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File: 1616641995068.jpg (200.18 KB, 1080x1347, 20210325_000743.jpg)

No. 142953

Ridiculous Photoshoppers >>1191646 thread was getting too many gossip and off topic comments

The purpose of this thread is to spill milk from BRs ethots
Most of these girls don't have enough relevance to be featured on their own thread

The cover is Fegalvao bc she's probably the most famous right now

No. 142954

Shit thread, so so so shit. Really this is what qualifies as passable?

No. 142955

File: 1616643132768.jpg (90.25 KB, 1080x1080, 66662218_123155465624418_49143…)

where you posted on Ridiculous Photoshoppers before? damn

candid of layze_michelle, who just like nanaomi thinks people don't have expression lines. ever.

No. 142956

there is a second fight developing into that facebook post. these people dont stop

No. 142957

Can someone pls tell the drama and the screens hot of the ugly wig? I don't have access to facebook

No. 142958

Caps, please, this is an imageboard

No. 142959

Why do these cows have to make themselves look like plastic? She is just fine

No. 142960

File: 1616645454181.jpg (525.97 KB, 2048x2048, 163478256_3823077544426253_682…)

one of the wigs (it gets worse)

they are literally two irrelevant cosplayers that had a fight over a wig two and one talked about it without names and the other had the "you talking about me" attitude. i don't think it's milky because they are nobodies but i can print it

yeah i dont think she is pretty but she isnt ugly either she is just average.

No. 142961

File: 1616645485858.jpg (114.59 KB, 720x960, 162572267_1306157099785239_103…)

somehow it arrived even worse to the client

No. 142962

File: 1616645548046.jpg (97.63 KB, 720x960, 163086978_1306157163118566_715…)

No. 142963

File: 1616645632295.jpg (85.66 KB, 720x960, 162567137_1306156746451941_291…)

this is the nezuko one

No. 142964

File: 1616645687766.jpg (64.67 KB, 636x960, 164341897_1308887182845564_438…)

and nanashi's latest response to this. she is ignoring the post altogether to post her nudes on instagram. a prime example of a good seller.

No. 142965

That wig is so ugly eeew
Id be so pissed if I payed $40 for that crap

No. 142966

That is so disgusting, I bet it also stinks

No. 142967

Nanashi's stinky wig and justkino's cat poop cosplay would be a great pair

No. 142968

File: 1616650459646.jpg (220.68 KB, 1918x960, 1500830704082.jpg)

Translated one of the posts from the brazil /ot/ thread (>>222997):

Mariza Scheid

>one of many gamer girls who only play League of Legends or Overwatch – and only once every 3 months.

>was a nobody until she had am argument with pixie. She wanted to take part in Riot's cosplay contest, but, according to the rules, only adults (18+) could join.
>she threw a tantrum, nagged her mother for days until she signed an authorization that mariza herself made up. Said thousands of times that her mother gave her permission to join, thus Riot must let her join the contest too. They didn't.
>after this incident, she got famous for pedo pandering. She had been taking sensual pictures for a while at the time and she was 16 y/o.
>also cosplayed the protagonists of kodomo no jikan and nekopara
>is already over 18 y/o but pretends to be underage and "jokes" she's 13 to attract more pedos
>is the most basic definition of coswhore incarnate
>when she is not pedo pandering, she overshoops her butt and tits as if her life depended on it
>runs after any famous cosplayer otherwise she'll lose relevance
>just another patreon cam girl, who doesn't do shit besides taking semi nude shots and send them as rewards to her patrons
>cries on patreon that she doesn't have any money to keep up with her hobby, but her family is rich and they've always paid for her cosplays

No. 142969

File: 1616650469142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.03 KB, 1080x1295, 156354199_463164238165719_5439…)

why did no one post adriana alencar? (dri.alencar_) the hair floating above her butt is everything to me

No. 142970

File: 1616652742332.jpg (49.87 KB, 540x960, 1495503796497.jpg)


Myo Tsubasa
 >became famous for hanging around kahsan, who in turn is another cow herself
>was literally licked by a tv program host (Pânico) and, according to her, she cried a lot because it was an awful situation. Garnered a lot of sympathy and threatened to sue the tv show because "this is horribly disrespectful towards us, cosplayers".
>had a meltdown when somebody shared a photo of jessica blepper (another cow) wearing a d.va cosplay, said that "an 80 reais ebay cosplay is not cosplay" and made a meme like "the d.va you respect most" all the while having only the outfit in pic related (she thought this was cosplay)
>the same friend who made her famous abandoned her after the fight with jessica and she deactivated her profile and page
>when she came back, she posted pictures of a chinese ballerina claiming it was herself and that the pictures were sent by a former teacher, and also that she took ballet lessons for 10 years but had to quit
>has "if I cosplay this character then no one else can" syndrome
>nowadays she is inactive, but will surely come back with more milk

This one is vintage milk by now, i guess

No. 142971


Now she's trying her hand at streaming on Twitch and she's really bad at it, has to resort to giveaways and getting piss drunk on camera to get views (and it doesn't even work). She's also been buying followers.

There was a whole saga about her living on a gaming house who bought her and other 3 random girls views and followers as well and it went down in flames, probably because Mariza is totally unsufferable to live with.

No. 142972

Sage for double posting, forgot to say that if we are talking about streamers there's also this completely unhinged one called TakaiDesu, who yesterday had a fake meltdown for views and was like crawling on the floor fake bawling wearing just a bra and micro shorts.

No. 142973

Wow, I totally missed it
Would love to see her having breakdowns on insta stories

No. 142974

What's the wcs drama shoop thread anons were talking about?

No. 142975

I didnt know about the gaming house lolololol

No. 142976

It all happened in the Brazilian finals, the decision to see who would represent Brazil in Japan

When the results were announced, the guy who was selected as winner went to Kahsan while they were on stage and screamed "SUCK IT" at her
After that her boyfriend came out of nowhere to scream and push the guy and eneded up shoving off the screamer's girlfriend as well

After that Kahsan started crying on the internet about how unfair this was, and that the winners should be unqualified, and they were

But she was not expecting a simple change of events: since her boyfriend(and official staff) was violent she was unqualified too.

Here's the video the drama starts after 7:30

No. 142977

File: 1616688056280.gif (5.88 MB, 597x274, gif-wcs-incidente.gif)

I found this gif, but I think it's too confusing. The guy in the black shirt is Kahsan's bf

No. 142978

Oh wow. Con staff bf probably shouldn't have pushed him, but the cosplayer guy looked kind of scary.
Did they have a prior conflict or something?

