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File: 1542824575174.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1500x1000, 1540414374263.jpeg)

No. 735863

> Kelly Eden (n.) infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities including, but not limited to, emo/scene, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, and now is attempting to establish herself as a mental health advocate, BDSM/Kinkster, advice giver, table-top gamer, and LARPer.

> the epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> heavily tattooed, breast-agumented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" - recently been seeing FotR mentioned or included in any of her social media less and less frequently
> recently featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> made a video with her ex-boyfriend in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth - still continues to bring it up every chance she gets
- recently acquired a new roommate - Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new BFF
> posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue
> recent fetish for clowns - most notably Pennywise from IT/
> been posting cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> posting a lot of shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> severely pushing the LARP and D&D things
> in light of a drop in views/engagement on Youtube has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
> making advice videos where she talks about herself for 20 minutes
> FotR allegedly had a panel arranged at a convention - promoted it rather hard but then blamed venue for poor organisation when they had to announce the panel was canceled on the day of the convention
> known to lurk lolcow
> consistently dirty feet - claims it's her "brand" instead of owning up to the fact that she's just a dirty person
> serial Tweeter about how "depressed" she is
> lays claim to several mental illnesses including - depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder - none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed
> claims to have been going to therapy and possibly taking meds?
> has been wearing a lot of awful wigs instead of either dyeing her hair again or investing in a good wig
> trying to transition to powder blue (also the colour of her LARP character's hair)

> stole her dad's ashes to make painting featured in left of OP image
> denied liposuction until enough people put the heat on for her to own up to it
> former roommate Dre got her start on Kelly's channel and once she had her fame moved out - speculation over if Kelly booted her or Dre left on her own - lots of salt there
> previously dyed her designer dog pink to fit her aesthetic
> whingefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring or partnering with her
> major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning an Angelic Pretty dress that she was too stupid to read the price of



PREVIOUS THREAD: >>>/snow/676496

No. 735900


Ok. How awesome is this thread's description? Really summarized Kelly and her new "Kewl stuff" she's into.

No. 735905

Thank you, anon. I worked hard on it.

No. 735922

File: 1542831737501.jpg (170.16 KB, 720x531, 20181121_132158.jpg)

Why do all the nuttiest girls I know love pennywise?

No. 735927

…because they love evil child molesting criminals that keep children locked in their basements?!

No. 735930


Does someone else here besides me, thinks that she isn't really going to therapy and just says it to justify her own persona and issues.

Because, when you go to therapy, they give you advice as to how to deal with your issues, and in her particular case, they'll advise her to keep her mental issues more to herself and her support group, not social media. Specially when she "has" body dismorfia. Trust me, I know.

Also, she just keeps posting how sad and depressed she is, how bout you go to your therapist instead of blasting on social media? Dunno, just saying.

She is nowhere near being a mental health advocate…

No. 735960

File: 1542837577976.png (1.23 MB, 1221x705, Untitled.png)

I wanted to point this out in the last thread when people were talking about how boring her channel is now, but her view count for all her recent videos are abysmal. I don't know how she can function as a youtuber with such a low view count.

No. 735989

For such a selfish narc, you'd think she'd have the views to match. She's even making it worse by trying to "fix" it - spamming more boring videos shits on her video:view ratio.

Maybe this will be a wake up call to get off YT. Or maybe it'll take Phi to get a following and leave the nest, like Dre.

No. 736006

Nice thread anon, also like the pic compilation. I was a bit stuck on how to describe Kelly right now- she's doing so much (as in trying so many different things for attention) that it's difficult to describe her succinctly. But you nailed it.

I'm getting more curious about the fellowship right now. Dre is obviously well gone and dumped, but we've hardly seen the rest of them either. As other anons have said, her best content is often vlogs with the fellowship. Long sit-down videos are less engaging.

The most natural/fun videos lately have been stuff like the halloween trip with her family. It's like her social life has just dwindled (and I'm not counting Phi as she's too much of a fan to make for interesting interaction)

No. 736012

File: 1542844329856.png (1.44 MB, 1242x2208, 1C61127E-63FC-4876-BD37-6EE7F6…)

Eew she posted a story of her rubbing her feet all over Toshi and his face. I’m just imagining how dirty her feet are. That poor dog someone take him away from her

Also A+ thread description

No. 736014

File: 1542845059163.png (1.57 MB, 1016x1187, k.png)

She just posted the photo in the upper left on Instagram and it made me think about how all of her photos look the same. These are all from different shoots, and yet she calls herself a model.. kek.

No. 736015

Because Bill Sasgard, or whatever his name is, is soooo seeexxyy (I've never heard someone say, that Tim Curry- Pennywise was hot)

No. 736040

Faces so shooped they each look like different people

No. 736088

File: 1542854489691.jpeg (268.11 KB, 1242x1544, BCF8FD66-2C45-413A-B6E0-D50221…)

Looks like she got the title of her newest vid from your post

Nice lurking Kelly

No. 736099

It was definitely a struggle. I had to think a lot about how to convey her trainwreck of an existence..I'm particularly proud of the thread pic, so thank you kindly.

No. 736101

File: 1542856939587.jpeg (293.9 KB, 944x643, E98AA0FF-FA17-404C-B2B0-F704D8…)

The short answer is she isn't, if you check her socialblade her estimated earnings are like 2.5k a month for a channel with 200,000 subscribers she should be doing better

No. 736105

Still, not a bad income esp with her patreon for more or less doing…… Nothing. Her content is boring. People really graft and have little money to show for it. She makes shit YouTube videos and gets the luxury of staying at home all day and not having to worry about how she's gonna pay her bills

No. 736184

I don't understand how she can possibly think that these rambling into the camera for 30 minute videos are remotely interesting. I used to enjoy old Kelly, where she'd go shopping, to Disney, eat in Japanese restaurants, visit conventions, just get out of the house and go places with her friends, it was genuinely nice to watch. It's not interesting to watch someone do sweet f-all while they talk about themselves non-stop. No wonder her views are so bad. She's been taking tips from Jake Munro. Narcissism isn't cute Kelly.

No. 736218


Sage for OT but wtf does narc mean these days? I know it as a snitch or rat (rat out your buddy to the cops/teacher/parents) and don't think that applies to Kelly or Pixielocks (just noticed it on her thread too). Help an oldfag out with the slang.

No. 736226

Speaking of, have they been in contact after their thirst-fest in LA? She never mentions him in relationship rants, but she seemed into him at the time.


No. 736228

File: 1542893690374.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181121-123401.png)

Those pants needs to burn.

No. 736243


THANK YOU! That makes so much more sense.

No. 736257

Those look like 3 different women, at least the ones on the right pass as the same person.

kinda surprised she can still pull 600k views a month, but I guess it's a mix of uploading frequently (i.e. spamming low quality content) and her old videos getting views.

No. 736260

Yeah, that's exactly why I subscribed to her years ago. She used to have great content since she lives somewhere where there is a lot to do. Now her content went down. Same goes with Stephanie. I used to love her vlogs where she would go to concerts, ren faire, disneyland, madonna inn, etc. Now there is nothing there because she is too busy doing porn. The only ones still doing stuff are Dre and TheDisneylandPrincess but they barely post anything other than insta.

No. 736641

Just watched "Random rant at 12am" which is quite a good video as talking vlogs go.

Can't help imagining her housemate trying to sleep while Kelly is in the other room randomly blowing a kazoo every so often, though.

No. 736697

Kelly is the worst. She’s so cringy

No. 736699

Has anyone seen that Kelly totally ripped off that asian rainbow haired girl she used to stay with when she first moved to LA?

No. 736700

I think that was what the “toxtic” video was about

No. 736707

how did she rip her off?

No. 736714

I snooped back on her insta and she never had that pastel thing in her house until that demonpuff. Kelly was into black gothic house decor before

No. 736729

>>736699 who is asian rainbow haired girl

No. 736733

Demonpuff I think. A colourful cute model

No. 736748

File: 1542974329959.jpg (997.04 KB, 1080x2029, 64642.jpg)


Demonpuff was her instagram handle but it's been deleted. Her name is Amelia Dinmore she also went by Amelia Nightmare. You can Google any of those name or tags on insta and see her photos.

She and Kelly met working together at ABH and they became roommates. After looking at Amelia's modeling and photos, you can see how desperately Kelly wanted to be her and copied many aspects of Amelia's style over the years.

No. 736751

I pointed this out several threads ago and tons of people just wrote it off as soon as tinfoil. also I had no idea Demonpuff had deleted her Instagram.

No. 736840

Barely recognized Kelly without all the photoshop.

No. 736926

I know both of them. Kelly moved in with demonpuff and stole money from her and her family. I also used to know Kelly personally and she does not have bipolar. She is absolutely narcissistic and obsessed with herself and thinks everyone does bad shit to her lol without any sense of introspection towards herself

No. 736933

Can you be more specific with what she did. Did she copy Demonpuff's style? Give us more details please.

No. 736950

didn't some people think she migh've been demonpuff in thread 2 ?

No. 736971

Kelly stole money!?!

No. 737049

her eyelashes hanging off in the front are killing me

also those lip injections yikes

that hair really really does not match her. wish she'd just give it up and "let" Phi do her hair that color bc it looked really good on her

No. 737106

I actually prefer the blue. Her face is too mature looking for all the pink, this looks much classier.

No. 737114

the blue hair really does look good on her, i think it brings out her eyes. She has a strong jawline and should stick to neutral colors like blue, whereas pink looks odd on her.

No. 737133

File: 1543038622503.jpeg (152.99 KB, 750x1334, 55D7DD73-82A8-4B19-B4D6-B2BBB8…)

She copied whole design aesthetic. Down to the hanging stars and doll house thing. Demonpuff had a salon before that looked exactly like her house

No. 737134

File: 1543038749447.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, DA9E10F9-0313-485F-B98E-5FDEC6…)

This is cosmo doll demonpuff used to style her shoots

No. 737136

I don’t think that’s demonpuff in thread 2. Kelly has screwed over so many people and has slept with so many boyfriends it’s hard watch. Anytime someone calls her out on social media about it she deletes their comments

No. 737140

Kelly used to live with demonpuff for a couple months before they moved to LA. Kelly couldn’t pay her half of the down payment so demonpuffs parents helped her get into that house and Kelly never paid
them back. And she acts like she did it all on her own.

No. 737148

Didn't somebody also mention in early threads that there was a girl that used to sleep on the floor behind the register of a shop in Little Tokyo? Wonder if that was before or after Demonpuff

Anyone have more details on this?

No. 737153


yeah. mature. why does her face look like she's pushing forty, is she even 30 yet?

No. 737154

File: 1543043484507.png (48.11 KB, 613x204, k.png)

Negative energy to Kelly = her being "too good" for constructive criticism.

No. 737173

>Kelly, self-centered as fuck
>VERY sensitive empath
pick one.

No. 737181

why are all self-proclaimed "empaths" like this lol

No. 737216

Damn, it really does look like Kelly copies everything from this woman.

No. 737271

No. 737288

Most "empaths" are self-centered just like her since the desire for a special look-at-me label, and the obliviousness to the fact that most human beings experience a significant level of empathy too, are very symptomatic of egotism

No. 737328

It's the same look. It's always the same fucking look.

No. 737376

Has demonpuff said anything about Kelly's skinwalking? Are the two even still in contact?

No. 737416

how does that wig look rough already, does she just wear them constantly till they are trashed and does nothing for upkeep

No. 737439

She takes 11-12 mins to get ANYTHING done and it's boring as hell. I don't understand why she doesnt know how to edit her videos 10 mins shorter. no one thinks she's that interesting. And the fact she keeps calling herself bob ross is insulting to boss ross.

No. 737710

Haha demonpuff hates her and they had a huge falling out. She just doesn’t post all over the internet that Kelly is a fake ass bitch that screws everyone over.

No. 737757


that wig is so unevenly dyed. she got that professionally done? what a waste of money from her dead cousin's go fund me.

No. 737772

File: 1543122595530.png (991.93 KB, 720x978, Ig.png)

When you've been reading your lolcow thread about yourself

No. 737836

File: 1543134896964.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-102707.png)

No. 737838

File: 1543135756901.png (268.22 KB, 817x872, 5468F04A-9C7C-4D6B-90BE-EEE0A9…)

Ah yes such an empath, never heard of an empath telling a stranger that they had clearly never lost anyone close to them

No. 737875

how is being prone to picking up on the emotions of people around you a “psychic attack”? sounds paranoid as hell.

No. 737908

I had no clue about demon puff, Kelly really did steal all her decor ideas as her own wow! I’d be pissed watching her get an episode showcasing her uWu dollhouse and claim all the ideas as her own.

No. 737909

she out here fighting the fucking x-men?

No. 737930

>emotions that aren't even mine
They are yours, projecting them onto others doesn't make them go away. Pretending to be spiritual doesn't mean you are. What is it with this cow and responsibility?

>I'm starting to learn about being an empath

You're brainwashing yourself into yet another new "personality trait" for those likes/views. Do you have real traits anymore, or are you just a bag of trends? Such a famewhore for the small "fame" she has.

No. 737935

She fighting to keep that bra on her saggy clown tits

No. 737947

Kelly was on an episode of Amazing Interiors on Netflix. It was a small part of the episode but she showed off her apartment.

No. 737952

Ah yes, an empath. This bitch prob claims to be a synesthetic too. She must be INCREDIBLY boring to have to take on all these traits, hobbies, personas in order to appear interesting.

No. 737986

Empath definition: (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the ability to perceive emotional states of others
>chiefly in science fiction

Also why does she always post old photoshopped lewds with unrelated text? Kelly your thirst is showing.

No. 737988

Did her Tweet not get enough attention so she had to post it on another platform?

I mean, she clearly has a lot of empathy for herself, so maybe that's why she thinks she's an empath.

No. 738063

File: 1543173164844.jpg (46.73 KB, 209x307, Screenshot_20181125-191138_Ins…)

Jesuuuusher face looks so old!! And those lips?!

No. 738067

i don't get why she always looks so yellow, the pink hair just adds to it but she has worked in the makeup field? Yet she out there looking like she got jaundice.

No. 738088

10+ min videos is what gets you the most ads in your videos. She is shit at editing, but the length is on purpose.

No. 738090

And this girl who called her out has blue hair too. Anyone know when she started claiming she wanted to transiton to blue? Was it before or after this?

Who do we think she’s suddenly stealing the empath stuff from? Maybe hopping back on that Audrey Kitching skinwalk?

No. 738143

In her midnight rant video she tells a story where going up to a guy in her LARP group and asking "are you an empath" worked out well for her, so she's running with it. I recommend reading the comments to her IG post if you want to get triggered by the amount of nonsense

No. 738150

File: 1543185343463.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, F74BD1E5-CDB7-4390-A4CD-55A2A2…)

Very telling that Dre and Chris were invited but Kelly is mysteriously not there.

No. 738179

That was what I was referring to sorry! I know kelly’s apartment has been used in filming other things too so just the attention on it as a whole praising her for how unique and creative she is, is awful.

No. 738219

These photos are like the "real" fellowship. Never seen most of these people but they seem to be similar sort of people. The fellowship we see (Steph, kota, Vivka, the one with purple hair, disneyland princess) never actually hang out together these days

No. 738323

I know daved scissor hands the guy that did her wig for her.. she paid him$1500 for that wig. Broke my ass I bet she used the funeral money for her cousin. You can ask him and he’ll even tell you that she paid that much for the wig!!

No. 738326

She paid $1500 for that piece of shit wig!!!!

No. 738327

That is fucked up that Kelly would steal money from demonpuff and her parents, steal her whole aesthetic design and claim it as her own, and on top of all that then say she moved here all by herself with no help from anyone?!?! What in the actual fuck is wrong with that girl.

No. 738333


Holy shit, you're kidding! I'd say she should get her money back but she obviously doesn't even know what good is and the stylist knows it.

No. 738336

File: 1543211138280.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 9A8F08AF-A830-40E8-B84F-BEEAFB…)

Grosss look at those saggy titts

No. 738338

is she really getting people to draw her nude now? how much of a delusional narc can you be?

No. 738347

OT but holy shit Kota got huge.

No. 738358

She has a medical problem with her stomach, a lot of that is swelling
/wk but kota seems nice

No. 738380

File: 1543222335130.png (961.88 KB, 956x622, ash.png)

stumbled across this while skimming tumblr for posts with demonpuff, thought it was interesting. she also used the ashes in another painting

found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/eF9VsRpLvM/

No. 738382

File: 1543222495912.png (499.53 KB, 854x756, p.png)

Here's the painting she also used it in dunno if it's been discussed with this one

No. 738384

File: 1543222794261.png (585.54 KB, 1053x597, k.png)

Last post, but she also sold the first painting that she did with her father's ashes and also sold prints of it. She's been doing the whole, "cashing out on someone's death" thing for a while

That post also said that her dad died from liver failure, most likely from his drinking problems

No. 738403

Demonpuff and Kelly became close when Kelly was living with the two goths, then she wanted to be roommates with Demonpuff. She copied all of the aesthetics of Demonpuff decor, Demonpuff was into that decor long long ago (Demonpuff's mom is a great decorator). Kelly does not talk about it at all. Amy Doan (Shrinkle) kept talking to Demonpuff after Demonpuff moved out and kept a distance from Kelly. Kelly got sad and attached herself to Doe Deere. So much drama but the scene in LA is small.

No. 738426

I think the prints are fine, but selling the painting seems really off-putting. Why not donate it or give it to a family member if you want to let go of it?

No. 738487

I don’t think any family member wants a physical reminder of Kelly going behind all their backs using his ashes that way. If she wasn’t going to keep it she should have left his ashes alone with the family as they were. I doubt the money from the paintings went back to them at all either. I personally would never speak to her again if she was my family- stealing and selling the ashes away forever for her own benefit is awful.

No. 738537

File: 1543255848403.jpeg (158.45 KB, 750x1334, 15B34436-9102-4CB2-BA8A-1433B9…)

Found this on Kelly’s tumblr page back from july2013. Wow . Kelly just jacks peoples aesthetic n takes all the credit for coming up with it ALL by herself. What a great person to be friends with lol

No. 738560


Wow that is shameless!
She hasent even just borrowed from this woman, she has literally copied it exactly!?

No. 738642

File: 1543266016855.png (232.66 KB, 951x702, doe.png)

Speaking of Doe Deere.. Kelly's response to the boycotting Lime Crime thing

No. 738651

Lolololol who wants to take bets on how long it’ll take her to decide to delete her tumblr? Or at least delete all of her older posts?

No. 738653

File: 1543266822879.png (778.25 KB, 1080x1343, IMG_20181126_161238.png)

Stumpy mcstumpfingers

No. 738662

Bet all of her old posts with demonpuff will be gone by tomorrow haha. That thirsty bitch totally reads this thread cause she’s obsessed with herself

No. 738663

She is not a model. That chubby stumpy girl can’t pose and does the same shit over n over. She’s almost 30..hang your aspiration to be a hot girl up already. Her insecurities are leaking all over just hang that old bag of titts up already

No. 738684

Why is she already so washed up at 30? No wonder she tries to milk anything and everything she comes across.

No. 738705

Good to know she openly supports limecrime and the creator's racism (against asians and other poc) just because. Kelly is too damn stupid to even do research . I know this post is old, but it's still relevant.

No. 738719

oh man, her arms are so squishy here… Girl, lift some weights.

No. 738823

Notice how everyone has wished Steph a Happy Birthday today EXCEPT for Kelly. Either she’s more of a horrid friend than thought (that’s a given though) or maybe they’re not friends anymore

No. 739022

File: 1543309506636.jpg (106.07 KB, 1080x349, Screenshot_20181127-090357_Twi…)

'Yo, are you also a self centered ego maniac? I got you fam'

No. 739061

Lmao how is this the same as bandwagoning satanism she's so retarded

No. 739063

I get that she’s trying to portray herself as a mental health advocate (key word ‘trying’) and make herself relatable to depressed subscribers, but does she really have to shit on every holiday? Every time a holiday rolls around w the exception of Easter for some reason, she has to whine about how they’re so terrible because all she can focus on is the empty chairs and who won’t be at the holiday dinner. It sucks, I know the feeling. But every year she shits out the same depressing video and instead of it feeling relatable it feels like she just wants virtual sympathy and validation. We get it kelly, you’ve whines about it on virtually every social media platform. Either produce something new for content or tell it to your therapist and stop sperging all over the internet about how you’re so sad, yo.

No. 739098

She probably don’t care about what an absolute shitbag Doe is and thought standing up for her would get her PR packages. Who cares about ethics when there’s free shit to horde?

No. 739276

File: 1543349321092.jpeg (212.14 KB, 576x812, 7B829F2F-EB76-4E45-9383-05B614…)

“Satanism trend”

No. 739300

File: 1543350430311.jpg (31.04 KB, 540x314, 3ce83f4ca536e25a4bb3b1158e1cb6…)

Why doesn't she do a simple google search and buy some spiritual protection crystals/stones, amulets and charms?!

No. 739303

because she's not actually interested in it, she's faking for weird quirky points

No. 739342

File: 1543353646657.gif (485.55 KB, 500x375, S8rVo3b.gif)

>because she's not actually interested in it, she's faking for weird quirky points

Wow! She's an incredible douche bag!

No. 739346

File: 1543353983942.png (203.33 KB, 863x683, dv.png)

Not surprising also considering the Dahvie Vanity thing

No. 739350

Oh no, how dare Kelly not want to buy some overpriced useless rocks!

No. 739389

File: 1543356241189.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7770.PNG)

She's probably she's an empath because that's what Kota says she is

No. 739395

So gross. Ick

No. 739397

File: 1543357195626.jpg (115.63 KB, 634x648, PJ-CH109_YHEALT_8U_20160718121…)

Hey man! It doesn't matter if that shit is a placebo! She's the one screeching about needing spiritual protection and not doing anything about it!

No. 739403

her empathy is so strong! mental health hero.

literally the first thing that comes up when you search ~Dahvie~ is multiple women accused him.

No. 739426

File: 1543359606236.png (3.72 MB, 1054x2485, kota.png)

she copied a lot from kota so i'm not surprised

(note the striped walls and carousel horse that she got after the tea party)

No. 739429

File: 1543360252635.png (105.78 KB, 1067x502, dv.png)

ew she dated him too

No. 739433

She has no original ideas of her own. She copied two of her 'close' friends and her persona is based on Audrey Kitching. Geez

No. 739434

File: 1543360482539.png (726.5 KB, 784x537, sanfran advice.PNG)

Whatever you do Kelly, just please don't go to the AP store.

No. 739435

File: 1543360529143.png (951.28 KB, 912x536, another japan trip.PNG)

Oh, she booked a trip to Japan too.

