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File: 1511786758048.jpeg (28.98 KB, 268x275, DE509941-012D-4570-A53C-C8D5C7…)

No. 432691

New thread because old one will get closed soon.
Old thread here: >>>/snow/290408

dumped two babies in australia and
japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.
Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Seemed to have a couple of plastic surgeries in Korea. Especially new boob job. Still being rather on the quiet side but has started to post on TAG again, possibly trying to gain new customers.
Also works at an icha kyaba at the moment.

Still living in that old okubo rathole. Possibly with boytoy who’s twitter is deleted.

No. 433357

Ergh Gaga is looking worse than ever

No. 433381

so lorena is still visa hopping to korea.

No. 433384

File: 1511837261629.jpeg (229.82 KB, 750x909, CE5ED6F7-FF7B-429D-9DCB-56B849…)

Gaya even looks bad WITH make up….

No. 433415

Gaya needs to take care of herself. How hard is it to get your hair done??? Or to do it yourself?? Bitch it's not even humid in Tokyo right now just flat iron your bangs instead of looking like a sloppy fuck

No. 433475

Knowing this girl is the same age as me but looks 40+ makes me feel a lot better about my own looks kek

Sorry for OT(no1curr)

No. 433495

Omg eww sere has a video of her spotty flat cellulite ass trying to twerk on her instagram ..my eyes!!!

No. 433524

typical white woman having wrinkles in her 20s lol(racebaiting)

No. 433532

Her forehead wrinkles me feel dirty

No. 433584

Not this shit again

No. 435081

Gays legit looks like a witch

No. 435235


She's not kawaii, but she could go the sexy route if only she did something (big) to her hair…
Anyway so they're still friends after all. I'd love to hang out with them once and hear how fucked up their conversations must be

No. 435256

You're not missing much. Gaya has no personality beyond spoiled brat and Sere is just a money grabbing mess.

No. 435346

She’s got too much of a hag gremlin face to be sexy…she’s a textbook butterface

No. 435437

Did i miss something? I thought Gaya and Lorena stopped being friends especially after Gaya started hanging out with Nadine more but what do I know?

No. 435495

Since when are they hanging out?

No. 435507

since forever! they just stopped pretending they were not friends so lolcow would leave them alone

No. 435528

File: 1512115905900.jpeg (85.17 KB, 750x413, 8A51F7B2-7767-42AA-8A09-C781F9…)

No. 435547

She trying to be an insta hoe now?

No. 435581

gyaru didn't work out for her i guess

No. 435608

No, Lorena/Gaya stopped talking after Lorena didn’t pay Gaya back after her long trip to Korea when Gaya looked after all her stuff and paid her bills. Gaya either forgot about the money or Lorena finally paid her back. Nadine/Gaya have only ever worked together and don’t hang out.

No. 435610

I like how she's trying to look thinner by using certain angles and not letting her thighs touch the ground, but let the fat hang down.

No. 435627

holy shit at OP's pic. she is such a fuckwit as are many of these girls. if you are gonna do illegal shit with your body, you can't really claim "i didn't do it" when you have incriminating evidence on your body (tattoos)

No. 435660

This makes sense. Thanks.

Lorena has been active on TAG but doesnt post an ad because either it costs her money she isn't willing to pay or she is blacklisted from posting ads but is allowed to post on the main boards. There's been a fuck load of drama there lately too so it's all up in the air.

No. 435682

I don't think Lorena is active enough on TAG to allow an ad or travels too much. There was some drama recently about a Japanese escort getting banned from advertising as she wasn't in Japan enough.

No. 435935


Nah, that wasn't it. She was added to the verified independent escort pages at one point last year, but was taken off for some mysterious reason. She posts ads now on another site called TokyoChicks which is where all the TAG rejects or haters go to I guess. You can post ads on TAG if you're just visiting Japan even so she'd still be eligible.

