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File: 1559454376953.jpg (291.43 KB, 1242x1739, 1558838344898.jpeg.jpg)

No. 51762

Previous thread >>41347

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend, Adam Putsey.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka/Angela very often

- Tried to get her threads on this site shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

- Has no mental illnesses but claims to have them as way to avoid taking responsibility for being shitty.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Was riding on the digital artist bandwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her low quality lewd videos for way more than they're worth.

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-Had her friends attack a mental ill girl until they deleted their page.

- Moved out of her parents place to mooch off someone else.

Social Media






Menhera blog:

Main blog:

NFSW blog:
uwubondage-chan.tumblr.com deleted

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive



Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 51769

File: 1559462505661.png (1.32 MB, 711x647, candyprincess11.png)


No. 51770

File: 1559462572277.jpg (67.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

talmbout bein bi n kawaii n lookin like this

No. 51773

Copying angela again

No. 51794

copying angela and shay, how low can she go?

No. 51802

I mean. Who else could she aspire to be like? Those are the laziest two options.

No. 51829

File: 1559516731251.jpg (258.56 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20190602-112557_Twi…)

Bullshit. She knows it's because nobody really wants her content.

No. 51832

LMAO what a hilarious way to say "I can't be successful here so I should stop embarrassing myself"
Never change mikaila.

No. 51834

hahah once she gets that $7 she's outta there cus they uhhh they racist!

No. 51836

funny how she says this and supports shay

No. 51837

Honestly this sums up her entire personality. Can't work any job cause of some bullshit reason even if it is some real low quality porn that took absolutely no effort. No point in improving either, just quits right off the bat. Stay lazy Mudnaynay and I hope you can stretch that $5 for a burger King meal and an AliExpress haul

No. 51940

> I'd rather sell content out the dm
She needs to be worried about selling content in general. No one's buying her overpriced, microwave quality content in the first place. She's talking like she actually looks like her catfish photoshop pictures on her twitter. What is she gonna do when a customer wants a refund because they thought they were paying for overweight weeb Wendy Williams (being generous), but got Luther Vandross in a cheap wig and clothes that are 7 sizes too small? Jesus Mucky, think!

No. 51946

File: 1559532117262.jpg (207.27 KB, 1079x568, Screenshot_20190602-112653_Twi…)

What's the point of this? Why does she continue to do this fuck shit? She realizes that this is unnecessary, right?

No. 51947

File: 1559532311730.jpg (239.86 KB, 810x1364, Screenshot_20190602-190748_Twi…)

She has a job but can't afford that cheap shitty two piece? How?

No. 51948

File: 1559532436156.jpg (510.3 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190602-190844_Twi…)

No. 51957

didnt this moron say that she was gonna go to colossalcon? i guess being a living sex doll while at a pool didnt work out cause it just ended yesterday lmao. wonder if her friends that were going just ditched her and went without her

No. 51959

okay jesus christ shayna literally posted herself in a cow print bikini today… is this the twilight zone??

No. 51961

File: 1559537747590.jpg (259.59 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20190602-231412_Twi…)

No. 51969


I mean, they aren’t wrong for calling her retarded. I don’t even know the story behind this and I’m already on the friends side because Micky is literally retarded.

No. 51970


“Racist content” Mudnaynay is looking for excuses as to why no one’s buying her low quality shit. Nobody wants to smell that shit more or less pay for that shit. She has no marketing attraction or talent to make it as an E-girl.

No. 51975

It's getting more obvious how she sends herself shit

No. 51978

She’s literally been doing it for a week and only posts low res low quality content and expects tons of money. Sex work is hard work. She’s delusional and lazy

No. 51982

File: 1559562031173.jpg (308.23 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20190602-231544_Twi…)

She really needs to shift her focus away from the sw and e-girl bullshit and work on genuinely being a better person.

No. 51983

File: 1559562137518.jpg (123 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20190602_231528.jpg)

It's safe to assume she's dead last on the list. She likely going to be bumped off by someone else pretty soon, or now.

No. 51987

"Racist content" yes because all the misogynistic content you and the rest of the sw'ers do is all good in the hood, just dont be racially insensitive!

No. 51988

Stop moralfagging lol this is lolcow

No. 51990

File: 1559566313740.png (188.81 KB, 869x844, manyvids.png)

she actually made it decently high on the list. doubt it'll be for long though

No. 51992

File: 1559569689104.jpg (516.43 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20190602-231753_Twi…)

Ah, another day, another heavily edited pic. She really should be ashamed of herself for doing this shit.

No. 51993

File: 1559569717010.jpg (146.91 KB, 861x1280, IMG_20190602_231805.jpg)

No. 51994

File: 1559569809620.jpg (146.46 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190602_231809.jpg)

No. 51995

File: 1559569846714.jpg (237.98 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20190602-231852_Twi…)

No. 51996

this is milk because?

No. 51997

shes so nasty what the hell is she trying to be black belle delphine??

No. 51999

Influencer, lmao this version of yourself doesn't even exist. The girl in the photo is a figment of your imagination Mudnaynay. She really has no grip on reality it's pathetic

No. 52002

Jesus Christ shut up, not every internet thot is trying to be Belle Delphine.

No. 52004

She does idolize Belle though

No. 52008

She's clearly trying to be shay, duh

No. 52014

File: 1559591341541.jpg (450.74 KB, 809x1563, Screenshot_20190603-101404_Twi…)

No. 52015

File: 1559591512977.jpg (208.82 KB, 1074x579, Screenshot_20190603-135155_Twi…)

So she's just gonna ignore how they push diet teas and hair growth teas that don't work and can possibly cause serious health problems? Or how some overcharge for shit weight plans when they bought their body? Or how some push shoddy plastic surgeons that butcher bodies. She's really gonna ignore that?

No. 52016

File: 1559591569888.jpg (363.97 KB, 1073x959, Screenshot_20190603-135237_Twi…)

She's saying this like she has any real sway in the community. It's hilarious.

No. 52017

File: 1559591669461.jpg (161.75 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20190603-135423_Twi…)

No. 52028

Lol ok this is like saying "if you think mary kay is a scam just remember fit tea exists"
More than one scam exists.
She's just gonna keep buying

No. 52029

Glad she's decided to continue, let's see how far this shit storm goes, but I could do without the whining of racism in the fucking porn industry

No. 52032

I know. Of everything horrible and disgusting with the porn industry she's upset about racism and that's it. god she's gross. What about the fetishization of teenage girls and lesbians? Oh but I guess since shay doesn't care and actively contributes to those things that makes it okay.

No. 52034

Nothing is ethical or woke about sex work or most work at all tbh. Micky is just a retard for only realizing that now. Does anyone know the “racist video” she’s talking about?

No. 52074

File: 1559652331421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.74 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20190604-084207_Twi…)

So much for leaving.

No. 52075

File: 1559652374602.jpg (661.3 KB, 810x1628, Screenshot_20190604-084243_Twi…)

How is this coordinated at all?

No. 52080

she still on tindr? thought she was "cuffed"

No. 52084

Besides the fucking hysterical dissonance of her complaining about racism in sex work she really is out here with a full arsenal of catfish photos and her cringy WEEB ART?!
Can't stand this level of corny, how does she continue to pursue certain personas/"life styles" when shes as cringy and autistic as the women she smears on fb when shes in the mood. At this point i fully believe shes been in special ed classes and has severe developmental issues that sorta drown in the sea of identity fuckery shes got going on.

No. 52085

File: 1559658086980.jpg (250.96 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20190604-084346_Twi…)

Hard agree. She ain't all there in the head.

No. 52096

Can't wait for more idiots to pop up in these threads when they google this catfish

No. 52113

Why put down how your such a hard core intellect when all you do is go what????? Hah???? Whenever people try to engage in those convos with you. And then you complain no one wants to have intellectual conversations. I truly think she's gone brain dead from all the chemically poisoned cum she swallows from greasy white boys

No. 52134

don't Micky see how this would affect her if she was old. like no job and not paying taxes? or at least saving up for retirement? Her retirement plan gonna be fucked and going to be working 7$/hr job. half the dudes she dates are mainly trash Soundcloud, emo, and soft boys, wouldn't suspect she would be having a sugar daddy or a stable marriage. This is no way sex work shamming, but she wants to take on the whole sex working thing as a profession without thinking of her future. She gonna be a granny sex worker

No. 52138

No that’s not her problem. Plenty of sex workers pay taxes, get a 401k and have a retirement plan or start a business with their cash. Micky has absolutely no discipline because she thinks sex work is easy. She can’t and won’t make it a career because overweight dumb smelly bitches are a dime a dozen and she is too stupid to try anything professionally.

No. 52139

This is literally the same shit that Angela/Himeka was saying. Constantly pushing the "dumb baby bimbo uwu" shit while turning around and being like "actually I'm in college and super smart!". Sure, honey. At least Shay seems to own that she's actually stupid.

No. 52141

File: 1559679546108.jpg (339.4 KB, 1080x980, 20190604_161806.jpg)

Guess Emi found out about Micky and her ex.

No. 52143

Oof. Hope someone reports back here if they can get the details from her.

No. 52145

Hope Emi can move forward and heal. No one deserves that.

No. 52150

Oh Emi, I feel bad, this is what happens when you try being nice to Mickey. I hope someone reaches out and gets the full story from her.and I wish her better luck in finding friends.

No. 52151

File: 1559680294603.jpg (206.51 KB, 1080x607, 19-06-04-16-27-28-066_deco.jpg)

Micky's always been shitty to her friends, surprise.

Like Emi's pretty cringey but she's been nice to me when I've seen her. Micky's seriously an idiot to brag about mistreating one her closest (and only) friends publicly, of course it was going to get back to Emi. Emi stuck up for her constantly and in return Micky bragged about cucking her with her nasty boyfriend.

No. 52152

File: 1559680451013.jpg (430.62 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20190604-163329_Chr…)

From Micky's tumblr. You hurt the one person outside of your parents who actually gave a shit about you and feel bad for yourself? Almost sensing a pattern here.

No. 52153

I know we ragged on Emi a lot for her questionable fashion sense, but good for her.

Who does Micky even have anymore? She cut her family off who supported her entirely until now, she just lost her "best friend". I guess her only friends are her followers on her catfish accounts and whatever thirsty mouth breathers she can pull online.

No. 52154

File: 1559680565246.png (109.78 KB, 513x584, Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 3.32…)

No. 52155

looks like the people in township Michigan finally gonna see her true colors

No. 52158

This is so manipulative

No. 52170

>but she's been nice to me when I've seen her
Do you have any insider milk to spill?

No. 52173

File: 1559685977013.jpeg (516.54 KB, 1116x1843, B041844A-A229-404F-904A-61286A…)

Also any deets on what Mikaila actually did?

No. 52175

Micky is a sad, disgusting sow. I really am rooting for Emi, good on her for calling her on her shit and dumping her off like the rotting pile of garbage she is.

No. 52179

File: 1559687498082.jpeg (27.25 KB, 275x242, 1558241301082.jpeg)

Here's a refresher cap from the last thread for anyone wondering

Hope trying to live out your disgusting "NTR hentai u//w//u" fantasies and boasting about it in a public discord was worth it for you, Mudnaynay.

No. 52182

And for reference the original post >>48176

I can't believe she thought this wouldn't make it's way back to Emi somehow. It really goes to show you how toxic she really is.

No. 52189

What discord is this?

No. 52190

The fact that she was totally fine with this instead of being repulsed and angry by it, says A LOT. She's scum.

No. 52197

File: 1559691890000.jpg (126.65 KB, 971x413, Screenshot_20190604-194153_Sam…)


Her being vague is just her doing her normal abusive tactics. Look at the sympathy she's getting despite being extremely in the wrong.

No. 52198

File: 1559691920891.jpg (80.93 KB, 964x395, Screenshot_20190604-194219_Sam…)

No. 52199


She says she hates being a liar but then proceeds to continue lying after that line. She also still makes no effort to tell her followers what she actual did or speak on the other fucked up shit she's done. She's just looking for people to justify her shit behavior again.

No. 52203

If she actually wanted to grow, change and apologize she would tell her followers exactly what she did and make sure they know she is not the victim.
She doesn't care

No. 52204

So she, unsurprisingly, deleted both of these posts. I managed to archive them though. Also, Emi made her post public. So I wonder how that will go.

No. 52206

Honestly I hope this is the year she loses everyone so she can't be dependent on anyone. This was bound to happen since Muddy was a shit friend and I do genuinely feel bad for Emi despite the amount of shit we talked about her appearance.

No. 52210

The milk has comeforth…

No. 52211

She can feel good about fucking all the dirty heroin addicted white boys for the rest of her life. She will stay like this forever, mark my words.

No. 52219

Despite what any of us has said about how Emi looks or dresses I think we can all agree she's at least nice, she seemed like she was trying really hard to be a good friend to mickey and its Heartbreaking honestly that mickey is such a toxic, abusive cunt.

No. 52221

File: 1559703553276.jpg (353.04 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20190604-224304_Sam…)

So the reason why Micky has been able to get away with shit is that she just claims that any screenshot from here is photoshopped. Wow. Way to avoid any and all responsibilities. She also deleted two of her Facebook pages from what I can see.

Definitely agree with you there. Honestly hoping she finds someone better.

No. 52222

I'm also curious to know what Discord this is from. Didn't the original poster say she said more shit like that?

No. 52223

iirc there was several caps of her from that discord. wish that anon would come back with more info

No. 52224

Me too. I wanna know if she mentioned anything else about Emi. I really feel like she only had her around as the ugly friend and to fuck her ex.

No. 52226

LOL WHAT? she claimed it was fake? Oh my god she's garbage

No. 52227

Right? It really explains why people around her aren't inclined to trust these threads. She's hitting them with the photoshop excuse. Even though some of these have archived links to the posts. Wild.

No. 52228

>uses Micky as a profile photo
>uses similar name and emojis
>types the exact same, same faces
>gives specific details on a situation only three people would know about - her, Emi, and Emi's ex
>"NTR hentai, so messed up but super hot just like me uwu;;;; <3"

lmao I'm fucking dying, she really thinks people are that stupid. She convinced all her friends that we're filthy liars who are just out to get her, but we've done nothing but archive HER shit, HER posts. I'm glad Emi's speaking out.

No. 52231

Can't wait for Mickey to be the laughing stock of her little Michigan town… AGAIN

No. 52232

Haha! You know you’ve hit rock bottom when Emi of all people publicly calls you trash. She’s fucked.

No. 52233

Kek at the "hypersexual" claim when she's claimed to be sex repulsed. As if she already hasn't shat on that lie multiple times already. Just admit you're a trashy thot and a terrible friend/person and move on. Own up to it and stop acting like being garbage is just "Muh biological coding and muh environment!" She's a grown ass woman and still cannot manage to grasp the concept of genuinely taking responsibility. She's just trying to save face with her post and delete pity party. Why is she so insufferable? Can't believe Emily stuck out with her that long.

No. 52234

Also Emi- if you ever make your way here, feel free to post whatever you feel like you need to get off your chest about upkeeping a relationship with someone like this. This is beyond just wanting milk. There's gonna be more people falling for her bullshit and having a story from someone who's known Micky on a personal level might make her shitiness really hit home for more people. She's so confident that she could talk her way out of anything, but she can never deny real life situations with receipts. So many people kiss her ass for 1 second of recognition, but we're not the audience to give her the satisfaction.

No. 52236

screaming because micky's kawaii inspo just cancelled her on emi's post

No. 52238

This is so juicy. Micky weaponized her weeb army against people for years and they finally comin for her ass. GOOD

No. 52239

File: 1559710791306.png (358.37 KB, 494x247, 54675ygh.png)

>post on imageboard
>no screenshot
bet micky's throwing a fit kek

No. 52240

This happens every 3 months though. Somebody calls out Micky, she plays victim and deactivates for 8 days then comes back

No. 52241

I wonder what she's going to do now. Deny everything? Delete/lock down all her social media?

No. 52242

She deleted the “apology” posts

No. 52243

saged for OT but Lexi Byrd is an oldschool snowflake, she was one of the more well-known scene queens and probably among the OG pastel goths, and turned into a DDLG sex worker after her ex-bf shot himself. >>>/snow/248130

No. 52244

Did he die?

No. 52245

No. 52246

It's in the OP post, just read and learn to sage

No. 52248

File: 1559715033796.jpeg (211.91 KB, 1125x714, AA373F38-8830-4EFD-912C-687797…)

Someone should show her this(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 52249

Didn’t she say at some point that Lexi was one of her idols?

No. 52258

File: 1559730139380.jpg (241.95 KB, 807x2184, Screenshot_20190605-061926_Sam…)

No. 52259

This is so manipulative Micky is full of shit

No. 52261

File: 1559730942568.jpeg (80.31 KB, 1125x270, 25709436-6FF4-4F10-A097-62C322…)

She’s posting on twitter like nothing happened at all

No. 52262

File: 1559731517041.jpg (49.22 KB, 640x1315, 61738426_10220131720911924_964…)

Here's the images from the screenshot.

No. 52263

File: 1559731562650.jpg (48.62 KB, 640x1315, 61610036_10220131721791946_477…)

No. 52264

Of course she would. She's just being her typical scary bitch self. Wouldn't be surprised if she's thinking of a way to feel shit so people feel bad for her instead.

No. 52265

Maybe she wasn't lying when she said she was a narcissist.

No. 52266

Who wants to bet Micky plays the “I’m a sociopath uwu” card next?

No. 52269

I swear you called it 100%
"Uwu its so hard having aspd feel bad for me"

No. 52276

File: 1559743663300.jpeg (438.63 KB, 1116x2145, 5927B088-CC87-4D35-924A-722F65…)

>haven’t been on discord in two months
luv tha don’t make na cents…

her icon on discord is a photo of herself she uploaded on may 6th

No. 52280

The caption on that is so fucking cringe dear lord in heaven
I just can't believe she tried to say its fake when no one but her, Emi and her ex would know any of that

No. 52285

Even if this is true the post in question is dated April 25th so the timeline still adds up smh

No. 52287

Nice catch anon.

How exactly was she planning on lying out of that? Dumbass. Only her, Emi, and the scumbag would know how they slept in the bed. She explained the situation thoroughly enough for Emi to know it's too specific for a troll to just make an account and post that. Fucking moron

No. 52289

can she not have at least got a video of these things. "its photoshopped" is the most obvious claim to avoid accountability.

No. 52290

What an idiot. Out of all the people to fuck over, it's Emi? And to fucking brag about it, then claim it's photoshopped? I'm curious if someone cowtipped Emi or she causally looks at Micky's thread?

No. 52291

Nah someone cowtipped emi who know them

No. 52294

I'm thankful to cowtipping anon for the bountiful milk.

No. 52296

simple. shes trying to gaslight her way out of it. duh

No. 52297

File: 1559758098840.jpg (311.17 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20190605-140809_Twi…)

No. 52298

File: 1559758200431.jpg (175.2 KB, 967x1742, Screenshot_20190605-140702_Sam…)


Imagine thinking just "taking a break" is enough to fix anything.

No. 52299

>inspire or influence anyone
I know Micky has a lot of disgusting fetishes including NTR hentai and betraying her best friends trust but I didn't know fart huffing was one of them. Also don't think bots can be inspired or influenced to do anything

No. 52300

>It's starting to really bother me
>I want to be more honest and think before I say something
Bullshit. You're upset you got caught and now you're finally being made to look like the fool that you really are. Even having your idol rightfully talk shit about you. You said the threesome happened three years ago yet you're still saying you found it hot to this day. And then you try to say it's photoshopped like someone else just happens to know this detail. You are a shit person and you don't care about changing, you just want people to forget so you can go back to being a "kawaii ghetto scene gothic sanrio bimbo influencer uwu"

No. 52302

Micky says she's going to take a "social media break" every other month and never does. Last time it was "I need a break…. except I'm going to keep using Facebook cause I NeEd My MeMeS", aka she needs a place to go where she can get her ass kissed constantly.

