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No. 356089

Since the other thread has been saged and the wks/vendetta chans arguing have been banned hopefully this one will be more peaceful. Just don't take the bait.

We can discuss all idol related stuff here, even discussing Japanese idols Is welcome.

No. 356096

File: 1500558956338.png (259.25 KB, 1242x1141, IMG_1322.PNG)

>I look 17

Girl bye

No. 356118

People say Amina is cringey but this girl is a million times worse. Birds of a feather flock together though right?
She's 25-26 and formerly known on dansa no himitsu as manaspaceman and is an aspiring aidoru and moved to Japan to work at a maid cafe. someone also said in the last thread that they went to school with her and aminyan and she was addicted to host clubs…….I wonder where the person who was dropping tea is ☕️

No. 356120

Her name is aleece not Alicia?

No. 356122

File: 1500561793697.png (241.7 KB, 1242x1781, IMG_1327.PNG)

She's always crying about something

No. 356124

Amina and her must be going to the same place to get their weave done

No. 356129

Keekihime has been saying she wants to die for years it's really annoying and pathetic. Especially on top of her shitting on other girls all the time. She's super negative.

Tokyo isn't that big so that's not really surprising or post worthy lol

No. 356133

File: 1500562584927.jpg (89.09 KB, 640x639, IMG_1328.JPG)

Are we really going to be seeing Amina on cat fish?i want to see a teya x Amina fight

No. 356135

She's always complaining about being ugly yet posts half nude photos all day and have the confidence to beg men for money online

No. 356137

It's Micky kek Teya isn't that fat. Micky is pretty huge and while Amina isn't a smol Loli she's thin for amerifat standards. Both of them are pussies so I doubt anything would happen.

No. 356138

Keeki needs serious mental help. While Amina seems like a meme edge lord wasting daddy's money and is generally autistic I don't think she's mentally fucked. She mentions depression now and then but she just seems eccentric. Keeki has been calling herself ugly and suicidal for nearly 7 years now. Somethings gotta give.

No. 356141

I'm highly doubtful that cat fish actually emailed her in the first place. Why would they ask them to fight?that would bring them so much legal trouble. Probably why she deleted the comment because it's a lie.

No. 356146

Micky and Amina are in drama again? For what now?

No. 356153

They've been at it for years. This is how I've read it started, so back in 2011 Amina was 13 or 14 dating a 19 year old autistic fuck(she really does pick them well) and he supposedly hit her so she dumped him. Three months later Micky got with him so she warned Micky that this guy was abusive and a creep for dating middle schoolers while in college. Micky said Amina was jealous and has hated her since. It's just one of those long standing fueds…I mainly see bitching on Micky's part so I'm shocked Amina posted this.

No. 356155

Hopefully the cat fish thing is true but it most likely isn't. Idk why she would even mention it. I mean she's in japan for starters so there would be no point.

No. 356158

File: 1500563745011.png (84.38 KB, 1242x430, IMG_1329.PNG)

No. 356163

She said on Twitter she's visiting America for a month and I think she visits every year.
Kek and it's hilarious everyone here takes the bait

No. 356189

Yeah, no. It's a Momokun tier excuse of "I'm just trolling my dudes" when she says something stupid and doesn't get the response she wants.

Also if Keeki loves Japan so much and even there she's posting crying pics and saying she wants to die, she needs help. She's doing one person karaoke on her birthday and crying. Jfc

No. 356193

It's because she probably does something shitty to her friends and then thinks she's the victim. Kind of like when she did that poll thinking everyone would say she's prettier than yukapee then got butt hurt and crying when she lost.

No. 356194

She really needs to start posting photos of herself where she doesn't edit her skin 4 shades lighter than it actually is

No. 356232

File: 1500571192799.jpg (351.22 KB, 900x600, hampton-roads.jpg)

Even in older photos she couldn't pass as 17.

No. 356233

File: 1500571218702.png (473.57 KB, 515x735, J17.png)

No. 356249

link to the past threads?

No. 356253

Idk why people keep trying to push this narrative that there's nothing creepy or sexual about idol culture

No. 356267

File: 1500574829204.png (557.05 KB, 483x600, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.15…)

In spite of everything, I think she's more attractive than Amina tbh. At least she looks clean.

No. 356270

always trying to be relevant
is she in japan now? she was posting pics of fleshlights and saying "should i buy this for oniisan? ww"

No. 356271

Anon, please refer to photos that aren't heavily beauty filtered selfies. She's gross. >>356232

Amina does have awful skin though and always has that awkward autistic looking smile, but this girl is uggo too.

No. 356274

Yeah she's back in Japan again for who knows how long. Already she's crying about some bullshit drama.

What ever happened to her hotel job? She threw shade at Venus for marrying for a visa and was all "one more year and I'll be able to live in Japan because of my hard work unlike OTHER GIRL" yet nothing has happened?

No. 356276

Both of them look weird without filters and photoshop to make themselves look as Japanese as possible. Their hair and makeup looks good on filtered photos, any other time it just looks greasy and them weaves are ratted.

No. 356277

Those are older photos, though. She could've learned basic skincare in that time.
If there are newer ones of her looking bad, though, I'll stand corrected.

No. 356280

She doesn't seem to have any recent ones without heavy beauty filters tbh. It's not like she aged backwards anon, she's just better at covering it up.

No. 356284

File: 1500577231987.png (624.13 KB, 462x544, eeh.png)

No. 356345

File: 1500585036170.png (1.81 MB, 1142x662, why.png)

Oh god, what is it with weebs and cosplaying kodomo no jikan!?

No. 356385

Next time do NOT post a new thread when the old one has not reached maximum posts, it was autosaged manually by farmhands.

No. 356401

File: 1500589951822.jpeg (100.43 KB, 800x800, image.jpeg)

This is really close to her natural skin color. You really can't upload a picture without studio lighting and whatnot for comparison. Amina isn't "dark skin" but she isn't super light as some of her edits either. I think her recent edits are a good reflection.

No. 356411

It's the best way to target pedo idol fans
And in the same breath idols old and new like to claim they aren't catering to old men.

