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File: 1519928791000.jpg (73.28 KB, 640x640, 26072545_1961104457484586_8231…)

No. 517818

>scene queen turned kawaii influencer
>"mental health advocate" with self-diagnosed bipolar and body dysmorphia
>first came under fire after posting one of the most entitled videos to ever grace the kawaii sector of YouTube, where she shares the story about how she demanded Angelic Pretty let her return a $1000 dress, despite their no returns policy, because she did the price conversion wrong… then proceeded to say they probably didn't want to let her return it because the company wasn't doing well
>also blocked Lovely Lor when she did a super sweet video in Kelly's defense, all because she wasn't 100% kissing her ass and pretending she did no wrong
>can't handle any criticism and blocks whoever gives it, even blocked a fan for nicely pointing out that she forgot to censor someone's address in a mail video
>threw a tantrum over not being featured in a Final Fantasy Gallery and had the nerve to show up even after inciting her followers to harass the gallery over it
>has requested her followers pressure companies to send her free shit
>boycotted Sanrio for about two seconds for refusing to sponsor her
>does a fan mail opening series where her entitled attitude tends to seep through, she has full blown dismissed gifts she deems unworthy and has even used a fan's sign they made her as a ramp for her dog
>complains constantly about being broke, yet can afford things like expensive cosmetic procedures, $600+ pink microwaves, a purebred Pomeranian, regular clothing and furniture hauls, along with all sorts of other shit… while renting a nice house in Hollywood and a studio apartment she doesn't even actually need (and barely uses) for making videos
>sells items given to her by sponsors and has a reputation as a shitty seller
>seems to blindly accept any sponsorship, given that she will do ads for companies known for being downright harmful (flat tummy tea for example)

The Fellowship
>has a group of friends that call themselves "the Fellowship of the Rainbow" due to all of them having colorful hair
>Kelly's "best friend" and roommate Dre has been distancing herself from Kelly for a while now, the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her) Dre is now moving out this month
>also worth noting she was calling Dre her best friend after hardly knowing her at all, which is rarely a good foundation for a healthy relationship
>most of the Fellowship didn't even know Kelly was having her most recent surgery until she announced it on Twitter
>couldn't even keep her depression to herself and fake being happy for her other best friend Stephanie's wedding, and made that a center theme of the blog she made for it
>group has barely any sense of tact in public and has no problem being loud and obnoxious (two words: air horn) Steph has also worn a literal lingerie set to Disneyland

Social Media:

Previous thread:

No. 517825

"the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her)"

Any captions of this? Just curious, because i´d heard about it before but thought it was just speculation.

No. 517831

There is a cap in a previous thread.

No. 517849

I was curious too and found this in a previous thread: >>410126

No. 517853

File: 1519931943025.png (57.92 KB, 620x295, 1509083726199.png)

Posted the same exact day that Dre announced hitting 100k subs, and right around when she first mentioned Dre wanted to keep their channels more separate.

No. 517855

Kelly is on it deleting comments on her latest IG post. There was tons of comments of people calling her out. I refresh and they're all gone.

No. 517860

File: 1519932233769.png (924.54 KB, 1242x2208, 7EE59D1E-D15A-44C9-B4E2-408A5B…)

She deleted this.

No. 517892

Honestly, while I definitely think Kelly is probably a very draining/potentially toxic person to be close to and most likely has BPD… I'm kinda on her side with this one.

I started watching Kelly when she only had like 35k subs and Dre was essentially a nobody. Dre's audience was pretty much entirely Kelly's fans until about 60-75k subs when she started to get recognition outside of "Kelly Eden's roommate". Then once she got her own audience and began to surpass Kelly, she wanted their channels separate.

Doesn't anyone else think it's sketchy AF that she was more than happy to do videos with Kelly for all that time, but the second she surpasses her in subs she wants to distance herself? I wouldn't think anything of her desire to get her own audience if it weren't for the fact that by the time she actually did that, she already had milked Kelly's for all it was worth. So yeah, imo Dre was straight up using Kelly until she got what she wanted and no longer needed her to further her audience.

Also, keep in mind that at the time Dre did this, Kelly wasn't seen as problematic at all (even if you go to her PULL thread, you'll notice that no one was starting to seriously criticize her until months after that) so you can't even justify it with not wanting Kelly to tarnish her brand.

No. 517899

File: 1519933745962.jpg (96.55 KB, 915x960, 1515752254818.jpg)

Holy fuck, I knew her fan base was cultish, but justifying her scamming her Patreon supporters with "maybe don't give hundreds of dollars to a stranger?" is a whole other level. Absolutely appalling.

No. 517924

File: 1519934524102.png (79.27 KB, 557x781, Untitled.png)

Her Patreon needs to be updated honestly. Also looking at her goals it looks like a lot of people unsubscribed to her and the second goal was deleted, anyone knows what it was?
Here's a peak of her Patreon posts from last month, maybe her patreons will finally get a SM skit, or maybe it's backtracking for all the backlash she's been getting for not putting one out in over a year.

No. 517952

It's not sketchy, it's called having boundaries and wanting to be seen as a creator in her own right. Everything Kelly does is Kelly Eden™, her other friends have their own channels, she was always going on about how she loved getting friends to start up on YouTube.

No. 517961

I believe the last time I looked at her Patreon her second goal was to buy a house and in turn that would help her get her own tv show. I can’t remember exactly what it said but it definitely had to do with buying a house.

No. 517963

"Potentially toxic"

I'm sure that Dre had been feeling like she wanted to distance herself for a while. People don't just wake up one day and decide something like that. She probably got sick of Kelly's shit really fast but hadn't found a way to tell her because she was worried about her reaction (we've all seen that people have to tiptoe around Kelly since she has outbursts where she plays the victim). Also, Kelly has been problematic, whether or not threads had been created against her yet or not. I'm sure that the people who have worked with her or are friends with her/were friends with her have realized this.

I don't want to insinuate that you are Kelly, but your post sounds very bitter towards Dre. Dre isn't perfect either but I doubt that she had an agenda to use Kelly to get fame.

No. 517966

Samefag. I was wrong, the second goal wasn’t to buy a house. That one is still there at #10.

No. 517970

Or Dre didn’t want to be known for leeching off of Kelly and wanted to continue to grow her channel without her. To prove she could do it on her own.

No. 517972

File: 1519938037896.png (134.87 KB, 581x519, sjkfhd.png)

Lol rting Audrey Kitching after she was recently mentioned in her last thread

I'm sick of her making it sound like she got some huge life saving surgery. It's cosmetic surgery FFS.

No. 517985

Iirc tlc or a&e (or one of those shitty channels) wanted to do a reality tv show with kelly and it was a serious offer. I'm assuming because she is renting a duplex style apartment home they would have to get approval from the landlord and tenants and most likely did not get that approval.

No. 517991

I get that, but why wait until after you already got all the followers you could from your friend's fan base? Even if using Kelly wasn't her intention, she picked timing that would inevitably make it look bad. You have to admit the timing is suspicious even if you don't think she was using her. If she had done it before she hit the peak of what she was going to get from Kelly, I wouldn't think anything of it, but to do it right after doesn't look good.

>I don't want to insinuate that you are Kelly, but your post sounds very bitter towards Dre.

And all the posts I make about Kelly are bitter toward her, just like everyone else's. Of course it sounds bitter about Dre when she's the focus. That's the point of the site. Bitching about cows and their friends you don't like.

No. 518000

File: 1519939465993.jpg (99.17 KB, 875x425, Screenshot_20180301-211705.jpg)

Not very milky but it seems that Kelly is losing more followers than she's gaining on Instagram. Same can't be said about her youtube or Twitter though. (Screenshot from socialblade)

No. 518002

File: 1519939608537.jpg (85.27 KB, 727x405, Screenshot_20180301-211900.jpg)

Especially when you compare it to Dre's insta. That's quite a difference in daily average growth.

No. 518011

Given that most of her posts are recycled or boring as fuck, I'm not the least bit surprised.

No. 518014

I mean… She is not losing more followers than she is gaining with an average of +28…

No. 518029

Different anon, but I totally agree with this. Dre milked the cow as much as she could, to then decide she wanted to "distance herself". Granted, the more you know a person and the closer you get, the more you get to know their true essence. Still, I believe that without kelly Dre would never get to where she is now. And the only reason she surpassed Kelly was Chris Villain, after she got exposed to his fanbase. Tbh, she didn't grow by herself at all.

No. 518032


I believe the daily average covers their instagram growth over all time, not just recently, so it won't be properly negative anytime soon, if that makes sense? If it was just this week's daily average then it would be negative.

No. 518035

Don't forget it was also the PASTEL GOTH critique video that Dre made with Kelly. That video really shot Dre's popularity and got her over 100k subs while Kelly was still in 90k subs. After that video, Dre thought she was hot shit and decided to do her own thing. Before the Pastel Goth video, Dre was a nobody and I remember she had only 20k subs while Kelly had almost 100k subs, but not quite there yet.

so I get why Kelly was bitter and hurt.

No. 518045

I can see your user icon at the bottom Anon, you should request deletion of that post.

Nice work on the OP!

No. 518052

This so hard

Kelly might be a cow, but that doesn't mean Dre didn't use her. Whether it was intentional or not, that was still the outcome.

No. 518069

I highly doubt that was the goal. I'm sure Dre just realised how quickly she was growing her channel/brand/whatever and probably realised if she didn't pull out soon she'd be stuck as a Pink and Green duo forever. I don't blame her for wanting to be on her own.

No. 518078


not just that but you could make the exact same claim for Kelly too, she just wants to leech of of Dre's following because like everyone said, it's the Kelly show, I don't blame Dre for tapping out, unless they have a contract she owes Kelly nothing

No. 518263

On the topic about the reality show, was there any proof this ever was on the table? I remember her talking about in a vlog but she talks alot of shit so wondered if there's any proof

No. 518296

File: 1519956632962.jpeg (498.7 KB, 1242x2051, AFF979AA-8F39-41A0-946E-2AD3B9…)

So I guess they are friends again? Guess she has been reading here again kek

No. 518341

can we PLEASE talk about Dre's horrendous tattoos? She picks out tattoos like a 12 years old mall "goth" wannabe, it makes perfect sense that she works with Hot Topic…

No. 518374

she is following dre again after the fact that someone pointed it out

No. 518384

she followed chris as wellllll damn kelly cant u be more obvious, you're so reading this thread

No. 518401


I said this in the previous thread before it closed, I'm wondering if everyone realized that the radio silence between them is causing bad optics and harming their Fellowship of the Rainbow 'image'…

I've never been on a forum like this one, before yesterday. I am not a 'fan' of Kelly Eden per se; she is just one of the channels I watch or have on in the background when I'm getting ready to work. Sometimes I check their instagrams because I like their style and use it for inspiration when I'm making arts and crafts.

If even I, a casual viewer that does not watch every video of theirs, noticed how off everything has been lately, then how are genuine fans reacting about all of this drama?

I became curious enough that I searched Kelly and Dre's social media accounts to see if I could glean some information, but nothing. I even braved the Youtube comment sections, and again, nothing.

So I googled my question and ended up on here and some other 'youtube' forum. I ended up reading and wow, I had no idea of half the stuff that was going on, much less this latest moving situation.

My point is this: If I, a casual viewer, can tell something is off, and then I go off to search for answers, then I can only imagine how many other fans have done the same thing and are reading these same forums I have read yesterday and today. These threads not only put Kelly in a bad light, but it puts the rest of the group in a bad light as well. Considering how bad everyone's money situation has been lately, I don't doubt they decided to act civil in order to quell any suspicion and prevent more viewers from finding theses threads.

No. 518419

why the fuck are you repeating your post again? You already wrote the same post, word for word, on #3 thread. Sage your shit.

No. 518421

Can you repeat that one more time? Wtf?

No. 518423


Do you have to be so upset? And actually, I edited this comment and removed a few sentences, so it's actually not 'word for word' if you want to be technical…

Anyway, I posted it again because I don't know if anyone saw it, since I made it late at night and this new thread was started shortly after.

I have no idea what 'sage' means, sorry.

No. 518426

when you post, unless its some sort of new information, type 'sage' into where it says the email should go

No. 518430

A lot of people read these threads, people are more likely to reply if they have something to add or to disagree, doesn't mean we aren't reading if people don't respond. Everyone read the initial post hence the responses now…

Sage means write the word "sage" in the email field which prevents the thread being bumped if you are not adding new information. (blue "Anonymous" vs green)
Opinion counts as not new information, screencaps are new information.

No. 518441


Alright, I appreciate the information. I Hope I'm doing this correctly.

Like I said, I've never been on this type of forum before. And to be honest, I doubt I will stay around here, since I do not think I'm the target demographic. It's not just the forum rules that I unfamiliar with, it's also the way the conversations go that sometimes baffle me. Some of these threads I read last night and today left me feeling old, if that makes since.

No. 518443

When I found these forums I was like "dese bitchez" but here I am still contributing a month later. I recommend clicking the links to OT and G, the people who use this site are actually pretty good/kind people under our bitchy exteriors.
But yeah the format is pretty much throwing down a comment and walking away, any serious topic development is derailing. It's pretty interesting regardless

No. 518449

where can I find info about kelly blocking Lor bc of the AP drama??? curious to see about this…

No. 518456


I do not want to derail this thread, so I will make this my last comment on the subject. I see the value in this forum; I ended up binge reading on it last night and today. I've learned a lot about several youtubers that I regularly watch.

I'm glad that this forum has exposed their phony personas, even if I wasn't really invested in them to begin with. Although I enjoyed watching them, sometimes these channels would make me feel inadequate about my life; these men and women are mostly younger than me, yet they have accomplished much more than I have. They seem to have everything figured out and they are living wonderful, successful lives. I now see that it really isn't as great as they make it out to be.

In a way, this strange forum has made me feel like I'm doing okay. I don't have a fancy house, I don't have a lot of friends, I don't go on trips or get latest makeup or fashionable clothes. I'm 'old', I work 50 hours a week and I'm always tired. But you know what? I love my friends and at least I can say I haven't hurt or lied to anyone. At least I can go to bed knowing that my friends really value me and aren't trying to use me.

I realize this all sounds corny, but it's past midnight, I'm tired, and I'm still trying to digest the fact that most of the youtubers I watched and admired were noting but liars this whole time.

Ah, well. To anyone reading, good night.

No. 518460

Anon, that's probably why most of us are here. I know you're new to this so I'll give you a bit of a pass, but most people here like to talk about cows because they make us feel better about our own lives and situations. most cows are people who project an ideal or enviable life, but underneath it all they're sad shitty people who are filing the void in their life with superficial shit instead of meaningful friendships and relationships.

Welcome to lolcow.

No. 518517

Anyone know if Glitter and Gloom Gaming is still happening? Haven't heard it mentioned in a while.

No. 518608


Sorry pal, but no one cares. If you like the forum keep reading and contributing, if you're not that invest on it (which seems unlikely, for someone that binge read the thread - I contribute regularly and i´ve never read it all) then just ignore it. Saged

No. 518650

File: 1519999405909.jpeg (121.93 KB, 361x500, 31FFD41A-F2B0-4991-873F-0B9F27…)

Not much milk, just Lor mentioning it on Twitter. She also Tweeted another one along the lines of "She blocked me over that video!" Given the timeframe and the "I was rotting for you! We were all rooting for you!" gig, it's clearly about Kelly.

No. 518778

File: 1520010947416.png (677.6 KB, 589x560, Capture.PNG)

I know it's a Kelly thread, but I have to weigh in and agree. My favourite of her horrible tattoos is the one for when Carrie Fisher died. It looks like a kid who just started learning to draw did it. It's so bad. Not to mention the artist fucked up when he/she wrote the "You're My Only Hope" because they spelled it "your" and realised it needed the e and the ' and they squished it in there. It's so obvious too. Photo related.

No. 518864

holy fuck, this is worse than the weird boy one Kelly got removed. Why didn't she get laser surgery for this one as well?

No. 518871

Lol that's one of Dre's. Someone was commenting on how bad Dre's tattoos are.

No. 518950

File: 1520026308885.jpg (34.34 KB, 480x480, 12301330_221566954841847_18793…)

Whoever Photoshopped this needs to uninstall it immediately.

No. 518953

File: 1520026584596.png (407.09 KB, 650x599, 1.PNG)

yikes… I guess Dre wanted a Sailor Jerry style but you need a really good tattoo artist to pull that off. The pistol looks so thin in that tattoo, too. more horrible tattoos on her chest

No. 518957

File: 1520026758709.png (631.91 KB, 1207x617, 1.PNG)

and another pic of terrible arm tattoos. Dre does NOT have a good tattoo coordination, she just picks a bunch of random designs and puts them on her body.

No. 518959

however I have to say that I am impressed with Dre for losing a lot of weight. Back before she became popular for "Pastel Goth" critique video, she used to be much heavier.

old video from early 2016:

She definitely lost some weight and looks much better now. I just wish she'd stop getting bad tattoos :/

No. 518961

Ngl Dre literally looks so different between each picture I see of her throughout the thread that the only indicator that its her is the green hair.

No. 518988

Put the link in the YouTube bar to embed it!
Stops them from getting views
Which I guess doesn't matter too much since she's been demonetized lmao
Polite sage, hope this doesn't count as mini modding

No. 519001


Dre is actually remonetized now, she posted it on her twitter a few hours ago.

No. 519026

File: 1520031955703.png (171.03 KB, 750x1334, 9EC5A6F3-8976-42CC-982F-9787F0…)

I’d be proud of her for her weight loss if she had just been honest about it. She ignored any comment about her losing weight and in a life Instagram video said she wouldn’t answer any questions about it… but then she went on twitter after months of people asking and said the only change she made to lose the weight was she started drinking more water. LOL OKAY DRE.

No. 519028

File: 1520031982287.png (208.06 KB, 750x1334, 889BB9FA-1F7B-42D4-B604-987561…)

No. 519068

File: 1520033829617.png (2.01 MB, 1038x1184, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.29…)

But she did loose weight and she looks good, she should be proud and not "lets stop talking about it" ??
esp in her most recent insta post.

I remember someone asking if she was actually plus size (or something along those lines) and she got super defensive and was all like "oh no, I AM plus size, i'm just tall"

she strangely touchy about that subject. It's like she thinks being plus size is such a huge part of her image that she's not special if she's not?

sage bc dre and idk if anyone cares

No. 519095

File: 1520037004884.png (379.32 KB, 1242x1979, IMG_1899.PNG)

So last I checked this thread was about kelly. Make a Dre one and take your shit there and stop derailing.

Why didn't she get a breast reduction again? She's obviously gotten lipo, did she think the huge fake boobs are going to look passable now?

No. 519152

uhh, we talk about Dre and Dre and Kelly are heavily involved together and ther's drama between them, no point in making a new Dre thread unless she moves out and does her thing.

No. 519154

the crazy thing is that Dre was a nobody fattie when she first moved in with Kelly and Kelly was at her prime and slimmer back then. Now Dre's lost weight and looks much better than in the past years but Kelly seems to struggle with body issues a lot. I find it ironic that Dre seems more confident and happier with herself despite being really fat before.

No. 519177

I don’t think confidence and being fat have anything to do with each other

No. 519178

No. 519234

idk, most of the time when girls don't want to address their weight loss is because they're doing things to lose weight that most people would get upset about, like ED shit.

Sage because Dre and there's absolutely no proof, but most people who make a good weight loss are pretty quick to brag about it or share advice.

No. 519247

So if she has an ED we make fun of her for it?

No. 519251

Exactly. And if she were telling the truth about it just being a matter of “drinking moar water*~” then why did it take her months and months to say so? Whenever people asked she’d get angry or dodge the question altogether instead of just shrugging it off or acknowledging it. Not to mention, I don’t know if any of you have tried to lose weight but it isn’t easy, and with the significant amount of weight dre lost I doubt she “wasn’t trying” or just “drinking lots of water”. Saged for opinion.

No. 519267

nah. just pointing out that's probably why she's hiding her methods of losing weight.

yup. just "drinking more water" doesn't make you lose weight. that's literally the stupidest thing I've ever read. you make a lifestyle change, whether it's good or bad. if she was working out or eating healthy, she would probably post about it. I'm calling it here, she's doing some bad habit shit. maybe not full ED but it's clearly not anything good.

No. 519307

A while ago (I don't remember where) Dre said she started losing weight after her and Seth broke up cuz she became a lot less stressed and started eating less.
But agree, idk why she refuses to talk about it so much

No. 519379

I personally feel that Kelly's thread should be open to the rest of the fellowship of the rainbow. A lot of Kelly's milk involves them, and I don't think Kelly is milky enough on her own. The drama and in fighting between all of them gets brought up a lot.

No. 519401

Weight is such a sensitive subject, especially to someone who is overweight, so I reckon Dre just doesn't wanna talk about it. LA people are particulary disgusting about it and relate being skinny = looking good. She might even be underpressure by hottopic to lose the weight. I personally preferred it when Dre was representing plus size models. Now she's just turning into a basic L.A. bitch since she got ~*faMous~ and they're a dime to the dozen. I don't think she has an ED. I do think she has been actively trying to lose weight, but because (I think) it's a sensitive subject to her she doesn't want to talk about or promote weight loss. It would be a lot better if she properly and honestly addressed the subject though.

Sage for opinion and not kelly

No. 519411

When/where was This tattoo shown? She’s pretty young, so I imagine a lot of the tattoos were chosen at 18/19, which I feel like is a little understandable? (I would have gotten shit tattoos at 18) but yeah this one is not great.


No. 519413

There isn't really any milk or drama between them with the exception of Kelly and Dre. The rest are pretty boring.

No. 519415

wasn't there apparently one member of the fellowship who hated kelly?

No. 519420

Someone posted in her first thread that they knew one member who was trying to distance themselves from her but there was never anything to back it up. It was probably Dre.

No. 519432


I agree, Dre has become a basic bitch. She used to have a sort of shy charm about her and I enjoyed seeing her grow in confidence but it has reached an insufferable level for me. She actually bothers me more than Kelly these days.

No. 519451

stumbled across this older vid

she says she suffers from body dysmorphia, manic depression, & add

weird how she says we need to stop making mental illness jokes but that's kinda exactly what she does instead of actually seeking help? everyone has been in support of her seeking legitimate treatment but she has still done nothing

No. 519457

samefag. she addresses the fake nerd/anime girl accusations in this

there's also a question that asks who her anime waifu is and she switches it to "husbando"

No. 519460

I think what irks me about this is that you can tell she googled all of the answers beforehand so she can sound like she knows stuff about anime when she doesn't. She also only mentions really mainstream stuff like Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z and Miyazaki.

No. 519596

My guess would be her discomfort talking about it revolves more around her fan base. A lot of Dre's "brand" centers around being plus size and body positive, and when influencers known for that lose weight, their fans often see it as some kind of betrayal. Fatties who don't want to better themselves often get bitter over people intentionally losing weight because they're acknowledging that being fat is a bad thing by doing so.

No. 519612

I second this.

Also, does anyone else find it uncomfortable how Kelly has began to really embrace her underage audience when a huge chunk of her channel centers around her adventures with her porn star friends, who she heavily promotes?

I'm not usually one to go "think of the children!" when it comes to YouTubers, but I genuinely worry about the influence the Fellowship might have on their underage viewers.

No. 519644

She literally got this right after Carrie Fisher died. The end of 2016. So, she had to have been 20 (born in '96, I believe). I don't think the content is bad or is it in any way related to her age. It's just that for someone who is allegedly so artistic, you'd think she'd be a little more choosy over her tattoo artist. Everything about this tattoo is trash. My favourite though is the line work on the blaster and the hand haaaaaaaaa so bad.

No. 519653

Someone mentioned Dre becoming a basic bitch, and damn does she act like one at the end of this video. "My hair is a mess" - girl, shut up. It looks better fallen down like that than it did when you had it all shittly curled on top of your head like some mossy, judge wig mohawk.

No. 519719

What does Dre even do that's artistic other than super basic bitch mallgoth DIY? She comes off as one if those people who wants to be seen as a creative type, but doesn't actually have much to back it up.

No. 519729

Hence the "allegedly".

She works as a makeup artist and has a few - as you mentioned - DIYs.

Apparently her educational background is steep in artsy fartsy stuff too - Waldorf or something silly like that.

No. 519748

True, except she crucified fans for complimenting her weight loss, even picking a random comment off her Instagram complimenting her to screenshot and post on Twitter labeling that person as being problematic. She didn’t even blur their username. The fan was genuinely trying to be nice and give Dre a compliment to make her feel good and she dragged her for it.

No. 519762

Re: water and weight loss.

Dre is young and it's much easier (although still not necessarily easy) to lose weight when you're young. Also, if she switched her drinking habits from calorie loaded drinks to water, then yes, simply drinking water WOULD cause weight loss.

And, she is still plus sized as I'm fairly certain she is still in at least a size 10.

No. 519885

I’m pretty sure this was previously discussed in an older thread because Dre publicly apologized on twitter saying it was wrong of her to call that person out. Pretty sure there were screen shots in that post as well. It was all on her twitter. Instead of how kelly handles things and thinks she’s right no matter what

No. 519895

I don't think Dre has an eating disorder because she's been losing the weight really gradually and she looks pretty healthy to me but there is NO way that she is just drinking more water. She has to be either eating less calories or being more active.

That being said, she's not plus size anymore, I think at her largest she was a 12, 12 is generally the lowest plus size there is but is also usually carried in standard sizes. I also haven't heard her refer to herself as plus size since she lost weight though so I don't think that's an issue.

In the modeling world, plus size means something different but she's not a legit model anyway so let's not even get into that.

Now, the only tattoo of Dre's that I've ever really noticed and hated are her two chest tattoos, they're ugly tattoos and they're really old and have been stretched and shrunk. Since it's been pointed out though, I'm really noticing how bad all of her tattoos are, my god, she's looks like a 5 year old's sticker book.

No. 520012

It's funny y'all act like you're so much better than kelly and the fellowship when you're not. You're mean for no reason, you're broke, and you're bitches. You're probably jealous of the fellowship girls. You all act like they did something to you personally and it's fucking hilarious how you guys fucking stalk her to a point to up her government name, her address, body shame, drop slurs, but then go "no kelly is bad! she was mean to me and she also bought a dog and she's a fat girl!!!" W H O C A R E S if y'all hate the woman so much why does it bother you? Are you mad that you're not kelly? Also, why are you slut shaming Steph, she gets money from having a great body and sharing it with whomever pays and unlike most of y'all she's married and happy. You people are the ones who need to get help if you're in here fucking talking shit about a person you will never meet, have never met, and will continue to live their life on the internet making more money than you. She's a true scammer, because you were scammed into caring. Iconic, truly, honestly.

No. 520015

She is literally unable to give a substantive answer to half of these. And Inuyasha came out a million years ago and isn't even that good (this coming from a Rumiko Takahashi fan). Everything she mentions has been on tv dubbed or was on Netflix. She couldn't even give an example of ONE SCENE that she counted among her favorites and somehow thinks the late student running to school with toast trope is the best thing ever.

There's that heternormative bullshit with the waifu question. People who have waifus are not all boys? When she describes her favorite openings and endings, it's mostly Inuyasha (which too be fair had great music) and she likes them because….they show all the characters and allude to their relationships? Like every other anime op/ed??? There are so many actually stylish or cinematic iconic openings of popular shows like Cowboy Bebop or Evangelion or Utena.

