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No. 158747

Continuation of >>15288 because max post limit reached

No. 158748


I'll start, here's AliceNyaNya, ex Wish Sister and generally disrespectful weeaboo

I tried replying in the last thread but it was maxxed out


I always cringe when once in a while I check to see if Alice has grown any bit mentally and she's still putting on the fake voices and get second hand embarassment from how badly she has to be the centre of attention in videos, especially with Beth

Always getting that vibe that she's using Beth like a scapegoat and obligatory "I'm cuter than you, make me look good make you look bad" friend, such high school vibes, gross. Especially considering how much backstabbing has happened.

I feel like she's going to lead a bland life with a shitty job where she probably imitates neko maids over a retail store counter and eventually gets kicked out and starts a Patreon for her gaming channel or whatever

Alice, if you're reading this, how can you let game get to your head if you have virtually none to begin with and most of the threads that were originally about you were self posted for attention?

No. 158749

Snow?? Don't see a reason to be here

No. 159000

i dont understand? her voice just sounds like a regular voice?

No. 160633

3:38 is that Little Berry chick?

No. 160636

No. 160724

was already posted on /cgl/ but furi furi's recent performance with their new member was a train wreck.

No. 160725

SUSUME☆STAR seems to be doing alright

No. 160941

already discussed, noone cares

No. 161196

File: 1469713009639.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-28-14-35-19…)

> #bikinibody

This girl is a mother.

Also… thick thighs and no boobs. Seriously. Where are her boobs?

No. 161213

That was pretty tragic

No. 161266

>This girl is a mother.
Can't tell if teen mom or actual 30-year-old who looks like 17.

No. 161276

some girls pull this off, but only with tiny waists and thick thighs/ass. her though, they definitely look like they're missing.

No. 161281

Oh i know her!
I was at mcm a year or two ago and I'm pretty close with most photographers there. One of my closes photographer friend asked me to meet him for a shoot while he was finishing one up. Turns out it was this girl.

She wasn't very happy that he seemed to cut her shitty dance off short to come shoot with me. As i was walking away with him i heard a "wtf is she even doing, he was with us". My photographer told me I saved him, he really didn't want to take pictures of her dancing for 4 mins straight because she does it over and over again.

I didn't realise she was a "online personality".

No. 161322

Not an aidoru group, just a kpop dance cover group, but man do they give me a good laugh.

No. 161338


Pretty certain she is early twenties. She had a kid late teens. Possibly around nineteen. Her daughter is about three or four

No. 161339

The size of orange top girl's head compared to her body, jesus christ.

No. 161341



What the fuck is that intro?

(Sorry don't know how to embed video)

No. 161368

Hi Mika. :^)

No. 161374

Same anon that posted that. Nah, not Mika. I don't even know any of these girls, or Mika.
Does this Mika have problems with that group?
I'm down for some milk, if you have any.

No. 161385

Oh man, I could give milk.
I could have originally posted "Lolipop" videos on here, but I didn't want it to be a vengeance post or anything, you know? They're nobodies. But yes, this Mika has BIG problems with this other group. lol

No. 161420

She's 27. ( >>15785 She said she's 26 but that was over a year ago)

I'm worried about how her daughter is gonna end up due to her weeb mother who spends all day doing dance covers in school girl uniforms and managing/performing in an online "idol group" of weeby teenagers instead of getting a job.

No. 161488


Probably the next Venus. Exploited for all she is worth.

Just waiting for the mother/daughter dance covers

No. 161944



it's this kind of thing

massive cringe putting on the japanese uguu voice

No. 161948

Are you sure you posted the right link? Because the woman at the table sounds ten times more cringey than the girl's voice I can barely hear.

No. 161965

I miss a minicherry from oishii project who never debuted. She went by the stagename May and she was stunning, and really tall. I never got to hear her singing, but she was a pretty good dancer.
They never gave an announcement on her graduating and it was kept quiet like many other graduations.

Also, did Ichigo chuu finally grow out of her phase?

No. 161966

that's eitaso?? like a member from dempagumi.inc? an actual japanese person and actual idol?

No. 161987

>did Ichigo chuu finally grow out of her phase?

She seems to have grown out of her weeby wannabe idol phase… into a furfag phase?

No. 162015

Doesn't matter. If Jap girls didn't develop the fake kawaii uguu tone even Japs sometimes find jarring, weebs wouldn't copy that shit.

No. 162073

Dempa came to Hyper Japan last year, the aidoru squad went full weeb force. Abipop was the worst of them, holding up the queue by trying to use Japanese and trying to have a "special moment". The male idol fans were not pleased.

(the dempa girls are incredibly sweet though, amazingly cheerful to everyone who attended.)

No. 164478

>an audience of 4 to 5 bored af normies who just came to this place to eat
>"I'm an American Japanese-Pop idol from New York and I'd like to perform for you all today"

No. 164606

Shit. She just got fat on her 2-3 days hiatus.
Why does she keep calling herself an idol, despite no change or effort? Does her family own the venue?

No. 165266

Damn, Sardonyx performed at the same con a day before Furi Furi did, and listen to how hyped the crowd is in comparison to the audience during Furi's performance who just got up and left.

No. 165268

Is she really japanese american or just delusional?

No. 165272

I think by "American Japanese pop idol" she means "American J-Pop idol," but yes, she is also delusional (she wants to become an actual idol in Japan).

