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File: 1455720805712.jpg (322.51 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nrddpeACKm1s3sjt5o1_128…)

No. 94138

not sure if anyone knows her but I think she deserves a thread. Her name is yazochan, a half German half Turkish cosplayer living in Germany and currently staying for 6 months in Japan.She has lots of weebs crawling up her ass because she's such a 'good' cosplayer but her haters hate her for being a spoilt liar bitch who brags about everything.

social medias:

No. 94139

going to add few information about her
>she took a break from school to go to japan
> apparently her parents paid everything and she claims to pay all the money back which is around 20k
>runs around in cosplay with her friends in tokyo bragging about all the jp pple taking pictures of them
>calls herself a youtuber even though she barely updates her channel

No. 94140

You jelly? There's nothing really cringeworthy here.

No. 94141

can you even read? just stated a few facts about her and I think thats enough of a reason to hate her or do you like white pple running around in cosplay in japan thinking theyre the shit?

No. 94142

Vendetta? She doesn't seem that awful.

No. 94143

I don't see the issue with any of what you listed. A lot of Europeans take a break from school to travel, it's usually before going to school but Inbetween is a thing too.

Her parents paid for it? Okay?? Some parents help pay for their kids to travel whether it's only a little or it all. Any non-Asian dressed in cosplay in tokoyo will get some photos taken. She probably only got ask a few times and maybe made a big deal of it. Like has she done anything lulz worthy? Cuz so far this thread seems like a bust..

No. 94144

Thanks god, for the person who made this thread. All her weeb 'friends' think she's such a lil'angel while she's a just a spoiled brat, faking mental health problems, openly hating about Japanese and their culture amd what not. I'll definitely gonna add some more stuff here later

No. 94145

>hates Japanese food
>quit school because it's too 'exhausting', but hey working at night at bars and doing shitty cosplay for kids isn't and going to Japan for half a year also isn't exhausting lol
>kicked out all her former friends for basically no reason
>shit talks about her 'fans' openly
>is a spoiled brat
>is not only spoiled but also extremely ungreatful
>she's fake af
>bitches about other people using photoshop/apps to alter their photos, while if she does it, it's ok
>mimimimi I never want sex, goes to Japan, fucks the first japs she meets
>has ruined her eyes with cl's, openly admitted it, still wears them

And there's even more

No. 94146

not a lolcow

No. 94147

>hates Japanese culture
>hates Japanese people
>hates Japanese food

Only in Japan, because her parents pay and to impress her weeb fans

No. 94148

True…she's one speciul snowflake. Can admin move?

No. 94149

well shes being a spoilt bitch for running off to japan when she already repeated a school year once. all in all shes acting like an ignorant gaijin in japan bashing jp pple for slurping in restaurants even though its part of their culture

No. 94150


She behaves worse than some tourists

No. 94151

she does. she also uploaded a video on twitter where she and her friends make fun of a drunk jp businessman she deleted it tho after she got hate for it

No. 94152

Rly? I don't follow any of her accs anymore, because she pissed me off

No. 94153

I'm not following her either but I check her twitter sometimes. she doesn't respect jp rules and she refuses to eat jp food cause apparently its 'gross'. the only reason she went to japan was to brag about it.

No. 94154

for some reason, she looks like LCPP to me. Like, a better looking LCPP.


No. 94155

that girl can cosplay tbh

Japanese food sucks tbh so she is right

No. 94156

Rich people go on vacations to have fun and brag about it tbh. You sound


No. 94157

Not jelly at all, I'm pretty wealthy myself, but my parents would have killed me if I skipped school just for my weeb dream

No. 94158

Also, this girl is half turkish and half european? She looks eurasian or even vietnamese tbh.

No. 94159

compared to other white cosplayers shes pretty decent but she thinks shes the best cosplayer in the world even though she only cosplayed easy basic disney characters and typical ones like sasuke.
it's one thing not to like jp food and thats ok but its another thing to call it gross cause thats just ignorant and rude.

No. 94160


Turkish people have strong asian genes sometimes and with the right angle and shop you can alter your face to look 100% asian

No. 94161

funny cause I'm traveling a lot asw japan included and I dont brag about it just to make pple jelly.

No. 94162

she doesnt look asian, she just does everything to look east asian. shes wearing jp make up style, dyed her hair black and constantly straightens it.

No. 94163

she's also one of those weebs who wear japanese face masks

No. 94164

She wears it out of the weeb reason, though I think face masks are a great thing.

No. 94165

Y'all jelly. She's a great human being and not even really lolcow worthy kek

No. 94166

lol are you one of her weeb fans or just her friend?

No. 94167

Tbh I'm a little jelly like no matter what shit she does or wants, her parents will pay and people will like because she's so cute (not)

Though, I know that she'll probably never will finish high school and will rely on her parents money forever

No. 94168

for those who wanna know what she really looks like without ps

No. 94169

She has no 'real' friends left. She ditched out the ones who were her friends for years, just because they weren't cool or rich enough for her lifestyle

No. 94170

I bet my last penny that as soon as she'll find this thread she'll make a video about cyber bullying and how mean everyone has always been to her and bohooo her life is so hard and she can't afford stuff and mental health disorder bohoo
I already see her transforming into the next lonlon lobster

No. 94171

Salty weeb detected. None of what you wrote is anywhere near lulzy. It's not even drama. Take your vendetta bullshit somewhere else; this isn't tumblr.

No. 94172

>that girl can cosplay tbh

Can we please not count people who shoop themselves into nothing and buy their cosplays as cosplayers? She's an attention whore. No more, no less.

But can we ALSO have a general rule of 'if they have under 10k follows shut the fuck up? or post her on /snow/' She's not a good enough attention whore to actually have a 'fanbase'.

She hasnt scammed anyone or done anything actually interesting. She's a lazy attention whore plain and simple.

People think her shoop is cute. she's shooting herself in the foot because now when people see her irl they're gonna be like 'oh god wtf happened.'

No. 94173

one thing that bothers me about her is that she bashes weebs who use typical words like 'kawaii' or 'sugoii' but shes doing it herself. whenever she got hate for this she shrugged it off by saying she only does it to make fun of weebs even tho shes the biggest weeb

No. 94174

>she took a break from school to go to japan
>calls herself a youtuber even though she barely updates her channel
>hates Japanese culture
>hates Japanese people
>hates Japanese food
>is a spoiled brat
>is not only spoiled but also extremely ungreatful
>she's fake af
>hates Japanese culture
>hates Japanese people
>hates Japanese food
>hates Japanese culture
>hates Japanese people
>hates Japanese food
>is a spoiled brat
>is not only spoiled but also extremely ungreatful
>she's fake af

10/10 shitty person. So shitty.

No. 94175

You ever heard of sarcasm, vendetta-chan?

No. 94176

She' already done with school you fucking faggot, get your facts straight or even better just fuck off completely

No. 94177

She must have pissed off so many people by now. Funny that there hasn't been a thread on here until now.

Her voice is horrible and I hope it's because she already ruined her lungs by smoking massive amounts of cigarettes

No. 94178

She has a realschulabschluss but hasn't graduated from high school, so basically she has nothing when it comes to European/Japanese/US standards. She can't even attend university

No. 94179

There's is literally NO FUCKING POINT in having a thread about her.
You all are just butthurt and jealous.

No. 94180

lol funny how all her weeb fans or friends are gathering tgt to defend her. she didnt finish school shes planning to graduate after japan. you get your facts straight.

No. 94181

you know you dont have to comment on this thread if you arent interested. and you all think jealousy is the only reason for hating someone. sure, that makes everyone on lolcow a jelly bitch.

No. 94182

She 'planned' to…but let us get this straight, school is too exhausting and boring for someone like her. She's too kawaii sugoii for school

No. 94183

Weeb fan detected.

Funny how she started doing fitness and brags about her body, like woa girl stop it please you have a nice shape but to call this thing a booty, it misses lots of booty lol also she's more of a pear with no boobs at all , but only a very very veeeeery little booty

No. 94184

yup, weeb fan who probably worships her because shes such a 'good' cosplayer and looks like a nihonjin desu.

No. 94185


The only cosplay she ever made herself was simsalabim sabrina omg

Ok, I don't care for her buying her cosplays, I'd do that too, since I'm shit at crafting and sewing. But what begs me is how she stopped cosplay for a year or two(correct me on this please) because cosplay is just for weebs and then after she ditched her friends and realized she had no one left and her number of fans decreased she suddenly started to cosplay again.

No. 94186

That's not how you sage, dumbass.

Never heard of her prior to this thread, but you'd better give us an actual reason as to why she was posted in /pt/ instead of /snow/. You should probably also give us a better reason as to why you even posted her on lolcow other than "she's a spoiled brat in Japan, her parents pay for her shit, and she's a weeb who hates Japan!"

No. 94187

she bragged about making difficult cosplays like angewomon from digimon but she never finished them probably cause shes too untalented to make her own cosplays.

No. 94188

my bad I'm a noob and accidentally posted this on the general thread admin can move it to the snowflake thread or whatever

No. 94189

Have you actually read the thread? The fact that she's in Japan now is only the peek of a massive ice mountain

No. 94190

no vendetta chan. She is not a fucking cow. Ditching school and going to Japan does not make one a cow.
Has she
>scammed people out of money
>pretended to be 'forever 16 uguu'
>claimed to make bought cosplays
>aggressively claimed to be more popular than she actually is?

No. She's a spoiled brat. A generic spoiled brat. it just belongs in /snow/

No. 94191

She did 2 and 4 of your list, though I also think that she belongs into snow, but I also think nosezawa belongs into snow

No. 94192

>The fact that she's in Japan now is only the peek of a massive ice mountain

Spell it out for us then, because all that's been proven ITT is that she's a prat, and that Vendetta-chans are out full force today.

No. 94193

Himezawa is also just some spoiled brat…still she's on lolcow.

Though yazo has done so much shit up til now. Look what has been written in here before.
Yes, she may haven't scammed anyone, she stole clothes from her previous friends though, she openly shittalks about her fans, she admits to hate japan (so why the heck is she there for six months now), she hates cosplay but does it for attention etc

No. 94194

she also said she hates anime and doesnt watch them but still cosplays and now that shes in japan shes suddenly acting like anime is the shit

No. 94195

It gave me the full dose of cringe and second hand embarrassment when she was posting about going to harajuku in cosplay. "Mimimimi all these people taking photos, mimimi amd they blocked the street, mimimi amd the police came to tell us to go away mimimi" omg I still cringe

No. 94196

>Himezawa is also just some spoiled brat…still she's on lolcow.
It's because she supposedly scammed people. That was clarified a while back on her Tumblr but no one cared.

Ignorant gaijin in Japan aren't uncommon. You just sound like a salty, defensive weeb who can't be in Japan herself.

No. 94197

pls theres even a thread about gaijins in japan you act like making a thread about yazochan is the worst thing ever on lolcow and yeah because jealousy is always the only reason for hating on someone fyi i went to japan last year i dont hate on pple just bc theyre in japan

No. 94198

>theres even a thread about gaijins in japan
Then you should've posted her there. There are enough pointless threads shitting up lolcow.

No. 94199

>OP is a faggot
>nothing interesting to see here

No. 94200

Yeah but yazos bullshit goes way further than being in Japan. And she's also just there for a very short amount of time, she definitely deserves an own thread but as stated before #admin should move it to snow. Because she's a fucking snowflake much.

And I hope some of her her former friends will turn up here and reveal some more of the drama going on woth her since 2013 and also the shit she did before.

No. 94201

Weeb fan detected

No. 94202

Fuck weebs, she's just boring.

No. 94203

She's lulzy and her behavior is definitely cringe worthy and full of second hand embarrassment, so she's definitely a snowflake and worth being on here

No. 94204

ok chill we all get it and i already said that i accidentally posted this on the general thread not the snowflake one

No. 94205

so lulzy lmfaoooo this is absolutely fucking hilarious. What a lolcow jesus fuck. I'm so embarrassed for her!!!!! oh man

No. 94206

everyone whos not interested in this thread can kindly fuck off :-)

No. 94207

Are there any caps or anything? I don't exactly get why she's here. All I'm seeing is "s-she's bad, really!!"

No. 94208

No. 94209

She's fast with deleting stuff which she gets hate for or which doesn't get enough likes, just like burry chan.

Her old and also new ask.fm are a godd souce and maybe someone on here has caps. I've never bothered to take them, especially not after I've unfollowed her everywhere because I couldn't deal with her bullshit anymore

No. 94210

On her twitter she even SAID that she quit school because it was too exhausting, but then suddenly started to work in three different jobs and now went off to Japan to go to school so wtf. This girl needs a visit from my good old friend the umbrella on her ass, maybe she'll wake up and does sth actually productive then.

Same thing was when her brand new phone got 'stolen' on jday and then she just got the new Iphone from her parents, because well she hates apple but it's expensive and all the hip kids have it so she needs it too lol

No. 94211

summary of what yazochan did and why she deserves to be at least a snowflake
>lied about studying the jp language in japan even tho she only fools around and skips school there
>wants to get a job in japan even though she doesnt even have the needed visa for it
>is basically a spoiled brat and takes the money of her parents for granted while buying useless shit like cosplays and ugly extensions in japan for $300
>runs around in harajuku with her cosplay and lying about attracting 500+ jp pple who took pictures of her
>thinks shes the smartest person ever with a lot of knowledge but didnt even graduate hs despite repeating a school year twice (second time was to go to japan)
>used to cut herself and purposely showed them in pictures of herself to get attention but when some fan asks her about her scars she bitches at them
>hates venus and yukapon for dressing like 5yo kids but does the same with her taobao seifukus
>claimed that asians want to look like western pple because they have eyelid and nose surgeries (sure bc theres NO asian who was born with double eyelids!)
>got hated by ex friends in a private chat and posted screenshots of them hating her to set up her fans against them
>made a video about how obsessed jrockfans suck but camps in front of the concert hall a week (and did cut her expensive private school, her parents pay for, for the whole week because she wanted to attend ALL the concerts in germany)
>lived for free at the flat of her japanese friend and just takes it for granted and f.e. uses his laptop without even asking and says the food he cooked for her looks like vomit
>doesnt respect the jp culture and bashes jp pple for slurping or their 'gross' food
>photoshops her pictures
>said she loves japanese people and the culture and the food and how healthy it is, but once she realised it´s mainstream to like japan she suddenly hates everything and she literally only knows shibuya and odaiba
>makes fun about people who use random japanese words but does it herself
>claimed she selfstudied japanese for 2 years but in japan she can´t even ask where the toilet is
>makes a post on facebook saying she doesn´t have money for food, while camping in front of concert halls, so her fans bring er something
>thinks every style haircolor/cut and clothes suit her (from decora to vkei) even tho she looks like a homeless person with certain styles
>brags about pple calling her japanese or thinking shes japanese

No. 94212

From where do you got these?
They're new to me

>lied about studying the jp language in japan even tho she only fools around and skips school there

>wants to get a job in japan even though she doesnt even have the needed visa for it

She has a student visa so she can actually work a short amount of hours each month.

And does someone actually know how 'good' her Japanese is? I've never seen her use her skills

No. 94213

ive been following her on her social medias for years i got most information from her twitter and ask acc asw as her old yt videos she deleted by now
idk about the visa i always thought foreigners need a working visa but its not like she will ever find a job there with her current jp language skills
when she was in japan last year she said that no jp person could understand her and she couldnt ask basic questions like where the toilet is
i think her japanese improved a little but im sure its just the basics of the basics

No. 94214


No. 94215

I'm pretty sure like 100% that you can work on a student visa but only very veeeery generic jobs and only a very small amount of time. Other than that she could just do some illegal prostitution (I'm actually warming up my popcorn since the day she arrived in Japan to be ready for the day someone finds her photo on tokyobackpage or somewhere like that).

I also followed her for a very long time and her behavior got worse year by year.

Well, then she's worse than I was when I first came to Japan.

But how do you know that she skips school over there?? And why would she do that? I mean EF is shit, but also very expensive. Ah right her cash cows oops parents pay anyway

No. 94216

same here im just waiting for her to get a mental breakdown in japan and crying about wanting to go back to germany and her mommy. she used to be a pretty nice girl but when she got more famous and popular she turned into an arrogant bitch.
read her twitter she actually posted a ss of her teacher asking her to come back to class

No. 94217

>brags about pple calling her japanese
>runs around in harajuku with her cosplay and lying about attracting 500+ jp pple who took pictures of her
>doesnt respect the jp culture and bashes jp pple for slurping or their 'gross' food
>claimed that asians want to look like western pple because they have eyelid and nose surgeries (sure bc theres NO asian who was born with double eyelids!)

I really don't get why some weebs have such a love-hate-relationship with Japan and Japanese people.

No. 94218


Because it's nothing kills a weeb faster then actually going to Japan. They expect it to be like anime and are sad when it's not .

No. 94223

Tbh that was most interesting thing ever to read - I love how you assume everything by what you see on Twitter etc - you know me all so well - thx for making me a special snowflake.

By the way, I have a work and holiday visa. Just so you know for the upcoming shitstorm :>

No. 94225

To be fair the slurping is fucking irritating. Especially on a plane.

No. 94226

I'm also much more sympathetic to lolcows who actually shittalk Asians once in a while compared to those who worship them like gods and want to marry them and want their kids to be Asian etc.

No. 94257

File: 1455761517419.png (290.26 KB, 377x449, ummm.png)

her cosplays are pretty good on her ig, the one in the op's pic looks like TOTAL SHIT THO. also she looks nothing like her shoops? what the fuck

No. 94320

File: 1455771482398.jpg (228.18 KB, 1080x1350, 12728608_1150582678285510_1602…)

>Smoking in the street is banned in Chiyoda City.

She's such a badass.

No. 94332

This isn't badass this is totally sad and if a Japanese person would do it and a police officer would see it they'd have to pay a lot of money, same usually goes for foreigners if they get catched by the same officer twice or more often.
Also native Japanese (aside from drunken jerks and some youngsters) hate this kind of behavior


Lol shut the fuck up little whore. You know that all of this is true. And you know that there'll probably be some things being brought up on here which can cause you a massive loss of little weeb fans and than you won't even have your fake friends left bohoo

No. 94334


Yazu is based. She's not into Asian guys and doesn't ass kiss. Not sure how this makes her more of a weeb than say, kanadajin.

No. 94336

She isn't into asians?
>why did she fucked the first Japanese English speakin jerk in Japan whom she met then? And abandonned the hotel room her parents payed for her to live at his place, huh?

She doesn't ass kiss?
>since she ditched her former friends she became a massive ass kisser and even before she was. She picks her 'friends' by how popular they are and by how much they'll bring her further

No. 94338

Yea. I was being sarcastic here. >>94320
She seems like a brat, but I don't know, not that interesting so far. If I could speak German, I might get different impressions.

No. 94339

Sorry for the double post. I missed >>94211. If they are true, yeah, she's a snow at least. Since she lurks here, she might go quieter.

No. 94340

Got her confused with another Turkish girl. Sorry.

She sounds like a typical riceburner.

No. 94342

I wamt her to do a massive rant and throw a tantrum lmao and then team up with sere (she actually knows/has been friends/still is friends with members of seres squad) or margo

No. 94343

File: 1455782105409.jpg (74.6 KB, 539x960, 12346755_867899466661443_17663…)

stfu youre just one of her asskissers 'she isnt into asian guys'

No. 94344

ever heard of 'other countries, other customs'? you sound like white trash.I'm sick of pple like you not respecting us asians culture you ignorant little shit(race derailing)

No. 94345

That's her cousin or sth she stated so on her twitter and he's gay

No. 94346

sure, it makes totally sense that her cousin is east or southeast asian.

No. 94349

That guy in the photo doesn't even look remotely asian lol he looks white trash, maybe polish

No. 94350

File: 1455783863264.jpg (210.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

you sure? look at his name and face

No. 94352

No. Slurping your noodles loudly on a packed 12 hour flight is monkey tier behaviour. I don't give an iota of a fuck whether confucius said it was ok(race derailing)

No. 94358

>Chinese last names

This thread reeks of Vendetta and same-fagging, possibly from OP. The majority of this thread is mostly just "b-b-but she's a bad person!!1!" with nothing to back it up whatsoever. Were you one of her friends that got dropped, Celina? Because you've got a raging hateboner for this girl.
>inb4 gtfo if you're not interested

Not the anon you replied to
>other countries, other customs
Doesn't make it less annoying. Also, chances are, if you're slurping a hot meal, means it's a long flight. So you're obviously not going to be in Japan anymore, Toto. Therefore, you respect other countries' customs and not slurp your meal.

No. 94360

nah ive never been friends with her but i know few of her ex friends who hate her now since she ditched them. as i said, ive been following her on social medias for years and its not a coincidence that she got lots of haters who were partly her former friends or fans.
I'm too lazy to go through her old twitter/ask posts to back it up, quite sure she deleted some asw.

oh, so youre another white trash.
jp pple dont know shit about the nonexistent culture of white pple, they think slurping their noodles is the most normal thing ever and I dont think 'not slurping' can be considered as a part of white pples culture lmfao i bet youre one of these pple who think wearing a hijab in europe/america whatever is considered not respecting white culture.

No. 94361

>nonexistent culture of white pple,

Amusing. Given the popularity of classical music in Japan, western stage plays, western literature from dostoevsky to pop novels.

I'd like

>i bet youre one of these pple who think wearing a hijab in europe/america whatever is considered not respecting white culture.

Muslims aren't a part of Western / European culture, so not really.

No. 94362

yeah sure bc books and music are everything what represents a culture.

>Muslims aren't a part of Western / European culture, so not really.

not slurping isn't part of western culture either.