She says her least favorite thing about anime is the people who accuse her of being a fake fan "because of her appearance." I'm sorry, but who the hell grew up in the 90s, claims to love magical girls, but is only seeing CCS for the first time in 2018? It was re-aired network TV for YEARS, and I know this because it took me years to record all the episodes on with my VCR. Sage for sperging, but what the actual hell. I can't believe I live in a time where people pretend to like anime to be cool. "Now you guys are seeing how weird I really am!" SMH.

No. 520030

Feel better about yourself?

No. 520040

>Hi Kelly, good luck on your future plastic procedures!

No. 520041

Oh no girl i always felt great about myself! But i hope you feel good about yourself!!

No. 520046

but to be like c l e a r this isn't kelly or dre or steph or envy or anyone else from the fellowship just a Caucasian woman who is a fan of scamming and scammers

No. 520059

Lol what even.

Definitely not broke, honey. Paid off my house last year and bought a second new car this year. Just hate how shitty Kelly is as a person. She has potential to be a really good influence in areas such as LGBTQ (pending she's ACTUALLY bi), mental health, and being an all around decent role model for young girls, yet she is just a pile of shit who blames everything on her alleged mental illnesses, can't take criticism, own up to her mistakes, or even follow through on promises for a simple Patreon page. Most people on here are people who used to be fans of hers before she started showing her true colours.

No. 520064

Baby, if you're making money, then why are you so mad about how this grown ass woman spends hers? girl you take all that money and be a grown ass person and live your best life instead of ripping on someone else who is! It's not your money she's spending so who cares!

No. 520075

because her money comes from people who think she's going to use it to do sailor moon skits? But in reality she just spends it on plastic surgery?

No. 520079

But you're not answering my question, it's not your money so why do you care? It's not effecting you directly so why is it so important to you?

No. 520083

Jesus stop fueling a troll.

No. 520099

okay but it's not yours so why do you care?

No. 520104

omg thank u sis!! y'all are getting boring wig! i'll take my leave but remember it's not your money she's scamming with so it shouldn't matter! Kelly is a liar, a scammer, and a real messy bitch who lives for drama but also don't body shame just because y'all might not like someone doesn't make it right! love you kisses xoxo gossip girl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 520107

>you didn't fall for a scam so therefore you shouldn't care if scams are being carried out elsewhere

yeah no that's not how it works
if you were prosecuting someone who was running a ponzi scheme, telling the jury 'yeah, but you didn't fall for it, so you should let the defendant go free!' isn't going to earn you any points.
you stupid cunt.

No. 520114

ur mad sis, it's okay to say that you're mad. just admit that you hate someone you don't know who has never done anything to you because you're a jealous person! it's okay! yeah it is that way because just like those people who paid for kelly's new face, you just just got scammed! k! have fun! bye~

No. 520115

Just shhh. To say we are broke and jealous, no. Some of us like to bring attention to people that just milk money and use people. Kelly has used lots of people, look at her old MAC Denver family who did sweet stuff for her and she just wants nothing with them. Her old Goth MALE roommates who would bring her stuff, take her out, introduce her to people when she first moved to California…and then she just cut them out. She moved in with Demonpuff…then threw shades, when Demonpuff was just trying to help her out and introduce her to people and invite her to Shrinkle (makeup artist) events. She had a high position at Makeup Forever and quit within less than a month, which screwed the schedules and time of a lot of people. Kelly later gets roommates with new people who pay rent and she just instructs them how and what to do around the house to keep her "aesthetics", because she is a control freak. Then the ginger guy with Dre move in, and she films them all the time, breaking their space and boundaries for views on her ig and yt. Seth moves out, and Dre later has issues with Kelly. Kelly constantly re-adds/deletes Dre and Kota. When she first got to L.A cause issues with flirting with Ashley Purdy. She just has screwed lots of people. Didn't give an ounce of shit when Davey was being screwed over with his music label, and just wanted attention to herself. I can go on. Why so many people distance themselves from this girl. She use to be sweet but that damn ego. Hollywood for y'all. Its a small sad circle. Also, could care less that Stephanie films and works with nudity, just be authentic with photoshop when you constantly talk about body positivity.

No. 520120

Holy shit, I didn't see that. Caps?

No. 520132

please report the troll and get them banned. Stop replying to a troll and focus on the topic.

No. 520178

File: 1520136916532.jpeg (213.86 KB, 750x1334, F145E649-2381-406F-8E42-C2E9DD…)

Here you go!

No. 520193

sigh. when people go out of their way to find things to be offended about. guess she doesn't get much in the way of real 'oppression' in her life, so she's gotta start shit and make a fan feel like garbage for sympathy.

No. 520197


It's internet celebrities own faults threads like these exist. They treat all criticism equally whether valid and respectful or slander and things that are actually offensive. They just delete it all.

When you censor your audience like that, that means they have to go elsewhere to talk and instead of their comments getting buried in thousands of youtube and instagram comments, they end up on a forum where it pops up on the first page when people google your name.

When you're constantly putting your own voice and opinion out there, it's only fair to allow people to disagree or respond with their own opinion. You don't even need to read it or respond to it, just simply let their voice as exist as yours does.

No. 520206

I can’t find it because I’m bad at twitter but she did respond to this saying she was sorry and it was wrong of her to do this and she tried to reach out to the girl for a personal apology even

No. 520231

File: 1520143083653.jpg (211.15 KB, 561x881, photomagic(1)(5).jpg)

Some ancient milk, but I think it's time "Lovely" Lor took down her "helpful" video which is now very old news, but still shows up as the first video result for Kelly, pic related. It's obvious it was always made because Lor is a 2/10 in every department. I just watched a Lor video and then switched to the start of a Kelly one and K looks like an angel in comparison to the sunken-eyed, horse-faced, personality-free, monotone Lor. The only motivation for that video was jealousy, and IIRC she even calls Kelly a bimbo in the video. Very "helpful" and "lovely".

No. 520234

File: 1520143171018.jpg (233.65 KB, 561x864, photomagic(1)(4).jpg)

Ancient milk pt 2, comments on Lor's original Instagram post where people pointed out the video was bullying

No. 520243

That's exactly right, that's why I read lolcow. To get actual truthful opinions. Nearly every single person on social media blocks and deletes anything that isn't praise, and it gives a false impression. For example the artist mab graves is obviously a ripoff of mark Ryden. You never see that mentioned on her Instagram, or any criticism.
I looked her up on youtube and found a comment where someone said she blocks and deletes any mention of Mark Ryden from her page. They create a "perfect" social media space which is just a hug-box. They will say they are only blocking trolls but it's actually ALL opinion which isn't flattery.

Honest people have to go elsewhere to have any kind of discussion.

No. 520333

File: 1520157054305.jpg (126.7 KB, 719x619, Screenshot_20180304-095018.jpg)

From lovely lors curious cat.
Yeah it's totally normal for someone to act like a child and block everyone that doesn't suck her asshole.

No. 520350

I don't really blame Kelly for blocking Lor. She acts like she's super sugary sweet and was trying to be ~helpful~, but she was just cashing in on the drama for views. I found Tyler's video on the situation funny/accurate, but she was a massive bitch in her commentary to the point where ofc Kelly wasn't going to listen to her criticism. How did Lor seriously expect a video where she states her approval of it and essentially repeats it would go over well with Kelly? I know she wasn't super bitchy like Tyler in her summary of why Kelly fucked up, but she was still fueling the drama for views.

No. 520353

How the fuck do so many people in these threads like Dre so much? She's such a bitch. She's worse than Kelly. Kelly's ridiculousness is at least entertaining, Dre is just insufferable.

No. 520372

That’s because Kelly is a fucking bitch. Since when are you guys white knighting her. She deserved everything she got for entitled bratty trip to Japan. Dre is also a bitch. But I guess in cmapirason to Kelly she is better. Her ego just grew.

No. 520404

I feel like the Dre hate is so unwarranted and derailing. She wrote a genuine apology for this, which Kelly would never in a million years do. I'm much more inclined to give someone the benefit of the doubt if they can own up to their mistakes. Especially when she's so much younger than Kelly!

And I have to agree with her points. I once lost 40 pounds but it was because I was caring for a disabled family member and was incredibly depressed and didn't have the resources to take care of someone else and myself. I had always wanted to lose some weight, but when I got compliments on my weight loss, it felt pretty shitty to have my weight loss be something people praised me for when was the result of me being stuck in an awful situation that I didn't want to talk about.

Dre's content has only gotten better with time, she actually does things with her skills, like being in a band and actually working as a makeup artist and getting sponsorships where she doesn't try to sell the free stuff she gets on depop after she makes a video. Kelly is so much more obviously an obnoxious and shitty person, so I don't get where the hate is coming from.

No. 520448

The term whiteknight gets so fucking overused on this site to the point where it's lost its meaning. Anon straight up says they agree with Tyler's video, but acknowledges that it was over the top in its cuntiness, so they're a whiteknight? Anything short of sucking the asshole of anyone shitting on a cow makes you a whiteknight on here.

Do you have autism? I'm being serious, not trying to be edgy. Because it's a defining trait of autism not to understand why people aren't going to take your point into consideration when you word it in a totally assholish way. Obviously, Kelly isn't one to accept criticism no matter how it's delivered, but if you don't get why even the most rational person would dismiss Tyler's video given how bitchy she was, then you might be a literal autist.

No. 520450

Yeah, but you're not a social media influencer. When you're a social media influencer, obviously people are going to comment when you lose a bunch of weight and you need to handle it gracefully instead of "let's stop talking about it!" And yeah, she apologized to that girl, but she still makes a big deal about people commenting on her weight loss and jumped the "let's make fun of children on the internet!" bandwagon that only the most shit-tier YouTubers participate in. So yeah, Dre is still a bitch.

No. 520487

Tin foil, but I'm pretty sure Dre participates in these threads.

>someone in Kelly's friend circle clearly comes in here and Dre is the one she's having the most issues with that we know of

>there's a suspicious amount of praise and whiteknighting of her despite the fact she's a cringey fatty mallgoth and the type of person who would annoy most farmers
>said praise and whiteknighting coincidentally happens to escalate when she's about to move out

No. 520541

Agreed. I don’t get why Dre snaps when people ask questions about her or Kelly when they broadcast most of her life. Like this Dre losing weight topic, or when she flipped out on people for asking why Kelly was getting her shitty tattoo removed… on an Instagram video kelly posted of her GETTING HER SHIITY TATTOO REMOVED. “You can watch the video of her tattoo being removed but how dare you ask why!!!!” You put your whole life out there with the sole purpose of gaining fame, you can’t get mad and lash out when people notice things about you that have changed physically or when they ask you questions that you may not like.

No. 520617


LOL the Dre hate is so not unwarranted.
First of all, her content has not gotten better, it's mostly sponsored or PR content right now. 4/5 of her last videos are sponsored or PR. The other video features her pretend sucking on a shot glass for big lips.

Secondly, as flawed as Kelly is, Dre was 100% using her, maybe she didn't set out to use her but she did and then dropped her the second she had enough of a following to break out on her own. The only reason I knew who Dre was or ever started following her was because of Kelly.

Thirdly, did you not see the video she made with some other Youtuber where they just made fun of a bunch of primary school kids on musicly? She gets so triggered over all of these social issues but hey, making fun of kids when you have a platform and they don't is okay.

Then, we can talk about how 21 is still well into adulthood where you should know better than to act like a complete cunt to your fans that are at least half children.

She won't even open mail on camera because mail is private. How rude is it to be sent gifts and not even acknowledge the person that gave them to you? I don't see the issue considering her channel is desperate for content, it's nearly a ghost town on there.

If Dre actually produced enough content to warrant her own thread, we could talk about there. But instead she's a walking talking uber bitch commercial that has no problem using and dropping people the second she's sucked all that she can out of them.

I wonder how long it will be before she realizes Bad Wolf (who are amazing btw) aren't getting her anywhere and drop them too to try some dumb failing solo project featuring her whisper singing.

Oh, how about that time when she kept posting pics of her and Chris cosplaying together where they were nearly kissing and then flipped out because people were asking if they were together?

No. 520662

Oh god, the tattoo thing was so fucking annoying.

Like yeah- when you're removing a tattoo of your mother you should probably explain the reasoning otherwise people are gonna wonder if something is up. What's so difficult about being like "I think the tattoo is ugly and want a prettier one"?

I don't think that YouTubers should have to divulge every detail of their lives, but when stuff is right in your audience's face, they're reasonably gonna have questions.

No. 520674

I couldn't agree more, anon.

I'm really sick of all the people using Dre's age as an excuse as if that means she doesn't deserve criticism for her shitty behavior just as much as Kelly or any other person discussed on this site. Like holy shit, 21 is old enough to know that making fun of little kids for bad singing to thousands of people is super fucked up. A fucking 13 should know that.

No. 520683

I can totally get why she'd be annoyed by the comments. I think this would have been fine without the screenshot of the comments.

No. 520713

>I don't think that YouTubers should have to divulge every detail of their lives, but when stuff is right in your audience's face, they're reasonably gonna have questions.

Kelly does this with everything. Even now, she's doing it with her surgery (her entire twitter feed is her talking about having surgery, posting pictures of herself in bandages, making tweets about her doctor and how grateful she is to have survived and other histrionic shit but refusing to give any details about it other than it was cosmetic). It's a double whammy of attention-seeking because she gets to put something online for attention but be vague, and then victimize herself when people ask questions about it because how DARE they it's so invasive!!

It's like vaguebooking. People should grow out of that behavior…

No. 520742

Oh god, they're so obnoxious when it comes to whining about people asking totally valid questions about things they put out to the public.

>tattoo removal
>marital status

>weight loss
>relationship with Chris
>Kelly's tattoo

IMO the worst one is their relationship shit. Yeah, how dare people ask Dre if her and Chris are dating when they spent so much time together and put out romantic looking photos of themselves. Or those awful fans who wondered about Kelly being married when she was on a fucking bridal show and did a wedding shoot. How on Earth could people think it's anything short of disgustingly rude to inquire about such personal matters?

No. 520766

It's not about people having to share their personal live online (even youtubers), privacy is a thing that should be respected, the thing is Kelly doesn't even respect it herself, she uses it as something to squeeze money out of people, the only reason she won't blab about it right away is because she hopes people contribute to her patreon so they can get to hear all about her "interesting" live.
She isn't worth it tbh considering she isn't even that big of a youtuber but it's totally trying to play into people's curiosity by dangling it in front of people's faces and than going "no no, pay me first"
I remember this was a thing with her tattoo too, I honestly thought the scoop was that she was going to remove the sailor moon tattoo she only recently got (I didn't even know where on her body she was having it removed then) and it was because she hadn't gotten the permission of the artist to use it, because I remember when she revealed it she either didn't know the artist or didn't know how to contact them which is a pretty shitty thing to do in my opinion. but apparently she is getting another art piece this artist did so i'm assuming she managed to ask this time?
Anyway I feel sorry for all the people who laid down actual money back then only to hear "I think its ugly gonna get a new one"

But yeah, It just shows how shallow and self absorbed she is to believe people have to pay her for mundane information, not saying she can't, just saying she's got a big head

No. 520809

This. Like now with the surgery… she could easily tweet “hey I got my ____ done/lipo’d” and that would be that. She’s always on twitter anyways. But no, she’s going to make a lame ass 20 min video that will be dragged out and boring so she can make money. It’s pathetic and I honestly can’t believe people actually admire this skank.

No. 520825


holy shit, you sound a lot like Jillian

No. 520920

Holy crap you're right. I just read it as psycho but it's a very Jill flavor of psycho

She still doesn't have permission. You don't need it for a tattoo, the law is she has to cover it if she's on TV or whatever.
She tweeted like mid-2017 with a link to the artist's page and said it was impossible to contact. A few people offered to message the artist, found an email address and a blog she could contact but she ignored it lol

No. 521180

I feel like this happens a lot in these types of threads where there's a cow & her buddy. For whatever reason farmers start staning the friend because they don't seem as bad as the cow (like momokun & vamp).

But lets remember, they may not be the same person, but they're friends for a reason. I don't think Dre is as bad as Kelly, but I don't see why anyone should be white knighting her here. I pretty much agree with everything anon said here >>520617

No. 521247

Is there any info about her talking about it being a stolen image? I can't find it anywhere.

No. 521249

File: 1520268212930.jpg (383.07 KB, 717x1119, Screenshot_20180305-164147.jpg)

Why the fuck do people get this cunt tattooed on them. I don't get it

No. 521397

oh god why the fuck

No. 521402

At least the tattoo itself is pretty. I've seen tattoos if Kelly that are just fucking hideous. This one is actually pretty fantastic if you have no idea who the subject is.

No. 521415

The necklace looks like a wound.

No. 521496

Kelly unfollowed Dre again…but is still following Chris Villain

No. 521525

I don't think that they're friends for a reason is the best excuse when many people here used to be Kelly fans. She was clearly initially charming enough to make people overlook her flaws just beneath the surface. I don't follow Dre enough to be up to date on her as much as Kelly, and this is a Kelly thread.

No. 521674

are you sure? I don't know how IG works but some social media platforms let you hide your following list so people dont know if you're following someone or not. saged.

No. 521681

Nah, she definitely unfollowed her.

No. 521761


How immature do you have to be to do things like unfollow and refollow your real life "friend" (in quotes because who knows)?

I'm imagining scenarios when they lived together like…Dre would forget to empty the dishwasher so Kelly would unfollow her, then she'd let the dog out or do some other favor so Kelly would refollow her…over and over forever.

No. 521821

No. 521823

I know the joke is ha ha Usagi eats a lot but…this video started to feel more like a mukbang than a makeup tutorial

No. 521832

She’s making a video because whatever she got done is sponsored.

No. 521844

She's the ONLY person I've seen who gave this palette a postiive review. Every other person has said it's poor quality and not worth the money…but Kelly can't stop being a shill

No. 521867

File: 1520325953388.png (76.13 KB, 606x332, b.png)

we get it, you're single

No. 521870

This was really cringey & hard to watch

& woah at the amount of ps on her jaw in the thumbnail

No. 521917

I think the most problematic thing about Kelly and Dre is their avid vocal support of Lime Crime because they're friends with Doe Deere. Kelly is super close to her and Dre sucks her dick in review videos because she obviously wants to be. God, they're so tacky.

No. 521928

File: 1520338099204.png (307.81 KB, 417x388, ScreenShot476.png)

Finally she started a video barefaced! Kudos to you Kelly!

No. 521963

File: 1520341681409.png (581.16 KB, 953x558, wew.png)

I'm somehow happy and terrified at the same time with Kelly being barefaced.

No. 521999


Funny how she claims to hate Mamoru yet invited the voice actor and clearly she doesn't have a clue about Mamoru's or Usagi's real personality as she only depicts Usagi as a junk food addict and Mamoru as abusive.

No. 522006

Robbie really must have nothing better to do if he’s willing to do not one- but TWO videos with these bimbos. Saged.

No. 522022

This. Through and through.
She tries to emulate Usagi but that flops so hard…

No. 522039

it's kind of weird how Kelly tries to be like Usagi all the time.

No. 522042

and yet, she keeps failing

No. 522094

LOOL Well they did a bad job because the 'woman' you are today is a fucking joke. I would not use the term 'woman' to refer to Kelly. She is an adult child. Definitely a brat. I guess her little DDlg kink with her 'husbandos' works out well because she's certainly fall into the brat category of that subset.

No. 522200

File: 1520364120097.gif (943.26 KB, 480x270, MindlessThickInganue-max-1mb.g…)

No. 522217

wait is she into ddlg?

No. 522218

Have you ever noticed her stupid designs on her cell phone cases and mugs that she sells on her society6 site?


They're all "Daddy" and other sort of bdsm related themes. Most likely she is probably just trying to be 3edgy5you, but it's fun to mock her for dabbling.

No. 522267

I don't get how she gets away with such blatantly IP theft. Like throwing some Photoshop hearts and sparkles over official art and stills is straight up theft. Maybe her art is too ~deep~ for me but I don't see the artistic value of wonky paintings of her and her alt model friends being vaguely sexual with food.

No. 522348

I even think that Daddy Sephiroth mug's artwork is fanart from someone else, which makes it even worse. So disrespectful.

No. 522385

I wish her stupid face would stop showing up in my social feeds. Apparently my friends think this video is cute but it makes me cringe like fuck. I’m a pretty big FF and SM fan and these videos are fucking terrible.

No. 522401


Sorry got the incoming tin foil.

The "Fellowship" seems like a pretty large group of women, right? And most of them seem to be either married or in a somewhat serious relationship. And since Kelly is open about how she hates being single, you'd think her friends would want to help her out.

I find it hard to believe that between all those women and all their partners, and their partner's friends, coworkers, etc, none of them have tried to set Kelly up with someone.

They are all "alternative" looking ladies, surely at least one of them must know a single guy in Kelly's age range that would be into an "alternative" girl.

Which leads to be believe that either:
A) Kelly has impossibly high standards, far outside of her league, or
B) All her friends know she has a shit personality and would be a high maintenance nightmare to date and want to spare the guys in their life from her.

No. 522563

Oh man I don't think this is tin foil at all. Option B sounds sooooooo correct.

If you're in such a "tight knit" group of friends and they know how "important" relationships are to you, there's no way they wouldn't try to set you up with someone.
Unless they know you're a raging thundercunt and they don't want to have to lose a friend when you inevitably fuck it up.

No. 522587

Didn't Steph tweet out passive aggressively that she tried to set Kelly up on dates recently?

No. 522607

Every ex I've known of Kelly having was someone in an at least decently successful band. My guess is that she's one of those girls who needs a guy that's somewhat well known because it makes her feel more interesting.

No. 522613

Anyone else think it's super fucking weird that Kelly was with Davey for like 4 years, engaged for at least half of that, and they still never lived together? That's some 50's shit right there.

No. 522615

I don't think Kelly is super picky when it comes to men tbh, superficial at most.

there have only been 2 men she's "dated" lately which she gushed about.

1. The guy from Japan who only wanted to fuck her because she was an easy foreigner which she tried to excuse cus it was totally not creepy you guys!!

2. the guys she gloated about who she showed her sephiroth shrine to on their first and only date and claimed he found it totally not creepy! and then never called her again.

no one wanna date her for her personality or "quirks" believe me.

I remember a interview with that dude she was engaged to for a while, and when they asked him about his free time he said something about "going back home to his girl, have sex and go on again"

No. 522623

wasn't the guy she was engaged to known for groping/fucking underage girls? or was that someone else?

No. 522633

I think it was davey suicide if he was the one she was engaged too? it was back in the day I came across her youtube and recognized her from that wedding dress show, I wanted to know if she ended up marrying the dude because it didnt seem like she was living with a husband. I am trying to find that interview again but it was like over a year ago.

edit: think i found it! dont know if this was the same one i read back then

No. 522636

You're thinking of Dahvie Vanity from Blood on the Dance Floor. They weren't involved at all, she was just one of their makeup artists and she disassociated with them following the scandal.

No. 522697

they broke up and ended their engagement on January 2017 and seemed to be on good terms. It seemed that they were both drifting away and didn't have much in common anymore because Kelly was getting more into kawaii culture while Davey is.. Davey. back in early 2017 after their breakup, I saw Davey tweeting Kelly and telling her that he was proud of her. So they seem like they're friendly but really don't talk much anymore.

No. 522710

Davey has tweeted some nice things to Kelly but kelly never responds, im pretty sure she's avoiding him and hasn't she admitted in multiple video's she had a "relationship" go really sour which she still had difficulties with and blames for not being able to get back into it. I don't think Kelly sees Davey as a friend no more, nothing is known about the break up anyway since Kelly never said anything about it (remember the video explaining to people she wasnt married, and they could stop asking about it because her "husbando's was a weeb thing, while the people where referring to Davey which was pretty obvious), Also she's pretty open to sell out her personal experiences like talking about coming out as bisexual, getting cosmetic surgery, her alcoholic father, but she gets reaaaaally touchy when asked about Davey so I don't think it was a mutual drifting apart.
this is from her tumblr:



doesn't really sound she's talking about an ex she's still friends with.

My point is I wouldn't be surprised if guys dated her for her looks only to ditch when they find out what she's really like (high maintenance and crazy)

No. 522737

Davey had a Tweet recently where he responded to a girl saying something like "why do guys date 2s when they used to have a 10?" with "probably way less drama". I wonder if Kelly had anything to do with his answer.

No. 522742

Did anyone else notice how Davey was almost never in Kelly's vlogs or IG posts? He posted her on his IG fairly regularly, so I don't think he was trying to keep their relationship on the DL, but I wonder if he was uncomfortable being on her social media for some reason or she felt weird having him there???

No. 522746


ah ok. thanks

No. 522764

File: 1520394598630.png (120.36 KB, 720x891, wp_ss_20180307_0009.png)

Es so romantic.

No. 522767

Not true. If you scroll back in kelly’s Twitter to early Jan 2017 she has about 3 super long tweets regarding her breakup to Dave and it’s bitter af. Saying how he just kept her around as a backup or something along those lines. And if you go back to his Twitter around that time he throws some shade her way. I can’t remember exactly what was said. I tried to find it on Kelly’s, but for some reason the app is only letting me go back to August 2017 and I’m too lazy to figure out how to go back further.

No. 522893

Couldn’t finish it. Holy shit this was bad. Her makeup is so fucking heavy and I couldn’t handle watching her shove food in her mouth every few seconds. We get it, Usagi likes to eat. It would’ve been cute if she was more subtle about it. Idk she’s just not a good Usagi imo.

No. 522914

he made a post on IG that he shared to twitter that said "traded one pink bitch for another"

No. 523071

Screen caps?

No. 523109

I want to know about her operation alreadyyyyyyyyy

No. 523116

File: 1520438979580.jpeg (819.06 KB, 750x1318, 5D9A2339-E75D-4499-AE43-A44C4D…)

I might be overreaching, but it looks like Dre got fillers.

No. 523180

Why would she delete the video? Stop stanning Kelly. Lor isn’t a bully for saying Kelly is dumb. If anything Lor should have made a more harsh video about it, she was too nice trying to not take sides. Kelly should be reminded for a long while she is a dumb American everyone laughs at.

Lor said on twitter a while ago that she isn’t blocked anymore, kinda like the back and forth she does with Dre.

No. 523239

Check the older threads, I think it was in the first one

No. 523259

Who's his new "pink bitch"? Kelly would probably be livid if she saw she was so perfectly replaced.

No. 523272

The only reason Kelly unblocked Lor was because lolcow and her viewers called her out on it. It was just somethig Kelly did in order to make herself feel like a better person. It also proves that Kelly stalks her threads religiously.

No. 523282

It was a joke picture with a guy friend of his in drag and a pink wig

No. 523307

His tweet with the now deleted photo

Weird how it got deleted.. wonder if Kelly bitched at him to delete the insta post

No. 523313

File: 1520451286831.png (81.6 KB, 612x343, a.png)

Also lol

wonder if it's a dig at Kelly

No. 523496

She looks odd putting makeup on with the wig already on?? Isn't that supposed to be the finishing touch? It would get in my way and i'd be afraid to get makeup/foundation on it.

No. 523523

File: 1520461715386.jpg (326.58 KB, 615x639, mallgoth.jpg)

She is literally a professional mall goth.

I also find it humorous that in her insta stories she is lipsyncing to emo songs which is the same thing that she was just making fun of per-pubescent kids for.

No. 523585


I don't understand. I know goth elitism is no fun, but emo and goth are so far apart. It's insufferable to see someone take this seriously. Hot Topic is a joke, MCR were a band who everyone took the piss out of when they were out and no one actually called themselves an emo as everyone know it was cringy, they just dressed the style. She was is young to know this of course.

