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File: 1511786758048.jpeg (28.98 KB, 268x275, DE509941-012D-4570-A53C-C8D5C7…)

No. 432691

New thread because old one will get closed soon.
Old thread here: >>>/snow/290408

dumped two babies in australia and
japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.
Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Seemed to have a couple of plastic surgeries in Korea. Especially new boob job. Still being rather on the quiet side but has started to post on TAG again, possibly trying to gain new customers.
Also works at an icha kyaba at the moment.

Still living in that old okubo rathole. Possibly with boytoy who’s twitter is deleted.

No. 433357

Ergh Gaga is looking worse than ever

No. 433381

so lorena is still visa hopping to korea.

No. 433384

File: 1511837261629.jpeg (229.82 KB, 750x909, CE5ED6F7-FF7B-429D-9DCB-56B849…)

Gaya even looks bad WITH make up….

No. 433415

Gaya needs to take care of herself. How hard is it to get your hair done??? Or to do it yourself?? Bitch it's not even humid in Tokyo right now just flat iron your bangs instead of looking like a sloppy fuck

No. 433475

Knowing this girl is the same age as me but looks 40+ makes me feel a lot better about my own looks kek

Sorry for OT(no1curr)

No. 433495

Omg eww sere has a video of her spotty flat cellulite ass trying to twerk on her instagram ..my eyes!!!

No. 433524

typical white woman having wrinkles in her 20s lol(racebaiting)

No. 433532

Her forehead wrinkles me feel dirty

No. 433584

Not this shit again

No. 435081

Gays legit looks like a witch

No. 435235


She's not kawaii, but she could go the sexy route if only she did something (big) to her hair…
Anyway so they're still friends after all. I'd love to hang out with them once and hear how fucked up their conversations must be

No. 435256

You're not missing much. Gaya has no personality beyond spoiled brat and Sere is just a money grabbing mess.

No. 435346

She’s got too much of a hag gremlin face to be sexy…she’s a textbook butterface

No. 435437

Did i miss something? I thought Gaya and Lorena stopped being friends especially after Gaya started hanging out with Nadine more but what do I know?

No. 435495

Since when are they hanging out?

No. 435507

since forever! they just stopped pretending they were not friends so lolcow would leave them alone

No. 435528

File: 1512115905900.jpeg (85.17 KB, 750x413, 8A51F7B2-7767-42AA-8A09-C781F9…)

No. 435547

She trying to be an insta hoe now?

No. 435581

gyaru didn't work out for her i guess

No. 435608

No, Lorena/Gaya stopped talking after Lorena didn’t pay Gaya back after her long trip to Korea when Gaya looked after all her stuff and paid her bills. Gaya either forgot about the money or Lorena finally paid her back. Nadine/Gaya have only ever worked together and don’t hang out.

No. 435610

I like how she's trying to look thinner by using certain angles and not letting her thighs touch the ground, but let the fat hang down.

No. 435627

holy shit at OP's pic. she is such a fuckwit as are many of these girls. if you are gonna do illegal shit with your body, you can't really claim "i didn't do it" when you have incriminating evidence on your body (tattoos)

No. 435660

This makes sense. Thanks.

Lorena has been active on TAG but doesnt post an ad because either it costs her money she isn't willing to pay or she is blacklisted from posting ads but is allowed to post on the main boards. There's been a fuck load of drama there lately too so it's all up in the air.

No. 435682

I don't think Lorena is active enough on TAG to allow an ad or travels too much. There was some drama recently about a Japanese escort getting banned from advertising as she wasn't in Japan enough.

No. 435935


Nah, that wasn't it. She was added to the verified independent escort pages at one point last year, but was taken off for some mysterious reason. She posts ads now on another site called TokyoChicks which is where all the TAG rejects or haters go to I guess. You can post ads on TAG if you're just visiting Japan even so she'd still be eligible.

The ban on that Japanese escort is pretty crazy and way more fucked up though. Pretty off topic, but it might be some good gossip and intel as to what kind of shit happens there. The admin tried to erase all traces that the event happened but since this dude was a dumb ass, most of the thread is still indexed on google. Unfortunately, it's not cached so the only way to view it is through searching random words along with the address of the thread like this.

insert word site: insert TAG urlthreads/how-chris-the-tag-manager-bullied-an-independent-worker-and-pushed-her-to-the-brink-of-suicide.16611/

Since doing that is a massive pain in the ass, I've chronicled briefly what happens. Ignore if you aren't interested.

1.Japanese escort that targets foreigners is no longer allowed to post ads in spring. Gets sucked into "medical treatment", probably mental illness.

2.Comes back around September, tries to contact the admin through PMs, e-mails w/e. Ignored. Not even allowed new reviews for her, not allowed on the women's section of TAG, etc.

3. Tries to commit suicide because her whole livelihood is dependent on the niche foreigner market. Fails.

4.Makes a huge call out thread on twitter, gets all of her escort buddies who aren't from Tokyo to crusade for her.

5. Topic on TAG gets made with some sob story about how she tried to kill herself because she's struggling financially with not being able to advertise on TAG.

6. Admin gives vague responses about how he doesn't enter PMs, didn't receive any e-mails, etc. Gets pissed about the group of escorts, suspends or bans most of them. None of TAG girls are nowhere to be seen defending her even though she's friends and hung out with them. Most likely in fear of retaliation of getting banned.

7. The only quote I found about her ban reason was this: "Have Yuma tell you about her issues with clients in SG and HK… plus everything that's happened in Japan. But let me guess, she won't. The messages and disappearing was the main reason for stopping her ads, but there's so much more that finally was brought to light from clients that found TAG later on."

Nothing more came from this. Not answering messages seems to be a big no-no though.

8.Said escort gets baited, says something that's considered very rude in Japanese and the admin uses it as an excuse to ban her permanently, banned all the escorts who defended her, deleted all traces of her reviews, the thread, etc.

There's some more minor details that were left out, but this is the gist of it. Oh well, I hope some people find this amusing.

No. 436077

Wow hahaha

No. 436138


That moment when your whole life is dependent on an escort website lmao. So you get banned from ONE site when the internet is full of that shit and decide to kill yourself instead of just thinking of other advertising methods!? Or maybe, just maybe think about a job change?
I think you can't blame the admin, those bitches are crazy af and I would have wanted to get rid of them too

No. 436249

Agree. Where did her SG and HK clients come from? Not from TAG anyway. I don’t think the TAG admin handled it well but I also think the suicide thing was a bit exaggerated.

No. 436251

The admin claims later in the thread that the site is running him in the red. Wtf, gow does running a forum cost so much money for hosting? Dude probably should charge more money for ads or just quit while he can if he can't profit off of it anyway.

No. 436264

He has to pay for maintenance and other stuff too. I don't get why he doesn't open a donation pool for all members with a target per month. There are plenty of wealthy guys who hire escorts for extended periods that go on TAG. Instead the admin expects a handful of women to fund the site who are just trying to make a living. It's well known that escorts go through dry periods and TAG isn't the only advertising board anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if he closes the board completely in the next year or so.

No. 436275

Well doing that probably endangers the admin of getting his identity exposed, and most of those wealthy guys are too tech illiterate to use something like bitcoin. Its an idea though.

Just looking at it from the cost of hosting, it doesnt make sense that running the site is making him "poor". The site gets maybe 4500-5000 daily visitors, which FYI this site gets about half of that. Site uses Xenforo so assuming you pay for a yearly license with some ad-ons its around 400-450ish a year. Hosted on Linode in a data server in Chiyoda with standard pricing, depends on what play he selected but i cant see the need to go overkill. In my head, it shouldn't go in the range of omg this site is emptying my pockets. At worst, maybe slightly losing money. Keep in mind he has an ad deal with some other Japanese agency on the site.

I have no idea what other costs would incur from everything else he's doing but at that point, it seems like overexpansion. Or perhaps the dude is full of shit. Only way to know is a look at his balance sheet.

No. 436277

From that it sounds like he just doesn’t know what he is doing.

No. 436287

And you could do it any better?

No. 436288

No, which is why I don't own a forum. Duh.

No. 436575

File: 1512260265456.jpeg (161.92 KB, 640x1011, 3BE6662E-94F0-4C77-AE33-701E75…)

Sere is dumb enough to not even block out her full name on her plane ticket lol

No. 436587

Why do people call here Sere then? I thought her name was Celeste.

Also, back to Korea already…

No. 436634

That picture is from August.
If she was married, wouldn’t her last name change es well?
Besides that, her name is Lorena and not Celeste.

No. 436635

She might be registered in Japan until her married name but never updated her passport.

No. 436653


I guess it comes from her wannabe Japanese name? Celeste would become seresuto. Also she likes to call herself "serebu"(celeb) lmaoooo ( her current insta name is kamisamaserebu which means god celeb, what the fuck )

No. 437266

Safe to say all of those Hermes bags are reps, lol if she was buying real bags retail she would be posting them with the shopping bags and packaging to be like the real fuzoku instahoes she idolizes.
Funny to see someone so blatantly showing off fakes though kek
No one blames you for buying replicas Lorena, we know you're strugging, but it works better if you don't try to show them off as real…

No. 437272

Lol, safe to say as they look fake as hell. No one who has ever been near a birkin would believe them. Why she doesn't just get a classy non-branded one or use her YSL she got used. Flaunting obviously fake bags is just cringey. She wants to pretend she has "made it" in Japan I guess.

No. 437303

I guess since she is such a classy escort in japan she has to have all the brand even if it’s fake. Showing off her non existing wealth.

No. 437457

Flaunting fake birkins is kind of a Kabukicho thing. You see SO many hostesses walking around with Birkins…way more than could ever possibly be real. If you have ever tried to buy a Birkin, you know that the wait time in Tokyo stores (which have a slightly higher turnaround) is usually around 1+ years. Nevertheless, all these girls have 1 or more Birkins (and a lot of them are high-ranking hostesses who could probably afford a real one). It's just a thing.

No. 439020

I guess she reads here, she literally just posted photos with her YSL bag after ages with the fake birkin.

No. 439672

She has a new host boytoy that she has taken to Korea with her too it seems

No. 439676

what?! but she is still living with her old guy?

No. 439756

Dat op pic, very classy.

No. 439759

What about the tacky jewellry old guy as well? For an escort no one wants to book, she sure has a lot of men in her life…

No. 439869

The jewelry dude hasn't surfaced for a while and I'm pretty sure she is paying the host rather than he is paying her. Looks like she isnt with the original boytoy anymore. Easily replaced by another host

No. 439887

Who is in the OP pic then? I thought it was the jewellry guy and that photo is pretty recent.

No. 439953

Probably just a random Yakuza at a party or something?

No. 440217

No, he isnt tattooed

No. 440630

Just another victim of hers

No. 440787

Soooo my friend works at bar Any is that Lorena has started going to. He said she paid Naoki for sex.

No. 440809

What’s bar any?

No. 440842

Anon probably meant Bar Anubis

No. 440888

That's gross. Also that naoki guy is chinese with too much plastic surgery

No. 440890


We will take you serious when you stop being friends with hosts

No. 440891

Melissa is in Japan!
Can you do some stalking on sere and gaya for us?

No. 440903

She's done that before, nothing new.

No. 440906

It’s sad that she has to pay ugly hosts to have sex with….

No. 441163

Sorry, we call it Any as a nickname. My friend is not a host. Anubis is not a host club, it's just a bar.

No. 441166

Oh but he also said that Shiena and Sere came in together one night so I guess they are still friends. I know Shiena has started chasing after bar owners to find one to marry

No. 441263

Yep sad she has to pay chinese surgery guys. Lorena is gross, so she has to pay.
Since naoki fucks with other foreigners for free haha

No. 441314

Naoki is gross anyway. Heavily photoshopped, super posed, plastic fake type. His personality is as dry as his face is plastic

No. 441393

So what? Go stalk Sere yourself instead of demanding it from others.

No. 441398

it's just sere trying to change the topic

No. 441446

I can't find him, but I want to this disaster.

No. 441456

No. 441462

File: 1512896298151.png (160.55 KB, 632x897, IMG_2146.PNG)

No. 441465

That’s not Naoki lol

No. 441474

File: 1512898209167.jpeg (196.89 KB, 731x712, 0C6A4ED6-74B9-414B-8DC5-9102E0…)

This is Naoki

No. 441522

lorena and bijin. that was a good joke

No. 441527

Its from 2014…

No. 441530

the last entry is from a week ago

No. 441784

Sere looked good in 2014. Not as fat and the hair was nice and shiny. Now she looks homeless

No. 441828


No. 441831

File: 1512954100849.jpeg (13.53 KB, 242x190, 835F9A2E-2491-42C2-811D-E2097F…)

She seems to use a lot of editing apps to alter her appearance. In some older photos you can see how haggard age actually looks….

No. 441853

Must be when she needs to redo her botox.

No. 441860

Not really a good example imo, she doesn't look bad there (but then again it is a small picture, so)

No. 441868

Edited too mich

No. 441876

This is actually a good example if you look close at her face. Never has it been this small.

No. 441927

oh god I’m laughing

No. 442014

Those hashtags hahaga

No. 443130

That kid Naoki is still in Japan? lol he is half French half Chinese and went to Japan to become a host and I guess failed miserably? He convinced some Japanese girl in Hokkaido to marry him and then moved to Tokyo and whored himself out lol

No. 443164

He seems to be the bar owner of Anubis but who knows if that’s entirely true.

Also Sere renewed her shitty bar.

No. 443167

"her" bar

No. 443251

She got Kei from SENSE (Yushi's club) to go to Fake Star by promising him and whoever he brought that they could drink 100% for free. No idea how she convinced someone to let her spray paint the walls. She is obviously using the space of another club/bar in Tokyo.

No. 443255

Lorena did not re-open her bar. She is using space in bar Anubis. She got Naoki to agree to it when she paid him for sex last week. My friend who works there said she is paying them rent + sleeping with Naoki for free now in order to have "her own" bar space. She went in flaunting her fake Birkin and telling everyone how rich she is and spent A TON of cash at the bar. She even paid for all the drinks at the opening party. It's not uncommon for bars to rent out their space to other people during off-hours. The ganguro cafe in Shibuya is run that way (it's a bar at night).

If you look at the pictures she posted with "FAKE STAR" in them, you'll notice that she is inside of bar Anubis. In one of the pictures, she hastagged "fakestar x anubis." The wallpaper is also the same as the wallpaper in some of the pictures on Naoki's IG (@anubis_naoki).

No. 443265

Which actually shows that she obviously doesn’t have enough money to keep her own bar space but has to rent out at another bar… kinda sad isn’t it? Also sleeping with Naoki… not sure whom I should belittle more… her or Naoki for having such a bad taste. He must like acne ass and STD pussy. Yikes.

No. 443305

Any pictures??

No. 443400

File: 1513199412184.jpeg (666.51 KB, 2048x2048, 725CD446-3410-4BAE-B972-BB574C…)

You have shit observation skills. The wallpaper is different. Anubis has plain black with gold bottom. Fake star is black with grey baroque pattern. They’re both black but so are half the bars in Kabukichō.

No. 443479

File: 1513208706240.jpg (64.6 KB, 413x517, 25018755_2002431133337450_7481…)

The poster on her instagram shows Lucy Pinder who is known for her beautiful natural breasts and instead you show up and get Lorena and her frankenboobs.

No. 443484

If you have been to Anubis, you know that some of the walls have patterned wallpaper.

No. 443485

File: 1513209743617.jpg (51.41 KB, 694x601, Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-40-40…)


No. 443488

No, she actually reopened the bar. That's the same address as last year.

No. 443491

2 Chome-41-3 Kabukichō, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0021, Japan

That is the address in English

No. 443493

What does she mean with the ゴミ人間 bit? She’s literally saying she is trash?

No. 443500

File: 1513211449733.jpeg (141.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

No. 443501

File: 1513211485772.png (263.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 443506

No tax means…it's 100% running illegally

No. 443583

Yes I have been to Anubis and it doesn’t have patterned wallpaper. It’s plain black and gold on the bottom. No where does it have patterned wallpaper and fake star spray painted across it. So I call bullshit on that anons story

No. 443639

Well, they did just spray paint it yesterday

And I think we have all established fakestar is not in Anubis…but Naoki is involved probably

No. 443650

I do not understand this flake at all. Why does she insist on living like this? Two abandoned kids, botched plastic surgery, living illegally in a foreign country as a shitty excuse for a prostitite waving around fake bags trying to convince everyone she’s so successful when she’s not? Who exactly is she trying to impress? Does she think some rich guy is going to pick her up and pay for everything for the rest of her life? Never going to happen

No. 443658

No tax for Japanese means no tax charge aka tax included in the price. This is written because tax charged in night establishments can be as low as 8-10% or as high as 20-40% ie. Hostess and host clubs and sometimes girls and boys bars.

No. 443665

I'm pretty sure she's not paying taxes

No. 443728

Lorena is in Japan legally.

No. 443746

Don’t you mean illegal?

No. 443924

good joke anon

No. 444001

What visa is she on then?

No. 444216

Tourist visa

No. 444220

She is here illegally then as she is running a bar.

No. 444239

Can you actually speak English anon?

Even her other bar wasn’t technically hers as it was under someone else’s name. I’m sure it is like that this time as well.

No. 444441

She's working running the bar. I never said she owned it. You need a work visa for that.

No. 444450

you need a work visa to work. not being the technical owner is one thing but sh's still violating tourist visa conditions by working at all.

No. 445067

i hope karma is going to hit her hard soon

No. 445100

It hit her once so I’m sure it gonna hit her again sometime soon.

No. 445163

So…Lorena is using Cody to hang out with Yushi. She has literally sunk so low that she'll fuck Cody in order to get him to give Yushi jewelry so she can pretend they're friends. She even bough Yushi some expensive sunglasses.

No. 445169

She really never changes right? Always after nippon dick… at some point I thought she got her life together. Oh boy was I wrong. It’s getting embarrassing at this point.

No. 445180

Who is Yushi?

No. 445186

This has nothing to do with feminism. This is the result of patriarchy.

The first wave of feminism was suffrage (i.e. trying to get the vote in the late 19th and early 20th centuries). Women before this already were denied education and had to rely on their looks to attract a good husband to support them (most not being able to inherit property and being seen as objects for a father to give to the new husband in marriage).

Now, where were men during the time that women were uneducated and unable to do most things? Oh, yes, they were running everything. And who gave men the hard jobs in society? Oh, that would be the men who were running everything.

Everything you mention as being a result of feminism is actually a hangover of patriarchy. Feminism is working against this, telling women they are worth more than just their looks. Unfortunately some women do not realise this and prefer to make quick money in a still patriarchy rooted world.

Crawl back under your bridge, troll.

No. 445190

What feminist media have you consumed that told that? I'm curious.

No. 445192

They have a point. They likely consented to people in public seeing them but not the whole world on the internet. Does anyone really go to a nightclub expected to be photographed?

No. 445196

A slut is someone who will sleep with anyone. No one is having sex in these photos. One has her hands full and her bra is being pulled down and three have champagne in their face (so slutty!). As for the rest, we've all done dumb things when we were drunk.

Why do you feel the need to punish women for showing their breasts? It's the patriarchy that tells women that showing their breasts is sexy yet punishes any that do. They had fun on a night out and sobered up and changed their mind. Why punish them for that?

