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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1535660151027.jpg (465.93 KB, 1334x750, 1532543518695.jpg)

No. 676496

> former wannabe scene queen turned pastel princess turned ka-why (kawaii) ambassador turned ultimate weeb turned G@M3R GuRL
> tattooed, bust-enhanced pushing-30-year-old with a major identity crisis
> serial blocker and comment deleter of those who don't lick her pastel asshole
> infamous for selling gifts, PR packages, and other free stuff on her Depop for a major markup
> has a designer dog she uses as an accessory - as every other living being in her life
> alleged mental health advocate with at least four self-diagnosed illnesses including body dismorphia, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder - all of which she conveniently uses as excuses for her lack of interesting or creative content
> Proved what a terrible mental health advocate she truly is by LIVE-BLOGGING and Vlogging her little cousin's tragic funeral, and posting rampantly about suicide while paying absolutely no heed to any of the official guidelines designed to protect innocent people.
> Wildly insulted any fans who were mildly critical of her insensitive behavior, (see thread image) including getting a tattoo after the funeral, then going on holiday to Mexico, then going on holiday to Las Vegas and spending $1,000+ on concert tickets
> Got her audience to entirely fund her little cousin's funeral to the tune of $10,000
> Made monetized videos in the location of death, described cause of death, videos and photos from every part of the funeral process
> Fake crying video where not a single tear hit her cheek
> Grinning family photos posted before and after the funeral
> Absolute disaster all round
> Death obsession continues for 2 months, and now a family friend Kyle has died so she has also added in content about him
>Just the kawaii content we subscribed for!!
> Bonus: Posted a racist meme and then played dumb when people called her out on it
> has a Patreon account which is meant for funding Sailor Moon skits, yet not a single whisper of said skits has been heard of for approx. 2 years - nor do her patrons receive any promised gifts
> makes and disposes of friends as quickly as a girl with a heavy flow disposes of tampons
> has no concept of who she is and finds her identity in whatever is popular at the time
> Got expensive computer equipment donated by companies but is yet to ever stream playing a game on Twitch
>LARP helps her to be someone else (blue hair and a skimpy black outfit)
> major drama surrounding an Angelic Pretty dress and attempted/succeeded return of said dress
> known for harassing professionals (artists, galleries, companies) to sponsor or collab with her - sends her sheeple followers after said professionals
> spends most of her time whinging on Twitter about her lack of romance
> pretends she's kinky by posting suggestive stories on IG or retweeting similar tweets
> constantly complains of being broke while simultaneously traveling, attending cons, buying 10 lbs of sugar, paying for a personal trainer, and a maid, and a $600 microwave, and lip fillers, etc…
> maintains a wishlist with expensive items that she's too cheap to buy because "my student debt tho"
> collects friends with a similar "aesthetic" as she and has dubbed them "The Fellowship of the Rainbow" - talk of said Fellowship is permitted in this thread if milk is to be found
>Tweeted for weeks leading up to some "secret surgery", creating tons of hype prior to and thereafter, promising a video once healed only to fall radio silent on the topic allowing her followers to believe that her body was achieved by "hard work at the gym and a healthy diet"
> finally posts video after 3-4 months admitting she got lipo
> compares lipo to getting a tattoo or a piercing
> continues to abuse photoshop on her pics even in the wake of her new body
> "Best friend" Dre is nowhere to be seen two months after moving out
> Whatever happened there remains a mystery
> lolcow lurker

Social Media:

Previous thread: >>>/snow/622818

No. 676939


Good photo choice anon!

No. 676963

File: 1535694367528.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180830-225434.png)

Hey guise did you know kelly eden invented pink hair and pink fuzzy jackets and the color pink in general? Who does this company think they are??? Ugh I'm so mad!!

No. 677008

love this summary lol
btw, are those real comments? people have already started calling her out for all the bullshit she's doing, especially with the cringy fake no crying video?? i'm impressed. her followers don't have much of a brain

No. 677064

Those are her comments to other people

No. 677198

Those are things she's said to someone who called her out on her bullshit on twitter.

No. 677209

If anything this looks more like chrissa sparkles

No. 677234


this pissed me off so much, i knew kyle and his death was extremely tragic circumstances and the fact that people are milking his death makes me physically ill. "oH uR tReNdInG" like ok chicky you found out a week after his passing after the public was made aware.. but flaunt your receipts. lmao :( no idea how these two even met, she wasnt at the funeral and i highly doubt she'll be coming here, if she does i sincerely doubt any of his friends or family are going to deal with or fuck with her.

No. 677270

File: 1535742679508.jpeg (303.56 KB, 1242x1684, 9B14EE1C-18DA-4475-9BAB-0F2CBB…)


No. 677341

Holy shitttt. At this point it’s just sad, kelly is deranged. It’s only a matter of time she is dropped by the rest of whatever remains of the “fellowship”. It’s just like watching a train wreck.

No. 677367

Can this be taken out? Last thread the mods finally said The fellowship aren’t allowed to be discussed here anymore due to suspicious circumstances about who was doing the posting and the infighting that would occur after.

They have their own thread now which, hmm imagine that, isn’t updated as much as the derailers insisted there was “so much milk” about the rest of the fellowship.

If you want to talk about them:

No. 677369

DUH I mean to paste:
“> collects friends with a similar "aesthetic" as she and has dubbed them "The Fellowship of the Rainbow" - talk of said Fellowship is permitted in this thread if milk is to be found”

Is the part that needs to be taken out

No. 677376

Yep you're right, I forgot a thread was made about them (which is rarely updated, mysteriously enough).

No. 677395

That's because you've killed both threads by splitting them. Calves don't have enough milk on their own and neither does Kelly you guys are still going on and on about an event that happened OVER 2 months ago. That Steph post about Kelly was perfectly relevant.

Also, the mods aren't as organized as you think they are. One mod will say it's okay and another mod will say it's not. It's just like reddit, the mods are just users that volunteer. They don't even have any actual power, they can just do an IP ban and then someone can just reset their router.

But yes, congratulations on killing both threads, you have really helped Kelly out a lot.

No. 677515

There was very little content about the others posted anyway. I think a lot of Kelly's fans were just disgusted enough at her behavior to give up watching and reading entirely. She hasn't posted anything new for yonks (which isn't about death, anyhow) but is supposedly returning to Youtube tomorrow.

No. 677527

As another anon previously stated… this broad is deranged. Why would anyone post this knowing almost 30k people are going to read it? This isn’t edgy Kelly. It’s bizarre.

No. 677607

File: 1535767919068.jpeg (714.83 KB, 1936x1936, 0B016C6B-86B5-4B57-A728-50AFFC…)

Phi posted this pic to her Instagram and twitter and is it just me or does it look like Kelly got her nose and lips done? Might explain the long absence (and maybe to take heat off of the GoFundMe thing)

No. 677639

kelly openly gets lip fillers so that wouldnt be a surprise. (she has some vids on her channel about them iirc?) idk about the nose since it's not a super clear photo… tbh i was personally super surprised at the beginning of the year, when we were all speculating about her surgeries, that she didn't also get her nose done lol. theres nothing wrong with her nose but it seems like something she'd fuck with

No. 677655

I don’t think she’s had anything done, probably bad lighting and makeup but hoooooooly shit does she look like a troll doll next to Phi. If someone is taller than you maybe don’t pose leaning over and making yourself look even shorter?

No. 677667

File: 1535776700096.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, giantbomb.gif)

mfw when I haven't been keeping up with the Kelly Eden drama in a few weeks and I read this OP. This is so much trainwreck to try and process in so little time.

No. 677762

She was just in Mexico wasn’t she? Why would someone like Kelly Eden not take advantage of the cheap fillers? I’d be surprised if she didn’t have a little something done while she was down there.

No. 677823

Phi has been posting some crazy things if anyone wants to check out her stories
>romantically kissing coffee cup
>I was in a car crash and almost died, wish I did tbh

No. 677837

New video

No. 677838

I made it like two minutes before I had to close it. That wig is so bad and I fucking hate how she plays with Toshi or gets distracted by him in the majority of her videos. It’s annoying. Your subscribers want to hear you, not try to listen to you talk over your yipping dog.

No. 677850


Oh god Kelly, dogs are meant to eat fast. This is how they are naturally supposed to eat. Just break his food into pieces so he doesnt choke and he'll be fine… I couldnt watch more of that nonsense after this already

No. 677851

fillers question answered. 100% got them lips done. they're bordering on that weird ducklip problem a lot of people have, lol. nose looks the same tho

No. 677864

> casually mentions she has a maid (so it obviously wasn’t a one time thing while she recovered from lipo)

Kelly this is your “anticipated” return to YouTube and you couldn’t bother to take a shower and make an actual interesting video in your studio that you pay for??

No. 677865

Thing that gets me is that she films things that no one wants to watch yet never films interesting things anymore like last year's Jareth's ball or LARPing. She could've made a video of the vlog where the fellowship and her went to the pool or when she went to Mexico. Literally no one subscribed for her talking while playing with her dog and getting distracted every 30 seconds.

No. 677877

WhAt in the holy hell is this shooped as shit thumbnail?? Does it even relate to the video? I’m guessing nah

No. 677922

Lol she looks possessed

No. 677930

Why are her feet black?! It's so gross. Considering she has a maid and even said herself in an old vid that she gets up really early to clean. I'm messy as fuck but my feet aren't black!!

No. 677996

> 0:00-5:10
It's just her feeding her dog, playing with her dog, and being very impressed. Did you guys know that you can train dogs? They can learn things. You can throw a ball and train them to go get it and bring it back. It's called fetch and he even likes it. Wow, my dog is so smart.
She rambles about random things that nobody cares about like ordering food and getting an AC unit for her room.
Nothing of substance is said.

> 5:10-7:32

Never-ending grieving talk.
She talks about how upset she is about deaths in the past 2 months.
> Her cousin who was so much younger than her (12ish year age gap) who she barely knew and never lived with.
> Her ex-boyfriend, that singer guy who she claims to have talked to recently but only recently started following him on instagram, possibly post-mortem.
> An old friend from high school that she was no longer in contact with.

7:32 - 9:20
> New YouTube schedule Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun
(Taking bets on how long before she breaks it? Second week.) Claims she is a workaholic, "works" about 6/52 weeks out of the year from home on her own schedule.

Playing with the dog again.
Through the entire video, she get's distracted by playing with Toshi every 15-20 seconds. She acknowledges that it's a problem frequently but never stops.
Nothing of substance is said.


Talks about taking her cousin out to dinner and being surprised about him treating her like family member and being unable to reciprocate.


Begins with her trying to remember she's supposed to be upset in the video and not just pretending to tell her therapist what they want to here. Takes a moment of silence with a feigned somber look. Now we're talking about ex-boyfriend singer, relates to The Black Parade. Shows footage of her actually crying at Jareth's ball while singing it.

> 15:28 -16:23

Cuts herself off mid sentence for a play with Toshi break. Forgot she's supposed to be sad again. Now is laughing and smiling while talking and is talking very rapidly.


Now she remembers that she's making a sad video again. Pretending she's talking to her therapist again and telling her what she wants to hear. (I hope this isn't really how she talks to her therapist because she's going to get 0 help just telling him/her what they want to hear).


Making sure we all know it was Kyle Pavone and he's a celebrity in case we didn't know since she was referring to him by his first name only, so casually. Found out on twitter that he died after it was already trending. Had to take a break from social media because people were posting photos of Kyle everywhere despite posting photos of Austin non-stop after he died and not having an issue with that.


Remembering to start laying on the sad tone and long pauses again while being distracted by Toshi. Lots of pretending to understand mental health talk, talking to us like her therapist talks to her. Talking about exploring feelings and steps forward and acceptance and life is beautiful, you get the picture. Makes sure to tell us how sincere she is being throughout the whole video, seriously says it 20+ times. Ends with some very contrived sign off with her best, "I'm being sincere" face.

It was a very long and boring video with no new information, so I recapped it while watching it for those that don't want to watch. She has very clearly overdone it with the lip fillers and is starting to get duck face. Hopefully she didn't get them in Mexico, because if she's ever seen botched she'd know to never get fillers in Mexico because they end up clumping up and moving around your face.

No. 678010

It’s likely she had her nose done already. If you look at her older photos her nose looks wider and bigger than it does in the last few years

No. 678058

This a thousand times. My grandma never sweeps and her feet still aren't that bad?? They're literally black I don't understand how they can get to that level of disgusting

No. 678076

Looks like she’s had some Botox, too. Her forehead looks smoother than usual
And doesn’t really move.
I’m with everyone else… her nose looks different! It looks like she had fillers put in the tip.

No. 678078

i don’t normally follow these threads but i saw the description post for this video and was intrigued so i clicked on it.

wow. it’s hard to even put into words what she sounds like, but it’s like when someone kills themselves in high school and then a bunch of random people pop up claiming that the deceased was their best friend. she seems like the embodiment of that. i know grief is different for everyone but laughing and giggling and staring at oneself in the fucking viewfinder while you relate your supposed “sincere” struggles is so goddamn off putting. it feels so wrong. this is staged and doesn’t feel even one bit like genuine hardship. sickening

No. 678111

Out here doing the lord’s work, thank you anon.

No. 678143

Another one

No. 678492

She posted a new vid and I just don't understand why Alienware keep working with her as she brings nothing to the company. Also the Makeup look was extremely boring.

No. 678505


i skipped through the video with the sound turned off, and it looks like she's constantly suppressing a grin or a smile.

several times, it's like this half grin but then she stops and does her " /sincerely/ staring into the void" before continuing to talk.

if she is a sociopath she's certainly not "high functioning" in terms of charm/faking empathy.

No. 678529

File: 1535900467690.jpg (124.78 KB, 1216x840, Kellyugh.jpg)

This is the end result. She never cleans off the mascara dots.

No. 678556

She looks like a 45 year old wine mom.

No. 678560

Imagine being this entitled

She's looking pretty tired here. oof

No. 678658

Who is she fucking at Alienware? I can't think of any other reason why someone would cosign her terrible, boring content.

No. 678791

File: 1535920842196.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, CFDE0A76-BFDF-4CCB-8213-DD2FB7…)

I’m sorry but there is nothing appealing about this look. Her eyeliner looks ratchet. Her skin looks puffy and dehydrated. What even are those brows? And of course, that wig… it looks fried. The tutorial came across like it was half heartedly thrown together at the last possible minute. Like at least throw on a pair of lashes so it looks like you’re trying. “It’s a look to like, match the computers!” Boring.

No. 678801

alienware is dell now and you know how desperate they are.

No. 678865

this isn't even the look from the thumbnail is it LOL. holy shit if i were alienware i'd be so mad at her complete and utter lack of effort omggg

No. 679376

So what happened to her gamer career? She got a bunch of alienware free shit and did nothing with it, that I can tell.

No. 679432

Is it me or does her skin look darker? More orange??? Idk if Alienware has weird lighting or if she got a tan while on vacation or something, but her skin color just looks so off in this video. Also half of the video was not focused on her face, which is what we're supposed to be paying attention to in a makeup tutorial. This is so low effort, at this point don't upload anything at all.

No. 679435

The girl cannot commit to anything. I think her excuses are that there are problems with the pc but she did do a Q&A a few weeks ago and that was it. She is just not interested in gaming as she tries to lead on. Just the odd game she likes.

No. 679635

holy shit she looks SO OLD in this. I dont know if it's because i havent seen her on video in a while or because she wasn't in control of editing this one, but wow. She looks BAD.

No. 679769

She needs to get her nails done!

No. 679853

I don‘t know if it is just because of the face she pulls but Kelly seriously looks like a druggie in this picture

No. 679870

Totally stole the eyeliner idea from ahitsrosa, who did it 100x better.

Also why did she not use any concealer under her eyes? Those dark circles and tear troughs are heavy!

No. 679872

Her videos have been so boring and uninspired for a long time now but she's hitting peak with this one

No. 679894


I’m 90% sure Kelly normally majorly amps up brightness in her videos to look pale but it does look like she got a really bad spray tan.

No. 680058

File: 1536007877257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 541.49 KB, 1118x1932, D7140441-BDB3-41D0-892F-4C89B1…)

Looks like a bunch of bondage photos are coming based on her Instagram story and this photographer

No. 680100

Lololol I cannot wait for her fake kawaii bondage- ugh she’s such a wannabe

No. 680105

For someone who supposedly works out all the time those glutes are looking weak lol

No. 680158

I normally dont nitpick on her vids, but her wig was slid so far up and she didnt even blend her foundation because her wig was so high. She had a line on her forehead the entire time it was so distracting

No. 680161

all I can look at is the pink sugar. who the fuck actually uses pink sugar in coffee?

nitpick, i know. but that's just weird.

No. 680194

File: 1536018414538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 562.24 KB, 1125x1915, 8AA6D3AD-595E-43D4-BB59-D8EADE…)

I wonder how these photos will turn out (1/2)

No. 680195

File: 1536018450772.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 471.78 KB, 1125x1927, 69317BEC-29D7-433C-BE56-46EFBC…)


No. 680222

Yikes, those arms

No. 680228

Her apartment always looks so dirty..

No. 680229

I didn't realize her tattoos go right down over her ass, it's like she's wearing clothes

No. 680232

Kelly Eden on mission I Need a Boyfriend, Stat

Good luck gurl

No. 680233

Her back tattoos are so horrible. That unicorn needs to go.

No. 680246

What a flabby, saggy ass. It's embarrassing that she shows it off, especially considering it's post-lipo.

No. 680247

She needs to stop buying these awful wigs and just invest in a decent one.

No. 680282

Why is it always fat girls ruining what would be nice bondage photos? Kelly needs to work out. She cant lipo out fat and do nothing for her muscle mass.

No. 680308


this hurts my eyes for so many reasons… the rope work is so messy and off centre. I would be embarrassed to be tied up in such a lazy, unpolished fashion.

Also, wtf are those tattoos? i knew they were bad, but had no idea how bad they actually were

No. 680355

File: 1536031352771.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 750x1334, 5DBBBF92-9A4A-4FCB-9DB0-BCFC39…)

She’s on one you guys….. she thinks this is cute

No. 680356

File: 1536031374631.png (Spoiler Image, 3.71 MB, 750x1334, 2C36D388-27C6-449A-9E15-3035AF…)

No. 680358

Not even a sexy or damsel in distress look. If she's trying to do fetish modeling she's going to fail hard

No. 680371

File: 1536032444852.png (Spoiler Image, 423.39 KB, 815x509, kelly eden.png)

Saw this image on PULL so they get the credit for pointing it out first. Great "mental health advocacy there."

No. 680392

File: 1536034229954.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1864, 8C4C9DDA-C79A-43D9-8EDF-657A78…)

No. 680395


“Down to clown”

Please stop it’s so embarrassing. CRINGEEEE

No. 680416

File: 1536036575173.png (30.81 KB, 720x213, wp_ss_20180904_0008 (2).png)

Some comments

No. 680417

File: 1536036654138.png (81.37 KB, 720x484, wp_ss_20180904_0009 (2).png)

"This only attracts clowns and you need a guy who doesn't wear makeup"

No. 680461

She's probably just jealous of how well Stephanie is doing with her lewd content and wants to one up her, you know Kelly

No. 680469

this looks like a guy's ass. its' like a square.

No. 680490

as someone interested in shibari this is also so freaking sloppy, oh my god. look at the shoulder strands, completely different knotting. c'mon kelly, put some damn effort in at least

No. 680679

Bet she ends up putting this on her Patreon. Kelly your not Stephanie (although I don’t know why you would want to be!)

No. 680707

File: 1536080169883.png (45.54 KB, 596x352, phi.png)

No. 680712

>kelly cant come to the phone
>literally holding and using a phone

No. 680715

File: 1536080928655.jpg (128.31 KB, 709x405, plsno.jpg)

No. 680742

…says the woman who obviously posts in her own thread regularly.

P.s. you must be 18+ to post here, Kelly, but I know it’s easier to dismiss criticism when you can pretend your critics are ignorant.

No. 680752

Lol back to calling anyone who calls your out on your bullshit "evil"

Most of us are 18-30 actually Kells, but speaking of youth audiences, don't you have a lot of actual preteens who will be checking out your shibari?

No. 680754

Kids and pre teens…. They're the same thing. Well I do hope she's read all this stuff so she can see that people are aware of how entitled she is. And the whole milking her cousins death. Not cool Kelly. And as if Phi searched for herself, thinking she's famous or something. Bunch of losers. Yours sincerely 27yo me

No. 680760

File: 1536083996093.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, EE231AD0-3240-453D-8121-F03F26…)

Damn! She’s got the worst form ever! Rounded shoulders and a dropping neck. That’s an injury waiting to happen. And her trainer isn’t correcting her? She’s wasting her money lol. This explains why she isn’t seeing results.

No. 680763

That rope work is messy af.

No. 680768

Love how she goes to the gym but dresses up to show off her body yet apparently wore pj's to see her therapist. What?! Working out isn't a catwalk. Put your tits away.

No. 680773

File: 1536084511919.png (31.01 KB, 632x158, wp_ss_20180904_0015 (2).png)

Hi Phi!!!

No. 680794

Us preteens sure show a lot more sensitivity to suicide and mental health. Kids are so hip these days unlike old lady kelly

No. 680795

she didnt need boobs she needs an ass.

No. 680802

"This is their way of venting"

What's your excuse?

Also didn't know that kids and preteens could be "the most insecure, hateful, evil people"

No. 680810

File: 1536086655132.png (156.7 KB, 578x601, kek.png)

Yes Kelly, because I'm a kid who is sooo insecure about my guilt over turning my cousin's suicide into a money grab and then galavanting about having soo much fun with the money that I suddenly have to spare and spend despite "muh student loans". Oh hang on, that was you

Funny how somebody posted this yesterday and today she's posting workout videos

Way to remain "unbothered" Kelly.

No. 680813

Kelly's not even 30 and already has desperate cougar levels of plastic surgery and regular cosmetic procedures. She's washed up in her 20s any wonder she can't find a boyfriend. She might be fun for a fuck but any sane man will see she's unhinged and not wifey material.

Also I'm sure her over sharing on social media is off putting af.

No. 680816

Hey Phi what did you do with all that money you raised for that film project you never made?

No. 680821

File: 1536087068060.png (41.98 KB, 618x149, lina.png)


No. 680826


She really invented a whole narrative about it! Does she hope nobody will look it up and read if she says it's kids? I for one am ALSO super insecure about the time I made $10,000 out of my little cousin's suicide, you got me Kel!!

No. 680832

>kids and pre-teens
>insecure, hateful, evil

It's like she can't write more than two consecutive tweets without attacking or vilifying vulnerable people to make herself look like a victim. All while acting like some kind of authority who knows factually the demographics of an anonymous website.

No. 680884

Sloppiest ropework ever. Good job, Kelly. You really showed all of us how experienced you are in the world of BDSM. Good lord.

This pushup form is almost as bad as that ropework. SLOPPY. Definitely a waste of money if her trainer hasn't corrected her. Quality over quantity, honeypie.

31 here. Not ashamed by it. Just found a place where there exists people who aren't easily distracted by your pink hair and see you for what you are.

Lina, you ARE creepy. You're as thirsty for Kelly as Kelly is for boys (but not girls - bitch ain't bi)

Also yeah girl looks old as fuck in those stills from her recent makeup tutorial. Has she never heard of antiaging routines? Water? Maybe some SPF? Jeezooz.

No. 680981


This poor creature…

No. 680997

New vid. Of course she had to throw in there about Kyle Pavone.

No. 681055

Holy shit does she have to put that pathetic awful disingenuous music over every sad thing she talks about? It's so fucking disgusting and fake.

No. 681067

>I feel like Kyle would’ve wanted me to go to the Labyrinth ball… it’s what he would’ve wanted

Kelly, from the looks of it, you weren’t relevant to his life recently so I don’t think he would’ve ‘wanted’ anything from you either way… you didn’t even know he had passed until you saw his passing trending on twitter lol. Stop using the death of others to garner sympathy and attention for yourself. It’s so gross.

No. 681115

Bitch, whatever. Bondage is for everyone. Don't be mad because you don't have any T&A and your body shape is out of style. She's clearly trying to find a branding to start Patreon whoring, looks like she's going for kawaii kink. I wonder if she'll get into tentacle stuff? She's pretending to be kinky for branding, not even doing it correctly and your issue is her weight? Wonderful priorities, captain bondage defender.

She's also not fat, she's out of shape. I am not seeing any results from the gym, she must not be doing anything in between sessions. She needs a sports bra that is actually capable of containing her tits instead of a fashion sport's bra, it would make it so much easier to work out and reduce post-workout soreness.

No. 681154

Hmmm Kelly… Pretty sure I didn't expose/milk my cousin's suicide before the whole world for cash. And although I´m 32, I don't think any kid would do it either. Be humble, learn from your mistakes, grow, and stop being a poor excuse for a human being.

No. 681186

Ugh, I clicked partly for costumes but this reminds why I don't LARP. So cringey. And what we take from this is she made two vlogs and keeps supposedly milking the losses of people that she was close to, but not so close as to be informed ASAP when they died or how. Like, srsly, this is a therapist discussion.

tl;dr what everyone else has said.

No. 681191

Everyone is wrong but her.

Just like the lolita shop she forced to accept the return of her used dress, despite her being the one who read the price correctly.

Nothing is ever her fault because she is a woke mental health advocate boi.