No. 523592

This is embarrassing, literally professional mall Goth exactly as you said. Remember she's 21 (and looks older Imo)

No. 523618

She DOES look older! I looked like a smol child at 21

No. 523621

What is going on here? Twice now the posting has shifted back to Kelly and then all of a sudden someone comes in with a Dre photo trying to stir up more shit about her..
1) I smell a rat
2) if it somehow isn't Kelly or a WK trying to derail and point out how Dre is ~liek totally a bitch too~ , make a goddamn thread for her and stop shitting this one up!

Yikes that seems way too pointed to not be about Kelly. He's already shown he doesn't mind tossing shade her way via Twitter, and considering when that was posted - right as these threads have gotten going and Kelly was on about her "illnesses" - it seems really likely.

No. 523624

Agreed, it's suspicious af.

No. 523634


3) Kelly is being boring af right now and we're just rehashing shit that happened literally a year ago and there isn't much I can say about her 10 ~new~ shitty makeup tutorials in a row (that are just the same look over and over again with different colors).

If she ever stops entering a depression phase after every 3 videos and pumping out content like an actual professional YouTube creator (it's her only job), maybe there will be more milk.

It's desperate times right now, so we're reaching for friends, which is something that hasn't been talked about before but at least it's new.

No. 523636

Oh my god the cringe is real. Dre looks stupid af, she's someone that people at a punk show would make fun of and tell her to get out.

No. 523677

This. Kelly has been dry for a while, but Dre is starting to exhibit pretty cowish tendencies. Not sure why people ITT are whiteknighting Dre so much?

No. 523678

Kelly just got face and body lipo and she's nonstop whining about it. I don't see that as being not Milky.

Plus the shit being brought up about Dre isn't even as it relates to her and Kelly. It's separate millk that should go in a Dre thread. If thisbmany people dislike her i reaaaally don't understand why people won't make her a thread…
Unless of course they're trying to detail the spotlight off of kelly..

No. 523685


It's not worth speculating on Kelly's surgery. We won't know what she did until we can actually see the results, then comment on it. I also don't really see cosmetic surgery as a super shitty thing to do. I mean, I would get a nice pair of tits with Patreon money if I had the resources.

I find Kelly's position of being a mental health advocate but treating her "Bipolar Disorder" as a personality quirk that makes her artistic rather than treating it like an actual serious lifelong illness that kills people with approx 50% of sufferers attempting suicide at least once much more problematic than some liposuction.

Here is what I am thinking, people often accuse people of things they're doing themselves. I'm starting to think that you're a Dre fan, you're the one actually doing the white knighting here. You're obviously new because you aren't even saging.

You're a Dre fan that feels that Kelly was mistreating Dre and you're butthurt about it and you think the best way to keep up Dre's appearances is come over here and talk about how mean Kelly is to Dre and how much better Dre is than Kelly.

No. 523710

Eh, try again. I'm the farthest thing from a Dre fan. She needs her own damn thread because she isn't little miss Perfect who happened to have to put up with Kelly's shit.

Who said that was speculation?

No. 523730

It's really annoying that Kelly won't just answer the people who ask about what she had done because she's obviously milking it for views for a video. She knows people will watch just because she's been teasing about it and not giving any answers for a fucking week now.

No. 523732

Why not just talk about Dre on the altcow thread?

No. 523759

I agree its so annoying that she's fishing for pitty but cant/wont say what she had done bc she has to come out with the sponsor video. She should have just taken this time for a social media hiatus until it's time to announce her cosmetic surgery…

No. 523765

I think that anyone that follows the Kelly thread only follows Dre because of Kelly and don't know who the other altcows are.

Does anyone actually have an issue with the Fellowship being discussed here other than one Dre fan?

No. 523772

imo I think it's fair to discuss the entire fellowship in this thread as the first post suggests.

No. 523776

File: 1520484433962.png (35.42 KB, 732x273, cringe.png)

idk kelly maybe it's all the narcotics you're taking from your elective surgery that you refuse to talk about except to mention how much pain you're in

No. 523777

Not trying to wk Kelly or anything but Dre is only relevent in part because of Kelly and the fellowship. If Dre gets more milky then that warrants a whole thread so we're not completely derailing.
I vote keep the Dre drama in this thread for now.

No. 523787


Maybe she got her implants taken out and that's why she's so butthurt.

No. 523791

I also vote discussion of her and the rest of the Fellowship is relevant. In threads for other cows they talk about their friends, I don't see why it's such a big deal.

No. 523837

Cringe indeed. she cant even get a simple joke right.

Ironically this tweet highlights her personality, having vague knowledge of some pop culture phenomena and trying to use it to make herself look cool but exposing how mentally vacant she really is.


No. 523936

I have it and I quite liked it

Sage for nothing new imo

No. 523938

Yeah but the point of the video was that she was pretending to be that character. It wouldn't make sense in that case not having the wig on first

No. 523950

File: 1520517635756.png (91.73 KB, 1242x572, IMG_1945.PNG)

Still absolutely sure Kelly lurks here.
Lina is creepy in her own right, but it seems like the numerous criticisms of Kelly ignoring her have not gone unnoticed.

No. 523952

of that the thing she could improve, she decides to answer to this creep

No. 523970

I was actually wondering if Lina was still around because I haven’t seen her comments recently. I’m surprised she hasn’t stumbled upon this thread and realized her idol*~ is a selfish scammer who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but herself.

No. 523991

If drama with Kelly is lacking and you think the next best thing is to talk about her former roommate that you find milky, then actually make another thread. The discussion of other members of the fellowship isn't nearly as intense or focused on one person's actions that are more recently not related to the original thread.

No one finds Stephanie of all people milky? She's not a fake fan of things and is a loyal friend to Kelly, but no one finds her bimbofication lifestyle questionable at all? Like https://www.reddit.com/r/bimbofication/comments/7v30jc/stephanie_michelle_then_and_now/
I'm not trying to slut or kinkshame, but that sounds like a scary power dynamic that involves surgery and an easily abusable amount of control. Before the images and her comments were deleted, she was pandering to users and encouraging other women to follow in her footsteps if they felt that it was right for them. And as soon as the comments stopped being positive, her contributions diasppeared. I find it more sad than anything because she seems like a strong and sweet person who deserves better than a partner that wants to train her to be as vapid and plastic as possible.

No. 524044

love stephanie, i have followed her since she was zilla308 and she made cute YT videos. over the past couple of years the “body-posi cosplay semi nudes” turned into her self posting to places like r/BoltedOnTits. i 100% agree with you that she deserves better, idk what kind of life she lives with her partner but seems kinda fucked up that he’s taking these photos of her

https://www.reddit.com/user/omystephaniemichelle/ (nsfw obviously)

No. 524049

File: 1520527782124.jpg (46.72 KB, 564x376, vLMUA1z.jpg)

Is this really her before and after? holy crap, WHHHYYYY?!

No. 524052

same been following her for a couple years before the surgery before her new man. she was with some Asian guy that dumped her and when she went to pick up her stuff like a day later found woman's panties in their bed etc.

No. 524067

sad, she was really cute

No. 524068

just read through the bimbofication subreddit a bit… I'm not sure if they're insane or pathetic. I don't care if I'm judgemental here. There's something wrong with these people.

The last woman I knew who was into that shit (among sundry other disgusting things) she wound up in jail alongside her 'owner' for CP, statuatory rape, bestiality etc. Cuz a good girl does whatever her man says, I guess.

Sorry. Totally off topic, but people like this/that sicken me. Obviously saged.

No. 524069

I agree. The Fellowship is kind of milky BECAUSE of Kelly. I don't think the drama involved with them would be as big of a thing if it weren't for Kelly being so shitty. I think it's perfectly find to discuss Fellowship shit on a Kelly thread.

No. 524071

I wouldn't be shocked if Lina was the scammer fan person who was posting earlier trying to call all us out for posting about Kelly.

No. 524080

farmers: Kelly is a bad friend!

Kelly: No, I'm not, I made a 9 minute monetized video of my friend's butt for her birthday. It's better than a free handmade gift because I actually get paid for it.

No. 524081

this was boring as fuck

No. 524084

What the actual fuck. This is seriously the most boring video I've ever seen. I'd rather watch her stupid pink sprinkles video.

No. 524087

I have such mixed feelings about Stephanie because she seems so sweet at nice and I loved her before she turned into a blow up doll.

I am actually worried that Justin is taking advantage of her or they're both on drugs and need to pay for them or something. Stephanie seems easily manipulated.

Stephanie seemed happiest when she was doing her styling jobs. She has that dead look in her eyes now that sex workers tend to get. I just find it unbelievable that your husband would not only be okay with you being sexually intimate with thousands of dudes on the internet but actually be encouraging it and taking the videos/photos.

It makes me think that he sees her more as a way to make money than an actual wife. Especially since they're married now and he gets half.

No. 524090

File: 1520533284396.png (Spoiler Image, 969.27 KB, 544x874, ScreenShot482.png)

>Stephanie seems easily manipulated.
>It makes me think that he sees her more as a way to make money than an actual wife. Especially since they're married now and he gets half.

This is so true… She sure seems like his cash cow.
I feel bad for her because she really does seem sweet.

No. 524095

Oh my god, lmao.

Justin: Hey baby, the rent is due, why don't you put on that sexy cow bikini and give yourself a vagina wedgie for your thousands of neckbeard patrons.

No. 524115

I just started watching her older videos bc I wanted more content from her (I like how guinine she seems in her nerdy interests vs the rest of the rainbow/mostly kelly) and I was kind of blown away by how different she used to look. anymore stuff on their relationship? I’m just curious about her whole situation now

No. 524139

Its really not uncommon for girls and guys to have the same interests in this community. There are tons of couples out there who are girl does pron/guy doesn't and vice versa and both are fine and their relationship is fine. They just don't do stuff you would call 'normal' to society. Steph was posting this stuff before him too anyway, so..

At this point should Kelly's claves have their own thread like how Moo's does? Kelly has just as many, if not more, of them.

No. 524183

>if you wanna talk about Dre make another thread!
>let's talk about how problematic Stephanie is, though, that's totally fine
Come on, anon, now you're just being ridiculous. Why are you so insistent we shouldn't talk about a professional mallgoth who makes videos dedicated to making fun of children when you're down to discuss other Fellowship members? Starting to get suspicious.

Also, we do talk about other members of the Fellowship, including Stephanie? It's there in the other threads.

No. 524186

File: 1520539478661.jpg (190.94 KB, 1240x200, steph.jpg)

This reddit post of hers makes it sound abusive.
Spending all her time looking pretty and pleasing her man. It makes her sound like a sex slave.

If it's just a kink, is Justin considered a cuck if he gets off by other guys getting off to his wife? That has to at least be cuck-lite.

It can't be just the pervy photog kink because you can do that without posting it out to everyone and having it as a full-time job.

Side note: WTF is this? Lmao VERY NSFW

No. 524187

File: 1520539478644.png (10.61 MB, 1242x2208, 9C110090-047D-44BF-81AF-9F8F5A…)

Is it me, or does she look the same?

No. 524192

Ummm what did I just watch? It looks like Easter vomited all over her lol

No. 524200


Right? That's what I'm saying, they're clearly a Dre fan. Their criticism of Dre is that she it not perfect but, is that really criticism? That applies to everyone.

They are also the only one complaining about the fellowship being discussed here.

Send the white knight out to pasture already.

No. 524206

Hard to say. She shops so much that I find it hard to differentiate anymore

No. 524209


Yeah, she looks the same. I guess that's what happens when you photoshop yourself to look the same every time (with a weird angle on top of it).

I guess we were naïve to think we'd ever see what her face actually looks like irl, even after cosmetic surgery. Maybe she will get lazy and post an unshopped video.

She also says "Don't hate me, I have to do sponsored posts today". It's like, that's fine as long as most of your content ISN'T sponsored (it is though) AND you follow the FTC guidelines and properly tag it with the appropriate tags. #ad #sponsored or #prsample.

No. 524256

File: 1520542584706.png (100.29 KB, 1104x320, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.5…)

is this kellys attempt at "subtlety" addressing the fact she unfollowed dre again?

No. 524288

Do you know how to read? I brought up Stephanie because I think it's ridiculous to only focus on Dre for being a mall goth when other members of the fellowship are doing way more milky shit. I don't have to be a Dre wk to not care to read about her not doing anything interesting. If you care that much, why not make a thread?

No. 524290

Unlike Kelly, she is trying to please her patrons.

No. 524292

Are you stupid? You don't get to whine about one member of the fellowship being discussed AND discuss another. Shut up already.

No. 524294


Stop fighting, you're clogging up the thread and literally nobody fucking cares

No. 524457

I'm pretty sure that has to be referring to Dre.

I wonder how they'll handle their friendship ending with the public. I feel like Dre will act like people have no right asking if they're still friends and Kelly will ignore/delete anything said about it.

No. 524528

sage bc tinfoil
i think that bc kelly thinks she "made dre" she believes she should be offered all the same opportunities Dre is being offered- working for hottopic, etc. Maybe Dre tried to offer kelly pointers to help her appear more desirable to brands but kelly takes that as Dre making her feel bad about who she is and her life choices 😂

No. 524535

someone on here upthread said that Kelly unfollowed Dre again. Does it mean Dre already moved out so then Kelly unfollowed her and won't talk to her anymore?

No. 524552

I was under the impression Dre has been moved out since at least early February? Her roommate ad said she needed a roommate by March 1st, which I'm assuming was her giving herself time to recover from her surgery.

No. 524593

I've known stephanie for a long time, since even before she met Kelly and the rest of the fellowship girls. I can say a couple things. Getting breast implants is something she talked about for a long time, and she wanted them to "balance out" her body because she thought her proportions were strange with being much larger on the bottom/pear shaped. However, she realized that she could use them to her advantage and to make money so she started doing that. She and Justin aren't actually into any of the fetishes and stuff that she panders to like bimbofiction. She just realized it was a way to make bank and it was her idea, not his. He helps her out because he is genuinely a very loving and supportive husband (all of stephanie's friends love justin) but if she ever said she didn't want to do it anymore he would support that too. She also makes crazy bank from it since she started doing nudes, like 15k a month, so justin can keep working freelance and doesnt have to worry as much . Their relationship is very healthy and it's not abusive at all. It's just business to them.

No. 524616

IDK if you're really telling the truth, but I do think Stephanie and Justin have a loving relationship, I watched her youtube videos and they alawys seem so happy and sweet together. I side eye people on here who claimed he was abusing her and forcing her to do sex work. I mean, really? fuckin lol. A lot of porn stars have husbands who help them with website design, promo, video shoots and photos, etc. I think it's sweet how Justin supports her and helps her with her career, even if people on here think sex work is wrong. saged

No. 524617

if that's the case of Dre moving out on early Feb, then that would make sense– Kelly unfollowed Dre twice in a span of 1 month – early Feb to early March.

No. 524724

>WTF is this
It's a fetish called sploshing, basically getting turned on by messy wet stuff. There's tons of it on youtube of men pouring baked beans on their freshly cleaned jeans lmao

No. 524771

File: 1520606575968.png (153.33 KB, 582x631, a.png)

wonder who this is about

No. 524943

Its confirmed that Dre moved out. She made a post on Instagram last night about her parking space where she lives now was being blocked by some car as well as her neighbor's spot. I don't know when she moved out, but she did.

No. 524952

I'm not sure abt that cuz her post after that looks like her same old room and she says she had to park on the street which she hasn't done "in a long ass time" Which is obviously something you wouldn't say about a new place.

No. 524959

Her spot was taken in a car port, anon. If she still lived with Kelly she could just park on the street because there isn't designated parking by their place. This is a car port which usually only apartments have.

No. 524989

Don’t they live in an apartment?

No. 524992

No she rents a little house/duplex thingy.

No. 524996

Yeah. They are only street access where they used to live. Kelly still lives there, but Dre dropping that instagram made it clear they no longer room together in that duplex thing.

No. 525000

Yeah but Kelly's house has a parking garage that looks just like that behind her place. I think she even mentioned available parking in back when she was looking for a new roommate.

No. 525037

See I didn't know that. My mistake. I might be wrong, but other people are speculating she's already been long gone too, so I thought it made sense. I've never seen Kelly or Dre show what their carport looks like behind their building. I just assumed they always parked on the curb like most places that have street access. I'm thinking LA type parking, so it made sense to me.

No. 525041

File: 1520632969544.jpg (469.39 KB, 1276x715, carpark.jpg)

The alley that you see them filming in in this video is right next to her house (you can see the pink chairs) goes to a garage unit and small parking lot behind the building.

It's a duplex style apartment building, but definitely has more than two units from the footage she's shown. Has to be 4-6.

No. 525122

Dres latest Instagram posts were from her room at kellys and in the living room so she hasnt moved yet I don't think.

No. 525128

This speculation is killing me, guys. Someone should ask Dre or Kelly about it… come on.

No. 525182

Dre for sure still lives there. She's posted multiple instagram stories with the same striped wall backdrop, she has still been featured in some of Kelly's instagram stories.

In her story the other day she was just parking in the lot behind their house.

She was supposed to move out in the end of February but I am guessing her channel being demonetized and Kelly not being able to find a roommate meant it was mutually beneficial for them to delay the move.

Someone could ask but I doubt either of them would answer since they are walking on eggshells around each other atm. On the plus side, I'm sure there are tons of vague passive aggressive tweets and retweets in the future for at least the month of March.

No. 525230

File: 1520647196382.jpg (526.03 KB, 1632x1012, dre4.jpg)

Dre's insta stories from today/yesterday:

1) Parking garage behind Kelly's
2) In her room at Kelly's house with wet hair/no makeup, means she showered there
3) Written angry note for parked car in Kelly's living room.

I think it's safe to say it's confirmed she's still living there.

No. 525333

File: 1520659193643.png (9.43 MB, 1242x2208, DC60C5F6-98F9-488F-8493-1A98E4…)

Are those compression stockings?

No. 525338

It looks like she has some on under her shirt too. Def lipo

No. 525341

Ew..just imagine a hose sucking the fat out of Kelly's body

No. 525343

going by how thin she suddenly is, I think yr right.

what a sad, sad woman. pretends to advocate working out and eating right to fix your weight or body if you feel you need it. Gets surgeries and augmentations instead.

My kinda role model, that.

No. 525352

Awww, that's disappointing, I was hoping it was something different.

Lipo is so temporary without a lifestyle change. What a waste of money.

No. 525357

yeah she's wearing a full-body compression sock. Lipo confirmed.

No. 525362

File: 1520662302554.jpg (84.82 KB, 572x207, shelovescows.jpg)

Wow, shocker, I guess that Fit Tea doesn't work. Who would have guessed.

Well, I found out why Steph is a fucking angel and the most amazing friend to Dre and Kelly. Turns out she just loves cows. Also explains the multiple cow bikinis.

No. 525368

>gets boobs too large for frame
>sucks all the fat out to fix proportions rather than reducing chest or losing weight

Nice to know cosmetic surgeons have no morals

No. 525371

I honestly wish Steph would work out and lose weight. I looked at her snapchat today and she just doesn't look as cute anymore. She wore skimpy bikini that didn't fit her, her fat rolls were everywhere and her face was bare. She looks awful, like a stay at home mom in a bikini (no offense to those but she's a cosplayer and model and should make an effort to look good). There's a fine line between curvy sexy and just obese. She's starting to look obese and tbh, she looks awful without make-up and her face is getting round.

No. 525374

Isn't it only for Patreons?

No. 525375

I have a feeling she is moving out soon

No. 525485

It really worries me how Kelly and her friends are considered role models for her underage followers.

>promoting plastic surgery to a demographic (weebs) with even more body image issues than normal teenage girls

>half of them do porn as a career
>supporting the idea that it's totally fine to let your mental health keep you from doing your job on a regular basis (this is probably the worst one, speaking as someone with diagnosed depression, the real world isn't sympathetic to you missing work because you're too upset to go)

No. 525508

This opinion may be unpopular, but I think she actually looked better when she was a little thick around the waist. Her boobs were already massive proportionally even with the extra weight, now they're just ridiculous. She literally looks like a hentai character.

No. 525605

I wonder if she's gonna start making lewds for money like her current best pals Steph and Envy

No. 525619

She's well on her way look at her insta

No. 525622

Funny how she tweeted that Lotor fanart while asking for the artist and many people tweeted her the artist's handle, telling her the artist didn't want it reposted and Steph and her hubby replied saying that Kelly will fix it when she wakes up

Kelly has been posting for a few hours now and the tweet hasn't been removed|is still up without credit

No. 525711

She used to be a boudoir model lewds are not anything new for her

No. 525719

It's steph, kelly, and vivka who are plastic right? Have any other fellowship members had plastic surgery?

No. 525723

Kota has had a nose job iirc. Dre mentioned she was going to have work done in the instathot makeup video.

No. 525733

Kota didn’t get a nose job, she had sinus surgery. Her nose shape didn’t change.

No. 525741


Can't believe she calls herself an artist and still pulls out this kind of crap.

No. 525798

File: 1520719130595.png (5.88 MB, 1242x2208, 55AF1ADE-6178-4C78-A5AA-E1C996…)

No. 525817


Exactly my thoughts. It would already be bad enough if she wasn't an artist herself, but the fact that she is an artist makes it all the more infuriating.

And I feel bad for Steph, who defended Kelly and assured everyone that Kelly wasn't being an asshole, she was just asleep. Kelly has been awake and making posts all day, yet she ~apparently~ can't be assed to take 30 seconds to either credit the artist or just delete the tweet with the re-posted art.

Not only is it a slap in the face from one artist to another, but it's also a slap in the face to Steph who definitely stopped that tweet from creating more drama than it did.

What I don't get is why Kelly chooses this hill to die on. Why the hell is it so hard for her to credit the artist or just take the tweet down? Is she just that lazy, or is she trying to be spiteful to the people who called her out?

Her fans are becoming more and more aware of her behavior, so this makes her terrible responses even more confusing to me. She can only hide behind "Sorry it's the mental illness" excuse for so long.

No. 525828

tbh i'm still in shock she legit got lipo. wtf? how remarkably unnecessary. she wasn't stick skinny but…

No. 525836

She’s lazy af. Considering her training sessions are 2 hours (I’m a trainer and that’s absurd), if she ate healthy and was active (didn’t sit around her house like a fucking hermit), then she could have lost the extra pounds on her own.

No. 525858

Wish I can answer everybody's question to see if Dre still lives there since I know exactly where they live, but I ain't a creeper so I won't. Before anybody wonders how I know where they live…I'm a delivery driver…sage for nonsense

No. 525861

i bet that in the video about the surgery she will say she ain't lazy
and say shit about body dysphoria
we should do a bingo

No. 525865

That, and she will blame genetics lol

No. 525869

Honestly the best part about this whole thing is going to be watching how quickly she gains it back, because we know she's lazy. She's just going to get chubby in really awkward places from now on.

No. 525871


Yeah that's gonna suck for her. As someone who had lipo myself…it does come back in weird places. I have fat upper arms and a chubbier face. Thanks douchebag who rear ended me and I was out of work for months -_- Sage

No. 525885

just a speed painting video

No. 525895

This really isn't a bad painting, but it's nothing special/nothing more than a study. She did nothing to make the painting her own. Which is okay/what painting studies are for. Maybe one day she will actually use her creativity to manipulate the image on canvas. It annoys me how she was basically handed a tattoo license and doesn't even give a fuck and just threw it away. What a waste of time in regards to whoever spent two years on her (or however long apprenticeships take). I wish she would focus all her energy on her art she could probably be decent and less depressed.

Sage for art rant

No. 525896

maybe it's just because the image is small - and I haven't watched the vid - but the face looks really awful. Or is it just me?

No. 525898

i wish she'd do art more. she might not be the most amazing painter, but she's talented enough. although with the bs around her posting other's art sans credit makes it hard to even care if her art is tolerable.

excuse the blogposting. just pissed it took her more than 14 hours to deal with the uncredited artwork even after being informed.

No. 525899

Samefag but note how she says "I will NEVER touch black paint" hence why her paintings always lack depth..

No. 525903


Tbh I was taught to avoid black in realism paintings because true black doesn't exist in nature. Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 525907

It's not good, she made her look 15 years older.
I'd love if she could just stop shading with that black paint mixture, it just makes the painting look so muddy and dull. She said in the viedeo that she doesn't use black paint straight out of the tube to shade yet it still looks like she does… Her paintings would look so much nicer if she just could use another shading values. I know what I'm talking about btw.

Same thoughts, I wish she could put her creativity to good use into her paintings and add some of her own personal vision into them instead of just copying. Or maybe she doesn't have any of it, idk. Not a bad painting if you're into realism, but still nothing special.

No. 525909


I agree, ff art school taught me anything its that black paint actually flattens paintings out, I was always taught to use dioxazine violet and mix in browns and other shades to mimic shadows.

No. 525912

first thing you learn in art school

No. 525914

It's a good rule of thumb, especially when you're learning how to mix color, but black paint exists for a reason and like any color can be used effectively in situations that call for it.

No. 525917

You're right, but I think we can all agree that shading EVERYTHING with black is not the best call lmao

No. 525922

I was taught to substitute black with a mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Which looks identical to black. Whatever colors Kelly is using to make her substitute of black looks like shit and black paint would be better.

No. 525930

I agree, I'm not saying that black should be the first thing anyone reaches to when trying to darken a color. But claiming to never use black, never using one color with a variety of pigment compositions and practical applications shows a lack of interest in growth beyond painting 101 imo. Does she not ever use black as a makeup artist?

No. 525942

Kind of an apples and oranges argument. Makeup artistry is a completely different medium.

No. 525983

I feel like she's a good artist, but then again I'm never impressed because all she does i "copy" a picture. It's never interesting to me and I wish she had her own "ideas".

No. 525995

Use to be fan just looking to see what she had done.

But no amount of exercise or eating right will change how your fat is distributed on your body. Sometimes to get the shape you want requires more, like surgery.

Not saying one should not try everything in there power to first try on there own but sometimes the body needs help.

No. 526001

But did she really try everything? Really? Exactly.

No. 526009

Anyone can get down to the size she was going for, it's just more effort when there isn't as much fat on your body as there would have been previously. She didn't want to put in the effort.

No. 526035

wow, this way her boobs look ginormous

No. 526088

The gravity from her tits combined with her lifestyle will have her back to pre-lipo days in no time

No. 526093

no, she posts her snaps on her tumblr in .gif, it's all there, you can see her half naked for free. And she doesn't look good at all. saged

No. 526259

Speaking from an artist's point of view, this is just bad. The proportions are way off and the colours look muddy. Also the fact that she only ever just recreates existing pictures is very unimpressive.

No. 526271

Her art is always a disappointment. Even though I'm sure she'll deny it, she's trying to do realism, but failing. I don't know why she hasn't tried to make it cute and quirky, like her apparent aesthetic. If you're only trying to replicate a photo you're never really going to be happy with the end result because it's impersonal.

(Sage for art rambling)

No. 526273

Hey kids, "sage" goes in the email field.

No. 526276

She had the shape it was just hidden under her chub. She just didn't want to put forth the effort.

