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No. 106525

A new thread for drama revolving around Net-idol/dance cover group drama.
Currently (from the 2nd drama thread)
> Caroline and Neosenshis manager literally fought between themselves on lolcow instead of going to DMs
> Carolines posts eventually got outted by lolcow mods, and the posts of her pretending to be other people/trying to change subject were made for all to see
> Caroline quit instagram over her own mistake
> Start Splash leader left the group, and both groups have gone silent
> Prism idols disbanded

Previous Thread:

No. 106529

Coolio new thread
As far as prism goes I have a friend who was a backup in the group and the group disbanded because they weren’t active and other members wanted to do more kpop and jpop covers and rebrand from LL

No. 106530

Damn i thought it was from them not being able to scout any full time members that wernt from cloud nine and something along those lines dealing with their three core members

No. 106531

That’s understandable honestly, it seems like just a change in interest/what they want to do so it was only natural they’d go their separate ways

No. 106534

idgaf if gulls baww at me about this but that flutist is shit and people who don't play instruments won't get it. instruments are so much different than singing and covers like what she did are barely playing. it's embarrassing as a musician to see people gushing over that crap.

No. 106538

Can you please elaborate wtf you’re talking about because I’m very confused

No. 106545

Check cgl

No. 106594


No. 106603

how tf did you get here???

No. 106641

Mods, please go ahead and perma sage the net idol threads or something cause of the autist influx. I foresee major sageing problems.

No. 106750

I’m very surprised SS hasn’t started scouting yet or done anything for Blynn’s graduation. Maybe he’s going to go back.

No. 106792

sorry for the non contribution but i've sort of been getting into the new england idol scene and I know there's been some shit thats happened in the past, im wondering if there's any major drama to be aware of or cows to be avoided mostly anyone still active

No. 106972

You’re in for a hell of a time. New England’s idol community is like Texas Idol Comm Lite.

I don’t know how many groups are active currently due to COVID but if you haven’t read the previous idol threads, the first thread touches on Idolized/@idolizedne and some shit they have pulled in the past, >>45079 is a good starting point.

First thread >>36218

No. 107083

Any new milk on Neosenshi's ex members?

No. 107093

I’m kinda new, but does anyone know why darling idols has so many members? Like they just got a new one? Why don’t they use the others??

No. 107100

Iirc Darling branches out to many states so I’m assuming it’s insurance in case another member can’t go to a certain con

No. 107137

I was actually wondering too if there was any milk on Darling, I haven't looked on cgl but aren't they somewhat affiliated with Idolized? I also found Darling through Dietshampoo's vlogs, she seems likeable so I hope there's no drama with her but who knows

No. 107140

Sage for not really contributing, but I feel like I’ve read once that Dietshampoo is ~toxic~. It’s worth checking the past threads if you haven’t, I know for sure there’s been more discussion on Darling in the first thread. I also don’t believe they’re directly affiliated with Idolized besides having had some of their past/current members.

No. 107181



No. 107186

honestly a lot of the idol community dislikes darling and/or talks behind their back

No. 107227

They have no real reason to have nine members. They're not really a love live group anymore, so they can do whatever they want with how many members they need. Scouting during covid feels weird, too, and it's not like they have any events soon.

No. 107232

I guess the main thing I dislike about diet shampoo is that she can't dance but always makes herself the center.

also this is a nitpick but it irritates me that she takes awful care of her circle lenses (doesn't switch out the solution regularly or throw them out when they expire etc) lol. Her friends yell at her for it on her vlogs but ig she doesn't care that you only get one pair of eyes.

No. 107235

Anyone seen the new member of darling? Wasn’t she in LoveLive sunrise?
Did she leave to go to darling or is it like ok to be in two groups

No. 107240

Being in two groups isn't that weird or uncommon. Some groups have rules against it but if they don't then I don't think it would really be a problem. I think darling is doing some kind of online compilation video or smth anyway.

No. 107266

Sage for non contribution but is this thread autosaging already?

No. 107381


I don’t know if we’re allowed to post links but milk??

No. 107408

Not quite milk yet but has potential. Who is she and what groups were she in? I couldn’t even read the captions the first time watching the video.

No. 107418

File: 1596115031945.jpeg (68.85 KB, 1124x347, 4F2250FB-3F5A-4E20-AB1C-584659…)

Theyre east coast groups because she talks about nyc cons and liverpool in the comments. You know you’re a cow if you get banned from wholeass cons. Want more milk on this.

No. 107420

>east coast
>Liverpool and York

No. 107421

My bad, they said York so I assumed they meant New York. I rarely hear about international net idols

No. 107465

her comm hate her, it's not really surprising that she would join a group that is not already aware of her reputation lol

No. 107494

I find it awfully suspicious that ever since someone pointed out the startsplash page untagged blynn, suddenly he’s tagged again lmao

No. 107571

File: 1596239935381.png (199.47 KB, 1080x982, Screenshot_2020-07-31-18-57-00…)

A new east coast idol group popped up. I have 1 question though why is a 26yr old this shadow person in a group with 16 yr olds? That is creepy.

No. 107572

News alert Caroline still checks this place and probably posts to. After claiming to be done with the idol community she is still interested in this form.

No. 107573

File: 1596240244205.png (182.99 KB, 1079x1262, Screenshot_2020-07-31-19-02-16…)

Waited a good month to post this but here is the proof.

No. 107578

You got us fucked up if you think we’re going to look up every single profile for their ages. Which one is the 26 year old?

No. 107585

Shadow was mentioned so I guess the Shadow prince cosplay account

No. 107607

We know she’s terrible and over the top and insane but it’s like a car crash you can’t look away from. We’re not bored so much as staring in horror tbh

No. 107610

Thank you for your sacrifice of both following her, and also waiting to long to post that lol

No. 107621

Highly agree. I know that it’s up to the organizers to allow who they want in the festivals, but when I see idol festival, I don’t see any instrumentalists in them. It’s annoying to see a bad meme loving flautist and a social awkward pianist play in what I thought would be a singing and dancing showcase, especially since the spot could have gone to someone who was actually an idol….. not to mention, almost all the showcases this year have been pretty low ranking.

Also the way she and shining idol festival handled it was just absolutely cringe.

No. 107809

The drama over the vinyl cybers is both wild and pathetic https://depop.app.link/dHir6IXYC8

No. 107815

I truly don't understand the hype over the costumes. They really really aren't that great lmao.

No. 107826

These were $40 on taobao when they first came out, fucking mental retardation

No. 107846

Everyone knows Bambi posts here so It’s not really surprising imo

No. 107849

It’s Because everyone has become comfortable with mediocre talent, no one is trying to get better and push themselves.
Like get some singing lessons and music lessons (cause singing won’t teach you music theory) and actually work on your craft.
Can’t really blame the organisers when real talent is hard to come by.

No. 107870

File: 1596437452540.jpeg (887.59 KB, 1125x1819, AC9BD382-EE07-4670-ABD0-3C84BA…)

colorful.halation is promoting their new upcoming PV, that they have recorded during quarantine.

Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed. They didn’t even try to make it into a cute quarantine video by wearing masks. You heard me right, none of them are wearing masks in the video. They replied to someone concerned about social distancing in the comments with “don’t worry we’ve been safe UwU” Obviously not, since you’re not even wearing masks. It does not matter that you guys are close, and you’re 99% sure all of you are safe. You are still putting yourself and others in danger. I know for a fact several of the idols in the video still work jobs where they interact with people. You can never be sure, ESPECIALLY since not everyone is social distancing and staying home in the first place.

They just HAD to record their cute ‘aidolu video’ that they couldn’t wait until it was safe to make.

No. 107871

File: 1596437507210.jpeg (124.37 KB, 1124x625, 61527A68-C329-4319-B52A-1A682B…)

No. 108023

File: 1596552879331.png (265.92 KB, 1061x1267, Screenshot_2020-08-04-09-46-43…)

Caroline's Homophobic self out here attacking Bi's for made-up events. What a disgrace. And when asked about it she can not provide proof of the events she claims happened.

No. 108050

New video from Julily

No. 108052

File: 1596571991590.jpeg (244.3 KB, 1125x519, 9DC4EEB1-6505-4580-B000-FFDFAF…)

I’m downloading the original copy right now as an OIC admin said she was editing the video, will reupload for anyone who misses the original. According to other commenters she comes off as bitter and abrasive and did not ask any of the idols for permission to use their content in her video, including a minor.

No. 108063

sage but I'm pretty sure that person has been making and then quickly deleting a bunch of different LL groups in PA. The last one was Sakura Moon which had 8 idols only to be quickly deleted. They're probably creating these groups, getting out as a weirdo and then moving on to create a new one

No. 108147

>>108052 is it possible to reupload that video?

No. 108148

I can, how do you suggest I do that? I’ve never uploaded a video to lolcow, sorry.

No. 108158

You could probably upload it to YouTube but set it so that only people with the link can watch

No. 108160

I need to verify my burner account with a phone number but my service is shut off and my wifi number doesn’t work on YouTube lol sorry to be a pain. I can put it on Google Drive if that’s allowed, idk the rules on video sharing here.

No. 108682

So is anyone looking forward to some of the festivals and concerts coming up?

So far, Shining and London are recruiting again, OIC con is in October, I think Idol At Home is having a festival, Sugar Sweet Idol festival, now known as Shit Show idol fests is quickly shaping up to be a disaster, Anibeat is over and seems to have wrapped up nicely, and Rainbow is accepting applications for a few more days As far as soloists/ groups for so far to my knowledge, Zeta is holding a one year anniversary livestream in a few…. days I think? and Kuro is holding a concert in September.
Anyone know of any other idol festivals or concerts?

No. 108688

There’s also 39 Idol Festival (a Vocaloid focused event) on August 30th and 31st, and Dream Party on August 29th.

No. 108715

Thank you anon, I hadn’t realized there were more festivals!

No. 108985

Since the 4chan thread is removing the discussion about Kazu (mainly about her nudes), could we move discussions about her here?

No. 109025

jesus christ please no

No. 109197

Absolutely not. I got a temp ban over that and the SSIF shit, please don’t.

No. 109281

Sage for off topic
I’ve never heard of kazu and couldn’t find anything related to her when I looked up a couple keywords, can you link the/a discussion

No. 109321

Look on the archives for the latest thread. The janitors deleted it.

Alternatively, look for her Twitter. It's right there.

No. 109472

Is anyone else tired of seeing these white idols with Japanese stage names? Asians have been ridiculed and made fun of for years because of their names, so seeing white people call themselves “Sakura” is lowkey racist. Imagine if they went by a traditionally black or hispanic name.

No. 109474

Sage but Kaz could have her own thread with how milky she is

No. 109475

Yeah these bother me to hell. I’m Asian, and changed my Japanese name to a more “American” name because I was relentlessly bullied for it. Not to mention, people would tell me my name was too difficult to say, so I’d be nicknamed “the jap”. There are way too many idols that have stolen our names just because they think they’re cute. Sakura Hana, Kuro-Hime (yes even if she is POC), Nana Pupurin, Aika/Aikaaiidol, all of these are people that are using our names just because they find them cute, or it goes into their “aesthetics”

An idol I find extremely commendable is IdolNobi, now IdolNani. She saw the posts about our asian names, and changed her idol name in response.

No. 109555

See it's always the cringe ones that do stuff like this

No. 109556

can't believe they deleted it
4chan is too soft these days

No. 109763

Looks like yui/Caroline is making a comeback

No. 109783

Don’t be shy, drop the @

No. 109799

She just changed the name of her old account because she doesn’t want to lose followers, it’s @kawaiipiecosplay_

Also since that was posted, she changed her bio to “not making a comeback” so she’s still lurking on this site lmao

No. 109822

File: 1598029887811.jpeg (575.04 KB, 1440x2321, C90A55B9-45B2-4E96-BB19-663BF7…)

There was an account called “exposing_kawaiipiecosplayer” on Instagram, but they seem to have deactivated now. They were just reposting everything about Caroline that had been posted here, and saying “anonymous anons” sent them. Looked like they were just going through lolcow and reposting though. All of it was just old news, and brought back up old drama for no reason. Not to mention they’ve suddenly deactivated?

Also, I wish I recorded the videos, but last night Lisa was going off on her instagram story about Caroline again. She’s deleted a good portion now for god who knows why. The gist of it though was screenshots of her and Caroline’s fight, screenshots of people telling her to die on Caroline’s behalf (deleted?), Caroline apparently @ Lisa on a story? And then the videos were just Lisa pretty much venting about it. I’m not sure why Lisa deleted all of the story videos of her speaking, and she also deleted the screenshots of people telling her to die, but kept the screenshots of her and Caroline’s fight. They’re still on her story as of now @xwingzlittlelifex

Lisa suddenly bringing up Caroline again, the expose account deactivating, and Lisa deleting a huge portion of her stories.. those don’t seem like coincidences to me.

What does everyone else think about this? I honestly am tired of old drama being brought up over and over again. I understand we want to make sure Caroline gets what she deserves, but not only is this affecting Caroline, but also everyone else she’s involved with. (Mostly soda at this point keeps getting dragged back in)

No. 109823

Caroline also posted on her story about Gabby and is trying to drag them back into drama smh

No. 109860

Can Caroline go legit 5 minutes without vague posting about someone and dragging them into old drama?

No. 109892

Not surprised at all. Caroline is a psychopathic moron. If only we could have all her lies in one place LOL

No. 109971

Does Sakura Hana have nystagmus? I noticed her eyes are super shaky in her stories

No. 110090

She does. She did a Q&A a while ago

No. 110244

Since CGL seems to think anyone talking about it is being off topic (it's an idol thread, it was pretty fucking on topic….)
Is anyone keeping up with the ACO drama?
I'll link the warosu thread just because I'm too lazy to screenshot everything…..

tl;dr version is that ACO is rejecting idols because of a personal vendetta with Grace… Real names got leaked, people are mad…. It was a bad business move.

No. 110247

File: 1598414421202.jpeg (561.49 KB, 1125x1103, 029C967F-CD23-43E4-B238-628A93…)

Since Sakurahana won’t post anything on her tellonym that doesn’t make her look like she’s being attacked, or that sides with her, I’m posting what I sent here. Sakura, you can try to silence our voices all you want, but Im not standing by it.

No. 110275

File: 1598446610963.jpeg (208.56 KB, 818x1017, E167B053-2F31-45AC-98E2-05D105…)

Imagine calling people who weren’t involved disgusting when you literally shared a screenshot with somebody’s legal name in it. So it’s okay for her to doxx an American POC idol but not for two girls to question why they got instantly rejected for “personal reasons”. This entire situation is stupid.

No. 110280

Trying to say ‘well it’s because they’re associated with AL’, the American POC idol in question has NEVER performed at or been associated with any AL cons.

For a start, consider the fact that AL runs cons in the UK and she’s in the US…

No. 110281

She dropped out of the online AL thing, and she’s never even worked with grace, the fact that aco and this girl think it’s okay to doxx her is insane.

No. 110291

File: 1598454377535.png (71.87 KB, 750x273, image0.png)

Imma just leave this here. Imaging trying to play victim when you tell on yourself like this….
In the emails they said that the American and the UK idol were rejected for personal reasons…. The personal reason clearly is because they talk to Grace, whom they have the problem with

The American PoC idol dropped LIF because she got called the hard r and was being harassed for possible involvement in the showcase. A lot of idols dropped out actually because of the accusations they heard and harassment they got.
Unlike them, OIC collectively has proof of this convention is being shitty and trying to call for a witch hunt, but they can't prove Grace made that Turdfest account.

So…. Your move ACO.

No. 110294

Hello I was told to check here and I would like to state. my videos and everything I had posted aren't deleted. I have them under a private highlight which is where they have been for a while now. I posted those way before the expose account and Caroline even tried to rehash this crap. The others I posted was public and they weren't put into the public highlight because people were reporting them on Caroline's behalf. It's why they were deleted. Even though she believes I and someone else started that expose page I didn't. I have been busy living my life and the only reason I even spoke about her when I made that first highlight is because 1. People came asking for my side and 2. I had multiple death threats. So I addressed the issue I still I have that highlight but it's for close friends only so that Caroline's lackies can't report them. I moved on from her drama and when she put mine and another's name on her profile claiming we made that account I messaged her to remove it.and to not post me on her stories. That girls toxic crazy and more I want no involvement with her and haven't wanted any for months I've moved on. Also to have seen my stories you must be a follower since that accounts been private for 2 months now, if any of Caroline's lackies follow me or anyone who wants to try dragging me back into this does please stop. Im over it and don't want to deal with her or anything with her again,let me live my life She and anyone else can think that account is or was mine, I for a fact know its not. This is all I'll be saying on this. Have a good day

No. 110323

If you’ve moved on then why are you commenting on here and making a highlight with the drama? If you want no involvement, then i suggest removing the drama from your page and don’t bring it up unless specifically asked.

No. 110324

…Are we still talking about ACO? Sorry if I sound like a dumbass but wtf is this all about

No. 110330

File: 1598477626036.jpeg (185.28 KB, 828x1792, EF0BFB72-FB46-40C2-8A72-6A9A48…)

Posting the screenshot she posted in case people didn’t see it, you can see it says “kuro to me” which proves that the convention leaked these emails into to public. Regardless of any of the other drama, sharing private emails without permission, and even worse, sharing someone’s legal name which they haven’t publicized, is incredibly irresponsible…

No. 110332

Thank you for having the decency to cover her name, unlike the person who leaked them originally.

