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File: 1456211252183.jpeg (44.11 KB, 327x449, image.jpeg)

No. 35156

The worst of the worst
Always creating drama and taking people down.
Gaijin gyaru

No. 35157

Hahaha jojo is one of the worst gaijin gyarus ever

No. 35158

Wow could you calm your vendetta rage and make a half decent OP post? This is awful.

No. 35159

This thread could be interesting but that is some weak effort and probably vendetta. The gyaru community used to be great for drama.

No. 35160

Good old times

No. 35161

Was this thread made by a desperate lolita or a desperate vendetta chan?

No. 35162

fuck off op, jojo looks x10000 better than you, and all the gaijin gyaru in japan put together. name someone that looks better.

No. 35163

She acts all friendly to others. But behind she lies and gossips. Sad.
Also she used her ex for money

No. 35164


this could work if you didn't start with an old pic of one of the prettiest gaijin gyarus, lol.
nobody's interested if you don't have any proof of her being a dick. you just sound desperate.
I'm all in for bashing ugly gaijin gals tho, keep em coming

No. 35165

Let's discuss about the Valentine's FB page

No. 35166

proof? no proof then shut the fuck uuuuuppppp. she is literally the best looking gaijin gyaru. you jealous you can't look like her probably

No. 35167

Who wants to be like a nasty bitch? She is fake as fuck

No. 35168

>>35167 I wonder what you look like lol probably fat and ugly as fuck

No. 35169

Gyaru is such a shit style. White girls just look like bimbos wearing it.

No. 35170

>>35169 and what about non-white girls? they look cute in it tbh

No. 35171

Hi jojo

No. 35172

I can remember jojo used to say she is half japanese but changed it to her grandparent is japanese.

No. 35173

No. 35174

>>35172 what is she then?

>>35173 i beg 2 differ

No. 35175

Pure potato

No. 35176

>>35175 she's not but o k

No. 35177

Half japanese right

No. 35178

>>35177 she's obviously mixed and not fully white.

No. 35179

about which jojo are we talking right now??? the one from the netherlands, with the silver hair? She's half indonesian

No. 35180

First she said half japanese
After that quater japanese

No. 35181

And latin america ?

No. 35182

It's kind of sad how the online community outside of facebook really died out. I can only imagine how shit those groups are anyway.

Are there really any gaijin gyaru worth talking about anymore? Sere and her crew already have their threads. All the good ones or anyone worth a good secret are all low key or gone.

No. 35183


In the end she might just be plain white. I mean has anyone seen her irl? She shoops her photos a lot and doesn't even look remotely asian irl.

So since this is a gaijin gyaru thread, let'S not only talk about her. What's that current drama about our fav landwhale kohaku?

No. 35184

OT but does anyone know who could be running the gossip gyaru tumblr blog?

No. 35185

Not OT at all though? This thread is about gaijin gyaru after all. I have no clue tho

No. 35186

Jojo is known to lie a lot

No. 35187

And…? Proof would be great for this.

Really, she looks cuter than most of the gaijin gyaru. Y'all need to chill with your vendetta.

No. 35188

Just ask her if she is half japanese

No. 35189

>>35188 she said she's half peruvian-japanese.
i live in a city w/ a lot of asian-peruvians or peruvians with asian ancestry so it's not far fetched.

anyway why do you care so much? u mad she looks cuter than u and most, if not the entire gaijin gyaru comm i get it but CHILL

No. 35190

You must be stupid to believe her

No. 35191

Most of all gaijin gyaru are stupid as fuck and pathalogical liars like jojo.
I wouldn't trust them

No. 35192

can u stupid bitches talk about other people????? there are so many idiots in the gaijin gyaru comm

No. 35193

Go ahead

No. 35194

all that bullshit about g_v on favebook

No. 35195

File: 1456813620419.jpeg (621.41 KB, 2048x1905, image.jpeg)

the worst gaijin "gyaru"

No. 35196


No. 35197

Wasn't this thing in lolita before? She looks handicapped

No. 35198

Who is this?

No. 35199

Gollums older sister

No. 35200


No. 35201

Wrong contour for her faceshape I guess

No. 35202

File: 1456831783861.jpeg (155.78 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

She looks better in this. She doesn't suit in Hime Gyaru imo..

No. 35203

What the heck is wrong with her brows. She should try straight ones

No. 35204

Unfortunatelly brows can't fix the rest of her face

No. 35205

she is a nobody in the comm tbh

No. 35206

if you know something you gotta spill. now everyone just thinks you are a jealous vendetta fatty.

No. 35207

The secrets this week were boring af and the Valentine's were even worse…who the heck is licking on kohakus ass so hard?

No. 35208

isnt it always that mokoto chick?

No. 35209

Who's makoto?? Show me some photos, never heard of her

No. 35210

>>35202 she's cute lol. Just bad at posing.
Trying to be nice here…

No. 35211

Anyone know what exactly happened to GAL VIP. Screenshots or anything? Someone must've been stirring shit up for it to go so quick.

No. 35212

GS is back haha. Clear vendetta against jojo with no evidence to back yourself.

No. 35213

The 'owner' was a fucktard and left all the actual work to her helpers. She never joined any group discussions etc

No. 35214

>>35206 my exact thoughts, jojo is cute af and someone is just jealous she gets a lot of likes on her photos lol

No. 35215

Ok i'm taking some screenshots.
Also she was so proud that men gives compliments to her. Attention seeking bitch

No. 35216


No. 35217

Lmao you are all stupid to think jojo is normal nice girl

No. 35218

>>35217 AND you have yet to post any proof whatsoever LOLOLOL

No. 35219

Hi jojo

No. 35220

File: 1456936343082.png (118.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

100% true

No. 35221

File: 1456936443403.png (124.79 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 35222

OK WHAT????? That's not even proof from her blog that's SOMEONE COMMENTING ABOUT HER BLOG. She hasn't had a bf for a long time right?? She's pretty young and people change now so idk wtf is your problem reading shit from like 2013 or some shit.\

If people wanna diet then let them be. I'm sick of fatties saying "wahhh don't talk about dieting! I'm triggered!!" like fuck off

No. 35223

She's an attention seeking bitch who lies

No. 35224

>>35223 u didnt post poof from her

No. 35225

Jojo is fucking gorgeous though and she's lovely? Like clearly you've never even met her because she's gorgeous in person too… I've been in the comm for years and never heard her talk about her ancestory once either. You just sound like some jealous vendetta chan lmao. Jojo is one of the best gaijin gals hands down.

No. 35226

>>35225 this. if she was a weeb it would have been obvious. vendetta chan is pathetic

No. 35227

God please send them some brain
They don't know better

No. 35228

>>35227 shut the fuck up until you post proof

No. 35229

File: 1456947729006.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x2560, 16-03-02-20-40-35-068_deco.jpg)

Let's have a small worse of instagram

Did they even try?

No. 35230

harajuku + gyaru doesn't mix lol

No. 35231


No. 35232

File: 1456954113349.jpg (38.63 KB, 330x495, Promo-Photo-pam-beesly-5491372…)

Linaliny reminds me of pam beesley ..

No. 35233

>>35229 none of these chicks are gyaru, can we talk about the comm instead? and not jojo bullshit

No. 35234

Yeah jojo is fucked up. Boring
Can remember how she said her voice is so manly omg she can't skype!!!
But in the end her voice was quite normal

No. 35235


>literally just proved you have a vendetta

No. 35236


No. 35237

Holy shit the top right one looks like Venus mom

No. 35238

what happened to monica tang. She broke up with her bf then just stopped blogging. I know it happened so long ago but I didn't have to energy to follow up on it at the time

No. 35239

File: 1457506871664.jpg (85.61 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

No. 35240

>>35239 even GAKUTO thinks shes cute

No. 35241

Yeah cause thats totally gackts official insta lol are you 12

No. 35242

are you stupid??
it's the real one

No. 35243

File: 1457515248171.png (388.23 KB, 1440x2302, Screenshot_20160309-041824~2.p…)

That's his official account

No. 35244

He's following random accs kek he even follows some inactive folks, so nth 2b proud of

No. 35245

I'm sooo speciaaaaaal
Gackt follows me

No. 35246

Gackt is outwashed and gross, and not very liked in Japan

He is a huge joke, actually

No. 35247

I remember when he followed Dakota on Twitter years ago

No. 35248

>not very liked in Japan
>He is a huge joke, actually

Sounds like a personal opinion more than anything.

I'm not surprised, it is his personal account so of course he'll follows whatever interests him outside of friends and people he works with.

No. 35249

Different farmer, but whenever gackt was mentioned, the Japanese girls started to giggle and went like 'oooohhhh gakuto' giggle giggle.
Older women leave out the giggle stuff but also be like 'ohhh gakuto'eye rolling

No. 35250

No one cares about gackt anymore

No. 35251

> im 43 though

No. 35252

File: 1458566470017.jpeg (165.68 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

What a mess

No. 35253

ergh why do weebs think they look good in this shit

No. 35254

The only one looking good in this photo is kitai

No. 35255


No. 35256

Why would you wear a black shirt under a pink dress omg?? It kills the whole aesthetic of the dress

No. 35257

File: 1458579126646.jpg (79.68 KB, 640x800, 12751122_1526848070942851_1489…)


Why does nobody ever mention this weeby snowflake?

No. 35258

Because she's nice and beautiful and there's no drama about her

No. 35259

They all look like assholes.

No. 35260


We generally only discuss people who have drama on /snow/.
No drama? No discussion.

No. 35261

Timemachine back to 2009 gyaru fashion

No. 35262

File: 1458596988222.jpeg (67.3 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

No. 35263

Jojo is a fake bitch
Only her dumb gyaru friends whiteknight her haha

No. 35264

is this like the 'ita' of gyaru? also what the fuck is that bitch in the front with the ma*rs op and the shitty top? trying to be pure?

my fucking gaijin ass in the US understands gal better than this shit.

No. 35265

The two in the back right are so dirty looking. Why so brown

No. 35266

Lmao he also writes "hi babies" on each post

No. 35267

File: 1458714085298.jpeg (143.94 KB, 900x643, image.jpeg)

Hello 2009

No. 35268


No. 35269

File: 1458726209621.jpeg (80.73 KB, 500x243, best.jpeg)

Ganguro will always be the best Gyaru style

No. 35270

Omg shithahahaha they look a hot mess do they actually think they look good? Fuck

No. 35271

File: 1458732303605.jpg (78.38 KB, 736x833, ac2afe7e06718c0f4ec8f36c54d42c…)

No. 35272

Wow, qt pies. I'm just a lolita and remember the hell that was gyaru drama. I'm kind of sad the community just fizzled out. I'd love to see something like this come back.

No. 35273

wtf is wrong with her face on the left

No. 35274

Literally the most ridiculous makeup style I have ever seen.

No. 35275

It's a guy … actually

No. 35276

No It's a girl now stfu!!

No. 35277

A girl trapped in a guys body, with a face of a fucking Neandertaler. Have never seen someone looking that retarded and ugly and not even gaya was as bad in gyaru makeup as this guy girl.

No. 35278

they look better than the other group

No. 35279

That's not too difficult

>they're less

>they're less newbies
>they're less Neandertalers

No. 35280

File: 1459381083698.jpeg (97.08 KB, 610x968, image.jpeg)

Is miyu male? It always likes lorenas insta photos

No. 35281

File: 1459502627976.jpeg (119.38 KB, 588x696, image.jpeg)

i'm so manly :( and ugly :(
Please write how beautiful i am

No. 35282

why can't she keep her tongue inside her mouth

No. 35283

She looks like she is 35

No. 35284

File: 1459803776204.jpeg (55.46 KB, 640x429, image.jpeg)

Her voice! Haha

No. 35285

link? i'm not looking it up yo.

No. 35286

No. 35287

Neandertalerchan, living in Germany, country with nearly the best health system in the world
>still not on hormones

Neandertaler will stay monkey forever

No. 35288

Holy fuck, she looks like an ape.

No. 35289

And her brother looks exactly the same.
>crawled right out a cave
>don't know how to 21st century

She's a massive lier kek

No. 35290

No. 35291

Her make is okish but she doesn't know how to cut a wig omg

No. 35292

File: 1460277701964.png (910.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 35293

No. 35294

Make a site just like lolcow and pull so we can make a thread for each gaijinfag in the comm! :) anyone?

No. 35295

Well, that'd be funny.

No. 35296

Or, you know, talk about them all in one thread since they're really not that important.

No. 35297

But it's so funny!

Make one anyone!

No. 35298

Make one yourself if you want it so much

No. 35299

Don't know how to

No. 35300

Is this _ifwinterends?

No. 35301

>google is your friend and helper

No. 35302


Its feli

No. 35303

Wonder what OP has against her

No. 35304

File: 1460915611022.jpeg (57.02 KB, 374x375, image.jpeg)


No. 35305

Wrong thread?

No. 35306

Why is horseface katie always changing jobs?

No. 35307

Isn't she still a teacher?

No. 35308

No she is in the gyaru comm

No. 35309

your fucking vendetta is showing. leave her the fuck alone, its people like you who discourage people from the fashion till no one wants to even try getting better because the scene is so bitchy.

No. 35310

Probs cause she keeps getting fired

No. 35311

Who is she then?

No. 35312

She deleted it but Ari had a gofundme up for people to pay for her ticket to japan I wish I grabbed a screen it was pathetic

No. 35313


When you post in multiple threads about the same person, makes it seem like a vendetta. I haven't met her personally but I'm working in Japan and my contracts are 3-6 months each. I'm guessing that's why, maybe I'm wrong.

No. 35314

If you're getting a visa sponsorship (not married and she's been there too long for working holiday) you need a full-time job (i.e. one year contract) from your sponsor. She probably gets hired for full-time, gets the visa, then immediately quits/gets fired. Still illegally has the sponsorship, but then she can skip around

No. 35315

She made a post about her job on Tumblr and the different work she does, she stated her company is Eikaiwa, business English and also school work(?). If it's a dispatch company they probably send her to many kinds of jobs, I have a friend who goes to a different school every two months. It's not uncommon.
Also if you re-apply for a visa you need proof of the money earned in the form of a tax sheet from the previous year. So it's unlikely she's quit or been fired.
Sorry to shoot down your theory, but there was a bit misinformation.

No. 35316


Ari Marie? I told you she'll be the second Barbie!

Knows no Japanese, has no proper plan or the money to survive in Japan, is in BD

No. 35317


Ebichu96? Ratchet bitch.

No. 35318

Is planning to go to Japan this Friday. What about a visa though? Or will she stay rational and just go there for a holiday first? Has she ever been to Japan before, though?

No. 35319

File: 1461502953421.jpeg (105.79 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

How can she fit in d.i.a clothes?

No. 35320

wtf is going on at the top of her head? it looks like literal shit

No. 35321

I wonder that too. She must be even more tiny than the red haired midget.

No. 35322

Those aren't even d.i.a clothes.
You can see that animal print top + shorts are random plus size offbrand. As for the belt, anyone can grab a d.i.a belt and modify it to fit her huge ass, since it's not that much of a deal to add some chains to make it longer. Anyways, that shit doesn't even look legit d.i.a to me

No. 35323

It wasn't about this photo probably. But she bought tons of dia before leaving for japan. Does someone know if she'll stay or just be there on a holiday?

No. 35324


She can't fit in d.i.a. she squeezes into it. You can see in that pic that she's stretching that outfit to the max

No. 35325

I don't even mind ppl being fat, but they should dress size appropriate

No. 35326

I made a new site for posting secrets to because msy always has an excuse for why she is late

I will be posting twice a week. If you submit today I will make a secrets post today also.


No. 35327

File: 1461596429009.png (234.47 KB, 1080x959, 20160425_165924.png)

What did she expect? A black fatty walking down Japanese streets won't get noticed?

No. 35328

what midget?
chii ageha?

No. 35329

No, daniela guitarez or sth

Chii isn't a midget, chii is a neanderthaler

No. 35330


No. 35331

Don't use emoticons

No. 35332


No. 35333

Because you don't use emoticons on neither lolcow nor 4chan.

They're sometimes seen on lolcow, but just in sarcastic ways. Like this guy :)

No. 35334

Is Suiswan/Suiprincess relevant anymore? I'm kind of creeped out by her obsession with Melanie Martinez.

No. 35335

She last year announced that she's not a gyaru anymore.

First she was obsessed with lolita, then gyaru, then swankiss and now melani martinez (who is that?)

No. 35336

No. Leave her alone. She is not Gyaru anymore

No. 35337

That's what I said.

No. 35338

File: 1461821258729.png (3.53 MB, 1169x981, egg0608_003.png)

I posted the secrets early since I'm not sure I will be available to post them tonight


No. 35339

Even as a man that thing is uggo as fuck.

No. 35340

>male here xd

No. 35341

No. 35342

Did Barbie left Black Diamond?

No. 35343

File: 1462622272295.jpeg (111.97 KB, 640x628, image.jpeg)

No. 35344

Op is a samefag, salty and probably ugly

No. 35345

Dania is so gross. Does she have a job?
Isn't she like 35?

No. 35346

Dania is not even gyaru. She tags her shit as gyaru for likes but don't claim to be because she is actual shit and can't do the style properly lmao fucking blue eyeshadow w/ red hair and those shorts @ 32 years old

No. 35347

I always assumed she had rich parents. She doesn't seem to have any ambitions.

I feel rude af asking this, but how tall is she? Does she have a disorder of some kind? She's looks child sized in pictures and has a weird face.

No. 35348

File: 1462651112858.png (315.04 KB, 600x600, image.png)


No. 35349

once again; deliver or fuck off you salty cunt

No. 35350

Awww <3 how cute you are

No. 35351


No. 35352

She said she was under 5ft on an ask once but didn't specify.

Somewhere on her IG she wrote something about being almost 30, but not quite. So she must be about 28 or so.

But something about her face really does age her up unfortunately.

No. 35353

File: 1462656932980.jpg (413.43 KB, 2048x1361, 10533898_10103546147413976_621…)

Dania looks like she's around 4ft tall. She's wearing platforms here and all of the Japanese girls are slouching or bending their knees.

No. 35354

Hi jojo
How are your japanese grandparents doing lmao

No. 35355

She's not even wearing anything close to their style or OTT level, wtf.
I'm sure she sees herself as ott rokku gal, but it just looks like she's some casual emo kid that's wondered into the middle of their photo

No. 35356

>>35352 wrong, I know her irl. she said she was in her 30s

No. 35357

I don't get all the hate over Dania

No. 35358


If you ever talked to her for more than one hour, you will understand. For one, she talks down on those who sleep with hosts while she is one of the WORST when it comes to that. She literally goes to Japan to chase after hosts , and if she thinks they've slept with other people she goes off her rocker.

She is absolutely OBSESSED with Sere, because she thinks Sere "stole" Shiena from her so when she herself is not in Japan she will bother her friends who are about information about Sere.

She's just too old (32 by now) to be acting like this but she doesn't stop. Sad, but entertaining.

No. 35359

This is all true but she is 33, turning 34 this year.

No. 35360

even worse

No. 35361

Wasn't she in love with a host?

No. 35362

She's not gyaru for one so idk why she is in this thread, but she is a batshit insane old vk fangirl who tries to sleep with young guys. Read her twitter if she will let you follow her and you will know why people hate her

No. 35363

What's her Twitter ???

No. 35364

It's private (as >>35362 mentioned) but here's a link for you: https://twitter.com/mortuaries

No. 35365

her insta is @cadavers
basically just full of weeb shit

No. 35366

I really really like the new secrets page. It gives me second hand embarrassment and entertainment twice a week

No. 35367

The word for 'ita' for Gyaru is 'pa-gyaru' it means half-assed

No. 35368

File: 1463070494086.jpeg (966.24 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

gaijin wearing gyaru is the stupidest shit. it's white girls emulating Asian girls who are emulating trashy, western club girls from the mid-2000s. amazing. just skip the weeb step and dress like trailer trash stuck in 2006 on your own.