No. 526316

The results are creepy. I understand now why she didn't want people knowing what she got done. Of course she was going to get backlash for being massively hypocritical. It looks like weight loss that could be achieved without surgery and with actual thought going into her nutrition and not just buying a meal plan that her gym is shilling. She probably also only had her specific trainer that she had to commute to as a referral to get the surgery after "not getting results" or some garbage. No wonder Dre wanted to distance herself with her own weight loss and cryptically mentioning that "Hollywood changes people"

She wants to claim to be a mental health advocate, but leads by example by not seeking treatment and instead getting a costly full body surgery that can ultimately worsen body dismorphia. AND making a sponsored video on the subject. All while trying to be relatable to a younger audience. She is gross on every level.

No. 526321

She doesn't deny it, she's straight up said her style is hyperrealism.

IMO she's a really good artist overall, but her faces come out kinda wonky and she generally doesn't put nearly as much detail into backgrounds compared to the person she's drawing. I think Kelly's work would be way better if she did more original pieces rather than copying photos.

No. 526340

Calling yourself a hyperrealistic painter when you don't even have a good enough grasp on realism to recreate photos without that wonkiness is just being delusional and lacking skill. Maybe photorealism is maybe a more appropriate term for what she tries to do.

No. 526362

And the thing is too, if an artist is talented they can do hyperrealism while also being creative and not copying a photo entirely.

Whenever this topic comes up I can't help but compare Kelly to the artist Euclase on tumblr (she's deleted it now but you can google her art). She did a lot of Supernatural hyperrealism while also making her paintings original and creative. Kelly WISHES she was half as talented tbh.

No. 526364

She's said before that she quit being a tattoo artist because there was a lot of misogyny where she worked to the point where she feared for her safety. One of my good friends who is a tattoo artist has told me before that women have to be careful where they work because sexism is surprisingly big in that industry unless you live in a really progressive area, so I believe Kelly. However, the tattoo shop she worked at was in Colorado, I feel like if she tried again in LA she wouldn't run into those issues.

No. 526373

Yeah, I kept thinking the anons insisting it was lipo had to be wrong because she barely had any extra weight.

I think she's right about having body dysmorphia. Clearly she has some serious body image issues if she's gonna get lipo over like 20 extra pounds (at most).

No. 526376

File: 1520790012131.png (104.04 KB, 611x331, ugh.png)

hm I wonder why

No. 526379

Enjoy it while it lasts you lazy pos (Kelly). You’ll be fat again before you know it because you treat your body and mental health like a garbage disposal.

No. 526380

tbh she's just lazy & wants a supermodel body without working for it.
Probably missed doing photo shoots

No. 526382

I've gone from enjoying watching her antics to genuinely finding these threads depressing. She clearly has some intense mental health issues and instead of getting proper care, she turns to all these unhealthy "quick fix" outlets that do nothing to solve the problem long term and might even make it worse. She's self-sabotaging and lacks the self awareness to see it.

I get no joy in making fun of her anymore.

No. 526385

I think I speak for the majority of us here when I say that we're all mostly in favor of her getting therapy & encourage her to do so

It's just sad that the people in her life aren't on the same boat. I feel like her circle of friends generally encourage her antics & self-destruction without giving much thought to it, or they're afraid of her shutting them out should they dare to say something that she's not in favor of.

Sad, really.

No. 526397

It's really infuriating to me that Kelly goes on about not being able to afford therapy and then has a bunch of plastic surgery. If you can afford plastic surgery, you can afford therapy. Even if the surgery was sponsored, I think it would only cover part of it? I'm not sure but I don't see her as being famous enough to get thousands of dollars of work for free.

No. 526399

The Fellowship seem like an incredibly cultish friends group in that regard.

No. 526400

Didn't Kelly say she finally started going to therapy recently? I wonder what they had to say about her decision to get lipo.

No. 526404

I don't think the Fellowship are really close as friends. Courtney and Kota Wade seem more like acquaintances (as evidenced from their tweets saying they had no idea Kelly was getting surgery). Stephanie is the only one who seems really close to Kelly, while Dre seems to be getting distant.

No. 526439

The icing on the cake is she has a patreon too.

Hope her patrons will be happy that their hard earned money went to sucking the fat out of her stomach.

She really has no right to complain about her mental health anymore when she spends money on everything BUT her mental health. I hope people will start calling out her on this.

No. 526476

EU fag here.
How much are those school debts that it gives her anxiety? Is it soo hard to pay off?
Maybe she would be able to pay it if she didn't buy unnecessary shit, get plastic surgery, a personal trainer, a chiropractor, trips to Japan, etc etc?

No. 526483

File: 1520801086776.jpeg (265.9 KB, 1237x898, 4C755087-0CDB-4093-BA12-23BD98…)

Get ready you guys, a depression is coming lol

No. 526491

Don't give her ideas lol

Esp. after her tweets about wanting lingerie sets (which are usually $$$$ expensive)

She'll play the depression card to get people to send her stuff to cheer her up coughLinacough

No. 526516

Its kind of common sense that surgery doesn’t make anyone actually feel better about anything. You know you paid for that look and it isn’t real so you still feel like shit anyway even if you pretend not to

No. 526588

File: 1520808018418.png (109.9 KB, 601x363, mh.png)

hey, Kelly. idk if this is you pretty much confirming that you lurk, but hope you stick to it

hope you also take responsibility for your plastic surgery NOT being a good solution to your internal struggles

No. 526593

Embracing self acceptance by getting the fat sucked out of you instead of doing actual work to improve yourself? Cool.

No. 526601

Acadmic debt in the u.s. can be staggering. But you're right, if she managed her damn money better it wouldn't be a huge deal.

No. 526606

Student loan debt can be a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of USD. You can put off paying your loans for a certain amount of time if you don't make enough money, but once you cross an income threshold you have to pay something like $50-a few hundred dollars a month. If her family is well off, she probably didn't have to take out her full tuition in loans. Is in all likelihood an inconvenience that she complains about because is gives her less money to buy…pink sugar? Pink microwaves? Final fantasy figures and ketchup?

If you have a decent amount of income, it's an annoyance, but not some crippling cost. It's more difficult for people just barely over the income threshold and not established in their careers, not so much for people who go on international shopping sprees.

No. 526616

File: 1520810084800.jpg (391.06 KB, 1070x566, beforeafter.jpg)

amazing Dre before and after makeup tutorial

No. 526619

why is it that when we talk about Kelly lurking, suddenly random posts bashing Dre pop up? Distraction much? Go talk about her in the altcows thread

No. 526626

Listen, xXxdr3f4nxXx, we are talking about Kelly. The discussion is still mostly Kelly. We've had this discussion before, are you mentally impaired or do you just need to scroll up? Go wk on tumblr or something.

No. 526629

I'm not stupid, nor am I a Dre fan. She has a lot to work on too. I just don't get what that pug post was accomplishing here? We talk about the fellowship in regards to how it relates to Kelly on the KELLY EDEN thread, wtf does that post with the pug have to do with anything? Just seemed really fishy and random, especially since Kelly is active on twitter right now (kissing Audrey Kitching's ass).

No. 526643


At this point there are more posts of you arguing that we can't talk about Dre but that we CAN talk about Stephanie than there are posts about Dre. You were outvoted like 5 to 1, get over it and give it a rest already.

No. 526693


Kelly as we know you lurk, please read these posts. A lot of fans/critical fans/ex fans are disappointed you got surgery to…lose weight when you could've achieved those results at home by reducing calories and exercising a little.
It's unnecessary and definitely a bad impression for your younger viewers. Nobody really cared too much about the boob job because you can't do that at home. This was unnecessary and also sends out a poor message to others.

Please at the least accompany this with efforts to eat better and exercise as otherwise it's just super disappointing

No. 526711

Too bad she needs a psychiatrist for Bipolar Disorder though. A therapist is a very small part of the treatment.

No. 526717

IF she really has bipolar

No. 526735

Some stupid anon wanted to be funny (and failed imo lmao) and instead of just ignoring it, you haaaave to talk about it way more than it deserves to be talked about. Chill.

No. 526771

lmao I'm the anon that posted about Stephanie and haven't said anything about Dre since. More than one person can find your intense need to Dre derail annoying.


The only person who needs to chill is you. No one is saying don't talk about Dre. Just pointing out that it's annoying/suspicious to bring her up out of nowhere for not doing anything worth discussing.

No. 526827

a penny for your thoughts– what if Kelly got lipo to get more modeling gigs? Not for her self-esteem? Maybe part of her depression is the fact she hasn't modeled much in the past… 2-3 years (since Dre moved in)? She used to be an active model years ago but it slowed down. She is much thinner now so maybe she'll get back to modeling again and making more money. saged

No. 526838

Yeah she still could have just worked out and ate right to accomplish the same thing. She’s a lazy sack of shit.

No. 526853

I think Kelly does work out– she posted an exercise video. I think she has more of an eating problem, she likes junk food (see a recent vlog of her buying pink sprinkle sugar for no damn reason). Kelly and I are the same height, and we are petite and short, so it's easy for us both to lose weight and slim down fast, as long as we stick to eating healthy and working out almost everyday. saged.

No. 526926

Also as an established model she could try looking to different clients if she felt like her weight or body type had changed too much to get the same gigs. She lives in LA where there are lots of creative or alternative designers and brands willing to work with shorter models. If she wasn't big enough for plus sized modeling, she could have, y'know, put in some effort to get to a better commercial weight if that's her livelihood. And lipo isn't going to do anything for her mature face. She's probably just too washed up as a model at this point and should stick to building her other skills.

No. 526977

The things that gets me is the fellowship are mostly all about body positivity and self love, yet most of them have surgery? It sounds like a huge contradiction. Love yourself! But also! Don't love yourself and spend thousands on surgery! Over and over! But also! Love yourself!

I would respect Kelly if she made an honest video discussing the mental impact of the surgery and how she feels the need to conform to commercial beauty standards. I feel like she's constantly defeated by her mental illnesses and by ignoring that she is setting a bad example to her young, impressionable audience.

If I'm honest I hope she didn't read the comments on here and felt pressured to have the surgery just so people would stop talking about her weight gain. I get that people are gonna criticise her whether she works out, doesn't work out, gets surgery, doesn't get surgery… but still. I think a good starting point for her recovery would be to NOT lurk here.

No. 527004

Kelly has so much in common with Momokun. Both are lazy, pay other people to make their cosplay, scams patreon and now lipo.

No. 527021

Don’t forget their “I’m so unique and quirky!” faces and obsessions with copying/ass kissing Jnig

No. 527233

She's had Vera Bambi living with her wonder if there will be a collab

No. 527297

File: 1520882457640.png (7.43 MB, 1242x2208, 774A7BBF-EA05-4749-BE4B-95BF2C…)

She looks rough.

No. 527303

Kek that would be hilarious. Vera Bambi is actually hot, Kelly would look rough next to her.

No. 527304

Haha be realistic, it's not the weight that is keeping Kelly from picking up gigs as a commercial model. It's the ink and hair.

No. 527333

I was thinking the same thing! She’s way hotter than Kelly and Kelly would no longer be the center of attention. That would drive her insane.

No. 527335

honestly she reallly would look soo much better without the implants. they look ridiculous and add so much weight onto her appearance

No. 527370

kek even with her tits fully out she still looks so masculine. she looks like a ftm still in the process of transitioning or something.

No. 527388

Not to white knight but, no. She literally doesn’t in any way shape or form. Out of makeup her face looks very nice and appropriate to her age. Comments like this are the reason she cakes on all the bad dolly style makeup that makes her look ridiculous.

No. 527397

File: 1520891044644.png (960.62 KB, 897x541, k.png)

so I'm watching Kelly's Japan vlogs for the first time.
I've noticed that whenever someone else speaks she gets pissy. like if she's not speaking and getting attention all the time she gets annoyed.

No. 527398

You may want to get your eyes checked
I agree with >>527388

No. 527407

I don't think most of them have surgery. Someone upthread said it's only Kelly, Stephanie, and Vivka.

No. 527427

While I agree with you that she doesn’t look like m2f, I don’t think it’s fair to say that comments like that are the reason she cakes on makeup. Kelly obviously has low self esteem and body dysmorphia, but that’s from her own issues. You can’t put that on other people. Are the comments mean? Yes. Are they probably making her feel more insecure? Yeah, probably. But a person who is secure, and who doesn’t have deep seeded issues would just shrug off the comments. Kelly isn’t happy with herself, and that’s on her.

No. 527430

She looks perfectly normal anon, let's not.

No. 527512

So many whiteknights in here holy shit. Arguing over her appearance is pointless. It’s subjective and arguing isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion. Just ignore it and move on, fuck.

No. 527561

No. 527583


Oh, ffs. Kelly does not have body dsymorphia. Or at least not BDD that's been actually diagnosed. Anyone with a vague familiarity with BDD can tell you that.

Kelly has regular, boring, old insecurity and self-esteem issues, that are heightened by the fact she lives in L.A. where perfect physical appearances are a lot more important and can have an active impact on your livelihood than somewhere like Des Moines, Iowa.

But regular insecurity is not special or different or interesting enough for Kelly, and she can't milk those sweet, sweet mental health pity points with it.

No. 527589

File: 1520904985175.png (349.85 KB, 498x547, grandma.png)

>very nice
>appropriate to her age
>implying she doesn't look like the actual Baba Yaga

lol sure jan

No. 527680

File: 1520910704483.jpeg (165.75 KB, 750x1334, 24BC0CB0-944C-4D2C-AFD1-16A7F9…)

At the tomb raider premier totally not using the “used only once” pink jacket on her depop

No. 527686

She really should have gone for the jaw shave…
At least it would be permanent. The lipo will last a few months tops with her eating habits.

No. 527764


This is what me annoys me about some of the farmers on here. Kelly has plenty of flaws to criticize but she is not ugly, masculine or fat.
Yeah, she looked better when she was 20lbs lighter but she's still not obese. She was a model and is lusted after for a reason.

In fact, I really used to enjoy her when she started YT but as time went on she developed this sense of entitlement, she stopped being honest in her reviews, almost everything became a shillpost and she stopped doing vlogs and just started doing unboxings and makeup tutorials.

I DO believe she has Bipolar Disorder, but I think it's Bipolar 2. However, I don't think she can call herself an advocate considering she has never been treated for it and still isn't being treated for it (a therapist is supplemental to addressing chemical imbalances with medication).

I do not believe she has Body Dysmorphic Disorder or even has any idea what it means. Thinking you're too fat and your tits are too small are probably the top two complaints that most women have about themselves. If she were going in for several jaw shaves in a row for a jaw that looks fine, then I'd believe it.

Her jaw is fine, y'all. A strong jaw makes a woman look sexy, not masculine. Anybody that complains about it probably looks like beaker from the fuckin muppets.

No. 527783

File: 1520919107501.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180313-022835.png)

Couldn't help noticing but what's going on with her mouth?? it looks like me when I had anesthesia put on my wisdom teeth removal surgery. It looks so crooked and weird :/

No. 527786

I totally agree. Kelly is actually very attractive. But she doesn't know how to do makeup, is very lazy, and got a boob job that's simply too much for her small frame. I don't think there's anything wrong with her jaw. I despise her as a person, but as a physical body she is not the ugly monster most farmers claim she is.

No. 527788

I think she looks a little masc and definitely not very kawaii, but she looks fine. I feel like most cows on this site look fine but farmers are going to nitpick anyways. It's really annoying.

No. 527801

Kelly isn't unattractive, but she doesn't play to her strengths. She tries to go for a style that doesn't suit her features, body, or makeup style. If she actually catered her look to what suits and flatters her she'd be fine.

No. 527805

Agreed. I know it's kind of apart of the culture here, but it's the most annoying/distracting part. That and novella style speculation when no milk is pouring. But what can you do? It comes with the territory. Sage for OT.

No. 527807

It never used to be this way. There were occasional appearance nitpicks, but once PULLfags and others started invading, the board culture has skewed more and more petty and annoying. I'm really sick of scrolling through seemingly endless nitpicks and blogposts in every thread.
Sage for OT ranting.

No. 527894


Assuming this isn't just a badly timed shot, it could be due to her lipo incision. I had lipo on my jaw line and I had platysmaplasty as well; one of the things the surgeon warned me was that my lips could end up temporarily wonky because apparently when you make an incision right under your chin, there are nerves that control your lip movement, so a bad incision could temporary damage these nerves and make you unable to move your lips correctly.

My lips moved like this for a week or so. My chin and neck area were numb for months, so it made my facial movements a bit weird.

No. 527901

File: 1520944495095.jpeg (383.31 KB, 1242x1269, 1CE955AC-0B35-4560-856C-EB7204…)

saged. shared on my facebook, claire did a diy sailor moon cosplay video. tbh it’d be nice to see videos like this from kelly in regards to cosplay rather than unboxing reviews of costumes.

No. 527915

File: 1520947705313.jpeg (951.98 KB, 2048x2048, 6F205412-2434-4CE2-9953-DCF6A0…)

Hmmmmm Dre firing shots at Kelly… Kelly’s tweet is from 3/8, while Dre’s is from 3/13. Beautiful.

No. 527993

Maybe I’m retarded but how is this ‘firing shots’? I think that’s a stretch.

No. 528003

Why do the booze filled chocolates blow her mind so much? I mean, maybe you can't get them in the States, but in Canada, you've been able to get little chocolate shaped liquor boxes filled with the corresponding alcohol for… decades? A long time, anyways.

Simple minds, I guess.

No. 528006

Chocolate liquor bottles in boxes. Sorry.

No. 528017

Oh you can get them in the states. You can order them online, go to boutique candy stores, or even Russian grocery stores.

So yes, simple minds indeed…

No. 528018

We have them in Europe as well, but they have kirsch and a cherry inside. They're classic sweets. Really nothing new or extraordinary.

No. 528020

forgot to sage, sorry.

No. 528022

It's a reach absolutely. It wouldn't be if she was "vaugeing" something about putting up with a lot of unnecessary shit from selfish people who refuse to help themselves - or anything related to Kelly.

Saying she had a good day isn't 'firing shots' just because she also happened to say it was a vague post.
I actually saw that earlier and thought that was quite mature and healthy of her and a lot of the online community could prob benefit from feeling like they "owe" or have to share every single detail of their lives. It's perfectly acceptable (and normal and healthy) to say "I'm really happy I had a great day" and choose not to give details so you can keep that experience for yourself.

I'm really no great Dre fan - she comes off as weirdly entitled and standoffish, but good for her on that one. Maybe Kelly should take a lesson.

No. 528027

*not feeling like they owe

No. 528076

are we gonna ignore the absolute disaster that is her hair in this video??? i also never realized how disproportionately big her arms are holy shit

No. 528095

I agree with a lot of your points; I think Kelly's biggest issue is that she IS very sexy and mature looking which clashes with her cutesy little girl style. If she embraced that and went for more of a glamorous style I think she'd look a lot better. Also she should also ditch the bright pink hair and go with something more fashion forward. At the end of the day though, her personality is what really makes her so off-putting. She's immature, annoying, selfish, and lazy. Maybe she should work on those things before shelling out for lipo again.

No. 528096


Why on earth did she go to a premier in that fucking UGLY wig?
Is it the only wig she owns?! It looks so terrible, like cheap Claire's Accessories quality. Her own hair with extensions would of looked a million times better.

No. 528141

File: 1520969398486.png (684.86 KB, 927x595, lipo.png)

No. 528143


I know, every time I see her wear that wig I cringe, that is one of the worst wigs that I have ever seen. The cut is really unflattering on her and those grey roots… why? Isn't the whole point of the wig to cover up her roots between dye jobs?

If she's going to be wearing a wig half of the time, she should probably invest in one really nice one instead of a bunch of crappy ones, OR pick a sustainable hair color, she could do a pink ombre at the ends.

Pretty girl, ugly wig. With her sharp jawline, it would really stand out and look amazing with a wig with at least half of the hair pulled back or a sharp angled bob.

No. 528144

File: 1520969627970.png (41.42 KB, 295x285, lol.png)

"hard work at the gym"

No. 528147

File: 1520969892252.png (5.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1977.PNG)

I mean…..yeah we know. Nice to see her admit it for a change lol

No. 528173

File: 1520972600645.png (393.63 KB, 384x555, ps.png)

No. 528174


fucking DEAD

No. 528175

Sigh, that fucking jacket thats on sale on her depop, smh. What the FUCK are those shoes? Nobody gives a fuck about Tomb Raider anymore, but like, try to wear a cuter outfit???

No. 528177

Hahaha this is too fucking funny.

No. 528182

File: 1520973084835.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, CB8BB73F-82E3-4F81-9FAF-3BC4B3…)

She literally looks like she’s somebody’s 40 yr old mom

No. 528184

Yo wtf happened to her lips

theyre all wonky and her ig stories, her mouth is slanted and weird

No. 528186


probably shitty fillers

No. 528187

What's up with her belly button, is that from the lipo? It looks huge and looks like it has some sort of awful jewelry in it? Or maybe what's in it is making it look stretched?

She looked fine without the photoshop except for the horrible outfit and wig but I'm really disappointed in her for getting lipo and then STILL shopping herself thinner.

No. 528188

it happens after a facelift or neck lipo. if you google "crooked lips after lipo" you will see tons of searches about it

No. 528190

I don't think her figure is bad, but you absolutely cannot dress like this with short legs. What is with the belly shirt/white flats? Christ no.

No. 528198

Her depop jacket that's new, never been worn before. Perfect condition but missing a few studs.

No wonder she's not getting work anymore

Looks like a mugshot

No. 528203

File: 1520974384440.jpg (248.36 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_1978.JPG)

My GOD can you imagine getting lipo and going on about feeling like a THOT and photographing like this and still lying to your followers by photoshopping your body?
Like girl if you wanted to actually look like that shoop you coulda actually put effort into losing weight and toning up prior to the surgery….

No. 528208

>having lipo instead of working out makes you a sack of shit
There's no need to be that mad, anon. Of all the offensive things Kelly does, this isn't something to be this upset about.

No. 528209

the amount of effort it takes to look this bad is startling. she's got a good base to work with she puts as much terrible shit on top as possible

No. 528212

… But she's a tattoo model, anon. The ink is kinda the whole point.

No. 528215

They just said she was a lazy sack of shit. Maybe they didn’t have to call her a sack of shit, but it’s true. Home girl is lazy af.

No. 528246

File: 1520975716764.jpg (1.01 MB, 1500x1500, reality.jpg)

Side by side for comparison

No. 528254

File: 1520975954430.gif (1 MB, 742x1500, kellygetastylist.gif)

last one

No. 528257

Looks like she tilted the photo to make herself look taller. The torso lengthening really is something

her finger in the psed version has a blur at the edge of her leggings too. If you're going to ps at least do it well Kelly.

No. 528268

No shit? I was explaining why she is not going to even be able to land commercial modeling gigs.

No. 528273


This is part of what made me stop being a Kelly Eden fan. I understand photoshopping a bad pimple out, or photoshopping the bags under your eyes, but this right here goes beyond simple editing to downright dishonest.

It would be different if she said "This is my ideal body goal", but no. She never does that. She puts up these super photoshopped images and never clarifies that she doesn't look anything like that.

Kelly claims to have body dysmorphia and hates how society pushes impossible beauty standards, yet here she is, contributing to the very problem and pushing an impossible beauty standard.

No. 528274

she has a wig?

No. 528282


Exactly. Kelly is not an ugly person, but she always wears the cheapest and ugliest wigs. Even back when I was a casual fan of hers, I always hated how ugly her wigs are and never understood why she wore them… especially when she has access to her cosplay friends, who always wear much better wigs. I know she probably doesn't want to spend a lot on wigs, but there are plenty of cheap wigs out there that look good.

Regarding the lipo, I'm honestly surprised she went out trying to show off her body this soon after her procedure. While the major swelling will be down after the first week or so, you still have residual swelling and lumps/streaks that typically take months for the body to flush out.

No. 528333

The Hooters sign behind her is perfect.

No. 528349

I don't know anymore if this is funny, sad or disapointing. tbh I feel sorry for her, I think she looks fine and I don't see the point in all that photoshopping, she's deceiving her fans with all that bodyposi talk and then doing this crap. I regret looking up to her once.

No. 528396

File: 1520985796249.jpeg (112.65 KB, 750x729, 056CF1C9-FCB0-4199-BC85-F0F2E5…)

Funny now this comment is deleted 🤔

No. 528397

She’s deleting any comment that has to do with lipo and then has the audacity to say “nobody has guessed yet!!” 🙄

She also said she won’t release the video about her procedure for a while, so she’s probably just going to wait until people stop asking and then never admit to it.

No. 528406

File: 1520986476184.png (56.72 KB, 309x355, kek.png)

kek her fans are delusional

No. 528478

File: 1520991719590.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, ugh.png)

Dat wig and man face, ugh

No. 528496

I agree with most of what was said here. She´s not ugly by all means (I never even comment on her appearance, only on her style choices ocasionally), and I even think she´s quite pretty. The real problem is her rotten personality and the way it comes across. I find her super entitled, and I imagine her to be a nightmare to be around. I also find that atrocious photoshop quite offensive, selling an image on a person that simply does not exist to fans… Its quite disonest, really.

No. 528506

Forgot to add, that I think it is a problem common to other members of the fellowship. Just compare the thedisneylandprincess in pictures and video. Doesn't even look like the same person. She´s the real queen of photoshop, and I think its so fucking sad that you hate your appearance so much you have to alter it completly on photoshop to pass on the idea that you are "beautiful" to the masses. She used to have a youtube channel, and stopped posting, I imagine this to be the reason.

No. 528523

hi kelly(don't hi [cow])

No. 528527


Hi dumbass. I´m the same poster for both comments above, therefore the "forgot to add". Learn how to read, K?

No. 528534

I can read just fine, thanks. Just super sus since you didn't sage & since Dre has been posting thedisneylandprincess a lot today. Always have had the feeling that she's territorial over the pastel pink hair and doesn't like tdlp much bc of that.

No. 528610

I’ve seen her IRL and she’s still pretty in person. She just definitely likes the snow/line camera apps.

No. 528611

I wonder if Kelly tried to make her change her hair

No. 528628

she probably is notice how she's been interacting more with jill since she's gotten rid of her pink

No. 528629

Petition to burn this stupid ass wig and jacket.

No. 528645

No. 528649

you left your profile picture in floofydoofy

No. 528651

So I did. Meh.

No. 528662

I realized why her belly button looks so weird. She doesn't have a belly ring, she just stuck some craft store rhinestones on to look like one. that's so tacky.

No. 528699

I think she's covering up Lipo incisions with rhinestones/covering her pressure pants/lederhosen with the black pants
This is a "I just had lipo" outfit hence slight weirdness

No. 528701

Most Instagram people look completely different on camera. Not ugly but always like a different person/different attitude/facial structure etc

No. 528713

The saddest thing of all is the people saying 'shes worked hard to get her body like that'. That proves she's setting unrealistic/possibly unachievable body standards to her audience. She is knowingly deceiving them. I get she wants to look nice in her pics. I get it. But when you're preaching mental health, body positivity and working out on one side, then projecting photoshopping and surgery on the other side, you're going to stating losing people's trust and likely do more damage than good to the people who idolize you.

No. 528725

She looks like one of those sex robots here, it's hilarious

No. 528744

But anon we all know kelly doesn't make her own costumes so why would she ever make a DIY video?

No. 528748

File: 1521012985315.png (439.84 KB, 478x558, disneylandprincess.png)

Saged but you're oblivious if you think the other fellowship members don't shop the hell out of their photos just like their ringleader. Katie/thedisneylandprincess is probably the worst offender aside from Kelly herself.