No. 356421

how old is this milk holy shit calm down

No. 356422

i think she took a job at a hotel with branches in japan, just hoping they will transfer her there one day. not likely, considering she is probably doing some kind of service work (waitress or something), not doing like actual corporate work.

No. 356434

Aren't there creams to fade those dark spots on her chest? She should also drink more water, her lips are chapped as fuck.

No. 356442

They really need to stop editing her so yellow. She looks like she has jaundice.

No. 356449

That photo is photoshopped to hell and back but who ever edited this photo couldn't be fucked to edit out all those acne spots I guess.

No. 356457

Not even that anon, but you might want to actually read the thread before sperging out. They were pointing out that Yuka's friend cosplayed the same character that they cosplayed years ago, quite calmly.

No. 356484

It's not that photoshopped some blacks have a yellow background

No. 356485

It's not that photoshopped compared to her candids. She literally just had in circle lens.

No. 356494

Is becki still trying…? Rofl.

No. 356511

File: 1500608748469.jpg (99.07 KB, 398x295, IMG_1310.JPG)

I think her pictures when she was a teen are most likely what her skin naturally looks like

No. 356514

this makes me angry, black girls can be so adorable in kawaii fashion but this is hopeless cringe

No. 356515

what brand is that dress?

No. 356535

File: 1500610393929.jpeg (59.66 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

You can't compare a low quality photo taken outside on a cloudy day to one taken in studio lighting. I've seen pictures where she obviously looks lightened up but I took this picture from Twitter and it looks like her natural skin tone from her videos. Not to mention black people tend to change colors from winter to summer. Most black girls I know have to change makeup tones as well depending on hot their summers are. I don't get why black farmers are obsessed over her skin though. She's not as light as Micky but she isn't as dark as Himeka.

No. 356536

Amina worked at a maid cafe when she was in 15 idk how Detroit had a real made cafe. I excused the utter weebiness since she was a young teen but the other girls working there was like 25 with names like nekochan. It was a cluster fuck and closed after 4 months.

No. 356538

Obviously not retard

No. 356541

I wonder if I saw Amina irl once if she worked at Chou Maid Cafe in Detroit. I distinctly remember a girl dressed in a maid outfit walking around campus one day after the cafe had run out of business lmao

No. 356544

Sage for shitpost but she also lost a ton of weight since then. I remember when she was dieting but Amina's face has changed since she was a teen not because of Photoshop but because of weight lost and Botox fillers. She used to be 170 as a teen supposedly but there was a time she would complain about being too thin even for Liz Lisa after she had been in Japan and people commented telling her to gain weight….she's not super skinny now but you can't compare how someone looked 5 years younger and 45 pounds heavier to how they look as a fully grown adult a lot thinner.

No. 356545

That cafe was nothing but obese loud girls so Amina being the only decent looking person and young she got neckbeards going there for her. Must've gone to her head.

No. 356549

File: 1500611030691.jpg (24 KB, 300x168, IMG_1335.JPG)

Amina definitely isn't as light as those edits. Actually she doesn't look like those photos at all, it's not just her skin. Those edits try to make her look as Asian and young as possible but instead it just makes her look freaky. Looks more like a post mortem photo than a kawaii picture.
I Knew an online friend who worked at this cafe. All the maids were chubby and awkward black girls(even Amina was fat back then), which is probably why it failed and only was open a few months.

No. 356553

File: 1500611316385.jpeg (314.46 KB, 636x517, image.jpeg)

Sorry I should've explained better. After she was 175 she started to diet and lose weight at a healthy size but after being in Japan she got very very thin and now she seems normal again. point is your facial structure changes a ton when you lose that much weight. This pic is about a year old

No. 356554

Gross I can see her nipple in the photo

No. 356555

Those shotgun barrels.

No. 356556

Even in that picture she looks nothing like this

No. 356557

Again. You can't compare pictures from before someone lost weight, in an outside non-studio setting to one where someone is in a studio with professional makeup and lighting and lost weight between that.

No. 356558

File: 1500611458080.jpg (61.76 KB, 647x782, IMG_1336.JPG)

No. 356560

She doesn't look like
>>356511 either though. I'm just trying to point out its pretty stupid to compare pictures taken under completely different settings. I would just say if anyone can find older pictures she took with a photog and compare them now that would be more reasonable but even then how could you when someone changes makeup and weight drastically.

No. 356562

Her skin looks lighter in this pic than the edits do. She just isn't wearing makeup and this is from a moving video rather than a still image. Her nose looks more bulbous and her hair has the Yumi King terrible bangs deal going on in this photo. I really just think she changes her skin complexion to make it look more clear to be honest and started wearing different makeup since she got to Japan. I don't think she's bleaching.

No. 356563

No. 356568

If you're going to post random shit add context so we know why we're looking at it

No. 356569

She wrote an article about Japanese guys cumming on dolls. That sums up the video.

No. 356570

File: 1500612292055.jpeg (14.7 KB, 320x180, image.jpeg)

Here is an old photo from about a year ago with no studio lighting or editing. She still has a slim nose and almond shaped eyes. She's not that much darker than the edits, they just have a filter on them but she's not as dark as that maid cafe photo. I really just think makeup goes a long way.

No. 356571

Wasn't the original article in the old thread? I feel like I remember it.

No. 356573

No. 356575

I remember this because I remember an anon saying she was pretentious for writing articles about nutting on anime dolls.

No. 356578

She never wrote an article again after that because she got roasted for writing about something so dumb.

No. 356585

File: 1500613112426.png (359.14 KB, 1242x1831, IMG_1339.PNG)

Anyone remember tia from pidl?

No. 356598

I personally think she looks better with a fatter face, without it she looks some what like a baby monkey..

No. 356605

That blonde wig is awful but I still think she looks cute in the bottom right pic and especially in >>356267. Idk, she'd be cuter with a smaller nose but still she has really pretty eyes and smile imo. anyone have any other stories?

No. 356622

>never wrote an article again
>made a video about it last week
Ok lol

No. 356626

I honestly don't think foreign girls should go to Japan and become idols unless they're masochists. That Tia girl has spoken badly about the idol industry, Amina has and so has Keekihime. Yes I know they're not the most normal people but I feel like some of their claims about creeps or sexual harassment is true. I'm glad they all seem to be leaning away from it now.

