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File: 1616641995068.jpg (200.18 KB, 1080x1347, 20210325_000743.jpg)

No. 142953

Ridiculous Photoshoppers >>1191646 thread was getting too many gossip and off topic comments

The purpose of this thread is to spill milk from BRs ethots
Most of these girls don't have enough relevance to be featured on their own thread

The cover is Fegalvao bc she's probably the most famous right now

No. 142954

Shit thread, so so so shit. Really this is what qualifies as passable?

No. 142955

File: 1616643132768.jpg (90.25 KB, 1080x1080, 66662218_123155465624418_49143…)

where you posted on Ridiculous Photoshoppers before? damn

candid of layze_michelle, who just like nanaomi thinks people don't have expression lines. ever.

No. 142956

there is a second fight developing into that facebook post. these people dont stop

No. 142957

Can someone pls tell the drama and the screens hot of the ugly wig? I don't have access to facebook

No. 142958

Caps, please, this is an imageboard

No. 142959

Why do these cows have to make themselves look like plastic? She is just fine

No. 142960

File: 1616645454181.jpg (525.97 KB, 2048x2048, 163478256_3823077544426253_682…)

one of the wigs (it gets worse)

they are literally two irrelevant cosplayers that had a fight over a wig two and one talked about it without names and the other had the "you talking about me" attitude. i don't think it's milky because they are nobodies but i can print it

yeah i dont think she is pretty but she isnt ugly either she is just average.

No. 142961

File: 1616645485858.jpg (114.59 KB, 720x960, 162572267_1306157099785239_103…)

somehow it arrived even worse to the client

No. 142962

File: 1616645548046.jpg (97.63 KB, 720x960, 163086978_1306157163118566_715…)

No. 142963

File: 1616645632295.jpg (85.66 KB, 720x960, 162567137_1306156746451941_291…)

this is the nezuko one

No. 142964

File: 1616645687766.jpg (64.67 KB, 636x960, 164341897_1308887182845564_438…)

and nanashi's latest response to this. she is ignoring the post altogether to post her nudes on instagram. a prime example of a good seller.

No. 142965

That wig is so ugly eeew
Id be so pissed if I payed $40 for that crap

No. 142966

That is so disgusting, I bet it also stinks

No. 142967

Nanashi's stinky wig and justkino's cat poop cosplay would be a great pair

No. 142968

File: 1616650459646.jpg (220.68 KB, 1918x960, 1500830704082.jpg)

Translated one of the posts from the brazil /ot/ thread (>>222997):

Mariza Scheid

>one of many gamer girls who only play League of Legends or Overwatch – and only once every 3 months.

>was a nobody until she had am argument with pixie. She wanted to take part in Riot's cosplay contest, but, according to the rules, only adults (18+) could join.
>she threw a tantrum, nagged her mother for days until she signed an authorization that mariza herself made up. Said thousands of times that her mother gave her permission to join, thus Riot must let her join the contest too. They didn't.
>after this incident, she got famous for pedo pandering. She had been taking sensual pictures for a while at the time and she was 16 y/o.
>also cosplayed the protagonists of kodomo no jikan and nekopara
>is already over 18 y/o but pretends to be underage and "jokes" she's 13 to attract more pedos
>is the most basic definition of coswhore incarnate
>when she is not pedo pandering, she overshoops her butt and tits as if her life depended on it
>runs after any famous cosplayer otherwise she'll lose relevance
>just another patreon cam girl, who doesn't do shit besides taking semi nude shots and send them as rewards to her patrons
>cries on patreon that she doesn't have any money to keep up with her hobby, but her family is rich and they've always paid for her cosplays

No. 142969

File: 1616650469142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.03 KB, 1080x1295, 156354199_463164238165719_5439…)

why did no one post adriana alencar? (dri.alencar_) the hair floating above her butt is everything to me

No. 142970

File: 1616652742332.jpg (49.87 KB, 540x960, 1495503796497.jpg)


Myo Tsubasa
 >became famous for hanging around kahsan, who in turn is another cow herself
>was literally licked by a tv program host (Pânico) and, according to her, she cried a lot because it was an awful situation. Garnered a lot of sympathy and threatened to sue the tv show because "this is horribly disrespectful towards us, cosplayers".
>had a meltdown when somebody shared a photo of jessica blepper (another cow) wearing a d.va cosplay, said that "an 80 reais ebay cosplay is not cosplay" and made a meme like "the d.va you respect most" all the while having only the outfit in pic related (she thought this was cosplay)
>the same friend who made her famous abandoned her after the fight with jessica and she deactivated her profile and page
>when she came back, she posted pictures of a chinese ballerina claiming it was herself and that the pictures were sent by a former teacher, and also that she took ballet lessons for 10 years but had to quit
>has "if I cosplay this character then no one else can" syndrome
>nowadays she is inactive, but will surely come back with more milk

This one is vintage milk by now, i guess

No. 142971


Now she's trying her hand at streaming on Twitch and she's really bad at it, has to resort to giveaways and getting piss drunk on camera to get views (and it doesn't even work). She's also been buying followers.

There was a whole saga about her living on a gaming house who bought her and other 3 random girls views and followers as well and it went down in flames, probably because Mariza is totally unsufferable to live with.

No. 142972

Sage for double posting, forgot to say that if we are talking about streamers there's also this completely unhinged one called TakaiDesu, who yesterday had a fake meltdown for views and was like crawling on the floor fake bawling wearing just a bra and micro shorts.

No. 142973

Wow, I totally missed it
Would love to see her having breakdowns on insta stories

No. 142974

What's the wcs drama shoop thread anons were talking about?

No. 142975

I didnt know about the gaming house lolololol

No. 142976

It all happened in the Brazilian finals, the decision to see who would represent Brazil in Japan

When the results were announced, the guy who was selected as winner went to Kahsan while they were on stage and screamed "SUCK IT" at her
After that her boyfriend came out of nowhere to scream and push the guy and eneded up shoving off the screamer's girlfriend as well

After that Kahsan started crying on the internet about how unfair this was, and that the winners should be unqualified, and they were

But she was not expecting a simple change of events: since her boyfriend(and official staff) was violent she was unqualified too.

Here's the video the drama starts after 7:30

No. 142977

File: 1616688056280.gif (5.88 MB, 597x274, gif-wcs-incidente.gif)

I found this gif, but I think it's too confusing. The guy in the black shirt is Kahsan's bf

No. 142978

Oh wow. Con staff bf probably shouldn't have pushed him, but the cosplayer guy looked kind of scary.
Did they have a prior conflict or something?

No. 142979

They probably had, I guess they don't get along. He was pretty scary and unecessary

He's not the con staff, he is Kahsan's staff, for their presentation. That's why she was unqualified too.

No. 142980

Ugh, I answered to the wrong post, but you can understand it anyway.
I'm here casually waiting for the other anon to see if they know more stuff about those two not getting along

No. 142981

This cosplayer should not be allowed in contests again, imho

No. 142982

If I remember it well, they used to be friends but for some reason drifted apart. Kahsan was bitchy to them behind the scenes, going as far as complaining about them to staff to try and get them punished. Like, almost every duo forgot things on stage but the next one would just brush it aside because there was a spirit of camaraderie among everyone who was competing. But it seems Kahsan went after Guy&Gf and she threw a fit cause they left something on stage and it totes ruined her presentation. Among other things.

So I guess when they won the guy felt he had reason to scream at her face.

Keep in mind this could be not 100% accurate cuz I read about it during the drama but didn't pay much attention since everyone involved is a huge flop.

No. 142983

Honestly the person I feel the most sorry about is the cosplay partner of the angry guy - she didn't do anything wrong but still got punished.
But that Kahsan must've really gotten under his skin, huh. Unless he is known to be short tempered?

No. 142984

Oh he definitely is known for having a short temper, he's known to be a shitty person after all, don't know abt today but he was flirting with alt right

And yes, the girlfriend is the one I most felt sorry for. She got shoved off two times, one by her own boyfriend and lost travelling to Japan

No. 142985

In a blog post about this drama there were some comments about him being an asshole since forever

No. 142986

Screaming guy's cosplay partner is also his girlfriend

No. 142987

Dy's milk, pls
I can't find the old thread

No. 142988

i still blame her because she was the one who started it with trying to get him disqualified for petty reasons

No. 142989

I checked her twitch and that was so pathetic. She will be lucky if she stills has a liver til 25

No. 142990

File: 1616707875588.jpg (89.49 KB, 592x535, 54156456.jpg)

She got famous pretty quickly due to her riven being featured everywhere under the sun. I think she didn't have maturity for fame because she started being arrogant and thinking her cosplays were the best thing ever. I suppose it was around here that she started to hang around with other e-thots and dubious cosplayers like michi, samanta (samanta's problem is only her photoshoping though) myo, fuzeti feh and others. Sadly she deleted her shoot in her pool with fuzeti and bruna fairbanks. Obviously was also 'friends' withe eder so she could get free stuff for her cosplays.

Riot had a cosplay contest (which was messy by itself and had a lot of fights like mariza for example) with half the people for the final being choosen by them and half by the community or something like that. She got her spot thanks to her massive following but when she obviously lost with her ill fitting Fiora she was not happy.
Some of the other cosplayers where having breakfeast after the contest and when they said that the results were fair (the only thing here i'm 100% sure is that she wasn't at the same table because she was eating alone since nobody wants to be with her for more than 5 minutes) she screamed and ran back to her hotel room crying.

Lies that I can remember: doing her own cosplays, being poor and e-begging while living in an apartment that has it's own pool and is really close to the beach, being fluent in english, not photoshopping her body and that it was just exercise, started cosplaying with 12y, being a hardcore player of any of the games she cosplayed from and having a gringo boyfriend.

Had a real boyfriend for a while (and the funniest thing is that she put make up and a wig on him one day and he looked 10 times better than her) but had to ditch him so her followers would keep thinking she is accessible. Then Feh gained way more followers and traction than her so she suddenly got a gringo bf whose instagram was only pictures of her. It was really creepy.

She had a fallout with Feh at some point, we just don't know when. All the others also kind of ditched her too when they got their numbers on instagram and Michi was the only one that really stayed.

Fast foward to 2019 or something and she went on a long ramble about how she used to shop a lot and how she was stopping to do it (she never stopped) that was probably a jab at Feh like some people speculated (next pic) but no one is sure.

If I remember anything else I will come back to post.

No. 142991

File: 1616707931201.png (462.18 KB, 929x594, q1flGYX.png)

No. 142992

Is Fe poor or something or is she also a rich neet slut? I always see people saying shit about her home

No. 142993

File: 1616708453871.jpg (108.76 KB, 762x952, 4164546.jpg)

her home is shitty because she doesn't care and her parents don't have the time to care. they are richier than dy.
and this is her boyfriend who obviously doesn't shopp exactly like her.

No. 142994

Now I really wanna see his real face lol

No. 142995

File: 1616709672133.jpg (82.04 KB, 1080x1080, 123541202_765082204223290_2619…)

ju_elfo is his instagram but almost everything is shopped. He even shops in accessories just like her.
The fact that he posts photos with her all the time and she doesn't even acknowledge that he exists on her instagram always sends me.

No. 142996

Apparently she moved out to a new apartment or something

No. 142997

File: 1616712393000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.88 KB, 817x1100, 20210325_194354.jpg)

Here it is
And people pay her of to see that

No. 142998

File: 1616713261677.jpg (119.88 KB, 800x538, 8418616465.jpg)

debora staying at home because the country is falling apart? no that's for poor people fuzeti
and of course giu was also touring with her

she is already doing pussy shots? i thought she was still only showing her boobs.

No. 142999

RS right now is one of the worst states, and they are touring and making photoshoots
That's so pathetic, and they are not the only ones doing this shit, lots of cosplayers even travelled just to make photoshoots in the chaos the country is right now

She does but she posts it just like I did
The MS paint censorship is official

No. 143000

OMG Giu is selling her panties online now
This escaled to a whole new lvl

No. 143001

File: 1616715820425.jpg (47.03 KB, 480x850, 126811805_187857789561151_7939…)

riot did their whole fiasco of KDA all out shoot with subpar cosplayers, because none of them can model, they could've asked debora since she is a model and has instagram numbers, were the cosplayers did nothing because everything was badly sew by leon. like this piece of…. something here full of loose threads. the worst is not even the fact that all the cosplays look so bad but the fact that almost all of the cosplayers are from other states and came to sp for this. adami even came from the US for this. in the middle of a pandemic. they have no respect whatsoever

she is selling socks too!

No. 143002

Riot is one of the worst companies in game for women, but apparently they are useful for being cosplayers and attracting men
Who were the cosplayers?

No. 143003

Dy and Kahsan went to bars in the middle of the pandemic, you can see in her tagged pictures

No. 143004

File: 1616717877041.jpg (220.83 KB, 1080x1350, 126823376_3485642974855768_569…)

luhimura was ahri

No. 143005

File: 1616717959383.jpg (223.99 KB, 965x1206, 127287234_4129140393769162_505…)

mosomenzari was evelyn

No. 143006

File: 1616718025827.jpg (53 KB, 480x849, 126849956_178198827038043_6963…)

adamilangley was kaisa

No. 143007

File: 1616718096535.jpg (83.02 KB, 464x779, 8419419988.jpg)

chibs_chibers was akali with this amazing wig running away from her head

No. 143008

File: 1616718315010.jpg (65.98 KB, 480x831, 126516645_892212118261372_2923…)

kitsuneraposa was seraphine, leonmarttins sewn all the cosplays, jmbcos styled the wigs and god knows who did the accessories, which are the only things that look good, because they didn't even credit the person

No. 143009

What a perfect couple! I dare say his shoop is more nightmare fuel shit than Feh's.

Are they also justifying breaking quarantine with "muh mental health"?

No. 143010

just checked her instagram and now and I don't know if she is that much of a catfish or leon chose the most unflattering picture of her to post (also this outfit is so ill-fitting)

No. 143011

File: 1616719237004.jpg (283.92 KB, 1080x1350, 126899344_850884182119612_2699…)

i dont like they as much as the next person but i didn't find anything on dy's tagged pictures, only kahsan's

of course they are. kitsuneraposa and her best friend val something did the same thing.

no she really is ugly and plastic like that, too much botox i guess. also i dont know anything about the akali but she seems like a nice person and mosomenzari is nice as well, they just got paired with shitty people

No. 143012

Since kitsuneraposa was mentioned what about some milk?

Kudos to Riot for making this happen in the middle lf a pandemic. Just why??

I didnt know Monica still cosplaying

No. 143013

holy mother of jesus
she is so botched

No. 143014

File: 1616728475383.jpg (238.33 KB, 1080x1080, 83141770_117456879803554_50071…)

first is the most obvious thing but that all her fans can't see: she isn't such a cute always sparkling person. she is bitchy, selfish and if she doesn't get what she wants she throws a tantrum.

she really thinks she is the best ahri and their fans only fuel her fantasies, and as the best ahri other ahris are shunned down by her and treated badly. i know that the only reason she accepted to be seraphine this time was because it was something from riot and she sucks their balls big time.

thinks her presentations are also the best thing to grace mother earth (when they are this kind of bad: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIjEZm3jnhG/) and of course she is right because she wins every single contest in her city, but that's only because she only competes in small cons with begginers cosplayers. when she tries anything at CCXP or any big con she… well the video says it all. the only reason she gets classified for CCXP every year is because her fans vote for her.

she can't sew, can't style wigs, can't make accessories, so she never moves a finger for anything in her life. the only reason they didn't cut her from WCS selection is because probably val (her allegedly best friend which she treats like shit) did everything by herself.
but val can fuck herself for all renata cares, because when she got the invite from riot she brought with her lukkiluzi, who is prettier, so she is a better cosplay duo, and only 18 years old, (while renata is almost 31) so easier to manipulate. i guess maybe val is standing up for herself and thats why she is replacing her with lukkiluzi.

more on WCS is that she made several posts in 2019 thanking val for being her duo and how they would try again on 2020 and sob shit but as soon as someone with a bigger following and better crafting skills than val (jessycosplayer) asked to be her duo she jumped ship.

everyone always praises her on how good her costumes/wigs/accessories are and she just goes thank you! on them instead of ever saying who did what for her. sometimes she says it was val who did this or that but usually she doesn't. she also buys cosplays, make someone alter just a bit of it and says it was her seamstress who did it (her first kda ahri is an example and that laughable robe too) but even when people ask she never tells the name/link/anything from this seamstress. loads of people ask her how she does her ahri tails and again she just ignores it.

she is always rambling about how much she loves to play league and have so much fun with it when the last time she logged on it was 2 years ago, i have her on my friendlist.

last year's CCXP was virtual to some extent but they got cosplayers from other states to compete and paid for their trips like always. she, instead of taking a break because of covid when into her second out of state trip of the year.
broke quarantine several times with val because muh mental health i need to take cosplay photos.

she is so narc that you can see multiple pictures of herself on her wall and she sells keychains of herself in cosplay (aka ahri keychains) she also thinks she is a fashionista but… you can see on her instagram, i'm not going into detail about her lolita outfits as well because they are just as bad as her looks. she also calls herself an actress and singer but… again you can see for yourself.

sorry for the long post, she is one of my personal cows. pic is her amazing improvement of her ahri along the years.

No. 143015

File: 1616728728898.jpg (171.82 KB, 1080x902, 149064325_1644830449038137_805…)

it's high fashion you wouldn't understand

No. 143016

it took her 6 years to improve the tails kek

No. 143017

I felt ashamed for her watching her sing, that was terrible
Why do cosplayers do this? You could ask for someone who actually sings and… just dub it

No. 143018

In some way this sends the same vibes as Kahsan claming she's a "fashionista"
Why usually cosplayers dress so badly outside cosplay?

No. 143019

File: 1616734380288.jpg (106.1 KB, 467x858, 98256941654.jpg)

no idea what you are talking about she looks amazing with her friend hair and this… skirt.

No. 143020

I don't know what that skirt is doing right there

No. 143021

Autistic Pixielocks fashion aside, she's kind of cute to me, ngl. Does she have any serious milk or is it just her being a lazy/mediocre cosplayer?

No. 143022

bless your heart, anon

No. 143023

Damn, that dude's unhinged. Who's kahsan again and what are her handles? I'm a distant lurker so I know nothing about any of these people, it's been years since BR last had good drama

No. 143024

Holy fuck why is her tail coming out of a metal rod sticking out from her coccyx? It looks like someone stabbed her with it

No. 143025

She looks real at least
Not a photoshopped plastic doll

No. 143026

She's been a cow for over a decade, she was featured in the Ridiculous Photoshop thread before, but there is more to it.
The other anon is better at spilling milk and knows more stuff so I'LL just wait here for them to answer

No. 143027


Theres more milk from what i remember:

>Feh and dy were actually friends for years. Dy was the one who got feh into photoshopping originally too.

>Dy is one of the most disliked cosplayers in the Brazilian community, due to her insufferable attitude, delusions about her fame and how she treats others.

>Dy actually brought a good majority of her followers, this is a known fact amoungst many in the brazillian cosplayer community.

>We already know this but dy photoshops and claims its excercise even though she still has back rolls in most of her shooped pics. In candids you can see that she's doughy as hell. Kek

>Says she no longer shoops and feels more confident in her appearance but you can tell she still shoops them to hell. Kek

There's a lot more, i remember some brazillian's bringing loads of milk on feh and dy in fehs pull thread.

No. 143028

File: 1616793109657.png (1.84 MB, 1436x834, terrordaOMS.png)

Kahn Dy and these two on a girl's night out while the country is falling apart

No. 143029

Oh, I miss PULL. I spent some time not entering there and then got to know it was close. I didnt know Fe and Dy were close, I would like to see a photoshoot featuring both of them, it would look like more like a digital painting than actual photographies

No. 143030

I really feel sorry for the judges. I wish there was a version with the cameras on their face for reaction

No. 143031

File: 1616800339535.jpg (82.82 KB, 588x512, 84185415.jpg)

i'm the anon who made the first post about her and yeah, she doesn't shopp that much, it's just her shitty personality and laziness. if she has any milk she hid it really well because i watch her closely and never saw things outside of what i said.

i do know a bit more but it's stuff that would out me so i really can't say

she is kinda square. both of them are here but as far as i know there is no photoshop here.

No. 143032

i honest to god didn't recognize dy here. she looks so old. why no one holds these bitches accountable for going out in the middle of a pandemic? and even worse, they didn't go out for something important. they should be dragged down for this but no one really cares.

No. 143033

File: 1616801567839.jpg (88.25 KB, 960x960, 121451780_165396258554945_3157…)

This girl doesn't cosplay but I think she deserves a spot for being pro ana e transtrender.

No. 143034

File: 1616804832056.jpg (52.8 KB, 598x598, 18835973_1747818591909778_5672…)

I couldn't find full body pictures of them together

No. 143035

File: 1616805226731.jpg (196.91 KB, 750x748, 1515686045804.jpg)

okay, just found a pic of them and… oh, the magical waists

No. 143036

And they went out more, I think they deleted the pictures, or it was posted only on instastories.
I agree with you, they should be dragged down, but no one really cares.

No. 143037

File: 1616911632731.jpg (61.1 KB, 481x859, 841986546.jpg)

mad about what? bitch aren't you supposed to be paying back those $40?? she confirmed she is an alcoholic in some stories a few days ago so i wonder if she did those wigs while drunk out of her ass

No. 143038

Mad about what, BITCH???
The people who comissioned those shitty wigs with her are the ones who deserve to be mad.

No. 143039

That's so funny because a lot of theses costhots put "model" in their instagram bio but when it comes to actually doing it they suck
Being a model is not only posing to your friends that have DSLR for fucks sake

No. 143040

File: 1616922370000.png (223.23 KB, 509x1139, PROCON lmao.png)

And her handle?

Handle? Screenshots?

Christ, learn to sage your shit, post caps and usernames, it's not that fucking hard to follow basic imageboard rules. Brazilian threads always go to shit because you retards can't do the bare fucking minimum, your posts are as bad as nana's wigs at least you're not charging for them

Screenshot of the wig feedback >>142964 for future reference

No. 143041

Plz anon drop layze_michelle milk

No. 143042

File: 1616923757012.png (705.15 KB, 879x724, pantyselling.png)

Your wish is my command anon

No. 143043

File: 1616923794905.png (1.01 MB, 1920x904, panty selling 2.png)

No. 143044

File: 1616962916827.jpg (120.64 KB, 496x504, 0001.jpg)

sage please

i found the whole saga from this feedback for debora if anyone wants it

No. 143045

File: 1616962963560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.3 KB, 483x688, 8948981989.jpg)

also found this, which i remember she deleted 5 minutes after posting

No. 143046

those are true bolt ons goddamn

No. 143047

File: 1616969388747.jpg (83.22 KB, 485x861, urdumb.jpg)

i literally threw nanashi tumblr on google and her tumblr was the first one. you are not trying to hide anything girl. she also said she is addicted to xanax i wonder how many drugs this girl even use.

No. 143048

Why the fuck these bitches are like that? I mean, get the money you get from your naked posts and was going to spend on cosplay and go to a psyquiatrist instead.
They spend money on boobjobs, botox, nosejobs but their health? Never mind it doesn't attract likes.

No. 143049

Translated the post:

>[NEGATIVE FEEDBACK]Waiting for a resolution

>Let's go… A friend of mine, knowing that I would cosplay Janna Star Guardian, suggested that I commission the wig from Debora Fuzeti (and she was already making a wig similar to what I wanted). I readily contacted her, she said the commission would be 270 reais + 36 reais for shipping, and I deposited the amount on December 6th 2016. She then told me she would just make the finishing touches to the wig and then would send it. So far so good. I told her I would wear it to an event in my city on April 15th… First attempt, she didn't send me the wig. Right after, I informed her that I would do a photoshoot and I needed the wig for it, this would be on May 14th, and for the second time, she didn't send me the wig. I was already out of patience by then. My last attempt, the MSI (translation note: idk what this means), on the 20th. She gave me the run around, said she would ship it, that she ran late, and soon agreed on delivering the wig through a cousin, which suddenly turned into a friend of hers, and as expected, the wig never arrived, through anybody. Fortunately, a friend lent me a wig so I could attend the event and the trip wasn't for naught. Through all the negotiation, she gave me a series of excuses, but giving me my wig? Nothing. I'm done with it (unfortunately). If you, like coswig, don't have any responsibility towards your clients, don't even get into the business. I'm here, posting the feed, waiting for my money! I don't want the wig anymore, I want my money back, because this is absurd, I don't recommend it to anyone. I completely lost the will to finish this cosplay.

No. 143050

bless you
and for all the anons who don't know how to sage, just type sage on the e-mail field. if we don't sage the thread will be bumped all the time so do it please.