No. 142979

They probably had, I guess they don't get along. He was pretty scary and unecessary

He's not the con staff, he is Kahsan's staff, for their presentation. That's why she was unqualified too.

No. 142980

Ugh, I answered to the wrong post, but you can understand it anyway.
I'm here casually waiting for the other anon to see if they know more stuff about those two not getting along

No. 142981

This cosplayer should not be allowed in contests again, imho

No. 142982

If I remember it well, they used to be friends but for some reason drifted apart. Kahsan was bitchy to them behind the scenes, going as far as complaining about them to staff to try and get them punished. Like, almost every duo forgot things on stage but the next one would just brush it aside because there was a spirit of camaraderie among everyone who was competing. But it seems Kahsan went after Guy&Gf and she threw a fit cause they left something on stage and it totes ruined her presentation. Among other things.

So I guess when they won the guy felt he had reason to scream at her face.

Keep in mind this could be not 100% accurate cuz I read about it during the drama but didn't pay much attention since everyone involved is a huge flop.

No. 142983

Honestly the person I feel the most sorry about is the cosplay partner of the angry guy - she didn't do anything wrong but still got punished.
But that Kahsan must've really gotten under his skin, huh. Unless he is known to be short tempered?

No. 142984

Oh he definitely is known for having a short temper, he's known to be a shitty person after all, don't know abt today but he was flirting with alt right

And yes, the girlfriend is the one I most felt sorry for. She got shoved off two times, one by her own boyfriend and lost travelling to Japan

No. 142985

In a blog post about this drama there were some comments about him being an asshole since forever

No. 142986

Screaming guy's cosplay partner is also his girlfriend

No. 142987

Dy's milk, pls
I can't find the old thread

No. 142988

i still blame her because she was the one who started it with trying to get him disqualified for petty reasons

No. 142989

I checked her twitch and that was so pathetic. She will be lucky if she stills has a liver til 25

No. 142990

File: 1616707875588.jpg (89.49 KB, 592x535, 54156456.jpg)

She got famous pretty quickly due to her riven being featured everywhere under the sun. I think she didn't have maturity for fame because she started being arrogant and thinking her cosplays were the best thing ever. I suppose it was around here that she started to hang around with other e-thots and dubious cosplayers like michi, samanta (samanta's problem is only her photoshoping though) myo, fuzeti feh and others. Sadly she deleted her shoot in her pool with fuzeti and bruna fairbanks. Obviously was also 'friends' withe eder so she could get free stuff for her cosplays.

Riot had a cosplay contest (which was messy by itself and had a lot of fights like mariza for example) with half the people for the final being choosen by them and half by the community or something like that. She got her spot thanks to her massive following but when she obviously lost with her ill fitting Fiora she was not happy.
Some of the other cosplayers where having breakfeast after the contest and when they said that the results were fair (the only thing here i'm 100% sure is that she wasn't at the same table because she was eating alone since nobody wants to be with her for more than 5 minutes) she screamed and ran back to her hotel room crying.

Lies that I can remember: doing her own cosplays, being poor and e-begging while living in an apartment that has it's own pool and is really close to the beach, being fluent in english, not photoshopping her body and that it was just exercise, started cosplaying with 12y, being a hardcore player of any of the games she cosplayed from and having a gringo boyfriend.

Had a real boyfriend for a while (and the funniest thing is that she put make up and a wig on him one day and he looked 10 times better than her) but had to ditch him so her followers would keep thinking she is accessible. Then Feh gained way more followers and traction than her so she suddenly got a gringo bf whose instagram was only pictures of her. It was really creepy.

She had a fallout with Feh at some point, we just don't know when. All the others also kind of ditched her too when they got their numbers on instagram and Michi was the only one that really stayed.

Fast foward to 2019 or something and she went on a long ramble about how she used to shop a lot and how she was stopping to do it (she never stopped) that was probably a jab at Feh like some people speculated (next pic) but no one is sure.

If I remember anything else I will come back to post.

No. 142991

File: 1616707931201.png (462.18 KB, 929x594, q1flGYX.png)

No. 142992

Is Fe poor or something or is she also a rich neet slut? I always see people saying shit about her home

No. 142993

File: 1616708453871.jpg (108.76 KB, 762x952, 4164546.jpg)

her home is shitty because she doesn't care and her parents don't have the time to care. they are richier than dy.
and this is her boyfriend who obviously doesn't shopp exactly like her.

No. 142994

Now I really wanna see his real face lol

No. 142995

File: 1616709672133.jpg (82.04 KB, 1080x1080, 123541202_765082204223290_2619…)

ju_elfo is his instagram but almost everything is shopped. He even shops in accessories just like her.
The fact that he posts photos with her all the time and she doesn't even acknowledge that he exists on her instagram always sends me.

No. 142996

Apparently she moved out to a new apartment or something

No. 142997

File: 1616712393000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.88 KB, 817x1100, 20210325_194354.jpg)

Here it is
And people pay her of to see that

No. 142998

File: 1616713261677.jpg (119.88 KB, 800x538, 8418616465.jpg)

debora staying at home because the country is falling apart? no that's for poor people fuzeti
and of course giu was also touring with her

she is already doing pussy shots? i thought she was still only showing her boobs.

No. 142999

RS right now is one of the worst states, and they are touring and making photoshoots
That's so pathetic, and they are not the only ones doing this shit, lots of cosplayers even travelled just to make photoshoots in the chaos the country is right now

She does but she posts it just like I did
The MS paint censorship is official

No. 143000

OMG Giu is selling her panties online now
This escaled to a whole new lvl

No. 143001

File: 1616715820425.jpg (47.03 KB, 480x850, 126811805_187857789561151_7939…)

riot did their whole fiasco of KDA all out shoot with subpar cosplayers, because none of them can model, they could've asked debora since she is a model and has instagram numbers, were the cosplayers did nothing because everything was badly sew by leon. like this piece of…. something here full of loose threads. the worst is not even the fact that all the cosplays look so bad but the fact that almost all of the cosplayers are from other states and came to sp for this. adami even came from the US for this. in the middle of a pandemic. they have no respect whatsoever

she is selling socks too!

No. 143002

Riot is one of the worst companies in game for women, but apparently they are useful for being cosplayers and attracting men
Who were the cosplayers?