The ban on that Japanese escort is pretty crazy and way more fucked up though. Pretty off topic, but it might be some good gossip and intel as to what kind of shit happens there. The admin tried to erase all traces that the event happened but since this dude was a dumb ass, most of the thread is still indexed on google. Unfortunately, it's not cached so the only way to view it is through searching random words along with the address of the thread like this.

insert word site: insert TAG urlthreads/how-chris-the-tag-manager-bullied-an-independent-worker-and-pushed-her-to-the-brink-of-suicide.16611/

Since doing that is a massive pain in the ass, I've chronicled briefly what happens. Ignore if you aren't interested.

1.Japanese escort that targets foreigners is no longer allowed to post ads in spring. Gets sucked into "medical treatment", probably mental illness.

2.Comes back around September, tries to contact the admin through PMs, e-mails w/e. Ignored. Not even allowed new reviews for her, not allowed on the women's section of TAG, etc.

3. Tries to commit suicide because her whole livelihood is dependent on the niche foreigner market. Fails.

4.Makes a huge call out thread on twitter, gets all of her escort buddies who aren't from Tokyo to crusade for her.

5. Topic on TAG gets made with some sob story about how she tried to kill herself because she's struggling financially with not being able to advertise on TAG.

6. Admin gives vague responses about how he doesn't enter PMs, didn't receive any e-mails, etc. Gets pissed about the group of escorts, suspends or bans most of them. None of TAG girls are nowhere to be seen defending her even though she's friends and hung out with them. Most likely in fear of retaliation of getting banned.

7. The only quote I found about her ban reason was this: "Have Yuma tell you about her issues with clients in SG and HK… plus everything that's happened in Japan. But let me guess, she won't. The messages and disappearing was the main reason for stopping her ads, but there's so much more that finally was brought to light from clients that found TAG later on."

Nothing more came from this. Not answering messages seems to be a big no-no though.

8.Said escort gets baited, says something that's considered very rude in Japanese and the admin uses it as an excuse to ban her permanently, banned all the escorts who defended her, deleted all traces of her reviews, the thread, etc.

There's some more minor details that were left out, but this is the gist of it. Oh well, I hope some people find this amusing.

No. 436077

Wow hahaha

No. 436138


That moment when your whole life is dependent on an escort website lmao. So you get banned from ONE site when the internet is full of that shit and decide to kill yourself instead of just thinking of other advertising methods!? Or maybe, just maybe think about a job change?
I think you can't blame the admin, those bitches are crazy af and I would have wanted to get rid of them too

No. 436249

Agree. Where did her SG and HK clients come from? Not from TAG anyway. I don’t think the TAG admin handled it well but I also think the suicide thing was a bit exaggerated.

No. 436251

The admin claims later in the thread that the site is running him in the red. Wtf, gow does running a forum cost so much money for hosting? Dude probably should charge more money for ads or just quit while he can if he can't profit off of it anyway.

No. 436264

He has to pay for maintenance and other stuff too. I don't get why he doesn't open a donation pool for all members with a target per month. There are plenty of wealthy guys who hire escorts for extended periods that go on TAG. Instead the admin expects a handful of women to fund the site who are just trying to make a living. It's well known that escorts go through dry periods and TAG isn't the only advertising board anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if he closes the board completely in the next year or so.

No. 436275

Well doing that probably endangers the admin of getting his identity exposed, and most of those wealthy guys are too tech illiterate to use something like bitcoin. Its an idea though.

Just looking at it from the cost of hosting, it doesnt make sense that running the site is making him "poor". The site gets maybe 4500-5000 daily visitors, which FYI this site gets about half of that. Site uses Xenforo so assuming you pay for a yearly license with some ad-ons its around 400-450ish a year. Hosted on Linode in a data server in Chiyoda with standard pricing, depends on what play he selected but i cant see the need to go overkill. In my head, it shouldn't go in the range of omg this site is emptying my pockets. At worst, maybe slightly losing money. Keep in mind he has an ad deal with some other Japanese agency on the site.

I have no idea what other costs would incur from everything else he's doing but at that point, it seems like overexpansion. Or perhaps the dude is full of shit. Only way to know is a look at his balance sheet.

No. 436277

From that it sounds like he just doesn’t know what he is doing.

No. 436287

And you could do it any better?