No. 356631

The pictures you said she's cuter in are edits lol. She wouldn't be considered pretty by American standards so I doubt she would have any fans in Japan. If she got her teeth fixed, nose slimmer and her eyes didn't look so dark underneath she would look decent.

No. 356634

She is a cute girl. She would look better without that ratty weave.

No. 356636

File: 1500614343506.jpeg (129.46 KB, 730x722, image.jpeg)

Any news on those Finnish dancing weebs who are now working with Pinky and making a song? I feel like this will be cruel sisters part 2 kek

No. 356639

I find her kind of ugly honestly, she's got kind of a horse face and baggy eyes. To each their own though I guess. She does have a decent looking body though? I can give her that.

On the other hand I think Amina is pretty cute in the face, but her body looks like an actual child's and it's very offputting >>356558. Also, she's always making those awkward expressions.

No idea who this is, but they all look rather cute. Pity they decided to go with those shoes with those stage costumes though, tacky.

No. 356640

File: 1500614585444.png (209.03 KB, 825x462, image.png)

I wonder if she bleached her skin. God these girls hate themselves…..

No. 356645

Amina is tall for Japanese standards but average for western world….167cm I think so even if she has a flat body she couldn't make the "Loli" thing work which is why I think she's starting to pander to Reddit neckbeard edge lords. If she tried to look sexy I think she would look like a tranny because she has a nearly flat chest. I honestly wasn't surprised when farmers found her bf's profile to be filled with thin flat barely legal AKB members because I don't see a healthy man liking someone similar to Amina.

As for Alicia or ari her body looks a healthy size but her face is really unfortunate. I think if you mention anyone in comparison to ami anons will of course say the other person but if we're going by pure features alone her nose is awful and she looks like a chimp. I wonder if the host club rumor is true however. Tons of girls in the gaijin thread are like that. I doubt Amina would be into that because she seems like she's obsessed with attention from neckbeards.

No. 356646

There theme is gimmick gaijin idols so their costume is of a Finland traditional clothing

No. 356652

I think Amina would look better with black hipster style clothes(like sza). Not obnoxious enough to make her look like pedo bait but not too much to make her look like a tranny.

No. 356657

Looks like a tranny here.

No. 356659

File: 1500616183603.png (64.3 KB, 1242x686, IMG_1340.PNG)

Is it just me but I don't really think she looks that thin. She's not fat but she doesn't have the body of a little girl either. She's just flat chested and bottom heavy.

No. 356661

It's Alicia she has really broad features
The people saying she has a Loli body are just used to seeing people with big tits probably. She has a flat chest and young face(not Loli young but she could pass as 17+) because of the Botox and circle lenses but she isn't as skinny as she used to be. She definitely has thighs though….

No. 356662

File: 1500617035969.jpeg (107.46 KB, 640x426, image.jpeg)

She used to be the same size as Beckii aka skeletor status but her weight definitely goes to her thighs. most black women have hips rather than tits though….

No. 356690

Sorry but what are you trying to comunicate? This wasnt "milk" just a statement, you calm Down lol

No. 356731

File: 1500620911752.jpg (38.17 KB, 432x720, tumblr_m81yq60Og41r4nl1ho1_500…)

I was looking up that maid cafe, and apparently Micky was a part of it too. Huh.

No. 356757

Orange is the new black themed meido cafe lol

No. 356804

To me she doesn't have a loli body either. She's just flat chested but her shoulders ar broad and her legs and hips are thick. Most black womens weight goes to their legs, I've seen a lot of black women with really huge lower bodies with almost no tits.

No. 356871

Black women tend to carry weight in legs but Amina is far from "thic" lmao. Compared whites who tend to carry weight in their stomach or upper body yes her legs have meat on them but compared to the average black woman she has a small ass and is thin. I guess if a guy likes flat tits, an ass and an annoying high voice she's good…..

No. 356918

Their costumes look nothing like Finnish traditional clothes. The hem and sleeves look a little like our national flower, but other than that it looks more East-European, maybe Ukrainian or something? Finnish traditional costumes are cute and somewhat recognizable so I don't know what they were thinking with these things

No. 356943

File: 1500660584308.gif (Spoiler Image, 660.86 KB, 400x225, tumblr_otg8ccAplE1tvky6qo2_400…)


No. 356946

File: 1500660682524.gif (Spoiler Image, 881.27 KB, 400x225, tumblr_otg8ccAplE1tvky6qo5_400…)

Her vaj is so peculiar, creeps me out.

No. 356947

File: 1500660716656.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 400x225, tumblr_otg8ccAplE1tvky6qo6_400…)

Her fucking facial expressions. I can't cope hahaha.

No. 356960

Anon, wrong thread kek
You still have 10 minutes if you want to delete this

No. 356966

File: 1500662804071.jpg (362.68 KB, 1429x1411, IMG_9175.JPG)

Seems as if they're riding Pinky for fame. I know they've covered a few dempagumi dances including Pinkys solo song. I watched them perform live and it was really awkward, when they were talking both stood in front of Pinky and blocked her from the crowd.
Hopefully she manages to throw them off soon because this just looks like a major weeaboo disaster

No. 357175

She's not thicc but she definitely doesn't look loli. She just has the body of an average white 20-29 year old woman. Which is far better than being a creepy loli.

No. 357180

Japs can't tell the difference and they think all gaijin are the same

No. 357187

File: 1500677883537.png (89.44 KB, 1242x419, IMG_1342.PNG)

How many times is she going to complain about this?we get it, she's the idol expert. Most girls saying they want to be idols are like 12, people say they want to be a lot of things when they're kids they don't actually do it. By the time they're old enough to be idols they won't be weeaboos anymore anyway. When she came to Jason she didn't know the full reality of being an idol herself, which is why she took things that she should have expected (white girls being favored, people questioning her Japanese skills, shady pedos trying to scam her)so hard.

No. 357202

Teya and that Hanabi girl called her problematic for telling other girls that they should take being an idol seriously. I dont get why saying this is bad? She's telling girls reality and they call her problematic for it. I dont know why you're so triggered anon. Did you want to be an aidoruuuu?