No. 35369

Gyaru has developed many shades not only 'trashy club girl' it has specific rules, makeup and hair wise. Most gyaru do droopy eyes, it's the most common with the style, but I've never seen it on a 'western' girl

No. 35370

yeah, and the trashy club girl aesthetic has many shades too. gyaru on westerners is dumb, and there's no point in giving a bad fashion a pass just because it's because it's done on purpose with a set of rules that are just culturally out of context in the west

No. 35371

because non asian girls dont need droopy eyes effect. i believe asian girls do it to make their eyes bigger. non asian girls already have "big eyes".

No. 35372

File: 1463083157293.jpeg (98.2 KB, 1024x683, image.jpeg)


No. 35373

File: 1463083324103.png (178.49 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I'm jealous too

No. 35374

Stereotype much?
To educate you a little:
>just because a persob is 'white' or well 'non asian' they won't automatically have a small nose and wide big baby eyes.
>not all non asian or whit people are blonde and have blue eyes

Now go back and put your stereotypes out of the Internet

No. 35375

What was the main topic?

No. 35376

are you actually retarded? not all gyaru look like that. also paris hilton isn't a good example of gyaru on westerners. gyaru that wear datura and rady don't look like that and it suits both western and japanese gyaru.

No. 35377

Secrect about chii and her ugly make up

No. 35378

The only thing she said was that western girls have big eyes with ""'S

Did she hit a weak spot?

No. 35379

Tried to report chii because of using a fake name. Facebook doesn't think it is

No. 35380

Ok, not a defender cuz she looks like trash, but reporting someones FB for such low reason is not cool

No. 35381

who is the neanderthal and are there any non-gyaru pics of her to kek at?

No. 35382

That's chi chi

And tbh if I look at her older photos on fb, her makeup and style got worse year by year

No. 35383

Chii chii* spelled it wrong! ;)

No. 35384

File: 1463787509337.jpeg (143.54 KB, 750x932, image.jpeg)

How is this #gyaru???

No. 35385

Asking back how this is NIT gyaru?

No. 35386

No. 35387

she has straight hair and bad makup

No. 35388

Because gyaru wake up with a sujimori everyday or what?

No. 35389

some gyaru have straight hair though…

No. 35390

implying gyaru are good at make up

No. 35391


just having gyaru inspired makeup does not make you look gyaru. You need contour, hair done, outfit done. She looks like she is wearing a super normal fag outfit, shitty hair, no contour, and pale af (you don't have to be super dark tan wise but this pale looks retarded )

No. 35392

whether or not you like the style, this is objectively "good" gyaru makeup.

No. 35393

So racist! some people are pale. this girl has red pigment and it's difficult for her to get a tan

No. 35394

You can't be racist against white people tho

No. 35395

it's not hard to buy a bottle of fake tan or some tanning wipes

No. 35396

File: 1463845485330.jpeg (158.54 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

You don't need a tan to be Gyaru

No. 35397

Hot mess

No. 35398

Is that man a dwarf?

No. 35399

No they are two of the most popular and good gaijin gyarus

No. 35400

good? they look awful
like they been wearing that stuff for five days straight

No. 35401

self post???? hahahahaha omg
>most popular and good gaijin gyaru
hahahahaha sitting here laughing my ass off, chi is a hot mess; I've never seen 'her' with even a slightly good makeup and let's never talk about that rat fur she'S calling hair.

To the other girl, she looks decent (shoes don't match the dress/style at all), but I've never heard of her or seen her before?? so what's her name? who is she?

No. 35402


it's Zoe

No. 35403

oh the one with that one great mars coord? she massivly improved then unlike chi kek

No. 35404

You don't need your hair done to look gyaru. Some chicks keep their hair straight. Also name 3 koakuma ageha models that are tan.

No. 35405


you neither need to be tan, nor has your contour has to be VISIBLE, look up agejo or hime gyaru if you don'T know shit. Also, no gyaru gets her hair done everyday, do you really think that a single gyaru mom or a middle schooler could afford that or has the time/motivation for it?

No. 35406

Most gaijin gyaru are so shitty style-wise and have their head far up their asses.

No. 35407

File: 1464444442694.jpeg (150.52 KB, 750x861, image.jpeg)

I hate people who tag their photos as #gyaru when they are not. This is NOT Gyaru!!

No. 35408

File: 1464444502550.jpeg (105.73 KB, 750x675, image.jpeg)

And this is not #gyaru or #himegyaru

No. 35409

File: 1464444576322.jpeg (143.5 KB, 750x684, image.jpeg)

I don't see any #gyaru or #himegyaru in this! Gtfo from the tags!

No. 35410


Hair done does not mean big poofy "generic early 2000s" gyaru hair. It means that their hair is usually lighter than black/dyed a lighter shade like at least brown. Your contour being visible does not mean stripey like ganguro, I mean use enough so you actually contour not just white pasty foundation all over your face. I've very rarely seen gyaru without some color in their face, most of the time they don't look as pasty as that girl does even if they are "white". I was into gyaru for 2 years and followed agejo

No. 35411

That's a filter though

No. 35412

File: 1464467667458.gif (Spoiler Image,11.64 KB, 200x200, 1461230715886.gif)

No. 35413

>>35410 Ok and how many gaijin gyaru have naturally black hair when most of the girls doing it are white girls from Europe with light hair naturally?
I didn't say anything about contour, because I agree.
However for skin colour, they are really pale if they are doing ganjiro, that's the point. Japanese chicks doing agejo are also pale as fuck nowadays not like before.

No. 35414

File: 1464512726341.jpeg (82.11 KB, 640x741, image.jpeg)


No. 35415

She is pretty

No. 35416

She is becoming ugly

No. 35417

she loves to shittalk about other gaijin gyaru. And thinks she is better

No. 35418

No she don't do that

No. 35419

Of course
At every gaijin meet ;)

No. 35420

What gals did she talk shit about?! Tell us ;)

No. 35421

Like about the chinese girl or chii

No. 35422

I usually like her styles, but this hairstyle looks nasty af

No. 35423

Her style is 2008 gyaru

No. 35424

Has nothing to do with my comment?

Tbh who doesn't?

No. 35425

Chii and Jojo is friends! Stfu!

No. 35426

Doesn't mean she talks bad about him

No. 35427

>is friends
Hi chii, are you sad to have no friends?

No. 35428

No. 35429

No. 35430

No. 35431

who is the best gaijin gyaru?

No. 35432

Probably ashley and shiena, still

No. 35433

any new ones?

No. 35434

hey girls, what do you think about rady? their designs were always on the tacky side with some cute stuff inbetween and overpriced, but when i checked radys site after a while today… WTF!? the stupidest and cheapest t-shirt prints ever, everything looks like 5$ walmart shirt but the prices are still as high as ever!
how can shizuka use her face for that????? id be ashamed…. at least emilia wiz and michell macaron look somewhat classy and cute….

No. 35435

has been looking like shit since it got popular in the last couple of years. Stick with datura

No. 35436

Rady, Datura and Wiz all look the same tbh

No. 35437

Rady may be getting tacky/running out of ideas lately but EW's stuff infuriates me more - as well as mostly copying Rady, her bags copy Prada and Hermes (which are also copied by Luelu), her jewellery copies Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra earrings especially, I remember she had a hand mirror novelty or something which was slammed for looking like a Jill Stuart hand mirror possibly?? I don't mind so much her copying Rady, but to replicate the high brands is really annoying.

Rady, EW, MichellMacaron, Datura, DelyleNoir all just feed off each other. Datura is probably the most original out of all of them though.

No. 35438

Also, that wiz girl looks scary af

No. 35439


Yeaah aizawa Emily is like 164cm and 37kg. Idk how she can be alive??

No. 35440


Yeah, they all used to look the same, but have you checked Rady recently? Fugliest and most unoriginal shit ever. They have changed a lot for the negative

No. 35441

But Japanese girls still but the shit. Unbelievable…. I wouldn't pay a cent for this.

No. 35442

What bothers me the most is that even MA*RS is copying Rady…

No. 35443

Wtf is happening in the uk comm lately lol. This is why we will never be a real comm like Germany, Netherlands etc

No. 35444

Well what IS happening? I haven't heard of any drama recently

No. 35445

File: 1465815476501.jpeg (130.65 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

Idk theres no gaijin vk thread but this girls face is beat for a 20 something year old

No. 35446

That's a girl?

No. 35447

>20 something
God. I almost don't believe she's really in her 20's. I know this place tends to be really critical of people's aging, but this girl is ACTUALLY aging terribly. yikes

No. 35448

She's 24 (turning 25 this year) as far as I remember

No. 35449

so then make one you dumbfuck. this thread is for gyaru

No. 35450

File: 1465889907253.jpg (27.66 KB, 374x375, laurenn.jpg)

Not that poster but I can give you a basic rundown:

>UK comm used to have a tight-knit core of great gals like Chewiee, Lizzie, Emi etc

>half the comm leaves gal or moves to Japan within the space of a year
>those girls were mostly the ones organising the meets so comm goes dead
>enter this bitch Laurenn, pic related
>has past drama with comm mods where she accused them of bullying and excluding her because they didn't invite her to their private hangouts as friends
>starts organising cringey lolita-esque meets with raffles and gift bags and shit
>it's a bit cringe and she looks like deep fried dogshit but hey at least someone's organising meets
>tries to ban Chewiee from her meets for posting Katie Carter on here because she still has a huge grudge against Chewiee for the 'bullying' incident
>makes a Facebook valentines page, bans people from posting Kohaku because she's friends with Kohaku's ex
>real valentines mods show up and make their own page, Laurenn has a screaming shitfit about what mean bitches the come are
>continues to organise shitty meets sleeping over at her mum's flat with her 13 cats (I shit you not, 13 cats) while complaining about how horrid the gal comm is
>lowkey threatens and sulks about anyone else who organises a UK meet without 'consulting her'
>makes a gofundme to get her out of debt and support her 'art' (it's dogshit)
>makes a gofundme to take her friend to Hyper Japan when said friend can't even afford food and wants some genuine support not weeb nonsense
>tries to organise an 'international' meet with no details and then cancels it out of the blue with no explanation given
>later explanation is, you guessed it, because the comm are mean bitches
>whines about how Kitai is bullying her because she points out how unprofessional it is to say you're organising an international meet and cancel when people might have booked travel

Basically this bitch is the most bizarre lolcow I've ever seen in the UK gal comm, I'm sure the lolitas have stories about her too because she used to be loli. She's apparently ragequit the comm now but she always does that and then comes back. I wish she'd just fuck off

No. 35451

File: 1465890006886.png (454.55 KB, 800x533, art.png)

ah yes and here's the beautiful artwork we should apparently be funding for her

No. 35452

Not defending Lauren about all the other accusations but Chewie is a loathesome little shit. She bitches about everyone in the comm and hides behind lizzie, who is actually nice

No. 35453


No. 35454


Don't forget the part where she bragged about all the shit she bought at comicom despite this 'debt' and the money she was given from people

No. 35455

Did she actually? That's so gross. She's just such an appalling human being in general.

No. 35456


After she got caught out posting on lolcow she posted something on her Facebook along the lines of

>> I never said I was a nice person

No. 35457

That was Chewie, we're talking about Lauren, keep up love

No. 35458


Chill out, Chews

No. 35459

Christ, you're transparent. I get that you want to talk about Chewie but there's not gonna be any new milk from her now that she's left the comm and the internet in general, so that's why we're not talking about her. Either provide some milk or stop derailing genuine lolcow discussion.

No. 35460

She's not even gal. lol that's a really fucking bad attempt at dressing gal nice try bitch. I hate girls that act like they can walk in established comms and fuck everything up. Disgusting.

She probably left because she got caught though. lol now gals know not to trust her anymore I guess

No. 35461

File: 1465925945953.jpg (52.07 KB, 720x960, 10402898_992393210854823_25333…)

Nah she'd been generally not active or into gal for a long time before that happened, I think she just got sick of gal/was bored because so many of her friends left and that was probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

And yeah Lauren's been in the comm for several years now, at least 3 I think, and she still looks like complete shit. I don't know where she got this idea that she's qualified to waltz in, throw drama everywhere, and declare herself queen of the comm.

No. 35462

Ugly af

No. 35463

Who made the secrets on the old secret page?

No. 35464

No. 35465

Who's sion?

No. 35466

Sion and Heather are friends so that's bullshit. It'll be some ugly greasy random whose self-esteem is too low to participate in the comm. Notice how most of the girls featured this week regularly receive public praise and valentines? It's jealousy, 100%.

No. 35467

File: 1467724703192.jpeg (295.66 KB, 1080x1350, image.jpeg)

Can we talk about this cow who talks shit about everyone ?

No. 35468

overshops her pictures, betrays her friends, hunts glorious nihon dick, complains about being too ugly and fat and needing surgery while fatshaming other girls.. feli we all know you're a very active one on lolcow and you love to spread lies about girls you dont even know

No. 35469

She recently stole stuff from a Japanese girl who stayed at her place, felli is gross.

No. 35470

She's a huge attentionwhore! I heard she was sending nudes to complete strangers on Gyaruru and was happy to get dickpics! Ugh, gross!

No. 35471

That's what I call desperate lol.

No. 35472

Salty much? Do you know her in person or why are you so desperate?

No. 35473

She's a weeb who hunts glorious nihonjin dick www

No. 35474

Yeah I know her in person, so what ?

No. 35475

salty? the one whos desperate is feli not me
just look at her twitter before you call someone desperate lol
her manface shows through when you meet her irl

No. 35476

Feli's an idiot but this:
is completely transparent. Nobody cares if Feli hurt your fee-fees, post some real milk or fuck off because we're not your personal army.

No. 35477

Anon, seriously, its embarrassing

No. 35478

Wait so stealing clothes out of the suitcase of a Japanese girl who came to visit her from Japan is okay ? mobbing the shit out of her so that the girl had to flee to a hotel is normal ? And no these are not my fee-fees lol

No. 35479

hey feli :*
you're embarassing yourself babe

No. 35480



Wow feli, you sure are embarassing

No. 35481

File: 1467769691093.jpg (40.41 KB, 742x444, image.jpg)

Fat horny weeb with dirty make up

No. 35482

Felikimoiko fits better then felikawaiiko, lol. My cats ass is cuter then her fugly face.

No. 35483

File: 1467778522034.png (381.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-06-06-00-20…)

Girls, you're all taking this way too far, so let me explain the situation a bit (btw >>151206 isn't me, despite from owning one of these too)

>sending nudes on gyaruru is pretty much impossible because you can't send photos there.

Juri wanted to meet me so badly so I asked my parents if it was ok if she was to stay at our place for a week, since we already had many guests before. She arrived last Friday and we picked her up at the airport.
Everything was alright, we went shopping at a local mall etc
Ok Saturday we where watching soccer together in the evening and she didn't leave the house for one day.
On Su day we deided to go out in the evening to go drinking amd meet a friend of hers who's currently living in Bremen. Since we were all a little exhausted we wanted to stay at a hotel for a night, instead of going to a party location. When I told my parents they totally freaked out and demanded me to come home. So we three drived to my home and she decided that it was the best to leave that same night, because she felt uncomfortable about how my parents treated me. She packed ALL her things into her luggage and I double checked every room so that she doesn't forget anything by accident.

Since she had no battery left on her phone I wasn't able to contact her on Monday so I wemt to the hotel which we searched for yesterday night, where the reception said that she wasn't there. I've been super worried and went to the other hotel with the same name, where the reptionist told me the same.

In the evening sje was able to contact me and writed me following messages.

To add she already went nuts several times before, calling me names, ignoring me, etc but I still trusted her.

Also, I pretty much know who you are girl. But not sure how you know me in person? I don't think we've ever met so far.

No. 35484

File: 1467778567804.png (408.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-06-06-00-40…)

No. 35485

File: 1467780798782.jpg (187.46 KB, 1024x1382, image.jpg)

You can pretend, believe your own lies and play the victim all you want, but we know you're sending your dirty nudes around the net to hunt japanese dick kekeke

No. 35486

What have I ever done to YOU that YOU have to start this which hunt against me?

I just hope that Juri will treat you the same some day as she's doing with me now. I'm out of this discussion and I don't care for whatever things you're trying to brong up here, since I've the evidence of them being all false.

Not sure how you'd feel in a situation like this when someone who acted like a friend to you suddenly turns around 180degree to build up her personal army against you. Sending you messages in which she not only calls you ugly, but also accuses your family of stealing and related stuff.

You're a monster and I don't even know you in person. So stop with this shit and better come up to me on LINE or FB and telling me personally what I've ever done to YOU what is making you so salty

No. 35487

File: 1467789624875.jpeg (194.51 KB, 748x1331, image.jpeg)

Bitch finally got her dick.(Obvious vendetta is obvious; not your personal army)

No. 35488

Wow you are all massive assholes. I wander in after work to see all this shit.

No. 35489

Lmao this thread just got very milky. So many cows getting milked kek. Sounds like a vendetta-chan tbh. Posting nudes of someone is taking things too far imo. Especially considering that she hasn't made them public like others do (sere&,barbie)

No. 35490

Get a life

No. 35491

File: 1467793020539.jpeg (217.29 KB, 748x1331, image.jpeg)


Well here you can see how she treats her friend :)

No. 35492

File: 1467793348949.jpeg (191.12 KB, 747x1328, image.jpeg)

No. 35493

For being so innocent, she hit really fast the reply button on here

No. 35494

Uploading them in gyaruru and sending them to nihonjin in order to get chinchin pics isn't public enough for you ? Lmao

No. 35495

Translate please. I'm too lazy

No. 35496

You can't send photos on gyaruru.

No. 35497

You can upload an album there honey. Also you can exchange line id's, you fucking dumbshit

No. 35498

That's some hot hot tea on secrets right now about Chris and Zoe. What do we think?
Basic summary of what's being said:
>chris got kicked out of the dutch circle ReGal
>some people are saying it's because she's a drama queen/general pain in the ass
>some people are saying Zoe's picking on her and the rest of the circle sided with Zoe to get her out
>Zoe was the only member who liked and shared the graduation post
>Accusations of threats, false rape claims, and secrets abound

No. 35499

No. 35500

can you not even find gyaru fucking secrets yourself? what are you doing in this thread?

No. 35501

GOOD. Chris is a sociopath.

No. 35502

>some people are saying it's because she's a drama queen/general pain in the ass

it's this one, the whole thing about Zoe making us get rid of Chris is bullshit. not sure if it's Chris herself saying that (because she does tend to throw around victim cards) or one of her friends from that comment section

No. 35503

they're all just dressed like a bunch of cheap prostitutes.

No. 35504

Do you even know what gyaru is? LOL

No. 35505

File: 1470117063132.jpeg (157.47 KB, 750x842, image.jpeg)

himenaannie is on gyaruru I feel sorry for her boyfriend

No. 35506


Funny how everyone bitching about someone having a gyaruru account has a gyaruru account themselves. Who cares? Gyaruru isn't for just hookups or whatever. Some people are actually there to make…FRIENDS. What a concept!

No. 35507

You didn't got the point! himenaannie is not single I'm single so I can be on gyaruru, she can't because it's rude to her boyfriend

No. 35508

Making friends is rude to your boyfriend. Wow this is deep.

Also, if you've once made an account there you can't delete it anymore if eg your mobile phone crashes or something like that, so it'll be up there for well forever I guess?

