terrifying though, she acts/sounds like a crackhead.
It's hilarious she thinks she could still pass as a 22yo.

Are those weed gummies? She's been so extra about all the potleaf motifs and shit lately. It's pretty cringe. That manicure is a nightmare though, her hair and nails are on par with actual crackheads like Luna Slater. It's no wonder she's not more popular at her work. She legitimately looks like a cheap streetwalker, not a "high-end escort".

No. 57430

What even is her hair at this point?
No make up either, just cheap fake lashes. And what's the point of getting your nails done if you let them rot like that anyway.

She has completely given up

No. 57480

She looks 50.

No. 57501

Why didn‘t happen anything when people reported lorena?
One guy reported margo and she was gone

No. 57512

We don't cowtip here, friend. Beyond that, we don't know if she managed to scam her way into a visa of some kind, she's been seen wearing a cheap looking wedding band lately. Without proper receipts though, no one actually knows.

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