No. 94364

Lol that's literally what culture is. Literature, film, music, food, art, architecture. Or are you such a childish weeb you think culture is anime and idol groups?

>isn't a part

Yes it is. Just like personal space is. Something totally non asiatic.

No. 94368

you cant compare books and music with customs. it is part of the culture, but culture is so much more.just bc I know schlager music and goethe doesnt mean I know how to behave properly in germany as a non german citizen. jp pple dont blame foreigners for not knowing the rules either. besides, idol groups and anime/manga are part of the art/film culture so youre kind of contradicting yourself there.
this has nth to do with yazochan btw so I'm done with this argument.

No. 94369

Fuck off shitskin weeb.

No. 94370

you fuck off you ignorant white trash.idek what youre doing in this thread.

No. 94371

>too lazy to go through old twitter/ask posts
>not too lazy to continuously post about this girl and rage when anons ask for proof
How are you any different from her claiming that she's "too exhausted to continue school" but "not too exhausted to have 3 jobs"?
If you want people to agree with you, you might want to document her snowflakery and showing evidence instead of going "b-b-b-but I said so!!11!"

>so youre another white trash

Before you go around insulting every anon who doesn't share your "slurping is A-OK desu" mentality as "white trash", weeb-chan, you might want to consider that the anons you're speaking to might just be of that very culture that you seem to be very keen on defending. Just because it's cultural doesn't mean it is okay to force it onto other people who may not be of that culture.

No. 94372

File: 1455796103087.jpg (22.3 KB, 375x305, 7nPIzZg.jpg)

No. 94373

Go live in your own third world country. White people have no need of you. You are a negative drain.

No. 94374

ok you racist shit who assumes all countries in asia are third world countries.

No. 94375

Depends on which one.

Where are you from.

No. 94384

based on this thread, vendetta-chan sounds a lot lulzier than that yazochan person.

No. 94386

>etc etc etc
This all sounds like one really salty/butthurt samefag or two salty/butthurt weeb friends with a vendetta.

>im not jelly im in glorious nippon RIGHT NOW!!! except i desrve it because she hates glorious nippon food and i dont. also she's a fake asian because she dyes her hair black and wears flu masks how dare she what a bitch smh white pple.

Fuck off back to tumblr, jelly weeblord.

No. 94389

File: 1455801948025.jpg (672.1 KB, 750x1280, igcrop1.jpg)

Found OP underneath this photo she posted!

No. 94390

File: 1455802008276.jpg (505.59 KB, 1080x1000, igcrop2.jpg)

>this level of buttmad

Take your own advice and grow up, OP

No. 94393

File: 1455802780037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

lmfao is that you? i might accept later :-)

No. 94395

>calls her a bitch in shitty vendetta post
>gets caught being a spaz
>drags some unfortunate looking rando into it in some sick burn epic troll lulz attempt to insult an anon

I agree with >>94384 because you seem like a massive crybaby cunt.


No. 94396

no clue who that is but guess its one of you as i got the request right after that ss got posted lol

No. 94427

Okay wth is wrong with you guys. I'm following her since a long time and you know what? You should be happy about how she is now. And btw if you can't even read her german posts on Twitter you shouldn't say things like that. She's got a pretty good reason for not being friends with Domi, Amy etc. anymore.
I mean, when your friends are turning into such badass bitches and let jrocker touching them _up there_ and don't even get why this is wrong then is yazo in the right. She told them many times that this "yuuki"(?) gaylord can't do this but the girls were like "omg chill I'm not dead it's ok". This shows what bitches _they_ really are. Yazo was the one who knew whats right and whats wrong. And if you look at Domi & Amy and Yazo you'll see who is the "winner" of this living apart. Domi and Amy are doing drugs and Yazo has got a really cute new friend and is in Japan, learning new things. Okay yea, they're going to Japan soon too, but you know what? They can't even pay all this shit, Yazos parents can.
I don't even get why ur always like "omg I hate this bitch yazo she's so fake and such a brat and mimimi" get your shit together omg. I'm not a fan of yazo(I'm just following her on her social media), but this whole thing here is so childish, like, really.
You're talking so much shit without knowing how it is in reality.
And btw, when people are complaining about your entry you can't say "lol when you're not interested then just go away.". Maybe YOU should do the same thing and stop complaining about yazo, lol. When you're allowed to do it, then they're too.
And it's so stupid to say "she's so fake, she uses photoshop", wth? It's not like she's the only one in the (cosplay-) world whos using photoshop. And if you would be more informed, then you would know that shes posting a lot of pics without photoshop AND makeup. (-:
It's right that shes doing lot of stupid things, but you're more stupid than her because you're complaining here about such things which you could easily ignore.

No. 94433

Hey yazo,
amy and domi are not doing drugs. How stupid are you even?
Are you that butthurt?
Just because they HAVE friends and just because they still ARE friends and you have nothing but your parents money?

No. 94438

Guys, let's keep the race posting out of here. This is the wrong board for that kind of shit. I want milk, not a thread full of race wars.

No. 94445

Word and there's milk of this cow.

And tbh her 5year ago weeb self has definitely been more sympathic to me than her 'new' bitchy weeb I'm better than you, my parents pay everything I want, self

No. 94447

You gotta be shitting me, just come out and tell us you're Yazo because nobody else could come up with this kind of patronizing load of bullshit.
Yazo is a fake cunt and everybody who has ever had something to do with her knows this.

No. 94450

Beside, she had a lot more friends not just amy and domi.

No. 94454

I hope this girl doesn't think she's all that for talking to jrock musicians lmaooo they will fuck anything with a pulse and a vagina and $

No. 94455

Yazoo isn't even into jrock anymore, at least she tells her fans so. Why would she even care then?

No. 94478

File: 1455822338951.png (44.07 KB, 588x407, sure.png)

She named lolcow on her twitter, so it's not a surprise all these spergs are defending her.

It's obvious either Yazo or Janet typed this, but usually it's Yazo using retarded slang like "mimimi".
Talking like that about Domi and Amy is just childish and adds to the suspicion. Also, "Yazo has got a really cute new friend" - Really? Makes it even more obvious who typed this shit.
Using her parent's money to demonstrate what a rich bitch Yazo apparently is has to be one of the most pathetic excuses ever.

Yazo used to be nice, but efame really messed her up. It's sad to see how she behaves nowadays, but I've lost all my sympathy for her.

No. 94485

I want karma to hit hard on her.

Like her parents kickin'her out and cutting all of her money, wanna know how far her so called friends and fans would go for her lol she'd be the little nothing that she already is, but hides with her parents money.

Also, getting extensions done but crying about having to pay 120$ for nails? Why you care girl? Your parents will pay for it anyway

No. 94493

>>94478 lol I'm not Yazo but ok.
And I'm not the only one who wrote "mimimi" btw.
Aand just because I called her friend cute doesn't mean that I am Yazo wth? hahaha
>>94433 >>94447 oh god you guys really don't have a life right? I am not Yazo just because I don't have the same opinion like you lol.
And I don't know if they only smoked weed or whatever, but who knows if they're "only" smoking weed? (:
So you're talking shit about yazo and I am (maybe) in this case talking shit about them.
If I am wrong then sorry, but it wouldn't change the fact that yazo isn't doing such stupid things.

No. 94500

Your English is shit. So, youlre definitely German and from your writing style, your definitely yazo. BUT you also could be one of her German ass kissers.

Anyway, domi and amy smoke alot but they've never smoked weed, how did you even come up with that? Weed isn't even completely illegal in Germany as you should know, you're allowed to own a small amount of it (enough for one joint). So even if they DO smoke weed it's not illegal and tb accurate on this: cigarettes are drucks and alcohol is a drug as well.
Also, both of them know how to behave while staying in Japan.

No. 94502

Don't act like your english is much better when you write "your" instead of "you're" and "drucks" kek

No. 94503

oh wow, your english is so much better. mhm, youlre, drucks.
And as I said, I'm not a fan of Yazo hny.
If you would've looked on her insta you would know that they do smoke weed, lol.
Btw I don't even care if it's not completely illegal to smoke weed, it's about the fact THAT they do, and yazo is not. Smoking isn't good too, but both did it since they're like 15, idk.

No. 94506

I've fat fingers bitch. Those are typos, not a terrible grammar like yours.

I've looked up their instagram accounts and I see no weed?

Yazoo smokes in places where it's forbidden and is posting photos of it. That's definitely worse if you take in count that she has a ton of young teenage weebfans who'll now worship this behaviour. Sure she can do what she wants, but she should keep the illegal stuff to herself and her shitty weeb friends

No. 94507

i don't think thats yazoo, shes not the type of person who would do that, its not janet either imo cause janets english is better than that. prolly some 14yo asskisser, maybe someone from her cosplay group.

No. 94508

lol everyone smokes weed at least once, it doesn't really make you a terrible person. you say you're not a fan of yazoo, but you're desperately trying to defend her. who knows if she smokes weed or not? if she's going clubbing every now and then it wouldn't really surprise me. I mean if there's rumours going around that she slept with the first japanese person she met in japan everything sounds possible.

No. 94509

Yazo started smoking when she was like 16, so don't give me that "it'z not healthy!11!! Yazo wudn't evar do it" crap.
You sound like you're 14, please get lost from this website and continue licking Yazo's spoilt ass.

No. 94510

>"I've fat fingers bitch. Those are typos, not a terrible grammar like yours."
You make this way too easy mate

No. 94511

Might be. It's a little difficult to figure it out. I know Janets English is better, but bad German English always sounds the same. All these kids are making the same cringe woethy grammatical errors.
But it could also be Yazoo, as a person who had some personal contact with her, I can confirm that she's such kind of a person aka white knighting herself by going anon and then posting 'idc, but I'm still on this side' stuff off anon.

Can you guys please screen cap all the shit she writes on twitter related to this thread? I'm too fed up with her bullshit to look it up myself, because I cringe so hard everytime I read sth from her, it hurts.

No. 94512

Didn't she already start when she was about 12/13?

No. 94513


No. 94514

Yes you don't see it bcs she already deleted it. She also postet it on twitter tbh. (-:
ok are you guys serious? Is this the only thing you can say about that, rly? But if you're so interested in that:
if you would know how terrible the most kids speak and write english in germany you wouldn't say that, trust me hahaha

No. 94515

>white knighting herself by going anon
That's all she ever does. I can imagine 95% of her ask.fm anons are written by herself, too.

That's possible, but she admitted it with 16 (at least to me), so there's that.

ban plz

No. 94516

Yazoo detected

No. 94517

File: 1455829296517.png (23.11 KB, 587x232, dfsgfhs.png)

Apart from >>94478 there's also pic related, but that's it.

No. 94518

yazoo is too lazy to defend herself, she purposely ranted about lolcow on her twitter to make all her little fans flood this thread. that's so typical her, she already did that many times.
I know what you mean tho, sounds like typical German English.

No. 94519

We should dig out some delicious milk before she deletes evidence, just to make her rant a little, because her fans are boring af I don't want to talk to them

No. 94520

File: 1455829722006.jpg (98.87 KB, 638x759, image.jpg)

she said she doesnt want anyone to defend her so all her little fans can fuck off now.

No. 94521

>you guys have a lot of hate in you for no reason

Sorry girl, I don't hate you. I just dislike you a lot and the second hand embarrassement which comes with everything you do is so strong, it's disgusting. Disgusting is actually the best word to describe you and your behavior

No. 94522

File: 1455830271780.jpg (237.7 KB, 1143x669, 1x.jpg)

actually found a ss i took of her ask, it's in german but quite sure majority in this thread are german so yea

No. 94524

oh my god, you guys are just searching things to complain about. aren't you even feeling embarrassed about that?
> I am not Yazo
> I am not a kawaii desu desu weeaboo chan fan of her, holy.
If i would be a fan, i would not discuss with you about this shit. Idk if you've noticed that, but when yazo says ''Don't defend me, just ignore that'' so her fans dont do it. (Except these 12 y.o. kiddies.)
I'm doing this because you are so embarrassing and it's stupid to care so much for yazos life, jesus.
But how i see its really senseless to discuss with you, because you cant accept it that here are people who dont have the same opinion as you. No, everybody who has the same opinion like me (for example) is yazo or a 12 year old otaku shit kid/a fan of her.
But okay, complain further for nothing. Have fun. ''(-:''

No. 94525

I find her offline even more disgusting than her online persona. She is the worst kind of friend.

No. 94526

she basically claims asians do everything to look asian and that her make up style is western make up because of that which is bs because lots of western pple have hooded eyes, not the perfect double eyelid and quite sure western make up doesnt include circle lenses and top AND bottom lashes.

No. 94527

bye yazoos asslicker worshipper

No. 94528

just realised I made a mistake there 'to look western' not asian

No. 94531

File: 1455831477716.png (361.53 KB, 523x592, Xc0Duqv.png)

>_up there_

No. 94532

Why do I always get disappointed when anime fans thinks Asians just "want to look Western". It's not untrue but there's more to it than that.

No. 94533

File: 1455832285483.jpg (329.39 KB, 700x577, satomiakane-2013-makeup.jpg)

Not trying to look white at all!

No. 94536

yea white pple arent tan lmfao
jp pple have a wrong picture of western pple anyway and when they do see white pple irl they get disappointed lol

No. 94537

Hahaha, sie passt hier gut rein

No. 94553

But… she did/does read the thread. She posted.

No. 94572

>>Italians, Australians, some americans, Spaniards, French dont exists

I Was talking about the feature btw, genius,

No. 94573


Btw, your american right=

No. 94581

File: 1455844170411.jpg (53.9 KB, 482x600, half-gao-make-up.jpg)

I agree. When Japanese people say they like Western features, they mean a very narrow type of Westerner like Emma Watson or pic-related.

Of course not every white person looks like that but Japs who don't interact with foreigners don't know any better. In Germany for example, I've seen many women with hooded eyes or angular jaws which are not ideal features in Japan.

imo Japanese girls generally want to look Eurasian/haafu, not like full Westerners.

No. 94637


Please get your race discussion into /b

We all know that yazoo can't get it clear and changes her mind very quick to whatever is cool right now. Sometimes she claims to hate this anime, kawaii, Japanese makeup style and the next day she'll upload a dolly eye makeup tutorial with fucking white eyeliner, damn she's so retarded she's still using white eyeliner.

No. 94638

No. 94678

I think both sides are somewhat mistaken. Yes, Asian girls don't want to "look more western" in totality - consider the nose. But there are undeniably some features white people have more uniformly that fit the "asian beauty standard" better than actual asian people do.

You put yourself in an impossible situation if ever you say this, because you've got people who literally believe "white features" are worshipped in Asia, and then you've got people - usually defensive asians - who refuse to admit that there are some areas where white people fit the beauty standard better out of spite and jealousy.

No. 94684

File: 1455866466741.jpg (58.5 KB, 564x810, 759293a26895dc903dc6130eb11ffe…)

Well i would even argue the nose, they strive for something like this, which isnt common among asians

No. 94685

File: 1455866501584.jpg (43 KB, 500x650, 346b3f0dbdb673eeaccdfa2d2ad45f…)

Or this

No. 94693


Go somewhere else to discuss race and beauty standards.

Just to add if you asl the average asian young girl women age 13-30 she'll most likely tell you that she wants to be white.

Though the average weeaboo will tell they want to be asian.

End of race discussion. Thanks

Let's go on talking about the cow

No. 94698


found the twitter video where yazoo recorded her friends making fun of a drunk business man.

No. 94700

File: 1455877476188.jpg (90.31 KB, 639x680, image.jpg)

more embarassing tweets of her

No. 94708

This obviously didn't happen, but even if humouring the story, doesn't she know that cosplaying in public in Japan is really frowned upon?
Granted Harajuku might be more forgiving depending on the costume but even still the crazy fashions there have died down since awhile back.
If you're causing a scene the police will likely ask you to stop, gaijin or not.
There's a reason why cosplay events are often held in private venues and people travel to them with suitcases to get changed at the event rather than travel about in costume.

I love how this is a brag story but jut makes her look like an inconsiderate weeb. Sorry for the rant.

No. 94713


This definitely never happened, because IF it happened the streetsnap people from popular sites would have been there. 500people is not so less, not even a Harajuku Fashion Walk or someone in very outstanding fashion would make so many people stop.

No. 94723

lolllll this would never happen unless its like… miranda or taylor swift. jfc what a twat

No. 94724

maybe they're using the outdated early 2000s model of white wiminz… when being super tan and california-esque was cute
now everyone wants to be pale and spooky

No. 94738

And even then, usually Japanese people are too polite even when it comes to 'stars'

No. 94765

edgy kanji desu

No. 94793

attention sarcasm but she's not a weeaboo noooooo never. Everyone else and her fans are weeaboos, but not her.

No. 94866

File: 1455913607692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.23 MB, 3508x2151, 11.jpg)


i thought i´m gonna post this here cause this has bothered me for a while now. she always claims that she wants that kinda body and a booty and stuff but on her profiles she always wants to appear super skinny, but as you can see she does look normal in real life.
then she adds posts like "omg i lost so much weight in such a short time because every food ever is disgusting except cheap pizza but i´m starving anyways cry" and she either gained it all back or it was always a lie.
i know really well how much posture on pictures can change someones legs size, her photoshop skills are really bad so i doubt that (remember when she got caught on her really bad shooping and then admitted it on twitter, deleted it a few hours later and sent out her fans to defend her on instagram?)
what do you guys think?

tell us more please. i´ve always wondered how she treats her friends or fans, since she has lost so many already, i can´t be just because of her internet persona.

No. 94889

Well, she once had a severe ED so she's somewhat ok-ish now. Her body is average, no boobs, no booty.

What I've always wondered about is how tall she actually is. Sometimes she claims to be 162 and the next day she's about 170. I've seen her a few times but only from afar, but she's never only 162 though I also dounbt she's sth about 170.

No. 94890

this is hilarious like being chubby isnt a bad thing ofc but shes definitely not as skinny as in the pictures she always posts of herself on instagram.I remember the second picture where she has black hair was taken few months ago and I doubt she lost weight that fast as losing weight on hips is really hard.

No. 94892

It's so pose. Like doing O-Legs on purpose and leaning your torso a little forward and some meitu will turn you 10kg less than you actually are.

She's someone who'll immediately backstab you if other people from the scene,her fake friends or fans don't like you and then she'll also get her fans to do a witchhunt. She's done that several times.

No. 94896

oh yeah i wanna know that too. funny thing is when people call her out she immediateley posts it on twitter and wants to defend herself with pictures and "evidence", like the comparison with domi who is around 170

ofc it´s not. ikr? i took the most recent pictures on advance and i doubt that either. she lied a lot before, so i think this is just another lie.
i just wonder why she does the "i eat so much and i wanna be curvy" but then wants to appear super skinny on the internet.

omg wtf i´m speechless

No. 94898

*on purpose
sorry lol

No. 94900

I guess those are after effects of her ED. She never learned to accept herself I guess.

No. 94901

but why does she play this game on the internet then instead of fighting with herself. is she really that soaked up by her wannabe fame internet persona?
i sometimes feel sorry for her but then again i don´t :D

No. 94902

Her efame, no matter what she says in public, is the only thing important to her. And I still bet this was also a huge point for her when begging her parents for that trip to Japan.

No. 94903

i had the exact same thought

No. 94905

It's because she got less interesting after ditching her friends. She tried cosplay again and got some of her weeb fans back. Then she dropped out of school and everything she was able to tell her fans was how exhausting it is to do nothing all day and to occasionally do some part time work, so she got boring again. The trip to Japan was 100% planned to get her weeb fans back

No. 94908

about a year ago or so she said something like "well i´m not a 15 year old who runs around in anime costumes on conventions anymore?!?!?!? i´m an adult now, i did change mimimimi"
kinda funny now

also the thing with her jobs is something i don´t understand. why did she change her jobs so often, in such a super short time? and amusing how she only got some jobs when anons hated her on ask for dropping out of school but not doing anything

No. 94910

Who wants a lazy, impolite ass who only attends work (just like she did with school) if she feels like going to? No one

But I only know of the Shisha bar and her stupid kids birthday disney cosplay thing. Has there been more?

No. 94912

She changed to the worse tbh

No. 94918


first was at a cafe where she claimed the boss didn´t pay her all the money and her mum is gonna sue him
then shisha bar, kids birthday cosplay shit, some kinda insurance thing, a video editing job
and the linsenfinder sponsoring which kinda does count and she doesn´t even make the effort to make those videos right away, she sure takes her time of 3 months

No. 94919

oh and she said she´s going to work in japan soon
i really wanna see her evidence pictures on this on twitter soon c:

No. 94920

Screencap them and get them up on here as soon as she starts posting.

I'm still waiting for her to appear on a deai webpage or tokyobackpage. That'd be hilarious

No. 94922

i highly doubt she will get work. she will just post "going to work now hehe" like she does with her studies right now to defend herself even though she said she doesn´t care at all, but then makes this effort hahahaha

oh good lord haha idk if i wanna imagine this

No. 94924

I remember her telling everyone how good this stuff in Japan will be and that the test that she'll have to write in the end will bring her so much further in life and now she doesn't even attend language school. This attitude will bring her to nowhere.

Well, she could get a job at an izakaya maybe or handing out flyers. But we all know that even if she get a job she'd only do it for a week or two until it gets 'too exhausting' for her.

I can imagine her deai and backpage photos so well. She'd definitely fit in

No. 94927

I'd be so funny if she'd start blowing her parents money out for hosts.