No. 165555

File: 1471178841209.png (132.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-14-13-46-11…)


Well we all know the best way to being discovered in Japan is by giving yourself a Japanese sounding name and only having 35 subscribers.

No. 165557

Their energy is just so much better for a performance.
And the editing is decently done (my opinion. All the awkward bits between songs have been cut out)

No. 165668

Oh god…. they are so out of time and they all look so sloppy.


No. 165683

Don't even attempt GFRIEND's choreography if you're not a trained dancer.

No. 165712

Did you guys see Amina joined the Japanese idol group

No. 165818

File: 1471260444635.gif (485.53 KB, 500x268, zps5801a1fe.gif)

>Our entry for 1theK's dance cover contest.

No. 165828

Or at least practice the shit out of it so you look semi-decent attempting it

No. 165843

Navillera barely just came out, like only a month or so ago. They need a few months of practice, they rushed the hell out of this

No. 165881

Oh my god, did they seriously think this was good enough to put on YouTube, let alone submit to a contest? What the fuck? Did they even watch it after recording it? This looks like the first attempt to follow the whole dance after watching the dance practice once or twice. It's so embarrassing.

No. 165884

Found another group that entered the same contest. Comparing them is fun


No. 165888

Isn't this the girl who joined the Wish Sisters right before they broke up?


No. 165974

File: 1471297570311.jpg (6.52 KB, 200x200, 1471293060146.jpg)

fuck, she's wasted her life

No. 166262

That was almost perfect. The other bitches can't even compare tbh.

No. 167502

Wonder why this has so many dislikes? It's good

No. 167526

I guess the dislikes are from their rival's supporters.

No. 170842

I was skimming through a video of hers and at 41:50 she starts promoting Flusay Girls.
She's made a website (flusaygirls.com) and t-shirts, and commissioned a shop to make uniforms for them…

Is she delusional? Does she really think her shitty net idol group is worth all this time, money and effort (especially considering she's unemployed and has a daughter to take care of)?

No. 171289

No. 172007

She can't sing live, but production-wise, not bad. Who produced it?

No. 172009

File: 1473276692518.jpg (15.09 KB, 220x200, poster,220x200,ffffff-pad,220x…)

not available in my country

No. 172022


Eumm, not sure ! I know that japanese old men who is often seen with young foreign aidoru wanna be help Hayrii on this single, but I think it's more on finding producer.

No. 172023


Okay ! I make my research !

Produce by : ℗ 2016 World AKIBA Music

Find on iTunes

No. 172042

Thanks! But hmm that would mean her label is also her producer. I wonder who the people are behind World AKIBA Music, but sound wise I'm guessing they're quite professional (or at least have some proper experience in production).

No. 172589

I hope I'm allowed to post this

No. 172598

Lol how she is begging for money. Seriously?! I wish I could get money that easily. It's too bad I can't see the comments.

No. 172607

Holy shit her voice is grating, does she normally talk like that?

No. 172672

skip to 1:04:38 and just listen for a minute

No. 172673

Micky and them are in the chat like vultures … Also, she's lost it…

No. 172676

She's so fucking drunk. Tbh she's a nice person, but to livestream absolutely smashed is a bit daft.

No. 175196

So the producer of Furi Furi is trying to make a new idol group…. https://www.facebook.com/MintyPopUK/?ref=all_category_pyml_rhc

No. 175239

she looks/reminds me of Azealia Banks, I don't mean it in a bad way tho.

The video is quite endearing tbh

No. 175546

>>172589 wow that voice, jesus

No. 175694

Aminyan just released a self produced song/mv for her 20th birthday.

No. 175699

File: 1474475244378.png (387.74 KB, 660x556, dako.PNG)

Oh and on her tumblr post she tagged Dakota Rose which is pretty useless these days since her 15 minutes of fame ended already.

No. 175728

i love it

No. 175729

… why was she jerking off a champagne bottle?

No. 175730

Why does she look so akward, uncomfortable and old???

No. 175736

Wtf is going on with her skin (on her body). Sunspots?

No. 175898

>when you haven't learned the dance and are constantly clearly looking away from the camera at a screen for cues


No. 175899

Are you really going to sperg in every thread on this board about your fucking "sunspots"? It's called freckles, dumbass.

No. 175917

>#idol #IDOL
>#black pinup #blackgirlmagic #pretty #model
This girl feels herself too much lmao

No. 175925

Found this gem.

No. 175935

What are you talking about this is the first time i commented on this thread and i know what freckles are but the fucking marks on her body looks messed up. But if its strangely huge freckles on her body ok then. Calm down

No. 175943

Ahahaha fuck that was so cringey to watch. I love how they kept saying stuff like oh but she doesnt have people watching her kkkk

No. 175954

Hahaha the way she talks reminds me of LaToya Jackson

No. 175958

They're not freckles or sunspots. She most likely got a cut there and the scab healed and left a mark

No. 175962

I mean yeah but she is a legitimate 'idol' now so you go glen coco

No. 175964

Her voice has improved since her Cotton Candy song. Happy to see her drop the forced kawaii voice in her singing.

No. 176047

Oh look, Micky's back. Aren't you suppose to be busy cheating on your boyfriend and pretending to have mental illnesses to be popular?

No. 176054

Didnt know aminyan freckles or whatever that is was such a sensitive subject was actually just curious. But sure.
>>175694 i actually liked the song the whole video was super cheesy but most jpop vids are to me so. But her voice and the lyrics were nice.

