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File: 1539096312381.jpg (84.2 KB, 359x478, 1498664123120.jpg)

No. 707439

Amina du Jean is a former black weeb with a flopped idol career and is now working as an escort in London while living off her fat, middle aged, cuck boyfriend.

- Recently someone posted in Angela's thread calling Amina fat and the next day Amina tweeted 'I'm the fattest I've ever been but also the happiest.'' Safe to say she lurks Angela's thread and probably Micky's too.

- Recently self-posted on Lipstick Alley and posted on twitter crying about ‘’harassment’’

- Tries painfully hard to cling to relevancy by constantly bringing up her flopped idol career in Japan

- Thinks she's an expert in Japanese culture and won't stop tweeting about Japanese society and news with her misguided, irrelevant commentary.

- Tries to push the ‘luxury life’ aesthetic even though she’s admitted doing sex work to support her and her boyfriend living in London and that she books budget holidays and travels with cheap airlines.

- Constantly posts about how much she hates white liberals talking about black issues and makes fun of 'woke' people and SJWs in a cringey attempt to appeal to her edgelord, neckbeard, white male followers.

- Tries super hard to sound intelligent and seems oblivious to how obvious it is she's repeating things she's heard from others but doesn't understand.

- Blames racism for why she flopped in Japan ''they would rather have a white girl who doesn't even speak Japanese!!1!'' but contradicts herself by saying shit like 'I never had a problem in Japan becuase I'm not that dark and very feminine'

- Boyfriend recently bought 500+ followers but they're all Russian bots. Kek.

Notable Things/Timeline/TL;DR:

> Was part of a cringey maid cafe in Detroit with fellow cow Micky

> Flopped idol career consisted of a few small shows with other foreign weebs, being featured on an NHK documentary that mocked her singing and Japanese skills and joining and quitting a low budget idol group before they even debuted.

> Participated in a Japanese competition 2 years ago, only got a participation trophy. Bitched for ages that she lost because of racism and blamed white girls who ''can't even speak Japanese''.

> Still brags about said prize TWO whole years later as evidence of her ~LegIT IdOL StaTUS~

> Tried to pander to lolicons an pervy idol fans on twitter, 4chan and reddit for YEARS by saying dumb shit like ''i don't even understand sex uwu''

> Lied about doing a non-sexual gravure shoot (like lEgiT idOls dO) but the video got leaked and turned out to be a softcore porn video.

> Had tantrums at fans for calling her a hypocrite and un-idol like even though she lied about the contents of the video.

> Denied doing sex work while she was living in Japan but was exposed by other idol wannabes that knew her while living in Japan

> Quit Idol activities and started making shitty vlogs

> Tried to have an affair with married neckbeard YouTuber Ben from the Amazing Atheists circle of friends. Got mad when she realized he was talking to there girls. Tried to make herself the victim and posted a 'callout' of him to Reddit. Got dragged by users and had her account banned.

> Stopped making shitty vlogs and moved to Uk for 'studying' and to live with her middle aged boyfriend.

> Got exposed as an escort on 8chan and PULL.

> Ignored it until people started speculating her British boyfriend is her pimp. Then she posted in her own PULL thread telling people her BF isn't her pimp (no sus at all)

> Blamed Angela and Micky for exposing her sex work and made a call out post which featured a screenshot of Micky shit-talking her hair, links to old lolcow threads and anon hate.

> Threatened a lawsuit against Micky and Angela. Didn't follow through with it.

Social Media links

Sex work profiles:


No. 707446

File: 1539096989228.png (185.18 KB, 1735x409, 09876789.PNG)

No. 707447

File: 1539097003557.png (13.77 KB, 711x74, 0456909.PNG)

No. 707450

even starbucks japan follows her twitter..why?!

No. 707453

File: 1539097442554.png (96.52 KB, 717x716, 10329876.PNG)

Blatant self-post:


How would she even find the post about the post if they spelled her name wrong? It doesn't make sense.

She said people on thsi sit have been harrassing ehr for years but posts no proof except this thread that was made only 6 days ago by new accounts, and it only has 3 posts.

No. 707470

How long before this thread gets deleted? You can't post about Amina without someone screaming vENdEttA!!!

No. 707472

> Tried to have an affair with married neckbeard YouTuber Ben from the Amazing Atheists circle of friends

This can't be true lmao

No. 707474

No. 707481

yeah she went to kirari too.
same like lorena

No. 707483

why tf are they following an escort in the first place? you'd think the social media manager of a coffee company wouldn't be so thirsty

No. 707489

they follow over 1.5 million ppl so it doesn't really matter nor does it mean anything. they have 4 million followers too so they were probably just following back anyone at some point.

No. 707491

This. The moment she (or her friend) wakes up and sees this thread, it will be derailed with "NO MILK NO MILK NO MILK FUCK OFF VENDETTA-CHAN", accusations of OP being Micky or Angela, spam-reported and finally locked, even though actual farmers have agreed on /ot/ that this girl is a snowflake all her own.
I wonder if we'll ever have a lolcow thread about her as long as she or her WK(s) are lurking.

No. 707507

same like Katies thread lol

No. 707516

I looked her up on LSA and there are no "harassing" posts. Most people are either neutral on her and think her gravure video is gross/cringy, or just have no idea who the fuck she is. The most anyone's done or said is talk about drama she had with something/someone called LLAG. The earliest posts (from 2015) are all people saying they support her. Harassment where, lmao?
She has such a victim complex, I swear.

No. 707521

You forgot the Simon benson pet girls stuff after he dumped Angela's ass. Bet that stung

No. 707552

Where’s the previous thread

No. 707564

she's already doing it in mickey and angela's threads

No. 707568

I think most of the "OMG VENDETTA!!!" posts are her and her pimp. She's mentioned this place before indirectly when an anon in the wannabe aidoru thread said they didn't like her faking her voice higher pitched, she sperged out on her Tumblr about people thinking black women can't have high voices and aren't feminine.

I don't understand why she even gets WKs if they aren't her and her pim- I mean, "boyfriend". How is she any different from the other pedo-pandering chicks on the farm? But what do I know, obviously I'm totally Micky, Himeka, Bibi and whomever else with a vendetta.

No. 707662

File: 1539108961445.jpg (111.85 KB, 359x492, 1498664081924.jpg)

For reference this is her boyfriend/ speculated pimp.

She said in her PULL thread he's not involved with her sex work but is supportive of it. https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3344-aminyan/?do=findComment&comment=352689

So she's either lying about him not being her pimp or he's genuinely massive cuck.

No. 707679

I feel like a year from now she's going to be crying about how being an escort was a bad idea and a waste of time just like she did with the Idol shit. She starts out acting all hot shit then it blows up in her face every time. She has a lot going for her, supportive parents and she speaks a second language but she really only cares about is getting attention from neck beards. She tries to Pretend her main reason for going to Japan wasn't to be an idol but that's bullshit. I can see this behavior from people like a Micky who aren't smart and have nothing going for them but I don't get it from her. She had so many chances blown for her because she can't Keep her legs closed for next bearss and losers.

No. 707682

*neck beards and losers

No. 707688

Have you seen some of the edgy stuff she tweets about 'liberals' to appeals to alt-right weirdos. But she's always going on about racism against her in Japan becuase she's black. She contradicts herself so much it's embarrasing and reminds me of Micky.

No. 707693

THIS is who she moved to England for? WTF

No. 707695

She should have just stayed her ass in Japan and finished school. She shouldn't have been escorting and raw fucking fat otaku then she wouldn't have ended up pregnant. Then she tries to claim "uwu I was too naive to know unprotected sex causes pregnancy and I was only 18"….too naive to know unprotected sex causes pregnancy but you were an escort the whole time you were in Japan? Ok lol

No. 707697

She said it was a big deal when she moved to Japan but when she moved to UK seems like neither of them cared. They probably don't want her living with them since the gravure video got leaked.

No. 707699

i always thought it was funny when she was like "i'm so hardworking! i made it on my own!!!!" in japan when she was clearly sucking old japanese dick and even got knocked up at one point.

No. 707701

Her story is so inconsistent. I wouldn't mind her doing sex work in Japan on the low but it's the fact that she lied about it until she got exposed. Makes me not beleive her miscarriage story either, was it an accident with a partner? Or was she jsut careless while escorting? That's like Sere levels of disgraceful.

No. 707703

They have probably given up hope. They wasted a lot of time and money on someone for them to just say "fuck everything you've done because I'm an adult!"

No. 707711

She moved to England to finesse him into helping her set up her Escort career. Now she's fucking other, richer, old men trying to live the ~luxe lyfe~ her boyfriend can't afford. She'll leave him once she can afford her own place.

No. 707722

File: 1539111048110.png (391.43 KB, 1242x1475, IMG_4877.PNG)

I don't even know if she actually enjoys being an escort but this could just be a way for her to maintain her uwu pure image while being an escort. Kinda sucks if she doesn't actually like escorting and is only doing it for cash.

No. 707725

File: 1539111120105.png (81.1 KB, 271x244, 5930539.PNG)

>I moved to UK for studying

No. 707726

File: 1539111148400.jpg (133.38 KB, 488x619, 1508276391295.jpg)

No. 707731

And when it does blow up in her face, she always blames it on everyone else instead of her own irresponsibility. Like that time she got pregnant and claimed she didn't know how sex worked at age 18 even though she's been playing eroge since what, like 12? Then went on to blame everything on the American sex ed curriculum.

No. 707734


This proves she's a fucking liar. She says she started sex work at 18 but got pregnant at 18-19 and 'didn't understand sex'? What is the truth? lol

No. 707739

She's need studying for a while now, I'm surprised she doesn't have a degree yet. Isn't she like 22?

No. 707741

No. 707749

File: 1539112098864.png (15.31 KB, 1076x194, 097989011.PNG)

Is there any proof she's actually going to a school in UK?

My theory is she met her 'boyfriend' online and he told her he could get her a job as an escort and she agreed which isn't hard to beleive because her idol career was failing. She moved to UK to do sex work for this guy but used 'school' to get a visa, same way she used it as a reason to do idol stuff in Japan. Nobody would give a visa for sex work, it's not a legitimate job anyway even if it's not technically illegal.

There's no reason she couldn't finish school in Japan.

Only reason I think this is becuase when it got exposed and people speculated her bf is her pimp she made posts in her PULL thread asking people not to say that stuff because she doesn't want him to get in trouble.

Maybe I'm wrong but if this is true he could go to prison for trafficking.

No. 707770

In order to get a visa you need actual documents and need to be attending a school regularly.At least that’s how it is in Japn and most places for visa.

No. 707771


why do you think "not understanding how sex works" means she didn't know what sex IS or something? Lots of ignorant girls think withdrawal is effective birth control and shit like that. Now I'm never going to buy the "sex wark is wark!!" stuff for various reasons so it's not like I agree with her on a whole but honestly I respect her for being open and vulnerable about it, lots of girls feel alone in this type of situation because there's not enough education and very much in the way of stigma.

No. 707773

also anon she was doing sex work in japn and worked where sere now works. she admitted to having sugar daddies and working there so I don’t get why he would need to convince her to become an escort when she’s been doing that for at least four years according to herself.

No. 707775

File: 1539112710045.png (170.3 KB, 349x656, 74352395.PNG)

Why does her twitter bio still include shit she was doing in Japan 2 years ago?

No. 707779

Most people who do sex work want cash. I don’t think they are raving sex addicts. yea you get the cardi b type of girls who do that but a lot of sex workers do it on the low and it’s just cash to them so they may not be sexually experienced at all. i think she’s autistic too so wouldn’t surprise me if some older Japanese guy convinced her young weeb yellow fever dum ass to just do it raw. people get knocked up all the time though so I don’t get why this is so controversial ITT

No. 707781

File: 1539112889532.png (963.34 KB, 1333x697, 46304936.png)

It's not like she did sex work by herself. She worked for agencies. You expect us to beleive nobody in her agency told her to use condoms with clients so she doesn't get pregnant?

No. 707782

File: 1539112941221.png (925.66 KB, 1361x695, 843046930.png)

No. 707784

why are anons still talking about shit from two years ago? It’s the same shit really kek

No. 707785

Remember that time she was drunk on live stream and claimed she wasn't drinking alcohol she was just having an allergic reaction to cc lemon?her lies are ridiculous but many people believed them, including me kek

No. 707786

File: 1539112973098.png (435.3 KB, 1365x681, 835039203.png)

No. 707787

Remember to ignore all white knights btw

No. 707788

personally I don’t understand why anons are obsessed with her purity or having a miscarriage. The neck beard atheist affair saga seems way juicer and more milk but anons seem to be fixed on her getting pregnant theee year ago

No. 707789

>imagine not understanding obvious trolling

No. 707790


sage for samefagging but it's clear that she lied. She tried to paint her miscarriage as something that happened between her and a partner becuase of her sexual inexperience when really it was probably an accident between her and a client. She tried to twist the story to get sympathy points online instead of being honest and straightforward about her career and exploits.

No. 707792

Ignore white knights. If not this thread could be closed. It's very pointless to argue with them considering it is probably Amina wking herself anyway.

No. 707796

She probably tried to have get with this guy to further her Youtube career. Remember when she said she was focusing on vlogging lmao.

No. 707798

Nobody is white knighting it’s just really weird to be stuck on her having a miscarriage when most women have it at least once. I guess she lied about being a Virgin when she was an aidoru but don’t they all do that?. Can you link the original post she made(sorry if it’s been mentioned) but to my memory’s she told about her miscarriage at her own will. why lie? I could only see it being a lie if she was exposed here and lying for damage control.I just don’t get why the pregnancy thing is such a big daal

No. 707800

What ever happen to her suing micky?i haven't heard anything about it after their little fight.

No. 707806

>most women have it at least once
No the fuck they don't?

No. 707807

please re-read the posts.

she made out like her miscarriage was due to her lack of knowledge and inexperience of sex at age 18-19

in a seperate ask she said she started escorting at age 18

this is what we call be a messy inconsistent bitch,

she didn't say in her original post 'i had an accident with a client becasue my dumb ass went into sex work while i didn't understand sex' Like previous anons said she's fucking autist and probably didn't know what she was doing at the time but was definitly a sex worker as she has admitted. So it's safe to assume this 'accident' was her own fault for becoming an escort whithout thinking or fully understanding

No. 707808

only reason we've gone over it so much is becuase white knights want to argue so much

No. 707815

I like how she swept this chapter under the rug and made no mention of it on her social media outside of reddit lmao

No. 707817

File: 1539113940657.png (140.95 KB, 1242x608, IMG_4879.PNG)

Y'all gonna mess around and get the thread closed because you can't ignore whiteknights. Just ignore them so we can post Amina milk, eventually they will go away. They're trying to start arguments on purpose kek

Anyway. I wonder how shitty she must have been that even her professor tried to ruin her. Maybe she fucked him?

No. 707820

I just don’t understand why she would publicly come out about it and lie at the same time. Why bring it up in the first place? it just feels like a bit of sensationalising a random post from like over a year ago. she isn’t an idol and has been open about sex work so I don’t see why she would lie about this.
just googled but according to March of the dimes almost 25-50% of pregnancies end up in miscarriages. it’s super common anon. doesn’t really make a difference with the thread but I just personally can’t see having a miscarriage as a huge scandal.

sorry for long post but just trying to get clarity.Has there been any updates with the reddit neck beard guy as well? I think AA left that podcast and shit hit the fan but I’m wondering if the guy spoke on Amina.

No. 707824

File: 1539114052312.png (19.56 KB, 682x171, manlet.PNG)

Nope she tweeted this about it. Notice how she keeps out the bits that make her look bad. Like the fact that she tried to fuck him while he was married. Or that her account got banned becuase she got so much backlash on her 'callout' post for being a whiny bitch and painting herself as the victim.

No. 707827

She avoids talking about situations that make her look bad.

No. 707830

I looked on Reddit but apparently she was under the impression that he was single and the members of staff on the show made a video about him being married and him lying to fangirls saying he was single. Just looked at this tweet an AA’s girlfriend liked it. This tea is hot af but stop with misinformation campaign when it can be easily disproven.

No. 707831

Funny how she calls him a manlet but still let him get in the coochie and for free too

No. 707834


im >>707771

to clarify, i didn't suggest it's not her fault. i was criticizing interpreting the "I didn't understand how sex works" as "what is sex? tehee uwu" cuz i don't think it's obvious that she didn't just have risky sex like a dumbass. americans dont even have proper sex ed. being a sex worker doesn't negate that duh, sex work itself is a risky sexual behaviour.

jesus this thread is moving fast

No. 707835

File: 1539114638659.jpg (88.55 KB, 800x480, IMG_4880.JPG)

She still has to take an L on this one because damn I can't believe she fucked this guy, single or not. He looks like he smells like mold.

No. 707836

File: 1539114715727.png (21.76 KB, 724x217, 6567878.PNG)

I feel like she posts cringey stuff like this to make herself feel better about her flopped idol 'career'. She literally posts something similar to this every few days.

No. 707837

I feel sick, holy shit. I don't know who is uglier, him or her current 'boyfriend'.

No. 707838

She's been talking about something she apparently doesn't care about and a country she has no interest in going back to everyday since the day she left. She never talks about British culture etc. She low key misses Japan but doesn't wanna go back Because she's too ashamed of her failed idol career.

No. 707842

I beleive this 100%. When she was in Japan she posted so much and went to events and met up with the other gaijin wannabe idols in Japan. Now she's in UK all she does is post pics with her bf. It makes me beleive the whole trafficking thing tbh…

No. 707845

File: 1539115338190.png (514.2 KB, 730x463, 098790.PNG)

She tweeted about a date with her boyfriend at a cabaret show. Her boyfriend tweeted about it as well.

I didn't think anything was weird about it. Then I saw a tweet on her sex work account. She had an 'afternoon session' and then went on a date with her boyfriend after…. I understand he doesn't mind her job but that is some next level cuckery.

No. 707847

File: 1539115380371.png (184.22 KB, 725x463, 878904.PNG)

No. 707848

Exactly. It seems like she has no female friends or a social life in the U.K. The only social interaction she seems to get are from johns and her bf.

No. 707849

File: 1539115416477.png (800.55 KB, 723x604, 0987656.PNG)

No. 707852

It looks like updates her sex work twitter more frequently than her main account. How sad.

No. 707853

File: 1539115622809.jpeg (76.53 KB, 638x333, F3AF4A94-444F-40D7-A7FE-74F71E…)

No. 707854

jesus lmao. does she have a thing for fucking the dirtiest, ugliest, rankest men on the planet?

it looks like the only people she hangs out with are her pimp/bf or old men she's gonna fuck. it doesn't seem she interacts with anyone at uni.

No. 707855

It's just so ironic she's like a less trashy Himeka/Micky, just like them, she's chasing ugly ass mass shooter looking white dudes, lmfao.

No. 707856

File: 1539115677931.jpeg (35.79 KB, 640x154, 7DA451F1-A28C-4311-93EC-94DEAB…)

she complains about London all the time. Just like she complained in Japan.

No. 707858

I think micky, himeka and Amina have be effected by society saying black women are strong and masculine and now they're trying to do the exact opposite by trying to be Kawaii uwu sex slaves who are submissive and fem. This behavior is really just a result of their low self esteem because of stereotypes towards black women. They're trying their best to be like those submissive uwu Japanese women in porn but they're failing at that because outside of sex they're still abrasive and Bitchy.

No. 707860

Micky isn’t a sex worker though lmao

No. 707861

But she still tries to act cute and submissive but she's not good at it

No. 707863

You have a point but I don't feel sorry for any of them becuase they're all trash people. Mental health and feeling bullied aren't excuses for being petty ad childish or in Micky and Angela's cases willfully vindictive.

No. 707866

Y'all just ignoring this, huh?

No. 707867

that's so nasty, this bitch is gross

No. 707868

can remember when it was first mentioned that amina went to kirari her whiteknights denied it lol

No. 707869

I'm sure he knew she was an escort before they even moved in together. I doubt they have any plans of being serious with each other in the future. I doubt he can support the kind of life she wants anyway and I'm sure he doesn't want her as a wife. They're just having fun for now.

No. 707871

What's kirari?

No. 707873

Just say he's her pimp/friend with benefits. It's clearly a relationship of convenience for both of them.

No. 707874

domination doesn’t include sex I thought

No. 707879

File: 1539116705787.png (263.27 KB, 500x504, tumblr_inline_ntwqn9hDAx1qboa1…)

>domination doesn’t include sex I thought

You think men are paying all that money to not get their dick's wet?

No. 707882

File: 1539116816060.png (974.95 KB, 718x721, 038525.PNG)

her boyfriend seems like an embarrasment

No. 707884


>Constantly posts about how much she hates white liberals talking about black issues and makes fun of 'woke' people and SJWs in a cringey attempt to appeal to her edgelord, neckbeard, white male followers.

Plus this:

>Blames racism for why she flopped in Japan ''they would rather have a white girl who doesn't even speak Japanese!!1!'' but contradicts herself by saying shit like 'I never had a problem in Japan becuase I'm not that dark and very feminine'

Tells me she's a self-hater like RPC who'll eventually turn into a token black Twitter conservathot, but the twist will be she's a weeb, ~so smol~, and a prostitute.

Well shit, I thought dominatrixes just stomped on these loser's dicks and balls, I didn't think they were fucking them. Nta by the way, lmao. Apparently there's some who give the coochie away to these men, eww. I think there are some dudes who do pay for women to beat them up, I'd rather do that instead of fucking them, yuck!