No. 681286

I'd love to vent on her Instagram and YouTube if she didn't delete every comment that isn't fawning over her. Maybe if she stopped blocking everyone she could stop complaining about anyone posting here. But oh wait it's Kelly Eden

No. 681379

Right? I'm studying shibari right now and this triggers me to no end.
there's barely any tension in the ropes and the tiny bit that is there is uneven and tight in all the wrong places. the initial knotting on the hands is so terrible and not even the right knot for that. i could list everything thats wrong in just this one photo but i'm going to stop before this turns into a no1curr blog post lol

No. 681637

lmao phi made her twitter private after these tweets

No. 681642


lmao kyle was too busy making music and working with huge names before he passed to want or care for her to do anything at all what ..what IS this? "still waiting on details still waiting on the funeral" bitch the funerals been had. you wont get any details because it's not something anyone wants anyone to know. but if you kept up with the headlines (since thats all u got) youd notice the family finally released that it was an accidental od. the only bitch kyle gave a fuck about was allie ciotti so if they dated kyle was just cheating on allie or they were off as opposed to on. girl deserved it tho, she cheated on him too and is a junkie and imo to blame for his death. these girls r all trash bags

No. 681654

File: 1536174943860.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1517, 6F2AEB07-1DD4-4B01-8E23-C87419…)

Okay so, she poses and does the same damn dress thing EVERY DAMN TIME. Her face is all weird like she’s trying to concentrate to not fart. And, is that the only damn crown/head piece she owns? I thought she made some antlers and shit. Smhhhh, Kelly, for being a so called model, you’re a one trick pony.

No. 681668

I see why she's been wearing wigs a lot recently, her hairline has receded like crazy, woah

No. 681744

>>681668 I always get the impression shes wearing wigs more, esp that long lank pink daily one because she's lazy. If she can't clean her feet she certainly can't make effort with her hair. Weird considering she's so bothered about the way she looks.

No. 681876

File: 1536187649538.jpeg (160.12 KB, 746x983, 6FC3AE05-9ED9-49F2-836B-A56273…)

I just can’t…

No. 681883

>lives in big house in a good area
>owns a decent car
>always got a lot of nice clothes, wigs and make up
>has enough money to go LARPing, on vacation and concerts

… and then has the nerve to beg for money from people on the Internet for her cousin's full funeral, which SHE ALSO MONETIZED on Youtube for own benefit.

No. 681915

Full video

No. 681927

Is she trying to live out some sort of rape fantasy? I don’t get it. That’s creepy. Girlfriend has issues.

No. 681966

Yet tweeted that every relationship she has been in has been abusive or toxic.

No. 681971

Yeah that too. It’s just deranged. I understand that people have their kinks and that’s totally cool, but I think romanticizing kidnapping/sexual violence is crossing the line. Especially coming from a woman that claims to be triggered by everything. What if her kidnapping ASMR triggers one of her followers? I bet she hasn’t even considered that. Because In her fantasy land, only Kelly’s feelings are valid.

No. 681997

Girl, do a favor to the world, bleach and color those nasty roots and ditch that rancid wig.

No. 682090

I agree. It's a really weird thing to make an ASMR video about and the amount of people who are into it in the comments on that IG post is kind of scary. Like you said, I understand having kinks. And rape fantasy is a legit thing. But I don't think it's something that should be publicized. Definitely an in private sort of thing.

No. 682377

In the Labyrinth ball video she also admitted she has "been in bed for 1 1/2 months" while griiiieeeeeving.

Most people don't have the luxury to miss more than a day of work, let alone be a fatass in bed for nearly two months.

No. 682504

Kyle pavones gf is livid kelly is saying they used to date. they have never and never were they that close.

No. 682507

>>682504 caps?

No. 682580

."If I'm in the wrong I admit it and apologize. If I'm in the right I'll just ignore it. It doesn't hurt my moral compass"

Sure Kelly

No. 682582

File: 1536275293250.png (6.58 MB, 2436x1125, 4EBBDE45-981D-4B6A-837C-27715A…)

Such a youthful and vibrant face.

No. 682592

Alienware once again helping her create such a shitty q&a video.

Let's see if she actually streams but this time something interesting. Unlikely tho.

No. 682620

So filmed the same day as the bad makeup video. I wonder how many quirky videos they made her film, assuming she was not going to game on that PC.

No. 682628


6:18- asking about how she feels about her photos being photoshopped. Surprisingly, she's totally cool with it kek

No. 682752

File: 1536285238294.jpeg (468.12 KB, 1242x1989, 36810215-0E0D-44CC-97EC-D51935…)

I’m convinced she found this Pennywise Tumblr that was popular like over a year ago (she’s always tardy to the party), and is trying to make it her new “thing”. She probably didn’t even have a Pennywise dream.

No. 682813


No. 682819

No. 682838

File: 1536291293746.jpg (91.12 KB, 928x1185, FB_IMG_1536290646547.jpg)

No. 682843

What even is this supposed to be

No. 682867

is this kelly and skrillex holding what looks like the product of their unholy union

No. 682910

Holy smokes! Kelly totally copied it, way to call it anon! Her depravity isn’t even original! Her recent content is literally “inappropriate content” and is triggering as hell , glamourizing of all the wrong things. Too bad she refuses to acknowledge it or take accountability ever. I have never seen one genuine act of accountability.

Anyways, with her recent content, she’s going to alienate a lot of viewers and attract a new breed of disturbed and I guess interesting ones..

No. 682982

I know she reads this thread but it's pretty funny that she really went for inappropriate content right after it was posted

>Pennywise sex

>Kidnap ASMR

Will be very interesting times for the preteens who watch her videos (And there are plenty of them based on the old fanmail videos)

No. 683000

Is she not concerned about getting demonetized? I don’t really understand how all that works, admittedly.

No. 683141

Really Kelly? Is that why you call everyone who tells you to change your behavior a monster?

No. 683241

File: 1536342958941.jpg (379.99 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20180907-115424_Twi…)

No. 683242

File: 1536342996903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 393.59 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180907_115413.jpg)

No. 683249

Why is she like this? I feel like going back and forth between yelling about death and suicide to posting ~cheeky~ pictures of myself in pastel bondage when I'm mixing it up from photoshopped to hell images of me staring blankly into space in a dress or being an ass on twitter would be so emotionally exhausting. No wonder she is always tired and can't get out of bed. Who would want or choose to make their life this kind if circus because they just love attention that much.

No. 683284

You don´t want to know what I thought what the thing in the upper right corner is..,
Why does she have to post these unflattering pictures? Yes, I know, attention, but still… use nicer ones? And maybe people loose their shit because of your attitude. But what do I know…

No. 683293

Hey pimply tits, noone cares about you showing off your body, it's the fact you are so quick on it despite being toooo depressed after a suicide. For some reason suicide makes you too depressed to make content, but not depressed enough to document most of the suicide and take bondage photos. And depressed enough to go get tatts and go on vacation. But god forbid you post content people actually ask for because hey, you are depressssed

No. 683295


She seems so desperate! What the hell this caption is cringey.

She does look a tiny bit slimmer though.

No. 683317

It's been how many months since her surgery now, but her neck/chin line still looks terrible! I'm older than her and don't even have that granny neck problem going on. If that's what sponsored cosmetic surgery gets you, no thanks!

No. 683319

>I wanna get married and have kids some day

Kek. Kelly would be a horrible mother.

No. 683361

I hope for the sake of the human race as well as her potential child kelly does not produce offspring

No. 683372

I'm watching her "review" of the Trixie Mattel/Sugarpill collaboration and this is such a stupid nit picky thing to complain about but… this girl really just pronounced "Barbara" (y'know… an old common name which is said like "barbra") as "Bar-Bar-uh"

No. 683380

All I can see in this image is all the veins through her skin. I can see why she goes for photographers who photoshop to high heavens.

Also I'm pretty sure she has already reversed some of the effects of the lipo from a few months ago looking at the waist.

No. 683382

Never read a more accurate description of Kelly than this post.

No. 683406

File: 1536359758491.png (173.47 KB, 1080x732, IMG_20180907_233332.png)

Yet she has stated before how she doesn't drink or like being around drunk people because her dad was an alcoholic and it killed him. She's a walking contradiction.

No. 683425


I guess props to her for finally posting an unphotoshopped, but gross photo of herself. Finally get to see her real body and skin for once.
But that wig, and that neck. And that tanned upper chest is starting to look like a 40yr old womans. Suntan lotion, kelly.

No. 683450

who the fuck puts spicy, sexy and kidnapping in one sentence? gross af

No. 683456

What the actual hell is up with these new IT fans who want to fuck Pennywise?? i really don't get it. It's so damn creepy. He isn't supposed to be sexy. He kills children.

No. 683462

I’m pretty sure it’s just dumbasses with zero personality trying to make themselves seem edgy and interesting. “Look at me guys! I’m so quirky!”

No. 683477

here's the new video since it hasn't been posted. the thumbnail is tragic

No. 683493

It took her eight fucking minutes to even open the makeup palette.

No. 683534

Honestly I do really like the eyeshadow look she ended up with! But wow her wig and lips look TERRIBLE. She clearly doesn’t take care of her wig (which is unfortunate because it seems to be a good quality) and her lip fillers are just ridiculous. I noticed a while ago that she was starting to get the puffiness on the underside of her top lip, but I figured she must have just had them done and the swelling hadn’t gone down but they’re still like that. It won’t be long until they look like terrible duck lips.

No. 683544

File: 1536371867834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 110.94 KB, 750x821, A488242D-D80F-48E5-8141-549C50…)

This could’ve been a cool photoshoot, but she just looks terrible. These last couple years she has not aged well at all

No. 683549


Pick up the clothes on the floor.

Hide the bottle of cleaner.

Wear a bow where the tag isn't showing.

Get a better wig.

Learn how to smile or show a feeling while posing.

No. 683550


Fake Barbie fan kek

No. 683553

The fact that she just let her dog eat and lick her dirty underwear distracted me for half the video and disturbed me to no end!!!!!!!

No. 683556

She needs to pull her wig down. You can see her hairline

No. 683574

WOW damn girl those arms look beefy as hell, their twice the size as the rest of her

No. 683582

The left side of her upper lip is literally melting down her face. How embarrassing.

No. 683585

Who shot this again? They should be ashamed.
Also whoever did that liquify job between each rope on her hips should be shot - it’s laughably bad.
But hey, her unshopped cry for attention was just as bad. How shit do you have to eat and take care of yourself to reverse effects of lipo that you LITERALLY just had done???

Lewk at meh I’m so kinky Kat blaque come drink wine with meh even tho I don’t drink cuz I got all my daddy issues from my alcoholic daddy, I’ll put his ashes in there if you want!!

Bye kelly, you’re a desperate walking punchline

No. 683587

File: 1536376101370.png (456.34 KB, 673x475, whoa.png)

Some caps of her upper lip melting.

No. 683588

File: 1536376130750.png (379.4 KB, 649x440, um.png)

No. 683589

File: 1536376171047.png (443.73 KB, 661x479, wow.png)

No. 683590

File: 1536376226806.png (378.06 KB, 623x475, sendhelp.png)

No. 683591

File: 1536376241767.png (474.63 KB, 708x475, yaboi.png)

No. 683592

Wow that’s bad. What a hot mess. The awful fake hair, awful fake lips, sorry kelly but men are so not attracted to that. At
Least not serious ones. The fact that her goal is marriage and a baby is so tragic. Her home screams “I’m not ready or willing” for a partner or room for anything beyond her own damn self

No. 683636

Jesus christ.

Its clear that Kellys going to be single forever. Maybe she’ll have a few boy toys. But someone who is genuine, down to earth and sane will never come her way. No guy looks at her and thinks, THATS the kinda girl i wanna spend my entire life with.
Kinda sad for her that shes so oblivious to…well…everything that she is.

No. 683638

Maybe you would have better luck romantically if you weren't a straight up terrible person Kelly

No. 683657

>Disaster wig
>Melted lip from your Mexico lip injections
>Enthusiasm about the product and packaging in a vague way talking about autumn and colors without actually researching Trixie or spelling their name properly…

Eyeshadow looks really nice on her and the lipcolor, if her lips weren't melted. Actually really like the makeup on her skin tone. Please tone down the crazy in your videos Kelly. She's just talking actual nonsense. 20 minutes research would do you well next time

No. 683673

Watched some other videos + clips
>LARP at labyrinth was cringey, but they looked good
>in "we'll carry on" she talks about the deaths and says "I don't know how to talk about it. I talked to him only 4 days before he was admitted to the hospi-" AD BREAK
Still monetizing your touching moments I see
Also all the ads I'm seeing are for beauty treatments/anti-ageing which really shows the bracket Kelly is moving into

No. 683675

I know right? Maybe the Tim Curry one if you were a fan of his voice or something…because there are weird people out there who wanna fuck frank n furter…I mean I don't, but I semi understand.

Tim Curry has a nice voice. Even then, it's such a cry for attention and bizarre, because clowns are not hot. Especially the IT clowns.

Joker? Cringey but understandable to have a crush. Heath Ledger and Jared Leto are attractive men and I can see the appeal of fangirls.

Even if she said she found tim curry or the bloke that plays the new pennywise hot, I'd be like yeah okay. Because there are chicks that want to fuck Christian Bale but hate Patrick Bateman. There's also the opposite effect, eg- dudes wanna bang Khaleesi but aren't that into Emilia Clarke herself. But Pennywise the actual character is fucking ugly. I want to know exactly what 'attracts' her to Pennywise.

Like other anons said, it sounds like she has just picked an outlandish character to pretend she wants to fuck to appear weird.

And the newest IT clown has a lazy eye and giant lightbulb forehead. What the fuck man.

No. 683696


to me it looked more like a sleep mask. but then the questions is, why would she lie and say it's underwear?

also, her shitty "artist" impressions of the packaging are so cringey. especially alongside mistakes like pronouncing vignette as "vig-net."

No. 683729

File: 1536400083510.png (53.97 KB, 1350x622, 09.png)

Someone posted her last video on Reddit, a few of the comments pic related.

No. 683737

filthy ratty wig and melting lips and this pink makeup…..says she has an audition to go to after that asked for a goth girl, she is going to an audition looking like that, disgusting

No. 683803

File: 1536418258946.png (1.45 MB, 1334x750, 53F7D5AE-E6F7-455E-BA7A-C50F16…)

“Kelly thinks she’s hot shit because she’s bipolar.” Girl, Interrupted remake, 2018

But for real, why does Kelly look like she literally escaped a mental institution? Does she sleep in that wig?

No. 683811

No. 683871

File: 1536424495906.jpg (85.53 KB, 983x705, uh.jpg)

Is that outfit she's wearing a joke? She looks like she is headed towards an erotic themed night club. That's what she wears for a casual, day light LARP practice? Needs attention really bad as usual.

No. 683880

File: 1536425015800.jpeg (260.92 KB, 1125x1195, D86EA29B-328F-46E5-8015-DFCF92…)


No. 683882

Lina is pathetically proud of being spoken to like he's 2.

No. 683903

File: 1536427416405.png (8.26 MB, 2436x1125, F9516E05-EB4E-4B8C-995B-EC3069…)

I wonder how long it’ll take Lina to get into shibari too now that Kelly went on the band wagon.

No. 683928

Unfortunately I have already seen a comment by Lina saying they're into shibari themselves

file under things I didn't want to know

No. 683929


Kinda sounds like Kellys being an ass here. Or she really doesn’t know what to say. But rather than not reply because that’s what she usually did, then we pointed it out, she feels forced to comment back some that sounds…off.

No. 683932


Very proud of you?
Sounds like a mom talking to her child. Weird.

No. 683959

The attention seeking is rreeaaallll. Put your ugly tits away ffs.

No. 683966

The material is sticking to her tits because of sweat and that's disgusting.

No. 684005

Doesnt know who Trixie is but keeps talking how the palette is totally her esthetic…

No. 684006

And by her I mean Trixie

No. 684034

I saw this too, I was surprised someone even posted her in that subreddit since that one is all about beauty guru's. They spend most of their time talking about people like Jacklyn Hill or Tati. Which Kelly has NOTHING in common with them.

No. 684199

Isn't this the same "sports bra" she wears in all the videos and pictures of her working out? Girl, that's not a sports bra. She can't wear a proper one or a T-shirt when shes exercising because, you know, her attention-seeking aesthetic.

No. 684253

My guess is that it's a selfpost by Kelly with a fake account lol

No. 684365

This woman is the same age as Lily Collins… How does someone age so badly? The old lady chin is so prominent they couldn't even shop it.

No. 684410

File: 1536486152821.png (328.81 KB, 428x392, kel.png)

No. 684467

Ummm… What the hell is wrong with her chin

No. 684478

Ugh shes insufferable she really tries to make out shes ~not like other girls~ like bitch the way she shoehorns all the geek stuff into her tweets, especially when constrasted with her other tweets about things like backstreet boys which do come off as a real interest not ones where shes looking for validation it just comes off as so fake.

No. 684505

File: 1536501500506.png (827.36 KB, 750x1334, 315BDDDD-B0F1-4FE7-B014-9BF111…)

One thing I’ve noticed about her, even with the Backstreet Boys thing, she has to go above and beyond to try and prove she is this diehard super fan. It’s just weird how she can’t ever just like something and go about her life. Instead she has to broadcast it everywhere and make sure the whole world knows like “HEY IM KELLY EDEN AND I LIKE THIS THING AND IVE LIKED IT SINCE I WAS 12 IM SO SPESHUL I ACTUALLY LIKE IT THO BC I HAVE SINCE I WAS 12 VALIDATE ME”… it’s like pls settle, no 1 curr.

No. 684509

No. 684534


when i read that i was like wtf is this bih talking about but you're right.

jfc. she looks like she could be lily's cringy mother, kinda like how moo looks at least 10 years older.

she aged badly because she eats shit all day, she does not in fact work out, idk what her alcohol/drug consumption is like but even small amounts next to a high-sugar, high-processed diet and her botchy surgeries will do a number on anyone…

(and to be fair, she didn't start out looking like collins, et al. - she started out looking a luke warm 5)

No. 684540

TL;DW: They wait 1,5 hours in line to get inside for a Disneyland auction, only spend 30 minutes inside, then go to the pool. We get unflattering bikini footage of the friends - especially around 15:05 because one of them is wearing like a thong bathing suit. Kelly annoys the other people there around 16:30 with her screeching voice about how in the Titanic Rose and Jack could have fit on the door. The girls with the coloured hair hang out together, Phi and Kelly stay aside with Phi mostly on her phone.

No. 684544

Her Luna tattoo looks like a dark blob. I had to really look at it to remember what it was. And something about the dark tattoos with the pastel frilly skirt, childlike backpack, and light colors she’s wearing clash and look really trashy.

No. 684575

Nitpick but I love how she was complaining about someone’s bad park job when she was clearly over the parking space at 13:09

No. 684579

File: 1536512796224.png (373.65 KB, 640x1136, 56A6D9BE-EA38-4D1B-B1E7-4D6212…)

Was just about to post that, is she fucking serious? She’s not even in the line. The other car is fine.

No. 684580

File: 1536512861971.jpeg (165.89 KB, 640x410, 2559566C-9ADA-4070-946F-105D5C…)

Better screenshot, sorry. Not letting me delete the post.

No. 684604

Both cars seem to be parked shittily. The white car is parked over a line as well. I'm guessing it's one of those parking lots with a weird space in between the two spots.

No. 684635

File: 1536517647448.png (742.14 KB, 1104x599, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.12…)

Come join grandma Kelly!

That wig has gotta go.

No. 684650

"shrine" - its one poster and a girl that is not her in a shirt

No. 684840

File: 1536535339626.png (133.95 KB, 579x552, k.png)

I see she's been lurking again.

As a previous poster said, please don't reproduce, Kelly.

No. 684984


Near the beginning, Kelly says, "I wonder how many people think Phin is my girlfriend… probably a lot." That would have been a perfect time to say, "but my type is actually short girls" or something like that. I know this is old, but I got so pissed watching her coming out video where she talked about "knowing she's queer" but didn't say anything about being attracted to any girl, ever. Wonder if she'll ever talk about what kind of girls she's attracted to. (I'm sure the answer is no because she isn't attracted to them.)

Also, I love how her "friends" choose to float the raft on the other end of the pool rather than be near Kelly and Phin. They're discussing normal things and then Kelly begins screeching about Titanic again. I cannot imagine someone less fun to be around.

No. 685120

File: 1536561418330.jpeg (137.75 KB, 750x1334, 6C848064-2FF6-46E7-A881-99012A…)

Speaking of kelly dating…..I swiped and found this

No. 685124

what's the point of dating a fat bitch that doesn't even smoke weed? no wonder she's single

No. 685131

Lmao does she want to be single forever?

There's nothing necessarily wrong with putting your nerdy interests out there, but when your career is "youtuber", I think that's a red flag/shorthand to most guys worth dating around her age for delusional narcissist at worst and someone to probably not take too seriously at best.

It's not like she's super well known or has over a million subscribers, or viral videos, or a good camera/lighting/editing/content in general. And I can't see anyone looking to date a youtuber for mooching or exploitative reasons finding her channel at this point and thinking "she's the one for me!"

The no hookups part is probably the last nail in the coffin for her. If you build your whole identity around shallow things you have no actual passion for, people are going to see through that and see your ugly, self-absorbed personality and not want to do more than casual sex, if that.

No. 685135


Does she know how acronyms work?

No. 685164

I think we shouldn't speak for men who do casual sex or give them "reasons" for it. There's plenty of girls who are "wife material" who men still use for casual sex. Off topic but it's a little misogynistic to say "she's only good for casual sex!" We can do better than that. (And I'm OP of the thread!)

Anyway, she has to work on SO MUCH if she wants to get a man. One is the legit crazy that radiates from her, like in the sugarpill review with the messy wig. Second is not lying about your sexuality. It confuses the issue. Her friend Kota who is actually married to a man, frequently retweets LGBT+ content and cute selfies from gay girls. Has an actual lesbian song and video. Yet Kelly has a clickbait coming out video and nothing.

Another thing; actually work on your damn art. You have a skill, Kelly, even if it is limited to copying photos, they are nice paintings. Try digital art or making comic book style art.

Actually stream something on Twitch.
Be consistent with your behavior and beliefs.
Don't think your mental illness makes you a uwu manic pixie dream girl, and work on it instead.
Don't take all criticism as an "attack" from "evil" people.
Stop with all the surgery and treatments. Leave your body alone for a bit. Zapping it with lasers, getting lipo, lip injections, it's constantly recovering from surgery and you wonder why you feel like shit.
Eat better. Eat a damn vegetable. Learn how to cook simple meals and don't order take out daily (which it seems she does from her mukbangs)

I could go on. But her problems are not limited to being attention seeking and shallow, plenty of women do well in life with those traits alone.

No. 685196

File: 1536574489716.png (266.63 KB, 575x567, hehe.png)


>I M P L Y I N G anyone who wants a hook up is looking for 29 year old, flabby, saggy, cringey, pink and messy haired kelly who ends her profile with "sowwy".

No. 685263


Her profile bio comes off really impersonal. I’m not sure if that’s a normal bio for dating apps or not but there’s no personality in it really? It just reads like she’s busy all the time and there’s no inkling into what she wants from a relationship. The “sowwy” is completely offputting.

No. 685392

Her whole profile is basically a red flag. I guess that's not surprising because she's such an awful and inauthentic person though.
Tinder bios are usually pretty short, and actually many people don't read them because the app is mostly about swiping on people you think are hot; it's more of an app for casual dating/hookups so I always think it's weird when people act like they're going to find The One on there (not that you couldn't, obviously, just that it was made for a shallower demographic). Saying you're not on Tinder to hook up is like saying you're going to McDonalds for a salad.

No. 685425

I don't see how it's misogynistic to point out that she's shallow and fakes her interests and that's not an attractive trait if you're trying to point out reasons why no one wants to date Kelly.

Of course there are garbage men and women out there who will use people regardless of what they're like and I don't mean to excuse that behavior or blame women. I can't imagine any decent, well adjusted person trying to go on a date or even hold a conversation with Kelly and taking her seriously as a potential partner.

No. 685474

Agreed that you wouldn't take her seriously, and with the above comments. She does only seem to get hookups too. Example: The Japan date, some other guy that she mentioned visiting her bedroom and seeing her anime shrines, and then he never came back. So Anon isn't wrong? I guess I just think nobody "deserves" to be relegated to hookup even if it's a logical choice. They should just steer away before they get to that point. (Honestly I would not want Kelly talking about me forever, which she undoubtedly does about all her hookups and boyfriends)

No. 685557


Kelly is such a moron. She shows the street sign and building of Dre's new place, as well as the somewhat large and well known public park across the street. If you live in or have been to the area, you know where that is. Great job kell

No. 685613

I live in LA as well and I know exactly where Draize apartment is now because of that video. She clearly lives on the west side. That’s all I’ll say. But she clearly doesn’t have any concerns her privacy because even Kelly his own address is easily searchable when you type in her real name. Kelly always posts when she will be somewhere. If Kelly actually had stockers, that would be easily able to find her. But more than actual soccer is Kelly has delusions of persecution- as if she mattered enough to be stalked for her fame and beauty lol

No. 685662

If you look around, especially on youtube, a lot of BPD women have a very similar look to Kelly both in style and in facial features. It's quite interesting. Check "Michi Mavros" and "Sammy-Marie Grimm" as examples but there are plenty.