No. 176058

>cheerful kpop dance cover
>"K, let me shove my fat sausage legs into these torn leggings and wear all black"

No. 176079

They're imitating the music video for this song with their outfits. Not that they don't still look autistic af though.

No. 176158

lmao the way the tune of the song was going at the very beginning, I was half expecting her to start doing the fucking Carlton.

No. 181323

Any new milk or are none of them updating?

No. 181333

damn they're all THICK but the one in the sailor outfit.
The sync have given me actual cancer, they're all just fumbling around

No. 181337

The blonde one with the fringe is the worst dancer. I don't understand why anyone would upload dance covers this bad.

No. 181340

I've just looked at their other videos, she for sure is the worst. She seems a bit autistic or is that just me? The way she moved around isnt normal.

No. 181364

'Composing作曲: Hiei_type78m'
Pretty sure this person also took charge of the production process of the song. But the idea and lyrics are hers.

It's a nice song, and she's lucky to know a producer that seems to know what he's doing. If the producer was shitty, the song also would have sounded that way.

No. 181372


She has autism or something, so that might explain why she looks so awkward.

Well, her voice got a lot better. Did she do the CC herself? because when she does that dance the CC reads "awkward dancing"

No. 181377

What is that thing hanging out from underneath her dress? Is it a pair of weird lace shorts? It makes her look so awkward

No. 183803

File: 1476650456411.jpg (141.95 KB, 698x1200, Cu441ZaUkAAQbYH.jpg)

what are those marks on her arms?
i'm impressed that she does dvds and events in just a tiny bikini where you can see her imperfections, tbh i wouldn't have the courage to do that

No. 183806

The better question is what is going on with the skin on her inner thighs?

No. 183807

My god, why did she wear a bathing suit bottom or whatever and NOT take care of her bikini line?

No. 183808

I think I've read that oral contraception can cause those areas of your skin to be darker so it's probably normal but tbh it's still unsightly and something that you should cover up in public let alone at events where a lot of eyes on you such as this.

No. 183811

chicken pox scars? i have smilar markings (though not a sdeep) from when i was an infant and had chicken pox

No. 183813


damn y'all ain't ever been around black people? lol. hyperpigmentation is common. we tend to be 50 shades of black. the dark marks in between her thighs are most likely from shaving and the humidity from sweat. exfoliation would help but tbh it's a bitch to get rid of completely rip.

tbh the people in the crowd prob can't tell.

No. 184025

ami please exfoliate and take care of your skin fuck

No. 184028

dat Kooter bod kek

No. 184077

What she looks nothing like dakota

No. 184473

File: 1476731675699.jpg (357.71 KB, 1280x859, tumblr_occsitdHqz1t0ij5do1_128…)

Here are the dvd covers for her gravure dvd

No. 184485

This is more in the direction of porn than the direction of aesthetic gravure.

No. 184488

Aesthetic gravure? From everything I've ever seen gravure is usually just softcore porn. This looks really typicall, but with a "foreign girl!!!" spin on it.

She's kind of cute, but the way she smiles sometimes is creepy looking. Like how she is on the cover.

No. 184504

I wonder when Ami will follow Applemilk's steps to fame… aka porn.

Shani and barbie have already done it… kooter and ami will soon follow suit

No. 184507

Looks like she's had a lot of mosquito bites. And why the fuck would she not shave her pubes before an event like this?
Actually, this brings to mind that one time Himeka and Bibi posted a porn/CP blog that had selfies from a girl with similar markings on her body. Guess it was her after all, lmao.

No. 184509

File: 1476733995791.jpg (123.01 KB, 476x750, 4ee82c2963881ed6bd0ae5814bcc8f…)

Stop this, honestly. We don't all look as nasty as that. Ami looks fucking busted in that photo, by any standard.

No. 184533

File: 1476735938399.jpeg (106.55 KB, 750x1130, image.jpeg)

Ami learn to put make up on like everyone else if you're going to try and earn a living off your body. This is not attractive. Seriously who doesn't shave for a bikini event?

Ami is decently cute but needs to learn how to take care of herself.

No. 184539

Yiiikes. I feel bad for her honestly. To look back on this must be embarassing. The pubes especially. I just don't get how she could be so unaware.

No. 184541

Yeah, Japanese gravure has a specific kind of aestetic which let it look a bit more high quality than porn.

Yet; because she's a foreigner I guess, the photographer or whoever made up the concept for this dvd, tried to give it a foreign touch, so it reallyended up looking like an advertisement for cheap western loli porn.

I agree that there's just a very small line between the aesthetic and the soft porn and probably not everyone gets it…but this is just not gravure, it's aiming for sexiness (which she doesn't even have). imagine her having a few pounds more, she'd look like barbs without boobs. I mean she has the same frogtype bodyshape

No. 184564


I know she's in japan, but can't she get some foundation in her actual shade imported or something? Her face looks so ashy.


They make makeup for your body, amid should have used that. And besides, not all black people have that ampunt of pigmentation.


I think part of the problem with her is that she's got aspergers and no one really mentioned to her that she has to do more than show up to an event. I feel embarrassed for her.

No. 184565

It looks like razor burn/ingrowns and chub rub more than pubes

No. 187915

Ami was being discussed in the jvlogger thread. If anyone cares enough to continue it can be done here or a new thread can be made.