No. 52306

imagine thinking the only reason to be on social media is to make people want to be you

No. 52307

File: 1559763266517.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208, 0AC2490D-527E-46D6-9742-A98913…)

Looks like Emi added more to the original post.

Inspire? Inspire people to do what? To be a hypocrite and not take responsibility for the shit they caused?

No. 52308

Damn emi may have terrible taste in clothes and friends but this is really some bullshit, she doesn't deserve this. Imagine being so far up your own ass that a friend confronts you about your shittiness and all you can think about is how it makes you feel. Bitch how about how she feels?? You were smiling in her face for 3 whole ass years after fucking her over and then tried to spin it into some hentai bs so obviously you don't feel bad about doing bad things

No. 52309

>Self criticism and reflection
She spelled personal pity party wrong. We all know you ain't capable of change Mudnaynay, even if all her friends leave her like they should she's still gonna gave her holier than thou shit attitude

No. 52312

normal people use social media to connect with friends and family online. micky can't use social media for that bc she has no friends or family left bc she's a disgusting shell of a person.

No. 52328

File: 1559776854037.jpg (216.77 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20190605-191432_Twi…)

She really don't give a fuck about Emi, huh?

No. 52331

Why would she. Being shit is just a daily occurance this isn't a big deal for her

No. 52332

>external hard drive for sims 4 cc
kek proves she doesn't know anything about how the game runs, putting it on an external will make the game run like shit

No. 52347

Exactly how a narcissistic cunt would act. People are only allowed to feel bad for her and she doesn't have to own up to her actions.

No. 52350

File: 1559799651514.jpg (180.09 KB, 1078x811, Screenshot_20190606-013639_Twi…)

Of course, since you've decided to not take responsibility for your shitty actions again.

No. 52351

File: 1559799706556.jpg (205.8 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20190606-013913_Twi…)

No. 52352

Of course she would, akaneararagi is a catfish "gravure model" living out Micky's weeb dreams

No. 52354

… its also for making friends

No. 52355

she inspires people to make forums and talk shit about her

No. 52360

Mucky, nobody wants to be cuffed by an overweight, lazy adult baby with poor hygiene that relies on makeup, photoshop, and filters to resemble something other than Jabba the Hut.

No. 52377

thanks for the tip anon lol

wow anons itt were so right about her using emi as her ugly friend sidekick, i'm disgusted. she hasn't even pretended to care about emi's feelings right now

she's not using facebook and instagram because she has too many mutuals with emi on those and everyone hates her now. she really needs to delete everything and start over. do a shayna and move to another state micky, you're too fucked at this point to stay in michigan

No. 52380

File: 1559830979293.jpg (428.32 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20190606-101947_Twi…)

No. 52381

File: 1559831003923.jpg (274.75 KB, 1077x990, Screenshot_20190606-102126_Twi…)

No. 52382

"is quoting shows a personality?"
"no micky, quoting mainstream shows is NOT a personality"

No. 52387

She’s really ignoring this semi fiasco huh? She thinks people are dumb

No. 52389

File: 1559839401098.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 294.23 KB, 1125x1464, 9F0805BC-922F-4A55-A77D-4A9D89…)

Micky in a year

No. 52390

How is she not embarrassed to have never mentally progressed past middle school? It’s so pathetic

No. 52391

Micky is actually retarded though. She has to have some major mental underdevelopment, FAS or just be ducking special ed. There’s no way she has a normal IQ

No. 52393

Why are y'all so surprised she doesn't give a fuck? It's fucking Micky! Like Anon said, this type of fuckery is normal for her. Something is mentally wrong with this bitch, and she lives for drama, and bullshit. At the end of the day, she's still shit. And will always be shit.

No. 52394

File: 1559840678391.jpeg (346 KB, 1078x1458, 4E94DE11-E8D9-487D-BFF0-1CF2DE…)

This is gonna be a long one guys, I finally found the thread we talked about a few months ago in the last thread but couldn’t find. Micky went on Facebook a few months ago claiming this Detroit guy named Gerald was a pedo because he called her “jailbait” as a joke when he was 19 and she was 15 lying about being 17. He and lots of guys thought she was 17 but she lied about it and tried playing the pedo card and got exposed by literally hundreds of Michigan Detroit weebs. This is why she only hangs out with white trash suburb weebs too because everyone know her history in Detroit. I’m posting the thread one by one

No. 52395

File: 1559840775732.jpeg (401.69 KB, 1125x1463, 9CA34C2C-768A-4AAC-8DA7-89E3F7…)

This is Gerald responding before everyone roasted her. She tried calling him a pedophile and implied he’d rape his newborn daughter because that’s how fucking sick she is.

No. 52397

File: 1559840874870.jpeg (369.7 KB, 1125x1679, F661123F-D75A-4502-8DA7-AD14B3…)

Kassandra is cringe as hell tbh but she has a reason to get mad since Micky tried ruining her life

No. 52398

File: 1559840906367.jpeg (390.31 KB, 1125x1701, EAF042BC-CE29-4607-9FB1-EA712B…)

No. 52399

File: 1559841024147.jpeg (268.65 KB, 1124x1701, 276D93DB-E868-4BB3-8270-EEF229…)

No. 52400

File: 1559841128749.jpeg (290.56 KB, 1125x1627, 3D6DA414-817E-4AE5-90B3-E26FD7…)

No. 52402

File: 1559841391153.jpeg (372.46 KB, 1125x1664, D4086FB7-07C7-4EAC-8D63-245843…)

No. 52404

File: 1559841585242.jpeg (251.34 KB, 1125x1665, 3ADD39E8-67EE-42D2-A411-4857E1…)

No. 52405

File: 1559841679524.jpeg (268.33 KB, 1125x1604, E52AC792-1FE1-4EE5-A334-CE088C…)

No. 52406

File: 1559841838816.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 239.61 KB, 1115x1661, 1E271D3A-2B31-4F88-96A1-2CA5B1…)

No. 52407

File: 1559842035395.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 213.54 KB, 1125x1632, 315EE669-A220-42D8-BC59-2CE0CC…)

No. 52408

File: 1559842095006.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.73 KB, 1125x1721, 28ABB74A-8FF6-4773-97EB-1B8327…)

She’s notorious for drama. This bitch goes from one circle to the next starting shit and starting drama, trying to bully people.

No. 52409


No. 52410

File: 1559842206182.jpeg (260.06 KB, 1121x1711, 000D7203-09B1-4A3C-B22C-4F6C0B…)

No. 52411

File: 1559842308402.jpeg (287.9 KB, 1119x1724, AF311814-7CE8-4A1B-8C94-5E1878…)

Amina didn’t even roast her even though Micky talks shit all the time. The penny wise comments got me though…..

No. 52412

File: 1559842419667.jpeg (302.9 KB, 1125x1681, 81ED1459-7E82-4DFC-966F-5BCE77…)

There’s more anon.. I can’t even post the entire thread because there’s hundreds of comments. They’re brutal as hell on her but she deserves it. She really implied this man would molest his daughter because when she was 15 she LIED about being 17…and he was 19. Hardly a pedo

No. 52413

File: 1559842474869.jpeg (352.71 KB, 1106x1707, DB022E83-3D3A-40EF-8047-7E9039…)

No. 52414

Oh my god. This fucking bitch. they went FUCKING IN. Detroit does NOT fuck around. If I were her I'd get off the fucking internet.

No. 52415

File: 1559842729842.jpeg (259.76 KB, 1125x1663, C13C280C-073F-4B3F-82F9-C98384…)

Anon this was a few months ago(Facebook i says year but it was late 2018). That’s why she hangs out with white trash like Emi because all the otacoons in Detroit know about her bullshit. Now that she’s burned her bridge with the rednecks weebs idk where she will turn

No. 52416


No. 52417

File: 1559842894094.jpeg (309.18 KB, 1125x1647, 47349C97-7447-4874-A083-039CC2…)

No. 52418

File: 1559843031779.jpeg (297.54 KB, 1125x1667, D0A93290-CC93-40A3-80EE-62C3E0…)

No. 52419

No wonder almost all black people who aren't family don't want to get near her

No. 52420

nah, she's infamous out there.

No. 52421

File: 1559843187048.jpeg (324.89 KB, 1125x1663, EDF5C583-A530-45A1-8B2B-BF6244…)

>recycled nudes to a whole city of niggas

No. 52422

File: 1559843448389.jpeg (166.27 KB, 1102x989, 904CCA7A-8E1F-45C5-BBCA-4D7151…)

tbh this thread is so long it would take me all night to post all of it. Just gonna add two more posts from it relevant because of Taylor

No. 52423

Can you link the thread or archive it so we can view it? I'm curious to see all the comments.

No. 52424

It's like, a (somewhat) sane person would've gathered all the money they could to move to a different state and legally change their name if that happened to them, but not impulsive IQ-stunted Mickey. This is why I'm happy she will continue giving milk till her old age.

No. 52425

File: 1559843729443.jpeg (269.67 KB, 1060x1726, 9B0F0B9D-868A-45B2-9F80-DB2889…)

It’s private now :( I can try and make an archive on a photo drop website. Tell me which one is good to use.

So local light skint weeb hood rat Taylor who Micky made a thread about (and was exposed for it) told Micky she would fight her IRL and on the Internet Micky acted tough shit (continued)

No. 52426

File: 1559843883236.jpeg (282.65 KB, 1108x1380, 455DBF31-C3FB-4A92-9F31-C2EDDC…)

For context the Malcolm guy is saying he’s guessing Micky didn’t fight because she would’ve ran to social media about it.

Taylor, who Micky also tried to bully, make a thread here and act tough shit said that when she confronted her at Youmacon Micky nearly cried and called the police and con security LOL. For reference I’ve seen them both IRL. Micky is 5’10 full of McDonald’s lard a whopping 200+ lbs and Taylor is very petite. This bitch is really a coward.

No. 52428

Imgur should work, I think.

I remember hearing that Taylor's friend Danielle had got into it with Micky also and when Danielle tried to fight her, Micky actually ran and several people had to hold Danielle back.

No. 52429

Will try imgur in a few hours I’ve lost a few brain cells from this bitch. Micky is mentally retarded and from the few we’ve heard from her sister Dani and their mom it runs in the family

No. 52432

File: 1559844626913.png (59.79 KB, 219x220, logo-the-laughing-cow-small.pn…)

No. 52433

File: 1559844692926.jpeg (170.5 KB, 1125x595, 3BF8C4B4-4A66-46BF-9B83-F3776C…)

Btw are dani and emi still friends? We know dani reads here maybe she can answer. She also is friends with a ton of people who called Micky out.

No. 52434

I think it's safe to say that Dani is going to remain friends with Emi. Considering they likely have a mutual dislike for Micky now.

No. 52435

Wait, why does Dani Dislike Micky? backstory please!

No. 52436

dani probally doesnt give a dam about micky no more

now that she moved in with a twink and ignored her mom and dad. sounds like KSI and deji youtube shit

No. 52437

I know it was before she moved out but Dani came here to wk and said “insanity plea” kek…wasn’t that long ago

No. 52440

File: 1559845643050.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.04 KB, 1125x1271, C8DE30A3-AC67-4970-9D27-0FE89F…)

Who will take one for the team and buy this shit

No. 52441

Micky making their mom out to be abusive. Even though all she was trying to do was get Micky to understand that she's trying to help her out of love.

No. 52442

File: 1559846161126.png (111.27 KB, 512x556, capture.png)

13 shares on facebook


No. 52443

File: 1559846206006.png (85.82 KB, 557x686, capture 2.png)

Facebook shares reactions

No. 52444

File: 1559846417099.png (66.04 KB, 542x643, capture 3.png)

No. 52445

I'm so glad everyone irl hates her. Shes probably gonna have a hard time at youmacon. I hope someone approaches her there and just asks "did you apologize to emi." And films it

No. 52446

File: 1559846885745.png (97.59 KB, 531x685, capture 4.png)

No. 52447

KEK did she really delete her FB trying to hide

No. 52450

File: 1559847147876.png (209.89 KB, 552x689, capture 5.png)

i'll save the spoils
you guys can read the rest of people reaction
since its public on facebook shares

No. 52451

File: 1559847491996.png (81.09 KB, 549x636, capture 6.png)

No. 52452

>UWUing protects her
lmao this surprise milk was amazing

No. 52453

She'll come back, she always does

No. 52454

can someone link the lolcow forum in the shares and facebook thread(cowtipping)

No. 52455

File: 1559847899387.png (58.88 KB, 555x430, capture 7.png)

"im just waiting for the day she finally get her ass beat"


No. 52458

I feel them on that. Someone just needs to play hero and beat her ass for the culture.

No. 52459

She will come back under a new name and try to be a Twitter e girl lmao

No. 52460

So like we cant see the people who shared the posts? Cause I wanna look their comments lmao

No. 52461

File: 1559849837447.png (35.39 KB, 505x279, capture 8.png)

there more

No. 52462

File: 1559849995133.png (129.39 KB, 551x685, capture 9.png)

No. 52463

File: 1559850196022.png (86.3 KB, 549x675, capture 10.png)

emi wants this to be shared all over. should someone share on tumblr and instagram

No. 52465

So I'm assuming most black weebs know about Mickey? That's the theme I've gotten

No. 52466

File: 1559850617183.png (51.32 KB, 513x401, capture 11.png)

No. 52468

pretty much. she runs the whole kawaii black girl campaign/groups

No. 52473

I feel like the moment it hits tumblr and Instagram, she'd really be screwed. Someone from the shares on Facebook already wants to beat the shit out of her. Wouldn't be surprised if at the next con she goes to someone just beats her ass.

No. 52476

The mudnaynay tumblr will put it

No. 52482

File: 1559853153764.jpeg (306.38 KB, 1125x1199, 08C54714-E7FE-46BA-ACC5-EBC62A…)

Micky just reblogged this. BITCH what have you done good?

No. 52483

She's really out her mind. I'm assuming she thinks the only reason black girls are into J Fashion nowadays is because of her and her page. Mind you, there was already far better influencers around to inspire girls into getting into it.

No. 52484

Okay but nevermind the fact that she's tried numerous times to call out/cancel people but the minute it's on her and she might need to take responsibility it's this horseshit about "callout/cancel culture is toxic uwu"

No. 52487

File: 1559856826730.jpg (577.55 KB, 1078x1376, Screenshot_20190606-173131_Twi…)

Her acting like she ain't do shit wrong is so irritating. I hope that when she attends the next weeby event someone just folds her ass without hesitation.

No. 52489

File: 1559858613281.jpg (588.85 KB, 809x1387, Screenshot_20190606-180113_Twi…)

She wishes she looked like that.

No. 52490

File: 1559858694290.jpg (103.81 KB, 600x808, qw25cg1ryev21.jpg)

She really looks like this in public.

No. 52497

No. 52502

lmao looks like she changed her twitter for the second time in less than a week

No. 52506

The callout uses terms that's gonna piss people off on tumblr and get them on her side probably so this was a bad move.

No. 52507

she didn't just change names, the whole account's gone kek

No. 52508

File: 1559863220570.jpg (587.12 KB, 1080x2158, 20190606_161958.jpg)

Looooool she deactivated to hide out so no one will @ her Kek

No. 52509

Tumblr is gone too.

No. 52510

File: 1559863578678.png (292.17 KB, 1242x2208, BEE8B5D7-B440-4FAA-A861-5367EC…)

I think she deactivated her IG too cause im getting this. this bitch really tryna hide lmaoo

No. 52511

She is wasting so many bought followers omfg

No. 52512

File: 1559863749900.png (1.4 MB, 608x802, 3656385.png)

She probably deactivated because someone's going full autism on Twitter

No. 52513

File: 1559863772898.jpeg (224.64 KB, 706x1058, 9FEFC139-88D3-4891-B4B2-649C95…)

She took off. Honestly we need Tyler Willis to read Micky tweets in near future

No. 52514

File: 1559863822941.jpeg (427.75 KB, 1242x1989, 9210B5E7-C94A-4D46-91A5-163722…)

Right anon. I cringed

No. 52515

Found a tumblr exposing her IP as well. Holy fuck, they're going all in.

No. 52516

>Mikaila Jones is an unemployed Michigan based woman(trans? Please correct if possible)
Lmao, is someone trying to spread troon rumors about Micky now?
I feel like we've seen her naked too many times for this to work.
>This is also very disrespectful to Cola Nash, HeirofGlee and Vivi Miekayo the true legends and originators of black Kawaii fashion. Micky has used her online persona to terrorize.
Could do without this, it's cringy ("Originators"? HeirOfGlee? Cola Nash, aka "alien kitty princess daddy kink ball gags and rainbows"? Please stop….)

No. 52517

Who is Tyler Willis?
lol wtf

No. 52519

That means she's aware of the expose campaign. Looks like the milk will be dry folks?

No. 52520

I saw that too on one of the tumblrs but delete it here. Don’t want the mods to get pissed

No. 52521

Friendly reminder not to post IPs.

No. 52522

Anon delete this and repost it covering her IP

No. 52523

File: 1559864940811.jpeg (101.75 KB, 1072x183, 401666E6-030A-4142-8B59-C641B3…)

No. 52525

Does anyone know who the Male sex workers she lived with are and if they know about her situation? I’m not saying cowtipping I am just wondering. Who are those boys?

No. 52526

This fucking twitter needs to stop going full autism. Like holy fuck. Spam galore.

No. 52527

File: 1559865557396.png (6.42 KB, 658x100, wtf.PNG)

This blog has me dying! the IP tumblr!

No. 52528

can we please ban the newfag(s?) in this thread

No. 52529

Which posts?

No. 52531

Nah. It's hilarious.

They don't what they're talking about. They're just gonna mess things up by preventing is from getting any unknown milk.

No. 52532

File: 1559866136669.jpg (531.46 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20190606-195541_Sam…)

Holy shit. I'm cackling.

No. 52534

Who wants to bet she will lie about going to the mental hospital again UwU

No. 52535

Screenshotting your comment because I know you will be correct

No. 52536

That's 100% what she's going to do. She wants to make herself look like the victim.

No. 52537

She’s still on many vids selling overpriced scam videos as @tamathotchi_0w0 and curiouscat.me as Kumickybear

No. 52538

File: 1559868350724.jpeg (297.18 KB, 1125x1463, D6972A02-9343-416C-8716-34365D…)

lol how many blogs are there?

No. 52540

File: 1559870149353.jpeg (142.45 KB, 1242x920, 33827E60-555F-4D48-8782-2852A2…)

New public posts from people

No. 52541

Lol Micky has been problematic. Who posted this

No. 52542

File: 1559870205086.jpeg (221.05 KB, 1242x1111, B2BE4CBF-456F-40A2-8A64-4CB519…)

No. 52543

File: 1559870246748.jpeg (219.62 KB, 1242x1340, 1E72429B-47F5-4432-ACFD-D84B28…)

No. 52544

File: 1559870272942.jpeg (263.99 KB, 1242x1330, 20CC8672-F269-4F0E-9A1F-C7B001…)

No. 52545

If it’s public you should’ve just posted. This is izzabell right?

No. 52547

Still have to sensor certain accounts anon
You can search ayshia aurora but don’t harass her

No. 52549

Isabel has not seen or posted on Facebook for a bit

No. 52550

Gotta say I kind of agree with the person saying "what did you expect" at least a little. I don't doubt that Emi is much better than Micky by far, and probably doesn't deserve this, but it's seriously hard to believe she hasn't been clued into all of Micky's antics beforehand, or even to this thread. And even she's made comments about how her and Micky are way hotter than everyone else at whatever concert/event they attend. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Emi did not care until Micky tried to fuck with her in particular. And now that it's gaining traction it feels like she's really milking it for all its worth, which in her defense has provided a hell of a lot of entertainment for onlookers

sage'd, inb4 "whitenight"

No. 52551

She on Instagram dealing with that company drama ( uniqso ) after they called her N word er and such in the tags they shared. Big Instagram drama she dealing with at the moment to focus on Micky

No. 52552

File: 1559870765492.jpeg (96.25 KB, 1125x538, 3406FE78-9199-4C37-A2DF-F63024…)

The bitch posting this comment is probably worse than Micky and is cringe as hell tbh shocked she never been posted here.