All I'm saying is that Kuro and Jenny had a right to warn people of the shadiness of that con, just like everyone should be warned if there was a bias playing into it. I feel like they both did it in a very calm way, they didn't harass anyone, and they didn't attack any of the staff.
ACO didn't have any right of accusing Grace of attacking them with that Turdfest account, and they damn sure didn't have a right to leak personal emails and names. They should have just told them they weren't what the con was looking for, rather than saying "personal reasons" without any intention of elaborating
ACO is in the wrong period.

No. 110347

I'd like to give a huge shout-out to cgl for deleting the evidence that this con is shit, and for silencing and banning people who post proof about ACO being completely unprofessional.

IDK what mod is cozy with them, but they forget the archives exist….

No. 110350

File: 1598488444238.jpeg (296.6 KB, 750x640, E7D949CF-DBA6-4B52-8757-703F81…)

4chan is full of shit. How the fuck was this trolling?

No. 110355

That is why the highlight is private and for close friends only. It is there for me to show people who specifically ask in the first place. I only reposted it because Caroline refused to remove my name and keep me and another uninvolved. Before coming to assumtions
please do ask me yourself,and not do so on this site. My DMs are open for a reason,I don't trust this site since Caroline and her lackies come here often and especially since Caroline pretends to be others. So if there's any further discussion you'd like to have please DM me on my page and we can speak as adults.

Please keep me out of any further drama involving that girl or her friends, I am no longer involved with her. I simply answer people who ask about her that is all. Thank you.

No. 110360

Oh no you have me wrong. I’m still getting harassed by her and her lackies as well and i was suggesting that if ya wanted to get rid of her to just quit getting involved all together

No. 110366

File: 1598498272290.jpeg (318.17 KB, 827x1263, E4128C3D-1FC2-4984-9556-0A9E41…)

It wasn’t.
Tinfoil moment: someone on the mod team works for ACO and is covering shit up or someone on ACO asked them to. No one was trolling at all.

Anyway ACO posted a response in their IG stories and it’s full of shit. It also doesn’t mention Grace at all.
The emails aren’t anywhere public, and the black girl’s name isn’t on her profile at all.
1/2 of their response

No. 110367

Can tell me if there’s an archive for this thread? I keep seeing people’s posts deleted

No. 110369

File: 1598498316263.jpeg (196.16 KB, 826x1434, 1B3EC564-EFF6-48B5-BF62-49A798…)

2/2 response
Anyone can easily debunk this I mean…..

No. 110370

No I deleted my post to crop something out, my bad.

No. 110372


The emails (or at least some email to contact them) are public though. Jenny, Grace, and Kuro Hime all have emails listed on their idol profile pages under the Email/Contact button. Grace has more than just the email listed. All public, put there by them.

No. 110373

This would be a valid argument if it weren’t for the fact legal names were asked. In the emails they used legal names. In the screenshots posted by Kuro hime, her name is blocked. They aren’t in the ACO email screens which is why it’s blocked in >>110330. Jenny and Grace go by their real names but not Kuro hime.

No. 110374

File: 1598499733839.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x2001, B5A8E8B5-7DAE-4734-84CA-530E80…)

I didn’t see that part, so I will at least grant them that.
But as far as Kuro’s real name, I’ve yet to see it as I’m trying to find the truth in both sides. Jenny and Grace opted to use their real names I’m assuming?

One thing I will point out, is that in the statement, it says that they “all have years of experience” yet the “con head’s” own highlight on her Ig stories says her friends told her to because she was the best out of her friends to do so. That doesn’t really say that she has experience. That kind of tells me that no one knew wtf they were doing and picked her to be the leader.
Inb4 vendetta, I just want to get to the bottom of why a no name con like ACO is causing so much drama.
Pic for proof of the story highlight. I did the “con head” a favor and at least blurred her face.

No. 110378


I don't want to be "that guy" but it may be entirely possible that posting Kuro's name was an accident. Especially if they were using the name in conversation, they may not have known that Kuro wanted to keep her name private. Doubly so if they don't follow or know Kuro. If the con leads aren't super into the world of idols, they may not know about stage name etiquette. Jenny's name is all over the place on her pfp, idk about Grace, and if they just haven't interacted with many idols or stage name users they may just not know to keep the name secret even when using it to address someone in conversation previously.

No. 110379

Even if it was an accident, the staff needs to take responsibility and apologize for their mistake instead of making excuses.

No. 110382

File: 1598501656321.jpeg (540.1 KB, 1125x1307, DE271703-362C-4196-B018-2561CD…)

It was no “accident”. Here is the post of someone who knows them. They’re doing this to intentionally hurt Grace. Kuro and Jenny just got dragged in. S inserted herself so I have little sympathy for her

Kuro isn’t even in a group nor has she ever been associated with AL considering she’s in fucking America.
Pic for proof

No. 110383


I think there needs to be apologies from most sides, we just have to wait to see who does it first or if they're all too stubborn to admit they were rude to each other. Minus Kuro, I think she deserves an apology. I think she was unfairly caught up in all this mess due to association.

No. 110384

I agree. Kuro was just warning people about her experience and some red flags she noticed. She was unfairly dragged into this out of a vendetta she never was a part of.

I mean Jesus, it's common knowledge that Jenny and Grace are the duo in the UK and Kuro is a soloist in America

No. 110386

All I’ve gotta say is;
Don’t host an idol event if you know jack shit about idols. Kurohime is one of the more popular ones, they did legitimately no research about it

No. 110387

If they're all part of the Overseas Idol group or whatever it is and had interactions with each other, follow each other, etc then they may have assumed they were associated.

Angelic Convention seems to be trying to be a whole convention with a side platform for idols tacked on like many conventions do. Doing a tiny stream like that doesn't mean they need to know everything about every idol in the major countries. It isn't specifically an idol event, or even Original Idol exclusive. There's different practices for everyday vs cosplay vs cosplay idols vs original idols and you can't expect every convention head to know everything about every subgroup at the con. Much less a convention head of an itty bitty virtual convention about such a niche group as Original Idols when not every idol has the same practices.

No. 110388

>Doing a tiny stream like that doesn't mean they need to know everything about every idol in the major countries.
Except they need to at least know something ABOUT overseas idols, or idols in japan. Every idol festival/showcase/etc worth its salt as a convention is led by, or in communication with, somebody who is within the netidol community. Or on a larger scale, somebody who knows something about japanese idols in the first fucking place? Being a weeaboo doesn't mean you know everything about every aspect of otaku culture enough to just point some normie in your friend circle to conduct an event for this hobby and expect it to not be shit?

No. 110389

They need to at least know which idols are in America and which are in Europe…..

No. 110397

It's true that the good ones are usually run by people in the community, but if you're trying to host an event and just have friends to help you, then you have to make do with what you have and do the best you can regardless of if you have someone who specializes in the area or not. It looks like the con just has 1 person in charge of Programming, and that is the Idol Live plus panels. They also have a page to volunteer to help, so maybe if the community really cares about having a net idol specialist then someone who knows what they're doing could volunteer to make the event better for the participants? The idol live isn't the con's main focus, so if there's someone out there who wants to make it better and give it the focus they think it deserves then the volunteer app is right there! Also, just because someone might know about Japanese Idols doesn't mean they will know about the net idol community. They are worlds apart and if even half of the J-Pop fans were also interested in non-Japanese small net idols then the community and net idol fanbase would be so much bigger than it is.

No. 110398

Why in God’s name would anyone help this con after this? And why are you making excuses? They’re wrong and need to admit it.
It’s clear that everyone or damn near everyone involved in this con doesn’t know a damn thing about idols or the community.

If they did, they’d know that Kuro is an American soloist who never had a thing to do with the drama of AnimeLeague. They’d know that Jenny and Grace are a duo from the UK. They’d know that Grace didn’t speak on them until they dragged her and her name into it, and they’d know that Grace completely broke ties with AL after some of her performers were harassed into dropping out.

There is literally no excuse for their behavior, and they should have been reaching out before this entire thing went down.

No. 110399

I'm not making excuses, everyone here except Kuro is in the wrong. I'm just trying to provide a differing opinion on the side of the con since everyone wants to pretend like the con is the big bad villain and the uwu idols didn't do anything wrong. The con needs to apologize, especially to Kuro, and the other two need to apologize to the con for trying to drag it through the mud. The con also needs to apologize to them for continuing on and escalating with them. This whole situation could have been avoided had the idols not scree'd to their fans about getting rejected for "bs" reasons. The con tried to be civil and say "personal issues" but the idols couldn't leave it that. They started talking and coming at the con and so the con finally gave in and said the reason. The idols didn't like that and so everything exploded. Both sides were shitty and they both need to own up to it. Poor Kuro was dragged into this mess by association and deserves an apology, but I truly believe that if the idols had just taken the rejection and not continued to pry to find out the "real reason" for the rejection then this drama wouldn't have started in the first place.

Kuro wasn't involved with AnimeLeague, but she is involved with Jenny and Grace through IG, Overseas Idol stuff, and the internet in general that is used to connect people and let them interact around the world. That's why she was considered associated with them I'm sure.

You are right, many people wouldn't want to help after this. That's why people should have stepped up to help beforehand if it was such a big deal. Many people didn't know about or care about this virtual con before the idol drama. It's almost like a catch-22.

No. 110407

The con never asked for community help is what I'm trying to tell you. They never came to anyone. It's the first time any of us had heard them.

Look, "personal reasons" is a bullshit excuse, especially if they had no plans to elaborate. Jenny had every right to ask who she had hurt too, since it seems she wanted to rectify the situation. In Kuro's email, she said it's a bad business move to let personal bias get in the way, and I have to agree, especially seeing this. This all happened because someone had a personal grudge against Grace, and dragged someone innocent into the fray.
If they weren't going to expand on those reasons, it shouldn't have been brought up to begin with.
Had they left their personal bias at the door and reached our before the even happened, I believe none of this would have happened.
I also believe that after this they're gonna need some good luck to get anybody good to participate.

I just hope Kuro gets a public apology out of this because damn dude…..

No. 110418

File: 1598521376374.jpeg (217.49 KB, 828x1014, B614A0E2-6A2C-4EE5-90C1-80E714…)

“I didn’t doxx anyone, feel sorry for me!”
There’s proof of you sharing emails with somebody’s legal name (that isn’t public) on your public status. You obviously know what you did considering you hid that status and not the other one.

Half of the milk is in this girl, has she been tied to drama before?

No. 110421

This girl: “OP, you should abandon this turdfest account.”

Turdfest OP: (deletes account)

This girl: (shocked Pikachu face)

No. 110425

Honest to god who is she? She keeps inserting herself so is she a rando? Is she ACO?

No. 110429

Pretty sure she's associated with ACO, or in the overall friend group. She commented on the status that weird dude made when he doxxed people in our community to support ACO

No. 110437

Why do people hate Grace/Jenny? I don't know them but so many people seem to dislike them and there's never smoke without fire.
Fwiw, I think ACO have acted incredibly unprofessionally through this whole thing.

No. 110446

The same reason people dislike any white girl in idol circles: they can’t really dance or sing. That’s literally it. They’ve never really done anything to anyone. ACO just hates Grace because she associates with AL and Jenny is associated with Grace.

No. 110447

You’re shocked that people called you out on doxxing people so now you wanna play innocent?
Fuck, this con is making shit worse for themselves.

There’s a rumor that Jenny and Grace bullied some people after it came out that AnimeLeague has a sexual harasser for a con head? Idk the drama is years old, and although Grace and Jenny don’t bring it up unless peompted, ACO people refuse to. Like to the point of stalking Grace and sabotaging her stuff

No. 110452

Ah yes, Sakura Hana, the soloist idol from Louisiana USA and Kurohime, the soloist idol from Wisconsin USA, all part of Grace's big idol group that performs in the UK at Animeleague. This guy has no fucking idea what he's talking about lmao

No. 110472

Tbh I have no sympathy for Sakura because she unnecessarily inserted herself into the drama, even though people in the OIC discord told her not to. Kuro even begged her not to get involved because it was making her so anxious, but of course Sakura doesn’t listen to anybody.

No. 110483

I saw that too.
Sakura stopped right? Like tell me she's got enough respect to stop at this point…

No. 110486

Only because that Obayed dude called her a cunt. Probably the only thing he said that I agree with lmaoooo

No. 110490

however, Obayed is a general cunt too, he has doxxed himself before and claimed it to be someone else.

No. 110491

So let me get this straight. Not only does this stupid fuck have zero ideas about idols, he’s also known to start his own drama by doxxing himself???
How pathetic lmao
Anyone who signs up for that idol festival clearly is desperate.

No. 110493

I actually know someone who signed up for ACO before the shit hit the fan, and they got accepted. They no longer want to perform obviously lmao, but haven’t responded in case ACO drags them into the shit like they did to everyone else.

No. 110503

They need to say something in my opinion. Not speaking up can be worse than silently agreeing with the crowd, and I think it would help give credibility to those speaking out if she said “hey listen I got accepted but after reading and seeing the evidence against ACO, I don’t think I can continue pursuing being in their festival, but I wish them well”

No. 110505

So I tried emailing them to get more info out of them yesterday and they haven’t responded.
I also know of another that has tried too (a LL cosdancer), and they too were met with silence.

I don’t really think they have any intention of clarifying anything, they just want to pass the buck and feign innocence. What a waste.

No. 110547

I emailed them too after they blocked me on Instagram for asking a question, but yeh I haven't heard anything back either.

No. 110549

What did you ask?

No. 110550

They blocked you just for asking a question… it’s like they don’t even care about being professional at this point.

No. 110738

Do you guys think Mocha’s still racist and posted all of her BLM story posts to hide the fact that she is, or has she actually learned from her actions?

No. 110741

….. really?

No. 110744

Huh? Can we get some context here?

No. 110745

Basically Mocha was against the looting that was happening when the BLM movement got big and got into a bunch of arguments on Twitter. Then she changed her mind after fighting enough with people and is now pro-BLM. People have said that she got kicked out of L-Nav for being offensive and is racist in private, but those are just rumors and don’t have any backing to them.

No. 110746

File: 1598755034489.jpeg (393.85 KB, 1242x2208, 0E1B4862-E51E-464E-9995-1FC05D…)

No. 110790

Well this post says “nobody is saying that they’re worried more about it than the bigger issue at hand” and if they were more worried about it than BLM then “they’re dumb as fuck”
so she was never against BLM she was just uneducated about the looting. People getting into arguments about heated issues is important. Those arguments lead to learning. She wasn’t against BLM just didn’t know how to support and uplift the movement correctly. Got caught up on the looting like the media wanted everyone to.

No. 110861

wait until you find out why she was kicked from Mystiq Wish

No. 110863

Well? Spill the tea, why was she kicked out?

No. 110877

Good going continuing to bring up old tea that was literally dealt with months ago. There was already a big discussion about this and she already apologized, spoke to Mystiq Wish herself and they're all moving on from it. The posts Mystiq wish made on the matter are still up to see.

No. 110878

File: 1598884799733.jpg (324.48 KB, 1640x2048, 20200831_103815.jpg)

No. 110879

File: 1598884868983.jpg (334 KB, 1640x2048, 20200831_103820.jpg)

No. 110880

Mocha spoke out in a couple of her own stories formally apologizing back then as well and I've seen her continue to post and support POC. Whether or not you think someone is putting up a front shouldnt even be a point of conversation tbh. Support change. Support learning. And when someone is clearly still posting and supporting POC even after the trends died, I think that's enough testament for me to think they've been doing well.

No. 110881

I do hope she’s changed but it’s a little hard to believe considering she only started posting when she got called out for it, and when she’s been known as a racist longer than her leaving. We’ll see over time, but I’m not convinced

No. 110882

Exactly. Nobody ever changes their mindset through being publicly dragged and shamed. She’s shown that she wants to learn and grow, so give her the chance to do so.

No. 110894

"known for being a racist long before" this is probably just a rumor as well. And im pretty sure she didn't even know anyone in this community before joining since lnav was her first group and that's all they've said happened.

No. 111313

File: 1599272673918.jpeg (888.04 KB, 1125x1904, 0B5C931B-8CCF-4978-A526-A8F707…)

alright what did Caroline do this time

No. 111314

Well, Sakura Hana is "quitting" idol work again lol.

No. 111317

Does this mean that jen of sodapop is ONCE AGAIN openly supporting a racist apologist? Because her post, and Sakura quitting, is too well timed to be a coincidence. she has to be talking about Sakura being “bullied” out.

Sakura herself is the one who followed a racist, fatphobic and overall toxic girl. Then decided to try and say that she “just randomly followed her” and didn’t see any of the tiktoks that were offensive. (Which, how? 95% of that girls tiktoks are offensive). Also what kind of bullshit excuse is that, why the fuck would you follow some random person on tiktok and not look at their tiktoks?

No. 111319


Uh someone want to actually ask her instead of assuming. Because Jen's story was posted before Sakurahana announced she was leaving the comm.