No. 739439

OK for some isn't it? Doesn't really 'work'. Moans thT her family are too poor to afford a funeral for her cousin yet can afford Japan. Nice. Go Kelly. Splash that cash……. We love a freeloader

No. 739441

>those menhera tags

What the fuck. Is she promoting mental illness?

No. 739446

File: 1543361131441.png (5.34 MB, 1573x2971, upsidedowncross.png)

she's such a hypocrite kek

No. 739454

File: 1543361879873.png (6.17 MB, 1614x3200, hypocrite.png)

something else interesting I noticed while browsing her archives..

No. 739463

File: 1543362733689.png (2.88 MB, 1587x2002, kkuro.png)

and she totally stole somebody's design and made a profit off of it with her own shop kitsykuro. did the same to demonpuff with the hanging stars

No. 739466

Remember her antlers/flower crown design was also copied from a woman who hired Kelly to model for her a couple of years before. The woman is over it now but she accepts it was design theft.

There was also an incident where a fan traded a betsy johnson dress for a flower crown. The fan never got the crown and was then blocked by Kelly.

No. 739467

Lmao imagine thinking without a conviction these things must not have happened. OJ was a Saint

Her edges are so bad she looks like she's balding

No. 739482

File: 1543365207150.png (5.94 MB, 1168x3414, demonpuff.png)

demonpuff/amelia (tilly) nightmare skinwalking

No. 739500

File: 1543366442882.png (2.6 MB, 1063x2161, ak.png)

part ii

sounds like she was obsessed with demonpuff before moving to la then things ended badly after kelly stole demonpuff's aesthetic.. the last photo is what she probably wants to do to kelly kek

No. 739508

Gosh Kelly looks so much better with her natural breasts

No. 739516

Wow you're such an artist Kelly nothing says true artistic talent like art theft

No. 739520

File: 1543369687501.png (430.23 KB, 505x609, yeahthatsillegalbutokkelly.PNG)

someone pointed out a few threads ago that almost everything kelly sells online is straight up stolen. she probably makes a few bucks a month on society6…using graphics, images, and entire designs that are 100% ripped off google images. she didnt even do a good job pasting everything together, either. like this phone case has a giant white strip at the bottom because she didn't size the image correctly? i'm continually amazed at what a lazy and scamming piece of shit she is

No. 739525

Wwwhhaattttt?! I did not know this. Honestly sounds like a fucking psychopath. She's just created a whole new false Person. Omg

No. 739527

Of course Kelly would buy into *~empaths~* after reading this.
Always put yourself first since you're speshol, and only those who enable this shit are troo frens.
That's Kelly's life already, now she has another trend to excuse it with.

No. 739542


She stole that image? I assumed it was at least moderately edgy Photoshop combined with Society6 not displaying things right

No. 739586

Who is the original artist?

No. 739595

File: 1543377401601.png (19.85 KB, 933x224, og.PNG)

it's stolen. all of the images on her s6 are taken directly off google with no credit, including the flowers she pasted around the portraits, the ribbon banners, and the pastel "galaxy" backgrounds.


she's 100% an art thief. when you put this in context with her paintings that are line-for-line recreations of photographs taken by someone with actual talent for framing, color, lighting, etc… this is one of my biggest pet peeves with kelly. she's not an artist. at all. she's someone who knows how to use the mask tool in photoshop and how to do paint by numbers on canvas lol

No. 739646

Does anyone know if demonpuff is still active anywhere? I did like her modeling a lot and her IG even though it hadn’t been updated in years before she deleted it.

No. 739720

That makes me upset that the artist seems to know about it or at least was told about it, but the design is still for sale

No. 739734

File: 1543405689341.png (1.01 MB, 1270x587, ash.png)

Her sister says that she has her own portion of ashes but in another post she says that she stole them and her family is going to be pissed? Which is it?

No. 739736

File: 1543405796416.png (882.95 KB, 1059x657, stars.png)

ripping off kota and demonpuff and then trying to make profit from it. typical kelly

No. 739738

>But my dad did always beg me to put him in one of my paintings

Either she's lying or he didn't mean it LITERALLY.

No. 739767

>understanding and relating to Van Gogh at age of 4

No. 739776

Kelly has to be seriously insensitive if she would take the ashes of any former living thing-especially a human body that she knew and loved to mix the ashes into every single different color variation in the painting. I doubt that her father or any of her family members would even have wanted her to do this, taking the ashes of someone and that being the only thing that’s left of them. I guess that Kelly doesn’t care about her dad or family members to be considerate. At least that shouldn’t always support her actions. Painting a piece about mourning is ok but you do not use anything weird in paintings. It’s even weirder that someone would want to buy this. Loosing a family member can be traumatic for most people but she’s been speaking about his death for so many years that it seems like she hasn’t healed at all. Or only using it for views/money (like how she did with Austin).
Who treats their family members with this much disrespect?

Depression can be genetic, but I doubt that it would show up in a 4 year old unless if there was some serious trauma. A four year old is a kid, kids have problems with understanding their own basic emotions. She wouldn’t understand and relate to Van Gogh at the age of four.

No. 739891

The vagueness and historical inaccuracy triggers the shit out of me

No. 739927

>sometimes you just know when you're ready
And how do you know you're ready to sell your dead dad?
Step 1, be a hungry famewhore.
Step 2, use death to be edgy but also be a mental health advocate, hypocrisy is your friend.

This cow is so desperate for attention that she's milking so many trends and not even caring if they contradict.

No. 739941

Wow Kelly is such a rip off. Does she even create anything herself or does she just take on the personas of artists she finds unique and attractive?! I had no idea kelly was obsessed with demonpuff for this long. I knew they had a BAD falling out but I didn’t realize how much she ripped her off.. Jesus.

No. 739963

File: 1543435991190.jpeg (868.18 KB, 2048x2048, C4679F28-8B53-4D10-94A6-34A75B…)


Kelly’s Demonpuff skinwalking. I got these from demonpuffs old Facebook awhile ago from 2011. She has no shame. I think this skin walker wants to be her. I couldn’t find an active account for demonpuff sadly. This salty bitch must have broke her…

No. 739981

File: 1543437690309.jpeg (276.09 KB, 1242x1565, 3CBBDBE5-E65F-4044-93E9-4EBF88…)

hold up. I haven’t been following her lame tabletop shit, but is her character REALLY named TILLY? Like Tilly Dinmore a.k.a. Demonpuff?!

No. 740014

why does the girl in the middle look like tricia paytas

No. 740032

Wow no shame.. yes Amelia Dinmore’s aka demonpuffs nickname since she was a child is Tilly. That’s what her parents call her. That’s super creepy..
Pretty sure that’s cosmo doll demonpuffs old client. Tilly was a hair and makeup artist and set designer.. she would create custom shoots at her salon and I remember Kelly guest spotting there back in 2013

No. 740048

Fucking hell, she stole the ashes? Half of them, too? And then just left them in her paint box where she could randomly stumble upon them months later?

Seems healthy and fine.

How is Tilly a nickname for Amelia? Makes no sense.

No. 740066

Makes me wonder what relationship she and her dad had, if she can just sell his ashes like that.
Wasn't he alcoholic or something?

No. 740084

Are y'all brand new? There are 8 whole threads with the answers to your questions.

No. 740089

File: 1543445635789.png (445.95 KB, 532x651, a.png)

Well she herself said that she has multiple personality disorder… they're just not her personalities, I guess, just ones she steals

No. 740092

File: 1543445711988.png (302.26 KB, 536x440, gypsy.png)

Also she'd call herself a "gypsy" a lot.

No. 740140

Is gypsy a slur in the US? Cus here the word gypsy is definitely a racial slur and this reads so awkwardly to me (like captioning her photo "I'm a chink" or something lmao)

No. 740146

It's a slur. Kelly isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

No. 740170

Making art with the cremains of a loved one is a legitimate thing. But usually it's agreed upon by the family, done by a professional, and made into something that reflects the deceased. Pfff

No. 740184

You don't have #alteregos if you just like a few different styles.
But you might have a personality disorder Kelly, since your identity is made of fleeting trends.
Is her therapist even doing their job? (Was she lying about having one?)

No. 740217

Narcs love to call themselves 'gypsy' like they love to call themselves 'empath'.

No. 740242

It's definitely considered a slur by Roma people.

Like she gives a fuck about respecting others, though.

No. 740249

>Was she lying
She's been caught red handed multiple times. You should re-read more of this thread!

No. 740411

I can just hear the excuses now, just like the anti semetic meme, oh I didn't know! or oh it wasn't considered a slur then! when ofc in reality it was people were just less conscious of calling people out online for it

No. 740429

She's been caught lying about 100 things, for sure. But I don't remember therapy being one of them definitely.

No. 740507

Lmao Kelly this is so uncomfortable I don't understand why you would call yourself this like girl if nothing else we were all taught this lesson by the hunchback of notre dame

No. 740513

Samefag but its probably not a therapist, more like a basic counselor or something that is paid to listen and encourage rather than actually give advice (which is mostly discouraged because they're not trained)

No. 740660

Cute which Jeffree Star video was that?

No. 740744

I still wanna know why jeffree star supposedly "hates" her so much

No. 740818

File: 1543531345524.png (1.79 MB, 1056x1355, kp.png)

Funny how she was so against roots yet now is doing the same thing and wearing wigs to cover her roots. What's wrong, Kelly? Can't maintain the pink hair? All that GoFundMe money… and you can't get your roots done?

Also thought it was interesting how she said that she'll "steal" Katy Perry's husband. Kind of lines up with what people have come to these threads with (Kelly stealing their bfs).

No. 740822

wow she's such a bitch. nevermind that it's katy perry who definitely doesn't give a fuck about a nobody like her, but that post attitude in general just screams "I'm a petty bully". who the hell makes posts like this? no wonder no one wants to be her friend.

No. 740823

She sounds like such a cunt about roots. Sometimes people want to grow out their roots or not damage their hair further. Kelly is a mess.

No. 740840

Isn't it obvious from these threads? She's a nightmare. Jeffree probably got first hand experience of that years ago and steers clear

No. 740841

Isn't it obvious from these threads? She's a nightmare. Jeffree probably got first hand experience of that years ago and steers clear

No. 740843

Isn't it obvious from these threads? She's a nightmare. Jeffree probably got first hand experience of that years ago and steers clear

No. 740855

Sorry guys don't know why it posted three times, I swear I only hit it once

No. 740917

File: 1543537685589.png (550.03 KB, 680x611, k.png)

way to show your privilege

No. 740918

That is so gross.

No. 740929

File: 1543538392725.png (68.18 KB, 539x296, splat.png)

It's always interesting to me that she bashes Splat so much and yet they continue to work with her. Even after the disrespect she showed by showing up to the shoot in a WIG dyed with products from ANOTHER company.

No. 740938

Nothing says empath like posing for a quirky photo with someone in a really unfortunate and painful situation

No. 741011

File: 1543546600930.jpeg (72.03 KB, 371x328, 300C61C6-5458-4E01-BFB0-D1E991…)

No. 741044

File: 1543549045396.png (324.51 KB, 1070x731, rude.png)

More of her hypocrisy/rudeness

No. 741151

She's moaning about Hollywood glamourising serial killers and violence on her twitter yet masturbates over a child killing clown. OK then

No. 741168

haha yeah thats fitting
(adding the "kei" in this case changes it from the emo fashion to meaning something like "crazy/ psycho woman" and is used as insult)
sage for weeb autism

No. 741170

Wow this is a nightmare. She's such a great advocate for mental health

No. 741171

wait is she really 24 in this picture? this is some shit a particularly fuckheaded 14 year old would do. what a nasty person.

No. 741201

File: 1543577602598.png (137.83 KB, 1080x689, IMG_20181130_113247.png)

No. 741202

File: 1543577628653.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1460, IMG_20181130_113054.png)

No. 741203

File: 1543577653937.png (601.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181130-113217.png)

No. 741216

This shirt, and all the other disgusting shirts on that site are made by her ex bf. She dated the man who made that shirt.

No. 741220

LOOOOL she’s such a hypocrite, I’m actually laughing. This is a recent photo too, which makes it even worse. Bless.

No. 741232

>i cant change or alter my personality because i may get famous
The irony. She doesn't even have much fame, but she is constantly changing herself to fit the latest trends. Is she even a person anymore?

No. 741239

Follow up tweet: "however, if I get narcissistic release from modeling these shirts, murder is no longer a thing I take issue with because it brings about happiness"

No. 741254

A good percentage of her social media activity is just subtweeting to her exes.

No. 741370

Does Kelly actually have a learning disability.? I think she’s more like a sociopath than an empath.. she has no regards for other people unless it’s trendy. I just can’t with this dumb bitch

No. 741400

Since this has been a topic for a while, there's a difference between empathy and sympathy. "I feel what you feel" vs "I feel compassion/sorrow/pity for what you are feeling." Empathy is crying when you see someone cry - only because they are physically crying, and not because you feel sorrowful for their pain. You can be an "empath" without feeling sympathy, and if anything that's what Kelly is.

Take for example when Austin died, Kelly was so "sad," but it wasn't for the reasons that anyone with sympathy and an ounce of humanity would have. She was "sad" because suicide is sad, but failed to feel the appropriate amount of compassion for the people who were actually affected: him and his family. It's why she can - without remorse - set up a GoScamMe and use his funeral money to plan trips to Japan. No sympathy, no humanity, and no shame.

Basically, being an "empath" without sympathy is nothing to brag about. The fact that she really looks at that through fat crocodile tears and thinks "wow I am such a good person" is just another component of her narcissism.

No. 741417

I almost agree, but idk if you have the correct understanding of what empathy is. ~Being an empath~ is so stressful, because that entails actually taking on and feeling the feelings of whoever is expressing or communicating their feelings to you.

An empath exposing themselves to the trauma and sad stories of others would be exhausted from experiencing all of those emotions, but empathy in general is simply being able to "feel someone's pain" to some degree. Pretty much everyone has the ability to do that, to imagine being in the shoes of someone unfortunate, especially if we've experienced something similar.

Kelly has no empathy because she's completely unwilling to consider the feelings of others if they don't line up with her desires and moods. She's completely unwilling to stop playing the victim to see that other people might have their own pain and experiences to work through, or that need attention without turning into a story about how poor Kelly was abused/bullied/mistreated/etc.

No. 741456

File: 1543612282739.jpeg (401.53 KB, 1242x1803, 1B8DDE68-9057-43BD-917A-D032C8…)

I can’t with this bitch and her hypocritical retweets

No. 741463

You're right, although the definition of empathy itself fails to translate when it comes to what self-described "empaths" take that word to mean - at least that's my understanding of it from these Internet cows. Empathy itself is the cognitive choice to put yourself in someone else's shoes and infer how they are feeling, but from what I've seen most "empaths" describe it as an uncontrollable almost supernatural, fantastical phenomena where they literally feel others' emotions - e.g. crying when someone else cries, anxious and angry when other people are even if they don't express or communicate it, and being "exhausted" from being in a crowded room because it's an "emotional overload." They treat it like emotional ESP.

>>741370 mentioned her being a sociopath, and empathetic psychopathy is occasionally described as empathy without sympathy. She has the capacity to understand when people are in pain, she just doesn't care. Like you said, it only matters if it lines up with her desires. Her unwillingness to prioritize the feelings of anyone but herself is her utter lack of sympathy - because she understands they may be suffering, but undoubtedly Kelly has it much, much worse and therefore she deserves the attention/pity/asspats.

No. 741503

File: 1543616195894.png (495.59 KB, 926x767, gfm.png)

What happened with this GoFundMe money? Went to lip injections or what?

No. 741506

File: 1543616801321.png (508.18 KB, 1632x754, k.png)

No. 741587

I love how Lina gave 165dollars towards it.

No. 741623

Does this Audrey Kitching only just post ~deep, inspiring~ thoughts? It would make sense why Kelly retweets her so much, she can easily use someone else's words to seem deep herself.
She's so empty. I wonder what her real self is behind the persona, if it's even still there.

No. 741660

yes she does but Audrey kitching is a cow of times past so take her hippy dippy bullshit with a grain of salt. it’s two shallow pink haired girls

No. 741678

Let’s never forget, she’s also a previous skinwalk of Kelly’s.

No. 741690

She has to be trolling. This thread is probably the only consistent attention she gets at this point. Why else be so aggressively hypocritical when everything she's whining about she has publicly participated in?

No. 741715

File: 1543638178656.png (557.92 KB, 890x701, cd.png)

Well all her friends ditched her so not surprising…

How pissed do you think she is about Courtney doing the pink thing now? Kek

No. 741720

Kelly isn't following her anymore kek

No. 741724

Kelly is still following her.

No. 741727

File: 1543638943391.jpeg (54.79 KB, 1242x553, 8610B612-88CF-4E23-8D0B-ACDCEC…)

No. 741732

File: 1543639160062.png (617.18 KB, 974x845, following.png)

No. 741738

File: 1543639439629.jpeg (202.15 KB, 1936x1452, 39F79538-E00D-4616-ACC4-E14500…)

she liked the “Kelly Eden who?” comment kek

No. 741739

File: 1543639518828.jpeg (294.45 KB, 1935x1548, 60602E6C-9D92-407C-AF96-7C0F83…)


No. 741770

Kek that's hilarious. Courtney looks WAY better with pink hair than Kelly. I bet she's is fuming

No. 741780

She must have BPD, there's literally two opposing opinions existing in harmony at any given time with her. How do you go from "serial killer tees are distasteful" to "I love this" in the same breath?

Her opinions count for shit because she goes against whatever stance she takes a few minutes later.

No. 741784

They are both following each other, I just checked.

No. 741848

Kelly definitely has a personality disorder, but I think it's about having a lack of self.
She is a shell that fills herself with trends, cos otherwise she is irrelevant. She'll say and even be anything for attention. She needs legit help.

No. 741905

unclear/unstable self image is one of the diagnostic traits for bpd (not trying to diagnose Kelly but it's pretty well known)

No. 741919

Ugh lurk more. This has been discussed at length in all of her previous threads.

No. 741992

What is happening in this photo? Is the guy dead? Wouldn't be surprised considering how insensitive she is about death for a supposed empath

No. 742017

I think it's a homeless guy sleeping outside.

No. 742077

No. 742148

Really just skipped through it and saw her sitting on Santa and telling him her wishes… that was enough. but I’m surprised she’s not dressed in obnoxious pastel clothes

No. 742315

File: 1543726496197.jpg (130.21 KB, 640x640, IMG_3111.JPG)

Chin implant?

No. 742322

She looks like a literal witch now holy, what did she do to herself

No. 742326

I think its not an implant, it's the opposite. Her chin has always been big but it was shooped smaller in the first pic.

No. 742351

File: 1543736391287.png (1.72 MB, 960x1065, 2015 vs 2018.png)

2015 vs 2018

No. 742353

See her sister in the back has the same chin. I think the lipo sucked away the (natural) fat that was disguising the chin shape.

No. 742453


So parts of this video were cringeworthy (surprise?). She makes an NRA comment about a pop gun, mildy insults the small chapel with a Nativity scene for having "Christian" iconography even though it's a Christmas themed park. She also tries to point out the "hypocrisy" of a magic show because Christians in Maine burned witches.

And, the worst, screaming on rides that are not scary.

No. 742472

The irony. Especially considering in >>742315 the old photo is her with an upside down cross stuck to her head.

Also - you can’t be excited to go to a Christmas themed thing and then be Edgy Mad when there’s Christian….iconography? Yeah it’s possible to celebrate christmas with next to zero religious attachment but like…that’s where it started. It’s IN the name.
(No not counting the argument of it being co-opted and placed on top of a pagan holiday, no one needs that kind of sperg here)
So…she was just being a spoiled whiny brat trying to sound edgy and relevant the whole time?

No. 742473

>she was just being a spoiled whiny brat trying to sound edgy and relevant the whole time?
Sums up her entire existence, anon

No. 742552

No. 742602

Why does she keep using that same image. It's just so bratty looking

No. 742632

This is the same Kelly Eden who only knows one modeling pose and who regularly reposts years old photos. She's lazy.

No. 742762

File: 1543804879752.png (763.44 KB, 927x594, betsey dress.png)

Here's the Betsey Johnson dress post that was being talked about earlier

No. 742765

File: 1543804974254.png (653.39 KB, 475x699, k.png)

She looks like a literal trash witch here kek

No. 742790

the “series” is called darcian brats ahahah

No. 742867

As a Finn I find this very offencive
Everyone knows that Santa lives in Finland
This is cultural appropration!

No. 742884

File: 1543828291609.jpg (755.53 KB, 1080x2085, 20181203_040455.jpg)

In Phi's story right now someone asked if she had decided on a hair color yet. She says she really likes her natural color and might not be able to change it for acting purposes. You can tell it's a sensitive topic, like maybe kelly wont shut the fuck up and has been hassling her about it. I hope she doesn't give in to the pressure and change it. Poor kid.

No. 742898

Phi is really pretty. I hope she doesn't give in and change herself to fit in with kelly's clique.

No. 742903

Torille :D:D: ebins

No. 742915

It feels so ddlg to me lol its awful. Dressing like a child ages her so much

No. 742925

File: 1543841816723.png (68.7 KB, 720x413, Lina.png)

Kelly posts a pic of Phi in a bad wig, suggests they look like a couple (trying to get on the Dre "I ship it" train). Lina ups the creep level.

No. 742930

How sad that she can’t get a boyfriend so much that she has to dress her roommate like one

No. 742939

How is phi in any film when her makeup looks it was done by a 3 year old ?

No. 742947

File: 1543845810894.jpg (136.72 KB, 1080x422, Screenshot_20181203-140303_Ins…)

No. 742966

Who tf would trade a pricy dress for one of Kelly's shit quality flower crowns?

No. 742982

File: 1543853121529.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-143527.png)

No. 742983

Wow this series is doing really bad on her channel. She’s barely getting 4K views for them.

No. 742991

What a cringey queerbaiting loser.
I wonder if she'll bully Phi into a relationship to prove the haters she's bi and up the views, then dump her when she realises she's straight as fuck.

No. 743043

This photo really highlights how masculine Kelly's jaw is lol. Phi out here actively trying to look masc and kelly still beats her

Also I feel like shes using this as weird "proof" that she's bi

No. 743051

File: 1543861387005.jpeg (449.67 KB, 1935x1548, 8E579FBE-CA81-43BC-B589-7637D9…)


No. 743154

Nobody thinks that Kelly. You're straight as a plank. You mention 0 girls in your countless dating rants, and always refer to a future partner as a guy.
Wonder why she's milking this now though, when she claimed to be bi ages ago.

No. 743169

Phi’s her best friend now.