No. 685749

File: 1536651215111.jpg (434.64 KB, 1536x2048, DmyayYzUwAARCBM.jpg)

Dat neck and those lipo holes

This photo is so sloppy. The rope work is terrible, it's framed horribly, and it's all cluttered. They couldn't move some stuff before the shoot? Her house looks so dirty too

No. 685752

File: 1536651876096.png (776.58 KB, 1151x546, l.png)


No. 685761

How cringey is it watching two hetero girls pretend to get off to a fucking vampire kidnapping video while on the way to starbucks….. at this point Kelly only mildly annoys me, Phi just pisses me off

No. 685762

Not to mention how potentially triggering that kind of thing is- Kelly acts as if she's a safe-space tw friendly mental health advocate but never gives any warning to shit like that….. ok girl…

No. 685775


Is this what happens after lipo??

No. 685804

Ffs the photo isn't even straight. If you're gonna have huge horizontal lines in a picture you gotta make sure they're straight.
But yeah this is so cluttered she looks like she's in a storage room

No. 685820

File: 1536663720073.png (194.96 KB, 1080x895, IMG_20180911_065837.png)

On Kelly's Twitter asking for video ideas. Has this girl never watched Kelly's channel? Little girls? Her channel is really not kid friendly. Wtf. What would Kelly even tell them?

"Get whatever surgery and procedures you want because you're not good enough the way you are"

"Be sure to oversell any interests you might have to make sure everyone knows you're the biggest and first fan of said interests"

No. 685831

File: 1536665442256.jpeg (176.71 KB, 750x929, E089578F-DB5E-4952-B470-CDB844…)

Grandma Kelly is off to bed, children.

No. 685856

File: 1536671689693.jpg (80.23 KB, 750x927, 41564759_10212579823677363_162…)

Ah yes. I too sleep in tights and lashes.

No. 685889

Well this at least explains why the wig is so disheveled.

No. 685907

Alright, so I always knew I lived close to Kelly because whenever she’d film her neighborhood or house, it all looked familiar. Anyway, I googled her address and she’s literally four houses down one of my best friends. Now, here’s what I’m getting at. Kelly charged a shit ton of rent when Dre moved out, when she lives in ghetto of Los Angeles. Rent is notorious for being under $1700 there. Albeit, I’m sure here some spots going more than that. But idk, it kinda rubbed me the wrong way that she acts like this “dollhouse” is some super nice apartment in a nice neighborhood when that entire neighborhood is full of bums, trash and drug addicts.

Anyway, saged for blogpost.

No. 685910

Phi pisses me off too. She really up Kelly’s ass and I hate her fucking tangents. I had to unfollow her on ig because she wouldn’t stfu about “best boy!” or “I feel personally attacked!” Or band wagoned Voltron because ~she’s not like the other guys~. Which is all what Kelly does, but idk why when Phi does it, it looks EXTRA forced.

Too much energy to be extra disliked.

No. 685931

I cant stand Phi also. She seemed down to earth in the beginning but gradually became annoying like the rest of the rainbow bitches.

>>685749 she looks like she can be someones mom trying to act kinky. I would love to know what nutjob would want to date this ugly bimbo after seeing these type of pictures.

No. 685963

The dirty dog house roof is very distracting. You’re right. It’s filthy and cluttered. I can’t speak on the rope work because I am clueless about shibari, but yeah, this could have been a cool photo if they weren’t so lazy and put some effort into it.

No. 685975

The thing with phi is that you can really tell that she wants so badly to fit in with kelly and her friends to the point where it looks kinda forced . Like in all of kelly recent videos . She just looks like she wants so badly to fit in and it’s kinda annoying

No. 685977

Kind of a strange thing to post after you just bombarded the internet with excess information on how your loved one hung himself

No. 686000

Good point anon. I know it’s not a noose, but it looks similar enough. Kelly has zero tact though, so I’m not surprised.

No. 686014

File: 1536692517332.jpg (35.04 KB, 259x330, 2.jpg)

such beauty

No. 686040

this looks like some lowrate MILF porn

No. 686063

>>686014 This would be great painted on one of her huge canvases

No. 686070

File: 1536699678051.jpeg (856.13 KB, 1125x1471, 5033BC6C-B8DD-45AE-908A-E4D98A…)

Is it bad that I wanna see lina’s Photos out of morbid curiosity

No. 686091

File: 1536702788440.png (6.94 MB, 1125x2436, 3A6EF2D5-595B-48C3-AE4F-7480A1…)


No. 686092

How's she gonna go to her therapist in lazy hobo clothes then pretend she sleeps in this

No. 686148

This con/expo looks soooo pathetic so it’s kind of funny

No. 686161

What did you expect lol cons with low budgets have low budget guests

No. 686163

What are they even going to talk about? Internal drama? Hair dye? Lol

No. 686186

Watch it be an hour of them just screaming/laughing obnoxiously and talking over each other.

No. 686249

Lots of air horn, “were queer!”, call out culture, asmr, husbandos, voltron, larp and plastic surgery.

(On that note, I could attend this con and I kind of want to to see this train wreck. But also this con looks beyond sad.)

No. 686261

>cousin dies by hanging

>Kelly does photoshoots with hanging ropes

I…no words

No. 686265

There's a pic in one of these threads a photographer took of Kelly looking out of her bathroom (bedroom?) window and there are 3 giant skips right under it. The inside is definitely nicer than the outside.

No. 686269

I think it's telling that about a week after moving in she's got a Youtube channel and the first lines of her first video were something like "Hi, you probably found me through Kelly"

Does not seem organic at all. Dre kind of bloomed in that house whereas Phi is coming in hoping to use Kelly as a career boost and, while being a nice girl, it is very transparent. Peep the free counselling she gives Kelly in some of the videos too (example: beginning of the LARP at Labyrinth one).

A normal housemate - and person you just met - wouldn't be rushing to be your therapist unless they thought they had something to gain.

No. 686324

The rope work in this photo is so terrible it's triggering me.

its uneven and isnt even tight! if youre gonna tie someone up in sloppy kinbaku at least make sure that you do it tight enough so that you can see the flesh bulging out between the rope gaps. like the whole point of shibari is to feel constricted and slight pain at the same time as pleasure and for it to be tight enough to constrict the bloodflow at jussst the right amount.

i could go on, but i'll stop my sperging.

also, yeah. super in poor taste to do a photoshoot like this after your cousin hung himself.

No. 686376


Don't forget her obsession with a child killing clown. Her cousin was a child..

No. 686419

I've never really given much focus to her house, but the dirty furniture might be because she bought it from those tiny stores that sell extremely cheap furniture that's poorly made and spray painted.

You can see the broken hinges and crooked wood. So, her upping the saturation would make them even more apparent.

No. 686451


I'm no Kelly fan, but holy reach, Batman

No. 686456

Agreed. I think her Pennywise infatuation is cringey and weird but wow this is a reach lol

No. 686477

Lmao what a reach. Next it'll be "she is attracted to males and her cousin is male!!!" Kelly is just trying to be a cringey edgelord with the pennywise shit

No. 686499

I won’t pretend I know about shibari thoroughly but the looseness made it look really off(sloppy uneven tying aside). Like she’s still posing in her flowy default poses kind of and there’s no constraint. Idk. It just looked off like the videos of people doing badly done style transformations- this was a badly done kink transformation.

No. 686799

File: 1536787720736.png (607.03 KB, 750x1334, D841F4C6-AA32-4F86-BCEC-CC2E68…)


No. 686802

The content is running so dry that it's embarrassing. Kelly has all of the resources to do something creative or interesting and she never does.

No. 686840

At this point all her content is her rambling for as long as possible saying nothing for ad revenue, sometimes while eating, sometimes with free makeup, sometimes while shoving her dog in front of the camera, and now with creepy violent sex fantasies for her young audience.

It's not like she's powerless to turn her channel around, she just doesn't care about doing her job well. She doesn't care enough about gaming or interacting with her audience enough to actually stream on twitch. All she wants is money and as much attention as possible, good or bad.

No. 686841

Is this bitch really tryna act like she goes to sleep in a purple mumu, full footed tights(?!?!) and a WIG?!

Also, love that her neck is such a plastic surgery nightmare. She has like 5 double chins it’s amazing

No. 686932

File: 1536800976912.jpeg (138.41 KB, 1242x654, E1A21542-8275-46E5-AC97-FDE9C1…)

Looks like she is still trying to milk the whole death thing. I wonder if this person will agree to collab.

No. 686939

Caitlin in an educator there's no way she'll wanna collaborate with Kelly seeing the way she handled Austin's death is Kelly high?

No. 686940

I came here to say something similar. I really can't see Caitlin being into this at all.

No. 686942

Kelly talked about wanting to give Austin a proper funeral by having him embalmed and Ask A Mortician is an avid supporter of natural burial, why would she want to collaborate with Kelly? Their channels have nothing in common

No. 686945

‪Is this bitch for real? Why the fuck would a funeral director and death educator want to collaborate with someone who did all the wrong things when it comes to how to handle death? ‬

No. 686948

I'm going to be so triggered if Caitlin by some horrible nightmare decides to work with Kelly -
She's even made videos about the improper monetization of suicide, it's almost like kelly doesn't even actually watch her.
Can she PLEASE not further milk the deaths of people in her life? It's like she ran out of attention for Austin and now she's DESPERATELY seeking other people to memorialize for attention..

No. 686950

ahhh bless this cow. caitlin will surely give her the benefit of the doubt that kelly is truly grieving and handle it graciously to the extent of her experience, but it does really start to rub the wrong way. ‘a channel about death?? i know someone who died we should collab!!!’ like …… any possible grief kelly felt over the suicide has almost certainly been engulfed in the public attention for it, any possible solemn reflection eclipsed by a drive to be seen solemnly reflecting in a collab video

No. 686951

‪I Highly doubt she will, I've only ever seen Caitlin collaborate with other professionals ‬

No. 686952

She'll probably just cry to Caitlin and try to treat her like a therapist. Grow the hell up Kelly

No. 686980

This is so true. I used to be a huge fan of her channel (although her personality mildly annoyed me), and though I still scroll back to watch some of her older videos, her new content is boring af. It´s just a load of boring rambling, nothing to really entice you and entertain. I thought I was gonna love the pool vlog, since I always found fellowship videos fun, but its just so plain boring. Her channel is dying a slow, painful death.

No. 686989


Who THE FUCK asks for a collaboration from a professional like that?? HOW??

No. 686992

Hey FAM want to enter a professional working relationship FAM

No. 687096

Head over to the lolpage for the fellowship for some real inappropriate content and milk!!!

No. 687108

You have a way with words Anon.

Henlo I luv ur bideos can we collab??

No. 687115

doesn't she always? she reaches out to companies, galleries, professionals via twitter so her fans will go harassing them to do a collaboration with Kelly.

No. 687471

File: 1536869575815.jpg (72.78 KB, 720x572, _20180913_210844.JPG)

She literally had a vision but okay

No. 687504


I love Caitlin so much and would like to think she won't collaborate with someone who handles death so poorly

No. 687507


ask a mortician does collabs with people who have actual knowledge on the topic, such as historians and people in the funeral industry. what does kelly even think she would have to say???

No. 687714

File: 1536882132483.png (384.16 KB, 1280x1280, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.36…)

I would honestly be so upset if Caitlin actually went through with this.

No. 687717


Hopefully Caitlin will see how much Kelly disgustingly exploited her relative's death for attention.

No. 687727

Lol it actually worked takes notes

No. 687774

If Caitlin collabs with Kelly I'm going to lose so much respect for her

No. 687799


Would Caitlin have the time to watch Kelly's videos and understand the concern? I can understand not wanting to shame Kelly but I wonder how she can turn her down politely without having Kelly's fans rip her apart.

No. 687805

She could just ignore them too

No. 687836


Please no… can’t anyone @ Claire and tell her about Kelly’s disgusting bullshit?

No. 687838


*Caitlin, mixed up my threads

No. 687900

Kelly and her friends know me so I can't tweet her, but anons p l e a s e tweet Caitlin about this. I love her and many others do. She is one of the only youtubers I can actually take seriously anymore…

No. 687903

File: 1536901948244.jpeg (386.72 KB, 1242x1639, 7B4AB731-C49B-4FD6-9C09-9E10E3…)

Looks like someone beat you to it anyway

No. 687905

Braver than the troops. Thanks to Lemonade (again!) for speaking up.

No. 687911

I don't use Twitter but thank you for speaking up. I might even make an account to DM Caitlin about this. I can't believe Kelly is going in this direction with milking her cousins death(cowtipping)

No. 687936


To be honest this is right up Caitlin's alley.She has always been one to do stuff for attention and her ethics have been questionable in the past. She's a joke to most professionals in the funeral industry. It's to a point where she's used as a class discussion and as an example of what a failed mort. sci. student acts like.

No. 687937

Idk if her DMs are open but you definitely should if you can, it looks like she's giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt but she's a really smart woman I'm sure she'll look at Kellys content before agreeing to anything(cowtipping)

No. 687957

We shouldn't try intervening with the collab. We're here to observe and laugh at the cow and this collab might bring us some milk

No. 687971

Agreed, I think the Twitter comment is enough. We are like people making a nature documentary, we shouldn't try and affect what happens.

No. 688054

How is DMing Caitlin cowtipping though? She's not a cow and I already sent her a DM this morning (didn't mention lolcow or anything btw).(Cowtipping)

No. 688136

File: 1536941982262.jpeg (989.42 KB, 1125x2093, 0E3017B2-A910-4F40-BB07-AE716F…)

No. 688275

Was honestly wondering the same thing. Giving her the heads up that the person who wants to collab with her is terrible for the Death Positive movement is hardly cowtipping? Just a little confused here.

No. 688312

Well, she has written several books, runs a successful mortuary house and is an advocate for green burials and trying to educate people on death. I fail to see where the problem is.

No. 688415

>She has always been one to do stuff for attention and her ethics have been questionable in the past. She's a joke to most professionals in the funeral industry.

Spill the tea fam, I'm going to be disappointed though.

Honestly, it's not hard to just Google Kelly Eden and come across these threads and it's also not hard to read through them. Probably petty, but if she does a collab I'm going to "slam that unsubscribe button" but idk, maybe not? Maybe Caitlin is a secret farmer and wants to milk Kelly for our entertainment?

No. 688487

I'd love a video where she actually talks to someone about the correct way to handle this topic, and the other person subtly roasts Kelly by listing all the thing's she's done as "bad". Here's hoping.

No. 688562

I just noticed Kelly doesn't follow Claire on instagram, although Claire follows her. Who else of her supposed friends is she not following? And don't redirect me to the fellowship thread, this is about Kelly, and how crazy she actually is. So much for squad goals…

No. 688575

Getting personally involved and talking about it here is cowtipping.

No. 688922

File: 1537038538475.png (6.12 MB, 1125x2436, A686FBE0-CCDC-4582-918B-17862E…)

No. 688936

File: 1537040022339.jpg (25.39 KB, 460x460, p.jpg)

No. 688938

I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't know what an awful person she is.

No. 689040


Wowwww. She has to learn to be happy with being single and learn to love herself and improve herself. Kelly, you're almost 30. I can see someone younger musing about this but what do you want? Do you want to be marred for the perceived status or do you want to be married because you are ready for the love and potential sacrifice of being married? Like, seriously. Get your shit together and you'll attract decent people.

No. 689066

kelly reeks of desperation and impending spinsterhood and it's hilarious. despite trying to be young, hot, alternative, whatever, none of it masks her godawful personality. not even fuckboys want her.

No. 689342

File: 1537092907571.jpeg (122.62 KB, 1242x646, DE612A2D-3A80-42D8-B123-19BFB7…)

I don’t know if you’re talking about another Claire but she does follow Claire M

No. 689550

Maybe she did after reading the comment here, she wasn't following before.

No. 689571

What the hell is up with those lips and crooked nostrils? The lips specially, stuff of nightmares. Once you see, you cannot unsee and it's all you look at during the video.

No. 689605

Evidence of just how hard she lurks this thread.

No. 689631

Unless someone has a screenshot proving she wasn't following Claire before someone here posted about it, there's no proof of this or of her lurking.

No. 689700


It's like there is a big ol meatball shoved into her upper left lip

No. 689783

I thought she didn’t like Pokémon and thought it was a cruel concept encouraging animals/creatures to fight? Or did she jump into the fandom because of all the POGO hype

No. 689834


No. 689861

Yes! She says something along the lines of ‘Pokémon flaws’ or something like that. Think she even prefers Digimon. Has a Pokémon vs Digimon weeb rant. Which I don’t get… Seeing how Digimon has animals fighting too

No. 689862


I liked the storyline better in Digimon. She probably had a crush on the DigiEmperor. Hashtag daddy af /sarcasm

No. 689921

Lol this is why Kelly has zero credibility when she tried to portray herself as this Ulta-Nerd. She has stayed so many times how she didn’t like Pokémon and that she only watched Digimon. I can’t remember what video but she was going on about how she never watched it because she didn’t like it and her friend says “what kind of childhood did you have?” And kelly responds, “a digimon one”. But then Pokémon came back with Pokémon Go and ever since then Kelly is this big Pokémon fan and Team Rocket is one of her “favorite anime tropes”? Sure Kelly. I’ve never seen someone jump on so many bandwagons like this broad does. It’s hard to believe that she’s such a ~*nerd uwu*~ because none of her interests are genuine. No one is ‘gatekeeping’, or whatever Kelly made that shitty mukbang about. We can just spot your phony ass from a mile away

No. 690085

Obviously Kelly found out it was harder to connect with nerds/weebs about Digimon and hopped off her special snowflake "I liked Digimon better than Pokemon" train in order to get more views.

Honestly though, I grew up never watching Pokemon because I favoured Digimon and they were so similar that I picked only to watch one - not to mention they played at the same time on my local TV and you had to only really watch one. Not only that but I didn't have the games so I never got in on the loop, which kinda sucks when you are the only one who doesn't like Pokemon out of your friends - but also you don't debate which is better because personal opinion aside, you lose the argument every time due to Pokemon being, that popular, so honestly Kelly, you aren't special.

No. 690205

When Rick is taking the pictures, her face barely changes expression

No. 690368

File: 1537212485985.jpg (663.27 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20180917-202504_Ins…)

Yes, because crop tops really scream 'autumn vibes…fucking idiot.

No. 690392

File: 1537214665007.png (7.66 MB, 2436x1125, D5B702AF-5F87-482D-B262-70EFBF…)

Kelly is again, discussing stuff we’ve brought up on here. She’s talked about how people have her backlash for posting about being on cloud 9 after Austin’s death. Lmfao oh Kelly, you seriously don’t get it. There’s a time and place for things, and you just don’t get the concept of that, do you?

Also, Jesus Christ, someone burn this ugly ass wig.

No. 690427

God that really bothered me how she just didn’t give any other expressions.

No. 690428

What happened to her face? Her mouth looks completely fucked and her nose and jaw look odd and long. Nice warping on the door too

No. 690466

Claire was the only one who actually did any different expressions or poses but in the final pic she just looks like a blow up doll

No. 690517

Kelly probably just picked whatever shot she liked best of herself and not the group as a whole and that’s why.

No. 690530


Can someone please unshoop this, her lip is so unnaturally fat and long

No. 690692

Photoganon here, I agree this was a calculated move on Kelly's part. Her face is the most expressive in this shot, which naturally means that it draws the most attention. But you can tell from the video that she was barely emoting at all during the shoot. It really seems like she chose a shot where her face and expression would be the focal point even though she was the worst model there.

No. 690783

File: 1537250691167.jpg (245.51 KB, 625x1024, IMG_0934.JPG)

Erm… what the fuck.

No. 690784

What're we looking at here?

No. 690787

Pile of trash and dog prison.

No. 690795

Why do I get the odd feeling that Phi exists mostly to validate Kelly and her feelings? Either that, or these girls are so obsessed with death that it's morbid.

No. 690813

I still can't believe she made a Shane Dawson's esque mini series about his death and VLOGGED IN THE ROOM HE KILLED HIMSELF IN

No. 690818

totally, in that pancake video she didn't seem to want to be in the video, she was just in her room, kelly lured her out, she tried to go again part way through and again kelly dragged her out again to make her talk about her grief as a segway for kelly to talk about her own grief AGAIN

No. 690861

This is just infuriating. As a puppy it sounded like she would leave one side of the roof open so it wasn’t so enclosed and he was much smaller and wouldn’t jump out. But he isn’t that small anymore and this is literally just a dark space with hardly any light at all and probably gets super hot if he pants too much. Also she’s literally home and RIGHT THERE. Why is he in there?! That’s cruel as hell.

No. 690865


At least it's a kawaii prison. Much like the experience of living in Kelly's house, presumably

No. 690892

It's like she's innocent. She knew who kelly was and what she does for a 'living' before she moved in. She probably wants in on that efame too

No. 690899

I don't get why they have to act like they're such vintage queens of gaming, like atleast have some custom ps4 controllers or something atleast alittle relevant to things you actually use and (fake) play for your social media accounts.
I'm not gonna sperg out about the whole fake gamurr shit but yikes how removed from yourself do you have to be just to portray this strange perception you have of an aesthetic.
Like theres this hidden rule that the only "kawaii" consoles come from nintendo'h and unless you're gobbling cocks while playing animal crossing in a bodyline dress its not photo op worthy.
If you want a throwback thats cute and original Ps2 did come out with a Pink lite version for example with matching Dualshock controllers, theres a BUNCH of games they atleast have heard of that came to the ps2 and carries titles that are relevant and nostalgic to their audience.
Fuck me if i ever see anything original from the fellowship of the cockring.

No. 690992

File: 1537285827311.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1503, kellyshoops.png)

Her injections are uneven/deflating.

No. 691039

Which Vlog was it that was in his room?

No. 691056

The very first on where she read his essay

No. 691282

File: 1537305539854.png (619.32 KB, 606x768, v.png)

angling photos to hide the botched lip I see. kek

No. 691446

This is so unflattering, her inside lip really irks me too.

No. 691530

And hiding her god awful chin surgery skin that hangs like she’s 80

No. 691764

File: 1537354719608.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-093735.png)

No. 691860

I wish she’d stop with this ratty ass wig

No. 691891

She looks so old and haggard here…talk about an unflattering angle when you know your face can read as masculine.

No. 691984


I honestly think this is one of the better photos she's posted lately. Wig aside, her makeup is actually nice, coordinates well with her earrings. Her lips aren't super over done like in >>691282 (speaking of, what is that makeup look? and has anyone else ever noticed that she's really bad at applying lipstick evenly around the edges? kek) Idk sometimes I think the farmers in this thread are so desperate to hate on Kelly that they'll pick apart everything she does from a looks perspective. She's not an ugly girl, she's just ruining herself with surgeries and injections, mukbang videos and not working out like she claims she does. Her attitude and personality are the truly ugly parts of her.

>>690992 — this one terrifies me. Her lips look so fucked.

No. 692022

……or someone could genuinely think she looks hideous in this pic? Get over yourself. Farmers on a moral high ground about her looks are the worst.

No. 692170

I don't get why this wasn't posted on Phi's channel instead of Kelly's? It's just fifteen minutes of her blabbing as if she's a relationship therapist with Kelly just nodding and agreeing and making a few comments here and there. Way to feed your laziness and monetize your friends, Kelly.

Kek @ her saying to avoid getting into relationships with narcissists and manipulative people. The irony. Maybe one day she'll understand that that's why her relationships never work

No. 692216


Where do you live that Kelly would be considered ugly? I don't think such a place exists. We're just being realistic.

She looks good still, her looks are declining though because her lip is melting from cheap mexican injections and whatever she did to her jaw made it saggy and lopsided instead of the nice sharp jawline that she had before. She also abuses the crap out of her wigs and wears them until they literally fall apart. Her fashion choices are juvenile, tacky, unflattering and rarely cohesive. But even with all of that, compared to the average person? She's still above average. There is no moral high ground, you're just either blind or retarded.

Too bad she can't move her face to model anymore. She had a pretty low range of facial expressions already.

No. 692265

Let anons have their opinions, she looked barely average before the plastic and she managed to pull average to good but then you see her in motion on video and shes honestly not a beauty. The fact that her personality is corrosive plays a part yes, but subjectively I know people who wouldn't exactly find her attractive and im not reffering to ana chans w/ impossible standards. (She looks permanently ashy for example like the girl has never had a glass of water in her life)
People can be nitpicky duh but don't fucking spam a paragraph cause you're triggered over somebody calling her ugly lmfao

No. 692307

I have no words for the disgusting stories kelly just posted on IG of her moaning and writhing while watching pennywise on the TV as though masturbating. Vomit

No. 692308

Right? She just needs to stop with the clown thing already. It’s not cute. It doesn’t make her more interesting. It’s just creepy and lame.

No. 692331

People who sexualize Pennywise are just freakin gross. Kelly is no different. Then again, she's married to a video game character from a shitty ps1 game.

No. 692444

not to mention drawing pennywise's face on toshi in the next snap. what, she's already posted videos of him chewing on her bra (while wearing) and her dirty underwear, is beastiality gonna be her next "edgy, 'ironic' kink"?

No. 692452

There's a certain video I watched a while ago where she appears with no makeup at the start, and it's honestly pretty bad. She's good at styling and makeup to get to an 8/10 (which I think she looks like on a good day) but on a bad day with no makeup it's like a 4.5/10.
And whoever did lipo on her neck botched it, but I guess she doesn't care because it was free.

No. 692479

File: 1537425781858.jpeg (754.09 KB, 1125x2010, 5D1005ED-5534-4501-B576-7584F8…)

What a model

No. 692480

She's going to want to hold on to Phi for as long as she can. Kelly has used other people to make her content more interesting since forever.