No. 357204

Also someone expecting shady people in the entertainment industry is one thing but why do you retards get offended about amina warning people about pesos etc? one minute she's a pedo defender the next minute she's ~salty~ because she talks about her experiences. expecting something to happen and experiencing it is different anon. theres plenty of things to laugh at amina about but when you retards get so rustled about keekihime, beckii, amina or whoever telling the truth its obvious you're salty

No. 357209

I'm talking about the time she got scammed by a pedo. She was pretty naive about the industry before she became an idol.

No. 357212

Scammed by a pedo? What happened? Can you elaborate? When did she post about this?

No. 357214

File: 1500681371539.jpg (40.68 KB, 658x1038, t.JPG)

yea and she really did pack on the pounds.
she hid it quite well in her social media but this…

No. 357224

I wouldn't call it a scam because he didn't get anything from her but when she started off there was this Japanese guy with some idol connections. He asked her to go to dinner and she innocently thought he just wanted to go to dinner to help with her career but the reality was he was just trying to fuck her and had not intentions of helping her. She said this a long time ago but I'm sure if you've been following her for awhile you know what I'm talking about.

No. 357225

got damn. she's really pretty but…..

No. 357230

She looks like a middle aged mother

No. 357967

File: 1500784467904.jpeg (50.86 KB, 600x339, image.jpeg)

Can someone please tell me the name or Twitter of that African Italian aspiring aidoru who works at McDonald's in akihabara now(apparently another anon saw her). I know her name is Alissa but is she active online? I need some lulz

No. 357968

File: 1500784486955.jpeg (49.36 KB, 600x339, image.jpeg)

No. 357989


You just had to google アイドルになりたいイタリア人. Second hit.

No. 357993

File: 1500786059415.jpeg (37.59 KB, 480x854, image.jpeg)

Thanks. Apparently she was recently on a Japanese tv show and sung love machine. It's really sad she can't see they're making fun of her. Her wig looks like a travesty…

No. 357996

I also looked in a Japanese thread about her appearance. They all called her a monkey, said every other girl on there was cuter than her, and everyone felt bad for her. People even posted pictures of Aminyan and said "she's cute but even she had a failed career why does this girl have so much confidence."
I wonder if see has a mental disorder. That's seriously the only way you could think this is OK. The anon who saw her in akihabara McDonald's said this girl is about 5'11" tall but the average Japanese girl is 5'2". Even Amina who is only like 5'5" is very tall by jap standards… She's also obese, very horrible wig, no makeup… It's really sad nobody is being honest with her. She must not have black friends.

No. 358001


This is so damn embarrassing

No. 358013

Even if this girl was 5 feet tall and very thin with a good wig she would have a very very very hard time. So the fact that she has the same facial structure aaaand is nearly 6 feet which is even rare for a Japanese man and horribad wig doesn't help. I just watched the show and the tv people ask her if she have confidence and she said "mochirun" or OF COURSE which is very rude and bad in Japanese and comical of her……wish we had more info of her

No. 358014

Not to mention she's fat. If she's not even good looking by Italian standards where they have blacks why does she think this is ok in Japan

No. 358022

File: 1500788475475.png (432.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1103.PNG)

In this tweet she said she met her fans? huh?
She has to see the small very thin very pale Japanese girls and think "I look nothing like this". Seriously how would she look in a group of all girls 5 feet and she's nearly Shaquille O'Neal sized… she can't be this delulu. But on the show she literally called the girls at the idol cafe she went her "rivals" this girl has been watching too much AKB documentaries…

No. 358062

Do you happen to have the link for that video?
Somehow can't find it

Judging from her email she's born in 92, which might seem young but is frankly quite old for a japanese idol…

No. 358075

I think her an the Alicia girl are both 26. they are so old. how come they don't have real jobs yet instead of wasting money at language school or working holiday in japan ?its so cringe and pathetic

No. 358077

This will probably be successful. Anime weebs love denpa gumi inc. It's the only aidoru they know besides Kyary pamyu pamyu.

No. 358167

Those larme kei hairstyles really don't work on white girls. It just makes her look like a middle aged mom from the 70's.

No. 358181

>they are so old
underage b& but I agree, in idol years that's like 80

No. 358226

The weird thing is, teya is actually more talented than Amina. I wasn't expecting her dancing to be this good.

No. 358240

File: 1500822668875.png (282.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1106.PNG)

Except she's a huge bitch and super salty. Everyone knows Amina is untalented as fuck, slightly fake intellectual and cringe worthy but she doesn't come off bitchy like Teya does. The most views Teya ever got is like… 1,000 and it was on a video about Amina. She had overwhelming dislikes to likes ratio and after Amina leaked private chats of Teya and her "anti Amina" named chat room(with hanabi,abbiekins and other ~aidoru~) even though Amina was involved in the dramu Teya pretty much has no chance after that. Not up mention it's embarrassing her group was proven to buy likes so they can "have more likes than Amina" and Teya talks about being pro black but called Amina a racial slur and encouraged her white friends to. She doesn't even have a chance to do con panel "performances" after all this let alone a shot at being an idol.

No. 358244

And it's kind of old like in general. By 26 you should have a steady career, be continuing education or have a family. At 26 if you still trying to be an Akiba aidoru you need mental assessments

No. 358249

File: 1500822991538.png (233.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1107.PNG)

Even though Teya had her friends come here or the few on PULL most of the commenters agreed with Amina which is just embarrassing. She got 60+ Dislikes with less than 25 likes. Plus in the video she's complaining because her friend got the guy she wanted and she always gets rejected because she's a huge bitch and has had the same penny proud ponytail since 2011. In the video she's justifying laughing about spreading rumors and ruining someone's life. TBH doesn't matter how good she dances she can never become an idol from this. Plus she's ugly so that never helped.

No. 358251

>26 with a stable job, education and family

I know most young women think they will have all these things by that age but now a days having kids at 26 is actually pretty young and most people I know in this age group don't have great jobs either and are still in school.

No. 358259

meh out a wig on her, make her lose 10 pounds and stick some circle lenses in her eyes and she would be just as attractive as Amina if not more.