No. 707888

nta but most domination doesn't include sex. atleast 50% of the men get off on denial.

No. 707893

I'm surprised Beckii Cruel and the other UK idol wannabes haven't latched onto her or made an effort to be her friend yet.

No. 707898

I mean, she's an anti-sjw prostitute. why would they want to?

No. 707903

She's not in Japan, she's not a idol, she's an escort. What reason would they have to associate with her?if she was a Japan vlogger sure. She should have jumped on the Japan vlogging train and started e begging on Paypay…it beats sucking cock for a living.

No. 707908

I don't understand why her white knights to this day still try to claim She is light skin

No. 707919

She actually is studying, she went to my uni and is genuinely a really lovely lass. To be honest it must be hard to juggle her degree as well as escorting, so props to her tbh.

No. 707924

Many people have sex and go to school. The only difference here is she's getting paid for it.

No. 707945

I get your point but normal uni people having sex with other students casually don’t have to: make it to an actual work place half way across the city, shaved, prepped and perfect for clients, different timetables for work which are to be woven around a busy study schedule, knowing and learning the needs of every different client. My impression is that she works very often and cares a lot about it and isn’t lazy. She is a hard worker in uni and out. I just wanted to put my word in because, yes she is an actual student but I’m not going to disclose the actual university or course, but as someone who has met her a few times and seen her around campus it’ll put peoples accusations about her lying about studying to rest.

No. 707948

It's crazy how libtard feminism has brain washed people into thinking sex work is a admirable and hard job. These same people would shit on someone who works at mcdonalds while going to school kek

No. 707969

File: 1539120288717.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2725x1262, 0A951F7F-058E-4853-AC3A-7305A0…)

>that vid

No. 707970

No. 707976


I have a hard time beleive anons on hear who say they personally know the cows especially when it's to wk them.

No. 707980

Yeah I dropped out after my second year a few months back, she started at the beginning of my second year but I don’t know what entry level she joined her course at so not sure if she’s still there.

No. 707985

Maybe you did go to school with her and maybe she is nice. I don't think Amina is a evil person just really stupid and tries to act like her life is better than what it is. She pretty much feels she's more educated and mature than she is. The sex work stuff is gross too and it's not empowering at all.

No. 707988

she's not going to fuck you

No. 707995

And we're supposed to beleive any of this because?

But let's play along. How did you even find out about who she is? Did you know of her before or did she have a reputation after she arrived?

No. 708000

Place where you can find clients as prostitute

No. 708003

Why do you keep spelling believe wrong Fairyduster?

No. 708009

Internet friends for years and she reached out to me when she learned I was at the uni she was going to. Anyway, people were wondering if she actually studies or did study in England and I dropped my answer. I’m gonna peace out because even when people have answers they were asking for it is never good enough.

I should hope not jfc

No. 708029

Clearly you didn't use the short time spent at uni well because this is an image board and what that entails is if you want to come over here and make claims, then bring your evidence too.
Nobody cares about your relation to her or even knowing of her unless you can fetch the receipts, people specially do not give a single fuck about your opinion of her when all you're doing is caping for another miserable internet attention whore turned hooker.

No. 708046

File: 1539123018830.png (21.58 KB, 725x217, 98739820.PNG)

She's gay4pay now.

No. 708051

I thought she already had a thread

No. 708059

File: 1539124150536.png (549.19 KB, 1753x862, 098335329.PNG)

On her website she has affiliation badges. She really expects people to beleive she made all these connections in such a short amount of time without the help of her 'boyfriend'.

No. 708070

This isn't recent though??

No. 708071

Stop calling all of us white knights when nothing is happening with her

No. 708072


sure not a vendetta post…

No. 708074

Those are directory links and literally anyone can have those. It was really popular back in the day on the web but escorts still use it. This pimp / sex trafficking conspiracy has no legs to stand on. Please stop recycling YouTube fail troll videos from 2016 kek

No. 708077

They have nothing else to stand on so they're throwing everything hoping something sticks

No. 708092

Remember not to engage with white knights. TBH I wish they would have allowed us to have this thread back when she was in Japan and extra milky. Now she's just a has been and used up escort with nothing interesting going on in her life except the occasional micky and Himeka drama.

No. 708094

LMFAO at white knights arriving 4 hours later to nitpick and derail.

No. 708096

Not a wk, just don't get the thread

No. 708097

Stop samefagging >>708092

No. 708098

Don't comment then.

No. 708099

>implying Micky and/or Angela have exclusive use of the word 'y'all'

No. 708100

This always happens in Amina threads, if anything it just makes her seem more interesting. The "no milk" thing can also be said for the UK idol thread, Luna Slater's current state, and Vicky Shingles' current thread, yet there are little to no WKs said threads.

No. 708101

And Katies

No. 708104

You just gotta learn to ignore them because at the end of the day it's probably Amina and her friends. If you argue with them you're just going to get the thread closed and they know that. The only reason this thread is here is because Amina keeps complimenting herself in micky/himeka threads and people have gotten sick of it kek

No. 708107

It's funny to see amina/wks assume this thread must have been made by Angela or Micky.

Newsflash. Amina is disliked by a lot of people.

Remember how she always used to post about fake people in the idol community in Japan? There were reasons for that. She's just as much of a cow as Micky and Angela.

You guys really think she gave up on being an idol to move to UK with her 'boyfriend'? No. She ran away becuase she caused a lot of shit and alienated herself from people becuase of her snobbish attitude. She was hated but made herself out to be the victim in every situation and here she is/her wks are doing it again.

No. 708113

First and foremost, Micky and Angela are fat disgusting beasts who will never be anything or truly important to anyone.
That said, that's why Amina makes me a little sad. I don't know much about this girl other than those 2 fat slobs were constantly bitching about her which was great, glad someone could make them seethe so easily-but as said my overall understanding of her was very very low.

I remember she tried being an idol but of course that failed and then something about her studying. Have to admit I'm pretty disappointed to hear that she's just become yet another disposable cum-rag. She seemed like she'd get a good education and get a real job. Good head on her shoulders. But seeing some of these screenshots is just..very bad. "It's a JOB" ?? It's a job only retards with no ambition do. The money goes fast. Clearly isnt even smart about it if she accidentally got knocked up-at that rate, she'll end up with HIV even faster than Micky or Angela. Hope she's getting tested often.

No. 708114

Oops fuck I forgot to sage. Sorry gang

No. 708116

People would forget about Amina and friends would stop complimenting her on every micky and himeka because let's be real everything that made Amina interesting is dead now. She's not think anymore, she ain't cute no more, she doesn't live in Japan, she's not an idol and she's a second rate hooker….literally no one would care about her if she just disappeared offline.

No. 708119

She's not thin anymore*

No. 708124

Any caps to prove this? 1st time hearing about it.

No. 708125

Check out her amazon wish list it has all these self help business books. She truly believes she's an empowered business woman who is self employed and not a cum rag.

No. 708130

File: 1539127478678.png (1.3 MB, 1130x851, 469340.PNG)

It annoys me that people only know of her becuase of her history with Angela and Micky. Putting that drama aside she's still a massive lolcow.

Her pseudo intelligent tweets while literally being a hooker, her ugly ass boyfriend/pimp, the pictures of her that she's uploaded herself after saying she wants a professional/academic career! What a poor misguided sheep.

No. 708135

Good look when she graduates and tries to get a real job and they find all this online for everyone to see kek

No. 708141

Most sex workers blur their faces on social media for privacy reasons idk why she thinks it's a good idea for her not to. She's clearly not thinking about her future prospects lol.

No. 708144

She thinks going to be some sex worker advocate. The idol dream is dead now she's focusing her life on a new waste of time.

No. 708149

…Is that a boil? She should've edited that out.

No. 708154

File: 1539128184844.jpg (141.95 KB, 698x1200, 1476650456411.jpg)

She's known for her nasty looking skin.

No. 708155

Notice how no one answered your question?

No. 708156

That's called being black and dealing w/ ingrown hairs. This isn't news

No. 708159

Looks like chickenpox scars on her arms.

No. 708162

She said she had chicken pox or some shit as a kid

No. 708163

Wks are pulling the same shit Micky did when people called her out on her dry ass hair

>it's just a black girl thing u dnt understand!!!

No. 708167

what happens when you get scratched/ bruised? Does a thick dark scar form? Or does it go away? Dark people when we scar tend to get hyperpigmentation. Read a textbook or google it.

No. 708168

I don't care, her skin still looks gross. There's plenty of balck women with gorgeous skin don't try and act like they all have bad skin like Amina.

No. 708174

I don't know any black women with skin like that. Black cows always try to blame their ugly imperfections on being black kek

No. 708177

obvious samefag

No. 708178

Never said I was black but ok, keep projecting.

No. 708180

Yeah, I know she can't help it, but hers is really quite bad. She could probably fade it with some exfoliation, topical acids, or dermarolling or something.

Anyway, this is devolving into nitpicking and OT shit now.

No. 708181

Kek the white knights are getting more desperate as they're ignored.

No. 708187

The only white person who would care about Amina is her dusty ass pimp. It could be him.

No. 708188

So you're a white person bending over backwards to defend someone becuase they're black? You know Amina tweets about how much she doesn't like white liberals like you? lmao

No. 708189

Holy shit.

No. 708190

File: 1539129013910.jpeg (168.25 KB, 1163x373, FE85F970-0384-415D-8484-159613…)

Apparently she's been doing sex work even before she went to Japan.

I'm guessing her plan is to use her real name(Aminah Camara Johnson) for her professional career, continue using Mimi Fawn for her sex work, and Amina du Jean for everything else and hope her employers doesn't find out.

No. 708192

>even before I moved to Japan

Damn she was only 18 when she moved to Japan so how old was she when she started whoring?thats disturbing.

No. 708194

Same fag but it's too late for her to hide her identity now there is too much out there. She's even got professors trying to ruin her life so there's no way she will ever be able to hide this.

No. 708196


Ok, I need caps for this, how are professors trying to ruin her life?

No. 708200

So we can assume most of the shit she said in regards to dating, sex work, making it in japan/getting features through hard work was lies.

She's dumb as a rock if she beleives she can have a proper career after this. She's not been subtle with her sex work at all. I bet when her sex work twitter follower account exceeds the follower account of her main one she'll act like the ~classy~ escort aesthetic was her persona all along and completely forget/cover up her idol past.

It seems like she's still clinging on to shreads to clout she has from her idol days for now.

No. 708203

She had drama with one of her professors when she was going to school in Tokyo. >>707817 Probably one of the reasons she left school too.

No. 708210

File: 1539129736557.png (20.52 KB, 721x180, 234567890.PNG)


>It seems like she's still clinging on to shreads to clout she has from her idol days for now.

Yeah. Still clinging.

No. 708214

Her learning Japanese was kind of a waste of time and her parents cash.

No. 708220

Her older videos were tragic because she would blur the videos to hell and back to look lighter and wtf is she doing in the intro

No. 708222

File: 1539130259342.png (593.68 KB, 1055x448, 48603498304.PNG)

Her 'private' facebook page.

No. 708224

File: 1539130552566.png (497.63 KB, 721x711, 98734204905.PNG)

She posts pics like this. With her face showing and her info easy to find. She's not serious about having an academic career at all.

No. 708227

sage for samefag but I wonder when she will come out and pretend she ''just found out'' about this thread

No. 708228

Is that her? her face looks so different

No. 708230

She looks genuinely happy here. Compared to her recently, now she just looks dead in the eyes.

She's been shooping her pictures lately to look more "exotic" compared to her simple shoops back when she was in Japan in which she just lightening her skin.

No. 708233

File: 1539131073170.png (178.37 KB, 976x389, 0987678.PNG)

It's true. Her escort site also describes her as 'exotic' as well. Pretty sure it's her pimp/boyfriend forcing her to fit some aesthetic he knows other creepy old white men will enjoy.

No. 708236

She's literally from detroit kek

No. 708247

File: 1539131761486.jpeg (774.88 KB, 2564x965, 9FEFF1BB-BC10-44CB-A86F-D2A04F…)

>"exotic fairy"
>My unique exotic look
There it is again. Does she write this shit herself?

No. 708264

She actually seemed to have friends in Japan. Must get lonely only having your bf to hangout with and people you're fucking.

No. 708265


>exotic fairy

So empowering!
And it gets worse
>intoxication play
Wasn't she tweeting 'fuck Cosby' a few days ago. I guess it's ok if you pay for it.

No. 708266

Is this girl really only 22? She looks awful. Those circle lenses don't help

No. 708271

File: 1539133036512.png (981.24 KB, 750x1334, 1531824203210.png)

These are recent >>707446

No. 708275

No. 708276

face looks off…

No. 708284

File: 1539133408752.jpeg (781.79 KB, 1432x1261, FBFAC8DF-2128-49CF-B7DC-717194…)

Her face went downhill along with her idol career.

No. 708310

>her skin is fucked because she's a nigger and can't help it :( please stop nitpicking guise, this is a common issue many negros struggle with :(((

No. 708318

>using racial slurs
why am i not surprised, this thread is a mess

No. 708319

This is the first time I'm hearing about this person. What a sad existence, holy shit.

No. 708328

I'm black, retard. Even if I wasn't, why is the white libtard who came in trying to justify a cow's bad skin with "oh, she's a nigger and can't help beinh ugly! pls no bully the darkies!" trying to paint others as raycist?

No. 708335

>People don't lie on the internet
Sure Jan

No. 708336

Sad attempt at trolling the thread to get it locked.

No. 708342

Are you the same amina wk who refused to sage earlier because you needed to shit out those thread-derailing posts as quickly as possible?

No. 708343

File: 1539135028529.png (293.6 KB, 1238x1907, IMG_4886.PNG)

She was even worse when she lived in Japan. Still holds a grudge against Japan because she feels she didn't get what she deserved.

No. 708352

My post was to >>708328 to stop derailing the thread by racebaiting.

No. 708354

this is why this is a mess, Every cries wk

No. 708359

File: 1539135708429.jpg (155.58 KB, 1059x520, IMG_4888.JPG)

If you look at her old posts online and what she's doing now it really is Too funny reading them

No. 708365

File: 1539135826419.jpg (88.35 KB, 1242x342, IMG_4889.JPG)

No. 708370

I'm not racebaiting or attempting to derail, that's exactly what that anon implied. Amina has shitty skin. Acting like it's racist to acknowledge that because you're under the impression that most black girls have shitty skin is retarded and racist in itself.

No, it's a mess because wks like you shit up the thread with your whiny, unsaged posts.

No. 708373

File: 1539136016915.png (71.22 KB, 1174x216, IMG_4890.PNG)

When she used stolen money from her parents to run off to London and live with her pimp

No. 708376

don't call people nigger, then people won't assume you're racebaiting / obvious vendetta

No. 708387

File: 1539136519295.jpg (191.68 KB, 1242x852, IMG_4893.JPG)

No. 708388

Kek or they could just learn how to fucking read. There was nothing racebaity or vendetta-y about my post at all.

No. 708390

File: 1539136603277.png (453.04 KB, 757x495, naoto.png)

She's not entirely wrong though? If you are a relatively tall, thin, white woman you can get modeling jobs pretty easy regardless of how attractive you actually are. Maybe not with higher end brands, but a lot of indies and alternative brands will take just about anyone. White beauty is definitely idealized, whereas while there is some fetishization of black beauty, it's way less commonplace. She is right though, that being black set her apart and was basically her gimmick. Would she have fared better as a white girl? Maybe, but I still don't think she'd reach any real amount of fame beyond the same shit we've seen girls like yukapee achieve.

No. 708396

Id say I feel bad for her but I don't, she deserved it. She thought she was going to make it in Japan based off her "looks" alone and she got btfo when no one paid her any attention and one dude showed up to her live.

No. 708401


Either way it's retarded to seek fame within a culture that doesn't value your beauty. How tf does that make sense

No. 708408

A live in Japan? When did this happen?

No. 708419

It was on that episode of miss id and they edited it to make her look like a loser and they showed her live performance and only two guys were there

No. 708422

Not arguing with you there, anon. A lot of weebs are like that though, they are just delusional and caught up in their weird, teen, weeb dreams of "making it in Japan". Even the white weebs are guilty of it when they would often have a much better life outside of Japan with more opportunity/less barriers.

I do think out of any of the American black girls in the "kawaii" communities, she probably fared the best chance of getting anywhere. She is petite and has fairly eurocentric features. When it really comes down to it though, it seems all foreign "idols" end up just being gravure idols. Has any other black idols seen any success? Or white ones for that matter? I suspect that a lot of it has to do with the fact actual idols are generally supposed to be the sort of "girl next door" ideal which foreigners obviously don't fit into.

No. 708426

She's not Small, she's like 5'6 and even in Japan she was weighed more than the average Japanese girl at 125. Uwu so smol.

No. 708428

5'6" is a little on the tall side in Japan, but she's definitely still petite in build, anon. Well, I should say "was" petite.

No. 708429

I always thought Japan was lowkey making fun of non-Asian idols, even the models like look at >>708390 that bitch is fugly. With the Japanese idols/models, however, you'll almost never catch them looking haggard as fuck, they have them looking cute while the foreign idols/models are usually ugly or weird looking.

Yet she markets herself as a smol exotic fairy uwu~ It's really embarrassing. Not to mention she has been gaining weight quite a bit, the Detroit black weeb scene seems to be cursed.

No. 708430

Her build is not petite she's tall and at an average weight(well was she's fat now). Petite means someone small and short which Amina is not. She even had issues getting into idol groups because managers would say she looks too tall compared to the other girls and it looks off.

No. 708437

File: 1539138557666.jpg (29.72 KB, 323x450, IMG_4895.JPG)

Sage for same fag but I'd like to add I know there's a meme that all black girls are big, fat and ugly but let's be real there are plenty of cute black girls but why would they choose to have modeling/entertainment career in Japan?it would be a waste of time for them when they can make better money in the west. Amina is average at best so her only at fame shot would be working as an idol or in a maid cafe.

No. 708449

File: 1539139008915.png (583.72 KB, 503x548, ok.png)

Okay, is slender/slim acceptable terminology for you then, anon? I'm not saying she's tiny, just that she was pretty slim at the time in comparison to most of the other "aspiring idols" we've seen come out of the black girl kawaii community.

I agree with you 100% really. I don't think she's particularly anything special, but just in comparison to the others who were trying, she was kind of the best off? Even so, she saw very limited success.

No. 708457

File: 1539139489725.png (119.97 KB, 1242x577, IMG_4898.PNG)

She's s lot bigger than most Japanese women

No. 708463

File: 1539140247040.png (86.33 KB, 1113x453, IMG_4897.PNG)

No. 708464

File: 1539140293939.png (119.42 KB, 1242x604, IMG_4896.PNG)

No. 708476

>Maybe I would be famous or something if I cared more
Is that what she tells herself to cope with her failed attempt at becoming an idol? That she just didn't really care, and that successful people are probably just huge attention whores, unlike her? Kek.

No. 708483

And? I'm just saying she was slim at the time which is evident in the picture I provided? She is taller than most Japanese women though, yes, as the average height is 5'2" and she's 5'6". Hardly a giant though. Many Japanese models are around that height too.

I'm not even a wk as is evident in my other posts >>708390 but ya'll are determined to make it out like she was beastly in size or something. She was smaller than most of the kawaii black idol wannabes is my only point?

No. 708486

>other Wanna be black idols

i can't think of any other black girl who would be stupid enough to go to another country where they aren't the standard of beauty and try to be an idol other than Amina and the ones good looking enough aren't weeaboos. Which other ones are there?kek

No. 708489

It drives me NUTS when she inflates her Japanese ability. She's elementary beginner at best with a heavy acceny that makes her sound like a dying seal

No. 708491

Wtf is an idol?

No. 708492

>manic pixie dream girl


No. 708495

"In Japanese pop culture "idol" (アイドル aidoru, a Japanese rendering of the English word "idol") is a term typically used to refer to young manufactured stars/starlets marketed to be admired for their cuteness."

No. 708506

There were a handful posted in the aspiring idols thread last year. >>356089

I think Angela even talked about wanting to be an idol at one point, but I'd have to dig around for receipts.

No. 708507

Name one who actually went through with it though and tried?there is no one to compare because Amina is the only one. If there are any others they probably aren't popular online and stick to the Japanese side of the web.

No. 708508

That's why I called them wannabe idols, anon.

No. 708549

Wow her face looks way better here imo. That eye squinting shit she does makes my eyes hurt to look at it, but here she doesn't look like she's constipated, nice.

No. 708748

File: 1539172390374.png (21.86 KB, 720x145, 9785354.PNG)

She's 5'7

No. 708753

Should’ve saged that anon. That’s hardly tea.

Btw is this thread in autosage?

No. 708757

Her and the girl on the left look the same size. I don’t get why her skin tone and height are a big deal never saw where she said she was smol. Also the screenshots including people in the background(obviously will look shorter) or next to an obaachan are such a reach. The problem with Amina threads is instead of milk, the same two or three idiots argue on whether or not she’s light skin/dark skin/skinny or if she lost a baby.

No. 708758

File: 1539172963504.png (15.36 KB, 477x104, 689445.PNG)

Sure Jan.