She loves any situation where she can sit back and let others do most of the work or talking while she gets that ad revenue.

Phi also obviously loves to hear herself talk. Kelly doesn't even react to what she had to say. Phi is just another exploitable attractive friend in a long line of roommates.

No. 692549

It's so weird that she's shooting for splat hair dye yet she's wearing a wig that is dyed using lime crime

No. 692550

Why is she filming a splat promo when she's literally wearing a wig

No. 692636

Beauty is subjective. Someone you find beautiful could be ugly in my eyes and vice versa. I can’t believe this actually needs to be explained to you lol

No. 692684

Why are they bathing with their cats? I’m sorry but that’s disgusting. Sphynxes are so oily and…no. I can’t.

No. 692688

File: 1537458992888.jpg (659.41 KB, 750x1093, 1508551176266.jpg)

Old stale milk, but the hairstyle reminded me of when she posted this.

No. 692716

You don't have to find her beautiful but you really must not get out much if you think kelly is at all below average. Even the 'manly' jaw you all hate is actually a common trait in actresses and models. It's a sign of health and good genes to have a jaw.

No. 692763

SUUUUPER OT but well fuck i must be healthy as shit with my giant ass man chin

like no, it's not a sign of good health, it's your fucking genes anon. American/English women tend to have larger/wideset jaws than compared to an asian(round) or middle-eastern(oblong) woman not saying other races dont have big chins/jaws just it's more prominent in Caucasian/African women from what i've read

just…sayin… magic voodoo grandma shit isnt real, not all broad shoulders are a sign of strength…y'know?

and i think kelly is like…meh at best, she's not my type and i wouldn't call her 'beautiful' she could pull as a dude in drag for me sometimes

No. 692776

I can totally understand people not finding her beautiful at all, I think some are just getting jaded by the way she photoshops the shit out of almost all her pictures to make herself look better but whenever you see her on camera and definitely without make up shes definitely not stunning, her skin is incredibly blotchy and I while I definitely agree with that she isnt fat at all, her posture and height still makes her look pudgy, the height part cant be helped but maybe her posture is bad because her fake boobs are too heavy for her which btw is also making her look very top heavy causing her to look just the tiniest bit off. maybe if you give her a side way glance you can say shes an average beauty but if you look critical to NOT her photo's its not that difficult for some people to say she isnt all that pretty, not to mention some people just dislike the look of tatted up bodies which alone could be enough reason to find her ugly.

in the end I believe being attracted to someone also has to do a lot with their personality, and Kelly definitely seems like a very loud obnoxious one which can be the reason she struggles so much with finding a boyfriend, I get that social expectations suck and people just want to be themselves, but maybe taking a boy to see your sephiroth shrine in your bedroom on the first date isn't the best way to go, at least not with the type of guys kelly is looking for

I dont think she's butt ugly, I think she just needs to become more self aware of herself (like maybe cover up that really bad rash she seemed to have a while ago during filming) instead of always blaming everything on the haters and others around her and never taking responsibility, especially when she receives any form of setback and expects to receive special treatment from everyone around her instead of learning to deal with things in a more mature way

No. 692852

File: 1537471484113.png (4.81 MB, 1242x2208, 7DFA1108-466D-4D4A-8CF5-F48BF2…)

is she insane????? Serious question.

No. 692858

why would you just post something like this to an instastory? what if that person see that and gets even more upset are you for real? does she even think?

No. 692862

I think it might be a chat (maybe the last one?) with her cousin who passed (it says "Austie" on top of the image and under her avatar, here it's cropped but in my phone I could read it clearly) which makes it even worse than if it were a random person. She's so creepy, maybe she's trying to get painted in a better light or something, but I personally find it gross, inappropriate and nobody's business.

No. 692871

You buried the child two months ago Kelly, let him rest.

No. 692872

Still trying to prove how helpful and caring she is. Tbh,this message doesn't even feel personal. Idk, is it just me but who wants someone they know to send hotlines and tell them they get meds if they feel like it. Why can't she just be a normal person and talk to them and check in on them regularly instead? Maybe that stuff might help but jesus christ, just throw it at them and pretend to care so you can put it online instead of having an actual conversation.

No. 692892

Glad I’m not the only one who got this feeling. It literally reads like an ad.

No. 692899

It's also very easy to fake a text conversation. I wouldn't put it past her to have made it up as damage control

No. 692952

Pls haunt her lil nigga

No. 692992

"And I know we barely talk" then stop fucking acting like you were his best friend Kelly

No. 692998

On one hand yeah I wouldn’t put it past her - but it’s way more likely that she actually did all that.

If for no other reason than she’d make the replies way more ass kissy than the single weirded out line of “thanks” she actually got lmao

No. 693004

"text me if you need resources" she literally sounds so unapproachable, like this is what you message someone when you're helping them do an essay.

Also it's absolutely i n s a n e that she's posting this chat of her cousin?? It's not even a heartwarming conversation or anything this is literally her taking advantage of a dead person to show off how great she is

Imagine being on the verge of suicide and getting this benign text lol. You'd feel like garbage

No. 693030

Jfc you don't reach out when you're depressed, you need other people to reach out to you. She basically went heres a bunch of recourses the rest is up to you kay bye

No. 693154

File: 1537491285986.jpeg (8.72 KB, 245x336, images.jpeg)

Stop exposing yourself as a Koreaboo child. If you knew anything you would know that east Asians have characteristically prominent jaws and the only races that do not are Jews and Arabs. Please do some research outside of plastic kpoop. May I point you to the beautiful Chinese actress Gong Li.

No. 693170

>I know we barely talk.

No. 693209

I know she lurks here so I almost feel bad cutting this deep- but with no real schedule to be busy with, why couldn’t she just call and listen?! We know she hardly does anything now aside opening free gifts and eating. Between just dropping a hotline number like that and ‘respecting his decision’ to end his life so early, I hope she’s does keep fading out of any YouTube spotlight she was getting. Teaching young fans that behavior is ok is sickening.

No. 693217

File: 1537498392925.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, B457D932-F6B0-4B9B-BF51-0B3213…)

I guess this is how she gets over being “sad”. Ugh. This bitch.

No. 693238

It's good she sent the texts but for someone as Online as her she could have opened a dialogue too. Obviously nobody knows what went on but posting this makes no sense.

No. 693301

Imagine being this pathetic that you stay home all day long pining over fictional characters, wearing wedding rings, and pretending to be married instead of working on yourself and finding a person irl while constantly bitching about how alone you are

(not to mention that her stories right before this were of her deceased cousin and the character that she's pining over is a child murderer)

If she didn't have early e-fame to build her sheep to pay for her surgeries and other luxuries, she'd totally be an old, fat, poor spinster right now

Wonder what she's gonna do when her sheep finally move on from her

No. 693425


I'm no kelly fan but srs the emphasis on pennywise being a child murderer is so irrelevant, esp when she's in no short supply of things to criticise

No. 693435

Didn't they try to contact apple to unlock his phone? I wouldn't doubt much she just faked it with any phone either way. She is hiding the time and date and the sides of the screenshot for some reason.
Sage for tinfoil anyway.

No. 693439

They must have been successful since Kelly spent his funeral glaring at people that had actual text convos with him.

No. 693441

I disagree, she's completely fetishising a child killer. It's weird….and fake. Trying so hard to be out there.

No. 693473

File: 1537533432167.png (801.79 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180921-113039.png)

Does anyone else find it wierd that she puts her own picture on tumbnail of video about figures?

No. 693474

Also Kelly atleast put that wig properly on your head

No. 693475

File: 1537533525904.png (425.4 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180914-151644.png)

Drop my pic

No. 693515

I noticed that. Why take the time to white out the date but conveniently leave "austie" in the top corner. That's not a mistake.

No. 693519

lmao thats bad

No. 693544

God I can't stop staring at her lip and that wig really needs to go.

No. 693592

Her lip is absolutely butchered, I don't understand how she can just go about like its normal??

No. 693679

File: 1537556183750.jpg (238.36 KB, 908x2206, IMG_20180921_195241.jpg)

Kelly using her friends for content again. No one cares about the IT thing kelly that movie is old news now


No. 693683

File: 1537556229716.jpg (229.97 KB, 920x2106, IMG_20180921_195236.jpg)

No. 693684

File: 1537556272804.jpg (169.25 KB, 906x2218, IMG_20180921_195232.jpg)


(her roots tho)

No. 693719

File: 1537559754215.png (349.28 KB, 1058x503, pfft.png)

She added "mental health advocate" to her bio

If anything she's the opposite

No. 693751

This is so cringy!! It's okay between private texts, but why post it publically? Kelly's a mess

No. 693753

Both the bag and shoes are hideous and she legit goes on tangents for no reason and ignores the actual product. Why is she so terrible at this?

No. 693866

Lmao WHAT?! How lazy can she be to 1) have done that to begin with and 2) not have caught it and gone “yeah that’s bad I should refilm that” or even leave that footage out somehow

No. 693869

$10 says she changed his name to “austie” only after he died to make it seem like they were closer than they really were

No. 693922

Previously: Cousin no. 2

The posting of private conversations seems to be a problem with Kelly. What are boundaries.

No. 693924

See also
>LARP elf
>has larped like 3 times

She's the epitome of fake nerd girl.

No. 693988


She seems so disengaged in this video. I'm not sure if I'm over-analyzing but those pauses in the beginning made her look so creepy. When she was bubbly with her unboxings and ditziness it was kinda funny but now this is uncomfortable.

No. 694139

Oversharing about your mood swings doesn’t make you an advocate, Kelly.

For real though, it’s really irresponsible to make a claim like that without any sort of training or education. It implies that there’s a level of authority behind what the person is saying about mental health, whereas Kelly is just sharing her personal experience and opinions. Claiming to be an advocate implies that what she says about the topic carries some weight of authority.

It’s so arrogant and just plain dangerous to imply that she has the knowledge or skills to educate the public about mental health issues. She doesn’t even get basic statistics right, and flips the bird at ethics and best practices when they don’t suit her opinions.

No. 694180

Literally the most minimal effort

No. 694735

File: 1537678931002.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, AFE34567-525C-4607-A5F7-5026D4…)

It’s kind of weird that her dog is with Davey, considering how much shit she talks about him.

No. 694736

File: 1537678958532.png (3.69 MB, 1242x2208, DE3CC2B6-9EA4-48B1-BD09-18AC24…)

No. 694786

9mg she stated on twitter that every single relationship she's been in was toxic and abusive yet she let's the most important thing in her life stay with her ex. Wtf. Kelly I hope you're reading this, you're either a liar or fucking whack

No. 694821

Why is she leaving her dog with someone who is then abandoning him wtf is happening here

No. 694865

The note is from a neighbor which he assumedly only found quite a while after it was left. Though dogs really shouldn't be barking non-stop while you're gone so the neighbor has a point.

Pretty weird for him to be dog-sitting also unless they are dating again. (was it that last round of surgery that lured him in, or the obsession with clowns?)

No. 694890

That's what I mean, if he's dog sitting for her why is he leaving the dog alone to the point of getting notes like this? That's the opposite of dogsitting lol

No. 694989

He dog sat when she was in London last year too. Toshi was in his stories then as well. Super weird. Or maybe it was Japan? I dunno, it was one of those trips.

No. 695069

Makes sense that Toshi has separation anxiety because Kelly never leaves the house. Poor pup.

No. 695543

File: 1537755183025.png (187.24 KB, 750x1102, IMG_6903.PNG)

Is this one of the reasons she got lipo? To be on an issue of a tattoo magazine that she was on 10 years ago? She thought she needed to look the same or better than that one?

No. 695554

I feel like its possible the magazine reached out to her to be on the 10 year anniversary cover like some cool throwback, and she had some deadline to loose weight by (either a personal deadline or a real one set by the magazine, not sure if this is a thing magazines do) and she couldn't do it so she got a lipo sponsor last minute.

No. 695555

Sorry to doublepost but I think its funny that on a tattoo magazine, her hair and stockings cover like 70% of her tattoos, this would be the time to show them off not cover them

No. 695660

did anyone watch this 42 minute… thing? i couldn't stomach much but in the first few minutes her sister mentions Kelly demanding to be the "pretty character" in this thing they made. her sister's cute, the resemblance was a lot stronger in the 2015 video with her.

No. 695662

File: 1537772654551.png (46.43 KB, 833x543, 9241201.png)

samefag, didn't mean to sage that post so i'm not saging this one, but i skipped around a little she mentions a sponsor somewhere around 24:23 and says the info will be linked down below, but it's not linked. i looked up the name she says and check out this website kek http://www.4discs.net/home.html

screenshot for comparison when she reads the thread and changes the description

No. 695701

Kelly needs help tbh.

No. 695733

File: 1537785417246.jpg (97.36 KB, 720x869, _20180924_113038.JPG)

This is the most bizarre subject change, I struggled to understand what the first tweet was asking because I couldn't comprehend how Kelly's reply fit lol.

Also Kelly not getting the significance of batman and the joker is just more fake nerd girl points honestly

No. 696207

Holy shit Kelly is a dumpsterfire

No. 696227

This shows how desperate she is for nerd uwu points, knows nothing about comics yet has to reply there. That's why it doesn't match.

No. 696241

P sure this tweet was in regards to the justice league movie? Kelly you’re like 2 years behind.

No. 696532

File: 1537883474418.jpg (103.47 KB, 907x573, Kelly eden.JPG)

Seriously, who else is tired of the same LARP outfit/character? Also, we get it, you're LARPing!! But could you please stop trying to be cool because now you're doing it…

No. 696547

She rarely has original ideas it seems, so when she does have one she pushes it to the max like with Crayola here

No. 696563

I used to love watching Kelly's videos, but reading these threads has shown me how disingenuous she's being… it's ruined her for me but I'm also grateful.

No. 696568

This is the most generic basic bitch ren fayre "LARP" character I've ever seen, nothing original

No. 696655

But but anon she named it herself and everything

No. 696698

File: 1537904607616.png (77.98 KB, 611x376, ew.png)


wonder what her therapist thinks of her wanting to fuck a fictional clown. yikes

also is she still trying to fool people into thinking that she's working out like crazy? kek

No. 696736


I totally relate… It's like it has opened my eyes to the real Kelly…

No. 696760

I don't think my face could be more expressionless when I see yet another one of these dull pennywise Tweets. This is like 14-year-old-tier edgy.

When I first saw these threads I didn't think she was very milky (I found lolcow via the scene memories thread, and coincidentally /snow features quite a few e-celebs I already found interesting)

But as the months have progressed I've been really shocked at how she handled the family tragedy, the way she speaks to critical fans, the hypocrisy, and now I'm just eyerolling at this attempted rebrand into #racy content. Not that long ago, she used to read out children's letters that were sent to her and Dre.

No. 696857

Kek, feel sowwy for me uwu + 3edgy5u sex stuff in one post.

I wasn't so hot today, i was late and vomited my empty stomach, but i didn't make it a framing device for… whatever that post is for.

No. 696900


I think its actually in regards to the new Joker movie that was just announced a couple days ago for 2019

But like its also gonna be an origin story soooo?? Thats new??

But i guess she can only like one homicidal clown at a time.

No. 696901

Also samefagging but


Wtf?? If i was an agency/recruiter and saw she missed an audition, but was calm enough to watch porn instead i'd be livid

No. 696913

Maybe the audition was for porn. Clown porn even. I wouldn’t put it past her.

No. 696919

ok so when is Jake Munro gonna make it official with Kelly. So many of their posts are blatantly aimed at each other, he seems to try to be Sephirorh (SP?) for kelly with the grey hair and working so hard on his physique. Just waiting for the announcement.

No. 696924

File: 1537922504800.png (1.43 MB, 1136x640, IMG_9267.PNG)

WHAT is going on with her chest?! And of COURSE she's unboxing a wedding dress. Kelly, please stop pretending that you're getting married.

No. 696931

she had a laser treatment for acne, she either did a video about it or talked about it in an offtopic video. that being said, shouldn't it be better by now?

No. 696932

Someone else asked the same in the comments. lol She said it was from a skin treatment.

No. 697011


I can't get a screencap but by her belly button it looks like there's a scar/scab. I remember she said her body would reject belly button piercings. (That wouldn't e an incision for the lipo would it?)

She oddly looked calm and seemed more at ease in this video for me. She may benefit from shorter unboxing videos. Let pressure for content and easier to tolerate.

No. 697019

She propably had a new laser treatment. it looked the same after her last session, when I remember correctly.

Shouldn´t she be happy for the new Joker movie regarding her weird obsession with clowns? Or is the Joker not edgy enough to get attention?

No. 697189

In the description of the video, it says that this video is from early June. Which explains why her wig looks a little more decent from the dirty ratty shit she's sporting now

Also can someone gif this or something? I don't know how to put videos from twitter here but this shit is so cringy kek she's so embarrassing: https://twitter.com/kellyeden/status/1044781262496399360

No. 697212

File: 1537950545876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.05 KB, 640x360, dp0821.jpg)

dude she looks like a 60 year old woman what happened

No. 697220

File: 1537951409273.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2208, 985519E4-BDA7-47C2-B182-59280D…)

I don’t think “cute” equals looking like you’re wearing a soiled adult diaper

Srsly wtf is she wearing

No. 697253

she looks like she just dropped a deuce in her pants. rly cute kelly lmao.

No. 697290

Looks like she has a penis

No. 697316

This has been going on for a while, see also TT dying her hair pink/getting a pink wig/that whole phase inspired by his blatant obsession. I don't follow Jake or TT to see what's going on, so if you have relevant caps post them here or in the alt thread.

No. 697495

Looks like Phi might be moving back to Germany and leaving Kelly soon, she's tweeted about financial issues and i got the impression it's because she's in la and they're either struggling without her / they're sending money to her therefore going broke because of her being there. I wonder what that could mean for her and Kelly / who will be the next 'dreamhouse' dweller……

No. 697517

File: 1537982365402.jpeg (498.75 KB, 1935x1548, 429A6F4F-8233-427D-9009-903FBB…)

Her wig, skin, tattoo, arm, and lips all look so terrible yikes

No. 697536

What in the fuck is the leather chest thing too????? And how is that a cohesive 'look' with the purple vest? What is u doin girl

No. 697572

Makes you wonder exactly what this important audition was for.

No. 697576

That tattoo lasted as long as her friendships

No. 697603

spends five minutes talking about herself and her day before the actual review starts

also guess her cousin wasn't important enough for her to remember that she had breakfast with him and left him waiting kek. guess he had nothing worthy to exploit and thus wasn't a high priority on her to do list. stop pretending that you care about your family Kelly

No. 697627

File: 1537990129187.png (24.66 KB, 560x96, k.png)

No. 697680

I wonder if she read all this stuff and it made her want to bail

No. 697711

I don't know anything about how youtube works in regards to ads and monetization, but are you able to choose what kinds of ads you get, what kind you don't want, etc.; or is it completely up to whatever system YT has going on that chooses for you 100%?

Getting mad at someone for an ad seems a little silly to me (unless it's within her control, that is)

No. 697720

companies basically "bid" on the videos they want their ad to play on, the higher "quality" video the more they pay for it the more you earn, this is all based on subscribers, viewer numbers per video, percentage of the videos being watched etc.
You have no control over the content of the ad but you have control over what kind of ad's are played (A banner add under your video, an ad at the beginning, midway ads, stuff like that)

I can't imagine an anti immigration ad willing to pay out of the ass for commercial time on youtube, and I can't imagine Kelly's viewer value (10 to 15k per video)being that good which is probably why she is getting them.

No. 697721

Pretty sure you have no control over the types of ads otherwise I wouldn't be getting steakhouse and dairy ads on vegan videos.

No. 697809

She always looks dirty, like she needs a good wash.

No. 697817

when's the last time we saw her real hair? i am more and more baffled by this ratty wig every time i see it

No. 697892

Yeah you have no control over the types of ads that go on your videos there were lots of LGBT YouTubers (actually LGBT not whatever Kelly pretends to be) complaining that people were getting anti-gay ads when watching their videos

No. 698104

File: 1538023009066.jpg (862.63 KB, 1080x2088, 20180927_003514.jpg)

Her current hair. Guess she just gave up dying it.

No. 698108

File: 1538023151330.jpg (661.43 KB, 1080x2083, 20180927_003457.jpg)

Also, remember when she used to pretend to hate alcohol? Guess she gave up on that too

No. 698252

Didn't drink or like being around drunk people because of her daddy issues…. And now she drinks. She's a walking contradiction.

No. 698398

Ew dude wash your fucking nasty hair

Also wtf she looks 60

No. 698480

Has she ever talked about wanting kids? Cause I’m pretty sure she was watching her brother’s kids. Hence the drinking and “this is my life now” bit

No. 698490

She reminds me of Jnig who cant seem to do basic makeup. There's no need for to wear this much eye makeup and yet here she is. She looks like a sad housewife in her early 40s who is trying to figure out where she went wrong in life.

No. 698500

I wonder if she is being lazy or actually giving her hair a break and a chance to be healthy? If she is, I support this!

Also, way to be a hypocrite regarding alcohol.

Is alcohol recommend for people with bipolar? It seems like it would be a bad mix.

No. 698505


Wth is this. Also she looks 40

>>698500 is alcohol recommended for anybody?

No. 698518

I agree if she's giving her hair a break, that's awesome. Her hair is so fried.

If she's actually taking medication for her mental illnesses, I highly doubt alcohol is a good idea. Yikes!

No. 698553


She seriously mentions in this how her and her sister want to do more for suicide prevention and are looking at the possibility of going to Austin’s school and trying to get together an assembly and talk about the seriousness of mental health, how to deal with suicide, etc. Lord help those kids.

Kelly, what if those kids don’t have Twitter or YouTube to constantly talk about how they are the victims and to monetize off of it? What then? Please explain how you know SO much about the healthy way to grieve. She’ll probably post a Go Fund Me to pay for her plane ticket and trip.
Maybe she could use all that money she’s been making off of his suicide and PAY for an actually mental health advocate or professional to talk to the students.

No. 698604

I worded that weird. I just meant, it seems like alcohol would magnify her bipolar disorder, so wouldn’t it be especially discouraged for someone with BPD?

No. 698704

Not really, people with bpd drink as much as the next person

No. 698712

File: 1538076831237.jpeg (50.33 KB, 750x248, 26BBFA99-AC15-44AB-92BE-F657A8…)

*Uploads a video reviewing lipstick, specifically a “Best Red Lipstick in the World?!”
*Is wearing a different red lipstick product in the thumbnail…you can see how old the pic is because she still has the tattoo of her mom. So this has to be around a year old if you consider before she got any lasering

I seriously can’t stand her or her YouTube. Kelly is 100% one of the laziest youtubers. How are people so oblivious to this?

No. 698757

God I hate how long she talks about the packaging like ok it’s cool but it shouldn’t take so bloody long.

No. 698770

tinfoil but what if she pissed off the friend who always did her hair and she won't do it anymore?

No. 698778

She lives in LA, there are thousands of stylists. I’m sure she could easily find another.

No. 698789

She’s likely not doing her hair to show how “distraught” she is about her cousins death.
“See, I can’t even do my hair because I’m so down and hurting!”

No. 698908

So she had time to make a whole review video but not enough time to go to an important audition. K

No. 698921

She openly stated that she’s letting her hair take a break for awhile. It’s clearly thinning at the top….

No. 698935

File: 1538091423681.jpg (55.32 KB, 307x321, hag.jpg)

She looks so old and haggard here.
What is going on with her lips jfc

No. 698961

the bubble in her lip happens sometimes with janky lip fillers. she should go back and get it fixed.

No. 698964

This is what happens when fillers go away.

No. 698980

“My body is so broken from running and fighting”

So…you’re admitting you lie about working out and seeing a personal trainer?

No. 699258

Maybe her friend did her hair for free.

No. 699337

File: 1538138710575.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-105946.png)

Happy dreams children.

No. 699410


Nightmare fuel! Dafuq is that?

No. 699441

File: 1538150093402.jpeg (622.23 KB, 1125x1738, 6F2AAC36-FD39-43B1-923C-725BEA…)

Wtf is going on here?

No. 699514


Exactly the kind of fan you don't want. Why is she overlaying other people's photos over her face?! Imagine getting tagged in that like "hey…I made you something"

No. 699558

I can't even begin to understand what's happening

No. 699570

File: 1538162744336.jpg (70.04 KB, 844x488, kellyeden lady.JPG)


And somehow some people aren't bothered by it… :/

No. 699575

File: 1538162964994.jpg (38.26 KB, 578x562, Capturetwitter.JPG)

Ok Kelly… We get it, you're trying to be more racy and stuff…

No. 699609

It seriously looks like she did this and then slept in that makeup and flew to her brother's house the next day in the same, melted and flaky makeup seen: >>698108

No. 700102

File: 1538212768089.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1535, IMG_20180929_051811.png)

Nice flab there, Kelly. Lipo was totally worth it.

No. 700110

Can someone tell me how Kelly is expecting to find a quality man and marry some day when she's acting really trashy and slutty? Like, what kind of guy wants to wife a woman who posts pictures of her tied up on the Internet for attention or keeps drooling and swooning about random daddy issue ASMR?

No. 700164

A shitty man, which explains why all her previous boyfriends were problems.

Maybe it's the way she goes about getting men's attention that might be the problem…advertising herself as a thot and then trying to morph that into the perfect Barbie housewife after she "snares" them.

There are nerdy dudes who would think she is great in her everyday form, but they would not be attracted to this charade she does to get male attention. And probably pretty embarrassed about it.

