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File: 1453133767925.jpeg (77.82 KB, 750x706, image.jpeg)

No. 82431

Natto/ Melissa merkl thread

Here's the milk:

- Fat German weeb in Japan
- Uses PULL to autistically stalk internet people irl
-in debt to host club in kabukicho (prostitutes to big black manager to pay off)
- overstayed visa twice and is now trying to pay a host to marry her

PULL account
(Now deleted because she was exposed here)

She makes the gaijin in Japan threads and stalks the girls in real life to get approval on PULL.

No. 82439

Why hasn't Japan kick her out

No. 82440

Aren't you ashamed of your own grammar Sere?

No. 82441

I'm sick of the little gaijin vendetta threads here. Get a life and expose people who actually have milk. My goodness…. (And no I don't know Melissa/Natto or whatever)

No. 82446

All the milk I have on her is that she was at a Gyaru meet at a restaurant in Japan and refused to split the check and kicked up a stink about it. That already put a bad taste in the gaijins mouths here.

No. 82447

She's the one starting all of these threads actually and has turned out to be an actual cow. I'm not sere, I am here simply stirring the pot and enjoying this sweet sweet dramu

No. 82449

She doesn't go to gyaru meets dumb cunt

No. 82454

Serious question, how much do host clubs generally cost? I know they vary from place to place but how are all these women getting into to debt with them?

No. 82474

Shoukai (introduction/1st time)is only about 3,000JPY(roughly 27 Euros). All you can drink and 90 minutes in the club. If you start buying bottles for the guys and shit you can easily go into debt. Sere would spend 1k Euros a night and from what I heard Melissa owed 15.000 euros

No. 82479

Sere is like 6k and over

No. 82480

omg…how. I literally can't fathom spending that much in one night. It would cost less to be a sugar mama.

So what's going to happen if they don't pay it?

No. 82482

Be aware of the yakuza

No. 82483

If they know where you live then they will come knocking on your door. That's why usually clubs will ask you to write down your address if you don't want to pay the entire bill in one night.

No. 82485

Wow. If they know that this will happen then why get in that much debt. I can understand wanting to have fun, but this is just ridiculous.

No. 82486

It's ridiculous to get in debt because of fucking amusement. If you do it right, you won't even need to go to a host club, you just walk through the streets and let you picked up by one and have some fun, while HE pays for YOU. If you're not god damn ugly this is the easiest way to have some fun with Japanese guys

No. 82487

That's why sere works as prostitute

No. 82488

Most girls are ugly and lonely so they go to host clubs

No. 82492

Tru story

No. 82588

thats …crazy I cant fathom this sort of spending?!

No. 82604

>>Fat German weeb

Goddamn it, what is it with German weebs and being fat?

No. 82622

I'm pretty average-looking and chubby but still spent a nice night with a really famous host who also made me dinner. Zero money exchanged, had fun, solid grade A experience

No. 82636

Shôkai in Host Clubs is only 500-1000¥. You must be crazy to spend 3000¥ on a first time….

No. 82663

There is no milk about her. All the stuff You wrote are pretty bad lies. She isn't even fat

No. 82678

She's known among Foreigners here though, she hates other foreign girls and sees them as competition. Also I've seen her in person, but never spoke to her. She's not fat but her body looks like Baymax, super wobbly and chubby.

No. 82693

Cool story

No. 82697

You must have gone to a shitty club then. Shokai is usually 3000-5000yen. SOMETIMES 1000yen if they're having a campaigne. Which club is 500yen for shokai?? LOL

No. 82742

I hope you know he only did that in the hope you would spend money at his club.

No. 82745

Really tired of people coming here on WH or student visas and overstaying. It's just not going to work out in the long run…

No. 82747

Who's actually overstaying though?

No. 82789

A lot of the shitty clubs in ikebukuro take only 500¥

No. 82790

Ah ok then if it's Ikebukuro I can imagine haha.

No. 82791

Who is this really famous host btw?

No. 82797

I hope not that current nr1 guy sere and her squad are bitching about. Because seriously at some point his surgeon fucked up his face and now he looks bloated

No. 82810

Clover Group

No. 82849

Sorry never seen or heard of clover group. Give me a link which says it offers 500yen shokai lol.