No. 52553

File: 1559870820257.jpeg (246.98 KB, 1124x1157, 53DE6DA7-3D8E-45B7-90A0-43EB6E…)

No. 52554

I have no idea why anon is blurring the names on FB because all those people are cows lmao

No. 52556

I highly doubt that's the case. Remember, Micky is an abuser and acts in a way an abuser would. She never made her bullshit obvious to Emi. Just so she could get close enough to fuck her over just like the rest of the people who were close to her. You see how she had her mom fooled up until a point.

No. 52557

Lets not start getting off topic.

No. 52558

File: 1559871132121.jpeg (287.99 KB, 1125x1129, E4CD7E86-64AE-4C65-A993-1DDA91…)

Emi is retweeting the account and reblogginh in the sperg Tumblr. It’s really over for Micky

No. 52559

File: 1559871162151.jpeg (159.65 KB, 1242x736, FB45523A-C5F3-4550-800C-0D012A…)

Don’t care still gonna censor pages

No. 52560

They saged at least, but I agree. Make a separate thread for that. Unless Micky already did.

No. 52561


The hearted comment is from some fat social justice blob who constantly complains about "muh oppression" . Anon if you're a part of that circle, please dont expect us to rally around all that politically correct bullshit.

No. 52563

Anon that wasn’t the posters hearted comment the “like” words would’ve been highlighted if it were

No. 52564


No. 52565

I didnt claim that. I'm just agreeing that the people complaining about Micky in that post are thread worthy as well.

No. 52566

I'm not saying she isn't, but I'm also not finding it hard to believe that Emi has been entirely clueless when again, this page has been around for a long time and even Micky herself has talked about it. I don't doubt for a minute Micky has tried to gaslight her but again, it happens all too often where a person is fine with someone being abusive towards everyone else but happen to notice only when it's happening to them? It just seems odd to me, I could be tinfoiling but if it turned out to be the case, there'd be zero surprise.

No. 52567

Go ahead and make thread then. Especially if you got milk. We want to keep this one about Micky.

No. 52568

It comes off as tinfoiling to me. Doubt Emi gave this thread a look. She was caught up just like Micky's mom. She had to finds out about the discord post from someone else. Had she been lurking she'd have distanced herself awhile ago. We can't really think everyone's give these threads a look.

No. 52570

People like Micky always makes themselves the big victim so friends don’t see until it’s too late.

What will she do now? She has no friends and family. She has no jobs and is homeless

No. 52571

File: 1559872713896.jpeg (76.63 KB, 1242x523, 374CEE23-78A7-4EAF-A877-F2605D…)

She deleted her YouTube videos

No. 52573

File: 1559873060184.png (2.57 MB, 1080x6660, StitchIt_20190606100423_043.pn…)

No. 52574

So it's she to say she's having a meltdown right now?

Exactly. Had she taken the time to genuinely change several threads ago, she wouldn't be at this point. Now everyone is shunning her and ready to beat her ass. She really is better off leaving the state, changing her name and starting over.

No. 52575

I mean sure? But how can you say that with absolutely certainty? Again it's not like she's never said cringy shit like Micky has, and you're completely missing the point that she could have been well aware of how Micky is and only cared when it directly affected her, I'd even argue the same of her mother because how are you a mother and not in control of your own child for years? Letting her bring adult men into your house to fuck among everything else? Micky is a piece of shit but I seriously find it hard to believe she's the emotional manipulation mastermind yall are making her out to be. And giving the benefit of the doubt on her not reading these threads, it's not like these threads were ever the sole source of people giving warnings about Micky. Also, was it confirmed that she found out from someone else or are anons just…saying it to defend her? Again not saying Emi is shit by any means or definitely not on the level Micky is but some shit don't add up

No. 52576

File: 1559873100199.jpg (461.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190606-220306_Sam…)

No. 52577

Please let her be kicked out.
I'm sure she'll go crying back to her parents about her life being ruined and how they're all she has and how she'll kill herself if they don't let her back in. Rinse and repeat

No. 52578

Holy shit.

No. 52579

Again, tinfoiling. Micky has shown to be able to manipulate people. Also, if you go back a thread her mother goes off about being lied to by her. Also read these >>52573 >>52576

Oh, and Emi said someone else sent her the discord pic in her post.

No. 52580

File: 1559873378919.png (92.83 KB, 275x183, 458A9BC2-87B0-467F-9DF2-4F0003…)

A swoooord? This bitch is a fuckin liar. It’s Christmas and the gift keeps on giving

Also the anons saying she needs to move states she’s literally broke and nobody cares about her not even the twinks she’s stinking up house with. She’ll be back at her moms house soon

No. 52581

Seeing how Dani cape out as a 27 year old Walmart greeter furry with no real career and their moms responses in the past I think her mom is abusive but not the way Micky says she is. She’s abusive because she let Micky and Dani become absolute losers and run all over her.

No. 52582

File: 1559873611509.jpeg (501.95 KB, 1242x1210, 375F3CCF-9128-43B3-867C-7494B1…)

No. 52583

Isn’t Micky special? She took special Ed in HS

No. 52585

File: 1559873756718.gif (8.74 MB, 622x350, giphy-22.gif)

It really pisses me off that she put her hands on her own mother of all people. The woman looks frail, so I can only imagine the bruises and scars. All that because her mom wasn't comfortable with random dudes in and out her house. Wow.

I knew it was some fuck shit when she moved out. She's got people looking like fools because she needed to lie to get what she wanted. That means those texts get mom sent were after she beat up her mom. This shit is super fucked up.

No. 52586

Darcy sounds like a fucking idiot. That chat isn't private. It was on a Discord full of people. Also Micky not being on for two months doesn't change the fact she fucking posted when she was on.

No. 52587

Micky in a week:
I was groomed 10 years ago tho I’m sociopathic bipolar mental hospital resident Babykin uwu

No. 52588

Can someone say what the fucking discord is?

No. 52592

Really weird that you're this adamant about it being a tinfoil when with the company she keeps its well within the realm of possibility. Also Emi could be lying to save face, idk how that's out of the question? You're probably one of Emi's friends or just think she's entirely incapable of doing wrong but like, from an entirely outside perspective can you really say that it's that much of a tinfoil?

No. 52593

God go start an Emi thread then we're talking about mickey

No. 52594

Again, that's tinfoiling. Not her friend by a long shot, but what Micky did is similar to how she did her mother. Not sure why you're so adamant about Emi being in on anything when she's been pointing how what Micky did is rightfully fucked up and that she's upset about being manipulated enough for it to happen.

No. 52595

Right? It sounds like they have some kind of random vendetta against her. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Micky or that Darcy chick.

No. 52596

Again you're missing the point entirely, and it's suspect as fuck that you keep missing what's being said, but go off & keep calling it tinfoiling if it makes you feel better and helps you feel like you're defending Emi's honor idk

Been wondering that as well, doubt we'll ever know unless discord anon who dropped the caps delivers

No. 52597

You're not making a point, you're legitimately just tinfoiling. As another anon said, go start an Emi thread and tinfoil there.

No. 52598

ain't a "random vendetta" to not fall for Emi milking this and playing innocent because she got hurt despite being okay with the countless times Micky has shit-talked, threatened to fight, named and shamed other girls. Conveniently leaving out the fact that I have said I'm mostly on Emi's side regardless. Are yall retarded for real or?

No. 52599

You wanna explain which part is out of the question then? Or how it's weird to think it odd that despite being Mudnaynay's bestie for years she's suddenly talking about how terrible and what a nasty bitch she is -now-? Get a grip. And again try to understand it from an outsiders perspective, you know, someone not from Emi's circlejerk of friends

No. 52600

If y'all don't like Emi this much, make a thread with some actual milk. Otherwise fuck off with this shit. Micky has made it obvious is absolutely fucking guilty as hell and Emi has been providing evidence of Micky's bullshit.

No. 52601

No. 52602

We are having milk christmas thanks to Emi and you're just "yeah but Emi is bad too" okay and?? Bitch who cares?

No. 52603

Exactly. I really feel like this might just be Micky but who knows. Back on topic, I really want to know if those twinks already kicked Micky out or not and if her mom is going to let her back into the house. I hope her mom doesn't. If my kid ever hit me and tried to use a sword/knife on me, I'd tell them to fuck off to a homeless shelter or cheap motel.

No. 52605

I forgot to ask, where did Emi post this? And does she has more? It really angers me to know she did that and bragged about it. Especially since she claimed her dad was physically abusive towards them.

No. 52606

I have never in my life seen someone in this position, homeless, the people she's staying with don't like her, family hates her, no friends etc etc but they got there 100% on their own just kept on hurting everyone until there's no one left. Its so fucked up.

No. 52607

I really hope so too, but I get the feeling she'll be back in her parents house sadly. I do wanna see the crackhead homeless Micky arc for sure tho

No. 52608

This was given to me in a private chat and she gave me permission to post it

No. 52609

God bless EMI for the drama. ♡

No. 52610

Do you think you could post the chat logs?

No. 52611

File: 1559875975263.jpg (417.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190606-225319_Mes…)

I mean I posted >>52576
This is all else that relevant

No. 52612

>I told her sister what happened
topkek Emi

No. 52613

So I was right. I figured Dani would side with her mom and Emi. Especially in the case of their mom. Imagine having to witness your mom get beat on by your younger sibling. That's gotta be painful. Let's hope Dani convinces her mom to tell Micky to fuck off or she tells Micky to fuck off in her mom's place.

The experience would definitely humble her because she'll get to witness what real crazy looks and acts like.

No. 52614

I mean the logs about her giving you permission to post caps, if thats ok

No. 52616

File: 1559876750670.jpg (483.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190606-230551_Mes…)

No. 52617

File: 1559876779364.jpeg (98.51 KB, 1236x527, 94345F27-DD1B-45D0-A922-678DC6…)

Next hide out spot: Twitch? Kek can you imagine? She'd have to pretend to be an interesting person with a personality while live. She can barely hold and audience by showing her utters and asshole. She doesn't have anything else to provide to her basement dwelling mouthbreathers

Also: thread pic OP here, endlessly gracious that the milk has flowed so quickly

No. 52618

Yeah! In less than 5 days!

No. 52621

I need to know if the twinks are keeping up with all of this and what going on in that house right now

No. 52622

>assaulting your OWN mother

No. 52624

Her mom is way too nice for her own good. I'm sure the dad saved her gone though. Same with Dani.

No. 52626

This is just like the Projard and Vic shit all over again
>delicious once in a blue moon milk comes out
> shills come out in full force hours / days later to run disinfo campaign against initial person who ran the alarm
>rinse and repeat

No. 52642

emi deserved it. she most likely knows all about micky and decided to ignore how she is anyways. she had it coming, she knew what she was getting into. and if ur gonna have a unicorn or whatever, u cant just tell someone they camt have sex with someone but they can sometimes and think they are going to just respect the rules especially some guy

No. 52643


Micky most likely led Emi to believe that lolcow was just full of “haters uwu” and that we have no lives like she’s done in the past.

Poly relationships can work and they’re built on trust and communication. Micky pushing the bullshit narrative that she was a goody two-shoes who would never hurt her friend ruined that, along with the ex. If y’all are so skeptical about Emi, go make a separate thread.

No. 52644

I had to look up what a unicorn even is since what I thought was involved was a threesome, and not a full blown poly relationships. Seems a lot of people say that unicorns in poly are bad/a bad idea, aka the couple bringing in another partner. Still, it's really obvious Micky knew what she was doing was betraying someone's trust and found it hot anyways. She even basically treated it like fetishized cheating while her best friend was laying there in the bed with them, then lied to Emi straight through her teeth only to run away. I really don't think Emi is an innocent angel, and the I'd even go as far as to say she's stupid, but Micky knew entirely what she was doing and has chosen to run and hide because she realized she can't sweep this one under the rug this time.

No. 52645

Not only did she say it was hot, she said she felt like she was in an NTR hentai

Imagine being that much of a delusional weeaboo kek

No. 52650

I think its really irrelevant whether or not Emi is innocent, stupid, guilty etc etc etc.
This is mickeys thread
Mickey fucked up
Thats what actually matters.

No. 52651

I agree.Micky is a slimy bitch anyone defending her is an idiot or wk

No. 52654

i dont think anyone is defending micky

No. 52667

Does she still work at Forever 21 or did she think the nudes thing would take off? Any info?

No. 52673

File: 1559910282416.jpeg (724.11 KB, 1242x1499, 9EB0360E-F817-4E6E-B2FD-D79311…)

No. 52676

Sapphire is an idiot

No. 52677

What a rude question to ask? Obviously Emi didn’t realize he was abusive and trusted Micky at the time.

No. 52678

It really put things in perspective when other abused people know how to act better than Micky. This is why I doubt she's genuinely been abused at all.

That aside, I'm shocked that Sade chick hasn't shared the post and mocked Micky or made a diss post about her in light of everything.

Yeah. That guy is known for trying to stir the shit pot. He really should have kept that to himself or politely messaged her about it.

No. 52679

Can we talk about how Micky physically verbally and emotionally abused her own mom? She said her mom “slut shamed her” so she pushed her. That’s such bullshit. We all know her mom probably asked her to be respectful and not be so loud with guys or something, and dumbass adult baby Mudnaynay who can’t even be thankful to pay her parents rent actually had the fucking balls to PUSH her own mother. If that was me I would’ve gotten my fuckin ass beat down

No. 52683

Then when her mom tried to defend herself she “almost fucked her shit up”. How low do you have to be to abuse your own mother over WORDS, Micky. You’re an adult, you had the power to turn around and walk away if she was bothering you so much.

No. 52685

I know not everyone has a good experience with their moms but I just. Can't even picture putting my hands on my mother in anger. She's my fucking mother. If I have an argument with my parents we talk about it with our words like mutual adults. I can't fucking even.
Also "slut shaming"
Her mother could've flat out said "you're an insufferable slut and you're gross" and that STILL wouldn't give her justification to hit her

No. 52686

It's really super fucked up. Especially, again, if you look at how frail her mother is in comparison to her. Like, that shit really had to have hurt her mom. And she did that for what? Because she didn't like that her mom wanted to lay ground rules for her and her husband's home? Micky contributed nothing to the household but thought she had full reign to do as she pleases and hit her own, old mom. And now that I think about it, she's probably hit her dad, her sister, her boyfriends, and maybe some of her meek friends. Micky's truly garbage. I really wish that text of her talking about hitting her mom would get rounds. Having it alongside the text she sent her mom and a post with the warning signs of an abuser would really wake people up.

No. 52688

micky really needs to be slut shamed tbh

No. 52689

my mom is frail/ smaller than me and use to beat the living shit out of me when i lived with her, all the time. maybe mickys use to to. we dont know who her mom is. i dont trust moms(blogging)

No. 52690

Micky's mom hasn't beat on her at all. It's obvious Micky is the one who's getting physical with people.

No. 52691

I'm sorry you had to go through that, but assuming other mothers are violent as a rule isn't right either.

No. 52692

Micky runs away when people try to get physical with her, though, including those smaller than her.

No. 52693

Micky wasn’t beat, and if she was she’s grown as fuck and could’ve moved out long ago with her own money

No. 52694

If Mickys mom ever hit her she would never shut up about it. The best justification she could come up with was that she was slut shaming. I don’t agree with slut shaming either but Micky has done a lot of reckless, fucked up things in the past and has yet to learn her lesson.

No. 52695

ok, ur right. i didn’t think about if she was abused like that she really would be screaming it up and down the street for clout and sympathy

No. 52696

I meant her family and partners. We all know she's to afraid to come at someone who's willing to bash her head in.

Exactly. If she didn't like what her mom was saying she could have sat and talked with her or at least tried to see things from her mom's perspective. But that's asking for too much from that dumbass.

No. 52697

File: 1559923427843.jpeg (533.26 KB, 1242x1758, 03BE5DEA-79A1-40F0-94D8-419FFA…)

Micky is hiding out at her backup cryingplushies on tumblr now. Her url used to be teddybear-uwu whenever the tumblr went on a deleting spree.

No. 52699

>got terminated
Is this bitch really trying to act like she didn't delete it herself

No. 52700

I guess FB, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube all “terminated” her too.

No. 52701

I want her to get into trouble with the law and have no one bail her out

No. 52702

She’s hiding out on twitter and Facebook I think with quiet alts. She’s too addicted to social media and attention

No. 52703

That particular post was from when she “lost her 10k followers” during tumblrgate. I noticed the url was changed this morning. She’s been posting today.

No. 52704

And here we have proof that she is not sorry, she will never change, she will never grow, and she needs to just be run off every single time she comes back.

No. 52705

She could’ve fessed up and apologized to Emi but she literally didn’t lol. This bitch is crazy

No. 52706

File: 1559924879410.jpeg (75.45 KB, 1088x321, 7DB71027-885A-47F2-9DAE-A10993…)

She’s online on cryingplushies Tumblr now and updated curious cat a few hours ago. She has no remorse

No. 52707

I'm getting some intense projared/holly vibes off this bitch

No. 52710

File: 1559927621551.png (622.9 KB, 1183x547, Capture.PNG)

LOL Really Micky?

No. 52719

File: 1559930122005.png (311.56 KB, 929x625, ask disabled.png)

she disabled the askbox too. must be wary that she's gonna get flooded with (deserved) hate

No. 52720

Why does she think this is a good picture? It just highlights how much of a hambeast adult baby she is. And if she didn't send herself that ask- like she usually does- she only said that just to have the "But I apologized!!" excuse. Right. You fuck over one of the only friends you have by fucking with her abusive boyfriend at the time. And "sorry" is supposed to suffice? What a shit stain. She needs to reevaluate her entire life.

No. 52721

File: 1559930620782.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2001, 60E73FD9-FC16-47B9-9354-F62CB5…)

The audacity of this bitch to post something like this

No. 52722

File: 1559930643425.png (1.07 MB, 1125x2001, 65F1C266-D32A-4102-ACE2-B163C2…)


No. 52723

That was posted last year. I wonder whom she was referring to…..

No. 52725

File: 1559931813426.jpg (124.54 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20190607-135311_Sam…)

Micky really has no shame at all.

Pretty sure that was about that one goth chick who was on Barcroft TV.

No. 52727

Looks like she either deleted the page or changed her name. I can't find the blog.

No. 52729

Pretty sure she does. Though she's probably gonna quit soon.

I wonder if they kicked her out yet. If so, did they just put her stuff on the curb or did they let her get her stuff and drop her off at a shelter?

No. 52730

She will go crying home to her parents

No. 52732

It's deactivated

No. 52754

micky literally went off & emi got mad, but go off ig

No. 52755

What are you even talking about?

No. 52756

File: 1559938823903.jpg (176.88 KB, 1075x933, Screenshot_20190607-161900_Sam…)

Micky came here and posted an id with her actual name on it. She's also plastered her real name on quite a few of her public post on Facebook for thousands to see. The only "danger" she's in is one of getting her ass kicked by the people who are feed up with her.

No. 52761

File: 1559940495742.png (63.9 KB, 1192x600, Capture.PNG)


Um….What happened to the anti Micky twitter.

No. 52766

Grainy nude sellers aren’t sex workers wtf

No. 52767

They locked their account but I'm not sure why. Not like they needed to do that. Micky can't do shit.

