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File: 1509237485116.jpg (66.4 KB, 750x939, unnamed.jpg)

No. 411172

> underage (17) year old Swedish girl deep into DDLG to the point of having a Youtube channel based around it
> fetishizes the ever-loving shit out of Lolita
> calls herself a "12 year old slut"
> fetishizes serial killers
> appallingly racist
> loves Trump, is transphobic and fatphobic
> hates feminism
> has a "daddy" that's "older" than 30, but he lives in an entirely different country and, despite having money, has never attempted to meet her. this leads many to assume that her daddy is fake.
> claims to have lost her virginity at 11 years old
> some of her Youtube videos are about her sexual experiences; also posts sexualized photos of herself
> encourages other underage girls to go after pedophiles
> as of October 2017, she's started making her Instagram captions mashups of insults people on PULL say about her

She could probably go in Kinksters General if she weren't such a goddamn mess. She's kind of like the second coming of Johanna, (spoiledsweet/bugeyedbrat) the self-proclaimed nymphet that was popular on Tumblr for having to go to court after somebody called the cops on her middle-aged "daddy" she was seeing when she was 15.

Social Medias:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Ji2AevO0mfJP6wzNFmNrw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_babynymphet_/

Tumblr: https://lolitababygirl.tumblr.com/

Fitness Instagram:

Snapchat: springsteenfan0

No. 411176

File: 1509237544964.png (25.83 KB, 647x303, wrong.thumb.png.dcaed218854c80…)

dropping screenshots of her bullshit. here she actively encourages pedophilia.

No. 411178

File: 1509237623969.png (61.94 KB, 431x500, IMG_8680.thumb.PNG.e7b287d7697…)

she doesn't give a shit if her actual father finds out she's "dating" a man close to his own age.

No. 411179

File: 1509237673491.png (11.38 KB, 512x247, kill it.png)

her daddy is actually older than 40.

No. 411183

File: 1509237737108.png (133.3 KB, 281x500, lmfao oh my god.png)

quoting PULLfags on her instagram immediately after making it private.

No. 411184

File: 1509237774473.png (137.53 KB, 281x500, u82327.png)

whining about PULL cont.

No. 411186

admitting she's never even met her daddy.

No. 411187

File: 1509237873725.png (4.19 KB, 539x136, 723882.png)

forgot pic.

No. 411265

17? she looks old as dicks in the OP pic.

No. 411471

i have no proof atm as it was deleted but maybe like a year and a half ago i went through her ig and on an old post from 2015 someone asked how old her daddy was in yhe comments and she said 46. pretty sure her daddy is still the same guy. ill see if i can find it.

No. 411766

finally a thread on this one! will be checking up on this.

No. 411769

Her father does not understand English well, so she takes great advantage of him not understanding the content on her youtube channel.

No. 411779

Any proof on her age? she surely doesn't look 17. 20 at least.

No. 411847

> loves Trump, is transphobic and fatphobic
> hates feminism

Are you from Tumblr or PULL?

No. 411854


are you from fucking /r9k/? these are great excuses to rag on somebody in 2017.

No. 411883

She states at the bottom of the description box on most of her YT videos that her birthday is June 20, 2000.

No. 411895

Sure she's not lying? She really doesn't look like a teenager. I thought she was a tranny in the OP pic.

No. 411903

She's talked about school and stuff in the last few years. Granted that could be part of the act and she does look mature, I do think she could reasonably be 17 from her videos. She just has some rather strong masculine features

No. 411919

ohh my god I've been waiting for this thread for so long…


No. 411923

Welcome to the new lolcow where farmers are now pulltards in disguise, anyway

>this leads many to assume that her daddy is fake
Yeah, pretty sure he doesn't even exist I mean is there any proof that he does?

No. 416060

i wonder what trash her father is to have raise such a bigotted arse of a daughter. also if her 'daddy' is really a mid-forties Brit he's probably some emasculated twat marching for Britain First and EDF &c.

just speculating what kind of adults make a hateful child.

No. 416083

EDL* damnit

No. 416526

> fatphobic
You lost me.

No. 416531

I remember watching a video where she was talking about how everyone at her school found out about her channel. So embarrassing.

No. 416736

yea but this kid bases her opinions off of labels like that so i think OP's just being literal

No. 416850

I watched some of her videos. Her father seems like a nice person. Sucks that his daughter is like this. She mentioned her mother is an alcoholic so that probably is what messed her up.

No. 416904

can someone explain to me why it's cool now to have redneck agenda? can any anon Swedes clarify what kind of people aligns themselves with the worst world leader in the first world

No. 417612

>>416904 Swede here, it isn't cool in Sweden to do it. Basically everyone hates him, even our top politicians mock him… But there is a small group of swedes who's super alt-right (as in any country) and they get a hard-on when girls like asshole right-wing leaders and she loves that.
(sorry for my english)

No. 428952

pedo play

No. 428968

what is up with all the foreigners loving trump. they have their own dictators. why glorify ours. most trumpers are stingy. they aren't going to send her money.

No. 901801

i know this thread is old but she hasn't changed at all in those two years. she isn't with her "daddy" anymore but she still has a weird relationship with him,, she basically considers him the love of her life,,(necro)

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