No. 143051

Bless you anon, I did not know what it meant thank you~

No. 143052

File: 1616985915448.jpeg (114.02 KB, 828x1472, ExP6Dl7WQAUgBnp.jpeg)

Never thought I would comment something serious in a thread like that but after reading some of her posts I feel the need to say
Change your MD or psychiatrist, but I repeat

No. 143053

For fucks sake I was going to spill her milk but stopped to make the comment about benzos and now this looks like a mess

No. 143054

File: 1616986235979.jpg (68.31 KB, 445x640, 78415545.jpg)

you don't need to sage pictures though, just another heads up.
and that post is about nanashi anon, not kahsan.
but talking about kahsan, i think these posts from nanashi are about her. she is the only one that makes sense

No. 143055

Omg anon you read my mind. That attutude is so Kahsan, she will be friends with someone then badmouth them to everyone. It's been years she's been doing that.

And the pic was uploaded by accident, that's the reason why saged

No. 143056

File: 1616986532970.jpg (99.02 KB, 927x501, Screenshot_1.jpg)

please do it

also does this prove that the liz from puripurisquad is giu or was she just appointed as their leader?

No. 143057

I thought that too, but she's the leader only of the "models" and Liz is the one who manages the macro

No. 143058

File: 1616989406782.jpg (147.32 KB, 1357x2048, dychanfiora.jpg)

"She got her spot thanks to her massive following but when she obviously lost with her ill fitting Fiora she was not happy."
I cannot believe she thought this cosplay was deserving enough to win
It's not bad, imo but like top 3?????? No way

No. 143059

File: 1616992199931.jpg (108.79 KB, 500x749, 345245234532_658678.jpg)


>She`s been a cosplayer for over a decade, and that means being a cow for over a decade

> Photoshops the shit out of herself but won't admit it
>Doesn`t have any long term close friendship bc possessive and controling. One step that she doesn`t agree with and she will start bad mouthing. If this is not the case, abandons her friendships when they are involved in some "sacandal" see >>142970 for reference
> Since the Regina George wannabe personality was not working anymore, started(publicly, oc) developing a SJW personality, but is too shallow for this anyway
>Posted BLM stuff when it was trendy, but never spoke about this subject again
>Besides all the wannabe SJW shit, did not vote on last elections because she was in another city doing a cosplay photoshoot
>Bodyshamed overweight and fat girls, but stopped eventually to fit her new wannabe SJW personality but mostly because she gained weight
>Always criticized and put down cosplayer who did sexy shots, even stating that people who did that were somehow "killing" the character, until she and her friends started doing that herselves
>Tried to be a Suicide Girl but sucked hard, her photos were took with a low resolution cellphone camera, so of course she flopped. Has already deleted her profile, so no screenshots
>Tried creating a Patreon but flopped again
>Tried to sell her sets for $25 on gumroad, but nobody was paying for it, she dropped to $8
>Her current trial is only fans, where she started chargind $12 and said there was only implied nudity and that people should not DM her asking for more. Then, started charging $25 for a nip pic
>Still shames porn actress, cyberbullied a cosplayer who had done porn before, while she and her friends sells naked pictures
> Has gone out a lot in the middle of a pandemic, while the country is falling apart ( see >1194167 ) and meanwhile is on twitter telling people to stay home
> AAAAND for the WCS drama check >1192793 and >1192862

Has much more rotten milk, but I can't spill without exposing myself

No. 143060

File: 1616992488793.jpg (76.16 KB, 750x750, 25018692_1006676589497177_2725…)

Extra: always posts on instagram things like "I don't appear to be my age uwu " OF COURSE you won't look your age over three layers of foundation + filters
Bitch literally has wrinkles

No. 143061

I know anon, I was going to spill her milk and uploaded the pic. But then I saw the Nanashi post and when answeting to it I forgot dettach the pic

No. 143062

File: 1616993246808.jpg (95.48 KB, 630x951, 379d96b2ad7e11d258e3e822b67470…)

actually it is bad, if you compare it with in game model or the splash art the only thing she got right was the ruler.
she really thought this shit could compete with this girl (which was a bit of cow herself at the time) or that dude who did bard.

drop her handle correctly anon, kahsanoni. i really want her to see this and realize that people are onto her bullshit for over a decade. i'm also one of the people that has milk on her that would expose me so it seems she really is out there doing way more shitty things than i thought. what i have on her is almos ancient, i think it was when she barely started cosplaying.

her art is so shitty as well and she has been drawing and charging for it for years as well. she never improves on anything.

and she is what? 25? she is looking 35 already… must be all the non stop drinking.

No. 143063

Oh, honey she's 30 but I understand why you thought she was 25 bc she's so childish
I know some ancient ones too, it's so ironic that she's selling naked pics right now because she always looked to slutshame girls for doing exactly what she wanted to do

Oh, and she drinks before taking her noodie pics

No. 143064

Oh anon, I forgot about the art. She has over 30k followers on instagram(and I think she bought some of them) and on her art acc has like, 500

No. 143065

The right mentions are
>>142982 for WCS drama
>>143028 for going out

No. 143066

lmao her waist and hip area is a totally different size and shape in each picture, I can't

No. 143067

File: 1617009738133.jpg (89.19 KB, 683x1024, 2d73553.jpg)

Look at the magical waist again
She shoots her face so much that even horny dudebros on reddit are starting to notice and comment on that

No. 143068

Thoughts about Faye? She's been gaining some popularity now that she's a streamer.
She used to go for the same "Im a nice girl" vibe than lilypichu but now and then she shows she can dress up

No. 143069

Go ahead, anon
I'm waiting for the layze_michelle cuz I thought she was nice

No. 143070

File: 1617041819759.jpg (188.68 KB, 1080x1108, 22427295_350709818675946_58136…)

30? She has the maturity of a 15 year old. I will never get over her going out to drink during this chaos, she is so selfish.

That makes a lot of sense, even more with how little her followers are on her art account. I know she was huge on tumblr because of her Homestuck cosplays but she didn't manage to bring her audience from there to instagram and it was a totally different crowd from what she is pandering now, which is coomers. I remember too that she said shit about girls like Giu, saying it wasn't really cosplay, only to fall into the same hole because she is desperate to always be relevant.

As I stated on the photoshop thread some of those people I have just tiny things on and Layze is one of them. I'm not sure if she is that nice, I know she never replies when someone asks which paint or whatever she uses because probably she has the "they are going to copy me" mentality. The only thing I know is that there are some accessories that she lies about doing, mostly the bigger ones like her 2B sword. She also shops her stuff (mostly her wigs) to look that flawless, and she always hid her personal photographer until she started shooting with gabrielleeccard, probably for the same reason she doesn't answer anyone about materials.

No. 143118

Will the posters even know to come here and post here? Jannie should have thought of all the poor stupid brazilians who don't know how to use the computer and left the thread over at /snow/ kek

No. 143121

i think they will, there was a post about it being moved at the end. hopefully they will.

No. 143143

File: 1617072303634.png (25.75 KB, 467x486, twitter.com_fehdobear.png)

As far as I know her old internet persona was Fehdobear. She posted pictures at 55chan at the time (maybe around 2003~2005? I'm not sure) and low-key pandered to pedos. Of course she oblitered everything from the internet as much as she could. I can't really remember if I have any caps rotting in some old hd drive. Her now husband (I guess?) was also a mod of br imageboards, I don't know if he is still a mod for any active one.
Dropping a cap of an old twitter account, with an interaction between her and a friend.

No. 143144

samefag, but I messed up the years. It was around 2010's

No. 143147

i know her from that time and can confirm, usually with the girl that she was 'dating' at the time. i don't know what happened to the other girl or even remember her name, but i know that at that time they both had ED and now feh seems healthy and happy cosplaying/streaming so i'm happy for her to be honest.

No. 143152

I'm happy for her too tbh, looks like she turned over a new leaf.
If the girl is the one I'm thinking of, it is the @ featured on the screenshot.

No. 143156

This thread was made not specifically for cosplayers or lolita, but ended up being about it because it's the people I guess peolle have most tea about cosplayers, so it made sense to move it here.
There are lots of ethots from Brazil too, but I guess they hide their milk well

No. 143159

Omg I know the girl she tagged and she's a pro ana look I'm a loli uwu and likes lolicon. Too irrelevant to be featured here but eeew she's terrible

No. 143168

so she still doing the ana bullshit? I thought her moved from it like faye

No. 143175

Oh yeah
And she's a drug addict too

No. 143176

samefag here and I can say: same
Specially after seeing how the other girl ended up

No. 143177

NTA but no, she didn't change shit after all these years. Also she is a proud neet, drug addict and alcoholic.

No. 143178

holy shit what the fuck? does anyone has her handles or something? i think her name was natalia.

No. 143179

She still uses the same twitter acount and fuck, I forgot to sage some prior comments

No. 143180

her twitter: erin_nerung

No. 143181

And she pretends to speak fluently languages whem she is an A2/A3 at the best case scenario

No. 143182

Her huge following on tumblr was only Homestuck related
Her other cosplays didn't even reach 200 notes

Oh, the cosplay world and the "they are going to copy me" mentality. Did not know she photoshopped the wigs that much, that's why they aways looked so good lol

No. 143228

File: 1617142700675.jpg (68.51 KB, 1080x1080, 117570511_1650366341797141_662…)

I don't know, she seems normal to me? She still has those dead eyes but she doesn't seem anorexic and besides her crazy rambles she looks fine.

Didn't know this! Do you know her tumblr? I forgot but I remember she thought her Nepeta was the best Nepeta. And I find hilarious that she thinks anyone cares about her OCs cosplays when people just hype them because she is showing her tits.

Her wigs are good but she yeah she make them look like something unreal. And oh boy I remember that a lot of people asked which paint she used here, since it changes color, and she ignored every single one. And I can't fine many of those comments anymore so maybe she even deleted some. We get it Layze, you are the only good Zelda and the biggest Zelda fan.

No. 143231

Why can't these bitches just chill about the SW shaming? Like over half of them do some sex work, it's not some dirty thing that only the lowest do

>seven consecutive posts about the same person at 4 AM horário de brasília
Ten years is a long time to hold a grudge, vendetta-chan. I searched her @ for "fluente" and she says it over and over again that she's not fluent in anything but english

No. 143235

I will come out and say that I'm >>143168 and >>143178 but I don't have anything against her, I was really just curious and as I said here >>143228 she looks fine to me.

No. 143248


It was pretty bizarre but I am >>143159 >>143175 >>143179
I made a post comment and with 20 seconds of difference there was another, and about the same subject kek

I guess it's the unemployment rate here lol

No. 143250

File: 1617151784449.jpg (69.89 KB, 808x594, ju3.jpg)

So Ju Tsukino made this dress as a comission for an US girl as she stated here.

No. 143251

File: 1617151855737.jpg (233.84 KB, 1399x937, ju1.jpg)

Then why is she wearing the exact same dress in this photoshoot? She scammed the girl into thinking it was new while she was out there taking pics wearing a commission.

No. 143290

I don't understand, what's so difficult about not wearing your clients' shit?

No. 143298

Did she sew it at least? Past clients complained about stuff being put together with hot glue gun. She will probably pretend it's a different dress

No. 143372

File: 1617251133747.jpg (67.28 KB, 450x600, 657969.jpg)

It's hard anon, just as hard to not let your cat poop into the cosplay you are selling

I think she did, it looks like she sews her stuff now. I found her old cosplay.com page and there is a lot so I won't post everything, but here: https://cosplay.com/member/42460

No. 143446

File: 1617316351150.jpg (110.67 KB, 720x1280, eed3458a-1890-4011-8949-0a3a4f…)

What the fuck is she talking about, is she trying to guilt trip people into buying her onlyfans crap?

No. 143447

>acting like her family isn't loaded
>subtle guilty trip to get her OF
>using the death of countless people to e-beg
>"guys it's so terrible i don't know what the future holds for us i'm so scared BUT HERE ARE MY BOOBS AND SHOPPED FACE SUB TO MY OF"

Oh wow kahsan, please never stop being shitty like this.

No. 143465

Kahsan looks like an exemplar cow, If she posted in english she would have her own thread already

No. 143477

File: 1617332223898.jpg (97.15 KB, 483x868, hiliar.jpg)

This bitch. She is such a hypocrite. Of course going out for these reasons is worse but bitch you were out drinking with your friends. I really hope she gets covid and someone from her family dies because of her selfish ass.
When will brazilian cosplayers start to hold other br cosplayers accountable for their bad behavior? Never?

God I love when she tries to speak in english. This storie is alredy bad but when she actually speaks in english is ten times worse. Example.
Also no one has anything on this puripurisquad? It's super shady and I'm dying to know who Liz is.

No. 143493

I have seen her do some fucked up things but wow, gilt tripping people into buying her OF using the death and massive sorrow this country is going through is somethinf twisted even coming from her
How much money you have is pretty much defining the mortality rate of covid and how >>143447 pointed out she's not struggling

She had covid already, these type of people don't learn

No. 143593

File: 1617407077098.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, BD26B1FA-209D-4286-ADD7-B65ABA…)

Why would anyone pay for this lol

No. 143876

File: 1617597380180.png (150.27 KB, 358x477, twitter.com_sheithpocalypse_st…)

Sage for not being about any ethot.

Gabriel Picolo's bad reputation spread to international twitter

>is a Bolsonaro supporter

>made a indiegogo campaign for his comic project (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/icarus-and-the-sun#/comments)
>received over half a million dollars
>it has been 2 years since he hit the $300,000 goal
>ghosted backers when they started to demand an explanation or complain about the product
>sent them bad quality shit
>the text has typos and apparently wasn't proofread
>posted most of the comic on instagram already, added very little content to the paid version
>sent low res pdf versions to backers
>sent 4 recycled illustrations as wallpapers for the stretch goal
>all the while has been announcing other projects, like graphic novels for DC

No. 143889

File: 1617602437857.jpg (27.32 KB, 576x212, 8465465.jpg)

listen i get wanting to help but why not just sending straight money to the girl? no you have to whore yourself right?

this is good, i've been waiting for him to slip and he finally did

No. 143896

it's not whoring if it's for charity, anon! /s

No. 143904

File: 1617616352988.png (2.14 MB, 1682x1091, justinbiebermustache.png)

Imagine being paid to do professional work for a big company and self inserting in one of the drawings, on top of doing that lazy shit.
Sage cause I know it's not real milk and probably nitpicking, but I wanted it off my chest.

I don't think he is milky enough though, aside from his past close friends being cows (cyarine and kahsan), he keeps to himself most of the time.

No. 143919

I always wondered where Chase Strangio got her inspiration for her iconic pedostache look

No. 143922

Wow this is shitty, can people take money from their indiegogo out at will: that is to say did picolo just make a hefty profit while neglecting customers? I think he'd be overworked by his corporate job but he still needs to uphold his past promises.

No. 143924

he should donate his leg to an elementary school for lunch one day. it looks like it maybe should feed them well?

No. 143943

File: 1617653529626.jpg (23.85 KB, 584x229, 8948954.jpg)

god why does he look like a molester/creeper?
who is cyarine?

sure kahsan, they are just haters who paid R$38 two years ago and received nothing or received a piece of shit. i thought that now she would drop the act of sucking his ass but maybe she will never stop doing it.

No. 143949

Kahsan wants to suck his dick soooo bad. Are they still friends? She posted on twitter "I don't know what is like to have bolsominion friends because none of my friends likes Bolsonaro"

She even stated in another tweet that "she liked her book" and it wasn't even on his posts

The funny part is she did a cosplay of a character who wasn't even in the story, Picolo just made the poster with the Sun and the Moon for moneygrab and bye bye

No. 143951

File: 1617663552838.jpg (285.19 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20210405_195526.jpg)

I guess she will never stop because he is not like her former cosplayers friends who get dragged and lose their "relevance". He has numbers and shares her cosplays, so probably feels like doesn't have anything to lose

No. 143952

File: 1617664000174.jpg (255.77 KB, 2308x1536, 20210405_200215.jpg)

But of course what does she know about art as she draws like this? The first dres and the way it looks like a diaper, tho

I saged bc not that relevant

No. 143956

when the "politics" she doesn't wanna bring to the conversation means talking about about a genocidal president, who she even talked about in >>143446 and >>143477 then yes kahsan we need to bring it to the conversation.

oh this is her oc she can't stop cosplaying and people only like because it's sexy. that design is awful and her art is even worse. she doesn't even have that many numbers i don't know why people are afraid of dragging her after the wcs fiasco, she breaking quarantine to drink, trying to suck picolos balls even after people proved he is a scammer and the list goes on.. they dragged her friend myo for way less, it just doesn't make sense to me.
and literally no one hates you without a reason fernanda, you give plenty of those.
you are not a 'Exclusive Creator on 0F' like your bio says, you are just whoring yourself for simp bucks. even a porn star is creating something while you can't even do the bare minimum as a cosplayer.

saged because this bitch

No. 143958

File: 1617666586847.jpg (139.3 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20210405-203859_Sam…)

>Delays project for 2 years
>Giver backers only 7 days to get reward

My sides. Picolo needs to address this in english. I'm sure most international fans don't care for his political views, they just want what they paid for. Also in his indiegogo he says the book is a5 paper size and people still complained about some of the art bein grainy. How do you fuck up the resolution of such a tiny book.

Is her character trans? She had a giant bulge in every outfit.

No. 143959

File: 1617668086080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.86 KB, 828x1472, 2661bea.jpg)

Ju Tsukino got dragged for some time for literally scamming people and now she's popular again so I think she won't be dragged any time soon

imagine self describing as an "exclusive creator" and your "content" is lazy low resolution butt pics took by a potato
She has an iPhone at least the quality could be better for fucks sake

Her OF is $7 now

No. 143963

no but i saw that only now and kek

are you fucking serious? i thought she had a photographer for these because everyone is so eager to work with her. this is feh galvão level of bad.
even made me want to sub to her OF to post here but that would be cowtipping. top kek that she had to lower it again though.

No. 143972

People dragged Myo for waaaay less, basically a fight over cosplay with an alt right cow lol
And people drag dy for cosplay related stuff, but didnt drag her for going out to drink during covid
I guess what matters for most is cosplay drama worth watchingnbut not serious stuff

No. 143976

Sage for no contribuition but I find funny how invested you guys are in Kahsan (not criticizing or anything just saying), she's literally irrelevant outside her state, I didn't even know her before the WCS thing. Goes to show we care about our local cows a lot, I'm dying to post milk about mine and surprised no one mentioned anything yet!

No. 143977

She has been dropping lots of milk recently and the milk I know from other ethots is already vintage
Please spill the milk of your unmentioned cow

No. 143979

When did people drag dy? Caps because I never saw it and it would be nice to see.

I will say kahsan is sort of a personal cow of mine and I'm just happy she's been dropping just a bit of milk lately, but please tell us about yours. If it's Bettty I won't be surprised.

No. 143988

Share with us anon.

Vintage milk is still milk tho.

No. 144026

anon came here to make ppl curious and never came back

No. 144027

I didn't mean to! Sorry gals, I'm working on it, I just mentioned it lightly to make my point about personal and local cows.

No. 144031


No. 144051

Sorry that you got posted.

No. 144056

If vintage milk still applies there's Jessuca Beppler, who is an alt right cow alter all. She had her own thread on PULL
Debora Dechetto still has more than 100k followers and she has a nazi tattoo
Daniele Noce has lots of milk too and lost so many followers she used to have over 1MIL and now had 930k

No. 144057

Caps, handles and a summary would be good. I know beppler but not the other two.

No. 144066

File: 1617752649052.jpeg (48.44 KB, 725x473, Dcechetto plásticas_ (1).jpeg)

Debora Dechetto
@dcechetto on instagram

Got "relevant" bc was dating Pc Siqueira
Says she is "totally natural" but had plastic surgeries
Has brown eyes but edits and wears blue contact lenses claming it's her natural eye color
Has nazi tattoos
Is a neet with a rich dad but signed up for financial relief(auxílio emergencial)

Has lots more of milk, there were lots of pages about het on PULL but I don't remember most of it

No. 144068

File: 1617752796889.jpg (205.7 KB, 903x1200, 20210406_204656.jpg)

No. 144070

more milk, please

No. 144095

File: 1617798749297.jpeg (453.4 KB, 750x737, 7B3FADDC-F961-48C4-941F-2BD5DC…)

She looks like this now, lmao.
I remember she had a tattoo artist boyfriend, guess her relationship didnt last through covid19

No. 144115

>people only like because it's sexy
It's not even sexy? People just like whatever crap gets shoved in their faces

No. 144253

She is so botched, should have stopped on the third picture >>144066

No. 144262

blow up doll reallness

No. 144330

I'd say support your local cow, right?

I agree, it's not even sexy and it doesn't even make sense that her character is a ventrue, idk if anyone here is into VtM but that's it

I was wondering how michiisdiary has no milk besides going out on a pandemic, since she's friends to dy kahsan and used to be friends with feh
And she's pretty irrelevant, how come she has almost 30k followers on insta?

No. 144476

File: 1617948967332.jpg (85.73 KB, 481x864, 8641865.jpg)

4000 people dying everyday but who cares? renata needs to go eat out with her friends to showcase her wardrobe!

No. 144532

I don't care about that because if restaurants are open you can't really blame people for going, but god damn this woman can't dress herself for SHIT. How and why is she "famous"? She has an ugly mug, average chubby body, awful style, can't pose, her entire house is ugly as fuck and she can't even be arsed to find a nice-looking corner with good lightning or at least lightning that isn't from a harsh white fluorescent lightbulb, all her pictures are like that.

I followed her to keep up with this thread and I had to unfollow the next day because her shitty pictures contrasted so hard with everything else it gave me a susto every time they came up. This bitch's ugly almost gave me a heart attack.

No. 144537

And to showcase an ugly looking wardrobe. She seems to pick up her most terrible garnments and the result is that usual shit we see.
Why cosplay thots spend so much money on their costumes but can't even dress themselves to go to a fucking restaurant

No. 144544

Don't cowtip anon, if you're gonna spend money on OF at least do it with someone that's hot

Checked her insta and she's 30
She dresses like a late teens/early 20's girl who has no clue about fashion or own sense of style

No. 144547

File: 1617991111620.jpg (22.17 KB, 640x480, 20210409_145732.jpg)


She's dating another guy now apparently a streamer
I wonder if she told him her real age or lied about being 26
This picture is from 2004 and she claims she's under 30
Do the math kek
And oh, the natural lips

No. 144558

WTF IS THIS OUTFIT HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH homegirl be looking like a chinese barbie knockoff!
Idgaf how old she is, but if you're going to have a different "style", at least do it well.

Sigh I miss PULL, they had plenty of milk on her.

No. 144585

No. 144586

No. 144608

File: 1618006894420.jpg (83.4 KB, 480x860, 984496848.jpg)

It's this mentality that makes thots like her, dy, kahsan, etc think it's ok to go out. Because things are open so why should they stay at home?
But if you really need that much to go out, at least don't showcase it so your followers will think it's ok to do it.

And her fame came from a mix of befriending the right people, jumping into hyped characters and claiming their as her own and her bubbly fake persona that makes everyone think she isn't at the toxic side of the cosplay community.

No. 144609

I saw her irl in 2019 and she was so much smaller than she is now wtf happened.

Her costumes are shit in person as well, she doesn't look good at all. They are relatively well made but don't fit good or are off somehow.

No. 144614

that's why you get when all your costumes are from aliexpress that you try to pass off as your own sewing just because you altered the smallest part of it
i think she is getting too chubby to fit into aliexpress cosplays too

No. 144639

File: 1618022316031.jpg (128.28 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20210409_233643.jpg)

Yeah, because going out to drink at 2000 deaths a day was okay
O please Fernanda, never stop being this shitty and hypocritical

No. 144683


Those outfits look like ddlg shit ngl

No. 144696

I just saw one of her instagram stories and she was drinking chocolate milk like she was starving. She put 3 packed spoonfuls of nescau. Guess we know where that weight came from.

No. 144771

File: 1618094426522.jpg (61.52 KB, 1080x1081, 128582259_905464826653871_2216…)

she really paid for this hot mess. renata you need a wardrobe intervertion.

i was going to say no because she wears garters but a lot of girls into ddlg wear them too… maybe you are into something

gym isn't ok anon, only going out to drink is fine

No. 144772

File: 1618094519523.jpg (35.81 KB, 722x365, 84856465.jpg)

and sorry for double posting but i found someone who is clearly skinwalking renata and it's patethic because this girl is way prettier than her

No. 145090

File: 1618292025517.jpg (90.82 KB, 808x594, 894165.jpg)

the gall this girl has to call this shit costest when she literally photoshopped everything on her. she couldn't even bother to put contact lenses on.

No. 145091

That's not photoshop yo, that's MS Paint

No. 145093

How can someone look a this and think it is good enough to post at their ig?

No. 145137

I understand wanting to see if you'd look good as a character by shopping the hair and accessories but don't post it for christs sake. That's so embarrasing. It looks like a deviantart fan edit that some neckbeard would make of random girls as their waifus. All it's missing is a photoshopped scrote doing a hover hand.

No. 146044

Kek what a photoshop abomination

No. 146370

I think Kahsan had a nose job, I saw her stories going to surgery and now she says she can breathe a lot better.

No. 146538

she said the sutures from her throat are hurting and you obviously don't need throat stitches for a nose job so maybe she is backpedalling and trying to pass the surgery as tonsillectomy because 'uh my deviated septum'

No. 149434

File: 1620669094212.jpg (44.75 KB, 476x616, 1616534610644.jpg)

Haver tou seen the comments on this post ?