No. 111335

Sakura is toxic herself, it's her own damn fault she got kicked from the server.
Staff warned her. Everyone warned her.

Next time, she should take the advice of everyone and distance herself from racist ass idols.

No. 111366

Wait did I miss something she did in the server?

No. 111368

she got permanently banned from OIC

No. 111387

Yeah defending a racist cosplayer and pissing off everyone was the final straw.
I'm shocked though, considering she was banned from the main OIC server anyway, and managed to slip into OIC lite.

But now she's venting on her vent IG (she should better check who she lets on there…..) about how idols are toxic and she's gonna stick to Love Live communities, not realizing they're worse than the idol comm.

No. 111389

File: 1599339799468.jpg (962.96 KB, 1080x1908, 20200905_170356_827.jpg)


She's still blaming OIC and other idols? She's the one who gets involved in literally any scrap of drama she can get her hands on and then cries about how everyone is harassing her. She refuses to delete her tellonym despite how bad it's fucking up her life, because she loves the attention her bullies send, and it gives her more ammunition to play the victim. As a random lol, here's the Instagram story of the "not a racist, you had have to get to know her" girl THAT sakura was defending.

No. 111391

She has a vent IG? As in, one with more drama and pettiness than her idol IG? I didn’t think that was possible but holy shit

No. 111392

File: 1599341519271.png (Spoiler Image, 2.01 MB, 750x1334, BAFD311C-5F79-4DE6-8148-13C616…)

LOL WAT she‘s been told to sue OIC for calling her out on her bullshit, good luck with that lmaooo

No. 111395


Rather than it being for calling her or on her bullshit, I think she's saying she should sue based on the assumption that it's an OIC member that's been harassing her/her friends on Tellonym? Even though they've all told her she should just take that link down since it literally just invites hate lol

No. 111399

THAT’S who she got banned over?!
BITCH!!!!! She should have just took OIC’s advice and just dropped her but no….. well I hope that only friend was worth it.

OIC literally told her to delete her tellonym and to stay out of people business, why would anyone bully her there???
She’s got a lot of nerve, especially after traumatizing tf out of Kuro two weeks ago and defending a racist after being warned to stop. She likes the drama and negative attention, I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

No. 111400

File: 1599344526202.jpeg (108.81 KB, 750x541, 53A11628-A0F3-4442-9E51-96B82F…)

samefagging because I’m a dumbass with a bad memory but yeah. Pic related.
I knew not unfollowing immediately would pay off one day, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

No. 111406

“The idol community doesn’t condone racism, they’re so toxic!”

I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I’ve seen other idols with Tellonym and they just delete any trolls or BS they get, Sakura was told so many times that responding to it doesn’t help and just encourages it. She only has herself to blame for not listening.

No. 111414

What a dramatic ass response from someone who's gonna reactivate and go back to the idol community in a week

No. 111428

This is the same girl that started the justice for yui (Caroline) page btw

No. 111448

She talks about the idol vs LL community as if the only singing/dancing content she's ever posted isn't LL

No. 111496

Hold on a second, I'm confused. Didn't Tambourine disband? Why are they still posting together? Kazu's annoying as fuck and Poppy looks like a man. Can't they stay gone?

No. 111544

Indefinite hiatus, not disbandment.

But I agree. Poppy needs to grow a spine and tell Kazu to fuck off. She makes Poppy look so bad

No. 111906

File: 1599765460038.jpeg (368.93 KB, 2048x1536, AFD302A8-E56A-43B8-A4F5-1A6604…)

dunno if they’ve ever been discussed here but maidoremi(? マイドレミ) is absolutely embarrassing for how old they are. arisu hogs the spotlight most of the time glancing at their social media, whores herself out on social media and eyefucks herself in the camera at every opportunity, makes terrible comedy videos on twitter, and is otherwise an insufferable cunt. the other two are just there to prop up her vanity project. one is suicidal and attempting to attract simps with cosplay, and the other is basically absent from their social media. arisu rags on 48g groups for not ‘being particularly talented’ meanwhile her group has none at all https://twitter.com/perisiedw/status/1304124787594207232?s=21

also quite funny how at pretty much every live they do they go first or second in the line up, yet arisu has the gall to say ‘they’ve improved’ kek. if you improved, promoters wouldn’t try to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

No. 111907

….. so what are you trying to get across? I mean maybe they are a little cringe, but you seem extremely invested to be so mad.

No. 112639

Any new tea on Neo Cherry? They haven’t been active in a while lol

No. 112724

File: 1600391603054.png (2.02 MB, 1079x1681, Screenshot_2020-09-17-20-12-28…)

Caroline is back in the idol business. Yeah not love live but still an idol community.

No. 112864

Kinda wish she'd go away and take her drama with her, but since I know that's not gonna happen, I just don't publicly acknowledge her.

I think people should starve her of the attention she wants and she'll just quietly cosplay at home

No. 112880

Tbh just stop giving her attention. She wants attention, literally does not care if it’s good or bad. Why else do you think she continually does this shit. Why do you think she literally came into lolcow and fueled her own drama lmao

No. 112882

I’m a noob, what did she do? Or where can I find the thread that explains what she did?

No. 112889

Go look at the last thread. They have her marked.

No. 113148

The first thread (kinda near the bottom), and the second thread explain, quite literally as everything goes down.

No. 113242

Thanks, I found it… wasn’t able to get through the whole thing because holy shit that was messy af.

No. 113260

Yeah. It’s best to just ignore her and anyone talking about her. She’ll go away soon hopefully…. maybe off to kiwifarms!

No. 113460

File: 1600834471948.jpeg (617.11 KB, 1125x2010, 8FC97FD1-0917-41CF-AC1E-BA6330…)

Sakura Hana was once again shitting on other groups publicly. “I’m quitting the idol community” my ass, she’s literally still talking shit about them

No. 113461

She’s mad because no one wants to deal with her shit anymore…. this is why she’ll never be taken seriously.

No. 113474

Lmao she’s deleted it already
When will she realise she’s literally inserting herself into the drama

No. 113484

Too bad screenshots are forever kek

If she has any plans on returning to the idol scene, she might as well forget it at this rate. I mean it’s not like she was well liked before but now? Damn

No. 113548

this dumbass thinks OIC is a group? OIC is a collective

No. 113615

ACO thought the same thing lol
Like, it takes five minutes to look up what something is. People are dumbasses.

No. 113637

It's just amazing how she would rather blame an entire collective than just admit she fucked up…..

No. 113770

It doesn’t seem like she will. She’s wrapped up on whatever instrument she has.

No. 113803

This board was posted on her vent account, say hi to Sakura Hana, everybody!

No. 113815

Is anyone still following her vent?

No. 113831

as far as i know, yeah

No. 113862

I only follow because her drama is hilarious lol

No. 113880

File: 1601128244843.jpg (20.27 KB, 540x540, IMG_20181128_032720_819.jpg)

You got the shots?

Also Hi Sakura! You still suck but not for the reasons you think. It's your own fault you were kicked from OIC. Didn't have shit to do with anyone else, they warned you before it happened. Next time listen to people, and stop hanging around racist ass idols if you don't want to be associated with or seen as a racist yourself.
Do better kid, yours in college now. Grow up and act like it.

No. 113910

Be careful. I’m noticing her follower account drop so she might be removing people

No. 113921

File: 1601145164003.jpeg (116.3 KB, 750x316, 2AFE35FF-8F3B-40FF-97D7-34ACE2…)


Trololololololol hi Sakura

No. 113926

File: 1601146020199.png (1.11 MB, 752x751, 1537917373908.png)

Uh….isn't SakuraHana that wannabe fugly girl that made a thread about herself around a year ago here? And she was selfposting and calling us bullies and whatnot? She was extremely delusional about thinking she was going to become a mega idol in Japan, and now she's back on lolcow again

No. 113933

Yeah and she basically hasn’t changed at all since then. The most recent tea is that she got kicked out of OIC for defending racist behaviour and quit the idol community because ‘everyone is a big toxic meanie’ >:( lol

No. 113935

Lol if by "toxic" you mean how whenever anybody tries to politely tell her her dancing needs work and she needs to work on her appearance, she freaks out and cries about bring bullies, then yeah. She's been delusional from the start.

No. 113941

She removed me from her followers on her vent. Anyone else?

No. 113946

Her dancing is the least of her problems….
Her problem is her refusal to take criticism. She won't ever improve as long as she keeps ass kissing orbiters around her…. Not to mention the fact that she won't take advice, solicited or no.
She needs to take responsibility for her shit and go from there.

No. 113947

I'm pretty sure she shut the whole account down

No. 113949

File: 1601154301254.jpeg (99.73 KB, 750x416, FA2FF72D-CBDC-4A62-9BBF-0A259A…)

Yup, the entire account is gone lmao

No. 113951

What she doesn’t realise is that if she didn’t keep stirring up drama, chances are nobody on 4chan or lolcow or whatever would ever mention her again. She only has herself to blame.

No. 113980

Bingo. People warned her. Oh well, maybe she'll get therapy or something and reflect on her life's choices

No. 114255

I find it interesting how Kaz talks about positivity but then bullies people in the community to the point that they don't even want to post in the OIC when she is around. Her lack of self awareness is astounding.

No. 114349

No one important takes Kaz seriously. And if they do, they need to look at her history.

No. 114976

Did anyone see The Cloud Nine Project’s pumpkin spice Live? It was honestly so hard to watch. None of their members or “guests” can dance.

No. 115180

Hey does anyone know what happened to the rarity for step2harmony? She got married I’m assuming and all of her accounts have disappeared off the face of the earth. Her fellow group members are tagging her in wedding stuff, but when you click the @ it says the account isn’t found. The tagged posts with her in step2harmonys Instagram, she’s no longer tagged in. What happened?

No. 115185

She might just be quitting cosplay. A lot of people do it when they get married or start a family, so I wouldn’t be too surprised.

No. 115239

Actually, I’ve just figured out the problem. Turns out Instagram has started tagging accounts as for 18+, and if they’re tagged in anything, you can’t go to their profile. You have to manually type their username into search, and when you go to their profile it asks you if you’re over 18 or not. After I confirmed I’m over 18, I now can click on tagged posts with her and her account actually exist lmao. I’m not sure if this is a one time thing Instagram is gonna make us do, or if any accounts that get tagged 18+ this will happen to.

Either way, Instagram is fucking up the algorithm once again and making it hard for cosplayers

No. 115581

Is she in Start Splash again? I noticed she was on their story and referred to as theirs?

No. 116127

Anyone noticed that SYA suddenly disbanded yesterday??

No. 116133

I mean…. all good things must come to an end I guess. Kind of sad. They were the only western idols worth their weight.

No. 116195

File: 1602792833480.png (574.22 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-10-15-15-08-18…)

Anyone else noticed how Caroline changed her name and still uses LL avatars even though she said she was done with LL.

Also anyone know what this drama with princess.of.destiny.cos is about? Heard something about her having stalked a underaged idol.

No. 116356

Look, if we stop discussing Caroline, she’ll starve from lack of attention.

Let her and her messy ass drama die.

No. 116461

That’s old news honey, Caroline ended things, others did too, with an idol cosplayer named Casper/ Liss ( IG was caecirat and now is tokimekirunnerz) Many are coming foward about being harassed and manipulated by Casper.

No. 116476

Not only is Casper getting called out, there is information that they were romantically involved with a minor when they were an adult.

No. 116492


Kinda sus that every person who knows Caroline's true nature is suddenly an awful person. So the second they try to say anything against Caroline all of a sudden they're so much worse.

Sounds like Caroline's WK'ing herself again.

No. 116500

Well i don’t think Caroline dated a minor as an adult so that automatically puts Casper ahead of Caroline in that category

No. 116532

Cancel culture scares me and I don’t WANT anyone to get hurt. Casper included. But at the same time I feel like things have to be brought to the light in order to elicit change. Especially since I’m one of the victims of them bad mouthing me to everyone they knew because I “wouldn’t leave them alone” when in reality all I did was message them saying “hey, I hope you’re okay. If you need anything lmk”. All I did was be a concerned friend and give them space but somehow I’m the bad guy. Now I’m caught up in an absolute shit show. I’m new to this whole community and now I’m just finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes. It’s cutthroat.

No. 116657

I agree it's sure as the world spinning that Caroline still looks on this site. Her profiles changed to suddenly include BLM and political views out of the blue. Probably because she checks here every day. It is very sus that anyone who breaks ties with Caroline is suddenly bad,we all know Caroline spews lies of people the minute they dumb her. We also know she comes on here pretending to be other people to bash on others because they found out her true colors. On top of that we know she is not the smartest tool in the shed and dumb as rocks to hide that it's her. So I don't believe what anon says about this casper because it could all be false since she is a pathological liar.

No. 116664

I mean why does anyone believe anything that’s said on here? It’s all anonymous. Anyone could say anything. Personally, I have zero reputation in the idol community— good or bad. The only people that know who I am in this community are the members of a group I just joined, and those directly entangled in this drama. I haven’t announced anything about being in the group. I haven’t debuted. Nothing. My name is not in the public’s eye. At least until my identity is outted by someone that’s a part of this drama. I had Casper delete all traces of me from their accounts when we had our falling out. Then all this shit started happening. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Casper is some evil/malicious person. They definitely don’t always treat people who care about them well, however. There’s definitely screenshots of things that have been said about me behind my back in existence. Having said that, I don’t want to be the one to provide them. If they pop up, so be it. But I don’t want to be the one to post them. Granted, it wasn’t anything so terrible that I think Casper needs “cancelled” or witch hunted. It definitely hurt but I don’t wish ill will on them. Idk. I’m just playing devils advocate. In the idol community, let’s face it. Everyone shit talks each other at some point, at least from what I’ve seen. Idols are super gossipy. Even people outside of the community are guilty of gossiping. You can’t deny that. Anyone reading this is probably guilty of shit talking behind someone’s back. It’s not right to witch hunt someone for doing something literally everyone has done at some point. A callout was made, things were brought to the light, and now Casper has removed themselves from social media. It’s over. Honestly at this point idk if I even want to be involved with this community. This is the second time I’ve found myself getting close to someone less than ideal within the community. It just seems like no one is safe because everyone is so quick to tear each other down. I don’t want to constantly walk on eggshells. I feel like if I left the idol community and remained a regular cosplayer I’d be perfectly safe from witch hunts and stuff. Plus everyone I’ve met so far has had some level of toxicity. I wanted to do this for fun. But it seems like everyone takes this shit so seriously. Guys, you’re not professionals. You’re not some big shot that everyone knows. You’re mostly ragtag cosplayers trying to make dance covers. It’s not even original content. Everyone and their dog does the same exact stuff. Who cares about you? There’s nothing special about any of us. Idk. Just my two cents. I’m going to be following the drama for damage control and to make sure my name doesn’t end up out here and dragged through the mud over nothing. No one deserves to get hurt or have their reputation ruined over stupid/petty crap. I stg this community is toddlers and tiaras but with weeaboos.

No. 116692

Shut up. If you didn’t care about the drama you wouldn’t be here.
You say the comm is toddlers and tiaras but for weebs yet here you are.
You obviously feed off this shit, and I can tell you’re just itching for someone to bring your name up.

I’m no one you know, but I’ve been around here for a while; you’re behaving just like Caroline, Sakura, Alana, and every other attention starved weeb who ends up here. If you don’t care, and if you know no one takes the shit here to heart, then hush and let it die.
Just like you, I’m sure the others involved are too chicken shit to provide receipts anyway.

No. 116701

You talk about the overseas idol community like they’re all cosplay dancers. No disrespect to cosplay dancers, but they aren’t idols. You can’t call yourself an idol if all you do is cosplay and dance - that makes you a cosplayer and odorite, which is great and definitely takes work, but it’s not the same as idol.

And plenty of overseas idols release original content… Calina, Kuro Hime, Shooting Stars, Koneko, just to name a few who have released original songs within the last month.

No. 116743

File: 1603169229003.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2688, 444AD197-C908-4658-A0C8-DB0ADA…)

I am also a victim of Casper’s antics unfortunately. We dated early this year and I fell in love with them, i made a joke that i thought was funny but i guess they didn’t think it was and completely destroyed our relationship over it and didn’t want to talk about it at all. They also claimed i was stalking them, but in reality i kept
Finding stuff of theirs at my house and was
Returning it. I don’t hate them and i hope they get help but playing the victim isn’t going to help anyone and if anything it makes Casper look pathetic. Pic attached i of the night i made the joke and they played the victim once again

No. 116752

File: 1603180784855.jpeg (139.67 KB, 828x1308, 5C0A999F-5BDC-41C1-A2E3-F83FB2…)

This is the screenshot proving they were with a minor. At the time of the date they were over 18 and the legal age in OK (their home state and where they are legally from) is 18. Also sus that they are SLEEPING OVER at minors houses and with minors (In their tiktoks before the victimization of themselves). And they also admitted the person was 17 in the messages. I cropped the contact picture that had my face included but idrc if people figure out who I am. And to argue that 17 is close enough to 18, consider that if the person in question wanted to take legal action they could and Casper would get into legal trouble. The victims named is colored out for their safety since they are still a minor.