No. 436288

No, which is why I don't own a forum. Duh.

No. 436575

File: 1512260265456.jpeg (161.92 KB, 640x1011, 3BE6662E-94F0-4C77-AE33-701E75…)

Sere is dumb enough to not even block out her full name on her plane ticket lol

No. 436587

Why do people call here Sere then? I thought her name was Celeste.

Also, back to Korea already…

No. 436634

That picture is from August.
If she was married, wouldn’t her last name change es well?
Besides that, her name is Lorena and not Celeste.

No. 436635

She might be registered in Japan until her married name but never updated her passport.

No. 436653


I guess it comes from her wannabe Japanese name? Celeste would become seresuto. Also she likes to call herself "serebu"(celeb) lmaoooo ( her current insta name is kamisamaserebu which means god celeb, what the fuck )

No. 437266

Safe to say all of those Hermes bags are reps, lol if she was buying real bags retail she would be posting them with the shopping bags and packaging to be like the real fuzoku instahoes she idolizes.
Funny to see someone so blatantly showing off fakes though kek
No one blames you for buying replicas Lorena, we know you're strugging, but it works better if you don't try to show them off as real…

No. 437272

Lol, safe to say as they look fake as hell. No one who has ever been near a birkin would believe them. Why she doesn't just get a classy non-branded one or use her YSL she got used. Flaunting obviously fake bags is just cringey. She wants to pretend she has "made it" in Japan I guess.

No. 437303

I guess since she is such a classy escort in japan she has to have all the brand even if it’s fake. Showing off her non existing wealth.

No. 437457

Flaunting fake birkins is kind of a Kabukicho thing. You see SO many hostesses walking around with Birkins…way more than could ever possibly be real. If you have ever tried to buy a Birkin, you know that the wait time in Tokyo stores (which have a slightly higher turnaround) is usually around 1+ years. Nevertheless, all these girls have 1 or more Birkins (and a lot of them are high-ranking hostesses who could probably afford a real one). It's just a thing.

No. 439020

I guess she reads here, she literally just posted photos with her YSL bag after ages with the fake birkin.

No. 439672

She has a new host boytoy that she has taken to Korea with her too it seems

No. 439676

what?! but she is still living with her old guy?

No. 439756

Dat op pic, very classy.

No. 439759

What about the tacky jewellry old guy as well? For an escort no one wants to book, she sure has a lot of men in her life…

No. 439869

The jewelry dude hasn't surfaced for a while and I'm pretty sure she is paying the host rather than he is paying her. Looks like she isnt with the original boytoy anymore. Easily replaced by another host

No. 439887

Who is in the OP pic then? I thought it was the jewellry guy and that photo is pretty recent.

No. 439953

Probably just a random Yakuza at a party or something?

No. 440217

No, he isnt tattooed

No. 440630

Just another victim of hers

No. 440787

Soooo my friend works at bar Any is that Lorena has started going to. He said she paid Naoki for sex.

No. 440809

What’s bar any?

No. 440842

Anon probably meant Bar Anubis

No. 440888

That's gross. Also that naoki guy is chinese with too much plastic surgery

No. 440890


We will take you serious when you stop being friends with hosts

No. 440891

Melissa is in Japan!
Can you do some stalking on sere and gaya for us?

No. 440903

She's done that before, nothing new.

No. 440906

It’s sad that she has to pay ugly hosts to have sex with….

No. 441163

Sorry, we call it Any as a nickname. My friend is not a host. Anubis is not a host club, it's just a bar.

No. 441166

Oh but he also said that Shiena and Sere came in together one night so I guess they are still friends. I know Shiena has started chasing after bar owners to find one to marry

No. 441263

Yep sad she has to pay chinese surgery guys. Lorena is gross, so she has to pay.
Since naoki fucks with other foreigners for free haha

No. 441314

Naoki is gross anyway. Heavily photoshopped, super posed, plastic fake type. His personality is as dry as his face is plastic

No. 441393

So what? Go stalk Sere yourself instead of demanding it from others.

No. 441398

it's just sere trying to change the topic

No. 441446

I can't find him, but I want to this disaster.

