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File: 1498243183703.jpg (69.71 KB, 553x598, old af looking.jpg)

No. 21172

1st thread: >>>/pt/116632
2nd thread: >>213356
3rd thread: >>225956
4th thread: >>249034

Her social media:

Delanie Wheeler AKA Luna Lanie started as a cosplayer who used to suck up to the likes of JNigs and Yaya Han, and dated Martin Wong, a popular cosplay photographer who gained her attention and a fan base (as well as using free follower bots.) Once Luna was established, she went on a rampage insulting and blocking various other cosplayers in the industry, calling herself the "queen of cosplay" and all other girls costhots. She has outed herself multiple times by posting screenshots in her own lolcow threads showing her still logged in on her FB profiles, her phone info still shown in the screenshot, etc.
Extremely jealous of a self-proclaimed sex worker named Swimsuit Succubus and another cosplay she went to highschool with named Kaybear; she constantly shits up their threads on anon-ib and white knights herself and her patreon. She went from over 400+ patrons to 135 in less than a year.

As much as her threads can be annoying with her sperging, there has been too much derailing in other threads, so I guess she needs a 5th one.

>Call's other cosplayers "costhots" and "ratchets" even though she sells her nudes

>Porked Alex Ramos, internet renowned trashlord and instigator in Amanda Todd's suicide.

>Rumored to have been pumped and dumped by Martin Wong

>Also whiteknights herself in her own patreon exploitation thread on anon-ib

> Continually attacks Swimsuit Succubus, Kaybear, Krissy Victory, and Momokun in her thread. Also name drops tons of nobodies constantly.

>brags about getting invited to conventions and has backed out on all obligations this year

>many have reported she never delivers on her rewards for patreon and she also copied her layout from other models

> had a secret surgery while in Malibu; speculated she had her implants removed

> says topless nude is fake yet the full video of her was posted to anon-ib and is in thread 4.

>posted on patreon that she lost weight and that's why her boobs are small now…even though she looks the same size as she did a year ago.

No. 21176

File: 1498244263290.jpg (224.5 KB, 916x1017, IMG_6132.JPG)

Proof Luna posts to Lolcow taken from the last thread.

No. 21180

File: 1498244522475.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_6135.PNG)

Luna outting herself in her second thread. Context is she was shit talking some random guy nobody ever brought up and he text her this obvious bluff.

No. 21185

File: 1498244679103.jpg (120.98 KB, 750x759, IMG_6136.JPG)

Mods explaining why they stopped bothering to ban her and also confirming she posts here.

No. 21188

Sticking her ribs out like that makes the thumbnail look like she has vitiligo kek

No. 21189

File: 1498250553856.png (62.75 KB, 750x1079, IMG_6137.PNG)

Proof that her patreon has dropped

No. 21191

damn she's making chump change now. hope all these "projects" she is supposedly doing is making her money cuz i don't see how she can be making enough for a future off this shit.

No. 21192

File: 1498253971159.jpg (105.89 KB, 750x387, IMG_6133.JPG)

Luna trying to start drama with more relevant people. Also not trying to say I support any of them, just that they are all making way more money and gaining fans faster than Luna.

No. 21193

File: 1498254361695.jpg (837.99 KB, 1039x1832, Screenshot_20170623-174112.jpg)

I don't get it how does she go from op pic to this with just a bra. Her face looks busted as hell

No. 21195

Wow she does nudes for only 1k a month. How does she manage to have such shit support with almost a million FB fans? She must be spending all her patreon bucks buying follows.

No. 21196

I think Luna is still only at 200k on FB…

but even still…200k on FB and IG, 100k on Twitter…and can only get 135 people to actually pay her for content? How sad.

No. 21197

>stop trying to promote your patreon on everyone's hate threads

That's…. You, loonie…

No. 21198

it's not a bra. she got a boob job with some cock eyed nips

No. 21199

Look at op and read description. She is claiming she just lost a bunch of weight but some ppl who claim to know her said her implants got infected and the surgery she had a couple months ago was to get them removed. Her boobs in the op look way more normal than any other photos and is from a couple weeks ago

No. 21200

File: 1498273313702.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170604-170808.png)

No. 21214

File: 1498273331388.png (348.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170604-170815.png)

No. 21215

File: 1498273344371.png (398.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170604-170824.png)

No. 21216

File: 1498273357446.png (326.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170604-170831.png)

No. 21217

File: 1498273444676.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170612-224207.png)

No. 21218

Wow thats a lot of bullshit. So she's trying to dickride the body positivity train now and act like she's so positive while she sperges obsessivley on here and anon-ib for half a year? Kiki 2.0

No. 21219

Oh my god it's so obvious these were taken on the same day, you can still see the cross-shaped mark on her back from the bra she's wearing in the fist pic. ahahaha loonie you fool

No. 21220

File: 1498446697394.png (383.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170625-230559.png)

She is SO FULL OF SHIT. She did not start her Patreon until at least late 2015. And good, she gave up on cosplay, good riddance.

No. 21221

Yeah she's probably finished being associated with porn wannabes and fat fucks

No. 21222

Guess who's back
Back again
Loonie's back
Tell a friend

No. 21224

File: 1498447545971.png (72.57 KB, 750x1054, IMG_6171.PNG)

Nice try Loonie. Also lmao she just keeps losing patrons.

No. 21225

File: 1498448252046.jpg (Spoiler Image,922.39 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_6172.JPG)

No. 21233

Yeah because she's not a cam slut like your friends honey.

No. 21234

Nice try faggot too bad those aren't her tits now go get some coke for that fat face

No. 21235

File: 1498448542197.png (218.23 KB, 994x1583, IMG_6671.PNG)

Your so jealous crow

No. 21236

File: 1498448722578.jpg (475.67 KB, 1226x1532, IMG_6466.JPG)

Looks nothing like your fake pictures

No. 21241

Loonie is so triggered by how she looks without her photoshop and angles. Too bad we have the video of this so she can't keep falling back on her ass and claiming "fake"
Video here: >>>/snow/310330

No. 21243

File: 1498449487904.jpg (97.31 KB, 801x1200, IMG_6177.JPG)

What happened to your boulder tits?

No. 21246

Photoshop right? Fake video that took months to doctor but k

No. 21247

You wish this was Luna she hasn't thought of you trolls since last November and never will again. I've been here all along watching your Stanky muffs try so hard with fake posts and pictures. You are so fucking ugly cosplay is all you faggots will ever have to talk about.

No. 21248

Her cheap implants got infected and she had to get them removed is what people were saying.

No. 21249

Yeah nipples on all her pictures don't match to the ones this obsessed cunt keeps harping on

No. 21250

No one says that except you dumb bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21251

File: 1498450428600.jpg (134.87 KB, 480x720, IMG_6180.JPG)

Lmao she's built like a linebacker! No wonder she photoshops herself so hard. Also lmao what are these proportions?

No. 21252

Yeah her snaps and real videos tell a different story but keep reaching

No. 21253

File: 1498450491479.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.16 KB, 640x598, IMG_6181.JPG)

Why are her nipples so lopsided? She should sue her surgeon

No. 21254

Years ago but yeah now your girl Nigri looks like this

No. 21255

I guess photoshop went wild ?

No. 21256

They have nothing but old pictures because there's no new milk to cry over. These idiots are stuck

No. 21257

File: 1498450790934.png (1.85 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6182.PNG)

Jesus christ look how fucking weird she acts, like she's on drugs. Throwing herself all over this dude and slurring her speech. Total mess

No. 21259

Bahahaha implants don't get infected and I'm pretty sure she was playing the cosplay game of blowing up her proportions via photoshop. You can't have it both ways dimwit

No. 21260

Yeah she had to appeal to the lowest of the low. Glad she got her life together maybe she has you bitches to thank for getting her out of the gutter

No. 21261

>got her life together
>has been consistently sperging on lolcow for 6 months

No. 21262

I promise you this isn't Luna but if you want to keep up with that fantasy go at it.

No. 21263

>all these desperate self-defense posts
Luna needs to learn about the Streisand Effect.

No. 21264

Maybe you should stop stalking girls you'll never fuck Cori. Disgusting

No. 21265

Who the fuck is Cori? Luna you always out yourself by bringing up people no one knows about. Also PSA most on this board? Hate cosplayers. In general. Including Jnigs. So nice try.

No. 21266

they most definitely can get infected, but i doubt she'd have to get them removed. antibiotics would take care of it like any other infection.

No. 21268

nigri is a good 4 inches taller than luna at least…but it doesn't matter they all play the photoshop game nonstop

No. 21269

idk why everyone here is focusing on namecalling and dumb shit the point was that she looks nothing like any of her photos ever…if she's so confident with her appearance now maybe she could lay off the photoshop finally.

No. 21270

she's marked in Patreon as "adult photography" and NSFW so yes…she's just as slutty as the other chicks she hates.

No. 21271

File: 1498494030166.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.89 KB, 578x866, 82EDB435-405A-4CCF-9B4E-6B5AE8…)

She's worse because she actually does nudes and…shit like this.

No. 21272

File: 1498494327771.jpg (1.89 MB, 1732x1155, BE7BDE65-8C34-48E7-8322-51C3F3…)

She looks better with smaller breasts than she did with the lopsided implants that she would photoshop bigger. Look at how her hand is deformed from the tit shop.