No. 708762

why would someone lie about this? this thread is so baseless no wonder the admins locked it

No. 708764

This thred isn't locked. If you don't like it don't comment and find another cow.

No. 708765

It’s on autosage retard.

No. 708768

It makes me sick that Amina/her WKs genuinely think nobody aside from Micky and Angela hate her. There's something so arrogant about that thinking.

She always get's involved in drama (micky, angela, jrcach, gaijin idol comm in tokyo, black weeb page, Ben/reddit, SJWs on twitter) and she always paints herself as the victim every single time. It's no wonder she has no irl friends in UK and just lives off her ugly pimp and johns.

As soon as a decent thread about her appears WKs have to flock here and cause infighting and derailing and then go 'see no milk'. Must be nice having attack dogs Amina but you're still tragic.

No. 708770

This guy was relevant 6 years ago and had shit with nearly every young teen weeb. Why are you even bringing him up?

>Micky / Angela

She probably fanned the flames but they keep bringing her up. Micky was also the driving force in the BGAK shit that happened


This is actual milk. But if you look around the subreddit a bit more, Amazing Atheist and Paulsego girlfriends both backed Amina up and throw shade about Ben to this day. It was cowardly of her to do an anonymous callout post but led to his podcast ending so it was low key Machiavellian lol

>Fighting with sjws on twitter

This is a hard reach. Please provide screenshots that aren’t whiny tweets from 2015. If anything she seems sjw herslef

Nobody is an attack dog. It’s just obvious it’s the same lot of three or four people who keep pushing for her to have a thread. This time around the thread had doxxing which is probably why it’s autosage now. Just accept Amina is an irrelevant hoe and keep it moving. Besides being an escort which we’ve known about since 2016 there’s nothing interesting about her anymore. Stop trying to make fetch happen fam.

No. 708772

She’s been posted on here as a prostitute since 2015. Long before she was in the Uk. Stop trying to fake milk. The human trafficking conspiracy is a long shot. Are you the same anon from the last thread who said you’re the main person posting about her, and when your PULL got revealed you trip posted?

No. 708774

OT but this video is about Ben/drunken peasants ending. AA and paulsego watched someone talking about Amina’s callout post and chat logs with Ben on their show. Ben deleted the video and AA ended the podcast. If you go on their subreddit the Ben guy is notorious for being a dick. Sorry it’s OT but just a bit of background. I don’t think this is the hill you want to die on.

No. 708778

Plenty of people hate her in real life and online lol

No. 708779

then why is it always FairyDuster from PULL who can’t even spell “believe” correctly creating and bumping these threads?

No. 708780

Amina is fucking one of the mods which is why her threads always get closed or saged.

No. 708782

isn’t this what Angela claimed before? If that’s the case why wouldn’t she just shut the threads down completely?

No. 708784

The mods could reveal if there is samefagging and if cows are posting. They didnt do that. Also the mods always close Amina's threads without reason or warning, they always say why they're closeing/saging threads. They just let the thread stay up for a day or a few hours then sage it in hopes that no one notices kek

No. 708785

The mods could reveal if there is samefagging and if cows are posting. They didnt do that. Also the mods always close Amina's threads without reason or warning, they always say why they're closeing/saging threads. They just let the thread stay up for a day or a few hours then sage it in hopes that no one notices kek

No. 708787

Are you kidding? The last thread was locked because the mods said it was samefagging. The one before that was because Angela doxxed her within the thread which the mods revealed later.

No. 708788

Go screen cap where in the last thread that was sagged that mods said there was same fagging

No. 708795

No screen caps?point proven kek

No. 708799

Not everyone lives on Lolcow/PULL like you do. Calm down troglodyte.

No screenshot needed. >>>/snow/141886
Amina posts were banned on the website due to the crazy amount of samefagging. They autosage the threads because they aren’t allowed in the first place.

No. 708803

Where does it say there these threads have been banned for same fagging or doxxing?the mods have never actually gave any reasons why Amina is a banned topic.

No. 708804

It had warnings earlier in that thread. The reason new threads are in autosage is because the topic is banned.

No. 708808

Can you link them?because I don't see any warnings. The only warnings I've seen in Amina's threads are people infighting(of course only people saying negative stuff about Amina were called out for infighting) but I've never seen anything about same fagging or doxxing. The mods have actually never given a reason why Amina is a banned topic. They just lock or auto sage her threads without announcement or reason.

No. 708839

Where was the doxing in this thread? All the information here including her real name is publicly available.

No. 708841

Where is it publicly available outside of Bibi’s and Angela originally doxxing her? It’s not on any news article, social media, blog posts old or new. She’s assumed a fake identity for years now so it’s not public information. That Facebook account that was posted is also new and hasn’t been posted here before. It’s not public information if it’s a private acc and the only leaks have been by vendetta fags like Angela. Also don’t beg for proof. Go back to previous threads and the mods proved that Angela doxxd her full name and it wasn’t mentioned for years until now.

No. 708845

This is a banned thread from two years ago. A lot has happened in that time and this thread is evidence of it.

This reminds me of people defending Kavanaugh, your fave is NOT on trial. Relax.

No. 708849

File: 1539185275517.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1196x672, 0ECDB4A2-DE36-4932-AD88-07D8DD…)

There's a public twitter with a photo of her face and real name she hasn't deleted.

There's a photo of her and real name here too.

I'm not the anon asking for proof, btw.

No. 708851

You contradicted yourself.

>That Facebook account that was posted is also new and hasn’t been posted here before. It’s not public information if it’s a private acc

If this is a new account that hasn't been posted before than unless you have proof it was Angela you don't know who leaked it. How would Angela have found if it's private?

No. 708859

Amina definitely lurks here becuase since her private fb page was posted she's made everything more private. You can't see her main account if you don't have facebook anymore.

No. 708873

>Amina posts were banned on the website
>the topic is banned.
Nope. Check the rules. I know you don't, since you keep purposely not saging so you can "quickly post", but check. That never happened. This is not a banned topic, and it never has been. The threads were locked for infighting, ie what you've been trying to cause all this time.
Guys, don't fall for Amina's baiting.

No. 708876

Look at the linked thread and the many autosaging. It’s a banned topic which is why it’s now autosaged. The last thread was made when she was an escort too and that was autosaged as well. Just admit the samefagging has backfired.

No. 708879

Can someone please find the previous Amina or aidoru thread. I vividly remember the admin saying samefagging is what caused the thread to be banned. ITT there wasn’t even infighting and it was autosaged after a day

No. 708883

Read the rules and stop making things up. Previous threads don't "prove" that the admin banned discussion of this cow, the rules do.
If this was a banned topic, you would know for sure if you read the rules, and this thread would be locked.
The only samefag I can detect ITT is yourself, honestly.

No. 708885

The thread is only on autosage because of the Amina WKs spamming the thread defending Amina and bringing up old milk with her and Angela.

No. 708887

you found this by a google search after this thread had doxxing. That’s retroactively saying it’s public when it’s a dead twitter account from almost 7 years ago. Why is everyone here so intent on doxxing?

>a lot has happened since this thread topic was banned

If that’s so why has at least 4-5 threads within that time been autosaged or locked due to samefag vendetta and lack of milk. Also if so much has happened why are anons still posting random twitter rants from 3 years ago? The only new milk ITT is the Reddit fiasco which happened over a year ago and the flimsy human trafficking conspiracy theory which has zero legs to stand on.

No. 708894

Are you retarded? You just said her old twitter is public and has been around for 7 years. That completely contradicts you saying Amina's real name is only online because of Angela and Bibi's doxxing.

No. 708895

I’m assuming you haven’t read the link but it clearly says the topic is banned and not to make a new thread due to the vendetta stuff.

No. 708899

All I know is, there's a reason the admin didn't list Amina's name as a banned topic all these years, despite the events of previous threads. It's because shitposting, samefagging and infighting spurred on by the subject herself (or her friends) destroyed them, not because we're not allowed to discuss her.
If her name "mysteriously" appears there soon and this thread goes bye-bye, we'll know for sure she's been lurking, shitposting and defending herself (and that something's up with her and a mod or farmhand, I guess) which will basically prove her to be a cow, anyway.

No. 708900

Can you show me where she publicly uses her real name within the last 5 years as “Amina du Jean”. The first place I ever saw it was on Bibi’s blog. You’re seriously saying an obsecure blog from over 7 years ago was somehow unearthed by anons here when the only context of her full name being used was by Angela and Bibi. Stop strawmanning and black knighting

No. 708902

Talk to the mods and stop spamming the thread.

No. 708903

Read the thread anon and stop derailing

No. 708904

>2 years ago
You haven't been here long, huh? I'm not going to help you by explaining why that post wouldn't really apply today.
In any case, read the rules.

No. 708905

You're saying people are incapable of remembering her old twitter? The concept is that insane to you?

No. 708908

File: 1539188399910.png (887.58 KB, 643x690, 103824359.PNG)

Amina's private facebook got found out becuase she's sloppy with her privacy. She posted this to her main account publicly.

No. 708909

It’s already in autosage for a reason before any “infighting”.
Look at
This thread has zero infighting or people defending her yet it was locked and autosaged almost a day later. It’s because it’s the same 2-3 wack jobs who keep trying to force drama and keep uploading tweets and Facebook posts from 2015. Obvious vendetta

No. 708910

I did. Nothing I've said is incorrect. Linking to previous threads proves nothing for a myriad of reasons you're clearly ignorant of.
This thread would be locked and the OP banned if it was a banned topic, not just autosaged. Read the rules, and if the subject's name is suddenly there, everyone's point will be proven.

No. 708911

File: 1539188440756.png (895.9 KB, 554x813, 00354693.PNG)

And then posted the same photo on the same day publicly to her private facebook.

No. 708916

Why the fuck would anons besides people who knew her personally remember a twitter From 2010? When she had little to zero relevance online? You retroactively found it via doxxing and this thread. If you remember a obsecure twitter account from almost 8 years ago you need help anon

No. 708918

Please read the post above yours. Plenty of threads were autosaged or locked without infighting because of vendetta

No. 708919

Did you reverse search the image then? I’m just curious

No. 708920

The thread is auto-saged what more do you want?

If this thread was samefagging and vendetta the mods would've deleted instead of auto-saging it. It really is just autosaged because of WKs spamming the thread and bumping it too much.

Everything Amina Wks say Angela and Micky do to get their threads taken down is what Amina fans are doing right now to get this thread locked. Infighting, spamming, samefagging. The irony.

No. 708922

>I'm just curious

I'm pretty sure this is Amina, are you worried about your privacy setting now?

No. 708924

I have no agenda. I’m simply stating the threads have far more problems than infighting and they’ve been locked and banned when there wasn’t infighting. The Shiena thread, Onision thread have way more infighting and they aren’t autosaged unless dox is happening.

No. 708927

The thread was autosaged last night and yesterday there was no infighting.
Also stop ignoring things like this >>>/snow/311758
Where a thread was locked because obvious vendetta and there’s zero infighting. Stop ignoring that thread above.

No. 708928

Yes they were. That's all there is to say to that. Doesn't mean this thread is vendetta alone. Read the thread summary it's pretty honest.

People are lying about WKing AMina and acting like they just care about da rules!!! You suddenly care about rules and order on lolcow.com plenty of other threads are shitshows.


There was literally no doxxing, everything posted in public information easy to find if you google her name.

No. 708929

>>708922 it’s weird anons can unearth an unlinked twitter account from 2010 and a private Facebook page. I could understand if it was linked but for it not to have been is a bit strange.

No. 708930


Stop trying to get people to focus on that dead thread. That thread had a shit summary and was clearly vendetta this thread has a whole summary and links and ahs revealed new info. The two threads are not the same at all. This thread should'nt be locked jsut becuase that shit one was.

No. 708931

If you look up Amina du jean her real name doesn’t come up. The only people who have linked her real name was Angela and Bibi. That’s called doxing. She’s been trying to be famous for years and nobody has used her real name. That’s not “public record”

No. 708933

>new info
She’s been open as a sex worker for over a year wnd it’s been posted here since 2015. Literally nothing in the description is new besides the Reddit thing.

If there’s new milk why is the entire thread filled with tweets from years ago and an old music video?

No. 708934

Looking at that photo and comparing it to >>708449 and >>707786, could she have been bleaching her skin in the past?
I'm a light/brown skinned black person, and we do tan and get lighter depending on weather, but the absolute state of her skin, the corpse-like tones and all the patchiness has me wondering. It's clear she's using a very pale foundation there, too, which makes me wonder if the uneven patches were worse on her face at the time.
If she really was bleaching, at least she stopped before she went full Dencia. East Asia and its fixation with pale skin can be rough.
Also, I think we should just ignore Amina and the obvious Amina WKing about this thread being "a banned topic desuu". It's going nowhere, and its only purpose is to stop us from talking about her and start arguing with her so she can go to the admin and say "Look what a shitshow this thread is!". By now, we all know her tricks.

No. 708936


I'm so sure these are the same person. It's either Amina or a wk close to her because they really want to know how someone found her private and old pages. You sound desperate and scared lol.

No. 708937

Nobody is trying to get this thread locked retard. If you slow down and actually use your two brain cells you’d realise that I’m saying plenty of her threads were locked with zero to no infighting. That thread is only one example.

No. 708938

I thought race baiting isn’t allowed?

No. 708939

Amina used to spam her meeting Michelle Obama and Akie Abe through her university all the time. Google "Michelle Obama" "Akie Abe" and "university" and that tju article comes up with her real name. Use your brain, anon.

No. 708940

I don't think she bleaches I just think she used to use a lot of filters and that Japanese media lighted her skin a lot as well. Look at >>708343

No. 708942

That’s all the more proof it would be Angela or someone close to her. Unless someone is A-logging her so hard they made an effort to find a twitter account from almost a decade ago and present it as milk kek

No. 708943

How the hell does this make sense lmao. Bad deflecting anon.

No. 708944

That's not race-baiting. Skin bleaching has nothing to do with a specific race (it's something people from all races that have dark-skinned people do), and everything to do with colorism and culture.
No one is saying this because she's black (I'm black, lmao), but because of the weird color-changing.

No. 708945

The article is from 2015. If it’s so easy to find and she was posting about it in 2015 how come the only context of her real name has been in Angela’s callout posts? Why is it only being linked three years later?

No. 708947

Ignore it. The WKs are clinging on to anything. I wouldn't be surprised if this is her boyfriend defending her on the thread. He looks like a loser with nothing to do all day while she makes money whoring herself.

No. 708949

Race related discussions aren’t allowed though and you’re mentioning black girls and colorist

No. 708950

Put down the tine foil hat. Amina has had a public twitter page with her real name up for the last 7 years. You can't point fingers are Bibi and Angela when Amina has left that profile up for anyone to see. If she cared about her privacy she should have deleted it.

No. 708952

This isn’t linked to the Amina du jean pages and the photos aren’t any of the same. The only way someone would’ve known this twitter is if they knew her 8 years ago(ie Angela) or somehow knew and remembered her from when she was an irrelevant weeb. Angela has doxxed her many times before which has been proven. How the hell is it tin foil when it’s been proven and she still posts about her?

No. 708955

>Race related discussions
No, race-related arguments aren't allowed. There's a difference.
If we weren't allowed to discuss anything to do with race and culture, we wouldn't be allowed to have a tradthot/alt-right thread or Asian culture thread because of their very nature.
I'm leaning on what >>708947 said, so this will be my last reply to you on this. Read the rules, and don't try to twist them.

No. 708956

Another thread that was very recent that had no infighting

No. 708957

Speaking of her boyfriend, his twitter profile really is jsut all Russian bots wtf? This is so cringe.
[5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.]

No. 708959

That was locked I meant.

This thread had a shit ton of infighting and wasn’t locked or sage

No. 708963

Amina's had shit tier threads full of vedetta posting? Ok. When did these happen? 2-3 years ago? Ok. Does that mean this thread is the same? NO.

This thread hasn't had any trouble yet aside from auto-sage bc of WK samefagging. Accusations of doxxing and racebaiting are coming from Amina WKs. This all honestly just makes her look bad tbh. I'm surprised she's still pretending she doesn't know about the thread when she clearly does.

No. 708964

>2-3 years ago
Check the thread. There’s two threads from 2017 and one from 2018 which were locked because of obvious vendetta.

No. 708966

LMAO. He's her boyfriend/speculated pimp not her sibling.


Amina WKs always have the same MO. They come into the thread spamming it with accusations of old milk and vendetta and when they get told to fuck off they're like

>i just care about da rules!!1!


No. 708969

can someone upload the post where she says “I’m not dark and I’m feminine?”

No. 708970

File: 1539191209401.png (829.85 KB, 726x668, 65890076.PNG)

Everyone says she's been open about her sex life but I disagree.

She posts vague pro-sex work comments on her facebook page and has only publicky admitted to being a sex worker since her shit got exposed on PULL and 8-chan, I don't remember her mentioning it before this happened.

She was never open about her sex work in Japan until the expose happened. Her miscarriage story happened before she ever said anything about sex work. That's why so many people in the thred are wondering if she got pregnant from a client rather than a 'partner' like she said at the time.

For reference she posted this on her sex work twitter but not on her main accounts. She's still milking her failed idol career in Japan on the rest of her accounts and doesn't mention her sex work publicly.

She has no problem showing her face on her sw profiles but doesn't want to act like that on her main profiles because she know it will alienate all the fanboys she made during her idol career and she doesn't want to get dragged by her fellow black weebs for sucking white dick for money now. It's obvious and she looks really fake.

No. 708972

File: 1539191426596.jpeg (93.13 KB, 511x611, 45DC514A-90E8-4A4B-B2E9-B553EB…)

To those saying the last thread was locked because of infighting you’re wrong. The main poster and OP of this thread has admitted to having a vendetta (photo attached) and namefagged her PULL account in the last thread >>>/snow/158747
Stop saying “infighting by wk!!!1” is causing sage.

No. 708974

She mentioned being a sex worker on tumblr and Twitter a year ago anon. Why have two seperate accounts if they’re both going to be about the sex worker stuff?

No. 708976

Also in that same thread after the PULL user was named(Fairyduster) she came out of nowhere to name fag and defend her own ass. Stop asking for proof when it happened only a few months ago and is proven in the threads

No. 708980

What makes you sure that the person that made that thread made THIS thread? Post proof or stfu.

No. 708984

The poster said she was the biggest poster of Amina. Similarly, the same poster in this thread misspells common words “beleive” instead of “believe” and thred instead of “thread”(same as this thread and the last one). She also makes these mistakes on PULL a lot and was recently online at the same time which was the case last time
I know you’ll yell coincidence but you gave yourself away by admitting you have a vendetta in the last thread and openly identifying yourself by namefagging. Really fucked yourself there.

No. 708986

Also the original post was about the last thread being closed due to a vendetta fag instead of it being closed because of infighting. Why are YOU focusing on the author of the thread?

No. 708993

File: 1539192363067.png (18.33 KB, 591x394, 38570320.PNG)

No. 708994

File: 1539192379527.png (19.03 KB, 600x403, 94583204.PNG)

No. 708999

This reminds me of anon who said Amina is
>petite with eurocentric features


No. 709003

Isn’t she defending Afro features in this though? This is a long reach lol

No. 709004

Wow. Amina really doesn't think she's dark skinned lmao. Now I understand why her 'wks' come her and constantly talk about her skin.

No. 709005

She said she wasn’t light skin and that having a wide nose should be seen as beautiful. It says it right there anon. Why are you pushing misinformation in order to have milk?

No. 709009

>people have called me light skin but that’s not true

That’s what it says verbatim. Stop mixing up shit from over a year ago.

No. 709011

These photos are in reply to the anon that asked where did Amina say she 'wasn't that dark'. She loves to imply that she doesn't look like an average black girl.

>people tell me i have eurocentric features and i'm not that dark~

It's obvious humble bragging and trying to imply she's some how different and more exotic than other black girls. The fact that she uses the word exotic to decriber herself on her exscort website is cringe but not surpirsing given how she's spoken about herself in the past.

No. 709015

It's obsessive how much she wks herself every time, and I don't even care that much about this bitch.

No. 709022

File: 1539193657223.png (127.8 KB, 1242x734, 1494115555078.png)


IKR. The only reason anyone bought up her skin is becuase she has literally said things about not being dark like 'other girls' and implying no other she's the only black girl to make it in Japan becuase of her 'non-threatening' looks.

Go in any of Amina's old threads and CTRL + F the word dark. Anytime someone mentions Amina's skins being darker in candids than it is in her edited selfies wks start sperging about how ''not dark'' she is.

She's been called out by people for that stank attitude.

No. 709025

I really don't look at Amina and see European features. A slightly thin nose bridge doesn't make a person look Eurocentric. This >>708284 doesn't read as European to me, or even "exotic".
I feel like what they mean to say is, she looks prettier than most of the other wannabe black idols, but they conflate being pretty with being white or part-white (something that pretty much all semi attractive black girls can relate to being told, even if they can trace back their ancestry to a specific African group and aren't white at all). If a black girl who's better-looking than her had stepped on the aidoru scene, all this about her "looking Eurocentric" probably wouldn't have happened.

No. 709027


>those nostrils

Yeah definitley European features

No. 709035

that’s not what the screen shots said though

No. 709036

isn’t this from 2016? Do you have a folder anon damn

No. 709037

She literally mentions colorism and that big noses are beautiful. Please stop spreading misinformation when it’s right there anon. Obvious vendetta.