No. 116754


Not sure the context of where ya'll were located and not justifying anything however, in Texas the legal age of consent is 17

No. 116758

The minor is located in Texas but since they are an Oklahoma resident they would be tried under Oklahoma law. It’s just not safe for them to be around minors, the fact that they would date under the legal age in their state and the fact they spend the night with minors.

No. 116826

This has Caroline vibes all over it seriously a long tangent about not caring or wanting to be in drama yet is posting here. I wouldn't put it past Caroline if this is yet again her trying to stir drama that doesn't actually exist yet again. Same as she did with anyone else who's left her for her toxic behavior. Even her recent boyfriend saw her for who she truly was and got out before it was to late and I m sure she tells people he fucked up and not her. Just like she's said with ALL her ex's before.

No. 116829

Shut the fuck up, no one cares you attention whore

No. 116839


Hello, Gabby from NeoCherry! Cool to know you’re stalking the thread. I don’t like you but honestly you’re right on this one. Casper is an absolute trash person. I try to just lurk most of the time but this is something that triggers me every time I see it. Casper was the source of many a bad day for me. I’m shaking right now and honestly trying not to cry, it was THAT bad. The first time I saw them on my FYP it was with Caroline and I honestly felt sick to my stomach.

Anyways, I’m one of Casper/Doe’s ex best friends. They deserve their own thread. They have a history of doing this to people— someone makes them uncomfortable for one second and they drop them with no warning or chance to explain themselves. They victimize themself CONSTANTLY. The first time they ever got rid of me, they posted on their story acting the victim instead of talking to me directly. When they were friends with Caroline (or is she still? Idk, she blocked me!) it came out that Caroline had been harassing me anonymously. Take that as you will. I asked them why the hell she would be friends with someone who clearly had it out for me and they blocked me, playing the victim and claiming I was trying to control them. Then, she sent one of her IRL friends to my inbox. That friend sided with ME and tried to calm Casper down, but it was no use.

The first time she ever dropped me, it was because of some dumb ass reason I can’t even remember. It was THAT trivial. Then she came back to me, claiming to have “changed” thanks to medications and I, being someone who had experienced this myself, honest to god believed them. She also complimented my cosplay, which I later found out they made fun of behind my back.

I was also friends with some of their other friends and they were dropped after laughing at some cheesy stuff, at which Casper (known as Doe at the time) thought they were laughing at THEM so they stormed out of the house.

They CONSTANTLY make fun of anyone, even their friends. They talked shit about Caroline, THEIR FRIEND, to me nonstop. I don’t blame them because Caroline is a shitstorm in of herself, but really? Your friend? Then she shit talked my other friend to me all the time. I had to shut them down constantly. There were so many warning signs, and I have SO many stories. I’m glad they’re finally getting what they deserve. I don’t care if my identity is completely exposed by this, they fucking deserve every bad thing that comes their way. They are manipulative, deceitful, untrustworthy, and overall absolutely horrid.

Oh, and Willow? Her lackey? She’s been brainwashed, but you didn’t hear it from me.

No. 116840

Howdy! Also my group has nothing to do with anything here referring to me as G is fine! I think i know who you are but I’m not sure but while Casper and myself were dating, they shit talked, Caroline, honey, and willow. Willow was actually the one who brought all of caspers bullshit to light and is gathering everyone’s evidence that Casper is a horrible person who needs help. Casper also sent Honey after me and claims that i stalked them when i did no such thing. Casper really needs help y’all.

No. 116841


That’s actually really surprising to me. Last I heard Casper sent Willow after me. Several times. Good for them for getting out of there.

No. 116843

File: 1603232338400.png (285.11 KB, 828x1792, AE9D3C60-230E-4949-BA80-C379E2…)

hi yes it’s me! i do want to apologize but i think we all know when you are with casper they manipulate your ideas of people! i am still collecting evidence and have so much already so if any victims want to reach out my insta is @spookywillow.cos.

and if anyone i hurt wants to reach out and wants an apology i will gladly give one to you! i think it’s important that we put our differences aside and warn people of casper since they are becoming dangerous to the LL community and the cosplay community. they also haven’t left since they will still be posting on their tiktok and their twitter and tumblr seem to be active still. just be aware and take the necessary precautions! i attached a ss of their most recent username which they use on all three platforms currently. i have plenty of stories including this super heartbreaking one that a victim reached out to me for. i’m waiting to get most stories so everything comes out at the same time!

thank you and don’t hesitate to message me!

No. 116871

Caroline can’t even post on here fuckheads she’s banned and was banned a long time ago. Ask her friends cause she’s banned

No. 116876

Dude you can post off wifi on here even if banned and all these people above including you are Caroline talking to herself. What a shit show. Warning Caroline is back folks prepare to lose a few brain cells.

No. 116900

I'd like to add that Caroline has been shown to lie about being banned so others post for her. And has come on here before while having been banned, so she is probably lying once more. That is all.

No. 116935

You have to remember that Caroline’s original posts got outted in the first place BECAUSE she was ban evading lol

No. 116968

This cos-thot may get the thread locked because people still don’t realize that cosplayers who dance don’t need to be around weebs disguised as “idols”…. their drama always fucks the energy of whatever community they bombard.

No wonder no one likes them.

Caroline needs to grow the fuck up and just cosplay silently.

No. 117109

She said she didn't want to deal with drama for months after the Lisa/sodapop thing. But I have seen her stories have nothing but drama since,by trying to bring Lisa back up to this casper stuff now. This ugly thot lives and breathes drama, as much as she says she doesn't want to be apart of the drama. Caroline's just a waste of everyone's energy.

No. 117241

File: 1603472040671.jpeg (409.65 KB, 750x1054, 19452ECC-06D2-415B-B0B3-64E7B1…)

Making everything about herself as usual.

No. 117289

If she didn't want anything to do with them, why she constantly got their name in her mouth?

I hope Grace says something. I really do.

No. 117877

her reply was amazing. she said "i know". i was wheezing

No. 117878


No. 118588

Danzoo has disbanded. Apparently this was not due to CoVID, and it looks like many saw it coming.

How many does that make so far?

No. 118737

Ok, I just wanna say that I’m not usually a very critical person… I can deal with a little off key singing or some imperfect mixing…

But what the fuck even is this.


No. 118754

Holy fuck they still exist!?

No. 118755

When Kitana left their music went WAY downhill. She wasn’t super amazing but her music was good for what it was.

No. 118793

This is grade A bullshit how dare you post something so cursed…

No. 119041

I’m sorry. People shouldn’t be idols if they don’t have basic music theory knowledge.

No. 119128

Don’t be sorry, it’s the truth

No. 119380

I find it interesting that sakura hana no longer follows Caroline. After all she was the one who started the don't bully yui shit on instagram lol. Just shows how nuts hana is.

No. 119382

Didn’t SH delete her Instagram? Or did she come back already lol(spoonfeeding)

No. 119469

She has one named under a different name. That girl has like 50 accounts and none are even following Caroline anymore.

No. 119493

>>119469 >>119382 >>119380 >>119041 >>118755 >>118754 >>117877 >>117109

Hi newfag(s) please read lolcow rules and learn to sage, it gets annoying fast

No. 119500

She doesn’t do idol things anymore. Now all she does is play her ocarina. That’s why I haven’t been looking at her account much

No. 119512

Shes still trying to stir shit with idols though, so I wouldn’t say she’s completely left.

No. 119577

Did anyone catch Rainbow Idol Festival today? Was it any good?

No. 119603

I wouldn’t think it would be any good, the line up didn’t look amazing

No. 119607

Only thing I saw was shining idol festival. How long do you think it’ll take before we see her in another?

No. 119651

The lineup didn’t look too bad. And by that I mean it wasn’t littered with crappy love live cosplayers lmao.

No. 119728

Yo it's been months since I've checked this website. And I found out that apparently the "new" thread got over run by Caroline drama. Then I come in here and we are still talking about her? Damn(newfag)

No. 119779

Yeah people just wanna talk about the same people over and over again. Gets old after awhile. That’s why I’d rather be on CGL

No. 119837



No. 119857

You can't be serious

No. 120470

So about that weather… Anyone got any milk they Wana spill? Chat seems dead again

No. 120512

Only thing going on is TIF doing a winter concert as far as I know. It's the end of the year so most are beginning their reflections back on the year and what they got accomplished. Not much to report.

No. 120602

Not much is going on but Atlas’s dance comp first round deadline was yesterday, but there’s not much milk there until we see the results

No. 120622

marmalade back at it with a new scam this time a small business selling cheap taobao material to suckers

No. 120758

Isn’t she the You of aquaria?

No. 120791

Yeah but i think aquaria is dead 'cause none of the members do not have the group in their bios…

No. 120897

Who cares where the material is from, her costumes are good, I got a commission from her and it was perfect.
This isn’t milk, bring something that is actually milk.

No. 120908

It’s extremely clear y’all are new.
Sage your shit and learn how to respond to posts

No. 120982

Self post or wk. calling it.

No. 121000

why call self post on everything, why not just take it cause it’s a fair point?

Where else do you get material from? My local craft shop has the shittiest material. So I don’t blame her using Taobao. Taobao got all the good stuff!

No. 121480

>taobao got all the good stuff

Kek are you stupid or just dumb? Quit self posting.

No. 124256

File: 1607121809005.jpeg (74.63 KB, 776x720, 2CA02274-7BDB-4E36-89D4-D4BDDC…)

I know that it’s an affectionate name for a dog (with wan meaning woof) but I still feel like Puchiko’s new song has an unfortunate name

For those who aren’t familiar with British slang, wank means masturbate lmao

No. 124272

Oh yikes I knew it sounded off. That is unfortunate(emoji)

No. 124410

Lol I don’t really think this is milky, but it is pretty funny. They should’ve done something like Inu-chan or Inu-Inu. Aside from wanko sounding like wank, Inu just seems like a cuter word

No. 127382

File: 1608526471444.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20201220-225419.png)

Cosplayer warning Tara Leeno Yancey aka princess.of.destiny.cosplayz is trying to enter the love live community and she is a pedophile, friends with rapists, homophobic (used they them to hide her homophobic self), racist (called someone of mixed color a white girl and says Google says it's not racist), doxxed a minor and is trying to dox another. Plays victim and pretends fake accounts aren't her (so basically another Caroline in the making) stir clear anyone who doesn't take her side when shown proof will be harrased and told to kill themselves.

No. 127460

File: 1608564416131.jpeg (41.55 KB, 720x497, 6FE67273-EE9D-48A2-A048-7DD2D5…)

Lmao love live cosplayers and cosidols are a damn disease omg

Why does love live attract such garbage humans?

No. 127537

I know what you mean and this person is like a Caroline 2.0 but probably worse. They surround themselves with minors, preaches about toxic folks and how drama shouldn't be on a page but posts and talks alot of drama. And their 24, wanting to join the idol community I fell bad for any group they join. It'll be another sodapop/neosenshi all over again from how much Tara pretends to be other people online.

No. 127746

Can you post receipts of any of that stuff for the people who don’t know her.

No. 127891

There a crap ton a receipts

No. 127893

Here's princess.of.destiny.c0zplayz talking to someone's rapist on tiktok,knowing they rapped someone and is giving him info on their victim. Also there's a video is with princess saying cosplay is consent. I have more like receipts of her admitting to using a stalking app, her saying google has a say on what's racist and what isn't. Her tossing people aside because their friends with someone she doesn't like. Her making false accusations that someones a drug addict and more. Also mistyheartscosplay among others on Instagram legit have a highlight with receipts about this cosplayer

No. 127894

File: 1608731133956.png (852.7 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20201223-073511.png)

Princess talking to the rapist my bad

No. 128053

The only reason I won't give her flack for joining so late is because there's a few over 27 and they're actually good considering what we've got to pick from.
But the rest of that shit? Hard pass.

No. 128109

She's doxxing minors and that's a hard no for me. And telling someone their rapist should of killed them is a huge no. That girls insane

No. 128136

Tara Leeno Yancey aka princess.of.destiny has taken someone's personal sui**de note and publicly posted it. I think this girls worse then Caroline and shouldn't be allowed in the idol community.

No. 128226

No. 128229

Pardon me but first off I personally know Mikuni im one of their friends who goes by Z now I dont mean to butt in or anything but you all on this anon site seem to be mistaken

First off stop deadnaming them and misgendering them Mikuni has been going by them/they for three years because of them being very disphoric about their deadname over all (plus many people can't even pronounce it right in the first place) second off so im hearing some pedophile accusations is there proof on this as well as them posting this alleged se/f-h*r note? I do also want to state mikuno has debunked that video over all its on there instagram still as well as them calling out said toxic people. I do also wanna say Lee shows no interest in being in love live or an idol (they have their own youtbe for singing nothing more)but they did come across a toxic idol that they called out by the name of beanswrld2k or Cassidy as Lee called her on the last live stream. From my understanding is both Cassidy and her boyfriend Doug (both NYC locals) are doxxing and stalking minors even going as far as to threaten them i do also remember Mikuni telling me something about Cassidy being kicked out of an idol group and wanting now to rip up their costumes.

No. 128231

Okay…? Thats not proving that there "friends" that's mikuni just having a normal conversation with a bunch of diffrent tiktoker nothing more to that they also have claimed they have about 7 close friends in total who they named on their recent live pretty sure he's not one of them nice try.

No. 128232

Oh lastly while it caught my attention I would like to say Mikuni was the one doxxed NOT the other way around. Mikuni was at work when their were notified by another third party who wishes to stay anon but the minute she saw two underage people claim out loud they have everything from their direct address to their phone number mikuni panicked and had to change their number right away and told me now there paranoid leaving the house for work. Where there local doxxing someone is NOT a safe place to do so.

No. 128239

Oh yes I personally saw all the bullshit lies from everyone and lets just say people really like to pretend to be Mikuni given how many accounts that pretend to be them and ive tracked back. You do realize that its toxic to even involve yourself in a drama situation that legit dosent conseren other expect party 1 and party 2? From the many years ive known mikuni THEY OWNED UP TO THAT SHIT ALREADY let it die ffs you guys sound like people on tellonym 2.0 like come on leave them alone. You guys really like to reach for any drop of milk at this point where you would drag an innocent cosplayer who legit has stated many times before they have no interest in being an idol and that you guys are some of the most toxic people they have ever met. Like I remember another idol you guys wouldn't even leave alone and im told she would go crying to mikuni about this whole ducked up page someone named sakurahan. Maybe grow the fuck up and leave people alone this whole situation is because one toxic cosplayer won't shut her or mybad his trap.

No. 128337

Watch out guys Caroline 2.0 of pretending to be others to white knight themselves has finally arrived!!! Princess.of.destiny stop defending yourself under false pretenses of being someone else. Or have what happened with Caroline happen to you and you get exposed.

No. 128339

File: 1608901936837.jpg (660.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201224-004647_Mes…)

Careful, z was one who also bullied tara. Tara misgenders and proceeds to speak on drama. Even was publicly openly homophibic. Tara/mikuni is crazy.

No. 128340

File: 1608902029874.jpg (533.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201215-233534_Mes…)

More proof, hmm mikuni how you going to lie your way outta this?

No. 128341

File: 1608902086825.jpg (147.35 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20201214_075534_494.jpg)

Has openly bullied a cafe they were kicked out of

No. 128342

File: 1608902132673.jpg (130.79 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20201209_180022_954.jpg)

Used puke emojis on a black cosplayer

No. 128343

File: 1608902252825.jpg (87.19 KB, 720x1520, IMG_20201220_205834_933.jpg)

The rapist she befriended knowing damn well the person who trusted her fake self opened up and cried to her about. She is also a child predator which makes sense on why she would befriend a rapist. This was sent from tiktok by someone named moon

No. 128344

File: 1608902353846.jpg (649.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201221-000559_Pho…)

There is a 100% possibility she'll claim these are fake yet everyone has screenshoted these. There us a cafe warning thread and toxic cosplayer thread on redit about princess of destiny

No. 128345

File: 1608902505613.jpg (207.93 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-030657_Ins…)

She changed her name all the time. After she calls someone out (although she claims to hate cancel culture) she throws personal information about others out like a piece of shit person. She calls people out with absolutely no proof and then changes her name to avoid hate, which shows she lies. Then proceeds to harass a black person with still no proof. I was told thru the redit feed that mikuni lost court due to lies. Yet is a acab and blm. Threatened a black person with the law

No. 128346

File: 1608902594047.jpeg (231.89 KB, 1440x2960, received_1656872554473847.jpeg)

Also put a stereotype on a black person and publicly claimed they were a druggie. Which is not ok. I heard legal action is being taken thru the bpoc voting and the akemi person rn.

No. 128347

File: 1608902704245.jpg (611.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201206-233657_Mes…)

Their response cuz the are salty about people moving on from them

No. 128348

File: 1608902850069.jpg (207.93 KB, 1080x2460, IMG_20201225_062600_422.jpg)

Yet hates cancel culture and can't take shit when people call theur ugly asses out for their stupid ads self. She needs fucking hell and I hope she never enters this community wtf

No. 128351

File: 1608903282854.jpg (726.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-063413_Pho…)

Supposeldy z, the person defending them when z and tara have made threats to hurt others on tellonym. Like what

No. 128353

File: 1608903304346.jpg (665.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-063307_Pho…)

No. 128354

File: 1608903392980.jpg (589.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-063542_Pho…)

Proof that when she wants drama, she'll feed into it. She and several others gatekeeping namine and lying trying to say this person stole art from the creator who created rwby.