Do you really think the champagne providers and photographers were targeting men and women equally? Of course not, women aren't going to come to club with photos full of tiny flaccid penises but men will come to a club that has photos of drunk topless women ("easy" to find someone to have sex with).

No. 445202

stop taking bait, cmon now. lolcow is presently being raided, just report.

No. 445271


Oohhh mom of the year feminist Ashley is here

No. 445345

Doubt it.
Also sarcastic “mom of the year” title doesn’t work on her since she actually took responsibility for her child lmao

No. 445369

nice blog

No. 445589

Samurai yushi the owner of sense host club in Kabukicho…he’s very hot and rich and his instagram gets panties wet haha

No. 445591

Omfg sakurai not samurai

No. 445595

oh god anon, he is ugly af wtf

No. 445598

where did all these desperate yellow fever weebs suddenly pop up from

No. 445600

File: 1513483364832.jpg (72.17 KB, 640x800, PGy9r4B.jpg)

No. 445667

….is she pregnant?

No. 445675

jsut fat

No. 445693

washed up hooker kei

No. 445712

wow he is gross, lol
if thats what you call hot your standards are fucked

No. 445734


Lol anon you love him but can't even remember his name?
If anyone's interested this is yushi Sakura http://host2.jp/shop/sense/yushi/index_sp.html

Tbh I like Lorena's current blonde style

No. 445737

He looks Korean

No. 445798

File: 1513528884696.gif (848.65 KB, 245x240, 186876A2-4E2A-4029-ACDC-848494…)


No. 445845

associates with scum, instant NOPE.

No. 445883

Just because someone finds one guy who happens to be Japanese good looking =weeb? Okay lol

No. 445887

He’s got the look a lot of western women would like. Strong jaw short hair and lean muscle. Most weebs go for the long hair, thin body and v shape face.

No. 445985

why does he look like he's trying to divide 352 by 37 in all his photos tho

No. 446190

Hahaha omg

No. 446191

This exactly

No. 446286

Do you know where you are

No. 447481

He's very short lol
Looks like an average chinpera host
Don't get the hype
She's just sucking up bc he owns a bar
Or maybe she's just that blind

No. 447823

What is with people and height..like who cares? Lol

No. 449016

Found the shorty
Lol but really height is like one of the first things you notice about someone.
And it is generally more aesthetically pleasing to be on the taller side, proportion wise. For males and females, short stubby legs (like Lorena's) are just unattractive. Short people end up looking chunky even at lower weights.
Sage for nitpicking? And opinionated ot preference discussion.

No. 449247

Idk that’s just your type as some of us like short people

No. 449865

This thread is about the mess that is Lorena, not your preference in men.

I thought it was odd that Lorena hadn't followed Shiena on IG. I wanted to believe the anon that said they had a falling out. Maybe that's still true but it seems like they're running in the same social circles still.

Lorena has a new boy toy named Takumu (@takumu_1121). If you look at his followers, they include Shiena. He also follows Shiena. He claims to be a fashion designer so maybe the two know each other outside of Lorena but I doubt it. Beyond him, there is Naoki from Anubis, Riku Ichijo, Jin (@redjin0110), Cody Sanderson, and the boys from Sense. I know that Shiena follows all of them (and generally chases after guys in that scene). Lorena is also the one who introduced Shiena to Cody and managed to get them both free jewelry (maybe through a three some like she said in an IG post). Anyone have thoughts?

No. 449923

Riku Ichijyo and Cody Sanderson are buddy buddy. Shiena and Naoki have been friends way before Lorena and Shiena ever met so all the people connected to Naoki could be connected from Naoki. Maybe Shiena introduced Lorena to Naoki? Shiena also works morning kyaba and alot of hosts go there so any host could possibly from work but Shiena doesn't seem to following any of the boys from Sense…

No. 450122

Shiena and Naoki are not friends. Shiena chases after Naoki. That is different. Also, hosts don't generally go to kyaba. Especially hosts at good clubs. If they did, they wouldn't go to some cheap ass place like the one Shiena works at and Shiena certainly would have posted pictures of them together to make her life seem better.

No. 450214

Hosts DO go to kyaba. The kyaba visits the host and the host returns the favor. Its one way to keep the money in the clubs.
Shiena doesn't go to host anymore because Sere isn't there to pay for it.

No. 450297

Besides Sere, Shiena is uncomfortable going to host clubs now. Her Japanese isn't the best and one time she ended up ordering a $2,000 bottle of champagne that she had real trouble paying for. I was with her at the time and she made everyone chip in to pay for it even though it was her mistake. It was awful and ruined everyone's evening. We basically left the club immediately.

No. 450303

shiena has been trying to get back on Lorena's good side ever since she got back to Tokyo. Like she's been going behind everyone to try to get herself invited to the same kind of events that Lorena does but she can't because Lorena is in a different class of friends at this point but shiena refuses to admit that she is like way below socially and missed her one shot at being tokyo elite now

No. 450306

also, cause I am so sick of this shot happening all the time. Shiena made her own lolcow thread to try to get pity points from everyone by complaining about how everyone attacks her now and her friends have turned on her and she missed lorena.

No. 450492

>Tokyo elite

oh anon you card

No. 450652

Have you, have you just called the circle of filth around Lorena 'Tokyo elite'?? You must be living on the same level with either Shiena or Lorena to call those Tokyo elite.

No. 450670


This Lorena trying to tell Shiena she doesn't like her anymore or something? What did Shiena do to get on her bad side? Yeah, that ain't tokyo elite. That's the scuzz of tokyo tbh… wasting money on overpriced champagne at roppongi clubs every night isn't elite. Lol

No. 450684

I smell bullshit. When girls go to host there is usually a group of 2-4 girls max so unless you all forked out 5man per person, which I'm sure NO ONE would, this is absolute bullshit.

No. 452027

So she tries to get models to go to her shitty bar

No. 452065

lol still defending lorena, gaya?

No. 452263

File: 1514242022541.png (579.62 KB, 720x688, IMG_20171225_234347.png)

She's lost much weight lately! Without those shitty tattoos she'd actually be looking good.

No. 452266

Well, she definitely lost weight, but her life is showing in her face. She's 27 or what, but her face tells a different story.

OT but is that gaijin in the back kisu??

No. 452300

Nah Kisu does not look like this.
(Knew her personally)

No. 452406

Probably from being stuck in bed and feeling sick from her boobjob.

No. 452431

I though she had Lipo as well from that pic of the compression bandages and drains she posted…

No. 452446

she looks like a hag

No. 452448

Did she get her boobs fixed?

No. 452680

Probably for fat transfer to make her boobs look less fake.

No. 457084

File: 1514645196752.png (765.53 KB, 720x956, IMG_20171230_153716.png)

until now I never realized Lorena had a tattoo of 2 people about to fuck on her leg. Trashiest tattoo award 2017 won for sure

No. 457089

Its worse. Its 2 guys and Medusa, one sucking off Medusa wearing a strap-on

No. 457092


W H A T H E F U C K. AT WHAT POINT IN YOUR LIFE DO YOU GO TO A TAttoo salon and say "I'd like a Medusa fucking 2 guys with licking and a strap-on."!!!?????? AND WHAT FUCKING TATTOO "ARTIST" DOES THOSE JOBS??? Oh and why not get a totally random donut next to that? That'll look awesome and so sexy for my prostitute job!
Let's not forget about her half-done tattoos on her back…this woman is a wreck and I've had enough internet for today.

No. 457100

calm down anon. for the tattoo artist, its more like, theyre going to pay me money? ill do it. they too have bills and shit

No. 457108

Is it just me or do her boobs look wonkier than ever under that camisole?

No. 457440

I think she did a lot of them herself as she wanted to be a tattoo artist.

No. 457757

omg that’s a donut??? I was about to ask… I thought it was ham or something.

all those gross looking old dudes kek

No. 457775

This picture is super warped. Not sure what app she used since all the stuff around her lines up, but it's pretty obvious the perspective of her body compared to the rest of the picture is off. It's almost as if she only shrank down the image from her shoulders down? Difficult to explain, but pretty obvious given how tiny her waist looks, how small her chest looks, and how weird her arm looks here. She definitely lost some weight though. Pity it makes her look 40.

No. 457890

her lower half is looking ultra saggy and shapeless since the weight loss. that loose skin.

No. 457938

I thought it was taken with a fisheye lens it was so warped. Half her photos have the “beauty cam” watermark now and she even managed to make Gaya look decent in recent shot so no secret she is editing them to look better.

No. 458751

File: 1514803532660.png (110.9 KB, 623x789, IMG_2348.PNG)

No. 458758

This was my first thought too, almost exactly

No. 458763

hahah lorena pays models and well known hosts to come to "her" bar

No. 462912

FIsheye lense is exactly how warped this image looks, bizarre.

I can't wait to see where this girl ends up in the next 10 years. Will there be another visa husband? Another throw away baby? More botched plastic surgery and bad unfinished tattoos? She's such a trip.

No. 463087

File: 1515201865048.jpeg (177.68 KB, 640x857, 7C8CDF0C-AB9B-4B4D-9B29-F66E75…)

Is this lots of photoshop, weight loss or both?!

No. 463175

She looks like a man here

No. 463269

Both. Shoop skills have improved but still visable to professionals

No. 463278


Why does every hostess pose with a bottle of Moet?? Is it because it's pricey or..?

No. 463311

In the clubs they seem to be rather pricey, while in reality I can get bottle starting at 45$ or so. The recent trend drink is veuve cliquot though moet is very out of date, at least in the better clubs.

No. 463721

And how much does a bottle of veuve cliquot go for? 1,200 at donki? Haha

No. 463729

Because they all buy the same fake empty bottles.

Cliquot tastes like piss.

No. 464042

Didn't sy it was better. Just mentioned that moet is out of trend and that already tastes like piss

No. 464550

That wasn’t what I was saying? I was actually asking now much it cost? Lol
The ‘expensive’ they have at clubs is always cheap shit…

No. 464701

lorena showed her bobs a stranger in an internet cafe and wanted 2000 yen for it

No. 464716

How do you even know?

No. 464738

Bobs lol

No. 464753

You’d have to pay me to look at those.

No. 465490

You honestly think she would waste her time sitting around and learning how to up her photoshop game? You all are just afraid to admit that:
A. She had some serious lipo
B. She actually did diet and lose weight (not saying she did it in a healthy way or not).

Either way, I have to give her credit because she is looking a lot better than she did before.

No. 465498

Yeah she’s definitely done lipo.. and I think she’s definitely making use of camera angles

No. 466476

Lipo gets rid of fat cells. It doesn't change your eating habits. How long until she gets fat again and gains the weight disproportionately due to the missing fat cells?

No. 467246

File: 1515653036836.jpeg (151.21 KB, 640x959, 38FDDB5A-8973-4B94-8026-DC058B…)

She’s been off getting her teeth whitened..gotta keep up the non smoking facade for the prostitution clients lol

No. 467369

she has to look rich haha

No. 467389

Quite funny that she’s constantly hungover…

No. 467690

Her teeth still look dirty at the top as her enamel has been partially dissolved away. Guess she doesn’t clean her teeth much.

No. 467768

When constantly drinking and smoking will do that haha

No. 467893

Don't forget the drugs

No. 468105

why do people have to post photos of shit like this?

No. 468169

File: 1515738115217.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2466.PNG)

Lorenas "friends

No. 468184

Showing off her money as usual

No. 468185

What an ugly fuck omg haha

No. 468207

oh dang, maybe I should have taken selfies while paying my property taxes, so much money, I’m so impressive lol

No. 468260

I can imagine Sere doing that hahahaha

No. 469720

How long is she in japan now? After south korea

No. 469726

Shes been in Japan since August

No. 469748

so next month she has to leave again

No. 469796


How does she do it? I did Island hopping ONCE and the lady at the check in counter in Korea didn't want to let me board at first, because I only had a one-way ticket back to Japan. I could board eventually but got a warning at the airport in Japan too lol
And I look average without ratty exte and tattoos all over my body("dear diary")

No. 470392

Happend to me too

No. 470445

you guys…you're supposed to get a refundable return ticket(to your home country) and then cancel it.

No. 474149

File: 1516248344105.jpg (100.91 KB, 800x600, IMG_3561.JPG)

No. 474309

And again, at least two other foreign girls with her. Does someone know who they are?

No. 474335

Where do you see other foreign girls? I only see Sere and ugly Japanese hostess chicks

No. 474357


They are all Japanese. Check her last insta pics and videos, they had like a prostitute girls party

No. 474370

ew disgusting
but lorena has to leave next month

No. 474405

No. 474409

There girl on the left side (long blonde hair) of lorena and the boy beside that girl as well as the one with the pink party hat look very much like foreigners

No. 474411

her ichacaba only hires fat girls

No. 474585

Someone call and ask her skulking schedule haha

No. 474586

Work** not skulking lol

It says to call and ask about her shifts lol

No. 475052

Lol I guess you’re not used to looking Asians. Not every Asian looks like Lucy Liu.

No. 475557

Why so many uglies

No. 475825

Everyone in lorenas ‘circle’ has always been ugly lol

No. 476033

File: 1516441099224.png (889.04 KB, 1080x1543, 20180120_124512.png)

… no one going to mention the little kids hand in this pic?

No. 476044

Omg I was just going to post this…yeah wtf is she getting access to that poor child of hers that she abandoned?! I fucking hope not…

No. 476046

Hand is too small to belong to previous abandoned kids. This is the baby she had with toyboy.

No. 476095

So it is true that she’s having another anchor baby…

No. 476096

it's not looking like a little baby hand though

No. 476108

The kid who belongs to this hand must be between 3-5yrs old. It's obviously not a baby hand, because it's not that chubby anymore. Chances are high that's either her own child that she had with her ex husband or it's maybe the child of a friend?

No. 476112

did she change her name and icon?

No. 476125

Nah, that looks like a young baby instead of toddler. She can't get anything from the first 2 she had. Now she's trying with the 3rd (2nd in Japan). That floor looks like some government office to me.

No. 476132

Look at the fingers, they're actually foreshortened, not stubby. Look at the size of the hand. it's not a baby.

No. 476134

That kid must be almost a year old by now if she really had one. The hand seems about the right size to me.

No. 476140

Has one of you evr seen children in real life? The kid must be standing on the floor, Lorena is a literal dwarf and it's reaching her tit. The hand is not very stubby anymore and already kinda large. I'm pretty sure that this kid is at least 4 if not a bit older. It'd make more sense if it is the hand of her first try anchor

No. 476158

Lol, these comments. It's a doll.

No. 476164

She’s not allowed to see her other children. Both japan and Australia. I doubt it’s any of these. Must be the new anchor kid.

No. 476359

How’d you know it’s a doll? I

No. 476472

Come on lorena show us more pics about that child

No. 476477

File: 1516497982438.jpeg (424.66 KB, 750x674, 4941661C-3D77-4446-B403-F135FD…)

No. 476482

Wtf where is that posted?!

No. 476484

WHAT!!!!????!?!?!??)?)??!(!?)?!,!.,;?4,?, omg details please the fuck!!!!

No. 476486

Sere stop having children omggggg

No. 476488

So it’s either seres kid or a kid of one of seres foreign friends

No. 476491


AVAST Episode Main Shop
Stage name: Shiyuu (?)
Real name: Ikeda Shuuhei

Anyone who knows how to reach him, please contact me. He has abandoned and refuses to acknowledge the child that he created.

Because her mother isn't Japanese, this child can't get health insurance, a passport, or even citizenship. She can't even enroll in school.

In order to get any benefits, there needs to be a DNA test, but the defendant can't be contacted, and has been ignoring and giving the runaround.

Please help!


No. 476495

I can’t post on hostlove but this is the guys store thread if anyone wants to post it theee haha http://kanto.hostlove.com/cak/20171219145436/a/1

No. 476500

I'm not gonna help lorena

No. 476502

Not to help her if course..just to create drama

No. 476503

Can you tell us where you found this?

No. 476515

….since when does she give a fuck? I’m confused

No. 476519

She can’t get a visa through that child because the father doesn’t acknowledge it as his. That’s why she gives a fuck.

No. 476520

…she couldn’t get a visa through the other one, and she tried it AGAIN?

No. 476523

Looks like she did. She’s that desperate to stay.

No. 476532

She had the kid in February last year.

No. 476535

she was good at hiding

No. 476541

man I remember so many anons were saying she’s pregnant but other anons were saying no, just fat lol

No. 476547

Just had rumors and first-hand accounts, no photo evidence. Now we got evidence. Lol

It IS Sere's kid. The background is definitely her rathole.

No. 476548

No wonder toy boy seems to have disappeared lol

No. 476550

Anon said it’s her rathole already.

No. 476551

why did she think getting pregnant for a visa would work??? when she gets sick of the kid (and she will) where is she going to dump it? the baby daddy is MIA. this poor kid.

No. 476560

Wow, if this really is her third child she must be seriously mentally ill. I know one of her old diaries posted in another thread said she had to see a counselor around the time of her first child for problems but this is sociopathic.

What are her plans for the future? What will she tell her children when they are older?

I'm seriously shocked by all of this, despite of everything she has done in the past.

No. 476562

Yes, it's definitely her place. The teddybear shows up some of her other photos too.

No. 476563

lorena is stupid. she can't get a visa from a host

No. 476564

Just took a look through the thread from a year ago. If this is right, then while pregnant she…

- did porn
- visited bf's parents' (for marriage and visa)
- escorted

No. 476565

holy sht..she is a mess

No. 476586

How can she know that this is the childs dad? She's most likely having raw sex with a lot of guys. I feel sorry for this little girl though. She has no passport, no health insurance, nothing. And the best that sere could do is abandon her and sit her infront of a foster-home, that's probably the only chance for her to get a passport.

No. 476589

Once again is it just me or does this kid also look like it has FAS?

No. 476590

It’s not without a passport. Just not a Japanese like Sere would wish. That little girl has Australian citizenship since the father didn’t acknowledge it.

No. 476593

She was working as a hostess then so definately was drinking. Not that Sere cares, the child just has to exist as her ticket to a visa, she won’t be the one bringing her up…

No. 476603

I thought so too. That means the child will also have a very low IQ and will never really get far in life anyway and will probably end up in worse situations than her mother. Her first and second child are lucky compared to this one, at least they got someone to care for them.

Are you sure? She also must be without any health insurance, so where did she give birth to the child? I don't think it's so unlikely that she has no paper work done.

No. 476607

She travelled to Korea and Australia last year around that time so she might not have been born in Japan. Sere also does have some money (if not as much as she pretends) as well as mooching off Gaya and other friends.

No. 476609

I wonder who is babysitting while Sere goes out hookig these days. Does she have a boyfriend right now?

No. 476618

If she really has an Australian passport than best that sere could do is, bring her to Australia on one of her visa hops, put her in a foster home, go back to Japan, try again.

I just now realize that this woman already has three children that she couldn't care less for. Currently she only acts like taking care for her well being because of the benefits. But if she won't get those and she got rid of that poor thing it most likely won't take that long for her to produce the next one.