No. 21273

File: 1498517017695.png (352.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170626-184220.png)

Lmfao I laughed pretty hard at this comment on her latest post on Twitter

No. 21288

File: 1498517717436.jpg (854.4 KB, 1071x1851, Screenshot_20170626-184556.jpg)

Ethnic? More like you've fried your hair from so much bleach

No. 21293

File: 1498517766630.jpg (910.17 KB, 1073x1763, Screenshot_20170626-184702.jpg)

Sucking it in a bit much loonie

No. 21295

Trying to appeal to minorities now to grasp at relevancy? What a dumbass.

No. 21296

She looks like Anna Nicole's aborted fetus.

No. 21297

LMAO. is she going to start wearing fashion nova too? she's so desperate.

No. 21299


???? loonie you are WHITE

No. 21300

Back to black

No. 21301

So you basically stalk her all the time that my dude is love

No. 21302

Triggered ftw

No. 21303

it's not stalking when she posts this shit all over the internet herself. i'd prefer not to look at her disgusting face.

No. 21304

Yeah it is when it's her private Facebook page creep

No. 21305

Clearly you are lost.

No. 21306

It's still public dipshit

No. 21307

I like Swimsuit Succubus

No. 21308

Careful, you're going to trigger Loonie.

No. 21309

you could literally name any chick here that you prefer over Loonie and it would trigger her lmfao

No. 21310

This looks like one of those "teen" pornstar pictures

No. 21311

From bimbo to pseudo-jailbait

No. 21312

File: 1498831737670.png (526.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170630-100738.png)

The fuck is up with her face and how does she think this photo looks good?

No. 21337

Anyone that prefers ugly and fat cosplayers over someone who is actually doing something more with their life than being some fat guys cumbucket is insane

No. 21338

What does she do? She doesn't even make her own cosplay

No. 21339

who the fuck said anything about cosplayers here…her only worth and income is still going to gross neckbeards jacking it in their mom's basements so i don't she how she's doing any better. also doubt she'll make it anywhere more than a stand in or extra as an actor; he personality is dry as cardboard.

No. 21340

> someone who is actually doing something more with their life than being some fat guys cumbucket is insane

so not loonie. gotcha

No. 21341

Seriously. I wanna know what it is Luna actually does.

Does she have a job outside of her noodie pics on patreon?

Does she craft amazing things? Is she an an artist? An activist? A Philanthropist? Anything at all?

No. 21342

What do you do outside of being obsessed on an image board? I can smell the Doritos breath and butt crack diggles from here

No. 21343

Poor thing you wish now go back and eat some more coke

No. 21344

So I suppose the answer is nothing. Luna does nothing.
Luna you are no better than the girls you bash, you are just a less successful version of them.
So stop with all this "at least she's doing something with her life" nonsense and actually do something if that's what you feel you should do.

No. 21345

She's actually worse because she does nudes, has terrible photoshops, cosplays are even worse than momo's and she spends a fuck ton of time self whiteknighting.

No. 21346

I study for a PhD in Data Science.

Your turn Loonie, I really want to know.

No. 21347

I'm an art director for a major ad agency. How bout you, Loonie?

No. 21348

I'm a M.A. student working with ESL learners. You?

No. 21349

I'm the president of a top hedge fund and also Miss America like anybody believes your bullshit and try to get out more since last time I checked no one that's not a virgin cares about nips. She doesn't bend over in disgusting poses like your favs. BTW last time I checked I never read anywhere that Luna took cosplay seriously or as her main career choice. For all you know she could be hitched up or working somewhere you have no clue about. Something has improved because she doesn't acknowledge any of you losers or cosplay on social. Again not Luna but this thread is so fucking funny I always have to see what you jealous twats are saying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21350

But… you're acknowledging us now, Loonie

No. 21351

you realize if you just quit posting here people would stop talking about you? Oh, wait… you don't want that. Cause all us "losers" are the only ones who show you any real attention that isn't jacking off

No. 21352

Oh hunny she is better but keep grinding on the same butt hurt repetitive bullshit when you have no gossip or milk because she's smart. Why do you think all the pictures you people post are from a year ago when she was fat and the neckbeards loved her. Now that she's not floating those boulders on her chest the freaks have moved on to the other porny disgusting cosplay chicks. Cosplay has always been about what basement dwellers think they can fuck not about the unattainable. Luna is unattainable unless you're rich, hot and or famous. I don't think cosplay virgins fit that demographic.

No. 21353

No loonies is out of town camping but try again dumb bitch

No. 21354

sure it's the same group of bitches and the fact that you all still stalk every one of her socials to this day means you are the mental ones. So what's the new milk? You tried and failed but keep expending energy. It's summer get outside losers get some exercise I'm guessing you must look like shit from being online constantly

No. 21355

File: 1498937745037.gif (1.17 MB, 500x344, 5edbb41726b37c765a3228ba71cbb2…)

Loonie, I love you, please sperg harder and never change.

No. 21365

Why on earth is this skank still a thing.

No. 21366

Hey Loonie, how's the nose job recovery going? Can you breathe? Because from the pics I've seen it looks so pinched…

No. 21367

Nice try loonie toons only half the photos posted in this thread weren't recent. Better hope that acting career works out cuz you're still losing pledges left and right on patreon

No. 21368

File: 1498945940589.jpg (430.17 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20170701-175040.jpg)

You're an inspiration loonie

No. 21371

File: 1498946051709.jpg (243.38 KB, 1070x1486, Screenshot_20170701-175104.jpg)

Your numbers are starting to dwindle darling. Better hope you have a back up plan. The fuck is with this weak ass community goal?

No. 21375

File: 1498946277469.jpg (548.3 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20170701-175531.jpg)

Lololol yeah she attracts a crowd all right

No. 21376

Where's the milk darling and only a fool would use patreon as a source of income

No. 21377

she has no credible skills how the fuck else she making any money

No. 21378

Where you getting that information from sweetie a public persona? People that use to know her? Let me hear how you're so wired into her life that you know she's not making bank. She obviously has money to own property and get all this plastic surgery you people say she's had and travel so keep talking out your sushi ass

No. 21379

The only one saying she owned property was her you twat

No. 21380

>sushi ass

Loonie has mentioned "sushi" as an insult before a few threads back. Bitch is so weird.

No. 21381

It's an easy thing to check if you're that committed to stalking.

No. 21382

She was a dancer at the Pink Pony in Atlanta and was fired for fucking people in the vip section.

No. 21383

I actually don't believe this. She's too ugly to be a stripper in Atlanta. Next

No. 21384

Wtf happened to her sister. I saw someone write about her falling off a balcony which I remember happening last year around this time, but she's in intensive care again? How does someone get drunk hurt this bad every year?

No. 21385

File: 1499615502515.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20170709-115020.jpg)

Ok seriously wtf is up with this chick how does she fluctuate in size so much with every post

No. 21387

File: 1500107742631.png (687.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170715-043449.png)

Luna's moving up in the world it seems

No. 21395

lmfao loonie's demographic is to get cast as a redneck hillbilly slut…how fitting.

No. 21396

i don't even want to make any of you guys watch that video it was so white trash so here's the clip she posted of the parts she's in


No. 21397

Holy shit this is the cringiest thing I could not stop laughing

It's perfect for her

No. 21398

Well… props to her for at least doing a more book accurate costume for Daenarys. It looks awkward as hell without nip, though.

No. 21399

Yeah idk why she recycled that photo for this post though it's like 2 years old.

No. 21400

Lol it's called a persona. At least she's getting paid to be a pretend slut unlike the ones she bashed who are irl stupid hoes.

No. 21401


"a persona"

but that's her actual personality/image every day lmao

No. 21402


It's Loonie time

No. 21403

No it's called acting and social media. Let me know when a director hand picks your ugly ass for anything other than being a salty cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21404

Wrong but I know her really well and know who keeps bumping. Watch your back

No. 21405

Funny that she still comes here to self white knight. Guess those embarassing white trash gigs arent making her enough cash to get some psychiatric help.

No. 21406

>and know who keeps bumping

Yeah. You, dipshit.

No. 21407


What's she gonna do
Shoot another watermelon with "lolcow" written on it

It'll be her greatest meltdown yet

No. 21408

I'm hoping she shoots you since it's obvious you need to be put out of your misery. You're a nobody the people you ridicule are actually making moves and putting money in the bank. It's not lol cow hun it's your ass that's going to be rekt. You try so hard to be different people but language always the same in every post.

No. 21409

It's funny she's never had a meltdown but keep holding your breathe fatty

No. 21410

Stop bumping the thread with your bullshit, mcloonie pants

No. 21411

Funny that this is the same fucking moronic post you always put up. No dumb cunt it's not delanie lol

No. 21412

Kill yourself(unsaged, shitpost)

No. 21413

Again not the person you get a hard on about and please kill yourself

No. 21414


Please get some help Loonie. I'm sure you you were paid well for shooting that watermelon. I'm sure that can cover a few visits.

No. 21415

Stop being a retard McLoonie

So why do you keep white knighting and bumping the thread? Dumb ass

No. 21416

Too bad that's not her name fuck face now go back to crafting you crap cosplays

No. 21417

McLoonie confirmed

No. 21418

Hun who are you talking too? As far as I can tell she's out livin the life but you're here on a cunt board stalking her socials 24/7(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21419

You're here on "cunt board" as well Loonietard

No. 21420

Dumb bitch confirmed now do your friends and family a favor and die

No. 21421


"Living the life"

I, too, enjoy shooting watermelons

No. 21422

Haha too bad that's all you have to say trust me she doesn't care about trash

No. 21423

Whatever you say Loonie

Shooting watermelons provides good money

Can farmhands/admin flair her comments? It would make for some good chuckles.