No. 441456

No. 441462

File: 1512896298151.png (160.55 KB, 632x897, IMG_2146.PNG)

No. 441465

That’s not Naoki lol

No. 441474

File: 1512898209167.jpeg (196.89 KB, 731x712, 0C6A4ED6-74B9-414B-8DC5-9102E0…)

This is Naoki

No. 441522

lorena and bijin. that was a good joke

No. 441527

Its from 2014…

No. 441530

the last entry is from a week ago

No. 441784

Sere looked good in 2014. Not as fat and the hair was nice and shiny. Now she looks homeless

No. 441828


No. 441831

File: 1512954100849.jpeg (13.53 KB, 242x190, 835F9A2E-2491-42C2-811D-E2097F…)

She seems to use a lot of editing apps to alter her appearance. In some older photos you can see how haggard age actually looks….

No. 441853

Must be when she needs to redo her botox.

No. 441860

Not really a good example imo, she doesn't look bad there (but then again it is a small picture, so)

No. 441868

Edited too mich

No. 441876

This is actually a good example if you look close at her face. Never has it been this small.

No. 441927

oh god I’m laughing

No. 442014

Those hashtags hahaga

No. 443130

That kid Naoki is still in Japan? lol he is half French half Chinese and went to Japan to become a host and I guess failed miserably? He convinced some Japanese girl in Hokkaido to marry him and then moved to Tokyo and whored himself out lol

No. 443164

He seems to be the bar owner of Anubis but who knows if that’s entirely true.

Also Sere renewed her shitty bar.

No. 443167

"her" bar

No. 443251

She got Kei from SENSE (Yushi's club) to go to Fake Star by promising him and whoever he brought that they could drink 100% for free. No idea how she convinced someone to let her spray paint the walls. She is obviously using the space of another club/bar in Tokyo.

No. 443255

Lorena did not re-open her bar. She is using space in bar Anubis. She got Naoki to agree to it when she paid him for sex last week. My friend who works there said she is paying them rent + sleeping with Naoki for free now in order to have "her own" bar space. She went in flaunting her fake Birkin and telling everyone how rich she is and spent A TON of cash at the bar. She even paid for all the drinks at the opening party. It's not uncommon for bars to rent out their space to other people during off-hours. The ganguro cafe in Shibuya is run that way (it's a bar at night).

If you look at the pictures she posted with "FAKE STAR" in them, you'll notice that she is inside of bar Anubis. In one of the pictures, she hastagged "fakestar x anubis." The wallpaper is also the same as the wallpaper in some of the pictures on Naoki's IG (@anubis_naoki).

No. 443265

Which actually shows that she obviously doesn’t have enough money to keep her own bar space but has to rent out at another bar… kinda sad isn’t it? Also sleeping with Naoki… not sure whom I should belittle more… her or Naoki for having such a bad taste. He must like acne ass and STD pussy. Yikes.

No. 443305

Any pictures??

No. 443400

File: 1513199412184.jpeg (666.51 KB, 2048x2048, 725CD446-3410-4BAE-B972-BB574C…)

You have shit observation skills. The wallpaper is different. Anubis has plain black with gold bottom. Fake star is black with grey baroque pattern. They’re both black but so are half the bars in Kabukichō.

No. 443479

File: 1513208706240.jpg (64.6 KB, 413x517, 25018755_2002431133337450_7481…)

The poster on her instagram shows Lucy Pinder who is known for her beautiful natural breasts and instead you show up and get Lorena and her frankenboobs.

No. 443484

If you have been to Anubis, you know that some of the walls have patterned wallpaper.

No. 443485

File: 1513209743617.jpg (51.41 KB, 694x601, Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-40-40…)


No. 443488

No, she actually reopened the bar. That's the same address as last year.

No. 443491

2 Chome-41-3 Kabukichō, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0021, Japan

That is the address in English

No. 443493

What does she mean with the ゴミ人間 bit? She’s literally saying she is trash?