No. 476620

hospital should've spayed her

No. 476643

I’m pretty sure her son with her ex husband also has FAS and was born prematurely with other health issues

No. 476649

so she got 2 dogs and 3 kids now
what a life

No. 476650

Gaya uploaded this to her instagram

No. 476653

I just had a theory what if she and toy boy are still together(they obviously had an open relationship the whole time they were together) and she got pregnant by this host and she and toy boy are now using it as an excuse to blackmail money out of the guy? Lol cause let’s be honest we all know Seres Japanese is shit and she obviously didn’t write this ad…#CONSPIRACY

No. 476654

Omg haha

No. 476657

could be true

No. 476664

I‘m really wondering when that child was born. I mean of course she looked fat on her pictures, but not actually pregnant fat…. and if we look to her new instagram, her fattest picture is also over a half year ago

No. 476668

Given Sere’s lifestyle, the poor baby could have been early as well underweight.

No. 476669


wow anon was right

No. 476670

Even if she's manages to track him down, she can't force him to take a DNA test. Japan doesn't usually have joint custody.

If he denies the knowledge or mentions her escorting, he isn't obliged to claim responsibility. She's going to start finding someone to adopt this kid soon.

No. 476672

her line name
this world is exhausting

No. 476676

In other words fucked

No. 476692

File: 1516520680703.jpeg (65.9 KB, 750x399, AEBBB008-D7D4-4604-89FE-0BA1BB…)

From the comment section if this post

No. 476719

From 2wks ago ..how are we so late on this game?!

No. 476721

On a funny note..I wonder if the baby could be Sandra’s?

No. 476723

Omg she kept a kid. Maybe she just didnt want boys.

No. 476724

she is keeping the kid to get some merits out of it

No. 476726

She put it and convo screencaps on hostlove but its just full of bitter customers who are all jealous of each other so no one will help her there. Just slating her saying how stupid and ugly she is/how all she wants is money.

No. 476728

I don’t think so. Cause Sandra is as stupid as Sere.

No. 476735

No. 476741

LOL. Her Japanese is awful, it’s so obvious. How embarrassing.

No. 476742

where? couldn't find it

No. 476746

File: 1516535107120.jpeg (89.62 KB, 750x400, D77C9386-5160-4D9C-83C8-B8FFC3…)

This comment about her is awesome haha

No. 476748

If this is real, she's admitting that she's here illegally. If the child is hers and she's here legally, the child qualifies for health insurance and public services. Passport, easy, Australian. Child gets dependant status in Japan with a legal resident…

No. 476751

Gaya - that person is cruel
Sere - weakling

No. 476752

What do those wwww that they always put at the end of comments mean?

No. 476753

I don't understand why Gaya always helps and defends her. Can't she see what a psycho she is?

No. 476755

its like lol

No. 476757

キモい doesn’t mean ‘weakling’… it’s for disgusting or gross

No. 476760

Thanks, I used a translator as I didn't know the word.

No. 476861

Where are you finding these comments? I can’t see them anywhere

No. 476929

On the next sites

No. 476949

Ok found them lol

No. 477166

File: 1516576030543.jpeg (137.67 KB, 640x950, D8638C7C-7555-4BC7-8BAC-E20A0A…)

The comments on the picture with the hand..

Translation: whats that small hand?
Sere: my sons❤️

No. 477172

God she’s so fucking irresponsible. Disgusting trash. When will she learn?! Don’t have kids unless you are 100% capable and sure that you can provide for them! And she assumes that some greasey host will step up ..like is she a retard

No. 477178

File: 1516576930494.jpeg (225.88 KB, 599x1063, 50B52815-DC13-4994-BFE2-42A5F6…)

Also around July last year she looked quite big and could pass for pregnant…

No. 477180

File: 1516576952953.jpeg (232.6 KB, 640x1029, 44881721-5DDA-4E91-A496-76E533…)

No. 477189


Reading the comments rn lmao. The replies are from the end of 2016, one saying the kid was 8 months at that time ( or that sere was 8m pregnant then ). Just one thing I wanna tell gaya and sere if they're lurking, it's さいあく->最悪 not さいやく

No. 477343

Of course they lurk. Sere has a public instagram because she loves the attention and Gaya is so sensitive to anything remotely negative.

No. 477367

Lorena also writes here

No. 477368

It’s さいやく is in 災厄 disaster but usually written as サイヤク

No. 477392

Just a thought but where the fuck was the kid when she went to Korea for all those months haha

No. 477397

Dumped on toyboy or Gaya of course.

No. 477407

where is toyboy now

No. 477605

they are talking about lorena at the hostlove thread

No. 477644

What are they saying?

No. 477885

Where give us links

No. 477919

File: 1516650836847.jpeg (114.52 KB, 574x1039, 585DD197-A573-4716-A364-32C560…)

How long till she ditches this one

No. 477938

As soon as she gets a definite NO on that visa

No. 478031

Only reason she hasnt is because she doesnt have the father to dump the kid on

No. 478064

Or her parents lol

No. 478142

If she really wanted to get rid of the kid, what are her options in Japan? Could she just drop him off in front of a fire station or what?

No. 478181

I for sure thought this was a baby girl.

No. 478226

She could probably dump him in a care home

No. 478250

She claims she can't see her other children because of the courts. If the host doesn't accept this child there won't be that problem. I wonder what her excuse will be this time.

No. 478376

Come on we know those kids were taken off of her for proper reasons…she also showed absolutely no interest it them..I give it another year till this one is gone

No. 478390

I thought it was divorce courts for the Japan one and her parents doing the right thing for the second. What other reasons?

No. 478433

Her parents took her first baby off her cause she ditched it with them in Australia to go to Japan and they claimed she was taking drugs and negligent to it. The second baby she apparently paid it no attention..constantly going to hoard and living it in child care and not being a parent…she also just up and left..Again lol

No. 478434

Going to hosts mot hoard haha

No. 478447

Slowfag here, she had a third baby??

No. 478457

Three babies now in total. Her first in Australia and the second she had with her ex husband and abandoned him because she wanted to be kabukicho number 1 hostess. Fucked up and got her visa and son taken away. Now the third anchor baby but the father is a host who won’t even admit it’s his.

No. 478488

about reporting her to immigration

No. 478497

She is so utterly loathsome. It's unfathomable to me how she can justify bringing 3 kids into the world with no interest or intention in raising them -and in the case of the last two, just using them to try to get a visa. Plus the way she regards money and the way she flaunts fake designer goods. She's the epitome of white trash.

No. 478546

Do it. For the sake of this poor child! Like even the chikd has no legit visa to stay

No. 478550

We all know by now that immigration isn’t doing anything in her case. But good luck.

No. 478559

I feel sorry for the kid..it has no rights in Japan what so ever..fucking do it a favour and get it out of the country. Also what was she thinking getting fucked by a host… it’s called abortion?!??

No. 478571

c'mon anon, you can't get a visa from an abortion! she thought the host would acknowledge the kid, marry her, and she'd be set before running off on him and the boy.

No. 478572

Someone should post seres porn to that hostlove thread hahahahaha

No. 478577

Women from the Philippines do the Japan anchor baby thing better than Lorena. Take a lesson from them.

No. 478646

This lol
She keeps fucking with the lowest of the low. She should just try a normal salaryman, but those probably run off the moment they see her tattoo ridden body ( a huge no-go in Japan ). At this point I don't think she even knows how to communicate with "normal" sober people at all. She must be like a psycho mess irl who triggers all your alarms.

No. 478651

Abortion is for accidents. Lorena doesn't use birth control with Japanese boyfriends as she wants to get pregnant.

No. 478660

I get the feeling she’s still with toy boy which I’m itself is extra fucking weird lol

No. 478661

*in itself

No. 478665

I wonder if toyboy thinks it’s his and plays babysitter. Or maybe it is his and the host thing is a scam.

No. 478668

Whoever posted the porn to the hostlove thread your link doesn’t work properly

No. 478671

File: 1516700279929.jpeg (179.88 KB, 640x1052, BEE30340-7959-4FF3-AFE8-272DCE…)

No. 478677

Why does Lorena see being a hostess as such a prodigious job? She seems to revolve her life around it. Barely above prostitution.

No. 478721

Her porn is so cheap lol I would be embarassed rather than proud of that

No. 478746

they are roasting her on hostlove

No. 478764

Post screencaps and translations if necessary damnit.

No. 478774

Yeah i‘m curious too screencap and translation pls

No. 478779

File: 1516714828343.png (190.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2632.PNG)

She should stop and go back to her country
Maybe it's her customers child
She got kids from different guys to get money
Other one asked if she is the one who brought a dog to the club

No. 478795

Why did she wait a year to publicly pursue him? Maybe she is hoping he will not remember when they met?

No. 478880

Such an unfortunate body lol

No. 478909

That's after photoshop too

No. 478913

Seems like lorena is writing in the hostlove thread. Everybody is making fun off her

No. 478932

Post a collage of pet porn pictures..my favourite is the pimple ass getting taken both ways..hahaha ewww

No. 478933

Her porn wtf lol

No. 478955

either post a cap with translations or don't say anything

No. 478963

File: 1516729603353.png (121.4 KB, 640x863, IMG_2634.PNG)

They are calling her ugly so she said to them to show her photo
And the host should take care of his brat

No. 478985

It’s getting brutal haha someone posted a pic of her porn shoot and they keep calling her ugly and fat haha and her boobs look like a guy went and got Breast implants looo

No. 479002

I’m not sure what she expected. If she has been able to contact him so far did she really think making him look bad pubicly would make him change his mind? Should have sent a letter by a lawyer and contacted his parents.

No. 479004

*has not been able to contact

No. 479008

No money for a lawyer

No. 479009

But money for new boob job? Priorities…

No. 479011

She's basically had a year and a half to sort this shit out. Why would she not have gotten paternity done before the kid was born? What an idiot.

No. 479015

Why can’t she just take him to court over paternity? Why does she have to contact him? What is the law in Japan over this?

No. 479023


Lmaooo I must admit I'm a little proud of Lorena. Her Japanese here is actually rather good, although it's basically all just insults and threats lol. The Yakuza have taught her. At least she seems to be more fluent than our mrs.perfect shiena

No. 479024

Apparently she looks like a fat ugly New half lol

No. 479032

Must be boytoy writing then

No. 479033


Umm she isn't really in the position to take people to court as an illegal prostitute? And there's still a chance of her randomly claiming him to be the father when in fact she has no idea who is the father www

No. 479039

Her life is such a mess. How could she ever think this would work.

No. 479052

It’s not her writing it..

No. 479129


No. 479132

I don't think their expectations were very heigh to be begin with…

No. 479151

Can you please link the page?

No. 479163

No. 479251


I've read the last 10 pages or so and they're mostly ignoring Lorena. Actually I think she's either self posting or someone is making fun of sere by pretending to be her. And there's at least one more gaijin there throwing mean comments at "sere", because the Japanese in some comments is off (checked this shit with a jp friend lol ). But like I said the gaijin posts are mostly ignored and other girls keep discussing other topics like whether they can become a hosts girlfriend.
I see no milk here, probably just a farmer trying to stir shit up.

No. 479267


Yup def looks like a random farmer had a schizophrenic meltdown in that hostlove thread

This picture breaks my heart a little… For this child (again) Lorena is everything…

No. 479633

My guess it's lorena defending herself

No. 479654

they are making fun of her because she called herself chibi.
also somebody is asking why the thread became so lively. she thinks it's lorenas fault.
other person wants to know where she works

No. 479660

Probably Melissa/Anna

No. 479662

no it's 100% lorena
she told them she is only a kindergarten worker lmao and called herself chibi

No. 479671

hi lorena
your so called "enemy"?(hi [cow])

No. 479694

Kindergarten worker? Wtf? It’s obvious that she’s not if you look at all the evidence. Does she think the Japanese buy that?

No. 479709

File: 1516764243028.jpg (33.96 KB, 640x640, 26869000_991320544358413_19436…)


No. 479721

Am I the only one who’s wondering who posted that picture from Gaya’s Instagram. She doesn’t have that many followers…

No. 479726

she is sperging at the hostlove thread again defending herself. she is not a prostitute lmao

No. 479752

Unfaithful friends I guess

No. 479760

she denies beeing a protitute and going to host clubs lmao. and she is so beautiful and she feels sorry for the girls on this thread because they go to host clubs wtf.

No. 479765

Does anyone have one of her latest backpage ads?

No. 479808

No. 479811

No. 479812

File: 1516769858332.png (812.98 KB, 570x1234, 796_pc.png)

who is leslie?

No. 479823

Haha where did you find this??

No. 479839

Talk about overcharging…$400 for 30 mins?

No. 479852

Except there’s ton of photo evidence and you can’t say it’s not her with all the tattoos. She’s seriously a sociopath. Not just by her actions but because she thinks she can blatantly lie like that lmao

No. 479855

she's like in a rage right now. scary

No. 479869

it's so funny reading all this on host love. must be hard for Lorena to realize that japanese people hate her. she always had this imagination that japanese people love her

No. 479880

File: 1516772213672.jpeg (96.55 KB, 640x659, ED0E16E0-8AED-4FC6-BFA2-635E17…)

She gone private from all the hate lol

No. 479886

it's a matter of time until she needs all that attention again and makes her profile public hahaha

No. 479944


What's this suddenly? If I'm not wrong it's a chat between Leslie and someone?
The person on the left is Leslie??? saying they thought better about sere&shuuhei but now they know everyone involved with those two is fucked up in the head.

I can't follow shit is happening so fast lol
Seres insta going private too… Definitely a meltdown happening lmao

No. 479956

I have read the latest replies on hostlove and I can say:

- a random gaijin retard (Japanese is off)keeps posting seres insta pics
- retard insults sere in bad Japanese. Other girls join in and make fun of sere a little ( they all still call her sere, not Lorena).
- real wild sere appears, defends herself saying she's not a prostitute but a company boss(of her fake star bar lmao). Other girls teach her that her ichakyaba job(hostess who may be kissed and touched) is indeed prostitution
- sere freaks out and insults everyone
- gaijin spergchan insults her back here and there, posts a few more pictures
- other girls tell sere to go back to her own fucking country
- topic is changed and the thread goes back to the usual discussions about who of the boys in that club have sex with their customers

No. 479965

made my day
crazy lorena

No. 479968

Funny cause sere boasted on TAG that she’s fucked customers and done other stuff at the sex kyaba lol …also her Japanese is fucking aweful lol ….

No. 479972

File: 1516781092947.jpeg (161.33 KB, 640x1044, F41D85A1-889C-4E6D-9F9F-550F34…)

Do you anything else you’d like to say?

I’m a slut? Is that right?
A speed addict? From my old tanto? I only have my tanto from three years ago. He quit hosting.
A host addict? Those are pictures of my bar customers.

I’m ugly? Where?
I’m poor? Hello, I’m company president.

Your fucking boring Leslie
Being a jealous mental case is cute since your 19.

Trash who love using their 58 yr old parents money on a child ditch host aren’t cute.

Her Japanese is terrible but lol

No. 479973

*child ditching

No. 479974

who is leslie

No. 479976

No idea but sere was having a go at her lol

No. 479978

For someone who probably never actually studied the language I'd say her Japanese is fine. Although we don't know whether she could actually read all those kanji or if she had to google them one by one.
Still muuuch better than Shiena!

No. 479980


It doesn't say Leslie in the screenshot but "rize"
Rize is mentioned a few times in the thread. Probably the current Ace of the host who got Lorena pregnant? I know Japanese but I'm not too good with host terms. I think an ace is someone who spends the most money on their tanto?

No. 479981

Her Japanese is terrible anon. No basic understanding of grammar and can’t string a proper sentence together. No one was talking about fucking shiena either (who you seem to have a hardon for)

No. 479982

An ace is the hosts biggest spending customer. I assumed she was trying to say Leslie as the line convo she posted was from Leslie lol

No. 479983

And yes I know it says rize I’m not an idiot lol ..I’m guessing that Rize is this Leslie person though

No. 479984


It might all make sense now???
My theory: Rize is Leslie's nickname, Leslie probably being a Japanese girl who gave herself a cool foreign nickname.
She's the one from that chat window screenshot where she says she thought better of shuuhei ( her tanto and accused father of seres child) and sere. She's probably a prostitute herself to be able to be a hosts ace and apparently 19yo. In the chat window she has a mental breakdown at shuuhei, who, very Host-Luke, ignored her shit and replied after hours with "I was asleep".
Now the girls are having a bitch fight over that host.

Fucked up…

No. 479985

Host-Luke= host-like

No. 479986

Yes, that’s exactly what happened and what I was trying to get at lol

No. 479987

File: 1516782429159.jpeg (168.91 KB, 640x985, 313A8BE3-6CF8-4AF2-997D-2C7E88…)

Seres baby daddy on the left..looks like a dirty druggie lol

No. 479989

gross..just like lorena

No. 479990


He should give up n marry Lorena, introduce his friend on the right to Shiena, looks just like her type. They could all whore themselves happily ever after. I see only advantages for everyone?

No. 479992


I think it's this guy (lol this video is so cringey)


Face looks a little different, but a hosts face changes with every surgery so who could tell

No. 479994

yes it's him

No. 479999

Yes it’s him lol..just looks different cause makeup sunglasses and different hair colour.

No. 480000

Haha sounds like a bad soapy waiting to happen

No. 480005


Check the few pics he has on insta, of course Shiena liked them lol. I bet she and sere are dick sisters as in sharing the same guys for sex

No. 480006

I think Shiena and Lorena aren‘t friends anymore

No. 480074

File: 1516801471326.jpeg (329.53 KB, 1044x1568, CFC5C430-32D3-439C-9DBE-C0403C…)

I went to her bar and apparently she married this super rich Japanese guy who travels a lot, she kept her old house to store her clothes and things because she’s a greedy bitch. She apparently met the him at the sex kyaba and now she doesn’t have to work but does the bar for fun (or so she has an excuse to go out and cheat). Her real house is Iidabashi.

No. 480076

That's what she would like to have.
So why doesn't she upload photos of her new home? Seems like another lie

No. 480077

What kinda of Mira-esque bullshit is this?

No. 480082

Lorena whiteknighting herself

No. 480084

Figured. Its reminds me of the way Mira pops up into her thread claiming "apparently she's dating Saudi prince" or whatever her story du jour is.

No. 480090

but she's begging instagram to find her baby daddy? lol i don't think so.

No. 480130

What if this is the same anon who told us she has a kid? Conspiracy theory

No. 480158

So that's why she is pictured with that old ugly jewellry guy so much

No. 480179

That old ugly jewellery guy is Cody Sanderson the jewellery designer idiot lol

No. 480183

Tbh if she had money she'd get 'real' extensions and not those cheapo braid in ones

No. 480200

Who else is going to marry her…?

No. 480201

why is her face looking so much more fucked up lately

No. 480217

maybe the way she lives is finally catching up with her. smoking, drinking, fucking your way to a visa; its not a healthy way to live

No. 480225

>close to 30
>one injection and surgery after the other

No. 480535

Apparently She went to meet Shuhei and they had sex and he got her pregnant again and ran away.
Lol so stupid

No. 480550

Do you even believe what you write?

No. 480722

Her insta isn't private… She must have blocked you.

No. 480731

She made it public again hahaha

No. 480733

She just made it public again..it was private for like 24hrs haha

No. 480777

What purse is this?