No. 35509

How is using gyaruru disrespectful to her boyfriend? That shit isn't Tinder, you idiot. Gyaruru is not a hook-up app. I use gyaruru to make friends, to be honest, not to message crusty hosts. Obviously you think it's disrespectful because you're the one doing that shit. Also, it doesn't look possible to delete your account there or they don't make it easy so it's basically stuck there. Stop trying to start shit.

No. 35510

However she also has pics of her bf on this? This doesn't look the the profile of someone looking to hook up.

No. 35511

File: 1470204914808.jpeg (248.98 KB, 749x1029, image.jpeg)

no she only have this picture and I know she have a boyfriend

No. 35512

Vendettachan, just stop.

No. 35513

Seriously, I can smell the vendetta from a mile away.

No. 35514

Fat cow

No. 35515

Wow her outfit co-ordination is terrible.

No. 35516

That's not fat

No. 35517

I think the coord is fine. I have seen worst!

No. 35518

She is but hide it well

No. 35519

How can she hide it? How do you know?

No. 35520

How to hide fatness I need to know? ;)

No. 35521

I smell vendetta

No. 35522

wear clothing that flares out from the under bust. Hides the stomach and thighs. wear a cardigan to hide the upper arm fat. easy

No. 35523

What happend Ari?

No. 35524

Left Japan, cuz couldn't get a long term visa (not enough money?, also got kicked out of BD after they realised that not only her boobs are fat. Now she's trying to fit the ulzzang standard and does sth between literal white and yellow facing

No. 35525

I miss her

No. 35526

I'm not getting smart out of this Chii Gyaru.Is this person a guy or a girl?

No. 35527

A trans girl. So she was born in a man's body, which is pretty obvious in her full body shots. Nontheless except from being pretty naiv and a little stupid, she's pretty nice and cheerful.

No. 35528

It's an ugly guy

No. 35529

You dont buy visas lol. Idiot.

No. 35530

I never said that? But you need quiet a decent amount of money on your bank account for eg the working holiday visa, to proof that you can take care of yourself for that year. Or if you want to apply to a language school to get a visa, you'd also need a hell bunch of money?

No. 35531

Yeah, she's MtF. We work on a project together so we talk a little bit, I haven't met her in person but she seems really sweet and kind, though maybe a bit dumb. But there are clearly some transphobic dutch people who shit on her on the secrets. My money's on Zoe, personally.

No. 35532


why are you assuming it's the dutch gals talking shit about chii? as far as i've seen she's good friends with them

No. 35533

Well, not the same anon, but who else but her 'friends' should shittalk about her. Like, no one else knows her so well or would be pissed off by her

No. 35534


can understand where you're going at, but why not mention the german gals then? since chii herself is german and mostly hangs with her circle

No. 35535

Because the Dutch gals are a bunch of bitchy two-faced drama magnets. The German gals don't seem to have much drama.

No. 35536

Tell us more about it? I haven't seen any drama except the one with Chris?

No. 35537

Did you miss all the stuff with Hyper? Have a look through rebeccablacktech, 'rox' or 'hyper' should get you a decent number of relevant results. Real poisonous bitches and that seems to be where a lot of the chris/zoe/regal stuff actuall started.

No. 35538

Jojo is dutch

No. 35539

not sure if stupid but I can't find much on that website, so you tell me what they did

No. 35540

I hate jojo
She is fake

No. 35541

What's Jojo's real first name?Please don't tell me it's Jojo for real

No. 35542

Hyper are party poopers on their own meetups. There was one last year, a Dutch meetup for christ sake and you weren't even allowed to smoke a joint. Booze was overpriced too

No. 35543

I really miss those times when people like Pin, Viivi and Zhizhi(?) were still gyaru. Most people are so lowkey nowadays

No. 35544

Wasn't it johanna?

No. 35545

I loved pin so adorable and a great gyaru. What happened to him did he fully transition yet? I hope he's okay!

No. 35546

He just changed style. I saw his tumblr for some weeks ago. He is so cute! Miss his Gyaru looks tho!

No. 35547


It's Jocelyn

No. 35548

Your vendetta against her is getting so old. Let it go.

No. 35549

So is jocelyn together with that girl or not

No. 35550

What girl? Together in what way?

No. 35551

File: 1473353879794.png (554.89 KB, 426x559, zhizhigyaru.png)


Zhizhi was such a cute gyaru! She totally changed her whole life, style included, after her little bro died. She seems to be happy again, I'm glad.

Picture is of her gyaru days

No. 35552

File: 1473353977700.png (545.47 KB, 473x594, zhizhisilja.png)


And here is Zhizhi aka Silja these days.
Her instagram is siljasofiaselena

No. 35553


Pin/Eemil's instagram is @chapterrxiv
Seems to be doing good

No. 35554

File: 1473358089362.jpeg (541.17 KB, 1259x1157, image.jpeg)

A shame she's so ridiculously basic now, she used to be one of my favourites. Now she's indistinguishable from every other 20-something identi-kit insta girl.

No. 35555

Wow. Did she ever explain why she changed her fashion after he died?

No. 35556

I think it was the traumatic experience caused by his sudden death that made her abandon the style. I remember at first after the accident she was dressing down and wasn't wearing makeup, then she just never went back to gyaru. Maybe she felt that it was an end of an era and wanted a sort of new beginning… Who knows.

No. 35557

Rip Gyaru secrets

No. 35558

File: 1473362411443.jpeg (119.22 KB, 720x540, image.jpeg)

Rip gyaru secrets

No. 35559

She looks cute with both styles!

No. 35560

RIP half the people on that photo.

No. 35561

Let the dead rest
Ai is gone, no need to bring him up anymore

No. 35562

Is this pic recent?

No. 35563

Are you a retard? It's from around 2010

No. 35564

Pretty fuckin sick to post this since the guy is dead.

No. 35565

Who is he\ what happened to him?

No. 35566

He was shiena's. Bf at the time but they were on and off. He fell off a roof and died

No. 35567

Why exactly is it sick? Think he'll be offended?

No. 35568

Nice bait troll

No. 35569


like fell fell, or jumped?

No. 35570

He was drunk and fell off the roof top

No. 35571

Chii looks like that hiroro guy

No. 35572

Omg you're right! And I always thought she reminds me of someone

No. 35573

Gyaru is dead. Plz delete this thread

No. 35574

which post is about you?

No. 35575

I don't wanna talk a lot of shit about this girl because she seems nice,unless you proof me wrong,but it is beyond my mind why Blogger Lizzie Bee calls herself Gyaru. Her outfits are alright but her makeup isn't anything worth mentioning. 9 out of 10 times it's regular eyemakeup. She gets a lot of praise but it's mainly from her friends,so I don't think she ever got true criticism, and if she ever would she and her friends would probably call it a hater.I've been reading her blog for almost half a year now and hoped for something exciting. I don't see what's all gyaru about her blog except that she's using the word all the time.

No. 35576

She used to be very into agejo and heavy make, but got allergies which caused her to drop the circle lenses and heavy makeup. I'd say she's at best himekaji now. But she knows a lot about gyaru and is a very sweet girl.

No. 35577

whats her tumblr?

No. 35578


So true! I've always wondered what's the deal with her. She looks basic AF to me, not gyaru at all

No. 35579


At least seems to step away from drama which is something most Gyaru's can't say.She started her bog ages ago though and doesn't have a lot of readers.

I dunno her tumblr but her blog is Mysticthorn

No. 35580

I gotta puke every time I see Lea and Emi. They're just so gross.

No. 35581

I kinda wonder what they're up to rn? Like who pays for their living expenses and are they working? Student visa? Hookers?

No. 35582

They are hoes

No. 35583

the wordpress site is back

I wonder why they left for so long

No. 35584

Dania is not a virgin. She has had sex with one guy in Japan then she bragged about how he cheated on his girlfriend with her (she also sent some prrof videos to her friends). She's like 33/34. She lives with her parents. They aren't rich at all. She has some minimum wage type job. She's somewhere between 4'7 and 4'9.

No. 35585

Also doesn't understand the definition of gyaru seeing as how she is in no way close to being gyaru. Just uses the hashtag to gain attention.

Also can't make friends naturallu so she stalks girls over the internet (mainly Asians).

Ex hottopic dweeb that got obsessed with kpop, visual kei, and now gyaru and hosts so obviously had some identity issues.

No. 35586

File: 1479598516015.png (180.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 35587


Except most of these people can't read Japanese so it'll go right over their heads XD

Basically, the whole thing is Sakurina saying that she never planned 'to be gyaru' she planned 'to be a princess'. When she was little, she thought Kyabajou's were princesses and separately admired long blonde hair and pale skin because she thought it was princessy.

She says she doesn't like it when people ask her when she's going to quit gyaru because she doesn't plan to. She says she finds 'thin normal' make-up harder to do than gyaru make-up and that if one day she finds black hair and no fake lashes on herself cute, then she'll change up her style - shouting out to Satomi Ishihara.

She wishes for the return of agejos in Shibuya too, calling them 'princesses'.

She then ended it saying that she only lives once, but in her next life, she'd want to be a good looking guy

No. 35588

File: 1480499494259.jpeg (90.49 KB, 369x610, image.jpeg)

No. 35589

Is jojo still making up lies about people she dislikes?

No. 35590


No. 35591


i think she or someone edited it out? her belly is all blurry when you look closely.

No. 35592

LOL so Chii dude is forced to use her real name on Facebook now.
Why does he always look like he stinks?

No. 35593

what's his real name?

No. 35594

I don't think she's happy with that…. poor girl -.-

No. 35595


It's Maximilian Hoeveler. How come he's so thin btw?How can those legs carry.

No. 35596

What lies what lies ? What did I miss ? Fill me in ? llollll

No. 35597

I'm pretty sure one of you sick people reported her. Wtf is wrong with you guys? Why do you care so much if people are using their legal name or not?

No. 35598


No. 35599

Leave her alone!

No. 35600

love his new photos

No. 35601

As if you guys really care about rules. You just want to bring people down because they are more well known than your basic ass.

No. 35602

U must be friend of him

No. 35603

Not in particular. Just think people here are a little obnoxious when they try to interfere with things that affect peoples lives in any way. I always found it pretty annoying when other people are mentioned by their legal names here instead of the name people know them by just because the anons want to feel better about themselves by using a common name they are not famous for. It's hard enough keeping track of everyone's names as is without using names they don't even use.

No. 35604

Is there any milk on Sui Swan? Many of her outfits and her hair aren't everyone's cup of tea but i really like most of her co-ords to be honest. I am a little late to her blog, it is gone unfortunately. She seems like a sweet person and I hope I'm not wrong.

No. 35605

She openly graduated from being a gal at the 2015 international gyaru winter meet up. She's isn't relevant anymore

No. 35606

File: 1481491787672.jpeg (131.25 KB, 640x891, image.jpeg)

Peerleeze compliment me guyssss I am so insecure > Incomes mass of comments telling her how perfect she is feeding that ego .
There are people with 27 followers on ig . People who get 4 likes . There are people in the world dying JoJo . Like can you not ???

No. 35607

U people need to shut up about Emi & Lea, they're both working a legit job and they earn their money legaly. You are all just jealous.

No. 35608


Nah but she looks like a drag queen now lol and is leeching on Melaine Martinez like fuck

No. 35609

She is always like that
Fishing for compliments

No. 35610

Aaand they are ugly and fat
Oh i've forgot dumb

No. 35611

shes a spoiled brat and she looks really bad with this wig on!

No. 35612

>>35611 >>212171
I dunno what it is but I feel some thing not quite right about her like she is may be not a nice person. Most of the time I have really good intuition judging some ones character, but I have no evidence of any thing she's done bad to feel this way about her [besides fish for compliments lol]

No. 35613

you are right. she Acts all nice..but she likes to gossip behind her friends back. also creats lies about People she doesn't like.

No. 35614

have you met her in real life? she is so awkward and fake it's super cringe! she is a bad person and loves the gossip!

No. 35615


O really? Well I;m glad I was not wrong for feeling a dislike towards her. . . Do you know who she gossiped about or any evidence [or is it just common knowledge lol]?

No. 35616

I don't know Jojo personally and am not friends with her on any social media account, nor do I follow her, but she always striked me as a Know-it-all and arrogant person.

No. 35617

Isn't it funny how there are always anons talking shit about Dutch gals on any available platform? Really glad I'm not part of that group, there are clearly some really petty jealous bitches in it. Probably one of those really basic girls who hang around at the edges of Regal's photos.

I do sideeye jojo pretty hard though, she seems completely obsessed with insta fame and asspats.

No. 35618

Jojo is already arrogant as heck, wait for it until she's back in Tokyo for how long, a full year or 2? Not looking forward to that. I hope I won't run into her, and I don't think she even knows me. What was she doing in Fukuoka 2 years ago or so?

No. 35619

Tbh I liked jojo to that point until she got that sudden 'insta fame' because that's when she became boring, really boring. No 9/10 posts are just her catching for compliments and crying about how ugly she thinks she looks while she's NOT a person who should cry about looks at least not in public.

No. 35620

since 2010

No. 35621

I will not lie, she is very average looking to me. Nothing is very striking or memorable about her look, it's just ok= skinny, ok clothes, ok face but how self absorbed she is make me think she is a very unattractive person. Alot of girls feel self conscious about how they look but they do not post it online unless they want compliments, surely your ego can't be that bad Jojo. I see worse looking girls never post this along side a photo of themself bcuz that is asking for pity which is pathetic. Also not very good at gyaru- no personality, no style, all just labels. Haaaa I sound so mean I wil stop now omg

No. 35622

I like those scammer prices she's selling her used 'brand' for. She's literally selling it for as much she's bought them for and higher

No. 35623


she's pissing me off in the Gal sales groups on FB. She keeps posting her album over and over again, when she reduced prices and added 1 or 2 new items. The sales pages are her album mostly, why can't she delete or bump old posts? Just because of 2 new items, or items that are reduced 3 euros, you make an entire new post. No wonder no one wants to buy your shit Jojo, you're spamming! The Admins don't give a damn unfortunately.

No. 35624

Selling for higher cuz we are all so desperate to have any piece of fabric that has been blessed by jojo-samas skin….. I hope she doesnt wash it before sending it….. I want to be able to sniff her body scent I paid several euros above the brand new price for LOL

No. 35625

Don't buy her stuff if you don't like the price - end of it!

I don't get all the hate about jojo. Everyone is just jealous of her! She is the best and pretties gaijin Gyaru. And her face are so cute and asian like, better than yours - horse face :–)

No. 35626


Hello Jojo, hows your imaginary asian ancestors doing?

No. 35627

Sounds more like chi
So whom do you call horseface you little yellowfacing neanderthaler?

No. 35628

her japanese.. or wait. she changed it afterwards.

No. 35629

Isn't she like quarter Indonesian or something?

I do think she looks beautiful, still that doesn't change anything about her scammer prices just to get to Japan where she'll most likely whore around to get along anyway as she claims to 'not have that much money' and her annoying online personality

No. 35630

File: 1481658326816.jpeg (106.21 KB, 640x839, image.jpeg)

I am thinkin it is Jojo becuz she made a insta post with in less than 30 min from this 'white knighting' meaning she was active online possibly around the same time and it is a recycled photo taken in the same outfit as a few days ago meaning she felt like she had to post up ANY THING available to get in a few compliments to soothe the hurted ego from reading the thread comments KEK and no gyaru hashtag either SUSPECT

No. 35631


No. 35632

She's rapidly starting to look old, like her nasolabial folds are showing up so much recently. I feel sorry for her. Her face has been so cute and chubby

No. 35633

you are right. such a horrible english

No. 35634

Probably not, since that's just vendetta-chan OP again. But I'm sure she loves finally having people on her side after 1000 posts in this thread.

No. 35635

Just ask people who met her at those gaijin gyaru meet ups

No. 35636

Lol, y'all obviously don't know Jojo at all

No. 35637

We all know she is fake and a mean bitch

No. 35638

Enlighten us o wise1

No. 35639

File: 1481673094969.jpeg (133.09 KB, 640x716, image.jpeg)


No. 35640

No need, I just think the obvious jealousy in some of the messages is funny. Have you even spent time with her and talked to her at all? I see a lot of people here saying they don't know her personally. If you had proof of these so called 'lies' ok, but I'm not seeing it? How can you say these things about someone who just happens to post a lot of pictures of herself on instagram when you don't know her personally?

No. 35641

Whiteknight who doesn't know her detected

No. 35642

If you can't see the logic of my message, you're the one who doesn't know shit haha

No. 35643

At least i've met her

No. 35644

Well then, tell us all about it

No. 35645

I wanted to punch her
She behaved like she was someoner better
Talked bad about other gaijin gyaru who were there too

No. 35646

Like who ? Do you remember who she talked about ? Was it about things they did or how they looked ?

No. 35647

I remember how she threw all her stuff on me and my friends as she wanted to sit where we sat.

No. 35648

I don't know her personally but friends of mine who met her say she is a nasty bitch and thinks she is the queen of the universe.

No. 35649

File: 1481681050117.gif (Spoiler Image,494.93 KB, 500x200, image.gif)

WTH who even does that?

TBF I would prefer 10x Delandras over 1 of her. At least Delandra was an upfront bitch, but she tries to act so innocent… —–cue mean girls scene—–

No. 35650

Is anyone familiar with this Yusuri girl?Does not look Gyaru to me but her face reminds me of Dania's a little. She sold a bunch of her Gal stuff last year and when I inquired her about some of it she kept going on about how much she hates Japan, at least I think that's what she was trying to tell me with them English skills of hers. Yet she keeps taking expensive trips to Nipponland with a friend. What exactly is the deal with her ?https://www.instagram.com/yusurichan/

No. 35651

Was this last Osharecon? I remember seeing her and other Dutch gyaru practically dump their bags and coats on top of a girl who was sitting at the edge of a bench, and then told her to leave so they could use the bench for a photoshoot. I've been hovering around the Dutch and Belgian Jfash scene for a while and it's like the Dutch gyaru actually enjoy having a reputation for being lowkey rude bitches. Is it part of the gyaru lifestyle or something?

No. 35652

KEK sounds like her long lost twin bitter at Dania for all her NIHON trips BUT DO NOT WORRY Dania only goes once every few years and milks the shit out of the photographs till she goes back again!!!!!

No. 35653

File: 1482508780083.png (87.05 KB, 749x673, IMG_0551.PNG)

No. 35654

No. 35655

Is't true she is in Black Diamond Genex?

No. 35656

In her fantasy maybe

No. 35657

She lives in the same city as me and I've seen her quiet some times. She has her head up her ass and thinks she's the queen of gal. Girl you can't even do your makeup right and you look like a 30 year old used whore trying to imitate a young girl. get a grip of yourself

No. 35658

High five !

No. 35659

how old is she?

No. 35660

Honestly this will always be 'the girl with the Picasso eyebrows' to me. How the ever loving fuck do you manage to do your eyebrows so badly that it looks like we're seeing them from 3 angles at once?

No. 35661

File: 1483474902112.jpg (161.24 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_0681.JPG)

Is she pregnant????

No. 35662


well if something ugly got you to netto aidoru status would you ever stop? kek

No. 35663

No. 35664

those are her hips, anon. Not her stomach. She's holding the bag over the front part of herself.

No. 35665

I have no idea who you're talking about but no? That's not her stomach bulging but her hip.

No. 35666

I checked Japanese Fashion tags on Instagram and came across this. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOyP2nqj7Fk/?taken-by=emelienevander
Is the one on the left a trans, male to female? Every time her bust is visible in pics it look like a fake hard bra and there's something odd about her face. Even Chii looks more feminine than that.

No. 35667

I think she's just wearing Japanese bras. They tend to push your breasts up and together like crazy. I also don't think she's mtf, it's just that her face doesn't go with her style of clothes at all.