If she doesn't care about trash why are you here white knighting for her?

No. 21424

You're so ignorant must be momokunt

No. 21425

Free country and I seriously would love to see you die a slow and painful death

No. 21426

Also thanks for admitting you're trash now kill yourself

No. 21427

Okay McLoonie

No. 21428

Video it

No. 21429

Okay McLoonie

No. 21430

Why do you think this is delanie? All these months and you still don't have a clue that I troll out here when I'm bored. Always comic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21431

I'm laughing at the fact they think I'm fucking Moomoo. Thankfully I'm not that cow either. I'm just a regular at lolcow who saw this white trash and laughed about it. I know what kinda person I am being here, so what does that make you, "not Loonie" >>21430

Have fun in Hollywood, can't wait to see how fast your inevitable breakdown happens when you can't get cast as anything more than an extra. You'll need a lot of speech therapy before anyone wants to hear you talk in a video.

No. 21432

Nobody gives a fuck you attention starved whore. Go plug yourself with pizza and fuck off.

They're embarrassing themselves at this point

No. 21433

Luna really has to ask how we know it's her after she outed herself on this site 3 times?
The proof is even in the begining of this thread. She really thinks as long as admins dont tag any of her posts that no one will know it's her.

No. 21434

>keep holding your breathe
So just like you're doing with that botched nosejob?

No. 21435

Fucking sage your retarded ass bullshit

No. 21436

Someone told me she's going to buy cosplayers prints and use them to wipe her ass

No. 21437

It would be the only time in her life she's ever supported other women

No. 21438

File: 1500268453128.jpg (374.47 KB, 1536x1802, IMG_0095.JPG)

these proportions? comically large head wow

No. 21442

No just comically shopped

No. 21443

Why not include the number of likes? Yeah I forgot you're on a mission. Too bad you failed already

No. 21444

Cows like moo moo get mad likes on their shut don't mean they attractive or not Photoshoped either

No. 21451

Everything's subjective but seeing as you have a plug up your ass you're not objective enough to be a credible judge of anyone's attractiveness

No. 21453

Not Kaybear either ya dumb slut quit ban evading

No. 21455

Who cares about your number of likes? You can't barely get 100 people to join your patreon.

No. 21457

Maybe bitch it's because she's not selling porn and escort services at conventions.

No. 21458

Seek a therapist

No. 21459

Sure you're not, Loonie.

No. 21460

Yeah selling nudes online is better. Stfu bitch quit bumping your own thread and ban evading

No. 21461

You must be insane the only nude she's ever done were implied. Go back to your queer cosplay universe cunt

No. 21462

File: 1500669716987.png (Spoiler Image,205.81 KB, 926x1663, IMG_9620.PNG)

Get back in your hole loonie. I thought maybe the silicone from your busted implants was making you insane but looks you got them removed and you're still bat shit crazy.

No. 21463


That's a lie. She's done a bunch of nude shoots. Nai has done a few. Some of the other photographers in Atlanta also.

No. 21464

Who the fuck is Nai and proof or your just talking out your butt plug ugly

No. 21465

She never had implants you dumb nigger go fuck that 50 year old slave master you live with(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21466

Loonie time.

No. 21467

Bumping her own thread again when it's been inactive for 3 days gj Luna you attention whore

No. 21473

File: 1501120178982.jpg (86.97 KB, 1268x838, Nai.JPG)


Just a photographer who talked about seeing and fucking Delanie.

No. 21476

the fact you're raging this bad about it shows you KNOW she had implants but you can't admit it to yourself, hence why you're getting so asshurt about it

No. 21477

Loonie, you look like Pamela Anderson's used diaphragm.

No. 21478

File: 1501810891998.png (362.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170803-213514.png)

Props to her for actually doing something productive I guess but why does she lie every time she updates her info about how she started or how irrelevant she was even as a cosplayer

No. 21484

Oh god she can't even talk coherently.

Does she really think she can write a script?

No. 21485

File: 1501854587341.jpg (911.33 KB, 2048x1851, IMG_7241.JPG)

>no one with a big following
>no one doing lingerie

Lmao she wants to hide the fact she copied sss but failed to make a fraction of the money

No. 21489

Over 1k patrons while luna has a measly 100 and keeps on dropping lower. Luna has 4 times the twitter following and got annihilated by this girl who started only 3 months prior. How embarrasing that must be for Loonie.

No. 21490

Disregard the 4 times the twitter following, I was looking at loonie's FB numbers. Which is 200k while sss is only 50k.

No. 21491

and even still, not once has SSS showed her nipples or anything above suggestive, yet loonie shows her nips any chance she gets. she's like chel lmfao

No. 21492

I'm hoping Loonie is making good money with these little cameos/extra roles cuz she probably just killed her Patreon income from switching from NSFW adult photography to "writing"…seems like a bold move.

No. 21493

It was already dying long before that switch. The change just shows how delusional she is.

No. 21494

It just shows she's not a thot like the lewd crew. SSS is a prostitute and Kaybear her bff is an escort what better way to advertise your business to virgins than Patreon

No. 21495

She was making good money before patreon anyone tells you different was a sucker.

No. 21496

Lmao Loonie time. Always comes when the thread has been dead for a while.

No. 21497

Not delanie but you seem to stalk her which makes you all more delusional

No. 21498

File: 1501965452574.png (214.72 KB, 1080x1920, BCF49D99-6084-4AB3-BA7C-E761A3…)

If you were making so much money why do you cry on patreon about people leaking your porn?

No. 21500

File: 1501965611188.jpg (318.3 KB, 1171x2048, 38E743CA-E795-4949-8642-A848AC…)

Luna projecting again? She's the only one with her nudes online and the one making pennies on patreon. Maybe Luna's true income comes from escorting/prostitution given how often she likes to accuse others of this she's guilty of herself.

No. 21502

File: 1501965661069.jpg (420.94 KB, 1667x2356, 716BC01B-9F58-41CB-A6AB-2231BF…)

Lmao at how wide her body is and how flat her ass looks wheb she isn't warping herself with PS

No. 21503

File: 1501965742536.jpg (81.4 KB, 570x1024, D948F179-7B5C-4442-AD89-A1BD1D…)

Nice rectangle bod. For someone who attacks other girls for being "fat" she sure isnt built well herself.

No. 21504

so you think its less pathetic to return to a thread about someone you don't know and wait for people to be "upset"? okay

No. 21505

Luna that is not how you use the term "sperging". Also that term applies to you perfectly. As usual you come with the projection.

No. 21506

File: 1501967616111.jpg (81.33 KB, 683x1024, 23BE4611-6FA3-4256-8E99-2CE54D…)


No. 21507

Looks like fake tits and weight training. But i was under the impression the more deformed you are the more popular a cosplayer. Why do you think posting old pictures when she was playing the game all the thots are stuck in for the rest of there lives matter? If you think this is delanie you must be full on retard

No. 21508

I watch and usually send links to her for dm a. I get paid to do this what's your excuse?

No. 21509

She was actually more popular with the freaks in your community when she looked like this. Props to her for leaving the land of misfit toys

No. 21510

None of the girls more succsesful than her look this ugly

Also it's hilarious Luna "pays" someone to check her lolcow and whiteknight pathetically.

No. 21511

luna pays you to stalk this thread and report back to her? loonie really lives up to her name

No. 21513

Lmao! Luna pays someone to do a shitty job white knighting her on the internet. I can't believe she pays someone so retarded and useless. All you do is make her look worse. That is, if you arent her yourself.

No. 21514

sure you do, Lun- I mean, anon.

No. 21515

File: 1501978658182.jpg (285.07 KB, 473x1309, Screenshot_20170805-201601.jpg)

She has the proportions of a bratz doll she's already deformed

No. 21520

File: 1501978694884.png (2.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170805-201545.png)

What an unfortunate face it looks like a butthole

No. 21521

File: 1501978734254.jpg (645.37 KB, 1040x1018, Screenshot_20170805-201631.jpg)

That haircut isn't doing any favours for her either…ew

No. 21530

>bragging about giving your friend this bad of a haircut

No. 21531

My guess is loonies family must support her for a lot of shit and I wouldn't be surprised if some money came about with her dad passing too…cuz I don't see how she could've made money before her Patreon when she barely even got invited to come

No. 21532

File: 1501979826213.jpg (30.24 KB, 540x264, IMG_0894.JPG)


No. 21533

That is… Horrible …

No. 21534

File: 1501986559182.jpg (67.82 KB, 309x309, IMG_7271.JPG)

No. 21535

looks good with the Fendi dress. Shes in Atlanta shooting another movie obviously directors love her which is more important than jelly bellys that post here

No. 21536

File: 1502169592685.png (330.84 KB, 1147x1232, IMG_7150.PNG)

Hair is always unruly after it's lobbed off. Looks better straight but of course you always stalk until you find whatever fits your agenda. I just can't figure out why you care so much lover

No. 21538

How are they more successful? Because they get creepy ass dudes to buy their flesh on patreon? Lmfao get an education you sound like trailer trash basing success on being a cosplay deviant that does sexual positions in costumes as a real job.

No. 21539

FYI patreon is under investigation by the Feds. You might want to think of another way to feel better about yourself soon before they close the site

No. 21540


I love it when Loonie literally talks to herself on here by replying to her own posts.

No. 21541

Way to bump your own thread yet again when you're active on Twitter loonie you're so transparent.