No. 188045

>gravure isn't sexy
Please stop typing.

No. 188626

>choosing the easiest way
so disappointed ugh. Jrcach is probably fapping to this

No. 189037

Hayrii is back at is again, now with a friend who might just be even worse and less attractive than her.

No. 189190


I was just going to post this to say the same thing… Her friend needs to practice way more at least put like x10 more energy in her dance than now.

No. 189523

What is this? Did Hayley decide that she's not popular enough on her own and made a group?

No. 190444


She posted on FB that she will keep dancing only with her group and she will close her youtube channel. She will make a new private one for singing cover.

No. 190559

Is she going by a different name?

No. 190746

Wow, this girl is fucking bananas and does not give a Fuck. I haven't been following but I'd never seen this. Choice quotes:

>I don't have a life or any friends.

>I want nails and a new weave.
>If you're my fan you'll start a gofundme.
>I don't drink alcohol, I'm an idol. Do you guys know what an idol is in Japan?

She does have an adorable voice though, it's kind of hilarious.

No. 190879

I'm convinced aminyan is an elaborate troll that didn't expect to make it so far.

No. 191214


I checked their facebook, I think they all have shitty nicknames. Hers is probably Koa from her "Akiba Koala" days.

No. 196904

According to Amina's tumblr, both Kiki and Dakota unfollowed her on Twitter for no apparent reason. Lel

No. 196905

Sorry, blocked not unfollowed.

No. 196915

Well, kiki aside, I'd probably also block her if she'd intend to follow me as she looks and behaves creepy af

No. 197017

File: 1478912704594.png (21.38 KB, 767x326, ami.PNG)

No. 197150

Hey himeka

No. 205413

She deleted all her old videos of her performances, but now Hoshi Teruko is back and just as awful as she's always been, but now under the name Hibiki Harukaze.

USA50, the group she auditioned for (and somehow got into) is basically trying to be the American version of AKB48.
>We are not just a cover or performance group.
>We are aiming at building something huge and lasting and original.
If Hoshi/Hibiki is the best you can do, good fucking luck with that.

No. 230538

Kill me… I stumble across this girl's videos on nico. this is so much cringe.


No. 230691

She posted these on Nico video too?? Lord, I'm amazed you even found these. This is good stuff.

No. 230734

She looks super young, I don't want to be mean to a kid. Kids are cringy by nature. Tbh using less make up would help her a lot. Who are kids following these days as their make up kawaii gurus ? Venus?

No. 230745

this one is my favorite lol

No. 230926


The make-up and the wig on this one too :

No. 230927

Just went to the About Me section in our Youtube. She is 18.

No. 230928


porky cringe is best cringe, thanx 4 the laffs

No. 230930

Not that anon but damn I forgot people born in 1997 weren't still in middle school

No. 230934

>country: Germany
Damn, we don't need to embarrass ourselves on a foreign video website.

Did the Japanese post any comments under her videos?

No. 230953

Let me see ! The Mimikyu has 27 comments, mostly like : wtf ? Is that a man ? She's fat. And some Nico slang i'm not enough sure to understand enough to translate. Neosunglasses has 45, mostly people saying : Gross.

She should really stop. She is really embarassing herself…

No. 230954


Her DeviantArt gallery list on her youtube is also really scary.

No. 231147

File: 1484103723873.jpg (118.49 KB, 1024x576, IMG_1848.JPG)

I just passed by to see if there was something interesting and i nearly woke up the house at 4am.

evanescence voice save meeeeeee

No. 231155

What the fuck is this?
"kawaii poodle" oh, okay…

No. 231174

File: 1484108475143.gif (18.81 MB, 474x268, chrissivinni.gif)

No. 231175

this is so uncomfortably sexual

No. 231183

File: 1484109890645.png (530.87 KB, 449x631, decorapins.PNG)

oh my god, how is this girl 18?

No. 231285

How is that even decora??!

It looks like something a five year old made.

No. 232014

File: 1484243138127.png (262.05 KB, 509x284, Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.4…)

these look like pubes but i'm not too sure

No. 232015

looks gross tbh

No. 232291

Needs more Professional Glitter Glue.

No. 232319

It's just pubes.

No. 232376

Short curly pubes but there's also some serious discoloration of the skin tone it just isn't consistent.

No. 232479

Pretty certain this has already been discussed

No. 235920

File: 1484627960933.jpg (81.55 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ojnoodfB9E1t0ij5do1_128…)

Aminyan had a photoshoot and interview with playboy.

No. 235931

her eyes literally do not have a soul behind them

No. 235945

how do you know she had a interview with playboy?

No. 235946

Oddly enough, I like Aminyan. She's probably one of my favorites since she keeps it real. I wish her the best.

No. 236001

I think its just because of her aspergers she can't make decent faces

No. 236033

She has been talking about it for the last 2 months and is now out - Playboy Weekly Japan.

And she posted about it on Facebook. I don't know about Twitter.

No. 236283

File: 1484694123754.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170117-230047.png)

Flusay girls are having a vote for the most popular member. Are they that desperate for ass kisses?

No. 236304

Maybe but they're mostly just copying AKB48's elections.

No. 236349

Kirakira is holding auditions again. I thought they'd announce a hiatus or something like that.

No. 244861

No. 246153

If you've ever watched a weeaboo cringe compilation, you've probably seen video related.