No. 52770

Knowing Micky, she probably made the account so she could get sympathy points from getting hate and made it private before people realized it was her

No. 52771

It’s back up now anon. Idk why they deleted it or made it private but don’t think it’s her

No. 52773

File: 1559945376514.jpeg (362.84 KB, 1241x1850, 09CD2918-9DD3-4392-AE52-563226…)

No. 52774

File: 1559945465119.jpeg (603.98 KB, 1242x1821, B2572081-5EEE-4635-B589-C54635…)

Bitch got booted from KBG

No. 52775

She’s done. No coming back from this one.

No. 52776


LOL No kidding!

No. 52777

Another Micky post and proof she lied about CSA and pedophilia


The best and full callout post so far

No. 52779

File: 1559948295217.png (473.54 KB, 540x523, tumblr_inline_psr3g66FHm1v053x…)

Holy shit. Imagine cosplaying a 5 year old child who gets molested and shit and exists for pedos to fap to.

No. 52780

This is even cringeier when you realize she is 5 foot 10 and 200 lbs lmao

No. 52781

my dude, that tumblr has a tracker on it and not everyone wants to keep running to it. post caps. mods don't get mad as long as you sage it

No. 52782

Micky pedo post part 2(this is NOT the mudnaynay account)(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 52783

Only mudnaynay has trackers and if you use the app you are fine

No. 52784

File: 1559951122324.jpeg (479.53 KB, 1124x1828, D5FB63EF-6E3E-477A-B1DA-63B349…)

From teddybear blog

No. 52785

File: 1559951205735.jpeg (85.43 KB, 1085x346, 5FB626EB-845A-47E7-932C-DF7AC7…)

No. 52787

Not saying every abused person has got behave the same way but I do think its weird how mucky kind of acts the opposite of what she claims happened to her

No. 52792

File: 1559953172984.gif (885.68 KB, 480x364, 38e60fa9-ebb1-4694-8ed1-9d12fd…)

There will always be milk to come now that everyone and their mother has admitted to hating her, her getting canceled
Think of what will happen at youmacon this year
I'm partying

No. 52800

File: 1559954550814.gif (2.55 MB, 600x340, huZsqAf.gif)

The milk runneth over. What a wild ride.

No. 52803

Honestly I wonder at this point if she might be either too ashamed to show her face at Youma, scared of getting beat or maybe she might not be able to afford to attend if she ends up homeless kek
She could have avoided all of this if she had apologized and was up front to Emi first, instead she tried to gaslight her and pretend it/Emi didn't matter to her at all, thinking it everyone would forget. Bzzt, wrong. Ya done goof'd hard Mucky, and it's been a long time coming. Karma always catches up.

No. 52806

i can't believe they ProJared'd Mudnaynay, i actually freaking love this

No. 52807

im talking about emi said “idk y she wants everyones sloppy seconds but go off i guess” so like yeah, micky went off and emi got mad is what i meant

No. 52813

Any deets on the gay guys she’s staying with?

No. 52816

It doesn't help she had already crossed so many people and they've just been waiting for something like this so they can sound off. If she attends any nerdy event in the coming months, she's screwed.

I highly doubt that anon knows anything. Just read here >>52576

No. 52825

Christmas came early!

No. 52826

File: 1559961371936.jpeg (10.41 KB, 275x246, 1530392810836.jpeg)

she literally has nothing left but the stank waftin thru her coochie now lmao poor mucky

No. 52828

Don't forget she has her heroin-addicted white boys as well.

I shudder at the thought of her ending up preggo and with child with one of them. That child will have no chance at life.

No. 52832

hood rat shenanigans á la mucky will play out like a steve wilkos/maury type of episode: her trapping a low class or low iq white guy with a baby
'imma hoe but that he kid' shit- and when that fails muck's gonna have to suckle from her abusive mom's teat again lmao

No. 52833

They're done with her too apparently
Also "preggo AND with child" made me giggle

No. 52841

File: 1559966510808.jpg (97.84 KB, 1080x1516, 1557606378813.jpg)

Recent reveals makes this conversation with her mom look even worse… Her mother was still begging her to come home after getting shoved, and it really sounds like she was just concerned for her daughter's safety.

No. 52844

File: 1559967419915.png (22.81 KB, 1102x106, app.png)

FYI, this person also has a tracker on their blog.
I was fine since I used a VPN, but all these people are snakes, lmao.

No. 52845

It makes Micky SO much more nasty and manipulative in this situation, too. Imagine shoving your mother and then turning around and telling "none of this would have happened if YOU didn't blame me for the bad things I bring upon myself, if you REALLY loved me you would never say anything hurtful to me. I'M not blowing things out of proportion, YOU are.".

Never seen someone straight up abusing their own parent so blatantly.

No. 52847

File: 1559969455848.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.34 KB, 1080x1080, 5cef643a02d45.jpg)

Not to detract from the discussion about Mickey being an absolute piece of shit towards her mom, but I thought I would dump these for archival purposes.

No. 52848

File: 1559969501150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.94 KB, 988x1080, 5cef6435e9235.jpg)

No. 52849

File: 1559969600744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.1 KB, 1080x1080, 5cef6436e6e16.jpg)

No. 52850

File: 1559969711125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.55 KB, 1080x1080, 5cef6437dc97d.jpg)

No. 52851

so many questions. whats with the pose? why are her nipples so bumpy? where is her ass???

No. 52852

File: 1559969804264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.74 KB, 984x1079, 5cef64356cddb.jpg)

No. 52853

File: 1559969851513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.19 KB, 931x1079, 5cef64376da28.jpg)

>implying Micky has an ass

No. 52854

File: 1559969937808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.9 KB, 1080x1080, 5cef64387c64e.jpg)

No. 52855

File: 1559970074632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.08 KB, 887x1079, 5cef64396bf47.jpg)

No. 52856

File: 1559970172100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.09 KB, 869x1080, 5cef643900c8c.jpg)

No. 52857

File: 1559970217210.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.15 KB, 1080x1080, 5cef643673534.jpg)

Last one

No. 52858

You really paid for these, huh.

No. 52860

It's important to support the local wildlife.

No. 52861

>I love you, please stop
Jesus fucking christ Micky
How can someone do this?

No. 52864

Her fat is literally flopping everywhere.
Imagine having no self-awareness, truly a horrible fate.

No. 52865

I’m fucking dead anon!!!! Lol.

No. 52866

File: 1559971172605.jpg (68.37 KB, 599x449, kek.jpg)

thank you for this gift

No. 52868

Mucky is really over here looking like a fridge-shaped Michael Jackson and has the audacity to talk about other girls’ looks. Why is her foundation lighter than her body lmaoo

No. 52871

Did she take these with an old ass Motorola Razr? Why does she think people would pay for this pixellated crap?

No. 52872

It's like she photographs with the snow app but on an iPhone 3

No. 52873


lord i know it's normal for girls to have asymmetrical boobs but i can't get over how one of her udders is at her equally flabby stomach, almost reaching down to her belly button kek

No. 52874

She has the saddest ass I've ever seen on a morbidly obese person. Really, the whole body shape is just… god awful. And the face is no saving grace. Everything is just terrible

No. 52875

Really giving "tubular" some double meaning here
Having your saggy tits hanging out underneath a crop top is really anything but flattering

No. 52879

They're using it to see if Micky is going to lurk/stalk their pages. They don't care about anyone else. No need to go the extra lengths here.

No. 52883

Why do both blogs need trackers when one has already confirmed Micky is lurking? The fact that someone felt the need to lie about there not being a tracker on the second blog is weird, too. We know she knows about this thread and the mudnaynay blog, so of course she'll see anything else having to do with her, especially if it gets linked here.
I encourage any anons who check these blogs out to just use the archived copy tool or VPN, to be honest. No need for randoms to know your IP, device, etc if you can help it.

No. 52884

It's really not that serious and she's not lurking at all times. Save that for something more serious.

No. 52889

It's just sketchy, as multiple anons have stated, and it's not exactly rocket science or some monumental effort to just click "archived copy" instead of visiting directly.

No. 52890

Pretty sure it's just been the same anon. If it was truly that sketchy the blogs wouldn't have any form of content.

No. 52891

Has there been any conformation that Micky has been finally kicked out her current place? And if she has, does anyone know if she's tried to go back to her mom's place?

No. 52901

That’s what I’m wondering. Someone like the social media of the guys

No. 52903

Statcounter doesnt save a log and your ip is only visable for the time you're on the blog
People use it all the time just to see how many people are viewing their page since it doesn't save anything
It really isn't that serious

No. 52904

I've used Statcounter before, that's not true at all. I still have logs of different IPs and device information that have visited my blog, as well as which posts they interacted with, whether they visited my ask page, etc etc.
Not sure why you're trying to dissuade people from giving up their IPs.

No. 52905

*not giving up their IPs

No. 52910

Thats very strange because anytime I've ever used statcounter when I click on x people online it shows me who is online and that's it. If no one is online it doesn't show anything. Unlike the one the mudnaynay blog uses, which does actually keep a log. Maybe you're confused.

No. 52911

Been posting here for a while and thought to say something, I’m the owner of the mudnaynay blog. There’s different options for statcounter, including having the tracker visible or invisible. Mine is always set to invisible, and the logs are never public.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 52912

Update: she’s been kicked out of twinks home and her mom isnt letting her stay in her home anymore.

No. 52913


No. 52915

File: 1560017515264.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 1534798328542.gif)

shit keeps rolling

No. 52916

Big if true

No. 52917

I'm sorry I just realized I was saying statcounter when I meant freehostedscripts which is what's on teddybear-sensation and doesnt keep a log

No. 52921

Seriously though, do you have any screenshots? I wanna read this.

No. 52924

This one specifically is so bizarre to me

No. 52927

Receipts, anon. I want to know all about the fall-out.

No. 52928

proof! We all know they didn’t like her and she abused her mom. Where the fuck will she go and who in Michigan will take her in? I’m betting she will go home begging to get back in and finally her parents will take her. She has literally nobody and her dumbass didn’t save any cash

No. 52930

File: 1560025246065.gif (679.09 KB, 360x360, me_rn.gif)

please let this be true

No. 52931

File: 1560025312740.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, kekin.png)

fuck I hope this is true

No. 52932

There’s one last way Micky could come back…if she left the Internet for like …..6 weeks made a video about being in a mental facility and apologize to everyone she did wrong by. Emi, amina, kassandra, Taylor, raven….the list is as long as my arm. she fesses up and maybe half the people forgive her and other half don’t. She won’t win everyone back but the idiot everyone deserves second chances crowd will see her back.

or she could be like moo moo start a new identity webcam or porn and try to get new oribitors who don’t know her past. if anyone brings it up say Emi was actually the toxic one. We all know she probably won’t do the first one because she’s a silly bitch but it is her best bet

No. 52933

Me too. I can only imagine her just wandering around her neighborhood looking stupid. Oh, and that one dude she was trying to sleep with and date has a whole girlfriend now.

No. 52934

Who was she trying to sleep with

No. 52935

File: 1560026626516.gif (2.35 MB, 330x270, 6B2B06F0-826D-4E9E-9409-E0FAC7…)

Can this day get any better?!

No. 52936

His name is Jordan. I'm pretty sure someone posted a screenshot of a post she made with a picture of him in her former room.

No. 52937

I don’t feel bad for Micky parents at all. Don’t get me wrong she’s utter scum and now that she’s an adult she needs to get out of her god damn victim mentality. But her parents raised her to become the little shithead nightmare she is. She’s their monster. They let her bring grown niggas to their house while she was underaged, drove her to Detroit to fuck weeb men, allowed her to wallow in filth, didn’t push her to any real life career goals or college or any life outside of flipping burgers, was told about her Internet behavior but let her keep doing it, never punish her, let her and Dani stay at home not cleaning not paying rent not having real jobs not saving money well into adulthood…the list goes on and on. Mikaila is a very big girl now and needs to take some fucking responsibility but her parents allowed her to become a spoiled entitled piece of shit.

No. 52939

Is it gonna be confirmed the twinks kicked her out or

No. 52942

Someone already posted about that >>52774

No. 52943

Oh oops I deleted my post

So I guess we can expect mudnaynay posts from the homeless shelter.

No. 52944


I’m not believing this until anon posts proof

No. 52945

I really want proof. I need to see what was said. Shocked the anon who spoke to Emi hasn't posted an update.

No. 52946

I'm here. Emi doesn't know about that, I asked her already, all she knows is that they planned to kick her out as she said but doesn't know if they did that.

No. 52947

Shit. I guess >>52912 is wrong? Unless they directly know the twinks.

No. 52948

- Comes in thread after missing the past 5 days.
- Sees a fucking endless amount of milk spilled.

God is good.


I can't wait for the next arc either, whether it's the crackhead homeless Micky one or the uwu oh woe is me one. Do hope we don't have to sit thru too many fillers tho.

No. 52950

File: 1560035078152.jpg (292.19 KB, 1080x1159, 1555672163301.jpg)

Man…this is kinda hilarious in retrospect.

No. 52953

this aged like rotten milk. no pun intended.

No. 52954

Lol, this bitch better be homeless soon because I'm sick of her retard ass

No. 52955

Real fucking talking. Lmao

No. 52957

Anon, she already did that, except she never went into the hospital, just said she did and she is all about accountability unless she has to be held accountable for anything she has done.

I suspect her parents will take her back but only after Micky promises real change. She will eat crow for all of three minutes before being back on her shit harder than ever. Probably first under new names but she will go back to her old haunting grounds in no time.

I'm sure she is scrambling to find some guy on 4chan or fetlife to be a 'live in bimbo tick'.

No. 52958

real talk, i feel like the only way this bitch will be humbled enough to change herself–and i mean actually change–is if she REALLY has to struggle for once. being homeless, friendless, and faced with the reality that no one, not even her own parents, wants to deal with her may be the push she needs.

she literally brought all of this on herself. she can blame it on her trauma, or mental illness all she wants but it's her actions she has to own up to. this wouldn't have happened if she were a good person, period. shes just not a good fucking person. hope the bitch wises up before she's r e a l l y selling pussy down in detroit for cash and couch hopping lmfao.

No. 52959

Yeah exactly, the bottom line is she would be in a just fine situation if she was a good person.

No. 52972

why do you want that even? i understynot liking het but why? do you also wish for her to be taken and sold into sex trafficking too? or mudered? is that something u would wish for her too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 52974

File: 1560066883956.jpg (453.63 KB, 1080x1450, 1554145936823.jpg)

Went back just top post this after all that's happened. Hilarious.

No. 52975

No. 52976

>>52972 put to pasture for what? not agreeing with everyone? because I didn't agree once? what is this North Korea? you people are literally evil, i dont like her either but wishing and hoping for her to be homeless is psychotic and evil. like hate her all you want shes still a person you all are close to wishing death apon. you stick out in the worst way. why are the rules agree with everyone or else youre banned. fucking sad. i hope you all find lives one day instead of obessing over this obese freak you all supposedly hate. you are all fans of mickys. because if you werent why do you know so much about her, think so much about her, have a thread to "talk shit" about her in. you are obsessed and it's weird. i bet you are all a bunch of sad fat freaks just like her and you are mad she had any attention at all wether she catfished or not. call her ugly all u want she still probably looks better than everyone of you boring obsessed freaks in here im sure of that. stay mad(Ban evading)

No. 52977

Do you guys think she ever actually cared about Emi (even just a tiny bit)? My gut feeling is that mucky never gave a single fuck about anyone besides herself.

No. 52978

I think she cared for Emi because it meant she wasn't the total outcast loser she is now. Micky saw her like a means to an end and always prioritised herself of course. But Micky is socially motivated (clout and so on) and having no friends would be absolute failure for her.

Which she is and because it is her sole motivation, she can't form actual friendships. Micky has no sense of loyalty and is enraged when asked for even the absolute minimum that isn't only about her.

Also, bumming rides and the like has a social component to it as well.

No. 52979

I think she needs to move states tbh

No. 52983

She only cared about what Emi could give her physically. (rides, drugs, money, sex, etc) She essentially acted like a parasite for Emi, as she does others. That's why she she gave those lame as non apologies. It wasn't that she cared about Emi's feelings, it's that she cared about losing her connection to the things she wanted. She thought the non apologies would make things go back to normal because that's what she's use to experiencing. That was not the case and now she's on her ass with nothing.

No. 52985

File: 1560077842536.jpg (447.35 KB, 803x1812, 1555057526299.jpg)

Another one that's funny after the whole Emi situation.

No. 52987

Most people probably don't care if she's homeless because she got that way 100% on her own with no one else's help by being awful to everyone person in her life so like are we meant to feel bad

No. 52988

Plus she beat her parents. If this was a fat ass neckbeard man who was a legit pedophile and beating his mom y’all wouldn’t say shit.

No. 52989

I never thought of that but yeah thinking of a gross man with pedo tendencies hitting his mom then lying about it in order to live with someone else, then bragging about fucking his friends abuser and shit like. Yikes people would be pissed.

No. 52999

Exactly. Not sure why that anon is sperging over someone so shitty. They should have actually read the threads prior instead of going full autistic whiteknight.

Oh no, they'd be quick to vilify him and wish the worst with no problem. Hell, they would have immediately vilified him during the first thread. Sadly it fourteen threads and this girl double crossing her "best friend" for people to realize she's shit and even then you still have some showing sympathy. It's wild.

No. 53002

Ok anon-chan, calm down. She has had 14 threads. No one likes her here. At this point I am sure even her sister has taken her distance. Micky also 100% reads here and probably self-posts a bunch.

No one has ever been envious of her. The common negative thread feedback has been that she's so pathetic it feels totally useless to rag on her because there is no way she can improve.

And so far, that's the only constant. Only more failure.

No. 53006

You're definitely responding to the wrong person you should probably delete this and try again.

No. 53007

We saw the error it’s not a big deal

No. 53016

wahts up you lonely ugly fat fuckers, just ban evading on a nice beautiful sunday. whats going on in the micky fanclub today? any more t?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53017

genuinely curious why ur all so obsessed with this “walking fridge”(ban evasion)

No. 53018

You know no one is obsessed with her right
You know most of us just look at this thread while doing other, normal things in our daily lives for entertainment right

No. 53023

It’s not nice to talk about yourself like that, dude.

No. 53024

>sitting inside ban evading instead of being outside and enjoying the nice weather

No. 53027


can mod look into this, i think its micky herself. maybe she can get a sticker

No. 53028

Yeah for real I want her posts to be tagged

No. 53029

That would be absolutely hilarious if it was her doing this.

No. 53030

doesnt seem like it. you guys know more about than her even. thats obsession luv. makes no cents

No. 53031

i hate weather bc im a dum assbitch. do u think micky could really come up with any of this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53032

File: 1560120558814.jpg (120.31 KB, 1076x624, Screenshot_20190609-184436_Sam…)

Ok, so she's upset she got mentioned her but the only time she's been brought up in this thread is here >>52516 and honestly their opinion doesn't matter. The only other mention of her was in passing in that callout post and it wasn't remotely negative at all. Not sure why she's acting like we completely disrespected her.

No. 53036

File: 1560122045729.jpg (57.56 KB, 900x457, muk.jpg)

Admin since micky keeps ban evading you should tag her posts with this

No. 53037

if i were micky would i not be leaving uwu all over anything. check my ip bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53046

Why was micky picking on Sade?

No. 53048

If she minds her own business, why is she reading up on someone else's drama? And then getting upset when she's mentioned in it. Lol what a joke.

No. 53051

I have a feeling she's mad because she's just as gross as Mucky and only marginally less trashy.
All these obese dd/lg freaks are cows.

No. 53055

I'm not completely sure, but I think Sade made a "fat shaming" post at one point and Micky has sperged at her for that since.

No. 53057

File: 1560138629344.jpg (346.79 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190609-234619_Sam…)

Gotta play victim, even when not directly a part of the drama. Even worse is people in the comments lying about how this site works. Green clearly hasn't been here or read any of the rules. I guess anything to try and seem better than us

No. 53058

lel of course they have to make lolcow seem worse than it is because uwu they hurt my feewings. addresses are still against the rules but they can't be assed to look at the list admin-sama made

No. 53062

A wolf in sheeps clothing is someone who puts up a front of being positive and nice but is actually a piece of shit cunt
Like mickey
And probably like sade.
We are just. Wolves in wolves clothing.