No. 143003

Dy and Kahsan went to bars in the middle of the pandemic, you can see in her tagged pictures

No. 143004

File: 1616717877041.jpg (220.83 KB, 1080x1350, 126823376_3485642974855768_569…)

luhimura was ahri

No. 143005

File: 1616717959383.jpg (223.99 KB, 965x1206, 127287234_4129140393769162_505…)

mosomenzari was evelyn

No. 143006

File: 1616718025827.jpg (53 KB, 480x849, 126849956_178198827038043_6963…)

adamilangley was kaisa

No. 143007

File: 1616718096535.jpg (83.02 KB, 464x779, 8419419988.jpg)

chibs_chibers was akali with this amazing wig running away from her head

No. 143008

File: 1616718315010.jpg (65.98 KB, 480x831, 126516645_892212118261372_2923…)

kitsuneraposa was seraphine, leonmarttins sewn all the cosplays, jmbcos styled the wigs and god knows who did the accessories, which are the only things that look good, because they didn't even credit the person

No. 143009

What a perfect couple! I dare say his shoop is more nightmare fuel shit than Feh's.

Are they also justifying breaking quarantine with "muh mental health"?

No. 143010

just checked her instagram and now and I don't know if she is that much of a catfish or leon chose the most unflattering picture of her to post (also this outfit is so ill-fitting)

No. 143011

File: 1616719237004.jpg (283.92 KB, 1080x1350, 126899344_850884182119612_2699…)

i dont like they as much as the next person but i didn't find anything on dy's tagged pictures, only kahsan's

of course they are. kitsuneraposa and her best friend val something did the same thing.

no she really is ugly and plastic like that, too much botox i guess. also i dont know anything about the akali but she seems like a nice person and mosomenzari is nice as well, they just got paired with shitty people

No. 143012

Since kitsuneraposa was mentioned what about some milk?

Kudos to Riot for making this happen in the middle lf a pandemic. Just why??

I didnt know Monica still cosplaying

No. 143013

holy mother of jesus
she is so botched

No. 143014

File: 1616728475383.jpg (238.33 KB, 1080x1080, 83141770_117456879803554_50071…)

first is the most obvious thing but that all her fans can't see: she isn't such a cute always sparkling person. she is bitchy, selfish and if she doesn't get what she wants she throws a tantrum.

she really thinks she is the best ahri and their fans only fuel her fantasies, and as the best ahri other ahris are shunned down by her and treated badly. i know that the only reason she accepted to be seraphine this time was because it was something from riot and she sucks their balls big time.

thinks her presentations are also the best thing to grace mother earth (when they are this kind of bad: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIjEZm3jnhG/) and of course she is right because she wins every single contest in her city, but that's only because she only competes in small cons with begginers cosplayers. when she tries anything at CCXP or any big con she… well the video says it all. the only reason she gets classified for CCXP every year is because her fans vote for her.

she can't sew, can't style wigs, can't make accessories, so she never moves a finger for anything in her life. the only reason they didn't cut her from WCS selection is because probably val (her allegedly best friend which she treats like shit) did everything by herself.
but val can fuck herself for all renata cares, because when she got the invite from riot she brought with her lukkiluzi, who is prettier, so she is a better cosplay duo, and only 18 years old, (while renata is almost 31) so easier to manipulate. i guess maybe val is standing up for herself and thats why she is replacing her with lukkiluzi.

more on WCS is that she made several posts in 2019 thanking val for being her duo and how they would try again on 2020 and sob shit but as soon as someone with a bigger following and better crafting skills than val (jessycosplayer) asked to be her duo she jumped ship.

everyone always praises her on how good her costumes/wigs/accessories are and she just goes thank you! on them instead of ever saying who did what for her. sometimes she says it was val who did this or that but usually she doesn't. she also buys cosplays, make someone alter just a bit of it and says it was her seamstress who did it (her first kda ahri is an example and that laughable robe too) but even when people ask she never tells the name/link/anything from this seamstress. loads of people ask her how she does her ahri tails and again she just ignores it.

she is always rambling about how much she loves to play league and have so much fun with it when the last time she logged on it was 2 years ago, i have her on my friendlist.

last year's CCXP was virtual to some extent but they got cosplayers from other states to compete and paid for their trips like always. she, instead of taking a break because of covid when into her second out of state trip of the year.
broke quarantine several times with val because muh mental health i need to take cosplay photos.

she is so narc that you can see multiple pictures of herself on her wall and she sells keychains of herself in cosplay (aka ahri keychains) she also thinks she is a fashionista but… you can see on her instagram, i'm not going into detail about her lolita outfits as well because they are just as bad as her looks. she also calls herself an actress and singer but… again you can see for yourself.

sorry for the long post, she is one of my personal cows. pic is her amazing improvement of her ahri along the years.

No. 143015

File: 1616728728898.jpg (171.82 KB, 1080x902, 149064325_1644830449038137_805…)

it's high fashion you wouldn't understand

No. 143016

it took her 6 years to improve the tails kek

No. 143017

I felt ashamed for her watching her sing, that was terrible
Why do cosplayers do this? You could ask for someone who actually sings and… just dub it

No. 143018

In some way this sends the same vibes as Kahsan claming she's a "fashionista"
Why usually cosplayers dress so badly outside cosplay?

No. 143019

File: 1616734380288.jpg (106.1 KB, 467x858, 98256941654.jpg)

no idea what you are talking about she looks amazing with her friend hair and this… skirt.

No. 143020

I don't know what that skirt is doing right there

No. 143021

Autistic Pixielocks fashion aside, she's kind of cute to me, ngl. Does she have any serious milk or is it just her being a lazy/mediocre cosplayer?

No. 143022

bless your heart, anon

No. 143023

Damn, that dude's unhinged. Who's kahsan again and what are her handles? I'm a distant lurker so I know nothing about any of these people, it's been years since BR last had good drama

No. 143024

Holy fuck why is her tail coming out of a metal rod sticking out from her coccyx? It looks like someone stabbed her with it

No. 143025

She looks real at least
Not a photoshopped plastic doll

No. 143026

She's been a cow for over a decade, she was featured in the Ridiculous Photoshop thread before, but there is more to it.
The other anon is better at spilling milk and knows more stuff so I'LL just wait here for them to answer

No. 143027


Theres more milk from what i remember:

>Feh and dy were actually friends for years. Dy was the one who got feh into photoshopping originally too.