She's 20 years old and wants to become an idol in Japan and/or establish an AKB48 unit in the UK:

No. 246738

Someone on /cgl/ noticed that Flusay Girls plagiarized one of their songs "No More Salvation." A few hours later all the videos of that song on their Youtube were made private, but they've forgotten to delete it on some other social media sites.

The video attached is the original song.
Here's the Flusay Girls' ripoff: http://embed.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27766409

No. 247206

Oh God that was painful to listen to. And a blatant copy when compared.
So much for original songs.

No. 253246

^^^^ The 20 year old Koneko girl isn't trying to be an idol in Japan or bring AKB48 to the UK, I've watched some of her videos and she's just doing it as a hobby. Talk about being quick to make assumptions.

No. 264990

Results are in and apparently Nanami's tied for first place.

I wonder how many people actually voted and how many of those comments they had to make up to fill up the time, considering most of FG's videos can barely even reach 200 views.

No. 266249

Both nanami and yaima have the biggest amount of subscribers, so it makes sense.

I would have liked to see what would natalie have done if she didn't win.

No. 266256

This preview screen just looks like one massive weeaboo party. I cringed so hard my butt is uncomfortable

No. 602349

File: 1528204447314.jpg (154.2 KB, 1200x675, DZd9U0qWAAAldmv.jpg)

Sorry for necroing this thread.

Petra and Noora have been mentioned before, they call themselves 'pΔrallel' and have been at it for 4 years already. Their latest video has gotten less than 10000 views and their official twitter has only 900 followers. Since the beginning they tried posting in Japanese (even though most of their "fans" are not) and they had a collab with a Japanese singer (they only "debuted" in Japan last summer, but haven't updated that shared twitter account since December). They've been desperately trying to make it, yet are still shit at Japanese. Plus they have less hair than Kota…

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClbQzt55o-PpxaHrub1QpGA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/parallel404
Pinky! Noora & Petra: https://twitter.com/PinkyNooraPetra
Noora: https://twitter.com/Petitnoona
Petra: https://twitter.com/bampichu

No. 602792

I liked their Hitode Army group back in the days, but that new dance duo is quite boring.
You forgot to tell that Noora was also a backup dancer in one Ladybaby music video about two years ago. (Renge Change) But that was of course quite small gig compared to their act with Pinky.

No. 602796

They are retired of the idol business already though

No. 619881

File: 1529843798708.png (856.36 KB, 971x557, IMG_3666.PNG)

Damn Amina really went down hill since the last time I followed her. To think her family wasted all that money to send her to japan and help her become an idol then she ended up a age playing sex worker with no degree after 4 years.

No. 620021

She’s still at uni… she’s going to get a degree. Tbh she’s doing much better being away from the toxicity of people in Japan and the idol industry who were taking a large sum of her earned money off of her. She earns well doing her escorting and travels often and is able to live comfortably in a nice flat with her partner. I fail to see how that’s going down hill.

No. 639041

File: 1531836411247.png (981.24 KB, 750x1334, 1531824203210.png)

Is Amina pregnant or has she just gotten really fat?

No. 639045

Going from rising idol to prostitute student isnt exactly an uphill climb cause you can do those things (living comfortably/traveling) if you just got succesful doing the first or something that doesnt mean risking all future employment with said degree. Micky and the lot are cows but she is not doing well.

No. 639051

she was never gonna be a successful idol lol. she would've been giving it up to her managers anyway like most aidorus. at least this way she doesn't have to practice dancing for a bar full of 12 people every night.

No. 639067

She used to post about not being interested and not understanding sex, she even said she didn't watch porn. I can't help but wonder if all that was lies to add to her 'idol' image.

No. 639068

File: 1531838518405.png (30.22 KB, 881x495, 48573950295.PNG)

No. 639069

File: 1531838531935.png (11.28 KB, 841x250, 348734948564.PNG)

No. 639152

She said she's been selling sex since she was 18 so it's safe to assume that it was all lies and just for her idol image. It's not really shocking though, most idols are escorts or are fucking old men for a come up. Remember that akb48 scandal where they were having some drunk party with old dudes?theyre all either staged momed into the life or they're just whores with daddy issues.

No. 639158

Don’t really get why 6 months old milk is consistently posted here after a new Micky thread or why she keeps getting brought up when admins banned her here. It’s just really weird imo

No. 639161

At this point I wish mods would just check ips so everytime Amina is mentioned we don't have to hear "omg it's micky/Barbie!". I have never met micky, Barbie or Amina but I still enjoy Amina gossip because she's messy as hell.

No. 639169

If they check IPs it would be interesting because the last Amina thread was banned due to samefags posting old milk in the thread. Obviously not everyone is Micky but I don’t get why some anons can’t see the majority of it is vendetta. Also to my knowledge nobody has blamed Barbie. It’s always been Angela who was proven by admins to post underaged nudes of Amina here and samefag.

No. 639174

everytime anyone tries to talk about Amina. There's always someone to come in and cry about "old milk" "vendetta" or "omg it's micky!". It's really annoying. Maybe there are some people who just think Amina is lul worthy or annoying?

No. 639175

>post underaged nudes of Amina

The person she took those from wasn't Amina. It was another girl. Not sure if that girl ever found out but that's what made it even more fucked up.