The amount of evidence that she’s borderline is getting ridiculous.

Interpersonal issues like hers are a telltale sign of BPD

No. 743213

Momo O'Brian is going to be visiting and staying and LARPing with Kelly next year. It's so sad to see another genuinely good soul fall into Kelly's bullshit hellhole.

No. 743224


As long as she's not doing the makeup I'm sure she's fine. Not sure if her theatre degree is undergrad or grad but she would've learned if she was better suited for acting v tech.

No. 743614

File: 1543943531247.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-03-20-55-47…)

From her Instagram story. Allegedly these are their "fridge commandments" and they all read like an Audrey Kitching tweet.

No. 743653

Jesus I struggled to read that and some words I just figured out from context clues sage for stupid crit

No. 743840

The one about homes makes it seem like she had a talk with Phi about not moving back to Germany. I remember Phi tweeting about that. Kelly probably flipped about losing her only remaining hostage-I mean, friend.

No. 743868

The one about being proud of what you create must be for Kelly then. The mental gymnastics she must be making to have Phi stay with her.
Kelly has to realise the more she pushes herself on people, the further they leave. Can't she see the pattern?

No. 744074

File: 1543998592425.png (595.19 KB, 729x531, l.png)

stay lurking, kel.

No. 744102

I've always thought Kelly looked a bit like Katy Perry in the face, too bad Katy Perry has went off the deep end I'm sure that was a lot of her appeal for the people hiring her.

No. 744103

I've always thought Kelly looked a bit like Katy Perry in the face, too bad Katy Perry has went off the deep end I'm sure that was a lot of her appeal for the people hiring her.

No. 744108

I saw this and lol'd. I love how she's trying to act like she somehow was a pioneer of fetish fashion. Fuck off Kelly everyone knows you're as vanilla as they come.

No. 744109

I saw this and lol'd. I love how she's trying to act like she somehow was a pioneer of fetish fashion. Fuck off Kelly everyone knows you're as vanilla as they come.

No. 744127

Countdown until phi moves back to germany!

No. 744133

Didn’t Phi makes arrangements for Kelly to go to Germany w her for Christmas? It was mentioned in one of their first videos together.

No. 744136

>correlating any alt fashion using faux leather,pvc etc as "fetish" design/fashion

this is why i fucking despise her, can't get any more local white girl than that while trying to pretend she represents or is a part of any subculture.

No. 744140

This reminds me so much of different snowflaky girls I have met over the years who lived with roomates where they always seem to be the center of attention (using all kinds of mental illnesses as an excuse as to why they need basically babysitters who pay rent all in the name of 'friendship' (gaslighting)
The whiteboard filled with oddly specific (to her) commands that is supposed to represent a form of control/schedule over a week/month that gets written off as a 'For Everyone' who lives there, but obvi created by her for her.
Dressing Phi up in masculine clothes (fakeboi cosplay) for the sake of being a blowup doll she can play with infront of her fans whenever shes lonely. Post lots on social media because she cant have up's without the whole world seeing it.
The sole fact that moving in with her means signing off on being her bff no matter what

I could go on but fun fact all of the flakes lost their friends through this because every single roomie got tired of being a babysitter and having so much of their home life revolve around the flakes and their "struggles" which became more and more obvious as desperate need for attention not just them having cringy ways of dealing w their illnesses.
(All of 'em had bpd too lmao but I wont armchair cause all attention whores have some subtext of diagnosable issues just different strokes for different folks. Sage for psuedo blog post)

No. 744170

Kelly is so thirsty for attention, the need to be apart of something/anything overrides any sense of interpersonal value. Not like she has any to begin with. Its just painful to watch someone so desperate grasp for any bit of attention. She is the definition of a soul sucker

No. 744182

yeah but Kelly isn't coming, Phi said that in her insta stories if I remember correctly.

No. 744378

Proof of Kelly lurking, the note for Phi not to wear shoes in the house. Blame Phi for your black feet. I even have carpet in my house and I go barefoot all the time and my feet are NEVER black.

Also, how do you screen cap a whole video for her LARP video? Did she get a chin implant? Her makeup was not looking good, so feverish. Looked like a grav3yard girl makeup tutorial. If she would have threw some eyelashes on or ever a good mascara it would have tied the look together a little bit better?? /rant

No. 744391

I just kind of skimmed through kelly's latest LARP video and LARP really does allow kelly to live out her i'm a special cute little fairy dreams. Like all of her stories seem to be about how her character is so special and liked and when Phi said this one character is basically a dick to everyone in the game Kelly had to interrupt with ' BUT HE WAS NICE TO ME HE SEEMED TO LIKE ME!!' Like of course because everyone has to like you.

No. 744485

File: 1544064764822.jpeg (300.82 KB, 1240x1441, B5527C8B-0B28-40CB-A20F-0D0E98…)

what is happening here

yikes those lips

No. 744487

File: 1544064841200.png (Spoiler Image, 4.82 MB, 1242x2208, 1A5EE530-65C1-42D8-9AA9-9597AA…)

living for Steph throwing shade at Kelly

She also posted a story thanking Lina for sending her a $50 gift card to Forever 21 for her birthday(needs spoiler)

No. 744488


How is this shade?

No. 744490

hopefully shes not trying to do the whole hentai girl ahegao face thing now, yikes.

No. 744496

At the very least Phi has support from Dre/Steph and anyone who has taken shit from Kelly IMO.

No. 744497

I think what disturbs me most about this picture are her lip injection bumps… looks snake-like… gross.

No. 744509

Spoil that shit geez

No. 744511

Her tongue legit looks like a dick.

No. 744523

Kelly is uncomfortable with other people in their group having her hair color and made a big deal about this with the video where they're trying to figure out what color Phi should dye her hair

And she "claimed" pink and the color she has now and all of a sudden Courtney and Steph are wearing wigs in those colors (most likely as a result of their falling out; Kelly hasn't interacted with any of them for a while now and didn't wish Steph or Courtney a Happy Birthday)

No. 744551

She looks like a young supermaryface in this picture, probably shooped to all hell.

Speaking of supermaryface, I was watching some trash tv today and Penny Underbust was on Botched. Do they have pages on here?
saged for derailing

No. 744581

her fat arms

No. 744692

How do people like that colour at all?? It looks dingey, faded, and uneven. It's also extremely dull. Like what even?

No. 744912

File: 1544136082135.jpg (60.09 KB, 720x460, _20181206_223742.JPG)

Kelly, you give up at 11:30 literally every day

No. 744934

I started to actually pity Kelly. I think she needs a boyfriend or a husband so she can grow up and stop being such a woman child I used to like her old content but now I see her going downfall. She seems to be disconnected from reality and lives in her fantasy world. Kinda sad, she's human after all.

No. 744941

despite how desperately she wants one, kelly getting married is not going to fix her pathological narcissism.

No. 744966

Not only is a relationship not a solution to her (or anyone else's) issues, I would never wish a romantic relationship with her on anybody. No one deserves that.

No. 745014

Her November faves video was so cringey. She so blatantly disregarded that Phi was doing work and forced her to sit in her video and talked at her. Painful. Countdown to when phi flees the coop? You can tell she was so annoyed. No self awareness kelly, or maybe you are aware and STILL don’t care. That’s worse!

No. 745449

At the 50 sec mark “Bed, Bath, and Body Works”??

No. 745534

File: 1544240489537.png (352.02 KB, 1122x1691, IMG_3132.PNG)

Shade? I know Failowship has their own page, but seems like this could be a shot @ kelly and her haircolor foolishness

No. 745568

I think it's deffo shade. Why else would the failowship suddenly all be doing things that would seemingly piss off Kelly? Not to mention that they haven't interacted with her in a long time..

Good, I hope they prosper and leave Kelly in the dust. Chick can't seem to keep any friends besides that one that she's had since she was a kid that's probably secretly in love with her

No. 745654


Would it be hard to find another shy and subservient alt girl in LA for Kelly to boss around?

No. 745805

File: 1544290961698.png (60.96 KB, 207x264, 154429074281848331.png)

No. 746131

They even have blatant bitchy expressions in the photo suggesting it's shade. What happened with them? Steph was supposed to be a best friend

No. 746396

Maybe that’s why Kelly has been radio silent the last few days??

No. 746554

if anything they think you're her mom kelly

No. 746698

courtney said on Instagram that she’s dying her hair, with that pink wig she’s been wearing i hope it’s pink and i hope it pisses kelly off

No. 746722

has anyone else noticed that each year the fellowship and kelly do a christmas pollyanna party thing , and this year there's like no sign of one at all? I guess they really are tired of kellys shit

No. 746726

They've always done it after christmas/later in the year. Last year i think it was in January. there's still hope that we will get to see a bunch of grown women screeching in a fancy tea room again.

No. 746729

File: 1544420352431.jpeg (311.53 KB, 1242x1502, 5C44AA49-36C5-4840-91BB-37C989…)

If he doesn’t want Kelly he must be gay🙄🙄🙄

No. 746732

Wow she is so delusional

No. 746744

>If he doesn’t want Kelly he must be gay🙄🙄🙄
I guess thats one way to handle rejection.

No. 746793

File: 1544440725024.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-10-06-17-29…)

Suck harder Kelly. She's been LARPing the past two days - someone commented on her radio silence. I suspected it was this because her last photo was her and phi in their costumes.

No. 746815

Man she looks rough here. Also seems to wear fewer and fewer clothes as time goes on. Larp guys not paying you enough attention kelly?

No. 746823

Im almost sad Kelly isn't playing with people who don't automatically kiss her ass bc she would be pretty much killed off 1st session by one of her team mates had this been anything like your average d&d/larp group.
Kellys character(and just her personality) is someone everybody warns you about and the whole team ends up collectively trying to trip you up because your character brings nothing to the story/immersion & game.
I haven't really seen non-neckbeard larps these days accept mary-sues sans Kelly cause she basically pushes her way into any congregation and they seemingly are too polite to just murk her off the map.

No. 746837

File: 1544454598891.jpeg (181.92 KB, 640x611, 471A19DA-DAE2-4573-A22B-ED282B…)

I’m not sure Kelly has been completely cast out since her and steph are interacting here.

No. 746843

The interaction seems a bit passive aggressive

No. 746905

i think everyone (except phi) is slowly but surely icing her out because that reply seems like steph’s replying because she’s used to replying

No. 746910

File: 1544466617318.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-154255.png)

That costume is so terrible

No. 746911

File: 1544466650472.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-154300.png)

No. 746915

We don't know that was Kelly that called him (likely though) but that is a real asshole thing to post on the internet? Holy crap

No. 746918

No wonder she likes LARP. Semi attractive girls like it because they get alot of male attention. Wandering around like that is embarrassing and attention seeking at its finest.

No. 746940

The outfit is definitely thrisy male attention seeking. It's really obvious.

No. 746961

File: 1544472088760.png (1.39 MB, 1132x754, k.png)

kek her lips are bordering jenna lynn meowri territory

another video of her just using a question to talk about herself

No. 747219

File: 1544490805655.jpg (4.82 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

I thought that was a sex toy in the background until I maximized that screen cap.

No. 747251

Totally thought the same thing

No. 747252

She paid someone to make that outfit? Looks like she did it herself.

Plus she can act more snowflakey than usual cos "its muh character".
Will she ever stop replacing normal interaction with attention whoring?

No. 747283

How was she not freezing in this? Ya, it's So Cal and it doesn't get super cold like snowing or anything but it hasn't exactly been warm. Unless she was running or doing physical activity the whole time, she would have been pretty cold in this outfit. The lengths people go to for attention.

No. 747408

I thought that too anon. It's bits of fabric attached to a top and shorts, hardly difficult
Also her character really bothers me it's just way too close to areola

No. 747438

she replied to a comment on the post about this - "I had an outfit change for later in the evening because IT WAS FREEZING AND I CANT BE THOTTY AND COLD AT THE SAME TIME"

No. 747489

so in her own words she is attempting to be "thotty" at larp, man I feel bad for the other women who attend who want to play seriously having this desperate washed up whore spending the whole time flirting with the guys then gushing after about how everyone loves her

No. 747511

Larping is wish fulfilment for her at this point, she gets to be speshol and hit on as Crayola. But, she needs to stop make believing and fix her life as Kelly.

No. 747522

File: 1544550193867.jpg (401.3 KB, 1440x959, IMG_7989.JPG)

From the larp page. The "chaos of battle"

No. 747526

wut… what's she doing? Looks like she's drinking out of a water bottle… it must be so cringy watching her with her fake neon yellow nails, stumbling in the dirt with her heels on, reeing about how much of a "nerd" she is.

No. 747565

I think she is drinking indeed, it's meant to be some sort of healing or mana potion I think. But yeah, she is standing out so much with her wig and fake nails, everyone seems to be in full armor expect her.

No. 747670

File: 1544567713321.png (227.25 KB, 750x1030, IMG_7994.PNG)

Gosh she's so short. And her belly button is too high after that lipo? Or bad photoshopping ?

No. 747682

She's extremely short and has a short torso, especially since her fake tits take up 2/3 of it. She wears her pants really low to try to make it look longer but it just makes her look like her plastic surgeon accidentally cut off her bellybutton and put it back on in the wrong place.

No. 747732

why does this remind me of pron

No. 747791

she would have made a great dwarf

No. 747819

Your belly button kinda goes up when you're sucking your stomach in. Judging by how high hers is in this photo, she must have been sucking in real hard kek

No. 747827

File: 1544582222806.png (603.35 KB, 726x535, bd.png)

ofc belle delphine would be sucking up to her

No. 747842

File: 1544585354304.png (933.7 KB, 1080x1387, IMG_20181211_222835.png)

So stumpy

No. 747927

half the people will be annoyed by how outgame she is, the other half will worship her because she's half naked.

No. 747932

File: 1544601132063.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1525, B479DAA5-9335-4C39-8EDB-44EEB0…)

Wow that stomach. Already fucking up her lipo

No. 747933

God her figure looks so weird. Being very tiny and having big boobs always looks out of proportion

No. 747941

Do Americans often wear wigs at larps? In most of these pictures I see someone with a wig (other than Kelly)
In Europe we rarely wear wigs for larping because they look unnatural and are unhandy, especially in battle and just camping in general.

No. 747946

This outfit is literally the least practical thing to wear Larping . Her tits are two seconds away from poping out

No. 747978

eeee yikes looks like she just had a baby or something and all of the extra skin is loose

No. 747980

Her legs look so butch and her body looks so old and her bra hanging out is just… Not fitting with the setting. You don't see lace hanging out bras in fantasy settings cus they hadn't been invented in the period?? It's like wearing sneakers to larp or something

No. 747981

File: 1544615231771.png (88.84 KB, 296x340, DERP.png)


>mfw her belly must look even worse than in this picture IRL and moving

>mfw everyone has proper gear, full armour, """accurate""" clothes

>mfw she's the cringy new girl who thinks she's hotter than the rest by wearing these skimpy tatters

>mfw >>747927 i think more than half are gonna be annoyed because she's half naked and fucking GROSS to look at

No. 747983

if you think a little belly fat is gonna make cringy people who fucking roleplay battles think Kelly is GROSS you got another thing coming lmao, as much as Kelly looks awful here I bet 80% of the guys secretly wanna bang her, less be honest. From those videos where she showed them they all looked awkward af.
That's why she does this shit, because it gets her positive attention.

No. 747984

I have to agree. I used to be part of an anime club in undergrad where all the basement dwellers had the biggest hard on for this basic ass white girl just because she was relatively thin and white. Was she pretty? No. Had a good body? No. However, she was thin and white and really that's all you need to succeed in the geek/otaku world. Kelly has big tits, is relatively thin, and wears skimpy clothes. I can only imagine all the attention she gets.

No. 747985

nah keep in mind most of these guys are nerds so someone like her is hot as fuck in their eyes.
My first larp I was still obese and I was baffled at how much male attention I got. (yes I was pretty ugly and no one found me attractive irl)

No. 747997

Everyone is dressed besides Kelly who needs her tits to hang out. People are probably so annoyed of her there.

No. 748009

File: 1544623747202.png (1014.38 KB, 951x617, crayola.png)

pic related is what she showed in her new video. Her tits are legit out? It's so embarrassing because literally everyone else is keeping to the "theme" with armor and earthy colors. Then there's Kelly with her blue bra out

No. 748016

A. Is that the only bra she owns?
B. That's a two-handed sword
C. If she doesn't want to wield it properly at least get a shield? Or other armour jeez

No. 748047

Larpthots are so annoying. They're usually average looking girls who only come to your larp for attention. They dress up in some kind of skimpy cosplay OC so they can pride themselves in being "hotter" than all the other girls who are actually wearing appropriate larp clothes.
They're not serious about larp, they just want attention and to feel better than the rest of those "nerds"

No. 748049

larp is for retards anyways. just play d&d. no need to run around with sweaty neckbeards that act like foam sword fights are srs bzns.

No. 748050

I just realised I sound like a jealous bitch but attention whores should just stay the fuck out of my larp.
We're all geeks/nerds there and have no need for entitled bitches who think they're queen bee in a high school drama.

No. 748051

to each their own, personally I find d&d extremely boring.

No. 748054

you're just as entitled thinking you're somehow better than them for being #real lmao. kelly is obviously just doing this cause of her online nerdgurl persona, but people who say what you're saying are usually jealous of other girls and assume everything they're doing is for attention, because they are takying your attention.

girls who bitch about high school drama are usually the ones who are bringing the most.

No. 748107


nvm. i underestimated how pathetic "socially awkard" men can get.


No. 748116

so I larp with twin mask and honestly it fucking sucks now that shes here. yes all the dudes wanna smash and want the fucking attention her shitty ass following has. WE ARE ALL PISSED OF. this bitch gets a fucking lead storyline just written for her automatically. this game all I saw was her freezing her ass off and all these dudes trying to keep her warm and safe. believe me we dont want her there but the game is ruined by dudes

No. 748125

I kind of feel your pain because dudes are in fact terrible, but… Don't do this. Your jealousy is so loud.

I don't know about your nation, but I've known a few that have had numerous women outright banned for the in-nation drama they caused, and you know what the source of that drama was 90% of the time? Sleeping around. There's exactly no chance Kelly will sleep with any of these guys, so she's already a tier above a large chunk of female LARPers that ARE there for the attention, as much as they would like to claim they aren't.

I'm sorry that she's getting more attention than you, but don't pretend like it's not something that's happening constantly with women in LARP.

No. 748132

Also Kelly definitely lurks here and if your nation finds out you're shit-talking her in her forum and they like her as much as you say they do, I mean. I mostly dabble in east coast LARPing but that's something that would absolutely get a person (especially a girl) banished.

No. 748135

Wahah ignore the other anon, feel free to spill some more milk about kelly.

No. 748142

twin masks is fucking huge now, there's no way they'd be able to pin anonymous comments on anyone tbh. which is all the more reason for this anon >>748116 to be annoyed, because in a game that massive, with that many newbies and veterans, it's absolutely ridiculous that kelly now has this important, central storyline that she earned simply by being kinda-slightly famous and dressing like a thot.

No. 748208

Wait she has her own storyline? …why? Didn't she JUST start larping like two months ago?

No. 748213

Probs because she used her YouTube channel to offer more publicity. She went directly with the creators of it and sucked up to them. Of course she’d get her own role.

Also, I’m not part of the whole Twin Mask thing, but my friend is and I asked him about Kelly being there a while back and he just laughed and said, “she’s just…a joke for many.” Kelly apparently is known by the entire camp as a larpthot. That said tho, I’m sure she’s stringing guys along for attention. Look at that “Emily” pc character she’s playing, she’s just non stop acting like everyone loves her and everyone is jealous of her.

If there’s milk on her being a fucking retard with her tits out and using weapons incorrectly, then spill it. Nobody is gonna give a shit from Twin Mask, except Kelly herself who will read this and make a video in the future saying, “why I quit LARP”. And blame it all on female jealousy or even better, someone being ~soooo obsessed~ with her.

No. 748224

how has she not been killed in game when she is running around a newb clearly not good with her inappropriate sword in her bra with no shield and zero armor, I don't know the ins and outs of your specific game but it seems kind of odd

No. 748225

My friend also is in Twin Mask and I ask him about Kelly, he told me that there's talk amongst the guys there about how they'd "smash and pass" Kelly because they like her big tits but know that she's a massive airhead and not relationship material. Other than that they're annoyed that they keep having to save her because her dumbass runs herself into danger the majority of the time that she's in character. They like Phi though and think that she's chill

No. 748275

This one sounds like you made it up, reminds me too much of a comment someone made about Kelly in a past thread. How come so many farmers are suddenly in the same group as her but never mentioned it in the two months she's been larping?

No. 748297

alot of players from twin mask loiter around here. alot of us already have come across the kelly drama. We gave her a shot we all have complained to the creator multiple times. alot of us would rather kick her out or in force the rules. We all studied that rules ( have u seen them it's a fucking book) we test her on the lore she fails constantly cant stay in charc and just takes away from the experience

No. 748310

Spill the tea!

No. 748334

how does kelly make her money to afford her lifestyle in LA? Is it just YT?

No. 748348

Patreon is a decent chunk of income. She made it to fun those sailor moon skits but those clearly don’t happen.

No. 748363

Living in LA isn’t hard when she lives in the ghetto, so if she earns about $3k a month, she can live by pretty comfy since half of the rent goes to Phi. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lina or whoever the fuck send her cash on the side.

That said, again, anyone in LA can have the same lifestyle she has with a minimum wage job.

No. 748406

File: 1544675414002.png (992.17 KB, 1119x682, sjfkhgkj.png)

Not made up, I know her through my guy friend. He and our other guy friend are in Twin Mask so it wasn't weird of me to ask him about her. I'm friends with her through our mutual friends and I'm not close with her (thankfully), but if you guys need "proof" here's a post from her personal Facebook.

No. 748421

File: 1544679053828.jpg (144.25 KB, 1080x719, 46063029_1311754425629273_7656…)

Can someone from the game tell us what is going on here? Apparently something big happened and this was a shot of whatever it was, but no one is giving details.

No. 748466

She has money from other sources too, mainly paid sponsorships like betterhelp etc. She gets $1000/month from patreon for doing absolutely nothing, and probably gets around $1500 from youtube considering her views and engagement are so abysmal for the amount of subs she has.

She showed the outside of her building and her street in a couple of the sailor moon vids. It's not a nice or fancy neighborhood. Someone in a previous thread also posted her roommate ad and I believe she was asking $1200 a month in rent. I would be very surprised if her building wasn't rent controlled and guarantee she doesn't pay more than $2000 a month in rent, she definitely overcharges roommates for the "privilege" of living with her. Which means she's paying $800-$1000 in rent of the ~$3k she makes per month.
Her home isn't in a nice area and isn't lavish, she just heavily decorated it to make it seem like it is. She doesn't even have aircon, just window units, which sucks in L.a. She flexes the few fancy purchases she makes every once in a while (clothes, wigs, etc) but most things, like her irregular choice shoes and lime crime makeup, are sent to her for free. Even her plastic surgery is sponsored. If she paid for it at all I'm sure it was at a discount.