No. 709038

Can someone post something she’s said in 2018?

No. 709045

The first post in this thread is her speculated self-post in Angela's thread comparing how classy she looks compared to Angela.

No. 709049

Notice how the wks keep changing tactics. First it was 'the rules!' then it was vendetta posting, then derailing with accusation of racebaiting and now it's just nitpicking. Amina really hates not being in control of the narrative around her.

No. 709055


>exotic fairy

>consensual non-consent

She's pandering to race fetishes and dd/lg weirdos. She posts thing like this on the internet next to her actual face and yet expects to have an academic career in the future. She's delusional!

No. 709071

she seems like a momokun tbh.

No. 709076

File: 1539198663640.png (5.09 KB, 596x194, 93573900.PNG)

She's given different answers about her height the last couple of years. She said she was 5.5 when she was in Japan. I doubt she grew 3 inches in the lst 2 year to become the 5'7 she says she is now so she probably lied about that. Anons think she is 5'6

I assume she's exagerating about being 5'7 because she only said that on her sex work profile.

No. 709085

5'7 - 5'5= 2 inches anon.
she's probably 5'6 and at 125 that's pretty thin. still don't get why this is considered tea though. isn't there ~hot new info~ about her?

No. 709087

I'm talking in regards twitter and facebook posts. so far all we have are twitter posts from 2015 and anons arguing whether or not she is dark skin or if she's 5'6 or 5'7.

No. 709100

File: 1539200228574.png (1000.91 KB, 548x803, 873496844.PNG)

>pretty thin

No. 709114


If she was against a biracial girl then we all know how that would’ve gone

No. 709134

File: 1539201758384.jpg (180.67 KB, 967x1200, 1501500574206.jpg)

She'd lose easily, but to be honest, it wouldn't even have to be a biracial girl. Imagine if this girl, >>708437 or
a girl who's a Skai Jackson lookalike (very petite with a baby face and big eyes like Japan likes) had gone up against her? It'd be over. She was just lucky most (if not all) the black girls who were in that scene back then were a hot mess.

No. 709141

sauce on girl pls

No. 709149

File: 1539202782303.jpg (81.63 KB, 500x667, tumblr_otm6toIpJY1s8kjlco1_500…)

No. 709155

5'7 125lbs is on the lower end of a healthy weight anon.
she obviously gained weight now and is fatter.
implying japan isn't anti black as hell. sometimes i wonder if y'all live in lala land

No. 709158

No one is saying Japan isn't anti-black, just that Amina isn't anywhere near attractive enough to beat out black girls who are actual knock-outs with cute faces, no matter how much she starved herself and squinted into the camera. She isn't a 10/10 by black standards (or really any standards), she's just not as facially challenged as, say, Himeka. It's the hard truth.
In the same way, Beckii wouldn't have made it if another white British girl who was actually very cute and didn't have a beak nose had gone viral at the same time.

No. 709160

aren't there other black idols like that Paida girl and Teyaberri? and that one italian girl from the japanese tv. are they still doing stuff?paida always seemed nice

No. 709166

I think they didn't make it because they were all overweight or otherwise didn't fit the Japan market, honestly. I think Teya was actually biracial, funnily enough.

No. 709199

No she was the girl who lied about being half japanese went to japan to become an idol, failed horribly and left after one month kek

No. 709206

File: 1539206724539.gif (946.9 KB, 500x300, 1436320582797.gif)

RIP. It seriously feels like all the attractive black weebs are into fashion and/or cosplay, not dancing.
If competition had been even a little bit steeper than Teya or that girl from Italy, Amina would've had to throw in the towel, go home, and she probably would've vendettaposted or pretended she somehow did better for years after the fact, lmao.

No. 709215

Amina really got bad skin. Her face looks kinda dirty

No. 709234

is that amina?

No. 709237

No, it's a girl who deleted her social media a couple years back. The gif is from Tumblr.

No. 709246

Why is this thread becoming a black girls are Kawaii spam post?

No. 709249

Like three images were posted to make a point, chill.

No. 709263

>So smol and feminine

She could be a foot ball player with them broad shoulders. She went on a date and the guy that she was a man kek

No. 709265

Thought she was a man*

No. 709269

It seems a bit like blog posting and derailing

No. 709271

Being in Japan must have been hard when all the other idols were like 5'2 and 100 lbs and she's standing at 5'7…

No. 709275

Why do you keep bringing up weight when she was skeletor levels of thin here? she’s obviously tall in Japan though
Where is the new milk I was promised? So far all I’ve seen is spam/derailing of unrelated girls and debates over an inch of height. what’s the point of a new thread if it’s the same shit from 3 years ago?

No. 709276

Blog and derailing where? All I said was Amina doesn't look European (even though she claims "people" tell her that), and she would've ended up getting BTFO by tons of black girls who are actually pretty, if any of them wanted to be idols. It's not spam, and it didn't come from nowhere. It's casual discussion.

No. 709278

No one promised you anything. The thread's on autosage, anyway, so quit mini-modding. As long as it pertains to the topic at hand and their actions and claims, it's fine.
If you're so pressed about the direction, either stop derailing and hide the thread, or post your idea of new milk yourself.

No. 709281

File: 1539211390722.jpeg (150.19 KB, 595x789, 8F2AE421-DE6A-439A-9C99-3E1F04…)

Finally found the old blog post I was thinking of(there’s more by Angela). Why are they so obsessed with her height? 5’6-5’7 is normal unless you’re Asian kek


No. 709284

>this thread doesn’t count under the ban because a lot has changed within these years!

I’m commenting on this because anons are now relying on videos from 3 years ago and spamming the thread with random ~Kawaii~ black girls.

No. 709285

This still isn't a banned topic, and no one has "spammed" with anything. If three posts are spam, what have you been doing all day in here, in Micky's thread and in Angela's thread, kek?

No. 709303

I can't either everyone saw how beckiicruel played out. You can't stay a idol forever,why waste your time?

No. 709305

She was built like a skinny dude tbh she's the same height as the average Japanese man. I think the reason why her idol career failed isn't because she's black, she's just too big. We all know idol fans like small loli types. She looks better with the fat on her, taller girls look better with a bit of weight.

No. 709312

I guess the saying "black don't crack" wasn't true for her kek she's aging very fast.

No. 709315


She’s not 5’7, that’s got to be a lie. I met her last year and she couldn’t have been more than 5’4 (assuming she wasn’t wearing heels). And I find it hard to believe she’s grown that much in a year

I don’t get why you’d lie about being tall though, isn’t being tiny something an aidoru would want?

No. 709316

Is this from when she first went to Japan? This is so cringey. I don't know why people were arguing over her skin, she's clearly dark.

No. 709321

Pretty sad seeing an adult woman trying her best to be Kawaii.

No. 709322

File: 1539214338653.jpeg (72.03 KB, 1024x530, 93648304-F96B-4BA1-93BD-2CAE7D…)

her ass looks gross

No. 709327

I thought she said she was *brown?Some chicks really are delusional out here huh?

No. 709329

Why is her height such a debate topic. According to Bibi she’s 5’9 according to the original OP of the first Aminyan thread she’s “a small girl”. Most likely she’s average height in America but was tall in Japan. It makes sense she would make herself small as an idol(she said she was 5’5) but taller as an escort (like 5’7) because she does the dominatrix stuff now and escorts are seen as more modelesque the taller they are. Still don’t get why anons are so obsessed with height

No. 709330

Even if Amina loses weight she will still look big compared to a Japanese girl who weighs more and that is because of her height and bone structure unfortunately.

No. 709331

Why are black anons so obsessed with skin tone and being ~biracial~
It’s really weird

No. 709332

The point is she keeps lying about it, that is what we're talking about. You even admit so yourself with this lame attempt at whiteknighting by deflection.

>so what she lied why are anons so oBsESseD

No. 709333

>it's really weird

The same Amina WK keeps using this phrase and the word obsessed…

No. 709334

She hasn’t been in Japan for over a year so I’m asking why her height is such a huge issue in this thread and it’s really reminding me of what Bibi said earlier.

Someone at 5’6 125 will be an XS and be slim. Another girl at 5 feet 126 will have a thicker set body probably won’t be fat but will have more pudge. That’s the biggest thing with height and weight difference. “Bone structure” has no relevance it’s more about muscle tone and height.

No. 709335

Where did she lie about her height? All I saw was an forum ask for two years ago where she said she might’ve been 5’6 and now her escort site says 5’7. One inch difference. Why is this milk?

No. 709338

can’t tell these two apart

No. 709339

The point is she's a fucking liar and it's funny that this is coming out. She lied about her height making it shorter (she said 5.5 at one point) when she was in Japan and now she's a ~classy~ escort she's lying to sound taller at 5'7.

And adult woman doesn't grow 2 inches randomly.

No. 709340

A short girl who is slightly chubby will still look smaller than a tall skinny girl. That is why a skinny man will still look big compared to a short and kinda chubby girl. Amina has a broad bone structure.

No. 709342

but earlier in this thread anons were posting screenshots of her next to obaachan in japan saying how huge she was. So is she lying about being one inch shorter or taller? How nefarious. We should call the cops on her.

No. 709344

File: 1539215335723.png (964.83 KB, 552x698, 764853940.PNG)

This isn't what 125 pounds looks like. Especially not at 5'7

No. 709347

Shorter people tend to look smaller than taller people anon.

No. 709348

you're on lolcow.com what do you expect anon

No. 709350

In japan she was 125 when she was super skinny. That’s the problem with you anons uploading shit from three years ago. It’s confusing the timeline.

No. 709352

Earlier in the thread everyone was going on about how there’s new milk and here we are arguing about whether she got an inch taller or is lying about it for marketing reasons. It’s just such a reach

No. 709353

File: 1539215501614.jpg (48.34 KB, 407x398, IMG_4903.JPG)

Kek Amina looking like a transgender woman next to a Japanese girl

No. 709354

You're both wrong.

Short people can't afford to be fat. 200lbs at 5'0 is obese. 200lbs at 5'7 is only slightly chubby or thick/bbw if they carry it well

No. 709355

You mean more like why "Amina" is engrossed with skintone.She reforced she's not dark in many post,even though no one ask about it.

No. 709357

File: 1539215604465.jpeg (48.03 KB, 322x188, 7972ED87-DDF3-47A7-8AF4-9FDEAB…)

Why didn’t you upload the entire picture anon?

No. 709361

A short girl who is 112 will still look smaller than a tall girl who weights less because her bone structure is smaller. Weight can't change broader shoulders and bigger bones.

No. 709362

The only people I see obsessed with skin tone are anons ITT or the white neckbeard tumblr asks she got about it. I’ve never seen her shit on dark skin people and in the screenshot that was posted here a few hours ago she said she was never bullied or face discrimination as a dark skin woman. She’s def not lightskin but acting like she’s Wesley snipes dark is dark skin erasure.

No. 709363

Lol vendetta chans are pathetic

No. 709366

They literally cropped it so that only the midget girl was showing. Same with the screenshots of her saying “I’m not light skin” and “big noses are beautiful” yet anons are saying she hates black people. It’s really getting pathetic lmao. Someone must’ve been triggered by Amina in the past

No. 709367


Nobody care about her weight in Japan from 3 years ago, we care about teh fact she's a fat cow now. Look at the gut in >>709344

No. 709370

File: 1539215989585.png (73.96 KB, 1242x499, IMG_4904.PNG)

Her date thought she was a man kek

No. 709371

Derailing. Nobody said she said she hates black people.

Those screenshots show where she's said stuff like 'i'm not considered dark by most ppl' and 'i have eurocentric features'. Plus she literally calls herself exotic on her escort site.

This shit sounds hilarious and cringey as fuck ecuase she looks like a regular black girl.

No. 709373

File: 1539216145248.jpeg (92.19 KB, 591x386, 0A41883F-C7E3-4315-81CE-596662…)

This vendetta is so obvious
>keep race baiting with skin tone, posting other Kawaii black girls

Some black people are “in the middle” anon. Stop warping screenshots for personal vendetta when we can easily read them lol

No. 709374

Read my reply below. She said she’s IN THE MIDDLE and not light skin. Which is the average black girl. In the middle. Stop posting shit bit by bit.

No. 709375

It's sad that Amina thinks being dark skin is an insult so she has to white knight herself ha isn't those comments. The self hate is real.

No. 709376

Amina would benefit from being dark skin because it would hide her acne scars that she has all over

No. 709377

Then why did you say “this isn’t 125”

Yeah because she gained a shit ton of weight now. Why are you listing shit from years ago?

No. 709378

File: 1539216281321.jpeg (103.77 KB, 397x563, 820D2F35-40EC-4A5B-BA55-4DA07A…)

She looks pregnant.

No. 709380

This is why I reported the colorism shit as race baiting because the same black girl posts about Amina’s skin tone in each of these threads and it derails. She never claimed to be light skin so why are you so intent on her hating dark skin people. why are you so insecure lol

No. 709381

Stop making exuses for Amina being a fatty-chan

Short women can put on a few pounds and instantly look chubbier becuase the weight isn't distributed very far.

Being tall and fat just makes me think especially as a woman jsut means you're a slob.

No. 709383

Nobody is saying she’s light skin tho kek

No. 709384

Stop spreading misinformation. Nobody said she said she was light. She's said shit like ''i'm not that dark'' ''i have eurocentric features'' ''i'm exotic'' and acts as if that's why she 'made it' in japan compared to the other avergae black girls

No. 709386

File: 1539216497099.png (89.03 KB, 1242x619, IMG_4905.PNG)

So wealthy but still wearing those Aliexpres wigs

No. 709389

Where did she call herself exotic outside of her escort website which is nearly on every sex or porn website of non white women?
Where did she say “I’m not that dark” because in the screenshot everyone can clearly see she said she was never bullied for being darker like other people were. Why are you so color struck anon?

No. 709391

if this is fat then Micky is super morbidly obese my 600 lb life level

No. 709393

samefag but someone sent her an ask saying

>your nose isn't flat and wide….can't say that about msot wanna be aidoru'

She didn't call them out on that anti-blackness, took the compliment and then said

>i think if someone has a big nose but determination they can still make it though

She's so delusionally arrogant about her looks

No. 709395

She just has belly fat looks normal to me.Anons act like she's Norbit size.

No. 709396


>yeah she's fat but micky is fatter!!!

WKs getting desperate

No. 709398

The response literally says there’s nothing wrong with people having a big nose and big lips. That’s what it says. Stop trying to control the narrative because you have a vendetta about her not being woke enough. Idols in japan aren’t supposed to be massive SJWs making callout posts. She flat out says having a wide nose isn’t a bad thing

No. 709399

Micky and Amina have something in common. Two fat girls who don't wear clothes that fit or suit them. amina is still squeashing into the clothes she got in Japan years ago.

No. 709400

File: 1539216858127.png (19.54 KB, 724x144, 34858.PNG)

All the anons saying she isn't that fat must be Amina or her boyfriend.

She seems to have a complex about her weight now. She keeps reminding everyone of how she used to be SO tiny and using her past eating disorder for sympathy points so people don't bring up how fat she's gotten.

No. 709401

She was anorexic before and just looks normal American size to me now. These vendetta fags are really getting desperate for milk lmao she gained weight but damn

No. 709402

File: 1539216882043.png (21.06 KB, 720x187, 487409.PNG)

No. 709403

She's clearly fat. Are you blind? Sorry she's not your petite dream anymore

No. 709404

Why are you posting screenshots out of context like you did with the YouTube screenshot?

No. 709405

She’s never been petite she just isn’t holocaust level thin now.

No. 709406

>normal American size

The normal American weight is overweight though. I agree that she is normal American size.

No. 709410

This lol

Stop WKing. She's a fatty chan now, accept it.

No. 709413

She use to be built like a 30 year old man on crack and now she looks like a middle aged mom. At least she looks female now.

No. 709415

File: 1539217464068.jpeg (150.95 KB, 1024x615, 1F48D774-4F3A-4E0A-B28F-7F2D03…)

this is average anon. I know you’re trolling though. probably gonna day she’s bigger than the photo too. feels like subtle cow tipping because anons know she’s a former anorexic and trying to get a rise out of lol

No. 709419

Why did you post a picture of old women?

No. 709424

That’s average for American and Brit women and she obviously isn’t that big. I would call her pudgy at most. That’s the point of it retard

No. 709426

The thing is Amina dresses just like the fat chicks in that photo lol she thinks she's dressing cute and classy but looks like a middle aged woman dressed for church.

No. 709427

Amina's body is similar to a husky stay at home mom. Makes sense to me.

No. 709429

I thought she was sloshing into clothes from Japan still

No. 709430

Just because everyone else around is fat doesn't mean Amina isn't.

No. 709432

File: 1539217916698.jpeg (227.27 KB, 389x384, 13CEE840-D89D-43FA-91A1-F6E8C1…)

Aside from the bust, I don't see much difference.

No. 709437

File: 1539218302935.jpg (364.21 KB, 620x772, 48963740963.jpg)

anon please.

No. 709440

She’s smaller than that woman though

No. 709445

You can see she's squeezed into the dress. Her armpit fat and stomach are potruding so bad

No. 709447

It looks like a normal little black dress.. this vendetta shit is getting really annoying

No. 709449

>stomach protruding
>front facing photo on all black
Sure Jan

No. 709454

File: 1539218980140.png (19.82 KB, 717x174, 767980.PNG)

Guys calm down. She's self aware of how much she's let herself go.

No. 709455

It's funny that the WK seems to believe we're all the same person just because we don't go along with the LARP that she's some rare exotic black beauty with Euro features. I posted two other girls to demonstrate that Amina definitely isn't cream of the crop ~*second only to a biracial girl*~ as far as black women go, and now I'm "race baiting", obsessing over her skin tone (even though I never mentioned it in this context), a spammer and a vendetta poster.
She needs to get over being average. Being surrounded by obese Detroit trash seems to have inflated her ego.

No. 709461

She looks like adrift suasage

No. 709462

She was around ugly hambeasts like Micky and Angela irl, have you seen pictures of the people she worked at the maid cafe with? Of course she thought she was God-tier by comparison.

No. 709464

She's god tier compared to them but when she went to tokyo she was surrounded by short, thin cuties with real long straight hair who don't need wigs and she couldn't compete. It sent her into depression because she was only use to being around fat ghetto trash then when she finally was around attractive women she had a culture shock.

No. 709471

She was skinny in Japan though lol

No. 709479

File: 1539219871542.png (17.83 KB, 717x115, 895035.PNG)

not skinny enough apparently

No. 709482

this is in reply to another tweet but i'm assuming she experienced japanese men saying this to her, at least from the way she's complaining

No. 709483

Skinny by American standards. In Japan that's chubby/average.

No. 709484

Why do you keep cropping stuff anon?

No. 709490

File: 1539220205760.png (57.43 KB, 715x327, 48796384604.PNG)

Keep cropping stuff? I explained what the tweet was in >>709482
Didn't think it was relevant to include the original tweet with the person's twitter handle on it but here it is since you care so much

No. 709491

Amina went to Japan over confident in her goals because she was use to being around far trashy black girls like micky. She found out quickly that she had nothing to offer Japan…not in looks or talent. It's tragic.

No. 709496

She must've felt (and been treated) like a giant, dark monster, and it probably worsened her ED. I don't even want to think about how the agencies must've picked her apart while smiling in her face.
I wouldn't be surprised if her only source of confidence anymore is secretly telling herself that she's still better-looking than all other black girls, even if that's not really true until she chooses to move back to the armpits of Detroit, or some other low-income place full of haggard hambeasts. She puts on a PC face with comments like "Ugh beauty standards", but it'd explain why she still thinks it's realistic to call herself "exotic". Didn't Angela do the same thing on her escort page? Insecurity is a bitch.

No. 709498

She's retweeting stuff like this to make herself feel better about not being skinny anymore kek

No. 709507

She can preach about loving yourself all day but it's clear she doesn't really love herself. It was pretty clear that she was bitter as hell that Japanese people didn't find her attractive and the men ignored her which is why she still resents Japan to this day.

No. 709512

File: 1539221197914.png (491.8 KB, 721x524, 7590.PNG)

She brings up her stuff in Japan every chance she can.

I'm also shocked she even posted this to her sex work twitter, clients could easily search for that and find her main account. She really doesn't care about her privacy lol

No. 709513

She's probably plans on escorting for the rest of her life and thinks some rich men will wife her

No. 709519

She said she wants to get a PhD lol

No. 709522

File: 1539221449817.jpeg (161.56 KB, 1184x414, 72453A0D-0EF3-47A2-A4BE-F52B29…)

But just last year she said every man was telling her to gain weight? Now they were telling her she was too fat?

No. 709524

A phd would actually require her to work hard and use her brain. Anyone with common sense knows if she's in university right now she's just taking useless courses just to say she's in school.

No. 709526

Probably just another humble brag also now that she's out of Japan she takes any chance she can get to bash Japan.

No. 709531

File: 1539221649007.png (536.72 KB, 632x721, 6457832940548.PNG)

Yes, she keeps doing this lately. I wonder if she regrets moving and becoming an escort.

No. 709536

She left Japan in the spur of the moment because she was so angry and mad about the idol shit. She didn't think this through. Now she's stuck in the U.K. With no friends, no Kawaii shit and her only social life is perverts wanting to role play rape.