No. 94931

to me it doesn´t matter for what she´s blowing out their money
it´s so respectless to take it and lie to them like she will have a future from this and will pay it back, same with her private school she dropped out. private schools cost money too. did she ever think about her future at all? people get older and die, sorry for potential trigger, but this is life, what will she do then? rely on the government or what?
i highly doubt she can ever pay the money for this japan trip back

No. 94934

The worst thing about this behaviour are the kiddy fans copying it. I read some comments like "omg i´m so jelly" when she said she dropped out of school.

No. 94935

She will never do so. Such a trip even if it's only half a year will at least cost her about 20.000€ (incl food, living and stuff) since she's already blowing out 'her' money to go to hairsalons and stuff, I already see it to become even more than 20.000 bucks.

And it takes half an eternity to only earn 3000€ if you only think of normal part time jobs or learning a job. But since she at least claims to go back to school and getting her hs diploma she won't be able to make that huge amount of money within the next 10years, especially not if we add that she always blows out her money for shit she'll sell a few days later.

No. 94936

Those kids who follow her are in the age between 12-16. In this age, especially girls are super sensitive and easy to manipulate, so sure it's cool to drop out of school to life the weeaboo dream in Japan if your 'idol' does the same

No. 94937

if she was able to get her hs diplome she should have gotten it before going to japan. she´s not able to get it and she knows that really well. doesn´t matter if she´s too stupid or too lazy or a mix of both

yes it´s such a bad thing to do that. everyone with a fanbase this young has a responsibility, but to her they don´t even exist anyway
(only when she needs them ofc)

No. 94938


No. 94951

She could do it, but she got used to being lazy, because her parents never forced her or maybe gave up forcing her to attend school.

No. 94961

i know what you mean. shes a spoilt brat and takes all the money her parents have to spend on her shit for granted. even for an only child shes getting way too spoilt, her parents did a bad job at educating her.
I still remember when her mom gifted her a customised gazette necklace. she didnt wear it obviously but what really made me speechless was her trying to sell that necklace after few years cause she needed the money for concert tickets. say what you want, but this shows what kind of person she really is.

No. 94965

Wasn't she also selling her new ps3?4?right a few months after she got it from her parents? And what about her DS?

The Gazette necklace definitely was the top. Seriously, she claimed it to be real silver gold whatever the fuck really expensive 200-300Euro or something it was. It has been a PRESENT!by her mother! How ungrateful must a person be to sell a present, especially if it was something that expensive from a relative.

No. 94966

that's what i mean, she got used being lazy af. she could have done it, but this was long ago. she could still change her life but she's too full of herself. she thinks she can do anything anyway and if she can't do it her parents will pay for it

No. 94968


Or her diplomat stepdaddy will 'fix' the problem.

I'd have kicked her out long ago, seriously.

No. 94973

idk about her ps3/4 but she didn't sell her ds yet. probably too hooked on animal crossing.
she was bragging about that necklace like mad when she got it but once she realised noone gave a shit it lost its value for her.

No. 94976

lol shes bragging about every single thing which makes her look rich and enviable. like there was a time where she posted luxurious looking furniture or other shit of her parents house. right now she prolly wants to make her weeb fans jealous with her louis vuitton bag. btw i find it odd that she suddenly has the money to buy all those things when she was literally broke af few months ago to the point where she had to sell her clothes and jrock merch. probably begged her parents for money until they gave in.

No. 95046

Do you mean the tiny LV bag in the puc above? You can get these second hand or chinese(lol) in Japan for like 100$ and even less. Nothing special tbh

No. 95048

Over the last few years she had at least 3 or 4 DSs
It's only fun to her as long as her fans think it's cool

No. 95050

File: 1455956638730.jpg (98.34 KB, 640x742, image.jpg)

apparently its janets bag which is hilarious and pathetic cause she acts like its her own bag

No. 95051

File: 1455956697789.jpg (31.86 KB, 640x229, image.jpg)

'my louis'

No. 95052

Wtf, this makes me laugh my ass off and cringe at the same time.

*sorry Janet, maybe next time you should educate yazo about not behaving like shit, claiming it's hers. Also, it's widely known that in JPN you can get LV second hand for that cheap and no, a second hand lv bag isn't worse than a new one

No. 95054

Yazo hasn't watched enough of the sesame street to know the difference between 'mine' and 'yours'

No. 95055

janet is spoiling her as much as her parents tbh. she even gave her her iphone 5s and yazo broke the phones' screen after using it for a while.

No. 95056

Janet = Sugar Mommy confirmed!
Y'all kinda adorable tbh

No. 95057

No. 95058

dear yazoo, if you don´t give a shit then why are you still spaming twitter about this thread?

No. 95059

File: 1455959215582.jpg (86.55 KB, 640x707, image.jpg)

sorry janet, youre not interesting enough to get a thread

No. 95060

no one even hated on her hahaha we talked about the bag which she gave to yazoo who acts like she owns it

No. 95061

Was her face always this round

No. 95062

quoted or not, it doesnt change the fact that it makes pple think shes owning the bag. but if anyone asks her shes like 'mimimi i never said its my bag mimimi'

No. 95063

Screenshots please!

No one even knew her before she got mentioned by yazoo a few months ago. Typical efame sucker
Maybe janet can be mentioned in the gaijin in japan thread lol but only if someone finds her at deai

No. 95064

File: 1455959838953.png (32.38 KB, 592x111, Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-20 um 1…)

she always uses other people´s stuff in way like she owns them
i would never give her my lv bag if it was real


No. 95065

If she doesn't give a shit…why is she mentioning it?

She also lend a lizlisa dress of domi once and never gave it back to her.

No. 95066

doesnt give a shit but constantly spams on her twitter about this thread lol

No. 95067

How much of a retard is this girl? This'll give even more milk to us

No. 95068

As much as she spams, I wonder if this thread was a self post in order to get more attention

No. 95069

File: 1455960481679.png (27.69 KB, 511x82, v.png)

No. 95070

you´re not rich either and so isn´t yazoo. your parents are

No. 95071

Why is she even angry, because we don´t ass crawl her queen or

No. 95072

Who said non of us in Japan currently?

Also, you don't need to be rich to go to Japan. You just need to save some money which is rather easy if you don't spend it on shit like concert tickets, brand clothes and stuff like that, stupid bitch

No. 95073

All hail the not a weeaboo sugoii kakkoiii desu yazoooooooochan queen

No. 95074

Still calling herself yazochan and cosplaying for attention even though she isn´t that 15 year old anime girl cosplay kid anymore

No. 95075


First of all, Allah u Akhbar.

If we follow the teaching of our prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the money of my parents and your parents is mine.

Thank you for your supporting.

No. 95076

Well the name and the fact she cosplays for attention wouldn't be so worse if she wouldn't call everyone else who does it a weeaboo.

No. 95078

so true, anyone can afford japan if you save up money for few months. janet and yazo are weebs who think being in japan makes them special lmfao

No. 95079

Well, I don't know much about Janet, but at least yazoo never came in the situation to need to save money for a dream, she just straight goes to her parents: 'money please'

No. 95081

she probaly tried saving up, failed and finally asked her parents to give her money. not even one of her 3 japan trips were paid by her own.

No. 95083

File: 1455965599094.jpg (70.74 KB, 1080x540, FB_IMG_1455965282391.jpg)

She dumped her ex bf right before she first went to Japan. She told a friend that she wanted "to have some freedom" there. She then fucked the first English speaking Japanese she found on the same day she met him.

She's also not as skinny as she wants everyone to believe.

No. 95084

Also, she never wanted to have sex with her ex, because she 'wasn't ready yet' but hey let's fuck with a total stranger instead.

This 'outfit' looks like shit, she looks like a toddler

No. 95085

i think she had sex with her ex but she said they werent attracted to each other while doing it hahaha

No. 95086

Lol just wanted to say that she really looks like her in rl, she isn't FAKING her pics haha and she also didn't lie when she said she is like 160 tall, trust me, I saw her many times at conventions

No. 95087

her legs arent that skinny tho i saw her irl several times asw and id say shes 3-5cm taller than me. I'm 160cm btw.

No. 95089

Funny how she's bashing on others for using too many beauty apps/photoshop but if she does it it's ok, but oh right, she's mot using any effects aside of filters

No. 95090

I've also seen her several times irl and I think she's about 165-167

No. 95094

She used to say that she and her ex bf didn't have sex bc they were both not interested in sex. But I remember her posting something like "of course we had sex we were together for X years" after their breakup.

Why did she lie about it in the first place ?

No. 95095

Because having sex isn't kawaii

No. 95096

bc having sex with a non jp guy is not kawaii enough lol

No. 95097

I still don't get the whole purpose of this thread. She sounds egoistic and spoiled, sure, but why do you guys care so much?

No. 95098

Well, I haven't seen her bragging about her Japanese fucktoy since she's in Japan. So I bet she dropped him, maybe he wasn't good looking enough to show him to her fans

No. 95099

I'm not sure if you're from Germany. But in the German J scene she's widely known for being a total weeaboo. That's why she deserves a thread in snow. Also the point that she's spamming her twitter about this thread shows how much of a stupid little cow she is

No. 95100

How funny that I'm 160 too and stood exactly beside her and she was just like 3cm taller than me lol she isnt lying.
Idk if she wants to look thinner but I rly don't care, I can just say that shes like 163 tall when she's wearing normal shoes and she isnt faking her pics
(tbh nearly everybody uses filters etc., but she's also posting normal pics without makeup and filters)

No. 95101

Maybe she was lying bc it's non of your business if she had sex with her ex bf or not lol

No. 95103

ikr she always bragged about him on twitter with screenshots of their line convo but now that shes in japan she stopped mentioning him. my guess is that he got a gf or is too busy with work or whatever to meet up with her

No. 95104

doesnt make sense cause she openly talked about having sex with her bf afterwards.

No. 95106

I'm bad at guessing but I said around 3-5cm which includes 163 cm, genius.

No. 95107

Tbh it's still non of your business.

No. 95108

Idc if she uses filters, apps etc
She can use them if she wants, but what annoys me is that she says she's NOT using them and often enough bashed on people who do use them. Chill your nonexistent booty girl

No. 95109

Whiteknight detect. Leave this thread and go back lickin'your queens ugly body

No. 95110

if she openly talks about it she shouldnt be surprised if pple talk about it. get out of this thread, asskisser.

No. 95111

Yea but how I see you still think she's lying.

No. 95112


I'm actually from Germany, that's why I clicked this thread in the first place.
But she sounds uninteresting compared to the other girls on here, that's why I was asking.
You guys are discussing her height etc like it's a big deal and I genuinely don't get why.

No. 95113

"asslicker" omg.. Are you 14?
I'm not a asskisser just because my opinion is that it's embarrassing to care so much for her life.
And when you can say everything you want about her then I can do it too.

No. 95114

Thanks omg.

No. 95115

I love how she keeps talking about her "big booty" when she barely even has an ass at all

No. 95116

idek what youre doing in this thread, but its obv youre one of her weeb fans. take your whiteknighting somewhere else. besides, your english sucks, it makes you sound like the 14yo one tbh lol

No. 95117

It sounds like you guys are little fat kiddies who don't have a own life lel whats wrong with you

No. 95118

someone asked about her height cause she always claims her height to be 160-166cm. but yea have to admit there are more interesting lolcows out there.

No. 95119

The question is what are you little girls doing here, discussing about a woman you don't know and who doesnt give a fuck wtff get a life

No. 95120

lolcow is exactly that kind of site and if you dont get it, get out. its that simple.i dont get why asskissers like you keep trying to defend her if she said herself on twitter that whiteknights like you make her uncomfortable.

she obv does give a fuck, if not she wouldnt spam about this thread on her twitter.

No. 95121

am I the only one who loves janets rant tweets? that girls reaction is more funny than yazos tbh

No. 95124

Imo yazoo and that janet girl are just trolling on Twitter to make you people here write more and entertain them lol

No. 95125

Idc I'm not her fan and I say what I wanna say lol so if you aren't ok with that get your ass out of here <3
How I see, everybody can say really EVERYTHING here, so stop cryin baby
This seems like to be a chatroom for little fools who wouldn't even think about saying all these things in rl to her hahaha
I don't even get what you are trying here

No. 95127

schreib' das nochmal auf deutsch, dein englisch ist grauenhaft.

No. 95128

learn to sage. your newness and ignorance are showing.

No. 95129

Seems like you guys really don't get that youre only entertainment for nearly everybody outside this room full of bitches discussing about a cosplayer who tbh nobody knows

No. 95130

i think its half trolling and half rage tbh lol

No. 95131

Who doesnt get whats written there shouldn't be here……

No. 95132

Hi yazooooo du bist keine Frau. Eine Frau ist man wenn man erwachsen ist, aber du benimmst dich schlimmer als jede 3Jährige

Parenting gone wrong

No. 95133

No one can tell who WE are but everyone knows you and your shitty behavior yazo and yazo chan no asskisser chan

No. 95134

Sind hier eigentlich nur Leute, die weder anständig englisch, noch deutsch können?

No. 95135

nope I am 100% sure there is no rage I just checked their tweets, they trollin you real hard lol

No. 95136

Wth did u just say

No. 95138

either way its funny cause they give this thread way too much attention like yazo said she doesnt even give a shit but keeps going back to this thread.

No. 95139

Yeah sure, but what would you do in her situation?

No. 95140

delete all my social medias and get my shit tgt

No. 95141

Ignore it. If nothing we post on here was true, she wouldn't care at all.

No. 95143

I don't think that you could easily ignore it when youre on a site like this

No. 95144

true. i wish her former friends would join this thread and spill out all the shit she did in the past.

No. 95145

Janet is still talking about the bag I'm cracking up so hard here

No. 95146

No. 95147

your lv bag is fugly and your friends suck. :-)

No. 95148

cause theres definitely more milk

No. 95149

It is, there are tons of people on here and barely anyone cares

No. 95150

Hundreds of liters of delicious milk

No. 95151

Ok that was unnecessary..

No. 95152

I like the bag, but it's just a bag, something material, if someone was to bully her dog or cat then I could understand if she was pissed, but a bag? A tiny fucking bag? Haha

No. 95154

I wish so too, I want some exclusive milk

No. 95155

I met Janet at a Convention in Germany and all she was talking about was how to get more likes for her instagram pictures lol

No. 95156

How to get more likes: suck the efame of someone else.

No. 95157

omg this is hilarious wtf haha

No. 95168

You act like it's soo hard to not type lolcow.farm into the address bar.
Like >>95141 said:
If she didn't care, she wouldn't talk about it all the time and try to refute the shit posted here. She's just fueling the anons in this thread, thinking that she's being so badass and edgy.

Anyway, it reeks of samefagging and wk in here. Despicable.

No. 96840

What even is this bodyshape? pear?
i suck ass with these things

No. 96924

A pear would have a booty, she's a pudding

No. 97388

I watched her new video today and I couldn't understand anything she said like her voice is so low and her accent is strong af. do all germans speak english like that?

No. 97389

Definitely not a pear, she has no waist or booty to speak of. I think she's an apple, judging from how she carries her weight around her midsection.

No. 97407

Does anyone remember her ED recovery blog?

No. 97420

I do but wasnt that years ago? when she was into vkei and shit.

No. 97445

Didn't she have a password for her "whole story"? I didn't ask her for the password, I only read the other version. But I remember me thinking how ridiculous and fake her story sounded.

No. 97448

Why is this girl on lolcow wtf all I read is "Money from her parents" "money from her parents" and "no booty" lol can someone delete this thread pls
seems like it doesnt make sense at all

No. 97449

Omg… You serious guys
Just pitifully shit here
Has nothing to do on lolcow.

No. 97453

Get your 12yo google translate ass back into kindergarten please

No. 97454

yeah it was hilarious, she was being melodramatic af lol
she made that one video on yt asw where she shared her 'sad story' with handwritten cards or more like she prolly wanted attention and at that time those kind of videos were quite popular.

No. 97456

get out. I'm getting annoyed with you 13yo whiteknights and your crappy english.

No. 97457

Ok so someone here watched her new video review?
*can't watch it, because the cringe is too much

Anyway, I think it's ridiculous how she's wearing wigs so often these days, where as she said only a few months ago, that people who wear wigs and CL's out of cosplay are massive weebs.

Also that tumblresk selfie as the thumbnail.

No. 97460

Omg that video was 150% whoring for attention. (Like basically everything else she does, German burry tsukasa lmao)

No. 97461

She cut off her new Extensions already.
A week after she got them.

No. 97462

Wtf? Ok, I know from a lot of people that they can't go with them so well, because the braid in ones you get in Japan can get extremely itchy.

No. 97463

her new video honestly made me chuckle so hard especially when she said that that wig was worth the money. and ofc of all wigs she had to choose the typical pastel colored one which every single weeb owns. shes probably gonna wear that wig everyday from now on trying to look pastel goth and harajuku af.

No. 97464

werent those clip extensions? I think she can put them on and off whenever she wants. i noticed they were extremely visible in the video like she didnt even try to hide them.

No. 97465

You mean tumblr edgy af

And I bet my last cent that she didn't pay for it, but got it sponsored. Why would she spent money on sth as weeabo-ish as a wig?

btw the 'wearing CLs daily is weeb af' phase, was when she wasn't allowed to wear them anymore, because she ruined one of her eyes with them

No. 97466

No, she got braid in ones, like only a week ago. Usually youcan have them in for about 5-6 weeks, if you take great care of them, even longer

No. 97467

Somewhere she stated that she used to share her Circle Lenses with Domi kek

No. 97468

yeah I think she did say on twitter or somewhere else that she got sponsored. that kind of style isnt even popular on tumblr anymore lol only weebs who are late with the trend still dress like that.
I kinda get why shes always wearing Cls her eyes look dead and ugly without them.

No. 97469

Edit: she also has clip ins, so I guess she's going to use these again, or her tacky new wig

No. 97470

Doesn't matter if she wears them or not, her eyes always look dead

No. 97471

she looks like gollum without CLs and make up in general, I'm not even joking.

No. 97472

aren't her clip extensions black? that would look weird af in combination with her current hair color…

No. 97473

Well, her parents have enough money, she can buy new ones

No. 97474

And her weeb followers are her precious? I love that idea

No. 97475

omg dying but actually majority of her weeb fans look like gollum asw

No. 97478

All the weeb gollums walking together. But who are we to judge them, we're all just poorfags not living in Japan :'(

No. 97480

File: 1456246751698.png (942.09 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (389).png)

fat poorfags who will never be as beautiful and japanese looking like her :(

No. 97484


eww that ED bloated face

No. 97487

you mean living in 'tokyo'. she always claims to live there, but she actually lives in yokohama. seems like yokohama is not good enough bc all her fans only know tokyo anyway.
this will give me nightmares.

No. 97488

Whats wrong with her english? I could understand it lol

No. 97492

You're probably German. I can also understand her English, but I can also understand Venus's English, but a lot of natives struggle.

No. 97494

This ^^^^^^^

Because Japan is literally just Tokyo, nothing more.

No. 97496

she said she only needs 20 minutes to get to shibuya which ofc automatically makes her live in tokyo even tho her guest house or whatever is located in yokohama.

No. 97498

Yokohama is actually a very beautiful palce, with not only a very modern city center, but also a very traditional part and a huge china town. Even if she'd live in Chiba, god damn: Tokyo ≠ Japan. Tokyo is actually one of the worst places to experience Japan.

No. 97499

At least her hair looks better nowadays

No. 97500

not always. She's still frying it way too often.

No. 97502

but harajuku is in tokyo and thats the only thing which matters to her.

No. 97503

I agree. At least it's better than all the hairstyles and colors together she had in the past. Remember the sidecut? It looked horrible on her.

No. 97504

Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akiba -> all that matters about Japan. Everything else is not Japan desu.

No. 97507

tokyo is pretty nice when visiting for the first time. After the second time it gets boring. besides, literally 90% of all tourists flock in to tokyo, so if one wants to get to know japans cultural side it's actually better to visit smaller and less wellknown cities.
tokyo is only good for shopping and more foreign friendly, that's it.
It's way more expensive than other cities in japan asw, but yeah, for big weebs like yazochan only tokyo exists.

No. 97508

This ^

It can also be convinient to live near Tokyo, there's nothing bad about it. But weebs should finally learn that Tokyo is actually just a very tiny place in this huge af country

No. 97512

ikr and isn't yokohama like the second largest city in japan asw? along with tokyo, osaka and kyoto it's probably the most wellknown city in japan. I don't even get why she always needs to hang out in tokyo when she already lives in a big city.

No. 97514


Well, not whiteknighting here, but isn't her school in Tokyo? (sorry, I don't know)

It can be kinda funny to go to Tokyo on the weekends, but she has been to Japan before and 'lived' in Tokyo. If I was her I'd stroll around in Yokohama, get known to other city around Kawasaki, go to Saitama, maybe make a daytrip to Chiba etc

No. 97518

yea, her school is in tokyo, but she only attends it for a few hours a day.
that's what I mean, she went to tokyo for 4 weeks or so already when she visited japan twice. doesn't she want to try out sth different? she probably thinks the rest of japan is boring af and not worth experiencing and exploring.
She's always either hanging around in tokyo or staying the whole day at the guest house.

No. 97522


It's only a few hours a day? As I thought, ef is shit. Good language schools will take up most of your day (about 6-8hours in the length of Japanese lessons 55min). plus homework, learning and tests. If she was really there to learn Japanese, she'd barely have any free time except for the weekends, on which she would also have to learn

No. 97526

there's no way she has that many lessons, she has too much freetime for that. if you go on twitter you will notice that she's mostly playing games, watching animes or sleeping in her freetime.