No. 149437

let me tell you something about this surgery.
I already did the same thing. there are no points in this procedure. what is usually done is the removal of "scabs" from the wound to speed healing.
because of this procedure, the nose gets thinner, but it is temporary. it is only due to healing.
but she doesn’t stop being the cow she always was.

No. 149438

File: 1620670824872.png (461.72 KB, 707x1266, Screenshot_20210508-062252_2.p…)

what will Photoshop be this time when posting the original photo?

No. 149452

File: 1620681360470.jpeg (101.27 KB, 773x254, 93AEC3C7-D568-4066-BEEF-DB10ED…)

I think she saw it

No. 149454

Why did you post this in 3+ different threads including necroing the femboy thread, anon?

No. 149459

they posted it on the femboy? why it doesn't even make sense to go there

No. 149461

File: 1620690927544.jpg (285.86 KB, 1080x1346, 173913732_450182392951838_4418…)

i'm sure she did, she is the kind to egosearch everywhere all the time.
but don't stop posting kahsan, prove the haters wrong and show how you are not photoshoped, because human bodies can totally look like this right? it's feh galvão realness.
how is nanashi doing by the way? you never talked about her anymore and looks like you already have two new lapdogs!

No. 149485

Of course she does egoseacrh all the time, have to do damage control every now and then. Hope she will keep on giving.

No. 149491

File: 1620703854020.jpeg (161.33 KB, 828x1472, 2A0D03CC-AC0C-4B5D-AABC-CAF947…)

Imagine paying for bad selfies with snow/instagram filters lol

No. 149493

File: 1620704120146.jpeg (731.94 KB, 828x1358, CA121FE6-5092-4110-A430-AD9EA3…)

This is the pic posted by her kek

No. 149495

Her bra doesn’t fit. Her cups are empty.

No. 149503

bras that don't fit are a recurring theme with her. i don't know why she does this, it's not like they are going to magically fill the empty space kek

No. 149528


easy to answer. have you seen her chest? it is mega fallen and ugly.

No. 149555


this girl has already tried patreon, suicidegirl and so on … it is easier for her to invest in 4can than these fake photos.
bitch always was, I don't know what you're waiting for.

No. 149562

File: 1620731451708.jpg (134.41 KB, 1133x1700, 70847633_2913277452020392_8748…)

Kahsonga and exbestfriend

No. 149569

File: 1620733580415.jpg (99.89 KB, 1133x1700, 70810823_2913269672021170_6596…)

No. 149589

File: 1620751834185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.09 KB, 1536x2048, EyI7--GW8AYonPP.jpg)

and isn't nanashi certified as a suicide girl? i bet kahsan fumes whenever she remembers that her uglier friend made it into the site and she didn't.

who even is that? i never thought kahsamba would have 'best friends' that weren't cosplayers so she could use them as slaves.

and this is the kind of person she follows and retweets, this is borderline prostitution. but obviously he calls himself a cosplayer because he wears wigs. @cosplay_tony

No. 149596

Flopped on Suicide Girls, flopped on Patreon, flopped on Ko-Fi. Started charging $12 for her OF and now it’s $8

Yeah she likes to wear bras that are three times her size. When I heard she was gettting surgery I thought she was getting a boob job, since her cups are always bigger

Who is she? I lost the count of her “besties”
And Kahsan: where are your boobs???

No. 149602

File: 1620758250775.jpg (35.09 KB, 540x960, thumbnail_18119355_19031157532…)

No. 149603


I think your name is CLARA. It was this girl who has a history with her. she left her unconscious in a nightclub and was almost raped.

No. 149616

This story was so extreme
I can’t believe how rotten this bitch is, idk why I still get surprised

No. 149618

Does she still use this Instagram account?

No. 149619

she is sucking in so hard that she has a hole by her side kek

wait i don't know anything about this. someone can explain? and how this girl can still be her friend after this?

gone for a while, i think it was just after she posted her terrible videos trying to pole dance

No. 149625

Wait she tried to pole dance???? That must have been the cringiest thing ever

I don’t know about this, but what I think anon meant is that they are no longer friends

Anon we’re trying to understand you. I could translate your posts but pls make sense

No. 149626

ctrl c + ctrl v so it can be deleted from Ridiculous Photoshops 3 >>1191646


estou com preguiça para ter que fazer um post todo em inglês. Quem quiser posso falar tudinho desde o inicio da sua ''carreira''. Ela é tão falsa pessoalmente (caráter) quanto fisicamente em suas fotos. Em vários eventos no qual ela foi ''convidada'', ninguém a reconhecia pela quantidade de photoshop que ela fazia e faz em todas as suas fotos. faz de santa, mas é traíra meu povo. Como vou demorar um pouco para escrever, só aguardem.

não precisa. faço por você>>1224851

vamos ao inicio de tudo…
Essa pessoa na qual se denomina kahsan ( tambem conhecida como feh) se chama Fernanda Oliveira. Teve incio cedo no cosplay, mas mesmo usando como artificio se fazer de boazinha para todos, sempre foi e sempre será o que ela é FALSA.
Nunca conseguiu manter amizades a longo prazo devido, como ela diz. – personalidade forte.
Dos fatos a simples verdade, ela so se relaciona e se relacionava com pessoas do seu interesse pessoal. Sendo elas, pessoas nas quais ela poderia se beneficiar para ganhar popularidade, conseguir acessorios que não sabe fazer e tudo que ela quissesse de forma gratuita.
Vamos falar de alguns fatos da vida pessoal dela. Adora justificar seus atos dizendo que é inveja, ou que porque é adotada e seu pai a odeia. Quem no minimo conheceu ela, sabe muito bem que sempre foi ao contrario essa situacao. Seus pais sempre lhe deram tudo e creio que por isso sempre foi essa mimada. Nunca faltou atencao ou carinho da parte deles. Outro detalhe de sua vida pessoal, ama dizer hoje em dia que viveu um relacionamento manipulador e abusivo. Coitado de seu EX que ficou conhecido como um enorme chifrudo. Todos sabemos das suas escapadas durante os eventos para ficar com ‘’mãozinha’’ e tambem o ‘’jack’’, entre outros. A maioria das vezes isso ocorria quando o ex tambem estava presente, fazendo-o de burro de carga para levar suas coisas para os eventos.
Sempre criticou todos, pricipalmente com relacao aos seus corpos e como faziam exposicao deles. Sempre foi ‘’gordofobica’’, mesmo dizendo que os defende. Todos que faziam um personagem mais sexy, eram denominadas de ‘’putas gordas’’. Ela fez isso com todos que um dia foram seus amigos, até não servirem mais pra ela. E até hoje sempre procura uma forma de tentar prejudicar alguem. Como não esquecer as ‘’tretas’’ cosplays não é mesmo? Raramente alguem a reconhece nos eventos, pela quantidade de photoshop em suas fotos. Magra? Realmente ja foi um dia. Mas tem tempo isso, bastante tempo. Ama retirar as papadas enormes que tem os bracos nem se fala. Tem fotos que ate da pra fazer gif do tanto que modificou.
Vamos a alguns acontecimentos. No proprio estado que residia, Espirito Santo, a mesma sempre tentou por de tras dos panos ganhar vantagens. Ganhou competicoes por merecimento proprio? Talvez um ou dois. A maioria das vezes procurava e conseguia desclassificar pessoas para que seus novos amigos do momento ficassem com as vagas ou ela mesma. Adora dizer que era boa samaritana para ganhar creditos em apresentacoes que ela dizia ter feito para os colegas/amigos. E ainda usar cosplays de colegas para dizer que ficou melhor nelas. OU ainda, fazer pessonagens para dizer que é melhor que alguem. Um caso classico que ocorreu com sua ex best friend myutsubasa com a personagem do desenho rapuzel de enrolados. Ja viram alguem ser staff de palco e querer aparecer mais que o proprio cosplayer no palco? Pois essa é ela, em uma apresentacao com a peruca da personagem light final fantasy
Outros acontecimentos que não poderiam deixar de falar, quando sua ‘’amiga’’ myotsubasa estava em ascensao no ramo cosplay, e rotineiramente era convidada para eventos. Kahsan, invejosa como sempre foi, entra em contato com o evento para tambem ser convidada e que arcaria com toda a parte financeira, ou seja, uma foma somente para se autoprovover em cima da amiga. Neste mesmo evento myotsubasa era uma das juradas, kahsan intrometida puxa uma cadeira e simplesmente se intitula jurada, o que nao era verdade, causando um extremo cosntrangimento no evento e tbm para a myo, a mesma nao satisfeita por terem pedido que se retirasse, ficou colada na myo dando pitaco aonde nao devia. Ainda nao satisfeita com com o ocorrido, ainda fica pra tras durante o termino do evento fazendo escandalo para buscar-la. E nao parou por ai. A mesma ainda fica dando em cima dos convidados em forma bem grodesca por assim dizer, nao bastanto ainda dizendo que monica irma de mauricio, renomado cosplay internacional e nacional, que ela havia dado em cima dela e roubado sua calcinha.
É uma habito dessa pessoa ter uma coisa chamada, mintomania, ela acredita nas proprias mentiras que conta e faz delas a verdade absoluta. Convidada para evento? Não ocorria, pois a mesma sempres e dava a esse luxo de se autoconvidar para tentar ganhar um pouquinho de atencao e inflar um pouco seu ego. Logico sempre arcando com seus gastos, quer dizer, seus pais pagando.
Outro ocorrido, se nao me engano em 2016. Que a mesma diz vencedora do wcs nacional. Vamos a algumas verdades. A mesma so ganhou porque fez de tudo para causa a desclassificacao dos concorrentes, como conseguiu? Verificando se as reais ganhadoras estavao com seus passaportes. Os passaportes estavao em processo de liberacao, nada que pudesse dar problema. Mas a mesma recorreu fazendo seus xiliques, ate a desclassificacao das mesmas. Conseguiu a desclasificacao, para numa final internacional fazer um papel vergonhoso.
Outro evento que a mesma participou, haviam apenas 2 vagas se nao me enganho. Ela consegui ‘’cria’’ uma terceira vaga e assim ser classificada. Segundo ela foi porque seus fans claramaram por sua classificao.
Seguindo essa linha do tempo, na final em que ocorreu, a mesma tenta novamente desclassificar seus colegas por alguma coisa que fica no palco, consegui? Nào dessa vez, mas a maior vergonha nisso é o que ocorre nos bastidores. A mesma o tempo todo ja se intitulando campea, pois sao as melhores, simplesmente fazendo desfeita dos outros participantes, tudo isso em voz alta. Os reais ganhadores deste evento tinham vinculo com ela, mas a mesma como sempre com suas desepadas de falsiane, a mascara caiu e a amizade entre eles tambem, segundo informacoes ela fez de tudo para cabar com o relacionamento da dupla que hoje em dia sao noivos. Esse foi um dos motivos que o participante ‘’gritou’’ com ela. Errado a atitude dele? Talvez. Mas no final das quantas ela se fez de santa nisso tudo, so nao esperava ser desclassficada tambem. E por esse motivo vez com que a dupla que ela desclassificou em 2016 ganhasse. Reviravolta,ne?
Um acontecido otimo para constar tambem, ela amava se fingir de bebada para fazer as merdas dela e tentar justificar isso com um pingo de alcool. Tirando o fato que ja largou uma de suas ex amigas no chao bebada, desacorda e foi embora. Essa amiga dela quase foi estuprada por conta disso, que amigona, heim?!
No momento ela é Formada em arquitetura, mora em sp em seu apartamento alugado de 2,500 reais. Ai voce se pergunta,atua? logico que nào. Trabalhar mesmo que é bom é dificil,ne? Sempre procurou pelo mais facil. Se faz de apoiadora, mas agora colhe do que platou pelo mal que fez a tantas pessoas. É sozinha numa busca eterna por atencao e alguem para inflar de ego ridiculo.
Acredito muito mais que sua mudaca de estado nao foi pelo seu sonho, e sim pelo tanto de desavenca, que fez em seu estado de origem, isso vale para fora da area cosplay tambem. Hoje em dia vive de tudo que um dia julgou e disse que nao seria. O que ela tanto fala de seu ex, é somente uma forma de tentar justificar suas atitudes futeis – sou agora tudo aquilo que meu ex nao quis – tatuada, fumante e cosplayer gostosa. Na verdade ele so era uma forma de tentar fazer ela alguem descente e fazer passar menos vergonha do que ja passa. Ele pode ter tido seus erros, pode. Mas ela nunca deixa de tocar no passado deles, porque será?
Resumo da obra, nào acreditem nas palavras dela nem em suas atitudes bondosas. Podem ter certeza que ela ira te conquistar, pois manipuladora ela sabe ser. Mas você so vai conhecer e acreditar quando acontecer com você. Ai você dará razão para quem te avisou.
Se eu lembrar de mais alguma historia eu conto,ou se alguem quiser saber de mais alguma treta que eu nao esteja lembrando é so comentar.

No. 149627

she is kahsan's former friend. she (kahsan) left her ex-friend alone, who was unconscious due to drinking. and this girl was almost raped.

No. 149635

Faltou os preconceitos contra lgbtq, racismo, tratar garçon mal e afins.

No. 149636

she did it was so funny i had some prints of it but they are now lost somewhere. she looked pathetic without filters.

please sage. also more on the racism and etc because i didn't know anything about it. of course she is rotten but i didn't think she was that much

No. 149638

File: 1620776399617.jpg (33.44 KB, 591x221, 848945646.jpg)

keep farming those pity points bitch, you should be grateful that the cosplay community in brazil is a gigantic circle jerk and you are inside it, so no one will ever tell you to behave like you should or openly bring out your shit ton of fuck ups.

it's $7 now ($6 atm because it's 25% off!) kek i give two more weeks until she reachs $5 because people will keep leaking her poor content

No. 149640

File: 1620779242287.png (421.34 KB, 720x1370, Screenshot_20210511-212015~2.p…)


worthy of pity …

I heard about a racism story from her. white characters should be made by whites, blacks made by blacks.
loves to play lesbian to gain popularity. it is already said once that it was pansexual.

No. 149644

She escaped from here ES for opening BO against her for cyberbullying. She treats a waiter very badly, thinks she is an aristrocrat. If the waiter is not white, it will be even worse. She makes several casual racist comments. She says she had to work as a stripper to be able to pay for college, in fact she did it to get into the club for free, her parents paid for college without a problem. Pretend to be poor, if her friend is poor she says she has a lot of money and has lived in several countries.

No. 149645

>>149562 that girl fetishizes trans dudes and got close to girls that cosed with them to reach them. She likes to say she's bi cause she likes pussy then goes posting she's a warrior for lgbt people what a psycho.

No. 149646

WTF her parents even gave her a car
I saw her claming she was a stripper but I really doubt that, she was probably a gogo dancer

No. 149647

learn how to sage just type sage on the email form

No. 149649

File: 1620782847436.jpg (101 KB, 1080x1346, 183768602_2812956688955258_130…)

she said she is asexual some days ago. i mean she posted the asexual flag with her pronouns. she needs so bad to be oppressed when in reality she is white, rich and straight.

kahsan hair doesn't bend INWARDS your waist, whoever shopped this needs to step up, your ass is all blurry in the spots were it was shopped too.

No. 149650

File: 1620782888125.png (88.29 KB, 778x540, twitter.com_classygoth_status_…)

I love how cows judge other people's but never themselves, like a brief moment of clarity.
You could swap "Karol Conká" with "Kahsan" and it would still be accurate.

No. 149651

File: 1620783370126.jpg (143.69 KB, 1080x1350, 71580159_423034658632206_25593…)


love her candids. she is also talking a lot about her parents these days.. people remember you saying they were terrible fernanda.

No. 149652

Where did she say/posted that?

LMAO I saw that and it was so funny watching her rant about Karol as they seem to have so much in common

Kahsan and Inuki Prince the photoshop queens themselves

No. 149653

File: 1620784568613.jpeg (51.43 KB, 591x823, 23323C34-2D5F-4632-95A8-EB8D7B…)

Her wig looks so off
I was going to joke it was styled by Nanashi then I saw it and… it was styled by Nanashi

No. 149657

old milk but lots of cons she was guested she was not a guest after all
she contacted cons and payed the expenses herself(her parents)

No. 149658

File: 1620786346885.jpg (67.7 KB, 597x523, 844554.jpg)

here. it's funny because nanashi also came as asexual some time ago. is it a trend to be asexual when you are a thot? is it because it gives you an excuse to not engage with the dick pics you probably receive?

i will donate a bra that fits to this girl, it irks me so much

you can do that? i thought they would never line you up even if you paid but oh well it's brazil

lazy anon come back i wanna know who 'maozinha' and 'jack' are because i have no idea

No. 149659

>>149650 Her twitter feed and stories always work in a weird way. If she says someone is evil and did this and that it's always things that she actually did like she's tricking herself in believing someone else did the shit she did. If it's her saying she defends a cause it's always some shit she's been accused of doing something against like the blm stuff

No. 149664

Fernanda loved to say how much she loved sex to the point it was cringy and now plays the ace card? lolololol

seeing from who she retweeted is Bia Purin still relevant? I’m surprised she did not turn into selling nudes like her so called friends

No. 149669

Is there milk on Bia Purin?

No. 149670

relevant only in as how she hops from girlfriends the same way she hops from hype to hype. of course she is cosplaying tartaglia. i know her last breakup was a shit show and she badmouthed her ex so much that people believed the girl was a bitch. i think she even stopped cosplaying to get away from all the toxic stuff.

No. 149671

sorry to samefag but her ex stopped cosplaying. she would never.

No. 149673

anon is old school
Mãozinha was a cosplayer he was in WCS 2009 brazil winner
But I wanna know who Jack is

No. 149674

File: 1620793864674.jpeg (694.63 KB, 2048x2048, 45CD9044-61FD-4718-BE9F-8195FD…)

Used to have some milk on this hoe, crazy tantrums and stuff, but not really relevant, just wanted to follow the KDA thing and how she entitled herself the leader and that she owns the Cosplay group and has a saying at Riot games. Cringe.
Also is always saying bad things about her trans friends and how they are not really women and shit.

No. 149675

>Also is always saying bad things about her trans friends
she looks like a men and has the audacity to say that?

No. 149676

She used to call one her friends girlfriend “traveco” behind her back and how digested she was sometimes cuz she would never be a real woman. I was as at a loss of words tbh cuz her brother is allegedly a famous dragqueen or something

No. 149677

All this time I was wondering how Monica was never posted here
She was mentioned in the KDA drama >>143011 as being nice??????

No. 149678

Almost 2 am and the comments are coming

>>Paulo Guedes voce prometeu<<

No. 149679

Have you seen how she kind of did not show much of her video for Ubisoft and how hard she shopped her face? She didn’t even repost the original pics, as if no one would actually see her. Its a video sis. Can’t bother to look for the video but it’s something about that new Viking release

No. 149680

File: 1620795052890.jpg (17.05 KB, 441x302, 747f58c55390f26aa9896330c4176e…)

then tell us because until now i thought she was just ugly outside


No. 149681

File: 1620795426285.png (584.23 KB, 499x499, 975C0E56-35CF-4EB5-80CA-33E52A…)

She was butthurt
I can think of men in drag who are more attractive than her

No. 149682

File: 1620795611001.jpeg (613.08 KB, 605x1427, EE5783AD-BEB7-4B1D-B75C-94368D…)

shes alyssa edwards but irrelevant and a less hotter version of her brother
saw her having a fit cuz her brother got more likes even tho he was fat and she was hot lol that on a comment on her evelin picture from ccxp

No. 149683

File: 1620795742638.jpeg (1.06 MB, 887x2388, 98AF9977-0A7C-4114-9C6A-5C3D6E…)

she should cuz where is the butt?

No. 149684

She seems to work out her legs so much
She skips butt day

No. 149685

Just found out this thread but it was shut down so there’s little milk

There’s but it appears to be dead

No. 149686

File: 1620796788569.jpeg (489.76 KB, 2048x2048, 6759A2A9-4DF6-4446-8850-703D6F…)

Is this it? I mean when you get old you get expression lines…

No. 149691


Jack, was the pupil of the "mãozinha". now he has a YouTube channel. then he became cosplay coordinator at yamato in sp.

No. 149692

I saw their KDA popstars group irl and it was the worst thing, they were attempting to dance on stage (was it at CBLOL or some other evento, I can't remember?) and no one knew the choreo, they were just winging it and the plateia was cringing so much, me included. I legit thought their Evelynn was a dude, at least I swear someone mentioned it next to me.

No. 149693

File: 1620817284915.png (1.05 MB, 720x1349, Screenshot_20210512-075608~2.p…)

I had a picture of her with "maozinha". but, she did this cosplay just to be with Jack. I remember it very well! and she was still dating.

No. 149694

File: 1620817433257.png (752.2 KB, 720x1234, Screenshot_20210512-075235~2.p…)

in this picture, she was also dating. wooden face, I don't know how the ex could handle this kind of thing.

No. 149695

File: 1620817749898.png (473.08 KB, 715x1318, Screenshot_20210512-075508~2.p…)

who remembers the bullshit that gave this presentation?
she trying to disqualify the participants, because according to her, she was harmed / sabotaged. the reason was that his "poc" did not burst and that someone pasted them all with superbond.


No. 149698

File: 1620818412331.png (378.69 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210512-081321.png)

but let's talk about a classic case of this!
posting a video of her singing "epona", to discredit her colleague on ycc.

the most shameful thing, is that a performance she decided to sing with her ex. it was even more shameful. I'm not finding the video at the moment, but when I do, I'll post it.

No. 149701

File: 1620818966293.png (365.08 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_20210512-082623~2.p…)

I remember her getting into a free fight over this cosplay. "potato bag"

No. 149704


… this is the video of her singing and then wanting to speak ill of the girl


No. 149718

File: 1620828567012.png (188.79 KB, 720x615, Screenshot_20210512-110720~2.p…)

it's not just the angle … it's Photoshop, my daughter.

No. 149720

File: 1620829631194.png (95.07 KB, 720x582, Screenshot_20210512-111433~2.p…)

there is still much to mature. I'm about to say that it won't even ripen, the fruit has already fallen rotten.

No. 149723

File: 1620829940109.png (226.1 KB, 720x1301, Screenshot_20210512-111937~2.p…)

funny as everything she says, she seems to be talking about herself.
I will tell you a horrible thing about kahsan. she doesn't like to shower! and has an onion instead of underarms. Watch out! never lend her clothes.

No. 149726

File: 1620831145767.jpeg (148.92 KB, 851x1135, EV1L1g7XgAMWU2b.jpeg)

No. 149727

File: 1620831233467.png (216.29 KB, 663x855, Screenshot_20210512-114058~2.p…)

No. 149728

Kahsan- she was only thin at the time of 2014/2015

No. 149730

File: 1620834714451.png (398.3 KB, 720x1769, Screenshot_20210512-123320~2.p…)

about confusion in the wcs

No. 149732

File: 1620835647534.png (811.58 KB, 711x3610, Screenshot_20210512-130529~2.p…)

in response

No. 149754

File: 1620847738944.png (233.49 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_20210512-162729~2.p…)

I thought she had gone to do a plastic surgery on that jowl

No. 149758

File: 1620850610699.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.43 KB, 1261x841, 20210322_225726_1711626.jpg)

what the hell is her going on with her forehead. it's huge.

but this is a girl. or is he trans?

i remember this, luiz was also dating dy chan at the time and since it's a photoshot i don't think there is a real problem with the kiss.

this gave me such second hand embarrassment. the presentation is so bad and she is the worst actress ever. anyone know who crafted this for her? because she surely didn't do a thing.

a lot of people backed him up about the fact that the forgotten prop didn't mess with the other participants presentation. she is full of shit.

i feel so sorry for her parents. imagine adopting a child, giving them everything and she turns out like someone who treats you like shit, waste all your money and just pretend to love you on the internet for brownie points. her fiance is a cuck though so i don't feel sorry for him at all.
and where is the ass kahsan?!

No. 149761

I do not think like that. if you are with someone, respect it first! it is not to go out kissing even more on the mouth. this is not a single photo of them kissing.

No. 149762

I agree with anon, though
It’s just a photoshoot, she gives lots of milk but surely this is not the case

No. 149765

on the part of luiz, ok. but coming from kahsan, it's complicated. a photo is one thing, but 4 is a little exaggerated. she undoubtedly took advantage.

No. 149771

File: 1620858420890.png (956.74 KB, 720x1089, Screenshot_20210512-192319~2.p…)

draw your conclusions

No. 149772

File: 1620858459517.jpg (62.97 KB, 1000x667, 14700881_1746460922272151_5352…)

No. 149777

>>149772 isn't he that nazi guy?