No. 709574

She honestly thinks an alias would be enough to keep them from finding out. She said before that she doesn't go by her real name so her evil stepmom wouldn't find out or someshit, yet she posts numerous photos of her face and her real first name is only off by 1 letter. So dumb.

No. 709577

I don't believe she cared that Ben had a wife, she was just mad he pumped and dumped her. Why would she care about sleeping with married men when that's her job?

No. 709581

File: 1539223300045.png (21 KB, 721x190, 4567232890.PNG)

Says the girl who had private tuition in aJapanese and went from studying in a foreign country on her parents money to radical pro sex work SJW.

No. 709584

File: 1539223367226.jpg (50.09 KB, 1242x268, IMG_4894.JPG)

Not to mention she also used money that she wa supposed to use for school to find her flee to London lol

No. 709596

File: 1539223863586.png (3.09 KB, 651x79, 44983132944.PNG)

From Angela's thread. Amina and her WKs must be so mad.

No. 709616

lol fucking finally

No. 709646

The Japanese girl here doesn't look like anymore of a girl than Amina. If anything, this Japanese girl looks manlier…

No. 709680

Well this thread took a pathetic turn.
While it's disappointing that she wound up a whore like every other American that's gone to japan in hopes of being an idol, that's really about it. She hasn't scammed anyone or done anything else too horrifying and the anons calling her fat are giving me big ED vibes. That's ok if you hate yourself for being over 100 pounds, but that doesn't make everyone else in the world as miserable about being normal weights as you are.
I'm sure I'll be called a whiteknight, but that's fine, whatever. This threads gone to complete shit and it's too annoying to watch without saying it. Like at the very least stop sperging about her weight. I'd understand if she was pushing 160+ but that isn't case

No. 709682

She's fat. Get over it.

No. 709686

File: 1539230821111.jpg (38.77 KB, 737x469, IMG_4920.JPG)

She claims to be living the high life but you can tell she's broke just by looking at her wigs

No. 709733

File: 1539234388809.gif (401 KB, 200x200, shoo.gif)

Amina just go away

No. 709740

no one curr stop spamming the thread

No. 709766

Her body was so cute, too bad she let herself go

No. 709850

You took the too fat tweet out of context on purpose the entire tweet was about another girl who got called fat by some Japanese guy. This vendetta shit is so obvious. This thread has been overrun by trolls

No. 709853

I thought she was a neckbeard conservathot? Now she’s a radical sjw? Which one is it?

No. 709855

File: 1539243270128.jpeg (86.09 KB, 613x416, A6F3AA59-D55B-432E-A702-C97804…)

>bashing Japan
Easily looked up her name on twitter and keyword”being black” came up. If my Japanese serves me well she’s saying that her personal insecurities held her back and not so much for racism.

No. 709856

File: 1539243404949.jpeg (74.39 KB, 640x326, 5ED4210B-9B90-4B18-8904-E98464…)

I guess since the whole human trafficking conspiracy was bullshit now it’s resorting to cropping shit out of context and making stuff up.

In this other tweet about Japan she said she wish she worked hard enough to get known as a great singer and idol rather than just “black idol”.

Having a healthy criticism of Japan isn’t being bitter dumbasses. People like Shiena who have nearly nothing bad to say about the place are frightening.

No. 709961

Idk why Amina comes in these threads to white knight herself. The thread is saged, get over it lol

No. 709972


>If my Japanese serves me well

This is clearly Amina. Nobody speaks Japanese and would go out of their way to find something in Japanese to defend her on lolcow. Stop embarassing yourself.

No. 709982

OP pointed out how much she contradicts herself in the thread summary.

She shit talks SJWs yet always complains about racism in Japan. Shit talks twitter activists but goes on and on about sex work advocacy. She shit talks white liberals talking about black issues but is always sharing her opinion on Japanese shit like she's an expert when she hasn't lived there for like two years now.

No. 709983

I can read Japanese and she use to get roasted all the time online because of her opinions that no one cares about. Maybe if she actually hung around respectable people instead of sex workers, pimps and greasy idol managers then she would have had a better time in Japan.

No. 710000

Amina is really sad. She went to Japan and still spent the majority of her time there arguing with losers back in Detroit, defending self on lolcow, getting knocked up by losers and left with no education. Honestly, she could have achieved the same thing in Detroit for free, she might as well stayed home.

No. 710006

Yet suddenly everyone ITT speaks Japanese

No. 710007

She seems really dumb. She said she got blackmailed by one of her professors in Japan, probably becuase they found out about her sex work. Instead of re-valuating her life choices she decided to move country and do the same shit. An anon in the thread already claims to have been her classmate, I wonder how many other people in her school know about her side hustle. But her whiteknights lvoe to blame all this on Angela and Bibi's doxxing 5 years ago rather than her own reckless actions.

No. 710011

Even if micky or himeka didn't dox her it would be super easy to find things out about her because
1. Her stage name and real name aren't that different
2. She posts about her idol and gravure stuff on her escort page. With a quick google search they can find her parents info etc
3. She posts about her family online

She's doing an awful job at hiding her stupidity lol

No. 710012

>5 years ago
>screenshots from 2016 / 2017

No. 710019

I googled Amina du jean parents and nothing comes up. Just admit the old twitter account and other shit was found because Angela doxxed her.

Im getting tired of the black knights in Angela and Micky threads mentioning Amina obviously trying to start shit and derail.

No. 710021

File: 1539266465836.png (21.8 KB, 717x172, 678987.PNG)


>at the very least stop sperging about her weight

The white knights need to stop sperging about her ED, which by the way she's been tweeting about non-stop the last few weeks, what a coincidence. Imagine being triggered becuase you got called fat on the internet, lmao.

No. 710023

Amina. You're making it super obvious this is you.

She does a sloppy job with her privacy. Her real name, school in Japan, escort profiles, 'private' profiles are all easy to see and connect back to her.

No. 710024

Where are the screenshots that Angela doxxed her in 2017???

No. 710026

that was before the thread though so it’s more of a matter of someone picking up an insecurity and spamming it rather than her reacting to being called fat. are y’all really this slow?

No. 710029

A few anons in shiena's thread are fluent so I wouldn't call selfpost on that one

No. 710030

What are you on about? She's been tweeting about her ED ever since she started getting fatter and now in this thread her WKs are saying the same stuff. Like anyone on lolcow.com if going to feel bad about calling someone a fatty-chan just becuase it's triggering to them lmao

No. 710031

Why can't she just not be an idiot and eat like a normal person?its like she doesn't know how to not starve or eat like a pig.

No. 710032

This is such a reach. White kights really are getting desperate.

No. 710033

Anon didn’t you know that anyone in this thread that has skepticism or remembers when Angela doxxed amina’s full school name are actually a selfpost? Nobody else could possibly question the obvious pattern of rage posting and cropped tweets from years ago

No. 710034

So it's easy for anons to remember Angela's doxxing from years ago but not her old twitter account? OK

No. 710036

This is obvious vendetta posting because you know she had an ED and is likely to get triggered. Basically cow tipping at this point. She gained weight but it’s vendetta levels of delusion to say she’s obese

No. 710037

Bibi doxxed her in 2016 and Angela retweeted that post two months ago after amina’s Facebook callout.

The old Amina twitter account is from 7-8 years ago before she was even doing the weeb shit. The dox shit was on Lolcow and only a year ago but the twitter account can’t be found unless you’re looking for it.

Stop trying to whiteknight Angela on the low and keep bringing Amina up in other threads. It’s obvious you’re the one spam posting now

No. 710038

I don't care if she gets triggered. Lol

Amina put down the fork and stop stuffing your face with sweets.

No. 710040

Go to the Kawaii black girl drama thread where Amina threatened to serve papers to Micky and Angela and Angela wrote a huge obvious steaming vendetta blog about Amina on her tumblr and reblogged her sister who dox her.

No. 710042

Why aren’t you answering the question on the fact that you posted tweets that were made BEFORE the thread and tried to pretend like they were made in response to it. You keep taking tweets like that retweet she did or like that YouTube video and cutting it up. It’s insulting you think we’re that dumb lol

No. 710043

It's not vendetta to say she's got fat. That's a fact.

If she get's triggered it's nobody's fault except her's for turning into a fatty chan.

Nobody said she's obese, calm down.

No. 710046

The vendetta is the fact that you’re clearly taking tweets made months and even years ago and acting like they were made yesterday. You also saved the tweets from years ago because it has the old time stamps so it means you have a vendetta folder dedicated just to stupid whiny shit she said on twitter. whose the cow again?

No. 710047

Never said the tweet was in response.
Said she's been talking about her ED recently and it's a coincidence to see her WKs saying the exact same thing. Such nitpicking. Reread >>710030 and >>710021 you retard.

>her ED, which by the way she's been tweeting about non-stop the last few weeks

>She's been tweeting about her ED ever since she started getting fatter and now in this thread her WKs are saying the same stuff.

No. 710048

ITT: Amina thinks she can argue away all her detractors. I guess this is what she does now when she's not seeing johns. The lack of meaningful social interaction has pushed her to this point.

No. 710052

She will only get triggered if she lurks in teh thread. By from the way she tweeted about a post about her on Lipstick Alley >>707453
it's obvious she googles her own name and seeks out people talking about her. Pathetic.

No. 710054

Amina's ed was triggered by being around thin, tiny Asian girls all day and now that she's not in the environment she let herself go . NOw that she's in the U.K. There's no pressure on her so I doubt she will go back to having ed.

No. 710056

It's must be her or her neckbeard boyfriend.

No. 710057

How is it a coincidence when the thread is based on the tweets?

No. 710059

Are we going to ignore this Angela wk kek

No. 710064

File: 1539268188958.jpg (157.78 KB, 801x1200, IMG_4910.JPG)

Has Amina ever worn a decent wig?

No. 710069

>tfw broader shoulders than every girl on stage

No. 710071

I thought the dress was just super short on purpose until I saw how short the sleeves are. It looks like she's wearing something made for someoe way smaller.

No. 710072

That's what happens when you try to stuff your body into clothes meant for smaller Japanese women

No. 710073

File: 1539268693416.png (925.73 KB, 631x838, 53478920.PNG)

The answer is no lmao

Pic is recent

No. 710080

Is it cow tipping to say I'm friends with her on facebook? I have some context for the thread but I don't want to get banned. Apoligies for being a newfag.

No. 710086

No. Cow tipping would be telling her about this thread. If you have some milk, share it.

No. 710089

File: 1539269770597.jpeg (508 KB, 1005x1328, B8C5CA6E-E336-46FF-AC1A-B2E2B7…)

For fuck's sake stop sperging about doxing already.
I'm >>708190. You wanna know how I found out her real name? It was on her public ask.fm page years before Bibi/Angela's 'doxing.' Someone called her 'Aminah Camara Johnson' and later she admitted her real name is 'Aminah.' So I got curious and googled the name and stuff like google+ and twitter came up with her photo attached, so I figured that was her real name. Amina pretty much doxed herself. Her real name was already publicly available since she was 16~17 because she was careless with her privacy.


I didn't post her private facebook, though. That was some other anon.

No. 710100

Earlier in the thread an anon posted a screenshot of her private facebook and then people said that it must be Angela that exposed it becuase she doxxed her in the past but that's not true.
I knew what her private fb page was before it was posted in this thread because I have her as a friend I could see the private account because her main account came up as a mutual friend.
It's only after it got posted in this thread that she unfriended the account from her main account. The add friend option on her private account doesn't come up for me anymore.
It's kind of stupid she had her public main account as a friend to her private account. She had the same name Amina/Aminah and posted the same pictures so it was obvious this was her side account. I never friended her becuase I thought it was a friends and family account only and didn't want to invade her privacy.
It was kind of Amina's own fault. I hope she doesn't make her main account private becuase of this tho

No. 710108

Waiting for the it wuz Angela and Bibi WKs to react to this

No. 710116

There was an anon really intent on finding out HOW people found the account and said it was private on everything. I feel like that anon was Amina tbh. She was so shocked at some stranger finding the account instead of thinking that it could be one of her precious fans leaking shit.

No. 710157

She really is so dumb. She thinks she's smart, but she can't even protect her anonymity on social media.

No. 710214

File: 1539277946924.jpg (33.73 KB, 510x385, IMG_4923.JPG)

Lol I never understand people who can fuck their lives up this badly

No. 710348

File: 1539287716202.png (129.2 KB, 1242x484, IMG_4924.PNG)

Every time she gets into something it becomes her entire identity. She can't even do a class assignment with out going ion about muh empowered sex work

No. 710495

"sex trafficking hysteria"

what a dumb bitch. idc if you like to suck some old white dick for money, dont shit on millions of former and current victims of sexual slavery to defend your tragic life choices.

No. 710506

Agreed and no wonder she doesn't do well in university because it seems the only subjects she's ever able to write about are anime/idol related or sex work related. She's dumb as a box of rocks.

No. 710508

File: 1539297742338.png (132.35 KB, 1242x618, IMG_4926.PNG)

I wonder how many guys she's fucked by now?if she's been doing this since before she moved to Japan then she must be in the thousands by now

No. 710551

She let's men pay her to act out slave/master daddy/girl and intoxication fantasies. She doesn't give a damn about actual victims of sexual assault.

No. 710556

I wonder if Someone should make a thread for her on kiwifarms since she's a banned topic here. I know she's banned because of micky/himeka relationship but she's really milky.

No. 710569

The admins should take the thread off auto-sage now that the wks have gone away.

No. 710574

If the mods really didn't mind this thread being here they would have just banned the white knights. They're never taking this thread off auto sage kek

No. 710732

This thread isn't a banned topic, but honestly, this thread should have been on KF from the start. That way, Amina wouldn't have been able to shit it up without getting called out for spamming and sockpuppeting.

No. 710749

I would make it but I'm a phone poster so it'd be hard to for me

No. 710841

Not sure if milk or not, but this girl milks the whole Detroit thing. She is from Farmington Hills, which is a suburb OF Detroit however that's a nice area. She's also 5'7", and I've watched her change it/lie about it, but 168cm is 5'7 lol. It doesn't magically become 5'6 sometimes

No. 710851

File: 1539321663689.png (126.48 KB, 1242x933, IMG_4944.PNG)

I wonder what Amina back in 2011 would think of herself now…

No. 710858

It's funny how she pretty much doxxes herself then blames micky and himeka. She posted those pictures of her with Michelle Obama and it wasn't hard for me to find out she went to temple university.

No. 710977

They won’t because it’s still filled with samefags and vendetta fags. It’s in autosage get over it. The thread is still here so why do you care so much if it’s bumped?

No. 710984

File: 1539337156428.jpg (97.07 KB, 700x466, IMG_4945.JPG)

She looks enormous compared to everyone in this photo

No. 710998

WKs are still salty about this thread.

No. 711005

You kind of bought this thread on yourself constantly changing the topic in other threads to talk about Amina

No. 711037

File: 1539349707317.jpg (127.63 KB, 639x676, DQXnuTOXcAAhSna.jpg)

At least she's good at it.

No. 711103

It's not even the fact that she's an escort that's the annoying part(yes it's nasty but is her body and her life). It's the fact that she lied about it when it was bought up, acted like some Kawaii sexless virgin and now she lies and pretends that she never lied about anything, whenever the fact that she llied about the things she did is mentioned, she just gas lights people and says something like "omg why are you so obsessed with my sex life and virginity?"…like no bitch no one cares that you're a ho, it's the fact that you're a liar.

No. 711112

I can’t believe she lied in 2015. How scandalous.

No. 711149

A lie is a lie regardless of the time period. Not to mention she use to throw shade at other idols for "wanting attention from men" when she was doing the same thing on the dl. It's not that she didn't want attention from old crusty pedos it's just the idol industry is so saturated, why would they waste time stanning some tall black girl who can't sing, isn't cute and can't dance when there are numerous Japanese girls they can blow their cash on. She even lies about things that aren't necessary to lie about, like she use to claim she doesn't like anime so that she wouldn't seem like a weeaboos who is only in Japan for anime/idols which was obvious from the beginning. Even now the only topics she can talk about are idols and sex work. She's a very mentally limited person who tricked herself into thinking she's smart.

No. 711301

…You do realize that anon was being sarcastic right? Sigh, never mind…

No. 711361

I work right next to Farmington Hills. It’s a super well off area, full of McMansions, etc, flowing out of the neighboring city of Novi. If she’s claiming Detroit heritage, I call BS.

No. 711369

Why is everyone in the thread suddenly a Michigan fag?

No. 711371

Anon no use in reasoning with this girl. She’s still stuck on that stupid CC lemon video from YouTube and can’t differentiate between obvi trolling and lying. It’s a lost cause in speaking sense at this point

No. 711389

File: 1539381435865.png (61.29 KB, 1241x527, IMG_4948.PNG)

So now Amina was trolling when she told people she's never done sex work and she's a virgin despite the fact she said she's being doing sex work even before she moved to Japan? it was a joke and it wasn't a lie. Just was just prank Bro.

No. 711424

File: 1539384758940.jpeg (46.29 KB, 620x476, 98F82718-0DA3-4A3E-B2F0-2CD91A…)

>over a year ago
do you know the exact date and time she first lost her virginity anon?

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference. In the first ask she said she was a Virgin for life and in the second one she mentioned Jesus so she’s taking the piss for sure. I really think you may have autism anon. You’re so stuck on the fact that she wasn’t a pure aidoru. it’s getting super cringe

No. 711425

>been doing sex work BEFORE she moved to Japan
>she said she never did sex work

Anon do you have screenshots of this verbatim? Thanks

No. 711437

This question I was posted after she did miss id and after she got into chick girls. Amina claims she had a miscarriage during the miss id competition. Can you explain how she was still a virgin when she answered that question?she must be pretty dumb because she's awful are covering her tracks kek

And the guy she's talking about in that screen cap is that dude she ran off to London with.

No. 711438

Right here anon >>708190

No. 711441

I just wanna say plenty of people have sugar daddies or do cam work without ever having sex and being virgins. I know you’ll sperg out about that though

No. 711444

NAYRT, but
>C-Camming isn't REALLY sex work!!
Cope, Amina.

No. 711445

No one cares that she's a hooker. The issue is she lied about it and to this day acts like she never did. Acted like she was a pure virgin who didn't need naught men attention while she was tricking for cash.

No. 711446

Camming is sex work. I’m saying that you can be a sex worker and a Virgin. Selling panties, camming, sugar baby are all jobs people do without having sex sometimes. Reading is essential

No. 711447

>no 1 curr she a hooker
Is that why you posted her website and her twitter saying she must’ve fucked thousands of men? you don’t like hookers. that’s ok but stop pretending it’s about “lying”

No. 711452

Anon was proving that she did, in fact, do sex work, regardless of her claimed virginity. Look at your request here: >>711425 and read >>708190. Reading is essential.
She demonstrably lied about 1 of 2 things. The second one is likely pending to be revealed.

No. 711453

File: 1539386846905.jpeg (139.05 KB, 565x694, 34789D04-66D3-42B3-A5C6-CC73A1…)

You have a problem anon.

No. 711456

How do I have a problem? I just pointed out that you can't read. I'm none of the people posting caps one way or the other, I'm just not illiterate.

No. 711458

why do you keep cowtipping anon? Don’t say you haven’t proof is just posted. You can lie and say it was someone else but I’m pretty sure nobody else gives this much fucks about a failed weeb flop.youre the same person who posted the last thread and openly admitted you’re the only person making these threads. also the same anon who keeps saying she thinks she’s better than everyone and how much of an idiot she is and keep bringing up school as if that matters in the adult world. call me a wk if you chose but you need to work a few personal things out.

No. 711460

Of course I don't like escorting, it's gross and I hate how sex positive feminists try to make it look cool but nothing is worse than a liar.

No. 711461

Amina just because you lied a year ago doesn't mean that it's not a lie. There is not statue of limitations on lies lol

No. 711463

File: 1539387440084.png (80.61 KB, 1242x551, IMG_4950.PNG)

Uwu pure virgin desu

No. 711465

File: 1539387569350.png (35.98 KB, 1242x450, IMG_4951.PNG)

>I've never had a bf

Lol just why lie?

No. 711476

>Do you have a boyfriend
Why do you keep changing things when its right there?
Call me Amina if it helps you sleep at night lol. I just dont think people on the internet should automatically be privy to someones sex life because they're mildly relevant public figure. Plenty of gay celebs lie about being straight for understandable reasons. Not saying she's a celebrity lmao. its just a bit sad considering you've made this thread at least 4 times with it being locked and all the new "milk" you've provided here has been random tweets from 3-4 years ago that you've saved and an old twitter account from 2011. if she shit talked sexually active people or sex workers i could see your point but because she didn't admit to having sex and now she's telling the truth you're still mad? i thought the whole thing with aidoru was their image? plenty of them make funny quips about not having a bf but I'm sure at least half have fucked at some point. why is having sex something the public have a right to knowing?

No. 711480

Kek yeah Amina, you were just trolling and being ironic when you were lying about being a pure virgin meanwhile getting dicked down by multiple men every night for cash because you were too lazy to get a real job.

No. 711482

Just hide the thread, Amina. It's doing nothing but steadily decreasing your mental health. You've been ITT for days and hours refreshing to argue about things that are plain to see.

No. 711483

Mikaila stahp

No. 711486

>lol the only people annoyed by me are two fat bitches from Detroit and black girls who are jealous of my European nose and petite body uwu

Amina, kek stop being delusional.