No. 358261

Most people have either jobs, or are in school. Not in Japan getting no real work experiences and becoming aidoru or working at McDonald's akihabra

No. 358263

>10 pounds
nah it's Japan, she needs to lose at least 20 and get a nose job. She's not ugly but her nose is an awful potato, she dresses in frumpy gym clothes all the time and she's pretty bitchy

No. 358265

Actually a lot of women in the mid 20s do idol stuff on the side as fun and have normal day jobs. If you think 26 is old I'm not sure how you're going to handle being 30 kek

No. 358269

lol hey Teya
It's kind of pathetic for someone to make a YouTube video dissing a girl because some fuck boy didn't like you. at least Amina is finessing this guy and traveling places(but she's fucking a fat pedo kek)

I feel like teya's video was a self post. nobody knows her and she gets less than 200 views a video……?

No. 358272

Neither Alissa or Alicia seem to be in school or work normal jobs. Alicia wrote on tumblr she works at maid cafes and Alissa works at McDonald's. they could be making 3x that in their respective countries doing Normal jobs. You're saying 26 isn't old but if you get to that age and your only life experience is working at a McDonald's in Akiba and being a gaijin laughing stock on Japanese tv you will never have a real full time work

No. 358275

lol she deleted her post

No. 358281

>And it's kind of old like in general
lol you sound barely 18 or are a bot

No. 358282

If you know the majority of 26 year olds most of them don't have their shit together and the ones with kids are even worse. I think it's because people are expected to grow up a lot slower now. Back in the old days at 16-20 most people had jobs and real responsibilities.

No. 358283

You must be 18 to use this site.

No. 358285

You sound triggered. I'm not saying 26 year olds are supposed to have it all together but what would you think if your friend was 26, moved to LA, dropped out of university, took out loans so they could work at McDonald's in LA while auditioning to be a Disney teen kid? While they are also obese, 6 ft tall, mental issue, horrible wig and so on. Crazy right? Don't you think it's even crazier to go to Japan and do the near equivalent?

No. 358288

Actually, that plan sounds responsible compared to the stuff That the people in their mid 20s that I know are doing kek

No. 358290

You're probably from a heroin filled bumfuck town so you have low standards anon.

No. 358298

>I think it's because people are expected to grow up a lot slower now
That and most people can't afford to live that kind of lifestyle at that age anymore. It's also cultural - whilst the white picket fence, baking apple pies and rearing 4 kids at 20 kind of lifestyle was all the rage in the West, in my ex-commie shithole that wasn't the norm at all, both parents were expected to have sustainable jobs and women worked as they do now, we've even kept the same social and maternity benefits system from the 60's which isn't that different from Scandinavia nowadays. Except now everyone in the world is also mega poor so people in their 20s will never be able to afford a house or find proper work until the boomers collectively die off.

Japan still seems really conservative though, and the idol industry doesn't seem like a place for anyone over 20. Most young Japanese women in their 20s I see online are shopgirls and dokusha for OL magazines like CanCam/AneCan and mina.
You sound upset, kiddo.

No. 358303

26 is ancient in jap years and it's pretty old in Hollywood if you wanted to start your career then. Idol geeks in Japan have an endless supply of thin, young girls who can fluently speak the language and won't give them any trouble. most of the guys involved in this idol stuff are high key pedos anyways. why would they seek a random foreigner who can't even speak the language? also you say it is a hobby but all of these girls inludinh AmiNyan and Yuriko Tiger gave up their education in their country to come to Japan for this and don't work "normal job" have to resort to sugar daddy or McDonald's job. when Japan kicks them they will have to explain a huge gap in their CV…..

No. 358304

I think the mistake a lot of young people make (16-22) is they think they can be immature screw ups and suddenly when they turn 30 their lives will be perfect and they will be stable adults but that rarely happens. In my opinion 17-22 are the most important times you need to crack down and focus on life seriously.

No. 358306

instead the women in this thread are damn near 30 trying to be Loli idols, working at maid cafes and taking out loans to finance it. why do you guys think this is ok? Kek

No. 358310

Who said it was? I thought we all agreed on their being irresponsible screwups. We just said 26 isn't grandma-tier like a lot of young people seem to think.

No. 358318

It would be different if they both were normal English teachers in Japan and just did the aidoru stuff as a fun hobby. to my knowledges alissa(fat Italian girl) dropped Uni in Italy and took out loans to afford language school but she's being laughed at on national Japan tv and can't even see it. She has 0% to even be an underground idol. Alicia had "housewife"on her tumblr profile not to long ago so I wonder if she married a jap guy for a visa. if what anon said in the other thread is true she's addicted to host club, working at a maid cafe but she's trying to be an idol. at age 26. And she's kind of ugly. maybe she teaches English as a day job? Yuriko dropped out of Highschool but she is actually semi success in Japan. however I don't see it happening forever so when she returns to Italy she will become an escort again. Amina seems to be the only one in university but she's a failed idol. Maybe she will have a job in the future but at this rate I think she will leach off of her neckbeards as long as she can. Keeki is the only one with a steady job while actually pursuing her "hobby". Kudos to her.

No. 358320

It's stupid at 30 but it's also stupid in your early 20s too. All these gaijin like Amina, tia, keeki and the like are wasting time with weeaboo stuff and they're going to wake up 24 with no real job experience or education.

No. 358329

Sophie is 24, isn't she? She and her bf seem to be having a good time in Japan but how can they afford to live there? I know they both studied some tech stuff so I suppose they got jobs in the tech industry?

No. 358330

Actually Keeki hime has a real job and has for a few years. She's the only one with a steady job and doing her hobbies. She isn't an idol anymore so stop saying she is

Tia isn't an idol hasn't been for years dude. She's in university in japan.

Amina also isn't an idol anymore and to my knowledge she's still in university/part time work. She's always traveling so I assume her neckbeard bf is keeping her well fed. I hope she knows it ends when she starts looking and acting her age. she should start studying and preparing now .

No. 358333

I assume working holiday visa or teaching English. Any white person with a pulse can teach English in Japan and make 2 grand a month

No. 358337

Keeki hotel job doesn't pay much(she was begging for money for food etc before she started getting money for cosplay). She still has the dream she's going to become some famous cosplayer so she focuses on spending money on that and all these trips to japan instead of going to school. Amina could have graduated by 22 if she was serious about her education and was living in America.