No. 35668


I wanted to say that she's just an ugly girl wearing unflattering outfits but her unfiltered pictures make me unsure.

No. 35669

File: 1483554680221.png (116.91 KB, 750x835, IMG_0720.PNG)

they all want to be anorexic

No. 35670

File: 1483558970456.jpg (556.44 KB, 688x1024, 6077580972_273bb755ca_b.jpg)

Is it any wonder when this shit is in the back of every gyaru mag.

No. 35671


Well are they chubby to begin with?

No. 35672

Emma is, but not 30kg to lose chubby..

No. 35673

This is disturbing.

No. 35674

Japanese body types are different. You can't see their ribcages sticking out when they are under 40kg. My Japanese friend is the same height and weight as me and is considered chubby while I'm considered normal-skinny.

No. 35675

Very bad photoshop as well

No. 35676

not chibby FAT

No. 35677

no she's not FAT, she's chubby, with 10-15 kg she would look good, but 30 kg are over the top. you should get a healthy view on weight asshole

No. 35678

File: 1483563430907.png (60.94 KB, 750x740, IMG_0725.PNG)

This is her 2008.. she is X3 size now

No. 35679

yeah that's what you want to see. you're just a jealous unhealthy asshole who doesn't know what a normal woman looks like. go and enjoy your anorexic fuckwits and leave this girl alone

No. 35680

she talked pretty badly about that chinese gal from germany (???), the one who was with her ugly ex but she stopped anyway I guess. At least her whole insta/fb changed since she moved to the netherlands

No. 35681

totally agree…they are all dying hard to be so thin…hitting the gym and getting toned would suit many of them much better.
Although most of them already look pretty fine to me

No. 35682

Only Emma is fat. The other girls are beautiful

No. 35683

That picture really doesn't do her any good. Actually, the whole bare make-up and glasses don't fit with what she wears, nor purikura. It really gives her a 'princess of the anime club' vibe, rather than fashionable. https://www.instagram.com/p/BIEj_e6ADLx/?taken-by=emelienevander looks so much better. Why isn't this her standard look?!

No. 35684

Is she german?

No. 35685

No from Sweden.

No. 35686


chinese gal from Germany, i think you are talking about Lily.

No. 35687

where can i find these socks? i have never been able to find them.

No. 35688

She looks german

No. 35689


There's absolutely nothing cute or beautiful about this girl. She has a very unfortunate face, just like Kanadjin3 Mira. Liz Lisa is doing nothing for her, but she wouldn't look good in any Gyaru style now when I think about it. Alice must feel like a goddess next to such a gnome face. Not that Alice looks very mature in liz Lisa….

No. 35690

Fat doesn't mean ugly..

No. 35691

She can be friend with gaya. They both looks the same

No. 35692

all gaijin gyarus is so slutty exept jojo, chii and ramona

No. 35693

this comment is FUKING HILARIOUS HAHAHAHAHA either troll or selfpost HAHAHA

No. 35694

Who's ramona?

No. 35695

** all gaijin gyarus is so slutty exept the narcissistic one, the neanderthaler and the one no ones ever heard of

KEK wonder which you are ??

No. 35696

No she is not. She isn't even Gyaru

No. 35697

Chii maybe. She always want attention

No. 35698

well I think Chii(?) kinda improved, especially the last months.
she used to be even worse lol

No. 35699

Shut up about Chii already. What did she ever do to anyone of you?

No. 35700


No. 35701

You are an idiot.
Like, really.

No. 35702

you're talking to yourself, idiot.
try responding to an actual post

No. 35703

You see my comments don't you?

No. 35704

fuck off newfag lolll

No. 35705

Chii's not as bad right now because she's gotta use her real name on Facebook. She's obviously ashamed of her real,male name.

No. 35706

despite the fact that it´s really offensive to bully her because she is transgender it is an FACT that she isn´t a pretty gyaru nor a pretty girl in general even though she tries harder than most of those beginner lazy ass cunts in this dying scene
and Jojo is not only a gyaru for a long time already and improved her style a lot, she is also naturally pretty. Gyaru often does look slutty btw (not all sub styles but maaaany)

No. 35707

despite the fact that it´s really offensive to bully her because she is transgender it is an FACT that she isn´t a pretty gyaru nor a pretty girl in general even though she tries harder than most of those beginner lazy ass cunts in this dying scene
and Jojo is not only a gyaru for a long time already and improved her style a lot, she is also naturally pretty. Gyaru often does look slutty btw (not all sub styles but maaaany)

No. 35708

Can some mod delete all that spam?

No. 35709

Facepalming so hard rght now.
Johoe has improved since her boring plainjane days but she is not the best gal ever. Get ur head out from bein wedged in her ass cuz theres no room for 2 there and her own head seeems quite comfortable up there.
TBF I dont even think she looks Gyaru just standard girl in a few j labels lol big deal !

No. 35710

File: 1484716369156.jpeg (109.66 KB, 750x853, image.jpeg)


No. 35711

Why does she look like Lord Voldemort?

No. 35712

She think she is the best gaijin Gyaru ever. Netidol? How? Why?

No. 35713

Bought one lolita dress - > Acts like a lolita guru kek

No. 35714

No. 35715

She ist the best Gyaru ever duh!

No. 35716

Might not have even bought it. This is inside the shop, so she was just trying it on.

No. 35717


No. 35718


No. 35719


No. 35720

She dosen't belong to this thread because she is not Gyaru wtf :) she needs her own thread because there is much milk(:))

No. 35721

How to do that red text??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 35722

I think it's from a farmhand or admin

No. 35723

She is gaijin gyaru she just wears some lolita pieces lately to act like a lolita guru

No. 35724

What does it mean?

No. 35725

ban reason, in this case don't use emojis

No. 35726

lol this comment smells like jealousy

No. 35727

Can't be jealous at that bitch. She dosen't look Gyaru anymore

No. 35728

Is there any gossip about what happened between regal and Chris or plutonium ? Just wondering

No. 35729

Chris is a bitch, that's what I know

No. 35730

Says who? And why?

No. 35731

People on Gyaru secrets. They talked about this long time ago. I don't remember everything they said.

No. 35732

chris isnt, but zoe is a huge cunt

No. 35733

File: 1485971762443.jpg (66.12 KB, 820x426, but why.jpg)

This is not gyaru makeup this is so bad! Girl, your lashes, we can see that they are dirty! Clean them or put eyeliner over the rim so it doesn't look so disgusting! And you used the eyeshadow in a completely wrong way and literally everything about your makeup isn't worth a tutorial since it's all not even okay but really bad (and not really gyaru, not even himekaji)

No. 35734

Any news from ebunny? I don't see her bf a lot..

No. 35735

File: 1486163457758.jpg (89.75 KB, 269x401, 4453841-9878043484-.jpg)

What really happened to this "Gyaru Sekai" girl ? If I remember correctly, she wanted to commit suicide with another person (I don't know who and why). Her social media pages are still up, and her latest tweet is "Sayonara namida"…so did she and the other person really did commit suicide ?

No. 35736

She's still alive just living the normal life after being dumped by a guy. I doubt you will find something about her since she disappeared from social media and doesnt want to come back

No. 35737

Her friend kisu lmao

No. 35738

She is not alive. Stop talking bullshit

No. 35739

File: 1486185455528.jpg (256.01 KB, 1077x1698, _20170204_141323.JPG)

Who is this? She needs to fix her fucking lashes. Also there a ton of photos of her trying to flash her boobs and then a full body where she is just short and fat.

No. 35740

You tell us?…
Smells like selfpost.

No. 35741


some ugly ass desperate bitch that's what. she isn't even gyaru though looks like a scene bitch. only ugly guys hit on her on gyaruru…

No. 35742

Kisu killed her

No. 35743

Serious enough with the assumptions idiot. I am not even a girl!

No. 35744

She's not gyaru and doesn't claim to be so she isn't relevent here. How do you know what guys hit on her, do you have access to her inbox? No. So shut the fuck up.

No. 35745

Why the fuck would anyone post themselves here, moron.

You dont know what guys hit on her tho??? You don't have access to her messages?? Idiot

No. 35746

>Why the fuck would anyone post themselves here, moron
Someone's new.
Nice samefag btw.

No. 35747

Not new ans didn't claim to not multi-post so stfu.

It is moronic to think people would legit post themselves to be torn to shreds. Do you have mental health issues? You must if you think that's normal.

No. 35748

They don't want to be torn to shreds they want people to say that they don't look bad and why they are even posted. Maybe every type of attention is good enough for them? Or they just want to bitch about the mean mean people on lolcow on their personal blog so they can get the sweet pity points, who knows

No. 35749

People do and have in fact posted themselves, multiple times, pretending to be someone who knows or found them. Most of the time even while trash-talking themselves.
As above anon said, they likely do it to see if we will disagree and that will give them some reassurance. While some of them are just batshit crazy and love any shred of attention.
But if you weren't so fucking new, you'd know this. That, or/and you're one of those people yourself.

No. 35750

You can see her likes/comments/followers are from ugly guys.

No. 35751

Desperate ugly guys comment on ANYONES stuff though???? This has no relevance

No. 35752

Then why are you guys getting butthurt over the comment if it's normal? lol

No. 35753

because it's the girl who posted herself and she tries to act more relevant than she actually is duh

No. 35754

can we talk about what went down with Purin and Eteria? I can't stand either of them and their whiteknights…

No. 35755

it's easy, eteria had a relationship with this asian dude, purin moved in with them/eteria helped her out and fucked asian dude. so asian dude and purin got into a relationship, married and got children and eteria is pissed because purin stole her man

No. 35756

lmfao what a sperg

No. 35757

I would imagine she's pissed because Purin is telling everyone she's an abusive stalker, anon.

Frankly I just don't see why anybody would believe any of the shit that comes out of Purin's mouth when she literally faked her own death for efame. She's a textbook lolcow.

No. 35758

She did what? the whole story please! any screenshots or something? this is getting milkier right now!

No. 35759

I don't mind Eteria or Purin, but Eteria's friends are abusive bullies and they sound like crazy cows to me

No. 35760

So many vendetta-chains…

No. 35761

jade purin or whatever she wants to be called should have her own /snow/ thread.

she's turning into such an annoying bitch with all the sjw shit

No. 35762

also let's not forget she did porn

No. 35763

Go to Tracii Aprilia's facebook for a comprehensive dairy larder on Purin, she's got crazy amounts of screencaps and it's all public.

No. 35764


who cares about that hoe Tracii? she only postin' ss from that private bitchy FB group

No. 35765

You asked for screenshots and I told you where to find them, moron.

No. 35766

that was another anon being a little bitch, thank you for helping!

No. 35767

Someone just post milk on lisa hanif aka queen sayuri

No. 35768

There isn't really any that I know of, she's generally kind of cringey and weeby but there isn't anything really juicy. She seems like a reasonably nice person.

No. 35769

Also you're not supposed to actually provide your email address you fucking retard. Stop being so thirsty for drama on people who have none and lurk more, I hate how the reputation of the site brings clueless jealous fatties in from all over the place.

No. 35770

That escalated quickly.

No. 35771

That red hair girl looks so fuckin ugly

No. 35772

What happened to Ash? She took her kid and left Japan? She unfriended Shiena and Dania for some reason. What happened there…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 35773

did you not know how to spell anonymous and just give up

No. 35774

They unfriended her. And she blocked them after they called her out on her bullshit.

No. 35775

I don't give a fuck about writing out sth that unimportant as that

No. 35776

Why would they block her? For which reason? She seemed to be more calmed down anyways..

No. 35777

Ashley blocked them after they confronted her about her bullshit which includes lying, and stealing and possibly shit talking so she can feel included and liked by whatever group she's trying to impress. She did that because she cannot handle confrontation because she's the type of person who cannot handle anyone thinking bad of her and so she can play victim. But instead of fixing it she runs away.

No. 35778

File: 1492348085389.jpg (378.12 KB, 640x836, IMG_3285.JPG)

Why is Feli always saying the absolute most retarded shit? Easily the second most stupid and self-obsessed girl in the entire comm after Barbie.

No. 35779

Because they are both "in Black Diamond"

No. 35780

where was this? group link?

No. 35781

because feli is absolutely retarded and doesn't know, yet. i remember her giving other people advice on makeup and clothes, while using a black liner to make this fake tearbag look and having horrible coords. her insta is especially cringeworthy lel

No. 35782

Stealing? Wtf. I know she's been a popular liar. The best lie ever was her being half japanese with some of her family members supposedly living in Japan/Chiba.
Proof of her stealing/bullshit? Never've saw/heard drama around her lately.

No. 35783

She is and idol kek

No. 35784

Here's another aspiring Gyaru.

No. 35785

Women's rights were fought for this huh.
Such dreams.

No. 35786

Hi Ashley!

No. 35787

File: 1492975279000.jpg (68.45 KB, 369x579, IMG_2146.JPG)

Jojo looks so good here

No. 35788

Abraham Lincoln knew this dream could be achievable when he free'd the slaves. This was his goal. Our goal.

Probably because it's airbrushed to shit and half her face is cut off like everyone else who's too insecure to upload a full faced selfie and knows they're ugly.

No. 35789

not Jojo, looks like Malin/Mio perhaps

No. 35790

Mio left Gyaru years ago. so it's not Mio

No. 35791

File: 1493184129586.jpg (256.79 KB, 960x960, IMG_2202.JPG)

This is not cute kek

No. 35792

Also not gyaru at all. Not sure why it's in this thread.

No. 35793

File: 1494069019517.jpg (35.95 KB, 410x359, IMG_0507.JPG)

Who remembers sascha? Jojos ex
He was fucked up lmao
Because he was already balding he was using a wig

No. 35794

creepy dude and definitely has a thing for underage girls and asian. It´s so cringy lmao

No. 35795

Can you reply to posts properly? You just click the No. xxxxx of whoever you are replying to. Not trying to be salty, but it gets confusing and I'm guessing you are new here. Welcome to the farm!

No. 35796


hey thanks! good to know. This thread is kinda dead tho?

No. 35797

He used to create rumors about girls he didn't like. Just like his ex jojo.

No. 35798

File: 1495376763824.jpg (2.96 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5121.JPG)

It's no wonder all gyaru are slutty considering in Egg they printed true sex stories from minors/there readers in every magazine

No. 35799

Not all gyarus are slutty tho

No. 35800


gyaru are no sluttier than the average japanese girl

No. 35801

I mean why gaijin gyaru always act slutty sorry. The get wild be sexy or whatever line… either way it's seriously disturbing that stuff like that is published in a magazine aimed at teenagers

No. 35802

It annoys me when people wear those plastic-ass cosplay-looking wigs everyday. Why don't they just go to a beauty shop and get a proper wig?

No. 35803

Chii went on a date with a guy what Will happen if the guy found out that chii has an dick? What do you guys think?

No. 35804

Her voice is super low, how would the guy not know by now that she has a dick.

No. 35805

A girl can have a low voice

No. 35806

Some guys are okay with dating transwomen… It's not that hard to believe, lol

No. 35807

I'm surprised she's got a date with that stronk neanderthaler brow ridge and I'm still single kekekek

No. 35808

I wonder how that guy looks, doubt that it is the host chinko she wants kek

No. 35809

Think it's an asian guy. Almost all gaijin gyarus dates asians kek

No. 35810

Probably Vietnamese kek third class Asian(racebaiting)

No. 35811

Yeah kek(no contribution, no sage, read hellweek rules)

No. 35812

If this thread continues to be samefagging and low quality spamming, it will be autosaged.

No. 35813

I'm so sick of hearing about people in Japan, there's never any real milk. Any goss on gaijin gyaru outside Japan? There's never any tea anymore.

Did Regal just kinda die after Jojo and Chris went? That circle was the last major source of drama.

No. 35814

No. 35815

Ew that's just trashy. I know gyarus aren't all skanky sloots but for some reason it just feels like they are because (in my opinion) the gyaru aesthetic is kinda trashy and tacky. Gives off that old Paris Hilton vibe

No. 35816

Its funny you say that. Some of old gyaru magazines had paris's pictures are featured in them.lol. Alot of gyaru are just trendy so what ever style is popular in that time period what they wear.

Right now, they're doing alot instagram/cool styles, beach looks, and grown up/onee looks. (my prospective in my part of Japan. I live near the beach so thats why I put beach style lol.)

Anyone is curious go check out popteen. They feature three styles of gyaru still neo/pop, girly/cute, cool/sexy/adult. (Not saying every style is gyaru in popteen, I feel like I have to clarify that) Alot of styles are labeled in popteen thats how I know.

Man just went off in a tangent. Sorry admin.

I think this a sage. I may have misread sorry for that.

No. 35817

Egg was very sex focused especially in the older issues. I have an issue from the 90's where some old school gyaru try and test different flavoured condoms, demonstrate some sex positions, there's also a famous issue where it shows how to have sex in a yukata.

They often had hentai comic strips at the back too.

Sex is very emphasized in gyaru because yes, a lot of it was about being super confident and trashy and emulating California girls like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Mix that with liberal Japanese sexuality, brand loyalty, and all the enjo kosai stuff, and you have a pretty sex obsessed movement.

There were also rumours many gals didn't bathe, in order to preserve their tans/hairstyles. That's why they received so much stigma during the 90s and tanned gals or manbas were regarded as dirty.

Gal was seen as something only 'bad girls' or dropouts were into and society looked down on them. Of course it had a resurgence and became more mainstream in the 2000's.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 35818



No. 35819

When I mean doing alot, I don't mean everyone. No you.


No. 35820

Sorry for my grammical errors, I should of said some of instead of alot of, because its a big fucking deal appearently.


No. 35821

Nah dude, it's "a lot", not "alot" but to be fair that other anon was kind of an ass. Thanks for the magazine info!

No. 35822

Msy should give Gyaru Secrets to someone who'll update it

No. 35823

Hey, Msy here!

There's no secrets love, sorry :P

No. 35824


I assumed you'd jumped ship. Okay, guess the ones I sent in never made it. I'll resend.

No. 35825

Why can't the people in this comm just be normal? Why do they have to be a bunch of socially inept weeaboo attention hos?

No. 35826

Could be worse, look at the lolitas. The gyaru comm is chill as fuck in comparison.

No. 35827

Haha what??

I barely know a lolita who went to Japan to become a prostitute. Yet I know more gaijin gyaru than I got fingers who did/are doing it

No. 35828

Lolita has a lot of domestic crazies though, and seem to have more in-fighting. Not sure why we didn't see more lolitas make the move though, maybe lack of funds from the high cost of a Lolita wardrobe? Also, a lot of Lolita cows are uppity and pretentious, becoming a hooker isn't very ladylike or elegant.

No. 35829

Becoming a hooker is nothing that sshould be celebrated either

No. 35830

Uh? Where in my post did I say it was? I'm just saying Lolitas can typically be uptight and being a hooker doesn't really fit that "prim and proper" aesthetic.

Gyaru is a popular style among nightlife/hostesses, so I can see why that lifestyle appeals to gyaru. Then it seems hostess/kyaba ends up as almost a gateway into prostitution. Not for all, but for some.

No. 35831

I've known lolitas who:
-eat tampons on webcam
-had their rental tent burned at a festival because they filled it with used condoms
-live in a trailer because they spend their housing benefit on burando
-physically attack people or damage their possessions over brand
-try to spread an std to a girls boyfriend because said girl got with her ex

I'd way rather hang out with weeaboo hookers than any of that insane bullshit. Lolitas get all the high octane crazy, the only one we've ever had anywhere near that scale is Sere.

No. 35832

Don't forget the fake Muslim invalid

No. 35833

I think that Sere has basically just had a breakdown at this point pending her being forced back to Australia. She is homeless, overstaying, and not having great luck with her escort business. She even started accepting any random foreign currency someone would offer her instead of dealing in only yen. That just shows how desperate things have gotten for her.