No. 53069

File: 1560170662294.jpg (123.82 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20190610-083639_Sam…)

I hate to use the thread for this, but what the hell is she talking about? These girls really have no idea how the site works?

No. 53072

who even is this lol did she bring herself up earlier just so she could be on lolcow

No. 53073

Is she autistic. Judging by that pic yeah but. Not one single person has defended her, no one knows who she is, and what the fuck "just found out im on lolcow even though no one post is about me"
im sorry what

No. 53074

Oh this is the alien bitch that got into a tard slap fight with Micky a little while back

No. 53077

So anyone find Mudnaynay's alts? Is there any coming back from this call-out? She may try tho.

No. 53079

She will try in about a months time I bet

No. 53080

Is she homeless? Someone update

No. 53083

File: 1560193943060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 311.42 KB, 1242x1766, 94B24D1A-CA68-4742-A1DC-A7FE0A…)

No updates yet, anon. The scaredy bitch deactivated and since then, the url's been taken over. Not sure where else it's hiding out at. The only other thing it kept up was it's curiouscat and the last message is the pity me "I'm sorry" thing. Fucking coward

No. 53084

if theres no emi, no boys and no mommy cant imagine she has anywhere else to run but the first person whod go for that nasty puss

No. 53087

Does anyone know if her fetlife is still up or active? Wonder if she's gonna have her "rich" bimbo sw friends Angela or Kitty fly her down and let her stay with them

No. 53088

I thought about this too but angela is broke now and is working for $10 an hour back at moms house

No. 53089

File: 1560195921144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 450.81 KB, 1242x2153, FC436267-1D73-4497-B0A4-6365BD…)

She’s very active on fetlife, it seems.

No. 53091

File: 1560197632885.png (96.55 KB, 500x302, actually-no-my-post-wasnt-abou…)

>Don't put me with that drama
If you don't want to be mentioned here, why mention LC at all, specifically by name? Sage for minor derailing but I laughed

No. 53092

What’s her fetlife name?

No. 53094

And I’m working on proof. Word from a friend she was called my mucky despite the fact that she never hits her up until now asking for a place to stay for the night because she has no where to go

No. 53095

Candyprincess11. Looks like she changed her manyvids user to that as well

No. 53096

This bitch can post shit on FetLife but can't take the time out to genuinely apologize to everyone(especially Emi) she fucked over? Fuck this grimy ass bitch. I hope she get her ass beat and becomes a crackhead. I had enough of this shit.

Hell, Kitty isn't even living on her own. She's staying in someone else's apartment and barely getting by as a stripper. They both useless.

So she's just walking around the neighborhood or something?

It's in the pic

No. 53100

> I live it 24/7
> Waaah why are men sexualizing meh!
>I am sex repulsed
> My friend's abusive bf at the time touched me while she was asleep it was so hot uwu
> fucks for drugs discounts
Mucky's next step to self destruction might be prostitution. Which would be crazy, considering she's a privileged adult baby from the suburbs that could still easily have her parents wrapped around her finger to provide for her.

No. 53101

I can't believe with everything that's going on this bitch is diddling away on fetlife

No. 53103

she's probably desperately looking for a sugar daddy so she's not on the streets kek

No. 53105

File: 1560208374995.png (7.6 KB, 275x85, mucky deactivate.png)

looks like she deactivated her alt tumblr (screenshot's not mine, it was sent to me by someone else)
man she must really be on withdrawal rn.

No. 53184

Why does she think she’s gonna get paid to sext and send naked pics when anyone can go to a chat room for cybersex? But then again we all know she wouldn’t put in work to be an actual sex worker.

No. 53188

File: 1560262248382.jpg (68.26 KB, 1060x375, Screenshot_20190611-081330_Sam…)

She's really looking for an easy way out this.

No. 53195

Someone report her fetlife doesn’t allow that(no)

No. 53198

File: 1560270077565.png (29.66 KB, 128x128, 1519668088488.png)

theres something so funny about her life falling apart while shes just like
eheheh hewwo can i has a daddy to spoil me
like. is she actually delusional or. like its insane to me that shes doing this right now of all times

No. 53199

It makes a lot of sense when you remember she has nothing now. Doesn't want to go back to her aboosive family, friends want nothing to do with her, etc. She thinks a splenda daddy will save her dumb ass

Don't be retarded

No. 53223

File: 1560276394590.png (Spoiler Image, 768.4 KB, 793x581, excuse me miss.png)

I cannot recall if this was posted already so sage but jesus fuck going through her fetlife. Look at where her tit is.

No. 53235


Just curious, what's her boob size? She looks like a K or F? And it doesn't help that she doesn't wear supportive bras.

No. 53236

The perfect udder for the perfect cow

No. 53269

Any updates on this? I want to know where she ended up.

No. 53272

bruh thats my ip address lmao I follow her drama cause she's a local.

No. 53275

sage but okay mucky(sage goes in the email field)

No. 53276

no im actually salty about this, you really think she would own a note 9?

No. 53298

I'm sad the milk has slowed down but I guess with her hiding there's no where to find info on her other than fetlife.

No. 53301

She will be back. Just wait

No. 53307

post ip or didn't happen

No. 53315

File: 1560354654955.png (124.42 KB, 486x642, screenshot 1.png)

since the milk been dry
here comments from emi's micky post

No. 53316

File: 1560354798766.png (85.08 KB, 491x433, ScreenShot 2.png)

Amina commented.

micky probably died inside when she sees emi talking to amina

after all these years of both these cows harassing each other, but micky being the biggest cow

No. 53318

for new thread readers
micky and amina been at it for years
in the Detroit, Michigan kawaii community and kawaii black girls social community. micky was warned by anima about her ex being abusive and micky having a lower IQ didn't listen. After basically dating the dude micky began to talk shit about amina and lost it when amina went to japan, being on Japanese television & Japanese photoshoots (model figure) .

Amina being the whole "kawaii black girl idol" popularity in japan pissed micky off, because it was micky dream to be the "better fitted black kawaii girl" and "leader of kawaii black girls UwU community" opportunity first

so micky made a lolcow threads on amina [ another one recently in july 2018, which is locked by micky now, when amina wanted to sue her for reputation damage over the years]

micky been harassing and made hate train on amina for years

the 10+ threads of micky will have a lot of amina mentions within

now everything back firing on micky recently
thanks to emi

No. 53328


Izzabell Arcana thread

No. 53417

she literally on pintrest pinning clothes

No. 53423

What’s her Pinterest?

No. 53426

Yeah. I meant to post about that yesterday. Wherever she is, she seems to still not care about how dire her situation is. I wish that one anon got back to us about if she really left that place she was staying.

No. 53429



what a heartless bitch, honestly. being called out for your disgusting ways and she's pretending to think that nothing has ever happened

No. 53433

File: 1560440972547.jpeg (325.2 KB, 1125x1628, E3A6F724-C0CE-4795-B4E4-5E1B1C…)

Shit is hilarious

No. 53441

She's too stupid for her own good, I swear.

No. 53490

This dumb cunt is actually hiding out in pinterest lmao. She'd rather be ran off all her social media than just genuinely apologize like a human being would. Mucky is complete garbage, throw it away

No. 53500

So she's gonna grease up her tits and block the pores? Can't wait to see her sporting bad titty acne on her saggy udders in her new porn clips. Oh boy.

No. 53507

for her lumpy breasts

No. 53521

Maybe they'd be less obnoxious if she lost some weight on that misshapen wolly mammoth body.

No. 53528

Unfortunately for her, losing weight would only result in loose skin and even more deflated looking boobs. Her best bet would be to lose weight, gain muscle, and get a breast lift and/or reduction. Other than that, they are only doomed to get worse with age. Let's be real though, even if she could afford a boob lift/reduction, she's both dumb and dirty and they'd probably just end up looking like Angela/Himeka's botched frankentitties.

The thought of her slathering them with an entire jar of dollar store vaseline is tremendously funny though, ngl.

No. 53591

This is my favorite picture of her because its just. The most awkward thing I've ever seen.

No. 53623

File: 1560572634512.png (2.05 MB, 1242x2208, 2348CB47-0509-4C5E-8D3D-BF94AE…)

Mucky reactivated her Twitter

No. 53631

lmfao sad

No. 53640

shes been too scared to tweet or reply to anything lmao. Shes been liking a bunch of tweets though. Nothing too interesting. Guess shes waiting for everything to blow over, so she can pretend like nothing happened a little bit easier

No. 53650

You follow her? If so, definitely drop a screenshot of what she tweets.

No. 53653

File: 1560603753767.jpg (528.01 KB, 1080x2037, 20190615_090232.jpg)

Looks like she deactivated it again.

No. 53659

File: 1560614180558.jpg (378.27 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20190615-115238_Twi…)

This popped up when I went to that profile. The fuck is happening?

No. 53660

She's trying to hide, she even changed her manyvids info, again, after it got posted here and someone bought a crush/video from her immediately after.

No. 53661

Remember when this punk ass bitch was trying to act like a kAwAiI gHeTtO gAnGsTeR? Now look at her, hiding like the scaredy bitch she is. She's a joke lmao

No. 53662

File: 1560617419538.jpg (507.24 KB, 1080x2026, 20190615_125023.jpg)

Looks like she's purging her tweets. If you go to the media tab, the most recent tweet is a pic from January of this year.

No. 53663

File: 1560617459721.jpg (849.95 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20190615-125135_Twi…)

No. 53664

God this must be so exhausting to have to keep hiding when you could just come clean and be done with it

No. 53665

File: 1560619769198.jpeg (367.9 KB, 750x634, B363469B-F106-4580-918D-A33101…)

This shit is so fucking funny to me..

What a pathetic person. and She claims so be this boss ass bad bitch, has the nerve to put down other women.. but this is who she really is. Feels good to see people like her cower and fall.

No. 53680

Cow couldn't let all her fake follows go to waste lol. The followers to match the interaction, moron. And why would she keep those pictures up? The half body pictures ruin the "bad bitch" catfish illusion she's trying to pull off. All the editing and filters on her face, and she can't do anything with that hog body (unless she makes the photoshop obvious, as posted before)

No. 53760

she deactivated the page again

No. 53761

I'm genuinely shocked she hasn't contacted any of the people who took her old twitter and tumblr names to try to guilt them into giving them back

No. 53767

do you guys think she'll celebrate fathers day or at least visit her family at home

No. 53770

She'll probably ruin fathers day by telling her own father how ~terrible~ he is for putting his foot down, keeping the family afloat and putting food on the table. Something tells me mickey most definitely brought boys when her dad was at work because if he caught wind he would not be a pushover like the mother.

No. 53783

If she had her twitter, I could see her pulling a "How do I make this about me?" She'd tweet something like "Happy Father's Day, my father is manipulative and my family abused me until I escaped uwu"

No. 53801

She has probably moved back home and isn't peeping a word about abuse because she knows she is on thin ice.

No. 53802

That’s what I’m guessing. She would’ve ran home with her tail between her legs begging for forgiveness

No. 53886

She'd do what she did on Mother's Day.

Nah, I think she's tucked away in a shabby motel.

It's weird she pins post like the one circled but does the opposite of everything listed and still has the audacity to think she's doing things right.

No. 53889

A motel would require money anon.

No. 53903

People have bought her videos and she's still working, unless she hasn't been seen there recently. Either way, she's got enough for a few days at least.

No. 53927

Nobody has bought one of Mudnaynay's stanky videos in 7 days. It would be funny if she was staying at a motel though.

No. 53947

Nah this is fan fiction. She’s come crying back home to mommy and daddy

No. 53958

I highly doubt that they let her back in their house. She'd be posting more to FetLife and at least made one new video or taken a pic for ManyVids. She's definitely in a situation that's not her parents house at all.

No. 53959

Honestly wish these anons came back with some actual evidence to support their posts because I really wanted to know how things played out.

No. 53995

That wilderbeast's parents raised her to be spoiled in the worst way, they'll have no problem taking her back into their house. They'd have to grow a backbone before they leg an important lesson in adulthood be taught from this.

No. 54009

Since she has no friends, the only people who would know anything are people who know the twinks

No. 54562


She changed her manyvids name back to this and is active here still I suppose, but I think she moved fetlife accounts.

No. 54754

File: 1561345641246.jpg (313.59 KB, 1070x1771, Screenshot_20190623-230635_Sam…)


No. 54756

cant wait for emi and micky comment fight drama

No. 54758

Pretty Emi blocked all her pages. I think what we should anticipate is all the people who found out about what happened to dogpile the fuck out of here.

No. 54814

Judging by the video on ManyVids, looks like she moved back in with her parents? or repost of old vid?

No. 54820

I’m pretty sure her parents took her back

No. 54825

None of those videos are recent

No. 54889

I'm still curious about why she reactivated this account. Doesn't seem like she's posted any form of apology. I wonder if she's just checking her inbox.

No. 54894

To lurk on people

No. 54937

Lurk on who exactly? Emi and nearly everyone else in their circles have her blocked. Unless you mean her sister.

No. 54961

She can't live without any sort of attention. No one's gonna see her outside of her catfish profile on the internet and find anything attractive about her enough to even start on conversation. Probably moved back in with her parents like the failure she is. Take the L, Mucky.

No. 54986

And just like that, her Facebook is gone again. Why am I not surprised.

No. 54996

What is the actual point of reactivating and deactivating everything over and over

No. 55000


My guess: She reactivated, then realized you guys noticed she reactivated, and deactivated. She's lurking, checking on shit to see if things have blown over, and keeping a low profile.

No. 55007

File: 1561512404920.jpg (168.99 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20190625-191048_Sam…)

Too bad she's still gonna have to deal with consequences if she attends any local nerdy events. Damn near everyone wants to beat her ass for one reason or another and that thing with Emi was the final strike.

That aside, I went on that mudnaynay blog and someone said she's been hiding out on 4chan's /soc/. Pic related is all I could find so far.

No. 55021

File: 1561517877227.jpg (43.78 KB, 824x160, hugetiddiesuwu.jpg)

dug thru the archives and found this also. how sad.

No. 55022

File: 1561519163341.png (662.82 KB, 1080x1500, 65072993_844819902559515_69119…)

i sent that to the mudnaynay blog
i found her in the discord thread

No. 55023

File: 1561519212503.png (203.43 KB, 1080x1835, 65546211_632897653861438_40460…)

No. 55024

File: 1561519357759.png (74.12 KB, 1080x1864, 65312168_637194100134350_25902…)

the bottom link lead to her youtube so yeah i assumed it was her

No. 55027

File: 1561521178741.jpg (55.23 KB, 1080x475, micky-u-walnut.jpg)

Definitely her, this is what comes up on kik

No. 55034

Looks like she bought a new wig. Still not sure where she is though.

No. 55048

So I guess now we're ruru instead of mickey lmao
Bitch changing your name and buying a new wig doesn't erase anything

No. 55053

LMAO look at this busted as disguise. This bitch is a fool I swear

No. 55060

Why does she always have to say she's into sci fi in every bio? I can't remember any point where she's actually talked about any shows or books, so I assume she just slaps it down to seem smart. Everyone knows she's a literal retard

No. 55065

Just like how she's into uwu existentialism
She just vomits up shit she read on Facebook on tumblr

No. 55070

Literally the only "sci-fi" media she consumes is Rick and Morty, and she can make fun of neckbeards all she wants, but she still thinks she's intelligent for liking it.

No. 55075

File: 1561560276321.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.93 MB, 526x344, 20190625_233031.gif)


So we share a server.
Here's the new stuff. Only posting one here cause it's a lot, the rest in an imgur album.


No. 55076

Oh my god.
What is the general reaction to this shit

No. 55080


They are fucking loving it.

She just came back to the server after not posting in it for like 2 months.


And for whatever reason they love her 'aesthetic'. My head hurts going thru the comments.

No. 55081

File: 1561562698204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.97 KB, 640x298, t3vUVKO_d.jpg)

She looks like a fucking beached whale. Lol She really lacks the sex appeal to pull this shit off

No. 55082

Her tits Bang way too low for 20 years old

No. 55083

nothing more ethot and glam than fucking yourself on your dirty matted down childhood carpet again. welcome home rururu

No. 55089

File: 1561567539722.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.28 KB, 640x456, WVrkuiG_d.jpg)

See she is back in her nasty ass room and she did get kicked out kek

This is so pathetic Micky. You are a vile and disgusting pig who treats everyone around her like shit and use them. I hope Emi's call-out was the one that ruins you and no one will fall for your shit ever again or will be warned about you.

Now look at you, you have become a literal e-whore selling your horribly aged 20/21 year old body for money.
I doubt she feels any remorse for what she done, but I hope the consequences of her actions continue to ruin her reputation.

No. 55090

Post caps of her convos kek

No. 55091

Disgusting. Flopping those National Geographic titties about and writhing around on a filthy floor. She's just fucking disgusting.

No. 55093

Take notes girls, this is what living your best life looks like!

No. 55107

Its sad that her saggy body is literally all she has.
No career, talents, personality, etc etc etc
Just gross nudes and that's it.

No. 55127

Is her makeup making her look like her edits or did she film these in snow or some asian beauty app?

No. 55131

probably snow, it always gives this weird purple/pink grainy effect in low-light.

No. 55135

FUCK I was not prepared for that, I almost threw up

No. 55136

Her parents are now 100% too retarded to deal with this bitch.

No. 55138

She def filmed all of these in snow which is why she doesn't need her slug glasses

No. 55145

Too bad Snow doesn't fix Muckys eyes looking like they running away from each other. Guess that's where she gets it from whenever real hood girls wanna fight her kek

No. 55147

File: 1561596153897.png (Spoiler Image, 508.7 KB, 672x372, Untitled.png)

How can she look at her disgusting saggy grandma tits and think this is ok to post or sexy at all? Her ass is looking like hank hill too

No. 55148

The fact that she's using her knockoff rilakkuma and Esther Kim bunny as props on her never been cleaned or shampooed rug just ups the pathetic factor

No. 55153

How do I get in that server?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 55174

File: 1561616190808.jpeg (924.52 KB, 3464x3464, 866FA902-5DDE-470C-8A04-F3B335…)

Jesus Christ, this is so uncanny

No. 55180

Anon should post this in the server lmao she changed her whole face

No. 55195

Or post it on /soc/

No. 55198

No. 55239

File: 1561656503134.jpg (80.01 KB, 1080x279, lmaoooo.jpg)

No. 55245

File: 1561660021374.jpeg (101.61 KB, 1125x984, AB73C9CE-22A8-4EBD-BC81-05C130…)

Micky apology to Emi lmao

No. 55246

Where did she post this

No. 55248

She didn’t its a post someone else made about men.

No. 55254

didn't even realize this was a joke to start as it's so spot on

No. 55257

Literally until I saw the bottom I 100% thought this was legit. Sounds just like her.

No. 55292

This sounds like something she would say to garner up the pity party points. (P.S. thank you to the anon that posted the picture on /soc/!)

No. 55310

Recording the videos in snow made her look way different.

No. 55408

File: 1561742251611.jpg (891.78 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20190628-114938_Pin…)

Even funnier is that she pinned a "How to Apologize" post. Don't she's gonna utilize it.

No. 55411

File: 1561743999982.jpeg (375.58 KB, 1106x1882, F3C9C692-BB88-4004-AB6F-C70287…)

wow sounds like a winner lads

No. 55412

You know you're fucked up when u need to look at a "how to apologize" post

No. 55413

Spoiler Alert Micky: It’s already too late. You’ve pushed away everyone that’s ever given a fuck about you and now you’re begging for attention from anyone, anywhere you can get it. Now that everyone who knows you irl and online knows how terrible of a person you are, it’s going to take more than a few weeks of hiding to recover from this.

No. 55415

All of those look like they are meant for kids too.