No. 443500

File: 1513211449733.jpeg (141.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

No. 443501

File: 1513211485772.png (263.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 443506

No tax means…it's 100% running illegally

No. 443583

Yes I have been to Anubis and it doesn’t have patterned wallpaper. It’s plain black and gold on the bottom. No where does it have patterned wallpaper and fake star spray painted across it. So I call bullshit on that anons story

No. 443639

Well, they did just spray paint it yesterday

And I think we have all established fakestar is not in Anubis…but Naoki is involved probably

No. 443650

I do not understand this flake at all. Why does she insist on living like this? Two abandoned kids, botched plastic surgery, living illegally in a foreign country as a shitty excuse for a prostitite waving around fake bags trying to convince everyone she’s so successful when she’s not? Who exactly is she trying to impress? Does she think some rich guy is going to pick her up and pay for everything for the rest of her life? Never going to happen

No. 443658

No tax for Japanese means no tax charge aka tax included in the price. This is written because tax charged in night establishments can be as low as 8-10% or as high as 20-40% ie. Hostess and host clubs and sometimes girls and boys bars.

No. 443665

I'm pretty sure she's not paying taxes

No. 443728

Lorena is in Japan legally.

No. 443746

Don’t you mean illegal?

No. 443924

good joke anon

No. 444001

What visa is she on then?

No. 444216

Tourist visa

No. 444220

She is here illegally then as she is running a bar.

No. 444239

Can you actually speak English anon?

Even her other bar wasn’t technically hers as it was under someone else’s name. I’m sure it is like that this time as well.

No. 444441

She's working running the bar. I never said she owned it. You need a work visa for that.

No. 444450

you need a work visa to work. not being the technical owner is one thing but sh's still violating tourist visa conditions by working at all.

No. 445067

i hope karma is going to hit her hard soon

No. 445100

It hit her once so I’m sure it gonna hit her again sometime soon.

No. 445163

So…Lorena is using Cody to hang out with Yushi. She has literally sunk so low that she'll fuck Cody in order to get him to give Yushi jewelry so she can pretend they're friends. She even bough Yushi some expensive sunglasses.

No. 445169

She really never changes right? Always after nippon dick… at some point I thought she got her life together. Oh boy was I wrong. It’s getting embarrassing at this point.

No. 445180

Who is Yushi?

No. 445186

This has nothing to do with feminism. This is the result of patriarchy.

The first wave of feminism was suffrage (i.e. trying to get the vote in the late 19th and early 20th centuries). Women before this already were denied education and had to rely on their looks to attract a good husband to support them (most not being able to inherit property and being seen as objects for a father to give to the new husband in marriage).

Now, where were men during the time that women were uneducated and unable to do most things? Oh, yes, they were running everything. And who gave men the hard jobs in society? Oh, that would be the men who were running everything.

Everything you mention as being a result of feminism is actually a hangover of patriarchy. Feminism is working against this, telling women they are worth more than just their looks. Unfortunately some women do not realise this and prefer to make quick money in a still patriarchy rooted world.

Crawl back under your bridge, troll.

No. 445190

What feminist media have you consumed that told that? I'm curious.

No. 445192

They have a point. They likely consented to people in public seeing them but not the whole world on the internet. Does anyone really go to a nightclub expected to be photographed?

No. 445196

A slut is someone who will sleep with anyone. No one is having sex in these photos. One has her hands full and her bra is being pulled down and three have champagne in their face (so slutty!). As for the rest, we've all done dumb things when we were drunk.

Why do you feel the need to punish women for showing their breasts? It's the patriarchy that tells women that showing their breasts is sexy yet punishes any that do. They had fun on a night out and sobered up and changed their mind. Why punish them for that?

Do you really think the champagne providers and photographers were targeting men and women equally? Of course not, women aren't going to come to club with photos full of tiny flaccid penises but men will come to a club that has photos of drunk topless women ("easy" to find someone to have sex with).

No. 445202

stop taking bait, cmon now. lolcow is presently being raided, just report.

No. 445271


Oohhh mom of the year feminist Ashley is here

No. 445345

Doubt it.
Also sarcastic “mom of the year” title doesn’t work on her since she actually took responsibility for her child lmao

No. 445369

nice blog

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