No. 700272

Not sure if anyone has spoken about it but is her dog a legal emotional support animal? She posted pics of toshi sitting on her lap on the plane and apparently only emotional support animals are allowed.

No. 700319

Shitty entitled people attract shitty entitled people, her thottetry is the least of any future partners worries.
The issue is people like her always run off once things go sour to cry about how they weren't treated right when even if the person was fucking God themselves, in people like Kelly's eyes they become something of a redemption arch for her. She's once again been hurt and now shall rise from her ashy feet until the true clown charming comes along who not only doesn't leave her but goes along with all her gagging on anime dick and self diagnosed daddy trauma.

No. 700320

Damn I could have written "rise from her dads ashes", rip missed oppurtunity and sage for double post.

No. 700564

Don't forget the shitbari and doing anything for views/money.

No. 701013

>good area
lolno. She lives in Hollywood, not Hollywood Hills. Hollywood is dangerous and ratchet AF.

No. 701257

Idk a lot of perfectly fine guys don't care about skanky IG pics. If anything, the sort of guy who would hold that against a girl he would otherwise find great is the type of low quality man who should be avoided.

However, with Kelly it's not just a matter of "racy modelling" but a symptom of her desperate need for attention. She also seems to me like the kind of girl who gets into relationships with guys with obvious red flags, but either thinks she can change them or romanticizes them (like possessive behavior for example).

No. 701396

File: 1538355223008.png (980.39 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6957.PNG)

Slight derail. But

Someone asked Stephanie who her best friend is on her stories

No. 701452

How is this milk?

No. 701475

Stephanie even says that kelly had asked that so obviously she'd straight say that. I think it's p dumb kelly would even make shit about her

No. 701620

my eyes rolled out of my head when i saw that thumbnail

No. 701628

File: 1538391271555.png (1.95 MB, 1334x750, 9FBA3F70-28CA-409A-82F7-05506A…)

She looks like a crazy bridge dwelling gypsy cat lady who time traveled to 2018 and discovered how to use a basic notebook for the first time in her life.

No. 701629

File: 1538391492822.png (2.07 MB, 1334x750, 7A27669D-5AD2-4B79-B30B-FCEB33…)

No. 701737

She's acting like she's never seen a notebook before. Like it's a revolutionary new invention…

Also why did she include her tmi pennywise/asmr shit in this video? "my September fave is masturbating" great thanks Kelly

No. 701963

It's hard to watch her videos because she seems so stupid or fake. "Nsfw halloween type stories, so cringy and weird but god it's so magical!" Yeah, you're so different for jacking off to fan fiction. It's sad she has to broadcast this, she must be lonely.

And I get liking stuff from your childhood but low quality childrens markers and unopened bubbles aren't ingraved into your soul. Is she going to play with Playdoh when she's stressed about her easy ass life of recording herself and getting her pictures taken?

No. 701993

Who the fuck is poor and let's their children play with an expensive camera, especially in the 90s/2000s, when that kind of technology was super expensive? Also, can't stop looking at that botched upper lip… Wtf happened there?

No. 702007

She definitely had a nose job. Makes you wonder what's next, cos surgery is "just like a tattoo you guyzz"

No. 702040

Bad fillers in Mexico happened.

No. 702418

>”I didn’t even like to dress that way, I just wanted so badly to fit in”

Seems like not much has changed with her whole fake gamur gurl aesthetic lol

No. 702427

Who is the guy at 24:30? She says he was in a ‘huge band’ but I can’t recognize him. There are a couple more quick clips of him after that initial one but I can’t tell.

No. 702471


No. 702486

File: 1538488999409.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181002-162128.png)

No. 702490

>austins ghost still confused at who she is

No. 702495

And how big is the weight in your heart for Austin, compared to the weight of your wallet thanks to his death?

No. 702535


No. 702544

I like her hair like this, it's much more flattering than the ratty wig.

No. 702624

is this his "abusing" brother?

No. 702710


When did anyone state that his brother was abusing'?

No. 702772

Kelly herself in several videos. Anyway, that redhead guy is her cousin, I think she has mentioned that he is Austin's brother.

No. 702989

Idk I feel like it's kinda shitty to dismiss her connection to her cousin especially when he was living with her mom. Not saying she isn't being kinda exploitative with his death, but let's not be supreme assholes about this?

No. 702993

Has she mentioned anything else about Austin's mother? In a video with Phi, she mentioned his mom saying she was going to kill Kelly's mom or one of her children when she found out and said something else a while ago about there being a lot of finger pointing as to who was "at fault" in the family. I know it's wrong to jump to conclusions, but based on the little we know about Austin's life, it sounds like his mother may not have been great. I've never heard of a kid who had to live with other family members that had stable parents.

No. 703017

File: 1538542627146.jpeg (217.54 KB, 1242x1122, B67FC10B-8339-436A-A67E-8F13D3…)

re: davey?

No. 703142


Idk Kelly herself has admitted they never spoke


God, this feels like her not understanding the antisemitic meme all over again. I mean ofc it's not the same as being outright racist but the conversation was definitely someone else telling Kelly it's appropriative and now she's looking for justification on twitter

No. 703200

Where has she said that? In the videos I watched, she references multiple conversations they had including one the day before he died.

No. 703254

File: 1538580429833.png (72.47 KB, 397x99, Screen shot 2018-10-03 at 10.2…)

Kelly's thumbnails are so out of control. Using model pictures of herself, then in the actual video being in her gross ratty wig and pajamas. Also I get so angry with how she pulls the wig back. Ponytail wigs are wefted in a way that they can be pulled back, that wig is not meant to be pulled back so the way the hair drapes over her ears, hugging her head like a helmet, is so grandmom-ish. I don't care how pink the wig is its styled in an old lady hairstyle and looks like a granny wig.

No. 703347


From her own text screen shot in >>692852
>I know we barely talk

Loads of people never speak to their extended family honestly it's not that hard to believe they never spoke

No. 703386

File: 1538592055761.png (78.29 KB, 720x415, Stalker.png)

Not saying that this didn't happen, but Kelly is normally not shy about screencapping personal conversation or interaction (Steph's texts, the texts to Austin and Kyle)…

My theory is it's an ex boyfriend and a screencap would give it away/show that she's not always the good guy. Kelly, you're welcome to prove me wrong here.

No. 703390

She mentioned that her OWN brother was mentally abusive, she has said nothing about Austin's brother being abusive.

No. 703391

File: 1538592148589.png (596.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181003-173347.png)

No. 703395

File: 1538592461399.png (70.86 KB, 720x452, Dreads.png)

Someone in the comments connected this Tweet back to Davey, maybe a reference to him. She also @Skillrex two tweets after that, congratulating him on a game soundtrack song, so she's on the ex-boyfriend train this week.

No. 703396

This is actually a good idea, but I suspect her advice will be terrible.

No. 703517

Oh god, between the terrible advice and how exceptionally trollable this concept is….I can’t wait. I am so excited for this. It’s going to be such a hot mess.

No. 703551

She mentioned once that she has a male fan who is extremely obsessed with her to the point where she doesn't want to do fan meet and greets out for fear of him showing up. She also says she doesn't go into detail about the situation out of fear of him escalating. I wonder if it's the same guy?

No. 703573

Weird to Tweet about it, if it's the same person, since obviously the recognition would trigger someone like that. She didn't really reply to the suggestions in the thread which makes me suspect she's over-emphasising how creepy it was for effect. If someone is dangerous you don't Tweet about it. Idk it doesn't add up, especially posted at the same time of referencing her last two boyfriends via Tweet, sorta like announcing how obsessed guys are with her despite only one male (transgender Lina) ever commenting on her stuff.

No. 703961

File: 1538648021016.jpg (441.05 KB, 931x601, feDMrCU.jpg)

a photoshoot for a hair dye company, wearing a wig (that is dyed with a different brand, if that comment is legit) ???

No. 703986

It's normal tho, companies are using wigs, extensions, brands that looks better than their own products and photoshop it later. Sometimes they completly change color in post-production from blonde to fashion colors. Realistic hair simulations aren't advanced enough to use yet, but some makeup and nail products "photoshoots" are 100% generated in a computer.

No. 703988

it's definitely normal but the models themselves usually don't bring attention to it quite so much. also despite the poor quality of splat, splat-colored hair looks better than that wig

No. 704013

Does she ever make other faces modeling? I don’t understand how she gets work since the only thing different in her portfolio of work is the styling of each photoshoot. Also her hair honestly looks fine styled up with her roots growing out. Please for the love of all things, throw the wig away Kelly!

No. 704048

File: 1538661297058.jpg (684.88 KB, 1069x1775, Screenshot_20181004-145453_Ins…)

Lina really said cute bones wtf

No. 704051

File: 1538661612002.jpg (259.96 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20181004-150009_Ins…)

Samefag sorry but wow

No. 704067


You beat me to it!! Honestly, she wont do a meetup in the safety of public cuz of a psycho fan, but shes gonna encourage Lina? Who tf says cute bones?!?

No. 704079

Not sure if Lina is just a harmless creep with no social skills, or legit insane and going to murder Kelly and wear her skin.

No. 704151

she is such a sarcastic bitter bitch in this video, why does anyone spons her when she acts like this

No. 704171

Why would a company want to keep working with you if you don't even use their product? What are they going to do with those pictures if not sell their product with it? Someone should contact Splat and complain about it so maybe she'll get dropped and learn to not scam her sponsors.

No. 704175

omg is this really pulling this? No one outside of dumb ass sjws care about white people with dreads since it's been around for centuries. Just open up a history book. She is just wanting to kindle some fuel for a fire to make her relevant again.

No. 704176

I agree with that person. It's not about the wig that is the issue, it's the fact she isnt using Splat hair dye in a Splat ad. Kelly is so passive aggressive tho

No. 704274

Sage for OT, but is there any milk with Kelly and Jake Munro?
They seemed very into each other when he was in LA (in front of his gf might i add), and I find it hard to believe Kelly would let that go easily. Especially with whining about her exes recently.

No. 704353

yeah normal not to tell anyone tho.

No. 704384

I don't know how they still used her after how much shit she talked about their hair dye after the last ad. She styled herself, did her own makeup and her own hair. What did they even do, have her come by the warehouse and they hired a photographer? Is this normal for campaigns?

That wig is going to require so much photoshop. It looked okay when she first got it but it got trashed really quickly. It looks baggy and stretched out, she fucked up the baby hairs badly and half of the hairs are broken and dried out. What did she do to that thing, put it through the laundry? The funniest is when she puts her hair up in it and she looks like a grandma because it's so baggy.

Just let your hair go, Kelly. It actually looks fine when she has her fine natural hair up with just the ends pink. Just do a pink ombre or something. If you can't deal with the upkeep, just don't do it. However, I am just thankful that this pink dried squid that she has on her head replaced that awful pink bob wig with grey roots.

Also… she knows a chiropractor is not a real doctor right? Like, they aren't qualified to read x-rays, tell you what is wrong with your bones and sell you some bullshit service to "fix it", right? Acupuncture? Bullshit. "Adjustments"? Bullshit. Cupping? Bullshit.
Massage? Actually works a bit, just usually not covered by insurance. What she needs is a physical therapist that will tell her how to fix her posture and tell her that her circus tits were a bad idea and are causing at least half of her problems. But, yeah, let's just cure it with crystals and essential oils, maybe she'll start selling them!

No. 704411


Agreed with everything except the chiropractor statement. Most insurances cover chiropractor care and it's still a field that requires years of medical training (unlike something like acupuncture). Lots of clinics combine physical therapy and chiropractor techniques too.

sage for slightly off topic

No. 704415


if it's the harmony chiro in beaumont, they pimp doTERRA essential oils (a pyramid scheme) and other bullshit including acupuncture so this isn't One Of The Good Ones sorry. kelly doesn't want medical help anyway, if she really had these enormous back problems she'd remove those implants like the other anon said

No. 704435


I have no idea about the particular chiro she's going to. I'm just saying chiropractor care in general is fine and is not comparable to stuff like acupuncture or cupping.

Also, agree about the implants. I don't get why she hasn't gotten them fix considering how much sponsored cosmetic surgery she has gotten.

No. 704437

no1curr she is milky enough by herself.

I'm guessing she was born with some slight problem, and her cartoon blow-ups made them worse. Otherwise she'd be more surprised about it/exploit her suffering.
I don't think she'll remove the implants any time soon, if ever. Especially if she paid, does anyone know if she did? I don't think she was getting sponsored much at the time.

No. 704541

Speaking as someone from the medical field, this is hardly an issue. It's probably due to having poor posture from being on the computer/a smart phone all the time as well as her huge breast implants. But of course she tries to milk medical issues now.

ib4 her next gofundme to pay for her "chiropractics" or plastic surgery to reduce her implant size.

No. 704700

Lmao as someone who has seen a chiro for a super minor issue I'm laughing that she's pretending this has been a struggle

No. 705039

In 2017 sometime she ordered a special chair to use for editing to help with her back problems, she's also posted a video where she visits another chiropractor, so none of this is new.

Hi Jake

No. 705467

Yet again narcissist Kelly has to be the center of attention and be the special snowflake. I couldn’t make it past the first 4 minutes but basically Kelly is making herself out to be this super important character in her larp group (surprise surprise) and basically spends the first few minutes of this video going on and on about how great their lore master thinks she is, even going so far to say he was fangirling over her lol.

No. 705472

Holy shit she is the epitome of a nightmare first timer / player.
I mean jfc I bet they're all subtly trying to write her out of the whole thing while giving sympathy responses to her flake of a character background.

No. 705577

From the Splat website. The contrast in the models, wow. The skin, the scabs, the dull dry wig, the eyelash glue…

No. 705579

File: 1538860022961.jpg (697.69 KB, 1030x1704, Untitled 1.jpg)

From above. Don't know why this didn't upload.

No. 705637

did they really not shoop out kelly's chest acne? lol

No. 705687

omg did they not retouch her?? she looks like shit

No. 705889

That wig looks even more ratty and dry next to the other model. Did splat really think this was a good choice? Or did they just shove her in cos she has some subs on social media?

No. 706023

Kelly is just getting too old to be a model - or at least the kind of model she wants to be. She is in her late 20s, and at that point if you don’t have the genes, you have to invest a lot of time and be exceptionally disciplined to maintain your appearance - and even then, not everyone can do it. She already has her height working against her, and we’ve seen her mom. She’s a lovely lady for her age but still fairly average.

At this point, Kelly needs to give it up, or hop on the “body positivity” modeling trend. She is naturally pretty, but she’s short, has acne, and quite a bit of softness to her physique. If she actually took care of her mental health and learned to be confident in herself, she could do very well in that niche.

No. 706067

>did they just shove her in cos she has some subs on social media
If companies did that, just about anyone could be a model.
But I agree, it looks bad. They should've used someone else.

No. 706125

Wait, I thought Kelly said they weren't going to use these pics to advertise their hair color (since their dye wasn't used)? But are they not doing that right now, or am I missing something?

No. 706205

Oh, anyone can be a model. That's why we have instagram models that just use loads of photoshop aka Kelly.

No. 706208

They must have got a shock when they saw her in real life then. Kek maybe they didn't shoop out her acne cos the face/hair was taking too long.

No. 706232

File: 1538950624528.png (240.78 KB, 653x973, Kelly_Eden.png)

Here's another pic from the website. They made a tag for her name too, but there's nothing else under it.

No. 706243

Those Popeye arms

No. 706308

Does no one else see how fucking saggy and deflated her tits are? They don’t even look like tits, it just looks like she’s weirdly misshapen

No. 706353


No. 706360

never noticed before, but she has some really rugged labourers' hands.

and… deodorant stains on top of her shirt? powder? something?

she's fucking sloppy for a model.

No. 706376

Seems like a sloppy campaign in general. There's zero "normal" retouching here and its out of focus. :/(read the rules)

No. 706538

Exactly, how tf was splat okay with this

No. 706589

This photo is a disaster! She looks like she slept in yesterday’s wig/outfit/makeup and just rolled up to the photo shoot. Her lash is like falling off lol

No. 706593

File: 1538999989052.jpg (551.1 KB, 764x431, 06ZXhTa.jpg)


geesh it makes my eye itchy just looking at it

No. 706725

Still milking that oh-so-edgy pennywise fantasy as well as her cousin’s suicide… all within seconds of each other. Classy.

No. 706780

File: 1539022218699.jpg (89.73 KB, 484x640, tumblr_l1ta5pvEtr1qb6p4p.jpg)

did you guys never see these ads back in the day or in older threads? i'm assuming they went with her because she guilted them into taking back one of their old models

No. 706847

is that dirt or makeup on the sleeve of her shirt??

No. 706851

Does she seriously think wanting to fuck a child-eating clown is quirky and entertaining enough to become a running joke on her social media? Because it's not.

No. 706934

The date there says 2010, but next to the recent pic she did, it looks like 10+ years age difference.

Well she has no real hobbies to milk. Pop culture and quirky/edgy is all her persona is. Shibari failed so now it's pennywise and kidnap fantasy, and being a uwu deep mental advocate over her kid cousin's death. She really outdid herself.
Is ask a mortician still gonna collab?

No. 707045

She def has man hands and arms, but its not just her arms. She's stumpy looking all around. She doesn't even seem to take care of herself, so of course she looks haggard and old looking especially for her age

No. 707060

She always looks dirty. Unwashed. From her black feet to her dirty home. She's gross. Needs to clean herself and her place. Kawaii princesses don't have dirty gross feet

No. 707342

The nitpicking in this thread is out of control.

No. 707348

Different poster but maybe it doesn't bother you that her feet are literally black with dirt but you can't call it nitpicking… Her feet are literally black with dirt lmao

No. 707354

After much detailed study of the bovine inhabitants of lolcow, I can promise a direct, inverse correlation with how kawaii someone dresses and their general cleanliness.

No. 708052

Basically says she doesn’t want to put in the effort for an in depth tutorial so she’s just filming herself “playing with makeup”. The lack of effort from someone who relies on YouTube to feed themselves and pay their bills is astounding. Also- damn that wig is t I r e d

No. 708058

>”Cheryl from riverside”

No. 708061

>Kawaii princesses don't have dirty gross feet
You terrify me

No. 708185

No one should have dirty gross feet unless your a homeless bum..or just don’t take care of yourself, peroid. Kelly has a bathtub and soap. It’s not that hard.

No. 708216

You’ve clearly never seen the bottoms of her feet…

No. 708847

The thing that I find the most horrifying about the Austin situation are the texts she sent him the night before. As someone who went through a really serious suicidal period, the thought of my older cousin randomly texting me with hotlines and saying "if you need ~resources~ just let me know" makes my heart ache. Notice how she never once says "I'm here if you need to talk" or "what's going on with you?" She just sends him a bunch of info on what resources he can utilize, which is essentially code for "I don't actually want to put actual time/energy into being supportive in the slightest, but here's a hotline so I can feel good about myself without actually doing anything".

She focuses on what that kid said to him the day he died, but her texts sent the night before probably contributed if we're gonna be honest about the situation. Between that kid telling him he probably wasn't gonna do it and her sending those texts that made it really clear she wasn't truly there for him, he probably felt like a massive burden to anyone he might potentially reach out to.

Ffs, what kind of ~mental health advocate~ doesn't see the problem with how she handled the situation? He was her fucking family, not some random subscriber saying they felt suicidal. I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed more.

No. 708865

The second he mentioned feeling suicidal, she should have called 911.

No. 708901

Or at the very least she should have alerted the adult he was staying with (which I think was her mom if I remember correctly), if she knew about this and just texted him some bs and went to bed without telling anyone else who could have been able to help him, thats about as bad as her videos profiting off his death

No. 708914

From the texts, it sounds like someone in the family told Kelly how he was doing, so it looks like they knew.

No. 708921

Ah I see! Well at least there's that, thank you

No. 709388

Yeah when I read the texts she posted, I legit thought it was her answering a fan's DM or some shit. Not her cousin. Seemed so impersonal and distanced.
It's obvious they weren't close but she wanted brownie points. I agree it probably made things worse for Austin - and better for Kelly's bank account. Mental health is a popular-ish topic and I guess she realised she could leech off of that. And her family agreed.

No. 709418

Yeah the texts were very impersonal and distanced. I legit thought it was her answering a fan's DM or some shit.
I agree it probably made things worse for Austin - and better for Kelly's bank account. Mental health is a popular-ish topic, I guess she realised she could leech off of that. And her family agreed.

No. 709622

always makes me laugh whenever I see new pics/videos of her nasty black feet given that one time she raged in a video about how low her rating was on celebrityfeet.com or whatever

No. 709695

File: 1539231343235.png (751.38 KB, 806x591, dem arms.png)

dem balloon arms and that awful wig

her head looks swollen

No. 709714


I tend to think most comments about Kelly's appearance are unnecessary, but damn, this terrible wig styling makes it look like she has a 5 head.

I don't know Kelly's money situation, but even someone like me, who is dead broke, could get a better looking wig on Amazon for $10. I just don't get why she is hanging on to this wig and wearing it when it's clearly past its expiration date.

No. 709717

If you look at the screenshots she blurred out the date/time. It could very easily be something she faked in order to post and be like "see guys? I tried to help him..I'm not a monster"

No. 709970

She kinda looks like a dwarf. The fake boobs really don't help that.

No. 710051

I thought she'd given up on this in favour of her husbando Pennywise.
And peep lina being the first comment as always. "Cute bones", and now that Kelly makes shibari artistic. Why is he so obsessed with her?

No. 710109

like Tyra Banks says, "you lost your neck"

No. 710121

I'm crying that she holds so much value in her celebrityfeet rating kek

No. 710528

I didn’t make it very far but the wig… the lighting… she literally looks green. Basically says she started talking to a guy who was working on the tour so she could get into music videos and is confused when he brushes her off because as we all know kelly is obligated to get her way. I didn’t make it any farther because her story telling mannerisms came off super irritating.

No. 710544

Samefag. Finished the video… oh boy. She basically goes on a date with some cinematographer and claims she is blindsided by him when he asks her to get dinner on a Friday night. She says they hold hands, and even makeout when he drops her off, but the whole video she’s telling it as if she is super uncomfortable and did not want any part of it. I’m sorry, but if you don’t want someone’s tongue in your mouth there are ways out of that. She also stated in the beginning of the video that the guy had a girlfriend but never mentions her again in the video. Why didn’t she call him out of it was so obvious they were on a date? THEN she goes on a rant about how people need to say what they mean and say how they feel so the other person isn’t confused, referring to the guy never specifying it was a date. HEY KELLY, follow your own advice. You weren’t being ‘up front with your feelings’ and instead YOU probably confused him by going along with the hand holding, making out, and accepting gifts from a guy you said had a girlfriend. It goes both ways. This girl is so blinded by her own narcissism that she can’t see any wrong doing within herself. It’s so bizarre.

No. 710889

File: 1539323929481.jpg (84.56 KB, 720x611, _20181012_065150.JPG)

Kelly trying to shift the attention away from her dead child profiting I see. YouTubes ads are garbage sure, but she's so in denial about doing anything wrong

No. 710905

I'm usually a lurker, but I just had to comment. Her lopsided lips is a common side effect from liposuction. And Bob Gray aka Pennywise is not a "child killer". Bob Gray kills both children and adults. It's just that it's easier for It to get a hold of children since Bob's a shapeshifter and turns into the thing/s that you fear the most. That doesn't make adults immune to him because adults do see him and some are killed by him. He usually goes out with a huge bang aka some giant catastrophe will take place like the explosion during the picnic decades earlier. As a Stephen King nerd, I just had to correct this because it was gonna drive me mad.

No. 710909

Also wanted to add that I don't know why anyone would find Bob Gray sexy. His natural form isn't a clown. Now, a bad bitch would go for something a bit more badass like the Crimson King or The Walking Dude, but I digress.

Anyways, Kelly. You're a fake Stephen King fan. Just stop it. I bet she hasn't even read any of his books and would give you a blank stare if you mentioned the Todash Darkness. And luckily for us, she can't hurry up and read a few summaries online since every single one of King's books is connected to one another. His work is a giant spider web of connections and simply reading a Wikipedia synopsis ain't gonna do shit. Kelly don't want it with us King fans.

No. 710910

Thank you for the Wikipedia explanation to shift attention away from current topics Kelly, none of us have ever seen It we never knew!!

No. 710913

I'm not Kelly you dimwit.

No. 710924

And everything that I said is not in the movie 'It'. Get it together and don't get your panties all up in a twist just because I corrected both you and some people in here writing things that are not correct.

And I don't even know why you think that Miss Eden is capable of writing a coherent paragraph. Evidence has shown that she has the IQ of an old wet penny. I mean really, Kelly doesn't deserve such a compliment.

Try again.

No. 710932

1.) Sage your shit, or get the fuck out
2.) You didn’t correct anybody. If anything, you just made yourself sound like an elitist with a hard on for King
3.) You’re trying to sound eloquent and intelligent on a fucking lolcow thread. Sort your life priorities.
4.) You’re trying too hard to semi-wk the cow and then throw in a vague insult such as, “lol Kelly is dumb I’m totes one of y’all!”. Not very convincing. Go back to lurking unless you’ve got some real milk.

No. 710966

Calm your autism, kelly literally only claims to be attracted to the recent adaptation of pennywise. Its not like she's claimed to have been masturbating to the books since 1986

No. 710971

…yet. We all know she likes to pretend to be an og fan of whatever she's currently obsessed with.

No. 710985

Wow aggressive much?