No. 149781


tell us more about this story

No. 149901

what the hell? i knew him because of friends and no he isn't nazi. that's not even a reach it's straight up bullshit

No. 149906


I saw her once throwing a tantrum. She broke things and cursed an entire con. Even her cute voice is fake. She is scary as fuck IRL

No. 149925

File: 1620950629976.jpg (143.59 KB, 1080x1349, 168619286_349663553149119_3684…)

can you elaborate on that? she is my personal cow so i would love to hear about how she is so fake.

and to not let the thread die, anonies please post your personal cows, i want more unhinged thots to follow

No. 149940

File: 1620964316057.jpeg (56.72 KB, 538x536, CFE949E7-1371-4D17-8A2A-038329…)

She’s my personal cow but what I know about her could out me

No. 149944


I just heard her yelling at her husband and some random staff working for her or for the convention for not doing everything she wanted and threatening everyone around
Started throwing some stuff at people
Her voice was totally different from what you hear on her Instagram

No. 149945

omg this is hideous, makes her look like an age player

Too bad then I guess

No. 150011


She is nice and there is nothing milky about her for what I know. Any reason for the saltiness aside ex bland tretas anão?

No. 150017

nyat but she isn't that nice, she is loud and obnoxious and made me feel really uncomfortable with how she acted with some stuff i had at a con

i heard her real voice once and i was in shock. i wonder how long until val can't take renata's mistreating anymore, because renata already has another lapdog to do val's job. sadly she would never drop the milk because it would out her instantly.

No. 150021

File: 1621019042378.jpg (82.7 KB, 1080x1080, 182633698_480187719969672_9099…)

so people weren't happy anough just shopping all the cosplay on themselves, they are now shopping their face onto other people's cosplays. this is madness.

No. 150027

what do you mean, this is not her?

No. 150065

No. 150071

File: 1621038293982.jpg (88.1 KB, 1080x1080, 120141428_670592670536603_4067…)

can't you see by how blurry the entire photo besides her face looks and the blurry lines that look like a erased watermark?
this is her real rapunzel cosplay

No. 150135


lol the photoshop

No. 150143


>Hangs out with a weeb

>Complains that weeb is loud and obnoxious


No. 150147

are you stupid? what made you think i hang out with her? i was minding my own business at the con and she came to me and wouldn't stop talking and touching. it's not my fault that we have friends in common.

No. 150150

Is that the same wig?

No. 150151

File: 1621102679029.jpg (122.82 KB, 1080x1350, 138524091_1159438747805871_613…)

This thread makes me realize that all brazil milk is sour milk. Our cows have been the same for over 10 years now. I think the young ones see them and smartly decide to stay away?

Pic is @andromeda_bruna. Middle-aged and completely delusional, but harmless, as far as I know. She is weird though, so I wonder if there is any coalhada here.

No. 150153

Her family is from that alien belief and they even go to meetings and stuff, they have like alien drawings and things like that on their windows. I know that sounds like off the fucking believable area but it’s true, someone showed me pictures they took inside her house like. Also she is like one of my favorite human beings to follow

No. 150155

File: 1621104198806.jpeg (543.84 KB, 1125x734, EAE63C77-5AE5-4941-BB53-7FB3A7…)

There was like this con where she liked made out with sonic onstage. Like fucking avant- grade, she was outing herself as furry before it was even tolerable on social media

No. 150156

File: 1621104201000.jpg (90.7 KB, 1080x1080, 70509698_135182604445857_12253…)

I'm not sure I can process that information. But I really appreciate it.

No. 150157

I remember that. She went to Anime Friends by bus where she would wear that costume. She bought a seat on the bus for the Sonic doll.

No. 150158

Honestly Mariza and Lumena are the”newer” cows I can think of, and they are around for quite some time
It’s funny bc this thread was supposed to be about web cows but turned into a cosplayer thing, although there was a post about Debora Cechetto

No. 150163

mariza scheid right? but who is lumena?

No. 150174

She used to attend cons and was basically a less hot version of Mariza, took sexy and suggestive pics while being a minor
But she didn’t resort to selling packs, so she lost her relevance, her handle is @_shinxy

No. 150177

OMG do you have a video of this???
Queen ahead of her time, everyone is a furry now

No. 150186

File: 1621112603922.jpg (135.43 KB, 1080x1080, 73537499_183822532784840_13176…)

i remember her now. i don't think she is a big a cow as kahsan or mariza but she is so ugly, her cosplays are so badly sew (her mother does them) her shops turn her into a wax kind of thing and the way she cranks up the saturation to the max in all of her pics hurts my eyes so much.

No. 150189

I agree with you, even Lolly Vomito’s milk is old by now

She’s not that big of a cow but is/was a cow, but nothing that big
I don’t know if her mother sells stuff anymore but she used to charge at least 400 idk if she thought her daughter was “famous” so it was she could charge whatever

No. 150190


Being autistic with a weeb on a weeb con doesn't qualify as milky behavior. Create some balls and spill the milk instead of fishing for one as you pathetically trying so hard.


This picture is fascinating, thanks for sharing it.

No. 150194

you are definetely a retard. i never said she was milky, i said she is annoying. learn to read for everyone's sake
or did it struck a nerve with you?

No. 150198

she is a NEET que deu certo
she failed high school at least 2 times, her parents changed her school and her forbid her to cosplay
at that time she started posting weeaboo fashion
started her youtube channel some time later
somehow was hired by crunchy roll

No. 150200

i always wanted to know how she managed to get that job if she never finished school. probably some friends inside. but she was so bad at it…

No. 150202

File: 1621121104361.jpg (82.5 KB, 1080x984, 156535911_939434893549881_1085…)

funny thing is that now everyone with a sewing machine charges about that much. even people who are shitty at it. buba is great example, people made her believe she was so good at it and now she has insane prices. love that her store logo looks like a dick too.

No. 150204

File: 1621121765891.jpg (120.59 KB, 900x600, elise04_by_saorielise_d2nz446-…)

>avant-gard furry queen

No. 150205

File: 1621122155222.jpeg (324.78 KB, 1080x1349, F3492017-D045-47F0-A408-543498…)

How is Satty not here????
Former cosplayer that dated youtuber(Damiani) and made her channel
Her videos were a blatant copy of another youtuber
Makes an apology video and people eventually forget

No. 150206

She was there for the furries when nobody tried
I stan the Avant Garde Furry Queen thanks for introducing her

No. 150207

I have never heard of her. Is she only locally popular, perhaps?

No. 150208

She was that one hit wonder. She just copied someone else’s material for her videos, got cancelled and tried to go low key. Not sure where she is now

No. 150209

This is too good. Avant-garde furry queen is something I just can’t. This is TOO GOOD. I’m so happy someone brought her up cuz I’ve seen some people showing some of her stuff and making fun of her, but didn’t know about all this

No. 150211

File: 1621124346065.jpeg (683.95 KB, 1125x855, 553D1655-5A8A-497D-A67F-84B663…)

Is she a dwarf? Is she like those dwarfs they hire to entertain a party or something?

No. 150212

File: 1621124469529.jpeg (430.13 KB, 1125x1115, 0AE74A5B-3FA2-46AD-B72E-091464…)

No. 150214


Her channel is still up and she posts videos there and still has over 500k subscribers

She’s the one who screams “você canta mal pra caralho” in the Epona video mentioned here >>149626 and a video of her and her ex where they talk about there, that’s why the videos had so many views

No. 150216

Samefag I just found her old ask fm https://ask.fm/satty

No. 150218

File: 1621126753875.jpg (188.42 KB, 900x1351, elise07_by_saorielise_d2ohxdp-…)

Funny you say that. She started a business to entertain children's parties by playing characters. I don't think that worked out very well, because she was more worried about taking pictures of herself than the children. But she is of normal height, that's just an odd angle.
She had a partner in that business and that one is a real cow, but I don't wanna be the one to post her, she'll come here crying for sure.

No. 150219

But if she comes here crying wouldn’t be more fun?

No. 150220

I don’t remember furry queen being a cow, she used to be a puppy for two cows tho, too bad that didn’t work out well for either of them

No. 150221


She is batshit crazy
Can't use make up properly
Used to be fat

No. 150222

As I remember, she was Laura’s student and she does a lot of ego-search, just don’t want to give her the spotlight

No. 150223

I think this was after my time. Anon, spill. Or not, if the cow is the ego-searching one. I have no VPN, you guys.

No. 150224

All these people from Belo Horizonte seem to be on another level. They live their on reality and shit. Most cosplayers I know from there usually like to do loli/Shota for pedo grab. Male and female lol

No. 150225


Can we start the talk about Laura and her bullshit?

No. 150226

Please do, I have no Milk on her but would love to hear about it. I was really wondering when people would spill on her

No. 150227

Post her in a way she can’t ego search
Or do it and delete it 10 minutes later, I think the max is 15 minutes for deleting something
Just spill, pls

No. 150228

She will out this if she’s mentioned, regardless of everything else posted here. She is one the worst cows I know, but won’t post anything. A lot of people really dislike her for being the extra of the extra, to the point she even made content out of her dog’s death. Sick.

No. 150229

What a bitch, but don’t forget to sage

>puta merda gente, é só escrever sage em e-mail se bobear vao deletar pela bagunça

No. 150230


wait what

No. 150231

just say her name and we can find her for ourselves. now everyone is curious.


do we need to go through bruna's instagram to find her or will you stop playing coy already?


No. 150232

They are called Mel and the other Loyeuse something, they used to be business partners for this “enchanted” ;) world party agency

No. 150234

I have been passing by and just reading, cuz I’m a cunt myself, tbh, and have done some bad shit, thus checking here now and then… but bitch WTF!?!

No. 150237

File: 1621129665912.jpg (139.13 KB, 1024x1536, casual_catwoman_by_melcosplay_…)

I only know Honey, and very little. But I'm confused as to what she was trying to accomplish in this picture.

No. 150239

WOW that’s a good plot twist
That’s why I love image boards

No. 150240

I’m just like the Mariah Carey gif right now
I don’t know her

No. 150243

Whos that? Is she famous? Looks like a news stand B side porn on cougars who will disappoint you in everything they try

No. 150244

She wishes she was.
She is the one who dragged the furry queen down. Furry queen could have been so much more if she had better friends… that one was jelly of furry queen's money all along.

No. 150245

Don’t know which is worse, the setting, the model or the picture. This checks every Box in bad quality/cheap p0r n Cosplay

No. 150246

The beauty of it is that she used to work with kids.

No. 150248

Furry queen deserved better
I also wish better friends for furry queen

No. 150249

I checked the Instagram that took that pic and wow lots of possible cows

No. 150251

She would thoroughly enjoy to be displayed here (the photographer) cuz her dream was to be a part of the purix2squad, but everything she does is just low effort, she couldn’t even manage that

No. 150253


Finally someone posted her
She is an huge obnoxious bitch
Loud as fuck and annoying and everything she does is bad

No. 150254

Anon, I want to be friends.

No. 150256

Oh my god I googled her and she was att to the point she “cosplayed” Samus painting her body naked and even after that she got no relevance I have never heard of her until today so thanks, I guess?

No. 150259

She looks like she tries too hard

No. 150260


To the point she cries on twitter about being poor and have to pay bills but god knows how many new costumes she buys every month

No. 150261

I don’t have Twitter, so I don’t know about that, would you care to tell us more anon?

No. 150263

I can’t believe the kind of humiliation that must be not being accepted in that horror squad
Even the id0lls(I know they’re not BR) those girls shooped to the point of looking like aliens are there

No. 150264

They disbanded, didn’t they? I really like Giu, she is really nice and sweet, but never understood that squad thing. But I did see tons of girls begging to be a part of it, some of them would be happy just to get like the shirt and show they had it, but we’re not part of the squad actually

No. 150265

The page is still up on Instagram, but it ha been a month since the last update
Most girls on this squad shoop themselves to the point they look like a wax doll, or an alien in the id0lls exemple

No. 150272

File: 1621134684740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 2801x4096, D_oG29sVAAcmk8A.jpg)

i'm a dumb bitch, can i have a handle to look her up?
but what the hell is this picture who is she supposed to be cosplaying don't tell me it's catwoman that can't be right.

i always saw that watermark but never realized it is rizzy behind those atrocities? i should've know, rizzy and her wife are so cringeworth (and also one of the many many cosplayers that went to motels during covid to make those much needed photoshots) even thought they have been in the game as long as people like lefay. i mean who sucks pussy wearing a hat?! i know it's because the character wears one but don't be dumb please. they have been trying to get branded as real life akali and evelyn for god knows how long (just how renata got branded as ahri) and they still didn't manage it. rach even got evelyns kda tattoo and rizzy got akalis tiger tattoo.

i just really want to know who was the owner of that shitfest

No. 150274

That is "casual catwoman" as she calls it. You can get the handle from the file name, it's from her deviantart and the rest is easy to find. I won't post directly to avoid ego search issues.

No. 150275

Also, Lefay omg! How’s SHE THO?

No. 150276


these much needed photoshoots are their job lolol that's how they justified spending tons of money on motels and new cosplay during covid pandemics

No. 150277

Oh the cap I can’t
She deleted her twitter and I think other social media too

Lefay is honestly so good with makeup and photoshop I didn’t even recognize her at a con(without cosplay)

No. 150278

File: 1621137553432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.87 KB, 2048x1365, EUcjEo-XgAAI-zq.jpg)

love how these whores justify this shit with 'it's my job'. no bitch, you should get yourself a real job. rach was complaining about not getting designer jobs so clearly the onlyfans route is working wonders for them.
they are fucking disgusting i wish i could find the pussy licking picture but it seems to be gone.

she looks like she doesn't age at all. and aside from working with people that are…. a bit of cows everything is the same i think. she still has great cosplays and is an overall nice person.

No. 150279

sorry to samefag but it giu's instagram down? it won't show up here. i will have an amazing laugh if insta took her page down.

No. 150280


yeah that's the shit
"it's our job" but they cleary spend more money on it than they receive
every month they have tons of new costumes and some are really expensive

No. 150281


It is down

No. 150282

File: 1621138115179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.25 KB, 2048x1356, 11894409_1698238970395903_4217…)

Since we're talking Belo Horizonte, soft porn and motel shootings, I was reminded of this little gem of horror.
Rinecos and Akane. Both tried really hard to be popular, both failed and I don't think either do cosplay anymore, but still. I remember this shoot and shutter. Ew.

No. 150284


Both still do cosplay and Rinecos has a OF or Patreon or something

No. 150285

Heard lefay got herself this new gf and she seems really happy! She’s always been really nice and polite. She’s one of the most hardworking girls in the bis. Just can’t stand that much of cupn. Heard the rewards for the cupn team is good too, so she must be really happy

No. 150286

Heard she got punched by a guy once because she tried to kiss his boyfriend lolz that’s too funny. People said she cried and all that

No. 150287

Really? It figures about Rinecos, but Akane was so annoying back in the day I thought she'd be all over the place, and her social media is pretty much dead.

I cannot help noticing her Instagram account follows quite a number of plastic surgeons, btw.

No. 150288

lol are you her friend? yuki is a bitch and so is marcelo, they are the worst and managed to ruined RJ's cosplay scene until the pandemic hit and they were out of stuff to do.

No. 150289

Disgusting, does anyone remember their wedding train wreck? Someone even posted on Twitter making fun and it got out of hand cuz people didn’t know when to stop shaming themselves. They asked people to PAY for their wedding, also it was at like a garage or something. Also someone told me one of the girls bought her dress LITERALLY at a garage toilet from a mechanic cuz he was selling his ex wife second hand wedding dress

No. 150290

Not really, I don’t know her much, just said from past experience. I remember her being a bitch about someone singing an Epona song once tho

No. 150291

Cupnoodles girls are so cringy it hurts. Rewards are shit and they still try to pretend they are hot shit.

No. 150292


Yes people had to pay to go to their wedding it was funny shit and a lot of people went

No. 150293

File: 1621139412274.jpg (114.48 KB, 1080x1350, 29739721_182098032430293_30079…)

They asked a friend to let them use his grandma's house for the wedding, and the grandma was super nice about it. But then she asked how many guests, because the house was big, but wasn't a proper party place, you know? Then they said the grandma was being homophobic. They are a nightmare. I don't know if in the end they used the house or not though, does anyone know the end to that story? Did they bully the grandma into having a bunch of people in her house?

>Furry kween needs better friends for real

No. 150294

wth what is a cup noodle girl

No. 150296


Thank you for this

No. 150297


They call everyone who disagrees with them homophobics and shit lololol

No. 150298

That was not what they posted on their wedding event page on Facebook haha still Riz was also the one complaining about hidroxicloroquin saying that people were emptying pharmacy stocks and that she needed the medicine cuz she has lupus

No. 150300

File: 1621139820437.png (Spoiler Image, 485.77 KB, 361x501, Fdcl405Fasdzadyy.PNG)


Guess who

No. 150301

That is not a rumour, it happened during an Anime Festival. 2009. I will never forget.

No. 150302

File: 1621139850630.jpeg (52.21 KB, 706x434, 9FA37E78-D530-4118-A5D8-660443…)

I’m afraid of Adami’s hard rock boobs in this pic

No. 150303


Pls elaborate on that

No. 150304


I'm afraid of Adami's everything
Have you ever seen her IRL

No. 150305

Does she look like a plastic doll?

No. 150306

Cupnoodles "sponsors" a lot of cosplayers on instagram, they basically send them a stinky ass boss full of cupnoodles and like, a backpack and socks with the cupnoodles logo on it. And monthly they send a care package with more cupnoodles and some trinket.

Then the cosplayers have to earn points by posting about cupnoodles on instagram, like for example, tagging them on a story is 1 point, a post on your feed is 5 points, a reels is 6, etc. Then they can exchange these points for… cupnoodles merch and cupoms for websites. If you rank high on points they send you more crap on the mail.

It's just a lot of humiliation for NO pay, if you go to one of these girls feeds its just them cosplaying random characters eating cupnoodles and saying stuff like "nothing like a good cup after a hard day!". It's pathetic.

>no, I'm not jealous.

No. 150307

Someone just sent me this thread, and wtf
I did not style this wig, didn’t style Akali either, I only did Adami and Mônicas wigs. Not my best work, but I did those.
Who did Seraphine’s wig was Val, Ahri did her own wig and Akali did her own.

> It’s almost two AM and people sending me this kind of stuff like, really? Anyway, just gave you the tea on that . I may be a cow sometimes, and have done wrong things but at least give the right T

No. 150308

Adami seems to have body dysmorphia.

No. 150309

Oh I guess I know who sent him this thread, egosearching much, eh?

No. 150310

Just googled what that means tbh.
Well, it seems that this has been posted over a month ago, if I egosearchrd, wouldn’t I find out about this earlier? Also never found myself to be relevant or noteworthy of something like this, thanks I guess? Also, if you got blamed for doing that, wouldn’t you defend yourself?

No. 150311

That’s one of the more depressing things I have ever heard
Piticas has some pretty shitty rewards program too but at least it’s tshirts lol

No. 150312

No honey, I have a guess about the person who send you this thread, not that you were ego searching
If they are people you know I can think of some people who would send you this thread at 2 am
You admitted you’re a cow sometimes and that the wig was not your best work, that took some guts

No. 150313

lol ok
Who sent me this doesn’t have their name here. Also I would not send this to most people I know cuz this could trigger some shitty anxiety chaos on them.
Could they’ve seen this and not shown me? Ofc.

I do always admit whenever something I do is a bad work, or a bad costume or that I went out of hand with my meitu shit, also, I know when I’m wrong and when I do wrong things (which I have) and when I should apologize for them. I’m at peace with myself, just can’t handle someone saying that I did a an ugly ass weave that I haven’t done (I Did do some ugly ass wigs by myself, can’t account any more than that)

No. 150314

Anon, spill. Who is jmbcos's friend who was actually egosearching?
Is it Kahsan? Maybe Adami? I know he's friend's with both.

Since you are here, you were the one who punched Akane on the face as mentioned >>150286. I was there!

I love it when people show up.

No. 150315

Oh, so it is YOU. I’ll keep things to myself about this tho.
Who the fuck are you? That was over a decade ago

No. 150316

Man, you BH and ES anons are crazy! Wish I had this many cows on my state.

No. 150318

You punched her into obscurity. Think about that.

Thank you.

No. 150319

I have many cows in my state but the insanity of BH and ES is of a higher level
Kahsamba literally taking a song sang badly trust to say “look at how much better I am at this” and still sucking was one of my fave things in the funny cringy category

No. 150320

oh didn't know that. their photos were in such a nice luxurious place (the photoshot) that i thought they had the bank to have a nice wedding. that's pretty pathetic.

i see these all over the place and unless they were really paying me i would never accept that. cup noddles is disgusting and if they are really eating it that much their bodies will turn to shit because it is 99% salt

oh my god yes! sorry that leon sent you here because he has such an ego. your work is actually good and i was the one who posted that, and since it was stated that you did adami and monica's wig i assumed you did renata's as well. makes sense now that it was val because it's such a trainwreck.
but bitch don't out yourself on a gossip site, it's not cute.
and why are you apologizing to a bunch of anonies that's hilarious.

No. 150321

Hey, he saged his first post but not the others, so he could have been anon

No. 150322

File: 1621143700604.jpeg (66.11 KB, 767x669, CAFF96D1-A440-4803-B64E-0A47B3…)

I thought it was Kahsamba since she loves to egosearch and probably saw she was in the photoshop thread and her last pity party tweets

No. 150323

File: 1621143757847.jpg (799.47 KB, 2140x1333, 21041782_168810477020861_70127…)

and the ass was flat. thanks kahsan!

No. 150324

LEON EW NO. I Have Lolita friends too ok.
Also lol that was just me being me, cuz you know it might be a i’m but yeah. I just outed myself here to literally say something about that, anyway thx, I try to do some good stuff sometimes. Also Leon, please don’t associate me with that, just don’t. He blocked me everywhere after we broke up cuz I spilled the T on him.
I’m now feeling cringy af that I apologized to a bunch of anons, thanks a lot
My friend told me to do that, she’s used to the cgl and stuff, also I was a regular at some other image boards

No. 150325

File: 1621143797664.jpeg (214.82 KB, 1080x1350, download (2).jpeg)

If I was accused of making this, I'd shout my innocence from the rooftops.

No. 150326

File: 1621144086329.jpg (72.93 KB, 499x897, 89418941984.jpg)

i'm sorry what? spill it again! i could swear to god and everything you were still together. glad you got out of that narcissist asshole.
he barely started this gwen and it's already fire worthy.

so you are just throwing val under the bus so people don't think you did this mess. ok check.

No. 150327

Val is also the one who makes her messy ass clothes so I wonder if they are really friends after that

No. 150328

I didn’t come here to try to out anyone, or to try to defend someone (that would be a shit show and I’d be dragged by you all to the mudddddd)
I’m here literally to just say that I did not do this

Also, if anyone here wanted to actually Fuck with me, that would be really easy cuz I’m small, not really relevant to the Cosplay scene, I don’t have the followers, the p4tr30ns, the ofs, so I GUESS, if you haven’t done that, it doesn’t seem you will, which gives me no reason whatsoever to see this as hostile against me

No. 150329

It’s a she anons make your bets
And by coming here you made this thread better so thanks for the entertainment and contribution

No. 150330

He doesn’t sew, he doesn’t know how to work a simple singer. I had to do last minute sewing and he wasn’t able to.
He has this seamstress in Guarulhos who sews his costumes so he can accessorize it and stuff, but he does buy them fabrics tho. And he got glued and do some stitches on some dresses. You can see sometimes jmbcos even credit the seamstress instead of Leon

No. 150331

I have my bets, and they are High, the things is.. there’s just no prize, cuz I have nothing against none of them, none of them tried to personally drag me down or you know, out me as a cow, even tho they put my name in here

No. 150332

Sorry for samefag, there’s no bus, she claims she’s done it in her public social media, whereas I hide the ones I don’t want to show

No. 150333

She threw herself under the bus making this and delivering it to a client as something acceptable.

Though, of course, the client has exceptionally low standards to put this on her head, look herself in the mirror and think "Yeah, this looks great!"

But then again, we have seen samples of her fashion sense in this very thread, so naturally none of us is surprised.

No. 150335

> E vamos de Runway

No. 150336

File: 1621145042782.jpg (86.69 KB, 996x1245, 59732678_1240762906092871_9832…)

how dare you anon did you forget that val spend 3000 on her soraka cosplay?! she dragged a girl because of it! imagine spending that much on something that barely fits you because you are a fatass

jesus dude you are savage, poor girl
but are you spilling the tea on leon or not? you already did what's the problem in doing it again. do it for the fans.

No. 150337

and people still dare call him "cosmaker das estrelas"

No. 150338

Someone else did hun. Also Maria sometimes have her breakdowns and things don’t come out as they should, but she is a good seamstress

No. 150339

R$3000? Only if she has hidden pockets with money in them.

No. 150340

File: 1621145254067.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.01 KB, 429x714, F1F9152D-C128-4C80-8809-40AD75…)

I’m looking for her giant butt

No. 150341

I like Val ok? Sometimes we just want to showcase things even tho they didn’t turn out great, be we’re still proud of

No. 150342

Please anon >>150340
Not her, try someone else, pretty please?

No. 150343

File: 1621145459486.jpeg (37.33 KB, 495x619, images (24).jpeg)

Senac hired him as a cosmaker teacher. I wonder if they know about that.