No. 55416

File: 1561747857050.jpg (339.34 KB, 724x944, Screenshot_20190628-144857_Pin…)

Those are 100% meant for elementary school students. Mainly, K through 3rd grade. She even posted another one meant for Pre-K. What actual fuck was she doing at these times for her to need this info feed to her this way??

No. 55417

That post is from last year. That said, it's very noticeable how much she's lying within that post.

No. 55433

Absolutely not surprised to see she still thinks like a child and refuses to accept adult responsibility. She constantly clings to her I'm baby uwu mindset cause she thinks it's cute to be a 12 year old in a hambeast slug body but now we know 100% sure that no one is falling for that bullshit. She's so pathetic and nobody feels sorry for her ass

No. 55451

She’s fucking slow

No. 55720

File: 1561947591592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.17 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20190630-221550_Sam…)


She made a new video. She also uploaded the set from >>55075 to her page as well.

No. 55724

hmm what happened to quitting mv because of racism or whatever?

No. 55727

Kek she looks so dead inside. Nothing is cute about this.

No. 55728

File: 1561955655171.png (Spoiler Image, 438.39 KB, 625x608, no one is gonna pay for it.PNG)

she wants like 18 bucks for it but i dont think anyones gonna pay that if they can just go to that imgur sjfjkdsfds

No. 55734

This bitch always be using the same damn line stickers, so erokawaii uwu with her linebacker body and edited face

No. 55737

she decided not to quit when she found out she was in the top… 50? or higher for some category

No. 55762

Back to the slug glasses cuz she didn't film this on snow LMAO oh my god she's so transparent.
Also this is the song that plays on the teddybear blog.

No. 55768

Being a sex worker is probably all she has now.

No. 55775

File: 1562011974695.jpg (431.78 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20190701-153328_Pin…)

She talked all that shit about how people don't know how to hold conversations with her in her inbox. Yet, had to pin a post about holding conversations on her self care board.

She got another blog? Also she reminds me of Moomookun.

No. 55776

Nah its hijacked

No. 55780

Is this supposed to be a disguise? It looks shit and ages her up twenty years

No. 55782

Oh, they're talking about her former blog. Ok, I thought she made a new one. Lol

No. 56168

Why does she pull so many dumb expressions in these gifs? All her shitty ahegao looks so forced and awkward.

No. 56169

when is ahegao not forced and awkward? nobody should be pullin this shit off irl. lookin like a downsyndrome waterhead baby

No. 56190

Not sure how manyvids work but it seems she has many views on her videos. Don't people have to pay for that? And if so, with those high prices, how in the HELL is she always broke?!?!

No. 56194

That only counts how many people have watched the free preview. Let’s be real, all of those views are from farmers. There’s no way to see how many people have purchased it.

No. 56205

Basically what anon >>56194 said. The heart reactions are sort of a clue in on how many she might have sold, but there's really no way to tell. 5 hearts on her new vid compared to the 200+ views aren't a great ratio for sales.

She does have 5 "crushes" which will net her about $33 monthly minus whatever % ManyVids takes out. My best guess is she'd be lucky to be pulling in $50-$100 a month off it currently.

No. 56231

If toy hit the activity tab on the it shows you what she's sold so far.

No. 56289

File: 1562461222632.jpeg (131.85 KB, 1242x777, 9E9B80BF-7A0E-4DE6-B04F-CE1115…)

What a flattering thumbnail. Kek she wears those hideous glasses in her videos because her face would warp outside of the automatic face editor while she's moving and further expose her real caveman profile.

No. 56306

File: 1562473492095.jpg (239.65 KB, 600x600, 43984513_348406749053743_45326…)

I don't get why she thinks these glasses are cute, I suppose she's trying to hide her nose and make the space between her eyes seem less extreme? The filters aren't hiding shit either, her face is huge.

No. 56455

File: 1562612979416.jpeg (153.66 KB, 1125x905, B3ECE96C-677A-4835-9C85-740AA9…)


she also changed her name again

No. 56458

File: 1562613415203.png (102.72 KB, 944x567, PToVTRh.png)

"Financial reasons" lmao. Mucky we know you got kicked out because the twinks didn't want to put up with you stinking up their home.

No. 56460

$300 goal? There’s no way she can move out with that unless she’s fucking for a spot on the couch again.

No. 56462

File: 1562615935963.jpg (200.63 KB, 600x600, 1462424212555.jpg)

>a pair of used panties
that is so disgusting. girl has the hygiene of a neckbeard and a herpes infected coochie

No. 56463

It seems like every time her name/set gets posted here she gets a sale or two/new crushes lol. For as much as people seem to hate her..people here jumping to support her.

No. 56470

I'm disgusted by the fact that her parents actually let her pig ass back into their property. Any sane person would kick her ass to the curb and dump her shit out on the lawn regardless of the fact that she's a blood relative. Mucky will never learn smh

No. 56474

She's spoiled as hell and entitled as hell. Not that it's any new news, but she'll never have to do any real hard work or think she's in the wrong in her life because her parents pamper her.

No. 56496

Those are most likely from FetLife. She has it posted in her bio. If they were from us, they'd at least post the shit show. We've only had someone post a thing they bought from her once.

No. 56508

The $300 goal seems to be for buying a nice camera to make higher quality content. But she knows damn well she'll look even crustier in HD. I'm sure she'll run any high quality videos through filters and editing programs, fucking them up into the grainy shit we already see. What's even the point then?

No. 56577

File: 1562691175758.jpg (182.75 KB, 1073x1086, Screenshot_20190708-235514_Gma…)

She posted this. Apparently, she's in the top 50 now.

No. 56586

on what? i thought she deactivated everything

No. 56592

File: 1562699933261.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2073, EF01121F-AC0F-4DB5-B0A0-ADF472…)

She reactivated her Instagram.

No. 56610

Where did she post about this at?

No. 56612

There's not many cosplay creators on MV, so I'm not terribly shocked. I am a little surprised she's allowed to tag her shit as cosplay though because, bitch, where? What is your cosplay?

No. 56628

The fuck she lying about her age for? She's almost mid-twenties, acting like a retarded 12 year old

No. 56629

um is this a self post

No. 56640

That's her actual age, anon.

Now that you mentioned it, it seems that way.

No. 56642

Can we have all of the self-posts mucky makes marked because this is ridiculous at this point

No. 56645

It definitly is, because where was this posted? Lmao

No. 56649

File: 1562733871929.jpg (145.06 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_20190710-004312_Tum…)

No. 56657

Gorl… she's such an idiot… She has no fucking friends to share this with so she rely on us to stay somewhat "relevant". Take your rancid ass somewhere else Micky, this is pathetic.

No. 56658

Pretty sure she's selfposting to brag about being "top 50" in the cosplay tag which is just sad.

It's like when she used to brag about her minuscule follower count.

No. 56665

So she's pathetically trying trying to re-emerge huh? Invincible like a roach. Someone needs to blast this bitch with Raid

No. 56679

File: 1562756538860.png (251.71 KB, 994x976, m_c.png)

You guys jump to conclusions too much. She posted this on Discord, lmao. Won't say which server.

No. 56680

but what about the file name? idk how it works when you save stuff off discord. if you saved her screenshot would it look like that?

No. 56682

Yeah, Discord saves original filenames.

No. 56695

How much is she making if she’s in the top 50?

No. 56701

If you didn't want people to think you're her, just post the screenshot. Not sure why you thought we would realize this was from discord. All that aside, this explains her increase in buyers.

No. 56702

File: 1562767517333.jpg (184.55 KB, 810x1595, Screenshot_20190710-100238_Sam…)


The lies never fucking stop with this girl.

No. 56706

>185 lbs

I had to laugh.

No. 56709

Is she seriously trying to say her band size is only 34in? Mucky, in what world?

No. 56719

Try 5'9 and at least 250 or higher. This bitch would look like a Teletubby if she was those actual heigh and weight measurements

No. 56736

Right? If she's in fact 5'6 she's definitely not anywhere near 185. More like 200+. Or what >>56719 said.

She's definitely a 42. Not sure why she's deadset on trying to come off as small.

No. 56745

If she thinks she's a 34F, she needs to get her size measured and get some new bras. Her boobs are probably screaming for dear life

No. 56759

185LBS? KEK, she hasn't been that "small" since the beginning of her being a cow. she's easily 230+ if she's claiming to be 5'6 and not 5'9 like she looks

No. 56851

File: 1562858224008.jpg (685.46 KB, 720x1280, 19-07-10-23-59-15-592_deco.jpg)


We all know she's wearing wrong size bras, mostly too small for cleavage/push up effect.

No. 56852

File: 1562858297064.jpg (645.09 KB, 720x1280, 19-07-10-23-57-03-432_deco.jpg)


One more for the road.

No. 56854

Are these from discord?

No. 56855


Oh you're in the server too then? Nice. I wonder who you are then…


Yeah. They are.

No. 56875

After all that big talk when she moved out, what are the chances her "abusive" mom did her hair for her again?

No. 56882

5'6 is not 152cm it starts at 167

No. 56931

Probably did. Lord knows she can't hold up those hamhock arms over her head for more than a minute at a time. I see her mother couldn't do much about those tragic edges, tho.

No. 56932

File: 1562899385516.png (358.45 KB, 464x337, thosedgestho.png)

These are so poorly installed, chunky and uneven. I can't imagine how bad these must look irl if they look this bad with a heavy filters and the ear/sparkles covering them half up.

No. 56933

File: 1562899506903.png (408.91 KB, 417x401, ytho.png)

sage for samefag, but just noticed this too. Is this dollar store yarn and not even hair? What a mess.

No. 56942

I wasn't able to catch screenshots of this but Micky is deleting comments that say anything about her going on hiatus on her instagram. Basically what the comments consisted of was someone asking what happened to her Tumblr account and another telling them it was because of the callouts that happened. Both comments were deleted from her most recent photo. So much for 'trying to change', Mucky. It doesn't matter what she does though, because her fingerprints are everywhere on the internet at this point.

No. 56952


I think she tried doing the yarn box braids but since she can't seem to properly blow out her hair it looks extremely messy. She also doesn't seem to know how to properly end the braids too. She should just stick to her ratty wigs or go to the Africans.

Wow. She really ain't shit. Hopefully they spam her about it. That's what she deserves.

No. 56959

Exactly. Her old tumblr was the best following she had and now that’s ruined. Anyone who doesn’t know what happened will find out after searching the accounts that were taken over. Her best chance of coming back to the internet would be to completely rebrand, change her name, join another community, and remove all traces of her past life. Otherwise they’ll just keep exposing her like they did Shayna.

No. 56981

File: 1562916431506.png (266.55 KB, 720x1280, decdbc5b-acd2-4868-aa64-c7a381…)


They got Micky to finally say something but she still tries to flip things to look like the victim. She never learns, does she?

No. 56982

File: 1562916455142.png (406.65 KB, 720x1280, c1f86d0f-69d4-4635-8f89-7518ec…)

No. 56983

File: 1562916582399.png (406.04 KB, 720x1280, ac053426-9fba-4314-ac41-e2af06…)

No. 56984

File: 1562916678326.png (270.08 KB, 720x1280, 7cd6c4ef-b88a-4a01-b1e9-d6c69e…)

No. 56985

File: 1562916802401.png (399.73 KB, 720x1280, 991864e4-1b79-418d-aeff-9e1458…)

No. 56986

File: 1562916895071.png (445.07 KB, 720x1280, 126888b2-4632-40c1-b1ef-98db5d…)

No. 56987

File: 1562917058550.png (429.36 KB, 720x1280, da18d5b1-7daf-42e3-b0a8-c55312…)

No. 56988

>Post as mudnaynay
nice selfpost

No. 57005

The fact that the cowtipper is posting is funny as all hell, but moment of silence for the 30389292th time Mickey has been caught being an awful person with clearly no remorse so she goes on a media blackout before coming back with the same "I was groomed to be this way" "I was actually the victim, i just played up the situation" "M-muh hypersexuality" "csa made me do it!" Etc.
This could maybe had worked 5years ago, but she has used these same excuses so many fucking times. Bully a girl? I was abused, its the only way i knew how to react! Letting a friends boyfriend fingerbang you while they have no idea? Hypersexuality is difficult to understand! Stay hating on any woman that breathes and isnt seen as ur slave? Sorry lol im a chronic bad bitch but only spread wuv u guys uwu, only i am entitled to shit on ppl!
What I dont understand is how Micky can ask for such forgiveness bc shes "sick", however her own mother apparently needs to be Sister Theresa herself to even be treated as anything less than the other characters in Mickeys abuse narrative.

No. 57010

i thought it was a self post until i went and checked on instagram seeing that the comments were days old.

The anon >>56981
saved the posts posted from mudnaynay's tumblr which made it to look like a self post screen cap

I could be wrong
but its not really big of a deal knowing that mudnaynay once again challenged micky and her stupidity with harsh reality slaps

No. 57011

Whether it's a self post here or not idk, but those screenshots are posted on the Mudnaynay blog, the link's right there.

No. 57012

mucky losing instagram followers

No. 57016

You don't even have to read the whole 'apology' just skim it and start noting the repeats. It always goes like this:

Csa mention
It's hard being so hypersexual!!!
I've gone back to therapy/on meds
I'm a shit person but I'm still growing uwu
I've just been so abused, pity me
Why are you attacking me?? I hope you learn from this

All of that coming from a girl who pinned nursery school apology posters to her Pinterest. She's hopeless

No. 57019

>i don’t want to be like momokun or belle Delphine and continue to have a large following after being called out for doing something horrible

She says this as if she was capable of having even half the following Belle or Momo have. Lie all you want Micky but we all know deep down inside you’d kill to be one of those two despite how horrible they are.

No. 57037

Not a self post. I occasionally go to their blog to see if they got anything worth sharing here. Saw they posted something new and shared it here.

No, you're right. I'm not the blog owner. Surprised she managed to get Micky to sperg like that.

It's pretty funny that she saved all those pics of how to properly apologize, just to turn around and do it wrong. Also, she makes an excuse to not publicly apologize to Emi. Anything to seem like a victim.

No. 57041

What I want to know is if she wasn’t planning to make a comeback anytime soon then why is she hiding on Discord? If she didn’t have control over who has access to her server then she’d be deactivated there too. It’s the only place where she can get asspats without being harassed about Emi.

Also, why does this nobody on Instagram deserve a public explanation and apology but not her best friend? If she was truly sorry she wouldn’t be hiding in a comment section that no one will see.

No. 57043

>the only place where she can get asspats without being harassed about Emi.

Yup. None of the people their are aware of just how god awful she is and how much the nerds in her city detest her.

>why does this nobody on Instagram deserve a public explanation and apology but not her best friend?

She's gotta keep up the appearance of being a poor helpless victim somehow. That's why she's pushing the lie about Emi's ex molesting her. When in reality she was being a piece of shit and fooling around with him. That's also why she keeps mentioning csa, even though that's not true either. Same with the therapy and medication bullshit. All she's likely been doing is lurking around here, begging people for a place to stay on discord, /soc/, kik, and FetLife, and making her shit videos and pics for her MV page. With zero care about anyone she's hurt and how she's ruined her image completely.

No. 57053

File: 1562950788052.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20190712-125702~2.p…)

She want ppl to buy her her PSN subscription, fetish gear and reselling old nudes. Pathetic.

No. 57055

File: 1562950862152.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1078x1568, Screenshot_20190712-125710~2.p…)


Nudes at 19 for sell. I would disown her if she were my kid.

No. 57056

Is she trying to say he raped her when this all happened because she bragged about how awesome fucking him was.

No. 57057

Exactly my thoughts, Anon. "I didn't know how to cope so I just sexualized the situation uwu". Lucky,that's not how that works. Not even a little. Just admit you fucked him because you wanted to and get on with your shit already

No. 57064

This is why it's so obvious she doesn't actually want to become a better person, she is STILL lying and STILL insisting on playing the victim. The only way for her to actually become better is so admit she is NOT a victim.

No. 57081

File: 1562963852341.png (122.28 KB, 518x557, ss7:12.png)

emi mentions on micky
kek at her edit comment

No. 57085

Its public
so whoever wants to post the comments for now
go for it

No. 57106

File: 1562970255565.jpg (256.38 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20190712-182350_Fac…)

When worlds collide

No. 57110

File: 1562970741038.jpeg (316.52 KB, 1125x1418, 8F047F12-B97A-429B-A70C-893F44…)

There’s 78 comments in total and all of them are talking about how horrible Micky is. I would post more caps but I’m not close to a computer right now.

No. 57111


Top kek, it didn't take long for her to be disproven. Her intentions were as clear as day and now we have Emi to confirm. What the fuck was the point in pointing out she doesn't like that she's a compulsive liar if she then proceeds to lie about her experiences. You aren't getting pity from anyone, bitch. And also, why is she going off what she believes? "I'm not gonna apologize because I wouldn't want someone to apologize, I'd want them to change." It's not about what your crusty ass wants. It's obvious Emi might have appreciated some form of apology but to top it off you didn't even point out what you did wrong in the fucking first place you fucking mongoloid.

No. 57115

I just realized something. What if that story Micky told that page about getting assaulted by Emi's ex was actually something that happened between Emi and her ex? What if every sexual assault story she's been telling is stolen from actual victims?

No. 57116

File: 1562974539073.jpg (131.2 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20190712-192715_Sam…)

Emi makes a good point. If Micky was telling the truth at all, she would have told Emi first. Hell, even if she was lying she likely would have told her first. She exposed her own lie in that "not apology" by coming up with that shit then and there. It also again, shows how manipulative she is.

No. 57118

I think this is true, like Soren I think she steals things she hears actual survivors say. But then behaves contradictory to her own lies.

No. 57120

Yeah. Like when she was claiming her parents, especially her mom, was abusive, it immediately reminded me of shit Angela/Himeka would say about her own mom. Or how she would suddenly be a fan of shit she didn't initially care about like the whole goth thing or idols. When you peel away everything that's stolen from others, she just a bland attention whoring weeb.

No. 57180

File: 1563018397975.png (2.89 MB, 791x16137, screenshotemicalloutno2.png)

No. 57183

this bitch lost 20 instagram followers yesterday and was blocked by someone from the looks of her followings dropping

No. 57184

Most people would just call the cops when they get raped. Or if anything, possibly not tell anyone at all for embarrassment.

No. 57185

man fuck this kelsey chick

No. 57199

What the actual fuck are you even talking about?

No. 57211

I know right she's literally retarded and an enabler

No. 57222

File: 1563046490377.jpg (483.43 KB, 809x1847, Screenshot_20190713-153414_Ins…)

Yeah, not sure what her malfunction is. I think she said some similar shit on the first post Emi made about Micky too.

Oh, also, someone else responded to what micky posted on that IG page.

No. 57223

Kelsey and Micky bonded because they both dated Adam. But also have irl experience with her and yeah, she's also just stupid.

No. 57224

Oh! I forgot that's who she was. Not surprised. Micky lied to her too. Guess she was dumb enough to believe it though.

No. 57268

This is actually sound advice but we know Mucky's too self absorbed and stupid to understand her not being the victim here. We're way passed the point of apology, since she said she refuses to give one. So basically… just keep taking the Ls lmao.

No. 57413

File: 1563164612379.png (569.43 KB, 838x834, mck.png)

lol she looks like an entire pig

No. 57496

File: 1563225862182.jpg (140.68 KB, 1290x960, FB_IMG_1563225840332.jpg)

No. 57498

File: 1563225983649.jpg (437.07 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20190715-172421_Fac…)

No. 57503

Emi, you're really not one to talk about other people looking ugly when that blue lipstick brings out the yellow in your teeth
She is right though, Micky's makeup really doesn't do her favors when she ain't editing to hell and back

No. 57508

Emi may be ugly but at least she not insecure about her looks and needs to edit herself into an entirely different person.