Shiena too. She is living in Japan with no visa. There were some rumors that she got married but then she was forced to leave her kyaba, it removed itself from caba2, and changed its name suddenly to stay open because someone called immigration and the police who (I assume) showed up at some point. That wouldn't have happened if they weren't hiring illegal workers. Plus she doesn't get listed on any of the websites of the clubs she works at. I really think she's getting desperate too honestly. She has been making more and more posts lately to justify why she is better than everyone or her actions or whatever. Like she posted on instagram that she never buys clothes with friends because she needs to shop alone to focus…but it was really just a reaction to someone pointing out that she is always broke as duck despite all her claims of saving up for a condo and whatever.

No. 35834

I'd break down too if people were analyzing my every move online, nitpicking on every single detail and vicious enough to try to ruin or make my life miserable at every change they got.

That being said, no one knows for sure what's going on. It's all just speculation.

No. 35835

Shiena doesn't buy shit when she's out with other people because she can't afford brand items. She has to buy them used. Both the dresses she showed in her new instagram post are used. You can check the net shops, the items aren't for sale anymore (not even on the summer sale section).

No. 35836

Or she could prefer the older dresses or is smart with her spending habits. I mean why would you buy new dresses if the older ones are just as nice or nicer for cheaper?

No. 35837

She specifically made the point about shopping after someone noticed that she never buys things when she goes to 109. Whenever someone asks her if she bought something used (like her macbook), she ignores and/or blocks them. She is so petty.

There is nothing wrong with buying second-hand goods, especially in Japan. However, Shiena won't admit it. She always ALWAYS acts like she is constantly buying new, expensive brand items and that she has all this money.

Her excuses are always that she just doesn't like current trends or whatever when you go out with her. Now her new excuse is that she needs to be alone to concentrate if she's shopping. That is total bs. When Sere was paying, Shiena had no problem shopping with her. She also never had a problem shopping with Ashley.

She always has to pretend like she has this great life in Tokyo. When she goes in a limo, she tags luxury life. When she goes to a party, she goes on about how much expensive champagne was opened. It's just sad at this point since she is like 30.

And then there is the fact that she lives in a shithole apartment. Say what you will about her being good at saving money and how there isn't anything wrong with it but like…She had to make an excuse to justify it too. When someone criticised her apartment, she was like "well I am saving to buy a luxury condo."

No. 35838

Hi Shiena

No. 35839

If she makes you feel so bad about yourself that you have to pretend her life is miserable and she's broke then stop stalking her online profiles.

Regardless of if what you say is true or what she says is true and not an excuse, everyone shows their best side on social media. I don't know why people get so upset about her or the other girls in Tokyo doing the same.

No. 35840

sere and shiena have their own threads for a reason, can you fuck off back there so we can talk about people who are actually relevant to the gaijin gyaru comm?

No. 35841

As much as I miss when Sere was milky, she's clearly laying low and is producing zero milk right now. It's all speculation, unfortunately. She has her own thread, but the same things are being said over and over in her, Shiena's , and this thread. Just let it go until some new milk arrives? Dragging it on like this for so long is getting kind of sad.

Seriously though, if Sere is overstaying which seems likely according to her slew of recent escort ads, she's just keeping a low profile for now. Give her some time and she'll probably start producing again.

No. 35842

At least lolita is something you'd have to be a bit 'out there' to like but gyaru is just sexy clothes and circle lenses.

Yet somehow, the comm is filled with weird people who have an obsession with Japan. They can't just be normal people who work a 9-5 or study and just came across a photo from egg or Ranzuki one day, they have to be obsessive and strange.

I'd get it if gyaru was 'weird' outside of manba in Japan but it was mainstream through most of the 2000s and supposed to be a 'party girl' look.

No. 35843

Are there any gyaru who aren't obsessed with anime and cosplay?

No. 35844

sere doesn't seem like a weeb

jojo just seems to use it to get attention

dania is like an ultra weeb so is shiena

ashley wasn't?

katie is

No. 35845

talked to jojo the other day who told me how she is pretty sure she can marry gackt for a visa since he still follows her

No. 35846

>she can't marry gackt, he's already married to kisu

No. 35847

Japanese gyaru don't generally work 9-5 or study so why would you expect that from gaijin gyaru?

No. 35848

He isn't married. If you actually talked ot him then you'd know that he doesn't plan to get remarried ever.

No. 35849

>this level of autism

No. 35850

Why are you so bitter?

No. 35851


They still from what I see go to work and provide for themselves like normal people.

No. 35852

Jojo thinks she is the best of the best

No. 35853

Newsflash, nobody cares about jojo either, there is ////no milk////. Sage if there's no milk you utter retards, your boring obsession with literally any gaijin gal who moves to japan does not constitute milk.

No. 35854

Is jojo still fishing for compliments?

No. 35855

Why would any westerner be reading egg or Ranzuki if they weren't already weebs? It's not like you can just pick them up in Walmart.

No. 35856

Yeah they usually either do nightwork, shop staff or izakaya or something like that. A lot of those entry level jobs aren't options for gaijin so a lot of them are either English teachers or do jobs off the grid to survive. So I don't really see what's the difference?

No. 35857

I'm sorry but this thread kinda annoys me. Sere and Shiena don't have much milk. I don't believe that shiena has milk at all tbh. Honestly people are just nitpicking her outfits and where she lives and the fact that she's struggling for money. Tbh a lot of people lie about their living circumstances. If she was openly saying that she's poor as fuck on her IG and FB people would say she's begging and attention seeking

If that's all the milk you have for her then it's really silly. Some of you are acting like you've never struggle for money before. Anyway that's all I have to say. Milk about someone truly being cow like and trying to become a famous weeb etc is actually funny. Like when sere had that porno with her moldy lumpy boobs. But I don't see how milk about someone's earning and living circumstance is interesting.

No. 35858


I saw a scan of Yumachi and Aina a few years ago online and that got me interested, nothing to do with weebyness. And from what I've seen, most weebs barely even have basic hygiene down never mind a fashion style that's not 'weird'.

No. 35859


The difference is the attitude. They don't just apply for a job or just go to Japan for a shopping trip, they all have to get marriage visas and have babies with the first Japanese person they can find when they have no actual job or stability there.

It's fine to want to travel, but it's like people just want to leech off Japan with no actual goals or common sense. They're always outcasts and strange and it's a contrast from how they are in Japan most of the time.

You get your weirdos and the like in Japan too obviously, but why is the gaijin gyaru comm full of them?

No. 35860

Because Japanese gyaru don't have the restrictions that gaijin gyaru have for work in japan. They also seldom leave their country. But don't act like Asians who are obsessed with American culture that have anchor babies, work under the table or marry for a green card don't exist. Truth of the matter is marriage visa grant freedom for work and with how difficult japan makes it to earn permanent residency via working you either end up marrying naturally before that happens or give up and marry first so you can get on with your future.

It's not really considered leeching off of Japan if they are making money and spending it within Japan or making children that will be the future workforce of Japan. Leeching off Japan would be like going there and sending your money back to your home country as gaijin are almost never eligible for welfare.

No. 35861


In all my life, I've never known an Asian person who ran to my country wearing the flag and spouting a bunch of random English phrases who's goal was to bed as many natives as possible and get a visa by marrying someone born here just because they watched our TV shows. Yet these people get this way just because they watched anime.

No. 35862

saging for unrelated, but my friends' mom, came to the US during college as an exchange student, seduced the father of her host family and then got married to him to stay here. They have a 34 year age difference and a shit relationship. this stuff does happen.

No. 35863

sorry, cut off my post. it may not have been from anime, but it is from cultural stereotypes. people think japan is weird and super kawaii cause japan tries to give off that impression. people think america is guns, blondes and freedum cause america gives that impression.

No. 35864

This is definitely Shiena.

No. 35865

If it's not anime, then where? Japan has cuteness but this weird cuteness and cat ear-wearing shit all comes from anime. I don't understand why those people would like gyaru fashion out of all things when it pushes sexiness and adult with a flavour of cuteness because it's a youth subculture. Why don't they go for lolita or decora or something more down their street?

No. 35866

it comes from their pop culture too, ffs every town in japan has a kawaii mascot character now. a lot of gaijin gyaru seem to be into the pop culture of japan more than the gyaru culture, the ideal of being cute in a specific way is pushed by japan a lot in their media, commercials, food products, restaurants, plus many gaijin gyaru were lolita before, which totally pushes cute. idol culture has elements of cutesy shit in it as well, and a lot of dream-v style shit used to look very girly and cutesy. i'm just saying that japan really pushes the idea of cute in everything, so if you stumble onto gyaru after being interested in something else then you're likely to feel differently about it.

plus, the pop-culture gyaru of 2010a was definitely about being cute and old popteen mags have a lot of kawaii shit in them that's way more clean and polished than standard gyaru.

No. 35867

Then you really must not get a lot of them over there because a lot of Japanese come here with the stereotype every white guy looks like a movie star, obsessed with American eagle and yes a lot of them slept with just about every white guy they came across. The yellow taxi stereotype didn't come out of nowhere

No. 35868

At least most of them stay in Japan JD came and can still functions in society.

To be honest, I'm just mad that's a good 50% of meets are at cons, 80% of the people are fucking weird and the clubbing and stuff that the gyaru in Japan (and pretty much everyone in my country) seems to do, the people in the comm are barely interested in.

I swear most of the people wouldn't be interested in getting hair if it wasn't from Japan.

No. 35869

Sounds like you just live in a weeaboo shithole of a country anon, gal meets where I live are usually shopping, dinner, picnics, karaoke etc, and we very rarely meet at cons because everyone's too busy with their con friends.

No. 35870


I just want to go out, drink loads and literally show off the fashion to all the club-goers we see. That's what I want to do. I don't want to show it off to a bunch of geeks in a Comiccon. We're marginalising ourselves by going to cons.

I went to a meet the once and the 'drinks' we were promised were two bottle of rose wine. That's when I knew something was up. Once you reach 16, you should know how to throw a party. I don't want to watch Disney movies or Kpop videos, I want to drink, go out, do dares and show off the style like they did in Shibuya.

No. 35871

i don't even know anyone else who wears gyaru in my city. i usually just doll up with my fiance and get plastered at nice restaurants. weeb gyaru are like the worst, because they miss the point of being gyaru and just want to be kawaii animu oujosamas. i just want a bunch of friends who will doll up with me and give no fucks and look good doing it.

No. 35872

I always wonder how they'd react to a normal night out. Vodka, bud and games before the club, drinking even more at the club, etc.

No. 35873

A lot of the gaijin gyaru who make it to japan party hard. But I get what you mean. I was wtf-ing over how much flak those girls got for being party animals by back home weeb gyaru.

No. 35874

Exactly, pretty much all young people go out and party and they go on like it's something alien. That's why I think most of them can't commit to the style because it's not even for people like them. You can't freak out when you see someone shotting vodka and then go around wearing clubwear. It doesn't work like that. Everyone from the agejos to the tsuyome gyaru know about partying.

No. 35875

You should have come to galfest, it was pure gyaru party time.

No. 35876

seriously, sage for totally ot, but i think people get the wrong idea of gyaru probably because they came from lolita. most lolita turned gyaru switch because they looked like shit, but they kept the stiff high and mighty attitudes. gyaru have an 'i'm cooler than you' attitude, but it's confidence, not arrogance. most gaijin gyaru tend to act like they're above normal 'slutty girl' shit because they felt like that in lolita. i want to meet gyaru, we have to gyarusa in my city but i am sure a few are there, i am just worried they'll end up being that type.

No. 35877

Sorry for switching the topic. I used to see this fat white girl at kirari shinjuku and Shibuya. She was covered in tattoos and kinda strange, like talking to herself and shit. I wonder how she's doing

No. 35878

Any salt about the GGAs yet? Some girls got nominated for a ton and won nothing. Literally nobody cheered for Jojo's nominations, it was hilarious. Even people from her own circle were there and they didn't cheer. She must have burned some bridges when she left.

No. 35879

Might be karma

No. 35880

Can someone tell me about Ashley's baby and her moving back to the U.S?

No. 35881

> I want to … like they did in Shibuya.
ok anon but you are only seeing all the fun aspects of (gaijin) gyaru life in japan. most of these girls are probably doing shitty jobs to get money and end up spending most of it anyway, leading them into precarious lifestyles. its not that glamorous at the end of the day

No. 35882


I agree with this. Why would somebody who likes lolita like gyaru anyway? And they're always the hime-type girls with bad make-up skills too. It's like they know they don't belong in the comm but want to try and squeeze themselves in anyway with the wrong attitude.


Maybe they have shit jobs, but the shit jobs they have allow them to get just enough money to survive and spend their free time partying and enjoying it. Of course it may just look like glamour to everyone on the outside but it's the sort of lifestyle a lot of gyaru find themselves in because that's how it started.

No. 35883


"GalFes isn't limited to the typical gyaru styles, we cater to all j-fashion styles"

Can't knock it til I try it but the description doesn't really make me want to go tbf

No. 35884

99% of gaijin gyaru look like SHIT, anyway. some pull off the style really good but i barely see any that do.

No. 35885

There's a ton that do it well, try actually getting involved in the comm instead of just browsing tags. Even just from Galfest this weekend which was only 40 or so people, I can list a bunch who looked great. The tags are useless, they get abused by basics and weebs who want attention.

No. 35886


As long as we can all go out and have a good time and nobody brings up anime or kpop, I'm onit.

No. 35887

i think 99% of the noobs or people who only follow magazines to a T look bad, but a lot of the people who make an effort look really good! i agree that most of the people using the tags are idiots.

No. 35888

Here's what I've pieced together over the years-
Ashley dates this guy Taiyo. He's all tatted up and works in a call center, with an ambition of opening a tattoo parlor. They break up, have make-up sex, Ashley gets pregnant, dekichatta-kon (shotgun wedding) takes place. He didnt marry her until she was very late in the pregnancy, probably past the point where abortion was an option.

As far as I can tell there are no pictures of the wedding so it may have simply been registration at city hall type deal. I feel like if there were photos of Ashley in a wedding dress they would be all over the internet.

Ashley moves in with Taiyo, who lives with his mom in Saitama. You can find her griping about dealing with her MIL in some parenting forums. NOTE: She also mentions there that her child is "1/2 Japanese, 1/4 white, and 1/4 ???". I remember back in the day everyone made fun of Shiena for claiming a Japanese dad when she was pictured with a white father. I'm like 99% sure her actual dad is a Latino/black/maybe Filipino or something guy who bailed and her white dad is actually a stepfather. Looking at Ashley's facial features she doesn't look 100% white. She probably made up the story about having a Japanese dad because she was sad she didn't know who her real dad was. These kinds of fantasies are common among girls who don't know who their father is, and it also makes sense that her mom would be kinda easy going about "dating" multiple men around the same time since her mom was supportive of her being a kyabajo and such.

They name the son Kian, which is not a name in English or Japanese, but there you have it. I think just written in katakana in Japanese, no kanji. He is probably the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen.

Right, so, she's living in Saitama, the New Jersey of Japan(ironically, she's also from New Jersey in the US– not NYC as is sometimes stated– this is also obvious from the photos of her family home on Insta and the like). She lives with her hubby and mother in law, and tries to be a Japanese housewaifu making curry and such. As far as I can tell the 3 of them lived in one small, maybe about 6 tatami mats size room. Asian MILs are nightmares even to role model DILs, so I can only imagine what that was like for party girl Ashley. She was also still working kyaba during this whole time. I don't know if Taiyo was working by then.

When her child was 2 or 3, Ashley and Kian "visited" America again, but it's pretty clear she actually moved back there permanently. No idea what she does for work if anything now.

Ashley seemed to lose contact with most of the gaijin gyaru community after her son was a year or two old. There are a few pics of her taking the baby out to purikura and such early on, but that stopped pretty quickly.

Kinda interesting how she went all the way to Japan to basically have the same fate as her own mom (single mom with deadbeat dad, living in crappy suburbs of a major city)

No. 35889

Kian is a misspelled Irish name

No. 35890

Sounds like she was hit with a hard dose of reality after marrying and having her kid. I kind of respect that she lays low, came back home, and is focusing on taking care of her son though. I mean, she made mistakes, but seems to be on the right road now. She could have pulled a Sere.

No. 35891

I'm not sure what she's doing now but she was a cam girl for the last year she was in Japan and I think she continued it after moving to America too.

No. 35892

Any proof of that?

You pretty much nailed it, and Ashley really does not have any new milk since she dropped Shiena. Last "gyaru" she took Purikura with was the dwarf troll Dianna or whatever the fuck her name is.

I don't blame her for moving back to the States and keeping a low profile.

No. 35893

Kian is very much a name.

No. 35894

Wow, thank you for that valuable input anon.

No. 35895

Yeah. It was posted a while back she was going by tsuyameki on mygirlfund. It's in one of the gaijin in japan threads posted maybe around last year.

No. 35896

Shiena doesn't really have much solo milk either. Most of it was in connection to Ashley or in connection to Sere. The only milk she had was some stupid stuff she wrote on her blog over 5-6years ago. Ashley being milkless lately is only because she went back to America so the gaijin in japan farmers don't care about her anymore.

No. 35897


Well it's a common enough name lol

No. 35898

GGAs still going on wtf? Who is getting nominated because all the new gyarus look like shit.

No. 35899

So where are the wild and sexy gyaru at? All i see in the gyaru tags are liz liza and shit. cringe

No. 35900

I don't want to be associated with them sorry, they look like trash. And I'm not talking about the ones on tags.

No. 35901

Haha, you're full of shit. Sorry that you're too basic/ugly to get involved.

No. 35902

The gyaru Amino and Sekai no Gyarusa.

No. 35903

That's why nobody wants to hangout with you lmao

No. 35904

I was hanging out with 40 other gyaru this weekend, I see my gyaru friends every month and I'm in a circle… enjoy being salty in your room by yourself tho

No. 35905

nobody wants to hang out with those stupid I'm better then you gyaru.
also you all wear stuff like you come from the year 2009

No. 35906

It's called… a niche alt fashion? Where tf did you come from, an Amish village? There's no need to be so bitter, wear what you want and don't get so assblasted over other people dressing differently.

No. 35907

I also keep myself away from the comm mostly because of bad experience, but you anon really don't need to be THAT salty.

I love to see all the foreign gals hanging out together, I just don't feel the need to be part of it.

No. 35908

so what would you think if you see people dressing like back in 2004?

No. 35909

File: 1501250271372.png (594.82 KB, 525x513, lmao.png)

No. 35910

Looks like a tranny or shemale, is this the best you got?

No. 35911

More like you probably one of those weebs in the tag cringe Not my problem you look like shit

No. 35912

I wouldn't really think anything of it.

That's probably because she is trans, anon. I don't see why that's such a big deal either. Some people apparently get really upset that you don't even need a vag to be more stylish than them.

No. 35913

I'm indifferent to her being trans, and generally agree, but that outfit is hardly fashionable. It looks like she got dressed in the dark, anon.

No. 35914

Welcome to old-school agejo, enjoy your stay.

No. 35915

Different anon, but nothing here matches, colorwise I mean. If it weren't for the colors the coord is really nice

No. 35916

wrong. this is so mismatched even for that. that skirt deserves to be burned.

No. 35917

File: 1501272795133.jpg (42.51 KB, 185x514, Untitled.jpg)

This is a particularly bad photo with bad lighting, to be fair. At least she actually attended, which is more can be said for half the broke basic bitches in the gaijin comm.