No. 480844

She must have changed the name. Her kamisamaselebu one has an entirely different amount of followers and a korean flag, but is private.

No. 480850


You need to improve your stalking skills. She changes her insta name a lot and the current one is kingdededekabu . It was kabukidedede just yesterday where she made it private lol (dedede sounds retarded)

No. 480933

I don’t think the baby looks like her or boy toy or the Host guy, is it even hers or is she trolling everyone?

No. 480934


It's still a fucking baby and a HAAFU too, don't forget hosts get plenty of plastic surgery. What makes you think you could tell from the fucking face who's the father

No. 480937

Or the mother…

No. 481581

Lorena is asking everyday where that shu guy is

No. 481670


Please identify thank

No. 481681

Why do you care?

No. 481690

lorena trying to push her own thread?

No. 481743

Lol they are calling her Sere Pig on hostlove

No. 481749

Oink oink

No. 481804

Fake hermes

No. 482466

I take a break for a while and come back to this? A lot of us anons were saying she looked pregnant a while ago, but there was always an anon, who supposedly went to her "bar" that kept saying she wasn't. Now look where we are.

Lorena is such a trip. I wonder how many more children she will have in an attempt to stay in Japan? If she truly cared about this child, she wouldn't have done porn, escorting, and bar work while pregnant with her/him. Her desperation to stay in Japan at all costs is both disturbing and bizarre.

No. 482578

I really feel sorry for this baby. I am honestly hoping she has figured out a way to take care of this child without health insurance especially within the first few months up to two years it is constant vaccinations.. surely, if she gave birth in Japan her ward office should have been aware of it. But wouldnt she need a visa to actually birth in a hospital here? Which raises the question of if she had the baby in Japan, or Korea…

Speaking from experience my ward office insisted I needed a visa as did my Hospital. Even with my tourist visa being extended it was still declined until I had a spouse visa. (damn papers took forever)
Sooooo… IF she birthed in Japan, she may have a valid visa, somehow… secretly wed?

Is her instagram still public?

No. 482599

i guess she got her baby in australia

her instagram is public again

No. 482616

On her Instagram are pictures from Australia it seems. So could be true.

No. 483242

But if she had the baby in Aus it would have a passport which it apparently doesn’t..she also mentioned in comments under the vid of the baby and her looking at snow that it was babies second time seeing snow as they say the brought him home it was snowing…and it doesn’t snow in Australia unless you high up in the mountains down in Victoria or in Tasmania lol

No. 483289

It wouldn’t have the Japanese passport she wants. “Brought it home” could mean arriving in Japan.

No. 483443

File: 1517105013780.jpeg (194.66 KB, 640x970, B022925D-A549-4D16-A0B0-01B5E3…)

Doesn’t snow in Australia

No. 483476

maybe she parked her ass at hospital so far into labor that they couldn't turn her away in good conscience?? like they helped her give birth to a healthy kid but no birth certificate and no docs.

No. 483494

I was actually thinking the same but then, how did she get all the examinations? Isn’t that important too when being pregnant? Like ultrasound etc.

No. 483518

its also important not to drink and fuck strange men for money without a condom too but i don't think the ultrasounds and stuff were high on her list of things to do.

No. 483540

Yeah knowing lorena she probably did none of that stuff…so they baby probably hasn’t even been registered with the embassy cause they’d ask for details on the father too…this kid technically doesn’t exist

No. 483556

It does in a few places, blue mountains had some last year and the snowy mountains (thredbo)

No. 483636

Yeah the mountains ya knob not any of the cities though

No. 483692

Do you guys thing that Lorena has sexual deseases? The possibility should be high, considering how much unsafe sex she had

No. 483698

Honestly that wouldn’t surprise me. It’s not unknown that she has sex without condoms and even with strangers and hosts. They aren’t the cleanest people either considering how many girls they fuck unprotected as well.

No. 483961

I heard that if you drink lorena’s blood you become her…

No. 484468

It is known

No. 484609

Nah you get acne ass just like her

No. 486418

Her last insta post is 7 days old now. I have this feeling she made a new account AGAIN! Everybody watch out

No. 486432

meanwhile she is busy writing in the hostlove thread

No. 486656

What does she write? Still fighting with the japanese girls, trying to prove that she is no hoe? Lol

No. 486673

I can’t see that she is writing but they are talking about her lol. They think she works at soap for some reason, anyone in Japan not posted the link for her ichakyaba on hostlove yet? http://ichacaba.com/krc_cast/

No. 486675

already posted

No. 486710

the hostlove thread is really active.
they're bullying lorena

No. 486720

her new instaram is @kingdededekabu

No. 486722

It’s not new. She just changed her name again. And that was mentioned already.

No. 486728

File: 1517309044100.jpg (54.99 KB, 630x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)


I just realised this is stolen from Cardi B's mixtape cover.

>you're so uncreative you badly recreate a mixtape cover that is supposed to be ratchet and humorous

No. 486757

>>483242 She could lie about the child not having a passport… Considering how strict child health care is here and vaccinations are the baby was obviously not registered here. Otherwise Ward offices officials would have noticed this is her second baby in Japan… one of which she does not have contact with, so that may ring alarms if she is staying here illegally.. poor child.

>>483476 You have to register a birth at the Ward office, thats when you officially get all your papers. You also need to ANNOUNCE you are pregnant at the Ward office and they will help you find a Hospital (you need to book them and do endless meetings with them talking birth plans etc)

>>483518 You would be amazed what sketchy services Japan offers… there is a massage parlor in the next town from me which offers you a service from a pregnant woman or a woman who can produce milk… eugggh. No lie.

No. 486774

Those kind of places aren’t uncommon. You can find them in the West as well.

No. 486788

Japanese nationality is by blood and not place of birth. If a non-Japanese mother has a child, this child cannot have citizenship unless a Japanese father acknowledges paternity. It is possible to have a child in japan and not get citizenship.

There’s also another law that states that women cannot marry until 100 days have past after divorce and children born within 300days of divorce are legally considered the previous husband’s children and he can demand custody of them. However if that father does not claim paternity of that child and you are either not married or the child is not the child of your new husband you are basically screwed unless the biological father claims paternity.

Japanese law cannot force a man to take a dna test if he is unwilling to claim paternity. But they will ask for a dna test if he does and is not the previous husband or has been the husband for more than 300days.

Japan is tricky about children out of wedlock. Their laws are extremely old and outdated.

No. 486859

from what you're saying here, there's a small chance that yes she might have given birth in Japan but because she never announced or registered the pregnancy with the Japanese government, the child doesn't actually exist.

No. 487106

That is correct. Because the Japanese government literally won’t let her. Chances are she’s in a singular bind as this woman in the article here


Laws changed recently where more illegitimate children are allowed Japanese citizenship but the Japanese father must claim paternity.

No. 487107


No. 487111

**similar. Sorry keyboard problems.

No. 487193

According to that article it's already too late for Lorena:

“Citizenship should, where possible, be confirmed at the time of birth,” Justice Hiroharu Kitagawa said.

“And there are logical reasons for the restrictions not to grant Japanese citizenship to an illegitimate child with only postnatal filiation.”

If the child is already 1 year old then her time in Japan is limited to 5.5 more years at most before she has to return to Australia for the child to attend school (unless her parents take the baby again).

No. 487196

I wouldn't put it past Lorena to give birth in a dirty flat to be honest. It's not like she cares about the baby anyway.

No. 487207

Probably just visa hop time again.

No. 487264

Ha, agreed.

No. 487581

This is even more messed up than I originally thought. She never fails to fail at her own life. Now she is stuck with a third child she can’t get any benefits. Maybe it’s time for her to go back to Australia instead of clinging to Japan. How old is she again?

No. 487609

No. 488886

Is lorena that desperate?
Asking everyday about that guy

No. 488906

Where is she asking?

No. 488936


No. 489025

are you shocked? babies are expensive! she can't get welfare for a child that doesn't exist and Gaya is so busy making her own pussy pay that she can't babysit so sere can make her own money. she's fucking broke.

No. 489147

Not the anon you've been talking to, but births are expensive and if you don't register your child and pregnancy you won't get the batch payment (420k) from the government, so I think it's highly unlikely she didn't register her child.

No. 489847

Wasn’t boytoy previously waving around money on his Twitter? Maybe he paid part of the bill. Because I doubt Sere registered the child. I mean… how? If she was married she wouldn’t need to look for the father and boytoy could’ve claimed it his child long ago when she was pregnant. Shows me that not only Sere but also boytoy seem to be exactly stupid.

No. 489946

I miss her himo guy

No. 490261

>>486788 Those laws do sound extremely old and outdated. I knew the law about re-marrying because divorce will be made noted. But DAMN 300 days that child will legally be another mans?!
So basically, she is screwed unless Daddy comes back in contact with her.

>>486859 Roughly that, which is a damn shame if this child is going undetected. I wish SOMEONE would intervene. How can her boneheaded friends let her do this…

No. 490269

>>488886 She desperate for his money and probably for him to take the kid no doubt. Cannot imagine a gunshot marriage happening out of this if he already done a runner.

>>489147 That is exactly it. This kid doesn't exist at all.

>>489847 What is his twitter? He could have paid part of the bill but again that would mean the baby is and has been possibly registered or the pregnancy announced… it would have been down on the bill, her address would be necessary and if anything Child welfare should have been contacted… Hospitals are so paper and "fill this form" happy.

No. 490276

lorena stopped using her instagram?

No. 490306

He doesn’t have his twitter anymore. It was deleted all of a sudden. I don’t know if they are actually still together or if he ran away too.

No. 490335

Thing is that even if you got married, getting kicked out of the country (which she would and should be) would reign over that. I used to work with a girl who got herself deported and even though she married her bf, she wasn't allowed back in for a few years.

No. 490394

what if she left japan again and that's why she stopped posting on instagram?

No. 490401

What did your friend do to get deported? Just curious as Lorena surely has done way worse to warrant a deportation and yet….

No. 490403

Yeah isn’t she due to leave again around now?

No. 490406

yeah she is! can australians stay for 6 months?

No. 490421

No I think you can only extend a tourist visa to 6 months once only if you have good reason to

No. 491034

Someone said lorena is still in kabukicho

No. 491066

A co-worker not a friend. Girl was crazy. Anyways, she worked on a tourist visa, visa jumped, but was stupid enough to put "to work" as reason to enter Japan on the card you have to fill out for immigration before landing.

No. 491234

So her kid turned one today…it’s way past the required time for the father to recognise the kid so it can get it’s Japanese documents together. Really Lorena if you have any human decency do it a favour and get it out of this country. It has no future here because of you and your idiocy.(read the rules)

No. 491251

wait, can Lorena even travel outside the country with the baby if she wanted to drop it off in Australia? because he doesn't have a passport?

No. 491263

maybe the baby got an australian passport?

No. 491289

No it wouldn’t have an Australian passport as she would’ve had to go to Australian embassy and they’d ask for birth records and her visa status etc…. she’s generally fucked this kid up big time

No. 491300

jfc she's really screwed up this poor baby's life. it would be kinder to just drop the kid off at an orphanage in the middle of the night

No. 491313


No. 491388

>>490335 Very true, my friend overstayed her visa, not sure how, she blamed her boss, she got deported and wasnt allowed to reenter for over 6 years.

Does anyone know precisely WHERE she "legally" works? I dont want to be that person, but that child REALLY should be taken away from her. Sure it is probably clothed, bathed and fed, but going by what is written here that baby isn't even registered here or anywhere, and it is really worrying.

No. 491411

legally? nowehere i guess

No. 491534

so lorena isn't allowed to go to the hostclub where that shu guy works

No. 491581



No. 491652

tbh if i were her babydaddy i would threaten to call immigration if she kept trying to find me and tell my coworkers to do the same…

No. 491685

Maybe he will do that soon anyways if she continues.

No. 491913

Yeah like obviously from the start when she got pregnant he wanted nothing to do with the kid..she could’ve gone and gotten an abortion but nah I want to harass him for a visa and cash

No. 492267

That's her plan
Get a baby and harass the father for money

No. 492444

File: 1517719733104.jpeg (129.59 KB, 640x1035, AABE0644-7EAA-42E5-B995-2CEDA8…)

Translation: As expected of Air Group

I’m wtf are hosts by
Asking her up now or something

No. 492449

is she implying that they hosts at the club beat her up? she probably got bruised when they tossed her ass out into the street for harassing their employee!

No. 492457

did anyone ever consider that the reason she can stay in japan so long s because she does have a visa? I think she never divorced her first husband officially. it takes 2 signatures. she probably just refused .

No. 492462

Looks like she was heavily restrained. She probably went to his club and went psycho. Police will no doubt get involved soon

No. 492468

deserves her right for beeing a psycho

No. 492469

no, they got divorced

No. 492480

They definitely got divorced. She was forced by a lawyer to sign the papers. I still think she is trying to visa hop every 3 months.

No. 492494

Her baby daddy doesn’t work for Air group though… so maybe she went there and was being messy so they threw her out lol

No. 492512

Does she even know what "sasuga" means? Or is Air Group actually known for being violent?

No. 492517

I know right..I haven’t heard anything about them being violent though

No. 492519

File: 1517729380425.jpeg (170.65 KB, 640x1085, 5CFEC01E-F6EE-411D-84A1-DF7710…)

Lol someone said
She’s written Air Group but did she actually find Shu? Lol

No. 492534

Looks like an old bruise or a bite bruise.

No. 492535


He might have started at an air group club. People on his old hostlove thread kept mentioning that he quit avast

No. 492536

Extremely OT but can't she wash her sheets??

No. 492538

Not only going to host clubs but GETTING BEATEN UP by the hosts. I think we got an all time low here

No. 492539

her sheets are super dirty

No. 492542

Lorena is sinking deeper and deeper and deeper….

No. 492543

This really is the lowest she's ever been. Tbh if she got escorted out of AIR group out of all clubs in a way that was harmful she must've done something really stupid there. Hosts are stupid, but they're super professional at work

No. 492560

i think she went to avast or another shop to find that guy

No. 492630

File: 1517754819940.png (177.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2781.PNG)

Seems like someone wants to report her

No. 492671

I dont think she got divorced or only got divorced super recently.

lawyers cannot make you get divorced in japan.

a divorce suit itself takes 3 years or so, unless both parties willingly sign.

even if she lost the right to meet her kid with the first husband, they cant make them get divorced. it's really confusing and complicated in Japan.

in any case if she wanted the visa she would have ignored the papers.

No. 492679

Not sure when you joined in, but a few years back we had threads with actual evidence of her divorcement (that's why her and her friends when batshitcrazy and created a ton of revenge threads) not sure, but if you're lucky you might find some stuff on PULL.

No. 492693

Yeah sere threatened to post revenge porn nudes of her ex husband and shit… was hilarious

No. 492699

Those were the days my friend. I miss them, it was fun when she and her club occasionally showed up to defend themselves. Do you remember her try of founding a prostitution ring? That one was glorious. Vika, herself and two poor ugly Japanese girls.

No. 492722

I think those papers are loss of access to the child
And not divorce papers…
Or the ex husband may have stamped it, but not her and vice versa

While you can be forced out of parental rights no one can make you sign divorce papers in Japan, even if one person goes to jail, borderline impossible.

There are other explanations but she must have a visa

Absolutely impossible for her to have visa hopped this many times to Korea.

No. 492733


They nay want to report her but she’s not doing anything illegal


Baby is fed and clothes? Not illegal
Bar is within 2 years not declaring tax, probably legal until a certain date

If she does have a marriage visa then sex nwork also isn’t illegal …

Hit a wall

No. 492756

If she isn't divorced then her ex husband would be legally considered the father to the child and therefore be entitled to citizenship and everything. She wouldn't be having these problems.

No. 492775

this. you can't deny paternity if you're married(unless you prove you're not the parent)

No. 492777

Would he have sued her boyfriends for adultary? Abd wouldn’t she be charged with fleeing the marital home or something?

I’m guessing she signed the papers so she could get his money and finalise not having anything to do with her child.

No. 492832

That was so good. Maddingly Models hahahaha

No. 493178

Incorrect. A judge CAN and WILL force a divorce to go through if there's evidence of one person acting in bad faith. Which there was MOUNTAINS of in Lorena's case. The reason many Japanese-Japanese divorces take forever is because at least one person knows what to say and how to act to keep the case open.

Also, even if she WERE still married, that doesn't guarantee a visa. She lost her spouse visa the moment her ex reported her to immigration. She was trying to renew it during divorce proceedings, and got denied. YEARS AGO, now.

No. 493241

I can remember how she stole something from his hometown to get to renew her visa

No. 493295

Yeah, she stole his hanko, and tried to get his family register paperwork to give to immigration, but someone told him what she was doing, and he told immigration. She didn't succeed. They denied her renewal.

No. 493317

what a psycho

No. 493392

Imagine going all the way to your ex in laws breaking in and pretty much trying to commit identity theft for a visa hahaha thirsty weeb

No. 493450

She didn't have to break in, or even meet the in-laws. Just break into her old apt with the ex, steal his hanko, and take the bullet train to his middle-of-nowhere hometown's ward office.

Didn't she also try to get a dependent visa from her 2nd kid too? Same as this time, except no paternity. Lol

No. 493463

either way that’s crazy desperate, lmao just go home

No. 493716

I have heard from two seperate sources that Ryoya the ex husband beats women.
Two girls he dated. He started bashing in under 6 weeks. It’s dv.
So like, he’s probably bashing the kid now, and the new gf and just blames Lorena.
Not saying she’s a great person to be married to but Dv is really bad and scary.
Someone needs to save that kid too.

No. 493722


Why do girls fall for him? Open your fucking eyes, he's an ugly wanna-be gyaruo skeleton gaijin hunter without money. I never understood why Vanessa put up with his shit for so long, the most hilarious thing was when Vanessa and ryota broke up and immediately he started dating Lorena. In the meantime Lorena and Vanessa were hanging out as besties too. Is every girl who goes to Japan a mental Trainwreck or wtf is going on

No. 493724

Why wasn’t Sandra covered in bruises then

No. 493726

Who’s Vanessa?

No. 493729

You've the most fucked up sources then who probably were jealous at eachother and every girl he had. He's taking care of the baby the best that he can. And if Lorena wasn't such a trainwreck and thought prostitution right after giving birth was the right idea, she could have had a really nice and calm life with him. But no that would've been too basic for her drug ridden ass

No. 493753

So being a trainwreck makes it ok for her to get beaten up? Yeah, not quite…

No. 493756

Because he dates gaijins and gaijins want perminant residency because Japan is soooo amazing. Every Japanese/gaijin married couple I have met married for a visa, not some eternal love commitment.

No. 493774

Seems like lorena is writing in her own thread again

No. 493795


Yeah, just because everyone around Lorena is sleazy and marries for visa doesn't mean all gaijin girls do. I know several who married for love, and are still in love years later. Nice try, though.

No. 493812

They might have been in love but they got married early for the visa, right? None of them were together for about 3 years like a regular couple, right?

No. 493851

I don't know what kind of people you keep in your company, but have you considered that at least some Japanese / gaijin couples may be just like regular couples everywhere else? That means they may date for a few years before marriage or not and getting a visa isn't a priority. Not every gaijin is like Lorena or any other weeb cow mentioned here, desperate to stay in Holy Land of Nippon by any means necessary.