No. 128356

Oh wow, what did I just see. I've heard about mikuni. Everyone in the community knows about them now. They always make claims and never show actual proof. It's always from other people's opinions. I do agree, they need help and maybe a break. They are starting to sound like a snowthesaltqueen

No. 128357

Um tara never got doxxed. The two minors she claimed, one being the one she actually doxxed, made a stamens that they have her information now and will be using it for legal reasons. They never posted her actual phone number or address etc. Tara doesn't know what certain terms mean. She just throws the out there

No. 128359

Wonder if mikuni has proof or is gonna be a Carolina 2.0 and be all talk. If mikuni got doxxed, the cops would have been involved from what it looks like. She does support cops and is alm

No. 128363

File: 1608905420006.png (873.07 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20201225-080619.png)

Here Tara is posting on a fake account that is supposedly an ex BF who has also followed others and claimed to not know Tara but uses Tara's names in the story. This is an account run by Tara herself. Very Caroline of you, let's not allow her with the idols

No. 128364

File: 1608905701329.png (466.27 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20201225-081457.png)

Proof they say not to know Tara.

No. 128365

File: 1608906024740.jpg (112.23 KB, 1080x2316, IMG_20201225_081819_740.jpg)

Tara posting someone's private suicide note for public to see. Also this note was old the person survived so they are bringing up old PERSONAL things and claim it's to warn people. Warn then of what? Someone who writes a suicide note is not suicide baiting like you Tara who threatened to kill themselves if your partners broke up with you.

No. 128366

They also pull a Caroline and make false accounts to white knight themselves. Even on here pretending to be someone else This moron doesn't realize IP addresses are a thing lmao

No. 128380

File: 1608913701624.jpg (274.76 KB, 1080x2316, IMG_20201225_102718_142.jpg)

We're apparently toxic idols for warning people of someone so awful..This has Caroline 2.0 all over it. New year comes a new Caroline copy

No. 128550

Hiiii Z again, actually yes by constantly talking about a non-idol who hasn't done shit, APOLOGIZED for the shit they have done, you all defending minors who doxxed her (give me a sec to actually find that proof because at least two or three people [might have to be later because im no where near my computer that has these screenshots] 1 of which i know for a fact is a minor and two are of legal age) uhm, thats not proof on a "suicide note" all it says is repost and even then if you look at the top on that its from some other account called Kyle._.kickedthebabybro or something like that. yikes i see Kahoru lost it (he's actually a friend of mine two i met him when he was dating Mikuni and he legit is being an asshole to people deadnaming them xD) kinda amusing if you ask me. Kahoru is a legit person mikuni use to always brag about him in high school when they dated, i personally dont know why those two broke up but they did then mikuni stayed single for a year.
okay look telloym is bullshit and isn't "proof" either its about as bullshitty as this website overall. (also thats not an open threat at all you guys really over here reaching no wonder Mikuni called you guys toxic) you guys are doing the same shit you did to sakurahana (who i talked about before). Im sorry Mikuni dosent give the time of day to toxic idos like Cassidy Meguine, Lisa (which im guessing where these comments about CAROLINE are coming from) or Mistyheartcosplays. Pardon me as i laugh but im sorry what xD Mikuni has been my best friend since forever and has never once bullied me.
Cafe shit is three years old and apologized for and dropped already so its old ass news :) oh look an out of context message when i was also shown this group chat and was shown some other cosplayer talking about how a poc should have a muzzle and a white ass cosplayer who hated that same cosplayer but thats not my cup of tea pretty sus imo. awe cute yall found my other friends tiktok who is also Mikuni's friend too <3 how nice. oh Mikuni talked about that message in specific, this last time they cut off Melanie because of how toxic her and her fans had become Mikuni was just being nice and blunt thus the request of Melanie and thats it Mikuni isn't going to put up with bullying stalking etc.

Oh yes i remember Bobby he had this creepy ass crush on Mikuni during high school if im remembering correctly during the time they were dating Kahoru too Ah good times on telling that creeper off he also stated harassing others at that same time about the abusive ex. I can give a run down of that 4 year toxic relationship because again as her best friend we always kept each other informed on one another's lives when we can but the man thing about that relationship of 4 years was emotionally abusive. Mikuni infact would come crying to me sometimes saying how they would try to talk to him and get him. they would BEG for even a little bit of communication. even when they needed him the most he would send her to voicemail then call me (while at work but i never minded she's like a sister to me). so by the last year anytime Mikuni would be at a con they would send him pictures and he would get massive butt hurt (he got butt hurt over at least three or four pictures i was shown, one of them with some band members at sabaku 2019, one from connichiwa where it was a "stage" kiss with them and a toxic sora cosplayer and then the last one being a simple kiss on the cheek picture of them with the same sora cosplayer) the reason they broke up this last time was because i personally remember them showing me how he kept guilt tripping them and then kept shoving religion down their throat plus arguing about who they were as a person, no where was that breakup even talked about online. He had depression even before they started dating according to Mikuni…infact i remember her calling me that weekend telling me about what happened…something about their roomates telling them to go check on him and when they got to his room caught him right in the act, took off running and didn't even want to look at him because THAT'S MANIPULATION overall. For two years things were okay it wasn't too bad (there first breakup makeup was really bad because his dumbass drove home drunk and there dumbass got rapped that night again not my business) second was because his mom didn't like Mikuni third was because of distance and then like i said the forth was the manipulation and using self harm to his advantage after a big argument.

You seemed to be out of hiding CASSIDY MERGUINE aka BEANSWRLD2K honestly grow the fuck up your a 20 year old harassing and stalking a 24 year old who dont give two shits about you. you've threatened underage idols and some have come to mikuni thanking them because no one wants to deal with your toxic attitude no wonder your friends with Melanie again you both have some fucking loose screws in the head. please go get help no one wants to fear going to a con and being stalked and harassed thankssss :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128555

Every single person who has posted on here in the past 24 hours sounds like such a fucking cow, this is just embarrasing

No. 128583

This is what happens when y'all let cosplayers stay around the fucking idol scene. If we had stronger gatekeeping, we wouldn't have to deal with half the bullshit we do….
But no, everyone just has to be inclusive of every damn thing….. Wrong or not, J was right in trying to separate them from those who do idol stuff.

Whoever this Princess of Destiny bitch is, may her costumes catch fire. We protect children in this niche hobby.

No. 128599

What has this thread fucking become. Cosplayers are sure a different breed. I agree we should gatekeep. Whoever these people are fucning kill yourselves and burn for all I care. Carolina, z and this princess of crap just need to leave including everyone else. Fucking leave with your raggedy costumes.(A logging)

No. 128604

To the princess, z, and all others in here. You all sound like a bunch of ass hats. We don't care. Leave it in your ghetto community. We have enough fucking drama, we don't need toxic dramatic dresser uppers here. Please go away. Also to that z person and the one who sent the screenshots, news flash, we don't care. This is why the idol community doesn't include themselves in the cosplay community. Bunch of toxic bullies. Seriously anyone else getting Carolina vibes again?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128633

Massive Caroline vibes, didn't know the hell demon had a sister.

No. 128799

Dude no matter what we should not be wishing bodily harm on people. That shit might get you banned

No. 128863

Have you lost your mind??? Don’t do that. Wish that for their costumes, not them.

No. 128872

Saying kill themselves can get you in legal trouble these days.

No. 129024

Even more if they actually were to do it

No. 129206

File: 1609267790805.png (551 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20201229-124403_(1)…)

Looked into this princess whatever, cosplayers are a different breed. Why would you say step on me to a 13 yr old and why are so many minors following that girl's account. I hope she stays from idol community a danger to minors for sure.

No. 129363

No one gives a shit about this cosplayer or Caroline in this thread.
This is for western weebs who think they can be musicians and for cosplay weebs who think love live is a personality trait/ is how idol shit really operates.
Seriously. Stop bringing this cancerous ass stain up and focus on net idols.

No. 129455

YES. Even though she is technically milky, no one knows her and (considering it’s just one anon spamming the thread about her) no one cares.

No. 129492

This year the only milky thing idol wise was ACO and that barely gave us something.
It’s so sad to me that this random ass cosplayer fucked up the entire thread like this

No. 129575

Why do you guys think SYA broke up? Some of the members have formed a new group called Non Sweet and they already have a music video

No. 129644

File: 1609416602625.jpeg (46.59 KB, 828x1792, DD97EC16-54AA-46A4-91AB-F11B8A…)

It’s my personal theory that something serious happened between the twins and Shun. Even though they’re saying this was a long time coming, I seriously think Shun was pushing for something the twins just didn’t like when it came to SYA.
Whatever it was, it was also enough for them to quit Seishun Gakuen in addition to disbanding SYA.
I mean after Unending Melody’s mixed reception (tbh it didn’t even feel like something SYA came up with), it was clear to me that something was off.

I’m rambling I’m sorry.

No. 129648

Nah don’t apologise. It’s an interesting and plausible theory.

Something definitely happened between the twins and the other three girls imo. I just wonder if they parted on good terms or if it was a shitshow.

No. 129656

If we're being honest?
Stella didn't seem like she liked being in SYA much. She always struck me as the "sleepy/ uninterested" member. Jessica and Emily seemed to wane in their interest as time with on.
Seeing their work with SYA then seeing their work with NS, there's a stark contrast in their mannerism and performance "style" almost as if being under a Japanese label stressed them all to a breaking point.

God I'd pay to know what happened for real. For three to keep going and two to just go into hiding, it had to have been bad.

No. 129688

Non Sweet is still working with Shun in Japan. He wrote their song Merry Xmas Kiss.

I also don't agree that Stella, Jessica and Emilys were not interested in SYA, since I watched their final live at idolcon and they were the only 3 members present. The twins didn't even participate in SYAs final months, maybe they didn't care for SYA anymore?

I think something happened between the girls. I do feel like the members on Non Sweet seem a lot more natural and relaxed

No. 129689

File: 1609435225783.png (1.86 MB, 1065x1499, Screenshot_20201231-110004_(1)…)

Bro that prince.of.destiny chick is nuts like who even says this kinda crap. How are preferred names nicknames bro what's wrong with this girl. Can we keep her out of the idol scene like we did Caroline?

No. 129694

They didn’t come up with any of their songs. They’re all ENG translations of Seishun Gakuen songs.

No. 129743

File: 1609452517824.jpg (46.64 KB, 748x659, IMG_20190816_081741.jpg)

If y'all dumbasses would stop bringing them up and obsessing over them, we could…..

Just stop posting her and no one will follow or know about her. It's that simple. It's only you ignorant ass cosplayers who's keeping this up. Idols and idol enthusiasts don't give a shit about her.

No. 132405

I have a lot of thoughts.

My theory is that the twins weren't keen on stepping out of anything that wasn't weeaboo Otaku out of date shit. The other three girls seemed more normal. if you think about it, the twins are very private. I've followed them since the late 2010s and I still feel like I don't really know them. They seem particular about how they're presented and that inflexibility can be difficult for management and other members. Non-sweet hopefully will have a better future. I love that they're not doing a school girl concept.

No. 132901

Last thread said Prism Idols had some drama, can someone fill me in? I've never heard anything bad about them before.

No. 133169

Does anyone know why dietshampoo, and darling in general, have been labeled toxic and are disliked by a lot in the community Kinda new here and was wondering

No. 149442

Anyone else noticing how problematic Mia (Miamama__cos) is? Not only is she the leader of a group with toxic racist people, KNOWING that they’re racist, but she herself is racist and ableist. She refuses to let black and Asian people join any of her groups. She has also told people that she only goes by they/them because she thinks she’s normal and boring. I used to be in an idol group with her and she constantly fat shamed me and others in the group causing us to leave. Now she’s in 3 new idol groups who are inevitably going to fail. I suggest not supporting any groups with her in it. Koibitoconnect, dolce.power_, lucid_dreamers_tx, sweetcherryidols, melonamagic, and cyberscopeidols are all groups that she is apart of/the leader of. She was also apart of blossom project and eventually was kicked out for her behavior. I suggest not supporting any of these, ESPECIALLY koibito connect.

No. 149942

You just never seem to give up, do you, Caroline?

No. 150089

File: 1621054124538.jpeg (227.91 KB, 890x910, C3C1ACEA-A006-4D81-B7DF-71AFD1…)

looking at koibitos page honestly a lot of the cosplays are bad but this yoshiko is honestly laughable like they really saw her like that and her BANGS like that and let her take pictures with them like damn also her makeup and just expression just looks so bad… the other pictures of her are even worse. Kind of just looks like a man in a wig honestly and seeing as how she has she/her in her bio most likely is a man in a wig. the other idols aren’t nearly as bad but they are still pretty horrible like the riko you can see her hair showing through the wig in most of the pictures there’s probably like 2 good looking idols in this whole group and probably can’t even save themselves no matter how good their dancing is

No. 150739

You sound annoying

No. 154829

raise your hand if you've felt personally victimized by kazu and washu and by association poppy. I guess switt is on the black list now too since she associates.

No. 154936

Since when is there an idol blacklist?

No. 155184

It's a figure of speech.

No. 156168

The amount of times they nit picked and put words into my mouth made me genuinely believe i was crazy or always in the wrong. I have severe imposter syndrome to the point I need therapy.

No. 156632

Kazu will be nice to you when it's a social setting but be very rude when it comes to situations where decisions need to be made. She thinks she's always right and will try to take control even if it's not her role to do so.

She was also very rude in the oic discord back when she basically was in a fight with Julily about what being an "idol" is.

No. 156640

Julily is the only person in this community who’s more toxic than Kazu. That shit was a dumpster fire

No. 156648

Care to explain how she's worse? The worst thing Julily did was make that video talking about other people's covers but she at least took that down and apologized for it and didn't do anything like that again.

No. 156653

Julily is mentally ill and has super strong opinions but I don't think thats worse than the manipulative, belligerent, gaslighting bully that kazu is.

No. 156657

File: 1624198645598.jpg (18.72 KB, 587x138, liar.jpg)

This is a lie. She has never apologized to me or any of my friends she has harmed. She has NEVER taken accountability for her actions. She wants people to talk to her privately so that she can further attempt to keep her reputation in tact. Anyone who is not her victim would believe what she wrote, while she further gaslights and re-traumatizes people in her DMs. She will never change and she demonstrates it with her response.

No. 156680

Julily manipulates, gaslights, and is a bully. She is also mentally ill, so everything shitty that she does gets blamed on that and she’s never held accountable for her actions towards others and belittling other idols because she thinks she’s better. And then if anyone stands up to her she cries about how she’s being bullied. It was really uncomfortable seeing a girl Kazu bullied say she was inspired by Julily to make that video, because it just screamed that she was going from one manipulative person to another. Maybe it’s unfair to say she’s worse, but even if she’s not as aggressive, she’s just as bad. The proof is visible: anyone she’s ever performed with has created huge distance between them and no one who has worked with her ever has anything nice to say.

No. 156691

Sure as hell hasn't apologized to me either. If she wants to really make amends, she will go apologize to the people. A victim of your shitty behavior is not the one to approach you for an apology. Sorry that's not how that works. Also noticed how she's trying to drop the Kazu name now.

No. 156734

Okay so where's the proof of people saying they had bad experience working with Julily?

Personally, she's been nothing but professional and hard working when I worked with her on several occasions.

No. 156735

File: 1624252445323.jpg (126.81 KB, 1080x910, fmaim4.jpg)

She says she apologizes for being mean or whatever, but her cover photo basically is saying she doesn't give a fuck?

No. 156744

Someone called her out on this and she blocked them lol you can see the whole thread in tamborine's replies on twitter

No. 156751

"If you'd like to talk, you're welcome to DM us here!"

No, bitch, how about YOU reach out and put effort into this mess you keep making worse and worse. Lazy.

No. 156768

Not OP but I do remember her throwing a shit fit at AWA demanding to be last. She wasn’t in the end kek
Can’t help but notice how all of her old group members are problematic to her… might just be that she’s the problem

No. 156783

She needs to learn that being insensitive is going to get her no where. I feel like she doesn't know how to deal with people in a polite and genuine manner cause she's only wrapped up in herself and remains headstrong about things instead of sympathizing. This is what makes you ignorant and a bully. I don't know her well but from my experiences with her, that's how she comes off. Always ready to bite other people's heads off but then tries to take a false moral high ground when it turns on her.

No. 156953

I remember that too. Tambourine is hosting AWA’s idolfest this year yeah? I wonder what kind of meltdowns she will have this time.

No. 156964

I just hope people don't work with her in the future, some people I am friends with still follow her on her new twitter and it is quite disheartening.

No. 157041

File: 1624469156685.jpg (37.39 KB, 960x874, FB_IMG_1622914485825.jpg)

You can stop that slander right there.
Julily had her hang ups, and yeah she was painfully irritating at times, but she is nowhere near Kazu and Washu levels…. Julily actually gave a slight fuck or else she wouldn't have made OIC, even if she has the worst way of showing it.

Ffs if you're gonna wk someone, please choose someone of substance and talent, not two spawns of hellfire and bullshit.