No. 711488

I hate how everyone ITT assumes anyone that can see lying(like uploading a screenshot that says something completely different for dramatisation) are Amina.

No. 711490

>European nose
I still can't believe she tried to push that meme when everyone can see what she really looks like >>709686, tragic wig and all.

No. 711491

You mean like you accuse everyone of being micky or himeka?get over it cry baby.

No. 711494

this thread is filled with doxxing and cow tipping yet everyone is blaming whiteknights!!!1 for it being locked all the time

No. 711496

Only Amina would care this much to defend and correct everyone in an autosaged thread, so I can understand it.

No. 711497

Imagine having a folder filled with tweets from a neurotic irrelevant weeb in 2015

No. 711500

She looks like a mixture of keke palmer and azealia banks, ya can't get more black than that! I know she wants to look like a loli blasian just like her photoshopped pics tho unfortunately.

No. 711501

Then why is it unbelievable that Micky who literally posted about posting ITT on her Facebook and Angela who was caught and confirmed to have doxxed aren’t in the thread? That’s a pipe dream I guess

No. 711502

Imagine wking an irrelevant weeb and stalking a saged thread…even worse tbh

No. 711503

Stop. Race baiting.

No. 711504

>telling me I look like two pretty black celebrities is race baiting!

Amina stop being so insecure about your race

No. 711505

Imagine cowtipping, doxing, going to 8chan, 4chan, PULL and making multiple Lolcow threads because a weeb u hate isn’t a virgin

No. 711507

>Micky who literally posted about posting ITT on her Facebook
Do you have screenshots of this verbatim?

No. 711508

not Amina but I’m tired of anons arguing about skin tone and race in here. It’s obvious it’s only insecure black girls who would argue over whether someone is light skin or brown skin or dark skin and keep arguing over it for two years

No. 711510

>blah blah everyone's jealous of me and an insecure black girl!

First of all I didn't even mention your skin tone in that post because I know how triggered you get over it. Calm down Amina.

No. 711511

File: 1539389066108.jpeg (47.11 KB, 199x275, 5C3C8A47-2832-4572-B3D4-A70456…)

Mikaila. Stop. You told on yourself. Remember when you threatened the mods by saying you’d kill yourself if your thread wasn’t deleted? And suddenly in Angela and Micky threads Amina’s name is popping up the same day you post this? This is so obvious girl

No. 711512

I even think Keke is a compliment for her, honestly. She even looks a little Blasian and "exotic" (by AA standards), which Amina would kill to be.

NTA, but who's talking about skin color right now?

No. 711513

>accusing two different anons of being micky

You're paranoid

No. 711514

>Amina thinks everyone’s jealous of her!
why is this such a common thing ITT. I’ve literally never seen her shit on black girls or black people. It seems like projection from the same girl who admitted to being the main poster in the last thread.

No. 711516

>keke palmer
Black girls can be pretty without being mixed. Why is this entire thread dedicated to “whose more exotic than Amina?” If anything that’s actually racist.

No. 711519

Where in that screenshot does Micky say she posted ITT? She's a cow, so she's always getting into it with people. It could be about that girl who she chickened out of fighting at a con, or one of the people who clowned her in that "leaked nudes" fiasco. Why are you being paranoid and obsessive?
Also, who is supposed to be Micky ITT exactly? Everyone but you? You're accusing multiple people now.
>And suddenly in Angela and Micky threads Amina’s name is popping up the same day you post this? This is so obvious girl
That was you, though. You spammed about Amina's thread so much that a farmhand literally said to stop in Angela's thread. What are you doing?

No. 711521

Taylor? Where is Taylor’s thread? Taylor’s thread was here years ago so Micky isn’t talking about her. Stop playing coy

No. 711522

I said by AA standards. By African standards (I'm African), Keke could pass for Igbo mixed with San or Xhosa IMO.
No one said black girls can only be pretty by being mixed (except Amina when she claimed to be "exotic" and went on about people saying she has "Eurocentric features").

No. 711523

Because white knights are always the first to pull people are insecure and jealous of Amina. Why would anyone want to be a failure with a matted wig and has been used my more men than a public bathroom?

No. 711524

>implying anyone that doesn’t agree with you is the same person

Sure Jan

No. 711525

Who is Taylor? Where is a thread mentioned in that screencap you posted? You sound all over the place. Just hide the thread already, Amina.

No. 711526

That's exactly what was done to me when I was accused of being Micky, though. Nice attempt.

No. 711527

Taylor is the girl that Micky fought or got scared to fight. That was over a year ago. Micky isn’t talking about a thread from a year ago.

No. 711528

She's going to end up hurting herself. She's already gained a lot of weight, has sex with gross old men she doesn't know everyday and failed at her only real goal in life. She really needs to stop reading this thread because it's going to destroy her mentally.

No. 711529

That’s what you’re doing now retard

No. 711531

Where does she talk about a thread at all? Post screencaps.

No. 711532

>a Lolcow thread will destroy someone’s life
one how are you this retarded. two if you genuinely believe this then why are you here in a thread with doxxing and cowtipping?

No. 711533

Micky posted that today and in the comments she mentioned Amina. Every other post of hers on Facebook, twitter and tumblr mention amina. This isn’t new. Go to her thread and stop derailing

No. 711535

Only after it was done to me. You are truly unhinged, just exit this thread. Your emotions are embarrassing.

No. 711538

You're the one who started posting about her and derailing. Why should I go look for proof for you? Back up your claims or stop posting BS.

No. 711540

You’ve been doing that since the beginning of the thread. Calling every anon that has the slightest skepticism of the same person posting years old tweets and decades old twitter accounts “Amina”. And even going as far to call every person in other threads Amina as well. You started it before this thread was even opened.

No. 711541

I posted proof and you refuse to accept it. Go to mickys thread if you want info on her. Stop with the derailing

No. 711542

A meme that says nothing about threads is proof? You're the only one derailing by bringing Mucky up to begin with. Just quit. Or don't, and keep digging this hole deeper.
I'm looking forward to your sockpuppeting in the KF thread, too.

No. 711543

So what exactly do you gain from white knighting in a saged thread if you aren't Amina?im not even being sarcastic I'm genuinely curious. No one can see the hate posted in this thread, why ya defending so hard if you're not taking it personally?

No. 711546

I did nothing of the sort. More than one person lurks this thread and thinks your behavior is obvious and pathetic.

No. 711548

The thing that annoys me about Amina is how cocky and unapologetic she is. Even when she's done something wrong she can't just say "sorry", she just gaslights and tries to pretend stuff never Happened. Even when she did have fans during her idol she was a Bitch to her fans and always arguing with them.

No. 711549

to be honest I didn’t even know about this thread until anons posted it in mickys thread. I felt the need to post here because I was in the BGAK group and I saw how Micky basically made it into an hate army. I don’t think everyone here is Micky just like every person posting here is Amina I just think it’s bullshit that the girl from the last thread could admit to having a vendetta and keep posting old tweets and really obvious trolling stuff like the drunken video. the main vendetta poster seems like a former crazed idol fan who became anti

No. 711551

Well this post proves my theory on >>711549

No. 711553

Why are you so emotional about her? You used the word gaslight before but I don’t see how someone can gaslight through twitter or Facebook. you haven’t followed up on what you meant by gaslight????

No. 711554

So, you're a Micky vendettaposter instead?

No. 711557

I don’t like Micky but I don’t consider it vendetta. I just see it unfair that the same person who admitted to having a vendetta keeps posting same shit. I don’t like that she is a whore but I’m getting serious perfect blue vibes from the anon thag posted on her. you can go to 8chan, 4chan etcerta etcerta they post the same thing there not to mention cowtipping. it just seems really OTT about someone who is barely active these days.

No. 711558

>people ask her about her lying in her past
>omg why are you so concerned with my virginity!

>fans try to ask her questions and she acts like a stuck up bitch and belittles them

No one her idol career failed. She's too abrasive.

No. 711562

How can someone gaslight you which is a form of abuse through the computer. We’re you a former fan who got angry because she wasn’t an aidoru?

No. 711566

File: 1539390964706.jpeg (56.13 KB, 1280x688, 073F5D33-E219-42E9-883C-88B845…)

>she acts like a stuck up bitch and belittles them

you sound hurt anon

No. 711567

She gaslights other people and lies. I have nothing against her personally, i didn't even know who micky/himeka was before her. I found out about Amina on a Kpop site called onehallyu and thought "wow a black idol that's cool" and became a fan until I realized how much of a salty bitter bitch she is. I just think she's entertaining like any other cow. She's dumb and the the fact that she thinks she's educated makes it even funnier.

No. 711670

that makes 0 fucking sense, why would she be on a kpop forum.

No. 711679

No. 711719


She was posted on there quite a few times. So stop with the "reee no one knows her you must be micky".

No. 711804

>Isn't that Azealia Banks?
Lmao, just like anon said in >>711500. Amina on suicide watch after reading that thread.

No. 711831

A thread in 2015, and the one in 2017 is just about her in a small newspaper, ok. But hey, just ignore, I’m just Anima.

No. 711839

Let me just say I used to be a huge fan of Amina but her doing sex work now is appalling. She thinks only Micky and Angela hate her but lots of former fans don't like her anymore because she lied to us. Finding out she lied about doing sex work in Japan is the icing on the cake.

No. 711861

75% of this thread is fairydusty sperging over their vendetta kek

No. 711863

In the last thread when someone called her out from PULL she sperged out and wk herself using her own name as Fairyduster. It’s really obvious she’s the main person posting here

No. 711869


If you say so anon. That minimal grasp on the english language doesn't lie

No. 711982

She was always a dick to the few fans she did have as an idol as well. I remember when she sperged out at some Japanese fan for correcting her Japanese. Like Bitch, Japanese isn't your first language get over it!

No. 711985

Same fag and I hate how she just expected her fans to take any bullshit she does and if any of her fans call her out on it she just says "omg this isn't love live! I don't have to be nice or fake!" And if anyone called her out on her escorting she will just say "omg this is like perfect blue!youre obsessed with my virginity!".

No. 711998

We know you’re a samefag you don’t have to say it babe

No. 712033

File: 1539460746058.jpeg (998.16 KB, 2709x1262, B4B5DD81-C894-476E-95F2-E30C20…)

>exotic fairy
>pretty baby face
>elite exclusive luxury escort

No. 712040

>"omg this is like perfect blue!youre obsessed with my virginity!".
Huh, Perfect Blue? Sounds just like:
But she wants us to believe she hasn't been sperging all over this thread, and in Micky and Angela's threads about herself.

No. 712084

File: 1539465374255.png (174.42 KB, 1242x1630, IMG_4965.PNG)


Looks like any typical black American girl. Her shops do look exotic though, I'll give her that. I wonder how her clients feel when they expect to get someone with caramel skin, almond eyes , with smooth skin and who is skinny but they get a chubby brown skin girl with spots all over….she's pretty much scamming people at this point. That's probably why the idol thing didn't work out because clients saw she looked nothing like her photos online.

No. 712095

File: 1539466768546.png (83.9 KB, 1242x456, IMG_4966.PNG)

She's definitely in this thread white knighting herself lol

No. 712101

in England black women are exotic. they’re 1% of the population anon. exotic doesn’t mean mixed. stop being antiblack and saying poc girls can’t be exotic.

No. 712102

pretty sure you love arguing anon. this thread is dead besides you yet you keep worrying about ~wks~. just ignore us and carry on Fairyduster.

No. 712103

I remember there being a thread on /r9k/ about her, years ago, with an unshooped photo. An anon said she looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and I haven't been able to un-see it since.

No. 712106

Hi Amina. Amina I don't even have anything against you. Actually I hope the best for you. I hope one day you can stop thinking selling your pussy is empowering because it is the opposite of that, I hope one day you can learn to love yourself and stop letting these crusty white neck beards use you as a cum rag, date someone your own age who isn't fat and doesn't look like shit, buy a new wig/weave but until then I will continue to laugh at that train wreck that is your life.

No. 712107

Fairyduster you outed yourself in the last thread. We know it’s you bc your English is shit. Not everyone is Amina dummy

No. 712108

Her face is very smashed together but I think that's mostly because of the way she smiles

No. 712110

File: 1539468407436.jpeg (93.92 KB, 561x708, 04079772-FA5A-4F80-BFD5-92E06F…)

>shit English
>no life
>has admitted vendetta
>laughing stock of PULL
>has name fagged here and got temp banned

What a coincidence

No. 712111

Even if I were micky, himeka or fairydustee(who?) that doesn't make what I'm saying false. Selling your pussy is not empowering, you're a walking ona hole and that's it.

No. 712113

>I have to depend on men for money who only think I'm good for my pussy and couldn't careless if I died tomorrow as long as they get a good cum first

Only someone as dumb as Amina would think this is empowering.

No. 712125

At least two of those things apply to Amina, too, to be fair.

No. 712132

Even when Amina was in Japan she never shared anything about the culture, posted many photos of things she saw there or talked about Japanese culture much. All she did was complain everyday about something she didn't like about Japan. I assume she just spent all day inside and watched tv when she was there and only went out for escorting which is pretty much what she's doing now.

No. 712140

File: 1539469648707.png (238.94 KB, 1242x1462, IMG_4967.PNG)

Lmao pure waifu right?

No. 712141

File: 1539469741419.jpeg (135.89 KB, 529x277, 01CBFD51-34F3-497E-8BA0-B21B8D…)

Yeah she looks better without the 'exaggerated smile with eye squint' thing.

No. 712144

I can see the crazy and mental illness in her eyes. She has that wide eyed and strained smiled like many manic girls have.

No. 712150

>taking statements from years ago
>applying them to now
where is the fresh new milk we were promised

No. 712152

why do anons keep saying Amina says sex work is empowering. can someone show a screenshot of her saying that?

No. 712154

>if I lied about something in the past it no longer counts!

It doesn't matter if you lied 3 years ago or yesterday. It's still a lie. You never acknowledged that you lied either, you just pretend like you never lied about anything.

No. 712155

Who's "we"? You keep using the word "promise", too. It's weird. Instead of seeking "promises" on LC, go seek someone's promise to marry, love and take care of you so you don't have to live your life lying to your parents to steal their money and being touched by strange men all for a tiny taste of the "good" life.

No. 712157

>marry, love and take care of you.

Let's be real. With the way most men are she's not going to find anyone willing to marry her after being an escort. Men fuck escorts they don't marry them. She really fucked her chances of ever finding a decent man who don't broke and or abusive.

No. 712158

Who isn't broke

No. 712162

With the way she lies, I wouldn't put it past her to just hide and delete everything when she finds a chance to live a better life. The thing is, though, she can't hide her tracks for shit. The ease with which all her old accounts were found, and how she freaked out and immediately thought it could only be a result of Himeka doxxing her years ago has shown that.

No. 712176

Exactly. It wasn't even that hard to find out which university she went to because she always posts something that ends doxxing herself. I feel bad for the poor son of a Bitch she's gonna suck in just for him to find out all the shit she's done online after a few years.

No. 712178

File: 1539473021569.jpeg (185.72 KB, 900x1200, B2E6A0BD-7A38-470A-9705-A7699E…)

I vaguely recall her saying a long time ago that she has trouble with facial expressions due to aspergers or something but is working on them to look more natural.

Clearly, she hasn't worked on them at all since there is very little improvement.

No. 712179

File: 1539473146856.jpeg (86.85 KB, 960x720, 85927024-D1F2-403C-B8F7-AD2591…)

for comparison

No. 712184

I looks like her eyes are about to pop out her face

No. 712291

I know she's autistic but damn. The person just asked if she had a boyfriend and she went on a huge 'not like other girls" tangent. She could've just said yes or no. If she wanted to say something more she could've said no she's happy being single. Like wtf.

No. 712372

>she will commit suicide because this thread
>she will get HIV
>she can only marry an abusive man

please tell me how this isn’t massive A logging

No. 712384

Good luck finding a man who isn't abusive or broke who is willing to seriosuly marry an ex escort.

No. 712390

Isn't taking things literally one of many symptoms of autism? Figures you don't understand hyperbole and its role in chan culture, I guess. All these things contain a nugget of truth, just like when people clown Himeka and Micky, but I guess when it's you, it's a special case? Hm.
I can see this thread is hurting you, so you should stop coming back here.

No. 712394

Why are you insistent on bringing up Himeka/Angela and Micky? Hm…

No. 712396

Shouldn't you have been asking yourself that question back when you kept sperging about them here, posting screencaps and conspiracy theories about them, and spamming about this thread in theirs until a farmhand threatened to ban you?
It's too late to play "S-Stop derailing", and you are the last person who should be telling anyone that. Good job ignoring all my points since you know I'm right, though.

No. 712398

That wasn’t me and I really doubt that was any Amina “whiteknight”. It’s obvious someone did that to draw attention to this thread

No. 712399

Uh-huh. Sure.

No. 712401

The fact that her private Facebook got outed should have made her realise her own followers are posting to this thread. It's embarrassing reading her posts Wking herself and blaming every rude post on Micky or Angela and now this fairy duster person. At the start of the thread she was SO sure it was Angela and then she was so sure it was Micky or a combination of them both. Now it's 'obviously' some other PULL poster. As if only one person can hate Amina at a time.

No. 712402

I don't think she can ever fully accept that people who simply know of her and have seen her antics might not like her. She says it's impossible because she's been "laying low", but she never stopped broadcasting her life on Twitter and proudly announcing that she's a hooker (and doing the same sort of cringy BDSM shit as her sworn enemy with that Benson creep), so that's bunk. It's kind of sad that she can't handle it.
At the very least, she's no longer even denying it's her when people outright address her as Amina ITT, lmao.

No. 712403

Black people aren't exotic in England, stop trying to feel special. This is why people think you're a retard.

No. 712408

to white men black women are ~exotic~ y’all just are anti black and associate exotic with being mixed. if a blonde white girl is in japan she’s ~exotic~. Pretty much every black escort defines themselves as exotic. just how they say “ebony” which is fetish af. it’s not that big a deal y’all.
Looked up top black escorts and these came up. All described as “exotic”. someone can be super dark Sudanese and be called exotic or Latina and be “exotic” or Ethiopian and be “exotic”. in the porn world pretty much anyone who isn’t a thin white girl is gonna be classed as exotic. it’s race fetish as hell but if that is the world someone chooses to be a heux that just comes with it. Also black women are less than 1% of the population in England. Don’t let these youtuber fool you. lots of white guys in England have black fetish and see them as “exotic”.

No. 712409

I know nobody will follow up on this and change the subject and just yell Amina/wk but it’s obvious someone has an agenda. at first she was being pimped out then she lied one inch about her height then the entire thread was “former fans who got angry she gaslit them”. If you’re easily gaslit by someone you stan and it makes you so triggered you spend years to tell the world how about they hurt you, you have serious issues. with all the old tweets that would’ve had been saved years ago and cut and chopped to be taken out of context it’s very obvious it’s an agenda

No. 712415

Amina your autism is showing. You've literally linked to escorts you follow on your sex work twitter. They did it and you copied them, we get it.

Call your yourself exotic to appeal to the white man race play fetishists nobody is stopping you but you can't make everybody like, agree or respect it. Your average black woman wouldn't call herself exotic but obviously you're selling yourself so you have to market yourself. It's understandable but still cringey and nothing you say is going to make anyone on here agree with it.

I don't understand why you think there is an agenda behind this thread. It's literally just people talking shit online. I know your lil autist brain is trying to process HOW this could happen to you because you think you've been so logical and calculated with your actions over the years but you haven't. You've made mistakes, you've been sloppy, you've doxxed yourself, you've lied and not deleted the evidence. And now that you've quit being an idol and lowered yourself to sex work people don't have to pretend to give a damn about you anymore. You're just another whore on the internet. Why wouldn't there be a thread about you?

No. 712420

>Just another whore on the internet
So why is a certain individual so insistent on repeating this thread despite it being locked and banned a few times. Google Amina du jean 4chan or 8chan and you’ll see the same person over the span of years trying to tie in Amina’s full name with porn or sex work even when literally nobody cared. The main anon ITT admitted to being a former stan so why are you refuting the vendetta? she admitted it.

stop yelling paranoia when literally everything other people ITT have been saying is easily backed up. her full name didn’t keep coming up until Angela doxxed her(fact), Notorious PULL tard admitted to having a vendetta/being a former stan/came here to WK herself(fact). Same PULL tard started the “pimping” rumor on PULL and when nobody cared there came here(again fact). It’s not paranoia when certain individuals have a proven track record of doing certain things.
>inb4 more than one person can hate Amina!!11

Yes I’m pretty sure plenty of people don’t like her. How many of them are going out of their way to purposely tie a full name/hoe name/stage name and post it on every bird imaginable until it sticks?

No. 712423

*on every thread.

Also look at this PULL thread and nearly everything users have said here was also said there. Unless you’re saying those are al sock puppets too??

No. 712428

File: 1539505833381.jpeg (136 KB, 609x823, FD9AAAAA-370A-4741-8C01-DF4757…)

PULL user proof btw. she magically appeared and happened to be “just browsing” when someone mentioned her.she admitted to having a vendetta and when she got called out she started namefagging. she’s online on PULL whenever this thread is active with samefags and is known on PULL as a huge cow. shit talking is one thing. Repedeatly trying to tie someone’s name in to something when it won’t stick or otherwise wouldn’t have been found is an agenda

No. 712433


Amina shut the fuck up. You sound deranged. You're mad that people know your real name and keep bringing up your sex work when you've posted about these things yourself. It's not a huge conspiracy you're just another messy, fame hungry girl on the internet and now your actions have come back to bite you. Take responsibility for yourself.