No. 639176

File: 1531845765595.png (275.75 KB, 1234x1579, IMG_3994.PNG)

She's starting to look more and more like a lighter skin Barbie everyday.

No. 639177

If it wasn’t her Angela was still implying that it was underaged Amina so either she used another girl and claimed it to be CP or it was actual CP. either way it was fucked up and it was proven by IP.
There’s people that find her annoying but considering all she does is post sporadic tweets or travel now it’s highly sus that the only time she’s posted is after a new Micky thread. Plus people have reason to be sus considering admins have already proved Micky and Angela post here on the regular. I don’t think every wk is Amina and I don’t think every anon is Micky or Angela but most of the “milk” here has been reaches.

No. 639178

Admins proved it was mostly samefagging when she had her own thread, multiple times. So no, people are right to call vendetta.

No. 639182

>either way it was fucked up and it was proven by IP.

Oh, I wasn't disagreeing, just clarifying where the images during that situation were from. I think on the girl's blog it said she was 15, so yeah, Angela was posting CP.

Prime example of how much this seems like a vendetta. Also, why is she in the aspiring idols thread when she isn't trying to be one. At least discuss her in a more appropriate thread.

No. 639183

Why don't you just let the threads die then?according to you Amina is boring, no one knows her and has no milk. There's no need to defend her if the thread will just die without anyone caring.

No. 639187

Nta, but it's not going to die. People keep posting despite this kind of thing being banned.

No. 639190

Exactly. It’s just weird that the main people who have problem with her are fatty Chans from the Black kawaii girl groups who start shit with everyone. She’s been out as a sex worker for like a year. The only tea here is she gained weight. Admins have already proved the same 2 samefags keep bringing her up and honestly it’s annoying. Obviously vendetta

No. 639191

Nobody is defending her. We’re just tired of dusty “milk” being brought up every 3 months

No. 639194

I don't know why people like you always check these threads if you think she has no milk and isn't worth talking about. It's like you stalk threads to whiteknight her and blame micky

No. 639196

I get you're butt hurt towards micky but why ruin the fun for people who want to shit talk Amina's nappy wigs and self important attitude?

Just stay in mickys thread and trash talk her and hide any mention of Amina.

No. 639198

Barbie is brought up here because she scams and she’s homeless and used her boyfriend for life insurance, yes we bring up her being a hooker but it’s not the main attraction. Same with Angela. Lying about her race, being very rude etc.

No. 639199

>self important attitude
Vendetta confirmed. I don’t understand how posting shit about weeb idols, occasional politics and traveling is milk or a self important attitude. It’s weird how some of you try and force milk when there isn’t any.

No. 639200

We know this. That is why Barbie has her own thread. Just go there and stop white knighting.

No. 639202

Because Micky keeps reviving them every 3 months when she’s in her feefees despite plenty of anons and admins agreeing she should be banned from being talked about. Also it’s been confirmed it’s the same 2-3 people in the last Amina thread by the admins. Nobody is wk just tired of the autismos shitting up the catalog because Amina said something they didn’t agree with once.

No. 639203

Then what’s the milk then? You’re shitting the catalog up with your hate boner

No. 639204

I'm not Barbie, micky or himeka. I have never even spoken to Amina but I'm the main one who has been posting Amina drama over the years lol you're just wrong when you think micky and Barbie are the main culprits. I like talking about Amina drama simply because she is annoying to me. I liked her at first because she was doing something unique, then I realized she's just a dumb young ho who thinks she knows everything.

No. 639209

File: 1531847674485.jpg (41.21 KB, 645x729, 8d6.jpg)

>admits to vendettaposting

No. 639212

Lol doesn’t matter if you’re none of them, it’s obvious you have a vendetta. Especially if you “used to like her” but her saying something you didn’t like triggered all of this instead of actual milk. I’d be willing to bet you’re the same girl from PULL who has an unhealthy fixation on a certain group of girls. I’m all for shit talking(hell im on Lolcow too) but having a vendetta because she hurt your feelings a few years ago doesn’t qualify as milk and it’s annoying lol

No. 639219

I don't have a vendetta, I just honestly believe Amina is more interesting than micky and himeka. Didn't even know who himeka and micky was before Amina.
>wannabe black idol
>pretended to be some virginal aidoru while secretly turning tricks and getting knocked up by some Japanese neck beard
>always sharing her stupid opinions on politics despite not really being educated
>constantly going on and on about how smart she is using buzz words like "academia", without even actually going into detail about what she's actually doing in university and why it is taking her so long
>went to Japan knowing nothing about the culture other than anime and idols then gets butt hurt by all the racism and misogyny she experienced there
>threatened to sue someone over internet drama
>fucked that gross neck beard from the amazing atheist show
>failed at every opportunity given to her
>addicted to neck beard attention

Honestly, if himeka and micky weren't in the picture Amina would be considered a cow.

No. 639233

File: 1531848705230.png (179.33 KB, 529x251, 56234929.png)


Some of this is incorrect or not milk. So, this just confirms your vendetta.

Angela and Micky both have posted CP, bullied others, used false suicide claims to blackmail people, tried to send others to witch hunt people they didn't like, both admitted that they would be happy if Amina died, lied about having mental illnesses, etc.

No. 639234

Prostitution is shocking admittedly but not uncommon in the idol world and entertainment. I appreciate she came out about sexual harassment in the idol stuff because most weebs aren’t open about it. Teen pregnancy and a miscarriage isn’t milk though. Don’t know why it’s amusing to you lol.