And no, I would base your happiness and success on whether or not you still come here to indulge your haters, which obviously you still do

No. 21542

File: 1502218829908.png (109.98 KB, 750x849, IMG_7302.PNG)

"Karma will be delivered soon, FYI patreon is under investigation by the FEDS, and all my haters will recieve legal papers via text message"

No. 21543

LMAO! Remember when loonie came to one of her threads and said all her haters will be "served papers" and that she was suing lolcow for giving out her IP?

No. 21544

defended her own haircut but not her ugly ass witch face lmfao

No. 21545

File: 1502225313320.jpg (159.11 KB, 856x888, lolol.jpg)

> done with "pro-cosplaying"

bitch you got invited to cons almost as much as moomoo does ffs and barely made any of your costumes…

let's see how long it takes for all her neckbeard fans to ditch out when they don't see tits and cosplay anymore…only a small handful of them actually support her for her "acting" despite having the personality of cardboard.

No. 21551

File: 1502313032717.jpg (80.37 KB, 720x1080, IMG_7314.JPG)

Lmao this is forshafowing Luna's future as a fast food worker since her "acting" and patreon are failing so spectacularily.

No. 21554

Why did you have to show me that? JFC I can't get that image or the one of Joy out of my head.


No. 21557

She's in Clint Eastwoods movie I think you're in denial. Her star is rising and you're only known for stalking her

No. 21558

FYI she hasn't done cosplay on her Patreon for a very long time and she loves her tits.

No. 21559

> very long time

she was doing cosplay literally a month or 2 ago

> in clint eastwood's new film

nice way to give away on the NDA you signed, Loonie…you can easily look on IMDB to see current movies in the works.

This is what the description on the 5:17 to Paris is:

Clint Eastwood chose both high talent and non-actors alike.

She's literally an extra on this film and bragging (I had a friend do this when she went to school in Manhattan and it was extremely easy to get onto sets as an extra)

Quit acting like anyone would actually waste their time to defend you on here.

No. 21560

It's on her twitter dumb fuck and I don't think Eastwood would give the time of day to an extra. You're so jealous it's quite funny to watch you try so hard.

No. 21561

Where was she cosplaying on patreon? Last made cosplay was ciri everything else was from costumes r us

No. 21562

Oh it's dumb bitch kimchi the mentally unstable fat cunt

No. 21563

File: 1502322662653.jpg (81.31 KB, 720x834, IMG_7316.JPG)

Sure you are loonie. You can't even get a decent photographer to shoot your cheesy ass softcore porn. No one wants you in their movie.

No. 21566

Oh I'm sorry did you forget about your slutty Kairi? Or you wanna keep telling people you don't get naked for them beta bucks

No. 21567

Loonie, clearly you are the one with some strange obsession to continually bring up some random bitch on your thread that no one knows. Get some help.

No. 21568

Jealous of what? Weren't people pissed off at Clint Eastwood recently because he was revealed to be a racist, right winged POS?

No. 21569

Too bad all you have are old ass pictures from joining on patreon lmfao. You really have the lesbo feelings to pay for content. I bet you slide those butt plugs in your pimpled ass every time you download a picture. Triggered so hard

No. 21570

I don't see nudes kimchi but I can't wait to see something that's not from feb. I' know the content on patreon and the final fantasy wasn't done as a set but waiting for those nudes. You know nude is right kimchi? And you know what soft porn is because that's what you defend your favs for doing. You probably want to fuck them because you have such a hard on for anyone who licks Migris dirty old hemorrhoid ass

No. 21571

Which people? You mean nobody's like yourself

No. 21572

lmfao "final fantasy"

god you don't even know what games your cosplay from you dumb cunt

No. 21573

sorry but i don't give thots $ on patreon.

No. 21574

i remember that kimchi girl from past threads and i'm pretty sure she has shit up the nigri and moo threads too so…not sure whose ass you think she's kissing

No. 21575

Whatever loonie. You got doxxed on Kiwifarms and you still come here for more and continue acting like a disgusting pile of shit. I honestly believe she is mentally ill. She's so desperate for fame that she posts nudes and selfposts on here and anon-ib

No. 21576

Can admins at least tag the IP of whoever this twat is?

No. 21577

Can you go get fucked. Such a useless waste of life obsessing over someone better than you

No. 21578

You've lost it when you think 6 oscars and working with the best director in the world wouldn't make an acting career. You have to be part of the pussy generation that's offended by everything.

No. 21579

It doesn't matter how many oscars clint has, Luna is a talentless slut who no one even wants to see nude judging by how bad her nude patreon flopped. And these threads will remain for sensible people to find and see what a psychotic racist stalker she is. She will never be famous but if she does then even more people will become aware of her behavior since she refuses to get help.

No. 21580

No need to tag since Luna has outted herself 3 times.

No. 21581

She isn't even reading what was written. I could give a shit less…they are his Oscars and you're making it sound like you're already famous when you aren't even credited in these projects CAUSE YOU'RE AN EXTRA.

No. 21582

lol even kiki's acting career has more chance at success than loonie's

No. 21583

Is she seriously trying to act cool for being an extra? Never should've left Georgia, loonie. Literally everyone here has been an extra at least once by now.

No. 21584

Lol people from Georgia are so nasty they have to import talent that's about the only correct statement. Stop trying to fish you're an ignorant ass if you think all roles are put in IMDb this early. You've outed yourself as a psycho person from Georgia with an obsession for calling people racist, wonder who that could be . . .

No. 21585

Luna, go back to bed.

No. 21586

ask admins to suck your dick first how's treatment going for your STDS?

No. 21587

“Don’t fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

No. 21588

Hey Loonie, how's the nosejob going? Has it started to collapse yet?

No. 21589

Considering almost your entire high school hated you because you acted better than everyone else cuz of your ex fuck boy Ramos and fucked your way around the modeling and cosplay inner circles I wouldn't be surprised if most of the state hated you by now

No. 21590

I mean my comment said absolutely nothing hinting at racism, but of course you want to assume everyone is Kaybear so you just added that bit in your mind.
You are so, so crazy Luna.

No. 21593

File: 1511313797898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,750.93 KB, 750x1097, 0ECCAFFE-7C1B-47A5-BDBC-CE276D…)

I thought she was finished being a “costhot”. Here’s a recent pic I found. Linked to full res version since for some reason I can’t post it here and had to screenshot http://anon-ib.tv/cosp/src/1511125428117.png

No. 21597

The wig is so far back on her head lol

No. 21598

she advertised her 5th element stuff a looong time ago on FB. This set is old. As far as I've seen, she has only done modeling since she threw in the towel a few months ago on cosplay and sold all her costumes.

No. 21599

I have all her patreon stuff if anyone wants to see

No. 21604

Post a google drive like they did for all moomoo’s photosets

No. 21605

Honestly she stopped caring long before she put out this set. Obviously this poster (not you) has major vendetta since they're posting revenge porn or asking for vids on every forum. Doesn't matter what you put up she's going to claim it's a fake and rightfully so since I see the "bends" in this pic.

No. 21606

Pls be the hero Gotham deserves

No. 21607

take that shit to anon.ib

besides, she has a huge disclaimer on her patreon last i checked saying she doesn't do any nudes or risque stuff anymore…

and she only has like 60 pledges now, does she even use her patreon anymore?

No. 21608

No. 21609

nvm she only has 37 pledges and says she barely even uses it anymore

No. 21610

These are so old and no nudes bfd. Maybe when she was making money off patreon leaks would matter but you're late and bitter

No. 21611

Seriously looks like you did a shop of nips. The only cosplayer that's weird about their dimesize nipples and placement is Nigri. I heard Luna had unedited photo files of Nigri from back when she was seeing Wong. My dudes she could tots ruin. Igor if she released them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21612

keep dreaming loonie

No. 21613

Sorry the mindfuck you Jessica but she's told more than a few people about this. I think it's funny you think she still cares about your old ugly fat ass

No. 21614

She told me she and Wong use to get on Skypes with you and Ryan what makes you think she doesn't have pictures of your ugly unshopped body?

No. 21615

Loonie is back on her bullshit
Guess the therapy was a flop

No. 21616

Yeah wanted to give her benefit of a doubt but she's obviously still bitter. She's been shutting on cosplayers and fake nerds on Twitter as if that isn't the only thing she's known for.

No. 21617

I don't see it and what does she have to be bitter about? She doesn't need patreon like those cows to make money lol. No I'm just watching this thread for a friend. I think you need therapy since your 2012 body and
face next to Hannah Minx is startling different from none. Must be hard being an aging thot with rock hard implants. My guess is that your the one always refreshing her posts since you know she has the goods on your dr Frankenstein body

No. 21618

File: 1512892310089.jpeg (186.93 KB, 750x623, 3DCF6C4A-90B4-43F1-8FD7-DBF2C4…)

What the fuck does this even mean? Who the hell is Hannah Minx?
And there goes the classic Loonie projection. Hating on implants even though luna’s implants were so botched she had to get them removed and now has sad little flapjack titties.

No. 21619

Not that anon but Hannah Minx is that youtuber Grease used to obsess about with the big boobs, I think she used to make videos teaching Japanese but didn't know any to start with.

No. 21620

Where do you see implants in her twitter post and why do you assume she gives a fuck about this board? Nigs has tons of haters and is known to stalk message boards all fucking day with man child and pops. No one would give a shit anymore except the same person that's it always been from the start. And that person is miss insecure rockhard tits McGee Nigs. So thanks for outing yourself Jess

No. 21621

Poster said long ago that she had an infection but where that info came from is a mystery. Then they said she was getting bigger ones put in which again sounded like Nigri or one of her neckbeards. She's the only cosplayer who lies about her implants and lack of normal nipples she has. I never saw Luna confirm or deny she even had fake boobs so keep being butthurt that you have to jack up your body for those patreon bucks lol.