No. 82851

Anyway none of this is anything to do with Melissa. I hang out with her regularly and none of this milk is even true hahaha.

No. 82853

I have NEVVVEEERRR seen 500¥ shokai - not even anywhere on hosuhosu.

If there is 500¥ shokai plz show me?
Haha seems like a waste of time for those poor hosts for just 500¥….especially for WH or student visa or tourist visa gaijin who probably won't shimei anyway.

No. 82854

She loves hosts, is a prostitute and doesnt have a proper visa, this part is true.

No. 82857

LOL deffo not true. Where's your proof?

No. 82869

What club does she shimei at then? If she loves hosts so much…

No. 82870

I've seen her in Kabukicho with hosts? She's a known prostitute here.
Where is your proof otherwise? What visa is she on then? What is her occupation?

No. 82871

Aren't you talking about yourself….?

No. 82873

Melissa is samefagging and white knighting herself….

No. 82874

Hey sere

No. 82875

Yeah she's just around kabuki no with hosts form shokai.
And she is on tourist visa right now which she renewed for three more months recently.
She works full time in Germany and then comes to Japan for a holiday.
No overstay…..lol

No. 82876

Quit samefagging. We know it's only you

No. 82877

I'm not sere, but I'm sick of Melissa on PULL moralfagging when she's a prostitute herself.

No. 82878

Where's your proof that she's a prostitute?

No. 82879

That's why you create all these lies. Of course no proof ;) ooooops

No. 82880

actually i believe this thread is senseless as melissa will just keep whiteknighting herself being online 24/7

No. 82883

Have you ever been to ikebukuro m8? not all host clubs are that glorious.

No. 82884

Melissa always tells me she could never prostitute. So I have no idea where this milk that she is a prostitute is coming from. This thread is pointless. LOL

No. 82885

I haven't lowered myself as much as to go to a host club in ikebukuro, no. Sounds like a waste of 500¥ ha.

No. 82886

Melissa please shut the fuck up. Now that you're finally getting revealed yourself for being a huge autistic moralfagging stalker loser you should just take it. Sere is disgusting, her ass looks horrible and she abandoned her children but honestly you seem just as insane as her. Talking shit online is fun but intentionally stalking people irl is creepy. Go back to Germany you fucking hitler piece of shit bitch.

No. 82888

Melissa is in debt 15k euros to a host club and has to get fucked in the ass by a Nigerian manager who probably has AIDS. I would rather be a whore than pay gay japs boys to tolerate me. Stinky German bitch.

No. 82894

i wouldn't be surprised about all the other stuff but this one sounds hard to believe imo

No. 82898

You are pathetic
Because your life sucks you have to lie about a person with a normal life

No. 82899

Much racist?

No. 82901

Sorry Sere :(
Some girls just go to see a host club for one night of fun and are ok with only spending 500¥ for that bullshit. All hosts will tell you the same, no matter if you pay 500 or 3000yen for shoukai lol they just want you to come back to pay their lifes

No. 82903

A. I am not Melissa. I'm just a good friend of hers who lives in Tokyo and knows more about her than whoever the fuck you are.
B. I met Sere two years or so ago for drinks when she was a kids duo teacher - she left a baaaaad taste in my mouth and I blocked her imminently

It's impossible to owe so much debt to a host club like that. They always ask you to pay back by a certain date th next month. If they don't trust you or don't believe you can pay it back by that date then you can't rack up a debt with a host club. Impossible, sorry.

No. 82906

okay can we please stop assuming sere is still posting her?
she didn't post anon last time and i believe she wouldn't do it now
sorry melissa but it's not only sere who is against you

No. 82907

Sere will only post off anon if she knows (thinks) it'll give her some kind of benefit. The rest of the time she stays anon like everyone else.

No. 82908

I guess sere has no business tonight then?