No. 97530

I just noticed she sounds exactly like berry lmao

No. 97531

EF is shit, they take all your money and you'll get nothing in return. Or she's just too cool to attend and/or thinks she can survive without learning and doing homeworks. Sure, no one cares if you learn or do your homework, but this shit costs a lot of money, so if my parents would pay for it I'd rather learn my ass off, than living the weeb dream. You can live the weeb dream when you're done with all your education and at that point of your life you should already be over those dreams.

No. 97534

Just as I said, she's definitly the German version of her. She thinks e-fame is everything what is important in life, though she'd never admit to it. She's massivly photoshopping her photos and when people meet her they'Re either 12year old weebs who'Re blinded by her efame or they're very disappointed. Also, if a tweet doesn't get at least 5likes or negative comments it's not worth to stay on twitter

No. 97538

she already skipped 3-4 times school and she's probably too lazy and stupid to study japanese. She can't even speak or write english properly without making horrible grammar mistakes or using wrong words.
and english is quite similar to german, so it's actually super easy.

I didn't hear good things about EF either. lol she went to japan to become a professional cosplayer, I can see that coming with all the cosplays she already purchased there.
she will be able to fulfill her weeb dream once she marries a plain looking jp guy for visa and becoming a jp housewife just like venus, audrey and himezawa.

No. 97539

the difference between both is that yazos parents actually do have the money unlike berry haha

No. 97544


I get so angry when I hear of people skipping school. The only thing I ever skipped has been P.E. and that was pretty much only for learning for my graduation exams.

I don't think she'd do that. Because then I rather see her going the deai cafe/prostitution way like eg Kisu and Vika do. Also be aware of sarcasm here she never wanted to go to Japan in the first place, and living there??NEVER!!

Japanese people are stupid and disgusting, their food is disgusting too. Their traditions, laws and unwritten rules are not worth to obey. <-that's Yazoo

Also, she won't become a model there. She isn't white like in the sense of blonde hair blue eyes. She's small and doesn't have a nice body (himezawa doesn'T have a nice body either but she has the points of being tall, blonde and blue eyed). Japanes don't really care for this kind of people

No. 97554

I skipped school quite often due to personal reasons but mine wasn't a private school and at least I wrote my A levels and graduated unlike her.
I can imagine her becoming a female host just like mira tbh. or working at some disgusting club like that fetish one she went to.
omg I remember her saying that, she was like 'mimimi japan is only nice to visit as a tourist but I could never live there, hamburg city is so much better'
tbh I think janet is one of the main reasons why she went to japan, besides showing off to her fans.
And true that, but maybe she realised that and thats why she dyed her hair lighter and she's also dressing up more girly with frilly skirts and bows now.

No. 97567


DepartmentH is not a 'club', but a funny fetish party, but since it's getting invaded by desperate foreigners it became boring (I'm pretty sure yazoooo only went there because of the VICE doc lmao).

Well, it some kind of thing to skip school because of personal reasons, but still getting good grades and graduating in the end, but a total other thing to just don't go there because one is too lazy to attend.

>female host

that's a kyabajou: to do it legally you'd need a spouse aka marriage visa -> yazoo is not interested in japanese guys as she claims -> no legal kyabakura for her

All in all, I don't see her to take that way, because even though her parents spoil her to hell and back, I don't think they'd tolerate her to be a prostitute and going on to pay her lazy ass. Anyway we should keep our eyes open, maybe she'll appear on some gaijin in japan adult pages. Though, I don't think that this would happen. She's trashy, spoiled, suffers from the snowflake syndrome, edits her selfies like burry, acts like burry, but she doesn't has the desperate to be a prostitute or marrying a japanese guy to have his children and being a housewife attitude. But well, she's done some crazy shit and already fooled us many times. So maybe she WILL be up to some illegal shit soon, despite from smoking in places where it's obiously not allowed.

>janet is one of the main reasons she went there

I also think so! When Janet went off to Japan, Yazoo was like 'mimimi no friends left here in Germany, everyone's in Japan' on her twitter

>dressing girly

well, she's done that before, though I don't see her dressing girly right now?
what I see is tumblr-esk weed addict pastel goth grunge dark stuff.

No. 97585

Fucking hate that girl

Does anyone have screenshots of her recovery blog?
Unfortunately I don't remember much

No. 97587

>marries a plain looking jp guy for visa

From what I've seen on her social media and how you guys talk about her, she doesn't even seem genuinely interested in Japan like other crazy, obsessed weeaboos. You really think she'll marry some Jap guy for a visa? lmao

No. 97590

Nah, she won't. She'd go the prostitution way at best.

But she really isn't interested in Japan at all. She only acts like it for the e-fame. If she wasininterested in it, she'd spend less of her time on twitter bragging about how she's in Japan now and everyone else isn't but she'd learn for her lamguage school and maybe discover kawasaki prefecture in her freetime, instead of 'chillin'in harajuku'

No. 97604

fetish parties aren't my cup of tea so yea it's kinda gross for me (I know I'm lame lol) and probably, she's late with everything like a few years ago she didn't even know what harajuku was.

tbh I don't see her ever getting a job in japan. her japanese language skills simply aren't good enough, maybe she can give out flyers at most lmao

true, but she stopped dressing girly after a while and then started wearing more classy basic clothes (mostly from h&m).
She dressed up girly af in her recent video of the guest house tour and in some of her ig pictures asw, her style definitely changed in japan! she probably wanted the wig to match her clothes so she goes for that edgy pastel goth style whenever she's wearing that wig. srsly, her own style doesn't even exist, she's wearing everything from girly frilly cute to wannabe edgy goth.

No. 97605

sadly no, i regret not taking any ss for evidence. when she was active on ask few years ago and when she had supposedly mental health issues i took lots of ss but sadly deleted them cause i thought id never need them again. :(

No. 97607

apparently she slept with the first english speaking jp person she met so idk whether she's secretly an asia hunter or doesn't care about jp pple.

No. 97674

I think her old ask is still 'active' like you can still find it. Though I don't know the ID. Wasn't it ilovekoron sth?

No. 97765

File: 1456327281060.jpg (92.9 KB, 640x928, image.jpg)

did she shoop her legs? i swear her legs are always way skinnier than on pictures someone else takes of her.

No. 97766

and she took off her extensions for real wtf why did she pay so much for ones which only last for a few weeks

No. 97768

She's leaning her torso slightly forward while making artificial 'o'legs (I think this pose is called pigeon feet, eg venus does that alot to appear slimmer and more kawaii). And then maybe stretch the photo slightly with some app (any app detection nerds here?)

In Japan, extensions aren't that expensive, though I don't know where she got hers. Extensions there start at about 70€ for 80-100gr and the more of quality they're, the more expensive they get so there's basically an open end.

No. 97808

No. 97812

File: 1456335973313.jpg (152.37 KB, 600x480, dsft6346547547.jpg)

Her old ask is gold kek

No. 97813

File: 1456336000664.jpg (83.67 KB, 400x600, 1553014_764061750321789_720917…)

No. 97818

OT but her eyebrows in the upper left photo look drop dead gorgeous and then I suppose shit happened? nowadays they look like caterpillars cuz she has no clue how to draw them on correctly

No. 97822

wtf she used to be tan af how did she become so pale? and she used to look like such a nice girl, now she's just a spoilt brat with a bitchy attitude.

No. 97823

Well, she used to be a super aggro bitch in her early days (far left photos). She already skipped school on a regular base those days and she hit other people, stuff like that (she psoted about that on her ask).

She rarely faces the sun these days, doesn't eat healthy etc so now she's pale af

No. 97824

File: 1456339615770.jpg (50.83 KB, 332x600, DSC_0658.jpg)

her pictures are embarassing lol

No. 97825

File: 1456339647941.jpg (17.91 KB, 400x600, 303613_431581640213147_1035413…)

no words

No. 97826

I'm literally laughing my ass off right now just by imagining how she took that picture.

No. 97830

Oh my god I was scrolling passed this thread and I could've sworn those were her titties for a second. Shit freaked me out.

No. 97834

She always has spend too much time on tumblr it seems lol non of her fucking ideas are even remotely original. Not even the old stuff.

No. 97838

Don't be scared anon, she has non ;)

No. 98121

File: 1456419737516.jpg (30.35 KB, 640x525, 12596276_968626546549874_20996…)

how much more of a weeaboo can she and janet become? next thing she's going to do is walking around like that in harajuku or akiba to get attention.

No. 98124

That's attentionwhoring lvl 10201001381, especially since she hates shojo and also stated to hate sailor moon. I mean, if someone who's into sailor moon would do that, it's one thing, but this?? It's ridiculous!! Hope she'll get run over by an electric car soon

No. 98126

File: 1456422715289.png (42.3 KB, 480x241, Screenshot_2016-02-25-18-41-19…)

>I have a work and holiday visa
That's pretty stupid. It's the easiest visa to get, you can get it only once in life and you use it to be an embarrassing weeb

>I have a Fachabi, not a middleschool graduation, get your shit together guys

Guuuuurl, get YOUR shit together! You only got a 'Fachabi' if you've finished the 'practical' part which could be eg an apprenticeship, university and some other things (going to Japan for a year, half of it or whatever, even if applied to a language school DOESN'T count)
So basically she has nothing at all, compared to German/north European standards.

No. 98160

i think she did that apprenticeship thingie, but probably through her parents connections.

No. 98168

Apprenticeship means learning a job which can take 2-4years.

No. 98173

I'm pretty sure a 'Fachabi' contains a 6 months internship, which she already did. At least it's regulated like that in Hamburg, idk about other federal states.

No. 98174

When and where has she done a 6months internship?

And no, usually it has to be at least a year, in Hamburg as well as in any other German state. That's why I just made my Abitur instead.

No. 98178

at some insurance company I think. she acted like it was a proper job even though it was an internship.
I just googled it and it says
'Der erforderliche zeitliche Gesamtumfang für das einschlägige, gelenkte Praktikum in Betrieben oder gleichwertigen Einrichtungen (auch die Polizei und Behörden zählen dazu) in der Fachoberschule (11. Klasse) beträgt bundeslandabhängig 800-960 Stunden. Das entspricht bei 40 Wochenstunden also 20 bis 24 Wochen, sprich ein halbes Jahr…'
I think it depends on how many hours you work a week, some might work only 20 hours a week, some more than 30.

No. 98179

but either way it was unnecessary for her to get a 'Fachabi' as she plans to graduate and get her 'Abi' after she comes back from japan. But funny thing is that it's only gonna be the 3rd and 4th semester which means she has to catch up on the whole curriculum of the 1st and 2nd semester as the A levels are different each year.

No. 98180

But she hasn't worked there for half a year. Well, at least she only bragged for 3weeks. 3weeks≠6months

No. 98181

That's wrong? Not whiteknighting here but only the exam themes change from year to year, but not the stuff you'll have to learn in semester 1-4

No. 98182

it would make sense tho if it was for her Fachabi as she started 'working' there right after she quit school.

No. 98184

my friend repeated 12th grade last year and for example in german the 'lektüren' changed, they were different from the year before that.she had to read 2 lektüren to catch up on the first and second semester. same goes to english, some topics are still the same, but not all.

No. 98186

to me it more sounded like an easy way to make money, she made like a video for them and some CM but that was all. Amd since she brags about making her abi after japan it just seems clear that she doesn't have a fachabi

No. 98189

Even if you're slow at reading it only takes a week to read one of those lektüren. I've alse repeated the 12th grade and I've never been the best student in the first place, I still did it though. As mentioned above, the actual themes are still the same. Just the Lektüren change from time to time

No. 98191

we will never know unless she proves it. but i dont think she would be that stupid to just quit hs and let those 2 years go to waste? like she already repeated either 10th or 11th grade once I think.

No. 98192

I think so too. She always tries to convince her weeb fans of how much she learned for school and how she was an A lvl student though she barely ever went to school. Education is only good for poorfags like us

No. 98194

ofc reading is not the problem here, it's not just the lektüren but all that subject matter which comes with it e.g. analysis and interpretation of the characters or certain chapters and not to forget all the comparisons with other lektüren. even if she didn't take german for her A levels, she probably forgot everything she learnt in 11th grade last year, so she has to catch up on everything in every subject anyway lol

No. 98196

Considering she's officially out of school for more than half a year now and hasn't regulary attended it before, she probably knows nothing at all to get her exams done

No. 98197

she used her 'mental health problems' as an excuse of why she quit school, but let's be real- she's just a spoilt lazy brat who doesn't need school cause she's already smart af (not).

No. 98199

She's just lazy. I got some real mental isues, have been under medication and therapy for the whole Oberstufe and I still got my Abitur. My parents would have literally killed me if Id used my mental health issues as an excuse to skip school

No. 98200

exactly. I'm looking forward to her struggling hard to even remember the topics of the first semesters. considering how she doesn't give a fuck about school, she probably threw away all the worksheets and books.

No. 98202

she skipped school for concerts asw, so it wasn't just bc of her mental health problems. she's pathetic.

No. 98203

She'll probably never do it anyway.

No. 98206

does anyone know what her plans are after graduating school (which will never happen anyway)? like is there any major she wants to take in university?

No. 98208

She always says on her twitter that 'she doesn't want to talk about her future plans in public'. So she either has none , or they're shitty af

No. 98214

I think it has sth to do with japan cause she said once that going to japan will benefit her future plans. but then again, maybe it was just a lame excuse.

No. 98215

I don't get it. She always says that 'Hamburg is the best place on earth' she 'can't imagine to live somewhere else' shit like that and that she especially 'never wants to live in Japan' because 'japan sux'

No. 98222

she said that because it's 'cool' to have a different opinion from all her weebfans who fawn over japan.

No. 98225

So you mean she'll take the same way vika, kisu, sere, shani and co took?

No. 98226

I wouldn't be surprised, maybe she can marry that erik or eric dude considering that there are rumours going around of them having slept with each other lol

No. 98228

Well, if it gives her a marriage visa. She can be the German vers of Mira.

Or she's going to work at a soapland, but she doesn't have a nice body :/

No. 98230

Eric is the "the first English-speaking Japanese she met and fucked" at least I heard one of the girls who were with her in japan that time talking about it. She also said she fucked him on the same day he met him kek

No. 98232

and she slept with him in a bed tgt when she visited japan for the second time. they're probably friends with benefits. idk whether you've watched her 'what's in my bag' video, but she always takes a condom with her. I never knew she was such an easy girl.

No. 98233

This is actually true. But she just used him. I mean, have you heard sth about him sice she went to Japan? No, right?

No. 98234

how can you be so sure?

No. 98235

Alot of girls take a condom with them these days. I also have one with me nearly all the time…just using them to make balloons tho

No. 98240

girls who go clubbing every week, she's not that type of girl as she barely goes clubbing.she said in the video 'man weiß ja nie ;)'

No. 98242

Idk It's also possible that he dumped her bc he just wanted smth to fuck but now has a gf?

No. 98655

File: 1456594691692.jpg (101.68 KB, 1024x576, 12776929_969768086435720_12581…)

this gave me second hand embarassment and thats how her legs probably look irl, theyre clearly not as skinny as in her other pictures.

No. 98682

A bunch of ugly gaijin meating up to wear some cringe worthy cosplay.

No. 98683


I thought about how fat those people are. She should join team capsulebunny

No. 99276


why does nobody talk about the fact that yazoo used domi as her fucktoy and broke domis feeling?

No. 99427

Maybe we're still on the generic hater level. And non of her generic haters knows more about the past.

I actually heard that yazoo mentally abused domi and was one of the main causes why domi is not able to have a normal life

No. 99441

how do you know about this? is this just an assumption or really a fact?

No. 99442

Not the same farmer, but we all know yazoo fucked up her relationship with domi during their Japan trip, because to yazoo it has been more important to party, have sex with random strangers and hang out in harajuku and odaiba than to take care of her friend

No. 99443

I know that, but I thought they were only bff, not in a sexual relationship.

No. 99446

Yazo and Domi doesen't had a sexual relationship.
For sure

No. 99450

She used to have two best friends right? Domi and … Amy?
Are they still active online?

No. 99451

yeah, they are. domi and amy are still good friends.

No. 99453

They are. Domi and Amy are both active on Twitter. Seems like both know the page since yesterday? lol they tweet about it.>>99450

No. 99454

does anyone know why the friendship broke up?

No. 99455

What's their twitter name?

No. 99456

what's their twitter?

No. 99458


Because of >>99442

The Japan trip was the main cause for the end of their friendship, but there have been other incident s as well

No. 99459

No. 99464

jup, thats what i know too

No. 99465

With her fake borderline she actually triggered domi into becoming a total train wreck. Yazoo is such a sweet, kind and kawaii person

No. 99470

fake borderline? I don't get what you're trying to say, please explain yourself. I think majority of this thread have no idea what happened between yazoo, amy and domi.

No. 99485

I think we will never know unless one of them will talk about it which probably will never happen. but its quite clear to me that it was probably yazos fault as both turned against her at the same time.

No. 99509

from their twitter/fb/ask

>amy, domi and yazoo always wanted to make their first trip to Japan together

>suddenly yazoo decided to plan a Japan trip
>yazoo's mother pays everything
>yazoo's mother says she'll pay for domi as well
>amy got pissed (totally relateable)

Aaaaand that's all…or maybe I'll an get more of it into my mind again

No. 99516

how do you get the information?

No. 99522

Those things have been openly discussed on their fb/twitter and ask as already stated above. Learn to read little weeb >>99509

No. 99553

totally forgot that amy didn't fly with them to japan. srsly she's the worst friend ever, she took domi with her, but not amy. funny how she always says about herself that she's such a 'good friend' preparing breakfast for her friends

No. 99563

Well, her mom only wanted to pay for one of them, so it was probably also her mothers fault or maybe intention?

No. 99571

but that's still no excuse tbh a good friend would either wait till their friend saved up enough money or at least fly with neither of them.

No. 99572

I think so too. Just wanted to explain what was going on. Why wouldn't she just have cried until her mother paid for both of them. Tbh as spoiled as that brat is, she would've done it. So maybe it was only yazoo herself

No. 99575

i think she didn't give a shit about amy at this point cause she's selfish af, as long as one of her best friends could come with her she couldn't have cared less about the other one.

No. 99576

they were 4 pple alltogether which means 2 hotel rooms. so just taking one of her 2 bffs was very convenient for her.

No. 99577

And then she dumbed domi during the trip as well. What a nice person she is

No. 99642

Domi did not have enough money for food during their time in Japan and yazoo and the other girl did not give her food. She lost a lot of weight in those few days.
I heard it from a friend who talked to domi during her time there she also sent pictures of her body before and after the trip

No. 99646

It's not only Yazo who didn't cared about Amy btw https://twitter.com/lNVlDIA/status/430463116455858176

No. 99762

Domi allways wqs like this with her moodswings.. she's a total wreck, was at least 2 times in a closed clinic in the past 12 months or so, bloated over getting xanax pills on the twitter and so

No. 99792

wtf are you serious? that's so fucked up, no wonder domi didnt want to have anything to do with yazo and the others after the japan trip. it would make sense too considering that she didn't leave her hotel room for days.

No. 99793

Other anon, but I heard that too, from various people and also from Domi herself, so itps definitely true. They also left her alone at the hotel without telling her where they went to etc

No. 99809

and the best friend award goes to yazochan (not).

No. 99815

I heard Yazoo talking bad about Domi at a con but I don't remember exactly what she said
Something about how much of a stupid fangirl domi is
Which is funny bc both slept 5 days in front of the concert hall for gazette

No. 99853

She is a good kisser

No. 99858

No. 99875

No. 99881

This pussy be yankin, I know this pussy be yankin

No. 99897

someone told me that our little cutie yazochan had sex with a guy who she picked up (or he she) at a litlle german fucked up anime convention

she always takes condoms with her? now we know why lol

the boy she left with has a twin brother likes her ex boyfriend has so i think she has a twin fetish omg

they are also some rumors that she became a bitch because it's not the first time that she is doing things like that

also a fact is that she is making out with the most of her male friends.

what an 'asexual' bitch she is.

No. 99902

we need facts with proof, not rumors.

No. 99904

Go back to pull!

This is lolcow, sure facts are great, but we are a bunch of crazy farmers raising a shit load of crazy snowflake carnivorous plants. We need no facts, we need more plutonium

No. 99905

Your writing style is so cringy

No. 99906

idk whether youre the same anon, but I dont believe a single thing >>99897 wrote. it sounds fake and not realistic at all.

No. 99909

same anon probably made that up

No. 99910

Someone different lol just tried to imitate that cringy writing style.

I don't think shit is true though unless there's proof.

I only know that she fucked the first English speaking nippon jin she met, because it's an open fact.

No. 99912

lol other anon is probably a 13yo hater who used to ber fan.

yeah, the rumor that she slept with erikku was mentioned several times and considering the fact that she stayed at his place many times and posted bed selfies with him on twitter makes it sound pretty believable.

No. 99913

It's actually true, but it's hard to give a real proof on this like a screenshot or sth. Except if he's some guy who likes to take little movies during sex and uploads them later.

*be aware little weebs! A lot of Japanese guys LOVE TO DO THAT! lol

No. 99914

believe it or not a good male friend told me and he was in the same situation with her.

No. 99915

Well, I remember some years ago there have been rumors like that. I think someone send her asks concerning this theme.

But please gurl, go to bet so you won't miss your English class tomorrow

No. 99917

Do we talk about grammar or about the Cowboy?

No. 99918


No. 99921

It's annoying if someone who clearly has a lack of basic English grammar tries to contribute to an English board. They're better off just writing in German and then someone else will translate

No. 99923

but how do you know it's true? I don't want definite proof, just something which makes it sound less like a mere rumor.

No. 99924

more details please! srsly, everyone just throws in random things with no explanation whatsoever.

No. 99927

Well, this is an open fact.

The other thing about random con boys is sth else.