No. 528788

Well, yeah obviously, but I think she's just going for the dolly aesthetic with her face. I don't think she photoshops herself thinner and then lies about it/avoids it. Has she ever denied it/has she been asked if she photoshops?

No. 528802

Speaking of, haven't seen her on kelly's channel in a while, also she did an international women's day post on her insta that featured multiple pictures of women she called her "faves", no fellowship pictures but there was one of Noodlerella and Abipop

No. 528806

sage because pot stirring and old milk but did anyone else get the impression from kelly's London vlogs that Connie doesn't like her, she seemed pretty hostile to me, considering the way she is it wouldn't be a shock to find out she looks down on kelly and thinks she is better than her

No. 528811


My god, you're right.It looks so tacky.

No. 528828

Pretty sure she posted them in her stories!

No. 528860

Could it be that she hides the incisions from the lipo with those rhinestones? I know that it is possible to do incisions at the belly button but I have no idea if it makes sense for her procedure. Just speculation…?

No. 528867

File: 1521032711214.jpg (1001.75 KB, 1519x1920, 18-03-14-08-05-07-072_deco.jpg)

Any milk about this post? What a shit trade for the girl honestly.

No. 528979

File: 1521042823317.png (79.82 KB, 624x417, d.png)

You were right

No. 528984


She definitely does. The first time I saw her on video was actually when she was on Kelly´s Daiso vlog, and I was like: "Mhmmmm, she looks familiar, but who the hell is she…?" It deeply annoys me that she photoshops herself to this extent, when it doesn't even look like her real self. Just compare the above picture to this video. I mean, she´s plus size IRL…

No. 528995

Yeah she definitely favors the blur tool. Even her hair will be blurred.
She’s not so much “plus size” irl…she isn’t “skinny” but she has massive boobs. Not implant-y. Just natural, big boobs. Those always make you look super heavy.

No. 529000

File: 1521044551549.png (542.09 KB, 719x610, ugh.png)

Shane Dawson bought a mini kids "g wagon" for his dog as a joke because his friend Trisha Paytas has a pink g wagon and his boyfriend just bought a black one. Kelly's already trying to beg the "barbie car" off of him. Pretty sure in the video you can see that it cost like $300-400 so that's kinda tacky lol.

(Also dude, it's a gag toy for his actual dog. Calm your tits.)

No. 529010


Let me point you to this video, 1.50 min. Looks pretty plus size to me… Which, there´s nothing wrong with, just don´t try to sell me this idea of perfection that simply does not exist.

No. 529098

File: 1521050538974.jpg (194.03 KB, 1065x770, Screenshot_20180314-180001.jpg)

Hmmm if only you used your patron money to make these skits instead of using it on shopping sprees, expensive microwaves and plastic surgery…

No. 529104

I just want to know, how are they expensive? You have the makeup, wigs, cosplays, you film at your house, you edit them, etc etc what's so expensive?

And isn't her Patreon money exactly for that? This girl is ridiculous

No. 529113

File: 1521051131384.png (510.59 KB, 1211x693, IMG201.png)

or idk..perhaps.. buy your own??

No. 529133


Ugh, I'm so sick of people in this thread hi kellying or assuming people are trying to wk Kelly every time any other member of the Fellowship is discussed.

They're probably the same ones that go on and on and on about OMG KELLY SO READS THIS YOU GUYS, DO YOU GUYS THINK SHE IS READING MY COMMENT RN. I'm not on here for Kelly's attention or Dre's praise, I'm here for gossip. These people are probably here because they couldn't get Kelly's attention with positive comments so they figured they would try acting out instead.

Katie is definitely the queen of photoshop. I saw her through Kelly and Dre's videos and went to her instagram to check out more of her and she was so photoshopped I didn't even bother following. I'm on instagram for photos, not digital paintings.

No. 529146

It's the same with Kelly though kek she photoshops herself so much that she doesn't look real, she looks like some weird wax figure

(psst digital paintings are also photos)

No. 529149

It's funny people are shitting on Katie for using photoshop, but I actually like her. Despite her use of photoshop there's something so much more genuine and likable about her.

No. 529153

I've thought the exact same thing and have pointed it out in the past, but no one ever replied so I assumed I was alone.

Connie definitely comes off as lowkey snobbish toward Kelly, which is very different than how she normally acts on camera toward people. She's stated multiple times that she is extremely fond of Stephanie (has also said she's her favorite channel) so I think it's rooted on jealousy since Kelly is Stephanie's best friend.

Also, not that long pink hair is by any means original, but I couldn't help but notice she dyed her hair the exact same shade as Kelly pretty much immediately after her LA trip.

She's also ignored Kelly's enthusiasm about seeing her during her England trip and they didn't have any photos together besides one massive YouTuber dinner where they weren't even near each other. So yeah, I definitely think it's safe to say Connie doesn't like Kelly.

No. 529154

Agreed, she seems genuinely sweet.

Same but I don't think it's out of jealousy. I think she just has a good radar on shitty people

No. 529159

I agree. I definitely can't stand how she Photoshops herself to such an intense degree (she reminds me of those incredibly uncomfortable hyper airbrushed photos of pageant children) but I like her over all. She seems like she would be the most pleasant member of the fellowship to actually hang out with.

I get the vibe she's the least appreciated. Kelly doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about her as the other girls and Stephanie had her vlog at her wedding while everyone else was a bridesmaid. The worst part was when people were pointing out how that looked, Steph had the nerve to say "all my friends were included in some way! Katie vlogged!" Right, because holding the camera the entire time while the rest of you have fun must be such an honor.

No. 529160

>I think she just has a good radar on shitty people
I take it you don't read her thread? She's best friends with Riri who's so bad that she makes Kelly look like quality company.

Sage for different cow

No. 529161

I was always a bit down on the vlogs at Disney they did which had her in, she knows her stuff and is genuinely interested and was trying to share info with the group and they just seemed like they didn't care, most informative content I have ever seen on kelly's channel

No. 529162

Didn't know she had her own thread. I've only ever seen her in Kelly's vids, so I based judgement off of that. I'll go check it out now, thanks for the heads up

No. 529165

Yeah, Katie's Disneyland fun facts were by far the most interesting thing about those vlogs. She's obviously very passionate about Disney. I don't recall ever seeing Kelly seem genuinely into Disney other than this one obnoxious video where she's needlessly shitting on Frozen to random YouTubers while they hang out in the park. Also, her fangirling over Kylo Ren.

No. 529170

Here's the thread discussing her. It can be a little hard to find since it's for her whole friends group too. They're basically like the British version of the Fellowship of the Rainbow with less breast implants and creepier.


No. 529181

Oh yeah, I agree Kelly's photoshopping is also ridiculous but if you think it's to the same extent that Katie does it you're crazy. Kelly still looks like Kelly in hers but taller, thinner and with clear skin.

I do hate that Kelly shops herself at all. Dre does it too (though to a lesser degree than Kelly) but then they say it's all body positivity and yayaya.

People love to call Stephanie fat and gross but that's just because she is the least shopped of the bunch.

On the shopping scale, Steph is like a 2 (mostly skin blurring blemishes, which almost everyone does and many phone camera apps do automatically), Dre is like a 4 but getting higher by the day, Kelly is like a 7 and Katie is a full 10.

No. 529190

File: 1521056637556.png (2.07 MB, 1118x1065, 1521056527906.png)

Agreed. I'll never forget these shops kek

They're all pretty in their own ways but they need to stop hawking the body positivity shit if they're gonna alter their bodies irl or in ps.





No. 529194

Thanks for the link! I'll read through it now.

No. 529198

so not only does she want it from him, she wants it to rip off his idea (put dog in the car). nice.

No. 529244

that yaoi dorito chin is killing me

No. 529269

File: 1521060281844.png (326.75 KB, 620x620, dorito_faced_bad_touch_senpai_…)

No. 529400

I didnt see that at all? Where do you see Connie being hostile?

No. 529419

Katie is the only genuine one of the lot. Her only crime is photoshopping her face. She doesn't alter her bod and she doesn't hawk this body positivity/mental health shit while contradicting herself. She's a saint compared to Kelly and Dre. Don't mean to leap to her defense but there's not much milk around photoshopping a face imo.


No. 529502

Agreed. Her and Courtney are the only ones I can stand. And I guess Kota too

No. 529617

Most of them don't have any milk, it's really just Stephanie, Dre and Kelly.

The rest are fine imo, just unfortunate in who they have chosen to be friends with

No. 529661

I think the only reason Dre has any drama is becuase of Kelly, she wasn’t even on the internet before Kelly’s videos as far as I can tell, she just seems over it at this point, I hope she moves soon

No. 529699

I don't think Kelly forced Dre to make fun of children on the internet in the name of "content", anon.

No. 529706

Woooooow. Her nerve never ceases to amaze.

I've wondered this too. It seems like pretty much everything that would make it expensive are things you only need to purchase once. All I can think of is that she's paying a camera person and everyone acting in them. I feel if the fellowship is that close her friends would be willing to act for really cheap if not free?

No. 529732

what's this from? People keep mentioning the making fun of children but I don't recall it.


No. 529807

Her camera person is Stephanie’s husband so even still…if you’re that close you’d think she’d get a fiscount or something. I think she’s just lazy and out of ideas so it’s easier to say it’s too expensive.

No. 529830

She did a collab where her and a friend make fun of cringey middle school kids singing emo songs. It's on her friend's channel.

No. 529841

I don't understand the people whiteknighting Dre or insisting any drama related to Dre is because of Kelly. Several anons have already pointed out many of the obnoxious things she does that have nothing to do with Kelly. I just don't understand why they insist on ignoring these points unless they are Dre or fans of her.

No. 529849


I'm so sick of the anons insistent Kelly DEFINITELY lurks and go "this confirms it!" any time she does anything. Hangs out with Steph like she does all the time? Confirms it! Addresses accusations in her video comments that she's not really bisexual? Confirms it! It's like they forget she has tons of people discussing her actions on her various social media platforms and the things we talk about here are covered there too 99% of the time. Not to mention how fucking dumb it is to assume she's hanging out with her best friend just because people on here are questioning their closeness. How self-important can you be???

I mean, I think she lurks here too, but I don't consider it a definite fact based on ridiculous stretches.

And the "hi Kelly" whenever anyone else in the fellowship is discussed really needs to stop. How exactly does bitching about other members magically mean Kelly is going to stop being discussed? That's stupid. Admittedly, I'm only in a handful of threads on this site, but none of the other threads I participate in mind at all if you discuss the cow's friends too, even when the OP doesn't explicitly allow for it like this one does.

I find the amount of whiteknightibg of some of her friends incredibly suspicious. Not the people talking about how they find Katie likeable, but the people getting weirdly defensive about Dre and saying we shouldn't talk about her. Especially given how one of them proceeded to bitch about Stephanie in the same post they were saying we shouldn't talk about Dre.

I suppose it could just be obnoxious AF anons, but it seems really fucking strange that anyone would be insisting we don't talk about Dre, especially when the OP calls for discussion of the Fellowship as well as Kelly.

No. 530266

No. 530290

Does she read from a script?

No. 530313

Sooo Kelly. Since you do lurk.

Love isn't real- men don't love women the way we love them. You will never get back what you put in, only an echo of yourself that they use to lure you in.

If you spend your life expecting the same romantic love a woman can feel for a man - back from a man, you will ONLY get the cons you describe in the video. Men do not dream of being married. They do not dream of loving another. They dream of success, money and artificial things. A woman is a piece of furniture in that picture.

No. 530322

Who hurt you anon

No. 530323

can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. but… bitter, much?

No. 530341

Take it to the man hating thread in OT. This thread is not the place for your misandrist foreveralone blogposting.

No. 530358

Watch the video posted >>530266

She's literally talking about these issues and says a lot worse about guys than I do in my comment, maybe watch the video

No. 530362

>sexual abuse
>he was only nice to me when he was paid to be
>the love never seemed real

All from that video, Anons, tuck in.

No. 530401

yeah she looks down every few seconds and you can see her eyes reading off of a script

No. 530404

File: 1521153616917.png (521.25 KB, 616x542, ke.png)

what was the point of this video?…a boy probably didn't text her back and she felt the need to cry to a camera.

No. 530414

You do get that we are all here to make fun of her… right? So pointing out that your views are essentially the same as what she's saying… probably not the smartest thing.

No. 530419

Well as other Anon said, there's also tons of people on OT saying the same thing so…pot kettle situation? Most people on here have a common consensus. I'm not a cow/nobody knows who I am so it doesn't matter whether I agree or disagree. Back to topic guiz

No. 530431

The thing that bugs me about this video is that she shifts the blame about everything onto others. It's impossible that she was perfect in all of her relationships/flings & even if some of it is a result of things she endured when being raised, that can't be the sole thing that went wrong in her relationships. We know that she's bipolar & even her ex Davey has tweeted out things about mental health that were seemingly directed at her (though we can't be 100% sure). I'm glad that she's seeing a therapist & truely hope that she sticks to it & isn't lying about that. But she also has to learn to take responsibility for wrongdoings as well, instead of playing the victim in every situation. That's the only way to grow & not be all "me me me woe is me" all the time.

No. 530442

Can't stop looking at the wonky lips lmao

No. 530454

what's wrong with her mouth? side effect of the surgery or what?

No. 530458

someone said it's a common temporary side effect of the incision from the surgery, yes

No. 530462

whoever makes the next thread about Kelly should use this photo, or have her red carpet photos side by side next to each other

saged for useless chatter

No. 530472

you have my vote for the red carpet side by side pics

No. 530509

the blatant script-reading is really awful.

also i'm sorry but this stuff she's talking about is something 99% of people deal with while dating, dude. why is she acting like it's some deep trauma to have a guy act aloof when you want to be bf/gf?? i'm baffled

No. 530531


Was she ever formally diagnosed as BP? I swear she acts just like my dad and my brother, both who were diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

They tried the therapy route, and while it did help them understand their illness, it did nothing to stop their manic episodes and the destruction that came with them. They resisted medication for years, and ruined a lot of relationships in the process. It was only with medication that they were able to get their shit together, which also made their therapy more effective.

Point is, I don't think Kelly will ever get better without medication. Therapy alone isn't enough when you've got a problem that is caused by chemical imbalances.

No. 530558

I don't think she was ever formally diagnosed, only self diagnosed (along with BDD, depression, anxiety, etc..)

But yea, she exudes BPD symptoms for sure

No. 530605

File: 1521165764623.png (263.49 KB, 797x385, yikes.png)

her lips are fucked but at least if its temporary thats understandable. what i don't understand is how she somehow came out of this surgery looking even OLDER than before? she wasn't exactly youthful to begin with but jesus christ. now she looks like president coin from the hunger games.

No. 530612

Yeah those laugh lines are brand new it seems? It was so weird to watch

No. 530622

File: 1521167017280.png (485.67 KB, 864x596, ll.png)

Don't think they're new. She just overexposes her face a lot in vids & this one wasn't so overexposed


No. 530636

she just has really mature, "handsome" features. that's not a bad thing, but they're not terribly youthful or feminine, so it's jarring to see juxtaposed with the pink hair kawaii bullshit.

No. 530644

Borderline Personality Disorder has a lot of overlap with Bipolar Disorder, people with one often get misdiagnosed with the other.

Both need medication to be treated. Borderline Personality Disorder is there all the time whereas Bipolar comes and goes. This is why it's so hard to medicate people with Bipolar because they often think that they have it under control, they can go months being perfectly normal before something happens.

There are sort of three levels to Bipolar Disorder though so this is where it gets really confusing. Bipolar Disorder tends to have longer periods of mania, normal and depression that can last weeks or months and the mania is a full mania. It includes illusions of grandeur, lots of impulsive and irrational behavior and putting yourself in risky situations, you get very little sleep and can go days without it.

Bipolar 2 has shorter cycling, doesn't tend to last months and the mania is a hypomania where you just feel like your best self, lowered inhibitions, lots of energy, you get less sleep but you still sleep.

Now there is one below that that is Cyclothymia, this is rapid cycling, your phases last only a few days and you might never have a "normal" phase, you just flip flop between mania and depression like it's on a switch. This has the hypomania which I believe is the type of mania that Kelly describes where she's very artistic and productive but she isn't out being promiscuous, doing drugs or staying up 3 days in a row.

My best guess without being a psychiatrist and having a very limited view of the situation is that she either has Cyclothymia or Borderline Personality Disorder. I think the best way to tell which is which without being formally diagnosed is whether her mania or depression is brought on by a specific event or relationship issue (Borderline Personality Disorder) or whether it happens purely based on a chemical imbalance, seemingly randomly (Bipolar Disorder).

Sorry for the novel, hopefully somebody found it helpful.

No. 530648

anyone find it weird that she mostly posts pictures of toshi when he was a puppy? once toshi grew up out of his puppy phase the photos and videos around him slowed down.

guess he wasn't a cute little accessory anymore once he got bigger.

No. 530650


BPD isn't always treated with medication. It can be treated with therapy (particularly DBT) and, if Kelly is Borderline, she's on the right track to recovery, now.

I don't understand why so many anons are obsessed with the idea that she needs to be medicated to get better. If she is bipolar, then yes. If Borderline, then no. I personally believe she is the latter, and truly I wish she would just get a diagnosis and then learn how to manage her emotions instead of being a dramatic mess.

No. 530653

The only reason we would say that she needs medication is because she herself says that she has bipolar disorder.. but if that's not the case, then we just want her to stop acting shitty and get some actual therapy and stick to it. Either way, something has gotta change with her personality and attitude if she doesn't want people criticizing her so much. She was much more enjoyable when she wasn't so obnoxious and didn't act so immaturely towards situations that could be fixed with one simple apology for her awful behaviour.

No. 530655

I mean, schizophrenia isn't always treated with medication either but it doesn't mean that you don't need it to be properly treated.

Borderline requires therapy, you can't manage it based on medication alone but medication REALLY helps and there are so many medications out there now that have such a low risk of side effects.

That being said, she has a history of trauma, living in a broken home and having several unhealthy relationships with men in her life and that is going to require therapy.

Anecdotal but, the only type of therapy that has ever helped me(anxiety/depression/history of abuse)is cognitive-behavioral therapy but I don't find it to be even 10% as effective as simply taking an SSRI everyday before bed.

No. 530672

No. 530685


I think therapy is a good thing, I just don't think doing only therapy is going to be enough. Like I said, my dad and brother were only able to get their shit together once they started adding medication. And it didn't just help get their lives back on track, it made their regular therapy sessions much more effective too.

Besides, she's been in and out of therapy already and it obviously isn't working. At this point it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

No. 530686


I have been wondering where he went. As much as I dislike Kelly, I love animals and I always loved seeing Toshi.

No. 530694


Huh. I didn't even know Kelly had a brother. Anyone know who he is? I wonder if she has cut ties with him completely, because I'm sure he wouldn't like seeing a video where his sister is trashing him. I wonder if he would have a rebuttal to her claims.

No. 530702

I think I’m really old cause I really don’t get this guy and his video??? I don’t understand the blinds ? I know reaction videos are a thing, but this one was kinda boring (And mean)

No. 530722

It’s almost all inside jokes, his audience loves him there’s almost no hate against these videos. I don’t get them either but it’s obviously a fan favorite. Even says it’s all a joke in the description. His fans make these videos for him and to get his attention to be featured in the video.

No. 530724

I didn't even finish it, I was just like WOW, making fun of children that like emo and lip syncing to it (she has done multiple insta stories of her lip syncing to emo just as badly), so ~E.D.G.Y~.

I didn't get the blinds either, is it because they are throwing shade? But shades and blinds are different things, so that doesn't make sense either. I have no idea who Frank is?

I mean, make fun of as many adults as you want but then you can't get triggered over people asking you if you're dating someone. Dre gets triggered over EVERYTHING so I find it hilarious that she can treat people like this but have such high standards for the way that people treat her.

No. 530734

File: 1521175206835.jpg (324.18 KB, 1638x2048, DXUUgyeVoAA8xsq.jpg large.jpg)


CrankthatFrank is the one with the girlfriend that has the saggy earginas.

No. 530754

always wanted to stretch my lobes when i was younger… now i'm glad i never did. i almost split my tongue when i was 18/19 as well.

i maybe got pierced 35+ times, but i avoided being permanantly disfigured, at least.(blogposting)

No. 530780

I almost stopped watching because I noticed how long it was. But then I got to the part where she forces tears over her brother being nice to her for a bike and I'm legit cackling she's sooooo fake. Good lort.

Every relationship is exciting and passionate at the beginning because it's exciting. Duh, Kelly.

Also leaving is the hardest part for you because you have BPD, you moron.

Those statements of the right person coming along when the time is right or when you stop looking aren't Hallmark responses, they're damn true.

This is the dumbest video ever. She's so extra and dramatic. Everyone has breakups. Big deal. Learn and move on.

No. 530782

Samefag *because it's new.

That'll teach me to post when I'm tired. Ugh.

No. 530829

Cool of her to make a bullshit video no one wants or cares about instead of the plastic surgery video she's been dropping hints at for weeks

No. 530863


We get it Kelly, you have daddy issues.

No. 530909

Serious question: how the fuck does anyone in this thread like her??? She's more or less as much of a cow as Kelly.

No. 530960

I'm not a Dre wk, but even if she's done this kind of shit, Kelly is way more obnoxious more frequently. There's a whole segment of the youtuber population who only make videos laughing at other people's videos. I would never want to collab with that guy and that video was terrible and hard to get through, but she's younger than Kelly so it kind of makes a little more sense that she's reaching for an immature audience? There are a handful of videos where she is overtly rude and out of touch. Being rude and self-absorbed is Kelly 24/7. I don't understand how anyone follows both of them and finds them both equally awful. Dre might edit her instagram photos, but not to the extent of Kelly. There are way more examples of Kelly being dismissive and disrespectful. It's easy to not care about Dre when Kelly consistently surpasses her in shitty behavior. That doesn't mean that Dre is perfect by any means. I'm not going to say she's equally bad because she's not constantly generating proof of how awful she is.

No. 530963

Never heard of this guy before now, but this was not the horror and meanfest that I was expecting. Musical.ly is probably the cringiest app of all time and everything on it deserves to be mocked. It's also not like they were singling out one kid and mocking him/her incessantly. Y'all were acting like they were straight up bullying these kids. Jeez.

No. 531017


I just find it very hypocritical. Dre is always talking about being positive and she's always retweeting or calling people out for being rude/mean/sexist/disrespectful/etc… and yet here she is, reacting and making fun of kids singing on an app.

No. 531026

Frank is just as cringey too like wtf? I remember when he made his gf feel like total shit after publicly hitting on this girl who was gonna move in with them.

No. 531035

I don’t see this as really a Dre thing, the idea, jokes and video are all his stuff. She isn’t even that mean and seems too nice to roast.

For context-
1. Videos are complied by fans for Frank to watch
2. Inside jokes like the blinds comes from previous videos of this series where he gets so upset by the cringe he would break some of his stuff (that was already broken) and make kms jokes with the blinds
3. Frank did use the app himself so it is a joke on his own cringey past self, and the emo culture
4. A lot of the ppl featured are likely fans since they make inside jokes with what they do.

It’s an embarrassing video but I don’t think there is much to hate from Dre who clearly was just there as an excuse to hang out with a friend.

No. 531044

File: 1521224232464.png (108.82 KB, 612x353, skjd.png)


She did this with the voice actor for Vegeta too

No. 531094

These videos are abysmally bad. She needs to give the voice actors a script or something because the improv is just, well, not great. Additionally she NEEDS to get better lighting/a ringlight for the makeup videos because they just look so dark and ghastly. It’s an interesting concept but the execution falls so flat.

No. 531108

File: 1521229305747.jpeg (485.36 KB, 1242x2006, 11894D4C-6496-45DD-888B-D13468…)

Except she’s gotten multiple plastic surgeries and other work done to meet these expectations?????

No. 531125

In Kelly's videos she goes on about her goth phase and how she was once a goth but the only thing I've ever seen is that she did a few photoshoots in a studded corset. Is there any other evidence of this?

No. 531141

Holyshit, she looks like Kylie jenner here. gross

No. 531149

Wow!! She does not have the stomach for a crop top.

I think those shoes are from YRU or some other similar brand. They're ugly as hell ballet flats with straps that make your ankles and calves look chunky. That entire outfit is beyond unflattering for her body type.

No. 531157

She is the very opposite of Audrey Kitching and her ideologies. Why is she even retweeting her?

No. 531168

Because she's unhealthily obsessed with her, lol

No. 531176

I love these Dre whiteknights, it's okay for Dre to be a cow because:

1. She's youngER than Kelly (but still 22)
2. She's less cowish than Kelly
3. Kelly makes her act like a cow
4. It's her friend's thing to make fun of kids and they supposedly like it so it's okay for her to make fun of people when she flips out at fans for asking her questions.
5. When someone has a good point: OMG U GUYYYS THIS IS A THREAD ABOUT KELLY EDEN U GUYYSSSS NOT DRE, but have you seen Stephanie lately?

If she grazes like a cow, milk comes out of her udder and she goes moo, she's a cow.

No. 531179

She's one of those people who think that wearing heavy eyeliner and a few black and "edgy" fashion pieces make you goth

Alternative sure.. but goth? Not even close, Kelly.

No. 531214

File: 1521237259168.jpeg (153.9 KB, 750x696, 0BA414B9-4DFA-431B-B59D-A09A3F…)


No. 531216

File: 1521237319894.jpeg (480.57 KB, 750x926, 3B1DA19E-C8AB-4FDB-86A8-2AAC73…)


No. 531227

Wow thanks for sharing. They are both pretty bad in this imo, but I wasn't expecting Dre to be like this. They are just kids. We were all cringe as teens.


No. 531250

So true! Like they sounded so interesting but they don't really say a whole lot! Which gets boring when it's just different voice actors repeating the same thing.

No. 531253

i honestly think this cosplay is probably her best… she looks true to character and everyone looks pretty good.

kinda disappointed she got lipo when she didnt even need it?????? still waiting for her to make a video about that

No. 531263

Wow Kelly looked heavier and bigger than I realized. Now I get why she got lipo… saged

No. 531275

File: 1521240663435.jpg (14.31 KB, 236x354, 0e1ff824f38ddbf1c734e07f5f9af6…)


soooooo goth

No. 531280


With her size and shape, she really should have gone as Amethyst or Rose. Would have looked much better IMO and she would have had an easier time finding a wig that matches the character better. Her wig for Lapis just looks awful.

No. 531289

I had no idea her cankles were so bad?? Kelly you can suck the fat out of your stomach all you want but you'll still have fat fingers legs and wrists

No. 531316

File: 1521345822090.png (558.89 KB, 1188x704, thot.png)

No. 531318

her ankles and legs look fine imo. they're not out of proportion like her arms are. her arms are the problem.

No. 531321

The bruises on her thighs are so bad. There was a story she put up earlier on her insta with a better view but I think she deleted it I don't see it anymore

No. 531324

honestly, as someone who used to be a fan of kelly and who struggled with weight and became healthy, this is really sad to me. Tons of people look up to kelly and see her doing this shit. She had a gym membership and meal plans and everything, all she had to do is stick with it and be patient. All her fans who may need to loose weight or be healthier are seeing her just take the easy way out. I think this is the thing that has made me loose the most respect for her. I hope her remaining fans realize how garbage she is soon. Sage for some blogposting in the beginning

No. 531325

She just looks skinnyfat now. Her arms are still chunky, and her stomach has none of the definition that people who actually work for their flat stomachs have so it just looks bizarre.