No. 150344

They don’t! But you can’t say he’s actually lying about that, he does about the rest tho. He says he is a stylist and the draws things, he never says he actually sew things

No. 150345

Here in RJ, Marcelo and a lot of people say he doesn’t sew that he has a costureira of his own and sells the costume overpriced

No. 150346

File: 1621145856847.jpg (123.89 KB, 928x590, 87498419489.jpg)

i don't like her because she turned a public dragging of a cosplayer (who deserved the dragging) into a me me me situation about how expensive and perfect her soraka is. she is just as much of a narcissist as renata, they pair really well.

i remember this. maybe they know because the other people they hired for cosplay stuff are also all like him: can't do shit. they don't care, they know people will pay for this shit.

don't. if you post a full cosplay explaining how everything was made and don't credit anyone you know very well that people will assume you did it. it's disingenuous. the way he talks about this one too is really saying he is going to sew the damn thing.
>"Faz tempo que não me vejo encantado e tão hypado em confeccionar um figurino, vejo 100% do meu trabalho a ser aplicado nessa nova campeã"
he do say he sews that shit as well

No. 150347

Isn’t that the costume for Fizztt? Or Maestria or something

No. 150348

Well he doesn’t. Once I asked for help and he didn’t know how to turn a singer on, or how to use the pedal. This was 3 years ago.
He does go to the seamstress to check things, jmbcos used to pay for his ubers, and everything too, he even overcharged him, which was hilarious cuz the cow would actually believe him and pay.
Jmbcos also told me he didn’t use to wash his hair or beard for days and would always used the blowdryer and hairspray even if he did not wash it.
Jmbcos be careful boi, we all know you can’t keep secrets and get a little tipsy and start to spill

No. 150349

He has posted videos drawing, making props, but never sewing. He doesn't have a sewing machine at home, or at least I didn't see one during the times I went to try on a costume I ordered. And he does say he sews.

I have to say the costume was well made though.

No. 150350

He orders props from whoever is hyped and can get him what he wants at the time. He knows how to assemble good material to end up with something well made. Just like a Taobao shopping service

No. 150351

File: 1621147059853.jpg (184.72 KB, 1080x1080, 156252260_142418194409074_6592…)

>cosmaker das estrelas

No. 150352

Did you get the message anon? Cuz I know you did. Hope that help’s you out

No. 150353

File: 1621147208965.jpg (241.22 KB, 1080x1080, 148323171_2781682445434968_907…)

Couldn't find the pic of Monica wearing it, but she was totally shapeless, probably why there are no pics on her feed

No. 150354

He said to a bunch of girls that he was more of a woman than they would never know. I just have no ideia how he did not get cancelled. Wait… if you stay canceled you can’t be canceled anymore

No. 150355

Looks like some Dokidoki below R fantasy

No. 150357

kahsamba !!!!! That's really funny !!! I will laugh for a long time.
I won't deny it, that girl stinks of onions a lot. at certain events, it was very difficult to stay close to her.
0-10 cow level, I give 9.0. she was already cool.
his posts are of a very low level, as well as his personal / professional history, not to mention mediocre.
I don't even know how they didn't talk about her anymore. I'm even waiting for your time to say you're a victim.

No. 150360

"kahsamba", "kahsonga", "potato kahsaco" ….. please continue.

No. 150361


she has passed the time to take one in someone's face.

No. 150377

loves cats, but anyone who has passed her house knows very well that the house smells of urine. and your cats also live with the smell of urine. very nasty!
she is very dirty! the house is always in disarray.

No. 150418

File: 1621189454427.jpg (228.3 KB, 1080x1350, 149093632_463261464700840_5235…)

i got you.
watching her trying to cosplay a 15 years old girl is terrifying.

No. 150440

There is a general feeling of self-disappointment emanating from this picture, I kinda love it.

No. 150442

O remember when Monica and her brother were featured in “A Liga” and showed an apartment they had just for cosplay and props
I wonder if they still have this, but their parents must be loaded

No. 150574

File: 1621289520248.jpg (259.99 KB, 1080x1080, 188690946_4489210121108404_496…)

Ugly Moon's have been made before, but we have a new competitor. I wonder if Leon did this for himself or if it's an order.

No. 150577

i never saw this, do you have a link to it?

he is like designer daddy, he thinks that if he throws a bunch of lace, glitter, sequins and whatever people won't see the mess underneath like those loose threads and that askew sewing line.

No. 150597

No. 150603

File: 1621298204636.jpeg (138.41 KB, 846x1280, 5F4564F9-09A4-46E1-B40B-09DC55…)

Idk about her status but I saw that and wonder if she moved with her parents

No. 150630

Giu is back guys
Confirmed that her Instagram account was deleted

No. 150633

Poor Dad. Chilling in his home and has to see his daughter prostituting herself. I wonder what her parents think about her line of work?

No. 150635

File: 1621316579391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.27 KB, 1080x1350, 161818219_271003834467244_5899…)

i'm cackling, i hope instagram strikes every single one of these girls. this is such great news i love when people like her finally get a small part of what they deserve. they really think this kind of stuff should be allowed on a site that is for all ages.

>You guys know more than anyone that I use instagram to work

well you also know that instagram doesn't allow SEX WORK so you are in the wrong baby
what steady job is she talking about? she is not employed by anyone… or does she mean that putiputisquad? that's not a job giu, get real.

>my account was fully organic

no it wasn't and you know that people that followed you since the begginign know this as well.

>And I really do work A LOT. I literally gave up on a job I've worked for years to dedicate everything to this.

no you don't. you are not a professional model, you just wear stuff and take pictures. i can bet her bio said she was a model too, because all of these girls wanna delude themselves into thinking that what they do is modeling, when modeling takes so much effort and this takes none.

>So please, don't ask me to do something, or be someone else, just to fit in a place that would make me sad.


her post is really a sob sob story where instagram is big mad and she is just a poor cosplayer trying to work so damn hard. some part of me actually believes she maybe deleted her account because she doesn't get much from there and now she can dedicate 100% of her time to OF and also to cover her tracks from tagged photos since luly has loads with her. either way, amazing.

No. 150677

She had the nerve to say she did not post nudity or implied nudity on instagram
Like, really bitch???

No. 150684


at least its content is better than the others.
this kahsan's is ridiculous. very repetitive, bland and of low quality.
it's more like a 1 dollar bitch.

No. 150689


She just posted a Tifa picture with a tape barely hiding things and says she is following the rules
I guess she doesn't know how to read

No. 150693

Giu literally has lawyers for taking down leaked content using DMCA so I really doubt she wouldn’t do a thing about her insta account
Her pics will still be up on the ecchi arts/toons/whatever the name and creators have been complaining about less views plus she doesn’t need to interact with her followers there
She has people who pay the $100 dollar tier on Patreon so the talk about the hard work on insta is bullshit

No. 150702


laura who always need to make content about anything possible started a campaign to pressure instagram to return her account lol

No. 150709

lauraflix or whatever her name is? the one who posts those dumb tips to make your account grow organically?

No. 150713



No. 150716

i can't find her campaign. but god do i hate her, she started talking about bdsm when her followers are mostly underage kids and the worst part is that almost all the info she gives about it is wrong.

No. 150723


I hate her so much
All she do is to scam people

No. 150745

Supposing these girls never marry their sugar daddy, what is the plan for their old age? Do they have any?

No. 150765

yeah, why does she feel qualified to give advice on social media when she has like a couple dozen k. 20k maybe.

and her content sucks but people still buy mini cursos by her.

No. 150810

what did she say about it?

people buy quantic coach mini cursos/courses anon, you shouldn't be surprised

No. 150813

File: 1621443421515.jpg (34.05 KB, 327x582, 745745.jpg)

shit like you need to study hard to practice bdsm when she knows she isn't a dominatrix teaching a class. you don't need to study besides the basics if you are doing it for fun with your partner, she makes it sound like it's this super niche and complicated thing just to look holier than thou. and instead of using sub and dom she says top and bottom. this isn't a yaoi girl. i could barely watch her for five minutes talking about it because she is just parroting the first thing that pops when you google bdsm, but there is a video on her feed if you want to watch it, she had more videos about it but it looks like they are gone.

No. 150815

The retarded belle delphine upper lip on full display

No. 150825


inb4 she'll be selling classes on bdsm

No. 150826

OMG she is so dumb
“Top” and “bottom” wtf
You’re not a dominatrix, honey. And if you were you wouldn’t even be a good one

No. 150921

“Model” was in her Instagram bio

No. 150922

File: 1621546855856.jpeg (230.95 KB, 1080x989, CE490647-5E9E-49A8-A007-21719B…)

No. 150923

File: 1621547180526.jpeg (181.15 KB, 1080x1350, 73C8FA9D-EBB6-41BB-B845-1CAC86…)

“There was no nudity or implied nudity”

No. 150938

File: 1621549443423.jpg (146.6 KB, 1080x1350, 138328337_766392780900471_5840…)

i don't even care if i will get a ban after i post this, i will report her account if she gets it back.

of course not. she really out there acting like she doesn't know why she got striked.

No. 150940

they don't, but they will probably turn to full on prostitution or try to be pornstars.

No. 150947

File: 1621551820404.jpeg (2.18 MB, 3000x4000, 7F06EB46-8E3B-41D6-9E29-C1FB13…)

Same energy

No. 150950

Yeah tbh much more tame things regularly get deleted on IG

No. 150956

her candids are probably like this

No. 150965

They can't start in pr0n after 30.
Prostituion seems more likely.

No. 150967

File: 1621565116551.jpg (115.8 KB, 640x640, 11351595_774596972655581_14111…)

oh you bet.

you can't? why?

No. 150969


How many surgeries she had lol

No. 150975

Should have fixed her teeth instead of a boob job

No. 150985

I really don't understand why some of those cows become hoes. I mean its not like they are poor or struggling. With their parents money they could've went to a good facul and gotten a normal decent paying job that does not require showing badly photoshopped asses online. Why would they do this?

No. 150986

they just want the attention

No. 151013

File: 1621604558380.jpg (48.09 KB, 853x480, 20213978_1114528348649837_2885…)

none because photoshop is free.

yes! she still has that ugly teeth and she can afford braces for fucks sake.

very that. and easy money, because if they parents refuse to buy some things that would be basically impulse buying something they don't need, they can afford it and say how empowered and independent they are.

No. 151021

File: 1621607788713.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1875x2781, D6726D99-F4E0-4556-8C57-925E04…)

Because they want so desperately to be relevant. Kahsonga, for exemple, has an architect degree, but shooping herself gives her the kind of response she wants
And it’s much easier taking crappy photos than actually working

No. 151022

File: 1621607859090.jpeg (90.47 KB, 640x853, 324D4D28-37EC-427F-90DF-212992…)

Working from 9 to 5 or taking crappy photos?
The last one is so much easier

No. 151024

File: 1621608074593.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3024x4032, 778C9DB9-5FD5-46C8-8E5C-25A193…)

I mean… really???

No. 151027

File: 1621609285212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.85 KB, 1051x1687, 20210305_075155_1546959.jpg)

i cannot believe people paid for a selfie in her bathroom that is so unprofessional that there is a dirty hair comb in the sink. they don't even try to make something good, they just snap pictures as fast as they can and sell.

sometimes i believe that fernanda hasn't seem a human being for so long that she really thinks someone with a spine can bend their backs into a V like that. and again, the messy bed and bedroom overall.

why is she selling a picture where she doesn't even show her face?! i swear my mom could make a better job of taking pics than these hos.

how can men be so dumb and pay for this? lol

No. 151029

I don’t like Giu’s content but… at least she tries??? I never saw her trying to pass lazy selfies like these girls >>151022

I would be so pissed and unsubscribe right away if I payed for an OF and got this kind of content, men are so fucking dumb
Now I can see why she is always dropping the price and making sales

I agree with anon, Maria Fernanda doesn’t even seem human anymore

No. 151040

Eu aprecio o leite, mas puta que pariu. Quem escreveu isso precisa de umas aulas de português urgente.

No. 151047

File: 1621618193424.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.52 KB, 959x1280, 52F17815-005C-42DC-BF8E-546113…)

What do you mean? This is quality content

No. 151061


someone really paid for it ???

No. 151066


você deve ser uma grande decepção para sua família kahsonga.Ser adotada não é desculpa pra ser uma merda de pessoa!
sempre te deram tudo do bom e do melhor para que no final se tornar uma prostituta barata.
você ama falar que seus pais a odeiam, que tudo é uma merda e depois vem falar "meu paizinho", minha mãezinha ", bla bla bla, estou com saudades, que te amo. Sua cínica!
Só tenho uma coisa a dizer, você é muito PAU NO CU kahsonga.
a maioria sabe que é podre tanto por dentro quanto por fora. Esses podres não irão embora tão cedo ou tão fácil.
Eu imagino o dia que conseguir um emprego de verdade, se conseguir,ne?
que maravilhas que vão encontrar de você, não é mesmo? de um vaca putanesca baratinha.
então continue nessa vida de arquitreta de puta de interiores, seu buraco é mais fundo. E talvez esse seja seu melhor caminho mesmo.
Pra quem nao sabe ela ja fez outra faculdade e a largou, pois era "rígida demais pra ela".

No. 151068

File: 1621628409215.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 064B02D1-D96B-475B-B99E-1F9F32…)


No. 151075

Is that a boil on her ass? How much is her only fans anyway?

No. 151076


No. 151083

she photoshoped her ass but forgot that… disgusting thing on it? priorities i guess.

you seem to know more about her, care to share?

omfg is that a tear on her right eye? give this girl an oscar right now.

No. 151090

Não me importo, sobre o que quer saber, além dela ser uma vaca master?

No. 151095


do people REALLY pay for this shitty content?

No. 151097

anything that wasn't posted here already. if you want i can translate your posts too. she is one of my oldest personal cows so i'm curious to what else there is out there.

and please sage your posts

No. 151117

I just wanted to know how kahsonga being such a horrible person gets so much attention.

she is a compulsive liar, a thief (because they already discovered that she tried to steal things from friends)

she does everything and goes through everyone including friends to get what she wants

there are people who are afraid to face her because they are afraid of what she can do with the person's image, she is evil in person

No. 151118

At least people are talking about it here
I agree that she is overall a horrible person, but that’s not as common knowledge as it should be

It’s so funny when she says “I’ve been doing cosplay for fun when I decided to try it out at competitions” bc everyone who knows her a little bit knows how obsessive she gets with competitions

No. 151120

this is such bullshit because if she was looking locked inside her house like her parents are they would be able to see each other. she doesn't work (whoring yourself on the internet isn't a job fernanda) so she should be one hundred percent safe for her parents to visit

unless she was going to bars like the selfish piece of shit that she is. she can't give two shits even about her parents, it's really sad. and it's high time someone dragged her on her biggest platform which is ig. an exposed with receipts would put her into her place

No. 151123

The fuck is that

No. 151139

Vou tentar fazer por etapas, mas a maioria, se não tudo!! É verdade.

De extra temos…

- não aceitava outra pessoa ir com o mesmo cosplay que ela nos eventos.
- se você pegasse algum cosplay emprestado com ela, você já estaria assinando um pacto commo demônio. Primeiro que as roupas dela fedem igual a ela. Puro cecé!!!! Segundo, ela usava isso de artifício pra falar mal depois de você.
- ama fingir desmaios par ganhar atenção.
- ama comprar likes no cartão de crédito da mãe.
- ela é relaxada e não gosta de banhos.
- ama dar em cima de convidados, para dizer que os conhece para ganhar "fama"
- é fura olho e puxa tapete mesmo.
- já furtou resultados de competições.
- anda em grupo em eventos, a maioria pirralhos e novatos para babar seus ovos e falar alto mal de outras pessoas em eventos.
- tem uma mania insuportável de piscar os olhos, principalmente quando está mentindo.
- só tem uma roupa que usa praticamente. Uma Legging preta, que anda sozinha.
- tem mais celulite e é tão flácida, que não tem como esconder mesmo. Enfim, é gente como a gente, mas quer pagar de curvilínea.
- foi convidada a se retirar da faculdade antiga, pois pra ela era "rígida", mas a desculpa não cola. Ela queria ir com roupas curtas e de lente vermelha, branca, amarela em uma instituição de enfermagem. E que o ensino realmente é puxado e exige assim como qualquer outra instituição, o minino de bom senso,o preço da mensalidade de lá é quase semelhante a da de medicina, mas optou pelo mais fácil mesmo.
- tentou sociedade com uma prima que não deu certo na arquitetura.
- ganhou um carro, mas nunca quis tirar ou dirigir, pois prefere fazer outros de trouxa para dirigir pra ela e usar Uber.
- paga de rica, mas que dar uma de pobre. Vai entender.
- é falsa com todas as forças do universo, só faz o que lhe convém e se for favorável ao seu ego.
- é racista, homofóbica, gordofobica, tudooooo que imaginar. Diz apoiadora da causa, mas não respeita nem quem retira seus pratos da mesa.

Tem muita coisa dessa vaca 🐄
Ninguém nunca conseguiu manter amizade com ela. Chega a um ponto que você mesmo não aguenta, pois ela só sabe falar mal do povo.
Como se já não bastasse as fotos que já são editas em eventos, ela reedita e pede pra excluir da página pra poder postar com as alterações dela.

No. 151140

Verdades ditas.
- sim, ela furta objetos
- sim, já traiu diversas vezes o ex.
- sim, a casa dela fede a urina de gato.
- sim, ela tem cecé que dá pra sentir de longe.
- sim, finge que tá bêbada
- sim, ela sai fora quando apertam ela com as tretas que ela causa. Faz a merda e depois pede desculpas e finge que nada aconteceu. Maior exemplo foi o que aconteceu com a myotsubasa.
- sim, ela é puxa tapetes.
- sim, ela trata muito mal seus pais até na frente dos outros

Resumo… Sim pra tudo que o povo já comentou aqui.
O histórico de fracassada dela é real. É PAU NO CU !

No. 151141

Ah sim, um extra. Não sei se conhecem o after dark. É uma página "exclusiva" para fotos eróticas de personagens (cosplay). O próprio fotógrafo deles odiou as fotos delas e já sabia que seria prejuízo, ele cotando que teve muito dificuldade de mexer nas fotos pra deixar boa. É só verem o vídeo que tem pedacinhos da seção de fotos, comparada as fotos dele e dela postados. É muita diferença e o cara fez milagre.

No. 151143

Outra curiosidade, ela sempre tentou ser uma cópia barata da giu-hellsing.

No. 151155

Outros detalhes…
Se tiver camarim, ela toma ele todo e se estiver em grupo não deixa outros participantes entrarem.
Se você deixar suas coisas lá ela mexe e os danifica, joga talco, água, pó compacto.o que estiver ao alcance. Geralmente pra não diz r que foi ela ela também manda Capacho pra fazer isso enquanto todos estão fora do camarim.

No. 151165

I’m watching the video and… many different poses and on the result of the photoshoot was crappy
Pls tell us more about that

No. 151166

i'm guessing you used to be friends with her because you know a lot of stuff. thanks for the milk

i fukcing love after dark, it was so cringeworth, everyone was super awkward and all the photos are just in the same place and same poses.

No. 151169

The part about sending people in the dressing room to sabotage other people, I was wondering who would do it, but then, it’s cosplay world…

No. 151170

File: 1621699912412.jpeg (475.53 KB, 1350x697, 027C2C0E-47CF-43DC-B1F4-E44249…)

I can see why she did not like the results
She pretends she has a body that doesn’t look like her original onthe internet

Mds olha o tamanho desse culote

No. 151171

Go take at least a Portuguese course, since you clearly didn’t take your English ones you dumb cow.
Thanks for the expired milk anyway, it was kind of entertaining, going to check that vid rn.

A word of advice, refrain from answering directly to posts in Portuguese, just for safety.

Also: F U C K I N G S A G E

No. 151172

Ela sendo a ridícula que sempre foi. Falando alto, atrapalhando os outros nas outras seções. Querendo dar uma de diva, querendo exigir coisas. Ela sempre se auto convidou.
Nada que seja novidade.

No. 151173


No. 151176

come on samefag, just sage your milk before spilling it

> puta merda só escrever sage no campo do email

No. 151180

Everyone say this things about kahsonsa have a history with her and nothing gonna change because cosplay world is dumb or like they say "passa pano pras merdas que ela faz por ser famosinha"

No. 151181

Nossa, tá incomodada com português??? Tá nervosa. Que medo kkkkkk
Não preciso ficar escrevendo nada em inglês, sabe porquê? A maioria aqui está entendendo muito bem. E eu não preciso ficar me escondendo escrevendo em outro idioma.
De nada pelo leite sua vaca. Quer o sage? Prontinho. Beijos 😘

No. 151182

Wait this video I did not find
Where is it?

No. 151183

Now that you saged, where is the video?

No. 151187

File: 1621701375224.png (304.23 KB, 720x546, Screenshot_20210522-084627~2.p…)


No. 151189

I’d like to know when the photoshop obsession started, bc as I remember she was pretty chill with that at the beginning and suddenly she was obsessed with editing

No. 151194

File: 1621701630210.jpg (131.87 KB, 1080x1080, 174421798_934012900743581_4117…)

Sorry for interrupting the Kahsanpalooza but Inuki needs a shoop intervention.

Ok, back to milking Kahshit.

No. 151196

File: 1621701773876.jpeg (650.46 KB, 828x1607, 452078A3-3C3C-4A0A-A90F-558571…)

I love this post bc it was probably her who did it

No. 151197


Ela começou depois de 2014. Quando começou a ganhar peso novamente.

No. 151198

Omg her face is barely recognizable anymore

No. 151200

Inuki is not a bitch and not try make money making nude or sexy things so she only lier to herself and not making anyone suffering

No. 151201

Friends who shoop together learn how to hate hate other in no time

No. 151202

Really? You must be friends with her or must be her, since she’s been sending this thread to tons of people lately
Also, sage

No. 151203

Oh, Inuki, I know you are a much better person than all the bitches posted here. But you are exaggerating on the shoop, and you don't need that, you are so pretty! I hope we meet someday, I would like to be friends.

No. 151204

Omg anon you know stuff, you’ve done your homework and you’re up to date
I wonder how many BR cows are afraid to be posted here, as they should
We’re having Kahsanpalooza(loved the name btw) right now, but more people will come and spill the milk

No. 151205


update me, because the name

No. 151206

She tweeted that she had never cheated on him and she admitted that herself at the time
Maybe she gets lost on her own lies

No. 151207

Wish I could post half the spoiled cow milk I know here, but not today. It’s Cassambapalooza (Geniusssss) and I don’t know about her that much so I’d rather watch.
Come on girl, that’s pathetic. We’re here to spill about everyone, please do not try this kind of shit on us

No. 151210

Please spill, and don’t take to long
There was some milk promised here in this thread and the anon never came back >>143976

No. 151211

I genuinely like Inuki, I love how much she hates Kahsonsa. Idk, I'd be friends.

I'm still thinking about Kahsecê ruining people's things in the dressing rooms, that is some low shit. Is there evidence of this?

No. 151212

Makes sense
She has an obsession with looking skinny on the internet
I know it’s not that unusual but I wonder if she remembers every girl she called a “fat cow”(vaca gorda by her words) while gaining weight

She probably deleted by now but once she freaked out on Twitter because the maid washed one of her cosplay trophies and put it on the sink

No. 151213

Weren’t they friends once? Geez, I’m really outdated

No. 151218

yes, they were friends until the Panic story. And she said a lot of things behind myo's back. Myotsubasa's mother was very much against and hated kahsonga

No. 151220

Inuki sent this thread to both of my cows, I’ll wait till things are settled cuz it can out me easily. But worry not, I’m briefing all the shit I know with loads of milk. I’m a spiteful bitch.
I just can’t believe the cow is trying to fuck with the girl sending this thread to everyone. Can’t blame her much cuz I’m spiteful myself

No. 151221


I don't take your reason. I am also spiteful.

No. 151222

Anonymous 8 minutes ago No. 151215

I have to find my old HD. you know a cosplay of sakura c c that she did with paulo sweet? i have the original photos! and she posting these photos full of photoshop.

No. 151223

Paulo Doce was great anon, should’ve kept that

No. 151224


Hahahahah so let's leave it at that Paulo doce

No. 151225

Former Inuki simpathizer is ready for Inukifest.
Since that other anon (hah) is gone.

No. 151226

this paulo is a cheap copy of Maurício somezari

No. 151227

I’ll wait, but I’m also curious
This was not supposed to be outed as Inuki is doing but at least I hope that if the thread is getting popular more milk will be spilled
Kahsonga may be my personal cow but I’m getting tired of her face already, but the newer information and confirmation of things I know are great, though

No. 151229

I agree, Paulo Doce was too good

No. 151230

Inuki is becoming my personal cow outing this thread like and overdoing Cassamba here, like, as if there’s anything different from what she used to tell people everywhere she went.
Wish she would spill Fuzz model etti tho, after CCXP she was so obsessed about the girl you couldn’t say a single thing that she would spill milk on her and talk about how she used cocaine when she cosplayed Sylvanas and all that. I mean, I’d really like to hear that story (I heard it from afar but could still get glimpses of it from behind the mirror in this one). She would nonstop say how horrible it was to be her staff and how lame she was (fuzzi model girl), and that is not what I want to know, I want real milk

No. 151235

File: 1621706273739.png (713.7 KB, 720x1323, Screenshot_20210522-145748~2.p…)

No. 151238

Never heard this about fuzzi model girl but it fits her so well

No. 151239

Speaking of Myo, how is she btw? She left social media but did not delete her stuff so I wonder if she will come back one day

No. 151241

she disappeared because of kahsonga. at least her content (photo and cosplay) were good.