>Dy is one of the most disliked cosplayers in the Brazilian community, due to her insufferable attitude, delusions about her fame and how she treats others.

>Dy actually brought a good majority of her followers, this is a known fact amoungst many in the brazillian cosplayer community.

>We already know this but dy photoshops and claims its excercise even though she still has back rolls in most of her shooped pics. In candids you can see that she's doughy as hell. Kek

>Says she no longer shoops and feels more confident in her appearance but you can tell she still shoops them to hell. Kek

There's a lot more, i remember some brazillian's bringing loads of milk on feh and dy in fehs pull thread.

No. 143028

File: 1616793109657.png (1.84 MB, 1436x834, terrordaOMS.png)

Kahn Dy and these two on a girl's night out while the country is falling apart

No. 143029

Oh, I miss PULL. I spent some time not entering there and then got to know it was close. I didnt know Fe and Dy were close, I would like to see a photoshoot featuring both of them, it would look like more like a digital painting than actual photographies

No. 143030

I really feel sorry for the judges. I wish there was a version with the cameras on their face for reaction

No. 143031

File: 1616800339535.jpg (82.82 KB, 588x512, 84185415.jpg)

i'm the anon who made the first post about her and yeah, she doesn't shopp that much, it's just her shitty personality and laziness. if she has any milk she hid it really well because i watch her closely and never saw things outside of what i said.

i do know a bit more but it's stuff that would out me so i really can't say

she is kinda square. both of them are here but as far as i know there is no photoshop here.

No. 143032

i honest to god didn't recognize dy here. she looks so old. why no one holds these bitches accountable for going out in the middle of a pandemic? and even worse, they didn't go out for something important. they should be dragged down for this but no one really cares.

No. 143033

File: 1616801567839.jpg (88.25 KB, 960x960, 121451780_165396258554945_3157…)

This girl doesn't cosplay but I think she deserves a spot for being pro ana e transtrender.

No. 143034

File: 1616804832056.jpg (52.8 KB, 598x598, 18835973_1747818591909778_5672…)

I couldn't find full body pictures of them together

No. 143035

File: 1616805226731.jpg (196.91 KB, 750x748, 1515686045804.jpg)

okay, just found a pic of them and… oh, the magical waists

No. 143036

And they went out more, I think they deleted the pictures, or it was posted only on instastories.
I agree with you, they should be dragged down, but no one really cares.

No. 143037

File: 1616911632731.jpg (61.1 KB, 481x859, 841986546.jpg)

mad about what? bitch aren't you supposed to be paying back those $40?? she confirmed she is an alcoholic in some stories a few days ago so i wonder if she did those wigs while drunk out of her ass

No. 143038

Mad about what, BITCH???
The people who comissioned those shitty wigs with her are the ones who deserve to be mad.

No. 143039

That's so funny because a lot of theses costhots put "model" in their instagram bio but when it comes to actually doing it they suck
Being a model is not only posing to your friends that have DSLR for fucks sake

No. 143040

File: 1616922370000.png (223.23 KB, 509x1139, PROCON lmao.png)

And her handle?

Handle? Screenshots?

Christ, learn to sage your shit, post caps and usernames, it's not that fucking hard to follow basic imageboard rules. Brazilian threads always go to shit because you retards can't do the bare fucking minimum, your posts are as bad as nana's wigs at least you're not charging for them

Screenshot of the wig feedback >>142964 for future reference

No. 143041

Plz anon drop layze_michelle milk

No. 143042

File: 1616923757012.png (705.15 KB, 879x724, pantyselling.png)

Your wish is my command anon

No. 143043

File: 1616923794905.png (1.01 MB, 1920x904, panty selling 2.png)

No. 143044

File: 1616962916827.jpg (120.64 KB, 496x504, 0001.jpg)

sage please

i found the whole saga from this feedback for debora if anyone wants it

No. 143045

File: 1616962963560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.3 KB, 483x688, 8948981989.jpg)

also found this, which i remember she deleted 5 minutes after posting

No. 143046

those are true bolt ons goddamn

No. 143047

File: 1616969388747.jpg (83.22 KB, 485x861, urdumb.jpg)

i literally threw nanashi tumblr on google and her tumblr was the first one. you are not trying to hide anything girl. she also said she is addicted to xanax i wonder how many drugs this girl even use.

No. 143048

Why the fuck these bitches are like that? I mean, get the money you get from your naked posts and was going to spend on cosplay and go to a psyquiatrist instead.
They spend money on boobjobs, botox, nosejobs but their health? Never mind it doesn't attract likes.

No. 143049

Translated the post:

>[NEGATIVE FEEDBACK]Waiting for a resolution

>Let's go… A friend of mine, knowing that I would cosplay Janna Star Guardian, suggested that I commission the wig from Debora Fuzeti (and she was already making a wig similar to what I wanted). I readily contacted her, she said the commission would be 270 reais + 36 reais for shipping, and I deposited the amount on December 6th 2016. She then told me she would just make the finishing touches to the wig and then would send it. So far so good. I told her I would wear it to an event in my city on April 15th… First attempt, she didn't send me the wig. Right after, I informed her that I would do a photoshoot and I needed the wig for it, this would be on May 14th, and for the second time, she didn't send me the wig. I was already out of patience by then. My last attempt, the MSI (translation note: idk what this means), on the 20th. She gave me the run around, said she would ship it, that she ran late, and soon agreed on delivering the wig through a cousin, which suddenly turned into a friend of hers, and as expected, the wig never arrived, through anybody. Fortunately, a friend lent me a wig so I could attend the event and the trip wasn't for naught. Through all the negotiation, she gave me a series of excuses, but giving me my wig? Nothing. I'm done with it (unfortunately). If you, like coswig, don't have any responsibility towards your clients, don't even get into the business. I'm here, posting the feed, waiting for my money! I don't want the wig anymore, I want my money back, because this is absurd, I don't recommend it to anyone. I completely lost the will to finish this cosplay.

No. 143050

bless you
and for all the anons who don't know how to sage, just type sage on the e-mail field. if we don't sage the thread will be bumped all the time so do it please.