No. 57509

Both Emi and Cola Nash are ugly as fuck, yeah.
Emi is basically just a white, non manipulative version of Micky. Cola is just a straight up hideous goblin. I still can't believe that person who wrote Micky's callout unironically said she is the "originator" black girls being into kawaii weeb fashion. Fucking kill me, lol

No. 57514

File: 1563232743979.png (94.41 KB, 506x478, Screen Shot 07-15 .png)

No. 57515

Let Emi talk her shit, anon. This is a Micky thread after all and she's been providing us with milk lately.

>>57508 brings up a good point too, emi has never shooped herself into an entirely different person.

What is this derailment have to do with Micky?

No. 57519

it a post about micky anon
emi react to the facebook post about micky

cola was good friends with micky and defended her image. looks like micky raged at cola for out of context comment and cola now sees how retarded and dumb the bitch is

even though all the people in mickys circle is full blown cows themselves

No. 57522

Sorry, anon. The post was so poorly written I couldn't grasp what Cola was even going on about tbh.
>u wana be rud

Does Micky have any friends left. Just that Kelsey chick?

No. 57525

File: 1563233567185.jpg (13.81 KB, 204x247, kek.jpg)

>make sure your parents don't shut the wifi off on u or make u turn the lights out at 9pm

No. 57527

kelsey probably is her only friend left.
but notice how no one accepted her to let her stay at their place.
having no one to support her ### she moved back with her parents

emi would probably had let micky room in with her but emi believed it was wrong of her to hit her mother

not risking any involvement or help in her bad behavior

No. 57529

File: 1563234417913.png (101.14 KB, 515x511, Screen Shot 07-15 PM.png)

No. 57530

File: 1563234466021.png (34.46 KB, 507x181, Screen Shot 2019-07.png)

No. 57535

She’s not wrong. Someone had to say it and hopefully Micky will see and get the memo.

No. 57541

Please stop self posting. I highly dislike micky but im dying at a
trashy stripper/self proclaimed attention whore pretending she has her shit together.

Cola, you would still be associating with micky if u didnt think coddling emi wasnt a better power move for clout.

No. 57542

Cola is a cokehead, hence the barely intelligible English. Shes been involved in drama with Delandra too, so it's about time she had her own thread. following her involvement in Mickys bullshit is sure to be a treat in it's own.

No. 57543

she openly lurks micky's thread
then cry on facebook about someone mentioning her in the micky thread

that was a few weeks ago

No. 57548

All the people whiteknighting Emi because "this is Micky's thread guys!!!" over anons calling Emi ugly sure are silent when it comes to this "derailing" about Cola, huh.

inb4 "ok cow", etc

No. 57551

I mean. Emi is the one micky actively did her shit to. This cola girl is just kind of involving herself.

No. 57552

Tbh it's probably cuz emi isnt all that milky aside from the shitty jfashion and hanging out with micky. Cola on the other hand is known for lusting after e-fame (constantly posting gag-worthy lewds on FB, rambling about drug use, bragging about money she barely has) despite knowing damn well a dark skinned fat girl is destined to fade into obscurity on the internet.

No. 57562

People are shitting on Cola too? Honestly unless it's milk provided by Emi, Cola, or others, it doesn't belong in this thread. Make a different thread if you want to talk about Emi being ugly. It's off topic here.

Wouldn't shock me if it was Cola self posting given that anon has a very similar way of typing and lack of grammar. Isn't there a jfashion general thread somewhere, people who want to rag on Cola and others should just take it there. I am curious about Cola though, she writes like a damn crackhead.

No. 57567

I give props, I congratulate cola for owning her own house and car. This goal cannot be achieved by half of the e-begging cows

Izzabell Arcana / Dominican Barbie Doll , another darker skin kawaii black girl, had too achieved the same goal. izzabell had since, takin over mickie spot in KBG FB pages and Admins KBG facebook groups.

They are both are obese KBG UwU cows
but on the quick note
Both of them, as of now had distance themselves from mickie

and there is a thread on Izzabell Arcana / Dominican Barbie Doll to ramble on

No. 57568

Usually, people type like that on threads.
easily hides a person identity, of how they type or typical response be.

No. 57570

Except no one else really types like that here? I've been on this forum off and on for years and the way you type isn't typical at all.

Compare the fb post to >>57514 to

Anyways, stop derailing and learn to sage, you are making it even more obvious that you are new to the thread/forum by that alone, Cola.

No. 57571

believe whatever anon
who knows, it could be me micky typing like coke head cola UwU

No. 57572

Stop derailing and focus on Micky.

No. 57641

File: 1563312305475.jpeg (218.16 KB, 1125x1585, 13F14257-7B0E-4D24-8E8D-3286A8…)

Her Instagram is gone again.

No. 57665

She thought she was ready to handle the backlash lol

No. 57735

Guys on soc know about her now lmao. Talking to Someone I know who has a server on there I asked if she was in it, his response was basically "fuck no I've heard of this bitch". Glad to hear it and I hope more of them, degenerate as they are, turn on her.

No. 57756

File: 1563401578806.jpeg (860.37 KB, 4096x2731, 2F85E3F0-4051-4ACF-A60D-C64C65…)

She makes it too easy

No. 57781

Looks like someone tried to smack that wig off her head.

No. 59558

File: 1564010444099.png (404.01 KB, 1054x934, kuroneko.png)

She's rebranding as Kuroneko now.

No. 59559

File: 1564010754186.png (71.96 KB, 1022x310, wow.png)

BTW she's still into emotionally blackmailing and browbeating her parents, in case anyone was wondering. Here's her joking about it.

No. 59561

She knows she can't film a stream on Snow, right?

No. 59563

File: 1564012199117.jpg (418.1 KB, 626x1527, 20190723_152633.jpg)

Looks like she's been shooping herself less fat lately

No. 59564

File: 1564012245257.jpg (474.15 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20190723_014712.jpg)

And taking makeup cues from Jude

No. 59570

Why is she making herself literally white though, that self-hatred hitting hard huh

No. 59583

kek she's going for the big tiddy goth gf angle isn't she

No. 59584

She's back and she brought her saggy udders with her. Hope there's some actual milk soon.
Same chick whose so proud to be black only when it benefits her. Bitch must be desperate for attention if she's actually trying to make herself white now

No. 59606

Jesus I didn't even notice this was micky till she showed her face

she really is upping the whitening filter

No. 59609

kek >>56959 called it.
Name change, new style, and she’s made herself almost completely unrecognizable. I wonder if she’ll try to scam the goth e-girl scene next.

No. 59626

Lmaoo if this bitch thinks she's gonna get let off so easy she's got another thing coming, but at the same time I can't wait to see what new milk she might bring. I'm torn

No. 59679

File: 1564090106609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 553.56 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20190724_222239.jpg)

She posted some more dusty nudes
She deleted her MV for "mental health reasons" though

No. 59680

File: 1564090146181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 518.14 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20190724_222320.jpg)

No. 59681

File: 1564090367290.jpg (898.79 KB, 1080x1440, 20190724_192253_197.jpg)

No. 59682

File: 1564090496432.jpg (887.82 KB, 1080x1440, 20190724_214159_748.jpg)

No. 59691

This bitch makes my blood boil. Like, really bitch?

No. 59692

Still looks to be active, If she's posting nudes in discord though, she just doesn't want to do "work" it sounds like lol.

No. 59701

I honestly thought this was a pic of her hairy oversized nips but they're just oversized dinner plate nips. I'm guessing her new thing is pseudo white flabby uddered goth gf

No. 59721


You can still tell she's black. Like, it's beyond obvious by her features. Even someone who hasn't seen her without those filters could tell in an instant she's a black girl who wishes she was white

No. 59744

Jesus Christ those NatGeo nipples fucking disgusting

No. 59746

surprised no one has pointed out the roadkill on her head.

No. 59748

That's exactly what she's doing. Since the kawaii community got fed up with her shit, she's trying to be one those "goth" e-girls to get into the gothic community. She's made a whole Pinterest board for it.

No. 59761

File: 1564115391661.jpg (666.12 KB, 809x1942, Screenshot_20190726-002812_Twi…)

Here's a view of her Twitch page. I wonder if she has another Twitter and Instagram now.

No. 59767

It hasn’t been two weeks since she was saying on Instagram that she wasn’t trying to make a return, she was just trying to find someone’s number. Now here we are. Does she think no one will notice if she whitens her skin enough? It’s only a matter of time before Emi exposes her on Facebook again and the locals are ripping her to shreds.

No. 59769


When the fuck did she take up violin?

No. 59777

Micky threw in 1 new interest so no one could recognize it was her, as if the lightened to hell pics weren't a dead giveaway. This new persona is gonna be a trip

No. 59787

She's mentioned it before. I wanna say around the time of the first thread. She was still in high school then, so I'm assuming her initial interest came from being in orchestra. Guess she decided to be interested again because she's ~sooo goffik~ now.

No. 59800

Like most cows, micky just can't stand being away from the internet.

No. 59859

File: 1564167581393.jpg (413.42 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20190726-145632_Tum…)


Was wondering if they were gonna make an edit. Lol Honestly, I'm not too surprised she did this. She did call herself a liar. Wonder how all of her "friends" feel about her running off to another community to leech attention from.

No. 59878

I never knew she threw shade at Belle like that. So much for her being Micky's idol, huh?

No. 59973

Right? Also I wonder if she's getting involved with Twitch because she doesn't make enough on MV.

No. 60019

She's not going to have better luck on Twitch lol. Unless you're making bank for them a la Alinity, they'll crack down on her doing anything remotely sexual. Her actual personality is garbage, so even if she gets a few tips or subs at the beginning, it's not going to last long. She's not nearly as interesting as she likes to think she is.

No. 60023

Its really pathetic that she keeps trying to find ways to panhandle instead of just trying to have an irl career like an adult

No. 60036

She’s going to have such a rude wake up with Twitch to make money. She needs to first become Affiliate and you still can’t make money with that status. Things only really happen when you become Partner with thousands of followers and only then you will receive the button in your profile for people to pay for subscribe. Followers don’t mean shit for money make, you don’t make any penny from it, it is only needed for your journey to Affiliate(50) and Partner(0over 1000 and lots of viewers during your stream). A far chick like her would be great for sites like Streamate. Lots of guys into fatsos.

No. 60037

File: 1564226830768.png (131.76 KB, 666x684, mousepad.png)

So, Micky mouse pads, anyone?

No. 60046

Micky mouse is kind of a cute play on words, idk if it was intentional.
I think it's going to be a mess though since her pictures are at such awkward angles and shooped to oblivion

No. 60058

She doesn't seem to realize that maybe no one but like 3 people are gonna buy those pads. She's a real nobody

No. 60062

Damn she really did that.

The internet doesn't forget, Micky. You dumb thot.

No. 60064

Seems like she's doing all of this so she can either live in a van or a tiny house. Most likely a van. But that's just going by her Pinterest.

No. 60189

File: 1564360529962.png (325.75 KB, 582x744, productpreview.png)

No. 60192

Anon, you bitch
I love it

No. 60194

Kek this is great. Is the art from her discord?

No. 60195

Nose needs to be bigger but that aside, this is perfect. lol

No. 60200

File: 1564371749935.jpeg (66.99 KB, 582x744, D97CCBA7-2FA2-4F8F-AD27-749C07…)


No. 60206

I'm fucking dying anon, this is so legit bless you

No. 60260

her skin is darker too, but kek. amazing

No. 60481

No. 60482

Her new "goth" shit is so jarring lmao

No. 60483

It looks like she’s too broke to buy any “goth” attire asides from that ugly checkered top and whatever black items she has already

No. 60487

File: 1564556927117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.38 KB, 903x995, lq3weto2kjd31.jpg)

No. 60488

File: 1564556937048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.79 KB, 1080x1440, rfbdy585fid31.jpg)

No. 60489

File: 1564556968736.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.79 MB, 440x588, ikdq4jjcaid31.gif)

No. 60497

I find her mouth/jaw gross and distracting in this wtf. There's something odd about it

No. 60508

It’s the snow filter glitching off and making her face look warped.

No. 60518

Anon, did you draw this? The art is really good and the sad saggy tits are a must for a Micky mousepad.

No. 60554

>>60488 >>60489
So she really is committing to the new gothic trend…WOW

No. 60569


God, she doesn't even try to hide the fact that this is a way to escape her fucked up actions. She just up and creates a whole new persona when she gets caught being horrible. This is peak 13 year old antics, like she just got kicked out of livejournal and now she has to make a vampirefreaks account to find a new niche subculture to project on to.

No. 60577

Micky has to be some type of retarded

No. 60581

That example really does remind me of when stupid tweens get banned for their actions and come right back like "ehehe im someone different now? That girl? She only wore pink! Unlike me, I'm goth cuz I wear black~"

No. 60647

File: 1564632867590.jpg (166.33 KB, 1439x1440, i73kyipw4qd31.jpg)

No. 60650

It's honestly shocking how saggy her tits still are even when wearing stuff that pushed them up. Like, how unkept do you have to be for your tits to reach grandma type levels of sagginess at age 22…

No. 60657

Reminds me of Chloe….. lol

No. 60692

All of the backgrounds of her photos and videos look like she films in a crack den or some other gritty place. For somebody wanting to sell content of their clearly edited face and body she sure puts no effort in. I guess it was always Micky's dream to be a low-effort cam whore.

No. 60696

I don't know why this girl is so persistent to be a sex worker/family disappointment. She had the perfect opportunity to walk away from the internet and get like a real stable career. Oh well can't wait for her to end up like shay and have to beg for pocket change on twitter.

No. 60716

There’s sex workers making real cash though. If you take care of yourself and have no other options it can be a nice career. Micky is sloppy, lazy and puts zero effort in. Selling nudes is super easy and literally anyone can do it but she can’t even do that.

No. 60768

File: 1564711610051.jpg (44.66 KB, 720x235, 20190801_021910.jpg)

You mean the loosest option, right Micky? Because we all know your fat ass neck wouldn't be able to handle going any further than mid chain

No. 60776

Yeeeah as a fatty of Micky's weight who bought one of those cheap chokers, they're definitely made with a thin neck in mind lmao. Her neck would spill right out the second she turns her head down. Gotta do damage control for the eventual camshow I guess.

No. 60783

Someone post her lolcow or tumblr on reddit so she can’t scam people out of their hard earned money…(this is cowtipping, you autist)

No. 60787

isn't that cow tipping?

No. 60789

Ntayrt but I think its funny when she gets outed on social media because she has to scamper around like roaches when you turn the lights on.
Got outed on fb/twitter/tumblr, had to run to /soc/, got outed there, had to change her entire "aesthetic" and run to reddit

No. 60797

Retards like you are the reason cows go into hiding. Don't fucking cowtip and don't tell other anons to do it. Let the milk flow.

No. 60805

>how unkempt do you have to be
that is not how tits work, anon. breast sagging is literally inevitable for everyone including you, but it’s also a genetic thing and micky obviously doesn’t have a small chest and gravity isn’t gonna be as friendly to someone with a larger chest. this is such a dumb nitpick, boob sag is literally out of one’s control unless they get surgery.

No. 60813

I always think its dumb when people comment on her tits as if gravity doesn't pull fat like that. Why wouldn't her boobs look how they look

No. 60822


I never said her tits had to defy gravity, and I mentioned it because they're literally stuck to her body like pancakes. I know big tits aren't perky as fuck but they shouldn't always point down like that if you're that young.

No. 60834

Her whole body is just unfortunate. Her tits being the part that got the shortest end of the stick. The sad pancake ass is a close second.

No. 60836

not just gravity. It's obesity too UwU

No. 60837

File: 1564769345462.png (47.33 KB, 1920x903, anotheronebitesthedust.png)

She ironically deleted hours after this post so she's probably lurking. Hi Micky!

No. 60846

Not surprised. She's not ever gonna have a comeback on any platform, not with her history. She can't hide out anywhere on the internet just give up Mudnaynay

No. 60852

The only way I could see her coming back even just slightly successfully is if she lost all the fucking weight and becomes unrecognizable.

No. 60860

What they say about doing the right thing vs doing what's easy is true. She'd rather keep deleting because that's easier than just coming clean and at least trying to be better.
It's really pathetic but nothing we all haven't already known.

No. 60946


Gonna go ahead and assume you 1- don't have large breasts and 2 have never seen unsupported large breasts because they absolutely do "point down like that when you are that young"
Gravity doesnt care. Some breasts are heavier than others and even at a smaller size can hang, which is different than sagging.

No. 60952

Usually when tits sag so bad it’s because you gained weight rapidly.

No. 60954

“Usually” kek. I didn’t know there was scientific studies and statistics on big boobs vs. gravity. Shut up or sage your bullshit.

No. 60957


Tits of a certain size will sag whether you gained them quickly or not

No. 60963

I can't stand this cow but one thing that's been going on ever since thread one is the nitpick of her tits. big tits sag and it's not uncommon, get over it. Mudnaynay is icky and delusional so I doubt she'll ever get proper bra sizing to get good support for herself.

No. 60964

Not all big breasts hang down to the length of half an arm like >>55147 , her body is just unfortunate. All boobs are different and some are ugly, why does it bother you that much?

No. 60979

can't we just agree that her titties are nasty, no matter what the cause is

No. 60982

Micky's titties are just innocent bystanders of her terrible, terrible fashion choices.

She could look lovely as a spring morning but she would still be an utter garbage fire of a person.

Her body in itself isn't milky. What she does with it, however, is.

No. 60983


Y'all it's really not that serious. Taking care of your boobs exists and Micky's could look a lot better if she did that. I mentioned it because she's a complete narcissist and constantly acts like she's a '10/10' when she's shaped like a grandma, gross ass tiddies included.

No. 60989

I do think its dumb when anons act like big tits are supposed to be perky
But Micky's just all around gross and she shouldn't be acting like she's such hot shit when she looks objectively bad

No. 61003

File: 1564872669297.jpeg (196.39 KB, 750x945, 76812A49-BC7D-4280-B84F-6F55CB…)

It’s scary how much goth gf is literally 300% Micky

No. 61007

Its funny how girls like micky are such a dime a dozen, basic thing that this could apply to so many of them lmao

No. 61014

Saw mucky at the oddities and curiosities expo lookin absolutely awful. She’s really goin for that goth girl thing and attempting a new scene

No. 61015

Pics? Proof?

No. 61016


No, the only time I saw her is when she came up directly next to me. She was there with her sister.

No. 61188

You could at least describe what you saw

No. 61287

Seconding this. Give us details about how she looked.

No. 61338

gonna say this anon is full of shit tbh

No. 61577

Yes I am going to go outta my way to lie about seeing her at an expo. Y’all are fuckin weird. All I remember are her demonia platforms with the heart buckles. She was lookin at preserved bats. Should I have asked for a picture of her pure asshole while I was there?

No. 61586

Just showing up and commenting about how you saw her in public without providing any details or milk whatsoever is going to lead to speculation. Why do some farmers act like it’s so hard to get a photo of cows in public? In this day and age when everyone has a camera at the flick of a finger you’d think people could get one piece of solid evidence.

No. 61609

Ntayrt but I would feel extremely uncomfortable about taking someone's photo without their permission in public. Not everyone is comfortable with that.

No. 61611

If you read the comment, she was directly next to me. Taking a picture is also fucking weird and I’m not on that level that y’all are on. Didn’t know more details were that serious when I simply saw her, thought “ah lolcow would find that interesting” then moved on with my day. Anyway, y’all can believe whatever you want.

No. 61612

Exactly!! Also with my luck I would of had flash on and she would of made eye contact in that moment. So no thanks, ain’t tryna deal with that smoke.

No. 61617

You could have at least described what she looked like or something. You're suppose to provide evidence. That's how the site works. Also, you should sage your posts.

No. 61624

It’s not like what I said was fucking wild and needs photographic evidence. It was a simple update.

No. 61625

Yeah but this is an image board, newfag. Read the rules and sage your bitching.