No. 82909

The only time she was busy was during her kyabajo 'career' but after that everything went done. If her bar would run well, she wouldn't need to work as a prostitute or have her prostitution ring. She also wouldn't need to work at a shitty hostclub and scare their few customers away

No. 82910

File: 1453211450912.jpeg (61.82 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

I knew Melissa when she first came to Japan and she is a verified schizo. She can't keep a job which is why she keep coming back in different visas. she will double cross you like she does everyone. She also used to be a kyabajo at the same club as Sere(Casablancas) until sere got more business and Melissa eventually quit. Her name at the club was Catherine. Pic related it's from Casablancas website. Melissa and a customer.

No. 82911

Since Sere is getting no business as a call girl she has to dress as host instead??

No. 82912

That girl is from finland with her husband. Faaaaail

No. 82915

Melissa shut up for once. We all know your dark history at the club. Or should I say… Catherine

No. 82917

That is NOT Melissa hahahaha
Show us a real pic. Her hair is not even similar

No. 82918

File: 1453211688231.jpeg (103.91 KB, 719x719, image.jpeg)

Fail…so much fail…..

No. 82920

Who is that??

No. 82921

File: 1453211766747.jpeg (97.07 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)


No. 82923

Not same guy. Racist bitch not all Asians look alike

And yes that's Melissa from two years ago. Panicking Catherine? Because immigration knows you broke violation?

No. 82924

Again, who the fuck is that?

No. 82925

Who is she? And did she got a nosejob? She has those typical triangle nostrils

No. 82926

File: 1453211840859.png (262.53 KB, 581x401, image.png)

No. 82927

Melissa Merkl. German whore homeless in kabukicho

No. 82928


Look familiar Melissa? Anyone in Japan can call the club and they will confirm Melissa Merkl worked there as catherine

No. 82930

So she has been married two years ago?

No. 82931

Being a kyabajo doesn't mean she also works as a prostitute or has her own ring and a shady bar. Try sth different

No. 82932

I guess you haven't hung out with Melissa properly then. LOL. She's never had surgery. Didn't even work at a hostess club for long. Her tourist visa will end soon.

No. 82933

Desperate much? Your "proof" is laughable

No. 82934

File: 1453212172506.jpg (3.26 MB, 5077x2874, cdu_merkel_koalition.jpg)

>This shipwreck of a thread

No. 82935

Damn Sere can't you take a 7 minute break for your $500 anal session?

No. 82936

No she can't even get a booking for anal so has to dress as a host for the evening instead. HAHA.

No. 82937

And works at a low rate club, which doesn't get much customers anyway

No. 82938

It's funny how this thread was supposed to be about Melissa, but until now it's still more about sere, because there are more people hating sere than some random German girl

No. 82939

Don't be fulled. It's 99% Melissa same fagging. Have fun with aids

No. 82941

So even if you try to make a thread about Melissa with fake milk, it just turns into a thread about yourself anyway Sere. LOL.

Hmmmm I dunno, try and get better at Japanese to get more customers at your host club? Cos from what I saw on hostlove
they say your Japanese is shit..!!!


No. 82942

Ich sehe what you did there

No. 82943

Hi lorena with filthy dirty hair and disgusting ass <3
You fuck so many hosts and ugly ojisans.
Better get an STD check

No. 82945

Being in Japan for about 3years now. Still not able to speak or write proper Japanese. But she's not even aware of the grammar of her own language (look up her 'high class escort' page) so no wonder that she can't deal with the all mighty Japanese language

No. 82946

Stfu and stay one arm length away from people like sere and her squad

No. 82947

I LOVE how Sere has no idea who I am.

Btw why aren't you working at this hour?
Slow business? What's up?

Study some Japanese in your free time with your host boyfriend who uses you for money LOL.

No. 82948

No normal person wants to be seen with them

No. 82949


No. 82950

You just give the proof that your Japanese is horrible

No. 82952

And I thought my Japanese was bad….

No. 82953

Me too fellow anon me too. But trying to decipher any of the things sere writes in Japanese is a nightmare

No. 82954

She sent someone a death threat. Reason to go the police

No. 82957


She should stop using google translate and get some proper books and study!
I don't wanna imagine how she speaks…

No. 82959

Maybe you first need to tell her what a book is. I'm not sure if she knows such things

No. 82960

Haha you are right! :D
that made my day.