No. 21622

She's saying you look like a clown Jess. It's called being made fun of for being a 30 plus year old feeble brained nitwit that talks like a prepubescent boy voice. Someone who's been under the knife so many times that nothing even looks like 2011 Jess. That's a mental disorder you should get checked out before you turn into the cat lady lol

No. 21623

Only clowns would play with those balloons

No. 21624

what's pathetic is that your career is obviously going nowhere that you had to come bump an old ass irrelevant thread for attention, and no one wanted to support your "career" once you stopped posting nudes on patreon.

No. 21625

No this thread gets bumped by Jessica proved that

No. 21626

Jess I know this is hard for you but take some personal responsibility for once in your miserable life. Not everyone bases their income or career on selling their bodies. From what I've observed you or someone close to you is always on this board or anon ib trying hard to find out what Luna is up to but can't and that must be frustrating for someone on the internet day and night. So they bump this or start new ones on other boards. Sad life why don't you get another interest besides pandering to neckbeards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21627

File: 1512934115110.jpeg (495.9 KB, 750x1030, 95146516-F1A9-41D6-9E3C-2BF15F…)

Luna your fixation on Jess is creepy and pathetic. We all thought you were fetting help and trying to fix your life but you’re as disgusting and vile as ever except now you’re a washed up nobody who couldn’t even succeed with showing your tits. Showing tits is the easiest way to get cash yet you still failed.

No. 21630

File: 1512934289165.jpeg (278.44 KB, 750x904, F782DEAA-EFF8-4FD0-9799-69B3F7…)

She’s been making such psycho tweets this week.

No. 21631

File: 1512934339206.jpeg (128.15 KB, 750x497, 2A54EA81-897B-4C06-B3D9-9F7E47…)

Lmao, must be embarrassing to whore out and do nudes but still fail hard

No. 21640

File: 1512934428727.jpeg (396.86 KB, 750x1048, CC288333-1062-4F85-BDEE-9384AB…)

This tweet is hilarious considering she was selling nudes and fap material pics.

>there were no sex workers


No. 21641

Dude I can guarantee that Nigri ain't got time to probably even think of your pathetic ass. I remember months ago when you were attacking Kay and Moomoo, Nigri had to be reminded who you even were.

But then again, now you have to attack people for being popular and famous because you sucked at cosplaying so much and had such a vile fanbase you never got invited to conventions or paid promotions to make a living off of it. Sad. You were doing so well Loonie, I'm disappointed in you.

No. 21642

and how are you about to talk about all this bullshit on your twitter promoting women empowerment and women standing up against sexual misconduct yet then double back and tear people down for dressing provocatively in cosplay when YOU. DID. THE. EXACT. SAME. SHIT. Like…not even long ago. You were a "costhot" up until like 3 months ago tops. Stop acting like you're above everyone. You're literally the most two faced bitch I've ever seen.

No. 21643

Considering your history of being a pathological liar and only bringing serious issues to light when it's convenient for you…yes, I'm sure you're telling the truth Loonie. But let's not forget how you dated the most misogynistic piece of shit for 4 years on and off and would attack little teenage girls and harass them online because they were obsessed with your precious Ramos.

No. 21644

Sooooo in this hypothetically situation : if Jnigs really does troll forums all day, how come none of her threads has the amount of insane sperg-chan levels of white knighting that yours does, Loonie? Why would JNig troll Internet forums all day only to post on your thread?

Your weird logic makes no sense. Maybe you need to step away from the internet for good.

No. 21645

It really fucks with your head that she doesn't need patreon yet lives in NYC. You were so sure she was going to "melt down" and looking at the graph she lost most of her patreons in may 2016. She's moved three times since then and now to a super expensive city and doesn't need patreon. THAT is being really successful since we all know the lewders posting on here have to constantly shrill for donations on twitter every month. Yeah that's being famous selling pussy in costumes to lowest life forms lmao. Glad to see you girls are still stalking a year later but no one that matters in adult life cares about you bumping this thread every other month . It's always with the same non substantiated gossip from years ago. I'm guessing until these thots die they're always going to have a hard on for Luna. So much reaching with those public tweets so incriminating lmfao. No one cares about you Jessica you're getting old and taking that bikini top off lately, slippery slope hun. Pretty soon you'll be masterbating like you're other porno friends for patreon bucks

No. 21649

Not Luna but she's been outed on other boards including PULL , Reddit. Sure that's a fact you can search on google mate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21650

Oh damn nov 6th from manhatthan and she's responding to a tweet about the state of patreon now and people already know this. You try so hard but facts you still selling your Pussy on the internet and now fans are getting charged more money. Can't wait to see how you thots are going to scramble to make that money when everyone know most of your pledges are bots.

No. 21651

Yeah but she's not on this board talking massive shit like you so guess pot kettle black

No. 21652


Um. living in nyc doesn’t mean you are automatically rich. I lived there for 8 years and have never been more than middle class. NYC also has the highest homeless population . youre barking up the wrong tree if you’re trying to seem well off just by living in the most poverty stricken
City in the country.

Weren’t you bragging about living in California less than a year ago?

Newsflash : lots of people live in these cities. You aren’t special, and making a big deal out of it just makes you a bigger loser to the locals.

No. 21653

Lmfao someone posted her sets here and not one nude in the bunch. Unless you consider being fully in costume, bikini or bra and underwear nude gfto with slut shaming when everyone knows you sucked massive dick for your popularity

No. 21654

Are you blind.? There are multiple nudes in this very thread.

No. 21655

lol homeless people suck but by the looks of her stories she's living very well. Next !!! kimchi I was wondering when you were going to show up

No. 21656

Fake nudes but nice try Alex and Kay

No. 21657

Oh fuck that potato face is back on this thread didn't she say Jessica was a bad person lately on her twitter?

No. 21658

Jfc Can you not even attempt to look like you are self posting? Posting two comments one after the other with the names of the same people loonie always bitches about….. smh

There’s no talking sense into you.
You are crazy and we all know it.

I am jus a random persons who browses this thread. You’ve never met me, but it doesn’t matter cause you’ll assume I’m one of the 5 people you’ve decided that post here.

Thing is… I think u know those people don’t post here. You’ve decided they do so you hav3 someone to blame.

But the only reason anyone posts about you is because you sperg out so often. Maybe that’s why you do it? Do you like the negative attention?

No. 21659

Yeah I talked to Luna's sister as I went to highschool with her and Alex is going to jail for drugs but him and Kay run in the same group of po' white trash in Atlanta. The iris girls like Kays friend Maddie who made most of Kay's cosplays

No. 21660

Who the literal fuck Is Alex?

No. 21661

ITT: Loonie airs bee with all her high school enemies that literally no one here knows about and yet still thinks she is undercover

No. 21662

Oh like the 6 threads made in a row that aren't me or Luna. You people need to actually think about a new story line besides "luna comes here" because never happened in the past or now. This is the same boring group of losers whether you're new or not. There's no such thing as negative attention just attention by a bunch of losers that still troll boards to talk about someone more successful

No. 21663

It's on the thread dumb fuck . All that booze and butt sex must be clouding your eyes mate

No. 21664

Idk Alex you're so salty why don't you go kill yourself

No. 21665

Why does anyone bother to feed this troll

If Luna was as successful as she claimed she wouldn’t be white knighting herself in this thread all the damn time.

Since it’s already been proven that she posts here, how bout we stop giving her the attention she so desperately needs?

No. 21666

Where is the proof? Just you posting the same thing for two years doesn't make it so

No. 21667

Yeah I'm a Nigri troll if anything lets not make up stories about my motivations for posting here every time I see this thread bumped

No. 21668

It’s literally the second post on this thread, you daft cow

No. 21669

No need to be rude and yeah lol only a cuck would cite lol cow as proof

No. 21670


The entire point was to prove she posts on lolcow. So, uh. Yeah. “Citing lolcow” to prove someone posts on lolcow is kind of the only relevent proof there is.

Arenyou really this dumb, Loonie?

No. 21671

Idk people who post here are special I assumed by the board were everyone posts their personal stories.??? Like this board is fir the retarded right

No. 21672

Nudes and nips of Jessica's deformed breast bolo I jail broke Luna's old phone it was all there. Maybe keep posting nonsense though so people get tired of reading this dumb thread every other month since it's literally Jessica bumping it

No. 21673

Posting on ib anon bitches this week(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21674

I'm nov 7th isn't this week Jess and look at someone bumping the thread 16 days ago and was ignored. Then dumping her sets 7 days ago. I doubt she's posting and there's no proof except you and your ugly group of demons constantly bitching on here about nothing. Like move on bitches and whoever else keeps harassing Luna even though she was a cosplayer for a second and not a career like you sorry ass no talents. She made money and got famous faster than you Jess then said bye bitches. That's the difference between someone with intelligence and a dumb fake bitch that basically spends all her money in plastic surgery and supporting a faggot

No. 21675

Ib anon bitches early Christmas present Jessica nigris fucked up scar tissued tittys and unedited photos of what her body really looks like before all the blur

No. 21676

Lol Kay you're nasty you're bad skin and shopped tits have nothing on goddess Luna

No. 21677

Nasty thot kaybear

No. 21678

No. 21679

No. 21680

Fucked up nips kaybear

No. 21681

Wtf is that horrible tattoo. Wait for it she designed it I bet because she's such a great artist

No. 21682

Anyone supporting trash like this saying these hookers are cosplayers are not fans if cosplay

No. 21683

At least she's cuter than you've ever been or will ever be, loonie loonie lmao

No. 21684

Yeah she wishes you dumb inbreed. And she's friends with a rapist, you know the guy in the picture you put up. Let's see how well being a republican white man defending his Nubian princess is going to over at the airport. That's where you work right?