No. 710989

File: 1539338117148.png (839.89 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181010-210216.png)

Her lips…

No. 710995

Lmao ofc. She's definitely already boasted about how much she's into the Tim curry movie, but sperg-chan is taking issue with why she finds Bob grey attractive when in the recent film that name wasn't even mentioned. It's barely relevant to her current state of weird clown sex kek, kelly is too dumb to go that deep honestly


Jesus she looks about 45. I barely recognise this as the same person from her heavily edited Instagram

No. 711742

Voting this to be the next thread's image

Also kek @ her keeping the shibari ropes on her dresser. Think she used them with that guy she complained about in the video? Or she put them there for attention

No. 711746

File: 1539413306315.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-093119.png)

She got new tattoo

No. 711747

File: 1539413337513.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-093040.png)

No. 711748

File: 1539413431783.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-093416.png)

Also her unfinished back tattoo. Wvy get new tattoo insted of finishing this one?

No. 711763

Not new, looks like she just got it touched up

Still tacky though

No. 711777

File: 1539420776797.jpeg (664.89 KB, 750x711, 2EB46CB0-12E0-4DEA-A33F-4E7C6A…)

Looks like Katie has replaced Kelly as the ‘pink hair friend’

No. 711778

Never paid much attention to Kellys back tattoo and now im loosing my shit over the literal disformed hoof that looks like a horse version of the buttlers hand from Scary movie.
Disproportionately Small yet oddly round

No. 711785

that horse looks like a dog. that is not what horse heads look like.

No. 711814

File: 1539430382869.jpg (1.62 MB, 2044x1920, fixedtattoo.jpg)

damn the proportions are off for a horse.

Fixed it on the right, on how an actual horse proportions would look.

No. 711829

This was for a special event in Salem for Foxblood and has nothing to do with the Fellowship.

No. 711843


What is foreshortening?

No. 711859

The composition is awful, the face is off and shrivelled, and those legs look like a birth defect.
If she's a former tattoo artist, how is she ok with this?

No. 711865

Wtf is that a horn on its head? Why is it so unusually long? Looks weird..

No. 711874

A lot of things are wrong with this, but the legs especially bother me. The legs are so short, if you imagine the horse standing, they would be a like a foot off the ground. They wouldn't even be to support the horse's body.

No. 711935

File: 1539451508570.jpg (937.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181013_132046.jpg)

I believe this is the image that she's trying to reference with that awful tattoo

No. 711961

Lmao looks like a leveled up fellowship to me, regardless of what it was for. Bet you kelly seethes with anger at this pic

No. 711967

File: 1539454392210.jpg (660.32 KB, 1080x1992, Screenshot_20181013-141246_Ins…)

No. 711977


No. 712062

rofl I freakin love you, anon

No. 712064

She looks like a drug addict here. What is this makeup??

No. 712307

On the weird looking one it almost looks like it was stretched, do you think it looked fairly normal when she first got it but her gaining weight altered how it looked (and maybe lipo too)? I don't know that much about tattoos so idk if they would change that drastically with the weight kelly gained over the years

No. 712308

On the weird looking one it almost looks like it was stretched, do you think it looked fairly normal when she first got it but her gaining weight altered how it looked (and maybe lipo too)? I don't know that much about tattoos so idk if they would change that drastically with the weight kelly gained over the years

No. 712309

On the weird looking one it almost looks like it was stretched, do you think it looked fairly normal when she first got it but her gaining weight altered how it looked (and maybe lipo too)? I don't know that much about tattoos so idk if they would change that drastically with the weight kelly gained over the years

No. 712425

>> 710985
If you have ability to read, could you follow the first suggestion that the anon made you and start saging your posts?

>> 710989

I don't understand much of wigs, but
can'tt she wash and dye the wig again? Would it not be more presentable?

This one is atrocious.

No. 712533

I want her collar /sage

No. 712557

Do You Tubers not have the ability to not have certain ads show up on their videos if they don't like them?

No. 712629

File: 1539540869343.png (128.6 KB, 705x1035, IMG_7098.PNG)

She used to have Marilyn there as well

No. 712945

On the weird looking one it almost looks like it was stretched, do you think it looked fairly normal when she first got it but her gaining weight altered how it looked (and maybe lipo too)? I don't know that much about tattoos so idk if they would change that drastically with the weight kelly gained over the years

No. 712951

I have no idea why this posted so many times, I am so sorry

No. 713119

i think it's due to the curves of your back and how your body is shaped in that area- niko is an amazing artist but massively failed her with this one, the placement is so unflattering and the ghorn is stupidly long / looks wonky due to her shoulder blades, it should have been a thigh piece or just the top of her back where its a more flat, square area…. i feel sorry for her honestly as she was done dirty with this piece- he should know better. the reference image is bad too, the horse is getting up from lying down and the position captured is unnatural for a horse to be in, so the whole tattoo looks awkward and strained.
take it from someone who's had horses and been in the tattoo industry……

No. 713120

*horn not ghorn

No. 713416

Did she honestly think this looks good

No. 713564


Wow, Dre has gained back all the weight.

No. 714173

I´m not from the USA, but where I come from, this would be the house of somebody very well of in life. North americans, what do you say? How is would this house rank in american standards?

No. 714174

I´m not from the USA, but where I come from, this would be the house of somebody very well of in life. North americans, what do you say? How is would this house rank in american standards?

No. 714200

"This color reminds me of my LARP character. I should contact the company and get a lipstick made named after my character"

Who does she think she is?

No. 714210

Yeah, that’s the house of someone who has money. Not “average” in the US. There’s hardly any middle ground here anymore tbh.

No. 714216

kelly seems to lie a lot about her circumstances like saying that they were poor and couldn't eat when she was a kid, then uploading videos she made as a kid with at the time very expensive tech in a nice house

No. 714220


I got a really forced vibe from this. She's trying extra hard to be quirky and odd and it's like she's making her family do it too. Why try so hard, Kelly? Your channel went downhill long ago. It's not coming back up.

OT also but where I'm from in the UK, a lot of us would kill to have a house half that nice. She really takes shit for granted.

No. 714221

Property value depends entirely on where you live in the US, there is no "American standard". Where I live a house like that would only cost like 200k, but in some areas it would cost over a million.

Judging by how much houses cost on the Evergreen Trulia, it's a normal middle class house by that area's standard. Also, keep in mind they had that house before her dad passed, meaning her mother most likely isn't doing as well financially as they probably were when they bought it. Still doesn't negate the fact that Kelly chose to buy thousands in luxuries instead of put that money toward the funeral, though. Then had the nerve to cry on camera about how bad she felt that she couldn't help out more.

No. 714223

That doesn't necessarily mean they weren't poor. If there's anything I've learned about poor people, it's to never underestimate their penchant for bad financial choices. One thing Kelly mentioned before is that they would randomly get extra money every now and then and spend it on things like gaming consoles and cameras instead of saving or investing it. This is a thing I've noticed is rather common among poor people.

No. 714239

Her digitized video rewatch just consisted of her behaving exactly the same as she always does, but interjecting it with invented backstory about how bad she had it, where no evidence exists of said bad times.
It's like she has to have a sob story and can't just look back at fun memories without making some shit up about it. She had plenty of friends, family, money and boyfriends. She had close best friends who are still her pal(s) now. There is no sob story. See also: Recent tweets about being mistaken for being stuck up, which is word-for-word something that was posted in an old thread about her by someone who went to college with her.

Then claiming she has only just got used to being on camera. How was your video from 2006 or whatever "acting" if you're no good at being on camera? I would say her very first videos on her channel were awkward, but she can't stop lying about her past self and how she was perceived. Which is kinda a weird thing to be obsessed about.

No. 714249

Kelly's poor spending habits doesn't mean she comes from a poor family. If anything, it shows what she thinks is a reasonable standard of living. Poor people buying an Xbox to make their poor people lives more enjoyable don't tend to live in huge houses and casually drop $40+ on pies and pumpkins.

That may be the "average" house in the area, but that probably means they live in a wealthy area. I grew up in suburbs where McMansions like that were common, but I can acknowledge that housing and real estate is really pricey where I grew up, even if my family didn't have a lot of money.

It's stupid to do mental gymnastics trying to figure out why they look like they have money while Kelly claims that they are struggling financially. She also described herself as struggling financially, which is laughable.

She lies because she can get away with it and doesn't know how to not frame herself as a victim. It's that simple.

No. 714287

I thought she lied about her back story to seem more uwu relatable or even to excuse her current vapid lifestyle.
Can definitely see her milking a victim sob story for views though, she is a real money hungry cow.

No. 714585

File: 1539741784371.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x2560, 18-10-17-02-58-14-304_deco.jpg)

Yeah, great "painting". You'd never guess she went to art school from this
Also Kelly is so self obsessed she has to include herself (awesome roommate!!!) and her lane clown obsession

No. 714592

Yikes, I would be really embarrassed to share this with the internet.

No. 714608

File: 1539743435542.png (7.74 MB, 1125x2436, 143E0901-BCB0-4B65-94DC-90344D…)

Here we go with that “brand new” jacket. Also uhhhhh wtf is this makeup and outfit, Kelly?

No. 714629

give the jacket a rest kelly, its never going to zip up over your ballon tits

No. 714632

File: 1539744977191.png (5.57 MB, 1494x1658, colorado.png)

Colorado anon here and I just wanted to call absolute bullshit on Kelly's "we wuz on foodstamps" claims once and for all.

Kelly lived in Evergreen Colorado, which is upper middle class to rich. There's no exceptions to this rule, really. If you're in a moderate or small mountain town in Colorado, there's only one "class" of people there. If you're in a rich town, you're rich or commute outside the town.

Even if a town looks very quaint or rustic, especially downtowns, some of the Colorado towns are super deceptive. Telluride Colorado, for example, looks like it's a middle class town, but look at homes for sale there and you'll see it's full of million dollar mansions with actual movie star second homes.

If you don't believe me about Evergreen, all you have to do is look up houses on zillow or something. Pic related even has some fucking chateau in Evergreen someone just decided to put down there. The reason why they move to these towns is because they're "cute" then go back to fancy houses like Kelly's.

No. 714725

File: 1539750533989.png (216.08 KB, 750x1334, 2C68A1CE-9690-4470-B385-F42A30…)

I noticed that Kelly has not been liking any of Kotas IG photos lately and Kota gave up kissing Kelly’s ass on her IG. turns out she unfollowed kota altogether. RIP fellowship. Kelly only wants you if you have something to offer her.

No. 714832

Took me 5 seconds to double check this and they both still follow each other. Get your facts straight before posting.

No. 714834

I'm pretty sure among Kelly's many mental illnesses we can add "pathological liar" to the mix.

No. 714879

Kelly's house pales in comparison to the ones you posted though? It would be much more relevant to post houses similar to hers and what they cost, not multimillion dollar mansions that are nowhere even close to similar.

No. 714937

I also checked abd kelly isn't following Kota but Kota is following Kelly. Not that it matters

No. 714969

Hi, different anon from the first but I'm also from Colorado and what they said still stands, even if the houses they posted are 'nicer' than Kelly's family's. Nobody "poor" lives in the mountain towns, that's for sure.

No. 714974

File: 1539783168837.jpg (563.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-143206_Ins…)

This is what she wrote on Limecrimes wall. She's so fucking stupid

No. 715019

Lmao she's so self obsessed. Made the whole thing about her then signed it like she's some kind of celebrity. No ones star struck kelly

No. 715024

Bitch HAD to sign her name twice. Kek

No. 715106


whats with the constant fake crying?

and gotta love the self insert of her LARP character at 10:45

No. 715124

What? just… What?

"Why am I attracted to Pennywise the clown?!
Okay so I KNOW I'm not alone in this.. a few weeks ago I started having some funny feelings for Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Steven King's IT (played by Bill Skarsgard).. and I feel… kinda confused? uncomfortable? lost? why do I feel this way?
I mean, why do WE feel this way? I need to find the psychology behind this mysterious phenomenon!
My friend Stephanie is here to explore this with me.. and please feel free to offer your own opinions and input!
no kink shaming here. we are all in this together.. we are all…… down to clown…"

Stop, please. You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 715182

Man you'd think with all the fake crying she did for her cousin's videos that she'd have gotten better at it by now.

Funny she is allegedly friends with Doe but didn't know that Doe still helps out and hadn't left Limecrime entirely.

No. 715242


I'm convinced a farmer made that second video with the Windows Movie Maker graphics hahaha.

The psychology behind this is that Kelly just wants to be edgy.

No. 715249


I couldn't make it through the entire video. Cringey all the way.

The second video…calling out Kelly for sure. And Steph shading her.

Also, noticed on 3:43 when Steph said she didn't know IT was a Shapeshifter…really? They're just pretending to be edgy/nerd/geek but they know nothing about IT…smh

No. 715268

God I hate the way Kelly always uses psychology as some kind of buzz word to look intelligent. Also IT came out 100 years ago kelly literally no one cares

No. 716035

File: 1539877167423.jpg (88.37 KB, 720x633, _20181018_163624.JPG)

Girl please you put on a persona for a living

No. 716043

Hmmmm and didn't she take a lot of 'inspiration' from mid-200s Audrey Kitching, so much for being yourself

No. 716059

From what I understood, Steph isn't into Stephen King or horror in general, doesn't suprise me she did not know.

No. 716082

Holyshit, she's so self centered.

No. 716093

>Kelly draws this for Phi
>shoves her own eDgY fetishes in
>Kelly writes this for lime crime
>shoves her own name in twice

She is so thirsty for attention. Like look its me, ME kelly, who gave this to you.

No. 716114

Sage for semi-blog and pure speculation, but it's not that uncommon for people who grew up with money to pretend they grew up poor. I know a girl who does this because she has a lot of weird complexes when it comes to growing up with privilege and she pretends she didn't to be more ~relatable~ and sympathetic. My guess is this is what Kelly is doing.

No. 716140

I think it also has to do with the age we're living in, I see a lot of calling out shitty rich people and I think its kind of spilled over into "anyone with money fuck you" and I see a lot of people trying to avoid backlash for being well off by saying shit like "no its okay I grew up poor" and I think this is exactly what Kelly is doing. Whether its to seem more relatable or "woke" idk, but its just annoying, especially since its so easy to figure out the area she grew up in and call her out on her fake shit.

No. 716158

File: 1539888028529.jpeg (76.01 KB, 666x354, 6DABC9B0-6016-4FFC-8A7A-21F542…)

No. 716188

Yup, I think that's exactly it. She seems to really want to present herself as some type of underdog. Her 'Draw My Life' video always bugged me because she made herself seem like this soft, sad/shy little thing, all her teachers were mean to her, her classmates, her family, they were sooo poor and disadvantaged, etc. etc. I get the sense that she's had her same loud/self-centered/controlling personality for longer than she'd ever admit. And that her family's financial struggles are exaggerated.

Like, if they were really THAT poor, I'm suprised they were able to keep the house in Evergreen all these years, and were never forced to move to a shittier neighborhood

No. 716275

In Kelly’s new video, she mentions Jefree Star not liking her. I wonder why…

No. 716281

Probably because they used to have the same hair. And she's a dick

No. 716283

I just looked up food stamp eligibility to see whether or not she's definitely lying and it turns out that they do not count homes towards resources that could disqualify you (source: official government SNAP page). So, theoretically, she might not actually be lying about having been on food stamps.

Still, it would be nice if she were more gracious about still getting to live in a nice house during the rough financial times.

No. 716288

File: 1539898881443.png (1.47 MB, 1020x680, SkidRow92-w.png)

People generally tend to compare their financial status to those in their immediate area and not the rest of the country. They probably aren't doing as well financially as most people in Evergreen, so it's easy for her to think of her family as destitute. That being said, you would think living in a place like Hollywood would put things more in perspective. The poverty in some parts of LA is literally third world level (pic related is skid row in downtown LA which is literally an entire neighborhood of mentally ill homeless people in tents) so it's pretty gross to see someone living a few blocks away from that in a nice house getting to buy and experience expensive things on a regular basis complain constantly about how poor she is.

No. 716348

its not just food stamps she said that they had no food at all most of the time and her mum would send them to school with an empty lunch box so they looked like the other kids but they couldn't afford to have any food in them, that is pretty extreme

No. 716568

File: 1539920570353.jpg (365.02 KB, 1628x2117, 20181018_234151.jpg)


It does matter because you're an idiot and they're both still following each other. Just stop posting and get your shit straight before posting again. Also sage.

No. 716671

File: 1539927945783.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2050, 4F7776E1-574D-49EC-A29F-F8B436…)

Issa look

No. 716736

File: 1539935206135.jpg (612.9 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_20181019-084439_Ins…)

Even with gigantic heels on, Kelly still looks like a midget next to phin, who quite honestly looks ridiculous. She looks like shes auditioning for a part in 'Oliver', not going to a pastel dreamy makeup party. God these clowns.

No. 716775

File: 1539944184428.png (392.29 KB, 602x642, yks.png)

makes sense why she was asking stuff about white ppl with dreadlocks recently

No. 716786

File: 1539946125334.png (1.17 MB, 775x643, Capture.PNG)

Her skin is so terrible, or maybe she should change her foundation

No. 716796

God she looks so top heavy. Those shoes are stupid and her legs are shapeless. This is a disaster lol
Also Oliver audition is spot on kek

No. 716853

She just has no class whatsoever. Those chunky heels do nothing for her legs, also could you please give that jacket a vacay Kelly? And what about that top… She has all that somewhat amazing clothing and chooses to go like this? So lazy tbh.

Also, is Phi auditioning for "Anastasia"? Seriously, no fashion sense at all…

No. 716878

So cruel and abusive he's willing to be in a stupid monetized video where she publicly is unwilling to let go of their relationship.

I love how after getting constantly dragged here for that disgusting wig, she's switched back to exclusively wearing her own hair.

I think she's styling it fine but she could really just buy another wig? This has always seemed like a really difficult concept to grasp for someone who loves to waste money. That an the concept of "independent thought."

No. 716910


maybe she should /ditch/ the foundation all together for a while and become a koreaboo so her skin would get some actual skin care.

No. 717102

You guys are so stupid, the house was her paternal grandfather's, they just lived in it, they inherited it while she was in high school. Hard to lose something that you don't own. Also, despite income and assets, you guys seem completely unaware of how quickly an alcoholic/junkie can blow through money. Have you ever been to a bar? How frequently do you think her dad had a job?
I mean, Kelly is NOT poor right now, she makes a lot of money, it's just not a consistent amount of money and she blows it all the second she gets it on cosmetic procedures because she has 0 impulse control. But I don't see how people can be skeptical of her being poor growing up given her family history (alcoholic father) and that we've had her sister, mother, former best friend and her sibling confirm it on camera.

Edit: Lol, using the "r" word gets you auto-banned now. From a website who uses the word fag for everything, hilarious.

No. 717123

Oh, Hi Stephanie(hi (cow))

No. 717134

>Enough generational weath to inherit an entire huge house
>So poor you guise

The way some rich people get sooo defensive about their privilege or act like it's normal or "My grandparents worked HARD" like poor people are all just twiddling their thumbs is always hilarious to me.

Outright owning a house like theirs in some bougie mountain town means they always had the option of renting or selling it and moving somewhere much more affordable. Actually poor people living in poverty, paycheck to paycheck, with no resources don't have that option. A house is a massive asset that some people work their whole lives and are never able to buy.

No. 717142

All you're saying is that someone in her family did have money. If it wasn't the parents, it was her grandparent. It doesn't make Evergreen any less expensive to live. There is no "lower class" like a ghetto or how it'd be in a metropolis.

I don't think she makes as much as some people here might think, but she definitely makes more than most people. Stop trying to downplay how privileged she's been her whole life and how she always had good income.

No. 717175

you didn't get banned for using ~the "r" word~, you got banned for being a newfag whiteknight.

No. 717192


Uhm… nah. 1. Not a newfag. 2. Not a whiteknight because I have an actual argument. Maybe you would know what a wk was if you weren't a newfag.

I'm all for the criticisms of Kelly, half of them are valid. However, some people just come on her and spout off about stupid and inaccurate shit, and that's not how this thread was 6+ months ago. It's devolved in to a third grade shouting match about who is a whiteknight and the Hi Kelly and the Hi Kelly's friends where occasionally the bickering stops and you pick apart her arm fat.

As for the reason I was banned, try it yourself. Type up a post where you say the "r" word. You will see an autoban from today with no reason. Then clear your cookies, try posting again without that word, annnnd problem solved. But, welcome to the thread, you'll fit right in with the 50% of people in the thread that are intellectually challenged.

No. 717212

My own father's a meth addict, I'm completely aware of the financial effects of that, thanks. Having a parent with an addiction can definitely cause financial ruin for an entire family, but it's not the same for everyone. Some people, like Kelly's family, can feel the strain during those hard times but still be fortunate to have something like an entire nice house to live in despite everything, and some people wind up with absolutely nothing, on the streets or in foster care. Listening to someone exaggerate their struggles is irritation no matter what, sorry.

No. 717213

Okay, retard.

What really happened is that you probably caught a autoban because the IP currently assigned to you has been banned before, which is a known bug you'd be aware of if you weren't, again, a newfag. Lurking this thread for 6+ months doesn't make you any less of one because you clearly have no idea how this site works and don't branch out into other threads. You're probably >>692216 as it's the only use of retard in this thread and it was another WK post. You're bad at this and should feel bad.

No. 717219

Wow, someone else used a common word and you assume we're the same person. Nice try detective, Anon, but don't quit your day job (if you have one). You must be >>709714 because this person also used the word clearly. By your logic, you're also me and >>692216, because you used the same word.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717483

Anywho!!! Kelly just posted a pic as sailor moon saying shes finally making another skit

No. 717517

This had better be one magnificent skit considering she has pulled in over $24,000 in the two+ years/1k a month she’s been raking in patreon money for doing absolutely nothing.

No. 717609

I can’t wait to see her saggy tits and now misshapen “I had lipo but didnt change my diet at all and have gained weight back” body squished into a sailor moon costume like “Lewk ITZ meE 14-YR oLlD Uusaagee!!”

I’m making myself ugly laugh just thinking about it

No. 717669

File: 1540059821409.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181020-193848.png)

No. 717728

File: 1540068059743.jpeg (139.21 KB, 750x774, FA227018-C1E7-434C-A12C-AB69F4…)

I was scrolling on Facebook and saw this ad posted by Splat. They even changed their cover photo with this picture and are using it to advertise their dye.

Shows how much Kelly and the brand are full of shit

No. 717736

This seems like an old photo… at least I hope so. Those latex sailor moon costumes have always been cringeworthy and stupid.

No. 717742


It think it is. I believe she sold the latex and went for a new one instead after the first skit.

She’s probably only making another skit to gain more patrons again and get a sub boost since things have been going downhill for a good while now because she’s been so lazy.

No. 717743

She has lipstick on her glove and it's killing me

No. 717780

It takes all my effortt not to comment on that photo about Kelly. Do you think they care that she glorifies suicide?

No. 717857


No. 717890

No. 717919

File: 1540092127558.png (378.18 KB, 619x766, dk.png)

ok mr. "traded-one-pink-bitch-for-another"

didn't he also shade kelly with tweets regarding mental illness kek

think it was on thread 4

No. 717924

Yikes, they're both cringey.

No. 717932


When she called herself an art prodigy kid I wanted to puke. So fucking cringey. She's in denial about what a talentless hack she is. All she can do is copy photos poorly (I mean, look at the failure of an illustration she did for phin)

No. 717933


In all seriousness, does anyone have her portfolio or any pic of tats done by her? I've always been curious and never found them online.

No. 717968

seconding this

No. 717972

Doesn't she says at some point of the video that she'll link the other apprentice's website in the description ?

No. 718007


Some weird things in this video. She conflates/confuses sexism with sexual harassment. It sounds like she got both, but it was primarily sexism whereas the term she uses most often is sexual harassment.
She says she went through all that (working willingly for free for years in an unpleasant/aggressive environment) and DIDN'T turn into an asshole, which is supposed to be an inspiring take-away. Most of us go through shit and don't turn into assholes. It doesn't mean you're wonderful. It's because weak/sensitive people are targets for assholes. They know you aren't going to become one yourself.

Also lol at her saying so-and-so was her apprentice "brother" and supported her, and then roasting his art.
If your art is so good why don't you make some Kelly.

No. 718159

The only tattoo I’ve seen of hers is on Davey. It’s on his ribs. If you go to his instagram, you have to scroll for awhile, but he posted a pic of her tattooing him and the final results. It’s just words though, not a detailed piece.

No. 718259

Ugh this video… everybody was so mean and jelous cause she was pretty and talented woman.

No. 718381

As someone who works in the body mod industry, I can understand where she's coming from with the harassment. It's super common. That's probably all 100% true.

But all the shit about being all talented and an "art prodigy" made me throw up in my mouth. Talk about being full of yourself.