No. 494036

I never said there wasn’t? Only that the ones I’ve met were after a visa and didn’t marry solely for love.

No. 494135

Are you guys stupid? Those are bite marks. Have you ever been around people that get drunk and tend to bite people? It's more common than you think…

No. 494238

Yeah like I said too, either an old bruise healing from the inside out, or bite bruise. So could even be sexually fuelled bites and not DV at all.

No. 494248

Only the stupid girls who hang out in Kabukicho, super weebs, and the gyaru Harajuku crew have visa as a priority for marrying here. I know plenty of very normal girls who married only for love.

If you have a LEGAL, DAYTIME job, you can easily get a visa to stay. No need to get married.

No. 494270

Girl, you seemingly only knowing low quality people reflects more on you than on foreigners getting married to Japanese men.

As someone who married a Japanese man for love I know plenty of other women who got married for love and not for a visa. Those visa marriages dissolve really quickly anyways.

Just because Sere is trash doesn't mean that all women in Japan are trash.

No. 494473

I know a few English teachers who met a Japanese guy and dated for a year or so and then got married so the wife could give up English teaching.

No. 494477

Marrying someone you are dating early for visa isn't trash. It's just a way around stupid laws.

Good luck being married to a Japanese man…

No. 494487

nobody gives a fuck about your friends. stfu.

No. 495706

Lorena is still searching that shu guy lmao

No. 495904

It's not Shu, it's SHIYUU. And she doesn't have any other options right now. Must be desperate. What's hostlove saying?

No. 495935

Funny how so many of you are assuming that all foreign women in Japan are trash. I guess we have women like Lorena to thank for this…

No. 496049

but his realname is shuhei

they are thinking the kid is from a soap customer

No. 496153

No idea why they think she worked at soap

No. 496228

Because soap is just one small step from ichakyaba.

No. 496295

They think she works at soap cause this guy who owns a pretty well known bar in kabuki took a photo with sere at his bar..and he always makes photo collages with photos of the clients and him and adds a lot of hash tags. Under a collage that had sere in it as the only girl it had #soapland #soapgirl etc. so yeah lol

No. 496298

File: 1517993081062.jpeg (250.85 KB, 590x975, 7C87FE6C-35C8-4A6F-8196-C9B86E…)

The picture in question with the hash tags lol

No. 496339

Where is she asking all the time?

No. 496526


No. 496988

lol also says, bar, fake model, and acid reflux :(

holy shit i knew this woman was a train wreck yet somehow seeing this photo of a small child clinging to her as the only caretaker it knows just depressed me the fuck out. Imagine growing up and finding out your mom was this kind of woman….

No. 497277

At least she is still taking responsibility for the child. It's not like she dumped it in an alley somewhere or tried to give it away. She doesn't win the mother of the year award, but she is doing what she can I suppose.

No. 497291

but only to gain something

No. 497299

The only reason she's holding onto this child compared to her first two, is because she's trying to use the baby as an anchor in Japan. Her first child was only Australian, so essentially useless to her weird, desperate weeb fantasy and was left with her parents in Australia. The second child, with her now ex-husband, she isn't even allowed to visit due to the circumstances of their divorce.

I don't get how Lorena thought having another child, with a random host at that, would somehow give her another decent chance at a visa, given the circumstances. She's still an escort, she's still unfit to be a mother, and she's probably currently there illegally, or at least illegally working. Her desperation to stay in Japan is something I will never understand. She's essentially ruined her own life, and now possibly her multiple children's, for what? To pretend/claim that she is living luxuriously in the weeaboo motherland? I just don't get it.

No. 497310

with her first child she tried to get money of the father. she used the money for her working holiday in japan

No. 497316

So child one was a paycheck into Japan, child two (alogn with the marriage) was her first attempt at securing a visa in Japan. Then she tried to marry boytoy for a visa, got turned down… and now we're onto child three and visa attempt #???

No. 497411

Even if this host acknowledges the child, she still can’t get a visa. And he won’t marry her so give up already Lorena. Go back to Aus and SETTLE DOWN.

No. 497452

But she is a luxurious, high class escort living the dream in Japan! Hooking up with only the most handsome, high ranking hosts, wearing only the most expensive brand, and only taking the most exclusive clients! She is the envy of all those around her and deeply lusted after by all men…

It's kind of funny that she seems to have these delusions of grandeur and flat out refuses to admit defeat and go back to Australia where she could have a decent life. Instead she's a worn out nearly thirty (is she thirty yet?) prostitute with three kids, a divorce, an awful porn vid as her "legacy", carrying bootleg designer bags, getting kicked out of host clubs and trolling host love forums… When she was living with boytoy, they couldn't even pay the bills.

Maybe I just don't "get it" because I'm not a weeb, but I really don't understand why she's so desperate to stay in Japan. There's clearly no future for her there.

No. 497500

I think for a lot of gaijin, who end up in prositution or other depressing circumstances, living in Japan is the first time in their lives that they have lots of freedom and are continually being praised despite lacking any dicernable skill in anything (“You’re white? かわいい!” “You know 3 word in Japanese? すごい!上手ね!”).

It’s like they are adult teenagers, unwilling to get a real job, education, or stable relationship. They are unwilling to admit that swallowing their pride and moving back home is better in the long run.

No. 497917

It’s a little off to assume that living in Australia/USA etc automatically means you can have a decent or better life. Anywhere is easy to live if you conform to the norm.

No. 497921

You will never be japanese

No. 498055

Australia has a good welfare system and (mostly) free medical care. As a citizen, Sere would certainly be better off at home and her child can become an 'Australian citizen by descent'. As a single parent she would receive money and access to services including free education for the child.

But her life would be laid bare in her own culture, she would not longer look exotic or special, just washed up. And she would have legal obligations to her first child.

No. 498066

Japan is not a happy norm to conform to.

No. 498090

true, sere has the uncanny ability to fuck up in any country

No. 498116

If I was in a situation like Sere I'd move back to my home country where I have a legal status and access to social services. Japan has nothing for her. As she's not a citizen, she can only receive payouts from things she paid into, and since she most likely doesn't pay into anything she's not getting anything.

No. 498119

File: 1518136366153.png (999.57 KB, 1395x671, Untitled.png)

According to this, her son was born 4th February.

What was Lorena doing then… >>>/snow/244257

No. 498140

went and did some thread research and a little math she was about a month pregnant when that porno was shot. damn.

No. 498332

that's gross

No. 498334

She was also full on hooking during that time too… is this the first or second porn? Cause remember she went to Australia in between that time with toy boy and was working in a brothel in Brisbane….

No. 498372

That kid is really cute, but he barely looks Japanese. It's sort of pathetic she has this one while the other two have no mother.

No. 498378

She wouldn't have to work illegally, scrounge around for a visa or waste money island hopping every few months, and would have more resources available to her as she is a citizen of Australia. I am not saying she would have to easy if she went back now, but she is definitely better off going back and starting over than she is continuing down the road she is currently on.

She is hardly "the norm" as an illegal, gaijin hooker.

She should have stayed in Australia with boytoy the last time, used public resources to secure a real job, even if it's just entry level, and worked her way into a normal, stable, healthy life. She wouldn't be alone, getting violently removed from host clubs, trolling forums looking for her third baby daddy.

No. 498599

Can someone send the link for the hostlove thread?

No. 498612

No. 498642

New instagram name: kabukillmee

No. 498663

lol that name

but doesn't she have to leave now?

No. 498834

she can't. unless she leaves the baby

No. 498900

Wouldn't be surprised if she leaves it alone just now. I guess it probably doesn't get taken outside much either.

No. 498906

The baby MUST have some paperwork. Like she was at the ambassy to get it Japanese papers (which obviously didn't work), but then if it had no papers at all they'd have done sth about it.

No. 498909

When was she at the embassy?

No. 498915

it looks like japan really gives no fucks about foreigners baby or no. the only way that baby would get out of japan is by being deported with sere.

No. 498935

Japan gives no fucks about foreigners in general, aside from fetishising them. Most Japanese don't speak English or any other language so they are all stuck in a feedback loop about how great Japan is. They think everyone goes there because they are all sooo great and don't realise how much the rest of the world laughs at them.

No. 498992

File: 1518208078351.jpeg (627.96 KB, 1242x2004, D4495F7B-5D4C-490C-B106-62118D…)


No. 498995

even as an american this pic scream BOGAN to me

No. 499013

The kid looks so uncomfortable haha

No. 499114

File: 1518214383261.gif (3.82 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 499160

Also at that size should it really even need to be in a carrier? Or is sere just so midget that the kid looks unproportional?

No. 499177

i've seen baby book bags for 4 year olds, wearing a 1 year old is not so bad.

No. 499178

Jesus christ she just looks like a cheap trashy hooker…

No. 499187

she is!

No. 499198

That last picture is taken in a taxi.

No. 499333

I love hostlove. She really looks like trash

No. 499381

She looks like she is arguiung there lol

No. 499387

Gaya is very quiet lately I‘m wondering what she is up to

No. 499402


No. 499458

Sere is in Japan, do if she were to go to any embassy to get papers it'd be the Australian one. The baby daddy doesn't accept paternity so the child is not a Japanese citizen and actually needs a visa to be in Japan.
She should just take her kid, move back to Australia and try to untangle this whole mess there.

No. 499467

Sere is in Japan, do if she were to go to any embassy to get papers it'd be the Australian one. The baby daddy doesn't accept paternity so the child is not a Japanese citizen and actually needs a visa to be in Japan.
She should just take her kid, move back to Australia and try to untangle this whole mess there.

No. 499485

We’ve already established this…she hasn’t gone to the embassy though as shed be outed as an overstay with a baby that has no documentation

No. 499518

That's what any sane person who actually cared about the welfare of their child would do.

Lorena is so desperate for that visa though, that she's trying to wrestle her way into her suspected baby daddy's place of work to confront him about "their child". I wonder what makes Lorena so certain that it is his child in the first place? She was with boytoy at that time, escorting, and soon after shooting a porn…? She's fairly notorious for offering bareback sex as part of her "menu" too.

No. 499537

It’s so revolting to me she is only toting this child around just to chase after that one host GIBE VISA

if you care about that child at all just go the fuck home

No. 499707

Link to new hostlove thread?

No. 499735

fat chance! she already abandoned two kids. once she gets tired of being jerked around by her baby daddy, she'll find way to cut it loose

No. 500167

I wonder what she will do with this third child once she grows tired of it though. Her parents care for the first, her ex husband has custody of the second, but no family or father is around to claim this third child. I've always felt awful for her kids, but this poor child probably has it the worst. Will she give up and try to pin the paternity on another man? Will she give the child up for adoption? I just can't imagine her actually, actively raising a child.

No. 500217

I'm guessing another Australia trip. Or maybe she tried that already last time?

No. 500221

Probably adoption or abandon it. unless she smuggles the kid out, it has to stay in japan. with or without her.

No. 500255

This baby is already having a hard life as she's out all night. There's a chance it has already been left unattended for long periods of time. At least with the other two, they have had a parent or grandparents they can depend on.

No. 500382

does no one care that the exhusband is abusive towards women? he will probably bash the half baby too for having lorena's blood. people who bash women are psychopathic, they make up reasons to abuse those close to them.

the kid with her parents is probably fine, but the one with the ex is probably beaten daily.

No. 500392

Do we have evidence of this? Never saw and bruises on sere

No. 500411

No. 500417

As long as you don’t have any proof, stfu!

No. 500425

Shut up lorena(hi [cow])

No. 500444

It's always the same anon, with the same bad grammar, either trying to derail the thread.

If we had evidence beyond Lorena's ever changing dramatization on instagram of the whole thing, we'd be more likely to believe it.

No. 500446

Heard it was the other way around, actually.

No. 501063

saw lorena with a customer going to a love hotel

No. 501095


No. 501105

I used to see her with old greased men all the time when I lived in Shinjuku haha

No. 501124

her and gaya are always whoring in kabukicho. what a life.

No. 502239

File: 1518574213888.png (742.48 KB, 640x1136, 85A2E117-B593-4243-AE9E-23A155…)

Yeah sure bar owner
That‘s not her bar

No. 502283

Wasn't Fake Star under boytoy's name? I don't see how she would even own/run it given her status and inability to pay her bills as it is.

No. 502357

yes it's under his name

No. 502417

What ever happened to boy toy? Do they still live together is he still involved with the bar? It’s like he went MIA after deleting his twitter

No. 502504

Supposedly they split up. Didn't he make posts on twitter complaining about a girl saying a baby was his or something and mentioning a break up? I just recall him posting drama about a girl having a baby, a break up, and them not being able to pay their bills before he deleted. I can check for receipts later.

No. 502518

Interesting… I vaguely remember something like that. Would like to see the screen caps though. I wonder who’s name the bar is under this time then..and who’s paying the tax, cause it fed isn’t lorena lol

No. 502519

* definitely not fed

No. 503283

File: 1518661577288.png (160.6 KB, 1742x486, abortion.png)

Finally had the chance to do some digging through the old threads. This post was made roughly nine months ago. Lorena was probably a few months pregnant around that time. There was suspicion that this post was actually about her, but at that time, no one could confirm.

Seems to me, that Lorena got pregnant via the other host behind boytoy's back, and then by the time he found out, it was too late for an abortion?

No. 503285

File: 1518661697242.png (26.32 KB, 548x284, wife.png)

It's also interesting to note, that they had supposedly broken things off around this time, but were back together soon after. He was then referring to her as his wife, but again, no one could confirm they had actually gotten married.

No. 503290

File: 1518661870511.png (291.93 KB, 580x680, surgery.png)

One final post, sage for samefagging. But it's also oddly around this time, she had taken a trip to Korea and had posted selfies of receiving cosmetic surgery. She would have also been pregnant at this time. Which is both disturbing and concerning. Who undergoes cosmetic surgery while months pregnant…?

No. 503300

>can’t afford an abortion
>goes to Korea for a boob job while pregnant

I can’t even wrap my head around this shit

No. 503341

what's wrong with her wtf

No. 503346

The bitch is fucked ok whatever, BUT THE HOSPITAL IS FUCKED TOO?? you'd think the fucking doctor would have the decency of a average human being to reject that shit.

No. 503359

Nayrt but if she didn’t tell them they probably didn’t know. She must have scheduled the surgery and trip before she got pregnant and instead of backing out, just went ahead with it anyway. Usually the doctor asks you if you’re pregnant but they don’t ask you again right before surgery. They assume most people won’t try to get pregnant before a surgery or endanger their fetus with elective surgery.

She needs to have her tubes tied tbh. She clearly isn’t maternal, or stable, at all.

No. 503375

her himo guy was weird too but at least he managed to espace

No. 503390

She gave birth before this. The baby turned 1 about 2 weeks ago.

No. 503408

had a dream that lorena already had 4 kids

No. 503409

Why are you having dreams about her?

No. 503412

it was a vision

No. 503472

Receipts please, anon.

No. 503497

Could she not maybe have been having a breast reduction in preparation for arrival of the baby? With tits the size they were already pumped with implants I can imagine it would have been hella painful when her milk came in after the birth.

No. 503542

If she has a spouse visa what would be her reason for going to Korea?
And how did you get this screenshot? I tried stalking his out0805 acc but it can't be found anywhere. Did he make it private or something?

No. 503568

No he deleted his Twitter the screen cap is from the old sere thread of a tweet he posted when he was still active

No. 503569

Btw that translation isn’t very good as the end part says she went to her parents and they paid for the abortion

No. 503572

But that's just what the translation says?

No. 503574

Omfg sorry I'm dumb

No. 503598

mhhh seems like no abortion

No. 503621

Maybe they did and she blew it on stupid hoe shit instead because she thought she was having a visa baby.

No. 504194

Or maybe, just maybe, boytoy knows many trashy people who will get knocked up without any sense of responsibility. idk, but nothing in his tweet suggests that this is about Sere, the way it's written is actually more like he's friends with the guy but not the girl.

No. 504777

100 pro it's about lorena

No. 504784

Changed insta name again

No. 504787

He wrote it as if it's about someone else but in a kinda sarcastic way?
I mean why would he know about an "acquaintance" begging their parents and parents in law for abortion money lmao. Not really something you'd tell people. Also from his old tweets he really seemed like an autistic internet addicted hikikomori, people like him don't have many social relationships

My theory about the current situation:
I bet Lorena got abortion money out of her parents but didn't abort in the end bc she wanted the anchor baby. Toyboy got scared because he didn't want no fckin child and disappeared, hoping Lorena won't find him. In the meantime Lorena is harassing a random famous host who she fucked in the past, hoping he would just give up and care for her and the baby. Unfortunately this host disappeared too LOL.
Her fake star bar doesn't even really exist, it's just a graffiti on some clubs wall which she's claiming to be hers now

No. 504788

Nvm mistake

No. 504796

And abortion money went to boobjob.

No. 504816


nice theory you got there. she claims it's her bar but it's under his name

No. 504820

No. 505308

Who’s the random black chick with sere??

No. 505470

Yeah I don't buy it. I think Sere is disgusting as fuck, but to infer all this shit from one tweet… Meh.

From the text I'd guess her name is Maria.

No. 505801

File: 1518841626041.png (289.04 KB, 318x419, rough.png)

Sere is aging into some sort of weird Melania look alike or something. Bizarre.

No. 505806

You know, considering how fucked up her boobs were for so long, it is odd she didn’t try to get them fixed earlier. Of course she just didn’t have the money, and with how disgusting she is I would not be surprised if she took money intended for abortion to do it.

No. 505825

thought the same.
she paid her new boob job with abortion money

No. 505954


I’ve never had either, but I feel like a boob job would cost a lot more than an abortion ?

No. 505962

I mean, it definitely should, but I've never had either myself as well. I think abortions in the USA are a few hundred while a boobjob is typically a few thousand per breast?

I have heard that surgery is more affordable overseas, however, so that may factor in. Maybe it's also cheaper in just getting a revision and not an entirely new boobjob? Sage for speculation.

I'm screenshot sharing anon, but I'm entirely on the fence as to if that twitter post is about her or not. Boytoy had a very weird way of talking about basically anything, and even his Japanese was often somewhat odd. It's very plausible that that it really is about another acquaintance, given the crowd they hang around with. But regardless, Lorena was pulling some incredibly dodgy behavior throughout her pregnancy.

No. 505970

Abortions in Japan are around 1000$

No. 507011

I read if it’s under 12 weeks then abortion is 1-2man but over 12 weeks is anywhere between 7-15man plus hospitalisation fees if necessary. So she had a chance to abort really cheaply for 3 months but didn’t.

No. 507045

She contacted Shiena in Dec 2017 via her art instagram so they're clearly still secretly friends

No. 507093

Stop claiming shit without giving any proof, it's called imageboard for a reason.

No. 507100

File: 1518953343178.png (1.15 MB, 1078x1624, 20180218_202841.png)

You could just go look yourself lazy motherfucker

No. 507106

That's still not how an imageboard works. Learn to adapt to chan culture or kindly fuck off.
But thanks anyway for the picture.

No. 509300

File: 1519110807441.jpg (28.06 KB, 640x479, OWQjJAV.jpg)

new photo with her 3rd son

No. 509307

Why give him a girls hair cut jfc

No. 509320

what a beautiful connection between mother and child.