Don't deny it isn't you posting because you've typed the same and used the same arguments in all your posts. It's like you've saved info on anyone that ever talked about you on the Internet and you really think outside of these 3 people nobody would dare say anything about you.

Everyone notice how anytime there's a thread or call out on Amina she posts about it, like the Lipstick Alley thing but she hasn't publicly posted about this thread because it exposes her so bad lmao.

No. 712435

Keep talking to yourself lol

No. 712446

The person in that screencap doesn't even type like any of the posters ITT. If you really thought this would do anything but make you look even more crazy and obsessive, your autism must be heavy.
There's at least 2-3 people frequenting this thread (4-5 if you count Micky and Angela) mocking you, and I know because I'm one of them.

No. 712452

2-3? Most people I know from the BGAK Society group on fb know about this tread and half of them are mutuals with Amina. All of them lurk here but nobody will admit to posting anything.

No. 712497

I'm not gong to straight up say who i am because I don't wanna dox myself but I remember when I tried to talk to her she would just treat me like some dumb weeaboo and seemed slightly annoyed by my harmless Japan related questions. The truth is most of her fans were young female Americans and she really didn't give a shit about us, she only cared about her male Japanese fans but they weren't interested.

No. 712537

>she didn’t wanna be friends with me

No. 712556

Amina, don't flatter yourself kek you had a good opportunity to do something with your life other than sucking cock but you blew it because you don't use common sense. unlike himeka and micky you actually had many things going for you but even with all that at your core you are just a fame/money hungry thot which will be your down fall.

No. 712575

A lot of people with autism tend to over estimate how logical and smart they are because that's how the media has portrayed them

No. 712576

>fame hungry
but…what is she even doing these days? besides random twitter and Facebook posts? You sound big mad because she didn’t want to chat with you

No. 712579

That’s not what dox means…

No. 712600

She would still be chasing fame if Japan didn't blow her the fuck out. She wasn't even doing the idol thing that long but quit because she wasn't getting famous fast enough. After the idol stuff fail through then she was whining on Facebook about how she wants to model but Japan won't give a black model a chance. In some ways Amina is right but Amina is just not pretty enough to be a model so even if she weren't black the fact that she's average looking would come into play. Her parents gave her money for school and the basics but she's just so greedy that she would even go so low to sell pussy even if she doesn't need to. I get people selling pussy because they're desperate and have no other options but this isn't the case for Amina. She's just straight up lazy and greedy.

No. 712606

>japan won’t give black models a chance
>she wanted to be a model
Where did she say this? Could you put a screenshot?

No. 712619

If you care that much go through her Facebook until you find it, if she didn't delete it.

>inb4 you promised me milk!

No one promised you anything kek

No. 712718

you are talking to a wall, not every person is fucking Anima

No. 712746

True. The wk that won't stop is probably her cuck bf.

No. 712755

Don’t bother. They love when people argue in here so they can yell amina. Let her tire herself out

No. 712767

I wouldn't be shocked. What more can you expect from a man who allows his gf to get ran through by 100s of guys every month and is cool with it?it probably turns him on.

No. 712773

File: 1539553125404.png (156.74 KB, 1242x909, IMG_4984.PNG)

It's weird how her boobs can be saggy but small at the same time.

No. 712787

File: 1539554139807.png (308.58 KB, 1242x1853, IMG_4987.PNG)

No. 712793

File: 1539554615734.png (303.79 KB, 1242x1791, IMG_4989.PNG)

She's apparently rich and high class but can't afford a decent wig or weave. It's confusing to me.

No. 712794

File: 1539554407031.png (331.83 KB, 1242x2007, IMG_4988.PNG)

she really loves the word luxury

No. 712803

File: 1539556093797.png (321.09 KB, 1242x2001, IMG_4990.PNG)

So ~luxe~

No. 712809

She probably thinks she's prioritizing by spending her coins on other things. She hasn't learned yet that a cheap wig/weave is one thing you can never, ever get away with and look good.
I mean, ideally, she'd take care of her actual hair (inb4 she calls this comment "anti-black" in nature) since she obviously can't be bothered with finding a good wig/weave, but I guess that's too much of a hassle when you're busy hoeing.

No. 712814

File: 1539556760871.jpg (763.61 KB, 1500x1543, IMG_4993.JPG)

I've seen bitches working at McDonald's with better wigs. Step up your game Amina. She will spend thousands on a purse but won't spend anything on losing weight or fixing that rat nest on her head.

On another note, Amina start eating something other than macaroons and other sweets because you getting larger and larger.

No. 712823

It’s seo keywords probably. Which is why she keeps saying ebony and exotic and luxury and BDSM. For seo you have to work in keywords

No. 712826

>thinking she actually eats macaroons because it’s a Kawaii aidoru thing and just didn’t get fatter because she’s in England
This thread is filled with autistic idol stans. Nobody can be this retarded

No. 712828

File: 1539557324096.png (196.35 KB, 1116x1159, IMG_4995.PNG)

She's does it on tumblr too. She really wants people to believe she's rich and classy.

No. 712831

>be autistic
>take everything literally
>still don't understand figures of speech or hyperbole
Amina, stop. You are the only confirmed, actual autistic idol stan in this thread.

No. 712833

Being in England won't make you fat just like being in Japan won't make you thin. the way Amina eats, is why she's fat. She only takes pictures of carbs, meats and sweets. Probably never eats anything other than junk food and candies 3 times a day because she's eating to cope with being depressed.

No. 712837

File: 1539557756784.png (365.81 KB, 1242x2041, IMG_4992.PNG)

It's like I'm reading a fan fic written by a 12 year old

No. 712840

File: 1539558187827.png (130.13 KB, 1032x690, IMG_4998.PNG)

>looks mixed race

I bet she was thrilled to read that.

No. 712842

I wonder if she realizes she only looks mixed race to actual anti-black racists who think black women can only look one certain way.
She probably does, which is why she got mad and called it "spam" when a full black girl who's 100x better-looking than her got posted ITT.
Anyway, friendly reminder that this is what she looks like:
Mucky literally looks more mixed race than she does, and I bet that burns her up inside.

No. 712846

If micky lost 100 lbs, got a straight black wig, black circle lenses and and weeb clothes she could pass for blasian.

No. 712847

Just watch. After reading this, she's going to accuse us of being Micky (or Micky WKs), and then scream at us to stop derailing even though she's been doing it all thread. Kek.

No. 712852

She was offering oral without condom and cum in mouth aand the guy declined LOL

No. 712853

How did you find that out?

No. 712855

I googled what OWO and CIM stood for

No. 712856


She's letting strange men cum in her mouth?damn she's hitting rock bottom

No. 712869

She's is so awkward and geeky here idk how appealing she could be in the bed room. There is nothing cute or sexy about her dancing here.

No. 712878


Not that there's anything wrong with awkward or geeky in the sex worker world (there's niche for everything) but I seriously wonder how she can play as a Domme/Mistress type? I do not get that vibe from her at ALL, and with her being an actual autist, how does that work?

No. 712879

She probably hides that side of herself. Back in the day she use to scam dudes for money online with Angela when they were friends.

No. 713409

File: 1539626152165.jpg (19.71 KB, 500x313, large.jpg)

>Mucky literally looks more mixed race than she does, and I bet that burns her up inside.

No. 713465

File: 1539630964351.png (190.21 KB, 1224x1186, IMG_5007.PNG)

>believes in self improvement
>gets angry about any constructive criticism
>has declined in looks and personality I only two short years
>seems to have done nothing but make poor decisions since leaving her mother home
>is proud of herself but has done nothing admirable or remarkable

She lives in a fantasy world.

No. 713469

Finally learned to use reaction images, I see

No. 714139

File: 1539700947404.jpeg (110.7 KB, 1161x225, DF49B26A-0310-4494-AD5B-E9504A…)

No. 714237

Oh the irony kek

No. 714242

File: 1539711874751.png (215.27 KB, 1242x1191, IMG_5015.PNG)

I wonder does she ever talk about anything other than idols, sex work,politics and how sexist/racist Japan is. Idk why people think she's some expert on the idol industry because she never even made it past the front door. She never debuted or had to deal with the things idols have to deal with.

No. 714427

File: 1539730678309.jpg (20.11 KB, 261x320, IMG_3736.JPG)

i turned my phone alittle and ngl I laughed, all the infighting aside this thread has been funny as shit.

(But micky i know u lurk and u still a troll too, peas in a pod)

No. 714523

lol she is going for the most useless and easy degreee just so she can say she went to university. The only job she will be able to get with this is teaching and with her online rep there's no way any school would hire her.

No. 714589

File: 1539741965968.png (372.24 KB, 1202x1643, IMG_5022.PNG)

The wig is still on life support

No. 716025

File: 1539876408321.jpg (79.87 KB, 720x960, 44281388_2225053017771300_3605…)

I'm sure she lurks here and saw all the posts dragging her wigs. I don't know why she lightened her skin so much

No. 716133

Yes she finally invested in a new wig. Next step is to lose 30 lbs and to stop selling pussy and find a legitimate job. Is funny how she preaches all this black beauty garbage then lightens her photos this much.

No. 716183

those seem like a wide range of topics anon lol

No. 716389

>I don't know why she lightened her skin so much
Yes, you do.

No. 716793

Considering she sounds like a broken record when talking about them along with the fact that she knows shit about anything makes people get tired of those wide range of topics.

I'm so over her idol talk as well. I remember when she tried being successful on nicodouga but failed miserably even with the help of world otaku mate. When she was on what are you doing in japan? she reached out to them instead of being discovered like every other foreigner because she's not eye catching enough to be discovered. And her whole miss id debacle was hilarious. She inflates her japan career so much but in reality literally no one knows who she is. She talks of working with ex Hello pro managers like that means shit. She just needs to move on and accept that she failed not japan was too racist or didn't see her potential.

No. 716846

World Otaku Mate were the ones who signed her to come to Japan and flew her there though…..aly and saly and Kelsey all contacted that show themselves too.

No. 717131

I remember seeing someone try to argue that she was more successful than Beckii Cruel in an old, old thread. Looking back, it was probably her. Delusional.

No. 717132

I remember seeing someone try to argue that she was more successful than Beckii Cruel in an old, old thread. Looking back, it was probably her. Delusional.

No. 717229

I was kind of jelly of Amina. Not because of how she looks but because she seemed have a bright future ahead. She can speak Japanese, seems to be able to make connections fairly easily, had parents who supported her and is book smart enough to get through university but still decided to throw it away and destroy any chance at a decent life and I really can't understand why she did it…

No. 717232

Being black might of had something to do with her idol career failing but the fact that she can't sing, dance or even produce music didn't be help either. I'm sure if she had some form of talent it would have worked out better for her. Sure anons could say Japanese idols can't sing or dance but what's the point in wasting time on a foreigner when they can get the same shit from a Japanese girl? She didn't have anything to set her apart from all the rest and on top of that her bitchy "ms politics/educated" personality didn't help either, especially when you're on Facebook and twitter arguing with fans every day lol

No. 717546

>arguing with fans
Screen cap please

“Miss educated” why do you bring up her intelligence or lack of it in every thread. She’s not that bright but it’s just a weird subject to focus on so much. There’s plenty of SJWs and wanna be intellects on social media. Keekihime was rude as hell to Japanese fans and European fans alike. She’s still a semi popular cosplayer now and nobody cares. I’ve seen keekihime be 10x more rude than I’ve ever seen Amina be. You admitted earlier ITT that you didn’t like her because she “treated you like every other weeb.” when you fangirled. She’s moved on from the aidoru stuff and isn’t even a youtuber or anything. Why do you have a grudge still anon?

No. 717850


I'd bet cash money that weeb-anon is that one black namefagging PULLtard

No. 717860

Is there proof of this? I'm pretty sure around that time she mentioned her parents giving her money to go to school in Japan. But my point still stands that she didn't work hard for anything to get there. I absolutely despise people like Keekihime and the other idol failures but at least they put in some kind of hustle to go to Japan. People jumped ship fast with world otaku mate and the only people left were her and a few uggos. If they did fly her out it's because they had no other semi attractive people to advertise with. She pulled very little views and comments on her broadcasts
Also, both Aly/Slly and Kelsey are as untalented and irrelevant as Amina so bringing them up doesn't really do much.

Nta but she fronts as an educated person. She wrote "essays" wrought with grammar and spelling errors about cum tributes and hikkikomori. She whined about balancing school and idol work. Her general attitude in her tweets scream "unlike all those other dumb idols I'm super intelligent look at my social commentary about a country I barely understand"

No. 718141

The way she always smiles and tries to hide her lips irritates the fuck outta me.

No. 726737

I stumbled into this thread by accident, cause it's autosaged, right?
Oof, it's been a while since I've read anything about aminyan. Although she was a cow herself, I kind of always "rooted" for her since she was at least trying; learning japanese and keeping her looks. Turns out she was escorting in Japan as well? How the might have fallen.
I always thought the bottom of the barrel for her was the gravure video (which I never got the rounds of seeing, does anyone have a link or whatever? Had mighty keks from the preview alone), but actually letting sweaty salarymen touch you… Ugh.
You can see by her twitter alone how much she misses Japan. Can't even pretend that her life in London is better. But I bet she also resents Japan heavily because she never got "what she deserved", so she's probably really ambivalent about it.
I guess that, if she's willing to be pimped out by an ugly white dude, she would be happier being visa-married to an uggo nipponese that don't pimp her out. Go figure.

No. 727691

File: 1541540052458.png (21.46 KB, 724x177, 45331384_10217552906564187_492…)

She still lurks the thread. This tweet is obviously in response to >>726737

No. 727813

This thread was hilarious, but mods should just ban Amina already and take it off autosage. It's very obvious she's whiteknighting herself on her own thread, which is embarassing and annoying for those who want milk, but also very entertaining. Kek, i always knew this ho was a cow. Literally only another ghetto ass bitch would online catfight with two other ghetto ass bitches.

It's funny as shit how they're obssessed with each other mutually. Amina seems to think everyone who dislikes her ITT (going so far as to try and shift blame to years old doxxes for things that can come up on google thanks to her carelessness) is Himeka or Micky, and Micky and Himeka can't let go of poking at Amina every now and then, either.

Btw it's also fun that Amina thinks trying to cause infighting and literally obsessively WKing herself will help her already ruined reputation, when it's very likely to come crashing down on her once she's outed like Vicky or mystery. It also makes her look like she's both on the spectrum and also has no life enough to spend that much time on obscure imageboards.

No. 727814

Samefag but even the pattern is very obvious to pinpoint and farmhands should just take her out. Notice how she keeps trying to pin the blame onto certain users when it's not Himeka or Micky and keeps saying "it's so weid that you focus on (whatever anon is analyzing)" or "WHY DO YOU HAVE RECEIPTS??? THEY'RE OLD THEY DON'T COUNT". Amina is a huge cow and her sperg level is reaching Kaka herself.

No. 727827

She definitely lurks. >>714139 was tweeted after the anons in this thread started saying 'if she's so rich why can't she afford a better wig.'

No. 727828

> and work

For someone that claims to be pro-sex work she's really cagey about it.

No. 728249

Why would they take it off autosage when it’s the same two vendetta fags obsessively trying to revive it every few days? only milk now is her possibly responding to posts here with super vague tweets. It’s still here so those who want to talk can. If there’s real milk being on auto sage won’t make a difference. Admins have revealed same fagging in the old threads so if they thought it was a big problem it would’ve been said in here too. Obsessing over the auto sage reeks of vendetta. The reason her threads keep getting locked is because of the autists bumping it with no milk and yelling WK when nobody else has replied for weeks.

No. 728256

Going back in the thread and but the last time someone has even mildly said anything decent about her was 25 days ago. Why do you keep trying to revive a dead thread and yelling wk when it’s you yelling to yourself at this point. Admins have called out samefagging before so stop mini modding and slinging shit.

No. 728263

maybe I’m dumb but that tweet is mentioning YouTube or random shit but the post ITT mentions “pimping” or about how she’s openly a sex worker now. this is a really lazy attempt at tying two things that have no pattern at all. it’s schizo level of tying things together at this point.

No. 728340


>oBvIoUS VeNdeTtA

>but the old threads!

Are either the same anons that have been plaguing the thread since it's conception or Amina herself. Stop bringing up the old threads we've moved on. Why does she feel the need to defend herself in a 'dead thread'?

No. 728347

>hi ____
That’s against the rules so why do you keep doing it. The only reason old threads were brought up is because admins warned you about same fagging before. Keep yelling wk at a wall though

No. 728354

File: 1541634501270.png (7.69 KB, 1844x119, 45720657_1083443998490335_2318…)

Amina tried to cover her obvious self post by deleting it.

>>726737 said her life in London is shit and she coincidentally tweets about all the cool stuff she has planned and why she's been so boring recently. It comes across a little defensive.

No. 728361

That's a reach. Anon didn't refer to anyone directly. The mods might have banned past threads for samefagging but this one hasn't been flagged for it so shutup with that shit already.

No. 728367

This must be Amina lmao she gets soo defensive about the pimp thing, remember her sperging in her PULL thread when people were speculating about it? Kek

No. 728413

It's because she's obssessed with her failed reputation, still trying to pretend she's not as bad as Micky or Angela when she is a drama magnet like Micky and ended up as a haggard whore like Angela. Props to her though, i'm sure she's making a little more money than Angela, sucking old white men dick for validation and money.

No. 728418

She doesn't have anything else going on in her life to talk about, does she? No friends, no life, spends her days wking herself on the internet, uggo ass pimp/cuck boyfriend with whom she's probably with just so she has a house to stay.
I wonder if she hadn't stirred so much drama earlier, if she would have anyone standing by her now, at least. Micky still has orbiters, Angela had Kitty (albeit they seem like they're not on speaking terms right now) but Amina has nobody. It's sad because she could quit sex work, seek a better place to live than with someone who sees no problem in the dangerous lifestyle that is sex work (in which she could end up dead in a ditch at the drop of a hat if she gets unlucky or careless around johns) so long as she's sucking his chode, get some friends and some real life experiences.

No. 728588

Has the pimp thing been confirmed or is it just wild speculation still? I saw it on PULL too but haven’t seen any thing here about it as far as receipts or reasons why.

No. 728619

It hasn't been confirmed but it is questionable that she was able to set herself up as a sex worker in a foreign country so fast. She's not doing something like camming from home she's a full on escort. Even if her boyfriend isn't her pimp he's definately helped. It's just weird that she's been able to set up her sex work business but hasn't had time for hobbies or friends? I feel sorry for her.

No. 728630

File: 1541673968400.png (662.21 KB, 727x693, 45720657_1083443999490335_2318…)

I can't take anything she says about studying seriously when she posts shit like this on her other account. Considering that she failed at TUJ you would think she would take school more seriously this time.

No. 728634

File: 1541674379215.jpg (619.04 KB, 728x717, 44943432_306626619940111_39073…)

Pic related. This is half the fucking month wasted being a whore and it's not like she doesn't have money becuase of her rich bf. It's only a matter of time before she tweets about failing school again. She has all these oppurtunities and just wastes them for no reason.

No. 729855


She looks cute in these, IMO.
not much milky, though.

No. 729979

She posts about focusing on school on her main account and yet her sex work account shows she spends most of her time whoring. She's a liar. How is that not milk, fuck outta here wk.

No. 730223


lmao not a whiteknight at all, we all know she's lying. I just didn't think it was milky enough to warrant a comment on the lie itself. Chill, dude.

No. 730457

File: 1541944267604.png (512.67 KB, 613x517, 45986513_297499330859721_51912…)

Y'all remember when Amina tweeted about being blackmailed by her professor at TUJ? She wrote an article about it and posted it on her facebook. Peep that she didn't make the post public tho. She's still trying to save face. I hope someone calls her out on the fact that she DID do sex work in Japan and there are reciepts that show she lied about it.


No. 730458

File: 1541944341996.png (13.33 KB, 597x165, 45720657_1083443999490335_2318…)

Pic related

No. 730596

She admits to doing sex work in Japan in the article, did you read it?

No. 730676

I get the feeling that the real reason she didn't go to the police was because she was afraid they'd find out she was doing sex work on student visa and get expelled/deported.

You'd think that after experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, blackmailing, and who-knows-what-the-fuck-else she'd wisen the fuck up and realize sex work is not a viable career choice, yet here she is, still a whore and proud of it. So much for thinking logically.

Didn't she mention before that she has to do additional year of uni because her idol activities(and probably sex work) was keeping her from studying? She never learns.

No. 730752

He def sounds like the type of leftist scum that takes advantage of sex posi movement to encourage Amina to be a sex worker because it's ~empowering~ & proceeds to both live off her and fulfill his cuck fetish

No. 730911

File: 1542026302415.png (400.63 KB, 575x428, 24356789008745745865.PNG)

She's not admitting she wrote it though. She must have told this guy to not mention her name when he shared it and she wrote it under a fake name. She knows she'll get dragged that's why she's not being very public about it or attatching her name to it. But she's so pro-hoe right.

No. 730912

File: 1542026521014.png (18.57 KB, 572x170, 354678432543576876976967.PNG)

She doesn't take repsonsibility for anything in her life. Why would you not research the kind of birth control you're on epecially as a sex worker. But of course it's not her fault. She's a victim as always.