No. 35918

Nobody in japan wears that anymore

No. 35919

Whoever actually steps outside in japan wearing this without embarrassment is 100% confirmed Autist
This stuff is ダサい af
And tho most people would ignore it irl they would certainly be looking down on them
Or immeadiately think they are an exceptionally poor gaijin (in this case okama) fuuzoku with cheap outdated taste kek

No. 35920

Outfit doesn't match and color scheme is all over the place.

No. 35921

I feel the second hand embarrassment for her, get with the times. The past is gone and no one at the event didn't tell her outfit look like shit?

No. 35922

What exactly is "with the times"? Liz lisa/himekaji/swankiss shit?

No. 35923

I don't know maybe actual premium brand?
Most "gaijin gyaru" don't realize you can take one piece from a shitty brand like ma*rs and make it wearable with other actual brand or less tacky clothing
Most westerners just pile on random pieces from the same or similar gyaru brands and think they are slaying because they're wearing head to toe cheaply made tacky prosti clothes that were popular ten years ago kek

No. 35924

No,more like stop wearing that old shit that was in style 7 yrs ago. Gyaru changed and since then the fashion scene evolve to fit the modern world. Not to mention,her outfit is a hot mess and no one had the audacity to tell her. I can only imagine what the japanese think if they saw that shit.

No. 35925

what are you? the fashion police XD she can wear whatever tf she wants to wear lol I don't like Agejo to be honest because I'm more into Oneegyaru and Mode but it doesn't mean I have to bash her!! at least she seems to be happy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 35926

>she can wear whatever tf she wants to wear

Back off underaged tumblrina. Also, learn to sage your shit
(I can't wait for summer to end…seriously)

No. 35927

Nice self post there because nobody cares about this shemale or it. I like how you tried to defend your own self. As I said before you look like shit, dress like shit, and can't coord outfits for shit.This site is called lolcow, you dumbass nobody kiss ass here, go cum in your panties for her on pull weeb.

No. 35928

Top isn't updated but but cute. The outfit could be saved if she wore some denim shorts instead of that skirt that doesn't even match. And not everyone wants to spend money on travelling to a foreign country to meet a bunch of people at a con. I'd rather spend it on a trip to Dam but that doesn't make me less a gyaru.

No. 35929

They'd probably just think foreigners are behind trend.

No. 35930

Are there even meets in the USA? I remember there use to be a big meet in December but?

No. 35931


It's not summer here,try again shitty gyaru anon. ;)

No. 35932

Whatever happen to that giant whale airi, the one who was joining black diamond? Bitch went incognito after traveling to japan.

No. 35933

Ew, why? Amsterdam is a proper shithole, it stinks, it's dirty and it's full of creepy men. Eindhoven is much nicer even if you just want to get high and party.

And tbh it will make you less a gyaru in the eyes of the European circles, but it's up to you whether that matters to you.

No. 35934

Okay, you don't like Dam but 'Ew, why?' lol. Cus most people go Dam and it's cheap! It's easy to get a group together and just go for a good weekend. I'll check out Eindhoven but I've never heard of anyone going there. If it's cheap, I'll add it to my list.

No. 35935

LMAO or they wear an all pink outfit with mismatching pieces from different brands and think they look good. Like that one British chick with the nasty ass hair.

No. 35936

Nayrt but when trans "women" start popping up you know its time to leave. Trans make everything stupid salt. We want legit salt.
Sage cause not salt.

No. 35937

more like gyaru is dead and only black diamond exists. neogyaru isn't the same, gyaru isn't popular now. some people still wear older stuff in japan too, it's just not as popular cause gyaru isn't mainstream anymore.

No. 35938

I thought pin was trans, trans were always into gyaru.

No. 35939

Yea that shit died soon as egg magazine stopped. Black diamond is hanging in there but soon they will stop too. Almost all gyaru clothing brands are basic now, I'm still wondering how they're surviving. There's nothing unique,wild or anything about their clothes anymore.

No. 35940

ma*rs still does somewhat interesting stuff. everything really toned down within the past 3 years.

No. 35941

yeah afaik pin is trans and hes been around forever, idk what hes up to now but he used to be one of the best in the community imo

No. 35942

I don't understand why people who have no natural interest in fashion and how they look want to join this style. They only want to be gyaru because it's from Japan.

There's a discussion on amino with someone asking why gyaru in anime are always for porn. Well… maybe you should look at the authors and think about it?

No. 35943

ffs. i don't even like that much anime. i know they made a few shows with positive kogyaru characters tho, but yeah, the idea that so many people don't know gyaru have a trashy slut rep in Japan is beyond me.

i wish more people genuinely just liked gyaru without being weebs or anything, but that's not the case. and not only that but most people are not into fashion previously. a lot of people come from lolita, which is super easy to match, gyaru is a real fashion, you can't just slap on a bunch of pink and call it a day. this seems to be what happens with most bad gyaru, or they don't understand the overall look of it.

i try really hard to stay out of the online scene just because so many people are. and looking through the thread i feel totally validated.

No. 35944

File: 1502607901555.jpg (21.21 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

The "Gaijin Gyaru" tag on instagram is a hot ass mess.Half of the post are gals who wearing basic liz liza and visual kei shit.Df happen to gyaru and why was this girl tag as gyaru?She looks like the wal mart version of visual kei, with unblended weave.

No. 35945

I'm still wondering how jojo is two faced,do anyone have legit proof?

No. 35946

Just befriend her and you will know

No. 35947

It's rokku/gossiku gyaru. the makeup makes it gyaru. tan is extra bonus

No. 35948

Her hair is sooo dry and damaged. She needs to invest in a lacefront wig.

No. 35949

those brows/horrible contour are not gyaru. a girl can't just put on lashes and call it a day.

No. 35950

File: 1502639096494.jpg (18.78 KB, 466x280, 6a00d8341c5d3253ef011571a26779…)

Anyone know what became of these two? They looked awful but these were the good old days of messy gaijin manba.

No. 35951


sorry but that countour and brows are very typical example of old school gyaru. it's more OG gyaru than the makeup on some gyaru magazines these days..
i agree it doesn't look very good and it's certainly outdated, but saying it's not gyaru just makes u sound like you don't know about gyaru very much

No. 35952

I thought she was that gaijin gyaru who committed suicide, both of them had bad makeup and looked like clowns.

No. 35953

that german girl who got killed?

No. 35954

File: 1502650675201.jpg (24.75 KB, 240x320, tumblr_lr2ss6j0uW1qek8a5o1_250…)

no, the weird faded IG brows shit is not "oldschool" gyaru. you don't need to defend her just cause she's black, this isn't tumblr.

No. 35955

I don't know anon. I've seen photos of Japanese Gyaru with weird eyebrows that faded into their contour before. It's really not a huge stretch and seems pretty nitpicky.

No. 35956

File: 1502701444301.jpg (346.73 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_3083.JPG)

A lot of Japanese gal have eyebrows faded into their contour. Ashley and shiena also have that style of eyebrows too and they were part of the first wave of popular gaijin gyaru. Just because this girl isn't as well known doesn't make her makeup not gyaru. It's more gyaru than some of the Liz Lisa or "oneegyaru" looks out there.

No. 35957

File: 1502702834380.jpg (15.77 KB, 284x177, IMG_1175.JPG)

Yeah like 10 years ago

No. 35958

Go back to your room Bobby, the adults are talking

No. 35959

She looks nowhere near gyaru and that hair is tragic.

No. 35960

File: 1502874819768.jpg (47.45 KB, 225x400, IMG_3967.JPG)

Yea,the one who committed "suicide."

No. 35961

I liked her make up

It's a tragic what kisu did

No. 35962

File: 1502965267235.jpg (42.98 KB, 400x533, a3c5608936e291dac58f3622a67895…)

Her make-up's decent. Her eyebrows are uneven af tho lol. No, this is very much the visual kei meets gyaru sort of make-up that used to be a thing the mid to late 00s. They had Nonchan in egg who was like the VKei girl amongst gyaru. Her make-up's much heavier than Nonchan though

I think strong eyebrows are more popular outside of Japan and we have a harder time abandoning them lol.

No. 35963

File: 1502965537944.png (415.12 KB, 480x360, 5303f444[1].png)

Exactly. I've seen pointy eyebrows, thick straight eyebrows, barely visible I-just-seen-a-ghost sharp eyebrows, thin but strong eyebrows. The list goes on!

No. 35964

What happened to her?

No. 35965

I actually knew her she was a really fun person.

No. 35966

Did you met kisu too? What happend?

No. 35967

Yeah I meet both of them and to be honest I'm not sure.
I heard through other friends and Kisu was always nice to me as well as Anji.
There was always drama surrounding their friend group though.
Anyways what I heard (correct me if I'm wrong) is that Anji wanted to kill herself after she didn't get a Visa she had some problems at home so she wanted to leave Germany.
Apparently Kisu didn't talk her out of it or something.
There are rumours that she pushed Anji but I can't see that happening.
I'm sure that Kisu just knew about Anji's plans and decided to not do anything.
There are other rumours that Kisu wanted to jump to not sure about that.
I was never that close to either of them so I didn't ask her personally because that's just rude.
Despite everything Kisu and Anji has a goof relationship and were genuinely friends.
I know tha I kind of sound like a wk but I knew both personally.
I can't give more information because I know that some people lurk here (Kisu too I think) who could make out who I am.
Anyways If someone else wants to add something go ahead.

No. 35968

A visa for Japan I mean. I think she wanted to marry a host or something.

No. 35969

Actually they both wanted a visa and both got refused.

It's a shame though that anji died and not kisu. Because despite of being a mentally unstable teenager back at that time, she was really such a sweetheart and so beautiful. While kisu has always been some sort of a monster

No. 35970

I heard "rumors" she didn't kill herself?

No. 35971

No she totally did.
I can't tell you my source so believe it or not but as I said I knew her personally.

No. 35972

She killed herself because of a visa wtf? Running away from your problems won't make you better, it will just follow you. If she really wanted to go to Japan, she should've pop her pussy to any Japanese guy like seré and Ashley.

No. 35973

I heard rumours that Anji was just pretending too, before I heard it from my source.
And that source was a very valid one. But as I said believe it or not.

No. 35974

I heard that too, many people said she faked it,so online haters would leave her alone. I believe she is dead too.

No. 35975

Or she could have just signed up for a language school or got a work visa. Or better yet, moved to another country.

No. 35976

Didn't they also fight over that host guy?

No. 35977

Anji actually wanted to get married to a certain vk?host, but he refused and also was in bed with kisu.

No. 35978

ew kisu is disgusting

No. 35979

10/10 contribution anon, so informative

No. 35980

that's why i used sage
but she is really disgusting. sleeping with the guy your friend likes

No. 35981

File: 1503072979630.jpg (411.84 KB, 810x822, Screenshot_20170818-121505.jpg)

Well as I said she had some problems at home. I'm not sure what exactly but there waa something going on with her mom.
I think she kinda saw it as her last resort because she was very happy in Japan.

Kisu and Anji didn't but a other girl did with her. I'm not telling you who because she shouldn't be on this site.
Picture is from her old Instagram and the guy is the one they fought over for a couple of days.

No. 35982

What the fuck is wrong with the kisu anon on this thread?? I'm disturbed this person is gonna end up murdering her. I just read the whole thread and i'm fucking triggered.

No. 35983

You mean Svenja (Mizuki) ? Isn't that the one who tried to date anjis bf ? Who's currently trying to hook up with all the vkei bandman? She's been mentioned several times already

No. 35984

Seems like you are get triggered easily

No. 35985

No one cares stay triggered, This anji milk is juicy.

No. 35986

Hell naw her ass probably reading this thread. Many people say she's two faced and nobody thought to screenshot it? wtf

No. 35987

It was many years ago

No. 35988


Old rotten beef nobody cares about

No. 35989

Is she still in Japan and hasn't killed herself yet? Shame.
But to my knowledge she doesn't have issues with her mom, she is actually using her mom to fund her liz lisa habit and fucking with vkei bandmen lul

No. 35990

I was talking about Anji having issues with her mom

No. 35991

Girl has no shame as long as she got that vkei dick.

No. 35992

I see that now, just since Mizuki was mentioned above and with that also having issues with her mom.
Anji sounds like a joke

Such a sad life, I see her around from time to time at lives one thing for sure I am glad her back acne cleared up lul hearing Japanese girls call it gross/dirty was pretty hilarious.

Do any of these girls have twitters? Public… since Mizuki is scared shitless of gossip HI MIZUKI :)

No. 35993


who did mizuki fuck??

No. 35994

Who is mizuki

No. 35995

Mizuki(Svenja) is @MUVirus_49 on twitter lol

No. 35996

File: 1503920891437.png (25.02 KB, 640x198, IMG_4358.PNG)

It took you that long to realize.

No. 35997

or is she fishing for compliments? like always

No. 35998

mostly indiefags like dimlim and some other guy who i forgot but she obsessed on him for a while because he was a roadie for a bigger band basically fucking for connections
would provide names if i cared enough to absorb her garbage

Another german girl thirsty for asian dick 10 points if he is bandoman

No. 35999

She reads here, she already deleted this tweet.

No. 36000

All weebs like Asian dick,have to live out their Japanese fetish somehow. It's like a wet dream for them,even if the dude is ugly as hell.

No. 36001

Her latest boyfriend is fucking gross as hell and he is using her no doubt for the free english lessons and the trophy of fucking a foreigner. Her insecurities will drive him away and I just cannot wait for her next break down.
Every damn time something goes wrong she takes to twitter then deletes shit and goes to her private twitter all "I AM SO MENHERA DESU HELP ME" and uploads some edgelord photo of herself having a nosebleed lul :')

No. 36002

How do you know what he looks like?

No. 36003

Probably a friend of hers or him.

No. 36004

ive heard about that infamous yukata sex issue but does anyone know which issue it was in? because ive heard of it but never even seen a scan of it, let alone which issue it is

No. 36005

File: 1524177503712.jpeg (421.17 KB, 550x805, 1C6270B1-AE31-424D-844C-6C0BD9…)

Wtf i‘m looking at

No. 36006

Those straps are supposed to fit around your breasts. It's too small for her fat disgusting ass.

No. 36007

File: 1550244019624.jpeg (111.37 KB, 750x819, 607C15BF-6B48-4330-BEBA-BD0509…)

This thread is so dead, so I thought I would bring attention to a new topic to you guise, lol.

Y’all know this fail of a western gyaru group? All of them are fat as fuck and their makeup is horrible lmao.
It should be “gyaru style”, not Snooki from jersey shore, ladies.

No. 36008

Take a look at the page for yourselves, guys. It’s fucking hysterical. Western gyaru are always looking uglier as the days go by. Just quit the hideous makeup and you guys would be so much prettier.

No. 36009

Calm down anachan, most titties wouldn’t fit into such tiny straps.

No. 36010

File: 1550248499551.jpeg (209.25 KB, 750x1235, 19132D74-B9E4-45E4-B83C-1123C5…)

Nothing says Gyaru like jazz hands

No. 36011

I think it’s just the way she’s angled. I think she’s super cute but if she did a better angle with the selfie pose, the picture would’ve came out a lot better

No. 36012

What’s hilarious to me is the gas station in the background

Great view HAH

No. 36013

>being this assblasted and replying to a year old post
Calm down, fatass.

No. 36014

Really interesting how Blackout comes up in an oldass thread that barely mentions gaijin gyaru who aren't in Japan, a day after Honey and Riko get kicked out. Y'all got some milk to share, ladies?

No. 36015

Why did they get kicked out?

No. 36016

File: 1550285730384.jpeg (39.49 KB, 300x211, C2C70D37-3F37-4E3B-8A52-69915D…)

That’s a common pose for Egg models…. and gyaru models in general, are you fucking serious?

No. 36017

I’m actually also interested as to why they were kicked out. Also, this was the only “gaijin gyaru” most relevant thread.

I would like to bring up these girls because they are very very toxic (as so I’ve heard)

If anyone has milk on why they got kicked out, feel free to share. I need a laugh.

No. 36018

At least they don’t look like Snooki when they do it lol

No. 36019

Also, by the way, I don’t think this thread is only particularly for gyaru in Japan. Most of the ones here aren’t even in Japan so I don’t think it matters as long as there is milk.

sage(learn to sage)

No. 36020

File: 1550300984392.png (799.17 KB, 750x1334, 64F26813-67B0-46A2-A242-64D102…)

What is the first word that comes to mind when you look at this picture, guys?

No. 36021

Mental illness

No. 36022

No clue. But I'm guessing it's Riko who's come here to samefag given that she's the skinny one. And posting her own friend to take suspicion off herself. Classy!

No. 36023

File: 1550310604369.png (723.45 KB, 750x1334, CC6FC8C2-D439-431D-8A42-CB2963…)

Is she mad because she’s too fat too fit into Japanese brand MARS? Of course you can’t fit into MARS, fattie chan.

Japan doesn’t want sausages like you in their country.

No. 36024

Lol, I commented about how cringe this was on /cgl/ and 2-3 members of blackout immediately appeared to call me triggered. Lil bit sensitive it seems.

No. 36025

Omfg lmao are they coming on lolcow to white knight themselves? Pathetic

No. 36026

Well it's definitely Riko or Honey coming on here to bring up a circle that nobody ITT has never given a shit about, so buckle in for intense samefagging.

No. 36027

Honey and Riko are for sure always coming to defend themselves.
By the way, another anon said that Honey and Riko were booted out of their group. I'm curious to know more about that.

No. 36071

oh my god its 2019 why is it still okay to leave the house looking like that, embarrassing….

No. 36090

TBF Ma*Rs sizing sucks, they don’t account for skinny but hourglass girls either, you have to have no tits for them
It’s a meetup party.. not a public outing

No. 36097

Why do gaijin strive to look like gyaru? Its not only distant but it was always the outcast/loser fashion group and will get you made fun of here especially now that its so ancient and fading.
And why black people want to be gyaru? It is almost cheating ! w

No. 36103

I like gyaru because I genuinely like flashy fashion and showing off my body, I don’t do any of the tanning makeup, just the eyemakeup and contour, I like looking like a “slut” and having guys recoil and shit. Tbf I’m also histrionic but that’s my personal reasoning why. People just like it? Why do people like any fashion? Why do people doll up in lolita?(take it to tumblr)

No. 36113

Don’t worry, most gaijin fail at being gyaru because they don’t know the true meaning of being one. Just wanna look like one so they can pick up Japanese men with tiny dicks.

No. 36114

But, can you fit into burando? Lol(again, read the rules and learn to sage)

No. 36124

why are ppl still wearing this shit lmaooo

No. 36154

>And why black people want to be gyaru? It is almost cheating ! w
My fucking sides

No. 36157

Its just the thing, fatties can’t fit into J-Fashion so they call J-Fashion brands “fatphobic” lol just eat healthy and workout uglies

No. 36225

exactly my point lmao, like it doesn't look good on yall give it up already!!! gyaru is so ancient now, and there are sm better trends in japan they can follow than this outdated gyaru stuff

No. 36249

gyaru is still a thing jsyk. look on egg youtube from days ago.

No. 36283

>>36027 Oh god can someone please just spill the milk on these two already?! Hasn't one of Riko's friends been posted on here before but not in the gyaru thread, shes just another fattychan chasing jdick.

No. 36316

This level of samefagging is fucking pathetic.(sage)

No. 36322

Who would be the person that’s samefagging?

No. 36327

Who cares? Why would we give attention to a vendetta-chan dregging up an ancient lolcow thread to post and name drop continuously for the past days, trying to stir things? I'm not even gyaru and it's just sad

No. 36340

File: 1550518898079.jpg (158.91 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20190218-194048_Fac…)

The Blackout drama continues. Wonder what this is in response to? Sounds like an attack on Reina since she has some new friend drama every 6 months but I don't know what prompted it.