No. 509327

did she get something done to her nose or is it just shooped to hell?

No. 509343

Isn't he supposed to be like 1 year old? He looks way bigger than that…

No. 509348


This is the kind of shit that should be in Jeremy Kyle.

Chavvy weeaboo hooker white mother prostitues herself and abandons hafu jap kids

“So Gaya, was the 9 minutes of pleasurable asian fetishism worth it? Not only have you got three kids to different fathers around Tokyo but you’re a stripper and a porn star!”

No. 509349


Fuck Bogan

We British call folks like her chavs

Shes chavvy as fuck as belongs on jeremy Kyle

No. 509597

Think you mean sere not Gaya lol

No. 509618

Gaya has not shat out any kids… yet

No. 510223

>>509348 You are obviously British Anon… lulul I don't know many American's who would throw Jezza out here.

>>509349 Point proven. Who the fuck are you? Are you new here, calling her Gaya lmao what an idiot does Sere bother you THAT much????????

No. 510329

maybe all the hooker weebs look the same to them

No. 510498

File: 1519212406245.jpg (26.94 KB, 640x359, vf9nTvP.jpg)

gross and dirty as always.
why is she still in japan?

No. 510500

Is nobody else noticing that she’s always having the same bedsheets?

No. 510501

no money for new one

No. 510511

>>510329 I wouldn't really even call her a weeb tbh

No. 510554

What would you call her then?

No. 510686

yellow fever

also, i despise this woman but she actually has nicer breasts now lol

No. 510782

Nah she’s a weeb..especially at that cringey stage when she tried to be danso host lololol

No. 511119


lol don't disrespect Melania like that
She's actually attractive and has to put up with her retarded president sugar daddy

No. 511252

Weebs are into anime and manga and Japanese Harajuku fashion etc. She is not a weeb, she has yellow fever and desperation

No. 511253

Her cleavage looks so dirty

No. 511290

The definition via Dictionary.com, "Weeaboo is a mostly derogatory slang term for a Western person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime, often regarding it as superior to all other cultures."

Lorena is obsessed with Japanese culture and obviously thinks of Japan as superior to Australia as she has fought so hard to stay in the country, even illegally for years now. The word generally implies someone more along the "otaku" stereotype, but is not exclusive to it.

Anyways. That's settled. Can we stop derailing now? Also, in the future, you may want to consider saging your off topic posts.

No. 511301

She probably doesn’t bath knowing the shithole she lives in

No. 512418

why does she have to mention her height all the time. nobody cares

No. 512846

Cause she’s smol and kawaii

No. 513037

More like fat and a dwarf

No. 513517

„Her“ bar doesn‘t even got a sign

No. 515590

Someone should post seres bad tattoos on Reddit’s r/badtattoos thread lol

No. 515859

But instead you posted here to get someone else to do it?

No. 516377

lmao at that yakuza fanart

No. 517331

File: 1519872151099.jpg (7.22 KB, 150x150, hVzaDW2.jpg)

lorenas new instagram profile photo

No. 518342

what is her instagram? i can't tell if that is the photo or your reaction. i could believe both.

No. 518351


No. 518573

File: 1519984730813.jpg (57.25 KB, 640x800, SM2U2Xf.jpg)

that shirt doesn't suit her at all. and that weird cleavage

No. 518593

JFC, my eyes……..

No. 518624

I don’t understand her proportions in this one

No. 518639

Edited to look like she has a tiny waist and large chest

No. 518649

It looks like a monster is trying to look cute

No. 519131

Her recent waist edits are making her shoulders look absolutely MASSIVE. It's very Momokun esque.

No. 519238

File: 1520047096891.jpeg (99.02 KB, 750x525, C8E94E13-6C8D-4720-9E40-3A8FA4…)

She needs to stop with that bad shoop….

No. 519330

File: 1520052589978.png (550.39 KB, 867x596, unshooped.png)

Honestly, her edits have gotten pretty decent lately, no obvious wavy lines or anything. I wonder what app she is using. If she didn't go so overboard with pinching in her waist and stretching out her body, it would be almost believable.

She posted this one just a couple months ago though, so she basically outed herself that it's all filters/shop.

No. 519364

Theyre so unrealistic why bother

No. 520358

File: 1520166250002.jpeg (269.38 KB, 1517x903, 3EC74E39-B7A9-4F53-883E-9738B9…)

Found a good place for lorena
Mental clinic kabukicho

No. 520415

She had therapy around the time her first child was born. She really needs more though.

No. 520553

Lol this is near donki too her favourite hangout

No. 520802

She needs to be locked up

No. 520830

File: 1520216986235.jpeg (124.35 KB, 744x856, F2C0E080-1888-450A-AADB-DC519C…)

No. 520890


is she still in japan?

No. 521352

jeez, how about a spoiler? my eyes…

No. 522694

can anybody confirm that she is still in japan'?

No. 522752

No. 522803

File: 1520397915178.jpeg (387.37 KB, 640x1087, 3D2C63ED-7B65-4651-A6B5-5FC4AF…)

Seems she left the rat nest..where’s this hoe living now

No. 522822

Tbh it looks like she’s living at the place that used to be her bar

No. 522827

It totally does lol
Like if she has no visa like we know she doesn’t how is she moving etc? She must have a new guy or is hiding himo boy very well

No. 522856

is that a japanese apartment?

No. 522876

dug those boxes out of the trash? like she could afford to even look at a Hermes anything

No. 522882

New place and already looks like trash if you take a closer look into the background.

No. 522901

File: 1520406690371.png (580.7 KB, 1055x1169, 1464857483725.png)

Do you mean this place? It looks similar, but I don't think it is.

Lorena has a long history of lying about where she is living though. She has made posts before of luxury apartments/condos claiming she's moving in. While this place might look better than her old hovel through boytoy, I doubt it's as luxurious or expansive as she is pretending it to be.

My best guess is that boytoy is out of the picture and there's a new guy sugaring her to some extent. Maybe she even married the new guy and that's how she's getting by staying in Japan and secure apartments. Give it time and the truth will come out, just like it did with her most recent pregnancy.

No. 522997

You can see the kitchen in the background of the mirror and in the left bottom corner is her bed. Yeah all your stuff in one room, wow so big…. lol.

No. 523135

I’ve got a theory. She married toy boy last year but they’re now seperated and she’s just been left with the visa she wanted. The baby however was born before they got married so it got no legal rights off him(in Japan if you have a child while married the husband is automatically assumed the father and the baby is given all the proper documentation through him) so she had the baby and neither the bio host daddy or toy boy claimed the kids so it’s fucked.

Legally the kid has no chance now as there is only a few weeks to a month window from born in which the child’s father can claim paternity. So the child is going to continue to forever be undocumented and legally none existent in Japan. You’d think for the sake of the kid she’d do go back to Australia…but NIiHhhOooNnn!!

No. 523146

Nihon and Host boys, there is no space for other things in her head including her children

No. 523207


good lord the muffin top here… why would you share this photo


Ah, the classic "hide your gut by holding a pillow" strategy

and of course she wears her fucking shoes inside…
actually this kinda looks like a non Japanese apartment, especially the angled ceiling and the way the kitchen looks

No. 523208


sage for no new content

No. 523225

Not nitpicking or anything but indoor slippers are a thing in Japan lol

No. 523229

Lying in its crib wishing for a way out

No. 523486

probably what her fake bags came in

No. 523892

I also thought it doesn't look like a japanese apartment

No. 524573

I didn't notice before, but you are right, unusual design for a Japanese apartment. Not to mention she's claiming it's a full "house"? I don't see how she could go from being unable to pay the bills just a few months ago, to suddenly being able to afford an entire house. Something smells.

The last photo of her with a clearly Japanese neighborhood behind her was posted Feb 10th. Her last Tokyo escort ad was posted on Jan 29th. While it is plausible she left Japan, I highly doubt she would settle into a place outside of her beloved weebtrash wonderland. I would say the best bet is that the place she is photographing is not her's exclusively, but likely still somewhere in Japan? The layout does look unusual though.

No. 525023

Often, house rentals are cheaper than apartmens.

No. 525279

File: 1520652764709.jpeg (91.02 KB, 640x505, 37D91D5E-A085-4C0D-9A0A-2789B8…)

No. 525312

Okay not every house or apartment looks the same in Japan. I know someone with a modern home, and they are not super rich either.

I don't know about sere, but just saying.

No. 525390

Someone should try to call her again(no)

No. 525490


Who wants Lorena as a pet? Sign up here!

No. 525517

Confirmed she’s still reading here then. I mean anon just mentioned that she hasn’t made a post on there since January and suddenly she’s back kek

No. 525563

Lol literally the situation she had with her ex anorexic toy boy

No. 526201

File: 1520757998431.jpeg (78.35 KB, 540x960, 6B523D63-522A-43CD-9D40-63CB7B…)

This shit never getd old

No. 526208

This is weeb autism at its best. Fuck I cringe so hard..what was she thinking hahaha

No. 526233

File: 1520765405023.jpeg (218.06 KB, 750x1023, 1B6D5203-E838-4D33-8D67-BDD5DE…)

No. 526237

Her mirror is already dirty lol

No. 526246

Bowl on the floor in the back. She really lives like a pig.

No. 526283

There are absolutely no signs of kids toys either… nothing. Not even a damn diaper bag and even Ashley managed to show she had and loved her damn kid.

Also to people saying it doesn't look Japanese because the ceiling is angled, my mother in law has an angled ceiling, and there is actually nothing wrong with the positioning of the kitchen. Not defending her but it probably is a roof top 1DK apartment/mansion not a house. I say house, but I live in a mansion. To me I struggle saying a mansion because.. well, mansion LMAO.

sage for nothing relevant just a few FYI tips.

No. 526288

The plate on the floor…why‘s there a plate on the floor? And why is it laying upside down? Why wouldn’t she remove it before taking a photo? And what did happen to that poor mirror? Did someone jizz on it?

No. 526289

Looks like it might be a pet bowl, if she hasn't abandoned her dog now too.

No. 526359

does she think putting those "hermes" boxes in every mirror selfie makes her look glamorous or something?

No. 526393

Clearly, although it just makes her look like she never moves anything around in her place except trash. There's probably a thin, invisible layer of dust on everything.

No. 526751

She's living in a sharehouse.

No. 526754

Why do you think so?

No. 526778

File: 1520822309734.png (18.34 KB, 315x283, lol.png)

This comment though.

While this wouldn't shock me, because I absolutely do have doubts that she can afford a large "house, by any means, we need some receipts, anon. I am curious as to why she hasn't shown off the rest of her supposedly "spacious house" by now. Chances are it's just a small studio style apartment she's living in with some new guy or another escort.

No. 526841

I don’t a sharehouse would allow a baby and two dogs as well haha

No. 526959

seems like a 1 room apartment again

No. 526978

I assume she just leaves her baby home alone for hours when she's out?

No. 527015

or 24 hours to a care place. like her other one

No. 527040

Are there 24hr care centres for infants in Japan? Sounds like pet boarding.

No. 527063

Yeah, but you have to remember Japan is a country where people pull so much overtime they commit suicide or straight up die from overwork. Long term baby care doesn’t seem too strange in comparison?

No. 527077

No. 527298

Wtf did I just read

No. 527442

Ok that explains it very well.

No. 527450

File: 1520894985717.png (7.37 KB, 655x53, babyhotels.png)

She's either using a baby hotel or whoever she's currently mooching off/living with watches her kid sometimes.

Lorena hasn't lived on her own while in Japan. She always has someone else around, like with boytoy. Probably for legal reasons. It's either another host/hostess/escort.

No. 528924

hope the baby won't get sick like her other one

No. 529553

what happened to the other one?

No. 530090

File: 1521141725203.jpeg (565.97 KB, 750x1157, 9E5CD716-2A14-425B-941E-02DCC0…)


No. 530106

I'm pretty sure her 2nnd baby was born premature with FAS and they didn't know if he'd survive.

No. 530178

How can she think that this looks good?!

No. 530520

You can see how chunky she is.

No. 530670

What a glaring difference when the photoshop and filters come off… As if >>519238 was beleivable.

No. 531396

File: 1521349588857.jpg (40.97 KB, 640x359, gHPSxbS.jpg)

No. 531500

another victim of hers in the background?

No. 531687

Lorena got so quiet again.. I wonder when the next drama bomb explodes

No. 531855

that looks like a recording studio

No. 533693

File: 1521549805635.jpeg (389.09 KB, 1985x785, BD7794B0-6A6D-4453-8F4E-A029FA…)

Maybe she is using that kind of service

No. 533730

Why do anons in any Japanese cow thread always post pictures of Japanese text sans translation and always make a vague comment about how funny it is in ENGLISH just so the non-japanese speaking anons can get that they’re missing out on something but not be in on it. we all know any person who doesn’t do moonspeak (aka 99.9% of this board) won’t be able to get it and has to always ask for translations? It’s an English board. We get it, you speak weeb language, it’s very cool and we are all proud. Just post the translations with your milk or don’t post at all? It’s frustrating getting milk and having to wait for some poor sob to translate it

No. 533736

it's just a 24hr babysitting service. i don't even speak moonrunes and i can parse that.

No. 533745

Congrats, point still stands

No. 533750

It probably creates a false sense of superiority for weebs who want to casually imply they know Moon, but can actually only pick out basic words and phrases. However, the Moonspeak nazis telling people not to even try translating are just as bad.

No. 533762

Agreed, it just screams “I’m not like those other weebs” when you’re right, they probably only can read a few characters here and there and there and pretending they’re in on the nihongo joke makes them feel like they belong to the cool crowd. Anons that actually speak the language and aren’t translation Nazis usually are happy to include a trans when they post

no one cares if you live in nihon or know japanese. Post trans or don’t waste time

Back on topic:
We know she cares jack all for her previous kids. Does anyone think she might get attached to this visa ticket kid? I don’t know why, but I guess I feel like she would never take the kid anywhere and leave it somewhere else like those baby motels or sitters every second of the day. Seeing her posting pictures with him, candid shots of her out in the store with him, etc, I wonder. I think she’s about the lowest of the low on the human scum spectrum for dumping her other two kids, but if she’s holding on to this kid as a lifeline for a visa and hasn’t dumped it yet, maybe she legitimately has gotten attached? Or is it just a ploy to garner sympathy so someone coughs up the dad on a platter for her?

No. 533839

Moonspeaker here.

24 hr approved nursery school.
0 years to school class age, Tokyo 24 hr system approved nursery school.

Blah blah company stuff, located in Okubo Shinjuku.

No. 533874

These 24 hour nurseries… are they supposed to be where you can leave your kid for days at a time, or is it more for mothers who say, work the graveyard shift or overnights, etc? Surely you can’t just leave your kid for 24 hours…

No. 533891

No idea, just translated what the sign says. Considering it's common to be overworked in Japan and that people don't tend to report things as much, I think as long as you keep paying they won't say anything.

No. 534256

do you think lorena is happy?

No. 534356

While I generally agree with you, we don't need multiple posts with you sperging out about a photo of some random billboard. It's not like it was a blog post or anything remotely juicy.

On topic though, we've actually seen many photos of Lorena sans child. If anything more of her instagram posts are without her kid? He doesn't appear to be with her at the studio, in some of her street selfies, or in some of her shopping photos. While it is possible he is there with her, the set up of the photos do make it appear otherwise. Also, it's not like she can bring her kid to work if she's at the bar or escorting. She's clearly either using a service or has suckered a friend into taking care of her kid. I mean, both boytoy and Gaya would babysit her dog when she would visa hop. Maybe Gaya is watching her kid sometimes too?

Speaking of her dog… what ever happened to it? She hasn't posted about her dog in forever now. I wonder if she dumped it on boytoy when they broke up?

No. 534484

Tbh it’s not about the one post, it needed to be said because it’s something that keeps happening over and over. Sorry for the sperg but more posts clog threads asking for trans than a few spergs calling it out for once

Also back on topic, she doesn’t have that dog anymore. It hasn’t been seen in ages. If she still has it, she lurks this thread enough to where she will post about it showing she still has it.

No. 534752

Last post of her dog was Oct 31st of last year. So it's been nearly five months since she last mentioned it. By the looks of things, she had two dogs for a brief while and now none. I guess when you can abandon your children with such ease, it's not too difficult to do the same with your pets.

No. 534816

lorena is not normal. how can she abandon dogs and her kids so easily

No. 534819

Dec 10 actually. But they don't seem to be with her now.

No. 534830

Maybe shes a sociopath? Lacks empathy and cant form bonds.

If she lives in a shared house then she definitely doesnt have the dog(s) anymore. Shared house never accept animals

No. 534903

I think we established years ago she’s a Narcissist

No. 534906

File: 1521647161757.jpeg (171.41 KB, 626x1048, 1F29204E-96B3-4F8D-94AC-E1920F…)

Is she hanging out in Kirari??

No. 535097

does anyone really believe she got a “huge house”? Remember when she took a photo touching someone else’s car saying she bought herself a birthday present? Please. She can’t stop lying.

No. 535148

Omg yes I remember that wasso funny.also that time she took pics in an expensive looking buildinga elevator and a penthouse view saying ‘I love my newhouse’ like a year ago

No. 535465

don't think it's kirari

No. 535565

Dania has been asking around now that she is in Tokyo trying to figure out where Lorena drops off her kid so she can take pictures as proof for immigration. I think she's the one constantly posting on here about child care facilities.

No. 535567

No freaking way. I doubt she would waste her vacation asking around Kabukicho about shit like that. Why would she care about where Lorena stashes her kid? Plus, she speaks zero Japanese. How tf would she even ask? Lol

No. 535570

She's been asking people who I assume post on this thread. Basically anyone who knows Lorena. Dania is insane. She thinks this kind of shit is fun. Remember that she's a nearly 40 year old woman who lives with her parents and is obsessed with Lorena, Shiena, and basically everyone who lives in Tokyo. She blocks anyone who follows Shingo on instagram, she talks shut about Shiena whenever she can, she lives out the same Tokyo trip every single year, etc. She's become increasingly more petty about hating girls who live in Japan. Ever since the gyaru online com basically died…she's lost a lot of her window into life and drama in Japan.

No. 535641

Dania is a psycho

No. 535642

is lorena selfposting again?

No. 535652

Not Lorena, her grammar is different and she tends to use specific phrases over and over. No idea who the person with the possible Dania vendetta is.

Do you have any receipts? Maybe if Dania is such a cow, you could revive her old thread? Without receipts linking her to Lorena or Shiena, it's borderline derailing the thread. Actual milk/receipts would be appreciated though.

No. 536202

No. 536218

No. 536273

File: 1521766592036.png (237.17 KB, 299x448, mombutt.png)

Hilarious, thank you anon! I can't believe Lorena is still claiming she's only 22, what a catfish. She very much so looks 30 at best, and it's pretty obvious she's had multiple children.

No. 536296

Since when is Gaya from Germany? Her profile seems odd

No. 536303

she's not 20 too so it's probably just a lie like lorena.

No. 536333

why would dania even bother? Does she have any connection to them at all? That would be like me going out of my way to take down Moo at cons while I don’t know her personally and have no connection to her despite enjoying her drama lol

Then again bitch could just be nuts.

