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No. 116632

sooo has anyone heard about this chick?

She's a typical slut cosplayer who boasts about being a ~gamer gurl~ while oversexualizing female characters in her cosplays and having her boobs fully out at public expos.

She made a video crying how she was being groped or whatever. (see her office caitlyn cosplay at momocon)

No. 116635


No. 116643



momocon complaint
she complains about not breaking the dress code at momocon (she did) and men objectifying her and then goes and objectifies herself. undertones of complaining about slut shaming and says a bunch of girls were in costumes a lot sluttier than her.

officer caitlyn cosplay for which she got harassed

see her one crappy video on twitch where she "cutely dances" but hardly plays the game (but such a gamer gurl!! rite omg)

twitter where you can find her neckbeard legion worshipping her cuz boobs and not actual cosplay

also see fb

No. 116657

Why do we allow threads like this? I'm being for real now, no trolling or bashing. This is PULL tier. Just take out the bad words, and it looks like it was taken directly from PULL (like most threads tbh, the Lush one for example).
Granted there aren't much cows around we can milk other than the classics, /cow/s, PULL users, and some you can find on kiwi.
She a snowflake alright, but she ain't no cow. As of yet at least.
Crying over groping is over dramatic, but who wants to be touched by anyone but their significant other (not always the case) on their boobs.
Listen, PULL is still up, go back there. Even the mods are here for Pete's sake. You can always tell if a PULL member is here as they double post the same message on both boards.
Yh you can come here, but try to fix the shit that happened at your board, before migrating here and talking shit about it like you've never posted there in your life. Looking at you mods. /Rant over

No. 116659

For real, if anything it should be in /b/

No. 116705

Yeah she is not funny or entertaining in any way.

Stop being afraid of punishing users, PULL mods. You guys are fucking stupid for letting people like Totemokawaii hold your IRL pics and blogs or whatever hostage and putting yourselves in a position where people can threaten you into not taking action against them.

No. 116707

>oversexualizing female characters

Yaaaaawn Jessica Nigri all over again. we get it PULL, there should be a law against sexualizing non-sexual characters in cosplays. And creepy neckbeards who drool over her booby cosplay is HER FAULT not the creepy neckbeards' fault for not having self control, which I'm pretty sure means the neckbeard fans are bigger lolcows than she so let's focus on them and see if we can find gems. I guarantee you they are funnier.

Crying over being sexually harassed? I thought PULL would be supportive of that but now they are onto full on victim-blaming and slut-shaming. Nice.

No. 116792

No. 116850

Admin sama has already spoken about having to delete/move threads recently. People don't seem to understand what "Lolcow" Means (Protip: Look at the LOL: It should be funny) They seem to think it's just PULL where they wont get called out for being a bitch.

You can always tell it's a pull user because of the format they make the OP in as well.

>Has anyone heard of this person

>Here's some unfunny things they do that I'm buttmad about
>No links, no sources, no other information

Tl;dr no one gives a shit about your shitty vendettas pull users, pls leave.

No. 116855

There should be a tally board with how many of these get posted. Every time we reach an interval of 10, PT becomes kawaiier

No. 116862

It's more /cgl/ than PULL because you always see threads like this there but they quickly get deleted so they try to repost them here.

No. 117905

File: 1433648650103.jpg (349.88 KB, 960x752, 1433577888232.jpg)

I think this may serve as evidence.

No. 117925

Threads like this are the reason why lolcow has such a weird reputation with neckbeard boards. Lol

No. 117944

She could've just been added to the League whores thread. Come on, OP.

No. 117947

If threads like this repel the neckbeards, edgefags and a-loggers, keep em coming, I say.

No. 117966

How dull and irrelevant.

Delete this shit and get back to PULL.

No. 118088

Moved to >>>/b/8415.

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