No. 99929

if some germans wouldn't use this board you all wouldn't have tons of informations tbh

No. 99930

I cringe so hard at your grammar omg INFORMATIONS???? SSSSSS??? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

Get off the Internet and buy a dictionary! Come back when you know how to English

No. 99932

No. 99936

Hahaha fotzen

No. 99937


No. 99938

Leude es ist wirklich ernst mit eurem Englisch, das ist ja echt peinlich …

No. 99941

Das sind locker so 13Jahre alte Spackos die nur angepisst sind, weil Queen Yazoo jetzt in Japan ist und sie nicht und das ist das einzige was sie halt 'wissen'

I prefer the more deep facts of people who already know her for more than just a year. I actually followed her online 'career' since its very beginning

No. 99953

She flirted with my ex bf knowing he had a gf (me) at a party in Hamburg
She later claimed that he hit on her and that he was annoying

I heard she does that a lot (flirt with guys even when they're taken)
I think it's some kind of game to her? Or she just need attention of men for her self confidence?

No. 99954


Sorry my english isn't perfect either I hope it's understandable tho

No. 99956

same here, idgaf about pples personal grudges against her who weren't even her former friends.

No. 99957

100% better than the English of some others in this thread.

Have you mentioned this before? I mean the thing with your bf? It sounds so familiar…or maybe the part that she told to the public seemed familiar…I don't know.
Btw was he asian? I still tryna figure out if she's a desperate hunter who knows how to hide it or someone who would just fuck anyone

No. 99963

she claims that she's not interested in asians. when she was still dating her ex bf she used him as a 'proof' since he wasn't asian. but she has lots of male asian friends like on her old ig account which got deleted she got tagged by some asian guys on selfies they took together.

No. 99964

File: 1456953032196.jpg (41.86 KB, 490x124, 12442855_911104769007579_74815…)

and remember when she was into jrock? she was definitely fawning over their looks. I got this from her ask. she said she's in love with jp pples looks cause she finds androgynous pple attractive.

No. 99967

Og this is so cringy! All Japanese men look androgynous and are in some kind of vk band lmao

That's like all these little Asian girls who assume that every European/american looks like JB

No. 99968

btw she deleted her ask account lmao
probably cause we found some cringy stuff on there. this also shows that she indeed does check this thread on a regular basis and is concernced about this thread.

No. 99969

File: 1456953642676.jpg (49.95 KB, 338x600, DSC_2893.jpg)

i knew she would delete her old ask account, so i saved some cringy pictures of her beforehand

No. 99970

>> 99969
lol I remember this pic, it kinda irritated me bc she doesn't look like herself

No. 99977

No my ex bf is half german half italian. He looks kinda asian tho bc of his silky black hair and his eyes.

I've never mentioned it before (only to my friends) bc I'm kinda afraid of her little army lol
But I know for sure she did the same thing to a friend of mine.
She flirted with her bf and later claimed that he was so into her and stuff like that but innocent yazochan didn't do anything

No. 99978

did she flirt with your ex and the other guys when she was still dating her ex (I think his name was marlon)?

No. 99979

Need to get this out of my chest:
First of all please calm down a bit! You don't know 1/10th about the people involved here (yazochan + she was friends with).
Yazochan started to cosplay more than 5 years ago. I saw her at some conventions, animexx meetings and on the "Japantag". Everytime she was very happy - talking to other people and enjoyed her time. Some of my friends also knew her personally.
Yazoo liked the japanese culture as many other people do. She went to a "Nyappy meeting" - this is just random meeting with people who like japanese/korean stuff and met one of her previous friend there for the first time.
Additionally she liked Kpop at the beginning (hahaha). She went to a Kpop-Flashmob some years ago (I participated, too). The videos from that day should be somewhere on my disk.
But there are always ups and downs, as you might know, in our lives.
The year 2012 was very hard for her. She had many many serious issues(!) that nearly destroyed her completely. A lot of people talked about her (especially behind her back). "She is so different recently" or "she changed.." were common. I will not go into further details here, but mistakes were made from both "sides" (my personal view).
After she worked on her issues they all spoke about previous actions and began to work on their "relationship". Nearly everyone had/has some issues and wanted to "change" - to get healthy! It was like a "bond"-
Nearly all of them liked the vk band "the gazette" (I like them too). After the gazette world tour was announced in 2013, they all cried and were so happy. wanted to attend both concerts in germany and have a wonderfule time - to see their "idols". As you might know yazochan and her "friends" arrived ~a week ago before the concert started (I saw the footage and everyone was very happy plus a bit anxious).
Someone mentioned the japan trip in 2014 here. As you might know the gazette gave some concerts back in that period of time. This was one of the main reason why yazoo wanted to go to japan. Certainly she wanted to get in touch with the culture and sightseeings in japan, too. I know that a "friend" was very sad about this, because she couldn't save enough money to fly with her friends. The original plan was that they fly together … Additionally they had a lot of conflicts with one of the girls! Many outrageous words were spoken!
In my opinion they behaved "childish" and not properly.. but this was their business. Same goes as the time in japan. One of her "friends" didn't feel very well there and she needed a bit "help".
Moreover they thought they would celebrate NYE together - but one of the girls had other plans. She wanted to go to a party.
The girl didn't talk with the "friends" personally about this. As you can surely imagine the "clique" wasn't very happy about this.

Just my 2 cents.
All in all many many things happened in the "clique". There were bad times and surely very good times. In my personal view they all acted too "childish".
I personally focuss on the well-being of my lovely one's - the most important thing in a friendship. You might agree all here, do you?
Yazochan made a "small" career online. Many people know her and some young girls want to look like her (some years ago 1-2 girls colored the hair exactly in that colour like yazochan did some days ago).
I personally wouldn't judge about people you never met personally or got into touch with them in the past. You always have to make your OWN opinion before you talk untruth "facts".
It seems that yazochan likes to get out and see new things in life. Maybe she thinks that she lives only once (yolo) and have a good time at her young age. But who knows?
She is not the only one out there - many people are "liberalised" nowadays!
I am a completely different, but so what? You have to make your own decisions and look where you want to go in "life.
Btw: the 6 month-school isn't"wasted" time - you can use it as a basis for your future career in many different ways.
Everyone (the girls mentioned here) is very friendly and nice human :)

All in all yazochan is the only person who knows where her path will go in the future.
If she likes to have sex with (many) boys, it's her thing. I personally don't do that kind of stuff. But who am I to judge?
Everyone has to deal with consequences or experiences they make in life. You always learn!
But the most important things in life are: family, health and friendship!!!

Take a deep breath! Goodbye and always remember: Hate is not the answer ;)

No. 99980


Are you actually trying to lecture on lowcow?
I don't really seem to get the point of your post, anon.

No. 99981

omg that was such a waste of time to read this long ass cheesy post. obviously youre one of her friends and idk what youre trying to convey but your opinion is irrelevant. if you want to whiteknight her, get out.

No. 99982


No. 99983

you sound like those fake youtubers who are trying to inspire everyone 'spread love, not hate!' so lame.

No. 99984

I am not one of her "friends" back in the past. I just don't like the hate towards the people who are involved here

No. 99988


Stop it with the apostrophe please.
While you may not be one of her "friends" you do know her well enough considering your background-knowledge, thus you will most likely be dismissed as another whiteknight.
I'm not even trying to be mean to you, but unless you can actually reveal some rumours/facts as false, your opinion won't be taken seriously on here, despite you having good intentions.

No. 99990

totally agree with you, anon!

No. 99995

family,health and friendship!!!

I probably woke my neighbors bc I laughed out loud at this kek

that was ridiculous

No. 100089

Are you her mom? You completely failed at parenting

No. 100091

This is actually her story seen by a 13yo weeb. If I was blind I'd tell you the same story.

And she started cosplay only 5years ago? Lol nearly seven years! She liked kpop before?? Kpop wasn't even a thing back then! The kpop meet was during/shortly after her alois in wonderland phase.

No. 100110

the kpop meet was 2011 lol

No. 100118

File: 1456993941345.png (467.27 KB, 600x565, 2m7evpl.png)

be prepared.

No. 100120

Is this a recent one??

No. 100123

I actually saw her at the kpop flashmob lol she was dancing with her friends in a kigurumi

No. 100179

remember her ED blog? http://owari.jimdo.com/


No. 100189

Remember her black n'white amanda todd video? That was pure second hand embarrassement

No. 100195

she is beautiful

No. 100196

Take your whiteknight ass back to her twitter and lick her non excisting ass. Thanks

No. 100197

omg yes lmao

No. 100198

this is cringe worthy af, she obviously made that blog for attention but damn, I wish I knew the password..

No. 100199

Just like the video. She went ana when it was 'cool' to be ana, she made that blog when it was cool to have a recovery blog, she made the amanda todd style video went it was cool to make such a video. Tbh the video is definitely one of the most outrageous things she ever did.

No. 100202

Omg I wish I knew the password

Her style of writing is hilarious kek

No. 100203

true like she probably didn't lie about having an eating disorder and depressions but its so obvious she wanted attention (I just read her recovery blog and she's clearly exaggerating, it's ridiculous how overdramatised it is). there are so many other ways to help and reach out to pple with similar issues without coming off as an attentionwhore who only does those things bc its 'trendy' and 'cool'. if she really wanted to help and share her story honestly, she should have recorded a helpful video about her story and how she recovered. but no, ofc she uploaded shit like amanda todd and free hugs videos instead.

No. 100207

one more thing, it's ridiculous how she displayed herself as a tragic heroine in her recovery blog when she just had a small eating disorder like idk if it's just me but 48kg doesn't sound that extreme to me.

No. 100214

you don't even know how life is with an ed …
please stfu

No. 100215

How do you know? All the farmers are anon.

But tbh in her extreme phases she was very thin, but she thinks it was cool. Like 'my friends and I are triggering us to go the gym' or 'I just ate a snack bar amd then vomit it out again thihihi I don't feel bad about that it taste shitty anyway' etc

It's the same with her constantly skipping school and promoting how cool it is to skip school

No. 100216

I've never watched that Amanda Todd video bc it was just too cringe worthy

Can someone tell me what she wrote in that video ?

No. 100220

Sth about her ED, about a turkish cousin whom she barely knew who died when she was a kid aaand crying for attention. We all have to feel sorry for her because her life is so tough

No. 100221

She was thin yes. AT the beginning it might have been cool, but after some time you get a very strange eating behaviour. It's a disease and I wish nobody on this planet to live with an ED. I struggling like 8 years with ED and I know she didn't want to get attention or impress other people ;)

No. 100223


I have friends who suffer from severe eating disorders but none of them desperately seeked for attention on the internet like yazo did.

No. 100224

when she doesn't wanted attention why the blog and the video wtf

No. 100226

Attention is the only thing yazo wants
Every thing she does online is for attention so fuck off

No. 100228

You actually can't 'delete' an ask account, just deactivate it

No. 100230

If she didn't wanted the attention she would not've made all the posts, tweets, the recovery blog or the stupid amanda todd video

No. 100231

she's a pathetic brat, admit it. she thinks she has the most fucked up life. I'm not taking mental health issues or eating disorders lightly, but it's just ridiculous af of how much of a spoilt brat she is. suicidal thoughts and selfharming just because she wanted to lose some weight like come on, she didn't even get bullied for her weight.

No. 100232

lol if youre stupid enough to get influenced by pro ana blogs or pictures it's your own fault

No. 100281

German girls are cute and Turkish girls are cute, but I guess if you combine them you get this monster. Some of her picture are really cute but so many of them make her look like a hag, I don't know what to believe.

No. 100372

Her nose is annoying me

No. 100565

at least she doesn't ps her nose like domi

No. 100584

She does, otherwise you'd see it.

No. 100610

File: 1457107914260.jpg (2.1 MB, 2560x2560, 16-03-04-17-09-48-878_deco.jpg)

>doesn't ps her nose

Instagram vs reality. Humen don't need noses on instagram

No. 100614

she doesn't ps her nose, she just uses tons of filter. she said on ask once that she hates her nose, that's why her nose is always overexposed in pictures.

No. 100615

Though she openly looks down on people who use filters in order to blend out facial features. Two faced bitch

No. 100617

Domi has a tiny nose irl and only puts on some filters just like queen yazoooooo does

No. 100620

Did she really just buy new extensions or is this an old pic?

No. 100623

That's a veeeery good question! Someone here knows the answer?

No. 100625

it's a new picture. she posted both pictures not long ago on twitter and instagram.

No. 100626

Spoiled brat then

Extensions are 'cheap' in Japan but not like 10$ a session. It's about 70-150$ for cheap extensions which she probably got. Otherwise they're about 300-600$ just like in Germany

No. 100641

those are extensions tho, not her real hair.

No. 100642

that´s the point? i wouldn´t pay for such fried fake hair. i´d buy silky and pretty extensions

No. 100644

Wow, we have a real detective here! Want a cookie now?

No. 100648

i think extensions end up like that if you curl them too much? idk, I never had extensions. idek if they're the same as her braided ones she took off.

No. 100650

idk some anons might not know whether that's her real hair or not. at least some of her fans think it's her real hair.

No. 100652


if they´re real hair extensions it´s like treating real hair so it´s not that hard to take care of them actually. there is heat protectant spray, conditioner and olaplex just sayin

No. 100653

Well, I wonder if she just rebleached her black ones (the clips ins) which then would be obvious why they're so highly damaged and even the blurr edit can't help. If those are new exte than great job, you went at the cheapest hair salon you could find and probably got plastic ones/real hair mixed with plastic

No. 100659

But she removed the ones from the salon according to her twitter and they were braided in.

No. 100660

quite sure those aren't new extensions. she would have bragged about going to the hairsalon and getting 'fancy' extensions on twitter right away if she got new ones. janet took her extensions off asw btw.

No. 100661


How do you know they were braided in?


Are they copying each other btw? And those eyebrows 50 shades to dark for that haircolour make me cringe

No. 100662

So maybe ratty clips ins she got somewhere cheap? They don't look like human hair tbh

No. 100664

What do you guys think about her piercings?

No. 100665

In Japan that's the most common way. Also the cheapest. If you get them 'glued'(?)in it'll cost faaar more and the removal can be as expensive as the exte themselfes

No. 100666

leftovers from her time as a fancy jrocker

No. 100667

Ugly af, especially the one in her mouth on the upper lip. Because of all the blurr she adds they always look like pimples

No. 100668

she will never get nice silky hair lol

No. 100672

she also has/had a flesh tunnel, but she wanted to get rid of it cause she can't wear earrings with it.

No. 100673

Tru, if she still irons it everyday or got it permanently straight it'll never get healthy. Also bleach and black color will get her in a damage circle forever

No. 100674

I'm curious about this too like did she ever mention that those are braided ones? cause I actually thought first that they were clip extensions.

No. 100677

She got them at the salon for fucks sake omg sure they were braided in

No. 100680

File: 1457120001339.png (967.85 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (408).png)

proof that theyre braided ones

No. 100683

File: 1457120248881.jpg (316.46 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20160304_203529.jpg)

Why do this girls look EXACTLY the same?

No. 100684

Is she fucking usin'a black eyeliner to draw on these nasty af eyebrows?

No. 100686

Because janet only sucks on yazos fame, if she looks like her maybe she'll get the likes like her. But no janet you won't, you're ugly and irrelevant and your vouitton is as tiny as your number of followers

No. 100706

File: 1457126562987.png (25.9 KB, 419x118, x.png)

No. 100707

why is she so angry, did none of them do research before paying 20k for this trip?

No. 100718

they are dad's princess… what do u expect?

No. 100900

Huh? What happened?

No. 100922

she acts like she owns the residence, she probably can't stand it when pple don't listen to her or ignore her lol
she's a bipolar bitch, sometimes she would say that the residence is like her home and at other times she suddenly hates everyone and bashes the guest house.

No. 100933

go for 5 months and live in a more private residence

No. 100958


Edit: >I hope this residence burns down with you, yazoo and your fugly lv bag inside

No. 100962

they´re going to department h again….

No. 100965

DepartmentH was cool some years ago until tons of foreigners got there, just like the decadance parties. As soon as too many foreigners appear on the scene (the ones who behave like yazoo and co) those parties become shit and only hookers will attend

No. 100968

File: 1457186401822.jpg (136.73 KB, 640x896, image.jpg)

oh so thats the reason why she looks like a cosplay slut today

No. 100970

why does she draw her eyebrows like 100 shades darker than her hair color? it looks terrible, please go on yt and watch some eyebrow tutorials, yazoo!

No. 100971

she is fucking hot and i love her… i need to book a flight to tokyo to see her ♥♥

No. 101002

Actually DepartmentH is a hardcore fetish party, not sure what she's even doing there lol
Also, that outfit, nothing like actual DepartmentH stuff. People there dress waaaayyyyyyyy better in the way of more exciting, creative, sexy or funny. She's just dessed like a normie. Please yazoo go to the river with margo

No. 101004

Janet? You're already in Tokyo.

Her eyebrows are a mess ever since she started to touch them. They're at their worst now lol they look like she's drawing them on with her motherfucking eyeliner

No. 101011

It's also an event where you DRESS UP AT THE VENUE! OMG WHEN WILL SHE LEARN IT??

No. 101062

her make up skills are a joke, her tutorials on yt are shit lol

No. 101063

I just say white eyeliner

No. 101077

Has she been run out of the german cosplay community? I know a ton of german cosplayers but I've never heard of this girl until now

No. 101078

She's popular in the northern part of Germany and among 12-15yo weebs unlike really popular cosplayers who attract a more mature audience

No. 101080

She's also been inactive for the past few years and only restarted cosplay in the middle of last year

No. 101089

does anyone know how she got so many fans? i know tons of cosplayers who are at least as good as her, if not even better. her cosplays are nothing special either and she's rude asf to her fans.

No. 101092

North German anon reporting in, I used to be super active in the community and I have never ever heard of her.

No. 101094

Not 100% sure either. Probably through fame sucking and only cosplay popular shit, copying popular tumblr quotes etc

No. 101095

You must be new or active while she was inactive.

No. 101096

that's weird cause she ALWAYS gets mentioned when it comes to German cosplayers.

No. 101097


I remember back then she posted a video where she lip-synced a song in different cosplays. It was a popular trend and a lot of cosplayers used to do it, but I can't remember the name anymore (it was some sort of mash up song).
That's how I and a bunch of other fellas found her, since her video had tons of clicks. After that she probably gained more followers through ask.fm and stuff

No. 101100


yeah this anything can do and other videos. Furthermore some amv's about Naruto. This anaything can do thing had over 100k views on her old account "shokomuffiin" - that got terminated

No. 101102

She always claims that her deleted accs got hacked while they actually just got reported multiple times and then they got deleted

No. 101103

I remember how devastated she was when her old yt channel got deleted lol same with her ig account, she always assumes it got hacked.

No. 101105


Found it. That was the video I was talking about. Along with the video >>101100 mentioned, both had tons of clicks.

No. 101106

IDK, I guess she must be promoting herself more towards an international audience? I asked my friends who are still active and actually socializing with real well-known German cosplayers and they don't know her either.

No. 101108

Her YouTube channel must have had multiple reports because of violating the personal content rule or however it's called. She used too much gema music I guess.

The fact her old ig got deleted is pretty funny though I laughed half my ass off.

I wondered if she'd get all her followers back but she's still under 2000 and her former acc had like 3k? or sth?

No. 101109

She barely has any international fans, her posts tend to be 100% German. She only started to use her shitty English mainly like 2years ago. Still most of the comments she gets are in German

No. 101111

Edit: she also never has been interested in being part of the cosplay comm. she was known in the vk comm though

No. 101113

Fuck, I'm stumped then. Her fanbase must really consist of 12-14yos impressed by shit-tier cosplay and edgy social media posts, I know for sure that she's not one of the people known for quality work and presentation.

No. 101114

^this 100%

No. 101124

i think she almost had 10k followers on ig before her account got deleted.

No. 101127

She has this one for about 2months now and doesn't even have 2k by now. Lol she got boring

No. 101128

it's funny af cause she probably planned to brag about her living in japan to 10k weebs

No. 101135

It would be funny if someone could get down her YouTube and fb at the same time

No. 101136

sad thing is she doesn't show the culture, good food or something from japan.. pretty boring stuff she delivers to her weaboos :D

No. 101137

and twitter, since she's the most active on there.

No. 101138

According to her ask and twitter
>Japanese culture sucks
>Japanese food is disgusting

So, she's not much to share with her weeb fans

No. 101139

question I asked myself: Why the hell do you go to japan if you hate the culture + food ?

No. 101140

It's really difficult to report people on twitter it's just like with tumblr where you have to write a three page essay and even if multiple people do it and they have legit reasons the account won't get deleted

No. 101142

>Because her parents pay
>too lazy to finish school
>janet is the only 'friend' left to her so she needed to follow
>her parents pay
>impress weeb fans
>her parents pay
>to be an ignorant ass

No. 101145

File: 1457216341516.jpg (94.02 KB, 537x640, 12804117_973780869367775_51072…)

from her ask

No. 101148

>japan being tolerant towards different sexualities
No way gurl no way

>the food is so healthy a dream

And then she tried it for the first time and literally threw a whole bag of gyoza away and explained to the internet that Japanese food is the most disgusting thing ever

No. 101149

lies over lies

No. 101150

And Japan ≠ Tokyo
If she'll ever learn that? Probably not

This girl is a narrow minded weeb forever

No. 101152

she's literally talking about tokyo, not japan. what an ignorant weeb.

No. 101155

This is how every narrow minded weeb sees Tokyo, I mean Japan

This girl will forever be a weeb kek

No. 101158

And this is not even how Tokyo works.

There's lots of bullying and cat calling going on.