No. 36341

File: 1550519002423.jpg (454.39 KB, 1076x1298, Screenshot_20190218-194304_Fac…)

Okay that legit made me laugh, gg

No. 36383

File: 1550530163936.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5458.JPG)

ik its easy to reply "loose weight fatties" but lets not forget that theres been a surge of fattie friendly brands, magazines and everything inbetween. La farfa, Marshmallow and Plum primo etc being sources I rarely see quoted/worn/talked abt by girls who complain they can't fit into brands like Lisa and MARS*. (Which lmao both of those brands have tonnes of freesize pieces that are very forgiving, most girls just have issues with bust area or maybe leg/arm length for lanky anons)
Its funny seeing people in comms out themselves though, literally proclemating "If i can't fit into the most overexposed burandos its (x)phobic even though I have all the resources to dress like a proper (x) in precious imported jap clothes!"
Just admit its not the fashion, its the status symbol of dressing in a costume with a bunch of names printed on you know your fellow weebs will recognize.

No. 36384

That’s funny because there’s a lot of people in America that use MetroPCS lol
I wonder who can I determine who it is by their phone carrier
Dumb lol

No. 36388

Not any of those posters but it's really obvious the posts you responded to aren't samefagging lmao. How new are you anon

No. 36409

True. I agree with you on this one anon

No. 36423

hi honey and riko we know ur lurking lol(hi [cow])

No. 36429

none of this shit is fucking gal.

No. 36445

Learn to know what samefagging is dumbass, I’m not even a mf gyaru, just here to see weebs embarrass themselves

No. 36447

They're examples of plus size jfash you dunce, but all the brands do carry gal clothes or items that can be coorded for gal/himeg looks, but stay mad fatty not my fault you can't even learn to sage

No. 36457

File: 1550540348418.jpeg (91.63 KB, 640x1136, 99EB9179-AB18-4E81-B279-AADEF5…)

I went to look for the page and it’s gone :(

No. 36722

File: 1550642318108.jpg (303.61 KB, 1077x1211, Screenshot_20190220-055617_Chr…)

Physical threats now? Sounds juicy. With any luck we'll get a full ghetto fight between these two crazy bitches at a con. I can't imagine either of them is up to more than just talk though sadly.

No. 36736

https://twitter.com/ModdedMistress Is this the same Riko you keep mentioning? did she ever make it to Japan? all i remember is that she was chasing this bandoman who I am familiar with when they came to the states and she kept posting thirsty af videos for him kek

No. 36739

nobody cares

No. 36740

Between here and /cgl/ there are three threads of people talking about Blackout, so people clearly care.

Yeah same one, don't think she ever went to Japan.

No. 36760


Bitch I care

No. 36764

Sage for samefagging

did they really delete their entire page over a thread? C’mon now, this is some weak shit kek

No. 36775

Type sage in the email field to sage. Putting it in your post doesn’t do anything.

No. 36778

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Reina's given up on the idea. This is what, her third attempt at a gal circle that's collapsed? Feel sorry for her at this point, she's chasing a dead dream. Whatever it is that Europe has that keeps a gyaru scene going, the USA doesn't have it.

No. 36784

I think she should just be her own person without having a group, you know? I feel like she would do better that way.
You can’t trust most people nowadays anyways

No. 36786

she’s on her third gyarusa and you still think it’s other people that’s the problem? come on now.

No. 36800

This girl has been a huge shit started for years. Someone needs to drag this bitch. I remember when she tried sucking up to Delandra and got called out lmao

No. 36805

And there was that Jade/Purin stuff

No. 36806

What about her?

No. 36807

Do you have any screencaps or a tl;dr of the Purin saga? I remember it vaguely but not the details. They were fucking the same guy or something right?

No. 36808

This thread is becoming… more interesting

No. 36809

Riko created a new Facebook. Perhaps to rid of the snakes cause she didn’t want to have to go through the trouble. Kek
Little does she know, her close friends are her true enemies.

No. 36824

And who might those be?? Name and shame bitch

No. 36837

I don’t know, but I assume it’s one of her friends posting about her? Don’t quote me on that lmao

No. 36849

Reina is a weeb and pretends to be half Japanese lol and apparently she only started doing gal because Jade/Purin (the one bouncing between Korea and Japan) started dating her ex.

No. 36850

File: 1550705162768.jpeg (117.91 KB, 790x960, 2C3301AD-61AC-45C5-B5D0-F59333…)

Riko posted new pictures kek
Is she gal or drag queen? Let’s decide ladies(ban evasion)

No. 36852

File: 1550705320410.jpg (210.32 KB, 1280x1261, b74915c7ff3d9aec2e4e968f0bd1e2…)

Anybody that participates in this fashion is going to look like a drag queen tbh

No. 36908

This girl is always scaring the fuck out of me. She’s so thin it doesn’t even look remotely good. I wonder, since she was the only thin girl in that circle if she was the one and only reason for them to break up

No. 36988

Christ the obesity behind this post. Yes she's thin but it suits her and her style, and I can't imagine she got kicked out of a circle for being too thin. How many twinkies did you get through in the time it took you to post this?

No. 37003

for real. at least she’s one of the few in the circle who can actually fit brand and look good in it. that was some stupid shit.

No. 37068

Whilst I doubt it, and Blackout doesn't seem like the type, I've seen Lolita circles/friendgroups fall apart and be bitter because one person is thinner and dresses better than them all.

No. 37089

File: 1550821825731.jpg (293.46 KB, 1075x818, Screenshot_20190222-074916_Sam…)

Somebody already replied to this post asking if it was Reina and I'm sure it is. She makes vague suicide threats whenever she's involved in drama, it was constant when she was on/off engaged to that guy she and Jade were fighting over.

No. 37093

Wasn’t reina the one who already has two children?(learn to sage)

No. 37094

No. 37120

>>36850 When does she ever stop posting new pictures, but keep them coming. She always looks too masculine for gal, very drag queen, very gross.

No. 37123

The jelly is palpable and this isn't milk. Boohoo you feel bad and mad because she's skinny. We got that several posts ago.

No. 37147

File: 1550850206442.jpg (950.73 KB, 1078x1466, Screenshot_20190222-093829_Fac…)

Jade was the one with two kids with Reina's ex

and no wonder shes suicidal, the dude is practically a millionaire now that they've broken up (hes paying for all Jades trips overseas and shit apparently)

No. 37149

Wait are you saying he ended up with Jade?

No. 37150

the first dude. I think his name was James????

No. 37266

>>37123 Lmao i am not at all jelly of that ghetto looking rat. Did i hurt your feelings, anon?

No. 37312

James is still currently with Jade. Reina fucked that one up big time kek

No. 37340

So was there something between Jade and Robbie? The one Reina's gotten engaged to and broken up with like 3 times? I thought he was involved but I might be wrong.

No. 37341

Gomen, on mobile and forgot my sage

No. 37343

How did they go from not having money for child care to becoming practical being millionaires?

No. 37359

No. Reina used to date a dude named James, they broke up and Jade moved in with him shortly after. Reina couldn’t let it go so she harassed and stalked them for a while, then she met Rob. She still continued to harass Jade for a couple years thereafter but I think she finally gave up after she almost got in trouble for doxxing Jade’s mother’s address on FB live.

No. 37363

Is this for real??

No. 37373

File: 1550967786113.jpeg (684.33 KB, 1240x1875, 10D0DF6C-5565-4BAF-85D5-29C393…)

from purins fb. this is a public post so if you know her fb name it can easily be found. i censored reinas government name.

No. 37374

File: 1550967893050.jpeg (711 KB, 1235x1926, 02DCE166-DB8C-40C5-AF20-54388B…)

pt. 2

No. 37376

Is Reina really mixed with Japanese or is she lying? She’s too dark to be mixed I think.(sage)

No. 37380

that’s ignant as fuck bruh. not all mixed people are light skinned.

No. 37386

he owns some sort of book company

No. 37450

Why censor? Didn't she largely ask people to stop calling her Eteria because of all this?

No. 37735

She Lying.

No. 37736

Makeup looks shit.

No. 37758

ive always been under the impression she is lying. she just looks black with down syndrome and fucked up teeth. i think somebody said they met her family too and they were all black

No. 37764

I think she actually is part Japanese, just an illegitimate child so she has no ties to her Japanese side.

No. 37766

File: 1551149761032.gif (1.04 MB, 450x254, tenor.gif)

ill believe it when she can provide a DNA test. too many weebs claiming Japanese ancestry. and she literally just looks black

No. 37783

The whole haafu thing reminds me of the Ashley fiasco, so of course I don't believe she really is part Japanese

No. 37798

I don't believe it for a second, the whole 'I don't know who my dad is but he's definitely japanese!!!11!!1!1' act is Pixyteri tier. Amazed she hasn't quietly dropped that, it's pretty ludicrous for someone as prominent in the comm as she is now.

No. 37843


Shes not even claiming shes part Japanese anymore…..

No. 37851

If she hasn't addressed the fact that she flat out lied, then shes still trying to push it. The internet never forgets tho lol

Let's face it, claiming Japanese blood without proof in 2019 is pure autism. Dressing up in "gyaru" in 2019 is pure autism.

No. 37897

Good 'cause she wasn't from the start.

No. 37920

So is dressing up as goth, instabaddie, decora, larme or any sub style is pure autistic if we're going to do that.

No. 37937

Exactly lmao Except maybe insta-thots since they seem to be the most socially acceptable looking out of that group… which isnt saying a lot considering how awful those "fashions" are.

No. 37942

Instathot ain't acceptable either.
Its deem as "trashy","ghetto" from people who don't follow it.

No. 37955

File: 1551274105584.png (420.8 KB, 580x383, gyaru.png)

Decora is just as dead as gyaru. The main issue is that both fashions barely exist in Japan. People finally started realizing how uncoordinated and ugly it looks. Kinda like early 2000s fashion in the US.

Larme and lolita are just as stupid looking. But is it still relevant? Yes. At least people will just think you're on trend rather than desperately clutching to something that disappeared 10 years ago.

Gyaru makeup is also probably the most hideous of all of those alt fashions imo

No. 38006

No one cares about your opinion. You're not the fashion police, nor are you one who gets to decide what people can wear.

No. 38012

Why you mad at people dressing up? Too basic to express yourself or something

No. 38016

File: 1551294857476.png (192.54 KB, 340x407, 1xkgs0ogvgoz.png)


I dont make the rules. The people spoke. Gyaru is dead. Just like this necroed thread in a few weeks.

No. 38025

Nah its not just not as popular as before like what happen to scene. Its not really that deep unless your were a failed gyaru.kek
Anons who post gyaru is dead but still follow this board is pure autism.

No. 38029

anon just letting you know scene never came back.there are memes about it but they're 100% a joke

No. 38030

i do wanna get back on topic while this is still active. is it true reina never finished highschool?

No. 38054

Who the fuck cares

No. 38072

honestly. wtf does that even have to do with the blackout drama?

No. 38106

When did she say this?
Spill more deets.

No. 38210

old milk, but sometime during the purin drama it was revealed that she had the first ex james pay for her GED. she ended up not going. there was a lot of other stuff about her blowing his money and scamming, like her trying use his cc for clothes after they broke up. makes me wonder if the fee for that joke of a "summit" (lol) was even used properly.

No. 38216

I was wondering if I was the only one who peeped that the summit was kind of a bust. the club and karaoke and a two hour get together for parapara? people flew in overseas and paid fifty bucks for that?

No. 38221

File: 1551400334738.jpg (76.34 KB, 750x563, IMG_9383.jpg)

I'm not paying $50 to parapara in a barely decorated room and drink cheap wine. I can do that for free. To top it all off, the only decent looking one there was the skinny girl. She looks like a drug-addict, but at least her outfit was coordinated properly. At least she actually fits the brand… no matter how outdated it is.

None of the original OG Chicago gyaru were there to make things interesting either. What a boring-ass meet-up - I mean summit. lmao

No. 38235

idk who had the bright idea to have a summit in the dead of winter in Chicago anyway. they literally had to trek through a snowstorm the entire weekend and Ubers and public trans is expensive on top of that ridiculous entry fee.

No. 38243

Or Chicago. Why didn't the og Chicago gyaru show up anyway? Did reina break ties with them? Ashley tried to come don't know about the others.

No. 38247

most of them appear to have grown out of gyaru. dunno what happened with lisha. the rest of the girls are friends with purin so of course they're not going to show up. i dont think theyd want to deal with reina going psycho again.

No. 38249

File: 1551415035247.jpg (301.06 KB, 1280x853, aaaaaCampus-Summit-Shibuya-Gya…)

Foreigners always miss the point of a summits. They're supposed to be ratchet, drunken messes. Preferably in the summer if you're going to do it in Chicago of all places. And you'll probably need a larger venue if you want to draw in the kind of crowds Japanese gyaru bring in. This is embarrassing.

Off topic but the amount of Ma*rs I'm seeing in the footage is nauseating.

No. 38251

i think lisha used to be in one of reina’s old circles? i assume they got into it as well because they aren’t friends anymore.

No. 38291

>Just doesn't make your size because it wouldn't sell well in their target market where people are smaller on average

No. 38363

She can't keep a man and now friends.

No. 38378

File: 1551540867098.jpg (49.45 KB, 960x722, 53726476_10156537769811028_537…)

why does katie always look like a retard?

No. 38382

It is… look up scenecore.

No. 38385

Larme isn't relevant anymore, you don't even know what youre talking about

No. 38387

Seriously… Larme came and went, even mori is more popular. Gyaru is coming back hard with Egg coming back, lots of JP tiktok “thots” still are gyaru. It’s not thriving but it’s not dead

No. 38390

westerners always say styles are dead when they simply phase out of popularity. it pisses me off because with most of the styles, they were actually never meant to be popular. fringe fashion is supposed to be fringe, gyaru took off because it was easy to consume but it's popularity fell because it was hard to maintain. girls in japan who dress it and weren't doing it as a fad will always dress in it, but they also didn't really call themselves gyaru, they just ingested a style they really liked, they're not going to switch just because it's not a mainstay.

No. 38396

I dont think either of you have actually vacationed or lived in Japan.

There are no gyaru left. If you loiter around hot spots in Tokyo, you wont see any. Famous gyaru models arent even gyaru anymore. Most brands that were gyaru have either died or changed the type of clothing they sell. Same goes for magazines.

There are only a handful of JP people hanging on to it, and soon theyll be done with it too once they're old enough. its getting to be about that time.

come to Japan. See what you'll find.

No. 38399

Vapid personalities only thrive in these small niche communities. A bunch of socially handicapped people dressing up is the most friends theyll ever have. but if shes as crazy as everyone is stating here, I doubt even that will last long.

No. 38400

File: 1551555036413.jpg (141.47 KB, 800x1055, 9cf857179c3e9e0c9f1d43c9b86267…)

i googled scenecore and saw nothing about a resurgence of scene. 10 ppl on facebook doing it is not a resurgence.

larme is still relevant/being published. it isnt so much a style as it is just a magazine dedicated to whats popular with young girls ages 14-21 (soft/chic/pastel/marina and the diamonds crap) Picture is from a recent issue featuring a Nogizaka46 member. older women seem to be drawn to high-fashion from the West and Korea now.

No. 38410

Tokyo isn't the only place to see gyaru in Japan, since police started to crack down in Shibuya it's been known that they don't hang there anymore.

You don't see them as much as lolita, and most girls who sport anything close to gyaru won't call it that anymore anyway.

No. 38413

Gyaru don't hang in the Shibuya/Tokyo area anymore get with the times granny. They mostly hang at underground clubs and shit. They still wear gyaru but moreso oneegyaru.

No. 38418

I think most of us can agree gyaru is in the past. I'm not sure why Anericans and Europeans keep dragging it out.

No. 38423

>pretending to be in japan
>posting at 4AM


No. 38424

This whole conversation is stupid. It’s like saying emo is dead, yeah, the huge boom is in the past, but it’s still a subculture with many people still dressing, clubs full of them, MUAs, youtubers, tiktokers, viners when it was a thing… A fashion doesn’t have to be seen daily everywhere to still be a thing. You don’t even see lolitas in harajuku that often ffs

No. 38429

Same anon here. Hopefully you learn to read soon because I definitely never said I lived there. I refuse~ I wouldn't get the benefits I do in my home country. But I have spent close to half a year in other prefectures, not just the Tokyo area. During my entire stay I think I saw maybe one person with a heavy tan and blonde hair. Don't even know if they considered themselves gyaru. It's pointless to argue. People that still like the fashion are going to defend it until they're grown enough to dress with some sense. It can't be helped.

No. 38431

>I refuse~

No. 38453

I saw atleast 15 gyaru when I stayed in summer 2018….

No. 38454

lmao you said "come to japan".

how about you get out of the thread. it's not for your shitty infighting.

No. 38455

the people samefagging in this thread "reee"-ing that gyaru still exist are exhausting. can't reason with weebs.
lisha is downright mentally unstable too… reina truly is a crazy bitch if she managed to push her away.

No. 38459

It does but whatever help you sleep at night..
Anyways what did Lisha do?

No. 38469

do you think you're not a fucking weeb?

No. 38565

Anon is a troll because its no way in hell you'll know what gyaru is without being a weeb. kek

No. 38568

File: 1551661623800.jpg (58.94 KB, 1080x189, screen.jpg)

Looks like one of the fat ones (reina) has been reading here. If only they'd quit spending money on moldy gal hand-me-downs and fix their decaying teeth…

No. 38603

I always thought she was cosplaying gyaru. Does she ever wear gyaru outside besides meets and whatever?

No. 38622

File: 1551692420925.jpg (528.83 KB, 861x1158, 19-03-04-03-39-18-914_deco.jpg)

No. 38689


Simple answer. Yes

No. 38790

Jojos meaty sausage legs

No. 38892

File: 1551847195283.png (631.87 KB, 599x737, blackout.png)

No. 38902

Riko edits her pictures tooo light. I didn't know that was her..the difference is jarring.

No. 38922

She’s syill pushing the lie that she’s mixed

No. 38932

Mixed with what?

No. 38958

jesus christ these people look awful.

No. 38961

No one missed you.

No. 38979

Why does all 3 of them keep claiming their mixed? Honey, Riko, Reina…

No. 38990

maybe because they treat black people in jfashion like pure shit and mixed blacks get treated slightly less like shit?

No. 38995

So…… they fetishize Asians then??

No. 38999

No it's just the hot ass mess ones are shown the most.
The group looks so much better with the other two gone.

No. 39000

File: 1551914012018.jpeg (486.57 KB, 2048x1538, Dx0LKEdWkAETHYR.jpg large.jpeg)

I think Reina is obviously part-Asian, honestly.
When I first saw pictures of her, I thought she was just a very, very tanned Japanese girl. I don't know why some anons seem to be in denial and super salty about this, but it just looks petty. There are probably far more feasible things she's lied about to be discussed, but no matter how I look at it, this is a person with clear Asian ancestry.
This is like when several anons were insisting Tsuruko was lying about being part-Asian, and seemed very emotionally invested in her being a white girl (even when actual Asian anons said she looked Asian). And then she ended up getting doxxed, people found her Chinese relatives on FB, and they all had to shut up.

No. 39003

Super OT, but Natalia/nat-chan did not age well.

No. 39014

File: 1551918383880.jpg (470.28 KB, 1193x936, 19-03-06-18-25-31-046_deco.jpg)

Sure anon.

No. 39020

white girls never do.. that's how you tell if they're mixed. not even being racist, white people just have thinner skin because they have less melanin.

No. 39022

Even if you take in account that Reina is a tittle bit closer to the camera, why are the sizes of their faces so different…?
Plus, I don't see how Natalia looks any worse agewise than her. Minus the obnoxious hair colour they both look alright here.

Yes, she might have a tiny bit of asian blood in her, but she certainly does not look like you're average japanese girl.