So she doesn't exactly live a lavish lifestyle, she just banks on her following for most things. When that fails her, she has pretty much nothing left.

No. 748485

File: 1544694817936.png (1.02 MB, 1375x845, vivka.png)

Scrolling through Twin Mask's facebook I found that Vivid Vivka, member of the fellowship also LARPs there, has Kelly ever mentioned that? Also Vivka has way more appropriate outfit than Kelly.

No. 748495

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748496

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748497

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748498

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748499

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748500

nah I'm not jealous but if you've ever larped before, you'd know that people like this ruin it for everyone as they ruin the immersion and story.
You see in larp it's supposed to be that everyone gets a role and everyone gets to play. It's not a hero story about one person and everyone else is NPC. It's a hobby for everyone there and other people aren't just there to cater to that one person.
From what I've read in the other posts she pretty much has drawn all attention towards herself and has gotten all the big parts despite being a new player. It's a direct punch in the stomach for veterans.
Luckily my group had the rule "no special snowflakes"
And no I wouldn't want all that attention for me, it seems tiring. The reason it annoys me is because it's just frustrating to suddenly have the entire storyline become about this super awesome and unique character that you've never met before. It's the mary-sue of larp.

No. 748516

oh god i'm so sorry for all these double posts, it wouldn't load and I thought nothing had posted.
Mods please help!

No. 748523

repot the extras and ask them to delete. it's a glitch happening all over.

No. 748547

The anons getting so salty and gatekeeper over LARP are so cringey I literally laughed out loud.

No. 748551

NTA but being FB friends with her doesn't prove anything other than the fact your FB friends with her.

Sorry, but there's been far too many times farmers have made up knowing a cow for anyone to just blindly believe your "milk" without real evidence. Plus, like other anon said, it's just too suspicious that so many people in this thread are supposedly connected to her LARP group.

No. 748552

Kelly is just cringe incarnate and so desperate for attention that she needs her tits flopping out all over the place and play the special snowflake character. I feel so bad for the people who have to keep up with her shit because she promotes the LARP brand and company involved.

No. 748554

I could care less that her tits are out because that's so common in female fantasy characters and sperging about breasts is just stupid. However, her showing off her legs is triggering the fuck out of me because they're covered in bright tattoos and that just ruins the illusion of the character completely for me.

No. 748559

Not going to claim I know kelly or any of the people saying they do actually do.
But I came across lolcow after seeing her channel being constantly recommended to me even tho her attitude in her videos really bugged me, Also I thought i recognized her from a bridal show I love to watch and decided to google her because she didn't seem married from her videos.
I don't think its that hard to imagine that if you are part of this huge larp group and suddenly someone sausages her way in the way she did because they are "e-famous" that people will be looking up who she actually is (because in the grand scheme of things Kelly is still a nobody) Her lolcow threads are pretty high up in the search engine.
whether u think its petty or not I can see people who kind of know her come here.

No. 748562

She mentions it, apparently the October game was her first

No. 748567

Characters showing off their tits is common in trash fantasy scenarios pandering to men, yeah. And that's exactly what she does. In almost any decent fantasy setting or game female characters don't run around with their tits and bra showing and wear some kind of armor or other clothes unless it's some kind of character where it makes thematically sense to be naked like a degenerate Demoness trying to seduce and tempt people.

No. 748584

what is her character? I imagine I am not the only anon who can't bear to spend the time to watch her trash content about it, all I can tell visually is that she is a skanky blue haired elf of some sort

No. 748587

You sound like an incel

No. 748596

i think the point that anon is trying to make is that instead of people calling kelly what she is - a thot pandering to boys and soaking up all the attention she can get - the game has instead turned her into a central important character, which gives off the impression her ho ass is special. people in the game are annoyed that her really blatant pandering has paid off. i for one am not surprised tbh

she's a magic elf that's being taught special powers by one of the Important dudes (a writer for the game iirc) that's been in twin masks from the beginning and in their last session it was discovered that she is related to some ancient book and might be a goddess or some shit that's special and prophesied. (i keep her larp videos on in the bg and dont pay a lot of attention so this is just what i've gleaned)

kelly plays her like a sweet, fearful, traumatized and tragic girl who needs protection p much. it's max mary sue, but hey, it's worked…….

you'll notice in her the larp prep video here that phi didnt want to go to twin masks until the morning of the game and i wonder if that's partially because phi isnt getting as much out of it as kelly. less attention, less of a plotline, etc. she's not even playing her main character for part of the game apparently

No. 748597

Tbh idk her character but on visuals alone her using a sword makes 0 sense

No. 748600

No they sound like someone who recognises Kelly for her stupid attention-whoring tactics. It's not a secret that fantasy characters with in-your-face tits is something meant to cater to the male gaze, and Kelly is just playing into that because it's the easiest way for her to get attention instead of being an actually interesting person or character.

No. 748641

Not saying Kelly isn't, but not every girl who LARPs with their tits out is doing it to pander to men. Son girls just like the aesthetic of big titted fantasy girls.

No. 748643

Kelly honestly should just change her target audience to males. I mean that sincerely.

No. 748646

File: 1544724841841.png (500.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181213-121229.png)

I found her twin mask wiki page, sage because unsure if this has been posted last thread

No. 748654

File: 1544725183136.png (128 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181213-121727.png)

I was going to also post the screenshot of her known information but it's alot

No. 748679

Someone please edit her obituary section since she loves to milk death.

No. 748680

I mean I can see why phi would be dejected if she has to be kelly's bitch even in a fictional role-play scenario, she isn't her own person even there

No. 748687

>i'm not jealous

>i sound like a jealous bitch

you are.

No. 748689

who cares.

No. 748690

and sage your shit

No. 748692

File: 1544727816294.png (200.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181213-130129.png)

Kek from Phi's character page.
Her character isn't as nearly as developed as Kelly's. Apparently, when they start the game the other seasoned players sort of help out the noobs in forming a background story.

No. 748693


don't doublepost :^)

No. 748694

That surname translates to “mouth light” in my language. Very mystical.

No. 748698

lol I noticed that. What even? They're probably the only two German words she remembers and thought it sounded cool.

No. 748699

File: 1544727971781.png (23.45 KB, 718x142, Screenshot_20181213-130511~2.p…)

Under Phi's rumors

No. 748733

Let me summarize Kelly's backstory and stuff as much as I can. It's the most ultimate Mary Sue bullshit.

>Born with a twin brother to royalty

>So imaginative and whimsical that she has dream magic now??
>Parents repressed her dream magic so her powers didn't et to develop
>Had visions of the future and shit
>Oh, snap, her tribe is massacred and she's sold into sex slavery!
>She's the master's favorite sex slave, obviously
>He just loves her so much that he dresses her so expensively and basically makes her royalty again
>She tries to escape, fails, has sex-based punishments???
>Had a baby, the one in Dacian Brats
>PLOT TWIST, she can see the future
>Had dreams of meeting an angel
>Got her master to meet the Celestial angel
>It's Phi's sister! Shit!
>Lead the kingdom astray in war and ruined her "public favor"
>abandon's her daughter I think???
>Dies and then comes back???
>I'm so confused
>BFFs with Phi now
>Now we're at the current plot: apprentice to a master wizard
>Re-learns about Elf culture
>Has a connections to dragons because of her magical crown?? I think?
>She's basically Daenerys now

No. 748744

>Lists important main characters

I'm not shocked because this is Kelly, but you don't even have to play this game for it to be obvious from what's posted that she's shoehorned herself into this game as a Super Special Important Mysterious Mary-Sue Savior/Victim who is this contradictory mishmash of Super Special Important characters. But she's different because she is also a smol elf with no armor and giant titties.

I've never larped, but I can't imagine as a brand new player going up to a DM of an ongoing D&D campaign after making up as ridiculously self-important of a character as Kelly did without getting laughed out of the game, but also I chose to not play with easily manipulated incels for attention.

No. 748746

>>She's the master's favorite sex slave, obviously

HAHAHAHA TELL ME YOURE MAKING THIS SHIT UP oh my god she's so fucking retarded and cliché

No. 748752

In German its just 'Moon Light' >>748694

No. 748758

Thank you for summarizing, I seriously couldn’t make it through reading all of that- my eyes rolled out of my head after the childhood tidbit.

I’m shocked she hasn’t shown up to one of these events hog tied in more pastel rope for her master.

No. 748760

It's really creepy that she needs to weave her real sexual fetish into her character. So you can tell "Layola" is really just her cringy wish fulfillment character.
I think most people probably talk poorly about her behind closed doors, wouldn't be surprised.

No. 748765

it doesn't in dutch, im assuming this person meant dutch

No. 748768

File: 1544733404577.jpg (61.53 KB, 480x720, Sekril.jpg)

>her latest flame, Sekril

In the LARP universe this is who Kelly is banging? yikes

No. 748769

Dude looks like he has DS.

No. 748776

is he influential in the real-life aspect of the game like planning?

No. 748784

You're totally right. It's so clear that her character is a sad, wish fulfilment Mary-Sue.
I almost feel sorry for her since she's clearly using LARP to fill the void in her sad, empty life where she drives everyone away with her need to be the centre of attention 24/7. She's even started wearing blue wigs outside of LARP. She wants to really be Crayola so badly.

No. 748790

at least they saged their doublepost lol, get off the website if you can't remember how to sage :^)

No. 748798

I don't understand why she can't cover up?? It's a larp, not a brothel. And she can still do a flowy, elegant gown for her character without being half naked. there should be rules against that bs.

No. 748804

>>Oh, snap, her tribe is massacred and she's sold into sex slavery!
>She's the master's favorite sex slave, obviously
>He just loves her so much that he dresses her so expensively

Kelly is fucking gross. she might as well be a femcel.

No. 748811

File: 1544740550202.jpg (69.02 KB, 937x740, kellyeden_casualclothing.jpg)

She has a pathological need for attention, that's why. From a roleplay perspective it makes no sense because she would try to protect her body from damage because she gets in fights often, even as a MAGE you're not immune to the occasional dagger or sword.

I mean pic related is how she goes (out of character) to LARP sword training. Everyone in a comfy shirt or tank top but not Kelly… It literally looks like she's wearing an outfit to a night club. She's just gross and pathetic.

No. 748817

>tits hanging out

She really is the thirstiest bitch out there.

No. 748848

Hey, can we not post photos or links to other players or people who Kelly drags into this mess? These people are just innocent bystandars trying to enjoy their hobby and they don’t deserve any of the harassment that Kelly, her following, or anyone else on the internet may give them.

No. 748866

The twin mask wiki is public for all to see and the photo is from said wiki

No. 748887

File: 1544748061234.png (1.11 MB, 720x1040, wp_ss_20181214_0001.png)

Probably the only pic of Kelly larping fully clothed.

Don't forget it's the slave master who kills her…with silk fucking ribbons.
>"In choosing a beautiful death, he settled on elegance rather than ostentation: he strangled her with a fine silk ribbon"

No. 748890

Looks like she cut a lot of her actual hair off

Sorry can't link photo, it keeps giving me an error. Photo is on Twitter though

No. 748893

This was the part that had me laughing:

>"Eventually, Dorian Tremaine came to favor Layola over even his own wife, and he started to joke about cutting Layola’s ears into a human, oval shape so that he could leave his wife and marry her."

No. 748896

Man, I'm reading her background story to my boyfriend like it's a comedy story right now. The fact that Kelly keeps mentioning Laolas beauty (HER OWN BEAUTY) is so delusional and narcissistic. Who does this kind of shit? And of course, she is her cruel masters pet… really forcing her real life sex fetish even into her LARP story. Very classy.

No. 748901

Since she isn’t actually getting married for real like she wants anytime soon, Im predicting some big ornate full blown wedding with her character.

No. 748923

File: 1544755887923.jpg (159.2 KB, 720x902, _20181214_024751.JPG)

I got you, anon (sorry for awful crop, I'm on mobile and my screen is tiny lol)

No. 748924


I was comparing hers to some of the other pages and most only have short bios but this is a fucking novel. It just never ends

No. 748957

>Layola's crown is made out of her own tears she wept during her time in captivity.
Of course it is

No. 749006

>Hiding behind the innocence in her eyes lurks a hunger and desire only Sekril seems to envoke within her. Perhaps it is time for the man of the night and the princess of the moon to meet in the light.
How has she not evolved beyond preteen proboards erp lmao

>Layola shrives (wew) on the attention she gets from interacting with Sekril

Finally some honesty.

I half-wish this wasn't LARP. Her F-List(s) would be heavy cream.

No. 749008

File: 1544769981415.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 4DFB762A-A7DF-45ED-AF41-6B7AF6…)

Looks like she turning full blown Layola

No. 749009

No wondering she loves being Layola and hates the real world, Layola is living the life Kelly thinks she deserves

No. 749010

are they gonna larp their wedding night too

No. 749011

You can think that all you want, it doesn't make what I said any less right.

No. 749014

She has some sick fetish with going after married/taken men

No. 749020

Dumb question but did she write the LARP wiki stuff?

I thought she was really normal because I never enter this thread. I was always wondering why she complained about being single. If she made up that story herself I can sort of see why.

This writing is Onision-tier…

>Her hatred of humans was still there, a knot in the back of her throat, but she loved her daughter, the product of her slavery and submission.

No. 749022

>It's about her even in other characters' profile page

everything about her screams mary-sue, maybe we should take a mary-sue test for her and see how much she scores.

Wow is it even allowed to have such a sexual and fetishizing backstory?
I mean where I larp, there's kids so larping sex-stuff is a big no-no….in fact even if there aren't any kids, it's usually a big no. if you want to bring your fetish in, go to some kind of sex club, srsly.

lol I was about to post, when is she gonna dye her hair but here we go

No. 749041

the lime crime she is fucking awful, can't believe she's using it instead of going to a professional

No. 749042

File: 1544775655278.jpeg (213.42 KB, 748x1185, 71583E7B-B4BC-432B-BB23-F5F44A…)

No. 749043

Ew wtf it looks so nasty

No. 749048

lmao obviously it didn't work. what a fucking moron. now she looks like a weird 1950s pinup wannabe.

No. 749049

There are kids that play. There is a player still in middle school or something. And yes, though there is no explicit rule about what you can and can’t have in your character backstory, sexual assault is avoided or at least kept to yourself. This is make believe, and no one wants to pretend or reinact real life issues and triggering experiences they have to deal with on a daily basis. Plus a real victim of assault does not go around telling everyone. It’s really bad role play and makes for an uninteresting story.

Something that concerns me, in a live stream she did with some players talking about the game, she admitted the creator of the game made her character. Why would you allow that sort of backstory into your game? Also, I hate the term “fake nerd”, but if ever someone needed evidence that she was one, there it is.

No. 749050

That’s a nice change for once, I like the short hair look so far. But whoever cut it needs to stay away from scissors, it looks so uneven, and not in a deliberate way

No. 749055

>Why would you allow that sort of backstory into your game

Probably to sexualize Kelly. Makes you realize how little Kelly actually feels about being an ~ostrasized, sexualized, harassed nerd girl~. Pisses me off, she bitches about all the "negative" attention at E3, but I hate to use this term, she fucking asks for it.

No. 749059

At best the Twin Mask people help with newbies bios, i dont for a second believe one of the writers sat down and said "well i guess we havent had an ex-sex slave goddess twin royalty with a rape baby somewhere!
Its all weird things we already know Kelly loves to write in of cringy over the top, sexualised main character tropes.
Her whole character from day one seemed like her weeb Elfen Lied OC..sexual assault included, this has nothing to do with the neckbeards and all to do with Kelly not knowing how to act around people. I have no doubt they are complete incels letting her invade the larp to try to fuck her but i know that OC can only have been written by her cringy self cause it hits ALL her fave notes and the writer just rolled with it in hopes of some Layola slave pussy.

No. 749061

If that's true, that makes it even worse.
So the creator of the game makes a backstory for someone else that's full of fetish fuel. He's in the organisation, he's supposed to make sure everything goes right (not sexualising the hobby like that, especially around kids) and he's supposed to help new players because new players don't know what to fuck they're doing and some just let everything happen because they think it's part of the game.
It makes me feel that Kelly doesn't think very highly of herself if she lets someone write about her in that way and makes me feel bad for her.
In fact, letting people treat you that way is a big sign of low self-esteem. Wich makes sence, why else would you walk around half-naked, freezing your ass off for some nerd attention while everyone else is fully clothed.

I'm just spitballing here, I haven't followed her for a very long time so I could be wrong.

No. 749066

Honestly I'm not surprised the creator of the game would create a character like that for her. He
always gave me kind of a weird vibe while watching her DND videos.

No. 749070

>she admitted the creator of the game made her character.

He probably decided a few key points of her character like her dream magic and elven background, but that whole her being a beautiful sex-slave-pet dominated by her cruel master comes 100% from her.

No. 749071

>she admitted the creator of the game made her character.

He probably decided a few key points of her character like her dream magic and elven background, but that whole her being a beautiful sex-slave-pet dominated by her cruel master comes 100% from her.

No. 749098

I think they tried to do a layered long bob but it looks weird because her hair is fried beyond repair. At least she cut off a lot of the fried hair and is waiting instead of immediately redyeing. Though with an at home color with lime crime it's just going to damage the healthy new growth. If she wears wigs all the time anyway she should just leave it alone for a while until all that fried pink can be cut off.

No. 749122

If she has someone lighten her roots she will be ok. The limecrime dyes are really conditioning and the one she posted is only a tint.

No. 749132

Her hair looks so stringy and thin, like just super limp in the roots and fried at the ends ugh

No. 749135

File: 1544798750543.png (234.69 KB, 720x1052, wp_ss_20181214_0007.png)

>>749022 i actually tried the Mary sue test for Crayola, but it's a bit tricky since some of these can apply to Kelly herself (pic related)

No. 749151

File: 1544801091159.jpg (193.81 KB, 1080x1234, IMG_20181214_152338.jpg)

Looks nice styled tbf…. But this will be the only time it's like that since she's lazy

No. 749153

I can’t wait. She’s let her roots go too long and they’ll band and not lift properly. The dye won’t be even, and she’s insisting on a pastel blue.
Any smart person knows to get a pastel you don’t start with a pastel unless you want the color gone in 2 days.
I love that she’s using the lime crime dye. I guess she doesn’t know it’s notorious for being the absolute most shit tier dye. If she was smart she’d use [redacted] or [redacted], or even [redacted].

(Not giving her any ideas since we all know she reads here)

No. 749158

She's used limecrime dyes before and they did the job. But I agree, using a pastel blue straight off is stupid. She says she's had pink dyed hair for over 10 years so you'd think she would know to use a darker blue and use conditioner to dilute it etc.

No. 749172

lmao she teased this big change and her hair barely looks different

No. 749188

The wiki is able to show editing history. Anything added by her shows up under her Kelly Eden profile name, along with it looks like another person’s account, and then an IP address with no profile attached to it? It’s a lot of back and forth clicking looking at before and afters to share screenshots but she definitely added in a lot of the embellishments herself.

No. 749203

girlfriend should get some bangs for her early ages of balding

No. 749257

>Layola is living the life Kelly thinks she deserves
What is even remotely desirable about Layola's life unless you fetishize stockholm syndrome?

No. 749265

>quality of group being negatively impacted because guys allow attention whore cringefest from a girl they don't even like or have any respect for just for the possibility of getting to see her tits and have a chance to bang her
This whole situation is really reminding me how trash men are.

No. 749266

Yeah everyone was complaining about the selfie she posted on her IG but I actually think this looks great. The style is nice. The cut is excellent because it got rid of a lot of her fried ends. I'm just interested to see if her dye job is as bad as that wig dye job her "professional" friend did for her - that looked like straight garbage.

No. 749267

No I want to give her ideas because if she uses any of them it'll confirm it. Pulp Riot and Iroiro. Your ball, Kelly.

No. 749285

Oh fuck please no, don't let her come to the larp community. We already have too many larpthots who just want to sit around as a tittyelf, we don't need a famous one on top of that. Fuck

No. 749316

Too late.

No. 749331

Honestly, I think Kelly should join. But she needs to leave her “Kelly Eden” persona, her cameras, her phone, her selfies, all her baggage and the expectations of being a thot she thinks society as put on her, at the front gate. Maybe it will make her realize how much her online persona actually bleeds into her real life and effects all her friendships and relationships.

No. 749333

Too late. And she also wants to be the big titty desperate for attention girl outside of character at Larp meetings see here: >>748811

No. 749613

The attention and the pity party backstory is what Kelly wants, she's constantly playing up her childhood as "oh so tragic"

No. 749623

Yeah she's like one of those fake deep thots who thinks being sad and edgy gives them emotional depth…like no. It doesn't.

No. 749658

does Vivka even interact with kelly outside of larp anymore? seems like they all distance themselves from her now irl, must be a pain trying to do that when she has turned herself into a big deal within the larp fiction

No. 749665

What is it with narcs claiming to be empaths? Every narc I've encountered has claimed to be an empath despite narcs being the polar opposite of that. I like to think that an "empath" is just a normal human being with empathy. A foreign concept for narcs and sociopaths.

No. 749667

File: 1544911736970.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 246x240, 6556935.gif)

She's shoving a light pink jelly dong down her throat. Gif related is what she's doing. It's part of the story line!

No. 749690

My guess is that empathy is such a foreign concept to them that in the rare instance that their emotional state does resonate with that of another person in their orbit, they freak out and run to Dr Google to figure out what’s happening to them. Naturally they then pick the most special and self-serving thing they find as the truth. Like you said, for normal people empathy is, well, normal. For someone like Kelly it’s a huge deal that not only makes her super special and unique but also conveniently lets her dress brattiness up as martyrdom.
>omg it’s so emotionally draining to be an Empath UnU
>I really need to start practicing more self-care!
>so like, if I completely disregard your feelings and focus solely on myself it’s actually a heroic sacrifice on my part~
It’s also a great shield against any and all criticism no matter how valid, because they’re really just protecting themselves from everyone else’s negative vibes.

No. 749725

"I am an empath" is just code for "I have a personality disorder."

No. 749748

it's their way of elevating themselves above the human race. "I'm more perceptive than YOU". same thing when they say they have a "gypsy soul" or whatever.