>always sharing her stupid opinions on politics despite not really being educated

Your vendetta is showing. People talk about politics all the time online and she hasn’t said anything extremist or anything(to my knowledge).Only an SJW would consider this milk. Next.

>constantly going on and on about how smart she is using buzz words like "academia", without even actually going into detail about what she's actually doing in university and why it is taking her so long

How the fuck is this milk? Also most people take 5-6 years to finish a degree. Taking long at university isn’t tea. Also who the fuck wants to talk about college course work on twitter? So you’re mad that she pretends to be intellectual but you’re also mad she doesn’t talk more about school on social media? Seems like you’re angry either way lol.

>went to Japan knowing nothing about the culture other than anime and idols then gets butt hurt by all the racism and misogyny she experienced there

I’ve literally never heard her talk about anime and only about idols. Also why is being sad about racism milk?

>threatened to sue someone over internet drama

Micky accused her of soliciting and distributing child porn. That isn’t petty drama, that’s a serious accusation.

>fucked that gross neck beard from the amazing atheist show

I agree this bit is cringe worthy but it’s old milk and not very public.

>failed at every opportunity given to her

Vendetta showing again

>addicted to neck beard attention

This makes no fucking sense

So far all you’ve said is you don’t like her taste in men, you don’t like that she’s sexually active because you believe aidorus should be pure (kek) and because you don’t agree with occasional political posts. Is this what you’ve dedicated years of your life to anon?

No. 639235

It’s definitely a vendetta anon just admit it.
She’s been low key about her life lately with the exception of traveling. Also I wouldn’t call contacting one of her family members to leak her personal life petty “drama”.
This isn’t even wking, Amina could be uppity and know it all at times, but she’s always open to converse about topics instead of just blocking people she doesn’t agree with, a la Mickey.

No. 639241

Anon you have a problem. You basically admitted to spending years on here because you don’t like something she said and because she has sex. You remind me of that guy from Perfecf Blue or Stan. Amina is an autistic fuck. I’ll give you that. But she’s barely posted in months and hardly says anything politically. If she had milk it would’ve been years ago when she first went to japan

No. 639242

You do realize just because I'm interested in one cow doesn't mean I don't realize that other cows are bad?im not comparing her to micky or himeka, you don't need to bring up stuff they did because I'm not comparing them. I just think Amina is more interesting/entertaining. Just like I think onion is more interesting than Amina. I have no connection to these people, just a bystander enjoying drama. But there is no where to discuss Amina because Amina has too many white knights and she's connected to micky/Barbie drama. She's got white knights protecting her on pull and lol cow. In reality she's just as much a cow as many of the people posted on snow.

No. 639244

>I have no connection to her
>admitted to disliking her due to personal petty disagreement

Also stop bringing up Barbie. She doesn’t have shit to do this thread

No. 639245

to be fair aren't most people talked about on lolcow because they aren't likeable?i mean if we liked these people we wouldn't be discussing them.

No. 639248

>I just think Amina is more interesting/entertaining.

>In reality she's just as much a cow as many of the people posted on snow.

Except she's not. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Keep your vendetta on Facebook.

No. 639249

There are people in snow who have done less cowish things than Amina, himeka and micky conbined(Jill, the artist thread) but they're still talked about in snow and we just discuss them because they're annoying/cringe. Just admit you don't want anyone talking about aMina because you know her or you're taking "her side" because you don't like micky. If the milk being dry was such a big deal for you, you'd just hide the thread and move on.

No. 639256

What has she done milky recently, though? Other than being a prostitute, she barely posts anything online. And the last thing even slightly "milky" I remember Amina doing was a few years ago, when someone on lolcow said they didn't like her faking her voice higher, and she posted something on Tumblr saying "Y'ALL DONT THINK BLACK WOMEN CAN HAVE FEMININE VOICES" lmao

No. 639257

Amina isn't supposed to be talked about, so said the admin. The last few threads have been locked because they said it was a vendetta thread filled with samefagging. As it was stated, take your vendetta back to Facebook. This isn't even the appropriate thread to post her anyway, since she's not an idol at all.

No. 639259

Then let the mod lock them and hide the thread. Stop pretending you have a problem with Amina being discussed because "no milk", you just don't want people taking about her.

No. 639265

There’s different anons posting retard. Also past threads have been locked multiple times but you keep reviving them.
You and maybe one other person only care

No. 639270

Hi fairyduster. The amount you post on PULL is cringe worthy. Also I don’t get why you post on 4chan about Amina as well. It’s like nobody cares one place and you bring your dredge of shit somewhere else. your PULL log alone shows you have issues

No. 639272

When did I say there weren't multiple people posting?unlike Amina white knights im not quick to accuse everyone of being another cow or same fagging just because they're not saying what I want.
The truth is many of you only come to defend Amina anytime she's mentioned is because you hate micky and you're paranoid that anyone who says something even slightly negative about Amina is micky. If you really care so much about "no milk", why aren't you in threads like Raychiel who only have a thread because they're shit at photoshop?just stop with the "no milk" routine and just be honest and say "I don't want anyone talking about Amina".

No. 639273

Multiple people posting about cows they find annoying is completely different than you samefagging vendetta posting because she said something that offended you three years ago

No. 639275

Micky why did you bump this dead ass thread?