No. 157091

I admit, Julily wasn't good at trying to explain her thoughts or con crit for OIC idols, however, she at least can own up to mistakes. But her mistakes are NOTHING compared to Kazu and Washu! They continue like nothing happened and they are the victims.

No. 157636

Any tea on skippykevin?

No. 157645

Whoops. I just told a username that doesn’t exist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 160931

File: 1626295707640.jpeg (473.08 KB, 750x1269, 5BD74100-866B-44CE-AC53-6A57C1…)

Looks like Kazu left their previous group. I wonder if the group members finally kicked her out or if she decided running with her tail between her legs was the best way to go. Good riddance, anyways.

No. 160979

She's still in Tambourine project.

No. 161191

Yeah, I was referencing her old group. The post itself states she’s still in Tambourine.

No. 161517

I just hope Kazu learns her lesson.

No. 162775


Youre right, Julily just constantly excuses a known abuser, talks negative of nearly everyone when you get her alone, and goes off the rails constantly on social media. Shes talks so much about wanting to be a positive role model but is constantly talking negativity about other people on her lives and videos. Its one thing to 'call ppl out' when its warranted, its another to be petty and bitter.

The fact that young people look up to her is concerning. She is very professional and hard working, but she can still be morally wrong and be those things

No. 163945

What known abuser? Do you have proof of this?

She does go off on people who might not deserve it sometimes, but it seems to be only in the last year or so that she's been really petty and bitter.

No. 165115

Probably because her dream for oic was smashed by a bunch of crybaby cosplayers larping as idols.
She goes overboard and is often misguided in her rants, but I don't blame her.

And no this isn't to defend her…. She's dead wrong sometimes……

No. 165491

She just brought this problem to herself.

No. 165576

I keep seeing that accusation pop up every so often but like the only people I've heard complain about this "abuser" is like the same 3 or 4 people from the same friend group. I wouldn't call that a "known" fact. They hide behind anonymity to pretend more people know about it than in reality. And these same people keep bringing up how Julily is a horrible person for associating with this "abuser" yet they still haven't provided any proof despite claiming to have it and wanting to reveal it. It's been two years and still nothing. From what I gathered they deleted the only proof they really had when they deleted their discord.

I won't name names but I think this friend group just has a personal beef against Julily and/or said "abuser". Unless you have real receipts stop bringing that shit up.

No. 165662

She would also claim someone else is a terrible horrible person who ruined their life but then go and harass that same person instead of blocking or leaving them alone like lol mentally ill

No. 165685

That’s total hypocrisy right there. But again, we should not assume other things without actual evidence.

No. 165698

The argument that it’s the same couple of people who don’t like her doesn’t hold any weight without proof either. It sounds like Julily and her white knights are ignoring her own bad behavior to shift blame on others.
I’m not from her area, but online she’s a total cunt. She seems like a spoiled bully who hides behind an untreated mental illness to avoid any accountability.

With that said, if she’s being abused by someone who is a “known abuser”, I very much hope she comes to terms with that and gets out. Idc how bad of a person you are, no one deserves that. And its up to victims to come forward when and if they’re ready, not up to an anon message board to fish them out .

No. 165726

Not white knighting, just being objective. Two years ago there was a small group of people (mostly girls judging by the catty behavior) trying to spread some really nasty rumors about Julily and this "known abuser" under the guise of warning people about him. There were supposedly witnesses to his past behavior but when pressed for evidence about the guy they said "it's coming soon" and then nothing happened. They also mentioned that the best evidence they had was in a discord server that had been deleted which sounds like a very convenient excuse to anonymously drop a serious accusation and then not take accountability for the consequences.

Like Julily is by no means a perfect person and has definitely said plenty of misguided or hurtful things but that doesn't excuse randos from coming out of nowhere to throw these accusations around, pretending to "warn" people about somebody nobody knows while also suggesting "btw Julily and that guy…there's something going on there :P" and then dipping when people get curious. That's really disgusting behavior and really only serves to slander her. So when people continue to pop out of the woodwork every so often saying "Julily defends an abuser" but it's not something anyone else is talking about or knows about, I think it's pretty clear it's coming from the same small group of people. And it's not shifting blame. In the first place people shouldn't be using a baseless accusation to hate on someone no matter what you think of the person.

I think "harassing" is overstating things. She uses strong language unnecessarily but I wouldn't say she harasses people.

No. 165803

Julily can be a bad person herself while also being involved with people others perceive as bad, or is being treated badly by herself.

Whether or not she’s being abused, she is a shit person and shows it time and time again. Whether or not people are spreading rumors about someone she’s involved with doesn’t change that she’s still a bully herself. Lots of people see her bad behavior and you’re kidding yourself if your junk just a few people noticed.

If she is being abused, we can hope that she gets out while still being aware that she is a miserable person who thinks she’s better than everyone else. In fact, that might only aid to her not wanting to get help or admitting a problem if there is one.

I have been abused by a male friend before, and I would never go public with the proof because I am afraid of him or of being called a liar. My close circle knows about it, and I wouldn’t want it to go past that. I would say if you’re not met with proof that someone is an abuser, to at least be cautious of them. But we shouldn’t be using Julily or anyone being possibly abused as a joke when we’re discussing actual problems with a very problematic person herself.

No. 165825

I agree what you’re saying. Being abused by someone is no laughing matter. And we should take that seriously.

No. 166000

Who's joking? I'm being serious here. Abuse is serious and people shouldn't throw around accusations like "she excuses an abuser" and treat it like a known fact when there's no evidence of that. There are legitimate things you could point to and say "I think she's a bad person" because I'm not arguing that she doesn't get mean sometimes which can be interpreted that way. But letting people make a baseless yet serious accusation without question gives the impression that y'all accept it as fact when it's anything but. That's not warning anyone about a supposed abuser, nobody described him. They're just painting her as an even worse person than you already think she is- they're playing on your confirmation bias. If you're gonna be critical of someone, at least base it in fact, not rumor.

I knew her personally, she doesn't think she's better than everyone and she's not a bad person and she doesn't use her mental illnesses to avoid accountability. I'm very certain she has some undiagnosed issues but the diagnoses that she does have are pretty serious and explain her extreme reactions to things. It's no excuse but despite that she does try to be better and does admit mistakes which is a lot more than can be said of other problematic or legitimately shit people.

Also, you missed my point that this group of (probably) girls were gung-ho about exposing this "known abuser" while also trying to make sure everyone associated Julily with him. It didn't sound like a situation where they were afraid of him or afraid of being called liars, and warning people about him didn't seem to be their only priority. It looked more like they were desperately trying to drag her reputation in the mud. So excuse me if I'm skeptical of the proof they never produced. It's not that I make light of abuse, it's that the rumors (which apparently are still floating around) seem rooted in a personal vendetta more than actually trying to stop abuse.

No. 166057

If you know her and all these things that are wrong with her, then why don’t you try to get her some help instead of making excuses for her on a message board? You’re just making her look worse here

No. 166125

She's a grown ass woman. What the fuck are her friends gonna do other than offer advice and stop enabling her……?

No. 166126

I literally said I'm not excusing her behavior. I'm not here to defend her behavior, I commented to address the claim that keeps popping up that she excuses an abuser or has some kind of relationship with one and people using that as an additional reason to hate on her. That's shitty. Don't do that. To anyone. Don't criticize someone based on hearsay and rumors. Beyond that, to those saying she's a terrible person, all I'm saying is she's not but I totally understand why people would think that. How does that make her look worse? I'm being realistic.

As others have said in the past, there's only so much you can do for someone. At a certain point they have to be willing to seek help themselves. I have tried. People irl and online have tried to get her help but as a wise man once said, "I can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it." She may not seek the help we think she needs (not because she thinks she's better than anyone btw) but she has worked to improve herself using other methods and is willing to acknowledge her past mistakes and has previously done so which definitively makes her not a bad person. She IS trying and has made progress. Given that, if you actually sat down and talked to her, you probably wouldn't think she was a bad person either, just misguided at times. But you probably don't care to talk to her (and I don't expect anyone to) so maybe don't keep making negative assumptions when someone's telling you she's legit trying to be better. Self-improvement is a long, laborious process.

imo everyone involved brought different problems to the table that ultimately doomed the groups, not just her and not just her members. Again, let's not make negative assumptions just because you may not like her specifically.

No. 166175

can anyone confirm that this 'abuser' is named ryo/Makina or is it someone else entirely because if it IS then I sure do hope she isn't still associating with him

No. 166189

Pretty sure that's who they're referring to but that's like two year old gossip. They haven't associated in 2 years so people shouldn't still be bringing that shit up.

No. 166192

Actually that's not true. She likes to say she blocked him and is done with him but she still reached out to him in manic episodes and tries to get his attention meanwhile verbally abusing him. I mean, not that he doesnt fckn deserve it, but also it's uncalled for and makes no sense if she hates him so damn much. She's obsessed.

No. 166199

Is this the same person from her “twin flame” story? I remember when all of that was going on she was very back and forth on the person in that being basically toxic with their interactions with each other. It was very confusing and uncomfortable

No. 166222

I don't remember for sure but she did talk about him like that. Regardless he's a fucking lying, manipulative creep. Even I was fooled for a while having not known the history about him prior. People like that feed on your naivety and drive you insane if you aren't careful. The way he lied about so many things…I have no idea how many young girls he's tried to manipulate and made up stories about. All saying they made moves on HIM and bs and denying all the rumors as petty girls. I'm really not surprised with how julily reacted considering how mentally disturbed BOTH of them are. But I wouldn't use her 'defending' him in the past as something to use against her really. Considering when I was unaware of the truth, I defended him as well. In poor julily's case, she was wrapped around his fucking finger.

No. 166819

You know for someone who claims to be done with the idol community, julily won't shut the fuck up about the community……
She's live right now, and it's the same old bullshit she keeps claiming gives her trauma…..

No. 166840

Did she say anything wrong though? She clearly still cares about the community and wants it to be better and you can't fault anyone for that.

Also, you guys complain about the same stuff she talks about but don't do anything about it, and then complain when she talks about it. It's like you want the community to keep sucking just so you can keep complaining about it in the shadows lol

No. 166842

Also from the description it sounds like she's in a better headspace now to talk about this stuff in a more levelheaded manner. She literally says it's to replace last year's video on the topic and spark conversation again on it. Talking about the stuff that troubles you can be therapeutic too ya know.

No. 166849

Jfc Alex Pinku certainly is an interesting person to wage war on. She even said Alex is allowing an abuser in the community by linking her to Kazu? Can’t help but notice her best friend is also getting attacked on cgl right now. You would think if she cared about the community she would be reaching out to these people who are actually making consistent performance or informational content to collab or spark an active discussion instead of just making content bashing them.

No. 166853

She wasn't bashing or waging war on Alex Pinku though. She didn't attack Alex, she made clear she had no problems with her and even agreed with some of her points. She was just reiterating the same old problems in the community as a whole while responding to some of the talking points from Alex's video. And she didn't associate Alex with Kazu either. What are you even going on about?

No. 166883

The point is, it may be therapeutic to talk about, and yeah she may have made valid points, but if you’re done with something… be DONE with it. We don’t need to hear the same points rehashed for the 12th time.
she should just make a new collective like she want and start over.

No. 166912

Go to the part about not letting abusers in the community. She starts complaining about Kazu and does link Alex allowing abusers in the community to her. It seemed like Julily took part as a personal attack, as well as the gatekeeping topic.

Did Alex give her permission to use her video as a topic? There was a lot of backlash last time Julily took videos of people in the community to critique without asking.

No. 166918

Are we talking about Alex's talking video about idols or an actual performance? Either way one is much more open to criticism and conversation than the other.

No. 166920

Sounds like you're reading into things that aren't there. She doesn't specifically say Alex is the one letting abusers into the community or lay blame on Alex. She's saying it's the general mindset of trying to include everyone and appease everyone and not challenge abusers that allows them to come in and steamroll whatever goals the community tries to set. It's not a personal attack. It's an observation of what has already happened and what she thinks is the best way to address it, which is to do some gatekeeping. Because you all talk about it too, cosplayers and toxic personalities sabotaged OIC. If original idols want a safe space to network and collaborate, it requires some gatekeeping to keep their niche of the idol community safe from that kind of sabotage.

Also, nobody needs to give permission for you to do a video response. She got backlash last time for making really harsh almost ridiculing remarks about people. Saying they didn't ask for it is kind of a cop-out excuse to hate on Julily. It doesn't matter if they asked for it or not. The problem was she was kind of rude about it which is not constructive. But this time wasn't criticism, this was a collected response/reaction. It's fair game and Alex invited the conversation anyway. It doesn't come off like an attack unless you're looking for it. It came off more like a thoughtful response using the history of the community to support her points.

I swear, some of you love to find any reason to hate Julily

No. 166973

File: 1628577181314.jpeg (232.04 KB, 1242x1242, AD51BAE9-C139-40FA-9BCD-C20A00…)

One of, if not the only photo of, Ryo/Makina. Extremely doubt the members of the server “made this up” because of beef with Julily, considering only 1 member had known of her at the beginning of his gross behavior. Believe it or not, I’ve seen the screenshots first hand. Stay safe out there. Hopefully everything that was saved will become public soon.

No. 167016

I've got plenty of photos of his dumbass but that filter will suffice :) Long as everyone knows.

No. 167656

Damn. Looks like Kuro actually made a video about angelic convention online….

Thoughts? She seems hyper or something so it’s a little confusing, but with the screenshots she gave, I don’t think ACO will wiggle out of this one unless they pretend to ignore it.

No. 167686

>> 166973

I've seen him before, why is he dangerous? I see him being called a liar/abuser? But what did he do exactly?

No. 167698

>>167656 Doesn't seem hyper to me? Def frustrated though

No. 167726

Based on the jump cuts, that’s where I got the hyper bit.

She seems very frustrated though, you’re right. Think ACO will say anything?

No. 167734

ACO will probably make more false rumours about them like they did before. They should just apologise and then they can get back on track with improving their event

No. 167736

Lies to girls saying that he's 'ryo from supercell' and a professional producer and sound designer for these top shows on tv. Meanwhile he hasn't made anything new in years and if you try to work with him it's an absolute nightmare of back and forths of suddenly "he's depressed and isn't motivated to make music anymore." Or a hundred other excuses. Says he wants to help you but oh…only if you get on calls with him and do things HIS way. He constantly talks big about himself and has a massive ego and makes wild claims to make himself seem big when in reality he's a no good, pathetic nobody. He has flirted with and messed with a NUMBER of girls in this community all while being in a relationship with someone for over 11 years and has cheated on her CONTINUOUSLY and mentally manipulated and abused her. (Update, she finally left him recently. Good on her.) Blames all his victims for speaking out about his manipulative behavior and lies as people who came onto him first and "everyone betrays him" and he can't "trust" anyone when in reality he's trying to cover up his OWN BULLSHIT and make himself look better. He ALSO said he would make me a song if I had sex with him. Cause then THAT would motivate him. Even though I was in a relationship and HE KNEW IT. I have no idea how many girls he has fucked with and lied about. I don't know him and julily's full story but I know he mentally fucked with her too.

I thought I had an honest friend who was misunderstood. I spent so much time with him, gave him the benefit of the doubt. But then he just would not provide anything back I had given to him on projects and I got sick of being led on and feeling as if I was never good enough and he took my desperation for making music with a producer and just tried and suck on the friendship we had and keep me hanging and so I stopped talking to him.

And then he got scared, knowing julily was threatening to come out with more accusations on him. Trying to tell me she's crazy and not to listen. And I didn't give a shit at that point until his girlfriend reached out to me. Ryo confirmed all the shit he said and admitted to those lies and betrayals being true. He loves to talk over calls. (Probably because that way there's no readable evidence). He and my partner were friends and so he called HIM in a panic when I wouldn't answer. And then he hasn't spoken to me or him since. Further admitting he can't talk or reason himself out of anything. He's a fucked up, pathetic loser and liar. Not even his own damn girlfriend knew what was lies or truth except for that he was cheating on her and flirting with girls in the idol community ALL THE TIME.

No. 167737

Not to mention most of these girls in the community were UNDERAGE. His behavior is extremely predatory. He does not deserve a platform or anyone's time of day. If he's willing to lie about his life and manipulate people he claimed to be best friends, he will fuck with anyone all for his own self gratification. Do yourself the huge favor and dodge this bullet.

No. 167739

And ryo, if you're reading this, (which I know you probably are because you always bragged about how you have weeded your way into the community and have EYES EVERYWHERE) FUCK YOU. ABSOLUTELY FUCK YOU. You deserve all the heat and bullshit you got coming and have had coming for a WHILE and I'm sorry I ever fucking gave you pity. You fucked up when you fucked with me. Burn in hell.

No. 167843

Do you have any screenshots as proof?

No. 167846

File: 1629062917828.png (231.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-172043~2.p…)

This is parts of the conversation with me and his gf. She didn't want to be exposed or dragged into anything so I'm blocking her name and picture out of respect. Unfortunately many of the things I claim were either experienced in person or like in call cause that's the main method he wants to communicate. You'll just have to take my word and everyone else's.