No. 749807

I saw Kelly at the Dragon Ball Broly premiere a few days ago. She had her new short and styled hair but she looks waaay heavier in person and super stumpy

No. 749845

>I saw Kelly at the Dragon Ball Broly premiere a few days ago.
pics or it didn't happen

No. 749924

File: 1544982471312.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1385, 63E9B2E8-BBA8-42EE-8428-D5D293…)

No. 749948

Is that your picture?

No. 749950


really though.

we shouldn't be mad at kelly for wanting attention from the neckbeards of the group(and gaining it), and neither should the other women/girls in Twin Mask or other LARP groups.

they're just as worthless as she is and they deserve each other…

No. 749966

so… people rightfully pissed some useless twat has made their hobby all about her over night makes them worthless?

you don't sound bitter at all.

everything Kelly touches, Kelly makes all about herself.

the fact 'neckbeard attention' is all you can take away from everyone's complaints about her is more telling about you than them.

No. 749967

it's also crappy when you consider how women in any (I hate this word) "nerd" culture group get shit and Kelly and Steph were both at E3 screeching about how they were being called fake nerds and all the guys had negative energy uwu, this is a legit problem women face in these hobbies so to see her perpetuate this shit and contribute to the problem then complain selectively about people judging her is really annoying, she is a hypocrite

No. 749971

sage because samefag but it's not just Larp and D&D she has done this with either it's just the latest thing she has latched on to, she constantly throws others under the bus to get another attention hit, seeing the lolita community come for her was great, more communities should

No. 750021

Are you seriously stating that women in 'nerd' communities are only there for the men? fuck off
Kelly is definitely an attention whore, but that doesn't mean all women there are. you sound shitty af

No. 750069

nayrt but i think they were implying that the men/neckbeards she's pandering to are just as worthless as she is and we (and the other girls in the LARP group) shouldn't be upset by her getting their attention.

Which is a valid point. Pandering to neckbeards is basically the lowest of the low. But i think the other women in the group have a right to be upset that she's turned their fun hobby into a thirst trap.

No. 750073

she's under roshi doing some stupid shit as usual

No. 750178

File: 1545050020408.png (48.6 KB, 618x272, kek.png)

stfu kelly, at least grande didn't make a gofundme and then use that money for trips and lip injections

or post that she's on cloud nine over his grave

No. 750193

Lmaooo this is nowhere near the same situation I can't with this bitch

No. 750201

File: 1545054470931.jpg (48.48 KB, 735x630, lol.jpg)

Screenshot from her new video.

Kelly looks………. good.

No. 750205


Holy shit. Imagine being in your late 20s and already looking like a 45-year-old wine mom.

No. 750206

God she looks like a butchy trans woman who doesn't pass at all

No. 750210

File: 1545056074575.jpg (30.66 KB, 293x350, BrideofChucky.JPG)


Woah, she really looks like a mix between the Bride of Chucky and a 40 year old mom here… Yikes

No. 750211

In her new video she mentioned she made out twice with him……………..

No. 750217


I can't believe I'm saying this about Kelly of all people but…girl can do so much better, wtf.

No. 750329

can she though? outside of this fictional setting where it's in the storyline that they are getting it on she can't get a man, the real kelly is a dating disaster, hung up on her ex, bad personality, thinking of her dating irl all I can think of is the date with the Japanese guy when she was on holiday (which yikes that was just a date based on them each fetishizing the idea of the other) and then the date she showed her sephiroth shrine to on the first date and never heard from again

No. 750333

apologies for samefag but she also has a thing for guys who are taken which is never a good start

No. 750337

don't do tiffany dirty like that, anon. That just aint right or okay.

No. 750375

so this Emily character is engaged to a guy now and they're gonna have a larp wedding
and she made out with this guy twice even though he slit Phi's throat in the game kek

Srsly how thirsty is this woman? While Phi was dying and getting into fights and playing the damn game, Kelly just made out with dudes

No. 750383

I'm a complete noob when it comes to larping, what happens when your character gets killed? Do they have to pack up and leave or just hang around ooc?

No. 750398


Depending on the game, you can create a new character, hang out as a ghost until revived, or play as a random nonplayable character.

So X and Y are a part of this new quest. My character was just killed off, so for this quest I may play as a troll or wench that gives X and Y clues, but my troll/wench essentially serves no greater purpose than providing information in this story

No. 750402

is this her main NPC? also in this game does everyone play set NPC that they stick to? that seems like it would limit who can be where and talk to who a lot

No. 750615

Honestly! It was so obvious how annoyed she was with Phi talking about the actual plot and interesting shit that happened in the game. She just wanted to get back to talking about Sekril. So cringy. She's really living out her fantasies, huh? A wedding with her NPC and a guy who follows her around and throws gifts at her. lol she is pathetic.

I feel kinda bad for Phi. While watching the larp videos, she really grew on me. She genuinely enjoys it and seems to take it far more serious, while Kelly just lives out her crazy gf fantasies

No. 750718

File: 1545165802250.png (4.52 MB, 2436x1125, FE9A2EFF-2C86-4F3C-AD58-86B27E…)

Idk why some people are here saying Phi is super pretty/cute. She looks like her face never fully developed. But omfg her makeup skills are a disaster.

Also, how is Phi okay with getting killed by Sekril? All of this would’ve made me stop being friends with this entitled bitch. Like she rolled her eyes and sighed whenever Phi would talk about the plot and Kelly would butt in about her stupid self centered antics.

Ugh, Kelly’s dynamic with her friends really bug me, especially when she’s so against toxic friends when she herself is the definition of toxic and manipulative.

No. 750724

She's nothing special by any stretch, but next to Kelly's strong masculine features she comes across as pretty and elegant. But yeah her make up is whack but then so is her wardrobe. Girl has no idea what she's doing

No. 750734

phi nose/forehead highlight in this video is jarring and awful. it's bright blue? wtf??

i think she's prettier than kelly barefaced but when it comes to makeup kelly is leagues ahead tbh. kelly's a lil shady not telling phi how bad the makeup looked when setting up the camera imo

No. 750747

File: 1545168860314.png (1.2 MB, 987x569, NOMAKEUP.png)


Prettier than Kelly barefaced? I don't see it. I see how some of her features are attractive - full lips, no bags under the eyes, even skin tone. But overall - I don't see it. Kelly doesn't have great skin, but if we're looking at them no makeup, no context of their personalities, I'd be picking Kelly.

No. 750750

different strokes. even in the images you posted there i think phi is much prettier. it's totally subjective.

tangentially related: the tat on kelly's arm looks so awful in that pic jfc. nikko ruined that piece of art

No. 750760

Phi is pretty, but wow does she have major coke nose or just bad genes? I think they're about on par when it comes to base level attractiveness, but Kelly has really ruined her looks with shitty tattoos and bad plastic surgery. Phi is a lot fresher looking when she's not wearing hideous clown makeup like in >>750718

No. 750773

this doesn't feel like a fair comparison imo that picture of phi is an unflattering angle, off guard and truly bare where kelly's is "natural" but its posed, a face-slimming angle and I don't believe kelly would post an unedited picture, look at her larp NPC candid

No. 750774

I sometimes wonder if Kelly does Phi's make up and styles her

No. 750783

whoever said up thread that she looks a bit like a halloween witch….your not wrong

No. 750800

File: 1545175345020.jpg (134.39 KB, 1280x720, PhiXKelly.jpg)

I think maybe Kelly 'did' her makeup, and by 'did' I mean sabotaged it. I've not seen Phi do her own 'glam' type makeup-just cosplays and her LARP character(s).

Speaking of Phi, does she have her own thread or did I just miss the post?

No. 750806

this is such a try hard video, jfc

No. 750810

She said she does her makeup differently for 'Layola' (terrible name) but it looks exactly the same. Especially the lashes

No. 750918


I think she's in the Fellowship of the Rainbow thread

No. 750920

File: 1545189425100.jpeg (297.78 KB, 750x976, 6981026E-3AB6-42E6-9B0F-09B4FA…)

Wasn’t Kelly involved with this megadouche?

No. 750937

I think she used to date him.

No. 750940

File: 1545192714374.jpg (69.89 KB, 500x669, b6689b6674aadf1bd134509378ee4c…)

I think this is him from a quick search:

No. 750941

File: 1545192741960.jpg (83.33 KB, 480x720, 042365daa7069bb9f2ff69fd47cf11…)

No. 750984

do we have a thread on her too?

No. 751040

we have discussed this before more than once, there is more info that has been posted previously including a cap of her confirming she knew what was being said and blindly defending him

No. 751052

Literally discussed this thread. From Kelly’s tumblr.

No. 751076

She loves them incel looking

No. 751130

She's just realistic about the type of man she can get.

No. 751161

Sooo… spending $1600 on bondage weare. Seams about right.

No. 751191

its tragic that she lets them get so bad that I am impressed to see a wig on her that doesn't look dirty and busted

No. 751209

File: 1545247412446.jpeg (357.61 KB, 750x836, 8FDE5233-8E93-4FEE-ABC0-1CAB92…)


No. 751219

"even though I'm not goth anymore" Oh honey. You were never goth. Please stop.

I love how she tries to act like she and Yeha are so close because she asked Yeha to make a retired piece for her and she obliged. Based of the "Thank you for your support, love Yeha" bland and generic note, I wouldn't be surprised if she just had that left over from before discontinuing the item.

Her comment about why D-rings are popular among the BDSM community is hilarious too. "you can hook it onto things" yes. spit that generalisation to sound like you know things.

Oh boy we get to see her tragic ass in real time around 7:43 (where we also see that she didn't even bother to put the damn thing on nicely - twisted strap on left side, nice), 11:19, and 16:50. Amazing.

No. 751221

I have a horribel feeling the helt and the bra is comming to larp…

No. 751226

I am still bitter about the Angelic Pretty fiasco from last year.Like she has that kind of cash to drop on dumb shit but taking an L and being respectful in a foreign country and owning up to a silly mistake? Impossible. Cannot finance that. Can't budget my own money for family expenses need a kick-starter. Bothering Yeha to remake a discontinued piece ….priceless.
>>751221 all that said my morbid desires want to see it in the larp

No. 751227

She's certainly not broke, but is she getting desperate for views/patrons or something?

When women who are normally fully clothed -even if their tits are hanging out most of the time - get on camera wearing next to nothing while modelling bondage gear, it's seems to signal desperate more often than not.

Not to mention, there was zero reason for her to wear a bodysuit that was basically a thong. She's got loads of booty shorts and full coverage underwear.

Pardon my length, I just think it's funny and pathetic.

No. 751245

Gonna say it again I hate that she conflates alt fashion with "fetish and bondage fashion". Yeha might specifically do pieces directly stemming from a source of bondage yes, but to call your mall goth outfits (and in turn any other persons choice of wearing plain shit like fashionable harnesses) for fetish fashion really drives me up the wall because we have enough men sexualising the shit women wear (that isnt even remotely provocative but you got that studded choker from hot topic on so ya MUST be bdsm slut/fetishy/into bondage!)

Im always amazed at her inability to describe products, her inflection comes across like someone who is trying to sound nuanced but the words are just pure valley girl vomit.

No. 751274

Oh man what HAPPENED

No. 751284

LMAO Kelly she literally handed you a twitch channel with graphics and IRL tech support and everything and you couldn't be bothered to stream anything but a couple of q&as after months of hype.

No. 751333

File: 1545265950923.jpg (111.26 KB, 720x856, _20181220_002638.JPG)

Classic kelly. Not sharing her opinion = chronic negativity
This girl is exhausting

No. 751410

File: 1545274986945.png (470.8 KB, 720x956, Twitter.png)

Kelly promoting her own hate comments. This is worse than what any of us usually say on here, and is a massive reach, but really? Just delete and move on.

No. 751437

i don’t think it’s a reach honestly. i unsubbed from kelly earlier this year because every video for something like 3ish months was a promo, unboxing, or sponsorship. i subbed to kelly years ago for videos of her running around LA, decorating her house, and having diverse, colorful, supportive friends. that shit is loooong gone.

No. 751443

Same. Her Content is fucking boring now. I used to think she was fun and kinda envied her lifestyle. But now she's either oh woe is me or showing off products.

No. 751448

I meant the porn bit is a reach, the latter part is absolutely true, which makes it funnier that she gave that comment all this exposure

Is that the annoying Envy that was in a few videos last year? They are enemies already?!

No. 751554

There are two disgusting videos on her Instagram story right now of her literally shoving her face into chocolate cake and eating it like the kid from Matilda. And then she lets a dog lick it off. Isn’t chocolate deadly to dogs? Or at least toxic?

No. 751559

What the fuck

and yes chocolate is deadly for dogs, how does she not know that when she literally owns one

No. 751560

I was thinking the exact same thing. Clearly that’s not enough chocolate to poison that size of dog but still, that dog licks it’s own ass and she’s having it lick all over her face? Disgusting.

No. 751567

A lot of people let their dogs lick their faces, take your dog hatred back to your containment thread.

No. 751580

even if it doesn't kill the dog a small amount can still give them a really upset stomach and cause vomiting and diarrhea because they can't process it

No. 751583

sage for samefag but add that to the fact that she doesn't mash his food so the poor thing is vomiting most days already, his stomach is likely a mess already

No. 751585

Yeah, a lot of people are gross. Sage this shit.

No. 751639


This video was so fucking cringy. Chest acne on full display, twisted straps, and negative ass aside… She seems to call the designer "Creepy Eha" the whole time, not realizing that "Yeha" is her name. Then when she reads the letter from Yeha, she pronounces it "Yeehaw."

And when she said the panty-style harness was called "Uri" (which she pronounced "Yuri") she said, "Oh, did she call it that because it's the Japanese word for "bottom"?!" Wow, Kelly. You can't even Fujoshi right. Did you mean Uke, or were you making a stupid Yuri on Ice reference? Regardless, Uri doesn't mean "bottom" in Japanese and Yeha Leung is Chinese-American. Nice one.

No. 751653

Yeah I've never seen someone let their dog lick food off their mouth. That's fucking nasty; not to mention it was chocolate that she was allowing her dog to eat off her face.

No. 751761

File: 1545345874227.jpg (Spoiler Image, 595.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-222738_Ins…)

No. 751763

File: 1545345895194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 847.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-222703_Ins…)

No. 751766

Why does she look like she's balding

No. 751866

File: 1545359885705.jpg (131.02 KB, 1080x709, IMG_20181221_023738.jpg)

No. 751875

She's complained about her family for how long now???? And she's there for the holidays after complaining about the holidays every second of every day with every chance she gets.

Honestly Kelly. You'll find any little thing to get stupid upset over. What a shitshow. She was already boring and tired and now she just needs to get off the internet and get an actual real life.

No. 751890

kek and yet on her fb she wrote that she's trying to build a mini version of her apartment at her mom's in one room and is asking people in the area for free furniture

No. 751894


No. 751895

File: 1545364469984.png (42.57 KB, 467x212, fb.png)

No. 751897

File: 1545364663277.png (388.58 KB, 1066x752, t.png)

Some interesting things from Twitter

This is her fishing for compliments, honestly

No. 751901

File: 1545364776935.png (108.16 KB, 628x484, lina.png)

Also, Lina is really creepy jfc

No. 751913

So weird. Just screams I'M A BRAT

No. 751955

ok that's something different….poor dog

No. 751963

I don't watch her videos but from that reply, does she make her ask Kelly videos all about herself? Not that I'm surprised but holy damn Kelly it's meant to be advice not a story time video

No. 752068

Does Kelly Follow Envy anymore on Instag? I don't see Envy follow her? Maybe it's just my Instagram acting up. This tweet comment from Kelly seems so passive aggressive. Is Kelly even friends with Vividka? I would dump Kelly as a friend… she is a narc to the max 10000%%%%

No. 752109

Yep and it always seems like she picks a story that she currently wants to complain about under the guise of "helping" someone. I wouldn't be surprised if she writes them and puts a fake name

No. 752221

Right? At this point, why is she pretending to help anyone. Just admit you want to whine and feel special Kelly.
We know she's a narc, and her crazy fans like Lina won't even care.

No. 752227

Stop asking for threads for people with no milk. Kelly's friends have the fellowship of the rainbow thread, but it's pretty dry since the only time they're milky is when they hang out with Kelly and most of them don't anymore.

No. 752527

Okay but why is Lina obsessed with Kelly? Gives gifts, comments every post ("cute bones"?), but all Kelly does is says thanks.
If he's so into her, surely he's seen some of her piles of BS? …And is still into her?

No. 752537

File: 1545480744428.png (242.22 KB, 750x1334, 2642F156-C035-4611-93F1-DD3E9C…)

Lol really? Kelly has never once had a thought that was “out of the box”, let alone her very own. She is literally just a combination of her friends and what’s hot in pop culture. She doesn’t have a unique bone in her body.

No. 752557

>having your tits out constantly in lieu of having anything meaningful to add makes for a “three dimensional personality”
Did a man write this?

No. 752559

I mean she’s obsessed with her, those people don’t necessarily think with logic

No. 752576

No. 752584

>little snack
Is that a code word for a trisha paytas type of mukbang feast?

No. 752616

>kelly having a personality

Ok, which white knight wrote this?

No. 752641

Are you seriously expecting someone mentally unstable enough to obsess over someone this hard to have a logical reason for doing so?

No. 752673

File: 1545505596551.png (548.28 KB, 931x594, jhkfdhas.png)

"ignore the picture" kek

No. 752675

legit such an attention whore. she could have googled a random gnome photo to use instead. but gotta pretend she isn't attention whoring for likes

No. 752755

Wait wait, Lina is a guy ?

No. 752759

Lina is a trans woman.

No. 752761

Of course not, that's why I'm wondering about his reasons. What mental gymnastics is he pulling for homegirl here? And why, since Kelly isn't a celebrity or even interesting.

No. 752768

>a girl with an alcoholic dad apparently asks Kelly for help

>says Kelly's videos showed her what good friends are, and how important mental health is

Oh the irony. Did you write that yourself eh Kelly?

>K gives generic advice about emotions and connecting

>"family is everything, at least in my opinion"

Oh yeah tell that to Austin, and your dad's ashes in the painting you sold.

No. 752769

>family is everything
Children of alcoholic parents arent always in the best disposition when it comes to (biological) family relations. Atleast not ones that are positive or helpful but how does she know considering her whole life is basically a fanfic.

No. 752803

Kek. Phi has been posting sweet heartfelt shout outs on her story about her friends/role models all day. Kelly is noticeably missing. Thank god tho, hopefully this means Phi is wising up to kelly's toxic fake friendship.

No. 752860

I thought she mainly came for that YT fame, not Kelly's toxic ass. Or was that just anons speculating?
Either way, I hope Phi wises up and pulls a Dre because Kelly defo won't change. I wonder how many people she's chased away at this point.

No. 753102

Yea so?

No. 753140

File: 1545595577915.jpg (527.17 KB, 1440x2143, 20181223_140502.jpg)

Kelly Eden. Master of the vague attention seeking bullshit.

No. 753150

When cows collide

No. 753207

This pretty much sums up her online presence. How about real human interaction for a change, instead of lying and ham acting for sympathy? She's like a tween whos new to social media.

No. 753213

In addition to this vague tweet, she has a very Teenage story on her Instagram that's just a black screen with that one suicide song by Logic and Alessia Cara playing loudly in the bg. i actually cackled.

No. 753269

They're explaining Lina's gender situation because someone asked? What are you even getting at?

No. 753453

>Kelly Eden :Fine
>Kelly: spends a few days with her mom and this happens

I suspect her mom is a toxic narcissist like Venus' mom. Would explain a lot. Lest we forget all the grinning, laughing 'on cloud 9' content while the mom was conning them during the funeral visit. I feel sorry for Kelly, this is an environment where a little boy took his life, and she went back there for Christmas. Should have stayed in LA.
It also looks like Envy and Steph have dumped her, and newfriend Phi is sucking up to those two. They are all cows to different degrees and have unhealthy relationships with each other. She should hang out with Kota more I think.
Phi is one of the fakest ones yet. As referred to here, >>752803
She posts literally dozens of shoutouts to different cosplayers on her stories all the time, absolutely desperate to make connections. She's staying with Kelly 100% for the clout. Probably has Dre's stats up on a spreadsheet somewhere and is trying to boost her boring self up by sucking up to any and everyone.

No. 753469

And in reality she just forgot to pack her mascaras or sth

No. 753494

right. everyone but Kelly is the problem.

have you not been paying attention?

No. 753544

Yeah….. that's not what they were saying tho. I think u need to remember that even shitty people / people you don't like still go through tough times and deal with awful people themselves? Her mom is probably a huge reason for some of the bad stuff kelly has said and done! Blindly hating on someone with any and every reason just makes you look a lil stupid, at least justify how and why you're saying what you're saying

No. 753593

having a shit family doesn't give her a pass. especially when she uses every little thing to justify all of her behaviour.

i don't hate her. i just think she's contemptuous. and of fucking course she's allowed to go through a rough time. but people going 'oh, poor Kelly. she must be surrounded by toxic people' every time she posts some melodramatic, pity-baiting update is equally as pathetic as her.

is she gave a damn about depth and meaning, she might actually wise up and not intentionally surround herself with people who she uses, and who use her in turn.

she's a perpetual, edgy 14 year old with no one to blame but herself.

No. 753607

Another one she wrote as an excuse to talk about herself

No. 753627

it's not just her family she has problems with as well there is a lot of relationships in her life that have gone sour, at a certain point the common factor in all these instances is kelly, is everyone she interacts with eventually a toxic person or is it more likely that she herself is toxic

No. 753712

There are lots of people that have shitty home lives that don't grow up to be exploitative narcissists, that's no excuse

No. 753783

Exactly this!

No. 753929

People are always talking about her relationships going sour, but with who? I know she's had a few boyfriends that didn't work out, but most people go through several romantic relationships before finding ~the one~ so I don't really think that's fair to hold against someone. I think failed friendships are far more telling. What friends has she lost? I know there was that vague tweet between her and Envy, but who else?

No. 753979

Most notably Dre. But you can see in the lack of interaction between her and everyone from her stupid Fellowship of the Rainbow. She may not have fully lost any of them but it's obvious they aren't as close as they were. She went from consistently interacting with them on Instagram and Twitter and always having vlogs with them to practically nothing.

No. 754019

Demonpuff as well

No. 754323

its normal to have breakups but still being weirdly obsessed with your exes and not letting go is not normal

No. 754332

Don't forget her work family, Ophelia Overdose, Emily Dearheart, the people that were her roommates when she moved to LA, etc.

No. 754394

Phi has been in Germany for awhile now and while there has been posting so many story’s about her other friends but not one post about kelly! She’s made like 3 post about Stephanie in the last 3 days I know kelly is fuming where ever she is

No. 754519

wasn't kelly supposed to be going to Germany with her, anyone know what happened there?