No. 536408

Probably just her new "Shelly" persona. Didn't she go by "Alice" before? It's pretty obvious that is Gaya though, the face, the hair, that weird straight down the middle part, etc.

No. 536438

Any proof that Lorena and Shiena are still in touch?

No. 536439

She said she is 17 lmao

No. 536441

No, she says she is 22. Her profile said she first had sex when she was 17.

No. 536446

Because dania has some sick obsession with wanting to be better than anyone else. Basically a want to be queen bee, so she will use people to climb her way to the top and try to sabotage people just to gain likes or people on her side.

No. 536459

Dania is quite unstable and she's not a happy person. To some degree, I do honestly feel a bit bad for her. I wish she didn't hide her insecurities by being so horrid to other people.

For starters, she's 35/36 but still lives with her parents. She defended herself about that once and the best she could come up with was "I get to buy whatever I want and go to Japan every year" or something like that. I'm honestly not sure what her reason for living at home is. I've gathered from talking to her that she's honestly afraid of being apart from her parents because she doesn't have a string network of friends to support her.

And…it's quite strange that she goes to Japan every year and recreates the same trip. We can probably expect her to get new extensions in Harajuku soon. She's already gone to a band's instore event and shopping in 109. Anyone have any idea why?

I've been harassed by her before. She was completely relentless.

No. 536465

Sounds like she’s all kinds of mentally fucked up and can’t get out of her weeb dream. A lost cause. Maybe she’s secretly hoping some Japanese band man will marry her or something. She probably wouldn’t have any desire to move out within her home county if that’s what she’s betting on.

No. 536467

She went on a couple dates with this host named Shingo years ago and has been completely obsessed with him ever since. They never had sex though. She was a virgin up until last year or the year before when she slept with this guy who was in Fruits magazine. He apparently had a girlfriend at the time and she posted some stuff on her tumblr about it.

Back to Lorena though: Dania has been after Lorena for years. She got super petty when she thought Lorena was stealing Shiena away from her. Dania desperately clings to her relationship with Shiena and just can't stand Lorena (even more than most of us here). Continuing to stalk Lorena would not surprise me. Dania still blocks girls who follow Shingo.

No. 536481

File: 1521790750605.jpg (31.42 KB, 640x479, 12bWlVx.jpg)

yeah we know you are disgusting

No. 537048

Tbh, she looks pretty good here, but we all know it's shooped to hell and back. Esp her saggy stomach.

No. 537147

Gaya finally living her dream of working at a soap haha. How did you find this??

No. 537203

Gayas profile

I really wonder how you guys find that shit too

No. 537261

She has such limited and terrible Japanese..I wonder why they let that pass

No. 537452

Ewww, soaplands are disgusting. Stuck in a tiny windowless room giving sweaty salarymen blowjobs then washing them and then letting them fuck you. Have some standards, Christ.

She's not German, she's Dutch. Her birthday is October 1995 so she is now 22. She hasn't been a student in years.

No. 537464

File: 1521917310786.jpg (59.75 KB, 350x500, 02.jpg)

It's 25,000 yen for 120 minutes. She won't even get all of that. That's worse than a date cafe.

No. 537560

She probably make it she looks 10x better than lorena. What's up with all these white weebs doing shit like this? If you want to say there just get a job wtf or finish your studies.

No. 537587

She doesn't get all the money, the shop will take about half of it.

Most of them only went to a language school for a visa, not that they actually care about learning. It's why their Japanese is always so shit.

They usually come from a broken home too (Gaya's parents are divorced, had her as an accident and were ok with her dating a 30 year old as an underage teenager and then being a teen bride) so sadly doing stuff like this is actually better than where they came from. They can't get a job other than English teaching and Gaya can't even get that her Dutch accent is so thick.

No. 537638

It’s funny cause on TAG that’s all she’d talk about. How it was her dream to work for a Japanese soap..she needs to go to therapy

No. 537669

Yes. She's lacking love and replacing it with bad sex with strangers.

Love yourself first girl.

No. 537679

So she's making what… roughly $240 in american dollars for two hours, Split halfway with the soap staff, $120 for two hours, basically she's being paid only $60 an hour then? Hell, she could be making more on the street. I guess it's difficult to find clients when you don't speak the language though?

No. 537723

No, less than that.

No. 537758

Wtf she used to run around on all kinda apps offering herself for 400$/hour. Now we're at 60? She must be desperate. Even at the shady af kirari deai cafe you can easily get 200$

No. 537767

But she's living the dream!!!!

Or her husband wants more money from her.

No. 537867

meanwhile her husband is hunting other gaijin girls

No. 537891

¥25,000 isn’t the full price, it says excluding tax and to contact the shop directly for full price details. The back system for girls at Last Scene is ¥40,000 for two hours. Asked a friend of mine who scouts.

No. 537909

This is actually so sad… If it was only his job being shady that would be one thing, but he'd been messaging girls in the gaijin gyaru community before and after his wedding with gaya, he doesn't give a fuck. I've actually messaged gaya with proof of that but she just denied everything, saying someone must be using a fake account of her husband lol.
I wonder how she even got a spouse visa out of him, doesn't the spouse have to be an honest taxpayer with a stable job for the partner to get a visa?
Sage for gaya-offtopic. But I think everyone who loves Lorena drama likes gaya gossip too

No. 537915

yeah, she becomes really angry when you mention that.

No. 537922

Well Gaya sure isn’t getting the government tax even if they have to pay it. I don’t think this place is as high as 40,000.

No. 537923

Her husband has different girlfriends that he pimps out. Gaya was on a language school visa when they met. By marrying her he gave her more time to work and gave her a way to work at more places.

I don’t know why she gets upset over this, she already knows a bunch of them and it’s not like she doesn’t have other boyfriends too. I guess she is just ashamed of other people knowing?

No. 537935

when she met him she only was 1 month in japan

No. 538099

Didn‘t she also marry him like 1 week after they met? I remember her writing something like that on facebook

No. 538135

Something like that. She came here on a tourist visa, met her husband. He put her in some date clubs. She tried to use some 40 year old guy from a date club for a visa but his parents refused to meet her so her now husband did instead when she came back on a school visa.

No. 538426

he went to the netherlands to meet her parents, right?

No. 538449

Yes. Her parents were fine with her marrying some 40 year old who paid to fuck her and had a melted face.

No. 538462

even gayas husband said her father is crazy

No. 538474

>40 yo with a melted face

I am morbidly curious what he looks like

No. 539173

where did gaya meet her first japanese guy?

No. 539243

At a date club …that’s what everyone’s been talking about lol

No. 539244

File: 1522132498674.jpeg (297.56 KB, 640x1072, 41B3790F-E18A-4963-8607-6B4415…)

The dog has appeared! Haha

No. 539293

Then it seems like she’s rly living in a house though. Or at least in a ground floor apartment

No. 539346

who is her new victim

No. 539349

Probably a new boytoy’s parents trying to sweeten them up for a visa. She would have her dog inside otherwise.

No. 539353

doesn't look like a japanese house to me

No. 539368

it definitely does. no apartment is going to have a glass door or area outside where she can keep the dog. house rentals are often much cheaper than apartments in certain areas.

No. 539451

Look at the dark wooden polished floor. It’s one of those ugly newer built ones on the outskirts that looks like a Western house and has shitty thin walls.

No. 539453

You can even see a Japanese style roof on the house behind.

No. 539770

All Japanese homes have shitty thin walls.

No. 539838

so she had to leave shinjuku to live with her new victim

No. 539906

Lol new victim

No. 539909

File: 1522210736570.png (342.48 KB, 492x312, sere.png)

I just love that as soon as we start speculating about her dogs, her next update has her dog very obviously in the background.

I'm honestly pretty curious what she looks like without all the filters and beautyapp edits. I fiddled around with the contrast, sharpened, and made her eyes closer to their irl size, but her features are so washed out by these heavy filters. She's getting some pretty serious laugh lines lately though, even the filters and beautyapps can't hide them.

No. 539953

A lot of first floor apartments have a little yard area. And first floor is always cheaper

No. 539954

You’ve got to remember she wears really big grey circle lense too like 14mm ones

No. 539961

File: 1522215646956.png (300.36 KB, 399x322, sere0.png)

No. 540026

Only one though. Where is the other.

No. 540246

who's dania?

No. 540443

Some midget weeb with red hair in Japan.

No. 540496

A mutant looking midget who lives in the USA but comes to Tokyo once a year, chasing vkei bands, her next potential husband, hosts etc. she’s 35 and the biggest weeb ever. Friends with Shiena and Ashley

No. 540498

Her Instagram is @cadavers

No. 540878

And why does she keep being mentioned in this thread? She likes Japanese culture, that's it? Scrapping the barrel for lolcow material. Put her in a new thread if you must.

No. 541064

I'm with you, anon. Dania had her own thread briefly, but it was poorly made and read like a vendetta post: >>181998

If Dania has milk, I'm all for her having her own thread. But the Dania derailing in here has gotten pretty out of control lately. There's more posts about her than there are about Lorena, and it's often about Dania gossiping or causing drama for Lorena and Shiena? Hmm.

Given how Lorena will update with posts relevant with what we're saying in here, it seems safe to say that she's at the very least lurking. Are these her/her friends?

No. 541189

HI Dania :)

No. 541198

I’m not Dania. Why would I be saying to make a whole thread about me if I was?

Put Dania and Gaya in their own threads that they already have and leave this one for Lorena.

No. 541324

File: 1522389331391.jpg (60.71 KB, 640x800, AiYHOdo.jpg)

oh dear

No. 541327

What's with this shooping? This really looks nothing like her.

No. 541329

also the video she posted

No. 541363

I was thinking she looks too good to be true. Fucking photoshop haha

No. 541380

File: 1522398764332.png (620.99 KB, 638x504, shoop.png)

Not to mention the shoop is super obvious here. What's with the stretched/blurry railing behind her and that absolutely ginormous hand. Seriously, look at that thing. Hilarious.

No. 541404

File: 1522403121403.jpg (482.52 KB, 1080x1350, 29093341_190034435136186_71161…)

Yikes this is like living-doll tier shoop. She can't possibly think that anyone believes her haggard ass actually looks like this.

No. 541414

You can see the mesh on the railing behind her here is also all warped and pulled in towards her whereas the others in the background do not curve like that. She's so desperate to pinch in that waist when we all know what she actually looks like. >>519330

Her hair looks particularly abnormal in that shot as well. Can't tell if her extensions are just bad or if she tried to make her hair look fuller with the shoop. Probably a bit of both.

No. 541460

with who is she living now?

No. 541488

Wish she would shoop her creepy lenses and frazzled hair

No. 542067

She definitely tried to shoop her hair here, but clearly couldn't do much. It's super blurry compared to how crisp her features look, though, it's pretty clear those have been smoothed and shopped too. She has some pretty defined laugh lines that they completely smoothed out, defined her jawline, and cleaned up the lines under her eyes as well.

You can tell they shooped her hair here too. COmpared to the other photos where she has it tied up, her hair is so much fuller here that it borderline looks like one of those oldschool himegyrau wigs.

No one knows yet. She's clearly living with/off of someone. Probably a sugar daddy situation or something similar. She clearly has someone following her around lately taking her photos and videos as well.

No. 542095

She probably was just visiting someone with a house and took pictures.

No. 542126

I wish she’d stop shaving off the ends of her brows or whatever it is she’s doing to them of late…they look terrible

No. 543199

Guys she's back in australia

No. 543200

april fools?

No. 543206

No, it’s true. Look at her instagram.

No. 543211

She didn‘t leave in february…so why now?

No. 543357

File: 1522603378136.jpeg (710.18 KB, 750x1201, F53C494B-D19D-4B0D-B1FA-535B04…)

No. 543499

she left her son back in japan then?

No. 543501

Probably dumping him in Australia.

No. 543504

i don't think so? unless she managed to get him a passport/identification papers, her son can't leave the country

No. 543508

…I am so confused by this. The kid can’t get papers so he’s not a Japanese citizen but he also can’t leave the country…?

No. 543514

well you need papers to get a passport and you need a passport to leave the country. so yeah he can't leave unless (i assume) lorena gets deported and is forced to take him with her back to Australia.

No. 543527

In order to travel internationally, you need a passport. That goes for all people of all ages.

This child is entitled to a Japanese or Australian passport. Lorena could easily go to the Australian Embassy in Tokyo in order to get him his Australian passport and get him registered as a citizen but she is unwilling to do so because she would rather her son get Japanese citizenship and a Japanese passport so she can use him to stay in the country. Currently, he is not entitled to any healthcare or schooling or anything in Japan. I'm not sure she is willing to give up her hope if him becoming Japanese.

But this has been bothering me for a while. Couldn't this be her second child? I'm not convinced this is actually a third child. To be perfectly honest. The kid in her pics looked way older than 1. I really think she just has two children and maybe negotiated some visitation rights with her second child. I know she had been posting trying to track down the father and stuff but like…I wouldn't put it past her to invent a new child. I would put the child in her recent pictures anywhere between 2-3. Plus she doesn't seem to have any children's toys or anything.

No. 543528

The baby needs a birth certificate in order to get an Australian passport though. Which she doesn’t have, also going to the embassy would reveal that she doesn’t have her proper documentation either and they’d get her deported. She’s fucked the kid over

No. 543530

File: 1522616562144.jpeg (77.42 KB, 487x694, 14D965C6-5B9B-4C00-860D-0AEA9B…)

That lipsuction body won’t last long if you keep eating Macdonalds Lorena

No. 543546

This won‘t make any sense because her second child already is japanese citizen I guess. And stays at her ex husband.
Also her second child would look way older than the child from the pics…

No. 543569

It does make sense. She could have made up the third child in order to get people to help her track down that host. I assume she was trying to get money from him. Maybe she'd tell him that he could pay her instead of acknowledging the kid himself.

There are just so many problems with the whole third child theory. For starters, the kid is definitely older than two. Look how big his head is in her pics and how much hair he has. She never looked pregnant. There is no evidence in any of her pictures that she has any kind of children's anything in her home. She's had surgical procedures that they would never allow a pregnant woman to get (granted, she could have lied). Finally, I don't see how she could have travelled around with a child somewhere since she definitely couldn't have brought him along.

The most likely scenario here is that she managed to get visitation rights with her Japanese child. The kid in her IG pictures would be the same age as her second child. She could very well have just begged to visit her kid around his birthday in order to take pictures to blackmail that host with.

No. 543584

Her second child (who was a boy) would be around 4 years old. That child in her current pictures could definitely be 4. I honestly think she blurred his face out so people wouldn't be able to tell that its her 2nd kid.

No. 543585

File: 1522619453446.jpeg (25.93 KB, 384x384, 873B146A-7388-4362-908B-5EB95B…)

No. 543733

She can easily apply for Australian citizenship for the child and may have done so already. She only has to prove she birthed the baby. It is called "citizenship by descent" in Australia.

No. 543735

imagine if he's in the 24h daycare forever.

No. 543785

I’m an Australian idiot I know the process.
She can’t get it an Australian passport as she doesn’t have a birth certificate. To get a birth certificate shed need all the documentation from the hospital, her visa status, the fathers info and documents from the Shinjuku kuyakusho etc. trust me the kid doesn’t have a birth cert.

No. 543799


No. 543859

That's hilarious that she tried to hide the mcdonald's bag with the blur. So luxurious.

No. 543874

But it's not a new child. The kid is huge. Definitely a toddler

No. 543876

Maybe compare photos ?

No. 543960

The kid she showed recently is NOT 4 year-old. Looks easily 1 year-old. She hid this 3rd pregnancy by staying away from IG for many months, remember? From like June 2016 to March 2017 she was totally MIA. Kid was born in February. 2nd was born around November or December.

No. 543961

Don't get tetchy anon. Not arguing just adding to the thread.

What would the Aus embassy do if approached in that situation I wonder? They must know the Japanese system is much stricter than ours. The child is born and there must be a paper trail of that event in the hospital, Japanese morals on birth certificates or no.

No. 543962

we already did this

No. 543975

You most likely didn’t at all.

No. 543980

If you compare the pictures from the second child you can see that they look different… the second child must look much more older, also their faces look kinda different. It‘s either a third child or someone else’s child. As anon said their birthdays are also different lol

No. 544024


>>476033 - baby's hand, comments following this debating age
>>476477 - baby's face and body, clearly a baby
>>477178 - possible pregnancy pic
>>477919 - the baby in her arms

No. 544408

The Australia picture was bullshit. This photo says it all. She tried to blur out the elevator which IS a Japanese elevator and the McDonald's packaging is so Japan.

No. 544442

File: 1522699575932.jpeg (261.83 KB, 635x1085, 915DD210-3F99-4DA0-8AF8-707552…)

Yeah that’s the seibu-shinjuku Mac elevator lol…She’s uploading photos of her in Japan along with that Brisbane street shot.
This shot for example is also in japan..you can see the kanji on the street sign

No. 544583

File: 1522709888710.jpeg (242.59 KB, 750x919, B4B4315D-488A-4DA7-902E-07C469…)

My goodness…. she looks drunk af

No. 544620

That street is in Kabukicho going from drink Shinjuku station to shin-okubo

No. 544622

Wtf seibu-Shinjuku station

No. 544631

Cody Sanderson commented on that recent pic saying he hopes to see the two of them soon. I guess it is her child. Why would she pretend to be in Australia? I don't see the point.

No. 544643

Maybe she's actually settled down? It's hard to believe she lives in a house but from Cody's comment…it seems possible that he could be paying for her life.

No. 544678

How do you get all that from a comment that says ‘look forward to seeing you two as the end of the month lol’

No. 544680

I think she’s in Aus just posting old Japan pics

No. 544780

File: 1522720714370.png (679.06 KB, 811x597, gross.png)

I'm not that other anon, but the comment she left Cody is pretty weird/gross. She literally says that her baby's eyes are only for her and Cody, whom she then calls "Daddy".

Maybe she's finally made the leap from doing occasional sexual favors for jewelry, to straight up letting this guy be her sugar daddy?

No. 544786

I think so too

No. 544800

She is in japan. Still see her around shinjuku and okubo recent as last week.
Unless she went to australia within the past days she is still in japan.

No. 544808

how can she be in japan so long

No. 544809

That explains the pics around Shinjuku

No. 544841

Visa hop?

No. 544851

Maybe Cody is her babydaddy.

No. 544853

Is she in a plane window seat in that photo? It would explain the no make-up an looking tired as she probably had to get up early.

No. 544856

She obviously reads this thread. Has anyone else paid attention to how obvious it is? Her dogs were brought up, soon after she posted a photo with her dog in the background. Someone started mentioning her abandoning her kid (again) and all of a sudden she posts a photo of her and the kid.

The photo of Brisbane was probably some April fools bullshit.

Oh, she also deleted everything from her Instagram profile aside from the usual height and gominingen so I am going to assume that she no longer has the bar (again).

This Cody Sanderson guy is her sugar daddy, or he supports her in one way or another for something in return for sure. Maybe it is sex, maybe it is for her nightlife connection to trashy kabukicho so that he can promote his ugly ass jewelry that so many hosts love. He might also just feel bad that she is a single, foreign woman in Japan that is prostituting herself in order to support her fatherless child.

No. 544860

she had to leave in february..