No. 358341

To add on Anina, tia and Keekihime all did the idol stuff from their teens(17) to their early 20s(Tia ended around 21). They all don't claim to be idols anymore, all in education and/or full time working and just do the weeb and slut shit on the weekends and stopped the stuff in early 20. their ages didn't really stand out in the Akiba aidoru world. Alissa and also Alicia are a different case. both are starting aidoru at age 26 and both apparently dong have work(only part time job like McDonald's and maid cafe). All are cringe worthy but u have to be truly an idiot to think you're become an aidoru as a 6 feet tall 26 year old black obese woman.

No. 358345

Amina just turned 20 anon. she's still on the right age in college. Japan college doesn't matter because she's at a USA school in Japan. She said she missed a lot of college because of her group stuff though but most people take 6 years to graduate anyways. It was smart for her to quit the idol shit now than continue it and drop out of university.

Keeki's hotel job does pay enough she spends the money on cosplay, Japan trips and conventions. She's very irresponsible BUT she has a full time job. Not McDonald's in Akiba or a fucking maid cafe where you literally won't make ends meet. It will also look good on her CV that she held a steady job and not a minimum wage job in Asia randomly.

Tia is at vantan or some other college in Japan. She's only 22 and she gave the idol stuff up

No. 358349

There's not much milk on Alicia besides the anon in the last thread saying she's a former cam girl but Alissa is a walking disaster why is anyone trying to wk her lol why do the black chicks get wks in this thread?????

No. 358352

She's 20 but I highly doubt with the route she's going that she's going to graduate before 25. All of them will probably end up escorts or married to some below average jap guy.

No. 358358

She never mentions school and she dropped out of her entertainment group so she can be a student because she was skipping class/almost fucked her visa. Why would it take her 7years(18-25)to finish college when literally all we know is that she dropped her group to focus on her studies. Do you know her IRL? Amina isn't very smart but both of her parents supposedly have high ranking jobs so I think they would cut her off completely if it took that long.

Escorting is kind of extreme but we already found out she has that neckbeard bf so I wouldn't be surprised if she moved with him for cash.

But…Even then at 25 she would have a degree and chance at a job than working at a McDonald's in Akiba or still trying to be an aidoru.

Keeki could've married a jap guy by now and gotten a visa. Isn't she dating a European guy now?

Tia I think is already married to a Japanese man or something.

Alicia may have a jap husband because she doesn't seem to be in school or do anything outside of try to become an aidoru at age 26. I read she was a housewife though.

Alissa has no chance of marrying a jap guy. We all see that Delandra couldn't even and she's ugly as sin. I think Alissa will just go back to Italy once she realizes everyone is laughing at her. Out of all the cows I actually feel sorry for her…

No. 358361

why does it matter what age you graduate or go to school? jesus get a life

No. 358365

>was on Japanese national tv saying I WANT TO BE AN IDOL
>has a Twitter where she says she's becoming an idol
>anon in last thread saw her at McDonald's in Akiba working and she was rude and huge as hell
>has. Been on multiple jap tv things where they're laughing at her

I think language barrier is a problem . I know Japanese so I could find her but she's Italian so most stuff about her is probably Italian or jap

No. 358369

I'm curious why the mods allow this wk to argue with everyone all day everyday…

No. 358372

I'm so tired of you wks fucking up these threads. But I saw in the last thread that alicia(Amina's friend) appears in Yuka pee's videos often and someone else recognized her from temple Japan and dropped tea on her and Amina. Yukapon's videos calls her an "idol" and on her Twitter she says she's trying to be an idol. I also remember her seeking arrangement was posted here too and she's made cringey posts claiming to look 17.

No. 358375

Because it's lolcow, she's ugly and this is the aidoru thread. someone posted her with yukapee's in the last thread and we found out she's a wanna be idol but she's 26 and used to be a cam girl?

No. 358376

>sick of white knights

It's probably the cows defending themselves if anything.

No. 358377

anyone who disagrees is a white knight? lol ok.

No. 358379

I think so tbh. I've seen the aleeca girl be posted here before, she hangs out with Natalie/yukapon and aminyan all the time who are all semi famous weebs/cows so it makes sense we'd talk about her especially since she is trying aidoru now.plus she has a history with sex work, cosplay, dansa no himitsu stuff

No. 358381

We're talking about a wanna be idol in the wanna be aidoru thread. What do you disagree with??????

No. 358382

It's one thing to disagree but another to aggressively argue with anyone who even mentions certain people.

No. 358384

All of these rumors about Alicia are excessive. Just scroll up the thread and you'll see that she's studying at Temple university. It looks like she might have had a husband back in the US but not anymore. I doubt she's a housewife. She's probably on a student visa doing a degree.

No. 358386

Most of the people in here lurking are former dansa no himitsu rejects or former wanna be aidoru. that's why if you mention outside of Keekihime or aminyan you get protest even if they have substantial milk. Keeki is an emotional vampire and Amina fucks neckbeards but it gets dry after a while. I like discussing different aidoru but when they wk them self it's so embarrassing. Kinda how Teya tried to do today.

No. 358390

An anon said she was at temple university and that same anon is the one who revealed the tea so there's probably truth to it then. why would her tumblr say she's a housewife if she's a student in Japan? I saw her tumblr around a year ago in the gaijin Japan thread and everyone said she married up a jap. You sound like you know her personally?

No. 358391

I have a hunch the wks are trying to get people to argue so the threads get saged again. Don't fall for their bullshit

No. 358392

It's ok to talk about other idols but it's a bit weird to defend them this hard. I mean most people are ignoring you but it's annoying when 99% of the thread is you wking Amina. There are more posts from you wking Amina than people actually trash talking her and making posts about her but thats all I'm going to say and I'm not going to respond after that because then the mods will just sage the thread again.

No. 358396

Anon you are either really young or regretting having kids so early? I don't see what's wrong with a weeb doing weeb shit if they have the money and want to. Anyone over a certain age would know that most 26 year olds don't have their shit together. It's become rare for people to settle down at 26. You sound sheltered.