No. 754623

I wonder if Phi is moving out/not coming back from Germany maybe? It could explain why Kelly was posting how she isn’t ok- that seems like something that would really set her off anyway after all her other friends dropping her.

No. 754658

File: 1545934720913.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181227-121709_Chr…)

I don't think she understands how time passes. She was posting on social media 3-4 days ago. ….. "unplugged" for a week, my ass.

No. 754712


I do think Phi is moving out. I have been watching the Dacian Brats series, and in one episode (I can't remember which one, sorry) Phi talked about how she was Kelly's roommate and Kelly said "For now…". They both tried to joke it off but it seemed uncomfortable. Phi also has a pinned tweet on her twitter about her needing emergency financial help, so if I had to guess, Phi probably can't afford to live in California and will be moving out soon.

No. 754741

Kellys an attention whore she's "really not ok" once every two months I don't think it's indicative of anything but Kelly needing more people to pity her

No. 754759

I really like Tealecoco's work. How does Kelly manage to make it look like shit?

No. 754760

That horrible posture only exaggerates her saggy tits jesus. The left looks like a square

No. 754798

She still hangs out with Katie and Kota. That's about it.

No. 754810

She hung out with Steph recently too

No. 755007

File: 1545970987037.jpeg (181.5 KB, 750x996, 67D984EC-7985-4C68-8973-9BBA64…)

Seems like she is going to be in Germany more often now , and generally just doing more things that she wants instead of what kelly persuades her to do . could be why kellys been going through one of her “ I’m in a dark place” phases she goes through bi weekly

No. 755206

Good for her! But that’s only halfhearted, tbh. She fangirled up and down the street about being able to live with someone she “idolized” - I hope she learned her lesson.

if indeed any of this is about “money trouble” the fact that she’s prob paying upwards of $1500 for a single room with Kelly def isn’t helping.
(There seem to be a lot of new friends in this thread so before anyone starts sperging about housing cost - go back a few threads. Both how much Kelly’s rent actually is and how much she’s charging people to live with her (spoiler: it’s more than she has any right to charge and there are screen caps of old ‘looking for a room mate’ posts proving she upped the advertised cost but then changed it back after there was discussion about it here) have both been discussed to death)

No. 755312

File: 1546023112731.jpg (158.5 KB, 960x703, hthXfiNd1ATfmNdBluOGVJ60lsBidU…)

No. 755315


No. 755319

still better than jill’s cosplay

No. 755323


Miles and Courtney look pretty good imo.

Kelly and Steph… not so much.

No. 755327

are they supposed to be really, really shitty punk versions of the characters or something?

No. 755330

Oof that party city wig

No. 755340

Why does Kelly always have to be in the center?

No. 755367

Good lord that wig someone take it out back and shoot it.
Good job Kelly for the most vague impression of the character. It took me a minute honestly

No. 755369

you know why lol

No. 755376

this is super old, 2 years i think. It was back before kelly got her lipo and Steph gained a bunch of weight

No. 755386

yeah, look at the tattoo on her arm, it's still that hideous mutated version of her mom

No. 755392

She llooks fat

No. 755608

Did Kelly even cosplay at all this year? Besides the same old Sailor Moon and that disastrous LL cosplay (that she never posted) at ALA in January.

No. 755681

I know she had breast work done, but did Steph ever get PS to make herself thicc-er? She seemed of average/thin stature in her earlier IG pics.

No. 755715

She went to fanime too she was with Stephanie at the Voltron gathering and that's where she made the ita bag video

No. 755716

File: 1546072574881.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1847, F5AEAE13-3BCB-4815-B3FE-8096F2…)

Apparently she's getting back into cosplay next year we'll she if she actually does

No. 755722

Her rent is $1800 a month

No. 755725

Latex, overdone makeu, cheap wigs, fingerless gloves… why did they think turning the Sailor Scouts into cheap whores was a good idea? This looks awful

No. 755762

With the way she begs for money and likes to pose I'm surprised Kelly doesn't try to sell nude pics to beg for money.

No. 755806

Is she ever going to let go of "ya boy"? It's not even her own catch phrase. Some of her rabid fans don't like it either, which says something.

No. 755951

No, she just gained a lot of weight. She claims her original reason for wanting implants was to balance out her body because her lower half was bigger, she's always been a pear shape

No. 756764

it's in her mom's house in CO. i'm sure she's making a video about it, her most viewed videos on YT are her various house/room tours

No. 756901


Mental health advocates constantly puts I want to die on stories. So classy and mentally stable

No. 757132

If ya boi is so motivated why not make the sailor moon skit that was crowd funded? Oh wait, it was a scam. One of her Patreon perks is also (non existent) cosplay skits…
Her followers are just throwing money at her at this point.

No. 757220

I don't consider LARP to be a "geek/nerd" thing bc you need an active IRL social life for it to be possible.

No. 757316

You think geeks/nerds don't have IRL friends? What stereotypical bullshit is this?

No. 757320

How is pretending to be an elf warlock in a fantasy world not some nerd/geek shit?
Kelly is the epitome of class and professionalism!
TBH I'm surprised she hasn't gone the costhot route yet, especially since some of her "friends" (former friends?) do it already. She might as well get paid for her shooped thirst traps. I suspect Kelly is chronically unsexy though - she seems like a pillow princess/starfish type who says she's a sub because it means she gets to be lazy in bed.

No. 757329

She painted a crucifix pastel pink to hang in her room at her mom’s house…

No. 757338

File: 1546369488993.png (269.71 KB, 334x607, Screenshot_1.png)

Not samefag but since anon sidn't post a pic on a picture board…

No. 757340

how is she out here saying she can't pay anything for that funeral but has decked out a whole room with antique furniture, idk how it is in the US but that shit ain't cheap where I am from

No. 757351

File: 1546370743363.png (995.17 KB, 932x603, CKEVywg.png)

2019 is off to a milky start

No. 757356

Why continue to support lime crime when there are way better hair coloring products out there?

No. 757376

Not to derail but LimeCrime isn’t and hasn’t been owned by Doe for awhile now - I don’t see how buying hair products is “milky”

Other than her wasting money on a subpar product that’s going to wash out in 3 rinses

No. 757387

tl;dr the candle sconces are crooked from one another and in all high res pics of Kellys furniture you see the disgusting texturing and pilling.

I've always hated how Kelly ruins furniture with her pinterest tier sloppy diy's, but hell will freeze over the day she pays attention to what shes doing besides histrionically shitting out autogenerated pastel themes ripped from tumblr. I can only imagine the amount of oxidizing thats happening to all the metals underneath the coats of what looks like Hobby Lobby paint, I can bet top dollar she doesnt prep surfaces, made decisions based on what material the piece is made from etc. With all the pictures she posts online it looks like she doesnt even clean any of the dust off before slathering it with paint and letting brush fibers/dog hair cover it for good measure.

No. 757425

You really think she bought any of that?
She’s done promotions and ads with both companies before.

No. 757441

Doe Deere is still a stockholder/on the board, has creative input and profits from sales while running a new copycat company selling knockoff jewelry she claims to have designed. This new CEO situation is just an excuse for all the snowflakes like Kelly and Gothfruits to spew platitudes about growth so they can continue to rake in promo and attention. They're just washing their hands of their history, don't fall for it.

No. 757455

This is the room that was Austin's. It used to be hers growing up but Austin lived there after kelly moved out. I think it's really tasteless that she decided to completely take over the dead kid's room and go KELLY KELLY KELLY all over it.

No. 757461


She claims it is from thrifting, which I can believe. Not to defend her, but you can get really nice furniture for a few bucks (or even free) if you know how to thrift and know how to keep up with local listings that are giving away furniture. This is especially true if you don't mind furniture with cracks or other imperfections. You can tell that the furniture Kelly painted is not in the best condition, but the paint hides the blemishes.

Where I'm from, right before and after Christmas is the best time to get furniture for cheap since people are throwing out their old crap to make room for new stuff.

No. 757468


Oh Lordy I forgot that.

On one hand, I understand converting the room at some point to give it new life, but if she continues to milk his death it just confirms the trash.

That room is fugly AF trying to blend the bronze with pastel and the color of the walls is godawful depressing. She even used nail polish on the clawfeet of the table.

I wonder with the Fellowship ditching her, Dre going to NYC, and Phi possibly moving out/spending more time in Germany, if Kelly will just give up and return home to Colorado.

No. 757471

I'd consider those people to be normal with hobbies rather than geeks/nerds. LARPing involves being socially competent, being outside for long periods of time, having connections, etc

Not every interest has to be a "quirky geek xD" thing for it to be valid.

No. 757481

I had no idea. she is incredibly disrespectful.. like holy shit

No. 757504

I think she might airbnb her place (kota has housemates/rents her house out) and stay in colorado more. I actually think the room renovation was a really positive thing to do. Keeping it the same would be creepy. It's probably the most respectful thing she's done for austin, putting the work into changing that room. Sort of like a send-off for him.
She still handled the whole thing appallingly, but this is quite productive+positive for Kelly.
Same as getting a new haircolor. >>757351
Maybe some new friends while she's there. She has been stagnant for a while with the only watchable videos being her family ones (and her childhood friend who I like) so change is good.

No. 757517

Your definition of a geek is definitely not the same as anyone else's, but even so you can have a social hobby and still not be socially competent. Its not like you need friends to join larp

No. 757592

Kek this bitch can barely keep her pink hair looking presentable and pink is fucking easy. I can’t wait to see the uneven patch fest that her hair turns into.

No. 757606

She'll probably hair put on a wig and call it a Adam

No. 757610

I don't see how keeping it the same is "creepy", that's not an uncommon reaction. Hyping up their relationship/closeness when then poor kid isn't around to object or say, no, don't """"remember"""" me by filling the room I died in with tacky pastel furniture is still pretty fucking gross imo.

No. 757682

Not sure it's relevant because we already know kelly and dre aren't friends anymore, but everyone in the "fellowship" wished Dre a happy birthday today on instagram and of course kelly did not. She also did not go to dre's birthday party.

No. 757703

Lmao kylie jenner just dyed her hair powder blue.

No. 757705

anyone else notice kelly hasn't said shit about dre's birthday and almost every other person in that group has? she managed to have the time to post about larp tho…

No. 757718

larp seems like he only thing Kelly has going in her life anymore. now she's morphing into Crayola irl with this new hair colour shit.

No. 758053

She wants to be the next Momo O'Brien or next Larp House but unlucky her those already exist and are far superior when it comes to the content.

No. 758056

File: 1546477003906.png (880.63 KB, 615x872, why.png)

Why? How is this interesting? She needs to go back to making vlogs like she used to. This is so boring!

No. 758060


I'm still trying to follow the logic that geeks/nerds cannot be social and/or enjoy the outdoors. The things aren't mutually exclusive.

And no, not all interests need to be "quirky geek xD", but most LARP is based on geek source material of some variety and people that are ACTUALLY into LARPing aren't out there doing it just because they want to be outside. They are doing it because of their interest in the source material.

idk if people like Kelly are just making this confusing, but fighting elves and casting spells in the woods is definitely not a "normie" activity.

No. 758165

Is it just the light or is her stomach kinda shooped

No. 758196

her stomach is DEFINITELY shooped

No. 758384

this vid was pretty informative. the biggest takeaways for anyone not wanting to watch 30 minutes of basically no content: she and dre aren't best friends anymore, she and the fellowship don't hang out any more, she is/was dating a guy who said he loves her.

she recorded this mid-december (she hadn't gone to colorado yet). i'd be willing to bet the dude "in love" with her is the larp guy seroquel or whatever his name is. i'd also be willing to bet that the dramatic tweets seen here >>753140 are because of something related to him because i can't imagine kelly going 2-3 weeks without seeing a guy and being chill

she has a shocking lack of self awareness. this video was a trip

No. 758431

Did she say why they don't hang out?

No. 758457


Basically, she said that she and Dre are still friends but she doesn't feel pressured to call her often or hang out a lot. She said their relationship is still good but since Dre doesn't live there anymore and they are both pursuing different career paths, their relationship has gotten more relaxed so she doesn't see or talk to her often like she expected they would do when she first moved out. She still claims they are "soul sisters" and she "loves Dre" but their relationship has changed from hanging out and talking every day to more like her childhood bestfriend.

No. 758465


I thought this was one of her better videos. Her wig looks nice, her makeup wasn't garish, and the content was somewhat interesting.

Some highlights:

1. Confirms that Dre had been planning to move out with her bf, but that fell through and she wanted to stay with Kelly, but by then Phi had already agreed to move in, so Dre had to find somewhere else to go.

2. Claims that the fellowship of the rainbow is still a thing and she's still friends with everyone, but everyone has been really busy with their careers and life. Plans to go on more adventures with them.

3. Says that in 2018 she decided to stop focusing on finding the "love of her life" and just focus on herself. Admits she's "Thirsty AF" to find "the one". Says she just wanted to be single and if love happened, that was nice, if not, that was fine too.

4. Says that when she stopped looking for "the one", a few months later a man that "truly loves" her for her admitted he loved her and she doesn't know how to feel about it. She says she has never had a man that actually cared about her for more than just sex. Says the new guy's actions "scare her" because she has never experienced a healthy relationship before. She says she doesn't know what to do with these feelings and doesn't know if he is "the one".

(I personally think she's talking about that LARP guy. Based on how she's talking though, I don't think she likes him as much as he likes her. I get the impression she sees him as a nice guy and that he is fun to be with, but not for a long term relationship.)

5. Says she's been more aggressive with paying off her student loans in 2018, she's been paying more than the minimum payment each month.

6. Says that Austin passing away made her realize life is short so her goal for 2019 is to try and fix her relationship with her brother.

No. 758507

It's so strange to me how easily people believe certain cows are showing sudden growth and maturity. I didn't watch it because I don't have the time to financially support this shallow, lazy narcissist by giving her views to lie about and gloss over events in her life like some kind of 2018 PR press release.

Oh, but her wig looks less shitty, she must be turning over a new leaf. How do you get through life being that gullible?

No. 758525

This. Plus if you believe that their friendships are still “all good” then you’re naive as hell. Of course she wouldn’t come out and say “I drove my roommate away and I’m close to driving this one away too and all of the people I picked to be my friends for superficial reasons have gotten tired of me being a self centered hypocritical attention whore”
insert 1800-come on now meme

No. 758717

I don't think anon is saying she believes everything in the video (she's on Kelly's lolcow thread for god's sakes, the truth is right here) but just relaying what Kelly said without opinion added.

No. 758853

>Dre had been planning to move out with her bf

I'm sorry if it's been discussed before but was she planning on moving in with Chris Villain or was she dating someone else? I had a feeling Chris was gay, but they seem really close with eachother TBH. They literally hang out with eachother every day and appear in eachother's instagram stories too much for people not even living with eachother.

No. 758888


Yeah… I was just giving highlights of what she said. I don't believe everything she said. I feel like even the stuff that is technically true is warped or biased in her favor.

That said, I don't mind admitting when a lolcow is improving, even if it only slightly so, which is why I mentioned her wig, makeup, and content were "better" in this video. Her wig looks nicer, but that's not that a massive accomplishment given how fucking ugly her previous wig was; she could have put on a party city wig and it would have been an improvement. The content was more interesting this time but only because it wasn't a shitty makeup tutorial or a boring unboxing.

Also, I don't give her (or any lolcow) any ad revenue because I block Youtube ads.


She had a boyfriend. I forget the name but it wasn't Chris, and someone actually posted his instagram here before.

No. 758944

File: 1546597454228.png (652.56 KB, 984x696, st.png)

Sage but anyone keeping up w the Martin Wong drama? Steph tweeted this after the drama referencing Kelly and I noticed how she carefully used her words to avoid calling Kelly her friend

kek I wouldn't call Kelly necessarily thin back then though, Lindsay was the palest and thinnest in that group

No. 758948

File: 1546598402263.png (62.59 KB, 609x276, t.png)

"I'm SO lonely feel bad for me!"

No. 758963

MY FUCKING GOD, here we go. Didn't she just upload a video where she said how much her life improved and how happy she is and appreciates everything? Couldn't even wait a day until making her next dramatic and depressive tweet.

No. 758973

Iirc watching via lolcow doesn't count for views or ad revenue but I could be wrong. Can anyone confirm?

Ffs this sounds like a parody of depression. Also Kelly stop being wasteful

No. 758984

this seems like a guilt trip aimed at Phi

No. 759016

Her entire persona is a parody of what's popular. Depression, gamurr girl stuff… But she has no idea how they'd fit together in a real personality, and just vomits them wherever. She needs to step away from the internet.

No. 759019

have you tried using a pour over kelly

No. 759093

She also said that since she started going to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist (and taking antidepressants) her quality life improved.
At least she went to the doctors to get proper treatment.

No. 759178

This is confusing. Coffee machines usually have warmers, even after the coffee is made to keep it from going cold. Why is she whining so much?

No. 759186

>the sailor moon cosplayer
>the thinnest and palest of us all

What is this SJW bullshit about someone you used to be best friends with, who you are now pretending you don't even know wtf. Steph is as much of a cow as Kelly is any day

No. 759189

This and it seems like the photographer's being an ass and at fault.

No. 759191

im like pretty sure shes all " I have someone who loves me and I dont know how to respond or act" is because he's the guy from LARP and he's not the that attractive or the usually type shes attracted to, so she doesnt know how to act lmao

No. 759195

Her damn icon just looks like Jeffree Star to me so sometimes I read her tweets in his voice lmao
At some point they really looked alike

No. 759196

She doesn't know how to act because she's a narcissist and not actually capable of loving someone back. "love" to her is only how useful someone is or what she can get from them, and this person probably doesn't have much to offer.

No. 759251

I took her wording to be a typical response of someone who doesn't want to admit they don't like someone enough to fully commit to them. Maybe during LARPing sessions she doesn't mind flirting with this guy while she's in the moment, but afterward she is sober enough to realize he doesn't look like the typical dudes she goes after. No offense to LARPers, but I took a look at the Twin Mask wiki and most of them aren't what I would call conventionally attractive. An average looking person would look like a 10/10 at a LARP event.

(Slightly off topic, I thought Kelly was bi - how come she only talks about finding men as a long term relationship?)

No. 759261

>I thought Kelly was bi - how come she only talks about finding men
Because she's not really bi, obviously.

No. 759290

File: 1546651949431.png (203.17 KB, 720x960, wp_ss_20190105_0002.png)

It's definitely the larp guy. Both Crayola and Sekril's wiki page rumours say they like each other…and also that Sekril will fuck anything. Hmm.
Crayola's is already posted here, pic related is Sekril (Effendal is Crayola's race)

No. 759358

Dating in the larp doesn't mean they're dating IRL though. Also, this guy sounds like a douche.

No. 759369


Right, but the reason people think it's him because in one of her LARP videos, she talks about how she made out with him twice during a game.

No. 759372

That's pretty gross, especially if you don't know eachother that well. How does kissing in LARPING even work? Kelly made it seem like it was in the script and they had to make out.

No. 759373

File: 1546659451389.jpg (161.67 KB, 578x547, 20181106_181503.jpg)

He looks like a douche too, are we sure he's not her type?

No. 759376

I know they're not dating IRL, but they're for sure doing something in the larp. So he's most likely the mystery guy she "doesn't know how to act with" like mentioned upthread.

No. 759384


For his Quotes he also has weird fake deep stuff like "do you notice the light go out in people's eyes when you kill them" and "have your children been taken and killed? Because mine have."
I like to imagine he just comes up with these in normal talk. I bet Kelly thinks it's so deep.

>I think he's a sheep in wolf's clothing
Who's I? Can the players edit each others pages?

No. 759387


I don't know how well they know each other outside of LARP, but they didn't just meet in game and then suddenly kiss. According to her, he's been to every game she's been to and some training sessions, and their characters have a lot of story together, so it's not like didn't know each other when they made out.

As for kissing in LARP, you can either have your characters pretend kiss or you can actually kiss if you both consent to it. However it sounds like the only people who really kiss in game are also dating IRL, which again, is why people think they are dating.


Come on now, we have no evidence that this guy is a douche, and judging solely by his photographs and character's page seems dishonest. Everyone's LARP pages tend to look like a cringey anime Mary/Gary Sue. And yes, others can edit it (check the history tab).

No. 759397

So either larp does not reflect real life (this guy is not necessarily a douche even though his character's page reads like bad fanfic), or it does (because they made out in game, they must have some kind of relationship IRL). Which is it?

Because IMO, in order to willingly come up with a character this cringy and want to play as them, you have to be pretty cringy yourself. Just like kelly and her "i'm so speshul" backstory.

No. 759402

>the only people who really kiss in game are also dating IRL
Kelly you're a whore lmao.

No. 759407


I mean, have you ever been to a LARP or watched a D&D session? Most people consider it a nerdy/cringey hobby for a reason, as everyone playing is more or less playing a fantasy wish fulfillment character. Everyone always tries to make their characters have depressing backstories and everyone is always trying to say funny, interesting, or "deep" one-liners. Most quotes are terrible at best. He and every other guy playing the "asshole killer with a secret heart of gold" is also par for the course. Couples weaving their out of game relationship into their in game characters is also not uncommon. If they really are dating (which who knows since Kelly was being vague about this), she wouldn't be out of place with the other couple LARPers that date both out and in game.

Not trying to sound like a sperg over LARP, I just hate how because Kelly sucks, suddenly LARP is now full of douche bags just because Kelly is dating (or at least making out) with another LARPer.

No. 759430

Unless you're part of Twin Masks chill out, nobody really cares about LARP

No. 759442


I don't care about it either; I just know a lot about it because I work with disabled adults that are really into it. My original point was that we have no evidence that the guy Kelly made out with is a douche. Based on how LARP is played, having a cringey character is just part of the game. I don't like people getting smeared just because they interact with a cow.

(Also, learn to sage your shit)

No. 759493

God this is all so cringy it physically hurts reading her LARP shit

No. 759512

In her 'how to make a healthy breakfast' video she says she doesnt drink coffee in the morning and that its bad to do so

No. 759550

I remember several videos of her where she drinks from a huge mason jar and it’s coffee. Just as she “doesn’t drink”

No. 759565

my tinfoil most likely scenario

>kelly met LARPguy a few months ago.

>they flirted a lot. the guy seemed interested when they were LARPing.
>kelly bit the bullet and made out/slept with him. the guy was sweet for a while afterwards…..during LARP…while playing a character. says “i love you” to crayola.
>kelly gets her wires crossed and is like HE LOVES ME.
>she records the video about how a guy loves her. >during the christmas break he revealed he wasn’t actually interested in dating/he is only interested in LARP-dating. kelly makes dramatic vague tweets. >>753140
>kelly then also uploads the already-recorded video saying a guy is into her because she doesn’t edit her videos and she’s fine with him watching and feeling guilty for “what he did” by not being interested after all.

time will tell during the next LARP tbh, whether or not crayola and sekritman hook up again.

the real milk here is actually stephanie acting shady. have kelly and her interacted at all on social media in the last few months?? are they not friends now? wtf is happening there

No. 759584

Just want to point out that in this video she clearly states she is financially stable now.