No. 544882

He's super wealthy and doesn't need help promoting his jewelry. It's definitely for sex. There was the time she and Shiena got a ton of jewelry and she posted about having a three some.

No. 544898

that isn’t an airplane haha

No. 544916

Lorena and Shiena are never going to be friends again. Lorena should just spill all her dirt on Shiena. Tbh I don't like Lorena (for obv reasons) but Shiena got out of their friendship after using Lorena so much and never got villified at all. If anything, people blamed Lorena by saying that she had brainwashed Shiena.

No. 544929

What are you talking about lol
What supposedly ‘happened’ between them

No. 544936

Thats her heated table and pink blanket in the BG

No. 544946

How do you know that?
You all are just guessing an assuming. What if she does have a visa?

No. 544992

Cody isn't the baby daddy, he's Navajo, not Asian, and that baby definitely looks half. She probably did hook up with a random host to get pregnant and try to use it to secure a visa, but no one wants to claim her most recent anchor baby. Cody is old, fat, ugly, and has exchanged jewelry for favors with Lorena before. Maybe she finally lowered her standards in her desperation, and with boytoy out of the picture, is living with Cody in his condo under the guise of him being her "daddy" while she keeps trying to secure a better situation.

Agreed that the Australia picture was probably just for April Fools or something. Either that or maybe trying to keep a low profile while overstaying again? Also, absolutely agree in regards to the Cody being her "sponsor" thing right now.

Yep! I remember this too. Lorena has been hanging around and openly flirting with Cody for a long while now, but he's pretty ugly and isn't Japanese. She's probably just using him until she can try to scam some new Japanese guy into being with her.

The same thing was said when we all thought she was pregnant and look how that played out. If she does have a visa, how? She hasn't been able to scam anyone into marrying her, her recent baby daddy won't even acknowledge her or the kid's existence, and she's still working as a prostitute. She's not going to get a visa sponsored through work as a hooker, anon.

No. 545028

Secret marriage to someone?
Does Cody have a shop in Japan? If so he could provide her some sort of work visa.

No. 545037

She posted it as a caption under a picture of her and Shiena and Cody with their new jewelry.

No. 545052

Upon further inspection it seems like Cody isn't her sugar daddy, well, not beyond the exchanging jewelry for sexual favors at least.

Cody lives permanently in Santa Fe, where his home and studio are. From what I can tell, he typically gets hotel rooms while staying in Japan, he doesn't rent or own property there nor does he have residency or a long term visa of any kind. He's likely using a artists visa, which has an extended stay in comparison to that of a tourist visa. Also, he doesn't appear to have any permanent shops in Japan, rather than the occasional pop up shop, so it is also quite doubtful that he would be able to sponsor Lorena's visa.

Maybe the man funding Lorena is the one who she was seen in the small studio with? Who really knows at this point, but it's pretty clear she is receiving some sort of assistance from someone. Given her long history of being unable to secure a visa, money problems, unable to pay her utility bills, etc. it's pretty clear she would be struggling to afford a "large" home, let along care for herself, her child, and her dogs without assistance.

No. 545054

File: 1522742317642.png (637.95 KB, 477x597, rough.png)

Also, sage for samefagging, but I was curious as to how this photo would look without the washed out lighting. All I did was turn down the brightness/contrast and sharpened the image a little bit.

She looks like she hasn't been sleeping. She has extremely dark circles and her eyebags have eyebags of their own. Her extensions are starting to dread up again too. Maybe she's really not doing as well as she pretends to be.

Note that the child's nose looks rather dirty and there's a small scrape along his cheek too.

No. 545058

I hope that she decides to become a real mother.

No. 545067

guess she is illegal now

No. 545085

No, she posted a picture of jewelry she received from Cody and joked about 3 some in reference to the 3 stars on the ring not a picture of the 3 of them together

No. 545100

Kids are snotty most of the time as their immune systems grows and develops. Also kids fall down. A lot.

No. 545111

Do you understand English? I think you replied to the wrong comment. I was asking why the anon said show a andLorena will never be friends again you idiot

No. 545392

Shines not show

No. 545581

That's fair, but I just thought it was interesting that she wouldn't clean the kid up for a photo at least. But considering how awful she looks in this photo compared to her usual heavily edited/filtered photos, it's interesting she even posted it at all. Seems like a cry for help/sympathy maybe?

No. 545648

Someone mentions her hair looking nasty and bam! Next day a photo if herself with new extensions.

No. 545653

File: 1522797668727.jpeg (401.61 KB, 640x1080, 1B926099-2359-419C-A4FB-888BB5…)

She’s so predictable >>545648

No. 545750

Waiting that she shows her passport with a valid visa lmao

No. 545949

It was on the picture of them all together with the beer bottle

No. 545954

Nope it wasn’t. It was a picture of the ring in front of a rubber duckie display outside somewhere in shibuya

No. 546041

why does she always have such awful extensions? her hair has probably grown that amount by now

No. 546309

Lol she's still protecting Shiena

No. 546312

It was under the picture of the three of them. You can scroll through here and Shienas thread to find people talking about it when it just happened. Once someone posted about it, she immediately changed the caption

No. 546327

Trust me it probably haven’t, Japanese hair extensions (amicomi) are braided into your real hair which can cause you to lose a lot of your own hair. Plus she’s a natural brunette with heavily bleached blonde hair.

It’s probably still a short damaged bob with thinning hair

No. 546662

Yeah I remember that and it wasn’t a picture of the 3 of them. It was a picture of the ring only taken on the day they happened to be together.

No. 546670

File: 1522891563629.jpeg (729.99 KB, 746x1115, 3A0FF9B7-23A9-41C2-95EF-87B0DB…)

Clearly a sex joke about 3 stars =3 some ducks =fucks. Nothing to do with actually having an actual threesome.

No. 546699

only gross old men wants to fuck dirty hag lorena. normal people are disgusted by her

No. 546702

How do you know it was just a joke?

No. 546704

It’s not a joke. There aren’t many lovehotels that will let you have a threesome. The one escorts usually use is in Shibuya. There is no reason to mention that otherwise. Anyone who thinks they are just friends is deluding themselved. He’s her sugardaddy.

No. 546755

She jokes like this all the time. And Shiena is ultra Shoujo manga level vanilla. If it was Gaya I’d believe it

No. 546867

This must be shiena wking herself

No. 546868

Lorena had posted a caption about a three some under the pic with shiena the changed it once someone said something here

No. 546869

It was talked about on the last two threads for Sere but not here. I remember the caption but somehow no one screenshoted it

No. 546894

Maybe they had a narrative so stuck in their head that they thought it was the photo of the 3 of them but it was on a different photo entirely. Then they rechecked the wrong photo and assumed the caption was deleted but it was never written there in the first place. Probably the same person constantly trying to nail sex work to Shiena.

No. 547311

Multiple people have commented about it and though. The first comment about it was someone asking for a translation because the three some comment was made in Japanese. I guess this is Shiena here trying to save face cause she's scared that Lorena us going to start spilling the tea on her

No. 547568

I’m not Shiena. It’s annoying how everyone is regurgitating that “3-some” post like it’s facts when it was never comfirmed. It’s pathetic how people here keep chewing and rechewing this tiny kernel of speculation like you’re starving for dirt that you never can seem to find.

No. 547728

File: 1522985079284.png (598.97 KB, 602x600, sere.png)

She always looks so different in the photos other people take of her that aren't super shopped.

She's looking older than 30 here, and check out those stringy looking extensions.

No. 547755

looking old and wasted like always

did she changed her profile text?

No. 547766

You can see how small her eyes are compared to her own shoops. And those extension look like she attached noodles to her hair…

No. 547787

Its definitely how she treats them. She posted a picture the place she went to, many gyaru go there but none of their exte look like this.

No. 547948

seems like lorenas bar is gone

No. 547965

I think she’s pretty.

+shows self out+

No. 548226

Do you think Lorena is as embarrassed about being friends with Shiena as Shiena is about being friends with Lorena?

No. 548340

OmFg fucking sSstTTtooOPp with the lorena shiena shit!!!! Its so fucking boring they literally havent been seen together in over 6 months. Theres so much other stuff to say.

STOP.(learn to integrate)

No. 548343

Is this dania,why are you so obsessed with shiena and Lorena relationship?

No. 548393

Sere can you please stop bumping your own thread with your obvious weird grammar? You don't blend in at all and of course at the exact same time these two out of place self-involved posts are made, Gaya's thread is bumped with another baseless insult. Don't you have a little yellow dick to blow?
>inb4 not Sere
It's pretty obvious.

No. 548610

To be honest you’re one of the fucking annoying anons posting her. There’s more than one person commenting on these threads fucktard(learn to integrate)

No. 548614

Umm hate to break it to you anon but I'm not sere just a annoyed anon like you with the sere and shiena relationship shit. Anyway back on track when does this chick visa expires?

No. 548657

Does she have ANY attractive friends?

No. 548703

guess she doesn't have any friends

No. 549121

All her friends are gaijin gusting or harajuku fashion weebs. So no

No. 549122

Sorry gaijin gyaru

No. 549201

Is she even still friends with any of those people though? She used to hang around with the gaijin gyaru, but it's been forever since she's even been pictured with people she was previously close to, like Gaya or Shiena. The only people she's been with in photos lately seem to be people from work, customers at bars, hostesses, etc. Her only gaijin friend who regularly comments on her photos is the tattoo artist girl in Australia that she briefly lived with when she couldn't stay in Japan. It seems likely that she has burned a lot of her bridges and doesn't have that many friends anymore.

No. 549232

If I was her friend in the past, I would also do my best to distance myself from herself. There is no saving this chick.

No. 549257

Do you have any extra God’s you can spill on her? I met her once and she was so try hard haha

No. 549264

Gossip not gods

No. 549279

File: 1523151391897.png (475.78 KB, 922x595, newdude.png)

Decent Lorena update. This is her replacement boytoy. Probably the guy she's living with, and also the guy she was seen in the studio of. He's apparently some indies bandguy, but I'm unfamiliar as to who he actually is or what band he is in.

No. 549283

File: 1523151571035.png (460.31 KB, 933x598, mombod.png)

Lorena is also using this guy to try her hand at a music career as seen in this photo he shared, which should be fairly hilarious.

Also, just look at how big she is here in his unedited photo. I hope there's more of these candids to come.

No. 549284

File: 1523151629380.png (852.45 KB, 583x596, ratnest.png)

One last photo in relation to this update. Lorena's ratty extensions up close and unedited.

No. 549285

Yeah it’s obvious she’s been shopping herself slimmer same with her face. It’s really round irl.

Why do you think this guy is the replacement?

No. 549321

Like anyone would be interested in the music of a hooker who shat out 3 kids? Especially in Japan? lmao

No. 549354

Really wish she would get her hair permanently straightened. Just some advice.

No. 549365

Japan’s straightening perms are pretty amazing and long lasting. Getting rid of that frizz and horrible extensions would do her so much better…

No. 549368

he has 56 followers. i don't think anyone knows who he is lol

No. 549442

poor guy has to live with lorena.. run while you can

No. 549450

Does she have naturally curles?

No. 549460

I think her hair is more wavy than it is curly. The biggest issue she has really, is how badly damaged her hair is. It's very stiff, dry, and frizzy due to breakage.

She looked better with dark hair, but she probably likes the attention the blonde hair gets her in Japan.

No. 549721

Only natural blond hair

No. 549842

No, they'll take anyone, even if it looks terrible like Lorena

No. 550142

I think it's pretty terrible the way Shiena used Lorena. Like..I don't like Lorena at all but she did take her out a bunch, give her a job, celebrate her birthday with her, get her jewelry from Cody Sanderson, etc. Then Shiena just stopped being friends with her and never gave a clear reason. Lorena's child abandoning and life decisions obviously weren't what drove Shiena away because she became friends with her after Lorena has dumped 2 kids.

That message Lorena sent her on IG in January was probably a cry for help. I think Shiena blocked Lorena's new IG account so she had to comment on the art one. Shiena could probably get Lorena a job at her kyaba but she hasn't.

Worst of all, Shiena never gets a bad rap for any of this. Everyone thinks she's so pure and glam. Obviously no one can be a good person who's been friends with Lorena. A normal, sane person would never befriend a child abandoning monster and prostitute who refuses to live in the real world. They just wouldn't. This goes for Gaya, Katie, and Shiena. None of them are good people. None of them ever even tried to help straighten Lorena out. Wouldn't you honestly try to help your friend get her kid back?

Why hasn't Lorena ever bashed Shiena? Like seriously. I guess she's hoping one day that Shiena will be there to help her out.

No. 550153

shiena has her own thread.

No. 550175

stop white knighting sere. She 29 years old not a kid. Do you personally know what happened between these two? I’m guessing no. Shines probably realised just how toxic sere is and decided to finally get rid of her. As you notice sere never manages to maintain friendships so it’s obviously an issue with sere. As the anon before me said go to shienas thread

No. 550202

they are all toxic people. who else would choose a life like this? maybe if you are desperate you do it short term until you can buy a ticket home but all of them have been doing this for years

No. 550215

I swear there's a anon on here who is obsessed with shiena. Who knows if their still friends,they can be hanging out and shit behind the scenes. Everyone knows shiena is toxic and seems to be egotistical too. Lorena can careless about help,bitch is too money hungry for a visa. Anyone with a working conscious wouldn't help Lorena,she'll use you dry till she find another toy. Some people are far gone to be help you can't change everyone.

No. 550218

They’re all terrible people because they are among the non-Japanese folk with an unrealistic, fetishistic view of what life in Japan is like. Particularly Sere as she’d neglect multiple children in order to chase that illusion, whilst in denial about the decline their lives are on for insisting to do so. There are many non-Japanese with a genuine appreciation for Japanese life, society and culture, but make no mistake, this pathetic gaijin gyaru cohort is not among those people.

No. 550236

Sere, gaya and katie are not gyaru

No. 550239

They all originally claimed to be so in this case we let it slide

No. 550280

There's definitely one or two anon who seem obsessed with Shiena and bump her thread and any involving gaijin gyaru relentlessly. I'm not whiteknighting Shiena and don't doubt that she's toxic, fake, etc. But the unsaged spamming of multiple threads with no milk is getting pretty tiresome.

No. 550283

I think it must be Shiena bumping all these threads talking about herself. She's all over this thread, her thread, and the gaijin gyaru thread. The grammar is too good for her though so it could be Dania. She suddenly appeared on a bunch of threads too.

Anyways…back to Sere. According to Rai, she's been low key working kyaba and at a soapland.

The house she put in her pictures isn't actually her house. She just took pictures inside of a friend's house. That wasn't even her dog in the picture. She's moved into a sharehouse in Okubo sort of near where she used to live.

No. 550290

> they are among the non-Japanese folk with an unrealistic, fetishistic view of what life in Japan is like
>There are many non-Japanese with a genuine appreciation for Japanese life, society and culture.

A realistic view of life in Japan is usually not compatible with the weird weeaboo ~appreciation for culture~ you're talking about. But either way they've lived there long enough that their perspective is going to literally be their experience, so it's got nothing to do with fetishizing OR appreciating it. They are terrible people for a variety of reasons but not meeting your standards of genuine appreciation for Japanese society is not one of them.

No. 550327

Wait… not her dog? It looks exactly like her dog…. if it’s indeed not, where the hell is she? What’s with the other dog??

No. 550328

it is her dog lmao

No. 550387

It's definitely one of her two dogs, anon. Do you have any receipts of any of this or are you just talking out of your ass? Are you the same anon from before that said you've been to her bar? Are you also the anon who keeps pushing for the Dania milk? If so, just go make her thread already.

No. 550393

Did you forget your meds? It is her dog. Who is Rai? You’re invisible informant? Kk
You can’t live in a sharehouse with a baby idiot..also she’s definitely living with someone who takes care of the kid and dogs..and took the her and baby looking at the snow photo. We already found out she’s working at a sex kyaba, that came with evidence too.

So are you going to supply receipts or just keep talking shit?

No. 550580

@anon spamming this thread with Shiena there’s literally a Shiena thread lol

No. 551421

File: 1523342364593.png (497.64 KB, 599x335, boxboobs.png)

New Lorena post via instagram. Nothing interesting minus her boobs looking boxy and her face looking nothing like it usually does.

No. 551428

She’s going to get skin cancer from that solarium and all dem wrinkles

No. 551455

everything about her is gross

No. 551456

I didn’t even know tanning beds were a thing in Japan. Whew

No. 551468

That’s the only thing kurogyaru and dirty yankee guys use lol

No. 551489

Google image searching kurogyaru was a frightening mistake

No. 551495

sometimes lorena writes bullshit about herself in the thread. hilarious

No. 551500

No shit.
She also camps out in the gaijin hunters thread and likes to insult Gaya. We all know it. You just accept it and continue to laugh at her and gag at how gross her ass pimples are.

No. 551502

The kuro hada/beach babes use them also not just gals.

No. 551513

most of the cows I just laugh at but bad mom cows like sere make me rage. if you want to destroy ur own life fine that’s your choice but don’t fkn create children just to use them and set them up for miserable lives

No. 551674

she doesn't give a shit about her kids. she is in kabukicho like 24 hours

No. 551713

I know? I didn’t say it was exclusive to guard idiot

No. 552056

is she trying to make herself look more haggard?

No. 552059

Short answer, yes

No. 552256

she calls herself gomi

No. 552266

At least she knows that she’s trash lmao

No. 552873

fun story
google the phrase "ass like a coke bottle" and the ONLY results are her prostitution ads.

There is a song that goes "body like a coke bottle" (which slightly makes sense, although coke bottles honestly aren't THAT curvy), but "ass like a coke bottle" is just hilarious

Also damn girl must be desperate to be hawking her coke butt on so many different prostitution pages… I count at least 7

No. 552881

File: 1523481137187.png (41.16 KB, 606x332, ohgodno.png)

I forgot to put it in quotations and ended up with some horrifying/hilarious results.

You are right though, when searched in quotations lolcow and her ads pop up. Nothing else does as no one else is stupid enough to say something, "ass like a coke bottle". Still one of her funniest quotes along with, "petite face".

No. 552894

File: 1523481876274.png (307.65 KB, 557x608, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 2.24…)

"Full verlumptuous i cup breasts"


No. 552983

probably japanese sizing, anon.

No. 553221


I think they were pointing out her hilarious misspelling of voluptuous?

Is Lorena a HS dropout or something? Her grammar and spelling is always atrocious. She definitely seems rather dim.

No. 553228

Yeah I dont think she went to highschool

No. 553238

But wasn’t she always claiming she’s having so many degrees?

No. 553239


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 553251

I don't think she has any actual degrees. Just "certificates" which often have very little requirements.

No. 553258

New thread

No. 562122

Goes to a Host Club once after a long time again, immediatly becomes the queen of kabukicho. She is pathetic lol

No. 762520

File: 1547173676400.jpg (477.32 KB, 780x1438, Lorena.jpg)

No. 767571

Do you have more old lorena photos?

No. 769548

Yes i do(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 769710

Please show them to us

No. 786314

File: 1552524538746.jpg (453.52 KB, 1080x1245, Lorena 2.jpg)


No. 786407

Another woman ruined by sex work

No. 786706


No. 1358627

Anyone know what happened to sere(newfag)

No. 1358643

See this thread >>>/w/73866

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