No. 718495

File: 1540177299785.jpg (605.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181021-215708_Tum…)


Well if her tattoos are anything like this…

No. 718496

File: 1540177391192.jpg (384.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181021-230006_Tum…)


Also i guess she had a portfolio on myspace? this is from tumblr (i went looking for any hence the horse pic before)

No. 718497

File: 1540177451009.jpg (84.1 KB, 640x640, 98e68c42-d0ff-4a60-a3ee-995293…)


Final pic! Heres the words on davey

No. 718511

I sure hope it's supposed to look that wonky

No. 718530

No. 718533

File: 1540188942750.png (826.09 KB, 631x887, 6PoE79O.png)


she tattooed the diamond on herself, the dia de las muertos lady was "her first tattoo" according to the caption, and the HK was done by her on a friend

No. 718534

File: 1540189185370.jpg (191.08 KB, 1683x901, UznY0Dt.jpg)


No. 718535

File: 1540189271422.jpg (144.01 KB, 1525x896, PsufK9t.jpg)


the tattoo/piercing pictures peter out after this, except for ones on her body. looks like she quit after this

No. 718549

Why the hell does that mermaid's tail get thinner towards the bottom, I know it's fantasy but Jesus she wouldn't be able to swim even fantasy creatures need to follow anatomy. I know I'm nitpicking but it's like if a centaur just had one random leg in the center of it's body, it's a confusing choice

No. 718555

….. She's in my opinion a fantastic artist painting wise but fuck those tattoos are Bad! No wonder she gave it up

No. 718565


the tank girl is allllllllmost actually pretty good but the thread doesn't connect to the stitches???? it's like, a dot of ink missing and it makes it hard to tell what the thread is even supposed to be at first glance. it's still, by far, the best of the bunch IMO

i had a hearty laugh at the flower with the birds coming off it. how many of these do you think are covered up?

No. 718578

she copies decently but there's no style or anything special about her tattoos (or art in general tbh)

No. 718645

What is anatomy and posing

No. 718660

That eleven is pretty bad..couldn’t even make the 1s identical

No. 718711

Blah. She really over-hypes her abilities as an artist. I actually really like a lot of her finished paintings she's shown, but it seems like outside the realm of photo copying, everything else is…underwhelming. (Even her paintings aren't AMAZING - I remember her calling her style 'hyper-realism'…like, no, girl) Those tattoos are especially blah. Her art that isn't based off a photo seems kind of…flat? I think she has the potential to improve a ton if she would just practice and try being a more well rounded artist.

Sounds like she was praised for her art starting at a young age and let it go to her head.

No. 718722

Her paintings are really good, but her tattoos are shit and I'm so confused as to how she thinks she was a good tattoo artist.

No. 718799

Homegirl talks about how much debt she's in from art school, it doesn't look like she learned a single fucking thing while she was there

No. 718820

File: 1540237243981.jpg (845.65 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20181022-203515_Twi…)

Girl that expression is hideous. Kelly and Phi hanging out on a stream… I wonder if Phi is disappointed that her social media career hasn't began to show signs of taking off in the way that Dre's did. This is purely speculation but I wonder if Kelly includes an offer of social media mentions/ occasional video features etc for her roommates in exchange for cash? Why else would she be pushing this boring person on us whom she has no chemistry with but pretends that theyvare somewhat best friends. No one is buying it Kelly.

No. 718923

Possible, but it's more likely Kelly is needy and codependent and Phi is fame hungry and oportunistic.

No. 718949

All her tattoos are just terrible. way too big for her frame– and.. just.. bad

No. 719036

Not that I'm not sympathetic to those who end up on this situation, but I've always been so baffled by the concept of people getting degrees that won't take them anywhere, but not finding out until they're already done/almost done. Like, how the fuck do you dedicate 4 years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to your education without having done the basic research to make sure you're not financially dooming yourself forever? Literally all it takes is a simple Google search and a couple minutes of reading to see an art degree is an awful idea.

Especially since Kelly would have started college around the recession, you'd think shed be especially mindful.

No. 719052

This. Kelly is obviously extremely needy when it comes to her friends and needs someone around her constantly. Also, if we're sticking to the theory she has borderline, one of the primary traits is that they get really intense about people really fast. There is no such thing as slowly building a friendship.

I actually remember being shocked and slightly weirded out when she posted an IG photo celebrating one year of knowing Dre because she had been calling Dre her best friend so long that I assumed they knew each other for years.

No. 719067

No. 719147

Really ot, but if you're young and you're passionate about something but clueless about life, shouldn't there be more responsibility on guidance counselors and colleges/universities in general to not set up students for massive debt and a dead end career if their degree programs don't actually lead to success? For every random listicle or forum post or youtube video on the internet saying not to go to art school, there's just as much propaganda and promotion coming from degree programs and authority figures.

No. 719209

Quite simply really. You can really love something all through the education process. Even work in the industry during said process and still find out later that you hate it. Speaking from personal experience (different industry though). I at least admit I'm done with it, whereas Kelly still pretends she's some kind of artist when she's nothing of the sort. Stop being so delusional.

No. 719278

>the thread doesn't connect to the stitches
It's because the thread is coming out directly from under the skin, not from the last stitch

No. 719281


oh duh good point. idk maybe i'm retarded but at first glance the thread almost looks like the hem of her shirt, like she's lifting up her shirt. in any case, it's not even her art so i'm nitpicking at this point.

No. 719499

Don't tattoo artists adjust art to make it good though?

No. 719730

Her tattoos are kinda shit, but she also wasn't a very experienced tattoo artist judging from her story and I've def seen worse. I do feel kinda bad about her experience, but most male dominated fields that go unregulated are like this. Also, if she didn't dress like a slut and had a bit more backbone she could have garnered herself more respect.

No. 719740

File: 1540330865010.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x2022, 22E6A629-2762-4739-A2E3-EB417D…)


No. 719778

You want latex to look good, sexy even. So why choose this for the face of your stuff?

No. 719815

Talks about how she can afford her lifestyle and goes on to say that she’s “frugal” and “saves”… ok

No. 719850

Her ass is so flat lol. Her giant clown tits really emphasise how shapeless she is

No. 719855

It’s easy to save money when patrons hand over money monthly for skits that don’t happen for well over a year. Plus hardly needing to shop for things because companies and fans just send her shit she pines over for free.

Also I got the feeling she’s the friend that constantly has people pay for her. After she got Toshi she had that vlog with her and Dre going to the pet store to toy shop and she kept trying to get Dre to buy her dog that lambchop toy kelly liked. Dre ended up caving and buying it for her.

No. 720249

Is it me or are Kelly's videos really struggling to pull in viewers?? Most of the newer ones don't even make it past the first 10k mark, Im surprised companies keep sponsoring her since her content really doesn't get much views at all, not compared to other channels with her sub count.

No. 720305

I myself have always wondered this. She has such an abysmal following for how long she's been on YouTube and gets so few views, yet somehow she manages to get shit like a free multithousand dollar gaming PC. She seems to be bizarrely well connected, though, so I assume she knows people who hook her up. It's the only reasonable explanation.

No. 720347

She's getting a lot of backlash for saying her degree was a stupid choice to get. Bet she's deleting comments smh.

No. 720360

she should have gotten a Brazilian butt lift, then at least she would have looked more even

No. 720395

File: 1540414374263.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1290x1935, 48060FD1-FEE8-4DD3-95F4-E2AC90…)

Nowhere in any prior threads has anyone referred to her art as good, and now “several” anons think her paintings are wonderful amazing or otherwise actually decent? I smell multi-posting.
If anyone wants to challenge that I invite you to revisit the attached pic

And duh, >>718711 she’s the literal definition of a snowflake. Someone who was told they were amazing at a certain talent or skill when in reality they were shit and now they think they’re special.

No. 720403

Does she actually put these concepts/compositions together? They look traced from (someone else's) photograph.

No. 720414

I found this thread not very long ago and chime in every now and again when I feel like it. I've only stated that I liked some of her finished paintings once; if anybody else did, it's probably because, uhh, we're having a discussion? Not sure what you're 'smelling', pal.

And you can say 'duh, she's the definition of a snowflake' about literally any of the things we bring up about her. No shit.

No. 720421


Seriously - creates a story of hardship when she attended literally one of the most EXCLUSIVE schools in Denver.

"Denver School of the Arts: Elite or elitist?"

No. 720428

Artfag here. The bottle is decent but the rest is flat overall, the smoke looks shit. And no Kelly using your dad's ashes wasn't uwu deep and artsy.

She could improve with practice and morals, but she's lazy ofc. I wonder what grades she got?
Also does she still see a therapist?

No. 720430

Denver School of the Arts is still a public school. People there are more likely to be rich but there's no way everyone is. Not saying that Kelly isn't rich but you can't tell just by her school alone.

No. 720443

You people are retarded. Kelly is objectively a better artist than 98% of people alive on earth. That's a pretty good picture she made there and it would take people YEARS AND YEARS of practice to achieve something like that.

Overall I think Kelly is an obnoxious hoe who keeps crying about MUH DEPRESSION and scams people out of money for funerals (while she uses her money for expensive tattoos, trips and whatnot)… so she's a scummy, selfobsessed person that I don't like one bit.

That aside, her act is just objectively pretty good. It's not genius tier, but still good and takes plenty of practice.

No. 720450

it's traced.

No. 720451

She just knows how to copy from photos, but her art is absolutely soul-less and has no personal style or spark at all. She just copies and obviously it takes some skill and it's fine if you're into the most boring type of art there is.

No. 720453

Copying a photo to such a realistic degree is still incredibly hard and it would take years to get to the level of her skill for the average person. It's objectively good art, if you like it or not.

You people lose all credibility if you just hysterically hate on everything for the sake of hate. You can argue that she has no creativity or heart, yeah that seems to be true. But her skill as an artist in her specific niche is still very good.

It makes you look like a bunch of jealous haters if instead of hating Kelly for genuine reasons like being a garbage person who profits of suicide… you decide to nitpick and get butthurt over "HER ART ISN'T THAT GOOD!!!1" when it actually is.

No. 720454


we get butthurt…right


No. 720455

>lmao im tots not butthurt sweaty xD

Yeah, point in case.

No. 720464

seriously? you think she's better than 98% of the 7? 8? billion people on this Earth? That's a fucking stretch.

Her paintings look like the work of a decently talented high school student at best.

And they're only good when she's directly coping a photograph or something in front of her.

If she was better than 98% of the people alive right now, she wouldn't just be a human photo-copier.

No. 720469

Art is subjective. I like her style and I do think she's good but I can respect that not everyone is going to like it. Not worth getting hostile about it.

No. 720525

art is subjective to a point. if you're claiming to be a 'hyper-realistic' artist, and you're not… like Kelly, well, that's not open to interpretation; something either IS photo-realistic, or it isn't.

No. 720549

Compared to the rest of the word, kelly is good. Compared to people who regularly create art, kelly is unremarkable and not that great. If you have a natural ability to draw (as she says she does) getting to her level definitely doesn't take ~years and years~ unless you're not practising regularly or not drawing from life/realism

No. 720596

this is my problem with kelly's art. aside from the fact she doesn't even really MAKE art anymore… she calls her work hyperrealistic, which is an actual art term that has nothing to do with what she paints because the proportions and colors are usually a bit off. but it's a buzzword that can generate her some attention, esp since hyperrealism can go viral so easily

she has some skill/talent in being able to copy and render things in paint. however, the actual legwork like composition, colors, etc, is already done for her in the vast majority of her art. i honestly couldn't really call most of what she makes "original pieces" tbh, it's more a collaborative effort between her and whatever photographer actually took the shot.

No. 720662

Fuck off. Art school fag here. Learning to paint from photos is literally just advanced color by numbers. with the right teacher you can learn how to copy photos in a few months lmao. Concept > content. Mechanical skills don’t mean shit if you’re a soulless hack like Kelly.

No. 720669

Fuck off. Art school fag here. Learning to paint from photos is literally just advanced color by numbers. with the right teacher you can learn how to copy photos in a few months lmao. Concept > content. Mechanical skills don’t mean shit if you’re a soulless hack like Kelly.

No. 720671

Fuck off. Art school fag here. Learning to paint from photos is literally just advanced color by numbers. with the right teacher you can learn how to copy photos in a few months lmao. Concept > content. Mechanical skills don’t mean shit if you’re a soulless hack like Kelly.

No. 720688


You can tell from her drawings that aren't referenced from photos that she knows nothing about anatomy, shading, or creativity. Copying a photo is just copying from one 2D surface to another. Realistic painting is about translating 3D space into 2D through your eyes as an artist, something that's very difficult to do. Or, the ideas come from your head and you apply what you know about real-world lighting and volume to your imagined idea, even more difficult. Anyone who takes art seriously knows this.

artfaggotry aside, even though I don't respect her skills, I would respect her more if she had any output. She sits around her house all day eating cookies and masturbating to pennywise. She has plenty of time to do some art and yet… we haven't seen anything new in forever.

No. 720751

>> therapist ia great! Get ourself one even if you arent depressed!

No. 720759


what's your issue with that statement?

people should get regular mental health check ups just like people (should) get regular physicals.

No. 720947

Art major here, her art isn't bad but its nothing special. The composition in this piece is decent, but overall basic and boring. An art piece with content in three corners and one empty corner is a good composition, but its taught in the most basic level 1 art classes. That pretty much describes most of her work; good, but overall basic. Its definitely not god enough for the amount of bragging she does.

No. 720952

she probably took a reference photo of herself and used that, which is pretty common for artists to do. As for whether or not its traced, its hard to say without seeing the reference image

No. 720969

I don't think she traces, she uses very large canvases usually

No. 721052

when you grind out a painting like how she does with a ref. that's tracing.

No. 721055

If she's better than 98% of the population, it still means that 160,000,000 people are as good or better than kelly
Doesn't seem that much of a stretch to me

No. 721061

using a reference isn't tracing? Tracing would be putting the paper on top of your photo and literally tracing it. A reference is taking an image that is either free use, or an image that youve taken yourself, and using it to see what something would look like in that position or lighting, and drawing it yourself based off that. While its entirely possible that Kelly traced, it would be very difficult on a large canvas like the painting is on.

No. 721062

it actually wouldn't be.

No. 721070

you can trace on large canvasses, all you need is a projector and project the image on the canvas, I literally had an assignment once where they told us to do this, if i compare her random art to this painting which honestly, isn't half bad then yeah, I can believe she used more then her "pure skill" to do this (there is actually debate on whether painters such as Rembrandt "traced" in the passed with the help of camera obscura which is basically just a crude projector)

No. 721091

I didn't thought about it, you're right, it is possible.

No. 721095

true that you can trace on a canvas, I said it was possible that she did it. The point was that tracing and referencing aren't the same thing. If kelly used your projector method then yes she would have been tracing not referencing.

No. 721098

I originally tagged the wrong post, I meant to reply to 720969

No. 721146

What i can tell from all the art sperging:
Kelly is by no means a terrible artist, but she isn't as good as she claims and is uninspired. Got it.

And fair enough she doesn't like art any more so doesn't do it, but why not do something else creative? The hauls/reviews schtick is so old.
Still waiting to see if the sailor moon skit announcement was a lie.

No. 721151

File: 1540498846658.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1994, 6F93DB58-4960-424F-A664-D4B538…)

I can’t tell if this is a cosplay or just some random bullshit costume they made up

No. 721191

She's so fucking pushy trying to get Phi to dye her hair yellow.
You can tell Phi isn't into it but Kelly wants it so bad so she can complete her stupid fucking rainbow friend group.

No. 721217

should have included the video in this but yeah i agree, watching this was awkward, same with kelly constantly bringing up the "rule that isn't really a rule" like we know if someone else dyed their hair pastel pink in their friend group kelly would absolutely have a meltdown
This video also further kinda shows how hollow the bonds between the "fellowship" really is in a way, imagine not having much of anything else that makes you stand out as your hair color to where you joke about feeling threatened by the idea of a friend having that color too

No. 721218

sage for tinfoil but there being what looks like an extra guy working in the background and her saying she was doing skits again and how she is obsessed with her larp character….are the new skits about their larp characters

No. 721223

I thought Kelly's character's hair was a powder blue color?

No. 721228

its a different wig so it's plausible she couldn't get the shade matched to the other, it is established she is bad with wigs and cosplays not super accurately, the blue hair, elf ears and star element doesn't feel a coincidence all together like that, especially with how hard she is pushing the larp thing atm

No. 721259

Bitch bitch moan.
Kelly was such a cunt in this video.
Every colour Phi liked, Kelly said it looked bad or made an excuse as to why she shouldn't get it.

Light blue- I want to dye it that colour, so don't do it.
Dark pink- I feel threatened *jokes that it's HER colour.
She admits later in the video if Phi got pink she'd be annoyed.
She shat all over Silver and Grey.
Green isn't allowed because that's Dre's colour.
One of the colours (I think dark pink) she flat out said it looked bad before they looked at another.

You can tell she really wants her to dye her hair yellow.
Also, forgive me for being an sjw and reading too much into it but when she went on about Phi having yellow pigtail buns and the way she squealed and grabbed her hair gave me the impression that Kelly wants a token black/ethnic friend.

I say this because yellow is used as an 'ethnic' colour in heaps of media.
Example- Barbie wears pink, her ethnic friend Teresa is usually in yellow.
Power rangers used to have a yellow suited female ranger and she was asian. The pink one was white (although they changed this later on)

I also don't like the way Kelly acts like she's a hairdresser. Yes she's right about some of the things she says about maintenance and certain colours, but her hair is completely different texture and type to Phi. What works on her hair may not work for Phi. I really hope she goes to a salon or settles with a wig instead of letting Kelly fry it.

No. 721264

Um…so she's not allowed pink because apparently it's Kelly's colour but she can't have powder blue either because Kelly MAY dye her own hair blue next year? Wow. Selfish.

Also Phi said she always wanted to try silver and Kelly shits all over it and says it washes her out.
Like yeah, light hair can wash certain people out, but she could pull off like a Storm from xmen kind of look. Greyish hair on tan skin would look nice when her makeup is done.
I feel like Kelly tries to be the 'honest' helpful friend but comes across as rude and pushy in this video. I agree with some of the comments on the video that Phi should get a wig instead.
She seems like more of an introvert than Kelly and coloured hair might make her anxious if she wants to be low key. She's better off getting some cute wigs instead of wrecking her nice thick healthy hair.

No. 721270

If I was Phi, I'd dye my hair pink just to spite her. Kelly can't stand not being the centre of attention. I think she's also jealous of Phi because Kelly is now the dumpy less hot friend, whereas with Dre, she was the little cute one with pink hair uwu and Dre was bigger than her.
Her insecurity is probably very high having a tall half black, half japanese, naturally pretty girl with nice skin and exotic looks around, while she looks like a squat stumpy dwarf pumped with fillers and pink clown hair.
I bet she's the type of girl to playfully make digs and puts down her friends in front of dudes or new people to impress them or make herself look better.

No. 721272

The dark pink would look really really good on Phi. Kelly moaned when her hair was that colour and wanted it pastel

No. 721281

I agree, the dark pink would look nice, not sure why Kelly said it looked bad, there was other colours that looked worse.
I think she should go a dark colour like dark purple or maybe start with burgundy so that she doesn't have to bleach her hair as much and ruin it. Also if she got a dark burgundy or berry colour, it would be more wearable if she's shy about bright colours. I feel like reds and plums are the least 'crazy' of unnatural hair dye colours and probably more comfortable to wear everyday. But I guess we'll see how Phi reacts after getting it done. I imagine she'll like it intially, but hate the maintenance.

I wonder if Kelly will be successful in bullying her into the yellow.

No. 721297

This exactly. Her comments aren't even consistent like she says she can't have peach because it's high maintenance (super patronising) but says the light teal is nice etc.
Admitting the yellow looks gross in the picture then following up with "I've always wanted someone to have yellow" just shows she's completely ignoring how it'd look (it's definitely not phis colour) and also like… How on earth does sunshine yellow go with phis closet??

No. 721302

I don't understand why they can't have the same hair color. They already overlap from time to time. They're not even together most of the time.

No. 721310

File: 1540512568546.jpg (145.15 KB, 720x1128, IMG_20181025_190806.jpg)

Im about to unfollow this guy. He won't stop posting her. She looks like shit, you'd think he'd fawn over a better looking tattoo model considering the reach he has.

No. 721323

>you can learn how to copy photos in a few months

You can't become an (almost) photo realistic art tracer within a few months, you don't know shit about art. Post proof then, faggot. Pro tip: You can't.

No. 721326

Kelly should dye her hair yellow if she wants someone to have it so bad. Phi should also have more of a backbone and tell Kelly to back off with the hair dye if she doesn't want to do it and she doesn't seem to want to.

No. 721335

The hot pink, icy blue, and silver looked best on Phi tbh. The orange looked nice too

Get over it Kelly

Funny how she threw a mini fit and next-ed the hot pink but then talked about the loophole for her and Katie both having pink hair. Like that makes any sense?

No. 721337

Agreeing with this and adding that the yellow one looked like somebody who tried to go blond and didn't know that you're supposed to tone it after. It just looks bad. It looks too much like piss.

Kelly can take it up though. It'd match her piss poor personality.

No. 721339

It wouldn't go with her outfits at all, you are right.
I could see yellow looking cute for a photoshoot or something, but day to day, she'd look ridiculous.
You can tell Kelly tries to make shit up to get her own way. She kept saying you have a warm skin tone, you should go a warm colour hinting at the yellow.

Also, isn't Phi getting into acting or something? She won't get many jobs with bright hair. Or maybe she will…I thought acting gigs are like job interviews. They usually want you makeup free and not covered in piercings or tatts or coloured hair. I'm not into acting so I don't know, but one of my friends is a model and her agency doesn't let her cut or dye her hair.

No. 721340

File: 1540515006443.png (1.44 MB, 1366x688, ew.png)

y i k e s

No. 721342

I have ALWAYS thought this, especially when that yellow hair trend got big years back.
It looks like a bad bleach job that wasn't toned properly.
The only time it looks good is in instagram photos on young alt girls and even then, they usually wear yellow in the photos or have sunflowers around or bright yellow eyeshadow so it looks good in photos. Like Billie Dawn Webb looks kind of cute with yellow hair because her makeup and outfits are kind of quirky and she styles it into a look. Phi kind of wears normie-tier clothes, so wearing normal clothes with yellow hair makes you look like you just fucked up the bleach job.

I used to have blue hair back in the day and it'd look cute when I was all done up, but in normal clothes/pjs, it automatically made me look trashy.

No. 721343

What's with the dark marks on her ass in both photos?

No. 721348

It's weird, even in her shooped photos there is something I dont like about her face and can't work it out. Maybe her eyes are too close together or something idk

No. 721359


Dre's color, and the Joker green, looked amazing on Phi. She should tell Kelly and her rules to STFU.

No. 721360

Claire has pink hair too, but i guess that doesn't count because hers as blue in it? Vivka has also had pink hair before and I think so has stephanie.

No. 721365

i've always thought this too. she's really close to being conventionally pretty but her eye distance makes her look homely. she kinda looks like kelly clarkson to me, who can be kinda cute but definitely doesn't have an exotic or edgy model look that i'd imagine kelly wants. although idk why the fuck she puts black eyeliner in her inner corners. it would probably help if she didn't. i do that because my eyes are pretty far apart and i want them to look closer.

No. 721367

Once you're booked with an agency, they don't want you to change your look because people hire you based on the photos they have on file. If you make a drastic change like a really different hair color or cut, you'd have to take new headshots and stuff and that's a pain. I don't think Phi has an agency right now though, at least it doesn't seem like it.

No. 721378

Stephanie and Envy had the same color and cut and it was adorable. I've never heard of not being able to have the same tone of hair before. Seems like a sad rule, I'd be thrilled if my friend had the same hair as me

No. 721390

Same. When I went blonde, my friend and I bleached our hair together. Matching can be a cute thing.
I noticed someone mentioned Billie, she and her friend Ayallah had blue hair together, what's the fuss if your friend has it too?

Funny how Stephanie and Envy were chill about matching hair, but Kelly gets jealous and territorial even if said hair colour is a DARK pink and not even the same shade.
She seems like kiki with her stripes.
So pathetic.

No. 721399

Maybe she picked it up from when she skinwalked Audrey kitching, maybe Kelly is just an insecure cunt whose entire personality and individuality revolved around her kuhwhyee pink hair. Maybe it's all of the above

No. 721402

I noticed them too. She probably did them to herself to line up with her BDSM fantasy self.

No. 721403

I was try to figure out why Kelly actually looked kinda cute in this and then it hit me. She's finally fixed up her fucked lip.

No. 721416

>Green isn't allowed because that's Dre's colour.

Kelly is such a cunt who acts like she has a law that no one can get dyed certain colors. Like, wtf. Why is Phi even her friend, unless she wants that e-fame too? She acts like she owns pink and Dre owns green, so no one else can have those.

I also agree that yellow tends to be used as an 'ethnic' color, so that seems so underlining of Kelly, even if she doesn't mean it.

No. 721425

I feel like Phi is just polite and too nice. She probably wants to keep the relationship more housematey but Kelly always attaches herself to whoever she lives with. I've noticed that she seems to prey more on girls who don't argue or disagree with her.
Even in the video, she starts it off by commanding Phi to the camera. She's a bossy frumpy midget who likes to boss her friends around. I could never be friends with someone that controlling.

I bet Phi was only thinking about the haircolour thing and mentioned some shit like 'sometimes I'd like blue hair' and Kelly immediately saw that as a sign to recruit her into her retarded rainbow cult of thots.

No. 721456

Sure, I can understand why someone would feel a bit unhappy if a friend does the same haircolor at first but in the end, stfu Kelly. It is not even the same shade and to forbid light blue, because in case Kelly tries it, is just as stupid. And yellow, really? That suits nearly no one.

Didn´t make Phi at some point the announcement she has to move back to Germany? Any news about that?

No. 721459

How tf can kelly talk to phi about upkeep when she literally wears a wig every day to hide her undyed hair

No. 721463

A grown ass 30 year old woman ordering her "friends" not to colour their hair the same colour as her. What an insecure womanchild. This is why you can't find a man, Kelly.