No. 759599

They have to still be friends. Steph was working on a cosplay last week in Kelly's "workshop". I dont have screenshots cause it didnt seem relevant at the time.

No. 759602

File: 1546705514040.jpg (988.1 KB, 1080x2089, 20190105_112433.jpg)

Actually, just saw it's on her saved stories.

No. 759642

They’ve stated before that they both pay for the place, so technically it’s not only Kelly’s

No. 759669

I honestly would not be surprised if this this freakishly accurate. Kelly’s latest New Years video is scarily telling. She is attempting (badly) to clean up the mess of her broken friendships with excuses and platitudes. The thoughts and feelings she puts on display are just caricatures of real human emotions and behavior. It’s terrifying that I think she can actually be considered a psychopath. Crayolas “hatred of humans” is a sign of Kelly’s disdain for happy people IRL. She could never stand when any of her friends were happier than her. It’s obvious that Stephanie and her are no longer friends, that really shouldn’t even be a question. What annoys me is that Stephanie is too much of a cow to call kelly out and not keep her in this grey zone for followers or financial gain.

I can’t decide if the sekrel guy will be Kelly’s demise or if they are actually perfect for each other, because yikes!

Sage for rant

No. 759699

Im willing to bet Kelly doesn’t actually do this and is just tweeting for attention.

No. 759706


No. 759738

So true. She can’t stand when any of her friends are happier than her. That’s why she ends up destroying them all. She’s s sad excuse for a person.

No. 759816

Kelly filters reality through the fantasy story land in her head, where everything must center around her. It's like she's playing dollhouse instead of interacting with friends, and her character must always be the speshol Mary sue.
But in reality, she's just a toxic famewhore who needs to grow up.

No. 760565

Did anybody get why Toshi is in s cone?

No. 760593

File: 1546901710318.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8279.PNG)

Did it get cut by glass?

No. 760599

Probably something indirectly caused by her negligent care-taking. Why else would she not just say what happened? (Aside from being a vagueposting attention seeker)

No. 760623

No she's obviously calling him a martini glass because of the shape of the cone like how some people call their dogs satellite dishes

No. 760724

Did she get him fixed?

No. 760794

That would make the most sense, i dont think she ever got him fixed before. Plus he looks shaved down there

No. 760811


He’s been fixed for a while now.

No. 760857

she drugged her dog to fly and overdosed him.

No. 760859

why does he need a cone if he was overdosed?

No. 761033

Yeah Kelly would usually milk the shit out of her poor injured pet uwu. And if he has been injured here, this can't be the first time, can it? She probably got the dog to take pictures, caring for him is an after thought.

No. 761049

Kelly's newest video features a lot of the fellowship, and it seems pre recorded but stephanie isn't featured at all….. and considering she always considered stephanie to be like closer to her then the rest of the fellowship that's kinds odd. maybe they really are going through something right now…..

No. 761059

He probably wanted pics of her because she's the Sailor Moon. I highly doubt his motives were sizest/racist and were probably just because she's the fucking main character.

No. 761082

Furthers my suspicion that the “toxtic” video was about Steph

And maybe Courtney

No. 761249

All cosplayers and photographers in LA are shitty, anon.

No. 761320

Somebody commented on her insta photo of Toshi about her overdosing him, and the comment disappeared before I could screenshot it. Sounds like that's exactly what happened, since she's so on it.

No. 761322

Another speculation that I've made:
When Phi hit 10k followers on her main, Kelly stopped tagging her in posts/tagging Phi's private account that has very little followers. Sounds like she's worried about Phi surpassing her like Dre almost has. She's so disgusting

No. 761429

at 10k? u must b kidding. Ain't no-one surpassing anyone with that little followers and Kelly knows that. Phi won't get the follower amounts Dre got from Kelly since Phi is boring.

No. 761516

I don’t know that I’d consider just phi, Lindsay(who I’m sure keeps the friendship for exposure for her commission work), Dre, and some random chick hardly ever around a lot of the fellowship. It still appears she’s fallen out with a majority of the people she had around a lot in the past.

No. 761597

Yep, courtney got salty when Kelly was jumping into twitch. Never being there to help Kelly set up and help with streaming, especially since Kelly just jumps on things for attention and is clueless. I feel like Kelly's friends are totally there in the beginning and once they get followers they move on, or when they get sick of her tantrums. I notice Courntey when she lived in Colorado and when she first moved to LA, then started getting following and patreon money she soon distance herself and is more close to vidka. You can see her (Courtney), Envy and Stephanie being aloof to Kelly in videos like when they were in Dre's swimming pool. They are all cows. Canada can you take in these cows?

No. 761598

Incel ?

No. 761744

File: 1547073472768.jpeg (340.63 KB, 1242x1376, 20CBA2FB-F4F8-4172-B9B3-BDD470…)

kek the cows stay lurking

No. 761853

lol I didn’t see anyone say anything about her not being in that video on twitter so they definitely lurk

No. 761866

But whyyyy? Why don’t they just admit that they aren’t friends and find her annoying

No. 761900

Because Kelly will go apeshit on them, and probs not privately.

No. 761948

File: 1547089640087.jpeg (406.26 KB, 1323x1987, CC51AE1C-C11B-48A3-A86E-89CECD…)

Here we go…

No. 761975

File: 1547091522801.jpg (818.53 KB, 1080x2070, 20190109_223337.jpg)

I am not for making fun of someone's illness, but dear god this is so vague and attention seeking. She gives no context and there's no explanation on Twitter either. She is just obsessed with getting attention and having people feel bad for her. It's disgusting.

No. 761989

knowing her, it's probably just more cosmetic procedures.

No. 761999

rushed to the hospital because one of her balloon tits popped, rip kelly

No. 762020

>>761999 her attention seeking is so obnoxious wow. Her whole life is a lie and as she ages it’s only going to get worse!!! 🥺

No. 762021

Also worried for toshis freaking safety! She drugged him! She feeds him poorly so he’s always sick! It’s animal cruelty and she needs to be called out by one of her “friends”!

No. 762026

lina did the same thing but she made an entire dramatic video. idk why people do this, just say what happened or maybe not post it at all..

No. 762066

where is this proof of her drugging him? not a wk just need proof of milk especially with an accusation like that

No. 762097

I hate it when people post pictures like this online with no explanation. Attention seeking at its finest. Prob a vitamin drip…..

No. 762144

File: 1547116045564.png (47.76 KB, 500x139, kellysurgery.png)

she's having a small cosmetic procedure. She hasn't even told her friends what it is, but she made a post on facebook about it.

No. 762145

File: 1547116109438.png (24.36 KB, 509x87, kellysurgery2.png)

No. 762149

>cosmetic thing that's not visible

what would be the point of getting a cosmetic procedure no one could see? did she get a labiaplasty or something? lmao

No. 762162

Are Stephanie and Envy not around to babysit her after this latest self-inflicted recovery period? Is she trying to gather her next round of friends to use up and discard? Too bad there is no surgical implant for self awareness and learning how to not treat loved ones like personal servants.

No. 762201

Kek I was thinking the same. She got her curtains snipped

No. 762213

How long did she wait between her attention bait post and her announcing it was just cosmetic? It’s stupid to make fans fawn over herself with genuine concern. And right after never giving an answer to toshi actually being okay or not, plus all her ‘I’m worthless’ bait posts the past month too. I used to be a fan myself but at this point there’s been enough that’s happened where I don’t understand how she still has so much support at all.

No. 762234

9/10 times when you step into the ER you get one of these. The fact that she isn't lying down in a bed is telling.

No. 762362

Oh god please don’t let the „guess-the-surgery“ game start again

No. 762381

File: 1547158117912.png (72.05 KB, 470x430, s.png)

Leave it to Kaya to be nosy about it kek

No. 762398

ok so it's another sponsored procedure if she's doing a video about it. we can't expect to know wtf it is until this summer. see yall in 6 months

No. 762416

Oh dear.

You seem like a genuine person. Go read the rules and board policies and maybe delete this post asap before people come at you.

You don’t “make an account” you leave the email and name and subject lines blank, and you just post everything anonymously. Lurk and learn the board culture.

No. 762423

This whole surgery attention is so laughable. When she posted her lipo video i was like 'did she not get that months ago?' she milks things way too much

Anyone get vibes that she doesn't like PJ in Dacian Brats? Her character in that is hella annoying to but i can't help see similarities with her true self to.

Also that weird anime type voice she puts on when she reviews any item is so fake to me

Also here for the larp tea and what she's like in it

No. 762425

can someone fill me in who Lina actually is?
She seems very stalkerish to me. I know its completely up to her to spend her money on kelly and her friends but is there something more she hopes to get out of it? or just to get likes from them?

No. 762433

So ready for a series of Kelly tweets about how alone she feels while she recovers alone “uwu”

No. 762434

Maybe with all of her friendships in the air, Kelly might learn how to be take care of herself. Nah she’s too lazy.

No. 762437

sage you dummy

No. 762449


Lina is a transwoman who is obbsessed with Kelly.
She spend copious amounts of money on gifts for Kelly and others in her circl, probably in hopes for some friendship or recognition.

No. 762471

caught up with the last few dacian brats. I may be looking into it way too much but kelly's 'tilly' is just like her, and the whole having phis character as her 'slave' just shouts how controlling she is to me. & how she wants to control everyone.
You can see how annoyed Kelly gets when Pj or phi talk way too much as 'tilly' has to be centre of the story line …..girl pls

No. 762542

type 'sage' into the email field when you make a comment and it won't bump the thread. you should only bump the thread if you have tea (screenshots of kelly doing something stupid, for example).

youre probably the only person on the planet watching dacian brats. i like d&d and larp and i watched one episode of dacian brats before dropping it. it's just really not good and kelly's classic "no editing, MINIMAL EFFORT" video style bothers me way too much tbh

No. 763084

File: 1547262219802.png (33.49 KB, 596x117, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 03.0…)


No. 763096

Just her usual melodramatic brand of fishing for attention and asspats.

No. 763099

File: 1547264282186.png (7.35 MB, 1125x2436, 3686F16E-1A1C-4FE4-B270-92D3FB…)

Hmmm maybe getting rid of inner thigh discoloring?

No. 763101

Sounds like a linkin park song, and given how she likes to copy a lot of things would not be surprised if this was the case.

No. 763109

Well it's confirmed she lurks here. Quotes this post >>761975

No. 763114

Honestly kelly your personality is just not good for an online persona. You should just quit because you're right, you're not gonna get anywhere with it.

No. 763139

As long as people like Lina are there for her, she won't stop. That's who these attention seeking vagueposts are for, they always bite when she goes fishing.

No. 763140

File: 1547267752398.jpg (35.31 KB, 900x900, https___d3b3by4navws1f.cloudfr…)


Inner thigh lift?

No. 763143

if she were to get that do you think it would distort her tattoos?

No. 763153


Maybe. It looks like the face with blue hair is being pulled a bit. You can see the stitching and the dip on both inner thighs…

Come on, Kel, you really wanted a thigh gap this badly??

No. 763180

File: 1547271572844.jpeg (143.41 KB, 640x1136, B806601A-68E5-47E3-99AC-6E1490…)

No. 763181

File: 1547271615309.jpeg (126.35 KB, 640x1136, F0C5216A-466B-4E45-BB12-C15EBC…)

No. 763188

Yeah, it's an inner thigh lift. lipo didn't give her the thigh gap she wanted kek

No. 763194

Who is the girl who posted that? Not familiar with this milk.

I feel evil saying this but Kelly’s recent tweet is nothing but fishing 🎣 for attentionz

No. 763198

It’s probably just lipo again. I don’t get why she said that you can’t see it?? In the first place I thought the gets her nipples fixed for some reason lmao

No. 763201


of all these cows, she's the one that should get a PT and fix her body through working out five times a week the most.

the fucking wonders it would do for her mental health, too.

No. 763207

I believe that's the first girl that called her out for profiting off of her cousins death

No. 763219

Bit of a reach. "no context" isn't a phrase exclusive to lolcow

Yeah its her, called her out for making her videos profitable etc

No. 763262

she had a PT, an expensive one at that and a meal plan, that was part of her defence for her getting the lipo, that she had done all she could through those means and it was impossible for her to do anymore herself

No. 763274

she talks about, in her lipo video, how genetically women in her family hit a certain age (25 or something? I'm not gonna rewatch sorry) and become a certain bigger size and "no amount of diet or exercise" would ever change that. she claims lipo was her only option if she ever wanted to be as petite as she was when she was 20.

i'm 99% sure she got more lipo this time too. she had thigh bruising during her last round of lipo. and like we've seen with photos from larp, her stomach is back to being flabby. i'm pretty confident she went in for a "touch up" or whatever, but not nearly as extensive as her first surgery.

No. 763281

Holy shit it's a man?

Now it is extra evident he wants to wear her skin. Gross.

It's pathetic she enables him.

No. 763324


>when they hit age 25

well no shit, kelly. you're not a teenager anymore, your metabolism slows down if you don't work out regularly and whatever shit you did to your body in your youth begins to show.

>no amount of diet and excercise

why do none of these cows know how physics work.

calories in < calories out.

it's that simple.
fucking stop eating in'n'out and peeps and starbucks and whatever the fuck else these bitches love.

No. 763336

She had that PT a few years back when she really did look at her best and I think when her channel and modeling was at its best. I remember when she quit she said it was because it was consuming her life and she didn’t feel happy about it. Then after she gained weight and after Dre left and she tried that last trainer while hiding her lipo from people, then she gave the excuse that exercise wasn’t working for her which is just ridiculous since she didn’t have him around nearly as long. She got lazy plain and simple. I’m not judging her body now/then because I honestly don’t think she ever looked bad, just styled terribly. But it’s bullshit to tell her young fans that exercise didn’t help her at such a young age already that she felt the need to get cosmetic surgery.

No. 763356

File: 1547322667970.jpg (630.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190112-114721_Twi…)

No. 763357

File: 1547322694049.jpg (638.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190112-114727_Twi…)

No. 763359

File: 1547322724872.jpg (485.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190112-114733_Twi…)

good job steph. I would have too.

No. 763363

> I ask for help too much
You're a goddamn adult, Kelly. Other people have burdens and problems too and it's not your friends' jobs to be your personal therapists. Pay for a realy therapist if you need that much help. It's 100% understandable and okay for someone to drop you because you're always going to them to vent and they can't handle your combined emotional baggage w/their own. Grow the fuck up and stop whining.

No. 763364

She sounds so much like 'not like those other girls!!1 this is why i am friends with boyz'

No. 763365

>no amount of diet or exercise would work

sounds exactly what a lazy, fatass who doesn't understand simple calories in vs calories out. It's impossible to stay fat if you work out and watch what you eat. shut up, kelly

No. 763373

I'm actually thinking it's Envy (see >>751209 ) or Courtney (see >>762982 ), and it's specifically related to Kelly's twitch stream. the only other people with matching tattoos are steph, kota, dre, and that disneylandprincess girl, right?

both Envy and Courtney helped Kelly a ton when she decided she wanted to do Twitch, and then she never went through with it–despite months of preparation, thousands of dollars of equipment, sponsorship deals, etc. and I'm sure the conversation with Envy or Courtney went, "you said that if I helped you with twitch, that we would collaborate, that we would do streams together, and now you're completely abandoned that project. I'm done helping you with stuff. you just used me and never repaid me." and kelly took it as "THEY ARE HEARTLESS AND WILL NEVER AID A FRIEND IN NEED" lol

the reality is that kelly is a user and is fucking LAZY. i don't know how any of her friends tolerate it and i'm not surprised someone has jumped ship

No. 763374

this is about envy not steph

No. 763381

how r u so sure? Wasn´t Steph always there for Kelly after her lipo? They seemd the closest tbh

No. 763386

because of envys tweet? and the fact kelly doesn't follow envy anymore? steph has come out and said they are still friends but envy has been silent and instead posted that tweet which was clearly about kelly

No. 763387

steph was there, but so was envy. last year when kelly had lipo, envy was in almost every pic. she was probably there just as much, if not more, than steph.

No. 763412

Disneylandprincess -Katie is the only one that didn’t get that stupid crystal tattoo. I sure that was a issue with her.

No. 763429

Yeah this is true , envy was at Kelly’s house for like a week making sure she had a smooth recovery , making sure she took her meds and everything. She also helped her with all those gaming sponsorships and got her into that gaming con which Kelly hated and made sure she was very vocal about. also helped her with the whole set up she never used or twitch so I’m pretty sure it’s envy . But tbh Envy is 100% in the right here .

No. 763437


when kelly is an old lady i feel like she going to be one of those old people that literally complain about anything, you know the 70 year olds that complain about the colour of curtains or the light being too bright. this bitch can not do anything for herself. kelly did you ever stop to think about other people and what they might be going through? nah cause it's always about you. smdh posting about it to get your blind minions to harass the other person once again… speaking of that.. where is stephs twitter?

No. 763445

god I am so fucking sick of this cunt crying and playing victim to her blind sheep. Have you ever realized who the common denominator in all of these situations is, Kelly? Here’s a hint for your dumbass: it’s YOU! YOU ARE THE ROOT OF YOUR OWN PROBLEMS. If they reoccur this much then maybe you should step back and check yourself, you lazy, ungrateful, entitled, spoiled, narcissistic bitch. I’m so tired of her getting sympathy from strangers online this enabling her to continue this pity party further. All of your friends are always going to eventually drop you until you change your behavior for real

No. 763459

oh shit i bet this is the real problem envy had. she got kelly into contact with a bunch of sponsors (the chair, the computer, peripherals, the convention) and then looked like an idiot when kelly failed to deliver on her end with any of them. i wouldnt be surprised if envy lost major face with her own connections in the gaming/twitch community for encouraging people to work with a useless ditz

No. 763494

I think it's Courtney. She doesn't seem like she'd be upset over losing Envy as a friend, but Courtney has been her friend since they both lived in Colorado, so..

No. 763516

Oh yeah, matching tattoos are the magical spell that forces you to remain in someone's life forever.
Someone tell toopoor

No. 763561

i'm hoping courtneys new hair colour is pink

No. 763596

File: 1547361419241.png (119.45 KB, 509x636, cs.png)


No. 763649

Idk imo it's not that she minds losing envy in particular, it's that she minds losing another person who she could use/etc whilst also using it as an opportunity to beg for attention. Its not the person that she's bothered about, it's the situation (but ofc this is just tinfoil)

Non passive aggressive sure. Literally the opposite

No. 763650

Kelly acts like insecurity isn't something everybody goes through. And if you point out to someone that they don't need surgery but at attitude adjustment than you're just not "tortured" enough. My god this girl is such a vapid delusional little shit. No wonder her friends are ditching her. Hey Kelly here is some passive aggressive advice. Instead of taking surgery after surgery in a desperate attempt to chase those younger years where you had a boyfriend and you where still "relevant" for getting featured on magazines and shit try getting sponsored by a mental health clinic instead to deal with your issues of letting shit go. Your friends are right. You don't need surgery. Sometimes other people speak the truth because they might actually care for you and not because they are toxic bitches. Not everyone has your fucked up abusive mindset that probably leads you to believe everyone just wants to use you

No. 763651

maybe people try and reassure you because you have screamed about your body dysmorphia so many times and sought asspats, if that were true and you did have that then your friends reassuring you in that way would actually be nice

No. 763682


>don't start preaching about how personality matters

Telling someone with extreme body dysmorphia this is what a good friend would do.
But this is the Kelly Eden show, the spoilt baby has to whine about something. And when her friends help she whines more because god forbid her Barbie dolls have their own brains.

>the opposite sex

Finally off the fake-bisexual train?

>just shut up and agree with me

I'm glad whoever it was ditched you, and hope the others follow. It'll be the wake up call you need.

No. 763695

>how dare people not just shut up and compliment me when I announce I’ve had yet another unnecessary surgery!!
Maybe instead of trying to have human friends she should just buy a bunch of colorful bobbleheads to place around a low table and play pretend tea party with.

No. 763788

She'd probably make them have pretend fights as well, since she always needs something to cry about.

No. 763876

File: 1547421018369.png (6.81 MB, 1125x2436, 0C27F8AB-624D-4B17-9E4A-F07884…)


No. 763886

Same bra and top 24 hours apart

No. 763887

The pic has nothing to do with the caption, as usual. Surprised she didn't sneak in more cleavage… Unless that's where she got surgery.

No. 764766

Her previous story said "stress hives" so I'm guessing she's referring to her hives

It's gone now or I would have screen shot it

No. 764768

How does she afford to live in LA and do nothing? She hasn't created true content in years. I'm not sure why she would want to stick to YouTube at this point.

No. 764771

Revenue from her old videos, patreon, demanding people buy her things or sponsors give her free shit, and then selling it?

No. 764787

>>763516 >>763649 possible tinfoil but I’m guessing it’s Steph, and she’s referring to the dragonball tattoo that they both have, not the crystal faillowship one. I really don’t think she gives af about Envy that much.

No. 764791

Actually a few of them didn't get it. I don't think Kota did, Claire didn't, lindsay didn't. I think only steph, dre, courtney, and kelly got it

No. 764794

I can just imagine her all alone, high on pain meds, comparing this surgery to the last one, and how nobody’s dancing around her making her food and begging to change her crotch bandages for her like last time. And wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some resentment starting to fester towards Phi for not “taking care” of her.
It’s definitely not like last time Kelly.

No. 764796

Kota got the crystal. It’s pink and black.

No. 764843

Envy has the tattoo on her wrist its blue and purple.

No. 764911

What about the Sailor Moon tattoos Steph and Kelly have? I'm unsure if anybody else has one. Just another thought. I don't think Steph is no longer friends with Kelly, I just think they may not be as good of friends anymore/differing interest in 2018.

No. 765018

File: 1547493739055.jpeg (271.79 KB, 750x994, 3BC616E4-3FFC-4B7B-B8E0-78AE20…)

Everyone has a life outside of yours Kelly, always focusing on yourself of course you didn’t realize the people you cared about where fed up and left !

No. 765025

Phi doesn't seem to be involved, could she be staying out of it? Lol.