No. 101160

she also changed her ig description from 'currently living in tokyo' into 'currently living in -japan flag-'. probably cause she got hate for it. bitch thought yokohama = tokyo.

No. 101161

Thanks to the anon who took screenshots of her old ask

No. 101164

Top kek

No. 101174

File: 1457217958794.jpg (43.89 KB, 776x163, 24340981.jpg)

she knows herself too well, janet is her sugardaddy

No. 101196

File: 1457221417993.jpg (9.99 KB, 312x312, 479[1].jpg)

>even the "hobos" are almost enviable in the way they turn cardboard boxes into entire houses with separate rooms, living there like it's no big deal.

>wtf is with this bitch.png

No. 101386

What was so question?

No. 101409

someone compared her to yukapon and she snapped lol

No. 101412

Yukapon is cuter lol

No. 102000

File: 1457383532689.png (572.14 KB, 1079x1238, Screenshot_2016-03-07-21-41-43…)

Why the heck would you retweet this if you know that your followers are 99% underage????

No. 102006

seems she removed the retweet
btw: this vid is cool :)

No. 102008

It's creepy not cool omg

Oh why did she remove it? Someone's readin'his own thread here kek

No. 102010


No she didn't, it's still there

No. 102012

Still creepy and nothing what a selfproclaimed 'asexual, not interested in any kind of sex thing' girl should broadcast on her twitter, especially not if you take in mind that most of her followers are minors

No. 102014


That's not the first time she retweeted something like that though. There was once a video where some asian dude ejaculated on two women with tons of cum.
She probably thinks those kind of videos are funny, but yeah have to agree with you, she's not really setting the best example for her fans.
It's not like she actually cares about them anyways.
Does she still considers herself as asexual? Thought she moved on.

No. 102016

Her sexuality depends on what mood she's into and on who is asking for it. She went from bi, to hetero to asexual and back. She's whatever her fans (she claims she doesn't care for kek) think is cool at the moment.

Funny how she blurrs out her self harm in every photo and even tells photographers to ps it away, though she blames others for hiding their flaws. Same goes for her ugly nose

No. 102024


>she claims she doesn't care for kek

When was she supposed to claim that? That would be an incredible dumb thing to do.
However, none of those "popular" folks care for their fans. They care for the attention and simply see them as followers rather than actual people.

No. 102025


No. 102035

wtf thats nasty asf

No. 103978

Who bumped the thread?

Anyway, when it's already up here, is there something new? I don't follow her, because I can't stand the cringe, please keep me up to date guys

No. 121665

are we not gonna takl about this btw?

on ask some years ago:"japanese food is delicious and healthy, i love it." - now: "i don´t like japanese food"

"i would never like to live in japan. i would never live there, NEVER" - puts "currently living in japan" in her instagram bio and also is there for 6 months :)

and her biggest success in life is her youtube . . . . kek

No. 121668

From when is the video? I don't wanna tap on the link, I don't want this bitch to get my views

>cosplay is only for thirteen year old weebs
Runs around in Cosplay all the time now

>wearing circle lenses everyday is only for weebs

Wears them everyday tho she damaged her eyes through misusing them

No. 121679

File: 1461003217226.jpg (86.84 KB, 1080x1349, yazochan-20160418-0001.jpg)

>I never edit my photos, it's literally lying to edit photos
So you tell me you were born without a nose, girl?

No. 121682



so funny how she´s so proud of her youtube as she was famous. even with all that effort put in her internet appearance she´s a no one, especially on youtube
she can´t even handle her camera after all those years and comes up with excuses like her computer is broken and she tried and fix it and acts like she is a programmer or sth, yet she can´t even do the easiest things.

No. 121683

oops sorry for double posting this link

No. 121685


her smile is fucking creepy tbh

No. 121688

She either gets a new pc/laptop/camera or her oh so great and cool stepdad will fix it

No. 121692


you really believe what she says hahaha? she just created an internet persona to be cool and shit like that is just another excuse because she was too lazy to make a video on her oh so fame channel
it was obvious it was all lies because after getting stuff for free she can suddenly upload shit, but she even got too lazy to upload sponsored videos now kek

No. 121694

I'm not sure what you wanna say with the first part of what you wrote, but second part is definitely true. She's not posting shit anymore about free stuff she gets kek or maybe no one is sponsoring her anymore because she lost her old insta. let's go on reporting her current one

No. 121703


i´m tired af lol sorry
i mean that she created a WHOLE internet persona just to have 20 actual fans, so making up a small lie like that to feed them is just an easy task for her

out of 5 maybe her computer was actually "broken" once

lol did you ever read her S4S text? she will make shoutouts for the people who reposted it when she reached 3k :DDDDD

" I'll start reposting when I reached the 3000! " so in 10 years?

gurl just buy followers if you wanna be fame so badly

No. 121705

She thinks she'll easily get back to her 10k followers just by recycled selfies, bought cosplay and other cringy weeb stuff. Daddy should buy her some followers.

Also I highly doubt that if her current YouTube would get deleted she'd ever get back that much followers on there

No. 121715


a lot of fans turned around because she acts like she does. all high and mighty just because she has good cosplay PHOTOS for a german girl.

she´s not even a good role model anymore either. like she never was a good role model but at least she went to school and didn´t like drinking (said that on the internet)

i remember when she said that she´s going to quit school 1 or 2 fans of her said they were jealous bc of it kek

No. 121719

Ever read her current tweets? She acts like she's the biggest rolemodel out there ever, with all her tumblr copied quotes omg

She's always been tumblr trash and will always be (even if she's not contributing on there, she's always went with the latest 'trends' on there in order to stay popular among 13year old weebs)

No. 121746


To be fair, I don´t think she edited it. She just stood in the brightest sunbeam ever.

(There´s no difference to me but just wanna be fair here)

She did edit a few pictures once tho. I wish I had screenshots of it, she made her legs, etc, thinner, someone called her out, she first said it was true but everyone does it, then deleted everything and sent out her minion fans to defend her and acted like she would never edit her pictures c:
Does anyone remember?

No. 121749

Oh my I remember! Was it during her 'recovery' phase?

No. 121755

File: 1461009028949.jpg (43.37 KB, 472x271, sadjaijidaijas.jpg)

her tumblresque tweets are so embarassing since her english sucks ass… like why does she keep writing her tweets in english? her grammar is a mess and tbh if i couldnt understand german i wouldnt get the meaning behind shit she writes lol

No. 121757

She once bullied the hell out of me for these things and now she's acting like she's defending people who struggle. Fake bitch is fake and will stay fake forever

No. 121758

File: 1461009183563.jpg (184.32 KB, 1173x674, adjsidjsaj.jpg)

oops accidentally uploaded the ss in shitty quality

No. 121761

Shitty quality for shitty tweets kek

No. 121765

maybe that picture was an exception but usually she puts like tons of filters on her pictures to make her skin look flawless and pale plus she hates her nose

No. 121766

She's nearly ALWAYS making her nose disappear. Not that I mind it, I only mind her attitude towards others who do it and actually admit that they edit.

No. 121768

File: 1461009785464.jpg (205.08 KB, 1048x931, 12026605_978229958922866_17589…)

proof that she does edit a lot.

No. 121770

#nofilter kek

Either of those two pics isn't that fortunate though

No. 121948

Omg that bitch is a fucking hypocrite I hate her so much

She made fun of "little attentionwhores" (young girls who are posting pictures of their self harm scars) and said that people who post pictures like that don't have "real" mental problems
Even tho she posted pictures of her scars too

She also made fun of some of my friends for having anorexia or depressions

No. 121988

It's because she only 'had' all these illnesses for attention. And yes, it IS possible to force oneself into mental disorders.

She was so happy when she could brag about how much food she puked out again, or when she could gladly tell her fans that she has borderline syndrome etc

Tumblrina forever

No. 122168

god damn it, I hate when fellow Germans embarrass themselves on here. Stop using "fame" as an adjective, it's idiotic slang only used in Germany. Go back to school and work on your syntax, btw.

No. 122193

You should tell this to yazoo please kek

No. 122374

Is it possible to report her YouTube channel for copyright music? Wanna see her trying to get her subs back

No. 122434

No, I was talking to you.

No. 122492

I'd never use fame as an adjective kek but yazoo does

No. 122595

that was long ago already, but she wrote 'you victim' once which was supposed to mean 'du opfer'. that's so typical german english, even now she doesnt realise that not everything can be directly translated from german into english.

No. 122640

If she does it, it HAS to be correct kek

No. 122670

So she drank the tumblr koolaid then
>uwu don't be mean to people who fake illnesses u guise
>they may have a reason for that, maybe the reason is you
>btw this doesnt apply to me im a victim uwu
>see how good and caring I am?? God im so nice
Disgusting fake bitch.

No. 124187

She was so mean to some of my friends and laughed about their mental illnesses. Although her anorexia wasn't THAT bad (she never was near to dying or THAT underweight) and she wasn't hospitalized for a long time (actually not at all or am I wrong? She used to tell everyone but in her pro-ana blog she said she wasn't I think) she still made fun of those girls who clearly had it worse. Stupid fake bitch.
I can't understand how her fangirls can think that she is actually a nice person. I mean come on, open your eyes.

No. 124188

She at least posted some photos of her in the hospital during her pro ana phase. Bet she started to deny everything when pro ana got unpopular again

No. 124195

She was very beautiful in 2012 - 2013 ♥

No. 124197

She actually never changed since she started anime cosplay kawaii jfashion though? Fried hair, nasty makeup and fake personality since 2010

No. 124625

She was always nice to me. But after the gaze concerts in germany and japan 2k14 she changed a lot.
Look at her new cosplay picture on instagram, that's a situation girl

No. 124629

I think it is funny that before she went to Japan she was all like 'yeah my parents pay, no I pay, ah no I'll pay my parents back blabla'
And now she buys shit tons of cosplays which aren't cheap in Japan. She buys tons of makeup, getting her hair done once in a month, getting her nails done etc

>gurl neither you pay this shit yourself nor will you ever pay back your parents we all know that

No. 124826

i still remember when she just broke up with her ex and went to a "friend" and slept there hahahahahahaha

No. 125006

I know for sure that she broke up with her ex boyfriend to "have some freedom in Japan" ergo to fuck random japanese what she did. (Erikkuuuu) I can't show you proof because my friend who showed me would get in trouble kek

No. 125008

We all know that kek and the stuff with the freedom, she posted that on twitter or ask too

No. 125109

>>124826 >>125006

I feel sorry for her ex, he seemed like such a nice guy

No. 125114

I feel sorry for him too, he always seemed to care for her so much and even if he seemed not like he was rich he bought or even made sweet presents for her.

The chink she has now she only fucks because well he's a chink (uwuu but I hate asian men, asian men are so ugly mimimi) and because he's rich and will buy her stuff

No. 125235

pathetic … just pathetic!
don't forget the word "androgyn" hahaha

No. 125239

That guy looks gay af and NOT because he's Asian

No. 125273

well some people like "updates" and some people like "downgrades" hahahaha

No. 125280

She has upgraded the money kek why else would she go out with him??

No. 125562

she is livin' the "princess" life or daddy's sugargirl / darling ♥♥♥ i love her

No. 125570

No she's living the spoiled bitch, no responsibilites, always saved by parents, no manners live. Don't be jealous on shit like that

No. 125608

haha thought u have a bit sense of humour girl<3
Or you remember: "we are like a family and will my friends are more important than family"? ♥

No. 125616

God, get back to school and learn some English! I'm not understanding a single word of yours

No. 125617

And don't fucking use emoticons, hearts stars and so on when posting on lolcow you damn newfag

No. 126267

her last tweets OMFG!

No. 126294

Screenshot please

No. 126334

File: 1462035701886.png (59.28 KB, 579x431, 12.PNG)

No. 126354

We so edgy desu

No. 126540

god, she's acting like some 14yo who's bragging about going to parties and getting drunk, such childish behaviour

No. 126542

But she never gets drunk, she knows her limit thihihi

No. 126543

she once bragged on twitter that she was being drunk af (such a badass) and she doesnt need alcohol to pass out, she already faints randomly without any reason

No. 126544

First she fucked that eric guy and now she's 'just hanging out' with him and fucks the gay chink…suuure

No. 126545

what gay chink?

No. 126549

Her bf with the bmw, who recently visited her in Japan, cause what's money?

No. 126563

People will stab you in the back, and then ask why you’re bleeding.

No. 126571

No. 126572

So tumblr edgy sugoi

No. 126588

File: 1462118723617.jpg (172.05 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_2016-05-01-17-56-24…)

I'm still not over this picture kek
She looks so fat and ugly in it

No. 126600

Are u kinda retarded?! Where do u see fat?! And then ppl ask whats the reason for feeling awful

No. 126602

Are you blind? She looks fine

No. 126603

Selfpost much?

You don't look fat at all gurl, just plain ugly and the fucking cos doesn't fit you. Just cosplay characters without boobs, or ask your parents if they pay you a pair of them, they'll do it, we all know.

No. 126617

Disney characters suit her better

No. 126622

that cosplay looks very unfortunate on her. she said on ig or twitter that now that she had a photoshooting with it she's gonna throw it away. why would someone even buy cosplays they dont even like? she buys a new cosplay every week, takes one picture with it and then whines on twitter or ig that it doesnt suit it all, she's such an attentionwhore

No. 126625

She doesn't look fat, only not as skinny as in her other pictures or as she wants everyone to believe.

Her face looks weird / ugly though

No. 126635

maybe she borrows them so i won't suggest that quickly that she's buying a new one every single week. also I won’t deny the fact that she wants to show her 'skinny' sidr but I truly believe that she's quite slim, more than enough

No. 126638

i would still fuck her

No. 126779

She buys them kek her parents give her enough money

No. 126791

Do u stalk her that much that u can assume it with that certitude? Jeeeeez nobody cares if her parents give her that amount of money etc. I bet anybody would take it if he could

No. 126796

Learn English.
Learn how to quote

And no, you don't have to 'stalk' her, just read her social media occasionally

No. 126843

quite sure she bought those cosplays with her (parents') money, she constantly posts on both twitter and ig that she got herself new cosplays. and they're not borrowed, she purchases them together with her friend janet, they occasionally switch their cosplays, but it's still a fact that she bought them.

No. 126844

File: 1462201070246.jpg (56.44 KB, 538x960, 13101095_1014165961995932_9808…)

here's some proof

No. 126921

There's no quotation in here so what's the problem? My english's sure not the best but can anybody pls tell me what I've done wrong? How disrespectful can ppl be.

Well yes but if u have checked her social media u should have known that she has been working right? U can also sell your old stuff. If it makes her happy to buy new ones just let her be. I know this is lolcow and she's sure not the kindest person but this isn't amusing anymore, it's just sad.

No. 126936

See these numbers dumbfag? That's how you quote.

>she's been working

Counting what she might've earned in the few months she did occasional part time jobs, she might have 'earned' 1000Euro, maybe 1500, but not much more, which is basically nothing.

>she sells her old stuff

Yes she does, but (and that's like the only good thing I can imagine about her) she does it to valuable prices eg her parents gave her a ds for birthday cause she wanted it soooo much, she sells it for half of the price.

Her parents pay everything, no matter how shitty she behaves, no matter how much shit she talked about her mother, it doesn't even matter that she's literally been too fucking lazy to properly graduate!
My parents woukd have disowned me if I'd ever show up a behavior like that, they wouldnpt spoil me with shit kek

No. 126951

she will get a good job i am 100% confident in that

No. 126958

you know prostitution doesnt count as a good job right?

No. 126966

I wouldn't be that sure bout it, she really needs to change her way of thinking even if it's related to her 'mental state'


I still don't get the system and I 'obviously' didn't know u meant this by quotation so pls behave more human and u rly didn't need to call me dumbfag fgs

And how do u know about her mother and so on? How do u get on such private information? This is crazy

No. 127109

Her social media. It sounds like you only know her for a year or sth
But people who know her since 2011/2012 can tell you the greatest stories.

Sucking of mommies and daddies money isn't a job either

No. 127114

Everyone except of you does it and
>understands this oh so difficult system

Are you 13 or just retarded in general?

No. 127136

she sells stuff her parents gifted her like her ds and gazette necklace, selling gifts is one of the worst things a person can do imo

No. 127160

No. 127207

File: 1462292997623.jpg (95.24 KB, 640x640, x.jpg)

we´re not gonna talk about this?

No. 127236

Her legs look weird, especially on the right. Did she stretch the picture?

No. 127273

She lost a lot of weight, because you know, Japanese food is disgusting

No. 127275

File: 1462301683941.jpg (66.62 KB, 600x800, ChhO7AhUcAA7tKW.jpg)


i get what you mean but her legs in the top pic still look too deformed. they look edited af

No. 127278

i think it looks alright, at least she doesn't dress up like a cheap wannabe gyaru or tumblr girl in that picture.

No. 127279


as if dressing like a basic girl with no sense of style is better

No. 127281

it is, you can do nothing wrong with lame basic clothes

No. 127283

File: 1462302328913.jpg (135.41 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

she doesn't have any extensions anymore, maybe that's the reason she stopped dressing 'girly'

No. 127289

It might be the angle + whatever camera option she used/phone she has.

I think she has the iphone6s and I heard it's automatically 'beautifying' photos by stretching certain parts etc blah

No. 127310

File: 1462308493713.jpg (75.27 KB, 452x600, haters.jpg)

haters gonna hate

No. 127461

These massive selfharm scars which she's now blurring out in every photo kek

No. 127513

I never noticed that before. In OP's picture she has them up to her shoulder on her left arm. Is it only her left?

No. 127809

File: 1462443611363.jpg (65.21 KB, 452x600, avatar (1).jpg)

it's a rather old picture, but yea, it's only her left arm

No. 129867

File: 1463073271679.png (713.23 KB, 711x473, Screenshot (420).png)

it's so obvious she shooped herself in this picture, her face looks deformed af lol

No. 129877


why are her eyes so … tired and hanging?

No. 129884

chriiiiiiiiiiist, the colors are soo off.
and these wigs look so cheap

No. 129924

Worst venus ever, that wig omg

The only one looking remotly good is saturn though wrong hairstyle kek

No. 130073

that venus… is that keekihime?

No. 130113

Haha that's jeniffer the gurl with the tiny handbag

No. 130176

oh.but she indeed looks like keekihime. lewl

No. 130191


Who's keekihime?

No. 130261

this janette got a bit fat

No. 130358

Yazoo got way too thin again, cause all the food in Japan is disgusting.

And janette probably relies only on conbini food

No. 130384

>not knowing that Google exists
keekihime is an Austrian artist/cosplayer and a former idol in Japan.

No. 130758

look how janette treats the place she lives in..

No. 130759


No. 130771

this is fucking disgusting

No. 130788

hher friend domi just outed herself as lesbian/ bi on twitter apperently

No. 130821

she's not her friend anymore

No. 130850


Omg if this is real, this is the most disgusting shit ever.

No. 130888

Why was she in hospital over night in Japan?

No. 130985

And where did you read that?

Just from looking at her insta I'd say becauseshe got massivly underweoght again maybe or she's not getting enough nutrition because 'japanese food is disgusting'. Or she just wanted to be edgy as always kek

No. 131000


She posted pictures from the hospital on Facebook, Janette posted some on Twitter. I don't know if she delated it because so many "fans" asked her what happened.
Her Staff was also there and both stayed the night with her in the hospital

No. 131038

File: 1463408468982.jpeg (95.54 KB, 748x1331, image.jpeg)

she's not skinny but ok, if you wanna believe her crappy "photoshop" skills, have fun with that :) (i brightened the pic obviously. it's from her twitter)

No. 131039



No. 131040

She's definitely skinny. Or got skinnier. Maybe her legs look fine but that doesn't mean anything.

No. 131043

Her knees look dislocated

No. 131046

but what other parts have you seen of her body? she only shows her legs?


No. 131047

Her legs and arms look unhealthy af also her face gets 'slimmer' more and more

No. 131050

who cares?
she looks great at the moment and I would like to have fun with her in my love-room :)

No. 131053

File: 1463414362270.jpg (166.55 KB, 861x576, zfuzfzujfjuf.jpg)

she makes herself look skinnier than she actually is, she looks pretty normal to me on pictures which weren't taken by herself (she's the one in mars cosplay)

No. 131056

But yazoo would never shoop her photos, because altering photos is a nono desu bohooo she'd never do that

No. 131061

You know, stm takin photos in a specific angle or with a specific camera make ppl look more broaded than they rly are
Never experienced the feelin to feel wider on photos than u actually are? I'd astonished

No. 131064

File: 1463418180879.jpg (139.35 KB, 1071x540, 20160516_190211.jpg)

a skinny persons legs wouldnt look like this regardless of the angle

No. 131073

This is about 6 or 7 months ago. Don't you know how fast you can lose weight if you're forcing yourself? aka not eating because japanese food is disgustig, I only eat bread and potatoes i'm so german desu?

You can lose more than 6kg in only a week and since she forced herself into ED behaviour before she can easily do it again.

No. 131077

totally agree, especially when u already lost many kilos due to an ed, it is more or less easy to lose what u have gained

don't you see that her upper body looks alrdy tiny regardless of how fine her legs seem to be in that shoot?!

She indeed lost some kilos during her stay, let's see how this gonna turn out in a couple of weeks

No. 131079

why is everyone here complimenting her?

No. 131080

wasn't she bragging about getting a job in japan to pay all the shit she buys by herself? I don't see her having one by now kek isn'T her stay over in like what, a month or two?