No. 639280

fairyduster you’re a cow yourself. It’s fun to post here on Lolcow every now and then but you literally admitted you’ve dedicated YEARS of your life to posting about Amina because you don’t like that she’s a fake intellectual. Please seek help. Also last time I checked most people don’t give a damn about Amina posting. It’s just cringe worthy because it’s been proven by multiple admins throughout the years it’s the same 2-3 IPs who post shit like tumblr posts from 3 years ago. Seriously who cares if she said she was asexual years ago but now she’s fucking. That’s not tea or milk. Lolcow isn’t your personal army you crazy bitch.

No. 639281

Just so everyone knows this user is a notorious PULL troll named Fairyduster who has a log of posting 24/7. She also goes on 4chan mostly on /b/ and /r9k/ posting photos of Amina alongside her full name and calling her a pornstar. If you go on PULL and look up Fairyduster you’ll see why she obviously has mental problems.

No. 639282

lol who the fuck is fairyduster?first I'm micky, then I'm himeka and I'm now in some random from pull. You people are funny kek. Just accept that not everyone talking about Amina knows her or is connected in some way. Amina is entertaining because she's the first black woman who ever tried to be an idol and she's a train wreck. Get over it.

No. 639288

File: 1531851230784.jpeg (107.6 KB, 640x720, 66130436-3FC1-469B-B5BF-4363AF…)

Just to show the vendetta fag, she’s a frequent vendetta poster on PULL, a black wanna be or ex “kawaii” group girl and is online right now(probably retreating to PULL). She’s also done cow tipping in the past and doxxed other cows or encouraged cow tipping on Pull. I’m also pretty sure she’s the person who contacted Amina’s family if it wasn’t Micky. This girl spends all day on PULL basically and is a nuisance there as well

No. 639289

IF you know anything about my post history you knew i only posted on pull about aminya during her BGAK war other than that i could care less about you (micky because i know its you because your that dumb) or Aminya
I post on things im interested in i could care less about you.

No. 639290

Fairyduster, you’re on PULL right now and you constantly update amina’s thread on there even though most people “wk” her even on there. Please seek help. Also I never accused you of Micky. I’m just showing so most anons know you’re a well known shit poster

No. 639291

Dumbass i just said i don't care bout aminya i personally dont care what she doing and stop trying to throw people under the bus because you want the off your ass Micky

No. 639293

So now that she’s admitted it via tripfaggimg everyone head to her PULL before she deletes stuff. This girl has been obsessively stalking snowflakes for years. Also she constantly revives Amina threads on PULL as well. She’s a cow herself and most PULL users hate her

No. 639294

Ok so this is my final resonse.
1) i don't even vist aminya thread on there after her vs BGAK i stop
2)How am i a wk if i don't care about her. Ifs she living her life then why should i give a shit
thats not how PULL works if you were on it you know post for months or years ago get push to the background they only show what you recently comment on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 639296

LOL I’m not Micky. Also you so happened to be in this thread as you’ve been called out by name? You’ve been caught. Try and get a hobby.

No. 639298

LOL stop trying to change your writing

No. 639300

File: 1531851620012.png (132.83 KB, 395x810, IMG_3687.PNG)

She's just gained weight. I'm assuming she's on anti depressants. That's what made charms so fat.

No. 639301

You sure don't know jack shit because the only reason im here is you are putting me in something i legit don't care about or know all the details too. You are calling out the wrong person because i don't know or care about any of this.

No. 639302

File: 1531851725189.jpg (1.17 MB, 1056x700, IMG_3998.JPG)

She went a long way from idol school girl to eating food off the floor like a dog

No. 639306

File: 1531851980132.png (388.21 KB, 1236x1998, IMG_4001.PNG)

Does she write this cringe shit herself?

No. 639312

Anyone feel like the idol trend is dead?back in 2012-2014 so many girls were going to japan to live the idol dream, now recently all the girls trying stopped and I don't know of any gaijin idols. What happened?now all the girls who attempted to be idols either hate Japan now or they have turned to sex workers(Gemma, Amina etc)

No. 639328

not even japanese aidorus are successful it's only ever been akb48. it was just a fad. the only people who ever came close were ally & sally's wack sad asses.

No. 639335

It seems like no one is even trying anymore. I think the j-idol trend is dead. All the weeaboos went to Japan and hated it. Everyone moved on to Kpop idols. I'm sure there would be more gaijin wannabe Kpop idols but Koreans don't even give foreigners a chance, they won't even give half Asians a chance so a black or white person wknt even make it past the auditions.

No. 639339

God, what a crusty photoshoot.
Also, reminder to not even reply to the "There is no milk!!1 You have a vendetta! Go away Micky/Angela!" anon. I have a feeling it's Amina herself. You can tell because the behavior is near-exclusive to /snow/, and others have pointed out the weird WKing around Amina specifically. She can samefag all she wants and accuse everyone of being some random, near-illiterate PULL user, or her even milkier ex-friends, but if multiple people think she's a flake and want to talk about her, that's just how it is. Nobody has doxxed her or threatened her life to this point (except Angela, who has been identified and banned on each attempt).

No. 639343

>Amina wking herself

Micky, Amina and himeka have been at each other's necks for more than 5 years. Why don't they just move on?and if Amina is so innocent why is she still in this drama after so many years?in some ways I think she likes drama/attention but does it in a more sneaky/low key way to look innocent.

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