No. 765051

Phi is over at ALA having fun kek she seems like she has been avoiding Kelly since she got back from Germany

No. 765052

File: 1547499119126.jpeg (304.82 KB, 1240x1175, DC5FCE4C-1374-4CEA-9B04-2D4C0D…)

More like glow down

No. 765057

To dress like that ten years after still… what a fucking loser

No. 765067

Is she even aware of real problems in the world? She needs to keep this shit to herself. What a privileged crybaby. This is the type of shit you write on twitter when you're angsty and 13. Grow up kelly, handle your shit offline ffs. Everyone has problems.

No. 765084

>Suddenly I realized I wasn’t going up anymore. I turned around and everyone was gone.
It’s telling that the other people in this story are all behind or beneath her, pushing her forward while remaining out of view.

>Kelly, there’s people that are dying.

No. 765093

Personally don’t like the scene style or whatever but she looks much more put together in the first pic lmao on the 2019 pic her eyes look so fucking dumb

No. 765095

She looks so much better WITHOUT the balloon tiddies

No. 766095

>suddenly I realised my progress stopped…because my slaves stopped doing it for me. I'm too lazy to do it myself, you see. Pity me please.

The second pic is shooped to hell and back, she knows there was no glow up. Her surgeries might make her feel like she's glowing up, until the high wears off and she "needs" another one. She needs to grow up.

No. 766122

Isn't lipo terrible for weight loss? If you ever gain the weight back you will look very lumpy

No. 766143

yes, just look at momokun or trisha paytas if you want to see what a liposuctioned body looks like after gaining weight.

No. 766144

yeah, suits her frame so much better. The big fake boobs just make her look chubby and emphasize her stubbiness.

No. 766195

These people are adults now kelly ofc they're not gonna be as involved in your life as they were when you were younger

No. 766426

That's not even that. They were there for her when she had her last surgery, like 8 months ago. They were all adults already. They just got tired of being Kelly's friends. She sucks everyone dry and gives nothing in return

No. 766509

She's such a baby. I had lipo and I only needed to be taken care of that night after until the drugs wore off and was fine the next day. She didn't and doesn't need someone to take care of her after surgery for weeks.

And she looks better in the older picture because she had her natural breasts and like others have said it makes her look not so short

No. 766510

She's such a baby. I had lipo and I only needed to be taken care of that night after until the drugs wore off and was fine the next day. She didn't and doesn't need someone to take care of her after surgery for weeks.

And she looks better in the older picture because she had her natural breasts and like others have said it makes her look not so short

No. 766522

I had a giant tumour removed and only needed someone to help me for the 1st week. And I'm super anxious, depressed etc etc etc. It was hard but I did it. There's no way in hell Kelly couldn't survive without a whole team of people taking care of her for weeks. It was not even life saving surgery! She was walking around going to events SO SOON. Shut up Kelly. Grow up, dude

No. 766787

She doesn’t even get that ignoring her friends for months then popping up out of nowhere like “hey guys who wants to help take care of me for a week! “ is a really shitty thing to do ? Like we get it, your all adults you don’t have to talk to each other everyday to prove your friendship! but Kelly doesn’t even seem like she puts in any effort unless she wants something in return!

No. 766793

it's definitely courtney and envy. they are the only two out of the fellowship kelly recently unfollowed on insta.

No. 766801

I just checked and Kelly no longer follows Kota, Courtney, Envy, or Dre

No. 766804

Steph no longer follows kelly either, but kelly still follows her lmao

No. 766805

Just checked this and it's true. Quite milky.

This is false, they both follow each other.

No. 766814

I remember her saying in one of her videos how she always goes above and beyond to do super special surprise parties for her friends but they never do the same for her.
Like no wonder no one wants to hang with her. I'd be super pissed to find out my friend is complaining about me on her videos and not coming directly to me if she has a problem.
Also, not everyone wants to host a surprise party lol.

No. 766837

It kind of reminds me of Charms, and how she tried to control people by doing favours for them (particularly monetary favours).

No. 766838

It kind of reminds me of Charms, and how she tried to control people by doing favours for them (particularly monetary favours).

No. 766851

She also unfollowed Vivka.

Remember on her first thread when two people claimed to be friends with members of the failowship but never revealed who they were? Guessing they were two of the ones that she unfollowed and they finally had enough, kek.

No. 766857

File: 1547640055749.png (480.36 KB, 1100x755, st.png)

Some of these possibly @ Kelly?

No. 766887

of the vic thing is true, i wonder what that means for larp. viv is active in twin masks. that could be super weird.

No. 766907

One of her larp pals has already been posting on PULL.


No. 767090

She is still following all of those people except Envy (I think–I ran through her 200 followed list very quickly).

If you're using ctrl+f on twitter to search her followers, know that doesn't work. Not sure why it doesn't, but it won't. You have to look manually.

No. 767095

Not on Instagram which is weird.

No. 767097

Yep, she is not following Dre, Courney, of envy on Insta. Kelly still follows Steph and her husband, and claire.

No. 767172


Seeing how much she seems to frequent any site that discusses her, I wonder how long it'll take until she either completely dips from the LARP group or tries to not-so-subtly figure out who the person is and try to get them kicked

No. 767188

File: 1547688429603.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, DFE8CA89-508F-41C4-BCCA-CBAD34…)

those calves kek

She’s been posting a photo of a cookie every day at 5 AM whenever she can’t sleep so she’s definitely going to gain that weight back sooner than we thought kek

No. 767200

I see that Nina isn’t doing her hair… probably another person she has fallen out with

No. 767204

slight nitpick but why would she be eating?

No. 767240

Funny how she posted that she's suddenly doing her hair after Courtney posted that her hair is light enough for a new color

No. 767248

God I hope Courtney goes with the same shade of blue. 1. She would look great with it and 2. Kelly’s reaction would be amazing

No. 767262

Honestly seems like she's leaning towards pink, though

She'd look great with either, and eons better than Kelly kek

No. 767274

File: 1547696155623.png (206.36 KB, 720x955, wp_ss_20190117_0004.png)

The larp person has a few posts but this one basically confirms what we've been speculating.

And the part i highlighted - its got to be that Sequil guy right?

No. 767276

Samefag but how and why did she even get into larp in the first place?

No. 767316

File: 1547776486131.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, 7C994902-A4E8-4ADB-A669-BB3E35…)

Envy posted this and it makes me think Kelly really didn’t have any regards to what was going on in her life only cares about the fact that envy doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore . Kelly probably didn’t even ask how she was doing ! Everyone has their own problems people can’t just drop everything because you had lipo again and can’t take care of yourself !

No. 767326


Honestly, can't blame her for needing to separate herself from Kelly. She's a grown woman with a husband, life of her own, and illnesses she needs to deal with herself. She doesn't have children (as far as I know) and shouldn't have to take care of one of her friends on a near constant basis as if she has one.

No. 767354

File: 1547780123863.jpeg (338.29 KB, 851x1019, 4F75D887-BC6C-44DA-8BD7-61A471…)

Ya boy kawaii princess

No. 767364

File: 1547780982788.jpeg (359.76 KB, 2048x2048, F74816E9-6741-4783-AA84-5EB6A5…)

Oh my. Screenshots from her insta stories where her door knob broke and it’s the end of the world. Her poor hair. I kind of feel bad.

No. 767365

Whoa, why is it so patchy??

No. 767379

Could she not have just called the fucking fire department?

No. 767380

File: 1547782423779.png (858.2 KB, 1062x1351, wim.png)

Does her pity party ever end?

No. 767382

People were suggesting that and to call her landlord and she said that it's not worth the hassle (she said that on twitter after somebody told her to contact her landlord for liability which is funny because she said that she called the landlord on a story earlier, which lie is it Kelly?)

She'd rather milk it for sympathy/pity from others

Forget her and Toshi's safety exit in case of an emergency, she'd rather make that $$

Yikes that pink spot. Funny how in another story after that, she rotated the picture at an angle so that you can't see the pink kek

No. 767383

File: 1547782999662.jpg (414.25 KB, 1059x1883, 20190117_224213.jpg)

From Envy's story, definitely directed towards kelly

No. 767384

Who actually refers to themselves as a cute princess? What a loser

No. 767388

Luckily Phi got out for class… she ain't coming back.

No. 767390

How could she not have a kit with screwdrivers and allen wretches/L keys? Also, i hope she went to the hardware store because i just watched her story and it took her 2 hours to get out of the house and she recorded it on IG instead of doing something productive to fix it.

No. 767414

File: 1547787348440.png (889.09 KB, 750x1334, 323C1EFE-4E2B-457C-B8FF-606323…)

Seems like Phi even knows it’s kelly that’s the toxic one(emojis)

No. 767434

File: 1547787998845.jpeg (263.84 KB, 1242x1281, 1701A54D-F685-4958-B782-098F00…)


No. 767514

What the hell is happening in her cheek

No. 767524

Isn't it kinda unsafe to show everyone on the Internet that you, a single woman and practically living alone, is having door troubles? Lol

No. 767536

>a year ago
She doesn't wash her car. LOL!

No. 767632

File: 1547826582100.png (96.13 KB, 509x448, plOPEoN.png)

>View Tweet activity
>already retweeted

How nice of you to join us, Phi!

No. 767639

it's always funny to see her friends come and post here. Yikes guys.

No. 767644

ngl every time you guys post here about "omg this cow is totally lurking" i roll my eyes, because online personalities should really have better things to do than search themselves up on gossip forums, but YIKES PHI. i formally apologize for doubting anyone in this thread before now lol

if kelly actually does visit lolcow and sees this screencap she is 100% going to know you not only lurk, phi, but that you post here too. like…good luck and god speed bro. i wouldn't be shocked if phi is forced to move out now. i wouldn't really want my roommate spilling details online, even if i'm a shitty friend

also, i wonder if some of our insider information with LARP and the like is from phi herself. i've personally theorized a few times that phi is unhappy with the way LARP's gone, because in kelly's LARP prep (layola's makeup tutorial?) kelly mentioned phi didn't really wanna go…

No. 767651

Except Phi has posted this exact same scrnshot to insta stories so anon who posted it might've just taken it there

No. 767665

Extremely hilarious. I hope phi comes and spills after Kelly boots her

Is that some damage control? The inability to sage isn't working in your favour

No. 767675

This is exactly what I did didn’t know everyone was going to think I was phi! I don’t think she’s that evil guys(emoji)

No. 767677

LARP is the ultimate escapism and gives her an opportunity to literally live out her fantasies. Plus she inevitably receives reaffirming male attention.

No. 767683

It's the exact same crop as the original screenshot file would be, if it was from the stories post, then why would the IG username and avatar not be included? Sounds like a cheap excuse.

No. 767694

the screenshot resolution is accurate too

insta would have resized it for display

if it was a screenshot of an insta story taken with a phone, the phone's notification bar would show unless cropped out, but the screenshot dimensions make it clear that it's uncropped because it has the original iPhone resolution (750x1334)

if it was taken with a computer viewing the insta story in the browser, then the file resolution wouldn't match either because the story would be resized to fit the computer screen

No. 767697

tinfoiling here, but the poster also uses the same German-style apostrophes that Phi uses in the screenshot

compare the comment

to the screenshot

which is how the German keyboard layout works.

As opposed to

No. 767698

You guys do know if you hold your finger on the frame you want to screenshot the username goes away ? I didn’t even think of all this when doing it ! I thought it would be obvious it was from her insta.

No. 767703

if this is actually the case and you're not phi, just fyi: instagram notifies someone when you save a screenshot off stories. so anyone that saved that screenshot, phi knows. you may not care but you may get blocked

No. 767710

Welp, then if it isn't Phi, that means she has the ability to prove her innocence

No. 767712

File: 1547834964932.png (32.99 KB, 591x128, mObHMan.png)

More tinfoiling but Phi does this thing where she sometimes puts spaces in front of punctuation as well.

No. 767716

This is so compelling I feel like I'm in an ace attorney game. that style of apostrophe isn't even available on my phone (which I assume they're posting on cus insta desktop is a mess)


Nice cowtipping anon. Also it's entirely possible that other people have sc her story, this isn't foolproof

No. 767721

Why the fuck would anyone screencap that unless it was for the purpose of posting it here?

But I'll delete the tweet anyway because I forgot about the no cowtipping rule.

No. 767733

So we have two possible culprits here.

Option 1:
>Phi makes tweet
>takes screenshot of her tweet for instagram
>retweets her own tweet too for good measure
>random user screenshots it with the exact same phone screen resolution as Phi
>posts it to lolcow without mentioning the source
>uses the same spelling characteristics as Phi (apostrophes and spaced punctuation)

or Option 2:
>Phi makes tweet
>takes screenshot of her tweet for instagram
>retweets her own tweet too for good measure
>decides to post the same screenshot to lolcow

What's more likely? If she was retweeting her own tweet and making it an insta story, she was clearly looking for praise already.

No. 767741

Yeah, it's pretty fucking obvious that it's Phi.

I don't think she's the LARP girl from PULL like some other people, though, because the typing style is very different and clearly she didn't think to bother changing hers.

No. 767748

I kind of feel bad for posting the screen shot now! Realizing there’s basically nothing I can do to prove I’m not Phi ( other then hoping you guys had a little more faith in her lmao ) that doesn't involve cow tipping! I took the screen shot from her IG and yes I guess we have the same exact phone resulting in the same screen resolution . Had no idea we punctuated similarly tho

No. 767759

Fucking called that her pastel blue hair was gonna look like aaaaaabsolute shit.

No. 767765

In the highly unlikely event you aren't Phi, then if Kelly sees this Phi will be able to show her that someone screencapped her IG story.

No. 767767

Phi has namedropped lolcow on Twitter before, she's definitely reading

No. 767769

Loolll, good spot Anon.

Hi Phi!!! things are gonna be awkward at home for you now

No. 767775

But it doesn't.

No. 767779

File: 1547842402740.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 59D74C95-26DE-422C-B127-D756B0…)


No. 767781

bruh what did that stylist do to kelly's hair…

No. 767782

Exactly what I was thinking, don’t think it does that

No. 767792

Kelly's hair was better being pink..

No. 767797

This looks silver and not blue. With extensions and dark eyemakeup she would look very cool imo but right now it's hard to tell

No. 767818

Looks like shit. The color. The cut. Everything. She’s on her way to get mom hair

No. 767820

No. 767823

Actually, wouldn't this just further confirm this was definitely Phi since anon would have gotten the courtesy warning that next time they capped a story the user would be notified, thus making them aware of this already?

No. 767830

I mean Phi has been confirmed to lurk here by tweeting about lolcow, not really surprised she'd eventually post.

No. 767832

Did you read your own link retard? They were testing out that feature but decided to remove it.

No. 767841

You sound like that Scarfing Scarves man. Must you always use 5th grade retorts to insult people?

She is slowly transforming into Sephiroth.

No. 767847

Sorry you blindly link anything to prove your point and then get upset when you're wrong.
Sage for no milk bit I would hope Phi is smart enough not to not make it obvious she posts here, if she even does.

No. 767858

Would a smart person move in with Kelly Eden?

No. 767867

File: 1547851322266.png (130.91 KB, 593x514, ldnLTsb.png)

lmao, the things Kelly has to tell herself to discredit us. The farmers in the lolcow discord were mostly in their 20s iirc.

No. 767870

not to mention some of her friends and larp acquaintances post…

No. 767902

>>767775 >>767782
anon of >>767703 here. my bad yall. i definitely thought it would record your screengrabs. i'm just dumb as fuck and took some friends' words for it a few months back and never thought to check for myself, rip

No. 767907

File: 1547853868170.png (622.96 KB, 879x593, sdjfkgh.png)

new hair to distract from the botox/facelift

also somebody commented saying "I love your kota cosplay!" kek

No. 767911

Time and energy. Lol. This board is like a celebrity rag, you look at it on the toilet at work, but you can also comment on it.

No. 767912


I have a second instagram account so I tested this out. I logged out of my main, into my second account, and screenshotted my own story. No notification, no icon next to my second account's name in the "seen by" list. Instagram absolutely does not notify you when your story is screenshoted.

No. 767916

Laughing so hard because that's exactly what I'm doing right now and it's really true

It's funny that she tried to discredit us by saying that we don't have jobs. What exactly are you doing, Kelly? We'll be fine, whilst you'll be struggling once you run out of fans to lose

No. 767917

I mean…she's not totally wrong. There is a difference between milk and just being a hateful bitch. True facts. I enjoy milk just as much as anyone else. There is a fine line.

No. 767934

most posters here are 20+ . rofl

No. 767960

Don't you have to be 18+ to use the site at all? Not that there's much of a way to guarantee that, aside from blatant immaturity etc.

A LOT of cows seem to assume/want others to believe that there's only a very small handful of people posting here, we're all unemployed/ugly/jealous/neckbeards/high schoolers/whatthefuckever.

Whatever helps 'em sleep at night. One of the things that unites all cows is the refusal to believe that there are loads of people out there that think they're wastes of oxygen.

No. 767971

Hysterical how kelly lurks. “(Their hairdryers is EXCELLENT)” in response to farmers posting about how shit their hair dye is and daring her to use a better brand to prove she lurks. I mean we know she lurks but u know.
(I mean she still proved it, just by doubling down on a retarded untruth)

No. 768002

She says the dye is excellent but her hair isn't "powder blue" it's like a weird gross silver. That's not what i would call an excellent hair dye.

No. 768005

it looks like a silvery lilac to me. still looks bad on her though

No. 768014

The colour she used is a tint….. And it was probably left on for not very long. It will wash out completely after 2-3 washes. Limecrime do a nice blue called Anime which is full coverage. She should've used that and diluted it with conditioner to get a lighter blue then repeated it every say 5 washes. Having said she's had dyed hair for over 10 years using a variety of dyes you'd think she would know this…. As would her hairdresser. Apparently not

No. 768015

The style and colour look cute in this pic but all of her IG stories say it looks limp as fuck!!!!

No. 768041

why didn't they do her roots? looks like babbys first at home box dye job

No. 768042

Now I know why Kelly got lipo on her thighs. She's at the Alita Experience right now in cosplay and she's wearing these latex/leather looking pants and she STILL looks like she's been stuffed in those pants. She probably wore the pants and freaked out over how she looked in them and got lipo before the event

No. 768066

File: 1547878677339.jpg (63.82 KB, 720x960, 50292199_10161403293775008_754…)

it's so patchy

No. 768113

Are you there? Tell us more

No. 768120

I wasn’t there but my friend was. They were posting videos of the place to their close friends story on Instagram and Kelly was in a handful of them. I won’t screenshot those stories because I’m pretty sure Kelly can see them too but I’ll post two screenshots from public stories from other people who I know were there.

No. 768122

File: 1547889804992.jpeg (268.22 KB, 1936x968, 11E7C6FA-EF98-468D-8C3C-B59743…)

She’s gained a lot of her weight back for sure. One of the videos I saw was them taking a photo and she was really sucking her stomach in

No. 768129

File: 1547891012932.png (1.17 MB, 1366x740, ps.png)

when you accidentally upload the non-shooped version

No. 768149

No. 768150

Looking through her recent IG posts, the only members of the former fellowship who still like her photos are stephanie, phi, nina her hairstylist, and lindsay. Whether nina or lindsay were ever members to begin with is questionable but it seems all of her other "friends" have abandoned her.

No. 768155

Nina and Lindsay get money from her so that is even more tragic

No. 768160

more like dropped her for their own sanity

No. 768181

that chest acne

No. 768272

It’s not even BLUE. I can’t. So many keks

No. 768281

She would’ve been better getting a wig in the same style as her pink ones in Layola blue.

What a mess kek

No. 768283

Dre posted a photo of that anime "meme" (unsure if it's a meme) on her Instagram Story. I believe on Thursday at some point. I capped it but don't know how to post the photo. Not sure if she was throwing shade at Kelly or a coincidence.

No. 768285


Was it the Sasuke one that Kelly posted when she was locked out/had a broken door?

No. 768296


Yes it was the Sasuke one! I wasn't sure if this was a meme going around in the anime world or not.

No. 768304

I have no idea but I agree with Dre that that photo Kelly posted was fucking stupid kek

No. 768314

Dre just went live on IG story if anyone wants to ask her about Kelly. I'll prob do the same.

No. 768351

"courtney unfollowed Kelly on Instagram. Dre still follows Kelly" this is a sad emo song.

No. 768379

I have an odd feeling that they fought about hair color.

No. 768417

File: 1547935015957.jpg (757.52 KB, 1080x1981, 20190119_165543.jpg)

Looks like she might be about to sell a bunch of her figures. Having an identity crisis?

No. 768439

Broke as fuck

No. 768441

Probably needs to raise some cash to get her nasty hair fixed by a professional kek

No. 768453

What’s with her eyes ffs they look so swollen and tired like if she spend 8 hours in a bar

No. 768484

She didn't buy the Lunafreya. That was given to her by SquareEnix. I only know bc their Instagram story had her talking about it around the time of its release date and it was a sort of unboxing deal. So basically. Selling the merch that she got for free.

No. 768485

Saving up rent for when Phi moves.

No. 768486

Yeah and she basically dumped Luna in a glass of water after building her. Tragic, but of course Kelly would favor a stupid character that's there for nothing more than clickbait like Cindy for no reason.

No. 768508

That’s the worst part, she DID (if it’s not in this thread it’s in the last one) and it STILL looked raggedy and trashy as fuck!

No. 768613

File: 1547963180014.jpeg (67.73 KB, 750x515, B66DE44B-5243-44FC-94CF-7B4DD5…)

Reveal of Courtney’s new hair color. She’s currently live streaming on Twitch. Wonder how Kelly will react now that they both have some form of blue?

No. 768620

Kek Courtney's dye job looks professional and she pulls off blue much better.

No. 768634

File: 1547969616825.png (520.8 KB, 581x628, lololya.png)

dem sagging boobs kek

Funny that she dyed her hair and is still wearing wigs. Even she knows that it's bad. And that framed photo of her and Sephiroth in the background is hilarious and sad.

No. 768681

I actually think Kelly would look good with powder blue hair if her hair was actually powder blue and not patchy grey, but give it a week or two and she'll absolutely go back to pink because she's insecure as fuck and thinks she has the monopoly on pink hair.

No. 768687


Kinda looks like a wig.

No. 768691

I think Nina does all their hair, but maybe Kelly wanted to stick to Limecrime.

No. 768707

File: 1547989776298.png (279.76 KB, 720x399, wp_ss_20190120_0005.png)

It's a meme right now. She obviously had to shoehorn it in somewhere to scrounge for more likes.

No. 768734

will she ever tailor those long dresses??? they look even more trashy with all that extra fabric

No. 768799

She has chosen this silver colour because she wanted to look like female Sephiroth!!

No. 768941

Her room looks dirtier and dirtier with every pic she posts.

Has Phi ever shown what her room looks like? I'm guessing she got Dre's room which Dre goth-ed out.

No. 769079

She painted it blue before she moved in, tbh it looks better.