No. 531335

Honestly she's a vapid self absorbed bimbo hypocrite and good on you for losing respect for her. Those who have noped the fuck out of being a Kelly fan made a good decision and are better off. She's just going to be left with a very small batch of idiots who believe that she got this body from working out who will blindly follow her. Must be sad to sit on a throne where your kingdom is made solely of morons.

No. 531350

File: 1521347774748.png (8.88 MB, 1242x2208, 07236811-0485-4D00-97ED-CCC940…)

I think that’s the hole they sucked the fat out of.

No. 531373

>"I'm so broke!! I'm paying off student loans!!!"
>pays 4000$ to get lipo when she could easily just work tf out since she wasn't even huge to begin with

Nothing new, but what an actual cunt.

No. 531376

the lipo was a waste. she still hates the way she looks because she still shoops herself thinner to make herself feel better. spend that money on a therapist maybe??

No. 531378

where in the snaps did she shoop her body? please show us an analysis, I'm curious lol.

as for Kelly's arms, she needs to do sculpting exercises to build arm muscles and make them look toned and firm. People cannot lose weight in their arms or legs by targeting a spot.. That's not how exercise works. Just keep working out and hope for the best. Saged.

No. 531386

you can't scroll up and see the red carpet photos and the shit she posted on instagram?

No. 531389

If you zoom in on her upper hip on the left side (right below where her top cross crosses) you can see a smudge/indent in her skin. Looks like the blur tool possibly.

No. 531393


I like how she shopped herself a gigantic thigh gap. What a role model.

I was still holding out hope that one day she'd get treated (for mental health) and we'd have to old Kelly back but everything she has done in the past month has shown she's charging full speed in the opposite direction.

I don't even care that she got lipo, it's a stupid financial decision but jesus christ, stop shopping your kid fans into an ED. Your stomach is already flat, do you really have to shop your waist in several inches as well?

She comes out with this video where she emulates pouring her heart out to her viewers, but it's scripted, she talks in a baby voice and fake cries. I believe the things that she said but the true emotion came out when she wrote the script, the video was just a poor reenactment.

We have enough photoshopped instagram bimbos shilling products from scam companies. If that's what she's going for, she's never going to be the best at it and she's going to alienate her remaining original audience.

What we need is someone brave, unashamed, honest and relateable. I thought that was what she was at first but I guess I was wrong about her, what a disappointment. She needs to get out of Hollywood before she becomes Trisha Paytas.

If she was smart, she'd get the lipo video out ASAP instead of letting her poor fans continue to make themselves look like idiots defending her and saying it's the gym. They're going to be really disappointed and feel foolish the longer she waits and the more that they jump to her rescue.

No. 531443

Is it just me or does her head look 5x too small for her body????

No. 531505

As someone mentioned upthread, she most likely isn't going to be posting the lipo video - just wait it out until no one remembers it anymore.

No. 531515

someone just needs to make one of those 'here for the tea' type videos explaining the lipo, the patreon, the photoshop, all the shit

No. 531624

I'm in the process of making one.

No. 531665

File: 1521383705016.jpg (169.82 KB, 652x737, Screenshot_20180318-143302.jpg)

This lady gives her 100 bucks a month and kelly can't even send out her stuff. So gross but not surprising.

No. 531667

Can you imagine giving 100$ of your hard earned money everymonth to fund someone else shitty dreams???? Girl put that money aside for YOU

No. 531683

This thread has become so boring. Bla bla bla, she´s ugly, has fat arms, i´m so disappointed with her getting lipo, and so on. No actual milk, just a bunch of people commenting on her looks and body, when the real problem is the shitty personality. Oh well.

No. 531706

Nvm I'm new fag and forgot about the cow tipping rules. I have a drama channel so would posting about Kelly be cow tipping?

No. 531712

Erm Anon I think you're forgetting that her looks are connected to her shitty personality now because of her lipo shenanigans as well as the fact she's trying to make her calves believe that she's losing weight through diet and exercise when she clearly isn't.

No. 531765

… Anyone else find it ironic how we criticize Kelly for self-diagnosing, but then a bunch of those same anons are diagnosing her with other shit?

Maybe you guys should take your own advice and lay off the unprofessional diagnosis? Especially when it's literally Psychology 101 that even actual doctors shouldn't be diagnosing patients they've never treated. Not to mention BPD is known for being commonly misdiagnosed even by professionals.

No. 531776

Not that anon, but the lipo really isn't that milky, y'all are just thirsty AF. Yeah, it's obnoxious that she made a big deal about working out then got lipo, but that's not anything worth nearly this much discussion about.

Honestly, the cow is dry and it's time we accept it. The only things Kelly has done worthy of posting her here are the AP drama (which by now is ancient news) and her Patreon scamming/shitty seller reputation. Other than that, she's just an annoying girl with nothing really discussion worthy about her. That's why the majority of her threads are nitpicks and infighting.

No. 531788

Don't forget
>making fun of cringey kids is a whole YouTube trend!
So, your defense is that she hopped on a trend made huge by people like RiceGum, who is the most /pt/ worthy piece of shit YouTuber in all of existence. lmfao

No. 531795

File: 1521394331499.png (2.61 MB, 1242x2208, F95243C0-6C8A-43B2-93DE-4E9A5B…)

That set costs over $1,000.00 smh …

No. 531843

See, this is the Kelly that I like. Kelly with Stephanie, I love Stephanie, I wish she did non-sexual content still (nothing against it, just straight female so could not be less interested).

When it turned into Kelly and Dre it's like they turned each other into cows. I think Stephanie keeps Kelly grounded.

No. 531883

File: 1521401980668.png (673.86 KB, 735x928, wtf.PNG)

i mean tbh she's not a cow. she's in snow for a reason. she's a snowflake. she's like…the perfect definition of a snowflake. her recent video about love proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt

frankly if anyone wants to go in hard on kelly drama, we should legit focus on her society6. people lost their shit over simplykenna tracing designs and MENTIONING that she might ONE DAY sell merch, but kelly didnt even trace her designs, but 100% janked them, and is selling them right now. some of her stolen shit is even fanart. she's probably making hundreds of dollars each month, judging from my own experience with my s6 shop. it's actually pretty fucked up.

No. 531884


It seems like she never wants to buy anything herself, and wants people to buy tons of stuff and also buy her shit… She keeps telling Stephanie: "Oh, you need that!", gets a measley little silvanian family bunny and ends up not wanting to buy it, and then somehow gets Steph to buy it for her. In an old vlog where her and Dre go to the pet shop, she also begs for stuff for Toshi, and Dre even mentions that she is the one that bought him the wood house. Buy your own damn shit girl.

No. 531892

she needs the money to get cosmetic surgery, japan trips, hella expensive lego sets and lingerie (she got some creepyeha stuff and that shit is not cheap) so of course she's gonna make her friends pay for her whims

i agree, she's a fucking art thief

No. 531930

File: 1521404902333.jpg (415.46 KB, 731x1047, Untitled-2.jpg)

I don't really care enough to do anything about it, but I found the original art, it's by Archaedia Studios and they sell their own merch. So if anyone wants it, have at it, they have contact info on their site.


No. 531950

No. 531960

File: 1521406880243.jpg (292.41 KB, 636x1057, img0098.jpg)

poor sad fools

No. 532028

Ugh this enrages me. I work out everyday and eat healthy. She is such a lying pos and doesn't correct people, Someone needs to call her out and confronts her…

No. 532073

No, anon, the lipo IS milky because:
A. She's always complaining that she's poor (but muh student debt doe)
B. Is raking in money from Patreon and not delivering on what her page promises.
C. Is most likely using that $$ for her elective surgeries
D. And is dodging it and letting her stupid fucking followers believe it's the gym and her diet.


No. 532078

Are we positive that she is paying her student debt? The Youtube/Patreon/Sponsor money must be a nightmare to claim on taxes and you could easily not claim it all and apply for an IBR and even get payments due low as $0 a month while the interest accrues. Then after 25 years, your loan is forgiven and you didn't have to pay a dime for it.

No way to prove that of course, that's really grasping at straws but I have always wondered how influencers do their taxes.

No. 532143

Youtube reports payments to the IRS before it cuts a check to content creators. A 1099-misc if she files under her SSN rather than an EIN. So does Patreon.

No. 532160

lol tons of people simply don't file their 1099s, or they pick and choose

No. 532257


I do not care if Kelly wants to get lipo; it is her body, and she can do what she wants with it. What makes me lose respect and ultimately caused me to unsubscribe from Kelly is the fact that she purposely lies and misleads her viewers about how she looks. Kelly promotes body positivity and has spoken about her 'body dysmorphia', and yet she photoshops herself with perfect skin and an impossible figure.

I could forgive the extreme photoshopping when it came to her fashion/editorial shoots, but once I learned that she did the same thing with her ""candid"" shots, I could not stand watching her anymore. It is actually pretty frustrating to read so many comments praising her ""hard word"" and looking up to her for #bodygoals, when they have no idea that Kelly's photoshopped version is literally unattainable. The saddest comments come from her fans lamenting about the fact that they have been working out and eating well yet they are not seeing the same results that Kelly is. Thank god Instagram and Kelly weren't around when I was a teenager, because I know I would have fallen for their lies too.

No. 532266

If someone really wanted to out all of kelly’s lies with photoshop all they would have to do is create an IG and hashtag her name on all the posts and everyone would eventually find her lies.

No. 532382

Yeah, Stephanie is 31, in an outwardly stable marriage, seemingly down to earth, and seems to genuinely care about Kelly when it seems like Dre is… typical for her age when it comes to these things.

No. 532440

File: 1521433072012.jpg (192.52 KB, 568x590, img231.jpg)

Shaaaaaade. She knows she's not being subtle.

No. 532524

Its only cowtipping if you direct them to this thread. If you make the video without talking about lolcow youre fine, especially if you have a drama channel where all your content is like this

No. 532532

I really doubt this was about kelly, it just seems like she was throwing shade at the person who wrote that dumb tweet

No. 532533

dre: posts about how she hates fruit loops or whatever


No. 532772

How does Dre saying ‘women who don’t care how they look when they cry are powerful’ equate to throwing shade at Kelly? Can you read? She wasn’t even making an insult lol

No. 532775

not according to shit mods tho. they keep trying to turn cowtipping into something that prevents talking about any cow contact whatsoever even on your personal SM.

No. 532812

Yay, another unboxing…. yawns

No. 532915

File: 1521487444615.png (85.85 KB, 618x382, dre.png)

No. 532916

File: 1521487458780.png (206.6 KB, 621x746, lipo.png)

No. 532918

That last colour looks hella patchy even before she smudges it all in.
I hate the way she throws the packaging over her shoulder onto the floor, she does it a lot. Is it really necessary to do it in the video can't she cut that out or clean up afterwards. Just reminds me of a spoiled brat disrespectfully chucking the rubbish for their new toys over the place.

No. 533054

It's especially abrasive when she crows about how much she loves packaging and attention to detail on the packaging, sure some of this is just standard makeup but it's still bratty and she also does it for collector's items

No. 533108

39k views when she has 24k followers. Maybe Kelly has more male fans than I thought she did

No. 533212

you still have to pay taxes on it after 25 years so you will end up paying "a dime" just not as much (i'm on an IBR plan)

some influencers don't pay their taxes, i remember jeffree star saying on shane dawson's podcast that he knew a beauty youtuber who claimed to have not filed taxes in 3 years. i wouldn't be surprised if kelly did something like that. then there's the obvious youtubers like onision that file their taxes all fucked up and make false exceptions for business expenses on regular everyday things (like his cars or house).

No. 533254

Twitter is also stupid and auto plays a video whenever you scroll past one and counts it as a view. Then loops and counts it as another view.

No. 533260

File: 1521508276770.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 2E4A2CDB-C015-4772-9FA9-320EC7…)

No. 533266

She just said in her IG livestream that the video from the surgery is probs going up next month, and that there was an actual film crew filming the surgery itself. So it´s been sponsored, defo. She said she´s waiting for the film crew footage to edit the video.

No. 533267

how in the world anybody shows up to a photoshoot with nasty af feet?

No. 533268

So glad her surgery has given her the body confidence to deliver this quality content.

No. 533270

is she really this thin? she looks very thin here. does she look this thin in vid?

No. 533271

That's her home studio, and considering her feet are always dirty as shit it's not surprising

No. 533272

She definitely seems to be moving toward more mature content. I just turned on her live stream and she's been talking about having sex in cosplay for the last like 5 minutes…all while sitting around in that bra.

No. 533274

Wow so her lipo sounds like a proper sponsored deal. On one hand if someone offered to pay for lipo for me I (and most people) would be on that in a heartbeat. However I'm not a body positivity influencer with self diagnosed body dismorphia and a legion of impressionable young fans. I honestly wonder what their reaction will be when she releases that vid because it's so opposite to what she preaches at the moment. All those poor sheep bleating 'no guyz she werks out she's earned her body!!1'. As a side note I wonder if she will go the softcore route now the kawaii thing isn't getting her as many gigs now.


No. 533280

I can't stop looking at that crusty ass towel.. Everything in this photo looks as filthy as her feet.

No. 533285


THIS. I thought exactly the same, looks so incredibly dirty!

No. 533292

Dre just posted on Twitter that she’s still living with Kelly and that they’re planning on moving forward with their twitch channel. Anyone else think they may have been allowing gossip to be stirred up in the hopes of gaining more followers/ attention?

No. 533299


Can you screenshot anon? Can't find it.

No. 533300

File: 1521510262548.jpg (102.48 KB, 580x247, x02168.jpg)

I read it as they're each doing their own channel and they're not doing it together anymore because Dre doesn't have time. I think that they are frenemies still.

No. 533318

"yes we do!"
>for now

To me it seems more like shes trying to calm the gossip, living with kelly would be hard enough but for everyone else to see and keep pointing out the fact that they have drama must make it so awkward esp if they're trying to keep it civil as roommates.

No. 533325

OT, but that Garnet and Pearl are really good. Kelly does so odd compared to them, especially because she looks as chubby as the Steven cosplayer.


(I don't watch the show , but is she supposed to be bare foot?)

No. 533327

did Kelly delete the ad looking for a new roommate? Someone on here claimed that Kelly put up an ad a month ago seeking a roommate for March 1st.

also good on Dre for getting a new job to make a steady income. I like that she's not relying on youtube as a single source of money.

No. 533328


She said on the instagram live that Dre wakes up when she goes to bed. That is classic, deliberate avoidance. That's what I did with my mom during the summers in high school so she couldn't nag me 24/7. I just stayed up all night and gamed with Australians, it was great.

No. 533337

That sounds about right. I did that when i lived with family who wanted to bug me. I think Kelly is lying about her and Dre being on good terms tbh.

No. 533343

from what i know dre has never been only a youtuber at a job, she's always been a freelance makeup artist.

except in this senario it's kelly who stays up all night and dre wakes up early to go to work.

No. 533347

Dre said she was moving out and Kelly put an ad up for the room. They must have decided against it and instead of just being like "we changed our minds" they're making it out like it was just drama created out of nowhere. Talk about back peddling.

No. 533348

living in L.A, Dre must get a lot of gigs doing freelance make-up gigs. I wonder if she's got a position with a company? It sounds like she has a full-time job now to make ends meet.

No. 533349

well, Dre was gonna move out and live with her BOYFRIEND? Did they break up?
Sorry for asking questions… it just doesn't make sense. Seems like people on here are making up fake drama when Kelly and Dre are fine and on good terms.

No. 533361

>Sorry for asking questions… it just doesn't make sense. Seems like people on here are making up fake drama when Kelly and Dre are fine and on good terms.
Right, we just totally fabricated the entire thing. That's why there's screencaps of Kelly's ad for that room and Instagram stories where Dre straight up says she's moving out. And their relationship is perfect sunshine rainbowland with no issues whatsoever. That's why there's screencaps in this thread of Kelly publicly throwing a fit over Dre not wanting to do videos with her.

And for the record, her planing to move in with her boyfriend was 100% speculation and never confirmed.

Did you even read these threads? Serious question

No. 533362

Working freelance means having on and off seasons as you go through movies and tv shows, etc. I think she must have booked a movie or something like that which would explain the early hours, and then she seems to be doing a lot of work with hot topic as well as a promoter for other things.

i think it was assumed that she was going to move out with a boyfriend, a guy we don't even know is 100% her boyfriend… just from insta sleuthing.

No. 533369

A screencap of the ad was posted in the last thread.

I've noticed there's a few new people in this thread asking for receipts that were already posted in the previous ones. Y'all need to look through the other threads before posting.

No. 533382


are you sure? I thought it was Dre that stays up all night, she's been doing club promoting lately.

Right now afaik, she works as a brand promoter for Hot Topic, does a horror talk show gig on Youtube. I think she only does social/media influencer work now, haven't heard about her doing a makeup job in ages.

She also went on and on about how Youtube demonetizing her videos was crippling for her, so I think it's safe to say she was making a decent amount from what very little content she had for her very brief YT career.

No. 533398

Yeah I'm sure, her and kelly have talked about their sleep schedules before on q and a's.
As far as Dre's work goes this is what I know from her youtube/social medias-
She only promotes for emonite la which is like once a month and only on the weekends, it's an event not a club. Does work with hot topic and foxblood sho as an influencer. The talk show is once every other week. She's said that when she does big gigs like movies or tv shows she's not allowed to talk about it legally (thats kinda obvious though) and she doesn't really like to mix her professional career with her social media stuff. She even has a separate makeup instagram.

looks like she's posted about 6 different jobs since the beginning of the year.

No. 533403

File: 1521514438544.jpeg (109.29 KB, 618x743, FDD80B52-9591-4189-BEE5-33F26F…)

Dem arms tho

Anyone else gettin reeeal tired of “thot pocket” /which she immediately stole from somebody who tweeted her.. it was the name they had in their bio

No. 533414


See, I told y'all it's a Dre fan doing all of the wking here. Stage 5 Clinger. 😂😂😂

Yeah, I'm really annoyed with the thot stuff. We get it Kelly, you are familiar with ancient memes like "thot" "ya boi" and airhorn sound. Stephanie is on reddit enough, she should keep Kelly current on these things, give her a this week in memes newsletter or something.

No. 533424

i'm not trying to wk, just stating facts to help either side of the argument. Saying dre is only doing influencer work clearly isn't true, that's my ONLY point.

kelly needs to chill with the stomach edit, no one is shaped like that

No. 533434

Thank you for saying all of the things I was being too lazy to say. I swear, people don't even bother reading or paying any attention before posting.


This was already posted.

Kelly literally just said in her live stream that Dre is up all night and is getting up when Kelly is going to bed at 10pm, because she (Kelly) is a "grandma."

You can also see in tons of videos that Dre is just waking up sometime around mid-day.

I'm sure that she wakes up and does a more "normal" schedule when she has a gig. I used to keep a super spastic schedule when I was younger and didn't have a regular 9-5. It's not uncommon or out of the question for other people, including her, to do the same.

No. 533445


Who is she trying to fool? It is becoming glaringly obvious to even the most casual of fans that Dre and Kelly aren't friends anymore. The appear to be tolerating each other and being polite, but that's about it. If the lack of retweets/mentions/photos weren't enough to clue them in, then the fact that Kelly keeps unfollowing Dre on Twitter would be enough to make fans aware that there is trouble in the Doll House.

Not only that, but right now if you click on Kelly's youtube channel and go to the 'about' section, she lists everyone but Dre's channel. Her channel used to list Dre, now Dre only shows up as 'related channels' rather than Kelly's customized "sister channels". That means Youtube fans that aren't privy to Twitter or Instagram drama now don't have to stray from Youtube to notice that something is wrong.

I honestly don't understand her logic in trying to pretend that everything is hunky dory. Maybe some of the more dedicated fans will buy it, but everyone else is becoming more and more aware that something is amiss.

Does Kelly realize that if curious fans google about her and Dre, these lolcow threads pop up in the search results? You would think she would want to be more transparent if for no other reason than from preventing more and more of her fans from finding out her dirty laundry.

No. 533515

I love how the door is slanting near her stomach kek

No. 533641

Yeah, between this and the fact Kelly unfollowed her twice, the idea that we're "just making up drama" is laughable.

They should have just said "we were having a rough patch, but things are better now" rather than try to pretend nothing happened as if no one noticed at all.

No. 533653

File: 1521544124648.jpg (93.21 KB, 713x526, Screenshot_20180320-110625.jpg)

It's so weird to me they keep acting like nothing has happened.

No. 533658

Kelly literally put up ads for a new housemate. Are those ads gone now? It seems like they resolved their problems (probably with the help of Steph and Envy) and/or they couldn't find a better roommate so Dre is staying.

No. 533659

Her arm is as thick as her waist I'm crying

No. 533676

the amount of sideways pictures we're gonna have to deal with now is gonna be insane

No. 533678

She's still not following Dre on Instagram but is following Chris Villan again. The whole following/unfollowing thing shows what a sad shallow cow she is. I've never been a Dre fan but kudos to her for not stooping to that level and just ignoring her.

No. 533717

lmao I was thinking the same thing, she's starting to look like one of those weirdly photoshopped images from clickbait ads
>"Is this woman real?? Click here to find out!"

No. 533812

File: 1521560097849.png (457.01 KB, 611x839, kek.png)

>'hello fellow kids, please tell me I look like the Hot Animes'

it's always interesting to see what people imagine they look like via the insane way they photoshop their pictures. she pictures herself as this cute/sexy FFX character with big eyes and a round jaw and tiny little waist… but then in reality she just looks like pic related. A kinda dumpy, average sized woman with fried hair. Not quite dakota or momo levels of delusion, but still kek-worthy.

No. 533815



No. 533830


What you say is mostly correct anon, but she never did have Dre listed in her about section. I often wondered why she never included her, as they kept doing shit together (jealousy, I assume).

No. 533892

She’s obviously had lipo in multiple areas. Most surgeons charge per area. If she’s had it under her chin ($1500 - $3500), in her abdomen ($3000-8000), her hips/waist ($2500-8000), and her thighs (2,500-8000) plus a surgical fee (usually 1k). She spent at minimum $10K to get her new body. But she said previously it was a “sponsored procedure” so who knows if that’s true or how much she was discounted.
As someone with body dysmorphia, I’m furious that she keeps getting procedures, rather than getting proper therapy. She is actively indulging and feeding her disorder by continuing to get more and more drastic procedures to physically alter her
appearance. Ultimately what she’s doing is far worse for her mental health than learning to accept and love her body as it is.

No. 533896

her shoop'd pic doesn't even look like an animu. IG anus lips aren't animu at all.

No. 533914

Kelly's giving me Vicky shingles vibes

No. 533990

No, she isn't. See up thread where photoshopped vs non-edited pictures of her at a red carpet event were posted.

She may have had lipo, but she STILL doesn't look a goddamn thing like shopped to hell images she posts constantly.

No. 534095

Is that a kitchen sink? Gross. Do that in the bathroom.

No. 534200

didn't watch the vid but the left pic in the thumbnail looks so much better than her ugly pastel hair

No. 534203

File: 1521586148600.png (112.47 KB, 1242x811, IMG_2017.PNG)

While I wish Dre had her own thread, this irritated me so much I couldn't help myself.

This right here is her problem. You have an audience that cares enough about you to emulate you - you don't get to complain or have an attitude about it. Either don't answer comments still asking where the dress is from, or actually help people who are looking for it. But don't act like it's such an inconvenience to you as a person, that's so fucking rude. This is the second time in a short period that I've seen her bitching about this and it's like ….really? People still asking where stuff is from despite descriptions/tags is the most common thing, get the hell over yourself. If you're that annoyed by it, find the link, drop it to someone in the comments, others will see it.

TL;DR - dres biggest problem is that she stands the WHOLE fucking way in her own way in terms of her relationships with her followers.

No. 534213

its a mini kitchen in her studio, what baffles me is that they have a bathroom with a shower if i remember correctly, just stick your feet in the shower

No. 534217

I don't understand why influencers do this.

Every intense friendship has its ups and downs. If they just said "we were having issues like any friends who live together do, but we worked them out and we're good now" hardly anyone would be discussing it.

No. 534283

Are We sure that she got Lipo? I've seen the after care process before and there is a lot of bruising. She keeps showing pictures of her stomach and it looks pretty normal

No. 534295

Upthread there is a screen shot of her insta story and you can clearly see the hole for the tubing where they suck everything out. Some people bruise less than others.

No. 534325

I mean also she went from looking chubby as all hell to looking relatively slim in only her face and stomach….what else do you think does that? Certainly not a human metabolism.
And we know her ass ain't been to the gym because she hasn't been insufferably mentioning it every two seconds.

No. 534327

But I feel like if that IS a Lipo hole, she would have photoshopped it. I mean, we know how obsessed with PS she is. And I know people with red moles that look just like that. The bruises on her legs are definately there though. Idk, you're probably right. Just seems like she healed really quickly

No. 534336

If you zoom in, you can see faint purple bruising around the hole.

No. 534383

If I remember correctly, it was a video on her insta story. So, I don't think she could edit it. But, I don't post videos (or anything) on my insta story, so I could be wrong about that.

No. 534425

is this photo taken after lipo? If so, I don't see any difference– she still looks the same. I think having a very large bust makes her look heavy…

No. 534522

Dude, no. I agree with her. I'm not even an influencer and this bothers me when it happens to me and when I see it happen to other people. It's frustrating when you go to the trouble to tag an item in a post or list what you're wearing in the caption and people clearly didn't even read it. I'm giving her this one. People are stupid and lazy.

No. 534653

Idk if any of you know stef Sanjati on YouTube, (I love her) she has been documenting her Butt Lift surgery and she showed the tube hole from it entering her abdomen. It's exactly where Kelly's is. So lipo confirmed and possible butt lift theorized.

No. 534688

Her ass looks kinda flat though… also I feel like she’d be showing it off more. I dunno though.

No. 534742

Kelly had lipo on her stomach, waist, thighs, and chin area.

dre still lives there but is moving out soon, it just took her longer than she expected to find a place. She and kelly are still friends but she felt like it was time for her to leave the nest and move out on her own.

No. 534823

Why is she going off about MAC and explaining their charity in a Black Moon cosmetics video lol

No. 534829

in her insta live video a few days ago she said she had "several different procedures done" which led me to believe lipo was only part of it…

No. 534837

Normally I would agree with you, but Dre complains about her followers all the time, pretty much always for totally illegitimate reasons. When you do that, even a reasonable complaint cones off as super bitchy.

No. 535082

File: 1521663188945.png (527.6 KB, 932x597, m.png)

"You too, can beat body dysmorphia and all you need is tons of plastic surgery!" :)

No. 535084

File: 1521663452734.png (37.14 KB, 608x177, lol.png)

@ Stephanie

No. 535086

Even with surgery and photoshop she still looks stumpy. So self absorbed and still completely unaware of how to dress for her body type.

No. 535249

I always find it hilarious when huge yaoi fans complain about queer fetishization. Like wtf do you think you're doing with all those Cloud/Sephiroth doujin? I hope someone points out she's being a hypocrite.

No. 535301

It also shows a complete lack of understanding of gay weebs and anime con culture and how many people started exploring their sexuality through fanfiction and cosplaying their favorite male characters and acting out their BL dreams. Idk how much of a phenomenon that is these days as I'm thinking about the dark ages with yaoi paddles and the plague that was KH characters all over each other but the "yaoi is inherently evil and fetishizing!!!" argument makes me roll my eyes. It's only ok to want straight characters to be together?