No. 143051

Bless you anon, I did not know what it meant thank you~

No. 143052

File: 1616985915448.jpeg (114.02 KB, 828x1472, ExP6Dl7WQAUgBnp.jpeg)

Never thought I would comment something serious in a thread like that but after reading some of her posts I feel the need to say
Change your MD or psychiatrist, but I repeat

No. 143053

For fucks sake I was going to spill her milk but stopped to make the comment about benzos and now this looks like a mess

No. 143054

File: 1616986235979.jpg (68.31 KB, 445x640, 78415545.jpg)

you don't need to sage pictures though, just another heads up.
and that post is about nanashi anon, not kahsan.
but talking about kahsan, i think these posts from nanashi are about her. she is the only one that makes sense

No. 143055

Omg anon you read my mind. That attutude is so Kahsan, she will be friends with someone then badmouth them to everyone. It's been years she's been doing that.

And the pic was uploaded by accident, that's the reason why saged

No. 143056

File: 1616986532970.jpg (99.02 KB, 927x501, Screenshot_1.jpg)

please do it

also does this prove that the liz from puripurisquad is giu or was she just appointed as their leader?

No. 143057

I thought that too, but she's the leader only of the "models" and Liz is the one who manages the macro

No. 143058

File: 1616989406782.jpg (147.32 KB, 1357x2048, dychanfiora.jpg)

"She got her spot thanks to her massive following but when she obviously lost with her ill fitting Fiora she was not happy."
I cannot believe she thought this cosplay was deserving enough to win
It's not bad, imo but like top 3?????? No way

No. 143059

File: 1616992199931.jpg (108.79 KB, 500x749, 345245234532_658678.jpg)


>She`s been a cosplayer for over a decade, and that means being a cow for over a decade

> Photoshops the shit out of herself but won't admit it
>Doesn`t have any long term close friendship bc possessive and controling. One step that she doesn`t agree with and she will start bad mouthing. If this is not the case, abandons her friendships when they are involved in some "sacandal" see >>142970 for reference
> Since the Regina George wannabe personality was not working anymore, started(publicly, oc) developing a SJW personality, but is too shallow for this anyway
>Posted BLM stuff when it was trendy, but never spoke about this subject again
>Besides all the wannabe SJW shit, did not vote on last elections because she was in another city doing a cosplay photoshoot
>Bodyshamed overweight and fat girls, but stopped eventually to fit her new wannabe SJW personality but mostly because she gained weight
>Always criticized and put down cosplayer who did sexy shots, even stating that people who did that were somehow "killing" the character, until she and her friends started doing that herselves
>Tried to be a Suicide Girl but sucked hard, her photos were took with a low resolution cellphone camera, so of course she flopped. Has already deleted her profile, so no screenshots
>Tried creating a Patreon but flopped again
>Tried to sell her sets for $25 on gumroad, but nobody was paying for it, she dropped to $8
>Her current trial is only fans, where she started chargind $12 and said there was only implied nudity and that people should not DM her asking for more. Then, started charging $25 for a nip pic
>Still shames porn actress, cyberbullied a cosplayer who had done porn before, while she and her friends sells naked pictures
> Has gone out a lot in the middle of a pandemic, while the country is falling apart ( see >1194167 ) and meanwhile is on twitter telling people to stay home
> AAAAND for the WCS drama check >1192793 and >1192862

Has much more rotten milk, but I can't spill without exposing myself

No. 143060

File: 1616992488793.jpg (76.16 KB, 750x750, 25018692_1006676589497177_2725…)

Extra: always posts on instagram things like "I don't appear to be my age uwu " OF COURSE you won't look your age over three layers of foundation + filters
Bitch literally has wrinkles

No. 143061

I know anon, I was going to spill her milk and uploaded the pic. But then I saw the Nanashi post and when answeting to it I forgot dettach the pic

No. 143062

File: 1616993246808.jpg (95.48 KB, 630x951, 379d96b2ad7e11d258e3e822b67470…)

actually it is bad, if you compare it with in game model or the splash art the only thing she got right was the ruler.
she really thought this shit could compete with this girl (which was a bit of cow herself at the time) or that dude who did bard.

drop her handle correctly anon, kahsanoni. i really want her to see this and realize that people are onto her bullshit for over a decade. i'm also one of the people that has milk on her that would expose me so it seems she really is out there doing way more shitty things than i thought. what i have on her is almos ancient, i think it was when she barely started cosplaying.

her art is so shitty as well and she has been drawing and charging for it for years as well. she never improves on anything.

and she is what? 25? she is looking 35 already… must be all the non stop drinking.

No. 143063

Oh, honey she's 30 but I understand why you thought she was 25 bc she's so childish
I know some ancient ones too, it's so ironic that she's selling naked pics right now because she always looked to slutshame girls for doing exactly what she wanted to do

Oh, and she drinks before taking her noodie pics

No. 143064

Oh anon, I forgot about the art. She has over 30k followers on instagram(and I think she bought some of them) and on her art acc has like, 500

No. 143065

The right mentions are
>>142982 for WCS drama
>>143028 for going out

No. 143066

lmao her waist and hip area is a totally different size and shape in each picture, I can't

No. 143067

File: 1617009738133.jpg (89.19 KB, 683x1024, 2d73553.jpg)

Look at the magical waist again
She shoots her face so much that even horny dudebros on reddit are starting to notice and comment on that

No. 143068

Thoughts about Faye? She's been gaining some popularity now that she's a streamer.
She used to go for the same "Im a nice girl" vibe than lilypichu but now and then she shows she can dress up

No. 143069

Go ahead, anon
I'm waiting for the layze_michelle cuz I thought she was nice

No. 143070

File: 1617041819759.jpg (188.68 KB, 1080x1108, 22427295_350709818675946_58136…)

30? She has the maturity of a 15 year old. I will never get over her going out to drink during this chaos, she is so selfish.

That makes a lot of sense, even more with how little her followers are on her art account. I know she was huge on tumblr because of her Homestuck cosplays but she didn't manage to bring her audience from there to instagram and it was a totally different crowd from what she is pandering now, which is coomers. I remember too that she said shit about girls like Giu, saying it wasn't really cosplay, only to fall into the same hole because she is desperate to always be relevant.

As I stated on the photoshop thread some of those people I have just tiny things on and Layze is one of them. I'm not sure if she is that nice, I know she never replies when someone asks which paint or whatever she uses because probably she has the "they are going to copy me" mentality. The only thing I know is that there are some accessories that she lies about doing, mostly the bigger ones like her 2B sword. She also shops her stuff (mostly her wigs) to look that flawless, and she always hid her personal photographer until she started shooting with gabrielleeccard, probably for the same reason she doesn't answer anyone about materials.