No. 730919

It will def happen again. Someone posted really early in the thread claiming to be a classmate of hers. If they know what she's doing on the dl how many others do too?

No. 730957

File: 1542040545120.jpeg (488.59 KB, 1195x1101, DE0C7EE4-F2B3-477F-92DC-9148D6…)

Weirdly, she shared it on her twitter and it has the exact vending machine episode she mentioned before, her same dislike of hosts, and her usual snobby and pretentious writing style. What was even the point of leaving her name out of the article? Anyone who knows her, would immediately figure out that it's her.

No. 730973

She really thinks people are stupid.

No. 730975

File: 1542043331738.png (13.31 KB, 594x172, 45772534_2236161276660474_2468…)

People already know it's her so there was no point trying to lie about it. How long before this comment gets deleted lol

No. 731579

The worst part of this entire article is how she acts higher than thou even through text. Like, it's a serious subject yet she can't help but diss the guy who agreed to help her for being a nerd. And finishing the thing with "mAyBe yOu sHoUd cHeCk uR wHoRePhObIa" instead of like… a note on how sex work is dangerous? Not because people hate prostitutes but because of the lack of autonomy you have when you surrender your body to others, like for example, her professor lording her escorting over her head because he had access to her body through her escorting ads.
It's so weird, self-absorbed and counterproductive to continue saying this is purely because of social stigma and not because she literally gave him the cheese and the knife with her "profession".

No. 732004

She’s open about being a sex worker on her Facebook, Twitter and admitted she was a sex worker in Japan in English and Japanese. I guess it’s milky if you think being a slut is milk but most of it’s vendetta. Idk why anons are saying she would delete the comment when she’s admitted before she was a sex worker and has said on Twitter she wrote the article lmao.

No. 732007

A closeted gay man is found on Grindr and is blackmailed for being on there. Is it his fault for being on Grindr in the first place or is it an example of how social stigma allows for black mail to happen. It’s both. you’re pretty much talking in circles.

No. 732023

File: 1542209408113.jpeg (393.25 KB, 1125x1887, C94EB8E8-7974-4207-95B5-3B4E03…)

when did she say it was empowering anon?
If she had a normal part time job as a student wouldn’t she be working two or three days a week still? How is that milk? Maybe you should email her teachers anon and make sure she’s attending each and every lecture.

No. 732037


Samefag but ok.

She's not as open about her sex work on facebook because she still has weeb orbiters from her aidoru days. She posted the article under a fake name with the caption 'you may know who wrote this' not 'i wrote this' and set it to friends only status. She says she's pro-hoe very publicly but not that she is one

Being gay isn't a choice retard. Choosing to do a dangerous and illegal job in a foreign country on a student visa and being careless enough to not protect your identity IS a choice and a stupid one lel

Anon never said Amina said sex work is empowering they were making an assumption about your her cuck boyfriend

No. 732040

Why does she make it so obvious she's posting in the thread kek

No. 732044

A double post isn’t a same fag retard which is what you’ve been doing this entire thread and continue to do after whining about it being locked. Also being gay isn’t a choice but being in the closet is that was my point. She obviously wrote it and was arguing with people on the page’s post about it. It’s laughable that anons ITT think comparing tweets from three years ago, finding small differences and yelling “lies!” Is milk and wonder why all these threads get so much infighting and locked by admins. If infighting was enough to get the threads deleted and locked micky’s Thread would’ve been deleted forever ago considering she threatened suicide and had her sister tripfag here a few days ago.

No. 732046

Being an escort in Japan isn’t illegal but on a student visa it is. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone on a student visa being punished for it there though. Everywhere isn’t burgerland anon. This reminds me of the Shiena thread and the amount of wanna be legal fags in there

No. 732053

Are you implying the whole thread must be one person with a vendetta posting about Amina? kek

No. 732061

You just outed yourself as the same obessessive whiteknight that's been following the thread for weeks becuase you keep saying the same shit.
>veNdEtTA / no milk
>but the old threads!!1!
>this MUST be micky/angela/pulltards
Why are you still bringing up the past threads? We're talking about tweets from now not tweets from years ago, keep up.

No. 732063

Why are you even on this thread?

No. 732068

File: 1542214782941.jpeg (113.19 KB, 652x416, 5DB0E084-D27E-421C-BC61-D95F4C…)

looks like she's getting married in february, and plans on having a baby in 5 or 6 years.

she's also visiting Japan next year with her boyfriend and plans on having a 'fan meeting.' I wonder how many people will show up

No. 732076

File: 1542216734709.png (22.41 KB, 757x148, 259784544863463436533.PNG)

Called it. She's gonna flunk out again bc she's 2 busy hoeing. Mom & dad must be proud huh aminah.

No. 732077

Comparing being "in the closet" is the same for sex work and being gay is some new level of sjw sperg. Sex work isn't work, isn't an "inner calling", in Amina's case it was a conscious choice of putting herself in danger, and had she not decided to partake in an illegal activity that gives ground for her personal safety being threatened and even put herself at risk of being deported, this whole thing wouldn't have happened. Die mad!

No. 732078

Autism speaks
Her obssession with trying to disprove everyone in facts she provided herself is hilarious though.

No. 732080

This is so fucking funny considering she recently tweeted about how she has no life because she's focusing so hard on school >>727691

No. 732082

''Whoever this person was had leverage on me as a student, as a migrant and as someone in the entertainment industry''

I have no sympathy. What did she think would happen? She should have thought about all that before she made such a poor decision. Aren't autistic people supposed to think logically?

No. 732107

File: 1542221823480.png (1.15 MB, 1266x841, pf2ytsKm321vhoxdeo1_1280.png)

On her way to becoming a hambeast yikes.

No. 732138

It's Aminah herself. She checks this thread obsessively, despite it being autosaged. She's always here to defend herself, post her own Tweets to "debunk" claims, accuse everyone of being the other two cows, or that one PULL user, insist there is "no milk" when most posters ITT disagree, etc.
It's almost Kiki-tier. Actually, even Kiki was better. At least she didn't try to derail her own threads for weeks/months.

No. 732150

File: 1542227992116.jpg (63.17 KB, 710x335, _20181114_190200.JPG)


Yeah, it must be. I think she's a genuine narcissist with the way she always has to defend herself even when there is facts and receipts againts her, like her own tweets. That plus how she can't beleive that anyone other than Micky or Angela would dare post anything against her.

She's becoming worse than Micky. She's got too fat to fit into her clothes to the point where the shits are literally tearing but of course she won't admit that and instead blame the brand for being cheap.

No. 733343

This girl is literally the worst and infects all of the other pages with her shitty self posting and WK of herself.

She has no fans
She was never some great huge idol, just a skinny haggard girl in a niche position.

Amina is sad, frumpy and disheveled looking. With no sense of style. Her hair and skin are terrible and even the idol pictures from japan she looks cheap and out of place.

Just a self absorbed weeb who lies about everything with nothing better to do.

There are so many hot black chicks who I would’ve love to see become idols. With actual talent and modeling ability.

This bitch is the only thing that comes up when you search black idol because of all of her self posting


No. 733766

> She has no fans
LOL this. She still has lots of orbiters from her idol days but she's not as popular as she used to be. She has a really low interaction on her social media too.

I think at this point she should give up the idol image becuase it's kind of pathetic she's trying to stay relevant for things she did over 2 years ago. Her Mimi_Fawn account for escorting is totally cute ngl but she's way too prideful to give up the idol image and just be honest about where she is in life now, no matter how much she claims to be ~pro ho~

No. 735578

Amina let herself go big time.

Its safe to say that her bf IS her pimp as most decent men would never let their partner be a sex workers. If he's managing her profiles, arranging client meets, taking mimi fawn pics or using her income then he's her pimp.

She's full of lies and has been obsessively WKing her threads from day one.

I'm waiting for her to say how she regrets it all and should've stayed in Japan or went back to the US. TBH this is worse than angela. At least she was an lolcow from day one.

Amina was actually doing okay at one point. She hasn't even attempted to conceal her identity yet supposedly wants a serious career in academia with all the nonsense she posts on her personal and escort account. Seems like she's gonna go down the path of Sere and others.

No. 735708

Anon a 2 is a B- by UK uni standards. Really ain’t that deep. You lot argue about her grades and skin tone for weeks on end and wonder why all these threads get nuked lmao

No. 735733

Amina please go get help. Instead of samefagging your threads why don't you focus on your pimp bf who needs you to keep funding his lifestyle while you ILLEGALLY prostitute yourself in the U.K.

You need to keep up that luxe lifestyle you're trying so hard to portray.

No. 735782

File: 1542813864492.jpg (62.37 KB, 590x960, 46523559_347690975964202_73957…)

She definitely lurks here becuase after this was posted she made her sex work account private.

No. 735784

File: 1542814344734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.68 KB, 700x1200, 9c2822c32b141e325455baa8a5d151…)

too late for that when pics like this are already all over the net sis

No. 736244

File: 1542896573965.png (1.26 MB, 1254x807, 785458789065624324.PNG)

She changed her twitter pics to 3 year old photos from when she was in Japan. She must really hate how fat she looks now

And she's engaged to the cuck ew. Her life is going in such a downward spiral. I wonder if she's pregnant or just using him for a visa for when finishes studying?

No. 756493

File: 1546213701541.jpeg (288.68 KB, 1201x1109, 4E6B30F0-7270-4184-AB34-16479A…)

> Participated in a Japanese competition 2 years ago, only got a participation trophy. Bitched for ages that she lost because of racism and blamed white girls who ''can't even speak Japanese''.
> Still brags about said prize TWO whole years later as evidence of her ~LegIT IdOL StaTUS~

This is funny because she bragged it about yet again yesterday. It's like that's her only accomplishment in life.

She also posted this video and holy kek she look awkward and uncomfortable. Does she honestly think this is sexy?

No. 762851

File: 1547234049288.jpeg (520.51 KB, 1440x1066, D27D92DF-EC6E-44D9-9748-35673D…)

It’s like a real life version of Emergence lol

No. 762855

What is the meaning of that picture?

No. 762856

it comes from a doujin where a girl finds out if she fixes herself up shes semi cute and sprials down into becoming a drug addicted whore because she enjoyed the attention

No. 762860

Sounds pleasant and non-misogynistic

No. 770319

File: 1548230886364.jpg (650.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190123-170613.jpg)

Amina was quoted in an article about maho. So tired of her acting like some "idol insider" she was barely an idol in the first place

No. 770469

File: 1548261906425.jpeg (344.91 KB, 1199x1225, 25C31344-B1AD-4EC6-8431-877AD4…)

>Yesterday, a bunch of cops came to my home and university to inverview me. My haters and netouyo had contacted them, making a false claim that my husband was abusing me. We're okay but getting checked by cops was sooo scary. I hope the netouyo's mental health gets better<3

>I don't do idol stuff in the UK but since the times I've been doing idol activies, I've had this one American hater. When I was an idol that person would send tons of mail to my jimusho. Since I'm not an idol anymore that person is now bullying my husband. Poor thing.

She actually believes netouyo called the cops on her kek.

No. 770522

Honestly this girl lives a really sad life, and I’m surprised if she’s happy with it at all. Imagine, flunking out of being an idol to being a sex worker to having to marry an old grubby white man who pumps her out to sustain herself, all while getting a joke degree in college. What’s going to happen when she gets out, you can’t tell me with how careless she’s been with her identity that she plans on joining the workforce and working an office job? Honestly I’d have more respect for her if she just did sex work from Detroit instead of hemmoraging people’s time, her parents money, and ruining her image. But ego and desire always overrule, and her need for attention has led her down a dangerous path.

No. 770526

But it’s pretty applicable to Amina lmao

No. 770527

Her ego is as big as people let it be

No. 770539

She's probably hoping her writing career will take off. If it flops she'll just cry 'nobody takes black sex workers seriously REEEE' and blame everyone else again, before moving on to something else and repeating the whole process.

No. 773705

This thread can be taken off of autosage with the condition that the pimp tinfoiling ends. Without substantial evidence proving illegal actions are involved the rule against involving family and friends must be applied.
5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 775800

No. 778209

She’s fallen really low. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she ended up as that $5 whore who fell on the couch on cops

No. 779087

That strap/lingerie is ill fitting and does her no favors. Why do 50% of internet chasing weebs become sex workers?

No. 783552

File: 1551804396712.jpeg (310.02 KB, 1199x1158, 47A05653-2886-4D58-85F3-5D66FD…)

>most women are whores like me
>poc men are more oppressed than the women they partake in oppressing

No. 783553

File: 1551804462272.jpeg (690.63 KB, 1183x2333, 53DB7D37-963A-491A-9898-FF2EC1…)

>gross old men exploiting young girls is totally fine and not pedophilic if those girls CHOSE to do it

No. 785701

I'm guessing there's no one who can post her sex work tweets, huh?
She should have had them locked sooner, but she was too desperate for an audience. Now her name is attached to all this and is bound to bite her in the ass later on.

No. 786584

File: 1552585358068.png (27.34 KB, 589x288, 2019-03.png)

I find it hilarious that her main blog has become a pseudo-intellectual "sex work" defense shitfest. She sounds so uneducated and ignorant in every pro-prostitution tweet she posts.

No. 786974

File: 1552671291703.jpeg (157.97 KB, 856x355, B95D8191-7DA7-4BAC-9BE7-3984F7…)

>I lived in Japan for a long time
She was there for like what, 1~2 years? The Dunning-Kruger effect is real kek.

Her defending sex work comes across as really sad and pathetic if you consider that she's likely only doing sex work to afford useless brand-name bags. She's so shallow.

No. 787379

The link says this is over a year old anon.

No. 787565

File: 1552798548353.jpg (189.85 KB, 1440x1016, 20190317_005221.jpg)

Amina did you really have to get me banned though?

No. 787620

File: 1552823034189.jpeg (658.07 KB, 1041x1106, B7FD96A9-853D-436E-9D42-C45D86…)

>bad English
>does this every three months
>7 hours ago
I live for the times that farmers become the cows themselves.

No. 787668

File: 1552837780975.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.49 MB, 480x272, 18-11-15_BM_Clip16.gif)

You can see the look of regret in her eyes as she fucks an old white man twice her age

No. 787670

File: 1552837846290.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.41 MB, 480x272, 18-11-15_BM_Clip15.gif)

No. 787671

File: 1552837913540.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.92 MB, 480x272, 18-11-15_BM_Clip13.gif)

No. 787672

File: 1552837980825.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.63 MB, 480x272, 18-11-15_BM_Clip09.gif)

No. 787677

Nit picking but the way that her garter belt is attached to her fishnets triggerd me.

No. 787678

That's because she's wearing something that doesnt fit

No. 787709

File: 1552846658742.jpg (585.38 KB, 1439x1331, Screenshot_20190317-141148_Chr…)

At least she's appreciative of all her parents help

No. 787712

File: 1552846968132.jpg (254.83 KB, 1439x672, Screenshot_20190317-003332_Chr…)

No. 787737

this is milk how?

No. 788016

>that beer gut
What happened to her? Christ.

No. 788059

File: 1552956609998.jpeg (127.07 KB, 923x699, D1B87D16-4F40-4802-A7F7-1756D4…)

…yeah I don’t see this getting out of autosage any time soon…

No. 788064

holy shit, she really has fallen. this is sad to look at.

No. 788069

if you look at her sex work twitter she posts shit like this all the time lol

No. 788074

Kek admin confirmed the spergchan here is a vendetta fag.

No. 788093

It's sad considering the content she posts is the same as any other camwhore in snow yet somehow it's not milk

No. 788096

Because not liking someone’s bad life choices or views alone doesn’t make them a cow. It’s the way they behave or act beyond that. If that were the case every drop out, crackhead and porn star would have a thread here.

No. 788139

Uhhh can you read? Who cares about life decisions I literally only stated she has the same type of content as the girls posted in snow or w. So you're saying all those girls aren't worthy of their threads? Why do you care so much about defending Amina?

No. 788142

When has she ever done anything creative?

No. 788143

File: 1552977017537.jpg (224.07 KB, 1439x662, Screenshot_20190319-022447_Chr…)

Forgot the photo

No. 788164

lol you retweeted her anon?

No. 788816

So how do you personally know Amina? You come here to wk hard as fuck everytime she has a thread. This is lolcow, what you're complaining about is in every other girls thread here.

No. 788896

so do the mods, admins and other anons who called you a vendettachan also personally know her anon?

No. 789362

I'm not the person that mod was referring to. You have some serious issues.

No. 795488

Anyone know what happened to her boyfriend? She removed him from her Twitter bio it seems.

No. 798261

She’s back on YouTube this time with a British accent. Smh bless her heart.

No. 798343

I’ve never seen a thread with this much reach and tinfoiling over a nobody lmao

No. 921333

What is going on with Amina. She said she was writing a book, then said she finished it and it was being pitched and then stopped talking about it. She said she was doing youtube seriously but made two videos then quit. She used to post to social media with friends regularly when she lived in Japan but it seems like she has no friends in the UK. She quit being an idol over 3 years ago but she still has Japanese all over her twitter bio and talks about her idol days every other week. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't talking over abuse victims. She's literally a middle class girl who does sex work because its easy but is always talking about issues that dont affect her like violence against poor and migrant sex workers and trafficking downplaying what a big deal those issues are because it makes her feel bad. I dont understand what her goals are in life at this point or why shes LARPing as a sex worker rights activist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923234

I think what gets me the most is her trying to promote sex work like it’s some empowering thing. It’s fucking not! You don’t see men encouraging other men to get into sex work. I wish she would do something else with her life. And she did an awful job hiding it. I can look her name up on google and immediately see stuff that would not look go to a employer. Such a fall.

No. 923824

File: 1579997664754.jpeg (143.42 KB, 1125x602, 0BD11C8D-DD00-40C5-994D-DD31BA…)

No. 923825

File: 1579997873841.jpeg (270.5 KB, 1125x642, F023A5C2-6479-4154-BB0C-E41925…)

Another one. You can search her name on twitter and empowerment and sex work and there’s loads of tweets like this one. It’s obvious she has some job with some charity or something because she tweets about travelling in Europe with them. This is beyond hating amina at this point it’s obvious you’re just screeching pink pilled talking points.
>it’s all over google
Because you single handedly posted her real name here got mad when nobody cared when you kept trying to bump the thread and moved on to lipstickalley, PULL, 4chan. This isn’t even milk at this point and somebody keeping to themselves isn’t that weird.

No. 923845

I read this pretty much this entire thread. I don’t get how she’s a cow. Compare her to people like Momokun and she’s nothing. Just let her be.

No. 923957

Hi Amina(hi cow)

No. 923993

Amina, if you are reading this, I just want to apologize. I wish you the best and I hope you don’t let this or other sites like PULL get to you. Keep living life on your own accord.

No. 924060

Why is this your reply to being proved wrong? You got kicked out of the Micky thread with this shit and didn’t expect people to follow? Get professional help.

No. 924546

White knights already

No. 924595

Obvious samefag from earlier in the thread the way you bring up PULL and lipstick alley every time.

No. 925698

Tbh Amina is pretty hot. I wouldn't mind another gravure DVD from her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1072032

I guess since 2018, Anima broke up with her pimp boyfriend, got another crusty white boyfriend, lives in San Fran with 10 roommates, and quit escort work and scrubbed it all from the Internet. Now she’s reduced to begging for money online. What a wreck of a person at 24

No. 1078469

Just discovered this thread as I don’t come to this site

I’m not sure if this is relevant but i can confirm her husband isn’t a pimp. He’s one of those 4chan guys who is also a super hardcore Japanese loli/idol fan type. He has nothing to do with Amina’s sex work afaik - he doesn’t care that she does it because they laugh about how she can manipulate men and take their money. Also he’s not rich - he’s on a low/average salary.

I’m not sure how to prove this or give sources, as I know this guy in real life (we are not friends, but he is best friends with my close friend’s boyfriend, who is the same type of fat ugly white guy lolicon)

Also I know one American guy (idol fan) amina used to send nudes to all the way back when she lived in America. She was pretty close to this guy and told him a lot of stuff (I assume because she’s autistic, she’s terrible at keeping secrets about herself), including how she does post on 4chan and other sites like these ones, bringing down other idols and defending herself

He looked at this thread and confirmed she does post here and was able to tell from her typing style

I don’t want to reveal myself, but I’ve had personal and unpleasant encounters with amina in Japan, so I really dislike her. She is awfully toxic, a serial liar and posted about lovely people on 4chan just to bring them down for no reason.

No. 1080243

Can you confirm then that she’s broke af, living with like 10+ people in San Fran, and with a new guy in California? If she still doing sex work?

No. 1080572


Sorry, I should have clarified that this is past information.

I have no idea what she’s been up to for the past 2 years, but I heard that she did divorce her husband and move back to america and she is living with other people. She has a new boyfriend too.

I had a quick look at her twitter and it seems this information lines up. No idea what else though.

No. 1150318

She was a minor when she lived in America so your friend is a pedophile I'm assuming? Sounds like BS otherwise

No. 1150320

your close friend is in America but you happen to know someone who is randomly best friends with her unknown ex boyfriend? how oddly convenient

No. 1150418

you knew her in Japan…and just so happened to know her UK boyfriend's best friend…and also knew a guy all the way in America who she knew…
cool story

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