No. 131081

everyone? probably just one derailed 'fan' or janette who tries whiteknighting her sugar mommy

No. 131087

ofc I know that, but in the mirror selfies she posted of herself during that time she looked as skinny as she does now. she definitely doesn't have thigh gap legs

No. 131089

i think she looked a little heavier those days, but yes she has no natural thigh gap legs

No. 131091

just means she has a loose vag, but by now everyone knows and that's not the thigh gaps fault

No. 131092


you meaning her fucking every chink she gets despite not liking asian guys because that'd be weebe

No. 131391

look at her twitter hahahaha now she's lesbian hahahaha apparently she fucked every Chink available

No. 131404

whut??? I thought he had her gay boyfriend who used her as an alibi??

No. 131406

Did she delete the tweets or was it something among the lines?

No. 131409

No. 131417

wonder if she just made a joke there.
Is she still in a relationship on FB?

I guess she's doing this for attention only, because right now it's cool to be gay

No. 131418

No. 131419

apperently she and that janette girl are now dating she you can see it on both twitter sites

No. 131420

dating aka whoring for attention kek

Janette is just after yazoos fame and yazoo is just after some extra likes for acting gay

No. 131421

funny how yesterday domi outed herself on twitter and just today yazoo goes official with janette hahaha
someone mention earlier that domi was just her fuck toy.. called it lol

No. 131422

File: 1463489338056.jpg (39.33 KB, 400x400, eNV_UnIV.jpg)

No. 131423

first thing janette does is answering questions on ask hahahah

No. 131425

hahahahahha this

No. 131428

How they act all happy couple desu kawaii is 100% cringe. No one believes you anyway

No. 131429

Childish af

No. 131448

Well Janet pays almost everything in Japan for Yazo I guess she wants/needs Janets money kek

No. 131450

C'mon I created some real art there.

top kek

No. 131496

is it true that Dominique has been in love with her? any proof?
do you think she'd 'forgotten' about her or does she just pretend that it doesn't affect her anymore

No. 131497

they've never been in a lovers relationship. They've been friends, really really good friends, but not in a sexual consent.

Domi isn't as low class as Yazoo kek

No. 131519

wtf??? she´s such a mean and heartless person. idc if she´s really gay or not but she obviously used her last boyfriend for whatever reason and that´s really disgusting

No. 131526

>for money
>for attention
>to let her weeb fans think she's with an asian guy

I still think Janet and her are just acting this shit. It wouldn't be the first time that yazoo tries to be an actress.


never heard of these rumours tbh and I know both in person

No. 131528

File: 1463505183129.png (45.12 KB, 595x205, bae.png)

she`s so cool omg such an alcoholic, she´s my role model <3333 x33333 cookiez

why is she always so late with shit, ppl have this phase at like 16 omg

No. 131531

She never got out of her teenage weebo phase tbh, because she desperately wants to stay relevant.

>she was most famous during her ana positive time

that was when she was about 16
during that time she got praised and ass patted by everyone and their shit, sure she wants this back

>but I never/rarely drink alcohol bohooooo

drinks alcohol all the time when being in japan

No. 131546


without hating her mom she doesn´t have a reason to cut ;)

No. 131548

Does anyone know what's up between yazochan and her mom? Some years ago she basically hated her and now she posts tweets about how she's the best mom ever. Was yazochans hate towards her just another attention seeking move?

No. 131549

yes, because being cool with your parents is so kawaii desu. Also, her mom pays everything, so she at least needs to ACT like she loves her, because probably her mom spies her social media (believe me a lot of parents do that)

No. 131557

I too think it's simply ridiculous how she behaves when it comes to drinking alcohol. 3 years ago she said that she has never been drunk and how unnecessary it is, now she posts 5 tweets every time when she's drunk to make sure everyone knows. She's 20, I mean how immature can a person be?

And Janet is just another very special person. Creates an ask.fm account right after she and Yazoo confirmed their "relationship", then continues to brag about only getting questions about her and yazoo. I mean what did she expect? She's not famous or even beautiful, she's only known because of her "girlfriend" kek

No. 131559

Janet is a very speciul snowflake desu. She's so creepy how she tries to act, look and BE Yazoo kek

No. 131564

File: 1463506518977.jpg (3.75 MB, 2480x3508, not a liar.jpg)

janet acting like yazoos last bf never came to japan so i decided to make a cute little collage
i censored the poor people tho, i feel sorry for them

No. 131565


but she didn´t lose any weight kek

No. 131567

Yes you're 100% right. Especially when she and Yazoo got theircut the same and even dyed the same colour lol

No. 131569

>ass patted by everyone and their shit
kek, what are you even trying to say

No. 131571

THIS is fucking mean and antisocial. Even if yazoo was just after his money (and he probably just after some white chick) they (janet) shouldn't behave like this. I mean he only came to JAPAN jsut to meet up with yazoo. it's not like a simple trip to japan costs you about 2000-5000$ or what

No. 131572

File: 1463506788198.jpg (13.1 KB, 175x153, why.JPG)


No. 131573

No. 131576

Yazoo even posted a picture on instagram when her boyfriend or whatever he was came to Japan and how happy she was (deleted…), and now Janet claims she has "keinen plan" (=no idea) about this… kek
She's a psycho lol

No. 131578


it is disgusting. she´s not even sorry at all. that ask was their chance to say sorry for that but she just acts like she didn´t know he came. even if she wasn´t sleeping in their room, pics where all over instagram and the status on facebook as well.

No. 131579

>I'm such a cool edgy hipster desu, here have my middle fingers

>look at how kawaiii i am desu thihihihi I'm gonna suck all your money out of you and then throw you away like a used condom thihihih kawaiii desu

No. 131581

they were in a relationship long before (since winter/autumn 2015) that as far a I remember they only made it public while he visited her in Japan.

No. 131585

Hun, I wasn't talking about the ass patting part.

No. 131586

she/they could at least have cleared it up somehow that way

but top kek here
>maybe they were already too drunk

No. 131587

File: 1463507249514.jpg (15.8 KB, 220x297, weeb desu.jpg)

kyaaah x33333333

No. 131589

well then:
>I just fainted for the ß238ß012ßß4time
Fans: Omg you're so cute, take care we love you

>that guy sitting next to me in class always fixing my bandaid when my self harm comes out

Fans: omg how cute, we love you, stay strong

>I just puked out my cereal bar, the only thing I had today thihihi

Fans: wow, you're such an idol, we wish we could be as thin and healthy as you

etc the list is endless

No. 131590

She looks really bad with bleached hair, good thing she went back to black

No. 131591


No. 131593

it's just that her hair is hopelessly fried. She's straitening it nearly everyday. She's bleaching it, goes back to black, let it grow for two months or three, bleaches it again. how should this mess ever get healthy???

No. 131596

File: 1463507617163.jpg (47.25 KB, 537x771, 12498947_926032904181432_78584…)

got ya covered

No. 131597

File: 1463507643001.jpg (47.13 KB, 527x648, 12596330_930319753752747_11063…)

matching couple shirts just for one picture for instagram how cute is that huh

No. 131599

In the end it was his or her parents money which she threw off the window

No. 131600

I bet she and Janet were already licking each others pussy when that picture was taken… no I forgot, yazo is too kawaaaiiii for that, poor Janet kek

No. 131602

imagine janets fingers in yazoos pussy digging for some fame kek

No. 131603

I swear yazochan needs her own tv show

No. 131607

yeah on RTL

if you´re german you know what i mean

No. 131608

please not. an own thread on here is far more than enough of recognition and it hopes it is the last recognition for her. Because as soon as some Japan weeb having a thread on here, their carreers go downhill. (at least if the thread is was psoted with a negative attitude)

No. 131625

I don't want her to come back to Germany, but I don't want her to stay in Japan either. I wish she was kidnapped by her real fathers family and married to some old turkish guy

No. 131626

wtf calm down

No. 131627

I just want her to get a single taste of reality in her life

No. 131630

Fam chill

No. 131631

I love how yazoo and janet share their rs openly on twitter and make a big deal out of it but on ask janet keeps going about why everyone is so nosey. bitch stop making everything public if you dont want strangers to butt in. they suit each other well cause both are attention-seeking weebs, i ship them. <3

No. 131634

File: 1463512029785.png (304.8 KB, 934x336, kek.png)

hmmm 6 weeks ago was around when yazoo posted that staus of her and that guy in a relationship
she must be really in love with her HAHAHAHAHHAHA
also in that video she is kinda scared of actually kissing her???

No. 131644

maybe she changed her mind… well or it is TRENDY to be "GAY" / "LESBIAN" :D

No. 131646

it's trendy and will bring them some more likes

didn't know that janet is 'instafame' aswell. let's see if I can get her account down.

No. 131648

but isn´t this trend over now? i remember it from tumblr but it was years ago.
like i´m happy for every real gay person if they can live a better life now bc of this trend but all those fake people who say they´re gay just for attention /cringe

No. 131651

attention + money = people sell their souls and honour :)

No. 131652

at least you get something from money tho kek

No. 131654

they both remind me of >>>/snow/115750

bein wannabe gay/genderqueer/inventing new sexualities is very edgy among these anime kids

No. 131656

well, if they didn't have their rich and probably blind and deaf parents they wouldn't have a single penny

No. 131665

you guys remember the video yazochan uploaded on youtube where she and janet literally get drunk on camera? that was a whole new level of emberrassing smh

No. 131673

is it still up? or did someone get some screenshots, I'm not sure if I remember

No. 131676

can anyone here actually do their research themselves wtf

No. 131678

I don't want to research on here, just to prevent myself dying from massive second hand emberassment by accidentally opening the wrong link kek

No. 131679

they drink sparkling wine.
this is so weak.

No. 131680

but muuuh vodka

No. 131682

sooo you rather sacrifice me? lol


No. 131683

I'm seriously sorry for this fellow farmer!! I'm just really sensitive for too much cringe. Seriously I can't sleep sometimes of feeling emberassed for other peoples behaviour

No. 131686

nah you're just being lazy…

No. 131689

nope, I'm serious

No. 131691

you can read screenshots of her twitter and watch shared videos on lolcow tho, alright

No. 131694

yeah, but that's well filtered, delicate stuff.

I don't wanna trip over things like her 'i cut myself, my parents are rich, i got mobbed during elementary muhuu'video again

No. 131706

Hey LolCowers!
I know this girl for many many years.
Tomorrow I will release some special content from our beautiful weaboo. Stay tuned cowys ♥

No. 131714

I'm already excited!

No. 131725

> mobbed.. bullied is the word you're searching for
gj anon thank you

No. 131740

think about the possibilitys if this is pissed domi this shit better be nice haha

No. 131818

can't wait for it
spill some delicate milk

No. 131859

I'm checking this side every 30 mins to see if anything has been posted haha I'm so pumped

No. 131864

No. 131928

where's the drama you promised us?????

No. 131929

maybe that anon trolled us

No. 131936

no, maybe they're busy and posting later. I mean wasn't that comment from around 20?21?

No. 131940

i still think it´s janet saying that they´re not lesbian and they just wanted to make fun of us because they´re so smart

No. 131942

doesn't make sense dude

No. 131947

idk that anon kind of came off sarcastic and this thread already exists for months so why now? janet and yazoo openly declared their rs ytd so naturally they would check this thread afterwards in order to see pples reaction but yeah these are just my thoughts

No. 131949

either this or
someone is just late to the party, sometimes people discover a thread after a few months first, because they didn't know about it/the webpage

No. 131993

who just bumped the thread??

No. 131995

not sure if it's a jumpsuit or just a top with a skirt but it's a normal thing to wear, it's not like her ass cheeks are showing or cleavage. nevertheless, her hair looks gross, her face is broad and round, no wonder she's usually wearing weeb bangs.

No. 131996

no clue why anon deleted it, it was the most recent twitter pic of yazoo

No. 131998

upload it again please

or was t yazoo/janet trying to keep this thread going to stay relevant?

No. 131999

I bet it was one of them hahaha

No. 132000

File: 1463598645309.jpg (47.88 KB, 421x586, csiadjioajf.jpg)

her legs look gross af…

No. 132001

The toilet in the background tho…

No. 132004

her self harm scars are even visible from that afar, if she's such a rich spoilt kid, why doesn't she go for a laser treatment? like I have plenty of friends who have self harm scars and they're scared and ashamed to show them in public…I guess yazoo wants to keep them for attention or to be edgy

No. 132005

sorry guys my internet fucked with me but thanks for reuploading.
i know that she's not showing much for western standarts but i think in japan it's a totally different thing. i've heard several people who live in japan saying that you either show legs or cleavage but never both. and it's not even summer yet..

No. 132006

to correct you
>you never show cleavage and shoulders, because that's slutty, for foreigners it's 'accepted' but shouldn't be done at serious occasions either
You can show as much of your butt as you please though.

since this one isn't stretched at least we can tell that she lost some weight.

well, she hid them for a while, but self harm is getting edgy again sooo…

No. 132009

so dressing up like yazoo in that picture is considered slutty in japan I get if it's cleavage, but not shoulders wtf

No. 132010

she's hiding her cleavage here. that'd be ok

the shoulder thing is sth cultural. In ancient japan showing neck, shoulders or your wrist has been considered 'risky' and has been used in a sexual way.

But as said before, it's okish if foreigners do it, if they don't do it at a serious workplace or some other serious occasion.

If you walk into a normal japanese clothing store you'll mostly see things covering your arms/shoulders, cleavage and if there's something like a dress with only thin hangers(?) it'll most likely come with a cardigan or at least a matching cardigan will hang on the same wall.

No. 132023


Uhm have you ever been to Japan ?
It might not be summer in Germany yet but in Tokyo it is already quite warm.
I don't think you would care about their customs either if your sweating all the time

No. 132024

*you're sorry

No. 132026

if you actually eat japanese food for a while
>so being on the right diet for the given climate
you won't sweat that much tbh

I've lived in japan for a while and am usually a heavy sweater, but since I only relied on the japanese kitchen and only got me a pizza or spaghetti as a monthly highlight, I barely sweat (I just melted away when temperatures rised over 40degrees, but that was only for a very short while)

No. 132027

also I'm not the one you replied to

No. 132029

Yeah but I guess that depends from person to person.
Heard that you're supposed to not sweat that much from drinking green tea ( Don't know if its a rumour though never looked it up ) anyway it didn't do anything for me

No. 132045

she makes fun of a girl who made a video about her "rape experience" - you never know if the "story" is true but this behaviour is just fucking disgusting

No. 132046

when? story? tell us more

No. 132239

That sounds like her.
She once said on ask.fm that women should enjoy catcalling and that it's fun when men hit on you at night and not scary/dangerous at all

No. 132267

stop bullshittin here

No. 132294

File: 1463668341182.png (367.93 KB, 597x589, Screenshot (428).png)

guess who's still lurking in this thread lol

No. 132296

Looks more like a big dick than big hips.

No. 132297

her english is horrible, how can people even take her serious?

No. 132307

This isn't bullshit at all tbh she once send her little army after me, despite from knowing that I'm mentally unstable

No. 132308

showing this on her leg kek

No. 132315


No. 132316

I'm gonna call bullshit on that until I see evidence

No. 132325

they're disgusting

for evidence, just read her tweets kek I'd like to say check her old ask.fm, but as soon as she found out about the thread she deactivated it

No. 132327

Do you really expect me to check 35k tweets

No. 132329

yes, I do

No. 132330

the best stuff is on her ask account(s) tho

No. 132343

File: 1463678023217.png (29.61 KB, 594x90, lol.png)

just found sth

No. 132347

Then sorry but I'm gonna assume that your previous statements are made up and nothing you said is true at all.
Yazo is spoilt but she isn't as horrible as making fun of a possible rape victim

No. 132348

suuuuuuure … so why isn't she working in Japan? why isn't she seriously working at all ever?? kek

>even if my BF was a billionair I would have a job

No. 132349

you're just lazy. check her ask and check previous screenshots from her old ask posted in the thread above. check literally all the screenshots posted above

No. 132350

Let's just say that I actually have a life outside of this thread and simply do not have the time to stalk someone I don't even know personally so intensely.
Just assumed you had the screenshots at hand based on the fact that you apparently have nothing to do other than bumping this thread once a day just so you can talk shit about a mentally ill individual who isn't even as cringy as you make her out to be

No. 132351

as if there was only one person who dislikes her lmao

>talk shit about a mentally ill individual

she has never been mentally ill, just tumblr addict, attention whoring

>not cringy

smoking at places where it's clearly forbidden, psoting photos of it and act like it's cool. so not cringy…

>have a life outside this thread blah

you're here, so you HAVE time and there are already screenshots above from her rants and cringe posts and her whoring for attention. If you're too lazy to search the internet than at least go through the thread, lazy cunt u

No. 132353

File: 1463679204574.jpg (5.25 MB, 3508x2480, aha.jpg)


left pic is from winter 2015
i just wanna tell you that posing also does a LOT of slimming to photos.
i can´t find a good example pic on google but just try for yourself. make a normal pic and then lean your ass a bit back, strech here and there and bam your legs will look skinnier.
between those pics is maybe 1 kg if we could side to side compare them.
she did not in any way lose a lot of weight.
don´t believe pictures from the internet. just don´t. she is posing in a way to look skinnier in both

No. 132354


tbh i think she is in a way mentally ill, because she´s so despo for attention. she even cuts herself just to get attention which is sick af.
but she went to therapy and nothing changed and she even stopped going, so it´s her own fault.
and it´s no excuse to be a mean person

No. 132355

in the right photo she's wearing heels, so maybe she might got even more fat, since heels make legs appear a lot slimmer

No. 132359

she actually forced herself to act like that, because it has been cool to be like it.
I agree she has a massive attention whore problem
>doesn't change she's a bad person, with a cringy character and no respect

No. 132362

File: 1463679732069.png (90.64 KB, 617x437, v.png)


another gem

No. 132363

You don't cut your whole arm open for attention.
A real attention whore would only makes some chicken scratches and act like it's the real deal

No. 132365

>People be like 'you such a spoiled gurl, going to japan for half aa year just to have some fun'
>KaY 'and you spoiled girl pay all the shit on your own
>I'm so evil (lazy translation here)

Before that (in november? December) she clearly mentioned on TWITTER that her parents will pay all the shit and she'll 'pay it back' just like she wanted to 'pay back' for her trips to japan kek

An EF language school exchange is about 7000€ for half a year and that's jsut the school fees, you need to add living costs, which are enormous, food costs (which are probably enormous as well since she refuses to eat japanese food), transportation costs, and all the other stuff I'll label as 'fun stuff'.
All in all it's about 15.000-20.000€. she suuuuuure pays this all by herself

No. 132366


she said on twitter it was 17k and i guess without food, shopping and her hospital trips which is around 200€ each (she posted that as well)

No. 132367

have you ever worked with people like her. like really WORKED?
People cut there whole arms open for attention, they really do, as stupid as it might sound. Also she never bothered to hide fresh wounds, but actually acted all cool about them, like it's 'normal' to cut

No. 132368

so how does she pay it by herself? well she doesn't. her parents pay EVERYTHING

No. 132369

I mean, I'm ok if her parents pay it, but her blatant lies are pissing me off

No. 132372


does someone know what really happened to her first job? she said that her boss didn´t pay her and they sued him or sth like that, but i don´t believe it AT ALL. it was at this coffee shop

No. 132373

And I think her parents should have been better off forcing her to do her abitur before this shit, or kicking her out instantly if she refused to do her abitur (as she did)

No. 132374

good question. hasn't it been mentioned somewhere above?

No. 132375


so what kinda graduation does she actually have?

No. 132376


i think so, but maybe someone knows her irl and knows what really happened, i think the above posts were just talking about it, but no facts

No. 132377

according to herself she got a 'fachabitur' which is basically nothing and most companies will see it as a sign for someone being too lazy for everything.

But since Fachabitur works like this:
>finish 12 years of school
you got the theoratical part, to finish it you need the practical part, which is either a
>6months praktikum
>learning a job
>going to university

she has done neither of these

No. 132378

oh ok. ugh she was ranting about it on twitter, but since she dumped amy and domi she got no irl friends left whom we could ask

No. 132380


thx bruh i have fachabi as well but i didn´t have problems with companies or unis…. lol

but you´re right she has neither of those so why is she lying AGAIN?
but then again what does she actually own?

No. 132381

I guess it's depending on what you're going for. I know people who had massive problems with just the theoratical part of their fachabi to find one of the things mentioned above.

>what does she actually have

a realschulabschluss or well just the theoratical part of the fachabi

someone mentioned above that in hamburg the praktikum for the fachabitur doesn't need to take 6months, though I highly doubt that, because I first wanted to go with it too, but my teachers told me about the rules and I was like, let's take another few months of stress and you're done with this shit

No. 132384

Just for your information guys. I haven't read the whole thread but I have read the first things where you state that Yazo is in Japan because of being a Weeb. That's not correct at all.
Her friend jenpai (Janet) first wanted to go there with another friend. Somehow the other friend wasn't in for the idea anymore so Janet flew alone.
At this time this friendship was already so important to them that Yazo didn't wanted to be seperated from Jenpai.

No. 132385

woaa such a kawaii romance story..not

they're both just spoiled brats, with no respects for others or other cultures

No. 132386

also, yazoo jsut searched for a 'public cause' to hide she's a weeb. she can't hide being a weeb very well though

No. 132388

I know Janet in person and tbh she is just a poor girl that hides her insecurity under "mental illness" like depression or something.
Maybe it is because her wealthy parents never gave her anything but money. No real love. No future. Sometimes she doesn't even leave her room for days until her mother, that is only talented in going shopping forces her to go out.