No. 143118

Will the posters even know to come here and post here? Jannie should have thought of all the poor stupid brazilians who don't know how to use the computer and left the thread over at /snow/ kek

No. 143121

i think they will, there was a post about it being moved at the end. hopefully they will.

No. 143143

File: 1617072303634.png (25.75 KB, 467x486, twitter.com_fehdobear.png)

As far as I know her old internet persona was Fehdobear. She posted pictures at 55chan at the time (maybe around 2003~2005? I'm not sure) and low-key pandered to pedos. Of course she oblitered everything from the internet as much as she could. I can't really remember if I have any caps rotting in some old hd drive. Her now husband (I guess?) was also a mod of br imageboards, I don't know if he is still a mod for any active one.
Dropping a cap of an old twitter account, with an interaction between her and a friend.

No. 143144

samefag, but I messed up the years. It was around 2010's

No. 143147

i know her from that time and can confirm, usually with the girl that she was 'dating' at the time. i don't know what happened to the other girl or even remember her name, but i know that at that time they both had ED and now feh seems healthy and happy cosplaying/streaming so i'm happy for her to be honest.

No. 143152

I'm happy for her too tbh, looks like she turned over a new leaf.
If the girl is the one I'm thinking of, it is the @ featured on the screenshot.

No. 143156

This thread was made not specifically for cosplayers or lolita, but ended up being about it because it's the people I guess peolle have most tea about cosplayers, so it made sense to move it here.
There are lots of ethots from Brazil too, but I guess they hide their milk well

No. 143159

Omg I know the girl she tagged and she's a pro ana look I'm a loli uwu and likes lolicon. Too irrelevant to be featured here but eeew she's terrible

No. 143168

so she still doing the ana bullshit? I thought her moved from it like faye

No. 143175

Oh yeah
And she's a drug addict too

No. 143176

samefag here and I can say: same
Specially after seeing how the other girl ended up

No. 143177

NTA but no, she didn't change shit after all these years. Also she is a proud neet, drug addict and alcoholic.

No. 143178

holy shit what the fuck? does anyone has her handles or something? i think her name was natalia.

No. 143179

She still uses the same twitter acount and fuck, I forgot to sage some prior comments

No. 143180

her twitter: erin_nerung

No. 143181

And she pretends to speak fluently languages whem she is an A2/A3 at the best case scenario

No. 143182

Her huge following on tumblr was only Homestuck related
Her other cosplays didn't even reach 200 notes

Oh, the cosplay world and the "they are going to copy me" mentality. Did not know she photoshopped the wigs that much, that's why they aways looked so good lol

No. 143228

File: 1617142700675.jpg (68.51 KB, 1080x1080, 117570511_1650366341797141_662…)

I don't know, she seems normal to me? She still has those dead eyes but she doesn't seem anorexic and besides her crazy rambles she looks fine.

Didn't know this! Do you know her tumblr? I forgot but I remember she thought her Nepeta was the best Nepeta. And I find hilarious that she thinks anyone cares about her OCs cosplays when people just hype them because she is showing her tits.

Her wigs are good but she yeah she make them look like something unreal. And oh boy I remember that a lot of people asked which paint she used here, since it changes color, and she ignored every single one. And I can't fine many of those comments anymore so maybe she even deleted some. We get it Layze, you are the only good Zelda and the biggest Zelda fan.

No. 143231

Why can't these bitches just chill about the SW shaming? Like over half of them do some sex work, it's not some dirty thing that only the lowest do

>seven consecutive posts about the same person at 4 AM horário de brasília
Ten years is a long time to hold a grudge, vendetta-chan. I searched her @ for "fluente" and she says it over and over again that she's not fluent in anything but english

No. 143235

I will come out and say that I'm >>143168 and >>143178 but I don't have anything against her, I was really just curious and as I said here >>143228 she looks fine to me.

No. 143248


It was pretty bizarre but I am >>143159 >>143175 >>143179
I made a post comment and with 20 seconds of difference there was another, and about the same subject kek

I guess it's the unemployment rate here lol

No. 143250

File: 1617151784449.jpg (69.89 KB, 808x594, ju3.jpg)

So Ju Tsukino made this dress as a comission for an US girl as she stated here.

No. 143251

File: 1617151855737.jpg (233.84 KB, 1399x937, ju1.jpg)

Then why is she wearing the exact same dress in this photoshoot? She scammed the girl into thinking it was new while she was out there taking pics wearing a commission.

No. 143290

I don't understand, what's so difficult about not wearing your clients' shit?

No. 143298

Did she sew it at least? Past clients complained about stuff being put together with hot glue gun. She will probably pretend it's a different dress

No. 143372

File: 1617251133747.jpg (67.28 KB, 450x600, 657969.jpg)

It's hard anon, just as hard to not let your cat poop into the cosplay you are selling

I think she did, it looks like she sews her stuff now. I found her old cosplay.com page and there is a lot so I won't post everything, but here: https://cosplay.com/member/42460

No. 143446

File: 1617316351150.jpg (110.67 KB, 720x1280, eed3458a-1890-4011-8949-0a3a4f…)

What the fuck is she talking about, is she trying to guilt trip people into buying her onlyfans crap?

No. 143447

>acting like her family isn't loaded
>subtle guilty trip to get her OF
>using the death of countless people to e-beg
>"guys it's so terrible i don't know what the future holds for us i'm so scared BUT HERE ARE MY BOOBS AND SHOPPED FACE SUB TO MY OF"

Oh wow kahsan, please never stop being shitty like this.

No. 143465

Kahsan looks like an exemplar cow, If she posted in english she would have her own thread already

No. 143477

File: 1617332223898.jpg (97.15 KB, 483x868, hiliar.jpg)

This bitch. She is such a hypocrite. Of course going out for these reasons is worse but bitch you were out drinking with your friends. I really hope she gets covid and someone from her family dies because of her selfish ass.
When will brazilian cosplayers start to hold other br cosplayers accountable for their bad behavior? Never?

God I love when she tries to speak in english. This storie is alredy bad but when she actually speaks in english is ten times worse. Example.
Also no one has anything on this puripurisquad? It's super shady and I'm dying to know who Liz is.

No. 143493

I have seen her do some fucked up things but wow, gilt tripping people into buying her OF using the death and massive sorrow this country is going through is somethinf twisted even coming from her
How much money you have is pretty much defining the mortality rate of covid and how >>143447 pointed out she's not struggling

She had covid already, these type of people don't learn

No. 143593

File: 1617407077098.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, BD26B1FA-209D-4286-ADD7-B65ABA…)

Why would anyone pay for this lol

No. 143876

File: 1617597380180.png (150.27 KB, 358x477, twitter.com_sheithpocalypse_st…)

Sage for not being about any ethot.