No. 21685

This is a joke right? Next is Nigri cause no one wants to see that fat fuck Momolard

No. 21686

Yeah if Luna posted pictures like this it would be all over the internet and you'd be shaming her but obviously since the lewd group along with house mom Nigri do nasty shit behind the scenes. It's the only reason they have a career in cosplay. When talented skilled cosplayers are ignored. What a shit show and u dare this piss ass board to take this thread down because if it does then we know it's corporate behind it. Like maybe funimation people lol

No. 21687


Haha Nigri makes everything about her. Pretty sure Luna put that picture up for the me too hashtag with hashtags it. Besides she outed Nathan stallworth months if not over a year ago. He's still bff with Kay and even with Luna's druggie ex Alex.
So Nigri , Kay , Martin Wong are best friends with the photographer that was accused of sexually assaulting Luna at dragoncon?

No. 21688

The answer is yes but still support all of them cause look at this beautiful porn and photoshop

No. 21689

Yeah because being a respected adult is about talking like a baby Jess and being cute. I'm done here you pathetic stupid genetically altered silicone whites all deserve to be shamed for eternity. Please don't procreate there's too many stupid parents like yours that should have swallowed

No. 21690

LMFAO holy shit this thread. Out of nowhere. Damn Loonie I came and defended you because I thought you were getting your mental health checked and stepping away from the internet since it obviously turns you into a psychopath. Did you turn to drugs in NYC too? Is that how you lost all that weight? Drugs are bad for your mental health, Loonie, you should know that by now.

No. 21691

I don't think anyone on this board even knows who the fuck you're talking about…you really suck at keeping your identity a secret, Luna.

No. 21692

I just checked your twitter and noticed you went and deleted half the shit you've posted the past 3 weeks you're so transparent Loonie

No. 21693

Yeah fake nudes Luna herself posted on her Patreon…but I'm sure Kay and Alex held her and gunpoint and forced her to show her ugly tits for $. Oh wait.

No. 21694

Did Luna seriously have a 4 hour long conversation with herself in the middle of the night ?

What a psychopath

No. 21695

I think you all try so hard to blame it on her to cover your tracks. I read all the threads and those names you're saying no one knows have been mentioned multiple times. How do you know she deleted stuff if you're not stalking? You all are so transparent in your attempts to gaslight this thread since day one. All this group does is repeat themselves over and over like whirling dervishes.

No. 21696

Oh Jesus wasn't she just bragging about her nipples? Lmao

No. 21697

Luna is so obsessed with Kay it's embarrassing. At least she didn't pay to have her boobs look that way Luna.

No. 21698

I just imagine Luna sitting in a dark room furiously hitting refresh while popping pills and looking like she hasn’t slept in 10 Days.

Girl needs help.

No. 21699

Except you're on here furiously refreshing lol. I think people who move to NYC from other places get thinner because you walk everywhere. But then you cows wouldn't know that because you literally do nothing except finger yourself for patreon bucks. Like get some treatments for those dirt bumps on your ass with all this money you thots make lol. That shits nasty to look at

No. 21700

Looks like Luna/WK is back to samefagging.
We are banning, but they just evade so just a heads up. Will start cleaning their future posts also.

EDIT: and to anyone wondering, they have talked to themselves in this thread.

No. 21701

Oi Luna, how's the botched nosejob going? Has the bridge started collapsing yet?

I'm sorry that you have to put up with her, mods. I wasn't expecting Loonie to resume doing this shit again, given how she went silent for a while and stopped cosplaying. Does she uses proxies or something to ban evade?

No. 21702

File: 1513019238574.jpeg (48.5 KB, 750x320, 7E447027-84D8-451E-833A-1288C5…)


No. 21709

I don't even see this post anymore?
This is like the "my friend who manages my shit was attacking all these random people pretending to be me" bullshit from 2 years ago.

No. 21710

Well done, Farmhand. Looks like maybe Loonie doesn't have enough $$$ or friends anymore to waste on proxies for different IP addresses so she can keep sperging.

No. 21711

You farmhands are so retarded Luna has never been on this board but her momager has so come at me dumb bitches.

No. 21712

Yeah that would have been Alex Ramos the psychopath

No. 21713

Omg guys I found a random post that means nothing am I cool enough yet to get brownie points fir being the most irreverent bitch in the planet

No. 21714

IP address 2 days ago probably South Carolina or Ky the one today Nashville. Not buying ip actually traveling but keep being Nancy Drew. The amount of made up shit on this thread is ufb.

No. 21715

I would love to know who this faggot pussy is cause the way you talk makes me think your parents must of locked you in the closet and hoped you die lol

No. 21716

I promise you she never gave a shit about cosplayers or this board. Btw her nose was probably more $$$ than what you make in a year flicking your bean for fatass men on patreon

No. 21717

No I'm actually sick of that dumb nigger copying my kid since highschool. Like go get your own personality bitch. And I'll say it to her pimple duh looking face. Like all those girls my kid went to school with look like they have Down syndrome. I hope this bitches don't actually think they're attractive

No. 21718

lol. kay is still hotter than u, loon~

No. 21719

I guess if you consider a mental case of white envy with cuts hot then ok. Looks are subjective but There's really no competition, she lightens her skin, uses all the tools Jessica uses but in real life looks nothing like her pictures. I find it funny Kay is always brought up to get the attention off Jessica. Like don't you have any other scapegoats Jessica?

No. 21720

I said this was her momager or to you her momonster. Why are you tagging all my threads I know I'm posting in a row but I'm answering different posters. Actually it's probably the same person. When you tire of stalking my daughter let me know until then I'm going to junk up these threads and bounce from iP to IP(Oh no, it's actually retarded)

No. 21721

What the fuck is going on here? This is worse than Kiki. This is the most mental self whiteknigher in Lolcow history. I though Luna was getting better but she’s even more batshit now.

No. 21722

I don't know if it's worse than keeks, but it's still pretty wild. I think Luna will always be batshit.

No. 21723

All you did was copy JNig.
How many spergs have we seen Luna go on about her mom?
Also Kay is friends with your mom on FB…your Mom would probably not be proud to see how racist you actually are.

No. 21724

Kay is not friends with me on Facebook. What's your agenda because you've been stalking my daughters shit for years. You really need some serious help esp in the understanding English language dept. Delanie doesn't care about cosplay losers true she will tell me to stop posting but I think it's criminal to have false info posted about you from fake titty bitch. Jessica I know all this harassment comes from your group I've known it since Delanie was with that fucked up group of your Asian friends.

No. 21725

File: 1513899950823.jpeg (129.15 KB, 768x1024, 682E9785-ED9C-4C2A-8C8F-C688DF…)

This is hilariously photoshopped. Nice bending walls.
Also, is her tampon string hanging out?

No. 21728

Dang, here I was thinking Luna had finally moved passed lolcow and matured so that I could start actually liking her but wow. Even her mom is crazy racist. Can't stand behind her no matter what.

No. 21729

File: 1513911535166.jpeg (259.38 KB, 750x768, CF20F92E-C598-45C4-B59F-601439…)

What the fuck is her mouth?

No. 21733

^when you wanna look like Harley but you really look like the joker

No. 21734

File: 1514004326488.png (327.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171222-234351.png)

Lmfao this fucking bitch

No. 21743

File: 1514004364836.png (353.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171222-234359.png)

That desperate for money huh loonie

No. 21748

Lmao is she saying she will show her pussy or that she wants other women to get their pussies out so she can photograph them and make money? The wording is so retarded and manic sounding.

No. 21749

Why don’t you join and find out?

No. 21750

If she’s saying mappletrope have you seen his work? It’s super porn

No. 21751

You can never be too thin or rich

No. 21752

Go to bed Alex

No. 21753

Get in your box, loonie

No. 21754

This her mom dumb bitch

No. 21755

File: 1514037385962.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 0862D848-F984-41F2-B219-D7CC67…)

Sure jan

No. 21773

Get back in your box, loonie.

No. 21774

Alex and Kay enjoy yourselves btw nice pic can we make merch

No. 21775

I think you’re fucking crazy anyone that stalks someone for over 7 years lmfao

No. 21776

English Loonie, do you speak it?

No. 21777

My name is Theresa but sure call me loonie.

No. 21778

Yeah, right. So, "Theresa," why do you waste your time looking at your daughter's nudes all day? Can you fuck off and stop embarassing yourself?

No. 21779

No embarrassing stuff there at least she’s not ugly as fuck like you. Take your own advice as stop wasting time stalking and maybe I won’t keep calling your ass out

No. 21780

Btw I use to manage her stuff so kind of was my job to know what bullshit was being posted. I suggest you learn the difference about what’s considered smut verses art. Maybe get an education instead of sniffing glue lol

No. 21781

Farmhand please lay down the ban hammer on this psycho.

Also I thought your sister managed you, not your Mom…keep your lies straight Loonie.

No. 21782

I'm not alex or kay or anyone who went to high school with you, you schizophrenic freak. Jesus christ, where are the mods today?