No. 82962

Do you mean 早く死ねばいいじゃん?

God. Take note. HAHA

No. 82964

I don't know how Sere manages to be a host with that level of poor Japanese. Embarrassing. I would LOVE to go for shokai and give her hell..!!

No. 82966

Do it

No. 82967

I'm coming with you haha
Would love to see that!

No. 82968

I'll do it. I know exactly where to go.

No. 82969

Let's go LOL. I won't speak in English either.

No. 82970

This isn't sere. This is Melissa posting as sere to make herself look better and make sere look worse. Sere is stupid but this is obviously retarded.

No. 82971

Who gives a shit?
I'm still going to your club

No. 82972

Sere IS retarded? lol

No. 82973

I'm looking forward to see you lorena <3

No. 82974

Me too, Lorenaaaaa (´ω`)

No. 82979

Wish I could join you guys. She needs to stay all nice n friendly with us, because we are the customers

No. 82982

which club is she working at?

No. 82984

anal prolapse and incontinence

No. 82986

Jesus stop samefagging this thread is two fucking people and it's so obvious

No. 82988

Galaxy 2bu

No. 83002

File: 1453219105391.jpg (315.84 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

No. 83013


Hello farmers!
I'm Yoshiyuria, the woman behind these pics. I have no idea why my pictures have been brought up in this thread like this since I don't have much to do with Melissa or Sere anyway. I have my doubts about who has uploaded my pictures here, but I am not too bitter so I won't publish the name.

I have never personally met Sere and don't think it's her who has uploaded my pics here (I was told Sere uploaded them possibly).
I admit that i lurk here and like to sometimes drink the delicious milk, But I do not think I have anything to contribute to this site, and rarely post anything.

That said,I think that there are only about three people who could have done this (For whatever stupid reason??) and only one of them seems to be fit to do something like this. I do not believe the other two would ever need to write something about a nobody like me here.

So yes. I'd like to apologize for the stupid bitch who made a mistake by uploading my pictures here.

As this thread is about Melissa, the only things I have to say about her are that she was always kind to me, ad let me stay at her place once when I didn't have a place to stay. I am thankful about that.
I hope you feel pain in your chest right now.

No. 83022


wtf is this lol your photos were a mistake none cares or was hating on you lol

No. 83023


A mistake you say!?

How come?

Those photos can only be accessed by people who are my facebook friends or have access to my husband's blog. The person Who uploaded them was fully aware of hurting my image purposely. Not a mistake. Shit was done on purpose and I know who was behind it.

But to be fair I don't think you guys care too much about this shit anyway.

No. 83026

stop making this thread about you. Brb gonna make a Thread 4 u now

No. 83027

Thanks for clearing this up. Still strange that the person who posted these wanted to sell them to be Melissa

No. 83030

Feel free to do so dear.

Thank you for understanding. Women sure can be unpredictable.

No. 88144

Can we talk about how the board is clogged up from "gaijin in Japan" threads from this bitch. She doesn't even hide the fact she samefags on here.

No. 94039

I know Melissa/Meririn/Potatohead from way before Tokyo and just can say she already fucked up big times in Germany. She has been active in the Gal Com and first spread shit about her bavarian gal friends and tried to divide them by telling lies about what everyone else said about each other or should have allegedly done. After those Gals got tired off her shit she went over to the NRW Gals and soon was well known for her behaviour. She then moved to Japan and yeah.. I guess you can all see what she is doing since then lol This girl has serious issues shes nearly 30 and still acting like this.. she should get serious help.

No. 94040

Nobody wants to be friends with those gaijin gyarus. They are all fucked up.

Also stop bumping that thread. No one cares

No. 94047

You're being whores out to ho chi mings and your main concern is calling other people wayciss? Dude I don't even know you but get your priorities straight. What would your father and mother say if they could see you now? Allowing yourself to be abused by yellow men like this.

No. 96988

Soon she will leave moonland kek

No. 97042

are you serious? she deleted her tumblr but talked about it there. kicking myself for no screencaps

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