No. 151242

OMG HER WAIST!!! Fehfalvao realness and that was fehgalvao
Kahsamba and Dy loved some photoshop, so you can say fe would not exist if it wasn’t for them
I wonder how they feel that their “creation” got so much bigger
And I love how dy says she does not photoshop anymore while clearly shooping

No. 151243

I heard that inuki was saying to a lot of people that Fuzzy model girl was doing coke on events she went to, she even joked that she actually powdered her face with that, she was also joking about some bow that she printed and that broke during the tournament or something’s or how she painted badly, how her makeup was bad… I think they are both good with make up tbh

No. 151244

Pls drop the milk about their drama
I’m all ears

No. 151245

I’ve seen people commenting on this but no one actually spilled the milk on that (at least not clearly)
Care to share with us anon?

No. 151249


long story…
she took the opportunity to gain fame. she was always jealous of her for shining more. so the trigger for all this was at an event where she didn’t leave her alone and wanted to share a room. kahsonga spreads many rumors about her, about depending on her for everything. because according to the kahsonga, she depended on her financially, to be able to travel, translate things into english and she also reached a point that she couldn't take anymore because it was toxic.

No. 151250

myo was already so bad with the whole story, that when they went to another event (the panic interview), for what happened she did not defend at any time. he was mocking her behind his back and escaped history so as not to burn himself.

No. 151251

I love how fuzzi girl is involved from cosplay and other br alt/goth ethots so there’s lots of milk
Ppl in the Brasil thread spilled milk on ethots but this thread ended up about cosplayers

No. 151252

I want to create a profile and send this post to kahsonga. I really wanted to see you defend yourself from all of this.
What do you think of the idea?

No. 151254

There’s a lot of spite in the community, also there are some faves. I’d love to hear a ou ethots too tho

No. 151256

She already knows about this thread >>149452 she even stopped tweeting

No. 151257

I could drop some stuff about beppler, princesinha da alt right
The latest comments on the Brazil thread were about a beef between nosferotika and mochlath but no more milk dropped besides that, lazy gossipers

No. 151259


i'm so fucking lost in this thread but i was a victim of her toxic behavior years ago
and she loves to report instagram accounts with her friends
afaik she fucked a few accounts

No. 151260

Pls drop the milk
It would be so ironic if her milk was shared here, since she’s the one sending this thread to everyone

No. 151261

Inuki ou kahcece?

No. 151262


it's very quiet, it's not typical of her.

No. 151263

Please, pour it on us.

No. 151264


the basic shit she does with everybody
pretends to be friends and nice
uses you a lot
then discards
rinse and repeat
i'm very surprise no one ever exposed her

No. 151265

Many cows were not exposed yet, but their time will come
Tic tac

No. 151266

People are afraid she will talk to people behind their backs, but almost everyone knows how full of shit she is, how she lies about people she doesn’t like.
I think it’s so funny that she as like a new obsession every month or so, she nonstops talk about this person till she starts to create things that did not exist cuz there’s no more milk and then she gets tired and start doing the same thing about someone new.
Also she shoops so much she could be featured on a Monsters Inc Ad or those History Channel alien docs

No. 151267

it's the same for me, but still, it upsets me. doesn't know how to drop the bone. I was involved in very complicated assumptions, in saying things to other people that I never talked about.
at the time, it made me feel less than a shit of bacteria. then he apologizes and repeats everything again. As I got tired of the situation and ended it, I became the villain later.

No. 151268


Who is in her new friend group?

No. 151269

File: 1621711538420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 657.59 KB, 788x812, CC8179CA-942F-4161-A8AE-315110…)

Remember when this was featured in a previous thread, still can’t get over this. This is like my personal favorite picture from her on Alien Covenant

No. 151270

falsely, the puripuri girls and their asshole boyfriend

No. 151271

I did not understand this
You’re talking about Inuki or Kahsan here?

No. 151272


What the fuck is this

No. 151273


No. 151274

Could fit both really well tbh

No. 151275

File: 1621711878248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.23 KB, 737x713, C356D281-2C80-4073-9654-6D4387…)


No. 151276

Im talking about Inuki

No. 151277

I remember she used to talk a lot about tsukino behind her back, then makes photoshoots with her
I pity you, I really do. She’s always trash talking someone, and if you do anything she dislikes you can become that someone
There was a girl who supposedly hooked up with her ex while they were broken up and she made this girl life a living hell, said to everyone how she was a boyfriend stealing slut to the point the girl gave up cosplaying

No. 151278

cumbersome 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

No. 151280

I have the odd feeling of being the one true anon and the rest of you being Kahsaidaminhavida and Inukem?Nuncatinhaouvidofalar exchanging messages.

No. 151281

They're all the same thing.
Inukenga and kahsonga

No. 151282

The only reasonable explanation no one exposed her like hell must be because she threatens to sue everyone

No. 151283

I’m lost too, kind of know these people and it does look like they’re having kind of a feud here…

No. 151284

Sometimes I have that too
I wonder how many anons there are here
But I really do like moments like this, with multiple messages at the same time lol
Who threatens to sue? Inuki?

No. 151285

Okay but the nicknames are getting better and better

No. 151286

here is better than Mexican soap opera

No. 151287

Sure, she will pay over 500 bucks each print with her girlfriend’s parents money to sue a bunch of anons VPNing

No. 151288


I'm loving it too!

No. 151289

I’m waiting for the next nickname lol you guys are amazing

No. 151290

File: 1621713295298.jpeg (530.33 KB, 795x776, 47D5C4B3-C0AC-429A-9D4C-957F50…)

Inukenga is amazing, I didn’t know I needed to check her Instagram until anon posted it here, this is shoop realness. She used to be inukem, now I love inukenga

No. 151291

so far we have …
Kahsonga , kahsamba, kahcece kahpooloza, kahdevil


please continue…

No. 151292

Somehow I think this thread took an odd turn and anons are pretending to be anons so they can post and mock each other, this went from 0 to 100 very quickly lol

> this was never a 0 but just wanted to make a point

No. 151293

File: 1621713665975.jpeg (414.9 KB, 828x922, A5C5DF5C-3547-4040-8DBA-30D297…)

Vitória Mendes/Vicky of Asgard/Vicky Mendes
Former attempt of child star(she used to go on tv shows like Raul Gil) who gone wrong and became an ethot
One of her attempts of being relevant talking about radfem and against sexualization of women and young girls
Some time later she and two friends created a dance group and were featured in a music video, of Mc Melody, yes, the child
A maior feminista que você respeita working with that disgusting piece of shit that is Melody’s dad

No. 151294

Isn’t she the girl with no one at her birthday party? Finally someone posting what this thread was always meant to be.

No. 151296

No. 151297

File: 1621714291827.jpeg (642.13 KB, 828x1036, 5F9AF78B-216A-4147-855B-12D425…)

Best friends forevah

No. 151298

Yes and even that was a lie, she just took a pic before people arrived
The @of the so called dance group is @grupoangelsofc

No. 151299

File: 1621714542134.jpg (52.63 KB, 960x636, 84189188489.jpg)


the funny thing is that we have been explaining this since the begining of the thread. maybe is one of the cows trying to sabotage the thread by breaking rules.

it's not about understanding or not you dumbass, this is an english message board, all posts must be in english.

inuki doing god's work! i love you inuki, so i will post my fav shoop you ever made

fuzzi model who?

No. 151300

oh god no. i their single or whatever they called it was so pathetic. the whole video was a mess and if it was me i would vanish from earth after that

No. 151301

Fuzzi model =dbora fzeti

No. 151302

debora fuzeti. damn i know you all like the nicknames but there is a point where is too much. she is one of my fav cows but i would never guess you were talking about her. and what is that with censoring their names? let them find the thread, they are shitty people and deserve to know that.

No. 151303

THIS SHOOP. THE WAIST. THE FACE. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! She is clueless and completely knocked off of Reality.

I have my guesses on the person speaking Portuguese here

They were really hardcore with their ocs, some people would say that playing with them was unbearable

Wish I could get my view back. Watching it was almost unbearable

No. 151304

I guess some people have no VPN and stuff, since most of them are new to the thread, thanks Inuki, they are afraid to name their cows?

No. 151305


tell us your guesses !!!

No. 151306

File: 1621715460688.jpg (32.2 KB, 593x162, 894198498.jpg)

about her: watch her come back with a rhinoplasty and lie like she did with her boob job. problema no septo o caralho, that's the excuse they all use.

No. 151307

I bet on monica semenzari, Inuki herself cuz both of them can’t speak English for shit (semenzari girl lost her puppy who used to write her posts lol) and I think inukenga Sla girlfriend can’t keep translating everything for her all the time. Also there’s this ES girl who hates kahsamba but not sure since I couldn’t find her social media. But also I could be wrong, there are a whole lot of people who hate her for fuck. I’m assuming this since you all said Inuki has been sending this thread to everyone.
Also Inuki was thrashing people for going out during the pandemic but made a huge party for lots of people on her girlfriends penthouse for semenzari girl’s birthday with Leon and some other people haha, such a hypocrite

No. 151308

I wonder how this girl is on everything but no milk about her was spilled yet??
I won’t comment much on their OC’s bc I don’t want to be outed but it’s so cringeworthy
If you generated a character on a random sheet generator and took a shit on it, it would still be better than their OCs
Kahsamba even got called out once about how her character did not make sense and freaked out about it, as always

No. 151309

File: 1621715704596.jpeg (686.34 KB, 828x1046, 29A02FB8-C948-4270-9302-B2F8A2…)

Forgot to upload the photo, that’s the girl I mentioned(the one in the black dress)

No. 151310

She threw that mosomenzari a party on December when most hospital beds were full. Covid Queens were letting it go! >>151307
Thanks for reminding me of that!

No. 151311

So Inuki just blatantly lies about knowing english?

I still don’t get over the fact she pretended she did not have a boob job since it was so fucking obvious

No. 151312

Leon cosmaker used to live on her apartment and tells everyone she lost her model career because of the boob job
She also tells everyone he stole things from her, like belts and shit

No. 151313

Yes, she asks her girlfriend to translate everything, she can’t speak/write English very well

No. 151314

This I did not know
I love when they live together, because if they fight there will be milk spilled
Girl seems to Have money, at least she could get a better surgeon or prosthesis
It looks like two hard ass balls as you can see here >>143045

No. 151315

so he was her cosplay slave? I thought for the longest time it was eder. i know that thomas gonçalves and her probably dated but she always hid him because if she dropped that she was dating she would lose some of her male fans. i'm happy that thomas now has a real girlfriend instead of a att whore who used him to get props, fame and enter cosplay circles

No. 151316

He can’t be her Cosplay slave, he only know how to used one sewing machine: glue gun
I remember seeing Xayah and Rakan cosplays and they were all made of glue gun and baddly cut fabrics. Someone also spilled the milk somewhere that he has a seamstress working for him

No. 151317

Didn’t he cheat her girlfriend with that Samanta? Both girls are really nice people tho…

No. 151318


I miss Myo
She used to lie a lot on social media about her cosplay life lots of milk
Bet nowadays she'd have boarded the madness of selling cheap sexy photos on internet

No. 151319

He does not see, as anons told us here >>150330

No. 151320

i was talking about armor and that kind of thing, because he knows how to do that. at least that's what i know, he could be lying about that too.

which samanta? and who, leon or thomas?

remember her lying about doing ballet and stealing photos of someone else and saying it was her

No. 151321

Samefagging bc I forgot to put the link

No. 151322

Thomas cheated with that black haired Samanta, don’t know her name

Leon cheated his ex bf with someone online, guess this might out me because I don’t know how many people know this, but he said he used to exchange nudes with a boy because his boyfriend wouldn’t make sex with him and was only interested in playing games

No. 151323

He say his ex boyfriend is an otaku fedido who is broxa

No. 151324

samanta bravin?! tell me more i always knew she wasn't that saint but never heard anything bad about her. he cheated on debora with samanta?

No. 151325

He cheated the red haired girl, but they sorted things out and seem to be happy together now. She’s a really nice person so I hope everything goes out well for her.

No. 151326

File: 1621717475677.jpeg (23.75 KB, 828x487, B3964B42-03AA-4249-A473-681830…)

They are so unsynchronized it hurts

No. 151327

File: 1621718062984.jpeg (48.76 KB, 828x509, BC4574E4-657B-43BC-90D5-B3E7E5…)

When was it? Could Inukenga be talking about kahsece here

No. 151328

What is this disgusting whiteknightery? Fuck off, he does make people believe he sews

No. 151331

who is it @cursedprincex ?

No. 151332


No. 151333

This was worse than kpop competitions they have on cons.
And please SAGE

No. 151343

File: 1621726103533.jpg (144.65 KB, 1080x1080, 157416029_468139677556606_1385…)

>exchanging nudes with Leon

It must have been a bet. I mean, David Brazil, is that you?

No. 151348


I'm having fun now guys.

No. 151357

File: 1621734934453.jpeg (216.4 KB, 828x1212, 36E23D0A-7E42-4C1F-9975-3F5E13…)

I guess she will only drop the milk when they stop talking, this was today

No. 151362

so inuki isn't only a backstabber she is also a coward. how you talk that much shit about someone and then hang with them like you never said anything.

No. 151365

File: 1621737291850.jpg (105 KB, 496x896, 9849889.jpg)

It doesn't even look like the same person.

No. 151368

I love how this thread is backfiring on her

No. 151375

I bet Fuzeti speaks English.
She should learn about this thread. I'm sure she would appreciate it.

No. 151381

Her english is poor but she can understand. I think that probably someone already sent it to her but she acts like she isn't bothered because she needs to keep that fake quirky persona she created for herself. If she had any anonymous things like ccat I would definitely send it to her.
Speaking of her people already forgot the calote she gave with a wig?

No. 151383

I never heard about this calote but good to know
Actually for a long time I thought she and Andressa Damiani were the same person?

No. 151385

Inuki sent it to her but it probably backfired since some people spilled on what she says about Debora on her back.
Inuki should know not to keep spilling so much. it’s gonna bite you back, you dumb cow, your friends can’t keep their mouths shut, and well, neither can you. It was really easy to find out everything you were doing when anon commented here that you were sending this thread to loads of people.
Some anon said before that Inuki was badmouthing debora, things about her using drugs, and I can confirm it. I heard she saying that when she was drunk at a party.
She was also saying how Debora was deformed because of her boobjob and stuff, that was really uncomfortable since I always thought they were friends.

I don’t know about her schemes anon, could you spill it for us?

No. 151386

She should join us and hear all about how Inuki says she is a “puta fracassada” who didn’t make it in Europe, and how she spent her ex boyfriends last dime till he got tired of her and broke up. Expensive taste requires some managing, you know.

No. 151389

Talking about Inuki, and going a little bit off-topic, she was saying that Giu and Monica were dating, and that Monica tried to finger Giu during a WCS that the stage fell off. Not sure about this story, she was too drunk and didn’t make much sense that day, but things seemed off during that KDA thing where they were working together Giu and Monica. I never thought Giu to be the type to be available to a whole audience and all
Can anyone that knows about it a little better elaborate that for us

No. 151391

I thought Giu had a husband?? I probably got her confused with Adami

No. 151392

She used to have an open relationship, as far I know. Adami is also married too

No. 151397

File: 1621753421892.jpg (137.53 KB, 810x589, thatsnothowahumanbodyworks.jpg)

Someone already posted the main post and it's up in this thread. I saved the prints that the client posted but they are many. I don't know if anyone wants it.

Famous people usually do a lot of shit (kahsan for example) and people just seem to forget. Debora was racist, machista and joked about poor people. But no one ever remembers that after she suddenly went from 0 to 100 in the social justice scale

are the drug accusations true or just inuki being batshit crazy?

Giu was never in the KDA groups. That was Adami. Who is clearly lurking because of her latest instagram post, way to be subtle uh?

No. 151398

Hey anon, Giu was part of the canon group holding characters not with the original clothes, with yguh jmbcos and rafa working for Riot at CCXP!

No. 151399

Adami is selling that costume. Mosomenzari expelled her from the group cuz she didn’t want to be more than friends lol and now mosomenzari blames it on jmbcos being friends with her and that he “backstabbed” her or something. Girl never makes sense, can’t understand half of the things that comes out of her mouth or what she writes lol she also says she is the owner of the KDA group so everyone there does as she pleases

No. 151400

Sorry for samefag

I also heard Monica semenzari and Inuki talking about Debora using coke at cons, Monica sweared that she saw her doing her nose, that she even hinted that she wanted some, but gave up…

No. 151402

File: 1621754345837.jpg (89.02 KB, 503x898, goldenshower.jpg)

proof because that's a load of shit, giu never did anything for riot, she would parade about it if she did

where did mo say that?

and god why is this girl so retarded. she is always writing like a five yeard old and when people call her out she says it was a joke. no debora you are just super fucking dumb. and once again she is going out with her friends, yes girl corona is over party am i right?

No. 151421

I can clear that up! (Finally, something I know, because I'm close to person who was, at the time, close to both Monica and Adami).

Mônica had a mad crush on Adami, which turned into falling in love. She hoped Adami would leave her husband and run off with her into the sunset. She didn't, so now Mônica has declared her to be her mortal enemy and bad-mouthes her every chances she gets.

Now, this is the second time (that I know) this happened. The previous time, it was Giu, who is also married, but in an open marriage, so they actually dated. She again, fell in love, oh, how romantic! And wanted Giu to run off with her and leave her husband, etc, sunset, etc, didn't happen. She also hates Giu's guts.

Notice there's an MO.
Who's the next married cosgostosa she'll for? We can only guess.

No. 151446

File: 1621784046020.jpg (102.5 KB, 591x1280, IMG-20210523-WA0002.jpg)

idk about KDA, but she absolutely did work for Riot.
Source is Riot's own insta.

No. 151448

File: 1621784115091.jpg (81.44 KB, 591x1280, IMG-20210523-WA0003.jpg)

Wonder if she quit due to the terribly unflattering pics.

No. 151454

File: 1621786337999.jpg (842.26 KB, 1439x2559, Screenshot_20210523-123700_Ins…)

Kahsan and Fuzzy can be disputing for the title of corona queen, but Mariza doesn't left behind.

She and her friends went to the amusement park other day as if the pandemic never happened. The best part is she lives with two small children and her friend's husband has some lung health issue

No. 151458

Thank you for the milk, anon
I love how in the beginning of the thread she was mentioned as being nice and these things are showing up

No. 151466

Monica, nice? Geez, no! Her friends are terrified of introducing her to other people because they're afraid she'll mistreat them to their faces. That's hardly being nice. Leon specially asks people to walk on eggs around her, it's ridiculous. "You have to be understanding, she doesn't like fat people, trans people, poor people", I don't know what other kinds of people. Ain't got no time for that. Fucking egomaniac princess. I don't even know how is Leon friends with her, she also super homophobic with gay men.

No. 151468

I was somewhat close to them a few years ago, Vicky started dating an asian dude, and a few months later the group disbanded, and the other two members dont talk to her anymore. I believe she quit the group to spend more time with her boyfriend, but he broke up with her after a few months.
I’m also somewhat close to someone who’s friends with Kahsan and I’m shocked, to say the least. Cant give too many details or I’ll out myself, but keep the delicious milk coming!

No. 151471

but there is also a story of Monica with kahsonga.
kahsonga went out spreading to God and the world that she gave up on her and stole her panties. gave a fucking shit.
there when monica went in search of satisfaction, the kahsonga left with her tail between her legs. that was really funny !!!!

No. 151474

Just as mentioned before, she doesn’t hold her B.O
Even Kahsonga’s cute voice is fake. I don’t know how she is this days, but it was so funny watching her speak because sometimes she would just forget her cute voice, turning to normal voice and then cute voice again
Most of her milk was hidden bc ppl really buy her act

No. 151475

By now Incan say I’m not surprised at all people are going out like there was no pandemic
I’m just waiting for the next party our COVID routers will attend, honestly

Vicki is one of the most cringy people I ever met, and this is pretty difficult
I can see why the girls don’t talk to her anymore, and supposedly she was the most popular in the group
I wish I still had screenshots of her

No. 151476


beyond the voice … god !!! I can't take that compulsive wink!
she also gives herself up to lie there.
there are those who say they sing well, but the fucking boring voice!

No. 151479

File: 1621790255807.jpeg (326.31 KB, 828x1428, 014FF144-B518-4D82-8778-6D612A…)

I don’t like Mariza and she did this in the middle of a pandemic, but she’s one of the only one who full on admits she had surgery and that it was purely for aesthetics purposes

No. 151480


does giu have a husband ????
but she is not a lesbian ???

No. 151482

Unfortunately(or fortunately) I have never seen the winking nor smelled her upclose but I just saw a Story of hers and even though she was with filters on her hair looks like it stinks and she hadn’t washed it for days

And I still want to know about the stripping story, anons missed it
She lied saying she stripped to pay for college, but her parents were the one who payed it

No. 151484

AFAIK Adami is not married anymore

No. 151487


she lies tough guy. it’s because I don’t have the photos anymore.
she went to a nightclub in the holy spirit and was like a prostitute several times, but for her own ego, not for the money.
your parents have always paid for everything and still pay.

No. 151488

She got a divorce, or is in the process of getting one, but that happened just before the divorce. >>151421

No. 151489

nightclub- stone pub / flame

No. 151490

File: 1621791265030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 581.72 KB, 1200x800, 5B21B38E-3C18-47C1-920B-B82C60…)

You’re welcome

No. 151492

you're the best!!!!

No. 151513

I was gonna ask why she had a crush on someone so ugly like Adami but then again she is uglier.

Thanks for clearing that up, I would never know because I don't think she ever talked about it. And it crystal clear why. She looks busted in these shots.

Someone needs to compile in a instagram account all these hos who ignored the pandemic and spread it like fire. It's beyond being a shitty person, they are just toying with peoples lives.

I knew she would drop him as soon as she started making more money than him and had someone else to photograph her. These men are always so stupid that sometimes I think they really deserve bitches like Adami.

No. 151530

File: 1621806253578.jpg (160.28 KB, 1080x1080, 189762096_2956196577961308_292…)

she can't pass as cute or young even from her back
kahsonsa inukenga and the others at least have that going for themselves

No. 151551

Her brother in drag queen looks more like a woman and more beautiful than her(not like that’s hard)
I can see why she badmouths trans women, it’s pure jealousy

No. 151563

that's cuz she doesn't try very hard
she can't do make up, she can't get dressed by herself. naturally it all comes together rather shitty.

having the charisma of a potato sack doesn't help

fuzzy has her flaws but girl is pretty and can actually hold an expression in her face

No. 151578

File: 1621818059330.jpeg (362.49 KB, 1152x2048, 9750B2F3-CDE7-4F56-9326-11F49C…)

Fuzzi girl is probably the only one of these girls who say they are a “model” and really mean it
I’m not excusing her shitty behavior or false sjw persona but that’s a fact

It’s simply makeup and editing and she can’t do even that
Kahsonga has wrinkles and still passes as young in her insta acc it’s not that hard
But yeah, even from behind, not even the posture

No. 151581

it's because she looks like a body builder. she has way too much muscles and no high school girl looks like this. i mean her face is ugly too with that much lip filler.

i absolutely despise fuzzy but she is so gorgeous (talked to her on a con once) and she knows how to pose unlike these girls, but well if she didn't know how to pose she would never be a model in the first place. i still think it's amazing that she can't get any jobs because of her boobs because it's something that is so obvious that would happen. she knows the industry she knows they want flat girls. i think she really wanted to be the jessica nigri br but stoped halfway without going into the sexy cosplay. i wonder if she will ever fall into the only fans hole.

No. 151587

Mo looks like a body builder but still won’t work that shriveled tiny butt

Not only flat girls but honestly she could do a better and smaller boob job and still get hired but that hard round balls won’t do it
Her parents seem to be way too rich and as you said, she’s gorgeous so she could get a rich boyfriend instead
About the sexy cosplays she already did bunny versions but stopped there

No. 151588

I was going to say that at least she has someone who dresses her, but well, it seems that it’s getting a little bit rotten as of now.
It’s funny cuz the other girls at least try to have, or some personality/talent (you can all say that I’m trying to hard but att least make up, or something they know how to do), and compared to Mo, she literally only have person who dresses her and that’s it. Lucky her brother, he had the perfect doll to win stuff

No. 151590

I was going to say she knows how to get dressed, but she can’t do even that.
Saw once at a con, she needs at least 3 people to get her done, even putting her own clothes on she needs someone to do.
Her friends must be into some weird kinks, and into being humiliated all the time, cuz she ain’t no peach either and is very rude even to people who are getting her done…

No. 151596

Is that supposed to be before and after? I'm blind, nothing's changed.