No. 358398

I've never wk amina. The amina wk in this thread is also wk aleeca which is probably either of them. Nobody is defending Keeki or Amina but it's just really fishy that we get told we can only talk about them in certain ways or other cows are off limits

No. 358399

File: 1500828615778.jpeg (144.4 KB, 640x646, image.jpeg)

They can take out loans and ruin their lives for all I care. I'm still going to laugh and post about it because it's cringey and embarrassing as fuck

No. 358401

She has way more followers and history in the gaijin aidoru stuff not to mention association with yukapon and aminyan that the fat girl Alissa doesn't have but you didn't complain talking about her. Why white knight someone with actual milk rather than a girl with like 20 Twitter follows

No. 358403

actually, tia says she is a talento now

No. 358404

I agree. I'm 27 and I spend all my money on anime figures and Manga. I have no interest in getting married/having kids. This ain't 1923, we don't have to settle down and get married as soon as we turn 23 kek

No. 358408

Thanks for the light wk and blog post. Being 27 and buying weeb toys and being 26 and trying to be Japan's first obese first black first trans idol is another

No. 358411

Thanks didn't know! Tarento suits white (and black)girls way better than aidoru tbh

No. 358413

File: 1500829179143.png (127.17 KB, 1242x749, IMG_1343.PNG)

She needs to fire who ever is editing these photos.

No. 358414

This looks like the raw photo compared to the photo we saw a few days ago. Also she can't "fire" anyone. She took the pictures for them a magazine or something. Either way she looks like an actual human now than rather a brown blob like before

No. 358420


So I found aleeca's YouTube and tried to find her video from when she was the why did weeb come to Nippon show but instead found this video. she mentions her husband or boyfriend in it so I think she's married. doesn't sound like this was in Japan though because she uses the same annoying Micky mouse voice Amina does and I couldn't hear shit.

No. 358423

Amina and aleeca have the voices of girls with normal voices but try sound cute and high pitched to sound like amine. It's super annnoying and every weeaboo does this.

No. 358424

File: 1500829923254.jpeg (134.1 KB, 1038x1156, image.jpeg)

Yeah that's 100% the raw anon. This is the edit that Amina posted on her profile. She abuses the blur tool but her features look the same pretty much. She just doesn't have lines showing her age in the edit and she looks actually 19-23 in the raw one.

No. 358426

She looks like someone put a wig on a baby monkey

No. 358428

When you zoom in on her face and see the smile lines and eye bags you realize that is the original or close to it.she edits any lines out so she can keep being pedobait. but tbh at 20 she shouldn't have smile lines that bad. She's aging like a white woman.

No. 358430

File: 1500830205850.jpg (112.91 KB, 450x600, IMG_1334.JPG)

Stress ages you. She looked much healthier and cuter before she moved to japan.

No. 358432

In this thread the last hour:
- Teya self posting a video(she never gets over 200 views, it was a self post) and deleting posts
- aleeca or Amina wk for aleeca and ultimately making a fool out of both of their cringe asses
- Teya is back again(pretty obvious because
she posted a picture of a baby monkey next to Amina despite being "pro black"

This thread is so dumb it's gonna get closed again by admins I can just feel it. Can we please start a black weeb thread?

No. 358435

Damn. And this is right before she moved to Japan so only like two years ago without the ps and without the skin bleaching and botoxs. Her face was so cute and round then.maybe she lost weight but it really must be the stress…..she still looks young but she really is aging like whites do lol.

No. 358441

Jesus, what a downgrade. Are these the perils of skin bleaching?

No. 358444

If this thread is dumb then why bump it? And what's dumb is having a black weeb thread, after that then what? a white weeb thread, a hispanic weeb thread, a german weeb thread. A general weeb thread is fine, if there isn't one already.

No. 358446

Because black weebs are particularly lulz worthy like black girls are Kawaii and most are hilarious SJWs while appropiating jap culture.

No. 358448

Skin bleaching usually makes your skin look thin and ashy. If she is skin bleaching she needs to stop because she looks sick.

No. 358453

Seeing how obsessed anons are here about her skin color I can't blame her for bleaching

No. 358454

File: 1500832165577.png (166.63 KB, 1121x663, IMG_1344.PNG)

Wtf happened?

No. 358456

You should've compared the raw. You compared the edit. Her skin tone in the raw looks nearly the same as the pic on the right. The problem with this pic is this stupid ass half gorilla smile she's doing and the real genuine smile on the right. Also I heard she got Botox fillers the same as Taylor so that adds to it. She looks more and more like a third world Loli than her former self

No. 358459

File: 1500832819145.jpeg (141.95 KB, 698x1200, 1487098808087.jpeg)

She's been on this path for a while now, it seems. This is an older pic. I guess >>358413 was just the logical progression. Kinda saddening.
It seems like every time a weeby gaijin girl goes to Japan with the intent of capitalizing on her looks, she does something to fuck up her appearance in a bid to fit in. See: Taylor's surgery, Dakota changing her selfie editing style to the point of horrendous self-parody, etc.
They always end up looking worse off, too.

No. 358462

File: 1500832970869.jpeg (185.41 KB, 338x450, image.jpeg)

This actually wasn't that long ago but it's not skin bleaching she just had shitty makeup. I feel like she's pro Ana again too because she looked at a healthy weight here but she's getting smaller and smaller lately. I really wonder if her bf put pressure on her because of this or if it was the DVD to make her look like a little girl? Aminyan just kind of snapped

No. 358464

I have no caps of this, but she's talked about having an ED in passing before, and partly blamed Japan's standards for it.
She also said she dieted pretty hard to get down to the weight she was in that DVD (this was in the article she wrote about it).

No. 358468

File: 1500833637096.jpeg (167.94 KB, 500x710, image.jpeg)

I think she had an ED before she came to Japan anon. She was always talking about dieting and she used to be kind of big like 170lbs but got down to 115 then all the way down to 100lbs while she was in Japan but she blamed it on mono. She's kind of fattened up recently around the DVD event but she was very thin in the DVD and it looked like borderline CP. I wouldn't be shocked if she has it again and if her bf is like yumi's Splenda encouraging her to be at a childlike size. I'm sure pic is shooped a bit but she's very top thin (no tits small waist) but kinda thic

No. 358469

They're use to getting their asses licked in America because in the west being an ok looking girl into geeky shit is something special then they go to japan where the people are more harsh and it makes them go insane.