No. 39026

I dunno why she keeps trying to convince us lmao. Plenty of black ppl have asian features without actually being Asian. DNA test or gtfo

No. 39030

I think Reina consistently lies about her race because she found out the mixed girl who stole her ex [James] had South-Asian ancestry. There was a 23&Me video on YT [think it said Malaysian or Indonesian]. She thinks she might score "cool" points with Asian men if she pretends to be haafu. But shes honestly way too dark. smh If people are saying her entire family is black, I dont believe it.

No. 39033

File: 1551924967556.jpg (177.68 KB, 900x1200, DlLdImEXoAAV51L.jpg)

>both have epicanthic folds/monolids
She, uh, still looks mixed, anon, just with even darker skin. I don't see how that photo was meant to make her look less Asian.

No. 39037

>mixed people can't be dark
This is just retard logic all around.

No. 39039

File: 1551925674700.jpg (185.79 KB, 1080x594, pic13.jpg)

i wanted to make sure but is this the girl who's house she tried to break into? I can see why shes faking being blasian now. OOF how sad. unrelated question but is this girl actually gyaru?

No. 39041

If thats her damn her ex upgraded.

No. 39046

Lol didn't she try n fake her own death?

No. 39049

Anon both of those things can be found on 100% black/african people as well… I don't understand why so many gyaru claim to be part asian. It doesn't make you any better, no one gives you an award.

No. 39050

Ok she uses gyaru tags and seems to frequent shinjuku but I dont think shes gyaru. had to check lol but I can see why reina is so devoted to being Japanese

No. 39054

File: 1551933363324.jpg (364.7 KB, 1080x1042, 201901.jpg)

she really expects us to believe shes asian lmfao THATS A WHOLE BLACK PERSON. maybe there will finally be some milk cuz this is hilarious

No. 39067

The whole insistence that she can't be mixed is vendetta-tinted, with the only arguments being she's "too dark" and "Some black people have eyes like that too", which is just…sad. When black people have epicanthic folds, it commonly comes in a different shape from what she has going on, and looks more like almond-shaped double-lidded eyes. At this rate, you'll end up having to start RPing that half the people that come up when you Google "B-gyaru" totally don't look Asian at all and that they're completely indistinguishable from your family members.
I wish farmers would stop putting being mixed, hafu or part-Asian on some creepy pedestal. This just isn't a monoracial person, it is what it is. It doesn't mean she's prettier or not a bad person or whatever, lmao.

No. 39068

Either way shes ugly. Reina show dna or gtfo and stop derailing thread.(hi cow)

No. 39069

>discussing something on topic
"Hi cow" is against the rules, by the way.

No. 39077

There are so many other people in the comm to talk about but no matter what the thread always comes back to Reina at any given opportunity… Boring. At this stage I think its 100% vendetta posts

But I also think shes 100% black kek

No. 39081

Dumbass this gaijin gyaru thread. We don't need a whole blogpost on what race you think she is.
100% same anon keeps trying to reinforce she's asian. Not gonna lie, anon stanning for that bitch hard.

No. 39083

File: 1551968800849.jpg (556.74 KB, 957x1193, 19-03-07-08-24-40-498_deco.jpg)

Damn newbies wildin. kek

No. 39084

this crackhead furiously defending her "azn-roots" is the only milk the comm has seen in years. I knew she was a cow but I didnt realize she was this crazy. Bless.

No. 39091

We live in a politically correct world now, so if you try to debate someones race in public its frowned upon (even though they're probably secretly thinking it too.) So I just go with her bullshit IRL because its easier that way. We all want to call her out but we cant.

No. 39092

How am I stanning for someone I've never heard of until like a week ago? Anything longer than two sentences that's not agreeing with you is a blogpost how?
The IQ of some crazy vendetta anons in this thread is evidently too low, kek.

No. 39095

"Not a bad person" plz scroll up in the thread. Apparently she tried to bust into a pregnant girls home.

No. 39108

File: 1551987120689.png (401.41 KB, 450x484, 3.png)

My god this group is a fucking wreck.

No. 39114

She probably has a Chinese grannie or something. Still black though

No. 39184

Why Reina deleted her account?

No. 39189

cuz she knows shes been caught lying again… she needs a thread asap

No. 39198


A thread on her? Itll go dry and go to shit plus she removed herself from social media and she hasn't done anything that's "cow worthy". I get it lying about ethic background but nearly everyone does it and I don't see anyone going on the other gals in the community.

No. 39217

she will be back. Somebody as attention starved as her never completely leaves the internet. She's also got a criminal past, a history of cheating, and she's constantly fighting with other gals. I say shes worthy. might try to make one soon.

No. 39218

Her Twitter isn’t deleted, she just changed the @ and locked her tweets.

No. 39231

Her instagram too.

No. 39234

Reina new twitter: @R4649_ she acts like changing the name and making things private is going to change anything…

No. 39236

her own thead?????

>”She is black”

>”No she ain’t”
>”she is 0.05% chinese”
>”sHe Is nOt MiXed”
>”stop same fagging!!!!1!! she is mixed with nippons onegaishimasu~”

no fucking thanks! this thread sucks enough, we don’t need 2 shit threads.

No. 39243

She is 100% cow worthy, nayrt but I used to be in a gyaru gossip group with her and bitch is CRAZY. Sadly it's a long time ago and I have no receipts, so there's little point in a thread. No reason for random gyaru to have their own threads in general, we have a gyaru thread for a reason.

No. 39245

I have receipts if anybody needs them in the future. She's literally insane. I'm positive there will be more milk to come, especially with how many friendships she's managed to ruin.

No. 39246

Anon plz. two members left there was a flood of milk outside of her pretending to be from Japan. I didn't even know she tried to dox somebody's mom over an ex. This is pure gold.

No. 39248

I saw someone say somebody made a rehash of gyaru and lolita secrets. Any idea what they’re talking about?

No. 39252

Yea and that was like? What? 16 years ago?? This is old news and you guys are just late to the party

Then post.

No. 39256

Yo so wait, is this why she keeps changing handles?

Does anybody know why she's been on and off with Robbie? Is she off cheating again? Things are getting juicy. And can we get more details about why the other girls in Blackout left recently?

No. 39268

A member talking shit probably.

No. 39273

shes made way too many enemies to keep pretending she isnt the problem. Reina just needs to face the fact that shes a toxic person and work on herself. ever notice how the majority of people friendly with her live OUTSIDE chicago?

No. 39275

Nothing came up?

No. 39277

ur either an idiot or ur blockt. shrug

No. 39281

File: 1552109909027.jpeg (91.22 KB, 750x768, 45FC7D99-71B8-40BF-A18C-2D92F5…)

Page is back up kek

No. 39283

File: 1552110477030.jpg (370.13 KB, 879x1193, 19-03-08-23-46-51-529_deco.jpg)

I didn't know Ashley and Lisha were disgusting bitches too.
I guess birds do flock together.

No. 39288

If you got them post them, I'd love a bit of drama nostalgia.

No. 39329

They're all like this. People that cant maintain normal friendships. They turn to subcultures as a safety net and exhibit the same anti-social behavior. I swear all these jfashion weebs are autistic.

No. 39428

File: 1552246122680.jpeg (199.76 KB, 750x1135, 0647FC69-28F2-42CE-B060-32E74E…)

Why do Gyaru pages post the ugliest and fattest bitches? lol
Get some real taste admins

No. 39431

Why does she photoshop her face into such a blurry mess. She looks nothing like that.>>39054

No. 39432

File: 1552247579307.jpg (605.22 KB, 1080x1375, Facebook.jpg)

This is some minor tinfoiling. I think I figured out why Reina held the meetup on January 19th in the middle of Chicago winter (which is the worst time of the year). Look at this post Purin made. Her birthday is the day before. So the speculation in chat about her gal persona being a vendetta is looking pretty true.

No. 39440

Yeah obessive much. The bar she mingle with her friends was a favorite of Jade as well.

No. 39450

you missed the point of anons theory. that still doesnt explain why they planned it for January. Dont be stupid lol

No. 39451

The whole point anon tried to make sound harebrained.

No. 39455


…ever heard of a winter themed meet…in the winter???

No. 39460

There was nothing winter themed about it. They went to a karaoke bar and an arcade, the same arcade Purin went to for her birthday this year. Its certainly some major tinfoiling, but I would not be surprised if Reina did that on purpose. She's just that loony.

No. 39462

it was snowing around the midwest. really not the best time for a summit thats supposed to bring in ppl all over the world. even if it wasnt to bother the other girl, shes really stupid for planning it around that time

No. 39480

Every meet ever does karaoke and most of karaoke places are in Chinatown and from what I heard, no one went to the arcade. It's only 2 round ones in Illinois so it's coincidental. Timing just wasn't perfect. Plus purin doesnt even live in the states anymore so why do all this for a girl that ain't even here???

No. 39482

It is kind of peculiar that she planned it around her birthday when she knew she would be in her hometown. Purin lives in Chinatown where they had karaoke, so was she thinking she would see her???? A lot of effort to provoke somebody that doesn't fuck with gal anymore [and seems to be doing just fine in Tokyo]. it might just be coincidence.

No. 39525

File: 1552322195689.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, BA4590EA-1852-4C9C-B3A6-DA32EE…)

Anyone wanna talk about how fucked and fried Nemo’s hair is? Doesn’t she ever go to a hair stylist? Or does she bleach her hair herself with box bleach? Yuck lmfao

No. 39526

File: 1552322321842.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, D9D5C0DA-098F-489B-8DC5-4E8EBA…)

I just noticed the “we buy ugly houses” van in the background
Nice backdrop lol

No. 39531

Why are so many fakebois attracted to gal? Like really wouldnt this style trigger them or something

No. 39541

But it’s Jfashion uwu it’s INCLUSIVE! and for EVERYONE!!!

Well, no I don’t know why there are so many fakebois recently. Gyaru, just like Lolita, is a feminine style. It’s there to express girlish attributes. I don’t want tumblr to ruin my passion

No. 39592

File: 1552346838188.jpg (452.07 KB, 921x1193, 19-03-11-18-13-11-880_deco.jpg)

No. 39595

I remember this. No fight even tho I was looking forward to it. Instead they did a panel together and somebody filmed it on purins page lmaoooo so I'm guessing this scenario was a lie too

And WOW she was friends with Ari too? Geeze, I wonder what happened to that friendship. sarcasm

No. 39606

File: 1552354348964.jpg (257.36 KB, 997x897, Hfvmt.jpg)

if this aint a testament to how attention starved Reina is. Does she just go around the comm starting fights with anybody? 2017, people… shes a snake.

No. 39664

What's up with the old milk/receipts? Was this around the time Lisha was posting a lot of weird posts that seemed delusional/schizo?

No. 39689


Yea, plus Ari was in the same damn circle. Idk a walk down memory lane???

No. 39705

First Reina now Nemo, it's so fucking obvious someone has a vendetta against this circle lol

No. 39707

It's even more obvious its one of the members.

No. 39717

I think people are more likely to have a vendetta against Reina herself than the circle, most of them are pretty unknown but she's pissed a lot of people off by being generally rude and a drama magnet.

No. 39718

too many people dislike her and the members for it to be just one person.

No. 39720

The other members are mostly nobodies and aren't involved in drama, though. Like there's no actual milk on them.

No. 39724

like someone said earlier. the common denominator is obviously reina herself. she’s crossed way too many people for this to be a single person with a vendetta.

No. 39733

Who's these "many people" though?? This thread made it seemd it's the entire comm when its actually 5 people outside the comm and an ex-gal

No. 39734

You’d be surprised. The things people say or do to others can leave a sour taste in many people’s mouths. I’m sure there’s milk, you just have to dig deeper to find it.

No. 39744

Reina is a notorious bitch, comes here all the time to talk shit. no doubt in my mind it’s her same fagging. she’s toxic as hell

No. 39751

It's more than 5… Way more than 5.

No. 39753

We all come here to talk shit, I'm sure all the gals come here to shit on other gals.

It's must not be worthy milk if you have to travel the 7 layers of hell to find something. Unless she done something as of this year and the year 2018 then it's not worth mentioning.

No. 39757

File: 1552439346700.gif (1.02 MB, 190x167, kingofpopcorn1.gif)

The gaijin community is pretty small. If the older & graduated girls in her area don't like her and she's already pushing off new people, there's something wrong. I've never had to interact with her in person, but I think this is a fair warning to the rest of the gaijin comm.

Karma is already dealing with her if her old ex-boyfriend is making big $$$

No. 39759

Blackout drama is happening now. The constant break-ups with Robbie are continuous. shes still not backing down on being haafu even after people found her family photos…the white knights are going in circles kek old drama my arse

No. 39762

If receipts were posted its worth mentioning stupid. I guess you want to talk about how Jojo is a two faced bitch, no one still shown any receipts to back up claim till this day.

No. 39764

Just look at her facebook or talk with her

No. 39770

The whole blackout drama was blown out of proportion, just two past members being messy.

The fiance relationship was a rollercoaster. Where's the milk in that?

But dumbass these receipts been around on fb..PUBLIC for a while now and been discussed before. Where were you?

And no idgaf what jojo do. That shits been talked about already. Next.

No. 39774

If you don't care move the fuck on its for people who don't know about her shady past stupid.

No. 39776

File: 1552447156552.jpg (265.4 KB, 1193x671, 19-03-12-22-10-05-830_deco.jpg)

Your not Reina's attorney chill. You even ranted on cgl soon as someone mumbled Reina.

No. 39777

As far as I know, the receipts haven't been posted in past threads. So I think it's a good idea to keep them archived here.

No. 39778

She basically plead guilty to doxing that girl only a few years ago and somebodyyyy [lol] is saying we cant use that as a character reference for current shenanigans?? That's not how this works.

No. 39779


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 39798

that wasn't me dumbass

No. 39830

If you don’t like the thread, stop complaining and get the fuck off of it and quit samefagging.

No. 39842

Your the only dumbass who froth at the mouth when Reina is mentioned.
You only whiteknight Reina but soon as Riko and Honey are posted your no show.

No. 39850

File: 1552504341129.gif (1.36 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Sure it wasn't….

No. 39866

whiteknight, listen up. Reina's apology doesnt mean much if she began posting Purins info once she started speaking out about what happened. abusive people will always try to silence their victims because they're not sorry. that's a fact no matter how you try to spin this. she's not sorry. few people chose to cape for Reina, only to have her turn on them.. they're learning the hard way right now. Of course she seems nice from a distance. She tricked a lot of people into thinking that and she was laughing at us the whole time.

No. 39883

The two faced bitches had to be Honey or Reina. Both whales had the most to say when they could've not comment on the drama.

No. 39885

File: 1552512502598.png (104.21 KB, 717x1086, 7878.png)

We're not allowed to post pictures of family and their social media here otherwise the debate about Eteria Drummer / Reina would end. We solved it in another Discord and she's not Japanese. Her father is Walter A Jones, a black man. Her mother goes by the last name Drummer but used to take Jones. She's a black woman. The entire family's record is available via multiple public records, so I dont know why she chooses to lie.

No. 39886

forgot to mention that both Reina and Walter's address match in public databases.

No. 39888

So she still lives at home then? Honestly she looks black or like she might be quarter Asian. Plenty of black girls have almond small squinty eyes.

No. 39890

File: 1552513211296.jpg (54.75 KB, 367x500, 167330_1695361515106_156988606…)

she does not live with parents, but this was her address when she lived with family. Were not allowed to post pictures of family members but her brothers, father, and mother are pretty damn black. especially the parents. i'd bet on my mama with extreme certainty that she has not a drop of Asian.

No. 39891


That doesn’t really mean much though. I’ve looked up my own name and it only shows the first address that I lived in with my family and I haven’t lived there in over 10 years

No. 39892

they share two address together actually. that cant be coincidence. the mother shares his last name, Jones. Plus, the databases are pulling him up as a relative.

No. 39907

anybody notice how she took the Japan flag out her twitter profile when she went private (it's back up btw)

No. 39911

wow you guys are sure fucking creepy. bravo.

No. 39913

Oh hush anon. This shit is so easy to find. At least were not revealing her full address like she did with the other girl lmao

No. 39914

File: 1552519954092.jpg (25.29 KB, 583x358, 2364.jpg)

the audacity of this anon claiming creepiness when Reina did the same thing and arguably worse

No. 39920

File: 1552521165506.gif (1.78 MB, 357x296, d2eb2d94-3427-4109-966f-711b8b…)

Anon wins dumbass of the day. Like all sites saved your info like where have you been??

No. 39922

Why are you even here lol

No. 39923

Someone should make a new thread pls

No. 39926

Jade's post was 2017, the screenshots were older.

No. 39928

Should new thread be about Reina only or just Gaijin general

No. 39941

Reina and Blackout.

No. 39957

So we can have 1100 posts of if Reina is black or not? Lame. The milk is god damn curdled.

No. 39965


No. 39966

And if you retards for a second believe that Reina has Asian in her family just because she has squinted eyes, you’re deadass autistic

No. 39986

File: 1552584390195.jpeg (39.02 KB, 599x337, 82C37503-7B77-4FC4-AD4E-9DBC51…)

Waiting for actual gaijin gyaru milk, not to attend a talking therapy session maxed out with complains about Reina dating back to 2012 and ancestory.com discrepancies

Where did she hurt you?

No. 40014

Then leave the thread until you find something interesting to complain about lol
Bravo anon

No. 40036

Bring some fresh milk to the thread then?

No. 40096

File: 1552699175075.png (488.82 KB, 738x543, Anime_North_2019_-_Google_Chro…)

No. 40103

No one

No. 40188

I didn’t know random fashion circles and hobby clubs could be “guests”

No. 40230

I'm more curious WHO on con staff made this happen?

No. 40244

Looking at others on their guest-list, it doesn't look like it takes much to qualify as a guest for this con? Absolutely no quality control.

No. 40274

Probably a small local con

No. 40294


Anime North is one of the biggest conventions in Canada, or moreso Ontario at least. Although steadily decaying in quality and con staff, it has one of the highest attendances. I'm not attending this year and I honestly don't feel like I am missing out. All of these guests are mediocre or total nobodies. I'm not sure if someone requested them or they asked themselves, but I heard that some top people in the con staff are ridiculously sjw, so that could be a thing as well.

No. 40407

Yeah, it's a pretty big con, according to google they had 34,590 in attendance last year.

They should have just had them as a "guest" the same way cons host maid cafes. Putting them on the same guest list as actual VAs and such really makes it look like they are just letting anyone in.

No. 40594

I hope kurogyaru is not the only thing they'll wear. Branch out to other styles.

No. 40724

File: 1553167548902.jpg (123.56 KB, 1080x1080, prince_botoxin_54512153_254520…)

Does this person have downs or something? They keep posting in the tags on insta and i'm getting real sick of seeing them.

No. 40734

u keep bitching about them but I checked the tags and I don't see what you are talking about. And at least its gyaru, not like all the kawaii igers that are actually spamming the tags.

No. 40739

File: 1553176483921.jpeg (16.25 KB, 275x183, 826482366.jpeg)

And at least its gyaru

Girl wtf look at this crusty mess..

No. 40740

>Pretending 99% of the japanese girls who made Gyaru what is don't have crusty af makeup when you take away the 500 filters

Give up you salty weeb

No. 40742

>crusty makeup
>fucked up hair
>cloud bathrobe

ah yes, very gyaru thanks

No. 40767

File: 1553186483260.jpg (37.85 KB, 196x130, crusty.jpg)

thank you.

No. 40783

The weird drag man dressing gyaru has her beat. Dude is in every fucking tags.

No. 40817


I'm tryna figure out how gyaru critique makeup when all gyaru make-up looks awful.

No. 40829

We have a specifi