No. 152346

File: 1621831146332.jpg (39.81 KB, 587x250, 84858.jpg)

Someone here must know who they are, please spill it.

No. 152385

File: 1621853056289.png (465.09 KB, 720x1257, Screenshot_20210524-073720~2.p…)

so … in relation to this monica cosplay, photographically (clothes and body) is not bad, but the face … is not matching anything. nothing. I thought it was horrible in that regard.

… kahsonga … shall we agree? you do nothing else in your mediocre life, except giving your parents' debts to pay, drawing horribly and taking more disturbing pictures. at least wash your face, your stench is coming here.

No. 152390

File: 1621854915970.jpg (102.92 KB, 1500x1000, 17966660_1661655663849250_3678…)

for those who want to see the time she said …
- I prostituted myself to pay for my college. Nu kahsonga
lie has short legs.


No. 152392

File: 1621854983700.jpg (115.43 KB, 1500x1000, 17966979_1661637797184370_6648…)

Wellllll wellllll wellllll

No. 152396

File: 1621856254128.jpg (114.33 KB, 1365x2048, 16903163_1607409122607238_1235…)

whoever is interested in seeing this tragedy of kahsonga
and just go in most photos with the title "flame"
ehttps: //m.facebook.com/stonepubbar/photos/? tab = albums & mt_nav = 1 & ref = page_internal

No. 152397

File: 1621856516876.png (959.8 KB, 1100x733, 13730970_1363010150380471_5708…)

Did anyone here comment on the defeat in you being a "DJ" kahsonga ??

No. 152398

File: 1621856684624.png (883.27 KB, 1200x800, 17310184_1622034101144740_2770…)

just to complete, "your erotic dance" is very "brochante". and learn to wear high heels before you even want to dance with them.

No. 152399

I think we were autosaged. Some post here are barely comprehensible anyway.

No. 152417

Of all the things she shoops, she doesn't shoop that? Go figure.

No. 152436

I think so too, I have to search for this thread even tho comments are being made

No. 152438


because its from a nightclub

i saw the thread yesterday though

No. 152441

Where is your ass kahsonga???

Her parents still pay for her stuff, right? She likes to hint that she is soooo independent but how does she pay her rent?

And her bf has a daughter, he must be one of those “fathers” who see their child once in a lifetime
Kahsonga always said she wanted to marry and have kids(almost like an integralista) but I guess she gave on that, I wonder why ~

No. 152443

File: 1621877056037.png (676.81 KB, 1200x800, 19250823_1729812550366894_8100…)

dry ass

No. 152445

File: 1621877122102.png (728.16 KB, 1200x800, 19143697_1729813297033486_3794…)

(turbo autism)

No. 152447


nobody has this filmed ?? already laughing with the photos, imagine a video

No. 152448

File: 1621877722296.jpeg (225.67 KB, 2048x1365, 0C9CBE39-DCE8-45C4-817D-2EBFAA…)

Sorry for the caps, but I have never seen this before, I’m shocked to my core

No. 152451

Okay but one of my fave things is there were hired pole dancers who actually knew what they were doing, but she NEEDS to be the center of attention so hard

No. 152457

kahsan wannabe tradwife which turned into a whore. this girl's live is ruined and she did it all by herself.

No. 152464

What the fuck is this degeneracy
I wish I was friends with her just to teach her how to do her makeup/wear clothes decently

No. 152471


imagine her son / daughter … a friend comes and says:
- I saw your hot mom and I jerked off.
what a beautiful scene

No. 152474

File: 1621890364521.jpg (57.17 KB, 379x685, 84156485.jpg)

another one bites the dust. finally realized no one cares about your shitty marketing, lauraflixx?

No. 152492


It was so obvious that this was going to happen

She started selling marketing material for adult or how to start an OF/patreon stuff etc

Just a few people know she is a scam (but 3 minutes into her instagram you can see it lol)

No. 152528

I'm in that group and this post is completely BS and overblown as fuck. Someone just printed a couple friends saying like "damn, this costume in this FB group is expensive as shit and the wig color is wrong". Not a big deal at all.

No. 152529

It's an imageboard. You would'n mind posting prints if you censor the names.

No. 152531

Prints pls! Censor the names and please don’t forget to go on the email field and sage the comments! Thank you

No. 152543

I like polite anon

No. 152544

You don’t need to sage images if they are not off topic
And would anons explain and tell the whole scamming situation?

No. 152545

i know, it's just that mods seem to dislike br threads a lot so better safe than sorry. and i don't know either and would like to know.

No. 152548

File: 1621905286489.jpg (2.09 MB, 1080x10199, Origem.jpg)

That was some fine ass polite post. Here it is, what started it all: a light discussion about wigs.

If it seems like there's nothing out of the ordinary here, it's because there isn't. That twitter poster is full of shit and a total attention whore. I do have more prints if you want.

No. 152551

Just here to enjoy cows tearing each other down and tarnishing each other’s reputation to a few anons, doesn’t mean I should not treat milk sources politely! Specially this kind of source.
They don’t seem to like Br treads so if we don’t sage they can delete it, just like anon said >>152545

Thank you for this delicious milk anon. And you’re right, this doesn’t seem at all what people what making it about.

No. 152552

I was really curious about this and why people were making such a big deal about it. I was expecting this thread kind of comments or worse, it just looks like a fucking regular conversation and opinion about something. People are too sensitive these days, can’t take any criticism.
Sorry about the typos and sorry for samefag

No. 152555

this can be only one of two things: the twitter girl blew it out of proportion like you said or you are just printing something that isn't bad at all. because the girl from twitter didn't say anything about eula ot whatever, they said they complained about prices and there is no such thing on this print. so what is it anonie? care to enlighten us?

No. 152557

Do you have the Twitter tread? I can’t find it

No. 152560

Wish i had printed everything because even after naming herself a X9 this bitch coudln't hold the B.O and deleted everything. But her user is _shunpx (yes she even changed @) if anyone cares. Stil waiting on the anonie from the group to say if it's just hearsay or not.

No. 152561

I have to say this thread provided some good entertainment, it’s not info you would find anywhere and it’s about people no one even cares and that’s why I think this is gold

No. 152562

well, you guys just said some shit things about another person sale, and you're REALLY judging someone who's throwing your shit away? Really? People need to see how toxic this "groups" are
And, if you guys are feeling "bad" for this, it doesn't mean that you know you that saying shit about people isn't right?
Just look yourself in the mirror, this wpp group is REALLY toxic, and it hasn't been "published" 1% of it

No. 152564

i'm just waiting everything coming out and everybody discovering the real deal of this group

No. 152565

sounds like you are in it so you could share instead of waiting

No. 152566

just waiting for the best time, they're already scared there :)

No. 152567

Who are the people in the group??

No. 152568

btw, they're SO scared, that they're trying to "defend" theirselves by saying shit about that girl, i don't know why they just don't say that they're doing shit with their own names, it's obvious that everybody knows what group is

No. 152569

i'm not saying who's part of the group por judicial reasons, but, i assure you that this wasn't anything based on what they do

No. 152582

Hey anon, spill whatever you want, but it seems you’re new here, so would you mind fucking going on the email field on top of the comment section and F U C K I NG sage. Read the whole thing before commenting, we want this thread going on for a long time so people can spill all milk they want and entertain us.

No. 152584

If you VPN (and sage, which will keep the post alive), it should be fine to post. Go for at least the worst members names. That’s what most people do anyway. Also it’s really expensive to validate each print to sue someone and you’d have to do the BO, etc which they would have to go thru a hole bunch of things and pay a lot of money to sue an anon VPNing here. I would say it’s a waste of time since most people being commented here also do say a lot of shit and there’s proof they do, so they can say all they want, but they probably won’t make the BO and go ahead with it.

No. 152585

Will samefag here:
Not saying it’s untraceable, just saying it’s a whole lot of trouble to maybe accomplish nothing at all

No. 152587

just imagined someone going to the police and getting a lawyer to try to sue a bunch of a anons who said they have bad taste in clothes or because they overcharge for nylon wigs in a forum thats actually hilarious

No. 152591

Then tell us. I can guarantee you that nothing will happen. If momokun, who has a lot of money unlike these nobodies, can't do anything about lolcow then you think these poor (because really if you are crying that much about prices you are just poor) can do anything? I will stand by my point that if you are not dishing the dirty about this group then you are one of the cows that is crying expensive. You don't even need to show names. If this was me I would but all their names here on blast because the br cosplay community needs to understand how toxic it is behind the curtains so it can stop with the fake hugboxes and letting people like Fernanda or kahsan reaching places where they don't belong.
Stop being a coward and do something.

No. 152592

File: 1621914797311.jpeg (36.39 KB, 523x392, 42DECA67-AD33-4C1F-B28E-6A4896…)

Inuki is doing all the work posting all this about Kahssandra, you’d have to be pretty bold to post all this stuff (and also pretty close too to know all this) and do this, and I think the damage is done, like, irreparably.
Still waiting on the other girls stuff, cuz the only one you actually had liked heavy material was already posted. Wish people would be invested like her and posted more abou other people and stop making this all about that girl, there are more famous and relevant people in the Cosplay community doing a lot of worse stuff tbh. But you know, keep coming, if there’s milk, we want moar

No. 152593

But I also want to see the mess this dyed wig will turn out. Few people know how to properly dye a wig and I bet this isn't one of them.

No. 152611

It’s not all Inuki and I know this because I’m not her and posted some stuff but we had enough of kahsanpalooza
And there are many people in ES that hate her, one of the anons was even whiteknighting her ex

No. 152612

Terribly styled wigs are definitely some of my favourite things in cosplay.
It takes hours of work to get it right, but bitches want it for free. So please, by all means, go do it yourselves and look ridiculous, it's awfully entertaining.

No. 152614

Talking about bad styled wigs, and overcharged, the girl who has the awful demon slayer wigs at the beginning of the thread said the is an area wigs representative. Haven’t seen her being called or anything for the Iron Wig tournament, and by the price she charges for material, it doesn’t seem she has discount like other arda wigs representatives have, doesn’t anyone have more milk on her? She seems, looks and sells a lot of low effort/quality stuff (even her Sets look like old 2009 liberdade cheap motel room realness) the only one that actually entertained me was the butt plug with animal tail in it, which was one of the best worst things I’ve ever seen

No. 152616

Figures, she made many enemies playing the victim card. No wonder people still hate her, she still
Plays the victim all the time. She and Inuki deserve each other’s hate. I didn’t post anything on her cuz I knew so many people would do that

No. 152621

Wish someone would leak her stuff to show us that awful animal tail buttplug set, but she’s not relevant enough to be leaked

No. 152625

Well, kahsonga wasn’t relevant enough to be leaked but… it happened so let’s just wait

No. 152626

Just checked and no one leaked it yet but there are already requests
There was a comment about her sets being pricey and… honestly $55? I can see why people don’t leak, it’s because they probably don’t buy it

No. 152627

I still can’t figure how she gets wig commissions cuz she justa overcharges for expensive material that can be found here with almost as quality or have the same quality at all here. I saw the atrocities up there and she STILL thinks she is right. Not even legally she has backing, honestly…
I didn’t even want to mess my algorythm clicking on that deepweb set website

No. 152642

I don't understand why she did that, I had to read >>151242 in order to figure out what she had edited, her waist looked fine in the original

No. 152647

Because she is obsessed with looking skinnier and probably has body dysphormia

No. 152655

Kahsonsa's relevance comes from stepping on way too many toes.

Had I been her friend and she sent me this thread whining hoping that I'd defend her or something, I'd be so horrified I'd pretend I didn't know her.

No. 152660

it is very difficult to defend such a person.
and even if he wanted to "sue" someone, how would he do it?
everything here are things that she herself posted or that are free for everyone to see.
here it is done, here it is paid … the crops are being harvested. it even took time to happen.

No. 152661

and a lot of desire to be the center of attention. and look! congratulations you got it in the worst possible way kahsonga.

No. 152671

File: 1621951960763.jpg (441.97 KB, 1067x1194, print01.jpg)

There's some shady shit going on, or at least, a HUGE misunderstanding. I'm the anon who posted the Eula print and I'm BAFFLED about the posts here, so I'm posting some more screenshots.

But before that, what I mean about bullshit or misunderstanding is that there are two possibilities: either people are saying total BS and it's totally overblown, or we're talking about totally different groups.

The wpp group I'm in, that I'm sure that's the original group that twitter handle was talking about, has about 30 members. Almost all of them are girls from all around the country, most of them are just lurkers, I bet some of them are underage, but I know for CERTAIN there's no one really "famous" around the cosplay scene there. No Kahsan, Inuki, Yuki, Layze, Fe, Fuzeti, no one at all.

Anyway, some more prints. Now, if that poster who says "this isn't even 1% of what's being said there", he/she can just post away screenshots then.

Also, saying people are "scared" there. Really? Scared about what? We had a conversation there yesterday about how little snowflakes on the internet THINK they know how justice actually works. They think they'll sue every single grain of salt in the earth because it went into their asses. They think someone will actually manage to pay for an attorney who will surely take a case were "people are in a private group saying my prices are high, boo hoo!". Really, girl? Check this goddamn thread. There are cases of cocaine use, theft, cheating, and no one of these cows got shit on legal processes, but some miracle ace attorney will accept your cries about how your shitty used costume is being sold by almost the same price you paid for, sure.

Screenshot of messages some people in the group have been receiving.

No. 152672

File: 1621952070919.jpg (796.39 KB, 2869x1156, print02.jpg)


Chat between one of the members and the attention-snowflake-whore

No. 152673

File: 1621952114852.jpg (307.22 KB, 1079x1200, print03.jpg)


What we actually said about one of the costumes we were "complaining" about the price

No. 152674

File: 1621952221038.jpg (362.49 KB, 1617x1200, print04.jpg)


Bitch complaining about people complaining about prices ALSO complaining about prices a.k.a. complainception

also a huge hypocrite

No. 152675

Bitch I never said anyone would sue anyone here. If anything I was telling you how they will not and cannot do it. Calm the fuck down.

>gostava do seu cosplay de mona

It's farahdesuuu isn't it? The Eula, the Mona. It all points to her.

No. 152676

She changed her twitter @, anyone knows her new one?

No. 152713

Guys this was getting good, please keep them coming. I like how nobodies flip their wigs over… yeah haha

No. 152731

Wigs "treta" … I like it. I will make popcorn.

No. 152761

I don't wanna nitpick on anons' english (and for the record, you should post unsaged if it's good milk) but "in search of satisfaction" for "tirar satisfação" is too hilarious, I'm gonna add that to my english vocabulary

No. 152763

>sweat cosplay
Yes, I expect anything coming from such a shitty store to be indeed covered in sweat

No. 152764

I only saw it now kek. And their wigs are indeed shitty and you can tell from their photos. I have the impression that this whatsapp group is made only of people that just started cosplaying.

No. 153000

Does someone remember Marilia? she was a Phoenix cosplayer back in the days of cosplay fotolog kkk what's become of her now?

No. 153003

So everyone pussed out?

No. 153004

What happened with that Bianca and her AliExpress printed suits trying to make a cosplay college? She swears to be an influencer and great cosplayer but only heard of her when this shit happened

No. 153005

Thread was sent to too many people, saw that it went quite a mile around

No. 153011

I'm waiting for Inukifest.
Mamma, I'm hungry, give me my milk!

No. 153014

who that?

yeah that's what i thought. still waiting on the "cosplayers que furaram a quarentena" instagram or something

debora may be stupid but she is not that stupid to air her dirty laundry

No. 153017

Seconding, who is that? Give the milk.

Does Inuki have anything on Debora? Debora is pretty and charming. Pretty and charming people are forgiven everything. Dish, Debora, dish.

No. 153023

File: 1622087964113.jpg (132.43 KB, 1142x582, LeonRE2Remake.jpg)

I enjoy Leon as a topic.

In which world does this cosplay look like the character? The lenses? Hair color? Is it me who got a bad reference, or is just everything really really wrong and he looks terribly feminine? If the idea was a genderbent Leon, fine… but say so, otherwise it looks wrong.
He does look like he might have recently pulled a teeth or two though. Too funny. Soo much shoop!

No. 153026

File: 1622090689192.jpg (455.48 KB, 928x1536, Moisnotnice.jpg)

Sorry guys, my former post wasn't making too much sense, so I rewrote it.

Further proof that Mo Semenzari is not nice:

Biel Hazard, who is a talented and hard working prop maker, his only flaw is being a major trouxa working for people who don't value his work at all, made all of Monica's props for that Ubisoft project and the bitch did not say thanks or mention him at all in the credits of her costume on her profile. As if Leon made everything. Leon himself did recognize Biel as the prop artist, only Monica ignored him out of spite.

Not to mention, she called Biel a loser behind his back in private conversations. According to her, that is because he tried WCS a few times and didn't make it, so that classifies him as a loser in her book, and she hates him for that, apparently. She wanted none of her props to be ordered from him, but Leon actually cannot make props like that on his own (those are way above his skill level), so he orders it from Biel. Monica is stuck paying someone she hates to do her things for her - it sucks having no skills, huh?

Also, how dare she make fun of him for not making any of the WCSs, as if the bitch didn't require a whole team of people to make her stuff, dress her up and do her make up, even put on her wig, or else she'd go on the stage naked? That some daring. I have some problems with Biel myself, but at least he is a big boy and dress himself.

I have more on that Biel x Monica x Leon milk. But I'm tired and I'll let you sip that bit and see how you enjoy it.

No. 153031

I looked at all that and was "no way in hell leon or mo did that" and well..
and i don't understand how she even got to wcs, aren't you required to do everything? did she really make her brother do everything since he was her duo? selfish bitch

No. 153032

File: 1622093352625.jpg (124.78 KB, 1080x1080, 177447526_361014418653338_5797…)

that bad shop on her hairline is sending me. what the hell.

No. 153033

I wish I knew more about her relationship with her brother. If she was my sister, I'd already be as far away from her as possible.

For a moment, I didn't understand what you were referring to, because there's even foundation on the hairline, and then I saw the blur.

That's some quality work, I wonder if Ubisoft will ever hire her again. Acting isn't really part of her skill set either…

No. 153034

I love how she shops those grand canyons one can call “bigode chines” every picture even tho we can see the original linked. She should stop spending all that money on steroids and do some filling

No. 153036

File: 1622094820662.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.78 KB, 1080x1080, 155587821_106153281442098_5760…)

Can I call this the Motsuri?

To discuss someone so elegant and refined (at least compared to Kahsambita) we need a name.

No. 153038

File: 1622095110699.png (6.41 MB, 1125x2436, 7FD09F2B-49D5-4133-A05B-CFFC4F…)

I got you, someone sent me these. How can someone say they work with the health department, be a personal trainer and sell a perfect body, that didn’t even happen with her own effort. She takes steroids to get fit, she’s a fraud and a fake.

No. 153040

She’s been kicked in the butt so many times by girls who can’t stand her controlling, toxic behavior that she is now buttless.
Another less on the list like talentless, etc

No. 153041

She has the hairline of a 50 year old man.

No. 153043

Well, if she keeps taking Oxandrolona, she will remain buttless, and more and more hairless. More and more masculine, since that is a strong dose of testosterone. Her boobs will grow smaller, and even her voice will sound less and less feminine with time, not unlike what happens to transmen who take only higher doses of testosterone and experience the same changes, but faster. And with medical advice, they tend to keep their hair.

No. 153046

I would say he deserves it because he only makes good quality stuff for his friends or people he considers somehow important.
But pretty shitty of Monica not giving credit to him

Not that I’m surprised but it’s good to see proof that she takes steroids

No. 153047

Imagine being over 30, carefree, don’t have to mind paying your own bills, never worked before (heard she never did her internship, she payed to study sandah and they pretended she was a teacher there), calling everyone fat, disgusting, ugly, bald, deformed, shapeless (she called Inuki once the Barata MIB girl) and all this, say that you’re amazing, how hard you trains and actually is taking steroids an all this shit. She’s a huge hypocrite. Hope she never get a job as a persona trainer cuz this person would be harmed for life.

No. 153048

File: 1622096922131.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 198.85 KB, 954x1325, 472D8DBB-B6E7-4B15-AF0B-B06988…)

Imagine saying Debora Fuzeti is ugly and that her body is deformed, but actually looking like this.

No. 153049

Wasn’t she calling out everyone that was going out during the pandemics but, but then did the KDA thing, went out with Leon to buy fabrics and shit on Bras and 25, and also threw a huge party at Inuki’s girlfriend penthouse for her birthday, just for lulz? Now I’m finding out that she takes steroids even tho she’s a personal trainer? She’s the worst hypocrite featured here up until now. She is the shit of the shittiest person here.

No. 153050

She is a middle aged woman who looks like an old man and behaves like a teenager. Pathetic.

(No reactions to my Motsuri - Mo Matsuri - idea? Damn, I thought it was good, but apparently not kek)

No. 153051

It’s really hard deciding who’s the worst here because leaving alone your so called “best friend” hella drunk in a party to the point she was almost raped and if that’s true it’s a pretty shitty thing to do

No. 153052

I liked Motsuri but forgot to mention before

No. 153053

Who did that?

No. 153054

Imagine saying Fuzzi girl is all that and your goddess be Adami Langley and Giu Hellsing
She really has bad taste

No. 153056

Kahsonga it was mentioned here >>149603
but there were so many comments I think that got lost and somehow passed by??

No. 153057

Do consider she hates both of them now. I don't think Monica is a face person. If she were, she'd be a hell lot quieter.

Thank you, anon. But I stil think Kahsanpalooza was my peak.

No. 153058


It was mentioned here, this comment was made in the photoshop fails thread

No. 153059

That's very serious and still too foggy. Has Clara ever mentioned this in open channels?

Because that is a lot of trash even for Kahsamba. That's being worst than scum.

No. 153061

It’s funny because on this post she mentions Adami
Even her taste for bodies is like… 350ml silicone prosthesis?
Girl is so obsessed, I’m sorry for the next costosa she will obsess next

No. 153062

Thanks. I'm horrified.

No. 153063

She likely has a dysmorphic taste in people. They have to be anime-proportioned, or something.

No. 153064

She has never spoken openly about this, that I know of
This is her cosplay page, it hasn’t seen any post since 2017 and there were pics with Kahsonga

No. 153075


anything from kahsamba, I don't doubt it anymore.
CLara Instagram, there are no more pictures of them together. I wonder why?

No. 153076

anyone who has ever had a connection with kahsonga in any way was burned.
in the sense of hurting or even throwing shit at the fan. in short, kasamba being the kahsonga it has always been.

No. 153095

File: 1622120311010.png (579.51 KB, 720x1103, Screenshot_20210527-095604~2.p…)

the changes it makes are so obvious. what a breast shit!

No. 153109

I was pretty horrified yesterday, but there's only hearsay on that Clara story. I know Kahsonsa isn't great, but how do we know Clara is any better and she is not just lying? Making shit like that up is criminal, I don't care if we can't be prosecuted. If I wanted fiction, I'd go to Wattpad.

Bring back Motsuri, at least there were screen caps.

No. 153165

If they had not mentioned it was Jessica Rabbit, it would have never ever crossed my mind.

No. 153166

when did this thread turn into "fuzzy is the prettiest girl ever"? we all know she is pretty, you don't think to mention it every single post and as >>153017 said pretty people are forgiven everything, even here it looks like. or do we have some wks?

No. 153168

Please bring back Motsuri it was fun

I love how on >>143011 its said they are nice, she had hidden all of her milk but it’s being spilled right now and I love it.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t like lashings being posted here but I’m tired, I wish ppl who know bad shit about mo just send it out here

More than two anime talked about this birthday party but I wanna se caps!!

No. 153186

File: 1622155056154.jpeg (525.11 KB, 828x1024, F78F26D3-2848-4E83-9F4A-F7DC54…)


No. 153187


My eyessssssssss helpppppppp !!!!!(emoji use)

No. 153188

File: 1622155815040.jpeg (121.2 KB, 726x1280, A28B88DB-B7C3-48D2-A1F5-1DA6EA…)


No. 153190

I love how young she makes me feel, and I'm like, 3 years older.

No. 153196

If I were over my 30’s and saw that I would think my Renew is up to date

No. 153199

I loved the
>apaga por favor tem um monte de gente pedindo pra apagar isso da gatilho em várias pessoas por favor apaga eu te imploro tem gente passando mal vendo isso tem gente chorando apaga isso por favor apaga por favor tem gente passando mal com isso tá todo mundo pedindo pra você apagar
why did you delete it lol and of cooourse she wants to cosplay wanda, she is just going for hypes. how long until she cosplays dimitrescu?

No. 153201

I did take this as a personal threat tbh
Imagine if she wore it together with Fox Girl as Madoka?

I think they used her as an example, but it’s absolutely right, there’s no forgiveness r just because of prettyness

Why are you guys thinking about these stuff, these threats can become real fml

>Still waiting on that Bianca milk and Cosplay university

No. 153210

Kitsad is totally up for age play, I bet!