No. 21783

>>"I also will post anywhere from a minimum of 4 paid posts per month up to 12 now to sustain the same time and $$$ I use to put into even making an effort to be on here or social media. And unfortunately since people on here now and in the past have leaked photos that weren't for the public (and even edited and altered photos) everyone is paying the price."

I love how this bitch made this huge deal of how trash the cosplay industry was and that she wasn't in it for the money and was going to pursue her dreams and make something of herself…and not even 2 months later she's trying to milk neckbeard bucks and post nudes on Patreon again cuz she can't rough it.

No. 21784

BUT SHE WAS HACKED FOR A WEEK. Even though a LOT of posts insulting cosplayers and conventions from months ago are now gone.

I wish I would have screencapped when i had the chance.

No. 21785

File: 1514258418603.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171225-221830.png)

>> let me try to get my nerd cred back for them beta bucks cuz I hate working a respectable job if it means taking a paycut

No. 21789

Lol after she talked so much shit about cosplay and acted like she was too good for it and now she’s crawling back.

No. 21790

Lmao at that bad photoshop, trampstamp and e-begging

No. 21791

I can’t figure out how this outfit works. I can see the top of the panties at her waist, but then they completely disappear around the front? I mean, it’s obviously a bad shoop, but how could you mess it up that bad?

No. 21792

i think thats a tattoo, not panties

No. 21793

Nayrt but it does look like she’s wearing a thong. And even if that black line at her waist is a tattoo, why does it suddenly end behind her arm?

No. 21794

did she say a while ago she was having laser surgery to remove those "trashy tattoos"?

No. 21795

God you are so jealous and it’s amusing to check this thread out just to see it. First it’s not surgery and it takes about ten sessions to remove tattoos sometimes more. 300 at this place each time for two tattoos. She’s keeping the script. The bow and kiss are going to be history. The outfit is from urban outfitters and no shop. Picture was taken in October any other questions?

No. 21796

HIII DELANIE. Good to have you back. Missed you ❤️

No. 21797

It’s her mom but keep dreaming that she’s wsste time on here

No. 21798

Find it extremely creepy you're claiming your Mom knows this much about your spending habits, and lingerie wardrobe…as well as looks at your nudes basically…wtf is wrong with you.

No. 21799

All 3 tattoos look stupid as fuck don't know why you'd only remove 2 of them.

No. 21800

Didn’t she post on Twitter about hating her mom? Pretty sure someone posted the cap here before

No. 21801

Why do you repeat yourself? Do you think spewing the same lies about someone makes them true? What I find creepy is that boards like this exist with people like you still breathing. Seriously you all could be a psa for abortion

No. 21802

Hi Alex(read the rules)

No. 21803

She likes the quote and it means something to her. The other two aren’t memorable

No. 21804

File: 1514676523442.png (375.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171230-182532.png)

That's a new excuse…can anyone verify? Pretty sure I've seen videos of her early high school where she sounded like she had speech issues so pretty sure this story is bullshit for pity points.

No. 21805

Is that alleged head injury the reason she comes here pretending to be her own mother to self white knight?

No. 21806

I’m gonna go with yes. But she was fucked in the head before the accident.

I can confirm she did get into a car accident before she started doing cosplay though and came into some insurance money. Which is how she was able to afford her initial boob job and conventions.

No. 21807

From what I can remember when she attacked that anime con:
>>She used to claim she was initially from GA.
Not sure if that's the case but she refers to GA as 'home'.
>>Worked with Disney Princess company
She got fired for starting drama. No surprise.
>>How much of this is true?
A coworker of hers went on the record saying she's a pathological liar, leading to her getting fired from their mutual place of work.

I DOUBT most of this is true. Unless she can link or verify these commercials by name.

No. 21808

Not true I know Deena well enough to know she’s the mental case. Wasn’t fired from dream friends quit when she got tired of dealing with Kester who stopped paying on time. Last job with Deena was some sort of company holiday fair and she not only took the payment but held onto the money for weeks without making the payment to Delanie. Delanie has never been fired from any job lmao. Insurance money came right before the move to California about two years after the accident. I think she put up her headshot on patreon a while ago at least the la talent/models one. You’re doubtful about something when she was 5
Was there technology in 1998 to copy commercials? You’re so fucking jealous I live how all your facts are wrong probably 2nd hand info from either Alex, Deena or Jeremy Miller who manages her for a second before I kicked his ass to the curb fir a second time. What a snake that creep is and I see he’s friends with another rapist Toby turner lol. Yeah all these people my kid came in contact with in the cosplay world, the people that want to make money off cosplayers or ride on their fame are worse than trash. Includes Martin Wong too that mooched the entire time he dated her. Wanted to live with us in LA because he couldn’t afford his own apartment. All these guys are pussies and probably at one time or another have talked shit because she ghosted them or dumped their shit outside

No. 21809

Lol no that is wrong. I actually paid for her boob job with money from the sale of our house. She paid me back last year.

No. 21810

She’s not pretending and I’m really her mom no matter how much you keep trying to deny. Because see if you keep trying to deny the truth in your fucked up head you actually believe what you say has been important enough for her to respond. If you knew Delanie you’d know she doesn’t give a shit about people that are in cosplay, in her past and most definitely not about ugly people on this board. I found out about this place last year and now that I don’t manage her felt it was ok to finally say I’m the one who’s been posting.

No. 21811

Also that was years ago when she was a freshman at GSU and lol there was one video on you tube with another fat ass jealous girl from highschool named heather
Whos friends with Kay Thomas. In fact a majority of people she knew from mill creek high school got deleted from her Facebook and they are still salty. I can verify that they still end up in the spam folder of her dm and emails always asking for some favor or to talk mad shit about highschool lmao. It’s like they can’t stand the fact Delanie didn’t want to have anything to do with them. All these people are either hairdressers, work at ulta or food service bottom of the food chain types

No. 21812

Hi Kay

No. 21813

Mom, you suck at the English language, get offline and do something with your life.

No. 21814

She was born in TN so technically that’s home. Have lived in California two times, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and unfortunately Georgia which was the biggest mistake I made as far as moving.

No. 21815

It’s hard posting on an I phone didn’t know this board was for writers lmfao. I don’t have to get the fuck off if it means discrediting you fucktards(bye luna)

No. 21816

Can we talk about all the information that went against her description that got screencapped??

And how she, in the role of mom, never named the commercials she was in?? Cause you can still look that shit up to verify it.

No. 21817

Funny cuz just last year you said your sisters asked if you got work done and you claimed you were all natural so now you're admitting to your boob job?

No. 21818

I know enough to have witnessed all,the insane twitter wars she had had with various cosplayer over the years so If she really doesn’t care about cosplayers she sure does a bad job at showing it.

Also, just Incase the fake indulgence wasn’t obvious enough : no one actually believes it’s not Loony posting. She already outed herself with those twitter screenshots ages ago. ( inb4 her “mom” claims to have had control of her twitter account )

No. 21819

File: 1514813706304.jpeg (273.85 KB, 1242x1473, 00A5C4AF-D1F0-4DFC-AA29-4D5F5A…)

Jesus h Christ, what a shitshow
Lol imagine being the mom to this fucking slag

No. 21823

File: 1514813768187.jpeg (Spoiler Image,265.05 KB, 1242x1460, AF18A27D-EC88-4F4F-97E5-DD0BFC…)

Luna “never done nudes I’m not a thot” Wheeler

No. 21824

File: 1514813991074.jpeg (352.44 KB, 1227x1856, 671B3DB2-E425-4E11-92D4-AE2D6A…)

But this ones my fave, and it’s so embarrassing she’s pretending to be her mother now, I had such high hopes for her, I love how she claimed she stopped lewding when she cut her hair but there’s fucking lewds of her with short hair on the google file anon posted. And now after shit talking costhoting and Patreon she’s begging for them beta buxx back, as much as she shit talks Martin Wong, she would’ve been way more successful if she had stayed sucking his dick.

No. 21826

She's got a crazy look on her eye

No. 21828

File: 1514851127225.jpg (813.63 KB, 1069x1624, Screenshot_20180101-180658.jpg)

The photo quality in all these >>21608
sets are absolutely awful. Luna if you're going to take/edit your own photos take a class ffs

No. 21837

File: 1514851190921.jpg (475.05 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20180101-180829.jpg)

Not to mention wonky nips sent these to her patrons so if it's due to terrible editing it's only her fault

No. 21840

Why is her entire body blurred??

No. 21841

File: 1514956946637.jpeg (309.29 KB, 1048x1383, E152C4D7-FB2C-4092-B7B4-33993D…)

It seems she used her photo editor to put a rectangle focus box on the top part of her photo (aka her face) and which unfocuses everything in the background.

This pose is killing me omg lolol

No. 21846

What the hell are those shoes and that ugly 2016 Miley Cyrus hairstyle???

No. 21847

I think they're knock off miu miu shoes. Google miu miu ballet flats, the style will come up

No. 21848

Pretty sure they are from dolls kill.

No. 21849

Trailor park ass tat and a busted faux fur coat.

No. 21850

if they are, then dolls kill ripped off the miu miu design because those shoes are def. miu miu's ballet flats without a doubt.

No. 21851

They did. The miu miu have ribbon around the ankles, the dollskill have the matching strap. Loonie probably got the dollskill knowing her shitty "fans" couldn't tell the difference.

No. 21852

def is the dollskill version cuz martina from eat your kimchi just posted a photo with this same shoes tagged on IG like 2 days ago

No. 21853

File: 1515032543031.jpg (45.69 KB, 545x505, patreon.jpg)

I don't think this is how you get people to pay you money on a platform…

Really, $5 min per creation? $20/month minimum for this garbage?