Gabriel Picolo's bad reputation spread to international twitter

>is a Bolsonaro supporter

>made a indiegogo campaign for his comic project (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/icarus-and-the-sun#/comments)
>received over half a million dollars
>it has been 2 years since he hit the $300,000 goal
>ghosted backers when they started to demand an explanation or complain about the product
>sent them bad quality shit
>the text has typos and apparently wasn't proofread
>posted most of the comic on instagram already, added very little content to the paid version
>sent low res pdf versions to backers
>sent 4 recycled illustrations as wallpapers for the stretch goal
>all the while has been announcing other projects, like graphic novels for DC

No. 143889

File: 1617602437857.jpg (27.32 KB, 576x212, 8465465.jpg)

listen i get wanting to help but why not just sending straight money to the girl? no you have to whore yourself right?

this is good, i've been waiting for him to slip and he finally did

No. 143896

it's not whoring if it's for charity, anon! /s

No. 143904

File: 1617616352988.png (2.14 MB, 1682x1091, justinbiebermustache.png)

Imagine being paid to do professional work for a big company and self inserting in one of the drawings, on top of doing that lazy shit.
Sage cause I know it's not real milk and probably nitpicking, but I wanted it off my chest.

I don't think he is milky enough though, aside from his past close friends being cows (cyarine and kahsan), he keeps to himself most of the time.

No. 143919

I always wondered where Chase Strangio got her inspiration for her iconic pedostache look

No. 143922

Wow this is shitty, can people take money from their indiegogo out at will: that is to say did picolo just make a hefty profit while neglecting customers? I think he'd be overworked by his corporate job but he still needs to uphold his past promises.

No. 143924

he should donate his leg to an elementary school for lunch one day. it looks like it maybe should feed them well?

No. 143943

File: 1617653529626.jpg (23.85 KB, 584x229, 8948954.jpg)

god why does he look like a molester/creeper?
who is cyarine?

sure kahsan, they are just haters who paid R$38 two years ago and received nothing or received a piece of shit. i thought that now she would drop the act of sucking his ass but maybe she will never stop doing it.

No. 143949

Kahsan wants to suck his dick soooo bad. Are they still friends? She posted on twitter "I don't know what is like to have bolsominion friends because none of my friends likes Bolsonaro"

She even stated in another tweet that "she liked her book" and it wasn't even on his posts

The funny part is she did a cosplay of a character who wasn't even in the story, Picolo just made the poster with the Sun and the Moon for moneygrab and bye bye

No. 143951

File: 1617663552838.jpg (285.19 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20210405_195526.jpg)

I guess she will never stop because he is not like her former cosplayers friends who get dragged and lose their "relevance". He has numbers and shares her cosplays, so probably feels like doesn't have anything to lose

No. 143952

File: 1617664000174.jpg (255.77 KB, 2308x1536, 20210405_200215.jpg)

But of course what does she know about art as she draws like this? The first dres and the way it looks like a diaper, tho

I saged bc not that relevant

No. 143956

when the "politics" she doesn't wanna bring to the conversation means talking about about a genocidal president, who she even talked about in >>143446 and >>143477 then yes kahsan we need to bring it to the conversation.

oh this is her oc she can't stop cosplaying and people only like because it's sexy. that design is awful and her art is even worse. she doesn't even have that many numbers i don't know why people are afraid of dragging her after the wcs fiasco, she breaking quarantine to drink, trying to suck picolos balls even after people proved he is a scammer and the list goes on.. they dragged her friend myo for way less, it just doesn't make sense to me.
and literally no one hates you without a reason fernanda, you give plenty of those.
you are not a 'Exclusive Creator on 0F' like your bio says, you are just whoring yourself for simp bucks. even a porn star is creating something while you can't even do the bare minimum as a cosplayer.

saged because this bitch

No. 143958

File: 1617666586847.jpg (139.3 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20210405-203859_Sam…)

>Delays project for 2 years
>Giver backers only 7 days to get reward

My sides. Picolo needs to address this in english. I'm sure most international fans don't care for his political views, they just want what they paid for. Also in his indiegogo he says the book is a5 paper size and people still complained about some of the art bein grainy. How do you fuck up the resolution of such a tiny book.

Is her character trans? She had a giant bulge in every outfit.

No. 143959

File: 1617668086080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.86 KB, 828x1472, 2661bea.jpg)

Ju Tsukino got dragged for some time for literally scamming people and now she's popular again so I think she won't be dragged any time soon

imagine self describing as an "exclusive creator" and your "content" is lazy low resolution butt pics took by a potato
She has an iPhone at least the quality could be better for fucks sake

Her OF is $7 now

No. 143963

no but i saw that only now and kek

are you fucking serious? i thought she had a photographer for these because everyone is so eager to work with her. this is feh galvão level of bad.
even made me want to sub to her OF to post here but that would be cowtipping. top kek that she had to lower it again though.

No. 143972

People dragged Myo for waaaay less, basically a fight over cosplay with an alt right cow lol
And people drag dy for cosplay related stuff, but didnt drag her for going out to drink during covid
I guess what matters for most is cosplay drama worth watchingnbut not serious stuff

No. 143976

Sage for no contribuition but I find funny how invested you guys are in Kahsan (not criticizing or anything just saying), she's literally irrelevant outside her state, I didn't even know her before the WCS thing. Goes to show we care about our local cows a lot, I'm dying to post milk about mine and surprised no one mentioned anything yet!

No. 143977

She has been dropping lots of milk recently and the milk I know from other ethots is already vintage
Please spill the milk of your unmentioned cow

No. 143979

When did people drag dy? Caps because I never saw it and it would be nice to see.

I will say kahsan is sort of a personal cow of mine and I'm just happy she's been dropping just a bit of milk lately, but please tell us about yours. If it's Bettty I won't be surprised.

No. 143988

Share with us anon.

Vintage milk is still milk tho.

No. 144026

anon came here to make ppl curious and never came back

No. 144027

I didn't mean to! Sorry gals, I'm working on it, I just mentioned it lightly to make my point about personal and local cows.

No. 144031


No. 144051

Sorry that you got posted.