No. 535307

It is fetishizing dumbass, it’s why we have a shit ton of weebs in the fakeboi thread. Most of the people who like it are cringy fujoshit girls who are whether they be queer or not- are still being gross and creepy by making “yaoi/bl” a obcessive hobby when they have characters and pairings that look like them.

No. 535308

I know the $600 microwave is old news, but I was just looking up pink microwaves for myself and there are plenty of them for under $200. It's like she didn't even do a Google search and just went with Big Chill because it was the first brand she learned about that made them. Fine enough, but don't complain so frequently about how broke you are when you spend this frivolously.

No. 535311

softboy yaoi is different than bara and the like that's made for men. it's very explicitly made for women as a fetish. two kawaii boys turning borderline rape into happysex, fucking eachother without condoms or lube. it's the same as yuri shit for men that's just two horny sexy girls grinding their muffs talking about how lewd and pretty their pussies are.

of course yes gay men can like softboy yaoi and lesbians can like overly sexual yuri, but they're minorities and it's not for them.

No. 535314

i have a pink one by bella and it's very nice! i think she only wanted big chill cause it's fugly retro stuff that works with her weeb shabby-chic style.

No. 535317

I think yaoi is inarguably fetishizing gay men, but as long as the person consuming it doesn't go full fujoshit there's not anything wrong with liking it. However, someone who enjoys it (like Kelly) is being hypocritical AF if they're gonna be all "don't fetishize queer people!" unless they're explicitly talking about super hardcore examples (like when straight guys tell lesbian couples to make out in front of them for their gratification or something like that).

No. 535322

It's funny because the Bella one actually fits with the aesthetic of her kitchen way better than the big Chill one.

No. 535334

yeah i think hers is tackier somehow.

No. 535343

Kelly is such a piece of shit.. is she trying to claim body dysmorphia? Don't only transgender people have that? Someone needs to call her out and drag her. It's not ok for her to say this shit and then get plastic surgery. We all have hang-ups about our bodies. Stupid f—kin bitch! saged

No. 535348

Not to completely derail but I still don't understand how wanting two characters of the same sex to want to be together means automatically fetishizing them and how that somehow doesn't apply to shipping characters of different genders. I think it's way more nuanced than that, and not everyone who has consumed or created yaoi or yuri is obsessed or getting off or getting off to something that has nothing to do with their own sexuality. Cloud/Sepiroth is a stupid pairing that makes no sense and probably only exists for the gratification of thirsty creeps like Kelly, but there are plenty of pairings that do make sense.

No. 535350

Body dysmorphia is not just a transgender thing. It's common for people with eating disorders to have it.

No. 535397

thanks for the correction. I forgot about EDs too. Kelly doesn't have an ED, she's a lazy cunt who opted for the easy way out to lose all that chunk. Again, someone needs to call her out. Ugh, fuck her so much.

No. 535406

It’s sooooooooo ridiculous when anyone tries to claim body dysmorphia when they are actually just insecure.

No. 535416

I'm sure that people who gravitate toward a lot of cosmetic surgery have some form of it as well. But, I don't think Kelly qualifies for that given that she has yet to do anything super drastic. As the farmer above said, she's just insecure with a touch of lazy.

No. 535434

This could apply to Jill. hah

I agree. It would be easier for her to just eat right and get lean through working out. She also needs to learn how to dress.. because she doesn't have the legs for maxi dresses.

No. 535464

File: 1521687225754.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-225027.png)

Who the fuck posts shit captioned like this? It's so tacky. NO ONE CARES KELLY

No. 535599

>>535464 they look like bubbles glued on to her fingers

No. 535679


Can't lipo away her fat girl fingers. Kek.

No. 535738

Personally, I see getting turned on by any couple you're not a part of as fetishizing them, regardless of sexual orientation. I also don't see fetishization as inherently bad as long as you're not treating real people as objects or telling them you're turned on by them being together like straight men often do with lesbians.

I wish Kelly elaborated more as to what scale of fetishization she's referring to.

No. 535745

I dunno guys, I think Kelly probably does have it or at least has body image issues that go far beyond the norm.

I know it looks like Kelly is just being lazy, but think about it. She spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to suck out maaaybe 20lbs of fat out of her stomachs at most. It's super common for people with body dysmorphia to completely lack the ability to be patient when it comes to healthy weight loss results and turn to extremely unhealthy means instead. Turning to plastic surgery they don't need is also a very common thing they do. If this is the result of her being lazy, it still shows she clearly has some kind of intense mental problem.

I'm not saying she's definitely right about having body dysmorphia, but she sure as fuck has body image issues that go beyond the normal young woman with low self-esteem.

I really fear how this looks to her younger followers. She may not realize it, but she's showing surgery as a quick fix to all your body image issues. Don't like your small tits? Implants! Small lips? Fillers! Too anxious to wait a couple months to lose 20lbs? Lipo!

No. 535748

It's a really common caption among normalfag women. It's meant to be half-joking, but is still obnoxious AF. I consider that captain the mark of a basic.

No. 535806

Honestly there's some misinformation going on here with regard to fetishizing. The word we should be using is sexualizing. To fetishize something is to have it as a fetish.

A fetish is something unconventional/abnormal which you require in order to achieve sexual gratification. The only way these queer pairings would be fetishizing would be if the person doing the objectifying legitimately required them in order to actually get off. Otherwise it's just regular old objectification or sexualization.

Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine because too many people don't fully understand the depth of having a fetish.(derailing)

No. 535833

So funny that she changed her twitter and insta bios to say thirsty yet she was complaining about that guy in japan trying to fuck her

No. 535914

Do yourselves a favor, and watch this all the way through for maximum lulz, gets even more cringe near the end. I have never laughed so hard at someone that thought people would be laughing with them in my life. It's like they are stuck in a high school time capsule. If I didn't know their ages and someone asked me to guess, I would guess 15. Peaking in high school is not just for jocks and cheerleaders anymore.

Sage cuz Dre.

No. 535939


Except she didn't. It´s assumed it was sponsed, since she said live on instagram that the whole thing was filmed by a camera crew.

No. 535982

Thank you, was about to say this.
She didn't pay thousands - she begged a company to sponsor her surgery because of how much "exposure" she could give them. eyeroll

No. 535998

The implications of this are pretty bad. We often say "She's setting a bad example to her young audience by showing off her plastic surgery" but she is intentionally advertising plastic surgery to what she knows is a young and impressionable audience.

No. 536020

This was pretty cute until they decided to go outside like that. Imagine seeing a bunch of mid to late twenty year olds dressed like emos setting up a mcr memorial for mcr outside of the “Helena” church..I get wanting to dress like that but the church and memorial was too far.

No. 536027

Better than kelly screeching like a child in public with her friends and fake air horn noises

No. 536029

pretty sure they are all 22 frank might be a year older

No. 536040

I’m wondering if her demographic is even old enough to get plastic surgery without parental consent? A lot of her fans seem super young. Like high school young.

No. 536046

I disagree with you about Kelling having body dysmorphia. She seems quite PROUD of it and keeps bragging and announcing to the world that she has BD. Pretty sure that most people, who suffer from EDs or BD, quietly hide it and pretend that everything's ok while they get plastic surgery or starve themselves, et al. Kelly is none of that. She is a lazy attention whore lying lolcow and I'm getting sick of her BS. saged for no milk.

No. 536051

wasn't Dre too young for the emo scene? I am 35 and emo was very popular in the mid 00s when I was in my mid 20s. Dre was a kid and too young to use myspace or go to emo shows. Can't stand fake-ass younger Millennials who try to pretend they were there when they were barely in middle school.

No. 536073

Yeah, she is a bit too young.I'm 31 and emo started right after I graduated, I was 2000-2004 end of the nu-metal era.

Kelly would have been in High School 2003-2007 when nu-metal/pop-punk went out and became emo. So, she caught both eras which is reflected by her playlist.

People inbetween their ages would have had emo at it's peak. 22-26.

Emo happened around 2005, probably died 2009-2010 which is about when someone who is 22 would be getting into high school.

Myspace was completely abandoned by 2008, she would have been 12, so lul.

No. 536079

I don’t think any of them are serious, anything they do seems like a joke that their 12 year old fans take way too seriously

No. 536093

Really? All three were shaking and crying, and called it a "HUGE MCR SURPRISE", they were dead serious and that's why it was so sad.

As people said above, they're all too young to even be emo, they're just jumping on the emo nostalgia bandwagon just like 90s kids did during 80s kid nostalgia and just like 00's kids did during 90s kid nostalgia.

It's like nobody is even nostalgic for their own shit anymore which is the whole point of it, lol.

No. 536121

They showed pictures of them being emo when they were young teenagers. I’m around the same age and remember going to middle school and early high school with kids who dressed like that. Is being Emo only a thing for young adults at the time so teenagers who were into it were just seen as fake? I definitely listened to this kind of music back then tho I wasn’t so into dressing like that.

No. 536123

File: 1521760215720.jpg (48.87 KB, 584x104, 002345.jpg)

The student have becometh the master.

Dre has reached peak cow, she is now:

1) Missing (or nearly missing) obligations due to fauxiety. Not putting out a reasonable amount of content because she is so ~busy~ (sleeping until 10pm).

2)No longer works in the field that she claims as her primary field (makeup, only done about 3 jobs since the beginning of the year, all of which friends hired her for)

3)Questionable new collaborators (Pervy Frank and his boring girlfriend).

4)Shilling for companies will poor ratings and customer service and not complying with FTC guidelines regarding sponsorships. (VP Fashion, FashionNova).

5)Losing a ton of weight with no explanation, gets super defensive upon being asked about it.

6)"calls out" her fans constantly on twitter over super trivial things (asking her where a dress is from or if the guy she is kissing is her boyfriend).

7) Has a twitch channel that is always coming but never actually happens. Plans to become a "gamer" but only plays one game and not even that often.

Now she just needs to move on to step 8 and coast on her current subscribers and keep them engaged while providing bare minimum content to be considered an influencer so that she can keep getting PR packages and unboxing them on her channel. Still waiting on those lip fillers.

No. 536142

File: 1521761363317.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-140653.png)

You're forgetting this attention grabbing stunt from yesterday. Why would anyone post this? kek

No. 536150


Well, it's a bit complicated, in primary school you can like the scene, you can emulate the scene but you can't participate in it. You aren't a part of the community, so you're only taking in a very shallow part of it. It's missing a lot of elements beyond the music and the fashion.

No. 536196

I thought Stephanie Shaw was 33. She is a sweet gal. She use to do art. Didn't know about Kelly's Lipo, holly cow! I wonder if it's from the same plastic surgeon who did her laser tattoo removal, Dr. Kwan or something. Oh no. Sage for no milk. Sorry I am new.

No. 536224

File: 1521764427890.png (56.37 KB, 598x238, bull.png)

wow sitting home all day doing nothing sure is exhausting right kelly?

No. 536229

Hey, don't need to apologize for being new, sage goes in the email field. New blood helps liven up the thread (it's getting stale since Kelly isn't producing).

I think you are correct about Steph's age, I remember about 5 years or so ago she was definitely older than me. I think most of us on here agree that Steph is sweet, she's a really great friend and she's the only one out of the bunch that is real (despite the fake body).

This must be her from 2009, she's still pretty but man she looked so beautiful more natural. I don't mind people that do plastic surgery (I would get some myself if I had everything I wanted already) but, it almost seems like a crime on her.


I was surprised to see that she used to suffer from ED and that she was a size 13 before. I thought her new thicc body was new.

No. 536233

it's weird to see Dre say this. I actually have to fly out tomorrow for a conference that i am gonna participate in and I feel so nervous about it but I feel super grateful to have this opportunity. Dre should feel lucky that she's "somebody" and has a great chance to make a name for herself at Wondercon. She needs to move past her anxiety and go out and do it…. saged

No. 536235

well good for Stephanie for being proud of her body and not giving into pressure. I wonder how she feels about Kelly moaning about body image issues. Honestly Stephanie is way too good for Kelly and needs to move on. Steph seems like a really nice person and I like her a lot.

No. 536239

you have a good point, but emo was still a thing for 20something/30something adults / high school kids in the 00s, it was not even a thing for 00s kids who were too young for high school. I'm just saying it makes no sense. Emo went out when myspace died in 2009.

saged and sorry for derailing.

No. 536274

she hasn’t mentioned being a guest or anything, I think she’s just going to the con like anybody else

No. 536290

File: 1521767174687.jpg (53.12 KB, 586x91, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 536312


What a fucking cringefest, it seriously hurts my eyes. It just makes me feel embarrassed for her. Emo wasn't cool back in the day, it´s not cool now, it´s just plain sad. Stop calling yourself a goth, and reclaiming a term that has a huge cultural and social background, when you're nothing but a clown that wants to jump in the bandwagon.

No. 536352


She's moderating a Sci-fi panel?? What the fuck does she do that is even remotely related to sci-fi?? I don't count her shitty cosplays as scifi. I'm baffled.

No. 536364

Seriously, what an odd choice of moderators.
We have a emo/goth/nostalgiaofthemoment girl that has cosplayed a couple of times because Chris made her and a Disney boy cosplayer.

From what I can tell from briefly browsing Chris' twitter, what qualifies him for Sci-Fi is that he once cosplayed a genderbent Rey (only because it's Disney).

I love how Star Wars finally gives us a strong female lead and somebody is like… BUT WHAT WOULD SHE LOOK LIKE AS A BOY? That would be so ground breaking and original. I'm not triggered, I just think it's funny.

I'm guessing that's why Chris got it and they gave Chris the option to pick who his other mod was and he picked Dre because Dre can only get jobs that friends give her.

No. 536373

So besides first exposure from Kelly's channel is Chris Villain pretty much to blame for Dre becoming so popular?

No. 536409


Yes. I pointed this before when it was discussed that Dre was ungrateful towards Kelly. Kelly was the one that exposed her to youtube and got her noticed, later introducing her to Chris. Dre and Chris became friends, and this is when's Dre´s channel grew massively and she amounted more subs than Kelly.

No. 536420

Yep. At least Kelly and Steph's friendship went back and forth. Kelly was really popular on instagram and she would shout out Steph a lot and then when Steph went to YT she helped Kelly out.

Steph introduced Dre to Kelly when Kelly was looking for a roommate, Dre was new to the area. Kelly pulled her in to the fellowship right away and they accepted her.

Dre was looking for a way to make more money so Kelly told her to get into YT and really hooked her up by doing constant videos with her and giving her shout outs on social media etc.

Every friendship Dre has is transactional. She only picks out people that can give her something and once she's gotten all that she can get, she moves on to someone else.

She went from Steph < Kelly < Kota < Chris and now Frank. Kelly is definitely a cow but Dre is on a whole other level. I don't doubt that she'll have her own thread soon once she moves on from Frank to someone with a larger following.

She hops from genre to genre because she collects followers from each one. She's done makeup, song covers, cosplay, very briefly goth (with those two from the UK) emo and now she's trying to get into gaming.

No. 536497

did she get lip fillers or is it the angle?

No. 536529

I feel like both Dre and Kelly get so many wonderful opportunities and could get so many more if they bothered to work harder. There are so many things they could do with their channels and just don't bother.


No. 536627

I think you're right about her age. It was her 31st birthday party in a vlog posted two years ago.

>Pretty sure that most people, who suffer from EDs or BD, quietly hide it and pretend that everything's ok while they get plastic surgery or starve themselves, et al.
I literally laughed out loud at this. Oh anon, I take it you're not familiar with the proana/mia phenomenon? Girls with EDs romanticize their mental illness more so than any other group genuinely suffering from one.

No. 536671

File: 1521822301791.jpg (264.53 KB, 703x822, Screenshot_20180323-162428.jpg)

Why the fuck would anyone do this

No. 536682

Just scrolled through her Instagram quite a bit and not a single person she's posted pictures with doesn't have some kind of following. I've noticed she never collabs with smaller channels on her YT either. The only exception I know of was a video she did with Katie back when she had very little subscribers. One thing I will say in favor of Kelly is that she features her friends regardless of whether or not they have any kind of fan base.

Speaking if which, has anyone else seen the video I'm talking about? It's kinda relevant to the discussion we were having earlier about how it doesn't look like the Fellowship appreciates Katie that much. The underlying message in the video is essentially that Katie is the poor man's Kelly.

No. 536699

NTA, but it's something I've noticed to. Pay close attention to all the vlogs of them together that both of them have done. She's not necessarily hostile, but she definitely talks down to Kelly. It really sticks out if you've watched Connie interact with people in vlogs before because she's always very sweet to everyone, but her whole demeanor changes around Kelly. To be fair, Kelly is sometimes quite obnoxious toward her, so I can understand why. She even jokes about Brexit and the pound losing value (which she mistakenly calls the euro) shortly after it happened. Like "lawl, the financial future of your entire country is super uncertain right now and could possible crumble! How hilarious!"

No. 536702

Katie is waay better than Kelly and they're not even on the same level in terms of what they're into tbh. Kelly's a plastic manufactured trash weeb and Katie does the Disney shit. Sure she may need to stop shopping her face to hell and back, but she's way more genuine both physically and personality wise than cardboard Kelly. The only similarities I can see between them is that they're both into pastels.

I don't get why Katie, Kota, and Courtney are friends with the likes of Kelly, Dre, and Steph

No. 536981

Kelly has been dry for days now so I guess we have to settle for laughing at how it took Kota a year to autotune Dre into a voice that doesn't sound anything like her singing voice.

Dre may like to sing and she isn't HORRIBLE but she isn't even good enough to sing backup. Her voice is really weak. Singing is not for her.

I'm not sure why Bad Wolf even let her in, they actually have talent. I'm not sure why they haven't made it further than they have, Kota's health issues maybe?

No. 537006

I think they're both really cute but my god, what a cringey music video.

No. 537011


Kota looks cute, Dre looks like she's had a labotomy. I get what she was going for but it did not work because she had a deer in the headlights look the whole time rather than a calm look, lmao.

No. 537029

File: 1521854984513.png (472.71 KB, 606x688, cringe.png)

cringing that she set a camera up & pretended to be asleep for a photo to tweet kek

No. 537033

File: 1521855121810.jpeg (113.65 KB, 539x960, 3532793D-24AE-4BFC-8F77-27DE84…)

How much weight has she lost??

No. 537039

Rofl, omg, I did not even think of that. Bae caught me slippin. Too bad she didn't catch the camera in the mirror.

About 120 fingers down the throat worth.

No. 537065


Her face doesn't look as nice anymore now that she's lost the weight.

No. 537109

I'm no vocal expert, but even I can tell Dre has no range and sounds really flat/dull the whole way through. She just could not harmonise with Kota at all, she actually took away a lot of potential for this cover to be decent.

No. 537117

Omfg… Kota sounds so beautiful. Clearly some filtering on it to make it sound more smooth. Dre doesn't sound too bad, but she's definitely an alto, but I agree. This wouldve been so much more haunting and beautiful without Dre being a part of it. I still like Kelly, but she's lying to people are surgey and it really makes all the other girls in her fellowship, especially Steph with her crazy augmentations, look so much better than her.

No. 537122

File: 1521866084405.gif (779.23 KB, 480x352, giphy.gif)

Yeah, she doesn't know how to harmonize, no range, no gusto, bad tone, no strength and she can't hold a note. I'm not sure why she thinks that singing is her thing?

Poor Kota, she's always trying to fix someone, isn't she?

I actually think she looks slightly better thinner however I know damn well you don't lose that kind of weight by drinking water unless you're using it as a meal replacement. I do wonder if Hot Topic pressured her to slim down so that she fit in their range more consistently.

You can tell by the way that Dre is built(like a plank) that she wasn't meant to be big in the first place.

I'm all for plus size ladies if that's their natural body type but she has no curves. You don't need huge boobs to look good plus size but you do need shape in your hips, that's why this cosplay looks flattering on her, it gives her hips and balances out her broad shoulders.

It also looks like she learned how to do cosplay makeup. Remember that horrendous makeup she did for Kelly's Sailor Moon skits?

No. 537126

I disagree. Dre is pretty curvy. Not like someone like Ivy, but she does have curves. She's not up and down like Kota or Kelly who wouldve honestly got hip fillers too.

No. 537179

I think she looks cute…and at least she's crediting who made her cosplay.

No. 537215

maybe it's just me, but I think dre could potentially have an excellent voice if she had proper training and fucking drank some water when singing. Halfway through this(TLM and on) her voice gets super shakey, but maybe it's just me.

No. 537234

Dre is still a large/ XL. Sometimes I wonder if she gets defensive about the weight loss because Kelly has made her think she’s no one without the “plus size” attribute.

No. 537257

Former anachan here and I can guarantee you that most sufferers aren't pro ana/pro mia.. The other anon is right.

No. 537258

Fotgot to sage, apologies.

No. 537264

A lot of pro-anas aren't even anorexic though, just girls with body issues worshipping the concept of EDs.

No. 537385

I was gonna comment something similar to this >>536627 as well.

I've never suffered from an ED, but the people I personally know who have definitely did not romanticize their illness much less boast about it. They generally aren't very vocal about it until they are in recovery.

It's also pretty obvious that the people who are pro-ana are just girls with body issues who want to achieve a certain body type.

No. 537454

Okay so first of all - Kota is no great singer either and I don't get why that doesn't get brought up more.
Her enunciation is shit, her range is mediocre, her tone is inconsistent. She's just….not that great. How she got on that reality tv show I will never fucking understand because she had no place there.
In THIS particular video, Dre is so overpowered by Kota that I'm a little surprised anyone in here felt like they could confidently comment on her vocal ability?

Here, I agree with you. Her range is absolutely alto, but it's a good sign that she can put on the different "voices" of the characters - it means should she decide to seek training she'll likely benefit from it.

And before anyone gets all up in arms about "white knighting" - i don't care for either one of them. They could both benefit from vocal training, I just don't get how Kota has coasted for so long with people saying omg she has such a great voice! when she doesn't really. You'd think that once you reach a higher level of recognition you'd want to keep getting better but I guess not with her?
Dre isn't untalented but she does need training.

And really - I get this is why we're all here but remember, singing is pretty much all muscle memory, self study, and dedication. Anyone can learn it, anyone can improve at it.
Picking apart someone's current ability or talent based on a buried background part is just….lol. Wait until you have enough information/examples to form an opinion (see also, my thoughts on Kota).

Saged for literally everything but especially that I've had a beef with Kota's vocal ability forever and this is a topic I'm actually knowledgeable about so you have no idea how excited I am that this was brought up.

No. 537462

Yes and no. I think both are true? At least I feel that way.
I have suffered from an ED and I definitely found I didn't want to talk about it, I didn't want to show it off, I explained away my weight loss quickly whenever someone commented on it (oh you think I'm this thin after having the flu? Yep sure it was that dang flu, it was a rough one this year..). But every once in a while I'd want "connection" for lack of a better word and that's where I'd look to ED communities and things of that nature online. Keep in mind this was a long time ago (a decade at this point?) and I'm going to go out on a limb and introduce the concept that the "pro ana/mia" corner of the Internet has vastly changed since then.
Back in my day (ugh that sounds so fucked) it was legitimately people with eating disorders and maybe some of them were pro-ana but it was a symptom of their illness telling them this was a good thing….not full on fuckin foolish nonsense like what we saw with the whole Emily/Ember debacle.
Now I'd say its definitely more true that people who say they're pro ana or whatever absolutely don't actually have illnesses. If I felt the same way now as I did then, I wouldn't go near anything or anyone claiming to be pro ana with a 10 foot pole.

Sage for blogpost

No. 537475

Can you imagine the type of havoc living with someone as egotistical, arrogant, and full out terrible as Kelly would cause your self esteem?
I'm sure kelly has convinced Dre that when it comes to vlogging, having colored hair, gaming, doing makeup, etc that she's done it first and done it better.
p sure it was mentioned somewhere up thread or in another that kelly didn't like the Disneyland princess having the same color hair as her - I can imagine her being just as selfish about every other thing she does being "hers".
I've thought for a while that Dre being so defensive about her weight loss was because she has somehow tied being "plus sized" to being her "thing" and she feels like she won't have anything special about her if she's not plus sized anymore.

I sure hope she is still moving out. It's going to be really interesting to watch how the both of them change afterwards.

No. 537508

You're wrong that anyone can learn to sing. Anyone can learn to play an instrument. The problem that many people have learning singing is that they simply can't match a note by ear using their own body and they can't differentiate between flats and sharps. That requires natural ability and if you have that, then you can build upon it.

Everybody also has a natural maximum range that they can train up to and this can be severely limited by numerous medical conditions such as damage from untreated acid reflux disease, thyroid removal/damage, connective tissue disorders, muscular diseases and things like scleroderma.

Also, being able to imitate characters is not a sign of a good vocalist, that requires a very basic ability. If you can only imitate it means that you lack creativity as an artist and are unable to develop your own sound.

Kota does have good range and she is talented enough for what her band requires. Kota's issues as a vocalist are in her high register, it sounds very nasally and somewhat unpleasant because iirc she has issues with the way her nose is built. What Kota does have is natural ability, an ear for music, she can play by ear and write music and her own sound, that's more than what most of your basic pop stars have today that are autotuned to death (Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Fergie, etc). She's not the best vocalist and she can probably find more success as a song-writer but she's a talented musician.

Dre is not, she doesn't have the voice, the passion or the personality. She requires a lot of post-production and lacks creativity. She can improve a bit with training but she will never be any better than average.

No. 537554

Tats are not kawaii, they're trashy, when will thots realize this

No. 537573

I agree with the first anon, I've had a lot of success with training people who initially told me (and sounded like, yikes) they couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
Does this mean they're professional level vocalists and the world will be clamoring for them? No.
Does it mean that they can, physically, learn and sing a song? Yes.
Being able to imitate means that in terms of anatomy you have a working concept of what it feels like for things to go higher, lower, looser, more tense.
That entire reply was extremely snobbish, as often techniques described in lessons include such inuitive things as raising the larynx, lowering it, or holding it steady. That's an anatomical cue that needs to be taught. I've had several people who had no idea what I was referring to but who knew the mechanism in their own bodies, just not by its technical name.

I agree with you, kotas high range is absolutely an issue, but her mid range and her lows aren't stand outs either. You're also blaming Dre's voice on "post production" yet fail to mention the same post production used on Kotas voice. If you're going to argue for one thing you have to argue it in a balanced way.
Another agreement is that kotas pronunciation is extremely lacking. There's no engagement with hard consonant sounds which is actually something I noticed while watching her on The Voice.

I do like the idea of kota doing more songwriting though, I do believe she'd excel more in that field as well.

No. 537598

File: 1521931274958.png (1.56 MB, 640x1136, A3544E47-8F64-4BC9-AEF3-AD4145…)

Oh boy

No. 537631

Wait wait wait. She got a terrible tattoo containing a face removed only to…..cover it up with another tattoo containing a face that will also end up being terrible? Fucking WHY

No. 537655

"wahh therapy is so expensive I can't afford treatment don't go to college I'm crippled by my student loans wahh"

gets giant ugly tattoo that will probably cost upwards of $1k+

love me that cow logic

No. 537671

Her arm is so photoshopped look at the door slant

No. 537693

File: 1521936602349.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2063.PNG)

Wait where did this picture come from? This is the one on her story and it has writing on it

No. 537698

What even is this linework? Why are there so many dark lines throughout the entire image. Did she ever post a ref image or anything? This looks horrible and messy.