No. 721474

It looks shooped

No. 721510

Kelly seems like the type of friend that tells you to shave your head because "you would look so good bald I think you could really pull it off"

No. 721570

Wait, so… she can't dye her hair pink because that's Kelly's color… but she also can't dye it powder blue because Kelly plans on dying her hair that? Wtf this is literally the kind of shit you see in shitty high school friendships.

Legit triggered over the gatekeeper bullshit Kelly pulls. In high school I had a few friends who were ridiculously territorial over their interests and anything they considered "theirs" the same way Kelly is. Hair color, fictional characters, fandoms, you name it. Seeing this behavior in someone who is almost 30 is just sad.

Then again why am I surprised at all given her history with thinking anything involving pink hair is copying her?

No. 721577

>rainbow cult of thots
I'm done

No. 721581

Wow what a fucking cunt. I can’t believe the very first color they look at Phi loves and Kelly is like “well I MIGHT dye my hair that color NEXT YEAR so u can’t have it because it’s mine” but she also can’t have pink lol fuck off kelly. I hope Phi doesn’t let Kelly sway her into dying her hair a color she doesn’t want just so Kelly can acquire a new accessory friend. She should dye it what SHE wants, it’s HER hair.

No. 721608

File: 1540562274938.jpeg (129.88 KB, 748x608, 3B10AE4E-35C4-4D49-BDCD-FBC063…)

Still on about pennywise…

No. 721610

The whole pennywise fetish is made up as fuck. I watched the video on why she's supposedly attracted to him and she just keeps saying because he's hot. Like no other reason. How is he hot? He has a lightbulb head and squirrel teeth and a lazy eye and he's a fictional clown.
At least EXPLAIN why he's hot, jeez

No. 721617

Doesn't Kelly own like a heap of wigs for cosplay ect? Why did she get her friend to badly photoshop different colours on Phi? And even if she didn't have the right coloured wigs, Stephanie and Envy probably have a bunch Phi could borrow. I know Kelly owns a powder blue wig, various pink ones, yellowy blonde (her sailor moon wig)
I imagine she's the type of friend that borrows shit from you constantly, and when you ask her, she doesn't like you using her stuff.
She's already demonstrated this behaviour when they bought the final fantasy wine and she had extra bottles but made Stephanie use hers incase 'she ever got married'
She's a selfish bitch.

No. 721663

>I've always wanted someone to have yellow
She talks about her "friends" like collectible toys or some shit, really shows her priorities when she's more worried about their looks. No wonder she can't keep good relationships.

No. 721664

>I've always wanted someone to have yellow
She talks about her "friends" like collectible toys or some shit, really shows her priorities when she's more worried about their looks. No wonder she can't keep good relationships.

No. 721689

I honestly thought that too. Which makes it even worse haha

No. 721697

>I’ve akways wanted someone to have yellow
Then you fucking do it kelly

No. 721794

This is a very good point. Why not just…try on the wigs that her and everyone she knows has tons of?

No. 721798

The Kelly and Davey video is up now and Davey looks ROUGH holy shit.

No. 721800

However Kelly's grown out roots and side part looks really good. She looks cute here (maybe because her ex seems so grizzled)

No. 721822

I like it too, it looks really cute on her (unlike that HORRID wig)

he looks rough tho

No. 721856

Is Davey really only 25? He looks old.

No. 721879

She looks cute in the new vídeo, i was surprised. I think its is her not having an awful wig, and the less dramatic makeup, so much better than the usual

No. 721882

Here’s to hoping Phi dyes her hair blue or pink just to spite Kelly.

No. 721901

Link to video?

No. 721921

No. 721937


So screechy. Davey is so much more subdued and calm by comparison. Most of the comments are about how Kelly is the wronged partner and it's a good thing they broke up. A few comments point of how they like Davey. Kelly is waaaaaay too reactionary. He doesn't call her out a bit on how she "over exaggerates." He does touch on some controlling behavior and her frivolous spending.

No. 721960

Most of the world also lives in absolute poverty. Saying privileged Kelly Eden is better than them is like saying Kelly is a better cook than starving third world kids.

No. 721962

It's so obvious that what he wanted and what she wanted was so different and she was pushing him to change who he was for her. Then claims he was being dishonest with her. But from everything ive seen about her so far she comes across as a super manipulative and controlling person. Her roommate can't even chose her own damn haircolor without Kelly's blessing… ofcourse her sheep are going to jump to her side but am I see is a guy who aknoledges they weren't right for eachother and they are both to blame and an obsessed harpy who can't let go of the past

No. 721976

She prefaces the yellow hair with, "I know it looks bad, but–" Bitch, then it looks bad. It looked the worst of all the hairstyles on her and most ethnic people have to work really hard to get even a normal blonde to work well with their natural colors. I imagine if she did neon yellow, she might get flack for it like she tried to look like a blonde but failed.

She goes on about it like it's such a cool color, too. Why don't you have it then, Kelly? Because she knows it's not a "main girl" color and it's not that desirable. Anyone who does unnatural hair colors knows bright yellow is one of the least popular fashion hair colors because it's so hard to work around it. Wouldn't a good friend let her talk about what she wants?

No. 721977

As rough/stupid as he looks, he comes off genuine and really mature. He never raised his voice or got flustered, he admitted his own faults, was comfortable joking around even when the topic was difficult. All Kelly does is shout at him after every answer and any time he disagrees or says something even 1% negative about her, she says "WHOS VILLIANIZING WHO" under her breath really quietly. It came off extremely childish. Trying to paint herself like she was 100% right and a perfect angel throughout their relationship.

No. 722010


he's most definitely not 25. I think he's about 35 now.

No. 722017

File: 1540609294377.png (170.62 KB, 749x934, IMG_7250.PNG)

I feel like Kelly hasn't really been advertising this but she's gonna be at pmx on Sunday. Couldn't find anything about it on the schedule for a panel and I don't think they're guests so I guess they're just showing that they're gonna be there as a group?

No. 722022


Good god this was cringeworthy. She’s sat there whinging and screeching like an obnoxious brat whenever Davey says anything that doesn’t contribute to this “Kelly Eden: Innocent Victim, Woe Is Me” image she’s trying to uphold.

Why did Davey even agree to do this? Did she offer him money? Seems like, on the account of him even writing what he calls a “bad song” about her, there is still at least some grievances he has about her and the way she is… why put yourself in the position where she’s just going to whine at you for not making it look like she was the best girlfriend ever and he was The Worst?

No. 722024


I think this helps him promote his album a bit. That is the only thing I can think of.

No. 722025

kelly needs to learn to not put her whole fucking life story on the internet. i'll really be looking forward to see just how many asspats she gets on this video; she comes off as a huge bitch. she barely lets him articulate and finish his thoughts before she comes in screeching saying "that's not true!!!" or "there you go again!!!"
she comes off super fucking manipulative, as if her whole m.o of this video is to be like "LoOk GuYs I ToLd YoU It WaS bAd!!!"
after austin's death, this was NOT a good video for her to make. her emotions are too all over the place.

saged for newfag and opinions

No. 722039

he literally says at some point "yeah i didn't want to move in because it's scary and you wanted the whole fucking house to be pink, even the outside" and ALL she had to say was "yeah, so??"
she criticizes him for not wanting to take the next step and compromise yet she wouldn't compromise over the ENTIRE FUCKING HOUSE AESTHETIC classic fucking kelly

No. 722084

File: 1540617320503.jpg (723.36 KB, 1040x1963, 20181027_011242.jpg)

Remember when she claimed to hate alcohol?

No. 722097

Oh my gosh! That's what I was thinking! It feels like a cult with Kelly being the leader. Gosh…she needs Jesus..or dick.

No. 722099

Oh Lord…

No. 722129

The Davey video is so awkward to watch. She just comes accross like a little brat every time he speaks. Bet she nagged him the entire time. And as for them not being intimate in their relationship…. No wonder.

No. 722130

File: 1540625050669.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1228, IMG_20181027_082413.png)

The black feet….

No. 722132

That wig needed to be thrown away months ago. Why won't she replace it or do her roots? Did she run out of cash?

No. 722136

>those black feet on the bed

J E S U S how does she or the photographer not notice this?

No. 722265

She can't not be doing this for attention. Even celebrities get laughed at on IG for dirty feet in attempted thirst traps. Maybe going forward she will fully embrace a ~retro film aesthetic to hide her flaws over bad photoshop.

No. 722274

This is a common thing I've noticed people with alcoholic relatives will do. They'll act like it's the devil and make a huge deal about how much they hate it, but then casually partake like the rest of us.

No. 722275

this looks like a picture you would find in a kidnappers basement

No. 722277

I always suspected this played a large role in why she's single. It's so beyond selfish of her to expect someone to be totally alright with her aesthetic taking up the entire house and indicates she's probably not willing to compromise on basically anything. How were they supposed to have a healthy marriage if she wouldn't even let him have say in a couple rooms?

No. 722288

Is it just me or does he seem like he could be Social Repose's brother? His voice, way of speaking, and horse face are so similar.

It's hilarious that she finds asshole losers like this attractive, you can almost feel the tension on how she wants to get back together. No wonder she is never happy if this is her type.

No. 722290

I think its really interesting that the guy confirmed pretty much what most people here where assuming about her. and I am honestly surprised she uploaded this video at all, I think it just shows how much she lives in her own bubble, she really does believe everything was completely his blame and she was the innocent victim who got played, or at least it's the narrative she's pushing. It's funny she uploaded a video last week in which she claimed she lives very frugal so she can afford her lifestyle but he mentions one thing that bothered him about her was her frivolous spending.

Also shed push questions on him like "what don't you like about me?" and then get offended or screech "that's not true!!!" at every answer he gives? and his answers are very tame, he never puts the blame on her alone, I get the feeling he's trying to answer honestly from his point of view but she almost attacks him with every word that comes out of his mouth, why ask him these loaded questions if you don't want to hear the answers or won't even let him finish?
it's like she hand picked the ones that would make her shine in a better light but due to her behavior and his calm demeanor it doesn't really play out.

It's also funny how she mentions time and time again that his feelings are valid but if he tries to tell something from his side she shuts him down 9 out of the 10 times because that's not how she remembers it. Kelly is used to dumping her issues and feelings for all of the internet to see, this video being a perfect example but a lot of people are just more guarded than that which isn't even weird, I can see how she thinks this guy is emotionally stunted compared to her but that just tells me she was a lot more inconsidered about his feelings than he of her.

Also on a final note I feel like in the end she was really pushing the whole going out to dinner with an ex as the only reason they broke up.
Now I understand there are people who don't like the idea of their partner hanging out with their exes but I feel this depends purely on the relationship? did she have reason to mistrust him? also I wonder if this is what she meant whenever she said that the wedding was called of because her ex cheated on her, she also mentions him cheating in the video but then he corrects her to say he only went to have dinner with a friend who happened to be his ex. having dinner with someone isn't exactly cheating in my books, did they go out for dinner every weekend? was he flirting with her a lot? is this guys current girlfriend breaking up with him because he hang out with Kelly who was his ex for an afternoon? I'm not saying he wasn't acting sleazy but from what I've seen of Kelly I wouldn't be surprised if shes the type of crazy girlfriend that would get mad if you only so much as said hi to another girl

No. 722303

It's extremely manipulative and disgusting that she's been referencing him cheating on her for two years when all he did was go to dinner with a friend who happened to be an ex. In fact, it's basically straight up lying about him to paint him as a bad guy. Im surprised he's willing to have anything to do with her. Her friends need to call her out on her shit.

No. 722308


It didn't even sound like they were actually engaged from what he was saying, she was just like "I thought we were gonna get married!"

Was there an actual proposal and ring and plan? Did I miss that part? With all the "one foot in and one foot out" stuff it sounded like it was all in her head.

No. 722311

Kelly appeared in brides gone styled and there was an interview I believe

No. 722312

Kelly appeared in brides gone styled and there was an interview I believe

No. 722313

She was on that bridal show and if you google it, you can see an engagement photo shoot they did together. And she used to wear a ring (not on her ring finger), that suddenly disappeared when they broke up.

No. 722316

She was on that bridal show and if you google it, you can see an engagement photo shoot they did together. And she used to wear a ring (not on her ring finger), that suddenly disappeared when they broke up.

No. 722328

Are there people who seriously want to see the Fellowship at a con? Huh?

No. 722347

Uhh offtopic a little but does anyone know what camera Kelly uses for vlogging? It's a pink one (maaybe coolpix) and she showed it and recommended it, in one of her videos, because Courtney or another friend has the same one.
The video was a little older (like a year ago?), maybe a Disney trip? Related: Does anyone know of good CHEAP cameras for vlogging that preferably look cute. Her one seems small and the quality is decent so yeah. Plz help thank u(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722348

She’s still obsessed with him, you can tell just by her mannerisms. She is fully concious of every expression her face makes. Hardly any of her facial expressions come off genuine. I don’t know how to explain it but she doesn’t seem like she’s being herself. She seems like she’s putting on this face and personality to impress him or something.

No. 722355

Whew lad, the mixed messages Kelly is sending here. She is clearly interested in Davey, yet screams and nags at everything he says.
I think she's attracted to an ideal of him, and gets pissed when the real one does it "wrong". She also has an ideal of herself, whining at negatives said about her.
Kelly really is as manipulative and selfish as we thought. I guess Davey agreed to this vid to share his side…but instead of confronting him about a break up she clearly is not over, Kelly just yells at him. There is no hope for this cow.

No. 722360

She is just so . . . trash. 30 years old and still dwelling on/having these kinds of fights - it takes my breath away. Alarm bells always go off in my head when I hear women getting so upset about their men being friends with their exes - if she has reason to worry, then he's a piece of shit too and she shouldn't be dating him. Boom. That simple.

Just walking pieces of sperm, worst type of LA trash.

No. 722367


>Davey: I love that you're independent…some people need emotional/financial support from others to exist

Nah the second part sounds more like Kelly to me

>And I like how you're creative and have a vision

Kek she's creative with scamming

To his credit, he is trying to be nice to her. But, why?

No. 722412

I'm surprised to see no one mentioning how in her Davey video she calls Phi her best friend. She says Steph, Sam, or Phi would have been accurate answers to who her best friend is. Interesting how she doesn't list Dre.

No. 722435

She uses a Samsung NX Mini.

No. 722465

File: 1540679938470.png (188.9 KB, 720x957, Nonexistent.png)

Tfw you arrange a panel that doesn't exist, and then have to cancel said panel

No. 722467

Yes, thank you Anon!

No. 722524

Hahahah oh my god, somehow i knew that panel wasn't real. They promoted it so hard. What colossal fuckups

No. 722585


thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole! so, i googled and she was on Say Yes to the Dress but the clips I found didn't talk much about their engagement or Davey at all actually, just her wanting a pink dress. I looked up the requirements to be on the show and you don't have to have a date listed and it says they prefer "alternative" brides so they probably jumped at the chance to pull out some pink. Then they were featured as a "styled shoot" on rock and roll bride which means that they just hire people to play a bride and groom as advertising for the photographer, and the blogger mentioned that they only posted it because she follows kelly on instagram.

So I googled "kelly eden fiance" and nothing. Kelly eden engagement, nothing. Davey suicide, same thing. She never announced an engagement on Twitter, they didn't mention it in this video besides Kelly saying she thought they'd get married. Wouldn't the engagement story have been part of that video some how? Like when Davey asked her what the sweetest thing he did was? I would think the engagement story would come up!

And then the final nail in the coffin for me is that she was still calling him boyfriend in 2016 before their breakup. I think she would've milked an l engagement/fiance for all the asspats she could. And a ring not on a ring finger?

I don't think they were ever actually engaged. People asked her a few times and she never responded.


I think Davey is actually closer to 38-40. I lived near him in 2000 and he was already about 21. If you want a laugh, look up Gold Mind Squad-Butterface

No. 722586

File: 1540695629661.png (2.73 MB, 1936x1282, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.3…)

Sorry, was trying to post this with the last one.

No. 722735

Has anyone noticed that Kelly has unfollowed Dre on Instagram again?

No. 722736

Yeah I don't believe she was ever actually engaged.

The engagement looking photos are from a shoot that includes more shit like Kelly in lingerie and her dumb pink house


I'm surprised any of you actually thought she did an engagement photoshoot when this shoot is easily Googled and shown to just be a concept.

I'm sure Kelly loves that people can Google her and Davey and find the wedding-esque photos and assume she's some jilted bride. So fucking ridiculous.

In the video it's so blatantly obvious that she still is not over him in the slightest. It's pretty embarrassing. I don't understand how she thought that video was a good idea at all. Her sheep followers fell for it all because the comments are full of people saying how shitty Davey is.

No. 722747

It still shows her following Dre, but searching to kelly under Dre’s followers, she doesn’t show up. I’m pretty sure Instagram just glitches out like that often.

No. 722768

File: 1540739989201.jpeg (181.83 KB, 1000x1497, 9CF14754-ADC6-4D84-85D4-753F30…)

Lol she clearly had no control over the editing of these pics

This back tattoo makes me feel sorry for her jfc. Can’t wait to see what she looks like with this when she becomes middle aged.

No. 722802

She won’t though. If I remember correctly, in one of the previous threads there was a screenshot from Phi (i think her IG? Can’t find it now) talking about how she couldn’t believeee she was getting to move in with someone she admire so much and how it was such a dream come true and all thanks to Stephanie. (It’s possible she changed it after she found out about lolcow - cause remember, that happened).

So yeah, kelly is being an absolute cunt like always - but remember, Phi wants to be there. (Or she did, at least. I wonder if she’s cracked and figured out how much of a nightmare it is to live with Kelly yet.)

No. 722821

that's not going to age very well at all. It has no solid bold lines and the colours aren't particularly solid. The trees will blend into a lovely grey/green mushy mess as she ages, especially if it's exposed to the sun.

No. 722946

I’m like 99% sure they weren’t engaged. Being on that show means nothing. It’s eeality tv, everything is scripted. They probably just were on the show to get air time and weren’t actually engaged.

No. 723059

File: 1540769513445.jpg (160.79 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20181028-233136_Ins…)

Her gross feet are her "brand"?…

No. 723062

3 minutes in and kelly is trying so hard to make it seem like she can't stand him and its clearly bullshit. Also wow she really can't get over the ex thing and it's just… So minor. "how dare you not get my permission to leave the house!" like what?
Also her bringing villainizing up the whole time, he mentioned it as a joke. She was really grasping at straws to point out how mean he is and how completely innocent she is.
When he starts questioning her her body language is so guarded geez. Also "why were you with me", such an attention whore lmao.
He seems so much more mature and less bitter than her this whole thing makes her look like a psycho

No. 723084

That's because she IS a psycho. Somehow she and her followers are oblivious even after this vid.

No. 723100

It's such an ugly tattoo. Both the size and placement are off and in general, getting a tattoo that huge almost never looks good unless it's well thought out. The artist is terrible as well

No. 723102

Are we not gonna talk about how tragic her flat ass looks here?

No. 723103

File: 1540773466021.png (59.95 KB, 640x747, IMG_8189.PNG)

Yep it's totally her brand now that people are calling her out on it more

No. 723111

Nice brand, could be used in "before" examples for pedicure ads

No. 723282

File: 1540810454841.jpeg (68.57 KB, 500x684, 24C65A12-A26D-4DA9-8D5B-42EDEC…)

Here Kelly

No. 723716

File: 1540874223800.png (105.54 KB, 720x635, Copythat.png)

No. 723732

I NEED more on this.
What do you want him to do, Kelly? Beg you not to leave him? Right now you’re airing laundry that isn’t even dirty.

No. 723754

File: 1540883827780.jpg (78.32 KB, 960x720, kp.jpg)

oh jeez

No. 723757


No. 723763

hahah fuck. women like kelly are so unbearably pathetic. "i wanna get marrieeed why wont any date meee"

"copy that" this guy is my hero.

No. 723769

wtf is the context of this??

Kelly is legit cringe.

No. 723833

Her biggest fight with her ex is over him having a dinner with an ex gf, but she's in love with a guy and filming videos showcasing how not over her ex she is and how much she wants to fuck a murderous clown. Gee I wonder why no one wants to be with horny amsr Kelly it's ya boy Edn s

No. 723848


How about starting a serious relationship before saying that Kelly? Honestly, I think Kelly is not really formal with relationships, also, the type of guys she's into aren't the husband type guys but still, she wants to change their mind.

Maybe if Kelly changed the type of guys she dates and not allowing an on/off relationship, also, improving herself, she would be able to find a nice guy…

Nothing against on/of relationships btw. You do you boo but don't have high expectations.

No. 723893

One of the things that really bothers me about this is that she's just broadcasting it - I'm sure some people in her life know who he is. If you read the comments on this tweet it's full of people demonizing this guy and saying how shitty he is for not feeling the same way. Basically telling her she was mistreated.

NO, KELLY you were not mistreated. Some people just don't feel the same way. Feelings are not right or wrong. They just are. His don't match up with yours. Okay. Cool. Move on. Stop being a little whiny bitch about it on Twitter.

This is probably a lot of WHY he doesn't feel the same - because she just willingly spews her life and drama all over the internet for people to read. Suppose it was a person she was in a legitimate relationship with, and they had a spat. She turns - as she always does - to Twitter, to gripe and complain and whinge and victimize herself to get all the comfort she's bound to get from her followers. Then suppose she and this guy reconcile over the spat - as most often happens when couples have little arguments. Well now what was originally a tiny little problem between TWO PEOPLE. Is now a mess she's smeared all over Twitter for people to interject their opinions into. Stupid, Kelly. You're stupid. This is why you can't make meaningful relationships. I cannot BELIEVE you've made it this far in life without ever learning a single thing about how to properly interact with other people on a platonic or romantic level. You're an embarrassment.

No. 723916

Imagine someone you were casually seeing told you they were in love with you then followed that by breaking things off. "Roger that" is the response of a man who has no idea what the fuck is going on and who can blame him

No. 723988

Kelly's plan: He will say he has feelings for me too in order to not lose the sex
What actually happened: Kelly crying all day, he's completely baffled and confused that this happened.

From her videos it seems like all the guys she likes are kinda…bums. They don't do formal organized relationships, and just want to "chill" and breeze through life. If you want a guy who takes relationships seriously, it's usually a guy who is organized in other areas of his life (job, social media, personality, commitments). Davey with the locks shaved off is just a typical band guy who is ageing poorly. She's so caught up on aesthetics she dates bums and scroungers and wonders why they won't commit. I do feel sorry for her though, just because I know guys DO take advantage of romantic women. She should just avoid these guys who keep breaking her heart, she definitely has a type.

No. 723993

Doublepost, but it's also interesting she has led up to this confession with a month of boyfriend-related videos, after not really mentioning men in such specific ways prior (other than the heartbreak video).
>Should you stay friends with an ex
>Ex Boyfriend Tag
>Worst date ever (2 of those)

No. 724033

I think she's broadcasting her life online to create a persona. She wants to be a ka-why bisexual uwu deep and sexy mental health advocate…But she's not.
Her dirty feet and clown bolt-ons, and how controlling she is, aren't kawaii at all.
She beat a dead horse (well, dead cousin) claiming to be a mental health advocate, while monetising a suicide video.
0 depth, hobbies are just trends and friends are just hair colours to her. Relationship fails are free asspats and her fans demonise the man (never a woman, huh, "bisexual" Kelly?).
And she wants to be told she's speshol and kinky with her probably fake clown/kidnap fetish.
This fucking mess of a cow. Does she never think about self-improving IRL? Wtf are her "therapy sessions" for?

No. 724068


This - her entire persona is built around what makes her look good on the internet, I doubt there's much legitimate interest in anything other than surface value and a quick read by viewers of her as a "hot geek girl" or whatever. It's all for #aesthetic

No. 724077

Her things define her - her hair dye, her toys, her costuming, her makeup. From what we've seen of her true personality, she's manic, goes through friends like a Rolodex, and boring af. Even her attempts at authenticity and genuinity are poor and strategic (such as her being an "advocate" for mental health, or how much she luuuurrves her family). She's a capitalist nightmare - your goods define you incarnate, here let everyone watch me open stuff given to me for free which just happens to coincide with my #aesthetic while I get paid by advertising to do so, offering so very little in productive social commentary in the process.

No. 724598

WTF Kelly.

No. 724601

Another video that features an ex. Wow, Kelly. They all look and sound do awful.

No. 724605

Kelly is in this video. She looks SOOOOO much better as a blonde.

No. 724624

did Kelly purposely edit Phi's face to look this bad in the thumbnail? wtf?

No. 724703

The entire point of an ASMR is to relax… They're both yelling obnoxiously the entire video. So awful. I hated this

No. 724720

The way she romanticizes and glorifies even fictional violence against women is really disgusting. As if the world isn't scary enough as it is. She's trying to be an edgelord but it's gross, pathetic, and of course poorly written and acted.

No. 724727

Her thumbnails are always so incredibly bad but I agree. The over-contrast just made phi look like a complete zombie, but also gave kelly gross lines.

No. 724830

They both look like sad old ladies

No. 725087

On her most recent video she talks (once again) about depression and how a subluxation is related to it… Talking as a "Mental health advocate" recommending a chiropractor and look at a fan comment. Couldn't agree more.

Also, her chest acne is very visible in this video, guess that that treatment didn't work as well as she thought…

No. 725088

File: 1541112425759.jpg (164.2 KB, 861x594, subluxation comment.JPG)

A fan commented this on the video above.

No. 725200

It’s off