No. 144056

If vintage milk still applies there's Jessuca Beppler, who is an alt right cow alter all. She had her own thread on PULL
Debora Dechetto still has more than 100k followers and she has a nazi tattoo
Daniele Noce has lots of milk too and lost so many followers she used to have over 1MIL and now had 930k

No. 144057

Caps, handles and a summary would be good. I know beppler but not the other two.

No. 144066

File: 1617752649052.jpeg (48.44 KB, 725x473, Dcechetto plásticas_ (1).jpeg)

Debora Dechetto
@dcechetto on instagram

Got "relevant" bc was dating Pc Siqueira
Says she is "totally natural" but had plastic surgeries
Has brown eyes but edits and wears blue contact lenses claming it's her natural eye color
Has nazi tattoos
Is a neet with a rich dad but signed up for financial relief(auxílio emergencial)

Has lots more of milk, there were lots of pages about het on PULL but I don't remember most of it

No. 144068

File: 1617752796889.jpg (205.7 KB, 903x1200, 20210406_204656.jpg)

No. 144070

more milk, please

No. 144095

File: 1617798749297.jpeg (453.4 KB, 750x737, 7B3FADDC-F961-48C4-941F-2BD5DC…)

She looks like this now, lmao.
I remember she had a tattoo artist boyfriend, guess her relationship didnt last through covid19

No. 144115

>people only like because it's sexy
It's not even sexy? People just like whatever crap gets shoved in their faces

No. 144253

She is so botched, should have stopped on the third picture >>144066

No. 144262

blow up doll reallness

No. 144330

I'd say support your local cow, right?

I agree, it's not even sexy and it doesn't even make sense that her character is a ventrue, idk if anyone here is into VtM but that's it

I was wondering how michiisdiary has no milk besides going out on a pandemic, since she's friends to dy kahsan and used to be friends with feh
And she's pretty irrelevant, how come she has almost 30k followers on insta?

No. 144476

File: 1617948967332.jpg (85.73 KB, 481x864, 8641865.jpg)

4000 people dying everyday but who cares? renata needs to go eat out with her friends to showcase her wardrobe!

No. 144532

I don't care about that because if restaurants are open you can't really blame people for going, but god damn this woman can't dress herself for SHIT. How and why is she "famous"? She has an ugly mug, average chubby body, awful style, can't pose, her entire house is ugly as fuck and she can't even be arsed to find a nice-looking corner with good lightning or at least lightning that isn't from a harsh white fluorescent lightbulb, all her pictures are like that.

I followed her to keep up with this thread and I had to unfollow the next day because her shitty pictures contrasted so hard with everything else it gave me a susto every time they came up. This bitch's ugly almost gave me a heart attack.

No. 144537

And to showcase an ugly looking wardrobe. She seems to pick up her most terrible garnments and the result is that usual shit we see.
Why cosplay thots spend so much money on their costumes but can't even dress themselves to go to a fucking restaurant

No. 144544

Don't cowtip anon, if you're gonna spend money on OF at least do it with someone that's hot

Checked her insta and she's 30
She dresses like a late teens/early 20's girl who has no clue about fashion or own sense of style

No. 144547

File: 1617991111620.jpg (22.17 KB, 640x480, 20210409_145732.jpg)


She's dating another guy now apparently a streamer
I wonder if she told him her real age or lied about being 26
This picture is from 2004 and she claims she's under 30
Do the math kek
And oh, the natural lips

No. 144558

WTF IS THIS OUTFIT HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH homegirl be looking like a chinese barbie knockoff!
Idgaf how old she is, but if you're going to have a different "style", at least do it well.

Sigh I miss PULL, they had plenty of milk on her.

No. 144585

No. 144586

No. 144608

File: 1618006894420.jpg (83.4 KB, 480x860, 984496848.jpg)

It's this mentality that makes thots like her, dy, kahsan, etc think it's ok to go out. Because things are open so why should they stay at home?
But if you really need that much to go out, at least don't showcase it so your followers will think it's ok to do it.

And her fame came from a mix of befriending the right people, jumping into hyped characters and claiming their as her own and her bubbly fake persona that makes everyone think she isn't at the toxic side of the cosplay community.

No. 144609

I saw her irl in 2019 and she was so much smaller than she is now wtf happened.

Her costumes are shit in person as well, she doesn't look good at all. They are relatively well made but don't fit good or are off somehow.

No. 144614

that's why you get when all your costumes are from aliexpress that you try to pass off as your own sewing just because you altered the smallest part of it
i think she is getting too chubby to fit into aliexpress cosplays too

No. 144639

File: 1618022316031.jpg (128.28 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20210409_233643.jpg)

Yeah, because going out to drink at 2000 deaths a day was okay
O please Fernanda, never stop being this shitty and hypocritical

No. 144683


Those outfits look like ddlg shit ngl

No. 144696

I just saw one of her instagram stories and she was drinking chocolate milk like she was starving. She put 3 packed spoonfuls of nescau. Guess we know where that weight came from.

No. 144771

File: 1618094426522.jpg (61.52 KB, 1080x1081, 128582259_905464826653871_2216…)

she really paid for this hot mess. renata you need a wardrobe intervertion.

i was going to say no because she wears garters but a lot of girls into ddlg wear them too… maybe you are into something

gym isn't ok anon, only going out to drink is fine

No. 144772

File: 1618094519523.jpg (35.81 KB, 722x365, 84856465.jpg)

and sorry for double posting but i found someone who is clearly skinwalking renata and it's patethic because this girl is way prettier than her

No. 145090

File: 1618292025517.jpg (90.82 KB, 808x594, 894165.jpg)

the gall this girl has to call this shit costest when she literally photoshopped everything on her. she couldn't even bother to put contact lenses on.

No. 145091

That's not photoshop yo, that's MS Paint

No. 145093

How can someone look a this and think it is good enough to post at their ig?

No. 145137

I understand wanting to see if you'd look good as a character by shopping the hair and accessories but don't post it for christs sake. That's so embarrasing. It looks like a deviantart fan edit that some neckbeard would make of random girls as their waifus. All it's missing is a photoshopped scrote doing a hover hand.

No. 146044

Kek what a photoshop abomination

No. 146370

I think Kahsan had a nose job, I saw her stories going to surgery and now she says she can breathe a lot better.

No. 146538

she said the sutures from her throat are hurting and you obviously don't need throat stitches for a nose job so maybe she is backpedalling and trying to pass the surgery as tonsillectomy because 'uh my deviated septum'

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