No. 537711

That's just the stencil bro

No. 537714

I’m fairly certain this is just a stencil

No. 537731

>implying most kawaii fashion isn't trashy af on non-Japanese anyway

No. 537741

>It's also pretty obvious that the people who are pro-ana are just girls with body issues who want to achieve a certain body type.
Yeah, those proana girls who end up hospitalized and fuck their bodies up for life totally aren't real ED sufferers.

Maybe just maaaybe, people with EDs aren't a hivemind and some people are ashamed and try to hide it while others are super vocal, like the countless clearly emaciated examples on the internet prove?

No. 537742

Nah man, Kelly may be terrible but at least her tattoo artist (Nico Hurtado) is pretty good. I hope it's not a Sailor Moon tattoo again tho (but I'm pretty sure is another stolen design like the one in her leg).

No. 537745

Yeah, sometimes I feel like farmers let their salt cloud their judgement. He's a world famous artist and heavily respected in the community. Not to mention you can't judge a tattoo based on the stencil.

But yeah, it is another Sailor Moon one, it's human Luna.

No. 537749

Oh God, then I hope her obsession for that show lasts forever or it's gonna be a fucking problem lmao

No. 537750

File: 1521942669753.png (1.09 MB, 726x810, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.50…)


100% is going to be another stolen design from the same artist who created the original art she got on her leg

No. 537762

She's stealing another piece of art after being called out for stealing that same person's art?

No. 537769

How is >>537693 faded enough to become >>537750? I can see that there's a lot of shading and dark colors, but a lot of the last tattoo is still showing through.
Her laser doctor basically asked her the same thing in the last laser video.

No. 537781

fair enough. it only really suits people with childlike features and a youthful appearance. most white people look too mature to pull off jfash once they hit 12/13 years old

No. 537789

We need an answer to this! Question of the day.

It's funny that the issue last time the issue was a face on a shoulder since your shoulder is bulging. So I'm interested to see if there is the same issue.

However, I am guessing since it's an animated face that it won't be as troublesome. I have seen very few human face tattoos that have gone well, hopefully she covers up that horrid Gaga tattoo next. I like all of Kelly's new tattoos but her old ones are fug. The ones on her thighs look like poorly placed stickers. AS much as I love David Bowie and Labyrinth, that tattoo needs to get covered too.

No. 537825

File: 1521949183506.png (2.62 MB, 1807x833, adfasd.png)

Yeah, it's another art piece by Sunmomo. What's hilarious is that Kelly claims she can't get in contact with her because she doesn't speak chinese and "can't find a way of contacting her"


this from the same girl who claims to have gone on multiple dates with a japanese man and used her phone to translate the entire time because she can't speak japanese. but I guess figuring out a way to contact an artist you like in order to ask for their permission to use their work in tattoos permanently etched into your body is just too hard u guise.

i doubt the artist would be offended or even care (she's so successful that kelly probably doesn't even blip on her radar as anything other than just another fan) but its still hilarious how nothing is ever kelly's fault. she'll just go ahead and use the artwork without asking because it's easier.

No. 537829

it took me literally two seconds of googling to find her blog to message her http://blog.sina.com.cn/loveldsunmomo it was last updated in feb so even though she's kinda inactive it's obviously not abandoned or anything…and she says on her weibo profile (https://weibo.com/u/1751983817?source=blog&is_hot=1) that she's busy a lot so it makes sense. it really doesn't seem like it would be that hard to reach out…

its from her twitter https://twitter.com/kellyeden/status/977654748059848704

No. 537871

looks like it's going to be like the one on her leg

No. 537878


Hate to be a buzzkill but I remember her saying in one of her videos or somewhere that she was able to get in contact with Sunmomo after she got the tattoo.

The art she reposted on twitter a while ago, the artist had also said it was okay for her to repost after Kelly found him even though it said no repost.

I also don't see someone getting a tattoo of art or reposting things (while not claiming it as your own) as art theft. That's just overreacting.

However, the shit on her Society 6 is 100% stolen. That is art theft, she's edited it, claimed it as her own and is making a profit from it.

No. 537895

It's using someone else art that took time and effort? Artists have the right to decide how their work is used, especially if they would charge someone to create a custom design. Photo based tattoos are usually for someone who already owns the image and has the right to use it.

I've approached an artist with a pre-existing image I wanted to use, and he redesigned it because it was something I had found through google. It's basic respect to not claim something that doesn't belong to you by putting it on your body.

No. 537948

So ive been looking at their insta stories and noticed that kelly didnt end up going bowling even after she posted on Twitter that she was.
Also why do you think she didnt end up going to wondercon this year?
I know she had surgery but from what i can see shes fully recovered. Even Courtney went and she didnt cosplay.

No. 537992

I remember that, but I forget how the exchange turned out. I thought it was a relatively big deal because after getting in contact the artist said she wasn't okay with the fact that kelly got her work tattooed on her without her permission.
I might be remembering it wrong

No. 538115

File: 1522001732887.png (300.65 KB, 1920x1080, 20180325_140854.png)


I'm sorry, but how tf do you think she has no curves? Here's a screen shot from the mv, she clearly has curves. Not whiteknighting, dre is still annoying af, just don't understand this anon's logic

No. 538170


Thats Nico work, gonna be WAY above $1000. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a couple thousand.

No. 538245

Yeah.. She's chubby, but curvy. Not to an extreme sense, but very average. Especially since she's 5'10"? 5'11? Kota doesn't have curves and Kelly WAS pretty up and down. Kind of still is from the waist down. She should've filled out her hips rather than get stuff taken in.

No. 538249

When you get breast implants you can't do a lot of stuff. That includes someone very top heavy like bowling. You're basically using all your muscles to throw the ball. even picking up items more than 10lbs, depending on your frame for the surgery, is a no-go. She could've gone to hang out, but it looks like Envy was over and chilling with her at the house.

No. 538361

…she didn't get breast implants, though. She got liposuction.

No. 538406

Breast implants don’t stop you from doing much. Days after I had mine done I was back in the gym. But she didn’t get new implants. She got lipo.

No. 538587

File: 1522070780032.png (570.78 KB, 930x596, Screen shot 2018-03-26 at 9.51…)


No. 538627

Kelly actually did end up getting in contact with her and she said she was really happy about it. Not sure why it was so difficult for her, though.

No. 538643

Looks like cum kek

No. 538650

I'm pretty sure that was the point.

No. 538654

Hey guys, if you want to act like you know about tattoos, at least get the fucking artists name correct. His name is NIKKO Hurtado, not Nico.

No. 538657

That's entirely what it's supposed to be, but dumbshit women like Kelly thinks it's a compliment.

No. 538663

Laughing at the comment near the bottom by the Amelia person ahhahaha spot on.

No. 538666

You're seriously gonna cheer on that gross edgelord? This thread needs higher standards

No. 538676

I don't really think it's fair to blame for "stealing" the Sunmomo's work (especially since she did eventually get in contact with her and she's totally fine with it). It's extremely common for people to do this.

What baffles me is that Nikko was willing to do it without the artist's consent. Many reputable artist refuse to do this. Seeing as he's such a big deal in the tattoo world, I would think he would be uncomfortable doing such an understandably taboo thing. Then again, the majority of artists consider it a compliment to have their art tattooed on someone (as long as they're not tattoo artists themselves or aspiring to be), so many don't think it's a big deal at all.

No. 538682

Even the anons not too far above you said it looked like cum. Which is true and a big point of the tattoo. the whole emphasis on the picture is Kelly literally shoving cream covered fingers in her mouth? She's gross to begin with.
(the yellow/brown 'syrup' or whatever underneath the cum makes it look like smegma has been mixed in lmao)

No. 538687

>Some dude tattoos what looks like a cumshot of your face on someone's body
>"Amazing! :)"
Is it, Kelly?

No. 538688

If Nikko just agreed that's pretty disappointing, a lot of artists are flattered but it's not a given and most want to be asked permission at least. Then again he tattoos photos/portraits too and I doubt he contacts the photogs first.

No. 538716

jfc relax your tatas girl

No. 538725

File: 1522088981552.png (82.12 KB, 613x353, ak.png)

Maybe you should ask your therapist instead of a myspace celeb Kelly

No. 538739

Idk there's a difference between joking about it in a lolcow thread and saying it to her directly in her IG comments.

No. 538848

File: 1522100014373.png (336.63 KB, 659x430, cute.png)

No. 539068

File: 1522117161303.jpeg (147.48 KB, 750x1012, DB83578C-536E-4B0F-9FC3-07B420…)

Why her foot look so crusty? She looks like she’s auditioning for porn.

No. 539071

her feet are always gross.

No. 539078

Everytime she calls herself THOT I wanna die. Her back tattoo looks so bad with the roses surrounding the black mass on her back, also Kelly you have no ass stop trying.

No. 539142

Imagine fucking her and staring into jareths eyes

No. 539151

That's… just stupid. A lot of people have tattoos of faces/images of either the opposite or same sex on them.

If a male face tattoo'd on a female body disturbs you, you're the one with the issue in such a case, and probably ought to grow up some.

No. 539241


No. 539272

This was kinda funny at first time. Now is just boring. Girl get new jokes

No. 539279

oh, I'm just dumb then. Thought it was meant to be cream/icing/cake or something haha, oh dear…

No. 539282

I feel like she thinks she's creating this great meme series that people will share everywhere like her sailor moon skits without caring about the actual quality.

Stephanie's ffxv video was cute, but nothing Kelly has done has matched that. But she keeps making these videos. Congrats Kelly on being able to network with male dub voice actors in LA to get them pretend to be your fictional bf.

No. 539289

It is, but her art is so deep that a self portrait of her eating cake with her
hands and frosting on her face that looks like semen is like…super deep, you wouldn't understand without an art degree and crippling student loans.

No. 539333

oh no those are super cringey

No. 539356

I mean the commentary about her dirty brown brush and being too lazy to wash the brush are probably true kek

No. 539362

… What the hell kinda fucked up sex position would result in that?

No. 539411

Not familiar with Kelly but the turquoise hair girl reminds me of that one obnoxious friend in every group that everyone secretly hates. So loud and tryhard for attention, what are you compensating for girl?

No. 539426

It is cake and frosting. It's a very thinly veiled sexual innuendo.

No. 539427

HAHA I thought that too when I read that comment but didn't bother to question it.

No. 539481

Her personality always annoyed me, but I used to love her vids. Lately, they're so boring, I skip through them just to get an idea without actually seeying them. Girl is murdering her own channel.

No. 539540


Yep, when she gets views on something she does it to death and she doesn't have any variety.

Last 20 videos (6 weeks):
PR/Sponsored/Unboxing: 8
Vlog w/sponsor: 1
A video only for Lindsay that for some reason she posted on her channel: 1
So, about 50% of her videos are sponsored or she got something for free. I even excluded the fan mail videos from that number which would have brought it up to 70%

I'm so bored with Kelly, she's cancelled. She's just an ad at this point.

No. 539937

agreed. I used to get excited for kelly's new videos because she had fun vlogs hanging out with friends or going out. All she does is stay home and film in her studio and does unboxing, make up or haul videos. I may unsub from her channel, she's boring. Dre's videos are boring as shit, too.

No. 539996

At 0:37 she picks her nose. BM cosmetics is shit, I hate the quality and it gets all on your teeth.
>>539241 and she has her old Mac eyeshadow palettes, which I assume are seven+ years old. I admit she does look pretty as the Android whatever.
She stays home a lot, I wonder if she collects LA unemployment. She was represented by that no name modeling agency and was doing Disney dream creation whatever it was called group >that's how she got Disney passes. But, does YT really pay a lot? She was a great makeup artist back in the day. But, her narcissism I am just over it.

No. 540131

File: 1522254070390.png (143.86 KB, 750x1334, 7D224338-F551-4206-9319-BCC62F…)

Kelly’s new roomie? Twitter handle is @phinamin

No. 540132

File: 1522254133913.png (175.07 KB, 750x1334, 99D84E81-144D-493C-86BD-970A36…)

No. 540133

Was she ever a great makeup artist? I've never seen any looks she's done for anyone but herself, and she only seems to do slight variations of the same look for herself. She's also gassed up her painting skills and achievements so it wouldn't surprise me if she's only ever worked the counter at Mac.

No. 540279


Her instagram name is the same

No. 540372

File: 1522271770265.png (403.78 KB, 809x595, ps fail.png)

what is going on with her thighs?? that shop

No. 540403

I can't stop staring. Why'd she do that? Why'd she make her thigh long and continuous up to where her ass should be? Unless she actually looks like that and just doesn't have an ass and this is a poor pose choice for her.

No. 540418

Is this just really poorly photoshopped or is she really that unfortunate looking? She looks like her limbs and other body parts are all mismatching.

No. 540422

I don't think she was ever a makeup artist period. I think she's just had MAC and ABH basic training. I could be wrong but I don't think she has a cosmetology/mua license.

I'm calling it now, she's going to go full cow within 6 months.

I watched Kelly's stream from the other day. It was really boring because it was 2 hours of Q&A where Kelly couldn't read anything because for some reason she got tits, fillers and lipo but didn't get lasik (which is the most amazing thing I've ever done for myself). It was like 1:45:00 of just saying hi, thanks for following and squinting and apologizing for not being able to read and maybe 15m of actual information.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Kelly as a person in the stream though. So I am speculating that I just don't like the person that she edits herself into on YouTube or Instagram. I hate the fake kelly with the 18 inch waist, the smooth skin and the horrible obnoxious high pitched baby voice with a rehearsed script.

I like unedited Kelly with chest acne, a perfectly normal waistline and her average pitch voiced. Just average Kelly with the same interests as me. Sure she says dumb shit sometimes but I don't follow her for her intellect and ability to spell. Twitch might actually be good for her. She should just do her regular YT vids but live and unedited.

She needs to really learn what body dysmorphia is though, that self-diagnosis is completely wrong. She just has regular ass low self esteem and body issues. If she has 4+ nose jobs and still isn't happy with it even though her nose is the ideal size and shape, then we can talk body dysmorphia.

I actually really like her new tattoo so far, she should cover the rest of her sleeve with more current and colorful stuff in a similar style. The Gaga tattoo is sooooooo bad.

No. 540424

A shift in direction towards twitch might make her full body lipo, but leaving her giant fake tits move make more sense. Idk if that's the smartest move for her if she doesn't know anything about games beyond her favorite final fantasy boys, but then again people will always watch boobs and colorful hair.

No. 540447

Has to be the new room mate.
God I wonder what kind of self conscious neurotic mess kelly will turn this one into.

No. 540467

WHOA so Dre is gonna move out soon? Maybe she will move out on the 1st week of April. but didn't Kelly and Dre say they were starting a twitch channel together? I AM CONFUSED

No. 540514

Maybe she likes how she looks with the glasses? I know id be down for a lot of work but I’m on the fence with lasik because my face looks weird to me without my glasses

No. 540564

File: 1522284884009.jpg (911.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180328-205140_Ins…)

Mama Nigri has acknowledged her and the fellowship

No. 540576


Nah, if she liked the way she looked with glasses she would definitely have them already.

If I DID like the way I looked with glasses, I would have still gotten lasik anyway and just got non-prescription glasses because this way I don't have to keep renewing the lenses (did the math, after 12 years it turns a profit) and I can see in the morning, while laying in bed, in the shower and in the pool now. Also, if my glasses broke/I lost them, I would not have to worry about getting new ones.

I know not everyone can afford lasik but it was a huge quality of life purchase/save money in the long run purchase for me that had the plus side of making me look better because glasses accentuated my deep eye socket.

No. 540853

Kelly has new friendship tattoo with Courtney, tattooed by Courtneys husband. Why call it fellowship of the rainbow tattoo if only two people have it? I don't get it.

No. 540854

File: 1522327191157.png (677.79 KB, 1131x662, kelly.png)

whoops i forgot the picture /sage

No. 540989

I thought the sailor moon bow plus dragon ball was going to be the fellowship of the rainbow tattoo symbol…

No. 540996

Samefag, but after rewatching this video I just realized what an absolute beast Dre was. The weightloss wasn't just water, defo. I reckon she lost about 20kgs.

No. 541027

This tattoo is going to look like hell in about a year when it starts fading- like most of Kelly’s tattoos. I wish she wasn’t so afraid of black lines because all her tattoos look like faded blobs.

No. 541031

Can't wait for all that white ink to go puss yellow

No. 541102

File: 1522356923049.png (658.15 KB, 1200x891, dreexiled.png)

I may be late on this but it definitely does seem like Dre has been exiled from the fellowship just by looking at this…

No. 541105

Dre has never been on there, read the threads before you post, this has been discussed recentely.

No. 541164

Probably cuz dre always just got her own audience without being on there so why would kelly try to help her out by adding her if her audience is already bigger

No. 541172

Just saw her new video and immediately clicked off bc of Envy. If only they knew how much of a human piece of garbage that lady really is.. that friendship will definitely blow up in Kelly's face eventually but this is a Kelly-only thread so I'll just leave it at that.

No. 541221

Envy got it too. And supposedly the other girls are getting one, but they couldn't all go at once b/c the shop was too small for all 12 of them.

No. 541230

>albinwonderland on there
>alb's best friend is lovelylor who made a critical video about kelly
>pretty sure they've never met

Has she ever met Jessicanigri either? Or Kristen Leanne? What even is that list

No. 541231

What's the goss, this thread is for the fellowship too

No. 541267

Spill it! This is about all of them.

No. 541356

All the threads I even somewhat pay attention to are dead right now. Give us the juice please!

No. 541417

It's a miracle! She didn't start the video with "it's ya boi"

No. 541437

Come to think of it— Kelly acts very much like wannabe Kristen Leanne. The sponsor videos, the story time drama videos, cosmetic procedure. They were both on that stupid TLC wedding show, Kelly wasn't even engaged. Davey is too stupid on how to be classy and propose. >>540854
Those tattoos are so ugly, LOL. Looks like a trailer park tattoo artist did them. I hope they all get them.

No. 541516

Cant really say much on here w/o feeling shit about airing too much of her personal life. What I will say is this: she has convincingly pretended to be good friends with people and done shady shit behind their back to get things she wants in the past. She is a pathological liar and basically molds herself to fit whatever group/person she is trying to be in with at the moment.

No. 541620

>if Kelly only knew about Envy!
>ok spill
>no it's too personal
Don't say anything if you're going to act like it's all super personal information. No one cares unless you spill.

No. 541626

This. I'm so sick of people vagueposting about having dirt then refusing to share it. What's the point of posting at all?

No. 541725

Her and albinowonderland are online friends. Steph is friends with Nigri, but I'm pretty sure Kelly had never met her. Don't know about the other girl.

No. 541759

fuck off then mongoloid

No. 541885

Shes a cosplayer from Florida, this isn't surprising.

No. 542016

File: 1522451274248.jpg (68.5 KB, 570x591, il_570xN.125598429.jpg)

she looks like a doll made out of other dolls' pieces
her head and arms are so big

No. 542265

In that new tattoo video you can really see how much Courtney hates Kelly. She looks so annoyed with Kelly the whole time.

No. 542273

File: 1522472874950.jpg (137.07 KB, 600x675, Untitled56.jpg)

Hmm… wonder what changed?

If they broke up within the last 2 days it obviously wasn't a good one if she's posting that, or she's just a bitch.

No. 542291

They could be in an open relationship

No. 542627

I mean, let's be real though, you're either in a relationship (not open) or you're fuck buddies trying to pass it off as a relationship because it stops people from asking "when are you gonna find a nice boy/girl and settle down?".

No. 542651

No. 542678

Compelling argument, how did you come up with your thesis?

No. 543064

It doesn't really require more explanation. That's not what an open relationship is. An open relationship between two consenting adults can absolutely be more than a fuck buddy scenario that's played up for the benefit of others. I know plenty of couples in that lifestyle and they're all very committed to their main partners.

No. 543069

I didn't see how Courtney acted that way toward Kelly. But man her husband Dan is pretty hot. I wanted to see more of him in the vlog. Sexy dude. Kelly needs to put more hot guys in her vlogs. Saged lol

No. 543150

I second this anon.

Also, I just went to his IG and he's a pretty good tattoo artist. Why would they get something that looks like a middle schooler's doodle for their pastel goth themed Tumblr from someone that talented?

No. 543308

who knows. Dan's talents were wasted on those boring tattoos. But yeah I'm gonna go look at his IG. He is sooo FINE. He and Courtney got married and she has a nice wedding video on her channel. They went to Japan and met up with Kelly and 2 other friends, too. Dan and Courtney seem like a nice couple. I also like Stephanie and her husband. Are they the only married women in the Fellowship? saged for no milk

No. 543361

Yeah, I find him incredibly hot too, especially with the new blonde hair. Courtney is a lucky woman.

Kota is also married and Katie is engaged. I don't think any of the others are, though.

No. 543365

Those people are idoits and just want to have sex with multiple people at once

No. 543420



whereas you sound very smart

No. 543423

How does wanting to have sex with multiple people at once make you an idiot?

No. 543431

I think Envy is married too she just doesn't wear a ring.

No. 543442

Yeah. People who don't want to have the exact same relationship that you do and don't live the same lifestyle you do are idiots.

No. 543506

Polygamy is a fucking joke. If that other person doesn’t know then it’s cheating. If they know then you’re just being greedy and can’t make up your mind. But this is only in romantic situations or people who already have a romantic s/o.

No. 543529

>I don't like this thing so it's a joke
At least sage this. Successful open relationships exist whether you like it or not.

No. 543595

Successful my ass.

No. 543603

File: 1522620336277.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-175049.png)

No. 543604

File: 1522620365555.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-180315.png)

No. 543615

Let's go to Hollywood Forever on Easter Sunday and do cartwheels to flash our panties!! Lol so funny!
Aren't these women mid 30s at least?

No. 543616

holy shit is that Dre? did Kelly snap that? I would be furious if someone snapped a pic of me while my fat ass and panties were showing. they're having an Easter party and Kelly and Dre were posing together. WHAT IS GOING ON? WHEN IS DRE MOVING OUT?!?! saged

No. 543621

This is so trashy
Totally what kawaii ambassadors do

No. 543672

Of course it's cheating if the other person doesn't know. That's not what an open relationship is. If two people are in agreement and are happy, then that's all that matters. Don't project your butt hurt onto others because someone cheated on you or wouldn't commit. Happy, committed couples come in many different forms.

No. 543718

File: 1522627846585.png (495.71 KB, 1242x1718, IMG_2121.PNG)

My god those extensions are heinous

No. 543726

I love that Anons are talking about open relationships based on this one screen cap. Don't think it proves anything. Anyway here's something about Kelly:

How come she never posts pictures of her back/her full back tattoo? Also I just realized guys might have issue with looking at a giant horses head if they, y'know. However if you have issue with that you wouldn't ever get along with Kelly in the first place so I guess it's a moot point

I don't have tattoos so I don't really understand having a fairly epic back tattoo and never showing it in photos. Can Anons with tattoos shed some light here?

No. 543729

I remember her saying somewhere that its still not finished yet, but that was awhile ago so I don't know if she ever did get it finished or not.

No. 543743

see, I don't think Kelly's extensions look bad, I thinks she looks cute with long hair. Problem is her horrible little-girl styling. I hate that dumb pink bow in her hair and the pepto bismol vomit outfit she wears all the damn time. I really wish she would stop dressing like a little girl. Kelly, Pixielocks, TT and all the damn kawaii lolcows else have completely turned me off pink forever. I hate pink.

No. 543748

I think this might be Envy, but I'm not sure. Cartwheeling doesn't strike me as a dre thing to do and dre was wearing a floral dress.

No. 543768

I never had a shit partner I just feel bad for you dumbasses having to share like that.

No. 543783

Oh. I don't think she's in an open relationship. I just think it's shit for someone to judge something they clearly don't understand just because it's not their thing.

No. 543784

get over yourself. not everyone is you. it really is that simple. deal with it.

No. 543787

I'm not in an open relationship and never have been. It's not my thing. I just understand that other people have different ideas of a happy, healthy relationship. Some couples spend every waking minute together, some do a lot of activities separately, some enjoy an open relationship, and others enjoy any number of other countless possibilities.

No. 543816

Same to you.

No. 543817

stop taking the bait, just report and discuss actually milk. When is kelly going to talk about her lipo?

No. 543826

It’s Dre. Saw the story on Dre’s insta, you can see the floral in the boomerang. But that means she was ok with it?

No. 543879

File: 1522639163791.jpg (251.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180401-231834.jpg)


She answered to your prayers, anon

No. 543894

What is this…. it looks like a massive bruise or like the tattoo artist just took a crayon to her back and inked that.
A fucking blob, it's just a blob of ink.

No. 543895

No. 543914

Kelly's new roommate seems so boring…

No. 543965

New video up on Kelly’s YouTube for easter where they finally announced Dre leaving/ introduced her new roomie. She seems normal. On Kelly’s Instagram story she said it’s Dre’s last night in the the house

No. 543972

>these old grown ass bitches dressed like overgrown children and doing a fucking easter egg hunt in public


No. 543982


What even happened in the "months" she spent in the gym? Her ass is flat n' flabby, no muscle definition, none of the perkiness you would expect.
If she was complaining about being sore after leg day, I just wonder how frequently she even works out?

No. 543988

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it extremely distasteful that the Easter Egg hunt was done in a cemetery.

Best place to flash your panties and pork hock legs, I suppose.

No. 543998

File: 1522651469257.jpg (13.93 KB, 702x87, IMG_1592.jpg)

Guess it's confirmed she's still waiting on filming that tattoo video she promised her fans years ago–all while getting more and more randomly plopped ink.
If you regret putting a gigantic black horse on your back just own up to it.

No. 544017

File: 1522654980280.jpeg (54.5 KB, 523x293, 6150A60D-91A1-4C21-B245-1C986C…)

The only two dressed like children are the two in full pastel with no neutral colors-Kelly and her friend.

No. 544019

File: 1522655075048.jpeg (263.02 KB, 750x411, DAE71154-9363-46A9-BE48-569AB3…)

The awkward pause after she said cemetery. It really is a bit disrespectful though..they couldn’t have it at one of their houses?

No. 544022

I feel like Kell could have given a little more effort into “introducing” Phi and making her feel like more of a part of this whole thing.
I wonder if she’s over time being around the Fellowship, she’ll feel she needs to change her hair color to a fantasy color. I think Kelly’s going to destroy this girl honestly.

No. 544042

I agree, the whole "cemetary hurr so edgy and goffick xD" is annoying and pretty disrespectful. Imagine going to the cemetary and seeing a bunch of womanchildren crawling around your grandma's grave.

No. 544051

I’ve been to the Hollywood forever cemetery and large portions of it are just park space, they have events there like picnics and movies nights all the time, it’s very open and there are always people there, it’s not like a small town quiet private cemetery. Idk I don’t see the big deal. In Dre’s story she said some lady literally walked up to them and gave them Easter eggs which means other people go there to do the same thing so it’s not just them.

No. 544055


This is so sad compared to her Easter party just two years ago. This is one of the videos that made me start watching her. The party looks well decorated, they're acting slightly more like adults, everyone's clothing is so much nicer…what happened? How do you go from well made videos and a soft aesthetic to present day childish, obnoxious, vain, sponsored video only Kelly?

No. 544064

Adding that I realize that this is a sponsored video as well, but not an unboxing/review/ad, she gave away the sponsored goods to her friends, and showed interesting behind the scenes of getting everything ready for the party. Now she seems completely over pretending to be pleasant on camera or creating nice experiences for her friends or viewers.

No. 544067


Who hurt you, anon