No. 167847

File: 1629062971401.png (217.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-172112~2.p…)

No. 167848

File: 1629063008966.png (238.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-172132~2.p…)

No. 167849

File: 1629063055516.png (231.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-172213~2.p…)

No. 167850

File: 1629064966711.png (249.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-174754~2.p…)

And then here's some dm'd with him. Me finally getting fed up with the constant cycle of bullshit and him trying to turn it around like he's the victim here. This is all I can offer you to show you the truth in my experiences.

No. 167854

File: 1629065065790.png (255.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-174801~3.p…)

No. 167855

File: 1629065089924.png (275.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-174815~2.p…)

No. 167856

File: 1629065114338.png (288.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210815-174429~2.p…)

No. 167857

He was even in vivacu for a little while because julily invited him to help with music and mixing but he literally did nothing but talk in circles and frustrated everyone. He would send out little snippets of a beat or tune, and that's IT. Never did anything come to fruition and then he blamed it on the girls saying that they weren't helping enough or simply weren't good enough. I eventually tried to convince him to leave because he made EVERYONE uncomfortable and talked down to them like we were garbage compared to the "big leagues" or whatever. But he persisted so vivacu kicked him out.

No. 167861

Y'know what fuck it I'm not hiding anymore. This is my experience. I have NO reason to bullshit. I'm laying it out there for you. Many people in this community already know about him and have black listed him and warn others about him. I will be the first in the damn line to light him on fire. For all the trust, benefit of the doubt, kindness I gave him. After I defended him and believed his every damn word. He betrayed me and everyone close to me. I feel disgusting that I let him into my life and the most personal places of my life. Julily may have acted out foolishly but is NOT without valid reason.

No. 168032


I can confirm. I was acquainted with this Ryo guy a while back. He does have some music talent but he's a huge flake, manipulator, liar, always portraying himself as a victim, always seeking validation, and surrounds himself with people who stroke his ego, everything you've already said is exactly what I've seen from him. He might be a bit autistic or something but it's no excuse, he's been informed of his problematic behavior over and over and he pretends to want to change but then acts the victim when he predictably doesn't and winds up hurting people. Definitely an insecure depressed guy who overcompensates way too hard but also flirts a lot with girls that are teens or look like teens which only gets creepier the older he gets. Probably almost 30 now. He uses whatever musical talent he has to impress girls, tries to get them hot for him, and when they eventually wise up or reject him, he turns on them and talks shit about them to his next unsuspecting victim. And sadly for his now ex girlfriend, he talked shit about her behind her back too while he was still dating her, I suppose to make his targets feel sorry for him. I can imagine he's a major reason why Julily had whatever mental breakdown she went through when she had this guy gaslighting her on top of dealing with her preexisting issues. I'd probably also question reality at that point. I'm sorry you had to suffer him too Mocha.

No. 168082

I've literally had the worst mental breakdowns dealing with him and here I thought I was pretty stable. He says he has schizophrenia and other mental disorders but I don't even know what to believe anymore. He will do anything to grab attention it seems. He would constantly complain about his girlfriend and I'm like "why are you telling me this??? Just leave her if you dislike her this much??" And then constantly compared her to me and even straight up told her she should be more like me or wishes she was me. Like what is wrong with you? But really, I don't care what excuses he wants to give, there's no excuse for everything he's done. All the lies. The abuse. I'm washing my hands of him. I was already done being used to stroke his ego before this all came out to me. So anyways I'm done posting here about it and if anyone has any curiosities or questions my dms are open for conversation. I don't want anyone else being hurt or taken advantage of.

No. 168106


This seems like a lot more than “drama”

I’m sure you’ll say your motives in sharing all this is to “protect people” or “get the word out” but you’ve just shared a private DMs of a potential victims situation with a potential abuser without consent. She even told you she didn’t want to be involved.

If this person is an abuser you’re taking a victims story and plastering it on public forums for your own benefit, whatever those benefits may be, without consideration for the people directly hurt in the relationship.

On top of that you may have blurred out names but if this potential abuser is so well known then people can find the girl who is/was his girlfriend and cause her unwanted grief and harassment over this.
You’ve violated her trust and privacy.

This person was clearly confiding in someone else whilst feeling severe pain over their situation and you ( and/or whoever gave you those DM screenshots ) are showing no care or consideration for her.

That’s pretty fucked up to me.

I hope this thread goes back to topics like shitty con venues and controversy over Japanese name appropriation. Not people’s legit personal shit / taking away the voices of potential victims who may not be ready to discuss publicly what they have gone through.
I hope you feel ashamed for sharing those DMs and learn more consideration for others.

I also hope the people directly involved are able to get the help they need to heal.

Warn people sure, but get permission before sharing DMs with a potential victim.

No. 169084

Does anyone know who runs the vanillavioletproject Instagram? They haven’t done anything wrong, I just can’t seem to find it. I don’t want to join a group where I don’t know who made it, seems kinda sketch lol

No. 170382

If someone thinks alex talking about inclusion in her video about idols means she excuses abusers in the community thats quite the fucking reach

No. 170411

>>169084 Her name is Nona!! Thats who made the group!

No. 170938

You can talk about inclusion all you want but what matters is the execution. Julily made OIC specifically for people seriously trying to be idols and used the term "overseas idol" to refer to them and help them find each other. If your definition of inclusion means allowing people into your community that don't fall under that definition who then redefine the term to mean next to nothing and attack you for trying to bring things back on track, then that form of "inclusion" does excuse toxic people to hijack your community.

No. 170942

Julily exposed Makina on stream

No. 171553

Does anyone have any milk on Shiny Dreamers? I’ve been seeing more of them lately and previously knew their leader saviisunshine to be on the fake side before she joined the idol community. I’d be surprised if there hasn’t been any drama.

No. 171864

I don’t know about that Ryo guy but what he did is unacceptable. He could face charges against himself for what he did.

No. 172122

Who knows, he should be in jail for what he did.

No. 173279

File: 1632113190572.jpeg (632.24 KB, 1125x1371, 5B275474-6D08-4796-B999-3155BF…)

Dude fuck the cgl jannies, why do they delete shit every fucking time someone comes in with something semi-important involving abusive idols???

And ban evasion? When? I wasn’t banned to begin with…..

Anyways, fuck cgl jannies and fuck Tambo, good riddance to toxic idols.

No. 173446

I don’t know how or why that happened, but toxic idols need to be warned about.

No. 173640

fuck kazu for being able to dish it out but not being able to take it for even a second

No. 173698

Fuck Kazu period.

Honestly, fuck poppy too for acting like she’s a victim.
Being complicit in your friends’ bullshit and not clocking them on it doesn’t mean she gets to act like she’s been bullied. She was called out, and rightfully so.

No. 173779

Poppy and Kazu continued to play victims as if it cancels out what they have done themselves. The "apology" was rubbish, but on the plus side I am glad they have disbanded and don't come back!

No. 173833

Fuck anyone saying kazu and washu victims should come forward to the public. Both have been known to send people to harass their victims for speaking out.

No. 173933

Mmkay I know you’re new here, but sage your posts and learn how to reply to people if you’re trying to reply…. It gets confusing and no one wants this thread bumped to the top

No. 176582

Yeah. We should just leave them alone and move on to something else.

No. 177243

Holy shit her ass is so fucking fat??? Like. Humongous. Enormous. Fucking badonkadonk. I don’t know if I want her or if I want to be her. But her ass is perfection.

No. 177244

Wrong thread

No. 179844

Probably gonna get a necro for this, but does anyone have any info on the whole Julily- Tama situation?
It sounds like she’s being her usual toxic self but ramped it up to a 15. I didn’t want to go any deeper on cgl because of obvious reasons, but it was mentioned there.

No. 182423

Nope. We don’t have any information on this.

No. 184898

To be honest, I don’t know about that situation, and idol-related drama could happen nonetheless.

No. 184975

Does anyone have any tea on Project Starlight? They haven’t posted anything since 2020 and I’m thinking that they were about to disband.

No. 191929

I'll admit that as a group they're a little sus. There's a clear difference between when they like someone who's leaving the group (Molly, who left so she could stay in Japan full time, Makenna, who left because she was getting married and moving away, etc.) and those who… may have actually been kicked out of the group (Parker, Amar, Maya). To be fair, though, those three could each have their own lolcow page from the stuff I've heard. Not going to elaborate further as I have no sources, and it's probably all garbled like a game of telephone anyhow. Also as a group they seem to feel like they're better than everyone else, don't respond to invitations from other area groups for things like collabs/events until the last minute, and so on.

Moreover, before Naka'20 got cancelled due to COVID, there was an Idol Festival in the works run by another group in the area, arguably the second most prominent after Shiny. This group had been practicing to perform Tokimeki Runners and it was performance-ready, but Naka was cancelled at the very last moment thanks to COVID.

So, there's an unspoken rule that if you're in the same sort of area, you should try not to perform the same songs, use the same sets, and etc. for at least a couple years out of respect for the other group. Especially when it's a smaller area like Kansas City that doesn't have much in the way of idol groups, it's not that hard to avoid repeats. But for Naka'21, the first con in the area since everything got shut down, guess what song they did. Tokimeki Runners. Basically demanded that they'd do it or they wouldn't take part at all, said the other group had no claim to it. Other group had to change plans. Considering they were the ones who were really busy organizing the whole festival, it was pretty unfair to them to say the least. Like give them a break, they've been hauling ass just with organizing the event, that doesn't even factor in all the stuff for their own performance and their personal lives.

I also heard that Shiny Dreamers tried to make a deal with some area cons to be their "official" LoveLive cosplay group, and that they'd only agree to perform there if they were the only LoveLive group allowed to perform there. This information was from someone who is part of the con staff for multiple conventions in the area and verified by multiple other staff members, so I'd say it's legit. And can I just say…YIKES. They have some seriously inflated self-importance as a group. Look, I love them to bits, but who the hell do you think you are?

I know quite a few Shiny members personally, including Savii, who I think is actually one of the nicest ones, and they're all very cool people, but as a group they're vicious as all hell. I think that's the general consensus, actually. They're all nice people but when it comes to idol group stuff they want to dominate the area and essentially be the only LoveLive group, going so far as to try and sabotage other groups. It's kind of ridiculous. The performances are supposed to be for fun. You're all just a bunch of adults playing dress-up. Get over yourselves, please.

By the way, I am not affiliated with either group mentioned in this post in any way. I

No. 193530

Are we using this thread now that the cgl thread got nuked?

No. 193854

What happened? All I saw was that it disappeared, but I thought everyone was just too lazy to make a new one

No. 194863

I agree with you on Shiny. I don’t know Savii too personally and overall she seems like a cool individual, but I’ve heard from multiple sources she’s been jealous of other cosplayers in the past and has tried to sabotage their reputation including someone she was close to, so I kept my distance. So what you said doesn’t surprise me at all. It seems she will do anything to get to the top.

No. 194864

I’m awfully curious though. In what way did Shiny try to sabotage other groups?

No. 201312

Leave them alone. They have done nothing wrong. We should just move on and try to deal with something else.

No. 201355

I am somewhat relieved that creeps are starting to learn their lesson and refuse to show up at anime conventions. Let’s make sure that they don’t feel safe when going to cons and performances.

No. 201366

Seriously, if anyone goes to NishiFest, be careful. Some creeps can come by if one were to stalk on people, especially to idols. We should make sure that the creeps should be the ones to be uncomfortable.

No. 201507

I even heard that a few people cannot attend some cons due to mental health issues. Wow. Imagine what kind of atrocity would they bring if they show up when they are not feeling good. They should be ashamed of themselves for bringing their own problems and making their days worse. They should not show up at any convention when they could cause trouble.

No. 201541

I heard that one person is unable to go to NishiFest because of their mental health and has hurt people in the process. Imagine how much people they will hurt if they show up. They need to stay out of cons until they stop hurting people.

No. 201544

Oops! Sorry! That was a lie! They didn’t hurt anyone! Gotta be careful what I post! Hehe!(sage your autism)

No. 201588

Dude. That person literally hurt their friends’ and family’s feelings. They shouldn’t go to cons for a while, especially Nishi Fest. They better repent of their sins and know that what they did to their friends and family is wrong. Heck, they don’t even have social media.

No. 201833

there is no fucking way that this person should ever be in a con environment. if they show up at any other cons they better get kicked the fuck out the moment they start hurting peoples feelings or worse.

No. 202204

First of all, shut the fuck up about that mysterious person. There is no such thing. You are making this up. In fact, you're making all of this up. Second of all, this thread is supposed to be for idol drama, so I suggest you bring this lie somewhere else. If you dare to say stuff like this one more time, you will be in fucking big trouble. Don't you fucking ever make up lies in here ever again.(mental illness)

No. 205595

File: 1649265595686.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, B1570600-52E0-4B1C-B016-CCCBF3…)

@idolizedne is chimping out in the @animenyc comment section this morning because they can’t afford to go to the convention anymore and didn’t get tagged for their ~*genderspeshul*~ documentary.

No. 205952

I mean…. Id be mad too lol

No. 206980

another case of a con not really taking idol acts seriously, but won't hesitate to use them for advertising their event

No. 222183

File: 1655855302136.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4000x4000, 032EC77E-BDF4-4C62-B179-F98336…)

Jezebelligerent used to be in cloudnine and now she’s part of a new group called Kaleidoscope Idol Collective. I believe she left cloudnine on bad terms because she’s not following a lot of the members and they’re no longer following her. I wonder what the tea is.

No. 238679

anyone know what the fuck happened with sunset sekai

No. 238683

Whatever happened, it was 100% a mess.

No. 240283

File: 1660621765838.png (752.43 KB, 521x932, kotorifail.png)

does anyone have any milk on any of the wny idol community? for example, @kiyokamis, member of otonokistars. otonoki has been very toxic in the past and im wondering if anyone has any milk centered around the wny/uny net idol community

No. 281564

Does anyone have more information on an idol named “Decebal”? They were getting talked about on CGL. They’re a clout chaser and has been using their unemployment money and “community donations” from their Midwest idol resource discord for personal commissions and merch.

No. 282208

always thought they were fucking annoying ngl

No. 285719

Curious if anyone has seen anything about StarPass Idols
Their Otakon performance was… questionable. We saw them live and had to leave. Went to look at their socials and they entirely erased the existence of the green girl.

No. 294506

File: 1682645822983.jpg (44.74 KB, 659x247, jenny oof.JPG)

I love how quickly this turned upside down. I will keep you guys updated on if anything else happens. :)

No. 294562

Stop posting stupid ass vendetta shit. No one fucking cares

No. 294820

The blue and pink girls were pissed off at the green girl at the show because the green girl showed up on time for sound check instead of 15 minutes before and they forced her to leave after their set. The two were also very unpleasant at meet and greet. It left a sour taste in my mouth.

No. 295809

so they gave her a time and she… showed up at the time? thats so strange. the green girl was the one my friend and i agreed who had a pretty nice voice. would you know her account? cause i can't remember her username or it got changed. i heard from a friend the pink girl is just a complete bitch and is constantly unreasonably rude. personally, i dont enjoy how 80% of her dance covers/performances are her pretty effortless. c'mon, get a lil pep in your step

No. 295859

Unfortunately, I have no idea what account she’s using now.
I think the pink one’s name was Adora? She’s a total cunt to people she can’t get something out of.

No. 295860

Who the fuck is this?

No. 300841

The one who texted it or the one who made the post?(stop bumping the thread)

No. 303071

who sent that text?

No. 303105

yo there's been shit about adora? i only heard of her from katsu this year. where did you hear of her being a cunt

No. 304910

>where did you hear of her being a cunt
in her behavior lol
it happened again at otakon this year. a member broke down on stage and nobody did anything to help. nice group shes running lol

No. 306021

What’s the tea about Mimi and Pengy from Reso allegedly using their former member for her money? Is it real or is it vendetta bullshit?

No. 306054

I’m surprised the Berri-chan saga didn’t end up getting discussed whatsoever on this thread. This thread is pretty dead considering that being an idol is beginning to trend again.

No. 306140

Idol newbies and TikTok teens don’t know about this thread, to be fair.

No. 306289

It’s true. They made Nikki pay for all of Reso’s expenses. They also planned to kick her out after Blue Print. Good fucking riddance to Reso.

No. 306373

How do you know this? (Both about Nikki always paying and how they wanted to kick her out) Does Nikki have a sugar daddy or is she a sugar mama?

No. 306390

We need a serious revival of this thread. Reso just disbanded because of mimi's "health" and darling idols has been declared dead.

No. 306445

NAYRT. This was something that spread quickly around the Florida comm from Nikki herself and her partners after she left Reso. They put on a good face for social media but the reality is that it wasn't an amicable split.

I'd believe it if Reso disbanded because Nikki told people her side of the story. Mimi has a track record of being a "mean girl" and using group members since Stellure.

No. 306465

Hi Nikki

No. 306535

highkey agree cgl jannies are stopping any actual conversation about reso

No. 306793

decebal constatin was fired from tekko for sexually harassing idols. this is from the cgl thread.
>my source is this has been passed around to different idol events. the context decebals partner runs the tekko community stage and gave them a staff role there. allegedly decebal got drunk and tried to make their oshis kiss them at a dinner party. they were also taking pictures of idols getting ready backstage without their consent and posting it up on their instagram story. their partner was a witness and refused to do anything.