No. 358471

To give context Amina is around 5'6 so 110-115 is very thin. She said she's 125 now which is also slender but I'm sure she's like Yumi and always wanting to be more childlike despite being kind of tall..

No. 358472

Actually if you're a plain looking white girl and you go to Japan most people would see you as beautiful. So there's not many excuses for Dakota or Taylor.

No. 358477

Even if they're white there's still pressure to fit into Japanese standards which is hard if you're not Japanese.

No. 358478

To a layperson, yeah, but I imagine the modelling industry is way more cutthroat. If you want more than a one-off job in Nipland, you probably need to either look hafu in some way (so you'll appeal to Japanese tastes more) or like a 12 year old Russian girl.

No. 358496

Exactly this. The only "foreign" models I have seen have any real success have typically been hapa or tall, waifish, very natural/elegant looking white women (who are typically Russian, it seems). Even then you don't really see them reach any kind of real, huge, lasting stardom. Most do magazines, runway, catalog modeling, but few make it beyond that and break into a larger more permanent career.

Honestly Dakota had no real chance to have a real lasting career as a model. She was an internet fad and rode that wave until it died out.

Taylor could have had more success, I believe, if she had kept her natural look. It's more of what you see when they do use white models for brands, but I think her new style is really only applicable to a very narrow genre.

No. 358595

It's not only that though. What these girls aren't getting is you need personality and marketability. There are a lot of butt ugly Japanese talent, model, idols etc. that sound like dying cats and can't dance. But they are entertaining to watch or have something about them that people like.
Just relying on being "the first black idol" or a foreigner doesn't cut it because once the novelty wears off, there isn't much left for them.
Amina has no personality and tries to hide it by pretending to be intelligent on twitter but it just comes off as insufferable.
Dakota had a chance because she had a gap personality [looked pretty but spoke harshly] but took it too far by being rude to guests on TV and talking rudely about her manager.
Keeki was actually entertaining to watch and was cute, but she ruined it by being all around mentally unstable and jealous of other girls.

These girls think they can just ride the foreign idol novelty train but don't understand just how short those tracks are.

No. 358895

Her body is really cute here and perfect butt I'm jelly if only she didn't have all those weird marks in unairbrushed photos……

No. 358946

> few make it beyond that and break into a larger more permanent career
thats just the way it is in japan though. because gaijin will always have their place. and it's never on top

No. 359014

I don't understand why all these gaijin idol talk about not being able to date as if it's wrong. Idols shouldn't be able to date at all. It's not even a cultural thing, it's just common sense. Obviously men like these girls because they're attracted to them and like them that's the appeal. Why would they spend thousands on a woman who sings like a dying cat, cant dance or write music?heyre not bringing anything to the table besides their looks, they fantasize about her romantically, no guy is gonna want to spend money on a girl if he knows she's sucking on some other guys dick every night.

No. 359049

File: 1500912028003.png (477.63 KB, 1242x1415, IMG_1350.PNG)

>im a very logical thinker

I think she confuses being an autist who can't think before speaking with being intelligent and logical

No. 359052

File: 1500912121462.png (204.38 KB, 1242x1131, IMG_1351.PNG)

No. 359054

Btw why did the mods put this thread in auto sage again without announcing it?

No. 359185

The OP created this thread when the admins autosaged the last thread for a reason. If you don't like it then use other threads.

No. 359636

Logic doesn't mean intelligent anon. People who are autistic usually think logically which isn't necessarily intelligently. Logic is usually absolutes while emotional thinkers use more thinking from experiences. Stop making her post into something it isn't kek. This is why the thread is in autosage

No. 359637

>an autist who can't think before speaking
Kek this sounds personal.
Tbh this thread should be in autosage. Earlier in the thread people were actually being productive and talking about real milk. It's just going back into vendetta wk same fag mode so I'm glad the admins are nuking it.

No. 359640

Meme vs gene theory. I think the guy thought she was talking about Internet memes.

You can try and talk about it in different threads but considering there's already a Uk aidoru thread I don't see another being made anytime soon. Everyone ruined it with samefagging. Also every stand alone Amina thread (the most recent being from two months ago) has been locked and autosaged by admins. I don't think the admins are playing favorites I think it's a case of two or three folks with the same IP address who keep making threads about her with zero references to milk or notoriety. She doesn't fit in the J Vlogger or gaijin in Japan thread either. Nobody knows her as a j Vlogger and she doesn't seem to get along with the gaijin kabuki girls.

No. 443664

any news on that amina drama

No. 472091

on her youtube i think she says she's an ex-idol. also, she speaks to the trash jrcash on tumblr

No. 472109

im excited for flusay girls 2018 cringe

No. 485184

Who is he asking for titties now that her sugar baby left the aidoru scene?

No. 600693

Why is Amina acting like a lolita/trophy wife hybrid now? Isn't her 'boyfriend' some middle age neckbeard not Christian Gray kek. Trying to be Yumi King 2.0 or what?

No. 601453

Amina is fucking boring now. Any milk she had dried up a long time ago.

No. 612651

File: 1529186845586.png (856.36 KB, 971x557, 1529180906231.png)

amina is a sex worker now

No. 612682

Canadian accent?

No. 613190

File: 1529239318685.png (Spoiler Image, 501.74 KB, 721x454, 009385893.PNG)

No. 1134791

No. 1249425


I discovered this thread by accident but man this is just sad, Amina started out as the first black idol in Japan and now she is nothing but a whore, damn, now I understand why people were urging other girls who aspired to be idols to receive some form of formal education to avoid prostitution when their moment of fame passed. It's funny how of all the girls mentioned in this thread, the one that people had the least expectations (discounting the delusional fat and tall black women) is the one in the best position, Keekihime, since now she is a successful Vtuber all without having to resort to whoring herself in order to pay the bills, how life gives you surprises huh.

No. 1254388

No. 1271218

Sure, Louise.

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