No. 21854

File: 1515032701832.jpg (61.79 KB, 1224x310, graphtreon.jpg)

ooof…she doesn't make jack shit anymore no wonder she's so poor now.

No. 21855

File: 1515032909513.jpg (59.44 KB, 1082x350, kaygraph.jpg)

that must be humiliating for loonie..esp since kay doesn't even try to sell it as a cosplay patreon

No. 21857

File: 1515032965734.jpg (52.95 KB, 1293x310, sss graph.jpg)

and of course, SSS is #1 in this category…and made her patreon 1 month before loonie made hers.

No. 21858

Lmao, sss completely shits on Luna, no wonder luna was sperging over her, trying to get people to attack her on twitter and facebook when sss never even acknowledged her. And Luna is the one who got implants and flashed her bare tits. Fucking wrecked.

No. 21859

Just looked at her patreon and she was completely inactive december, drops 171 patrons and is still number 1. That must really eat luna up. Waiting for incoming sss bashing from Luna’s “mother”.

No. 21860


She's done nudes. That's funny.

No. 21861

Because she doesn’t need patreon but who turns down free money

No. 21862

Lol because she doesn’t need the money dumb cucks and we know your just truckstop hookers sss and Kay nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21863

Loonie Time.

No. 21864

she's legitimately asking for money you twat. maybe you should be more careful how you post things on your social media if you don't want us to see how bad you're struggling with your mental stability and your "career".

and trust me, it's NEVER SSS or Kay here…quit acting like you're special enough for their attention.

No. 21865

Doesn’t matter who the fuck you are because you’re obsessed and know way to much to not be associated with them. It’s called marketing you twat and you’re suppose to make money especially if you’re verified. Why not use everything in your power? Fucking weird people on here

No. 21866

Also let me know when either of those ugly dogs are in movies. Jesus even that old cunt Nigri is way older and hasn’t accomplished as much or as broadly as Luna. All these females do is post the same boring shit over and over. Let me know when any cosplayer has as many celebrities up his or her ass then fuck with her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21867

Jokes on you losers she outsold last years numbers on the calendars. Begging for money is posting every fucking day on social to join patreon with your butt in the animalistic prone position. now go back to defending girls who escort for a living

No. 21868

Farmhands get so salty when someone insults the queen slut nigri

No. 21869

File: 1515537306089.jpeg (296.67 KB, 1020x1700, 735AF405-F94A-4577-95F6-1273AF…)

Hotter than you’ll ever wish to be twat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21883

LMAO at the blur in the background by the sides of her waist

No. 21884

No farmhands get salty when you BAN EVADE LOONIE

No. 21886

Omg really that’s so like Martin Wong’s technique. Lmfao stop trying dumb ugly thots(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21887


No. 21888

File: 1516675166624.png (413.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180122-213744.png)

Someone pointed out in Mariah mallads thread that Luna and Martin are following each other on Twitter again. I'm blocked on Luna's thread so can't confirm she followed him back?

No. 21894

Make a new twitter account problem solved

No. 21895

File: 1518641601285.png (402.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180214-154902.png)

Reviving a dead thread but can't help but laugh whenever this bitch says anything.

No. 21904

File: 1518641680752.jpg (261.32 KB, 1078x933, Screenshot_20180214-155028.jpg)

On her most recent IG post lmfao so she put her IMDB link in her description…and she isn't even credited in the movie this guy commented on

No. 21906

File: 1518641707508.jpg (364.35 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20180214-155118.jpg)

Those cast listings though

No. 21907

File: 1519443689050.jpeg (285.71 KB, 1228x1527, 3BCA6FE4-6ADA-48A1-AA33-2BC1BE…)

Why is Kaybear and Krisspy Victurdy cosplay so obsessed with Luna?(why are you so obsessed with them?)

No. 21909


No. 21910

Not Luna I just think it’s weird that the farmhands on this board care so much about nasty porn trash(bye luna)

No. 21911

Do you have more videos of her? I've been looking everywhere for her Periscope and Twitch vids

No. 21912

Weird for a thread inactive for this long to get bumped when Luna claims her sister is dying in the hospital currently

No. 21913


From her facebook, it looks like her sister passed.

No. 21914

Very sad. I think it was the same sister she had a photoset with that also I think got drunk and fell out of a window a few years ago?

No. 21915

File: 1545677755202.jpg (240.08 KB, 1135x725, huh.jpg)

Sorry for necroing a dead thread but I noticed Luna has gotten back into the streaming and cosplay scene a little…and then I noticed this on her subreddit and caught me off guard because A) Luna WK'ed herself all over these threads saying she never had work done and B) a little suspect someone would WK her so hard in her subreddit and it appears the person is a throwaway account.

No. 21927

looks like she's still crazy then.
someone on that thread mentioned her lashing out at some website article author who dared to write that she provided nsfw content.
I mean, we've all seen it. Why is she still so ass blasted about it?

She's an odd one for sure.

No. 21928

She was “dancing” to music videos on Twitch the other day in a low cut midriff and mini skirt and has been posting low quality “cosplay” photos again. She’s back at her old ways.

No. 21929

Does anyone have any of her all Periscope/Twitch vids where she danced half naked? Her new vids are boring as hell since according to her she will get banned if she does as much as showing her stomach.

No. 21930

her twitch videos are awkward as hell. she acts very unfocused like she is drugged up.

No. 21931

her twitch videos are awkward as hell. she acts very unfocused like she is drugged up.

No. 21932

Boring and weird if you ask me. I could sit through the cringe if she at least bared some skin, but apparently she's not willing to do this without charging. She was supposed to do a crop top+short stream when she reached a $100 USD donation, but was quick to sweep the topic under the carpet as soon as someone mentions it.

No. 21933

File: 1547345567023.png (Spoiler Image,531.31 KB, 431x767, 7jk7ztthpi921.png)

haven't watched the streams…except one weird twitch one where she spent 20 minutes trying to set up just dance, gave up, and just randomly danced to youtube videos where half her frame was cut out.

she posted this on her subreddit…seems she decided she missed them beta bux. she's even been doing the fucking ahegao faces like all the other patreon thots.

No. 32585

File: 1549620888315.jpg (Spoiler Image,736.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190208-020125_Ins…)

(spoiler NSFW images.)

No. 33085

Ugh why they do this shit. This is way I hate costhots, they do not only ruin things for other female cosplayers but for every women and girl out there.

No. 36065

The cosplay scene has suffered a lot since they all started showing up in masses.

No. 40018

Anyone buy this hoes premium? She's making it seem like she shows actual dildos in pussy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 40063

Fuck off, scrot.

No. 53239

Pls don't ban me for resurrecting a dead thread, but I guess it's mildly newsworthy to know that she's peddling nudes and playing with dildos?


I never understood how it was so easy for her to fall into obscurity. She has said and done many things that mirror Momokun but I don't understand how Momokun is still so relevant. Is it because of how dedicated her /pt/ threads are? Is Luna just not as interesting?

I kind of wonder if its because a lot of people genuinely think this woman is mentally ill and that's why they choose to leave her alone.

No. 53267

File: 1560307494467.png (Spoiler Image,404.19 KB, 548x353, loonielewds.png)

No. 55360

Nice. Is there more like this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 55862


guess who's into camming now

No. 57833

File: 1563490005484.jpeg (578.84 KB, 1538x2048, 0CF560FD-048B-4822-9D73-27B9AA…)

Loonie is trying so hard to be the next belle delphine

No. 57834

File: 1563490095933.jpeg (915.94 KB, 1526x2048, DC9529BC-C56B-4111-AEE6-8CECDC…)

No. 57837

This is so sad and funny. Did she seriously get braces just to skinwalk Belle? Also kek at the copious amounts of filters/editing she needs to try to look young. That shit ain't working.

No. 57849

omg this shoop is horrifying

No. 57858

She looks like she tried to shoop herself into jojo siwa. Not cute at all.

She also shooped herself skinnier. As >>53267 is pretty recent.

No. 59480

File: 1563949561724.jpg (Spoiler Image,992.55 KB, 1440x7200, myfreecams-lunalanie-156360587…)

At least it was worth the wait. While her Patreon was not.

No. 59516


she looks very different from her old sexy pics. (not even talking about the recent horror shoop ones).

Whatever happened to her "acting"? pretty sure the last time she sperged out on her she was going on about being in some big movies or something. Looks like that sure worked out.

No. 59546

File: 1564003178173.jpg (Spoiler Image,566.37 KB, 1440x4320, myfreecams-lunalanie-156360957…)

Yeah. But no one wanted to work with her anymore, interest slowly faded while she scared customers of her cosplay away. No she works in the only job mediocre girls can rake in lots of money by themselves

No. 59594

She was in the background of the 15/17 to Paris.

I can see why that didn't work out. Maybe we'll see her on pornhub in the future getting railed.

No. 60700

File: 1564675344372.jpg (Spoiler Image,484.57 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190801-175454_AZ …)

From todays show, with a foxtail buttplug. I wonder when she starts doing real fetish request stuff

No. 60790

Loonie are you trying to promote your camwhoring on here? Is that why your gross ass vag keeps getting posted in this thread? No one wants to see this.

No. 60792

Not loonie. But maybe lost. Isn't this Imageboard for lusting after insta/camthots?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61553


anyone got a mega link? lol(scrotum)

No. 84230

No. 84482

Swear to god thought this was a skeleton at first

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