No. 132389

That post about Janet wasn't meant to be nice :D
She's behaving like a child now thinking "oh I am so cool, I'm smokin and drinking although I hated it but Yazo likes it so fuck it"

No. 132391

And Janet saying that she started Cosplay alone because having no friends is a lie! She had friends but was a bitch herseld

No. 132392

to be honest i wish my parents would have payed less attention and more money to me during my youth. I'd be a better person now

No. 132393

I don't think yazoo would have followed janet if it wasn't for japan. imagine if janet went to china or thailand, I highly doubt yazoo would go with her just because she doesn't want to be seperated from her.it's a fact that she's a huge weeaboo.

No. 132395

and janet only went to japan for the attention

No. 132396

if she went alone, no one would even know that she was there lol

No. 132398

her instagram is pretty popular though (and I think it has been popular even before the whole yazoo thing)
She would have gained more 'fans by posting about weeb shit and people like yazoo liking it

No. 132400

lol 2k followers on instagram is not that popular, there are lots of german weebs who have more followers

No. 132401

oh I thought she was at 10k? maybe I got it wrong then sorry, my bad here.

haha well then, even I got more

No. 132402

yeah she only has 2400 followers, usually ig accounts with lots of cosplay content get loads of followers lol

No. 132403

File: 1463683777426.jpg (23.52 KB, 765x115, _20160519_204545.jpg)

just found this and I honestly had to chuckle a bit "nach dem Abi"

No. 132404

well, she never made it. I don't know if her parents are blind or just don't care how she's sucking the money from them. My parents would have me kicked out long ago if I acted like her

No. 132405


remember how she said she´s gonna make her abi after japan?

No. 132406

funny thing is that she plans to get her "Abitur" after coming back from japan like who the fuck is she kidding

No. 132407


remember how she said she´s gonna make her abi after japan?

No. 132409

I don't even remember this, but I'm pretty sure that she won't. I'm a yazoo fortune teller

No. 132411


i will post it if i can find it haha

No. 132413

you're a great farmer, you deserve a cow…wait

No. 132414

she's full of lies like why can't she say the truth for once. she probably doesn't want to come off as a spoilt kid who still relies on mommy and daddys money

No. 132415

File: 1463684392977.png (363.83 KB, 607x509, what???.png)

?????? she got a laptop to makes videos in japan? she made how many? 3? in 5 months????

No. 132416

she'd be much more sympathic to me if she was just like
>I'm too lazy to finish school
>mommy and daddy pay my japan trip
>mommy and daddy pay my car
>mommy and daddy buy me shit loads of stuff which I actually don't really like and will sell after a few months anyway.

At least she'd be honest. right now she's just coming off as an extreme arrogant bitch

No. 132417

practically only one. that sponsored wig video doesn't count.

No. 132418

but it's only a used one

the caption of the right pic says that her smartphone crashed, so she's using her ipod. so will mommy and daddy send her a new smartphone for the last few weeks in japan? see it in the next episode of 'how to be a retarded bitch without any respect and no friends, but a janet'

No. 132419

the used one part ist ment sarcastically

No. 132420

File: 1463685073793.png (33.6 KB, 581x103, k.png)

No. 132422

File: 1463685252786.jpg (102.51 KB, 521x598, 20160519_211038.jpg)

she's asking her fans first what kind of videos they want her to make and then just straight up ignores all their requests and makes 2 stupid unnecessary videos instead noone asked for. I bet she wrote that post for attention and to show off anyway

No. 132424

but she got the 6s and now it's broken kek

>daddy wants to get me an iphone7 but not a 6s! sence??? maybe I don't WANT a 7???

No. 132426

maybe she'll cut them if she's back in germany and uploads them after japan? I mean that'd be a little stupidd but…

No. 132427

"I organised a good working laptop"
is she being serious? she didn't do shit, her stepfathers mother gifted it to her.

No. 132428

remember when she worked in a coffee shop in Germany and worked for 2 or 3 months and the boss wouldn't pay her? she didn't deserve the money

No. 132430

and her stepfather probably did the organisation stuff, as always kek

I wonder if this was also a lie, because if this guy wouldn't pay his employees the store would've been closed long ago. We have laws here

No. 132433

I doubt she will do that, it's yazoo after all. if she actually did have footage she would have bragged about it on twitter already

No. 132434

I know the coffee shop where she used to work (I often went there after school), my classmate worked there too for a while and she got paid normally with no complications. I bet she was lazying around, didn't listen to her employer or had a shitty attitude to not get the money

No. 132435

yes and tbh the boss is a fucking shithead. I ordered a coffee there and waited like 30 min for that… stupid double coffee - never went there anymore

No. 132438

i love double coffee but that certain double coffee shop is shit. I ordered a coffee there once and they served it to me lukewarm

No. 132439

yeah you are totally right. Wanna drink a coffee together?

No. 132440

if you pay, yes

No. 132441

lolcow, bringing people together since shitty people exist

No. 132442

I wonder if you've ever worked at restaurant/coffee shop.

A lukewarm coffee is gross, but you could just have give it back and either get moeny back or a new coffee

If there are many people in the shop and only like eg 2 employees for 15 customers shit might take a while

No. 132443

I am in! Write ur email and I will write to u

No. 132444

I used to see yazoo a lot cause we got off at the same station, that was when she was in 9th-11th class. she used to wear wigs all the time and dressed up very flashy.

No. 132445

Honest question:
How did you all find the thread?

No. 132446

kawaii desuuuu goddes~~ cried on twitter or something so I Googled it.. later she posted the link I think

No. 132447

i was reading threads on lolcow before hers got posted so yea

No. 132450

I live in the same town and am just wondering where she got off/where did she go to school? I wonder if anyone I know knows Yazo

No. 132455

she went to a private school and I know the station too but why do you wanna know?

No. 132456

private expensive af christian school. though she went to a 'normal' school before as far as i remember

No. 132458

I was a farmer before her thread appeared. I still wonder who created it though, since I know out of first hand that it was neither domi nor amy

No. 132459

so you have know it first hand? spill some milk dude tell us some interesting story's

No. 132462

I can't go much deeper, because I'm scared that it might reveal who I am.

No. 132464

aw come on you know how those girls are they don't tell their story and keep them secret you're not the only one who knows .. and if then tell us something that won't reveal you..

No. 132466

the problem is, I can't proof shit, because that'd def reveal who I am.
But I can confirm stuff like that she always used to downtalk her 'fans' even on public events like the Chisaii and the Chsaiicon.

No. 132560

If anyone interested in knowing things about Janet, just asked. She is as bad as Yazo.
Just read her ask.fm - a whole collection of being fake and lying to her fans….

No. 132561

Did anyone saw that Janet deleted her post on Twitter where she said that she confirmed her feelings to Yazo being drunk and crying - she deleted it. Why???

No. 132565

the post itself was just a link to her ask idk if it's deleted too but I saw it too

No. 132590

yazochan is bisexual for a long time :D

No. 132699

more 'hungry for likes sexual' kek

No. 132714

"fucking everything i can get"-sexual

No. 132733

File: 1463769240140.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 132756

when I look at this picture
she probably has some issues with her knees again :(

No. 132890

Her legs are just permanently deformed either through
>a lack of nutrition during puberty
Her forced ED
>wearing the 'wrong' shoes for her feet during puberty
>maybe she needs to wear special footbeds for shoes but never wire them/wears them
>or doing the wrong kind of sports too often → see squad challenge

No. 132993

the tiles of the floor look weird ;)

No. 132998

File: 1463856165417.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 1463769240140.png)

they kinda make a weird 'bump' in the circled area, but not sure if it's just because of the mirrow or if she used a face slimming tool to slim one of her legs

No. 133130

File: 1463913253004.png (89.78 KB, 155x275, 20160522_123127.png)

I circled the area where it's the most obvious again. You see how weird the tiles look? Not the work of the mirror to me, as only the specific area next to her leg is like that. She tried to slim her legs once again kek

No. 133262


i don't know…i've seen wonky tiles like that before. assuming this isn't laminate, it looks like someone just put a tile in funny.

No. 133264

She got her fucking princess cosplays send to Japan by her mom. I don't know if someone of you has eve shipped sth to Japan, but fees are enormously! Paying about 30$, just for her daughter to look like a glittery trashbag, outing herself as a weeb on the streets o f tokyo is well…stupid?

No. 133301

not trying to white knight, but is $30 a lot to you, anon?

No. 133324


some of her friends sent her packages as well - german food & stuff

No. 133343

did she get it now? she will go back to Germany in a few weeks hahah wat a spoilt brat!
where did u read that?

No. 133346


Many people do this I would ask my friends as well if they could send me something.
And I doubt that anyone would let their friends pay for it

No. 133402


for sth as completely unecessary as two fucking cosplays for a time less then 6weeks? yes, I'd say that's pretty fucking expensive. And yes I work and make my own money.

she definitly let them pay for it kek as if princess yazoo would ever pay sth by herself

No. 133498

she will pay it back later duuuuuh

No. 133580


No. 133585

File: 1464024970605.jpg (151.67 KB, 813x960, 13244867_1028745633830075_7135…)

tbh I think they would make a cute couple if it weren't for their nasty personalities

No. 133586

File: 1464025009085.jpg (74.74 KB, 960x792, 13237809_1028768183827820_1957…)

another couple picture

No. 133592

'couple picture'
this is gross and wrong on so many levels, since we all know they're just begging for likes and followers with this

No. 133594


No. 133597

File: 1464026627130.png (418.52 KB, 596x573, a.png)

that kiss doesn´t even look real

and now i´m even more sure that she does this all just for attention

No. 133600

I think janet is in love with yazoo for real since she always liked her and was the one who confessed, but yazoo probably dates her for attention

No. 133601

File: 1464026845334.jpg (96.89 KB, 726x1108, wefwef.jpg)

yes i think so too. i actually feel sorry for her and she´s even prettier than yazoo.

pic: she deleted this one, seems like it didn´t get that many likes so she made "couple pics" with her /cringe

No. 133602

the tweet says
>omg 51favs, but you haven't seen the best pics yet hahahahaha
If someone was in a serious relationship -not only for likes and followers- you wouldn't post shit like this kek

I've seen so many of these 'relationship for attention' things by now, can these teens please stop??? Oh wait they're grown ass 21yo old woman!! Why the heck do you still act like 15yo anime weebs???

No. 133603

she's probably just enjoying this lil'piece of fake attention

this 'hairstyle' is eyecancer to hell and back. it doesn't suit her at all lol

No. 133604


yeah i´m not talking about the hairstyle haha, her facial features are prettier than yazoos imo

No. 133605

File: 1464027113454.png (490.04 KB, 571x541, zz.png)

No. 133607

I think she got this ugly hair style cause she wanted to look like uranus from sailor moon. she also mentioned on twitter that she wants to cosplay uranus and yazoo posted a picture of both of them tgt with the title 'my very own personal uranus'
i hate how everyone is suddenly becoming a big fan of sailor moon just because it's getting hyped in japan

No. 133608

I know you were talking about the face though to me they pretty much look the same?

JAnet putting all her love in this kiss, while (even if you can't see her whole face) yazoo looks bored af

No. 133609

that picture is fucking gross, it's so obvious theyre posting these pictures for attention

No. 133610

in the past yazoo mentioned often enough how much she dislikes sailor moon and it's total weeb shit to like the show (let's not mention that she was a hyper fan of naruto and kurshitsuji kek) and now these two are like 'omg sailor moon kawaii desuu!!' only for the likes n follows, only for the like n follows.

No. 133612

wait till they cosplay uranus and neptune from sailor moon :-)

No. 133613

I'm already cringing hard, bet since janet got THE hairstyle, she won't even bother to buy a wig

No. 133621

File: 1464028988377.jpg (134.84 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

yup, it's confirmed that they'll cosplay uranus and neptune

No. 133622

they ruin me the whole series with their photoshoped to death cos photos in which they still loke like trash

No. 133626

some people do EVERYTHING to get "attention" oh my god yazi, I fucking love the old "yazochan" - please get your shit together

No. 133650

File: 1464040079778.jpg (162.49 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 133651

File: 1464040244772.jpg (119.32 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

so apparently japanese people compare her to kota lol doesn't really surprise me given the fact that she does everything to look more of a typical gaijin: blue contact lenses, big eyes eye make up with lashes, light hair (she dyed it back to brown tho probably it was damaged af) and girly clothes

No. 133661

She shouldn't flatter herself.

There's still a difference between a legit blonde European and some half-Kanake like her.

No. 133711

that shows with what kind of people she hangs out tbh either delulued teenagers or sweaty old weebs. I also only ever got compared to venus and dakota by this kind of people and I actually look like a crossover of these two lol my work friends in an office job have never even heard of KOTA!!!

also, by these kinds of ppl described above, you'll often get compared to kota and co but it really is nth special. just as if normal japanese people compare you with taylor swift, which happened so often to me

No. 133717

This thread is almost as bad as the Pro ana one. Every post smells like either a self post or just like horrible vendetta.

>and I actually look like a crossover of these two lol
Fucking kek

No. 133724

Different anon here, but if you've ever been to Japan or other east asian country, but especially Japan, you'd most likely know that slavic white blonde girls are look the same to them. So in Japan, where ppl know kooter and taytay and some sweaty weebs also know venus, people will either say you look like a doppelganger of one of those or like a crossover.

Broad face, big eyes, fair skin, small but high nose, small lips, tall, comes with and without boobs.

Also, no this thread isn't vendetta at all. It's more of a place to show how many ppl this bish has pissed off by now

No. 133748

stfu if you haven't even read the whole thread. if you did, you wouldn't say that everything anons say here is based on personal and purely hate. it's a fact that yazoo did/does things which make her a snowflake.

No. 133755

stfu? how immature.
actually u r no better than her

No. 133756

It's just that anon said that she ACTUALLY looks like a cross between Venus/Dakota which made me laugh. Way to humble brag mate

Most of this thread is just "SHE WASTES HER PARENTS MONEY FOR UNNECESSARY SHIT AND I'M JEALOUS THAT I HAVE TO WORK IN ORDER TO DO THE SAME" and that's it. The only remotely cringy shit is the fact that she's in a lesbian relationship for attention.

No. 133757

File: 1464083408115.gif (1.48 MB, 400x270, tumblr_o1q5dhve3g1qd4rf5o4_400…)

>Also, no this thread isn't vendetta at all. It's more of a place to show how many ppl this bish has pissed off by now
>Vendetta: A prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone

No. 133758


Thanks anon thats what I've been thinking the whole time too.
Most posts are just purely vendetta shit

No. 133759

stop getting offended by sth as small as 'stfu'. it makes you sound immature.
it's not only that, I admit some anons might come off like that but if you read the whole thread you'll find stuff about how she treats her 'fans' and friends and cringeworthy stuff like how she faked illnesses in order to get attention.

No. 133772

File: 1464092985118.jpeg (132.33 KB, 744x963, image.jpeg)

No. 133785

translation (bottom to top) from your friendly Deutschfag, since I assume very few people here read German.

No I always wanted to go there (to Mos Burger) and everytime I see a mos burger, I'm not hungry. HAHAHA

In Japan - no matter at what time and which McDonalds you visit, it is always fresh and never cold and rotten (she means "getting bad," like when food sits out for a long time).

Now I've made myself hungry. HAHAHA Let's see what the scale says. HAHAHA

The scale says a huge NO.

No. 133788

danke schön, kind anon

No. 133790

which is another proof for her, not eating healthy and especially not eating japanese food except for weeb stuff like omuraisu

No. 133793

I don't follow this girl but is she stuck in 2008? Why does she write "XD" and "HAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" after almost every sentence?

No. 133795

she thinks it's 'kawaii edgy desu' don't bully the queen kek

No. 133879

she misses her friends in germany!
oh girl if u knew :(

No. 133885

what…friends??? she has none

No. 134053

her "friends" who talk shit behind her back :D

No. 134072

File: 1464178331048.png (266.35 KB, 577x313, 20160525_140749.png)

what is this ?! they aren't kissing, their lips are just touching.. can't belive how they want to make us think they love each other but can't even kiss

No. 134446

gazette concert very soon in germany!
Guys u remember her video "how to behave at a gazette concert" ? IT WAS HILARIOUS :D

No. 134490

It was and then after she went to Japan once she suddenly started to dislike everything about jrock

No. 134541

File: 1464301435693.png (147.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

remember when she did that share for share thingie (no, she's not desperate for followers at all lol) on instagram? she said that once she reaches 3k followers she will repost pples pictures who participated in her s4s shit.

No. 134545

File: 1464301620218.png (515.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

now guess how many followers she has. she actually reached 3k like a week ago. there's no way she forgot about her s4s since she shared someones pictures a few days ago herself in order to get more followers. srsly, how can pple still follow her and find her sympathic? she uses her followers to get more followers and doesn't even keep promises

No. 134547

knowing her she will probably delete that s4s post and act like it never happened kek

No. 134676

that nasty bitxh

No. 134763

File: 1464350616278.png (46.41 KB, 159x153, swag.png)


No. 135051

i just realised how cheap all of her wigs and cosplays look. even on "good" photos.

No. 135058

File: 1464435480937.png (612.45 KB, 843x514, c.png)

finding the biggest attention weaboo * in a group of normal, cute people isn´t that hard bruh.
i bet they were talking really loud and adding -chan to every word because they´re so funny /cringe

No. 135089

why does she always make that stupid weeb peace sign pose??

No. 135092

File: 1464445823388.jpg (284.99 KB, 1622x960, 13288957_1028613717217823_9831…)

how much of an attention whore is she? judging from her tweets and instagram post she dressed up as anna from frozen and went outside like this to approach children or wanting to be noticed by them. idk what she was thinking but I bet noone cared and paid attention to her (she didn't mention anything on twitter afterwards even though she usually brags about everything). she's delusional af if she thought that every child would run up to her making her the center of the attention. people dressed up as famous mascots would get the attention, but not awkward suspicious looking gaijins like her

No. 135093

Basically everyone does this noting wrong about it

No. 135094

???????? do you see the other people doing this? LOL

No. 135095

are you for real? then she's literally the first person I know who does this. I think it's cringeworthy to do sth like this if it wasn't for a special event or convention

No. 135098

I guess some people do it with the attention to make the kids happy, but we all know yazo…It's so obvious she did this for attention, especially since she's in japan

No. 135099


imagine some stranger walking around alone in a cosplay and approaching KIDS for no obvious reason like selling stuff or giving out flyers.

creeeeepy af :)

No. 135100

not attention, my bad

No. 135101

tbh I think people would have noticed her more if she dressed up as elsa, but noone cares about anna lol

No. 135104


I was talking about the peace sign?? next time check to which post I replied

No. 135106

Uhm yes? Basically everyone does this pose even people who are not interested in the weaboo culture

No. 135108


i don´t mean only the peace sign, i mean the fucking whole pose like


are you kidding me?

No. 135109

she was again DRUNK to push her self-esteem

No. 135112

Why does she keep doing shit like this?
Remember that time her and Janet cosplayed some shitty anime characters and afterwards bragged that SO MANY PEOPLE took pictures of them that the police came and told them to move?

No. 135121


Oh boy you must hate her pretty much when you are hating on a pose

No. 135125

yes that was cringeworthy af, some people cosplay for fun, some for attention
both yazo and janet clearly do it for attention

No. 135128


such a good argument you have now

No. 135264

I cried so much back in 2012 because of her. We all had a rough time and I didn't want to lose her. We were a family and look at it now!!! What have you done ?????

No. 135282

yes sure you had,"domi", we totally belive you, "domi"

No. 135505

File: 1464551403518.png (316.02 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_2016-05-29-21-47-14…)


She attended like 2-3 of these birthday parties in her cheap af looking cosplays, but that's NOT working with children.

No. 135507

File: 1464551589192.png (104.31 KB, 345x546, 1.png)

don´t forget these

No. 135508

File: 1464551597376.png (68.15 KB, 347x393, 2.png)

No. 135515

>working with children
the fuck where bitch hahaha
I have to go to school for 2 - 5 years to work properly with children she didnt even finish her school.
babysitting a group of kids for their birthday isn't working with disabled children its getting them entertained literally every clown can do that hahahah.
so furious

No. 135524

omg all these posts of her it's so obvious she's reading this thread she literally responded to all the hate she received on here but it doesn't change the fact that she's a brat who promises her fans videos and other shit
at the end of the day it's just lame excuses. and funny how she can upload stuff on ig, her private fb and sc but doesn't have time to update her fanpage

No. 135526

hahaha so true!

No. 135538

Could be that she volunteers.

No. 135659

haha good joke
she would never do sth like this, she never mentioned it on twitter or anywhere else so I'm pretty sure she isn't

No. 135661

When could she ever have done that? While she slept until 16-17o'clock???? NEVER

No. 135698

omg she's cringy af, is she trying to copy the famous elsa cosplayer anna faith?? unlike yazo anna faith really works with disabled children and makes them smile

No. 135736

I also work with disabled children. but I have a serious job there, not wearing a princess cosplay that looks like it came right outa trash

No. 135767

File: 1464626769991.png (622.99 KB, 593x586, i´m crying.png)

No. 135775

She looks like trash…can't decide which part is the cosplay and which is her?

No. 135788

can I just point out how creepy af this is!??! imagine you're at a playground with your kid, when suddenly a random woman with a anna cosplay shows up, alone, just standing there, wanting to talk to your kid?! Honestly, I wouldn't let my children anywhere near a stranger, especially when they're behaving so creepy like Yazo does.

No. 135798

If I didn't pay for a clown, I don't want it near my children

No. 135799



No. 135806

she just wants to help the children to feel better and have a great time

No. 135815

If children don't have a great time at the playground without a strange anime cosplay gaijin clown running around, something is utterly wrong with that playground

To quote her

No. 135841

so true anon
so you assume kids playing with each other at the playground feel like shit and their lives suck