No. 153214

I deleted it because it’s a meme in Portuguese and mods don’t tend to like BR threads

No. 153349

nobody really remembers Marilia Phoenix something?

No. 153471

clearly no, then please explain

No. 153597

File: 1622396049968.jpg (68.84 KB, 497x899, 8948554.jpg)

the audacity

No. 153637

Funny how she travelled(because that bar is in Santos, not São Paulo)and went out drinking but not to protest

No. 153759

File: 1622509991408.jpeg (817.97 KB, 828x1352, 163046A7-EB96-453E-B26F-8A5640…)

O hope she does not become obsessed with the girl

No. 153772

i hope she does. they suit each other as both fake and egocentric bitches. but mo will never have renata because renata would never leave her husband since he is loaded, takes all of her photos and also makes all of her things like her seraphine stage.

No. 154000

File: 1622639919293.jpeg (842.77 KB, 828x1543, 92E25A4F-9C8C-40D1-A362-80E79E…)

Well, apparently Mo is back with her previous obsession

No. 154017

are they trying to go the fake lesbian route to get more simps now that adami is single? that's just disingenuous…
sage for blog posting but some time ago, i think two years, i matched with mo on tinder and had no idea who she was because there her photos made her look like a normal girl instead of this busted face she has. she was so egocentric and had to mention wcs (and i still didn't know who she was) in almost every single message so i gave up really quick.

No. 154048

File: 1622662466568.jpg (88.11 KB, 501x902, 8949841948.jpg)

that's the cheapest lace i have ever seen. not even shitty taobao cosplays have ugly and cheap lace like this.
your signature leon martins? you don't even sew. bicha melhore.

No. 154273

I know two guys that hooked up with Mauricio and it seems they are quite the opposite?
And the funny part is: Mauricio is the real winner, Mo can’t even dress herself.
How shallow and self absorved one has to be to over mention WCS? Girl really has nothing to offer

No. 154285

File: 1622754624758.jpg (226.81 KB, 1080x1350, 135284683_3820770874641148_345…)

Since we like nicknames, may I suggest Leonser?

I mean, this is a thing he posted twice.

No. 154379

File: 1622803921603.jpeg (39.83 KB, 625x479, images (9).jpeg)

No. 154548

what leonser even means?

No. 154564

File: 1622860869055.jpeg (94 KB, 854x1280, BE426DD6-A00D-4F2E-92D2-CCE4FF…)

Oh no they strike again

No. 154585

File: 1622868536831.png (727.2 KB, 473x841, 7643598762798234967856.png)

Now she completely fell into everyone's concept, taking a picture with this motherfucker is complicated. The problem is that now it could be that she influenced the ending of her marriage because she's the kind of person who does that kind of thing. Poor Adami will be this slut's next victim

No. 154589

When Adami is more well dressed than you it’s time to take a look at your fashion choices
Kahsan, sweetie, why so brega?

No. 154625

Is it my impression or kahsonga are you going bald?
what greasy hair

No. 154645

File: 1622911646995.jpeg (124.1 KB, 591x1046, 0D3DA1AE-D160-4D7F-8392-FDD391…)

It was mentioned that she smells like onions, now the greasy hair
She couldn’t even take a shower, are you in trouble to pay the water bill?
Today too, still the greasy hair imagine the smell, eeeeeew
And congrats to her, she can’t even do a proper quarantine to before seeing her parents, she HAD to go out drinking because wow so much important

No. 154669

spoiler this jesus it's disgusting.

i love how you talk like adami is this pure angel when she is just as bad as kahsan. they are both liars, cheaters and fame hungry e-whores.

she could even get adami to drink with her at her house or something. it would still be bad but it wouldn't be that bad as going to a bar. what is with all these girls and the need to specifically go to bars or do pole dance sessions?

No. 154725

File: 1622975529690.png (621.6 KB, 720x1169, Screenshot_20210606-072740~3.p…)

go wash that hair! disgusting!. I can smell the stink from here.
Didn't you dare take your parents to your disgusting apartment?? I want to know why???

No. 154727

File: 1622977718000.jpg (130.92 KB, 2048x1365, 16991715_1607408672607283_4570…)

funny and she was talking like she was paying for everything from her parents.
it was easier to be quarantined so she could safely receive her parents, but she preferred to go out drinking with her "little friends" and now put them at risk.
your apartment must be without water. disgusting hair! imagine the rest! I pity whoever had the courage to do that in the photo!

No. 154736

I watched the video and she even scratches her hair, it must be SO dirty

At least is safer for them not to stay in her apartment. But imagine this, your daughter lives in another state, you pay her bills and when you visit her you have to pay for another place >>154725

No. 154737

File: 1622986021668.jpeg (238.96 KB, 828x1428, 86BCE9E6-7035-4781-A8B2-0ED894…)

Only essential activities, girls
Love how hypocritical Mo is

No. 154757

someone plz tell what @teamplasmaking posted on their insta story?

not interesting or anything just a personal lolcow

No. 154763

thye both look inhuman here why are these bitches always so ugly? Adami's eyes are supersized.

reasons to why you can't look for yourself and why she is your personal cow and i can look for you

No. 154776

these two have been into a fight in the past and he can't let it go even after a decade. And it's not only with her, as you probably noticed in this thread. If you take your time you will find common ground among most of these cosplayers, starting with mo and adami >>154757 should just go and take his meds instead of bringing in sour milk. we want relevant things about relevant cows

and fucking sage ffs

No. 154784

who tf are you even talking about? did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 154808

We used to be friends when I lived in town but we got into a big fight before I left and never spoke again, now I just don't want her to know my insta handle. She has few followers, she would notice someone strange looking. It's purely nostalgic.
Being close to her, I'd keep up with some interesting delirium back in the day. I'm surprised she didn't end up working as a cam girl, girl was thirsty for attention. But she seems to have figured herself out, and for all I know, she got married, owns a mildly successful lolita shoe and accessories shop and lives an ok life. I'm genuinely curious, I don't expect anything bad or trainwrecks. Would you check it? I get if you don't want to. There is really no possibility of there having anything milky.

I think you are the one who needs your meds.

No. 154811

i could check but if i did she would know that i'm in this thread even if she doesn't know you. why don't you create a throwaway account?
and how is her brand this successfull if a simple bag is R$550? is she crazy? vanessa from glitterbang also has overpriced stuff but even hers is cheaper and she has been in the game for way longer. br lolitas are really retarded if they think a no brand bag is worth that much when you can actually get real brand items in used marketplaces for that same amount of money.

No. 154812

I actually never had the curiosity of checking out her shop or prices, but I agree. In the end, everything is a brand copy. By now I just cannot tell one shoe style from the other, everything has been the same for the past decade.
I miss the Mana-style shoes.

It's a wonder Kitsad Raposa doesn't do lolita.

No. 154854

File: 1623056465589.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210607-045757_Ins…)

Fegalvao is so lazy / cheap, she literally would rather Photoshop on someone else's ear, and copy paste the text off Grim.Lynnes shirt…. This Photoshop is so bad. She's been editing in nearly every piece of her cosplays for years and hasn't gotten ANY better at being less obvious.

No. 154878

She would look a million times better if she didn’t give herself arched villain eyebrows and use inner corner eyeliner/makeup to make her eyes look so close together. It pisses me off how she does it for every cosplay because she doesn’t even bother to use makeup to look more like the character, it’s the same instahoe makeup every single time

No. 154889

It really bothers me that she could not get any better at editing and still gets praise. I would say “men are so dumb” but it has come to a point and it’s just: people are dumb

All that money from OF and she doesn’t even try to improve her content kek

No. 154917

If I'm remembering correctly isn't she just a pig in general? Her OF content showing her house reveals how slovenly she really is. Unsurprising that a pathological liar living in filth would focus more on editing their face and body perfect than taking pride in making a craft or making things neat aesthetically. Men pay her to be sex doll on camera why would she care about cosplay? She clearly never has or will

No. 155039

Is she the owner of cotton candy feet? Plenty of people buy her shit at that price, myself included kek, and afaik some gringas do too. The construction is very good, on par with/sometimes better than burando (or at least AP, which is the only one that matters since that's the burando she takes inspiration from), comfortable to wear and doesn't fall apart, and with the dollar as high as it is, taxes, high odds that correios will simply steal or lose your shit, and AP becoming shittier, harder to get and more expensive, it's a no-brainer.

Glitterbang/unicorn holic is absolute shit, the only time I got something from them was an emergency during anime friends, because my old bodyline shoes decided to fall apart. To this day I wish I just took them off and stayed barefoot, the shoes are so bad and ugly I haven't worn them once since.

I wish just she'd pick a better name than fucking "CC Feet", it sounds disgusting. At least drop the "feet" part. Also wish the bags weren't fucking MASSIVE, idk if she thinks that shit is cute and will make her brand stand out but the only reason I didn't get the envelope one was because it was huge, I was willing to pay R$750 for it. She also needs a better translator, her english makes me wince and it's no bueno for her brand image

No. 155086

She thinks big accessories will make her look small. She has always had a thing because she is tall-ish (not really tall at all, just paranoid about it), but yeah, that is her.
I heard she suffered from some massive depression, which is no joke and then faded from the scene. But she wanted to be a cosplay idol when she was younger and was jealous of everyone, it was impossible to be her friend, everything was constant drama.

No. 155155

File: 1623259508519.jpg (348.84 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20210609-141855_Tik…)

Tik Tok has blessed/cursed me with this eye edit abomination, girl claims its natural and she just has big eyes.

No. 155159

File: 1623259658420.jpg (570.32 KB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_20210609-142147_Ins…)

She also fakes the uwu loli voice, says shes 19 and a psychology student.

No. 155160

File: 1623259707863.jpg (331.91 KB, 1068x1547, Screenshot_20210609-142704_Ins…)

No. 155161

All natural, of course

No. 155163

What is with the Pixar face proportions? This is terrifying

No. 155166

Jesus, I thought that said 11 million at first

Is she going for an alita battle angel shoop? Also why is not believable that she’s 19? That’s an adult

No. 155167

Its not that its not believable haha, Its just that we are not allowed to discuss underage people so i thought mentioning her age was important though she could be lying because honestly she seems pretty immature.

No. 155174

whta the hell mom come pick me up im scared

No. 155176

File: 1623265987958.jpg (84.59 KB, 386x838, 841884448.jpg)

i love how all these cishet bitches will use pride to promove themselves.

No. 155177

her hair is floating because she photoshopped her arse. also her face, the grid near her head is all warped. how can you pst this to thousands of people with such blatant photoshopping?

No. 155191

File: 1623272613033.jpeg (253.01 KB, 828x1445, 9650478B-E9B0-4A23-A6E3-DF46B4…)

And this outfit was fucking hideous!!!
She even won WCS yestearday but all I could pay attention was this… thing

No. 155217

worst word in existence, just say ass british trash

No. 155224

File: 1623284023962.jpg (280.72 KB, 1080x1350, 198347961_201119098544842_2792…)

how did she manage to go to the finals with this ratty ass wig? jessy carried her once again. isn't she tired of winning prizes because of other people? she said she insisted to jessy to participate since the finals would be by video but this only worked in her favor. she has zero stage presence and watching her on a stage always made me sleepy. maybe with a video she was able to not be so boring and also conceal all the flaws that all of her cosplays always have. but who am i kidding, jessy won this shit for them both. once again she threw val under the bus to duo with someone who actually knows what she is doing.
and why the hell she looks 40 in this photo?

>Eu também sempre achei que precisava de um título pra me provar algo. As pessoas acham que podem me botar pra baixo quando sou eu a minha pior crítica, a pessoa que mais duvida de si mesma.

She is that narc hm.

No. 155226

She reminds of the Koti Monstrenga. I wonder if she'll claim anything about reflectors making her eyes big, but I'm kinda glad for having new milk. Sometimes we get sick of coalhada, not to mention plenty of our cows are about to hit menopause.

Kitsad has a guaranteed job in the low-budget remake of the El Chavo del Ocho. You see she has a knack for a career as a costume designer of sad kid shows.

No. 155228

Can't you see there's a story being told? That's Aerith relaxing after a hurricane and a battle, and I think that's beautiful.

No. 155234

Aerith why are you wearing locks?

lmao(as the gringos say)
No but really, the comment about coalhada and menopause was too good
The Melissas, oh God why

No. 155237

That "art" in her wall.

It is very her, I will give her that.

No. 155249

Cishet bitch using pride to promote herself is the least offensive thing in that picture

No. 155254

First learn Portuguese, bitch
Then you can come here and complain all you want
You just confirmed you’re a narc, we appreciate it

No. 155255

You should spend your freetime fixing that hideous Aerith wig instead of coming here trying to trash talk anonies

No. 155259

File: 1623298587643.jpeg (63.55 KB, 669x855, FACB0A24-1989-45D6-9442-DFB600…)

Hey anonies!
She deleted it, but the print is forever
Kitsad said hi

No. 155261

Untangling your wig, dealing with your colour blindness, letting your partner know exactly how you feel about your performance, are perhaps things you should work on before coming over here thinking we care about what you have to say.

Shoo, shoo.

No. 155264

File: 1623300909645.jpg (118.68 KB, 505x900, 8744164156.jpg)

The way she talks about how it's okay that there isn't a trip and we are adapting ourselves! when she is one of the lot that can't stay at home and can't stop inviting at least 5 different people to her house every single day. Stay being one of the reasons to why people are dying Renata.

top fucking kek

Aw shoot man, kitsuneraposa was here and I missed it? Come back girl you are my favorite cow. We all love you so much please don't ever stop chasing your dreams and being a real life mahou shoujo! Because with that you will always provide, at least to myself, such good milk.

You just proved how fake you are and how much you care about what other people have to say about your sorry sagging ass.

Her last stories was gold too because she is just showing people working their asses of to make her cosplays for her. Val is literally the cosplay slave and she is happy about it. Talk about settling for the lowest common denominator.

>letting your partner know exactly how you feel about your performance
Seems like you know something we don't. Spill it please.

No. 155265

I was bored and decided to check the thread and it was seven minutes after her comment, I’m glad I got to print it before it was gone

No. 155268

Inukenga needs to take her rabies shot.

I know (one of) the people who sent Kitsad here just wants to see her down.

No one will let you have a sweet victory, Bitchsune, because you know the nightmare you've been. And now you dare say you actually put in any effort. Spare your partner. Think of you were doing while Jessy was working. Having fun and partying much? Whining? You are too tired to try again? And to think all you had to do was kneel!

Thankfully it's just cosplay. The most stupid expensive time-consuming pointless hobby in the world and you didn't cause any harm except to your friendships.

I just don't want think they'll ever want to do anything with you ever again.
Maybe you'll lose some gigs as well. Word of your unprofessional behaviour is getting out.

Tic toc.

No. 155269

And fuck you Inukenga for spreading this thread
At least it backfired on how you bad mouthed Fuzzi Girl

No. 155270

File: 1623303083377.jpg (104.39 KB, 1080x1080, 126245067_121694489747387_7775…)

i know kitsad is the topic right now but because of her dumb #cosplayemcasa tag I found this girl, who clearly states she photoshops the entire costumes on her and people are calling her talented. My sides. Her fucking neck is sending me so much.

and this one @jessyg_cosplay is saying
>As vezes quando não consigo finalizar algo manualmente, então finalizo no app.
PERGUNTAS: 💅 Vocês também finalizam um cosplay ou acessório com edição?
💅Te ajudei de alguma forma?
do these people even remember what cosplay is?

No. 155273

Oh my, oh my
It’s funny because it was mentioned in >>143014 “ first is the most obvious thing but that all her fans can't see: she isn't such a cute always sparkling person. she is bitchy, selfish and if she doesn't get what she wants she throws a tantrum.”
She threw a tantrum here after getting something she wanted(1st place on WCS) so I can’t even imagine how she is when she loses
Girl should have known better, but now the damage is done

No. 155274

it's the second time jessy tries wcs with her so she should know better. maybe she only accepted and did as she was told was because reanta could give her the exposure she wanted.

No. 155275

Imagine being good at something but less popular than a colourblind age-player who sold out to cupnoodles, just because you don't do the kawaii uguu line.

Hang in there, Jessy.

No. 155276

I just realized now that Jessy was on WCS 2019 because of the unqualified winning team, at least she already travelled to Japan and Kitsad won’t

No. 155277

File: 1623304417666.jpg (775.24 KB, 2302x3252, 3148d607-ac80-4eec-a2de-6ad897…)


girl looks like jojo siwa, she should stop dressing like a kids' show host if she's not aiming to be one

No. 155278

and at least that time her duo wasn't a pain in the ass. i don't think she would be able to tolerate renata for an entire trip to japan. she would snap.

No. 155279

Jojo Siwa is a teenage girl expressing herself, Kitsad is just… corny

Weren’t they the team that got unqualified by Kahsonga? I think someone mentioned here the winning team were unqualified by Kahsan on a prior occasion

Now tell me WHO would tolerate Renata during a whole trip to Japan besides her husband?

No. 155281

We could get into a whole psychological analysis of the type of man who would marry Kidsune.

No. 155282

File: 1623306082646.jpg (106.78 KB, 500x903, 878487.jpg)

they were the duo that ended up winning because of kahsongas boyfriend fuckery.

i have a theory. if the person who sent this to renata wants her down… maybe it's val all along. i mean look at this, she is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. saging because im gonna post a few.

No. 155283

File: 1623306103855.jpg (99.63 KB, 501x906, 8945585.jpg)

No. 155284

File: 1623306270539.jpg (70.73 KB, 502x901, 84181894.jpg)

No. 155287

File: 1623306480557.jpg (85.45 KB, 497x902, Screenshot_1.jpg)

No. 155288

File: 1623306566256.jpg (130.26 KB, 503x898, 48564.jpg)

there is even more but you get the gist of it. i like this one because renata highlighted them as 'destaque' but ignored that val was just down their photo as a destaque too. only that val was alone so it doesn't matter fuck that bitch right renata?

No. 155291

I love how someone she doesn’t like(Jessy, because she cosplayed some characters in common) won a trip to Japan
Speaking of WCS, do any of you anons have the Team Brazil presentation of 2016? Some people mentioned it was a fiasco but I never got to see that for myself

Okay I like this theory
Come here Val, and spill some milk, pretty please
Kitsad even came here to freak out, people know she is a bitch now. Just tell us

No. 155293

File: 1623307775297.jpg (212.55 KB, 1429x795, 784876187.jpg)

When you said she only had to kneel I thought you were joking. Where do I even begin with this mess. The wefts and elastic band showing, the green ball that was so poorly painted, (and had a better acting job than renata) the lack of attention to continuity since sephiroth's sword is clean just seconds after he kills her, renata smiling when he killed her, renata smiling again and breathing (the bubbles jesus christ!) when cloud (fat cloud) put her inside the water, the close shot of her back inside the water without any kind of wound and no rip around her clothes, she floating like literal shit, her annoying as hell voice and jessy's stupid wannabe sexy voice… god this is such a hot mess and I'm so happy to live in this timeline to be able to see it. Thank you kitsuneraposa (i expected that kind of low quality from you anyway) and thank you jessycosplayer (which i didn't expect something so poor after the amazing performance you did with popes) you are both my heroines now.

Do you know the characters? Maybe I can find it.

No. 155295

File: 1623308599895.jpg (122.92 KB, 1080x886, 192163855_315907850034797_1885…)

I am always amused at how weird the wigs look on Bitchsune's head. They always look cheap and never like anything close to hair.

No. 155296

I haven’t watched it yet and given by watch you said I will hate myself for it, but I will watch it too
And in the water shot the cellphone broke because it was “waterproof”(maybe even water resistance and they didn’t know the difference) but they were too stupid to buy a phone case, which would be way cheaper

I think it was Final Fantasy VII too, Kahsamba as Cloud and Paulo Doce as Sephiroth

This looks almost as shitty as peruca de carnaval
She probably doesn’t take care of her wigs(as you can see on her Aerith pics)

No. 155297

You ask and you shall receive. I really wonder why br cosplayers never have nice wigs. Never. They made a whole bike but can't make a wig that's not thirsty. And kahsamba can't even say Cloud correctly.
Paulo at least tried with his swings, kahsamba was hitting like she was deadly afraid of hurting herself.

No. 155298

Now I’m asking why I did this to myself
I watched Kitsad AND this video, one after the other. I must be a masochist
She can’t even walk straight, she’s doing a male cosplay and walks as if she was in a runaway, her terrible acting
The “fight”, the lack of choreography, her hitting while Paulo is spinning like a beyblade, pure gold
I can see why they were not in the finals, only semi finals

No. 155448

File: 1623362454717.jpg (67.91 KB, 385x570, 878441545.jpg)

you are wrong! she is now magically pan so she is not using pride to promote herself. it is about her too!

No. 155450

This is a long thread and this was still the cringiest thing I've read here.

No. 155458

Kitsad and Kahsece
Two white rich straight girls saying they’re on because they need so fucking much a reason to feel oppressed

No. 155461

i really like the 'virasse mulher'. not transphobic at all renata.

No. 155465

Guess the bitch:

>announces death of dog

>announces death of relative about a week later
>posts mirror shot of bare ass two days after that

I understand everyone deals with grief their own way, but this with the mourning icon is too much for me.

No. 155466


No. 155477

I know it’s not her because she doesn’t have a dog

No. 155479

File: 1623378515654.jpg (32.69 KB, 594x162, 4894984.jpg)

someone please shut this bitch up. everyone knows you are a straight cis hag. you never said anything about being demi or pan until people started saying your are using pride to promote yourself. you are one of the worst people posted here because not only you are using something that kills people everyday to look like a fake ally, you also broke quarantine several times. you are so selfish i hope you die alone. you won't though because hideki is a stupid coomer.

No. 155481

leon? i saw he has a 'luto' icon right now.

No. 155488

Ding ding ding

literally two days after making an emotional post grieving a death in the family, he posts his hairy ass in a sailor suit. just talking about it feels wrong ffs

No. 155550

he deleted the grieving post right? because i can't find it.

No. 155551

The one with the little kids dressed for festa junina. Very recent.

No. 155554

File: 1623444890545.jpeg (90.02 KB, 828x961, E5B48A4D-10D2-4DD8-AA35-A7465E…)

The new trend for cishet hags is claiming to be demi
And I guess it works as an excuse to not interact with thirsty comments
Everybody knows you love hitting on people you deem “important” at cons

No. 155556

File: 1623446272406.jpeg (80.35 KB, 828x942, 2BEA1136-845A-4BBB-B394-E34CBB…)

I mean, the audacity

No. 155557

because demi is the easiest one to fake, no one will ever say 'oh but you did this so you aren't demi'. it's even easier than pan or bi. watch all of them turn demi before this month ends

No. 155573

File: 1623459828052.jpg (72.2 KB, 1080x1080, 139478773_168250981313420_2915…)

ok but what about dychan's new boyfriend? he scares me so much with how disproportionate his body is.

No. 155598

Hi guys! Im fairly new here and it’s my first comment. I wonder if anyone has any milk about rottenqueen. (she’s been off of her Instagram for quite a while, the last time she posted on her feed was last year) I’m asking because I used to follow the girl and I always though there was something strange about it.

No. 155747

i only know that she is like everyone else, will only cosplay from hype stuff.

and someone finally did it: https://www.instagram.com/quarentenacosplayer/

No. 155774

I know she had some beef with Gothamqueenslays before the pandemic. I was kind of caught up on something else at the time and cannot remember clearly, but Rotten was annoyed at every one cosplaying Harley or something equally common and GothamQueen and other girls started posting Harley cosplays to annoy her, and even changed her username.

I had no clue who Rotten even was before that day so it was hard to keep up.

No. 155814


LOL look who is following this account
I can smell the bullshit from here

No. 155815

I have great news for you, the judges were all friends with Renata (like mo and adami) so it's no wonder they managed to win with this shitshow. Jessy even deleted the video from her facebook, maybe she realized how bad it is.

No. 155822

That's who the account is following. No one is following the account

No. 155827

I want more posts. So many more posts.
So so many more.

No. 155834

File: 1623720736120.jpeg (139.74 KB, 770x1280, FDDBD407-15E5-4C55-92CC-8D0082…)

I have this suggestion, extra points because it’s a publi post

No. 155835

Who the fuck chooses Adami to judge something
No wonder why they won with that shitshow, I agree with you
And once again, people winning competitions with shitty costumes because they are friends with the judges
Jessy deleted it? It could be for other reasons too but I hope she just realized how shitty that was

No. 155836

You need a print with the date showing to be posted there, just a heads up.

No. 155839

File: 1623723298839.jpeg (132.67 KB, 740x1280, 0D8E4650-1B17-47BB-81D5-A4152A…)

No. 155847

File: 1623727691937.jpeg (63.59 KB, 828x1013, ECAAA34B-920E-4797-B81A-E67005…)

I guess this one is self explanatory?
Imagine getting wacked on New Years Eve, asking your girlfriend to marry her and on the next day you wake up realizing the shit you’ve done and that she took it