No. 61633

It’s not an update if all you said was you saw her in public. What are we supposed to do with that much information? Wipe our ass with it? If you can’t at the very least provide milk then learn to sage.

No. 61641

Literally said I saw her at a convention and y’all seemed pretty concerned when she’d show herself at one. I said I saw her, that’s an update. You choose to get pissy over a photo is on you. Brought the info, didn’t snag a pic for reasons stated above. That’s it.

No. 61643

anon just stop its fine

No. 61647

Ffs learn to sage and don't come here unless you got something worthwhile.

No. 61651

yall got aspergers swear, i read other threads and everyone is normal but this thread u all sound cringe and freak out over someone saying something u dont like. if someone saw micky irl it should be ok to say that since its a thread about her wether theres milk or not its not like anything else anyone says is relevant bc nothing about her is. shes boring. idk how u guys keep up with her for so many years. this thred is literally cringe shit wish it wasnt but it just is. u guys literally are sad and just as cringe. and before u accuse me of being micky im not. not everyone that disagrees wiht u is micky.

No. 61652

u guys r litterally a bunch of 20 year old middle aged losers

No. 61653

>20 year old
>middle aged

No. 61658

yes u guys are either one of those things, thats what i said. you are correct

No. 61661

File: 1565321710188.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 61667

I'm not one to usually say this, but this seems like Micky's shit attempt at trolling. Especially since she killed what little social life she had with the whole Emi situation.

No. 61675

just because someone thinks ur a dum fucking loser doesnt mean they are always micky.

No. 61694

Yeah ya know I’m honestly amazed this received backlash. It was literally something to talk about considering the expo I was at was a complete different scene than what she normally involved herself in. Everyone here is fucking obsessive and weird as fuck.

No. 61695


it’s like one or two summerfags reeing. Don’t worry about it.

No. 61698

If you read other threads then you should at least know how sage but you still can’t do that. Thanks for stinking up a thread that was already low on milk.

No. 61702

jeez anon get over it lol

No. 61711

I like how they tried to pretend to be a different person like it isn't obvious it's just them. Lol Wish the farmhands would ban already though. They're really shitting up the thread.

No. 61712

i promise u i dont live in michigan or go to fucking anime conventions

No. 61713

>>61698 obviously dont give a fuck about saging or the gay ass rules lol obviously(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61749

what even is "putting to pasture" like i said. gay lingo gay rules

No. 61750

yawn Do any of the Discord anons have updates or is Mucky still hiding?

No. 61751

your obsessed.

No. 61752

Says the one who’s ban evading.

No. 61758

and what about it? i never said i wasnt(Ban evading)

No. 61764

Do y'all really think she's actually thinks that whatever the hell it is she's doing is goth?
I'm just hard pressed to believe that anyone can be as shallow as she is. I doubt she actually knows what existentialism is beyond seeing the word somewheres before, her knowledge of psychology is limited to tumblr buzzwords, and I would believe she caught an episode of Star Trek once; which she'd no doubt believe qualifies her to claim an interest in sci-fi.
I think I just answered my own question.

Everything about her is surface level.
Sorry if I saged wrong, btw. Been a while since I was here, but I think I did it right.


lord, you're sad. going to the effort to evade bans just to… what? barely coherently brag about evading bans, and tell people who use this site they're pathetic; completely missing the irony, of course.

No. 61770

She 100% believes that she's goth. She has a whole Pinterest board filled with "goth" e-girls. You're pretty spot on with everything else. Though considering her hate boner for a certain girl, she likely was just copying what that girl is genuinely interested in to seem superior. Wouldn't be surprised if she's copying this whole "goth" thing from another girl she hates. You know that's how she operates.

No. 61971

File: 1565632693249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.78 KB, 1066x621, OLbU9nL.jpg)

Didn't you say you quit Manyvids, Mucky?

No. 61972

File: 1565632753351.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.83 KB, 1067x658, 8SM53ZL.jpg)

She's trying to lead a double life as "kuroneko" and "ero_kawaii" lol

No. 61973

File: 1565633117386.png (Spoiler Image, 52.78 KB, 1172x428, 22123e.png)

My condolences to her next victim.

No. 61975

File: 1565633312476.png (Spoiler Image, 537.25 KB, 630x352, Yikes.png)

Kek, nice video preview Mucky.

No. 61976

Those super baggy granny panties though. You'd think she'd invest some of her camwhore money into buying some decently fitting panties or something.

No. 61978

No she puts her money into buying new glasses to hide the fact that her face looks nothing like her pictures irl.

No. 61997

She only "quit" when she seen she had to honor someone's custom video request, because it's hilarious how COINCIDENTALLY after someone bought one she suddenly isn't doing it anymore based on discord chat.

As long as she can put out her own shit content and not have to honor requests, she'll keep doing sex work. Looks like her sales picked up too.

No. 62044

File: 1565669360484.jpg (131.85 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20190813-000532_Twi…)

Anybody gonna bite the bullet and watch her stream? I wanna know what kind of bullshit she spews.

No. 62063

anyone know what time zone? EST?

No. 62069

Yeah, it's EST.

No. 62150

File: 1565757068157.jpeg (703.48 KB, 1242x2092, DDA81095-4BEB-4AB1-89F2-A170B1…)

As if Mucky wasn’t disgusting enough

No. 62153

on her twitch?

No. 62157

Yeah, that's her Twitch.

I'm really curious to know what she did. I think they should speak up. Micky is essentially powerless now. They'd just be giving people another reason to beat her ass.

No. 62158

File: 1565761503832.jpg (388.49 KB, 810x1413, Screenshot_20190814-013218_Tum…)

No. 62205

I know it's a month old but she's acting like people actually care lmao

No. 62206

Micky you never had a chance of being a real “influencer” to begin with. What are you going to do? Inspire others to abuse their best friends and take sink baths instead of real ones?

No. 62225

File: 1565792915333.jpeg (29.51 KB, 210x240, E55B9804-EAFE-443C-B54D-1608E6…)

They do her zero favors..

No. 62250

File: 1565806498460.jpg (53.91 KB, 720x1396, Snapchat-1626720186.jpg)

Just got into the right Discord and spotted her. Not much to report. She went to a concert.

No. 62251

File: 1565806545562.jpg (79.1 KB, 720x1396, Snapchat-917134619.jpg)

She said a security guard told her she was wearing too many chains

No. 62254

File: 1565807303134.jpg (2.41 MB, 1960x4032, IMG_20190806_192705.jpg)

I thought this was funny, she wrote this bullet journal entry

No. 62257

File: 1565808488956.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.48 MB, 448x578, 20190809_213239.gif)

Also some nudes

No. 62258

File: 1565808993351.jpg (Spoiler Image, 718.49 KB, 1029x1372, 20190809_212130.jpg)

>Mood stabilizers zapped my sex drive but nipple clamps brought it back

No. 62259

File: 1565809216315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 889.12 KB, 1080x1440, 20190809_212716_414.jpg)

No. 62262

File: 1565810064225.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.54 MB, 656x368, InShot_20190810_031105108_6.gi…)

No. 62264

File: 1565810234457.gif (6.73 MB, 480x852, 20190803_141108_853.gif)

No. 62266

File: 1565810304425.jpg (766.29 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190803_141232.jpg)

No. 62267

File: 1565810334420.jpg (668.5 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190803_141144.jpg)

No. 62268

File: 1565810619854.jpg (353.75 KB, 737x1211, IMG_20190803_175112.jpg)

She also went to some sort of con

No. 62269

File: 1565811012128.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20190803_135002.jpg)

No. 62270

File: 1565811100515.jpg (680.69 KB, 992x2038, 20190802_161635.jpg)

No. 62272

File: 1565811382292.jpg (1.06 MB, 1172x2408, 20190802_161723.jpg)

No. 62273

File: 1565811516673.jpg (639.11 KB, 945x2119, 20190802_161623.jpg)

No. 62274

File: 1565811786908.gif (9.77 MB, 480x640, 20190729_190225_070.gif)

No. 62276

File: 1565811979953.jpg (886.03 KB, 1080x1440, 20190730_234518.jpg)

No. 62277

File: 1565812080221.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 20190727_232707.jpg)

No. 62278

File: 1565812120494.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 20190727_232717.jpg)

No. 62279

File: 1565812172624.png (108.97 KB, 1323x648, unknown09.png)

Guessing this is before she deleted her Reddit unless she made a new one

No. 62280

So she's just gonna keep recycling that same checkerboard pattern top until it eventually dies right?

No. 62282


No. 62296

File: 1565820260691.png (464.95 KB, 1179x831, qMPDgaZ.png)

She is live now and looking busted as ever lol.

No. 62299

File: 1565821238006.png (510.8 KB, 634x619, micky_twitch.png)

She's not even dressed "goth" (or how she thinks goth looks kek). I thought Your Goth GF was her new shtick but she can't even commit. She's wearing cheap, ugly pink shit like her usual self.

Also, side note, but holy shit, I've never heard her voice but it's so deep. Like usually anons are nitpicky with voices of various cows, I usually feel like they overreact with saying so-and-so has a deep voice - but her's is legitimately weirdly deep for the way she tries to present herself. Wild.

No. 62302

Anyone got the link to her twitch?

No. 62305

I'm surprised at how boring she is, considering she was bragging about how she has a great personality for streaming and a knack for situational humor


No. 62307

File: 1565824589994.jpg (59.6 KB, 1142x653, Tpft1k1.jpg)

She tries so hard to appeal to the "qt goth sub kitten thatis also a gamer uwu" and its embarrassing to watch.

No. 62308

File: 1565824670485.png (194.4 KB, 307x308, ELRprFO.png)

No. 62314

Her voice is super deep. Caught me off guard.

No. 62318

Jesus Christ, is she using a webcam from 2002?

No. 62319

Wow she moved from knockoff jfashion to the knockoff e-girl version goth. I can tell she's getting inspiration from girls like babigh0ul.

She couldn't even make a simple ass overlay. Come on mucky, if you wanna be a twitch streamer you're gonna have to try harder.

No. 62321

Probably so people can't see that she doesn't look even close to what she shoops herself into because she can't throw a filter over a webcam stream lmao

No. 62324

Someone cow tipped and she shut off the stream.

No. 62326

she probably lurks and saw us posting her crusty ass on here

No. 62327

Someone told her get a personality besides fucking her friends boyfriends and she sounded like she was gonna cry and left

No. 62330

Lol when they cowtipped she dismissed it as "people being weird" and was quick to shut off the stream.

I guess it says a lot about her post declaring she was gonna stay off social media and better herself kek

No. 62344

>she sounded like she was gonna cry and left

Holy shit lol

No. 62420

Aaaww can't watch the video :((:()

No. 62432

File: 1565907402087.jpg (428.87 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20190815-181543_Tum…)

No. 62434

If you're gonna selfpost with non milk at least sage

No. 62454

It's not a selfpost. The delete would have to be in the screenshot for that, obviously.

No. 62460

Sure but
>implying op can't just log out of tumblr

My point stands. sage dumb non-milk posts. Like what I'm doing right now. :)(:))

No. 62462

I don't run that blog. I know how to sage and chose not to do it. It's not that serious.

No. 62463

She's trying hard to look white. I wonder why…

No. 62472

Must suck for Mickey. Anyone she meets offline will know immediately they were catfished. No fucking wonder she desperately hides, and tries like hell to make sure no/as few as possible unedited pics of her make it online.

If only there was a simple, easy way for her to not have that problem…


Funny how not that long ago there was someone else in this thread derailing and beaking off like an 8 year old 'you can't MAKE me sage!'

Next, you'll ban evade, brag about it, then call people losers and stalkers for posting here, whilst continually missing the irony.

No. 62479

I'm the OP of these threads, so no. Also sure the person who doing that was Micky. It's the only other thing she has to pass the time at this point.

No. 62586

File: 1565999643721.jpg (259.65 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20190816-195306_Tum…)


So, does this mean she has a new Facebook?(no one cares about tumblr anon posts)

No. 62596

lmao yo im the one that saw her at the expo someone actually posted a pic of her there with the clowns and y’all ignored it. There’s your proof weirdos.

No. 62606

No one cares

No. 62637


No. 62639

Learn how to sage.

No. 62640

You’re still here? Obsessed.

No. 62820


No. 62942

File: 1566215610416.png (429.09 KB, 720x1081, Screenshot_2019-08-19-07-51-33…)

Aaaaand she's gone

No. 63076

Alright so failed camgirl, failed twitch thot, what's next on the "how can I make money without getting a real job and also get male attention" agenda? Youtuber?

No. 63151

It's a safe to say that her Youtube never took off for a reason and it never will. It's hard to maintain a channel of videos when you rely on 2 editing apps and countless filters to suck in your man face and unfortunate shapeless body. Not to mention she has the personality of a soggy slice of bread. Don't even know what she would post other than her shitty makeup and wigs or spergging about "muh mental illnesses!!!!!" Maybe she should stop trying to just be an object of attraction, since she has to be, y'know, attractive to accomplish that.

No. 63207

She should really just stay of the fucking internet lmao. She'll never have her dream e girl "job" and if she ever got it, it would blow up in her face, and now that the little bit of people she had left from her hugbox hates her, she really will never have that chance again. Girl really needs to go to therapy honestly, but an actual trained therapist would be able to tell if she's a victim of csa and all the other things she claims and she might throw a fit if the therapist doesn't give her what she wants to hear.

No. 64325

That was me bam evading and I didn’t brag lol where was I bragging. Just bc ur impressed by bam evading or something doesn’t mean its Bragg. Also y r u gategeeping shitting on Mickey. They posted something about her in a three about her unlike me who just called u guys crusty losers who can’t admit ur obsessed with her. Not everyone u don’t like in here is me. And not everyone who disagrees is micky you fucking retard lmao(ban evasion)

No. 64326

Also shut up about the rules holster. They hardly did anything wrong. Literally it shouldn’t be that serious that u have to autistically be like YoU dIdN sAGe I’m AnGWY. Go shit ur diaper @ shut up

No. 64327

How long have you been here

No. 64328

Learn how to sage

No. 64350

yawn. Any new milk from Discord or anything or is she laying low?

No. 64358

File: 1566853845670.jpg (626.32 KB, 1320x2560, Snapchat-1683730236.jpg)

She has a new Discord server. Nothing too interesting going on, just more nudes and some circlejerking.
I'd drop the link, but I don't know if that's cowtipping

No. 64360

Dropping the link isn’t cowtipping telling people to fuck with her is

No. 64429

post the link

No. 64504

Man even when sitting down you can tell how straight her hips are kek

No. 64599

Even when she’s forcing curves has hard as she can you can still tell. Everything about this photo screams cheap and lazy.

No. 64665

One of mickys alt joined my discord server but she never posts

No. 64679

How do you know its her alt?

No. 64691

Dropping the link isn't cowtipping, you fuckers just don't know how to behave, look at what happened when her stream link dropped. It was BEYOND obvious someone from here cowtipped immediately.

No. 64724

yeah, we missed out on all of micky's sad attempts at twitch streaming because of immature cowtippers who don't know how to act.

No. 64947

File: 1567182364411.png (563.91 KB, 749x614, jLLztP1.png)

She's still trying to do porn on manyvids in her cheap Amazon onesies.

No. 64948

File: 1567182452957.png (Spoiler Image, 608.25 KB, 734x583, xzEfe1a.png)

Still won't clean her room

No. 64952

this lol, my hips ain't shit but I look very curvy when I sit down like that, I can only imagine how straight her figure must be standing up

at least she knows how to take flattering photos and poses unlike other cows despite being a hambeast(blog)

No. 64955

Her tits are so saggy what the fuck

No. 64956


So… Is she still an SJW or is she trying to pander to the incel community?

No. 64959

File: 1567187564177.jpg (9.92 KB, 142x275, 1552019369573.jpg)

My fav part is that she slapped her dildo onto some random piece of garbage so it won't touch her even filthier floor. Very sexy.

Old pic and it's severely edited, but yeah she has no hips at all for being as hefty as she is.

No. 64963

The glamour of being an e girl who works at forever 21 part time, with no driver's license, and makes shitty porn in a dirty ass room in her parents' house.

No. 65066

Still wearing ugly glasses to try to cover that mile wide nose, I see

No. 65417

not milk or anything but you guys ever notice how micky looks exactly like wendy williams and her body is also shaped exactly like wendy williams body

No. 65419

File: 1567629131569.jpg (56.24 KB, 1126x678, PHBbuLu.jpg)

Her room is so fucking rancid, dirty and messy. Can she at least clean up her room beforehand? What the hell is up with all the plastic trash and the old amazon boxes/bags shoved under her bed?

How in the hell does she live like this?

No. 65474

That's not a flattering picture at all! And all that damn softing and blurring of the photos is straining my damn eyes. Insane.

No. 65481

She should get a new blanket. I know its a nitpick but that granny blanket makes it more obvious she's doing this on the filthy floor of her parents house.

No. 65530

fucking hell, every time I come into this thread I expect to laugh but now seeing this bitch makes me depressed as hell. The only thing barely keeping her rock bottom is living at her parents home.

No. 66657

any updates so far? what the fuck happened, its been like 2 weeks already

No. 66848

What happened to her?

No. 67003

She's most likely just trying to stake it out for as long as she can hoping that we will all forget.

Considering how dumb she is it's only a matter of time till she gets comfortable. Cows always come back

No. 67171

File: 1569263343973.png (262.51 KB, 540x960, tumblr_2e3ab38fb548c67ded87f8a…)

Looks like you were right anon. Last post was 9 hours ago

No. 67287

No doubt in my mind that she probably made that account to test the waters. Or mass report like she did Amina.

No. 67289

It's one of her old alt accounts that she just reactivated, I'm surprised more people haven't noticed yet.

No. 67299

>>51762 She's back. She's posting again and it seems she's made new friends and talking to new people now. Stupid bitch said she took a break from social media to "reflect on herself and become a better person uwu" but… You never left LOL lurking on other platforms isnt the same as leaving, Mucky.

No. 67313

Who is still her friend? Kek, you'd assume everyone would know how shitty she is.

No. 67327

File: 1569377183246.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_2019-09-24-22-00-26…)

>>51762 I had ZERO clue this fucking cretin was following me on instagram for THE LONGEST and I had no idea who it was because the account is Private. I normally don't follow private accounts since they usually don't interact on my page, but she started commenting on things and I began to wonder who this person was. It's Micky. Nice to see she's still on the same bullshit.

No. 67334

She's private. I'm not gonna try to follow her cause she might just run away again, so could you post some of her pics in detail?

No. 67337

I really wish the twitter/tumblr anon didn't go full sperg on Mickey, she was such a good cow because of her astounding lack of self awareness.

No. 67338

The face tuning and the white washing are back full force kek. Nice to know she's still a delusional insecure bitch who wishes she was skinnier and light skinned

No. 67339

Yeah i miss her weekly tumblr spergs. Hopefully the anon runs that "exposing" tumblr backs off so we can get finally some milk.

No. 67430

File: 1569493124202.jpg (294.56 KB, 809x1354, Screenshot_20190926-060736_Sam…)

I'm guessing she's talking about streaming games? Because her manyvids is looking a bit dead.

No. 67431

File: 1569493243834.jpg (298.43 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20190926-060948_Sam…)

Especially since she keep adding more gaming items to her wish list. Also, I hope someone buys her that Froppy cosplay, just so we can see how ill fitting it's gonna look on her. Lol

No. 67442

File: 1569512766251.jpg (355.14 KB, 1080x881, Screenshot_20190926-114410_Sam…)

She changed her little bio thing. Not sure why she put that when she has to beg for money and lives in that dirty ass room again. She also needs to focus on not getting jumped at Youmacon.

No. 67443

Micky getting jumped at Youmacon would be gold.

No. 67465

God the huge camel toe and the cat ears. she even make simple outfits disasters.

Also why does Micky hate "terves" so much? no one cares about them besides troons and troon worshippers