No. 306798

From what I've heard, the third-party person who made the report got harrassed by decebal after they told their partner to release the details of who reported them. Sounds like both of them need to be kicked and banned from cons for constantly jeopardizing the safety and privacy of attendees.

No. 306802

Allegedly, Decebal also sexually assaulted someone while they were staffing at Matsuricon.

No. 306803

the partner is in charge of programming at nwif. has anyone told them?

No. 306808

They’re moving in together so, I’m gonna say no.

No. 306809

Can we call "the partner" by his name? His name online is TomStrike. LMAO

No. 306813

If you mean Tom, he better be aware of his partner’s sexual misconduct. If you mean NWIF, they need to be notified if this is all legit.

No. 306833

I heard he was right next to Decebal when it happened.

No. 306836

who were the victims, exactly?

No. 306839

completely agree, if this is true the evidence needs to be sent to NWIF and any events they staff.

No. 306840

Does it matter? It looks like the people she sexually harassed or assaulted want to stay private if they didn’t come out about it publicly and had a 3rd party help report it.
Decebal has a history of harassing people when they do something she doesn’t like. Remember when Decebal harassed Nyaru on Twitter for having opinions she didn’t agree with and made a Twitter callout post about a child?

No. 306841

I heard that NWIF was notified of the incident but they didn’t go through with ban. Decebal is still allowed to attend the event in October and has been posting about looking forward to it. Tom seems to still work for NWIF.
Personally, I find this allegation of sexual harassment credible because Tekko went so far as to fire Decebal off of staff. Cons have banned people for less.

No. 306866

We don't need to know this information. We don't know if the victims are comfortable with being outed. Going through sexual harassment by Dec is enough. To make it come to light can be embarrassing and have them relive the trauma again.

No. 306867

Dec is enough of a lolcow to have their own thread on here honestly

No. 306870

Now I’m curious, what else has Decebal done other than sexual assault and harassment?

No. 306873


Hi, I'm a close friend of the people Decebal harassed. Decebal apologized to them all, and did not harass the third party person, and from what the third party person told me, actually spoke to her pretty calmly and politely. It is true TomStrike didn't do anything though, he's kind of a shitty staff member from what I've been told. Plus, one of the oshis Decebal reached out to apparently didn't even care that Decebal was drunk, according to what she told me? I've been investigating Decebal thoroughly and that's what I can find. Also, Decebal is still on staff for Matsuricon as far as I'm aware so I'm not sure if the sexual assault allegations are true. Source, because now I'm curious.

No. 306874


Hi, same anon. I should clarify Decebal apologizing still does not make it right. But I do think it's important to note.

No. 306876


He was.

No. 306877


Are you talking about that one Swedish girl? I'm not going to name drop her because she's a child.

No. 306882

Nice whiteknight Decibal. You still harassed someone and continues harassing people, both sexually and maliciously.

No. 306883

Anon, just because Decebal apologized and one person she sexually harassed resolved it doesn't mean that she still shouldn't face consequences. If >>306802 is true, then that means that this is repeat behavior when she works at conventions. Decebal cannot idol-community-is-so-toxic-:( her way out of this one for sympathy.
Who reported Decebal to staff should've stayed unknown to her for privacy reasons. Tom broke a basic HR rule for his partner. Decebal still messaged someone she shouldn't have contacted in the first place. Both of these people shouldn't be working at conventions or be in the idol community because of they safety risk they pose.

NAYRT I didn't know about that, I was thinking of the child who ran an online showcase that they made a call-out post for and then deleted a week later. Details?

No. 306885


I agree anon, it still doesn't make it right, like I've stated. Also, I thought you were referencing that Swedish girl that everyone was shitting on on Twitter because apparently she said idols shouldn't fall in love or something, and Decebal also commented on it.

No. 306886


If you're going to accuse me of being someone I'm not, nonnie, at least speak English correctly.

No. 306893

NWIF doesn't care.
They have been made aware of the several creeps that attend their convention, and they instead choose to ignore it. They don't ban these creeps because most of them are sponsors of the event.
Their entire convention is shit anyways. They charge attendees $80+ just to gain access to about 3 rooms in a hotel lobby.
The only thing they have going for them is their "Northern Lights Festival", where the original idols do all the heavy lifting.
Their other "programming" is pathetic. Their masquerade/cosplay contest had more judges than contestants. There were literally only two competitors in the entire costume construction category. The entire thing was just depressing to watch.
They heavily rely on cosidols for clout/marketing, but didn't allow any of them to be on the main stage.
The entire convention is a clownfest, really. Ran by complete fools.

No. 306895

>heavily rely on cosidols for clout and marketing
Don’t you mean original idols for NWIF? They relied on cosidols for their other event SCIF.
Regardless, this year they pushed performing in panels to idols that got rejected from Northern Lights and hid the fact that they’d still have to buy a badge in order to attend the convention until panel results went out. The community should put NWIF under more scrutiny.

No. 306896

Which by the way, TomStrike is the one who was behind panel planning and specifics.

No. 306900

Source? It’s a weird coincidence that the person making NWIF shit also so happens to be the guy we’re talking about.

No. 306901


I'm pretty sure TomStrike's name in the NWIF server says Events Lead.

No. 306905

Is this also true?

No. 306911

seethe cosidol

No. 306917

Sorry, you're right. Although I'd like to add that they promoted their convention at various other cosplay-centered conventions/events.
They need to understand that only about half the attendees came to see the original idol acts. The rest of them were cosplayers and other general fans.

No. 306920

who are you responding to, retard?

No. 306921

>only half the attendees came to see the original acts
>convention was 80% original overseas idol performances
>other 20% of it was panels about idol culture and DJs that play idol music
It's an idol convention. Contact them if you feel that they need more cosplayer rep instead of hoping they see it on lolcow. Can we get back to talking about the alleged sexual predator and their shitty boyfriend?

No. 306923

you can not have ONE person be the spokesperson of all victims

No. 306924

NWIF also does a horrible job at choosing pictures to advertise their con. That's how you know it's ran by moids. I've seen some of the most unflattering pictures of idols being used for promotional images. It's literally so embarrassing. Mouth agap, sweatyforehad, the works.

No. 306928

Okay, that’s great. Now find the other idols that were harassed at the dinner and ask how they feel.

No. 306930

this is the most I’ve ever seen this thread active how exciting

No. 306938

File: 1693812325581.jpeg (37.39 KB, 474x120, IMG_1179.jpeg)

No. 306945

What does he even know about idols and how did he even get a role at the con?

No. 306948

It’s because he played an instrument at an idol fest and took over Tekko’s idol programming within the past year. It makes me wonder if there’s any actual idols on staff or just random moids.

No. 306951

There’s only 1 as far as I can see in the server, but they don’t seem to have control over anything important at the con.

No. 306969

File: 1693857839092.jpeg (36.55 KB, 749x231, IMG_2914.jpeg)

>the liars
decebal there were witnesses kek

No. 306975

That's disappointing. I thought all staff on the con were actual idol fans.

No. 306978

Damn. If it’s any consolation, all of the other staff seem to be actual long-time wota.

So they’re taking the “my victims are lying” route. Truly spoken like a sex pest lmao.

No. 306984

Did you guys hear about the guy who got banned from a shit ton of idol servers for stalking one of Pan Ranger's friend? Sarah Beth?

No. 306988

>"Pan Ranger's friend? Sarah Beth?"
>Attaching her name to a literally who instead of calling her SB or Calina from Mosuri.
>Thinking this is milk worthy.
Go put this on cgl's idol thread.

No. 306991

Decebal logged on.

No. 307019

>posts the same exact thing on 4chan

pick a struggle!

No. 307020

Decebal just posted her graduation post. Good riddance!

No. 307021

Good riddance

No. 307022

File: 1693922236767.png (189.34 KB, 476x649, twitter.png)

No. 307023

File: 1693922309606.png (60.92 KB, 481x427, instagram.png)

No. 307025

>”a combination of both online and IRL things”
Don’t they mean credible sexual misconduct allegations and getting caught name dropping one of their victims to get the heat off of them? It makes me sick seeing people comfort them in the replies.

No. 307176

I’m so glad this thread is active again. Has anybody else noticed that Sakura Hana is back under the name Aquatic Cosplay. She’s been orbiting random idol dramas lately, despite complaining about how drama hungry the community is.

No. 307205

definitely noticed this a while ago. i didn’t think anyone else picked up on it. i see a lot of newer groups or idols who never knew about her sort of entertaining the dramatics or probing questions and i don’t know how to tell them to steer clear

No. 307284

Decebal isn't going to NWIF anymore, it looks like.

No. 307305

I heard she was bothering Decebal’s victims for specifics and being disrespectful. That’s why its SO important to keep them anonymous in the first place so freaks like her don’t start hounding innocent people.
Given her one sided war with IIN and the named victim being a mod, I bet she’s reveling that they got hurt.

I wonder if Decebal was banned. Good job NWIF they did.

No. 307377

File: 1694256296564.jpeg (604.42 KB, 1125x1923, IMG_4585.jpeg)

Decebal is now going under the name Bee and has joined the Youtaite community. She thinks she’s slick by changing her name and branding, but still lists her previous covers under Decebal in her portfolio site.


No. 307378

A mixer Decebal previously worked with has posted her experience with her. She alleges that Decebal took advantage of her inexperience. She says Decebal put her and another mixer’s mixing work on Spotify without paying for or discussing if their mixes would be used commercially. Decebal then proceeds to have a “BPD episode” because she was told to compensate her mixers properly or take the covers off of Spotify.


No. 307381


It looks like Decebal paid them, as an update. Also this doc makes sense, but I'm a bit confused by the claims of how Decebal spent their money - unless we have access to their bank account, this point is invalid lmao.

No. 307382


I mean, she did say she was leaving the comm.

No. 307388

“dislikes: drama threads/forums” is so silly to me… do you mean only when you’re being exposed as a sexual predator on them? it’s almost as if she WANTS people to come on here and read all of the shit she’s done.

No. 307459

Decebal has done a lot of crowdfunding for both herself and Midwestern Idol Unions. IIRC she first lost her job and e-begged, then did crowdfunding “for MIU” using MIU’s Ko-Fi. Then a bunch of idols had donations to their Ko-Fis coming from the MIU account instead of Decebal’s personal Ko-Fi. Another instance is that posted that they got on unemployment and then suddenly they had spent more money on Ko-Fi. There’s no proof that they misused funds, but it is sketchy.

No. 307546

Another document from another beginner mixer that worked with Decebal has come out. In this one, they talk about experiencing mistreatment from Decebal, witnessing her harassing people online, and alleges Decebal has had inappropriate touch with idols IRL at events. They also allege that they have more evidence from other people that they are waiting on consent from. This is the second person who has cited Decebal as the reason they are no longer apart of the overseas idol community.
Please bear in mind that this mixer is likely a minor or was a minor at the time of the experiences in this document as based on their presence on social media and in discord servers.


No. 307547

Yikes, not looking too good for Decebal. How do you singlehandedly chase away two mixers from the community?

No. 307548

As if the credible sexual harassment allegation wasn’t bad enough LMAO I’m surprised that Decebal hasn’t had a public or semi-public meltdown to make people feel bad for her yet. I wonder what will come out next.

No. 307549

>Decebal takes advantage of another mixer
>They’re a minor

No. 307558

i know the second mixer personally & they are not a minor & never knew decebal as a minor, however decebal has been caught being inappropriate around & to minors (making nsfw jokes & comments, etc) and heavily interacted with minors in the cosidol scene so it wouldn't be out of the realm of what they do

No. 307569

Anon from >>307546
Oops, I’m sorry. Do you have more details about Decebal being inappropriate around minors?

No. 307593

Does anyone remember the podcast Decebal did? I found it again and it's so god awful.

No. 307648


No. 307655

her discord bio is only DNI if you support insert servers here LMAO literally no other information…

No. 307674

And IIN isn't on it? I thought hating it was her entire personality kek

No. 307677

LMAO she changed it… hi sakura! nice to see you’re still reading!

No. 307680

She definitely constantly checks the thread LMAO

No. 307681

THIS i'm really surprised nobody has brought up decebal latching onto children. they're not a pedophile but it seems like they have a weird need for power and control. they said they didn't feel comfortable in the community anymore but is still in the midwestern idol union discord server with a staff role. endless access to minors there lmfao.

No. 307852

sakura hana show tits if you’re reading the thread

No. 307934

I'm glad that other people saw it happening too. Decebal often chose to work closely with minors in the community when they were starting out, even after finding that they were as young as 14. It was very weird that they would jump to work with and make friends with children in the community, and then claim to hate minors.

No. 307943

And guess what Decebal is doing in the youtaite commu now? Joining their first chorus battle with a team that’s made up of minors.

No. 307944


No. 307954

It’s hard to determine if they’re all minors. Only one has their age listed.

No. 307955

File: 1694959654766.jpeg (468.34 KB, 1179x1640, IMG_4708.jpeg)

No. 307959

does anyone have a normal picture of decebal when they're not in cringe idolsona cosplay?

No. 307984

File: 1694989500472.jpeg (548.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4712.jpeg)

No. 307986

>makes a big deal about hiding her face
>is an average looking white person

No. 307989

no wonder they have to be a sexual predator

No. 308010

They unpinned this and posted that they joined a new chorus battle. Any deets? Let’s make sure this follows them around.

No. 308065

team name is realm raiders i guess

No. 308072

White people who always cause drama in the community have THAT kind of look to them

No. 308145

No. 308376

yes, they literally just added her to the roster.

No. 308461

Does anyone have any information about Alexis and her body shaming? I liked her body positivity but I’m not sure I want to support her if she body shames.

No. 308468

I haven’t heard or seen anything other than her talking about how skinny privilege is a real thing. Which it is. Alexis body shaming is pretty wild to me, lol

No. 308469

same anon, but one of her main angles is that anyone can be an idol no matter what their size, so I wouldn’t trust that unless there was any proofs.

No. 308476

Decebal, didn’t you dislike drama forums? Why are you still here? Bringing someone different up won’t make us forget your sexual harrassment.

No. 308479

Take with a grain of salt, but I’ve heard that she’s bitter about about certain idols’ bodies and successes behind the scenes.

No. 308495

Doesn't everyone share this opinion to some degree? That's like trying to call her out for shit talk when literally everybody does behind the scenes lol. Please find some real milk

No. 308502

i have to agree with >>308476 that this is probably decebal again trying to change the topic

No. 308668

She's made eat a hamburger jokes behind the backs of skinny idols backstage. She hides her body shaming behind the skinny privilege excuse.

No. 308687


as someone who has been backstage with her, this is a boldfaced lie. find something better to do than spread misinformation about someone lmfao

No. 308688

Sakura Hana GTFO

No. 308689

>”she made eat a hamburger jokes backstage”
Get better at lying. Can you think of something more creative to make up for a fat idol to say?

No. 308719

ok and? I still don't believe you but even if she did so? Skinny people will always have it better than fat people when it comes to entertainment opportunities and overall ease at navigating social situations in life.

No. 308853

>I must bodyshame skinny people because they have it easier

No. 308978

Any milk about Serena Songbird?

No. 308989

Other than her trying to be a drag queen/hazbin hotel demon/gyaru/idol not really

But she is damn annoying. She keeps talking about wanting to gain a following, but isn’t doing anything about it except crying about having to do any work to gain any numbers at all. Sad because her vocals aren’t half bad.

No. 309010

someone needs to post her in the gaijin gyaru thread. they'll get a kick out of her.

No. 309428

File: 1696808992448.jpeg (49.03 KB, 828x178, 7180D27B-A05D-467A-B758-A091B7…)

decebal is not beating the latching onto minors allegations lmao

No. 309429

who let them on an idol server still, what server is this lol

No. 309455

international idol music production server- the only idol server shes still in to my knowledge

No. 309456

she’s in nwif’s server as well

No. 309483

aden get off lolcow and focus on your nonexistent shitty mixing commissions instead of someone who isn't even in the comm anymore

No. 309484

so decebal isn't removed from nwif? because if she was, logically she wouldn't be in their server

No. 309485

She sold her badge so i doubt she’s going irl but i guess since she’s fucking Tom Strike, she gets to stay in the server.

No. 309488

Decebal, stop trying to get the heat off of yourself again.

No. 309490

NWIF didn’t take the victim’s stories seriously when they were coming out and decided not to ban her because “she didn’t do anything at the convention”… Even though she sexually harassed one of the performers and intended to come see them to talk to them at their event.

No. 309499

>nigga wat
this is such a random accusation

No. 309532

Does anyone know how he even got involved with the con in the first place?

No. 309571

Newest I’ve seen is recently on the IIN server, she had a meltdown because she offered people to teach them about hazbin hotel/vivziepop media and everyone said no.
She threatened to leave ther server because of it, lmfao

No. 309592

she sent invites to a bunch of people in iin for her discord server after staff deleted her post promoting it and told her it was against the rules. what is home girl’s problem?

No. 309719

File: 1697224023534.jpeg (432.03 KB, 1169x1628, IMG_6481.jpeg)

This well known creep is about to join the idol community. Good luck.

No. 309729

What did they do?

No. 309854

No. 310011

e-thot sex pest idol is a new one

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